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Contents Opening 2 Academics 16 Student Life 60 Graduates 100 Special Report 193 Organizations 210 Sports 254 Housing 328 Greelis 356 Closing 408 Index 422 ir ik j. , ' - -r-jj : tmLiJJLiil— M li 1983 El Rodeo ' Here are provided seats of meditative joy, where shall arise again the destined reign of Troy. . . ' Virgil, The Aenied UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA LOS ANGELES. CALIFORNIA VOLUME LXXVIII Putting A Year In Perspective Surveying the University of Southern California over any period of time, a detached observer discovers great diver- sity — a kaleidoscope of construction and destruction, bustle and long sil- ences, success and disaster. Like a child watching an anthill, such an on- looker possibly questions the purpose of all the activity. How can he recon- cile the academic hush in the basement libraries with the noisy construction of pools and parking structures? What should he think of mass migration down University Avenue on Saturday afternoons in the fall? What, he asks, is the end result of the efforts? Stretching his view further, the be- mused bystander might wonder about the outlying community — poor neigh- borhoods and old monuments sur- rounding a 150 acre campus that is largely rich and new. On viewing the rest of Los Angeles, he tries to asso- ciate the multi-cultural city with its eclectic university. He may see that each is sometimes frustrating and con- fusing, yet both are endlessly entertain- ing. Those of us inside this place know that the efforts of all observers trying to understand USC from outside are impossible. Only after working and playing here, studying for classes, standing in lines, and cheering the teams, can anyone gain an appreciation of what is truly ' Trojan ' . The insistent gaze of outsiders, whether it be admiring or critical, is a recognizable force at USC. More impor- tant, however, is our perception of this campus in all its facets and activities. We will determine its future. During 1983 as always, it is the staff, faculty and students past and present within this university who define its character and fulfill its destiny. 2 Opening Opening 3 Academic Prestige Seen As Goal For The ' 80s The University of Southern California, recognized by many for its quality ath- letic teams and rigorous graduate schools, began in 1982 a campaign to broaden its academic focus, particularly in the college of Letters, Arts, and Sciences. Under the guidance of new dean Irwin Lieb and spearheaded by the use Student Senate, a program titled ' Make USC Number One - Study Harder ' began in the fall; plans called for carry- ing the program throughout the year and decade, uhimately making USC enjoy a stronger academic reputation among large private universities nationwide. This campaign requires work from every individual working or studying here. It is not only a challenge to the historical and national perception of USC - it is occasionally in direct conflict with our self-definition as a unique school providing educational opportuni- ties not available elsewhere. USC is at once seeking equal status with the finest American universities while maintaining a separate image from them; reconciling these philosophies, and overcoming their seeming contradictions, will call for the finest efforts of USC students and personnel now and in the future. Right: FACING FACTS - Student struggles to be com- fortable while con- centrating. IKS M. « • ■ ' -M 4 Opening bove: ANOTHER WORLD - Astronomy professor Reeves explains Mars to fascinated students LIBRARY SCIENCE Photo by Alvin Chung Above: HOTSHOT - Water polo- ist looks for somewhere to pass the ball. Above Right: SHOOT- ING STAR - Paula McGee outma- neuvers opponents at the basket Far Right LOUD AND CLEAR - Quarterback Scott Tinsley calls audibles to the Trojan offense. Near Right: LADY LUCK - Money earned from raffle ticket sales supports Women ' s Athlet- ics. 6 Opening Athletic Pride Continues On Despite Scandals, Sanctions Photo by lim Lanahan The theme for Homecoming ' 82 was " A Tribute to Trojan Athletic Heritage " - and rightly so. Over the years, USC has collected 72 NCAA national titles in men ' s and women ' s sports and eight un- official football championships. Many USC athletes have earned Olympic med- als, while over 100 compete in profes- sional major-league sports world-wide. But Trojan athletes excel off the play- ing field as well; twenty-eight USC ath- letes have received post-graduate schol- arships through the NCAA program. Others have gone on to be successful lawyers, doctors and businessmen. From football to volleyball, swimming to tennis, the spirit and pride of athletic competition remains strong. Despite ac- cusing fingers, negotiations for coliseum seating, and NCAA sanctions, USC Ath- letics remains a dynamic institution. % « Opening 7 8 Opening A Far Left: ' I KNOW CPR - Health Center dummy and Bill Mading demonstrate life-saving techniques. Above: REPRE- SENTATION - Lunchtime means quick planning sessions in a Student Senate office. Left: LIGHT PASTIME - Video games are a perennial favorite on many parts of campus. Above Right: PRE-GAME PICNIC - Alumni crowd the campus on Saturday mornings before the football games. Below Right DONATED DOL- LARS - An alumna supports one of the campus groups. Above: OLD BAND MEM- BERS NEVER DIE - A former band member tries to recruit a future tuba player. Right: LAUGHING IT UP - Two Tro- jan fans show that you don ' t have to be student to enjoy use football. 10 Opening -% Alumni Give Material And Spirited Support Alumni fill an integral part of USC and the ' Trojan Family ' . The 180,000 USC graduates hold positions world- wide in law, business, medicine, engi- neering, architecture and a thousand other fields. More than 100 different al- umni groups provide active support for the academic, athletic and social devel- opment of USC. Whether they a re spirit- edly yelling in the coliseum or holding a flea market to raise scholarship funds, our alumni prove that " You ' re a Bruin for four years, but a Trojan for life. " Opening 11 A Crowded Campus Allows Some ' Quiet Corners P ' r. 1 1 ' ' H H IIiH 1 ■— 1 .« ( IH m k t _ . -Tss-. ' - ' ■ ' m iMSMma m .- : 12 Opening w I m MMn ■ ' z €. t ••k , 3 ' :- !■ lllllTl ' M% ' f . -% . j i:- Photos by Kelly Manson 9 ?;. -.; - ♦ Vr ' S . • .X;%:.J rf m: mi: ' H31?: " .5r ' - Opening 13 14 Opening Community Blends History And Economic Disparity Photos by Kelly Manson Ji L 1- 1 M kM 1 . P r y.j r:f. |R» fh: ■ AT? . ' ' » , jM Aillfct • ■k. . 1 k- 1 Jft.iai: ■■t:! - ' ' ....• Via S ' : ■i i ill .r- ■.■.... J, • ' . ' " ' ..; is.- ■ . ■ ■■■ • . !.• r ■ Opening 15 II ' IIIX k — .-% ■ ■ %1 A L r on Above: THEN AS NOW - Students in an early 20th century classroom show varying degrees of attention to the lecture. Right: HAMMING IT UP - Modern students mug for an El Rodeo photographer. 16 Academics ' Learning without thought is labor lost; thought without learning is perilous Confucius, Analects Underneath the media attention focused on USC athletics, the crime problem, and faculty research, the basic function of a university - the instruction of students in academic fields - is often forgotten. In 1982-83 the administration and student leader- ship took steps to change that. Twenty-seven thou- sand students in 28 schools pay $230 per unit for classes in disciplines ranging from Anatomy to Ur- ban and Regional Studies; the goal is ensuring that they get what they pay for. Through promised in- creases in administrative efficiency and recognition of individual student and faculty excellence, USC constantly seeks to improve both its external image and its internal integrity. 7 I mw ■N ' Academics Academics 17 Administration Emphasizes Academics Difficulties on all sides and the need for readjustment to a changing economy faced the 1982-83 university administra- tion. Characteristically, they faced these challenges with unabashed confidence. From the beginning of the academic cal- endar, some small but important activi- ties and changes occupied the adminis- trative agenda. The University Advisory Council or- ganized by President Zumberge is to augment the continuing effort by the ad- ministration to improve academic qual- ity. " The primary value of the staff is to advise the president on matters which extend beyond the interests ot any par- ticular constituency group. " The coun- cil, comprised of senior administrators, deans, the president of the faculty sen- ate, the chairman of the staff assembly and the Student Senate president, touched on topics from Security to the 1984 Olympics. It is hoped that the UAC will provide more immediate links be- tween various sectors of the university. A new financial aid program was high on the list of priorities this year. Presi- dent Zumberge and senior vice presi- dents Jon Strauss and Cornelius Pings initiated the development because of the critical need for financial assistance to be continuously available to students. An Associate Scholarship Award and Loan Program will be available to fresh- men and transfer students by 1983. ' Fi- nancial Aid Interface ' is designed to eli- minate the long lines for paying fee bills and picking up grants. Another problem the administration faced was the decrease in national col- lege enrollment. USC increased its ef- forts to attract new students in hopes of maintaining the one per-cent increase in Above: JAMES H. ZUMBERGE • President 18 Administiation Above: JOHN R. HUBBARD - President Emeritus I iptwnp Above: CORNELIUS J. PINGS - Provost and Vice President, Academic Affairs Above Left: DR. JO- SEPH P. VAN DER MUELEN - Vice President, Health Affairs Left: NORMAN TOPPING - Chancel- lor Emeritus Administration 19 Administration continued torn page 18 enrollment made this year. New policies attempt to maintain high entrance re- quirements without cutting back on en- rollment. " It ' s not just a matter of appli- cants, " said Mark Johnson, assistant director of marketing and publication, " we ' re trying to get the right kind of student to attend this university. " Changes within the administration it- self have forced extra effort and adjust- ment as well. As of December 1, 1982, the new senior vice-president for univer- sity relations is former head football coach John Robinson. He is responsible for the university ' s public image and raising $50 million annually for the budget. Above: CARL FRANKLIN - Vice President, Legal Af- fairs.Above Right: IRWIN LIEB - Vice President and Dean, College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences. Bottom Right: JAMES APPLETON - Vice President, Develop- ment. 20 Administration Top left: ANTHONY LAZARRO - Vice President, Business Affairs. Middle Left: DENNIS DOUGH- ERTY - Vice President, Comptroller. Bottom Left: JON STRAUSS - Vice President, Administration. Top Right: JOHN ROBINSON - Senior Vice Presi- dent, University Relations. Bottom Right: JAMES DENNIS - Acting Vice President, Student Affairs. Administration 21 Doheny Celebrates Its 50th Year It stands tall with the prestige of an ornate Gothic cathedral and houses the intellectual treasures of a million book- worms. Embraced by the foliage of Al- umni Park, Doheny Memorial Library has been a landmark on this campus for 50 years. An exhibition marking the anniversary was held in the library ' s Treasure Room. It featured architectural renderings, pho- tos of the ground-breaking ceremony and the building ' s construction, plus a picto- rial chronicle of the library ' s changes through the years. Designed by celebrated medievalist ar- chitect Ralph Adams Cram, founder of the Boston firm of Cram Ferguson, and by a young Angeleno, Samuel Lunden, the library stands as a monument of uniqueness. " Its rich ornamentation and fine craftsmanship could not be dupli- cated today, " says Paul Christopher, the university archivist and curator of the exhibit. " With its massive stonework, rich marble, glittering chandeliers and stained glass, the building was opulent even by the standards of its own time. When construction began in 1931, this country was in the first stages of the Depression, " explains Christopher. Built as a memorial to Edward L. Doh- eny, Jr., an esteemed alumnus who died in 1929, the library was financed through the donations of Doheny ' s fa- ther, the man whose oil discoveries started the Los Angeles oil boom at the turn of the century. This generosity a half-century ago allows students today to meander through the stacks in search of new knowledge, important articles, or just a place to rest between study ses- sions. 22 Doheny V- . " i Above Far Left: LIBER- ALLY ADORNED LI- BRARY - Students, obli- vious to the aesthetics of the Doheny building, seek some of the 2.2 mil- lion books within. Far Left: - 50TH ANNIVER- SARY - Students cele- brate Doheny ' s 50th year- with continued study. Above Left: STAINED GLASS HAS CLASS - These windows overlook the library lobby. Above: - NOOKS FILLED WITH BOOKS - The stacks hold many of the books that make up one of the most extensive library systems in South- ern California. Left: • DAWDLING AT DOHENY - Students pass a sunny Sunday afternoon at the library. Doheny 23 Drama Presents The Total Picture ' All the world ' s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts,... William Shakespeare, As You Like It On opening night, the lights go up, the curtains rise, and the actors appear on stage to an audience ' s thundering ap- plause. It looks so simple; yet, the prepa- ration that takes place is extraordinary. The Division of Drama is interested in teaching all the stages of theatre produc- tion. Students start with classes in playwrit- ing. They then discuss the effects of lighting and sound in creating a mood and begin to understand the technicali- ties involved. Costume design and set design are studied in their historical context and then brought into today ' s theater. Students explore the possibili- ties of transformation through the use of make-up. Stage management and its re- sponsibilities are developed; and finally, the students ' leadership is built in the form of directing. The Experimental Theater Workshop incorporates all of these areas. Students produce a show entirely on their own from beginning to end. Acting is also studied thoroughly. From the time a student enters as a freshman, he is given opportunities to act in productions. The actor improves voice and body movement along with diction. This year the Division of Drama staged 28 productions, including the musical ' Candide ' . Uft SHAKESPEARE DIDN ' T HAVE IT - Technicians attempt to arrange wiring scheme. Above: THE METHOD- Michele Greene portrays Agnes . Above Right DIRECTOR ' S CHAIR - Jim Haley looks over the script Above Far Right MY- WAY - The director explains the scene. 24 Drama Drama 25 New Major Is Working Out With the recent turn toward a health- oriented society, a new major called Ex- ercise Science has stirred great interest on campus. In only its second year, the constantly growing program has 100 stu- dents. Exercise Science examines the scien- tific aspects of human movement Stu- dents use human subjects to examine the effects of exercise on the body. Simulat- ing environmental conditions, exercise scientists conduct research in the Biome- chanics laboratory. Bob Girandola, ad- visor for the program, emphasizes the opportunities available to students within the major. " They have the unique experience of getting involved with fac- ulty in actual research on humans, " he says. Students are required to spend time in the lab and often help with graduate research: studying the effects of long term exercise or investigating carbohy- drate resythesis, the necessity of replen- ishing the body with food after exercise. Future research includes measuring pol- lution ' s impact on performance and ex- ercise an important topic for the ' 84 Oljonpics. Girandola is also seeking the chance to test Olympic athletes. USC athletes from several sports currently participate in testing. Professional opportunities for those majoring in Exercise Science include physical therapy, medicine, athletic training or graduate degrees in Exercise Science or Exercise Physiology. a:. ggiiatif- - " -- - ■• ' " ■■ ■ " ' • " • " • ■ ■ ■!■ 26 ExerdM Science Above Left TAKING THE PLUNGE -Robert Girandola uses the water weighing tank to measure the percentage of body fat on Chris Schatter. Left UNHEALTHY SOCIETY -Exercise bicycles in the empty Biomechanics laboratory patiently wait to take daring students for a ride. Above: BREATHE DEEPLY- Mario Pace tests the oxygenation of his cardiovascular system as he works out on the treadmill. Exerciae Science 27 In the year ninetecn-hundred-cighty-two, our modern educa- tional institution stepped backward in time to explore the Middle Ages. Delving into our mysterious past, students ex- perienced many facets of " The Medieval World " , USC ' s inau- gural Theme Year program sponsored by the Center for the Humanities. Students explored medieval art, philosophy, lit- erature and politics throughout the year in two unit courses. " Rarely do students have an opportunity to select a number of courses focusing on a theme, " says Moshe Lazar, a profes- sor of Comparative Literature and organizer of this year ' s program. " The Medieval World " was highlighted in March by a " Medieval Laughter " symposium, a look into comic and grotesque genres throughout the Middle Ages. Students par- ticipated in a weekend of seminars by distinguished medi- evalists, the American premiere of the Polish film " The Kni ght " , and an outdoor performance of a fifteenth century Dutch drama. Possible future Theme Year topics include gender studies, creativity and romanticism. li (!I ilnamB A iH it ual Mnrlb Cathedral of the Dormition, Vladimir, Russia MOSHE LAZAR Theme Year 29 Above: A WHIRLPOOL OF STARS - This galaxy in the constellation Leo was photographed at Hale Observatories. s a . S o a o a o U o o JS a, Above: CHECKING THE METER - Mark Giompapa works with a photometer. 30 Astronomy Astronomy Works On A Large Scale The Astronomy Department, though small, is wide-ranging in its exploration of the night sky. Individual students and faculty enjoy a close academic relation- ship which allows each to conduct im- portant research and maintain a national reputation. Individual members of the faculty, trained to teach all aspects of astronomy, nevertheless are thoroughly involved in research projects investigating smaller regions of space in depth. Don Barry, department chairman, is a planetary as- tronomer currently working with the Voyager spacecraft He also studies stel- lar evolution, including the possibility of black holes. Professor Gibson Reeves locates dwarf galaxies and is interested in the history of the discovery of Pluto. Geraldine Pe- ters ' research includes observation of binary stars and the unusual phenome- non of shrinking stars. Working closely with the Stony Ridge Observatory near Mt Wilson, Edward Rhodes acts on his interest in solar seismology. He serves as a scientific advisor on NASA projects. Left: STAR LIGHT, STAR BRIGHT - This projector displays the nighttime sky for Astronomy classes in the planetar- ium. Above: KEEPING UP - Department chair- man Don Barry reads the latest journals. Astronomy 31 Above: A LITTLE EXTRA HELP - Bruce Schulte, a first year biology graduate stu- dent tutors Denise Dohr in biology lab. Right: CHARLES OXNARD - Dean of the Graduate School enjoys an afternoon with Mortar Board members. 32 Grad School Graduate School Encourages Further Accomplishments The use Graduate School, established in 1910, supervises all academic work of the university that involves research, dif- fering from the professional schools such as law and business. Under the leader- ship of Dean Charles Oxnard, the school maintains the present quality of graduate programs and recommends policy changes for the future of post-baccalau- reate education at USC. Many special services for graduate stu- dents are available through the School. The Graduate Student Services Office monitors academic standards, arranges advisement, offers petitions and protects the rights of students seeking masters or doctorate degrees. Students needing fi- nancial aid during their years of gradu- ate study can apply for departmental fel- lowships and general awards from the School, the state of California, and the Norman Topping Student Aid Fund. Each year a number of assistants are chosen on the basis of exceptional scho- lastic accomplishment, promise, and competence. Students named as Teach- ing Assistants, Assistant Lecturers and Reseeuch Assistants receive full tuition remissions and stipends. Above: BUSY AT WORK - Ada Eng, Graduate Affairs Assistant, answers inquiries from graduate students. Graduate School 33 ■- ' ii 1« " tKa?, f 5- _T - 1 ' Lights! Camera! Action! Above: ARRESTING - Red lights create special effects. Above: CAN ' T HIDE IT - The camera Above: FUTURE FACILITY - This model will be captures all. reality in 1984. 34 Cinema Above: SEEING IS BELIEVING? - Not reality but an illusion is prod- uced. No one would ever guess that a qual- ity program would be located in con- demnable wooden buildings with the words " Reality Ends Here! " scrawled on the entrance. Despite the surroundings, the use Division of Cinema is recog- nized as the finest film school in the world. In addition to a rigorous curricu- lum, the School trains its students by providing access to film and television professionals. The Cinema-Television Department is divided into four em- phases: production, critical studies, tel- evision, and the Peter Stark Motion Pic- ture Producing Program. Speakers this year included Tom Wil- hite, vice-president in charge of produc- tion at Walt Disney Studios, talking about the studios ' newest film, Tex. Ri- chard Benjamin came to talk about My Favorite Year, and producer Ted Berg- man discussed how a British comedy became the TV series Three ' s Company. The film industry in general has been instrumental in fostering the division ' s growth. Concrete results of their support will be seen when the new cinema com- plex is completed in 1984. The new fa- cilities will include the George Lucas Instructional Building, the Marcia Lucas Post-Production Building, the Harold Lloyd Motion Picture Sound Stage, the Steven Spielberg Music Scoring Stage, the Gary Kurtz Patio, and the Carson Television Center. Says division Co-Chairman Dr. Russel McGregor, " Though the school will be updated with the new facility, we have no plans to increase the number of stu- dents we accept into the program. We think doing that would spoil the magic we have here. " Above: DO YOU HEAR ME? integral part of a film. Sound is an Above: TALKIES - Sound adds new dimen- sions to a film. Cinema 35 Entrepreneurs Realize Business Dreams As the inventors and innovators of commerce, entrepreneurs function as the inspiring force behind new enterprises or small businesses; some develop to- morrow ' s giant corporations. Because of dynamic changes in this country and abroad, large companies are demanding more entrepreneural talent. The use School of Business has re- sponded to this growing need by offering programs in both the graduate and un- dergraduate level, use was one of the first in the nation to create this program, now in its eleventh year. Approximately 100 students in the program learn to start their own business, acquire existing businesses or initiate new ventures in established organizations. Each student develops a Business Plan, evaluated by practioners and pro- fessors. Students are helped through each phase concept, the marketing and the financing of the proposals. Many are successful. The USC ' Looking Good ' cal- endar, for example, was born from the program. Some of the other proposals currently being worked on are mail-or- der vitamins, helicopter service and computers. The objectives of the program are to open students ' minds to the possibilities of an entrepreneurial career and instill confidence that they can be successful. Graduates are expected to develop a plan for making profitable ventures, ob- tain capital and resources, and negotiate deals. In the 5th annual Entrepreneur Awards dinner, this year, Christian Ap- pel was named Outstanding Alumnus of the Year. A 1977 MBA graduate of the Entrepreneur Program, Appel used ex- ceptional entrepreneurial instincts and turned eiround a failing manufacturing firm while still a student at USC. 36 Entrepreneim Above Left: PART OF THE TEAM - Pro- fessor Ralph Carson shares his experi- ences with future entrepreneurs. Bottom Left: ENTREPRENEUR PAR EXCEL- LENCE - Irvine Robbins, Co-Founder and Chairman Retired of Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream Company reveals his formula for success. Above Right: TAKING TIME OFF - Anthony Carbone, President of the Business Clinic of California and faculty professor plans a busy schedule. Bottom Right: LOOKING GOOD! - Ron Martin and Caroline Ross enjoy the USC Calen- dar, a project by student entrepreneurs. Above: FIRE HYDRANT - Using images of his dog, Kaan, Tom Ardolino puts the final touches on his sculpture. Above Right: CREATIVE CONSULTATION - Ruth Weisberg discusses details of lith- ography with her assistant, Cristiana Bentivoglio. Far Right: CONTRASTS WITH COLOR - Wendy De Young meth- odically paints during her advanced stu- dio class. Right: NEW YORK PAINTER - Robert Kushner works on a large-scale cloth painting as part of the Painter-in- Residence program. Near Right: STUDIO ART - Sketches aid Rebecca Brenner ' s progress on her ceramic cat. 38 Fine Arts ine Arts Paints Bright Futurei Illusions of grandeur may spark crea- tivity. Art majors are creative, but they don ' t necessarily head into an idealistic virorld with illusions of becoming the next Michelangelo or Jackson Pollock. There are more realistic opportunities awaiting the student of the arts. Opportunity prevails in the School of Fine Arts. A community in itself, its unique structure houses an inspiring c ol- lage of artists and scholars working to- gether for the student ' s benefit. Not all art students want to be studio artists; therefore many different degrees are of- fered through the school. Art history em- phasizes the art of antiquity to the con- cepts of contemporary art, while an art education degree stresses studio work followed by one year of working on teaching credentials. With an influx of over 600 students, over half of which are non-art majors taking workshop class, the school is well-prepared for aiding all individual interests. The school is tied very closely to L.A. museums, galleries and art insti- tutions, the potential workshops of the art student. Through an active internship program, students are placed in these environments to enhance their experi- ences in the real art world. The Painter-in-Residence Program, a new experimental program, brings well- known, active, contemporary artists into the school from other parts of the coun- try. Selected by the faculty, the visiting artist works with the students. In an at- mosphere where informal conversation is inspired, students gain a perspective on different ideas and interests. Beyond this interaction of ideas, stu- dents may go outside the structure of acadame and experience first-hand the artist ' s world. Students working at USGAtelier, a student-run gallery that opened this year in the Santa Monica Place, are encouraged to learn how art- ists deal with galleries. This exposure is important to the art student, whether one aspires to teaching art or becoming a recognized artist. V Fine Arts 39 Programs Honor Individual Excellence use Honors Programs recognize stu- dents whose academic promise is great- est; they motivate exceptional students to meet their full potenitial as scholars and human beings. Honors students take advantage of unique educational, cul- tural and social opportunities available through these groups. In the Resident Honors Program, 20 high school seniors enroll as regular freshman while completing their high school diplomas in absentia. Dr. Norman Fertig founded the program 20 years ago allowing intellectually stifled students to become a part of USC. " Students are chosen for their personality and maturity as well as intellect, " says program direc- tor Carol Snow. " We no longer choose just the rocket scientist who eats equa- tions for breakfast. " Emphasis is placed on the ' total university experience ' and most Resident Honors students are in- volved in many campus activities once accustomed to life at the university. One hundred dedicated students each year take part in USC ' s alternative gen- eral education Thematic Option pro- gram. In the interdisciplinary liberal arts curriculum, students are paired with top university professors, creating a com- plete community committed to scholar- ship. The teachers are easily accessible and attentive to individual student needs. Director Karen Segal compares the program with a good small liberal arts college. Students enroll in four core courses and individual writing tutorials; in addition, they may participate in eve- ning seminars, films, and weekend re- treats. The Trustee Scholars are more than just a group of intelligent students on campus. They are designated recipients of the university ' s most prestigious un- dergraduate scholarship. This honor, based on high school record, SAT scores and a personal interview, comes to only 25 entering freshmen yearly. Students el- igible for this award are all Presidential Scholars with at least a 3.95 GPA and 1250 SAT. Under the direction of Dr. Jim Dennis and Valerie Paton, the Asso- ciated Trustee Scholars group plans sem- inars and social events. This year ' s activ- ities included an annual trek to the Idyllwild camp us for a weekend retreat in January and a senior farewell brun- cheon at President Zumberge ' s in May. 40 Honors Below Left: THE JOY OF LEARN- ING - Thematic Option students confer during classroom discussion. Far Left: KNOWLEDGE QUEST - Instructors encourage student inter- action. Left: IT ' S AN HONOR - Dr. Dennis greets Trustee Scholars at the annual fall reception. Honors 41 Marine Sciences Explore Last Frontier Although only 7-years-old, the Insti- tute for Marine and Coastal Studies plunging deeply into oceanographic studies, has already gained international recognition. The institute operates re- search facilities at USC and on Catalina Island in addition to one of the best oceanographic libraries in the world. The IMCS recently implemented a masters program in marine affairs. This is use ' s first attempt to combine social sciences with analytical sciences. The program gives students experience in managing maritime enterprises. Already underway is construction of the Western Regional Undersea Labora- tory. Based off Catalina Island, the lab will be the first permanent diving habi- tat in the U.S. Above Left: SCENIC SETTING - Formerly the home of the William Wrigley Jr. family the Mt. Ada Marine Conference Center is used as an academic cultural center. Above: STUDIES IN PARADISE - The Marine Science Center on Santa Catalina Island offers students the opportunity to study in a Pacific island setting. 42 Marine Sciences Tflfl H MlHl g L. Him 1 ' 9 i2E Above Right: AHOY! - Students gain practical experience studying on board ship. Above: LABORATORY ON SEA ■ Continuous research and experiments are conducted by students while at sea. Mzirine Sciences 43 Creativity Echoes From Idyllwild Mountain The 200-acre USC-Idyllwild campus was created in 1950 under the dean of the use Institute of the Arts. Thirty-two years later, the mountain campus con- tains 31 structures, many of them stu- dios and practice sites for artists en- rolled for summer months. The campus centers around the Bowman Arts Center, which includes a theatre. Throughout its history prominent art- ists have served as faculty in the USC- Idyllwild School of Music and the Arts. Bella Lewitzky, head of a Los Angeles- based dance company, instructed Idyll- wild students in movement; conductor Michael Tilson Thomas led the Idyllwild Youth Orchestra on a tour of London and Wales. The traditional song In Idyll- wild was composed by Meredith Willson (The Music Man). Several well-known visual artists and folk artists have served as Idyllwild staff as well. Each summer students enrolled in both the junior and senior high music workshops present public concerts, fea- turing the symphonic band, orchestra, and chorus. Special workshops provide intensive musical instruction. The Idyllwild programs, always grow- ing and improving, make the campus a distinguished creative center for all artis- tic efforts. 44 ISOMATA Far Left: AMERICAN INDIAN POTTERY - A student in the class learns turning, shaping, polishing, drying and firing methods. Top Left: BACK TO NATURE - The Idyllwild Campus is considered a natural work of art. Bottom Left: PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT - The choir works with a section coach to enrich their repertoire. Above: AN ASPIRING ARTIST - Charles, a student at the Children ' s Art Center, paints a self portrait. Photos courtesy of the Idyllwild Campus and Evan Mills Pho- tography. ISOMATA 45 Students Experience World Abroad France - Mexico - U.S.S.R . . . USC stu- dents are not limited by distance in op- portunities to further their education in a different culture. The Office of Over- seas Studies offers international study abroad programs for a year, a semester, or a few weeks in the summer. Over 200 students annually earn credit in a variety of disciplines through this program, which has been sending stu- dents overseas for the past ten years. Preliminary language instruction is re- quired for study in Paris and Vienna, but programs in Spain, Israel and England are open to anyone. The International Summer Sessions travel to many c ountries and are led by experienced USC faculty. Architecture students measure classic Italian build- ings while journalism students examine mass media and public information sys- tems throughout Western Europe. The Departments of Political Science and Economics visited Japan to study Japa- nese politics and industry, and the De- partment of Slavic Languages sponsored a trip to the Soviet Union. Above: STALLED IN TRAFFIC - USC students try a new mode of travel to get around Rome. Right: THIS ONE ' S ALIVE - Architecture student poses at the Vatican. Above Far Right: WATERWORKS - Students look out from the Fontana deirOvato in the Tivoli Gardens. Above Right: DANCING AWAY - International semester scholars take time out to visit a foreign disco. 46 International Programs Above: STICKING TOGETHER - USC students take time out from their Soviet Union tour to pose in Red Square. International Programs 47 Students And Faculty Enjoy Outside Ever since schoolboys began falling in love with their third-grade teachers, in- teraction among students and faculty has not been restricted to just the classroom. As a private institution with a low stu- dent faculty ratio, use offers students great opportunity to visit their professors during office hours to discuss any ques- tions or problems, or just to sit and chat. Such visits allow students and instruc- tors to get to know each other better. Another chance for students to estab- lish direct contact with faculty is found within directed research projects. This academic option, conducted in nearly every department, allows a student to study a topic in-depth and work closely with the instructor. In order to recognize outstanding teaching. Mortar Board, a senior honor society, gives faculty excellence awards every fall and spring. Finally, the Faculty-in-Residence pro- gram offers willing faculty a chance to live with students in campus housing. The live-in faculty member and selected students learn about each other ' s habits and concerns as they plan shared activi- ties and maintain a community during an entire school year. Interaction Classroom Photo by Jon Soo Hoc 48 Facuhy Student Interaction Above Left: CONGRATULATIONS - Mortar Board members present pro- fessor Gerald Bender with a Faculty Award for teaching excellence. Be- low Far Left: ALL WORK AND NO PLAY - Living near campus, profes- sor Merle Hopkins continues his of- fice hours from his apartment. Below Left: LECTURE STYLE - Small classes afford students spe- cial attention such as anthropology professor Stephen Lansing ' s version of an Oxford Tutorial Seminar. Left: REMINISCING - Faculty-in-Resi- dence professor Dallas Willard re- members his college days. Below: AFTER HOURS - In the case of the FIR program, familiarity often breeds respect. Gerontology Is Young And Growing In a society where our grandparents ' memories are overshadowed by youth- oriented lifestyles, where young is ' in ' and advertisers tell us we must never get wrinkles, the Ethel Percy Andrus Geron- tology Center maintains a positive out- look on growing old. Dedicated in 1973, the center already stands as one of the world ' s most com- prehensive facilities for the study of hu- man development and aging. Each of the center ' s major divisions emphasizes a different research or programming ap- proach. With seven labs, the Research Institute tackles issues in developmental psychol- ogy, environmental studies and social organization; projects include research on stress, mid-life crises, and new per- sonal, professional and societal roles for the older adult. " As the proportion of elderly in our community grows, so does the need for well-trained professionals in gerontol- ogy, " says David Peterson, director of the Leonard Davis School. In February 1977, the world ' s first degree holders in Gerontology graduated from the School, which offers majors in educational and administrative fields which deal with ag- ing and the aged. The Community Programs Division plays a key role in the Andrus Center ' s operations by translating information generated at the Andrus Center and ap- plying it to individuals, organizations, and agencies in the community. More than 100 older volunteers are trained to provide special services at the Andrus Center and to the community itself. As a way of educating the community, the Educational Development division of the Andrus Center provides intensive training in stress management, pre-retire- ment education and motivation. The center ' s research library is the na- tion ' s principal source for information relating to the field of gerontology. The Publications and Media office produces literature on aging and educational films for professional audiences. 50 Gerontology SSS.C .- -■■•?.- ' .i«. ' : 7 -- , -w?v ;:,v--g .-. . - ' -y " ' -, Above: ETHEL PERCY ANDRUS GERONTOLOGY CENTER - Designed by architect Edward Durell Stone, the center includes research laboratories, a vivarium, seminar room and office units. Left: THE RESEARCH INSTITUTE - Fifteen years after its beginning it ranks among the major facilities for research about the biological, psychological and social processes of aging. Gerontology 51 " • s Above: VIDEO WORKS - Computer-assisted instruc- tion is available in many departments. Above Right: A WORLD AWAY - The language laboratory offers audio-visual aids for people studying foreign lan- guages and cultures. Right: POWER OF THE WRIT- TEN WORD - A student discusses her composition with a Writing Lab tutor. 52 Learning St Campus Facilities Extend Helping Hand This year ' s ' Make USC Number One - Study Harder ' campaign prompted stu- dents to seek out and use the many skill- building facilities offered at USC. To di- rectly promote ' academic improvement ' , the Student Senate offered learning tech- nique seminars at the beginning of the semester. Among the permanent campus learn- ing clinics, The Learning Skills Develop- ment Center presents courses in speed reading, comprehension improvement, memory improvement, and preparation for the SAT, ORE, GMAT, and LSAT. Tutoring and counseling is available in most " high need " courses such as math- ematics and foreign languages. Computer assisted instruction using the PLATO system is available free to students. The Writing Lab, found in Taper Hall of Humanities, allows all students help in improving their writing skills through the use of private tutors, ' self-paced ' ma- terials, audio-visual equipment and com- puters. Because future society will require universal ' computer literacy ' , the Salva- tori Computer Center trains and educates students of all majors but especially those of engineering. Under the ' hands on ' motto, the Programming and Data Program department trains students to work with computer terminals and a va- riety of audio-visual equipment. As teaching guides, chalkboards have been replaced by large TV projection systems connected to computer terminals. Students may attend seminars given by large corporations such as IBM and Rockwell in the Career Development Center. Featured programs here include career counseling, teaching resume-writ- ing skills and interview preparation. Learning Studies 53 use Makes Case For Paralegals The Paralegal Program at USC was de- veloped over ten years ago in response to the increased need for economical le- gal services. The nation ' s first paralegal training program is also the only one that is fully integrated into a major law school. Jointly sponsored by the Law Center and the College of Continuing Educa- tion, the Paralegal Program consists of a series of evening classes usually com- pleted in eighteen months. Students are frequently given the opportunity to com- plete some coursework in field trips to law courts, offices and agencies. After completion of the requirements, a stu- dent graduates with a Legal Assistance Certificate. Despite its lack of definition, the rela- tively new occupation of a ' paralegal ' has been recognized by the American Bar Association. USC Program director Elizabeth Horowitz says, " When we be- gan developing the program in 1971, no one was sure what paralegals were or what they might do. Today, parale- gals . . perform just about any legal work other than advising clients or rep- resenting them in court. " Horowitz believes the role of the par- alegal has mushroomed because of re- cent changes in the practice of law. " Like other professionals, attorneys are facing an information explosion. A major case may involve 10,000 legal docu- ments. " Lawyers hire paralegals to sort, organize and manage this paperload. Paralegals have endless opportunities for career development. Some 5-10 per cent of the paralegals go on to law school. Many take administrative jobs and command high salaries, because managerial training was a part of their USC curriculum. Others, not wanting the full responsibility of a legal career, sell their services to attorneys on a free-lance basis or organize agencies which serve law firms. The recognition of the paralegal as an essential part of the legal profession has lead to an increase in career opportun- ites. The USC Paralegal Program can of- fer a student the opportunity to pursue a career in the legal field without endur- ing the commitments of law school. Above: BRIEFS? - These books represent the many aspects of the Paralegal Program. Above Right: RIGHT READING - Students study- ing for their Paralegal Certificate use the Law Library. Far Right: RETRIAL - Madeline Artukovich, who graduated from USC with a AB in Communications, has returned to work toward a Paralegal Certificate. Right: FIRM COMMAND - Elizabeth Horowitz helped develop the Program in 1971 and directs it today. Near Right: ' AND IN SUMMATION. . . ' - Marlene Kovar, a practicing attorney, takes time out to lecture each week to this Probate Class. 54 Paralegal Program Paralegal Program 55 Engineers Advance in Technology Who is the engineer? He is a scientist of practical application. He designs, creates, constructs, analyzes and im- proves; he is a dreamer and builder. The use School of Engineering seeks to provide future dreamers and builders with a strong education in fundamentals. Because the demand for engineers in an increasingly technological world is still growing, the school boasts a record en- rollment this year. Beyond the daily classroom routine, the School of Engineering supports ex- tracurricular events. For Engineering Honors Open House in October, the school hosted some 600 southern Cali- fornia high school students who came for the day to watch experiments and meet students, faculty and industry rep- resentatives. February ' s National Engi- neering Week saw a variety of activities ranging from sports competitions to meetings with potential employers. Year- long the school coordinates student engi- neering organizations and an undergrad- uate honors program. The Engineering School maintains innovative campus facilities such as Norman Topping Interactive Instruc- tional Television Center. From on-cam- pus equipment, regular university courses are broadcast to companies in the Los Angeles area, and students in these companies can earn credits toward a degree without leaving their jobs. This is just one example of the School of Engineering ' s close relationship with Southland industry; the school also ac- tively seeks internships and jobs for its full-time students. The use School of Engineering offers an impressive and successful program for students who aspire to become engi- neers, helping them to bridge the gap between technology and society and al- low man to adapt to his changing uni- verse. 56 Engineering Above left: EXTREMELY BRIGHT - Grad- uate engineering student points out so- phisticated laser equipment. Far left: FIRED UP - Doug Wolfe smiles at a suc- cessful combustion lab experiment. Above: GLIMPSE OF THEIR FUTURE - High school students get a view of the Biomedical Engineering Lab during Hon- ors Day. Left: TO TELL THE TRUTH - Najm Meshkati operates a polygraph machine on an unwary student. Engineering 57 Departments Adjust To New Leadership Three schools within the University of Southern California appointed 5 new deans prior to this academic year. They come here from a variety of educational and occupational backgrounds but all have impressive qualifications and promise steady management of their re- spective divisions and schools. Paul Bohannon, a Rhodes scholar, writer and a contributing editor to the magazine Science ' 82 , comes to USC from UC Santa Barbara, where he has been a professor of anthropology for 6 years. He will serve as the Dean of So- cial Sciences and Communications. Summer Session director Sherry P. May will take on additional duties this year as the acting dean of the College of Continuing Education. She also serves on many committees with particular in- terest in academic standards and the role of women in higher education. Dean of the School of Education John B. Orr originally came to USC in 1967 as an associate professor of religion. Orr also acts as a consultant on educational policies to both the U.S. Senate and the Greater L.A. Urban Coalition. Named as the Dean of Public Adminis- tration in September, 1982, Ross Clayton reached the top position in a body with which he has long been affiliated. Clay- ton earned his Ph.D. from USC ' s highly ranked School of Public Administration and has served as an instructor in and directed that school ' s Sacramento Public Affairs Center. Reluctantly repeating as LAS Humani- ties Dean is David Malone, an expert in 19th century American-European literary relations. Malone was asked to take the interim position because of his outstand- ing administrative skills, but will hap- pily return to teaching when the posi- tion is permanently filled. Above: Paul Bohannan, Dean of Social Sciences and Communications. Above Right: Sherry P. May, Dean of the Col- lege of Education. Above Far Right: John B. Orr, Dean of School of Education. Right: Ross Clayton, Dean of Public Ad- ministration. Far Right: David Malone, Dean ad interim Division of Humanities. 58 New Deans New Deans 59 .w «f= i ' x-- l% " M j r v . . " ik j - » : ■T V » • »•. V- Above: SWEETHEARTS - The 1949 Homecoming Parade features smiling queens. Right: JUST BOPPIN ' AROUND - Girls enjoy a non-academic moment of USC life. •J ' iiStl BtXS " ' 60 Student Life Wo proSt grows where is no pleasure taken; in brief, sir, study what you most affect ' Shakespeare, The Taming of the Shrew Education at USC has never been purely aca- demic. Living in the heart of an exciting city, students here meet many stimulating challenges outside the classroom. Every day one or several of the student organizations plan an all-campus event to entertain, inform, and enlighten us; every day students living both on and off cam- pus take retreats from academe to ' do the town ' or forget cares at the beach. Student life fulfills the USC goal of not allowing scholars to be iso- lated from their environment, but forcing them to live within the world they study. Student Life Student Life 61 ' Spirit Of Troy ' — A Proud Tradition Continues Every eye in the stadium follows the lone Trojan Warrior as he strides down the field, his sword and helmet glisten- ing in the bright Saturday afternoon sun- shine. As he reaches center-field, he turns to face the massive legion which awaits his command. The shrillness of his whistle pierces the air, and their bat- tle cry fills every corner of the arena: " U— S— C " . The Coliseum erupts in a thunderous roar, and the crowd rises to its feet in frenzied anticipation. Thousands of vic- tory signs fill the air as the stirring strains of ' Conquest ' are heard. The Coli- seum floor is suddenly transformed into a sea of intricate patterns and shapes, and the bold brassy wall of sound rises; this is the Spirit of Troy. The Trojan Band has been a major part of use since the university ' s founding in 1880. The present-day TMB, 275 members strong, consistently delights audiences with innovative marching ma- neuvers, creative dance routines, and its own distinctive sound. The USC Band is one of the finest in the United States, and certainly the most easily recognized. The Trojan Band is not restricted to half-time performances. With television, movie, concert and recording appear- ances, the resume of the marching band reads like that of a big Hollywood star. 18,000 fans attended the Trojan ' s July Fourth concert at the Hollywood Bowl, the first-ever appearance there by a col- legiate band. The Trojan Marching Band combines a driving spirit force for the University with a major entertainment force for the public at large. ' ■ ' ■ ' ' ' ' - ' ' ' {j mMf- h Mim ' 4 id Far Left: SLEEPWALKING — Band members spend long hours practicing at Cromwell Field. Left: MOMENT TO REMEMBER — This saxophonist holds up the victory sign while playing at a pre-game pep rally. Far Above: ENTHUSIASTIC LEADERSHIP — Director Arthur C. Bartner shouts encour- agement to the band during a practice. Above: FINAL RESULT — Hard work pays off as the band performs an exciting halftime show. Band 63 Journalists Polish Their Skills Selflessly serving USC students, spending long hours hunched over word processing terminals and ruining their eyesight in cramped darkrooms, student publications staffs are composed of some of the most dedicated students on cam- pus. Many different publications answer a wide variety of interests and ensure a diversity of viewpoints. - Keeping fellow students informed, use ' s Daily Trojan newspaper regularly features news, sports, editorials, features and entertainment. - A 432-page El Rodeo commemorating each year is the responsibility of 35 staff members. - Southern California Magazine,an in- depth look at issues pertinent to USC students, features a ' Landscapes ' column on opportunities for entertainment ar- ound L.A. - WRIT, a quarterly magazine restruc- tured this year, publishes prose, poetry and artwork from the entire USC com- munity. - Tackling issues important to black and minority students, AllUsWe is in its sev- enth year of publication. - SCampus, the USC guidebook, provides necessary telephone numbers, a calendar of events and a description of all depart- ments and programs. - Parking Lot Press, a new commuter student newsletter, offers tenants tips and updates on commuter senators. Above: BLUE PENCIL — AllUsWe editor Darryl Adams dis- cusses staff writer Ronnie Martin ' s article for the first issue. Right: MAN IN CHARGE — At home in his office, Clarence Anderson, University Editor, checks the meaning of a word in one of his numerous stylebooks. 64 Student Publications Above: DESIGN DECISIONS - Cynthia Bowles, editor, and Southern California Maga- zine staff members Mary Schaefer and Gary Geipel plan layouts for the November issue. Left: SYMBOLIC SALARIES - Daily Trojan fall semester editor Casey Wian calculates honorarium payments for his 64 staff mem- bers. Student Publications 65 66 Song Giils Smiling Trojans Inspire Crowd Under the enthusiastic direction of Lindley Bothwell, the Song Girls and Yell Leaders promote the feverish Trojan spirit. These especially chosen hard- working students fill many hours prac- ticing with the band, the teams and in their own workouts. The 1982-83 Song Girls were Lynne Brombach, Margaret Colvin, Hilary Hamer, Lecia Joseph, Ka- thie Kirk, Karen Maley, Julie Mortl, Andi Pennington, and Wanda Wen. Frank But- terfield, Steve Toay, Chris Schaffer, and Lew Morino performed as this year ' s Yell Leaders. Left HOT TIMES - One hundred de- gree weather forces these Song Girls to hitch a ride. Below Far Left SCORE - Lynne Brombach celebrates a USC con- quest Below Uft THE SPIRIT MOVES YOU - Steve Toay leads football fans in a cheer. Below: A CHORUS UNE - Wish they all could be So Cal girls. ' i sc M, vsc % tisz ._»v - trs -k •v ' Services Offer Welcome Help For the special needs of handicapped or troubled students, USC provides the Of- fice of Handicapped Student Services (OHSS) and the University Counseling Service. The OHSS emphasizes services that will enable handicapped students to par- ticipate fully in campus life. The OHSS assists with all phases of settling in and succeeding at college. Special considera- tions have been directed towards acces- sibility, entertainment, special equip- ment and library use. For the past five years, there has been an ongoing program to modify all cam- pus facilities for handicapped students. This concern for accessibilty has been applied to sports entertainment also in the form of special seating arrangements for handicapped students at home foot- ball, basketball and baseball games. The OHSS makes special disabled-stu- dent equipment available for on-campus use. In addition, concern for library use has prompted the OHSS to ensure that Braille editions of Webster ' s Student Dictionary and facilities for audio cas- settes and phonograph records are lo- cated in College Library. A service available to all students is the Univer sity Counseling Services. The center is located on the 2nd floor of the YWCA building and provides a variety of counseling services. Direct center ser- vices include individual and group counseling, psychological and vocational testing, peer counseling training, work- shops, seminars and referrals to other appropriate counseling services on cam- pus. All services are included in the stu- dents ' health fee applied to all fee bills. Initiated by the University Counseling Service this yearwas a program designed to encourage faculty to play a helping role. Counseling Services planners rea- son that faculty are usually among the first to notice and address emotionally troubled students. 68 Counseling Services 1 •: CAPPED i Ir .y- CREMt OR DtSTROX ITC IIP Tr VfM Above Left: RELAX AND ENJOY - A smile says it all. Above: ' KNOW THY- SELF ' - A student seeks to find out more about self-awareness. Far Left: SHARING INFORMATION - Activity Fair booth an- swrers student ' s questions. Left: NEVER A DULL MOMENT - An inside look at the office of Handicapped Students. Counseling Services 69 Above: FRIENDLY FACE - Reverend Rudisill always has a sympathetic ear for students. Near Right: WARM GREETINGS — Maranatha Center representative distributes information on a sunny afternoon. Right: ENTRY - A view from inside the Little Chapel of Faith. Far Right: SANCTUARY — Student finds Religious Center a quiet place to study. 70 Religion Religion Offers An Open Window The average student ' s day consists of cramming 26 hours of mid-terms, meet- ings, parties and papers into each day. At the same time, however, many stu- d ents are sorting out values, setting priorities and asking questions; they seek an opportunity for sharing, medita- tion and inspiration. Many find this chance in the various religious organiza- tions active on campus. Hundreds of students participate in over 20 different groups representing a global variety of religions. In addition, the University Religious Center offers a salad shop and lounges - places for stu- dents seeking counseling, meditation and worship. The university chaplain is Rev. Alvin Rudisill. Located in the Religious Center, his office is open daily to provide infor- mation, assistance and counseling. Rudi- sill, who also holds appointments as as- sociate professor in both religion and medical ethics, says the best part of his job is " working with people. " In addi- tion to working with students, Rudisill believes in being a link between USC and its surrounding community and takes an active role in community rela- tions. use Iran Angola Taiwan Uruguay Indonesia Bahamas Saudi Arabia Upper Voha Japan Bolivia Hong Kong Swaziland Kuwait use United Kingdom Suriniun South Korea Denmark India St. Lucia Malaysia Dominican Republic Lebanon Sri Lanka Canada Scholars Find An Open Door use ' s claim to diversity is clearly jus- tified to any observer noting the back- ground of the student body. USC has more intfernational students than any other American university. Four thou- sand students from more than 100 coun- tries choose this school as a four-year home. The International Student Association is the coordinating body for campus- wide activities - the International Food Faire, International Night, and Interna- tional Week. This year ' s theme for the first week of December was ' Unity In Diversity ' . ISA tries to increase integra- tion of international students into the university community. Their philosophy holds that the multi-cultural atmosphere of this campus enhances all student ' s college experience. Through ISA, 20 nationality clubs or- ganize events for themselves as well as many open to the entire student body. Fifty-two recreational athletic clubs offer sports not common to the United States such as cricket, squash and rugby. Holding that educational achievement is a universal ideal, this university makes a special effort to attract and sup- port its international student body. The presence on this campus of cultural na- tives from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe al- lows USC, more than any other place, a unique perspective on the world. Above: CHECKING IT OUT - A little girl looks on at all the commotion of International Week. Above Right: STANDING PROUD - The globe above VKC represents the vast gathering of uni- versity students. Above Far Right: CHIEF CHEF - This student carefully prepares a dish fron home. Right: THEME - Uniting under a common banner, international students symbolize the in- terdependence of the world ' s nations. Below Right: LUNCH BREAK - Students rest on a re- cently fallen tree while trying some new foods. Below Far Right: SHARING WITH FRIENDS • This student represents one of the many coun- tries participating in the food fair. Tk It ' ikilMMkdmSk mmm use Egypt El Salvador China Iceland United Arab Emirates Sudan Ethiopia A hanistan Qatar Uganda Algeria Gabon USC Trinidad Algeria Gaza Strip Syria Poland Spain Guyana Australia Nicaragua Ivory Coast Honduras Bedirain Morocco Italy 72 International Students Thadand Somalia Jordan Haiti Mexico Rwanda Venezuela Hungaiy Brazil New Zealand Singapore Jamaica Libya Nepal DSC Lesotho Phlllipines Mauritius Nigeria Mauritania Iraq Zaire Greece Austria Pakistan Sikkim France Costa Rica DSC South Africa Liberia Argentina Colombia Sweden Yemen Chile Guatemala Switzerland Portugal Bangladesh USC Tanzani a Cyprus Netherlands Peru Panama Burma Gambia Turkey Norway Germany Kenya Ecuador Ghana Israel USC International Students 73 Far Above: BIO IN BOVARD - Popular (?) class is mandatory for hundreds of freshmen. Above: ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL - Residential Life publicizes its campaign in Birnkrant lobby. 74 Freshmen The Newest Trojans Adjust The fall semester of 1982 commenced with the invasion of approximately 3,000 freshmen students. These ' clueless freshman ' brought with them many questions, anxieties, and anticipations. To answer their queries and ease the transition from high school to college, the Office for Residential Life sponsored the ' Fall is for Freshmen ' program. The program is an effort to welcome new students to the ' Trojan Family ' and to acquaint them with resources at USC and with other students. Launching the program was a ' Fall is for Freshman ' street dance at Tommy Trojan. The re- mainder of the calendar includes Ex- plore L.A., Scholastic Survival Week, and Student Health Week. These events and workshops were held in central lo- cations on campus and were open to all students including Greeks, commuters, and apartment and dorm dwellers. Above: GOOD OL ' BOYS - New dorm students Matt Hanover, Jeff ' s teeth, Matt Stellino, Troy Bemis, Rob Risbrough, Andrew Roberts, Robert Hamparyan find common interests in the eleva- tor. Left: HOW-DEEE! - Western party theme inspires these fun-seeking freshmen. Thursday Night Is Party Night The skillful, scholarly, faithful, coura- geous and ambitious USC student looks forward to the one night during the week reserved for relaxing, partjring and general fun: Thursday night Strange though this phenomenon may seem to outside observers, it makes ' SC sense: many students leave on Fridays because they have no classes, and Thurs- day night becomes the weekend. Residents of dorms, apartments and the Row flock to the ' hangouts ' - the ' five-O, ' ' three-two ' and the ' nine-O. ' Translated from USC lingo, these terms mean the California Pizza and Pasta Company (the 502 club), and the 32nd Street Cafe and Saloon, both located in University Village, and the 901 club, lo- cated on Figueroa (just follow the blue path from the Row). When not drinking, dancing and par- tying at one of these old stand-bys, the student can be found at a variety of so- cial activities both private and public. Some of the larger efforts range from Touton Hall ' s annual Haunted House and Halloween Party or an all-university party at Birnkrant to a fratern- ity sorority exchange or all-Row party on 28th St Above Right: THE PLACE TO BE - The 502 Club offers a relaxing atmosphere for Tro- jans ' socializing. Right: RI- VALS RELAX - Swimmers from Cal Berkeley and USC forget competition during par- tying hours. Above Far Right: Party Animals - Costumed guests at Touton Hall enjoy Halloween. Far Right: GAR- DEN OF EDEN? - No, just a resident ' s pet adding to the scare at Touton ' s Haunted House. 76 Parties Parties 77 ' Trojans At Heart Enjoy Attention The ' Trojan Family ' is composed of stu- dents, alumni, their parents, siblings, cousins, pets and all others believing in the Trojan tradition. The Alumni Asso- ciation and the university co-sponsored a series of events in addition to Home- coming geared towards the full partici- pation of this family ' s members. The first ' family ' activity this year was Parents ' Weekend, a two-day event to welcome and entertain new Trojan par- ents. The celebration included faculty lectures, an evening of music with Les Brown and his Band of Renown and the Trojan Family picnic. The General Alumni Association also sponsored SCions Day, in which the high school children and relatives of al- umni were invited to the campus. USC introduced their ' Next Generation ' of Trojans to the campus with tours, a picnic lunch and the USC-Cal game. Along with the Trojan Family newspa- per, these events encourage past and fu- ture generations of Trojans to stay in- volved with current USC life. rarents weeKena Above: CELEBRATE - Check-in is the beginning of a fun filled weekend for SC Parents. Right: THE STARTING POINT - Trojan Family events begin at the Alumni House. 78 Trojan Family . Above Left: X OUT THE BEA- VERS - The daughter of an Al- umni demonstrates her affliation. Left: SIGN HERE - SCions day participant registers for the days events. Above: BAGS FULL OF GREETINGS - A special wel- come awaits new Trojan parents during their special weekend. Trojan Family 79 Students Get Cultured At USC When not studying or socializing, USC students have the opportunity to explore several cultural areas both near and on campus. Tours of the beautiful Victorian houses near campus are offered by the North University Park Community Asso- ciation. Several of these houses are lo- cated on Hoover St and Adams Ave. and are presently being renovated for personal homes. The tours are comple- mented by displays and sales of antique objects and photographs and prints of the homes. Fisher Gallery, located on campus, fea- tures frequent exhibits which included ' Subject Women ' and ' Treasures of USC - works from the University ' s permanent collection of masters. Student work from drawing and painting classes is always on display at Watt Hall. The USC School of Music offered stu- dents the opportunity to hear a variety of classical and jazz music. Daniel Lewis conducted the USC Symphony at Bovard Auditorium and SCJazz, directed by Thom Mason, performed frequently at Hancock Auditorium. Top: VICTORIAN ERA - Majestic houses make historical landmarks for North University Park area. Above: CREATIVE ARCHITECTURE - Schoen- burg Institute offers perfect acoustics for classical concerts. Above Right: MODERN DESIGN - Art enthusiasts enjoy Fisher Art Gallery ' s Opening of a new exhibit. Right: GET JAZZ ' D - The horn section of USC Jazz entertains loyal fans. 80 Cuttural Opportunities Cultural Opportunities 81 Right: WE GOT THE BEAT - " Belinda Car- lisle " sings under the bright lights at Times of Rock ' n Roll Below: LET ' S SING TO- GETHER - Gamma Phis sing and dance with the Betas to the first prize in 1982 Songfest. Below Right: SHINY STAR - Sparks singer Russel Mael excites crowds at the Auto Club parking lot. Photos by Dave Phillips Photo Courtesy of Songfest 82 Concerts Above: SCHOOL ' S OUT - Singing her new hits, rising star Josie Cotton provides dancing music for hundreds of students at the Trojan Knight- sponsored concert. New Wavers And Students Entertain At use If it ' s not one thing it ' s another. If punk rock is dead, then what is alive? The music of the ' 80 ' s - Reggae, Ska, New Wave and everything in between - is! And it was alive and boppin ' on cam- pus this year. In early autumn, Missing Persons was found " Walking in L.A. " and on the Bovard stage after a very successful con- cert at Irvine Meadows. The musical question " ... what are words for? " was put to the test thanks to USC Concerts and Weekend Events. The Trojan Knights brought Kid Twist, Sparks, and Josie Cotton to the AAA parking lot for a smashing performance. The event, featuring Cotton ' s controver- sial " Johnny, Are You Queer? " and Sparks ' " Mickey Mouse " and " Angst in My Pants " was possibly the most talked about event in a long time. Troy Weekend wasn ' t left without its own musical statement. Trojans were en- tertained for free by the talents of over 50 university students in The Times of Rock ' n ' Roll 1964-1982: A Stage Extra- vaganza. Sponsored by the USC Show- case Co., it emphasized rock music from the British invasion to New Wave. The long-time hit, " White Punks on Dope " still rings out as a sign of the times. In the midst of Halloween antics. The Tubes performed their own antics along with their hit single as part of USC Concerts. Always innovative, SongFest ' 83, ended the year with its theme, " Let Us Entertain You. " Groups from all dimen- sions of the campus performed in the show with proceeds going to TroyCamp. The Shrine Auditorium housed the ev- ent, the largest student-produced musi- cal in the U.S. Concerts 83 Nukes, Comics Address Students The Speaker ' s Committee rounded up guests as varied as Machiavellian Water- gate conspirator G. Gordon Liddy to the master of bathroom jokery, George Car- lin. Monty Python ' s Michael Palin re- ceived an honorary membership to DKA Cinema Fraternity. The comedian was greeted at Bovard by a television news crew and an enthusiastic audience, but he was apparently unsatisfied. " I ' m terri- bly sorry, but you peaked a little early. A little more of the ' Big H ' - hysteria - would be nice. " Liddy derogated a lunchtime Bovard audience for harboring illusions about the way that the U.S. government works. The author, in a smooth two-hour ad- dress, called Americans idealistic fools, and specifically noted that 90 percent of entering college students today are too ignorant to " write a coherent para- graph " . To which the students gra- ciously responded, giving him a stand- ing ovation. Comedian George Carlin was invited for an evening performance of his ever- popular routines. Besides obtaining these three funny men, the University Speaker ' s Commit- tee organized a debate on the fashiona- ble topic of the nuclear weapons freeze. 84 Speakers Above Left: WATERGATE RE- VISITED - G. Gordon Liddy tells students packed in the Bovard Auditorium his views on the inner workings of government. Lett: BAN THE BOMB - Speak- ers ' committee brought together four authorities on nuclear weap- ons and defense in a debate held in Hancock Auditorium. Above: SNAP, CRACKLE, POP - Come- dian George Carlin imitates a Rice Krispie during his routine at Bovard Auditorium. Speakers 85 L.A. Hotspots Lure Students Unfilled Saturday nights are rarely a problem in this busy metropolis. Stu- dents and their friends can find innu- merable entertainment and recreational possibilities in Hollywood, Westwood, Chinatown, at the beach, and throughout our ' Southern California playground ' . Shopping emerged as a common pas- time for fashion-conscious students. The favorite malls and merchants include those of the downtown Broadway Plaza and the new deluxe Beverly Center; but discriminating shoppers also seek bar- gains in the Garment District and luxury wear on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. With or without stylish clothes, the adventurous student cruises flashy Sun- set Boulevard, visits restaurants such as Old World, Carlos Charlies ' , RJ ' s, the Old Spaghetti Factory and famous L.A. sushi bars, and checks out clubs - the Roxy, the Comedy Store, or The Whis- key. A frequent old standby of student nightlife is expensive Westwood movies; vintage-film lovers take pleasure in the features at the NuArt and Tiffany ' s. Con- certs and theatres offer students ' cul- ture ' . Dramatic highlights in 1982 in- cluded Amadeus, Grownups, Metamorphosis, and Bleacher Bums . Greater numbers of students found The Who, Queen, Men At Work, and Billy Joel more to their taste, however. Recreational getaway needs drive stu- dents to Venice and Santa Monica beaches for summer tans, roller-skating and people-watching. . . winter sports people enjoy vacation treks to Lake Tahoe and Big Bear. In all, no spectacle or activity is denied to the student with a little free time and plenty of money. Photo by Dave Phillips Photo by Jim Lanahan 86 Places To Go In LA a a o JS CO Q o o J3 Photo by Dave Phillips Above Left: HOFBRAU HOUSE HOSPITALITY - Cuisine of the Black Forest entices many hearty Trojans. Above Left: SAILING AWAY - Sailboats jockey for the lead in a race to the sunset off Mar- ina Del Rey. Above: CHRISTMAS TIME IN THE CITY - Sparkling lights draw cruisers to Rodeo Drive during the Holidays. Left: $5.00 A SEAT? - Westwood moviegoers pay a high price to see a newly released movie. Places To Go In LA 87 Tight On ' Spirit Extends To Intramural Competition A strong athletic heritage at USC in- spires even the most amateur players. Between their academic endeavors, stu- dents get a chance to blow off steam and school ' s pressures in a wide range of individual and team sports. All-U Passing League Football and 3-on-3 Basketball are perenially the most popular activities offered by the office of Intramurals and Recreation, but racquet sport fanatics and cultural athletes will- ing to subject themselves to ' Co-ed In- nertube Water Polo ' can find fulfillment, too. Regular events such as swim meets, tennis tournaments and USC ' s Club Day keep Don Ludwig, director, and his ded- icated staff busy all year. Working under the shadow of Trojan sports tradition in Heritage Hall, the Intramural office or- ganizes dozens of team tournaments; trains, coordinates and employs students as game officials; supervises use of the tennis and racquetball facilities; and ov- ersees more than 40 clubs with titles like ' Persepolis Karate ' and ' Fantasy War- gaming ' . Though hampered at present by a lack of adequate facilities, prospects for non- interscholastic recreation at USC are bright: the Student Center to be built on the site of the Olympic Pool after 1984 will offer indoor swimming, gym and racquet sport rooms, and exercise equip- ment. This will help the goal of ' A healthy mind in a healthy body ' - the Latin maxim inscribed in the P.E. build- ing - become a reality for all students. Right: HIGH TIMES - Two competing 3-on-3 teams watch the ' B-bair arc through space. Above Right: SMALL LEAP FOR A MAN - A butterfly- stroking student races against time and amateurs in the other lane. Far Right: KEEPIN G TRACK - Receptionist Julie Ann Foley files the entry-fee receipt . of another team seek- ing glory in ' SC sports. 88 Intramurals Intramurals 89 One Weekend A Year, San Francisco Belongs To The Trojans Thursday ' s and Friday ' s classes are cancelled or blown off, lost in the bustle of preparation. Tickets are purchased, cars made ready or RV ' s commandeered for the occasion. Supplies of food and drink are laid in, hotel accommodations arranged, and checking accounts plun- dered: SC ' s en masse migration to North- ern California has begun. Traveling the state ' s main artery. Inter- state 5, or flying up the coast in a little over an hour, more than 4,000 USC stu- dents annually journey to watch their football team maul one of their two Bay Area PAC-10 rivals. In 1982 it was Stan- ford ' s turn. More than another chance to watch a Trojan triumph in person, the ' Stanford Weekend ' is an excuse to visit the ro- mantic metropolis of San Francisco and party. The stylish ' Weekender ' includes a quick swing through ' Frisco ' s noto- rious nightlife: cocktail parties and the view from the St. Francis Hotel; famous bars; cab tours of the town. Infrequent SC visitors play tourist and gawk at the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman ' s Wharf and Lombard Street. Friday evening in Union Square brings together the visitors and some Northern Gal sjonpathizers (mostly USG alumni) for a traditional SoGal rally. Many of them seem to relish the title ' obnoxious ' as they exchange cheers and jeers with the nearby crowd rooting for the oppo- nent. Stanford fans have no reason to love the onslaught of the Trojan team, band, and high-spirited student body in ' their ' territory; they loudly proclaim predictions that ' this will be the time ' that they send USG cringing back to L.A., even though that hasn ' t happened in years. The proof of Southern Gal superiority comes with Saturday ' s game. Friday ' s night people arise sometime in the morning to catch rides down to Palo Alto and ' the Farm ' surrounding Stan- ford stadium in time for tailgating par- ties. Celebrating throughout the game, ig- noring hard wooden end-zone seats, the violent attitude of the Cardinal fans, their ridiculous band and evergreen mas- cot, the Trojan faithful keep in mind Saturday night and Sunday ' s plans: more post-victory fun in the big city. A return to the reality of school is two days and many good times away. J3 m Q o o o O a. 90 Stanford a -s a O O J3 CL, Above Lef t: RAMPAGE OF SAN FRANCISCO - use students have a little fun between bars. Bottom Left: AWHOO-AWHOO - The stirring sounds of " Conquest " rile the student section. Right: VICTORY! - The Browner brothers share an exciting moment. Below: 1-2-3 OF A KIND - Rob Murray, John Erickson and Char- lie Noreen enjoy the annual cocktail party at the Saint Francis Hotel. J3 a a o o J3 CL. Stanford 91 Homecoming Salutes Athletic Heritage Above Left: HEISMAN HEROES - Mike Garrett, Marcus Allen and OJ Simpson salute the fans. Above Right: Alcoholic? - David La Montagne takes a break during his service to Alumni. Above: CLASS OF ' 57 - Honored during Homecoming festivities. Right: DIXIELAND BAND - Entertains picnickers near the VKC steps. 92 Homecoming More than at almost any other Ameri- can university, USC alumni play a fun- damental role. Accordingly, one week- end each football season celebrates these dedicated graduates: this is Homecom- ing. Besides the main event, the USC-Ore- gon State football game, the weekend ac- tivities included a special half-time show by the Trojan Marching Band, reu- nion parties, a tribute to the university ' s athletic heritage, and a variety of pre- game activities. The alumni, faculty, students and staff participated in various pre-game activi- ties in Alumni Park. The honored group of the day was the Class of 1957, which celebrated its 25th-year reunion. The Al- umni Park area was the site of reunion parties for approximately 100 organiza- tions including alumni and support groups. Other activities included a pep rally with music provided by the Band, the Trojan Pipers, the Dental Alumni Band, and Ernie Smith ' s Dixieland Band. The Yell Leaders and Song Girls also made a special appearance. A tribute to the USC athletics heritage highlighted Homecoming Day, Saturday, October 23. During the game halftime, the Trojan Marching Band celebrated the university ' s past athletes with special song selections and featured three of use ' s Heisman Trophy winners, Mike Garrett, O.J. Simpson and Marcus Allen. Homecoming 93 ' m i f T h ' M-. ' %}. s ■ ' -M - ' % - ■ •;J ;i - ■ i. m iPi ji ' iF " Above: POMPOM POWER - Trojans cheer as Scott Tinsley passes for a TD with no time left on the clock. Right: BURN BABY BURN - Devoted Trojans are mesmerized in the heat of the night. Above Right: PIONEER PETE MOVE OVER! - A Bogus Bruin is barbequed at the bonfire. Far Right Bottom: INCOG- NITO - Tommy goes undercover for pro- tection during Troy Week. Bottom Right: A WILD AND CRAZY GUY - Gypsy Boots is right at home on the Row. ♦ i fji " - ' Photo by Jim Lanahan 94 UCLA . ». fck ' JHb BP B % « 1 ' a S hi - i ' 1 W :; - mS- I Y- , • ..... h f ' CO 1 s ' o o Photo by Dave Sakamoto Spirits Blaze During Troy Week Crosstown rivals USC and UCLA, be- fore battling in football, donate one week annually to spirit-boosting events. Here at USC, this student celebration of pride and superiority is called ' Troy Week ' . Under the coordination of the Troy Week Committee, events this past fall involved comedy, competition and com- bustion. Monday the Speaker ' s Commit- tee presented George Carlin. Wednesday saw a Guiness-record-setting Pente match between USC and UCLA masters - using their respective band members as pieces. The Row got involved with House Decs, and even the Daily Trojan joined the fun by producing its yearly bogus Daily Bruin, a parody of the UCLA student paper. The event of Troy Week, however, was Friday ' s televised Rally Bonfire spon- sored by the Trojan Knights. All the SoCal spirit personnel combined efforts to bring the large student crowd to fever pitch. The ceremonial cremation of a stuffed Bruin and a lot of wet lumber followed. Though slow-starting, the bon- fire flames eventually soared higher than Tommy Trojan, convincing many Tro- jans - again - that ' We ' re Number One! ' . " 0 ET O T3 3- Student Leaders Seek Improvements The official student voice on campus is the Student Senate. Despite two resignations and one near-resignation, the Student Senate organized many campaigns, seminars and social events which achieved varying degrees of success. The preamble of the Constitution of the Student Senate, left.outlines several of its purposes and duties. Below right are some activities of the 1982-83 school year that meet these goals. 1. To foster scholarship in an atmosphere of free and objective inquiry: 2. To insist upon academic freedom, responsibility and excellence: 3. To assume responsibility for exercising and pres- erving student rights: 4. To promote cohesion within the student body: 5. To maintain a forum for expressing student views and interests: 6. To initiate, coordinate and guide student efforts aimed at improving student life and activities: 7. To seek and obtain effective communication and relations within the university and external commun- ities: 8. To insist upon quality education at an affordable cost, thereby providing educational opportunities for persons of all economic strata: 9. To provide opportunities to develop student lead- ership qualities: — Course Guide — Make USC Number One - Study Harder campaign, Academic Affairs Committee — University Governance System; Student Affairs Com- mittee I Surveys as a forum for student objections Programming Assemblies — Environmental and External Affairs Community Rela- tions Committee — Tuition referendum — Over 200 students involved directly with Senate ac- tivities. Student Senate - ROW ONE: Sonia Savoulian, Lino Izzo, Sharon Dolezal, Tod DiTommaso, Karen Wong. ROW TWO: Lisa Livote, Gigi Fairchild, Ingrid Calls, Marie McGrath, Graham Tingler, Ann Drevno, Julie Spezia, Lupe Valdez, Monica Fisher. ROW THREE: Shana Cantor, Richard Wilson, Kevin Hawkins, Mark Decker, Danny Dellicompagni, Anish Trivedi, Richard Scotti, Mark Di Giacomo, Jim Chiboucas, Daniel Kehl, Andrew Morrow. ROW FOUR: Bill Johnson, Cliff Briggs, Doug Holte, Greg Evans, Dan Dunmoyer, president, Brian Johnson. Dillman Dimmitt, Rob Campion. 96 Student Senate Above: OH CHRISTMAS TREE, OH CHRISTMAS TREE - Student Sen- ate members add to the holiday spirit on campus. Left: CHECKING THE FACTS - Students Affairs Chair Andy Morrow and Row Sena- tor Ann Drevno debate a future Senate proposal. Student Senate 97 Newspaper Staffers Analyze Communicate, Providing coverage of campus events and issues, the dedicated and or insane staff members of the campus newspaper The Daily Trojan work long hours, strug- ghng for quality despite late-night weak- ening of creative faculties, an illogical word-processing system, and the pres- sures of the daily deadline. DT ' s editors, staff writers and photog- raphers, newly selected each semester, hail largely from USC ' s prestigious jour- nalism school. In fall 1982, Casey Wian, Editor-in-Chief, led a staff of 64 cover- ing, among other things, the probation- ary football season, a murder in the Re- gal Rita apartments, nuclear and Middle- Eastern political protests, and the issue of euthanasia. Ninety-one staffers cov- ered Spring semester events under the editorship of Mark Gill, informing and entertaining students in the Editorial, Sports, and Entertainment divisions. Each semester seven DT Advertising Executives sell space in the campus newspaper to student organizations, lo- cal businesses, and national companies interested in the student market. The Ad Execs work approximately 15 hours per week for commission pay. In addition to soliciting potential ad- vertisers, these motivated students, many of whom are training for advertis- ing careers, must often expand the sket- chy ideas and materials from the com- pany into visually stimulating ads. They work with DT production staff in arrang- ing advertising layouts. Daily Trojan Fall Staff - ROW ONE: Carmen Chandler, Toni Arellanos, Laura Castaneda, Kathy Libby, Jon Soo Hoo, Johannes Tesselaar, Casey Wian, Brenda Wong, Belma John- son, Mark Ordesky, Bendib Kahil. ROW TWO: Jeannie Wong, Cathy Murino, Tina Kanaar, Rich Ramirez, Jessica Friedheim, Greg DeFelice, Mark Shikuma, Ellen Plotkin, Annette Haddad, George Aguilar, Mary Ann Meek. ROW THREE: Wendell Mobley, Michael Molinski, Adam Shaffer, Charla Foster, Steve DeSalvo, Unidentified. ROW FOUR: Marc Igler, Alan Grossman, Mark Gill, Chris Perez, Dan Canales. ROW FIVE: Paul Vercammen, Gary Karr. ROW SK: David Wharton, Tommy Trojan. 98 Daily Trojan Daily Trojan Fall Ad Execs - ROW ONE: Alec Tan-Advisor, Rebecca Martinez, Denise Jordan, Robert G. Vasquez, Irving Bartikofsky. ROW TWO: Martha Thorrens, Barry Freedman, Jeffrey Sneed, Karen Markey. Dally Trojan Spring Ad Execs - ROW ONE: Karen Markey, Colleen Kennedy, Pam Sorensen. ROW TWO: Robert G. Vasquez, Barry Feedman, Jeffrey Sneed. DT Ad Execs 99 Above: CEREMONY - Graduating class president of 1934 smokes ' peace pipe ' with the next year ' s president. Right: ONE FINAL NOTE - Trombonist plays an active role in her own commencement. 100 Graduates ' The journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step ' Lao-Tzu, The Way Social theorists right and left dispute the ' value ' of a college education today. Critics of the modem trend toward universal post-secondary education point to statistics showing that many undergraduate degrees prove useless in the job market. Others contend that the competitive economy of the ' 80s forces upwardly mobile youth to seek at least four years of college education. For whatever reasons, thousands nationally and 6,600 annually at USC agree with the latter experts and choose to gradu- ate, entering the working worid - hopefully - educa- tionally enriched. Graduates Graduates 101 Senior Societies Promote Excellence Blue Key is an honor society for senior men. This 12 member group is part of a national organization which recognizes oustanding men in the areas of scholar- ship an leadership. The Torch and Tassle Chapter of Mor- tar Board is for senior men and women who have displayed qualities of leader- ship, scholarship and service. This year, Mortar Board tried to help focus atten- tion on the importance the faculty ' s in the classroom performance by presenting several Faculty Awards for teaching ex- cellence. Other activities included infor- mal meetings with faculty members, sponsoring a forum on the gun legisla- tion initiative and hosting the regional Mortar Board conference in January. Blue Key - ROW ONE: Tony Manos, Mike Thornton, Doug Holte, Rob Campion. ROW ! TWO: Chip Stuart, Jon Erickson, Jeff Luwikowski, Brad Wilier. NOT PICTURED: Andrew i Littlefair, Bryan Lourd, Tom Hall, Rick Wacula, Dr. Alan Rudisill. j Mortar Board - ROW ONE: Barbara Hall, Julie Surrell, Anne Avzaradel, Lynne Corazza, Tish Okabe. ROW TWO: Maurice Kane, Sandra Boldt, Cecilia Fabrizio, Susanne Bundy, Mara Moiner. ROW THREE: Loretta Lynch, Jim Morouse, Brian Wilson, Penny Rawson, Todd Wallace, Steve Bercsi. 102 Mortar Board Blue Key Ayaman Aba-AlkhaU MS Petroleum Engineering Henry Abakians MS Mechanical Engineering Rosanna Abarca Afi International Relations Mark Abbe BS Business Administration Salem Abderranum PHD Mechanical Engineering Waflk Abdou BS Biology Sadly Abdul Djabar MPA Public Administration Jalal AbduI-GhanI BS Urban and Regional Planning Martha Abdula BS Biology Ahmed Abdulkarm MPA Public Administration AbduUhakoor Adel BS Urban and Regional Planning Connie Abdun-Nur AB Public Relations Olufisayo Abe BS Business Administration Randall Abe BS Business Administration Cheri Abercromble BS Dental Hygiene E ouslas Abney MPA Public Administration Farzad Abotfathi BS Mechanical Engineering Igor Abramov MS Electrical Engineering Luz Abrera BS Biology David Abshier BS Business Administration Richard Ackerknecht BS Business Administration Kenneth Ackerman AB Sports Information Gregory Acima AB Political Science Danae Adams BS Public Affairs Denlse Adams BS Gerontology Kadierine Adams BS Business Administration Luda Adanu BS Civil Engineering Wendy Adams BS Business Administration Cameron Adamson BS Business Administration WUUam Adickes AB International Relations Graduates 103 Om Sonny Adun MA Broadcast Journalism Faraman Afaii BArch Architecture Leon AftandlUan BS Biomedical Electrical Engineering Karen Ag«|anian BS Business Administration Morteza AghaJe MS Environmental Engineering Sherrl AgnefiU BS Business Administration George Agutiar AB Political Science Journalism Oecar AguUar BS Business Administration Roeemary Agullar AB Mathematics Mellaaa Agulrre AB Communications Laura Ahmad BS Biology Moonlc Ahmed AB Performing Arts Jtai Ahn Afi Political Science H. Susan Ahn AB Performing Arts Deborah Ahvasian AB Political Science Donna Ackcnnan BS Business Administration Zalnul Akhtar BS Mechanical Engineering Mark Aktta BS Business Administration Marwan AI-AbbasI BS Civil Engineering Jamal Al-Abdulah-Jaleel BS Qvil Engineering Naesar AI-AbduQalecl BS Industrial and Systems Engineering Rula Al-Adaaanl BS Business Administration Fuad Al-Arbash BS Business Administration Mohammed Al-Bahei BS Industrial and Systems Engineering Manuel Alba-Marquez MS Engineering Management Antonio Alcantar BS Electrical Engineering Craig Alexander AB Broadcast Journalism Amal Alfonso MPA Public Administration Mohammed Al-Hi4r1 BS Industrial and Systems Engineering Ibrahim Alhamer MPA Public Administration 104 Graduates All Allreza BS Business Administration Mohanuned AUundl BS Electrical Engineering Maha Al-Kutaml MPA Public Administration Yusra Al-Kutaml BS Economics Marcelle AUdaffer AB Communications Scott AUeborn BS Business Administration Brad Allen AB Psychology Judy Allen BS Dental Hygiene Julie Allen PharmD Pharmacy Michael Almanzor BS Chemical Engineering Add Abnelel BS Industrial Engineering Mazen Al-Mobarak BS Civil Engineering Abdulazlz Al-Nabhan BS Industrial Engineering Javier Alonso BS Civil Engineering Mahir Al-Raian BS Civil Engineering Barrak Al-Sarrag MPA Public Administration Suad Alsebaie BS Public Administration Yousef Althathry MS Education Waleed Alsualr BS Biomedical Engineering Waleed Alsualr MS Education Dianne Alsweet AB General Studies Michele Altemus AB Public Relations Setiawan Aluwi MBA MS Business Industrial Engineering Mark Aluarado BS Business Administration Candy Alvarez AB Communications Daniel Alvarez MS Electrical Engineering Anne Avzaradel A B International Relations Marie Anunar PhD Education George Anunari BS Mechanical Engineering Hugh Amundsen AB Political Science Graduates 105 Douglas Anderson BS Business Administration Karen Anderson MED Education Ryan Anderson BS Business Administration Lyno Anderson BS Business Administration Paul Anderson BArch Architecture Robert Anderson BS Business Administration Vincent Anderson BSAE Aerospace Engineering Courtney Andraln BS Business Administration Janet Andrea AB English Elizabeth Andrews AB English Kip lliong Ang BS Business Administration Trlcia Angerhofer AB English Daniel Annarella BS Biomedical Electrical Engineering Ahmed Ansari BS Civil Engineering WUliam Applegate BS Business Administration Betsy Arakawa AB Communications |ournalism Linda Arambula BS Business Administration Rene Arambulo BS Business Administration NUda Araujo BS Safety and Systems Management Rafoel Araujo BS Safety and Systems Management Louise Arbogast AB Economics Gloria Arboleda-Puget BS Business Administration Thomas Ardcrfino BFA Fine Arts Antoinette Arellanes AB Journalism English Renee Arends AB Psychology Emil Arifin BS Industrial and Systems Engineering Bruce Arinaga BS Business Administration Armin Arminak BS Civil Engineering David Armstrong BS Business Administration Greg Armstrong BS Business Administration 106 Graduates John Armstrong MA Communications Management Sean Armstrong BS Biomedical Engineering Keith Amey BS Computer Science Stephen Arnold BS Mechanical Engineering Marie Arreota MS Library Science Ronald Arreola BS Biology James Arrivey BS Public Administration Dale AsanKito BS Electrical Engineering Duane Asao PharmD Pharmacy John Aschleris BS Business Administration Larry Ash AB Communications Mark Ash AB Sociology Curtis Ashford BS Mechanical Engineering Roy Ashford BS Mechanical Engineering Victor Assad BS Business Administation All Assar BS Mechanical Engineering Sheikh Ather-Ali MS Civil Engineering Lee AtkiM BS Industrial Engineering Unda Atkinson BS Business Administation Cyirthia Attyah AB Communications Int ' l Relations Capucine Atwood AB Psychology Catherine Auberty AB Communications Todd Auerbach BS Biology James AuM, Jr. BArch Architecture Pete Austria Afi Physical Education Ryan Autrey BS Business Administrations Alfred Ayala BS Business Administration Patrick Ayau BS Business Administration Ailyson Ayres BS Public Administration Linda Azoff BS Business Communications Graduates 107 Charies Bate PharmD Pharmacy Fawaz Baba BS Business Administration Harish Babia BS Business Administration Antonio Baca AB Sports Information Maximo Baccaneul BS Industrial and Systems Engineering Kathleen Backer EED Education Bruce Backley BS Business Administration Haig Bas«r(Qian AB Slavic Languages and Literature Int ' l Relations Serge Baghdlkian BS Chemical Engineering Brent BaHarle BS Biology Brenda BiUch BS Business Administration Judi BaUey AB Economics M. Safwat Bajnld BS Urban and Regional Planning Ingu Bak MPA Public Administration Carhon Baker AB Clinical Psychology Daniel Baker BS Psychobiology Robert Baker AB Economics Troy Baker BS Business Administration Cherie Bakkala BS Business Administration Nadrine Balady PharmD Pharmacy Stewart Balikov DDS Dentistry Christopher Ball BArch Architecture Daniel Baiter BS Business Administration Steve Baldo BS Business Administration William Balfour BS Business Administration Michael Banducci DDS Dentistry Sue Bangeri BM Performing Arts Susan Banta-Smith DDS Dentistry Andrea Barber AB Philosophy Roselyn Barbray BS Dental Hygiene PMl 108 Graduates John Barganskl BS Business Administration Renee Baimazel MED Education Allssa Barner BED Education Alfred Barnes AB Broadcast Journalism Int ' l Relations Debra Bamett AB Psychology Valerie Bamhlll BS Occupational Therapy Ruben Barrara BS Civil Engineering Lynn Barrett BS Business Administration Kevin Barry AB Political Science Blaze BartoU BS Business Adiniiustration Colette Barton BS Business Administration Deborrah Barton MBA Business Administration Paul Barton AB Psychology Annette Barudonl BS Business Administration Blake Barvln BS Business Administration Jana Basmajian BS Business Administration Todd Basmajian BS Business Administration Lynlee Bassler BS Business Administration Rick Battaglinl BS Business Administration Teresa Bauer AB Communications Enrique Bautlita AB Psychology Fernando Bautista AB Political Science lnt ' l Relations Roberto Bautista BS Mechanical Engineering Harry Baxter BS Business Administration Letty Baz BS Business Administration Christine Beale PharmD Pharmacy Bruce Bearer BS Business Administration Timothy Bearer BS Business Administration Dawn Beatty BS Business Administration Patricia Beauchamp DDS Dentistry Graduates 109 Mark Becker PharmD Phannacy James Bedford AB Cinema Television Kevin Beedy AB Political Science Randy Beemer DDS Dentistry Steve Behrie BS Business Administration Miutafo Betdas BS Civil Engineering Robert Bell BS Business Administration Terece Bell PHD Psychology Matthew Belo BS Computer Science Ramadan Ben-Amer BS Chemical Engineering Christopher Benavldes AB Communications Eric Benttamou AB Economics Richard Bensamln BS Business Administration Pamela Bennett BS Public Administration Timothy Bentley AB Int ' l Relations Economics Pamela Benz AB Communications Rosalie Bera BS Business Administration Brian Berard BArch Architecture Brian Beres DDS Dentistry Joseph Bergin BS Business Administration Michael Bergmann AB International Relations David Berke BS Business Administration Howard Bernian BS Business Administration Tracy Berilnger AB Journalism Leslie Berlna PhannD Phannacy Steve Bemler BFA Performing Arts Vincent Bemota MBA Business Administration Stephanie Berrard AB Political Science Bcrta Bcteta BS Business Administration Mary Biebcl BS Business Administration 110 Graduates Cassandra Bieler AB English Public Relations Jin Biggins AB Public Relations Charlotte Billlngton MBA Business Administration Bonnie Bim AB English Dorothy Blrsic AB Public Relations Anton Bisbas DDS Dentistry Gary Btschop BS Biology Charmaine Bishop AB Broadcasting Susann Bishop AB Communication Arts and Sciences Hani Birzi MS Civil Engineering Ronald Blackstone BS Mechanical Engineering Rebecca Blaine BS Public Affairs Elizabeth Blake BS Business Administration W. Peter Blankenshlp BS Computer Science Marcla Blaser BS Biology Andrea Blau BS Business Administration Ralph Bledsne BS Chemistry Elizabeth Bllschke AB French Jan Block AB Communication Arts and Sciences Robert Bkxiglewicz AB Public RelaUons Jody Blosser AB International Relations Lynne Blum BS Public Administration Phillip Blum MBA Business Adminstration Paris Blumenthal AB Physical Education Carolyn Bobb BS Business Administration J( n Bodevttz BS Business Administration Steve Boem BS Business Administration Richard Bogy AB History Scott Bohlke DDS Dentistry Fariba Bcdandhemat MS Industrial and Systems Engineering Graduates 111 Sandra Lorec Boldt AB Public Relations Elaine BoUe BS Dental Hygiene Craig Bohon BS Business Administration Tamara Borden BS Business Administration John Borel DDS Dentistry Donald Borelli BS Business Administration Joan BoKh AB History Infl Relations Greg Bou BS Business Administration Bruce Bothwell DDS Dentistry ClemI BoubU BFA Performing Arts Chris Bouher BS Business Administration Lionel Bourdrel BS Biology Wentworth Bowen MPW Professional Writing Cynthia Bowles AB Broadcast Journalism Horace Bomer AB Mathematics Maiy Boyd AB Education Nicholas Bozick BS Business Administration Monica Brana AB Joumallsm Int ' l Relations Rodrigo Brana BArch Architecture Kelly Branch AB Economlcs Int ' l Relations Michael Brand DDS Dentistry Timothy-John Brandt BArch Architecture Michael Branlgan AB Communication Arts and Sciences Kelly Brannen BS Business Administration Douglas Branacombe BS Industrial and Systems Engineering Alturo Bravo DDS Dentistry Robin Brawer AB Psychology Brett Breckenridge BS Business Administration CrMa Breihan AB Psychology Paralegal Certificate Laurie Brennan BS Public Administration 112 Graduates Vance Breshears BS Physics M. Karolyn Brewster MS Special Education Literary Credential Sherri Breyer BFA Fine Arts Raquel Brlngham Wilson AB Psychology Communications Jana Brill BS Chemical Engineering Kimberly Bringgold BS Business Administration Je ey Brock BS Public Administration Julia Broderick AB Political Science Int ' l Relations Kerry Bronson AB Spanish Elizabeth Brooks BS Business Administration Ignatius Brotoatmodjo MS Civil Engineering Marcella Brotoatmodjo BS Civil Engineering Building Science David Broussard BS Mechanical Engineering Corey Brown BS Business Administration Eileen Brown MPL Urban and Regional Planning Joey Browner BS Public Administration Erin Broyord BS Business Administration Amy Suzanne Brubaker BS Business Administration Michael Brumage BS Industrial and Systems Engineering Patricia Brutatl AB Cinema Television Frey)a Bruun AB International Relations Karen Bruun BS Occupational Therapy Steven Buckley AB Broadcast Management Salantl BudUksmono BS Business Administration Ivan Budlono BS Chemical Engineering David Bugoe PharmD Pharmacy Holt BuUock DDS Dentistry Susanne Bundy BS Business Administration Carol Bungo BS Dental Hygiene Ralph Buonocon AB Public Relations Graduates 113 Irene Burger AB International Relations Annette Burholm BS Business Administration Brian Burke BS Business Administration Christopher Burke BS Biology James Burke BS Mechanical Engineering Kathleen Burke BS Business Administration Desa Burkett BA General Studies Jamie Bumham BS Education Kathleen Bums AB Int ' l Relations History Janet Buraon MBA Business Administration Lawrence Busch BS Biology Diana Busby AB Communications Frederick Bush BS Gerontology Michael Buskirk DDS Dentistry Daryl Butler AB Political Science Kim Butler BS Business Administration Dorothy Bye AB English Fable Cabezas AB History Int ' l Relations Maria Cabezas MBA Business Adfministration Unda Caducoy BS Computer Science Michael Cahalan BS Aerospace Engineering Beverly Call AB Economics Steven Callaghan BS Biomedical Electrical Engineering Cynthia Callaway BS Chemical Engineering Parry Cameron AB Political Science Gene Campana DDS Dentistry Glenn Campbell PHD Social Work Elizardo Campos Jr. AB Broadcast Journalism Raymond Canlk BS Business Administration Amando Canlas AB Int ' l Relations Spanish 114 Graduates @ O ii Paul Cannon AB Business Administration Todd Caton AB Political Science Robert Cantrell BS Business Administration Justin Chaplan BA International Relations Gerald Cappello BS Business Administration Zenaida Capua PharmD Pharmacy Stacy Cara AB Journalism Eugenia Cardencu BS Dental Hygiene Kathryn Carevlch BS Business Administration Marketing James Carlblom DDS Dentistry Robert Carll Jr. BArch Architecture Alex Carlos MS Geology Caroline Cart AB English Literature Cynthia Carr AB Letters, Arts, and Sciences EUa Carrlllo AB Spanish Brick Carter BS Business Administration Eydle Carter AB Humanities Kenneth Caruth BS Public Administration Paul Casale DDS Dentistry Davlo Case AB Communications Kevin Casey MBA Business Administration Michael Casey BS Industrial and Systems Engieneering James Castel AB Cinema Television Eugenie Castiglla AB Psychology Steven Castillo BS Biology RodoUo Castillo BS Computer Science Teresa Castillo PharmD Pharmacy NeU Catch AB International Relations Brian Cathcart BFA Performing Arts Caren Caty AB English Literature Graduates 115 Rebecca Cendejas AB Communications Albert Centobuite BS Business Administration Thomas Cemiglia DDS Dentlstr Esther Cervantes BS Business Administration Ronald Cervantes AB Psychology J( n Chadges BS Mechanical Engineering Pomtivar Chalyapatranun BS Business Administration Jeanlne Chalabian BS Psychology Susannah Chamber AB Speech Communications Lezli Champion AB Communications Allen Chan PharmD Pharmacy Chris Chan BS Business Administration Elaine Chan BS Computer Science hran Chan BS Electrical Engineering Joseph Ch2ui BS Electrical Engineering Joseph Chan BS Business Administration Joseph Chan BS Business Administration Man Chan BS Biology Mihon Chan DDS Dentistry Patty Chan PharmD Pharmacy Stephen Chan BS Mechanical Engineering Charlotte Chandor AB Communications Luis Chanes BS Biomedical Engineering Patricia Chang PharmD Pharmacy Ramona Chzmg MS Special Education Su Ming Chang BS Business Administration Sunyung Chang AB Psychology Kien Chung Chao MA International Relations Noelia Chapa MPA Public Administration Bruce Chapman BS Business Administration 116 Graduates Donald Chapman Jr BS Business Administration Karen Chapman AB Mathematics Stepphen Chappell AB English Dah-Pheng Chao DDS Dentistry Daria Character AB Psychology Lynae Chase AB Broadcast Journalism Connie Chau BS Exercise Science Jaime Chavez Porras MS Instructional Psychology Robert Chavez BS Public Administration Yoonhee Chee PharmD Pharmacy Robert Chetf BS Business Administration Josle Chen MBA International Business June Chenalloy MA Accounting Cynthia Cheney BS Dental Hygiene Andy Cheng BS Business Administration Diana Cheng BS Business Administration Richard Cheng BS Business Administration Uly Chiang BS Mechanical Engineering Enrique Chin BS Business Administration Cynthia Chin MBA Business Administration Penny Chin BS Business Administration JoM Chin BS Engineering Diane Chingren AB International Relations Frank Chiorazzi BS Business Administration Lenny Chlriboga AB Communication Arts and Sciences Pcpe Chialkovsky DDS Dentistry Mark Chrttjian BS Business Administration Ah Chung AB Economics Andrew Chlu BS Business Administration Cindy Chlu PHD Chemistry Graduates 117 Tina Chul BS Business Administration Grace Chui BS Business Administration Doris Cho BS Computer Science Johnny Cho AB Linguistics Kisuk Cho BS Biomedical Engineering Sylvia Cho BS Business Administration Cynthia Chock DDS Dentistry Eun Cho BS Business Administration Kenneth Chock DDS Dentistry Miml Choi BS Business Administration Seok Choi BS Electrical Engineering Sunny Choi BS General Studies Kee Chong BS Chemical Engineering Linda Chow AB Fine Arts Usa Christensen BS Biology Bradford Christian BS Business Administration Jennifer Chriatian BS Petroleum Engineering Brenda Chu DDS Dentistry Helen Chu BS Electrical Engineering Jul-Kuo Chu BS Computer Science Simon Chu BS Industrial and Systems Engineering Celstine Chua BS Business Administration Chlaw-Blan Chua BS Civil Engineering Kwimg Chuang BS Industrial and Systems Engineering Watman Chui BS Business Administration Emeit C un BS Electrical Engineering Grant Chun AB Political Science Public Relations Harold Chun BS Electrical Engineering Kwang Chung BS Mechanical Engineering Linda Chung AB Economics 118 Graduates Myufig Chung MArch Architecture Edward Cibener BM Performing Arts i Lenn Cfpolla I AB History Joel-Tomas Citron BS Business Administration Mara Clarlett AB Potltical Science French John Clgliano AB Economics Gregory Clmmamisti BS Business Administration Kelly Clancy BS Communications Cheryl Clark BS Business Administration Kathleen Clark BS Business Administration Peter Clarke MS Education Michael Claus BS Business Administration Michael Clement BS Business Administration Peter Clements BFA Performing Arts Deborah Cleveland DDS Dentistry Mlkel Clayhold BS Electrical Engineering Robert Cleveland BS Business Administration Sharon Cleveland AB Broadcast Management Colleen Clifiorrd PharmD Pharmacy Donald Clifford DDS Dentistry Laura Ching BS Business Administration Stephen Coates BS Biology Thomas Cochran BS Business Administration Christopher Coftnan AB English Political Science Cynthia Cohen PhD Educational Psychology Charles Coker BM Performing - rts James Colbert 111 BS Business Administration Cheryl CoUey BS Business Administration Cynthia Collins BS Public Administration Craig Combs AB Public Relations Graduates 119 Cristlna Compean AB Letters, Arts and Sciences Byron Connell OS Business Administration Michelle Connolly AB Public Administration Kathleen Cook BS Dental Hygiene WUllam Cook BS Business Administration John CocHis BS Business Administration Shawn Cooper AB Int ' l Relations Communications Lynne Corazza AB English Kathryn Cordonnler PharmD Pharmacy Edwcvd Corey AB Political Science Jeffrey Coryell BS Business Administration Unda Cota AB Public Relations Spanish Cathryn Cotter AB Psychology Carla Cotton AB Political Science Richard Cottrell AB Economics Andrea CoursoUe BS Business Administration Unda Courtney AB Communication Arts and Sciences Martin Courtney DDS Dentistry Carolyn Covauh BS Business Administration Cathy Coveney BS Business Administration Jeff Covert BS Business Administration Pamela Covington BS Business Administration Chuck Cowley BS Business Administration Marianne Cox AB Communication Arts and Sciences Richard Cox AB Public Relations Karen Crawford BS Biology Norman Crawford BS Aerospace Engineering Edward Creager AB Economics Edwin Cree MBA Business Administration Mario Cremo AB Economics 120 Graduates Raymond Crew BS Aerospace Engineering Davette Crisalll BS Biology Wlliam Crosby BS Geology Julliuine Crossley AB Broadcast fournalism Richard Crowther AB Broadcast Journalism Lawrence Cuaresma BS Civil Engineering Anthony Cumlne MBA Business Administration Brian Cununings BS Business Administration Christopher Cummins BS Civil Engineering Robert Cummins BS Business Administration Nina Cunha BS Biology Dorgen Curcl AB Communications August Curley BS Business Administration Dana Dabbs BS Aerospace Engineering Anthony D ' Addarlo DDS Dentistry Eugene Dagdagan AB Psychology Brice Dailey AB Communication Arts and Sciences Hormazd Da Lai BS Business Administration Brian Daley AB International Relations Diana Daney BS Business Administration Dao Dang MLS Library Science Lan Dang MLS Library Science Warren Daniels AB Journalism Fulvlo Danilas AB Economics Linda Davlla BS Business Administration Carol Davis BS Dental Hygiene Cheryl Davis-Brents AB Ethnic Studies Journalism Joyce Davis AB Psychology Linda Davis BS Gerontology R. Scott Davis DDS Dentistry Graduates 121 Tetri Davto AB Speech Communications Terry Davll DDS Dentistry Aubrey Dawkins AB Architecture Diane Dayton BS Business Administration Roger DeBock BS Economics Mardal DeCaitro AB Fine Arts Christy Decker AB Psychology Robert DeConti BS Marine Biology Caren Deeb DDS Dentistry Ted DeGdla DDS Dentistry JcOrey DeGuchi BS Business Administration Darlene Delanoy Public Relations Communications Ernest DeUicompagnl MPA Public Administration Sylvia Del Medico PharmD Pharmacy Lisa del Valle AB Psychology Lea De Meo BS Business Administration Bulent Demlrbey BS Industrial and Systems Engineering Kevin Denny BS Business Administration Lynne Dent BS Business Administration Gary DePew BS Business Administration Peter Deralas BS Business Administration Gevik Der-Hovanesslan BS Biology Mary Dem BS Business AdminisUation JUI Derrls BS Dental Hygiene John Dervin AB Psychology DimHrlos Dervos MS Physics Electrical Engineering Michele Desroslen AB Women ' s Studies Jim Detrixhc AB Communications Laurel Devlin BS Business Administration Brock Dewey BS Business Administration 122 Graduates Melissa Delbaizo AB Psychology AUonso De Leon BS Electrical Engineering Mark De Leon BS Biology Myra De Leon BS Chemistry Stephen Del Guerdo AB English Maria De Guzman BS Gerontology Vahld Delrahim BS Mechanical Engineering Dede DeLucio AB Communications BS Business Administration Rudy Dewanto BS Civil Engineering Wendy DeYoung AB Fine Arts Deslree Dial BS Business Administration Jeffrey Diamond AB Philosophy Julie Dlas BS Business Administration Alexandre E laz BS Business Administration Osvaldo Diaz BArch Architecture Dine DlBartdmneo BS Biomedical Engineering Susan Dickson AB Education James Dillls BS Petroleum Engineering Lisa DlLucca AB Public Relations Joyia DlPalma AB Public Relations Cynthia CNrkx BS Dental Hygiene George DiSalvo BS Business Administration Carol Distanislao AB Public Relations Communications James Dixon BArch Architecture Hlen Do BS Chemical Engineering Sharon Dolezal AB Psychology Russell Doll BS Business Administration Ronald Domlnguez AB English Judy Dominique BS Dental Hygiene Dtmlel Donaldson BS Business Administration Graduates 123 Edtth Dong MS Education Clark Donley AB Political Science George Donlou BS Business Administration Kimberly Donlou AB Public Relations Political Science Michael Donovan MA Professional Writing Dana Dorfrnan AB Political Science Int ' l Relations David Doshler BS Business Administration Andrew Dossett BS Exercise Science Dennis Doucette BS MA Economics Randall Douglas DDS Dentistry Bruce Dowell BS Business Administration Nicholas Dres BS Business Administration Susan Drew AB Journalism Joji Dreyfus BS Public Administration Carolyn Driver BS Gerontology Anita Drummond BS Business Administration Richard Drury AB History English Paul Dubec DDS Dentistry Terri Ducker BS Aerospace Engineering Anne Dudos BS Business Administration Matt Dudics AB English Kathleen Dugan BS Business Administration John Dulcich AB Political Science Michael Dumas BS International Relations Dou aa Dumont BS Biology Lee Dunayer AB Political Science Candy Duncan MS Education Jullanne Duncan AB Sociology Mary Dung PhannD Pharmacy Robert Dunham DDS Dentistry 124 Graduates Sarah Dunlay AB Journalism David Dunzer BS Business Administration Leslie Durham BS Math Amiad Dwelk BS Business Administration Jeff Dye BS Public Administration Joseph Earle AB Cinema Television Luda Eartes BS Business Administration Woody Eastby BFA Fine Arts Janlne Eberle BS General Studies Muhammad Ebrahim MED Education Scott Eccarius BS Biology Park Eddy BS Business Administration Dennis Edwards AB Physical Education Douglas Edwards BS Industrial and Systems Engineering Jeffrey Edwards AB Cinema Television Robert Ekman PharmD Pharmacy Pierre El-Daher BS Industrial and Systems Engineering Ronald Elliot BS Business Administration Klmberly EUis BS Business Administration Unda EUls BS Exercise Science Mohamed Elmabnik PhD Civil Engineering Nancy Elmajlan AB Communications Samer Elsayed BS Mechanical Engineering Abdul-Kader Ataya El-Tlbl BS Mechanical Engineering Kathleen Empey BS Business Administration Hessamedin Enayatt BS Mechanical Engineering Michae l Engelage BS Business Administration Kurt English BS Electrical Mechanical Engineering Peter Engrand BS Aerospace Engineering Leslie Enloe AB Cinema Production Graduates 125 Lavlnia Enrico AB Drama Norman Enrluez PharmD Pharmacy Susan Enseikl BS Dental Hygiene Chukuka Enwemeka MS Physical Therapy Mary Kathryn Eoff AB Communications Public Relations Craig Eomurian BS Business Administration Michael Epplln BS Business Administration Annie Erbabian BS Petroleum Engineering David Ergo AB Cinema Production iohn Erickson AB Economics Tad Erickson DDS Dentistry Anthony Ermovick BS Civil Engineering Eden Escobar AB Letters, Arts and Sciences Barbara Escudero BFA Performing Arts Ramlro Ascuerdo BS Business Administration Megan Eskey BS Mechanical Engineering Robert Esquimas MBA Business Administration Mark Esse BS Business Administration Jose Este vez DDS Dentistry Veronica Ettel BS Public Affairs Dana Eurich BS Business Administration Barbara Jean Eu MBA Business Administration Elizabeth Evans AB Humanities Todd Evans BS Biology Paramftt Everest DDS Dentistry Paul Eves BS Business Administration Sherrl Exler BS Dental Hygiene Richard Ezzell AB Cinema Production Cecilia Fabrtzlo AB Economics Int ' l Relations Mike Fafoutis BS Business Administration 126 Graduates Scott FalrchUd BS Electrical Engineering Ria Falangetti AB Broadcast Journalism Matthew Falettl BS Petroleum Engineering Mahlr Fanek BS Industrial and Systems Engineering Yuen Fan9 AB History Keyvan Farazian MS Electrical Engineering Michael Farkas AB Perfonning Arts Cari Farless DDS Dentistry Ronald Fass DDS Dentistry Stephen Featherstone AB Political Science Mitchell Feinman BS Biolog y Michael Felix BS Business Administration Janna Ferber AB Broadcast Journalism John Ferraro AB Broadcast Journalism Philip Flchthom BS Aerospace Engineering Maria Fldaleo AB Print Journalism L Andrea Fleischer BS Public Administration Ronald Fleishman BS Business Administration Charles Fleming AB International Relations Russell Fletcher BS Business Administration Stacey Fields BS Business Administration Polly Finch AB Political Science Heidi Fischer BS Public Administration Jay Fischer BS Mechanical Engineering Martin Fischer MFA Cinema Roy Fisher BS Civil Engineering Kathryn Rattum BS Biomedical Electrical Engineering Tracy Fletcher AB History International Relations Dena Flokas BS Public Administration Paul Hores BS Business Administration Graduates 127 Kathleen Flynn BS Business Administration Moussa Fodil BS Electrical Engineering Mayda Fong BS Business Administration Kelly Fong BS Business Administration Patricia Footman BS Public Administration Gary Fong BS Electrical Engineering David Forbat BM reforming Arts Paul Forbat AB Music Kirk Forbeck BS Business Administration Marcie Foiman BS Dental Hygiene Tomlslav Foskarino BS Chemical Engineering Paul Fourchy BS Business Administration Marta Foust AB Performing Arts Brian Fow DDS Dentistry John Fox BS Business Administration Bari ara Frame BS Business Administration Debra Francis BS Business Administration Jeftey Franda BS Business Administration Pam Franke BS Dental Hygiene Gail Franklin BS Business Administration Gregory Franklin AB History Rodney Franklin BS Biology Frank Fratio DDS Dentistry Jennifer Frazer AB English Nicole Frazier AB Sociology Barry Freedman BS Business Administration Lorraine Freedman fBA Business Administration Victoria Freeman AB English David Freeman BS Urban and Regional Planning Bonnie Friedlander AB Art History 128 Graduates Barbara Friedman DDS Dentistry Lori Friedman BS Public Administration Theresa Friedrich BFA Fine Arts Rick Frier BS Business Administration Allison Frierson AB Communication Arts and Sciences Nancy Frost AB Communications Arts and Sciences Paul Frost BS Business Administration Erin Fry BS Business Administration Michelle Fiyar BS Business Administration Derrick Fu BS Biology Chris Fujinaml BS Business Administration Sharon Fujtta BS Chemical Engineering Tanya Fujlwara BS Business Administration Steven Fukuto BS Business Administration Bryan Fuller BS Business Administration Michael Fuller MBA Business Administration William Fuhon BS Mechanical Engineering Geoffrey Fuhs BS Public Administration Tobias Fung MBA Business Administration Je ey Funk DOS Dentistry Russell Furumo4o BS Petroleum Engineering Gregg Furuya MBA Business Administration Klmihiro Futagaml BS Tamara Gabel AB Communications Cheryl Gafford AB History Political Science Gerri Gagnon AB Performing Arts History John Gallagher AB Sports Information Yv(»ine Gallego BS General Studies Alfred Gallegos AB International Relations Darryl Gallien BS Business Administration Graduates 129 Thomas Galllvan BS Business Administration Jeanne Galloway AB Int ' l Relations East Asian Language and Culture Susan Gamble AB Broadcast Journalism Anthony Gamblfn AB Communications Deborah Gangi-Hall BS General Studies Maria Garcia BS Chemical Engineering Greg Gardner AB Public Relations Lynne Gardner BS Business Administration Richard Gamica MS Physical Therapy Karen Garrett BS Exercise Science Lora Garrison BS Exercise Science Robert Garrison AB Psychology Ekrem Ga i BS Computer Science Peter Gaughan AB German Stephen Grane BS Business Administration Eugene Gednov AB Economics Craig Gee AB Physical Education Randal Gee AB Performing Arts Irene Gee-Kee BS Dental Hygiene Mlchl Gelzhlser-Gnesda BS Dental Hygiene Sylvia Generates AB Psychology Dan GentUucci BS Biology Zacharia Georgllas AB Journalism Communications Arts and Sciences Paul Gerbracht BS Business Administration Cheri Gerclch BS Business Administration Michelle Gershunoff AB Performing Arts Douglas Gettlnger BS Business Administration Todd Geyer BS Business Administration Mehran Ghaderi-Tafreshl BS Mechanical Engineering Vahakn Ghariblan MS Electrical Engineering 130 Graduates JiUa Ghodslan AB Psychology Jonathiui Glang BS Electrical Engineering Anthony Gibson BS Industrial and Systems Engineering Patrick Gibson BM Performing Arts Oren Glese AB Political Science Rolf Glesemann BS Business Administration Jeane Gilbert AB Communications Arts and Sciences Elizabeth Glldred AB Communications Arts and Sciences Mlchele GUe AB Broadcast Journalism Trad GlUam BS Chemical Engineering Grant Gllmore BS Business Administration Karen Gllmore BS Dental Hygiene Craig Glma AB Broadcast |ournalism Daniel Glmbel BS Business Administration Lancy Gin BS Business Administration Debbie Glnoza BS Biology Michael Ginsberg BS Business Administration Dale Gin PharmD Pharmacy Cynthia Giordano AB Int ' l Relations Economics Slavic Languages Todd Gish BArch Architecture Jeff Glasco BS Business Administration Marcia Glasky BS Business Administration Mark Glasky BS Business Administration Tracey Ghick MS Exercise Physiology Jennifer Gobbell BS General Studies Jacqueline Gold AB Cinema Television Production Joel Goldenberg DOS Dentistry Lori Goldman AB Political Science Yves GoUo MS Electrical Engineering Deborah Gomez BS Biology Graduates 131 Robert Gong BS Biomedical Engineering David Gonzalei BArch Architecture Henry Gonzalez BS Public Administration Michael Gonzalez BS Public Administration Susan G(Mizalez BS Petroleum Engineering Geology Uta Goodman BS Business Administration Michael Goodman Afi English Cinema Reuben Goodman BS Business Administration Herbert Goodrich BS Mechanical Engineering Deanna Goodrich BS Business Administration Karen Goody BS Education Leonard Gordon BS Business Administration Peter Gorman BS Urban and Regional Planning Andrew Getaa DDS Dentistry Gall Gotthetf BS Business Administration Theresa Gough BS Industrial and Systems Engineering Katie Goya BS Business Administration Peter Gozal BS Civil Engineering Poppy Gozal BS Business Administration Thomas Gramata BS Chemical Engineering Leana Grandy BS Business Administration John Granholm BArch Architecture Margaret Grant AB Journalism John Gray BS Business Administration Mike Gray BS Business Administration Sherry Gray BS Business Administration Teresa Gray AB loumalism Fruiklin Green DDS Dentistry Donwalyn Greenbaum AB Performing Arts William Greene MBA Business Administration 132 Graduates Leonard Greenway BS Petroleum Engineering Grace Creer AB Political Science Debbie GrtfRn BFA Fine Arts Cami Grifiln BFA Fine Arts Cassi Griflin BS General Studies Eric GrifBn AB Political Science James Griffin BS Business Administration Tracy Griffin BS Business Administration Joan Griffith AB Education Alda Grigorian BS Business Administration Dbnttra Grlllias AB Journalism Carolyn Grime AB International Relations Michael Grismer BS Accounting Desaarie Gross BS Business Administration EUzabeth Grow PharmD Pharmacy Stuart Gruendl BS Business Administration Lisa Grundy AB Communications BS Business Administration Shapour Gulv BS Computer Science Susan Gundell AB Psychology Kathryn Gunther BS Education Matthew Gunthorpe BS Chemistry Anita Gurrola AB Sociology Kellle Guthrie BS Dental Hygiene Robert Guthrie BS Business Administration Amarylls Guderrci PharmD Pharmacy Rex Gutierrez BS Public Affairs Glenn Guzman BS Business Administration Ronald Guzman DDS Dentistry David Haas BS Business Administration Mary Haden AB Psychology Graduates 133 Wendy Haffman AB Journalism Cars Hagan BS Business Administration Martin Hagan BS Business Administration Kent Haggerty BS Business Administration Harlln HaUey BS Business Administration Charies Haines Jr. BS Business Administration Kathleen Hale BS Business Administration Sondra Haley AB Public Relations Nicholas Halikins BS Biology Astati Hallm BArch Architecture Barbara Hall AB Cinema French Lillian Hamada BS Dental Hygiene Hilary Hamer BS Business Administration Laura Hamlin BS Public Administration Becky Hamilton AB Communication Arts and Science Kevin Hamilton AB Economics International Relations Unda Hammar BS Business Administration Clint Hampton BS Public Administration Kalun Han BS Business Administration Teresa Han BS Business Administration Annette Hanaml MBA Business Administration Aleta Hancock AB Psychology Laura Hancock BS Business Administration Mark Handelsman BS Biology Roger Hanke MS Computer Science Charles Hanlon AB Philosophy Lori Hannan AB Mathematics John Hansen BS Business Administration Kimberiy Hanson BS Business Administration Debra Hao AB Sociology 134 Graduates Michael Hara BS Business Administration Betty Harblsoon AB English Cynthia Harbour AB Psychology Dalene Harbour BS Business Administration Christian Harder BS Business Administration Michael Hardin DDS Dentistry Victoria Hare AB Public Relations Bonnie-Lee Harges BS Business Administration Suzanne Hartman BS Public Administration Laurie Ham AB Performing Arts Cindy Harper BS Busdiness Administration Arthur Harris BS Safety and Systems Management Brenda Harris BS Business Administration Debbie Harris AB Anthropology Latin American Studies Holly Harris BS Business Administration Lisa Harris BS Business Administration Don2Ud Harrison BS Public Affairs Sudargo Harsono BS Biomedical Electrical Engineering Joseph Hartman BS Biology Pete Hartman DDS Dentistry Lenawati Hartono MBA Business Administration Mukdad Hasan MPA Public Administration Nancy Hatfield BS Business Administration Richard Hathaway BS Psychology Kanwl Hattab MS Periodontics Education Richard Hauptmann PharmD Pharmacy Beth Havens BS Dental Hygiene Waher Hawes AB Int ' l Relations Spanish Sharon Hawkins BS Computer Science William Hawkins PharmD Pharmacy Graduates 135 Stacy Hawklfwon AB Performing Arts Donna Hayata PharmD Pharmacy Wesley Hayata BS Business Administration Nicole Hayman AB Communications Arts and Science Joe HayuKwd BS Business Administration Joyce Hays AB Communications Arts and Sciences Bobble Haywood MS Social Work Patrick Hazel AB Communications Arts and Sciences Randolph Heard AB Journalism English Karl Hechinger BS Business Administration Suzette Heln BS Business Administration Suzanne Henry BS Public Administration Albert Hlroshlge BS Business Administration Julius Httchens BS Business Administration Jody Hixson AB International Relations Vera HUvacek DDS Dentistry Angel Ho BS Business Administration E u-can Hoang BS Gerontology Tuan Hoang BS Business Administration Carolyn Hodge AB General Studies Julie Hodges AB Public Relations English Tad Hodgson AB Int ' l Relations Spanish Fred Hoekstra MBA Business Administration Thomas HoSarth AB Journalism Richard Hoffanan AB Cinema Richard Holcomb BS Mechanical Engineering Klmberly Holden AB Conununications Arts and Sciences Nancy HoUoway AB English Eric Holoman BS Business Administration Douglas Hohe AB Int ' l Relations French 136 Graduates Julie HoHnut AB Sociology Benson Horn BS Business Administration Bizhan Honannand MS Electrical Engineering Henry Honda BS Biomedical Engineering Christopher Hong BS Business Administration EUsabete Hong BS Business Administration Randall Hong BS Electrical Engineering Keith Honig MBA Business Administration Terri Hopf BS Dental Hygiene Steven Horl PharmD Pharmacy Michael Horkachuck BS Mechanical Engineering WUllam Harrison BS Business Administration Robert Horsley BS Business Administration Unda Horst AB Communications Arts and Sciences John Horatmann BS Business Administration Laura Horton BS Chemical Engineering Linda Horton BS Education Sylvia Horton BS Exercise Science Jeffrey Horwith JD Law John Hoshko BFA Fine Arts Sarah Hospodor BS Public Administration Gorik Hossepian MS Mechanical Engineering Kathryn Houck BS Business Administration Erin Houston BS Public Administration Bart Howard BS Business Administration Brad Howard BS Business Administration Lisa Howatt BFA Fine Arts Benjamin Howes DDS Dentistry David Hozakl BS Biology Yu aln Hsiao BS Computer Science Graduates 137 Talplng Hsiung PhD Electrical Engineering Soen-Bie Hu BS Business Administration En-Yau Huang BS Business Administration Pao-Chung Huang MS Mechanical Engineering Juan Huarte MBA Business Administration Stephen Hubler AB German Int ' l Relations Michael Huckman AB Broadcast Journalism Astf Hudani BS Business Administration Hans Hufschmld BS Business Administration Kathlene Hughes BS Business Administration Tamara Hughes BS Public Administration Amy Hui BS Business Administration James Hull BS Business Administration WUIiam HumfrevUle BS Civil Engineering Elizabeth Hummell BS Chemical Engineering KeUl Hunt AB Business Administration Kristin Hunt AB Communication Arts and Scien ces R. Scott Huntley AB Social Sciences Edwin Hupp BS Business Administration Dong Hur BS Business Administration Gary Hurt BS Business Administration Joy Huitig BS Business Administration Jill Hussey AB Pubic Relations Gilrinder Husson BS Business Administration Susan Hutchinson BS Business Administration J n Huston AB Communication Arts and Sciences Shing Hwa DDS Dentistry Peter Hyan HI BS Public Administration Andrew Helman BS Business Administration Rosanna Hemerlck AB Art History 138 Graduates Marilyn Hendrix AB Psychology Farld Hentabll BS Industrial and Systems Engineering Steven Hepps AB Political Science Chri opher Hernandez BS Electrical Engineering Mario Hernandez BS Business Administration Miriam Hernandez BS Computer Science DcHis Hemdon BS Business Administration Filiberto Hemandez-VUar MPA Public Administration Redo Hernandez BS Business Administration Yolanda Hernandez BS Business Administration Anita Herrera BS Business Administration Gilberio Herrera MPA Public Administration Scott Hewlett BS Business Administration Jennifer Hews AB Public Administration Leslie Hiatt BS Education David Hickman BS Biology Trlsha Hicks AB Slavic Languages and Literature David Hicks BS Electical Engineering Lyie Hlgger AB History Noel High AB Political Science Jennifer Hill BS Exercise Science Ronald HUi MBA Business Administration Andy Hlmawan BS Chemical Engineering Prakoso Hlmawan BS Business Administration Kenneth Freeman Hinds DDS Dentistry Gary Hlnton BS Business Administration Eriko Iba AB Anthropology Laura Ibarra AB Economics Nancy Ibuki BS Business Administration Elizabeth Ihde BS Public Administration Graduates 139 Paula Ignadeff AB English U2 Ikla BS Exercise Science Margret llda BS Exercise Science Stephen Dcegami BArch Architecture Azman Dthsan BS Petroleum Engineering Kathryn Imahara AB Political Science James Imahiro BS Business Administration Laurie Inadoml AB Communications Chris Inouye BS Business Administration Morad Iranzadi BS Civil Engineering Irfal Iifal MBA Business Administration Jeannette iriarte AB Psychology Dale Ishlmani BS Business Administration Tracy Ishimani AB Broadcast Journalism Bryan Ishino BS Business Administration Cecilia Iskandar BS Business Administration Herman Ismail BS Electrical Engineering Glenn ho BS Civil Engineering Roxanne ho AB Economics Stanley ho BS Biology Maria hurri AB English Political Science Kelly Iverson BS Business Administration Mark Iwanga AB Performing Arts Michael Iwuchukwu BS Civil Engin eering AbdoUah Izahabian BS Electrical Engineering George Jackson BS Business Administration Mellnda Jackson AB Recreation Robyn Jackson BS Biology Erica Jacques AB International Relations Danielle Jade BS Biomedical Engineering 140 Graduates Pamela Jagger AB History Harold James MSG Gerontology Unda James BS Business Administration Khaled Jamsheer BS Mechanical Engineering Lori Jang BS Business Administration Jodl Jaoudi BS Business Administration Jeanane Janosik BS Business Administration Januar Januar BS Business Administration Maria Jaque MM Performing Arts Sanny Jauwhannes BS Industrial Engineering Nathalie Jeanson AB Linguistics Martha Jett BS Business Administration James Jimenez BS Business Administration Laura Jinks BS Business Administration Jill Johannsen BS Computer Science Karen Johannsen AB Sports Information Joy Johnson BS Electrical Engineering Kathleen Johnson BS General Studies Kelly Johnson BS Business Administration Kristi Johnson BS Education Mark Johnson BS Chemical Engineering Rcmald Johnson BS Business Administration Rozatynn Johnson BS Public Administration Ann Johnston BFA Fine Arts Michael Johnston BS Architecture Steven Johnston AB Political Science Psychology Brooke Jones BS General Studies Craig Jones BS Business David Jones BS Civil Engineering Frederick Jones BS Aerospace Engineering Graduates 141 Maurice Kane AB Int ' l Relations Political Science Laurie Kaneko BS Business Administration Faith Kaneshlro BS Occupational Therapy Herlim Kang AB Cinema Television Kenneth Kang BS Business Administration Kyongtok Kanq BS Business Administration Susan Kang PharmD Pharmacy Kong Kang BS Business Administration Tina Kann arr AB Journalism Jenny Kanno BS Business Administration Tony Kantaijian BS Civil Engineering Aurea Kao MA Linguistics Scott Kapp BS Public Administration Kristen Kappes BS Public Administration Jonathan Karabenlck BS Business Administration Janice Kariya MBA Business Administration Michael Karkut BS Business Administration Robin Kan BS Business Administration Kristlne Karter AB Journalism Mark Kasai AB Economics Steve Kasper BS Psychobiology Daniel Kassel AB English Erin Kataoka BS Business Administration Russell Kataoka BS Business Administration Cathy Kato Phann. D. Pharmacy Debbie Katsoglanes BS Education Lisa Katz AB Psychology Clayton Kauhanc BS Business Administration Lisa Kautz BS Dental Hygiene Lynne Kawagoc BS Business Administration 142 Graduates Kathiyn Jones BS Business Administration Michelle Jones AB Journalism Communications Patricia Jones MSG Gerontology Steven Jones BS Business Administration Terry Jones AB Public Relations Communications Laura Jong BS Biology Denlse Jordan AB Public Relations Communications Marjorle Josaphat AB History Linda Josi BS Business Administration Lisa Joslyn AB Performing Arts Laura Joyce AB Public Relations Susan Juhnke AB Physical Education Vance Julian BS Bioloby Shelley Julianelle MS Library Science Ariene Jung BS Business Administration Curtis Jung AB Political Science Kevin Justen MS Public Administration Thomas Kablln BS Biomedical Engineering Shoko Kaga AB Economics nnce Kagawan BS Petroleum Engineering Michael Kahn AB Economics Elizabeth Kalb AB Broadcast Journalism Political Science Masaki Kajiwara MBA Business Administration George Kalllns BS Psychobiology Nicholas KaUlns BS Business Administ ration Randall Kam DDS Dentistry Rodney Kam BS Business Administration Christine Kamatani AB Journalism Psychology Naoyuki Kamlya AB International Relations James Kanda DDS Dentistry Graduates 143 Midiael Kawaguchl BS Biology Sharon Kawal BS Dental Hygiene Quentin Kawananakoa BS Business Administration Gall Kawasaki PharmD Pharmacy Gary Kawashlma BS Aerospace Engineering Terry Kawashlrl BS Business Administration Duksoon Kay MS Electrical Engineering Kory Kazarlan BS Business Administration WtUlam Keane BS Business Administration Brian Keating Afi Communication Arts and Sciences Michael Keating BS Business Administration Eric Keillor AB Psychology Kathleen Kelhy AB Journalism Angel Kelly MSW Social Work Karen KeUy BS Dental Hygiene Michael Kelly BS Business Administration Tenence KeUy BS Aerospace Engineering John Kennedy AB Economics Int ' l Relations Stephen Kent BS Business Administration Kevin Kevorkian BS Biology Shahram Khalll BS Engineering Ghee-seng Khoo BS Business Administration Miwon Kl BS Business Administration Jenny Klefer BS Dental Hygiene Dwight Klesewetter BS Industrial and Systems Engineering Lisa Klguchl MS Library Science Anthony Kl]owski MS Electrical Engineering Unda Klka BS Business Administration Byoung-Kee Kim MS Material Science Douglas Kim BS Biomedical EIectrical Engineering 144 Graduates Sandra King BS Public Relations Alisse Kingsley AB Cinema Joann Kinoshlta BS Business Administration Carol Klnsey BS Public Affairs Suzanne Klrchner BM Performing Arts Kathlene Kirk BS Business Administration Kevin Kirk AB Communications Lee Klrkpatrick BS Business Administration Carrie Klrshman MA Cinema Julie Kirtz AB Broadcast Journalism WUllam Kissel AB lournalism Alan Kita AB Public Relations History Carol Kitchen BS Physics Usile Klein PharmD Pharmacy John Klevlns BS Business Administration Gena Kim BS Chemistry Inchul Kim DDS Dentistry Michael Kim BS Biomedical Engineering Se Joon Kim BS Business Administration Soonung Kim MBA Business Administration Yong Kim BS Physical Education Young-Ran Kim AB Psychology Michael Klmura BS Business Administration Steven Kindy BS Biology PhUlp King BS Electrical Engineering Kristlna Kllng AB English Cynthia Knoll AB Communications Leon Ko BS Computer Science Tmng-Ohlen Ko MS Petroleum Engineering Dale Kobayabhl BS Business Administration Graduates 145 Hiroshi Koborl MBA Business Administration Kurt Kock AB Business Administration Arthur Kod|o MS Petroleum Engineering WiUiam Kohl DDS Dentistry Alexis KofR MBA Business Administration Raju Koghar AB Business Economics Gregg Kolebuck AB Spanish Martha KoU BS Business Administration Hlroakl Komatsu MA Economics Kim Komlck BS Business Administration Joseph Kondash MBA Business Administration Jawon Kong BS Mechanical Engineering Karen Kong BS Civil Engineering Matthew Kong PharmD Pharmacy Caroline Koo BS Business Administration Kenneth Koozln MBA Business Administration Linawati Korompls BS Business Administration John Koss BS Business Administration Craig Kotake BS Business Administration George Koulermos AB International Relations Laurie Kouzes BS Business Administration Van Kouzoujian BS Business Administration Stefanie Krai BS General Studies Tatiana Kram BS Electrical Engineering Randy Krant BS Biology James Krantz BS Business Administration Lisa Krasnoff AB Fine Arts John Krieger BS Computer Science Kathy Kristof AB Journalism Nevenka Krivosic BS Business Administration 146 Graduates Mark Knise BS Biology Edwin Kubota BS Business Administration Tac Kum BS Electrical Biomedical Engineering Eric Ktuimura BS Business Administration David Kurrasch MBA Business Administration Hendra Kusuma BArch Architecture Kweepin Kwok MS Geology Malsle Kwok BS Industrial and Systems Engineering Michael Lachapelle BS Business Administration Daniel Ladd BS Industrial and Systems Engineering Mary Ann Lanchantln BS Public Affairs Jan Landwehr BS Business Administration David Langlols BS Business Administration William Lantlng BS Business Administration Phillip LaPlante BS Business Administration WUUam Larkln DBS Dentistry Lawrence Larson PhamiD Pharmacy Richard LaRuc BS Business Administration Lisa LaScala AB Communication Arts and Sciences Marguerite LaShell AB Journalism History Douglas Lahti BS Mechanical Engineering Dung Lam BS Computer Science Ham Lam MS Computer Science Alyssa Lampert BS Business Administration Maiy Lampert BS Mechanical Engineering Amy Lau BS Business Administration Peter Lau BS Business Administration Roger Lau BS Business Administration John Laurie AB Political Science Mendy Laval AB Int ' I Relations History Graduates 147 Priacilla Law BS Business Administration Linda Laurson AB Communications Arts and Sciences William Lazar AB Print Journalism Tuan Le MS Electrical Engineering Daniel Lea AB Economics Leslie Leach BS Business Administration Uselotte Leach BS Business Administration Michelle LeAnce AB Journalism Cesar Leanez BS Mechanical Engineering David LeBeau BS Biology Fenton LeBon AB Philosophy Namane Lecheheb BS Safety and Systems Management Alan Lee BS Business Administration Andrew Lee BS Chemical Engineering Anna Lee BS Math Dallas Lee BS Business Administration David Lee BS Computer Science David Lee BS Business Administration Deborah Lee AB English Esther Lee AB Economics Janet Lee BS Business Administration John Lee BS Business Administration Kyong Lee DOS Dentistry Nancy Lee AB German Pearl Lee BS Business Administration Raymond Lee BS Business Administration Ronald Lee BS Industrial and Systems Engineering Shi-Chleh Lee BS Business Administration Sul Lee BS Electrical Engineering Sungwoo Lee MBA Business Administration 148 Graduates Sunny Lee PharmD Pharmacy Susan Lee BS Business Administration Suzette Lee BS Psychobiology Ta Cheng BS Electrical Engineering Tay-Ruen Lee BS Electrical Engineering Timothy Lee PharmD Pharmacy Wenz Lee BS Business Administration Won Lee BS Mechanical Engineering YunJI Lee BM Music Victor Lee-Fong BS Aerospace Engineering Thomas Legan DDS Periodontics Charles Letter PharmD Pharmacy Jeanne Lenehan BS Electrical Engineering Greg Larfeld BS Aerospace Engineering Ongom Lerlop MBA Business Administration Kai-Lal Leung BS Electrical Engineering Wayne Levine AB Journalism Brent Levonlan BS Business Administration Deborah Lew BS Business Administration Mitchell Lew BS Biology Sandra Lew AB Psychology Brian Lewandowski BS Business Administration Arthur Lewis BS Public Administration Chris Lewto BS Business Administration Lorraine Lewis AB Psychology Communications Richard Lewis AB Communications Arts and Sciences Robert Lewis BS Business Administration Haimah U BS Business Administration JuUa Li PharmD Pharmacy Nlng Li MBA Business Administration Graduates 149 Richard C. U BS Electrical Engineering Ken Uang BS Business Administration Huei-Un Uaw BS Business Administration Bontta Libman BS Biology Fen Ue BS Business Administration Kiat-Um Lie BS Business Administration Gregory Ueber BS Business Administration Wayne Uem BS Biomedical Engineering Diana Lieu PhannD Pharmacy Patrick Ughtman BS Business Administration David Likas BS Business Administration KeUy Likins BS Business Administration Cynthia LiUey BS Business Administration Bruce Lilly DDS Dentistry Annette Um MBA Business Administration Chin Um BS Business Administration Emilllc Lim BS Business Administration Jim Lim DDS Dentistry Larry Um BS Electrical Engineering Maria Um BS Occupational Therapy I uk Lim BS Business Administration Patricia Um BS Dental Hygiene Robert Lim BS Business Administration Blh-Yu Un MBA Business Administration Matthew Lincoln AB Journalism Public Relations Patricia Uncobi BS Business Administration JuHc Und BS Public Affairs Davhl Ling BS Engineering Robert Llngle AB Economics Inti Relations Mark Untatt BS Business Administration 150 Graduates Ted UtwUler BS Business Administration Clifton Uu PharmD Pharmacy Diana Uu BS Business Administration Shi-Hua Liu BS Business Administration Steven Uu BS Business Administration Steven Uu DDS Dentistry Chester Lo BS Electrical Engineering Czarina Lo BS Business Administration Hav-Chau PhD Economics Jason Lo BS Electrical Engineering Allda Loalbo AB English Peter Lobin MA International Relations Patrlda Locacdato AB Political Science Greg Lockard BS Business Administration Loma Lockhart BS Public Administration Kimberly Jo Loebel AB Art History Deanna Lohse BS Business Administration Maiv Lokey BS Business Administration Mary Lolonls BS Business Administration Deborah Long BS Biomedical Engineering Kathleen Looney BS Public Affairs Adalbeito Lopez BS Business Administration Daniel Lopez BS Business Administration Sylvia Lopez AB Public Relations Phillip LoPiccolo DDS Periodontics Angelzia AB Psychology Communications Mariano Lorla BS Business Administration Karen Lott BS Business Administration Michael Loie BS Business Administration Bradford Love BS Business Administration Graduates 151 James Low BS Chemical Engineering Jefbvy Lowe AB English Jane Lowrance BS Computer Science Tracey Lowry AB Journalism Leslie Ley BS Business Administra tion Michael Lucero BS Civil Engineering Teri Luchansky BS Occupational Therapy Noel Lucky AB Public Relations Jefh ' ey LudwlkowsUi AB Political Science Economics Jay Luedde DDS Dentistry Daniel Lid BS Biology Helen Lul MS Computer Science Sandy Lul BS Computer Science John Luis BS Industrial and Systems Engineering Cheryl Lum BS Business Administration Joan Lum BS Chemical Engineering Harvey Lum DDS Dentistry Carmen Luna MPA Public Administration Agnes Lung BS Chemical Engineering Linda Lupo AB Psychology David Lufti BS Chemistry Jorge Lymberopulos BS Industrial and Systems Engineering Loretta Lynch AB Interdisciplinary Studies Julie Lyon BS Industrial and Systems Engineering Stejrfien Lyons BS Business Administration Tina Ma BS Business Administration Karen Maarsc BS Public Administration David Mable BS Business Administration MlcheUe MabUe BS Business Administration Debra MacalcUo AB Public Relations 152 Graduates Mark MacDicken BFA Performing Arts Robert MacEvlh BS Business Administration Florence Machado BS Business Administration Paul MacLetth BS Business Administration Ananias Madera BS Civil Engineering [van Madzaareuc DDS Dentistry Hldehiro Maeda AB Economics Todd Maeda DDS Dentistry Afisaneh Mafy MS Instructional Technology Adhi Mahendra MS Business Administration Aasltn Mahmood BS Business Administration Benjapom Maksaereeku BS Business Administration Sttieto Makampo BS Industrial Engineering Steve Mallachowskj BS Business Administration Azadeh Malekl-Sharokhl BS Civil Engineering Eric Maler BS Business Administration Nadeem Malik BS Business Administration Ghassan Malkoun MS Construction Engineering Elizabeth Mallen DDS Dentistry Bridgett Malloy AB Communications Political Science Steven Malmgren BS Business Administration Christopher Malouf BS Business Administration Cynthia Manfre AB Psychology Alan Manning BS Business Administration Michael Manolakis AB Religion Anthony Manos BS Business Administration Diana Mansfield BS Business Administration John Mansfleld BS Business Administration Anita Manukian MBA Business Administration James Mariano BS Chemical Engineering Graduates 153 Lovls Marina BS Business Administration Jayne MarineUl AB Psychology Andy Marinkovich AB Psychology Julie Mark ens AB Art History Richard Marker BS Business Administration Karen Marfcey AB Public Relations Cynthia Marks AB Communications Arts and Sciences Diane Marks BS Business Administration Tony Marlow BS Aerospace Engineering Todd Marmorsteln AB Broadcast Journalism Craig Maronde BS Business Administration Pauline-Rose Marquei AB English Journalism Pedro Marquez MBA Business Administration Charles Marrs BS Business Administration Dale Marsit AB Communications Arts and Sciences Ronnie Martin AB Religion Speech Communications Theresa Martin AB English Angelina Martinez BS Business Administration Anthony Martinez BS Business Administration Carmen Martinez BS Biology Domingo Martinez BS Chemical Engineering Gregory Martinez BS Business Administration Ulia Martinez BS Public Administration Rebecca Martinez AB Broadcast Management Peter Martlno AB International Relations Dawn Marumoto AB Journalism Keith Mantya BS Chemical Engineering Karl Maruyama BS Business Administration Sarah Mason BS Geological Sciences Jawad Masri BS Business Administration 154 Graduates John Massoud MS Civil Engineering Stanley Matasavage AB Cinema JoumaUsm Michael Matsuda BS Business Administration Russell Matsuda BS Business Administration Victor Matsushita DDS Dentistry Keith Matsutsuyu BS Business Administration Bonlta Matthews AB Sociology Bruce Matthews BS Industrial and Systems Engineering Patricia Matus BS Exercise Science Richard Matzinger BS Business Administration Glna Maullola BS Business Adminastration Robert Mauser BS Business Administration Frandsen Maxwell BS Biology Rudolf Mayer DDS Dentistry 4otm Mayo BS Aerospace Engineering Carol McAllister AB Art History Shanna McBain BS Business Administration AnnMarie McBride BS Dental Hygiene Andrea McCarthy BS Business Administration Ann McClain BS Business Administration Winifred McCloud BS Gerontology Sheila McConville BS Gerontology Andrew McCormldi DDS Dentistry Mary Kate McCormlck AB Journalism Political Science Patricia McCoy BS Biology Robert McCulla DDS Dentistry Ginger McFadden AB BS Psychology Biology Chariotte McGec BS Business Administration Hmothy McGowan BS Business Administration Ellen Mclnnes AB History Graduates 155 Teresa McKeever BS General Studies Paul McKelvey BS Business Administration Claudia McKlbbon BS Business Administration Michael McKinney BS Chemical Engineering Elizabeth McClaren AB Economics Int ' l Relations Michael McLaughlin DDS Dentistry Douglas McMillan BS Business Administration William McMllllan BS Biomedical Engineering Sonia McNaIr BS Business Administration Cynthia McNeil BS Biology Linda McNew BS Occupational Therapy Patrick McRoskey BS Business Administration Edward McSweeney BS Business Administration Cdin McTena BS Business Administration Patrlda McWlUlams BS Computer Science Alison Mead AB Broadcast Management Vickie Mederios BS Education AUred Medina BS Business Administration Randy Medina BS Public Administration Mary Ann Meek AB Journalism Pam Megonlgal BS Business Administration Cynthia Mehoves AB Economics Maiy Melcher BS Gerontology Virginia Mdgoia BS Business Administration Bruce Melhom BS Business Administration Susan Mellert AB Spanish SIma Memarl BS Industrial and Systems Engineering John Menchaca BS Business Administration Nadine Mendoza AB Cinema Broadcast Journalism Victoria Merkel BS Business Administration 156 Graduates Warren Mdver BA Music Elaine Mermelstetn BS Business Administration Shahriar Mesbahi BS Electrical Engineering Eric Meyer AB Economics Tracy Meyer BS Business Administration James Miketta BS Business Administration Charles Mlkusky DDS Dentistry Carrie Miller BS Business Administration Leslie Miller BS Business Administration Tanl Miller BS Business Administration Karen MUlerd BS Business Administration Diane Mills PharmD Pharmacy Vicky MlUs BS Gerontology James MiUspaugh BS Biology Kenneth Mlnami BS Biology Armen Minasdan BS Civil Engineering Nerces Mlnassian BS Civil Engineering Ernesto Mireles BS Psychobiology Craig Mlssakian AB Political Science Yezdl Mistry MS Civil Engineering Anne Mitchell BFA Fine Arts Junlchi Mlyagawa MBA Business Administration Karl Miyahata BS Business Administration Susan Miyamoto BS Dental Hygiene John Mlyao BS Business Administration Perry Mlzota BS Computer Science WendeU Mobley AB Journalism Mlmy Mock BS Industrial Engineering Maijaneh Moghiml AB Political Science Infl Relations Peter Moersch AB Economics Graduates 157 Jacqueline Molden BS Biology Terry Moloney AB Journalism Shartsse Molyneux BS Business Administration Mark Monro BS Business Administration Laura Monroe BS Public Administration Krista Montagna BS Public Affairs Maria Montano-Banueloe AB Journalism Donna Montgomery BS Gerontology Mark Montgomery DDS Dentistry Fadida Moon BS Biology Claudia Moore PharmD Pharmacy David Moore BS Business Administration Monty Morales BS Biology Mario Mordnes-Castro MA Communication Management Wayne Morehead AB Cinema Cecilia Morena MPA Public Administration Elsa Moreno BS Business Administration Mlchele Morettl BS Business Administration Callan Morgan AB Communications Int ' l Relations Leyton Morgan BS Public Administration Bruce Mori BS Chemical Engineering David Morlsakl AB Philosophy Mara Momer AB Political Science James Morouse AB English Peter MorrlU AB Political Science Brenda Morris BS Public Affairs Gloria Morris BS Business Administration Kathleen Morris BS Business Administration Stei en Morris BS Psychobiology Michael Morrison BS Chemical Engineering 158 Graduates Sherl Morrison BS Occupational Therapy Andrew Morrow BS Business Adnunistration Ellen Mortazavi PharmD Pharmacy Steve Mosby DDS Dentistry Donald Mosebar BS Business Administration Margo Motter AB Communications Leslie Moudy BS Dental Hygiene Selim Moune Qi BS Industrial and Systems Engineering Mcrfuuunmad Movahed Ezazi MS Computer Engineering Saud Muhanuned BS Electrical Engineering Dalai Muhtadl-Arfs BS Biology Joanne Muir BS Gerontology Mark Mulcahy BS Business Administration Joohn MulhoUen BS Business Administration Lori Ann MuUer AB Communications Brian Mulligan BS Business Administration Michael Mulrooney BS Business Administration Nasrun Mulyadi BS Business Administration Janice Munemltsu MBA Business Adminstration Ricardo Munoz DDS Orthodontics Salvador Munoz AB Chemistry Janice Muntz BArch Architecture Guy Maranaka AB Int ' l Relations Economics Ronald Murayama DDS Dental School Lew Murez BS Business Administration John Muman BS Public Adminsitration Edward Muqrfiy AB Psychology Karen Murj y BS Business Administration Maiy Walden Murphy AB English Patrice Murphy AB Conununication Arts and Sciences Graduates 159 Amelia Murray AB Psychology Bradley Murray BS Business Administration Lorl Murray BS Business Administration Linda Murray-Crenshaw AB East Asian Studies History Robert Murray BS Business Administration Muslim Muhammad MS Mechanical Engineering Peter Musurtlan AB Broadcast Journalism Political Science Marachal Myers AB Physical Education Roy Myose BS Aerospace Engineering NabU Nabulsi BS Business Administration Scott Nagasawa PharmD Pharmacy Toshihiko Nagata MS Education Karen Nahigian AB Speech Communications Alan Nahmlas AB International Relations Grant Nakagawa DDS Dentistry Kenneth Nakagawa BS Business Administration Susan Nakagawa BS Occupational Therapy Judy Nakahara BS Business Administration Fumid Nakahlro BS Public Administration Rod Nakamoto BS Business Administration Vickie Nakanishl BS Business Administration AB East Asian Studies George Naooumovttch BS Business Administration J.P. Napoli AB Broadcast Journalism Michele Nardonc DM Performing Arts Martha Narvaes MS Education Teri Nash BS Public Administration Akkhmad Nasser BS Civil Engineering Laura Navaha AB Psychology Angeles Navarro AB Political Science Int ' i Relations Douglas Naylor BS Business Administration 160 Graduates William Noalon BS Business Administration Dawn Neil BS Business Administration Andrew Nelson MA Economics Bruce Nelson BS Business Administration Frank Nelson AB Economics Kari Nelson BS Business Administration PhiUlp Nelson BS Business Administration Jose Nemldug BS Electrical Engineering Stan Newcomb BS Chemical Engineering Gregory Newton MM Performing Arts EUxabeth Ng BS Dental Hygiene Rowona Ng BS Biology Benita Ngan PharmD Pharmacy Hiev Nguyen PharmD Pharmacy Ngoc-Loan Nguyen BS Math Toan Nguyen BS Electrical Engineering Tuan Nguyen BS Chemical Engineering YenchI Nguyen PharmD Pharmacy Douglas Nlchd Afi Cinema Grant Nlchol BS Business Administration Jeannine Nickell AB Public Relations Darlene Nlcollttl BS Biology Elizabeth Niemeyer BS Business Administration Catherine Nlese AB Public Relations Dord Luz Nieto MS Urban Planning Robert NU BS Business Administration David Nisenbaum BS Business Administration Gwen Nlshlda BS Petroleum Engineering Marc Nlshlno BS Biology Tammy Nishimoto BS Business Administration Graduates 161 Michael Ntti BS Business Administration Adl Nizar MBA Business Administration Mlchio Nmed BS Electrical Engineering Paul Nnaoji MBA Business Administration Dolores Nobles BS Psychology Ann Nobunaga BS Business Administration Giuseppe NoceUa BS Public Administration Mark Nogak) BS Electrical Engineerting Young Noh BS Industrial and Systems Engineering Monica Nolan BS Computer Science John Noonan BS Public Administration Charles Noreen BS Business Administration Daryoush Nokouznasserl BS Business Administration Jenni Norton BS Dental Hygiene Eduardo Norzagaray DDS Dentistry Jay Notinger MBA Business Administration Karen Nottingham BS Business Administration Kenneth Musseh DDS Dentistry Richard Nutt BS Business Administration Michael O ' Brien BS Chemistry Kent Ochlal BS Biology Arturo Ochoa BS Business Administration Gary Oda DDS Dentistry Roger Oda BS Biology Erlck Odanaka MS Education Robert Oder BS Electrical Engineering Debora Odom AB Performing Arts Laurie Oefinger BS Education Sandra Ogawa BS Computer Science Nancy Oglno PharraD Pharmacy 162 Graduates Eileen O ' Gorman BS Math Emmanuel Ogunji-Nwabo BS Mechanical Engineering Kim Oh BS Business Administration Robert Ohlund BS Chemical Engineering Ryoichi Ohno BS Business Administration Tlsh Okabe AB Sociology Public Relations Lori Okada AB Journalism Brian Okamota BS Biology Michael Okamura BS Business Administration Lisa Oklmoto BS Dental Hygiene Gregory Olafeon BS Business Administration Heidi Olesen AB Broadcast Management Jazmin Oliva DDS Orthodontics John Olivas BS Business Administration Unda Olivas AB Political Science Daniel Olsen BS Business Administration Kristlan Olsen BS Business Administration Christl Olson AB Education Daryl Olson BS Business Administration John Olson BS Business Administration Gkiria Olvera BS Business Administration JoAnn Ondrejcka AB Journalism Henky Ong MBA Business Administration Brian Ongals BS Aerospace Engineering Katherine Ongsip BS Business Administration Eric Onstad AB Journalism Int ' l Relations Kurt Openshaw BS Biomedical Engineering Nancy Ormiston BS Business Administration Stella Orpia BS Business Administration Howard Osa BS Business Administration Graduates 163 Linda Osher AB Journalism Sharif Ossayran BS Civil Engineering Pamela Ota BS Biology Aboujeila Othman PhD Civil Engineering Ching Ou BS Business Administration Jeanne Ouellette AB Public Relations Daryl Ovadia DDS Dentistry Chariotte Oventile Pharmacy Claudia Owens B S Business Administration Terry Owens BS Electrical Engineering nlciiard Oxcrgham BS Business Administration Carl Padgett BS Electrical Engineering Debbie Page AB Communications Arts and Sciences Christopher Pagnanelll BS Biomedical Electrical Engineering Hermlrleh Pahkanians BS Business Administration Martin Paddlo BS Business Administration Scott Pallals AB Communication Arts and Sciences Sally Palmer BS Business Administration John Pandd BS International Marketing Anvl Panlilo AB Psychology Joaeph Paris BS Biological Sciences Aloma Park AB Joumaltsm Engiish Anthony Park DDS Dentistry Hyo Park BS Business Administration Mishael Park DDS Dentistry 164 Graduates Yooumg Park MBA Business Administration Young Park MBA Business Administration Karen Parker AB Psychology Mauricio Parra AB Psychology Penny Passarelli BS Computer Science Amh Patel BS Business Administration Vicky Patel BS Business Administration Earl Patterson BS Anthropology Robert Patton PharmD Pharmacy Gary Paul BS Engineering Elysa Pauley AB English Frank PavUcs DDS Dentistry Coletta Preacely-ElUs MPA Public Administration Randall Peaiiman BFA Drama Richard Pearsall BS Business Administration Jon Pease AB Business Administration Kimberly Pebbles AB Psychology Catherine Peck AB History Danett Pelletiem BS Engineering Cella Pena AB Psychology Clem Penrose BS Business Administration Richard Pera BS Business Administration John Pereira BS Engineering Norma Perez BS Education Cecilia Perkins AB Psychology Steven Perley BS Business Administration Dale Perrlgo AB Humanities Todd Pescan MBA Business Administration Cheryl Pesci AB Sociology Arieen Peta MS Education Graduates 165 Natalia Peta MEd Education WiUiam Petak BS Business Administraion Beth Peterson BFA Performing Arts David Peterson AB Chemistry John Peterson BS Petroleum Engineering Mary-Thereae Peterson BS Exercise Science Victoria Peterson BS General Studies James PetrlUi BS Business Administration Jeanne Petty BS General Studies Catherine Pham-Shinkle AB Int ' l Relations German Gregory Phillips BS Biology Thomas Phillips BS Business Administration A. Paul Phllo AB Psychology SheUa PMlp BS Exercise Science Amir PIchval AB Psychology Valerie PIckard AB International Relations Daniel Plerson BS Business Administration Charies Pigg BS Aerospace Engineering WiUlam Pih PharmD Pharmacy Janet Piper BS Education Carole PHre DDS Dentistry Velvet Pitt BS Occupational Therapy Steven Pladdo AB Biology Martha Piatt PhD Linguistics Cynthia Pludow BS Industrial and Systems Engineering Philip Plata BS Electrical Engineering Peggy Poon PharmD Pharmacy Adrianna Pope BFA Performing Arts Ccdle Poppen AB Physical Education Tanya Porche BS Biology AB Classics 166 Graduates Uu Porter MS Education Marisa Pothlkaeo MS Education Roderick Powe BS Biology John Powell AB Journalism Wayne Powers AB Cinema Television Keith Presher BS Business Administration Steven Preston BS Electrical Engineering David Price BS Business Administration Robert Prince DDS Orthodontics Gregory Privitell! AB Cinema Pomtlna Pnithikoclt BArch Architecture Darleen Pryds AB History Damtan Pudjiadi BS Business Administration Kosmian PucQiadi BS Industrial and Systems Engineering Jeffrey Pugh AB International Relations George Punnoose MS Electrical Engineering Sattiawati Punta BS Business Administration Janet Pusheck BS Education Ben Putman BS Business Administration Maqbooz Qazi MS Civil Engineering Jennifer Qualn BS Business Administration Denise Quan AB Broadcast Norman Quan DDS Dentistry Umi Quan BS Biology Lori Quinn BS Dental Hygiene Peter Quinn DDS Dentistry Maria Qulnonez BS Civil Engineering Denise Quon BS Business Administration Richard Quon BS Aerospace Engineering Gutty Rabbanl DDS Dentistry Graduates 167 Theresa Rabc AB Communications French Steve Radusousky BS Business Administration Tibor Racz DDS Dentistry Nlchodas Ragenovlch BS Business Administration Janice Ragsdalc BS Business Administration Patricia Ragsdale BS Education Budi RaharcQo BS Business Administration Navln Rajatanavln MBA Business Administration Julio Rameriez AB Political Science Int ' l Relations Usa-Renee Ramirez AB Inte rnational Relations Juyanto RamU BS Electrical Engineering Rudy Ramll MBA Business Administration Armentres Ramsay AB English Albert Rasmussen BS Business Administration KeUl Ratigan BS Business Administration Kerry Ratz AB Physical Education Paul Ratzky AB Political Science Int ' l Relations Linda Rausch AB Art History Unda Rawluk BS Exercise Science Penelope Rawson BS Special Education Michelle Raymond BS Business Administration Daniel Reagan BS Industrial and Systems Engineering Joanle Reberry BS Business Administration Pamela Redman AB Journalism James Reed BFA Performing Arts Dcslree Recdus AB Psychology Jeffrey Reese BArch Architecture William Rees DDS Dentistry Janet Refoa DDS Dentistry Kathleen Reger BS Public Administration 168 Graduates Andrew Regulndtn BS Mechanical Engineering Claudia Reich BS Business Administration Jefrey Reid AB International Relations Beth Relsinger BS Dental Hygiene James Rellas AB English Eric Renezeder BS Business Administration Susan Retherford BS Business Administration Martha Rey AB Psychology Jorge Reyes BS Business Administration Refugio Reynoso BS Business Administration Marisa Rezzoruco AB Political Science Int ' l Relations Mark Rhein BS Business Administration Leslie Rhoades AB Performing Arts Sheri Rhoads BS Business Administration Temy Rhodes PharniD Pharmacy Thomas Rhodes PharmD Pharmacy Shirley Rhody BS Business Administration Jeffrey Richards BS Business Administration Ermina Ricciardelli BS Dental Hygiene John Richards BS Saftey and Systems Management Richard Richards DDS Dentistry Dale Richardson BS Business Administration Kathleen Richardson AB Communications Jon Richter BS Economics Michael Rider BS Chemistry Kevin Rieger AB International Relations Joyce Riley BS Business Administration Kellle Ringer BS Business Administration MA Marine Affaires Ehzabeth Ripley BS Business Administration Graduates 169 Nicholas Ripoly AB Political Science Anna Maria Rlvat BS Gerontology AB Spanish Monica Rival AB Communication Arts and Sciences Elizabeth Rivera AB Journalism Jill Robertton BS Chemistry John Robertson BS Computer Science Katherine Roblnscm AB International Relations Patricia Robinson AB Sports Information Gemma Robles BS Dental Hygiene Gary Rochlin BS Business Administration Randall Rockwd BS Dental Hygiene Diane Rodgers BS Business Administration Francesca Rodrigues BS Business Administration James Rodriguez II BS Business Administration Joseph Rodriguez BS Business Administration Mirtha Rodriguez AB Spanish Int ' l Relations Richard Rodriguez BS Business Administration Virginia Rodriguez AB Psychology Yolanda Rodriguez AB Sociology Idania Rodriguez de Burger BS Business Administration JiU Rogers BS Business Administration Maria Rojas BS Electrical Engineering Elizabeth Rollice BS Business Administration Gree Rollins BS Electrical Engineering Robert Romanin DDS Dentistry George Romaiw AB Broadcast Journalism Linda Romano BS Occupational Therapy Mary Romano BS Business Administration Amanda RondiUa BS Industrial and Systems Engineering Charies Ronen DDS Dentistry 170 Graduates M.R. Rooda PhD Electrical Engineering Zina Rose AB Physical Education Guy Rosefeh BS Electrical Biomedical Engineering Debbie Rosefsky AB Broadcast Journalism Neil Rosenthal DDS Dentistry Alison Ross AB International Relations Thomas Ross AB Economics MhcheU Rossi BS Biology Ivorene Rouve MP A Public Administration Michael Rowe DDS Dentistry Dorine Rubalcaba AB Spanish lnt ' l Relations Michael Ruby BS Business Administration Robbin Rudofsky BS Computer Science Paul Rudy BS Urban and Regional Planning Francois Ruprecht MBA Business Administration John RusseU III BS Electrical Engineering Karl Russell BS Mechanical Engineering Valerie Russell AB Communication Arts and Sciences Lee Ruth BS Business Administration Diane Ryan BS Business Administration Margaret Ryan AB English Suzanne Ryan AB Public Relations THomas Ryan DDS Dentistry EUe Saad BS Civil Engineering Andree Saadeh BS Business Administration Geroge Saadeh BS Aerospace Engineering Denise Saavedra AB Art History Sam Saber BS Business Administration Aebert Sadakian DDS Dentistry Bhakti Sadell MBA Business Administration Graduates 171 Fatemeh Sadrleh DDS Dentistry Doreen Sachartoff MFA Fine Arts Jamal Sahi BS Mechanical Engineering Debbie Saglniaw BS Business Administration Mohammad Saldl AB Economics Mohtashlm Saif MS Chemical Engineering Jeff Satto AB Psychology Yoshltaka Sakaklbara PhD Inteernational Education George Saleh BS Civil Engineering RocheUe SaJlba AB English Karen Salk BS Business Administration Kenneth Salmada BS Business Administration Leslie Salvage BS Business Administration David Sakamoto BS Business Administration Maher Salah BS Chemical Engineering Fay Sampoermis BS Business Administration Mark Sampsel DDS Dentistry John Sampson BS Business Administration Mary Sana AB Sociology David Sanches AB Economics Political Science Debra Sanchez AB Journalism Dolores Sanche AB Physical Education Marina Sanchez MS Education Yvette Sanchez BS Public Administration Deldre Sanders AB History Int ' l Relations Nancy Sanner AB Sociology Stephen Santacroce BS Business Administration Vivian Santana AB Political Science Mardle Santiago BS Business Administration Gerald Santucci DDS Dentistry iy( j| 172 Graduates Andy Saijtto BS Civil Engineering Benjamin Sargent III BS Petroleum Engineering James Siutii BS Business Administration Brent Sasaki BS Chemical Engineering Lawrence Sass AB Political Science Stuart Sato DDS Dentistry Bradley Sattler BS Business Administration Eric Saunders BS Biology Darryl Savage AB Broadcast Journalism Pamela Savage AB Joumaiism Sonla Savoullan AB Political Science Mlchele Sawa MA Broadcasting Shlalmon Sawa DDS Dentistry Hani Sawalhl BS Electrical Engineering TlmoChy Saxon AB Performing Arts Cindy Saye BM Performing Arts Patrick Scanlon BS Physics Brenda Scarbrough AB Public Relations Chris Schaefer AB Public Relations Susan Schaefer AB History Janet SchaShcr AB Communication Arts and Sciences Kurt Scheldt BS Business Administration Scott Scher BS Business Administration Marilyn Scherb AB International Relations Greta Schafer BS Business Administration Jeft-ey Schechter DDS Dentistry Mark Schell BS Business Administration Jan Schlund AB Communication Arts and Sciences WiUlam Schluter DDS Dentistry Unda Schuhz BS Dental Hygiene Graduates 173 Robert Schmidt BS Business Administration Sam Schofield MBA Business Administration Kany Schoneman AB Psychology Christopher Schom DDS Dentistry Laurence Schuler AB Physical Education James SchulU BS Education Matian Schulti BS Education Brian Schuyler AB Psychology Karen Schwartz AB Communication Arts and Sciences Julie Schwelter AB Psychology Howard Schwtmmer BS Business Administration Andrea Scott AB Journalism Diane Scott MBA Business Administration Frank Scott BS Business Administration James Scourkes BS Business Administration Diann Sears AB Sociology Robert Seastrom AB Communication Arts and Sciences Mazen Sebai BS Chemical Engineering Marjaneh Sedehi BS Business Administration Merle Segurltan PharmD Pharmacy Janice SeUers AB French Kenneth Senter BS Business Administration Uoyd Senzakl PharmD Pharmacy Etta Sepehrar BS Computer Science Michael Serpa BS Business Administration Karen Serrano BS Business Administration Catherine Servln BS Business Administration Greg Servin BS Business Administration Paola Sessarego AB Education Yolanda Setiono BS Business Administration 174 Graduates f Robert Setrakian AB Economics Daniel Settelmayer AB Public Relations English Elizabeth Settle DDS Dentistry Haleema Shalkley DDS Dentistry Jaleh Shajarl PhD Education James Shanahan BFA Performing Arts Ned Shanahan AB History Infl Relations Katherine Shannon BM Performing Arts Patrick Sharp PharmD Pharmacy Robert Shatiklan BS Aerospace Engineering Steven Shaver PharmD Pharmacy Mark Shaw BS Public Administration Suzanne Shaw AB Communication Arts and Sciences John Shay AB Journalsim Henry Shea BS Public Administration David Shearer BS Business Administration Hul-Tse Sheen BS Business Administration Arezoo ShelbanI AB Psychology David Shehon BS Biology David Shepherd AB Political Science Cynthia Sheppard BS Business Administration Abe Sher BS Business Administration Christopher Shepard AB Political Science Lisa Shlbuya BS Business Administration Nancy Shlnpo BS Dental Hygiene Gledon Shimizu BS Biology Alice Shin BS Chemical Engineering Carhon Shirari DDS Orthodontics Chris Shitabata BS Biology Jay Shindell AB Cinema Graduates 175 Victoria Shook MD Medicine Maureen Short BS Public Administration Bradford Shreve AB Psychology Roger Shuler BS Aerospace Engineering Daniel Shum BS Electrical Engineering Katherine Shuro EdD Education Bruce Shuman BS Business Administration Lisa Slagrto AB Performing Arts Wttjaksono Sldhaita BS Business Administration Richard Sldor BS Civil Engineering Cathleen Silllman BS Exercise Science Joseph SUva AB Political Science Russ SUvestri BS Business Administration Glenn Stmjian BS Petroleum Engineering Jeffrey Simmons BS Business Administration Teresa Simmons BS Business Administration Mark Simon BS Business Administration Stephen Simon AB Cinema Jerry Sims BS Business Administration Usa Sinkkonas AB Communication Arts and Sciences Kriangkrai Slrpralwan MBA Business Administration Mellta Slson BS Business Administration Robin Sltaba BS Industrial and Systems Engineering Alan Slu PharmD Pharmacy Mttchell Skelly BS Business Administration Blaln Skinner AB Sports Information Denlse Skovseth MS Social Work Mark SlaavUn AB Political Science Barry Sloan AB Sports Information Daniel Slutskc BS Biomedical Engineering Psychobiology 176 Graduates Craig Smith MBA Business Administration Christa Smith BS Conununication Arts and Sciences E eborah Smith BS Dental Hygiene Diane Smith AB Public Relations Emlle Smith BS Dental Hygiene Gayiyn Smith PharmD Pharmacy Eric Smith BS Public Affaire Gregory Smith Afi Cinema Janna Smith AB Political Science English John Smith BS Business Administration Kathryn Smith AB Sociology Journalism Mark Smith BS Business Administration Michael Smith AB International Relations Randall Smith BS Business Administration Randall Smith BS Business Administration Robert Smith BS Business Administration Ronald Smith AB Political Science Int ' l Relations Terri Smith BS Business Administration Thomas Smith PharmD Pharmacy James Smolarski BS Business Administration Jeffrey Sneed AB Political Science Donnah Snaer AB Adaptive Physical Education Laura Snyder BS Business Administration Carl Scares BS Computer Science Aesthetlca Soeberti BS Civil Engineering Daniel Sofeso BS Busines Administration Valenthu Sofia BS Business Administration Ah Soh MPA Public Administration Debra-Lynne Soils MBA Business Administration Dlssanayake Somawathle BS Education Graduates 177 Robert Soofer MA International Relations Leigh Sorakubo BS Business Administration Pamela Sorensen AB Journalism Nancy Southworth AB Political Science Jacqueline Spak BS Chemical Engineering Frank Spasaro BS Civil Engineering tori Spates BS Business Administration Paul Spellman MBA Business Administration Judith Spencer AB Psychology Heidi Sperry AB Psychology Nathan Spina BS Business Administration Emily Spirtos AB Public Relations Glaus Spttzer DDS Dentistry Stefanie Spray AB Political Science Loree Stadelman BS Business Administration John Stallings AB Performing Arts Stace Stalling MS Education Elvira Stamegna BS Business Administration Nlkes Stames AB Political Science Steven Stanutad AB Cinema Karen Stanwood BS Business Administration f28Kevin Stapleton BS Business Administration Frandne Starks BS Electrical Engineering Randall Starr BS Mechanical Engineering Stuart Starry AB Political Science Int ' l Relations Gregory St. Clair BS Business Administration Todd Stein BS Industrial and Systems Engineering Jefb-ey Steinberg AB Journalism Greg Stelnlnger AB International Relations David Stephens BS Biology 178 Graduates WlUlam Stetson Afi Classical Civilizations Karen Steuber BS Business Administration Brent Stevens fiS Business Administration Deborah Stevens AB Anthropology Lisa Stevens BS Business Administration Angelica Stevenson BS Business Adminstration Allyson Stewart BS Business Administration Anne Stewart BS Communications Edl Stiles BS Business Administration Joseph Stockemer BS Public Administration Alan Strecter BFA Fine Arts Julia Stock-Ducar BS Dental Hygiene Dirk Stoehr BS Business Administration Kelly Stokes AB Physical Education Michael Stokes BS Business Administration David Stolberg AB English Eric Stohz AB Public Relations JuUe Stohz AB Communications Gail Storey AB Education Solang Stramler PharmD Pharmacy Richard StrazuUa BS Business Administration Russell Stong HI BS Business Administration Kimberly Strecker AB Public Relations Robert Stewart AB Political Science Jerry Strickland BS Business Administration Bryn Stroyke BS Business Administration Jana Strycker BS Business Administration WlUiam Stryker BS Biology Catherine Stukel BS Civil Engineering Whl-Chi Song PhD Political Science Graduates 179 Robin Stunns DDS Dentistry Vun-Jung Su MS Petroleum Engineering Rotemarle Suazo AB Political Science Bonnie Suddeith BS Public Administration Debbie Sue MS Physical Therapy Audrey Suga BS Public Affairs Hong Suh DDS Dentistry Joanne Suh BS Chemistzy Peter Suk BS Biomedical Electrlcal Engineering Hartono Sulalman BS Business Administration Kato Sukato BS Mechanical Engineering Daniel Sullivan BS Business Administration Carle Sumlye BS Business Administration Chla Sun BS Mechanical Engineering Tzu-Nan Sun MS Material Science Marc Sunada BS Business Administration Nelson Sundbye DDS Dentistry Lilly Sung BS Business Administration Ulyana Suny BS Industrial and Systems Engineering Supattra Supatanasinkasem DDS DenUstry Marcella Ma PharmD Pharmacy Barbara Suhan BS Business Administration Julie Siurell BS Business Administration Robert Susbllla BS bidustrial and Systems Engineering Harto Sutanto BS Business Administration Kelly Sutherlln BArch Architecture Michael Strter BS Biology Stephen Sutherland Afi Music Jamie Sutton BS Business Administration Mark Sutton BS Electrical Engineering 180 Graduates KcUy Swalm Afi Communications Arts and Sciences WlUiam Swaim AB Religion Journalism John Swancoat BS Business Administration Alexander Swayne BS Business Administration Larry Swayzer BS Business Administration Chlara SwHzer AB Broadcast Management Clarage Szeto BS Biomedical Electrical Engineering Taml Taecker BS Business Adminastration LesUe Tafe AB Communications Arts and Sciences Stiham Tahir BS Mechanical Engineering Alexander Tafare MS Education Jullanne Takahashf BS Business Administration L e Takahashl PharmD Pharmacy Carole Takamatsu BS Business Administration Craig Takamiya BS Business Administration Earl Takata MBA Business Administration Elaine Takata PharmD Pharmacy Susan Takata AB Psychology Shirley Taldgawa PharmD Pharmacy Joan Talone PharmD Pharmacy Mark Talt BS Business Administration Lottie Tarn BS Business Administration Soiila Tain BS Business Administration Irene Tamai PharmD Pharmacy Janice Tambara BS Business Administration Jenny Tan MBA Business Administration Joseph Tan BS Business Administration Kee Tan BS Mechanical Engineering Ree Tan BS Mechanical Engineering Ue Tan BS Business Administration Graduates 181 Paul Tanaka DDS Dentistry Jeffrey Tandberg AB History Benjamin Tang BS Business Administration Samuel Tang BS Business Administration Thomas Tang AB Communications Arts and Sciences Deborah Tajdor MPA Public Administration Tlmur Tedmer BS Business Administration Nancy Tefft BS Math David Teo BS Business Administration Ceretha TerreU BS Business Administration Thomas Tertocha AB Economics Rijlv Thakur BS Industrial and Systems Engineering Swamiy The BS Business Administration Dewanna Thierry BS Business Administration Dou aa Thleseen BS Civil Engineering Barbara Thhna BS Business Administration Serene Thio AB Communications Arts and Sciences Daniel Thomat MA Accounting Debra Thomas BS Electrical Engineering Julie Thomat AB Public Relations Communications Kelly Thomas BS Public Administration Diane Thmnpson BS Public Administration Kathleen Thompson BS Business Administration Peter Thompson BS Business Administration WlUiam Thompson BS Petroleum Engineering John Thomson AB Psychology Laksna Thongthal PhD Industrial and Systems Engineering Kris Thordarson BS Civil Engineering Martha Thorrens AB Public Relations Michael Thornton BS Public Administration Public Affairs 182 Graduates Duang Tangkanangnukul BS Business Administration Joyce Tiuiida BS Business Administration Court Tanouye MBA Business Administration Carlos Tapla BArch Architecture Martha Tardencilla BS Urban Planning Dana Taschner BS Business Administration Suhendra Tatang BS Electrical Engineering M2ur$ha Tauber AB Political Science Ara Tavttian AB Economics Unda Taylan PharmD Pharmacy Arthur Taylor MBA Business Administration Charles Taylor DDS Orthodontics James ThreUaU BS Biology Ann Threshie BS Business Administration Shen Tien BS Electrical Engineering Gayle Tiller AB Psychology Sharon llhon BS Business Administration Stephen Timmons AB Communications Arts and Sciences Edmund Ting BArch Architecture John Tlnsley BS Public Administration Mariana Tjahja BS Business Administration Benny l andra MS Industrial and Systems Engineering Me-Juen Tlin MBA Business Administration Maryanto TilptopiharcQo BS Industrial and Systems Engineering Handlanto Tjokrosaputro BS Business Administration Yu-Mlng To BS Computer Science Christopher Todd AB Political Science Christopher Tom DDS Dentistry Peter Tom PharmD Pharmacy Norina Tom BS Business Administration Graduates 183 Ronald Tom BS Biology Christine Tomask AB Communications Craig Tomlta BS Business Administration Lisa Tomlinson BFA Performing Arts WUIlam Tomlinson BS Business Administration Robin Tompkins AB Performing Arts Richard Toneck BS Business Administration Peter Tong BS Qvil Engineering Nkholas Tonslch BS Business Administration Hanhdan Tonnu PharmD Pharmacy John Tookcy DDS Dentistry Kenneth Toombs BS Business Administration Lawrence Toomln DDS Dentistry Slmln Torabzadeh BS Mechanical Engineering Denlse Torres AB Religion GIgi Tover BS Business Administration Robin Townsend BFA Performing Arts Jennifer Toy AB Public Relations Communications Lynda Toyosakl BS Business Administration Truong Tran BS Computer Science Alfred Trausch BS Aerospace Engineering Christine Trcpte BS Business Administration Amanda Tretheway AB Broadcast Journalism Jay Tribby AB Sociology Philosophy Yarla Tuein MS Education Anlsh Trlvedl AB Economics Int ' l Relations R. Joe Trojan BS Biology Charles Troutman BS Business Administration Susan Truax BS Math Economics Dale Trudeau DDS Dentistry 184 Graduates Jan Tniong-Bul DDS Dentistry Wendy Tsang BS Business Administration Mari« Tsapartan BS Dental Hygiene Suk Woon Ts€ BS Business Administration Stisan Tseng BS Industrial and Systems Engineering Jeffirey Tso BS Civil Engineering Paris Tsobanoglou BS Exercise Science Deanna Tsunida DDS Dentistr Gloria Tulker BS Biology Janet Tucker BS Business Administration Scott Tucker BS Business Administration Scot Tucker AB English David Tung BS Electrical Engineering Cheryl Turner AB International Relations Mark Turrill AB Interdiscipinary Studies Evarist Uba BS Business Administration Stephanie Uccelll AB Psychology Philosophy David Uchida BS Biomedical Engineering David Uebersax BS Business Administration CherlU UUbarri BS Petroleum Engineering Antta Underwood BS Business Administration Evelyn Uno BS Electrical Engineering Bernardo Ungria MBA Business Administration Linda Unguez AB Psychology Satinder Uppal BS Business Administration Robert Upton DDS Dentistry Lori Uranlch AB Public Relations Frances Urias BS General Studies Valerie Ushljima AB Communication Arts and Sciences Maria Uy AB Psychology Graduates 185 Thocnaa (Jyehan BS Business Administration Samlra Uyemura BS Business Administration W. Steven Uytengsu BS Business Administration Inge VaktskloM BS Business Administration 1 upp Valdei AB Psychlogy Gabrielle Volenti DDS Dentistry Mark Valentine BS Business Administration Edward Vales BS Business Administration Colleen Valerlano AB Psychology Maria Valles BS Biology Jeanne Valaami MA Economics MS Urban Planning Joel Van Boom BS Business Administration Deslree Vanderupwich MSG Gerontology MP A Public Administration Jeffrey Van Horn BS Mechanical Engineering Christina VaUes BS General Studies lUiodah Van Der Schyff BS Public Affairs John Van Driel BS Business Administration WlUiam Van Matre BS Business Administration Celeste Varela AB Int ' l Relations Spanish WUIiam Varela BS Mechanical Engineering Camella Vargas BS Business Administration Louis-Fernando Vargas AB Int ' l Relations Political Science Philosophy Rosalinda Vargas BS Petroleum Engineering Alexander Vari BS Business Administration Lupe Vasquez BS Computer Science KIchard Vasques AB Sports Information Richard Vasquei BS Business Administration Ana Velga BS Public Administration MUagro VelaMX) BS Business Administration Mildred Vera BS Business Administration 186 Graduates Paul Vercammen AB Journalism Tina Verdine AB Communications Arts and Sciences Bryan Verhoye BM Music Craig Versteeg AB Journalism English James Vest AB Broadcast Journalism Suscm Vesseb BS Business Administration Andrew VUes BS Business Administration Ezequlel VlUa BS Safety and Systems Management Maria Villa AB Foreign Languages Valentine Villa AB Communications Arts and Sciences Letlda VUlegas AB International Relations George VUlalobos BS Electrical Engineering Armando Villalpando AB Broadcast Journalism Political Science Nellie ViUanueva BS Business Administration Lea Viole BS Business Administration Daniel Vidette BS Chemical Engineering David Vlrga BS Computer Science BJom von Mazem BS Business Administration John Voros BS Biology Daphne Van BS Business Administration Pamela WaddeU AB Joumalism BFA Fine Arts Daniel Wade BFA Performing Arts Richard Wagner DDS Dentistry Lori Wahrenberger AB Broadcast Journalism Robert Waid BS Business Administration Craig Walte BS Business Administration Bradley Wakeman BS Computer Science Benson Wakuzawa PharmD Pharmacy Lori Waldon AB Political Science Journalism Carmen Wall BS Business Administration Graduates 187 James Walker BS Business Administration John Walket BS Business Administration Nelson Walker BS Biology Ivan Walks BS Biology Agnes Walla BS Business Administration Lawrence Walley BS Business Administration Alice Walb AB Sociology Robert Walah BS Exercise Science Dennis Wakere AB Journalism Lois Wakert DPA Public Administration Victor Wakon AB Psychology Angle Wang PharmD Pharmacy France Wang BS Business Administration Vickie Wang PharmD Pharmacy Wen-Cheng PhD Physics Artemas Ward BS Business Adminastration Card Ward MBA Business Administration Carole Warde MD Medicine Christopher Ward BS Civil Engineering Fred Ward DDS Dentistry Dan Watanabe BM Music Education Jane Watanabe MED Education Keiko Watanabe DDS Dentistry Mark Watson DDS Dentistry Aleda WatU BS Business Administration Janet Weaver DDS Dentistry Danyl Webb BS Business Administration Richard Webb BS Public Administration WlUlam Webb AB International Relations Gall Weekee AB History 188 Graduates James F. Weems BS Exercise Science Jul-Chen Wd MEd Education WiUlam Weiner DDS Dentistry Art Weinreb BS Biology Chemistry Andrew Weir AB Broadcast Journalism Robert Weiser BS Business Administration Dorothy Wein AB Performing Arts Donna WeM BS Business Administration Sally WeUer AB Communications Political Science Glenn Wells AB History Int ' l Relations Stephanie Wells AB Broadcast Journalism Political Science Tamika Wells BS Business Administration Tonl Wells AB Psychology Laura Wensley AB Communications Arts and Sciences Victoria Werby BS Business Administration EUa Wesdey BS Biology William Weston BS Biology David Wharton AB Print Journalism French Danyl Wheeler BS Business Administration Matthew Whelan BS Business Administration V. Thayne Whipple BS Business Administration Pamela White AB Journalism Political Science Scott Whlttaker BS Chemical Engineering Maty Whitaker AB Art History Glenn White AB Spanish Int ' l Relations Sherrl-Lynn Whiting BS Business Administration Guy Whltla BS Aerospace Engineering Ann Whitney AB Communications Arts and Sciences Anthony Wibisono BS Industrial and Systems Engineering Mustafa Widj la BS Computer Science Graduates 189 Jeffrey Wlcfanaik BS Business Administration Friska Widyotmaka BS Business Administration Peter WI)ono BS Electrical Engineering Kevin WUcox AB Economics Marianne Wllhelm BS Business Administration Brooke WUklns AB History Ronald Wllklne BS Education ! Will BS Business Administration Brigette WlUard AB Journalism Bradley WUIer BS Computet Science Electrical Engineering Alex Williams BS Public Affairs ArM WlUlame PharmD Pharmacy Charle Wllaon BS Biology Dacrey WlUlams BS Business Administration Howard WllUanu MD Medicine Uri Anne Wllliann AB Cinema Luke WOllame AB Political Science ShIreU Wllliame BS Business Administration Yolanda WllUam BS Business Administration Tren WlUlamaon MPA Public Administration Darlene Willmot AB Public Relations Conmunications Ann Wllaon AB loumalism Brian Wllaon BS Mechanical Engineering Gregory Wilson BS Aerospace Engineering Jean Wllwin BS Business Administration MeUnda Wllaon AB Communications Arts and Sciences Maria WIndhlarto BS Industrial and Systems Engineering Elisabeth Winn BS Business Administration Mary Wlaslcr BS Dental Hygiene Diane WIttry BM Music 190 Graduates Cathy Wohl AB Psychology Cheryl Wolder AB Performing Arts Deborah Wolf AB Communications Arts and Sciences Douglas Wolfe BS Mechanical Engineering John Wolfe BS Business Administration EUen Wolff AB Sociology Arthur Wong BS Chemical Engineering Bertha Wong BS Business Administration Cari Wong BS Computer Science Christine Wong PharmD Pharmacy Daniel Wong BS Electrical Engineering Daryl Wong DDS Dentistry Donna Wong BS Business Administration Edmund Wong MBA Business Administration Ernest Wong MS Computer Engineering Evelyn Wong MS Computer Science Horence Wong BS Biology Helen Wong BS Business Administration Johnny Wong BS Aerospace Engineering Kar Wong BS Business Administration Karen Wong BS Business Administration Kenneth Wong BS Biology Jeffrey Wong BS Biology Mevton Wong BS Business Administration Penny Wong MS Computer Scioence Rona Wong BS Education Shing-Yip Wong BArch Architecture Tammy Wong BS Business Administration Winnie Wong BS Business Administration Yik-Sum Wong BS Civil Engineering Graduates 191 Sutnep Wongpaltoonpiya MPA Public Administration Slu Una Woo BS Business Administration WUford Woo BS Business administration David Wood BArch Architecture Peter Wood BS Business Administration Sherl Wood BS Business Administration Mark Woodalll BS Aerospace Engineering Jeffrey Woodburv BS Petroleum Engineering ChriidiM Woodley AB Journalism Public Relations Jane Woods AB English Wanda Woods AB Recreation WUUam Wooda BS Aerospace Engineering Mark Woodward BS Public Administration Rofia Wooley BS Public Administration Carolyn Wright BS Math Edward Wright MSED Periodontics WyndeU Wright AB Economics Benaon Wu BS Business Administration CccUia Wu BS Civil Engineering Alrma Wybenga AB Journalism Forreat Wylder BS Business Administration Jeffrey Wysard BS Business Administration Michael Yada AB Journalism Rick Yamada DDS Dentistry Ronald Vanuda BS Business Administration Howard Yamaguch AB Political Science Teddl Yamaguchi PharmD Pharmacy Janet Yamamoto BS Business Administration Keiko Yamamoto BS Petroleum Engineering Randall Yamamoto BS Business Administration 192 Graduate s Jerry Yamane DDS Dentistry Unda Yamashlro BS Public Administration Naomi Yamashlta BS Biological Sciences Yasuhlro Yamashlta AB Economics Roxanne Yamauchi BS Business Administration William Yan BS Business Administration Barron Yanaga BS Business Administration Daniel Yang MBA Business Administration Yeon-Sheng Yang BS Engineering Mary Yankle BS Dental Hygiene Richard Yarbou BS Public Affairs Carrie Yasuda AB Communication Arts and Sciences Kevin Yearn BS Public Administration Edmond Yee PharmD Pharmacy Kitty Yee BS Business Administration Choy-Bay Yeh BS Business Administration John Yekiklan DDS Dentistry Paul Yep BS Business Administration Sue Yep BS Business Administration Richard Yenyk PharmD Pharmacy Donna Yip PharmD Pharmacy Po Chu Ylu BS Business Administration Eric Yokota BS Biology Susan Yonezakl MS Social Work Gerontology Joe Yoon BS Business Administration Deborah Young AB Psychology Donna Young MS Enviromental Engineering George Young AB Economics Chak Yu BS Business Administration Dlanne Yu BS Business Administration Graduates 193 Myrna Yu BS Business Administration Ronald Yueh DDS Dentistry Jackson Yuen BS Civil Engineering Alleen Yumor BS Dental Hygiene Francis Zago BS Industrial and Systems Engineering Javed Zaldl MS Civil Engineering LetMa Zambrano BS Dental Hygiene Mark Zappla BS Business Administration JacqueUne Zarate MPA Public Administration Abdurrazzag Zekri PhD Petroleum Engineering Larry Zelman PharmD Pharmacy Sceta Zleger BS Business Administration Amy Zimmerman AB Journalism History ApoatokM Zographos MBA Business Administration Keny Zwart-BeU AB Physical Education When word rapidly spread that " SAS is burning down! " more than one USC senior gave an involuntary shudder of horror. Many foresaw a doomed exist- ence with their university achievement records unacceptably scorched and the story unbelievable to future employers. At the least, they expected a months- long wait before the mess could be straightened out and the business of processing student records from admis- sion to graduation returned to. These fears were only partially real- ized. Temporarily moving several offices of SAS to other places caused inconveni- ence but was scarcely noticed in a year in which almost all facets of USC sup- port staff seemed to be packing or un- packing. Restoration actually promised an improved, brighter-looking facility. The first floor, untouched by flames, continued to function normally. With student records on computers, in fact, the fire caused little interruption. It was business-as-usual. . . which might be, according to most bureaucracy-hardened student cynics, the biggest tragedy of all. Above: THE PARTY ' S OVER? - A charred SAS hallway will soon again hold long lines of students with financial aid prob- lems. 194 Graduates " iC 3 Report -Finished seven winning seasons with an over- all record of 67-14-2 -Won three conference champion- ships (1976,1978,1979) -Won three Rose Bowl titles (1976,1978,1979) -Compiled an overall bowl record of 4-1 -Coached two Heisman Trophy win- ners (Marcus Allen, 1981 and Charles White, 1979) -Coached his team to an undefeated season in 1979 with an ll-O-l record -Compiled a 28-game unbeaten streak from mid-1978 to late 1980, breaking the previous record of 27 games which stood for 47 years -Coached the Trojans to the national cham- pionship (UPl poll) in 1978 with a 12-1 record A New Ball Game For Robinson Four days before the annual game against Notre Dame, head football coach John Ro- binson resigned. After heading USC ' s foot- ball program for seven successful sea- sons, he elected to start a new career and take on the title of senior vice-president of university rela- tions. " I have looked forward to other adventures in my life, and this opportunity is just loo good to pass up, " Robinson, 47, explained. " It comes at the right time for me. IVe always thought of other potential careers, and I ' m ready for a change. " Apparently Robinson was ready for two changes as his administrative career lasted only two-and-a- half months. On February 14, Georgia Frontiere, owner of the hapless Los Angeles Rams, an- nounced that Robinson had signed a five-year con- lege head coaches. Robinson ' s record was far bet- ter than most, with a won-lost percentage ranked third among active coaches in the nation. Many had doubted that after twenty-five years of coaching, Robinson would be able to adjust to the life of a senior administrator. The day after the November press conference, stories on radio, tel- evision and in the papers hinted that perhaps he would end up as a coach in the pros by next year. This was prophetic to an alarming degree. In his new position, Robinson was to take charge of fund raising, alumni relations, public relations, and KUSC, the university-affiliated National Public Radio station. Instead, he will find himself back on the field in Anaheim Stadium, trying to drive the ' Lambs, ' as disgruntled fans have called them in recent years, back to winning seasons. Apparently Robinson was ready for two changes. tract as head coach of that organization. Discussing the sudden turnaround, Robinson said of coaching, " I missed it. Maybe I made a mistake on how I read myself . . . You make a deci- sion . . . Deep down in your stomach you know. " Apparently football had never ceased to appeal to Robinson. In the Los Angeles Times, Robinson was quoted as saying, " 1 knew from the first Raider playoff game. I walked out on the sidelines and I said to myself, ' Damn. ' " This announcement was disappointing to top uni- versity administrators who had worked with Robin- son for ten short weeks. President Zumberge offi- cially announced, " I have accepted with deepest regret the sudden and unexpected resignation of . . . John Robinson. It caught us all by surprise. " During his collegiate coaching career, Robinson led the Trojans to a 67-14-2 record in seven sea- sons, and chose retirement in a season that saw the departure of several other professional and col- Joining him in this effort will be former defensive coach Marv Goux, a Trojan for the past 30 years, and use offensive line coach Hudson Houck. All three expressed excitement at their new positions, citing the need for career changes. Goux especially noted the advantage the Rams offer has over other professional assignments, allowing the long-time southern Californians to continue " living in L.A. with the best climate. " Robinson was born in Chicago and raised in San Mateo. He graduated with a bachelor ' s degree in education from the University of Oregon, Eugene, joining the Beavers in a rare trip to the Rose Bowl. Robinson leaves for his new job with 23 years of coaching and academic experience - 12 as an assistant at Oregon (I960- 1971), three as John Mc- Kay ' s offensive coordinator at USC (1972-1974), one as backfield coach of the Oakland Raiders (1975), and seven years coaching and 78 days of adminis- trative work at USC. John Robinson 197 m Above: DISCUSSING THE ISSUES - Joan Schaefer, Dean of Women, encourages student groups to address campus issues inside and outside the classroom. Survey Rates Opportunities, Drawbacks For Women At SC Every woman at this university comes here because she feels the university holds something unique for her. Some come for an AB, some for an MBA, others for an MRS. Whatever the degree, whatever the reason, they find a variety of opportunities in some areas, less in others. This year, the Feminist Press of New York pub- lished Every Woman ' s Guide to Colleges and Uni- versities. The statistical information is designed to help a prospective co-ed choose the campus that science and from offering the Study of Men and Women in Society program. The area in which USC rated zero stars and was found most lacking was the number of women in faculty and administrative positions. Oddly enough, the university was rated low in athletics. Even though USC has one of the best women ' s athletic programs in the country and works hard to promote the program here, the uni- versity rated only one star. A number of organizations exist on campus as either support groups for women or as vehicles for The area in whicli USC rated zero stars and was found the most ladling was the number of women in faculty and administrative positions best meets her needs. Overall, the university scored average, doing a little better than UCLA and about even with Har- vard. On a three star rating basis, the university scored three stars in student leadership and two stars in the area of women and curriculum. The latter came both from encouraging women to enter non-tradi- tional fields such as engineering and computer women to contribue to the university: the YWCA, Society of Women Engineers, Black Women ' s Cau- cus, Women ' s Coordinating Council and Helenes. In addition, Joan Schaefer, Dean of Women, is a sympathetic listener and a strong supporter of an active role for women on the USC campus. She also works with Women ' s Coordinating Council, a compilation of women leaders from various cam- pus organizations. 198 Women At use Black Women ' s Caucus - ROW ONE. Michelle Abram. Jackie Napoleon. Chrisandra Home. Cynthia Harbour. Trade Strokes. Lenee Atkins. Crystal Champtal. ROW TWO: Kristi Woods. Clara Lynns. Joyce Robertson. John Moore. Kathy Hamilton. Francine starks. Helenes - ROW ONE: Usa Brooks. Marty Rey. Kelly Cullinan, Penny Rawson (President), Karen Markey, Grace Greer. Nancy Hatfield. Suzi Roda. Michelle Foxx. ROW TWO: Suzanne Henry, Renee DeRoche. Monica Zanger. Hyleri Turoff. Jennifer Marek. Dalene Harbour. Sally Meioch. Rosanna Abarca. Monica Gummig. Kim Pauli. ROW THREE: Jeane Lenehan. Michelle Patzakis, Jill Hussey, Cathy Manos. Nancy Georgiou, Sheri Sistek, Patti Rojas, Colleen Kennedy, Pam Miller Jody Rosentswieg, Beth Swofford. ROW FOUR: Sally Dunley. Maria Melbourne. Ann Melbourne. Joyce Stavitz, Lisa Zecher Evelyn Maruko. Janet Tucker. Michelle Ajello. ROW FIVE: Cindy Hill. Patty Paduska. Cathy Wohl. Candy Harper. Alex Davas. Kathy Jones. Robin Mannes. Dawn Cassullo. Loretta Lynch, Kathy Mika, Kathy Richer. Annette Hadad. Cathie Gantner. NOT PICTURED: Erin English. Valerie Sakalis, Cecilia Fabrizio. Alicia Collins. Linda Rawluk. Evelyn Passe. Women At USC 199 £) -w From Stray Cats and Gar- field to the Broadway play Cats , 1983 was the year of the cats The PSA Raiders brought pro football back to Los Angeles, and a contro- versy over the Coliseum sent UCLA packing to Pas- adena Trendy styles became the rage as New Wave re- placed Prep Popeye ' s Fried Chicken, Two-For-One Pizza and 7-11 came to the corner of Adams and Figueroa and Ralph ' s opened a salad bar in the produce section Ted Kennedy announced he would not run for presi- dent in 1984 The NCAA passed a reso- lution requiring tougher academic standards for freshman players The year began with Park- side Towers and the Seely G. Mudd building unfin- ished but not unoccupied Georgia Frontiere fired Ray Malavasi George Schultz was named Secretary of State after Alexander Haig ' s sur- prise resignation The Trojans won one ' for the fat guy ' with a touch- down that might have been Student Senate had a tu- multuous year filled with resignations and firings Secretary of the Interior Watt made headlines of- fending environmentalists, liberals, Jewish-Americans and American Indians ' Remington Steel ' , a televi- sion series, blew up a por- tion of Stonier Hall Warren Christopher, a Rea- gan insider and USC alum- nus, became National Se- curity Advisor ' E.t; went beyond movie status as extraterrestrial paraphernalia filled Christ- mas stockings and the whole heartwarming phen- omenon filled cash regis- ters Yuri Andropov took on the Soviet party chairmanship after the death of Leonid Breshnev •• • 200 Year In Retrospect Cal won the annual North- ern California football ri- valry with a sloppy play in- volving five laterals and the Stanford band Little Prince William be- came tine darling boy of Britain and Princess Grace of Monaco suffered a fatal car crash injury New Right morality reas- serted itself with the Presi- dent ' s ' State of the Union ' address calling for Consti- tutional amendments to al- low prayer in school and ban abortions The Columbia flew suc- cessfully again and was joined in 1983 by a sister space shuttle Pete Wilson sent Jerry Brown out of office, at least temporarily, by de- feating him for the U.S. Senate A daring but fruitless Pen- tagon mission in Laos was revealed months after it had taken place The Reagan Mandate ' er- oded considerably as Democrats gained ground in midterm elections Year in Retrospect 201 I New Meal System Seems Pointless What caused 45-minute lines during tiie panic weel before finals? No, Virginia, it wasn ' t another episode in the Star Wars saga. It was the EVK Snackbar, the latest attempt by food service people to change their image of coldheartedness and inflexibility. It didn ' t work. In past years under the Validine system, students payed a flat rate for 20 meals. If they skipped one of the three meals in the day, it was too bad. Students could also choose to pay in advance for 10 or 15 meals per week. However, once again, if they missed a meal it was their mistake; their money had already been eaten by the food ser- vice. In response to complaints by commuters whose money was disappearing even though they were not eating on campus during the weekends; and unusual to see delicate-looking coeds using hand- carts to transport ten cases of Tab to their dorm rooms. During the weeks before finals, panic-munching began. An hour before the snack bar opened each evening, lines were already forming, beginning to wrap around the cafeteria. Students often spent well over an hour waiting for the chance to stock up on Milano cookies, cases of M M ' s and en- ough pop to fill closets. They would be back the next evening. The food service, now forced to acknowledge that accounting errors in the point system plan had made the entire operation actually lose money, re- sponded by shutting down the snack bar during the last two weeks. They did not announce the closure to the students in advance, so those with extra points were stuck with them. A minor revolu- ... petite females who felt it was unfair to pay five dollars for a small salad while football players paid the same amount for eating the equivalent of two or three small animals... heeding the pleas of petite females who felt that it was unfair to pay five dollars for a small salad while football players paid the same amount for eating the equivalent of two or three small animals, the food service adopted the point system, offi- cially titled ' USCarde ' and tied in to an all-university library and P.E. identification plan. This allowed col- lege-goers to skip meals, spend just a few points at the Commons or Grill facilities, or partake of unhealthy foods at the EVK Snack Bar. The new system has caused a host of problems. Many students have discovered that they have far too many points to use before the end of the semester. One food service employee estimated that at the end of its inaugural four months, the new system would have net in excess of $250,000 in unused points. Students, in a bid to get some- thing for their excess points, focused their gastron- omical attention on the EVK Snack bar. It was not tion threatened when Food Service at first refused to allow some students with excess points to don- ate Christmas food to poor community residents, then recanted in the face of hostile publicity from the Daily Trojan and area papers. During spring semester the snack bar moved to the Trojan Cafeteria and the cuisine changed so that there were no storable items. Consequently, consumers were sparse. This relieved considera- ble strain from the previously overworked employ- ees. Also, students no longer have to worry about having too many points at semester ' s end. Food service has increased the prices at the Grill and Commons anywhere from lO to 15 per cent. Throughout the year. Food Service built an enor- mous public relations problem, being widely per- ceived as the cruelest of USC bureaucratic institu- tions. 202 Food Service Far Above: A SOCIAL EXPERIENCE - Lines ex- tend from the center of EVK Cafe to the North Complex desk. Right: VARIETY? - Pepperidge Farm offers 16 types of cookies. Snack Bars, and popular Goldfish crackers. Above: FREE ' FOOD - An encoded plastic ID card trades points for junk food. Food Service 203 Ed Garvey led the NFL players association in an eight week strike that gained the players almost nothing The largest Superbowl crowd ever saw the Wash- ington Redskins beat the Miami Dolphins in Pasade- na ' s Rose Bowl The federal government proposed legislation to tie financial aid to draft legisla- tion A nuclear-powered Soviet satellite tumbled into the Earth ' s atmosphere some- where above the Indian Ocean Stan Morrison started an ' Adopt-aPlayer ' program to help lure fans: first prize was a keg of beer Doheny Library celebrated fifty years at USC The Fijis were suspended and the Delts invited to re- turn A harsh winter and a se- ries of storms left many without homes and Santa Monica without a pier The Cardinals took it from the Brewers in seven 4 93,000 people saw The Who at the Coliseum and over 200,000 went to the US Festival at Devore 204 Year In Retrosfject Marcus Allen was named AFC Rookie-of-the-Year and Time Magazine named a computer as its Machineof- the-Year Brooke Shields and Bo De- rek were not in tiie news anymore Seven people died from cyanide-laced Tylenol pain reliever: the incident caused a string of copy-cat poisonings and an FTC urging for increased safety measures L uke on General Hospital was tiiougint to be dead, but survived tiirougli tiie magic of fan mail Two centers quit the bas- ketball team claiming that the use program did not allow them to grow as players. Goodbye Henry Fonda, Marshall McLuhan, Archi- bald MacLeish and Karen Carpenter Braniff Airlines tried to sell out to PSA but a federal court kept the merger from flying A cancer-research institute began operation at County- use Medical Center The M A S H cast elected to make ' 82- ' 83 their last season and ended the ' Ko- rean War ' in a moving two- hour final episode Threats of many layoffs led the United Auto Workers to renegotiate contracts with big U.S. automakers Inflation and interest rates slowed down and the stock market jumped back and forth as Reagonomics held a recessionary grip on the economy Unemployment reached post-WWII record propor- tions Eddie Murphy became the most popular member of the Saturday Night Live players and starred in his first movie, 48 Hours A graduate student was murdered in the Regal Rita apartments Excavation began for the new Cinema Television facility and the first con- crete slabs were laid Pianist Hubie Blake cele- brated his hundredth birth- day and George Burns cel- ebrated his eightieth in show business Tom Landry smiled through his first American Express commercial George Steinbrenner re- hired Billy Martin as man- ager for the Yan- kees . . . surprise! Year In Retrospect 205 £j %o Paul ' Bear ' Bryant died of a heart attack less than a month after announcing his retirement Automatic teller machines, mini-skirts and Pente came to use The Israeli army slowly backed out of Lebanon but there were skirmishes with US, French and Palestinian forces Joe Paterno ' s Nittany Lions won their first national championship in the 1983 Sugar Bowl Allied, Bendix and Martin Marietta played Pac-Man in the financial world; even- tual control rested with US anti-trust legislation Bjorn Borg quit profes- sional tennis after a string of unsuccessful matches while Jimmy Connors won Wimbledon and the U.S. Open in the same year for the first time since 1974 Tootsie ' , ' Gandhi ' and The Verdict ' brought Christmas audiences back for human interest ' movies, while ' Men At Work ' , ' The Who ' and ' Stray Cats ' kept them lis- tening and ' Hill Street Blues ' and ' 60 Minutes ' had them glued to the tube I Alan Cranston became the first official candidate for the 1984 Presidential elec- tion Jewish American Prin- cesses, Techies, and Real Men and Women came out with handbooks on the Preppie model The Hoover Redevelop- ment Project expanded to include Exposition Park and the Vermont Corridor in its plans COOL CAT Dr. Jim Dennis ' cat Saki looks on with amusement Locks were placed on the girls ' bathrooms in the dorms and blue lightbulbs were placed on top of emergency phones all over campus John DeLorean ' s car com- pany went up in a puff of white smoke A graduate student was murdered in the Regal Rita apartments Blade Runner, an under- rated and underwatched science fiction film, subtly blended the style of Casa- blanca with a bleak vision of Los Angeles in the year 2019 206 Year In Retrospect Above Left: DOWTV with communism - Vietnamese protesting the current communist regime in that country were present aimost every day of the conference. Above: TAKING PRECAUTIONS - Mounted police were just part of the security measures taken to prevent riots and bombings. Above Right: CHECKING OVER THE NOTES - Speaiiers of every type and land gave carefully prepared speeches to crowds in Bovard Auditorium. Conference Relives Vietnam Era Journalists, veterans, ambassadors and otiiers came to campus to re-examine tfieir effectiveness during the American debacle at the USC hosted conference Vietnam Reconsidered: Lessons from a War. ' The conference attracted ardent anti-communists, bomb threats and, consequently, mounted police and se- curity personnel. The Sunday before the conference, 150 people gathered in front of Bovard Auditorium to protest the ruling communist regime in South Vietnam. Their only audience in the morning drizzle was local camera crews. The next day, the Vietnamese Federation of Volunteer Youth and the Vietnamese National Force competed for media attention with Bible-waving anti-communists in Tommy Trojan. At the opening of the conference. New York Times Editor Harrison Salsbury expressed his de- sire to " not just talk about war... (but) find a penetrat- ing glimpse at what we did... and what we didn ' t do.. .and try and draw from that.. .some lessons for the future. " Other journalists questioned whether the conference wasn ' t " just picking a scab. " Most of the panelists at the four-day seminar se- ries agreed with the left-wing " we-should-have-nev- er-become-involved-in-the-first-place " school of thought. The CIA was repeatedly attacked and warnings about involvement with El Salvador re- curred. During one session, Mrs. Nguyen Ngoc Dung, a representative of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, delivered a speech and answered questions via audio transmission from New York, because she was denied a request to come to Los Angeles. Asked why 500,000 Vietnamese were recently sent to Siberia as laborers. Dung responded that her government had an agreement with Moscow to train Vietnam ' s work force. Someone in the audi- ence shouted " If it is for training, I would like you to receive that training. " The last day, host Gloria Emerson gave the floor to " any veterans who want to speak. " A torrent of bitterness ensued. Many were unhappy that the focus of the seminars was on the effectiveness of the non-combatants. Primarily an exploration of historical arguments, the conference allowed those participating to rede- fine ideals and perceptions which plagued the na- tion during the Vietnam conflict, but did not break any new ground. For USC, it was a publicity bon- anza - a significant step in promoting a more aca- demic image. Vietnam Reconsidered 207 Right: SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME - Structure for Olympic diving competition looms on McClintock Street. Far Right: ATHLETIC TRADITION - Rome ' s Coli- seum, like that of Los Angeles, has been a scene of battle with barbarian Raiders. Above: STUDENT SENATE OLYMPICS COMMITTEE - ROW ONE: Jon Burdick. ROW TWO: Shelly Hayward, Catalina Camia. ROW THREE: Tres Reeves, Fin Martin, Mark Decker, Chairman. Right: GOLDEN ARCHES - McDonald ' s Corpora- tion advertises $3 million pool stadium plan behind familiar barbed wire. 208 Olympics LA Games - A Bittersweet Chance Terrorists in Municii. . . bankruptcy in Mon- treal. . . boycott in Moscow. . . the Olympic Games in recent history have not been a phenomenal success story. Nevertheless, they are a prestigious sporting event, and dozens of glory-hungry cities contest for the chance to host them every four years. In 1984, some entrepreneurial Los Angeles exec- utives will realize their dream: the Games of the XXllI Olympiad, the biggest sports celebration in the world, will take place in Southern California, mainly in and around the USC and UCLA campuses. For Problems and questions are rising almost as fast as new buildings. Dungeon-tight security of the ' Olympic Village ' - mostly the northwest corner of campus, residence halls and large apartment com- plexes - will compete with the USC Summer Ses- sion. Traffic ■ already a problem whenever football games or rock concerts are going on in the Coli- seum - will be constant, crowded and frustrating. Even the status of the old stadium itself comes into question as contradictory proposals from the Coli- seum Commission, LAOOC, USC and the new Los Angeles Raiders have delayed restoration plans and shadowed each organization ' s future. ...77 will make USC a center of world attention on an unprecedented scale. use, the site of the swimming and diving venue ' throughout the Games and next door neighbor to the main track and field events in Exposition Park, the Olympics will be an extraordinary opportunity and possibly a tremendous headache. Evidence of the chaotic bustle which will bring 10,000 athletes and two million tourists into the area is already clear to campus residents and visi- tors. Under contract with the Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee, the private corporation re- sponsible for the Games, the university agrees to Olympic use of most of its campus facilities during the months of July and August, 1984, in exchange for construction of a $3 million McDonald ' s Aquatic Complex, a two-story dining hall and pub in the West Complex housing area, and job opportunities for USC students. To settle the monumental logistics of moving mil- lions of people and tons of material, the university administration appointed Duane Hickling special coordinator for the LAOOC ' s projects and plans for USC. To ensure that these negotiations profit stu- dents as well, the Student Senate created an Olym- pic Committee charged with exploring every advan- tage and investigating every hassle the Olympics may create. Despite past Olympic bloodshed and shaky fi- nances, most students and personnel are glad to see the Games coming to their ' neighborhood: it will make USC a center of world attention on an unprecedented scale. As a premier event for global politics and athletics, planning the 1984 Olympics provides a once-ina-lifetime challenge to everyone who takes part. Olympics 209 Above: FASHIONABLY LOUD - The 1925 Trojan Band poses in its bright uniforms. Right: MUSICAL REVERIE - John Baker pauses for a brief moment before the performance. 210 Organizations We are members one of another. ' Epistle of Paul to the Ephesians 3:16 By communicating between member students and outside interests, professional organizations at USC turn shadowy academic possibilities into real oppor- tunities. Social clubs allow like-minded students to escape the often lonely business of studying. Spread out over dozens of majors and cuftures, this univer- sity takes advantage of a huge network of over 200 small groups which provide every individual with several chances to ' get involved ' . Organizations Organizations 211 Academics The Architecture Student ' s Asso- ciation is designed to augment a fine School of Architecture. Page 220 Delta Delta Sigma is an organiza- tion that students can really sink their teeth into. The purpose of the use Pre-Dental Society is not only to wage war against plaque, but also to promote scholarship and in- terest in the fields of dentistry and dental hygiene. Each year, the So- ciety does everything but give their eye-teeth in order to raise the funds necessary to send members to the Southern California Pre-Dental Con- ference. Page 228 The Fine Arts Students ' Associa- tion accomodates the wide-ranging interests of its members and brings professional artists to campus. Page 231 The International Relations Un- dergraduate Association provides a high level of student faculty inter- action and explores international politics in depth through its maga- zine Cable . Page 235 The Pre-Pharmacy Association was created to promote interest in the field of pharmacy and to unite students with members of the pro- fession. PPSA features lectures by prominent individuals in the field of pharmacy and give tours of the pharmacy school. The major social event of the year is the ' Annual Installations Banquet ' . Page 243 Students in the Biological Sciences Association enjoy greater communication with their faculty and the biology community. Page 225 The rockhounds of Sigma Gamma Epsilon promote interest in Geology through banquets and fundraising events. Page 245 The Sports Information Club promotes team spirit for students majoring in Sports Information. Page 250 Enhancing their knowledge of their chosen field is the goal of the Public Relations Student Society of America. Their year was high- lighted by the 1982 annual conven- tion in San Francisco during No- vember, luncheons with a number of university professors and inform- ative speakers from various areas within the profession. Page 243 The Student Association of Geron- tology consists of students who wish to improve the school as well as student involvement in the field of Gerontology. The association prides itself on being the voice of the students and works to bring meaningful extracurricular pro- gramming to students and the com- munity. Page 250 The Undergraduate Psychology Association tries to foster student- faculty interaction, promote excel- lence in the study of psychology, and develop avenues for student re- search. Monthly speakers from all areas of psychology, a wine and cheese reception, and a ' Seminar on Graduate Schools ' highlight an- nual activities. Page 253 Business Alpha Kappa Psi provides hands- on business experience and a great social atmosphere for its business and economics undergraduate and graduate members. The group spon- sors such events as a student con- ference, Trojan Night at Disney- land, banquets and various professional speakers. The organi- zation strives to aid its members ' professional development and to provide opportunities for interac- tion with the business community. Page 219 The Asian American Business As- sociation brings to light the prob- lems experienced by Asians in the business world. The functions of the group include seminars on ' dressing for success ' , workshops dealing with resume writing and introducing its members to differ- ent companies around the country. Page 223 The Latino Business Students ' As- sociation prepares its members for career challenges through a variety of workshops and guest speakers. Page 237 Above: CROSSROADS - Organizations hoping to catch the eye of passing students set up in Alumni Park 212 Organizations Directory Phi Chi Theta helps train women for upper-echelon executive posi- tions in the great tradition of USC coeducational business students. Page 241 The Accounting Society provides an opportunity for both graduate and undergraduate students who are interested in accounting to learn more about the profession and its career possibilities. The so- ciety organizes conferences with various accounting firms, holds social events for students to meet accounting faculty and hosts the annual School of Accounting Awards Banquet Page 216 Food Industry Management mem- bers prepare to become profession- als in food-preparation industries. Page 231 The Association of Graduate Busi- ness Students, 1200 members strong, promotes professional de- velopment and the quality of the MBA experience overall. The an- nual speaker series ' Word from the Top ' has gathered acclaim; faculty- student-alumni activities are suc- cessful in attracting professionals into a social atmosphere. Page 232 Engineering USC Engineer Magazine accepts articles and photos from all engi- neering students, faculty and staff. The student editors and staff then publish four issues yearly and send them to alumni and national engi- neering firms. Page 229 The annual highlight for the So- ciety of Women Engineers is their participation in Engineering Week. The organization promotes the en- trance of women into a male-domi- nated field. Page 247 The National Society of Black En- gineers provides a communication network across the country for its members and organizes seminars and lectures. Page 238 The Associated Students of Biomedical Engineering is an organ- ization providing BME students with activities to supplement their education. These activities include guest speakers, field trips, football games, and ski trips. The group represents the needs of BME stu- dents to the Engineering Student Council, and acts as a liason be- tween the department and students. Page 223 Eta Kappa Nu provides social ac- tivities for electrical engineering majors. Page 230 The American Institute of Chemi- cal Engineers serves its student clientele and participates in Engi- neering Week. Page 216 Builders of tomorrow associate in the American Society of Civil Engi- neers. Page 219 Omega Chi Epsilon , the chemi- cal engineering society, is a me- dium through which CE major students can mix Page 241 American Society of Mechanical Engineers is a predominantly un- dergraduate organization for Me- chanical Engineering majors. The group involves itself in student competitions and yearly publishes a book consisting of students ' re- sumes. For special activities, the or- ganization designs, builds, and races off-road vehicles in mini-Baja competitions. Page 220 The Society of Hispanic Profes- sional Engineers provides informa- tion for students in a demanding field. Page 246 The Society of Petroleum Engi- neers promotes student develop- ment through interaction with the technical community. Its members benefit from the various speakers, field trips and social events spon- sored by the group, and take advan- tage of the opportunities provided in the community. Page 246 The Plastics Engineers Society is an unbreakable group supporting , members who work in the select field of plastics design. Page 247 Honors Tau Beta Pi is the national engi- neering honor society whose under- graduate and graduate members are recognized for superior scholarship and exemplary character. The USC chapter sponsors a tutoring service for the School of Engineering and a resume publication for its mem- bers. Tau Beta Pi, the second oldest national honor society in America, has developed a highly respected reputation both in southland indus- tries and worldwide. Page 252 Beta Alpha Psi, an honorary or- ganization for graduate and under- graduate accounting students, ex- poses its members to the public, private and govermental sectors of accounting. The group holds a vari- ety of banquets, organizes an an- nual " Meet the Firms Night " and promotes VITA, the Volunteer Tax Assistance Program. Page 225 The Psychobiology Honors Asso- ciation gives academic guidance and holds social functions for members and interested others. Page 244 Alpha Epsilon Delta, the pre-med- ical honor society, recognizes out- standing students of health sciences. Page 218 O Organizations Organizations Directory 213 Chi Epsilon brings together the most successful civil engineering students. Page 227 The Blackstonians is a pre-law honor society for undergraduate students. It is designed to give rec- ognition for academic excellence and prepare law students for gradu- ate school. The Blackstonians suc- cessfully exhibit law school semi- nars featuring recruiters and deans; maintain a library of law school catalogues; and provide pre-law ad- visement Military The Naval Reserve Officer ' s Training Corps is one of three pro- grams which offers students a Uni- versity education and, upon grad- uation, a commission in the military. The program expects high quality in leadership, physical fit- ness and good academic standing from its students and instills re- spect for the military as well as an education. NROTC participates in field meets, drill competitions, and also sponsors an annual blood drive and other community activi- ties. Page 240 The Arnold Air Society is the na- tional honorary service organization for the Air Force ROTC program. The use chapter, which sponsors a variety of activities for the sur- rounding community, was chosen to represent the program as the S ciety ' s national headquarters. Page 221 o CO fi) N (0 Directory Air Force Reserved Officers Train- ing Corps (AFROTC) offers an op- portunity for students to receive fi- nancial aid through scholarships while training as cadets to become future Air Force officers. The or- ganization hosts its own prestigious Pass-in Review Ceremony and a Dining Out Banquet,and attends the competitive Southern California Invitational Drill Meet in Anaheim. Page 217 Under the direction of Com- mander Paul M. Yamaguchi, the Air Force ROTC Precision Drill Team represents USC at competitions na- tionwide. They also provide color guards at USC home football games. This unit is one of the few winning with-arms drill teams to be co-edu- cational. Page 242 The Army Reserve Officers ' Train- ing Corps builds leaders for mili- tary and civilian work. Page 222 The major objective of the Sem- per Fidelis Society is the placement of its members in officer positions in the Marine Corps. Page 244 Services The undergraduate volunteers who comprise the membership of the Health Advocates are trained in First Aid, CPR and Counseling. They provide hundreds of hours of service, advising their peers on ev- erything from nutrition to the use of contraceptives. The Advocates believe they provide a special ser- vice because they understand the experiences of their student peers. Page 233 Phrateres hostess cultural events and dances. They enjoy sponsoring charity events as well. Page 242 The five International Peer Advo- cates help all international students adjust to the university, and repre- sent their interests to all levels of the university administration. They are trained in counseling, commun- ication skills, and campus referral service. Page 235 The International Students ' As- sembly sponsors activities to get different cultures writhin the USC community to be nice to one an- other. Page 236 Troy Camp is the official USC charity, giving poor children a chance to go to summer camp. USC students act as organizers and counselors. Page 252 The Trojan Knights are the offi- cial hosts of the university. The junior and senior men ' s honorary service organization assists with rallies, crowd control and directs the card stunts at USC footbal games. Page 236 USC Guest Relations Tour Guides serve students, faculty, and alumni in many special events throughout the semester and in conducting tours of the 102-year-old campus. They represent the school to all vis- itors. The USC Speakers Committee supplies the unique input of men such as G. Gordon Liddy and George Carlin into university life. Page 248 The Black Student Services Exec- utive Council, a new organization will serve as an advisory group to the director of the department of black students. And serving as a liaison between black students and the school administration, the stu- dents will be able to provide input in policy making decisions. Page 226 The Norman Topping Student Aid Fund was set up to assist low-in- come USC students of various eth- nic groups. Award winners, who can be graduates or undergraduates, must have demonstrated strong aca- demic ability, a broad social con- cern, and community awareness. Many recipients of the award are members of the community sur- rounding use ' s campus. The stu- dent governed organization is also student financed. Its members hope that award winners will return to their communities and improve them. Page 239 214 Organizations Directory Above: RINGLEADERS - Trojan Knights set up a campus event complete with bell. The Exclusives uphold the traditional spirit of the Portland North gang through windsurfing. A rowdy group, they annually trek together to Mammoth in the winter, Maui in summer and Burbank when Johnny Carson is not on vacation. Page 230 The Ski Club is both a recreational sports club and a social club. Offering a wide variety of quality ski trips at reduced rates, the Ski Club hosts parties and social events. This year, the main social event was the ' 82- ' 83 Ski Club Bash. Page 245 The Hillel Jewish Center, providing provocative and entertaining cultural presentations on campus, is the hub of Jewish life. 1982 marked the golden anniversary of this landmark campus organization. Page 234 The Indonesian Student Organization of 60 members promotes Indonesian culture and education on campus through social events and activities. The organization also helps incoming students that have problems adjust- ing to campus life and in studies. Page 234 The Troy Phillipines aims to broaden its members ' activities at USC by staging social, cultural, and athletic activities. The group plans to seek full assimilation of Phillipine students into the USC community. Page 252 The Black Students ' Union pro- vides a positive atmosphere for black students while they are pur- suing their academic careers. They annually produce activities for Black History Month and hold an alumni dinner. Their activities seek to uphold the image of being black to their members and the university community. Page 227 All Us We is produced quarterly by a dedicated staff. Page 218 Minority Action Now In Medicine communicates between health science minority students, their fac- ulty and the medical community. Page 238 use ' s defunct radio station, KSCR, was resuscitated in 1982. Page 237 Social Recreational Baptist Student Union stresses values and fellowship among its members. Page 224 USC EUines promote and organ- ize cultural events for the entire university population. Page 229 Songfest Committee coordinates the largest university musical pro- duction in America. Page 248 The Spirit of Troy Marching Band accurately bills itself ' The Greatest Marching Band In The History Of The Universe! ' Page 249 The purpose of the Thai Students Association is to represent and un- ite all Thai students at USC. Their goal is to encourage and increase mutual relationships and coopera- tion among Thai students. The ' Thai Night ' and ' Thai ' s New Year ' are the main social events which enable Thai students to share their cultural knowledge with other uni- versity students. Page 251 USC Combined Dance Theatres accept students by audition each semester into one of two compa- nies, which each present two or three concerts in modern, jazz, bal- let and experimental dance idioms. They rely on faculty directors for the shows, but also serve as an ex- perimental group for student cho- reographers. Page 228 ' The Main Event, ' a physique and powerlifting show held in January, was the USC Weightlifting Club ' s main event Proceeds and profits from the show helped the club in refurbishing the students ' one and only gym, Marx Gym. Page 253 The Asian Pacific Student Out- reach sponsors Asian Week and supports a large USC Asian Pacific community. Page 224 The Armenian Student ' s Associa- tion promotes an ancient and proud culture on the USC campus. Page 221 Organizations Directory 215 Accounting Society Accounting Society - ROW ONELinda Longhofer, Aretmas Ward, John VanDriel, Bejamin Tang, Sherri Agnifili, Bruce Chapman. ROW TWO:Dale Ishimaru, Raoul Duke, Jeffrey Francis, Paul Cannon, Brian C Mulligan, James K. Endo.ROW THREE Mark Bentley, George Jackson, Rick Battaglini, Michael A. Clement, Ronnie Ceballas, Michele Santa Cruz, Peter Thompsoa AICHE AICHE - ROW ONE Dr. J. D. Goddaid, Usha Patel, Joan Lum, Elizabeth Hummell, Arthur Wong, Michael Morrison, Agnes Lung, Kee Chong, Cindy Callaway, Andrew Lee, Dinh Hao Dang. ROW TWO: Sandy Schneider, Jana Brill, Yee Ha Chan, Sharon Fujita, Scott Masuda. ROW THREE Riaz Nagree, Daniel Boss, Alice Shin, Joe Barberio, Kenneth Zee, A. J. Lau, Joyce Matias, Ed Osawa. ROW FOUR: Edwin Wod, Bill Kramer, Mark Brown, Tom Gramata, Leon Jackson, Phuc Minh Phan, Walter Tarn ROW FIVE Trung Dinh, Richard Roberts, K. Shankar, Serge Baghdikian, Stan Newcomb, Brent Sakasi, Daniel Violette, Hendri Soetjipto, Ivan S. Bundiono. ROW SIX: Dale Coutu, Robert McConnell, Richard Priess, Michael McKinney. 216 Accounting Society AICHE AFROTC AFROTC - ROW ONE Michael Declerck, Randi Hemmings, Terri Ducker, Dale Takenaka, Robert Phlpps, Gary R Koehler, Stephen J. Schmidt Deborah Y. Long, Douglas Ushijima, Leonedas D. Reyes, Lianne C Inouye. ROW TWO: Paul Eves, David Nelson, Fred Broussard, Xavier Flores, Bill Bruninga, Sebastiano Deliso, Mark Tagawa, Jeff Jones, Maureen Vild, Christine Walton. ROW THREE: Brian Wilson, Barry Tilton, Bennie Ricks, Les Doggrell, Steven Bogert, Jeff Pollack, Greg Miller, Chris Stephens, Bill Moore, Dave Patterson, Lee Atkins. AFROTC - ROW ONE: Steven S. Bielfelt, Alan G. Riba, Robert L Myers,John M. Mallozzi, Scott C Haidiman, Barry H Wilkinson, Douglas K. Kuhn. ROW TWO: William J. Callahan, Anthony F. Brown, David A. Head, Jon J. Locke, Gary D. Norton, Conrad W. Rudy, Gary Kawashima. ROW THREE: Guy B. Rosefelt Kevin J. Manion, Lida Dahnke, Anthony Harris, Enrique R Ortiz, Simon A. Cox, Keith J. Amey, Michael J. Ostroski. ROW FOUR: Karen A. Kurovirski, Tyra R Taylor, Vincent Harveaux, Kimberly Walsh, Clarence Tam, Raymond Ho, Gary S. Eum, Mark Svjrard. ROW FIVE: Joseph M Smith, Jocelyn P. Tendrio, John R Trujillo, Paul M Yamaguchi, Marie ann B. Chio-Alonso, Baebara A. Bums, Pamela Smith, Bill Nakamura, Timothy W. Newman. AFROTC 217 All Us We All Us We - ROW ONE: Ronnie El Martin, Vallee Beuting, Darryl R Adams, Cynthia R Phillips, Kathleen E. Tom. ROW TWO: Ron Moseley, John Moore, Vemon Bennett Craig Carter, Robert ReneaiL Alpha Epsilon Delta nt. EPSILOM PfffMEDICAL HONOR SOCIETY Alpha Epsilon Delta - ROW ONE: Dan Gentilucci.Maicy M. Cobrink, San Yu Lok. Salim Mohammadi, Oscar L. Chien, Cathleen J. Cochran, Diane Tom, Kristina L Mickus, Rita Chin ROW TWO: Julia Tashiro,Evelyn Wong, Salvacion Dizon Brazal, Maria Melbourne, Susie Huber, Ellen Ko, Nicole Higashi, Theresa Camiling, Theresa Santos, Tira Del Rosario.ROW THREE Edgardu Francia, David Lee Chin, Stephen Bercsi, Daniel N. Slutske, Richard S.Leonard, Ed Cabico, Oongil Kim. David Mtnguyen, John Eng, Insun Chang, John R Yuen, Charlie Bisharat, David Giniburg. 218 All Us We Alpha Epsilon Delta Alpha Kappa Psi Alpha Kappa Ps! - ROW ONE: Tammy Udkoff, D alene Harbour, Al Medina, Rod Nakamoto, Bradley Balen, Yolanda Williams, Steven Fukuto, Peter Wolf, Janet Tucker, Amy Kuramoto, Anita Herrera, Sue Yep. ROW TWO: Cassandra Hollis, JoAnn Kinoshita, Elizabeth Ripley, Anne Duclos, Anne Balas, Brenda L Harris, Kimi J. Iwata, Annette Barudoni, Rebecca Williams, Lisa Zecher, Tanya Fujiwara, Peter Thompsoa ROW THREE: Nadine Taylor, Michael Dovie, Karl Aaronian, Mark Warden, William Turner, Michael T. Benton. ROW FOUR: Robert Mauser, Mark Sirion, Scott Hewlett Shael Buchen, Douglas Jones, Terrence C Trudo. ROW FIVE; John Sampson, Jerry Sims, Phillip Nelson, Pat Finigan, Renee DeReche, Sheri Wood, Lisa Goycochea, Carolyn Hadley, Tami Borden, Chris Marchack. ROW SIX: John Peterson, Paul Hsu, Mark Mulcahy, Milton Leake, David Kreidler, Shawn Davis, Zubi Mbanefo, Ralph Garvin Hammock, Oscar Aguilar, Dewanna Thierry. ASCE ASCE - ROW ONE: Deborah Hironaga, Nancy Almeleh, Marisa Muh, Angela Peyton, Christopher Ward, Brian Courtier, Bonnie Lea Bettison, Randy Stark, Chrisopher Gabriel, Karen J. Kong, Glenn S. Ito, Cecilea S. Nu, Essam Aly, Tex Cuaresma. ROW TWO: Diaa Guirguis, Jett McCormick, Armen Minassian, Choong-Whan Park, Brad Boehm, Mazen Mobarak, Ashraf Makram, Roy L Fisher, Andy Himawan, Robet Zmuda, Mongo Songi ThiesseiL ROW THREE: Hisham Elrufale, Frank A Spasaro, Ron Lubach, Steve Bernstein, Davis Harolini, Ahmad Ghaderi-tafreshi, Morad Iranzadi, Peter Gozal, Khoon-Tsen Kuok, Ahmad Reza Ansari. ROW FOUR: M. Reza Safavi, Robb Whitaker, Tony Ermovick, Steve Minassian, Jeffrey Tso, Emerson Wong, Charles Marrsa Esq., William Humfreville, Kerwin C Allen, Ted Sanchez, Matthew Engle, Emmanuel Achona ROW FIVE: Armin Arminak, Saad Elie, Brian Kirding Alpha Kappa Psi ASCE 219 si ' ' ASME ASME - ROW ONE: Karl Russell, Anthony Freitas, Doug Wolfe, Mary Umpert, Brian Wilsoa ROW TWa Mehran Ghadert Franklin Lu, Chip Goodrich, Jon Lewis, Greg Keibler, G.R Shiflett Architecture Students Association Architecture Students Association - ROW ONE: Saundra Krengel, Allison Hoadley, George Falcone, Karia Kuplec. ROW TWO: Arnold Mammarella, Charies Chagnon, Lyle Hutsold. 220 ASME Architecture Students ' Association Armenian Students Association Arnold Air Society I Arnold Air Society - ROW ONE Kimberly Walsh, Robert Phipps, Marie Ann Chio-Alonso, Keith J. Amey, Pam Merrick, Curtis J. Reichenfeld, Leonidas D. Reyes. ROW TWO: Tyra Taylor, Joe Smith, Enrique R. Ortiz, Glen Coreli, Lida Dahnke, Scott Zobrist John Mallozzi, John Domas. ROW THREE: Raymond Ho, Susan Merrick, Sebastiano Deliso, Barry C Tilton, Barry R Wilkinson, Gary M. Kilgore, Advisor, David Nelson. Annenian Students ' Association Arnold Air Society 221 Army ROTC Army Rote - ROW ONE: BN. CDR Grant A. Webb, 2nd Lt Sonia L Reinertson, SRG. Wendy Worcester, Jonathan Cunningham, Wendell Lee, Charles Smith. ROW TWO: Ried G.Bridges, Guy K Glaser, Loma June Lockhart, Arthur Tulak. Eric Gunderson, Shawn Soom, Wayne Steinhilber. ROW THREE: Michael J. Peterson, Frank Powers, Michael Welch, James Kinkade, James L. Williams, Joseph Edward Telles. ROW FOUR: Steve Evans, Willie Nattiel, Chong Joon Shin, Wil Bryant, Stephen Seall, Christopher Joslin. Army B Company - ROW ONE: Bn. Cdr. Grant AWebb, John Shepard, Loma June Lockhart Rosemarie Gallegos, James Acosta, Bn. Xo Reid G. Bridges. ROW TWO: Ted Wagner, Ron Enos, Beatrice Nieder, Duane L. McLeod, First-Sgt David C McAlpine. ROW THREE: John L Nasir, Donald S. Walker, Christopher Benya, Sheri S. Scurr, Guy Kiyokawa. ROW FOUR: John Yuen, Mark Ballesteros, Ed Gorsuch, Al Gordon, Brian Chambers, John Lembo, Bemadett Coe, Alethea Brown. 222 AROTC ASBME ASBME - ROW ONE: David D ' Aigenie, Thomas J. Kabalino, Roy Ashford. ROW TWO: Sean Armstrong, Kathy Flatium, George G. Ford. ROW THREE Nancy Edwards-Crum, Robert Gong, Dan Annarella, Daniel N. Slutske. Asian American Business Association Asian American Business Association - ROW ONE- Myma G. Cabanban. ROW TWO: Marion Wong, Carole Takmatsu, Nancy Yee, Wilma Tom, Craig T. Tomita, Lloyd Tsuruda. Thomas Wotonabe, Samuel Tang, Melinda Wong, Lynnette Taw, Susan Lee, Mimi Choi, Nancy K. Ibuki. ROW THREE: Irene Wong, Ivy Wong, Janice Tambara, Kari Miyahata, Connie Takimoto, Gina Gilbert, Diana M. Wong, Joaime Morimoto, Pat Wong. ROW FOUR: Cane Sumiye, Keith Matsutsuyu, Derrick Aiau, Authur Chen, Marc Sunada, Dulci Lam, Chris Chan. ROW FIVE: Ronald Doi, Craig Takamiya, Dale Ishimaru, Bryan Ishino, Randy Yamamoto, Norman Mah, Kenneth Kang. ASBME Asian American Business Association 223 Asian Pacific Student Outreach Baptist Student Union Baptist Student Union - ROW ONE- Jeanne Galloway, Diane Rozema, Carol Okamoto. ROW TWO: Laura Horton, Jane Pan. Marl Lee Lau, Desserie Hynds, Mark Turrill. ROW THREE: Randy Deering, Willi Stone, Sam Schofield, John Krieger, Chuck Hickman, Bob Hickman, Pete Gaughaa 224 Asian Pacific Student Outreach Baptist Student Union Beta Alpha Psi Beta Alpha Psi - ROW ONE: Fen Fang Lie, D, Randall Abe, Tammy R Wong, S. Mohan Uppal, Jocelyn L. Lorenzo, James V. Camp, Sylvia Wong. ROW TWO: Karen Stewber, Sylvia Cho, Karen Lott, Sherri Agnifili, Cheryl Colley, Karen A. Stanwood, Susan Vessels, Mary Lokey, Nellie Villanueva, Katayoon Nehoray. ROW THREE: Eric Kurimura, John Van Driel, Artemas Ward, Robert Weiser, R Mark Schell, John Swacoat Samual Tang, Bruce E Chapmaa ROW FOUR: Paul W. MacLeith, Bruce M. Arinaga, Benjamin Tang, Brian C Mulligan, Michael A. Felix, Mary Biebel, Jim Jimenez, Howard Osa. Biological Sciences Association Biological Sciences Orgaization - ROW ONE: Sok-Hong Kho, OJ Cartaya, Paul Liccinl, Julie Gellert, Joe Trojan, Tira DelRosario, Susanne Nicholas, Richard Watanahe, Irene Takata. ROW TWO: Jan Hofmann, Hyunjoo Kim, Kathy S. Hemadez, Elaine Lum, Ginny Dahms, Patrick Von Dippe. ROW THREE: Paul Sugiono, Howard Nakamura, John Eng, Valentin Amezquita, Christian Pike, John Voros, Charies Barnes, Glenn Akiona, Paul Tom. Beta Alpha Psi Biological Sciences Association 225 Blackstonians Biackstonians - ROW ONE: Sally Meloch, Lorretta Lynch, Alan Manning, Carolyn Covault, Nick Kallins, Karen Wong. ROW TWO: Kathy Jones, Brigitte Lockner, Sharon Dolezal, Cecilia Perkins, Cynthia Giordano, Mary Biebel, Mary Lolonis. ROW THREE Wyndell Wright, Dan Grable, Howard Barman, Curtis C Jung, Maurice S. Kane, Luke Williams. BSS Executive Council Black Students Services Executive Council - ROW ONE: Merron Walters, Jay Johnson, Tracie Stokes, Gregory Jones, Shara Smith, Gregory Taylor. 226 Blackstonians Black Student Services Executive Council Black Students ' Union Black Students ' Union - ROW ONE: Darryl Adams, Ronnie Martin. ROW TWO: John Moore, Tracie Adklns, Bernard R, Walker. Chi Epsilon Chl Epsilon - ROW ONE: Nancy Almeleh, Emerson Wong, Christopher J. Ward, Frank A. Spasaro, Anthony V. Ermovick, Robert Zmuda, Deborah Hironaga.ROW TWO: Diad Guirguis, Glenn S. Ito, Ron Lubash, Nerces Minas- sian, Peter Gozal, Andy Himawan, Brad Boehm, Armen Minassian. ROW THREE: Khoon-Tsen Kuok, Brian Kirking.ROW FOUR: William Humfreville, Brian Courtier, Randy Starr, Armin Arminak, Ahmad Ghaderi-Tafreshi, Allen Peery, Ashrae Makram.ROW FIVE: Christopher Gabriel, Charles Maris. Black Students ' Union Chi Epsilon 227 Dance Theatre Delta Delta Sigma Deka Deka Sigma ROW ONE: Timi Quan, Joanne Pantaz, Ernie Mireles, Man Shu Chan, Brenda Badke, Tod Auerbach, Kent Ochiai, Robert Lieu. 228 Dance Theater Deka Deka Sigma use Ellines EUines - ROW ONE: Maria Thanos, Gena Strategos, Maria Vasilion, Nancy Georgiou, Emily Spirtos, Frances Kunelis. ROW TWO: Debbie Katsogianes, Andrea Lappas, Michele Patzakis, Pete Tragus, Louis Flokas. ROW THREE Chris Kokenis, George Koulermos, Chris Dalsos. NOT PICTURED: Stella Vassilakis. use Engineer Magazine use Engineer Magazine - ROW ONE: Kerwin Allen, Robert Lisk, Nancy Edwards- Crum, Andrew Vandivort, Guy Whitla. Not Pictured: Karen Cann, Tom Sylla. use EUines USC Engineer Magazine 229 Eta Kappa Nu Eta Kappa Nu - ROW ONE: Bart R Cruz, Sudango Harsono, Scott Faiichild, Francine Starks. ROW TWO: Evelyn Ung, San Yu Lok, Le Hoang Quynh Tran. The Exclusives The Exclusives - ROW ONE: Willard Weston, Mark Kruse, Todd Evans, Cathy Kovacoveich. 230 Eta Kappa Nu The Exclusives FASA Food Industry Management Food Industry Manasement Program - ROW ONE: Arthur Garza, Scott Cluff, Paul Strandburg, Todd Piland, Thomas Stamas, Nino Petioni, Steve Lehto, Harvey Fujimoto, Louis Brannan, Donald Fisher, Charles Paolucci, Dennis Matsuda, Lynette Goodson, Camille Scrip, Mrs, Jeanne Church, Brian Haris. ROW TWO: Chariotte BlUington, J. Douglas Anderson, Joseph Battoe, William Allen, John Kocerka, James Girten, Nicholas Koster, Blake Stedman, Timothy Blotzer, L Mark Carter, Barry Traub, Mr. Mitchell Crawford, William Ricketts, Cari Hamilton, Nancy Rounds, Cynthia Standi, Dav»rn Konishi, Norman Sigband, Loris Weigelmann. ROW THREE: Stephen Kent Gregg Newcombe, PhilDaquioag, Claudia Reich, D.Bruce Frazier, David Edds, Steven Smart David Stachofsky, George Palmer, Michael Jean, Christopher Bannwolf, Steven Lee, Kathleen Leibig, James Stevenson, Deborah Oonegan. FASA Food Industry Management 231 Graduate Business Students Association Graduate Business Students Association - MEMBERS: Diane RosenbeTg,Senate Rep., Dan Galindau, V.P. Com- munications, Bill Lila, Senate Rep., Jay Notinger, V.P. Social, Paul Spellman, V.P. Academic Affaire, Fred Hoekstra, V.P. Finance, Gregg Ewing, President 232 Graduate Business Students ' Association ALUMNI HOUSE use Tour Guides - ROW ONE: Rosana Abarca, Suzi Koda, Mark Bradley f Chitjian, Steve Mandala, Debby Odom, Dorothy Birsic. ROW TWO: Steve Mala- ( chowski, Michael Thornton, Linda Josi, Stephanie Krai, Tony Manos, Jon Pease. Health Advocates Guest Relations Tour Guides Tour Guides Health Advocates 233 Hillel Jewish Center HILLEL mIcvvlSH CENTER UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CAUFORHI HlUel Executive Committee - ROW ONE: David Golfrid, Chuck Schepart, Joel Adlen. ROW TWO: Beth Pumerantz, Sharon Murphy, Anita Brown, Katayoon Neheray, Rebecca Hirshhom. MISSING: Rabbi Laura Geller, Gaye Levy, Yaffa Weisman, Craig Svonking, Debra Salovey. r Indonesian Students Association 234 Hillel Jewish Center Indonesian Student Association International Peer Advocates International Peer Advocates - ROW ONE: Zainap Tanmizi, Louis Medina. ROW TWO: Arun K. Jatia, Wissam Edward Na- dra, Frederick Hall. IRUA IRUA - ROW ONE: Bob Tarver - Committee Representive, Carmen Marti- nez - Treasurer, Susan Sandstrom - Chairman, Sue Short - Secretary, Eric Onstad - Vice-Chairman. ROW TWO: Diane Chingren - Undergraduate Studies Committee Representative, Dorine Rubalcaba, Katherine Robin- son, Julie Spezia. ROW THREE: Ramon Reynoso, Chris Brooks, Jon Burdick, Cherie Millage - Staff Advisor. International Peer Advocates IRUA 235 Trojan Knights International Student Assembly International Student Assembly - Conrad Bagui, Sharif Ossayran, Jenny Tan, Harish Babla. 236 Trojan Knights International Student Assembly KSCR KSCR - ROW ONE Anish Trivedi. Latino Business Students Association i Latino Business Students - ROW ONE Ramond Santos, Elizabeth T. Garcia, Ruben Gutierrez, Magdalena Estrada, Diana Melgoza, John J. Menchaca, Sandra Lopez, Maria A. Quesada, Alfred M. Ayala, Carmen Perea, Julie Rosales, Sylvia Lopez. ROW TWO: Priscilla Castro, Maria Jones, Camelia Vargas, Denise Rivera, Rosa Sanchez, Anna Sanchez, Thomas Calderon, David Sanches. ROW THREE Gladys Gomez, Robert R Delgado, Henry J. Gonzalez, John Gonzo, Michael Lizarraga, Hector Hinojosa, Hector Torres, Noel Ramos, Joe Flores. ROW FOUR: Robert Sanchez, Alex Chavez, Michael Duran, Javier Escobedo, John Paul Rosa, Daniel Pierson, Daniel Lopez. ROW FIVE Leonard Cisneros, Refugio Reynosu, Manuel Franco, Mario Robles, Gerardo Barrera, Raul D. Nunez, Mark Alvarado. KSCR Latino Business Students ' Association 237 MANIM National Society of Black Engineers National Society of Black Engineere - ROW ONE: Allison Feltus, Trade Stokes, Carolyn Hart, Carla M. Harris, Tamla Roberts - Secretary, Joy Johnson - President Alex Tucker - V-President Diane Clark - Treasurer, Renee Browne, Gianna Gardette. ROW TWO: Johnny Mitchell, Michael Green, Karl Russell, William Kate, Curtis Ashford, George Ford, Leon Jackson, Francine Starks. ROW THREE: Earnest Kidd, Charles Beik, Paul Stokes, Paul Jordan, Teby Njobe, Allen Herbert, Anthony Brown, Robert ReneaiL 238 MANIM Nationai Society of Black Engineers Norman Topping Student Aid Fund Norman Topping Fund Recipients - ROW ONE: Diane Diaz, Angela Franklin, Azra Rahimi, Sandra L. Stubblefield, Maria L Torregrosa, Marisa Pothikaeo, Fang Zhiliu, Genoveva Arellano, Becky Contreras, Chuck Curtis. ROW TWO: Antonio E Brinkley, Derrick L Ballard, Van T. Tniong , Nona Chambers, Larry Penny, Sultan Tahir. ROW THREE Yvonne Gallego, Ehoud Haberman, Lillian Hicklen, Joseph Leon, Pericles Gasparinialves, Richard Vargas. ROW FOUR: Felipe Lujan, Francisco J. Gutierrez, Sharif Ossayran, Joseph Maruska, Todd Barrett Frederick Bush, Howard Francis. Norman Topping Student Aid Fund - ROW ONE Loretta Lynch, Michael Reilly, Leana B. Grandy, John Maguire, Kai Beck Wong ROW TWO: Jerry Kenney, Rodney Franklin, Michael Shim, Kevin Rieger. Norman Topping 239 Navy ROTC f: I 240 Navy ROTC Omega Chi Epsilon Omega Chi Epsilon - ROW ONE: Agnes Lung, Katherine Shing, Tom Gramata, Stan Newcomb, Brent Sasaki, Sharon Fujita. ROW TWO: Andrew Lee, Veeha Chan, Alice Shin, J Scott Zuckerman, Dave Pedersen. ROW THREE: Richard Roberts, Edward Osawa, Trung Dinh, Minh-Tuan Ngu yen, Jim Low. Phi Chi Theta Phi Chi Theta - ROW ONE: Barbara Sultan, Laura Ibarra, Carolyn Covault Susan Lee, Kiera Lieberman. ROW TWO: Anne Stuiz, Angelica Stevenson, Laura Hancock, Darlene Pienta. Mary Lolonis. Omega Chi Epsllon Phi Chi Theta 241 Phratcres Phrateres - ROW ONE: Cathleen Cochran, Candace Annett, Kathleen A. Bums, Jennifwe A. Santos, Kathleen Reyes, Wendy Worrell, Leslie Tanimura. ROW TWO: Mariel S. Florence, Lisa Moore, Kathleen Staack, Semeen Rahemtulla, Karen Marie Derrig, Claudia Kletzky, Nannette Walker, Carolyn Covault ROW THREE: Gail Bragg, Dolly A. Sanders, Patrice Buchana, Tira Del Rosario, Joyce Ann Hays, Mina Patel, Stephanie Strauss, Kathleen Anne Foist Precision Drill Unit Precision Drill Team - ROW ONE: Paul M. Yamaguchi. ROW TWO: Michael J. Ostroski, Vincent P. Harveaux, Clarence Tarn, Pamela C Smith, Marie Ann B. Chio-Alonso. ROW THREE: Lida Dahnke, Joseph Smith, John Tmjillo, Jeff K. Jones. ROW FOUR: Simon A Cox, Neal A Nicholson, Barry C Tilton, Kevin J. Manion, Tyra H. Taylor. I 242 Phrateres Precision Drill Unit Pre-Pharmacy Students Association Pre-pharmacy Student Association - ROW ONE: Clarence Oshiro, Stanley Eng, Linda Lum, Helen Chan, Craof Singerman. ROW TWO: Lori Kwork, Shelly Haywaid, Suzy Duarte, Helen Huang, Mary Ilouki. ROW THREE: Alfred Chin, Lester Lim, Howaid Nakamura. PRSSA PRSSA - ROW ONE: Denise F. Jordan, Emily C Spirtos, Russell J. Bell, Connie J. Abdun-Nur, Sue Wright Jeannine Nickell. ROW TWO: Alan M. Kita, Dawn Maru- moto, Lisa Grinunonpre, Darlene Delanoy, Lisa DiLucca, Linda Osher, Toni Arel- lanes, Debbie Macalello. ROW THREE: Kelly Cullinan, Yvonne Cole, Diane Smith, Bob Lyle, Matt Airey, Monica Morita, Jill Hussey, Michele Altemus. Pre-Pharmacy PRSSA 243 Psychobiology Honors Association Psychobiology Honors Association - ROW ONE: Maria Thanos, Stephan Morris, Richard Hathaway, Daniel Baker, Daniel Slutske. ROW TWO: Anna Freud, Ellen Ko,Celina Lee, David Brown, Liane Leedom. ROW THRE: Suzette Lee, Carl Jung, Kristina Mickus, Kathy Hernandez, Oscar Cosby, Jane Kang, Steve Beicsi, Joseph Kertes, Bernard Abbott ROW FOUR: Thomas Bergstrom, Regina Chace, Dave Shelton, James Dunlap, John De Roven, David Chin, Don Reich, Ernest Greene, Denis Mitchel. Semper Fidelis Society Semper Fidelis Society - ROW ONE: Jim Griffen, Don Jensen, Brent Matthews, Pete Abraham, Patrick Powell, Ronnie Bemal, Dave Hansen, Ken Lee, Diane Rozema. ROW TWO: Sean Mulian, Charles Fleming, James Hull, Bill McMillan, James Panknin, Robert Tomiiowitz, Kevin Wooten, Rich LaRue, Gene Browne, Bruce Chaa ROW THREE: LD. Jenkins, Jr., Major Scott R. Beaty, Glenn Wells, Saul Hernandez, Steven D. Angebrandt, Mike Frese, Kev Kutina, Jim Cooke, Terence R. Kelly, Peter Martino. 244 Psychobiology Honors Semper Fidelis Sigma Gamma Epsilon Ski Club Ski Club - ROW ONE Marie Drundorf, Wayne Karro, Gretchen von Helms, Jyon Watumull, Lynn Richardson, Steve Rudd - V-President Anne Balas - Treasurer, Paul Nassif - President Don Theis - V-President J.R (Dog), Sherri Shelling, Kurin Kerber, Pee Wee Northup. ROW TWO: Steve Miyasaki, Dee Dickson, Ann Lewris, Patty Megaro, Debby Demyanek, Tera Turner, Flori Leon, Cathy Reidy, Sindi Sewak, John R Yuen, Chris Marchack. ROW THREE Walter Havckorst III, Dan Mev»res, Walter " JD " Demyanek, Eric Anderson, Ted Harrison, Lindsey Williams, Daryl Doran, Henry Chang, Carios RSanchez, Scott Wallace Sigma Gamma Epsilon Ski Club 245 Society of Hispanic Engineers Society of Hispanic Engineers - ROW ONE: Javier F. Alonso, John Szijjarto, Samuel Alarcon, Hector G. Torres, Natasha Ramos, Oscar Cruz. ROW TWO: Ana M Villalon, Carlos H Cuellar, Santiago Mejia, Maria C Rojas, Ted Sanchez. ROW THREE: Christopher Hernandez, Walter Uribe, David A. Gonzalez, Steve Contreras, Miguel Barrera, Victor J. Vargas. ROW FOUR: Mary Glaimi Palcicio, Mark Ulloa. Society Of Petroleum Engineers Society of Petroleum Engineers - ROW ONE: A. Kodjo, unidentified, J. Christian, C Ullibarri, E Hunter, C Woodwrard, J. Hwang, P. Abdassah, P. Grey, P. Forelich. ROW TWO: R Aviles, D. Hobgood, Dr. Ershagi, S. Marinello, G. Nishidda, Dr. Handy, F. Caravaggio, A. Alfossial, Dr. Chilingar, M.Mehdizadeh, J. Chang, S. Kumar, A. Aba-Alkhail, J. Woodbury. ROW THREE: Dr. Dougherty, G. Simijiaan, V. Kagawan, K. Ehghani, B. Hatcher, S. Saneie, J. Sonka, L. Cao, L Leksono, A. Leicht S. Schultz, M. Sharma. 246 Hispanic Engineers Petroleum Engineers Society of Plastics Engineers Society of Plastics Engineers - ROW ONE: Joe Barbeno, George Sheu, Srinivas Budarajo, Wenji Victor Chang, Jane Brill, Traci Gillam. ROW TWO: Poonam Malviya, Lucky Tsitsopulos, Keith Maruya, Shared Kumar, Kien Kaviani, Derek Buffington, Massoud Mirzazadeh. ROW THREE: Arthur N. Wong, Elizabeth Hummell, Andrew Lee, Tzu-Nan Sun, Saad Akhtar, D.N. Dalai, Li- Jean Wang, Khushroo Lakjawala, Kuan-Feng Tsai. Society of Women Engineers Society of Women Engineers - ROW ONE: Natasha Ramos, Ellen Kong, Le Hoang Quynh Tran, Marcella Brotoatmodjo. ROW TWO: Carol Turner, Julie Lyon, Joanna Tong, Alice Shin, Karen Kong, Evelyn Ung, Elizabeth Hummell, Cecilia S. Wu, Allison Feltus, Jeanne Lenehan, Zainap Tanmizi. ROW THREE: Tina Santos, Susan Tseng, Francine Starks, Sandy Schneider, Agnes Lung, Marisa Muh, Glenda Collins, Renee Aland, Erica Dupree, Jana Brill, Teresa Ryan. ROW FOUR: Donna Li, Monica Nolan, Morin K. Park, Jawon Kong, Sheryl Faulhaber, Irene Wong, Kathy Chun Teresa Drake, Theresa Distaso. Plastics Engineers Wom en Engineers 247 Songfest Songfest - ROW ONE: Frank Butterfield, Kathy Hale, Mike Thornton, Jeff Ludwlkowski, Chris Benavides. ROW TWO: David Phillips, Gretchen Van Duzer, Dorothy Birsic, Cammie Mitchell, Bonnie Bim, Melissa Goldman, Laurie Churchmaan, Dalene Harbour, Gina Smith, Kate Axelrod. ROW THREE: Karin Anderson, Richard Brown, Beth Bugbee, Robb Mitchell, Lisa Goodman, Michelle Foxx, Stacy Bergil, Peter McClafferty. ROW FOUR: Tim Bentley, Randy Starr, Tom Fuelling, Andy Marinkovich, Linda Josi, Kim Donlon, Sheila Marie Pistone, Carolyn Bobb, Anish Trivedi, Tod DiTommaso, Tracy Berliner, Aime Stewart, Dave Mast, Ken Loy, Joan Fetsko, Lisa Brooks, Jeff Smith, Kirk Hobock. ROW FIVE: Jeff Soza, John Jabara, Rob Evans, Jim Ruff. ROW SK: Chris Schaller, Jonathan Merrill, Jon Tilkmeier, Jeff Dony. , ' Speakers Committee Speakers Committee - ROW ONE: Brian, Paul Corona, Roberta Mitchell, G. Gordon Liddy, Maggie Ford, Wayne Ezerski. ROW TWO: Mike Goodman, David England, Joyce Stavitz, Bradley Murray, Patricia, Michael Benton, Mike Hyman. 248 Songfest Speaker ' s Committee Spirit of Troy Marching Band Spirit of Troy Marching Band 249 Sports Information Club Sports Information Club - ROW ONE David A. Silverman, Nick Pecarich, Nicholas Salata. ROW TWa Ken Asher, Barry Sloan, Richaid Vasquez, Patty Robinson, Kenneth Ackerman, Russell Bell, Debby SancheZ, Tony Baca, Yvonne D. Thomas, Carol Ziehm. ROW THREE Lisa Maurino, Blain Skinner, David TutUe, Brian Rokos, Robin Fiene, Kim Stedman, Charm Bishop, Jeffrey Leong, Mike Nyman, Karen Crouse, Jack Gallagher, Sid Robinson, Dr. Ruth Sparhawk, advisor. Students Association of Gerontology Student Association of Gerontology - ROW ONE Anna Maria Rivas, Steve Sugar Ross, Sheila Anne McConville, Nona Chambers, Desiree Vanderupvdch, John Sobraske, Dave Kalinoski, Christopher Mulrooney, Duke A. Hoang, Maribel de Guzman, Carolyn Driver, Winifred McCloud. ROW TWO: Lynn Cavette, Denise M Esseff, Ursula Swicegood, Hank Carver, Dr. Raymond M Steinberg, Dr. Ruth B. Weg, Wayne Friedlander, Millie Allyn, Jean Carver, Pauline Abbott, Mary Armen. ROW THREE Mis. Harold Dean James, Mrs. Maria E Medina, Linda Oku, Gail Zita Doss, Jacqueline Kotish, Liz Zelinski, Eileen Crimmins, Vicky Lynn Mills. NOT PICTURED: David Peterson, Dr. James Birren, Linda Davis. 250 Sports Information Gerontology Students Tau Beta Pi Tau Beta PI - ROW ONE: Bob Manues, Stan Yamashiro, Sudargo Haisono, Brian Wilson, Julie Lyon, Roy Myose, Sharon Fujita, Le Hoang Quynh Tran, Richard Roberts. ROW TWO: Owen Hata, Scott Fairchild, Sean Armstrong, Christopher Ward, Alonzo, Brad Boehm, Tom Gramata, Andren Lee, Chester Lo, Fouad L Aghabi, Yee Ha Chan, A Edward Osawa, Jim Low. ROW TWO: Doug Wolfe, Francine Starks, Mimi Lampert Charlie Lum, Vince Anderson, Tom Kelley, Bart Cruz, Kwang Chung, Jason Lo, Jonathan Giang, San Yu Chan, Kee Sin Tan, Brent Sasaki, Gwen Nishida, J. Scott Zuckerman, Dave Pedersea ROW FOUR: Emerson Wong, Norm Crawford, Guy Whitla, Phil Fichthom, Frederick Jones, Suwhan Park, Steve Minassian, Robert Shatikian, Panagiotis Mentzelopoulos, Brian Kirking, Khoon-Tsen Kuok, Fon Wong, Kee Tiong Tan, Patrick LeBlanc. Thai Students Association Thai Students Association - ROW ONE: Thaveesak Maksae Reekul, Songpone Chantarapan, Siripunja Punja, Kasidith Snidvongs. ROW TWO: Supang Mukdaprakom, Pomtip Vorasathid, Julie Wang, Lalida Pinsuvana, Punjasiri Punja, Khemika Chotijul. ROW THREE: Sangad Satapatpattana, Manop Janjarasskul. ROW FOUR: Kiai Panyarachun, Laksna Thongthai, Kirati Assakul, Biravij Suwanpradhes, Kantathi Suphamongkhon, Chatchaval Jaravanuii, Krai Worawatpibul. Tau Beta Pi Thai Association 251 Troy Camp use Troy Camp - ROW ONE: Lisa Canzonier, Veronica Williams, Mina Patel, Mamie Cody, Adriene Nixon, Janet Piper. ROW TWO: Carolyn Oshiro, Jennifer McDonell, Mitch Reiss, Marie Varela, Debbie Loquet Laura Nairn, Jeff Tylicki, Angle Eason, Anthony Arrington. ROW THREE Sandra Bruce, Debbie Kessler, Kathy Hill, Sharon Dolezal, Marianne Robinsoa ROW FOUR: Eileen Burton, Matt Fenn, Susan Wong, Todd Barrett Rudy Dewanto, Michael Reilly. Troy Philippines Troy Philippines - ROW ONE: Cecilio B. Aranez, Cynthia MSalenga, Pierre Navarrete, Teresa Espiritu, Rowena Pangan, Mario Kahn, Nello Vega, Anvi Panlilio, Bernardino Vega, Jojo Canlas. ROW TWO: Bernard B. Babi«ra, Katherine Alba, Aileen Dano, Elizabeth T. Garcia, Juliet Del Cannen,Marinel Santos, Maidie S. Santiago, Maria Teresa R Gallardo, Ramona Santos, Frederico P. Prado Jr., Mariano C Ciron III ROW THREE: Melita Sison, Gina Francia. ROW FOUR: Chap Salazar, Skip Garcia, Eldon Vita, Jorick Javier, Mike Almanzor, Ed Reyes, Pepito Demonteverde. 252 Troy Camp Troy Philippines Undergraduate Psychology Association Undergraduate Psychology Association - ROW ONE: Julie Collier, Deriree Reedus, Paul Barton, President Sharon Dolezal, Susan Kanne. ROW TWO: Dorthy McAllister, Millie Harrison, Debra Salovey, Toni Wells, Todd Nordahl. ROW THREE: John Iturri, Joe Gusich, Don Grable, Craig Bowman. Weight Lifting Club Weight Ufting - ROW ONE: Matthew Mulyanto, Vincent Kunst Lila Hodder, Milton Lie. ROW TWO: RE Perez, Rob VoUmer, Albert Crunauer, Epi Conyea, Robert Lewis. Undergraduate Psychology Association Weight-Lifting Club 253 Above: FEARLESS - 1908 team captain Stanislaus Burek strikes a classis pose. Right: FINDING THE MAN - Sophomore Sean Salisbury promises to balance the USC attack. 254 Sports ' This is the thing that I was born to do Samuel Daniels, Musophilus Coaches, players, and athletic directors are fond of emphasizing the value of team play. Heisman- winning running backs rightfully give credit to the offensive line; ' teamwork ' is a sacred term to a sports-loving nation. Notably, however, sports are also functions of individual will. Intercollegiate sports, especially, require personal dedication. Fre- quently they interrupt private lives. Meeting each challenge and striving for perfection, USC athletes deserve and receive high honors. Sports Sports 255 Trojans Sputter In Opener, Florida use 17 9 Facing perhaps the most challenging road schedule of the past decade, the use football team opened their 1981-82 season traveling to Gainesville, Florida where they took on the highly-ranked Gators. Having beaten Miami the previous week, Florida brought the confidence of one victory to the playing field. " It ' s a great advantage for Florida to have played a game, " said Coach Robinson. " They get an extra week of practice and they get a chance to iron out all those first game problems everyone has. " After trailing 14-0 at the half, the fourth quarter saw the Trojans closing the gap to 17-9 on a touchdown pass and a field goal. Despite the loss, the Trojans averaged more yards per play than Florida. Obviously, changes were needed in the offensive, defensive, and special teams. 256 Florida Find High Gear Against Indiana Far Left: WHERE TO GO? - Receiver Jeff Simmons tries to elude Gator defender. Left: TROJAN DEFENSE - Trojans keep a close watch on Indi- ana ' s Chuck Howard. Lower Left: OOPS! - Fred Crutcher stumbles in his first start. Lower Right: BROWNER TAKES TO THE OFFENSE - Sports Illustrated ' s defense player of the week heads for the end zone. use Indiana 28 7 use had not lost to a Big Ten team in the past ten confrontations, and the Indi- ana game proved no exception. The Tro- jans overpowered the Hoosiers in the season ' s first home game. The new Trojan offense capitalized against Indiana ' s unremarkable defense, use total yards rushing was three times that of the previous game; there were no interceptions. Playing with the aggressiveness re- qired to win, the Trojans gained a 28-0 lead by half-time. In a less exciting sec- ond half, the Hoosiers revitalized to score, but in the end the Trojans triumphed 28-7. This game relieved for many SC fans the doubts raised by the disappointing performance in Florida, and promised a more entertaining season ahead. Indiana 257 use Oklahoma 12 Sooners Get Shut Down ...And Shut-Out Injuries began to plague the Trojan of- fense during a blanking of the Oklahoma Sooners in Norman. Tailback Fred Crutcher, the star running back of the first three games, was sidelined with a severely sprained left knee. His backup Michael Harper was still out with a cast on his right ankle. The defense, though suffering some losses too, sparkled against the hopeless Sooner Wishbone. Inside linebacker coach Artie Gigantino said " Everybody was ready to play, ... " and especially noted the performances of Riki Gray and Joey Browner, with 13 and ten tackles respectively. Another boost for the Trojans in the nationally televised game was the punt- ing of David Pryor, who put the ball more than 50 yards away on three occa- sions. More than 75,000 Sooner fans saw their futile hopes for revenge crushed in an amazing 12-0 ' SC victory. Photos by Jon Soo Hoo Above: TAKE IT EASY - Tac- kle Don Mosebar watches to see that a Trojan ballhandler is still intact. Top: LENDING A HELPING HAND - Keith Browner is helped back into his uniform. Above: OFF AND RUNNING - Fred Crutcher takes handoff from quarterback Sean Salisbury. 258 Oklahoma Above: PRETTY SIGHT - Scoreboard depicts Trojans on the way to a shutout victory. I Above: CRUNCH - Jack Del Rio gets to the Oklahoma quarterback for ; another sack. Oklahoma 259 Ducks Were In Season Above: THE RED SHIRTS ARE COMING - USC takes to the field. Above Right: BREAKING AWAY • Timmy Ware cuts to the outside on a deep pattern. Far Right: EASY DOES IT - Zep Lee runs through a gaping hole left by Joe Murray and Bruce Matthews. Right: STAND FAST - Center Tony Slaton pre- pares for any and all comers. 260 Oregon use Oregon 38 7 The Trojans tallied a second straight defensive shut-out by routing Oregon 38-7 in use ' s PAC-10 season opener. On the first play from scrimmage, free safety Joey Browner picked off an Ore- gon pass and returned the ball 34 yards for a touchdown. Oregon ' s only score came on a blocked punt in the second quarter. The Trojans were in command. It was open season on Ducks. Prior to the game, the team ' s offensive unit had been somewhat of a question mark. Both starting tailbacks, Michael Harper and Fred Crutcher, were side- lined with injuries. Mid-week, Coach John Robinson announced that fullback Todd Spencer would fill in at tailback. The sophomore replacement carried the ball 29 times for 149 yards and three touchdowns. He also caught three passes for 48 more yards. Spencer ' s was not the only headline performance of the day. Following the game, Robinson compared Browner ' s level of play to that of former Trojan Ronnie Lott, who is now All-Pro safety for the San Francisco 49ers. " He ' s play- ing absolutely great football, " said Ro- binson. Browner through four games ac- cumulated 31 tackles, broke up four passes, intercepted two others, and ranked number one in the PAC-10 and number two in the nation in punt re- turns. Oregon 261 use Stanford 41 21 use extended its nation-leading scor- ing streak to 171 games on a clear day in Palo Alto, handily defeating confer- ence rival Stanford. The combination of a passing quarterback and aggressive split end continued to harass opposing secondaries, as four of Sean Salisbury ' s 17 passes connected for 62 yards in Jeff Simmons ' hands. Fourteen injured players since the start of the season did not keep the Tro- jans from advancing their record to 4-1. A stingy defense deserved most of the praise, helping prevent possible Heis- man candidate John Elway, the Cardinal quarterback, from riddling USC with passes; in fact, they picked off three. Ranked ninth nationally in overall de- fense and fifth in scoring defense, the Trojans relied on the talents of Keith Browrner, Joey Browner, and Jack Del Rio for exceptional plays. History was made as kicker Steve Jor- dan booted the longest field goal in use ' s history, 52 yards. Anthony Gibson became the third Trojan tailback this season to break the 100-yard per game mark and scored three touchdowns in a balanced USC attack that put the game out of Stanford ' s reach late in the third quarter. Right: CELEBRATION - Sean Salisbury congratulates Anthony Gibson following one of the tailback ' s three touchdowns. Salisbury completed 17 of 30 passes for 201 yards while running in two TD ' s himself. Gibson carried the ball 19 times for 120 yards. Photo by Jim Lanahan 262 Stanford Trojans Cut Cardinar Short Photo by Jim Lanahan Far Left: UP AND OVER - Todd Spencer prepares to hurdle Trojan linemen into the Stanford defense. Left: ADVANCING TROUBLE - Freshman tailback Andrew Jackson, the JV squad ' s Most Valuable Player, is about to be tackled by an on- coming Cardinal. use Dams Beavers use Oregon State 38 The accurate arm of Sean Salisbury led the streaking Trojans to yet another shutout victory, this time over the hap- less Oregon State Beavers. Having thrown just one interception in his last 99 passes, Salisbury displayed effortless talent in the first half, completing 10-of- 14 passes for 130 yards. A largely sec- ond-string offense maintained the pace through the remainder of the game. Backups made a fine effort for the de- fense as well. At one point in the last quarter, the Beavers, threatening with a first down on the Trojan four-yard-line, were stopped four times in an awesome display of immobility. By the end of the game, USC had achieved an amazing 17 tackles for OSU losses. 264 Oregon State Sun Devil Curse Continues Arizona State use A " terrible blow to Sean " (Salisbury, Trojan starting quarterback) and a tre- mendous day for split end Jeff Simmons made USC ' s loss to defensive terror Ari- zona State an up-and-down experience. Sophomore Salisbury seriously tore his right knee ligaments near the end of the third quarter. Taking over for the re- mainder of the game and season, senior Scott Tinsley threw for 99 yards in a doomed Trojan comeback attempt. The quarterbacks ' chief target was sen- ior Simmons, who tied a USC record for single-game receptions at 11. The receiv- er ' s 173 yards brought him to fourth on the USC all-time list, with four games remaining in the season. Running back Todd Spencer also had a good gartie, gaining 79 yards in 26 carries. A contest between the PAC-lO ' s Num- ber One and Number Two defenses, the game saw two interceptions, four fum- bles and nineteen punts. Four younger tacklers - Jack Del Rio, Neil Hope, Keith Browner and Brian Luft - were particu- larly effective in defending against the ASU weakside attack. Despite the loss, assistant defensive coach Artie Gigantino called it " one of our better efforts " . Above Far Left: READY - Tim Sulli- van is set for action. Above Left: JOURNEYMAN - An- thony Gibson steps into the lime- light after four years of obscurity. Above: RECORD BOUND - Jeff Simmmons runs off toward pass re- ception records. Right: ADD ONE - Scott Tinsley and Steve Jordon combine on another point after. Left: BACK TO PASS - Sean Salis- bury searches for an open receiver. Bears Offer Little Challenge use Cal 42 Racking up their fourth shut-out of the season in the Coliseum, USC defenders overpowered the Cal-Berkeley Bears on the way to a 42-0 rout. The win boosted the Trojan ' s record to 6-2 overall. The Trojan defense took control of the game with a USC-record eight intercep- tions, two of which, caught by tackle Byron Darby and cornerback Barrel Hop- per, were returned for touchdowns; a third, caught by lin ebacker Keith Browner, set up another touchdown. The Bears managed only 23 yards rushing and 201 yards total offense against the hammering Trojan defense. Leading rusher Todd Spencer, starting tailback, rallied for three touchdowns and 69 yards before spraining his ankle, further aggravating the Trojan ' s injury- ridden roster. Scott Tinsley, replacing the injured Sean Salisbury, completed 6-of-ll passes and lead the Trojans to 299 total yards offensively in his first start of the season as quarterback. Flanker Timmie White hit split end Jeff Simmons with a 39-yard touchdown bomb in a flawless repetition of their highly successful ' flea flicker play ' . The duo are 4-for-4 on the reverse pass which is averaging over 49 yards a play. Above: SEEING IS BELIEVING? - Coach John Robinson can ' t accept what ' s hap- pening on the field. Right: SAY CHEESE - Split end Jeff Simmons cracks a smile during pregame stretching. 266 Cal jBjjflL % Jfc B jf pB 1 « lifli V Left: ESCAPE - Tailback Todd Spencer looks for a way around oncom- ing Cal defenders. Below Left: BLITZ! - Linebacker Jack Del Rio takes off after Cal quarterback. Below: CLASH OF THE TITANS - Keith Browner duels with Cal lineman. Trojans Break More Than Records Injuries this season made an unusually strong Trojan offense look sometimes like a rambling wreck. Not one of the starting backfield made it through the 11 -game season without some sort of tear or sprain. First, Michael Harper and tight end Pat McCool missed the Okla- homa game with sprains. Fred Crutcher severely sprained his knee during that game, and was lost for the season. Minor injuries to every other backfield starter, including another tailback with knee sprain, Todd Spencer, led the Trojans through five straight victories before they lost Sean Salisbury - and the game - at Tempe, Arizona. Salisbury was out for the season with torn right knee liga- ments. The defense had its setbacks also, los- ing signal-caller August Curley in the second-game of the season, and sustain- ing several other wounds which kept players out of games or quarters. In all, use had to compile its 8-3 record with a staggering total 21 broken players. Few members of the team deny that football can be a violent sport. They continue to play for the glory and - for many at USC - the chance for a professional football career. Above Right: ANOTHER ONE BITS THE DUST - Duane Bickett joins the growing list of injured players. Right: WALKING WOUNDED - Host of Trojan players are carted onto the field. ppt Bpr wp mm «i» wigt, |Br, WSf. iW Wf. •iF wpr, iw • HXi IBHSHHt JHMWV ' " " im|||(|,|,m,|| fs W FT ' SMWWft JWiJtfHii frr " -vfir " ' iwr ■SWr imf ' mm » »» wwf » «• 268 Injuries i. Trojans Declaw Wildcats use Arizona 48 41 use has many big scores and close wins, but few bigger and closer than a wild night game in Tucson, Arizona. The offensive and defensive teams each scored three touchdowns as the Trojans and Wildcats exchanged eight fumbles and three interceptions. Scott Tinsley threw 14-for-25, gaining 209 yards mostly in combination with two-touch- down receiver Jeff Simmons. Tinsley also threw a touchdown pass to flanker Timmie White, and Anthony Gibson gained 94 yards. Helping out on the scoring were three interception TD ' s (an NCAA record) from an agressive Trojan defense. Part of a season-long effort which had seen 115 points set up by turnovers, the Trojan thieves complemented an already strong defense. Overall, USC ranked fourth na- tionally in rushing defense, and seventh in both scoring and total defense. BLUE - 78, GO...HUT - Quarterback Scott Tinsley call the signals. Left: UP AND OVER - Tailback Todd Spener fol- lows the blocking of guard Bruce Mat- thews. Arizona 269 Above: SO CLOSE - Scott Tinsley following foiled two-point conversion attempt. Gamble Fails As Bruins Gain Revenge UCLA use 20 19 Troy Week culminated in a heart- breaking loss to UCLA when quarterback Scott Tinsley was sacked as he at- tempted a game-winning two point con- version. The Trojans fell behind 14-3 in the first quarter, but held the Bruins to only 57 yards and one first down in the entire second half. After their first two scoring drives, UCLA gained only four first downs in the remainder of the game. The Trojans pulled to within one point with a one yard pass to tight end Mark Boyer as time ran out. Not willing to settle for a tie, USC went for it all and came up with nothing. " I ' m disappointd our defense didn ' t play as consistently at the beginning of the game as it did at the end, " said USC assistant coach Artie Gigantino. " But I was proud that we weren ' t shook up by our early lack of success. We played ex- tremely hard and had some outstanding individual performances. Tim Sullivan was all over the field, and Riki Gray, Byron Darby and Joey Browner all played well, too. " 270 UCLA o a, Left: WHICH WAY IS UP? - Todd Spen- cer is upended by UCLA ' s Kenny Page. Below Left: PAIN!! - UCLA player takes a rough block from a Trojan lineman. Be- low: I CAN ' T SEE - UCLA ball carrier is blinded by Trojan tackier. Photo by Dave Sakamoto UCLA 271 Trojans Win One For The Fat Guy ' use Notre Dame 17 13 Ending their probationary season and John Robinson ' s coaching career on a positive note, the home-team Trojans proved that luck is not the exclusive property of the Irish. They extended their winning streak against historic ri- val Notre Dame to five. In front of 76,459, the largest Coliseum crowd of the season, the team played emotional football, knowing that this year, there would be no post-season bowl games. An additional incentive for victory came in their coach ' s Tuesday announcement that he would be retiring from football in order to take an admin- istrative position with the university, and that Notre Dame would be the last game of his highly successful career. Jeff Simmons ' work in this game ad- vanced him to first place on the all-time Trojan receiver list; still,USC was behind most of the game. But a Trojan rally late in the fourth quarter took them to the Photos by Jim Lanahan 272 Notre Dame Photo by Dave Phillips Photo by Jim Lanahan Notre Dame one-yard-line on a pass-in- terference call. On the following play, Michael Harper leaped over the Irish de- fense and crossed the goal-plane - or so it was reported by the officials at the time. Many photographs and descrip- tions given after the fact, however, showed that Harper had actually fum- bled the ball before scoring. Despite this debate, the Trojans officially recorded a 17-13 win - appropriately finishing a controversial season. Far Upper Left: TRIBUTE TO TROY - All-American guard Bruce Matthews joins coach John Robinson in a victory sa- lute. Upper Left: TOUCHDOWN - Ail-American tackle Don Mosebar (and the official) signal for six points. Above: BEAUTY OR BEAST? - Senior guard Joe Murray following the game. Far Left: NOT THIS TIME - Trojan defense comes together against Notre Dame. Left: HIGH STEPPING - Tail- back Michael Harper eludes Irish defender. Notre Dame 273 274 Football Team 19SS Football Season ALL PAC-10 FIRST TEAM ALL-AMERICAN TEAM George Achica Joey Browner Jack Del Rio Bruce Matthews Don Mosebar f Tony Slaton ACADEMIC It ft PAC-10 W Duane Bickett Riki Gray George Achica Bruce Matthews Don Mosebar MORRIS TROPHY WINNERS (Outstanding Lineman In The PAC-10 As Voted By The Players) George Achica Bruce Matthews RECORDS TIED OR BROKEN THIS SEASON Longest Field Goal - 52 Yards (Steve Jordon: Stanford) Receptions In A Game - 11 (Jeff Simmons: Arizona State, Notre Dame) Receptions In A Season - 56 (Jeff Simmons) Receptions In A Career - 106 (Jeff Simmons) Yards Receiving In A Season - 973 (Jeff Simmons) Longest Running Streak Without A Shut-out In The NCAA - 177 i ■ ?. Spencer Gibson RUSHING TCB NET 141 596 140 581 9 PASSING Salisbury Tinsley PA PC PI YDS 142 82 5 1062 121 74 3 879 Photo by Diane Edwardson Top: STOP THAT GOAL - Clem Penrose blocks his opponent while goalie Eric Davidson watches anxiously. Above: HOT POTATO - Sophomore Charlie Harris snatches the ball away. 276 Water Polo Poloists Face Murky Future The water poloists finished a respecta- ble fifth in the NCAA finals with 17-11-1 record. While faltering in front of the PAC-10 leaders, Stanford and Berkeley, the team faced competition for a place in the administration ' s budget. Assistant coach George Harris said the team raised $40,000 since the end of last season, and that this money should ensure its future until 1984. Money, however, was not the only consideration in whether to continue water polo. It was decided that because of the new swim facility and the fact that the Olympics will be coming to Los Angeles " we ought to maintain the pro- gram, including support of scholarships, until the end of the 1984 season, " said President Zumberge. Water polo coaches expected a bright season this year. Many of its players swam in summer leagues or traveled to Europe to play summer water polo. USC, indeed, entered this season with what Harris called " the best-rounded team in the country. " Although the group lost All-American junior Greg Anderson when he tore his rotator cuff in the sum- mer, they advanced into conference play with several key players: sophomore Charlie Harris and senior Jeff Young as 2-meter men, senior captain Clem Pen- rose and sophomore Mike Spiar as driv- ers, and junior Like Hardesty as an at- tacker. Above Left: A CLASSIC POSE - Senior Captain Clem Penrose looks to score. Left: ' I GOT IT ' - Sophomore Eric Davidson lunges for the ball during warm-up. Water Polo 277 Volleyball Falters To Close From the start, aspirations for the women ' s volleyball team were high. The two-time defending national champions were going for their third straight title and were ranked number one in the NCAA pre-season poll. Under coach Chuck Erbe, the team had won four na- tional championships in the past six sea- sons. The first half of the season extin- guished hopes of use season-long domi- nance as the Trojans managed only four wins in the Western Collegiate Athletic Association. Mid-season, however, roused memo- ries of championship glory because from that point forward there were to be seven straight WCAA wins without a loss. After trailing San Diego State and Stanford in the WCAA standings for most of the year, the Trojans regained position by defeating both teams late in the season, thus entering the Midwest Regionals as the number 1 seed. As for the origin of this prow- ess. . . junior Dana Smith, freshman Tracy Clark, senior Margaret Grant and sophomore Kim Ruddins were acknowl- edged as mostly responsible. Smith and Clark were named to the First Team AU- WCAA while Grant and Ruddins were selected to the honorable mention team. Clark finished with a .390 hitting per- centage - second in the conference - while teammate Smith set a school re- cord for most number of kills in a sea- son. Clark picked up the first of two MVP awards in the regionals, where the Tro- jans downed Tennessee and Purdue to gain a berth as one of the final four in the NCAA championships. The NCAA semi-finals saw the Trojans defeat San Diego State and advance to the finals with Hawaii. Ending a great season-long Trojan effort, Hawaii rallied from behind to defeat the Trojans for the championship. Clark was named MVP with 32 kills. Exciting Season Above: AWWRIGHT!! - Margaret Grant celebrates with teammates. Above Right: HIGH STRETCHING - Janice Johnson and Tracy Clark in combat at the net. Right: ANTICIPATION - Kim Ruddins awaits the inevitable blow. 278 Women ' s Volleyball Women ' s VolleybaU 279 Above Left: BUMP, SET, SPIKE! - High jumping and hard hitting are the name of the game. Above Right: COME BACK HERE - Kim Ruddins in hot pursuit. Lower Right: S-T-R-E-T-C-H TWO THREE FOUR - Janice Johnson and Dana Smith reach for the baU. 280 Women ' s VolleybaU iT N Above Right: TAKE THAT! - Team Captain Dana Smith whomps the ball. Lower Left: ALL TOGETHER NOW - Lori Uranich and Margaret Grant concentrate on the play. Women ' s Volleyball 281 Right: GETTING LOW - Doug Killian prepares to set the ball for action. Far Right: RIDING HIGH - Bill Yardley jumps high to return the ball. Far Right Below: SMILES OF SUCCESS - Players smile after spiking their way to a vic- tory. Photos by Dave Phillips Men ' s Volleybzdl Team - ROW ONE: Rob Mitchell, Mark Beltran, Robert Chavez, Eric Clark, Maury Gentile ROW TWO: Trainer Jim Henderson, Owen McKibbin, Rudy Dvorak, Steve Rottman, Scott Cook, Chao Ying Zhang, Assistant Coach Alan Rosehill ROW THREE: Head Coach Bob Yoder, Doug Killian, Wes Welch, Steve Murphy, Adam Horstman, Bill Yardley, Assistant Coach Bill Stetson. 282 Men ' s VolleybaU Volleyball Sets Up A Winning Season The men ' s volleyball team, coming off last year ' s third place victory in the NCAA tournament, entered the 1983 sea- son ranked fifth in the nation. Despite the loss of three All- Americans, second- year coach Bob Yoder, a former Trojan Ail-American, described the team as " a very close-knit group ready to improve on last year ' s showing. " Three talented outside hitters returned from last year ' s squad to provide a stable foundation for the team, junior Bill Yar- dley, and seniors Steve Rottman and Robert Chavez. Senior transfer Wes Welch, a middle blocker, also added strength v rith his impressive athletic ability. Men ' s Volleyball 283 Men ' s Basketball Team - ROW ONE: Managers Kelly Kerner, Mike Murchison, Archie Cunanan (head), Chris Boulter. ROW TWO: Jacque Hill, Tony Bryant, James McDonald, Kevin Steward, Glenn Smith, Larry Friend. ROW THREE: Cedric Bailey, Troy LaMar, Ken Johnson, Clayton Olivier, Wayne Carlander, Gerry Wright, Ron Holmes. ROW FOUR: Asst. Coach Stan Stewart, Asst. Coach David Spencer, Head Coach Stan Morrison, Asst. Coach Lee Swayze, Asst. Coach Rocky Moore. Photos by Lincoln Douglas Hiatt Right: THERE IT IS - Ron Holmes and Lion opponent watch the action intently. Far Right: SKYWALKERS - Jacque Hill skies to block Loyola Marymount player ' s lay-up. 284 Men ' s Basketball Recruits Add Depth To Trojan Five Though inexperienced, the 1982-83 men ' s basketball team played hard with heart and determination. Dedicated personnel accounted for the team ' s spirited struggles to match a big NCAA tournament season in 1982. Stan Morrison, returning for his fourth season as head coach, bore the confidence of a successful coach who knows his game and is always available to his play- ers. The starting line-up consisted of hard-working players including out- standing senior Jacque Hill. Hill, a four- year starter at point guard, was the team ' s co-captain along with senior James McDonald, a defensive specialist. Wayne Carlander, a member of the Pac- lO ' s all-rookie team last year, returned and led the team in scoring. Long range shooting guard Cedric Bailey, a junior, and sophomore Clayton Olivier fill the other two spots. Olivier was thrust into the line-up following the transfer of star sophomore center Ken Johnson after the second game. The reserves made room for them- selves on the team. Returnees senior guard Tony Bryant and sophomores Glenn Smith, a guard, and Ron Holmes, a forward who redshirted last season, contributed points and rebounds. The top recruit for the ' 82- ' 83 season is Gerry Wright, nicknamed ' Sir Jamalot ' for his spectacular in-the-face slams, led the team in blocked shots. The other fresh- men are forward Troy LaMar, a walk-on, and guards Larry Friend and Kevin Steward, both talented high school play- ers from the Los Angeles area. The first game of the season, an exhi- bition against Athletes In Action, was the first victory, 76-72. The first loss occurred in Tulsa over the Thanksgiving holiday with Oral Roberts taking the Trojans 72-51. Back at home against Santa Clara, USC never trailed and bucked the Broncos 79-68 on the strength of a balanced offense and the performance of freshman Wright who pulled down 14 rebounds, blocked eight shots and jammed three slams. On the road again the team made a pit-stop at ' the pit ' . New Mexico ' s arena and one of the toughest places for visiting teams to play. Unfortunately, the Trojans were continued on page 267 Men ' s Basketball 285 286 Men ' s Basketball Basketball Seeks Repeat NCAA Berth »9| Photos bv Lincoln Douglas Hiatt it Far Left: TUG OF WAR - Troy LaMar and Gerry Wright stretch out during pre-practice warm-ups. Left: I GOT IT - Center Clayton Olivier outmuscles all others for a rebound. Below Left: OH NO - Cedric Bailey appears to be on a collision course with de- fender. continued from page 285 cast down by the Lobos 77-74 even though Carlander had a career high 21 points and New Mexico was outre- bounded 41-30. In Laramie, the Trojans came back to lasso the Cowboys of Wyo- ming as Olivier sunk a five-foot jumper with 26 seconds left to give USC a 56-55 victory. Next the Trojans embarrassed a veteran San Jose State team 72-54 but were outsized by the Iowa Hawkeyes, 66-55. At the Sports Arena, Loyola Mary- mount was no threat against continued success at home: with guards Hill and Bailey donating a combined 31 points, USCcaged the Lions 74-63. The Colorado State game was another triumph after the Trojans woke up in the second half to put away the Rams 72-65. The Winston Classic Tournament drew a crowd of 10,000. USC was pitted against sixth-ranked Alabama who proved deserving of that spot by pulling away from a tied score at halftime to win 74-61. In the consolation game, however, the Trojans badgered Wiscon- sin into an 86-76 defeat with McDonald and Hill scoring career highs of 19 and 21 respectively. continued on page 289 Men ' s Basketball 287 A M9 i A-% Right: YOU CAN ' T HAVE IT - Wayne Carlander keeps ball away from Husky defender. Below: WATCHFUL EYES - Head Coach Stan Morrison looks before he speaks during a timeout. m Photos by Lincoln Douglas Hiatt 288 Men ' s Basketball . r . Cagers Place High In PAC-10 continued from page 287 In the PAC-10 what was expected to be a close, muddy race became instead a clear display of Bruin prowess. The Men of Troy did well initially, but could not overcome a string of four losses in late February and March. The Trojans were ranked third in pre- season polls, and opened their Pac-10 play with a victory against the Arizona Wildcats in Tucson and a loss to the Sun Devils of Arizona State in Tempe. At home USC upset three-time defend- ing PAC-10 champs Oregon St. 74-69. In Palo Alto, Troy was birdfeed for the Car- dinal and suffered their worst loss since 1921 against Stanford, 92-74. But they redeemed themselves two days later against the California Bears. USC also faced a very tough Washington State team that surprisingly was in first place mid-season. The Trojans also faced the Ducks from Oregon and the Washington Huskies. The loss of starter Gerry Wright before the last four conference games was the culmination of weeks of bad feeling among Stan Morrison ' s players. Philo- sophical differences persuaded Wright, already a standout in his freshman year, to resign. This surprise announcement came in the middle of a four-game losing streak which eliminated USC from post- season tournament consideration. Left: THE ARMS HAVE IT - Freshman stand-out Gerry Wright takes an elbow to the jaw in the heat of battle. Men ' s Basketball 289 Women ' s Basketball - ROW ONE: Rhonda Windham, Shontel Sherwood, Melissa Ward, Cynthia Cooper, Juliette Robinson, Yolanda Fletcher. ROW TWO: Kathy Doyle, Cheryl Miller, Paula McGee, JaMaiia Bond, Pam McGee, Tracy Longo, Timi Pitzer. 290 Women ' s Basketball Women Try Rebounding From Tech, LB State Losses Above: ' DON ' T DO THAT ' - Paula McGee reaches over an opponent. The women ' s basketball team started its season v ith high expectations and a number one ranking. However, pre-season rankings created on paper must be defended on the courts. This year the Trojan women ' s squad fought for status and the promise of last year against some of the strongest teams in the nation, including defending national champion Louisiana Tech, high- ranking Tennessee and Oregon, and Western Collegiate Athletic Association opponents Long Beach State, UCLA, Ari- zona State, Arizona, Stanford, San Diego State and FuUerton. Reaching the pinnacle was the goal of coach Linda Sharp. In her sixth season with use and armed with a team of outstanding players, many of whom helped lead the Trojans to last year ' s fifth place ranking. Sharp said " our 1982-83 squad contains experience and youthful talent that is necessary for us to achieve our ultimate goal - winning the national championship. " Sharp ' s hopes were fueled by the play of four returning starters and several promising newcomers. The consistent play of Pam and Paula McGee along with Cynthia Cooper and Kathy Doyle assured a strong showing for the Trojans. They were assisted by returning players Juliette Robinson, Timi Pitzer, Yolanda Fletcher and Shontel Sherwood. The J- Trojans suffered a major setback, how- jg ever, when they lost sophomore Tracy g Longo for most of the season because of 1 a knee injury. J The new kid on the block was Cheryl £ Miller. Despite freshman naivete, she g proved herself no stranger to the court. Although just out of high school. Miller has been called the greatest women ' s I basketball player ever. She made na- £ tional headlines in spring 1982 when she scored 105 points in a high school game. continued on page 295 Women Court NCAA Title Right: EYE OF THE TIGER - Pam McGee poises herself for the next play. Below Left: SIDELINE SUPPORT - Tracy Longo, injured at the beginning of the season, gets into the play. Below Right: DOING WHAT IT TAKES - Paula McGee lands yet another. 292 Women ' s Basketball Photos by Lincoln Douglas Hiatt Above: CHANGING DIRECTIONS - Cheryl Miller takes control. Left: TROUBLE AT THE FRONT - Yolanda Fletcher leaves Techsters falling at her feet. I Women ' s Basketball 293 ■%. Above: DON ' T LOOK BACK - Cheryl Miller has all angles covered. Right: PLAYING IT COOL - Cynthia Cooper passes the ball with confidence. Above Right: TEAM WORK - Cheryl Miller hopes for a rebound as team- mates Pam McCee and Paula McGee look on. Above Far Right: GOING IT ALONE - Rhonda Windham jumps high to gather in the ball. i ' ' ' ■ " ' H M . J :-:z:jz:z:y -., . °: Mf nLiit tet ii mi mKftKt lfKi m LI " " ;-:; ' . m f sSPF ■ - " 294 Women ' s Basketball Miller Has The Time . . . And Talent continued from page 291 Other recruits include Rhonda Wind- ham, another high school All-American, and JaMaiia Bond. Melissa Ward and LeAnne Sera rounded out the team. The Trojans started the season with a 13-game winning streak which included a 64-58 win over two-time defending champion Louisiana Tech. That win broke the Lady Techsters ' string of 59 victories. The game, played before a crowd of 8,000 in Louisiana, gave the Trojans an early season boost that ena- bled them to capture championships at the Wahine Rainbow Classic and the Winston Tire Classic. The Trojans encountered their first roadblock when they faced the Lady Techsters for the second time. Hoping to avenge the earlier loss, the Techsters played hard and squeaked by the Tro- jans with a score of 58-56. The sell-out crowd at Orange Coast College saw the Trojans swallow a defeat and relinquish their number one ranking for the first time since the season began. Although that loss, and the next defeat at the hands of Long Beach State was a setback, Coach Sharp was certain that experience would serve the team well. ' This will take the pressure off. It will make us a better team, " she said. With the presence of Pam McGee, Paula McGee, and Cheryl Miller - some of the country ' s most promising athletes - and the excellence of the rest of the team, success seemed unavoidable. Women ' s Basketball 295 Team Serves Up Faultless Season Right: IN THE AIR - Tim Pawsat impresses the crowd as he jumps to attack. Below: TEAM- WORK - ROW ONE: Gary Lemon, Jorge Lozano, Brad Cherry, Tim Pawsat, Todd Witsken. ROW TWO: Jim Agate, Ric Bengtson. ROW THREE: Antony Emerson, Coach Dick Leach, Rafael Bel- mar Osuna. ROW FOUR: Matt Anger. Photo by Dave Phillips 296 Men ' s Tennis Photos by Dave Phillips Left: S-T-R-E-T-C-H - Matt Anger reaches high for a winner. Below: EXPERT PLAY - Todd Witsken deliv- ers an unreturnable backhand. Below Left: ON HIS TOES - Jorge Lozano overpowers both the ball and his opponent with intensity. Men ' s Tennis 297 Teams Out To Prove USC Is Number 1 The men ' s tennis team started the year on the right foot, easily defeating most of its top competition at the Palm Springs Invitational Tournament in Janu- ary. The Trojans, ranked third by the Tennis Coaches Association, outplayed first ranked Southern Methodist Univer- sity and second ranked Pepperdine to capture the team trophy. Folloviring last year ' s tradition, youth prevailed on the team, and seven of the ten players v ere underclassmen. The team v as stronger this year, especially in the area of doubles, and a national championship wras a realistic goal. Fourth-year coach Dick Leach said, " While our players are young, they play way beyond their years. They ' ve been winners all their lives and they know how to win under pressure. " Returning to the No. 1 singles position was last year ' s freshman All-American Matt Anger who came to USC as the top junior player in the world. Another sophomore, Todd Witsken, played in the No. 2 spot followed by freshmen Tim Pawsat and Jorge Lozano, and sopho- more Antony Emerson. The No. 6 posi- tion was a constant battle among sopho- more Ric Bengtson, juniors Gary Lemon and Brad Cherry, and senior Jim Agate. " Intensity is a big asset this year, " said Witsken. " We ' re a stronger team than last year because everyone puts out one-hundred percent everytime they ' re on the court. If we continue to mature throughout the season, we could defi- nitely win the NCAA ' s. " 298 Men ' s Tennis Far Uft: A TENNIS TRADITION - Cecilia is the third Fernandez to bring her tennis talents to USC. Center Left: DOUBLE TROUBLE - Todd Witsken watches as Jim Agate returns a volley. Left: PLAYTIME - Janet Lagasse makes practice fun with her new playing technique. Above: WATCH IT - Antony Emerson approaches the net with his eye on the ball. Women ' s Tennis 299 Depth Brings Success For Women ' s Tennis With five returning regulars and a freshman class that includes last years ' nationally top-ranked junior player, this year ' s squad entered the 1983 campaign as the number one rated team in the country. Junior Kelly Henry, sophomore Cecelia Fernandez and freshman Beth Herr alternated play at the top position. " This is my deepest team; I have more good players than I have ever had before and all 11 have a tremendous attitude, " eighth year coach Dave Borelli com- mented. The Trojans began the season in quest of the national title which has eluded them the last two seasons. Sue Pendo, Kathleen Lillie, Nina Voydat and Carol Heynan provided the experience and newcomers Janet LaGasse, Dena Levy, Cheryl Jones and Heliane Steden were the promising youth in this year ' s squad. Above Right: CONCENTRATION - All-American Kelly Henry reaches for a backhand return. Right: HALF VOL- LEY - Freshman Dena Levy charges the net following a short return. 300 Women ' s Tennis Above: PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT - Nina Voydat works on her serve. Left: WORLD CLASS RETURN - Freshman Beth Herr, ranked 44th in the world in January, showcases her form as a Trojan. Women ' s Tennis 301 Swimming Stretches Towards Victory The use Men ' s Swimming Team was high in the rankings midway through their 1982-1983 season. With last year ' s surprise losses to Arizona and Arizona State to avenge, Coach Peter Daland worked his team to near perfection. The exciting narrow victory over Arizona (59-54) culminated a winning streak over arch-nemesis Arizona State, UC Santa Barbara, Cal State Long Beach, and Pep- perdine. Outstanding team members who helped the Trojans succeed included for- mer Olympian Chris Cavanaugh, Jim Griffin, Ken Fitzpatrick, Herwig Bayer, and newcomers Eric Kaufman and Glenn Gehan. With perserverance and talent, USC retained a high ranking in the PAC-10 conference. Halfway through the season, USC held a 12-0 record, and continued to perform consistently. 302 Men ' s Swimming Above: THE HAND! - A Trojan swimmer reaches towards the finish. Left: ARCHED IN STYLE - A swimmer gets off to a good start with a strong backflip. Below: WINGS IN MOTION - In excellent butterfly form, this swimmer propels himself near the home stretch. Photos by Dave Phillips Men ' s Swimming 303 Above Right: TAKE YOUR MARK - Swimmers wait for the sound of the gun. Below Right: GO! - A single sound send them swiftly off the blocks. 304 Women ' s Swimming Women ' s Swim Keeps Breathless Pace P¥f ff rij I • I MifPi Strong competition faced the women ' s swim team this season after their confer- ence championship last year. Twenty- seven Trojans returned from that suc- cessful team to provide a firm founda- tion in use ' s bid for a second WCAA title. Adding a strong freshman crew, several of whom qualified for the na- tional championships, gave the Trojans better depth than ever in multiple ev- ents. The coaching staff of Don Lamont, as- sistant Mike Judd and diving coach Rick Earley inspired the team at 6:00 a.m. workouts throughout the season. " I feel we definitely have a stronger team than last year, " said Lamont. " Actually, it ' s the strongest team we ' ve had in the four years that I ' ve been here. " The team, ranked fourth in national pre-season polls, coasted to a mid-season record of 9-1, losing only to Stanford, a new team in the conference. Season standouts included Olympic gold medal- ist sophomore Michelle Ford, who quali- fied for the NCAA championships in three events, as well as sophomore Sue Habernigg, and freshmen Jackie Komrij and Karin LaBerge, who each qualified in four events. Left: ITS OVER NOW - Cindy Bodenstedt and Annette Fred- rickson relax after finishing a race. Below: A FLYING FINISH - Maura Walsh stretches toward the finish. Women ' s Swimming 305 Men ' s Golf - ROW ONE: Head Coach Ron Rhoads, Sam Randolph, Tom Gallivan, Brian Henninger, Tracy Nagasaki, Asst. Coach Randy Lein. ROW TWO: Jim Empey, Gordon Krah, Rob Geiberger, Pat McRoskey, John Flaimery. The 1983 men ' s golf team enjoyed a very fine campaign. The nucleus of the team was comprised of John Flannery, Tracy Nagassaki and Sam Randolph. Na- gasaki led the Trojans to a third place finish at the Fresno Tournament in the fall, capturing co-champion honors for himself. Most of the nations Top-20 teams were competing there. All PAC-10 team member Flannery re- turned for his junior year following a second place finish at the Pacific Coast Amateur tournament last summer. Randolph, a freshman from Santa Bar- bara, comes to USC as the top recruit out of high school. His honors include being named Golf Magazine ' s number one- ranked Junior player and winning the Junior World Championship in 1981. The team cut down on the number of tournaments this year because of ' tour- nament burn-out ' in previous seasons. They competed in tournaments in Ha- waii, Guadalahara, Houston, Tempe and Georgia in preparation for the PAC-10 Championship tournament hosted by UCLA and the National Championships hosted by Fresno State. 306 Golf Golfers Swing Into Forefront The women ' s golf team, enjoying its fifth season at USC, worked under sec- ond year coach Cathy Bright, who had the chore of rebuilding on what re- mained of the original USC squad. Three freshmen played key parts in the Trojan success this season. Flori Prono, from Northridge, is presently ' ranked among the top three junior play- ers in America by Golf Digest. Kim Las- ken of Whittier proved to be the most consistent performer for the Trojans. Judy Kase came to USC as the runner-up in the New Mexico Junior Amateur Championship. Stacy Colborne, Caroline Craddock and Lori Phillips rounded out the freshman class. Julia Fairchild, Jackie Nicoletti and Lori Jo Peardon returned to the squad with valuable but scarce seasoning. Libby LaBella, a sophomore transfer from Cal State Fullerton, redshirted this year but figures to contribute in coming seasons. Women ' s Golf - RDW ONE: Lori Phillips, Lori Jo Peardon, Judy Kase, Jackie Nicoletti, Kim Lasken, Stacy Colbome, Caroline Craddock, Libby LaBella, Flori Prono, Coach Cathy Bright. Golf 307 Above Right: PICTURE PER- FECT - Lori Jo Peardon fol- lows through on a fairway iron shot. Above Far Right: SERIOUS BUSINESS - Kim Lasken, Judy Kase and Flori Prono exemplify the impor- tance of togetherness. Far Right: OUT OF THE ROUGH - Lori Phillips watches her shot from the leave covered area. Right: FORE!! - Jackie Nicoletti searches the sunny skies for this shot. 308 Golf Women Golfers Work To Rebuild Gymnasts Beaming At Balanced Squad yWi ( IT mt i , mmm L » • ' Above Uft: DON ' T SLIP - Suzy Kellems hangs on precariously. Above Right: WALK THIS WAY - Coach demonstrates a blend of grace and athletics. Above Far Right: ROUTINE - Creative floor exercises challenge the minds and bodies of Trojans. Far Right: SUSPENSION - Gymnast poises on balance beam. 310 Gymnastics Photos by Andrew Innerarity With last year ' s fifth place WCAA finish behind them, the Trojan women ' s gymnastic team will forge ahead in hopes of capturing an even higher final ranking. Coach Zin Kinolik, in his third year as USC head women ' s gymnastics coach, is confident that the team ' s mix- ture of experienced returnees and eager recruits will give the team the competi- tive edge it will need to place in the nation ' s top ten. Two-time All-America Suzy Kellems is expected to take the reins as she did last year when she led the team with a third-place all around finish in the WCAA championships. Along with Kel- lems ' continuing excellence will be the efforts of Donna Turnbow, former 1977 national champion, and the four other returning players: Lori Harding, Linda Harding, Alison Ross and Julie Jursnick. If early sea son performance is any indication (the Trojans won four of their first five meets), Kinolik ' s recruits will hold their own in collegiate competition. Freshman Lisa Kennedy, Carol Louisell, Pam Donovan, Sheryl Harms and Lynda Rolston, the only out-of-state recruit, have all demonstrated promise for the future. Gymnastics 311 Homer Takes Trojans To The Wall " We have a lot of good, young play- ers, " said head coach of 41 years Rod Dedeaux, " and several of them are capa- ble of playing more than one position. And, until we see how well certain play- ers bounce back from injuries, there ' s no way we can settle on a lineup. " This year ' s baseball season could be summed up in one word, ' unpredict- able ' . As the team neared their first game, the starting lineup was still unde- cided. Although 18 out of 26 lettermen returned and the infield lost only one starter to graduation, injuries weakened the team by leaving a number of posi- tions up for grabs. Senior Bob Batesole was expected to play second base until off-season surgery on his shoulder be- came necessary. Fortunately, he made a successful recovery, and this fourth-year starter donated his defensive skills and a solid bat. Another operation involved a hopeful new freshman, Dan Henley. Said Dedeaux of the new recruit, " Henley would strengthen our depth at shortstop. " Other freshmen that brought their talents to the team included in- fielders Frank Anguiano, John Case, Scott Sommers, Larry Price, and Kurt Beamesderfer. Beamesderfer came from Troy High in Fullerton where he earned All-star honors his senior year, and he added strength behind the plate to the Trogan team. The other catcher was senior Bob Og- den, and the backup catcher was Terrill Korner who had played third base the year before. Returning from the 1982 season that brought him first team All PAC-10 hon- ors and a .320 batting average as well as leading the Trojan team with 49 RBIs and 46 walks, senior John Wallace do- nated his defensive talents in center- field. In left field, returning from last sea- son, which saw him leading the team with eight stolen bases, Gary Snell helped the team with a consistent bat as well as good defensive skills. Reggie Montgomery, who also returned from a strong season in which he led the team with eight home runs, covered right field. Dedeaux ' s optimism about the season was probably best justified in his pitch- ing staff, with returning juniors Sid Ak- ins and Mark McGwire as number one starters. Akins spent the summer of 1982 on the U.S. National Amateur All-Star team. Senior Bob Gunnarsson would probably fill out the three-man starting rotation. Photo by Dave Phillips m 312 BasebaU Above: ' GO HOME. GO HOME ' - Second baseman Tony Walczuk slides successfully home. Baseball 313 Trojan Nine Come Out Slugging Below: ' AAAY. BATTERRAAAY. SWING! ' - Bob Batesole lends a strong bat to bring in more points. Right: STRIKE OUT - Pitcher Bob Gunnars- son leads the team to victory. Below Right: PLEASE STAY HERE • First baseman Mark McGuire keeps base- runner from stealing second. 314 BasebaU Photos by Dave Phillips Below: NATIVE SON - All-American Sid Akins smiles as another strike sails over the plate. Far Below: NEAR MISS - Div- ing opponent comes up short. Left: TAK- ING A LEAD - Jeff Brovk n gets ready to steal a base. -V BasebaU 315 Men ' s Track - ROW ONE: Asst. Coach Ken Matsuda, Mike Phipps, Luis Morales, Aaron Clark, Paul Peters. ROW TWO: James Knowles, Lyle Esterkyn, Chris Crisman, Dwight Williams, Dave Kenworthy, Bubba Kavanaugh, Jim Fischer, Head Coach Vern Wolf. ROW THREE: Geoff Norton, Mike Gonzales, Don Young, Terry Ivey, Mark Handelsman, Brad Meinhardt, Darren Hall, Lonnie White, Darwin Cook, Trainer Byron Hanson. ROW FOUR: Ron Brown, Walt Dejean, Randy Kendrick, Rick Luiten, Anthony Caire, Dave Armstrong, Hank Kraychir, Ed Tave. Near Right: CHAMPIONSHIP FORM - NCAA Champion and use record holder Dave Kenworthy prepares for his approach in the pole vault event. Above Right: FLY ROBIN FLY - Long jumper and triple jumper Ed Tave takes to the air. Far Right: OVER THE TOP - Anthony Caire flops over the high bar. Promising Youth Revive a Tradition Coming off a 12th place finish in the 1982 NCAA Championships, the Trojans returned only six lettermen to their 1983 squad. There were 19 newcomers to the team, including 15 freshmen. An increased number of talented walk- ons considerably helped USC ' s cause this season. Twenty-first year coach Vern Wolfe was enthusiastic about his young squad, saying " we ' ve added tal- ented people in the field events, the de- cathlon and the speed races. If every- thing clicks we could be strong in the relays and have a better balanced team than we ' ve had in the last few years. " Senior pole vaulter Dave Kenworthy (NCAA titlist in 1982) and sophomores Darwin Cook (sprinter), Anthony Caire (school record holder in the high jump) and Ed Tave (sprinter, long and triple jumper) anchored the team. A strong group of freshmen and junior college transfers added greatly to USC ' s efforts. Freshmen Luis " Pancho " Mo- rales, Aaron Clark, Terry Ivey, and Dwight Williams strengthened the sprinting contingency. Junior Darren Hall and Freshmen Mike Gonzales com- peted in the decathlon events for the Trojans. Hank Kraychir came to USC as the winner of both the shotput and dis- cus events at the state JC meet last year. Veterans, Newcomers Combine Efforts The women ' s track and field team, af- ter placing fourth in the 1982 Western Collegiate Athletic Association Track and Field Championships, became even tougher competition for the teams that met them in 1983. Returning along with eight other squad members was senior Kerry Zwart- Bell, a two-time Ail-American and WCAA heptathlon champion. The hep- tathlon involves 7 events - javelin, shot put, 100m hurtles, high jump, 200 and 800 meter races, and long jump. " Kerry is one of the finest all-around athletes in the country, " said Head Coach Sherry Calvert. She add ed, " Donna, like Kerry, is a national caliber athlete. " Donna Cur- tis holds the 800m record (2:08.2). One of the newcomers was Rennie Durand, an 800-1500 meter runner. In 1982, she had the best 800 meter prep time (2:06.21), and this year, she added strength to the middle distance team. Cindy Johnson was another new re- cruit. In high school she was a four-time Arizona state discus champion and a three-time state champion in the shot put, and held high national prep rank- ings in discus and shotput - a strong addition to the team. Other additions included Sharon Hat- field, Debra Larsen, and Denise Ball. Hatfield, the 1982 high school record holder in the heptathlon, " reminds me of a young Kerry Bell, " commented Cal- vert. " Debra has unlimited potential and just needs to refine her raw talent, " said Calvert of the freshman high jumper. Ball, the CIF 3-A cross country cham- pion, added her expertise to the long distance events, running the 3000m and 5000m. Returning from a fifth place in the 1982 WCAA meet, javelin thrower Charm Bishop completed a successful season. She benefited greatly from Cal- vert ' s experience as Calvert has numer- ous awards for her excellence in this event. Completing her tenth year, coach Cal- vert, a 1972 and 1976 Olympian, a 1970-3 All-American, and a 1970-72 na- tional champion, gave leadership and encouragement to her team. use Track Field Far Top Left: UP AND OVER - Kelli Jorgesen clears the bar with ease. Far Below Left: HELPFUL HINTS - Assistant Coach Les Berman watches as junior Kelli Jorgensen uses his advice as she jumps. Top: TAKING OFF - Coach Sherry Cal- vert watches as sophomore Marilyn Carter clears the hurtle. Middle: HAND OFF - Donna Curtis hands the baton to Sharon Hatfield as they practice their relay. Below: READY, SET, GO! - Assistant Coach Tom Fitzmaurice fires his gun to help freshman Rennie Dur- and and Kimmie Frazee improve their starting block techniques. Women ' s Track 319 Crew Contends With Inexperience While Battling Against The Best Next to the Trojan football squad, USC Crew claims the largest number of ath- letes. In spite of the large number of outstanding rowers, the rowing team has remained one of the lesser known sports at USC, overshadowed by others with professional counterparts. In addition, crew is the only walk-on sport offering competition the NCAA level. However, gradual recognition is deservedly coming their way. Dynamic head coach Bob Hillen has been leading his crew members at USC for more than thirty years, ever since their transition from a club to a team sport. Assistant coach Tom Kiskadden, himself a former rower, now oversees the women rowers. Rigorous practices kept the athletes in top shape, with two hour practices Mon- day through Friday ( ' rain or shine ' ) and early Saturday morning practices at the San Pedro harbor. Most of the rowers on the team were novices. The varsity-8 boat was young, compet- ing with only one senior and two jun- iors. The remaining varsity rowers were sophomores while the coxswain was only a freshman. This year crew sent four women row- ers to the prestigious ' Head of the Charles Regatta ' in Boston, where they placed 25th - racing top crewssuch as Yale and Harvard. USC races in the PAC-10 league. Pop- ular regattas were the annual ' Head of the Harbor ' in fall, the spring San Diego Crew Classic, and the PAC-10 Rowing Championships. High-ranking rowing teams include those from UC Berkeley, San D iego State, and UCLA. Determination and perserverance were the key characteristics of the rowers, fol- lowing the examples of their coaches. USC anticipated a rapidly growing team, with consistent effort and preparation for the always-challenging meets against UCLA and Cal. Above: AT THE START - The man ' s varsity boat prepares for another practice at the San Pedro Harbor. 320 Crew Above: MOON SHADOW - Row- ers routinely switch positions in between runs. Left: HEAVE HO - Charles Clay and Drew Harris haul the varsity-8 boat out to start another day. Crew 321 Right: THE MAN IN CHARGE - Head Coach Bob Hillen watches his rowers. Below: STROKE! - Men ' s varsity-8 rows to the loud encouragements of their coxswain. 322 Crew Fast Times At the Boathouse Above: NO REST FOR THE WEARY - Varsity women rowers show some strain from their daily ordeal. Left: HOUSEKEEP- ING - Doug Brinkman readies his boat for another afternoon run. Crew 323 Above: BREAK TIME FOR THE RODEO TEAM - Team mem- bers take a break after a hard meet. (ROW ONE: Gumby and Pokey. ROW TWO: Pam Waddell, Ken Smeton. ROW THREE: Rod DeLuca, Mike Sachs, Fred Hall, Jamie Mohn, Bill Keane. ON HORSES: Caroline Ross, Susan Rimerman.) Far Above: HOPELESS AND HELPLESS - Pit- iful eighth team regulars Line and Scott lose confidence in lost team leader Jon. Above: AS THE SUN SINKS SLOWLY IN THE WEST - Mom, Kelly and Carol display varied riding styles - Deep Thought, French Modern and Burbank Bubblehead. Far Right: BUBBLE- HEADS ANONYMOUS - Champion fence-sit- ters Kelly, Caroline and CarolAnn watch the boys go by. Right: YES, WE ' RE CONFUSED - Dave and Bill wonder why they never get anywhere, while Susan converses with two close friends. 324 Rodeo Team Probation Doesn ' t Burst Rodeo Team ' s Bubble The 1983 Rodeo Team, herded and fed through the whole season by head coach Sandra ' Mom ' Boldt, took a long hard look at itself, trying to get over mid-life crisis and keep things In Perspective. Many ropers re- tired during the coiu ' se of the season, only to reappear on other teams on the Southern California circuit, where " they have the best climate. " In particular, chief armadillo- trainer Michael ' French Me ' French found greener pastures in November and headed off to do some professional Rock climbing, mumbling about ' bubbleheads. ' Assuming training duties with headline performances was Jon ' If-You-Don ' t-Like-It- Do-It-Yourself Burdick. Despite this loss, the team continued to at least show up for every event of the season. Taking over greased-pig-catchin ' responsibil- ities for the first tourney were Tex Rosent- swieg, Caroline ' Pick-Me-I ' m-A-DC Ross, and cowgirl-in-distress Rowena Itchon. Promising newcomer Debra Stevens ( " I don ' t want to get my hands dirty " ) suffered a near-fatal lack of interest in early December and had to retire without pension. Bronc Riders Carol-Ann Bubblehead Coates and Susan Rimmmmmmerman tamed some vicious creatures on their way to the Late Deadline Semi-Finals. Their boss-lady Mary Schaefer tried to keep them roped down, but they escaped and were last seen heading toward Burbank. Finger callouses and saddle blisters failed to slow the efforts of Wally Murphy and Rod DeLuca in the round-ups, but they were helped out by Bonnie ' I-Space-M-E-T ' Fried- lander, who dazzled audiences with her ren- dition of the National Anthem prior to each event. Friedlander also led barrel ropers Shawn ' Which-Way-To-Simi-Valley ' Dettrey and Lily ' shh ' Yee through a difficult season with a winning record despite some very elusive barrels. Bareback riders Nancy ' Real Greek ' Geor- giou and Debbie ' Mac ' Macalello were put behind early by an ill-timed road trip but managed to stay on top long enough to fin- ish, although they did experience problems collecting entry fees from all participants. Calf-roper Kelvin Yamashita lost his lasso during the year but Doug ' Bransky ' Bran- scombe and assistant Suzarme Ryan man- aged to recruit reserves to finish up with a more than respectable showing despite bad weather and inconsistent communications with the national office. Appropriately enough, Diane ' I-Like-Wa- ter-Polo-Players ' Edwardson led Ken ' Pin- Up ' Smeton and Bill ' Get-A-House ' Keane in the bull-slinging events, winning the BS Sec- tion Award for 1983. The long distance tobacco spitters were named ' Most Improved ' for their perform- ance in this year ' s events. Although Alvin Chung, Man-Tak Chan, Liza Ursich and Ivan ' Whatever-Happened-To-That-Guy ' Walks left for Marlboro Country sometime prior to December, the rest of the squad, led? by Fred ' x7081 ' Hall, all performed well. Veter- ans Dave Sakamoto and Dave Phillips were joined early in the year by Kelly ' I-Can-Hit- Anjfthing-That-Doesn ' t-Move ' Manson. Due to heavy early losses, a lot of spitting pres- sure fell on late-comers ' Urban Cowboy ' Mi- chael Sachs and Line ' I ' d-Rather-Blow-Bub- bles ' Hiatt who proved that spitting, as an art form, is not dead. In a new event this year, sharp-shooters Pam Waddell (President of the Gumby Fan Club), Linda ' No Sorority ' Osher, Becky ' Keep-Smiling ' Cisek, and Scott ' Mr. Faren- heit ' Finley all put on some blue ribbon performances, with the real Olympic level shots coming from team captain Jon ' Which- Way-Is-West? ' Burdick. Waddell was espe- cially quick on the draw. Team records were kept in line by statisti- cian Jamie ' It ' s-Not-Easy-Bein ' -Green ' Mohn. Mohn landed the postion only after exten- sive interviews and several rounds of appli- cant screening. The team had to withdraw from the hog slopping events because, like many other sports won and lost in the trenches this year, the rodeo team lost their trench coaches. The team tried to compensate with an ' Adopt-A-Hog ' program but for some rea- son the Alpha Gams don ' t love Mr. Ham. Cameo appearances by last year ' s rodeo queen Casey Bieler and the ever popular phantom rider Miro Copic proved to be moral boosters. Copic spent the first half of the season lobbying in Washington for dere- gulation of the rodeo industry. Overall, the team had an especially good season, which undoubtedly would have led to a place in the Southern California Rodeo Festival if the team hadn ' t been facing three years of probation for scalping rodeo tickets. None of it would have been possible with- out constant encouragement from Mom ' Where are those pages? ' Boldt, who pro- vided munchies for late night rodeo rides and early morning cattle calls. Mom ' s voice never tired of telling the team exactly how well it was doing. " My last seven months here have been some of the most rewarding of my life, " said Mom. " I deliberated for three months before deciding to take this job, but I knew deep down in my stomach that this was what I wanted. After graduation, I plan to take a position at a sheep ranch. " Recreational events around the ranch in- cluded listening to soap operas (reception is very poor out on the rodeo circuit), mara- thon phone calls from the next door ranch, Validine cookie raids, elevator races ( ' We ' re going up ' ), and criticizing Snake Finley ' s loud clot hing. The team hopes to turn one of it ' s favorite recreational activities - soap-bubble blowing - into a sanctioned rodeo event. Helped along by method advisement from Mom and encouragement? from Valerie Paton, Bran- scombe, Burdick, Coates, and Hiatt have practiced bubbling from the balcony on un- suspecting dogies below. The team was sobered by the retirement of its long-time advisor who left to pursue happier hunting grounds. Goodbye, Mr. A. Rodeo Team 325 Directors Guide Athletic Department ATHLETIC DIRECTOR - Richard Perry Above: ASSOCIATE ATHLETIC DIRECTOR - Virgil Lub- berden. Right: ASSISTANT ATHLETIC DIRECTOR - Eiko Moriyama 326 Athletic Directors Not Pictured: ASSISTANT ATHLETIC DIREC- TOR - Ray George ASSOCIATE ATHLETIC DIRECTOR - Barbara Hedges SPORTS INFORMATION DIRECTOR - Jim Perry Far Above: ASSISTANT ATHLETIC DIRECTOR - Ted Tompkins. Above: ASSISTANT ATHLETIC DIRECTOR - Jim Hefner. Left: DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANT - Nick Pappas Athletic Directors 327 Above: AN EARLIER AGE - Arched windows and sculpture made this dorm, now SAS, look ' Trojan ' . Right: LIMITED SPACE - High land prices force USC to build multi-floor dwellings. 328 Housing ' It takes a heap o ' iMn ' in a house t ' make it home. ' Edgar Guest, Home Like E.T. abandoned in a strange world, USC resident students often feel a desperate need for familiarity in their immediate surroundings. As buildings alone, the USC residence halls and apart- ments present arriving occupants with impersonality and sometimes decay. Only when they are filled with personal mementos, items from home, chal- lenging roommates and intriguing residents will they begin to seem livable. After the initial breaking-in period, residents usually adjust to new lifestyles; USC housing is valued for its convenience and the shelter and community it provides. Housing Housing 329 Residential Student Development Staff Resident Advisors serve the resident student population in an enormous vari- ety of ways: they plan activities; referree conflicts; coordinate emergency proce- dures; distribute information; ' facilitate ' neighborly interaction; ' brainstorm ' crea- tive projects; and are trained for counsel- ing and referral services. In exchange for free food and housing, the 113 RAs agree to donate a significant portion of their time to make living in university hous- ing fun and educational as well as con- venient. The Residence Halls Coordinating Council (RHCC) and Student Community Council (Stu-Cy serve as student govern- ment bodies for the dorm and apartment residents respectively. RHCC Program- ming Board plans campus-wide events while the President ' s Council acts as a forum for each of the 11 residence hall leaders. Stu-Q does these tasks for apart- ment dwellers. Resident Advisors • Fall 1982 Staff Training...Swatting Flies at Camp Cielo. 330 Resident Advisors STU-Q Student Community Council - ROW ONE: Mitchell Goldstone, Matt Engle, Jeff James, Gator Uwrence, R. Davis Taylor, Gena Strategos, Bob Polk. ROW TWO: Deborah Stevens, Wally Murphy, Kathy Whitesides, Suzie Hamra. ROW THREE: Stephen DelPrete, Mark Sward, Ross Davidson, Patricia Moon, Steve R. Martin, Craig Preuhan, Tom Black. RHCC STU-Q RHCC 331 Birnkrant College - University Birnkrant - ROW ONE: Alison Abrams, Merrily Richards. ROW TWO: Ric Bengtson, John Wallace, Steve Vershure, John Charles Ferraro, Terry Santucci, Rob VoUmer, Mary Lynn Charleton, Sheila M. Norman, Eileen O ' Gorman, Diana Sedlack, Douglas Brinkman. ROW THREE: Rick WuTster, Steve Hansen, Mike Harnett, Craig Roberts, F. Kan, Bita Sepehrar,Richard Cadena, Jerry Shermer, Brad Jann, Herma Atrodite, Nancy Drew, Kathi Young, Janna Hall, Ellen Ko. ROW FOUR: Jonathan Ingber, Steve Tann, Laurence Olivier, Al Haig, Jim Eustermann, L.R. Vazquez, Pete Townshend, Eric Zumbrunnen, Timothy Lynn, Karen Keh, Colleen Campbell, Chris Dhillon, Lori Kwock, Renee Alarid, Heather Woodhall, Johanna Von Gundell, Faten Musa, Kahe Brennan, Mary Eng, Brenda Applegate, Loretta Chee. ROW FIVE: Howard Kennedy, David Rascoe, David Brett Roshwald, Abdul Alfahim, Julius Kitchens, Bobo, Linda Rawluk, Marita Murphy, Debbie Koch, Susie Quan, Charles Lewis, John Devlin, Louis Lebowitz, Andrea Fleischer, Shannon McLaughlin, Karen Krull, Henry So, Ben Dova, Jaime Rodriguez, Jim Tozzi, Greg Moore, Mike Cenert, David Lee Chin. ROW SK: Dee Hein, Melanie Kaseroff, Cedric Wade, Rabbitt DeVore, Xauthos Neuritsos, Minhung Dopham, Steve Wasserman, Angela Birt, Tammy Smith, Theresa Papanikolas, Steven Melbourne, Robert Schiller, Philip Pun, Shig Nakayama, Nancy Holloway. ROW SEVEN: Brian Gelt, Pepe ' Tito ' Pasqual Manuel Sanchez, Lorenzo Landin, John Potter, Jim Morrison, Ron Irby, Isaac " E.G. " Gilliard, Tod A. Hudges, John Ludeman Fosse, Paul Comstock, Tony Famham, Tom Hagemeyer. ROW EIGHT: James Bratkowsky, Claboume Oaubugh, Jim Morrison, Bob Wyer, Marc Atari Benioff, Scott Finley, David Lawrrence, Teri Clark, Michael Johnson, Dan Escamilla, Conrad I. Callahad. 332 Birnkrant College University - ROW ONE: Michelle R. Burnett, Carol Jamison, Nancy Szczepanski, Melani Hurwitz, Marlene Tilley, Nanci Meyer, Nancy Weisberg, Carol Wong, Betty Ng, Phyllis Simmons, Tessa Gamo, Adele Farina, Judy Inose, Susie Wright. ROW TWO: Marisa Stanich, Kathy Welch, Lauri Castro, Cathy Pewthers, Ingrid Marlow, Wendy Warfield, Patti Marx, Barbara Colin, Stephanie Laylon, Gillian Pengelly, Stella Barinaga, Denelda Sims, Nancy Takata. ROW THREE: Theresa Abraham, Angela G. Gutwald, Nari L. Rotter, Krista A. Reymann, Liz Wond, Karen Teicher, Cindi Lynch, Cheryl Fox, Andrea Himes, Polli Chambers, Tracey Adelstein, Tracy Young, Susie Sandstrom, Nancy Holloway, Kathleen Reyes, Helen M. Cicino, Karen Kistler, Ruth Ruiz, Jackie Leon, Joan Heishman, Lisa Moehle, Debbie Pennie, Nancy Lewis, Diane Uris, Joann Gekko. ROW FOUR: Elsa Montano, Charisse Pabalan, Sherri Taylor-Pilgren, Jane Kellogg, Brooke Berry, Therese Brophy, Maria, T.L. Laverderie. ROW FIVE: Linda Pitts, Louise Maedo, Martha Kodama, Sheryl Grant, Bess Puno, Charlotte Skall, Jude Chassagne, Jennifer Lane, Julie Silber, Sharoni Little, Sheri White, Nancy Watt, Lynda Fox, Diana Bates, Folly Sunaryo, Khatidja J. Husein, Cindy Irwin. ROW SK: Chris Pribus, Mark Ward, Bill Moore, Kathy Hobbs, Dave Klotz, Dave Houghton, Steve Boulanger, Scott Whitehead, Peter Sun, Hisham Elrufaie, Jeanne Jung, Missy Yarbrocgh, Michael Yarbrough, Courtney Brown, Shawn McClinton, Dewi Tejakesuma, Susan, Loren Jaffe, Rod Carew, Steve Russo, Leonidas D. Reyes. College-University - ROW ONE: Jay Sfingi, Ernest Gallo, Julio Gallo, Pete Segal, Raymond Grams Buchhom, Robert Robinson, Alicia ' Weeshee ' Erickson, Booboo Gonzalez, Debi Schulman, Patti Martinez, Matt Johnson, Gretchen A. Harrington, Mickey, Kate Hall, Yosemite Sam, Terri Gomez, Leanne Furugori, Marilyn Chambers. ROW TWO: Serena Yee, Patrick Koley, Judy Kase, Al Jacobellis, Mark Ward, Chris Pribus, Tony Ramirez, Kraig Kupice, Larry Gerguest, Chris Wagoner, Pam Tacmi, Sherri Stanley, Carol Gong, Lisa Tate, Deeneen Myricks, Stella Barinaga, Jody Rosentswieg Company, Jung Cho. ROW THREE: Nicole Higashi, Tracey Donner, Elizabeth Schaeffer, Cindy Gonzales, Michael Ritterbrauer, Heino Moeller, Hymie Menkowitz, Ralph Smith. ROW FOUR: Phil McCarthy, Jeff Patterson, Wi Hsu, Richard Todd, Suntai Ahn, Stuart Fujiyama, Phil Delurgio, Ken Brown Jr., Jason Nakarawa, Barbara Lake, Shermayne Shepherd, Julie Tomita, Pearl Galvez-Arango, Jamie Mohn, Cameron Myers, Ralph Hoppin, Carl Marx, Tom Lavertde. ROW FIVE: Steve Huke, Matthew Anton, John Fagaut, Glenn Phelps, Ramon Santos, Carlos Uribe, Debbie Horvitz, Doug Thompson, Carolyn Clark, Matt Golding, Greg Ranslam, Jay Edmark, Michael Shipley, Mauricio Castro, David Morisaki, Oswald C. Wallace Jr., Jonathan Daniel, Zen Ziejewski, Darryl Klein, Al Gordon, Stan Liang. College-University 333 EVK EVK - ROW ONE: Jean Kinsella, Joanne Givins, Lisa Martin, Diana Woyshner, Stephanie Uccelli, Kari Hoch, Michele Schoning, Cecilia Perkins, Bita SepeJirar, Shelly Ogle, Jeffrey Schneider, Lynn Allison, DonelleLile, Andrea Berty. ROW TWO: Mary Kintz, Tracy Mowat, Darleen Marie Jaeger, Dedisue Hoffmeyer, Therese Flanders, Judy Bushnell, Susan Lash, Laura Noskey, Leesa Shults, Brenda Meltor, Lynne Crawford, Kim Trigon, Brenda Heller, Jackie Owens, Mimi Hansen, Diana Lui, Susan Rosenwald, " Rollo " . ROW THREE: Michelle Enlow, Carol Dutch, Debbie Chambers, Sally Williams, Danielle Steiner, Regina Wambold, Vivian Telles, Lisa Crawford, Shirley Shay, Theresa Santos, Bobbi Castro, Charmaine Carrillo, Jenifer Smith, Caryn Schobert, Janine Choi, Katherine Chan, Valerie Russell, Amelia Murray, Betty A. Harbison, Lisa Pierce, Linda Savage, Janice Sellers, Florie Shapiro, Dana Zisser, Lisa Kennedy, Liz Brunner. ROW FOUR: Linda Hatridge, Freyja Bruun, Daria K. Smith, Maria-Isabel Garcia, Kimberly Anne Rodgers, Katie Gehle, Tera Turner. 334 EVK Marks Tower Marks Tower 335 Parkside Tower 336 Parkside Tower Residence Residence West declines to comment Residence West 337 Latino Floors The Ritz Latino Floor - ROW ONE: D. Sanchez, D. Rivera. ROW TWO: C. Cvellar, R. Martinez, R. Santos, D. Bye, T. Calderon, P. Castro, S. Castellano, M. Salas, L. Sanchez. ROW THREE: E. Cabral, V. Troutman, M. Rosas, R. Vasquez, S. Cantreras, E. Garcia, J. Zambrano, A. Gurrola, P. Shedeowski, ]. Escobedo, M. Castro, D. Diaz, N. Herandez, M. Santiago. ROW FOUR: J. Soiano, A. Sanchez, E. Garcia, M. Jones, M. Quesada, H. Ramos, M. Soon, D. Heredia, H. Torres. ROW FIVE: W. Diaz, M. Peter, R. Briceno, A. Sanchez, D. Mendoza, H. Hinojosa, G. BBarrera, M. Hernandez, A. Guerra, A. Leon, T. Ordonez, A. Villarreal, M. Robles, C. Clement. . The Ritz - ROW ONE: Mr. Steven Carl Huke, Mr. Jonathan Sibayan David, Mr. Oswald Charles Wallace, Junior, Lord Matthew D. Anton, Esquire, Mr. Finla J. Martin III. ROW TWO: Mr. Kevin A. Lynch, Mr. Mauricio Castro, Mr. James Knute Edmark, Mr. Douglas Matthew Thompson, Mr. David Brian Morisaki, Mr. Jeffrey Ray Patterson, C AB Neal Allan Nicholson, Mr. Michael A. Shipley, Mr. Wilbur Hsu IH, Mr. Gregory Kingston Ranslam, Mr. Michael Alan Naylon Bickson, Mr. Glenn Howard Phelps. 338 Latino Floors The Ritz •f r7 i%VX irSmm ' ' " Harris Plaza Harris Plaza - ROW ONE: Elvia Prado, Fred Cohen, Cynthia Woodard, Larry K., Monkey Peterson, Sabas Alonso, Butch Kowalski. ROW TWO: Sharllyne Oh, Carol Choi, Susan McKee, Robert Nathan Helperin, Tracy Yick, David Robinson, Frank " Scoot " Miller, Lisa Grimmonpre, Peter Kleschen, Jim Morrison, Bobby Sox, Steve, Vagie Griego, Anastsia Swiatek, Willard Van Tuyl Rusch II, C.J. Lite. ROW THREE: Cheryl Wolder, S. Marie McKee, Ann Johnston, Chris Covert, Naruhiro Tanaka, Eriko Iba, David Robin- son, David F. Neal Jr., Sylvie Guyea, Annette Barudoni, Fred Wehling, Bradski Vanderburgism, Farzin Torbati-Moghaddam (Harris Plaza President). ROW FOUR: Remy Martin, Bear Le Here, Janet Hilliard, John " J.R. " Riehl, Romy Schneider, Michael Velasco, Richard Duslack, Spaz " Bogus " Dude, Craig Allen, Nathanial, John Relph. Webb Tower Harris Plaza Webb Tower 339 Touton Teuton - ROW ONE: Colin Stackpole, Alan Choi, Leopoldo Gil, Frank ' Scooter ' Miller, Richard Heim, Mohammed Goldberg, Milton Sakamoto, Martin G. Gomez. ROW TWO: Eric Lau, Michael Declerck, Rick D. Sacco, Mike Ayers, Mark ' North Shore ' Ballesteros, James Lee, Patrick Henry III, David Lee, Steve Librande, Angelo Torres, Tom Spooner, Gerry Goeden, Scott ' Spacecadet ' Young, Jim Haden, Harry Griffin, Derek Laing, Gary Kinkle, Wil ' Professor Kool ' Bryant, Bob Canyon, Art Navidad, Tim Berm. ROW THREE: Gary Margolis, Grant Miyaki, Jim Baker, Ken Gilbert, Rick UUman, Chris Leyel, Sean M. Green, Whismore, Mike Stafford, Randy Horton, Hisham Abed, John Cubbon, Owen Thomas, Jim Hori, Chuck Hickman, Boski Hickman, Michael Christensen, CM. Buts, Tal Cloud, Walter Dejean, Seymour Butz, Elroy Norton, Robert Lukavich. ROW FOUR: Paul Galimato, Zeno Car, Jack Wauchope, Uche Okehi, Samuel Williams, Scott Pierce, Eric Anderson, Dean J. Whitesell, Randy Kendrick, Cornell Barnar, Randy Brunter, Bryan S.K. Wong, Stan Cogan, Loren Roberts. ROW FIVE: Ted Okazaki, Richard Eber, Fred Cavavaggio, Brenden Hearney, Jim Kinkade, Ken Fung, Michael Sachs. Fire Escape: Steve Katz, Trevor Ware, Jeff Schmidt, Steve Johnson. 340 Touton Students At Play Have More Fun Above: NOT FOR SALE - Nobody walks in LA. Left: THE MORNING AFTER - A stu- dent discovers the joys of Monday. Housing Candids 341 Cardinal Gardens 342 Cardinal Gardens Troy Complex Troy Complex 343 Gakusei Kai Gakusei Kai • ROW ONE: John Naka- gawa, Gary Fong, John Araki. ROW TWO: Jeff Chin, Dave Takemura, Ken Minami, Stan Hirata. ROW THREE: Kent Ochiai, John Miyao, Wayne Sugg. S or Optimist House SoTOptiinist House - ROW ONE: Loretta Lynch, Doris E. Cho, Leana Grandy, Kinsum Wong. ROW TWO: Kerry Ann Skorlich, Fang Zhi Liu, Joan Lum. ROW THREE: Young Kim, Susan Tseng, Kathy Shannon, Kweepin Kwok, Anna Rogers. ROW FOUR: Traci Rustin, Judi Bailey, Diane Chingren, Jeannette Inarte. 344 Gakusei Kai Soroptomist House Jewel Helena Graduate Student Housing Jewel Manor Helena 345 Kerckhoff Faculty-In- Residence Kerckhoff Kerckhoff - ROW ONE: Spyro Contogouris, Armando Cardona, Anthony D. Cinquini, Neil Fox, Richard Hoffman, Elisabetta Figaia, Julie Harris, Nancy Serina, Cheri Lall, Darleen Pryds, Julie Seidel, Susan R. James, Jody Blosser, Gator, Jim Morouse, Lee Ving, Dorelda, Lil Cindy. ROW TWO: Bonita Johnston, Todd Wallace, Aavon Leicht, Van Schwartzman, Andy Cordan, Damien Oshiro, Mauricio Parra, Deborah Stevens, Jean Lindholm, Ron Dominguez, Eunice La Mica, Darlene Ball, Katherine Dovas, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Burger, Claude Sitton, Linda Lawson, Karen Tamblin, Karen Pascarella, Jill Robertson, Marlene E. Johnson, Brian Burda, Craig Welin, Alex Delassalle. ROW THREE: Grant Cooling, Kathy Phillips, Randolph Heard, Boris O ' Leary, Clayton Blaycock, Paul Feig, John Nasir, John Eng, Jeannie Heieman, Sherri Agnifili, Marta DeFilippo. ROW FOUR: Tim Power, Robert B. Barnard, Mylos Marshall, John Mallozzi, Mark Mitchell, Michael G. Mckinney, Mark Sampsel. 346 Kerckhoff Facuhy-In-Residence Pacific Faculty-In- Residence Pacific - ROW ONE: Roy Ashford, Todd Maiden, Chuck Marrs, Vicki Jones. ROW TWO: Sharon Dolezal, Garfield, Alyssa Lampert, Kathy Flattum. ROW THREE: Chris Gabriel, Shi-Cheih Lee, Chris J. Ward, Sean Armstrong. ROW FOUR: Mrs. Jane " MOM " Willard, Mimi Kmet, Annette Haddad, Carla Roberts, ROW FIVE: Tom Kabalan, Matt Grant, Herb Goodrich, Hillary Kaplan, Jill Myer, Stephanie Ng. ROW SIX: Shawn Dettrey, Dr. Dallas " DAD " Willard, Robert " Doc " Gong, Brett Faucett, Phil Hughes, Craig Williams. Centennial Centennial Pacific Faculty-In-Residence 347 Regal Trojan Regeil Trojan - ROW ONE: Neal V. Gaborno, Sheldon Y. Ito, Jovita L. De Loatch, Dominique G. Ingegneri, Beatriz Franco, Manuel A. Montejano, Mike Angelos, Barbara Lewis, L. Kris Wildermouth, Aaron Abby, Elton John. ROW TWO: Milton Leake, Theresa Howland, Barbara Sultan, Larry Faltz, Evan Hunter, Pam Merrick. ROW THREE: Mark Woodall, Steve Padget, Craig Stevenson, Bradford Boehm, Beth Matthews, Thomas Black, Mark Schulz. ROW FOUR: Goose Lukas, John Hutchison, Bob Karl, Steve Miller. ROW FIVE: Mike Lizarraga, Ed Melikian, Anne Marie Schafer, Adolf Oliver Pubbs. ROW SIX: David Broussard, John Edwards, J. P. Stocco, Nihat Ozdemir, Walter Doty. ROW SEVEN: Terry Marks, Steve Travers, Jim Vest. Founders Founders - ROW ONE: Deirdra Sims, Gretchen Kast, Dave Roper, Donald White, Terilyn Shropshire, Diane Blanchard, Pam Miller, Leslee Shupe, Jane Frizzell, Jyoti WatumuU, Kelly Briggs, Amy Anderson, Kim Edson. ROW TWO: Scott Gardner, Lyman Lockwood, Tom Garcin, Mark Atkinson, Doreen Butler, Patty Hoffman, Ron Cervantes, Keith Stepter, Rick Weible, Randy Gabrielson, Ann Lewis, Doug Urb, Kevin Ger, Jeff Wetherby, Dan Scar, Jeffrey S. Gruseynski, Kevin Wainwright, Larry Bendhover. ROW THREE: Mark McCord, Jason Wong, Noah Canhean, Rami Kanar, Mark Robinson, Katherine Amy Meyer, Joseph Curie, Epi Gonyea, Steve Miller, Karen Ratkevich, Paul Corona, Maggie Ford, Mario Cremo, Chris Mahdesian, Brock J. Dewey, Kurt A. Greenlee, Jon Bemis. ROW FOUR: Noah Kan See, Slick Rick, Bob Garrity, Damon Winmon, John Keith, Ray Skelly, Scott Nagle, Robert Van Squid, Fernando Sibecas, Raoul Duke, Cathie Gantner, Andy Nelson. 348 Regal Trojan Founders Ponderosa PONDEROSA - Jeffery J. Float, General Dossett, Joe ' Heater ' Murray, Paul Philo, Jim Arrivey, Fred Cornwell. Embassy Embassy - ROW ONE: Renata Elmore, Kathleen Colavin, Stacy Codikow, Jessica Schutte, Ted Harrison, John Gray, Paul Cannon, Lisa Rasmussen, Cynthia Marks, Jessica Friedheim, Phil Luecht, Greg Skutnik. ROW TWO:Brian Cathcart, Sheri Gray, Cindy Witzman, Greg Tylka, Mark Erikson, Peter Thompson, Michael Mclntyre, John Chuck Wagon Hoss, Mike Cool Cat Felix, Doug ' Squad One ' Thiessen, Curtis C. Jung, Dennis B. Gore, Mark Tipton, Craig ' Ster ' Stewart. Ponderosa Embassy 349 Terrace Troyland Terrace - ROW ONE: Christopher Mulrooney, Kitajima Hidetaka. ROW TWO: Cecilia Moreno, Carolyn Barnard, Sandy King, Shobana Kokatay, Timothy Horrigan. ROW THREE: Filiberto Hernandez, Peter Somogyi, Mario Morales, Bradley De Groote, Max Fossa, Ray Armstrong, Throckmorton Q. Printwistle, Roger Greene, James J.M. Wang, Daryl G. Ovardia. A AKi Troyland - ROW ONE: Steven Stamstad, Sergei Eisenstein, Linda McNew, Mark Sw ard, Teri Luchansky, Chaderi Mehran, Unidentified. ROW TWO: Dan Canales, Peter Pococh, Byron Motley, Doug Erekson, Chwen-Jiann Fang, Yuen Long-Wah, Andy Maas, Lisa Williams, Jay Kellison, Leyton Morgan, Keith Cockerill, Mark Ash, Henry Wilkerson, Lisa Lassman, Crager Couger, Nancy Millions, Oscar Chan, William Lazar, Sally McFarland. 350 Terrace Troyland Twin Palms Twin Palms — ROW ONE: Kelly Iverson, Paul Neuffer, Susie Huber, Missy Eldridge, Diane Rozema. ROW TWO: Karen I. Shanbrom, Francisco Melchiorre, Tom McNamara, Mike Donahue. ROW THREE: Bill Weishuhn, Marty Holyfield, Sharon Brown, Robert Sarkissian. ROW FOUR: Shapour Guiv, Robert Brumleu, Blair Greenfield. Century Twin PiJms Century 351 Fairmont Fairmont - ROW ONE: Mark Warden, Patrick O ' Brien, Karen I. Shanbrom, Jim Griffin, Liz Haywood, Mickey Mrochek, Marvetta Morris, Lori Clark. ROW TWO: Nick Roman, Jane Pan, Ernie Hidalgo, Rudy S. Dewanto, Suzie Hamra, Carol Myerson. ROW THREE: Kimi Fukuzawa, Sandy Schneider, Julie Holtnist, Pam Veasey, Roger Felder, Heather Corrie, Larry Zurmuhl, Javier LaCulo Hidalgo, Mark Decker. 352 Fairmont Family Student Housing Family Student Housing 353 Above Right: CRAMMING AGAIN - Anticipating mid- terms, this resident opts for another sleepless night. Above: ANOTHER CUTE FACE - Flipping through a GQ maga- zine provides moments of de- light. Right: FOUR ' S COM- PANY - Teddy seems to enjoy being smothered by enthusias- tic residents. 354 Housing Candids Students Find Life Away From Home Above: LOOK MOM, NO IRON — Tidying up is an entertaining way to spend Saturday mornings. Housing Candids 355 l1lfe MilbiNM MMMMHil iSC b I " ifilCll gigjUllllgll iiiriiiiniifr -r T " ..»„..,..., In Above: OLD HAT • Sigma Chi brothers of 1890 seem impatient to get through another photo.Right: PAGEANTRY - Kappa Kappa Gamma Rush Chairman leads Theme Day Contest. 356 Greeks ' Brothers all in honor, as in one community, scholars and gentlemen. ' Wordsworth, The Prelude ' Alternative living arrangements ' is a contempo- rary study for sociologists. On university campuses including this one, however, a unique community lifestyle has existed for generations. Fraternities and sororities represent a welcome opportunity to many students wanting to live near campus. More than just cooperative living, however, the Greek system is designed to develop the human potential of its individual members through social interaction and competition. It promotes a vital and spirited force at use. Greeks Greeks 357 Alpha Chi Omega Address - 813 W. 28th Street Chapter Established - 1895 Size - 120 Members President - Kate Adams Mascot Symbol - Lyre Colors - Scarlet and Olive Green Philanthropy - Cystic Fibrosis Annual Events - First Annual Alpha Chi Break a World Record Competition, Luau, Camnation Ball Above: COME HEAR THE MUSIC PLAY Downs Welcomes rushees on Theme Day. Michele Alpha Chi Omega - ROW ONE: Dana Schaffer, Debbi Selden. ROW TWO: Leslie Loy, Bonnie Harges, Suzi Brownsberger, Crisi Courtemanche, Shaun Fredrick, Janet Melikian, Stacy Sparr, Julie Smith, Tracy Clark, Sue MacCaul, Kristin Schick, Maria Shure, Deedee Delgado, Cindy Schwabauer, Keri Schlect Mary Jane Moldenhauer, Susan Spencer, Gwyn Jones, Julie Neal, Michele Downs, Jeanine Chalabian, Tracy Adams, Mirta Isla. ROW THREE: Cindy Collins, Tony Phillips, Tiffany Dudas, P.J. Frey, Sally Palmer, Kate Adams, Chariotte McGee, Christin Bey, Dianne ' Jsweet Karen Nahigian, Susan Monfort, Sindi Sewak, Kelly Conway. ROW FOUR: Vicki Stewart, Cindy Ewing, Hilary Joslyn, Sheila Chiri, Lisa Lebold, Lori Spates, Megan Eskey, Susan Rimerman, Dee Dickson, Patty Megaro, Lynne Corazza, Karin Vanderploeg, Lisa Juarez, Laurie Dales, Brenda Wallace, Katy Naylor. ROW FIVE: Krista Kupiec, Jeane Gilbert, Stacey Nottingham, Karia Kupiec, Vicki Roppolo, Michele Stem, Jill Rodgers, Kim Ellis, Christy Muellerieile, Pam Witte, Janine Demeny, Dana Morris, Chris Zavala, Colleen Welsh, Dianne Blewett, Pam Jaggar, Debbi Young, Lisa Kalem, Jana Basmajian. ROW SIX: Lisa La Scala, Marisa D ' Amico, Elaine Braun, Robin Miller, Kate Van Gytenbeek, Kelly D ' Spain, Kerrie White, Kari Nelson, Ellen Plotkin, Camilla Roberts, Noel Schneider, Cecilia Montoya, Kim Hertel, Terri Jones, Laura Cagle, Sherri King. 358 Alpha Chi Omega Above: THE HILLS ARE AUVE - ADPIs rejoice in the sound of music on Theme Day. Alpha Delta Pi Address - 814 W. 28th Street Chapter Established - 1925 Size - 100 Members President - Laura McDowell Mascot Symbol - Lion Colors - Blue and White Philanthropy - Ronald McDonald House Annual Events - Two Pledge Active Par- ties, Christmas Party, Diamond Ball, Big Brother Events Alpha Delta H - ROW ONE Melissa Langer, Lynne Crawford, Marylisa Missakian, Renee Birmingham, Ann Marie McBride, Robin Kair, Cathy Servin, Laura McDowell, Kimberlie Teel, Teresa Gil, Pam Walker, Maria Harb, Cristy Schroeder, Leslie Ullrich, Allyson Stewart, Liz Sibley. ROW TWO: Pam Jurus, Genie Castlglia, Rachelle La Croix, Heather Copeland, Dana Jennings, Molly Hogan, Suzy Silver, Lynae Chase, Gloria Windle, Michelle Le Ance, Christine Woodley, Patty Jackson, Stacy Hawkinson, Jennifer Elliott Ann Poole, Beth Childs, Beveriy Valles, Sherri Snelling, Julie Brienen, Valerie Sakalis. ROW THREE: Robin Daily, Carol Kase, Melissa De Motte, Theiese Flanders, Maureen Macke, Annie Hurtado, Karen Quasarano, Jennifer Roelle, Lynn Dralle, Roberta Curlender, Cathy Aichers, Tracy Young, Vicki Hare, Ali Witt Helen Stremler, Pam Thompson. ROW FOUR: Teri Hopf, Nancy Sharp, Suzanne Le Ance, Leslie Shuman, Lisa Ofman, Louise Messinger, Kristi Parde, Jennifer Sibley, Becca Daily, DeDe Brown, Lisa Lucas, Amy Chesiie, Lyim Potter, Lynne Des Lierres, Laurie Heam, Melinda Lilly, Missy Beechner, Mary Schaefer, Elysa Pauley, Jill Reinhardt ROW FIVE: Desi Gross, Cathy Murino, Nancy Gebo, Charlotte LeBlanc, Nancy Patrick, Lori Barnard, Constance Quarre, Brenda Badke, Karen Franz, Beth Danelski, Kristi Von Kleinsmld, Debby Cagley, Caroljm Mueller, Sheila McCulloch. Alpha Delta Pi 359 Alpha Epsilon Phi Address - 624 W. 28th Street Chapter Established - 1921 Size - 35 Members President - Karen Schwartz Mascot Symbol - Giraffe Colors - Green and White Philanthropy - West Los Angeles Veter- ans Hospital Annual Events - Winter Formal, Spring Fling, Father Daughter Day at the Races, Bongo Bash Above: ARRIBA! ARRIBA! - Stacy Beigel and Liz Au- gust head south of the border. Alpha Epsilon Phi - ROW ONE Carolyn Grime, Renata Kopper, Alyssa Factor, Elizabeth Saret Silvia Testa, Dorothy Weiss, Lauri Malter, Janice Rosenblum. ROW TWO: Lisa Lesjak, Linda Osher, Stacy Beigel, Toni Arellanes, Wendy Schneider, Karen Schwartz, Liz August Laurie Kaplan, Ivy Kaplan, Laurie Gahn, Leslie Schariin. ROW THREE: Tracy Beriiner, Ellen Wolff, Robbie Click, Cheryl Sherman. 360 Alpha Epsilon Phi Above: THE GOOD HANDS PEOPLE: - Lisa Russel extends the open arms of the AOPI ' s on Theme Day. Alpha Omicron Pi Address - 647 W. 28th Street Chapter Established - 1976 Size - 85 Members President - Nena K rivosic Mascot Symbol - Jaquminot Rose Colors - Red and White Philanthropy - Arthritis Foundation Annual Events - Two Pledge Active Parties, Candlelight and Roses Christmas Formal, Luau Alpha Omlcron PI - ROW ONE: Lisa Smyth, Karen Keh, Tricia Angerhofer, Carol Livengood, Mallory Prestlien, Andi Roth, Kathryn Giffin, Ann Nobunaga, Sine Thongchua, Cynthia Herzbrun, Beth Cubbon, Laura Antonnen. ROW TWO: Linda Landry, Karen Anderson, Laura Ferrera, Karlin McCullen, Lisa Russell, Nena Krivosic, (Mom) Ms. Richardson, Karry Schoneman, Gina Smith, Monique Ansolabehere, Karen Verga, Lori Streifler, Elizabeth Kelly, Edi Stiles, Vicki FreemaiL ROW THREE: Monica Roberts, Suzanne Powell, Vivian Santana, Cheryl Melton, Lisa Abbott Leslie Friedberg, Heather Haugen, Jennie Moran, Aimette Paton, Kathy Sullivan, Pam Silverstein, Lysa Georgiev, Stephanie Rosson, Martha Jones, Melissa McEweiL ROW FOUR: Theresa Martin, Maureen Story, Shannon Clark, Karen Carlson, Rita Helm, Colleen Campbell, Fay Chan, Michelle Morey, Lynne Andersen, Kristin Ferris, Linda Abbott Maryaim Link, Tina Karamanoukian, Ann GaughaiL ROW FIVE: Ida Antoniolli, Stella Bestaid, Lisa Stevens, Kay Gunther, Karen Blais, Jackie Spak, Cindy Carr, Adriaima Pope, Katy Kielty, Jennifer Creighton, Pam Block. Alpha Omicron Pi 361 Alpha Gamma Delta Address - 729 W. 28th Street Chapter Established • 1923 Size - 100 Members President - Jill Hussy Mascot Symbol - Squirrel Colors - Red, Buff and Green Philanthropy - Juvenile Diabetes Foun- dation Annual Events - Rose Formal, Two Pledge-Actives Parties, Semi-Formal, a Road Trip, All Row Fraternity Men Calen- dar ALPHA GAM RENT S100 With 1 House 250 With 2 Houses 700 With 3 Houses 1400 With 4 Houses 1700 With HOTEL 2500 Above: ALPHA GAM HOUSEBILL? - G.R Walper is oblivious to the price of happiness. Alpha Gamma Delta - ROW ONE: Karen Steuber, Susan Vessels, Marijayne Wallace, Toby Chaite, Francine Pestino, Larraine Smith, Shelley Winnaman, Anne Maizullo, Pauline Maranez, Cindy Hill, Kathleen Foist Debbie Koch, Lyn Carter, Laurel John, Margaret Vasilakos, Julie Krasnoff, Charlene Miller, Unidentified, Cathie Gantner. ROW TWO: Joan Coleman, Lisa Tate, Kristena Rolle, Terri Clark, Maggie Fox, Cecilia Fabrizio, Michele Moretti, Ute Fischer, Lisa Brooks, Charm Bishop, Sarah Hospodor, Heidi Fischer, Karen Johannsen, Sherri Cavel, Trish Brusati, Robyn Gamer, Dana Daniels, Liz Kalb, Marcia Glasky, Nancy Frost Wendy Worrell, Julie Diller, Karen Derrig, Lori Earhart Nancy Hatfield, Veronica Nocero. ROW THREE: Tina Zmach, Sue Stewart Judy Woo, Debbie Wolf, Lynette Merriman, Grace Greer, Penny Rawson, Sylvia Horton, Leticia Perez, Sue Marketto, Ixiri Burgos, Toni Maldonado, Ann Melbourne, Diane Bedrosian, Jill Wanner, Mary Chu, N. Lynn Takahashi, Kathleen Bums, Sue Wright Elise Ung, Teri McKeever, Debbie Gentz, Charlotte Mooney, Sue Elftman, Eleanor Kelso, Candace Harper, Jill Hussey, Cathy Wohl, Carmen Wall. 362 Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Phi Address - 643 W. 28th Street Chapter Established - 1946 Size - 130 Members President - Amanada Tretheway Mascot Symbol - Phi Bear, Ivy Leaf Colors - Silver and Bordeaux Philanthropy - The Heart Association Annual Events - Teeter Totter-athon, Le Bal Bordeaux, Spring Phi-ver BEACH GIRLS GO FIJI into a gidget exchange. Beverly Fong surfs Alpha Phi - ROW ONE: Lisa Christenson, Alison Ross, Barbara Zolezzi, Janalee Ray, Peggy Fry, Bill Keane, Kelliann Ladd, Jennifer Maiek, Beverly Fong, Kathy Manos, Coleen Courtney, Kathy Kristof, Cindy Herrick, Liz Rusnak, Ellie Jordan, Chris Kamatani, Diane DiMarco, Jule Lind, Karola Degreene, Sharon Detwier, Patti Young, Lisa Mclnnes. ROW TWO: Stacey Brault Molly Tate, Lauren Kruse, Kelli Ratigan, Julie Hodges. ROW THREE: Bonnie Harris, Becky Williams, Marchael Myers, Diane Thompson, Deanna Goodrich, Ann Drevno, Jana Spike Norris, Dennis Kingsley, Lissa Lund, Brooke Jones, Lisa Goodman, Tani Miller, Eric Maier, Curt Cronk, Russ, Bob Blongiewicz, Chip Stuart ROW FOUR: Kelly Cullinan, Giovanna Minghetti, Jay Payes, Bill Honsaker, Kelli Friedman, Kosta Duncan, Katrina Duncan, Alice Walls, Rosalie Bera. ROW FIVE: Rosalie Kessler, Yionne Cole, Lisa Bramen, Denise Manuel, Judy Matteucci, Lauren Schapiro, Shannon McLaughlin, Annie Occhipinti, Linda Laux Julie Northrop, Denise Aronson, Leslie White, Sherri Zipperian, Brenda Bradley, Lisa Ruck, Kathy Hale. ROW SIX: Allyse Diener, Kacee Coulter, Maureen Marshall, Aloma Park, Gina Arice, Kathleen Gahm, Kathy Hobbs, Robin Kelly, Devon Gibson, Jennifer Poe, Lisa Williams, Lisa Goodwin, Carol Loursell, Katie Johnson, Karen Millard, Kristi Johnson, Suzanne Surtees, Lorraine Kainuma, Julie Walsh, Lori Giovenco, Pam Anderson. ROW SEVEN: Kim Stull, Cynthia Lynch, Didi Marcus, Julie Foreman. ROW EIGHT: Lisa Wise, Beth Bugler, Laurie Foster, Pam Benson, Missy Gonzales, Laaurie Babb, Colleen Coates. ROW NINE: Donica Myers, Cheryl Fox, Gail Brubaker, Cathy Pewthers, Kristina Kling. ROW TEN: Debbie Bogdanovich, Marie Varela, Diana Paladini, Tami Konishi, Mamie Weiss. ROW ELEVEN: Joy Pagones, Maria Anton, Cindy Manfre, Michelle Barlow, Hillary Turroff, Melissa Spradling, Jill McManigaae, Lee Hawkins, Stefanie Norman, Arm Shiimick, Jennifer Bumey, Karen DeCarbo, Mary Sue Ike, Meredith Nelson, Nancy Robinson. Alpha Phi 363 Alpha Phi Alpha Address - 909 W. Adams Blvd. Chapter Established - 1921 President - Kevin Eubanks Mascot Symbol - Sphinx Colors - Black and Old Gold Philanthropy - South African Task Force, Voter Registration, Elementary School Tutoring Annual Events - Freshman Reception and Dance, Halloween Party, Christmas Celebration with Alpha Kappa Alpha, Martin Luther King Day Celebration with Delta Sigma Theta, African Consciousness Week, Alpha Week, Black and Gold Ball Alpha PW Alpha - ROW ONE: Connt Mingleton, Oscar Crosby, Aarron Griffith, Micheal Green, Kevin Eubanks. ROW TWO: Steve Butler, Efrem Brooks, Patrick Hollowray, Frank Foreman, Teby Njobe, Allen Herbert, Tony Willoughby, Amell Hensen. 364 Alpha Phi Alpha Alpha Kappa Alpha Alpha Kappa Alpha - ROW ONE Lori Waldon, Caroline Berryman, Ella WesUey. ROW TWO: Heather Robinson, Cassandra Hollis. Lynne Dent ROW THREE: Francine Starks, Amelia Murray, Denise Jordaa Chi Omega Chi Omega - ROW ONE: Debra Sanchez, Joyce Shelo. ROW TWO: Rossana V. Abarca, Angle Martinez, Stacy Rallison. ROW THREE: Laurie Ann Digangi, Laura Ibarra, Debbi A Dixon, Suz- anne Espalin, Carol West ROW FOUR: Cynthia Treglia, Jaemi Frankenberger, Theresa Abraham, Carolyn Maynard, Cathy Niese. ROW FIVE: Margaret Spraggins, Kathy Mika, Rose Mary Ra- mirez, Marilisa Bradford. Alpha Kappa Alpha Chi Omega 365 Alpha Rho Chi Address - 715 W. 28th Street Chapter Established - 1922 Size - 25 Members President - Todd Bunch Mascot Symbol - Ionic Greek Column Colors - Azure and Sanguine Annual Events - White Rose Formal, Football Game with San Luis Obispo, Moonlight Celebration, Founders Day Alpha Rho Chi - ROW ONE: Hans Brouwer, Stephen Boyle. ROW TWO: George Nakatini, UHda Pinsuvana, Wing-Hon Ng, J. Todd Buch. ROW THREE: Loma Li, Lucia Chang, Gina Tremble, Paula Cline, Kenneth Leung, Warren Malveau, Michael Mathews. ROW FOUR: Karin Jacobs, Arnold Mammarella III, Stephanie Laylon, Marc Cohen. 366 Alpha Rho Chi Above: GRANT ' S PARTY PALACE - Could Liz Gildred become just another pretty face on J.G. ' s wall? Alpha Tau Omega Address - 707 W. 28th Street Chapter Established - 1951 Size - 84 Members President - Bill Foltz Mascot Symbol - Maltese Cross Colors - Sky Blue and Gold Philanthropy - Halloween Carnival for 32nd Street School, Thanksgiving Dinner for Underpriveleged Families Annual Events - Golf Exchange, Christ- mas Formal, Virgin Islander Luau, Sweet- heart Ball Weekender, Black Foot - White Foot Party, Alumni Barbecue Alpha Tau Omega - ROW ONt Alfredo De Diego Arozemena, Albert Otero, Chris Brewer, Bryan Lourd, Craig Combs, Bill Keane, Steve Perley, Blaine Rominger, Kris Olsen, Dave Haas, Ben Putman. ROW TWO: Dan Ramirez, Erik Lamberg, Steve Bernstein, Carroll Moseley, Steve Mandella, Jeff Keenen, James Grant, Rick Hathaviray, Bill Foltz, Pat Van Daele, Paul DeSantis, Jeff Sanfilippo. ROW THREE: Mike Heller, Unidentified, Vance Julian, Ray Edvirards, Steve Kaufman, Pat Celiberti, Chip Sartorius, Ed Hupp, Jon Martino, Britt Rogers. ROW FOUR: Tom Gildred, Marc Baquerizo, Dan Finnegan, Scott White, Tres Reeves, Troy Linger, Unidentified, Ty Miller, Tim Erbe, Kevin Musick, Francois Madath, Joel Young, Keith Nisenson, Steve Leland, Matt Fenn. ROOF: Daryl Nisenson, Robert Woods, Mike Gabor, Myron Nickerson, Jon Appleton, Rick McGeagh, Simon Halls, Brian Henninger, Brice Kittle, Chris Graves. Alpha Tau Omega 367 Beta Theta Pi Address - 2714 Portland Street Chapter Established - 1947 Size - 115 Members President - Rob Baker Mascot Symbol - Dragon Colors - Pink and Blue Philanthropy - Swim With Mike Annual Events - M A S H Party, Arabian Knights Party, Alumni Chili Party, Palm Springs Weekender, Catalina Luau, Black Tie Christmas Formal Above: THE THRILL OF VICTORY - Pledges rejoice as they defeat the Sigs in Pledge Football. B«ta Theta Pi - ROW ONE: John Sandberg, John Bernard, Kevin Lynch, Rob Bernard, Todd Tavgner, Brad Christensen, Evan Hunter, Bill Poulsen, Tony Ecker, Ned Menninger, Mike Campbell, Will Longyear, Jayson Hanson, Neil Fox ROW TWO: Perry Viscounty, John Vorgeas, Joe Cutri, Phil Byer, Bret Williams, David Peteio, Mike Branigan, John Murphy, Bob Stemler, Kirk Cramble, Fred Beteta, Mike Mayfield, Ty Miller. ROW THREE Anthony Allen, John Quavale, John Lisenberry, Monte Tinkham, Greg (Nam) Minhardt, Jonathan Marine, Pete Gorman, Skip Herbert Dave Dunzer, Tracy Rasmussan, Dave Allre, John Gate. ROW FOUR: Mark Wisser, BartThomson, Mark Aresmende, Bill Fedde, Tom Galavan, Calvin Cree, Jim Nordstrom, Tom Zotlezi, Russ Sylvesty, Kevin Lynch. ROW FIVE: John Hanson, Rob Baker, Mark Valentine, Jaime Fowler, David Freeman, Steve Arrigo, Jeff Float, Dave Small, Daugger Campbell, Kris Thordarson, Matt Ross, John Thomson, Mike Winn, Peter Tilton 368 Beta Theta Pi Chi Phi Address - 720 W. 28th Street Chapter Established - 1934 Size - 70 Members President - Derek Borisoff Colors - Scarlet and Blue Philanthropy - Muscular Distrophy Foundation Annual Events - Mafia Party, Scarlet and Blue Ball, Two Pledge Active Par- ties, Chi Phi Day in the Air, Palm Springs Weekender Chi Phi - ROW ONE: Scott Grant Randy Smith, Merrily Cullen, Scott Whitlock, Todd Ellsworth, Joan Whitney, Dave Jones, Brett Breckenridge, Kriss Fletcher, John Ahn, Mark Ordesky, Stevie Coates, Bob Kennedy, Mark Tipton, Chris Damianos. ROW TWO: Greg Rutkin, Greg Polack, Cindy Hamaguch, John Deghian, Eric Stoltz, Dave Van Nance, Ralph Marguardt Katie Broadwench, Roland Philipp, Kendy Wilkinson, Barrett Westover, Bob Howarth, Rich Tait Sheri Zipperian, Tom Weed, Mike Kimura, Mike Allred, Karen VanderPloeg, Bryan Noyd, John McPherson, Robin Kelley, Kevin Peterson, Bryan Verhoye, Rob Stewrart Kurt Burger. ROW THREE: Peter Rooney, Lauren Hubbell, Frank Cruz-Aedo, John Strabala, Kevin Chiauta, Kathy Hobbs, Steve Toay, Alex Diaz, Julio Sibauste, Bob Hightill, Mark Bollinger, Bo Bollinger, Val Morton, Dave Quenser, Greg Privltelli, Scott Cutter. Chi Phi 369 Delta Chi Address - 920 W. 28th Street Chapter Established - 1910 Size - 50 Members President - Mike Gilmore Colors - Red and Buff Philanthropy - Multiple Sclerosis Foun- dation Annual Events - Winter Formal, Two Pledge Active Parties, White Carnation Ball, All-Campus Football Tournament, 22nd Annual Little Sister Rush Above: SOUP ' S ON! - A rush barbecue brings an- ticipation to the taste buds. DELTA CHI Delta Chi - ROW ONE: Russell Miller, Craig Jones, John Manley, Michael Gilmore. ROW TWO: Walter H. Clark, John " Wheels " Tate, Joseph " Flounder " Telles, Lawrence Gerquest, I.M. Hung, Dale Frankhouse, Jim Brennan, Bill Thoner. ROW THREE: Bill Aluavenga, Ross Smithe, Lucille Black, Jaegar A. Tapp, Dongil Kim, John Lookhart, Sir John M. Pitts, Robert Waldman, Jon Reynolds, Michael A.J. Nangano. ROW FOUR: John Halstead, Al Swayne, Robert Swayne, Robert Kanne, Russell Helfond, John Sanford, Jon Shaken. 370 Delta Chi Above: ONE SINGULAR SENSATION - A chorus line of comrades hail rushees on Theme Day. Delta Delta Delta Address - 834 W. 28th Street Chapter Established - 1921 Size - 125 Members President - Kathy Jones Mascot Symbol - Pansy Colors - Silver, Gold, and Blue Philanthropy - Children ' s Hospital Annual Events - Two Pledge Active Parties, Stars and Cresent Christmas For- mal, Spring Luau, Annual House Christ- mas Party, Silent Auction and Barbeque Deha Delta Deha - ROW ONE: Gail Brackett, Cynthia Sincerbox, Lisa M. Artin, Shari Rooney, Heather Kovacs, Mike Manolakis, Sue Short, Cheryl Colley, Karen Agajanian, Janet Schaffner, Patti Rojas, Evelyn Passe, Nancy McLendon, Pam Sheppard, Kathy Jones, Debby Odom, Krista Montagna, Seeta Zieger, Jenifer Biven, Kim Schneider, Linda Davis, Linda Martyns, Sheri Sistek, Erin Richey. ROW TWO: Debbie Szijarto, Diana Daney, Cathy Silliman, Jennifer Hill, Kaaren McConaughy, Patti Robinson, Joan Leishman, Linda Dunn, Shannon Foy, Kelly Brannen, Dalene L. Harbour, Nancy Weisberg, Sueann L. Bishop, Bambi Brown, Elizabeth Prisby, Jessica Schutte, Cathy Vermeer, Margie Esteinou, Laurie Larson, Erica Jacques, Karen Stanwood, Melissa Lynn Eldridge. ROW THREE; Lynn Hubbard, Alison Eisner, Dianne M. Devereaux, Janice Luke, Elizabeth Salsman, Anna L. Salsman, Kyle Lyons, Lisa Bourgeois,Dominiqu8 Brown, Edie Prisby, Louise Swift, Gretchen Von Helms, Romy Smit, Nancy Barker, Debbie Benson, Kelly Castie, Melissa Bly, Cindy Hak, Autumn Leaf, Michele Easley, Jenny Naftel, Kim Wilder. ROW FOUR: Kathy Garretson, Kathy Rasie, Desa Burkett, Cheryl Huweiler, Gretchen Van Duzer, Robbin Halper, Molly Ballantine, Karin Anderson, Susie Phillips, Buffy Leanne Maggio, Kelley Adams, Sue Juhnke, Tracey Freeman, Sue McDermott, EUie DeForest, Tammy Tollner, Heather Hines, Joan Kinsella, Debbie Short, Maire Henderson, Jana Peterson. Deha Deha Deha 371 Delta Gamma Address - 639 W. 28th Street Chapter Established - 1922 Size - 140 Members President - Kim Strecker Mascot - Symbol - Anchor Colors - Bronze, Pink and Blue Philanthropy - Blind Children ' s Founda- tion Annual Events - Family Picnic, Found- er ' s Day, Big Brother Program, Mother ' s Club, Fashion Show, Dad ' s Night, Anchor Splash Above: HATS OFF - First mate Allison Thomas salutes rushees in top nautical style. Deha Gamma - ROW ONE: Susannah Chambers, Wendy DeYoung, Sue Mellert, Joan Griffith, Laiu-a Joyce, Kathy Richardson, Kim Strecker, Cathy Coveny. ROW TWO: Amy Hilker, Diane Ryan, Doe Girling, Caroline Krupp, Stacy Bennet, Trina Sierra, Stephanie Spray, Lori laconetti, Lynlee Bassler, Lee Ruth, Donna Akerman, Elizabeth Hamilton, Dawn Neil. ROW THREE: Sally Takata, Jill Herberg, Jill Applegate, Karen Clisby, Catherine Peck, Bronwyn Davis, Luann Laval, Jane Frizzell, Elizabeth Virtue, Greta Gioustremes, Michelle Martinet, Kim Brockhoff, Brenda Morris, Amy Anderson, Kelly Briggs, Melinda Siegmann, Kim Ahlke, Laure Cleland, Katie Looney, Pam Megonigal, Janet Morton, Betsy Nichol. ROW FOUR: Hilary Hope, Bjom Van Mattem, Andrea Pennington, Marilyn Tily, Vida Mohr, Nancy Allen, Susan Andrews, Julie Cerini, Kati Thompson, Allison Thomas, Anne Ritter, Katherine Stewart, Larka Sparks, Caroline Ross, Holly Fox, Robin Croshaw, Sheri White, Mike Mack, Michele Patsakis, Olga, Donna Hancock, Dee Dee Gregg. ROW FIVE: Kelly Mc Guiimess, Dave Mabie, Katherine Psaltis, Bettina Bamett, Lise Greubel, Lynne Hertel, Natalie Graham, Monica Becker, Jenine Sahadl, Tina Greiner, Gwen Feller, Tricia Drury, Shawn Osborne, Nandi Blythe, Alison Sigband, Stephanie Miller, Kim Winslow, Julie Gimbel, Katrina Vansant, Greg Stolrow, Peter Jellif, Chuck Ussie. ROW SK: Ann " Taddy " Linde, Michelle Burnett, Lynda Mohr, Nanette Cuimingham, Shelly Hudkins, Debbie Bartner, Dave Massie, Debbie Murchanian, Mitch Sigband, Shawn Lynch, Philip La Plante, Dave Freeman, Linda Frazee, Mark Gerard, Marcie Durand, Carol Dutch, Andrea Barnes, Katherine Hoy, Kim Bleier, Leslie Mahony, Erin Dettling, Chris Luther, Janice Silva, Rob Lloyd. 372 Deha Gamma Delta Phi Kappa Deka Phi Kappa - ROW ONE:Debbie Santo, Margie Gong, Irene Hamada, Sylvia Gee, Ada Kan, Sandy Wong, Claudette Foronda, Tina Santos, Lisa Nagano. ROW TWO: Judy Nakahara, Suzy Ro, Thieny Way, Lori Nashino, Alice Wong, Lee Anne Sera, Carol Gong, Sandy Mekata, Donna Sunada, Julie Chin, Pinky Beltran, Lori Vita. ROW THREE: Taunmy Kihara, Ming-Lee Li, Ellen Lee, Emma Hayashida, Jadene Ung, Vivian Gee, Deena Inouye, Chris Kim, Pam Mizusaki, Sherene Lee, Peggy Masutani, Pam Horn. ROW FOUR: Janice Takimoto, Leigh Sorakubo, Cindy Kimura, Connie Takimoto, Tracy Iskimaru, Diana Sung, Linda Wong, Janis Uchida, Tracy Hiramoto, Cheryl Lum, Vivian Lee, Linda Wang, Anna Toronado. Delta Sigma Phi Deha Sigma Phi - ROW ONE: Kato N. Leggs, Debbie Sanchez, Lynne Deslierres, Ben Dover Karmelich. ROW TWO: Buzz Armstrong, Janet Rhee, Joyce Shek, Jeannie Petty, Hoota, Ralph Yitbos. ROW THREE: Duke Galinato, Amy, Naomi Pearce, Unidentified, Mark Severino, Elisabeth Munro, Tammie Stuart, Michel Khouguz, Lisa Romero, Patty Elizabeth, Sherry Pantages, Carolyn Haldemen, Liza Godfrey, Sam Surfboard, James T. Kirk, Ken Smith, Kendall M. Mouse, Fay Chan, Rebecca Reeves, Paul Zaxxon, Chris Hume. ROW FOUR: Abdul Shet- Mohammed, Arnold Swartzenegger, Jungle 0. Wharton, Bambi Stem, O.P., Dr. Gus Glaser, Lindz, Larry Skiwah, J.D. McLaughlin. ROW FIVE: Mike Persinger, Bobby Sparks, Hoota G. Cooney, Bjom Cylon, Deanna Bemal, unidentified, Lois Zuckerbraun, Mark Jagger, B.B. Olivier, Hairy Hoeppner, Woody Patatolotli, Randy Beckster, Skeets Faik, Steve Devoid. Deha Phi Kappa Deha Sigma Phi 373 Delta Sigma Theta Deha Sigma Theta - ROW ONE: Olushola Giwa, Teri Nash, Anita Underwood, Joyce Riley, Donna Callicutt, Raquel Brigham. ROW TWO: Coretha Terrell, Danae Adams, Pamela Covington, Alecia Watts, Betty A. Harbison. 374 Deha Sigma Theta f . aiMJ- tfflNErfiErMfQiiOop Gamma Phi Beta Address - 737 W. 28th Street Chapter Established - 1938 Size - 130 Members President - Teri McEfee Mascot Symbol - Rainbow and Cre- sent Colors - Light and Dark Brown Philanthropy - Sechelt Camp for Under- priveleged Girls Annual Events - Two Pledge Active Parties, Cresent Ball, Spring Luau Above: CONQUEST AT THE ROSE BOWL - An UGLY Bruin can ' t even claw his way past Tommy Trojan. Gamma Phi Beta - ROW ONE: Linda Rausch, Tricia Ragsdale, Barbara Smith, Nanci Meyer, Paige Shedlowski, Susan Sleep, Carla Factor, Valerie Wong, Lynn Tetrault, Karen Traffalis, Pamela Norris, Debbie Cline, Robin Razzano, Nancy Hurt, Jessica La Force, Liz Brooks, Evonne Fisher, Kathy Allan, Charlene Pastor. ROW TWO: Leola Packard, Patrice Murphy, Heidi Brode, Susan Goldstein, Nora Spiess, Lisa Schlitz, Lynn Anderson, Patrice Kolbuck, Anna Martini, Mimi Parker, Sherri Gettleman, Diane Blanchard, Brenda Kellard, Susy Allan, Angle Martinez, Joti Johnson, Ruth Kroeker, Bonnie Hney, Susan Smallwood, Nancy Garrs. ROW THREE: Jody Sorenson, Tracy Smith, Tracy Hoffman, Jill Hines, Terri Bauer, Kimberly Ford, Tina Smallwood, Lisa Phelan, Kathy Foster, Maureen Malley, Judy Tarbell, Jeanne Min, Julia Broderick, Kathi Hight, Cathy Jones. ROW FOUR: Teri McEfee, Lori Ann Muller, Tracy Lowry, Margo Reid, Kim Linderman, Laura McGlinchy, Christie Balcom, Kim Shipston, Renee Taylor, Renee Autryl, Julie Hoopengarner, Msrcelle Alldaffer, Lisa Harris, Laura Grassom, Darlene Adams, Jody Quain, Mona McAdam, Gilda Hodges, Robin Parker, Donna Granoski, Patty Fry, Julia Dawson, Diane Dayton, Cathy Jones. ROW FIVE: Kristin Ritola, Michele Risner, Sandy Hamilton, Tania Balog, Laurel Luther, Karen Belasco, Kathleen Heeres, Marilyn Freeman, Patty Evans. ROW SIX: Teri Banks, Laurie Brennan, Kathy McNallen, Linda Horst, Ju dith Alex, Karen Nellis, Suzy Kellems, Sandy Mishell. Gamma Phi Beta 375 Gamma Epsilon Omega Gamma Epsilon Omega - ROW ONE: Steve Wong, Sam " Sunshine " Chang. Phil Hayano, Steve " Uncle Vito " Arellano, Brandon Lew, John " Trip " Lee, Tommy Tang, Ron Wong. ROW TWO: Glenn Yonemura, Shelton Chun, Kurt Lee. ROWTHREE: Crandal Jue, Kevin Lee, Curt Hiu, Big John Yokoyama, Craig Gee, Clifford Jung. ROW FOUR: Rei Umekubo, Mitchell " Superstar " Lew, Joe Chan, Craig Sunada, Dave Takemura, Wade Okada, Kit Awakuni. ROW FIVE: TV Howard Wong, Michael Okamura, Craig Toda, Dennis Lim, Lance Sakumoto, Gary Matsumoto, Wesley Hiraamoto. ROW SIX: Ron Tsiniguchi, Mitchell " Token " Rossi, Alan Wong, Danny Lee, Scott Murakami, Paul Yokoyama, Lambert Jong, Glendon Shimizu, Robert " E.T. " Nosaka. Kappa Alpha Psi Kappa Alpha Psi - ROW ONE: Alfred Baines, Terry Owens, Zachary Brown, Rodney Franklin, Marcus Bamette, Anthony Brown, John Moore. ROW TWO: Kent B. Smith Jr., Frederick Thomas, Charles McClurkin. 376 Gamma Epsilon Omega Kappa Alpha Psi Kappa Alpha Order Address - 700 W. 28th Street Chapter Established - 1898 Size - 70 Members President - Jim Rellas Mascot Symbol - Confederate Flag Colors - Cardinal and Old Gold Philanthropy - Muscular Distrophy As- sociation Annual Events - Dixie Ball, Christmas Formal, Secession, Little Sister Rush, End of the World Party, All-Row Volleyball Tournament Above: HIP-HOP-A-LOOLA way to spike away the day. Volleyball is a great Kappa Alpha Order - ROW ONE: Steve Arnold, Jim Holt, Rudy Baldoni, Dave Langlois. ROW TWO: Rich Diefendurfer, Pete Palmer, George Blinky, Brad Love, Jim Smellas, Sam Coquillard, Dave Less, Garry Weyand, Bill Reed, Mike Daly. ROW THREE: Mike Jelletich, Mike Saba, Garon Darling, Garrett Ming, Doug Struger, Eric Helm, Rim McPlowen, Mitch Meyers, Dan Roland, Chris Barrel, Brad Lord, Jeff McDowell, Mike FagfoUs, John Lourich, Greg Perrin, John Sacco, Don Hall, Mike Dougherty, Mike Harry, Mark Thue. ROW FOUR: Chilly Whilly, Ed Middlelton, Dave Head, Rich Mogan, Chris Todd, Vic Assad, Mike Connerly, Tom Rosser, Jim Walker, Tim Flannagen, Chris Ball, Jeff Zen, Ed Shea. Kappa Alpha Order 377 Kappa Alpha Theta Address - 653 W. 28th Street Chapter Established - 1887 Size - 140 Members President - Christine Tremple Mascot Symbol - Kite Colors - Black and Gold Philanthropy - Institute of Logopedics Annued Events - Theta Day at the Races, Two Pledge Active Parties, Kite and Key Party, Family Christmas Party, Black Tie Winter Formal, Ice Cream Social Above: NO BOZOS - Lidsay Whitaker clowns around in fine form on Theme Day. 378 Kappa Alpha Theta Above: GALA CELEBRATION - Presents is a special day for Lynne Miller and Kathy Richer. Kappa Kappa Gamma Address - 929 W. 28th Street Chapter Established - 1949 Size - 120 Members President - Tracy Griffin Mascot Symbol - Owl Key Colors - Light and Dark Blue Philanthropy - Rose McGill Fund Incor- porating Cancer Society Annual Events - Two Pledge Active Parties, Kite and Key Party, Christmas For- mal, Spring Formal Kappa Kappa Gamma - ROW ONE: Nancy Southworth, Carolyn Hodge, Kelli Hunt, Bo Champion, Jana Strycker, Sally Weller, Charlotte Chandor, Kathy Edwards. ROW TWO: Melanie McNutt, Terri Smith, Brooke Wilkins, Karen Doane, Lisa Winn, Tracy Griffin, Lisa Katz, Jody Hixon, Sheila Philp. ROW THREE: Vicki Thompson, Jill Corias, Mary Guinn, Carolyn Speidel, Holly Jones, Lisa Grundy, Bonnie Bim, Cammie Mitchel, Linda Horton, Gail Storey, Mindy Margett, Elizabeth Hotaling, Noelle Taylor, Marty Bonner. ROW FOUR: Carol Quimby, Lynne Carroll, Karen Talt, Daniela Stumpf, Randy Rockwell, Carolyn Terry, Alison Ream, Jeanne Hupp, Julie Burrage, Liz Matioli, Mary Shea, Julie Huddle, Becky Burck, Heidi Scheid, Connie Tasulis, Lynn Miller, Patrice Formby, Gary Cox, Christa Ward, Kathy Codekas, Lisa Nieuinski, Connie Borg, Carol Shearer, Kari Knudsen, Becky Martin, Jennifer Nicholson, Jennifer Lane, Amy Martin, Ally Kuster, Marsha Freeman. ROW FIVE: Laura Bim, Nancy Caravetta, Doreen Wilmont, Colleen Malone, Tracy Longo, Davon Anderson, Tracy Smith, Karen Mittelstadt, Patty Bryant, Kim Trigon, Julie Mulvihill, Robin Erwin, Nicolle Pankoph, Wendy Corona, Sheila Rockenbach, Carol Myerson, Stephanie Bush, Gretchen Bach, Lynn Litchfield, Jan Grazer, Jennifer Ryan, Melanie Stone, Joy Swope, Kathi Solum, Patty Hanley, Vicki Kern, Cathy Aubert, Kristin Halverson, Brooke Berry, Beth Tilley. Kappa Kappa Gamma 379 Kappa Sigma Address - 928 W. 28th Street Chapter Established - 1925 Size - 116 Members President - Andrew Weir Mascot Symbol - Star and Cresent Colors - Scarlet, White, and Emerald Green Philanthropy - Blind Children ' s Center Annual Events - Roaring 20 ' s Party, Two Pledge Active Parties, Alumni Dinner Dance, Christmas Party Above: BROTHERHOOD IN ACTION - bud, let ' s party! " ' Hey 380 Kappa Sigma ■ ROW ONE: Kirk Kirby, Jim Simpson, Jeff Davis, Greg ' Doo ' McTee, William Adolf Riely, John Bownani, Richard Yourk. ROW TWO: Damien Griffin, Ronald Aschieris, Brett Spicoli, Larry Buffet, Tim Aggie, C.J. Supreme, Dale ' Box ' Anderson, Kevin Frank Kevorkian, Flip Leonard, J.C. Stroyke, Juan Lobo, Hawk Brown, Grantly Kirkpatrick, George Getts, Kurtis Kopiec, Oz, John Carter Sr., Clamp ' Big Red ' Morris, Uncle Ted. ROW THREE: Hughy Crutchmer, Tom Celic, Greg Cusperson, Bones Wier, Chris Lundino, John Pefterios, Calvin, Spanky Junior, Eric Meyer, Costa Duncan, J.C. Bersci, Couigi Floras, Spanky Senior, Greg Dress, Richard York. ROW FOUR: Louis Skooby, Elvis Valentino, Rodney Rogue, Budda, Robin Rassano, H.B. Kroeker, Bobby Seastrom, Jeff Pugh, H.B. Davis, H.E.B. Helman, Dave Buddedy, Guy Lombardo, Brad Bennett, Gary Leghorn, David York II, Steve Warbucks, Al Cravellow, John Odor, Bubbles Kirkpatrick, Bell Maudlin, Bill Ayres, Marc Hepatitus, Sticks Burges, Woody Woodford, Tonio Rose, Tim Ref, Craig Kavanaugh, Chris Ghio, Greg Dress, J.R. Ewing, Brett ' Box ' Junior. ROW FIVE: Geof Periwinkle, Howdy Dudy, John Nelson-Huston Milton, Tuck Liveout, Jody Verboten, Lyman Bowls, Billy Macloud, Dean Michlidas. ROW SK: Don Northrup, Danny Koryn, Dick Nutt, Mike Dwarf, E. Buchanana, Carl Morbobo, Leigh Leeburg, Couct Coult, Marc Wayer, Daddy Warbucks, Seepa LaMu, Craig Irvining, Al Alberto, Lack S. Tackt, Dave Milbro, Nick Malesluto. A Relaxed Atmosphere Pervades The Row The use Greek system functions as a major component of the student body population. As a unit, it is one of the largest of its kind in the United States. Through fraternity and sorority rush, the 38 USC chapters of national organizations recruit and indoctrinate 800 new members annually. Social, philanthropic and educational events take Greek students through the year, and contacts established during a student ' s fraternal experience can support him or her throughout their careers. Row Life 381 How Sweet Is The Good Life? Address - Most houses headquarter on the Row, 28th Street three blocks north of campus. Chapters Established - Sigma Chi was the first USC fraternity established in 1889. Many houses have their roots in the turn-of-the-century and Roaring 20 ' s days. The youngest, Phi Beta Sigma, was created in 1981. Size - 3201 students count themselves members of the Greek system. This represents 13 per cent of the total student population. Mascot Symbol - As a center of student spirit, the Greek system takes Tommy Trojan as its symbol. Colors - Cardinal and Gold. Philanthropy - These range from Special Olympics to 32nd Street School Carnivals. Greeks sell fund- raising products, earn sponsorships, and donate time and money to numerous worthy causes. Annual Events - Traditional system-wide activities include the Troy Week House Dec contest, won in 1982 by the Phi Delts and Tri Delts; participation by many houses in Songfest; the excitement and pressures of Fall Rush - in competition with school opening for the first time this year, sorority rush suffered a decline in the number of women partici- pating; Iron Man athletic competitions; Greek Week in spring which celebrates Greek life, tradi- tions, and images; and Big Little Brother Sister Events. Right: THE OTHER SIDE OF MID- NIGHT - Cruising on the Row con- tinues into the wee hours of the morn- ing. 382 Row Life Left: " YOU GOT ME? " - Tropical party animals fill the night with question answer sessions. Above: WHEN WILL IT END? - A determined Chi Phi works on House Decs in the afternoon. Left: MORNING IN- TERLUDE - The VKC steps see a lot of action between the hours of 11 am and 2 pm. Row Life 383 Brothers And Sisters Engage In Sibling Rivalry Sports gives everyone, men and women alike, the vent through which to release nervous energy and frustrations of school that every Greek accummulates over the year. The races for the Iron Man trophy between the fraternities and He- len of Troy for sororities make for a healthy, competitive mood on the Row. Sports are not only tension-relievers, but also offer rather entertaining events. Watching girls from each house running and hobbling about for the ' Superstars ' events, the masses cheered and cried for joy, making the ADPis ' victory all worth- while. Pi Phis made a remarkable dis- play of sports ' woman ' ship by gaining victories in many of the annual activi- ties, volleyball and swimming among them. Girls displayed their expertise in such sports as ping-pong, badminton, and tennis, with each house garnering a proud name for itself in the outcome. Brotherly rivalries betweenn fraternity houses gained notice as each member participated, either physically or mor- ally, to achieve the coveted prize. The KAs spiked their way toward the title, winning volleyball; Kappa Sigs splashed ahead in the swim meet; the Sammies grunted and groaned, gaining vital yar- dage on the path to the Trojan statuette and winning football. Each house, big and small, made exceptional plays for the honored award - each growing closer to each other and their social sphere. Together, these men and women form a great team - a combination of skill, strength, grace, and mobile beauty. Arm- in-arm, Greeks form a mighty force, a bond that shall last forever. If 1 4 Above: BITTER BATTLE supremacy. Fraternities find pledge football one civilized way to fight for 384 Sports Right: PAIN FOR GLORY - A Fiji puts on the pressure in the Miller Armwrestling Tournament to defeat UCLA during Troy Week. Left: ' THANK YOU. THANK YOU ' - Mr. Chi Phi struts his stuff for the Mr. AnchorMan title. Above: NO GLARE HERE - Vuarnets block reflections from the ' Dungeon ' s ' water. Sports 385 Lambda Chi Alpha Address - 3019 University Avenue Chapter Established - 1936 Size - 75 Members President - Chuck Cowley Mascot Symbol - Cross and Crescent Colors - Purple, Green and Gold Philanthropy - Blind Children ' s Founda- tion Annual Events - Two Pledge Active Parties, White Rose Formal, Mazatlan Weekender Lambda Chi Alpha - ROW ONE: Dave Fiocca, Marty, Ricardo Samenijego, Ron Benstein, John Sinclair, Mr. George Spaziek, Bob Moore, Bill Brown, Alex Galindo, Todd LaPlante, Greg Cimmerrusti, Chris Blye, Brian Burke. ROW TWO: Tom Gazsi, Scott Witzman, Rob Guthrie, Don chapman. Bill Balfour, Steve Accredo, Scott Kerr, Jim Camp, Mike Beckner, Mike Nix, Glen Bashore, Bill Kern, Kevin Campbell, Phil Dawdy. ROW THREE: Bill Green, Steve St. Peter, Kevin Hamilton, Lee McCamon, Malcolm Ryder, Drew Giese, Mike Lawson, Matt Adam, Craig Robinson. ROW FOUR: Joe Hartman, Chris Bruck, Chris Hokanson, Mark Glasky, Brad Lewis, Chuck Cowley, Laque Mallinen, Lee Robertson, Doug McMillan, Rob Campion, John Beckner, Phil Aime, Teen Flores, Don Hayes. 386 Lambda Chi Alpha Above: OH LOOK! - Truckloads of tourists gawk at Row excitement daily. Phi Kappa Tau Phi Kappa Tau - ROW ONE: John Chadges, Mallory Prestlien, Ray Lowe, Suzy Powell, Cheryl Milton, Craig Alexmilinovic, Vernon Gong, Ceorgianna Shea, The Big Al, Cheryl Gilmore, Dave Lessick. ROW TWO: Bob Gunnarson, Todd Marumoto, Wally Hall, Rhonda 2 amore, Ray Saladbar, Susan Kanne, John Smo Larskl, Marty Fine. ROW THREE: Dave Smith, Steve McGhghy, Phil Hegel, Stefanie Strauss, Craig Bowman, Chuck Wilson, Larry, Madame X, Steve Sommers, Clark Bentson. ROW FOUR: Hi Novak, Davy Palmer, Tom Lockhart, Michele Donner, G, Debbie Slavickek, Paul Ratzky, Randy Douglas, Kirk Hobock. ROW FIVE: Mike Fuller, Marita Murphy, Lisa Schroeder, Mike Frank, Lisah Stouffer, Cecilia Mendez, John Slayton, Vanessa Juve, Thor Johnson. ROW SIX: Tony Castelanos, Billy, Mike Nitz, Theresa Fernandez and friend. ROW SEVEN: April Spencer, Richard DeBoest, Don Plugge, Mike Myers. Phi Kappa Tau 387 Phi Beta Sigma Address - 1703 So. Crenshaw Blvd. Chapter Established - 1981 President - David Anderson Colors - Royal Blue and White Philanthropy - March of Dimes, United Negro College Fund, Sickle Cell Founda- tion, Toys for Tots Annual Events - Southern California Steppin ' Championships, Fraternity Calen- der Phi Beta Sigma - ROW ONE: K. Higgins, A. Underwood, Unidentified, E. Wilson, B. Daily, I. Sneed, K. Hill. ROW TWO: D. Anderson, S. Burks, P. Johnson, R. Jotinson. 388 Phi Beta Sigma Above: HALFTIME REFRESHMENTS - Joe Cool tan- gos on the Tequila Circuit. Phi Delta Theta Address - 1005 W. 28th Street Chapter Established - 1948 Size - 85 Members President - Stacey Fields Mascot Symbol - Beauregard the Owl Colors - Azure and Argent Philanthropy - Sunshine Mission Annual Events - White Carnation Ball, Miami Triad, Rodeo Party, Christmas For- mal, Initiation Party Phi Deha Theta - ROW ONE: Peter Hoedemaker, Lisa Ann Juarez, Kate Von Gytenbeek, Brenda Wallace, Dana Morris, Marisa Damico, Mr. Kern, Toni Phillips,Stephen Gregory Genopolis, Grin Wullbrandt, Gretchen Vonhelms, Diana Daney.ROW TWO: Jane Martian, Teri Vitale, Christy Murdock, Jay Huyler, Leslie Gage Weldon II, Darryl Morals Webb, Rizzy Risbrough, Peter Tragus, Steven Thomas Detrick, Jeff Carlton, Paul Cassedy, Steve McFeely. ROW THREE: Purvy, Radical Brad Ridechel, Michael " J. " Janett, Rick MacLeod, Mike Schmal, Brad Lundgren, Jennifer Turk, Ron Grey, Bob Dodson, Andrew Delbert Lincoln, Barry Antle, Jimmy Montesantos, Paul Fraipont, Craig Simmons, Mike Jilke, Darren Bellati. ROW FOUR: Paul Froelich, Alex Byer, Mike Engledge, Paul White, John Gatti, Kelly Gatti, Michael Gundell, Kurt Openshaw, Dave Bright, Craig Morrison, Mr. Bob Fyfe, Mike Surfpunk, Steve Lyons, Curt Cronk, Vince Vzelac, Robert Mayo, Zack Karahadian, Dana Shaffer. ROW FIVE: Brian Fields, S. Jensen, Blaine Skinhead, Daimy Ostrow, David MacDonald. Phi Deha Theta 389 Phi Delta Chi Address - 630 Severance Street Chapter Established - 1909 Size - 30 Members President - Mark Burstyn Mascot Symbol - Mortar and Festal Colors - Old Gold and Dregs of Wine Philanthropy - The Red Cross Annual Events - Luau, Spaghetti Dinner, Two Pledge Active Parties, Halloween Party, Christmas Party Phi Delta Chi - ROW ONE: Pat Mena, Ray Poon, Lloyd Koch, Lou Ortega, Omicron the Dog. ROW TWO: Brian Streng, Mark Burstyn, Mike Witherby, Mark Ben, Terry Hustana, Bernard Filtz, Chuck Pecker- man, Dwaine Lawrence. ROW THREE: Frank Worth, Chris Ben, David P. Rein. ROW FOUR: Bret Miller, Mike Ciller, Andy Yeung, Dave Austin, Rick Yerzyk, Ed Callahan. ROW FIVE: Stan Kozaka, Dave MacMil- lian, Fred Neumann, Steve Anthony, Tom Elliott, Roy Toledo. 390 Phi Deha Chi Above: SAY CHEESE - Jim Amett spares Lee Black from a portrait for posterity. Phi Gamma Delta Address - 716 W. 28th Street Chapter Established - 1948 Size - 86 Members President - Anthony Stavros Mascot Symbol - Snowy White Owl Colors - Royal Purple and White Philanthropy - Leukemia Foundation Annual Events - Purple Garter, Wine Tasting Dinner, Norris Pig Dinner, Fiji Olympics, Halloween Party, Fiji Islander Phi Gamma Delta - ROW ONE: Tony Polowski, Mark Dockery, Sean McGaughey, Bart Lang, Cris Cummins, Tom Rojas, Randy Gabrielson, Mike Defendis. ROW TWO: Mark Kruse, Kevin Bolger, Bruce Voluerton, Jim Hodges, Len Cormir, Beth, Don Borelli, Tina, Al Shubert, Rick Donine, David Lee, Craig Takata, Rob Swanson. ROW THREE: Mike Norwood, John McKinney, Frank Shabarum, Dave Bryant, Craig Peterson, Rich Pera, Diana, Tony Termini. ROW FOUR: John Lippert, Brock Dewey, Darlene, Jay Noonan, Suzette, Tony Stauros, Susan, Erika, T.R. Gregory, Missy. ROW FIVE: Grover Cleveland, Eric Papalini, Jeff Bennett, Brad Harwood, Craig Wieland, Greg Priamos. ROW SIX: Stephan Naud, Bryan Fuller, Unidentified, Jay Mickelson, Stan the Man. ROW SEVEN: Cris Low, Howard Schwimmer. ROW EIGHT: Jeff Stokes, Steve Laughton, Pete Baldwin, Chuck Winn, Tre Lawrence, Vincent Hawkins, Frank Lavin, Jim Amett, John Keith, Lee Black, Rich Kremp, Doug Sims, Mark Fielder, Mike House, Bo Rudman. ROW NINE: Mike Petak, Bradford King, Mary, Cristie, Paul Nassif, Unidentified, Steve Rudd, Doug Urbach. Phi Gamma [ elta 391 Phi Kappa Psi Address - 668 W. 28th Street Chapter Established - 1927 Size - 85 Members President - Michael Olch Mascot Symbol - Lamp of Knowledge Colors - Hunter ' s Green and Cardinal Red Philanthropy - Children ' s Diabetes Foundtion, Zambo Relief Fund Annual Events - Annual Costume Ball, Initiation Formals, Phi Psi " 500 " Tricycle Race, Lake Mead Weekender K P S, " 4 1 11 PIBI M mi — Phi Kappa Psi - ROW ONE: Grant Hesby, Vince Thompson, Robert Scott, Sam Rubin, Bill White, Eugene Yates, Michael Schreiber, David Palmer, Tim Schrager, Robert Schwab, Mark Schulz, John McManus, Jeff Hartmann, Jerry Holden, Mark Wilson, Michael Opch, William A. Snow. ROW TWO: Larry Lloyd, Brad Saylor, Marc Neff, Pete Belcher, Patrick Koley, Jim McCombie, Kirk Dowdeu, Noel Tirsch, Robert Marvin, Myron Bidme, Jay Fisher, Chris Benya, Susie Phillips, Matt Matthews, Peter Hirscli, Tom Finwall, Fred Wilcox, John Isasso, Michael Eisenberg, Shawn Campbell, Jenny, Vince Zaninovich, Jeff Patterson, Joe Stockemer, Kim Mclntyre, Dan Settelmayer, Bob Anebuor, Kelly Davis, William M. Humereville, Gerald Tomassian, Mark Petruska, Eric C. Smith, III. ROW THREE: M. Yaer, John Macintosh, Mary Lisa Missakian, Nick Defterios, Rich Noyes, Laurie Churchman, Cathy Manos, John Cigliano, S.J. Blutasrski, Dick Rozlack, Purser Smith, Jeff Cobb, Kent Phillips, Lon Fubar Rosenberg, Jennifer Marek, Dan Boyd, Gregg Davis, Jeff J. Watkins, William J. Barkeley, Goldie Hawn, Dave Najarian, Louis E. Marino, Jr., Kevin KoUenda, Peter McClafferty, Bob Hodges, John Wright, Andre-Pierre de Montesquiou. 392 Phi Kappa Psi Phi Sigma Kappa Address - 938 W. 28th Street Chapter Established - 1928 Size - 40 Members President - Sam Arra Mascot Symbol - Triple T ' s Colors - Magenta and Silver Annual Events - Spring Snow Party, Two Pledge Active Parties, Little Sister Rush, Caveman Party, Palm Springs Blow- Out Weekender Above: FANATIC FANS - Gypsy Boots struts his stuff with the Phi Sigs. Phi Sigma Kappa - ROW ONE: Mike Jessen, Sue Hubber, Janet Rhee, Lovey Brian, Merianne Fetters,, Alison Briant, Linda Abbott, Cathy Gentele, Sharon Dolezol Nancy Frost, Marianne, Kathline Foist, Marcia WiU. ROW TWO: Marianne Peters, Cery Pankovich, Shery Sonka, Cindi Curtis, Cathy Cockron, Angela Gutwald. ROW THREE: Rob Maywood, Mike Romo, Mike Pogar, Pat, Eric Zumbrunnen, Eric Saak, Paolo Pedrazzoli,Don Mobs, Bryan Kyle, Demetrios Grivas, Chris Washburn, Mike Kuhlman, Jim Eustermann, Mark Corley, Scott Huntley, Tim Buckley, Marcus Wilson, Jeff Harwood, Chris Murray. ROW FOUR: Rick Williamson, Sam Arra, Brian Hicks, Tom Quigley, Tony Gardener, Joe Yusin, Matt Airey. Phi Sigma Kappa 393 Pi Beta Phi Address - 669 W. 28th Street Chapter Established - 1917 Size - 137 Members President - Julie Surrell Mascot Symbol - Angel and Arrow Colors - Powder Blue and Red Philanthropy - Arrowmont Holt House Annual Events - Luau, Winter Formal, Two Pledge Active Parties Above: FAT FARM FROLIC - Has the Beverly Hills Diet gone awry for these once svelte sisters? Pi Beta Phi - ROW ONE: Linda Josi, Hilary Hamer, Terri Davis, Lynn Barrett, Julie Surrell, Angle Martin, Erin Culley, Dana Seeley, Jennifer Boucke, Tina Morris, Joy Fitchen, Marcie Shapiro, Wanda Wen. ROW TWO: Michelle DiNardo, Sally Jacobs, Jennifer Turk, Carol Camphouse, Kari Gibson, Pam Bennett, Laura Wensley, Mary Ellen Eberhardt, Julie Rideout, Kathy Backer, Val Ushijima, Jaime Garcia, Linda Arambula, Cindy Lilley. ROW THREE: Laurie Morris, Ann Chikahisa, Karyn Blackmore, Georgene Halikis, Maria Thermos, Laurie Sewell, Sue Tejeda, Alexia Haidos, Mona Valdez, Laura Dykes, Cissy Chandler, Tracy Verna. ROW FOUR: Karen Frisbie, Tiara Chovance, Leslie Boone, Teri Pisciotta, Melissa Eichel, Carol Distanislao, Tinker Tafe. ROW FIVE: Kristin Josi, Ellen Harty, Tami Taecker, Michelle Ayala, Aileen Hampton, Linda Courtney, Tessa Koss. ROW SK: Melisa Rigg, Gretchen Gillenwaters, Lori Mosich, Maureen Halikis, Barbara Wolf, Erin Fry, Kim Keller, Jocelyn Pomeroy, Marcia Parke, Sondra Haley, Patrice Theard, Molly Meyer, Kathy Flynn, Tammy Hughes, Noel Lucky, Liz Esakoff, Mary Bradshaw, Kathy Kellogg, Robin Corsiglia, Stephanie Krai, Jenny Svet, Lisa Rauch, Chris Molinari, Kristi Amoroso. 394 Pi Beta Phi Above: WHAT. ME WORRY? - Scott Kappas contemplates life on a hazy fall afternoon. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Address - 833 W. 28th Street Chapter Established - 1921 Size - 90 Members President - Penn Jones Mascot Symbol - Lion Colors - Violet and Gold Philanthropy - Muscular Distrophy Annual Events - Patty Murphy Party, Two Pledge Active Parties, Pea Picker Party, Spring Formal, Intersorority Volley- ball Tournament Sigma Alpha Epsilon - ROW ONE: Dave Stoll, Eric Maier, Terrible Tim, Gonzo, Tracy Taft, Bob " Baur " Knood, Frank Hooton, Ken Mellert, Scott Cruchley, Mike O ' Callaghan, Jim Rowe, Craig Crawley. ROW TWO: " Opty, " " That A Babe, " Jones, Tony " The Greek " Manos, Mike Morris, Bo- Bo, John Saloman, Chris Chapman, " Kapper " E.H., Ray Bustaffiliate, Vasilimp Vangelos, Bob " T.B. " Tumicliff, Petey Teiliffe and Wife, Kaiser 901, Scott Imacoach Brown, Craig Fordyce, Steve Dua Demirjian, Don-Juan Mabie, Doug Hopp, Joey Coates, Mark Zurich, Howsir Beefer, Ron Lloydinsky McGinneus, Terrible Ed. ROW THREE: Brad Matheny, Gregg Helmer Kolebuck, John Megaphone Klevins, Scott Kappes, Kelly Ears Johnson, Mike Corrigan, Brent " Bradley " Levoniau, Chris Luther, Craig DBC2 Calentino, Dave Cheeks Lindsey, Mike GQ Hurly, Shawn 4a.m. Corrigan, John Reefer, Steve Alford, Tom Spoonaffiliate, Joseph Intense Moody, Maury Varsity Gentile, Strazz, Howsit J.C, Kurt Beetle Klug, Gregg Combyourhair Ewald, Mickey, ZeChimpian, Rob Collins. ROW FOUR: Brad Chelf, Greg Vansant, Shawn Hardy, Lare-Dog. Sigma Alpha Epsilon 395 Sigma Alpha Mu Address - 801 W. 28th Street Chapter Established - 1948 Size - 104 Members President - Jon Landau Mascot Symbol - Octagon Colors - Purple and White Philanthropy - American Heart Founda- tion Annual Events - Two Pledge Active Parties, Wild Wild West Party Above: BONE CRUNCHING - Heads roll and tempers flare in a heated armwrestling match for Richard Marker. Sigma Alpha Mu - ROW ONE: Adam Wolk, Richard Marker, PK, Animal, Steve Reim, Jon :andau, Abe Sher, James Shanbrom, Jonathan Karabenick, Barry Solomon. ROW TWO: David Ravo, Peter Solomon, Scott Tannebaun, David Rosh- wald, Richard Goldsmith, Ron Lubash, David Silverman, Todd Levy, Mark Elbaum, Rob Cavallo, Igor Korbatov. ROW THREE: Steve Kalsky, Stephan Red Divoll, David Barish, Jeff Barke, David Goldfarb, Clark Looffman, Mark Moskow itz. ROW FOUR: Loren Katzovitz, Rich " Dick " Leonard, Ken Magic Marker, Miguel Roggero, Ross Landsbaum, David Flamer, Rocket Rod Liber, Mitchell Bloom. ROW FIVE: Michael Varon, Corey Barash, Brad Halpem, Mike Newman, Bryan Goodman, Daniel Horowitz, David Ginsburg, Steve Tann, Kevin " Smurf " Steinberg, Todd Brown, Barry Abrahams. ROW SK: Marlow Green, Sandy Hamilton, Rob Fore, Lome Lavine, Loren Jaffe VI, Sam Davis, Jonathon Lynn, Eric Seedman, Matt Golding, Jon Monkarsh, Howard Cohen, Steve Tann. ROW SEVEN: Howard Besserman, Keith Mayer, Larry Stemshein. TOP: Keith Barna, Frank LeDucci. 396 Sigma Alpha Mu Sigma Chi Above: GQ COVERMAN? lives in Brittania. Rob Monaco Address - 907 W. 28th Street Chapter Established - 1889 Size - 140 Members President - Bruce Bearer Mascot Symbol - White Cross Colors - Blue and Gold Philanthropy - Wallace Village, Muscu- lar Distrophy Association, Christian Chil- dren ' s Fund Annual Events - Ribald Classic, Sweet- heart Ball, Derby Days, St. Valentine ' s Massacre Ball, Miami Triad, John Wayne Ski Race Sigma Chi - ROW ONE: John Van Rossem, Mark Sarkisian, Mike Santley, Allen Cashion, J.D. Phaux, R.L. Gardner, Jr., Edie Hunsaker, Rod Hooper Garner, Bruce Beareil, Mandy, Steve Friedman, Mark Gerard, Matt Whelan, Roy Reeves, Mark Gudi, Mike Smith, Tom Clifford, Kevin Griffith. ROW TWO: Jeff Schmid, Brad Cherry, Paul Cripps, Harry Fry, Phillip LaPlante, Kevin Kirk, Rick Brown, Karen Doane, Jeff Morse, Rick Hagstrom, Joy Swrope, Ron Finley, Lise Greublf, Marc Oliver, Don Bassler. ROW THREE: Michael Segerblom, Jon Routsis, Pete Racely, Steven Hogberg, Jon MuUer, Larry DeSisto, Steve Proclencio, Hampton Adams, W. Chip Eggers, Ken Anderson, Craig H. Missakian, Stephen MuUer. ROW FOUR: John Janssen, Dan Sullivan, Steven Jones, Art Psaltis, Lang Cottrell, Jim Cottrell, Steven Foster, Dereck Dean, John Sands, Jeff Reed, Matt Van Steenhuyse, Allen Cashion, John Saunders, Lisa DiLucca, Sara Owens, Tracy Allen, Karen Frisbie, Tracy Smith, Jim Morouse. ROW FIVE: Dan H. Smith, Tony Oney, Scott Gardner, Kevin M. Klora, Tom Gimple, Mick Perry, Erin Fry, Ann Whitney, Linda Courtney. ROW SIX: Tracy Smith, Andrea Platz, Robin Razzano, Julie Hoopengames, Jeff Doder, Jennifer Van Rossem, Sharon Frisbie. ROW SEVEN: John Jaeger, Mike Severson, Hugh Damon, Mike Holbrook. ROW EIGHT: Scott Jones, Steve Mensinger, John Flynn, Jaime Coulter, Cameron Kovach, John Schmid, Rob Wheeler, Rob Renouard, Steve Deverian, Todd McKee, Andy Micnckler, Scott Cox, Kevin Burnes, Alfredo Paredes, DeeDee Anderson, Jennifer Ryan, Michael Giancanelli, Scott Calcaterra, Edgar Lewis, Derrick Paine, Jill Arias, Tim Bearer. Sigma Chi 397 Sigma Gamma Rho Sigma Gamma Rho - ROW ONE: Marlene Johnson, Leslye Smaller, Leslie Durham, Carve Jones. Sigma Phi Deha - ROW ONE: Brian Yamaguchi, Jeff Jones, Greg Rollins, Eldridge Feronda. ROW TWO: Jon Lewis, Steve Reichwein, Gigi Griffen, Jamie Halver- son, Scott Littleworth, Adriane Kallie, Monique Mor- ris. ROW THREE: Wendell Tarenaka, Bobbi Castro, Shirley Shay, Jennifer Smith, Kimberly Rodgers. ROW FOUR: Lee Takai, Nils Larson, Ron MacElhaney, Ron Lee, Rick Sidor, Ed Ghaderi, Greg Keibler, Dave Shar- bak. Mo Saberi, John Kallie, Manal Noor, Kathy Deme- ter. Sigma Phi Delta 398 Sigma Gamma Rho Sigma Phi Delta Sigma Nu Address - 666 W. 28th Street Chapter Established - 1930 Size - 86 Members President - Pat Ford Mascot Symbol - Snake Colors - Black, White and Gold Philanthropy - C.H.U.C.K., The Commit- tee to Halt Useless College Killings Annual Events - White Rose Formal, Lit- tle Sister Program, Two Pledge Active Parties, Christmas Party, Black-Foot White-Foot Party Above: WHITE PUNKS ON DOPE with the Spirit of Troy. Row Clones abound Sigma Nu - ROW ONE: Lee Kirkpatrick, Brett Levins, Guy Muranaka, Thomas Taylor, Dale Hendricks, Don Grable, Devin Bartlett, William Honsaker, Tim Titus, William Payes. ROW TWO: Randy Starr, Chris Holmes, Ted Briggs, Ronald Eric Schwalbe, John Jabara, Steven Hobbs, Pat Ford, Mark Hales, Rob Evans, Jim Millspaugh, Charlie Noreen, Scott Gramstrup, John Hutchison, Chip Stuart, Craig Butcher, Robert G. Gwin. ROW THREE: Howard Kennedy, Steven De Pew, Ronald Rice, Bill Lanting, Daniel Baker, Toby Macfarlane, John Cedric Roberts, John Zimmerman, Dan Grable, Jules Lind, Kenneth Ackerman, Gerard Cappello, Jeff Caldwell, John Erikson, Jeff Glasco, Andrew Littlefair, Wayne Ezersky, Chris Schaller, Jon Pease. ROW FOUR: Grant Cooling, Mark Kelley, Mark Monro, Steven Perkins, Mike Thorton, John Tretheway, Dean Heller, Rob Murray, Steve Malachowski, Tim Bentley, Red Littlefair, Kirt Gilliland. ROW FIVE: Rick Dougherty, Timothy O ' Brien, Dennis Kingsley, Brent Lund, John Portman, Bob Ochsner, Rick Olson, Tom Clutchan, Scott Wright, Bert Dezzutti, Greg Lockard, G. Andrew McCahon, Peter Moersch. Sigma Nu 399 Sigma Phi Epsilon Address - 630 W. 28th Street Chapter Established - 1911 Size - 83 Members President - Neil Rubin Mascot Symbol - Skull and Cross- bones Colors - Red and Purple Philanthropy - Jerry ' s Kids Annual Events - Haite Ashbury Week, Golden Hearts Ball, Derelick Days Sigma Phi Epsilon - ROW ONE: Vince Burgess, Jeff McKnight, Patty Jackson, Francis Suh, Sharon Dolezel, George Novmovich. ROW TWO: Rob Pucinelly, Matt Baisic, Greg Pass, Charlie Suh, Mike Manahan, Tim Jeffrey, Rad Lukas. ROW THREE: Randy Grubb, Mike Ruby , Alissa Pauley, Steve Del Bongio, Ian Hu, Jeff Cronenweth, Greg Pollard, Drew Voros, Dave (Gra), Randy Cobb, Mike Amalone, Rich Brown, Greg Shnakeluth. ROW FOUR: Mike Doane, John Hammond, Greg Aghazarian, Marty StGeorge, John Johns, Tom Franzman, Jeff Baderian, Rich Cortes, Greg Scotta. 400 Sigma Phi Epsilon Sigma Phi Omega Sigma Phi Omega - ROW ONE: Julie A. Hahn, Louise Takahashi, Tish Okabe, Sharyn Azama, Misaki Yamagata, Renee Ogata. ROW TWO: Lisa Okimoto, Alyson Mizuno, Pauline Ng, Julie Tomita, Joan Hirozawa, Pam Okuda. ROW THREE: Allyson Taira, Jeannie Wong, Kathy Sah, Miriam Sampang, Ivy Chan, Angel Lorenzo. Zeta Phi Beta Sigma Phi Omega Zeta Phi Beta 401 Tau Epsilon Phi Address - 745 W. 28th Street - Chapter Established - 1923 Size - 25 Members President - Jim Putasumwan Colors - Purple and White Philanthropy - Baseball Camp for Local Children Annual Events - Little Sister Rush, Long Beach Gamma Phi Beta Exchange, Hallow- een Party, Semi-Formal Tau Epsilon Phi - ROW ONE: Charlie Mills, Hermen Eastwood, Joe Jennings, Pam Van Buskirk, Don Rodrigues, Mark Fiochlich, Sonny C Partacio.ROW TWO: Manny Naveiras, John Powell, Karl Laun- dy.ROW THREE: Neil Cohen, Mike Notarangelo, Mike Velasquez. ROW FOUR: Tim McCIoud, Dana K Eurich, Brian James, James Putasuwan, B.J. Rodrignez. 402 Tau Epsilon Phi Tau Kappa Epsilon Address - 631 W. 28th Street Chapter Established - 1948 Size - 25 Members President - Lewis W. Tart Mascot Symbol - Skull and Cross- bones Colors - Cherry and Gray Philanthropy - St Jude ' s Children ' s Re- search Hospital Annual Events - Red Carnation Ball, Red Mountain Wine Festival, Little Sister Bash, Retreat to Ensenada Above: HOMECOMING FEAST TKE ' s roll out the red carpet for alumni at homecoming booth. Tau Kappa Epsilon - ROW ONE: Kaien Carlson, Allen Anderson, " Noel " , Angela Lansbury, Marty Domby, Kathleen Bennett Jane Whaley. ROW TWO: Mark Jansen, Laurie Digangie, Tim Lynn, Elizabeth Monroe, Alberta Einstein, Peter Reyes, Dave Lawrence, Mark Benioff, Joyce Hayes, Vic Ramos, Joanne the cook, Ellis Reyes, Doug Stevens, Dan Dimassico, Walter Tart, Rex Rolf, Bob Tiscareno, James Telles. ROW THREE: Maribeth Myers, Jim Vest, Tammi Stuart, John Krause, Kurt Greenlee, Steve Bailin, Craig Lewris, Ken Smeton, Denise Dohr, Brian Johnston, Peter Lund, Doug White. Tau Kappa Epsilon 403 Theta Chi Address - 2715 Portland Street Chapter Established - 1942 Size - 32 Members President - Dan Gimbel Colors - Red and White Annual Events - Fourth Annual Gutter- night Party, Two Fingers Tequila Mexican All-Row Fiesta, Christmas Formal, Ha- waiian Luau Party, White Night Party, Dreamgirl Weekender Theta Chi - ROW ONE: Brad Murray, Stewart Rivers, Steve Lucitt Mark Beltran, Larry Tate, Colleen, Red Smith. ROW TWO: Dan Gimbel, Julie Gimbel,Adam Horstman, Robert Sloan, Tracy Clark, Gregg Harper, Mark Pereciest ROW THREE: Pete Botsford, Kimo MacEvitt John Berne, Jim Agate, Steve McSorley, Mike Davis, Giegg Harper, Jiro Sakamoto, Mike Skall, Bob Henning, Chris Boulter. 404 Theta Chi Theta Xi Address - 728 W. 28th Street Chapter Established - 1940 Size - 55 Members President - Mike Bnimmage Mascot Symbol - Unicom Colors - Silver and Azure Philanthropy - Muscular Distrophy Foundation Annual Events - Kamanawanaleiu Luau, Cinderella Ball, Las Vegas Cannonball Run, Palm Springs Weekender, San Fran- cisco Weekender, Two Pledge Active Parties, Little Sister Parties Theta Xi • Barb Smith, Victor ia Shea, Lori Russo, Gina Smith, Mary Ami Link, Cheryl Melton, Tina Zmock, Nena Krinostc, Patti Rojas, Sue Marketo, Veronice Noceio, Sue Stewart, Bridget Gibson, Leslie Freidberg, MeNong Prestlen, Cami Cotler, Debbie Gentz, Gietchen Von Helms, Mentame Robinson, Nancy Meyer, Jacquie Mondy, Jeff Steinberg, Mitch Reiss, Jeff Puddington, Larry Goodkind, Brian Gansert Tom McCluskey, Rob Potter, Ben Balough, Jay Barrett, Clarke Bennett Mike Brumage, Bob Campos, Scott Capone, Craig Christenson, Riz Cole, Jim De Paoli, Joe De Porto, Mark Diajcomo, Jeff Dony, Stewart Douglas, Mike Duran, Kevin Elliott Mark Evans, Mike Exum, John Fosse, Chris Frye, Paul Gaitan, Brandt Hammer, John Jeffs, Dave Kalemkiarian, Nikki Lett John Luis, Mike Manolakis, E.J. Marks, Kent McClam, Carl Mount Brian Mullally, Jeff Nightingale, Chris Peiey, Billy Thompson, Foster Weems, Scott Wilson, Steve Wilson, Mike Wojciak. Theta Xi 405 Inter-Fraternity Council Inter-Fratemity Council - ROW ONE Richaid Marker, Vice-President of Rush; Jeffrey Watkins, Vice-President of Social; Anthony Manos, Executive Vice-President ROW TWO: James Morouse, Vice-President of Public Relations; Lawrence Goodkind, Vice-President of Athletics; Charles Noreen, Vice-President of Finance. NOT PICTURED: John Erickson, President; Mike Singer, Vice-President of Communications. Panhellenic Panhellenic - ROW ONE Amy Zimmerman, Lynne Corazza, Gloria Windle. ROW TWO: Leslie Scharlin, Charlotte McGee, Debbie Wolf, Tracy Berliner. NOT PICTURED: Jessica Schutte, Linda Davis. 406 IFC PanheUenlc Order Of Omega Order of Omega - ROW ONE: Lisa Tomlinson, Jeff Ludwikowski, Linda Josi, Ted Briggs, Kathy Jones, Craig Alexander, Richard Marker. ROW TWO: Dan Grable, Doug Holte, Brad Wilier, Neil Cohen - Graduate Advisor, Frank Butterfield, Mike Manolakis, Tod DiTomasso, Dorothy Birsic, Chip Stuart Bill Balfour. Below: ROW SKY AT MORNING - Friday, and all ' s quiet on the party front Order of Omega g a. CO O l407 JMi Yearbook Staff Gains Perspective Beginning last June, a staff of 35 students began the monumental task of trying to capture a year at USC in a 432-page book. In doing so, they over- came big problems, including a 100-page deadline due on Monday af- ter the Stanford weekend. With will- ing hearts and occasionally clouded minds, the El Rodeo staff worked through ruined negatives, late nights in the office and a seemingly endless sea of senior portraits to help put 1983 In Perspective. ,€M .W% El Rodeo Staff — ROW ONE: Diane Edwardson. ROW TWO: Ken Smeton, Linda Osher, Michael French, Rod De Luca, Scott Finley, Doug Branscombe, Debbie Macalello, David Sakamoto. ROW THREE: Alvin C;hung, Lorraine Parsons, Suzann e Ryan, Mary Schaefer, Carol-Ann C oates, Wally Murphy, Bonnie Friedlander, Debi Stevens, Sandra Boldt, Pam Waddell. Maggie Ford, (;aroline Ross, )ody Rosentswieg, Roufena Itchon, David Phillips. ROW FOUR: Fred Hall, Liza Ursich, Jon Burdick, Jamie Mohn, Kelly Manson, Shawn Dettrey, Susan Rimerman, Nancy Georgiou. 408 El Rodeo Staff Above Left: OPERATOR! — Diane Ed- wardson threatens to blow up 28th St. if the Greeks don ' t pay for their page space. Above: LET ' S GET SERIOUS: Mike French in a rare moment when he wasn ' t on the ledge smoking or consider- ing suicide. Below: I DON ' T VANT TO BE ALONE — Carol-Ann Coates can ' t help flirting with the EI Rodeo photogra- phers, even though she has 55 pages due in five minutes. Right: WE ARE FAMILY — Jody Rosentswieg and Jon Burdick en- joy cramped quarters in the EI Rodeo office. El Rodeo Staff 409 Above: CROSSED WIRES — Shanin Ghazan- shahi conducts an experiment in the Biomed- ical Engineering lab. Above Right: TUNING IN — A broadcast journalism major adjusts audio-visual equiptment. Right: COMPUTER KIDS — Video game fanatics mermerized by computers in Salvatori Computer Center. 410 Qosiiig SC Joins Brave New World Mathematics and science students can be sure that they will have to deal with computers during their careers. With this expectation, USC has provided all science departments with expensive electronic equipment, including a laser studies center, a wind tunnel for Aeros- pace studies, and a well-equipped ship for Oceanography. But will all USC stu- dents be able to cope with a technologi- cal future? In support of this hope, the university administration is providing com puters for student use in almost every field of study. Business majors have an orchard „of Apple n computers at their disposal. •. Students who visit the Language Lab can use recording devices that allow them to hear their own voice with the voices of taped foreign-tongue speakers. Many departments now offer the option of tak- ing computer assisted classes. Even humble scrivenars have begun to replace pen and paper with cathode-ray tubes. Any USC student can use word processors in the Writing Lab for essays and term papers. The computerization of USC is far from complete. The long-awaited univer- sal identification card has yet to arrive and Cinema students complain about an- cient camera equipment. But for the most part, USC seems to be doing its best to ensure that its students will be prepared for the technological future. Closing 411 I Never Promised You A Rose Bowl In April 1982 the NCAA inflicted its worst penalty: USC ' s football program was put on probation for infractions in- volving illegal sales of players ' football tickets. That means no Rose Bowl, no television exposure and no consideration for the national championship in 1983 and ' 84. President James H. Zumberge said, " the penalties levied against the university are unreasonable, inequitable and wholly unjustified for the number and nature of infractions involved. . . the se- verity of the penalties reflects a measure of vindictiveness that is shocking for an organization with the stature of the NCAA. " The implementation of the ruling pen- alizes not only the university but the entire PAC-10. Television revenues, div- ided evenly among all PAC-10 universi- ties, will be drastically diminished when Trojan football vanishes from the screen in 1983 and ' 84. To complicate matters further, the infallibility of the NCAA was tested last fall by the University of Georgia and the University of Oklahoma. Court rulings about the NCAA ' s right to monopolize television contracts between universities and networks seesawed. The NCAA ' s status remains in hiatus. Washington and UCLA may have felt some relief in the NCAA ' s decision. Pas- adena will turn navy and gold or yellow and blue on New Year ' s Day for the next two years instead of the usual Cardinal and Gold. For now USC will just have to ' study harder ' — until 1985. ■i 2 Qosing a SM " " ttnf - Jb r - ■ " • n;- . • ' v4.i .VrV»«-J . « . •■« - »- S?T «rg g ♦ . ' ' •-•I ' . ' sV ' " f _ • I ii r ir i f ii i i it i i.iii • - i i J Wi i i iliHi»u» i : g» .«i y . bove: QUIET AT THE BOWL - The Trojan ij ' ootball team won ' t be seeing Pasadena un- til 1985 at the earliest. Below: BALLET DU ■ FOOTBALL - Timmie Ware, wide receiver , for the Trojan squad, takes to the air to ,: reach the impossible pass. •Oi. Closing 413 ' Social Status Remains Top Student Priority Each new student generation rad- ically shifts the college social scene. As new technology provides possibilities for leisure time and concepts of ' the good life ' change, campus life flows hurriedly to new leaders and new centers. A fad of the 1970 ' s becomes the faux pas of 1983; the ' best party spot ' wanders around the school and is seemingly never found. use generally displays the latest trends and social norms. Fashions here change with every season - al- ligators can lose their snap as ev- eryone races to ' buy polo ' . To com- mercial interests in Southern California, USC is considered a strong test market: items we buy today show up in Rodeo Drive shops months later. Even in less frivolous industries, evidence of I changing acceptability is clear. Red brick was popular when VKC was new; now buildings are designed out of concrete and glass. Economic necessity sometimes decides what we ' want to do ' . For years 18 and 19 were considered very marriageable ages, and many coeds - and men - considered find- ing lifetime partners a goal for the college years. Now periodic reces- sions and impressive divorce statis- tics have convinced many that it ' s best to wait: finish the education and start the career before estab- lishing permanent relationships. This search for greater independ- ence makes USC campus life wide open. Tied to expensive educa- tional commitments, many look for more freedom in their social lives; they don ' t want to take it too seri- ously. 414 Qosing Above Left: ON THE RUN - Busy schedules never deter students from social interaction between classes. Left: FRAT POWER - Every night is a social affair on 28th Street. Above: PARTY BREAK - Study hard and then party till you drop. Qosing 415 Berkeley Of The 80s We ' re Not All universities would like to have the reputation for political ac- tivism, if not the demonstrative fer- vor, of a Berkeley. USC is no excep- tion; but, the mood here is generally mellow, punctuated by sporadic bursts of political activity in front of Tommy Trojan. One of the few active political forces on campus this year was the Graduate Student Liberation Front. The organization ' s name makes it sound like a revolutionary junta, but the GSLF ' s goals are much more localized. One of the first or- ders of business this year was ar- ranging a GSLF meeting place: they wanted to expropriate, forcefully if necessary, a Von Kleinsmid Center lounge from the public administra- tors. Another goal was swaying stu- dent opinion against USC ' s busi- ness investments in South Africa. The Student Senate created a committee to keep tabs on political issues that affect the university The committee reports on the activ- ities at various levels of govern- ment, informing students about those issues which will affect them, and ways in which they can fight back if they have to. Nuclear disarmament was a hot issue, with campaigners for Propo- sition 12 and Students for Nuclear Disarmament loudly expressing their views beneath Tommy ' s mighty arms. CoUegiates looking for dramatics between mathematics received a treat during demonstrations against the Ayatollah Khomeini. Iranian students placed a ketchup-soaked man in a cage while another protes- ter, dressed up as Khomeini, pre- tended to whip the mock political prisoner. Most of the political activity on campus was initiated by individu- als or small special-interest groups. Until stronger leadership emerges to consolidate student energy into a major force, the Berkeley of the 1980 ' s will continue to be Berkeley. OMT:!! to b i6 Closing Far Left: NO NUKES - Larry Agran, co -author of Proposition 12, urges stu- dents to support a ballot measure which requires President Reagan to propose a joint nuclear freeze with the Soviet Union. Left: KHOMEINI CLONE — An Iranian student protests the atrocities of the Khomeini govern- ment. Above: KKK EX— GRAND DRA- GON - Former KKK Grand Dragon Tom Metzger appeared as a guest lec- turer for a Censorship and the Media class. Metzger ' s presence met with protest and a rally outside the Grace Ford Salvatori Building. Above: REMEMBERING DAYS GONE BY — University faculty members reminisce their past. Far Right: GET A JOB — Student talks with business representative about prospective employment. Right: GRADS GETTING THEIR FEET WET — Students passing through the engineering quad can bask in the glow of this monument to grad- uation. Below: WHAT NEXT? Student in- vestigates post-graduate alternatives. na Qosing Does Graduation Ensure Finding A Job? Graduation, interviews, ca- reers . . .that ' s the normal trend towards success - but it doesn ' t always work out that nicely. Students graduating in hu- manities, journalism, and anything else falling under the Letters, Arts and Sciences umbrella are strongly urged to dual major, giving themselves a diverse background in various areas of study. This diversity makes new graduates a guaranteed marketable item. Students graduating from college, especially women are more career- minded than ever before. Students trained in specific fields of study, such as electrical engineering or cultural an- thropology, enjoy much greater chances in finding a job in their desired field than ten years ago. The market is not necessarily any easier, but the qualified students are more determined. A common trend these days is to gain a few years of work experience before applying to graduate schools. The Grad- uate School of Business Administration, one of the most popular, boasts of a 95% job placement of new graduates; only 35% of these are undergraduate business majors and 25% undergraduate LAS ma- jors. With these statistics in mind, grad- uation can be seen as more than an end to an academic commitment it is likely a beginning to a new career. Qosing 419 L.A. ' s Heritage Subdued By Its Towering Skyline Closing 421 -Index- -aaa- Abakians, Henry 103 Abarca, Rosanna 103,199.365 Abbe, Mark 103 Abbott, Linda 361,393 Abbott, Lisa 361 Abderrahman, Salem 103 Abdou, Wafik 103 Abduldjabar, Sadly 103 Abdulshakoor, Adel 103 Abdun-nur, Connie 103,243 Abe, Dennis 103,225 Abed, Hisham 340 Abercrombie, Cheri 103 Abraham, Peter 244 Abraham, Theresa 333,365 Abram, Michelle 199 Abramov, Igor 103 Abrams, Alison 332 Abrera, Luz 103 Abshier, David 103 Achonu, Emmanuel 219 Ackerknecht, Richard 103 Ackerman. Kenneth 103,250 Acosta, James 222 Acuna, Gregory 103 Adam, Matthew 386 Adams, Danae 103,374 Adams, Darlene 375 Adams, Darryl 64,218,224 Adams, Katharine 103,358 Adams, Kelley - l Adams, Lucia 103 Adams, Tracy 358 Adams, Wendy 103 Adamson, Cameron 103 Adelstein, Tracey 333 Adickes Jr., William 103 Adklns, Trade 227 Adlen, Joel 235 Adun, Osa 104 Afari, Faiamarz 104 Aftandilians, Leon 104 Agajanian, Karen 104,395 Agate, James 296 Aghabi, Fouad 251 Agnifili, Sheiri 216,225,346 Aguilar, George 98,104 Aguilar, Oscar 103 Aguilai, Rosemary 104 Aguiire, Melissa 104 Ahmad, Laura 104 Ahn, Hyunsook 104 Ahn, John 369 Ahn, Suntai 333 Aiua, Derrick 223 Aicher, Kathleen 359 Ahey, Matthew 243,393 Aiwasian, Deborah 104 AJello, Michele 199 Akhtar, Saad 247 Akins, Sidney 315 Akiona, Glenn 225 Akita, Mark 104 Abdul Jaleel, Nassar 104 Adasani, Rule 104 Arbash, Fuad 104 Al Baher, Mohammad 104 Alarcon, Josue 248 Alarid, Renee 247,332 Alba, Katharine 252 Alberto, Allan 380 Alex, Judith 375 Alexander, Craig 104,407 Alfahim, Abdulrahim 332 Alford, Steven 395 Alfossail, Khalid 246 Alhamer, Ibrahim 104 Alizera, AU 105 Allan, Kathryn 375 Allan, Marilyn 375 AUdaffer, Marcelle 105,375 Allebom, Robert 105 Allen, Bradley 105 Allen, aig 339 Allen, Judith 105 Allen, Julie 105 Allen, Kerwin 219,229 Allen, William 231 Allired, David 368 Allred, Michael 369 Allyn, Mildred 250 Almanzor, Michael 105,252 Almejel, Adel 105 Almeleh, Nancy 227 Alonso, Sabas 339 Alsweet, Dianne 105,358 Altemus, Michele 105,243 Alvarado, Mark 237 Alvarez, Candy 105 Alvarez, Daniel 105 Ammar, Marie 105 Ammari, George 105 Amoroso, Kristina 394 Amundson, Hugh 106 Anderson, Aian 403 Anderson, Amy 348 Anderson, Dale 380 Anderson, Eric 245 Anderson, Eric 340 Anderson, J ■••• 231 Anderson, Karen 106,361 Anderson, Karin 248,371 Anderson, Lynn 106,361,375 Anderson, Pamela 363 Anderson, Paul 106 Anderson, Robert 106 Anderson. Vincent 251.106 Andrain, Courtney 106 Andrea, Janet 106 Ang, Kip 106 Angelos, Michael 348 Anger, Matthew 296,297 Angerbrandt, Steven 244 Angerhofer, Tricia 106,361 Annett, Candace 242 Ansari, Ahmad 106 Ansolabehere, Monique 361 Anton, Maria 363 Anton, Matthew 333,338 AntoniolU, Ida 361 Anttonen, Laura 361 Applegate, Brenda 332 Applegate, William 106 Appleton, Jon 367 Arakawa, Betsy 106 Arambula, Linda 108,394 Arambulo, Rene 106 Aranez, Cecilio 252 Araujo, Nilda 106 Araujo, Rafael 106 Arbogast, Louise 106 Arboleda. Gloria 106 Ardolino. Thomas 34.106 Arellanes. Antoinette Arends, Renee 106 Arico, Gina 363 Arifin, Emil 106 Arinaga 106,225 Armen, Mary 250 Arminak, Armin 106,219,227 Armstrong, David 106 Armstrong, Gregory 106 Armstrong, John 107 Armstrong, Raymond 350 Armstrong, Sean. 107,223,251,347 Amey, Keith 107,217,221 Aronson, Denise 363 Arra, Robert 393 Arreoia, Marie 107 Arreola, Ronald 107 Arrigo, Steven 368 Arrington, Anthony 252 Arrivey, James 107.349 Asamoto. Dale 107 Asao. Duane 107 Aschieris, John 107 Aschieris, Ronald 380 Ash, Larry 107 Ash, Mark 107,350 Asher, Kenneth 250 Ashford, Curtis 107 Ashford, Roy 107,223,347 Asaad, Victor 107 Assakul, Kirati 251 Ather AU, Sheikh 107 Atkins, Ue 107,217 Atkinson, Linda 107,199 Atkinson. Mark 348 Atwood, Capucine 107 Aubert. Catherine 107 Auld, James 107 Austria. Pete 107 Autrey. Ryan 107 Autry. Renee 375 Aviles, Ralph 246 Avzaradel. Anne 102.330 Axelrod. Kathryn 248 Ayala. Alfred 107.237 Ayala. Michele 394 Ayau. Patrick 107 Ayers. Michael 340 Ayers. William 380 Ayres. AUyson 107 Azama. Sharyn 401 Azoff. Linda 107 -bbb- Baba. Charles 107 Baba, Fawaz 107 Babb, Laurie 363 Babchick, Barbara 35 Babla, Harish 107,236 Baca, Antonio 107,250 Baccanelli, Maximo 107 Backer, Kathleen 107,394 Backley, Bruce 107 Baderian, Jeff 400 Badke, Brenda 228,359 Bagerdjian, Haig 107 Baghdikian, Serge 107,216 Baherie, Brent 107 Baich, Brenda 107 Bailey, Cedric 284,287 Bailey, Judi 107,344 Bailin, Steven 403 Bajunaid, Safwat 107 Bak, Ingu 107 Baker, Carlton 107 Baker. Daniel 107.244 Baker, James 340 Baker, John 210 Baker, Robert 368 Baker, Troy 107 Bakkala, Cherie 107 Balady, Nadrine 107 Bales, Anne 219,245 Balcom, Christie 375 Baldo, Steve 107 Balfour, William 107,407 Balikov, Stewart 107 Ball, Christopher 107 Ball, Darlene 346 Ballesteros, Mark 222,340 Balog, Tenia 375 Balough, Ben 405 Baiter, Daniel 107 Banducci, Michael 107 Bangert, Sue 107 Banks, Teri 375 Bannwolf, Christopher 231 Baquerizom, Marc 367 Barberio, Joseph 216 Barganski, John 109 Barinaga, Stella 333 Barkeley, Bill 392 Barker, Nancy 371 Barlow, Diana 363 Barmazel, Renee 109 Barnard, Carolyn 350 Barnard, Cornell 340 Barnard, Lori 359 Barnard, Roberto 346 Barnes, Alfred 109 Barnes, Charles 225 Bamett, Debra 109 Barrera, Gerardo 338 Barrera, Miguel 246 Barrett, Lynn 109,394 Barrett, Todd 252 Barry, Kevin 109 Bartikofsky, Irving 99 Bartoli, Baize 109 Barton, Colette 109 Barton, Deborrah 109 Barton. Paul 109,253 Barudoni, Annette 109,339 Barvin, Blake 109 Basmajian, Jana 109.358 Bassler, Lynlee 109 Bares, Diana 333 Batesole, Bobby 314 Battaglini, Ricardo 109,216 Battoe, Joseph 231 Bauer, Teresa 109,375 Bautista, Fernando 109 Bautista, Roberto 109 Baxter, Harry 109 Baz, Lotty 109 Beale, Christine 109 Bearer, Bruce 109 Bearer, Timothy 109 Beatty, Dawn 109 Beauchamp, Patricia 109 Becker, Howard HO Beckner, Michael 386 Bedford, James HO Bedrosian, Diane 362 Beemer, Randy HO Behrle, Steven HO Beidas, Mustafa HO Beigel, Stacy 360 Belasco, Karen 375 Belcher, Peter 392 Bell, Robert HO Bell, Russell 243,250 Belmar Osuna, Rafael 296 Beltran, Mark 282,404 Bemis, Jon 348 Bemis, Troy 5 Benavides, Chris 110,248 Bengston, Richard 296,332 Benioff, Marc 332,403 Bennett, Kathleen 403 Bennett, Pamela 110,394 Bennett, T. Clarke 405 Benson. Deborah 371 Benson. Pamela 363 Bentley. Timothy 110.218.248 Benton, Michael 219,248 Bentson, Clark 387 Benya, Christopher 392 Benz, Pamela HO Bera, Rosalie 110,363 Berard, Brian HO Bercsi, Stephen 102,218,244 Beres, Brian HO Bergmann, Michael HO Bergstrom, Thomas 244 Berliner, Tracy 249,360,406 Berman, Howard 226 Bernal, Ronnie 244 Bernard, Donald 368 Bernard, Robert 368 Berne, John 404 Bemier, Stephen 35 Brennan, Bernstein, Steven 219,367 Brennan, Berry, Brooke 333 Berryman, Caroline 365 Berty, Andrea 334 Bestard. Stella 361 Beteta. Berta HO Beteta. Fred 368 Bettison. Bonnie 219 Bey. Christin 358 Bickson. Michael 338 Biebel. Mary 110.225.226 Bieler, Cassandra HI Bielfelt, Steven 217 Biggins, Jill HI Billington, Charlotte 111,231 Birmingham, Renee 359 Birn, Bonnie 111,248 Birsic. Dorothy41,lll,233,248,407 Birt, Angela 332 Bisbas, Anton m Bishop, Charmaine.... 111,250,362 Biven. Jenifer 371 Black, Thomas 348 Blackmore,Karyn 394 Blackstone, Ronald HI Blaine, Rebecca HI Blais, Karen 361 Blanchard, David 348 Blanchard. Diane 348,375 Blaser, Marcia HI Blau, Andrea HI Braylock,Clayton 346 Blewett, Diane 358 Block. Jan 111,361 Blongiewicz, Robert 111,363 Blosser, Jody 3 6 Blotzer, Timothy 231 Blum, Lynne HI Blum, Phillip m Blumenthal, Judith HI Bly, Melissa 371 Blye, Christopher 386 Bobb, Carolyn 111,248 Bodensledt, Cynthia 305 Boehm, Brad 227,251,348 Bogdanovich, Deborah 363 Bogert, Steven 217 Bolandhemat, Fariba HI Boldt. Borelli, Donald 112 Borisoff, Derek 369 Bosch, Joan 112 Boss, Daniel 216 Bothwell, Bruce 112 Botsford, Peter 404 Boubli, Clemi 112 Boucke, Jennifer 394 Boulanger, Steven 333 Boulter, Christopher.. 112,284,404 Bourdrel, Lionel 112 Bourgeois, Lisa 371 Bowen, Wentworth 112 Bowles, Cynthia 65,112 Bowman, Craig 253,387 Bowser, Horace 112 Boyd, Daniel 392 Boyd, Mary 112 Boyle, Stephen 366 Bozick, Cynthia 112 Bracket!, Gail 371 Bradley. Brenda 363 Bradshaw. Mary 394 Bragg, Gail 242 Braman, Lisa 363 Brana, Monica 112 Brana, Rodrigo 112 Branch, Kelly 112 Brand, Michael 112 Brandt, Timothy 112 Branigan, Michael 112,368 Brannan, Louis 231 Brannen, Kelly 112,371 Branscombe. Douglas 112.408 Bratkowsky, James 332 Braun. Elaine 358 Bravo. Arturo 112 Brewer, Robin 112 Breckenridge, Brett 112,369 Breihan, Crista 112 Brennan, James 370 Katie 332 Uurie 112,375 Brenner, Rebecca 34 Breshears, Vance 113 Brewer. Christopher 367 Brewster. Mary 113 Breyer. Sherri 113 Briceno, Rigoverto 338 Bridges. Ried 222 Brienen. Julie 359 Briggs. Kelly 348 Brigham. Raquel 374 Brill. Jana 113,216,247 Bringgold, Kimberly 113 Brinkman, Douglas 321.332 Brock, Jeffrey H3 Brode, Heidi 375 Broderick, Julia 113,375 Bronson, Kerry 113 Brooks, Christopher 235 Brooks, Efrem 364 Brooks, Elizabeth 113,199.375 Brophy. Therese 333 Brotoatmodjo, Ignatius 113 Brotoatmodjo, Esther 247 Brotoatmodjo. Marcus 113 Broussard. Deavid 113,348 Broussard, Frederick 217 Brouwer, Hans 366 Brown, Alethea 222 Brown, Anthony 217 Brown, Bambi 371 Brown, Corey 113 Brown, David 244 Brown, Deanna 359 Brown, Dominique 371 Brown, Eileen 113 Brown, Jeffrey 315 Brown, Kenneth 333 Brown, Mark 216 Brown, Richard 248.400 Brown. Scott 395 Brown. Sharon 351 Browne, Gene 244 Browner, Joey 113,257 Browner, Keith 258.267 Brownsberger, Suzi 358 113 Brubaker, Amy.. Brubaker, Gail 363 Sandra Loree Brumage, Michael 113.405 Brumleu. Robert 351 Bruninga. William 217 Brunner, Elizabeth 41,330,334 Brunter. Randy 340 Brusati, Pafricia 113,382 Bruun, Freyja 113,334 Bryant, Anthony 284 Bryant, Wilbert 222,340 Buch. Jay 368 Boldt. MOM 324 BoUe, Elaine 112 Bollinger, Bernard 369 Bollinger, Mark 369 Bolton, Craig 112 Bond, Jamaiia 290 Boone, Leslie 394 Borel. John 112 422 Index Buchanan, Eric 380 Buchen, Shael 219 Buckley, Steven 113 Buckley, Timothy 393 Budaraio, Srinivas 247 Builaksmono, Salanti 113 Buffington, Derek 247 Bugbee, Elizabeth 246 Bugos, David 113 Bullock, C. Holt 113 Bundy, Susanne 113 Bungo, Carole 113 Buonocore, Ralph 113 Burda, Brian 346 Burdick, Jonathan 41,208,235,324,330,408,409 Burger, Irene 114 Burger, Kurt 369 Burgess, Vincent 400 Burgos, Lori 362 Burholm, Annette 114 Burke, Brian 114,386 Burke, Christopher 114 Burke, James 114 Burkett, Desa 371 Burnett, Michelle 333 Bumey, Jennifer 363 Bums, Barbara 217 Bums, Kathleen 242,382 Burton, Eileen 252 Bushnell, Judith 334 Butler, Doreen 348 Butler, Steven 364 Butterfield, Frank 248,407 Byeon, Don 338 Byer, Philip 368 -ccc- Calentino, Craig 395 Callaway, Cindy 216 Callioutt, Donna 374 Camia, Catalina 208 Camp, James 225,386 Campbell, Colleen 332,361 Campbell, David 368 Campbell, Kevin 386 Campbell, Michael 368 Campbell, Shavim 392 Camphouse, Carol 394 Campion, Rob 386 Campos, Robert 405 Canales, Dan 98,350 Canlas, Amando 252 Cann, Karen 229 Cannon, Paul 115,349 Canton, Todd 115 Cantrell, Robert 115 Cao, Loc Thiem 243 Caplan, Justin 115 Capone, Scott 405 Cappello, Gerard 115 Capua, Zenaida 115 Caras, Stacy 115 Cardens, Maria 115 Carevich, Kathryn 115 Carlander, Wayne 284,288 Carlblom, James 115 Carli Jr, Robert 115 Carlson, Karen 361,403 Carr, Caroline 115 Carr, Cynthia 115,361 Cartaya Jr, Orlando 225 Carter, Brick 115 Carter, Eyoie 115 Carter, Jacie 362 Carter, Larry 231 Caruth, Kenneth 115 Casale, Paul 115 Casey, Kevin 115 Casey, Mitchell 115 Castenada, Laura 98 Castel, James 115 Castellano, Joseph 387 Castellanos, Salvador 338 Castiglia, Eugene 115,359 Castillo, Rudlpho 115 Castillo, Teresa 115 Castro, Mario 338 Castro, Mauricio 333,338 Castro, Priscilla 234,338 Catch, Neil 115 Cate, John 368 Cathcart, Brian 115,349 Celiberti, Patrick 367 Cendejas, Rebecca 116 Centofonti, Albert 116 Cerniglia, Thomas 116 Cervantes, Esther 116 Cervantes. Ronald 116,348 Chace, Regina 244 Chagdes, John 387 Chagnon, Charles 220 Chaitin, Toby 362 Chaiyapatranun, Pomtivar 116 Chalabian, Jeanine 116,358 Chambers, Brian 222 Chambers, Polli 333 Chambers, Susannah 116 Champion, Lezli 116 Champtol, Crystal 199 Chan, Allen 116 Chan, Bmce 244 Chan, Chris 116,223 Chan, Fay 361 Chan, Helen 243 Chan, Ivan 116 Chan, Ivy 401 Chan, Joseph 116 Chan, Katharine 334 Chan, Man-Shu 118,228 Chan, Milton 116 Chan, Norman 250 Chan, Patty 116 Chan, Stephen 116 Chan, Yee 218,251 Chandler, Carmen 98 Chandler, Mary 394 Chanes, Luis 116 Chang, Henry 245 Chang, Ramona 116 Chang, Su 116 Chang, Sunkyung 116 Chang, Wen 247 Chao, Dah-Peng 116 Chao, Kien-Chung 116 Chapa, Noelia 116 Chapman, Bruce 116,118,225 Chapman, Christopher 395 Chapman, Donald 117.386 Chapman, Karen 117 Chappell, Stephen 117 Character, Darla 117 Charleton, Mary 332 Chase, Lynae 359 Chassagne, Jude 333 Chau, Connie 117 Chavez, Alex 237 Chavez, Robert 117,282,283 Chee, Loretto 332 Chee, Yoonhee 117 Chelf, Robert 117 Chelf, Thomas 395 Chen, Arthur 223 ' Chen, Josie 117 Chenalloy, June 117 Cheney, Cynthia 117 Cheng, Andy 117 Cheng, Diana 117 Cheng, Richard 117 Cherry. Brad 296 Chesire, Amy 359 Chiang, Lily 117 Chien. Oscar 218 Chikahisa, Ann 394 Childs, Carolyn 359 Childs, Elizabeth 359 Chin, Alfred 243 Chin, Cynthia 117 Chin, David 218,244,332 Chin. Enrique 117 Chin. Penny 117 Ching, Laura 117 Chingren, Diane 117,235,344 Chio Alonso, Maria... 217,221,242 Chiriboga, Leonard 117 Chisikovsky, Jose 117 Chitjian, Mark 117.233 Chiu, Andrew 117 Chiu, Chia-Wen 117 Chiu, Grace 118 Cho. Doris 118,344 Cho, Johnny 118 Cho, Jung 332 Cho, Ki 118 Cho, Sylvia 118.225 Cho. Young 118 Chock, Cynthia 118 Choi. Alan 340 Choi. Carol 339 Choi, Janine .334 Choi, Mimi 118.223 Choi. Seok 118 Choi. Sunny 118 Chovance. Tiara 394 Chow. Linda 118 Christensen. Bradley 368 Christensen, Lisa 118.363 Christensen, Michael 340 Christian, Jennifer 118,246 Chu, Brenda 118 Chu. Helen 118 Chu, Mary 362 Chu, Simon 118 Chua, Celestine 118 Chua, Raymond 118 Chuang, Kwang 118 Chui, Waimun 118 Chun. Ernest 118 Chun. Grant 118 Chun, Harold 118 Chun, Kathleen 247 Chung. Alvin 117.408 Chung, Kwang 118 Chung, Linda 118 Chung, Myung 119 Church, Lisa 231 Churchman, Laurie 248,392 Cibener, Edward 119 Cicino, Helen ...» 333 Cigliano, John 119,392 Cimmarrusti, Gregory 119,386 Cinquini, Anthony 346 CipoUa, Lonnie 119 Ciron. Mariano 252 Cisek, Rebecca Ann 324,408 Cisneros, Leonard 237 Citron, Joel 119 Clancy. Kelly 119 Clariett, Mara 119 Clark. Carolyn 333 Clark. Cheryl 119 Clark. Eric 282 Clark. Kathleen 119 Clark. Lori 352 Clark, Shannon 381 Clark, Terri 332,362 Clark, Tracy 358 Clark, Tracy 358,404 Clarke, Peter 119 Glaus, Michael 119 Glayhold. Mikel 119 Clement, Charlotte 338 Clement. Michael 119.216 Clements. Peter 119 Cleveland, Deborah 119 Cleveland, Robert 119 Cleveland, Sharon 119 Clifford, Colleen 119 Clifford, Donald 119 Cline, Deborah 375 Cline, Paula 366 Cloud, Talleyrand 340 Cluff, Scott 231 Coates, Carol-Ann 324,408,409 Coates, Colleen 363 Coates, Stephen 119,369 Cobb, Jeffrey 392 Cobb, Randall 400 Cobrink, Marcy 218 Cochran, Cathleen 218,242 Cochran, Thomas 119 Cockerill, Keith 350 Codikow, Stacy 349 Cody, Marnie 252 Coe. Bernadette 222 Cohen. Cynthia 119 Cohen, Frederick 339 Cohen, Marc 366 Cohen. Neil 402,407 Coker, Charles 119 Colavin, Kathleen 349 Colbert. James 119 Cole, Yvonne 243.363 Coleman, Joan 362 Colin, Barbara 333 Colley, Cheryl 119.225,371 Collier. Julie 252 Collins. Alicia 199 Collins. Cynthia 119.358 Collins, Glenda 247 Collins, Robert 395 Combs, Craig 119,367 Compean, Gristina 120 Comstock, Paul 332 Connell, Byron 120 Connolly, Michelle 120 Contogouris, Spyrodon 346 Contreras, Steven 246 Conway, Kelly 358 Cook, Kathleen 120 Cook, Scott 282 Cook, William 120 Cooling. Grant..... 346 Coons, John 120 Cooper, Cynthia 290,294 Copic, Miro 41.324 Corazza, Lynne 120.358 Cordan. Andrew 346 Cordonnier, Kathryn 120 Corey, Edward 120 Corley. Mark 393 Comwell. Fred 349 Corona, Paul 248 Corona, Paul J 41,348 Corrie, Heather 352 Cortigan, Sean 395 Corsiglia. Rovin 394 Coryell. Jeffrey 120 Cosby, Oscar 244 Cota. Linda 120 Cotler, Kami 405 Cotter. Cathryn 120 Cotton. Carla 120 Cottrell. Richard 120 Gouger. Crager 330 CoursoUe, Andrea 120 Courtemanche, Christine 358 Courtier, Brian 219,227 Courtney, GoUeen 363 Courtney, Linda 394 Courtney, Martin 120 Coutu. Dale 216 Covault, Carolyn 120,226,242 Coveney. Cathy 120 Covert. Christine 339 Covert. Jeffrey 120 Covington. Pamela 120.374 Cowley, Charles 120,386 Cox, Marianne 120 Cox, Richard 120 Cox. Simon 217,242 Crawford, Karen 120 Crawford, Lisa 334 Crawford. Lynne 334,359 Crawford. Norman 120 Crawley. Craig 395 Creager. Edward 120 Cree, Calvin 368 Greighton, Jennifer 361 Cremo, Mario 348,120 Crew, Raymond 121 Crisalli. Davette 121 Cronenweth, Jeffrey 400 Crosby. William 121 Crossley, Julianne 121 Crachley. Scott 395 Cmtcher. Fred 258.257 Gmz. Bart 230.250 Cruz. Oscar 246 Cruz-Aedo. Francisco 369 Guaresma, Lawrence 219,121 Gubbon, Elizabeth 361 Cubbon, John 340 Cuellar, Carlos 246 Culley, Erin 394 CuUinan, Lauren 243.363.199 Cumine, Anthony 121 Cummins, Chris 121 Cummins, Robert 121 Gunha, Nina 121 Cunningham, Jonathan 222 Gurci, Doreen 121 Curie. Joseph 348 Curlender. Roberta 359 Curley. August 121 Curtis. Cynthia 392 -ddd- D ' Addario, Anthony 121 D ' Spain, Kelly 358 Dabbs, Dana 121 Dagdagan, Eugene 121 Dahms, Virginia 225 Dahnke, Lida 217,221,242 Daily, Rebecca 359 Daily, Robin 359 Dalai, Deepak 247 Dalai. Hormazd 121 Dales. Laurie 358 Daley, Brian 121 Danelski. Beth 359 Daney. Diana 121,371 Dang, Dao 121 Dang, Lan 121 Daniels, Dana 362 Daniels, Warren 121 Danilas, Fulvio 121 Dano, Aileen 252 Daquioag, Philamer 231 David, Jon 338 David, Linda 121 Davis, Carol 121 Davis, Gregg 392 Davis, Joyce 121 Davis, Jeffrey 380 Davis. Linda 121.250.371.408 Davis. Michael 404 Davis, Robert 121 Davis, Shawn 218 Davis. Terri 122.394 Davis. Terry 122 Dawkins. Aubrey 122 Dawson. Julia 375 Dayton. Diane 122.375 DeBock. Roger 122 DeCastro. Marcial 122 DeFelice, Joseph 98 De Filippo, Maria 346 De Guzman, Maria 123,250 De Jean, Walter 340 De Leon, Alfonso 123 De Leon, Mark 123 De Meo, Lea 122 De Montesquieu, Andre 392 De Pew, Gary 122 De Porto. Joseph 405 De Salvo. Steven 98 Deboest, Richard 387 Decarbo, Karen 363 Decker, Christy 122 Decker, Mark 208,352 Declerck. Michael 217.340 Deconti, Robert 122 Deeb, Caren 122 Deforest, Eleanor 371 Defterios, Joanna 392 Deghi, John 369 Degolia, Edwin 122 Degreene 363 Deguchi, Jeffrey 122 Del Carmen, Juliet 252 Del Guercio, Stephen 123 Del Rio, Jack 259,267 Del Rosario 225,242 Del Valle, Lisa 122 Delanoy, Darlene 122,243 Delassalle, Alexander 346 Delbalzo, Melissa 123 Delgado. Robert 237 Deliso. Sebastiano 217,221 Dellicompagni, Ernest 122 Deloatch, Jovita 348 Delrahim, Vahid 123 Deluca, Rodney 408 Delurgio, Phillip 332 Demeny. Janine 358 Demirbey. Bulent 122 Demirjian, Stephen 395 Demonteverde, Pepito 252 Demotte, Melissa 359 Demyanek 245 Denny, Thomas 122 Dent, Lynne 122,365 Derralas, Peter 122 Derhovanessian, Gevik 122 Dern, Mary 122 Deroche, Renee 199 Derrig, Karen 242,362 Derris. Jill 122 Dervin. John 122 Dervos, Dimitrios 122 Deslierres. Lynne 359 Desrosiers. Michele 122 Detrixhe.James 122 Dettrey, Shawn 324.347.408 Detweiler. Sharon 363 Devereaux. Dianne 371 Devlin Jr. John 332 Devlin. Laurel 122 Devore, James 332 Dewanto, Rudy 123.252.352 Dewey, Brock 122,348 Dhillon, Christina 332 Dijiacomo, Mark 405 Dial, Desiree 123 Dias, Julie 123 Diaz, Alejandro 123,369 Diaz, Diane 338 Diaz. Ozvaldo 223 Diaz, Woodrow 338 Dibartolomeo. Dino 123 Dickson, Dee Ann 245.258 Diener, Alyse 363 Digangi, Laurie 365.403 Diller. Julie 362 Dillis. James 123 DiLucca. Lisa 123.243 Dinardo. Michele 394 Dipalma, Joyia 123 Dirkx, Cynthia 123 Index 423 -Index- Doshier. David 124 Dossett, Andrew 124,349 Doty, Robert 348 Doucette, Dennis 124 Douglas, Randall 124,387 Douglas, Stuart 405 Dovas, Katherine 346 Downs, Michele 356 Doyle, Kathy 290 Drake, Teresa 347 Dralle, Lynne 359 Ores, Gregory 380 Dres, Nicholas 124 Drevno, Ann Marie 363 Drew, Nancy 332 Drew, Susan 124 Dreyfus. Joji 124 Driver, Carolyn 124,250 Drummond, Anita 124 Drury, Richard 124 ' Duarte, Suzanne .- 243 Dubec, Paul 124 Ducker, Terri 124,217 Doclos, Anne 124,219 Dudics, Matt 124 Dugan, Kathleen 124 Dulcich n, John 124 Dumas, Michael 124 Dumont Jr, Douglas 124 Dunayer, Lee 124 Duncan, Carolyn 124 Duncan, Julianne 124 Duncan, Katrina 363 Duncan, Kosta 363 Dung, Emeiene 124 Dunham, Robert 124 Dunlap, James 244 Dunlay, Sarah 125 Dunn, Linda 371 Dunzer, David 125,368 Duran, Michael 237,405 Durham, Leslie 125 Durso, Timothy 35 Duslack, Richard 339 Dutch, Carol 334 Dvorak, Rudy 282 Dweik, Amjad 125 Dye, Jeffrey 125 Dykes, Laura 394 -cee- Earles Jr, Joseph 125 Early. Lucia 125 Easley, Michele 371 Eason, Angela » 252 Eastby, Forrest 125 Eastmond, Herman 402 Eber, Richard 340 Eberhardt. Mary Ellen 354 Eberle, Janine 125 Eccarius, Scott 125 Ecker III, Anthony 368 Edds. David 231 Eddy. Park 125 Edmark, James 333,363 Edson, Kimberly 348 Edwards, Douglas 125 Edwards, Jeffrey 125 Edwards, John 348 Edwards, Raymond 367 Edwardson, Diane 408,409 Eichel, Melissa 994 Eisenberg, Michael 392 Ekman, Robert 125 El-Daher, Pierre 125 Eldridge, Melissa 351 Elliott, Jennifer 359 Elliott, Kevin 405 Elliott, Ronald 125 Ellis, Kimberly 125,358 Ellis, Linda 125 Ellsworth. Todd 369 Elmabruk. Mohamed 125 Elmajian, Nancy 125 Elmore, Renata 349 Elnifaie.Hisham 219.333 Emerson, Antony 296 Enayati, Hessamedin 125 Endo, James 216 Eng. John 218.225,345 Eng. Mary 332 Eng. Stanely 242 Engelage, Michael 125 England, David 248 Engle, Matthew 219 English, Erin 199 English, Kurt 125 Engrand.Peter 125 Enloe, Leslie 125 Enos, Ronald 222 Enriquez, Norman 126 I Enseki, Susan 126 Enwemeka, Chukuka Eoff. Kathy 126 Edmurian. Craig 126 Epplin, Michael 126 Erbabian, Annie 126 1 Erbe, Timothy 367 I Erekson. Douglas 350 i Ergo, David 126 ' Erickson, Alicia 333 Erickson, John 91,126,406 ' Erickson, Tad 126 Erickson, Mark 349 Ermovick. Anthhony. 126.219,227 Escamilla, Daniel 332 Escobar. Eden 126 Escobedo. Javier 327 Escobedo, Jennie 338 Escudero. Barbara 126 Eskey, Megan 126,358 Espalin, Suzann 365 Espiritu, Teresa 252 Esquinas, Robert 126 Esseff, Denise 250 Esses, Mark 126 Esteinou. Margaret 371 Estevez. Jose 126 Estrada, Magdalena 237 Ettel, Veronica 126 Eu, Barbara 126 Eubanks, Kevin 361 Eurich, Dana 126.402 Eustermann, James 332,393 Evans, Elizabeth 126 Evans, Mark 405 Evans, Patricia 375 I Evans. Robert 248 I Evans, Steven 222 Evans, Todd 102,126,230 Everest, Paramjit 126 Eves, Paul 126,217 Ewald, Gregory 395 Ewing, Cynthia 358 Exler, Sherrir 126 Exum, Michael 405 Ezersky, Wayne 248 Ezzell, Richard 126 -fff- Fabrizio, Cecilia 126,199,362 Factor, Alyssa 360 Factor, Carla 375 Fafoutis, Emmanuel 126 Fairchild, Scott 127,230,251 Falangetti, Ria 127 Falcone, George 220 Faletti, Matthew 127 Faltz, Larry 348 Fanek, Mahir 127 Fang, Chewn-Jiann 127,350 Farazian, Keyvac 127 Farina, Adele 333 Farakas, Michael 127 Farless, Carl 127 Famham, Tony 332 Pass, Ronald 127 Faulhaber, Sheryl 247 Featherstone, Stephen 127 Fedde, William 368 Feig, Paul 346 Feinman, Mitchell 127 Felder, Roger 332 Felix, Michael 127,225,349 Feltus, Allison 247 Fenn, Matthew 252,267 Ferber, Jana 127 Fernandez, Cecilia 300 Ferraro, John v - 127,332 Ferrera, Laura 361 Ferris, Kristin 361 Fetsko, Joan 246 Fichthom, Philip 127,251 Fidaleo, Maria 127 Fields, Stacey 127 Fiene, Robin 250 Figaia, Elisabetta 346 Finch, Polly 127 Fine, Martin 387 Finigan, Patrick 219 Finley, Scott 324,332,408 Finnegan, Daniel 367 Finwall, Thomas 392 Fischer, Heidi 127,362 Fischer, Jay 127 Fischer, Martin 127 Fischer, Ute 362 Fisher, Donald 231 Fisher, Jay 392 Fisher, Roy 127,219 Fitschen, Joy 394 Flanders, Theresse 334,359 FlBttum, Kathryn 127,223,347 Fleischer, Laural 127,332 Fleishman, Ronald 127 Fleming, Charles 127,244 Fletcher, Russell 127 Fletcher, Yolanda 290,293 Float, Jeffrey 349,368 Flokas, Dena 127 Flokas, Louis 229 Florence, Mary 242 Flores, Joe 237 Flores, Paul 127 Flynn, Kathleen 128,394 Fodial, Moussa 128 Foist, Kathleen 242,362,393 Foley, Julianne 88 Foltz, William 367 Fong, Gary 128 Fong, Kelly 128 Fong, Mayda 128 Footman, Patricia 128 Forbat, David 128 Forbat, Paul 128 Forbeck, Kirk 128 Ford, George 223 Ford, Maggie 248,348,408 Fordyce, Craig 395 Foreman, Julie 363 Forman, Marcia 128 Fosse, John 332,405 Foster, Cherla 98 Foster, Kathryn 375 Foster, Laura 363 Fourchy, Paul 128 Foust, Marta 128 Fow, Brian 128 Fowler, James 368 Fox, Cheryl 333,363 Fox, John 128 Fox, Lynda 333 Fox, William 346,368 Foxx, Michelle 199,248 Foy, Shannon 371 Frame, Barbara 128 Francia, Edgardo 218 Francia, Gina 252 Francis, Debra 128 Francis, Jeffrey 128,216 Franco, Beatriz 348 Franco, Manuel 237 Frank, Michael 387 Franke, Pamela 128 Frankenberger, Jaemi 365 Frankhouse, Dale 370 Franklin, Gail 128 Franklin, Gregory 128 Franz, Karen 359 Franzman, Tom 400 Fratto, Frank 128 Frazer, Jennifer 128 Frazier, Daryl 231 Frazier, Nicole 128 Fredrick, Shawn 358 Fredriksson 305 Freedman, Barry 128 Freedman, Lorraine 228 Freeman, David 128,368 Freeman, Marilyn 375 Freeman, Tracey 371 Freeman, Victoria 128,361 Freitas, Anthony 220 Frese, Michael 244 Frey, Jeannine 358 Friedberg, Leslie 361 Friedheim, Jessica 98,349 Friedlander, Bonnie... 128,324,408 Friedman, Barbara 129 Friedman, Kelli 363 Ftiedman, Lori 129 Friedrich, Theresa 129 Friend, Larry 284 Frier, Rick 129 Frierson, Alison 129 Frisbie, Karen 394 Frizzell, Jane 348 Frost, Nancy 129,362,393 Frost, Paul 129 Fry, Erin 129,394 Fryar, Michelle 129 Fry, Chris 405 Fu, Derrick 129 Fuelling, Thomas 248 Fujimoto, Harvey 231 Fujinami, Chris 129 FujiU, Sharon 129,216,251 Fujiwara, Lisa 129 Fujiyama, Stuart 333 Fukuto, Steven 129 Fukuzawa, Kimi 352 Fuller, Bryan 129 Fuller, Michael 129,387 Fulton, William 129 Fults, Geoffrey 129 Fung, Ken 340 Fung, Tobias 129 Funk, Jeffrey 129 Furumoto, Russel 129 Furuya, Greg 129 Futagami, Kimihiro 129 -ggg- Gabel, Tamara 129 Gabor, Michael 367 Gabomo, Neal 348 Gabriel, Christopher ..219,227,347 Gabrielson, Leonard 348 Gafford, Cheryl 129 Gagnon, Gerri 129 Gahm, Kathleen 363 Galinato. Paul 340 Galindau, Daniel 232 Gallagher. John 129 Gallardo, Maria 252 Gallego, Yvonne 129 Gallegos, Alfred 129 Gallegos. Rosemarie 222 Gallien, Darryl 129 Gallivan, Thomas 130 Galloway. Jeanne 130,224 Galvez Arango, Priscilla 333 Gamble, Susan 130 Gamblin, Anthony 130 Gangi Hall, Deborah 130 Gansert. Brian 405 Gantner, Cathie 199,348,362 Garcia, Eduardo 338 Garcia, Elizabeth 237,252 Garcia, Jaime 394 Garcia, Maria 130 Garcin, Thomas 348 Gardner, Anthony 393 Gardner, Greg 130 Gardner, Lynne 130 Garfield. Kristina 347 Gamica, Richard 130 Garretson, Kathy 371 Garrett. Karen 130 Garrison, Lora 130 Garrison, Robert 130 Garrity, Robert 348 Garza, Arthur 231 Gasha, Ekrem 130 Gaughan, Ann Marie 361 Gaughn IV, Peter 130,224 Gazsi. Thomas 130 Gebo, Nancy 359 Gednov, Eugene 130 Gee, Craig 130 Gee, Randal 130 Gee-Kee, Irene 130 Gehle, Katrina 334 Geipel. Gary 65 GeUco, Joann 333 Gellert, Julie 225 Gelt, Brian 332 Gelzhiser, Michi 130 Generales, Sylvia 130 Gentile, Catherine 393 Gentile, Maury 282 Gentilucci, Daniel 130,218 Gentz, Debra 362 Georgiev, Lysa 361 Georgilas, Zacharia 130 Georgiou, Nancy 199.229.408 Gerbracht, Paul 130 Gercich, Cheri 130 Gerquest, Lawrence 333,390 Gershunoff, Michelle 130 Getas. Andrew 132 Gettinger, Douglas 130 Gettleman. Sheri 375 Getz, George 380 Geyer, Todd 130 Ghaderi, Mehran 130 Ghaderi, Ahmad 219,227 Gharibian. Vahakn 130 Ghazanshahi, Shahindokht 410 Ghio, Christopher 380 Ghodsian, Jilla 131 Giang, Jonathan 131,251 Gibson, Anthony 131,262,265 Gibson, Kari 394 Gibson, Patrick 131 Giese, Drew 131,366 Giesemann. Rolf 131 Giffin, Kathryn 361 Gil, Amelia 359 Gil, Leopoldo 340 Gilbert, Gina 223 Gilbert, Jeane 131,358 Gilbert, Kenneth 340 Gildred. Elizabeth 367 Gildred, Philip 131 Gile, Michele 131 Gill, Mark 98 Gillam, Traci 131 Gillenwaters, Gretchen 394 Gillilard, Issac 332 Gilmore, Cheryl 387 Gilmore, Grant 131 Gilmore, Karen 131 Gilmore. Michael 370 Gima, Craig 131 Gimbel. Daniel 131,404 Gimbel. Julie 404 Gin. Dale 131 Gin. Lancy 131 Ginoza, Debbie 131 Ginsberg, Michael 131 Ginsburg. David 218 Giordano. Cynthia 131.226 Giovenco. Lori 363 Girten. James 231 Gish, Todd 131 Givins, Joanne 334 Giwa. Olushola 374 Glasco, Jeffrey 131 Glaser, Guy 222 Glasky, Marcia 131 Glasky. Mark 131,386 Click, Roberta 360 Gluck, Tracey 131 Gobbell, Jennifer 131 Goeden, Gerald 340 Gold, Jacqueline 131 Golding, Lori 131 Goldman. Melissa 248 Goldstein, Susan 375 Gollo. Yves 131 Gomez. Deborah 131 Gomez, Gladys 237 Gomez. Martin 340 Gomez, Jerri 333 Gong, Carol 333 Gong, Robert 132,223.347 Gong, Vernon 387 Gonyea, Epifanio 253 Gonzales. Cynthia 333 Gonzales, Melissa 363 Gonzales, Michael 132 Gonzales, Susan 132 Gonzales. David 132.246 Gonzales. Henry 132,237 Gonzales. Michael 132 Goodkind, Lawrence 405,406 Goodman, Lisa 132,248.363 Goodman, Michael 132,248 Goodman, Rueben 132 Goodrich, Deanna 363 Goodrich, Herbert 132,220,347 Goodson, M 231 Goodwin, Lisa 363 Goody. Karen 132 Gordon, Albert 222,333 Gordon, Leonard 132 Gore, Dennis 349 Gorman, Peter 132,368 Gorsuch, Edward 222 Gotthelf, Gail 132 t24 Index Gough, Theresa 132 Goya, Kate 132 Goycochea, Arlissa 219 Gozal, Peter 132,219 Gozal. Poppy 132 Grable, Daniel 226,407 Grable, Donald 253 Gramata, Thomas 132,251 Grandy, Leana 132,344 Granholm, John 132 Granoski, Donna 375 Grant, James 367 Grant, Margaret 132 Grant, Scott 369 Grant, Sheryl 333 Graves, Christopher 367 Gray, " John 132,349 Gray, Mike 132 Gray, Sheri 132,349 Gray, Teresa 132 Green, Frank 132 Green, Michael 364 Green, Sean 340 Green, William 132,386 Green, Donna 132 Greene, Michele 34,35 Greene, Roger 350 Greenlee, Kurt 348,403 Greenway, Leonard 133 Greer, Grace 133,199,362 Griego, Evangeline 339 Griffin, Garni 133 Griffin, Cassi 133 Griffin, Debra 133 Griffin. Harold 340 Griffin, James 133,244 Griffin, Tracy 133 Griffith, Aaron 364 Griffith, Joan 133 Grigorian, Aide 133 Grillias, Dimitra 133 Grimmonpre, Lisa 242,339 Grismer, Michael 133 Grivas, Demetrios 393 Gross, Desarie 133,359 Gross, Elizabeth 133 Grossman, Alan 98 Grubb, Randall 400 Gruendl, Stuart 133 Grunauer, Luis 253 Guirguls, Diaa 219,227 Guiv, Shapour 133,351 Gummig, Monica 199 Gundell, Susan 133 Gunderson 222 Gunnarsson, Robert 314,387 Gunther, Kathryn 133,361 Gunthorpe, Matthew 133 Gurrola, Angel 338 Gurrola, Anita 133 Gusich, Joseph 253 Guthrie. Robert 133,386 Gutierrez, Amarylis 133 Gutierrez, Rex 133 Gutierrez, Ruben 237 Gutwald, Angela 333,393 Guzman, Glenn 133 Guzman, Ronald 133 -hhh- Haas, David 133,367 Haddad, Annette 98,199,347 Haden, James 340 Haden. Mary 133 Hadley. Carolyn 219 Hagan, Cara 134 Hagan. Martin 134 Hagemeyer, Thomas 332 Haggerty, Kent 134 Hahn, Julie 401 Haidos, Alexia 394 Hailey, Hariin 134 Haines, Charles 134 Hak, Cynthia 371 Hale. Kathleen 134,248.363 Haley, James 34,35 Haley, Sondra 134,394 Halikis. Georgene 394 Halikis, Mark 134 Halikis, Maureen 394 Halim, Amin 134 Hall, Frederick 235,408 Hall, Janna 332 Hall, Katharine 333 Hall, Walter 387 Halls, Simon 367 Helper, Robbin 371 Halstead, John 370 Hamada, Lillian 134 Hamer, Hilary 134,394 Hamilton, Kathy 199 Hamilton, Kevin 134,386 Hamilton, Sandra 375 Hamlin, Laura 134 Hammer, Linda 134 Hammer, Brandt 405 Hammock. Raoph 219 Hamparyan, Nazar 75 Hampton. Aileen 394 Hampton. Clint 134 Hamra, Suzie 352 Han, Kalun 134 Han, Teresa 134 Hancock, Aleta 134 Hancock, Laura 134 Handelsman, Mark 134 Hanke, Roger 134 Hanlon, Charles 134 Hannan, Lori 134 Hansen, David 244 Hansen, John 134 Hansen, Marjorie 334 Hansen, Steven 332 Hao, Debra 134 Hara, Michael 135 Harb, Maria 359 Harbison, Betty 135,334,374 Harbour, Cynthia 135,199 Harbour, Dalene. 199.219,248,371 Harder. Christian 135 Hardiman. Scott 217 Hardin, Michael 135 Hardy, Shawn 395 Hare, Victoria 135,359 Herges, Bonnie 135,358 Ham, Laurie 135 Harnett, Michael 332 Harouni, Davis 219 Harper, Candace 199,362 Harper, Cindy 135 Harper, Michael 273 Harper, Terrence 404 Harrington, Gretchen 33 Harris, Anthony 217 Harris, Arthur 135 Harris. Bonnie 363 Harris. Brenda 135,219 Harris, Charles 276 Harris, Debbie 135 Harris, Holly 135 Harris, Julie 346 Harrison, Donald 135 Harrison, Edward 349 Harrison, Robert 245 Harrison, Willie 253 Harsono, Sudargo 135,230.251 Hartman. Joseph 135.386 Hartmann. Jeff 392 Hartono. Lenwati 135 Harty, Ellen 394 Harveaux, Vincent 217,242 Harwood, Jeffrey 393 Hasan, Mukda 135 Hata, Owen 251 Hatfield, Nancy 135,199,362 Hathway, Richard 135.244.367 Hatridge. Linda 334 Hatab, Kamel 135 Haugen, Heather 361 Hauptmann, Richard 135 Havekorst, Walter 245 Havens, Beth 135 Hawes, Walter 135 Hawkins, Lee 363 Hawkins, Sharon 135 Hawkins, William 135 Hawkinson, Stacy 136,359 Hayata, Donna 136 Hayata, Wesley 136 Hays, Joyce 136,242 Hayward, Shelly 208,242 Haywood, Bobbie 136 Haywood, Joe 136 Hazel, Patrick 138 Heard, Randolph 136,346 Hechinger. Kari 136 Heeres. Kathleen 375 Hegel. Phillip 387 Heam. Laurie 359 Heileman, Jeanne 346 Heim, Richard 340 Hein, Dee 332 Hein, Suzette 136 Helfond, Russell 310 Heller, Brenda 334 Heller, Michael 367 Helm, Rita 361 Helman. Andrew 138 Helperin, Robert 339 Hemerick, Rosanna 136 Henderson, Maire 371 Hendrix, Marilyn 139 Henninger, Brian 367 Henry, Kelly 300 Henry, Partick !. 340 Henry, Suzanne 136,199 Hentabli, Farid 139 Hepps, Steven 139 Herbert, Allen 364 Heredia, Dine 338 Hernandez, Christopher... 139,246 Hernandez, Miguel 338 Hernandez, Miriam 139 Hernandez, Saul 244 Hernandez, Filberto 139,350 Herdon, Doris 139 Herr, Elizabeth 301 Herrera, Anita 139,219 Herrera. Gilberto ,...363 Herrick, Cynthia 363 Hertel, Kimberly 358 Herzbrun, Cynthia 361 Hewlett, Scott 139,219 Hews, Jennifer 139 Hiatt, Leslie 139 Hickman, Charles 224,340 Hickman, David 139 Hickman, Robert 224,340 Hicks, Brian 393 Hicks, David 139 Hicks. Trisha 139 Hedalgo. Ernesto 352 Hidalgo. Javier 352 Higashi. Nicole 218.333 Higger. Bruce 139 High. Noel 139 Hight, Kathryn 375 Hill, Cynthia 199,362 Hill, Jennifer 139,371 Hill, Kathleen 252 Hill, Ronald 139 Hilliard, Janet 339 Himawan, Andy 139,219,227 Himes, Andrea 333 Hines, Heather 371 Hines, Jill 375 Hinojosa, Hector 237,338 Hinton, Gary 139 Hironaga, Deborah 219,227 Hiroshige, Albert 136 Hirozawa, Joan 401 Hirsch, Peter 392 Hirshhom, Rebecca 234 Hitchens, Julius 136,332 Hixson, Jody 136 Ho, Angel 136 Ho, Raymond 217.221 Hoadley. Allison 220 Hoang, Duc-an 136,250 Hoang, Tuan 136 Hoang, Van 251 Hobbs, Kathryn 333.363,369 Hobgood. Daniel 246 Hoch. Kari 334 Hodder. Lila 253 Hodge. Carolyn 136 Hodges, Gilda 375 Hodges, Julie 136,363 Hodges, Robert 392 Hodgson, Tad 136 Hoekstra, Fred 136,232 Hoffarth, Thomas 136 Hoffman, Patricia 348 Hoffman, Richard 136,346 Hoffman, Tracy 375 Hoffmeyer, Debra 334 Hofmann, Jan 225 Hogan, Mary 359 Hokanson, Christer 386 Holcomb, Richard 136 Holden, Jerome 392 Holden. Kimberly 136 Hollis. Cassandra 219,365 Holloway, Patrick 364 Holmes, Ronald 284 Holoman, Eric 136 Holte, Douglas 136,407 .Holyfield, Marty 351 Hom, Benson 137 Honarmand, Bizhan 137 Honda, Henry 137 Hong, Christopher 137 HOng, Randall 137 Honig, Keith 137 Honsaker, William 363 Hoopengamer, Julie 375 Hooton, Frank 395 Hopf, Terri 137, 359 Hopp, Douglas 395 Hoppin, Ralph 333 Hori. James 340 Hori. Steven ...137 Horkachuck. Michael 137 Home. Chrisandra 199 Horrigan. Timothy 350 Horst. Linda 137,375 Horstman, Adam 282,404 Horstman, John 137 Horton, Laura 224 Horton, Linda 137 Horton, Randy 340 Horton, Sylvia 137,362 Horvitz,Debra 333 Horwith, Jeffrey 137 Hoshko, John 137 Hospodor, Sarah 137,362 Hoss, John 348 Hossepian, Gorik 137 Houck, Kathryn 137 Houghton, David 333 Houston, Erin 137 Howard, Bart 137 Howard, Brad 137 Howarth, Robert 369 Howatt, Lisa 137 Howes, Benjamin 137 Howland, Theresa 348 Hozaki, David 137 Hsiag, Yu-Jain 137 -111- Iba, Eriko 139,339 Ibarra, Laura 139,365 Ibuki, Nancy 139,223 140 Ihde, Elizabeth 139 lida, Elizabeth 140 Ike, Mary 363 Ikegami, Stephen 140 Ikhsan, Azman 140 Imahara, Kathryn 140 Imahiro, James 140 Inadomi, Laurie 140 Ingber, Jonathan 332 Ingegneh, Dominique 348 Inose, Judy 333 Inouye, Chris 140 franzadi, Morad 140,219 Irby, Ronald 332 Iriarte, Jeanette 140 Irving, Craig 380 Irwin, Cynthia 333 Ishimam, Dale 140,223,216 Ishimaru, Tracy 140 Ishino, Bryan 140,223 Iskandar, Cecilia 140 Ismail, Herman 140 Itchon, Rowena 324,408 Ito, Glenn 140,219 Ito, Sheldon 348 Ito, Stanley 140 Iturri. Juan 253 Iturri. Maria 140 Iverson, Kelly 140,351 Iwanaga, Mark 140 Iwata, Kimi 219 Iwuchukwu, Michael 140 www -JJJ- Jabara, John 248 Jackson, Andrew 263 Jackson, George 140 Jackson, Patricia 359,400 Jackson, Robyn 140 Jacobellis, Alphonse 33 Jacobs, Karin 366 Jacobs, Sally 394 Jacques, Erica 140,371 Jade, Danielle 140 Jaffe, Loren 33 Jagger, Pamela 141 James, Harold 141,250 James, Linda 141 James, Susan 346 Jamison, Carol 333 Jamsheer, Khaled 141 Jang, Lori 141 Janjarasskul, Manop 251 Jann, Bradley 332 Jenosik, Jeanne 141 Jansen, Mark 403 Jaoudi, Jodi 141 Jaque, Maria 141 Jatia, Arun 235 Jauwhannes, Sanny 141 Javier, Jovito 252 Jean, Michael 231 Jeanson, Nathalie 141 Jeffrey, Timothy 400 Jeffs, John 405 Jennings, Dana 359 . Jensen, Donald 244 Jett, Martha 141 Jiminez, Jim 141,225 Jinks, Laura 141 Johannsen, Karen 141,362 John, Laurel 362 Johns, John 400 Johnson, Joe 35 Johnson, Joy 141,226,375 Johnson. Kathleen 141,363 Johnson. Kelly 141,395 Johnson, Kenneth 284 Johnson. Kristi 14.363 Johnson, Mark 141 Johnson, Marlene 333 Johnson, Michael 332 Johnson, Ronald 141 Johnson, Rozalynn 141 Johnson, Steven 340 Johnston, Ann 141,339 Johnston, Bonita 346 Johnston, Brian 403 Johnston, Peter 141 Johnston, Steven 141 Jones, Brooke 141,363 Jones, Cathy 199,375 Jones, Craig 141,371 Jones, David 141 Jones. Douglas 219 Jones, Frederick 141,251 Jones, Gregory 226 Jones, Gwyn 358 Jones, Jeffrey 242 Jones, Kathryn 142,226,371,407 Jones, Maria 237,338 Jones, Martha 361 Jones, Michelle 142 Jones, Stevens 142 Jones, Teriiynn 142 Jones, Terry 358 Jones, Vicld 347 Jong, Laura 142 Jordan, Denise 39,142.243,365 Jordon, Ellen 363 Jordon, Stephen 265 Josaphat, Marjorie 142 Josi, Kristin 394 Josi, Linda 142,233,248,394,407 Joslin, Christopher 222 Joslyn, Hilary 358 Joslyn, Lisa 142 Joyce, Laura 142 Juarez, Lisa 358 Juhnke. Susan 142,371 Julian, Vance 142,367 Julianelle, Shelley 142 Jung, Arlene 142 Jung, Curtis 142,226,349 Jung, Jeanne 33 Junis. Pamela 359 Justen, Kevin 142 -kkk- Kabalin, Thomas 142,223 Kaga, Shoko 142 Kagawan, Vincent 142.246 Kahn, Michael 142 Kainamu, lorraine 363 Kajiwara, Masaki 142 Kalb, Elizabeth 142,362 Kalem, Lisa 356 Kalemkiarian, David 405 Kalinoski, David 250 Kallins, George 142 Kam, Randall 142 Kam, Rodney 142 Index 425 -Index- Kamatani, Christine 142,363 Kamiya, Naoyulci 142 Kanda, |ames 142 Kane, Maurice 102,143,226 Kaneko, Laurie 143 Kaneshiro, Faith 143 Kang, Jane 244 Kang, Kenneth 143,224 Kang, Kyongtok 143 Kang, Susan 143 Kannarr. Tina 98,143 Kanne, Robert 370 Kanne, Susan 253,381 Kanno, Jenny 143 Kantarjian, Tony 143 Kaplan, Ivy 360 Kaplan, Laurie 360 Kapp. Scott 143 Kappes, Kristen 143 Kappes, Scott 395 Karamanoukian, Valentina 361 Kariya, Janice 143 Karkut 143 Karl, Robert 348 Karr, Gary 98 Karr, Robin 143,359 Karro, Wayne 245 Karter, Kxistine 143 Kasai, Mark 143 Kase, Caroline 359 Kase, Judy 333 Kaseroff, Melanie 332 Kassel, Daniel 143 Kast. Gretchen 348 Kataoka, Erin 143 Kataoka, Russell 143 Kato, Cathy 143 Katsogianes, Debbie 143,229 Katz, Lisa 143 Katz, Steven 340 Kauhane, Clayton 143 Kautz, Lisa 143 Kaviani, Kian 247 Kawage, Lynne 143 KAwaguchi, Mike 144 Kawai, Sharon 144 Kawananakoa, Quentin 144 Kawasaki, Gail 144 Kawashiri, Terry 144 Kay. Duksoon 144 Kazarian, Kory 144 Keane IV, William Patrick 144.363.367 Keating, Brian 144 Keating, Michael 144 Keenan, Jeff 367 Keibler, Gregory 220 Keh, Karen 332,361 Keillor, Eric 144 Keith, John 348 Keilty, Kathleen 144,361 Kellard, Brenda 375 Kellems, Suzy 375 Keller, Kimberly 394 Kelley, Thomas 251 Kellogg, Jane 333 Kellogg. Kathryn 394 Kelly, Angel 144 Kelly. Elizabeth 361 Kelly, Karen 144 Kelly, Michael 144 Kelly, Robin 363.369 Kelly, Terrence 144,244 Kendrick. Randall 340 Kennedy. Colleen 99.199 Kennedy. Howard 332 Kennedy, John 144 Kennedy, Lisa 334 Kent, Stephen 144,231 Kerber, Kurin 244 Kern, William 386 Kemer, Kelly 284 Kerr, Scott 386 Kessler, Debra 252 Kessler, Rosalie 363 Kevorkian. Kevin 144,380 Khalil. Shahram 144 Kho. Sok 225 Khoo, Ghee..... 144 Ki, Mi won 144 Kiefer, Jeanette 144 Kiesewetter, Dwight 144 Kiguchi, Lisa 144 Kijowski. Anthony 144 Kika. Linda 144 Killian. Douglas 282 Kim, Byoung 144 Kim, Douglas 144 Kim, Gena 145 Kim. In 145 Kim. Michael 145 Kim, Se 145 Kim, Soonung 145 Kim, Yong 145 Kim, Young 344 Kim, Young-Ran 145 Kimura, Michael 145,369 Kindy, Steven 145 King, Philip 145 King, Sandra 145,350 King, Sherri 358 Kingsley, Alise 144 Kinkade, James 222,340 Kinkle, Gary 340 Kinoshita, Joann 145 Kinsella, Joan 334,371 Kinsey. Carol 145 Kintz, Mary 334 Kirchner, Suzanne 145 Kirk. Kathlene 145 Kirk, Kevin 145 Kirking, Brian 219,227.251 Kirkpatrick. Grant 380 Kirkpatrick, Lee 145 Kirshman. Carrie 145,370 Kirtz, Julie 145 Kissel, William 145 Kistler, Karen 333 Kitchen, Carol 145 Kiyokawa. Guy 222 Klein. Darryl 333 Klein, Leslie 145 Kleschen, Peter 339 Klevins, John 145,395 Kling, Kristina 145,363 Klotz. David 333 Klug. Kurt 395 Kmet. Mimi 397 Knoll. Cynthia 145 Knoop, Robert 395 Ko, Ellen 218,244,332 Ko, Leon 145 Ko, Tsung 145 Kobayashi, Dale 145 Kobori, Hiroshi 146 Kocerka, John 231 Koch, Debbie 332,362 Koda, Susan 233 Kodama, Martha 333 Kodja. Arthur 146,246 Koehler, Gary 217 Koffi, ALexis 146 Koghar, Raju 146 Kohl. William 146 Kokatay, Shobana 350 Kokenis, Chris 229 J olebuck, Gregg 146,395 Kolebuck, Patrice 375 Koley, Patrick 333,392 Koll, Martha 146 Kollenda, Kevin 392 Komatsu, Hiroaki 146 Komick, Kim 146 Kondash, Joseph 146 Kong, Jawon 146,247 Kong, Karen 219,247 Kong, Matthew 146 Konishi, Dawn 231 Konishi, Tami 363 Koo, Caroline 146 Koozin, Kenneth 146 Kopper, Renata 360 Korompis, Linawati 146 Koryn, Daniel 380 Koss, John 146 Koss, Theresa 394 Koster, Nicholas 231 Kotake, Craig 146 Kotish, Jacqueline 250 Kouzes, Laurie 146 Kouzoujian, Van 146 Kovacs, Heather 371 Kowalski, S. Michael 339 Krai, Stefanie 146,233,394 Kram, Tatiana 146 Kramer, William 216 Krant, Randy 146 Krantz, James 146 Krasnoff, Julie 146,362 Krause, John 403 Kreidler, David 219 Krengel, Saundra 220 Krieger, John 146,224 Kristof, Kathleen 146,363 Krivosic. Nevenka 146,361 Kroeker, Ruth 375 Knill, Karen 332 Kuhlmann, Michael 393 Kuhn, Douglas 217 Kum, Tae 147 Kumar, Sanjay 246 Kumar, Shared 247 Kunelis. Thomas 229 Kunst, Vincent 253 Kuok, Khoon 219.227,251 Kupiec, Karla 220,358 Kupiec, Kraig 333 Kupiec, Krista 358 Kuramoto, Amy 219 Kurimura, Eric 147,225 Kurrasch, David 147 Kusuma, Hendra 147 Kutina, Kevin 244 Kwock, Lori 332 Kwok, Kwee 147,344 Kwok, Maisie 147 Kyle, Bryan 393 -HI- La Force, Jessica 375 La Plante, Phillip 147,397 La Plante, William 397 La Scale, Lisa 147,358 La Shell, Marguerite 147 Lachapelle, Michael 147 Ladd, Daniel 147 Ladd, Kelliann 363 Lahti, Douglas 147 Laing, Derek 340 Lakdawala, Khushroo 247 Lake, Barbara 333 Lall, Cheri 346 Lam, Dulcibella 223 Lam, Dung 147 Lam, Han 147 Lamar, Troy 284,297 Lamberg, Erik 367 Lampert, Alyssa 147,347 Lampert, Mary 147,220 Lanchantin, Maryann 147 Landin, Lorenzo 332 Landry. Linda 361 Landwehr, Jan 147 Lane, Jennifer 333 Langer, Melissa 358 Langlois, David 147 Lanting, William 147 Laplante, Todd 386 Lappas, Andrea 299 Larkin, William 147 Larson, Laura 371 Larson, Lawrence 147 Larue, Richard 147,244 Lash, Susan 334 Lassman, Lisa 350 Lau, Alex 2I6 Lau, Amy 147 Lau, Eric 340 Lau, Meri 224 Lau, Peter 147 Lau, Roger 147 Laundy, Karl 402 Laurie, John 147 Laux, Linda 363 Laval. Melinda 147 Laverdiere, Joseph 333 Law, Priscilla 148 Lawrence. David 332,403 Lawson, Linda 148.346 Lawson, Michael 386 Laylon, Stephanie 333,366 Lazar, William 148.350 Le, Tuan 148 Lea, Daniel 148 Leach, Leslie 148 Leach, Liselotte 148 Lead, Jennifer 371 Leake, Horace 219,348 Leance, Michelle 148,359 Leance, Suzanne 359 Leanez, Cesar 143 Lebeau, David 148 Leblanc, Charlotte 359 Leblanc, Patrick 251 Lebold, Lisa 358 Lebon, Fenton 148 Lecheheb, Namane 148 Lee, Alan 148 Lee, Andrew 2I6 Lee. Andrew 148,247,251 Lee. Anna 148 Lee, Celina 244 Lee, Dallas 148 Lee, David 148 Lee, David 340 Lee, Deborah 148 Lee, Esther 143 Lee, James 340 Lee, Janet 148 Lee. John 148 Lee, Kenneth 244 Lee, Kyong 148 Lee. Nancy 148 Lee, Pearl 148 Lee, Raymond 148 Lee, Ronald 148 Lee, Shi-Chieh 41,148,347 Lee, Steve 231 Lee, Sui 148 Lee, Sungwoo 148 Lee, Sunny 149 Lee, Susan 149,223 Lee, Suzy 149 Lee, Ta-Cheng 149 Lee, Tay 149 Lee, Timothy 149 Lee, Wendell 222 Lee, Won 149 Lee, Yunji 149 Lee, Zephrini 260 Lee-Fong. Victor 149 Leedom, Liane 244 Legan, Thomas 149 Lehto. Steven 231 Leibig, Kathleen 231 Leicht, Aaron 246.346 Leishman, Joan 371 Leiter, Charles 149 Leksono, Leksono 246 Leland, Steven 367 Lembo, John 222 Lemon, Gary 296 Lenehan, Jeanne 149,199,247 Leon, Anthony 338 Leon, Florentine 245,333 Leonard, Richard 218 Leong. Jeffrey 250 Lerfald, Greg 149 Lerlop, Ongom 149 Lesjak, Lisa 360 Lessick, David 387 Lett, Nicholas 405 Leung, Kai 149 Leung, Kenneth 366 Levine, Wayne 149 Levonian, Brent 149,395 Levy. Dena 300 Lew. Deborah 149 Lew, Mitchell 149 Lew, Sandra 149 Lewandowski, Brian 149 Lewis, Ann 245,348 Lewis, Arthur 149 Lewis, Barbara 348 Lewis, Charles 332 Lewis, Chris 149 Lewis, Craig 403 Lewis, Jon 220 Lewis, Lorraine 149 Lewis, Nancy 333 Lewis, Richard 149 Lewis, Robert 149 Lewis, Robert 253 Leyel, Christopher 340 Li, Donna 247 Li, Hannah 149 Li, Julia 149 Li, Loma 366 Li, Ning 149 Liang, Kenneth 150 Liang, Stanford 333 Liaw, Huei-Lin 150 Libby, Kathleen 298 Libman. Bonita 150 Librande, Stephen 340 Liccini, R. Paul 225 Lie, Fen 150,225 Lie, Milton 253 Lieber, Gregory 150 Liem, Wayne 150 Lieu, Diana 150 Lieu, Robert 228 Lightman, Patrick 150 Likas, David 150 Likins, Kelly 150 Lile, Donelle 334 Lilley, Cynthia 150,394 Lilly, Bruce 150 Lilly, Melinda 359 Lim, Annette 150 Lim, Chin 150 Lim, Jin 150 Lim, Larry 150 Lim, Lester 243 Lim. Maria 150 Lim. Patricia 150 Lim, Robert 150 Lin. Bih-Yu 150 Lincoln, Matthew 150 Lincoln. Patricia 150 Lind, Julie 150,363 Linderman, Kim 375 Lindholm. Jean 346 Lindsey, David 395 Ling, David 150 Linger, Troy 367 Lingle, Robert 150,340 Link. Maryann 361,405 Lintott. Mark 150 Lisenberry. John 368 Lisk, Robert 229 Lite, Christopher 339 Little, Sharoni 333 Litwiller, Theodore 151 Liu, Clifton 151 Liu, Diana 151 Liu, Fang-Zhi 344 Liu, Shi-Hua 151 Liu, Steven 151 Liu, Steven 151 Livengood, Carol 361 Lizzarraga, Michael 237,348 Lloyd. Larry 392 Lo, Chester 151.251 Lo, Czarina 151 Lo, Hau-Cbau 151 Lo, Jason 151,251 Lo Albo, Alicia 151 Lobin. Peter 151 Locacciato, Patricia 151 Lockard, Greg 151 Locke, Jon 217 Lockhart, Loma 151,222 Lockhart, Thomas 387 Lockner. Brigitte 226 Lockwood, Lyman 348 Loebel, Kimberly 151 Lohse, Deanna 151 Lok, San-Yu 218,230 Lokey, Mary 151,225 Lolonis, Mary 151,226 Long, Deborah 151,217 Longhofer. Linda 216 Longo, Tracy 290,292 Longyear, Willis 368 Looney, Kathleen 151 Lopez, Adalberto 151 Lopez, Daniel 151,237 Lopez, Sandra 237 Lopez, Sylvia 151,237 Lopiccolo, Phillip 151 Loquet, Deborah 252 Lorenzo, Angeliza 151,401 Lorenzo, Jocelyn 225 Loria. Mariano Jr 151 Lott, Karen 151,225 Louie, Michael 151 Louisell, Carol 363 Lourd, Bryan 367 Love. Bradford 151 Low. Jimmy 152,251 Lowe, Jeffrey 152 Lowe, Raymond 387 Lowrance, Jane 152 Lowry, Tracey 152,375 Loy, Kenneth 248 Loy, Leslie 152,358 Lozano, John 296,297 Lu, Franklin 220 Lubash, Ron 227 Lucas, Lisa 359 Lucitt. Stephen 404 Ludwikowski, Jeffrey. 152,248,407 Luecht, Phillip 349 Luedde, Jay 152 Lui, Daniel 152 Lui, Diana 334 Lui, Helen 152 Lui, Sandy 152 Luis, John Jr 152,405 Lukas, Radd 348.400 Lukavich, Robert 340 Luke, Janice 371 Lum, Charlie Jr 251 Lum, Cheryl 152 Lum, Elaine 225 426 Index Lum, Harvey 152 Lum, loan 152,216.344 Luna, Cannen 152 Lung, Agnes 152,216,247 Lupo, Linda 152 Lutfi,David 152 Luther, Christopher 395 Luther, Laurel 375 Lymberopulos, Jorge 152 Lynch, Cynthia 333,363 Lynch, Kevin 338,368 Lynch, Loretta 152,199,226,344 Lynn, Timothy 332,403 Lyon, Julio 152,247 Lyons, Kyle 371 Lyons, Stephen 152 -mmm- Ma, Tina 152 Maarse, Karen 152 Maas, Andy 350 Mabie, David 152 Mabile. Micheile 152 Macalello. Debra 152.243 Maccaul, Susan 358 Macdicken. Mark 153 Macevitt. Robert 153.404 Machado, Florence 153 Macintosh, John 392 Macke, Maureen 359 Macleith 153.225 Madath, Francois 367 Madera, Ananias 153 Madzarevic, Ivan 153 Maeda, Hidehiro 153 Maeda, Todd 153 Maedo. Louise 333 Mafy, Afsaneh 153 Maggio. Leanne 371 Mah, Norman 223 Mahdesian. Chris 348 Mahmood, Aasim 153 Maiden, Todd 347 Maier, Eric 153,395 Makampo, Swieto 153 Makram. Ashraf 219.227 Maksaereekul, Benjaporn 153 Malachowski, Steve 233 Malaviya, Poonam 247 Maidonado, Antoinette 362 Maleki-Shahrokhi, Azadeh 153 Malik. Nadeem 153 Mallen. Eliabeth 153 Malley. Maureen 375 Malloy. Bridgett 153 Millozzi. John 217,221,348 Malmgren, Steven 153 Malouf, Christopher 153 Malter, Lauri 360 Mammarella III, Arnold... 220,366 Manahan, Michael 400 Mandala. Steven 233.367 Manfre, Cynthia 153 Manion, Kevinli217.242 Manley. John 370 Manning. Albert 153.226 Manolakis. Michael 153.371.405,407 Manos, Anthony 153.395,405 Manos. Catherine 199,363,392 Mansfield, Dana 153 Mansfield. John 153 Manson. Kelly 408 Manuel, Denise .363 Manukian. Anita 153 Marchak, Christopher 219.245 Marek. Jennifer 199,363,392 Margolis, Gary 340 Mariano, James Jr 153 Marine, Jonathan 366 Marinelli, Jayne 154 Marinello. Stephen 246 Marinkovich, Andy Jr 154,218 Marino, Louis 392 Mark, Julie 154 Marker, Richard 154.407 Marketto, Susan 362,405 Markey, Karen 199,154,299 Marks, Cynthia 154,349 Marks. Diane 154 Marks, Earl 405 Marks, Terry 348 Marlow, Ingrid 333 Marmorstein. Todd 154 Maronde, Craig 154 Marquez, Pauline 154 Marquez. Pedro 154 Marrs. Charles 154.219.347 Marshall, Maureen 363 Marshall, Mylon 346 Martin, Finla 208,338 Martin, Lisa 334 Martin, Rebbeca 339 Martin, Ronnie 40,64,154.227 Martin. Theresa 154,361 Martinez, Angelina.... 154,365.375 Martinez, Anthony 154 Martinez, Carmen 154,235 Martinez. Domingo 154 Martinez. Lilia 154 Martinez, Patricia 333 Martinez, Rebecca 154,299 Martinez, Richard 338 Martini, Anna 375 Martino, Jon 367 Martino. Peter 154.244 Martyns, Linda 371 Maruko, Evelyn 199 Manimoto, Todd 387 Maniya, Keith 154.247 Maruyama, Karl 154 Marvin. Robert 392 Marx. Patti 333 Marzullo, Anne Marie 362 Mason, Sarah 154 Masri, Jawad 154 Mast. David 248 Masuda. Scott 216 Matasavage, Stanley 155 Matheny, Brad 395 Mathews, Michael 366 Matias, Joyce 216 Matsuda, Michael 155 Matsuda, Russell 155 Matsutsuyu. Keith 155,222 Matteucci, Judy 363 Matthews, Bonita 155 Matthews. Brent 244 Matthews. Bruce 155,260,275 Matthews, Laura 348 Matthews, Matt 392 Matus, Patricia 155 Matzinger, Richard 155 Mauliola, Gina 155 Maurino, Lisa 250 Mauser, Robert 155. 219 Maxwell, Frandsen 155 Mayer, Rudolf 155 Mayfield. Michael 368 Maynard, Carolyn 365 Mayo. John 155 Maywood. Robert 392 Mbanefo, Frederick 219 Mc Allister. Dorothy 253 Mc Camon, Lee 386 Mc Carthy, Phillip 333 Mc Cord. Brian 348 Mc Donell, Jennifer 252 Mc Efee. Teryl 375 Mc Farland. Sally 350 Mc Intyre, Kimberly 392 Mc Intyre, Michael 349 Mc Kee, Susan 339 Mc Kibbin, Claudia 156 Mc Kibbin, Owen 282 Mcc Laughlin, Michael 156 Manigal, Jill 363 Mc Menus, John 392 McAdam. Romona 375 McAlpine, David 222 McBain, Shanna 155 McBride, Ann 155.359 McCarthy, Andrea 155 McClafferty, Peter 248,392 McClain, Ann 155 McCloud. Timothy 482 McCloud, Winifred 155,250 McCluskey, Thomas 405 McCombie, James 392 McConaughy, Karen 371 McConnell. Robert 216 McConville, Sheila 155,250 McCormick, Andrew 155 McCormick, Mary 155 McCoy. Patricia 155 McCuUa. Robert 155 McCuUen, Karlin 361 McCuUoch. Sheila 359 McDermott, Susan 371 McDowell, Laura 359 McEwen, Melissa 361 McFadden, Ginger 155 McGeagh, Richard 367 MgGee, Charlotte 155.358.406 McGee. Pamela 290,292,294 McGee, Paula ...6,290,291,292,295 McGhghy, Stephen 387 McGlinchey. Laura 375 McGowan. Timothy 155 Mclnnes. Ellen 155.363 McKeever. Teresa 155,362 McKelvey. Paul 155 McKinney. Michael ... 156.216,346 McKnight, Jeffrey 400 McLaughlin, Michael 156 McLendon, Nancy 371 MccLeod, Duane 222 McMillan, Douglas 156,386 McMillan. William 156,244 McNair, Sonia 156 McNallen, Katherine 375 McNamara. Thomas 351 McNeil, Cynthia 156 McPherson, John 369 McRoskey, Patrick 156 McSweeney. Edward 156 Mead. Alison 156 Medeiros. Vickie 156 Medina. Alfred....! 156.219 Medina. Louis 235 Medina. Maria 156 Meek, Mary Ann 98,156 Megaro, Patricia 245,358 Megonigal. Pam 156 Mehdizadeh. Amrollah 256 Mehoves. Cynthia 156 Mejia. Santiago 246 Melbourne. Ann 199,362 Melbourne. Maria 199.218 Melbourne. Steven 332 Melcher. Mary 156 Melcbiorre, Francisco 351 Melgoza. Virginia 156.237 Melhom. Bruce 156 Melikian. Edward 348 Meloch, Sally 199 Melton, Brenda 334 Melton, Cheryl 361,405 Nemari, Sima 156 Menchaca, John 156.237 Mendoza. Deborah 338 Mendoza. Nadine 156 Menniger, Ned 368 Merkel, Victoria 156 Mermelstein, Elaine 157 Merrick, Pamela 221.348 Merrick, Susan 221 Merrill, Jonathan 248 Mesbahi, Shahriar 157 Meshkati, Najmedin 157 Messinger, Louise 359 Mewes, Daniel 245 Meyer, Eric 157,380 Meyer, Jill 347 Meyer, Katherine 348 Meyer, Nanci 333.375,405 Meyer, Tracy 157 Mickus, Kristina 218,244 Miketta, James 157 Mikusky. Charles 157 Miller, Carrie 157 Miller, Charlene 362 Miller. Cheryl 290.293,294 Miller, Franklin 339,340 Miller, Leslie 157 Miller, Pamela 199,348 Miller, Robin 358 Miller, Russell 370 Miller, Steven 348 Miller, Tani 157.363 Miller, Ty 368,367 Millerd, Karen 157 Millions, Nancy 350 Mills, Charles 402 Mills, Diane 157 Mills. Vicky 157,250 Millspaugh, James 157 Minami, Kenneth 157 Minassian, Armen 157,219 Minassian, Nerces 157,219.251 Minghetti. Giovanna 363 Mireles, Ernesto 157,228 Mirzazdeh, Massoud 247 Mishell, Sandra 375 Missakian. Craig 157 Missakian, Marylisa 359.392 Mistry, Yezdi 157 Mitchell, Anne 157,248 Mitchell, Mark 346 Mitchell. Robert 248,282 Mitchell. Roberta 298 Miyagawa, Junichi 157 Miyahata. Kari 157,223 Miyaki. Grant 340 Miyamoto. Susan 157 Miyasaki. Steven 245 Mizota, Perry 157 Mizuno. Alyson 401 Mobarak, Mazen 219 Mobley. Wendell 98,157 Mock Ng. Mimy 157 Moeller, Heino 333 Moersch, Peter 157 Moghimi 157 Mohammadi, Salim 218 Mohn, Jamie. 324,330.333,408,468 Mohs, Donald 392 Molden, Jacqueline 158 Moldenhauer. Maryjane 358 Molinari, Christianne 394 Molinski, Michael 98 Moloney, Terrence 158 Mlyneux. Sharisse 158 Monro, Mark 158 Monroe, Laura 158 Montagana, Krista 158,371 Montano, Irma 333 Montano, Maria 158 Montejano, Manuel 346 Montgomery. Donna 158 Montgomery, Mark 158 Montoya. Cecilia 358 Moody. Joseph 395 Moon. Patricia 158 Moore. Claudia 158 Moore. David 158 Moore. Gregory 332 Moore, John 199,218 Moore, Lisa 242 Moore, William 217.333 Morales, Maria 350 Morales, Monty 158 Moran, Jennie 361 Morehead, Wayne 158 Moreno, Cecilia 158.350 Moreno. Elsa 158 Moretti, Michele 158.362 Morey, Michelle 361 Morgan, Callan 158 Morgan, Leyton 158.350 Mori, Bruce 158 Morimoto. Joanne 223 Morisaki, David 158,333,338 Morita. Monica 243 Momer. Mara 158 Morouse, James 158.346.406 Morrill, Peter 158 Morris. Brenda 158 Morris, Dana 358 Morris, Gloria 158 Morris, Kathleen 158 Morris, Laura 394 Morris, Marvetta 352 Morris, Stephen 158.244 Morrison, Michael 158,216 Morrison, Sheri 159 Morrow. Andrew 159 Mortazavi, Ellen 159 Mosby, Steven 159 Mosebar. Donald 158,258.273 Moseley. Carroll 367 Moseley, Ronald 218 Mosich, Lori 394 Motley. Byron 350 Motter, Margo 159 Moudy, Leslie 159 Mounedji, Selim 159 Mount. Carl 405 Movahed, Mohammad 159 Mowat, Tracy 334 Mrochek, Marcelo 352 Mueller. Carolyn 359 Muellerleile, Christine 358 Muh, Marisa 219,247 Muhammed, Saud 159 Muir, Joanne 159 Mukdaprakom 251 Mulcahy, Mark 159.219 MulhoUen, John 159 MuUally, Brian 405 MuUan. Sean 244 MuUer, Lori 159.375 Mulligan. Brian 159.216.225 Mulrooney. Christopher... 250.350 Mulrooney. Michael 159 Mulyadi. Nasrun 159 Munemitsu, Janice 159 Munoz, Ricardo 159 Munoz, Salvador 159 Muntz. Janice 159 Murayama. Ronald 159 Murchison. Michael 284 Murez. Lew 159 Murino, Catherine 98,359 Mumane, John 159 Murphy, Joe 349 Murphy, John 368 Murphy. Karen 159 Murphy, Marita 332.387 Murphy, Mary 159,408,468 Murphy. Patrice 159,375 Murphy. Sharon 234 Murphy, Stephen 282 Murray. Amelia 160.334.365 Murray, Bradley 160.248,404 Murray, Christopher 393 Murray, Joseph 260,273 Murray, Lori 160 Murray, Robert 91.160 Murray, Lynda 160 Musa. Faten 332 Musick, Keven 367 Muslim. Muhammad 160 Musurlian. Peter 160 Myers, Cameron 333 Myers, Donica 363 Myers. Michael 387 Myers. Robert 217 Myerson, Carol 352 Myose, Roy 160,251 Myricks, Deeneen 333 -nnn- Nabulsi, Nabil 160 Nadra, Wissam 235 Naftel, Jennifer 371 Nagasawa, Scott 160 Nagata, Toshihiki 160 Nagle. Scott 348 Nagree, Riaz 216 Nahigien. Karen 160,358 Nahmitas, Alan 160 Naimo, Laura 252 Najarian, David 392 Nakagawa, Grant 160 Nakagawa, Kenneth 160 Nakahara, Judy 160 Nakahiro. Fumio 160 Nakamoto. Rod 160.219 Nakamura, Bill 217 Nakamura, Howard 225,243 Nakanishi, Vickie 160 Nakatani, George 366 Nakayama, Shig 332 Nangano, Michael.. 370 Naoumovitch, George 160 Napoleon, Jacqueline 199 Napoli, Joseph 160 Nardon, Michele 160 Narvaez, Martha 160 Nash, Ten 160.374 Nasir, John 222,346 Nasser, Ahmad 160 Nassif. Paul 245 Nattiel. Willie 222 Navalta. Laura 160 Navarrete. Pierre 252 Navarro, Arthur 160 Naveiras. Manuel 402 Naylor. Douglas 160 Neal, David 339 Neal, Julie 358 Neff, Marc 392 Neil, Dawn 161 Nellis, Karen 375 Nelson, Andrew 237,348 Nelson, Bruce 161 Nelson, David 217,221 Nelson. Frank 161 Nelson. Kari 161.358 Nelson. Phillip 161,219 Nemitsas, Xanthos 332 Neuffer. Dale 351 Newcomb, Stan 161,216 Newcombe, Gregg 231 Newman. Timothy 217 Ng. Betty 333 Ng. Elizabeth 161 Ng. Pauline 401 Ng, Rowona 161 Ng, Stephanie 347 Ng, Wing-Hon 366 Ngan, Benita 161 Nguyen. Hung 161 Nguyen. Toan 161 Nguyen, Tuan 161 Index 427 -Index- Nichol, Doug 161 Nichol, Grant 181 Nicholas, Susanne 225 NichoUon, Neal 242,338 Nickell, Jeannine 161,243 Nickerson, Myron 367 Nicoletti. Darlene 161 Nleder, Beatrice 222 Niemeyer, Elizabeth 161 Niese, Catherine 161,365 Nieto, Dora 161 Nightingale, Jeffrey 405 Nil, Robert 161 Nisenbaum, David 161 Nisenson, Daryl 367 Nisenson, Keith 367 Nishida, Gwen 161,246,251 Nishimoto, Tammy 161 Nitz, Michael 162, 387 Nizar, Adi 162 Njobe, Tebogo 364 Nnaoji, Paul 162 Nobles, Dolores 162 Nobunaga, Ann 162,361 Nocella, Giuseppe 162 Nocero, Veronica 362 Nogaki, Mark 162 Noh, Young 162 Nolan, Monica 162,247 Noonan, John 162 Nordahl, Todd 253 Nordstrom, James 368 Noreen, Charles 91,162,406 Norman, Sheila 332 Norris, Jana 363 Norris, Pamela 375 Northup, Julie 363 Northup, Ronald 245 Norton, Gary 217 Norton, Jennl 162 Norzagaray, Edward 162 Noskey, Laura 334 Notinger, Jay 162,232 Nottingham, Karen 162 Nottingham 358 Novak, Hi 387 Noyd, Bryan 369 Noyes, Richard 392 Nunez, Raul 237 Nussen, Kenneth 162 Nutt, Richard 380 Nyman, Michael 250 -ooo- O Brien, Michael 162 OBrien, Patrick , 352 Occhipinti, Ann 363 Ochiai, Kent 162,228 Ochoa, Arturo 162 Oda, Gary 162 Oda, Roger 162 Odanaka, Erick 162 Oder, Robert 162 Odom, Debora 233.371 Definger, Laurie 162 Ofman, Lisa 359 Ogate, Renee 400 Ogawa, Sandra 162 Ogino, Nancy 162 Ogle, Michelle 334 Ogunji-Nwabo, Emmanuel 163 Oh, Kim 163 Ohlund, Robert 163 Ohno, Ryoichi 163 Okabe, Tlsh 163,401 Okada, Lori 163 Okamoto, Brian 163 Okamoto, Carol 224 Okamura, Michael 163 Okazaki, Theodore 340 Okehi, Uchenna 340 Oklmoto, Lisa 163,401 Okuda, Pamela 401 Olafson, Gregory 163 Oliva, Jazmin 163 Olivas, John 163 Olivas, Linda 163 Olivier, Clayton 284,287 Olsen, Daniel 163 Olsen, Kris 163 Olson, Christi 163 Olson, Daryl 163 Olson, John 163 Olvera, Gloria 163 Ondrejcka, Joann 163 Ongais, Brian 163 Ongsip, Katharine 163 Onstad, Eric 163,235 Openshaw, Kurt 163 Ordesky, Mark 98,369 Ordonez, Teresa 338 Ormiston, Nancy 163 Orpia, Stella 163 Ortiz, Enrique 217,221 Osa, Howard 163,225 Osawa, Atsushi 216,251 Osher, Linda 164,243,360,468 Oshiro, Carolyn 252 Oshiro, Clarence 243 Ossayian, Sharie 164,236 Ostroski, Michael 217,242 Ota, Pamela 164 Otero, Albert 367 Othman, Aboujeila 164 Ouellette.Jeanne 164 Ovadia, Daryl 164,350 OvenUle, Charlotte 164 Owens, Claudia 1 4 Owens, Jacklen 334 Owens, Terry 164 Oxenham, Richard 164 Ozdemir, Nihat 348 -PPP- Pabalan, Charisse 333 Paddlo, Martin 164 Padgett, Carl 164 Page, Debbie 164 Pakhanians, Hermineh 164 Paladini, Diana 363 Palmer, David 387,392 Palmer, George 231 Palmer, Sally 164,358 Pan, Jane 224,352 Pandol, John 164 Pangan, Rowena 252 Panknin, James 244 Pankovich, Gary 392 Panlilio, Asuncion 164,252 Pantaz, Joanne 228 Panyarachun, Krai 251 Paolucci, Charles 231 Papanikolas, Theresa 332 Parde, Kristianna 359 Paris, Joseph 164 Park, Aloma 164 Park, Choong 219 Park, Hyo-Sang .,,... 164 Park, Michael 164 Park, Morin 247 Park, Suwhan 251 Parke, Marcia 394 Parker. Mimi 375 Parker. Robin 375 Parra. Mauricio 346 Parsons. Lorraine 408 Pascarella. Karen 346 Pass. Gregory 400 Pastor. Charlene 37 Patel. Minakshi 242,252 Patel. Usha 216 Paton, Annette 361 Patrick. Nancy 359 Patterson. Dane 217 Patterson. Jeffrey 392 Patterson. Jeffrey 333.338 Patzakis. Michele 199.229 Pauley. Elysa 359.400 Pauli. Kimberly 199 Pawsat, Timothy 296 Pease. Jon 233.340 Pecarich. Nick 250 Pedersen. David 251 Pedrazzoli. Paolo 393 Pengley. Gillian 333 Pennie. Deborah 333 Penrose. Clement 276.277 Perea. Carmen 237 Perekrest, Mark 404 Perez, Letecla 362 Pere z, Robert 253 Perkins. Cecilia 226.334 Parley. Steven 387 Peta. Natalia 168 Petak. William 166 Peter, Michael 338 Peters, Marianne 393 Peterson, Beth 166 Peterson, David 166,250 Peterson, Jana 371 Peterson, John 166,219 Peterson, Mary 186 Peterson. Michael 222.339 Peterson. Victoria 166 Petrilli. James 166 Petroni. Nino 231 Petruska. Mark 392 Petty. Jeanne 186 Pewthers. Cathleen 333.383 Peyton, Angela 219 Pham-Shinkle 166 Phelan. Lisa 375 Phelps, Glenn 333,338 Philipp, Roland 388 Phillips, Cynthia 218 Phillips, David .... 248,324,343,408 Phillips, Gregory 166 Phillips, James 166 Phillips, Kathleen 348 Phillips, Susan 371.392 Phillips. Thomas 358 Philo. Arthur 166 Philp. Sheila 188 Phipps. Robert 217,221 Pickard. Valerie 166 Pierce. Lisa 334 Pierce, Scott 340 Pierson. Daniel 166.237 Plgg. Charles 166 Pih. William 166 Pike. Christian 225 Piland. Todd 231 Pinsuvana. Lalida 251.358 Piper. Janet 166.252 Pisciotta, Terri 394 Pistone. Sheila 248 Pitre. Carole 186 Pitt. Velvet 166 Pitts. John 370 Pitts. Linda 333 Pitzer. Timi 290 Placido. Steven 166 Plotkin, Ellen 98,358 Pludow, Cynthia 166 Plugge, Donald 387 Pluta. Phillip 166 Pocock, Peter 350 Poe. Jennifer 383 Pogar. Michael 393 Pollack. Jeffrey 217 Pollard. Gregory 400 Pomeroy. Joselyn 394 Poole. Barbara 359 Poon. Peggy 188 Pope, Adrianna 166,361 Poppen, Cecile 166 Porche, Tanya 166 Porter, Lisa 167 Pothikaeo, Marisa 187 Potter, John 332 Potter. Lynn 359 Potter. Robert 405 Powe, Roderick 167 Powell. John 167.402 Powell. Patrick 244 Powell. Suzanne 361.387 Power. Timothy 348 Powers. Frank 222 Powers, Wayne 167 Prado. Elvla 339 Prado. Fred 252 Presher. Keith 167 Prestlien. Mallory 361.387 Preston, Steven 167 Pribus. Christopher 333 Price. David 167 Priess. Richard 216 Prince. Robert 167 Prisby, Edith 371 Prisby, Elisabeth 371 Privitelli. Gregory 167.389 Pruthikosit. Pomtina 187 Pryds, Darleen 167,346 Puddington. Jeffrey 405 Pudjiada, Damian 167 Pudjiada. Kosmian 167 Pugh. Jeffrey 167 Pumerantz. Beth 234 Punja. Siripunja 251 Punja. Sirlsambhand 251 Punnoose. George 167 Puno, Bess 333 Punta. Sattiawati 187 Pusheck. Janet 167 Putman, Benjamin 167,367 -qqq- Qazi, Maqbool 167 Quain, Jennifer 167 Quain, Jody 375 Quan, Denise 167 Quan, Norman 167 Quaan, Susan 332 Quan, Timi 167,228 Quaaire, Constance 359 Quasarano, Karen 359 Quenzer, David 369 Quesada, Maria 237,334 QuigUey, Thomas 393 Quinn, Lori 167 Quinn, Peter 167 Quon, Denise 167 Quon, ' Richard 167 -rrr- Rabbani. Guity . ' . 167 Rabe. Theres 168 Racz. Tibor 168 Ragenovich. Nick 168 Ragsdale, Janice 168 Ragsdale, Tricia 168.375 Raahaardjo, Budi 168 Rahemtulla, Semeen 242 Rajaatanavin, Navin 168 RaUison, Stacy 365 Ramirez, Anthony 333 Ramirez, Daniel 367 Ramirez, Jullio 168 Ramirez, Richard 98 Ramli. Rudy 168 Ramos, Lisa 338 Ramos, Naatacha 246,247 Ramos, Noel 237 Ramos, Victor 403 Ramsay, Armentres 168 Ranslam, Gregory 333,338 Rascoe, David 332 Rasic, Kathleen 371 Rasmussen, Albert 168 Rasmussen, Lisa 349 Ratigan, Kelli 168,363 Ratzky, Paul 168,387 Rauch, Lisa 394 Rausch, Linda 168,375 Raawluk, Linda 168,199,332 Rawson, Penelope 168,199,362 Ray, Janalee 363 Ra)anond, Michelle 168 Razzano, Robin 375 Reagan, Daniel 168 Reberry, Joanie 168 Redman, Pamela 168 Reed, Anne 168 Reedus, Desiree 168,253 Rees, William 168 Reese, Jeffrey 168 Reeves, Ernest 208 Refoa, Janet 168 Reger, Kathleen 168 Raguindin, Andrew 169 Reich, Claudia 169,231 Reichenfeld, Curtis 221 Reid, Margaret 375 Reidy, Catherine 245 Reilly, Michael 252 Reinertson, Sonia 222 Reinhardt, Janolyn 359 Reisinger, Beth 169 Reiss, Mitchell 252,405 Relph, John 339 Rellas, Michael 169 Reneau, Robert 218 Renezeder, Eric 169 Reymann, Krista 333 Reynolds, Jon 370 Reynoso, Refugio 169,237 Reynoso, Ramon 235 Rezzonico, Marisa 169 Rhee, Janet 393 Rhein, Mark 169 Rhoades, Leslie 169 Rhoads, Sheri 169 Rhodes, Thomas ,.. 169 Riba, Alan 217 Rhody, Shirley 169 Ricciardelli, Erminia 169 Richards, Jeffrey 169 Richards, John 169 Richards, Mary 253 Richards, Richard 169 Richardson, Dale 169 Richardson, Kathleen 169 Richardson, Ljrne 245 Richer, Kathryn 199 Ricketts, William 231 Richey, Erin 371 Richter, Jon 169 Ricks, Bennie 217 Rideout, Julie 394 Rider, Michael 169 Rieger, Kevin 169 Riehl, John 339 Rigg, Melisa 394 Riley, Joyce 169,374 Rimennan, Susan 358,408 Ringer, Kellie 169 Rios, Mario 169 Ripley .Elizabeth 169,219 Risbrough, Robert 75 Risner, Margaret 375 Ritola, Kristin 375 Ritterbrown, Iain 35,333 Rivera. Elizabeth 170 Rivas, Anna 170,250 Rivas, Monica 170 Rivera, Denise 237,338 Rivers, Stewart 404 Roberts, Andrew 75 Ro rts, Camilla 358 Roberts, Carla 347 Roberts, Craig 332 Roberts. John Cedric 399 Roberts, Loren 340 Roberts, Monica 361 Roberts, Richard 216,251 Robertson, Joyce 199 Robertson. Jill 170,346 Robinson, David 339 Robinson, David 339 Robinson. Heather 365 Robinson, Katherine 170. 235 Robinson, Juliette 290 Robinson, Patricia 170,250,371 Robinson, Robert 333 Robinson, Sidney 250 Robles, Gemma 170 Robles, Mario 237,338 Rockwell, Randell 170 Rodgers, Diane 170 Rodgers, Kimberly 334 Rodrigues, Francesca 170 Rodrigues, Donald 402 Rodriguez, Jaime 332 Rodriguez, Jamesil70 Rodriguez, Joseph 170 Rodriguez, Mirtha 170 Rodriguez, Richard 170 Rodriguez, Virginia 170 Rodriguez, Yolanda 170 Rodriguez de Burger, Idania..l70 Roelle, Jennifer 359 Rogers, Anna 344 Rogers, Bernard 367 Rogers, Jill 170,358 Rojas, Maria 170 Rojas, Maria 246 Rojas. Patricia 199,371,405 Rokos, Brian 250 RoUe, Kristina 362 RoUice, Elizabeth 170 Rollins, Joseph 170 Roman, Nicholas 352 Romnin. Robert 170 Romano, George 170 Romano, Mary 170 Rominger, Blaine 367 Romo, Michael 393 428 Index Rondilla, Amador 170 Ronan, Charles 170 Rooney, Peter 369 Rooney, Shari 371 Roppolo. Vikkl 358 Rosa, John 237 Rosalesjulie 237 Rosas, Manuel 338 Rose, Anthony 380 Rose, Zina 171 Rosefsky, Deborah 171 Rosefelt, Guy 171,217 Rosenburg, Diane 232 Rosenblum, Janice 360 Rosenthal, Neil 171 Rosenwald, Susan 334 Rosentswieg, Jody 41,199,324,330,333,408,409 Rosenzweig, Joshua 35 Roshwald, David 332 Ross, Allison 363 Ross, Allison 171 Ross, Caroline 41,324,408 Ross, Matthew 368 Ross, Steven 250 Ross, Thomas 171 Rossi, Mitchell....; 171 Rosson, Stephinie 361 Roth, Andrea 361 Rottman, Steven 284 Rotter, Nari 33 Rounds, Nancy 231 Rowe, James 395 Rowe, Michael 171 Rozema, Diane 351,224,244 Rubelcaba, Dorine 171,235 Rubin, Neal 400 Rubin, Samuel 392 Ruby, Michael 171 Ruck, Lisa 363 Rudd, Steven 245 Rudofsky, Robbin 171 Rudy, Conrad 217 Rudy, Paul 171 Ruff, James 248 Ruiz, Ruth 333 Ruprecht, Pierre 171 Rusnak, Elizabeth 363 Russell, John 171 Russell, Karl 171,220 Russell, Lisa 361 Russell, Valerie 171,334 Russo, Lori 405 Rustin, Traci 344 Ruth, Lee 171 Rutkin. Gregg 369 Ryan, Diane 171 Ryan, Margaret 171 Ryan, Suzanne 171,324,408 Ryan, Teresa 247 Ryan, Thomas 171 -sss- Saad, Elie 171 Saadeh, Andree 171 Saadeh, George 171 Saak, Eric 393 Saavedra, Denise 171 Sacco, Richard 340 Sachs, Michael 324,340 Sadakian, Albert 171 Sadeli, Bhakti 171 Sadrieh, Fatemeh 172 Safa, Jamal 172 Safavi, Mohammad 219 Saginian, Debbie 172 Sah, Katherine 401 Saidi, Mohammad 172 Saito, Jeff 171 Sakakibara, Yoshitaka 172 Sakalis, Valerie 199,359 Sakamoto, David 172,324,408 Sakamoto, Jlro 404 Sakamoto, Milton 340 Sales, Miguel 338 SalaU, Nicholas 250 Salazar, Joseph 252 Saleh, George 172 Salenga, Cynthia 252 Saliba, Rochelle 172 Salisbury, Sean 258,262,265 Salk, Karen 172 Salmacia, Kenneth 172 Salovey, Debra 253 Salsman, Anna 371 Salsman, Elizabeth 371 Salvage, Leslie 172 Sampang, Miriam 401 Sampsel, Mark 172,346 Sampson, John 172,219 Sana, Mary 172 Sanches, David 172,237,338 Sanchez, Anna 237,338 Sanchez, Antonio 338 Sanchez, Carlos 245 Sanchez, Dolores 172 Sanchez, Lorenzo 338 Sanchez, Marina 172 Sanchez, Pepe 332 Sanchez, Robert 237 Sanchez, Rosa 237 Sanchez, Theodore 219,246 Sanchez, Yvette 172 Sandberg, John 368 Sanders, Deidre 172 Sanders, Dolly 242 Sandstrom, Susan 235,333 Saneie, Shahrouzeh 246 Sanfilippo, Jeffrey 367 Sanford, John 370 Sanner, Nancy 172 Santacroce, Stephen 172 Santana, Vivian 172,361 Santiago, Mardie 172,252,338 Santos, Jennifer. .„ 242 Santos, Marinel 252 Santos, Ramon 237,333,338 Santos, Ramona 252 Santos, Theresa 218,247,334 Santucci, Gerald 172 Santucci, Theresa 332 Saret, Elizabeth 360 Sargent, Benjamin 173 Sarkissian, Robert 351 Sami, James 173 Sartorius, Charles 367 Sasaki, Brent 173,351 Sass, Lawrence 173 Satapatpattana, Sangad 251 Sato. Stuart 173 Settler, Bradley 173 Saunders, Eric 173 Savage, Darryl 173 Savage, Linda 334 Savage, Pamela 173 Savoulian, Sonia 173 Sawa, Shlaimon 173 Sawalhi, Hani 173 Saye, Cynthia 173 Saylor, Bradley 392 Scanlon, Patrick 173 Scarbrough, Brenda 173 Schaefer, Christopher 173 Schaefer, Mary 65,324,359,408 Schaeffer, Elizabeth 333 Schechter, Jeffrey 173 Scheldt, Kurt i. 173 Schell, Robert 173,225 Schepart, Charles 234 Scher, Scott 173 Scherb, Marilyn 173 Schick, Kristin 358 Schiller, Robert 332 Schlecht, Keri 358 Schlitz, Elizabeth 375 Schlund, Jan 173 Schluter, William 173 Schmidt, Robert 174 Schmidt, Stephen 217 Schmitz, Carol 330 Schneider, Jeffrey 334 Schneider, Kim 371 Schnieder, Noel 358 Schneider, Sandra 216,247,352 Schneider, Wendy 360 Schobert, Caryn 334 Schofield, Samuel 174,224 Schoneman, Kerry 174,361 Schoning, Michele 330,334 Schom, Christopher 174 Schrager, Tim 392 Schreiber, Michael 392 Schroeder, Cristy 359 Schuler, Larry 174 Schulman, Deborah 333 Schulte, Bruce 32 Schultz, Stuart 246 Schulz, Mark 392 Schutte, Jessica 349,371,406 Schuyler, Brian 174 Schwab, Robert 392 Schwabeuer, Cindy 358 Schwartz, Karen 174,360 Schwartzman, Van 346 Schweitzer, Julie 174 Schwimmer, Howard 174 Scott, Diane 174 Scott, Frank 174 Scott, Robert 392 Scourkes, James 174 Scrip, Camille 231 Scurr, Sheri 222 Seall, Stephen 222 Sears, Diann 174 Seastrom, Robert 174,380 Sebai, Mazen 174 Sedehi, Marjaneh 174 Sedlack, Diana 332 Seeley, Dana 394 Segal, Pete 330,333 Seguritan, Merle 174 Selden, Debra 358 Sellers, Janice 174,334 Seidel, Julie 346 Senter, Kenneth 174 Senzaki, Lloyd 174 Sepehrar, Bita 174,332,33 Serine, Nancy 346 Serpa, Michael 174 Serrano, Karen 174 Servin, Catherine 174,359 Servin, Gregory 174 Sessarego, Paola 174 Setiono, Yolanda 174 Setrakian, Robert 175 Settelmayer, Daniel 175,392 Settle, Elizabeth 175 Sewak, Cynthia 245,358 Sewell, Laurie 394 Sfingi, Jay 333 Shaffer, Dana 358 Shaikley, Haleema 175 Shajari, Jaleh 175 Sh ahan, James 175 Shanahan, Ned 175 Shanbron, Karen 330,351,352 Shankar, K 216 Shannon, Katherine 175,344 Shapiro, Florie 334 Shapiro, Marcy 394 Sharma, Mukul 246 Sharp, Nancy 357 Sharp, Patrick 175 Shatikian, Robert 175,251 Shaver, Steven 175 Shaw, Mark 175 Shaw, Suzanne 175 Shay, John 175 Shay, Shirley 334 Shea, Georgianna 387 Shea, Henry 175,402 Shearer, David 175 Shedlowski, Paige 338,375 Sheen, Hui 175 Sheibani, Arezoo 175 Shelton, David 175,244 Shepard, Christopher 175 Shepard, John 222 Shepherd, David 175 Shepherd, Shermayne 333 Sheppard, Cynthia 175 Shppard, Pamela 371 Sher, Abraham 175 Sherman, Cheryl 360 Shermer, Gerald 332 Sherwood, Shontel 290 Sherwood, Shontel 290 Shibuya, Lisa 175 Shikuma, Mark 98 Shimizu, Glendon 175 Shin, Alice 175,216,247 Shin, Chongjoon 222 Shindell, Jay 175 Shinpo, Nancy 175 Shipley, Michael 333,338 Shipston, Kimberly 375 Shiraki, Carlton 175 Shiubata, Chris 175 Short, Debbie 371 Short, Maureen 176 Short, Susan 235,371 Shreve, Bradford 176 Shropshire, Terilyn 348 Shuken, Jonathan 370 Shuler, Roger 176 Shults, Leesa 334 Shum, Daniel 176 Shuman, Bruce 176 Shuman, Leslie 359 Shupe, Leslee 348 Shure, Maria 358 Siagris, Lisa 176 Sibauste, Julio 369 Sibecas-Bacchi, Fernando 348 Sibley, Elizabeth 359 Sibley, Jennifer 359 Sidharta, Witjakaono 176 Sidor, Richard 176 Silber, Julie 330,333 Silliman, Cathleen 178,371 Silva, Joseph 176 Silver, Suzannne 359 Silverman, David 250 Silverstein, Pamela 361 Silvestri, Russell 176 Simjian, Glenn 176,246 Simmons, Jeffery. 176,257,265,266 Simmons, Phyllis 333 Simmons, Teresa 176 Simon, Mark 176 Simon, Stephen 176 Simpson, James 386 Sims, Deirdra 348 Sims, Denelda 333 Sims, Jerry 176,219 Sincerbox, Cynthia 371 Singer, Michael 406 Singerman, Craig 243 ' Sinkunas, Lisa 176 Siripraiwan, Kriangkrai 176 Sison, Melita 176,252 Sistek, Sheri 199,371 Sitaba, Robin 176 Sitton, Claude 346 Siu, Alan 176 Skall, Charlotte 333 Skall, Michael 404 Skelly, Mitchell 176 Skinner, Blain 176,250 Skoby, Louis 380 Skorlich, Kerry 344 Skutnik, Gregory 349 Slaton, Tony 260 Slavkin, Mark 176 Slayton, John 387 Sleep, Susan 375 Sloan, Barry 176,250 Sloan, Robert 404 Slutske, Daniel... 176,218,223,244 Small, David 368 Smallwood, Christina 375 Smallwood, Susan 375 Smart, Steven 231 Smeton, Ken 325.403,408 Smlt, Romy 371 Smith, Barbara 375,405 Smith, Charles 222 Smith, Craig 177 Smith, Daria 334 Smith, David 387 Smith, Deborah 177 Smith, Diane 177,243 Smith, Emilie 177 Smith, Eric 177,392 Smith, Gaylyn 177 Smith, Georgina 361,405 Smith, Ginny 248 Smith. Glenn 284 Smith, Janna 177 Smith, Jeffrey 248 Smith, Jenifer 334 Smith, John 176 Smith, Joseph 217,221,242 Smith, Julie 358 Smith, Kathryn 177 Smith, Lorraine 362 Smith, Mark 177 Smith, Michael 177 Smith, Pamela 217,242 Smith, Randall 177,369 Smith, Robert 177 Smith, Ronald 177 Smith, Tamara 332 Smith, Terri 177 Smith, Thomas 177 Smith, Tracy 375 Smithe, Roscoe 370 Smolarskl. James 177 Smyth. Elizabeth 361 Sneer, Donnah 177 Sneed, Jeffrey 99,177 Snelling, Sherri 359 Snidvongs, Kasidith 251 Snow, William 392 Snyder, Laiua 177 So, Henry 332 Scares, Carl 177 Sobraske, John 250 Soebekti, Aesthetica 177 Soetjipto, Hendri 216 Sofeso, Daniel 177 Soffa, Valentine 177 Soh, Ah 177 Solis, Debra-Lynne 177 Solza, Joan 330 Sommers, Stephen 387 Somogyi, Peter 350 Sonka, Jon r. 246 Sonka, Sherry 393 Soofer, Robert 178 Soom, Shawn 222 Soon, Michelle 338 Sorakubo, Leigh 178 Sorensen, Jody 375 Sorensen, Pamela 99,178 Southworth, Nancy 178 Soza, Jeffrey 248 Spak, Jacqueline 178,361 Sparr, Stacy 358 Spasaro, Frank 178,219,227 Spates, Lori 178,358 Spellman, Paul 178,232 Spencer, Judith 178 Spencer, Susan 358 Spencer, Todd 283,267,271 Sperry, Heidi 178 Spezia, Julie..... 235 Speiss, Nora 375 Spina, Nathan 178 Spirtos, Emily 178,229,243 Spitzer, Claus 178 Spooner, Thomas 340,395 Spooner, Tom 395 Spradling, Melissa 363 Spraggins, Margaret 365 Spray, Stefanie 178 St. Clair, Gregory 178 St. George, Martin 400 St. Peter, Stephen 386 Steak, Kathleen 242 Stachofsky, David 231 Stackpole, Colin 340 Stadelman, Loree 178 Stafford, Michael 340 Stallings, John 178 Stamas, Thomas 231 Stamegna, Elvira 178 Stamos, Nikos 178 Stamstad, Steven 178,350 Standi, Cynthia 231 Stanich, Marisa 333 Stanley, Sherri 333 Stanwood, Karen 178,225,371 Starks, Francine 178,199,230,247,251,365 Starr, Randall 178,248 Starry, Stuart 178 Stavitz, Joyce 199,248 Stedman, Blake 231 Stedman, Kimberly 250 Stein, Todd 178 Steinberg, Jeffrey 178,403 Steiner, Danielle 334 Steinhilber, Wayne 222 Steininger, Greg 178 Stellino, Matthew 75 Stemler, Robert 368 Stephens, Chris 216 Stephens, David 178 Stepter, Keith 348 Stem, Michelle 358 Stetson, William 179 Steuber, Karen 179,362 Stevens, Deborah 179,324,346,408 Stevens, Douglas 403 Stevenson, Angelica 179 Stevenson, Craig 348 Steward, Kevin 284 Stewart, AUyson 359 Stewart, Anne 179,248 Stewart, Craig 349 Stewart, Robert 179,369 Stewart, Susan 362,405 Stewart, Vickl 358 Stiles, Edi 179.361 Stocco. John 348 Stockemer. Joseph 179.392 Stoehr. Dirk 179 Stokes, Kelly 179 Stokes, Michael 179 Stolberg. David 179 Stoltz, Eric 179,369 Stoltz, Julie 179 Stone, Willie 224 Stong, Russell 179 Storey, Gail 179 Strabala, Jon 369 Index 429 -Index- .179 .231 ,.229 .179 .179 .361 Stramler, Solange. Stiandburg, Paul. Strategos, Gena ... Strauss, Stephanie ,,„ Strazzulla. Richard Y_l Strecker. Kimberly Streeter, Alan Streifler, Lori Stremler, Helen " Strickland, )erry ' ' Stioyke, Bryn Strycker, Jana Stryker, William -■ l ' Stuart, lames 363,40 Stuart, Tammie Stukel. Catherine ' StuU, Kimberlie « Sturms, Robin ' Su, Vun . Sudderth, Bonnie J| Sue, Debora Suga, Audrey Sugiono, Kumianto " Suh, Charles, ' " Suh. F ncis. Suh, Hong.... Suh, Joanne. Suk, Peter... Sukato. Kato Sulaiman, Hartono, 400 180 180 180 ,180 .180 .180 .333 .180 .180 .180 .180 Sullivan, Daniel " 0 Sullivan, Kathleen • . - 361 Sultan, Barbara 180,348 Sumiye, Carie " " ■ 11 Sun, Chia., Sun, Peter Sun, Tzu Sunada. Marc 180.223 Sunaryo, Folly " J Sunbye, Nelson 1™ Sung, Lilly Suny, Lilyana Supatanasinkasem, Supattra Suphamongkhon, Kantathl 251 Surrell, lulie Surtees, Suzanne SusbiUa, Robert 1» " Sutanto. Harto 1» " Suter, Michael i™ Sutherland, Stephen J™ Sutherlin, Kelly Sutton, Jamie Sutton, Mark - Suwanpradhes, Biravij Svonkin. Craig Swaim, Kelly Swancoat, John Sward, Mark. Takenaka, Dale 216 Takigwa. Shirley " i Takimoto, Constance " J Talone, Joan " Tail. Mark - Tarn, Clarence It, Tam, Lottie l " Tarn, Walter f i " Tamai, Irene Tambara, Janice Tamblin, Karen. Tan, Jenny V: ' :::. isi.- Tan, Lie . Tanaaka, Naruhiro " » Tanaka, Paul " Tandberg, Jefftey — — " Tang, Ben amm 182,216,225 Tang, Samuel 1« ' " ' ' " Tang, Thomas ' " Tangkanangnukul, DuangpornlM Tanida, Joyce 1 " Tanimura, Leslie _•_■_• ' Tanmizi, Zainap " „„[, Tann, Steven Tanouye, Judith Tapia, Carlos Tapp, Jaeger Tarbell. Judith.. Tardencilla, Martha 183 Tarver, Bobby... Taschner, Dana Tashiro, Julia.... Tatang, Suhendra i " ™e. John 370 Tate, Urry .•_■,■ Tate, Lisa 333,362 Tate, Molly Vti Tauber, Marcia ' " Taugner, Todd Tavetian, Gary. Taw, Lynnette Tayian, .181 .181,223 346 181 181 .332 .183 .183 ..370 ..375 .235 .183 .218 .349,369 .392 .403 ..183 .183 .371 .183 ..218 ..216 ..183 ..225 ..184 ,..223 .102,180,394 .363 180 180 180 251 234 180 180,225 217,350 Swly e Alexander " ' Swayzer. Larry " i Swiatek, Anastasia " « Swicegood, Ursula " Swift, Louise 371 Switzer, Chiara i»i SwoHord, Elizabeth " « Sylla, Thomas " s Szczepanski. Nancy " Szeto, Clarage 181 Szijarto, Debra Szijjarto, Leslie .246 -ttt- Taecker, Tami Tale, Leslie Taft, Tracey Tagawa, Mark Tahir, Sultan Taira, Allyson Taire, Alexaander Tail, Kenneth Takahashi, Julianne.. Takahasi, Louise Takahashi, Lyle Takahashi, Naoko... Takamatsu, Carole... Takamlya, Craig Takata, Earl Takata, Elaine Takata, Irene Takata, Nancy Takata, Susan .181,394 .181,394 395 216 181 401 181 369 181 400 181 362 181 ....181,223 181 181 225 333 181 368 183 223 ..,...., Linda 183 Taylor. Arthur YZ Taylor, Charles i» Taylor, Nadine ' Taylor. Renee ,:,-;;i 242 Taylor, Tyra ;217. " 1.2« Taylor-Pilgren, Shem " ' Tecimer, Timur " Teel, Kimberly f = Tefft, Nancy Teicher, Karen... Tejeda, Susan Telles, James Telles, Joseph Telles, Viviaan.. Tenorio, Jocelyn Terrell Testa, Silva Tettroult, Lynn. Thakur, Rajiv.. Thanos, Maria " " ' " Il The, Swanny Theaard, Patrice Theis, Thomas .. Thermos, Maria. Thierry, Dewanna 182.219 Thiessen, Douglas 182 ' 3 Thio, Serene " Thomas, Daniel i " Thomas, Debra 18f Thomas, Julie Thomas, Kelly Thomas, Owen... Thomas, Yvonne Thompson, Diane 182,363 Thompson, Douglas 333,338 Thompson, Kathleen 18 Thompson, Pamela 359 Thompson, Peter. 182,216,219,2« Thompson, Vincent. Thompson, William. Thoner, William Thongchua, Sirie Thongthai, Laksna.. Thordarson, Kristen Thoenton, Michael. Thorrens, Martha.... Threlfall, James Throshie, Ann Tilkemeier, Jon Tinier, Gayle Tllton, Barry .182 333 394 403 .222,370 334 217 " Cere ' tha 182.374 . 360 ,.375 ..182 1,244 .182 .394 .245 ..394 182 ..182 ..340 ..250 Timmons, Stephen 183 Ting, Edmond i " Tinkham. Monte ■J°° Tinsley, John r . o Tinsley, Scott 8 ' 265.?!° Tipton, Mark Tirsch, Noel Tiscareno, Robert Tjahja, Mariana... Tjandra, Benny... Tjin, Me-Joen •• 183 TJiptodihardio, Maryanto 183 Tjokrosaputro, Handianto " J To.Yu - J« Toay, Steven " 9 Todd, Christopher 183 Todd, Richard 33J ToUner, Tamara ... Tom. Christopher Tom, Diane Tom, Kathleen.... Tom, Norina Tom, Paul Tom, Ronald Tom, Wilma Tomasic, Christinemarie 184 Tomassian, Gerald 3«z Tomilowitz, Robert ••■■■• 244 Tomita, Craig 18«23 Tomita, Julie " 3,401 Tomlinson, Lisa ' " ' Tomlinson, William 18 Tompkins, Robin 1»« Toneck, Richard 1» Tong, Joanna ' Tong, Peter " 4 Tonnu, Hanhdan 1« Tonsich, Nicholas i»« Tookey. John 18 Toombs, Kenneth 1»« Toomin, Lawrence 1° Torabzadeh, Seyed Torbati-Moghaddam, Farzin Torres, Angelo Torres, Denise Tortes. Hector 237,246,338 Tover, Gigi J " Townsend, Robin i° Toy, Jennifer Toyosaki, Lynda Tozzi, James Traffalis, Karen. Tragus, Peter Tramble, Gina... Tran, Truong Traub, Barry -uuu- Uccelli, Stephanie 180,334 Uchida, David 185 Udkoff, Tammy 219 Uebersax, David 18= Ulibarri. CheriU 185,246 UllUman, Richard 340 UUoa, Mark 246 Ullrich, Leslie 359 Underwood, Anita 185,374 230,247 VUlanueva " . " S Villarreal, Artuo " ° Villegas, Leticia i» ' Viole, Lisa " ' Virga, David " ' Viscounty. Perry " ° Vita, Edon.... --ft Vollmer, Robert..... 253,332 Von Dippe, Pattick " Von Gundell. Johanna ... .. . ..-332 Von Helms, Gretchen245.371,405 Von Kleinsmid, Kristen 359 Von Matern, Bjorn. .187 Voros. Andrew 187.400 225 Ung, Fay - Ungria, Bernardo ' = Uppal, Satinder 185,225 Upton, Robert 185 Uranich, Lori. -3 8 Urias, Frances 185 Uribe, Carlos 333 Uribe, Walter 246 408 Ursich, Liza Douglas 216 Valerie 185,394 185 Ushijima, Ushijima, Uy. Maria., Uyehara, Thomas 185 Uyemura, Sandra 185 Uytengsu, Wilfred 185 -vvv- 184 339 340 184 184 184 322 375 229 366 ,184 .231 Trausch, Alfred " Travers, Steven » ' Treglia. Cynthia 3b5 Trepte, Christine 1° Tretheway, Amanda 1»4 Tribby, Jay ;- " Trivedi, Anish 184.248 Trojan, R ?° ' Troutman, Charles YZ Troutman, Vincent 338 Truax, Susanna 184 Tnideau, Dale 1»4 Trudo, Terence --j fj ' Trujillo, John .217,242 Vakskjold, Inge " 5 Valdez, Guadalupe I80 Valdez, Ramona 394 Valenti, Gabrielle •■-- 1»» Valentine. Mark 186.368 Valeriano, Colleen " d Vales, Edward -- " S Valles. Beverly B.J a Valles, Maria Valsami, Jeanne Van Boom, Joel. Van Buskirk, Pamela 40z VanOeale, Patrick 367 Van Schyff, Rhonda 186 Van Driel, John... _- - - 186 Van Duzer, Gretchen 248,371 Van Gytenbeek, Katharine 358 Van Horn, Jeffrey " o Van Metre. William 186 Van Name, David 3™ Vender Ploeg, Karin 369 Vangelos, William 395 Varela, Celeste - " e Valera, Marie 252,363 Varela, William — " 6 Vargas, Camelia 186.237 Vargas, Louis..... Vargas. Rosalinda ' °° Vargas. Victor 40 Vari, Alexander i»° Vasilakos. Margaret « .186 186,250 .186 .186 .186 .247 392 182 370 361 182.251 182.368 182.233,248 99,182 183 183 248 183 ,216,221,242 Tilton, Peter 368 TiUton,, Sharon i " Tsai, Robert Tseng, Wendy " S Tsaparian, Marie 18= Tse, Suk-Woon 18» Tseng, Hing — 2 Tseng, Susan ,!. ' „:„ Tso, Jeffrey — Tsobanoglou, Paris Tsuruda, Deanna.... Tsuruda, Lloydd... Tucker, Janet Tucker, Scott Tulak, Arthur Tung, David Turk, Jennifer Turner, Carol Turner, Cheryl Turner, Tera Turner, William.... Turoff, Hyleri Turin, Mark.. Tuttle, David Tylicki, Jeffrey.. Tylka. Gregory. 185,219 185 185 223 . 185,219 185 222 185 394 247 185 ..245,334 219 ..199,383 ...185,224 250 252 349 Vasilion, Maria Vasquez. Lupe Vasquez, Richard Vasquez, Robert 99.338 Vassilakis, Stella. Veasey, Pamela... Vega, Bernardino Veiga, Ana... ....., Valesco, Michael " " Valesco, Milagro " Velasquez, Michael 4Ui Vera, Mildred — J s Varcammen Jr, Paul Verdine, Tina Varhoye, Bryan Vermeer, Catherine. Vema, Tracy Vershure. Steven Vessels, Susan Vest, James Vild, Maureen Viles, Andrew Villa, Ezequiel Villa, MAria Villa, Valentine Villalobos, George ViUalpando, Armando Voros, John Voydat, Nina " ' Vun, Daphne " " -WWW- Wadden, Pamela 187,408 Wade, Cedric 332 Wade, Daniel 18 ' Wagner, Richard 18 ' Wagner, Ted . . 222 Wagoner, Christopher ■ ' Wah, Yuen 350 Wahrenberger, Lori 187 Waid, Robert 18 ' Wainwright, Kevin 348 Wakeman, Bradley 187 Wakuzawa. Benson 187 Walczuk, Anthony 313 Waldman. Robert 370 Waldon, Lori 187,363 Walker, Bernard 227 Walker, Donald 222 Walker, James 188 Walker, John " 8 Walker, Nannette 242 Walker, Nelson III 188 Walker, Pamela 359 Walkls, Ivan 188 WaU, Carmen 187,362 Walla, Agnes 188 Wallace, Brenda 358 Wallace. John 332 Wallace. Marijayne 362 Wallace, Oswald Jr 333,338 Wallace, Scott 243 Wallace, Todd 346 Walley, Lawrence 188 Walls, Alice 188,363 Walsh, Julie 363 Walsh. Kimberly 217,221 Walsh, Maura 305 Walters, Dennis 188 Walton, Christina 217 Walton, Victor II 188 Wambold, Regina 334 Wang, Amgio 188 Wang, Frances 188 Wang, James... Wang, Julie Wang, Li-Jean Wanner, Jill .229 .352 .252 ..186 98.189 187 187.369 371 394 332 187,225,362 187,348,403 216 187 187 187 187 187 187 350 251 247 362 Ward7 " Artemas 188,216,225 Ward, Carol 188 Ward, Christopher 188,219,227,251,347 Wardrpred " 8 Ward, Mark 333 Ward, Melissa 290 Warden, Mark 219,352 Ware, Timmie 260,413 Ware, Trevor.... 340 Warfield. Wendy 333 Washburn, Chris 393 Wasserman, Stephen Watanabe, Dan Watanabe, Jane Watkins, Jeff Watson, Mark Watt, Nancy Watts, Alecia Wauchope, Jack Watumull, Jyoti Weaver, Janet Webb, Darryl Webb, Grant Webb. Richard Webb, WUliam 332 188 188 392, 406 188 333 188, 374 340 245, 348 188 188 222 188 188 430 Index Weekes, Gail 188 Weed, Thomas 369 Weems, James 189, 405 Wehling, Fred 339 Wei, Jui-Chen 189 Weible, Richard 348 Weigelmann, Loris 231 Weiner, William 189 Weinreb, Ari 189 Weir, Andrew 189 Weishuhn, William 351 Weisberg, Nancy 34,333.371 Weiser, Rovert 189, 225 Weisman, Yaffa 234 Weiss, Dorothy 189, 360 Welch, Kathleen 333 Welch, Michael 222 Welch, Wes 282 Weld, Donna 189 Welin, Craig 346 Waller, Sally 189 Wells, Glenn 189, 244 Wells, Stephanie 189 Wells, Tamika 189 Wells, Tom 189, 253 Welsh, Coleen 358 Wen, Wanda 394 Wensley, Laura 189, 394 Werby, Victoria 189 West, Carol 365 Westley, Ella 189, 365 Weston, Wlllard 189, 230 Westover, Barrett 369 Whaley, lane 403 Wharton, David 89, 189 Wheeler, Darryl 189 Whelan, Matthew 189 Whipple, V 189 Whismore, Russell 340 White, Donald 348 White, Glenn 189 White, Kerrie 358 White, Leslie 363 White, Pamela 330 White. Scott 367 White, Sheri 333 White, William 392 Whitehead, Scott 333 Whitesell. Dean 340 Whitla, Guy 189,229,251 Whitlock, Scott 369 Whitney, Ann 189 Whitney, Joan 369 Wian, Casey 65,98 Wibisono, Anthony 189 Widjaja, Mustafa 189 Widmark, Jeffrey 190 Widyatmaka, Priska 190 Wijono, Peter 190 Wilcox, Charles 392 Wilder, Kimberly 371 Wildermuth, Christopher 348 Wilhelm, Marianne 190 Wilkins, Brooke 190 Wilkins, Ronald 190 Wilkinson, Barry 217,221 Wilkinson, Kendall 369 Will, Blake 190 Willard, Brigette 190 Williams, Alex 190 Williams, Arleigh 190 Williams, Bret 368 Williams, Craig 347 Williams, Dacrey 190 Williams, James 222 Williams, Lisa 350,363 Williams, Lori Anne 190,330 Williams, Rebecca L 363 Williams, Rebecca R 219 Williams. Sally 334 Williams. Samuel 340 Williams, Shirell 190 Williams, Veronica 252 Williams, Yolands 190,219 Williamson, Richard 393 Williamson, Tren 190 Willoughby, Wilbert 364 Wilson, Ann 190 Wilson, Brianl02,190,217,220,251 Wilson, Charles 190,387 Wilson, Gregory 190 Wilson, Jean 190 Wilson, Marcus 393 Wilson, Mark 393 Wilson, Melinda 190 Wilson, Scott 405 Wilson, Steven 405 Wilt, Marcia 41,393 Windham, Rhonda 290 Windhiarto, Maria 190 Winmon, Damon 348 Winn, Michael 368 Winnaman, Shelley 362 Wise, Vanessa 363 Wissler, Mary 190 Witsken, Todd 296,297 Witt. Debra 359 Witte. Pamela 358 Wittry. Diane 190,330 Witzman, Cindy 349 Wohl, Cathy 191,199,362 Wojciak, Michael 405 Wolder, Cheryl 191,339 Wolf, Barber 394 Wolf, Deborah 191,362,406 Wolf, Peter 219 Wolfe, Douglas 57,191,220.251 Wolff, Ellen 191,260 Wond, Elizabeth 333 Wong, Arthur 191,216,247 Wong, Bertha 191 Wong, Brenda 98 Wong, Bryan 340 Wong, Cari 191 Wong, Carol 333 Wong, Christine 191 Wong, Daniel 191 Wong, Daryl 191 Wong, Diana 223 Wong, Donna 191 Wong, Edmund 191 Wong, Ernest 191 Wong, Evelyn 191,218 Wong, Fon 251 Wong, Helen 191 Wong, Irene 223,247 Wong, Ivy F 223 Wong, Ivy 223 Wong, Jason 348 Wong. Jeannie 98,401 Wong, Jeffery 191 Wong, Johnny 191 Wong, Kar 191 Wong, Karen 191,226 Wong, Kenneth 191 Wong, Kin 344 Wong, Marion 191,223 Wong, Melinda M 223 Wong, Melinda T 223 Wong, Pat 223 Wong. Penny 191 Wong, Rona 191 Wong, Shing-Yip 191 Wong, Susan 252 Wong. Sylvia 223 Wong, Tammy 191,223 Wong, Valerie 375 Wong, Yik 191 Woo, Judy 382 Wood, Sheri 219 Woodall, Mark 348 Woodard, Cynthia 339 Woodbury, Jeffery 246 Woodford. Philip 380 Woodhall. Heather 332 Woodley, Christine 359 Woods, Robert 367 Wooten, Kevin 244 Worcester, Wendy 222 Worrell, Wendy 242,362 Woyshner, Diana 335 Wright, Gerry 284,287,289 Wright, John 392 Wright, Susan C 362 Wright, Susan L 242,333,362 Wright, Wyndell 226 Wu, Cecilia 247 Wurster, Richard 332 -yyy- Yamagata, Mika 401 Yamaguchi, Paul 217,242 Yarbrough, Michelle 333 Yarbrough, Mozelle 333 Yardley, Bill 282 Yates, Eugene 392 Yee, Lily 324.408 Yee. Nancy 223 Yee. Serena 333 Yep. Sue 219 Yick. Tracy York. David 380 York, Richard 380 Young, Deborah 358 Young, Kathryne 332 Young, Patricia 363 Young, Scott 340 Young, Tracy 359 Yu, Myma 194 Yueh, Ronald 194 Yuen, Jackson 194 Yuen, John 218,222.243 Yumori. Aileen 194 Yusin, Joseph 393 -ZZZ ' Zago, Francis 194 Zaidi.Javed 194 Zambrano, John 338 Zambrano, Letitia 194 Zamore, Rhonda 387 Zanger, Monica 199 Zaninovich, Vincent 392 Zappia, Mark 194 Zarate, Jacqueline 194 Zavala, Christine 358 Zecher, Lisa 199,219 Zelman. Lawrence 194 Zhang, Chac-Ying 282 Zieger, Seeta 194.371 Ziehm, Carol 250 Ziejews ki, Zen 330,333 Zimmerman, Amy 194,406 Zipperian, Sharon 363,369 Zisser, Dana 334 Zmach, Christine 405 Zmuda. Robert 219.227 Zobrist, Scott 221 Zographos, Apostolos 194 Zuckerman, J. Scott 251 Zumberge, Dr. James 18 Zumbrunnen, Eric 332,393 Zunich, Mark 395 Zurmuhl, Larry 352 1983... n Perspective Index 431 Subject Index Accounting Society 216 Administration 20 Advertising Executives 98 AFROTC 217 AICHE 216 All Us We 218 Alpha Chi Omega 358 Alpha Delta Pi 359 Alpha Epsilon Delta 218 Alpha Epsilon Phi 360 Alpha Gamma Delta 362 Alpha Kappa Alpha 365 Alpha Kappa Psi 219 Alpha Omicron Pi 361 Alpha Phi 363 Alpha Phi Alpha 364 Alpha Rho Chi 366 Alpha Tau Omega 367 Architecture Students ' Association 220 Armenian Students ' Association 221 Arnold Air Society 221 AROTC 222 ASBME 223 ASCE 219 Asian American Business 223 Asian Pacific Student Outreach 224 ASME 220 Baptist Student Union 224 Baseball 312 Basketball 284,290 Beta Alpha Psi 225 Beta Theta Pi 368 Biological Sciences Association 225 Bimkrant 332 Blackstonians 226 Black Student Services Council 226 Black Students ' Union 227 Black Women ' s Caucus 199 Cardinal Gardens 342 Centennial 345 Century 351 Chi Epsilon 227 Chi Omega 369 Chi Phi 369 College University 333 Crew 320.332 Dance Theater 228 Delta Chi 370 Delta Delta Delta 371 Delta Delta Sigma 228 Delta Gamma 372 Delta Phi Kappa 373 Delta Sigma Phi 373 Delta Sigma Theta 374 El Rodeo 408 Embassy 349 Eta Kappa Nu 230 EVK 334 Faculty In Residence 346-347 Fairmont 352 Family Student Housing 353 FAS A 231 Food Industry Management 231 Football 256 Founder ' s 348 Gamma Phi Beta 375 Gamma Epsilon Omega 376 Golf 306,308 Graduate Business Students 232 Gynmastics 310 Harris Plaza 339 Health Advocates 233 Helenes 199 Hillel Jewish Center 234 Hispanic Professional Engineers 246 Homecoming 92 Indonesian Student Association 234 Inter-Fratemity Council 406 International Peer Advocates 235 International Student Assembly 236 International Students 72 Intramurals 88 IRUA 235 Kappa Alpha Order 377 Kappa Alpha Theta 378 Kappa Kappa Gamma 379 Kappa Sigma 380 Kerckhoff 346 KSCR 237 Lambda Chi Alpha 386 Latino Business Students ' Association 237 Latino Floor 338 MANIM 238 Marks Tower 335 National Society of Black Engineers 238 Navy ROTC 241 Norman Topping 239 Olympic Committee 197 Omega Chi Epsilon 242 Order of Omega 407 Pacific 347 Panhellenic 406 Parkside Tower 336 Petroleum Engineers 246 Phi Beta Sigma 388 Phi Chi Theta 242 Phi Chi Theta 241 Phi Delta Theta 389 Phi Delta Chi 390 Phi Kappa Psi 392 Phi Kappa Tau 387 Phi Kappa Theta 387 Phi Sigma Kappa 393 Phrateres 242 Pi Beta Phi 394 Plastics Engineers 247 Ponderosa 349 Precision Drill Unit 242 Pre-Pharmacy 243 PRSSA 243 Psychobiology Honors 244 Regal Trojan 348 Resident Advisor ' s 330 Resident ' s West 337 RHCC 331 Rodeo Team 320 Semper Fidelis 244 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 395 Sigma Alpha Mu 396 Sigma Chi 397 Sigma Gama Epsilon 245 Sigma Gamma Rho 398 Sigma Phi Delta 398 Sigma Phi Epsilon 400 Sigma Phi Omega 401 Sigma Nu 399 Ski Club 245 Songfest 248 Speakers 85 Speakers Committee 248 Spirit of Troy Marching Band 249 Sports Information 250 Student Association of Gerontology 250 Student Senate 96 STU-Q 331 Swimming 302,304 Tau Beta Pi 251 Tau Epsilon Phi 402 Tau Kappa Epsilon 403 Terrace 350 Theme Year 28 The Ritz 338 Theta Chi 404 Theta Xi 405 Thai Students ' Association 251 The Exclusives 230 Teuton Hall 340 Track 316,318 Trojan Knights 236 Troy Camp 252 Troy Complex 343 Troyland 350 Troy Philippines 252 Twin Palms 351 Undergrad Psych Association 253 use EUines 229 use Engineer Magazine 229 use Helenes 233 Volleyball 278,282 Water Polo 276 Webb Tower 339 Weight-Lifting Club 253 Women Engineers 247 Zeta Phi Beta 401 Colophon The EL Rodeo was produced by a student staff at the University of Southern California and published by Jos- ten ' s Amcrican Yearbook Company in Visalia, Califor- nia. The advisor was Mr. Clarence Anderson, University Editor and the Josten ' s representative was Dave Soren- son. The book is printed on 80 lb. gloss stock. The cover is silkscreened gray on maroon. Cover art is by Pamela Waddell. Body copy is set in Melior 10 12. Headlines are Souvenir Medium 30 32. Captions and identifications are set in a combination of Souvenir Medium and Melior 10 12 and 8 10 respectively. Press run was 9000. Senior Portraits were taken by Garfield Studios. Most group photographs were taken by Cliff Kalick Photogra- phy. Color printing and processing were done by GP Color. All other photography, lay-out, writing, typesetting, art- work, page design and graphics were done by a student staff of 35 students. Special Thanks Clarence Anderson, University Editor Casey Bieler Dorothy Birsic Alice Choy Paul Christopher Miro Copic Mona Cravens Daily Trojan El Rodeo Coffee Shop Darlene Hard Cliff Kalick Photography Jim Lanahan Meri Lau Jo Ann Miles Nanette Mirolla Jim Morouse Janice Munemitsu Griffith Park Stables Jim Perry Bob Sisson Jon Soo Hoo Dave Sorenson Alan Streeter Liza Ursich Ivan Walks Sports Information Student Publications Joseph Millard University Publications And A Very Special Good-Bye The 1983 El Rodeo staff would like to offer not only special thanks but a special good-bye to Mr. Clarence Anderson, University Editor. As an advisor, he would always remember that we are students but never forget that we are adults. It is unfortunate that future editors and staffs will not have the chance to work with him. What is fortunate is that Mr. Anderson has retired to explore some new opportunities and face some new chal- lenges. We wish him good luck and best wishes. 4-i2 Index Special Thanks Colophon 1983 EI Rodeo Staff Sandra L Boldt Editor-in-Chief Jon Burdick Managing Editor Fred Hall Alvin Chung Photo Coordinators Rowena Itchon - Editor Jody Rosentswieg Caroline Ross Debi Stevens Academics Mary Schaefer - Editor Carol Ann Coates Susan Rimerman Student Life Maggie Ford - Editor Rod DeLuca Wally Murphy Graduates Bonnie Friedlander • Editor Shawn Dettrey Uly Yee Organizations Lorraine Parsons • Editor Doug Branscombe Suzanne Ryan Sports Nancy Georgiou - Co-editor Debbie Macalello - Co-editor Housing Diane Edwardson - Editor Bill Keane Ken Smeton Greelis Rebecca Cisek Scott Finley Linda Osher Pam Waddell Copy Writers Kelly Manson David Phillips David Sakamoto Mike Sachs Photographers Jamie Mohn Identification and Index Mike French Special Contributor

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