University of Southern Mississippi - Southerner Yearbook (Hattiesburg, MS)

 - Class of 1930

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University of Southern Mississippi - Southerner Yearbook (Hattiesburg, MS) online yearbook collection, 1930 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 166 of the 1930 volume:

Y?f,a,'1'f'f' fl, . r" '. Y- " , . ' ' 1-fW5iff:'!'71'eff' -4 if ' -"-A' ' Sf". W. . f .- . ,... . ,J. H., H., N , ' H I .. , la I ie . -':I:f,'-.,",f-H - .-g A v ' A19 . ' .,'-:flu-15 Agp. - wiv .-f-,, . R, QM, . I b f'g:,,4 -1. ' - ."- uf. . ' ,, ya. - , J gt , - If-'Pifgg ,rf gg.. -wk - - V ', I -i Hg... 481- Q14 .all -F' --' 4- vu -, A -1 lb- :'L,' -::, ' ' I pf ' U' 1. , .Y ,U ,' . .-a-'.-A . "J - m- --'J -, f u: 'A l'---3,1-',g, f..- . pf ef.. - J ".i'f:1 'lf-f '- l , ' 11 , . g. -4: 4- H t I Q x. .5 - v, . . '. . ,, '-1 . .- - -' 1' 1 , Qt 1. r., . X 1 if .-LX? L x.- ' , -"-'v W Wig-21 --- . -' . , 1 . . - wg ' " -V. fy . , - . h . L. , . ,- ., 1 v, I ', I '4 I ' ' 'Y ' qinamw-4 V., -i vi J ' Q- 1 ,112 ' 'A'x. - - Agar,-5.1 f . . L- as-ya A - M ,S H - ,Q ps f' rf., ', le- g'-", 5' lgjikf.-Q .Wing 4, w , ' . ix 11 in ' ' up . 5 ' .31,zi 1 A ,. ' A. gtexl gfm.: 1 if, . . .f- ., -i':f1A.QS 43514 .sf ,,l,,' 1,1 r x., K , ,',' ' 9' -4 s- ' r rw ,nu ,Q .. ' 1. Ar ,-.-Yov...:"- --rx if 3- y.,-. F- f x 9: ' "-'I' 1.-'L' "Q fffmv V N e 4'-L' 3- '- '.- PQ5-' . 3 " vit N,- '. 1 K fS4llV'l'f "'A .rl 4' ' " 4 . " . H lr!-,E-Y , 'kb .' . I 11' l L xo -l ' A ' -F 1 -fe lg' 2 - Hg - 1 A,+.-V-NJ.-. n aa- .- ' .4 -A ,i i ' m .1 - . , . " 'su 1 ' "Cn--A -f-".'f- 1-in '- "on-J -VH K, . .. -- -uv - a . -. H ,g,Q,.ymL' l"z 1.4. ' ' t' 'F 'J Mg -- ','m, ,. 'AH' .- ' ' T ' . V 1' I ""'-, .w gl - 1 fx fx: Q , ' t- .mu vm' I- .. . V '15 jx:--fy-f. ' -1. ' ' ix ky., Ffh-?.vg.4, , Ti- . b. ' . , f 1--.'qe.f-'4.--' ,V .I l ,' - lu ' ' ii 'W' I. gfzvmm' r' :TT .' 'zfslzlkl :flu Q 'L ' A J ' 'Try' . . ' " v--.W -'Y ... i'-It rf, 'Quin'--5-sw! .lx .. :' ...e ' 'V ,f"', U.-f' 'e.:.'lzW-"gif" WQEI- V. 'lv b K-',A4 ,Q 'l 4 r I 4-.41 , .,.,Jk.,,. , ,la-,P Adina. in ,A I uf, R " -H-fs--f gn.-.---3 -fag 2 . . -4 '. Y , - .1-f' 1.4 -s. , If-5 ,avi .Ahvqy--25'-.5111 - .- . I.. 4, ,. . Il ' 2.9 ' - 'i' A U -dl - ' 1-1 I- ,At y - ' 'PL' ' ' -."' - 4:-'KK ".Pu.. . ' , A -.5 ' Q . X ' A1 ,-,kb - N 'A U . Q V1 'Q .'." F, -'gg-.., -'fs .I 4. , .A.'1g!,-., ., . 51 'K ' ' r X J. 5-4' -'M . El- "'? :T ' 'il'-uf, T - A-.. L. -:. -4 -1 EQ. '-.1 'QE 7. ef- 'fu' 'L , 7' 'Y ' - v '- . 4 WH-'f.f' A Q! 6 -.Q A .'i,,!f...- ' 3 K J V k. ff --Q-., P W T 2 . .NL Jlfa. r gl , '- ' ' wi' ' I a ,:v iw" -1 - r - 5 . 2 ' Q . 3 .. f , 6 , V1 cv YM' AL, ,N '-fqyfy V, .wk , M, IW4 ' QA v ifgtwig ,WYWEM m 1?-. A ,uf ,, ,, 'JW' 7' .' '4"'k. ' l5'u'?'v w 'ia ,W gg-5f,f,f ' -f1,fg,:A Q.- .-:J V.. ,..,Y, afifiiimi Y. r ,-, 1. 5 gm . L, , , ,- ' +'Q 's'i L-er' v' v. uv. -Sim mihfig Qlupgriglqi 1 9 3 o Chas. C. Blocker Editor A. B. Fleming Business Manager TLJBQA wsu Jmska amnn 69525953 A YEAR BUUIQ Of MISSISSIPPI STATE TIEACIIIZIIS CUIJIJEGIE Hattiesburg, Mississippi 'X . cr- X 1 .JHIJIWZUJUITI 3 If We have linked the present year, With all its earnestness and fun, To that which others left us here In building up a college sphere That progress has no limits on- lf we have shown the inner side Of student life at S. T. C.- The Freshmen's ever-tortured hide, The Juniors' hope, the Seniors' pride, The Sophs' just-leave-it-all-to-me- If this We've done, we shan't regret The trials put into this book. Our purpose is to make you get Your patience's Worth and not forget- But you're the judge, so have a look -The Editors. ...JBL I , amy, Half Qikunbnnigs CLA S SES ATH LET I CS CJIQGANIZATIGNS CLU 13 S F EATURES O e Fathers Of The Students of State Teachers College, whose loyal support, undying in- terest, matchless inspiration, and sacrificial love Have been the guiding influences in our college activities, The 1930 Nelta Camon is whole-heartedly dedicated. 1 ehimtium 3 52 - .GW pu, AD" h 0 T v Above is Pictured the Father of Our Country Way Slfltl' '1'1'ilL'ht'I'S l'1.1lln-5,141 GYLJI' Imvv and 1'PV1're11w- the I':1thn-rs of its Studk-nt body as has thx- nation ' loved and ww-l'e111'ml George XVasl1ingt:'m, HON. H O N Ho N H 0 N H ri N v. Boaliridl Oi? Trustees OFFICERS FPHEODORIQ G. BILBO. . .......... GOQ'1'I'Il0I' of,v5ijvp1 HON. VV. F. BOND ...... . . Szzjwrrizzlnzilrzzi of Publir Edzzraliozz T. VV. HARRIS . . . Columbus, Miss. R. F. BASS ...... Iflnttieslwurg, Mi VV. I. STONE . . . Coffeeville, Miss. NIISS M. B. fXUS'1IX .... Jackson, Mi L. P. BROWN . . . Meridian, Miss. HON. A. A. CONN . . . Brnuklinven, Mi J. XV. BRliICI.fXNIJ . . . Sumner, Miss. MRS. R. B. FIOHNSON . Clem-lnud, Mi X 'J 'iii O ik ffa' Historical IHE State Teachers College was founded by act of the l.egislature of 1910 underwthe name of lllississippi Normal College. il mime was changed to btate Teachers College in February, 1924. b. 1. L. opened 9 'wtf' j its doors for students o11 September 18, 1912. During the first session the enrollment was 876. During the session of 1927-1928 the enrollment was 1,627. The total number of individual students enrolled for the sixteen years was 1o,893. During the first te11 years of the life of the college there were two regular courses -one, the Certificate course, leading to a five-year first grade state licenseg the other, the Diploma course, leading to a professional life license. During the 1922 session of the Legislature a bill was passed authorizing the college to grant degrees. Up to the close of the sixteenth session the college had issued 2,112 certificates, 752 diplomas and 248 degrees. In October, 1927, application was made for membership in the Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools of the Southern States. .According to regulations of that organization this application could not be acted upon until the December meeting of 1928. After due oihcial inspection and thorough investigation the special committee on teachers' colleges recommended that State 'lieachers College be admitted to member- ship. This recommendation went to the Council of the Commission on Institutions of High Education, was approved, and sent forward to the executive committee of the association. The executive committee, for reasons not given by it to S. T. C. authorities, declined to nominate tl1e college for membership. It was placed on the non-membership list so that its graduates might teach in all-Southern high schools. But 8. T. C. has gradually come into its own. ln February, 1929, it was placed on the UA" list of the American Association of Teachers' Colleges. -'lust ten months later, December, 1929, it was placed on the "A-1" list of the Southern Association of Colleges. 9 X I J C1.AxL'm3 BIQNNIETT Pl'l'Xidz'll1 INIJX., Peabody Col lege I !5 L hi, " , Y ,Aa 'I W. ' x x. DR. j. LAXYRENCI? E.xsuN Dran PILD., Pczllmdy College ilu fHHP11IIl1'iZII11 LE. QE. I-Iurat 4 U Q . 'PQ,Ljl1I"" " ILTLQT, f -cfm J E P V fl N Q i X V s ul f st IW 6 Y M l l ,XNQV '-X-.x K ve, xx. , QXLQXM Q 'V Yravr 'mira Y 4' x -fvvvw l-vvv--w.---4wv1?,. TffNJ:f:r::z":::1':r.'5 , VIE S K i 1 1 5 4 3 1 A 2 J -,-4 QQ Mmm. ff: w.: ',.,..p.-....... HOSPITAL ..n......-.. x Q r SCIENCE HALL f 334. , I ' 2 f" 'J 1' :If lv an xygvigx' , ' h, , -- is ff ll, H 1 fi? , , 1 1 ggfsfsf f .- f '21 ,Q fin ilu if xr f 4 fwxv, , 3576? ffl H fgffwx' 5 1 , . . WAV 5 , b 'rf ' , f 460, fluff' g V 'V AW Q41 a,,w yd , ,M 1' 452 ,Fw ,f 47:1 J 'S ZF' I 2' , , 7'5! I ,S 1 . .,..-Q, " , , ,J . 1 . 1 I , I I I If fi! . .4 , X, , I f 6 1 Q' f ' Q! X' ' gf' 'jr H ,l ift-,V gif If J , P1 ' f 1 .JV xg! f 4 ,X A 1 ,J 1 , rf! f ,V 9' 1 iw f ,251 1 Q I Y , If ff , f A , f if l a 'f' 411151 ' , va 'J iff if' III bn, W ,ff f , , ' Inf f: , f, ' Ji: L TX r, f f 1 . I, 1 ,f f ' ff I 7 4 , 1, gf 4, A, f 4 f ggi rf ,U .55 ,, W, 1 4' ' ff f as f ,J A ft min Y If a 1 7 ' Q A , g, f , 1 2 f .1 5 I, Q ,N A 5 ,I 1 f H , 4, X 1' ffl' , ,f wif? xl If xyiqvzvy 4 P, If w 51, M f Q .s I GW ff' ,I ' 1 z f 4 fx 'f I' ff 5 . in K w f 4 , 1 ' L Q N. 1 as fl, a f ! 14, 3 2 QF ,H riff s ,f 255 2 j , g 1 1 az ff- M' 3' Hi V- -M. , CHAPEL HALL , ,ww , M , ',,,, X MISSISSIPPI I-IALL ',,.v-4" ., -':"::"f5' KKK HATTIESBURG HALL Q FORREST COUNTY HALL ti, VICE-PRESIDENT,S HOME AND CAR STATION ui 5' v eq . F 1 l 4' I 7, ' a I Q ., 1: . ' 1 - 'x,,,,1u 1 Q 3- - -A VAS IC .fl . . t :.??,v Atbu? A: ,J Q' .Jub- vgir v fi: im ' I -f X' Q-: -.- If 1- "' . if nf K q - Nw V V f , ' -,f-L., ,, "- VAC +vAVf.V Va -I . QP 'Z' , ,I A lx ,PQ . . ,Vg ..,,. eq' 'Qi 'R -' ' A 'i 7' 'I Qxifizlix f "' 'f . I A33 H- 5 nv I A s .. - IL, ' - gi' ' " ,N Ig1 'fffNf'INNaag'3 .sa Q-,,: A A l awww, ,f, ,, . 4 . V Ag, . . 95' VC?" --F1-1:V:f4:'.:r,,':7:g.:r.:rI3L.' ,q.5iwl.,g ,,, , """""""' "WW , ,g "".- '...... 1 23: Cr 5 I '. . gg 1' ' gy-.,, QU., sg- 6 :I ,iff 1' ju ,ggi .. V Vg - ,j I I I I . 2- f-X , .. Vw-. H 1 ' A wi? ' ff-"5-,f14..' M I M.,-'l'1:f3r25E:-24 ' 5 I 'C V ST K . ngy Q, I.. IL' - LS vw 'u v- 1-.if 'P - Q. A , .LS L1 .. .M .1 ... ,Q-fgv -1 ,L- , I. I A wg- -..., 2 ,V . VA V V I. VV, .4 4 -V. I ' ' Q. i5". ' 5 A' I-I , :V ' , A 1 1f,u:1f .:,Q1 A f , 'nl ' , - 1-It-, 1.. , , Vt ,V V, Bw 7. :V A- ..,f..4 j :VJ V. . V ,Q -I I+ gg 431513 . ' I' - 1- A 4' ' ,V -' W N. - ' -1 - '1' 3: 5 g, V, I LVN-J ..VV.. ,-. h -w 5 : iff- .1 1- 4' Q V ' -1- ' 195 if ' -K' V .N - if -': f.. 1 : "H , w 'i7:Xvfz'ff-.M ' 'J' ' 'Q u - E Ti , ,,-4 rm. ,4 1-we ,f A if f ,I , .-- -4 , . ,n J 'Hs IF u ,,,:fy sn . . 'ww "f f-'fig :, ,:,gg'-1 I -Hg ,gh 3-X lg , ' .gg V 4 - . if 2' 22? I -im--vf 1 if ' 3 i- uf qs.- --Q 1 ' . I S ' ds- .fl n w W- , f f, . ,fn I "vw, J if P ,f 52 1. zzz.-.. . f I WH :V 1, .:7 Rm" ' ?'ff , " - ' 'Q .51 'H-QQ V ,.-Q. Q - I '51 In " 2 V , v V J -V ,S ,ew A A yf- ,vf gy RV- N ' 1 V V11 vi ,V V ,.,V p x ' ,H V V A. V . 'mg :I If .ff 1 I A -N 'Q - - My f . x V '.Ql, V W "AJ hay! VA - V I VV V lukg X I "M 1 -Ili-f if ? 'Q-,,fw,.g, gl? '1' ' :V ', EV I . , -73,3 ff x-Q V-fl, fl 33355 V V iw! V, -1v.VV-VVVBJV Q ' EW- ' H., . ' IN Y " . '75 , V vim 'V V A V IV, .,,, , wi V , " .,. -Q VW VV J .-..-. " ' unify- ' ' rp ,, , '1, I,f' f ' 9 ' gh-I . ,' , ' ,, I I , . 55 ':' ' ,335 '-' , H 'W' ' f 21?-,... ,. ., 'b .. , "" " ' - ' . , . . -4, ,- IJ., V Y ?', 45uili1Y3iliEg ff, Him ,--,I Y - . I QI - I A-M ,N , J ' . A fjigb, - Q "' I' I ' ,L f 'V 'ggi ,I -, V ' ' X- ' V f 'Ai'-7 : V F V . "':QllUvUvm-rr1-oufopa .- ' Qin .Ea '- s' Q 4 1' -M .- ' ' -5"'s " 3 14 f, W ,wh,-v... .f ,,, V K . LV 'h.v..,y4- V VVMQ-H . ii: , 'V ' - '-ww Jim I ,, ek Vi? ' ' 1 Y 'wif 5553, I -' :QM .V - 1 , , T . Q25 2 ,., N V31 'Mfg P, N' fifff' , as , Q.. , f' 1 r I V N . ,. N -f Jfh si '12 mx v , , , V N . iww . ,. 3, lv? Yr 'II 4324- ---qovwnliw "QQ ,-in - 'W-.. l . ,. ! Vg 'a YQ' , k . M' 'wi-4 ' 5' , R L' I -V I ' Fi ' It X ' i . CEQA' 2 ' L 'g is -,A fig in V- X V VV 'nz--. ti 5 :Vi V - . w ' - 2 . V - V .Ut ' 'J--tg" L. as A ADMINISTRATION BUILDING 'I A 1 , x . G f , . 5 -NIU K .M r 9 1 1 ..L. 1 11, i slf' . i. ., f , . 3 V if .L Q . If A . 3 v 1' . F G' ' f f Q im S " 5,,.s f 4 'E Q "'f'W'4s Q XX KXVGEQH .0 1 4 4 lla. v vb we 1-.4 i X sf 511 in , 5? if- QI xl ' 'K , , " X2 I xx ' ., W 9 J H' 'Y .Inq 'l U Qiia f.-M Q-nina-if-.MI-1,1 51 ,Ja , , 1 f' -v .ii uuji vpn ws hp '!.2f,.,A. K 5 ' ff A , , J, N f X mb , M 5 , .DV A A . xi .553 ., ,TE 'X if X X s '95, a f M1 1 W xl it fx-, 5 za 2 ' v new .1 1 Q. 4 xr aa 'L si tg 'V y g n ,. sp .,...,J.LQ.jfg ,,ffQ.. 4 ' 4 1 , . I 4 4 1, W, AUDITORIUM AM 4 k:.:,'::..+.,. DINING HALL The One Essential VVe may live witlvout poetry, music and art, lfVe may live witliout conscience and live Without lieart, 'fVe may live without friendsg we may live nfitliout books: CBM civilized man cannot live witlvout cooks. We may live irvitliout books,-wlvat is knowledge but grieving? 7Ve may live Witliout lvope,-Wlvathis lvope but deceiving? 7Ve may live witliout love,-wliat is passion but pining? Tut wlvere is tlie man ivlio can live Witliout dining? -glfferedillz. Xqx 1 lu N 1 1 I I I I I I l I cl 0 cl X , Tfwinklf, ifwinlelf, liltlf rarlb, Firyl I .ww you not so small, Iloxw I Lwomlfr fwllaf you'rf 'LUOflfl, Tllfll you'rr libf' a Iiny ball,' I Docwu brlofw ilu' qcorld xo far- Nofw you'rf Il0l!llllfj bu! a sprfb- , I 1'an'I figzzrv fwllal you arf. Rui-you'rw 7l0flllll!l nofw, by brfk! I Lila' a Lillipufian land Llfllf rarill, you Ollgflf to SFF' Tlzrrr you small, or suzallfr, stand, IY0lH'51'lf from 'way up llfrr fwiill ml Pm'ilm' in your rfofLudml You z'ould'11'1 frrl .fo big and mise ll'l1a1' a .w'ramblr dofwn br'l0fw.' Looking dofwu fwiill faglr fyrx. Ifgaw I ffjgfqrpl gg I gggp, Hill I A010410 y0ll,fl' Illfl lllld kllld, In a lboumnd ffwisfrd fways, FW' N011 llfwf' mf' Ulfffl Nlffllli 011 your filly jwo-hlr illvrf' Illia' if I siarf to fall, plrasf' mabz' From my sailboat in flu' air! .I lamlirzg plaff, for hl'll"U1'7l'5 sakf! CIIARLES C. BLOCKER 5--A 25 XXX., llll l"'4' Nl I- ' 1 , X Faculty and Ufficcrs of Administration T. P. SCOTT I'iu'-Pn'sidrr11,- Professor of .Mailzrmalirs 1i.A., B.I'wl., BLA., I'nivi-rsity oi' Mississippi CORA XVEBB BASS .ilssistant Proffsmr of English B.A., Mississippi State f,'0llGgs9 fm' XXV-111911 DR. COLLEY F. SPARKMAN Profrssor of Forfiyn Lrzngzzagfs 1'h.D., New York L'lliX'l'l'SiIY CERACE LEWIS flsxisfanl Srn'1'tary BB., Stzitn- '1'vzu'lu-x's C'ollr-ge LOYETTE XVEB R Praffssor of Holm' EC07l0ll1if5 B.S., 1'c-aihoilyg M..-L, l,'0lllIHl.IiZ1 liliive,-rsity H. T. XV.-1xRE Y. JU. C. gl. Srfrrlary BMX., Y. M. lj. A. Gruduaitv Scllmil, Nashville MRS. f,LlVE K. EDAIISTUN .'l.vsisluni Lillfllfillll H.'XRX'EX' MASON Crilif Tfazhrr, D.S. B S.. Stuto '1'i-:U'l11l'S Pull.-gif 26 I' r ' 1 . 'I ,I' f ' I' XA' " X 1 .X X ,I l I ,,', ' :lg Q i N f 1 ,iv , Ii! i i ig 1 Faculty and Officers Oi? i o o 0 1 1 T Administration i E A 1 NIARTIN L. RILEY 1 ii , , ' f Jssofzate Professor of llzsfory ' :1 BS., Stzitv 'Ft'2'Ll'ilt'l'S Fullegf-3 M.A., fflOl'P3,l-' Pveailiudy 1 1 Uullvge I i i iii DR. Z. T. JOHNSON i l . i l Profrxxor of llzsfory 51 B.A., l'3.U., Asbury 1"Ol1ege3 M.A.. Univvrsity of Ken- ' i tuvkyg I'li.D., Gmorge Peabudy t"Ollegu 1 Ii TVIATTIE PERRY ' Dirrrlor of Physical Edufalion for II'omfn N I BS., Mississippi State Crwlluge for YVOmc-n I E CHARLES E. THOMAS R, Diwftor Manual flrls M!! Clrziduzite Muncie Nutiuxuil Instituto I ,ii A THELMA BOLIN W, Voiff Instrurfor B-N-. University SVIIUU1 Ot' Musir-, Ann Arbor, Mivh. i, i . Am.-x CLOWER XYATES i ,Jssislant Profrssor of English B.S., State '1'e'11f-hPi'S Collugeg M.A., Columbia Uni- versity fi: ANNA M. ROBERTS Q Librarian and Tfarllrr of Library Srifnff' BOX., M.A., Vanderbilt UniVe1':Sity i I , 5 T. P. JACKSON a Profrxsor of .lgriruliurf i 13,S., M.S., AgI'i4'Uitlll'1ll and Me-1-hanivul 1'Olli-gp Of Mississippi A i i I i Rf-. xx 27 x iv A' a -1 -.X 70. X Jf' .5- Xl . f7T'f"'-i:q A . - X Fagrudlty and Uffifccrs of Administration G. RI. AICLFNIJON Szzjwvizzlrfldfrzl Dwmnzzsiraiion School BS., BLA., f?t'0l'QL' Pl'1l1Pflfl5' Cullvgu- AIRS. M. L. RILEY Critic Tmfllrr' and ,7IfIz17l1fnza1if.v, D.S. S., SIGN? 'Tm-31'hC-1's lqrrllwgvl lf..-X., f'iffr1l'2,'v- I1"'21ll0t Cullflge S.-XLLIE STEVENS RICLEKIURE Critic Twnfllrr, D.S. I-LS., Gn101'QEP P6:1luT11y Frmlln-gw BESSIE FOUNTAIN Crifif T1'llf!I1'l', D.S. BS., Stun- TL-ziclwm l"oll4-gv LIUHN RI. FRAZIER Crifiz' Tmr'f1m', Sfil'7II'l', DS. BS., ALA., Georgwl Penbmly tfnlh-gv CULLIE PATTERSON Cfilfc' TI'Hlht'I', DS. ILS., f:k'Ul'gP Pfazllxmly lY'llHt'2't' I,YDI.-x 1XVlI.I,I.fXNIS E Crflfz' Tz'1l1'fl1'r, DX. I S.. IIr1wn1'1l C'Hllx-QP-3 M.,-X.. fl'-urge IH-abmly F0111-so BAL, Nlll'fllXX'l'Sfl4l'll Ulliw-rsity A. J. BIIDDLEBROOKS Criliv T1'nrfn'r, flsllfllijfl, DS. I N, 'l'u'X:'LS 'lxl'il!'l1l'l'S l"wIlvg1--1 BLA., th-ny-gp IH-:mln-+.lx C ulln L L ,Pr . w W' 28 X ,V N W b Faculty aumfdl Uiffimpcrs 01? Afdlminisrtraticon C. YV. X Vucms Svcrvtary PEARL C.fxM1fn121.L .-lssislmll in llomr Emllollzizgv jL'1.1. x CL'1m1s1s. xc14 Dirrclm' of Dl'fJH7'fIll1'lll of Zlluxic B.M., NUl'fllXX'lNStL'l'll L7lliYC'l'5iiY ALMA HICKBIAXN Alssnfialw Pf0f1'55'0I' of English BMX., IXIi:4siSsippi State Noll:-gv tml' NVnn1e-11: l'l1.I'3., L'11ivc1'sity ol Lqlliljkigfjj M.A., fflbllllllbill Uuivvrsity MRS. ELIZABETH CL'NN1NGH. xM lJi1'1'z'tnr of Finr .Iris 1:1I'kU.lll2llL' Tlmrmms Nurlmll Training Institutv, D1-truit OI,1X"E IQLINE 1-Ixsociafw Profrxxor of llonzw Ernnonzifx B.S.. Mississippi Stun' f!'UHl'Q,l" lun' XVUIIICJIIQ M.A., Co- IumbiaL L'nivu1'sity RIARY l'Lf1.1,m' 1,I'l1l1Illll.T!lifJ and .I.Y.YiJl'llIlf Rf'gfislrar V. C. CAGLE Ellffillffl' 29 .'l1'! ' ' 4 '. L . "QR X X - 'Q- I - -in -Jw I-. , - Faculty .aumtdl Ufficccrs Administration BERTHA FRITZSCHE flssismnl in Horns Emnomifs AGNES M. ALLEN flssisfant Prnfrssor of Grograplzy Illinois State Nm-mal L'l1iX'PI'SilYZ BLA., State- Tl12lC'llE'l'S Cullegrc -I MRS. ANNIE BAILEY COOK Hoslcss Hattirxburg Hall RIARY E. LTPTON .lxsislant Librarian MISS BEEDIE SMITH RI'5iLiF7lf Nursr MRS. L. RI. LIPSQOAIB Hoslfss Zlflisxissippi Hall IXIRS. E. A. EAST Szzjuvirzlflzdvlzl Lazuzdry MISS LINIILEI' XVILLI.-IMS .lysixiazzt Collrgv Sfrrrtary of 0111 I 3 lf ".I1!cvX I Ig Q ,f'jQ. IA L A Facullty .am-dl Oifificiers of Administration VV1LLA BOLTON Prnfrfsor of Gfograplzy' B.A., Mississippi State Cf'vllw'f,.r0 fm' YVOUM,-113 M.A., C0- lumbizi University V S TRLMNN LIWIS .-15515111111 Professor Sona! Sl'Il'lIl'1'5 B.S., State Teachors Collc-gi-g MAX., Vziude-rhilt Uni- vcrsity VV. B. SAUNOERS Dirfzlor Physiml El11ll'tlfi0ll for A4171 B.S., Mississippi A. and M. Coll:-ge RALPH HAYS Srfrrfary to Pwsidmzt IQATHLEEN MOORE Crific Trafhfr, D.S. BS., Mississippi State College for XVOim-ng MA., C0- lumbiri University MRS. HUGH HL'I3SKJN .lssistant in Finn flrls .l. H. PENNERAKER B. S. U. Sz'f'r1'lary ZELOA Moss Criiif Tmfhvr, D.S. BMX., Mississippi Collc-go I' ff' 4, 'N ' w Xxx fm ' . xy ,fv- Cgvnrgv CE. itlurzi An Apprvrintinn 089 george Hurst, who died September 30, 1929, had been for fourteen years head of the Education CDepartment of State Teachers College. The College has lost one of its most devoted teachers and the students one of their most sympathetic and loyal friends. Ullr. Hurst loved life. He never complained, was never morose or critical. He loved books and was widely read in many fields. He loved flowers and found recreation in working in his rose garden. Slflost of all he loved people, and especially young people, and found his great delight in teaching, for to him teaching was the natural means of bringing a fuller life to others. There was nothing of the professional pedagogue about him, however. He was a great teacher because he was a great human being, big of brain and of heart. His old friend, CReverend CH. L. O'CBriant, said of him that he was gifted in the service of mankind. It was the fortune of State Teachers College to be blessed with fourteen years of this service. 32 x "x "'-, .1 wh ' 1 .x Q I tl K Q QE!! k X1 I A B -1 553 '12 li - -J!-i ' z Zi 'K ', .. Llillllml . Ill, - - - -- .-.-f, mu: . mx '- 53? gqiiixiiiife-if X X -' .-!.'!.'!-f!'.e-!!.-ug Q .!!!4!Q!m!ni!!! K - !,!!!-!!1-n.!!-!! ! w!!!!!s!u!s!!!v I Q A 1e-!!n-s!!-1!" I E, 4!!!!!!!!n!s! ', e!l.s..s!!-s! Q ifessusngasle ,.. - mu --J C? lasses Q fo -Q v 5 4 ' Senior Class UIFIFIIQQIFS A. E. CRAFT . . FRANCES HARRELL DONNIS HANEX' . GLADYS VVHITNEY B. L. HILL . . HARRY THOMAS P1'L'xi1f1'11 1' . Profwfzrt . . Pow' Ililxf'-Pl't'SiI1l"lIf Rvfworizv fflisiorifzzz SARA VIRGINIA HAIXIIKERLIN. . . Svmfmry-Trmsurvr F. VVALKER ..... . . . .I Sponsor I fill' 1."l1J" f . +5 . w WW A. ,fp ... .-....., 4 ciniiifonr Class ' l RI.-XRY KATE Goonwix. B.S. X P.-XULE'l"l'E, MlSS. V English ' Slic1'u'0rvd Bonne-r Litvrary S01-iety, '27, '28, '29, '30, Y. M. ' V, A., '27, '28, '29 '30, Epworth League, '27, '28, '29, '3U: W Y. XV. f', A. Paliiiivt, '28, Noxubee County Clulr, '29, '30, Varsity Basketball. '28, '29, XVoi'ld Affairs Club, '30, English Excgliznige 1'luh, '30, lvramutiv Club. '30: Fit-ld 1.'o-operative Vlub, '27, '28, '29, '30, As an English niajor, Mary Kate has been excellent, as an zitlilpte, sha- has he-1-n an outstanding leader, as a student tem-lie'-r nl' English and gym, she shows the splviidid gin-- :iml-tzilce spirit. Slit- is E1 ,zfirl with a visinn and rm-alizrfs i that he-1' "real-h should ext.-eed hor grasp." AZOLINE VVELLSV. B.S. wAx'xEsBoRo, Miss. Engliylz R. S. TI. Vnuncil, '29, Y. XV. C. A. Valviiiz-t, '29, Glvo Vluh, '29, '30, Sliort Striry Cluh, '29, '30, "Know Mississippi Bvl- ts-i"' Train, '293 Si-4-i-1-tam' Enstlish Exvliaiigzv Vluh '30, Sw-- rs-tnry lhiyiie 1"nunty Club, 'Slug Chzililnin llississipliinn Lit- L'l'2ll'y Srwii-ty, '30, Student Body Rt'lH'il'tHl', '30, Firalml 1'0- opt-i'atix'l' Club, '30, On-li9st1':1 '30, Truth and sine-Prity are thv esse-live of her naturv. lNIudl-st. winsfvniv, gay and fair. Shu has that frank sort of t'i'ienfl- lim-ss that warms the he-nrt and wins lovc in e-vt-ry ac- I quaiiitance. "A sunny disposition is the very soul of sump-6-ss." I E1JniE RIARIE CAMPBELL, B.S. I HANDSBORO, MISS. English 7 Sm-i'vtai'y Epworth L-laguc-, '28, '29, Y. XV, ci A., '2x, '29, 'gg Slivrwood Bonner Litt-rary Sm-it-ty, '2x, '29, 'Rug Yii:c-l'i-i-si- p dwnl Eliwurtli I.:-z1,2,i1u 'BNI 'ling Piginist for Student ilmly. 4 '30, XVOi'l:l Affairs Vlulv, '30, "XYhit9 Vans" Vlnli, '30, 4bi-vlivs- tra '30, Assistant Editor "Nokia t"aiinoii," '30, Engilsh Ex- changv Cluh, '34I. Q Eddiws inugiivtif- personality, her purity of soul, her mn- sii-:il talent, have inside for hex' a host of fricnds, S. T. C. l is prnud of you. Eddie, "A lvrnw or' lwauty and earnvst thought. , A forni uf womunly grace." , i VERNER E. JOHNSON. B.S. A HA'l"l'lESBURG, MISS. k 5 Social Srirrzn' Gil-Q Fluli, '27, '2R, '29, Oflirir-r Plzitvnizin Iliff-ini-y Sn.-ivly, '2T. '25, l'l'4-'sith-lit R. Y. P. lf. 'ITC "KNOW lXIiSsissi1i1ii Iivl- tci"' Train, '27, '28, '29, Y. M. 1'. A. Val-iii:-t, '29, '330. tl Tlinugli "Juv" iw-sl-iiilwlvs not the Alirziliaiii who "u'cnt dmvn 7, lu Anistcri-0--, df, ds." he ranw to S. T. C. and did just as WL'll7lmSSilily lwttell "Smiles are his tal--nts, tw-, Q Hut we im-ndily ndniit that his nohlvsl virtuu H ls :L wvll-formvd 1-liamctl-i', Steadfast and trnt-." I li lil 'I 36 lllli "Xi'I1'll"i"'y'- ' 1 A if X ff' A 2' I I I l i ' I l 0 Senior Qllaiss l X I,UQii,i2 GUY, Bb. MACON, Miss. Zlflafhrniatirs ' N Elrworth Lo-':1y,'u0, '28, '29, 'fiflg Y. XV. 4". A., '28, '29, '30, l Nnxulwe Vounty Vluli, '29, Give Vluli, 'illlg MiSSlSSllPI3lllll Lit- e-rury S01-ie-ty, 'SSQ Slwrwootl Bonnvi' Litvrary Suvieely, 'Zl0. -i "At I'll21thE'lIlE1tl4"S she is zi star, 1 XVith Iwi' tlieru are none on ai pair!- ii Shv has a finv brain, And again i In lonlis she is also :1 star." tl. E. iVIANNlNG, B.S. VANCE, MISS. Football, '26, Busvlmll, '27, '29, 'IIO1 Pri-simlvnt .Tunior Class, '29. li I' EWS liamiy-go-lui-ky, lll'Yll'Ill2.y-f'21l'P Illilllllvl' has lllfllif' him i l known lu Pvt-ryliody. Nu Inattvr wlwtlwr wo win nl' whvth- , f-1' Wu low, 1-onie what lllily, this "smiling 1iitf'l1vi"' iiitvlies ,V un. Ile lirings tu yuu thi- rvul uptiinistii- spirit ol' his holme- I, land, the Delta. ll Ti V, pl NELLIE AMELIA HKUPKINS, HS. if wicclxs, Miss. ,, 'V . . ll Physzral Edurafzon i ' Basketball, '28, '29, Slivrwuml Bonner Litvrary Sm-it-ty, '23, '29, '30, Glee Clulr, '28, '29, Vif'Q-I7l'l7'Sllit'l1t Gulf Uoast Uluh, '28, Band, '29, Pl'lfSldt'llI Physif-al Educ-ution Vluli, '30, Ep- worth League. Nelliw is tall and Striking, with the dignity of the Svvfliitie-S and the- nioflern 1-harm of the thirties. XVith all this nature luvislletl upon heir, she has the- rare volnliinntiwn nl' grmfi-, siiirwJi'ity and t'1'iwmlli1n-ss Io h4-lp hm' win hm' waxy into thv lit-arts of he-1' many sfflioolinatvs. l l 4 1 'l XKYERNIE THOMAS, HS. v ' NEW ORLEANS, LA. -, l English I English Ext-hangv Club, '30, ' Quiet, lmshful and unassuming, but always willing to work. XVho would dzirv predivt I'Z1lllll'P for a Studi'-nt pussf,-ssing thesv qualitivs? XYith hm' inherent aliility and plvasrint dis- position, Ve-rnie will siltcvi-cl :it wliutvvvi' task she under- takes. l 2 I ' 37 'xXx 'iixt inf i-f,.f -,f 1 . -. - - if.---.- .. .- -,..,i 1 i , , ' i ai ' v i W i .. Senior C .ass i HONIER IVICNIAHAN, HS. HATTIESBURG, MISS. I Sfinzfe Fowtlvall, '27, '28, '29. '20, Vziptaiii Fo-vflmll '1'vam, '20, Prei- W idvut "M" llluh, 'illh 4 I Prii'--fi-1-41, r-onfirle-ht and ambitious is Homvr. l-Iis genial dis- , position, pfrlisliecl inziniie-rs and originality in thought and , I f'0llYPl'SfltIOl'l have wrm tor him liumli-mls of frivnds. "M:xf"' N is ai ra-:il fuwthall star. A stnwr tzlwlile-1' Il1'X'A'l' livvd. If the lwst in him vaunut bring S'l1i'f'l3SF, survly thi- worst will not ' living IIZLIIIIVH. ' ,I if i j ERNESNNE VIRGlNI.A RUBLE, B.S. 5 1 HA'I"I'IESBURG, Miss. I English y Euglisli Excliahgv Vluh, 'illlg lilods-rn Lziiigungl- Club, 'SIL , "A good, true- l'1'ic-ml and jolly pal, , XVl1imSi1-al, witty and wisl-5 A lovable, playful. nr-tive girl. Malws go-ul at all she trips." E1'1ie-stiliu is n liammy, jubilant hm-ing, always lrmlcin: on tho hil-,ht sieli- nf liff, aufl IIIHIIIIU a suimy l'uu in vvnJi'y situutinn. i N BEATRICE ESTELLE XVALTERS, B.S. i Q ELLISVILLE, MISS. ' i i t Ilomz' Et'07l0lIliC.f 1 Tliucl, ll. ZS Y. IV, F, A., '27, '28, '29, 'HOL R. Y. P. I'.. I ' LT 'L 3 ' 'r Fm- ows '1 'oiiilnittm-0 nl' Y, IV. C. A., I 'LIQ Olllv 1 3010 ITS VIUII, '29, 'ITIL el' z love ruhie-s." ' 0110 miuht jll'I2f' illllt I?1':1ll'i1'1- mln-terinim-ml to imitate Solo- I nmn's iilvzil wwinaii, hut, rm sl-vmul Illullghl, hi-r 1-lizirm-tvr is Um uvuuim- In ln- all imitzitimi. Shw just :rn-w that waxy. '1 L' 3 ,P . 1' V 1 N v i i , SAM A. URM sox, Bb. ' I ,I HATIIITSBURG, MISS. g 1 ' 1 I Srwlzfr i 'Flmugli mmll-st, "CIt'lllIl'lll1lll" has In-vu writti-in un his uu- Q l t-iiilm1'i':issml, linixw- 1-l1:i1:i--1.-r. I 38 1 ,..v " ' 7 1111 I"vl'Xffkl4,I1l7N 2-ff X f igpff, M l X , Y ii X wg fl 'f ,, ,tk i ' gl. i l i I I u I n l I l V l l l l i l i i ll iw Senior Class M. R. HENSARLING. B.S. HA'I"I'IESBURC, MISS. Sofial Srirnfr llntoniun Litm-m'y Soi'-ic-ty, V'2T, '23, '29, '30: Viffv-PI'vS'1.l9i1t. "N Pre-siilvnt, '29, "Ne-ka l'amnn" Stall, '29, liilorlfl Attulrs 1' Ll I "ull '1 ,- .il , Vlull, '29, '30, Pl'tf'HillQllt XVoi'lel At'l'a1'iS , . . "lions" is 21 jolly, good fellow. l-lv has Iwi-n with us four l yi-airs lsm-ins likv tvnl. l-le has take-n part in most vvc'-1'y- tliiug on tho 4-nlnlms, exi-opt the girls. Gu ulnftzul, "l-ions" -we are for yllll. l l l ALICE OVERSTRELT, 13.3. WAYNESBORO, MISS. T English Y, XV, P. A,, '29g English Exe'-liaiigo Ululi, 'ilflgl Ifnuilnzltii- ji qxqubl 'gigs B, Y, P, U,, '29, '30g lvlississippiun Lite-vary Si- vie-ty, '28, '29, '30. "Little Miss Ovorstrex'-t"-ive say little- lu-vauso ol' hm' Sizin- is one of our star Studi'-nts, ami llvl' l'l-'l'0l't'i is our' oi' whif'-h wo arv justly proud. The word "lUYflllll"' I'll2ll'il4'tl'I'lZPN tho sxvoet seriousnvss ot' this little maiilvn. Alia-Ns outstzlmling trait is vomplvtv uilsf-lfislilwss. "Bo loviiig, and you will ll4'X'Pl' lavk for low-." Vivfx O. SPINKS, HS. ' MERIDIAN, MXSS. X, 1 English ' '1'reusure1' Elenivntzlry pDUl'lf'll, 'illlg Mississippinll Llt4"l'Hl'Q' , Society, '3ll. "Spinl:Sie" is quiet and aloof from thv masses, yot under- ni-uth hui- clinrming mmlwsty we limi intt-grity. Sinn-i'ity, loyalty, tlim'oL1g,lin+-Ss and patii-lim-fatti'iliL1tvs ol' a p1'irw-loss l'i'in-ntl. l I . 1 B. L. HILL, B.S. l soso, Miss. Srirnn' , Tllatmiizin T,ito1'm'y Sovivty, '28, '29, 'lilly Biislcettlmll, '27, '28, I '39, 'Hug "M" Ululi, '29, 'flljg Fw-i'vt:11'y-Twzisiiwi' "M" 1'1uln, '21l. "Man is his own star, and thi- Soul that vnu rr-mil-1' an hon- est und a peril-1't man 1-onimilnds all light, all lllllLIt'll4'0, ull W fatf-." HB' is of UTP S011 we lilw to haw' !'l.l'0Llllll us. in thi,- lil'lI'HlllOl'Y, on the- canipus-anywlion-, XXX- low- him ln.- 13811340 of his gwat liig l'i'ii--mlsliip, whivh, :i1't+-1- 4111, is th.. gwatf-St ol' all humziu traits. Hill is Fl time vllzip. i XX-' 39 '-55 'N - . , . , f Xff- I ,U 1 I' X I ix ,I I' l il' If X f X u,. X f XXX T5 , f , , Senior Class AMY LEE FTHRIUGE, BS. C0l,l,lXSVll.l.l'f, NIISS. Ilixfnry Fil-ld V'1r-u1n-r':1tivi- Vlul., '2x, '20, 'iillg X'iw--I'i-vsiilviil Mis- sissippian Litl-i'ai'y Suvi-ty, '29, 'flflg Y, XY, n', A. Vnlfiiiwt, '29: El+'ll1rilll2'll'j' Vullllvil, '29, 7701 XN'1n'Ifl At'1':iirs Vlull, '29, TKO: B. Y. P, V., '39, 'Z11'l, XX'ith hm- Uliristiuii ich-ails mill hr-1' st.-:ull':1stm-ss in ull Shr- llllllf'l'lilliPS, Amyl- Lu- has wrm thi- ziflmirutiuii of :ill th-J stud.-nl-4 :mal iiist1'1i.-this xvhu lm-iw 111-in MRS. XV. A. I'I.-XRVISOY, BS. XYXYXESIHORO, MISS. Engflisfz Sll'14'l'WmNl Hullllvl' l.ilvl':il'y Suvivly, '27, YN, '29, 'IUPQ Ellgliill IfXl'll2lll2'P Vluli, 'ling lipwmwtli Iwzigiu-, '27, '2N, '29, '30, lfi'-hl l'n-01wl'l'lIlYn' Vluh, '27, '2N, '29, 'fling Xlliyin- Vuuiity 1'luIf, '30, Only om- hurii uf 1-1vu1':1g-A lmtiwiive- nu-l 'li-te-1'1i1ii1utir,n1 will slim-veil :is Mrs. llaiiwisuri has, H:-1' stud--il! lil? has lu-en rllliwt :xml lliizissuxiiiiiu, but this 1'-Jtil-1-lil-v :lifl not hide her kimlnvss, wsgmiisiw-11.-,xx :xml strenaztli of vli:u'm-1.-r, H.-1' ul-lil-ruins iiuluiu-, mmli- dwlds und hiuh ill--:mls iwfxvnl Swim-- thiiig -il' hi-1' wurlli. FR,xNc12s li.-XTHARIYIT H.xRR1?I,I., HS. lI.l'll'llESBL7RC, MISS. Engflixfz Sfllllvlll' Vritif- Hsllltlvllt l'l'lllIZ," '2N: XX'ui'l1l Aflziirs Vinh, 'SNL lim-L-Litixw Vmiiniittm- XYU1-hl Af1'a1Ei's Vlull, 'Slug Sl---1'-Atziiy .luiimr Flaws, 'Zxg lwnpliwt S--iiiur Vlnss, '30, "I..-t mln-rs lilld wut your iiiiplwtzinl-v." l"l':1li1-vs is :ln :ill stuali-nt nliel is lmlvlllzu' with Imth faiv- ulty :ind Studi-nt bully. If smih-s wnulll lfriliu ri--h-fs she XX'Ulll1l lw iliiim-lisvly wmillliy, hut the-3' lvriiiar xxhzit xv- su Inu- tn sw- -thv sguirlcli- in he-1' 1-x'--s und iliiiiplps in hm' 1-ln-vias. This liith- luv ut' txxw-iity-Univ siiiiiiiivrs has :ali---ahly ll1'lllllllSll'llll'll hu-1' Sl11'm'x'SS us :1 tl-zu-lil-ix I,15I.,x Cllucli XVIl,l.l.XNIS. 13.5. AV.-XIDN, MISS. Ilnnli' lflflllfllllitf llnllle' 1-Z1-uiwliiivs l'luh, '27, '2N, '29, 'ilug Y. XY, V, ,X,, ' .., , . V . w - . - -xg mlm- fllllll slwixxijml lwxin.-r l,1t--mry mlm.-iy, "Hush ll-zu:-S, wli--ii rush is lla-nel, Ali' llvlllwvml lol' lllv llBluX'l'll'S lvvlll .Xml su :hy lliuuuhts, XYll1'lI th-in :ut guml, lmxw- ilsl-ll shull slllmln-r mi." 40 ,'l,' ' ,1l'n 7 ' V .2 . - 1 I I l I Q , Senior Cillaiss I A. E. CRAFT, B.S. V MIZE, Miss. Srifncf Platonian Literary Society, '27, '28, '29, '30, Vic-e-l'I'eSideI1t Platonian Literary Soeii-ty, '29, 'I'reztsurer Junior Ulass, '29, I Athletic Editor "Neko C'arnon," '30, XN'orlrl Affairs Club, '30, President Senior Class, '30, W Popularity often I-muses r-oneeit. Not so with Craft, his I iriendliness, his disposition, and above all, his attitude, causes him to sum-eecl. In summary, let's i-all him "ft true Iepresentative of the spirit of S. T. C." SARA VIRGINIA HAMBERLIN, B.S. PHOENIX, Miss. 1 English I Secretary-Treasurer Senior Class, '30, Student 1Y'l':tlf' for "Student Printzf' '20, Y. XV. C. A., Mississippian Literary Society, Epworth League, Xvorlri Affairs Vlub, '30, English Ext-hange Club, '30. Beauty and brains make an unusual Pombination. Sara has both, so heres our riongratulations! XVhen called upon shefs , always right there ready to work and do her share. In other words, she's a typical girl. Tt's my proplleey she'll make her mark in this world. l . MYRTIS HATHORNE, B.S. NEW AUGUSTA, MISS. I . History Ntlorld Affairs Club, '29, '30, Sherwood Bonnur Literary So- vlety, '28, '29, '30, Glee Vlub, '29, '30, Band, '27, YS, '29, '30, Orcliestra, '30, B. Y. P. U., '28, '29, '30, Y. XV, 41. A., '27, '28, '29, '30. Myrtis has c-liarai-is-ristic-s that atltoniatirally bring success. As at student she has been an ellic-ient, sincere worker. Her wholesome personality, sunny disposition and determination, together with her ability and high ideals, assure for her ll prosperous and happy future. i A CLEON CLAUDE MCCLENAHAN, B.S. LAKE, MISS. I History V' Epworth League, '30, Assistant ffoach Demonstratiim Sf-hool. '30, "Non" Came to us this year from Clarke College. Bei'-ause of his winning disposition, he has made many friends. N0 task is ever :tUpI'oa:glIecl with fear or dread. He has energy i that is conserved und wisely directed, making every strokl. successful. I l Q XX 4' QR, . sis, Ill! I I 1 .. YQ. X ' l N X f Aww ,asy- if Senior Class ELMER E. MCCOY, B.S. BOOXEVILLE, MISS. History Pre-side-nt I":VE'l'l'i"Z'LfIj' R. Y. P. V., '29, Vice-President Pla- tolnizin Litvrary Stwii-ty, '30, B. S. U. l'ounr'il, '301 Assoviate Dlrw-tor B. Y. l'. U., '30, Presiclvnt Coll'-gian Sunday Svhool Class, 'tzug NVOi'ld Affairs Clulu, '30, For-lfigii Language Club, '30, Lreebziting Pouncil, '30. Jolly the fvllow wlio's down to day4 Give- him Z1 smile for his sorrowg For thi: wurlfl srmwtiinvs has it funny way, And you may he down tomorrow." NIARGARFT ISADORIE RIOORE, B.S. HATTIESBURG, MISS. History Tu know lX'Iai'gz1iwt is to lmw- hvr, for she is onli- of those whose gospvl is, "Fric-ndship Consists in forgetting what one gin-S, and 1'Qi11vi1il,1e-l'iiig what one iw-vc-ix'vs." 'Wu predict suvvi-ss for lvlurgalw-t, for she is an e-xl-elle-nt Studi-nt whose kindnt-ss wins the he-arts of all. 1 U PAULINE VANLANIJINGHAMR, B.S. CALHOUN CITY, MISS. Gfograplly Y. XV. C. A. 1f'mnn1itt:-0, '28, Sl1ui'wmul Bfvnner Literary Sovil-ty, TAS, '29, 'Rug I"rvsill1'nt H. Y. P. If.. '25, '39: Vinc- Pre-sicllfiit and Iixl-vutixw IIUIHIIIIIIP1' Eli-inentnry Count-il, '30g P11-sitlt-nt B S. I'.. 'iwg I'IE'1ll'1'FOI1I2lIIX't-' In Ritlgt-uri-st, N4 C.. '29, Xhirld Affairs Club, '3O. High iilrfals, attmr'-tixv pt-rsfviiality and 21 lovable disposi- tion lmyt- lnfull- Pziulinv lrwvtl hy ln-r assm-lates. She is Irish, and yvry original. H.fXRRX' M. THOMAS, B.S. HA'I'I'IESBI,7RG, MISS. Jllodfrn Languagfs XVorlil Affzlirs Ulnlv, '30, Businoss Manager Athlvtiv Associa- tion, 'ROQ llisiuriun Svnior Vlass. '30, 1lvpu1'tvl' Snplioniore Vlass, '28, Plntwvnimi Litvrzlry Srwivtyg XVin1n-r Illti-r'Soi-ivty In-lull.-, 'ESQ Vlwwr Ll-adn-r St-nilvr Class, '30. llzirry is nnv wlm thinks slr-1-ply and for-ls livonly. Hv is an-tistiw-, intl-Ill-cluzil, nrigzinail and intons-'ly hunmn. 42 Senior Class SARA LOUISE ROBINSON, B.S. HATTIESBURG, MISS. English English Exffliriiigo Club, '30, Modvrn Langimgo Club, '30, Vivavious, full Of life :Ind pep, and neva-r too tired to load any undertaking that is worth whilv. Sho usually happy and sees the bright side of everytliing. NVE- adinire her for her fI'k1l1IiI16'SS of opinion. MAGGIE M. 'TAYLOR,, B.S. PIAVE, Miss. Y. XV. C. A. Cabinet, '30, Mvmbor Varsity Band, '28, '29g "Know Mississippi Bettorn Train, '29, Rvnorter Green County Club, '29g Presidvnt Greon County Club, '30: Vice-- President Christian Endvavor, '30, Vice-Prvsiflviit Sherwood Literary Sooiety, '3O: XVorld Affairs Club, '303 Gleo Club. '28, '29, Elenientary Count-il, '30. Maggie coinvs with a smili,-. grins with 11 smilw. Nothing daunts her. She loves life, and finds it full and worth while. She is a I'N"I'fPC't Combination oi' l'I'lZ1I'IHS and-Wlion you Say "pe-rsonality"-wc-ll, everybody knows tIlZ1t'S Maggie. GLADYS POU WHIFEY, B.S. WAYNESBORO, MISS. English and Fine Arts Secretary Christian Endeavor, '29, Prvside-nt Cliristian En- deavor, '30g Recording Secretary XVorld Affairs Club, 'RO' TI'GZlSUI'HI' She-rwood Bonncr Literary Soc-it-ty, '30, Element ary Council, '29, '30, Give Club, '28, '29, '30, Y. XV. C. A. Cabinet, '30, Vi:-e--President YVayne County Club, 'SOQ Meni- ber Field Co-operative Club. Gladys, the piquant, pretty girl of our r-lass, is noted for hor mental ability and social le-adorship, as evideiicilcl by tho honors she has had bestowed upon her by her fellow stu- dents. She is aII artist of whom we are proud, THELMA SHERRILL, B.S. HATTIESBURG, MISS. English and Forfign Languagvs Vic-e-Proside-nt Foreign Language Club, 'Rfb Thr-ro's language in he-1' Qyvs, her wilieoks, hor lips. Grace is in all he-r stops, dignity and love in every gesture. Thvlma to us is swoetnv-ss, ability and true friendship. She Carnes from Florida, and the balmy breezvs are I'efl:-I,-ted in her smiles. Thanks to Florida. 43 A. f. .I + . v 1 N-. vw Senior Class A. B. FLEMING, B.S. CRAXDALL MISS. D Matlzefnatzfs I-,l'99lLlPllt Student Bully, 'img Dr-Q icl nt Epworth Lo:-igiie, 'Fling "Student Printz" Staff, '30, Y, M, t", A. Caliinvt, '30, Busi- nwss lvlanagf-V "Nvlm 1'am0n," 'Kilt Platonian Literary S0- 1-iety, '27, '28, '29, 'fling Football '27, '25, '29: Baseball, '28, '29, "M" Vluli, '28, '29, 'Dilip Fit-ld Co-operative Club, '28, '29, '30. "Red" has an e-ye for business, as has hoc-n shown by his fh0l'UUgliiwss as husinvss manager of the "Neka Camonf' Yet we nvya-r lwzir him grumble Ol' fret-lm just doe-S his part lilw Z1 man without finding fault in things unpleasant, whit-h is 21 splvnclid trait in his manly t-liaratltvr. "Red" is :i leaflwr among' nwn and a winner anmng women. His wrindvrful i'w-mul at S. T. f', woriyiiicvs us that he has a great futurtl. Luck to you, old hoy. IDA BLACKWELL, B.S. soso, Miss. Conzmfra' Sherwood Bonner Literary Society. '29, TTU: B. S. TS. Poun- iil '29 'nfl ',..,.'i. lle-r quiet, unassuming way, high ideals, loyalile t'ha1'aCter' and attractive- pi-rsunzility hayt- eflitlr-ziiwl Ida to both fac- ulty :incl students. RQYRTLE EARLE SUTTLE, HS. DEKALB, MISS. Malf14'111atir5 Shi-rwood Bfmnt-r Lita-1'z1ry Sw-ivty, '27, '28, '29, 'Rug Spanish Vluli, '33, Hvporlvr Ki-inpvr Vmunty 1' ull, 'QS3 Gl 1- Vluh, '27, '23, '29, '30, Y. XY. V, A.: B. Y. Il. l'. Unly lay a 1-losv and pi-rslmzil friendsliip can onv know the rval worth ut' Myrtle l-Iurlv. She iS ai 1-onihiiizition of hon- esty, ulnility, ollivit-ni-y, di-tvrmination, origiilulity and pep. Shv lvnyvs wvll vquipped for tha Math l'u0lll. ZEKE Yow. B.S. IUKA, MISS. M AIllfllt'lIlllfit'.f Sw-1'wt:i1'y Plaiclliiall Literary Society, 'BRQ Yit'o'Prr-sidmit l-'lutoxiiaii Litm-rziry S01-it-ty, '2S3 Prwsidt-nt uplilflllllilll Lilt-rury Stu-it-ty, 'Slug Y. M. V. A. llilliiie-t, ,301 RIz'll'S Glu- Club, '30, Vlmristt-r Studvnt Body, '2l1l. Zulu- is the typt- ut' Studi-nt 4-nllegv folk loyvfzilwaiys Smiling fin-vvi' liltlt--vyor jolly. A man who is a vredit to our t-ullvge. Zvlw is not il lurgv main, l-ut il' wt- weigh him for what he is wfirtli wi--wi-ll, wv zirv strut-lc hy his li--uyim-ss. 4+ l 7 ,,' l' 1 Q llff l l X "- X 1' j f x I V X Xx 9 Senior Class J. H. CHRESTMAN, B.S. .1 Not too serious, not too gay, But altogether a jolly good fellow." JEWEL MELTON4, B.S. GREENVVOOD, MISS. ' English Sherwood Bonner, '30, Foreign Language Club, '30, A rare combination of wit, humor, sense and stability, with the quality of looking on the hright side of life, together with the most admirahle of traits, that of being' a good friend-that's Jewel, Jewel joined our class in our senior year, and she has been an invaluable addition in every way. Here's wishing you, Jewel, the best life can offer. F. J. REYNOLDS, B.S. HATIIESBURG, Miss. ' Science Platonian Literary Society. 303 Debating Council, 'ROQ XVoi-ld Affairs Club, '30g Baseball Team, '25g VVinner of Inter- Soc-iety Debate, '25g Foreign Language Club, '2l0g Epworth League, '30. As for a description of F'rank's likableness, words are not suflicient to give it. Friendship is his golden motto, and every day he strives to live it. LEXIE GRAY, B.S. ITTA BENA, MISS. Home Ef07l0I71iC'5 Mississippian Literary Soc-iety.. '30, Home Economies Club. '30 Loveable, Capable and always ready to lend a helping hand makes her a favorite with all who know her. She is one who merits the highest esteem, regard and honor. XVe know of nothing that can turn her from the path of sum'-ess. W. A. HBULLDOGU BRANTLEY, B.S. KILMICHAEL, MISS. Sofia! Science Football, '26, '27, '29g Platonlan Literary Sovietv. '26 '27 '23, '29g Glee Club, '27, '29, eiuil, my '27,' ss, 139. ' "Bulldog" is everything that his name implies--courageous, determined and steadfast. He is always first in work, first in play. To say the least of "Bulldog," he's an 311-munq good fellow. That's why we re for him, 45 xv lfIl."'.e"l17l'1l'-' r X l Senior Class HELEN OLIVER, B.S. FERRIDAY, LA. Hisiory and Social Scirntf XVo1'l1l Affairs Club. 1930. Take it easy: have your fun. And lvt thc' old worlil flimxkei' nn." HRS. ANNiE BAILEY COOK, B.S. HA'I"I'IESBL'RG, MISS. English x -mniittmi ffn' Fir-ld f'o-r11w-1':1tix'f- Assm'-iatioli, '27, wll XVoi'ld Affairs: Club, '30g English Exi-hange Club, '3l.l. I lliili-y 1'-Holi is zi lwuli-1' and love-io of girls, wisf- rr ls nnrl firm in hm' juflfrmonts. She holds high iinl in I'iNN IN'I'l.0l'IllZ'lI'l4'Q'S. She- has had the unique- expe- minx: 21 poiiului' student and a popular oflim-1' at o I 1 4 sainv tinnf. If sho shoulrl leavv S. T. C. when 1 lhlflX1'w hi--r flu'-grvo thi- wollego would sc-arf-ffly Smfln thf- sinip to liunwlrocls ol' girls at honic-coining time. INIARY F. BRADDOCK, B.S. RIPLEY, MISS. Ilomz' Efonomifs in-S Vlnli, '30g Slierwmwrl Rnnnl 1' Sovicty, '31'l. Noni- but he-rself can be liorsc-lf." NETTYE CHAMBLEEV, B.S. C.-XRTHAGE, MISS. M Sofia! Sfivrzff onnvil, 'Clllg Mississippian Lite-rnry Suviuly, 'l1O. Not fuiluro, lint low aim is criinol' ti o wlinsia aim iS high not only in hip: things, . 1 littli- us we-ll. She- has suovemlml in hom-oiiiiiig pioluniit in thi- url ol' teavhing and in the niorc dirlivult nrt of living. I Senior Qllass ElWMA ELIZABETH HITT, B.S. COLUMBIA, MISS. Mallzmnatics Mississippifm Lit0I'ary Socioty, '28, '29, '30, Y, NV. V'. A. '23, '29, '30, B. Y. P. U., '28, '29, '30, 1Dl'l'Si4lt'l1f SUIblll'll'lll'H'C Class, '29, Girls' Athlvtic Editor "Ne-ka i'21l11'7l1," '30, Pliy - ical Education Club, '30, Basketball, '28, '29, '30, Bai-st Girl Athlete, '30, Captain Basketlwnll, '30. t'Her first love- is athltetir-s, He-I' sec,-ond is InathQIn:ttics." Speaking of good, all-round L-ollvge girls, havti- you Sven our "I-litI"? XVEth her sunny disposition, bright smile and Iweady sympathy, she makes a pal worth liaving. Along with this add brains, a good athlete and a good, snappy lint.-, and you have our "Hitt" in it nutshell. IRMA LEE MCINTOSI-I, HS. HEIDELBERC, MISS. English Mississippinii Literary Sowiv-ty, Short Story Club, Presideiit English Exmfliaiigv- Pluh. "A strong, rif-h nature, fren to trust, Truthful and uhnost sternly just." Irma, with her c-harining 1IfI'SoIInlity, he-r fine! mind. and hor strength of L'l'lRl'?lC'tE'1', should he at NVlllllCI' of 1il'c-'S filiust prizes. OPAL SCARIIOROUGH. BS. BROOKLYN, Miss. History Foreign Laiiguage Club. '30, Slnwwoorl Flonnvr Ll'l'l'1l'B' S - nie-ty, '27, '28, '29, '30, VVwrld Affairs f'luh, '29 'J'll: Y. XV. C. A., '27, '28, '29, '30, Gln-rl 4"luIw. '28, '29, '30, Epworth League, '27, '2S, '29, '30. Sparkling lauglIt'r, priined with wit. HuIIdI'ed-Q-i,a,'lIt pounds: of I'-apital IT, A henrlful of lnimvlwlgo all "A" grnrle, One l'QSI'NJIlSllllt? for friends shi,-'s made-. MRS. L. G. PHILLIPS, B.S. TISHOMINGO, MISS. English YVUI'ld Affairs Vluh, 1VIlSSlSSll'vIbl21ll Litw-Vary Society. "Nor look nor tone revwaletli fuiglit Save woInan's quietness of thought, And yet around hor is a light GE inward majesty and might." 47 AT, ' ' Sciniifoir Class C. B. NEAL, B.S. MORTON, Miss. Matfzrrnalifs l"lat0nian l.itv1'ni'y Sowiwty. '27, '28, '29, '30, Sfwretary and Tl't'2lSllI'Pl' Platnninn Literary Sovituy, '2S: 1"f,irre-spondllig S4'1'l'vl3l'3', '25lg lll'l'H,ll'tl-'l', T205 Heportei' Christian Endvavor, 'Rug Assistant Biisiiiii-ss Rllllliliftll' "Nelca Ckll'll'lll" Staff, '30, Vi:-i--PM-sinluixt Sullix'an'S Hollow Vlulw, 'Rfk V. R. likes Il :Howl joke as well as he likes to joke a gfiod l4I'll'llll. Ho lou-S the jolly siclv of life be-Cause lw is a jolly. good fellow. Hv do9Sn't ln-lin-vw life has a worry, for he iu-veei' XVffll'1'lL'S. l,l01i't you NV0l'I'X'll6'1l be in there fighting to the end. DONNIS PIAXEYV, B.S. ROSETTA, Miss. Erzglixlz , Vi--i-flf'1'esicls-iit Slivrwood Bonne,-r Literary Sm-ivty, 'ZZTQ Y, XV, 4'. A.g Ellwortli In--agzue Repnrtvr, 'ZSL Presidvnt Slierwoiiil fhlllllvl' LitiJr:ii'y Sol-if-ty, '2S: Rr-poi'tei'. ':Rg Svnior Class Pom, 'Klip T1'+iasL11'ui' Eivworth I.e-agua, '30. Um- who iwvvi' turns hm- lim-lc, iiut Inari-lws lireast forwarfl. Iuniiiis makes friwiuls with liolh studants :mil faculty. She- is liy iiatuii- 21 girl of high imli-als and amliiti-ins. She has li-w words, but the-3' me-an wnrlcls. XXI- fiuulit not that hcl' name will zippe-iii' in thi! future as 21 sur,-cess. "A smili- wlii'-11 she- wins: 21 smile when shy- loses," RIARY RIASON VVORTHINGTON, B.S. LEOTA LANDING, MISS. Homr Emnomifs Mississippian Lltl'l'Ell'j' Soi-iwty, '2T. YS. '39, '30, Homo Evo- liumiiys Club, '28, '27, '29. '30, ' lllugigj- has gl "spicy" Outlook on life. lluu In her major? Eh, what? Anyway, shi-'S oft:-11 mistzilicn for a liappy-gw Il luvlcy fix-sliiimii. Absolutely sli0's "Always liappy and full ui' fun: , EW-1' rin hand wha-ii tin-iw-'s wfirli to lug dong-3 Always kind, all-pi-mlzililg-, true- l A vvry good friend for me flllll you." l f3L.-XNDER L. LADN12R , B.S. SAUUIFR, MISS. Alllfllflllllfillf "Nvli:l l'ailll'lil" Vlllli Etlilur, 'THVUQ Plliltlvllt 'Wlvllitv t'n1iS" Vluli, 'Slllg Vlzituiiiziii 1Jlft"l'21l'j' Snvii-Ty, '27, '25, '29, 'llllg 1'huii'- main ,-Xi'i'21lig'vl1i1'llI 1'-iiniiiittvw Svuiui' Flaw. Ilzuliivi' works willi an irim will, liiidinu' lifi-'S i-ii-hes: tn-HS- urvs in the tasks :swt lil-lui-1' him. His stiilliuiis iiivliiizitimig l--all him into thi- ali-mis ul' uillwgv liff'-, wlir-rv the roots of slim-1-ss lil- tliii-kvst. Nu ninuiitaiiii ton liiuli. no vallvy rim mlcqi- X0 llillll Inu l'Ll3'!i'll, lin Vliiif tum SIA'l'lI. i 48 l, .1 , ,l,.Al". 1 ' X 1' i X , ,T ,l li ,la X v " ' ' C lil Senior llamss V ,A I Wg PERCY L. THOMAS, B.S. , . U Erzglzsh ll. Fuotluill Squzul, '23, '29, '30, Platoniun Lita-i':ii'y Sm-if,-fly: , l'i1'wul:ttion D4illl2lMf'l' "Student l"l'intz," '27, XY:-rltl Aftistlrs 1 Clulv, '50, English Exvliangt- Club, '30, St-4-i't'tfi1'y, 'Z:0. HXVOIUZIII is n1an's lnw-ml of lill-, tlleu-I'o1'v I mn always hun- p,1 gm' Q l I ll B' ALPHA OLA VVALTERSV, BS. Il ,l, ELLISVILLE, Miss. "N ' Home El'0ll0llIil'5 Hi Bztml, 'ISL XV01'lcl Fvlluwsliip t'UlllllllfIt'l? Y, XY. F. A., '28, 1 Y, NV. lf. A., '27, '29, '29, '30, B. Y. I". U., '27, '28, '29, Illillllt' ix Ecoinniiivs Vluli, '29, '30. ,IN "Our homes arf- c-lies-rivi' for hm' szilw, if Our dum' yzitwls lsriglitcir hlmnning, 1, And ull about the :wt-ial air , Is swe-4-te-1' fur he-1' :'on1ing." Faithful, capzihle and kinfl, Alpha will inakr- an ifltfzil twwlm- 1 vi' ut' honing Qvoiioinivs, ur, lu-tte-1' still, thu ll'1t'2l1 huine- lf nizxlcerl Lois MCNVILLIAMS, B.S. DEKALB, Miss. English l , TI'1??lSlll'l'I' Slit-1'woorl Bonnet- Literary Suvit-ty, '28, Sl'l'l'C'tfll'Y Epwfwth L1-aguv, '29: S9Cl't't1ll'j' Slit-rwootl Huninf-r l.it1-ram' I S-ovit-ty, '29g Se-1-1'etm'y-'l'r+asuiw-r Stullvnt Rv-ily, 'Il0g Engish Ext,-lialifxtf t'lul1, '30, Moth-rn 4'lnlm, '30, Y, XV, 1', A., '29, '30, Glen- tfluh, '29, '30, "lVIu4"' t'lulv, '30, K4-iniwr tfuiiiity Club, 1 '29. l. Evclrylvorly thinks ol' "lVIzir"' as he-ins: truly St,lllihL'l'Il, in ht-1' li beauty, in hm' 1-lmrin, in ht'-1' SVVf:'t'tI1t'SS uf 1-liu1'zu-tvi' in hm' 'E purity ot' soul. Sho 1-n1'1'i1--sz ln-rsvlf with an nil' of g:i'm-1- :intl I , retiilvinviit, untl evvn innrv, slit-'S ztristowzitit-. XYuul1l ww- 7 have lu-1' utlit-1' than as sho isi C. B. IQINARD, B.S. BAILEY, MISS. English lie1m1'tvi' Junior Class, '29, Sports Ifhlitvi' "Sfl.lflF'llt l'i'intz," '29, Ext,-+'utix'e Uuunt-il NVmld A1't'ail's1'lulm, '30, I,l'lQ'Sl4l1'llt P1414 toniun l,itvi'zii'y Su.-it-ty, '30, English Ex:-lmiigtf 1,'.ull, '30, Etlitni- "Studs-nt Piintzf' '30, Ability, unsolfishness, tlcg-teriniimtioii. since-rity, with aclclwl nt-gttn 'hs all vmiilillivcl in un:-, gnu-s S. T, t', tht- Iit'l'Nl1llH24' of Kinai-tl. lflvvr iw-zuly to unrlvrtalu- :i tz1Sl: :intl t-iiilfutlit--tl with will powt-i' to sw- that tzmli we-ll tlunt-. '1'lif,-so 1-liu1'a1,-tt-1' trults 2ll'L' SUIT to lll'11lg' hlxn slim-t-sg, 49 i i Zin illklvnnnrium Hahn Null 5 Senior Class History N the pursuance of our high school courses we, the Seniors of '30, 5' I ' - . I X Wy became hlled with the wonderful idea expressed in the preamble of our great national constitution, namely, "all men are created 93471 free and equal and endowed with certain inalienable rights, such as life, liberty and the pursuit of happinessfl This remained until high school senior days. At this point the free and equal clause faded from view. ln our estimation we had no equal. Then followed College entrance, green, but self-satisfied. Seemingly secure in the laurels of our past achievements, S. T. C. was slated for a treat. lint, alas! the life, liberty and happiness phrase was at this junction doomed. The right and proper clause was instigated in its place. Sophomo-res to the right of us, Juniors to the left of us, faculty in front of us, bellowed and grumbledg then, in the shadow of others' glory, the Freshmen of '26 we This setback was only temporary, however, and the following as devout champions of the right and proper clause. Each Freshmen and all for the Sophomore Class. Of characteristic mature sophistication, We had our share dealing misery to all cause of just retribution. VVith the arrival and during the course of our Junior year, re swallowed up. year we emerged th'- man against egotism and pre- around us in the we dropped most of our petty grievances and walled up to the real joys of association, both past and present. VVe cut classes with less regularity and occasionally a real thought disturbed the mental inactivity so characteristic of our past. The cast iron cov- erings of our craniums, Worn thin by the glancing blows of knowledge, were more susceptible to the processes of osmosis. Thus the drippings of learning found a meager resting place and the bigness of everything except ourselves was partially realized. t Now, after three years of groping, we have come into our own-seniority. This year of years has its joys and sorrows: and, in leaving it, we do not lea i"' college with the sense of finishing a preparatory stage, but as closing an episode of life itself. H.-XRRX' THoAi.xs. SI Senior Qllalss Prophecy Shadrs of Scroogi' and lllorlfjfs ghost, Ti-ll mi' 'what I long to knofwj Forrrast the fortunrs of my friendsj Glinzpsfs of thfir future shofw! In Ihr hazi' a man .ni'ars. My eyes strain and start. ,I. Craft! Pushing a j1i'ddler's 'LUdy0ll.? No! .I baby fart! Hr.passrs a postrr. ll'hy, fan it he so? 'AAMIJJ Lois IVli'll'illiams-.1 Lrfturf on Lal-u.'!" 1'd likf to drop in, hut I had plannrd to sir Gladys Ifhitncy and Pork Flanagan in "II'hat Can It Br?" .I big daily papfr .my ryrs than attraftrd- C. B. Kznard is fdztor, just as I exported. ll'hat's this on Ihr front pagr? "Jc'fu:rl Thif1'rs Roh Girls." So .Irswfl Molton and .I mflia Ffldcr ofwnfd strings of matihfd prarlsf Thry'rv surf' to hr taught, those young rnrn suspfrtrdj For I sw' on thrir trail B. F. Ivlllfflflllf, drtfftzfvr. This jiajlrr is goody hrrr's a list of nrfw hooks: Bliss Sara If Hamhvrlin, "How to Kfrp Good Looks." Donnis Hanry has f1.critti'n "For Young Ports: .YI lklanualf' II'hy, of ioursvg shi' fwrotf' thi' flass porin for our annual. Frank Rwynolds, "In Gay Old Bi'th-al-shagunt"- Ili' lnust ln' doing a Richard Ilallihurton stunt. Mrs. Kathrrinf S. Footc, "Thr Study of Food",- ILIrCoy, 'QI Srlf-Madf Man ,- or Hofw I llladr Good." Ellfn Illoorr, "Puhlir Spraking: ,I Valualzlr .AIrt",' .Ind HIJHIllllllltiju'-l'kIlll'flf Sutlli' did art a good part. Opal Sfarhorough on a sulijrzt 'would approarh: "Thr Trials of thi' II'iff' of an .-Ithlrtic Coafh".' lklrs. lVIr.Ilphin on "lf'hi'tln'r to Krrp Housf or T1'Hl'll,',' Dr. Thomas KP. LJ, "Putting English in Rtafh Of thi' Suhnorrnal Child",- and lllrs. lllargarrt Rffsr On "Thr llonii' Training of Childr1'n," a srholarly jvirrr. Quito an int1'r1'fIing list, and some' inlrri'sting hooks. This jvajwr is jvrofvzng as good as it looks! IIf'rr's a list of .lIIIt'I'Il'!I'5 outstanding sons. IW. P. Hush and If. 13. Nral arf among thi' first onrs. .ls for husinrss, Rfd Flrniing is ahfad of thfnz all. Poor hoy! Busiizfss llI"UJ't' fiuould lrt him play hall! S2 x x N, N - . XI xx Scsmuioir Clliaxss Pirfomphcfcy Tfll'l'1',5 a srlrrt girls' srliool. Nofw, just lrt mr looleg Tlii' I7I'lllt'lfT!1l niust ln' lllrs, .Iunir linilwy Cook. I knofw l'll fincl otlirrs. Tl1i'ri"s our Elllllltl llitt Dll't'tkliIltf atlilrtiis. ll'oulil you l1i'lii'fv1' it? Tliat iligiiifird lady in llif' straiglil, lzigli-liaikril iliair Must ln- Irma Mrlnlosli. It is, 1 dvilari'.' Ilfrf' arf lailirs I knofw, lint not om' man. lfrlllf a minutr! T,l1'l'1"5 Captain 11. Milvlaliaiif 1lr's only lirrn i'alliny,' I ran sri' ln' is lrafvingf. llflost likrly lir's tlfffllfllllfj tlii' llflllflllx IIIl't'lllltl. l,'l1l'l'4' Bulldog Brantlry liimsrlf is jfrrsiding. Tln' Yali' roarli, lvlffllfllllllllll, is arrifuiugf. .llony ficitli Nliss Grigfrr, fwliosr girls arf ,llfrforiiiiiigg Tliif uirrlings arf lirla' at a plan' furry iliarrniuy- Tlir now giant library and raft' foiiiliiiird. If E. Jolinson is straiigfly ir1trrrsti'd, I und. .slmyc Ln' Etliridyf is liostrssg Mol-va Joliiison prwparrs tlu ood Drlla 1f'i'l1l1 fwas intrrzor ilfroratoij tlii' vizsriiilili' is good iln intrrnational i'o1zfi't'n1ii' is inrfting in tofwnj Milf' Ilrnsurlzng, flu' frraff rxjrfrt, is iloswn. Lurillf Guy is tln' Il'oman's Iiurrau ft'fPl'f'5l'lllll1l'Ut' in it .Mary Kali' Goorlfwin is lerfjniig tlii' riiiizzztfs. Il. C. Phillips tlli' program jvri'jJar1'd,' Il. lvl. Thomas llis grafvi' dutirs sliarml. Miss Tlirlma Slirrrill iritrrjirrts for Fl'tlllff. Slit' roulil do it for Spain-just gifvi' lirr a ilianif. Tlir lzanil tllat i'rifri'tains tlirm lias Maggfif Taylor for iliintoi Slit' oftrn l1roaili'asts,' you'll lrarn to rxprit lirr. From tln' saint' station you"ll gn' 0. L. I,tldlI1'I', Il'l1o rrads fiorlry-lin ilors it fu-ffl, I ri'1m'i1il1t'r. On Surzdays yon'll lirar tlir jrojvular prrzirlirr, Marsl1allLanw. Somr iiww things l1i"ll trarli you. Nrllit' Hopkins fwill frad you, if you'r1' an rarly liiril, In your sfttingf-zip l'Xl'f't'l5I'5-l1t'5f rfvrr liraril.'rr lurky, you'll llfflf' Lila Milt' Magwlifi' Cz-'vi' a Sl1tlkt'5f7t'lH't'llll lrftzirr of liiyli ilrgi'f'f'. Etlirl lfatkins' srliool for Ilia' f5l'l'-5t'1I00l rliilil Has riwztrd a srnsation that is rrally fzcorld-fwiilr. Lois Busliy fonlriliutfil lirr idras, too,- ll'1tl1 tlif aid of Mi'.v. Connor tlirzr iilras ff7't'47.L'. 5 3 ml l J ' Senior Qllalss Prophecy .sl prfjr 111 11111 l'11i11'11 S111l1-s Sfllllfl' 1111111115 T11111 Mississijvpfs nrfw s1'11111n1' is 11311111111 II'1'1ls. R. IV. 1Wt1ll0I' is 111111.'111g ll s110su' By 111s 101111y111g,' lIl"5 f111111111g 1111' 11'11s1s, you lmofw. 1Vlrs. Susir 1l1I111'111i11111s 1111s lakvn I111' stand To put 1111'o11g11 ll 1111111 labor larw in our I111111. .11111 p1'o11111z1'111 111 forrigfn 111pl0111111i1 111'111's Is E1'111'sl1111' R1111111, 111' C1111s111111f1110pl1'. 11 s1'r111s all 1111' girls 1111111 s0z1g111 ll 1111'f1'1', Most of 11111111 1111151111 of 111111111 life, I f1'111', 11111, no-1111'1'11's Il 11111111' frm' from fworry 111111 1'111'1',' 1 Tllf' girl I 11111'fw 115 E111111' Marin 1111's 1111'1'1'. 011 01111 51111 of 11111' lifvfs Myrtis f1ll11l07'llf', 1-11111 lvfllllll C111'g11l1' ofwns 1111' 1111'j0in111g 1llfZL'7I. C11'f11 C1'11111jv, 11111, 11115 111111111111 111'1' n111n1',' l'1-'va Spnzlcs 1111s 11o111' 1111' same. T11111 1VI1's, l'1'J1H 1111111151111 s111y1'd 111 tl1l7 p1'of1'ssi1111 I s1'1' f1'o111 1I1'l' p1'1's1'111'1' 111 11111 sjwrzng 512951071 Of inf 1VI. E. .-1., fu,'1111 13. L. Hill 1v1'1'si11i11g, 111111 Louisw R01l1ll.YOIl 1111' 1111111111's I't'f0l'f117l-0. T1ll' l'11lI1I' of 1111, E1111lis11 s1'1'1io11 ,Miss 0-Z7."f51l'1'1'f flls: QIIZL1 S1111'l1-y D11f111s, 111111 111l'7'l',5 also P1'111'l 1U11ls. T111'1'1"s .11'ss11' G1'1111111r1t 111111 Nflfyf' C1lHl1I1llt'f7, .Jnd Ida B1lll'k'LL't'll 111111 Quinrory .1s11l1'y, ,-11111 .1?f11l1'i1'1' 11'11111'1's 111111 Nfl! B1l1A!ff'55. Alllffll' Jl'll7I It'Il'L1'11l01-I' is 1111 11o11o1'1'11 gll1'51 From far .1r1zo11a. T111'y 1111f1'1' just 1ll'l'7l 1111111'1'ss1'11 By 11'111111'1's 47J.'1l0 l'lllI1J m:1l11 1111, 1'o111111'y's 111's1- D1'. 1'1'1'1111f Tll0ll1llJ 111111 1111155 Cf11'1-il' C0I7fl'10H. T111'11' p1'of1'ss1o1111l 11o11o1's lfllqyl' jusily 1Il'1'7l swan. 01!11'l' f71'Uf711' of 111111' arf 11171, -C111'1'i1' 1117,-1-iflff 111111 S11p1'1'111l1'11111'11l of E11'111'1111o11 1,1111 Gran' I1'111111111s 11'01111'11 111 111,11 1111-'Ur 1111111111 1111' M1111 1111111151 Ex1'1111m11- S1'111'1'1111'y is nofw L11 I'1-111' Tnwzs. My Q111111' 11111'1'11's 011, 11111 1 1111151 511' 1,111 111111'1's. 111151111 11'11l1'1's 1111s f111111111'11 ll szhool for ll1U11ll'1',f 111 110111116 of 1111' fn1'1"11111-11111'11, f11'11111' fl1l' 14130 .Marys- B1'11111l01k 111111 I1'0I'11I1!lff1fIIl-11101111111 11 ll1'l'1'.f5lll'-1' To 1'xjv1111'1' lbw 111110115 11111111111 1111' SOIl11l P11112 Bly 11111111- 1111s flll'51lA'1'lI-lfll' slory is 10111. FRANCES IIARRIQIL. 5-2- 1 1. N , 1 x . 'M 1 'X '- I R , N-I I X. Class Poem Wlven our college days are gone And we launcla out all alone, And loudly calls old Duty,s voice To new patlvs of our clvoice, Filled witlv roses and witlv tlvorns, To S. T. C. we slvall look back- Slve will safely guide tlve track. Dear old college days of yore, You're in our lvearts for evermore. Wlzen our life's work would grow S. T. C. spirit will keep us still. Your slvining liglvt alvove tlve rest, Will inspire us to our best, And wlvile our noble lives we live, To you tlre praise welll ever give- Our Alina Mater, S. T. C., You are our guide to victory. Don nis Han y 55 Silent Voices Softly Love,s enclvanting lvour Fills tlre soul witli blissful power, Born of voices sweetly blending Like a song-bird clnoir descending From some l7eav'nly place unknown, Voices only beard by feeling, Silent voices-voices lvealing Up the wounds of one alone. "Tis tlre soul of silence singing And tlve eclroes backward ringing, liflaking music from tlre siglring Tlvat is ever quickly flying To tlvis lonely lreart of mine. And its magic notes, so swelling, Prompts my yearning soul to telling Of a morrow more divine. Now tlie Queen of silent voices Speaks to meg my lveart rejoices, For tlve solitude is broken By a visitor outspoken, And at once I start to swoon: Down Love's patlr, perfumed witlr roses Arm in arm, till slumber closes, Silently we watclr tlve nzoonf qt . x X'- X N '1 ff 4 f - Z ' 4 fzmiors pr Junior Class Ufficcurs CHARLES C. BLOCKER. . CARRA RIQEOY . . . RUBY ASHLEX' .... . AIARTHA ANN AICCLESKEY HAARLAAN HILBl,'N . . . . Miss BOLTON . . 58 N . . .Pwsizlwzt . . I'iCF-Pl'F5il1Fllf . ..... Reporter Se'n'6tr1ry- Y1l'fYl5lll't'l' . . . . . Hvistoriazz . Sponsor 1 0 VI HD X ' x ,- W. 1'-'71 -V wi "iii I ,,.. 3 , I l ' a I 1 Junior Class Q HARLAN HILBUN JACKSON, MISS. Vive-President Dramatic- Club, '25, XVIIIIIPI' Intel'-Soffi ty Loving Cup, '26, Prestonian Literary Sowii-ty, '26, '29, Band, 'ZGQ President Sigma Pi lleltu, '3ll. "Send to us that precious stork the store-, WVith your great wit, and we-'ll not ask lor more." l I EDDIE CARTER l HATTIESBURG, Miss. l " 'You must sit downl' says Love, 'and taste my in z1t'g S0 I did sit and eat." ANNE HEWIT BURRIS SMITHDALE, MISS. Mississippian Literary Sor-iety: B. Y. P. V.: B. S. V. Councilg Orchestra: Glee Plub. l 1 "For if she will, she will, and you nifty mlepinml on it, And if she won't. she won't, and there's an end on it." CLEO TATUM l , LUMBERTON, MISS. l A capable, conscientious student and a vonstant 1'r'end. Cleo has that rare quality, Llepenllalwility. l l l MINNIE GATES , "The reason firm. the tempenxte Will, W Endurance. foresight, strength and skill . To warn, to Comfort and Qonimamlf' l 1 l ' l MARGARET SPENSER MOHLER ' MERIDIAN, MISS. XVorld Affairs Clubg Mississippian Literary Sm-ietyg Eli-- l mentary Council. . J Nlargziret--excellent in scholarship, bulrliling over with ru-tion and the pure joy of living. A priveless frit-nd. HURSHEL H. BROADWAY SUMMERLAND, MISS. President B. Y P. U., '29: Platonian Literary Soviety, ,qi '29, 'Slug Debating Council, '30, Vice-President Sundziy ll I School Class, '30. 4' 1 , TA 1 Broadway! New York's part of S. T. F. A lover oi Q chemistry-poetically inclined-gI"3E'ts all with a sniilf. ESTELLE WRIGHT HATTIESBURG, MISS. Sherwood Bonner Literary Society, '28, '30, Hoine Evo- noniius Club, '28, '30p Foreign Language Ulub, 'ClU. "Why don't the men propose, mania? Why don't the men propose?" 59 Illl wa.: Xl ll. . ,I , , - 1 1 I A lx X Junior Qilaiss CHARLES C. BLOCKER EDINBURG, MISS. I"1'e-sith-lit JIIIIIUI' Vlass, 'ZHIQ Plfltnniatu I,itf1i'ary Sm-in-ty, I '2.l, 'Img Slmrt Surry Vluh, 'Rug Forwign Iniiigungi- Vluh, 'iillg l'Ill'ISlI2lll Emh-nvm', '20, 'Rug Etlithi' "Nwk:1 1'zi1h1vn," 'Shag Vitvt--Piw-sill--lit Y. M. V. A- 110. Iiiiilmxw-ii with iiiuiw- talvllt than is mmiliiml zunrmg' mmm - -musivzil ahility ul' I'!w'tIiux'a-11-1ii':tlm'iw:1l lN'l'Sll2lSIUlI Of I'uIi'i-'la II+'ii1'y-yuwtival nhility of Hmiivi'-tliut's 1'I1zu'lvs. IXIIARY ELIZABETH LTPTON VICKSBURC, MISS. Pia-siii-A111 Sli.-i'iwiml Blllllltll' I.IIt4I'Zll'5' Snviwty. '29, Vivo- Pri-siuln-xit, '3lI: XYm'11l Affziirs Vluh, 'ihrg View--l"i'vsiiiv1it Y. XV. V. A., 'Rug Epwiwtli 1,4-zigm-, '39, '20, XYithi11 tht-1 shi-ll ul' mligliity :mio-ffm-ss :xml "h1tl'fI-lwuile-tI- 1iPss" is 4-livaise-d :1 I'2lI'f' and pri-viuiis Aieivf-l. C.1.RR,x REEDY SMITIIVILLE, MISS. Vit-1--lhw-side-ut Juiiiur Vlziss, 'Sing 1'uiiiiuittfwnmu Fivhl 1'n-upe1':ttix'i- Vluh, 'ZDQ S1Jl'l'L4tZ1I'f' llnmv 1111-uliuxliivs Vluli. 193 Y. XY. 4'. A., '29, 'Hug Mississippizlu I,,itv1':i1'y sm-iwty. 'ZEL 'Zhig l'II2lIl'lIlilIl Fit-ld im-i.1w1':1tix'u Vluh, 'img 12. S. I'. f'UUlI"iI. 'IHIQ IIl'lml'Ivl' HUIII1' Ef'lf1ll1iIlli4'S 1'IlIIr, 'IIUQ I'l'r'Si- 'hint Sunday Si-Iwo! Vlauss, '::0. 4'ill'I'1l is just :ns husiui-sslikv :is shi' is dvmiustiv. Shii- is lun-el IM1' hm- lwiL:'l11JSs ul' Iw:il't :ui-l hiiwilty tu fri'-lids. IIIILDRED S EYMURIT BILOXI, Miss. "Slit-'s guy. shi-'s trui-, shifs sud :mil h:uI. Iilw mv ni' ywug hut gun-l ur hzul. guy or sud, sh'-'s just Bliliiiw-d." HAZEL Comm' "Fur il' shv will, shi- will, :lull you mimy fhdpi-ini mi it: .XlllI il' shi' xx'm1't. shv wuii'l, :intl tlim-in-'s aili will ull it." GUY T. IVILSON HOl,'I.K.X, MISS. "IIv vlilulvvtl stxlli-ly tw-vs hy the impuls-s ul' :mini-iii-'us sian-1'-sg Nun' hi- vhiw-ily wh-In-s in thi-uit-s ul' lil--1-:ituiw-, 1ll'4'IIl'lI'iIlg thi- rwiiiziiiliv tu thi' 1vlll'1'." MRS. XYICTUR Riiizim wma, Miss. Iifiississilfiiimu I,iti-1':ti'3' Sm-it-ty. '291 Ifiuulish 'IH-:ii-lieis' Vluh, 'Iillg H, Y. l', l'., I'I'1'SI4Il'IIf I,i'IlIIj'IPilIi1'I' Ijiiiuxi, 'lilil Y. XY, 1'. A.. '2S, '29, Till. "HT lun- ht-r It-1' hm' smilv, hm lmilq h--r uni Ui slwziliiiig' gi-lilly' -liar zi trick ul thmlslit 'l'l1:1t lizills in in-Il with mi1's." IIIILDRED IVOM.-XCR IIOOXEI'II.I.If, MISS. Ulm- l'Inhg Iiliuiish I'IX1'Ii1lll:4m'l'Il1lxg Sli'-i'xxm.1l Ilinllllvl l.iI- 1-i':1l3 S4-vwty. "XYIiwii l 41-nfl lumix' ixhi-lhvi' lu Iizzlil ui' in-I I 'ilu-us iiuhlj' 60 I '-,ii,'41i,i.'. X I ix N, S ji " f p I lll,.. 111, '!11.,11111 NX IX 1-11- '? 341 lll- Q A 1111 1 A gxulln-1119 L 1a1 111141 11 IGI 111 11111111 1111111011 1811111111 Hn11l1111111,11'1 u1 ZS M1 '111111 t1 9111 111111 lam L1L xxuuld url 11111 l1t 111111 11111 111 ll1XLl'.1 t 1111111111 T111 l lf IN l1r'1 11111tL1J 1111 1 une IL 1 1 su 1 ,D t111t 11 u 1 Tu 1 -1 1 K 1111112 It EI 11 11111 111111 I L , ,, .. v F. -W I 4... , JiuiniOIr Glass H. VV. PHILLIPS BOONEVILLE, MISS. XVoI'ld Affairs 1'1ulI, '30, Fureign Language Club, 'Mig Platonian Litvrary SOI'-iety, 1'hap1ain Fall Quarter, '30: Se-OI-R-tai'y ln-liiiting Council, '30, Varsity In-lvating Team. '30, PM-slclvxit Eve-I'-Ready B. Y. I'. U., "30. As for industry. thu-rw is none gre,-ati-I': As for lofty ideals, tlifl-re is none above- himg Just lcnOw Phillips and than you love him. OSIA GODWIN NEVV ORLEANS, LA. Mississippian Lilvrary So:-iuty, '29: XV0I'hl Affairs Club, HU: Cliristiun Endeavor. '29, '30, Fora-ign Language Pluh, '30. l,'l.1llllI'tffl. r+-iiiiod and "unik"ithzIt'S Our Osia. BEATRICE JOHNSON "She nw'-ds no vulOg'5'. Shi- speasl: for h1'l'Sl'lf4 for 5119 knows she- knows sho knows." LOTTIE GODBOLD MCCALI., Miss. Y. XV. l". A.. '28, '29, 'Slip Mississippian Lltl'I'llI'j' Soviety. '2S, '29, XYOI'hl Affairs Vluli, '3li: Short Story Club, '29, 'Rug Epwmrtli Imague, '29, '30, EIQIHPIIIHFY 1,'Ounf:il, '29, "B-utter t-I nut be at all than not to be noble." NIARTHA ANN RICCLESKEY WASHINGTON, D. C. l'lIw-ul' Leach'-r Fivsliinan Class, 'ZESQ Prosidi-nt Sherwnnrl lloniwi' LitI'I':II'y Sm-ivty, '28: Yi'-v-PI'esidi-Iit Physiigal Ed- III-ntion mfluh, 'Sing World Ailairs Vluh, 'ling Imyg-ign Lan. Huang Club, 'llllg Soc-retai-y Junior Class, 'Sing Basketball. '28, '29, '30. "A flilll2lltOl' fair, so buxoin, lilithe and Ili.-liOIIaiI': Voine and trip it as you gn nn the light. fzililastiu toe." ABIELIE VVORTHINGTON LEOTA LANDING, MISS. Mississiiipian I.itI-rary Sm-il-ty: Glee Club, Elementary VOIIIII-il. "A stmln.-III quitn- Imfsc.-I'vvd. XYhl'l lil.-ips tn lllilkk' colleigv lilkf iilealistii-1 she- talws like :ind hooks si-I'iOusly-liut 01itiIIIistiI':Illy." VER.A BAKER "And 11m-si-Iitly llvl' agate --yi-s talu- a soft. lurgv, milky hazv, Anil hvr iliili-pviicil-.It I-z1sII:Il glmivo Inu,-OIIII-s ll stiff, hai-fl g':IZv." VICTOR REED VVEXR, MISS. R. Y. P, I'. lvirvn-Im', 'llllg Y. M. l'. A., '25, '29, '30, Plulniiiuii Liu-iary SO'-ii-ly Ullillllillll. MV. lil-Hd's zilvility lu cu-Olwliliailv il lim-Oiiiiiig' ri-si-I'YO and dignity has wun thi- rl-sp.-I-I :Ind voiinilviivo of fan,-Iilty and stuih-nits. 62 Ill, "-4'gl1'.!l!llllX fy . . W X WI Junior QCIIEHSS FRANK RICLENDON QUITMAN, MISS. Though a lfvvvl' of the laflii-S, In lrwo ln-'S 114-vor l'ief'l1: HWS a salvsnmn and a d!1.l'lf'F'l' Aufl can shake a wiclwcl Slllll. vi FANNIE CURINNE PIPPINS U SUMRALI., Miss. F4111-ipf,11 Languagl- Vliih: Fliaiilzxin Mississiiiiiian Lite-Vary Sm-iotyg Y. XV P, A.: Ill-poi'tn-i' of Sunday Si-lioffl Vluswg Loader in Life Svi'x'ii'l- Band, G eo Clubg Bible Rm,-ads.-i"s Learlvi' in R. Y. P. U. "Happy am l, froiii mire I'm fi'ef-Z XVhy ain't tlwy all uinteritsgd likv mv?" -I EW EL EAST HATTIESIZURG, MISS. "ShP'S littlm- hut sliffs wise: Shefs a tvirm' fm' hs-1' sizaf' IVIILDRED LOUISE PETTY HATTIESBURC, MISS. VlI.'C'Pl'i3SlClEIIt Homo Ewnminif-S Club, '30g Home Em- IIOIIIIVS Vluli, '29, '30. "HOV cyE'S, heir far-L-, her 1-vvry action In-spaalis a uvvcr- Ceasiug' iiitvrvst in living'." THUMAS A. JACKSON MACON, Miss. Basclmll, US, '29, Fuotlinll, '28, '39, Clwei' Ll"Z'll'I4'l' Ifiwfsli- man Class, '28, Epwrvrtli Llagul-, '28, '29, Sigma Pi Dr-lta. "He lmlds mi parlvy with unmanly fs-urs, NXVIICVE' lluty hills, lim- 1,-nimmluitly Ste:-ers." RUBY CATHRYN ASHLEY HAZELHURST, MISS. Slierwoorl BOIIIIQI' Litvi'a1'y Sovic-ty, '28, '29, Mississippian Literary Sofsie-ty, '29, Poet :uid Ulmer' Loaclei' Suplioinore Class, '293 Y. YV. V. A., '28, '29, '30, Junilii' Vlass Rv- 1i01'l4-i', 'I203 "Student I'i'intz" Staff, '30g Pliysii-al Edlltwi- tion Club, 'BOL B, Y. P. Il., '28, '29, '30, Assistant Po't Otlirw- Mistress. "A Smilr- for zill, il ,frveting glail, A lwvalvlu, ,ilvlly way slie- had." MARTHA FRANCES NIOORE HATTIESBURC, MISS. Vil-4--P11-sicleilt Fresliinan Class, 'ZT3 May Qui-011, '2Tg Slierwoofl Bonnvi- Literary Sm-in,-ty, '27, "Ki1mv MiS-is- 7 sippi Bette1"' Train, '28, Ormi-hustra, 'DHL "Doubt does not am,-comiilisli tliingsg lilalii'-1' :1cvm1ip1iSli1s." Louis M EGEHEE PICAYUNE, MISS. "HQ puts a hunt lwhind thi? ball: He'I1 make a mari: iii Fame-'S own Hall." 62 1' ' ' ,SU JN, ll IK' X ' 3111 fmIPI1IU1'iE11I1 I-I. 11111. Elklhillipa I .-gg .1 in ffvfvfff -'-751 1 S f' I I7 li fn yn q I7 n 1 'Q Nz Xa Wil gl if lf X ff ,fl-ls ! W N 1,1,--I-" gl: rl QL W 'Va li g'llllll!7x 'HMM L Soplvomores N M il U N I, I I 'f i I I li 11 l, 4 W , w A . 4 ib- lr 1 1 3 Sophomore Class Uififnoors 1 o VV. DAVIS . . . Prrsidwzt CERACE HOOKER I'irr-Prcsiflmf T. DLTRRETT . . SI'CI'l'flII'-1' NANCY IXIORICE .'I134xN SELBY . DR. JOHNSON fjlllfl' Lfrzrlvr Cllvrr Lvzzzlvz' . . Sfvmzxor 1:11 " "gl: 11'-ff' M X "iff Sophomore Class EFFIE IXQYERS JACKSON, Miss. MARY WINTERS W G. D. CALVERT -STALLO, Miss. W X W ETHEL GODBOLD W MCCALL CREEK, INIISS. 1 1 IRENE CORK W ACKERMAN, Miss. JESSIE IVIARBLE W W CELIA FAE HOXVELL ABERDEEN, MISS. VERNA LEA REBER HATTIESBURG, MISS. 1 RUTH HOLLLFIELD IW C. E. IVIURPHREE . 1 W W MARY JANE LUNDY "1 BILOXI, Miss. W W IRENE UPTON ' VICKSBURC, MISS. W XTIRGINIA DODD W KOSCIUSKO, MISS. W W IXIARGARET HUMMER , PRAIRIE POINT, MISS. 1 W WW W . 1111 1"2-1f'yW'1'41""N W-L' Xa., fflt 11 Q! " 1" "f'M,f, Sophomore QIa1ss I"Lm'c1a joxrgs DREVV, INIISS. REGINA XIALGHN GOODMAN, MISS. ETH 151. IXIAYE Ihlnux SMITHDALE, MISS. IXIARGTxRr2'r CARTER IIIZTTIIE YVEBB EAST BRANDON, MISS. IJELTUN GARNER FL'L'1ON, Miss. BIANQHE SAUTH YYEST, MISS. CATHARINE Buena Bkfxxlmox, Miss. Gm' II.-XTHORN mksox, Miss. IJLSKY CURRINNI5 Ruin 1fI.'I.'l'0N, MISS. Run' Mui Alcmxsnx MHRIDIAX, MISS. Plxxlla KXNIJERSUN II.KZLI-1lIL'RS'I', MISS. Izzlfxli SMITH I'IlIL.XllliI,PIlI,X, MISS. L.x1'121.1,l2 CI'l'I'I' COI.I'MBI,X, MISS. N , I Sophomore Qllalss IN liz R EIIMAN AIvIORY, M ISS. IIIRS. M. II. IIOI.I.0NV.XX IIA'l"l'IITSBURfT, MISS. C1I.I'xI.IIVII,'x FOXVLKFS AMORY, MISS. IVIARY JLTANITA IXfICDONAI,n VV,-XLNUT GROVE, MISS. LIQNA YlQDL'NG SM I'l'I'IDAI.E, MISS. ZL' LA CIILLEY N.-XYNIIE L.-XL'R.IX CIIRRUTH LURA .IEA-IN BAILEY MA NTACHIIE, MISS. IIIARG.-'XRET LIPTON VICKSBURG, MISS. BERNICII SCOTT RVTH ROBINSON II.'X'l'TIESI3URC, MISS. NIYSSIE CAI,uwI2I,I, SIIHRM,-IN, MISS. LII,I,I.fIN EVERITT YVAY NESBORO, MISS. NIT.-I LOCKARII HA'l"l'IESBURG, MISS. 'I fl, I' I I W Q I I X, 1 Sophomore Class IYIARTHA LUCILLE KELLY RALEIGH, MISS. CLA IQDE FLEMING CRANDALL, MISS. LILLIAN CoL'RsEY HATTIESBURC, MISS. EUGENLA TURN ER s'1'uRc1s, MISS. MYRTLE PICKETT CHOLSON, MISS. HAZEL JAMES PRENTISS, MISS. B. F. OGLETREE IVIZIJONALD, MISS. IXIABEL RICHARDS GULFPORT, MISS. SARAH ADDIE PARKER LUCEDALE, MISS. CECILE JONES IOLA E. JOHNSON BROOKLYN, MISS. RI.-XRY SLE B.-KSHY-XM H.-XIVIILTON, IVIISS. HILOA SUMMERS CULITPORT, MISS. ALLEN LEROY TIGRETT RIPLEY, MISS. fll 1 -Ie' I xx K I vi 4'-1'3"-5-c'?3'::1S , Q Q K 'Q L Q W. RSL 'N sf? .. X Freshmen 1Fr-eshmaum Cllalss Offifc-ers RUSSELL -Iunxs . BILL Hmm . . . ELlz,x1zETH IJESNI JOHN AI,I,L'NIS . GEKJRGILX Hymns RI. L. RILEY. . . . Prvsizlfvzi fviw-P1'f1vi1lz'11f Srwrfrzry- 7'I'l'IlXII1'f'I' . . Rrfmrlw' Chwz' Lmflf-r . . Sjwlzxnr I K S 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 QI 1 1 11 1 11 1, 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 4 1 1 1 xx- QQ.. .931 Freshman CIIQSS LUCILE MYRICK C. F. SHANKS VEN.1N IXIAIE AI,I,L'NIS PETAL, MISS. ANELL ROUND ESTH ER MCXV1 1.L1A.x1s DEKALB, MISS. N E1.1.1E XV.-XI.'l'MAN PRE NTISS, M ISS. IONE E. SHARPE SILVER CREEK, MISS. IJONNIE FORTENBERRY MAO DE STEWART H.-X'l"l'IESB URG, M ISS. ANNA ROSE PO U FORREST COPELANO MORTON, MISS. ANNA SIMNI BOCA LUSA, LA. GLADYS OSWALD IXIARGAR ET IVIYRES 'TUMMIE LOU GILL LUMBERTON, MISS. ANN CAA11fK1N LAUREL, Miss. J. R. EAST BRANDON, MISS. I-IATTIE LILNA IXIIOORE CRYSTAL SPRINGS, MISS. XXX 1111 .1 'Q-QQ -W f I fig ffwf' Q ' 9 'SL 1 1 I : '. 1 ' ' f' -2'-If QVVA x . 1 . ' I A 4' 74 I 2 I l I 45:-I' A 'A 1 11 1 1 1 1 111 . , ,'. 111 1 1 1 11 1 11 x'1 r I K X1 Xu xr ff .I 4-""z. I A I Y. KN, . Q f I I X ..,,., 1 an N . ' I Freshman CIIHISS CATHERYN ATWELL TEMPLE KOSCIIQSKO, MISS. B. IC. XVALKIZR IIIILIJRIEIJ I':I.IZ.fXlIE'1'II CIILLIS IIA'I'TIIiSBI.'RG, MISS. CII..-XIJYS IIIUNTINE .IARRETTI2 IIAITIESBURC, MISS. IIIYRTIE TH EIJEURD IIIiRMANVII.LIi, MISS. I,EoL.1x BIA-I If STEELE SUMRALL, MISS. IIIARGARIET FISHER BL'CA'I'UNNA, MISS. KIUII H. I'I,-XAIRICK HICKORY, MISS. IIIARY G. IIIOURE Rl,'Tll.XI.LI?N REEU I'L7I.'I'ON, MISS. N IiZZlI? TL'I.I,lJS RAI.IfICII, MISS. IXIARY RUTH CULLLAI I.IfIiSBL'RC, MISS. CIIZURGIIE IIVNIIYS IJAIRIZNCIZ BROOKS M1mu.ERRouRs RUIIINC PORK, MISS. ICDNA I,oL'1sE If1.I.1s OCEAN SPRINGS, MISS. GURDIJN LEE I-.ISIIORN II.X'I'IIIIfSIIL7RC, NIISS. cSl?R'1'Rl'lIIf Guasox Iflww,xR1m S'1'.xNTux rISHURN IIA! I'II-ISBKRG, MISS. 7+ A N xx X I! 4 xx' ' I I I I I I I .J I I i Ii I I I 'x x X Freshman QIIHSS EUNICE PARKER L. T. CIIAPIN HA'lk'l'IFSBL'RC, MISS. ANNJX RI'ssELL RACH EL .IEN IETT ALI LTMAN 1IA'I'I'Ili5B URC, M ISS. DIARY EMMA XVINTER HOULKA, MISS. LURETTA SINCLAIR LAREDO, TEXAS NIZLL rISHl'RMAN NINA LUIS IXIATTHITVVS BUDE, MISS. FLQRENQE IIARVEY MIJRGAN CIIOK IIA'l'TIlfSBURC, M ISS. DIPROTPIXY BAKER OLIVE PRICE IXIARGARET M. PARKER R0IvINEI', W. VA. VIRGINIA FARVE EMILY LAVINA SMIT NEVV HFBRON, MIS QBLIVIE CATLEIJGE NOXAPATER, MISS. AIICY IXIAYFIELIJ 'Il' III I " A - ---- - -- .A h I S. V 4, : 132.,:fg.z.1 1 'E f - 9 YS .-,,,., I F , ilu fMPl1IH1'iEI11I Nrzziv Uullnn 42: QM ' A fix .gw A fx Y 'ii 1 ,f X. lmf A 1 A E' ff I Y X Q .ff X! 4 .X I A S x X X ., ,MX X A 15, gg HTHLETIE5 Qlthletics 4. ' MU' Aitlhlleitie Boaurol of Control Miss lhfl.-XTTIE PERRY DR. Z. T. JOHNSON Dircrlor for lVomvn Prvsidrfzt W. B. SAUNDERS Coach for Men Miss MARGARET BARKER Jssociaif' Director for II'ornf'n ..S. .i.. .fl. F Athletic Uuitlloolk S. I. A. A. has a sensitive Yellow Jacket in her nest, and somebody is fixing to get stung besides Tom, Dick and Harry. Next fall you are cer- tainly going to hear a buzz and a few doubting Thomases will be won- dering who it "wuz." VVe can tell you now-it will be none other than our own dear Yellow jackets. VVith these loyal directors in charge a new dawn breaks for S. T. C. 79 x fi il- .QQ ! 1' 'iii I . V. S. jfxcxsow .ilnofiatff for Ninn i iw 35 01 wi a 1, 5, , 1 Ez.:- 15:37 ff, ,. ... tv ' 1 few' 'P 2" 1 , 6 ra Y ,ra , 4 CA f , 2: .win-. Football I-IOMER MCMAI-IAN, Captain ana' Tackle For four years Captain hilclylahan has been one of the rnainstays of our team, and it is with regret that We see him lay aside the old pigskin. "Aflac" played in every game the Yellow Jackets encountered during his four years here. Serving as captain this year, he was a splendid leader, possessing great physical strength, grit and deter- mination, together With plenty of the old Yellow Jacket spirit. "lVIacH will be missed when the call is made next fall. LEWIS MAGEHEE, End "lVlaU0ie" will always be remembered as a great ass receiver and Junter. He br: . za l was the mainstay of the Teachers' offense, his punting exceeding that of any others around here. VVe are expecting much from "lNlaggie" next year. P. P. FLANAGAIG, Guard Truly, "Perle" is as smart a man as ever wore the Black and Gold. Add to brains a lot of iight, and you will have the attributes that have made steady, con- scientious Flanagan a dog-gone good player. HARRY THOMAS, Manager Harry is the stuff. Being quite an athlete himself, seeing after the team is a pleasure to him and an asset to the team. Harry is a master mechanic when it comes to keeping parts in their proper places. 80 'frm' ' . af. " Q 5 ' -as . ' A "'V z Football W. A. BRANTLEY, Guard "Bulldog" is one of those fellows who puts his whole soul in the task at handg and any of those who played opposite him during the season will testify to this state- ment. "Bulldog" is another player who is placed on the retired list, having served four years. R. R. DUNIGAN, Tackle A man who carries 175 pounds of fight-always there-always in the way of the opposing team-a man who could play on anybody's team-a man whom any coach would be glad to get-"Huclc." He has one year of ball to his credit that cannot be surpassed. Watch "Huck" go next year! LEE I-IOWINGTON, Guard Blew in after the season was started, but soon proved himself a valuable man to have around, being built rather low and heavy. He was conscientious and always doing his best. J. W. DAVIS, Quarterback "Peck" is one of the best athletes ever produced by State Teachers College. He is a three-letter man, and was voted the best all-round athlete at the college. Davis was high scorer of the team, and will be remembered for his eighty-yard return of a punt against Marioii Institute, which ended across the goal line. S1 v ', . J 6 f f :ggi 1 t ', fy ? wg , ,1 if A J , A, fk 9 f G' M Y ' , 1, s f A K 'Y Uv .. f R f Ffa,-:. fi 1 , . 'A x .. .. - ' f ff e w , f 'Silk : P "" T.,1.e5 t'f . f - 4 - 1 ef ,. '.' , ' .L ,. llffototlbailll ELLIS BILBO, Halfback Bilbo is a steady, plunging back, hard as nails and always where the fight is hottest. He can hit a line and really make his presence felt. Bilbo will be with us two more years. TONY MARTELLO, Fullback Tony is new on the team this year, and a man like Tony is welcome to any team. His fast and sure tackling, together with his ability to run interference, has wo-n for him a big place in the hearts of all students. FRANK MCLENDON, End "Docs, uncanny ability to diagnose the plays of the opposing teams, together with his remarkable ability to receive forward passes, make him a valuable man to the team. It is a real pleasure to watch him snatch passes out of the air, or to see him get his man. "Doc," we hope to see you in action next year. JACK BISHOP, Center Bishop does everything that a good center is supposed to do. He is a wizard at shifting through the line, and one of the best at breaking up passes. lluch is expected of Bishop before his football days are over. Sz ff llhofotlballl J. P. HACKNEY, Quarterback "Hack" has been the pilot man of our team for three years. Not the spectacular, but always the cool, heady player, to be depended upon in tight pinchesg a good man on defense as well as offense. "Hack" demonstrated unusual ability in running back punts. M. OVERBY, Guard "lke'l is a new man, but has shown stuff that caused Coach Saunders to see in him a varsity man. Overby was a hard and willing worker and was seen playing his hardest in every game. He will be tearing holes through the opposition line next year. H. OVERBY, Tackle "lNeIike" answered the call of the Yellow jackets this fall for the first time. Overlay, though young in age and experience, has won, with his quiet and conscientious fighting, a place that will be mighty hard to take away from him. VVe are thankful We have him for three more years. IRIE WII.SON, H al fback As a broken field runner, lrie was not surpassed. He put fight and pep into every game, and at no- time did he lose the determination to place the Black and Gold on top. With two more years, We can be sure of a man well able to carry the pigskin with the best of them-our "Biscuit.l' 23 23 I1 1 '1 , 2 4 ' 4 A .1 sf -Q . , O- .,,x,Vw li, ,f l Nlississippi hlississippi hlississippi hlississippi lllississippi hflississippi lllississippi lllississippi hlirsissippi Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Teachers Football Squad FoorBALL RESULTS . . OQ S. L. I ..... , . 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The Prestonian Literary Society has evi- denced this fact by its development along the lines of its basic principles-the creation of a spirit of fraternity among its members, training in public speaking, parlia- mentary procedure, and a general refinement in all the many lines of culture which tend to better prepare one to serve his fellowman. lt has been the aim of the members of the society to obtain that intellectual devel- opment not obtainable in any outlined course of study or textbook. The future holds great opportunities as well as great responsibilities for the Prestonian Literary Society, but there is every assurance that there will continue to exist the same dynamic force of influence which it now holds, and we believe it will grow stronger with the years. 102 Hurrah For Examinations Santa Llaus Arc Next Vohzmz- Ill. 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WRST CHURCH nova 5071.1 51165 SECOND VICE-PRES Cjbly Jia: Liaonzc TREASURE!-L .fbwzfis JL durfnjf PUESLICJT7' C1-VM. jlslyc .flfoazfp MUMC CH 'M gmzf,-z J. Qfcvzfvis Einw ,Qccidy QTJZ Pcfzfzcbxflfcr 'lficftor jdcca' SECRETARY FIFTH AVEREPANVE STUDENT SEC. BXRU. DIRECTOR 105 IB. Y. P.. U. GENERAL B. Y. P. U. OFFICERS VICIOR REED . . . .,....... .... . . . Gnznal Dnrdor E. E. MCCOY . . . . . . .lssorzalf Dunlop EULA MAE ISI-IEE . , G1'lIl'l't1! Srfnlazy ELSYE MOAK . . . C!10l'i,Yf1'l' LOUISE SIvII'I'II . . Pianist PRESIDENTS OF LTNIONS FUR FIRST JOE H. HAMRICK GRACE HOOKER . H. VV. PIIILLIPS . NELI. CURRIE . LOUISE SMIIII . H. H. BRO.-IIM.-IY HALF OF EYE.-XR -, ro! . . Lo4u'I-ry Pl'Ill1I'I1IlkI'I' Iiqw' Rrady . . . ldflll , .N'f'l'Q'iz'f' . Slllljflillt' MF EY P , S , 4 , , 4 1 , Qllngx 'fr', , E, ?Q Q1 'Qi A5 9 nn' 'i ' I i 'SP , , n 1 4 4-114 L . Www M- - me-Q : f 1 b . , gf' , 1 Q 1. 1 Q 1'-VQ Q - Q 107 annum., EPXVORTH LEAGUE 'R--4 Epworth League OIFIHCCES A. B. FLEMING HARRY THOMAS LLTCILLE CAIN FRANK MCLENDON SIMP JACKSON EDDIE CARTER LEROY TIGRETT JEAN SMITH ROBERT ALLUMS RUSSELL JOHNS MARIE STEWART EDDIE MAE ROBINSON MARSHALL LANE EDRES ROBINSON ANN ROSE POU NANCY' MYRICK OLETA CRUMP MABEL RICHARDS CHRISTINE LIGHTSEY ETHEL HAYNES LOUISE JOHNSON RDNA GULLEY LELLIAN EVERETT ANELL ROUND AMELIA FELDER VRCELL MACK VESTA HARVISON PEARL MILLS MARY CEASTOVV QYLADYS MCCLURE CELADYS OSWALD NFSSIE CAI.l7VYEl.L NIEMBERSHIP LOUISE DAVIS BERTHA HARRIS MARX' VVILLIAMS IDA RUTH FELDER REGINA VAUGHN CLARENCE GARDNER FLOYCE JONES LUCILLE KELLEY JOHN ALLUMS SARA V. HAMBERLIN ETHEL GODBOLD DELARIS EUBANKS JESSIE MARBLE NIARY W7INT'ER M. B. HOLLOWAY O. B. LOPER - LAURA CARRUTH CvLADYS MAY LEON EUBANKS MADGE CONNER DOXNIS HANEY MAJORIE TABOR IRMA MCINTOSH JUANITA MCDONALD IRENE MCMICHAEL ESTHER MCVVILLIAMS LOIS MCWILLIAMS EDDIE MARIE CAMPBELL LORA MAE IVNDERVVOOD INEZ REDMAN VV. A. BRANTLEY CELIA FAY HOXK'EI.I. CLAUDIE FAVYLKES BARBARA ASHLEY EULA .ASHLEY GRACE JOHNSON VERA MAIE ALLUMS NINA MATTHEWS BURLIE VVALKER LOT'I'IE GODBOLD EULA MIZIANT MARGARET PRICE MRS. M. L. RILEY OPAL SC.-XRBOROUGH LAWRENCE NUDDLEBROOKS MARGARET S. MOHLER LOUISE KING CPERTRUIJE SUGGS CLEO TATLIM IVIARG.-XRET UPTON MARY E. I'PTON CELADYS OSXVALD MARY .ANN ARNOLD MR. M. L. RILEY MRS. YIOLET PERTH.-X SL'I.LIvAN VV. XV. LEXYIS MITJHEI L Bl.-ACK G. D. C.-XLVERT CLETA CSARRAXVAY SELEA NI.-XBRY MARGARET HUMMER ETIIEI. VVATKINS HONITA DANIELS EMMA TABOR G. C. 1X1CCLENAHAN IO8 fC0ll1lc:ggc: Orchestra LUNDLE Coxnmg Dircvfor Piano Cl1H'im'l S'1'ral.L.x Dwass M.xk'1'1m FRANCES Nlomw Violin Mx'R'1SxS HMIIORNE MRS. R.-xI,P1-1 IIAYS S11x01'f10'lf' HOWELL JA,xCKS0N In.-u11,1.x Sf1'nw.xR'r Baum lf. I..-xxmfoku Cnrnwl GlifJRfII.X IIUMES B. F.'1'RElZ ANNE Hr:w1'r'1' BURRXS LEROY r1xIGRE'I'1' Hmm RAE HUFF J. R. EAST Emma MARIE C.xMP12EI.1, FLr:'1'Cm-:R JAQKSOX Flzliz' -U70 JULIA BELL Y.-xxcs' AZOLINE VVIEIHL: Sfringf Bass PM-'1'1r: ZIEGLER 109 Z H ,, if 545 may ,,.m.,, . A ' 1 y ' 110 English Major to a I-louse Fly Comr hIt'I'l', liltti' fly, you'rf just thi' our I ni'r'il to oft this lhvfis flour. ilh, none, litllr fly, ilon't hr ufruiil- Comr on uuil hrlp mf' uiolv' a urrzflf. You swf, tittlw fly, my English prof Il"ill graclr mr half or tru-o-Ihirils off If I ilou't jvitnflzmlr just so ,lull put thi' marks fwltfn' Ihry should oo You'ri' just thi' thing I zzrwtl. lilllr fly, If you fwoulil not lu' quiti' so shy,' If I foultl only lflllll you hofw To niohw ll .w'mii'olon nofw! Right ltrri' I nrml zz dash or taco .Intl tllfn' you Qczlstv thrm on my shor! ,Intl jwrioils, you hm! thrm all- Yozz'-'vr llllhll' a million on thot fwull. ll'hy, say, littlf' Hy, l1'I'5 uiilizr Your fini' ahiliiy. Br fzcis1',' Don't Qcuslf il ull on plustfr qultitf II'hilf I II thfsis try Io fwritff Bt' hind, littlf fly, unil lmlp mr out. I know not fzchut i1"s all uhout- I only huomu tl1r'i'i"s got to hw Somr puiiituatiou, ilon't you swf? Look out, liltlf' fly, ilon't fllllllllllllit' That iwiniloqu furtuin 'fort' my vyrs lI'hrn I'm ull fworriml o'fr this thrnir .Intl ilflllll lcnofw Qchuf thi' tojvirs NIl'1lll., Noiu' do iomi- on und make a try For you run do it fwrll as I. If you'll just juziicttmtr this thing, I'll pour 11I0lll.V.Y1',f on your swing,- I'll twat' thi' sf'r1'1'11 right ojfl that door .Ind srl you frm' for mu'r111o1'v,' I'll rid tho fworlcl of tunylrfoot .Ind on your lzrud a frofwn I"ll put. Y0ll'!'l' .still afraid to Qwiztnrv mor? II'rll, I will lrzmu' this tllfsis llwrz' Upon this Inhlc and rftiff To lI'l'L'llIlI of l'l'Illll.9llly5 firfj III .Ind fzchilf' I Jllllllllff, half llQL'Ilh'1', If'on't you, littlr fly, onv burdrn lake? Just sian this fllf7t'l' fzcith your frat .Intl jwzuzftzzalf rufh rottvn sllwtl C. C. B Noiv: ,Ish thi' nlitor about this jvagf. A Drama in One Grand Rush CAST Life . . . .... Efofrytlling Two Men . Two Dogs . . Of No Iznportutzfr Two Cops . Lifr: Ilauyhty man, lu' not olarmvd Bvfazlsr 1'f'U1' othvr rrratzurs lll6ll'lIll'Cl,' yoursvlf to hr more fwiso fofwl that soils tht' skiws, beast that 'walks thi- varth- all alikv at birth. Iyflkf' only maclr you mort' supr1'n1L' ll'ith pofw'r to lift your miuil' and drvom Of things zuzkuofwn that you may gain Thi' prim' for living first' to rrfon. You'rr just as foolishly inflitzrti ills any hfast I luzfvf in mind,- ,Jnd just to shofw you 1 am right, I think l'll throfw a puppy hght. Count not Than any Than any I farm' to Enlrr tfwo dogs, First dog: Big hoy, you'rr slrppingf on my tors. ll'ho told you to stifle your host' ,Iround this iorurr? Crt on lltlfk find don't you mwr rross my trurk. S1't'0llt1 Joy: lhidilir, you may think you'rr it If'llt'llt"l'l' it romrs to hglitiny grit, But swait till I oft through fu-ith you- You'll mokf a splftzdid hot-dog strfw! First dog: Hit, you saucy son-of-a-gun! I'll drrss you up in mustaro'. Run! Stand tlwrt' thru. lY0ll,l'1' somf tf7'l'l'll sight To think you'rr higf rnouglz to fiolztl tThry hook up.j Entwr tfwo Nlt'll. First man: You l1t'artlt'ss hound, pull off your pup, I1r's rating my jwoor Fido ujvl If you ilflllkl grt him of at oufr, 1'll sur for duntaor. You'rf a dunffl Srroml 11u1n.' Ro-'vi' right on, littlt' jvoodli' jwrt, You'll lfarn you'rr dog is fwortltlvss yt't,' .Ind if you think I oifw' ll ilurn, Tlml's our thing mort' you'fur got to lfaru. First mutt trolling up sl1'rfUrsj.' I'fz'r had ruouyh of yo .17ltl, furlln'rmort', you'd hrttrr fwolk, Or I'll art right and rrazk your jafwj I dot1'l mron llltlylll'-illlfll tht' lafw! Sfroml mon: Shut up your rrohiiz' mouth, ruuim'-- Your dog is just as ntrmz us ll1llll',' But flurtttul if I -will arour morf, 1'll makr this fight rousist of four, lThry hook 1111.1 lC:mitl1L1m-d 011 pzugl- 1411 112 ur bio talk f f'N 1455 4-n Q. ,- .15 C x ? , ' I v 1 ,' w 4 I O QS Scbubert Music C lub Tbere,s music in tbe air, Wlren tbe infant morn is nigbg And faint its blusb is seen On tbe bright and laugbing sky Tbere's music ini tbe air, Wlven tbe twiligbfs gentle sigb Is lost in evening,s busb, As its pensive beauties die. lWany a barp's ecstatic sound Tbrills us with a joy profound Wlrile We list, encbanted, tbere To tbe music in tbe air. U5 FW" " pr N T. SELBY. . . VFIIELMA SHu1z1LL . MARTHA ANN McC'1.1cs1u' lF1o1rQ:1ign I,i3l1I'J1g1l!.31lg-C Club OFFICERS C11A111,Es B1,11c1i11R. . . . JEWEL EASJ1' . . . C lzrcirnmzz M1s.x111ERsH1P ,ANNA SIMM I-II,I.I.XN IZWQR1-1'1'1' LOUISE SM1'1'H I1vA11L1A S'1'Evs'A11'1' N1f1,L rIiHL'RIVI.XN R1ac1NA YAUCIIN VV11.1.11: IVICIJONALIJ MARY VV11,1.1A1v1s SARA11 11111.13 O1-A1, Sc'A1e120R0L1G11 IR1aN1a CORK Iis'1'1:1.1,u VVR1c11'1' RA1v11f1,1.1f BUS11 1,1115 1VICXVIl,I.l.XM5 IIAz1a1. Comm' r11lIliLM.X L1N1m1,1fx' E. MCCOY IJoR11111x' B.XliI1R C11.xR111-is 1I1,111c1qE1: I.IS'IL'lfI, Dlcmfx' -IIiXYliI. IEAS1' 051.1 Ur11m'1N ll1iNR11f IlA1,17' C'1.Y11,xN1.x1s IZAR11 MA1z'1.1.x MCCI II,xme1, Niffglzli xI1iw1-.1, M1-:1:11'mN HlI.l,IIi f,liI.lilRl:li -I1iAN S151.11x' '1x111il,N1.x S111-:R11,1, A N1 I-.I,I.X XVURTI 1 1 Nm 0 N B1f11'1'11a XVEHIX I'..x5'1' .....P1 '1 . 1'if'f'-1'1'r5i1f1111l . . S1'U'11Izl1'y - . . . . 1e!'f70I'lA4'l' Pfllfjflllll Ifnzzzzrziflm' II. VV. PlIIl,I.lI'S C'1,.x111c11 KN11:11 1' M1111.x AN111-lcsfmx .'Xl'l2L'Sl'IYl4 II1'1u1N 3.11111 1.1-111,1.1111A I'1zc1i1,1, MAQK IXl,XRC.XRliI P1Q1u1i ANN lx.XN1l'KlX I1I'RYICl" S0111 1' RL'HI 1101111111111 I.l'L'lI.I,li C'.x1N I'x,XXXll-' P1111-1x VXIJ-.RA l'.xNN11N Run' .ln11NsnN INA11111-'1-N 1.141-. N1-11.1 l,f1c1q.x1m G IfR'I'Rl'I1li jAN11fs I.01'1s12 Rm:1Ns0N Il6 'fzdfzz 1FIiIQ:IlIdl Qozfopscnralftlivc Qllub FAQL' LTA' COAIAIITTEE NTISS XVILLA BOIJION MRS. AANXIE BAILEY COOK EIIIEI. MAYE l3AnOx ALYGL'5'l'.-X ISAILEI' INA BRIcI1I,AxIm PZIIWARII RV. COKER JAMIE CONN IIIXZHL COOIIY NEI.I.IIa CURRIIE BERNEIIA DANIELS T, J. IJURRHTI' Bl-ISSIE RI.I.lNG'l'0N AMIE LEE IZ'I'IfIRIIJGE A. B. FLEMINC CLAUDE FI.EMIxr: M ARY KIX'l'Ii 1 IOOIIWIN H. L. QJREIINIC J. R. HARDY RUBY HARRIS MR. S. T. LEWIS STL' IJIENT QIUMMITTIEISMAN MISS CARRA REEDY M EAIBERSHIP MRS. VICSIA HARVIZON EMMA HI'I'I' Mus. IVIARY IIOLLOWAY QIR.-ACE HOOKER IiI1I.A MAE ISHEE 1.L1cII.I,E IQELLEY MARY KNIOIII' MYRA LliIJRli'IL'I'ER IUXNORA LEE r1'IIliI,MA LINIILEY FI.MliR MCCOY HAZIEI. N1CfIEE Nl.-Yl"1'Ili MCLEMORE ,IESSIE MARBLE C. E. MURPIIREE H. XV. PIIILLIPS FANNIE PIPPXNS II7 Azzue P0144 CARRA REEDY MARY RICHARDS IIAEEI, RIIOIIES 'IIMMII-l SMIIII LII,I,A SOREY R. C. Swans IRENE UPION MARGARET VPION VARIIAMAN VVAIIE BEXIRICE XVAI.'I'ERs .LXLPIIA VVALTERS .AZOLINE XVELLS KATIE XVI-IITE UI.Am's XVIIITNEY VVYOELI. XVINIHIAM ESTELLE XVRIOHT HOME Jiyiustx .Bdilcq ESIDENT Jlfilzzci .Dc :tw VICE' RES 12MlQI'L50I11-!iSfLlC'If SECKLTARY fm. ESTER - ROGERS - ECONOMICS - ll ly' 1.5 E :H -T - ... x .. 1 'T 5' , .. 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Spnmur MEAIIIIQRSHIP CATIIIERINIS Bmue LIICII.I.Ii KliLl,liX' Mokcmw COOK M.'xRc.Iuuc'I' I'P'I'0N JL'ANI'l'A MCD0x,xI.n IRMA IN1CIN'Ix0SlI ALICE OvERs'I'kEE'r Fmyck joxrzs I.0'I"I'IE Gormom C'IIARI,Ias Bmcxrza IQLIZ.-XBlf'I'II HESNI 'l'IIEI,M,x LEWIS Iinrm PIQIRL DAVIES NULIBREIJ MAGEE 124 I..-I Q3Il,!.liX I1 IIIHI. QIOIJROLIJ BIs'I"1'IE XVI-:Im I Ilfox FIIIAXKS IUNXIE l.II'sIfx' .'xZ0l,INli XVIIIIN Zulu Moss . , C. B. NMI, . . A. CRAFT G. M. Ovrskm' H. I. Ovxekm' fl.-XTHA SL7I.I.IV.XN QIERTRUIJIQ Sums IIA'1"1'1E Bum CELADYS PURVIS VELMA C'.-xRm'x.1: BRADXS XVINIHIAM BOBBIE rI1ll0MAS 'bww' paw M 4 , gwwf f . Smlllnivaxnfs HOHOW fCll1un.b O If 1-'lc ERS RIEA11a15RsH11f M,xRsHA1,1. Lxxr: C'I,x"1'r5 PTQRVIS LUCILIJQ Krc1,1Am NEZZIE 'I' EIJRIS Rrmriksox IQUCAR S1-mxxs F.-xkl. CAN'1'lfRnL1RY IRHNE C.'XN'I'ERRl,7RY llxlsx' C'R.x1-'1' 125 ll x.' zcwmf l'r'.vid1'l1f . . . IIN'-I1r.v1Jf'111 'u'f'mry- Tl'l'll.flll'1'l' 1,015 M1XfZlili D,xx1EL Bonn: H. G. Bornxlc Rrnssm 'l'nrmM.xs JAMES Dlxox f1ER'I'RLZllIi QZIRSON Dlftvmx Dumas Gm' Mclxwuc 'if- Jfcmes fC0rL11mfty Climb QJFVICERS F. VAI,r:N'1'INE . .... . . . P B. I.. PIILL .... . l'ifr-l'1'1'.x11n1i Im BI.AcKwraLL . . . . . Mfwlfzz-y H. K. VV.xI.'1mcs . . Rrpnrfrr MRS. M. I.. RILEY . , Sf'fllI5IH' RIENIIQIQRSHII' BliA'l'RICE XV.-XIXIFRS 1N11l.nRrgnL3R.xf1'11.xx1 Im IfI..XL'KNVlflI XV.x1,'1-HRS II.xRms Gnuxsux Il. Ii. XV.x1'1'lR3 V.xRlm.xM.xx XV.xms fL'I,.XH Kms 13. I.. lIxI.1. ANN UAMPKIN Yu-'ru Rmpws IS. I". Xfxlr-Nxrxl ju.-xxrl.x QPR.-XN'lll.XM II. ll, Iimv.xnm:w Mus. M. I.. R 126 ' Q , . 'Q 4'fWhitC CHDSVW Club HUl'l'l3'0ll-Jlll'kSOI1 C, 0llIZl'll'S OFFICERS O. I.. LADNER . .... .... . . . . Prrszduzt MABEL RICHARDS .... .... I 'iff'-Pl'l'5ic1'f'llf MARX' JANE LUNDAY . . S1'u'w1ary-Treasurer NANCY MAURICE . . . . Rvportvr FRED VVALKER . . . . Sponsor MRS. FRED VVALKER . . . Sponsor NIEMBERSHIP VERA BAKER DOROTHY BAKER RUSSELL JOHNS MELBA MCLEOD INA BREELAND HILDA SUMMERS EDNA ELLIS VIRGINIA FARVE ONITA MORAN ANNA RUSSELL MR. M. B. HOLLOWAY MRS. M. B. HOLLOWAY VRCELL MACK MILDRED SEYMORE "PVrztflI Our Smoke" 127 ELIZABETH HESNI LOUISE AROLIILLES JAMIE CONN JACOLIILINE FONTAINE CLYDE MAE IZARD HENRI HALE SARA HALE Debating COIuumCil1 OFFICERS LEON EUIIANKS .... . . . . . . . Pr DELTON GARNER .... ..... I 'irc-Prfsident H. VV. PHILLIPS . . . .Srfrrfary-Trvaxurffr RUSSELL JOHNS . . . . . Rrjfoflrf' Mxss ALMA HICKMIXN . . . . Sponsor ENECCTIVE COMMITTEE CHARLES C. BLOCKER E. E. MCCOI' H. L. GREEN RIEAIBERSHII' VARDAMAN VVADE EUNICE PARKER M. B. HOLLOWAI' F. J. REYNOLIIS C. L. MCQCAOOE RUBY HARRIS AUGUSTINE I'IL'DSON J. P. CARTER BILLIE OOLETREE VRCELL MACK B. F. VALEXJINIT IZS JOIIN ALLUMS H. T. STRICKLAND LCRA BAILEY V. H. SIMS H. H. BROAIIWII' t'5idFIlf 5 Czlleatvwes V" 'f9ocfb" E30z1fZ5 234:56 kit ML 66 0 51923191131 JLZLL 2655 .Jiblfzfbato 7lL0md,5 Jabckfazw Jiffnfdsa mesa 131 How" cfolwzfsozfa ,flfafzi Vzfpicafb Cjtudazzzb 611110422126 350.45 Lwgoszf Vgaocanbgvudanft ll 1 T Z .Waddaozgfgqe oe Zidoclcer 5 133 Russclb ,Jqlzzzs .fzaxb JJZOFALSL mycgtzzdanfo 94 -limi A -Y .ah-ea. - ' . L. f-, .A IF WINTER COMES 1 9 HM ss1ss1PP1" A Pageant of Education in Mississippi ALDIA HICKMAN English Department, State Teachers College. To be presented under general direction of MISS MATTIE PERRY Director of Physical Education for Women. May 14 and 16, 1929 STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE Hattiesburg, Mississipp' MINUET QC 99 Scenes from Mississippi 136 AMEQLCAN 'SA-QLJOLKQ Mrsssssurvm momma Scenes from QcMISSISSIPPI,, T37 ,M ,Y X I 5-E' ' 4 if ' ' ff , R11 QQ 'gf 9 ' fyf. ,- K 6 . - , I , ' . . ,fu Z, , . E ' I .5 A 5 4 , , , 1 , A AN if .YN lk 17 Q 'F fiff ' 'S I .Af - ? M ! x . Q'Cf.."+, 7+ ' . ,x f'f'4'Sff?2 gif' X R ' iw.--' ax ' ' h fx' - fa45.+f'f . 1 fr 3-:S'KifQ5g "Cf -' ,H . Vw " "Q 1.4 ,. .- rg, tysig Xi--'.x'Q A ."'Q:-it fl 1 1 '- 1-wi' ' : e,f:fSg'w,a,:' .jykwfil-.Qfp T'HgT5'Q't1-' -, ?4',5.iMg 71ir,L .A ,1"' , 41.41. A5122 N3 Nix if -, -mix., Sk C, ..--Q Q.-0 ,f'1'f.'lIf',V Vila -:g1.G"wL'.rqc:lf1"t -4:. 'f' nw!-" Y-X319 33543: ,gvfdfzn LK-ig," hlyw, :L ,ix DEMETER, WISDOM, MERCURY, HOPE 138 FRANCES GEIGER AS MERCURY 139 CATHERINE LEE AS DEMETER 140 A Drama in One Grand Rusk lContinued from Page Illl Enivr tfwo zops. First fop: You silly zurs, romf' 'long -Mill: us. I ourss Ilzis rndx your puppy fury. Srroml top lkirkivzg dogs II5ldI'l.' Your dogs oo frrf, lzul you into mcflls ll'ill spend fllr' niglll in prison rolls. Lifr: I'm 1"Lf.f'ryIl1i11g1, zzlzsrflz and fron, Yr! fwllal does human zzaturf nzmrz? Hfrr lfwo mrn fakr up a rome Tlnfir Iwo dogs .vfarlmll ll'rll, 1'll fvouxl I fanuol rrwrz lrarn myxrlf ll'ill1 all my lloufsly and prlf! I am lln' light of rndlrxs dayx, Yr! fLL'll0 ran lrarn my unigur fwaysf lf. C. Ii. Nohz' .lsk lllf wrlilor alfoul Ilfis fillyf. Two Kinds VVe are compelled to halt right here and say something ourselves. To those who have so kindly contributed to the make-up of this book, we are profoundly thankful. ,Tis such a class of folk that helps a staff enjoy the process of getting out an annual. VVe owe you many kind words that we are unable to say just here because space does not allow it. But there is another class of folk, or animals, that makes yearbook tasks a paing and we have to gag ourselves to repress our true state of mind concerning these insidious knockers. Your eternal bellowing and grumbling have made of us a band of beasts more ferocious than the king of the jungle. Don't approach usl Rather take your impeding carcasses to the far-off planet X and disturb not our dreams. '11Hl2 ST.xifif. 141 FRATERNITY. COLLEGE CLASS JEWELRY Commencement Announcements anal Invftatfons Jeweler to THE SENIOR CLASS OF STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE H Eg 453. L. G. BALFOUR CO. MANUFACTURING JEWELERS AND STATIONERS ATTLEBORO, MASS. ICole Studio I " f , , Hattiesburg, Miss. MISSISSIPPFS BUSIEST PHOTOGRAPI-IIC STUDIO "QUALITY AND SERVICE" Official Photographer for the NEKA CAMUN THE MERCHANTS COMPANY Millers, Manufacturers and Distributors Millers of Big SSIVIM Flour anci Corn Meal Manufacturers of Poultry BIG FEEDS Dairy Horse Wholesale Grocers Cold Storage Facilities We Are Here to Serve the Retail Merchants of Our Section HATTIESBURG Laurel, D'Lo, Magee, Prentiss, Picayune, Poplarville, McLain Columbia, Lumberton, Gulfport MISSISSIPPI Mattinglyis Bakery R. E. ROLLIN GS "Butter-Nut Breadv jeweier ce - 77 ust-Rite Bread J "GIFT COUNSELORSU Modern Ideas in Baking G59 You Know It's Good If It Comes From Mattingly's 127 Main St. HATTIESBURG USE Harciy Street Grocery AND Filling Station 900 HARDY STREET Mobleris Coffee It's Blended To Suit Your Taste Groceries, Meats, Gasoline, Motor Oils, Tire Service, Tires, Auto- mobile Accessories and Service PHONES 636 AND 1737 If He Hasn't, He Will Get It PIECE GOODS A Nation-Wide Institution FURNISHINGS READY-TO-WEAR SHOES CLOTHING J' CO' HOSIERY "PVhere Savings Are Greatest" The Year Round Next to Forrest Hotel, Hattiesburg, Miss. Visit Our Ladies' Ready-to-Wear Department. Dresses, Coats, Millinery Visit Our Men's Clothing and Hat Department. We Can Save You Money 954 Busy Stores Our Buying Power is Your Saving Power HAWKIN S HARDWARE COMPANY WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Everything in Hardware, Building Materials, and House Furnishings Exclusive Agents for Goldsmith's Athletic Goods for Boys and Girls Largest Exclusive Hardware Store in South Mississippi HATTIESBURG GROCERY COMPANY WHOLESALE GROCERS MEMBERS AMERICAN WHOLESALE GROCERS' ASSOCIATION USE ROBINSON'S CIPHER CODE Ez! OFFICE AND WAREHOUSE, MOBILE STREET HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI The Cheapest Health Protection You Can Buy Ice is A n Actual Health Insurance Policy WITH A MIGHTY SMALL PREMIUM INDEED It is by far the cheapest health protection you can buy. A well-filled refrigerator kept filled the year round, insures pure, wholesome, nourishing foods. FIRM ICE AND FUEL COMPANY Phones 30 and 33 HATTIESBURG, MISS. PHOENIX LAUNDRY Dyers and Cleaners-Hatters and Shoe Repairers We Do All Kinds of Plaiting If Phone 36 is Busy, Ring 97 303-9 HARDY STREET .I I We Thank You for the Business Ac- Moore S Laundry and corded Us in the Past . May We Continue to Serve You? Dry Cleanmg Plant . . . Commercial Printing N9 Company ee - J ' ' ' E lSuccessors to Commercial Printing You Sod ,m, M Department, Hattiesburg American? We Clean Em. phone 733 HATTIESBURG HULETT UNDERTAKING COMPANY Established 1910 FUNERAL DIRECTORS AND EMBALMERS Hattiesburg, Mississippi ..-.. HULETT FUNERAL HOME UNDERTAKERS AND EMBALMERS Meridian, Mississippi The Gulf States Creosoting Company Operating Plants at HATTIESBURG, MISS., MERIDIAN, MISS. AND SLIDELL, LA. American Dry Cleaners 207-209 East Pine Street Opposite Merchants Grocery Co. Cleaning, Dyeing, Pressing Expert Alterations Hightower Seeci Co Seeds, Plants, Sprays Canaries, Poultry Supplies, Etc. Q1 e-cial Diseount for Cash and Carry FTE? Cdfl1l0gM6 Mdde'f0'Med5UTe Clothes Phone 1466 , Compliments of Goyer Optical Co. 617 Main Street HATTIESBURG, MISS. Enterprise Foundry Eff Machine Co. W. B. Dickerson, President A. Buzzell, Vice-President R. W. Graves, Secretary-Treasurer and General Manager HATTIESBURG, MISS. For Economical Transportation CHEVROLET McArthur Chevrolet Co. Dependable Cooking and Serving Equipment and Sup- plies for Colleges, Hotels, Res- taurants, Hospitals and Institutions Phone 1745 The 306 East Pine Street LOUBAT GLASSWARE K HATTIESBURG, MISS. CORK CO, NEW ORLEANS SOUTHERN COAL COMPANY, Inc. Ofer Superior Coal Service to the Great Mississippi Valley Largest Miners and Shippers of Steam and Domestic Coal in the South. More Than Five Million Tons Annually, Evidencing We Can, to Advantage, Serve You. SOUTHERN COAL COMPANY, Inc. CANAL BANK BLDG. NEW ORLEANS, LA. FORREST AUTO CO. Distributors of GRAHAM-PAIGE MOTOR CARS 318-24 E. Pine Street HATTIESBURG, MISS. Phone 2076, 2077 THE MEN'S STORE Dependable Things For Men HATTIESBURG, MISS. Quick Fires Little Ash Monro-Warrior Coal fd Colce Co. Birmingham, Ala. We Mine One Best Coal for Every Purpose Economical Intense Heat R 5125555 The Gift Store Hattiesburg Main Street OWN YOUR OWN HOME In Town or On the Farm THE J. J. NEWMAN LUMBER CO. HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI Will Serve You With The UNEWMANU Brand of Lumber Everything for the Dwelling or the Barn, Including Lath and Shingles L C1 G C Say It With Flowers 011 011 1'0Ce1'Y 0- And When saying It.With Flowers, Hattiesburg, Miss. Say It Wuh Wholesale and Retail E99 GROCERIES, FEEDS AND Cut Flowers for All Occasions FERTILIZERS Potted Plants and Shrubbery We Buy Syrup, Cotton, Corn, Beans, Member Florists' Telegraph Delivery Etc Flowers Sent Anywhere, Any Time ' By Wire Complimentary Hattiesburg Coca-Cola Bottlmg Co. Incorporated HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI 'Where Frrencls Meetii European Plan A HOME AWAY FROM HOME Rates ow 52.50, 52.00, 81.50 Phone 7 HATTIESBURG, MISS. COMPLIMENTS OF THE COMMERCIAL NATIONAL BANK CITIZENS BANK FIRST NATIONAL BANK -0- ui my! -ch- Member of HATTIESBURC CLEARING HOUSE ASSOCIATION J. G. NENO, Manager Serviced With A Smile Wherever You See These Signs Displayed fig, V ! il Qi X n me X MPV! W ASRILE , -- . , v 1- .. MM. The Famous KING OF MOTOR FUEL I ' O V I Q Oi IS all value, no waste. Burns clean, gives More Mileage, Giant Power, Quick Start, No Knock, Lightning Pickup, and is safe for you or your nlotur, O T10 e 1oozs..,.,pm,1mf. Moron ou. Resists extreme engine heat. Une filling gives 1000 miles of perfect lubrication. PUll0L Gasoline For those who demand il better straight gasoline. AMERICAN OIL COMPANY HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI Fine Brothers Hattiesburg? 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Demand Star Hams Qualny Always Call On Us For Your RADIO AND ORTHOPHONIC SHEET MUSIC AND RECORDS We Always Carry the Latest Models and Selections Woodruff Furniture Company A SYMPATHETIC, DIGNIFIED SERVICE A Modern Complete Funeral Home Ambulance Service Telephone 2141 Hattiesburg Undertaking Company 805 Hardy Street tr Stylish and Dependable Footwear and Hosiery for the Entire Family Standard Brand Only All Sizes and Widths in Newest Novelties. Also Conservative Styles. All Lines Higest Quality. Lowest Prices. J. E. BUFKIN Read Oclorless Cleaners Cash, Carry, or Delivery First for the South Cleaning, Dyeing, Pressing ASlC About Our I1'1SL1I'31'1C6 Expert Hat Service V policy Phone 1572 224 West Pine Sr Drink ORANGE CRUSH IN KRINKLY BOTTLES IT CONTAINS THE JUICE Exclusive ,, Look Your Best" Cleaners, Pleaters, Hatters DYHS Mar1nello Beauty Delivery Service Cash and Carry Economy Dry Qleaners WHERE PARTICULAR WOMEN PAUL H. 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MISSISSIPPI Phone 675 House of Courtesy THE DAVIDSON COMPANY An Associate of MARSHALL FIELD 86 COMPANY Ltd. Everything Musical Since 1842 PIANOS: PLAYERS, GRANDS AND UPRIGHTS Mason 86 Hamlin, Chickering, 86 C. Fischer, Haines Bros., Behr Bros., Mar- shall 8L Wendell, Wurlitzer, Schultz, Meissner, Krobe, Werner and Werlein Damp-Proof. R. C. A. Radios, Victor Records, Sheet Music. All Kinds of Musical Instruments COMPLIMENTS SAENGER OF Home of Mart1n Pr1nt1ng PARAMOUNT PICTURES Company HATTIESBURG, MISS. HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS THIS BOOK PRINTED BY ...... Tfura woRLD's LARGEST PUBLISHERS OF COLLEGE AN N UALS ENs0nI PRINTING CO. NASHVI LLE KTEN N C0 LLEG E AN N UAL II EAUQUARTEHS ,Wyfeaffglzczfyffljofzfffzfzfzfzafyzz gfyoefzzofzf Cgrfefzozba AQZVJCZ' W 6 pages -1 -5 1 1 ',,w,,,,- W' 4 5 , ,Q X f if i 4 2, : I my ,X ,. 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Suggestions in the University of Southern Mississippi - Southerner Yearbook (Hattiesburg, MS) collection:

University of Southern Mississippi - Southerner Yearbook (Hattiesburg, MS) online yearbook collection, 1927 Edition, Page 1


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