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II El Rodeo 1980 Volume 75 University of Southern California Los Angeles, California Education is more tlian just cerebral, there is the spiritual and physical side that must he explored too. University. It ' s a place to stretch tlioughts, tr} ' new tilings, and (j[uestion age-old answers. A place where people can discuss world is- sues with others tliat live in foreign lands, stand on a comer and pro- claim God ' s saving power, and watch a eat jump tlirough a flaming hoop during a travelling circus act. It ' s a place to receive more tlian theories and formulas, it ' s a place to give tlie world a taste of the gen- c ration to come. Tradition. It ' s a word that desribes reasons for beliefs, values, and customs in a societ A word tliat brings sentimental tears to the eyes of some, and a disgusted cr of stagnated progress by others. Tradition shapes a generation, giving it the flavor of yesteryear while letting it grow and develop its own character. At tlic University ' of Southern California, tradition is a ver} ' impor- tant part of eampus life. Tlie old saying " once a Trojan, always a Tro- jan " , is evident in the cardinal and gold dressed aliunni. Hie tradition of the pulsating victors ' sign waving in time to Conquest is sometliing that cannot go unnoticed. Tlierc is the tradition of graduating many political leaders, nobel prize achievers, and academy award winners. And there is the tradition of standing in long lines. mm £€»» ' ■JP V BH • • • L mm z 1 :a = 1 ly m i Dennis on lis icav !o tin Ro-i- R :r TTiis boat, " Fight On " , sits in Avalon Harbor on Santa Catalina Island-the obiuous possession of a proud alumni. " Cabaret " brought out aspiring student actors. .1 6 y fTr Red and Gold everywhere. There are also traditions that have been lost in a generation ' s cause to improve the future. The tradition of Helen of Troy, deemed " sexist and degrading " during the early era of the women ' s movement, left with the onset of the bra-burning days. Tliere was die tradition of one-sex living accommadations, gone to the generation of co-ed facili- ties. And there was the tradition of chapel hour, a time to reflect and develop admirable songs about the university ' . k: ' V - H Ml yr ' Z i: % the talents of nuimi J --ii;vi. for ti ' ars. Traveller has been the height of college maaoH But, the tradition at SC extends far beyond the penanl waving (or the alma mater. Behind all tlie pomp and color lies the real Trojan, the people who have given and received something that often goes un- noticed. Phrateres, a campus service organization, sells hundreds of chrysant II tnfilirjiii " " s at Homecoming. People like G}psy Boots, who never attended classes in die stately briek buildings, but loves the SC football crowd so much that he can be seen at every game ringing his cow bell and leading a rousing cheer. People like tlie late Addie Ivlotz who not only turned die Health Center into a viable source of medical attention, but also brought joy into die hearts of everyone she contacted. And people like the Daily Trojan staff, who pick up ever lliing on a moment ' s notice, drive to Glendale, and stay up until 3:30a.m. producing a newspaper because tliei r new computer system broke down. 1 The fountain in Alumni Park, absent after a tree ' s fall destroyed it three years ago, was replaced and unveiled at this year ' s Homecomi The university was founded nearh ' 100 years ago with 53 students Iwho attended classes in a single wooden building. It was built on a parcel of land that had been donated by a Cadiolic, a Protestant, and a Jew. Now, the Toward Centiir} II program seeks $275 million to help meet USC ' s educational goals. But, it is die balance between the educational goals and the people who actually strive to achieve tliem that give the Universit of Southern California the reputation unique to its tradition. m. Qfmjj The EL RODEO 1980 is dedicated to those Trojans who have stud- ied the past, question the present, and speculate about the future. It is they who see the university ' not only as an academic institution, but as an important chapter in their lives. It is they who value their ties with the university ' enough to see that it maintains the qualit} ' that the} wish to be associated with. And, it is those Trojans who will leave a little bit of tradition for USC ' s second century. ACADEMICS THE YEAR ATHLETICS LIFESTYLES 16 144 dtjd ORGANIZATIONS 362 Lisa Janet Hubbard, Editor Freda Berman, Organizations Wendell Ching, Copy Karin Davalos, Copy Jill Dove, Academics Peter Essick, Photographer Thomas Hall, Photographer Cindie Hunt, Greeks Paul Izenstark, Photographer Steve Luther, Athletics Dee Dee Seeto, Photographer Jerry Whitehead, Copy Braven Wong, Photographer Ann Zavarelli, Housing The EL RODEO 1980 is the ofllcial yearbook publication of Uic Jniversit) ' of Southern California. The opinions arc those of the kudcnt-nm staff, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Uie Liniversity. Reprint of any material herein may be made only Lhrough the written pcnnission of the office of student publications d the editor. C copyright 1980, University o( Souttiern Calitornia and Lisa Janet Hubbard The early days of a medical student ' s training. GRADUATES B GRADUATES GRADUATES i GRADUATES I GRADUATES GRADUATES ; GRADUATES I GRADUATES : GRADUATES I Put GRADUATES | GRADUATES Schools and Major Institutes (with date of founding) Accounting, 1979 Architecture, 1925 Business Administration, 1920 Communications, 1974: Continuing Education, 1924 Dentistry, 1897 Education, 1918 Engineering, 1927 Fine Arts, 1978 Gerontology, 1974 Graduate, 1929 International Relations, 1924 Journalism, 1928 Law, 1896 Letters, Arts, and Sciences, 1880 Library Science, 1936 Marine and Coastal Studies, 1975 Medicine, 1885 Music, 1892 Performing Arts, 1966 Pharmacy, 1905 Philosophy, 1929 Public Administration, 1929 Public Affairs, 1974 Religion, 1887 Safety and systems Management, 1952 Social Work, 1937 Urban and Regional Planning, 1974 Anthony V. Aaron Culm City. CA B.S., Business Atlministration Varnessa Aaron Cariiena, CA BS . Fimince Farnando fl. Abafo lj)i Angeles. CA 6 S,, Marketwi Mary F. Abbata Whillier. CA A.B., Communicalions Elizabeth A. Abbott San Anlonio. TX Political Science: A B . fuWrc Affairs Nadia F. Abdalahad Montreal Canada AB . History Frank B. Abdoo Neon. KY DMA. Mu-iic education Abdulaziz A. Abdul|abbar Riyadh. Saudi Arabia B S., Civil Engineering Shelly D. Abel Philadelphia. PA A B . Psychology Oebra Lee F. Abella Gardena. CA B.S-. Computer Science Ouaaama M. Abou-Chouche Sherman Oaks. CA B.S.. Cwil engineering Florae M. Abrama Seal Beach, CA B S . Education Hatim S. Abuljadayel Los Angeles. CA M PA.. Public Administration Eleanor G. Academla National Cifv. CA A fl . Musif Karen L. Acton La Crescenia, CA B S , Markriing Gordon H. Adama Netvport Beach. CA BS.. flusififss Administration Richard C. Adama Garden Grove. CA B.S., Business Administration Cheryl Adelman Los Angeles, CA D.D.S. Dental Science Fola N. Adiaa Reseda. CA M S-, liuiuslrial Engineering Kathleen M. Adklna ,4;w Umul, CA BS , Occujiational Vherafiy Araxle Z. Aghliaahlan Rosemead. C-K B S , Educalum Helen Agha-MohammadI ios .Angeles, CA A.B , Psychology Naomi P. Agular Los Angeles, CA BS . Marketing Jocelyn D. Agullar Los Angeles. CA B.S.. Chemical Engineering Oscar Aguilar E; Monte. CA B.S., Architature Lllll A. Agustin Norwalk. CA B.S.. Chemical Engineering inaun Ahn Beaivrton. OR B.S.. Chemical Engineering John K. Ahn Los Angeles. CA Pharm, D., Pharmacy MIn G. Ahn Los Angeles. CA B-S-, Electrical Engineering MInsook Ahn Long Beach. CA B.S., Computer Scierue f ( 18-Graduates Bruce R. Aivazin Orange, CA B.S., Accounting David N. AJiki Los Angeles, CA B.5.. Public Administration Dlan« Afcarman Balboa Island. CA B S , Marketing Finance Chikara H. Akita Altadena. CA Pharm D-. Pharmacy Mohamad N. Al-Aldaroosi Los Angeles, CA M.P.A., Public Admtnistration Ruth E. Alas Pomona. CA MS-, Teacher Education Mohammad A. Al-Banna Sharjah. Untied Arab Emirates B.S.. Civil Engineering Linda M. Albey Pasadena, CA A.B-. Social Work Carortyn S. Albln Long Beach. CA B.FA, Drama Barbara L. Albrecht Northridge, CA Pharm. D-, Pharmacy Gall J. Aldenbrook Los Angeles. CA Pharm D.. Pharmacy Dennis V. Alflerl B.S-, Public Administration Arcadia, CA Jamal M. Alhafotoor Dubai, United Arab Emirates B.S., industrial Systems Engineering Nosratollah Allzadeh Tehran, Iran B.S.. Civil Engineering Scott D. Allman Pahs Verdes, CA A.B., Psychology Rodolfo V. Almaida Inglewood, CA B.S., Electrical Engineering Samla S. Atmoayyed Los Angeles, CA M.P.A.. Public Administration Wendy J. Almqulst Rolling Hills. CA B.S-, Education Jamal A. Al-Mutawa Ahdayuya. Kuwait B-S., Industrial Systems Engineering Alphonso Alonzo Culver City, CA B.S , Architecture Amy R. Alpern Las Vegas NE A.B . loumashsm Political Science Mansour M. Al-Shamall Safat. Kuwait B.S . Industruit Systems Engineering Ahmad M. Alshamai Shaqah. United Arab Emirates A.B . Economics Khalld A. Alshathry Ryiadh. Saudi Arabia B.S . Civil Engineering Mohamed A. Alshlrawl Dubai. United .Arab Emirates B.S., Industrial Systems Engineering Debbie Alter Los Angeles. CA B.S., P$ychobiology Robert V. Alvarado. Jr. Los .Angeles. CA A B.. Political Science Vtvlan M. Alvarado U s Angeles, CA .■ B.. Psychology Irene M. Alvare .Mhamtra, CA B 5.. Ctvtl Engineering DelMrah A. Alvarez Phoenix, CA B S . Public .Adminisration Graduates-19 Dawn L. Anwno Torrance. CA B.S . Marketing Kirk F. Ambrozlch Huntington Beach, CA A.B.. International Relations Economics Fwldah Amlnudaghlysh Tehran, Iran M.S., Periodontics Jaimi T. Anaitaulou Patos Verdes Estates, CA B.S , Management LmII N. AndWMn Fremont, CA B M., Music Carl H. Andsraon II Huntington Beach, CA B.S , Marketing Frank L. Andaraon II Houston, TX B.S., Accounting KavIn W. Andaraon Corona del Mar, CA B.S., Marketing Management Randall S. Andaraon Los Angeles, CA DOS. Dental Science Scott S. Andaraon Costa Mesa, CA B.S., Marketing Finance Suaan J. Andaa Fullerton. CA A B . Hislory Bruca W. Andrawa Stratford. CT A B , English Daphana Q. Andrawa Long Beach. CA A B . Ps cholog}f Julia R. Andrawa Fulterton. CA A.8 , Political Science PMa N. Andrlch San Pedro, CA M.B.A , Real Estate. International Finance Albarto A. Angallnl Lcfs Angeles. CA B-S., Civil Engineering Taraaa B. Antczak San Gabriel. CA A B , Spanish Thomaa J. Antall Paxton, MA M.S.. Electrical Engineering Patrick K. Anthony Criflniv CA A.B.. Broadcast lournalism Gloria M. Aparlcio Los Angeles, CA B.S., Accounting VIctorIca C. Apalaa Los Angeles, CA AB , Spanish Anita Apallan Los Angeles. C4 A.B , Sociology Brian P. Arata Santa Rosa, CA A.B., Political Science Patricia D. Arbor Los Angeles. CA I D. . Law Janat B. Archar Garden Croiv. CA A.B.. History Stavan R. Archar Lafayette. CA B.S.. Business Administration laabal Arcllla West Covina, CA B.S., Business Administration William C. Ardary Anaheim, CA D.D.S . Dental Science Shawn A. Arena Huntington Beach. CA A.B . Psychology Loula Arlamma Jr. orthridge, CA Pharm. D.. Pharmacy 20-GTaduates Donna L. Arlma Gardeim. CA B S-. Fimnce Akio Arlura Gardena. CA B S . Accounting Bonnie M. Armour Los Angeles. CA M.S. A.. Accounting Nell W. Arnold MonleMlo. CA A.B., Physical Eduailion Ron R. Arnold Montebello, CA A-B., Speech Communu:atio Ronald Arnoldsen Las Vegas. ' £ DD S.. Dental Scenes Michael F. Arrlgo Newport Beach. CA B.S.. Finance David S. Arritt La Habra Heights, CA B.S., Accounting Sheila Y. Arthur Ingleuwil. CA A B . Psychology Anita M. Artukovlch Arcadia. CA AB , English Dennis M. Arutlan Tan CA DDS.. Dental Science Alvln T. Arvin Omaha. NB B.S . Marketing Aryaab A. Aryana Tehrc .A B.. International Relations Wesley T. Aaato Kaneohe ,Hl B.S.. Electrical Engineering Gall M. Aaayama Maywood, CA A.B-. Broadcast loumalism Steven M. Ashendorf Marina Del Rey. CA A.B.. Speech Communication Benham Ash|arl Los Angeles. CA Ph.D.. Electrical Engineering Dana R. Ashton Van Nuys. CA B.S.. Accounting James D. Aaper Escondtdo. CM A.B.. Recreation Kola J. Atanda Lagos, Nigeria B.S., Elecricat Engineering William H. Atha Rosivell ' M B S . Business .Admnitstratton Ghassan J. Attar leddah. Saudi Arabia B S . .Architecture Christopher K. Au Honolulu. HI B S.. Business Administration Karen S. Au Los Angeles, CA B S., Accounting Suzanne E. Aubert Newport Beach. CA B S . Marketing Carole P. Auer La Habra Heights. CA B S , ogy Stephanie Aualln Los .Angeles. CA B.S-. General Studies Eva F. Auyeung Temple City. CA B.S . Business Administration Frederick M. Auyeung Temple City. CA B.S.. Business Administration Daniel R. Avila Norwalk. CA A.B.. Physical Education Graduates-Sl Khalld A. Amd Los Angetes. CA 6.5. , Bioloj ical Science Robert A. Ayart Costa Mesa, CA A.B., lourrmtism Mshrzad Azarl Van Nuys. CA B.S.. Civil Engineering Jaims H. AziMll CamariUo, CA B.S.. Archilecture Sulfsnl I. Azocar Banco Obrero, Venezuela BS., Petroleum Engineering HIdayukI Azuma Hyogo, lapan A B . Management Kannath S. Babamoto Los Angeles, CA PharmD. Pharmacy Edward R Babtkla Los Angeles, CA B S , Fmanct Marcal R. Badart Gardena. CA BS.. Marketing Farhad Baghery Los Angeles. CA B.S., Electrical Engineering Moatafa M. BahramI Los Angeles, CA B.S.. Cwil Engineering Arlan A. Ballay Hacienda Heights. CA A.B.. Broadcast Journalism Darluah Bakhtlar LoraJon. NWS .P A , Public Administration Jullann Bakka Visaha. CA . International Relations Son|a M. Bakka Portland. OR Business Admmislration Linda M. Balabucli A.B Phoi A . A.B.. Psychology Laall J. Ball Pillsford, Ny A.B., Psychology Alia E. Ballard Los Angetes, CA A B . English Lorl A. Bamaabargar L )s Angeles. CA BS . Dental Hygiene Margarat M. Banualoa Los Angeles. CA BS , Gerontology Joaaflna B. Baquara Pico Ravra. CA B.S., Marketing Gloria L. Baran Los Angeles. CA M.A.. Broadcast journalism Parlvaah Barakat AhiLiaz, Iran A 8 . Mathematics Nancy D. Barlow Glendale, CA B S., Finance Tracy S. Barna Redondo Beach, CA B.S., Education DanM K. Barnard Flintndge, CA BS . Accounting Bradley C. Barnaa Bakersfield. CA BS. Mary K. Bamaa Inglexvood, CA A.B., Political Science Joan M. Barnwall El Segundo, CA B.S., Occupational Therapy MIrarKia Baron Pasadena, CA B.S.. Public Administr ation i i 82-Graduates Frank M. Baroudi San Diegc, CA B.S., Electrical Engineering Juliana Barr La Hahra. CA B-S.. Biomedical Engineering Edward R. Barragan WdildfT, CA DOS. Dental Science Louis R. Barreda Hawlhome, CA 6.S., Finance William Barry CoTona del Mar, CA B.S., Business Administration Ava L. Bassett Houston, TX B.S., Business Administration Rave L. Batista Los Angeles CA B-S., Biological Science Julie A. Bayley Carlsbad, CA B.S., Marketing Tammie E. Bean Sunnyl ale, CA B.S., Occupational Therapy Peggy Beasley Aurora, CO A.B , Socuil Welfare Susan M. Beaudet Pasadena, CA B.S., Education Catherine M. Bechtel Walnut, CA B.S., Education Nancy L. Bechtol Los Angeles, CA Pharm D., Pharmacy Barbara J. Beck Los Altos, CA A.B , Cinema Television Di ane J. Becker Manhattan Beach, CA Pharm. D., Pharmacy Michael D. Backman Arcadia, CA B.S., Finance Jerome R. Becnel St. Louis, MO B.S., Biological Science Meenu Bedl Los Angeles. CA B.S , Psychobiology Beth M. Beeman Redlands, CA A.B . Political Science David R. Beeman Bakersfield, CA PharmD , Pharmacy Roberta L. Beer Redondo Beach, CA PharmD. . Pharmacy Michelle R. Bega Los Angeles, CA B.S., Public Affairs Sherry A. Behrle North Hollyuwid, CA B.S . Finance Zohreh Behshid Telm B.S., Industrial Systems En m. Mustafa F. Baldaa Marina Del Rey. CA B.S.. Civd Engineering Gary L. Belike Los Angeles, CA B.S., Accounting Brian M. Bsltner Tolland, CT B.S . Public Administration Helan V. Bender Gardena, CA B S., Business .Administration Rorl L. Banka .Arcadia, CA ■A B.. Broadcast founutltsm Oaalras M. Bankmann Canoga Park, C.4 MP. A . Public Administration GTaduates-23 Khal«d A. BenmuM Tripoli B.S., Electrical Engineering Gregory D. B«nn«tt Santa Ana. CA M.S.. Architecture J ff«ry R. Bennett Santa Am, CA B.S.. Finance Michel) R. Benone Twunga, CA B.S., Public Administration Qregory F. Beneon Rancho Pahs Verdes. CA B.S.. Fjnance Lor I M. Beneon National City, CA B.F.A.. Fine Art Janice M. Benson Glendale, CA A.B.. Studio Art Janice S. Bent Sierra Madre, CA B.S . Finance Randy C. Benton San Diego, CA B.S., Finance Mark M. Bentow Los Angeles, CA Pharm. D., Pharmacy Suaan A. Bentow Reseda, CA Pharm. D . Pharmacy Doron Ben-Yehezkel Hakerem. ferusalem B.S., industrial Systems Enginfcrmy Rick M. Berger Pac Pat. CA A.B., Cinema Teleiw. Karll L. Bergheer Newport Beach. CA B.S.. Management Kirk E. Bergatrom Los Angeles. CA A.B., M.A.. Cinema Roaanne M. Berlen Pasadetui. CA A.B . Sfvech Communication Deborah L. Berry Lr-; Angeles. CA B.S.. Education Uaa Ben Lo$ Angeles. CA B.S.. Education Rory A. Bertalru Anaheim CA B.S.. Accounting Lorl J. Bertelaon San Gabriel, CA M.S.. Social Work Kandia Beahore NeiLfport Beach. CA A.B.. Phyical Education. BS . Nutrition John S. Bethel Palos Verdes Estalca. CA B.S.. Business Administration Adam J. Bezark Highland Park. IL A.B., Entertainment Concept Design Karen BlartchI Cot n A.B , Sociology Amy L. Blando Altadena CA A.B., Cinema Drama Farld M. BIdabad Tehran. Iran B.S.. Electrical Engineering GholamhoasaIn M. BIgdell Tehran. Iran B.S.. Computer Science Bradley A. Bllgore Neu ' York. N) B-S.. Finance Robert N. Blllinga Lakewood, CA A.B. Mary M. Bird Modesto, CA A.B.. Broadcast Journalism i i 24-Graduates Tamara Blschoff Sail Lake City. UT B M.. Harf Performance Dale B. Blahop South Pasadena. CA B.S.. Psychobiology Gary R. Bishop San Cabnet. CA Pharm D-, Pharmacy Michael P. Blahop Oakland, CA B.S.. Accounting Management Tereaa A. BIssell Newport Beach. CA MA. journalism Kevin J. Blanchard lawrence. MA A.B-, Political Science Timothy P. Blanco South Pasadena. CA B.S.. Political Science Psychology Therese Ann Blake Balboa Island. CA A.B.. Art History Pamela S. Blaslar Pasadena, CA .■IB, Fccrealion Terl M. Blaaler Fallbrook, CA B.S.. Accounting David A. Blehm Huntington Beach, CA B.S.. Mechanical Engineering Maiko K. Blow Mercer Island. WA B.S., Finance Michael D. Blue Palo Alto, CA B.M., Music)Performance Tracy E. Blue Baldwin Park. CA A.B . Psychology Bonnie L. BIythe Santa Barbara, CA A.B., International Relalu}ns Brian A. BIythe Placentia. CA Pharm D., Pharmacy Cynthia R. Bockelman Santa Ana, CA M.S.. Social Work James P. Bodovir Chicago. IL B.5.. Business Administration Sally Boehm de Molina Los Angeles. CA A.B.. Political Science Sally A. Boehmer Mission Viejo. CA A.B., Recreational Therapy Jim B. Bogenrelt Carden Grove. CA 4 E.. Firmnce . ' Economics Patrick C. Bogh Alhambra. CA Pharm D.. Pharmacy Erich V. Boldt VisM, CA 8 S . Computer Science Matthew L. Bombsck Pluvnix. AZ A B . Cinema Television Alan K. Bonde Menlo Park. CA B S . Public .Administration Stephen A. Bonds B,T Ohic A.B . Cinema Tela ' ision Robin R. Boone Duarle. CA A B . Political Science Leonard R. Borrmann Sauk Village. IL B.S . Psychobiohgy Julie A. Bosnich Son Pedro. CA B S . Occufhitioruil Therapy JoAnn M. Boss nanvillc. CA B S . Chemical Engineering Graduates-85 B.S. Jenny J. Botzbach San Marino. CA B.S.. Education Br«t M. Botzong Los Angeies, CA S., Electrical Engineermn Hala A. Boutros Los Angeles. CA B.S., Civil Engineering Pier A. Boutte Columbus, CA A.B.. Psychology David J. Bouzak Wayne, PA Business Administration A.B., Patricia A. Boxlno Cotlingswood, Nj International Relations Bruce A. Bowman Idaho Falls. ID B.S . Public Affairs Jeff L. Bowman Canoga Park. CA ' ., Finance Business Economic s Lorl A. Bowman Newport Beach. CA B.S.. Marketing Management Rocky Bowman Im Angeles. CA B.S., Business Administration Joe R. Boyle East Northporl. NY A B.. lournalism Daniel P. Bozzo Aptos. CA A B., Political Science Carol S. Bracco GlendaU ' , CA B S . Architecture Stven L. Bradley Barstou . CA B.S., Cit ' il Engineering Thomaa R. Bradley Danville, CA B.S., Management Janice L. Braly San Diego, CA AB . Public Relations Anita E. Brandt Van Nuys. CA A B . Cinema Donald A. Braaeth Neu port Beach. CA I.B.A., Business Administration Phyllia I. Braun Fountain Valley. CA Pharm D.. Pharmacy Robert C. Bray Nestminsler , CA dministration B S., B Elizabeth M. Breault Bradford. MA B.S.. Accounting Cynthia L. Brennan Long Beach. CA Pharm. D , Pharmacy GIrard G. Brenrteman Northndge. CA D.D.S.. Dental Science Sally A. Brenner Saratoga, CA A.B . Education David, S. Brealow Los Angeles. CA B.S.. Business Administration Todd M. Breyman Los Altos Hills. CA A.B.. Economics Jesus A. Brlceno Toi ar. Merida A.B., Economics International Relations Jan Brigandl Kings Park. NY A.B.. Broadcast Journalism Political Science Stephen M. BroadtMnt La Mirada. CA B.5.. Mechanical Engineering Kathleen L. Broderick Rancho Palos Verdes. CA A.B.. Speech Commumcalion 26-Graduates n J ?■ ; Llnduy L. Brookmin Walnut Creek, CA A.B.. Cinema Television Oebra A. Brooks Foster City. CA A.B.. Histoni Daniel J. Bromstad Cardiff, CA B S.. Marketing Finance Diane K. Brouhard .Arlington Heights. IL B S.. Biology Kathleen E. Brown Tarrytown. m ' B.5.. Finance Marketing Olivia C. Brown Compton, CA M.S , Education Susan R. Brown Oakland. CA A-B.. Communications Thomas L. Brown, Jr. East Orange. Nl A.B., Political Science History Vicky Y. Brown Oakland. CA B.M.. Music Wayne D. Brown Tarzana, CA A.B., Letters. Arts, and Sciences Aaron Brownlee Los Angeles, CA B.S . Biology; A B . Latin Michael E. Bruce Pomona. CA D-D-S . Dental Science Dennis W. Brumfleld Oakland. CA B S.. Accounting Daniel W. Brumm Menio Park, CA MBA . Marketing Jeffery A. Brusseau Newport Beach, CA B S., BiLsmess Administration Peggy A. Buckey Manhatten Beach, CA MS., Communication Disorders Jlllyn R. Buckle Long Beach, CA A.B . Psychology Norman L. Buckley fori north. TX A.B.. Cinema Telez ' ision Charles E. Buckner Mission Viqo. CA B.S-. Geology Brad J. Buettner Huntington Beach. CA B.5.. Finance Florence M. Bull Los Angeles. CA M.S.. Education Gary L. Buntmann Los Altos. CA B.S., Petroleum Engineering Robert B. Burck Bakersfield. CA B.5.. Business Administration Grant A. Burdick Arcadia. CA D.D.S.. Dental Science Daniel J. Burgher Blue lay. CA B.S . Finance Glenn R. Burke Arcadia. CA A B.. Fine Arts Kevin P. Burke Glendale. CA PS,, Finance Alexander Bums Long Beach. C4 DOS. Dental Science Randall W. Burt Whittier. CA BS . Computer Science Berit Burton Ixjs Angeles. CA B.S.. Gerontology Graduates-27 Gragory C. Busctw Huntington Beach, CA B.S.. Electrical Engineering Olanne M. Bush Norhlridge. CA A B . Physiail Education Dennis A. Buth Long Beach. CA B.S.. Biological Science Bryan P. Bu««« Woodland Hilh. CA B.S., Real Estate Finance PMCf BUMO Palos Verdes Estates. CA A.B., Physical Education Sports Medicine Alda R. BuKo San Diego. CA A.B . journalism Tina A. Byart Long Beach. CA B S , PuWiir Affairs Patar B. Byldna Orange. C. A B.. Philosophy loumaltsm Elalna S. Caday lakewood. CA A B . journalism Jaanna D. Cada Doumn. CA B-S.. Business Administration Craig B. Cadwalladar Arcadia. CA B.S . Management Elwynn C. Cattail Mesa. AL D.D.S , Dental Science Bruca E. Cahlll Phoenix. AZ B.S . Biological Science RonMta E. Ca|ka las Vegas. N£ BS . Biological Science Nancy M. Call Pasadena. CA A B., Communications Paul E. CalvM Garden Grot-e. CA B S . Finance Jamaa L. Camaron La Crescenta. C. B.S., Public Administration Tarry E. Camaron Los Angeles, CA B.S.. Geological Science Eric L. CamlnHI Newport Beach. CA B S . Biological Science Pamala R. CampbatI Los Angeles. CA B S.. Public Affairs Dominic M. Canata Santa Rosj. CA A B . Historii Elyaa A. Caraco Calahasas. CA .4 B . Spanish William G. Caraa BfWT y Hills. CA B.S.. Business Administration Carria A. Caratan Delano. CA B S . Marketing Timothy M. Caray Hope. AK B.S., Finance Business Economics Donald Carlino Bellflower. CA B.S.. Public Affairs Pamela P. Carroll Lakeuvod. CA B.S . Finance Paul F. Carroll Claremont. CA B.S., Mathematics Economu:s Glen C. Carter Downey. C 6.S.. Accounting Harvey B. Carter Puarte. CA B.S . Accounting . r gJ I ? )»« 88-Graduates Lawrence Q. Carter Los Angeles, CA B.S.. Accounting Mark S. Carter LoTig Beach. CA B-S., Industrial Engineering Stephen A. Carter Bjncho Palos Verdes, CA B.S., Accounting Stephen W. Carter Los Angeles, CA D.D.S., Dental Science Dana A. Carll Glendale, CA A.B., International Relations Rick J. Caruao Beverly Hills, CA B.S., Finance Management Sylvia Y. Caaarez Los Angeles, CA Pharm. D.. Pharmacy Steven M. Caae Hollyxoood, CA B.S., Business Administration Thereaa R. Caatagneto San Diego, CA A.B., Polituuil Science Dora A. Caatlllo San Salvador, El Savador A.B., Psychology Edward M. Caatlllon Laredo, TX D.D-S., Dental Scierue Carmen Caatro Montebello, CA A.8., Spanish David M. Caatro D. ' wr.n-, CA A.B., Economics Stella C. Catalan Aiea, HI B.S.. Biological Science Darcia Lin M. Catapano Pastderm, CA A.B., Speech Communication Lorl L. Cavanaugh Rancho Santa Fe, CA B.S., Education Dale G. Cavin Encirw, CA B.S., Accounting Patrick M. Cavaney Huntington Beach, CA B.S-, Finance Michael P. Cayaon Los Angeles, CA B S., Engineering Artemlo Cervantea Venice, CA B.S., Civil Engi mg Ettore R. Ceaaraccio Rome, Italy B.S., Finance Gary L. Chaffin Fallbrook, CA B.S., Accounting Gilbert W. Chan San Pedro, CA B-S-, Business Administration Krelghton L. Chan Hawaii B-S., Pyschobiotogy Lorlta Y. Chan Monterey Park, CA B.S., Business Administration Michael H. Chan Monterey Park, CA B S , Civil Engineering Mor-Dak S. Chan Los Angeles. CA B.M., Puino Performance Yvonne L. Chan Vancouver, British Columbia -MB. A., Business Administration Chlen M. Chang Taipei, Taiwan Ph.d , Electrical Engineering Haekyong Chang B-S. Finance Los Angeles. CA Graduates-29 Punpllal Changbenchtroen Bangkok, Thailand B.S.. Finance Maylcnd F. Chang-Wong Los Angeles. CA B.S.. Polilical baence Joyca M. Chao Palas Verdes Estates, CA A.B., Psychology Tim L. Chasa Wittier, CA B.5., Finance David B. Chatflald Van NuXfS, CA ID. Law Mary 0. Chavaz Athambra, CA B.S-, Denial Hygiene Ray J. Chavaz Los Angeles, CA B-S , Marketing Management Patar C. ChM Honolulu, HI BS , Psychobiology Janat K. Chaathan Riverside, CA Pharm D , Pharmacy Cllftord L. Chan Los Angeles, CA Pharm. D , Pharmacy Conling Chan Singapore B.S., Accounting , ' Management Daana Chan Los Angeles. CA A B . Publu Affairs Jann-Tah Chan Los Angeles. CA DOS., Dental Science Mailing M. Chan San Gabriel, CA B.S-, Business Administration Ming Halang Chan San Cabnet, CA D.D.S , Denial Science Yii-Jan Chan Tflipfi, Taiuvn DOS. Denial Science Thomaa W. Chaaaum Glendale, CA BS , Architecture Lalla M. Chaung Glendale. CA B-S., Business Adminislralion Roala S. Chia Rancho Palos Verdes. CA fl S , Marketing Yu-Fan Chiang Palm Springs. CA B.S , Education Iping Chao Los Angeles. C. D.DS . Dental Science Diana L. ChlappaW los Angeles. CA A.B . Physical Education Sforls Medicine Klmbarly A. Chlchaatar Alhambra. C4 M.A., Occupalwitat Therapy Richard M. Chllda Los Angeles. CA B.S.. Accounting Chrlaophar M. Chlma Afiapa. Nigeria BS . Petroleum Engineering Cynthia C. Chin Monterey F.lrk. CA B.S-, Business Administration John T. Chin VVi :lfr(y. RJ B FA., Fine Arts Judy M. Chin Los ,Angeles, CA M.S., Education Raymond Chin Watscnville. CA B.S.. Accounting Rodney K. Chin San Francisco. CA Pharm. D.. Pharmacy 30-Graduates Victorta W. H. Chin Monternf Park, CA B.S., Biological Science Loretta A. Chlnn San Diego. CA B.S., Finance Sirikate S. Chlrathlvat Bangkok, Thailand M.B.A., International Business Steven R. Chism Ocean Springs, MS B.S Brian S. Chlttlck Long Beach, CA AS-. Political Science Choong K. Cho Los Angeles, CA M.B A.. Business Administration Nancy W. Cho Los Angeles. CA B.S.. Biological Science Seoling S. Cho Seoul. Korea B.S-, Finance Wllbert Y. Cho Sflfi Diego, CA B-S,, Chemical Engineering Young C. Cho Pasadena. CA B.S.. Business Administration In-Kyung Choi Montebello. CA A.B.. Mathematics Jin A. Choi Cerritos. CA B-S-. Education Yong J. Choi Los Angeles, CA M.B. A.. Business Administration Chan S. Chong Beoerly Hills. CA B S., Electrical Engineering Hok-Hel Chong Hong Kong, China B.S., Mechanical Engineering Seow-Hong Choo Singapore B-5-, Finance Ewft Seng Choot Permng, Malaysia M.B. A.. Finance Judy Y. Chou Los Angeles. CA B.S.. Finance Mamie Chou Pine Bluff. AR B.S.. Accounting R. Holly Chovance Pacific Palisades. CA B S.. Business Administration Agnes F. Chow Long Beach, CA Pharm D-. Pharmacy Andrea W. Chow Monterey Park. CA B.S., Chemical Engineering Duncan M. Chow Hacienda Heights. CA B.S.. Accounting Edith Chow San lose. CA B.S., Chemical Engineering Eugene K. Chow Hacieruia Heights. CA B.S . Business Administration Gabrlelle Chow Los Angeles. CA A.B.. English Larry Chow Lof Angeles. CA B.S.. Business Administration Winnie W. Chow Monterey Park. CA M.S , Electrical Engineering Joseph K. Choy Alhambra. CA M.S.. Oieniical Engineering Lana Y. Choy Honolulu. HI B.S., Public Affairs Graduat€s-31 Paulut K. Choy Ailiambra, CA M.S., Engineering Eric A. ChrlstenMn Santa Ana, CA A.B.. History Daborah L. Christian tnglewood. CA M.S., Public Administration Carol A. Chrlatman Los Angeles, CA A.B.. Political Science Danlal N. Christy Newport Beach, CA B.S., Marketing Oavid K. Chu Costa Mesa, CA Pharm D , Pharmacy Yah-Hua P. Chuan Hong Kong, China Ph.D., Electrical Engineering Hoaard S. Chuchian tndio, CA A.B , History Johnaon K.C. Chuan Azuza, CA D D.S , Dental Science Shumun M. Chul Hong Kong, China B.S., Computer Science Francia K. Chung Honolulu, HI Pharm. D , Pharmacy Lilly G. Chung Sun Valley, CA .S., Biomedical Engineering Electrical Engineering Vivian J. Chun Upland, CA B.S., Business Administration John Churm San Clemente, CA A.B., International Relations Qannard M. CIgllano Rancho Palos Verdes, CA B.S., Marketing Suaan CImbaljk Newport. CA B S , Accounting NIcholaa C. Clmorsill Delanco, N.j BS., Engineering Jaanina F. CIpolla San Pedro, CA B.S., Accounting P. Kallls Citron San Marino, CA A.B., Broadcast Journalism MIchsal H. Clapp Fullerlon, CA B S , Marketing William A. Claray II Peurta, tl M.B.A., Business Administration Edwin P. Clark Palm Springs. CA B.S., Finance Shallay Clark Los Angeles. CA B,S., Chemical Engineering Hsiains O. dayman Los Angeles, CA A.B., Physical Education Thomaa M. CIsary Playa del Rfy, CA BS.. Finance Tracy H. Claiand Newport Beach, CA BS , Marketing Bobby D. Cobb Azusa, CA B.S., Finance David D. Cobart Falls Church, VA B.S., Public Administration MichMl J. Cotano San Marino, CA B.S.. Firmnce Business Ecorwmics Joanna Coghiil Auburn, WA B.F.A., Fine Arts ' t 32-Graduates ii i Merllynne Cohen Los Angeles, CA A-B., Journalism Sam C. Colachls Phoenix, AZ BS.. Biological Science James C. Coley Chula Visla. CA B.S.. Corporate Finance Mary E. Colin Redondo Beach. CA B.S.. Public Aitmintstration Sharon L. Colllson Rosemead. CA BS . Biological Science Angela Colomer Culver City. CA B.5-. General Education NIdia M. Colomer Culver City. CA B.S.. Biological Science Beverly A. Combs Los Angeles. CA B S . Business Administration Diane K. Combs Athambra. CA M D . Medicine Carlos G. Compean Los Angeles. CA D D.S . Denial Science Laura L. Compton B.5. Corporate Finance mttier. CA Margaret L. Comstock Clareniont. CA B S-. General Education Brian C. Connors Grayville. PA B.S-. Mechanical Engineering Charles A. Connors Los Angeles. CA B.5.. Public Administration Kim D. Connors Huntington Beach. CA B S.. Accounting Rebecca N. Contreras Los Angeles, CA .4,H., Sociology Stephanie D. Cook Beivrly Hills. CA B.S.. (general Education Andra J. Cooper Los Angeles. CA A.B.. Psychology Craig S. Cooper RcKklin. CA M.P.A , Public Administration Cynthia A. Cooper San Manno. CA A.B.. Political Science Speech Communication Peter G. Cooper fiinla .4tu. CA DOS. Dental Science Terry L. Cope iMkc ' ood, CA B S . Public Administration Charles C. Coppola Sacramento. CA A.B.. Broadcast journalism. Political Science Randall E. Corber Hollywood. CA ID., Law William L. Corbin Lake Havasu City. AZ M B A . Finance Marketing Michael D. Coraen Redding C.t A-B . Psychology Cindy L. Corot) Betvrly Hills. CA B S Denial Hygiene Alfonso Corona MI A . Cmenm Jamas J. Corrlgan Santa .Klonica. CA B S , Finance IJebra J. Cortez Dmoney CA A B . Political Science Graduates-33 Ellas S. Cortaz Norwalk, CA B.S.. Architecture Dennis Cosby Los Angeles. CA M.A., journalism Elizabeth A. Coss Valencia. CA AB.. Political Science Roberto Covarrublaa Los Angeles. CA B.S.. Electrical Engineering Robert W. Cowing Santa Barbara. CA B.S.. Applied Mechanics John C. Cox Phiiemx. AZ BS . Engineering Constance A. Craig Palos Verdes Estates. CA AS. Public Relations Laurie C. Crain Danfille. CA MBA . Marketing Lisa A. Cramer Palos Verdes Estates. CA B.S., Public Administration Alexis V. Crampton San Pedro. CA M S.Ed.. Special Education Charles R. Crsns Pal Pal. CA BS , Finance Ann M. Cretslnger Arlington. TX A B . Psi chology Roland J. Crim Lt)rit; Beach. CA International Relations David Crisler Chicago. IL B F A . Drama Michael L. Croaon Westminster. CA B S.. Chemical Engineering A B David R. Crouch Garden Grove. CA DOS . Dental Science Victor M. Cueto Santa Ana. CA B S . Marketing Yeah Y. Cupplea Taiithin. Republic of Chtiui A B . Malhenialics Shannon J. Curran Anaheim. CA A B . Drama Allsa K. Currerl Pacific Palisades. CA A.B.. Speech Communications Klmberly J. Currle .Anaheim. CA A B . Psychologv Roaemary A. Curry S,i.i Dm. ' CA BS, Business Administration Deborah K. Curtis Las Vegas iV£ ., Finance Business Economics Robert M. Cutts Uing Beach, CA B S . Finance Peter J. Cytflta Canoga Park. CA M.B.A.. Accounting Finance Deliorah T. Dachlnger Horlb Bellmore. m BE A . Drama Kevin V. Dahl Long Beach. CA A.B . Psychology Elizabeth F. Dalley Pacific Palisades. CA BS . Dental Hygiene Sarah A. Dall er la folia CA B S . .Marketing John W. Dameron Long Beach CA B.S.. , anagement tef 34-Graduates Robyn B. Dang Honolulu. HI B.5 . Biological Science Timothy G. Dang Honolulu, HI B.F-A., Drama Warren J. Daniel Playa Del Rey. CA B.5., Business Administration David W. Daniels Anchorage. AK B.S., Petroleum Engineering Deborah A. Danson CA A.B . Spanish, B.S.. Marketing Michael A. Darmlento Los Angeles. CA B5.. Architecture David V. Darplnlan Los Angeles. CA 6,5 , Finance Deborah A. Darr Indian Wells. CA A B.. Public Relations Karin S. Davalos Los Angeles, CA B.S., Public Administration Lisa A. Davenport ?, CA A.B., Speech Communication Concepclon Davlla Los Angeles. CA B-S.. Occupational Therapy Marlaelena Davlla Los Angeles, CA B.S.. Public Affairs Daniel L. Davllla Downeif. CA B5.. Accounting Cheryl L. Davis Los Angeles. CA AS.. Religion Kenneth S. Davis Alta Loma, CA B.S.. Marketing Real Estate Michael E. Davis Alexandria E. Davis B.S.. Aerospace Engineering Michael L. Davis Riverside. CA B-S . Finance Rodney W. Davis Carson. CA BM.. Music Performance Steven H. D vls Downey . CA B.S.. Biological Science Yonda U. Davis Alemeda. CA AS.. Dratna Celeste V. Day Los Angeles. CA A.B.. Psychology Dreena Day Compton. CA MP A , Court Adminif-lralion CIndl B. Dean Hillsborough, CA B-S.. Education Diana M. Deandrea Sun Gabriel. CA Pharm D . Pharmacy Richard D. Deaver Corona del Mar. CA A.B.. Political Science Beatrice E. Decarte Scottsdale. AZ Pharm. D . Pharmacy Robin L. Daemer West Cm ' im, CA MA . lourmlism Bryn K. DeFreac Covit CA 11 A.B . loumalism Public Relations Speech Communications Michael A. Degldio Northndge, CA D.DS. Dental Science Audre L. DelahouBsaye Los Angeles. CA B.S.. Public Affairs Graduates-35 An M. da la Novel Miami, FL B.F.A.. Drama Jo F. D L Pu nt Santa Monica, CA B.S.. Architecture Edward A. DeLeonardIa Glendale, CA M.D , Medicine Joaa M. Dalgado Los Angeles, CA M.A . Physics Sandra D. Dell Los Angeles, CA A.B., Psi chology Michael Oelman Beivrly Hills, CA B.S.. Marketing Cynthia B. DeLong Los Angeles. CA A B., Public Administration Gregory S. DeLong Ramona. CA MBA, Business Administration Tadd Oelong Doumei , CA M.A.. Occupational Therapy Mary J. da Loo Santa Barbara, CA A B , French Carle A. Darnaa Hillsborough, CA MBA , Marketing Kevin P. Den Bleyker Mar Visla, CA B.M , Classical Guitar TerrI M. Dapaolo Newport Beach, CA A.B , Cinema Telei ' ision David K. De Pelrlllo Colorado Springs, CO B.S., Public Administration Steven R. DeSente Covina, CA B.S., Mechanical Engineering Oaaaouky, Kh l d Cairo, Egypt M-S., Electrical Engineering Jeenne L. DeTorre Santa Ana. CA B.S., Aerospace Engineering; A B , MathenuJtics Ro -M rle Devi Lus Angeles. CA B,S . Marketing DIenne M. Demy Ijos Angeles. CA B.S., Business Administration John A. DeYoung Pasadena CA A.B., Public Administration Brent M. Dezember Bakersfield. CA B.S.. Marketing Management Gil S. DIa Duarte, CA B.S , Chemical Engineering Lucy J. Diaz Santa Ana, CA Speech Communication Nali A. DIbernardo San Pedro. Ca Pharm D . Pharmacy Jeffrey B. DIckaon A.B., ;lg ich. CA B5 , Finance Terle L. DIckaon Garden Grope, CA B.S., Occupational Therapy Betay A. Olmarlo Huntington Beach. CA A B . Public Relations Mark E. DIMarIa Moraga, CA I.D , Lau ' Tliareaa A. DImond Phoenix, AZ i.M., Percussion Performance Gregory W. Ding Palo Alto. CA B.S., Biological Science ¥fi.oio; I 36-GTaduates Louis J. Diot U Hahra. CA M.P A . Public Adminislralion Vernlta E. Dirks Los Angeles, CA B S.. Business Administration Sarlt F. Distier Brenticood, CA B.S., Architecture John E. Dixon Long Beach. CA M.S., Business Administration lUark E. Dixon Herndon. VA B S,, Marketing Peter C. Dja}adi faknrta. Indonesia BS . Civil Engineering Stefan H. Dobrus San Francisco. CA B.S-, I ndustru}! Systems Engineering James P. Docherty Westlake Viitage. CA A.B.. Political Science Jacqueline L. Doerr Orange, CA B.S.. Marketing Cynthia C. Doeve San Jose. CA A-B.. Psycholog] Tetsuya Dot Los Angeles, CA M.B A.. Business Administration Christopher S. Dombrowskl Los Angeles. CA A.B.. Political Science Ernest D. Dominguez Los Angeles, CA Pliarm D.. Pharmacy Sue L. Dong Los Angeles. CA B.S.. Biological Science Wendy Donker Santa Ana. CA B.S-. Education Ned N. Dorman Great Neck. NY MBA., Marketing Donaid J. Dorr Santa Monica, CA B-S . Marketing Catherine J. Oorsett Walnut Creek. CA A.B-. Sociology Hatm Z. Dottan Los Angeles. CA B.S.. Architecture Cynthia E. Doughty El Cajon, CA B.S., Public Administration Denyce A. Doughty La folia. CA A.B . Recreation Theresa A. Dover San Diego. CA Pharm. D.. Pharmacy Joei L. Downs Visaha. CA B S , Education John R. Drake Newport Beach. CA BS . Intertuitioruil Finance Courtney L. Oryden Los Angeles. CA A B . Internattotml Relations Leslie U. Drysdale Los Angeles. CA A B.. Hisi Denlse L. Duarte Hacienda Heights. CA A B . Psychology. Span. Linda Duarte l 7ii(fitT, CA P S.. FiTviruJce Katherlne M. Ducey South Gale. CA MS . Education John F. Duddy Culve -ity. Markcti Fin Graduates-37 Bradley K. Dufault Downeif, CA B.S., Marketing Brian T. Dull Dou ney. CA A.B., Public Admimslmlion Craig A. Dunhagan Palm SpriH , CA A B . tnglish Kelly M. Dunay Los Vegas, NE B.S-, Denial llygietie Erin L. Ounaae La Canada, CA B S , Education Michael D. Dung Kflncithc, H B.S., Biohgmil Science Vvonna A. Dungae Sail Diego, CA A.B , Economics Political Science Timothy J. Dunn Scottsdale, AZ BS , Accounting Llaa S. Dunlvin Son luan Capistrano, CA B S , Marketing Helen M. Duplesria Los Angeles. CA B.S.. Piitchobiologi Shellah T. Oupuy T Garden Groi e, CA ■ B S., Public Administration Erneat Duran U ' s Angeles, CA B.S., Public Administration Deborah D. Duthle Doumey, CA A.B-, Coinmumcations Carnwn D. Dwight Kansas City, KS B.S., Business Administration GIna M. Dyer Lakeunid. CA AS, Physical Lducation Tim J. Dyllna Grants Pass, OR DD.S., Dental Science Michael E. Echola Panorama City, CA B.S., Biological Science Alorao W. Edmond tnglexvood, CA A.B., Political Science Alpha J. Edmunaon fori Smith. AR M.A., Social Work Anita L. Eder La Habra. CA B.S.. Marketing Jann L. Edwarda Hillsborough, CA A,B., Psychology ' Public Relations Mark B. Eggert B.S., Physics David T. Elchar Li Palma. CA A B.. Economics Kim M. Ek Torrance. CA B.S , Accounting Gordon K. Ekatrand San Manno, CA S., Business Administration Gela A. El-Abdeia Benghazi, Libya B-S , Electrical Engineering Kim D. Eiaraage Los Angeles, CA B.S., General Education Nat E. Eletw Warn BDS, Nigena I.S., Petroleum Engineering Edward Ellaa Los Angeles, CA B.S., Public Affairs 1 i 38-Graduates k i A£ 4 es f rC ' - Grace Elfas Whit tier. CA A.B.. Psychology Marianne Etiopoulos San Mateo. CA A.B-. Philosophy Dort B. Elkins Tarzana, CA A.B., Drama Thouraya M. EL-KourdI Riyadh, Saudi Arabia M.S.. Health Service Administration Johanna O. Elliott Huntington Beach, CA B.S.. Management Eloy ElMs Oxnard. CA MB. A., Accounting Dave L. Ely Palisade, CO B.S., Public Administration Mehrdad EmamI Los Angeles. CA B.S., Civil Engineering Tracy A. Ence las Vegas. N£ B S.. Dental Hygiene Gall A. Enderwood Northridge. CA B.S., Business Administration; A.B., Psychology Steven J. Endo Los Angeles. CA B 5., Business Administration Emmanuel S. Eneyo Port Harcourt. Nigerut B.S.. Industrial Engineering David F. England Milpitas. CA B.S-. Finance Douglas J. English Hacienda Heights, CA B.S., Geological bcience Eileen E. Enke Fair Oaks. CA Pharm D . Pharmacy Brent S. Enrlght Rolling Hilh. CA B.S., Finance M ' Llssa Erhart North Hollywood, CA A.B. Sociology Maryleigh O. Erler Whittier. CA B.S , Biological Science Steven K. Ertel Arcadia. CA D.D.S.. Dental Science Elaine M. Erwin Los Angeles, CA B .S., Electrical Engineering Jeff V. Escalller Playa del Rev. CA Pharm D . Pharmacy Francisco L. Escobar Whtttier. CA A.B., Chemistry Fred R. Escobar Santa Monica. CA B.S.. Accounting Entrepenuer Management MarMynn C. Escorplso Los .4niff fs, C.- Pharm D.. Pharmacy Hosein H. EshtehardI Los Angeles. CA B.S.. Chemical Engineering Farhad Esmalll Los Angeles. CA B.S . Chemical Engineering Peter M. Esslcfc Burbank. CA B.S-. Accounting Edwin W. Estes. Jr. Vista, CA A.B.. Political Science Betty Eu Hong Kong B.S.. Management William D. Euell Lezn N1 GTaduates-39 Alfredo G. Evangellsta Kahului. HI A.B.. Political Scu-me Candace K. Evans Nfwport Beach, CA B.S.. Public Affairs Corwin W. Evans Potos Verdes Peminsula, CA D.D.S.. Denial Science Gregory R. Evans Hun tmjilon Beach, CA BS., P i chobiology Les E. Evans C(JS(fl Mesa, CA Pharm. D , Pharmacy Mark D. Exier North Holli wood, CA B.S . Biological Science Anthony Eiposlto Alhambra, CA M.S.. Aerospace Engineering Sharon 0. Eyerman St. Louis. MO BS.. Educaltoii Ramsey A. EzakI San Calmel. CA DOS, Denial Science James B. Fabian Burbank. CA B.S., Corfiorale Finance Investnienl Michelle M. Fagan Rancho Palos Verdes. CA B S . Marketing Terl N. Fahey Clcndale. CA M B.A.. Food Marketing Mana fi Samuel F. Falcona Sim Pedro. CA M A . Public Relations Robert D. Fallon Ni-U ' jwrl Beach. CA BS . I Michael G. Farmer Golden. CO B S , Petroleum Lnjiineerinj! BS Maureen A. Ferren Huntington Beach, CA Biological Sciences Allreza Farzaneh Iran Electrical Engineering SIham H. Fayaz l eddilh. Saudi Arabia M S.. Education Thomas E. Feer Long Beach CA James M. Feederle Norwalk, CA B.S., Finance Real Estate Nancy R. Felnberg Lunnlield. . tA A B . Drama Ross W. Felnberg £mim . CA BS-. Finance Balls Felngold TeMviv. Israel MBA. Finance Beth S. Felnstein tncino. CA BS . Marketing Susan Felnstein Encino. CA B S . .Vliiritfliiij; Charles L. Feldman Cuhvr City. CA BS., Bii) o,?ii: l Science Miguel Felipe Corona. CA Pharm Li.. Pharmacy Christopher Felknor Park Ridgc. N7 B.M . Music James J. Femino Lynn. MA B.S.. .Architecture GIna I. Ferrara Fountain Valley, CA B.M . Violin I 40-Graduates David W. Ferris San Marino, CA B.S.. Business Administration Jeannette Ferro Poway. CA M. A.. Public Administration Paul D. Fatherland Santa Ana. CA B.S., Chemical Engineering Diana L. Field Bakersfield. CA A.B-. Political Science Lundy S. Fields Villa Park, CA B.S.. Finance Erneatlna A. Figueroa £ Tow, CA D.D.S.. Dental Science Zolla D. Figueroa Santa Ana, CA Pharm. D.. Pharmacy Corlnne J. Fllosa San Gabriel. CA M.S., Physical Therapy MMton S. Flndorff Madison, WI B.S., Marketing Management Amy L. Fine Wilmette, IL A.B.. Psychology Azlta A. FIrouzl Tehran. Iran B.S-. Ciznl Engineering Linda L. Fish Sherman Oaks. CA AB . journalism Mark D. Fisher Peru. IN A.B., Cinema TerlAnn Fitzgerald Los Angeles. CA B.S.. Marketing Thomas E. FItzmaurlce Bayshore. NY B.S., Finance Terl L. FIvecoat Bonita, CA AS.. Geography Environmental Science Charles W. Flxa Fullerton, CA B.S., International Finance Marketing Sheree R. Fladboe Bellflower. CA A.B.. Sociology Anthony A. Lores Hacienda Heights. CA B S.. Gerontology Carlos M. Floras Glendale, CA B.S., Chemical Engineering MaryJean Floryan Alhambra. CA B.S-, Accounting Patrick W. Flynn Key West. FL B.S.. Business Administration Meagan L. Folles San Gabriel. CA B.S.. Marketing Timothy S. Folks Long Beach. CA B.S . Chemical Engineering Lai-Man G. Fong £ Calon. CA M.S-. Environmental Engineering Roderick D. Fong Los Angt ' les. CA M.B.A , Accounting Elizabeth M. Fontena Redondo Beach. CA A.B, History Spanish Jocelyn Foo Quan San Franasco. CA Pharm D.. Pharmacy Katharine L. FortMs San Diego. CA D D S . Dental Science Jeffrey M. Ford Studio City. CA B.S,, International Finance Graduates-41 Jeffrey M. Ford Studio City, CA B.S., Intemational finance Pamela J. Forgatch San Marino, CA MB. A.. Finance, Brigane H. Fornia Complon. CA B.S., Business Administration Angele T. Forthmann Beverly Hilts, CA B.S-, Marketing Jaml K. Foagata El Centra, CA A.B., Broadcast jounuilism Kim L. Foater Long Beach, CA B.S., Gerontology Kathleen A. Fox Pasadena, CA B.A., Physical Education Suaan L. Fraaaa Los Angeles, CA BS.. Entrepreneurship John D. Frager, Jr. La h ' lla. CA i.A., Business Administration Robert M. Frankel El Ca]on. CA B.S , Civil Engineering Douglaa E. Frantom Garden Grin ' e, CA B.S , Management Scott A. Fraaer Oakland, CA B.S , Aerospace Engineering Sabrlna Frazier Los Angelcf ( M 3.S., Business Administr,,!,:. William J. Frezler Im Habra. l .■ B.S.. MttnagetnenI Jane L. Frederick Cupertino. CA B S , I ' vchotiiology Lealle K. Freedle Upland. CA MA. Physical Therapy Lorraine R. Freedman San Bernardino. CA B S , BuiH ' v Candlce L. Freeman U Habra. CA A.B . Physical Education William J. Freeman lodi CA B S., Laurie D. Freglen Linden, CA B.S., Education Unda C. Freiberg Redondo Beach, CA B.S, Einance, ' Marketing Mark W. Fremgen Long Beach, C. B.S.. Accounting Roleeta J. French Compton, C.4 A.B. English Philosophy Phyllla L. Frenchle Atladena. CA BS., Accounting Patricia J. Frey Escondido, CA B.S , Finance Barry S. Friadland Harbor City, CA B.S-. Engineering Shane M. Friedland Los Angeles, CA B.S , Marketing William L. Frye North Hollyuvod, CA B.S., Public Affairs Joey M. Fuhrman Bei ' erly Hills. CA A.B., Geography James E. Fuhrman Beverly Hdls, CA B.S-, Public Adniiiiislrntion 48-Gradtiatcs RusMll S. Fujll NoTthndge. CA BS-, Finance Ikuhiro Fujikawa Matsumoto-shi Nagano-ken. japai B.S.. Mechanical Engineering David S. Fujlmoto Oxnard, CA B.S.. Finance Joy N. Fujlmoto Fullerton, CA B 5 , Occupational Therapy Robert F. Fu|lmura Culver City, CA Pharm D., Pharmacy Scott H. FuJIoke Haleiwa. HI B.S.. Finance Joyce S. Fukumoto Garderm. CA AS-. Music Glenn M. Fukushlma Woodland Hills. CA I ' • ' ! W A " B S , Bu Administration KIrsten J. Fulcher Littlerock. CA AS.. Psychology Stephen S. Fuller Whittier. CA B.S., Finance Alana M. Fullove Los Angeles, CA B.S.. Finance Kenzo Funatsu Kitakyushu City. Japan B S.. Electrical Engineering Chrlatlne M. Funk Stockton. CA .4 B-, Psychology David M. Funsten Corona Del Mar, CA B S.. Marketing Steven J. Furlong Woodland Hills. CA B.S.. Business Administration Gregg K. Furuye Hill HI ) S , Fii Elizabeth S. Fushlkl Gardena. CA MS., Special Education Cynthia A. Futter West Covina. CA B.S., Political Science Maria de Lourdes A. Gabaldo Los Angeles, CA B.S., Engineering Robert J. Gagllone East Meadow. NY B.S,. Business Administration Dan J. Gallagher Redondo Beach, CA B.S.. Geology Frank Galvan Los Angeles. CA M.A., Public Administration Gregory L. Gamsky Ventura, CA B.S.. Public Administration Gee Pho Gan Singapore B.S., Business Administration Joanne L. Gan Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia B.S.. Finance Marketing David M. Ganten Jacksonville. FL BS.. Business .administration AdoHo B. Gartwr Ingleuvod. CA A.B . History Jean M. Garbar Willuimstoton, PA A B., Drartui DIna L. Garcia Montebello. CA B.S . Social Work Gloria n. Garcia Colina, CA A.B,, Broadcast journalism Graduate8-43 Veronica Garcia Whillier, CA B.S., Business Administration Armando Garcia-Luna Guadalupe N L.. Mexico Ph.D.. Chemistry MIchaal C. Garglulo Los Angeles, CA A.B., English William E. Garrett North Hollywood. CA A.B.. Cinema Television Alice P. Gaat Long Beach. CA B.S.. Chemical Engineering Euglnia E. Gaaton Fresno. CA MS, Social Work Jeffrey W. Gatea Hillsborough, CA A.B.. Economics Jennifer D. Gatea Huntington Beach, CA M.S., Communication Disorders Timothy A. Gault Valencia, CA D D.S.. Dental Science Marlorle F. Gayle El Cajon. CA B.S., Public Administration Larry W. Gee Ridgecrest. CA Pharm D . Pharmacy William R. Gegenhelmer Las Vegas. NV B.S., Computer Science G. Michael Gehring Ijlng Beach. CA B S . Architecture Jecquee E. Gelger IjOS Angeles, CA A B . History Robert K. Gelger Wliiltter. CA A.B.. Political Science Linda A. Graller Lon Beach, CA A.B., Cinema Television Richard L. GemlgnlanI Sun Valley, CA B.S.. Architecture Mariano E. Gennarl Hacienda Heights. CA A.B.. Psychology Kim Y. Gentile Los Angeles. CA A.B., Speech Communication Linda J. George Santa Monica. CA A.B , History Stephen L. George Corona Del Mar. CA BS . Finance Alex C. Georglev North Hollyuvod. CA B S.. Accounting John J. Gereghty Glendale. CA B.S.. Biological Science Eugene M. Gerahenhorn Lt s . ' ngeles. C4 Pharm. D . Pharmacy Khalld M. Ghanem Saudi Arabui BS . Civil Engineering Zahra GhaaemI Tehran. Iran MS.. Ph ysical Therapy Jamahid Ghazanshahl Tehran. Iran Ph.D.. Environmental Engineering Manuchehr Gttezel-Ayagh Tajnsh, Iran BS . Electrical Engineering Michelle D. GlambaresI Inm CA B.S-, Public Affairs David S. GIbler Fancho Palos Verdes. CA B.S.. Finance i ft Q i i ■M-Graduates Ann Gibson Ci ta MfSii. CA Phami D , Pharmacy Mary Gibson Ingleiiwyd. CA A.B., Psychology Karlm S. GIga Nairobi, Kenya A.B., International Relations Economics MIchong Gilbert Huntington Park, CA .A B-, Psychology MarK W. GUI Redondo Beach, CA BS-, Accounting Susan M. GUI Bakersfield, CA A B , History English Gilbert J. Glllogly Pasadena, CA EdD., Education Debbie D. Gllmaker Villa Park, CA A.B., History Gregory D. Gllstrap La Canada, CA B.S., Finance Douglas M. Glltner South Laguna, CA AB., International Re(alions Ei Mellnda A. Glasar Honolulu. HI AB , History Dan P. Gleffe Concord, CA B.S , Psychobiology Paul M. Gllesman Cemtos, CA .M.B-A., Management Advisory Servtc Scott D. Glover Danville, CA B S., Building Science Marlene M. Godoy Inm CA D-D.S-. Dental Science Jon E. Golan Manna Del Rey, CA B-5-, Aerospace Engineering Barry S. Goldberg Forest Hills, m ' B.S , Architecture Craig S. Goldberg Los Angeles, CA B.S., ,Accounting Benjamin I. Goldhagen .Vra ' limi ' iHf, MA A.B., History Christopher K. Goldsmith Pasadena, CA A.B., Psychology Richard A. Goldsmith Monterey Park. CA B S . Public Administration Larry B. Goldstein Bala Cunwvd P,A B.S.. Biomedical Engineering Electncat Engineering Alejandro T. Gomez b. s Angeles, CA B.S., Electrical Engineering Enrique Gomez Rosemead, CA B S.. Finance Julie E. Gomez San Gabriel, CA AB . Mathematics Patrick Gomez Rialto. CA B S . Chemical Engineering Ines I. Gomez-Rosenzweig Glendale. CA B S., Architecture Suyanto Gondokusumo B S , Business Gary S. Gonzales San Dicgo, CA A B., .American Studies George R. Gonzalez Huntington Park, C.4 B S., Public Affairs Graduatcs-45 Gloria T. Gonzaiaz Burbank, CA B.S . Chemistry Joss M. Gonzalez Los Anfieles. CA B S , Fiminre Marc S. Gonzaiaz Pacific Palistiiies. CA Pharm. D , Pharmacia Jeff P. Goodban Uitland CA Pharm. D , Pharmacy Kristlne H. Goods La lotla. CA A.B , Drama Andrew F. Goodman Andover, MA A.B., Political Science Roland A. Goodman Etlenwood, GA B.S,, Engineering Kriatal S. Gordon Granada Hills. CA Pharm D . Pharmacy Scott A. Gordon Orangei ale. CA B ! Jolena M. Gorton Palmdale, CA nternational Relations Zayzay J.D. Goaa West Cra ' ii CA A.B.. Public Admi A B . I Health Sennces Jolin R. Gottea South CMle. CA s . d ' uniislTation Alan Gould i tis Angeles. CA American Studies EdIIti S.M. Gould Happy Valley. Hong Kong B S . Accounting Linda M. Goux Coroiui del Mar. CA A H . History Suaan Gove Uis Angeles. CA B S . Education Ctirlaty L. Gowdy Pacific Palisades. CA A.B . Psychology Marjorle L. Grace Los Angeles. CA B M , Music Education Detiorah A. Gral CI B S . Management Rolwrta L. Grande Burhank. CA Pharm D . Pharmacy David S. Grannie Los Angeles. CA AB. Political Science . History Melanle J. Graper Camarillo. CA B.S-, Public Administration Jolin R. Graeao Bnighamlon. NY M.P.A . Public Administration Detjorah L. Graves Sun Dtcgo. CA A B., lournalism Jane W. Graves St Paul. MN A B . History Wendelle Gray Visalia. CA A.B.. Interrwttonal Relations Lanlta M. Grayson Carson. CA B.S.. Education Rotiert V. Grazlano Raiurho Patos Verdes, CA BS.. Accounting Bradley H. Green Costa Mesa, CA B.S.. Public Administration Deborah L. Green Newark, N A.B.. Drama 46-Graduates 1 I i i i Julie E. Green A-B . Political Scienc Stella S. Green Temple City. CA MA, History Tamara J. Green Hacienda Heights. CA B.S . Public Administration Sander R. Greenbaum Louisville. KY B S , Civil Engineering Robin E. Greer Long Beach. CA MA. Special Education M. Kent Gregory Cenlralian. IL MA.. Music Scott E. Gregory Pahs Verdes Estates. CA B.S , Business Administration Ellzabetli A. Grelf Ventura. CA B.S . General Education Gary E. Griffin Reseda CA B 5 . Inlenmtiotull Finance James A. Griiio Massapequa Park, NY B S , Aerospace Engineering Ross Griswoid Huntington Beach, CA A.B.. Geography ' History Rex E. Grizzle Salt Lake City. LIT D.D.S , Dental Science Slierl J. Grogan Bakersfield. CA B S . General Education Albert R. Grosnick Lcs Angeles, CA D.D.S.. Dental Science Patricia D. Grospitz Glendora, CA M.S., Social Work Warren W. Gross Fresno. C.4 B.S.. Geological Science William J. Gross U Hahra C. A.B , Political Science Taijim Gu-Yang Keelung. laiwan Ph.D.. Chemistry James D. Gudaeon Singapore B.S.. Biological Sciences llene M. Gudelsky Rockoille. MD B.S.. Gerentology Anthony Guefen Beverly Hills. CA A.B.. Music Gracoela M. Guerra Gardenti. CA AB . Intematonal Relations Spanish Luz A. Guerrero MonlfteHci. CA A B . Psychology Martha Guevara-Morfin La Puente. CA A B . Political Science Diane N. Gugiieimino Glendale. CA A-B.. Political Science John T. Guho Woodland Hills. CA B.S.. Management Karen M. Gulllaume Los .Angeles. CA B.S . Education Ernest F. Gulmmayen Escondtdo. CA A.B.. .Anthropology Shaikh A. Gui Lc ' s Angeles. CA B.S . Electrical Engineering Vivian A. Gumbiner U s .Angeles. CA ,A.B.. Speech Communication Graduates-47 Balaram Gupta Bangalore. India Ph I rslry Robert J. Qurlln £ Tom, CA Business Admimslratwn Wendl S. Gustatson Turlock. CA B.S., Edueation William F. Guth Phoenix. AZ D.D S . Denial Science Paul J. Gutierrez Monlerev Park. CA B.S , Archileclure Osama I. Habis Monlebello, CA I., Public Admmistralion Deborah L. Hackett Morth Holli mwd, CA B.S . Education David J. Haddad Los An fele . CA B ' Imar Mary E. Hadley Rolllny Hill-. ( A B.S., Industrial Systems Enj ineering Derrick R. Haggerty Eon;; Beach. CA isiness Administration Political Science Mahrdad Haghayeghl Los Angeles. CA A-B-, Political Science Yasuhiro Haglwara Kanagawa. ]apan B S . Economics William A Hagoplan Peraluma. CA B.S-, Biomedical Engineering John A. Hawes Li Mesa. CA B S , Psiichohiologii Christopher G. Haley Palm Harhor. EL Kelvin W. Hall BS. DOS. Denial Science Dean C. Hallalt Ear ma. CA IS., flu.-iirtcss Administration Marlon D. Helium Sohang. CA A B . Music Joseph K. Hemel Pluirm D.. Pharmacii Martin M. Hamano Monterey Park, CA B.S., Electrical Engineering Mark F. Hambly Camiichael. CA B.S-. Biological Science David A. Hammer Camanllo. CA B.S , Civil Engineering Taryn Hammar Taci WA ■a ' O ' Q I.S., Public Affairs Public Adminis.tralwti Mary Hamzah Jakarta, hidonaia B.S., Cwil Ln meermf ' Yumei S. Hanaoka Tokyo, fapan A.B.. International Relatione Geography Eddy Handoko Surabaya. Indoneina B-S.. Finance Lorl L. Handy Mercer Island. WA B.S, Finance Management Trudl L. Hanas Missrort V ' ifit ' , CA B.S.. Public .Aidnnnistrjtion Thomas G. Hanna Anaheim, CA B.S.. Aerospace Engineering Steven R. Hansen Mission Hills. CA D.D.S . Dental Science 48-Graduates 1 T r Frederick C. Hsnsing Sherman Oaks. CA A-B . Economics David J. Hanson West Medford. MA A B.. tnternatio ' ial Relations Mattliew E. Hanson Uguna Hills. CA BS.. Aerospace Engineering Vivien Y.F. Hao Montebello. CA A B-, Jourmtltsm Michael Y. Harada Monterey Park. CA B 5 . Investments Real Estate Kattii L. Hariwr Redondo Beach. CA A B . Dance Hester L. Hargett ChKagc IL A.B . Cinema Martin E. Hargrave Sanlee. CA B S , Biological Science Nancy K. Harlow Medford. OR A.B., loumahsm Kenny K. Harjo Jakarta. Indonesia B S.. Accounting Tom K. Harmon Anaheim. CA B S Biological Science Gall L. Harris San Diego. CA A-B-. jounmlism l urie L. Harris Torrance. CA B.S-. Accounting Leon R. Harris Bakersfield. CA B.S.. Finance Robert L. Harris Newport Beach. CA B S . Finance Jenliee A. Harrison Northridge. CA B.5 . Education Oscar J. Harrison, Jr. Los Angeles. CA M.F.A.. Cinema David J. Harry Westminister, CA B.S.. Civil Engineering William T. Hart FuUerton. CA B S-. Biological Science Michael E. Hartounlan Los Angeles. CA A B.. English Elizabeth A. Hartwig Las Angeles. CA B.S.. Marketing John B. Hasbrouck Glendale. CA AB . Broadcast lournalism Lois K. Hashimoto Pearl City. HI B.S.. Chemistry Jean T. Hasselhoff Atlanta. G.A A.B.. English Kirk C. Hastings Lakeu M i. C.4 Pharm D Pharmacy Jeanette F. Hatanaka Los . ngeles. C. .A B . Coinmunicatnv Disorders Linda L. Hathorn Woodland Hilh. CA BS . Marketing John D. Hauger Pasadena. CA B S . Civ il Engineering Douglas J. Hauser C.I Don B S-. . ' ccomlling Jeffrey C. Hawken Lcs . ' ingeles. CA Graduates-49 Cynthia L. Hawkins Los Ani eles. CA BS.. Public Affairs Louise G. Hawkins Arcadia, CA A.B., Socioto Maryross Hawkins Santa Ana. CA D D.S , Denial Science Alan R. Hayakawa San francisco. CA A.B., Speech Communications Caren K. Hayakawa Torrance. CA BS . Accounting Gordon Hayasa Fountain Valley, CA B.S., Civil Engineering Stacle D. Hayase Rancho Palos Verdes, CA Phorm D., Pharmacy Abdulmohaen M. Hayat Safal, Kuwait B.S., Industrial Systems Lngineerinn Kevin T. Haydan Palm Springs, CA B.S., Public Administration Thomas L. Hsyden Hoffman Estates, IL B.S.. Electrical Engineering Cheryl L. Hayes Los Angeles, CA A.B., Psychology SiKiology Susie T. Hayes Chicago, II, B S , Education Valerie 0. Hayes Ingleivood, CA BS,, Political Science Michael O. Healy iaguna Beach, CA Marketing International Management James C Heatly, Jr. Sunnymead, CA B.S., Edication Mark K. Hechlnger Santa Monica, CA B.S., Biological Science Elizabeth H. Hedges Phoenu, A . I.M , Violin Performance Peter G. Hedrick Boca Raton, FL : Interimtional Relations Kevin M. Heerdt Sherman Oaks, CA International Relations Paul L. Heeschen Woodland Hills, CA B.5., Accounting A.B., Political Scie Cynthia J. Helden Miluiaukee, Wl MM., Harp Performance Michael J. Heler Germantown, Wl B.S.. Public Affairs Daniel P. Hellmen Columbus. OH A B.. Economics Bruce B. Helnlein £ Monte. CA A.B., Russian Linguistics Jane A. Heinz Alameda, C4 B,S., Business .administration David Helete Apple Valley. CA B.S.. ' Geological Science Bortuam Henick Santa .Monica, CA D.D-S., Periodontics Christine L. Hennlg Los Altos, CA A.B., History Honour B. Henry Los , ngeles, CA A.B., Political Science Son|a Hentona Okinawa, fapan A.B.. Linguistics V itrr ItiiiliiA i r I 50-Graduates i David M. Herald Pasaderw, CA MBA.. Finance Kathleen L. Heredia Los Angeles. CA B S , Occupational Therapy Bfanca L. Hernandez Los Angeles. CA B.S.. Business Administration Maria G. Hernandez Los Angeles. CA A.B., Psychology Ronald J. Herrera Montebello. CA B S., Electrical Engineering Hllery A. Herron New York, NY M.S.. Social Work Eric R. Hershkowltz Downey. CA D D S.. Dental Science Edward R. Herzog Tarzana. CA B.S . Business Adniimstralion Gary R. Hesselgesser Santa Ana. CA B.S.. Business Admtmstratwn Marilyn J. Heaalon Sierra Madre. CA A.B., Psychology Carol A. Heater San Jose, CA B.S., Accounting Harrison A. Heublein Pasaderw. CA A.B.. Economics Theresa M. Hewitt San Diego. CA A.B., Psychology Robert L Hicks Glendaie. CA B-S-. Psychobiolog;y Tony Hide Hong Kong B.S., Accounting Corlnne K. HIga Los Angeles, CA B.S.. Education Eric R. Hfga Monterey Park. CA B.S,, Public Affairs Ronald D. Htgglns Honolulu, HI B.S., Finance John M. Hight Los Angeles. CA M.S.. Electrical Engineering Kelly K. Hill Boulder, CO A.B. History Laurie E. Hill Honolulu. HI A.B., Speech Communication Thomas R. HIM Los Angeles. CA B.S.. Business Administration Timothy A. Hill Rancho Mirage, CA B.S.. Business Administration Dane C. HHIyard Newport Beach. CA B.S.. Finance Guy R. HImeno Newport Beach, CA B.S., Business Management James A. Hindi Concordia. CA B.S.. Finance ■ ' Marketing Michael G. HInes Carson City. NV B.S-, Accounting Diane A. HIraga Los Angeles. CA Pharm. D.. Pharmacy Michael K. Hlral Hilo. HI MBA. Accounting Finance RItauko Hlral M.A., East Asian Language and CuJtu Graduates-51 Janet K. HIrata Monttrrcy Park, CA A-B.. East Asian Language and Cultures Ricky T. HIrata Westminster. CA B.S.. Marketing Julia HIrach Oanzlgar Los Angeles. CA A.B.. Psychology Sandl M. HIrach Sluiim Ofy, CA A.B . Speech Communication Dawn K. HIaayaau Pasadena. CA B.S.. Occupational Therapy John M. Hitchcock San Marino. CA A.B.. Economics Liana K. Hlu Honolulu. HI B.S., Industrial Systems in ineenng Vladimir Hluahko Caracas. Venezuela B.S.. Petroleum Engineering Collaan M. Ho Los Angeles. CA B.5 . Business Administration Jay J. Ho 1.0f . ngclci CA B S.. Hiisiness Administralion William C.W. Ho Honolulu. HI DOS. Dental Science Julie A. Koagland Spring Vallry. CA DOS.. Denial Science Howard N. Hodia Burma Park. CA B S . Psycohiology Lealle A. Holden Palos Verdes Estates. CA A.B.. Speech Communication journalism Karen E. Holloway Newport Beach. CA A.B.. Joumalism Polilical Science Ron N. Holman Reseda. CA B.S.. Educatiorult Counseling Suaan C. Holman Sepultrda. CA AB . Psychology Janet E. Holmea n7rrHirr, CA A B . Musif Steven A. Holmea CIrndalc. C4 MBA . Business .4,( " Mni-, Marllae J. Holtz Downey. CA B.S.. Dental Hygiene Paula K. Homan Manhattan Beach. CA A.B . Music Jay P. Hong Honolulu. HI B.S., Marketing Leiand S. Hong Los Angeles. CA D.D.S.. Dental Science Gary A. Hooka Korthndgc. C. BS . Marketing Clarlaaa A. Hooper AS, F,r Mark M. Hooper Elko. N ' B.S.. Mecluinical Engineering Douglas K. Hoover Pasadena. CA B.S.. Marketing Psycology GIgl F. Horn Carson. CA B.S., Business Administration Lewie C. Home Sacto w " T jmi% ' ' a ' o ' j ' £) ' o ' isiness Management John Y. Hou Taipei. Tat; PhD-, Linguistic: 52-Graduates John S. Hough Diamond Bar. CA D.D.5., Denial Science Jeffery C. Houghton Bakersfield, CA B.S.. Geoiogxi Michael D. Houghton Garden Gnn ' e, CA B S.. Business Admintslralion John A. Hou gate Redondo Beach. CA A.B.. Public Relations Karen P. Houlihan Santa Maria. CA B.S General Education James D. House Brawley. CA B.S . Architecture Linda D. House St. Louts, MO B.S.. Accounting Anne E. Houston La Canada. CA B.S.. Finance Donna A. Houston Compton. CA A.B.. Musk Joan C. Houston Burbank. CA Pharm. D., Pharmacy Herman H. Howard Los Angeles, CA B.S.. Architecture John F. Howard Redondo Beach. CA B.S.. Finance Cynthia L. Howell Cos (a Mesa. CA A B . Speech Communication Edward Y. HsI Honolulu. HI BS . Finance Dougtas T. Hsia San Fransisco. CA B-S.. Business Administration Joseph J. Hsiou Taipei, Taiwan DOS.. Dental Science HsI-Sheng Hsu Taipei, Taiwan M.S-. Environmental Engineering Yeun Hu-Kong Hong Kong. China B.S.. Electrical Envineering Candlce W. Huang Cerritos. CA Ph.D . Chemistru Kwang-Hul Huang Tokyo. Japan B.S,, Aerospace Engineering Ll-Hua Huang Aihambra. CA B.S.. Accounting John K. Hubbard NfU ' York. ,V ' MS,, Physical Therapy Lisa J. Hubbard San Diego. CA B.S , Marketing Robin M. Hudson Arcadia. CA BS . General Education Monica M. Huerta Pasadena, CA B.S.. Dental Hygiene Jackie L. Huey Monterey Park. CA Pharm D . Pharmacy George B. Hughes PittsforJ. .Vi A.B.. Economics Patrick J. Hughes Anaheim. CA B S . Mechanical Engttieering Jane E. Hull Ventura. CA A B . Drama Thomas H. Hunt Orinda. CA B S-. Marketing Graduates-53 EllMn C. Hunter Rancho Pfl os Verdefi. CA A.B . English Lauren Hunter NoTthridge. CA A.B.. Political Science Inlernalional Relations Ned B. Hunter St Petersburg. FL AB.. Drama Christopher N. Huntley Lafayette. CA A 8 . Cinema Therese M. Hurlbut San Clemenle. CA B.S . Marketing Management Adrlen O. Hurley iM .■ ngcle . CA B.5.. Biological Science Agneta K. Hurtt Clendale. CA Pharm D.. Pharnwcy Ramla Z. Husselnl Scotlsdale. AZ B.S.. Mar (£ting Robert E. Hutchinson lj ng Beach. CA B S . Accounting Stephsnie B. Hutchinson Los Angeles. CA M.M . Music Perlormance Thomas S. Hutchinson Downey. CA B S Amiunling Rubin A. Huttler Lo- A,:geles. lA PhD . Education Oanny Y. Hwang Los . ngetes, CA H S . Iinance Douglas C. Hymas Urmel CA DOS. Dental Science Robert B. Hysell Las Vegas. NE B S . Marketing Jesse F. Ibarra City ol Lommciir. CA B.S . Electrical Ingweermg MIyuM Iga lokyo. (jfian B.F A . Fine Arts David I. Igarashi Hunlinflo-i Bench CA PImrnt D , Pharmacy Issac S. Ige Honolulu. HI A B . Psychology Laura L. Ignacio Torrance. CA A B , Broadcast journalism ' Psychology Linda S. Ignacio i.i- -Ijuv-lf CA A.B.. Sports Medicim. BS. I mance Don K. Ikemoto Los Angeles. CA S S . Marketing Merl M. Imal J. . ' ngclcs CA A.B., Cinema Telei ' ision Kamran Imen Stiri. Iran MS . Electrical Engineering Claudia R. Immerzeel Culoer City. CA A H . Anthrofvlogy Anne N. Inafuku Honolulu. HI Pharm D.. Pharmacy Julia Ince Huntington Beach. C. B.S., Chemical Engineering Eduardo R. Inlguez Temple City. CA B.S., Business Administration Peter lovlno Syosset. ' V A.B . Cinema MungI Irawan Jakarta-Pusal. Indonesia B.S.. Business Administration T rt f 54-Graduates I I 1 I I Stanley Jeong Torrance. CA B.S., Accounting James L. Jepeway Santa Marui. CA B.S., Petroleum Engineering Mary Ann Jeu U Palma. CA Pharm. D.. Pharmacy Alan F. Jew Sacramento. CA B.S.. Accounting Annie Q. Jew Montereif Park, CA B.5.. Finance Kevin Jewison Ontario, Canada A B-. Cinema Richard C. John ' ru ' port Beach. CA B 3.. Real Estate Finance Kurt D. Johns Yucca Valley. CA A.B.. Psychology Beverly A. Johnson Oakland. CA B S . Business Administration Brent S. Johnson Fountain Valley, CA B.S., Cwil Engineering Ceciila V. Johnson Bronx. NY M.S.. Social V ork Cynthia L. Johnson Los Angeles. CA B S.. Occupational Therapy James A. Johnstone Los Angeles. CA DOS.. Dental Science Derrick H. Johnson Inglewood. CA A.B.. Psychology Political Sciei F. Jefferson Johnson Whittier, CA B.S., Marketing Management Ganiyu A. Johnson Los Angeles. CA 6,5., Chemical Engineering James A. Johnston Los Angeles. CA D.S . Advanced Pediodontics Jeanette M. Johnson Hayward, CA B.S., Business Administration Jutle A. Johnson Glendale, CA B.S . Occupational Therapy Mark W. Johnson Long Beach, CA B.S.. Business .Administration Martha A. Johnson MaiTcrt Beach. CA A B.. Speech Communication Marsha W. Johnston San Diego CA .4 B . journalism Richard 0. Johnson Long Beach. CA B.S., Electrical Engineering Robert A. Johnson U s .Angeles. CA B.S.. Biological Science Rozalynn L. Johnson Rexhurg, ID A.B., Public Relations Steve G. Johnson Lakcu-ood. CA A B.. Economics Philosi phy Steven B. Johnson Anaheim. CA B S . Biological Science Dale R.Johnstone A rmtn VMev. CA DOS , Advanceii Petiiodonttc Jerrllynn L. Johnstone Clfndiile. CA A B . Public Ri ' todons Clark B. Jones Mutlmui. Ml B S . Marketing Graduates-55 Gwendolyn L. Irby Lyrm ' oyd, CA Law: MP A.. Public Admiivslration Katty Irlarte Ea le Rock. CA B.S., Elementary Education Gary T. Irvin Downey. CA B S.. Accounting; William J. Irvine Rol m.? Hills. CA B S . Biolcigical Science Bruce D. lea Los An)ieles, CA B.S., Quantitative Busmes ' Analysis Richard T. lahlbashl Los Angeles. CA B S.. Manaffement VIckl C lahlda Gardena. CA MS, Speca: Education Lee Ann H. Ishll Torrance. CA B.S . Finance Allaon K. Ishlmaru Los An eles. CA B.S., Architecture Gerald C. lahlzakl B,S-, Electrical En meerinfi Ruaaell T. laobe Carson. CA B.S.. Public Administration Barry D. larael la Mirada CA Cardena. CA B.S-. Biological Science Royce K. Ito Pacom Pharm D.. Pharmacy Suaan M Ito Car Jena J A Pharm D . Pharmacy Derek T, Iwal Honolulu. HI B.S,, Aerospace En ineerinii JIro IwaaakI Tokyo, lapan MBA , .-l.Duriliil.v Peggy Iwata Monterey Park. CA A B , Psychology Farlnaz Izad Tehn A B . Psycholoj Rebecca A. Jackman San Gabriel. CA B.M.. Music Education Vanlta N. Jacobaon Sact , Sjvech Communication Jamea E. Jacques Clendale. CA Business Administration Michelle M. Jaldar Us ,4nj;fte, CA B S . Education Donald G. James A.B , International Relations Monica Jamin Surabaya. Indonesia BS . Architecture Debra Jamison Woodland Hills. CA B S.. Education Mark A. Jarmus Los Angeles. CA Computer Science: A B . Mathematics Jerrllavia Jefferson Los Angeles. B.S.. Accounting Corporate Finance Thomas D. Jenkins San Marino. CA B.S.. Public Administration Nedra L. Jensen Son Oimas CA Pharm. D . Pharmacy 56-Graduates illJ i Administratiott Canton E. Kampe Torrance. CA B S.. Chemistry St v n T. Kan Los Angeles. CA MBA . HIroto Kanal Monterey Park. CA D.D.S.. Dental Science Keith K. Kaneko Culver City. CA B.S . Architecture Craig M. Kanemoto Monterey Park. CA B.S , Finance Economics Douglas E. Kanen Newport Beach, CA B.S . Public Affairs Cary T. Kaplan Los Angeles. CA B.S., Education Kathi L. Kaplan Los Angeles. CA B.S.. Public Administration Susan V. Kaplan San Francisco. CA M.S., Physical Therapy Sohella Karlm) Tehran. Iran B.S., Electrical Engineering All Kartmpoor Sar, Maz Andaran B.S.. Electrical Engineering Judy L. Karlnan Long Beach. CA D-D.S . Dental Science Cynthia A. Karras Lavo CA A.B.. lournalism Mahyar Kassak Santa Monica, CA B.S-. Civil Engineering Theodore N. Katsoglanes Redondo Beach. CA B.S.. Business Administration Janet K. Katsumoto Los Angeles. CA A.B., Psychology Jerry E. Katz Pittsburgh. PA A.B.. Drama Scott D. Katz Solana Beach. CA B.S . Geological Science Sheldon H. Katz Den CO D.D.S . Dental Science Sherle B. Katz Bellflower. CA A.B.. History Amy G. Kaufman Lock Hat ' en. PA B S.. Biomedical Engineering Gregg L. Kaufman Claremont. CA AS. Broadca:st Journalism Geoffrey O. Kawatuta Gardena. CA Pharm D . Pharmacy Susan M. KawaguchI Monterev Park. CA BS . Marketing Karen D. Kawahara Hacienda Haghts. CA A.B . Psychology Brian A. Kawal Carson, CA B.S.. Biological Science Norman T. KawakamI Honolulu. HI B.S.. Business Administration Rollln T. KawakHa Pasadena. CA M.S.. Electrical Engineering Randy S. Kawamura Placentia. CA B.S . Biological Science; A.B., Psychology ToshlyukI Kawashlma Tokyo. Japan B.S., Finance Graduates-57 June H. Kay Tustin, CA ).S., Business Administration Kennath J. Kay Bnierly Hills. CA MB. A., Finance Susana E. Kay Mission Viqo, CA D.D S . Denial Science Linda S. Kayajanlan lj}n Beach. CA A.B . Sociology Jeanette M. Kaya La Canada. CA B.S-. Elementary Education Garrett A. Kaylor Santa Ana, CA B S., Corporate Finance Jeffrey Kaane Paradise Valley. AZ B F A . Drama Jamaa F. Kearna Santa Monica. CA B S . Architecture Dennia D. Kaa Long Beach. CA .P. A., Public Administration Kathleen L. Keeler Los Angeles. CA B.S.. Marketing Brian J. Keepera U)s Angeles. CA BS . Computer Science Michael G. Keith West Coi ' ina. CA B S , Biological Science Brian P. Kelly San Diego. CA I.S., Business Administration Catherine M. Kelly Orange. CA A.B., Broadcast lourmilism John R. Kelly Arcadia. CA B.S.. Civil Engineering Robert L. Kelaey Camarilla. CA B.S., Electrical Engineering John M. Kelton Paramount. CA Pharm D.. Pharmacy Robin N. Kemp Santa . na. CA A.B., Recreation Religion Gary L. Kennedy Valencia. CA A.B.. Economics Timothy E. Kennedy Kjineohe. HI BS.. Computer Science Wea W. Kennedy Alladena. CA A B . Political Science MIcheel G. Ker B S , Marketing Annkek C. Kerkmana Monterey Park, CA Pharm D , Pharmacy William H. Kam Santa Ana. CA .S.. Electrical Engineering Diane C. Keaaler North Hollywood. CA A.B.. PolituMl Science Soaal J. Keuyllan Fountain Valley. CA A.B . Psychology Elizabeth A. Ketveil VVcsl Coi-ina. CA A.B.. Physical Education Cynthia O. Keyea Bakersfield. CA AB.. English Randall E. Keylon Hawthorne. CA A.B.. Social Work Zhubin Khallll Encmo. CA B.S. Civil Engineering ■ • ' ; I i SS-Graduates Alice KhatchoonI Iran B 5 . Computer Science Hassan Khsudmandan Los AngeJes. CA B.S., IndustTuxl Systems Engineering James H. Khoc Alhambra. CA B.S., BwlogKal Science Mehrdad Klanlan Yazd. Iran B.S.. Mechanical Engineering Claudia 0. KIdd Jacksonville, FL AB. Political Science English Barry D. Klelsiraler Forestville, CA M-P.L., Urban Planning Lisa S. KIguchI Los Angeles, CA A.B., English Sharon S. KIkkawa, Pasadena, CA B.S., Occupational Therapy Diana R. Klldlszew Palos Verdes Estates. CA BS., Marketing NIcholaa T. Klldlazew Palos Verdes Estates. CA B S . Business Administration Sharon K. Kilmer Wauwatosa, Wl A B.. journalism Robert J. KMz Los Angeles. CA B.S-. Biological Science Thomas E. KHz Los Angeles. CA B.S . Business Administration Dong H. Kim Seoul. Korea D.D.S.. Dental Science Eunhl Kim Montbello. CA B.S., Petroleum Engineering Incha Kim Studio City, CA B.S., Petroleum Engineering Jin K. KIm Cirri (OS, CA B.S . Electrical Engineering Jung E. KIm Sherman Oaks. CA BS . Marketing Junk KIm Los .Angeles, CA ,A.B.. Music Kyung KIm Glendale, CA B S.. Chemical Engineering Steven O. KIm Santa . ionica. CA B S . Civil Engineering Suk B. Kim Los .Angeles, CA BS-. Chemistry Unda M. KImura Encinitas. C. B.S.. Education R. Paul KInschsrff Arlington. TX BS . Public . tfmrs Clayton T. KIrlo Honolulu. HI B S . Bust , David M. KIrkland Campion. CA A B . Broadcast lourrullisi Nancy L. KIrkland Tulsa. OK B S . Finance KIm A. KIstler Walnut Creek. CA AB . Psychology Stacy L. Kllayama Whlttier CA A B . Psychology KImberly S. Kitchen rulleilon. CA B.S.. Sfvrts Medicine Political Science Graduatcs-59 Terrance P. Krupczak Sciul i Paiadi-m, CA B.S.. Bmsihcss Atimmi tTalioii Kalhryn D. Krupp Newpitrt Beach, CA A.B.. Speech Cimmninicalion Fred C. Kush Smgupore M.S. Imluslrial Sliilrmi Lngineermg Darwin Kuan Uts Angeles, C MS.. Electrical Eni(meermg Greg D. Kubo Los Angeles, CA B.S., Archileclure Martin P. KuchareK Emiwell. N A B . Religion Mohammad A. Kuhalml Marniti del Reii, CA B.S., Civil Engineermg Debra H. Kumagawa Montebello, CA A.B., Speech Commuiucation Yuriko L. Kumamoto Newport Beach, CA BS.. Bus nrs Ailministratmi Raymond S. Kuramoto Long Beach, CA BS , International Finance Rodney E. Kuranaga Cartleiia, CA H S , tinance Pamela E. Kurashlge Honolulu. HI rhiirm n . I ' ImmiKl, Charlene J. Kurata Rosenieait. CA A B., Pilicliologv Patricia A. Kurata Monterey Park, CA A.B , Psychologif Sharon C. Kurlhara Oxnard, C.4 A.B , Broiidcast Management Psychology David B. Kurraach Newport Beach. CA B S.. Marketing Gwyn Y. Kusumoto Kailua. HI B.S , Intilistrial , Systems Lngitieenng Kenneth L. Kutcher ,•1 « ( cononiii s Karol M. Kutz Sacri lento. B S., Chemistry Calvin P. Kwan Los Angeles, CA MP. A . Public Administration Elizabeth T. Kwan Ijk Angeles, CA B S . . ' lic-.iuiiliM); Hol Pang Kwan Los Angeles: CA 8 S , Chemical Engineering Adrian A. Kwok Singapore BS. Samuel S. Kwok Joong G. Kwon DOS. OrthOikmtics Phillip H. Kwon Los Angeles. CA B S , Electrical Engineering Mary L. Kwong Liis Angeles, CA BS . C -Miili)l.ij;y Helen H. Kyomen Buena Park, CA ! S,. Biological Science A.B., East Asian Longuages Robert Lackner Wo idland Hills. CA Robert J. Lagace Rosemeiid. CA B.S.. Accounting I i I Graduatcs-60 l iJl k SJ Obadlah M. KHonyl Kangundo, Kenya MP. A.. Public Admmistralion Gell Ann KItslglanIs B.S., Biological Science Kerry T. KItsu Honolulu. HI Phamt. D.. Pharmacy Stanley J. Klyoto Northndge, CA A.B., Intemation Relations David Klelman Los Angeles, CA A. 8.. Political Science Heidi C. Kellnmaus Los Angeles, CA B.S., Marketing Lisa K. Kllnger Evansville. IN M-P.A.. Judicial Administration Craig H. Knickerbocker Palos Verdes, CA A.B., Speech Commuication Joan M. Knoerechild Los Angeles. CA AS.. Music Education Denlel P. Knowles L es Moines, 10 B.F.A,, Drama Don K. Kobashlgana lx)S Angeles. CA D.D.S . Dental Science Geoffrey B. Koch Inm CA B.S., Marketing Management Sandra J. Koga Montebello, CA B.S.. Education Kathleen J. Komick Palos Verdes Estates. CA A.B.. Social Science Motomu Komlya Hiratsnka, Japan M.A.. History HIdemI Kondo Tokyo, Japan B-S-. Economics Maria E. Kootslkas Los Alamitos. CA Pharm D., Pharmacy Gerald A. Kopach Pomona. CA B.S., Public Admimstratton Jeanne A. Kordic Los Angeles. CA A.B.. Psychology Patricia E. Kortas Hacienda Heights, CA B.S., Dental Hygiene Debra M. KoskI Temple City, CA BS . Public Affairs Kevin G. Kostlan San Marino, CA B.S., Finance John A. Koukos Ti mafos. Greece M.S.. Electrical Engineering Cathy A. Kovacevlch San Diego, CA B.S., Geological Sciences Karl M. Krebs Corona del Mar. CA M.S., Public Administration Dana M Krempela Long Beach. CA B.S., Biolo; ; A B., Rebecca A. Kring Santa Maria. CA English A.B.. Drama Tom J. Kroening Green Bay, Wl B.5-, Psychobiology Richard P. Krol Sierra Madn; CA B S . Accounting Gregory C. Krueger Santa .■ na. CA A.B , International Relations Political Science Speech Communication Graduates-61 Anita Y. Lai Miami Beach. FL B.S . Marketing Maria R. Lalrwz Los Angeles, CA B.S., Biological Science Laweranca Laka Burlingame, CA B S . Marketing Chum O. Lam San Pedro. CA B.S.. Management Dalay Lam Montebello, CA B.S.. Accounting IriB W. Urn South Pasadena, CA B.S., Business Administration Janat W. Urn Happy Valley, Hong Kong B.S., Business Administration Carolyn E. Lamb San Marino, CA BS . Psychology MIchaal J. LambartI Los Angeles. CA B.S., Industrial Systems Engineering David W. Lament Torrance, CA B.S., Electrical Engineering Business Kim M. Lamotta Los Angeles, CA B.S , Biological Science Anita M. Lancaatar Im Habra. CA B.S . Accounting Donnar R. Landar Granada Hills. CA Pharm D.. Pharmacy Patar N. Landon Greenwich. CT A.B., History International Relations MIchaal A. Ung Bensenville. IL B FA.. Orama David Laraan San Mateo. CA B.S . Industrial Systems Engineering David H. Laraan Hillsborough. CA hS., Entrepeneur Venture Developement Kriati A. Laraan Tojvks. KS M.S.. Physical Threapy Thomaa A. Laraan San Mateo. CA B S . Accounting Bruca B. Laraon Corona Del Mar. CA B.S., Business Administration Julia L. Laaawall Pomoiui. CA A R . Religion Klmbarly Latta Azusa. CA B.S.. Business Administration Patar J. Latta Arlington. VA B-S.. Physical Science Eva Y. Lau Montery Park. CA B.S.. Marketing Finance Kavin K. Lau Montery. CA B.S.. Electrical Engineering Mel-Chun S. Lau Hong Kong BS . Finance Mellnda S. Lau Kaneche. HI B.S,, Business Administration Roger L. Lau Coi ina. CA B.S.. Accounting Sydney E. Lavan Los Angeles, CA Pharm. D.. Pharmacy Andrew J. Lawter Newport Beach. CA A.B.. Public Relations f f V P.fiM 62-Graduates MIchaer E. Lawlor Los Angeles CA D.D.S.. Dental Science Roxanne V. Lawrence Ton CA A.B.. Inlemational Relations Jay A. Laws Norwalk, CA B.S-. Marketing Khalralla A. Layas Tobruk, Libya B.S., Electrical Engineering Krlstlne R. Layton Newport Beach, CA B.5.. Dental Hygiene Robert A. Lazo Monterey Park, CA B.S.. Engineering Diane M. Leach ' hiltier. CA .B., Fine Arts 3ary K. Leach goura, CA Pharm. D.. Pharmacy John P. LeCrone Villa Park. CA B-S-. Finance Azzlee Lee Los Angeles. CA Pharm D.. Pharmacy Chang Y. Lee Los Angeles, CA B.S., Chemical Engineering Sheryl M. Lee Los Angeles, CA B.S . Psychobiology Chong Lee Long Beach. CA B.S., Finance Douglas M. Lee Bakersfteld. CA AB-. Music Elaine C. Lee Rosemead, CA B.S., Chemical Engineering Hugh S. Lee Los Angeles, CA B.S.. Cwil Engineering Jae K. Lee Alhambra. CA B.S.. Chemistry Jeffrey C. Lee Hacienda Heights. CA B.S., Finance Joe Y. Lee Los Angeles. CA B.S.. Finance John T. Lee San lose. CA Pharm. D., Pharmacy Lily L. Lee Hong Kong B.S.. Finance Linda K. Lee Bishop, CA B S., Safety and Systems Management Luke Lee Taiioan D.D.S.. Dental Science Maria D. Lee Mount Clemens. Ml J.D.. Uw Mellnda J. Lee Oakland. CA Pharm D . Pharmacy Philip Y. Lee Los Angeles. CA. BS, Industrial Systems Engineering Raymond K. Lee Clcndale. CA B S , Biological Science Steve S. Lee li ' s Angeles, CA BS.. Chemistry Stephen S. Lee Fullertofi. CA B S . Public Administration Tanya Lee L.1S Angeles. CA BS.. Geological Science Graduates-63 Thomas K. Lee Los Artgeles. CA B S.. Chemical Etj tmrrinn Vincent W. Lee Pa9ailam. CA Ph-D . Chemical Engmeering Yee Ling Y. Lee Hoti Kong M,B.A., Business Administration Yun H. Lee E Monte. CA fl.S., Electrical Engineering Mark S. Leevan BfTi-r y Hills, CA B.S. Finance Real Estate Gary J. Lefton Beferlii Hills. CA A.B.. Political Science Jean A. LeGrand Umg BEach. CA A B.. Political Science Sharon A.. Lehosky La Mirada. CA B.S . Chemical Engineering Marr N. Leisure San Marino. CA MBA. Business Admimslraton FRederIck T. Leivo Northridge. CA Pharm I) .Pharmacy Christopher K. Leong Kaneohe. HI A.B . Psychology Joe N. Leos Uis Angeles. CA Pharm [) .Phiirrnaiy Wing S. Lem Monterey Parle. CA Occupational llierafiy Cheryl A., LeMelle New V.irt, NV D D S . Dental Science Deborah J. Lemlng Rancho Polos Vcrdes. CA BM . Musk Karl E. Lemmons Ingleioood. CA . Business Administration Darolyn H. l ndlo Waialua. HI urnalism ' Political Science Susan Lannan Riverside. CA S . Occu iatioiial Iherayy Veronica M. La Noir Cardena. CA B.S.. Emame Lionel Leo Los Angeles, CA B.S., Architecture David J. Leschlnsky Middlsex. l • Management Ofvrations Idenne M. Leslie El Paso r. A B . Histon Margo W. Lesser Lmg Beach. CA •ch Communication Laurie A. Lester Marina Del Rey. C. ' B S , .■IccVliilMrl.v- B.S A.B., Psychology S; Melanie B. Lester Antonio L. Lets Williamsporl, PA M.B.A., Accounting Huk Y. Leung way Hill. Hong Kong isim ' SS Administration Jane S. Lueng Los Angeles. CA B S . Marketing Kimmie L. Lueng Monleni Park. CA MB. A., finance Wing-Tal Lueng Denmark B S . finance I 64-Graduates I I 1 I Richard A. Levin Cypress. CA B.S-. Public AdministraHon Sandy E. Levlne Siudw Ctty. CA A.B.. Speech Commumcalion Steven Levy Los Angeles. CA A B.. Speech. Communication Dennis W. Lew Raticho Patos Verdes. CA B S . Psychobtology Elizabeth F. Lew Los Angeles. CA B-5.. Business Administration Irving Lew Los Ang eles. CA B.5., Cwil Engineering David J. Lewis Los Alamos, NM B.5-, Mechanical Engineering Howard C. Lewis Los Angeles. CA 6 5., Business Administration Janis K. Lewis Kauai. HI A B-. Speech Communication Michael A. Lewis Pomona, CA B.S.. Electrical Engineering SaDy A. Lewis Santa Barbara. CA B.S-. Dental Hygiene Helena LI Los Angeles. CA B S. . Education Julie J. LI Montebello. CA B.S.. Accounting Chyoung-shia Liang Alhambra, CA DDS , Dental Science Ling-Chun Ltao Los .Angeles, CA B S . Accounting Stephen K. Llao Cerritos. CA B.5-. Electrical Mechanical Engineering Corlnna E. LIfoeratore Sherman Oaks. CA M.S.. Education Patricia M. LIcon £ Monte. CA B.5.. Marketing Devra Lleb Studio City. CA A B.. Public Relations Donald F. Lleb Reno. NV A B.. History Suen W. Lieu Santa Monica, CA B.S-. Engineering Tim J. Lieu Los Angeles. CA B.S.. Aerospace Engineering Samuel L. LIm Monterey Park. CA B S . Biological Science Soonchte J. LIm Singapore BS . Finance Hon-mIn Lim Los Angeles. CA M.B.A.. Business Administration Yau-shI LIm L.1S Angeles. CA DDS. Dental Science Charles F. Llnd Det TX B S.. Business Administration Clark R. LIndstrom Bellei ' ue. WA B.S.. Computer Science Ernest R. LIneberger SjyuHHvi Park. CA B S . Aerospace Engineering Donald F. LIponI San Du o. CA Phan D . Pharmacy Graduates-65 i K Tl mm Jeremy Y. Lu Hong Kong B-S.. Finance Dina M. Lucchese South San Gabriel. CA B.S-. Psychology ' Business Administration Angela M. LucchesI Alhambra. CA B.S.. Marketing Finance Steve C. Luchetta Alhambra, CA B.S.. Finance Beverly Lue Los Angeles, CA A.B.. Psychology Stephanie L. Luebke Mission V ' rf7ii, CA .4 B . Potittcal Science Richard P. Luers Redondo Beach. CA B.5.. Electrical Engineering Josephine Lul Hong Kong B.S.. Business Administration Wat-Chung C. Luk Hong Kong B.S., Finance Business Economics Henry Lum Jr. GoTdena. CA B S.. Chemistry Melanle J. Lum Honolulu. HI B.S . Business Administration Valerie A. Lum Torrance, CA B.A-. Speech Communication Allen I. Lurey Greenville. SC M.S.. Computer Science Karen A. Lurle Whittier. CA B.5.. Business Administration Maxine R. Luskin Los Angeles. CA 1 Phari D . Phan Stephanie Y. Lykes [n leii ' ood, CA B 5-, Business Administration Monlque J. Ly ies Gardnta, CA BS . Education Hee Y. Lymn Korea DOS.. Dental Science Bryan L. Lynn Bakersfield, CA B.S . Public Affairs Daria A. Lynn Merced. CA MS.. PhysicalTherapy Alfred R. Lynum Los Angeles, CA A B., English Chlng-Cheng Ma Hong Kong B.S.. Biological Science John H. Ma Hong Kong B.S., Computer Science Barry I. MacDonald Montebello. CA DOS.. Dental Science Sylvia M. Maclas Monterey Plrk. CA B.S . Public .Affairs David D. MacKenbach Palos Verdes Estates. CA A B , International Relations Thomas N. MacKinnon La Administration Steve W. Macke Dotoney. CA B S , Finance Basil M. MadI lordan B S . Chemical Engineering Edward Magdaleno Monterey Park. CA B.S., Celological Scietu:e Graduates-67 Diana I. Llslgnoll Sehtistopoi CA MS.. Library Saemc Matthm J. Llater Fallon, NE B.S.. Mecbaniail tngitieerin Douglas J. LItchlleld San Ctemenlc. CA B.S , Civil Engineering Malsle Liu Northridge, CA B.B., Biomedical Engineering Patricia K. tul Patos Verdes Estates. CA B.S.. Architecture Mary E. Uvlngaton Millbrae, CA Mathemattcs B.S. Computer Science Philip W. Loberg, Jr. Monrffi ' ta. CA BS.. Finance Michael J. Uocatcio Alhambra. CA Pliarm D . Pharmacy Ellzabalh Lock Monterey Park. CA B S . Accounting Rodolfo Loera, Jr. ti»s Angeles. CA A.B . English Michael W. Long Dtm ruy. CA D.D.S.. Dental Science Sutia L. Loo Los Angeles. CA B.S.. Business Administration Kathryn M. Loock Burhank. CA A P . Psiichologu Benjamtn-Carlos Lopez Monterey Park. CA BS , Business Administration Edward G. Lopez Rosemead. CA D.D S., Den(a) Science Erneeto Lopez Los Angeles. CA B S . Chemistry Frank O. Lopez Los .Angeles. CA B S , Finance Cynthia H. Loranz Moi Park. CA B.S . Biological Stience Oavid B. Lothrop Los Angeles. CA B.S.. Electrical Engineering Alvlna A. Loula Los Angeles, CA Pharm D., Pharmacy VeneUa J. Louie Los Angeles. CA A B . Psychology Jaydee J. Loula Heidi A. Love La Hahra, CA t.S , Business -4iiniinis(raIion Charles C. Low Los Angeles. CA BS., Chemistry Dana M. Low B.S.. finance Elliott J. Low Concord. CA A-B.. Psychology Johnny C. Low Los Angeles. CA A.B.. Psychology Johnny R. Low Exeter, CA B.S., Chemistry Uly A. Low £ie(er CA Business Administration Patrick A. Loya Commerce. CA D.D.S-, Dental Science W0 1 midm 68-Graduates i Eric F. Mshar Los Galos, CA B.S., Finance Pstsr A. Maize Arcadia, CA A.B.. Broadcast journalism Hossain M. Ma|dl Roch ' illc, MD B.S . Industrial Engineering Lawranca E. Malanga Santa Monica, CA B.S.. fii Robert V. Malanga Santa Monica, CA B.S , Finance Rublna Malekia Los Angeles, CA Broadcast journalism Anthropology l|az I. Malik Los Angeles, CA M.P A , Public Administration Garry S. Malln Encino, CA .4 B , Psychology Jane E. Malmgran Los Altos, CA Pharm D , Pharmacy Karen L. Malone San Marino. CA P S , Education Janet Malouf Van iVui s, CA S S,, Dental Hygiene Yarvant Manavlan Monterey Park, CA B.S , Accounting Foba J. Mango Ahy-Aboisso, litiry Coast MBA , Finance Armelle J. Mangou Bordeau A B , Anthrofhilogy Robert J. Manning San Marino. CA ID.. Laio Paul J. Manoa Chatsuvrth. CA B S . Biological Science Robert J. Manzanarea Chama. NM D OS , Dental Science Daniel J. Marchlando Santa Barbara, CA B S . Fiiumce Tom Marchica South Pasadena C. flS . Finance Nancle L. Marcin San Gabriel. CA M.S., Physical Therapy Robert S. Mardia . hllhrae. CA A.B , Speech Communications Carin B. Margollan Tarzana, C4 B S . Dental Hygiene Chrlatlna Y. Marino Los Angeles, CA B.S-, Public Affairs Joaephlna A. Marino l iii; Beach, CA M.S., Occufiational Therapy Maryetta C. Marka l is Angeles, CA I D . hnc Jamea R. Marnocha South Bend, IN M.S.. Aerospace Engineering Paul D. Marotta Palo Alto. CA A.B.. Economics, Political Science Oacar Marquaz Sylmar. CA B.S.. Accounting Michael J. Marquaz Los Angeles, CA B.S., Architecture Manuel Marrero Belipou ' er. CA B.S., Accounting , . 70-Graduates Barbara A. Marshall Simi V ' .i (en , CA A B . Public AJmiiuslralum Deborah A. Marshall Los Angeles. CA B.S.. Elementary Edueiition Jon A. Marshall Anchornge. AK B-S-, Accounling Patricia P. Marshall Los Angeles. CA Ed.D., Education Administration Richard B. Marshall Wahoo. B A B . Psycliology Karia R. Martin C.4 A B . Public . ' [dminislralion Lynda C. Martin Los Angeles. CA B.S.. Marketing Shawn K. Martin Salem. OK Ron Martin MS-, Sa fh Edith L. Martin-Ely La Canada, CA i Systems Management Anita E. Martinez Los Angeles. CA B.S , Education Juan J. Martinez Los Angeles. CA B.S., Biological Science Mallsa J. Masanovtch Arcadia. CA A.B . Public Relations P. Tyrone L. Mason Buffalo. n- Chase M. Masuda Honolulu. HI David K. Masuda Rosemead. CA B.S., Business Management Letlcia R. Matlong Gardena. CA B.S . General Studies Jody K. Matranga Whittier. CA B.S-. Finance Irene S. Matsuda Los Angeles M.S.. Education HIroyukI Matsumura North Hollywood. CA B.S . Meclianual Engineering Andrew K. Matsunaga Uv Angeles. CA D D S . Dental Science Dennis K. Matsuo CA B S .Marketing Joseph P. Mattis Ridgecrest. CA BS.. .Mecliamcal Engineering Dorle L. Mattson Orange. CA A B . Dance Mahshid Mavaddat tlwi an. Iran BS., Finance Mehrdad Mavaddat igcles. CA B S Architecture Eva K. Mavofrldes Hai-erliil! MA Gregory P. May Business .-Wmir Bralan T. Mayeda Panorama Cihj CA David L. Mayeda Graduates-71 Sharon M. Mayfleld Liis Angelf . CA A.B.. Pyschohgy Barry H. Mayron Los An}ieles, CA DOS. Dental Scirme Hamld M. MazaratabakI Yazd IranAtabaki B.S., Civil Engineering Michael J. Mazur Binghamlon, NY B.S . Chemical Engineering GIna J. Mazzeo BraiWyn, NY B 5 , Aeeount Kris Ann McBrlde Half Moon Bay. CA A B , Psychology Alfred A. McCandleas.ll Palm neierl. CA A B . Political Sc Dabble L. McCann Lafayette. CA B S . Real Eiat mance Dennis J. McCarthy East Viw. CA B S . Finance Scott B. McClelland San Pedro. CA BS . Marketing Charles P. McCllntock. Jr. Philadelphia. PA B b . A Maureen McCulloch Los Angelen. CA B.S.. Education Jordan T. McColloch Los Alloi. CA is Administration Jeanlne L. McCorkendale Torrance. CA B.M . Piano Performance Mark A. McCoy Venice. CA Pharm O . Pharman Kellle M. McDermott Temple City. CA B i . Lducatnm Mark E. McDonald BS Mil A B . I Teh Michelle D. McDonald Sun Bernadino. CA B.S . Dental Hygiene Susan J. McDonald Clifton, V A.B . Dra William W. McDowell Corona Del Mar. CA B.S., Real L late Steven M. McElhlney Clendale. CA , Busmfss Administration Darius McGee Los Angeles. CA B.S . Civil Engineering Edwerd A. McGrath West Port. CT Sheila A. Mclnerney A B . Public Relations Glenn S. Mdntyre Sanla MoniM, CA B.S.. Business Administration Lisa K. McJenkin Laguana Hil ls. Ca A B.. Sports Information John R. McKenzle Neu ' hiill. CA A.B . SiKiology Lloyd T. McKlnney, Jr. Chula Visla. CA B S . Finance Thomas C. McLurkIn, Jr. Los Angeles. CA M.P.A., Public Administration Michael E. McManlgal Likeuvod. CA AB.. Speech Communications 78-Graduates r m: Maryann McManus Capistrano Beaih, CA A.B.. Hiilory James J. McMenamIn Glendale. CA B-S . Real Eilale Finance Rex C. McMillan Middlelm. CA B-S-. Public Adminislralion MItzl I. McMlllln Seallle. WA A.B , Recreation David B. McMonlgle 6 5, Businf s Administration Cecil R. McNab Los Angeles. CA A.B , Political Science Debra L. McNamee Gardena, CA A-B.. Psychology Patrick McNamee Santa Ana, CA B-S . Accounting Gregory C. McPherson Lakeside. CA B.S.. Accounting Robert G. McSeveney Jr. Norwalk. C4 B.S.. Marketing Laura H. Meadowcroft Tacoma. WA A.B.. Art History Nell R. Meccia Skokie. IL. MP.A . Public Administration Health S, Robert Meerdlchlan Beivrly Hills. CA B.S . Marketing Jesus G. Melendrez Monlebello. CA B.S-. Chemical Engineering June D. Mettn San Gabriel. CA B.S , Psychobiology Jennifer S. Mellert Rolling Hills Estate. CA B.S.. Finance ' Real Estate Cathie-Ann Melrose Garden Grtxi ' e. CA B.S.. Public Administration Mahnaz Memarl Santa Monica. CA B.S., Cil ' il Engineering Debra R. Mendel San Malec. CA A B . Humanities Ismael Mendoza Downey, CA Pharm D.. Pharmacy JudI M. Mendoza Fullerton. CA A.B.. Speech Communication ■ ' jourtuiltsm Sylvia A. Mendoza Pico Rnvra. CA A.B.. Psychology . ' Speech Communication Laurie J. Menzle A:u! CA A.B . Mathematics Randolph R. Meraz Santa Fc Springs. CA D D S . Dental Science Joan E. Merrill Mariim del Rey. CA B S . Business Administration Nicholas C. Merrill nhittier. CA A.B , journalism Venlta A. Mertz San Pedro. CA B.S . Computer Science Steven B. Meskell Arcadia C- B S . Marketing William O. Messorl Glendora C. . i-B A-. Financial Management Nancy J. Meyer Pasadena. CA B S . Education Graduates-73 Moctezuma X. Meza Cntexw. CA A fi.. Anthropology Angela P. Mlcelil Totuca Lake. CA B.S., Finance Lawrence L. Michel West Cimina, CA D.D.S.. Denial Science Miriam Michel Anlioch. CA A B . Pfiychotogy Michael MIchettI San Diego. CA B.r.A.. Drama Isabel J. Mljares Marthaibo. Venezuela I.S., Industrial SifStetns Lngtneering Mara MIKallan Studio City. CA A B.. Public Relations Candy L. Miles Pasadena. CA B S . Marketing Arlen G. Miller Bei ' erley Hills. CA A B .. English Barbara S. Miller Uis Angeles. CA M.S.. Social Work Cindy M. Miller New rork, iVy A.B., journalism Cinema Craig M. Miller Los Angeles. CA B.S., Business Administration Daniel S. Mllller fliTpWy Hills. CA P S . Imancc Debbie A. Miller Lnvrmore. CA B.S., Business Administration Elizabeth A. Miller Ingleioood. CA A. P.. Pui ' hc Relations GIrard R. Miller Chelmsford. .MA A B . Phi sical Education Jeri L. Miller Huntington Park. CA MS, Physical Therapy Karen E. Miller Chatsuvrth. CA A B . Cinema Mark V. Miller Tokyo, japan B S . .Accounting Robert A. Miller Huntington Beach. CA A.B., Political Science Robert J. Miller Tullerton. CA B.S.. Electrical Engineering Stephen M. Miller .4n.llrri CA 8 S.. anting Tamela A. Miller Glendora. CA A.B.. Speech Communications Teresa A. Miller Oxnard. CA Piiarni D.. Pharmacy Todd A. Miller Bmrly Hills. CA A.B.. Psychology Elizabeth J. Milne Oxnard. CA B.S.. Occupational Therapy Henry C. Mllner Santa Monica. CA Pliarni. D., Phtxrmacy Ratll R. MInaslan Montebello. C.A B.S.. Psychobiology Douglas Mllosavljevtc San Marino. CA B-S . Biological Sciences Maryam MIrmoblnl Tehran, Iran Industrial Systems Engineering 74-Graduates Mo|gan Mlrshgmtranl Los Angeles, CAA B.S., Mechanical Engmeermg Samir A. MIskaoul Los Angeles, CA B.S.. Civil Engineering Bernard S. Mitchell Los Angeles. CA A.B., Political Science Chrlstophar P. Mitchell AUadena. CA B.S., Real Estate Finance Sandra R. Mitchell Los Angeles, CA B-S., Public Administration Victoria J. Mitchell Burbank. CA A.B.. English MayumI MKsuhIro Monterey Park, CA A-B-, EALC Dennis Y. Mlyadl Hawthorne. CA B.S., Biological Science Karen N. MIyake Los Angeles, CA A.B., Psychology Karen K. Miyamoto Arcadia. CA Pharm. D-. Pharmacy Bruce T. Mlyahlro Hilo. HI D.D.S.. Dental Science Nancy MIynek Us Vegas. NE B-S-. Computer Science Saad A. Moaswes Dubai. United Arab Emirates B.5.. Civil Engineering Shahrlar Mobashery Los Angeles, CA B.S., Biological Science Eric W. Mobley Culver City, CA BS.. Management Fetlcla A. Mobley Culver City. CA A.B., Psychology Margaret A. Moersch Redlands. CA B.5., Mark£tini! Haldeh MohebbI Tehran. Iran B.S-, Civil Engineering Bartiara A. Mohler Seal Beach, CA B-5-. Finance Marketing Pamela A. Mohler Pasadena, CA A.B., Psychology Robert S. Molsa Montebello. CA B-S.. Accounting Eduardo Molina Jr. Los Angeles. CA B.S.. Public Administration John S. Molnar Ontario. CA A B.. International Relations Judith I. Molnar L4JS Angeles. CA Pharm. D.. Pharmacy Todd J. Molnar Encino, CA B-S.. Biological Science Linda A. Molo Los Angeles. CA B.S.. Public Affairs Jacques P. Molyneux Downey. CA B.S.. Marketing Real Estate Jose V. Moncada Venezuela B.S . Petroleum Engineering Jose A. Monsalve Venezuela PS . EUxlrical Engineering Susan C, Monson Los .Angeles. CA A.B.. Psychology Graduates-75 Catherins M. Montano Mcmltbello. CA B.r A . Fine Arii Christine A. Montano Moiilebello. CA A.B . Communication Disorders Sarah J. Montgomery El Monir, CA A.B , Psycholoj Stephen R. Montgomery Susam ' ilte. CA A B . Recreation Umit H. Monty Hacienda Heights. CA B.S.. Psifchohiology Erick R. Moody Los Angeles, CA B.S., Electrical Engineering Robin J. Moon Honolulu. HI A B . Social Welfare Marta Moore Huntington Beach. CA A.B . Spanish International Relation ' Robert S. Moon Rancho Palos Verdes, CA B.S.. Marketing Management Shawnee Moore Los Angeles. CA A.B , PsijclwUigy Steven M. Moore Newport Beach, CA B S., Accounting Tcreaa Y. Moore Los Angeles. C4 A B . Education Karen L. Moote Los Angeles, Ca A.B.. French International Relations Maria R. Morale Los Angeles. CA B F A , Drama A. Edward Morelan Burbank. CA B.S.. Biological Scieice Darlo U. Moreno Hermosa, CA A,B., Journalism ' Internatioruil Relations Joaa G. Moreno San Antonio FX A B , History Anthony J. MorettI Torrance. CA B S . Architecture Michael C. Moray Curlshlii, CA B.S.. Architecture Kirk S. Morgan Los Angeles. CA BS , ting RIkl S. Morlmoto Aiea. HI B S . Accounting Paul G. Morlsaette Buena Park. C. B.S.. Electrical Engineering Randy O. Morlta Gardena, CA DDS , Dental Science Dennis E. Morkert hAissoula, MN Pharm. D , Phtirmacy Sharl B. Mornlngatar Lancaster, CA B.S-. Biological Science Daniel S. Morovick Dffumey, CA B.S., Marketing Management David W. Morris Corona del Mar. CA i.S.. Business .Administration Richard S. Morris Huntington Beach, CA B.S.. Electrical Engineering Tannya A. Morris Deer Park, IL A.B . Education Cynthia R. Morrlsset Oxnard, CA B.S,. Finance 1 Graduates-76 Catherine L. Morrlssey Chicago. IL Shelda M. Mortazavl Tehn B5. Busmess Adniintstration Jody L. Morton Corona del Mar. CA 8 S., Marketing Sean D. Morton Alherton. CA A.B . Dranta Polilkal Science Thomas L. Mosher Torrance. CA B S.. Electrical Engineering Joyce A. Moss Day Ion. OH A B , journalism Maureen F. Moss Beverly Hilli. CA A B.. Social Welfare Kristlne J. MotodanI Pact CA B.S . Dental Hygiene Timothy I. Mournlan Los Angeles, CA 6 S , Mechanical Engineering Hovsep Movsseslan Tehrc Iran M.S.. Electrical Engineering Timothy S. Moy Los Angeles. CA B 5.. Biology Sondra R. Mrstik Cximarillo. CA BS.. Cerentology Ricky R. Muslim Singapore B.S . Business Administration Anthony L. Mugavero Los Angeles. CA B.S , Architecture Stan Mullln Los Angeles, CA A B.. Political Science Dwight M. Munk Spokane. WA 6,5,, Electrical Engineering Hector M. Munoz Los Angeles. CA A.B.. Physical Engineering William L. Munton Edwards. IL Pharm. D.. Pharmacy Alan J. Murakami Los Angeles. CA B-S . Business . ' {dministration Kazuo Murakawa Los Angeles. CA M.B.A-. Business Administration David F. Murlllo South Gate. CA B.S . Electrical Engineering Erin M. Murphy Bamngton Hills. IL B.S.. Marketing , ' Accounting Patrick J. Murphy Sacramento. CA MB. A.. Business Administration Bruce B. Murray Nigera B.S.. Marketing John A. Murrell Rolling Hills. CA D.D.S.. Dental Science Thelma J. Murrell Long Beach. CA Phiirm D . Pharmacy Perl A. Muretta Sfll. MT B S . Urban Planning Lynn A. Mutuh Alhambra. CA D D,S . Dental Science Charles A. Myall Palm Desert. CA B.S . Bu Adn. Lance M. Myklta Los Gi(os, CA Pharm. D.. Pharmacy Graduates-77 Irene M. Mykytyn Nt)r( l Hottywih ' J, CA n S , rinnncc Darlm K. Nachete I ' orl Ihaiigr. FL A. 8.. Inli-nuttioital Rdalions Paul J. Nadel Beivrly Hilh. CA A,B , SfVfch Coiiinniniailion Isabelle N. Nagase Monlfny rark. CA B.S., Computer Scwncf Craig K. Nagaaugi GU ' ndale. CA B S . Emwmui Kazunorl Nakajima te Anxeli-i. CA .HA, Bhs ' icss Atlniini trtititvi Larry T. Nakamura Altiifiena, CA AH.. ftyf i,. „vy Loren H. Nakamura G lr,(raii, CA Plmrm O . Pharmaof Michael A. Nakamura fr.-sM.i, CA DOS. Dental Snrmr Elmer Z. Nakao Ihmolulu. HI 8.S . At ountm Janet Y. Nakao U)s An fU , CA as . hmmf Sharlene K. Nakasato Lus liisW.-s, CA Phiirm D . Pharmmy Jania L. Nakaahlma Tcrramv, CA BS . Itectriait tujjim-.- ' i ' rx Julie J. Nakaahlma Uti- Aiixelei, CA A B . Cm.v isIt Kria A. Nakaau CarJena, CA Plmrm. D.. Pharmacy Fritz N. Nakasujl Long Brach. CA B.S.. Business Admini- tnilion Sharon S. Nakata Los Angelc CA B.S.. General Uuuiti.m Christine K. Nakazawa I ' lm .M A B . PsvMojiv SIma Na|elrahim S i,Trr„i i aite. CA M.A.. S;mi,i( Uueation Debra A. Nalchajlan Katio Luclnda A. Naley .4(,i V.-l MA . hnnnalism M. Sadegh Namazlkhah (jis .1ii, i ' i ' s, CA Adiimeeil Emioitontits Kamran Naraghl Li ' i Auf-etes. CA B.S.. Meehameal En,imeerin!( Maria V. Narvaez Los .■ nseles. CA BS,. CuWii Altairs Martha A. Narvaez Llk Angeles. CA A.B.. Simiish Marlous Naslrpour Los Angeles. CA Industrial. Systems Engineering Farhad Nasal Uis Angeles. CA B.S., Chemical Engineering Osama A. Nassier SiiiK i .Arabia 8-S-. Clieinical Engineering Rosamaria Neva S.»i Deigo. CA A.P . Psyeliology Maria C. Navarro South Gate. CA B.S.. Political Science 78-Graduates Carol A. Neal Memphis, TN BS . Accounting Carrey R. Neal hidmnapolts. ID 6 5.. Business Administration James K. Neal Fullerlon, CA A-B-. Psilcliolof;y Lawrence R. Nedeau Newport Beach. CA B.S., Public Administration Brett R. Nelson Blaine. WA Psychology Denise M. Nelson Lmg Beiicli. CA A B Public Relations Elizabeth R. Nelson Bellfloioer. CA A B., International Relations Gary W. Nelson Burbank. CA BS., Accounting Kerry A. Nelson Los Angeles, CA B.S.. Ft Rhonda L. Nelson China Uke, CA M.P.A., Public Administration ludtcial Admistration Robert C. Nelson Los Angeles, CA B-S., Accounting Beverly G. Nester Rcincho Palos Verdes, CA B.A., Physical Education David A. Newman Ol.-rn; Hill, .V 6 S . Mechanical Engineering Fred Newman LosAngeles. CA M.L.A., Language Arts Leanne L. Newsom Hawthorne, CA - B,. Speech Commumcalion Gregory P. Newton Norlhrldge, CA BM., Music Performance Jack W. Ng Los Angeles, CA A.B-, Social Work Kitty Ng Sunnyvale. C.4 B.S., Accounting Sophia M. Ng Hong Kong BS., Marketing Godwin W. Ngan South Pasadena, CA Hop T. Nguyen Los . ' ngeles, CA Ph D . Chemical Science Phu N. Nguyen Lompoc, CA B S , Petroleum Engineering Tuan M. Nguyen CA B.S., Electrical Eiigmeermg Uoc H. Nguyen S„„ Clemente. Ca B-S . Electriail Engineering George J. Nichols Stacy A. Nichols Uis ,A ii. . CA B S . Business , dmlr Kurt B. Njedrauer Steven F. Nielsen Idaho Falls, ID nnS . Dental Science Alice L. Nieto I OS Angeles, CA B S General Education Maral M. Nigolain . Urketiiig Fiii Graduates-79 Hussain M. Nik SelangKr. Malaysia MP.A. Pnlormmx Arts Yaovanee NIrandara tti i.?lli ' fc, Thailand MBA . Busi-ifss Admimstratim Kelvin E. Nlahlkawa L} lM. .-lf5, CA B S , Real £««(«■ SherrI M. Nlahlkawa Mimft ' rcv Park, CA B.S , Dental Hygiene Mark H. NIshlkl Palo Alio. CA B S , Bin i ' xi™ ' Science Phebe J. NIahlmoto Gardena, CA B M . Music Education Lorl S. NIahlmura Gardena. CA B.S.. Accounlinji Lynn S. NItkIn Great Neck . NV B F A . Drama ErI Nina Monterey Park. CA Pharm. D , Pharmacy Talh-Chlun Nlu Arcadia. CA D.DS , Dental Science Hamld Noakhtar Pacific Pillinidci. CA B 5.. Architecture Cathy A. Nobuhara Gardena, CA B.S , Computer Science Roban L. Nodvik Rancho Palos Verdes. CA B.S., Electrical Engineering Eater E. Noegroho Indonesia B.S,, Archildiirc Qeof T. NoguchI Soulh Paiadena. CA A.B., Psychology John H. Noll ijl Canada. C4 B.S . Industrial Engineeringg Cynthia M. Nolting Northridge. CA B.S.. Biological Sciences Olane K. Nomura Gardena. CA B S . Marketing Management Ted E. Nonlnl S)i.-rm,in Ckiks. CA B S . Public Afiain Stephanie D. Nora Winnelka. IL A B . Broadcast lournaltsm Karen J. Nordahl Lake Osioego. OK M S . Lihrary Science Laurie A. Norlegga Monterey Park. C. A.B . Communicatiiv Disorders Pamela L. Norton Los Angeles. CA B.5.. Education David E. Norwood Sail Pedro. CA B.S.. Public . ' Administration Mitchell A. Noss Paramount, C.4 B S , . ' liccounting Nagy Noaseir Ciiin , Egypt Ph.D.. Aerospace Engineering Nancy A. Nuno Pasadena. CA A.B.. History American Studies Brian C. Nutt Pasadena. CA A.B . EnglLsh Jeannlne T. Nutt Pasadena. CA A.B., Education Tom A. Nyberg Fullerton, CA B.S.. Biological Sciences 80-Graduates i Donna L. Oakley San Clemenle, CA A.B-, journalism Eugene K. Obi Umuaka Orlu. Nigerm M.S., Industral Engineering Colleen A. Obrlen Torrance. CA A.B.. Broadcasting Slobhan M. O ' Callaghan Arcadia. CA B.S., Public Admmistralion Kenneth D. OchI Los Angeles. CA D.D.S., Dental Science Kathleen O ' Connell Woodland Hills. CA A-B.. PolxticaJ Scmece Peter O ' Donnell Atherton. CA B.S.. Political Science Camilla D. Oehmlg Chicago. IL B S.. Marketing Ronald S. Oestrelch Torrance. CA A.B.. Political Science Speech Communication Robert J. O ' Gorman Rancho Palos Verdes. CA B.S.. Real Estate Finance Timothy S. O ' Grady Freeport. II B.S . Industrutl Systems Engineering Hank G. OgrodzlnskI Montreal. Quebec i.S., Bu Administration Anita Ohanlan Palo Alto. CA B.S., Finance Yoshlnobu Ohira Kagoshima-Ken. japan Ph.D.. Physical Education PattI A. Ohis Manhattan Beach. CA B.S.. Dental Science Linda N. Okamura Los Angeles. CA. 4.B., Psychology Barbara L. Okamoto Honolulu. HI B S.. Biological Scineces Oavid H. OkawachI Albany. CA O.D S,, Dental Science John C. Okarulu ' Jmuahia, Nigeria B.S.. Business Administration Ann M. Oklmoto Denver, CO D.D.S.. Dental Science Anson T. Oklmoto Honolulu. HI B.S.. Business Administration Anthony A. Okoaye Lagos. Nigeria B.S.. Petroleum Engineering Lucius F. Okoh Lagos. Nigeria B.S.. Engineering Chlma R. Okorafo Los Angeles. CA MS-. Petroleum Engineering Christian U. Okoye Umuahia. Nigeria PhD Ellene T. Okumurs Montebello. CA AS . Math. East Asian Language and Culture Howard M. Okumura Los Angeles. CA. A.B.. Psychology Jean R. Okumura Montebello. C4 MA.. Education Debra L. Old Arcadui. CA P S . Public .Administration Coetta Ollvw Los Angeles. CA. B.S.. Public Affairs Graduates-Sl Randall D. Oliver Anaheim. CA A.B.. Public Relations Psychology Eric R. Oltan Seattle, WA A-B.. International Relations Ellzabath B. Olson Selma, CA A B, English Lisa Olson Fullerton, CA B.S., Marketing Martha L. Oman Marina Del Rey, CA 8.5., Geological Sciences Jason Ong Phoenix, AZ B.S., Chemical Engineering Robin L. Onlkul Fullerton, CA A.B., Music Arthur A. Ontlvos Mfssion Viejo, CA B.S.. Biological Sciences Kenneth W. Or Kouiloon, Hong Kong B S , Accounting Freeborn E. Orlghoyegs Ogahaka-Sapele, Nigeria B.S.. Petroleum Engineering Alberto Ortega Los Angeles, CA. B.S.. Public Administration Cynthia Ortli Los Angeles, CA. B.S . Education Carl R. Osborne Columhus. OH B S., Marketing Eugene W. Osborne Visalm, CA B.S., Psychohiology Sean T. Oaburn Fullerton, CA I.S., Public Affairs Public Administration Suaan J. Oatling La Puente, CA M.P.A , Public Administration Jemee P. O ' Sulllven Diamond Bar, CA B.S., Public Administration Public Affairs Robin L. Oto Mm CA A.B., B.S English journalism Merk E. O ' Toole Portland. Oregon B.S.. Aerospace Engineering Meea M. Otau Gardemi, CA Pharm. D , Pharmacy Mary V. Overton Sim Diego, CA , Psychology Speech Therapy Kathleen M. Owen Balboa, CA B.S., Accounting Tekeehl Ozekl Tokyo. Japan Mechanical Engineering Nancy L. Pace San Bemadmo, CA B.S.. Computer Science Lee K. Pacheco Westminster, CA B.S.. Finance Judith L. Packard Kapaa, HI B.S., Occupational Therapy Stephen F. Paddio Los Angeles, CA B.S., Management Finance Lawerence P. Pedulo Trumbull, CT A.B., Political Science Barney J. Page Sflfi ]ose, CA B.S., Finance Richard M. Page Scattsdale, AZ Clarinet A.B., Music Hunmnities m n 82-Graduate8 gjg Seung W. Palk Seouc. Korea D.D.S., Dental Science Charles T. Paine San Marino, CA B.S-. fmance Nancy J. Palk Katlu HI A.B., Psychology Todd J. Palmae r Kancho Cordova, CA B.S., Accounting Elizabeth A. Palmer San Marino. CA AB.. Economics John R. Paloian Paiattne. IL B.S.. Business Administration PIng-Yun Pan Kou ' loon. Hong Kong B.S., Finance Nahid Panbechi Los Angeles. CA B.S-, Business Administration Donna J. Panero Long Beach. CA B.M.. Music Education Drew F. Panico Fullerton. CA B.S.. Accounting Mark J. Paone Santa Ami, CA B.S.. Architecture Lisa Papadakis Signal Hill, CA B.S., Education Basil T. Papantonlou Komotini. Greece M.S., Computer Science William G. Pappas Las Vegas. NV A.B., Chemistry Mohammad M. Paran Shir B.S.. Civil Engineering Karen A. Paris Fullerton. CA B.S., Occupational Therapy Van Parish Menio Park. CA B S.. Public Administration Chanho Park Kou ' loon, Hong Kong B.S., Business Administration Chan-Seok Park Kowloon, Hong Kong B.S.. Mechanical Engineering Cynthia F. Park Wilmington. CA A.B., East Asian Languages David Park Los Angeles. CA Pharm D . Pharmacy Donna A. Park Honolulu, HI A.B-. Psychology Edward T. Parmeiee Palo Alto. CA MP. A.. Public Adtninistration Martin A. Pasqualone Arcadia. CA B.SV . Biology Dale A. Pastel Tar za tut. CA Pharm. D,, Pharmacy Penelope A. Pastis San Marino. CA B.S.. Business Administration Hemant R. Patel Sansbury. Rhodesia B-S-. Accounting George B. Patkos Monrovia, CA A.B., Chem is I ry Psychology Frank J. Patonal Long Beach. CA Endodonics Lou Patrick Los Angeles, CA B.S-. Finance Graduates-83 William H. Patrick NmvpoTt Beach. CA B.S.. Venture Mana emeni Finance Tony E. Pattiz Santa Barbara. CA A.B.. Pohlical Sa Theresa A. Paul Turlock. CA A.B.. Cinema Tetexiiston Patricia A. Paullz Montclatr. CA B.S.. Occupational Therapy Richard J. Pawell Los Angeles. CA B.S.. Business Administration Sharon E. Paxson Glendora. CA B.5., Occupational Therapy George A. Pazmino San Francisco. CA B.S.. Industrial yslciiis inxnurrm : Debbie J. Pearson I ' mtlami OR B S . Architecture Robert J. Peeraon Torrance. CA MA.. Educational Administration Kathleen F. Peck Delano. CA B.S . Finance James L. Pedersen South Gale. CA MS.. Education Jean B. Pederaen Beirrly Hills. CA Ed D . Education Tamml A. Pelton Salt Uke Citv. LFT A.B . Broadcast journalism Frank G. Pennachio Downey. CA B.S . Marketing Neil V. Pennington Hallshuro. NC M.A.. Occupational Therapy John C. Pentz San Marino. CA B.S . Marketing Dinah I. Perez IngtniHiod. CA A.B.. Political Si Birdia D. Parkins Oakland. CA Ed. D., Education Adminislration RoWn B. Perry Compton.CA A.B.. Psychology William H. Parry Ingleivood. CA M.S.. Social Work fiTra Janet L. Person A B.. English Liturature Elizabeth A. Petak Palos Vrrdes. CA B.S.. General Education Thomea H. Peters Anmi, CA B.S . Public Administration David S. Peterson Santa Barbara. CA A B.. Political Science Don L. Peterson Villa Park, CA .4 6, Psychology John C. Peterson Los Angeles. CA D.D.S.. Dental Science Michael W. Peteraon Sail lose. CA S.. Business Administration Pamela J. Peteraon Whitlier. CA B.S,. Dental Hygiene Rotwrt G. Peteraon Los Angeles, CA DD.S.. Dental Science Tracey L. Petre Alhambra. CA A.B., Psychology English 84-Graduates Aaron I. Phlllipson Pasadena, CA BS.. Fimnce Christopher H. Phillips Santa Momca. CA BS-. Business Administralwn Gary R. Phillips Los Angeles. CA B S . Aaounltng James T. Phillips Lomta. CA OD-S , Denial Saence Kenneth K. Phillips Palm Deserl, CA A.B . Psiicholcgy Sally A. Pickering San Diego, CA Pharm- D . Pharmacy Mark R. Picking Coronado, CA B S., Business Admtmstratum Rotwrt L. Pierce Salem. OR Mary B. Plerik Rimcho Palos Verdes. CA A B.. Psuchology Reglna D. Pierre Los Angeles. CA B S.. Management Simon Plltzer Hertsha. Israel B.S., Archileclure Carin L. Pinkowitz Brooklyn. NY BS . , ' ccuun!mg Malcolm W. Pipes Choudranl, LA B-S., Biomedical Engineering Ivania J. Piskulich South Gate. CA B.S.. ling Lataska Pittman Pasadena, CA B.S., Education Roy S. Place Venice, CA M.S., Electrical Engineering Timothy B. Piatt Chatsworth. CA B S.. Biology Mathematics Harold L. Plon Torrance. CA Pharm D.. Pharmacy Richard S. Plon Torrance, CA Pharm. D.. Pharmacy R. Bruce Pocock Cuhvr City. CA Pharm D . Pharnulcy Paul B. Poh Republic of Smgafvre B S . Finance Ronald D. Poland Dou ' iiey.C, B S . Civil Engineering Joanne □. Pollack Em-mo, C.I .-1 B .English Ira J. Poltorak Hacienda Heights. CA Pharm D . Pharmacy Penny L. Ponder San Pedro. CA B S-. Biological Sciences, David A., Poole L.VI Hills. CA H S . .4iT0imlmy Michael W. Popott MonteMlo. CA A B Political Science Donna L. Portaro tntino. CA A B . Speech Commun Randall K. Porter Soorsom N. Posayanonth Ihailand Graduates-85 John R. Pottw Granada Hills.CA B.S , Computer Science Klttrldge M. Potter Los Alamilos, CA A.B.. Public Administration Mary J. Pouloi t s Angeles, CA B.S., Biological Scinece Farthid E. Poumazarlan Encino. CA B S.. Corporate Finance Kriatlna L. Powsrs Bakrrsfield. CA B.M.. Music Education Joaa R. Prado Venezuela, South America B.S , Applied Mechanics Barbara Prathar Lancaster. CA A.B . Public Relations Lola J. Presley Honolulu. HI A.B.. Psychology Speech Communication Julia L. Praaa Los Angeles. CA A.B., Political Science Jourrwlism Robert O. Preston Visla. CA B.S.. Public Affairs RolMrt S. Preston Im Habra. CA BS . Finance Tereaa D. Prioto Los Angeles, CA BS., Biological Science Richard t. Priu Norlhridge. CA B.S.. Business Administration John R. Privltalll Los Angeles, CA BS , Finance Jack E. Prober Encino, CA B.S., Marketing Kathryn L. Prodan Riverside, CA Pharm D . Pharrruicy VIngnol Puankoaoom Bangkok. Thailand M.A.. I ' nni ;,)u„i„J,sm Kriatlan Pud|ladl lauarta. Indonesia BS . Finance Susan M. Pullona F)oumey. CA M.P.A.. Public Administration DavM A. Pyle BalbM CA B S . Finonce Joe L. Ouan Montebello, CA B.S., Business Administration Lorene D. Quan South Pasadena, CA Pharm D . Pharmacy Steven P. Quiel Playa Del Rey. CA Pharm D.. Pharmacy Elizabeth D. Oul|ano Torrance. CA B.S., Business Administration Valerie A. Quln Los Angeles. CA B.S., Public Administration Chria J. Ouinn Foster City, CA B.S., Public Administration Anite V. Quinonaz Los Angeles, CA B.S., Business Administration Maria R. Quintenllla Los Angeles. CA A-B-. Psychology Francea P. Qulntero Los Angeles. CA M.P.A., Public Administration Eric P. Ouon Los Angeles, CA A.B., Math 86-Graduates ' at; Jsannette Ouon Los Angeles, CA B.S . Archileclure SIgne R. Ovale Los Angeles, CA A-B-. French Lee Racey Bloomfield Hills, Ml B.S . hhiiiStnaL Systems Engineering Thomas L. Racine Napen ' ille. IL B.S . Architecture Richard J. Racosky Johnstown, PA M.S., Systems Technology Cecilia G. Rdder Wdmmgton. CA B S , Education Gary W. Radford Torrance, CA B S , Biological Sciences Alice E. Ragenovlch South I ' asaiieiia C.- - B , lourruiiism ' S ianish Farzin S. Rahbar Pacific Palisades. C4 B S., Civil Engineering Shahrzad Rahkai Los .Angeles. CA 6 S , Civil Engineering WIeslaw J. RakowskI South Piisaitena. CA B.S , Electrical tngineering Oean G. Rallls, Jr. Palos Verdes, CA ;d , Law Nancy H. Ramage Montchello, CA A.B . Adapted Physical Education Mehran RamezanI Tehran. Iran B S., Electrical Engineering Esperanza M. Ramos Monrovia. CA A.B.. Social Welfare Olivia Maria Ramos Los Angeles, CA B.S., Biochemistry Ruth S. Ramos Azasa. CA B S . Finance Kristen M. Rand Palmdale. CA A B . International Relations Howard L. Randol Man CA B S . Latrei ' reniier V Kim J- Rarig Li s Angeles. CA B F A . Fine Arts Mohsin Rasheed Tiwipa. FL B S . PiMic .Attairs Samrlna Rasheed Pasadetm, C.4 B S , Biological Scien Mehran RashtchI Telm Iran B S . Civil Engineering Casey A. Rasmussen Frank S. Rasor Cofiahs Beach. W ' A BS . Electrical Engn . ( S , Civil Lngmcermg Philip D. Ratnotl Dina S. Ravagtioll San . Uteo CA A B . Sranish Steven E. Ravaglloll San Mativ. C.- B S . Marketing Lisa C. Rawlins Costa Mesii. CA BFA. Cinema Graduates-S? James B. Rra, Jr. Los Angeles, CA e.S.. Hmlogicdl SiiPTO ' Bruce C. Read IjK Angeles, CA Pharm D-, Pharmacy Timothy J. Real Palos Verdes. CA B.S., Marketing Real Estate Daniel W. Redmon Canoga Park, CA B.S., Business Administration Scott C. Reed Newport Beach, CA B S , Business Administration Enry J. Refunjoe Los Angeles, CA B.S.. Mechanical Engineering Linda M. Rallly San Marino, CA A.B., Drama Kelly A. Rellly-Barney Mission Viqo, CA BS , Denial Hygiene Rebecca A. Relnhard Tucson, At B.M., Music Performance John r. Reltnower San Marino, CA MB. A., Finance Hsdrubal A. Reveron Hollywood, CA B.5., Physical Education Maria L. RavlMa Los Angeles, CA A.B , Psychology Erneat Rey Monterey Park, CA B.S , Petroleum Engineering Charlea A. Reynolda Montebello, CA Pharm D , Pharmacy William C. Razentea, III Honolulu. HI A.B., Psychology Rudolph W. Rhelnachlld, II .S uiiio City, CA B S., Marketing Sharon L. Rhodea Anaheim, CA B S , Marketing Darcy B. Rice Fallbrook, CA B.F.A., Drana Lldlo K. RIchanI Wfsl Hollyu ' ooii. CA BS., Markrting Jill C. RIcharda Newport Beach, CA A.B , Speech Communications Thomaa P. RIcharda l.oti ; Beach. CA B S . Electrical Engineering Allan W. RIchardaon Coi ' ii CA A.B , Psychology Dennia M. RIchardaon Rancho Palos Verdes, CA B.S., Business Administration Martha J. RIchardaon Philadelphia, PA BS , Marketing Pamela L. RIchardaon Long Beach. CA B.S., Education Wayne H. RIchardaon Flushing, NY B.S., Electrical Engineering Christopher L. Richmond Haivthome, CA Pharm D. Pharmacy Leslie A. RIchner Boise. ID A.B., Fine .Iris Steve J. RIgglo Whittier, CA D.D.S-, Dental Science Alan M. RIsch Norlli Hollyumd, CA B.S-, Finance ' ?( « ' SS-Graduates J Karl J. Risk Canoga Park. CA B.S.. Marketing Susan M. Ritchie Pasadena. CA A-B.. Journalism Political Science Nlles D. Rttter Fremont, CA A.B-. Mathematics In woo Ro Glendale. CA B.S., Biological Science Janet K. Robblns Seattle. WA A.B.. French East Asian Languages and Cultures Mary J. Rot erts Garden Groiv. CA A.B.. Psychology Adrlenne R. Robinson Philadelphia. PA A.B.. Mustc Diane M. Robinson Norfolk, Nebraska B.S., Geologi Gerald Robinson Los Angeles. CA MB. A., Entreprenuer and Venture Management Rosa M. Rodarte Alhambra, CA B.S-, Public Administration Joe Rodrlquez Los Angeles. CA Pharm. D. Pharmacy Yolanda A. Rodriguez Los Angeles. CA B.5.. Soaal Work Murray O. Roe, Jr. Vista. CA B.S.. Business Administration George M. Rogers Arcadia, CA B.S.. Architecture Kirk W. Rogers Tustin, CA B.S., Business Administration Nancy J. Rogers Dallas. TX B.S., Accounting Ronald W. Rogers Santa Ana. CA A.B-, Journalism Speech Communications Terr! L. Rogers Inglewood. CA A.B., Psychology Bradley M. Rogus Downey, CA B.S., Biological Science Laurie L. Rotirer Newport Beach. CA B-S . Marketing Genevieve A. Ro|as Car; G4 A-B . English John S. Ro|as Bakersfteld. CA M.M., Music Perfi Linda J. Rofas Bakersfield. CA B.S., Education Miguel A. Ro|as Los Angeles. CA B.S., Architecture Richard D. Rojas Lakeifood, CA DOS.. Dental Science Robert M. Romerl Rancho Palos Verdes, CA B.S.. Finance Emiilo Romero, Jr. Los Angeles. CA 6,5.. Mechanical Engineering James R. Romero San Antonio. TX A.B.. Cinema Production Linda M. Romero Ceres. CA M.P-A-. Judicial Administration Mohammad R. Roostrseyan Northridge. CA M.S.. Electrical Engineering Graduates-89 B.S.. Enlrepreni D«yle N. Rosa Honolulu. HI MA , Accounting AndrMv C. Ros« Delmar. NY A.B.. English Pyfxhology Erica S. Rosa Claremont, CA EM.. Voice Performance Lswrance E, Rosanbargar Glendor a. CA BS , Marketing Debbia Rosanstain lx)s Angeles. CA R 5 . Education Barnard Rosanthal Monlereii Park. CA B.S., Electrical Engineering Jaffray N. Rosanthal Westwood. CA A.B , Speech Communtcations Carolyn L. Ross Lof, Angeles. CA A B . English Francas E. Ross Los Angeles. CA A.B . Psychology Frad N. Ross £ Monte. CA A.B., Psychology Jack A. Rosso Palm Springs, CA er Venture Miinagemenl Christina D. Rotalla Clendora. CA B.S., Dental Hygiene Howard N. Roth Los Angeles. CA A B . Political Science Richard H. Rothstaln Tarzana. CA D-D.S . Dental Science Jamas J. Roum Neu ' bury Park. CA , Biomedical Engineering Jaffray D. Rowlings lj}S Angeles, CA B FA, Drama Paul D. Rowaon Lis Angeles, CA B.S . Marketing Mary E. Royaton CA B.S . Occupationa l Therapy Frank Rut an Framingham. MA A B . History Tarasa D. Ruday .Arcadia. CA S., Business Administration Jamaa L. Rudolph Esconduio. CA fl S.. Computer Science Laonard B. Rudzlnskl North Tommiinda. ,V Pharm D . Pharmacy Carlos R. Ruiz Torrance. CA D.D.S.. Dental Science David W. Rush Gndley. CA BS-. Finance Janat L. Russo Glendale. CA B.S . Education John J. Ryan Torrance. CA A.B . Psychology William P. Ryan Torrance, CA B.S,, Finance M. Amln Saaty Saudi Arabia B.A., Public Administration David Saavadra Harbor City. CA BS . Accounting Homa Saba Los Angeles. CA A.B.. Economics w 90-Graduates ' e-; ' r Doreen F. Sachartoff Van Nuys. CA B.F.A . Theatre Arts ami Productic Katherlne M. Sada San Jose. CA M.P.A., judicial Administration John M. Saenz Alhambra. CA Pharm D., Pharmacy Kenneth W. Saenz Bronx. MY B 5.. Aerospace Engineering Joan L. Salsho Monterey Park. CA B.S.. Gerontology Sakae Salto Gunma, Japan B S . Education Arlene J. Sakamoto Los Angeles. CA B.S.. Accounting John M. Sakamoto Honolulu. HI B.S . Cwil Engineering Danllo J. Sales Lenn CA B.S.. Accounting Arturo Salazar Los Angeles. CA B.S.. Civil Engineering Dolores A. Salazar Los Angeles. CA A.B.. Ehama Luis Salazar Jr. Los Angeles. CA A.E., Speech Communications Peter F. Salcedo Redondo Beach. CA D.D.S.. Dental Science Robert M. Salcedo Inglewood, CA B.S . Finance Mahmoud S. Saleh Im Crescenta, CA B.S.. Enigineering Holly A. Salley Honolulu. HI B.S., Biological Snence Mark A. Saluterra Upper MontcliJir. N] AS.. Cinema Production Mario Samanlego Montebello. CA D.D.S . Dental Science Margaret Y. Sameshlma Rosemead. CA B.S . Marketing Michael O. Sameshlma Rosemaed. C. B.S.. Accounting Melanle A. Sample Orange. CA B.S.. Business Administration David I. Samuels Northridge. CA B.S.. Gerontology Pamela D. Samuels Compton. CA A.B-. Jourruiltsm Paula M. Sanbum La Hahra. CA A.B . Cinema Telr.-ision Anita E. Sanchez Montebello. CA A.B. Spanish Political Science Karlme Sanchez Los Angeles, CA B S . Business Administration Ralph Sanchez Miami. FL A.B . Broadcast Journalism Beverly A. Sanders Uithom. Netherlands B.S.. Electrical Engineering Richard F. Sandlfer Los Angeles. CA A.B . Religion Delia J. Sanldad Honolulu. HI A.B.. Socuil Welfare Graduates-91 Maria H. Sanaoiw Glendale. CA A.B., Social Sciences Communicaiion Gaorge R. Santana Los Angeles, CA A.B., Slavic Language Literature History Jean A. Santlklan Pasadena, CA A.B., Public Administration Roxanne F. Sappenfleld Ceres, CA A-B-, Pulie Relation Edward J. Sarlbay Salinas. CA B S., International Corporate lnan t ' Nora S. Sarklaalan Beirut, Lebanon B.S., Architecture Mohsan Sarrol Tehran. Iran B.S.. Electrical Engineering Charles M. Sartura Sherrrmn Oaks. CA B.S., Electrical Engineering Susann M. Server San Gabriel, CA B.S., Biological Science Peter F. Saao Hawthorne, CA B.S.. Business Administration David J. Saaaean San lose. CA B.S., Business Administration Rika Sato Santa Monica, CA A B., History William M. Sato Rosemead. CA B.S., Marketing Carl M. Satton Canoga Park. CA Pharm D.. Pharmacy Oanlae F. Settler Whiltier, CA A.B., Physical Education RIcherd C. Seulpeiigh Airple Valley, CA B.S . Electrical Engineering Stephen O. Sawyer Springfield. VA A B.. Political Science Frank E. Saya El Monte. CA Pharm D.. Pharmacy Jeltray F. Sayare Los Angeles. CA Pharm D.. Pharmacy Michael L. Scellon West Cctlnna. CA B S . Marketing Henry F. Scannell Bos nn. MA M.S , Library Science Michael T. Scheefer Northride. CA B.S., Business Economics Ron Schaefer Walnut. CA B.S . Accounting Susanna Schafler Los Angeles. CA B.S . Marketing John Schaller Paradise Valley. AZ B.S.. Psychobiology Laurie E. SchaachI Fullenon, CA B.S., Mechanical Engineering Craig 0. Scheldt Son Rafael. CA B.S,, Real Estate Gratchen Schlldwachter Lon Beach. CA B-S-. Biological Science Gary J. Schiller Los Angeles. CA B.S.. Biological Science Edward M. Schilling San lose, CA A.B.. Cinema Television 98-Graduates i I i i 1 i Michael W. Schirm Bitena Park. CA B.S., Business Administration Liane M. Schlrmer Los Angeles. CA A.B.. Humanities Thomas J. Schloessman Glendale. CA B.5.. Accounting Tony W. Schlossmann Los . ngetes. CA B.5.. Geography Jonell E. Schlund Anaheim. CA B.S., Business Administration Norman R. Schmidt Millbrae, CA B S-. Public . dmtmstratton Linda A. Schmidt Montrose. CA B.S.. Business Administration Rot ert A. Schmidt Taft. CA B.S.. Real Estate Fmaiia Conrad C. Schoeffter Dornacb. Switzerland Cinema Dorl L. Schooling ni, CA Education Marcus V. Schoon San Diego. CA B.S.. Music Stacey L. Schrader Newbury Park. CA B.S.. Gerontology Robert S. Schreitier Bel-erh Hills. CA B S . Real Estate Finance Michael E. Schroeder Shafler. CA A.B.. Economics lou rnalisni Mark J. Schuberg Northridge. CA A.B.. Mathematics Jan L. Schuessler 15 Angeles. Ca M.S.. Electrical Engineering Fredericic A. Schulenburg San lose. CA B.S.. . ' Accounting Robert A. Schulte Los Angeles. CA B.S., Business Administration Mark R. Schumacher Limg Beach. CA B S.. Business Administration Wendie M. Schwab Los Angeles. C. D.D S.. Dentistry Margaret C. Schwartz Ritncho Palos Verdes. CA M.B.A.. Business Administration Penny 0. Schwartz Lomita. CA B.S.. .Management Robert A. Scopatz Santa Barbara. CA B S.. Psychobiology Alice R. Scott Keniluxirth. II .4 B., Speech Communication Lisa M. Scott Burlwnk. CA A B.. Sfvech Communication Marshall P. Scott La Crescenta. CA B S.. Accounting Tammy L. Seain CA A B . Psychology Janet L. See Oaks. CA B S . Public Administration Mary M. See onoalk. CA A B . Physical Education Susan R. Saery aiks. CA Pharm. D-. Pharmacy Graduates-93 DMnm L. S««lo San Diego, CA B.S., Marketing Kofl D. S«ta Ghana B.S.. Biological Science Elalm A. S gal Los Angeles. CA B.S., Education Mark E. Sagal Highland Park, IL B.S., Accounting WwKly J. Said Palos Verdes Estates, CA M.S., Education Caaar J. Sagovia Edinberg, TX D.DS., Dental Saence LorrI Saldanatlckar North Hollt wood, CA A B., Recreation Franclaco J. Sarrano San lose, CA B.S., Mechanical Engineering Marli A. Saward Costa Mesa B.S., Computer Science Valeria A. Saytart Ufiland. CA A.B., International Relations Geological Science Mohammad Sayyed-Hoaaynl Tehran, Iran A.B , Economics MIchalla M. Shackford Anaheim, CA A.B., Mathematics Nahid Shahcharadil Los Angeles, CA M.S.. Education Nadar A. Shahrokhahahl Cleiulale, CA A.B., Interrmtional Relations Dannia E. Shamllan San Francisco, CA D.D.S., Dental Science Anna L. Sharf Iji Canada, CA A.B.. Speech Communications LonI J. Sharpa Long Beach. CA B S . DfTilol Hygiene Stavan A. Sharpa Pasadena, CA B.S., Business Administration Kathy J. Shaw La Canada. CA B.S.. Biological Science: A.B. . Slavic Languages Llaa A. Shaahan Sun ' alleu ID A B.. Speech Communicatior s Glann A. Shatton Van Nuys, CA B S . Marketing David C.K. Shan Kou ' loon. Hong Kong B.S.. Mechanical Engineenng Pal hang Shan Alhambra. CA DOS.. Dental Science Bruca L. Sharman Palm Springs. CA A.B.. Broadcast journalism Mara B. Sharman Culver City. CA A.B.. Spanish English Jacquallna F. Sharrill Orange. CA A.B.. Speech Communications Laalaa P. Sharrill San Marino. CA A.B.. Political Science Davl Sharvin VVfsluiood. CM B.S.. Mechanical Engineenng Karry ShalM Rolling Hilts Estates. CA A.B.. History Robart J. Shiald Anaheim. CA B.S.. Accounting I 94-GTaduates s Barton Y. Shigemura Foiiiitain Vallt-y. CA B.S-, Marketing: fmnnce All H.J. Shibab Los Angeles. CA B.S-. Economics Irene V. Sh(maolta Kekaha. HI B.S.. Business Mark C. Shimlzu Los Angeles, CA D.D-S.. Dentislry Spencer S. Shimlzu Monterey Park, CA B S.. Buisness Administration ToshlyukI Shimlzu Osaka. Japan M.S. ED. Education Chang S. Shin Long Beach. CA B.S . Buisness Administration Frank M. Shin Downey, CA B S.. Chemical Engmiecrin Camie L. Shinn Costa Mesa. CA B.S.. Finance Preston L.Shirley Long Beach. CA A B.. PsychobioUigy Anthropology Marc H. Shishlma Monterey Park. CA A B-. Psychology Shohre ShooshanI Beivrly Hills. CA A.B.. Psychology Merit M. Shoucrl Los Angeles. CA Ph D-. Electrical Engineering Frederick T.F. Shum Fullei CA B.S . Biology Katherlne M. Sibley Northridge. CA A.B.. Sociology Marcia Y. Sidney Inglewood, CA M.A.. Counseling Education Susan L. Sidney Ingleioood. CA B.S., Buisness Karen B. Siegel Barrington. R I A.B-, English Karen L. Siegel Northridge. CA B.S.. Dental Hygiene Victor J. Siegel Framingham. MA B.S.. Finance Dellse T. Slegler Morthridge. CA A B , Physical Education John T. Slever Redlands. CA DOS,, Dental Science Mark R. SIkand Lt)s Angeles. CA B-S-C.E.. Civil Engineering Alan L. Silver Northridge. CA M.B.A . B usiness Administration Jeffrey P. Silver Tarzana. CA Rick Sllverl Brooklyn. .V. V B.F.A.. Drama Gary J. Silvi Monisville, PA A.B.. Finance Kee-Meeng Sim Singapore B.S.. Decision Science Kathleen E. Simmons Puyallup. WA B.S.. Public .Administration Michael R. Simmons Carson. CA A.B-. Recreation Graduates-95 Kathryn S. Simons San Maritw. CA IS. Cenmit Education Richard W. Simons Sim Man CA B S., Public AffaiK Lisa R. Sims Loi ' Angeles. CA 8.5.. Markftin)i Management Sin Kwal A. Sin Rnncho Paloi Verdes. CA B.S . Civil LngiiKcrin Fouad M. Sindl Montchello. CA M.P A.. Performing; Arti Dale Siperstein knn Citu. ' VI IB,. PiuJwh ' yw Joanne Sil|ar Los Anjieies. C4 B.S., Public Affairf Chong C. Slu le ' s Uwkout. Hong Kong S S . rmacc Marketing Kathy J. Sivak .Siiriln Am. CA MS , Pliii iCiil riieraim Peter R. Skacan Manhattan Beach. CA A B . History Linda Skale La Puente. CA M.SW . Social Work Susan R. Skellon Uis Angeles. CA B M . Voice Mark R. Skldmore tjong Beach. CA S.. Electrical Engineering Kurt J. Slapnik Visalia. C.I BS . Bm cxi, Daniel E. Sly Whittier. CA Business Ailnnnistralion Brian A. Smith fulterlon, C. ' IB.. Psychology Cecllly E. Smith Mi.i .• B . Ingh h Qeotfrey R. Smith Like: A B . Horace N. Smith Los Angeles. CA .B.. Sfvech Communication Jennifer D. Smith Santa Monica. CA A.B.. journalism Karia J. Smith Carson. CA A.B.. Sxial Welfare Laura L. Smith MonleMlo. CA ' Neio Venture Deivlopement Michael W. Smith Montebello. CA DOS. Denial Science Shirley L. Smith Los .Angeles. C.I B.S . Education Tamara S. Smith Nerciwrl Beach. CA BS . Finance Marketing Cathleen M. Smithwick Milyitas. C4 B.S,. Biological Sciences Paul E. SmolarskI Calaliasas. CA B.F.A . Fine Arts Michael N. Sofka U Habra. CA B S.. Marketing Meng-Chee Soh .MonteMlo. CA B.S . Management Beatrice H. Solomon Bcvcrlu Hills. CA A.B.. English i 96-Graduates i Sandra S. Solomon Arcadtn. CA B.5.. Accounlmg Jill K. Soltero Larkspur, CA B.M.. Voice Perfonmmce Lisa D. Sommers Tucson. AZ AB., Speech Communical Pat V. Sontl ,4 L urfl, CA B.5.. Chemical Engineern Kenneth M. Soo Hoo San jose. CA Pharm D., Pharmacy Russell F. Soon Honolulu, HI D D-S.. Dental Science Elaine L. Soost Riverside. CA i.S , Ac, ' " ' ,« Victoria A. Sorensen Capislrano Beach. CA A.B-, Recreation Behrouz SoroudI Los .Angeles. CA B S.. Architecture Mohammad A. Sorourl Fullerton, CA B.S.. Civil Engineering Norbert S. SoskI Encino. CA B.S.. Electrical Engineering Jeffrey H. Sosnick San Fransisco, CA B.S-, Business Administration Joy L. Sossamon Los ,Angeles. CA B S . Education Peggy Soukup Glendale. CA B.S.. Dental Hiigiene Barry P. Spanler Rancho Palos VErdes. CA B.M.. Music Education Lesley S. Spates Palos Verdes Estates, CA B.5 . Public Administration Wendy H. Spector S(. Louis, MO B.A.. English Linda D. Spencer Redondo Beach, C4 B.S.. Dental Hi giene William B. Spencer Palos Verdes. CA A.B., International Relations William J. Spencer Simi Valley, CA Pharm- D., Pharmacy Romanda M., Sperling Can CA , B.. English, Education Sheryl A. Sperling Riverside. CA B.S.. Real Estate Dennis A. Sperry Los Alamilos. CA B.S.. Accounting Paul E. Speyer Fullerton. CA B.S . Urban and Regional Planning Mark K. Spears La Canada Flintridge. CA B.S.. Accounting Tim T. Splka Edina. MN A.B.. Cinema Maria A. Spirtos Lakeuvod. CA B.S . Psychobioloy Larry S. Spokolny , lercer-lsland. WA A.B.. Political Science Michelle J. SpoWllle Pomona. CA B S . Public .Wiirs Lynn A. Sprenger GTaduates-97 Scott M. Springer Downers Grove. IL -4.6., Cinenia Television Mark K. Steggs Millbrae, CA 4.8-, Urban Planning Marcla H. Stalvey tn leivood. CO M.S , P iysiffl Therapy Gregory K. Stanislaus Brooklyn, NY. 8.S , Biology Kathleen J. Stanonik San Diego. CA PharniD.. Pharmacy Caroline E. Stanton Van Nuys. CA A.B., Psychology NIkkl O. Stapakis Rosimoor. CA B.S.. Finance Accounting John B. Stark S Pasadena. CA B S . Biological Sciences Philippe A.R. Stsuffer Los Angeles. CA History International Relati Ronald W. Stavert . is Angeles. CA 6.S.. Finance Marketing Steven T. St.ClaIr Whiltier. CA BS.. Business Administration Elaine A. Stea Uis Alamtios. CA A B . History Anthony J. Stearns Los Angeles. CA B.S.. Finance Scott E. Steele Ingleuvod. CA BS.. Architecture Keely J. Stefan Orinda. Ca B.S , Public Administration William F. Stein Long Beach. CA fl S . F John F. Stenlcka Chesapeake. CA B.S.. Business Administration Annexe Stephens Torrance. CA A.B . English WMIIam E. Stephens MS.. Klectrical Lngohrroi : Kelly A. Stevens Phvnn. .M MS.. Physical Therapy Theresa L. Stevens Walnut. CA BS . Biological Self (la ' s Gregory M. Stevenson Uiguna. Nigiiel. CA B.S.. Accounting Gary M. Stewart Long Beach. CA DOS . Dentistry Sheila M. Stewart Wahmwa. Hi AB . Education Stephen A. Stewart Santa Mar A.B.. Eco Linda L. Stock Dou ' ney. CA A.B . Psychology Toble C. Stockweil Corona Del Mar. CA B.S.. Architecture Sandra G. Stoff La Mesa. CA A B.. journalism Matthew W. Stofle ivhittier. CA Pharm. D . Pharmacy Kenneth H. Stokes Ttoin Falls. ID MB . " i.. Marketing ( 98-Graduates Susan F. Stoltze Santa Barbara, CA A B , Sfvech Communication Elizabeth J. Storm Rollmn Hilh. CA B F A . Performing Arts Karen A. Strain Los Angi:les. CA A B . Englifh Pamela T. Stratos Rolling Hilli Estates. CA 8S,, Uucation Ronald L. Strawn Nneport Beach. CA B.S . Marlietmg Lisa P. Streitteld Stamford. CT A.B . International Relations Margie A. Strode £ Caton. CA A.B.. Broadcast Ipurnalisni Elaine Strom Los Angeles. CA A B . Drama Douglas H. Stuart Ligiina Beach. CA B S.. Public Administration Mary C. Suarez Torrance. CA 8 S , .■ ciOimlms; Jerry A. Subar iirt . Hollmvod. C, riiarm D . Pliarmac Alan W. Suddutli Whitlier. CA B S , Business Administration Hartatl Sudiro lahirla. Indonesia A I B A . Business Administration Lee M. Suglmototo Los .Angeles. CA A B Psuchologv Tatsuro Sugjyama Takatsuki. Osaka {ajian M.B.A.. Business Administration Raymond F. Sullivan Slovalo. CA A.B-. Psi chologi James J. Sullivan Rolling Hills Estates. CA B.S . . ' Accounting Richard R. Sullivan Rolling Hills Estates. CA BS . Biological Sciences Kauyen Sun South Pasadena. CA B 5 , Business Administration Linda L., Supe La Piienle. CA A B . Physical Education Erika Susoy Los .Angeles. CA B S . Business Administration Ken Suzuki Sendai. tapan IB A . Susiiic ' Ss . ministration Karl I. Swaldan Clendalc. CA B S . Business . ' {Jministratuni Allsa M. Swanson Bakersfield. CA BS.. Dental Hugiene Leslie A., Sweat! Fatrlaion. OH A B . Voice Glenn C. Sylvain Santa Monica. CA M B .4 . Business .Administration Stephen H. Szeto Los Angeles. CA Pharm D.. Pharmacii Gaja G. Tabalu|an lakiirta. Indonesia B S . I m.mce Carmellta Tacperan Honolulu III A B . lournalism Sixinish Camllle L. Tafs Balliv Island. CA BS.. finance (iraduates-99 Linda M. Tagawa Gardena. CA B.S., Occupational Therapy Dorothy A. TakahashI Anaheim. CA B.S.. Chemical Enjfineering Arlyne M., TakakI Gardena, CA BS., Psi chobtolo; Robert T. Takamatau Wailuki. HI ID., Law Kim M., Takada Monterey Park. CA B.S., General Education Karen L. Tarn Los Angeles. CA A B.. Print journalism Keneth K. Fam Long Beach. CA . Electrical Engineering Kent K. Tam Los Angeles. CA B.S-. Electrical Engineering Wendy J. Tamis Phoenix. AZ B.M.. Music Performance Daley K. Tan Los Angeles. CA B.S., Accounting MS Ho Yung Tan Rancho Palos Verdes, CA M.B.A., Business Administration Karen S. Takeguma Garden Groi ' e. CA BS,. Public Affairs Suean A. Takemoto Ninole. HI D.D.S.. Dental Science Joee F. Talancon Sun Valley. NV D.D.S . Denial Science Florence L. Tam Los Angeles. CA 8.S , Finance Joaaph T. Tam Li Angeles C.- Pharm D , Pharmacy LIm Hok Tan Los Angeles. CA MS.. Engineering Management LIm P. Tan Las Angeles. CA M.S . Mechanical Enggineering ' Sherae J. Tan Medan, Idone- i M.S.. Computer Sciemi T)ln-kok Tan Los Angeles. C. M.B.A.. Business Administration Julie A. Tancredy Ufiiyettc. CA A ) , Recreation Raymond H. Tang Phoenix. A . B.S.. Chemistry Terry L Tanner Venice. C, B.S.. Business Administration Debbie L. Tanzman Los .Angeles. C.4 .4 B . Psychology Rowedeh Tarawneh L(is .Angeles. CA M.S . Library Science Vide V. Taraaaoly Tehri 6 S , Cipil Engineering Suzanne E. Tortre Son Dic o. CA BS . SocmI Welfare Aziz S. Taahnlzl B.S.. Civil Enineerwg Robert 0. Tate La folia. CA B.S.. Finance Maau|llro M. Tatenuma Los Angeles, CA B.S., Finance i iiMJiiiiiii l I lOO-Graduates 1 1 I ) i Farhad Tavassol Santa Monica. CA MBA . Business Admmistralion Stephen F. Taylor San Diego, CA A.B.. Cmema Wendy K. Taylor Long Beach. CA AB . Art History Edward Teeijwen Rottenlani. Holland B S . .Arcliilecture Masoud H. Tehran! Lawndale. CA MS. Industrial Systems Engineering Edwardo C. Tellez Lynwood. CA B.S.. Biological Science Claudia L. Tempteton Seattle. WA B.F.A . Drama Kal L. Teng Louisi ' ille. KY A-B.. Psychology Speech Coi Karen S. Terry Pasadena. CA A.B.. Psychology Julie Y. Teshima Honolulu. HI M.S.. Education Carlos E. Tessman Venezuela B.S . Industrial Systems Enj Poppy L. The Glendale. CA D.D-S . Dental Scierice Ellen E. Thomas Washington. DC M.S.. Rehabilitation Counseli Kenneth A. Thomas Los Angeles. CA A.B-. Musk Lorl E. Thomas Laguna Niguel. CA B.S., Geological Science William S. Thomas Patos Verdes Estates. CA B.S.. Marketing Zuanita G. Thomas Los Angeles. CA B.S.. Management Anastasia Thomopoulos Los Angeles. CA Florlan Thompson Los Angeles. CA B S.. Biological Science G. Gregory Thompson Redondo Beach. CA B S . Business Administration Rodney S. Thompson Oakland. CA BS. Marketing ,Miiiiiij;frrit ' ?Tl Russel J. Thompson Redondo Beach. CA B.S.. Finance Richard E. Thum Sherman Oaks. CA B.S., Business Administration Melinda A. Thun Los Aiigeles. CA M S . Biological Sciet Wallace D. Thune nronmenlal Engineering hirgo. .VD O D S . Dental Science Michael P. Tlllotson Dctwer. CO A B . Ecommiics Debra A. Tlllstrom Hawthorne. CA B S . Marketing Elizabeth R. Tlly Glendale. CA . B , Communication Rotwrt J. TIndula Glendale. CA Plmrm D . Pliarmacy Etiena K.F. Ting Hong Kong B.S.. Chemical Engineering Graduates-101 Philip C. Ting Ma aysw D.D.S.. Denial Science Amir M. T|aha|a Indonesia BS.. Cwtl Enfiinecring Sur|a T|aha|a huiomfta fl S , Markelmji Benny Tjandra Indonesia B.S.. Industrial Systems En}(ineenn}i Bang Hap T|la Sin);apore M.S-. Industrial Systems En ineerinn M.S.. A.B.. Political Scien Rogh A. Tobagi Lt)s Angeles. CA Comj titer Science Robbia Tobiaa Clwla Vista, CA B.S.. Education John W. Todd Lakewood. CA B.S.. Electrical Engineering Suaan A. Tolei Son Francisco. CA BS., Civtl Engineering Mellnda J. Tom Los Angeles. CA M.S., Teacher Education Paul T. Tom San Diego, CA 1,S., Letters, Arts, and Sciences Valerie S. Tom Uis Angeles, CA Pliarm. D . Pharmacy Lawrence P. Tombarl SiHyknne, WA BS , Finance Frank W. Tong Los Angeles, CA B.S., Finance Hang-Ming T.H. Tong Ijjs Angeles, CA MS.. Petroleum Engineering Julia A. Torres Us Angeles. CA H S , Public Affairs Marlha A. Torres l, - .■Uigeles, CA HS . I ' Mu Allans Lynn N. Torlgoe Monterey Park. CA A B . Sfieech Communication Alexander S. Tovar Monterey Park. CA B.S.. Biological ScH-nce Jay L. Towne Studio City. CA BS., Marketing Rick B. Towns Los Angeles. CA B S , Biological Scie nce Rebecca J. Trafzer LI norado Hills. CA Pharm 11 . Pharmaiy Michael Trentalange Middlcl ' ury. CT B.F.A.. Fine Arts Paula G. Tripp Bakersfield. CA ' S ' peech Communication Randalea E. Trout Lawndale. CA A B . Puhhc Relations Sandra M. Trutlllo Los Angeles, CA B.S.. Dental Hygeine Theresa C. Tsal Uis Angeles. CA B.S., Chemistry William M. Tsal Los Altos Hills, CA BS . Business Administration Heidi K. Tschudin Atascadero. CA B.S.. Urban Regional Planning Tak-Mel W. Tse Hacienda Heights, CA B.S., Computer Scieru-e 108-Graduates i Eric S. Tseng Taiwan M.S . El ' ironmenlal Etijftrteerm Denlse Tso Monterey Park. CA A B-. Public Relatwm Maurice Tso Monterey Park. CA B S., Business Administration Linda M. Tsugawa Rjjncho Palos Vcrdes. CA Pharm D.. Pharmacy Kenneth D. Tsukahara Gardetui. CA B.S.. Finance Real Estate Jenny K. Tsuneda Honolulu. HI A.B., Political Science Elaine E. Tsutsu Arleta. CA B.S . Dental Hygiene Shirley Ann M. Tsutsul San Gabriel. CA B.S.. Biological Science Steven J. TuccI Glendale. CA B.S., Finance David K. Tucker Los Altos. CA A.B., Cinema Teleliision Joanmarte Tucker Neu ort Beach. CA A.B.. Public Relations Kevin H. Tucker Oakland, CA B S., Real Estate Finance Thomas M. Tullnsky lVi7 ioms(OJi. M.S-. Computer Science Sharon P. Turk Lakeporl. CA B S., Petroleum Engineering Lance E. Turner Torrance. CA B.S.. Business Administration Margaret D. Turner Santa Monica. CA B S.. Accounting Rotwrt A. Turner Hemet, CA D.D.S., Dental Science Robert E. Turner, ill East Orange, N] B.S., Public Affairs Loah M. Tuverson Arcadia. CA i A,B-, Physical Education Charlotte Y. Tysen Los Angeles, CA B.S., Public Affairs Theresa I. UchI Los Angeles. CA M.P.A.. Health Serrices .administration Russell T. Uchiysma Foioler, CA A.B.. Political Science Hidekl Ueda Woodland Hills. CA A.B . Psychology Claude M. Uehara Honolulu. HI B.S.. Economici Lisa M. Ullmann Uis Angeles, CA B S , Education Randall J. Um Man fi-illc. CA Pharm D , Pharmacy Debra R. Ung Montertii Park, CA Pharm D., Pharmacy Lorl K. Ung Los Angeles. CA .4 B , Speech Communication Flordeiiza G. Ungos L.)s Angeles, CA B S-, Biological Science Joseph H. Unterrelner Pasadena, CA M.P.A.. Public Administration Graduates- 103 Michael J. Urban Mill Valley. CA B-S . Aaounlmg Lola Urrutia Alhanibra. CA A B.. ' Social Wclfnre Carol A. Uyeno Smt W HA . Aicminlm Fereydoon Z. VahdatI Md ' fiaii. Iran J,S , Elecliiuil t.iyMirt-nii, ' Christina Valentine Alkiilti. CA .B-. S)W | Commummlmi Gelly Y. Valero Biirhiitk. CA A B.. Polilical Science Alfred Valles, Jr. Loi Anxelef. CA B.S . Cii ' il Lnjfiiieenii}; Joe L. Valiea Albiujtierifue. XM D-DS . Denial Science Jeanne ValsamI Alh A B . Robert J. Vandenberg Sun Diejio. CA H S . Siilelv Victor T. Vandergrlfl Arl, US . l ' i ' ii .-V " " - Oana L. VanderLlnden Rimctw Cirnhva, CA B-. Speech Cinnmiintcatnm Cathy J. Vandersllca Mohave Valley. A . Pharm D.. Pharmacy Steven E. Van Dyk Chicajio. 11. JS . Electrical Ln ineennn Phil S. VanEtten Los Angele$. CA ' -. Busmesi Adminiilration Stephen G. Venn Arcailta. CA O D,S . Llental Science Donna R. Van Puyvelde Gr,iM,l,(n Hills. CA A.B.. Phy-icill [iliiuiluni Stephen M. Van Slyke Cellar Rai ' iili. lA A.B-. Physical Lducalimi Nick C. Vardatalkos Li Pii. leiini Imtltiitrial Lnynn-rriny Steven A. Vasllev (.Hi Angelei. CA B.S . Bioliij;nri Science Ann M. Vasko Reno. . B.S.. Geological Science Vernice V. Vasquez Arlel B.S,. Markelins U ' giilici Peter 8. Vasslllou La MA Angela M. Vaughan BrMklyn. M A.B.. Internalioiuil Relatione Merle J. Vaughn Culver Cilu. CA B.S.. Buiineff .4i(i Mel D. Veal Los Angela . CA B.S-. Geronlology Cathleen L. Vejsicky Lonf Beach. tM 8.S.. Bmmesi Mamigeinenl Laura Velez Los . njielcf. CA B.S.. Social Work Karen Venendaal Creeiilawn. SY A B . Public Relalion Michael M. Ventre Kcniluorlh. .V F v ' a- Vj 104-Graduates Jose M. Verger Cnmcns, Veneztteln B.S.. Eli ' Clrictil Eu imrriiiji Pamela G. Viebeck PlMiaiilon, CA 8.S.. Comimter Science Entile H. Vigra, Jr. Bristol CA B.S.. Buiiness Adnliitistmlioii Manuel Vila Puerto Calvllo. Veneztielii B.S.. Industrial Sfiitems Enf;iit Robin I. Villa San Francisco. CA A.B., Broadcast jouriuilism Maria A. Villalpando Los Angeles. CA B S.. Public Administration Timothy L. Vide, CA B S , Finance Gary S. Vitar Long Beach. CA 1 B . Inlenialional Relations John D. Vogelzang nU .1 " , CA B S . Mmketmi: Tom S. Vogt-Nilsen Redtands. CA B S.. Accounting Beat J.R. von Tscharner San Marino. CA B.S.. Architecture Gregory M. Voorhis Yorktown Heights. -Vi BS . Finance Michael J. Wachtler Sherman Oaks. CA A.B.. Public Relations Carol A. Wada L(»5 .Angeles. CA B.S.. Biomedical Engineering Wesley E. Wada Bra-iJil Port, CA B.S-. Business .Admtnistratum Christopher J, Wagner Irvine. CA B S.. Business Administration Diane E. Wagner Burhmk CA .i B English Kandace A. Waier Hacienda Heights, CA A B . Speech Communication Julie A. Walte Arcadia. CA A B . Physical Education Paul R. Wales Khiltier. CA B.S.. Business Administration Mary Walker Cuim-ss. C. A B . Ilistoni Patrick R. Wall Sparks. NV B S . Entrei renuer Venture .Vt. Celeste J. Wallace :.lendoi ,r-; CA Pharm D.. Pliarmacu KImarie K. Wallace Granada Hills. CA A B . Sih-ech Communication Allca S. Wallack Yorlii Linda. CA .M D . Wedicme Stephen J. Waller Ch.iOum t ■ B , Cmema Telefiston Kyle P. Walls long Beach. CA H S . Business Adinuiistrattor Jordon Walters I. I.I .Vi.u,v CA B..S.I, ,■1.(1.. Oebra K. Wanderer I B , Br,,i, i,is( ,.i,ri.,. ..... SlvCKh Graduates- 105 George C. Wang 7Viii . Ailn IS.. Bwh ic Hsingya A. Wang MM., Millie Eiimation Hsiu-Tuan H. Wang Manleny Park, CA M.S.. Music Eductiiiott Mel Ling Wang Taiwan ),, Business Administration Tai F. Wang Los Angeles, CA S.. Pelmhuin Engimrnnf Tal Ling Wang Krazil tngineenng Management Sandra L. Waralh Son Dirxii. CA Physical tilucatmi Scott D. Ward Ctiica ;o. II ■ AB.. U.S.. Bu . Adn Geraldlne Ward-Roblnson l.()S Annelci. CA M.S.. Social Work Felicia R. Ware Mississipfn Slate. .MS A B . Span:-li Deborah A. Warner San f):f?,i. CA BS . Lriiication Deborah J. Warner -i s Angeles. CA A B P V ' holoxu Georgia O. Warren h ' ltntridge. CA BS , Denial Hygiene Jill K. Warren U ' s Angeles. CA A.B.. Gni oyira; Science Pamela J. Warren Comi ' ton. C. B.S.. Management Julie A. Warth Laktiiwd. CA BS.. Public Allim David W. Washburn Long Beacli CA B.M , Trumpet Performance Tamarah Y. Washington Pacifica. CA B S.. General Studies Michael J. Wasserman Los Calos. CA A.B.. Psychology Craig M. Watklns Rancho Pahs Verdes, CA 3.S.. Mechanical Engineering Michael G. Watry Tulare. CA MB A . Iiiiamc Virginia J. Watson Cuhvr City. CA • lournalism . Political Science Thitlnan Wattanavekin Los Angeles. CA B S., Piil ' lic Affairs Phyllis K. Waugh Los Angeles. CA Pharm. D.. Pharmacy Ian L. Wayne Betvrly Hills. CA A B . Cinema Telroision Lorraine A. Webb Pasadena. CA BS,, Education Sharon A. Weber Burbank. CA A.B.. Social Welfare Debra L. Webster Canoga Park. CA B S.. Denial Hugiene Sandra K. Webster U .Vlfsn, CI A.B.. Psychology Jeffrey O. Weddle firm, CA J.S-, BusiHfss Adniinislralioii 106-Graduates Lance A. Wedegaertner Hemoia Beach. CA MBA., fmana Edward C. Wedlake Pebble Beach. CA B.S.. Marketing; ' Finance Lauren L. Wedlow Com}Uorl, CA MS.. Phyncal Therain Catherine A. Wgl Culver City. CA B.S , Biomedical Engine,-rinj( Stacey J. Weinberger Long Beach, CA A-B., Cerman Jeffrey C. Weiner Fullerlon, CA A.B., Pohlical Science Robert E. Weiner Burhank. CA B S . Public .Adminiilralioii Steven E. Weiner Burhank. CA A.B., East Asian Languages and Culturi Donna A. Welntraub Los Angeles. CA A.B-, Sociology Richard S. Weiss Downey. CA B.S . Chemistry Jill L. Welssenger Lawrencei ' ile. NJ AB.. Psychology Robert E. Weissler Encino. CA B.S-. Electrical Engineering Amy G. Wells Los Angeles. CA AB , Cinema Telez ' ision Daniel H. Wells Honolulu, HI B.S., Electrical Engineering Linda A. Wells San Diego, CA AS., Political Scu;nce Therese L. Wells Van Nuys, CA A.B., Print lournalism Michael L. Welsh Redondo Beach. CA B.S.. Accounting Mary A. Wenger Pasadena. C4 B S , Marketing John M. Wentzel Long Beach, CA Gregory M. Werner Los Alios. CA B.S., Aerospace Engineering Ralph H. Wescott, Jr. Newport Beach. C.4 B S.. Management Gerald J. Westbrook West Hollywood. CA B S . Biological Science Paul L. Westphal Los Angeles. CA B.S , Accounting Leeann N. Wefts Los ,Angeles, C4 B.S,, Accounting Timothy P. Whalen Pomona. CA AB . Art Helton, Susanna E. Whatley U Canada CA AB lournalism Bradley S. White Haiothornc. CA A B . InleriMlioiial Relations ' Bryce L. While S.i» bike City. UT DP S , Denial Science Jonathan O. White Hillslvroagh, CA , I,B.-1,, Marketing Karen F. White CA A B , Graduates- 1 07 Kendall L. White Lanham. MD « S , Conipiiler ScieiKi- James R. Whitehead Alltititti. CA Phar„i n . I ' lianmni Douglas R. WIdtfeldt La Mtrada. CA B.S.. Murh:linj( Nicholas M. WIeczorek Sherman Oaks. CA A B . Itmrmlli ni Psyclidony Brenda D. WIewel Ijiki ' u ' ood, CA M.S.. Sxiat Work Linda L. Wilcox Slockloti, CA A.B.. Speech Comnmmcatuni Kenneth R. Wiley Jr. Coronado, CA B.S , Aerospace Eiigmeerm Gerald W. Wilklna L )5 Afijicffs, CA A.B . Psi t ' ic oyiy Susan C. Wllklns Cariyenteria. CA A.B., Art lliiloni Cecilia A. Wilkinson ion Beach. CA MA.. PuUic Relalum Sydney E. Wilkinson LexiUjiUm. MS A B , Polilical Science Anthony F. Williams Uis Attjietei-. CA D.D S.. DeiJtal Science Brandt G. Williams Slmtio Citu. CA BS,, Marketing Charles V. Williams L.m. Heart, CA A.B . LJiuation Dennis Williams Complon. CA A.B.. CIremiilry Douglas H. Williams Palm S »riiiys. CA A.B.. Prcwi i-flsf loiirrnalmn Edwin D. Williams Jr. Cum, l Ptiann D.. Pharmacv Ingrld A. Williams Wa-ihin)tlon. DC A.B . loiirnahsm : Scvio oijv James B. Wllllains Lis AnxclCf. CA M.I Laura A. Williams Los Angeles. CA A.8.. Polilical Science Pamela J. Williams Midlaiul TX B.S.. Education Britt W. Wilson Ui . nxeles. CA ess Administration Dean C. Wilson Palnulale. CA Plmrm. D., Pharmacy Jean C. Wilson Arcadia. C.4 B.S.. MnrMiiiy JoAn M. Wilson Fairfax, ' r D.. Pham M-u Bu Pha Kathleen 0. Wilson Wcstlake Village. CA A.B., English Marlaine A. Wilson Coronado. CA A.B . English Natalie M. Wilson Lo .Angeles. CA B.S.. Education Ton! A. Wilson Seattle. WA BE. A., Fine Arts Victoria R. Wilson Keni a. South Africa A.B . Performing Arts 108-Graduates r Robert I. Winebrenner Cut Bank, MT B.M . Music Educalwii Elliot S. WInestock tarzaiia. CA Pharm D . Pharmacy Willis A. WIngert III Clarenwrit. CA A.B.. English Karen R. Winters Chicago, IL A.B., Speech Communication James P. Wltcher Oxnarii. CA D.D.S-, Dental Science Gregory J. WIvlott Encino, CA B.S.. Finance David C. Wo Honolulu. HI B.S-, Business Administration Edward A. Womack Los Angeles, CA B.S , Mathematics Meredee Won Belmont. CA B.S. Ada Y. Wong Hong Kong. China M.B.A.. Finance Cathleen Wong Rolling Hills Estates. CA B M . Flute Periormance Chung F. Wong Hong Kong. China D.D.S.. Dental Science Dan M. Wong San Francisco. CA Pharm. D.. Pharmacy Edmond G. Wong La Habra. CA B.S . Business Administration Elizabeth A. Wong Monterey Park. CA A.B.. Journalism English Gary D. Wong Los Angeles, CA B S.. Business Administration Gary S. Wong Monterey Park. CA. B.S.. Business Administration Jack Wong Monterey Park. CA Pharm. D.. Pharmacy Jeffrey G. Wong Los Angeles. CA B.S , Biologic al Sciences Kenneth L. Wong Torrance. CA MBA . Business Administration Oy L. Wong Denver. CO Pharm D . Pharmacy Randal S. Wong Honolulu. HI ,4.8 , Political Science Roger H. Wong Torrance. CA B.S.. Biochemistry Sallla K. Wong i. s Angels. CA B.S . Business Administration Sau-wah L. Wong Los Angeles. CA .4.6., Psychology , Sociology Sharon J. Wong Monterey Park, CA A.B , lourmlism Silas K. Wong Alhambra. CA B.S.. Business Administration Sophia F. Wong San Francisco. CA B.S . Accounting Wallok Wong Tokyo. (l;wn A B.. Economics Wayne L. Wong Los Angeles. CA D.D.S., Dental Science Graduates- 109 Arnold D. Woo las Angeles, CA A.B.. Political Scietwe GMorga Woo Sail Franavo CA PliaTm D . Pharmacy Grade J. Woo Calexiai, CA A.B.. Psychology Speech Palholof Linda A. Wooden Rolling Hilh. CA B.S,. Business Adniii ' fl ' i ' ici Mildred C. Wood LaCanada fluttriiige, C. AS.. Sociology Leslie A. Wolley Bone. II A B . SpeeJi CommuiinaMns Karen o. Wopachall Paiadena. CA B.S-, Marketing Management Elizabeth J. Wright CA Petrfleu " I .i-rering Josephine J. Wright Linda T. Wright Washington. D.L Charles P. Wtullch l i.ghk, :•! B ; Chlen-Kang W. Wu Taiuvn D D.S . Ilcntislry Chuck Van Taipei. Taiwan Ph.D . Electrical ingineering Oong-Whei Wu Taipei, Taiuvtn MBA., Business Administration Fatlma Y. Wu Candida A.B , English Literature Hsiao-Bal Wu Taipei, Taiaian M Tm ' fmYnrtif Victor W Wu Lt ' S Angeles, CA M.B.A., Business Administration Randall David Wuarth CA 8-S , Me chanical Engineering Las B. Wulk Los Angeles, CA A.B., Business Administration Kathryn A. Wurlman Glendora, CA B S , Education Jamelle E. Wynn Neptune. .V B.S., Business Administration Raymond K. Wynne Tountain ' alley. CA A.B , Astronomy Karen L. Yada Roscmead. CA A.B., Psychology Elatieh Yaghmal Masnmd. Iran B.S.. Business Administration Evelyn M. YamaguchI Tokyo. Japan East Asian Language Culture Lily L. Yamamoto Kaneohe B S . Biology Paul Y. Yamamoto Lihue. HI B.S.. Electrical Engineering Naomi Yamanaka Pasadena, CA B.S.. Accounting Kenneth K. Yamane Altadena. CA B.S , Business Administration Doreen M. Yamaoka Pasadeiui. CA B.S., Accounting Finance I llO-Graduates . I I iit l Allan Y. Yamashlro CA ) , Pharmacy Roger M. Yamashlro Caritfm. CA BS., Biological Scieme Nancy J. YamauchI Gardena. CA D , Pharmacy Robert H. Yamaura L Angele . CA B S . Business Administration Eddie P. Yang Pasaderui, CA B S . Marketing Henry H. Yang Hilo. HI B 5 , Psychohiology Robert H. Yasuhara Los Angeles, CA PharmD.. Pharmacy Susan F. Yeager CA M.A., Phyaical Education Jaime L. Yee Downey. CA M.S.. Physical Therapy Ronald Yee San FranciiO. CA B-S.. Biological Sciences Gustavo Yep Tempe, .4Z .4 B-. Psychology John Yep Alhamhra. CA B S . .Accounting James W. Yerdon Anaheim. CA M.P.I-. Urban Regional Planning Marcus Yin Santa Momca. CA B S.. Biological Sciences Richard Ylu Hong Kong. China D.DS.. Dental Science Ken S. Yonemura Gardena. CA B.S-. Psychobiology Keith J. Yonkers Neu ' port Beach, CA B.S.. Fnuince Hae K. Yoon Honolulu, HI A B , Psychology Gary K. Yoshlda Torrance, CA BS . Public , ' dininislralion Taltahiko Yoshlmoto Kobe, lapan B.S , Accounting Don M. Yoshlmura Foivler, C,4 BS.. Biological Sciences Belinda L. Young Manhattan Beach, CA A B . Drama ,■ Public Relations Hilary L. Young Los ,An ieles, CA .4 B . Political Science Howard N. Young Frar CA A B.. Psychology Linda Young K,ms,is City, KS A.B . Psyclwlogy Robert P. Young CuUvT City. CA Pharm. D.. Pharmacy Roger W.K.C. Young Honolulu. HI B.S.. Public .Administration Susan C. Young Bakersfield. CA B S.. Business Adtiimistration Wendy M.L. Young Monterey Park. CA B.S . Biological Science Leo Youngblood Detroit. Ml ID. Uw Graduates-Ill Cherif Youssef .( s Angeles. CA Electrical Engineering Allen M. Yu -t s Angetes. CA Helda C Yu . u A.B.. PMic Relalimi PharmD.. Pharmacy Jeannle M. Yu Lo Angele$, CA 91 Asian Lun uage Cr Culture Simon C. Yuan Jjis Angela. CA M $.. Electrical Engineering Geolfrey J. Yuen i s Angeles. CA PharmD . Pharmacy Suzanne M. Yuen jJS Angeles. CA PharmD.. Pharmacy Carole K. Yumiba Uk Angeles, CA Ph.D., Education Sung S. Yun Los Angeles. CA A.. Business Aiiministration Willie CM. Yung Hong Kong, China B.S.. Biological Science Nabii M. Zaatari Uhimlon M.S.. Cwil ingineerm!; Pinhas Zajdman Bei ' erly llitls. CA A B.. Cineni:! Michael A. Zakian Torrance. CA BS . Architecture Karen P. Zarish n,;;lH-h! n A H nr.mui Christopher L. Zaske Connecticut B.S., International Finance Hania Zawaneh Amman. Jordan B.S . Public Aiiministration Linda S. Zelner Shernum Llalcs. t l BS . Bi.ilivi. Daniel R. Zenra Neic Hyde Park. S) Speech Communicate " i Valerie Zers San Gabriel. C. MB -A, Marketing Maimgemenl Lisa Ann Zeutzius Ume Pine. CA B.S.. Occuftational Therafru Joseph L. Zlegler SiTM lose. CA B.S.. Business Administration Susan L. Zlemann Manhattan Beach. CA A.B., History Karlta A. Zimmerman Oakland. CA B.S.. Public Administration Wendy D. Zimmerman Ui Crescenta. CA A B . lournalism Philosofiln Thomas E. ZIrpoio La lolla CA BS . Finance Catherine A. Zubiate Hacienda Heights, CA B S . Dental Hygiene Cassandra R. Zu-Jalaal Los Angeles. C.- B.S., Public Administration Tommy M. Chang Montehello, CA B.5., Accounting Janice D. Denson San Diego, CA B.S.. Accounting KImrl A. Lever Lon Beach, CA B.S . Finance. Real Estate 118-Graduates ng Patrick J. McKay Oakhrook, IL B-S.. Mnitagnwnl Richard E. Oswald Paaftc Paliiadfi. CA B S , Markeling Allreza M. ShIrvanI Iran B S . Civil Engitm Eric W. Tammen Sail Pedro. CA B.S-. Biological Sciences Stephen D. Titus Siiti Gabriel. CA B.S , Miirfeliiij; Kay J. Upton Panorama City, CA B S , Civil Enjfi ' rfrrinx Michelle E. Veres Huntington. N ' B . Psychology Eddy Wang Los Angeles. CA B S-, Electrical Engineering James A. Vlllela Huntiiiglon Beach. CA B.S.. Business Administration George Vlahopoulos Salonica, Greece M.S-. Oyerations Research Magdalen H. Yen Temple City. CA M.S.. Architecture Preparatum for the licokitinc " rti)h week " bnnighl an excess of texts. Graduates- 113 Gordon L. Jones New Canann, CT B.S., Business Admmistratwn Judy Jones Hacienda Heights, CA A.B., Linguistics Julius R. Jones Los Angeles, CA B.S., Public Administration Lezlle S. Jones Los Angeles. CA A.B , Sfva i Margaret W. Jones Clauia!e. CA A B . Elementary Lducation Michael B. Jones Pahs Verdes Estates. CA B.S., Civil Engineering Mona L. Jones Complon, CA M.P.A . Pittance Paul G. Jones Rancho Pahs Verdes, CA A P.. Political Science Rene M. Jones Los Angeles. CA B.S.. Business Adnunist ration Jasmin M. Jones St. Petei l ' urg. PL B.S . Business Administration Linda L Jordaht Salem. OR A B . P tnhologu Frank G. Jordan San Francisco. CA B S.. Finnncc Lsalle M. Jordan Neii ' pori Beach. CA AB . Philosophu Adela G Josue Los Angeles. CA B.S , Business Administration Lily Jow Los Angeles, CA B.S., Markrting Robert L. Judklns Uis Angelt flS , P tihohtolog t William R. Jungman hv Angele ' i. CA S , Dental Science Vincent Juworw f fc , ' p. yjl l gl Dl M. Mii imy, InJonfsia ' Cwtl Fnj inefring Thomas R. Kalm AtbuqutTtfiie. NM A.B.. Muaic Akhtar KafI Beverly Hilk. CA B.S., Engineering HIroshI Kagaya Akila. japan A.B.. Sociology Economics HIna C. Kagy Los Angeles. CA B.S.. Finance Economics HIkaru Ka|lta Tokyo, japan B S.. Chemistry Craig B. Kalam Alladena. CA B.S., Physics Megan Kallonzes Rnncho Palos Verdes. CA A.B . Public Relations Sandra L. Kallsh GlenJale. CA AB.. Economics Kwok-wah Kam Los Angeles. CA B.S., Chemical Engineering Jon K. Kamada Torrance. CA Pharm. D.. Pharmacy Cindy L. Kambak Fullerton. CA A.B., Physical Education Brian P. Kamel Beivrly Hills. CA A.B.. Psychology 1 l4-GTaduates as %19 .■ . ■■ i ' . ' My 9-3 - -. ' £3 -.. -, k%,. t .w i ' ' -r ' -. ' :rr .-it i ' is j il cH.r SS -i-H. Vtf -. m --: y ir - ' a . s s; ■.»ipk; »T»V j9k;]»v4fe- Jifc v i- i ' . b -!: ' » ' : l tig j. TROJAN. You ' ve probably heard that word so many times by now that you ' ve become oblivious to what it really means. To the outside world it ' s reminiscent of historic days and great people who fought for a tremendous .empire. Webster ' s New American Dictionary defines a Trojan as " ...One who keeps on doing what he be- gins, as, he worked like a Trojan. Formerly, a companion ready for anything, no matter how bad. " The name " Trojan " was first given to the early SC football team by a sportswriter who described the team as being strong and valiant, even when they were clearly the underdog. But, you are a Trojan. You know the feeling of fighting for something. It could have been an outstanding grade point average, trying to get the administration to respond to student complaints, or getting your JEP " pal " to understand why he must really care about school. The fact is that you have all experienced the feeling of triumph and the feeling of defeat. And you will all feel them many times again. It doesn ' t really matter what your triumphs and defeats are, what matters is that you have them - that you learn from them everyday of your life. So, as you go out into that ' real world " , remember theU everyone has their personal momments of glory and failure, and that yours are never any better than the next person ' s. Only the person that never cares about anything will lose out. But then you won ' t have to worry about becominMa part of that group - you ' re a Trojan. T I Extension Campuses use has many diversified programs and extension cam- puses. The Madrid Semester, Semester at Sea. Catalina Semester, and the Cambridge Program are a few of the opportunites students have to experience learning outside of the conventional walls. The Idyllwild campus, located in the Idyllwild mountains east of Los Angeles, has been used as an academic re- treat and has housed the Idyllwild School of Music and Arts for many summers. The School of Medicine is located seven miles from the main USC campus and covers thirteen acres. A division of the university since 1885, the L.A. County-USC Medical Center is one of the largest teaching hospitals in the world. The newest addition to the Medical Center is the Cancer Research Center, scheduled to open in the fall of 1981. The opportunities for USC students to pursue their aca- demic interests are boundless. There are unlimited ways to cultivate the education that is offered, both on and off the main campus. 116-Academics Acadeinics-117 The Education The University of Southern California opened in October of 1880 as the first private university on the west coast. It ' s primary function was to provide students with a well- rounded liberal arts education; and, even today, the Col- lege of Letters, Arts, and Sciences has the largest number of students enrolled. As the university grew, the curriculum expanded to meet the changing needs of the country. More and more people moved west, and the maturing frontier found a need for professional doctors, pharmacists, and other specialists. The university responded, and just after the turn of the century, the School of Pharmacy opened it ' s halls of aca- demia. The university continued to grow until the world went to war, and the students went with it. When they returned, the brick buildings once again swelled with people, people hungry for the knowledge to help their country up on its feet again. Today ' s students are hungry for that knowledge too. They have been described as sophisticated, career-mind- ed, and aware of the world situation. They are concerned about their future. At use, students are receiving the education necessary to improve their future. With a diverse number of major schools and institutes, students are afforded the basis for any field they wish to pursue. The schools of music, jour- nalism, cinema, business, engineenng, and many others are considered among the top in the country. Prestigous faculty and staff include noted economist Arthur Laffer and scientists Sidney Benson and George Olah. Extension campuses and internship semesters provide students with practical as well as theoretical teachings. But, the future of a university education lies in the struc- ture of the system itself. Publications and research give professors status and tenure, not the ability to teach a class. And once they get it, there is vitually no way of get- ting a tenured professor out, no matter how much better a young, upcoming professor may be. Costs have soared too. A pnvate school must struggle in today ' s spiraling inflation to make ends meet, relying heavily on endowments and tuition increases for revenue. And when the dollar doesn ' t buy much, students look carefully to see that what they spend it on is a sound in- vestment. In order for a private university to survive, it must be able to provide a stimulating atmosphere for its student body. The University of Southern California has survived 100 years. Acaclcmics-l 19 I ADMINISl ADMINISjl ADMINISl ADMINISl ADMINISl ADMINISr ADMINISr II TRATION tRATION STRATION 8TRATI0N STRATION STRATION STRATION STRATION STRATION TRATION Presidents (with years of term) Marion Bovard, 1880-1892 Jo seph P. Widney, 1892-1895 George W. White, 1895-1899 George F. Bovard, 1903-1921 Rufus B. von KleinSmid, 1921-1947 Fred D. Fagg, Jr., 1947-1957 Norman Topping, 1958-1970 John R. Hubbard, 1970-1980 Born and educated in Texas, President Hubbard taught at Yale and Tulane Universities, and headed the State Depart- ment ' s A.I.D. mission in India before beginning his association with USC as Provost in 1969. Then, in 1970, John Randolph Hubbard was elected the eighth president of the university. During the first six years of his term, the main thrust of his administration focused on the academic and intellectual maturation of USC. In his last few years as Presi- dent, Hubbard has been concerned with preparing the university for her second century. Unfortunately, the university has committed a few blunders in recent years, including the Middle East Center crisis and the athletic department controversy. Throughout these mishaps, President Hubbard has kept a low profile, and some have charged him with being a " lame duck " administrator. However, Hubbard has kept the university growing, and the effects will not be felt for years. Now, faced with the possiblity of no one to fill his office. President Hubbard has admitted that he would consider an interim position until the new president is chosen. 122-Adiinlnistration Adiumistration-123 Vice Presidents 1 84-AdmliiIstratlon ABOVE: University Chancellor, Norman Topping. ABOVE: Cotm MacLeod. Vice President of Finance. BELOW: Zorah Kapridum, Executive Vice President. Administration- 1 25 Deans (and their schools) Grant Beglarian, Performing Arts Scott Bice, Law Center John A. Biles, Pharmacy Roberet P. Biler, Public Administration James Birren, Gcrontolgy William H. Crawford, Dentistry Houston I. Flournoy, Center for Public Affairs Roger C. Greer, Library Science Maurice B. Hamovitchm, Social Work Panos Koulermos, Architecture Zohrab A. Kaprilian, Engineering Rosalind K. Loring, Continuing Education John H. Marburger, Letters. Arts, and Sciences Merle Marks, Education Allen W. Mathies, Jr., Medicine Stephen E. Ostrow, Fine Arts Charles Oxnard, The Graduate School Jack D. Steele, Business Administration Frederick Williams, Annenberg School of Communication 186-Adnimistration 1880 1 MERVl ' J The University of Southern California is the oldest major independ- ent coeducational non-sectarian university in the West, and is a mem- ber of the Association of American Universities, the most esteemed organization of academic institutions. USC began on October 6, 1880 with 53 students in a wooden building built at a cost of 5,060 the replacement value of the 191 buildings on 152 acres is now 800,000,000. In addition, the university operates many extension campuses, including the 15-acre Health Sciences campus adjacent to the Los Angeles County USC Medical Center, the 46-acre Marine Science Center on Santa Catalina Island, and the 205-acre USC Idyll- wild campus in the San Jacinto Mountains. Total degrees now award- ed exceed 167,000. The USC General Alumni Association operates 35 alumni clubs in the United States and 26 international alumni clubs. Students are represented from all 50 states, and more than 3,500 international students come from 93 countries. The average USC freshman has an entering high school grade average above B and scored 1012 on the combined Scholastic Aptitude Test. The university has seen eight presidents, with the ninth scheduled to take office in August, 1980. 0, l ] U 928-Rcgistsation lines were long then too. September As students appeared on the start of a new year, the at- mosphere showed promise of the university recovering from a previous year of crisis. The controversy over the Middle East Center had quieted and USC was looking to- ward a year to upgrade its public image. The university hired an east coast public relations firm to improve the academic reputation nationwide. The Toward Century II campaign had raised $215 million of its $265 million goal. The search was under way for a new president. The university was evaluating their role in the 1984 Olym- pics in Los Angeles. Campus Security had been reorganized under the new chief of security, Steve Ward, who had given the depart- ment a new name (University Security), new cars, new uniforms, and a new, more extensive training program. The Trojan football team was ranked number 1 and across the nation the only word worthy of description was " awesome " . There was talk of reviving the Helen of Troy contest. Housing rents were up 10 percent, Student Activity books were up $3, and tuition was $154 per unit. National economists kept warning of the coming reces- sion, How to Survive in the Coming Bad Years became a best seller. Everyone thought the Susan B. Anthony dollar looked too much like a quarter. As the month ended, the Presidential Search Committee had narrowed its field of candidates to 10. The task force on minority admissions was reconvening to report on the progress of the allegations of racial dis- crimination charged last May. October The first full month of school rounded the corner and Dor- othy Nelson, dean of the School of Law, was nominated by President Carter to the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. October 6 was quiet, the money for the Founder ' s Day ce- lebration was being saved for next year ' s centennial birth- day bash. Seniors flooded the Career Development Center as sign- ups for recruitment interviews began. Homecoming brought its usual fanfare and color, and the Trojans kept winning on the football field. Fleetwood Mac released it new album. Tusk and playing back-up to the title cut was none other than the Trojan Marching Band. A series of earthquakes rocked southern California, once again bringing to light the question of nuclear power plant safety. Card stunts were cancelled after injuries resulted from cards thrown during a halftime show. Various organizations held membership drives and officer elections. An ammended academic calendar was finally approved by the Board of Trustees to be effective fall 1981. The Student Senate conducted grievance hearings to pin- point the problems that plague students. Ten students staged a sit-in to call for the resignation of Jay Berger, director of admissions, on grounds of alleged racial discrimination in admission policies. The United States saw a historic tour when Pope John Paul II made his sweep through the country. Surgeons removed the Shah of Iran ' s gallbladder and checked on the condition of his cancer of the lymph glands. Five fraternities were charged $500 each for violating dry rush. Portland North, which received a gas company award for energy efficiency, opened its doors for 152 awaiting stu- dents. Warm, sunny days brought many noontime concerts, and DKA provided top movies twice weekly for $1. Lybya and Iran raised their price of crude oil, putting more pressure on the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries for a general price increase, and Chrysler Cor- poration headed toward bankruptcy. Thousands of Trojans invaded San Francisco for the Cal game, but it wasn ' t the same without the cable cars run- ning. The Coffeehouse began its Wednesday and Friday enter- tainment with a new twist, serving beer and wine. i The Year- 133 November The presidential search entered its final phase. Thorton F. Bradshaw, president of Atlantic Richfield, and Richard C. Atkinson, director of the National Science Foundation, were named as two of the three final candidates. The Trojan-Wildcat Victory Fair provided thousands of stu- dents from both schools with refreshments, games, and a street dance on the Row. Students gathered to join in heated discussions about the Iranian situation. Bob Hope filmed a portion of his Thanksgiving special in front of Doheny Library. Los Angeles county was pulled off of the odd-even gas plan. A new tram route went in effect. Students were seen on campus blindfolded and in wheel- chairs as part of a sensitivity experience toward the handi- capped for pre-health science majors. scions Day brought more than 600 high school alumni offspring to entertain, recruit, and inform them about the university. CARP made their presence known through flyers and per- sonal approaches Gold climbed to $372 an ounce. Bovard Auditorium began a redecorating phase. The university was stunned when the Daily Tro an discov- ered possible violations of NCAA rules by allowing fresh- man football players to play when their high school grade point average was below the minimum 2.0 requirement. Sixty Americans were taken hostage at the American em- bassy in Tehran. The Knights sponsored Football Fest 79, an all-university party and dance, and sent the proceeds to Troy Camp. The Second Annual Walk-Jog-A-Thon brought many die- hard enthusiasts out to raise money for the new Cromwell Track Stadium bleachers, as well as their own causes. Troy week brought the usual house decs, car bashes, and fake Daily Bruin in anticipation to the annual crosstown ri- valry. The Board of Trustees announced that they would meet December 14 to select a new president for the university. Charlie ' s Angels star-studded the campus for an afternoon of filming. 134-The Year N :i N :m A December The last month of the decade came and Charles White was named the winner of the Heisman Trophy. Over 6,000 people attended a rally in the coliseum to vent their frustration and anger over the American held hostage in Iran. The Trojan Marching Band joined Fleetwood Mac for their 5-day concert tour in Los Angeles to play the hit single Tusk. David P. Gardner, president of the University of Utah, was named as the third candidate in the presidential search The hostages spent their Christmas in Tehran. the UP! and AP polls pegged SC at 2 and 3, respectively. Bradshaw dropped out of the presidential search because of attempts by the administration and the Board of Trus- tees to create support for Atkinson and undermine Brad- shaw, and Atkinson was dropped from the search because he did not want to be considered if the Board could not make its decision by December. The year that was showed a bright promise was suddenly losing its luster. i ' V K» January A new decade. Across the nation everyone pronounced how terrible the 70s were and how the ' 80s could only get better. The nation was in an ecomonic slump, held hostage by another country, and presidential candidates were pro- claiming how they were going to fix everything. use beat the Ohio State Buckeyes in one of the most ex- citing games in Rose Bowl history, but were proclaimed number 2 behind the Alabama Crimson Tide in both the AP and UP! polls. Charles Leighton, fondly known as " The Senator " was found dead in front of the Theta Chi fraternity house. Protests against Berger continued in reference to alleged discriminatory admissions. The Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan, and southern Cali- fornia was hit by a series of storms that left record inches of rain. A task force favorably supported the establishment of a satellite campus in Orange County. The university and student senate worked to find answers to the grievances filed earlier. The new Century II logo was released. Basketball fans held their breath as the Trojans defeated the UCLA Bruins 82-74, the f irst victory in 10 years. As finals approached, everyone was looking forward to the fresh start of a new semester. JSC February A new month. A new semester. A new start. Registration became computerized and made the process so easy many wondered why it had been so painful be- fore. James Jones, executive director of Student Administrative Services, submitted his letter of resignation. While campuses across the nation rallied against Presi- dent Carter ' s call to reinstate the draft, the conservative SC campus remained quiet. National Guardsmen and a SWAT team recaptured the New Mexico State Prison freeing all of the remaining hos- tages and ending a 36-hour takeover which left 32 in- mates dead and 50 persons hospitalized. The Oakland Raiders, after calling that city home for 20 years, listened intently to the $8 million offer to move to Los Angeles. OPEC increased its price of crude oil $4.21 a barrel use Residence Halls and the Student Community staged four productions of Cabaret to a receptive audience in Bing Theater and gained high reviews. The Los Angeles City Council passed an ordinance prohi- biting adults-only apartments in Los Angeles. The Board of Trustees announced that they would form their own presidential search committee to expedite the selection of a candidate. f 1itchell Shook, a junior In business, became the first stu- dent to run for a seat in the State Assembly, while Mark Abrams, a freshman in political science, sen ed his first year on the Los Alamitos Unified School Disthct. The renovation of Bovard Auditorium was completed. The Student Senate conducted a random survey to gam student ' s views on the allocation of 50-yard line football tickets given to the Trojan Knights, Trojan Squires and Phrateres in exchange for their services during the games. Shalamar came to campus for a noontime concert and was enjoyed by many in the SAC patio sunshine. John Dervin, one of four students diagnosed for food poi- soning, filed an $84 hospital bill claiming it was caused by food in the Birnkrant Dining Hall. An unidentified man attacked Tommy Trojan beating his legs with a heavy stick, and University Security had to chase him away. Cynthia Hunt, a sophomore, co-starred in the Los Angeles production of Evita, which gained rave reviews and many sold-out audiences. 138-The Year Academic scandal involving football team thwarted Attempt to gain credit for players not attending classes discovered By Richard Bonin Assoaate Investigations Editor University administrators dis- covered last December that 34 football players were slated to receive passing grades in cours- es whose classes they had not attended, university officials confirmed. How ever the athletes in- volved were either given in- complete marks or took a crash course to justify the academic credit. Two of the athletes will receive a mark of " illegally reg- istered, " sources said. Class lists for the fall 1979 semester show that 19 of the student athletes were enrolled in Speech Communication 380, a forensics laboratory open only to members of the debate squad. They received credit for an entire semester ' s work by at- tending a five-day crash course in forensics during Christmas vacation After the Rose Bowl the athletes also had to grade six debates in tournaments held at the university and at UCLA, sources confirmed- Eleven other athletes enrolled in Speech Communication 422, Problems in Argumentation Theor) ' , dunng the fall semes- ter received incomplete grades They had not attended any class sessions when university administrators investigated in December. Sources said these athletes are supposedly making up class requirements this semester. In a directed research course. Speech Communication 490x, two football players have re- ceived incomplete grades while two others will receive " ille- gally registered " marks As a result of these and other findings, John DeBross was forced to resign as university coach of the nation ' s number one debate squad Previously, he had been stnpped of his lec- tunng and academic advisonal duhes. Richard Perry, athletic direc- tor, has suspended Jeff Birren, academic coordinator for foot- ball players, until an investiga- tion into Birren ' s role in advis- ing the footbal! players is completed. Deans in the College of Let- ters, Arts and Sciences learned that football plavers were en- rolled in the Speech Communi- cation courses when disgrun- tled members of the debate squad told them that football players were allegedly buying their grades for the debate la- boratory, sources confirmed The Speech Communication department created the labora- tory to compensate debaters for research they do for the squad, which can amount to as much as 30 hours a week. While stu- dents in the class must research and sometimes compete in de- bate tournaments to earn from one to eight academic units, they are not required to do homework or lake exams. Students also must pav a $65 organizational fee to become debate team members. The fee covers the costs of research index cards and a banquet held at the end of each semester. Some debaters told university investigators, who included John Marburger, dean of the College of Letters, Arts and Saences, John Schutz, dean of social sciences, and the univ- ersity attorney, that the football players each allegedly paid the organizational fee to become " official " members of the de- bate team, sources confirmed. The debaters also charged that DeBross used the $1,235 in fees from the 19 athletes to help pa ' for additional debate tnps for competition in Washington, DC, sources confirmed. " The best informahon that we can get at this time, " Perry (Continued on page 2) (ol©i trojan Volume LXXXVIII, Number ' ,2 University of Southern California Thursday February 21, 1980 DeBross resigns John DeBross, director of forensics, resigned Tuesday Sources said he resigned in part as a result of charges brought against him bv members of the debate team Among these charges were irresponsibility in teaching and assigning grades, irregulanties in debate squad management, and possible favontism to athletes. The charges were presented to June Shoup, chairman of the speech communication department, in December of last year. She apprised lohn Marburger, dean of the College of Let- ters, Arts, and Sciences, and John Schutz, dean of social sciences, of DeBross ' alleged behavior and the college imme- diateh ' initiated an investigation of the charges. Upon investigation, it has appeared Ihat Mr DeBross ha been invoKcd in questionable activihes, not necessarily Ihos;- ol xvhich he was accused, " Shoup aid iConUnued on page 13) Dorothy Nelson, former dean of the Law Center, was sworn in as a circuit judge in the U.S. Court of Appeals. Iranian militants renewed their demand to have the Shah returned for trial, and the hostages spent Valentine ' s Day away form their loved ones. Jeff Gates, chairman of the Student Senate, travelled to the White House to discuss among 200 student leaders foreign and domestic iss ' j»«: with President Carter. Richard Bonin, Associate Investigations Editor for the Dai- ly Trojan, released a story in the campus newspaper re- porting that university administrators discovered last De- cember of 34 football players who were slated to receive passing grades in courses whose classes they had not at- tended. Class lists showed that 19 of the student athletes were enrolled in Speech Communications 380, a laborato- ry open only to members of the debate squad. John DeBross, director of forensics, resigned. The new Cromwell Track Stadium was christened as the athletes once again had a home field. Students gasped as the administration announced the pro- posed 14,9% Increase for next year ' s tuition, raising the cost of a use education to $177 per unit. ' Die Year- 139 March The month began with the Los Angeles Police being called to the Row to break up a fire hose water fight be- tween the Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Sigma Chi fraternities. The police helicopter flew over the Sigma Chi house and reportedly said, " This is the law, turn off the water and get off the roof. " Edward P. Basset, director of the School of Journalism, re- signed to become executive editor of two Oregon newspa- pers. The Career Development Center ' s annual Minority Career Expo brought many recruiters to campus for a day of infor- mal discussions about careers for minorities. George Toley, men ' s varsity tennis coach for 26 years, re- signed to coach Raul Ramirez, one of his former players The Oakland Raiders formally accepted the bid to come to Los Angeles. Jeff Birren, the athletic department ' s academic advisor, re- signed. A man was stopped and questioned when he fit the de- scription of a someone who had allegedly painted the to- enails of unsuspecting women in the von KleinSmid Cen- ter. The man had 15 bottles of fingernail polish in a bag he was carrying. The Staff Compensation Task Force reported that salary levels of university staff are 22.65% lower than employees of other schools and government staff. John Ehrlichman, a former Nixon aid, spoke to students in a packed Bovard Auditorium. The use Chamber Singers performed on an eight-day tour of the east coast. President Carter called for an Olympic boycott by all American athletes in protest of the Soviet invasion of Af- ghanistan. The Blood Drive once again campaigned for donors. So-Cal Jam ' 80 became an all-university concert spon sored by Alpha Tau Omega, Students Committee on Pop- ular Entertainment, Interfraternity Council. Student Com- munity Council, and Residence Halls Coordinating Council. Thousands of people turned out for the bands and beer on the Row. The disposed Shah of Iran sought refuge in Egypt, and underwent surgery once again. President Hubbard disbanded the Centennial Steering Committee after announcing that plans for the centennial celebration would have to be ammended due to lack of funds. Gold skyrocketed to over $800 an ounce. rs !?fc. I ■■■Pr VOTE r us r . L. H TODAY bS w H For the University J M Center ttie 1 Senate Support our University Center April Two months had passed since the creation of a special selection committee for the next university president, and four months remained to still find a replacement for the office. The possiblity of choosing an interim president be- came more than just an idea. Gerald R. Ford, former President of the United States, spoke to students on campus. The Daiiy Trojan held a forum in front of Tommy Trojan to hear student ' s input on the newspaper ' s coverage. Iran threatened to cut off oil supplies to American allies. The 26 student-athletes enrolled in Speech Communica- tion 380 last fall were allowed to repeat the crash course they took over Christmas break " due to irregularities dis- covered in the conduct of the first make-up, " President Hubbard announced. The establishment of the University Center, a place con- taining a swimming pool, diving pool, handball and rac- quetball courts, and locker rooms, was voted on by the student body. Under the referendum, a $10 per semester fee would be assessed to all students to raise the $4 mil- lion needed for the first phase. The university would raise the rest of the money. NBC-TV announced the cancellation of its proposed telev- ising of the Summer Olympics in Moscow. The American hostages in Iran were visited by two repre- sentatives of the International Red Cross. Greek Week brought a lot of fun to the Row in games and activities. Ray Bradbury, author of many science fiction novels, spoke on campus. General Motors Corporation layed off 12,000 more em- ployees, bringing the total to 205,000 on indefinite layoff from the nation ' s top five automakers. The Dance Team won first place in an international dance contest at the MGM Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. A party was held in EVK and College-University Resi- dence Halls after another bomb threat became another false alarm. A secret mission to rescue the hostages in Tehran was called off by President Carter due to equipment failures. As the delegation turned their course away from their des- tiny, one of the airplanes and a helicopter collided killing eight and injuring five. Secretary of State Cyrus Vance submitted his resignation saying that he had been opposed to any military action to release the hostages. The Year- 141 May Cinco de Mayo activities, sponsored by Mecha, filled the week with celebration of the Mexican Independence Day. Steppin ' Out provided the theme for Songfest ' 80, the larg- est all-student nnusical in the country. The nine groups were joined by a new addition, The Songfest Company, who danced and sang between the productions and added unity to the overall show. All proceeds went to the USC Cancer Research Center in the name of USC alumnus John Wayne. May 22 was the last day of classes, and as finals ap- proached, students found the summer job market once again hard to enter. 1880 mfrO ' T The year at the University of Southern California has always been both predictable and full of surprises. Traditions such as freshman hazing, the Helen of Troy contest, and maypole dances at graduation became obsolete. While the nation developed, the students took on the personality of the current time. Each year became unique with its own problems, accomplishments, and how they were handled. Wars, inflation, and economic upswings varied from year to year. Fashion saw the sweaters of the 1940 ' s, the jeans of the 1960 ' s, and the designer labels of the late 1970 ' s. Traditions such as Homecom- ing, Troy Week, and the waving of the victory sign seem to have no beginning and will probably never end. The last year of the universi- ty ' s first century was unique - there were world problems as well as problems on the campus. It was a transitional period, but a transi- tional period into what type of year is still unknown. 146-Athletics " Awesome " Athletic8-147 Top-Ranked USC Takes to the Road September 8--Lubbock, Texas The number one ranked USC Trojans took to the road their season opener to meet the dangerous Red Raiders of Texas Tech. After a stale 17-9 Trojan victory in 1978, the Red Raiders were determined to even the match and knock USC from its top pre-season ratings in both the AP and UPI polls. After a scoreless first quarter, sophomore fullback Mar- cus Allen escaped on a 19 yard run to the Red Raider one to set up his own one yard touchdown play. On use ' s second drive, he took a short third down pass from Paul McDonald and burst 34 yards to the Texas 44. Two plays later, McDonald and split end Dan Garcia teamed up on a 19 yard scoring pass. Late in the fourth quarter, Allen set up the final score with a nine yard run to the one, from which transpired a Paul McDonald throw to tight end Vic Rakhshani for the score. The first half proved detrimental to the Trojans as Charles White was side-lined with a bruised shoulder and Anthony Munoz was put out for the season with a knee injury. Yet USC proved to have the depth of a championship team as reserve tailback Michael Hayes and freshman tackle Don Mosebar substituted for the two ailing Trojans to prompt a 21-7 decision over the Spartans. September 15-Corvallis, Oregon The Trojans ' second road game took them north to tangle with perennial Pac-10 cellar-dweller Oregon St Quarterback Paul McDonald directed four first halfscor- ing drives, throwing two touchdown passes to flanker Kev- in Williams, and completing eight of nine attempts, while tailback Michael Hayes and fullback Marcus Allen carried for two touchdowns each. Defensively, the Trojans proved strong. Cornerback Jeff Fisher ' s two fumble recoveries at the Beavers ' 23 and the USC 47 lines led directly to touchdowns. Reserve tackle Byron Darby recovered an Oregon St. fumble at the USC two, to stop a Beaver drive and trigger a 98 yard touch- down march. Despite the side-lining of injured Charles White and rover Ron Lott, the Trojans prevailed 42-5. September 22-Los Angeles, California Southern California fans were witness to the 48-14 an- nihilation of the Minnesota Golden Gophers as USC played its first home game of the season. The Trojans ' first unit sat out most of the game as they built a 35-0 lead late in the second quarter, and were replaced by reserves. Heisman trophy candidate Charles White was back on the field in impressive form as he plowed 1 53 yards in ten carries with two touchdowns of 68 and 10 yards. Not to be o utdone, Marcus Allen had 54 yards on seven carries and one touchdown, Paul McDonald hit tight end Hoby Brenner for a 17 yard score, Raymond Butler scored on a 67 yard punt return, and reserve quarterback Scott Tinsley ring-mastered two touchdown drives. 148-Athletics ABOVE: HO HVM-Wiutmg m the buckficki hypnotizfs Charles White. TOP LEFT: HOLD ON, BIG GUY- -Mhmesota receiver is intercepted on the run. CENTER LEFT: LET ' S GO FOR THE BOMB-Qiiarterbacks Rob Preston and Paul McDonald confer xvith Coach Hackett. LEFT: C ' MON GUYS, LET US PLAY-T ie Trojan defense sees little playing time. Athletics- 149 Trojans in the Tiger ' s Den September 28 Baton Rouge, Louisiana " Death Valley " bid welcome to the Trojans as the potent LSD Tigers and 76,000 fans hosted USC in the teams ' first ever confrontation. Boasting perfect season records, the two perennial powers matched a nationally ranked de- fense and offense in a turbulent and inspiring game. Two Trojans drives of 51 and 79 yards in the fourth quarter gave the Trojans a 17-12 victory over the Tigers. The 79 yard thrust ended with Paul McDonald ' s eight yard touchdown pass to Kevin Williams that won the game with 32 seconds on the clock. Bidding to become USC ' s first Ail-American quarterback, McDonald completed 14 of 20 passes in the game to bring his season average to 69 percent. The defense proved the backbone of the team, as they threw LSU runners for losses ten tims. Cornerback Jeff Fisher led the team with nine tackles, while Herb Ward made two successive plays as LSU threatened another score on the USC two-yard line. Charles White promoted his Heisman Trophy candidacy by churning 184 yards on 31 carries and scoring on a four yard run. October 8 Los Angeles, California Returning home to defend the Pac-10 championship and obtain a second successive bid for the Rose Bowl. the Trojans took on the Cougars of Washington St. The Trojan offense chose the air attack and relegated the running game to the back seat. Paul McDonald com- pleted 16 of 23 attempts for 212 yards in the first half, while receivers Hoby Brenner and Kevin Williams snagged three passes for 32 and four for 63, respectively. Charles White darted for 142 yards in 17 carries and two touchdowns, and Marcus Allen rushed 72 yards on five carries and two touchdowns as USC crumpled the Cougars 50-21. RIGHT; HIGH IN THE SKY-USC defenders Mock a Cougar puni the aerial way. BOTTOM RIGHT: WHAT THE...?-Coiidi ]ohn Robinson s ioics dis- taste for offtcuils- controversial call. BELOW: LEMME GET MY HANDS O.N UM-Linciticn antuii ' iitc the naj ' Athletics- 151 Stanford Commits Cardinal Sin October 13--Los Angeles, California A use homecoming crowd of 76,067 watched the Stan- ford Cardinals battle from a 21-0 halftime deficit to stifle the Trojan defense and secure a 21-21 Pac-10 deadlock. Not only did the tie mar USC ' s thirteen game win streak and knock the Trojans from the pollsters number one ranking, but it served as a catalyst for the team to prove they were national championship contenders despite such setbacks. On the ground, USC completely dominated the first half, while the Cardinals proved their strength in the air the sec- ond. After dominating the first two quarters of play with a decisive 21-0 margin, the Trojans kicked off to see Stan- ford march eighty yards and score on a 19-yard pass play from quarterback Turk Schonert to split end Mike Dotterer The first score, followed by another dnve of 87 yards saw the Cardinals close within seven points and USC ' s once impressive command of the game diminish. f linutes later, a key play that turned a Stanford fumble into their own first down on the USC 20 yard-line, set up the tieing touchdown with two minutes left in the game. Despite Paul McDonald ' s direction in a final Trojan touch- down drive, an interception by a Stanford defender and a blocked field goal attempt by placekicker Enc Hipp left the score 21-21: A tie for the record books, but a moral victory for the Cardinals. October 20-South Bend, Indiana For three hours on a chilly Saturday, the nation tuned in its television sets to watch the USC Trojans and the Fight- ing Irish of Notre Dame battle each other in one of the sport ' s most classic and prolific rivalries. The two perenni- al powers matched two Heisman trophy candidates in Va- gas Ferguson and Charles White in a game that has been a determinant of the National Championship for seven of the last thirteen years. Charles White dazzled the Irish with 262 yards on 44 carries, including four touchdowns, while Paul McDonald passed for six scoring drives. The Trojan offense broke the all-time ground-gaining record against Notre Dame with 591 yards, and the defense stunned the men-in-green with the halting of a drive on the one-yard line, Jeff Fisher and Dennis Smith ' s interceptions of key Irish passes, and a fumble recovery by Ty Sperling. Though the uniforms were green, the Irish were blue and USC prevailed 42-23. 158-Athletics BOTTOM: A LOSS FOR V AG AS- Defenders Da vid Corsinotti, Byron Darby, and Herb Ward sli !- Notre Dame running back Vagas Ferguson behind the line. BELOW: RINGMASTER Paul McDonald calh signals for yet another Trojan scoring drive. RIGHT: WAITING FOR THE CALL-Coac i Robinson and men are chagrined at the repercussions of a holding pcnattv. P ABOVE: BYE BYE NUMBER ONE-Ucfcii.-itr butk Idt ' .- ' if n ' Jvr.s Stiiiiloni rarwcr ii, ati attempt to stifle an inei ' itable Cardinal touchdown. Athletics- 153 in K 1 )J[: rm ABOVE: HE ' LL BE COMIN ' ROL ' X ' THE MC1L TAIN- 4 wall of Berkeley defenders can ' t detain the likef ol Charles White, as he breezes doum field. RIGHT: LOOK. UP IN THE SKY An awstruck menaf;erie of men ivali I: as the ptgskm flies through the uprights. FAR RIGHT KING OF THE HILL-Charles While attempts to penetral, the Golden Bears ' defensive line. fi- 154-Athletics Tarnishing the Golden Bears October 27--Berkeley, California The Golden Bears of UC Berkeley were shunned into hibernation as USC ' s Eric Hipp booted the pigskin for 45 y?rds and three points, to break a 14-14 tie with 2:46 left in the ganne. Followed by a final touchdown with two sec- onds left on the clock, the Trojans pulled to a 24-17 win. Offensively, the Trojans passed and ran for 466 yards, led by Charles White ' s 198 yards and two touchdowns. The defense contained the Bears to one touchdown, com- pletely shutting down Cal ' s running game, and pressuring quarterback Rich Campbell. The second Berkeley score came on a blocked field goal that was run 45 yards for the touchdown. Despite a sluggish Trojan offense, a mid-game aerial landing, and a mass of orange-bearing spectators, the Golden Bears were tarnished 24-17. November 3-Los Angeles, California What do you do with a 21 point game spread, the na- ti on ' s leading rusher, and a quarterback itching to be num- ber one? You beat the opponent 34-7, have your tailback dazzle the defense for 167 yards, and let your quarterback set school records for most completions in a game and total passing yardage. For four quarters of play, the Arizona offense was stifled to one score, while the Trojan line ran, passed, and kicked for 34 points. With the adhesive hands of Dan Garcia and Hoby Brenner, and the nimble toe of kicker Eric Hipp, USC domesticated the Wild- cats 34-7. Athletics- 155 Deja Vu--It ' s Roses, It ' s Roses November 10--Seattle, Washington Charles White became the second leading rusher in NCAA history as he gained 243 yards and the Trojans narrowly edged the huskies 24-17. Error proned play plagued USC making the victory seem out of reach at times, until three minutes before the final gun when the win was secured. The defense pulled together and displayed a determined goal line stand, preventing a game tieing touchdown. They had shielded the Huskies and turned their sights toward Pasadena. November 24--Los Angeles, California In an ironic turn of events, the Trojans Rose Bowl bid was delayed as Arizona St. was forced to forfeit its victo- ries for violating NCAA rules. Washington had a loss turned into a win and USC found itself in another game to determine who would represent the PAC-10 January 1. Coach Robinson remained positive in outlook as he ac- knowledged the ruling adhering to his shibboleth, " Football is played on the field, and not in the classroom. " Proving there was no need for doubt, the Bruins were flattened 49-14, and roses bloomed for the Trojans. Charles White ' s four touchdowns led the decisive victory, and capsulized his brilliant collegiate career. Paul f cDon- ald finished the season as the third leading passer in the nation with a 64 percent completion record. Ron Lott ' s outstanding performance was recorded in his statistics as he caught two interceptions, returned them for 76 yards, and one touchdown. FAR RIGHT: NOT A CHANCE-Dcnms Johnson and Riki Cray curtail the pattern of a Bruin running hack. EYEING HIS RECEIVER, Paul McDonald draws back for the pass. BELOW: FIRST AND TEN-Tro nn offense lines up in a familiar position. 156-Atliletics l4| IT. OHHHHHHH, FRANKIE!-- Tournament of Roses Grand Marshall Frank Sinatra basks in an afternoon of Rose Bowl glit- ter. i K ' ' - i I 8 g LEFT: SHALL WE DANCE?--B»c :£t c defenders curtail the pattern of Charles White. The Bugs Stop Here January 1 --Pasadena, California No Woody, no losses, no experience. That may have cappped the season for the Ohio State Buckeyes, who traveled to Southern California New Year ' s Day to cast their bid as the nation ' s number one collegiate football team. They gained a new head coach in Earle Bruce, had a flawless season record, and overcame their inexperi- ence with the direction of sophomore quarterback sensa- tion Art Schlichter, but still fell short of a Rose Bowl victo- ry, 17-16. The day was typical of a USC team: Charles White ral- lied downfield a Rose Bowl-record 247 yards; the defense stopped the opposition on several key plays, including a first-and-goal on the USC two yard-line that netted the Buckeyes one yard and stopped the scoring drive; fullback Marcus Allen, quarterback Paul McDonald, and a score of Trojan gridsmen combined to give the Big-10 ' s representa- tive a lesson in Pac-10 power. The game was not without its flaws. Several turnovers and inconsistency in offense marred if from recognition in most record books, yet it cannot be denied that the con- test provided close-to-coronary moments for both the spectators and the players. The final Trojan drive marked the zenith of USC play. With 5:21 left on the clock and a six-point deficit, Charles White and men blitzed the turf for eighty three yards and the score, followed by Eric Hipp ' s conversion that left the Buckeyes starry-eyed, 17-16. Though the victory provided the Trojans with an 11-0-1 season, the wire-service polls gave the Alabama Crimson Tide the top spot in the nation for their unblemished re- cord. BELOW LEFT:IN YOUR EYE-Defenswe back Tim Shannon stops Buckeye tailback on the blindside. BELOW: NO NEED FOR THE CALL-Taithack Charles White signals his oum score. Atliletlcs-159 ABOVE; CLOUD NlNE-- i ' i.s»iun Twi ' hv -u ' liiiicr Cliarlcs KIntc udihc- o ; .;( ;, m(, r- jf lirnld; , ' Hiill press confemice. RIGHT: THEY ' RE NUMBER ONE-Seniors ScotI Fraser, Dan Garcia. Paul McDonald. Brad Buddc. Michael Hayes, and Mynm Lifhi receive iHKf ' iV ' -- ' ■■ • - ' " ' ■ ' ' P ' ' ' " " - ' " ' ■ ' y J9L: r :« ' B i FRONT ROW: Rob Kerr, Gordoti Adams, Brian Weissberg, Kevm Roddy, Speedy Hart, Timtny White George Ponce, Kevin Williams, Dan Moroi ' ick, Eric Hipp, Don Jones, Charles White, John Perry. 2ND ROW: Rob Preston, Scott Tinsley, Paul McDonald, David Pryor, Jim Arrivey, Greg Brady, Thom- as Jefferson, Malcolm Moore, Coach John Robinson, Herb Ward. Anthony Gib- son, Michael Hayes, Dan Garcia, Brad Anderson, Michael Dai ' is. 3RD ROW: Jeff Simmons, Tim Shannon, Bob McClanahan, Marcus Allen, Ricky Johnson, Riki Gray, Mike Harper, Tony Olivarria, Paul Dilulo, Doug MacKenzie, Jeff Fisher, David Taylor, Ronnie Lott, Kenney Moore, Jay Champlain. 4TH ROW: Ed Murphy, Marvin Williams, Drew Dosselt, Joey Browner, Tim Sul- livan, Dennis Smith, Clint Hampton, Chip Banks, Brad Green, Robert Hede- quist, Steve Busick, Darryl Moore, Dennis Johnson, Larry McGrew, Mike McDonald, Darrell Jordan. 5TH ROW: Mike Lamb, Chris Foote, Ty Sperling, Roy Foster, Scott Fraser, Bruce Matthews, Keith VanHorne, Steve Moyer, Dennis Edwards, Brad Budde, Don Mosebar, Tony Slaton, Joe Murray, Allen Pugh, Jack Campbell. 6TH ROW: Anthony Munoz, George Achica, Charles Ussery, Vic Rakhshani, Eric Scoggins, Tom Zirpolo, James Hunter, Raymond Butler, August Curley, Pat McCool, Hoby Brenner. Brad Streelman, Marc Mitchell, Kelly Thomas. 7TH ROW: Ed Corey. Phil Hollenbaugh. George Ya- blonski. Bill Sutton, Ken Jordan, David Allison, Byron Darby, Jeff Metier, Myron Lapka, Jack Warden, Paul Williams. 8TH ROW: Jack Bethel, Mitch Axime, Brad Green, John Jackson, Norval Turner, Paul Hackett, Hudson Houlc, Gil Haskell, John Marshall, Jerry Attaway, Marv Goux, Artie Giganti- no, Don Lindsey, Mike Carey, Tyler Pauley, Brian Nutt, Don DuRivage. use 21, use 42, use 48, use 17, use 50, use 21, use 42, use 24, use 34, use 24, use 49, use 17, Texas Tech 7 Oregon St. 5 Minnesota 14 Louisiana St. 12 Washington St. 21 Stanford 21 Notre Dame 23 ealifornia 14 Arizona 7 Washington 17 UeLA 14 Ohio St. 16 AP UPI 1 Alabama 1 Alabama 2 use 2 use 3 Oklahoma 3 Oklahoma 4 Ohio St 4 Ohio St. 5 Houston 5 Houston 6 Florida St. 6 Pittsburgh 7 Pittsburgh 7 Nebraska 8 Arkansas 8 Florida St 9 Nebraska 9 Arkansas 10 Purdue 10 Purdue Bring on the Tide - Poloists Post Disappointing Season In what was hoped to be a national championship sea- son, the Trojans lost their last two games in late October to slip into third place in the Pac-10 and thus eliminated any chance to take part in the NCAA championship playoffs. The first crucial loss came against conference winners California, 6-5, then with one hope left, they were narrowly beaten by UCLA, again 6-5. The Trojans ended the sea- son with a 4-4 conference mark, 15-7 overall. Team cap- tain Les Wulk, Greg Fults, and Zach Stimson contributed heavily to the team ' s efforts. Coach John Williams ' goals were disappointed as the team failed to play to their predicted potential. With many young players returning next year, the hopes for a strong season will once again be rekindled. FAR RIGHT: Coach John Williams } ii ' ei nud-i;ame pep-talk FRONT ROW: Miich Gray, Greg Foltz, Zach Stimson. 2ND ROW: Less Wulk. Mike Coates, Clem Penrose. 3RD ROW; Coach John Williams, Craig Furniss, Jack Graham, Jeff Stevens, Ron Severa. S ' i r .. " , " 162-AtMetlcs 164-Athletics .4 Soccer Misses League Title Coach Joe Baker had all the necessary for a champion- ship team: good assistant coaches in Berhane Andeber- hand and Tad Bobak, strong returners, and very promising recruits. Yet some how that elusive title slipped by. The Trojans took second place in the Southwestern Confer- ence in a sometimes frustrating season. A strong defense, centered around sweeperback Ramon Franco, was their greatest strength. Team captain Jay Durgar, Hehran Divan-Baigy-Zand, and Igor Beyder all contributed to the success of the team. Few weaknesses leaked through the well-rounded squad, which maintained a strong balance of cameraderie and intra-squad competi- tiveness. Topping the team was Freshman Igor Beyder, who Coach Baker described as the best college player he had seen that season. LEFT; FACE OFF Dennis Trtantafilou and Kamran Dadbeh struggle for possession of the ball. BELOW: JUST FOR KICKS Dennis Trkntafilou watches as Jay Durgan punts the ball. BOTTOM LEFT: IT ' S MINE! Mehran Divan-Baigy-Zand and Kamran Dadbeh hustle in intras- quad scrimmage. s»«-!4r- ' FRONT ROW; Chris Paj(anclii, Bill Bartck, Todd Aucrlmh. Bill Saddck. Bruce Heinlcm. Skiv Cohgtw. Mike Drew, Doit Dooliltic, George Furla. 2ND ROW; Val Lodholm, Creh Kolehuck, Arthur Marble, Doug Street, Marcus Vincent, Joel Beryuzzi, Karl Lindegren, Mark Heerman, Brook Heath. 3RD ROW: Bill Keane, Paul Maag, Eric Noll, Mark Can in Tim Henry, Brad Smith, Paul Reimers, Curt Winieki. r lILOW: ORPFRS FROM THF TOP A sicrn creiv coach mans the hiillhonj Crew Spotlights Co-Captalns Coach Bob Hillen ' s young vaisity squad, facing the chal- lenge of inexperience, earned top collegiate honors at the prestigious " Head of the Harbor Regatta, " in a pre-season race at Los Angeles Harbor. Co-captains Paul Reimers and Joel Bertuzzi, both jun- iors, connpeted and placed in the top four of the National Championships last year, a two-man competition, and pro- vided the base for this year ' s team. They hoped to lead the Trojans to a better season than the disappointing bot- tom finish in 1979. Driven by desire rather than hope for publicity, practices began in early September, continuing until the season ' s beginning in March. BELOW: CREW CUT A Los Angeles Harbor practice finds men rowers slicing the sea. BOTTOM: DISGUST A long u ' orkout has crewmen tired and impatient. Athletics- 167 i- - V . V WOMEN ' S CREW FRONT ROW; Tamara Green, Lisa Honvecn, Adriemie Moore, Cathy Vejsicki , Ami Biirgoyne, Kim DunBar, Leslie Leach. 2ND ROW; Judy Morley, Aukai lida. Jackie Spark, Melissa Lanthrum, Elizabeth Palmer, Sally Buelimer, Beth Mooney, Kris McDonald. L RIGHT; LAND OF THE SETTING SUN A La Angeles Harbor skyscape finds Crew relishing the last moments of practice. Women Rowers Strike Gold Placing second in the City Championships and dual vic- tories over UCLA gave momentum to this year ' s crew team. With eight excellent rowers returning under the di- rection of co-captains Sally Boehmer and Elizabeth Pal- mer, Coach Jim Willis anticipated another successful year. The team took gold medals at the Southwest Regionals, a four-woman competition, and qualified for nationals. Like their male counterparts, these women trained from Sep- tember through l larch in a demanding and taxing training program. The experience of the women brought the hope of plac- ing in the top three of Pac-10 competition, and earning an invitation to the Nationals. ABOVE: THE THRILL OF VICTORY Crew enthusiasts thrill over the race ' s finish. AUilctics-169 Coaches, P layers, Look to Title New head coach Ron Rhodes, the head pro at the Ri- viera Country Club, and assistant coach Randy Lein, the top man for the West Lake Country Club, brought in high expectations for the men ' s golf team. Led by Ail-American Ron Commans, the Trojans had a strong crew with sever- al solid returnees. Tracy Nakazaki, the number two man. along with Com- mans, Jeff Hart, Craig Steinberg, and Mike Wiechers. composed five-sixths of the starling hexad. Mark Morgan, John Cummings, and freshman Gordon Krah-the top Prep player in Hawaii last year-finished the lineup. In late February, USC kicked off its season by earning top honors at the UCLA Invitational, which hosted all the major Southern California schools. Their schedule includ- ed national powerhouses BYU, Houston, and Oklahoma St. 170-Athletlcs AUilctics-171 BELOW: THE GRASS IS ALWAYS GREE- NER... Following a weak tee-off, Denise Strebig finds the grass much greener near the cup. 172-Athletics Golfers Go Inter- national In only their second year as a University sport, the Tro- jan Women ' s golf team quickly established themselves in one of the oldest sports in history. Coach Lou Bastanchur- ry brought in four new players three from abroad whose international experience boosted the team ' s strength and made them national contenders. With six women shooting in the low 80 ' s, the team had hopes of rounding out the squad and ranking them with the top six teams nationally, after being ranked in the top 1 5 dur- ing preseason play. The Women of Troy boasted many fine players: Denise Strebig, the first and only Trojan to qualify for the AIAW finals; Nathalie Jeanson of France, a French World Cup team member and European International Women ' s cham- pion; Marta Figueras-Dotti of Spain, the Spanish, French, and Italian amateur champion; Young Kim of Samoa, Peg- gy Curry, Debbie Weldon, and Clarissa Hooper. RIGHT: IT WENT THATAWAY! A disgruntled Marta Ftgueras-Dotti learns the direction of her chip from teammate Nathalie Jeanson. INSET: DE- DICATION Months of stern practice transpire a strong driving form for Peggy Curry. FRONT ROW: Peggy Curry, Debbie Weldon. Young Kim. 2ND ROW: Marta Figueras-Dotti, Denise Strebig, Clarissa Hooper, Nathalie Jeanson, Coach Lou Bastanchurry. Athletics- 173 Injuries Plague Gymnasts Hampered in the early season with the top three all-ar- ound competitors at sub-par levels, the men ' s gymnastics team sorely felt the difference. Bob Hamilton, the second best all-around gymnast, tore a cartilidge in his knee dur- ing a January practice and was lost for the season; Varton Ichlokamian USC ' s top contender injured his back early in the year, yet still competed well enough to place in meets; Randy Weaver, the number three man, had the flu at the start of the season and likewise competed handi- capped. The lowering of their performance showed in the team ' s overall point totals, as Coach Jack Beckner was forced to employ less experienced freshmen and sopho- mores in more events reserved for the more experienced men. Ed Baptis, top rated nationally on the rings in the early season as a result of his Western Region Championship title and NCAA finalist standing in the preceding season, did much to carry the slack of the team, and had strong hopes to make the finals for his second consecutive year. RIGHT: LOOK MA, NO LEGS! Ringman Chuck Haiihm fxii .sfs for a moment of Ui ' itation Bl LOW: LEAP FROG B(i( Tcct plants his. vault. LEFT HORSING AR- OUND Steve Dobris works the pommels at Pauley Pavil- lion. FRONT ROW: Bob lUiimltoii. Randi Weazvr, Chuck Hanson, Erf Baptkis. Dave Klennan, Blake Thompson, ]amie Shanbron. 2ND ROW: Head Coach jack Beckner, Tun Butrum, Bob Tcel, Steve Mills, Matt Walker. John Beckner, Stez ' e Dobris. n Athletics- 175 BELOW; MASTERING THE UNEVENS, Unda Harding works the tower bar. RIGHT: AHson Ross lands a Sukahara " vault. BOTTOM: CURTAIN CALL G fmnasts antici- pate the tournament awards ceremony. 176-Athletics Underclassmen Dominate the Mats Coach Alia Svirskiy called this year ' s team a " good sur- prise. " While the oldest member of the squad was a soph- omore, hard work and quick improvements marked the Trojan team that received a top six national ranking the previous season. Sophomore Jill Ornstein, the number eight all-around gymnast at the 1979 AIAW national finals, broke her toe at the beginning of the season, but continued to compete de- spite the handicap. Other strong returnees included Lori Sloan and Shari Davis to provide the core for the Trojan team. The surprise came when the 1977 U.S. national cham- pion and 1978 national runner-up, Donna Turnbow, turned up in use ' s freshmen class. Other young talents included Yummy Ryan, who qualified for the 1978 nationals; Alison Ross, a 1978 regional finalist, and Linda Harding, a re- gional competitor. ABOVE: POISE AND CONCENTRATION The successful combmatwn for soitlmmore Shari Davis as she works her beam routme. ABOVE: A PLAINTIVE MOMENT Alison Ross capitalizes on a slow moment m her routine before executing her final tumbling run. AUilctics-177 New Decade Sees UCLA Defeat 178-Athletics Athlctics-179 Bluebonnet Classic Highlights Downhill Season BELOW AND RIGHT: A ROARING I EONEL Center .ccncl Marquelti drives a fairift Rice defenders then hits the lay-up for tzvo foints 180-Athletics Morrison Mans the Hoopsters FRONT ROW: Andre Aldndge, Tim Franklm. Rudv Washmj(ton, Stan Morrison, Dr. Richard Per ry.Cary Dean, Neil Arrwld. Richard Wmograd. IND ROW: Ron Lott, Rich Cottrell, Don Carfino, lames McDonald. Leonel Marquelli, Boh Albrecht, Douj Widtfeldt, Purvis Miller, Barry Brooks, Maur ice Williams. Curtis Hudson. Jacqiie Hill. Pcan Jones BKI OW: HANDS OFF Pums .Miller chums the rebound. 182-Athletlcs Chapter one in the Stan Morrison era at USC began with hopes for a successful season, with five players re- turning who had started in the NCAA playoffs, but ended with a 12-15 record and frustration over games that were " oh so close. " In preseason games, USC finished with an encouraging 7-2 record, with suprise wins over Arizona State in the championship of the Fiesta Tournament and Houston in the Bluebonnet Classic. Houston had won the Bluebonnet 16 consecutive years. Forward Maurice Williams ' two straight twelve point games in the Bluebonnet earned him a spot on the Bluebonnet ' s All-Tournament team. The season reached its peai when the Trojans beat UCLA at home 82-74 for the first time in 10 years. Need- ing a win to stay in the competitive Pac-10 race, guard Don Carfino poured in 24 points and forward Purvis Miller scored 10, pulled down 12 rebounds and held Bruin Kil i Vandeweghe scoreless in the first half. A total team effort. Frosh guard Jacque Hill came off the bench with clutch eight free throws to hold off the Bruin rally. Though after UCLA, there was nothing to cheer about with the Trojans winning only two of their final thirteen games. Throughout, Morrison tried to l eep an optimistic outlook. " Sometimes when you are falling, whether it ' s off a fence, a cliff or in basl etball games, you can ' t start back until you hit bottom. I don ' t know if we ' ve hit bottom yet, but we won ' t quit. We ' ll battle back and fight through this very difficult time. " But Morrison had more to battle than just opposing teams. Guard Dean Jones temporarily quit the team after the January 12 UCLA win and center Leonel Marquetti quit a month later and announced plans to leave USC next year. Sporadic performances from starters haunted the Tro- jans, illustrated by the fact that seven of the fifteen losses were by less than three points. BELOW: UP, UP, AND AWAY!- lead. -Boll Albrecht slams the hall through the run. INSET: DISMAY Coach Morrison sees his team lose a six-point Af i - K- " V ' raJ 4 K di z 1 w T 1 RICIII Ctn ' ll ll Wlill KICi: Pok WiJtfMl iMivs flv;,n i.s( a Ruv dftnutii AHmt ni I H K Bruin Iwopster hoh (or a path tmmnJ lacqiic liill. AtIiletics-185 High Hopes for Spikers Keeping mark with the tradition of the west coasts dom- inance of collegiate volleyball, the Trojans entered this season in the California Intercollegiate Volleyball Associa- tion (CIVA) with a stronger position than last seasons sec- ond place finish. Six of last year ' s top seven players and a quintet of highly rated recruits headed Coach Ernie Mix ' s team. The Trojan ' s strength rested in the setting and middle blocking departments, the respective positions held by first team Ail-Americans Dusty Dvorak and Tim Hovland. These two outstanding men played on the U.S. National Team, the stepping stone to the Olympic team. Hovland and second team All-American Pat Powell were also part of a winning squad at the U.S. Volleyball Association Na- tional Club Championships, where Powers was named Most Valuable Player, and Hovland earned the Rookie of the Year honor. Other returnees included sophomore Bill Stetson, and juniors Fulvio Danilas and Cliff Kapalolu while newcomers Steve Timmonns, Greg Irvin, Steve Rottmann, Robert Chavez, and Mark Beltran provided the team ' s depth. Though the CIVA hosts the top five ranked teams in the nation. Coach Mix ' s team should put in a strong bid to re- turn to the NCAA playoffs. BELOW: IT ' S MINE ' Pal rourn ami Diiftu Dvorak Jivc lo !.avc a Jmk ' ' 186-Athletics AUilctics-187 RIGHT: PAT-A-CAKE Clift Kapohlu and Tim Hovhiiid sKWf the ball m rhythm. FiELOW: BUMP, SET, SPIKE D»s y Dvorak continues the fxitlern for an anxiou Strce Ti mm D « 11 tusc ' I " " - .Aw % Spikers Hope For National Title I Athletics- 189 BELOW: THE GOLDEN GIRLS Support from the bench provides a strong learn depth. n J li U II f u » 7 f jrji WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL: Mary-Ellen Burt, Thera Smith, Liz Ludxing, Kathy Hammond, Anna-Maria Lopez, Lisa Widdmg, Tern Huff, Kathy Doyle, Sheryl Martin, Linda Balabuch, Kelly Hill. -Mary-Ellen Burt finds a tozvering Old Cagers Exceed Expectations The Trojan women ' s basketball team completed another succesful season under the tutelage of head coach Linda Sharp. Finishing second in regular season play in the tough WCAA, the young team surpassed its preseason predictions. In December, after splitting their games in the Pro-Ked Tournament in San Francisco, the team returned home and came together, winning three of their next four, includ- ing a 107-52 rout of Seattle University. The cagers then embarked on their most demanding road trip of the season, and USC women ' s basketball his- tory. After an impressive upset win at Maryland, 63-61, the team traveled the next two nights to Rutgers and Penn State where they gave competitive but losing efforts. Returning home, the Trojans defeated Missouri but lost to AIAW defending champion Old Dominion. Anna Maria Lopez lead the Trojans against Missouri with thirteen points, thirteen rebounds, and four steals. The hoopsters then kicked off league play with wins over the Arizona schools and Gal State Fullerton. The team ended January with a heartbreaking 75-73 loss to league champ Long Beach State. In February, the Trojans defeated Pepperdine, San Die- go State, and traveled to Arizona where they defeated both schools again. All America forward Kathy Hammond scored fourteen and sixteen points and grabbed ten and eight rebounds respectively against the Arizona schools. The women of Troy defeated rival UCLA at Pauley Pavi- lion before closing out the regular season, to clinch sec- ond place in league. Seniors Linda Balabuch, Kelly Hill, and Liz Ludwig completed outstanding Trojan careers. Athletics- 191 11 FRONT ROW: Suzette Lee, Karen Olson, Karin Lane, Leslie Nelson. 2ND ROW: Asst. Coach Miles Gabel, Lori Uranich, Anna Maria Lopez, Calliy Stiikel. Asst. Coach Gina Zanone, Head Coach Chuck Erhe. TOP: Paula Dittmcr-Cood- win, Debbie Burrows, Maya Thiene. ABOVE RIGHT: ABRACADABRA-P.iiiiu Dittmer-Goodicin -. spike breaks a Brum Hex. RIGHT: WATCHING FOR THE VOL LEY, Anna Maria Lopez anticipates a dink. 192-AtMeUcs Spikers lose their Punch With the return of Chuck Erbe as women ' s volleyball coach, expectations of returning the national championship to use filled many pre-season thoughts. Twice before in 1976 and 1977, the Women of Troy captured the national championship under Erbe ' s direction. Rumors of grueling practices in the Men ' s Gym leaked out as Erbe ' s holistic approach to coaching was reinstat- ed. " It ' s not natural ability that should be admired nearly as much as hard work and becoming part of the unit in a contributing way, " he professed. Conditioning didn ' t necessarily prevent injuries as visits to the trainer plagued the team. The loss of Anna Maria Lopez, Maya Thiene, and Cathy Stukel in crucial games proved to be the Trojan ' s demise. Ranked seventh nationally in the pre-season, the Trojan women appeared sharp in their first contests with strong conference victories over Arizona and Arizona St. After a tough five game loss to UCLA, they vowed to avenge and decisively trounced the Bruins on their second meeting. Confidently entering the WAIAW Regionals with hopes of a trip to the Nationals, the Trojans were jolted by losses to Pepperdine and Long Beach State that knocked them out of the race and left their hopes of another national title for future work-outs. LEFT: LOOK MA, NO HANDS!- lnnrt Maria Lopez and Maya Theine spring to block a spike. V : Atliletics-193 -f i o ' ■ ' ' r f) ft - S i i A.OV 0- .• it FRONT ROW: Rir wrd KflnomflH, Scott Mat .uda, Don Haust-. Linda Lyon$. Christie Kuester, Mike Kelly, Jaime Fowler. 2ND ROW: Eric Johnson. Mike Malone, Boh Wiltse, Boh Lycette. Boh Tierny. Jeff Float, Steiv Pickell, Kurt McCatvan, Neil MacCready, Dan Rosenthal, Rob Mika, Yan Siostrom. Coach Ron Orr. 3RD ROW: Brian Yep. Cress Templcton, Kirk Fredricks, Willis Scannell, Ed Reynolds, Doug Eras- er, Fred Utengsyu, Andy Learner, Brian Raney, Coach Daland. 4TH ROW: Walt Bower, Kevin Strachan, Bill O ' Brien, Choto laffee, Edward LaPortc, Craig Takata, Yon Lorrant. Jeff Dean, Coach Tingley. 194-Aihlclics RIGHT: PERCHED ON THE BLOCK, Bob Li cette fmds consolation in a dry toioel. Swimmers Down National Champs Coach Peter Daland could not be prouder of his swim- mers as they stroked their way to a perfect 11-0 dual meet record, closing the season with an explosive, climatic vic- tory over the UCLA Bruins in the " Dungeon " . The pre- meet favorites, UCLA, had to weather a determined USC team as well as a deafening home crowd. Also in the Trojan ' s wake were national powers Texas, Arizona State, and defending NCAA champ, California. Last year the Trojans were second place nationally, achieving 10 national championships in 21 years of com- petiton. At least 10 Olympic-caliber swimmers and a host of oth- er outstanding men composed one of USC ' s most suc- cessful sports. Senior Kirk Fredricks, a butterfly and free- style-sprint specialist, and Captain Steve Pickell, a back- stroke and and individual medley swimmer, were among the best in the nation. Other recognized members produc- ing excellent times were Eric Johnson, Cress Templeton, Bob Tierney, Bob Wiltse, Jan Sjostrom, and Mike Malo- ney. Among the younger swimmers, Jeff Float, Bill O ' - Brien, Brian Roney, Dennis Scannell, and Scott fVlatsuda, promised continued dominance in the upcoming seasons. AllikMics-19o Swimmers Sweep the Conference With five returning Ail-American Swimmers and a crop of strong freshmen recruits, the women ' s swim team cap- tured the WCAA conference title and maintained an unde- feated dual-meet record. Under Head Coach Don Lament and Asst. Coach Sandy Nielson, the Trojan women made a strong showing in the conference, qualifying many swim- mers for the nationals, and taking gold and silver medals in every event but the 50 meter butterfly. Freshman Nancy Garapick of Canada led the team, swimming the 100 and 200 butterfly, the backstroke, and the 200 and 400 individual medleys. Garapick, followed by freshmen Anette Fredriksson, Maura Walsh, and senior Ail-American Sue Hinderaker, sparked a team that showed depth and consistency throughout the season. Team Cap- tain Miriam Smith, 1976 Olympian, headed the backstroke events, while fellow Olympian Debbie Rudd swam all three breaststroke events and the 200 individual medley. Com- ing off of back-to-back national titles were seniors Sue Hinderaker (50-yard freestyle), and Debbie Rudd (200 yard breaststroke). Returnees Lisa Hilger, Meredith Wil- liams, and Karen Reeser excelled in the backstroke, but- terfly, and distance freestyle events, respectively. Rounding out the squad were seniors Sue Gove and Valorie Seyferl who combined for the relay events, and High School Ail-Americans Maura Walsh. Teri McKeever, Lisa Dahl, and Karen Johannsen. RIGHT: AHEAD BY A LENGTH All- American Debbie Rudd flies high off the block in 4ini meter relay. BELOW: DID YOU SEE THAT? Teammates Debbie Rudd. Cathy Kranhold. and Lisa Hilger share views on the previous race. RIGHT: TIRED AND HUNGRY A fatigued relay squad relaxes in the aftermath of the race 196-Athletics Lhlctics-197 OrrOSMH PAGt TOP: LEADER OF THE PACK Ihc l.fiii) im-la nni fm.l .; n-;,i ' i .w. zmx ( i,- ri ' .iy AHO 1- A NEW HOME DfSf ' ft Cromwell FiM ' s. face lift. ciili:ihlem t fans fwlcr Ihc $u1ehm-ii to the jiramhlmuU. RIGHT: CLOSING IN Mkiiihlimx ifisMiia- niimerf Pave PWoiiv; " ' " ' Creg Dr. ' s hUlle for Ihe leihl W OW IK All • TRACK ADVANTAGE Sophomore huniler WiUm Slncorl fiiuh m .vis cr wuy to unnfcle 198-Athletics h y Track Team Returns Home Coach Vern Wolfe finally got to host a track meet at Cromwell field. What once was considered the worst oval in the league, was changed to a fast set of lanes, perfect for the blazing speed of the USC team. Due to a severe cutback in scholarship awards. Coach Wolfe fielded a much smaller team, choosing to stay with speed, and speed he had. Three-fourths of the 400-meter relay team that won the NCAA and Pac-10 last year returned in James Sanford, Billy Mullins, and Kevin Williams. Sanford, who ran in the 100, 200, 400, 400-relay, and 1,600-relay events, was named number 1 in the world for the 100 and sixth in the 200 in 1979. James ' brother, freshman Mike Sanford. was a top high school runner and filled in the relay slot. In their first showing at Cromwell ' s inaugural meet, this sizzling quartet broke the national collegiate record. Bill Green, another sparkling recruit, was sixth-ranked in the world in the 400. He along with Ron Williams, a trans- fer that held the national junior college 400 record, added excellent depth to the sprinting departments. David Om- wansa secured the middle and long distance races while pole vaulter Jerry Mulligan and long and triple jumpers Larry Doubley and Kenny Hays strengthened the field ev- ents. Athletics- 199 Ski Team Heads for the Top The use Ski team, under the direction of Coach Serge Duvillard, entered its eighth season as the favorite atop the Southern Section of the California Intercollegiate Ski Association. Assistant Coach Joe Rossi recognized the growing stability in the ski sport at USC, and set his imme- diate goals toward building a national reputation. Sophomore Curt Walther, the top male in the confer- ence, and Shell Hofland, the top-seeded USC woman, sparked a team with spectacular depth. From the number one spot (with the exception of Walther) to the 11th man, no more than half a second separated their times. Gina Forgel, a recruit from Cal State Northridge. looked to help the Trojans capture their fourth conference title in five years. ABO L AND BLLOW: INAUGURAL MEET The oiviiiiig of Crowurll ircl cowed riinnen from Ihroughoiil Soulhcrii California as. two long distance rumicr re- iitpctiili ' iiihl iJ Itiiiuct tiipo tip ii hi Iciiiiiniillt ' . ABOVE: INGEMAR STENMARK? Serge Duvillard takes to the slopes. 200-Atliletics J ■%..r LEFT; NICE TRY Lorelei I ' an Benthem muscf at her teammate ' s thrmu. ABOVE: DETERMINATION Anchoring the 400 meter relay. Gail Douglas sets her sites on the finish tape. Rebirth of Cromwell: " There ' s No Place Like Home " AUilctics-201 ABOVE: STRETCHING FOR THE TAPE A victory m the 110 mcli-r low-hiirMci is lum. LIEF Charm Bishop is chagrined U ' ilh her second allempi at the shot put. Depth Key to Tracksters ' Success Like their male counterparts, USC women ' s track wel- comed the rennovation of Cromwell Field once noto- rious for being the worst oval of the conference. The res- toration of a home field finally gave Coach Sherry Calvert ' s squad a permanent practice ground. Highlighted by their sprinters, long jumpers, shotput and discus throwers, the women ' s team boasted the greatest depth ever in all events. Gail Douglas and Sandy Crab- tree, sprinter and long jumper respectively, both had im- pressive performances at the Times Indoor Games, a pre- season meet. Douglas also anchored the mile relay team, while Crabtree led a field of 19-foot-plus jumpers in Kerry Zward and Kathy Haynes. Outstanding recruits included Dana Olson, Texas ' state champion in the discus and shotput, and Kay Garnett. a high school champion hurdler from Seattle. With these two, Coach Calvert hoped to balance out the performance of her team in winning form. 202-Athletlcs ABOVE: THE BELL LAI ' Lk- i ilc iniiiiui thml. i.,inic Hill looks lo oivrlnko ha Loiis; ftwi i oppoucui at the home itnich. Athletics-203 204-Athlctics Toley Retires After 26 years as head coach of the USC men ' s tennis team, and a crop of national championships to his name, George Toley retired to coach former USC tennis star Raul Ramirez. With Robert Van ' t Hof taking the helm for his talent-ladened team, Toley looked to a strong season against such national powerhouses as Stanford, UCLA, Trinity, California, and Pepperdine. Billy Nealon, seeded second on the men ' s squad, at- tended the British Petroleum Cup in February, competing for the United States team in the world ' s largest junior in- door tournament. Next on the ladder was Roger Knapp (doubles Ail-American), followed by Sean Brawley, Doug Adier, and Jack Kruger. The team hoped for a season that would rank them na- tionally, as well as capitalize on the talents of Robert Van ' t Hof (doubles and singles Ail-American), as well as the oth- er strong players. BELOW: OVER-THE-SHOULDER- turn. -A forced volley finds Doug Adler scuffling for the re- k I •t ' . ' ' tr Athletics-805 ABOVE: GNASHING TEETH Trey Lewis puts more than her swing into the return. RIGHT: NO WAY TO A VOYDAT Nina Voydat finds a volley to her backhand inevitable. 206-Atliletlcs ABOVE LEFT; MISSING RACQUET - -Sheila Mcliicriicy ceinmgly iitteinpts a szvat at the hall empty-handed. ABOVE: HER OWN PARTNER Wimheldon competitor Anna Maria Fernandez shows versatility in her serve and return. FRONT ROW; Condi Dave Borelli. Asst. Coach Dan More. 2ND ROW; Sandy Turnhow, DeMn Gilchrist, Sue Brown, Sheila Mclner- ncy. 3RD ROW; Paolo Sassarega, Margie Strode, Trey Lewis, Anna Maria Fernandez. 4TH ROW: Nina Voydat, Cindy Dennis, Anna Lu- cia Fernandez, ]enny Smith, Anne White. Women Look to Repeat Championship National Champions: That ' s the title the women ' s tennis team earned in 1978-79. With such promise from a young team it would have been thought that Coach Dave Borelli wouldn ' t have any problems — but he had one: which six to play in the match. This Trojan squad boasted ten excellent players, led by sophomores Trey Lewis and the sisters Fernandez, Anna Maria and Anna Lucia. Senior Ail-Ameri- can Sheila Mclnerney, freshmen Nina Voydat and Anne White rounded out the top six, while Sue Brown, Cindy Dennis, Paola Sessarego, and Jennifer Smith finished up the rotation cycle. Coach Borelli ' s standard of outstanding performance was exemplified with his career record of 82 wins against 9 losses, which more recently warranted the national championship In 1977 and 1979, with a second place ranking In the interim year. Athletics-207 ' m :{ 208-Athletlcs Recruits Bring Hope for Improvement In 1979, use baseball went through a major rebuilding phase as 12 members from their 1978 championship team left for the pros. This year Coach Rod Dedeaux expected his youthful corp to take the expenence of last seasons lumps and return to the championship form indicative of use baseball. Assistant Coaches Ron " Arky " Vaughn and Marce Lachemann looked to their team to better handle the weaknesses, strengthened by an outstanding selection of junior college recruits. Dan Davidsmeier, a .400 hitter at Long Beach City College, brought his strong arm to fill the shortstop position. Senior pitcher Mike Couchee led off a solid rotation in Spiro Psaltis. Tim Kammeyer,and Bob Gunnarson. Dave Hodgins, a player with definite professional future, manned the catching department, while sophomore Dave Smith secured first base, and chuck Menzuhuber and Mar- ty Wilkerson locked up the infield. Dave Leeper, Mark Ma conian, Paul Homhg, and Jim Connors figured into the outfield position. ABOVE RIGHT: DEEP KNEE BENDS A fmi»e m the action finds Mar- ty Wilkerson resting on Imse. RIGHT: FULL COUNT Daiv Hodgins i. determined to connect. BELOW: A WATCHFUL EYE Head Coach Rod Dedeaux exam- ines the prospects for a strong season. LEFT AND BOTTOM: BASE THIEVES A reluctant pitcher has Chris Haley and Jim Cecchini leading off the base. MIDDLE LEFT: LET IT SLIDE Dave Hodg- ms. David Meier, and Stan William witness a stolen base Athletlcs-209 AHO l KOL l11 (, mi ILR AI - " ),vm.l,iK r,ii,is (dr ,; (r ,. ,- M44 zi » 210-Athlctics Intramurals Club Sports AIKU 1 S||)H.I. I-11 I lvIMI ifj( njM,j ( ii iit lor Ihcir tuni tc plciv the Kndinm. SQUASH TEAM FRONT ROW: Murad Massoud, Hooman Jazaie-Nasseri, Helen Godfrey, Aasim Mahmood. ]ay Could IV, John Massoud. 2ND ROW: Denzil Fiebig, Brian Churlebois, Sidford Brown. RIGHT: THE FTD MAN? Ralp h Saavedra smgle-handedly ddivers a touihdoum 212-Athletics WATER SKI CLUB FRONT ROW: Jerry Creubel, Joel Brow, Dean Chandler, Dan Kassel, Cindy Beattie, Peggy Wil- ton, Jodie Bassel. 2ND ROW: Alex Ortiz, Jack Gottas, Lynn Potter, Bruce Hall. Doug Stanley. 3RD ROW: Sheri Morrison, Pat Conlin (Team Captain), Brook Bellington, Coach Jim Sannebeck, Barbra Mather. Athletics-213 AIK) ' l- .S(Hit-r ; ' ,ii iTs linj i r|■ ; ' ,■ during: an ottuuil Ittnr ,-ut SOCCER TEAM FRONT ROW: Dean Colley, Brian Ulf, Craig VJatte, Barry Saperstein, Larry Tate, David Livings- ton, Greg Harper. 2ND ROW: John Trujillo, Mike McDonald, Rob Morello, Doug May, Richard ]ohnson, Mark Teb- bit, Chad Fester. 3RD ROW: Frank Liberatore, Bob Timberlake, Greg Forgatch, Roy Suttou, Scott Henderson, Berry Hoynie. 814-Athletics Recreation Offers Wide Program The Intramural, Club, and Recreation Office provided thie use student body with a sports program to accomo- date everyone ' s tastes. Flag football and over-the-line soft- ball were played in the fall, with both exclusively male and coed teams. Three-on-three basketball tournaments were held in the gymnasium at different intervals, while raquet- ball singles were played downstairs. For Runners, the Century Club and 500 Mile Club pro- vided an outlet for itching feet, and the coed innertube wa- ter polo tournament pacified those with gills and webbed feet. Track and field relays for men and women were of- fered, as well as a ten kilometer run for the olympians. Volleyball doubles and team games dotted the courts, in addition to tennis singles and team basketball. Slow-pitch Softball, track and field relays, bowling, golf, women ' s flag football, and a year-end superstar meet fin- ished the schedule for the year. Under a more structured team environment, club sports were offered to give the players a chance to compete with others of their same caliber and intere st. Hockey, women ' s Softball, water skiing, squash, wrestling, and soccer, com- pleted the Club Sports roster, offering the student a wel- come break from studies and dormitory living. use BATGIRLS FRONT ROW: Dina Garcia, Nicolette Schicartz, Caryl Messinger, Jan Nardulli, Dee Dee Snell, Kathy Smith. Lisa Lewis, Donna Griggs. 2ND ROW: Cathy Becktel, Lynn Anderson, Mary See, lanis Mellert, Tammi Telton, Head Batgirl Judy Worrell, Bambi Hayworth. AUilctics-SlS ABOVE: Pou ' der puff football players find jest in a pifskm grapple. 216-Atliletics k WOMEN ' S SOFTBALL FRONTT ROW: Julie Tancready, Mary Hayden, Chris Moninghoff, Tammy Pelton. 2ND ROW: Coach Ed Ramirez, Diane Broiihard, Lisa Luppi, Jody Blosser, Teresa Fernan- dez, Crista Breihan, Asst. Coach John Livernois. 3RD ROW: Asst. Coach Mind Hatt, Lupe Vasquez, Kathy Rennie, Paula Tripp, Julie Green, Linda Rodriguez, Mo Howell , Asst. Coach John Walker. use HOCKEY TEAM FRONT ROW: joey Fiihrwait. Mike Bacall, Milch Brown, Creg Ellwtt. Spencer Harlow, TiM Griffin. 2ND ROW: Asst. Coach Boh Mornson, Michael Thesman, Phil Holihoiife. Bill Green. Neil Scarlh. Chris Chambers. Tim OBrien, Scolt Witzman, Brad Sherman. Paul Casey. Head Coach Bill Whilscll. NOT PICTURED: Asst. Coach jack Richer. Phil Blum. Al Boulder. John Gardner. RA ' Rae, Franco Scalamandre, Kimilhif Vaughn. ABOVE: HOPES FOR THE IRON MAN Interfrateniitif football tournaments provide a Sunday morning outlet. RIGHT: LEAGUE CHAMPS The Trojan Ice Hockey team claimed the league title through dedication and ardent practice as shown by Scott Witzman. 218-AUilctics Hunt Captures Superstar Title Interfraternity sports were once again major facets of life on the Row. The competition in 19 sports, both team and individual, was heightened by the awarding of points for each win plus bonuses for playoff berths. Tabulated at the end of the year, each fraternity hoped to gain the coveted Iron tVlan Trohy, annually bestowed to the house with the highest point total. In football competition during the fall, the Sig Eps de- stroyed the Kappa Sigs to win the championship, with ATO capturing third place with a win over the Phi Delts. Hunt Williams of Beta Theta Pi won the top individual ev- ent, the Superstars, and claimed the title of top all-around athlete on the Row. Scott Springer of Phi Gamma Delta displayed exceptional individual talents in winning three in- dividual championships and placing second in another event. Springer ' s performance moved Phi Gamma Delta into a tight battle with the Kappa Sigs, the Sig Eps, and ATO for the Iron (Vlan Title. Athletics also filled the sorority women ' s sched ule throughout the year. Under the direction of Lori Seiden- sticker, the program was revised to accommodate larger participation. The Thetas won the softball tournament and got off to an early lead. Alpha Gamma Delta ' s Beverly Kie- swetter won the diving competition and Ann Bourgoyne pulled the Alpha Phis into contention by winning four ev- ents at the swim meet and setting two national intramural records. AlhlcUcs-219 ...And Other Sports While Traveler III galloped to Trojan Marching Band fan- fare and 50,000 hands waved " victory " to the likes of Charles White and Paul McDonald, the glitter of athletic enthusiasm was at its peak. Those lucky few who reveled in the banquets, training tables, and tuition remission af- forded the university athlete shared stock in the continuing line of use athletic heritage. And yet, behind all the medals, television interviews, team pictures, and Heismans, lived another stain of Univ- ersity athlete. He was the die-hard frisbee-freak, the un- known Jacuzzi hopper, the five-in-the-morning jogger, the militant spectator, the low-key scrabble buff. He missed out on the kudos and freebies associated with a " real " university sportster, but nevertheless thrived and multi- plied. For this sportsman, the University offered a myriad of possibilities. Pinball, pool, monopoly, and backgammon -were popular among the calorie lovers; frisbee, tennis, - basketball, and an occasional game of over-the-line soft- ball provided the framework for those more apt to per- spire; for the suicidal, there was pre-sunrise jogging, mud- ball(a rainy-day rendition of a Brad Budde pasttime), and dormitory roof-top leaping. Though he was never featured in the Daily Trojan sports column or had a section of the yearbook dedicated to his kind, the no-name athlete still sacrificed the time, energy. and clean socks for a taste of the life of a " real " athlete. FAR RIGHT: AN ENDANGERED SPECIES Ben Ocaswf fprmi iii gle " catch exterminates a frishee ' s course. INSET: NO WAY JOSE! Pen Ocasio is determined to oust Jose Moreno for first grab at the sailing disc. RIGHT; STAND BACK, DARRELL DAWKINS A wooden backboard doesn ' t stop jack Gallagher from attempting to shatter the glass. I 220-Athletlcs I BELOW: PINBALL WIZARD Ed Murphy itofs Ins Ro cr Daltry imfrc,i.ion ,ii a Timi Turner impofter zvaitf. her turn to play the magic machine. Athlctics-221 Directors Maintain Trojan Heritage i! h: i 222-Athletics RIGHT: A h e c Director Dr. Richard Perry i 1 v . ( 1 JJlllfifl A L fVillll j| ABOVE, CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: Assocmtc Athletic Dmxtors Bob Boyd, Barbara Hedges. Virgtl LiMvrden. Nick Pampas LEFT: AssistatJl Athletic Directors Ray George, Ann Berglund, }im Dennis, Ted Tompkins. Athlclics-223 UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN t I II M ,;i ' i ' ! • II : !z,n tark. Steven Michael Luther, Freda Ann Ber- man, Ann Mary Zavarelli, Wendell Km li C uny, js.j jane! Humiui, Lynuiui uuirnia- Hunt, i numu lnnt Hall. NOT PICTURED: Braven Wong, Rodeo Team Cloum. BELOW: YEE HAAAAAAAA! Rodeo Team Captain Lisa Huhbard-lhis ymr ' s entry to the Southern CountiesRodeo Queen Contest-dons he semi-finalist award. ■ " Rodeo Team Rides Again! After a long awaited rekindling, the corrals of USC once again produced a varsity Rodeo Team. Youtfi and inexpe- rience were the obvious handicaps, but a framework of ar- dent practice provided tor a prolific season. Practices began in early September and continued until late February, when the season came to a peak at the annual Southern Counties Rodeo Festival . Though the squad was plagued with early graduation, and a myriad of inconsistent players, a cadre of a few perennial starters managed to gain top honors throughout the season. Ann Zavarelli and Cindie Hunt led the team in barrel- roping, while Wendell Ching and Jerry Whitehead proved their expertise in long distance tobacco-spitting. Bareback riders Freda Berman and Steve Luther both went on to the Southern County finals, but were decisively beaten by arch-rival Chico State. Tom Hall and Lisa Hubbard (Cap- tain) combined to form the Bullriding core, and late recruit Paul Izenstark alternated with Braven Wong for Rodeo Clown honors. 224-Athlctlcs 1880 The Trojan tradition of athletics runs far deeper than the perennial rivalry with cross-town UCLA. True, football did come to the universi- ty in 1888, but the first national championship went to the track team in 1926. Since then, the Trojans have dominated the world of inter- collegiate sport. All the way from the football stadium to the swim- ming pool, use has won more championships (63) than any other member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association, eight unoffi- cial football championships, and five national women ' s team titles. It is the only university in history to win five NCAA championships in just one year. Beginning with Dean Cromwell in 1926, the nation ' s most winning track coach, the track team has garnered 27 champion- ships, as well as two indoor titles in 1967 and 1972. George Toley ' s era at USC brought the tennis team 10 championships while Rod De- deaux and his baseball players mirrored that accomplishment. Tro- jans won 14 medals at the 1976 Olympics, and would have ranked eighth had USC been a nation. Men ' s swimming, g ' mnastics, volley- ball, and women ' s tennis and volleyball, have also taken national ti- tles, in addition to USC ' s many Pac-10 and NCAA championships. ' ' ...and they constantly watch over us, mt M X " • " tl " ' - I ' fTtfil reminding us of the spiritual wonders, Guarding the United Methodist Lhiirai. A regal king found in Trustee Park. The graceful arches of Mudd Hall of Philosophif. A bit of classic art outside Founder ' s Hall. the aesthetic beauty, and the abundance of knowlege that surrounds us... " ligh atop the Bovard Admiitistmtioii uilding. Commuters? 0 ' ' i! iStv ' " " ,i, ' ' " ■• ' ■ ■ Commuters. Some pity them. Some don ' t understand them. Some wonder how they can survive missing out on the " college life " . But the truth is that commuters don ' t want to be pitied, they don ' t care if no one understands them, and they don ' t feel they are missing out on the " college life " . Within the past few years, university housing has in- creased its capacity to fulfill the housing requirements brought on by increased enrollment. There is no longer a waiting list for those who wish to live in university housing, as long as the student is patient enough to wait out the red tape. The fact Is, the present day commuter-student is one by choice. Some say it ' s simpler to live at home. They get the comforts of mom ' s cooking, laundry, and don ' t have to worry about getting homesick. Others prefer to escape to the beach areas, enjoying the peacefulness of the ocean breezes and the crashing surf. Still others find their own ring of friends in the Valley, Hollywood, or the eastem suburbs. Whatever their choice of location, all commuters have been hit hard by the amazing increase in gasoline prices. But to many of them, living away from the university is the lifestyle they choose, and it will take more than $1 .28 per gallon to discourage them. T r irmi ' l = 1- Cardinal Gardens Cardinal Gardens enjoyed a variety of acitivites includ- ing a Christmas Tree trimming party, broom hockey trips, and many dances. The volleyball court was always in play, except when the rains turned it into the local swimming pool. Cardinal is the largest of the apartment complexes, housing over 600 students, and offers the open space and grassy knolls of a garden atmosphere. ROW ONE: Ralph Kam. Don Yoshimikfl, Vicki Arce, Chris Camhcl, Todd Auerhach, Michael Casey, unidentified. ROW TWO: Randxi Oliver, Dai ' e Cohert, unidentified, Stephanie, Michelc Cillenwatcr, KC Courliiei , Carlos Noriega, Shohhana Kokatay, unidentified, Harry Baxter, Steiv Byrens. ROW THREE: Unidentified, unidentified, Felicia Ware, unidentified, unidentified. Andy Cantz, unidentified, Russell Willkie, Duane , Uuu ' eU. Tom Bradley, Carey Hill, unidentified, unidentified. Apartmcnts-237 Century Of the many housing complexes at USC , Century is one of the largest and most popular with the students. With its diverse staff and residents, Century is a very ac- tive member of the student community. Strong representa- tion in Stu-Q leads the way in increasing the credibility and reputation of University Housing. ROW ONE: Kei ' in Polk, George Will, unidentified, Saudi Delahooke, Melin- da Thun. Therese Paul, Ann Bane, ]oni Ciberson, Tina Lagmay, Brook Bel- lington. Donna DeLeone, Mary Lisa Barrett, John Fallon, Cam Kay, Theresa White, Kathy Morris, Lori Carlston, Kyle Miyamoto. ROW TWO: Ben Oca- sio, Roger Chin, Doug Freeman, Stuart Beekman, Phil Brooks, jerry Dunlop, Brian Cummings, Greg Ramirez, Cayle Futernick, Dienmy Thai, Lisa Jensen, Cathy Smithu ' ick, Lindy Ely, Larry Slabotsky, ]ulio Caballero, Tom Morris, John Rivard, Clare Chan, joAnn Rigs. Cheryl Davis, unid entified, unidenti- fied, Kambez Keasaleh. ROW THREE: fim Anderson, Chun OnLam, Akin Chan, Mario Benavente, unidentified, Chris Ball, Gary Ramer, ]im Desantis, Jose Moreno, Derek Robbins, Pam Baker, Dan Annavella, Joel Waggener, uni- tl 838-Apartxaents dentified, Toby Alexander, Dreic Pamco, Ann Krue er, Diane Nordlct, Mary Ann Meek, Dale Allen Paery, Stei ' e Chappell, Katlty, unidentified. Doug Thiessen, unidentified, Lee Racey, Jeff Pugh, Valerie Burdich, Stephen Legg, Diane Wittry, Beth Barrow, Chris Zaske, Mark Beran, Karl Kotalik, unidenti- fied, unidentified, unidentified, Tom Howard, unidentified, Kumiko Suzuki, Ralph Bnonocori, Mike Schmitzer, Rusty Chandieft, Valeri St. Claire, Randy Young, unidentified, Deborah Rubin, David England, unidentified, Todd Wat- lace, unidentified, unidentified, Thad Bond, Kez ' in Beniel, Randy Hurtle, Steve Theis, Glenn Webb, Sharon Brandolino, Lance Coffin, Dan Nikchevich, Steve Nelson. Aparlinents-239 i Founders On the outskirts of the entity known as USC, lies the die-hard souls of Founders apartments. Living in one of the newer university owned apartments, these energetic, enthusiastic, and fun-loving residents make the most of the resources available to them. Activities, including BBC ' s and parties, are represenative of the spirit that the stu- dents possess. ROW ONE: Alison Harris, Cynthia Ellzy, Dim lee, Amy Breen, Beth Yoffie, Lisa Bell. ROW TWO: Mark hvanager, Jeff Leuscher, Sally Weller, Doug Tenaglia, Marjorie Mowry, Linda Davis, John Theiring, Steve Banks, Theresa Castagneto, Ted Wells, Irma Sahagun. ROW THREE: Rob Greene, ]ulius Glover, Malcolm Brown, Craig Higdon, Mike Watorski, John Walker, Doug Kruger, Tim Dougherty. ROW FOUR: Will Bellis, John Loftus. Jeff Wine- man Tom Hehner, Paul Koplin, Gary Campbell, Scott Poorman, Mark Smith, Guy Cunningham, Curtis Ashford. ROW FIVE: Mike Scallon. Paul Speyer, Jim McLaughlin, Kelly Akers, Bob Hysell. Joby Noriel, Andrea Brutocao. Km Padgham, Lance Turner, Jay Mitchell, John Cowan. 240-Apartinents Apart niciUs-241 ROW ONE: Eric Baker, jan Calhoun, John Oda, Gustai ' O Parodi, Sandra Cox, Ami Kaufman, Richard LeBlanc, Stephanie Berger. Alberta Hartshorne, Cheryl Cafford, Donna Chaney, Angel Ho, Joan Bosch, Mark Smith, RotTi n Jackson, Sheri Crogan, Regina Ray. ROW TWO; Jerry Rodin, Janet Long, Steve Bonds, Jeff Malik, Janet Poller, Due Hoang, Dick linuma, Dave Eichar, Fred Shun, Leigh Rowlings, Peter Esser, Paula Tripp, Mike Epps, Jehan Fa- 242-Apartments Harris Plaza Harris Plaza has been designated as USC ' s first self-di- rected apartments, as well as being granted special inter- est status by the Office For Residential Life. The residents are highly responsible for their self-direction in academic, social-cultural, and political affairs. Residency is open pri- marily to upper division, mature, interested, and highly mo- tivated students. ner, Shaiuum Sullivan, Adil Ciil, Stei ' e Lajoie, Carta Dunlap. Luuia Sozoki, Leo Hui. ROW THREE: Bill Nash. Tony Dawkms, Amy Frwdhcnn. Dave Morris, Chven Hso, Vmme DeQuattro, Tom Rinear, Tmt Bulrum. Bob For- ward, John Corsaro, Ron Destreich, jerry Strickland, Bill Rohi, Nathan Hsu, Carmen Barheito, ]oe O ' Neill, Cail Waid, Dana Walker, Mark Osborn, Jeff Uncapher, Shelly Hofland, Scott Ward, Barbara Beck. Apartmcnts-243 Helena Jewel Manor Helena ' Jewel Manor was much in the spotlight this year. Several residents appeared on the Channel 7 eleven o- ' clock News and in articals appearing in the Los Angeles ' Times and Daily Trojan concerning the security on and off campus resulting from a gang murder on the premises. Their " speaking up " on these matters can be related to the tightening of security on and around campus. Bl ROW ONE: jini Mi.kinniy, jfrncn Crau ' lorii, I ' VurrcM L ift " , Kulhi Rin)(, Ron Nakagaiva, Melissa Glass, Jackie Burke, Ron Cunningham. Lori Fleer, Doug Ayers, lose Rojas, Duanc lepson, Dave Garten, Marcus Peacock, Charles Chong. ROW TWO: Carolyn Sheppard, Lisa Thorup, unidentified. Dell Ar- aki, Greg Flores, Paul Duford, ]eri Handa. Cathy Rutigliano, fanet Robinson, Shermin Vazirinejad, jiin Skourtes. ROW THREE: Greg Beeman. Carol Lee, Mike Aiken, Diane Anderson, Ray ,Armstrong. Terry Adams, Marie Tram Row Chateau Row Chateau recently became another one of the in- creasing number of community apartments that the univ- ersity has taken jurisdiction over. Residents enjoyed a trip to Evita, get-togethers in the broken elevator, and throwing people in the pool from the second and third floor. Carpoforo Sosa, Miguel Ko ds, Doug Dommianni, Norman Hilarw, Rick Man- ning, lason Nocilai, Kurt Biegal, Randy Franklin, Larry Beck. Mike Green, Raymond Chin, Peter dxtpcr. Shea Kirschncr, Mark Waldon. ROW FOUR: HojiHird Mcllwraith, Patti Nash, Stei ' e Floyd, Lisa juels, Greg Funnaii. Dan- ny Carasso, jim Avid, Kei ' in Hook, leff Allen, unidentified. Matt Bobola, jiin Auldi. Editor ' s note: Roto Chateau declined to identify its residents. 244- Apartments Mardl Gras Student life was truly a " party " at the Mardi Gras apart- ments. From the very beginning to the end, the activities committee promoted Troy spirit through after game BBQ ' s, dances, a first-class ski trip, television show taping visita- tions, and Disneyland. Perhaps the moments remembered most were those in which small dinners were created tOi intensify the already existing close atmosphere of the resi- dents. I ROW ONE: Rose Solomoti, Alisse Kingsky, Bwtiai TnijiUo, Lena Alcido, Mary Romero, Janice Hoffman, Chris Day, Jenny Lee. Roxana While, Theresa Chun, Jean Ota, Lisa Lee, Ricl Pawelt, Bridget! Malloy, Brenda Baieh, Yolan- da Willmms, Albert Crunauer, Layreii Litman. Ch ' mi Bouhli. John Adkins. ROW TWO: Mark Vaughn, Javier Diaz, Guy Oxnard, Laura Aiello. Kathy McDonald, Sally Stowers, Mike R., Chris Moninghoft, DcMne Noriega, Keilh ju, Michelle Pern, Yvonne Carreoa, Russ Glasgal. Kalhii Hardin, Sandy Ui e- mera, Brian Ongais, Dave Rice, Vincent Kagaican. Paul Katz, Vicky Cun- ningham, Steve Kelleher, Wyndell Wright. Eric Vincent. Dave Earlyxvine. Laurie Anderson, Curt Bywater. June Hata. Yardena Rand. Raymond Lee. ROW THREE: Mario Pomiw. Toby Hooper. Ralph Stralian. Brent Carroll, Mike Arigo, Kyle Walls, George Dedes, Jill Cunningham, Jan Barnes, Willard Weston, Gary Caster, James Dallojacono, John Dutcich. Bill Morrison. Apartincnts-245 Portland North Portland ' s grand opening in mid-fall of 1979 was a wel- come event for the many students awaiting placement into i university housing. These students, not to be outdone by their fellow apartment living buddies, quickly set the pace for an exciting new year filled with a variety of activities. J RESIDENTS: Rick Goldsmith, John Hoffman, Roy Ashford, Avety Drcioc, Ka- tie Johnson, Robin Daily, Cathy Kovacevich, Bill Crosby, Cail Peterson, Lisa Rumbles, Mary Melcher, Madeleine Pink, Kenny Leivis, Carol Carsten, Brian Okamoto, Doug Satterblom, Dorie Johnson, Step ' hanie Rice, Cheryl Huxley, Michelle Adams, Ned Hunter, Stuart Weske, Shellie Falk, John Wix, julie 246-Apartments i Hodges, Todd Evens, Steve Burks, Mark Kruse, Amy Zimmerman, Mark Sampsett, Anna lannone. Bill Kcane, Natalie Enoki, John Neivcomhe, Frank Montejano, Bill Pierce, Cindy Sheppiard, Carole Miller, An}(ie Martinez. Luira Navalta, Stan Matasavagc. ' Aparlruciits-847 Portland West Twin Palms Portland West and Twin Palms apartments offer students a haven of fun and frolic. Residents may lounge by the year-round heated swimming pool, relax in the luxurious recreation room, or simply study hard in their lavishly fur- nished and spacious accommadations. Special considera- tions are made for the serious student, but parties and ev- ents are frequent, gayla, and always oriented towards a positive community experience. Portland West and Twin Palms clearly represent the spirit of the movement Toward Century II. ROW ONE; Mike Shim, Mark Palmese, Clarence Yee, Linda Coleman, Lynda Tom, Bob Gaglione, Malvina Carvaggio, Diane Bear, Cretchen Kast. ROW TWO: Mark Chitjian, Kimo MacEvitt, Barbara Mather, Wayne Lei ' ine, Kathy Sada, Roberta Graham, Mark Alberici, Harry Ahramou ' ski, Gustavo Yep, 248-Apartments Mary Luperman. Paul Jonei. Mike Bissari. ROW THREE: Scott Thompson, John anderson, Chris Frost, Terri Crook, Dick Sittig, Rick Naff, Sam Liviu Lascu, Jim Petrilli, Bill Charcalis. WINDOW: lilt Vandermay, Gail Weekes. 1 Regal Trojan Regal Trojan is an open apartment complex regarding both its structure and friendly residents. With a student government and involved residents, there have been many successful activities including a barbeque, dinner parties, Christmas dinner, ski trip, and finals center. ROW ONE: BUI Peltola, Shan Davis, Dave Lan lois, Brati Love, Kevin Mc- Cormack. ROW TWO; ]un Romero, Dave Bruikiii, Richard Reely, Ted Sirot- ta, Khashayer Khakmahd. ROW THREE; Bob Ayers, Bonnie Bettmm, Mere- dith Williami, Cindy Berber, Torre Peterson, jane Weddnii ton, Cindy Attyah, Stei ' e Stanistad. ROW FOUR; Steve lonas, Rohm Sana, Sliaron Glen, Dous; Scden, Tony Trtkas, Warren Mclver. ROW FIVE; left Saito, Bob Sellers, Kar- en Reeser, Ed Reynolds, Crai Goldberg, Nancy Caldwell, Manny jiuicos. ROW SIX; Ian McKie, Ricky Manayan, Sue Hunt, Marco Novella, Martin Campert. ROW SEVEN; Bjoel Farbstein. Ben Sanchez. Doug Marlow, Carl Classen, Bill Trye, Bill ' eis;el. Twi Plum. Apartmcnts-249 Troy Hall Troy Hall, known as the " cream of the crop " as far as housing goes, was very busy this year due to the enthu- siasm of the new student government. Activities spons- sored by the Troy Hall government included an Interna- tional Night, a Backgammon Tournament, a Luau, Irish Pub Night, Car Rally, and the ever-popular Bar-B-Q and Volleyball nights. ROW ONE: Bill Bartok, Eugene Cabico, Dave Wharton, Van Kouzoujian, Stirling Hunter, David Mukai, Keith Kersting, Lisa Lewis, Dianna Amorde, John Nelson, Leslie Ball, Anita Eder, Colleen Pang, Jaime Dominquez. ROW TWO: Amy Frontain, Lori Bowman, Susan Kawaguchi, Chris Fank, Dan Zangari, Rodney Kam, Boh Seastrom, Sam Esperanza, Bob Zmuda, Bruce Harry, Mark Elliott, Elizabeth Gilmer, Cindy Krisman, Liselotte Leach, Quen- tin Kawanatwkoa, Tamarah Washington, Fernando Barrera, Joyce Hedrick, Nancy Nuno, ]oe Pierz, Marc DeVeny, Wayne Lee, Michelle Shackford, Holly 850-Apartments Chovaiice. Ramm Husseiiii, Willie Kin , Kim Krause, Gary Certziveig. ROW THREE: Mark Wetiiger, Mike Wasserman, Kim Currie, Jeffrey Wong, Richard TInim, Gary Kennedy, Richard Rodriguez, Joyce Chin, jack ' s friend, Jim Champlin. Cathleen Vejisky, Bei ' Pery, Kenneth Saenz, Don Lieb, Nick Cimo- relit, Keith Zucker, Seyycd-Rcza Amtn. Dale Bishop, Tracy Gluck, Linda Ellis. ROW FOUR: Carlos Arqucdas. John McKenzie, Marc Haskins, Kathi Harher, Tanya Woods, Gerald Schmidt, Collette Grant. Apart iiicnts-251 Troyland The fun never stops at Troyland. Life for students who live here can be one big parade. Pictured are the friendly residents engaged in a favorite pasttime they call ' " standing around " . Other activities for Troylanders have been a Mammoth ski trip, outings to Disneyland and Univ- ersal Studios, and seeing the television show " Soap " . noyS . ROW ONE: George Hermanot, Toby Foiig, Ken Mosman, Marc Luhin, David Serafini, Fernando Lerma, Hector Hinojosa, Mike Lerchcnmuller, Robert Har- ry, David Pometta, Rob Murray, Todd Wallace, Lorenzo Bini Smaghi, Amir Hosseinian, Kevin Beedy, Kci ' in Smith, Fredrick Faridian, Frank Nolle, Paul University Regent The " guinea pig " tenants of the newly acquired Univers- ity Regent discovered and encountered new problems, new friends, and many good times. Under the leadership of the manager Cliff Brulotte and SCC Claybourne Hall. perhaps the most memorable event for the Regents (aside from the parking lotteries) was the Gala Chnstmas bash complete with a balloon-filled Santa, and two 25 pound turkeys. Eves, Lt ' S Jordan, Claude Kansaku, Tom Carroll, Ingrid Iverscn, John Powell, Caroline Anglade, Ru$s Schroeder, Sherrie Burgess, Karen Ring, Tom Rooney, Bok Myung Kang, " B. . " George, Chiho Ohtuka. " K.C. " Courtney, visitor, Matthew Lincoln, Todd Weltner. ( I ROW 1: Johannes Gerber, John Schuler, Joe Merkin, Jim Sinning, Mark Cor- coran, Frank Gutierrez, Kim Viner, Emily Dung, Shoichi Watanabe, Sheila Huang, Christine Toy, Cathy Chock, Evelyn Burkhard, Claybourne Hall, Car- los Garcia. ROW 2: Dugan Yoon, Kris Van Summerin, Steve Franzino, Kris- 252-Apartments ty Frudenfeld, J.R. Hellman, John Gibson, Mike Wojcrnk, Marty Hotyfield, Dino Di Bartholomew ' , Mike Huckman, Gail Ackerman, Dane Holt. ROW 3: John Moll, Laura Nicholson, Rachelle Brown, Cliff Brulotte, Laura Brucker, Cindy Hamilton, Ronni Ross. The Dorm Dwellers Apartnicnts-253 Bimkrant Guys, gals, Birnkrant! Yes, this year Birnkrant went co- ed and was a true experience for all. Highlights of the so- cially rewarding and culturally enriching events of the year included a tremendous Halloween bash, Christmas and St. ■, Patrick ' s Day dances, backgammon and tennis tourna- ments, and a Rocky Horror Picture Show Night. Some of the residents will remember Birnkrant for its terrific food, and Johnny Cash ' s " Ring of Fire, " but most of us will re- member it for the friendships made which will last a life- time. ROW ONE: Gary Satvyer, Doug Cooper, Dorthy Birsic, Tom Champieux, Stan Spear. Gordon Resquer, Leigh Robertson, joe Suior. ROW TWO: Ted Waddell, Nick Pans, Chris Chambers. Charles Litsky. ROW THREE: Rich Wadness, Tri Nguyen. Mark Stacht. Jim Hendric. Sandra Manly, Bill Gon- zales, Tom Haggarty, Jeff Fahey, John Staff, Mike Rider, John Sinclair, Laurie Ware, ]anet Tuker, Vonnie Ettel, Linda Rawluck, Kaity Keiliy, Judy Hofftnan. Valerie Sakalis, Shauna Strauss. ROW FOUR: Reneee Neuvll, Wend f Jones, Mahron, Sasan Taherzadah, Danny, Mike McKmney, Ken Fernandez. ROW FIVE: Raymond McDermot, Brenda Morris. F.L. Kannengeiter. Ritchie Green. Robert Wolinsky. Inn Retteta. Alvin Huey. Phil Takacs. Teuton U ' bon. Sharon Mendel. Patty Minor. Karen Parker. Tammy ildkoff. Wendy Adams, Rebecca Cihnour. Mara Morner. Linda Manatnha. Mary Sana. ROW SIX: Murad, Chris Bogart, Paul Yep, Cannela Floro, Harlan Spatz, Tom Gaskill, Sam Strang, Greg Cimmarrusti, Roger Lewis, Dave Tekell, Bert Verzello, Tra- cy O ' Brien, ]udy Gilbert, Locke Carter, Lori Garrison, Ron O ' Neal, fohn Mur- ray. Dornis-255 College-University It ' s no accident that College-University is the envy of all use dormitories. Name any attribute — social life, resi- dent involvement, dorm spirit — College Uni excells in them all. 1979-80 has been a particulary successful year, but to list the reasons why might fill this entire volume. Suffice it to say that no group of students anywhere has experi- enced a more meaningful, exciting, challenging year; and at College-University this is an annual experience. n ROW ONE: Mary Aguas, Doug Nai lor, Strce Barber. Brian Schuyler, Matt Thompson, ]im Helvie, Greg Candrud, David Sanchez, Ricardo Saminago, Kevin Olson, Dave Bakchoy, Dave Wallace, Lloyd Koch, Karl Maruyama. ROW TWO; Linda Smith, Karen Gifford, Maria Villapando, Kathy Shannon, Silvia Lee, loann Fujimoto. Donna Ching, Cathy Wohl, Dehra Ota. Pamela Ota, Lisa Glantz, Valerie Kalem. unidentified, unidentified, unidentified. Diana Busby. ROW THREE: Abdulrahim Alfaham, Lisa LaFlamtne, Terry Edwards, Diana Tash, Patti Konn, Ginger Dalton, Ahson Stiles, Linna Ko, Sandra Sawamura, Linda Caducoy, Kathy Lortshcer, Ann McBride, Karen Kim, Janice Ho, Desiree Reedus, Kathy Abbit, Diane Marks, Alesia Boatright, Michelle LeAnce, Maurine Lewis, Connie Abdunnur, Mark Woodall, Todd Stein. 256-Donns ROW ONE: Adelle Maloof, Kiini hcata, Tern Simmons, lacqui Molden, Cat- tie McGcrwan, Linda Scheuer, unidentified. ROW TWO: Peggy Beasley, Shar- on Dolezal, Colleen Valeriano, Ceresha Terrell, Martha Thorrens, Mary Had- en, Steve Apfel, Rich Mannis, unidentified, Scott McAllister, Ed McClements, Joel Van Boom, Leslie Weldon. unidentified, Andy Fong, Carroll Moseley, Dan Poioell, Drezo Nelson, Tyler Wright, Darryl Savage, Andy McCahon. Mike Drew, Dennis Schneider, ]im Walters, Hussein Haslii. ROW ONE: Deena Higgs, Lorena Uy, Stephanie Miller, Lisa Lassman, Patty Robinson, Lisa Liese, Rhoda Fukushima, Janet Griffin, Karen Stexvart, Janice Sellers, Kim Davis, Shelly Fetterolf, Marcia Badgley, Kristi Gabriel, Kathy Flaltum. ROW TWO: Leslie Durham, Cindy Carr, Monica Roberts, jill Rog- ers, Carol FeiUe, Brcnda Holt, Margaret Curnn, Pain McUiurin, Pam Rich- ards, Roln n Elliot, Lisa Eastcrling, Liz Cohen, Marta Foust, lennifcr Elliot. Karen Baldwin, Kristi Johnson, Marie Calub, Judy Miyashita. Dorms-257 ROW ONE: Rodwlk Conner, Maria Snyder, Alyssa Vadia, Laioiun Lumt . Stephanie Chavez, jane Wells, Laurel Raker. ROW TWO: Aleeia Walls, Sandy Mrvos. h U Munmin, Sharr; Lcho hi lodu Pnvul-.m ROW THRFF: Liriiic Marli, llene hreu ' er, .Si ' i ' " ' L jd, hresila Dcji ' n . . ' iiii Zavarell:, liilic Langbein . ROW ONE: Karen Maarse, Deircle Adanis, Dina Gttistozzi, Wendy Keoiigh, Stephanie Komatani, Lorrie Freeman, ]udy Early, Michele TennanI, Shari-Lyn ordon. ROW TWO: Andera Coursolle, Margaret Doerlich, Lori Slulzky, Sue Thirlwall, Kalhy Banieki, lanis Smith, Desi Bedoy, Darrilyn Diederich, Liz Martinez, Bridgette Neman. ROW THREE: Maria Longo, Rhonda Tanner, Margo Banner, Mary Ann Sysak, Bettina Kaplan, Joyce Takalmshi, Annette Burholm, Sharyl Nakamura, Dawn Naguchi, Ann Takemoto, Margaret Smith. ROW FOUR: Lynn Graham, Melame Rook, Gretchen Radtke. Bopha Kim, Edi Stiles, Darken, Pryds, Elaine Dot, Liddy Martinson, Andy Cantz, Liz Knemeyer, DeAnna Goodrich. 258-Dorms h- Blizabeth von KleinSmid EVK is the only all-women ' s residence hall on campus, housing over 200 students. Activities this year have includ- ed an all day beach bash at Venice Beach, a trip to see " A Chorus Line " , several seminars on such topics such as rape, suicide, and an all-women ' s Film Festival. Living in EVK has given each woman an opportunity to form close friendships and an opportunity to grow. I ROW ONE: Miko Kiilium, Mary jo SohUkii, Ginj er McFaddcn, Miiiml Barakat, Tamarah Ha en, Mary Chaiiwkk, Lois Sakamoto. ROW TWO: Elizabeth Evans, ]ody Blosser, Laura Joyce, Courtney Andraiii, Susan Straight, Laurecn Monta, Mary Lu Gahalch. ROW THREE: Valane Russell, Karry Schoneman, Clautiine Cheng, Teresa Reed, Judy Nei itt, Carol Craig, Teresa Pichay. ROW FOUR: Sue Kirchner, Ciiui De Rose, Karen Garrett, Jeanne De Torre, Ellen Rawlings, Joyce Lara, Anette Ackermann. ROW FIVE: Vickey Duran, Pamela Waddell, Ceorgene Nagayana. Karen Faher, Keely Miller. Linda Rodriguez. ROW SIX: Karen Luna, Cari Wong, Kalhy Stansell, Kathy Cassou, Stcfluinie Uccelli, Carolyn Hodge. Dorms-259 4 ROW ONE: jerry Steiner, " CoCo " Harrison, Vutinand Phenjati, Rockford Takamatsu, Dennis James, Debbie Rosefsky, Massy Khadjenouri, Moonie, Ah- mad, Pat Colhson, Sine Thonchua, Delores Nobles, Joanna Iwata. ROW TWO; Kamy Dadbeh, Matt Madruga, Frank Chiorazzi, Walter Hawes. Lana Shirgaokar, Thaimmi Weerasmghe, Julie Catt, Van Wattanavekin. lenny Tan, Mizue Matsm, Gail Sana, Barbara Bell. Laurie Woolen. ROW THREE: Ed- 260-Dorms Marks Hall Marks International Hall is the only USC dormitory des- ignated specifically for international students. Every room has an American student paired off with an International student to foster social, cultural, and linguistic exchange. Residents represent countries in Asia, the Middle East, South America, North America, and Europe. Among other social functions throughout the school year, an annual banquet is held where some of USC ' s top administrators come to meet and greet the worldly body of scholars. HBEEW moiid Chin, Brian Comer. Amjad Dweik, Don Pruntxi, Bizhan Honarmand, Afsanch Scpiihi. Marjaneh Moglnmi. Brenda Won;;;, Chiarn Sn ' itzcr. Dchhie Milliffiin. ROW FOUR: Sakae Saito. Leonnrd Forsmiin.Mind Yciin ;. Mnrk Ho. Penny Urbcr, Andcra Barber. Steve Smith. Ceor e WiUuini . Tim Ihim- mond. I)orms-261 1 Marks Tower As the year began, it was the consensus of the staff and residents that our main goal throughout the year was to promote and enhance dorm unity. During the school year the goal was reached through activities such as a toga party, ice cream socials, moonlight hikes of Malibu beach, and various intermural sports. ROW ONE: Dartene Delaney. Michelle Chambers, Ria Fatlangetti, Carol Gir- gis, Lisa Goodmar, Sally Smith, ]ill Palmer, Dee Sanders. ROW TWO: lulie Dias, Judy Nakahara, Vivian Gee, Myra DeLeon, Patty Rojas, Chris Pcsce, Kim Line, Cheryl Phelps. ROW THREE: Kim Ishibashi, Cynthia Empson, Charlotte Chandor, julie Thomas, Julie Lyon, Danett Pelletier, Lisa Clarke, Wendell Grey. ROW FOUR: Judy Schnitzer, Shawn Cooper, Angel Branch, Robin Tompkins, Jayne Marinelli, Missy Beechner, Tom McNamara, Nancy Prawdzik, Terri Sutton, Tanya Tompkins. ROW FIVE: Gary Paul, Derek Iwai, Andy Nelson. Rick Ackerman, Don Atkinson, Bahman Pouranpir, Craig Moscly, Scott Lauver, Doug Matheirs. ROW SIX: Torry Grimes, Janet Arch- er, Sue Beaudet, Cindy Calloway, Andrea Blau, Jennifer Hews, Adrienne Moore, Kim Dunbar, Tom Niedzialek, Curtis RoecLs. ROW SEVEN; Harold Henderson, Robert Garrison, Clancy Lavins, Wendell Ching, Tom Mosher, Bill Moore. Rick Blnine, Greg Ding, Alan Sclafani, Kexnn Boethlmg. ROW EIGHT; Penn Jones. V. . Lee, Stephen Gross, vacant, Richard Johnson, va- Greenway, Darryl Moore. ROW ELEVEN: jay Cvugluu:, Diane Ryan, .Meli- na, vacant, Leslie Chestor, Dana Taschner, Tinker Tafe, Erin Trey, Linda Ochs, Duncan Smith, Joe Velasquez. ROW TWELVE: Laurie Ballen, Karen Kong, Rosalie Bera. Audrey Suga. Leona Grandy, Cynthia McCormick, Cam- eron Howe, Cecilia Fabrizio, Maria King, Ivy. ROW THIRTEEN; Demse Al- len, Kan Nelson, Laura Wensley, Hilary Andalman, Sally Dunlay, Lisa Lass- man, Nicki Goldberg, Therese Rabe, Laurie Wahrenherger, Wally Murphy. ROW FOURTEEN; Art Miyashita, unidentified, Bruce Calleja, Cecil Booja, Stei ' e Liao. I 262-Dorms I)oniis-263 ROW ONE; Kathy lenkim, leame Matthias, Dorthy Bye. Karen Zimmerman, Rose Burgos, Karen Markey, Laureen Lange, Mary Palacio, Barbara Freed- man. ROW TWO: Mike Oschet, Kevin Casey. Wayne Powers, Al Martin, Randy Sanchez, Louis Reyes, Armando Vilapando, Ralph Saavedra, Gary 264-Dornis B»= Residence West Gone are the days of the Wild, Wild, West. In its stead is a mellowed haven, with residents interested in develop- ing a sense of community and fun. Residence West pro- vides a variety of events for the involved student, ranging from the Latino Floors to the many activities planned by its enthusiastic staff. Nevertheless, many unsatisfied students roam the halls braying, " I want to live In Webb Tower. " Cniix, limii Rnvm. ROW THREE: Oiii Bruda . iinhkiitilu-il. Mike Calluo. larl Paltcram, Steve Luther, Tim Iversivi, o iii Sampioit. ROW FOUR: Divi- iiis Edimrds, Dave Hicks. Jeff Breyman, jazmin Catvo. August Curly. Dorins-265 Trojan Hall First floor Trojan Hall, otherwise known as Eta Kau Pi, ior the Zoo, has had an exciting year with the Mad Bomb- , ers.the fire hoses, and general fun. The spirited group of Trojans have enjoyed volleyball games, parlies, lazer light shows and a variety of other interesting activities. ROW ONE: Hank Elcss, Bretit Dcckeii, Livn Sittgleton, Roh Htxifvnganwr . Paul Petkeivich, jimmy Faber. Henry Shea. Dai ' id Shetton, Mark Streich, Greg Zorr, Bill Balfour. ROW TWO: Orlando Cuillory, Doug Holle, Eric Fischook, Roilmy Byrd. Doug Branscomhe. ]a me Lesinski, Henric Al akians, osep i Pe- ter Napoli. ROW IHKIh: .Mark Valentine. John Dentin, Ken Gin. David Nojarian, Ed McLauglun, Henry Aiyaki, Tom Plulh. Ralph Garner, Mark Glasky, Carl Chalker, David Cohen, Tom Chao, Bill Madding. Harrison Ishi- da. Juan. n 266-Dorins Trojan Hall ' s third floor, a.k.a. the boneyard. was called home by some ninety guys. These men were as diversi- fied as they were individualistic. Graffiti, fooseball tourna- ments, pizzas, late Tommy runs, exchanges, sports, and all-nighters were the norm for the year. ROW ONE: Marcella Pis-ateUo, Ray Sullivan, Brian Mulligan, Brian Wibon, Robert Dickcrfoii, John Ferraro, Rick Pilsl, lames Shanbrom. ROW TWO: Ray Salazar, Darren STar, Dave Frobat. John Mayo, joe HarUnan. Rob Ro- land, John Pandol. Paul Cannoiu ROW THREt: Arnien Abrahamian. Scot Ressler, Mark Exler, Matt Cunthorpe, lolin Kim. Jeff Steinberg, Amerika Ta- galoa, Robin Kemp. Dorms-267 Touton Hall Teuton Hall is an all male dorm housing 120 residents. Built in 1928, it is one of the oldest buildings on campus. Favorite activities of the Toutonites, as residents fondly re- fer to themselves, include watching M.A.S.H., dialoging with Webb Tower, and partaking in various nighttime activ- ities. The unofficial slogan is " Touton Rules, " and many believe it does. ROW ONE: Paul Stotz. John Latas, Sean O ' Mally, Craig Yamaoka. Gary Berke. ROW TWO: Bill Cassidy, ]im Villela, Clayton Kauhane, Alex Caudil- lo, Kelly Contralto, Martin King. Darin Scott, Collm Baker, Brad Kratouil, Eric Twite, Patrick Scanloy, Marty Kucharek. ROW THREE: Sam Melson. Francis Suh, Marty St. George, John Hansen, Randall Hong, Oscar Pablos, Ed Szalony. John Henderson, Leonard Borrmann, ]eff Van Zantar, Stei ' e John- ston. ROW FOUR: Jay Miskiel. Mike Connelly, Brian Daley, Chuck Nichol- son, Ortz, Mike Sknll, Dean Morton. Glenn Jones, John Krieger, Kevin Omo- 268-Donns a= ro, Mark Dockery. ROW FIVE: : Carl Nail, ]unji Yasuda, Eric Weiss. Roger Wedherg, Mark Yamasinta, Bob Mauser, Steve Lindsay. ROW SIX: Vince Zeimis, ]ohn Smith, Tim Capehart, Mike Cassidy. ROW SEVEN: David George, Miguel Rubio, Eric Meyes, Bob Martin. Art Harris, Jeff Burr, Rick Zwirecki, Mike Exum, John Mansfield, joe Blackstone, Steve Waugh, Frank Cerome, Mike Owens, Mike O ' Brien, Tom Weller, ]im Chapman. im Ullman. David Kliger. ROW EIGHT: Kevin Uuver, Thor Teigen, Bill Dais. Dorms-269 Carribean Living at the Carribean Apartments has certain prere- quisites. A Caribbeaner awakes early in the morning, nev- er before eleven. Taking a swim, the residents fish the bikes out of the pool. The first order of business is await- ing on the sundeck. Catching some rays, reading the Times, and pumping the keg keeps Carribeaners busy un- til 5:00. Next, a sauna at the club, or perhaps a nap with: the neighbor. Evening is under way with the starting of the barbecue; steak and cocktails, the menu never changes. As night falls, the festivities begin: exotic drinks, a round of golf, a spiritual up-lifting at Fern ' s chapel. As midnight passes, another day of college closes. It ' s time to arrange the sleeping itinerary, park the bikes back in the pool, and hit the sack. i ROW ONE: Mike Dchnan, Cathy Lynn Emmons, Doug Widtfcldt. ROW TWO: -4)1(1 Houston. Wcndi AlmquisI, jaajiit Giddlings, Daiiac Satllcr. Diana Eastman, Mary Colin, Lana Choy, Laura Sorgen, Chucl Maytmn, Lin- da Wells, Tom Nyherg, Chico and the Man, Judy Mendoza, Sandy Lcvine, Kiffie Ewald, Ceri Dye, Carolyn Bradley Reed, Jill Westman. ROW THREE: Miles Cable, Don Johnson, Rick Punker, Dominick Romano, Phil Huffman, Steve Schrader, S. Taxy, Donald Meyers, Jordan McColloch, Todd Holzcr, Mi- chael Wang Synn, Peter O ' Donnell, Susan Lovely, John Ryan. Jeff Fellenzer, Chris Zupsic, Marilee Buster. Off Campus IIousing-271 Palace Flophouse The Palace Flophouse doubles as the USC chapter of the National Association for Unwed Fathers and Wild Tur- key Drinkers. The boys are well versed in the use of guns .and smokeless tobacco, and more than one night has. ' been passed away at the Flophouse to the sound of raspy voices, and the sweet tones of a pedal steel guitar. ROW ONE: John SchiiUer, Mike Cutiino, Bruce Boxrman, Dave U i, Glenn Burke Gakusei Kai The Gakusei Kai, traditionally known as " The Gak House, " was established in the mid 1900 ' s. Since then, the House has become one of the oldest and most known of all the Student Clubs found in the Student Community of the University of Southern California. The Gakusei Kai House is a unique fraternal organization which affords a co-op type of living situation for Asian American Students attending the University. ROW ONE; Anson Okimoto, John Miyao, Baron Miya, George Wan. Thomas Hirose. ROW TWO: Wayne Suga, Gary Fong, Darrell Chun, Joseph Araki. ROW THREE: Oscar Marquez, Ross Taniguchi, Peter Chee, Micimel Duti Randal Wong. 272-Oflf Campus Housing " Mother ' s-! This spacious and rambunctious dwelling is located a stone ' s throw from campus. Its inhabitants are fortunate to persue academic and professional goals in a setting to one that only mom could provide. Social gatherings and athletic events comprise a large part of the extra curricular activities. This newly founded, independently run house provides a home for those who seek refuge from the high cost of University housing. ROW ONE; Kirk McGoumn. ROW TWO: Luis Castillo. Robert Lycette, Ste- phen Pickell, Mark Avila. ROW THREE: jeffery Float, ]ohn Vealja. Mrs. G ' s Rooming House Mrs. G ' s Rooming House consists of a group of people who are resigned to helping promote the best interests of the university. These dedicated individuals, under the guidance of Mrs. G, serve on a wide range of university groups whose major purpose is to improve university life. ROW ONE: Boh Sparks, Mrs. -C " , Bob Ria: ROW TWO: Bill Ryan, Crai Robinson, Doug Hamilton, jiin Marchica. ROW THREE: Jerry Dale, Mike Sheehan. lohii Carmichnel. Harf Wx man. Eddie Clark. Off Campus lIousing-273 Soroptomist House The Soroptomist House, located on 30th street, is owned and operated by the Soroptomist Foundation of Los Angeles. Housing 19 young women, the two coopera- tive living units provide an atmosphere of friendship and commaraderie. ROW ONE: Donna Park. Martha Nan aez, Lilly Chung. Susan Chung. ROW TWO: Dena Bonham, Stacy Schroder, Clarissa Hooper, Debra Kiefer. ROW THREE: Hac Yuon, Cmdi Heiden, Amelia Escobedo, Jackie Simons. ROW FOUR: Kathleen Bullrey. Susan Chan. Theresa Hewitt. 274-OflF Campus Housing i %i. Alpha Delta Kappa Alpha Delta Kappa was chartered in 1977. The sorority has grown from 5 to 30 charter members. Their philanthro- pies include the Jeffrey Foundation, March of Dimes, and Children ' s Hospital. They also raise funds for Muscular Dystrophy. The group is mainly interested in fundraising and service projects. ROW ONE: Lena Yee, Jane Maki, Laurie Kaneko, Silvia Lee, Lilly Lieu. ROW TWO: Dchhie Yee, Gail Ihrai. julw Anue, Wendy Kobayashi. Grace Sakoda, Helen Chin, Donna Li. Lent Okamoto, joann Fujinwh ' . Linda Nifhi,. ROW THREE: Tina Ko, Siii Linf; Woo, Kathy Yamato, Dehhie Climk. Yuko Yamaguchi, Kathy May. NOT PICTURED: Cam Nhung Duong, Cwen Fujii, Delia Imai, Linda Lee, Carolyn Nakaki, Yeong-Ju Yeo, Donna Ching, Lanny Wong. Grceks-277 Alpha Chi Omega • ..j ' The Epsilon Chapter of Alpha Chi Omega was estab- lished on June 16, 1895 (with the help of the USC Sigma Chi ' s.) Their philanthropy is Easter Seals. The Alpha Chis enthusiasm is displayed by their involvement in both Greek and campus activities. They took first place in Greek Week and second in Songfest. They are also in- volved in Order of Omega, Panhellenic, Mortar Board. Alpha Lamda Delta, Helenes, USC Symphony and many other activities. ROW ONE: Nikki Siapakis, Amu Luther, Kiffie Ewld, judi Mendoza, Brad Kelly, Dave Crowell, Jane Dalea, Nannette Hawkins. ROW TWO: Lesley Spaks, Denise Trimm, Lisa Gammie, Lisa LaScala, Fran Wwwtt, Pia Rooth, Julie Bakke, Shea Kirshner, Karen Nusshaum, Todd Cooley, Char M ' Gee, Mike Avery, Ann Porter, Julie Mascio, Tracy Taft, Sue Nahigian, Bryan Busse, Jean Hassel Hoff, Patti Robinson, Jami Fosgate, Brenda Christie, Linda Kayja- nian, Liz Fontana, Lori Spaks. ROW THREE: Tom Hall, Carol Barnett, Rhonda Wilson, Sanya Creimeister , Michelle Connolly, Jody Matranga, Janet Schnmmer, Diane Spader, Alison Dunlap, Kim Ellis, Karen Nahigian, Penny Boyer, Anita Ferri, Cindy Bryant, Susan Andes, Jennilee Harrison, Liz Hoge, Dana Reston, ]ana Basmajian, Michelle Mickey, Louise Hawkins, Karen Schick, Stacy Parker, Kim Kistler, Kathleen Beresi, Stei ' e Bercsi, Judy Olson. 278-Greeks t ROW FOUR: TlM Hunt, Beth Michel, Pierre Bergitnmi, Brad Streehmui, Marcene McFarland, Jonathan Boggs, Kate Adams, Fred Cladle, ]erry Crue- ber. Matt Earl, Suzanne Arlenian, Jim Ferguson, Suzanne Whatley. ROW FIVE; Todd Option, Kim Padgeham, Kern Smull, Kathy Shorf, Steve Wallace, Vicki Allen, fmi Feederle, jams Dahlin. Darci Handzel. Martha Mckenzie, Ceorgy Blain, Mark Reuter. ROW SIX: Mum Casey. ROW SEVEN; Tiger Nyberg, Chipper Harris, Marleen Borba, Janet Barkley, Leslie Burton, Janet Herbers, Cathy Kozacik, Carol Coodloe, Donna Celiberti, Dave " Tiny " Ander- son. ROW EIGHT; Tom Rajas, Leslie Anderson, Pam Jagger. ROW NINE: John Shaller, Mike Delman, Liz Hedges, Cordon Sylvester, Cynthia Hunt, Siobhan O ' Callahan, Jay Noonan, Rich Pera. Greeks-279 5W ROW ONE: jenny Long, Lisa Van der Muelen, Cammie Baldo, Patty Wether- ill, Chris Quinlan, Sheila Mauz, Mary Bird, Camie Shinn, Amy Lusky, Diana Kildiszew. Karla Hague. ROW TWO: Kathy Roitz, Leanne Smith. Wendy Carlson, Denise Strehig, Michelle Venone, Lori Erdmann, Mrs. Gaspard, Amy Weber, Floree Abrams, Mayline Missakian, Kathy Robinson, Ban Buccola, Ann-Marie McBride, Tracey Viles, Marie Keller Gma De Rosa, CeCe Emeter- io, Babs Frame. ROW THREE: Nana Stewart, Maureen Carlisle, Jennifer Craves, Lisa Popovich, Lori Kepler, Lori Flier, Cammie Holt, Sherry Behrle, Karen Kipps, Wendy Romagnino, Ali Witt, Elena Cutirez, Jeanine Cipolla, Wendy Dawson. ROW FOUR: Mary Meloch, Mary Melcher, Kathy McDon- ald, Jennifer Frazer, Penny Ponder, Sarah Solon, Virginia Cook, Kay Upston, 280-Greeks II A.1. Alpha Delta Pi On September 12, 1925, Alpha Psi chapter of Alpha Delta Pi was charterd on the USC campus. Their new phi- lanthropy is working with the Ronald McDonald houses. Social events include doing house decs with the Sigma Nu ' s and winning sweepstakes for the fourth year in a row, Songfest, and the Diamond Ball spring formal held in San Diego. The ADP ' s are also kept busy with campus activities such as Helenes, Mortar Board, Panhellenic, Al- pha Kappa Psi, Trojan Marching Band, women ' s golf team, and the sailing team. Patt] Jackson, Sherry Toll, udy Jones, Missy Beechner, Nancy Smith. ROW FIVE: Tova Wiley, Lesley Wrij ht, Teri Blasier, Carrie Fitjimoto, Ellen jou ' itt, Tamara McMahan, Kim Donlon, Allison Ziefle, Kathy Cramoline, Jill Martin. ROW SIX: Liz Redmond, Kathy Sibley, Pam Peterson, Kathy Ohlund, Diane Leach, Sandy Ward, Dee Jamison, Kathy Simmons, Mary Katherinc Perkins, Helen Strcmhr, Madeline Pink, Sue Harotuntan. NOT PICTURED: Sharon Kilmer, Kirsten I ' ulcher, Peri Murctta, Chriss Nielson, Karen Scliroeder, Bar- hie Marshall, Julie Fukushima, Cindy Richmond, Kim Ahreu, Cindy Foran, Megan Dunphy, Heather Brandwynne, Jamie Halverson, Sharon Ritchie, o- nell Schlund, jan Schlund, Lori Schmeltzer, Nanci Ajemuiti. Hcth Beckham. Helen Chade, Terri lloff, Julie Nugent, Vicki Stamper. Greeks-281 Alpha Kappa Alpha Alpha Kappa Alpha was chartered in 1974 by sixteen with the help of Dr. Barbara Solomon. The major fundrais- ing project is selling U Clowns Lost Again T-shirts with proceeds going to Afro History month, United Negro Col- lege Fund, and the foster grandparents program. Their goal is " Service to all Mankind " . Members are involved in Helenes, Black Women ' s Caucus, and Trojan Marching " Band. ' ,m . ' - ROW ONE: Celeste Day. Yasnnn lories, Beverly Combs, Katnce Patterson. ROW TWO: Joyce Moss, Angela DeMola, Robin Perry. ROW THREE: Alana Fullove, Neadie Moore, Tanaya Morris. ROW FOUR: Ingrid Ford, Shirley Smith, Cheryl Hayes. ROW FIVE: Debbie Williams. Carolyn Ross, Melanie Brinker. NOT PICTURED: Lynn Davis, Phyllis Herbert. Juanita Pryor, Liz Taylor, Sherri Ware. 282-Grecks Alpha Bpsilon P i Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity was chartered at USC in 1931. They reorganized the chapter in fall 79. Members are involved in Frisbee Club. i ROW ONE: Thoni Randolph, Don Underwood, Eric Bowman, Steve Tcissone, ' Anthony Clmnnisnii. ROW TWO: Mike Sosfa, Alnn Hiiyiikuwn. Miduiei Vir- ga, Jeff AInnieidn. Greeks-283 ! ROW ONE: Amy Fine, Renee Presser, Rochel Lemler, Randalea Trout, Lori Cavanaugh, Liz Wagner, Donna Griggs, Gail Goldstein, Denise Tso, Rose- man Jackovic. ROW TWO: Caryl Messinger, Katy Wurtman, Sylvia Rodri- guez, Marisa Rezzonico. Roberta Graham, Mary Ella Hemmert, Jill Hussey, Carmel Quirk, Lisa Joslyn, Nanof Bruff, Louise Anas, Andrea Comisky, Elise Dushkes. ROW THREE: Bonnie Poole, Sue Bell, Sheri Morrison, Caroline Ralph, Liz Olson, Cindy Graham, lane Frederick, Bei ' erley Kieswetter, Vicky Montanaro, JoAnn Boss, Barbara Marbach, Sheila Hyman, Lisa Balduff. ROW FOUR: Lois Presbrey, Joyce Uyeda, Susan Vessels, Lisa D ' Allessandro. Col- leen O ' Brien, Mary Ruth Hardstey, Vicki Mitchell, Joey Parker, Annice Pelen- 884-Greeks Alpha Gamma Delta The Delta Alpha chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta was chartered on Jan. 13, 1923, and has been continuously active in campus activities. These include Mortar Board, Order of Omega, Helenes, USC Marching Band, and ath- letics. They still remain among the top five sororities scho- lastically. This year three Alpha Gam ' s served as Panhellenic officers. Eighty percent of the chapter partici- pated in use ' s Jog-A-Thon. Every fall the sorority joins UCLA and alumnae in presenting Punch Brunch, a lunch- eon and fashion show which benefits the Crippled Chil- dren ' s Society. Whether it is for the pledge active or Rose Formal, Alpha Gam ' s know how to pick their men, includ- ing John Ritter, star of " Three ' s Company, " an Alpha Gam big brother. toy, Irish Brusati, Susie Debenham, Cindy Davis, Beth Keddie.Tracey Petre, Vivian Gumbiner, Karen Steuber, Joanne Coghill,Cindie Hunt. ROW FIVE; Linda Bagne, Malia Carlise, Carol Rush, Penny Uber, Anna Fahey, Susan Boyle, Debbie Wolf, Lisa London, Valerie Boss, Lisa Sanchez-Corea, Laure Rowe, Janice Merrill, Linda Kimura. ROW SIX: Ellen Rawlings, Kathy Schulte, Kim Lobel, Marni Lovrich, Chris Funk. NOT PICTURED: Debbie Anderson, Julie Rodriguez, Gloria Rodriguez, Rhonda Thomas, Cathy Wohl, I Judy Schnitzer, Nancy Rand, Willow Whitlfuid, Megan Foiles, Adranne I Phoenix, Kris Ann McBnde, Carman Wall, Rebekah Street, Marianne Hunt, I Isabell Rogers, Sophie Belchley. Greeks-885 Alpha Omicron Pi Alpha Omicron Pi was chartered at USC in 1945 and was reinstated in 1976. The AOPi ' s are involved in wide- spread activities such as their philanthropy, the Arthritis Foundation, and intramural athletics. They have always been in the top five in sorority GPAs, ma intaining a 3.0. AOPi is not to be synonomous with all work and no play, as they enjoy a variety of social events which include the Candlelight and Roses Christmas Formal, cocktail parties, and a Luau. Many members are involved in student gov- ernment and service organizations. i ROW ONE: Donna Slamslawski , Laura Ignaio, Nena Krevosic, Jeanne Mc- Curty, Betsie Cillane, Jane Tankersly, Roxanne Myers. Ian Nardulli, Debbie Clair, Lindy Germaine, Hollis Heide, Kristen Kappes, Tri$h Shelton, Pam Kurtz, Maureen Maloney, Lori Strakosch, Terry Mitchell, Vivian Santana. ROW TWO: Melanie Craper, Leslie Szceat, Debbie Mendel, Gina Smith, Lin- da Hasse, Laura Brownson, Valerie Andrews, Susan Holman, Lon Parker, Kay Gunther, Laurie Dei ' lin, Vickie Kurtz, Gladys Hernandez, Tammy War- ren, Phyllis Austin, Karen Chapman, Gail de Luca, Lisa Abbott, Julie Warth, Cheryl Moore. ROW THREE: Margaret Conway, Laurie Balcom, jeanine Nickell, loan Knoerschild, Christine Prescott, Kim Grant, Darla Opara, jan 286-Grccks Heide, Janet Mays, Cindi Can, Debbie Torkelson, Heidi Lieb, Maty jean Flor- yan, Cindy Nolting, Vicki Freeman, Elaine Soost, Carol McKelvy, Carol Hughes, Anne Hattery. Holly Turner, Sheila Choudury, Julie Osgood. Judy Worrell. ROW FOUR: Dave BresUno, Curt Wynkkie, Keith Hecrdt, John Bondovkh, Jim Blum, Brad Buckley, Kyle Wails, Lee Racey. NOT PIC- TURED: Anita Bishop, Susan Neimi, Marta Moore, Lisa Supplee, Julie Marti- ni, Becky Winthrop, Bonnie George, Virginia Baich, Karen Nolting, Beverly Nesler. Linda Rojas, Sara Hezvitt, Annette Bonney, Suzanne Matofsky, Alli- son Marshall, Cynthia Marks, Mary Brennan, Jennifer Frueh, Brigette Hig- gins, Robin Hiskey, Diane Marsh. Grceks-287 I ROW ONE: Mary Ann iuko, Mary Coogoviaii, Diane Thompson. Katie Johnson, Kelliann Ladd, Maria Blaser, Littleton Waller, Chris Kamatani, Cary Solnit, Chris Schaefer, Lisa Mclnnes, melissa Cuss, Mina Task. ROW TWO: Lisa Davenport, Marachal Myers, ]ohn DeMarcvo, Francesca Meschendorf, cWH Remp, liilie Criffen, Debra Hadley, Karen Faher, Katie Kohn, Tracy Gumbiner, Julie Bushman, Betsy Jones, Meliss Coldman, Tracey Gluck, Karen Acton, Kelli Hill, Wendy Green, Meredith Nelson. ROW THREE: Diane Cairnes, Joe Smock, Brooke Jones, Annette Sumrall, Laura Pirok, Suzanne Tartre, Cam Howe, Amanda Coppie, Kelli Ratigan, Carolyn Seastrom, Mrs. Thompson, Adrianne Cochran, Crista Breiimn, Kristi Johnson, Stefanie Salata. ROW FOUR: Andy Kroese, Carolyn Reed, Brian Kunde, Steve Kwong, Anne Klingbeil, Dru Ann Burum, Rosalie Bera, Laurie Harris, Alisa Currerri, Kris Kling, Carol Phillips, Sue Ann Nunnally, Michelle Barlow, Linda Stock, 288-Greeks Alpha Phi Alpha Phi International was founded over one hundred years ago in Syracuse. The Beta Pi chapter was founded on the use campus in 1945. The national philanthropy is Cardiac Aid, and each spring the Alpha Phi ' s hold a teeter-totter-a-thon to raise money for the Heart Associa- tion, the local philanthropy. The one hundred-plus mem- bers participate in activities on campus, on the Row, and in the community. From Blackstonians to Order of Omega, Songfest to Troy Camp, the Alpha Phi ' s are always there. MniM IE: ft till! m. iiJj i»l Moira Kristof, Shan Raniage. ROW FIVE; Norm Schmidt, joe Shannon, jon Sweedlund, Anne Steioart, Val Barnhill, Kathy Hale, Carolyn Both, Leslie Ja- cobs, Pam Manfre, Cindy Stock, Camee Edelbrock. ROW SIX: Joe Flood, Lisa Rawlins, Nancy Palk. ROW SEVEN: Bob Cmoings. Colleen Scully, Ellen Van Buskirk, ]en Hayese. Cathy Portaro. ROW EIGHT: Bob Preston. Nancy Har- low, Jo Ann Gee, Becky Thompson, Janet Puschek, Mike McManagle, Camille Tafe, llene Gudelsky, Jackie Viera. ROW NINE: Lance Hall, Wendy Keough. ROW TEN: Donna Lipper, Beth Petak, Fiidsfie Paulin, Leslie Mill- er, Stefanie Norman, Cindy Gould, Pam lud e, Ann Bur oyne. NOT PIC- TURED: Keely Stefan, De Atma Abdulla, Pam Brice. jen Cole, Tracy LeClere, Cathy Moulton, Elaine Codekas, Diana Crites, Jackie Merchant, Valerie Bur- dick, Tracy Knolls, Alice Walls, Tricia Friend, Margot McLachlan, Sally Thomas. Greeks-289 Alpha Phi Alpha Alpha Phi Alpha was chartered at USC on February 2, 1921. Striving for academic excellence and strong com- nnunity involvement, Alpha Phi Alpha has an overall GPA of 3.0 and raises money to help the needy. Time is also donated to neighborhood schools through tutoring ses- sions. At the annual Sweethearts Ball, the queen and her court are presented PC . " V ' s ALPHA PHI ALPHA 1906 1921 H -rf LOS ANGELES " iwiriB ROW ONE: Alexander Jones, Albert Thurmond, Duane Bridges, Santiaho Cortez. ROW TWO: Elliott Swinton, Harvey Carter, Jesse Dawson, Dwight Hill. Felton Anderson. NOT PICTURED: Raphael Henderson, Carl Osborne Jr., George Cundieff, Arnell Henson. Kenneth Hays. 290-Greeks Alpha Rho Chi Alpha Rho Chi fraternity has the best of both worlds. It is a national, professional, architecture fraternity, a quali- ty which enables the brothers and sisters to participate in a wide range of creative and professional activites. The Row gives the experience of Greek life, adding an extra dimension to their environment. ROW ONE: Marc Fiittcrmnn, Debbie Urn, jeanctte Quon. Steve Boyle. Dave Wallace, Al Menshige. josh Lobcr, Kiliy Leiv. Bob Simmons. ROW TWO: Todd Miller, Mtke Stallmgs, Kevin Ashby, Barry Goldberg, Bohb Campbell. NOT PICTURED: Fred Figurea, jim Johnson. Greeks-291 Alpha Tau Omega Alpha Tau Omega, one of the oldest, larges t, and strongest national college fraternities, was founded at USC in 1951. Today numbering more than eighty members, ATO ' s are actively involved in many organizations and activities on campus. Scholastically, ATO places more = individuals in special programs than any other fraternity, and house GPA has always been among the top five on the Row. Similarily, the Taus are always top contenders for the Iron Man trophy in fraternity athletic competition. Joined with an excellent social program and many com- munity service projects, their diversity and success led to the recent winning of the USC President ' s Award for Fraternity Excellence ROW ONE: Pam Green, Devon McPherson, Jerry Whitehead, Curt Westfatl, Virgina Ccwk, Andrew Precht, Dan Guy, Otis Allan Glazebrook, Alfred Mar- shall, Erskine Mayo Ross, Dan Zenka, Ron Rodgers. ROW TWO: lame Ayl- ward, Tony Nethercutt, Mike Higgins, Brad Rogus, Dome Herndon, Davor Fabulich, Mary Ann Gabriel, Patti McDonald, Jeff Pack, ]ohn Wheeler, Dave Grannis, Randy Miller, Eric Olsen, Chris Riddle, Patti Cole, Tina, Kelly Ga- briel, Brigid Higgins. ROW THREE: Suzanne Bundy, Mark Englehart, Chris Mitchell, Mike Daugherty, Chris Foster, John Chmo, Vance Julian, Al Eyraud, Dave Haas, Kris Olsen, Mark Shumacher, Lisa Breuer, Galen Chase, ]ay Reading. Adrienne Cochran, Russ Cummings, Norm Schmidt, Marcial De Castro, John Saroyan, Thayer Weddte. ROW FOUR: Robert Lempke, Blame 292-GTeeks i Romminger, Jim Anastassiou, Ron Chavers, Marj Ferryman, Scott Ryan, ]ana Strycker, Linda Kuglmeier, Larry Fox, Quentin Lei , Sylina, Bill Thomas, Emi- lia Zapata, Cayle Peterson, Shirlene Bianchi, Mark Anton. ROW FIVE: Mike D ' Amelio, Tom Gallagher, Bryan Lourd, Mark Chilmger, Jim Hadzickt, Becky Thompson, Kevin Murphy, Bob Billings, Dave Marchant, Scott Salmacta, joe Shannon, Rick Hathaway. NOT PICTURED: Scott Lewis, Derek Lewis, lay Harmon, John ]eha, Scott Copeland, Brad White, John Cox, Mike Overly, Tom Hsi, Louis Lanchantin, j.D. Crouch, Kevin Jones, Bob Dunham, Gil Anglade, joe Smock, Tim Downey, Darrell Edmonds, Mark ChilingarLyle Higger, Chris Coffman. Greeks-293 ROW ONE: Paul Quale. Tom McKinley, John Hanson, Mitch Massey, Tom Astor, Dave Freeman, Eric Smyth, Scott Franklin, Mark Ruetere, Doug Hauck, Jody Lusk, Rob Galey, Dave Campbell. ROW TWO: Chip Olson, Brent jones, George Nichols, Scott Davis, Pat Patrick, Matt Earl, Steiv jack- son, Ayres Boyd, Tom Calavan, Steve Timmons, Perry Tarnotsky. ROW THREE: Bill Atha, Kirk Campbell, Teddy Lyons, Martha Johnson, Lisa Cu- shion, Bob Bernatz, Joanne Harding, Mike Amgo, Ninon Zenovich, Nanette Hawkins, Tom Kelly, George Zaloom, Gary Bouzak, Craig Knickerbocker, Mark Pickin. Bruce Hall, Suzanne Cate, Stacy Caras, Craig Rockohn, Cathy Mclntyre, Frank Carpentar, John Reuter, John Duley, Tinker Tufe, Brian Kel- ly, Carol Weeshoff, Eric Swarthout. Paul Heeschen. ROW FOUR: im Fergu- 294-Greeks Beta Theta Pi The Gamma Tau chapter of Beta Theta Pi was founded in 1947. A notorious bi-annual event is the Arabian Nights. The fraternity is called the House of Olympic Athletes because in the 1976 Olympics the Gamma Tau chapter would have been in the top ten for total points out of all the countries in the world. I SS-M.Ni ' . son, Scott Allehorn, Beat VonCharner, Lori Brittingham, Sandy Hodson, Cas- ey Griffin, Lance Young, Dave Peters, Mark: Hmes, Bill Spencer, Bonnie Zachary, Bob Zachary, Bob Lycette, Tpm Ratigan. Todd Hunter, Les Mayfield, Leslie Chester, Mike Morey, Scott Ponnan. ROW FIVE: Ward Muncie, Clem Penrose, Kathy Frazer, Scott Williams, Chris Trepte, Ben Beckler, Manny Mota, Tracy Griffin, Mike Bercaw, Pam Siriani, Jill Parts, Mike Rodgers, Doug Hamilton, Todd Anderson. ROW SIX: Greg Iroin, lohn Hasbrouk, Bob Allen, Jeff Stei ' ens, Glenn Parr, Karen Allison, Cathy Broderick, jim Sullivan, Cathy Bennett, Chad olson, Wes Kennedy, Paul Kalemikurian, Larry Ncdcau, John Churm. ROW SEVEN; Mike Botz, Mike Peterson, Padder Knox. Greeks-295 Alpha Bpsilon Phi The Xi chapter of Alpha Epsilon Phi was chartered on March 19, 1921. Activities include a Disco Night at Flip- per ' s and a formal on the Princess Louise. The Chaim Sheba Medical Center receives their philanthropy. The sorority has maintained the highest GPA on the Row for the past seven years. Ripley of Ripley ' s Believe It or Not built the chapter house. Famous alumni include Virginia Ramo, Charlotte Rae, and Dinah Shore. ROW ONE: Meridith Bninstvick. KW y Crecn. biifan Linrn. Kiriia juron, Debbie Kaplan. ROW TWO: Robhin Rudofsky, Marci Oslick. Maria Lynn N i( miJi. irM i Hi-riincr. Misiid IVi ZiKiiis. NOI TIL 1 UKblJ; hiuhiini Lagan- ich. s Chi Omega Phi chapter of Chi Omega was chartered at USC in 1940 when President Von Kleinsmid personally asked them to organize on campus. They support the Special Olympics by selling frisbees each year. Their major social event is the White Carnation Formal. Members are in- volved in Songfest, Student Senate, and the student awareness campaign. ' ® ROW ONE:. Maiy See, Lauresa Stilhoell, Susan Sakuwa, Mary Stancill, Heidi Liebcii;iiith, Gail Howard, Kathy Rej er. ROW TWO: LMwah jmef. Sally Sclnvellenlmch, Linda Yaina: hinK Karin Davahs. ROW THREE: Laurie Fregien, Krifty Powers. Terry Waller. Cherill Uhbarri, Karen Rowan. Knsten Waller, Holly Brock, Moira Sandrock. ROW FOUR: Laura Hays, Uigh Knowles. Itidi Corona, Melinda Glaser, Annie Erlnbian. Kristin Kelly, lean Van Kepi ' el. NOT PICTURED: Diane Wagner, Cnuly Inonye, Rossana Abar- Greeks-297 Chi Phi Chi Phi is to the Row what New Wave music is to the 80 ' s: vivacious, energetic, and growing fast. The Chi Phi ' s are known for great parties, strong athletics, and a magnif- icent house. The " Row Hilton " is a luxuriouus environment for a diverse group of academically oriented men. ROW ONE: Lee Vanderwert, Mark Augustine, Laurie Strakoksch, Howard Koor, Todd Orfila, John Privitelli, Said Djabarri, Diane Parios, Richard Tufen- kian, Peter Bylsma, Donna Stanishwski, John Eucker, Mary Brennan. Steve Prawatt. ROW TWO: Steiv Cologne, Liz Palmer, Greg Felikian, Greg Keiw- kian. Unidentified, Donna Oakley, Valerie Burdick. Unidentified, lana Basma- jian, Kathleen Bercsi, Stei ' e Broadhent, ]ody Davidson, Allison Marshall. Mar- 898-Greeks ty VanHaiiscn. ROW THREE: Mark Barnard, Tom Hutchison.Ken Parent, Mark Courtney, Allan Wapschall, Steve Vihlen, Phil Dawling, Mike Coats, Ron Loo, Peter Gabriel, jan Rudloph, Rick Mauer, Russ Hanes, Rick Parent. ]ulie Osgood, ]eanmne Nickell. ROW FOUR: Andy Broadbent, Dan Mercado, Rich Lull. NOT PICTURED: Dan Foster, Bob Nicoletti, Don Smith, Lisa Priester. Grccks-299 Delta Chi Southern California chapter of Delta Chi was chartered at use in 1910. Their main social event is the White Car- nation Ball. A famous alumni is USC baseball coach Rod Dedeaux. ROW ONE: Nicki Goldberg, Cathie Melrose. Sally Dunlay, Russ Helfond, Lcn Wahrenberger, Kelly Ladd, Cratg Nichot. ROW TWO.Kerry Jue, Leonard Houser, Randy Helfond, Theresa Rabe, Robm Rudofsky. Ned Hunter. ROW THREE: Dave Whitlaic. Frank Vuoso, Glenn Wilk.Mtke Kingsbury, Hoivard Yamaguchi, Ed Krumm. ROW FOUR: Kent Renmee, Dave Funston, Jim 300-Greeks trip Burke, Mike WUhelm. Jchn Manhy, Jeff Plautz, Teresa Fernandez, Cahnn Kwan, leff Snyder. NOT PICTURED: Frank Barba, Bill Brabazon, Tom Burke, Brian Kohdji, Mark Krctin)ier, Tony Castro, Dave Lon , Todd Mirol- la, John Paul, Kerry Wilson, Pat Sylvester, Rod Zatunardo. Greeks-301 ROW ONE: Kathy Kitchen. Chris Schaefer, Scott Allen. Sally Darroch. Bob -. .. Garrison, Kathy Hogan. Tracy Taft. Peter Moersch. Cindy Forbes. Jack Krug- mOi 1 ( er, Lisa Stavro, Kim Freedle. ROW TWO: Tamra Swanson, Linda Wooden, ' Lori Handy, Trudi Hanes, Debbie Wright. Claire Shafer, Cindi Dean, Steve Arnold. Holly Jones. Marthe Pendegraft. Kristin Nicolai, Kristi Small, Carol Ward, Cindy , ' vfiller, Leslie Richner. Lisa Bert. Ai ' ery Bayle. Rick Harrison. ROW THREE: Cathy Silliman. Lisa Brown. Km Kitchen. Dana Nacheff, Kel- ly Buck, Kirk Campbell, Jill Freebairn. Kimm Edwards, Cathy Snear, Matt Matteson, Kristen McDermott, Erin Dundee, Devon McPherson, Katie Here- dia, Melania Lester, Kathy Jones, Jolene Gorton, Seeta Ziegler. ROW FOUR: Karen Wopshall, Linda Sage, Cindy Cratz. Debby George. Cindy Beattie. Car- rie Kitchen. Suzanne Cheues. Susan Gundell. Patty White, John Delta. Karen McConaughy, Gayle Peterson, Carol Hulgson, Julie Matsushita, Jennifer Hill, Leslie Bell, Laura Scott, Karen Small, Julia Andrews, LaRee Schwartz, Elaine ] 302-Greeks Sat Delta Delta Delta Theta Xi chapter of Delta Delta Delta was chartered at use in 1921. They support Children ' s Hospital and a local scholarship program as philanthropies. They annually throw a Hillbilly Party in honor of the Tri Delt big brothers and a Luau in the spring. Caday. ROW FIVE: Renee Schwartz, Lori Gartner, Joan miller, Kathy kenne- dy, ]ann Edwards. Margo Matter, Sharon DeYoiing, Wendy Andretvs, Trisha Footman, Dana Wilson, Merrins Conway, Shirlene Bianchi, Judy Ritch, Kim Gentile, Shellie Falke. ROW SIX: Caryn Swobe, Alice Murray, Suzi Baum- gartner, Debbie McCann, Suzanne Wilson, Jennifer Mellert, Patty Robinson, Courtney Andrain. NOT PICTURED: jaci Barerra, Karen Briscoe, Mary Dana, Randy Duncan, Heather Douglass, Robin Prey, Jeff Viles, Debbie Gilchrist, Mary Alice Harvey, Pam Norton, Sally Ohmundson, Mark Schloss- berg. Brent Harris, ]eff Bitetti, Darcy Price, fanet Russo, Kim Riemer, Ellen Rosso, Maria Hak, Kathy Smith, Lorraine Webb, Alice Williams, Shirlyn Vo- gel, Suzi Bishop, Kelly Clancy, Cheryl Cotley. Delana DeNichotas, Susan Er- vin, Cina Handy, Kathie Kirk, Suzanne Knapp. Alison Mead, Krista Monlag- na, Debbie Odom, Wendy Ora, Kim Wall, Beltina Viviano, Maria Snyder, Lorraine Rubio. Greeks-303 ROW ONE: Leftic Sttme. Ann Crclsin er. Liune Hill. Anne Macwicz, Sandy Wessermsn. Ninon Zenovich, Todd Byers, Tracy Oeland, Diane Aker- man. Came Ann Caratan. ROW TWO: Scoff Ramser, Paul Nicoletli. Kay Krupp, Bryn de Freece, Wendy Miller, Kathy Broderick, CeCe Cordon, Leslie Drysdale, Linda Balfour, Diane Yurich, Ann Moon, Tina Valentine, Sharon Paxson, jody Morton, Lynn Exley, Janine Bleak. ROW THREE: Kns« Keusder, Bill Caras, Kristen Nielson, Susan Griffith, Lisa Van Mourick, Robii Brown, GiCi Gorman, Barbara Switzer, Shelly Munson, Kelly Garrett, Lizi Currey, Anne Wilder, Ellen Robinson. ROW FOUR: Kim Fox, Kim Brown, Donna Palmquist, Shari Thompson, Artie ]amin, Cessle Delio, Patti McDon- ald. ROW FIVE: Merilee Forgey, Lori Bassler, Kim Gross, Kathy Bennett, Sara Fomaceri, Lisa Whitcomb, Wende Woods, Ann deBennedetti, Lisa Viole ' , Leslie Danielian, Susan Takata, Megan Burschinger, Louise Vaughan, Debbie Neil, Nancy Treiman, Carrie Miller, Diana Thompson, Kim Strecker, Laura Allman, Came Copeland. ROW SIX: Kathy Jager, Bary Ressler, Liz Snow, Diane Exley. Katie Looney, Lori Rosser, Suzanne Oelke, Karen Greenfield, 4ti 304-Greeks Delta Gamma The Alpha Nu chapter of Delta Gamma was chartered in (1922. Their main philanthropy is the Jr. Blind Foundation. Social events include the Christmas Splash, the Anchor Splash Fundraiser, and the DG Luau. Cathy Wiilker, DMne Whitem-r, Karen Wilke, Dacrey Williams, Betsy Ni- chols, Anne Mellert, Mark Renter. ROW SEVEN: Nader Shahrakslmhi , Sharon Egan. Stacy Ruff, Liz Lamer, Cheryl Welter, Jamie Burnham, Doreen Curci, D ' Lisa Olson, Chris Brogger, Yvonne Carreon, Meredith Whalen, Chris Brenner, Ann Calanis, Heidi Oleson, Renee Lawler, Sharon Bercaw, Susie Hancock, Colleen Kane, Susie Messina. Bill Hayden. ROW EIGHT: Chip Stassel, Pam Megonigal, Dave Clark, Midge Gnau, Bart Pucci, Daivn Neil. ROW NINE: Janet Morton, Shelly Tatuni, Mary Ann Gabriel, Julie Herold, Stacy Dooley, Kristen Dakis, Rick Murray, L.B. Brittingham. NOT PIC- TURED: Ellcni Anast, Andrea Blau, Candy Brimberry, Susannah Chambers, Terri Cleland, Colleen Coates, Cessie Delia, Meg Delia, Andrea Dassett, Glen Farr, Geoff Fults, Peter Gorman, Dave Haddad, Rose Haddad, Gayle Heu ' itt, Sue Hinderake, Wendy Hoffman, Neal Jensen, Greg Kearns, Cindy Klein, Karin Lmiu ' , Lesly Lane, Amie Laugharn, Angela Miceli, Jeanie Moore, Kenny Morgan, Chad Olson, Christy Price, Sue Smith, Kristen Van Varst, Tim Violc, Bob Vogcbang, Paula Wliisnad, Hary Wyman. Liz Youngblood. Greeks-305 Delta Sigma Phi The Alpha Phi chapter of Delta Sigma Phi was chart- ered in 1925. This makes the fraternity one of the longest islanding charters at USC. They participate with K-West in a Children ' s Hospital party. This is their major charity event. The Crash Weekender in Palm Springs, climaxing with the Sailor ' s Ball, is an important social event. ROW ONE: Marc Goldstein. Ross Griswald, Ralph Moosf. Scolt Boring. ROW TWO: lay Bakerink. Steiv Lindsty. Thor Twgcn. Scan O ' MalUy. Becky Jackman, Sheila Chaudhury, Howard Moore. ROW THREE: Ralph Adanie, Tammy Lakoduk. Barbara Vontenms, Marty Cody, Maureen Cartiste. Patty Jackson, Greg Olafson, Ann Mane McBride, Laurie Arabia, leanninc Nickcll, Kristy Kemp, Bob Clark, Liz Hedges, Tim O ' Crady, Vii ' ian Santana. ROW FOUR: Kevin Schaefer. Rob Blasier, Keith Heerdt. Pat McNamee. Karen 306-Greeks 6i;: ni, Charlie Conncrs. Sam Esparaza, John Tooky. Ruth juechter. Larry Gaiber, Theresa Fernandez, Brad Hurdt, Yvonne RudUng. Stan Roskins, ]ohn Yitbos. NOT PICTURED: Jeff Worthy, George Moore, Dale Synder. Mark Carter,Mark Miller, Phil Hanvood. Stei ' c Olson, Dean Hallett. Scolt Hodg- kins, Bcrnie Rosenthal, Kezun Heerdt, Larry Mazur, Jesse Perez. Ken Vale, Jeff Weiner, Norm Pickering, Alan Boring, Sean Oshorn, Rob Keneally, Greg Watkins. ' 0«, I Delta Sigma Theta Upsilon Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta was chartered in 1924 at USC. In the past they have worked with the Red Cross, PUSH, women ' s clinics, and sponsored a clo- = thing drive. They helped sponsor the 1980 Evening of Soul, Black History fyionth, and are presently working with the Black Women ' s Caucus on their " Images of Black Women " program. tt ; p° .° ' " fif " ' " " ' ' ' ' " ' S " " ' " L-mfaiy, lanellc W nn. Dmcn Clark. Felk.a Logan. Shcca Hart. Pamela Campbell. Vemla lacohson Pu-r Fearonce m l " " " " }f " i ' , ° J - ' ' W " ' - ' " " • " • ' ' ' ' " ' ' ' ' ■ ' ' " Bnm.,. Pur Kim Fouche, Lor, Metoyer. Bn ette Form,. FeUcia Mohle,. Stacye Harr, Boutte. NOT PICTURED: Ava B„ ictt. jcmutcr Steele, Patnaa ReyrwUh. Grccks-307 ' I i FIRST ROW: Paul Kraemer, Scott Bush, Tom May, Mike Newman, Scott Ramser, Ayatollah Chaney, Joel Brow. ROW TOW: Drew lawler. John Woods, Brooks Benjamin, Pete Mueller, Greg Tucker, Blair Pence, Rez Zolez- zi, Pete Drasnm, John Woodford, Scott Henderson, Scott Wiliamson. ROW THREE: Rundy Duncan, Tim Howard, Scott Benjamin, Matt Dye, jim Boyd, Jack Kennedy, Blake Magee, Tommy T. Lyon, Bear Ressler, Clay Mitchell, 308-Greeks H Delta Tau Delta Delta Tau Delta was founded in 1941 at USC. Originally the house was located on the Row until they opted for a bigger piece of property on Adams Blvd. in 1949. The , Delts enjoy the privacy of their grounds which includes a full length basketball court, lighted sand volleyball court, redwood sauna and pitch and putt nine hole golf course. The biggest event the Delts sponsor is their annual all- university USC Delt Mardi Gras, which is a benefit for Troy Camp. For the Delts, life at 909 W. Adams is truly some- thing to experience. Daisy Johnson, Rich Sollman, Chris jaeb, Paul Nicolclli. Tom h hri. Chip Stassel, Boh Badley, Dave Weckerly, Dan King. ROW FOUR: Dave Clark, Paul Marshal, Jeff Swanson, Ken Kelly, Pat Olson. RELEASED HOS- TAGES: lim Cross, Henry Durkee, Dave Green, Pete Hauser, Al Peacock, Craig Smith, Chris Stemhauser, Buffy Kearns. Greeks-309 Delta Phi Kappa Delta Phi Kappa was chartered at USC in 1960. Primari- ly a service group that works throughout the Asian com- munity, they Christmas carol to senior citizens at the To- kyo Towers and volunteer many hours the the summer ■Japanese festival in Los Angeles. Their main social event is a formal presentation in March. ROW ONE: Iran Ishimaru, Wendy Sato, janie Wong. Laura Kubota. ROW TWO: Jennie Knon, Wendy ]uan, Terri Jung, Sandy Ogawa. ROW THREE: Karen Lee, Joyce Takahashi, Grade Woo, Susie Enseki. ROW FOUR: Karen Wong, Julie Hoshizaki, Cathy Yanagi, Marilyn Shimabukuro. ROW FIVE: 310-Greeks Lisa Isobe, Susan Nakagawa, Cathy Wong, Tammy Tam. ROW SIX: Debbie Ma, Leilani Cooper, Mary Tabata, Patty Kurata. ROW SEVEN: Ada Chan, Hannah li, Connie Takimoto, Jennifer Lum, Natalie Osumi. ROW EIGHT: i; Millie Fu, Peggy Chow. ' m h Gamma Epsilon Omega Gamma Epsilon Omega is mainly social fraternity which holds many dances. They do participate in community service projects including donations to a convalescent home and a children ' s home. ROW ONE: Ken Yonemura, Jeff Ho, Stan Qmm, Tom Uyehara, Nathan Hsu, Mitchell Lew, Owen Hsu, ]ulio Fon , Stezw Fong, Steiv Arellano, Carl Maruya, Danny Lee, ]un Sugimoto. ROW TWO: Ron Sera, Norman Noda, Bryan fu;ii, John Yamashila, Curt lung. Andy Morchan, lack Kaneoka. Can Aktyoshi, Mike Nakamura. Ron Tom, Stav Yamashtta. Kei ' i Mizoguchi, Rick Izvai, Ismaet loeson. ROW THREE: Dfrricit Lai, Stan Yasuda, Roger Yama- shiro, Scott Kawakami, Kenbo Tsukahara, Ronnie Hirata, Danny Nakagi, Harnett Lum. David Hozaki, Carl Oto. Greeks-Bll Gamma Phi Beta Gamma Phi Beta was chartered at USC in 1934. Their major social event is the Crescant Ball besides participat- ing in Songest, Greek Week, and Troy Week. The Gamma Phi ' s philanthropy project is the Sunshine Mission, and ' rainbows are special in each on heart. 312-Greeks ROW ONE: Cathy Becktel, Debbie Danson, Sue Kirven, Chad Fester, Mark Muller, Tony Ranger, Victoria Neinnny, Laura Tahl. ROW TWO: Cheryl Pierson, Heidi Klienmaus, Kelly Shobe, Ian Lewis, Susan Clark, Thayer Wed- dle, Julia Broderick, Sheila Maley, Sandy Simoman, Sandy Delahook, Jim Lof- tis, Kim Peterson, Jennifer Johnson, Sheila Duffy, Pamela Boren. ROW THREE: Dena Flokas, Debbie Johnson, Christine, Henmg, Julie Johnson, Jance Richardson, Patty Henley, Kelly Lay, Carol mahdesian, Allison Platz, Debbie Jarosz, Pam Stewart, Nichelle Bartel, Deena Higgs, Patrice Murphy. ROW ONE: Susan Clark, Jessica Green, Ann Bolinger, Desiree Linstadt, Ann Walk- er, Wendy Custafson, Tricia Celic, Juliana Pisani, Marjorie Hoei ' en, Shari 1 m.oii i All " ' flit I DflDis, Sue McDonald, Mark Picking, Susie Delahook, Cheryl Gordon, Terri Bauer, Sheryl Haugen, fan Throop, Suzanne Shaw, Tammi Sakoduk, Mar- guerite LaSchell, Dehie Darr, Cintzy Chilcot, Margot Perly, Christy Frazier, Megan Kalionzes, Liza June Shedan, Nicollete Scliartz, Mark Cardelucci, Meg McCarthy. Lisa Barkdell, Jill Zuber, Signe Qurale. ROW FIVE: Karen Maarse, Kathleen Rosso, Linda Rausch, Holly Siegel, Lmda Lions, Nancy Or- minston, Gigi Garner, Erin Cassidy, Linda Cassidy, Liz Schribcr. ROW SIX: Lon Brumleu, Sandy Webster, Tricia Ragsdale, Lissa Braden, Linda Horst, Betsy Bell, Nancy Rodgers, Lynn Anderson, Debbie Harrod, Cathy McNa- mara, Jennifer Hews, Gammy Nugget. Grccks-313 Kappa Alpha Order The Beta Sigma chapter of Kappa Alpha Order was chartered at USC on May 26, 1926. Throughout the years the fraternity has strived to uphold the traditions of South- ern Gentlemen inspired by the spiritual founder, Robert E. " Lee. As the South seceded from the Union during the Civil War, the Order " secedes " from the Row for a week each spring. This week is highlighted by their biggest party of the year, the Dixie Ball. ROW ONE: Tim McGowan, leff McDowell Chris Demi, Tom Emeterio, Brian Wetssberjf, John Ajamalian, Greg Krueger, Bill Elder. Mark Wren. Errol West. Dave Seastrom, Grant Westland. ROW TWO: Brad Loiv, Scott Reed. Randy Kawamura, Gregg Carpenter, John Ochoa, Charlie Fixa, Jeff Viles. ROW THREE: Dan Trapp. Mike Healy, Glen Lmdenstat, Dave Peterson, Brent Daves, Dave Mackenbach, Les Jordan, Al Sonde, Kevin Kosttan, Ted Levis, lay Mast, Dreigh Peck, Stei ' e Hagy, Dave Langlois, Stei ' e Arnold, Jim Loftis, Mike Andrews, Chris Cadd, Mike Allen, Dave Hunsaker, Nick Ragenoi ' ich, Andrew Woodward, Craig Holland, Bill Moutton, Matt ■ k: 314-Greeks z ifrnsrt-r ' ' - i? t-, ? •fill, ll (Hi Smith, Steve Leonard, Sam Coquillani, Braii Hilli ren, Mike Harms, Dave De Land, Steve Acosta, Rick Loomis, John Westland, Ed Shea. ROW FOUR: lames Dunmyer, Skip Irwin. Walt Arrington, Craig deMiranda, ]im Hair, Scott Hart, Steve Silk, Ralph Wescott, Tim Blanco, Randy Zisk, Gary Drive, loe McNulty, Russ Chesley, jim Jones, Barry Carapedian. NOT PICTURED: 6i7 Bagnard, Ken Butera, Kevin Hayden, Dave Hixenbaugh, Tun tally, Dave Larsen, ]efj Lulejian, Greg Mahoney, Dennis Moloney, John Seifert, John Slenicka, Bob Teel, Warren Tichenor, Steve Titus, Dave Williams, Bob Benevi- dez. Grccks-315 Kappa Alpha Theta Omicron chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta took 1st place in 1979 Songfest with Beta Theta Pi and " Superman " . Their philanthropy is Logopedics and they annually hold an ice cream social fundraiser. This year they did House Decs with the Fiji ' s and placed. Members are involved in Order of Omega, Mortar Board, Panhellenic. Helenes. Phi Beta Kappa, and Trustee Scholars. Famous Theta alumnae from SO are Mario Thomas and Mary Disney. ROW ONE: Alice Raj enoi ' ich. Kim Etdredge, leri Dichall, Terry Tanner. Ter- ry Spieer, Tina Johnson, Clarice Vinje. Saudi Toms. Karen Johnson. Leslie Corea. Mtchellc fa jaii, Ramona Cappetlo. Elizabeth Pollack, Mary Wood, Tra- cy Dahlin, jitl Hoagland, Chris Moninj hoff, Michclc Perri, Jill Wcissinger, Elena Morttnho. ROW TOW; Lisa Olson, Mary Oivrton, Capi Atwood, Ka- thy Hepps, Linda Beal, Shannon Steere, Nancy Elmajian, Michele St. Denis, Peggy Sue Curry, Karen Linduski. Jill Biggms, Jill lohannsen. Karla Paulick, Tamnu Pelton, Jean Stem, Mandy Artukcvich, Pam Green, Liz Gildrcd. Terrie CopelUno. ROW THREE: Stacy Reeder, Mary Kay Wilson, Pat Locaccialo, Kelly McNamara, Cathy Kelly, juli Puariea, Lisa Papadakis, Elizabeth Nutt. Katie Bou ' er Chris Treptc. ]oni Tucker. Anne Greco. Bonnie Foley. Adeic Dai- ly. Mar] Ferryman. Kelly Gabriel. Linda Hinds. ROW FOUR: Dana Myer- son. Kerry Sheild. Laurie Rohrer. Lynda Rohrcr. Cathy Tucker, Caron Cornev, 316-Grccks t = »«i= IJr.ll, li ' ' I UK ft Mf Kathy Brodigan, Lori Parrish, Betsy Hartwig, Videtie Schine, Sharon Glenn, Marti McGavock, Donna Major, Martha KoU. Helen Kenagy. NOT PIC- TURED; Ban Ahlon, Chrissy Beckhardt, Tracy Blake, Melissa Boats, Kimberly Borcherdt. Cathy Collins, Cathy Condon. Wendy Donker, Tracy Downer, Car- oline Ctenn. Sandy Haffly, Shelby Heyn, Lisa Ives, Lisa Killian, Kathy Koll, Kathy Kranhold, jean Ann Legrand. Carrie Liscnhery, Laurie Love, Julie Mey- er, Judy Morley, jenny Murdock, Teri Pearsatt, Beth Reed, Denise Sattter, Mmdy Schneider, Dana Swancutt, Wendy Taylor, Linda Wells, Teresa White, Carta Herrara, Ellen Quinn, Lori Badger, Suzanne Cate, Linda Ellis, Linda Ely, Jennifer Gobbell, Angi Knapp, lulie Lingbein, Mindy Lwal, Wendi Lor- heer, lulie Mark, jane McKie, Cathy Myers-, Becky Othmer, Karen Parker, ludy Pastore, julie Pernecky, Amy Rett: Rochelle Rocco, Lisa Sinkunas, lulie Stoltz, Cathy Tegda, Tooty Tucker. (Jrccks-J317 Kappa Kappa Gamma Kappa Kappa Gamma was chartered in 1947. Their main philanthropies are cool book sales and a Halloween Trick or Treat for local children. Social events include a Give-A- " Hoot " Christmas Party and the Fleur de Lis Spring Formal. Some famous alumni are Gandice Bergen and Kate Jackson. ROW ONE: Leslie Woolley, Deivn Howes, Brynne Bonner, jane Graves, M ' lissa Erhart, Susie Wilkins, Tricia Frey, Suzanne Auherl, Margy Moersch, Alice Scott, Nancy Call, Matisa Masanovich, Kim Dwan. ROW TWO: Kathy Crowley. Gloria Garcia, Rozalynn Johnson, Gait Endenvood, Cindy Doughty, Sonja Bakke, Liz Greif, Soraya Shirzad, Lae Ward, Alison Olnstead, Tracy Griffin, Lotte Harding, Nancy Morrozv, Lynn Thomas. ROW THREE: Cathy Stratos, Kathy Kilketly, Phyllis Contino, Cindee Freeman, Karen Kewell, Lisa Breuer, Jeanne McDonald, Betsy Gehring, Joanna Johnson, Tracy Brannick, fenny Kiefer, Julie Mayr. Charlotte Chandor, Joan Lez ' is. Jan Grazer, Shelley Stokes. ROW FOUR: Christy Stratos, Drane Nason. Mary Carol Roesser, Carol Weeshoff, Colleen Shea, Kuki Somheghi, Cathy Nelson, Marsha Kunz, Alissa Bonner, Brooke Wilkins, Denise Strnad, Brett Howes, Carey Lewis, k: 318-Greeks Lisa Bell, Lcn Ashkm. Terry Hcllister, ]ame Aylward. ROW FIVE: Catherine Cilmour, Melissa Young, Lisa Katz, Bonrne Schermer, Susan Hallqmst, Cuili Matioli, Bo Chanpion, Theresa Kahl, Gail Storey, Jennifer Thomas, Vicky Terry, Susie Barlling, Sonya Zanmovich, Lynne Meme, Monica Scanlan, Lisa Young. ROW SIX: Becky Hamilton, Nancy Brodahl, Diane Rodgers, Janet Avedisian, Lori japenga. Tori Fraser, Melanie jhanke, Deirdre Atkin, Elen Shicca, Lisa Grundy, Kathy Fraser, Janee Wesson, Kelli Hunt, Mary Smith, Stacey Caras, Jane Weddington, Jeanne Oulette, Alison Roach, Mary T. Peterson, ]ana Harris, Jan McLure, Jody Hixson, Mary Ann Lanchantin, Caroline Hodge, Liz St. Clair, Nancy Southworth, Bonnie Birn, Galen Chase, Sally Weller. Greeks-319 Kappa Sigma Delta Eta chapter of Kappa Sigma was chartered at use on September 11, 1925. This year, they helped with an auction at the Century Plaza Hotel for the Association for Disturbed Children. In the fall, the Row went western as the Kappa Sig ' s hosted their first annual Rodeo Week. The Roaring 20 ' s party is traditionally a wild event. 320-Greeks ROW ONE: Ron Starert. Gary Jones, Scott Jacobs, Unidentified, Todd Mill- er, Laurie Love, Rob Horsley, Rick Allen, Lou Scaby. Mari Wilcox, Earl Lyons, Scott Anderson, Mike Scott, Steve Koehler. ROW TWO: Curtiss Ku- pels, Dennes Richardson, Unidentified. Erin Fry, Ron Razzono, Karen Nuss- baum. Lance Schmidt, Mike McCulloch, Chris Quinn. Cindy Hayes, Bob Be- yer, Diana Thompson, Lisa Vaile, Robert Vecchio. ROW THREE: Julie Mascio, Bill Rheinschild, Bill Barney, Tom McCulloch, Kim Withraw, Geoff Koch, Barbara Maeller, Brad Buettner, Stephanie Luebke, Bill Carras, Mike Marquez. Skip Gillette, Todd Cooley, Daiv Brooks, John Wolfe, Bren Strokke, f Steve Fuller. Umdenlified. ROW FOUR: Curtus Young, Michele Hegii, Greg Bega, luiiith Geller, Stan Mullin, Stci e Paden, Jon Hughes. Boh Ruth, Dave Burdge, jim Feederle, Brandt Wdtiarns. Callan Morgan. Gordon Sylvester, Anne Breen, Bryan Busse. Doug. Burdge, Dave Miller, Bob Seastrom, Chuck Rudd, leff Reese, John Olsen, Carol Distanish, Ed Cook, Brain Parkhouse. ROW FIVE: Tim Viole, Mike Healy, Ken Morgan, Nannelte Hazvkins, Gail Tucci, Steve Macke, Rick Vwie, Kathy Crowley. ROW SIX: .Ann Hookslrat- ten, Bob Osher, Mike Klapp. Greeks-321 I Kappa Alpha Psl Beta Omega chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity was chartered at USC on July 12, 1947. The brothers of Beta Omega have had a long history of scholastic excellence and achievement. Kappa Alpha Psi strvies to help all real- ize their goals and potentials in our changing world. Yearly activities include many social and community service pro- grams such as the Kappa Challenge, Michael Byrd Stu- dent Emergency Loan Fund, and the prestigious Diamond Affair. ROW ONE: Michal Ford, John Russell. Thomas Stncklin. Theotis Johnson. Reginald Jones, Gary Hinton, Kenneth Ransfer. Mark Smith. Reginald Michel. William Mann. Keith Williams. Paul Dent. Kendall White. Robert Ellison. Jr. I 322-Greeks 1 Lambda Chi Alpha Lambda Chi Alpha recolonized in the fall, 1979. They sponsored the annual Coors-USC Night. In IFC sports, they were in the football play-offs and volleyball champion- ships. ROW ONE: Dnvid Fiocca, Teen Florcs, Rob Campwii. ROW TWO: Malcolm Ryder, Doug Froehtich, Briget Bardot, Bob O ' Berg, Ross Vincenti, Bob Moore, Sophia Loren, Rick Sawaniego, Doughboy. ROW THREE: Russ Fletcher, Marty Bartholomay , Doug McMillan. Nick Ripoli. NOT PICTURED: Laque Mailmen, Robert Cobb. Lee McCannon, lohn Bond. ]an Lorant. Omega Psi Phi Omega Psi Phi was chartered at USC in the 1930 ' s. Much of their time and effort is donated to NAACP and Operation PUSH. Graduate brothers annually return to participate with undergraduates in inter-fraternity football. ROW ONE: Patrick Richards, John Middleton Grccks-323 Phi Delta Theta Founded in 1848 at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, Phi Delta Theta prides itself in a heritage righ with tradition and scholastic excellence. Now in its thirty first year at use, the Phi Delts remain one of the most diverse houses on campus with members active in student government, intercollegiate sports and almost every phase of academic and social involvement. ROW ONE: Lance lensen. Joel Shme, Jay Heyler. Kim Whitney, Dave Kronk, Ed Hanlon, Danny joe Neimann. ROW TWO: Antonio Barfusco Ferrari, Steve Schock, Matt Easter. Stei ' e Tooney, Otto Robinson. Russ Miller, Mark lozwiak. ROW THREE: Stei ' e Scully, Chip Harris, Boh Bhngieu ' icz. Andrew Marsh, Jeff Asper, Mike Schaefer, Joel Corona. Lawrence Richardson, Dave Wensley, Timothy Watson, Bruises Larsen. Scott Brown, George Engelage, Dave Detrick.ROW FOUR: Randall Coppard Luce, Daniel Powell, John Duddy, Goff Grant, Richard Holsum, Kirk Thompson, Lawrence Atnip, Brian Burke, Chris Miernes, Jim Cracias. ROW FIVE: Don Tarte, Steve Brumleau- 324-Greeks s s Philp, Chris BryanI, Steve Kwong, Pope Jacobs, Mike Domokos, Dwgo Ricar- do-Fhres, Glenn Mclntyre, Steve Case, Anddrew Kroese, Bruce Bucttell, Peter Busso, Actii ' e Aware, David Ruck, John Svet, Terrence Adams, William C. Uiberg. ROW SIX: Scoff Hill, Runchie Pedersen, Brad Eggem. NOT PIC- TURED; Kirk Amtrozich, Peter O ' Donnell, Andy Oldfield. Matt Lincoln, Steve Lyons, Scott Olinger, Jim Sternberg, jim Stemler, Scott Thompson, Todd Weltner, Otis Groper, Ted Quittigan, Ted Wedlake, Him Cerson, Dave Paulson, Bob Kinney, Paul Jones, Brook Parriot, Zack Karahadsan, Brian Kraft, Don Stewart, Curly Kimball. Greeks-325 Phi Gamma Delta The Sigma Chi chapter of Phi Gamma Delta was chart- ered at use in April, 1945. Fort Phi Gam has had many prestigious graduates over the years including TV star John Ritter. Fiji brothers participate in Knights, IFG, El Ro- deo, and on the football, baseball, and lacrosse teams. The Fiji ' s main social events are their halloween Party, ski weekender. The Fiji Islander, and Purple Garter. ROW ONE: Dai e Lane, lanie Alyward, Jenny Coe, Janet Barkley,, Marleen Borha. Leslie Burton. Kelly Bunyard. Dee Dee Snell, Kelly Loy, Tim Ferrin, Bruce Cohen, Cathy Kelly, Jill Hoagland, Kathy Todd, Becky Welsh, Tom " T " Hall, Andrea Bouas ROW TWO: Jim Laughton, Rick Harrison, Charlie Muirhead, Dave Hanson, John Wentzel, Jay Noonan, Doug Stevenson, Scott Springer, Craig Scheidt, Andy Rose. Dick Sandifer. Mike Cummins, Denny Rice, Tom Nyberg. Mike Synn, Dave Ely. Bill Petak. ROW THREE: Phil Shumate, Marty Hargrove, Donny Meyers, Jordy McCulloch, Mitchl Laughton, Dave Sanford. Skip Kozacik, Pierre Bergslrom. Kurt Winiecki, Phil Huffman. John Schaller. Rick Simmons. ROW FOUR: Gerry Barredo. Curt h » r " « 326-Greeks :4.. 1 : ' Mr 1 Scheldt, Bruce Wolverton,, Rich Pera Mike Rojas, Richard Katnick, Steve Maynard, Craig Duimgan. ROW FIVE: Greg King, Byron Connell, Jeff Creiglon, Scott Frasco, Kevin Gentile. ROW SIX: Tony George, jack Cottes, Lisa Stavro, Todd Holzer, Ted Dietrich, Cindee Freeman, George Furla, Dar- ryl Browman. ROW SEVEN: Greg D ' Arco, Dave Rosenberg. NOT PIC- TURED: Bill Amerogen, Chris Cummins, Eddie Ellncr, Geoff Elienne, Riki Cray, Slu Cruendl, Mike Hackett, Brent Harris, Pete Hedrkk, Craig Higdon, Eric Keillor, Scott Lund, Chuck Maytiim, Jeff Orr, Vic Orsatti, Craig Peter- son, Tyler Pauley, Tom Royas, Nick Shaar, Gary Solnit, Roger Stevens, Rob Swanson. leff Wallace, Chris Wilkcu. Charlie Van Der Ahe. Greeks-327 Phi Kappa Psi Phi Kappa Psi was founded in 1927, The Phi Psi ' s enjoy numerous activities. The Phi Psi 500 was held during Greek Week, and once again, the Phi Psi calendar graced many walls. Other activities included entertaining the Row with Street Dances, as well as participating in Songfest and House Decs. ROW ONE: BUI Kramb. Ellen VanBuskirk, Littlchm Waller.Juhc Bushman. Bruce Sherman, jchn DeMarco. ROW TWO; Hunt Schuter. Carrie Cox, Chuck Black, Kelly Anne Ladd, Greg Bert. Tom Bowden, Jack Hodges. ROW THREE: Maynard Neff, Kurt English, Denise Trimm, Rich Jenkins, Eric 328-Greeks Smith. Margot MacLachlan, Robert Preston. Brent " Blade " Enright . ROW FOUR: Dan Duckimrth, Joe Boi lan, Steve Mori, Cami Edelbrock, Tom Lamb, jim Reilly, Whitney Wilkinson. " H: I ROW ONE; Tarn McMann, Steve Jones, Michelle Benone, Chris Wilson, Mary Fulco. ROW TWO: Beverly Nester, Paul Faessel, Victor Faessel, Louie Laltae, Gary Phillips. ROW THREE Wendy Dawson, Harold, Princess Caro- line, Bruce Beach, Karen Briscoe, Terri Bauer, Gennaro Cigliano, Pam Stew- art, Alison Piatt, Danny Pryor, Dominic Accetta, Micheal Oechsel. ROW FOUR: John Gormely, John Swedlund, Rocky McCandless, Nick Bozick, Joe Williams, Warren Chow. ROW ONE: Dave Haddad, Cindy Attyah, Dave Bell, Maxine of 9-0 Fame, Mike Olch. ROW TWO: Harold, jenn Stein, Dennis Mc Carthy, Ed Molina. ROW THREE: Scott Davidson, Mark Kobayashi. Donna Casscll. Ralph Ha- ney, Bruce Dowell, Jana Basmajian, Mark Foste r. ROW FOUR Fucnjo Boylan. Charles Page, Thomas Moore, Hoivard Chauchmn, Kurcn Briscoe, Sandy Chuchian, L. Goatsti, Craig Miller, Tex Hungly. NOT PICTURED: Rich Bianchini, Stei ' e Carter, Carman Childs, Boh O ' Gorman, Daiv Cordoini, Jim Florence, Mike Frey, Todd Griffin, Jeff Hildreth, Jack Huher, Stciv Jonas, Greg Staar, Donald Goiter Stei ens, Craig Watkins. Grccks-329 Phi Kappa Tau The Pi chapter of Phi Kappa Tau was chartered at USC in 1922. The fraternity annually participates in the Toys for Tots drive. Their wild social event is the Tri-Tau party with the Phi Tau chapters at Cal State Fullerton and Long Beach. The legendary nnascot of the fraternity, the Phi Tau pig is being brought back. ROW ONE: Jeff Lorenzon, Sammy Feng, Debbie Liebert, Stephanie Chavez, Brett Nelson, Lois Presbrey, Brian Keepers, Lisa Supplee, Scott Liebert, Edson Howard, Randy Marzec. ROW TWO: Frank Kelley, Debbie Mendel, Martin Kistner, Murray Roe, Boh Cunnarson, Sammi Roberts, Ton O ' Berg, Ann Marie McBride, Melanie Lester, Lynn Potter. Denny Malatek. Thayer Weddte, Ann Bolinger, Tom Lockhart. Maria Blazer, Bob Wolney, Cmdy Carr. ROW THREE: Pi ' Ilani Aguiar, Colby Wolney, Tom McDowell, Chris Dunn, Mike Nitz, Keith Jue, Brad Green, Mark Fudge, Bill Wolney, Bruce Shuman, Pat Halloran, Eric Renezeder. Wally Walrod. Matt Hankins, Ed Detzviler. Kirk 330-Greeks ' s Rodfier :, joe Freire.ROVJ FOUR: Skip Jachm, Dou Niclwl, Urry Liwlmn, Paul Izenstark, Aric Wilmumkr, Brian Wolf, Pete Aimstassio, Jim Miirpfit , Carol Miller, Dan Cacho, Paw Mauer, Jeff Wwddle, Vicki Trujillo, Richard Ray, Sally Omundson, Boh Shedd, Shelly Miller, Debbie Wolf, Ralph Men- doza, Willou ' Whitfield. Mark Nichols, Creg Lehr, Andrea Comiskey, Darren Chu, Jim jen-Kin. ROW FIVE: Nancy Ajamian, ]im Docherty, Mark Dixon, Beverley Kieswetter, Joanne Coghill, Justin Caplan, Jan Nardulli, Todd Parker, Linda Rojas, Brad Mells, Sam Saber, Cindi Sheppard, Brian Baker, Peggy Dold, Ray Cadd, Theresa Fernandez, Cathy Silliinan. Dave Pennington. Greeks-331 ROW ONE: Chris Kiernan. jack Eckley. Scott Bruno, Barbara Schuntzer, Chris MacArthur, Peter Bentley, Jim Coslett, Dave Wilder, Johrt Chin, Scott Hill. ROW TWO: Ray Pritchett, Sherri King, Kathy MacDonald, Art Coon, Peter Latta, Kei ' in Hutton. Lort Rosemier, Keith Ceck, Sean Armstrong, Franz 332-Greeks Phi Sigma Kappa Phi Sigma Kappa was founded at USC in 1928. They endeavor to promote brotherhood, stimulate scholarship, and develop character. The Phi Sig ' s are a diverse group of men, involved in all facets of university life and are concerned about world problems. Highlights of the past year included the annual Snow Party, helping their various philanthropies, and the Palm Springs Weekender. Mtltcr. Mel Triivena, Lam Harm, Ruhani Bunn, Murk Palnm c. Guri Vun Zandl, Dale Haivkms, Mike Hou hlon, jose De Diego Arozamctm, ROW THREE: Tim Taylor, Doug Hasell, Hilton Block, Stei ' e Hanna, jay Ferguson, lohn Karmalich, Scott Clover. Grceks-333 Pi Beta Phi California Gamma chapter of Pi Beta Ptii was cfiartered in 1917. Members volunteer at the Spastic Children ' s Hos- pital as well as the chapter supporting the national philan- thropy Arrowmont, a crafts school in Gattlinberg, TN. Their ' main social event is the annual Luau Weekender in the spring. r ROW ONE: Ta hr Dufatl. Liz Cage, Cathy Collrell, Connie KoMln . Di ' isi- Siegler. Kandi Beshorc. ROW TWO: Linda hsi Linda Ryan, janit Smith, Pain Siriani, Stephanie Liiehke, Eve Ponvrs, Sally Shan, Ronni Ross. Uuirie Hance, Joanne Cordon, Kandi Waier, Lisa Cafhion, Leslie Chester, Karen Alli- son. Tracy Mackiiy. Tanu Vitale, Jenny Cote, Pam Sorensen, Betty Sinew, Kelli Dodson. ROW THREE: Don Elkins, Becky Welsh, Marcia Oswald, Sal- ly Metzler, Karen Klugman, Kim Bringggold, Erin Fry, Paige Dooling, Tern Davis, Sonie Haley, Susan Styll, Slacey Btirkett, Kim Khoiiry, Denise Doer- ing, Kathleen DeRuff, Lisa Wilson, Karen Hoedemaker, Stacy Nichols ROW FOUR: Lisa Barrett. Meg Jones, C.C.Stecn, Anne Krai, Jan Schiefley, Karen Kuhbnan. Heidi Salter. Laurie Hansen, Dana Carli, Tinker Tafe, Cheryl Cas- sner, Stacey Hollister, Marcia Badgley, Carrie Hetnpel, Allyson Ritey. Linda Courntey, Kini McKce, Dana Briittig. Debbie Didhie. Knsten Belmg ROW FIVE: Laurie Wilson. Anne McNelley. Dana Kttchm. Erin O ' Brien. ]oanm ' 334-Grecks i Harding, Carol Distaiustac, Kim Withrow. Cynthia Curtis. Lisn Daily, jane Hodges, Pam Salka, Tern Katzman, Tanu Tacker, Lorri Seidcnsticker. NOT PICTURED: Anita Artukovich, Lynn Barrett, Lori Bedrosian, Vicki Bergs- trom, Pam Blasier, Andrea Bovas, Kelly Bryan, Ceegee Cree, Patty Cole, Mary Denzler, Charlotee Dietz, Dana Doclittle, Lisa Dunivin, Dayna Dub- row, Kathy Coff, Kathy Flynn, Terri Galles, Linda Coux, Claudia Graham, Diane Cuglielmino, Hilary Hamer, Kathleen Harris, Tammy Hiihes, Kelli Ir- vine, lacque ]ohnstone. jerrilynn lohnstone, Cindy Kern, Cindy Knoll, Kris Kumcr, Paige Lademan, Noelle Lucky, Nancy Meyer, Stephanie Nora, Carta Olivera, Anne O ' Neal, AnneMarie Pensanti, Jill Pflaum, Val Pickard, Karen Roney, Sue Roundtrce, Jill Sassa, Jayne Seren. Leslie ShaUcross, Kathy Si- mons, Caroyln Smith, Vicki Sorensen, Susan Stoltze, Liz Storm, lulie Takegu- ma, Shari Tilton, Wendi Tilton, Elizabeth Tily, Kathy Todd, Lisa Ullman. Mona Valdez, Ann Whitney. Grccks-33n L i Pi Kappa Phi Pi Kappa Phi was chartered in 1976 with 25 members. It has grown to a current membership of over 50. While maintaining one of the highest GPA ' s of any fraternity on campus, their social calendar is filled with events ranging from luaus to formals. ROW ONE: Bonnie Wong, Dave Raff, Kay Gunther, Chuck Sarture, Roberta Graham, Bob Skultety, Tammy Boar, Micheat Kantrountz, Brock Miller, Laura Fuchs, Bob Graziano, Micheal McKee. ROW TWO: Carol Bracco. Greg Evans, Kathy Hardin, Todd Whitney, Lori Parker, Boh Lane, Fritz Allison, Bambi Hayu ' orth, Pat McHale, Cathy Holt, Doug Schrier, Mary Ruth Hardes- ty, Mike Stailiper, Glenn Simjian. ROW THREE: Rich Dukes, Greg St.Clair, Kim Loebel, Kath Schulte, Rich Weiss, Elise Dushkes, Rhonda Cartwright, 336-Greeks lean Wikon, Inn McMcnamm. Todd Hunt, Stez ' t Ryder, Lisa Bahluff. Dan Barnard. Elame Se al, Tony Tcrnirni, Dave Rich, Christy Martinez, Jeff Boone, Karen Baldwin. Charlie Ray, Alan Nyber . ROW FOUR: Rob Shield, Dana Ashton, Crai; Lietske. NOT PICTURED: Dirk Barnes. Lon Cipola, Bill Crosby, Brad Dunning,, Chris Donihroski, Bob Farmer, Crai ; Koniblaii, Andy McCallum, Inho Pak, David Poole, Bob Rosenblum, Steve Villa, Bill Wright. Grccks-337 ROW ONE: mi Lanahan, Steiv Wallace, Dan Burgner, Mike lackson, Keith Yonkers, Neil Jensen, John Klug, Catherine Cilmore, Kelly Coultuip. ROW TWO: Dave Anderson, Tegan West, Pat McClenahan, Bill French, Rick Caruso, Dave Crowell, Pete MacDonald, Julie Mascio, Marlcne Barbo, Bart Pucci, Anne Porter, Dave Riggio. Mark Tober, Creg Evans, Julie Worth, Tony Manos, Heidi Kleinmaus, Terry Tanner, Harlin Hailey. Janice Melleri, Cindi Dean, Sharon De Young, Kathy Edwards, Guy Johnson, Janet Morton. ROW THREE: Brad Kelley, Bentley Chelf, John Wix, Todd Optican, Bob Volkel, Jennifer Johnson, Richard Pruter, Laurie Seidensticker , Laura Allman, Tom 338-Greeks ii Sigma Alpha Epsilon The Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity holds of rich tradition of academic and athletic excellence as a member of use ' s greek system. Founded in 1921, the SAE ' s have been involved in a wide range of campus and community = affairs. A volleyball marathon for Muscular Dystrophy, vol- unteer work for the American Cancer Society, and spon- sorship of Christmas parties for elementary school children merited them the University ' s coveted Community Service Award for outstanding philanthropy. In addition to these activities, SAE boasts many outstanding leaders and schol- ars, and is a perennial contender for the inter-fraternity " Iron Man " trophy. Walling, Bill Haydcn, Phil Sirham, Alan Robertson, Crcg Rawlings. ROW FOUR: Ross Feinberg, Chuck Ml all, Sue Halquist, lerry Schitz, Dave Gir- ling, ]im Carmack, Karen Baldzvin, Penn Jones, Bryan Allman, Nanette Hau ' kins, John Moody, Scott Christian, Rick Torbelt, Rochclle Rocco, Doug Dunwnt, Tracey Taft, Mctisa Young. ROW FIVE; Brian Stone, Paul Gurrsea, Carrie Copeland, Matt Dorff, jim Mintie, jerry Jameson, Amy Allpern, Bonnie Foley, Kerrie SmuH, Shea Kirschner, Mike Avery, Stacy Ruff, Greg Smith, Steve Arnold, Lno Home, Mark Schlossbcrg, Scott Allman, Brynne Bonner, Bill Carlson, Marc Biionagiiidi. Grceks-339 Sigma Alpha Mu Sigma Alpha Mu was chartered at USC in 1948. Mu Theat chapter lists LeVar Burton and Bob Dylan as fa- mous alumni. The Sammy ' s hold a Spring Formal, Friscon Weekender, and two pledge active parties each year, members are involved in Songfest and Yell Leaders. Nev- er having been known as an athleteic power in IFC sports, they are gearing up to claim the Iron Man Trophy through- out the eighties. Their philanthropy is cleaning up the San- ta Monica pier. ROW ONE: Larry Walley, Jim Riinn, Steve Hirsh, Stu Shernmn, Steve Cloobeck, Marc Friedlander, Melvm, David Shearer, Stei ' e Hyman, Andy Trackman, Larry Deutsch, Max Edwards. ROW TWO: Rich Racine. Randy Perlman, Tammy Udikoff, Judy Gilbert. ROW THREE: Paul Cohen. Zack Nesis, Brad Mathews. Maria Saltsman, Debbie Kaplan, Reena Juron, Alan ■ ' H 340-Greeks »= Rhch, Cheryl, jcfl Mark , Lou Rcscn, Karen Sdnrartz. Terry Wiij ' iicr. ROW FOUR: lay LcwttI, Alan Nahmiaf, Rich Stcinlmck, Susan Green, Allvrt Levine, Sandra Stoff, Alan Gkscr, left Rich, Tatii Miller, Greg WivwH, Ardee lamm, Paul Arslum ' iky, Tracy Gluck. ROW FIVE; lack Prcher, Tnm Schiff. Mitch Shatzen, Mark Cohen, Robert LioiJis, Unutenlified. Danny Leon. Grecks-34l kJ ROW ONE: Chad Fester, jim Hmdle, Pain Green. Lon Bnttmgham. Greg Watson. Vkki Terry. Rick John. Ban Ablon. Stez ' e Sinclair. Tracy Dahlen. David Pyle. Bonnie Foley. Brian Kunde. ROW TWO: Bill Kiefer. Scott Allen, Jeff Spalla. Dan Bozzo. Doug Kanen, Nadar Sharokshi. Jeff Hawken. Scott Lowman. Deano Chandler. Rick Murray, lack Krugger. ROW THREE: Greg Forgatch. John Conely. Hunt Barrnett. Craig Waite. Chuck Fry. Jeff Botsford. Greg Fults J. D. House. Mark Midler. Mark Talt. Jeep Dolan. ROW FOUR: Spiro Psaltis. Kei in Frazer. Max Bleier. John Magee, Dave Hammer. Matt Mattson. Jerry Criihel. Dan Bromstad. Greg Stei ' enson. Dorcey Abslner. Jeff 342-Greeks fes Sigma Chi Sigma Chi was founded at USC in 1889. It was the only greek letter organization on campus for 30 years. The original chapter house was Owens Hall. A national bi- annual event is Sigma Chi Derby Days. This event sup- ports their national philanthropy, Wallace Village in Colora- do for partially mentally disabled children. A famous alumni is John Wayne. johmlon, Banm Birtchcr, Kevin Ccrhy, Keith Morehvw, John Van Rossen. ROW FIVE: Lang Cottrell, Rollo Schwalbe, Harriet Harrison, Kevin Kirk. Gary Chaffin, Phil Hench, Rick Hagstrom, Bob Childes.Teri Crowley, Doug May, Toney Ranger, Boh Cuffs, Tim Gooding, Jeff Olsen, Ernie Hooks, Franky Venslic. ROW SIX: Phil UiPlante, Boh Vogezzang, Steve Dilucca, Rich Rameriz, Boh Johnson, Bill Powell, Otto Baiimgarth, Chris Schaefer. ROW SEVEN: Rich Sullivan, joe Flood, Mike Spalla, ' lodd Baldwin, Robert Green, joe W. Whirl, Chris Lanipman, Pete Doder, Bruce Caulk. ROW EIGHT: Bruce Watson, Harold Rainser. Grccks-343 Sigma Nu Sigma Nu was chartered on the USC campus in 1930. Over the years, the fraternity ' s members have been ac- tively involved in events on campus and in the Greek system. Highlights of the past year have been the Charity Bowl-A-Thon, the annual Christmas Tree Sale, and the celebration of Sigma Nu ' s 50th year at USC. ROW ONE: Mark Garavaj lm, Ken Stokes. Pat Cavaney. Tim hoiter. tin an Lynn. ROW TWO: John Holmes. Lisa Breuer. Lori Badger, Tim Dickens. Ruth Willson. Charlotte Chandor, Mary Kay Wilson, Cordy Thompson. Chris Quinlan, Dave Ferree, Forrest Mitchell, Ann Cretsinger. ROW THREE: Doug Kerstner, Clancy Lavins, Paul Belza, Lorri S eidensticker. Cindee Free- man, Bonnie Schermer. Robert Hicks. Charles Noreen, Stei ' e Anderson. Linda Seal. Lynn Andersn. Peterson R. Moersch. Tammy Hughes, Stacey Holltster, Jacque Johnstone, Rich Kurtz. Michael Downing. Tern Daiyis. Bill Somme, Mike Mekjian. ROW FOUR: Chip Goodrich, Mike Thornton, Stei ' e Itrich, Mark Monro, Jeff Clasco, Kelly Buck. Avery Bayle. Dave Ilsley, John Wagner, Glenn Burroughs, Rick Sutherland, Greg May, Kathy Simons, Brian Smith. 344-Greeks ROW FIVE: Gerrani Cni ' fh ' lh, Ted Ludtoni. Mike Garpdw, Idl Mnrlin, Ncal Amsden, Chip Stuart, Fred jiwc, Rich Oswald, Aiiaslasia Foi , Mike Althott, Boh Garrison, Tim Henry, Ronald Freeman, Rick Murphy, Unda Balfour, Layne Baraldi, Bonnie Foley, Greg Olsen, Jennifer Grai ' es, Nicolette Schwartz, Leanne Burk, Carol Weeshoff, Slei ' e Sawyer, Guy Murnaka. ROW SIX: Susan Nahij ian, Tim Cannon, Mark Garoin, Geori;;e Leong, Scott Anderson, Doug Gam, Dirk Eldngc, Steve Lee, Rick Simons. NOT PICTURED: Greg Moore, Bill Willis, Dave Berryhill, Brian Poliquin, Paul Geiger, ]ohn Crossley, Norm Anderson, Troy Cobb, Pat Flynn, Aki Hamada, Hap Hcublein, Wayne Hughes, Charlie Koeller, Steve Mulhern, John Erickson, Gary Sauyer. Greeks-345 Sigma Phi Delta Sigma Phi Delta, an engineering social fraternity, is the only fraternity or sorority that has ever been founded on the use campus. The Alpha Chapter was chartered in 1924. The fraternity participates in the Red Cross Blood Drive as well as the Chariot Races, Cherry Pie contest, and Paper Airplane contest of " E " Week. Their major social event is the Red Rose Formal. ROW ONE: Stene Bradley, Ralph Emerson. Caroline Ralph, Mark Griffith. ROW TWO: Mike Connelly. Theresa Walker. Lauresa Stillwell. Mindy Glas- er. Amy Fine, Wendell Takenaka, Malvina Caravaggio, ]erry Krant, jim Rueff, Mark Andreivs, Leslie Wright, Terry Hopf. Ernie Lineberger, Barbara Ringle- 346-Greeks man, Stnv Preston, ]oe Mattis. ROW THREE: Buffy Waller, Mary See, Brad lones, Mike Davis, K.j. Bell, Neil Wmniiill, Bch Oiler, Aunda Riehnwnit, Art Gunthier, Roxaiine Lunvrence, Suzanne Arteman, Charlie Williamson. ROW FOUR: ]ohn Poor. Greeks-347 Sigma Phi Epsilon Sigma Phi Epsilon was chartered at USC in 1920. Their annual Casino night raises money for the American Heart Association. In the fall, the Sig Ep ' s captured the IPC fra- ternity football championship. In the spring, they hold their Golden Hearts Ball, their major social event. They are re- cipients of the President ' s Award for Fraternity Excellence. MA. |)ttt Qt ttO ROW ONE; Darren Cole, Vince Curci, ]urgo Cho, Dave Cairns, Carey Hag- en, Stei ' e Kelleher. Paul Coderko, Ceof Smith, Roger Geweke, Neal Rubin, Larry Karno, Tony Saucedo, Jeff Schindler. Mark Ellis, Jim Gigantelli, Roh Fn ar, Stei ' e McKinnis, Ray Kuramoto, Ed Ely, ]im Malouf, Steve Campion. ROW TWO: Mike Ruby, Ceroid Wolfe, Nelson Alberts, Paul Appel, Mike Doane, Don Durivage, Rob Richmond, Steve Del Guercio, Greg Boss, Mark Stoeckinger, Marty St. George, jeff MacMitlan, Scott Tichenor, Ladd Van Hil- 348-Greeks -- " 11 IHP ' ton. Karl Riffenberg, joe Shay, Ed Mosley, ]efj Dickson, Boh Thomas, }ohn Del Favew, Brad Wilier. ROW THREE: Jeff Powers, Scot Reid, Damon Stathatos, jern Vasquez, Mark Spears. ]im Kruger, Burt jorgensen, Stan Wisneiski, Marcus Wilson, Craig Kalem, Bill Tsai, Brian Mott, Craig Cadioallader, Ray Grandy, Stn e Carruthers, Bill Petroiuitch, Grant Fraser. Edward Harlow, Robert Rae. ROW FOUR: Rocky Bozoman. Grceks-349 Sigma Phi Omega Sigma Phi Omega was chartered at USC in 1949. They combine both a service and a social sorority. They spon- sor a bowl-a thon in March and a formal presentation ot the pledge class in the spring. ROW ONE: Nancy Wake, Lynda Tom, Karen Yenoki, Denise Oda, Isabelte Nagase, Teri Oda, Dee Dee Takeucht. ROW TWO; Carrie Yasuda, Liz lida, Jane Okayama, Margaret lida.joann Shiida. ROW THREE: Debbie lue, Lynn Otani, Mimi Watatwbe, Kaeko, Debbie Lew. ROW FOUR: Dawn, Amano, bora Woo, Joy Fujimoto, Carol Wada, Candy Shue, Lisa Okimoto. 350-Greeks Greeks-351 ROW ONE: Alan Jcir, Peter Moote, Vmce Oliver. Gii} Weigel, Gary Mce. " The Senator ' ; Joe Lehrer, Brad Ou, Glenn Fukushima Doug Milosauljei ' iu ROW TWO; Waller Doly. Stei e Porlnoy, CarthGrugal , Gene Gednov, Kevin Sutherland, Lisu Lopez, Peter Landon, Barbara Peitzman. John Powell. Daiv 352-Greeks Tau Epsllon Phi The Tau Gamma Chapter of Tau Epsilon Phi was founded Nov. 25, 1926. Returning to USC in 1974, after its third absence, the chapter began rebuilding to its for- mer strength. Social highlights include the annual Hallow- een Bash and Pasadena R.F. night on New Years Eve. Murillo, Mike Notaranf eh, D. Edward Enrich, Nid Meccia, Brian Shea, Art Malmgren. ROW THREE: Cam Beard Mark Abramson. NOT PICTURED: Albert Hernandez, Mark Menowitz, Dave Capps, Tom Shin, Alan Coodstein. Greeks-353 Tau Kappa Epsilon The Beta Sigma chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon was founded Oct. 31, 1949. Their official philanthropy is fra- ternity alunnni Danny Thomas ' St. Jude ' s Hospital. The groups campus involvement includes Order of Omega, Blue Key, ROTC, and the Knights Officials Club. Annual events are the Wine Mountain Wine Festival, and the Red Carnation Formal. The fraternity is known as a showcase for the new sound in rock music today. ROW ONE: Max Von Dogfried, Rudolph Benda, Julie Cross, Nan Morocco, Theresa Waller. Kelliann Ladd, Linda Stock, leannie Van Koepel, Holly Brock, Moira Sandrock, Mindy Closer, judi Corona, Robert Brenner. ROW TWO: jamie Kneeland. Jennie Sterling, Mary Nerm, Maria Juarez. ROW THREE: Suzi Cochran, George H. Presnell, Beth Hardy, Debbie Jones, Cards Deman, Dina Ravaglioli, Teri Mitchell, Greg Thompson, Jodi Burnett. Scott Tucker. Russell . Thompson. L. Ray, Buffy Waller. Bitty C. Johnny Walker. Mary C, Genrntm Colabatisto. Lindy Germain. ROW FOUR: Terry Kelly, Al Cunha, Kurt Borg, Fred Gari ' in. Derek McClay. Greg Gamsky, Cody Barden, Thomas Tertocha. ROW FIVE: John Stehly. Rona Bacardi. Gary Osterberg, 354-Greeks is ft I Robin Villa, Steve Rai ' aglioli, Jay Tejera, Clarence Channel, Jay Fischer, Louis Saroni III, Wayne Marciel. NOT PICTURED: Rodney Burgoinne, Jerry Naegeli, James Tertocha, Arthur Bauer, Fred Khodaifar, Mard Dixon, Casey Klos, Greg Szveitek, Pat Ragen, Zeke Hatfield, John Krase, Butch Katz, McNeat Crockett, David Ferris, Tom Plough, Rich Sanor, Matt Scanlon, Tom Miller, Dave ]ones, Burt George, Matt Wendt, Peter Brown, Paul Brown, Herb Beshard, Bob McCauley, Larry See, joe Bozuie, Greg Kaufman, Tom Zirpolo, Steve Moyer, Chuck Burgin, Mike Khodaifar, Boh Jarvis, Kent Snyder, Stei ' e Jeffries, John Sardella, Phil Pluta, Bob Salcido, Fred Hammer, Lauresa Stiltwell, Laura Fregien, Scott Smtgtey, joe Pierze, Mike Straten. Grceks-355 ROW ONE: Kathy Burns, Cynthia McCormick. Roxanne Meyers, ]eanne McGurty, Betsy Cuillane, Francie Carpenter. ROW TWO: Sean Liehlang, Terese Carpentar, Liz Wagner, Robert Potter, Linda Rojas, Mitch Skelly, Cheryl Moore. Boh Campos, Kimm Edwards. Maria King, Lori Cavanaugh, Tod Ditoinmaso, Sally Stouvrs, Dan Johnson, ]ill Hussey, Kary Wertman, David Depetnllo. Patty Rojas, Mike Brumage, Vicki Montanaro, Richard Mazygemba. ROW THREE: Robert Ahn, Tom Sirotnek. Laurie Harris, im Davidson, Lynne Anderson, Rodney Davis, Joan Knoerchild, , iike Manolakis, 356-Greeks Theta Xi Theta Xi was chartered at USC in 1940. Their philan- thropy is Multiple Sclerosis. They are sponsors of the An- nual Intersorority Powderpuff Football Tournament. Their main social event is the Cinderella Ball. Members are in- volved in Knights, Student Senate, band and the football and soccer teams. Nena Krivosic, Paul Wales, Holly Turner, Dan Carske, Holly Graves, Kurt Clark, Susan Boyle, John Bowers. ROW FOUR: Chris DiLeonardo, George Braunegg, Greg Furman, Mike Edney, Paul Marotta, Steiv Setcer, E.j. Dieckman, Russ Glasgal, Dave Adams, Rad Pelcerson. ROW FIVE: Jeff Ludwikowski, Willie Change, Bill Bmmg. NOT PICTURED: hf Morroiv, lane Tankersly, Bill Lopez, Louis Zwiek, George Lopez, Stei ' e Dai ' is, Brian Wedge, Peter Fox, Joe Mama. rirccks-357 ROW ONE: Chris Searl, Jim Arico, Doug Kaprielian, Kei ' in Ash, Dave Arritt, Shane Batt, Ken Morrow, Karl Heyer, John Hedlund, Jeff Mallon. ROW TWO: Bob Atwood. Lee Denley, Larry Tate, Gordy Her, Raul Ihe, Bill Sima, Craig Elledge, Dean Colley, Frank Liheratore, ]ohn Amato, Bob Cag- 358-Greeks Theta Chi = sr Theta Chi was chartered in 1946 and reorganized in February 1979. The Theta Chi Luau is a major social event. Fresh Hawaiian flowers and a roasted pig add authenticity to the occasion. Other activities are a White Night and the Beta-Theta Jann. In the 1979 IFC Iron Man Competition, Theta Chi placed third, and won the basket- ball competition. Fromtheportlandpeoplealphasmegma a cheese like... lionc. ROW THREE: Tracy Blue, Scott Frishie. John Fra cr, Tom Mij toswH, Kieth Kroening, Todd Lorton, K.C. Laster, Steve Rottman, Oscar Muiwz, Cliff Kapololu, Bill Cernius. NOT PICTURED: Chns Allard, Jeff Bennett, Oz Simmons, Scott Soke, Bill Stetson, Tnn Hovland, Chris Remhert. Greek8-359 1880 ' MtB ' Throughout the university ' s history, the options on lifestyles have grown and expanded for students. In the past, commuters became commuters because of the shortage of university housing -- now the majority of commuters live in other areas because they choose to do so. Cardinal Gardens and Troy Hall were the first university apart- ments opened in fall 1977 to provide students with an alternative to dorm life. The experiment proved be popular -- the university now op- erates 15 apartment complexes. Dormitories have expanded from Hodge Hall, housing 25 men in 1882 at a cost of 85 per week - to nine multi-story structures housmg approximately 2,000 men and women, including six co-ed facilities, at an average cost of S2100 per year. The area also has many off-campus apartments and co-op hous- es, a welcome relief for those who opt for housing independence from the university. Greek life arrived when Sigma Chi chartered the first fraternity chapter on campus in 1889. Sororities and fraternities flourished until the 1960s, when the anti-establishment era took its toll of potential members. Many folded, unable to finance the continu- ance of a chapter house. The late 1970s showed a renewed interest in Greek life - now approximately one-thtrd of the undergraduate stu- dent body is affiliated with 17 sororities and 31 fraternities. Tuesday Corps ROW ONE: David Lewis. Matthetc Hanson. WesUy Asalo. Gregory Werner. Erich Sprnager. Dennis Williams. Margarel Comslock. Brian Nolo. Kurt Niedraucr. David Kalnback, Cay Vierra. Mark O ' Toole. Michael Crowley. ROW TWO: David Blehm. Robert Cones, Edivard Aldndge. Wayne Marciel, Tandy Ccggs, Staycce Harris, Du ' igbt Miink. Gilbert loiv. Dennis Larm, Beth Lowrance. Robert Kelsey. Vivian Smalhoood. Tim Lee. Russell Sanders. ROW THREE: Tern Ducker. John Nuszkmcicz. Jeff Krtvse. Michael Connelly, Wendel Takenaka, jose Farinas, Gary Kuwashima. Sandra Plizga, Lisa Wise, Mark Carlson, Sliaron Youmans, Ann Demmt. Robert Rothleder. ROW FOUR: Kevin Burns. Alan Dellamore. Mark Picton. Morton Graves, Charles Williamson, Michel Cassidy. Walter Muldar. Stei e Green. David Ed- rich. Michael Krogen. Robert Pappendick, Edwin Cornett. Eric Brown, Perry Walker. ROW FIVE: Tom Christian. Mark Augustine. Laura Stone, Seibert, Richard Pappas, Reuben Herrera. Frank Magnone. Ronald Adams. Daniel Hodges. ROW SIX: Joseph O ' Donnell. Anthony Saleng. unidentified. Dana Dablv. Daniel Dunkle, Steve Sadler, Ken Autrey, unidentified, Randall Field, John Cowan. m - -i i£M m aAM a H3 1;-. : " ■ r ... " ■•. • : • s m MM! (MP A mm j m H P Wednesday Corps ROW ONE: Mark Robertson, Wendell Takenaka. Steve Vihlen. Margaret Smith, Michael Connelly, Daniel Zangari, Kerry Gwin. Mike Brumage, unidentified, Gregory Aarons. Philip Tardy. Gerald Aubrey. Brian Cooper, Charles Leiv. ROW TWO: Guy Rosefelt, Mike Yakel. Todd Marshall, Bill Melohn, Johannah Jones, John Robertson, Stez ' en Alkire. Ri- chard Cleis. Brian Wilson. Susan Durham. Lisa Laflamme. Bruce Benson. Greg Wickern. ROW THREE: Bernard Siegl. Gregory Wilson. Keith Arney, Todd Brashear. unidentified, Carl Kemp, John Powers. Paul Eves, David Pe- terson, Roger Letvis, Russell Clark, unidentified, Craig Carrothers, Bill Haus- man. Sue Masters, Jim Esola, John Cruse, Al Trausch, Peter Lasch, Ron Fal- I ' k, ]on Golan, Roxanne Lawrence. The Lt. Paul O ' Hare Squadron of the Arnold Society is a professional, honorary, service organization. They have conducted a can food drive for the Goodwill Industries, participated in the Blood Drive, and aided during the Spe- cial Olympics. ROW ONE: Wendell Takenaka, Michael Connell) , Sharon Youmans, Sandra Plizga, Ann Demint, Gay Vierra, Beth Lowrance, Lisa Wise, Terri Rogers, Dennis harm. ROW TWO: Dennis Williams, Wesley Asato, Edward Ald- ridge, Mark Augustine, Michel Cassidy, Charles Williamson, Tandy Coggs, Tim Lee, Michael Crowley. ROW THREE: Robert Cones, Mattheiv Hanson, Edwin Cornett, Ken Aiitrey, John Cowan, Mark O ' Toole, Robert Pappendick, Laura Stone, Dana Dahbs The Precision Drill Unit is a highly competitive, coed unit consisting of motivated cadets looking for the ultimate challenge. These cadets experience drill with an M-1 rifle, the item that sets the team apart from the rest of the Corps. The final goal of the Unit is to prepare a team for competition with teams from colleges across the nation. ROW ONh: Capt. Rictmrd Ranker. .Ann Dcnnnt. Beth Lowrance, Gary Ku- iraslnnm. Mark Picton, Laura Stone, Vivian Smallwood, Edward Aldridge. ROW TWO: Wayne Marciel, Dana Dobbs. Mark Augustine, Eric Brown, Daniel Dunkle, Robert Rothleder. ROW THREE: Michael Cassidy. Steve Sad- ler, Edwin Cornett, Morton Craves, John Coivan, Ken Autrcy. Accounting Society The Accounting Society aids future accountants in ca- reer guidance and provides opportunities to meet profes- sionals In the respective field. American InstituteOf Chemical Engineers The American Institute of Chemical Engineers familiarize chemical engineenng students with the opportunities and options in the chemical engineering field through a pro- gram of field trips, guest speakers, and films. ROW ONE: liilio Hiiwjosa. Henry Sutanto, Etienne Ting, Frank Sinn, Inson Ahn, lesus Meleu ' ijrez, unidentified, Mike Croson. ROW TWO: Paid Fether- land, Pat Sonti, Mike Mazer, Edith Chozv, Elaine Lee, Carmen Moidtcin. An- drea Chmc. leannie Chan, unidentified, fulia Ince, Dr. Charles Robert. ROW THREE: Chang Lee, Kyung Kim. Stei ' e Lee, unidentified, ]ason Ong, ]oann Boss, Chris Denis, Tim Foks, Dorothy Takahashi, Sharon Lehosky, Dai ' id Tuk, Craig Furniss, Alice Cast, Mike Burger, Kam Kwok-Wah, Fred Kuisl, Tom Lee, Carlos Flares. American Institute of Industrial Engineers i The American Institute of Industrial Engineers helps to inform members of the career opportunities available to chemical engineers. ROW ONE: Nick CmwrcUs, Imne Hiu, Mary Hadley, David Larson, Lee Ra- cey, Guyn Kusnwtc, Setmivan Ahiu ' i, Manuel Vila, Emmanuel Eneyo, Sam Almci. « «!. ■ ,»«.a»vj Alplia Lambda Delta Alpha Lambda Delta is a sophomore service honor so- ciety that organizes various student activities such as the Student Activity Fair and high school recruitment of stu- dents. Alpha Epsilon Delta ROW ONE: Joe Paris, Creg Evans, Bob Hicks, Tom Kroening, Andrew Lee. ROW TWO: Jenny Cunningham, Judy Nei ' itt, Paul Coluzzi, Gong Sho Chan, Sam Dungchee, jack Indebawks, unidentified, Linda Yamashiro, Samrina Rash- eed, unidentified, Cheryl Lee, Andrea Blau, Barbara Switzer, Alejandro Bautis- ta, Lili Wong, Jane Frederick, unidentified, Debbie Alter, Maria Spirtos. Dehra Willis. ROW THREE: unidentified. Matt Boone. Mike Oeschel, Dave Rigg ' o, Dave Petruska, Fred Shiim, Kelly Awad, David Kliger, Willis Chang, Eugene Cabico, unidentified, unidentified, Nick Iniuma, unidentified, unidentified, Lori Carlston, Gary Kaicata, unidentified, unidentified, Geli Ann Kitsiganis, Mike Quan, Gary Stankey, Gary Glackin. ROW FOUR: Dave Heaton, Brent Metfessel, Gary Ratford, Richard Patterson. Natlian Hsu, Curtis Natham, Chris Smith, Robert Jones, David Dahnke, unidentified, Sheela Choudrury, Larry Brostoff, unidentified, David Saperia, Neil McDonald, Owen Hsu, Mike Dung. Alpha Epsilon Delta is a national honor society for premedical students. Members of the Alpha chapter at use excel not only in academic endeavors, but also in extracurricular activities. The organization offers members the opportunity to interact with students who have similar interests and also to disseminate information crucial to premedical students. 368-C)rganizations Alpha Kappa Psi Alpha Kappa Psi is a national professional business fra- ■ lernity. Members enjoy speakers, and other benefits that prepare them for the business world. Organ izations-369 Alpha Pi Mu ROW ONE: Gwyn Kusumoto, Mary Hadliy, David Larfen. Timothy O- Grady, Liane Hiu. ROW TWO: lohit McKinnell, Emmamiel Etieyo, Soman Aluwi, Setiaumn Aluivi, Meiwi Daiwsh-Ashtiani, Dr. Henry Pfisler. Alpha Pi Mu IS the industrial and systems engineering honor society. Its purpose is to confer recognition on those industrial engineering students who have shown high scholastic and leadership capabilities. American Institute Of Aeronautics And Astronautics The purpose of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics is to further the professionalism of aerospace engineers through technical meetings, films, speakers, and conferences. It promotes the academic development of aerospace engineering students outside the classroom. ; I American Society of Civil Engineers The American Society of Civil Engineers is an honorary civil engineer fraternity that promotes the respective major. Organizations-37 1 Asian American Tutorial Project The Asian American Tutorial Project is a non-profit stu- dent run organization devoted to assisting immigrant chil- dren in adjusting to a new environment by helping them to learn english, and exposing them to the american culture. ROW ONE: Craig Tomita, Michael Quon. ROW TWO: Joyce Chin, Steiv Chin, Gary Jung, John Miyao, Gordon Doo, Amy Hiroshige, Judy Miyashila, Susan Young, Carolyn Woo. ROW THREE: Fernando Barbera, Dorothy Chui, Millie Fu, David Wong, Peter Chee, Donna Ching, Joann Fujimoto, Clayton Jung, Lisa Okimoto, Joanne Shida. ROW FOUR: Julie Choi, Kelli Kobayashi, May Quilasol, Michael Dung, Mayumi Mitsuhiro, Elaine Doi, Linda Arakaki, Allen Sasaki, Anson Okimoto, Randal Wong, Scott Gomez, Sel-na Uyendo. Asian Pacific Student Outreach Asian Pacific Student Outreach is a student service organ- ization designed to act as a referrel and information center for Asian Pacific students on campus. The group spon- sored National Asian Pacific Awareness Week, Asian Pa- cific Orientation Day, a noontime concert featuring Cecilio and Kapono and assisted at the Minority Career Expo and Asian Pacific Women ' s Conference. ROW ONE: Norman Kawakami, Glen Wakabayshi, Ttm Wong, Kelley Kobay- shi. ROW TWO: Dina Lee, Joan Morisaki, Teresa Watanabe, Denise Tso, Jacquie Lee. ROW THREE: Billy Wing, Clayton Kirio, Henry Yang, Don Yoshimura. 372-Orgaiiizations Associacion Estudiantil Cubano- Amerlcana The Associacion Estudiantil Cubano-Americana En USC unites Cuban students in celebrating Cuban cultural ev- ents. The members present their culture to the USC com- munity and Los Angeles. ROW ONE: Carmen Barbeito, Julie Gomez. ROW TWO: Cenaro Ramirez, Maria Cendan, Carmen Sid, Nidia Colomer, Angela Colomer, Joan Alonso, Angela DeMola. Associated Students of Biomedical Engineering The Associated Students of Biomedical Engineering helps students to unite and share their common interests and career goals in biomedical engineering. RtlW ONE: jim Roiin. Takcfhi. Bill Hagopian, Ed Malum, Dave Mukai. ROW TWO: Umdentilicd, Maisic Uu. Unidentified , Unidentified. Orgaiilzations-373 Baptist Student Union ROW ONE: Steve Lindsey, Bill Rollins. Annettee Ackerman, Vince Zeimis. ROW TWO: John Armstrong, Randy Deering, joy Murphey, John OimpMl. The Baptist Student Union is comprised of individuals in- terested in getting together for Bible Study and fellowship. They also get together with Baptist Student Union ' s from other schools to socialize and learn from each other. Bicycle Motocross Club ROW ONE: Terry Haggin, Dave Jacobson, Nick Colachs, Rick Hemphill. ROW TWO: Greg Farber, Robert Lemke, Bret Denio, Greta Schaffer, Jerry Leeds, Charlie Litsky, Debbie Young, Tom Haggerty. Mara Momer. This unique type of bicycle racing, bicycle motocross, commonly refered to as BMX, has many enthusiasts at use. In its first year, the club has attracted many people, several of whom have trained and competed in actual or- ganized races. _ ._______ . ___. Blackstonians 1ST ROW: Lisa Yee, Arnold Woo, Robert Alvardo, loanti Morris, Carrie Lauffer, Diane Kessler, Kathleen Bersci, Barbara Kallins, Gary Certzimg, Kenneth Yee. 2ND ROW: Linda Wells, Norman Nakayama, Tammy Pelton, Julie Green, Mary Barnes, Teresa Castagneto, Terri Katzman, Lynn Richter. 3RD ROW: Alfredo Evangelista , Steven Banks, Steve Laivrence. Blackstonians Pre-Law Honor Society provides informa- tion about the Law profession, the LSAT, and Law School preparation. Black stonians is named for Sir William Black- stone, codifier of English common law. The organization honors academic achievement of pre-law majors. The use chapter was established in 1923. C)rganlzations-375 Beta Alpha Psi ROW ONE: Charles Und, Sheiyl Collmer, Denise Ewing. Julie Li. Terri Bla- ster, Lori Nishimura, Kimmie Leoung, Karen Frasca, Aviva Laufer, Nick Mil- sakos, Janice Denson, Rob Hutchinson, Arlcnc Sakamoto, Greg Arsenaiilt, Nancy Rogers, Erika Susoi , Mike Urlwn. ROW TWO: Peter Cyffka, Elaine Scott, Bob Craziano, Ted Katsogianes, Sue Cimlmluk, Gary Bcilkc. Elmer Na- kad, Kim Conners, Fred Shulenberg, Doug Hauser. Pat McNamee, Leann Wetts, Liz Breault, ElizabethLock, Carolyn Rosen. ROW THREE: Hemant Petel, jordon Walters, Terry Krupczak, Rolvrt Lackner, Raymond Chin, Akic Ariura, Rob Gorlin, Mark Rosengrant, Greg McPherson, Harvey Carter, Phil Van Etten, Laurie Harris. ROW FOUR: Darryl Taira, Tommy Chang, Eric Wong, Tim Dunn, Frank Paneno, Keith Larson, jim Sulliiwi, Gary imng, Carl Swaidon, Richard Lull. Founded in 1925. the lota chapter of Beta Alpha Psi is a national scholastic and professional accounting fraternity striving to promote the study and practice of accounting. Members are provided opportunities for self-development and associate with praciting accountants. Chapter activi- ties encourage a sense of ethical, social, and public res- ponsibilities of the professional business world. 376-C)rganizations Blue Key Blue Key is one of the oldest nationally recognized honor- ary leadership fraternities. Members meet as a forum to discuss major issues and campus activities, and presents annual awards. ROW ONE: Paul McDonald. Dniiiis Alficn. Dr. John Hubbard. Mike Whit- tern. ROW TWO: Said Djuban. Km Smith. Rkk Wanda. Rick Caruso. Stan Kii ota. Michael Schroeder. NOT PICTURED: Jeff ' Gates, Victor Vandergriff, J.D. Crouch. Rodney Davis, advisor Rocki Tarantello. Dr. lohn Hubbard Dennis Alfieri Rick Caru-io i k . y -- M f i - xl «r. 9 6: I ' : - ' . UHO y : i - i r-- - y 1 1 - ■ ' -.JP 1 j ? J i J . -■ - S S7 y s . H L w . - % Stan kiyota Paul .WcDonahl I uk W ' ihuh fbk 1 i i ' - U ' m Black Women ' s Caucus The Black Women ' s Caucus is devoted to the self-devel- opment of the black woman. ROW ONE: Deedee Sermons, Lmda Bearden, Wendy Hughes, Sandra Evens- Manlcy, Pam Campbell, loanne Morns. Kathy Jones, Cheryl, Alecia Watts. There is life after dark, and Coffeehouse has it. Bringing well-known talent into the Grill. Coffeehouse is a pleasant place to enjoy delicious crepes, coffees, beer, wine, and other munchies. ROW ONE; Carla Dunlap, John Phane, Franco Pike, Dana Krempels. Chinese Student Association The Chinese Student Association is a multifacet organiza- tion whose aim and goal is to serve the Chinese students on campus as well as the Chinese community. It is the largest membership organization on campus with a total membership of 300. Some past activities included dances, picnics, movies, guest speaker presentations, talent shows, mini-courses, and China Night. ROW ONE: Oiung-Tm Kuo. Jeanme Yu, Sophia Ng, Vicki Wong. Kitty Yung, May Kong, Anita Lai, Dr. Davtd Uu. ROW TWO: Unidentified. Ce- cilia Wu, Tun Lieu. Unidentified, Eleanor Chan. DonaU Sze. David Gee. Ro- ger Wong. Organl2ations-379 trojan (Fall) The Daily Trojan entered the computer age during the fall with the introduction of a complete composition system for the paper. Under the direction of editor Michael Schroe- der, the 65-member staff adjusted to the changes and problems presented by the new system, putting out the largest number of issues ever in one semester. FIRST ROW: Roger Waiberg, Wayne Levme, Brainim Baihy. Damlyii Len- dio, Carole Long. Robin Oto, Bart Ring, Mike Schroeder. SECOND ROW: Marsha Johnston, Gina Becchetti, Boh Conti, Teresa Watanabe, Susan Peder- son, Susan Straight, Ann Krueger, Craig Gima, Gene Kiyotoki, Miriam Kmet, Ernest Arboles. THIRD ROW: Pat Franklin, Marsha Tracger, Stei ' e Hi man, Kevin Brown, Jenny Cunnigham, Kim Corey, Mark Carpenter, Laszio Denes, David Rompf, Debbie Craves, Galen Gruman. FOURTH ROW: Sharon Kil- mer, Mollis Evans, Mark Sticht, Jeff Sammet, Merilyniie Cohen, Doug Hoo- ver, Dana Walker, Karen Kelly, Linda Lebovics, Pam Samuels, Steven Padilla. Ir an (Spring) ubIojj M ' i m m r-y . k y i. _=- ■ _- J E fe -l f Under the leadership of Robin Oto, editor, the spring Daily Trojan marked a return to normalcy for the staff as well as an excellent semester for quality news coverage. Investi- gations into various issues including possible NCAA foot- ball violations and the continuing admissions controversy combined with an expanded editorial and community focus for challenging reading. For the first time, an open forum for opinions on the Daily Trojan was held, with success. Most important, a relatively young and inexperienced staff bucked an often unreliable computer and a sluggish univ- ersity administration to improve the quality and ease of putting out a daily newspaper and succeeded. ROW ONE: Roger Wedberg, Michael Cruz, Linda Lcbeivics. Rohm Oto, Lisa Zumbrunnen, Cliff Tan, Rlianda Kahawaii, Steven Padilla, Holly Houston. ROW TWO: Gene Kii otoki, Michael Schroeder, Susan Pedersen, Galen Gru- man, Kathy McDonald, Natalie Perlin, Darryl Adams, Carole Long, R. jane Zachary, Kathy McCarthy, Stephanie Chavez, David Rompf, Janet McLaugh- lin. ROW THREE: Mark Carpenter, Roger Gray, fames Grant, Mary Ellen Hkkey, Carolyn White, Miriam Kmet, Nancy Harlow, Katy Smith, Nerd, Nerd. ROW FOUR: Michael Yada, Bob Staake. Pat Franklm, Debbie Latish, Uiszlo Denes, Wayne Levine, Richard Levitt, Kenneth Leivis. NOT PIC- TURED: Amy Alpern, Steve Hyman, Cina Becchetti, Aida Bustos, Richard Bonin, Bart Ring, Mike French, Bill Kissel, Jennifer Smith, Tim Lynch, David Romero, Craig Giina, Linda Suzuki, Paul Escobar, Carey Jue, Susan Straight, Brent Swanson. Marshall Jones, Darryl Cluster, Clare Richardson, Lmda Fish, Brian Baker, Arronda Triche, Hugh Robinson, Linda Edxvards. Steve Stern. Roy H. Copperud Professor - School of Journalism Daily Trojan faculty advisor Daily Trojan Advertising (Fall) The Daily Trojan Advertising Account Execuives are all students undergoing an internsinip program offered by the Office of Student Publications. They are in reality " mini ad- vertising agencies " and their learning experience covers selling ad space, laying out ads. and client service, which takes them one step closer to the advertising marketing industry. FROM ROW liiiit Dcilfu. Sy ii Sitivrtlwiiw. i.i ' .i Lui,, VuU ' rif Muirni. Me- lanie Ltim. 2ND ROW: Russell Miller, Alice Choy, Kenneth Yamane, jocelyn Otsu 3RD ROW: Rohm SImiuro. Daily Trojan Advertising (Spring) T ROW ONE: Jim Mintie, Melame Lum, Valerie Madrid. ROW TWO: ]osie Roland, David Fujimoto, Russ Miller, Jane Dalea. 382-Organlzations Delta Delta Sigma Delta Delta Sigma is the pre-dental science fraternity that aids members is exploring career interests and gradu- ate school offerings. ROW ONE-.Creg Ding, Bart Johnson, Barry Israel, Shari Morningstar, Cindy Dirkx, Linda Ledfors, Roger Chin, ]ohn Sudick. ROW TWOSteve Fassone, Genie Castigua, Joseph Fan, Todd Auerbach, Bill Pappas, Bernadette Graves, David Lee, Randall Matsumoto, Raymond Lee. ROW THREE.Ralph Nicassio, Angela De Mola, Nick Shubin, Thuyunga Truong, Brenda Wong, jay Glenn. ROW FOUR:Mflrs !fl Kiinz, Marsha Henry, Victor Lugo, Walter Wong, Todd Evans, Fung Tarn, Anthony Lu, Patricia Lim, unidentified. ROW FIVE:Hflmson Ishida, Russ Hanes, Ed Joseph, Randy Young, Jose Flares, Mario Benavente, Ron Yee, Mark Exler, James Bordon, Ronald Tom, Dave Canfield, David Little. ROW SIX:Briij« Fujii, Arthur Jan, David Stephens, Dave Hamada, Marcos CorfJuz, Gerald Wolfe, Ruiiard Tamaru, Ernest Wong, Randy Nakahiro, Rich Chung. NOT PICTURED:Dia«e Ball, Kathryn Ball, Lawrence Busch, Jay Camhra, Joyce Chao, Ron Chee, Michael Coates, Gary Crider, Dayna De Salvo, Bonnie Foley, Irene Cee-Gee, Arnaldo Gomez, Harry Helfman, Terri Hopf, Liz lida, Bettina Kaplan, Garrett Kawata. James Khoe, Roxanne Kobayashi, Tal Kum, Liselotte Leach, David Lu, Ann Marie Mc- Bride, Larry Maldonado, Eddie Masuda, Frank Mayer, Charlene Napolitano, Darren Nakamatsu, Bichphuong Nguyen, Darlene Nicolette, Brian Okamoto, Howard Okumura, Arthur Ontiveros, Cheryl Pesci, Timi Quan, Steve Rich- ardson, Ken Sakurai, David Siegal, Kris Westphal, Dan Dudas, John Lofthus. OrganlzaUons-383 Delta Sigma Pi Delta Sigma Pi is a professional fraternity organized to foster the study of business in universities. Delta Sigma Pi recfiartered Phi chapter in fall of 1978 and is alive again at the USC Business School. ROW ON£:]ennie Kysar, Andy Hiett, Nina Dean, Mark Goto. Tyrone Awan, Pfitani Aj uiar, Bri ifff Wolf, Dan Chetdin. ROW VMO.Brent De- zember, Ed Saribay, Bob Moisa, Gerardo Partida. Akio Ariura, ]oe Dtrkx, Lisa Sims, Therese Hurlbut. ROW THREE;Oiip Whalen, Danny Farshadfar, Keilh Beck, Tony Batiste, Alana Fullove, Kei ' in Anderson, Mark Sttchl. ROW Engineering Magazine For almost one third of a century the student run USC EN- GINEER has provided USC students and alumni with quality engineering related information. FOUR-.Darren Sakurai, Ron Strawn, Art Mattox, Candy Miles, Charlie Paine, Marty Gentry, Jeff Goossen. ROW FIVEiMifa " lohnson, Mike Love, Tom Cleary, Stei e Freeman, LaCarla Ross, Boyde Smith, Ralf Nilsen. NOT PICTURED:B 7 Brabazon, Raniona Cappello, Chase Masuda, full Puariea, David Toews, Shell Gillenwater, Glen Fukushima. ! ril in 384-C)rganizations ROW ONE: Mynsse Sakrekoff, Mary Williams. ROW TWO; Mike Rochlilz, Stella Chang, Paul Sakaekoff, Dave Dawson, Nacer Belaroussi, ]im .McLaugh- lin, Bridget Engel, David Mukai, Lily Kumamoto, Steve Nelson, jim Roum. Engineering Student Council The Engineering Student Council represents the under- graduate student body of the School of Engineering. Com- posed of an executive council, members at large, and so- ciety presidents, it is responsible for the engineers week celebration and various service projects in the school. ROW ONE: Bob Skultety, Kay Upton, Usha Patel. Gina Wolf, Steve Brade- ley, Mark Griffith, ]oe Wattis, Richard Moczygemba. ROW TWO: Krystina Zydroznia, Irene Alvarez, William Taiyoshi, Robert Guzman, John Poor, Lee Racey, Drezv Wright. ROW THREE: Ken Sands, unuientifted. Ned Woodall, Mark Stevens, Nick Cimorelli, unidentified. ROW FOUR: John Hanger, Ron Poland, Alfonso Lemus, Ralph Emerson, Greg Busche, Dave Steiearg. Food Marketing Management Membership is open to those having an area of emphasis in food marketing management. The purpose of the club is to link academic work and study in the food marketing areas with the business and social aspects of the food in- dustry through fellowship among the active and alumni members. ROW ONE: leanne Church. Randy Draper, Fred Meyer. Mark Ahlstrom, Daniel Redmon, Cynthia Potter, Uniis Ohr, Natalie de Uttoa, Greg Hodges, Teresa Fahey, Mark Colbo, Makoto Shibata. Philip Hawkes, Lisa Lee, Dr. Nor- man Sigbaiid. ROW TWO: Brent Bcrgquam, Russ Doyle, Susan Smith, Mary Allen, Tim Snee, Chris Marshall. Kip LiCkore. jim Murphy, Mike Sullivan, Kathy Burt, Kavid Lazetera, Dr. James H. Stevenson. ROW THREE: Rod Beastey, Don Graff, Fred Meyer, Kent Carlston, Dr. Robert ]. Emmons, Terry Lee, Pat O ' Donnell. Greg fomsick, Daz id Tetz, David Loveless. ]on Knox. ROW FOUR: Dave Barry, John Hcckman, Robert Click, Steve Turner. Jeff Oestreicher, Dan Ira-in, Tom Purdon. Scott Phillips, Britt Brookshire, Ralph Ribicic, lim Hope, Ken Kawaguchi, Fred McLiren, Jr. NOT PICTURED: »i McDevitt. Frisbee Wizards FRISBEE WIZARDS TEAM MEMBERS Randy Sanchez Hal Irish Ian Barnes Mark Alherici Elmo Fenh Creg Cunningham ]ohn Heatly Steve Tossane Eric Bowman Don Underwood Dirk Foster Zeke Villa John Manta John O ' Crady Kevin McCormick John Mitchell Gary Schrotenhoer Nadine Felix The Frisbee Wizards have perfected the art of frisbee tyhrowing. These talented peole throw the disc with the greates of skill, and have entered many comptitions to prove their capabilities. The Fhsbee Wizards provide a fun ' Way to compete in one of America ' s most popular sports. id Gay Student Union The Gay and Lesbian Student Union is devoted to the task of educating the university community so as to elimi- nate the many myths, stereotypes, and misinformation pervasive when dealing with the issue of homosexuality. i 8 386-Organizations First Row: jamce Sellers. Heidi Tschudim, ]ulie Green, unidentified. Second Row; Henry Carrey, unidentified. Michael Van Duzer. Third Row: Justin Gerher. Jeff Towns. Tracy Gay. unidentified. Harry Gilbert Ric Russell. Greek Senate Greek Senate is comprised of sophomore representatives from each house on the Row. This year the organization has sponsored Trojan Wildcat Victory Faire, Greek Week, as well as many others. All funds raised during Greek Week were donated to the American Heart Society. ROW ONE; Steve Campwn, Bill Cermqus, Larry Gather, Scott Allen, Guy Muranaka, John Wagner ROW TWO; Tom Hall, Bryan Lourd, Kim Gross, Ann Crestmger, Kelly McMamara, Chris Qmnlan. ROW THREE; Lisa San- chez-Corea. Debbie Keplan. Momca Scanlan, Becky Thompson, Steve Kivong, Howard Yamaguchi. ROW FOUR; Mark Griffith, Rob Horsely. Dominique Ascetta. ROW FIVE; Richard Ray. ROW SIX: Todd Anderson, Peter Lobin. Handicapped Student Peer Advocates The Peer Advocates work in conjunction with the Office of Handicapped Student Services to provide support ser- vices and advocacy for disabled students at USC. ROW ONE; Bob Clarke, Dcnise Oda. Paula Paskov, Amy Yoshimitsu, Mary Monson. Laurie Haas, Debbie Sue, Lynnc Bejoian, Myra Pang, Ralph Garner. Organlzatlons-387 Health Advocates Health Advocates are peer health counselors who are trained to provide health education, first aid, informal counseling and referrals to other students. They are volun- teer staff of the Student Health Center. First Row: hirr i Lhnnaiut tAsiociate Director). Yoliimtii Rix riyni ' :, S it ' i i( Malay, Amy Zimmerman (Director), Enilde Ingch, Paay Wethcrill, Lily Ya- mamoto, Kim Kitchen. Second Row: Dora Castillo, loan Monsaki. SAichele Morisaki, Stephanie, Cutoivski, joe O ' Donnell. Mark Morisaki, VViV is Chang. Third Row: Adrienne Williams, Judy NevitI, Ron Daoud. Mike Dun f, Creg Helenes jMi .s. Henry Yang. June Mclin, int Rotim, Kmi Henry, .Mark Tober. Not Pictured: Kut Slapnik, Paul Jones, Bil Sima, Sharon Tomiyama, lohn Ceragh- ty, Tom Goodheart, Peter Chee. Jane Frederick, Don Yoshimura, lim Alexan- der, Andrea Comiskey, Sue Monson. The use Helenes are the official universfiy hostesses. As a social and service organization, they vi ' ork in three areas of campus life athletics, alumni, annd university events. They serve at SCions Day. Founder ' s Day. football send- offs and greetings, conferences, and alumni benefits. ROW ONE: Patty Konopka, Thayer Weddle, Juliana Pisari, Kelly McNamara. Liz Cage, Laura Pirok, Maria Spirtos, Heidi Kleinmaus, Eillen Rosenthal. Nancy Brodahlll, Jill Spear, Sue Kinvn. ROW TWO: Debbie Danson, Carol Mahdesian, Jennifer Johnson. Tammi Pelton, Taylor Duvall, Melanie Brinker. Cathy Hoyt, Penny Ponder, Susan Toler, Lisa Popovich, Jill Martin, Wendy Gillet, Jennifer Graves, Kim Peterson, Kelly Gabriel. Kathy Hepps,. ROW THREE: Gail Asayama, Peggy hmta. Sue Haroutunian. Camnne Baldo, Maureen Carlisle , Mary Meloch, Cmdie Hunt, Sandy Solomon, Jamie Fosgate, Vickie Kurtz, Victoria Nevinny, Denise Tso, Maria Snyder, Marsha Nigolian, Cathy Betchel. NOT PICTURD: Lisas Lassman, Suzanne Artenian, Lisa Abbott. Lisa Barkdull, Ron Benka, Kirsten Fulcher, Vivian Gumbiner, Mary Alice Harvey, Jennifer Hayes, Kathy Kennedy, Jill Martin, Stephanie Nora, Janet Schrimmcr, Sylvia Shelby, Sandy Webster. Hillel House Hillel House is a center for Jewish life on the USC cam- pus, programs include religious, social, cultural, education- al, and recreational activities ROW ONE: Sharon Samuels. Rita Herscovia. ROW TWO; Laura Geller, Wallace Steindler, Robin Omkul, Lmda Stone, Debbie Weinberg, David Page, Ncrbert Sosku ROW THREE: Shapour Nazarian. Massoud Nazarian, David Ordm, Alex Raksin, Mara Ostcald. Kevin Mmkoff. Hispanic Pre-Law Association .J si n hi The Hispanic Pre-Law Association works to guiae mem- bers in legal opportunities for Hispanic students. ROW ONE; Ed Molina, Lydia Ramirez, Anita Sanchez, Jerrilavia Jefferson, Mariaelena Davila, Anna Luisa Gomez, ]ulie Torres, Luis Sanchez. ROW TWO: A.C. Gould, Stei ' e Padilla, Ed Placencia, David Sanchez, Sergio Teja- dilla, lim O ' Sullivan, Miguel Hidalgo. NOT PICTURED; Julie Rodriguez. Organizations-389 International Peer Advocates International Peer Advocates are a group of internation- al and american students that help international students adjust to the USC environment. International Peer Advo- cates are trained in crisis intervention, referral, and com- munication skills. 390-Organizations ROW ONE: Eisa Sanwnte. Jorge Clierhosque. ROW TWO: Issac Hung, Ma - sy S)wkraipoiir . Francesca Aweeka. Maryam Mohassessi, Shahriar Mobashery, Shant Hamamah, Gustavo Yep. I Interfiraternity Council » The Interfraternity Council is the governing body of fratern- ities. The council is made up of one representative from each house, and sponsors events in which all greeks can come together in both social and community projects. ROW ONE: Rocky Boicmait, jolin Walker, Scott Sassa, Victor Vamiergriff, Rick Caruso, Barry Goldberg, Michael Wittern. ROW TWO: Tegan West, David DePetrillio, Ted Levis, Scott Hill, Mike Kingsbury, unidentified, uni- dentified, Paul Arshau ' sky, Steve Broadbent. ROW THREE: Peter Undon, Russ Thompson, Mark Griffith, Dave Fiocca, Kirk Rodgcrs. H. Bruce Carter, Robert Alison. ROW FOUR: unidentified. Chad Olson, .Mark Foster. ROW FIVE: Pat Caveney, unidentified, Stan Mullin, Ron Chancy, fim Kruger, John Klug, Andy Rose, Brad Barnes. Oi-FICHRS ROW ONE; Scoll Susni, ' kloi Wuhlcigitll. Kick Caruso, Mark lelczney. NOT PICTURED: Rocky Bowman. Scott Anderson. C)rganizatlons-391 International Student Assembly the International Student Assembly is the sole representa- tive of all international students at USC. They concern themselves with with international campus-wide program- ming as well as advocate international student rights. ROW ONE: Jorge Cherbosque. Eisa Samonle-Nassiri, William Mok. ROW TWO: Emmanuel Ogunji, Masoumeli Shokraipour, Mayland Chan -Wong, Nidia Colomer. Angela Colomer, Pepe Cherhoique. The Latino Business Students Association 1ST ROW: Fred Escohar, Arnold Regalado. Cyndy Amader, Bknca Hernan- do. Ailrcd Ali ircz. Phil Yepiz. 3RD ROW: Rukard Rodn iiicz. Eddie Romiz, dez, Sylvia Guzman, Kanmc Sanchez, jcse Gonzalez, Roseanne Lofvz, Martha Mike Felia, Graciela Guerra, Ruben Gonzalez, Carlos Lopez, Letty Almaro, Tapias, Frank Lopez. 2ND ROW: Hector Romo, Danny Lopez, Diana Melgo- Donna Ruiz, Dai e Ruiz, Tony Saucedo, Cuillermo Garcia, Yolanda Rodri- za. Lupe Jara, Valerie Madrid, Cyndy Martinez, Gladys Pineda, Mark Ali ' ara- quez, Diana Salazar. The Latino Business Students Association is concerned with preparing the latino business student for coping with the business world. Speakers, field trips, and various ser- vice projects occupied the time of the busy latino students. 392-C)rganizations Indonesian Student Association I The Indonesian Student Association was established in 1976. The purpose of the organization is to unite all In- donesian students studying at USC and to promote inter- cultural activity between Indonesian, American, and other international students. The Association has been active in sports, educational, and socia l activities. ROW ONE: Whcik Amiadja, Peter C. Djajadi, Henry Surya Tjahafa. Rtsantc Pranatadjaja, Triyono DUjaksana, Michael S. Danajaya, Yohaues Ntigrotto, Rudy Sulistiadi. ROW TWO: Fay Sriwiilan Sampoerna, Suzanna Midyati, Joyce Sugiarto, A. Niniek Karmadji, Lenawati Hartono, Lanny Angkusubroto, Sandrawati Wibmm, Wong Sioe Lie, Monica Jamin, Marianti Pudjiadi, Esther Nugrotto. ROW THREE: Tyrone Awan, Saman Aluwi, Amin Tjahjadi, Win- arto Alim, Go Twan Sian, Co Twan Sing, Mustafa Widjaja, Iwan Sidharta, Yossi Sanger, Setiaumn Aluwi, Gaja Tahalujan, Henry Sutrisno, Amir Mi- chael Tjaaaja, Rudy Ramli, Wiwied Sidharta, Gunaivan AH Santosa, Sapto Yuwono, Doddy Abdassah, Djoko. ROW FOUR: David Djajadi, Ivan Setia- wan, Steven Lyhianto, Budianto Gunawan, Wim Sondakh, Deeno Nasution, Ling Sen, Sunarjo Sampoerna, Kristian Pudjiadi, Mattheiv Mulyanto, ]. War- ella. Go Twan Ling, Bakti Sadeli, Vincent Juicono, M. Intan, Lee Kiat Lim, Sudargo Harsono. OrganizaUons-393 Mortar Board ROW ONE: ]uli Bmr ROW TWO: I iviiui i.idut ' iun. I,nh-ii autm,i. Uir i Wniitl. Iiinr Imlfruk. Mvuiiuic Eliofwiihs, Hdcii Sicrlmt. Aliic Raj etwvich, T iiTi ' SiJ Diiiwmt. ROW THREE: Diane Rohiiiion. Ron Bcnkii. Tracy, Down- er. Alice Cast, lulie Green. Marsha johnslon, }oy Fiijimola. Daria Nacheff. Darolyn Lendio. NOT PICTURED: julianne Bakkt; Dana Carli, Susan Wha- tley, Karen Zarisb. Mortar Board is a national senior honor society, traditional- ly for women at the university. Members are chosen their junior year based upon scholarship, leadership, and activi- ties of merit within the university or community. Mortar Board seeks to promote the status of women and intellec- tual thought on campus Society of Black Engineers ROW ONE: Orlando Guillonf, Lavonne James. ROW TWO: D ' Andrea Wright, Theresa Abbit, Tim Hampjton, Rochelle Watts, Colette Benton, Valerie Hall, Stayce Harris, David Brussard, Susan Toler. ROW TWO: Clinton Hen- dricks, Michael Brown, Ralp h Braboy, Verdella Brenson, Michael Leivis, Jim- my Mitchell, Anthony Gibson. NOT PICTURED: David McGee, John Butler. Rodnc}! Beckles, Maureen Leu ' is, Kathryn Abbott, Darin Scott, Joe Blackstonc, Ken Angel, Ken Pogue. The Society of Black Engineers is designed to increase the role of minorities in engineering by providing means of increasing the retention of engineering students and ex- posing the opportunities available to high school and col- lege students. - o KSCR ROW ONE: John R. Holmes, Greg Beaman, John Alherti, Jami Kay Fosgate, Dr. Joel Farhstein, Chuck Hester, Judy Schnitzer, Max Castiel, Kris Karter. ROW ONE: Mike Holiday, Jeanne Sparks, Mi Chelle L. Sorey, Joan Vincent, Gary Btau, Lee Denlea, Jeffrey Kaufman, Melanie Lester, Christina Cottles, Christy Frazier, Dale D. Moore, Susanne Whatley, Alan Sclafani. KSCR is the student-organized, student-run radio station on campus. Its volunteer staff, consisting of undergradu- ates in an assortment of major fields, have brought a wide variety of programs to the student ear: rock music seven- teen hours daily, news reports, documentary specials, live remote broadcasts from central campus, live football, bas- ketball and baseball play-by-play, a daily half-hour news and feature program, campus affairs programs and a live talk show five nights a week, in addition to special music programming and frequent leakage of nocturnal lunacy courtest of the late-night fringe. KSCR broadcasts into var- ious eateries, both on and off campus, as well to six dor- mitories and Cardinal Gardens. In its five-year history, KSCR has been notorious for a ravenous appetite for funds, studio space and human energies, but continues on (as Gary Owens informs us) as " the most listened to sta- tion in the entire Grill. " EXECUTIVE STAFF ROW ONE: Susanne Whatley. ROW TWO: Alan Sclafani, Craig Landis, jane Wells, Chuck Hester, Jeff Kaufman, Lance Orozco. Organizations-395 Occupational Therapy The School of Occupational Therapy prepares students for the field of occupational therapy. Students attend classes at the extension campus in Belflower. 396-Organizations Office of Event Planning The Office of Event Planning is a division of the Depart- ment of University Affairs. The staff serves as the hosts i and hostesses of university parties. | ROW ONE: Dana Wilson, jill Hoagland, Mary Kay Wilson, Karen Johnson, Sue Rountree, Laura Meadozvcroft, Gigi Gorman, Karen Kiefer. ROW TWO Karen Linduski, Patty Konopka, Kim Khoury, Kristie Small. Julianne Duncan Erin Dundee. Louise Vaughn. Leslie Drysdale. ROW THREE: Alice Scott Rohm Broum. Alison Roach, Kathy Todd, Karen Small, Bonnie Schermer Diane Akerman, Wendy Andreuis, Miranda Barone. Kathy Simons, Betsy McKie, Carol Ward, Julie Andrews, Kathy Kranhold. ROW FOUR: im Jones Randy Kaumnura. Jeff Johnson. Dave Lane. Paul Gurrola. Dan Vogetzang Tun Blanco, Mark Mutler, James Eddy. Mike Healy. Greg May. Hunt Bar nctt. Jeff Asper. ROW FIVE: Jim Har. Susi Morris, Greg Forgatch, Doug May. ROW SIX: Dave Mackow, Steve Tins, Wings Peterson, Greg Brooks NOT PICTURED: Cnssy Beckhardt, Melissa Boals, Dana Carli, Ann Cretsin ger, Karen Doherty, Kim Eldridge, Kim Gross, Karen Kuhlman. Jane McKie, Daria Nacheff. Carol Najera. Sue Hmderacker, Gary Buntman. Ron Chaney, Randy Duncan. Dusty Dz ' orak, Dave Freeman. Barry Garapedian. Brad Hill gren. Jerry Jameson. Brad Kelhy. Ray Kuramoto. Jeff Macatuso. Jim Mintie, Charles Myall. Stei e Philip. Greg Rawlings. John Spear. Dan Trapp. Rob Vo- gelzang. Doug Winston. Keith Yonkers. Omega Chi Bpsilon y Omega Chi Epsilon is the chemical engineering honor society. Its purpose i s to promote the advancement of the chemical engineer and to provide services to the chemical engineering department. I ROW ONE: Dr. Chang. Frank Shm. Andrea Chow. Edith Choiv. Alice Cast, Sharon Lehosky, Carmen Moulton, Jeanine Caen. ROW TWO: Chris Denis, Jason Oug, Tom Lee, JoAmi Boss, Jeses Marendrec, Fred Kuist, Mike Burger, Craig Furniss. Mike Mazer. Tliere ' s more than meets the eye Is there life beyond Thursday drill? Although it seems as if " ROTC ' s " come out of the closets and invade the campus on Thursdays, their life involves more than the afternoon drill sessions. From physical fitness to formal dances, ROTC ' s receive all the necessary training leading up to commissioning in either the Navy or Marine Corps. 398-Orgaiiizations Marine Options Organlzations-399 Omega Phi Theta ROW ONE: MiChong Gilbert. Iiiap(clim- Mcldeii. Denim TriaiUafillcnv. fcn- nie Atkinson, Karin Mekw, Richard Carnka. ROW TWO: Pat Garcia, Mura Pang, Marylynn Dispeiiza, Mary Moiison, Ana Velia Cortez, Julie Mayr, Kaeko Saek ' i. ' Ingrid Ford, Dehra ' McNamee. ROW THREE: lanelle Hounilt. Kathy Duarte, Lori Uppincott, Maria King, Valerie Barnhill. Omega Phi Epsilon is a physical therapy fraternity. Mem- bers enjoy the enrichment of their classroom education through the organization ' s speakers and involvement with people in the profession. Public Affairs Student Association ROW ONE: ]im O ' SuUwan, Connie Coffman, David Mars, Amu Serapw, Gladys Hernandez, Christopher Rodarte, Paul Kubasek, Charles Connors. ROW TWO: Sheilah Dupuy. Mariaelena Davila, Lana Choy, Joann Sitjar, Holly Brock. ROW THREE: Brian Childs, Ed Molina, Cynthia Doughty. Cameron Childs, Anna Olvera, Grace Magistrate, Mary Colin. Robin Henke, Julie Rodriguez, Edxcard Mosely, ]ulie Torres, Rose Erin Jones, Karen Bizzini. As an undergraduate group, PASA strives to enhance the educational experience of Public Affairs majors through a variety of forums and activites with both faculty and practi- tioners alike. Office for Residential Life Resident Student Development, a segment of the Office for Residential Life, is a student oriented department. Its staff, composed of one hundred dedicated RA ' s, SCC ' s, HR ' s, and administrators, comprise a team directed to- wards facillitating personal growth for each student in the residence halls. ROW ONE: Ray Sullivan, Gail Romberg, Diaiia Amorde, Van Wattanavekin, K.C. Courtney, Jojo Iwata. ROW TWO: Bob Hysell, Mario Pompa, Bei Per- ry, Becca Cowan, Toby Hooper. ROW THREE: Lee Racey, Cheryl Crawford, Perry SkoU, ]im Rettela, John Nelson. ROW FOUR: Bill Frye, jerry Houser, Susan, unidentified, Howie Wemstein. ROW FIVE: Sandra Manly, Rodney Byrd, Dr. Jeremy Stringer, Sunil Khemaney. ROW SIX: Rob Naber, unidenti- fied, Sharon Brandolino, Dennis fames, Mike Porazzo, Kip Prey, Jaz Calvo, Dan Powell, Mike Wasserman. ( KOW ONE: Orlando Guillory. ROW TWO: Mary Agiias, Linda Smith, Lisa Lassman, Joanne Morris, Alcsia Boalright, Sue Thirtwall, Marc Andaman, Ann Zavaretli. ROW THREE: Peggy Beasley, Kim Davis, Fonda, Juan Riv- era, Sue Toler, Todd Turner. ROW THREE: Maria Villapando, Paul ahr. ROW FOUR: Amanda Williams, Bo Nora, Annette Ackerman, Liz Brannon, Liz KncmL-ycr, Karen Houlihan, Pom Baker, Paula Tripp, Cathy Mayer. ROW FIVE: Dale Nineou ' , Linda Ochs. Sharon Lehosky. Marty Kucharek. Frank Gerome. ROW SIX: feff Breyman, unidentified, Tyrone Eason, Rick Naff, Chuck Nicholson, Vince DeQuattro. ROW SEVEN: unidentified. . Mike Smith, Tina Sebekos, unidentified. Order of Omega The Order of Omega is a national honorary society for outstanding Greek leaders. The group sponsors the Greek Awards Banquet and Greek Retreat annually. The USC chapter was established in 1972. ROW ONE: Lori Seidensticker, Jill Weissinger, Rick Caruso, Barry Goldberg. ROW TWO: Liz Fontarm, Mary Overton, JoAnn Boss, Tammi Pelton, Paul Arshawky, Mike Kingsbury, Kathleen Bersci, Daria Nacheff, Malisa Masonov- ich, Denms Alfieri, Jim Anastasiou. ROW THREE: Scott Broum, Holly Brock, Steve Case, Paul Marotta, Bob Bagnall, Dave Anderson. 402-Orgaiilzations Panhellenlc Panhellenic is the association of all Greek women. It is coordinated by a council of 10 officers from the various sororities. The Council oversees Rush, programs, and sports among the sororities. ■ PANHELLENIC 1ST ROW: Sue Hawiituman, Marshci Kunz, Leann Burk. ]oann Boss, Melimie Graper, Leslie Siveatt, Laura Pirok. 2ND ROW: Debbie Kaplan, Susie Baumgartner, Karen Roney, Reena juron, Ramona Cappelh, Kathleen Bersci, Linda Balfour, Janet Barkley. OFFICERS 1ST RtlW: Vwian Gumbmer. Holly Brock. n Uiii Boss, len Pic ball, lulie Bakke, Ramialea Trout. 2ND ROW: Kerry Shuid, Kathleen Bersii Leann Burk, Lorn Scidcnstieker, Julie Lynch. Organl2atlons-403 Phi Chi Theta Phi Chi Theta is a national business fraternity which pro- motes women in business. The membership is open to business and economics majors, both female and male. ROW ONE:V jrnfssfl Aaron, Loretta Chinn, Sue Bell. Bngette Forms, Sophia Fay Wcnj(, Anita Quinonez, Valerie Logan, Diane lames, Margaret Samesht- ma, Heidi Kteinmaus, Amber Bohmfalk. Marsha Zickfeld, Carrie Lauffer, losie Baquera, non-memher. ROW TWO.Nan Flowers, Elizabeth Palmer, Elizabeth Brooks, Karime Sanchez, Susan Young, Lety Almaro, Lisa Lewis, Kathleen Peck, Jonell Schlund, Carol Nordahl, Bonnie Schermer, Beth Keddle, Lynda Martin, Karen Scheihal ROW THREE crn at ' ifl Jefferson, Linda Duarte, Anna Dairiki, Donald Ohnoki. Marilee Pluik, Teresa Ruday, Dianna Amorde, Laurie Hanny, Lori Tiezsen. Teresa Reed, Leslie Richardson, Janice Ho, Smg Huke Tan, Karen Hempstead. Mark Elliott. NOT PlCTUREDKaren Steuber, Susie Debenham, Annice Pelentry. 404-Orgaiilzatlons I Pre-Pharmacy Students Association The Pre-Pharmacy Students Association aims to unite pre- pharmacy students and orient them to their future profes- sion. The association sponsors guest speakers and dis- cussions which further the classroom education. MEMBERS: Larry Applebaum Lloyd Koch Kim Balton Jeanne Loncar Ann BoHnger Maria Longo Dena Bonham Sharlene Lome llene Brewer jane Maki Teresa Bruni June Mar Mark Burstyn Fred-ric Meumann Pao-Yun Cheung Pamela Mohler Wendell Chow Dawn Noguchi Teresa Chun Lani Okamoto Alice Curtis Bhanu Patet Arthur Dominguez Patricia Peralez Steven Dong Dianna Pollock Barbara Dulaney Pamela Redmar Emelene Dung Kathleen Stansell Georgina Garcia Roger Stephens Kris Hashimoto Laura Toriumi Janice Hoffman Selma Uyeno Sheila Huang Carol Wong Clayton Jung Diane Wong Kerry Kaneko Linda Yamashiro Linda Keh Elaine Yasuda Linna Ko Christine Yi Programming Team m ROW ONE-.Debbie Curtis, Rob Cooper, Kmberly McAlpm, Holly Bnick ROW TWO-.Nancy Hunt, Louise Hawkins, Dmnna Amorde, Debra Esparza, Mary Witlmms. ROW THREE:Lmda Kayajanian, Bo Nora, Paul Marotta, Lisa Samonte, Phil Loberg. The Program Team is comprised of three individual boards, the Program Board, the Policy Board, and the Au- dit Board. Together, these boards control the allocation and use of the student programming fee. Phrateres ( Phrateres, a women ' s service-social organization, pro- i vldes an avenue for women to get actively involved at the ! university. Projects range from helping the Jr. Blind Foun- I dation, to providing a women ' s scholarship fund for needy ' women on campus. ROW ONE: Barbara Voelkel. Dorothy Chui, Ellyn Rae Weber. ROW TWO: Ray Wachsman, Linda Normando. ROW THREE: Uz HummeU, Barbie Wil- son, Michelle Giamharesi, Denise Rausch, Becky Gutier rez, Karen Moote, Cynthia Giordano. ROW FOUR: Stei lmue Ucelli. Sue Blume, Claudia Brown, Mary Aradanas, Gracie Elias, learwtte Hatanaka, Lisa Kiguchi, Jackie Lee, Janice Mulligan, Melissa Goldman, Torri Peterson, Barbara Prather, Kari Risk. ROW FIVE: Cigi Galardi, Unidentified, Debra McNamee, Sandra Tate. Gail Romberg, Berenda Butter. Ann Zavarelli, Karen Watkins. Ginger McFad- den, Mary Jo Solvtka, Keena Fullerton, Unidentified, Sue Mcmanigal, Mamie Chou. ROW SIX: Julie Barr, Carrie Fujimoto, Andrea Fleischer, Maria Por- ras, Louise Sanematsu, Nanette Furbeyre. Julie Gomez, Debbie Lew, Sueann Yung, Stella Chang, Sylvia Mendoza. Malvma Caravaggio, Grace Kim, Jan Erwin, Ramia Husseini, Denise Koreski. ROW SEVEN: Julie Poindexter, Al- ice Curtis, Sheeta Choudhury, Karin S. Davalos, Carol Palacios, Anita Marti- nez, Kathy Buttrey, Eileen Rosenthal, Barbara Hall, Allison Marshall, Dabbie Claire. i L. 406-Organizations Psychobiology Honor Society Our main goals are to foster an understanding of the con- cept of psychobiology and to further the interest in psycho- biology at use. However, and equally important goal is that of providing ways in which students and faculty of psychobiology can get to know each other outside of the classroom and exchange ideas. ROW ONE; Ken Yonemura. Lila Schmuit. Judy Nevitt, Dale Bishop, Louis Monty, Cheryl Lee, Debbie Alter, jane Frederick, Brent Metfessel, Shawn Absher, Peter Chee. ROW TWO: Blake Thompson, Gary Glackin. Maureen Muecke, Tova Ness, Alexander S. Koleszar. Robert Hicks, June Melin, Greg Evans, Dan Glefee, Tom Kroenig, David Gee. Residence Halls Coordinating Council The Residence Halls Coordinating Council (RHCC) is the representative student government of the nine on-campus residence halls: Birnkrant, College-Uni, EVK-Harris, Harris Plaza Self-Directed Apartments, Marks International Hall, Marks Tower, Residence West, Teuton, and Trojan Hall. Officers are elected annually by buildings to present the residents ' voice on various issues and programming through RHCC ' s Executive, and Programming Councils. ROW ONE: Christine Nicotelto, Patty . Unor. Peter Esser. Hank Etcss. and Cretchen Radtkc. ROW TWO: jerry Houser, Curti ' Roecks, Kathy lenguiii. David Levaccare, Sol Sorinano. Stroe Smith, Dorthy Birsic. Stephen Liao, Gregg Kolelnick. Paula Tripp. Douglas Cooper. Alecia Watts, and Colette Ben- Organi2atlons-407 Sigma Delta Pi The purposes of the society are: to honor those who seek and attain excellence in the study of the language, literature and culture of the Spanish-speaking peoples, ROW ONE: Dr. Ranwii Aralucc, Alice Swan, Danac orlins. Craciela Gucrra, Eli sc Caracc, Dr. Michael fody, hliurka Medina-Valm. Untdenlified, lennifer Wood. ROW TWO: Roland Montano-Piper, Alice Raj enoi ' ich , Dr. jamef Parr, Rosario ma ri, ]uan lose Garcia, Lillian Coales, Cesar Lopez, Airla Ca- Sigma Delta Chi catHile, Ben Pena. NOT PICTURED: Dr. Theodore Sackelt, AniUi bamhez. Kathy Heydon, DeniH- Diiarte, Virginia Duarte, Martha Moore. Berts Villa- senor, Diane Tritica-Rohman. ROW ONE: Rodin Oto. Diane Kessler, Bob Conti. ROW TU ' O: Michael Schroeder, Carole Long, Marsha Johnson, Shelley Mangold, Mayrene Barker, Tammy Pelton, Nancy Harlozi ' , ]anet McGlaughlin . The Society of Professional Journalists, Sigma Delta Chi, is made up of undergraduate journalism students. The use chapter is one of 175 student chapters across the United States and a member of the National Professional Chapter. The group meets monthly featuring speakers from professional journalism fields. 408-Orgaiilzatlons Real Estate Association ROW ONE:Vii ' ian Chung, Gregory Berg, Philip Loberg, John Wentzel, Chuck Fry, Jeff Asper, Robert Cobb, Frank Tong, Marcia Kimura, Lynn Miya- moto, Lily Low, Sue Schaffer, Bo Zarnegin. ROW TWO:Dfln Miller, Jose M. Gonzalez, Ruth Ramos, Chris Mitchell, Ron Chang, Larry Tombarl, Brian Cuggisherg, Duncan Smith, Douglas Usla, Warren F. Woo, George Hwang, Joseph L. Ziegler, Thomas E. KHz, Marsha M. Nigolian, Rocky Tarantella. ROW THREE-.Britt Wilson, Rick Martin, Tom Rmear, John Ayoob, David " Rocky " Darpinian, Paul Kellogg, Michael Johnson, Lance Wedegaertner. Bob Malanga, Larry Malanga, Roger Lockhart. ROW FOUR; im Feederle, Scott Obel, Jeff Bennett, Jeff Hawker, Andrezv Kallman, A.J. Stearns, Joe Jelasquez, Howard Lewis. akers The Real Estate Association unites business students in- terested in the field of real estate. They sponsor speakers and events that show students how to be successful in that profession. OrganlzatJons-409 Sigma Gamma Epsilon Ski Club The use Ski Club organizes ski trips throughout the year to Mammoth, Park City, Aspen, and Lake Tahoe. So- cial events and an intramural team round out the groups activities. ROW ONE: hiurcn Dumzcn. Frank Bolzeni. Dann Miller. ROW TWO: Sheikh Hyman. Harahi Fnef. Doti Bord i. ROE THREE: Mike Oda, Mike Hiirlow. Matlhais Nikcilakp ' uloi. Cynthia McCormiek. yon Carpenter, Liz Frei- tas, Nicolas Fredholm. Cindy Kruman. ROW FOUR: Jeff Scott, Sheri Craws- hazv, Aunda Richmond, Cath Coveney, Elizabeth Palmer, Stei ' e Apfel, Scott Powers, Peter Lym haek, Tom Rinear. ROW FIVE: Craig Nagasugi, Scott Nyegaard, Malcolm Pipes, Scott Anderson, Mike Hamman. 41 0-Organizations Skydiving Club Life is a series of experiences, of which skydiving is the most awesome. Everyone should make at least one jump, if only to know... Skydiving cannot be described, it must be acheived. To be a skydiver is to be one of a very few. ROW ONE: Philippic de Loreilhe, Philippe Staufjer, Paul Coderkc. ROW TWO: Mary Lesh. Derek Manov, Nancy Scott, Mark Smith, unidentified. % Society of Hispanic Engineers Society of Hispanic Engineers is a national hispanic so- ciety. Its membership includes not only national but inter- national students of Hispanic descent of all engineering disciplines. ROW ONE: George Ramirez, Desirec Bedoy, Sylvia Trevinc, Mary Elaine Palacio, Robert Guzman, Rosalinda Vargas, Sue Gonzalez, Rochelle Roino, lesse Ibarra. ROW TWO: Michael Onielas-Falk, Alex Gomez, Alfred Beru- men, Victor Ramirez, Francisco Serrano, Emilio Romero, Julio Hinojosa, Rub- en Medrano. ROW THREE: Gustavo Neioton, Guillermo Barba, Tim Mourni- an, Mike Lucero, Roberto Covarruhias, Matt Gomez, Francisco Escoliar, Ed Baca. NOT PICTURED: Tony Alcantar, Loretta Alvarado, Ed Amayo, Alfred Alvarez, Ruben Barrera, Peter Chan, Gil Dia, Francisco Fernandez, Teresa M. Fernandez, Ynocencio Gonzalez. Bernard Hernandez, Carol Hernandez, Pete Hernandez, Ruben Herrera, Ron Herrera, Jan Hofmann, ]esus Lopez, Mark Martinez, Maria Qiiinonez, Alex Ren; ifo, Isabel Sanchez, Miguel San- doval, Paul Vasipiez, Edward Del Camfw, Steve Gomez, Robert Lainez, Guy- nemer Refunjol, Bianco DeAngelo, Jesus Melendrez, Isreal Vienna, Joe Ahela. Ralph Santamaria, Javier De Ville. Carlos Garcia. Alfonso Lemus, Lisa Gil. Irene Alvarez, Albert Leviiie. Organizatlons-41 1 a Society of Petroleum Engineers The Society of Petroleum Engineering of AIME offers stu- dents interested in petroleum engineering thie opportunity to sfiare tfieir ideas and interests. Tfie members sponsor various activities during the year for the engineering and non-engineering student. ROW ONt: Rana Ardabihzadch, Shahcd Ghaeinian, CheriU Ulibarn, Malvma Caraivijfifio. Hiissa»i Hafsan. Lori O ' Neill, Elizabeth Wright. ROW TWO: Chima NiMchukxvu, Dr. I. Ershaghi, Warren Haln , Inn Icpemiy. Sue Con- zaki, lude Amaefule. Saif Ahmad, Ahdurrazzag Zekri. ROW THREE; Bright Wami, Mohatned Nasar, Ahcene Nouacer, Roialinda Vargas. Moza Al-Adau i- x a, Jennifer Christian, Haniza Asar, Chuck Sargent, Chris Imamura, Kaveh Deh, Dr. V. Yortsos. ROW FOUR; Dale Brown, Don Botven, Ron Dorovi, Bob Carey, Daw Daniels, Johnnie Telfer, Scott Laitdeman. ROW FIVE; Steiv Marinelh, Maclean Amaheoku, Dale Kukucheck, John Haines. Society of Women Engineers ' The Society of Women Engineers participates in the School of Engineering activities such as high school ca- reer days, conference days, and Engineers Week. ROW ONE; Rochelle Watts, Hala Boutros. ROW TWO; Teresa Fernandez, Irene Alvarez, Barbara Weintraub, Linda Younghans, malvina Caravaggio, Lisa Deerr, Carmen McFolling, Maria Rajas. ROW THREE; Anna Lisa Dia, Sandra L. Turnbow, Agnes Lung, Martha Cheung, Helen Chu, Myrisse Sak- rekoff. 41 2-Organizations THEI W UlSi FOUNDED 1974 The Row Run Newspaper, founded in 1974, provides the Greek community with a humorous, sometimes satirical outlook of life on 28th Street. The newspaper is published monthly. It owes its success and popularity to the fact that it deals with two ever-present phenomena: gossip and ru- mor. In addition. The Row Run comments on controver- sial matters. Its influence is felt throughout the university as well as the Row. i ROW ONE: Unidentified, Unidentified, Unidentified, Unidentified, Dreio Laivler. Unidentified, Unidentified, Unidentified, Unidentified. Student Community Council Stu-Q is the governing body for residents in the student community. Representatives are elected from the apart- ment complexes and serve on the council for the academ- ic year. Issues such as security, tram schedules, and so- cial events are addressed in order to increase the quality of life for the apartment dwellers. ROW ONE: Don Ueh, Kathleen Morns, Richard A. Rodriguez, Mamy Lyn Hunt, Kei ' in O. Polk. ROW TWO: Lnirene Domimc, Lis Letvis, Ingrid Calle, George M. Will, Lisa Uubhard, Lisa Bell, Kathie Kirk, Brenda Baich, Bob Gaglione. ROW THREE: Mike Mahshigian, Dale Cavin. Mark Uwrence, Amlrcu ' Littlefair. jerry Houser, Joe Merkin, Kei ' m Hook, Valerie St. Clair. NOT PICTURED: Gary Kennedy. Kim Kraiisc. Estella Renteria. Sylvia Men- doza, Timothy Titos. Songfest Steppin ' Out set the theme for this years Songfest 80, the largest all student musical in the United States. The committee was responsible for producing, directing, and pulling the show together for an audience of 5,000 at the Greek Theater. ROW ONE: Karla PauHck, Lisa Rawlins, Victor Vandcrj rm . C.tlhu kcllu. Oan Knowles, Sally Thomas Laurie Baker, Erin O ' Brien. Lcannc Biirk. Karen Allison, Therese Paul. ROW TWO: Vidette Schine, Kathy Brodigen, Kim Khoury, Kelly Garrett, Susan Clark, Liz Kanter, Frank Butterfield, Denise Tso, Lisa Yee, Carrie Hempel, Debbie Duthie, Greg May, Alan Kita. ROW THREE: Lisa Hubbard, Bonnie Foley, Kelly McNamara, Cindy Davis, Tina Byers, Dennis Alferi, Mike Schroeder, Kim Keating, Kim Kitchen, Julie An- drews, David De Petrillo, Theresa Castagnetto, David Dettciler, Rick Wacula, Bryan Lynn. ROW FOUR: Mike McManigal, ]im Covell. Geoff Koch, Mi- chael Michetti, Michael Clemens, Rob Horsley, Bryan Lourd, Ted Wells, Te- gan West, Jeff Dickson, Neal Rubin, Stephen Sauyer. NOT PICTURED; Lin- da Ford, Kathi Harber, Ann Cretsinger, Nat Bergerhest, Eileen Ishizue, Todd Kazelis, Sirie Thongchua, Tom Hall. Victor Vandergriff, chairman Sally Thomas, co-chainnan 414-Orgaiilzatlons Student Senate The Student Senate is the official student governmet rep- resenting both undergraduates and graduate students. It is the primary route through which students are empow- ered to influence, through publicity and recommendations, the policies of the university. , ROW ONE: Timothy Walker. Fred Chavez. Mary Wand. Jeffrey Gates, Paula Tripp, Scott Brown, Monica Townsend. ROW TWO: Shana Cantor, Mercedes Marquez, Irma Castro, Colette Benton, Catherine King, Stez ' e Nathan. ROW THREE: Valenti no Collier, Warren Moore, Wayne Pritzlaff, R. Neil Chea- tham, Andrew Goodman. Karen Roney, Felecia Ware, Ron Sato. Tour Guides The General Alumni Association ' s Guest Relations Staff (Tour Guides) give tours of the USC campus to over 10,000 guests each year. They also assist with special ev- ents and student recruitment. ROW ONE: Scoff Anderson, Victor Vandergriff, Don Griffin. ROW TWO: Bonnie Foley, Danielle Dietrich. Linda Balfour. Deidre Atkin. Erin O ' Brien, jcff Dickson. Kathryn Brodigan. Tnidi lavell. Candy Brimberry. Kellie Citron. Trojan Democrats The Trojan Democrats, under the leadership of Presidents Julie Green and Cheryl Cox, served as a forum for stu- dents on the DSC campus interested in Democratic poli- tics. Trojan Democrats were active in the 1980 presidential campaigns; members worked for Brown, Carter, and Ken- nedy. ROW ONE: Mary Barnes, Slq)hanie Cutowski, Cheryl Cox, Tracy Cay, Julie Green, Hetdi Tschudin, Paul Krekorian. Erik Lehrer. ROW TWO: Connie Coffman, Sheilah Dupuy. lasott Thomas, Susan Arbatter, Shelly Carney, Dave Page, Nancy Pranczic, leff Steinberg, Sally Buhemw de Molina, Julio Fuentes, Sieve Hilst ROW THREE: Mike Snyder, Bill Babcr, Wendy MacNeil, Andie Gantz, Beth Yoffie, Karen Coker, Mike Walters, Mark Swanson, Inna Castro. ROW FOUR: Ed Wildridgc, Russ Chesley, lulia Trepanir, Debbie Curtis, Greg Acum, ]ulie Call, John Graham, Brad Manun, Mario Pompa. Troy Phillipines Troy Phillipines helps to unite students from the Philip- pines and promotes cultural events of that country. 4l6-Organi2atioiis The Trojan Knights are the offical hosts of the universi- ty. Comprised of select junior and senior men, the organi- zation assists with rallies, and directs crowd control and cards stunts at football games. FIRST ROW: Scott Amk-rson, Robert Green, Bart Pucci, Rich Osicald. Greg Kevorkian, Scott Anderson, Jeff ones, feff Johnstone, George Leong, joe Smock. SECOND ROW; Mike Kingsburi , Kevin Murphy, Pat Fli nn, Rick Caruso, Jim Anastassiou, Jeff Asper, Tim Dickens, Eric Olsen, Aki Hamada, Mike Schafer, Scott Sassa, Steiw Anderson. THIRD ROW: Brian Vif, Randy Kawamura, Matt Matterson, Chad Fester, Wes Kennedy, Dan Vogelzang, Dwayne Bridges, Baron Birtclier, Steve Case, Bill Woodzvard, Don Meyers, Chip Harris, Steve Torneay. FOURTH ROW: Dennis Alfieri, Chris Cadd, Jeff Olsen, Todd Turner, Brian Wolf. Barry Goldberg, Scott Allman. Kent Renine, Rodney Davis. FIFTH ROW: Bob Hutchinson, Brad Hillgren, Dave Fiocca, Mark Griffith, Ken Stokes, fun Docherty. John Buddy, Bob Bagnail, Tim Walker, Crege Olson, Curt Hubler, Chriss Riddle. Mark Smith. Dan Nei- mann. SIXTH ROW: Mike Mealy, Randy Shear, Pat Cavaney. Dick Sandifer, Dean Hallct. Jordan McCiilloch, Stan Kiyota. Allen Robertson. Phil Huffman. SEVENTH ROW: Brian Burck. EIGTH ROW: Roy Sutton. Todd Holtzer, Tiger Nyberg, Randy Kuramoto. NINTH ROW: jim Carmack, Eric Camineti. Organizatioiis-4l 7 Trojan Squires " Hey Curt, you know those organizations that habitually try to take up a whole page in the yearbook describing their purpose in life? Well, that just really irks me. Why, I get so mad I could probably bite all my nails and then join Trojan Knights. " " What?!?! That ' s rather drastic. My personal preference in displaying protest is somewhat more subtle. As you can see in the picture below my eyes are closed; yes eternally sealed against the blight of egotistical members of organi- zations such as the Bow-tie Makers Union pictured on the proceeding page. " S " Definitely. I intrinsically degree on that decentralized paragraph. As a matter of fact, the special degredients that make up a defficient organization are those of ego- tism, a knack for procrastination, and the talent for getting as little done in the most amount of time. Take for in- stance Trojan Squires. " " John, that ' s an excellent case in point. It is essential that we tacitly understand the implications and responsibli- ties of membership in a service organization such as Squires. Why, you just look at our record. It seems we have done, indeed yes, as little possible for the longest time. Exemplary of this established deficiency are: Troy Week, Bob Hope Show, crowd control and card stunts at football games, basketball and baseball games. Pent- house Car Wash, the Blood Drive that wasn ' t, secret ser- vice protection of the Band at the Cal game, and of course our annual community service project. Then there was the Pig Party and the pint nights and those outrageous meetings. " " Curt, this is really getting long and drawn out. I think we should wrap it up, don ' t you? " " J. P., you ' re absolutely correct! Take for instance those organizations that habitually try to take up a whole page in the El Roiico ROW ONE: £1 P y, Stan Peer, Tony Paua-do. Neil Pubm. Don Parle. Perry Parnofski , Scott Podgkm . ROW TWO: Dave Petrick. Scott Pacobs. Jon Pvet. Darren Pole, John Del Favero, Brad Piller, Curt West all, Howard Poore, Cecd Porja, Doug PumonI Mark Panton, Larry Pox, Eric Pswarthout, Russ Pum- mins. Boh Parrison. ROW THREE: Kei ' in Pones, Kirk Pampbell, Lance Pen- sen, Pete Poersch, Guy Puranaka, Clancy Pavins, Larry Paiber, Todd Pander- son. NOT PICTURED: Scott Fallen, Stei ' e Parruihers, Park Peddy. Bdl Poming, Rob Parsley. Dave Funsaker. Skip Packson, Fete Pohin, Jay Past, Dave Peters. Mark Pschlossberg, Dave Peastrom, Lou Pohy, Matt Psmith. Scott Pspriggs, Cliff Preais, Steve Pallace. University Speakers Committee The University Speal ers Committee arranges for popular speakers to visit the campus. Speeches cover a variety of subjects from politics to comedy, and are open free of charge to the student body. ROW ONE: Bob Atwood, Greg Davis, Rhonda Tanner, Lori Gartner, Dee Sanders, Kimberly McAlpin, Michael Cruz. ROW TWO: jean Miles, Maria Snyder, Chris Richter, Theresa Castagneto, Steve Banks, Alston Ono, Rich Steinbeck, Andrea Saint. ROW THREE: Bob Caglione, Chris Black, Super- man, unidentified, Joseph Peters, Lee McCamon, Christine Nicoletto, unidenti- fied. Undergraduate Political Science Association The Undergraduate Political Science Association is a group of students dedicated to improve the academic ex- cellence of the political science department. ROW ONE: . ' ndreu ' Goodman. Marisa Malpczzi, Manuel Chacon, Alfredo Evan elista, Stei ' C Kunclis, Francisca Ba.xa. Organlzatlons-419 University Student Awareness f The University Student Awareness Task Force is de- ' signed to guide the university student to his or her educa- jtional, moral, and community responsibility through varied media campaigns. ROW ONE: Francisca Baxa, Paulellc Johnson, Andrew Goodman, Lx ' ri Carls- ton, Don Tartre, Anthony Fong. ROW TWO: Janice Merrill, Robert Hysell, Lauresa Stillwell, Ket ' in Oleson, Jeff Ludwikowski, Mark Lawrence, William Garr, Paul Escobar, Jane Craves. Volleyball Club The Volleyball Club promotes the appreciation for and the participation in the competitive and exciting sport of volleyball. ROW ONE-.Hamid Sarkarati, Scott Evans, Khaled Dessouky, Ace Clayton, Nancy Caldwell, Lance Turner. ROW TWO.Seree ]airam, Ditmar Konigsfeld, Elliott Low, Dave Gallant, Doug Nichols, Doug Loviska, Nancy Loviska. NOT PICTURED:red Barhen, Peter Baumann, Dave Beck, Steiv Biehler. II- ona Boentgen, R. Dai ' id Campbell, Tom Carter, Chris Chambers, Alton Cog- swell, Khaled Dessouky, Eric Y. Ericson, Ingrid K. h erson, Janet Katsumoto, Alan Margol, Fred Neumann, Christine Nakazawa, Doug Nichols, Victor Pa- 420-Organizations neque, Jr., Shaurw Strauss, Sirie Thongchua, Lance Turner, Alan Yamada, Laurie Menzie, John Stark, Charlene Hampton, Debbie Hampton, Michael Chang, Stei ' e Macke, Russell Soon, Kim Dunbar, Linsey B., Laura Riggle, Barbara Prather, Patty Gardner, George Woo, Brian Woo, Ichiro Tada, Peter Lau, Kayann Iriguchi, Mike Klineman, D D Skinner, Dina Ravagliola, Doug, Linda Selke, Hal Waxter, David Iriguchi, Darlene Peck, Heidi De Groot, Marje Lee, Judy Wong, Howard Wong, Kathy Drewce, Kathy Duarte, Laurie Moore, Erin Flynn. Women ' s Coordinating Council WCC is comprised of women leaders on campus who are Invited to join the organization. With Dean Joan Schaeffer as their advisor, they act as a women ' s support group and represent women ' s views to the administration and staff. MEMBERS; JuH Ban, Kathleen Bercsi, Amber Bohmfalk, joann Boss, £ yse A. Caraco, Amelia Escobedo, ]uUe Green, Terri Huff, Marsha Johnston, Lisa Hubbard, Diane Kessler, Joan Knoernacbild, Julie Krauss, Maisie Lii, Marisa Malpezzi, Mercy Marquez, Joanne Morris, Laura Black, Lori Slutsky, Margie Strode, Mary Wand, Krysia Zadrozna, Paula Tripp, Robin Oto, Stacey Har- ris, Dean Joan. Organlzatlons-421 m hng Organizations have always provided an social and educational outlet for those who wish to find a group of people who have similar inter- ests. Everything from honor to service, frisbee to engineering is of- fered " the student has a miriad of organizations and clubs to choose from. These are identity groups people that have common goals. But the list of organizations is only partial, there are many which have no name. And the list will continue to grow, because the college student of today is a unique, sophisticated individual - willing to try as many things as he can in order to find his niche in society. The fii- ture of organizations will never die, because it is only through the in- teraction of others that the student will continue to learn beyond the classroom walls. The University of Southern California ' " a - ■■: ■ " - ' j v. T r- Toward Century II... The Staff ' s Story Volume 75 of the University of Southern California El. RODEO was created by an all-student staff of various backgrounds, classes, and majors. The staff functions un- der the Office of Student Publications in the Division of Student Affairs. The EL RODEO staff arrived on campus this year excit- ed about their new task , and found the job more challeng- ing than they had anticipated. During the summer. Automated Publishing Facility had installed a new Logocon typesetting computer system. De- ciding to do their own production, the staff learned the var- ious codes and capabilities of the system. The result was many days and nights filled with typing into the terminals, transmitting them to the system, processing the typeset copy from the Linotron 202, and then pasting up the copy and all graphic designs. Headlines are in 30 point Tiffany Medium, body copy is 10 point Helvetica, and captions are 8 point Palatine Italic. Division pages feature 72 point Tiffany Medium slanted with 8 point Tiffany Medium captions. The review pages at the end of each section are 168C Pantone with 14 point Tiffany Medium and artwork reversed. After many initial system breakdowns and working ar- ound the Daily Trojan ' s priority on the terminals, the copy was typeset, all graphics were pasted up, and the boards were shipped camera-ready to the Hunter Publishing Company in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The photos were shot through 133 line screen, and then stripped into the pages. Blue line proofs were sent to the staff, who in turn sent them back to Hunter with adjust- ments and approvals. The next time the staff would see them would be in the final book. Once they arrived back at Hunter, the proofers went to work checking the blue lines and making sure any neces- sary changes were made. Plates were made, and the 27 signatures of 16 pages each were printed on dull paper with black ink using the offset lithography method. Meanwhile, the cover was being produced with binder boards of 160 pt. hardback, base material Zexotone in 41068 Deep Walnut, material grain of Hand Tooled 34 and overtone in black. The endsheets were paper color 106 and not pnnted. All artwork was povided by the staff and blind embossed by Hunter. When it was all brought together, the pages were Smythe sewn and long bound into a trim size of 9 " x12 " . A total 10.000 books of 432 pages arrived on campus. Steve Luther, Sophomore, Public Relations Cynthia Hunt, Sophomore, Accounting Camera Shy: Wendell Ching, Sophomore, Marketing Peter Essick, Senior, Accounting Paul Izenstark, Junior, Marketing Dee Dee Seeto, Senior, Quantitative Business Analysis Marketing Graven Wong, Junior, Biology Freda Berman, Sophoiuorc, journalism I Ann Zavarelli, lujuor, l ;o i v;i Karin Davalos, junior, Public Aiininiifitraticii Jill Dove, junior, journalism Gerald Whitehead, junior. Intcmatuinal Relations ' Contributing Photographers Karen Allison, Songfest Juli Barr, candids Anita Bischoff, band candids Daily Trojan, candids Larry Drum, candids Arnold Frankel, Rose Bmvl Mark Herrman, crew Doug Hoover, candids Steve Hyman, color UCLA basketball, Bob Hope, candids Beverley Kieswetter, Greeks Wayne Levine, Bob Hope, Charlie ' s Angeles, candids Richard Levitt, candids Russell Levitt, candids Rosanne Keefer, Fleetwood Mac Trojan Marching Band concert Joseph Millard, basketball Bliiebonnet Classic Tracey Petre, baseball Hugh Robinson, candids Randy Shiar, ca)idids Mark Smith, candids Mark Sticht, candids Marsha Traeger, candids Gary Wong, candids Peter Wtulich, candids and last, but not least... Michael Yada, candids Special Thanks Clarence N. Anderson, Staff Advisor Mona Cravens, Administrative Assistant Daily Trojan staff Hunter Publishing Company, for caring about the quality Tom Imming, Hunter Publishing Company representative ami supportive friend Denice Killian, Production Advisor Bill Noah, Automated Publishing Company Jocelyn Otsu, Office of Student Publications Teresa Olmos, Office of Student Publications Jim Perry, Director of Sports Information Robin and Lois, best friends and roommates Sigma Nu fraternity, for being so cooperative Margie Strode, sports use News Service use Sports Information Office use Ticket Office and, of course... Mom, Dad, and the rest of the family, for being behind me all the way ...and to tlic hunclicds of otlicrs thai gave tlicir time, cllbrt, and concern to mali;c the EL RODEO 1980 a reahly for us - thanks for caring about a 75 year old tradition. The " four most exciting years ot my life " have come to an end. But this is not meant to be a sentimental trip through the past — everj ' one goes through that. You have all felt the exhiliration of your first trip through the bookstore with all those textbooks reaching out to fill you with the world ' s knowledge. And remember the embarrasment of how stupid you thought you must look waving that victor ' sign as a horse nms around the field? And don ' t forget the afternoons you gave up standing in lines during drop and add. But the point is tliat you all have chosen to become a Trojan. And as j ou fight to correct tlie negative aspects of tlic university, you may also have to fight to show the positive aspects too. And whether you are out front in the limelight or quietly manuevering behind the scenes doesn ' t really matter. What matters is that 3011 are contributing to the overall tradition that has made this the oldest private university ' in the west. So next time someone points out the Middle East Center crisis, the foot- ball-academic controversy, or tlie cornincss of the " Trojan family " , just turn around and point out that the Middle East Center was the first concept of its kind, that tlie football-academic controversy would have never been uncov- ered if it hadn ' t have been for tlie superior training of tlie School of Journal- ism, and that the ' Trojan family " may just get you the connections for a job someday. The following is a short paragraph that holds a ver ' special meaning for me and my familj ' , who have been my strongest supporters ever lime I turned around. I think it sums up what I ' ve been trsing to say. The best of wishes to vou all, in whatever vou decide to do. It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbled, or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena; whose face is marred by dust and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs and comes up short again and again and again; who knows the great en- thusiasms, the great devotions, and spends himself in a worthy cause; who at his best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement; and who at the worst - if he fails - at the least fails while daring greatly; so that his place is never with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat. -Theodore Roosevelt 432-LAST PAGE! --m " ?o; ' c - ' " ' vr ...- ; ' : Mv-A • O; ' - ■ ' ' ,■ ' ' Z ' ' J . - .7 ' " ' ■ . • : k ' ?v : ' . y ■■ ' :■ " S; " r- - KJfe ■ ip ;: %-

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