University of Southern Mississippi - Southerner Yearbook (Hattiesburg, MS)

 - Class of 1928

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University of Southern Mississippi - Southerner Yearbook (Hattiesburg, MS) online yearbook collection, 1928 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 164 of the 1928 volume:

1' 'I Xu B sv gn. ,. ,,. 'M' riffs? Yi?-' 573 -' :W ' + -H , .11 uf. LA '4 ig?- 5 -1 .f . .,x, xt :L-'Qin ff' QQ :Mi Ni W fb' w E I 51,31 . 4 , Fifi 525311 Hia? gfxng . iifggff. . ry? L. ic Sf' Ma, five 12163 . 4, ri ,fi . .Lb 1 425. Mr 1 . Qi' Egg . ' 'L as ik' gb' T' -if. N3 I yr i 131. -3' QQ. -.-jg. s?'fi"f e-vw :iA'r'Y "nf-W Q, '11 1' M .iv i .Q ,. 1 1 -12 : IS 5-MST 1 ,,f 51- . J., 'n aw' V12 ' .Fil El, '11 fi . X, E. , rw Wi eff"- Q D 1 E3 ir, s,f'?h Pk A riff' lm? J wp. .nw . 44 l. vi I 2,4 "ff Af'4','gq:fzi.'J," 'fl' Hlrwg ' ' 5 . 'I R Q...- fig .-.. .- 4 .f ,J 4 , , ww! va ,v n -. , 4 sn, 4 . I X ,.x V, ,A w M a, .V fm, '. wryrf HSN I.-7 . :ff 'E Kfwa .mf 1'L,,'1Hf"1,"-Q' - Q. 1 ' s. V- -, Fiji' . 1 2 '.f,v f.1?Cn'h . 4 - I .-Hi jugm ."'K,ig7l, t my ff, 12' PC' 4. Fr ..X, X ' i' 'H 1' ww, -My, 1- F. .,-T yi-' Z., J' fr 5:1-2' 4-5-,..1Z'j 4 Ux M5-4"- 'X Jef rs .' ,ax y , ,.,,, 1:3 x ' "sh Q .iv Lf gs I 4 , .Xv Lwms, CUM, in fm.: 'S' un, Q4 19 , 531 42.1 ,I f' '., I1 1' f wf A 111-,HQ N10 , .4 vu' ., fy., A 1 W5 " uiyf., -3" 4' x ,114 ' A 'I .M J..- 1-.v . v .x,,. 2.5 .VAX . v .'v lxiflav, f 'U -fx Y . 1 7. wwf I. uf- bs' , 3 , t -1, FS 231 K 3 1 , w 4 1 , F - A ' K V, ,1.V Nw .1 x 'n,,,, 4 1 . "UK 1 .",.,'- ,'E.7.".-1 ,9. wr.. . -'.!.,,g v '..,j-u,y - , X . 1- -17' J ,. ' 4' . .E 'Zn' ,5 Q. Lrwf- 1 AX ' Jqfjf: . G.: ,- .. . , ,gr x 'v W, , I "N 1 A , QU., , X -. I A ,441 . , rf- M 1 I-FJ,.v,:2"'A?':i'A Nj ,-u,, ., , ,' - w, ' - xl . . .Zi " ' .,J,.,. Lv. . -1 1 ' '4 A 0 v A . 1 ...A Y. X1X 1. 1 1 .X1 1 111 11,11 f1r11'1 1 X 1X1 4 V1 X vf' -e1"11X1111 ,111 I' u 1 '1' 1.-1111 1.1','6,"X 1Ur1'1111,' '1 si, "1ll1'u. Y1 1, ,- W '1 '-1'-Ti' N1 ' .5 -X. 'X1',.,,1,XgA1XX1fL 31 I 11 11 1,111 D K 51 1 Q. 1 BU. ,I f1'1'.i1X144'1"5. :7,X"',' 21711 ' ? ' -15-'fd'-1"'1'. 1 ,XX 117' "NWT" ' 1 1 X. X, X1 ,XX . In 1 X 1 11 1111 X X 1' ' 1 1 If ' Y 1n11'111 11. .1"11 4 2'1'L'f1' 1X 1 X ,1., 1 ' 111.1 ' -1 .1 V 'I 1 'v. 'FX 1 1 X,'. , XX '11X,- 1X ':X1'l111 1 'nf 1g1XX11111 11 -1 11 .X A ',1'., X1 1X1 1-X . 'X 1 1 1 ,,11'X11 11X11 .1,' '1 .X XXX1XXX 11 1XXX. 1,1 XXX XX,XX.XX1X 1 1 W .X. f11 1 HM. 31X 1 1 1 . ..1 ff 1 11 1 X1 1'1 1 '1' 1 11, L 1 X! 1 4 411 f 1 11 X1 A 111 1 1 11. X 1 1 .1+. 1.1.1, 1 111 1 '11,1r1.1w1, v'X,1y' 1-X' Vu.:-1-Xa 141 1 X 1X .X XX X 1 'U ' '-'1 ,HX - WX X1 1 ' X 'xy' Y' 1,1 H' 'fix 1. '1 I '- .1 11 1 u1 ' . X 1' ' 1.11111 1 X.11.r X 1. . 1,113 X1151-X ' 1'-:jg 1' X 1. 1' H111 1'1'X' 11' " ' Il, X n X XXX ,X ' XX1XX-1 X 1,1.X,1X XQX X1 X 1 1 ..1'.-1z1X-1 .1 1 XXX11XX1 X .XX 11X XXXXXX1X 'X X . 1 XX X X. X, Q1 14's "'1'Q.' ' 'ff V ' 1 X1XXX11X1XX1 XXXX1,X ,XX .XX'XX1X, XXf1X.1,1XX1XX1XX1X11XXX1XX'X .1 1 1 X' 1 ' - X' 1X -11.1 QX1X'3gXX.XXX 1 X11111X1,' 1 Xj.XM,y11 -1 -V1.3 ..l.1"' ." ' '1 f-f'.'Xf-XX X11' ' 11',1 1. 1 ,'X11 X 1 -11 X. - M111 1 , X11 1X X, X ,M 1 X X. 1 X 11 . ' 'V .-.. ' X '?',:1:. " . "N - " ' X1 4, X, :X 1 111X X X -11 1 ' . 1 . 1 ' . ' X 1X1 1 X ' X X 1 ' 1s1'.1X1',11'XX ,X 1. 1 X1 1 X . o o 1 1 1' 1 1 .' ' 1 ' '1 'SL 1 11 mn I V , '1. 1 X ' 1 '111 V '1 11 '1 1'11 ' QLXX, X15 X,.1X .XX 5X . '11 '11 X XX 1 1 XX 1jX1f3111' ' 15411. 1' 10 1XXXX1XXX.XXX1 XX X XX X XX X wr' .1 'N' 'V 1 7 If .T Alwjrvmx 1 I E ' .wa 1' X I I 1 . 1 GULFPORT, MlSSlSSlPPl 1 H0 11 1 X 1 1 I 1 ' 1 '. .1 A. XX .'1.1-." X ' X 1. 1X XIX .X .X ,1 Q I X X 1 XX X' 1-1'-L. 1 X 1 . 1 F. ,X X.1yX ,X 1 1" 1 1 ' 1 1' 11 '1"1 ' 1 1 X X 1 .H ' .1X,' I T"1 I'-1' 1.'.' X11.X1 11 1' 1 1 .,1.:,'11151XX?XrXX. 11,1 X' . 1 'VAT' E'T'jfH PRS-COLQG :E I , --'f:-'.'.f:- X, X -!-f gf,-or iz ,- .:", .flutlrpf " V ' -,.,. - .MLA 1 '11 ' , M1111 " X 111 ,111XX ,X 1 11 1: .1 "1 !X7'w1'r "'.11' r-1111 ""1'f- '1 X X' 'X X 1 11' kX,,X!fX1XX1X,IX1 A X1 XX.X 1X K ' W" 1'1a'- '1l'j'YA'A'E1 -' '-N 4 X 1, .11 ' .X1v X.'1 5 1 ,Xie 1 ,-1111 .'-A 1 1.-,ig w X, 11 ER . 4'i..1.11i -'..1.11' 111' 11.111 11 1 1.-. ' ' .. A EKA CAMO X.N'lV If NLX'L 7 ffl YSv4g'1QkNi N l BEING THE YEAR BOOK of STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE Hattiesburg, Mississippi PRESENTED BY THE SENIOR AND JUNIOR CLASSES fi ., I 928 lf V, TTCT f f if --'i'E YR, sg 'gf E' iz- -om 'ffl X-Lf llllll llllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllll IllIlllllllllllllllllllll OFOWOF O pause on a long journey, to look backward at the stages of progress, and to recall with gratitude one's in- debtedness to the past,-such are the ten- dencies of man that justify the publication of college annuals. Naturally we dwell on recent events of our college. In this volume you will see the records of a college year and the chron- icles of one more Senior Class. The theme is educational progress, which in a measure typifies the class. Years after our forefathers occupied the stages of action, we turn with pleasure the pages that tell the tales of Mississippi in by-gone days. In years to come, with a pleasure of the same nature, we shall turn these pages that tell of old college days at S. T. C. In our annual the past, the present, and the future are interwoven as in life itself. May these pages recall incidents of the past and be to us challenges of the future. We present to the Class of 1928 and to the College one further link in the chain of Mississippi history, picturing the theme in the guise and manner of an historical outline. May it serve both as a connecting link with the past and as a prophecy of H the future. We have given our best efforts to the task, hence we have no apologies to olfer for our work. VVe wish no recompense other than the approval of our classmates who gave us the honor of editing the an- nual. To have edited it has been our priv- ilegeg to have them approve it is our desire. l - 515. 3 l KX 3 I' . X ,NK K0 lb! N i V I 5 43 x f 1 ' if N ft E If sw f . 72 J 1 W ll' X he N, 'ily L ,ill "" I r' XX X' X I 1 I N ' Y O ..-0 J' z W 'miffbsf "",, 0 If X , , WW, gg xxlqglfls E W, f , ,-A ' SN ' -Q I 1" ' , I amz f - Nw fy, ' 4fSLXwNv X . A I -Ji -Y E 1 1 1 K: I 1 All if 'EX t X ,fi X '-I 2 J 3 iw' 2 . X - ACE ONE 5 THE COLLEGE ACE Two THE CLASSES AGE THREE I THE ORGANIZATIONS ' A ACE FOUR THE ACTIVITIES ACE FIVE THE ATHLETICS AGE SIX THE FEATURES L I ff l 3 if : - L: :Ll url A X IUIIHIIM 7' X I E X' ff A ,E W A x , X 1' ' - 5 .. A -L LL-if-' L-. 1 5 ye f .ll ' -I A - T' Q : r L Lf?--f 1 2 -f ,.. If JN Q s 2 A- + ff- F- Q! SSXBS -I ' N I 5 'ri 9 lx f"":m1 unmn in ,f, 1. -- E5 F-ii Y I i sig? Nwwgf-e2EH:-f1 EI wxIT' E?2NhL IL.w. EggEWEi44w?EQ J. B. GEORGE President Alumni Association , E I i E ! . E s i I E E HGME-COMING GRO I-ICDME. Noveml REJLIZING that the soul of an it whom it has influenced for good, touch with its former students, now of what it lzas done for them and the students of State Teachers College loz it still and to have a part in its futurf ing strong the ties binding the college The I-Iome-Coming, November all Hor1ze-Conzings should be. As the annual I-Iome-Coming express as full' and loyalty of those wlzom it has serv OVEMBER 24-25, 1927 QMI 5, 1927 n is expressed in the lives of those Teachers College fwants to keep in an ten thousand in number. Because it has rendered to llfississippi, the Alma Mater and desire to belong to fonze-Coming" is one means of keep- children. 927, fwas a beautiful example of what re grofws abler in service, may the 'the I-Ionie-Coming 0151927 the love J. B. GEORGE, President, State Teachers College Alumni Association. lr I ad" my - C. J. DARBY Toastmaster at Home-Coming Banque! Qealagibn e Q . fl tl t jw s. QW Because of their undying love, tireless devotion, constant inspiration, and guiding influence The 1928 NEKA C4MON z l vi gly dCCllCGl cl THE MOTHERS S1dlfStTeace Co al-QR 's o '11 ' e - to of V The u en s o ta e it rs llege if X? , i 2 ll 5 iii! ii ix.. if ' 'X' X- , Q' .llllllllllllllllllllllIllllllml1n-, ...mmilllllllmlnmIIIllllmlIlulmlllllmllliilnllllmn T rw? ,4 ' . g ,1 41' W , ,, ' ff ,, I 1',lW?f"f Egg XX A ' 'I "fl A' X W 1 fffffl .Q ir P I .X T E ..' L JM QN . -if - W' - - -. Q j " '-HW' - I 3 L 1 QE . I 1 , 3- f ,, i T'.,,- ul mum- - f X " f f: Jn. -. - 7 'ig gqmg' 2563 413 ' ix ""a!"' Q ff- 'y:,fi ' - N X EEE C , 5 V WP ' ,Z + l1 -'W L 'C L' 'j f L- c'rgp1C3uQj 1- fl OLD FIELD LOG CABIN SCHOOL AGE ONE TH E COLLEGE PRESIDENFIUS HOME Knofwosl ilmu flu' good mon of Ilzis house? SCIENCE HALL Unlcnofwn forvsts of flll' Savage, Unknofwn fways of Af10lf1I'I' Nalurr, Sfarclmd out by the lighl of Sfinm Bring us nearer unto Hca-van. A GIRLS' DORMITORY Where fair lasses lighlly trip, And Izrafve laddies fear to tread COLLEGE HALL No! 101' slrn'l.f on '-'blfllifll fwc larrivd, Not 1110 flL1.Y.S'I'00lII5 fwllrre fwr dnllicd, Bu! fllllfl' rooms in -whirlz fzcr lalzorfd IVc'll rvmembrr-.vonzc day-kirzdly. K HOSPITAL You smilrd upon ,mc and I thought it fwas spring And my heart put forth thc fiomuers of hope. Q , . 3 e Q M Q S A . fn 4, runoff'- I BOYS' DORMITORY Ilofw many Illousand of my jwoorrsl .vrzlljrds .Jre at Illis hour aslrrjxf WORLD WAR MEMORIAL To you from failing hands fwe Ihrofw The torchj he yours to hold it high. A awk E FL! NEKA CAMON, 1928 IIllIIIIIllllIIIIlllIlIllllllllIIllllZ iQ Il Qmaiccllllllll' Z xx S , WY UNLTY ,FK f . ,yffj QQ sf 'A A2-1, - G-'ff-iif-W' 3 Rf KG? jfw' ,A - 'JT-"' - Q x - KQUQ-Z. , f Qi if - N ' 'UN , ,J K GX z fb., ff J X N X005 7156 -X XTOOQ QVC Peg N Qi. X J 5 NW s 'Z NEKA CAMON, 1928 Q I x ' ' ' -'XXX X mmuu- - :J ETS 'I"1'r"" mmm I WMN NS IION HON. HON HON IIBN fy , I .. .N . S, . , HF: Nil' Nw . , f .ai fvw A A, W 3 :Q , A f Board of Trustees DENNIS MURPHREE . . HON. ILHEODORE G. BILBO . HON. VV. F. BOND . . T. VV. HARRIS, COILIITIIHIS, Isl F. B. SMI'I'H, Ripley . . end J. F. BURROVV, Ruleville . 3rd 4NOt in I'iCtII1-I-1 VV. I. S1-ONE, Coffeeville . ,Nfl Dislrirl Dim-in Dislrirl D islrizl I6 . . . G047.'f'f7l07' ofMissi.s.sipj1i, 10.27 . Gofzw-'rzor of Mississippi, 1928 . Stair Sujrf. of Public Education HON. HON. HON HON L. P. BROWN, Meridian . 51h Dislrifl L. A. SMITH, Hattiesburg, 610 Disirirl J. J. LEE, Tylertou . . . 7111 Dislrid R. E. L. SU'1'HIsRI.ANn, Raymond. S111 Disi. N 5 . ii Elf! NEKA CAMON, 1928 EE IIIIIIIlllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIZ,llllllllltagsx Q .- -v JOE COOK I'n'5fJ1'l1t B.A., Vanderbilt University. F7 NW s '4 NEKA CAMON. 1928 Q -N M- X "I Z?lI 'llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll if - piia.s..... .. - ' -W Faculty XV. T. LOWVREY Ilmd of Drparlmfnl of .-Inrimi Languages M..-X.. Mississippi College. -IOSEF SOLTERER Hfad of DI'p!U'1lI1I'7lf of Mod4'r'n Languages lVll'HIillIlff', Former Austrian Imperial and Royal Naval A:-11115-inyg BS., Mississippi Stale 'l'vam-lu-rs College. Miss LOYETTE VVEBB Hmd of Dfparlmfnl of Ilousflmld :Iris B S.. P1-ulimly Prullefgvg M,A., cfllllU1lli2 Univi-rsity. Miss PEARL CAMPBELL .-Issixfant Inslrurtor in I10ll.ff'll0ld ,Iris BS., Mississippi State Poll:-ge for XVUIHQII. Miss OLIVE IQLINE .-l.v.vi5mnl lnsirudor in f10ll5P1I0ld Jrls and Sup- Nfvlsnr of Ilnmr Md7lll!ll'lH1'7lf Collagz' BLA., Pnlunibiu Univvrsily. T. F. JACKSON Ilrad of Dfparlrnfnt of figriruliurr BS., RLS., Mississippi A. M M. l's'vll1-sw. Q H. L. B1CCLESKY A Dirfflor' of Df'parImrnt of Ilraltll Edumlion -- B.S., Vpivm-rsity of Iiiississippig M.A., Pc-zilmdy Ful- legv. VV. H. Bono Dirfrlor of ff llzlflifs .. B.S,, Mississippi A. Sc M. College. I8 NEKA CAMON, 1928 1 , '4 if 'REX V is lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllag Faculty L R R Miss ALMA I'1ICKlX'IAN .Iding llfad of Drparlmfnt of English B.A., Mississippi State Cwvilvge for Wnmm-ng I'h.IS., University of Chicago: M.A., Columbia UI1iVi'l'Sil5'. IVIRS. Aim CLOWER YATES .'Is5i.vlant lnxlrurlar in English ' "W" " B.S., Mississippi Slate T1-aciu-rs Collcgvg M.A., CH- K lumlvia University. Miss NIYRTLE ELIZABETH W1LL1AMs , .4.ssi.flant lnslrudor in English B..-X., Grvnzulzi l'oIlm-go: M.A., Univursity ul' l,'alif01'Iliz1. -I. B. GEORG E V 'W Q .'I.vsi.v1anl 1llJ1flll'10f' in MaIl1f1z1z11if's and Education B.S., Mississippi Stzitv 'IW-zir'iiv1's Culii-gvg M.A., Fcu- body College. Miss IQATE B. BROWN llmd of Drparlmfnt of Ilislory B.S.. I'milmLiy Colin-gr-3 M.A., Clilllllllliii UiliX't'l'SiiB'. ' PGM M ss BERNICIE DM' ' .lssislanl 1ll.f1fllfl0l' in llislory i B.A., Mississippi State Culln-gc ful' xvtbllltll Cl. G. H LRST g. Ilrad of D1'parllln'11I of lfdumlinli - B.A,, M.A., linivorsity ol' Mississippi, Miss EMILY PEYTON .IQNES A-Issisfarzi lnxtrurtor in lidzzmliorz A B,s,, Poulmody Collogvg M.A., Columbia Uniu-rsily. 19 NW s NEKA CAMON. 1928 ' - ,lp Y . V nl llllwjlqlqnllglllllllIllumIlmlu F llllllllllllllllllllllllll lllll JV" -Q--if - L uf 4. . lll siiis R I ff? if I 1' Faculty O. V. AUSTIN Iflmd of Dfpartnzrnl of Sficnff B.A., M.A., University of Mississippi. J. F. VVALKER .lssislant Insirudor in Sfirzzn' B.S., University of Mississippi, S. C. HALL llrad of Drparlrlzvlzt of Sofia! Scivna' B.S., M.A., University of Mississippi. O. L. ASHCRAFT Ilvad of Dfpartmcnt of COIIZIIIFVCI' 15.S., Mississippi A. S: M. Colin-ge: M.A., Univw,-rsitg of Iowa. Miss VIRGLNIA CAPERTON plssislazzt Instructor in Commcrcc B.A., Mississippi State Colin-gc for Womon. AIRS. ELIZABETH CUNNINGHAM Ilmd of Dfjmrtnzcnt of Fine :Iris Gi'z1dil:ite, Tlimnas Normal Trziining Sr,-lmolp Stu- ilent cf Art, Snuli- Follege, Prim-o's Collegr-5 Ward- Bulnmnt College: Art Studios, Nashville, '1'ennvssoe. Miss MARY PULLEY .'ll5fl'llff0f in Pvnlnanxlzip and ,flssislanl Rfgislrar Stumlunt, Cumlzu' Rapids Busiiuss Collvgv. Miss MATT112 PERRY Instructor in Pllysifal Education for lVOIllL'll B.S., Peabody College. 20 NEKA CAMON, 1928 Illlllllllllllllllllllllll Ill II ' nxt' R llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllll In II I4 I Ixwwx X Faculty C. E. THOMAS llrail of 1J1',lJ11rln11'11t of Manual .Iris Graduatv, Muncie Natiunal Instituto. Miss ANNA ROBERTS llzslrurlor in Library Sfifllfl' and Librarian M.A., Vanderbilt Univorsity. Miss JULIA CUDDEBACK Dir1'i'Ior of Drjmrlnzrrzl of Musir B.M., Northwvstorn Univursiiy. Bliss BLANCHE Loma Inslrzzvlor in Piano Mississippi State Collf-no rm- Xvflllllfllf ILM Eush Ljm1se1'v:Ltory, Cliiczlgfr. B.A.. Miss RUTH IVIETCALF Irzslruflor in fain' and Pulzlif SIJIOU1 1V11z5i4' B.M., Bush C0ll5L'l'YillU1'y, Cl1iL'ug'1w. Miss EDNA CONSTABLE Iizstruflor' in I'inlin and Piano A. F. FUGITT Dir'z'z'l0r of Ham! B.S., Mississippi State 'I'uzu'lw1's Culln-gc Miss NVILLA BOLTON 1111111 of 1JI'Plll'1IlIl'll1 of Crograjrfly B.A., Mississippi Stair- Cwllvgm- fur YNVUHIUIIQ A1..X Columbia Univursity. 2 I X S NEKA CAMON 1928 ,. . , ,, ,. ,k, . . i 1? Faculty TRAINING SCHGOL G. G. HURST Dircctor B.A., M.A., University of Mississippi. MISS EMILY PEYTON JONES Supcrfvisor of Instruction B.S., Peabody Collvgeg B.A., Columbia University. G. M. MCLENIJON Principal M.A., Peabody College. A. J. MIDDLEBROOKS Critic Tcafhcr for Svfucnth and Eighth Grades BS.. State Teachers College, Denton, Texas. MRS. SALLIE STEVENS RTCLEMORE Critic Trachrr for Fifth and Sixth Gradcs B.S., PI-ubody College. Miss BESSIE FOUNTAIN Critic Tcachcr for Fourth Gradc B.S., Mississippi Statc- Teachers College Miss FRANKIE FRANCIS Critic Tfachcr for Second and Third Graclvs B.A., Mississippi State College for NVomen. MISS NORA STEVENS Critic Teacher for Primary and First Grades B.S., Peabody College. 2 SW W Li 1 NEKA CAMON, 1928 . 1 X Illlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll ,lllllllll ll 4.xQXNXRCcCq .- X '-A X ' ba' OfHC6TS T. P. SCOTT l'ifr-Pr'fxid1'r1I and Ilfad of Drparimrnl of Mzzlhrrnalirs B.A., R.I.:1w, B. Pedagogy, M.A., Univm-rsity of Mississippi. C. VV. VVooDs Srrrrlary MRS. NEVA NVALL IVIa1ron Forrrsi County Ilall NIRS. L. M. LIPSCOMR Mairon Mississippi Ilall MRS. ANNIE BAILY Coox K Mllfl'07l Ilalihavbzzrg Hall X A I ' O. N. DONOVAN is Sz1prr'irz1f11dz'1zl Dairy K V. C. CAGLE M lflzgizzfm' 4 1 MRS. AI. R. G.'XI.liRl?.'X'I'I'I R Clil'I'I'JP0llalfllfi' Sluzly Sn'r1'lr1ry g 1 1 Y f R , I NEKA CAMON. 1928 XX 1 IllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll -S-Z sf' f+Z ' -X OfHCe1'S Mlss LINDLEY VVILLIAMS ,-lssistant Srfrelary Miss F. H. LEECH Srfrflary to Prfsidnzt Miss TULA BRASFIELD flxsislant Librarian Bliss BEEDIE SMITH Rffidfnl Nursf J. H. PENNEBAKER Baplisf Studfnf Sl'fl'Pflll'y E. B. ELLINGTON Mflfmzlisf Stzzdfnl Sffrrtary 2+ IJ 'Pj I fflfq V Fff N5 I H N I 6 E LL II zgzff, -ix W W T QR 444f,Zj7Zf5?Z2757'M V ,. , 4. mf X ffl-H in! 5 N ll 3 6, I ol In by ' in ll'.M .l, k 8 L mt' A, I N J U LL Q L X, F I A i' 1: . -'llp U Xl ' N I! ' 26- L. fm! N L -Q""f1:-f w xd 423, M .!'q' :+L C534 FRAME RURAL SCHOOL AGE Two THE CLASSES NW s 4 NEKA cAMoN, 1928 TL V 7. Z' df Axix A - Illlll "lllIllIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllll 'IllIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll X 111 , 1- SCI1iOI' Class of H. L. GILLESPIE . .......... .... . Now SUIN'l'ilIft'lNll'llt, XY:1yii1-slmro High School XVayne-shoro. Mississipvi Miss HESTER SHARBROUGH ............ . Now Student. Southern College Nashville, Tc-nnessee C. F. DODSON .......... ............ Now Coach and Instruvtoi' in Scienoe, Groc-no County Agricultural High LE-akesvillo, Mississippi Miss ETHE1. CooK . .............. . Now Iustruvtor in Ezitonvillo High School Eatonvillv, Mississippi XV. A. BEIQLAND . ....... . Sebastoriol, Mississippi Miss ETHA ICERGOSIEN . . , ............ . Now Instructor in Handsboro High School Handsboro, Mississippi Miss TH ELM.-X FARRAR .................. Now Instrur-tor in Orange Gr-nvn Forisoliclate-d High Sm-hool Gulfport, Mississippi 26 . President Vice-P7-esizlrnt . . Secretary School . Treasurffr . Po et . IJi5'f0Ti!l7l . Reporter ,WI L ?l NEKA CAMON, 1928 IIllIllIIllIIIIIIllIlllIIllllIIIIIIllZ 2 Z E2 1 iid' U R do -es v- n ' 5fX,,,u.N ,,,.,w. if HP15NxT. YE'-719 7 M 91- Q is SCI1iO1' C1855 OfFlC61'S VV. L. VVHITE ................... . . . . . President MARY LINN HOSTETLER . . . . . . Vice-President FANNIE OZELL Owxxcs . . . . . Svcrctary EUGENIA BURNET . . . Historian BILLIE MONTAGUE . . . Proplzft E. N. SAUCIER . . . Poet 28 'Qs fir 15,14 ,PQI 'X-5 C1'liO1' Class OLIVER NV. PIWIILLIPS, B.S. . .... . Louin, Mississippi ENGLISH Ilcplcscntativc Prestoriian Literary Society in Intcr-Sncicty Oratorical Contest, '26: Scr-rctzwy I'I'estiin- inn Litcrziry SI,-I-ii-ty, '26g lfL'Ill'L'SPlli?1flYIJ I'I-I-stonizin Liti-rzII'y Sui-ii-ty in lllll'l'-SlH'il'lY lwliuii, '2T: Cullm-gc DI-lmtiiig Tc-sun, 'ZTQ I2L'1lI't'Hl'l'lt2ltlX'l' ol' lfnlli-gc in Illti-I'-Cfillcszizitv ljl'2llUl'i4'ill l'imtI-st. 'BTL Assistant Busincss M2lllilS'GT "Student 1Jl'il1tZ," '273 President Y. M. P. A., 'ZZNQ Band, '2T, 'ZEN3 "lil10XY Mississippi BI-tte1"' Train with Band, '27g Men's Gleir- Cluli, '2Sg Y. M. U. A, Valiim-t, '27g I'I'L-sidcnt B. Y. P. U., '27, Oliver is a hard worker with a serious outlook on life-except where the fair sex is concernecl. Since he has made Il success of his years at S. T. C., we feel sure that in later life he will cou- tinue to "deliver the goods." RL'IsIIz .IUIIN TIIOMPSON, HS ...... . . . . Pun-vis, Mississippi HOME ECONOMICS Vice-1'I'csiIli-nl Hmm- Econoniics Flub. '253 Mississippian Literary Society: Hunic Ecuiminivs Clubg Epworth LI-nguoi VVUVIU Affairs Club. To know Rubie is to realize how true it is that precious things :Ire done up in small packages. 29 1 X l I l I Senior Class ANNIE IQATE LOCKARD, B.S. ............ Ocean Springs, Mississippi SOCIAL SCIENCE AND HISTORY XVOVICI Affairs Club: Mississippian Literary Soe-ietyg Christian Endeavor. Annie Kate always has a cheerful smile and a frfendly word for everyone. In fact, her genial personality has won her many friends. ROY A. HILISLTN, B.S. . .... . Soso, Mississippi HEALTH Platonian Literary Soeietyg Y. M. C. A.: VVQ1-ld Affairs Club. Hilbun entered the State Teachers College in December. 1924, with a determination to get a col- lege education. He has accomplished his purpose, proved himself a worthy studentg and he possesses the friendship of all who know him. The surest way not to fail is to dvlernzinz to succeed. 30 '. 1 61'1iOI' Class HAYWOOD H. HANNA, B.S. . . . . Kosciuslco, lllississippi HISTORY Prestonian Literary Society: World Affairs Club, '26, '27, '283 Corresponding Secretary XVorld Affairs Club, 'ESQ President Sophomore Class, '2Tg Vice-President Epworth League, '27. Three years have been plenty of time for Haywood to obtain his degree. High grades and general efhciency are a part of his recordg politeness mixed with Hrmness characterizes his actions, FRANCES WATKINS, B.S. . ..... . Meridian, Mississippi ENGLISH Sherwood Bonner Literary Society. Frances, a lovable brunette, who assumes an air of indiFference, has won distinction on the campus by her polished and cultured manner. A true Southern girl, respected and admired by all, she has a remarkable scholastic record. 31 4 l 4 , ? f ,, Y, , I 61'liOI' C1355 HELEN IQERVIN, HS. . . .... . Columbia, Mississippi ENGLISH Sherwood Bl'lIlllt'I' Literary Sueit-ty, Sr-reretary Slwrwoml Bonner Literary Society, '28, Glow Club, '28, B. Y. P. U-. '28. , Long of limb and long of fwil, Long on fun and glad of iff Long on sllzdyizzgf, noi Il lzif, Long on U7Zf'l"7Jl'H and proud of il. BILLIE il'IONTAGL'E, B.S. .... . Vaiden, lwississippi HISTORY ViC'e-Presidr-nt I'1't-strmiali liitr-1'a1'y Sm-iety, '27, f'haplain Prestonian Literary Srwii-Ty, '2S3 Wo1'lcl AFl'ai1's Club, '28, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, '2S: Senior' Class Prophet, '2S, Bill, who does not know the meaning of failure or the sting of defeat, first appeared on the campus in 1925, and has ever since lived up to the slogan, "Get there on time and stay to the end." Mzly your fuiflorifs not bf too rasy, For in llzw lfardrsz' fight lim mosf glory. 32 -. 1 "' 1 'Z' i K, SI1iO1' Class WILLIE EVELYN EWELL, B.S. . .... . Hattiesburg, Rlississippi GEOGRAPHY Y. W. C. A., '25, '26, '2S1 Worm Affairs C-lub, '28, Versatile and conscientious, VVillie is Z1 Student of whom S. T. C. is proud. Bfftfrr In' small and shim' Than largr and fax! a slmdofw. MILDRED EAST, B.S. . .... . . , . Hattiesburg, llississippi MODERN LANGUAGES Sherwnod Bunncx' T1it9l'?l1'Y S00i1'l3': Y. TV. C. A-3 B. Y. P. U.: Glvv Club, ':Zi, '26, 'Zig "lin-'nv Mis- sissippi Bettvru Train with Band, '26, '27, Ilmrl on In-r lips and .mul fwilllin hw' fym, Soft as lzrr flllllf, and .vunny ax lzrr skim. Q1 13 S, f X S S61'1iO1' Class IRVIN ALBERT SAUCIER, B.S. .... . Saucier, Mississippi ENGLISH "Know Mississippi Bette1"' Train with Band, '26, '2Tg Prestonian Literary Soc-ietyg Assistant Band Director. '2S. Saucier has contributed much to the musical life of State Teachers College. In addition to his musical ability he has a quiet, unassuming personality, and is a diligent student. MARY LINN HOSTETLER, B.S. . ..... . Hattiesburg, Mississippi HISTORY XVor1d Affairs Club, '27, '28g Vice-President Senior Class, '2S. Mary Linn, a charming and lovable little brunette, never frowning on the world or shirking her duties, makes glad the hearts of all her associates. ,-I puff and .wrfzficralflc life is the rofvrfrd end, .Ind honest duty prrformfd flzffrfulfy nf-ver bringx dixappoininzefzt. 3+ eI'liOI' Class MARGARET MARX' YGUNG, B.S ......... . XVest Point, lllississippi HOME ECONOMICS Secretary Freshman Class, '261 SL'f'l'L't2ll'y Soplimnort- Class, '27, Student Council, 'QTQ Pxw-side-nt Mis- sissippian Literary Society, '27, St-cl'eta1'y Mississippian Litt-ravy Sovii-ty, 'ESQ YVorltl Affairs t"'lul1, '26, '27: Vice-President YVOVICI Affairs Club, '2Ng Svni-mr Vlass I-It-311-4-se11latix'v Home E4-onunlivs tfluli, 'Isg Secretary Student Body, '28, Studs-nt Bully Itepoi-ten, "Studs-nt I'rintz," 'ZNQ Y. XV. C. ,-Lg Christian Endeavor. Possessing such qualities as patience, wisdom, humor, sincerity, and grace, combined with noble purposes and high idealism, "Yankee Margaret" has endeared herself to the hearts of all those who know her. In class work and student activities, her ability and popularity are attested by the excellent achievements and many honors that have been bestowed upon her. :I Illillilllllfl' of lofwlizzwss will: rullurz' and grace, Sunzmvd up and llIIl'l'04'LUl'd Ill a Ilftlllllflll farf. JOHN NIICHAEL IQING, B.S. . . . . . McHenry, Mississippi SCIENCE Cod, gifvr mv hills lo flirnlz .-Ind Jfffllfjfll for rlirnlzing. These lines bespeak the quiet determination, the calm perseverance, the eagerness for accomplish- ment that is Mike's. 35 1 SCI'1iO1' Class LUCILE CSRACE Davis, HS. ...... . Tula, lklississippi HOME ECONOMICS Homo Et'ono1ni1's Club: B. S. U. Counoilg 'l'1't-:iSu1'e1' B. Y. 1'. U., 'ZSQ COl'1'C.'S1DOl1dll1g Sec1'cta1'y B. Y. P. U., '28, Ilapjvy, i!10llfffll'-fllf, kind and Iruf, Then' is no fa-vor 5110 fwill not do. Lucile, who came to us from Blue Mountain College, has proved to be a good student and a loyal friend. She seems very quiet, modest and reserved, but those who know her best find that she is full of fun and always ready for a joke. EL'c15N1A BURNET, B.S. . .... . Utica, Mississippi ENGLISH Historian Senior Class, '2Sg Yvorltl Affairs Clubg Mississippian Literary Societyg Y. W. C. A. Take one ounce of originality, two cups of loyalty, along with one cup of laughter, stir thor- oughly, and to this add four teaspoons of pep, a pinch of temper, and some corn Howers to color the eyes. After baking in the oven of "congeniality" sprinkle well with all good traits, and you will have-"Gene," 36 i S6I'1iO1' Class VV. L. VVHITE, HS. ........... . VVess0n, lllississippi MATI-1EMA'I'ICS AND SCIENCE l4'l't'llt'll Flub, '26, '27, Prcstoniztn Litt-1'ary Socia-ty, '26, '27, '28, f'ii:ipl:iin Pri-Stonizin Lili-i':1i'v Siwii-tv, p I 'Ltig Pri-side-nt I're-stoniun Literary Society. '27, Y. M. C. A., '26, '27, '28, Y. M. C. A. Pziiwim-ti, '2ni, '2ig Vice-President, Y. M. C. A., '28, Glee Club, '2li. '2T: Debating Council, '26, '27, Assistant Business Mzmziger "Student P1'intz," '2Sg President Si-nior Class, '2S: B. S. U, Council, '28, Director B. Y. P. U-. '2S. VVhite, a faithful worker and a true friend, seeks opportunities for service, ignoring personal gain. Such a man as this tries to make the world a better place in which to live. As president of the Senior Class, his duties have been many, but he has performed them well. VVe predict for him a brilliant future. .1 nzanlv rraflz should 1'xn'1'd' his grasp, or QAJIIIUYJ Il llrafurn for? "'V.i""'? EDDIE INEZ PETERS, HS. . ....... . illashulavillc, illississippi HOME ECONOMICS Y. XV. P. A., '25, Vice-President Y. XY. C. A., H251 Publicity Phairniziil Y. XV. C. A., '26, 'ZIT2 Missis- sippian Literary Society, '25, '26, '27, '2Sg Hmni- lit-onmnii-s Uluh, '26, '27, '2sg In-po,-t,,,. Humg Evo- nomif-s Club, '25g Blue Ridge- Dolt-gutt-, '25, Blue Ridgi- P. XV. G., '26, B, Y. I'. U., '26, '2T. In her quiet unassuming way, Eddie has made a splendid college record. Her perseverance, originality, and dependableness will win for her success in any undertaking. Sin' looks fwiyr and ads fwfsr, ,Ind allways s1'1'111.v Io smilrg .-11111 'LC!ll'Il il rolllrxt Io doing Iflillgx, Sl1r'J rruzdr of ilu' Jfllf 41.507711 fzcllilr. 37 X SCI'liO1' Class LOUCILE IKERD, B.S. . ......... . New Augusta, Mississippi PHYSICAL EDUCATION Basketball. ':Z5g Assistant Physical Education Instructor, '27g Sherwood Bonner Literary Society, '25, '26, '27, '28, Y. VV. C. A, '25, '26, '27. Plzysifal or mental, Bettvr brain or limb? Pcrspiration? Confentralion? Library or Gym? IVell, I'll bafvf to choose' one- Cbani mr, fboir, a bymnj Don't bv silly, Library, I'm going to the Gym. She is a serious minded, erlieient student hut is never too busy to lend a helping hand or to have a good time. She will be successful either as a home-maker or a teacher. A. L. NIX, B.S. ..... . Hamilton, Mississippi SCIENCE Platonian Literary Society. '25, '26, '27, '2S: President Platonian Literary Society, '2S: Y. M. C. A., '25, '26, '27, 'IZSQ B. Y. P. U.: President B, S. U. Couneil, '2S: VVorld Affairs Club, '28g Business Man- ager "Student Pl'lllfZ," '2S: Football, '27, 'ZSQ Basketball, '27, '2Sg Baseball, '27. Nix, as far as we know, has caused no consternation to the college authorities. Although' he is quiet and unassuming hy nature, the college has felt the deeper effects of his personality. Go to it, Nix, and take our best wishes with you. 38 '55k'f'i ' ,f ' 1 , K ' i ' L 1 i 1 . i L ,4- .- 15, r 1 i SCI1iO1' Class ADDISON DAVIS OWINGS, B.S. ...... . Amory, Mississippi MATI-iEiviA'r1cs Prestonian Literary Society, '26, '27, '28, Y. M. C. A., Glee Club, '26, Sc-rub Football, '26, '27, Tlzerc are lzormil souls Ilzal li-vw -'witlnlrafwn In llzc plate of tlioir self-contf'nt,' Thrre are souls lilef stars Ilia! dr-well apart, In a fellofwless firmamrnt. Tlzere are pioneer souls that blazz' their paths lVl1cre lziglifways newer ran, But lol me lifve by the side of ilu' road And bc a friend to man, BERT SCRIVENER, HS. . ....... . Derma, lklississippi HOME ECONOMICS Joke Editor, Mississippian Literary Society, '28, B. S. U. Cnuneil. '28, President B. Y. P. U., '28, President Sunday School Class, '28, Reporter Home Ei-onoinirs Club, '28, College Cheer Leader, '28, President Mississippian Literary Society, '2S. Bert, with her jolly laugh and high spirits, is like a Swiss peasant girl with whirling bright skirts, keeping in rhythm with an old folk dance. 39 E , i l l P ,,., Q 5 1 1 Senior Class LYDA DAUGHDRELL, B.S. . .... . Hattiesburg, Mississippi ENGLISH Sherwood Bonner Literary Society, Her charming personality has won for Lyda many friends. She is an excellent student and pos- sesses rare sincerity and determination. MII.l7RElJ HILL, HS. . ....... . Mashulaville, Mississippi HOME ECONOMICS Vice-President Mississippian Literary Societv, '25, '26g Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, '26, '27, '28g Blue Ridge Delegate, '25g Ser-retary-Treasurer Blue Ridge Club, '263 Student Council, '27g Secretary-T1'easu1'e1' Mississippian Literary Society, '2'7g Chairman Field C0-operative Club, '28, Mildred, a true, sympathetic friend, is never too busy to share joy or sorrow. Those who claim her friendship Value it most highly. ,fl hand thafs quick, small kindly drvds lo do, Courage enough to .wr Ihe battle through, To fail today-lomorrofw rise to try. 40 ,M-nu. 6'I'liO1' Class IvoN GRAHART, HS. ....... . Pascagoula, illississippi HOME ECONOMlCS Gull' Coasit Club, '25, 'ZGQ Y. XV. P, A., '26, '27, 'SNZ I'i-4-Sitlmit Bible f'laSs, 'ZGQ S9f'l't't11l'y Mis- sissippian Literary Soeiety, 'LZIS3 Deli-gate Epworth I,-'agile iilltli-f'l'Fll4'i'. '!T: Sf-r'reta1'y Home Evoiiumies Club, '26, '27, '2Sg President Mississippian I.iter:u'y So:-it-ty, 'ZTQ Home Economies Deli-fate Missis- sippi Education Assov-iatiou, 'BNC Senior Basketball Team, '2S. i lvon is a jolly girl with a eharaeter to be envied. Although she believes in fun, she knows when to be serious. She has been a bright spot on the campus tor three years and her numerous friends will always remember her charms. It fu:as II glad "Good ll'I0l'Ilillfj,H .15 Jln' jvassmi along lfn' fLClly,' Bu! ii .vprrmf Ifn' N!0l'lli!Ifl'5 glnry 0'1'r fflt' lifvf long day. EVAN E. LONG, HS. . . . Pocahontas, lllississippi mccusu Platonian Literary 'lm-it-ty. Although receiving his degree with the Class of '28, li. If. Long in reality helongs to no class. lle came to State Teaeliers College in the early years, pursued his studies and social affairs with ability and diligence and in time won both a diploma and a wife. For several years, Mr. Long has been a sueeessful sehool superintendent as well as a director of summer normals. Tak- ing advantage of summer work and correspondence study, he has now won the coveted degree. Ambitious as he is for advancement in his profession, he never lets his ambition interfere with his complete living. 4K ' . I E . t i i E t 5 Cl'liO1' Class KATIE MAE TRIPLETT, B.S. . . . . . Mashulaville, Mississippi ENGLISH Glee Club, ,253 Y' VV. C. A. Committee, '25g Secretary Mississix.-j, Literary Society, '26g Y. W, C, A. Cabinet, '26g Treasurer Y. XV. C. A.. 'IZTQ Blue Ridge P. W. G., '26, Student Council, '26g Assistant Editor "Student Printz," '28. S1l6',5 true' to l1rr 'fbU07'k, llfr fwords, and her friends. Those who know her best appreciate her strength of character, honesty, and sincerity. She fills all offices with dignity and efliciency. She is a typical all-round student. Girls of her type can never be forgotten. EVERETT E. COOK, HS. ....... . Hattiesburg, Nlississippi soc1AL SCIENCE Treasurer Freshman Class, '24ig "Know Mississippi Better" T.-am with Band, '26, '2'Ig Vice-President World Affairs Club, '27g Y. M. C, A. Cabinet, '2Tg Secretary Platonian Literary Society, '26g Winner S. T. C. Tennis Singles, '2Tg Delegate from 'World Affairs Club to "International Relations Club" Con- vention at Atlanta, '27g Secretary Y. M. C. '28g Regsgoiter Senior Class, '28g Editor-in-Chief "Neka amon,"' . Everett, the son of t'Daddy Joe," is carefree, confident, and ambitious. His genial disposition, polished manners, and originality of thought have won for him the warm friendship of every- one. Everett, a natural leader and a good sport, will be remembered not only as a dreamer but also as a doer of things. 42 QU! S6I'll01' Class SARAH LOUISE RTILLER, B.S. ...... . VVest Point, lllississippi HOME ECONOMICS Vice-President Y. YV. C. A., '263 Vir-c-President Home Economics Club, 'illig President Home Econrniiif-s Club, '2Sg Secretary NVorld Affairs Club, '2S. To know Sarah is to he her friend and not to know her is to have a friendship circle incomplete. Her pleasing manner has won for her the confidence of both students and faculty. She is true- hearted, whole-hearted, faithful and kind, and her modesty is the grace of her soul. NANCY B. BRYANT, HS ............. . Hattiesburg, lllississippi sociAL science AND nisrour Sherwood Bonner Literary Society: Y. XY. P. A. With her cheerful smile Nancy B. hrings joy and happiness into the lives of others. She is an earnest, sincere student with an enviable class record. 43 7 l'l t .. i SCI1i01' Class H. E. MASON, B.S. . ...... . Bucatunna, Mississiplii socmi. scnwcs Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, '26, '27, '2Sg Vice--President Prestonian Literary Society, '27, President B, Y. P. U., '27, '2Sg Winner Inter-Society Debate, '26, Wilinel' Inter-Society Oratorical Contest, '26, Vice- President B. S. U. Council, '27. Harvey is a determined and aspiring young man of high character. His associations, accom- plishments, and actions while a fellow student give great hope for his future. Determination is a prerious jefwel, flnd noble lifving its most fvaluable result. NIARY JAMES, B.S. . ..... - . . . State Line, hlississippi HOME ECONOMICS Mississippian Literary Society, Home Economics Club. Mary is a quiet, thoughtful girl, possessing strength of character, honesty, kindness and sincerity. Those about lzer From her shall read the perfeet -'ways of honor. 44 S S6I1iO1' Class FANNIE OZELL OWLNGS, B.S ......... . Amory, Mississippi HOME ECONOMICS Glee Club, 'ZGQ Mississippian Literary Soc-ietyg B. Y. P. U.: Secretary Senior Class, '2S. Fannie is not known for her much speaking, but for her dependability and brilliant intellect when the real tests come. For she fwas jest the quirt kind, lVhose nature: nffurr wary,- Like brooks that kcrp tlm summer mind Sll0"LU-,lid in JL'7I007'llfy. CQHEORGE EDGAR MAY, HS. . ...... . Hattiesburg, lllississippi MA'rnEMATics World Affairs Clubg Glee Clubg Prestonizm Literary Society. May realizes that true living is up-hill traveling, therefore he hopes to become a mountain climber. With him success is man's only excuse for being. He uses his past as a searchlight to illumine his future. 45 . i . Q i I l l ' A ' W' If-,. SCI1iO1' C1855 HAZEL GERALDINE BARNARD, B.S ...... . Nettleton, Mississippi ENGLISH Secretary Sherwood Bonner Literary Society. '253 Blue Ridge Delegate, '26g Birmingham B. S. U. Delegate, 'IIISQ Finance Chairman Y. VV. C. A., '26, '27, Secretary B. Y. P. U., '27: Student Council, '26, Blue Ridge P. VV. G., '27g Assistant Business Manager "Ne-ka Camonj' '2Sg Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, '28. Hazel is an embodiment of all the perfectly combined qualfties of womanhood. She is demure, refined, dignihed, and ever ready to help other people. We consider her as one of our most valuable students. She will make a success of whatever she attempts and she will attempt much. VVILLIAM G. BooTH, B.S. . . . . . Hattiesburg, Mississippi SCIENCE Joke Editor "Student Printzf' '283 Scrub Football, '28g Vice-President Platonian Literary Society, '28, Club Editor "Neka Camon," '28g Men's Glee Club, '2S. A sober-minded, conscientious, hard-working student is Bill. As a result of these qualities he has made a most excellent academic record. I Many falfnts are his. Child labor lafws prefvent fum from doing more. 46 .ai--T' x'?3'Q0 2 ' V Senior Class J. C. RYALS, HS. . .......... . Goss, lilississippi SOCIAL SCIENCE AND HISTORY Y. M. C. A.: Prestonian Literary Society. J. C. came to us with "Much to learn-much to forget." At the S. T. C. he gained a vision of greater usefulness. A diligent student, a believer in fair play, and a pleasing personality- these attributes have won a place for J. C, in the hearts of hoth teachers and students, ROSALIE LYLE, B.S. . . . . . Hattiesburg, llississippi ENGLISH Her ambition throughout her college career has been to do good work, always to be on time, and to stay to the end. For application and industry she has no peer. The rule of her life is to make business her pleasure. ln addition Rosalie has a sane, social attitude and is thoroughly human. Fortunate will be the community in which she lives and works. 47 , - -4, SGDIOI' Class FLYNT ROBINSON, HS. . .... . Marietta, lVIississippi scnsxce Y. M. P. A.: Platonian Literary Society: Tennis Club, '26, '27, '2S: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. '27, '2Rg Vliaplain Platunian Literary Society, '28, Mi-11's Glu- Nlub, '28, Mum-oe County Club, '27, '2S. Flynt is always willing to serve his friends. Not content with merely doing his duty, he goes the "second mile." RIRS. G. G. HURST, HS. .... . Hattiesburg, lllississippi Hisroay NYoi'Id Allairs Vluhg Honor liollg "All A" List. She is a wonder as wife, mother, school girl. She works with all her might and is loyal, whole- some and true. She knows more about managing a house and a husband than the guy that invented them. VVe love Miss Bettie because we find in her all he qualities of a lady. 48 CF' 6I1iO1' Class HERMAN A. THIGPIN, B.S. . . . . Carthage, lllississippi SCIENCE Men's Glee Club, '2Sg Certifir-ate Voive, 'ZSQ Advertising Manager "Student Printzj' '28, Y. M. C. Cabinet, '27, '28, Platoninn Literary Society, Student Iit'1ll't'Sl?llt2lflVL' Blue Ridge C0l1l'e'l't'llC't', 211, The confidence which meets every situation with a calm assurance is Herman's chief virtue. He has pleased many State Teachers College audiences with his vocal solos. YVe feel sure that he is destined to please larger and more critical audiences. GERTRUDE PHILLIPS, BS. . . . . . Gattman, lllississippi ENGLISH Mississippian Literary Soeioty, '25, '26, '27, '2S1VY. XV, VF. A. Musit- Poinuiiitn-1-, 'fog r"hnir1non Y. YY. P. A. Musio COHlI1lltlf'9, '27, Rt-porter Monroe County Ululu, '27, View-i'1-vsidnut Num-0,. fqmuty Q'-lui,- 'QSQ Sec-1'etu1'y Mississippian liiU'l'2ll'b' Suriv-ty, 'BNQ t'hui1'm:1n Music' Wnnlnittfw-, lfllwwortli Iivnglw, '2N. Gertie-the michievous music' maker, gay, and impulsive, then quiet, ancl SyIDl7Ilillt'Ill'. A won- derful sport, a wonderful student, a wonderful girl-Gertie. 49 A. l i 4 i-1 5 1 SCI1iO1' Class RUTH MCDANIEL, B.S. . ........ . Prentiss, Mississippi MODERN LANcUAc1zs Mississippian Literary Society: Y. W. C. A.: Glee Club. Happy-hearted, adorably domestic-what a wonderful prospect for 1-! EARL NOLAND SAUCIER, B.S. . ..... . Saucier, Mississippi ENGLISH Men's Glee Club, '25, '28g President Players' Guild, '25g Prestoniang World Affairs Club, '28g Senior Class Poet, '28g State Teachers College Editor for Hoi Polloi, '28, High ideals and a strong moral character linked with an attractive personality have won for Earl the friendship of both faculty and students. He is a gentleman and a scholarg a champion of every good causeg and an accomplished musician whose charming voice adds dignity and grace to his other noble accomplishments. SC A i i 6I'liO1' Class J. M. TUBB, HS. ........... . Amory, lllississippi SOCIAL SCIENCE AND HISTORY President Platonian Literary Society, '26: President Junior Class, '27g President Debating Council, '271 Business Manager "Student Printz," '27g College Cheer Leader, '273 Vim-e-President Monrm- Ununty Club, '27g Platonian Representative Inter-Society Debate, 'IETQ Winner Inter-Society Debate, '2Sg Editor "Student Printz," '28g President VVorld Affairs Club, '28. Tubb is a "hustler" in every sense of the wordg promptness seems to be hfs watchword. He is possessed with the determination and tenacity that are destined to bring him success. Beneath his original humor and good nature we End an all-round man, who has won for himself a prominent place in the hearts of numberless friends. KATHERINE WILLENE JACKSON, B.S ....... . Macon, Mississippi PHYSICAL EDUCATION Basketball, '27, '28: College Cheer Leader, '2T3 Sports Editor "Stud:-nt Printz, 'ETL Athletic Editor "Ncka Canionf' 'ZSQ Give 1'-lub, '27, '28, Echoes of the past: Andrew Jackson, who demanded obedience from his fellowmen. Stonewall Jackson, who demanded love and action from his fellowmen. Heralds of the present: Willene Jackson, a leader, who demands fair play and receives it. SI SGHIOI' Class RXIARGARET DOROTHY ELLIS, B.S .....,..... Ocean Springs, Mississippi SOCIAL SCIENCE AND HISTORY Band, '2Sg Treasurer Mississippian Literary Society, '2S: Undergraduate Representative, Y. W. C. A., 'ZSQ B. Y. P. U. Cheerful, helpful, capable, musical, artistic-a girl who serves everyone and loves those whom she serves-that's Margaret. GEORGE THoMAs DANIEL, HS ........... . Quitman, Mississippi HISTORY AND SOCIAL SCIENCE Pre-stonian Literary Soc-ietyg Masonic Clubg B. Y. P. U.: Critic Prestonian Literary Society. George is Il sincere. quiet fellow who minds his own business. His sincerity has won for him many friends. He has been a conscientious student, and we wish for him the success he deserves. 52 sl-IL Y 1- NEKA CAMON, 1928 i . 1 s Nu- X r . -X S lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllim X s ? J xmh 'i . x xX if emor Class H1story VERYTHING must have a beginning. The Class of 1918 is no exception to this A 2 rule. Yet we would scarcely say that this class began in 1924, for of the more than ai a hundred freshmen who appeared on State Teachers College campus in the fall , of 1924, not more than nine have remained the four years to be graduated with the lg Class of 1928. W In the freshman year, -I. B. Milling was chosen president of the class. Prob- Q5 ably the most important event of the first year for the freshmen was Christmas. At 'R' this time the much dreaded examinations were over and all were ready to relate to their parents and friends at home the wonders of college life. Summer vacation passed and we returned to the college, not as freshmen, but as sophomores. VVith what a condescending air we looked upon the freshmen-they were indeed to be pitied. No one in school held quite such an important place as the sophomores-so we thought-we be- lieved that we had just about mastered all there was in college and that the rest of the time would be devoted to fun and frolie. Poor sophomores-we did not know half the hardships of the next three years or we would have surely saved some of the sympathy we bestowed upon the freshmen for ourselves. Our junior year was an important one for us. As juniors we began to feel that we were almost on top of the world. This was especially emphasized the night we walked upon the stage and received our diplomas. A most interesting and trying ordeal for the graduates of this year is the teaching in the new training school. State Teachers College is climbing. VVe of this class have climbed part of the way and watched with pride the raising of the college standard. As the history of this insti- tution is in the making, so is the history of the Class of '28. Among those who will help provide for the future growth of this college are the alumni. The Class of '28 will soon be added to the list of those who strive for a "greater S. T. C." Our instructors have guided and aided us thus far in our journey, but now we must push out alone. May each one of this class be able to apply to his teaching these words: The twig is so easily bended, I have banished the rule and the rodg I have taught them the goodness of knowledge, They have taught me the goodness of God. My heart is a dungeon of darkness, VVhere I shut them for breaking a rule, My frown is sufhcient correction, My love is the law of the school. As Once the Knights of As once the knights of Arthur's Table Round And sought ourselves to learn the knightly life VVCFC all OW? mind, OU'-if PUFPOSC with their killt-T, That we may also make a world more fair. So that they gladly swore the vows that bound This purpose we Shall hold what-er the btrife' To Puflff' of heart and deeds to hung Tho pain and arduous toil may be our share A fairer world, for men a nobler fate, For true it ig now ,N in dnwg of om t , .. .D , , And proved themselves by many a knightly test. ,, . , , , Fis the ready heart thats brave and bold. Een so have we, the class of twenty-eight, ' Perceived a vision, highest, noblest, best, LEARL NOIIAND SMJUER. 53 NEKA CAMON, 1928 -' X ' X 'll I Xylllimix 'lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll enior Class Prophe cy MONG the marvels of this wonderful age none surpasses, in my opinion, the inven- tion of J. VV. Dunne, the renowned English scientist and mathematician, by means of which time is conquered and one can at will look into the future or review the past. This invention has been invaluable to me in writing this prophecy. With- out further explanation I shall give to you that which the machine revealed to me. Herman Thigpin and Bill Booth, after much work in the laboratory, have invented a liquid which will really prevent hair from falling out as old age approaches. O. W. Phillips has made the greatest speech of his career while presiding over a hobo convention. Everett Cook is using his knowledge of newspapers and his still greater knowledge of women in editing a woman's magazine, entitled "Comfort." Hazel Barnard is realizing her dream of being a missionary in China. Mildred East is playing first Cornet in the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Mildred Hill is dietician at the famous "Eatmore Club" in New York. Be sure to dine there, folks, while in the city. Margaret Ellis instructs the heathen of Africa in the mysteries of Fine Arts. A. L. Nix is football coach at Harvard University. VV. L. VVhite is professor of mathematics at the University of Virginia. Willie Ewell is a famous teacher of political science at Yale University. H. H. Hanna has a permanent position as one of the leading jurists of the world court. R. A. Hilbun gives "setting up" exercises to the patients in the Baptist Hospital at Memphis, Tennessee. Katie Mae Triplett is a successful writer of short stories. Her last one, "Young Old Maids," was a best seller. Sara Louise Miller is commercial dietician for Heinz 57 Varieties. Eddie Peters is head of the Home Economics Department at Mount Holyoke. Students com- mute for miles and miles to enter her department. Gertrude Phillips is married. Her husband's name I have forgotten, but it doesn't matter. Gertrude speaks for both anyway. J. C. Ryals is chancellor of the University of Mississippi. Rubie Thompson is presiding over a beautiful home in the suburbs of Jackson, Mississippi. Earline Allsup is social director for the "four hundred" of Washington, D. C. J. I. Alphin is superintendent of the city schools in Meridian. I. A. Saucier is Director of Music at Yale University. Margaret Young is not young any more-in name. She is now monarch of all she surveys. Margaret Alexander and Ivon Graham are running a delightful little japanese Tea Shoppe in New York. The Shoppe has a quaint oriental atmosphere and some of the tea will do to drink. Bert Scrivener is cheer leader in a happy home. She has been successful in landing a hus- band. VVhat marvelous things do happen! Annie Kate Lockard is head of the History Department at M. S. C. W. She lectures and the students listen-sometimes. Mary Linn Hostetler is engaged in historical research around the South Pole. J. M. Tubb is in the U. S. Senate, where he has won fame by introducing a bill to give mar- ried men equal rights with their wives. J. M. King is Chief of Police in New York City. 54 all L NEKA CAMON. 1928 - ' Z. r XF' s ffff- IIllIIlllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllll ml Flynt Robinson, after much scientific research, has invented a liquid, one drop of which, if taken at night, will make him really want to get up the next morning. A. D. Owings is professor of science and mathematics at the University of Alabama. Lucile Davis changed "their" minds and they are married now. Marshall Lane leads the movement for the rebuilding of the country churches. Mrs. Austin, who is a writer of note, is much sought after by the publishers. Willene Jackson is Director of Physical Education for women at the University of California. E. N. Saucier is a world renowned writer and critic. He criticised Mrs. Austin's last book, t'Great Women." They are, however, friendly again. G. T. Daniels, as assistant to the expert Psycho-Analyst, Herr Doctor Otto Hanytmann, is winning fame as the eradicator of inferiority complexes. Benton Hilbun will probably never visit the state again. His work as health advisor to the Sultan of Sulu has completely engrossed him. It is rumored that the Sultan yearns to have him as a son-in-law. Nancy Bryant bids fair to eclipse the fame of the Lady Nancy of England as the Duchesse De Tallerand. She is becoming a leader of the feminist movement in France. Cats are her hobby. Devils Island, the infamous French penal colony, is no more. Eugenia Burnet in her world voyages as a geographer visited this place, and her exposures of its medieval barbarities roused such a storm of protest that the French government had to abolish it. The hostess of the Prince of Wales on his last visit to America was Mrs. Henry Adams Lodge of Massachusetts. Mrs, Lodge will be remembered as Lyda Daughdrill. "Forever Mine," the latest song hit, is but another of Wylmah Downing's song successes. Wylmah has discovered a latent talent. Of course Lady Duff Gordon is dead, but "Lucille," her world known establishment in Paris, still rules the women. Lucile Hart is the present "Lucille," Behold in Thelma Hughes the greatest circus manager since P. T. Barnum. Though Helen Kervin's face has not "launched a thousand shipsf' her shipyards have. Mrs. G. G. Hurst was Helen's guest on the maiden voyage of the "Helen Kervinf' the world's greatest air burning steamer. Mrs. Hurst, by the way, remained in Europe, as she is the newly appointed librarian of the League of Nations. Euna Kirkland has achieved fame in an obscure and difficult place-the President of the United States has publicly honored her as America's most efficient housekeeper. Euna's home is the model home of the world. Loucile Ikerd is instructor in health and physical education at Columbia University. Ruth McDaniel is teaching modern languages at Buenos Aires. Rosalie Lyle is teaching in the Hawaiian Islands. Loucile McLaughlin is a sales agent for "VVoman's Rights," a universally known magazine. H. E. Mason recently introduced a bill in Congress to tax old maids. He is recovering rapidly. W. D. Mitchell despaired of making a living teaching school and is now selling cork. H. P. Odom is teaching science at Peabody. Fannie Owings is now Lady Grey of England. She holds London society in the hollow of her hand. G. T. May is a great lecturer on Shakespearian drama. He frequently radiocasts. Frances Watkins is a great movie star at Hollywood. Professor Dunne shook me, "You have seen enough," he commanded. "But," I replied, "Can't I see my own future?" "No, it is not for the best that a man should see his own future," and the machine was switched off. 55 2 NEKA CAMON, 1928 X X --n nmmmummmuum fymimf -uuuuunmmuumuuumuu 4 w IIIIIIIIIIII V TST T ly ' Jw? witsxwa s - ' 56 -iam. NKA CAMON 1928 1 igkjgf 3 ,nj 7 IIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllll' y f S -W . g 7 j fffff fa f , f ,'7 jffg 4 ' ' f F U- fam '--5119.7 fI"1!f,'v: "Wm, Swv '72, 2 XL 1 A' H. 1, 4 f , 'f 7 ff 4' , 5 X' 16,1 5 ,' X , -. ' , . Vx ' H iff' ,7 A 4 ,L lflr I il if If 3 4' J I - A X NAR M ' X xX I, I x - x , , , M x X 'W 'f'?fW ' ,, V , f iw 'f ' - ey : ai ,' rv PI, -we " W , f ff , up - 0 " f ' Q.. Rrvlogg -'fo MW! X A 14 -O Q,vN x I Rs.Fua.LEm, ogg, ,,,,,4x 5 'dist-ff.f.'g-35315-1.29 mmm f -Q XX W W0f"7' Df LOIVC1 fvovf " 57 NEKA CAMON, 1928 A K -, mu llllll 1 Q' num "llllllIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllll fymimf 'llllllllllllllllllllllll I u 1 . Junior Class Officers B. G. RADEN ................... ..... P rfsident LXLLIAN VAUGHT ...... . . . Fire-Prrsidmzt FRANCES HARRELL .... . . . Scrrflary CQWENIJOLEN ELLIS . . . . Rfjfortrr Miss VVILLA Bomox . . . Sponsor 58 gill NERA CAMON, 1928 Q I 1 7, :RQ K IIlllllIlllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIZ k LIIIIOI' Class CHARLIE IXIARY LYON PGN'I'O'I'OC, MISSISSIPPI Home Economics Manic lofuv is of llItlll,5 llfz' Il llzing apart, ,TIJ VLCOIIHIIIYS -wlmlf .ex1J1If1zr'1'. IIIARGARET CIRIFFIN OCEAN SPRINGS, MISSISSIPPI English Assistznxt Emlilm' "Nc-ka C2lIll0l1." 'ZNQ l'ul1lic-ity l'Il2lIl'll'lllll Epworlll III-agus-, US: 'I'l'f?ilNLII'4'l' llunlm Econornics Club, 'ZSQ Mississi1v11iz1I'I IJlIk.'l'iLl'y Society Thrills! Nothing grmt fan bf llt'llil"Ul'Il Ifwillzout fllffllliltlflll. C. B. RICHARIISUN POLKVILLE, MISSISSIPPI Mathematics Y. M. lf. A., '26, '27, 'ISL I'l'l'Ht0lllilll l,itv1'uI'y So- cictyp ScI'gcIlIIt-ut-Arms 1'l'l'StllllI2llI IIlU'l'iI1'y Su- ciety, '27. lilcssrd be ilu' lllllll fwlzo, lm-virzg nollzing Io my dons 7101 talk. Gil.-KCI? STEVENS BM' SPRINGS, MISSISSIPPI Home Economics Hang sorrofw! Carr fwill kill ilu' cal. RUBY ELIZAIQIZTH RATLIIPE KOSCIUSKO, MISSISSIPPI Mathematics VI4,'G-1'l'CSllIl'lIf Epwnrtll ln-1I:.:'IIv, '27, 'ESQ Y. NV. I A. l,1ilIlIllCf, '27, '25, Blnl- liimlp-rv Delegate, '2T: llc- 1lUl'lCl', Sllcrwoml Bunncr IAltR'l'2ll'5' Such,-ty, '!T. living rmlzzral. rzalzlrally f7ll'll5l'5. L. G. PHILLIPS IIENNIS, MISSISSIPPI Social Science l'lzIluni:In l.itc-I'zII'y Sucis-ty: I'l'PSIlI0lll l'lzIt-mizul Lit- erary Socia-ty, '271 World Affairs lflulr. Sirzfcrily is flu' fou11daIio1z of all good fwork. 59 1 NW S NHRA CAMON. 1928 -' X 'll I yllimx 'IIllIllIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllll A , Z UIIIOI' Class LESSIE ROCHESTER MORTON, MISSISSIPPI Home Economics Thr light lhal livs in a fwoman's cyos, and lies, and lifs, and lifs. ADDIE IVIAE DEEN BASSFIELD, MISSISSIPPI Health Y. NY. C. A.. '27, 'ZSQ Sherwood Bonner Literziry Sovictyg Tennis Club, '26g Gleo Club, '26, '27, '28 Honor and shame from no fonrlifion riscf .Joi 'wall your part-Ihfre all the honor lies. W. A. BRANTLEY KILMICHAEL, MISSISSIPPI Social Science Varsity Football. '27, 'ESQ Glee Club, '27, '28g Platon- ian Literary Society. Hr tha! knofwvth more lhan I, I fnfvyg Ilv fha! knofwfth loss, I pity. IQATHERINE MYERS NEW AUGUSTA, MISSISSIPPI Physical Education Sprah yfnflyj it is hotter Io rulz' by lo-vo Ihan fcar. MRS. R. L. RUSSELL MARTINSVILLE, MISSISSIPPI Geography and Social Science Sherwood Bonner Literary Socicty. Mrs. Russo!! is an honor to the Junior Class, a lofvablc and dolighlful person to know. HENRY ALFRED BURCH FULTON, MISSISSIPPI Social Science and Geography Vice-Presiflc--nt Platonian Literary Society, '23g Masonic Club. IVhf're lhere's a will ihere"s a Away. 60 NEKA CAMON, 1928 , '41, 'QE-XL 7 sw f X .F IllllllIIllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIZMIlllI2 x Il l i unior Class G. H. RUSSELL IlA'l"I'IIiSBURG, MISSISSIPPI Social Science Sc-m-clary I7l't'SIllllIZIlI I4II1'l'fll'Y Sm-iI-ly, 'ESQ Yum' Ifontball, '27, '2Ng Buslu-llmll, '27, Baud. '27, 'LN "Know lNlis:-:issippi B1?tt4'l"' Train with liand, '27 Gleo Club, '27, Athlm-tic Editor "NI-ku Cillllflllf' 'UN Of all ihf joys l'ln ahlz' Zo rffall, living in lofvc is Ihr' hvsl of all. TINA LEE FURLOXV WHSSON, MISSISSIPPI English Mississippizlli Literary Sm-in-ty: Enwurtll l.I-IIgI,IL': World Affairs Club. Silcnt is the starry slay. MAIILE MCLEAN PENSACOLA, FLORIDA Home Economics xl smooth and slfadfast mind, Gvnllv ihoughls and calm fways. TIl.LllZ BELLE IIIAGEE TYLERTOWN, MISSISSIPPI Home Economics Home Economics Club, '26, '27, US. dl rcal fwomarz is holh l'0Ill171'll'Ill and Iharming. LIEWIEI, IYIONTGOMERY BROOKIIAVEN, MISSISSIPPI I-Iistory Epwnrlli l.I':IgIII-3 SIII-rwond Bonner I.iteI'nI'y Sn- -1-im-ty. Thr fvoirf so sswcrl, Ihr :word so fair, ,ls some soft fhzmc had slroleni Ihr air. IVIARY OAKS TISHOMINGO, MISSISSIPPI Commerce Vim-I'-l'I'csiIls-xlt SIlt"l'XV00lI B0lllll'l' l.it0I':II'y Snwivty, '26, llluc Riflgo Pluh, '27: SE'l'I'0I2ll'y SIIIIII-nt Gm- I-rnnmnt, '27, S0cI'ct:II'y Y. NV. C A., '1IT: l'1'vsi4lI-Ill Y. W. P. A., 'ZZNQ Epworth III-ngm-, '28, You arf' fwon hy hm' fair hraulyj you arf hrlll hy hrr noble qualzlifs of true fwomanhoml. 61 1 V, ..'Z. Il qi L! J NEKA CAMON 1928 llllll W WU Slllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll gl UHIOI' Class EILEEN BURRIS osvim, Mississippi English .Pl fvrritable .mint-at times. J. ED HULETT HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI Social Science Ifl1'cl1s-st1'a. '23, '24, '25, '26, Concert Master Or- vlit-stra, '25, '26, Cc-1'tiF1c,-atc Violin, '26, Diplomat Violin, '27, "Know Mississippi BEtti'I", Train with Band, '26, '27, VVo1'ld Affairs Club, '28, Give mc trim frimzds and musif, and life fwill be a pleasure. EDNA Lois BULLOCK POPLARVILLE, MISSISSIPPI English Mississippian Lite-1'zi1'y Society, Glee Club, 1'll'l"Ill'll Club, '26, Build, '2T, B. Y. P. U., '27, '28, Y. VV. C. A. Cabiliet, '18, Certificate Piano. Sfnvzv and placid, fwitlz the .v-'weft charm of soft, .vlofw music. YVILMA DRUCILLA SMITH LAUREL, MISSISSIPPI Home Economics IXIISSISSIIDIIIEIII Lito1'nl'y Society: Glrfo Club, '26, '27, Home Economics Club, Vice-President Home Ecu- nomics Club, '28, Vim'-P1'esicIs'-nt Y. W. U. A., '28, Pre-sidt-ni Christian Endeavor, '28, II fwislz of fricndship Blrndid with a lwart of lofvrg .-In fxtrart of goodrzrss From the lzfafuvzzs abofvc, R. L. RUSSELL MONTICELLO, MISSISSIPPI Social Science and History Honor Roll, '26, '27, YVorld Affairs Club: I7l'E:'Sffllllk1ll Literary Society: Critic- Prestonian Lite-i'ni'y So- ciety, '28, Iiussrll is a man fwlzo fulfills lzis duty faithfully. FRANCES HARDIN BROOKHAVEN, MISSISSIPPI History Quaint yet roguislz, Proud yet lzumlzle. 62 III My Yi 2 I -ig-.' n NEKA CAMON, 1928 zz, XS Y XXX Sxwxjfiig. qfxx 7 I LIHIOI' Class VV. D. BREWER RICII'I'0N, MISSISSIPPI Sncial Science Presiclc-nt Grpc-nc County Club, '2Sg Vicc-Presidf-nt P11-stnIiiaIII Lit0I'ary Soc-icty, '2S: Soc-rf-taI'y Dcbzlt- Inp: Counr-il, '2Rg Prcstoninn R0Ill'1'S0llIZlIIX'I5 iII III- ter'-Smwis-ty Ilcbnte, '2Sg World Affairs Club, '2Sg Mzisunic Club, '28, B. Y, P. U. I am no! a polilifian, and my olhfr lzalzils arf youd. FRANCES IQATHERINE I'IARREI,I, IlA'l"l'IliSBURC, MISSISSIPPI English XXIOFIII Affairs FIIIII: Studc-nt-f'ritir' 01' thc "Stu- III-nt Printz"g SI-cl'ct:u'y-Trcasure-r Junior Class, '3S. .lnif .vlill lflfy gazfd, and still Ifn' 'fw0IllI1'l' grmu, Tha! om' small llrad could mrry all slzr Awww. CSARVIN H. ALLEN COLUMBIA, MISSISSIPPI English NIPlI'S Glc-P Vinh, 'QRQ Prcstoiiinn I.itrII'zII'y Sovioty. '28, Y. M. C. A., H281 Band, '22, Qunrtrbt, TN. Efvcrybndy mmm Iwillzin ilu' circle of his undrr- slarzdzrzg and sympalby. IIIAYSEL I'IOLMQL'IST AMORY, MISSISSIPPI Health and Physical Education Mississippian Litorary Society, '26, '27, '2Sg Y, XY. C. A. Cabinet, 'ZXQ Epworth I10il,2f,'llP OFFIf'o1'. 'QNZ Glee Club, '26, '27. Ilajrjwinrss rfigns -'wflfre' :milfs dfwrlf. R. D. MCLENDON QUITMAN, MISSISSIPPI Science SI-cre-tary Prcstonian Lite-rnry Society, '2li: Font- ball, '2l3g Businn-ss IXI:umger "NcI:z1 C:InIon," '2S. "Mark" popularily may br affounlfil for in our -word-pfrsonalily. MRS. j. B. GEORGE IIATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI Q History IDIWISIIIPIII Fri-slimnn Class, '2lIg VIUKI-Cl1HlI'IlIHII Stn- III-nt Holly, '28, XVorlIl Aiinirs Vlulm, '2S. rl frrrfiwl fwoman, nolzly PIIUIIIFII, To fwarn, lo fomforl and ffllllllltlllrf. 63 .4 A N 7-Z? wo R X NEKA CAMON, 1928 ' ZF!-SQ X X fy PSN ' lu -X! ' lIllllllllllllllllllllllll num ' Rf- '- f- X 7 " it 5' ,anniv- 'inf' 9 , l E 84" llIl101' Class GIERSTELL GUY BICKERSTAFF TISHOMINGO, MISSISSIPPI History Prestoninn Litfirary Societyg Glee Club, '27, '2S: Band, "ZS: President Masonic Club, '2T,0'28g Foot- ball. '27, Y. M. C. A. Cabinflt, '-8. Fair Co-mls, befware! .-I real ca-vz' man. JINIIXIIE CALDYVELL SHERMAN, MISSISSIPPI English Piano f"0I'tifi0atP, 'ZT3 Public School Music SIIpPI'- vision f'ortiti0atP-, 'ZTQ Blue Ridgo Dolognto, '2Tg Band, '27, 'ZSQ "Know Mississippi BotteI"' Train with Band, '2T3 Y. VV. C. A. Cabinot, '28, Epworth liuagiic- f"uuII1-il, '28, Mississippian LitPI'z1I'y Sovim-ty, '27, '2S. mlmbifion, ability, and alftermination makf brr a sjwlwndid sizzdrntg bfauty of spzrit makfs bfr a noble cbaracfer. J. E. MANNING VANCE, MISSISSIPPI History Football, '2Tg Baseball, '27. .115 intfresiing as a no-wly laid ogg. ELZIE V. PENN MOUNT OLIVE, MISSISSIPPI Home Economics Home Eoonomir-s 1"'Iub, '27, '28: Mississippian Lit- 6'l'?ll'B' Sof-iety, '27, '28, 'gg-asurer Epworth l'4l'Ilg'llP, :I little nonsonsf' nofw and Ibm, I5 relixbrd by tba Q,uisf'.vI 171871. LILLIAN JANIN BILOXI, MISSISSIPPI History Vir-cf-PIT-sidoxit Mississippian LlfE'l'21I'j' Society, '2Fl. Ilajrpy-go-lurky, yet fwinsomf' and sfwfrt. MARY LEE GARDNER UNION, MISSISSIPPI Home Economics Y. W. C. A. Takf rare of your duly, .flml Cod 'will mln- mfr- of your drsiiny. QM X X NEKA CAMON, 1928 llllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllll' imi ixl Q Z at LL X- 5 i"I1 NRE 'Ax .gffifrug 'fx . , 6 0349 Q-if ., ' g E I A -VQTH J H 6, iw ' S 'V-isxxj lv 75am Z P awel? VJ I ik X-D X' ,S ,, ., ' ,,, . 5 1 'fff f ff,-L X J Q W Ex I I Ama 5. V ' -Kwaae 0- NX w eff! XXX Q Q Rig SN N s R ofk I, j 1-if A 6 fs NW S 'Z ' NEKA CAMON, 1928 I' Z' -Z XE !?lIIiilSllN -uumumumnmnmuummu A - runnin g 5-vi' Sophomore Class OFFICERS J. I. RANKIN . .......... . Prfsidrrzf NETTLETON, MISSISSIPPI ADA GRACE SMITH . . . . . ...... . . IIICE-Pl'P.fidP7Zf ZEIGLERVILLE, MISSISSIPPI I-IAZEL CONEY . .......... . Secrelary MAGNOLIA, MISSISSIPPI HARRY THOMAS . . ....... . . Rrporffr HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI FLETA DoYI.E .,,....... Chfrr Leader BILOXI, MIssIssIPPI Mxss MATTIE PERRY ...... . Sponsor 66 SW K X Q' ,E NEKA CAMON, 1928 Q, TNQ' X IIllIllIIllIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIZ ,lllllll X F- 'Q In Sophomore Class EULA UNIJERWKJIJIJ CYBUR, MISSISSIPPI HELIEN SMITH IIA'l"I'IIiSBURG, MISSISSIPPI MARGARIET IVIORAN BILOXI, MISSISSIPPI CBLADYS CAJCHRAN BO'I'I'IVVELL, MISSISSIPPI Avis EUBANK STA LLO, MISSISSIPPI IIATTIE BEA IVIAPLIZS PEKKINSTON, MISSISSIPPI IIIARTHA FRANCES IXIOURIE HA'I"l'IIiSB U RG, MISSISSIPPI ANNA XVILSUN BAY SPRINGS, MISSISSIPPI 67 NEKA CAMON 1928 I W - 'Allllllll QinIIllIlllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Y N Nav-M Qu- A-fn 'QM-s. fy" N Sophomore Class ROBERT A. ANDERSON WHEELER, MISSISSIPPI EDRIE TURNER STURCIS, MISSISSIPPI ESTHER QUINN NEW HEBRON, MISSISSIPPI IYIRS. L. G. PHILLIPS DENNIS, MISSISSIPPI ETHEL FAVRE GULFPORT, MISSISSIPPI 'THOMAS STEPHENS PADEN, MISSISSIPPI INIABEL THOMAS NEW AUGUSTA, MISSISSIPPI QRENA VVADE DERMA, MISSISSIPPI Nfl L NEKA CAMON, 1928 lllllllIlllllllIllllllIlIlllllllIIIll5 i I llllllllllllllllIllllllllllllll? .nllllllllIll PX 4 X In ff! LWIXIK 1 Sophomore CIass E. B. ELLINGTON DURANT, MISSISSIPPI CORA K. MYERS NEW AUGUSTA, MISSISSIPPI 19' ' IRENE ELIZABETH APRLEWHITE BASSFIELD, MISSISSIPPI 4 IXIAINIIE LEE Town COLLINS, MISSISSIPPI JULIA JONES I TYLERTOVVN, MISSISSIPPI VERNON O. FRANKLIN PELAHATCHII5, MISSISSIPPI NELLIE HOPKINS WICCINS, MISSISSIPPI GRACE ADAIXIS COFFEEVILLE, MISSISSIPPI 69 . NEKA CAMON. 1928 - X- , if A Illllllllll' SIIIlIllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllll sophomores We do believe in taking honor due We despair when thinking of what the other classes Would do W1thout the beautiful M co-eds and the handsome men enrolled ' in the Sophomore Class. In scholarship we are obliged to confess that Sopho- mores rank with the best. We believe our strength lies in these virtues, and in the realization of them We expect to attain greater heights. '4Yea, verily," when better records are made, the Sophomore Class Will make them. If this be egotisnz, make E disclaim any charges of egotism, but A 1. . . D L 1 Sp H L N . L . the mos! of it." 70 52? ' -Ei NEKA CAMON, 1928 IlllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII mm f : X mmummnuummumuu-f -.umum. A 4 x69 Q60 QQ my I X l Noi!-Qfllplli MQMQS .7 7 A NEKA CAMON. 1928 - I X J A , E lllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllll I 'CSO 'W ' I Freshman C1855 QFFICERS F. C. MOBLEY . ......... . Prrsidmzt MERIDIAN, MISSXSSIPPI MARY ELIZABETH DELOACHE ......... . . Sefrflary MARIANNA, ARKANSAS GLADYS VVIIITNEY ........... . . Treasurfr WAYNESBORO, MISSISSIPPI E. E. RANDLE ........... . . Reporter NEW ALBANY, MISSISSIPPI Mxss BLANCHE LOPER ..... . . . . Sponsor 72 L NEKA CA IQQS i .x F1'6SI'I1T18.I'1 Class jewel east HATTIICSBURG, Mxsslssmpx mildred petty I'IA'I"IxIIfSBURC, MISSISSIPPI S. g. Whitaker Mscmmcsnukc, M1ss1ss1PP1 martha ann mecleskey HA'I"I'IESBURG, MISSISSIPPI minnie katherine Shaw PERKINSTON, MISSISSIPPI emma hitt COLUMBIA, MISSISSIPPI gatewood MISSISSIPPI milclred eo1,L1Ns, lucile CHUNKY, TRIIISCY MISSISSIPPI bessie laura robertson VVICGINS, MISSISSIPPI a. r. meguffee MON'l'ICEI,.LO, MISSISSIPPI maude meyers H ILLSBORO, MISSISSIPPI louise thompson snuoUm,,xK, MISSISSIPPI '53 , -'Y . J- -9 73 ,- Ig - l I .,. . . .3 yr "-.v Q X 1 . Q UIQ A 'Q NEKA CAMON 1928 T' ,X . ,y J V If I uxkxx X llllll "llllllllIllllllIllllllllllllllllll X llI IN 'llIIllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllll X-' ' - 1 v 74- F1'6Sl'll'l'l8I1 Class emma tabor wma, Mxssxsswm josie christine farmer PEARL RIVER, LOUISIANA thurmau 0. fulton Umou, Mrsslsslvm ethel jaeuline Shaw PERKINSTON, MISSISSIPPI majorie l. tabor Tomxomw, lvussrssrvpx nova lou ritter Amonv, MISSISSIPPI lillian inez bley sAr.L1s, MISSISSIPPI forrest mobley Mmunmu, MISSISSIPPI mavis moss ACKERMAN, MISSISSIPPI mary lou butler RIPLEY, MISSISSIPPI beruice grice cor,uNs, 1vuss1ss1PP1 anna jewel foley STRINGER, MISSISSIPPI SVI L NEKA CAMON, 1928 ' QE ? IlllllllllllllIlllIlllIIlllIlll .nllllll lll 'frnzrmrnzrup F PS i-A IlllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIZK la Freshman CIQS hazel C. bayes NVIGGINS, MISSISSIPPI bettie Webb east BRANDON, MISSISSIPPI wessie alice sistrrmk I.L'MBER'l'ON, MISSISSIPPI guy t. wilson uourxzx, MISSISSIPPI mzrmye fairley S.-I UCIER, MISSISSIPPI Camille ross POR'I' GIBSON, MISSISSIPPI ray s. fiuch HA'l"l'IESBURG, Mrssxssxpm mrs. audie bishop LUMBERTON, MISSISSIPPI grace louise hill IIARRISTON, MISSISSIPPI lois butler QUITIVIA N, MISSISSIPPI edwina mzrddox IIARRISION, MISSISSIPPI meta Castles Roruxc Foxx, MISSISSIPPI S 75 L. I .I bv L S, IV' xxx -Ga. Ln 01 A , , NEKA CAMON 1928 z l. -H ll llll lv QlFgllIlIIIlIllllllllllllllll Illllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll u X Freshmen S Freshmen We represent the largest class in State Teachers College. If it be true that in numbers there is strength, We are a race of Samsons. We may claim this title honestly, for the gibes of the upper classmen, the sarcastic quips of the fac- ulty, and the repeated invitations to the Registrars and "Daddy -loe's" oiiices have not downed us. Our achievements will be greater some day, for We believe in that motto, mln life, as in a football game, hit the line hard, don't foul, LlOl1itSl1l1'li, but hit the line hard." 76 if fm? JXY KN,-X A M Nxkfw ,IGWEET ' ff iam A I V - , '. H -3 21, .E KE " Jllgalggglfi . ' A T E EHEIIEH I X1 A ffl 'K 1 ' E :wg ll E .nz : 4" ll I L! M41 Z i W -'1.j"f,-,fu-'tiki' - ' 'ij ""'E . 'V O - 4 gflgi ig , E Z...-" L? ,:ff 2 1 6, B FRAME CONSOLIDATED SCHOOL AGE THREE THE ORGANIZATIONS NEKA CAMGN 1928 Q 4' Z xxx X? -' X - numb Slllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll GX' LL' 1' TZ Y L Neka Camon Staff 1928 EVERET1' E. COOK .... . . ...... Editor zn Clzzef MARGARET GRIFFIN . . . . . Assistant Editor R. D. MCLENDON . . HAZEL BARNARD MAUD SHERROD . G. H. RUSSELL . WILLENE JACKSON W. G. BooTH . . . . . . . Business Manager . qlssistant Business Manager . . . Art Editor . Arhlefif Edilor . Athletic Edilor . . Club Editor 78 W9 Y f NEKA CAMON, 1928 RN.:-5, lllllllllllll llllllnllluammilit nunu nnn. :EX J X ' E ff f X ' Cv' 1 X 1 ' if Q 1 Q' X Student Printz Staff J. M. TUBE ......... KA'l'IE MAE TRIPLETI' . . JOSEPHINE HARVEY . . MR. J. B. GEORGE Miss BERNICE DAY A. L. Nix . . W. L. WPIITE . I1ERMAN THIGPIN . . .A1.vsiJIantEdilor . . . . Socivly Edilor . Farully .-Idfvisrr . . . Faculty .'1a'fviJrr . . Bll.YiIIl'55 Alflllllflff .lssislanl liusinrss Nlllllllgff' . .'ld-vrrlising MdlllIfl1'I' Lllilor QW x X NEKA CAMON. 1928 - X y ,. C i -sxxx X llllllllllu- T4 4-llllimi 'llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll 4 AC' World Affairs Club OIPFICERS I. M. TUBE ..,..... ..... . . . . . President MARGARET YOUNG .... . I'iw-President SARAH LOUISE MILLER . ......' . . Secrelary H. H. HANNA . . Corresponding Secretary The VVorld AEairs Club was organized in the summer of 1922 under the direction of Misses Kate Brown and VVilla Bolton and Messrs. H. L. McCleskey and S. C. Hall, who con- stituted at that time the faculty members of the history, geography and social science depart- ments of the State Teachers College. These persons became the faculty advisory council for the club. Ten students who had shown an outstanding interest in international affairs were chosen as a nucleus of the club. Upon a recommendation of the membership committee other students were chosen until a maximum of forty was reached. As far as possible, these members were chosen from the social study group. At present, the membership is limited entirely to students who major or minor in this group. VVorld Affairs Clubs are now under the direction of Division of Intercourse and Education, which is a part of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. This organization is very helpful to the local clubs in sending material for programs and in occasionally furnishing speakers. The club meets regularly on the first Monday of each month, and renders a public program on questions of international importance. The programs are prepared and announced in advance, so that the members who are to render each program may have sufhcient time to study the sub- ject thoroughly. It has been the policy of the club to secure during the year one or more prom- iIIent lecturers to give addresses on questions of international interest. On such occasions, the meetings are held in the auditorium in College Hall, and the public is invited to attend. The faculty advisory council for this year consists of Misses Kate Brown, Bernice Day and Willa Bolton, and Mr. S. C. Hall. 80 w Q NEKA CAMON, 1928 fb, YS X. .V f2X X GN-iw X xl IIIDIllIIllIllIllllllllllllllllllllllgmllllI2 A . Q.. -L NOORE MG. PllH,LlPf'3 1 ,k+S. .W PN MXN M I. WISE Bw in - r F ,- 4 Wvx Q gy, FRANVE5 HAIQDEN I2.L.I2UiS5ELL CIOBEPHINEIUXLQVEY MAIQY I. 11o:s'r1i'ru.1-nm rg mcoori .I f ' 'A lX.,L jNI X 4 x... Ml-Z3 GG. H UDST b A w , f Q 'y' ' ' if x H .W N. f ! ' Q , 8 '-5 N K V, f Z , . " ,I M, fr V- , . 1 333 .3 5 ..-, , f I DA UXLEUN 'MNA i..Fu1e1.oW VIQANCES HADQLLL BAIAAE MQNTAGIJM rfLu1.F,N K!-LL2VlN GEO. E.. INAY 0 .SN 1 , W W Q5 'l .- ff ' E W N X , - Q- Qc.. fi ,. f , I 5 .,, - em . I f A, L: ..',v N I ' I ? -f-.,, h Wll,l,.lH EWELL WYD, BREWER ED. MANNING 1-EUBXE THOPXPSON EUGHNIA I:5U!QNF.'l' Q , 2 W -Q is ,Rf H -,- A. O W.'1-'XIlLLlPS BEDTHIX Nl'IYNlH.Uil- NVILLIX BOIJYON s.c. r-xA1.1. HATE. B. BROWN .Q ,ht V , 'I MW 'Y Q - ,g . if 1 S U ' ',,.4g.a ILA. THIUPEN f'xQS JB. GEORGE d,E. HIILETT BFJPNICIE DAY AXNNXE K LUCKAIJD VVORLD AFFAIRS CL U B S1 QW Z NERA CAMON, 1928 F4 X, A Q, . A . Wynn . llIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Mississippian Literary Society OFFICERS First Q,llI17'Z'l'I' Top Row IVON GRAHAM ..... ...... . . . . . Prcsidenf CSERTRUDE PHILLIPS ...... . . Vice-President MARGARET YOUNG .... . . Secrezary MISS ALMA HICKMAN . . Sponsor Second Qzmrtfr Bottom Row BERT SCRIVENER ..... .... . .... P resident LILLIAN JANIN . . . . . Vice-President WILMA SMITH . . . . . Treasurer EDRIE TURNER . - . Rvjwflef 82 IX ML NEKA CAMON, 1928 g f R -f Mississippian Literary Society NIEMBERS CECILE ARGUELLES VERA BAKER WILMA BOURNE NANNIE BAILEY EDNA LOIS BULLOCK EUGENIA BURNET WINNIE CRANFORD IRENE COOLEY OLLIE CURET MRS. R. E. CROCKER ALMA LEE DENMAN WYLMAH DOWNING MARGARET ELLIS ELLEN EUBANKS MAMYE FAIRLEY MRS. OLA FILLINGAME JEANETTE FRAZIER GILLEITE FOWLKES IVON GRAHAM MARGARET GRIFFIN MILDRED HILL ETHEL HENDERSON MAYSEL I'IOLMQUlS'l' HELEN JONES SARAH MILLER CLAUDIA MILLER CORA MYERS GEORGIA MOFFETT HATTIE BEA MAPLES LIzzIE MCLEOD EDDIE INEZ PETERS MRS. L. G. PIIILLIPS ELZIE PENN MAMIE LUCILE PARKER PAULINE PIERCE BERTHA REYNOLDS LAURA ROBERTSON ANNIE BELL RAINEY MAGGIE TAYLOR EDRIE TURNER HELEN SMITH NORINE SMITH .ELEANOR STRANGE MATTIE R. STRAHAN JACK STEWART RUBY THOMPSON ROSIE UPTON BESSIE VVILLIAMS EDNA PEARL WILLIAMS AZOLINE WELLS MARGARET YOUNG ANNIE KATE LOCKARD EDWINA PENTON LOUISE KING MYRTLE SUTTLE AUDREY HALE GWENDOLEN ELLIS EILEEN BURRIS EUNICE MIDDLETON MARGARET MORAN MRS. V. L. LUNDAY HILDA GUILOTTE TINA LEE FURLOW EMMA LANDING BERT SCRIVENER LILLIAN JANIN GERTRUDE PHILLIPS VVILMA SMITII EDRIE TURNER FI,E'rA DOYLE S WQ6 NEKA CAMON. 1928 - i If V 1 X llllllll wlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll 'lllllllIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllll S Mississippian Sonnet hlore wise than he who once, in days of old In far, strange lands Where crouching dragons lay, Sought, mid the perils great of night and day, So eagerly, the fabled fleece of gold, In perfect safety in our peaceful fold, Seek We a nobler, greater treasure, yea, Seek We the wealth Whose Worth none may gainsay, Increasing knowledge, love and spirits bold. Pray that We eheapen not our vision bright, Pray that We may to such a quest be true, Increase our zeal for every task assigned And give us faith to battle for the right, Nor let us shirk vvhate'er We hnd to do, So may We conquer and our guerdon find. 84 N NEKA CAMON, 1928 llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll mann' IlllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIL .nnuannnnnS 'FX A xx r J 'BQ' 'cm--A Sherwood Bonner Literary Society OFFICERS First Quarfffr Top Row HAZEL CONEY ...... .... . . . Pmvifif-zzr HELEN KERVIN .... . . . . Sfwwlary LILLIAN VAUGHT ..... . . Trrasurfr Mlss ANNA ROBERTS . . . Sponsor Srmlzd C?Illll'fl'I' Bottom Row MARY EI,lZARli'l'I'I UPTON . . . .... . . . . Prfsidrnl LUCILE RAMSEY .... . . . Ifirf'-l'rrsi1Ir11t BE'r'rm VVERB EAST ...... . . . Sffrrlary MARX' ELxzARm'H DELOACIIE . . Trrasurvr Rum' RATLIFF ..... . . Rvjwm-r Ss wily if S 'Z NEKA CAMON 1928 K gilsxggx 4! I X "IllIllIIIllIllllllllllllllllllllll Zr?fligaillN llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Sherwood Bonner Literary Society CILADYS COCHRAN AUDIE BISHOP IRENE APPLEWHITE FLORENCE VVATERS MARY OAKS EULA UNOERWOOO QUINTORY ASHLEY LOUISE THOMPSON ITILLIE BELL MAGEE BERTHA LAVVRENCE JESSIE SEGREST MAE HINDMAN MARJORIE TABOR JULIA JONES EUNICE SMITH ITIELEN KERVIN NIABLE DAVIS RUBY RATLIFF MAMIE LEE TODO BERNICE GRICE ESTHER QUINN LILLIAN VAUGHT LESSIE KARS'FEN LUCILE RAMSEY RUBY ASlII,liX' MEMBERS VERCIE MAE FLEETVVOOD MARY UPTON DORA MIXON LENA MAE PARKER MAVIS MOSS VVESSIE SISTRUNK EMMA TABOR MAUOE SHERROD GLAOYS ADDISON MILORED JURNEY LORAINE JACKSON ELIZABETH CROSSLEY MARY E. DELOACHE MILOREO GATEWOOD JEWEL EAST NIILDRED EAST BETTIE VVEBB EAST MATTIE REA STRAIIAN MRS. VESTA HARVISON MELLIE BELL RISHER ODESSA COOPER TOOTSIE CERIMMETT CHRISTINE FARMER EULA MIXON PIAZEL CONEY ANNIE IC.-XTE GOODMAN 86 WM YH! X 4 NEKA CAMON, 1928 IIlllllll'IllllllllIlllllllllll'lllll ,lllllllllQ X -xQNKH .- .X P? if Sherwood Bonner Literary ociety AKIED for a lllississippi woman who com- bined the charm of the Old South with the aspiration of the New, the Sherwood Bonner Literary Society seeks to inspire its members to appreciate literature by study and to cul- tivate a deep social understanding through co-operation. NVith programs planned to teach the best that has been said and done, the members are trained to carry out in a practical way some of the precepts taught. In the fifteen years of its existence the Society has done much that is worthwhileg it is planning to do greater things in the future. Just now the plan to mark the grave of Sherwood Bonner with an appropriate monu- ment is being formulated. Pledging to their society Heads Io plan, hands Io do 117111, lzfarfs lfmt arf strong and Irur, the girls are brought to a deeper social understanding, and a finer technique for the expression of that under' standing. 87 k NEKA CAMON 1928 xllly X PRES- A. L. N1 COIQ SFC WA BRANTLEY CQYTIC-61.1, EANKIN CHP B. F B SON H I5 E BGR E """ SECOND 5 ? , " ipaq, K X g VVq 1 2, Q PQES' RA. ANDERSON COD SEC- CLAQENCE fm S """"" """' NW Sfi NEKA CAMON. 1928 54.2 A K X X. X, P xg i? L nm Il llIllIIIIIIllIllllllllllllllemillnk M IlllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIE -alllIIlIlIl E- is 1 ff -' ' X f X X - af T- f' Platonian Literary Society CLARENCE CHASE EVERETI' E. COOK J. E. DUNKLEY P. P. FLANAGAN W. C. JOLLY ARGEL LADNER THURMAN FULTON A. R. MCGUFFEE H. A. BURCH L. G. PHILLIPS ROBERT ANDERSON LAVASTER COLSON RIEMBERS T. P. SIEPHENS S. A. BRASFIELD VV. D. CANNON A. L. WEBB C. S. E'I'I-IRIDGE VV. D. MITCHELL L. L. MAGERS j. M. TUBB VVILLIAM BOOTH HERMAN 'THIGPIN VV. F. CIIILDRESS BOB HANSFORD JOSEF SOLTERER C. R. GRANTHAM A. L. NIX VERNON E. JOHNSON W. A. BRANTLEY J. I. RANKIN FLYNT ROBINSON B. G. RADEN 89 NEKA CAMON, 1928 4 li Nxxxx - X lllllll Illn - llllimi 'llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll S Platonian Winners IN INTER-SOCIETY DEBATES K i A Spring Debate, 1927 B. G. RADEN . v , LEoN EUBANKS Fall Debate, 1927 5 CLARENCE CHASE ' 1 J. M. TUBE 1 l Platonian Literary Society Hundreds of years ago the Greek scholar, Plato. lived, and with his development into man- hood he became a dreamer, a philosopher, a reasoner, and a teacher. So great were his con- tributions to the world that all down through the ages men have followed his teachings, some knowingly and others accepting and using his contributions without questioning their source. In the year 1912, just after the opening of the college, Platonianism was solidified and given a new impetus through the organization of the Platonian Literary Society. Men who had been interested in Platonian philosophy 'formed this society, and others soon followed. The organiza- tion has from the first of its history been representative of the better side of college life. The organization has a dual purpose. It attempts to aid its members in giving a detailed and systematic study to the beauty of the old type literary scholar, and at the same time attempt to train its members in present day ethics, oratory, debate, leadership and executive ability, in such ways as should fit them for places of executive responsibility. The organization offers ad- vancement to two types of men-those entirely without training are given training, and those who have already been trained are given the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to lead. However, the organization has but one goal for all of its members-complete self-development. Platonians are proud of their achievements. .The fourteen years in which the organization has been in operation have brought many laurels to its members while in school, but the laurels that the Platonians are most proud of are those that have been won by members out in the world. 90 USXKIE NEKA CAMON. 1928 ,LW ,--,Q SEX ff! fr FmsT QUAIm:n PRESFYM L. WHITE NLPRES- GG. UKCKERSTAFF I CHA?LNN'B. MONTA GUE CRITIC M O. W, PHILLIPS SEC, I-LE . MASON SERGEANT-AT-ARMS LITERARY SOCIETY M' CMMS SECOND QUAQTER 4 73 NA , 1 P PRES: FS. FM-XNKLXN VPRE5-NVD, BPEWE12 REPORTER-E,E . RANDEL CRYHC' RL. DUSSELL SEC' G.H. RUSSELL CHOIQIEJTEP' V.O. FRANKLIN QI SW NEKA CAMON 1928 i X X "I la X llllllllllllllllll A II SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I Prestonian Literary Society R. D. V. C. CAGLE A. F. FUGITT H. H. J. B. GEORGE HANNA AMOS STRICKLAND R. L. VVOODS F. E. DAVIS A. E. BRADLEY C. B. RICHARDSON MAX JOHNSON G. T. DANIELS CONRAD GORDON MCLENDON M EMI: ERS G. T. VVILSON FIQROY HARMON G. E. MAY O. NEAL A. E. JOLLY O. L. LOPER FRANK SCOTT MARSHALL LANE J. F. ROBERTS B. M. ALFORD R. H. JOHNSON J. P. CRABB VV. L. VVHITE G. G. BICKERSTAFF H. E. MASON BILLIE MONTAOLIE A. L. M. MILNER A. D. OWINGS O. W. PHILLIPS R. L. FAIRCI-IILD F. S. FRANKLIN W. D. BREWER G. H. RUSSELL E. RANDLE R. L. RUSSELL V. O. FRANKLIN 92 xll NEKA CAMON, 1928. IIIIIIIIllllIIIIllll'Illllllllllllll mlllllg s f- Y ' k 2 g - 'TE' f , V X O. W. PHILLIPS VV. D. BREWER Przfstonian Rrprfsfnlalifvfs in Inter-Society Debate Prestonian Literary Society The Prestonian Literary Society through its weekly meetings endeavors to develop its mem- bers in public speaking and parliamentary procedure. As a result of working together toward a common goal, the members create a spirit of fraternity and friendship which will hind them together throughout the future. Each year the Society selects representatives to meet the Platonian Literary Society in an inter-society debate. This year the entrants from the Prestonian Society were Oliver Phillips and VV. D. Brewer. In honor of them the Prestonian Literary Society cledicates this page. 93 ' NEKA CAMON. 1928 -' 'llll Illll XylIl lx 'llllll Illllllllllllllllllllllllllllll MARY RUBY 'RKFLIFF REST ROOM-WOLZLDFBLLOWSHIP VI'LFLEE'fWOOD' NNANCE't'l,I-1OLl"XQUES'FW51bLE M L. W13f-I 9-1- X NEKA CAMON, 1928 . N fix IllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllgmlllllg PIPES' ONV. PI-IILLTPS VI PRES- WTL. WHITE SEQ- BE. cooks SOCIAL- 4.1. QANKHG CABI ET DEVOTIONAL. I-LE.. MASON x HEMBEESHIP- RA- ANDERSON MUSIC- G.G.B1C KERST AI-'F EMPLOYMENT 'B. MONTAGUE 95 YW S 'Z NEKA CAMON 1928 g jilimill h fy '5 N - A Slllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll V, A,A,mAN.:.f.As, -wa A ,,,. ,,-4 , ..,.I... -.,.-5 , Ii I 60- iw'- ' 'UVM 96 Epworth League OFFICERS RUBERI' A. ANDERSON President E. B. ELLINGTON Mflhodist Svcretary RUBY RATLIFF Via'-Prrsidfnt ELZIE PENN Trcasurer JIMMIE CALDWELL Secretary . MARIE MOORE Rrporlvr SARAH MILLER Spiritual Drpartrmvzl MAYSEL HOLMQUIS'f Missiom IVON GRAHAM Social Scrfvice MARGARET GRIFFIN Publicily V. O. FRANKLIN Chorislrr GERTRUDE PHILLIPS Pianist Sill M Q54 NEKA CAMON, 1928 IllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllll' This Yi X nmmmm u-f Th' TTL? EPWORTH LEAGUE GROUP The Epworth League There is no organization on the State Teachers College campus more worthy of mention than the Methodist Epworth League. It is the means of bringing together in happy Christian fellowship, the Methodist students, and any others who wish to join. It is truly for the students and by the students, and a deep spirit of reverence fills the programs. The League had its beginning last session, and did excellent and interesting work. This session it made a new beginning, and where not more than forty jolned the ranks last year, there are now more than one hundred and fifty active Leaguers. The Epworth League has for its president this year, R. A. Anderson, a capable and tire- less worker. With the help of E. B. Ellington, the Methodist Student Secretary, and the plan- ning of an enthusiastic council, the League is endeavoring to make its influence count for good on the college campus. The League is planning to erect an Epworth League Hut. This building will stand as an evidence of the desire of the Methodist Epworth League, to have a worthwhile and lasting place on the campus of S. T. C. 97 IW J KS NEKA CAMON. 1928 E V q X ,m,,,,?,, uh. wgglIlllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll x Vw IQ.--. 'H ...A-5, Y I . I . A 5 . ,, .. 2. 3 pf Baptist Student Union OFFICERS A. L. N IX President H. E. MASON Vice-President QRENA WADE Rerording Sefrelary LUCILE DAVIS Corrcsjnonding Serretary JU LIA -IDN ES Treasurer GWENDOLEN ELLIS Reporter W. L. WHITE B. Y. P. U. Director BERT SCRIVENER President First Church S. S. Class EDDIE PETERS President Fifth Avenue S. S. Class DR. WQT. LOWREY Adviser J. H. PENNEBAKER Student Secretary 98 W Q 5 NEKA CAMON, 1928 IllllIIIIllIllIllIlIlllllIIIllIllllIIa illIi llllllIllllllllllllllllllllllly 4 Illl llllllll 4 ' f' --V KKXKK L WE. LOWREY AND EVEREADY GROUPS OF B. Y. P. U. f-'55 lx.. W, 1 V4-A , L- QL Q, fe, vt. 5 . -.-.. . nh ,..- F 1 9.55 . f PENNEBAKIQR fwn SUNSHINE Gnnuvs ov B. Y. P. U. 99 NW Q '4 NEKA CAMON, 1928 : -' gzfiililiil KX X' fy 'SN - - 5 Slllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll V' 5' 5 xv, q i 4 A A? :""kk fic! '- Q' I fm , A S Christian Endeavor OFFICERS VVILMA DRUCILLA SMITH . ...... . . . . . . . Prfsirlfnf BILLIE MONTAGUE . . ...... Vice-President ETHEL FAVRE . . . . . Sffrnfary-Trcasufw' M. L. VVISE . . . . . Rrporter CHRISTIAN ENDEAVOR GROUP loo AIM NEKA CAMON, 1928 N -EE wi f sf-' xx , C if IIIllIllllllIIlllllIIllIlIlllIllllIIlg ill .. X llllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIQ -ullllIIlIl ' J B f .c III b ' X 5 Z " t-.Zi MONROE COVNTY CLUB Standing: A. D. OVVINGS, GIl.l,E'lV1' FOwI.REs, FANNIE OWINGS, F. E. DAVIS, 'TULA BRAsIIEI.Im, O. L. ASPICRAP"I', CATIIERINE CROSBY, A. L, NIX. Sitting: CEHRTRUDE PHILLIPS, FLYNT ROBINSON, MARIE MOORE, J. M. TUBB, NLXYSEL HOI.MQUIs'I', NOVA LOU RI'I"I'ER. GREENE COUNTY CLUB Slanding: A. IE. BRADl.liXL, LIZZIE MCLEOD, NIACCIE TAx'I.OR, RAARY JAMES, XV. D. BREWER, President, Grfrnfsf. I Sfilling: MON'I'RIfsA COCIIRAN, Gl..'XllX'S AVERA, I.LII,A MAE SMIIII, Secretary. Not Ill 1'If1Im'.' LULA MAE BREI.ANn, Vice-Presicleumt, Gl'4'l'lIl'I',' GLAOYS COCIIRAN, Reporter, Grvvn,' EIIIIEL HENDERSON. IOI NEKA CAMON, 1928 - if TQZFZMR ' fy six . .X lllllllll lIIllIlllIllllllllllllllllllllllllll .MRG.HOMER 5.MR.GLEN H. HAS THE CAME HAVE You ONE IN YouR 4' SCHOOL? HV w A W f C, I fv CIW . 'f ' M'OH"kT5 - xlib? 1655 ox ' LVN" 'W MFI, ?':'Ei':'Eai'T'EEE"" : ig?-::::::::E F I l 22:4-:::: g?::::::.-.-EE If A an m'7f?l97 ,Y ,Y K'-n - . BRICK CONSOLIDATED SCHOOL AGE FouR THE ACTIVITIES WW S 'Z X NEK AMON. 1928 p DTTXX X lllllllllh- "IIlIllIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllll inllllimw 'llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll f EIIIJZUIIIUIIJXXN S DEMONSTRATION SCHOOL BUILDING The Demonstration School The Demonstration School, opened September 26, 1927, for the training of teachers for the public schools of lllississippi, is the first building ever erected in the state to be used distinctly for directed teaching. It will cost completely equipped about SI25,000. The appropriation from the Legislature was secured largely through the efforts of the Alumni Association, of which George lVIcLendon was president and B. George, secretary. Gwing to lack of funds for the first session the Demonstration School gave instruction through only the first eight grades. Next session, beginning in Sep- tember, I928, the school will be complete for all twelve grades. It will be run in three sections, Elementary, Junior High, and Senior High. In the Elementary School each grade will be in charge of an expert critic teacher. The work of the Junior and Senior High Schools will be divided into departments. In time every critic teacher in the school will hold at least a lVIaster's degree, will be a member of the College Faculty, and will be in every Way equal in ofhcial position with the faculty members of other departments. llflr. George lVIcLendon has been selected as principal and Mr. G. G. Hurst, head of the Department of Education, as director of the Demonstration School. The faculty for this session are: A. F. Middlebrooks, seventh and eighth gradesg lVIrs. Sallie lN'IcLemore, fifth and sixth grades, Bliss Bessie Fountain, fourth grade, llliss Frankie Francis, second and third grades, bliss Nora Stevens, first grade. 104 X1 NEKA CAMON, 1928 S IIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll' lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllillk X gm q X' , X I I lll I Ill Ill f lll Ill -111+ gf I , ,I 1 V X I dia-JJ- r E N K T I K H DEIWONSTRATION SCHOOL FACULTY DEINTONSTRATION SCHOOL STUDENTS 105 YW TN'.ji...5' ' 'X I NEKA CAMON, 1928 5 , 5 V ASX 5 X Imunm.- 'llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll N y - X - -1- zvwi cvx af"""N dh f . -N5 s 1 I , K I s HOTUS SARAII MILLER ..... VVILMA SMITII . . . IVON fPRAHAM . . . MARGARET GRIFFIN BERT SCRIVENER . MARGARET YOUNG PAULINE PIERCE GRACE ADAMS . EI,oIsE VVOODRUFF Economics OFFICERS . . . . . . . . . . President . Vim-1'rcsid1'11t . . . Sccrvlary . . . . . . Trmszzrrr . . . . . . . . Rrjmortrr . Srnior Class Rfprfsrntafifvf . . Junior Class Rf'pr1'sf'rzlati-mf . Soplzomorr Class Rfpreserzfalifvf' . Fl'!'5!ll!Zllll Class RI'pI'L'Jl'lZf61fi7J6' I06 W NEKA CAMON. 1928 , '?- X xyx A "N llllllllIllIllllIlllllIllIlllIlIlllII6mlIlll3 xx 1, ,I HOME ECONOMICS CLUB LIVING ROOM, HOME BIANAGEMENT COTTAGE 107 WW - NEKA CAMON, 1928 Band Classes-A. F. FUGITT, Director The State Teachers College Band Truly there is an organization on State Teachers College campus that "blows its own horn." Several hundred students are enrolled in its classes each yearg and the organization, as does the snowball, grows larger and stronger with the years' rolling. Evidently, this organization, the Band, has gained favor throughout the state, since it has been called upon for numerous county fairs and rallies of various kinds. The S. T. C. Band gained national recognition in 1926 when on the "Know Mis- IC8 W SEZ l ,A NEKA CAMON, 1928 E , g, C V ,,,,- 3 IllllllllllllllllllllIIlIlllllllllIII6mlllll2 3 rt 1 UKNOW NIISSISSIPPI BETTERH BAND, 1927 sissippi Better" train it toured the Eastern States and Canadag and again in 1927, when it toured 01d Mexico, the Westerrl States, and the Pacific Coast. During these two years the Band visited more than half the states in the Union. In its travels from coast to coast the Band has had a dual message, the boosting of both the lklagnolia State and the beloved State Teachers College. These messages were well received by all who heard them. The Band course is being improved each year by a plan which makes it possible for beginners who have never studied music to get the necessary musical foundation. Our College is growing and developing, extending its field of influence, and be- coming more and more an indispensable factor in lllississippi. The Band hopes to move in step with S. T. C. and grow in strength and usefulness. 109 VW 1 NEKA CAMON. 1928 Jzfiif f A X fy -S" . Z I ll lllllll Q m SIIIIIIllIIIllllIllllllllllllllllllllll ij a Xi? 2 I Menqs Glee Club B. ELL1NC'rON . , . G.G,B1CKERs'1'AFF . . . B. G. RADEN ,... V. E. JOHNSON . First Tenor VV. G. HOLDER G. H. ALLEN L. L. MAGERS G. G. BICKERSTAFF FLYNT ROBINSON First Bass R. L. FAIRCHILD VV. G. BOOTH H. POWELL VV. D. CANNON S. G. XV111'1uxKr:k N. SAUCIFR 110 . . . , . Presidrzzl . . . l'icf-P1'fsidz'11l . . . Srfrfiary . Tl'FIl5Ill't'l' St1f071d Tmmr VV. G. JOLLY O. L. LOPER V. O. FRANKLIN H. A. TPIIGPIN G. E. MAY V. E. JOHNSON B. ELLINOTON Sfmnd Bass VV. A. BRANTLEY G. T. VVILSON A. R. MCGUFFEE F. C. MOBLEY B. G. RAOEN O. NV. P1'1u.LIPs I -4 fs NEKA CAMON, 1928 f m XI 'X 5 '- " ' IIIIIIIlllIIlllIIlIIIlIlllll5 -..n J W Q I 'A 1 'VVQ' ,,g.,1.' "A4A ff ff" ef 'V'.5 : H I 55515: 4 , ig 4 Prayer' to the Great Spirif III I NEKA CAMON, 1928 Slllllllllllll lllllllllllllll I Ill llllll v X--2 - --ZA - - 11? h4ay QLUQQN and AHendants l,VL1H!e Leqyes 2 WM YQ Z 5 , E' NEKA CAMON, 1928 , , Y X r i - E IlIlIllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIZ.lllll . N -R 4' , If + 'E ' I Jn. . ve, .-A Feast of The Red Corn 'TT 'I The Maypole II A Q NEKA CAMQN 1928 'HGHOST OF THE TREES" Scene from PGQSGFIT ' Q Hoop Drill from May Fesfivai 1x4 6 fxqv ,f i .- - 3 V 7 ' NA L -, f H H XI L ' Q.--:gf in -----.-'14 : uf' -X 'MII .-.------"""::"11:-" J , : fi ,-,,-I-"-,V 51 B -'il' '-:eggs Q ia 2 E H E Q ii , L Li,,L,g 12,.g ,gnu ICA, , u M, I-,Mn A + I ff: 34-6 jgiiifiv F1 :N T T L A Rfb N Q Q H H PBI AGRICULTURAL HIGH SCHOOL AGE FIVE THE ATHLETICS .J NEKA CAMON 1928 - A COACH HERSCHEL B030 COACH MATTIE PERRY ,,-2 9 E . . E E A , fda' If E 1 A E 1' ' 1 'iv , ff!! 4 ,... , 5 x . VV hw E E 5 ,Q E QW E E E X, I thin I x Lp A - wx Y 'it , , IQAQQZW. ' w ,fs 1 E E u E-A W if E CHEER LEADERS LILLIAN VAUCHT E. B. ELLINGTON BERT SCRIVENER 116 NM Q54 NEKA CAMON, 1928 f , ' EX X IllllIIIIllIllIIIllIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIZQIIIIQR 'ja ' -2" S- 7 f i It M X NEK MON. 1928 , Z ' llllllllllll sllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Yellow Jacket Captains A. T. GULLETT, Halfbark ......... . . McLauriII, Mississiplii CAPTAIN, ,27 Weight 160 Three Letters ALBERT ROGERS, Fullbarl' .......... . . Hattiesburg, Nlississippi CAPTAIN '28 Weight I6O Letter QI. P. HACKNEY' CHOSSD, Hnlfback .... . . . . Hattiesburg, Mississippi AL1'ERNATE CAPTAIN '28 VVeight 155 Two Letters Ilg W if NEKA CAMON, 1928 . '0' 7- Nw , kfk ffff- iH3 Illllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllgml X R 'lll lI.l Yellow P. P. FLANAGAN QChinkj, Guard . VVeight 165 C1m1z1.Es GRAYSON CCharleyD, Guard . VVeight 179 VV. A. BRANTLEY CBullCl0gJ, Guard . VVeight 175 VV. F. CHILDRESS Cliillb, Tarklr . VVeight 175 A. L. NIX,IfIl1fbHL'k . . . Vveight 165 I II ackets . . . Dekalb Two Lette1's . Hattiesburg Letter . . Kilmichael Two Letters . . . Vance, Two Letters . . Hamilton, Letter 1 3 , llississippi llississippi llississippi llississippi llississippi 5 NEKA CAMON 1928 y . f IIIIIIIII S lllllllnllllnllllllqllnllllllllllll Yellow Jackets J. E. DUNKLEY CDonkD, Halfbatk Weight 155 O. A. IVICIQNIGHT CMacj, Tackle Weight 170 RAY FINCH CPudD, Center . Weight 170 G. H. RUSSELL CRussj, Tackle . Weight 189 GAYLE FAIRLEY CFreshmanJ, End . . Weight 145 120 . McLau1'i11, Mississippi Letter . . Ringgold, Louisiana Letter . Hattiesburg, Mississilnpi Letter . Hattiesburg, Mississilmpi Two Letters . . Gulfport, Mississippi Letter ww s , '-A i Eg- L NEKA CAMON, 1928 ,L s IllllllllllllllllllllIlllIllllllllllI mll A X Yellow Jackets R. L. WOODS CBobbie Leej, Em! . Weight 140 HOMER MCMAHAN CMaeQ Weight 169 F. E. DAVIS CTinyj, End . Weight zoo S. A. BRASFIELD QBillJ, Em! . . . Phoenix, Two Letters , yvllfkfl' . . . . Hattiesburg, Two Letters Hamilton, Three Letters Hattiesburg, VVeight 180 Letter JACK GAY Uackj, Qzuzrtrrbrwk . . . Hattiesburg, Weight 130 Letter I2l L! hlississippi hlississippi hlississippi hlississippi hlississippi E NEKA CAMON, 1928 llllllll lllllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllll Q - ff - 'FW i Yellow Jackets GEKDRGE INIAY, Substitute Guard . ..... . Weight 140 At B iFLEMING CRedj, Substitute Guard . . Weight 165 F E RANDLE CSli111D, Substitute Cwztcr. . Weight 155 IIINI TENORE Cjimj, End . . Weight 145 A R LADNER CLadD, Substitute Guard .. . Weight 160 122 Hattiesburg, First Year . Carmachel, First Year New Albany First Year Hattiesburg, Letter Poplarville, First Year Mississippi Nlississippi Mississippi Mississippi Mississippi NM T ,T NEKA CAMQN, 1928 - ix TX-N.L,T-,iixx i IIIlIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllg I AQ sq i 4 E THE SQ CAD .Al M- 3. .am-an if . 1927 VARSITY li.-XSEB.-XLI. TEAM I23 NEKA CAMON, 1928 X gg A6 IIIIIIIII I I I LEII . Illlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll 5 ii i Wx hfx-f'5f.i1,2a,Q... ,pngjjgyggiwjilg ,ir V AAA. Varsity Basketball S. O. WEEMS CMike or Ikej . Right Forlward A VV. A. VVEEMS Clke or Mikel ..... Left Forfward A. L. Nix . . . S. G. VVHITAKER . J. P. HACKNEX' fNonnieJ . . O. A. MCKNIGHT CMacJ . . . JIM TENORE Uimj . . . , . . . . . . . . . . . . . Forfward . . . Forward . . . . Right Guard . ....... Guard . . ..... Cfnlrr S. A. BRASFIELD CBillJ . . . . . . Left Guard R. H. JOHNSON QDOCJ . . . . . . Guard F. E. DAVIS CTinyj . . Cfnler 124 AM NEKA CAMON, 1928 Illllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll' u. if umumnmumuu Q K , e i f 39 , is 1395 Q? ,w Sifljd.. 3? V -v f. -. w -4 ..- 1f'f'.7,.3 BASKETBALL SQUAD FRESHIVIAN TEAINI- WINNERS IN INTER-CLASS TOURNARIENT x25 NEKA CAMON 1928 : S Zi X gygx . - Z' lllllllll i l l pll llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Varsity Basketball OLLIE CURET, Forwnrn' Stumpy and dumpy, but can scoot like the wind, If you need quick scoring, on her depend. FLETA DOYLE, Alternating Captain, Running Center "Stepping out" Fleta with speed so quickg She makes any opponent turn faint and heart-sick. NELLIE HOPKINS, Jumping Center For jumping center she holds the You'll never outplay her, try ever so hard. ace card 5 META CASTLES, Running Center Little and light she sails and skims, For getting the ball is one of her whims. CLAUDIE MILLER, Guard The opposing forward must not m , So we place Miller there to fight and to hold. ake a goal' 126 NNW Nl Z , Kyra NEKA CAMON, 1928 ,L C IllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllgml . A X Varsity Basketball MARY ALICE LOCKLER, Guard C fident, flaring. determined to win, on You can count her steady to the very end. ADA GRACE SMITH, Foruvzrd her is just a "poor sap." The guard that trfes to stop She'll pile up scores 'til the very last lap. WILLENE JACKSON, Captain, For-waz-fl Fight, fight, fight, that's our VVillene, ' l basketball queen. Our star, our captain, ant CAZXIILLE Ross, For-zvrzrzl We all prefer blondes when they're like Camille, But we love her most when she scores from the lielml. RUBY FLANNIGAN, Gum-fl She obeys the Bible rule to "love one another," ' ' brother." And on guard duty "she stwketh closer than Il l27 ww R 9 A NEKA CAMON, 1928 , GM 'lllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllll .AME M1 M ' 9 13,-N359 , , I if 35 , , ' iw? ,D M - me J' 5 4 -3 A .J"""f-f PHYSICAL EDUCATION MAJORS ASSISTANTS IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTIVIENT 128 E 1 E j HV. "'?.'.-HE .giilrg LV WS Xb - Qld I, l ji E AVILTL-'Z?:-F l E 'fv L E, -' : -- j :Effi?T':-,471-:ELA JUNIOR COLLEGE AGE Slx TH E FEATURES NEKA CAMON, 1928 W f dawg 1' ' i 5 T . QB.RicHcmcl S' 0 VL 3 'Wi 5. fa .. be NEKA CAMON, 1928 A IIllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllll' Ein uuuuummnnnuuum:gp .nunnn D... 2 , Grade -S-' 'miss Plelad. Dotxflc .93 419 Q geNfQ,, A K jCllQl1kf' 59 x j3TliSS fmaucl SPLCFPOCL I 5 ..-ing. Ev ,Z ,, I X Q E 4 ' A 1 H v , ,f4 ff mf ffy' 5 , ' f 494 Q W' 2 . .,,5,f5, ff, , pl t ' wi Qi 2 - ,f ,,, fx? XY ,, , x , 1 gf,,Ai,3 531 f K, I ' f 4 f f if-LZ? f x 1 , 41 4 'ew fffmf Hu. 'ifrs 2 sl k25,x,fi'ffiZ4gii: Zwff, , f,,,3f,,' ,, 1, '. Q- f . 1. 1f""5'f' , ff'a,,r,n,f. Us ifekf If -3,L9,kvf. 5: la .fzfy X7 Q39-'a,,, , Q 3 . 1 , ff 'M 7 Ny ' ,I ,fn 4 Yxiffw b dwg? .tf,2:. Q "3 53, ff ' ':5. i'4i iw' 215457134 iifif ff -W 11 f ffm, 41 7 Y' vm " 1,w2,Qrj JJ? . V .- 1 , - if ba A gigg q , A! .ff ggi fx, 1 3 1 yf f l , , I , ,sh Qffi ,af ' SW f ERA!!! 1 f X 4 , gf M 3353355 fwv , ,4 , wgpf Qqfgfv zinc. , W, ,gf is 1. 6 3af:M?:igpaQ,Qfg2,fg , 25:4 1 :rf "" , f 'J 'Xu ,, '-. f f . x 5. fa, ,. ., V if !g!fg5,'zQ,u aff? 66 fg6i05f 71 Zi gi! ?4,. , my Af , , A ,. ,4'ii2j' , ,' fg,,q,5g?v?,:,f!, ,!,1',: Z fvx ...................................... 42-QX lflwfffff g S 3 , IQ f 5,1 f 5 . , , f 4. , .M,414'T-fa fm ffm f ' f - ff -Y yf,f.f,f,,',:zf f. : ' I '59 z ff X w .1 1' fa'-ff' ., ,,- x .-, v , -' .fyW,w1f:u--,::,? ,4.5.'f.,1g:1':fmf, 1,45 ,9ff,f?,7 k-M7 mr- uf f wg r f fwwf I Nr! NEKA cA oN 19Qs IunIIAImuulIunlllllu'lnllllllg i: lmgixnanunn- 111 Be sr GH-Pound B03 E.B.Euin3l'bn CD29 Q U mf DQS? UH-Pound Q IGUDL 'ITM Sflarzgjareb goung 3 i f N S VJ .I .. ,. ' 4 4.4. XE NEKA CAMON 1928 ll ll lllllI f vw A T' 5 mfiiii KRLLTTTIEE HlfIkSi'ER7 xlwwfll w fixwx XM 4 v' L V- fl3,1 ' V Kumi :A a -A Wh'-f 'rkffz' 3' 144 1 ,JR Quqwunf 'I , '- ,,g, A 4 X ' 'sm 'S A . -,www ' QSM. 1, Q 222' If -- -1-,.,1 k - V p Jhe BEST SELLERS 'ff .A J' 9-BIG "g""11'o HAVE 5, Y,NS 'VO HOLD MEAVENLY-TW 4 wb! 1 Q5 NEKA CAMON, 1928 . p yi A Nia' uuummlumlullllllullnllugminki run.. : X 5, 1 , Eg- I , f ' .AL A' - x NWN FREE ALR URSANTITYAJ I 4 SHALL Msg' - '11-v"'F17f"' "FS: 9 l , K HWRfwNHf'? +gS Nw!! Y 3:1??"4m" Wm 9 I Q x ' ? : 1 .R QTY,-z's1flr sf 'FS1 - y f f 59 'xg Q ' 1 . gi.: x.,-+P-' :AE J 1 V -F .mn H I' , + BEEF. Q I 1 in , A'-Lis' 'Iii-F in .VAX A A1 5 rs Axle ' 'N - 43.391 vm- fr N ' u XZ - 4 ' k3Q1mQwiJ MiaPJJNg LITTLE-LORD f-' f AUNTLEROY Qjfle It 1:l"3'.' 5,-.l ,A :A , ""W nfl! if Q A, 1 BEST ' , I Y Ra" 1' . g 3 ' "4 I 2 SELLERS f+f .' Q f - "'u1.7"z,fn'g -.5 wi ,Q-MP? f 15 Y w Xki X LDAN iV"fm""' I I,HAVEI'I2IALs YNNOCENTI P sr' ir CA li .YI LL-4 F of-'Q lu: " U -.I l Isl 1 mn 5' lun llll 5 -nnlllll v X NOWN .ATBR AD f . 'ffaz' S3 2 1 X '1 'a'il lgg ": A f gi' ' p x " ,. 'ln X 5' ff, ' g -N 'e mfg. :II N "'X2fQ3rMd ,L .' V I - - -E I., ::- ln..- N',.-'I' I 135 KILL ' NEKA CAMON, 1928 F' ,g"9., X x fag- , 'umm m SunniIlllullluulmllmlmulI 136 Xgllll NEKA CAMON, 1928 IInumnInnnlmumlluulnlZ liln numnunuunnunuunnuw ,,,,,,,,,, A r f XX X I V ff' X hx Q ' .1 1. 1 wi i' x X Q 1 f . I-I lm It l lx? l lll- l l lr ll l y 4! y M ff, V' ' l l l l jd 7 l 3 r ll 1 ll ml ill N i 'tl 'l f -l il ' . l ll l ,, X il fl its l ll I :E l "M ' Neka Camon Ventures ff I x X ' I , 5 lf:"i1 N il H ' I, gan . llhtg 4? . t I, I I Ny I "1 ,429 J' N ff gg l' ll l l yi V ,ia 1 I 4 I f mt l ' l l fa 1 llx lg I D U ' 1 I -'Q' 'fd as T 'ui M X f W 5:1-1 it lb? 'IW A 1191 f -f if ll ' 'I I l'5 4 I 9' N f ff' ' I N., ,W "MW fzl l Q IV i ' rr' l '45 l' l 'C' 1 , , , 12, Q tell l A Y 2 Rfading from top to bofiom MR. HI RANDLE to Inquire: VVhy the girls call Raden the man with the velvet P kiss. VVhy every teacher thinks his subject is the only one the students have to study? In what class was it that someone accidentally tapped on the desk during examination and the next morning every member withdrew? If the rumor is correct that Mr. Walker really turns on the gas in his classroom, or do the students just nat- urally go to sleep? Why the darkest parts of the auditorium fill up Hrst on picture show nights? VVhy Ford Sedans are listed under the heading of pleasure vehicles? VVhy the bulletin boards do not thin out in winter as do the trees? VVhy girls kiss each other? If balloon trousers are not on their last legs? VVhy is a janitor? X s i H34 as X r sd l J Sam ffl , x X XXX 1 ju Xl X A - 15,91--v-Qu-. W-D KL 1 'if-E5':si,,?'gT -' - A M 'FY Reading from left to righ! MR. PUNY VVELSH T37 STC. xg NEKA CAMON, 1928 'I llllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllll x'lX?.l'! if' J SIGNOFFS Pine Crest Store Perfection Shoe Shop F,H, me , Popular Priced Shoes for the 1 Ing tatlon Student Groceries for You GOOD SHOE REPAIRING Gas and Oil for Your Car RIGHT OFF PINE STRIZET OPPOSITE CoCA-CoIA PLANT Just Off the Campus Phone 1782 We Want You to Look, But We Never Urge You to Buy Coats, Suits, Dresses and Millinery DRESS GOODS, SILKS AND ACCEssoRIEs THE DAVIDSON COMPANY The House of Courtesy F. W, FOOTE E C. FOLK preside: Cashier O J HAUENS FI IN J. I., MIXON V P I 1 Assistnnt Cashier NV I JONES Q Z. C M. SIGLER v P I 6 A C 1 4w INTEREST L'-1 SAFETY PAID ON , BOXES SAVINGS 5 GD FOR ACCOUNTS F73 Q RENT 1-nf fs QSBIIRG' HTHIIIFT, IHI2 HIGHWAY TO SUCCESS" RESOURCES OVER S6,000,000.00 XXIII qw X if 4 , NEKA CAMON, 1928 f The Gulf States Creosoting Company OPERATING PLANTS AT HATTIESBURG. MISS., MERIDIAN. MISS., AND SLIDELL, LA. ANNUAL CAPACITY, 120,000,000 FT. B. M. e c:oMPL1MENTARY Hattiesburg Coca-Cola Bottling Co. INCORPORATED I-IATTIESBURG. MISSISSIPPI I-IULETT UNDERTAKING COMPANY Established I 910 FUNERAL DLIRECTORS AND EMBALMERS HATTIESBURG. Miss. HULETT FUNERAL HOME UNDERTAKERS AND EMBALMERS IVIERIDIAN. MISS. DEAS 25 DUKE Mohlefs Coffee It's Blended to Haberdashers Suit Your Taste HATTIESBURG, Miss. YOUR GROCER HAS IT If I-Ie I-Iasn't I-Ie Will Get It NEKA CAMON, 1928 OLE STUDIO HATTIESBURG. MISSISSIPPI MISSISSIPPI'S BUSIEST PHOTOGRAPHIC STUDIO "QUALITY AND SERVICE" OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER PQR THE NEKA CAMON A ll NEKA CAMON, 1928 IIllIIIllllllllllllllllllllflllllllllzg The Cheapest Health Protection You Can Buy Ice is an Actual Health .Insurance Policy WITH A MIGHTY SMALL PREMIUM INDEED It is by far the cheapest health protection you can buy. A well- Hlled refrigerator-kept filled the year 'round-insures pure, wholesome, nourishing foods FIRM ICE AND FUEL COMPANY PHoNEs 30 AND 33 Hattiesburg, Miss. WE INVITE YOUR BUSINESS On the Basis of Intelligent, Helpful and Agreeable Service The Commercial National Bank MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM Say It With Flowers it And When Saying it With Flowers, I r say ir with Stemme 25 Sons Cut Flowers for All Occasions H ALL WAYS BEST Potted Plants and Shrubbery Creamery Members Florists' Telegraph Delivery A a o., Flowers Scnl Anywhere. Am' Time Mann Street Hattiesburg. Miss. lw vvm lar NEKA CAMON, 1928 -' 1-is X up X i ,ff sgc Q lIIllllIllllllIllllllllllllllllllllll SUCCESS CANNOT BE BOUGHT AT THE BARGAIN COUNTER OR PAID FOR ON DELIVERY The price must be paid in advance in Hard Work, Prudence, and Economy The Habit of Thrift Established in Your College Days Bears Fruit in Your Future Days Resources Over One Million Nine Hundred Thousand Dollars CITIZENS BANK COMPLIMENTS OF THE PLACE TO G0 THE Southern Building ANDERSON ' "Home of the Mighty Robert Material Co. Morton Pipe Organs HATT1-ESBURG, Mississippi A, fjijf'tQfflQ2Q',i,fQflfQjg' ipudc ' Reliable 4 'IQIQDUIIGRUCERY 0 Clothing Company SOLE AGENTS FOR GROCERIES. FEEDS AND FERTILIZERS IIATTIESBURG MI55 WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Opposite Hotel Hattiesburg We Buy Syrup, Cotton, Corn HATTIESBURG. MISSISSIPPI Beans. Etc. SHIV EEZ 9 NEKA cAM3silppp19-s f ........... f N gf KOMP MACHINERY CO. HATTIESBURG, Miss. WE PURNISH AND APPLY ETERNIT Asbestos Slate Roofing AND BIRD'S ARTCRAFT Roll Rooiing and Composition Shingles ATTRACTIVE TIME PAYMENT PLAN A COMPLETE LINE OF Mill and Factory Supplies, Pumping Outiits. Gas Engines and Farm Equipment HAWKINS HARDWARE COMPANY WHOLESALE AND RE TAIL EVERYTHING IN Hardware, Building Materials, and House Furnishings Exclusive Agents for Goldsmith's Athletic Goods for Boys and Girls Largest Exclusive Hardware Store in South Mississippi STYLISH AND DEPENDABLE FOOTWEAR AND HOSIERY FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY Standard Brands Only All Sizes and Widths in Newest Novelties. Also Conservative Styles All Lines Highest Quality1Lowest Prices J . E. BUFKIN HATTIESBURG GULFPORT BILOXI Wy S5 NEKA CAMON, 1928 h X "llllIIlllII I ZTIIES ' lllllllll ll Illlll llllllllllllll J. S, TURNER '85 SONS DRY GOODS, NOTIONS, LADIES' READY-TO-WEAR Men'S and Boys' Wear, Shoes for the Whole Family Carpets, Rugs and Wall Paper MAIN AND FRONT STREETS HATTIESBURG. MISS. Main Street IN STOCK READY TO SHIP Service Station ATHLETIC GOODS 627 Main Sum FO' ENV SPM HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI CATALOGS ON REQUEST Gas, Oil and Accessories Firestone Tires Inc ' 0 y Q Road Se'v'ce MERIDIAN, MISS. TELEPHONE 684 SUPPLIES FOR COLLEGES China, Glassware, Silverware, Cutlery, Cooking Utensils, Heavy Duty Kitchen Equipment, Tables, Chairs. Linens. Etc, 53 YEARS OF SERVICE The Loubat Glassware '55 Cork Company NEW ORLEANS, LA. Pay Cash and Pay Less THE HUB WOMEN'S WEAR AND MILLINERY Hattiesburg's Style and Value Center We Cater to College Students Fine Brothers Hattiesburg's Best and Busiest Store Dry Goods, Women's Ready-to-Wear Garments and Millinery HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI AMW NEKA CAMON, 1928 ,,,,,,,,.,,,....,,.,.,.,.,.,..,,,.... Ei HATTIESBURG GROCERY CO. Incorporated WHOLESALE GROCERS MEMBERS AMERICAN WHOLESALE GROCERS' ASSOCIATION USE ROBINSON'S CIPHER CODE E OFFICE AND WAREHOUSE, MOBILE STREET HATTIESBURG, MISS. Hardy Street Grocery Hightower Seed Filling Station Company 900 HARDY STREET , Seeds. Plants. Sprays. Canaries Groceries, Meats, Gasoline, Motor Oils Poultry Supplies' Etc. Tire Service, Tires, Automibile Accessories and SERVICE PHONES 636 AND 1737 Free Catalogue HATTIESBURG. MISS. I. L. LYONS 25 COMPANY, LTD. NEW ORLEANS. LOUISIANA ESTABLISHED 1866 Wholesale Druggists Microscopes. Laboratory Outits, Surgical Instruments NEKA CAMON, 1998 Z9-E X 'll Zilimx 'llllllll llllllllll Illl E RUDOLPH RAMELLI Incorporated NEW ORLEANS. LOUISIANA SOUTH'S ONLY STRICTLY HOME LAUNDRY SUPPLY HOUSE COMPLIMENTS OF JNO. A. MCLEOD CO., Inc. "FOR 45 YEARS-THE BEST PLACE TO SHOP" HATTIESBURG Mississippi School Supply Co. JACKSON, MISS. Educational Equipment and Supplies Enterprise Foundry E5 Machine Co. W. B. DICKERSON, President A. BUZZELL, Vice-Presdient R. W. GRAVES, Secretary-Treasurer amd General Manager I-IATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI' COMPUMENTS OF RAWLING'S ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT Goyer Optical Co. SOLD BY CI-IAMBLISS 617 MAIN STREET I-IATTIESBURG, MISS. HARDWARE CO. HATTIESBURG, Miss. S531 M x, A NEKA CAMON, 1 2 llllllllll IllIllllllllllllllllllllg 4m 2 f S. T. C. STUDENTS FOR YOUR BENEFIT Music Wednesday Afternoon Come to See Us RAWLS 'CG CARTER DRUG STORE "Of Course" The Fashion Shop Corner Main and Front Street Ladies' Wearing Apparel and Millinery I-IATTIESBURG, MISS. RP Eta!!! The Gift Store PHOTOS Thames Studio Special Attention to College Students' Work lll WEST PINE STREET Hattiesburg Main Street Phone 7187 purol Tiolene OUR PRICELESS ASSET Gasoline Motor Oil SATISFIED CUSTOMERS "Twins of Power" American Oil Co. Hattiesburg, Miss. Be One of Them Hedrick Tailoring 25 Cleaning Co. 107 West Pine Street HATTIESBURG. MISS. COMPLIMENTS OF PIGGLY WIGGLY J ITNEY JUNGLE HATTIESBURG, MISS. far Economical Transportation 1.1 .- L- 1 CH EVRO IETX McArthur Chevrolet Company PHoNE ins 7: 0 EAS I Struct HATTILSIHL lf Ml SISSIIPI NEKA CAMON, 1928 -I V X "I ZylI ' 'IllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll izgdfiilm FRATERNITY, CGI .I EGF. CLASS JEWELRY Commencement Announcements and Invftatfons JEWELER TO TI-IE SENIOR CLASS Of MISSISSIPPI STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE L. G. BALFOUR CO. MANUFACTURING IEWELERS AND STATIGNERS ATTLEBORO, MASS. ASK ANY COLLEGE GREEK stil vial QQ 5 NEKA CAMON, 1928 IIllIllIllllllIIIllllllIlllllIllllllI mlllll: K 7 OWN YOUR OWN HOME THE J. J. NEWMAN LUMBER co. The HNEWMANH Brand of Lumber Everything for the dwelling or the barn, including lath and shingles We offer many thousands of acres of cut-over lands in three counties in South Mississippi AN IDEAL CLIMATE FOR SOUTHERN HOMES dcwhere Friends Meetii Quick PM Lime Ash Monro-Warrior Coal E3 OWL Coke CO. Birmingham, Ala. Wfe Illinc One Best Coal for Every Purpose PHONE 7 , . Economical Intense Haut American Dry CICQIICTS 207-209 East Pine Street Opposite Merchants Grocery Co. Cleaning, Dyeing, Pressing Expert Alterations IVIazIe Io Measfzrc Clothes Wo1'ld's Best Phofoplays PHONE 1466 I "IW ... -,AH I -.'- .F " 4 9 NEKA CAMON, 1928 llilllllllu- ''IllllllIIIllllllllllllllllllllllll 'lllllllllllllllll X " lib.. S X 07 ff PHOENIX LAUNDRY Dyers and CIeaners Hatters and Shoe Repairers We DO All Kinds of Plaiting If Phone 36 Is Busy, Ring 97 303-9 HARDY STREET MCNHITIS Grocery STAPLE AND FANCY CROCERIES, FRUITS AND FRESH VEGETABLES 313 WEST PINE STREET Phones I74 and 398 WE DELIVER he cover for thlS annual was created by The DAVID J. MOLLOY OO. 2857 N. Western Avenue Chicago, Illinois any Molloy Made Cnvzr bears this mad: Imalrlfjmn du. THE MILLHEIM COMPANY WILMER DOSSETT BARBER SHOP SPECIAL ATTENTION TO COL- CREDIT LEGE STUDENTS I32 FRONT STREET FRONT STREET I-IATTIESBURO. IVIISS. HATTIESBURG' MISSISSIPPI THE PINE STREET BASKET GROCERIES AND VIEATS EVERYTHING IN EATS Pnced and Arranged for Cash and Carry Always Room to Park "Yet We Delivery PHONES 325 AND 326 HOTEL MITCHELL European Plan A HOME AWAY FROM HOME RATES 32.50, 52.00, 51.50, SI.0O HATTIESBURC, MISSISSIPPI R. E. ROLLINGS The Southern NI! I, ,iw T Fig! U--H-A NEKA CAMON, 1928 A-is A ei: 'Te THE MERCHANTS COMPANY OF MISSISSIPPI MILLERS, MANUFACTURERS AND DISTRIBUTORS Millers of Big HIVIM Flour and Corn Meal Poultry Big WIVIM Feeds Dairy Horse Wholesale Grocers Cold Storage Facifities We Are Here to Serve the Retail Merchants of Qur Section I-IATTIESBURG LAUREL, D'Lo, MAGEE, PRENTISS, PICAYUNE, POPLARVILLE MCLAIN MISSISSIPPI Jeweler "GIFT COUNSELORSH I27 MAIN STREET I-IATTIESBURG Coal Co., Inc. MINERS AND SI-IIPPERS OF HIGH GRADE STEAM AND DOMESTIC COAL MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE BOOK CATALOGS EDUCATIONAL BOOKS At Reduced Prices Catalog Issued on All Subjects Wrile for Calalog The Missouri Store Co. COLUIVIBIA, MISSOURI Federal CLOTHING STORES 62I MAIN ST. T Quality Clothing for Men and Women Correct in Style and in Price I mituli-IIIIIII IIIIIYI-1111-III I lizii' X 1lllllS In-II I ag , NEKA CAMON, 1928 - if it ,f y I 1 --'XX llllllllllllllllllllllllll llll I X- H 'F 'RBUTTER-NUT BREAD" "JUST-RITE BREADH MATTINGLYS BAKERY Modern ILZELZS in YOU KNOW ITIS GOOD IF IT COMES FROM IvIATTINOI.Y'S OUR BEST ADVERTISEMENT ls Our Clothing Worn by a Majority of CO. the Better Dressed Young Men hereabouts. Hickey-Freeman Clothes, Society Brand CHRYSLER Clothes, Kirschbaum Clothes, Manhattan and HIC .sEhirtskBostoniarEqShoes, Sletsln lgats IMPERIAL est nonm, noiivn as I e est" A Car for Everybody Carter-Lane HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI PAUL CARTER DEWEY LANE INIHUN-MDI PIECE GOODS """""""""' FURNISHINGS READY'-TO-WEAR 0 SHOES CLOTHING . - If HOSIERY 'lvlurc savings are greatest THE YE,-XII IUTUNID G10 Marin Stwc-t, liattim-sIIuI'g,g, Mississil pi Visit Our Ladies' Rezidy-to-Wear Department. Dresses, Coats, Millinery. Visit Our Men's Clothing and Hat Department. We Can Save You Money. 954 BUSY STORES Our Buying Power is Your Saving Power This joke was censored: but if you will see the editor, he will be glad to tell it to you. NW S 5 NEKA CAMoN, 1928 A xx I X Editorial We have been criticised quite a little by some of the readers for the general make-up of the anIIual. VVe have three good reasons for our plan. In the first place we don't know any better. Second, none of you would know how to appreciate it if it were better. Third, if we did know how to make it better, we'd probably be managing a New York magazine at a large salary, and you people would lose the best staff you have had this year. Dr. Lowrey: l'Riches is a curse." Strickland: "VVell, I'll be damned." It is rumored that the laundry ships away six barrels of buttons each month. On going to press, however, the rumor had not been substantiated. + ae an Sign on bulletin in front of College Hall- IN CHAPEL TODAY' DR. E. H. MARRINER EVERYBODY CoME OUT Miss Hickman: "This story has a very interesting plot. Did you write it all yourself?" Student: "Certainly." Miss Hickman: "I'm glad to meet you, Mr. O. Henry. I thought you had been dead some time." as an + Girl: "How did you learn to kiss like that?" Allen: "Oh, I play a saxophone." Junior: "I feel sorry for that freshman: he failed in everything except physics." Senior: "VVhy didn't he fail in that?" Junior: "He didn't take it." as af at NOTICE TO FRESHMEN The sign in the library which says only low talking permitted, does not mean you can tell dirty jokes. as if ek NOTICE ON BULLETIN BOARD If the person who took my psychology note book will return it before exams, no questions will go unanswered. QVERHEARID IN DINING i'IAI,L Soup. Miss Perry: "I'm oin to let my hair row, and by Christmas it will be tumbling clear . . il' , I-, down to my ears." steak! Jo Harvey: "You're a pain in the neck." Ed Manning: "VVell, you're no aspirin tablet." It's better to have loved and lost-yeah, lots better. "VVhat did the traflic cop say to you when the light changed and your motor stalled?" "He wanted to know if I was waiting for my favorite color." as if at "IIow'd you get married?" "Just sobered up, and there I was." 153 nvfmff ff ff of - WM fi f 3f77"i1" 1' 'fipizf 'W' V In ffze ffearl' of fhe Sozzffz Bl RM I NG I-I AMRA' Fora Quarter of a Centuty Illustrators of Dist- inctive College and High School Annuals THE ALABAMAE G VI GCO MM?,,,,wu-,H ,,,,,A W ,,,,,,,,,,,..,,..,.,,. W, ,, .,,.,,....,, V, YT...L., , f -W r-A--M -- ---- - - Y' THIS BOOK PRINTED BY BENSON EE EE LARGEST COLLEGE ANNUAL PUBLISHERS IN THE WORLD HIGHEST QUALITY WORKMANSHIP SUPERIOR EXTENSIVE SERVICE ENSOINI PRINTING CO. NASHVILLE. COLLEGE ANNUAL HEADQUARTERS wms..h......,... ' ........ ,.m-m.A..:4m.. ..M,l-.. .. ..., L ... ., L....,...4...,...,..,..,, , ....., .,. ,...,, , --- , .. , NEKA CAMON, 1928 E - X45 'lifwbdfol Q b ,i Rx "IW I q ,' Z 4Q, R X W WM? Xie Q5 NOV, S 'I 7 -'xx Ewa" LVSYEN 12 'mc YXNQ-.E-,if R2 5 f.. WI. 0-0 I ' I ik. 1.'. Q31 . if-1 .L " I . ul ,'g,'- ' . "' - , -,I ..'-v' "Tiff I' ..'4IT13Iy.f.. .Ii'.3,x " 4 ' 'Qu v' .MJMIQ IIu.I. 5.1 L ,Z fu" .. f . r 'l" L I 5' r .Il n A'-' It .Q P, . "' ' , grew' ,dl 'U 'Ag :III ,Fl A,EL,fiI.7II: LII4: .Lx 2 ,.. . - .. W5 I' ' "If . ' ,II-'1,f 1'-.ff 'ff' VMI, 1-1-init' "L,.".' ..',f' I " .--whg :I,,. " - '. - . ,h.rI .fIiI..AII ' ', V 1 'un' .' , w- In w- 'Hfrm . .- f q . -. 'ff . ' . I."x,,a-A.. I.: I, -15.1-y'.Q .I - 3 ,Ila5I'II:I . II-EI-I+fIIfLf: III,-jf. 1. ,', .I I v I I'I., . ' I Un' v1'rl"'?H."f'i JF 'Vw I ...JW sf II. " if S "uf . 'A w-IV' t Q frnf Q, ' ,v f A II 2IsI-III :FII ' 'QII. If 'I I'- X H' '-,Q-'.'mv, ' "-in .'w.."w ' f we . f...M f .,...f' A . Q... T'-wJ 4 -'- J nf' 'Cv .f .Wa---. '.. A -' . III3I.I:1g. up I. RIN'-Lzlt tg I y.AI'I Ifg,:7I'I-.if ., -,1 III I. ,- . I IIIII IIII gw. 'WI I-gig. via. , L . . I I' ,.-ff!.,5 J' ily," :I 6. ' -kJ MQW -,f'b'.g' -III, Uv 1 , I V Y ' 4- 4 -I'-I I -II -I sffv'Il?-:WIA-iw'-:", ' ' IL' ' ' 'af '!u.4'fVYfv5lr LI :.5,,f1" .If 'L ' ,I I' 'I' A . .tr-".1IgI HN' ", ax f. e.- r ...v jI.,fI-...Y -1. -I II,I I ,,I,,If,I,,IIII..II .I.IIg: JJ . I.: III, L I 1:0 I1IIII.-.' ' I, '.N Hr.. III 1"fI:.g QUI. I1I,I4'.1 '.',4f"s,I ., ' ' " . . ' .v,-.'I4n.,-fu-' - , 1 ,nf QF I4'1'3gn"sh--,-, .1-'.-gym. ' I - ...F MIM- rw, '1I'e'f:fQ',7r.fEI.-.45f.f'4I.:.?. I. U. . , . - f.,-."--1-1 - H'---. .IIQU H Q. 'I I .FIJI-I.,I'-FI-I QW... .- nm :- - -, .1 -11 .II.u'II .n. ,IQ L I .Ix I I Tv. XI l',,..,iI,., IJI II-rv.,-IIIIII U'.E:II .I III L LI , 1 . , .. . u' . In... .nI 1.1, ..,II,, -. . 'TU' '.g.ff,'J f. 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Suggestions in the University of Southern Mississippi - Southerner Yearbook (Hattiesburg, MS) collection:

University of Southern Mississippi - Southerner Yearbook (Hattiesburg, MS) online yearbook collection, 1925 Edition, Page 1


University of Southern Mississippi - Southerner Yearbook (Hattiesburg, MS) online yearbook collection, 1926 Edition, Page 1


University of Southern Mississippi - Southerner Yearbook (Hattiesburg, MS) online yearbook collection, 1927 Edition, Page 1


University of Southern Mississippi - Southerner Yearbook (Hattiesburg, MS) online yearbook collection, 1929 Edition, Page 1


University of Southern Mississippi - Southerner Yearbook (Hattiesburg, MS) online yearbook collection, 1930 Edition, Page 1


University of Southern Mississippi - Southerner Yearbook (Hattiesburg, MS) online yearbook collection, 1931 Edition, Page 1


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