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l I -I ; iiii r.J- - S V . El Rodeo 1979 Volume 74 University Of Southern California Los Angeles, California JWvAF i- i EVENTS W H l« to t, Homecominc ' 78 JL. ,_..-» ' : f, " LIVING GROUPS ■■■ : m ATHLETICS Heritage Hall y w ACADEMICS PROGRAJVUVUNC B OCXOBBR 1 i 1 i_- ifl3 1 I— 360 ORGANIZATIONS Computer Science Center 416 INDEX Portuguese Bend on the Palos Verdes Peninsuia. Southern California, more than just a tourist playground or recreational haven, offers a learning experience incomparable to any. An education at the University of Southern California is not just a learning process. It is a combination of classroom instruction, on-campus interactions, and educational exchanges be- tween the community and the campus. The diversity of southern California, and Los Angeles in particular, is apparent in not only its recreational and geographical features, but also in its people, lifestyles and ideas. The integration of this diversity offers the opportunity for exploration and understanding of the world around us. A lone student finds solitude in i!- ' ■, ' ;■: ;:v,- .-.fs complex. Classroom instruction provides the basis of this education. How- ever, education is only a tool. Us- ing this tool in everyday interac- tions is the real value of an educa- tion. Extra-curricular activities keep students involved and aware of their environment and the hap- penings that affect them as stu- dents. Crime and violence in the student community, claims of Campus Security brutality, stu- dent grievances over the lack of efficient student services, lack of student parking facilities, and the controversy over a proposed Mid- dle East Center on campus kept alive the realization that life on campus is not always rosy. These real life problems on campus were matched, if not ex- ceeded, by problems facing the community as a whole. Traffic jams, smog, fires, unemployment, busing, mud slides, urban sprawl, as well as national and interna- tional problems, gave students more than Just a taste of real world life. Problems that faced the student body and community were sof- tened, however, by triumphs. The anticipation of the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles was a reason for celebration while the largest card stunt ever performed was under- taken by the U.S.C. student body. Campus Life and Recreation provided the Student Information Booth. r if ki IMI ' 4 i 2 m The spirit of southern California living is easygoing, yet based on achievement and purpose. The Spirit of Troy is much the same. Based also on tradition, the SC student body retains much of the same enthusiasm and spirit that the alumni displayed in past years. Much of this tradition is outdated, but changes come slowly at conservative institutions like U.S.C. The static performances of the yell squad, the outdated semester calendar (final exams in January), and typical admin- istrative bureaucracy are some traditions of which Trojans do not boast. 10 The " Spirit of Troy " : the Trojan Marching Band- 11 There are other universities and oth- er regions, but the intermingling of this university and southern Cahfor- nia create a unique atmosphere filled with the opportunity to explore. Future architects study the design of the Gamble House in Pasadena. Local earthquake faults and tide pools are often the destination of undergraduate science courses. Students of cinema profit from the backlots of Hollywood and the experts behind the scenes. The diverse business community provides work experience giving students the chance to apply classroom theory to real life situations. The assets of this community mag- nify the resources of the university. But any productive relationship in- volves reciprocal participation. The area contributes much to the unique- ness of U.S.C., but in return, the uni- versity adds some novel contributions to the southern California populus. U.S.C. alumni serve the area in the professional sphere as near 50% of the judges, lawyers, pharmacists, social workers, dentists, and school adminis- Von Kleinsmid To trators in this area are graduates of the university. The volunteer mobile den- tal clinic serves rural California com- munities and over 10,000 children a year. Some say a detriment to this univer- sity is the area in which it is located. These disadvantages are countered. Snow-capped mountaina and joahua trees add to southern California ' s uniquenes; 12 however, by the work done to improve the surrounding area. The Hoover Re- development Project resulted in the University Village shopping center and mall area. A student-run recrea- tion program, Troy Camp, gives neighborhood children the chance to go to summer camps, while the Joint Educational Project places U.S.C. stu- dents on field assignments in nearby schools as tutors, enriching the exper- ience of both participants. Providing classical entertainment, KUSC-FM, a National Public Radio affiliate, broadcasts daily. At the other end of the entertainment spectrum, U.S.C. athletics have traditionally pro- vided strong competition and seasons of endless excitement. President John R. Hubbard once called Los Angeles ' ' the greatest labo- ratory a university could ever have. " The recreational opportunities make southern California famous, but the area has so much more to give. Situat- ed in the hub of many cultural, intel- lectual, and recreational opportunities, U.S.C. affords students the chance to grow and develop in a variety of ways. This integration of people, ideas, and environment make this learning ex- perience unique in locale, unique in idea, and unique in spirit. -The Editors Downtown Los Angeles skyline. 13 Seventies Close Amid Controversies Spirit Squad Torn Between Old And New Good times, bad times, and in-between times. The 1978-79 school year was marked by many changes.As the university ' s first centennial birthday rolled into view, many people decided that certain factions of the universi- ty needed a face lift. U.S.C. song girls and yell leaders have long been re- garded as number one in the country. But in the spring of ' 78, students became restless with the same old routines. Many other school ' s pep squads were incorporating gym- nastics into their acts, and their fans were responding. Top: John Pentz; Row II; Mark O ' Connor, Bill Barnett; Bottom Row: Scott Anderson, Chuck Williams, John Flynn, Robb Grant. The fact that the U.S.C. squad had very definite roles discouraged interaction between the two groups. The song girls danced and the yell leaders yelled. The specta- tors wanted to see some new, fresh ideas; and, after their discontent was revealed, the squad responded. At the Washington game, as the band struck up a tune, the fans saw the yell leaders and song girls go through a dance number together. The response equalled that of a 98 yard touchdown, with the point after being a yell leader pyra- mid. 16 Student Discontent Leads To Change The spirit of U.S.C. is one faction of the university that is hard to suppress. Once a Trojan, always a Trojan. Ranging from the cardinal and gold-clad toddler to the alum with SC 4EVER on his license plate, you will know a Trojan when you meet one. Many have tried to explain this fanaticism, but few have been able to. The spirit and enthusiasm becomes a part of the person who encounters the Trojan way of life; so much in fact, that to many U.S.C. comes first, then family, and business. Approximately 15,CK)0 student actitivy books were sold this year at $25 each. Seating for the home football games was conducted on a lottery basis with the student section extending from the 50 yard line to the end zone bleachers. There were few complaints in the system until the UCLA game, when 3,000 students who turned in their coupons received them back without tickets. The complaints were so numerous that the system has changed for the Rose Bowl tickets. Sold on a first- come-first-served basis, students were so determined not to be left out that over 3,000 spent the night in Alumni Park. There were 3 student coordinated lines which remained relatively or- ganized; and, as the night wore on the giant slumber party took on a typical S.C. style. Booze, backgammon, tents and televisions were found throughout the area. And, when the tickets went on sale, the first group in line had staked out their territory for 31 hours. 1 ■■1 V!sX: M ' Wl ' Es ••J! f ' i MI - h f i fll i ji H H r ki r n H H .i A K m m. 2 IhH 17 IS Founder ' s Day A Little Fun For Everyone m On October 5th, the university celebrated its 98th birth- day by providing a Uttle fun for everyone. The festivities were highlighted by free hot dogs, a hairy legs contest. balloon stomping and a muddy tug of war. The celebration also included the unveiling of nearly 100 years of Trojaj tradition in a photograpic exhibit. JH 19 Performing Arts New Facilities Bring Professionalism To School Now that millions of dollars have been spent on new buildings for the School of Performing Arts, the school is changing its approach to teaching. A conservatory pro- gram has been instituted by the School of Drama to prepare students for careers in professional theater. Act- ing, voice, drama literature, tecnnical theater and acting interpretation is included in the program. The drama department has doubled its faculty to accommodate the new program. This year, under the artistic leadership of John House- man, the U.S.C. Division of Drama presented " The Year of the World ' s Great Comedies " . " The Inspector Gener- al " satired official crookedness and human stupidity; " The Show-Off " depicted the struggles of an egotist while trying to preserve his self-respect. " The Imaginary Invalid " shows a hypocondriac complaining of his imagi- nary ills as well as his apothecary bills. And, " Pal Joey " tells the life of a charming, unscrupulous opportunist who becomes a emcee in a seedy Chicago nightclub. The Division of Cinema is regarded as one of the best in the country. During the last two decades, at least one graduate has received an Academy Award each year, with tne most in 1969, when five graduates received the honor. The U.S.C. Symphony, an ensemble made up of stu- dents from the School of Music, is considered by many to be among the top orchestras in the community. In the fall of ' 78, it was heard on National Public Radio broadcast around the country. Symphony director Daniel Lewis returned to conduct the orchestra in four concerts. The Schoenberg Institute also co-sponsored, with the School of Music, a special series entitled " Twentieth Cen- tury Chamber Music " presenting faculty and student compositions. But performances by students isn ' t all that the School of Performing Arts offers. Since professionalism is the key to any career, the school provides prominent people in the entertainment field to demonstrate their talents. - - " T. 20 The Guest Artist Series was designed to use student tundi ng to bring the best in all-star entertainment to the U.b.C. campus at low prices. ta Tj ' f ' , ' • " " " t Price came to the stage as Oscar Wiide in John Gay ' s " Diversions and Delights " Price gave a superior performance as he captured Wilde toward the end of his life giving a lecture in an old concert hall Diversions and Delights " presented Oscar Wilde as only Vincent Price could portray him. On October 5, Zara Nelsova, cello; Eudice Shapiro violin; and Brooks Smith, piano; played works from ' I-ranck, Beethoven, Weber, and Shubert. Zara Nelsova is hailed as one of the finest cellists in the world, and this performance attested to that fact. Since their formation three years ago, Les Ballets Trockadero De Monte Carlo has established it self as America ' s unique ballet. The all-male company satirizes the works of classical and contemporary choreographers Presenting a kaleidoscope of Spanish dances, Morca Flamenco in Concert was inspired by Spain ' s Romantic composers and contemporary choreography March brought the Hartford Ballet, performing a range ot styles and subject matter demonstrating the extraordi- nary competence of the company. Youth is the keynote of the Hartford Ballet, and every aspect of the program shows vitality and inspiration. Later in March, the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater came to campus Since its founding in 1958, the theater has achieved int ernational recognition for its mixture of in- spired dance and theater. Alley ' s speciality is the cultural heritage ot the Black American, and he shows it by creat- ing a dance expression that is ecstatic and powerful Walk-Jog- A-Thon Trackin ' For The Trojans The U.S.C. Walk-Jog-A-Thon was held on October 29 to raise money for the re-building of Cromwell Field. Approximately 17CK3 runners made it the largest Walk- Jog-Thon in history collecting about $250,000 in pledges. While this amount will hardly dent the $2.5 million pro- ject, the Walk-Jog-A-Thon was considered a tremendous success. Community and campus groups were encour- aged to participate by allowing them to keep 50 percent of their total pledges. Approximately 230 groups took ad- vantage of this opportunity to raise money for their causes. The women ' s swim team and th e ski team raised $3,000 and $2,800, respectively. The average jogger raised about $150, with the average pledge totaling about $18. This was the first of what will hopefully become another Trojan tradition with each year ' s profit going toward the betterment of another university facility. But most of all, it was a chance for Trojans to run for fun trackin ' for the Trojans. Concerts Highlight Noontime Entertainment Cindy Bullens Number One Crowd Pleaser HH I B l HH P Pnfe B H S H ' ■Xt tC VI ' I v ' HHJK t gf isff " jBk iHH [ yflfey H R BpHy tW at Br ' M arwi j nfl (if ll L , « 1 ft jf j g 24 25 Troy Week Rally, House Decs And Football Highlighted by a parade, rally and bonfire, Troy Week festivities preceeded the annual UCLA football game and continued the intense rivalry between the two Los Angeles schools. The theme for the week, " We ' re Still Having Fun In Century I " , focused on the highlights of Trojan spirit from past years. The big events of the week included Guest Speaker George Fischbeck, football film clips from the past, and the annual parade from the Row to the rally at Tommy Trojan. The rally, which honored the senior football players, was led by the pep squads and band, while even line- man Otis Page got into the act with his own cheer. The rally concluded with a massive bon- fire at the corner of Childs Way and University Avenue, highlighted by the burning of a " bruin " in effigy. One of the last activities before the big game was the traditional judging of the house decs along the Row. The paper and wire structures H mi Highlight Week Of Tradition were completed after weeks of planning. Soror- ity and fraternity members worked many all- nighters to finish their house decorations in time for the Friday afternoon judging. As usual, the week was filled with numerous pranks, as each school tried to out smart one another. Tommy Trojan was under wraps over a month before the game, discouraging Bruin at- tempts to cover him with blue and gold paint. Five use students scored probably the biggest prank, re-routing UCLA pep squads to a fake Rose Bowl filming the morning of the game. The Bruin squad performed egotistically for the pseu- do film crew, believing that they would be fea- tured in a Rose Bowl special. The exhausted squad barely made it back to the Coliseum for the kick-off. Troy Week, steeped in tradition, once again brought color to campus for the intra-city rival- ry. On Saturday of the week, USC claimed the city championship with a 17-10 victory. fCENTURy ONE WITH THE BRI _ fflORE FUN 7HHN R B|_ 27 Grievance Hearings Students Voice Displeasure In Administrative Services Each semester students find themselves standing in endless registration lines, fighting for limited parking spaces, wondering if their financial aid letter will come through, and homeless because they are number 1,097 on the waiting list for housing. And each semester the prob- lems are just passed off as part of the university tradition. But no longer. The Student Senate held grievance hearings in early October to record specific student complaints. The goal of the project was to hear student grievances, determine what the related problems were, and to work with admin- istrators to help develop student recommendations. The main complaint behind the parking situation was not that the price of the permit was too high, but rather that the services did not justify the amount. Lack of available spaces, location, insufficient lighting, security patrols, and tram service headed the list of grievances. In an effort to alleviate the problem, three stories were ad- ded to one of the parking structures during the fall se- mester. The majority of the student grievances concerned housing. Availability, cost, and the priority system wait- ing-list procedures headed the list. Auxiliary Services estimates that next year over 8,000 students will apply for housing, but only 5,000 beds will be available. On October 8, another controversy was born. The Board of Trustees, acting on the recommendation of President John Hubbard, approved the concept of estab- lishinjg a Middle East Center for academic research on the Middle East. A legal document specifying the relation- ship between the university and the proposed Center was drafted. During the same time, a series of articles ap- peared in the Los Angeles Times which emphasized un- usual connections involved in planning the Center. The Center was to be funded by multi-national corporations, but a majority of the corporations called upon to contri- bute had business connections in the Middle East. The fact that Willard Beling, proposed chairman of the Cen- ter, had been appointecTto the King Faisal Chair made the appointment seem like a political move, said the Times. The public responded witn letters to the Times showing their disappointment of U.S.C. ' s standards in planning the Center. Due to unclear language in the original legal docu- ment, a clarification of tne agreement was signed on October 26 stating that the university would have full control of the academic programs and policies of the proposed Center. A letter was also sent to the Board of Trustees from the Faculty Senate stating, " The credibility of U.S.C. as an academic institution is now in jeopardy before the world. To restore our academic integrity, we believe that measures far more sweeping and far-reaching than merely endorsing a memorandum of understanding are now imperative. " On November 8, the Board of Trustees adopted an- other resolution to the memorandum of October 26 stat- ing that a special committee would be appointed to assist in planning the Center. It would be instructed to insure the political neutrality and academic integrity of the Cen- ter. On November 15, the Faculty Senate and Council of Deans endorsed the concept of the Middle East Center after the resolution met their approval. It ' s been a year of crisis for the university. One of conflicts not only within the university, but from outside opinion also. In retrospect, perhaps this year will have proven beneficial. After all, academics alone do not pre- pare students for life in the real world. Learning to solve problems on the university level is only the beginning. 28 Middle East Center Controversy Los Angeles Times Emphasizes Unusual Connections ititUi!i» uS m!S?. l9 ■ {{ The articles in the Los Angeles Times were enhanced by this cartoon by political cartoonist, Conrad. Also ap- pearing in Time magazine, the cartoon expressed the general public ' s attitude toward this campus controversy. What started out as a university controversy reached national and international notoriety, emphasizing the impact of the university ' s role in academia and politics. Copyright, 1978, Los Angeles Times. Reprinted by permission. 29 32 Commuters For Them It ' s All Worth It Those poor commuter students. Fighting rush hour traffic to get to class on time. Anxiously cruising through crowded parking lots, hoping to find one precious space. Rushing for a tram and finally getting to their first class . . . and all before 8:30 a.m. Lunch in Commons is fol- lowed by an afternoon of studying in the library. And then a short nap in SAC before the next class. They, unlike on-campus residence groups, miss the excitement and activity of living ' on campus ' . They feel isolated and lonely because they don ' t meet many people and aren ' t involved in student organizations. Maybe! Those poor commuters. Driving to school down Pacif- ic Coast ighway as waves crash along the shore and the radio plays the newest songs. Leaving bicycles unlocked in the front yard, confident they will be there tomorrow. Looking out the window and seeing more than a parking lot. Feeling sorry for friends living at school who don ' t have it this good. The life of those poor commuters must not be that bad since most of them chose it after experiencing dorm life or living on the Row or in apartments close to campus. In fact, while commuters tend to participate in fewer campus activities, they meet with faculty more than any other living group. Some say they commute because of the financial bur- den, others enjoy home-cooked meals and family life. some just don ' t like the downtown area. Most of all they want a life separate from school, in an area that they choose. They travel from Long Beach, Glendale, Santa Monica and Manhattan, not because they couldn ' t get into student housing, but because life exists beyond the walls of U.S.C. For them it provides plenty of opportunity to meet people, to find jobs and to get away from school when they leave class each day. The Office of Commuter Affairs was created in 1971 in an effort to encourage commuters to get involved in uni- versity activities and organizations. Before that time, commuters felt like they were out of touch with campus events. Since then, this group concentrates on the con- cerns of commuter students, who now account for ap- proximately 60% of the university population. Dealing specifically with problems unique to commut- ing students, the Office of Commuter Affairs has come a long way in meeting the needs of this group. They imple- mented a computerized carpool system and convinced the university to contract neighboring parking lots to ease the parking shortage due to increased enrollment. The commuter students are no longer the underprivi- ledged class. They decided to put up with heavy traffic, parking hassles and inconvenience in order to have a life separate from that at school. For those poor commuters it ' s all worth it. 33 Commuter! Showing Pride 34 hile Doing 55 35 The $37.50 Headache Parking problems increased during this past year because of on-campus con- struction, reducing the number of spaces previously available. The feeling that " I didn ' t pay $37.50 to be treated like this! " represents student opinion regarding the lack of space available between 9:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. and misappropriation of faculty staff lots. The University acquired several off- campus lots to remedy the problem but students were not happy with the alter- native. Those students purchasing parking permits for off-campus lots resented paying the regular fee and then walking several blocks to campus through the high crime area surrounding the univer- sity. The off-campus lots, according to students, are not sufficiently lit and the tram service after dark is insufficient. The Senate Grievance Committee Task Force on Parking dealt specifically with the areas of availability, fees, security and tram service. As they searched for solutions, students crowded into insuffi- cient facilities hoping to move their cars before campus security had them towed away. 36 Commuter Students Organization The Commuter Students Organization serves as a coordinating body to plan activities for commuting students in an effort to unite the group. BOTTOM ROW: Roland Sorge, Marcia M., Robert Alvar- ado, Paul Marriot, Kyle Mattner, Dominic Accetta, Paul Thomsen, Evelyn Reed, Carol Craig, Valerie Madrid, TOP ROW: Paul Krekor- ian, Alan Zada, Edmond Yee. i 1 I Mt W 1 w " 1. . ' .31 ' y . ' ' M " Sl ffH i.. J t lid T m .» il Ki i - ' " i • f ■:l • ' i1,: U «f V ' J nil _ xV: ; 1 m t ; MSB r ... 1 54 i m L iJI rnxi ■ ■:..,- -.. -• . -1 . .-■■; l - t.- -,.---.- .. y vi.-.r..j. 7.-J9f ' - ' 7 S . Zr 37 Trojans Enjoy L.A. Nightlife Dine TOMMY ' S 2575 Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles An L.A. tradition; one of the best hamburgers loaded with lots of chili and onions. Open 24 hours a day. Tommy ' s is always popular after midnight. Best on an empty stomach. CAFE FIGARO 9010 Melrose Ave. Hollywood Mostly a coffeehouse. Also a good place to eat, talk, and listen to classical music; coffees fairly expensive, but food is very good. Knowr as " Cafe Fig " to Trojan regulars, its e casual and fun place to go. Drink TOM BERGIN ' S HOUSE OF IRISH COFFEE 840 S. Fairfax Los Angeles A U.S.C dining, but mostly drinking hangout from way back, Ber gin ' s is a popular Thursday night favorite. Where every night is like St. Patrick ' s Day. THE 901 CLUB 2902 S. Figueroa Los Angeles Close to campus an particularly the ROW, the 901 is a definite U.S.C Thursday night hangout. Good bar and good hamburgers. Competition comes from Mike ' s Munchies in the University Village. More class, live entertainment, and room to dance gives Mike ' s an edge. Disco DILLON ' S 1081 Gayley Westwood Village Four floors of fun and entertainment. A restaurant, four bars, game room, discotheque and live entertainment makes Dillon ' s a great night spot. OSKO ' S DISCO 333 La Cienaga Los Angeles Nice decor outside and in, Osko ' s is located in the midst of " Restaurant Row Also famous for the filming of " Thank God, It ' s Friday " . 38 EL CHOLO 1121 S. Western Los Angeles Close to campus and almost always crowded, El Cholo is known for its great margueritas. Another good spot is the 32nd Street Cafe Saloon. Newly opened, 32nd Street Cafe offers steak dinners and candlelight right across the street from campus. PHILIPPE ' S 1001 N. Alameda Los Angeles Home of the french dip sandwich and 104 coffee. Wait in line to order food, carry your tray of sandwiches, picked eggs, baked apples, and homemade pies to the long family style tables and benches. P.S. Watch out for the hot mustard. -TS mimrj ( viV J 1 1 CASEY ' S 1109 Glendon West wood Village Free homemade potato chips and the turn of the century atmosphere make Casey ' s a great gathering place for drinks. Live entertainment nightly. SUBSTATION 2212 S. Figueroa Los Angeles Owned and operated by 2 U.S.C. alums, the Substation is one of the best places around for submarine sandwiches. Only about 5 blocks away from campus, its a good place to hit for lunch or for pitchers of beer. flanigan ' s FLANIGAN ' S 4350 Lincoln Marina del Rey Featuring live bands, four dance floors, and five bars, Flanigan ' s, also known as Big Daddy ' s is located in the popular entertainment section of the marina. Students usually " dress to impress " at this spot. STUDIO ONE 652 N. La Peer West Hollywood Noisy, crowded, and known to be one of the largest discos in town, it ' s the meeting place for a crowd of Hollywood " crazies " . The Backlot at Studio One, located in the rear, offers major- name entertainment in a cabaret atmosphere. 39 40 The Row Strongest Greek System On The West Coast Continues To Grow With thirty-one fraternities and fifteen sororities, the Greek system at USC is among the largest on the West Coast. The Row plays an important role in the lives of over 3,000 Greek members. The Greek lifestyle saw a decline during the 60 ' s, but as 1980 approaches there is a movement in the opposite direction. Despite criticisms either justified or exaggerat- ed, the Greek system survived to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood. Some criticisms are diminished by better understand- ing of the system and all its traditions. The Greek calen- dar of events begins the start of each school year with rush. For the sororities, rush is a 10-day affair with pro- spective members visiting the houses in a formal, struc- tured, and highly complex scheme. Prospective members are invited back to houses while others are eliminated along the way. The " lucky " ones are extended " bids " and continue in the game plan with " preference " and finally, pledging. Fraternity rush, on the other hand, is less structured, but still an organized recruiting system. Much like soror- ity rush, fraternities extend " bids " to preferable pros- pects, pledge them and given them the title of " pledge " . Fraternity rush used to be known for its drunken parties, but with the advent of " dry rush " , it has taken on a somewhat less party-oriented title. The end of rush leads to the start of the pledge pro- gram. For almost a whole semester, pledges plan service, social, fund-raising, and informal activities to achieve a state of cohesiveness among their " class " . One of the most rewarding parts of Greek membership, the pledge period is a time for pledges to prove their worth and loyalty to the house. A semester of weekend parties, fraternity RF ' s, and socializing prepare the naive pledge for initiation. However, before the initiation ceremony itself, " Inspo " or " Help " Week is held for the pledges. This week is full of " inspiration " , " chores " , and finally initiation. Al- though each house has its own game plan for their pledge class, generally the week consists of rules and regulations that the pledges must abide by and tasks that must be performed. Many fraternities take advantage of this week for house clean-up and community service projects. Initiation ends the pledge program and the " mystos " of the house are revealed to the new active members. " Mystos " consist of the mysterious traditions, hand- shakes, etc. that are only known by active members na- tionwide. The lowly pledges, now are considered equal members or " actives " and must take responsibility for maintaining the chapter image, character, and objectives. Tradition is deeply-embedded in the pavement of 28th Street as pinnings (engagement-announcement ceremony between a fraternity and sorority member), passing the candle (announcement of sorority member ' s engagement) and fraternity selection of their Sweethearts still occur. Row life seems destined to be popular for years to come as renewed interest in the Greek system continues. The talk, rumors, and criticism about The ?ow hopefully are discussed in perspective, relative to the brotherhood, uni- ty, and philanthropies the system promotes. The system promotes a unique environment with opportunities mak- ing life on The Row a different kind of experience, a special kind of lifestyle. 41 Alpha Chi Omega 1. Kerri Smull 2. Jenilee Harrison 3. Linda Kayajanian 4. Louise Hawkins 5. Dianne Caswell 6. Mari Wilcox 7. Carol Good he 8. Barbara Mohler 9. Karen Nussbaum 10. Susan Nahigian 11. Doreen Castro 12. Melinda Moss 13. Ceri Pepiot 14. Andrea Podison 15. Karen Schick 16. Stacy Parker 17. Sandy Soloman 18. Jami Fosgate 19. Anne Porter 20. Terri Hausman 21. Laurie Ritchey 22. Suzanne Artenian 23. Dianne Spaeter 24. Alison Dunlap 25. Mama Thais 26. Ann Husted 27. Marni Hougham 28. Mollie Drake 29. Janet Barkley 30. Cynthia Hunt 31. Kathi Mitchell 32. Denise Bairns 33. Jean Lally 34. Liz Burkholder 35. Renee Corazza 36. Sue Cohen 37. Brenda Christie 38. Wendy Yorston 39. Liz Fontana 40. Nikki Stapakis 41. Darcie Catapano 42. Leanne Newsom 43. Maria de la Parra 44. Denise Trimm 45. Linda Wilcox 46. Jody Matranga 47. Caron Champoux 48. Jeri Dye 49 Kiffie Ehwald 50. Janet Herbers 51. Marleen Bourha 52. Leslie Spates 53. Sonya Creimeister 54. Carol Barnett 55. Terri De Paolo 56. Julie Mascio 57. Siobhan O ' Callaghan 58. Sherry Sigler 59. Jill Westman 60. Margaret O ' Callaghan 61. Beth Michel 62. Patti Robinson 63. Amy Luther 64. Sandy Levine 42 JL. SJ 65. Judi Mendoza 66. Kathlyn Hansink 67. Lori Spates 68. Susan Waldman 69. Kim Kistler 70. Leslie Anderson 71. Wanelle Fitch 72. Donna Celiberti 73. Lynn Kirst 74. Cathy Kizacik 75. Alexis De La Vega 76. Lisa Cammie 77. Judy Olson Not Pictured: Ann Marie Alcocer Susan Andes Julie Dakke Jody Betts Kathleen Bercsi Cindy Bryant Mimi Casey Carina Courtright Axn Lisa Anne Cramer Lee Ann Dennis Carol Furlong Jean Hasselhoff Shari Heath Jenifer Leimbach Car in Liechti Audrey Scarborough Janet Schrimmer Wendy Soule Susie What ley Carolyn Yim ' Leslie Burton Janis Dahlin Jane Dalea Elizabeth Hedges Laury Lemkin Carie Murphy Rachel Taylor f . s||; i 43 44 Alpha Delta Pi 1. Kim BIythe 2. Megan Dunphy 3. Kathy Roitz 4. Leslie Halel 5. Jeanine Cipolla ' 6. Chris Sco field 7. Ann Crescent! 8. Linda Calix 9. Debbie Brittingham 10. Karen Schroeder 11. Barbie Marshall 12. Cindy Richmond 13. Dee Jamison 14. Diane Birnie 15. Carrie Fujimoto 16. Liz Redmonk 17. Sharon Petrucha 18. Sheila Mauz 19. Chris Quinlan 20. Sarah Solon 21. Nina Schmidt 22. Wendelle Gray 23. Diane Leach 24. Mary Bird 25. Maylene Missakian 26. Cammie Baldo 27. Pam Peterson 28. Amy Luskey 29. Lori Kepler 30. Heather Brandwynne 31. Sherry Behrle 32. Maureen Carlisle 33. Floree Abrams 34. Ann Mears 35. Lili Arakelian 36. Robin Naleao 37. Wendy Romaghino 38. Diana Kildiszew 39. Ellen Jowitt 40. Robin Hudson 41. Ginny Knowles 42. Barbie Woodman 43. Patty Wetherill AAn 44. Jennifer Graves 45. Lori Erdmann 46. Judy Jones 47. Michele Benone 48. Wendy Carlson 49. Kathy Ohlund 50. Virginia Cook 51. Amy Weber 52. Terry Blasier 53. Cindy Foran 54. Wendy Dawson 55. Kathy Cramoline 56. Leanne Smith 57. Lesley Wright 58. Lisa Popovich 59. Kathleen Sibley 60. Jamie Halverson 61. ChrisNielson 62. Sandy Ward 63. Lisa Schmeltzer 64. Kathleen Simmons 65. Jennifer Frazer 66. Sue Haroutunian 67. Sandy Provost 68. Jill Martin 69. Nancy Stewart 70. Andi Light 71. Penny Ponder Not Pictured: Denyee Doughty Sharon Kilmer Lisa McCray Peri Muretta Denise Nelson Amy Van Buskirk Marcie Wolsey Kathy Barton Cammie Shinn Jo Pearce Sharon Ritchie Jonell Schlund Kay Upton Julie Fukushima 45 .v « ' »J» Alpha Delta Kappa AAK 1. Linda Lee 2. Carolyn Nakaki 3. Yeong-Ju Yeo 4. Pauline Chinn 5. Cathy Yamada 6. Yuko Yamaguchi 7. Gwen Fujii 8. Arleen Yoshida 9. Frances Hachiya 10. Laura Wakimoto 11. Debbie Chuck 12. Karen Moy 13. Linda Nishi 14. Debbie Yee 15. Helen Chin 16. Lilly Lieu 46 Alpha Epsilon Phi AEO 1. Jackie Geiger 2. Anita Brandt 3. Sharon Samuels 4. Sheila Roth 5. Stephanie Cook 6. Reena Juron 7. Maureen Moss 8. Barbara Caganich 9. Debbie Warner 10. Debbie Kaplan 11. Wendy Specter 12. Carla Schalman 13. Carolyn Shearer 14. Susan Williams Not Pictured: Maria Saltzman Taffy Schatz 47 Alpha Gamma Delta ATA 1. Marlene Pontrelli 2. Pam Oeschager 3. Marisa Rezzonico 4. Susan Shane 5. Liz Olson 6. Janice Merrill 7. Amy Fine 8. Caroline Ralph 9. Jill Cunningham 10. Jane Frederick 11. Lynn Runkel 12. Lisa Sanchez-Corea 13. Vivian Cumbiner 14. Alice Behnke 15. Cindi Hunt 16. Sheilah Hyman 17. Lisa London 18. Nancy Bruff 19. Valerie Boss 20. Vicky Mitchell 21. Erin Murphy 22. Cretchen Schildwachler 23. Susie Debenham 24. Lori Cavanaugh 25. Randalea Trout 26. Shirland Wardell 27. Kris Ann McBride 28. Cindy Morrisset 29. Annice Pelentayq 30. Kathy Schulte 31. Bev kieswetter 32. Joanne Coghill 33 33. Pam Shroeder 34. Kim Sommers 35. Joyce Vyeda 36. Betty Weiss 37. Cindy Graham 38. Jackie Harper 39. Linda Freiberg {fl_Dea seTso 41. Carol kusb 42. Sue Bell 43. Lois Presbrey 44. Janne Joanne Chao 45. Di Agajanian 46. Linda Bagne 47. Call Goldstein 48. Chris Funk 49. Saron Rhodes 50. N in a Punaro 51. Leslie orbl3ili 52. Jennifer Hasserot 53. Cindy Davis 54. Linda Kimura 55. Marilyn Young 56. Barbara Marbach 57. JoAnn Bores 58. Dawn Carole Harris 59. Marni Jovrich 60. Mary Ruth Hardesty Not Pictured: Michelle Johnson Cindy Kato Jill Warren Megan Foiles Rosemary Jackovic Louise Arias Andrea Comiskey Susan Maas Colleen O ' Brien Isabel Rogers Jeanne Burns Kathy Burns Debbie Anderson Mary Ella Hemmert 48 Alpha Kappa Alpha 1. Karla Martin 2. Robin Perry 3. Shirley Smith 4. Neadie Moore 5. Elizabeth Taylor 6. Tannya Morris 7. Angela DeMola 8. Terri Jones 9. Phyllis Herbert 10. Katrice Patterson 11. Gail Palmer 12. Celeste Day 13. Kim Hagens 14. Francena Hawkins 15. Alana FuUove 16. Carolyn Ross 17. Sheila Copeland 18. Melani Brinker 19. Karen Brooks 20. Kim Foley 21. Katy Riney 22. Gloria Ross 23. Joyce Moss Not Pictured: Sherry Dowd Yasmin Jones Juanita Pryor AKA TUpfjy- f. k 50 The Greek Way Of Life Brothers And Sisters Form A Bond Of Everlasting Friendship 51 Alpha Omicron Pi Aon 1. Anne HaHery 2. Laura Ignacio 3. Moira Breslin 4. Mollis Heide 5. Valerie Andrews 6. Terry Mitchell 7. Laura Brownson 8. Katherine Culmert 9. Elizabeth Lassan 10. Crissi Snyder 11. Lisa Gamble 12. Elizabeth Kihbey 13. Monica Rooda 14. Nancy O ' Neill 15. Diana Welch 16. Kim Grant 17. Maureen Maloney 18. Mary Jean Floryan 19. Kathy Zesiger 20. Annette Leach 21. Robin HisUey 22. Janet Onesian 23. Cindy Nolting 24. Lisa Pitts 25. Christine Prescott 26. Joan Knoenschild 27. Elizabeth Abbott 28. Debbie Mendel 29. Marta Moore 30. Julie Warth 32. Roxanne Ito 33. Donna Tyminski 34. Elizabeth Gillane 35. Gena Steckman 36. Janet Mays 37. Gladys Hernandez 38. Greg Burt 39. Susan Pulone 40. Mrs. Packard 41. Linda Rojas 42. Jan Nardvlli 52 43. Cheryl Ransone 44. Bonnie Banting 45. Valerie Claze 46. Elizabeth Wannamaker 47. Terri Hocker 48. Bonni George 4 Q V rg ni-i Bjtirh 50. Melanie Uraper 51. Susan Niemi 52. Daria Opava 53. Elaine Soost 54. Cathy Hanson 55. Kelly Irvin 56. Phyllis Austin 57. Susan Holman 58. Call De Luca 59. Jane Tankersley 60. Jane Heide 61. Tammy Warren 62. Becky Winthrop 63. Denise Stringer 64. Laurie Lester 65. Leslie Sweatt 66. Laurie Balcolm 67. Brigid Higgins 68. Lynette Germain 69. Courtenay Hardy 70. Jody Clark 71. Beverly Nester Not Pictured: Laurie Altenhach Dryden Branson Therese Hall Madelyn Kail .Adriana Lanting Carrine Mc Cann Susan Niemi Kathy Ducey Elizabeth Henry Janet Tisthammer Dee Dee Campanaro S3 Alpha Phi 1. Karen Paulin 2. Renae Jacobs 3. Peggy Brooker 4. Camee Edelbrock 5. Elaine Coderas 6. Terri Blinn 7. Stephanie Willis 8. Jeannine Nutt 9. DeAnna Abdulla 10. Annette Summerral 11. Nancy Harlow 12. Joan Remp 13. Mina Tasic 14. Cindy Stock 15. Jackie Vierra 16. Valerie Barnhill 17. Keely Stefan 18. Terri Pearson 19. Donna Cassellaqo 20. Pam Judge 21. Lynn Rusak 22. Laura Pirok 23. Susie Shartel 24. Lee Barret 25. Leslie Jacobs 26. Anne Klingbeil 27. Ann McCauley 28. Amy Opfell 29. Linda Stock 30. Sue Ann Nunally 31. Betsy Jones 32. Diana Crites 33. Amanda Coopie 34. Mellisa Cuss 35. Tracey Bumbiner 36. Jen Hayes 37. Suzanne Tarte 38. Dorthy Bolger 39. Lisa Davenport 40. Mary Coogooian 41. Debbie Pearson 42. Stacey Carroll 43. Donna Portoro 44. Alisa Currevi 45. Mary Stevenson 46. Cindy Could 47. Adrianne Cochran 48. Jennifer Cole 49. Karen Acton 50. Tish Howard 51. Peggy Howard 52. Ellen VanBuskirk 53. Stephani Salata 54. Becky Thompson 55. Linda Ignacio 56. Tracy LeClerc 57. Jackie Merchant 58. Shari Romage 59. Katie Kohn 60. Julie Criffen 61. Dee Dee Kennady 62. Carolyn Seastrom 63. Kathy Karl 64. Heidi Cothard 65. Margot McLauglin 66. Anne Pease 67. Julie Robertson 68. Lynn Mellert 69. Pam Brice 70. Deane Cairns 71. Sarah Pegram 72. Jody ' Woiciechowski 73. Anne Stewart 74. Tracey Cluck 75. Wendy Creen 76. Kelli Hill 77. Delise Honeywell 78. Leslie Miller 79. Trisha Friend 80. Sally Thomas 81. Beth Petak 82. Cindy Junkin 83. JoAnne Cee 84. Nancy Palk 85. Lisa Rawlins 86. Eileen Cudelsky 87. Camie Tafe 88. Lee McCarthy 54 55 ALPHA RH0_jCH1 APX Alpha Rho Chi 1. Clen Williams 2. Steve Bautista 3. Jim Dixon 4. Rick Abe 5. Kevin Ashhy 6. Fred Figuroa 7. Jay Mock 8. Barry Goldberg 9. Alan Morishige 10. Todd Miller 11. Jim Johnson 12. Ed Donnely 13. Jim Landefeld i. A son Ehmie 7 Bob Lam bell 14. Louie Walker 15. Ken Smith 17. l e. Carol McAliste r 19. Mike Stallings 20. Marc Futterman 21. Jackson Andronicus Not pictured: Evan Markiewicz Kitty Lew 56 Panhellenic Serving as the coordinating body in directing and promoting pro- grams for Greek women, the Panhellenic Council is composed of sorority Presidents and representatives. Leading the Panhellenic Coun- cil this year is President Mary Ann Hodges. 1. Cathy Stevens 2. JoAnn Boss ' 3. Tammi Pelton 4. Carolyn Vim 5. B.J. George 6. Terri Burkett 7. Mary Ann Hodges 8. Julie Lynch 9. Stacy Amar 10. Judy Jones 11. Alice Behnke 12. Denise Bourns 13. Sheila Roth 14. Maureen Moss 15. Stephanie Murrow 16. Tish Howard 17. Sharon Butler 18. Kathy Todd 19. Louise Nagata 20. Courtenay Hardy 21. Susan Pulone 22. Ramona Cappello 23. Lyn Eisenhower 24. Malisa Masanovich 25. Keely Stefan 57 1. Jerry Whitehead 2. Suzy Shelton 3. Joe Shannon 4. Randy Miller 5. Wendy Miller 6. Tom Hogan 7. Scott Lewis 8. Mark Anton 9. Russ Cummins 10. Larry Fox 11. Jeff Pack 12. Laurie Love 13. Bryan Lourd 14. Derek Lewis 15. John Chino 16. Bill Thomas 17. Norm Schmidt 18. Adrienne Cochran 19. Suzie Hancock 20. Laura Tahl 21. Jay Harmon 22. Katie Bower 23. Mike Dougherty 24. Pam Green 25. Curt Westfall 26. Bob Harmon 27 . Bruce Harry 28. Dave Marchant 29. John Jeha 30. Chris Foster 31. Scott Copeland 32. Tom Gallagher 33. Chris Mitchell 34. Brad White 35. Jim Anastassiou 36. Mark Englehart 37. John Saroyan 38. Louis Lanchantin 39. John Cox 40. Dennis Bush 41 Don Esken 42. John Sinclair 43. Howard Farber 44. Eileen Cannon 45. Charly Netel Alpha Tau Omega ath 46. Cece Cordon 47. Gary Johnstone 48. Kevin Murphy 49. Fred Red fern 50. Mike D ' Amelio 51. Colleen Coates 52. Bill Barnett 53. Eric Olsen .•i4 Virginia R; irhf 55. Dave Fabulich 56. Mandy Artukovich 57. Ron Chavers 58. Dan Zenka 59. Bill Gilli 60. Dave Crannis 61. Wendy Taylor 62. Bob Cook 63. John Wheeler Not Pictured: Ron Archer Mike Osborn Joel Craig Tom Klepper Greg Sabourin J.D. Crouch Mark Astrella Tim Taylor Jack Gombos Tom Hsi Mike Overly Kevin Jones Mike Bussell Chris Riddle Ron Rogers Scott Salmacia Scott Matthews Bob Billings Bob Dunham Scott Henderson Alan Newman Gil Anglade Kirt Noll Kevin Olson Mark Schumacher Andrew Precht 58 B v R Bvc. T A M $1 • iamtjgl 3[ii l v.1 s BHHBJ HMjrfMHl pjs m BL SHpH fci ffeB ii? « H ' " llf t 1% 1 m " " . ' ' ' " •. ' r 1-1 ' 59 Beta Theta Pi B0ri 60 1. Jack Illes 2. Frank Carpenter 3. Drew Hild 4. Scott Williams 5. Marc Hines 6. Ben Becklar 7. Mark Picking 8. Kirk Campbell 9. Eric Swarthout 10. Scott Poorman 11. Mike Arrigo 12. Mike Ashcraft 13. Casey Griffin 14. Tom Hodge 15. Craig Harris 16. Les Mayfield 17. Tom Ratigan 18. Larry Nedeau 19. Bob Burnantz 20. Todd Anderson 21. Chris Hansing 22. Scott Alleborn 23. Dana Deasy 24. Bob Larson 25. Pat Powers 26. Kuki Somhegyi 27. Dave Bouzak 28. Scott Heger 29. Clen Farr 30. Jim Furgurson 31. Hugh Sill 32. Mike Real 3 3. Cathy Thomas 34. Mike Crabendike 35. Cameron Luther 36. George Shinn 37. John Kellogg 38. Jeff Willis 39. John Duly 40. Kirk McCowen 41. Jim Purvis 42. Jamie Fowler 43. Ann deBenedetti 44. Beat von Tschamer 45. Sue Hindaracker 46. Shari Thompson 47. Bruce Turn I ss 48. MurphPatrick 49. Tom Murry 50. Jeff Kaessner 51. Pete McKinley 52. Unidentified 53. Brent Jones 54. Stevie Venture 55. Louis Ramirez 56. Roy Cole 57. Paul Kalemkiarian 58. Scott Davis 59. Liz Dewell 60. Cordon Adams 61. Scott Hayward 62. Bob Tierney 63. Doug Simpson 64. Karen Kewell 65. Mark Byers 66. Dan Christy 67. George Nicholls 68. Rick Del Carlo 69. Bonnie Zachary 70. Harry As tor 71. George Tellem 72. Tricia Rackhon 73. Brian Kelly 74. Sandy Hotson 75. Wes Kennedy 76. Paul Heeshen 77. Ray Campbell 78. Sheila Fitzpatrick 79. John Lebone 80. Bill Atha 81. Tim Real 82. Ward Munsie 83. Gary Buntman 84. Unidentified 85. Nancy Pon 86. Jim Sullivan 87. Unidentified 88. Renee Lawlar 89. Unidentified 90. Curt Pierose 91. Craig Rackohn 92. Dan Lyons 93. Chad Olson 94. Ron Orr 95. Tom Overend 96. Jules D. Bradley 97. Mike Morey 98. Mike Carr 99. Mike Morey 100. Eric Leaver 101. Hunt Williams 61 Chi Omega 1. Karen Rowan 2. Lauresa Stillwell 3. Sue Sakuma 4. Sammy Feng 5. Cindy Inouye 6. Rich Crone 7. Heidi Liebenguth 8. Shelli Kramer 9. Mary Tabata 10. Cherill Ulibarri 11. Tom Darin 12. Scott Footlik 13. Greg Peterman 14. Creg Peterman 15. Phyllis Steinhauer 16. Janet McCormick 17. ha Weinberg IS. Terry Waller 19. Laura Hays 20. Matt Wright 21. Sally Schwellenbach 22. Burt Huntley 23. Sandy Scholz 24. Kristy Powers 25. Paul Smolarsk i 26. bteptianie Murrow 27. Laurie Fregien 28. Donna Stern 29. Holly Brock 30. Louie Puncel ■ 7 A fjry fief 32. Steve Davis 33. Mindy Claser 34. Olav Buchel 35. Eve Ghazarin 36. Chris Carlson 62 Delta Chi 2. Clen Wilk 2. John Paul 3. Frank Vuoso 4. Thomas Burke 5. Frank Rivaneyra 6. Jeff Snyder 7. Randy Helfond 8. Donald Villafona 9. Kerry Wilson 10. Todd Mirolla 11. Chris Stirling 12. Rod Zalunardo 13. Martin Scott 14. Margaret Vinega 15. Bill Burke 16. Constance Coffman 17. Dorothy Clark 18. Mike Saliha 19. Stephanie Miller 20. Liz Freitas Not Pictured: Frank Barha Colin Wright Russ Helfond Mike Kingsbury Leonard Houser Bill Brabazon Kent Rennie William Thoren Wong Antonio Castro Calvin Kwan AX 63 Chi Phi XO 1. Steve Broadbent 2. Said Djabbari 3. Kathy Roitz 4. Elliot Frohman 5. Mike Sofka 6. Andrew Broadbent 7. Darrell Leuonian 8. Stefan Reinke 9. Dan Foster 10. Robert Meyers 11. Dianne Panos 12. Robert Nicoletti 13. Wendy Carlson 14. Cretchen Radtke 15. Wendy Warren 16. Chriss Nielsen 17. Ann Crescenti 18. Tom Hutchinson 19. Lisa Priester 20. Erik Pfanku 21. Howard Koor 22. Marty Van Houser 23. Peter Bylsma 24. Richard Lull 25. Jim Beeton 26. Mark Courtney 27. Ann Mears 28. Mike Coates 29. Laura Compton 30. Steve Vihien 31. Jackie Viera 32. Tom Old 33. Allan Wopshall 34. Elizabeth Palmer 35. Scott Quesinberry 36. Don Smith 37. Steve Cologne 38. Tom Dubbs 39. Eric Grandherg 40. Vivian Kevorkian 41. Ron Loo 42. John Prouitelli 43. Creg Hammond 44. Richard Suttie 45. Greg Kevorkian 46. Al Cabraloff 47. Valerie Vitale 48. Liz Redmond Not Pictured: James Kimura Jeff Baxter Tim Hayes Richard Tufenkian 65 Delta Delta Delta 1. Lori Handy Z. lamra ijwanson 3. Kathleen Owen 4. Lori Gartner 5. Lauren Kenealy 6. Elaine Caday 7. Carol Ward 8. Daria Nacheff 9. Marilyn MacMillian 10. Linda Lockwood 11. Wendy McKeever 12. Sonya Baker 13. Cathy Hogan 14. Patty White 15. Debbie Bossio 16. Debby George 17. Lisa Bert 18. Debby Gilchrist 19. Jennifer Metier t 20. Michele Bozzo 21. Laura Scott 22. Merrins Conway 23. Catherine Snear 24. Kristi Small 25. Linda Wooden 26. Mary Alice Harvey 27. Kristi Kronemeyer 28. Anne Houston 29. Kathie Gross 30. Pam Norton 31. Kelly Reilly 32. Trudi Hanes 33. Cindy Gratz 34. Janet Russo 35. Karen Wirth 36. Jill Freebarin 37. Erin Dundee 38. Kathy Smith 39. Claire Shafer 40. Cindy Miller 41. Carol Hodgson 42. Donna Dempster 43. Carol George 44. Kelly Buck 45. Karen Kiefer 46. Kim Small 47. Kristin McDermit 48. Sally Ohmundson 49. Kimm Edwards 50. Cindy Forbes 51. Heather Douglas 52. Cindi Dean 53. Sharon Butler 54. Sue Jacobs 55. Dana Capaluto 56. Karen Wopschall 57. Devvie McCann 58. Kim Freedle 59. Liz Coss 60. Robin Frey 61. Kristen Nicholai 62. Katie Heredia 63. Melanie Lester 64. Cami Stegman 65. Alice Murray 66. Ranee Schwartz 67. Sally Darroch 68. Lealie Richner 69. Kim Gentile 71. Mrs. Porter 72. Joan Miller 73. Karen Briscoe 74. Shirlyn Vogel 75. Wendy Almquist 76. Linda Celler 77. Kathy Kennedy 78. Avery Bayle 79. Lisa Stavro 80. Kim Kitchen 81. Lisa Cadeaux 82. Suzanne Cherese 83. Ana Cuiterrez 84. Devon McPherson 85. Judy Ritch 86. Suzanne Wilson 87. Terri Pater son 88. Holly Jones 89. Lynne MacVean 90. Marthe Pendegraft 91. Julie Andrews 92. Darcy Price 93. Wendy Andrews 94. Lorraine Webb 95. Margaret Dana 96. Sue Robinson 97. Kathy Kitchen 98. Viki Hargreaves 100. Dana Williams 101. Alice Williams 102. Kim Buckley 103. Jennifer Solomon 104. Dana Wilson 105. Jann Edwards Not Pictured: Ann Batcheller Jolene Gorton Leida Guiterrez Peggy Powers Linda Sage 66 AAA 67 Delta Gamma 1. Terri Cleland 2. Diane Ex ley 3. Rhonda Shaker 4. Lynn Exley 5. Becky Buss 6. Stacy Amar 7. Cayce Malone a. Shelly Buss 9. Kelly Coates 10. Karen Schweitzer 11. Tricia Dowsett 12. Lee Weber 13. Cindy Troy 14. Cyndi Bevard 15. Louise Van Vorst 16. Maria McMabon 17. Becky Berkey 18. Julie Gilos 19. Patty Klein 20. Lauren Vanghn 21. Kim Foster 22. Lisa Cryp 23. Kim Coss 24. Kim Cross 25. Angela Miceli 26. Jody Morton 27. Peggy O ' Neil 28. Diane Morsillo 29. Katy Krupp 30. Diane Akerman 31. Tracy Cleland 32. Laurie Hill 33. Pam Scott 34. Barb McDonald 35. Maria D ' Zurko 36. Terry Price 37. Robin Brown 38. Coleen Coates 39. Karen Wilke 40. Shelly Munson 41. Lisa VanMourick 42. Carrie Copeland 43. Liz Currey 44. CiCi Gorman 45. Lori Brittingham 46. Debbie Whitener 47. Cessie Delio 48. Linda Balfour 49. Kristen VanVorst 50. Cece Cordon 51. Becky Armstrong 52. Andrea Dossett 53. Meg DeLio 54. Christy Price 55. Rose Haddad 56. Ann Cretsinger 57. Janine Bleak 58. Susan Griffith 59. Ann de Benedetti 60. Anne Wilder 61. Ann Calanis 62. Megan Burschinger 63. Candy Brimberry 64. Shari Thompson 65. Amie Laugharn 66. Donna Palmquist 67. Elspeth Dobbie 68. Sharon Paxson 69. Ann Mellert 70. Marcy Chio 71. Bryn DeFreece 72. Gina Sammis 73. Susie Messina 74. Patti McDonald 75. Glen Fredricks 76. Randy Pittman 77. Tiger 78. Scott Lohman 79. Kathy Benett 80. Sue Smith 81. Kim Fox 82. Anne Macevicz 83. Drew Lawler 84. Leah Tuverson 85. Suzi Hancock 86. Renee Lawler 87. Mike Peterson 88. Glen Burke 89. Jeff Bruseau 90. Chris Allard 91. Doug May 92. Cordon Henry 93. Dave Heath 94. Lori Bussler 95. Nancy Treiman 96. Rick Johns 97. Kathy Broderick 98. Tegan West 99. Paul Girola 100. Ninon Aenovich 101. Chuck Williams 102. Bill Allen 68 Not Pictured: Elleni Anast Cathy Arquilla Patti Cahill Carrie Ann Caratan Leslie Drysdale Lyn Eisenhower Debbie Felts Betsy Flattery Sara Fornaciari Kelly Garrett Sue Hinderaker Pam Jones Kristi Keusder Cindy Klein Karin Lane Michita Laughcan June Mel in Wendy Miller Ann Moon Jeanne Moore Debbie Neil Kristin Nielsen Shelly Perkins Laura Peterson Ellen Robinson Leslie Stone Kiane Theurich Tina Valentine Louise Vaughn Julie Waite Paula Whisenand Sandi Wasserman Joey Wright Liz Youngblood Diane Yurich Ar 69 Fraternity Football " Passing League " Reduces Injuries, But Competition Remains Intense Fraternity football highlighted the Interfraternity Sports program again this year. The implementa- tion of the " passing " league resulted in fewer injur- ies and more creative strategies and game plans. The season proved to be intense in competition and spirit as league play reached the finals with the Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Alpha Tau Omega frater- nities vying for the large house championship. t 70 71 Delta Phi Kappa AOK 1. Grace Woo 2. Allison Asada 3. Marilyn Shimabukuro 4. Joyce Takahashi 5. Lynn Torigoe 6. Patty Kurata 7. Ada Chan 8. Francine Takai 9. Terry Jung 10. Tracy Kohara 11. Joanne Masaoka 12. Marlene Abe 13. Peggy Iwata 14. Janie Wong 15. Peggy Chow 16. Cathy Wong 17. Wendy Sato 18. Carolyn Ashimine 19. Cyndi Uyemoto 20. Jennie Kono 21. Carole Morita 72 Kathy Brown Gay Franc e Pier Doutie Roberta Waters Greta Backstrom Ingrid Williams Neelura Bell Felicia Stuckey Pamela Campbell 10. Phyllis Brown Not Pictured: Ava Bassett Cheryl Henderson Debbie Hill Sheri Hubbard Penny McKinstry Katen Quintal Patricia Reynolds Betra Smith Jennifer Steele Kobia Lapesarde Jamelle Wynn Delta Sigma Theta AX© 73 Delta Sigma Phi 1. Mark Miller 2. Dave Crampton 3. Jeff Worthy 4. Pat McNamee 5. Steve Lindsey 6. J.J. Azizian 7. Derald Skinner 8. George Moore 9. Sam Schaefer 10. Mel Cilmour 11. Charlie Connors 12. Kevin Schaefer 13. Jeff Weiner 14. Dale Snyder 15. Mahlon White 10. Norm Pickering 17. Mark Carter 18. Lamar Cumbody 19. Ralph Adame 20. Kathy the Cook 21. Scott Satin 22. Barry Branum 23. Ken Vail 24. Alan Boring 25. Eric Siess 26. Kevin Heerdt 27. Howard Moore 28. Pat Fields 29. Larry Mazur 30. Russ Harvey 31. Bernie Rosenthal 32. Ross Griswold 33. Bruce McDonald 34. Stan Roskens 35. Phil Marwood 36. Dean Hallet 37. Ralph Moose 74 AX D Not Pictured: Brian Brumit Bob Clark Darryl Farrar Larry Gaiber Mike Camson Brad Herdt Rob Kenneally Marco Marcantoni Armen Minasian Raffi Minasian Doug Olbrich Sean Osborn Eugene Osborne Jesse Perez Larry Roberts Dominic Romano Bill Snell Greg Wat kins 75 Delta Tau Delta ATA 1. Drew Lawler 2. Joe H. McKay 3. Andy Proctor 5. Barry Ressler 6. Neal C. Flyer 7. Tom May 8. Chris Steirxhauser 9. Tom Lyons 10. Dave C.F. Woolley 11. Mitch Axene 12. Greg Tucker 13. Joel Brow 14. Doug Valerio 15. Christy Kronmeyer 16. John Woods 17. A! Peacock 18. Dan King 19. Jody Lusk 20. Randy Duncan 21. Lori Kepler 22. John Woodford 23. Ken Kelley 24. Lon Chaney 25. Scott Bush 26. Dave Bent 27. Don Terrell 28. Doug Denardi 29. Scott Williamson 30. Don Hately 31. Bob Turtle Badley 32. Pat Vuarnet 33. Squint Kearns 34. Jim Smooth 35. Rich Solmon 36. Pat Olsen 37. Jeff Swanson 38. Rb Sepulvida 39. Tamra Swanson 40. Paul Kramer 41. Cussie Hall 42. Scott Henderson 43. Dave Clark 44. Mat Dye 76 77 Gamma Epsilon Omega FEU 1. Lambert Jong 2. Kevin Mizoguchi 3. Norman Noda 4. Clen Wakabayashi 5. Steve Yamashita 6. Karl Kim 7. Robert Nishida 8. Ken Yonemura 9. Ron Sera 10. Jon Kagawa 11. Rick Iwai 12. Dan Muramato 13. Steve Doug 14. Derrick Lai 15. Mike Tom 16. Mel Miyamoto 17. Dean Nagamine 18. Robert Hirose 19. Mike Nakamura 20. Roy Yoshino 21. Scott Kawakami 22. David Hozaki 23. Danny Nakagi 24. Russel Isobe 25. Ron Tom 26. Ken Tsukahara 27. Bryan Fujii 28. Kack Kaneoka 29. Clifford Yu 30. John Yamashita 31. Alex Wong 32. Mark Kumagawa 33. Ronnie Hirata Not Pictured: Stan Yasuda Greg Chang Bobby Hara Bill Hart Kevin Kamemoto Steve Kim Kevin Kunisaki Keith Miyamoto Tim Moy Mike Nakagawa Mike Neeno John Oda Roger Yamashiro Jerry Hazemoto Dallas Lee Barnett Lum Karl Miyamoto Andy Movchan Russell Nishida Carl Oto 76 Greek Senate The Creek Senate, comprised of sophomore representatives, func- tions as a support group for all Creek programming. BOTTOM ROW: Joe Smock, Mark Tober, Ceoffrey Entienne, Bonnie Foley, Jeff Ludwikowski, SECOND ROW: Brad Hillgren, Mike Abbott, Karen Nussbaum, Andrea Bouas, Tom Murray, Leanne Burke, TOP ROW: Willie Chang, Neil Cease, Andy Kroese, Brad Mattews, Alan Morishige, Mark Criffith, Brad Dow, Janice Merrill, Don Smith, Julie Puariea, Fritz Allison, Ray Olsen, Leonard Houser, Howard Farber, Jeff Johnston. Order Of Omega Order of Omega is composed of students who have been recognized for their outstanding contributions to the Creek system. BOTTOM ROW: Eileen Cannon, Charly Netel, Leslie Sherman, John Pentz, Joe Burgee, William Hall SECOND ROW: Jill Weissinger, Susan Pulone, B.J. Ceorge, Sherry Sigler, Pam Jones, Barry Coidberg, Joann Boss, TOP ROW: Mary Ann Hodges, Terry Burkett, Nancy Daves, Jerry Naegeli, Susan Barry, Becky Berkey, Howard Farber, Carolyn Yim, Steve Nahigian, Dave Crannis, Rich Oswald, David Snyder, Ken Smith, K.C. Coultrup, Jon Trutter, Vicki Hargreaves. 79 27. 28. 29. 1. Margaret Perley 2. Jessica Greene 3. Linda Kay Lyons 4. Ann Maureen Bolinger 5. Kim M. Harding 6. Kristine Shuman Hanna 7. Tricia Celic 8. Teri Lynn Fivecoat 2. Andrea Hale s 10. Lhristi Ann Kinkle 11. Cathleen McNamara 12. Sandy Simonian 13. Tammy Lakoduk 14. Jean Williams 15. Annette Patsuris 16. Tracey Reif 17. Sally Thoman 18. Kimberly Ann Peterson 19. Jill Zuber 20. Kristine Coode 21. Kelly Leigh Loy 22. Holly Siegel 23. Carol Mahdesian 24. Debra Koski 25. Meg McCarthy 26. Shanna McBain Carol Ann Hamilton Allison Platz Susan Louise Clark 30. Cheryl Anne Pierson 31. Thayer Diane Weddle 32. Heidi Kleinmaus 33. Shirley J. Rush 34. Kimberly Ann Hellman 35. Victoria Irene Nevinny 36. Janice Mellert 37. Deborah Ann Danson 38. Christy Ann Frazier 39. Jennifer Linnea Johnson 40. Susan Louise Clarke 41. Ian Marie Frazier 42. Desiree Lindstedt 43. Kellie Citron 44. Lizabeth Schreiber 45. Lisa Sheehan 46. Christine Hennig 47. Jan ' K ' " ' " Vtj ' i is. VVendi Sue Custafson 49. Juliana Pisani 50. Catherine Becketel 51. Annette Kim 52. Yolanda Cantellops 53. Sheila Duffy 54. Megan Johanson 55. Greta Garner 56. Laura A. Tahl 57. Betsy DiMaria 58. Kathleen Marie Stevens 59. Janice Roberts 60. Patricia Anne Livinehouse 61. Pamela Mae Curran 62. Tammy Laura Sedin 63. Signe Ruth Quale 64. Elaine Boyd 65. Sandra Webster 66. Lisa Colleen Barkdull 67. Cheryl Gordon 68. Megan Kalionzes 69. Lori Brumleu 70. Sabrina Kazarian 71. Dayna Carter 72. Sheri Anne Taylor 1 m ' % jh ■ . li B l _ " r | ;_J wSL. Bt n !!:V .« fli W Gamma Phi Beta T(PB 73. Terri Kebenstort 74. Catherine Momjian 75. Janice Richardson 76. Debbie Johnson 77. Erin Frances Cassidy 78. Julie Johnson 79. Nancy L. Pan 80. Elizabeth 81. Carol Lynn Kemler 82. Linda Sue Delahooke 83. Ronnie Rodgers 84. Gina Marie Celic 85. Ann Vasko 86. Debbie Darr 87. Debra Dee Hypes 88. Nancy Rogers 89. Carolyn Jill Braden 90. Rebecca Anne Jeffs 91. Ann Walker 92. Susan Elaine London 93. Lisa Ann Denton 94. Alison Ehmie 95. I ' Jancy C3fol Whitaker 96. Beverly Andrews 97. Susan Leigh Kirven 98. Kathy Rosso 99. Frances Jo Mills 100. Janet Lorraine See 101. Linda Kathleen Malley 80 81 1. John Ochoa 29. Jim Gischrist 57. B.D. Howes 2. Andrew Woodward 30. Jim Loftis 58. Dave Williams 3. Dave Peterson 31. Mike McGowan 59. Al Bonde 4. Dreigh Peck 32. John Agamalian 60. Jeff Macalusco 5. Steve Titus 33. John Moulton 61. Greg Skjonsby 6. Mike Dolan 34. Dan Parry 7. Gregg Carpenter 35.Jay Mast Not Pictured: 8. Rusty Sherwood 9. Errol West 36. Greg Jones Walt Arrington 37. Brad Hilgren Don Ayres Tim Blanco 10. Randy Kawamura 38. Jim Jones 11. Mark Wren 39. Dave Machenbach Neal Callahan 12. Jeff Lulejian 4a Chris Cadd Brent Daves 13. R.C. Treat 41. Kevin Kostlan Craig DeMiranda 14. Greg Krue er 15. Steve McCarty 42. Ted Levis Gary Driver, Jr. 43. Dave Hunsacker Chris Foote 16. Dennis Moloney 44. Matt Smith Jim Hair 17. Joe McNulty 45. Randy Zisk Brian Hickey 18. Tim Lally 46. Russ Chesley Kevin Hayden 19. Gary Stachler 47. Brent Carpenter David M ' Gee 20. Jack Raidy 48. John Stenicka Jeff Quint 21. Rob Francescon 49. Paul Neff Dennis Schade 22. Steve Haey 23. Mark Felton 50. Al Scolamieri David Seastrom 51. Dan Trapp John Seifert 24. Mike Healy 52. Ken Butera Bob Teel 25. Scott Reed 53. Dave DeMiranda George Weissberg Ralph Wescott 26. Dan Nelson 54. Steve Silk 27. Dave Larsen 55. Bill Elder 28. Dave Hixenbaugh 56. Greg Mahoney 82 Kappa Alpha Order 83 1. Melissa Boals 2. Karen Linduski 3. Kim Eldredge 4. Amy Baldwin 5. Kathy Kranhold 6. Jo Leachman 7. Kerry Shield 8. Teri Pearsall 9. Sandy Haffly 10. Elena Martinno 11. Terri Spicer 12. Lisa Ives 13. Bari Ablon 14. Terry Tanner 15. Caroline Glenn 16. Kathy Koll 17. Pat Locacciato 18. Mindy Schneider 19. Jacpui Legorreta 20. Anne Greco 21. Laurie Rohrer 22. Lisa Goodlad 23. Vidette Schine 24. Jill Hoagland 25. Kelly McNamura 26. Kathy Hepps 27. Stacy Reeder 28. Dana Myerson 29. Katie Bower 30. Mary Kay Wilson 31. Teresa White 32 Debbie Ellena 33. Karen Johnson 34. Cathy Kelly 35. Mary Gallie 36. Cyndy Larson 37. Peggy Sue Curry 38. Donna D ' Elia 39. Lisa Papadakis 40. Juli Puariea 41. Dana Swancutt 42. Lynda Rohrer 43. Joni Tucker 44. Mary Buckingham 45. Eileen Cannon 46. Anne Consoni 47. Bonnie Foley 48. Mart Ferryman 49. Shelby Heyn 50. Sandy Toms 51. Kristin Olson 52. Anne Pendo 53. Laura Anderson 54. Laurie Anderson 55. Peggy Blake 56. Sally Stonestreet 57. Nancy Duke 58. Jill Weissinger 59. Michele St. Denis Kappa Alpha Theta KA© 60. Ramona Cappello 61. Lori Parrish 62. Pemelyn Ferdin 63. Erin Dougherty 64. Carrie Lisenbery 65. Jenn Stein 66. Cathy Tucker 67. Denise Saltier 68. Lisa Olson 69. Marty McGavock 70. Mary Overton 71. Linda Beal 72. Leslie Long 73. Alice Ragenovich 74. Betsy Jacobson 75. Wendy Donder 76. Caroline Molloy 77. Michelle Fagan 78. Donna Major 79. Tammi Pelton 80. Laura Sorgen 81. Jenny Murdock 82. Loretta Honseler 83. Terrie Capellino 84. Liz Nutt 85. Karla Paulick Not Pictured: Mandy Artukovich Chrissy Beckhardt Kim Borcherdt Kathy Brodigan Cathy Collins Cathy Condon Tracy Dahlin Jeri Dieball Tracy Downer Pam Green Betsy Hartwig Linda Hinds Leslie Holden Elaine Johnston Kathy Kiar Lisa Killian Jean Ann LeGrand Laurie Love Laura Lindburg Mary Maness Jane Meeker Julie Meyer Judy Morley Eli zabeth Pollock Margaret Poulson Beth Reed Wendy Taylor Lynne Thompson Judi Wendorff Sue Whittington Mary Wood 84 85 Kappa Kappa Gamma KKr 86 1. Susie Barry 2. Joan Dambros 3. Tina Byers 4. Lisa Kasselik 5. Debbie Arneson 6. Casey Crier 7. Patti Donleavy 8. Andrea Jahnke 9. Connie Scherer 10, Lori Mast 12. Sharon Sandberg 13. Terry Burkett 14. Susan Rowe 15. Shawna Hunter 16. Liz Kewell 17. Leslie WooUey 18. Leslie Perovich 19. Julie Down 20. Mary Abbate 21. Martha Johnson 22. Christy Archer 23. Marisa Autrey 24. Mary Poppic 25. Mary Lou Meairs 26. Malisa Masanovich 27. Patty Carson 28. Jan McClure 29. Cathy Crowley 30. Janice Benson 31. Lynn Thomas 32. Karen Doherty 33. Deirdre Atkin 34. Tori Fraser 35. Melanie Jahnke 36. Cathy Stratos 37. Lynne Burk 39. Catherine Conlan 40. Maritia Barnum 41. Sonja Bakke 42. Liz Creif 43. Tricia Frey 44. Jamee Wesson 45. Tami Miller 46. Stephanie James 47. Bonnie Schermer 48. Diana Wilkin 49. Nancy Brodhal 50. Tory Taylor 51. Sonja Zaninovich 52. Susie Bartling 53. Carey Lewis 54. Brett Howes 55. Karen Kewell 56. Jill Gardner 57. Nancy Call 58. Monica Scanlon 59. Devin Howes 60. Lea Ward 61. Kim Dwan 62. Terry Hollister 63. Mary Carol Roesser 64. Lisa Breuer 65. Stacy Caras 66. Gail Enderwood 67. Lisa Bell 68. Colleen Shea 69. Kuki Somheghyi 70. Karen Johnson 71. Janet Avedisian 72. Becky Hamilton 73. Sally Nash 74. Gloria Garcia 75. Jennifer Thomas 76. Alison Roach 77. Vicki Terry 78. Janie Aylward 79. Carol Weeshoff 80. Cindy Freeman 81. Lotte Harding Not Pictured: Suzanne Aubert Lori Ashton Jennifer Biller Brynne Bonner Lori Ashton Jennifer Biller Brynne Bonner Stacey Call Galen Chase Cathy Contino Phyllis Contino Nancy Daves Cindy Doughty M ' Lissa Erhart Jane Graves Debbie Gray Lori Hickey Joy Hilker Rozalynn Johnson Kathy Kilkelly Marsha Kunz Linda Lauger Alison Logan Margy Moersch Nancy Morrow Diane Nason Cathy Nelson Susie Rallis Beth Ryan Alice Scott Soraya Shirzad Jill Spear Shelly Stokes Christy Stratos Terry Tabah Cathy Thomas Kim Wallace Kristi Walls Susie Wilkin 87 Kappa Sigma 1. Rick Viole 2. Steve Tucci 3. Steve Fuller 4. Jill Sassa 5. Unidentified 6. Robb Grant 7. Cami Stegman Anne Walker Bryan Busse 10. Tim O ' Reilly 11. Tim Biole 12. Dean Fogarty 13. Brandt Williams 14. Skip Gillette 15. Mark Yeager 16. Scott Sassa 17. John Boggs 18. Todd Cooley 19. Michael McCulloch 20. Teri Fivecoat 21. Mark Walton 22. Jan McClure 23. Stan Mullin 24. Ron Stavert 25. Rick Capellino 26. Rick Allen 27. Kelly Irvine 28. Scott Anderson 29. Randy Forter 30. Gordon Sylvester 31. Debbie Whitener 32. Shiela Maley 33. Brad Buettner 34. Barbara Mohler 35. Bill Caras 36. Mike Patrichi 37. Ken Morgan 38. Bob Osher 39. Lisa Van Mourick 40. Mike Clapp 41. Robert Ahike 42. Steve Macke 43. Kathy Todd 44. Hans Hiatt 45. Don Burdge 46. Greg Brooks 47. Jeff Johnson 48. Doug Burdge 49. Susan Griffth 50. Eddie Clark 51. Dave Kirkland 52. Jennifer Thomas 88 KS 53. Michael " Candid " Marquez 54. Dane Hillyard 55. Tracey Cluck 56. Curtis Young 57. Alice Reisner 58. Ed Cook 59. Julie Meyer 60. Douglas English 61. Victor Vandergriff 62. Mark Coodley 63. Jim Floyd 64. Ron Higgins 65. Lori Parrish 66. Jeff Kotch 67. Rick Kissler 68. Dennis Richardson 69. Betsy Jacobson 70. Jim Feederle 71. Pam Jones 72. Lori Hill 73. Rick Riggs 74. Lisa Olson 75. Darea Nacheff 76. Alison Roach 77. Dave Stairs 78. Bill Rheinschild 79. Marna Thais 80. Scott Buettner 81. Ann Husted 82. Kelly Buck 83. Boh Ruth 84. Greg Bega 85. Mike Dougherty 86. Allen C ravello 87. Lance Schmidt 88. Steve Ceraghty 89. William Pigya 90. Jon Hughes 91. Troy Trimble 92. Todd Miller 93. Scott Jacobson 94. Rob Horsley 95. Dave Brooks 96. Pete Repovich 97. Robert Vecchio 98. Creg Burns 99. Joe Burgee 100. Earl Lyons 101. Rich Sutch 102. Tony Baia 103. Mark Cardelucci 104. Kevin Robinson 105. Drew Fransen 10c. Bill McDonald 107. Ron Razzanodonno 108. Jeff Keen 109. Lew F. Webb 110. Gary Jones 111. Doug Hoover 112. Dave Burgde 113. Bob Beyer Lambda Chi Alpha 1. David Long 2: Christine Childers 3. Steve Takeda 4. Dwight Kushiyama 5. Laurie Balcom 6. Alan Thiel 7. Becky Winthrop 8. Isabel Rogers 9. Don Harrison 10. Brad Mart 11. Margot Puley 12. John Lear 13. Duke Speer 14. Bruce McTague 15. Brad Dow 16. Sandy Webster 17. Steve Soukup 18. Alan LimBird 19. Kraig Nakano 20. Lois Borchardt 21. Phillip Blum 22. Karen Lakaroski 23. Jim Voss 24. Laura Berger 25. Marc Mercado 26. Paul Speyer 27. Brad Buckley 28. Cathy Smithwick 29. Mike Sea I Ion 30. Rick Hinouosa 31. Robert Yamada 32. Carole Hughes 33. Erik Erikson Not Pictured: Rudy Harvey Vern Nagayama Mark Dias Ceorge Gonzales Chuck Thompson Glen Carpenter Elena Berumen Liz Hoge Christine Prescott Diane Wagner 90 91 Kappa Alpha Psi Pictured: Harold Peters Theodios Johnson Thomas Strictland Reginald Jones Gary Hinton Kendall White Jose Mincey Paul Dent Anthony Ellis Not Pictured: Keith Deslonde Brian Jenkins Jerry Lee Billy Mann Reginald Michel Thero n Wiggi ns aryl Williams 92 93 94 Peter Jacobs Steve Scully Joel Corona Russ Miller Jeff Stone Craig Moody 7. Mike 8. Scott Hill 9. Sean 10. Chris 11. Dave Ruck 12. Steve Philp 13. Bruce Takaguma 14. Chip Harris 15. Jim Cerson 16. Mike Schaefer 17. Steve Kwong 18. Dave Paulson 19. Robert Kinney 20. Bill Lieberg 21. Peter O ' Donnell 22. Ceoff Grant 23. Scott Brown 24. Rick Holcomb 25. Randy Luce 26. Bruce Brettell 28. Jim Bohan 29. Curt Tsujimoto 30. Dave Wensley 31. Matt Easter 32. Jeff Asper 33. Brian Lippold 34. Dave Dietrich 35. Tom Ferrari 36. Larry Richardson 37. Andy Marsh 38. Tom Muller 39. Glen Mclntire 40. Brian Burck 41. Kevin Paugh 42. Martin Salazar 43. Durk Hull 44. Brad Eggum 45. Bill Shrader 46. Vic McCalla 47. Kirk Ambrozich 48. Pete Busso 49. John Duddy 50. Jess Rothpletz 51. Dan Niemann 52. Andy Kroese 53. Kevin Gallagher 54. Paul Jones 55. Steve Tornay 56. Neils Pederson 57. Pete Edwards 58. Bill Lioberg Not Pictured: Carl Jaggeus Ed McGrath Guy Pacurar Chip Stewart Paul Stuhr Ted Wedlake Jeff Wilkes Fred Ziler Steve Otto Diego Munoz-Flores Ted Quilligan 95 m_i Phi Gamma Delta 96 orA 1. Gib Papazian 2. Marty Hargrave 3. Tony Salem 4. Steve Maynard 5. Scott Springer 6. Tyler K. Pauley 7. Allen Caminiti 8. Steve Lane 9. Charlie Muirhead 10. Lawrence E. Hall II 11. Eric L. Caminiti 12. Kevin Van Steen berg 13. Ralph C. Harris 14. Bruce Shannon 15. " Tiger " Tom Nyberg 16. Karl Drummond 17. Dave Ely 18. Coeff Etienne 19. Scott Partner 21. Craig Scheldt 22. Bob Hernandez 23. Jack Gottes 24. Craig Dunagan 25. jay Noonan 26. John Wentzel 27. Richard Sandifer 28. Mike Synn 29. Phil Shumate 30. Steven P. Lewis 31. Paul Ashcraft 32. Bill Baber 33. Jordan McColloch 34. Denny Rice 35. Don Meyers 36. Joe McGinley 37. Curt Winicki 38. Tom T. Hall 39. Dave Rosenberg 41. Rich Katnik 42. Mike Roias 43. Mike Schwann 44. Mitch Laughton 45. Ric k Sakimoto 46. Mike Cofano 47. Tom Foster 48. Jim Laughton 49. Mike Cummins Phil Huffman Richard " R.G " Harrison Tad Dietrich 53. Roger Stephens 54. Dave Lane 55. Pierre Bergs trom 56. Craig Higdon 57. DavicJ h antipn Schalle 50. 51. 52. 58. John bcnaller 59. Bruce Bowman 60. Bruce Cohen 61. Joe Rojas 62. David Allen Kossak 63. Marc Calvo 64. Skip Kozacik 65. Chuck May turn 66. Dave San ford 67. Greg King 68. Scott Fiasco 69. Brian Farmer 70. Chuck Lewis 91 Phi Kappa Psi 1. Jack Huber 20. Steve Jonas 39. Gregg Starr 2. Mark Foster 21. Mar k Kobayashi 40. Bob Preston 3. Loring Jacobs 22. Giannaro Cigliano 41. Mike Frey 4. Karen Schroeder 23. Danny Pryor 42. Joe Boylan 5. Nina Schmidt 24. Howard Chuchian 43. Chuck Black 6. Bruce Beach 25. Warren Chow 44. Bruce Sherman 7. Dave Pricket t 26. Jack Hodges 45. Craig Miller a. Littleton Waller 27. Joe Smith 46. Chris Goldsmith 9. Paul Faessell 28. Dean Phillips 47. Mark Phillips 10. John DeMarco 29. Dan Duckworth 48. Todd Brown 11. Greg Bert 30. John Gormley 49. Cameron Childs 12. Lars Olson 31. Dennis McCarthy 50. Whitney 13. Dave Hadaad 32. Nick Bozick Wilkinson 14. Don Stevens 33. Bob O ' Gorman 51. Ed Molina 15. Greg Ben sen 34. Jon Swedlond 52. Bill Kramb 16. Brent Enright 35. Gary Phillips 53. Eric Smith 17. Christ Yekich 36. Dave Cordova 54. Jeff Hildreth 18. Rich Jenkins 37. Alfred McCadless 55. Jim Florance 19. Jeff Phillips 38. Tom Bowden 56. Dan Molvihill 99 100 Phi Kappa Tau a)KT 1. Mark Dixon 2. Justin Caplan 3. Neil Cease 4. Ralph Mendoza 5. Steven Morris 6. Jim Docherty 7. Nick Merrill 8. Mark Nichols 9. Jim Shore 10. Kevin Darroch 11. Joe Freire 12. John Danner 13. Todd Parker 14. Scott Liebert 15. Skip Jackson 16. Roger Marks 17. Jeff Weddle 18. Bob Wolney 19. Mike Yee 20. Brian Keepers 21. Jim Muirhead 22. Brian Watts 23. Brian Baker 24. Jack Campbell 25. Jeff Lorenzen 26. Murray Roe 27. Doug Sutton 28. BraaCreen 29. Creg Little 30. Rand y Peck 31. Brett Welshymer 32. Mark Pero 33. Kirk Rogers 34. Ceorge Burnt 35. Howard Milliard 36. Jim Jen-kin 37. Randy Marzec 38. Leslie Sherman 39. Dave Cary 40. Mike Nitz 41. Denny Malatek 42. Edson Howard 43. Doug Nichol 44. Eddie Hsi 45. Dave Pennington 46. Tom Walls 47. Brett Nelson 48. Mark Fronke 49. Matt Walker 50. Alex Ceorgiev 51. Marlin Kistner Not Pictured: Saul Asnis Dan Benoit Dan Cacho Ed Hernandez Creg Lehr Bob Linton Mitch Morey Jim Murphy Brian Wolf 101 A .7 1 S ■ 102 Phi SigmaKappa Jose Arozamena Mark Zelezny John Molnar Steve Taglianetti Brian Reed John Karmelich Art Coon Dave Lothrop Knute Berry Roy Sutton Ray Pritchitt Larry Castro Jim Coslett Jay Ferguson Mel Travens Dan Reinwald Scott Hill Richard Bunn Dan Ramos John Chin Pete Bentley Scott Clover Nick Eliopoulus Mark Faillace Brad Barnes Steve Harrison Roberto Arozamena Doug Hassel Timothy Taylor Not Pictured: Mike Houghton Jim Miller Boh Crizwalk Rich Amerian Larry Gray Brian Kawahara Paul Lay bourn Dan Longo Rich Lopez Kurt Miller Steve Pacini Phil Selway Kent Snyder Cris Vandagriff Creg Williams John Mitchell Mark Willie 103 Pi Beta Phi nBO 1. Robin Coffey 2. Debbie Duthie 3. Karen Kuhlman 4. Stephanie Lueblee 5. Anne McNelley 6. Todd Holzer 7. Tiger Nigren 8. Ken Stokes 9. Dick Sandifer 10. Tom Mundy 11. Andy Rose 12. Shelley Sun born 13. Sue Ronnbree 14. Kathy Todd 15. Joane Harding 16. Kathleen Harris 1 7. Pam Merejo n lS UiaAd ' Cuglielmino 19. Elizabeth Tily 70- l lanrv Fnrojt rh 21. Julie ledesco 22. Jerrilyn Johnstone 23. Sharon Brombach 24. Lisa Ullmann 25. Sue Lucas 26. Louise Nagata 27. Janna Beling 28. Helen Hart 29. Casey Lewis 30. Tracy Hobbs 31. Janet Jensen 32. Kaudi Bi shore 33. Kris Kumer 34. Kristen Beling 35. Sherry Russell 36. Kandi Waier 37. Becky Welsh 38. Cathy Cottrell 39. Andrea Bunas 40. Leslie Shalleross 41. Delise Siegler 41. Jenny Coe 42. Pam Salker 43. Cheryl Gassner 44. Carol Lyons 45. Kpthy Harmon 46. Jan Scheify 47. Heleb Reinhardt 48. Jackie Johnstone 49. Kelly Bryan 50. Erin O ' Brien 51. Kim Withrow 52. Melanie Real 53. Ann Long 54. June Hodges 55. Jenny BotzBach 56. Tracy Todd 57. Heidi Sutter 58. Laurie Hance 59. Liz Storm 60. Jill Sassa 61. Jan Bur son 62. Mary Ann Hodges 63. Stacey Burkett 64. Karen Lurie 65. Patty Cole 66. Cindy Kern 67. Pam Wilson 68. Caria Olivera 69. Lori Seidensticker 70. Allyson Rily 71. Carrie Hem pie 72. Teri Dion 73. Linda Goux 74. Nancy Meyer 75. Lisa Daily 76. Mrs. Green 77. Kim McKee 78. Claudia Lampner 79. Kathy Si mens 80. Kim Khoury 81. Kathleen DeRuff 82. Anne O ' Neal 83. Sally Metzler 84. Denise Doering 85. Claudia Graham 86. Glenna Anderson 87. Vicki Sorensen 88. Susan Styll 89. Sue Gorden 90. Pam Sirianni 91. Pam Blasier 92. Tracy MacKay 93. Karey Walsh 94. Helen McCloskey 95. Marcia Oswald 96. Cynthia Curtis 97. Karen Allison 98. Karrey Heath 99. Anita Artnkovich 100. Meg Jones 101. Cindy Telleen 102. Susan Stoltze 103. Kathleen Sigler 104. Sally Sharr 105. Eve Paworz 106. Laurie Hansen 107. Dana Kitchen 108. Paige Dooling 109. Kim Peters 110. Stacy Nichols Not Pictured: Betsy Robertson Dana Carli Maureen Daris Mary Denzler Lorraine Kisselburgh Karen Kuhlman Stephanie Nora Suzie Nora Susan Ozawa Karen Takeguma Leeann Willis Pam Wilson Lisa Barrett Marianne Bozanich Lisa Cashion Terri Galles Karen Holdemaker Stacey Hollister Kelli Inne Karen Klugman Jill Pfaum Gretchen Thomas Wendi Tillon Lisa Wilson 105 Greeks Do It Their Own Way Life On The Row Unique For All Individuals An eventful year on the Row it was, as many of the Greeks fought the battle for their rights as individuals, yet still maintained their role as group members. Working together with brothers and sisters made the fund raisers easier and the house duties go by faster. Unity was strengthened by group activities like pledge-actives, and Monday night meetings. Yet individuality was main- tained as Greeks left their affiliations on the Row for a weekend retreat. The Greek Retreat, sponsored by the Order of Omega, was held in the spring as a chance to discuss and improve Greek life without discussion of particular houses. The inter-fraternity and inter-sorority intramural pro- grams provide friendly competition for house members and an opportunity to show off house talent. The ATO and SAE houses led the race for the Iron Man trophy, a contest for the top house overall in intramural competition. For the women, the Helen of Troy title is awarded. Pride and loyalty make the competition strong, but the name of the game is work- ing together. Early spring semester, the Delta Tau Delta fraternity members were evicted from their house. Although the house was closed, the Delt charter was not revoked. Because of violations committed by Delts while under probation, it was decided that the house should be closed, members relocated to other housing, and that their commitments to the univer- sity and others be paid before regaining their house back. Obviously, the homeless Delts were not able to participate in spring Rush. Life is not always rosy on the Row. Five SAE pledges were arrested on charges of grand theft after having been caught with stolen goods from a Newport Beach apartment and school. Pleading guilty to trespassing, the five members received a lesser penalty and a good lesson. The pledges arrested were described as wearing whiteT-shirt, olive pants, yellow shoes, and pin: typical Inspiration week attire. Row life is not always rosy, nor always serious. But the good makes up for the bad, many members agree. And the tradition of pinnings. Inspiration week, and pledge-actives will live on along 28th street. BELOW: The brothers of Delta Tau Delta fraternity and dates celebrate in traditional " Animal House " style. OPPOSITE PAGE, TOP: DCs present Theme Day entertainment. CENTER LEFT: Fraternity members pose with their souvenirs from another " scavenger hunt " . CENTER: Tri Delt Ann Martin cheered for the Los Angeles Rams as a member of the " embraceable ewes " . CENTER RIGHT: Brian Brumit practices the latest transportation fad. BOTTOM: Fraternity bartenders pose for a group shot at an Associates Dinner. 106 107 Pi Kappa Phi nKo 1. Ray Martinez 2. Chuck Sarture 3. Lon Cipolla Rob Shield Brock Miller Dana Ashton Pat McHale 8. David Rich 9. Dan Barnard Todd Whitney 11. Joe Carrico 12. Dino Constance 13. Alan Nyberg 14. David Poole 15. Greg Evans 16. David Raff 17. Steve Villa IS. Bob Craziano 19. Craig Kornblau 20. Dan Martin 21. Fritz Allison 22. Wayne Neill 23. Tony Stea 24. Jim McMenamin 4. 5. 6. 7. 10. 25. Tod Hunt 26. Mike Oliver 27. Andy McCallum 28. Mike Starliper 29. David Medlin 30. Scott Swanburg Not Pictured: John Clancy Tracey Coats Roland Crim Chris Domhrowski Brad Dunning Chuck Feldman Ken Griffin Roger Larson Steve Petralia Bobby Rosenblum Bruce Rosenblum Mike Sapa Eric Selter Richard Weiss Rus Yount 108 109 Sigma Alpha Epsilon XAE 1. Dale Yeager 2. Larry Drum 3. Chuck Williams 4. Lee Jones 5. Steve Bentz 6. Marty Campbell 7. Dave Crowe 1 1 8. Creg Ris 9. Tom Flannelly 10. Natt Dorff 11. Ross Feinberg 12. Mike Bas 13. Chuck Lee 14. Jum Brelsford 15. ]oht Wix 16. Brian Casdia 17. Kevin Reilly 18. Scott Mason 19. Scott Allman 20. Randy Pittman 21. Phil Sirianni 22. Hans Taucher 23. Mike Mikasa 24. Dave Riggio 25. Jon Coultrup 26. Brian Reid 27. Mark Buonaguidi 28. K.C Coultrup 29. Scott Tolstad 30. Mike Avery 31. Harlan Hailey 32. Glenn Freidrich 33. Tegan West 34. Brook Blakeslee 35. Bill Allen 36. Bob Bailey 37. Bill Carlson 38. Bryan Allman 39. John Flynn 40. Kevin Fritch 41. John Klug 42. Kirk Bergs trom 43. Bob Volkel 44. Alan Robertson 45. Rick Caruso 46. Dennis Alfieri 47. Louie 48. Bill Hayden 49. Bart Pucci 50. Creg Rawlings 51. Keith Yonkers 52. Mark Esbewsen 53. Ranie Martini 54. Neil Jensen 55. Don Gorsch 56. Paul Currola 57. Scott Roser 58. Pat Conlin 59. Tim Carey 60. Mark Pringle 61. Tad Smythe 62. Kelly Coultrup 63. Mark Johnson 64. Pete MacDonald 65. J.C. Crikshank 66. Mike Boehnlein 67. Dan Cettinger 68. Jerry Jameson 69. Ray Olson 70. Jerry Shilz 71. Mike Jackson 72. Dave Girling 73. Jim Carmack 74. Brian Stone 75. Dan Burgner 76. Jim M in tie Not Pictured: Mike Adkins Dave Anderson Kurt Groeniger Doug Hauser Dick Haynes Pat McClenahen Mark Miller Mike Miller Jim O ' Donnell Kirk Seidensticker Gerry Schmidt Kevin Snyder Mark Tober Bill Urbina Joe Ziegler Rory Bertaina Mark Foley Bill French Terry Moloney Tracy Taft 110 Ill Sigma Alpha Mu SAM 1. Jud Sabbath 16. Barbara Caganich 17. Terri Mitchell 31. Paul Cohen Not Pictured: 2. Cary Lefton 32. Bobby Schreiber Steve Ashendorf 3. Carl Werneicke 18. Allen-Hart Pitch 33. Steve Ross Dave Berton 4. Mark Cohen 19. Ted Cofsky 34. Alan Kheel Freddy Goldberg 5. Greg Wiviott 20. Paul Arshawsky 35. Stuart Sherman Bruce Kirshbaum 6. Alberto Levine 21. Sandy Stewart 36. Jack Prober Robert Landis 7. Dave Reeduretsky 22. Howard Becker 37. Dennis Wilkin Arlen Miller 9. Tom Helberg 23. Ed Frank 38. Bernie Leibovitch Kerry Nelson 9. Marc Friedlander 24. Todd Molnar 39. Phil Ratnoff Steve Weisenberg 10. Jimmy Hausberg 25. Danny Leon 40. Mark Caplow 41. Jeff Marks Jean-Paul Joel 11. Brad Cage 26. Todd Harris Brian Malter j 12. Brad Matthews 27. Jon Landau 42. Mitch Shatzen Rich Steinbeck 13. Jim Rivin 28. Stevi. ' Hyman 43. Alan Risch Andy Trachman 14. Reena Juon 29. Rod Schiff 44. Louis Cuttman Dan Uri 15. Lon Rosen 30. Terry Wapner 45. Melody Lubin - 1 1 112 i 113 Sigma Chi XX 1. Bill Hot! 2. Tom Morris 3. Wade Hutchins 4. Jeff Brusseau 5. John Conley 6. BUI Kiefer 7. Dan Plunkett 8. Brian Ulf 9. Mark Muller 10. Creg Fults 11. Greg Wattson 12. Rich John 13. Brian Lewis 14. Creg Stevenson 15. Chuck Fry 16. Todd Byers 17. Todd Kanen 18. Rich Ramirez 19. Jim House 20. Dave Hammar 21. Chad Fester 22. Rick Murray 23. Jeff Spalla 24. Jerry Cruebel 25. Brad Parker 26. Joe Wirht 27. Jeff Bitetti 28. Dan Bozzo 29. Tony Ranger 30. Nader Shahrokhshahi 31. Ted McCinley 32 Dave Pyle 33. Jeff Olson 34. Brian Kunde 35. Dean Chandler 36. Jeff Starr 37. Creg Bennett 38. Craig Summers 39. Creg Hexberg 40. Doug Kanen 41. Bruce Watson 42. Scott Lohman 43. Rich Cults 44. Brian Carratt 45. Jeff Hawken 46. Dave Richie 47. Creg Forgatch 48. Leonard Kirkorian 49. Randy Parole 50. John De Young 51. Rich Prill 52. Mitch Gray 53. Steve Olson 54. Rob Chumbook 55. Duncan L. Matteson 56. Matt Matteson 57. Bob Childers 58. Jim Hindle 59. Fred Cladle 60. Dan Vogelzang 61. Chuck Crane 62. Scott Burnham 63. Steve Bauman 64. Mike Spalla 65. Gary hlooks 66. Brian Manning 67. Carlton Baab 68. Bob Vogelzang 69. Terry Crowley 70. Dorcey Abshier Jtr;:l -aSL«.._ 71. Scott Allen 72. Mark Hochgesang 73. Tom Mitchell 74. Baron Birtcher 75. Craig Waite 76. Spiro Psaltis 77. Jeff Johnston 78 . Harv Wyman 79. Ron Granger 80. Doug May 81. Peter Doder 82. Bob Johnson 83. Rich Sullivan 84. Oscar Not Pictured; Brad Bauman Dan Bromstad Gary Chaffin John Cox Bob Cutts Rich Dewer Joe Flood Chip Harrison Bill Keogh Jack Kruger Jeff Lewis Ron Mills Rick Myers Steve Ramser Kirk Smith Rich Stanton Zach Stimson Bob Timberlake Mike Wiechers John Appleby Rich Nunis Chris Schaefer 114 i m I JW 115 Sigma Nu Neil Ainsden Tami Miller Mike Rierson Tim Foster John Ayoob Scott MacDonald Ken Stokes 8. John Shafer 9. Steve Mulhern 10. Creg May 11. Steve Sawyer 12. Tricia Frey 13. Cindee Freeman 14. Alan Aufhanner 15. Floree Abrams 1 6. Sally Rizjp 17. Ann Cretsdnger 18. Rich Kurtz 19. Tracy Hobbs 20. Jeff Jones 21. Bonnie Foley 22. Mike Cerrina 23. Mary Kay Wilson 24. Forrest Mitchell 25. Wayne Huges 26. George Cappello 27. Brian Poljquin 28. Ed Walsh 29. Pat Flynn 30. Mario Zandstra 31. Steve Freeman 32. Steve Lee 33. Ron Freeman 34. Greg Moore 35. Jon Alman 36. Mike Garguilo 37. Jim Russell 38. Fete Moersch 39. Margy Moersch 40. Scott MacLatchie 41. Karen Lurie 42. John Walters 43. Cathy Collins 44. Juli Peariea 45. Terrie Capellino 46. Tom McAllister 47. Julie Johnson 48. Doug Kerstner 49. Paula Petricci 50. Chip Goodrich 51. Bill Sommer 52. Paul Belza 53. Rick Alcocer 54. Doug Webb 55. Bob Holmes 56. Rick Simons 57. Lynn Thomas 58. Cory O ' Connor 59. Laurie Hance 60. Suzanne Aubert 61. Pat Cavaney 62. Ted Ludphord 63. Dave Berry hi 11 64. Steve Anderson 65. Liz Lassen 66. Chrissi Snyder 67. Paul Geiger 68. John Wagner 69. Ramona Cappello 70. George Cappello 71. Jill Martin 72. Brad Young 73. Norm Anderson 74. Kevin Reed 75. Troy Cobb 76. Tom Mundy 77. Leonard Brazil 78. Steve It rich 79. Brian Smith 80. Brian Lynn 81. Jim Bailey 82. Mark Garavaglia 83. Russ Carrington 84. Mike Abbott 85. Bill Willis 86. Tim Cannon 87. Tim Henry 88. Rich Oswald 89. Karla Paulick 90. Bob Hicks 91. Hap Heublien Not Pictured: Scott Anderson Bob Fort Dave Jahn Charlie Koeller Guy Muranaka Jim Passalino 116 117 Sigma Phi Delta 1. Ken Davis 2. Kay Upton 3. Eldridge Foronda 4. Linda Owens 5. Mike Connelly 6. Aunda Richmond 7. Ernest Lineberger 8. on Golan 9. Tim Watson 10. Gary Soohoo 11. Tom Knotts 12. Lori Lodico 13. Dave Niese 14. John Rakowski 15. Joeseph Mattis 16. John Poor 17. Mike McCarrell 18. John Hauger 19. Sake Aghazarian 20. Gary Kellison 21. Wendel Takenaka 22. Brad Jones 23. Kevin McNees 24. Steven Bradley 25. Neil Woodall 26. Dave Dressier 27. Jeff Br i en en 28. Ralph Emerson 29. Mark Griffith 30. Dave Moore Not Pictured: Mike Davis John Wetzel David Harry Stan Woods Rafael Telfer Steven Preston 118 Halloween Carnival Greeks Sponsor Event For Children Of 32nd Street School TVl KAG 119 Sigma Phi Epsilon 120 I L 1. Dan Miller 2. George Patkos 3. Craig Kennedy 4. Ed Ely 5. Jim Chiboucas 6. Carey Hagen 7. Jeffrey Klein a. Bob Tate 9. Steve Catt 10. Steve McKinnis 11. Sooho Cho 12. Steve Campion 13. Brandon Blaylock 14. John J.D. Dameron 15. Raybo Kuramoto 16. Laurence John Pezor, Jr. 17. Gregory Jorgensen 18. David Cobb 19. Rob Fryar 20. John J.P. Del Favero 21. Jim Gigantelli 22. Bill Tsai 23. Jeff MacMillan 24. Roger Cevvecke 25. Jeff Schindler 26. Brad Wilier 27. Mark Grise 28. Brian Mott 29. Scott Fleischer 30. Brian Nutl 31. Darren Cole 32. Thomas Racine 33. Steve Carruthers 34. Brian Gates 35. Robert Cummerford Welch 36. Dale Ward 37. Craig Kalem 38. Steve Kelleher 39. Rick Perry 40. Nelson Alberts 41. Bob Thomas 42. Lee Racey 43. Don DuRivage 44. Mike Lamberti 45. Mike Doby Gilas 46. Scott Tichenor 47. Rob Harvard Rae 48. Bob Bagnall 49. Todd Merrill Grodnick 50. Fredrick Wiebolt Seipp 51. Dave Aust 52. Bob Campos 53. Spencer Harlow 54. Jerry Vasquez 55. Gregory Koffman 56. Stan Wisneiwski 57. Burt Jorgensen 58. Rocky Bowman 59. Craig Blogin 60. Jim Kruger 61. Marcus Wilson 62. Mark Spears 63. Mark Ellis 64. Jeff Powars 65. Steven Harold Nahigian 66. Scot Reid 67. Damon Stathatos 68. Jonathan Woods Trutter 69. Daruso Not pictured: Jack Bethel Phil Bracey Fred Burnett Rob Heath Chip Ross Chuck Savage Rich Sherman Geoff Smith Erick Stephonian Steve Weiss Ken Moreau S4)E 121 1. Joy Fujimoto 2. Patty Arima 3. Tina lahii 4. Karen Yenoki 5. Sherrie Park 6. Gail Kawasaki 7. Donna Yip 8. Julie Saot 9. Teri Oda 10. Cheryl Inafuku 11. Christine Lee 12. DeeDee Takeguchi 13. Paula Morikawa 14. Karen Lee 15. Nancy Quon 16. Lynda Thorn 17. Marylene Chang 18. Deena Chen 19. Dana Quintana 20. Elizabeth Lew 21. Denise Shue 22. Roxanne Kobayashi 23. Carol Wada Sigma Phi Omega 24. Naomi Sakuda 25. Denise Oda 26. Isabelle Nagase Not Pictured: Micaela Gamez Elaine Kimura Donna Nishi Myrna hjunar Irma Cortes Carol Akiyama Dawn Amano Mamie Chou Elizabeth Fushiki JoAnn Gi Marianne Hamano Doris Hirakawa Diana Inouye Karen Jue Yung Kang Christine Kawai Susan Kimura Charlene Kurata Helen Lee Leticia Mationg Karen Miyake Carolyn Nakaki Kathy Nakamatsu Eilene Okumura Ann Otoide Valerie Reyes Linda Sera Karen Takeguma Monet Wong Therese Wong Dorothy Woo Cindy Yamaga Hae Yoon, Call Asayama Mika Yamagata Nancy Wake Ayako Maeda 122 Tau Epsilon Phi TEO 1. Glenn Fukushima 2. Terry Haave 3. Kenichi Nakano 4. Unidentified 5. Rory Hoi stock 6. Michael Notatangelo 7. Stephanie Cook 8. Gary Moe 9. David Capps 10. Peter Landon 11. David Murillo 12. Ivan Norber 13. Debbie Warner 14. Vincent Obvir 15. Alan Goodstein 16. Brian Shea 17. Richard Canders 18. Marc Menowitz 19. Bob Smith 20. Neil Mecca 21. Mark Abramson 22. David Tralli 23. Walter Doty HI 123 Tau Kappa Epsilon TKE 1. George Presnell 14. Rudy Benda 27. Steve Jeffries 2. Marilyn Chambers 15. Tom Tertocha 28. Charles Channel 3. Jerry Naegeli 16. John Walker 29. Mark Staggs 4. Don Ludwig 17. Robin Villa 30. Max von Dogfried 5. Bill Corbin 18. Jay Tejera 6. Larry Deman 19. Gene Collabatisto Not Pictured: 7. Roger Tertocha 20. Derrick McLay Jim Tertocha 8. Dave Snyder 21. Dave Cairns Mark Dixon 9. Dave Ferris 22. Casey Klos Greg Camsky 10. Russell Thompson 23. Steve Ravaglioli Glen Thompson 11. Rich Sanor 24. Ralph Goldfreed Gregg Swietek 12. Greg Thompson 25. Jay Fischer Lawrence Ray 13. Ken McMillan 26. Chuck Burgin 124 125 HPi l Theta Xi Marty Kucharek Richard Crone Richard Moczygem ha Jim O ' Sullivan Rodney Davis Don Johnson Dennis S. Sanniel Rad Peterson Ed f lores 10. Bruce Lilly 11. Dan Carske 12. Dave DePetrillo 13. Steve Selcer 14. Jim Davidson 15. Sean Lieblang 16. Bill Binnig 17. Jeff Ludwikowski 18. Paul Marotta 19. Jeff Morrow 20. Paul Wales 21. Chris eleanardo 22. George Pazmino 23. Greg Furman 24. Jim Cameron 26. Bill Lopez 126 27. Willie Chang (S)W 28. Brian Webb y hm Not Pictured: " ■ John VanHouten Demetris Bryant Jimmy Walters Creg Stump John Bowers Charity Robert Ahn George Lopez Harry Varnes Rand Cantral Louis Zwick John Rogers Dave Carreon Steve Davis Richard Carreon Curt Johnson Lee Goldsmith Rusty Tucker Pete Stang Doug Kee Lon Marsh Peter Fox 127 Interfraternity Council The Interfraternity Council serves as the official governing body of the use fraternity system. BOTTOM ROW: (seated) Jerry Naegeh, Charly Netel, Larry Hall, Howard Farber, Dennis Alfieri, Jon Trut- ter, TOP ROW: Tom Burke, Ken Smith, Mike Wittern, Jay Tejera, Victor Vandergriff, John Hauger, Gary Johnstone, Al Cabraluff, Jim Hausberg, Les Sherman, Unidentified, Bruce Bowman, Craig Moody, Bill Hull, Gary Stachier, Steve Takeda, K.C. Coultrup, Un- identified, Ron Orr, Dan Ramos, Unidentified, Mike Notarangleo, Unidentified, Russ Yount. Officers: Larry Hall, Howard Farber, Dave Snyder, Mike Wittern, Dennis Alfieri, Jon Trutter, Steve Naegeli, Charly Netel. 128 Powderpuff Football Not As Soft As It Sounds 129 130 University Housing New Facilities Fail To Dent Housing Problem " The housing situation around here is screwed, " com- plained one angry student as he left the Residential As- signment Office, minus a housing contract. Increased prices and decreased availability sums up the housing situation at the university during the ' 70s. Despite an increase in building and acquistion of new living spaces, the university never managed to keep up with the student demand for housing. This year alone, only 57% of those students applying for housing were given contracts. The increase in demand is not new. Over the past five years the trend continued with approxima- tely 60% of all housing applicants receiving assignments. Housing over the past decade has changed in sub- stance as well as appearance brought on by growth. New living styles such as apartments and coed dorms have been created to suit varying student lifestyles. In 1971, a student applying for university housing found no apartments listed as a housing option. By 1978, the university owned five apartment complexes and leased several off-campus buildings. The ' 70s saw a shift from the single-sex housing to coed living. Before 1973, all undergraduate women were housed in the Women ' s Complex (now known as the North Complex) while g raduate women lived in Harris Plaza. Undergraduate men lived in the Men ' s Complex (South Complex) and in the Law House, Town and Gown, Stonier Hall and Men ' s North Single-sex dorms became a thing of the past when, in 1973, Mark ' s Tower was converted into a coed dorm with men and women housed on alternating floors. Since then, College-University, Men ' s Residence West, Mark ' s Hall and Fiarris Plaza have gone coed. Birnkrant, once a coed dorm, was recently changed to an all-male dorm to acco- modate the higher percentage of men enrolled at the university. Coed dorms are unquestionably popular among stu- dents, but they also serve a practical purpose. University housing officials noticed a decrease in building damage when women are added to a complex. Men ' s Residence West once known as " Wild West " calmed down consid- erably when women moved in this year. Since 1971, seven new complexes have been built on or near campus. Residence West and Webb Tower expanded the university ' s skyline in 1972, Cardinal Gardens and Troy Hall became the first university apartment com- plexes when they were built in 1976, and Century, Founder and Severance Apartments were added in 1978. As building increased, the university expanded its pe- rimeters. The apartment complexes north of Jefferson Boulevard now compose what is called the Student Com- munity. The university owned apartments along with the inde- pendently owned apartments in the immediate vicinity make up the second largest student constituency at the university. The university offered 4,700 living spaces for 1978-79 academic year. But this was not nearly enough space to house the number of students seeking housing. The de- mand for university housing rose 35% over last year ' s, yet the supply increased less than 24%. Increased enrollment among out-of-state and foreign students are attributed as one of the causes for the in- creased demand in housing. This trend is expected to continue as long as the university increases its recruit- ment activity in these areas. The cost of housing continued to soar despite city imposed rent freezes implemented in the wake of the Proposition 13 storm. (The university ' s non-profit corpo- ration status supposedly exempted them from co-operat- ing with the freeze.) A two bedroom, four person apartment at Cardinal Gardens rented for $135 per person or $540 collectively Eer month in 1978-79. In 1971, a double room in Birn- rant Residence Hall cost $625 per semester and in 1978, the same room rented for $1,018 per semester. The Student Senate responded to the dissatisfaction in srudent housing by appointing a special housing task force. The task force worked for three months interview- ing students and documenting their grievances. They subsequently presented to the Senate a 21 page report including 11 recommendations for improving the hous- ing situation at the university. 131 Birnkrant 1. Hap Manning 2. John Staff 3. Charlie Litsky 4. Bobby Cobb 5. Dan Guy 6. AI Martin 7. Terry Pal umbo 8. Chris Shewshuck 9. ]eff Reichman 10. Barry Spanier 11. Willis Chang 12. Mark Sticht 13. Mark Schrecke 14. Darrin Nakamatsu 15. Ray Scholtz 16. Dave Skinner 17. Jeff Zill 18. Joe Velasquez 19. Phil Argo 20. Mark Raftogianis 21. Don Tarte 22. Creg Hendry 23. Rick Naff 24. Don Ha use 25. Alan Atkinson 26. Tom Harris 27. Bill Driscoll 28. Unidentified 29. Mike Mashisian 30. Jeff Young 31. Dave Chase 32. Roy Horton 33. Tony Alves 34. Sam Strang 35. Jim Wittry 36. Nic Colchis 37. Alvin Huey 38. Duncan Smith 39. Doug Kruger 40. Bob Thomas 41. John Cowan 42. Scott Willians 43. Creg Farber 44. Brian Yeager 45. Bob Wolinsky 46. Dave Castiglione 47. Nick Paris 48. Brian Adams 49. Dave Iriguchi 50. Kim Witney 132 133 Cardinal Gardens 1. Paul Kramer 2. Mark Kawamuia 3. Dennis Larm 4. Cordon Hayase 5. Mark Freeman 6. Bill Keller 7. Lance Schmidt 8. James Cappe 9. John Barruh 10. Chiquita Watt 11. Liza Ursich 12. Matthew Hnason 13. Wanda Hinkley 14. Unidentified 15. Vince Donovan 16. Cathie Morrissey 17. Bob Beavers 18. Ceorge Gray 19. Boh Bianchi 20. Dave Robb 21. Terry Bonson 22. Nick Mitsakos 23. Joe Fiorella 24. Royce Takahashi 25. Tom Cilroy 26. John Yamano 27. Yon Carpenter 28. Pat Moynihan 29. Carol Williams 30. Katy Wurtman 31. Barry Bowman 32. Felix Chung 33. Unidentified 34. Greg Bousche 35. Ernie Riffenburg 36. David Norwood 37. Karl Riffenburg 38. Gary Soohoo 39. Bill Nuttycombe 40. Colette Grant 41. Pete Hedrick 42. Rusty Wiltsie 43. Dave 134 1. Janny Hart 2. Jackie Doerr 3. Leslie Mochizuki 4. Paul Kramer 5. Christopher Wagner 6. Liz Freitas 7. Cathy Versoi 8. Robin Oto 9. Lois Hashimoto 10. Bill Keller 11. Lisa Hubbard 12. Lance Schmidt 13. Mary Williams 14. Karen Shanbrom 15. Liza Ursich 16. Tammy Baar 17. Chris Leong 18. Dennis Larm 19. Don Yoshimura 20. Unidentified 21. Unidentified 22. Patti Gardner 23. Greg Boushe 24. Bill Nuttycombe 25. George Gray 26. Clinten Hendricks 27. Ralph Braboy 28. Angela DeMola 29. John Baruh 30. Cheryl Cox 31. Rochelle Watts 32. Dave Dawson 33. Bob Bianci 34. Hector M. Ricci Jr. 35. Eddie Ellner 36. Debbie Wilson 37. Dave Roniss 38. Hader Fathi 39. Mike Porrazzo 40. Unidentified 41. Rich Domingo 42. Unidentified 43. Iris Spector 44. Mark Kawamura 45. Sharyn Tanguay 46. Bob Hysell 47. Unidentified 48. Rusty Wiltsie 49. Pete Hedrick 50. Bob Beavers 51. Scott Steele 52. Pat Sylvester ' c o 6 135 Century 1. Mike Cogan 2. Tom Donald 3. Freda Berman 4. Frances Charfauros 5. Karen Walker 6. Cayle Futernick 7. Darlene Becker 8. Lori Carhton 9. albert Leong 10. Jenny Lam 11. Kathy Louden 12. Gregg Fr tickle 13. David Uebersax 14. Michael Benedetto 15. Roger Chin 16. Jill Richards 17. Tracey Cay 18. Dana Krepmples 19. Scott Sutherland 20. Norma Binkley 21. Chuck Coppola 22. Steve Soloman 23. Doug Wright 24. C Allen Martin 25. Steve Swienckowkski 26. Keviv McCrory 27. Dori Kagan 28. Rafic Koussa 29. Jim Bregman 30. Daniel Lawson 31. Debbie Falkenstern 32. Dave Uretski 33. Laura Meadowcroft 34. Unidentified 35. Steve Stewart 36. Mary Brown fm ' ' " ' •■ " " ' " ' " 136 137 College- University 1. Donna DeLeone 2. Murry Lee 3. Jamie Federman 4. Donna Cbaney 5. Elizabeth Cehrring 6. Lisa Honkanen 7. Dianne Bear 8. Joanie Bosch 9. Sherri Morrison 10. Gail Romberg 11. Yolanda Rodriguez 12. Sharon Zeuqin 13. Heidi Lieb 14. Karen Anderson 15. Odessa-Renee Draylon 16. Sharon Youmans 17. Susan Takata 18. Sally Darroch 19. Sylvia Sich 20. Toni Lacey 21. Debbie Clair 22. Malvina 23. Jan Rudolph 24. Kathy Allen 25. Frances 26. Barb 27. Malia Chink 28. Cheryl Crawford 29. Ceci 30. unidentified 31. Ann Takemoto 32. Sharyl 33. Yogi 34. Malcolm Pipes 35. unidentified 36. unidentified 37. unidentified 38. Mitch Feinman 39. Mark Luna 40. Bill Sima 41. Ed Nahan 42. unidentified 43. unidentified 44. unidentified 45. Carol Buffkin 46. Abdul 47. Chris Quinlan 48. Jenny Longley 49. Sheila Mauz 50. Denise Strebig 51. Rochelle Conger 52. Mary Ann Gabriel 53. unidentified 54. Margaret Doerlerich 55. unidentified 56. Jeff Luscher 57. David Lawrence 58. Richard Wadness 59. unidentified 60. Rardal Matsumoto 61. John Price 62. unidentified 63. Jeff Wineman 64. Brian Comer 65. Ray Fong 66. Danny Calpo 67. Lewis Alvernas 68. D.J. Kaya 69. Lemuel Aguila 70. Doug Matthews 71. Kelly Hanna 72. Tom Slater 73. Norm Johnson 74. Doug Kaprielian 75. unidentified 76. Carol 77. unidentified 78. unidentified 79. Manal 80. Stephanie Uccelli 81. Randy Rosen 82. unidentified 83. Rhonda Tanner 84. Wendy Keough 85. Anne Bochovich 86. unidentified 87. Teresa Pichorg 88. Chris Day 89. Ginger Dog 90. Susie Straight 91. Michele Gromme 92. unidentified 93. Jeff Wong 94. Kevin Davis 95. Dave Ruck 96. James Garner 97. Frank Gerone 98. Steve Apfel 99. Jay Leach 100. Scott McCallister 101. Tom Helmer 102. unidentified 103. unidentified 104. unidentified 105. unidentified 106. unidentified 107. unidentified 108. unidentified 109. unidentified 110. unidentified 111. unidentified 112. Morton Graves 113. Bill Melohn 114. unidentified 115. Steve Johnson 116. Jonathan Gordon 117. Dan Marin 118. Paul Kinscherff 119. unidentified 120. unidentified 121. Vince DeQuattro 112. Steve Gross 123. Robert Larson 124. Matt Thomson 125. Scott Laufer 126. Todd Carstensen 127. Adam Cidaszewski 128. Bob Gerchen 129. Melvin Yamada 130. Jesus Martinez 131. unidentified 132. unidentified 133. Raul I be 134. unidentified 135. unidentified 136. unidentified 137. Kimm Edwards 138. unidentified 139. Stefanie Salata 140. Felicia Ware 141. unidentified 142. unidentified 143. unidentified 144. unidentified 145. unidentified 146. unidentified 147. unidentified 148. Tracy Riez 149. Gail Weekes 150. Meg McNutty 151. Judy 152. unidentified 153. Lori Slutsky 154. unidentified 155. Berenda Butler 156. Kent Woods 157. Mike Shirley 158. Derek Robins 159. Todd Marshall 160. Rick Maniss 161. Aaron Enriquez 162. Tim Carey 163. James Norwood 164. Louis Linney 165. Angela Heropoulas 166. Robert Knight 167. Theresa Castagneto 168. Keena Fullerton 169. Mimi Kmet 170. Mary Ellen Burke 171. Terri Huff 172. Jeanine Demerez 173. " Mugs " Kelley 174. unidentified 175. Dierdre Adams 176. Susan Lakin 177. Kris Kelly 178. Gretchen Kast 179. Lupe Garcia 180. Merrily Com stock 181. Terri McMahon 182. Jill Paris 183. Cindee Freeman 184. Phyllis Contino 185. Pam Bourrette 186. Bub Feeters 187. Gem On 188. Doug Kelly 189. Collette Benton 190. unidentified 191. unidentified 192. unidentified 193. Carey Hill 194. Lisa Ives 195. Trey Lewis 196. Diane Tabacopoulos 197. Beth Yoffie 198. Paige Dooling 199. Tom Fish 200. Lisa Breuer 201. Linda Beal 202. Elaine Johnston 203. Cathryn Cotter 204. Yvonne Carreon 205. Anne McFeeters 206. Stacy Parker 207. Carol McPhillips 208. Glenn Johnson 209. James Brown 210. Drew Nelson 211. Joe Abela 212. Andy Fong 213. Scott Powers 214. Dean Aoki 215. Reza Rgostaevan 216. JeffOrr 217. Sohrab Janpanah_ 218. umaentttiea 219. unidentified 220. Jim Gallagher 221. Tom Kelly 222. John Brudin 223. Richard Cleis 224. Steve Chappel 225. Robert Davis 226. David Massie 227. Kurt Noll 228. Dawn Noguchi 229. unidentified 230. Lee 231. unidentified 232. unidentified 233. unidentified 234. unidentified 235. Diana Hacker 236. Phil Hench 237. Mike Daugherty 238. Jeff Perbix 239. Roger Gray 240. Willy Stodie 241. Mathew Ehrich 242. Jeff Kott 243. Theresa Becerra 244. unidentified NOTE: Those listed as unidentified were not recognized by the dorm ' s resident advisors. 138 139 Elizabeth Von Kleinsmid . i 9 140 1. Joyce Takahaihi 2. Beatrice Golomb 3. Behjat VahdacJ 4. Hanhdan Tonnu 5. Suzanne Jacobs 6. Taraneh Mi fakhr oy y. U anT ca nafe 8. Desiree Beddy 9. Johannah Jones 10. Candy Alvarez 11. Karen Watkins 12. Ann Zaverelli 13. Stephanie Gutowski 14. Karotine Deutsch 15. Tammy Pease 16. Mary Tabata 17. Alecia Watts 18. Loretta Bein 19. Gail Ellis 20. Jill Dove 21. Laurel Baker 22. Eileen Rosenthal 23. Julie Matsushita 24. Susan Ptak 25. Celeste Thorne 26. Andie Cantz 1. Ho Sin Lee 2. Vickey Durar . ■ 3. Stephanie Pagan 4. Liz Cage 5. Janie Aylward ■ 6. Taylor Duvall 7. Linda Kuglmeier 8. Jeanne McGurty 11 X. dd V f t ' ' — ' — X 9. Lori Gartner 10. Jean DeTorre 11. Leslie Nelson - M U ) ' ) ( 1 1 ( »Y. r? } O O r 12. Wende y vi r YY w Q N ( C I 13. Rosa Rodarte 14. Bridget Neman 15. Sally Metzler - )f Jl- 1 u J y 1 xcY 16. Kathy Haynes Z-J cJ V L _ Ys. 17. Gloria Flores j k R Ki jL_ _jj y 18. Tracy Woodland 19. Maria Snyder 20. Julie Martini 21. Stephanie Chavez 22. Unidentified 1. LaRue Ellis 2. Diana Gil 3. Nancy Hunt 14, :1.. -,L,IJ., 1 0. Linda Ochs 7. Valerie Vitale -x 8. Diana Amorde ■ i " ) 9. Denise Shue 10. Juliana Barr c T-. ' - rlO- » 1 v ( 11. Joan Schaffner " r ' M 1 f " 11 A f » v K 12. Lorriane Freedman (A vo i ' LlX 7H " i X r 13. Helen Sterling p Va A m f ' M (A r ] y] 14. Lisa Priester M r) r p L KX K ) M -V 15. Gretchen Radike J L y J f . ) r • i x A ?--- f w 16. Dena Mercham 17. Claudine Cheng 18. Joyce Lara 19. Armineh Khachatoorian 20. Maureen Carlisle ' ( 21. Elizabeth Palmer ( K ) 22. Margaret Humphrey I ( U V ( 23. Cathi Tucker r r( ( p. J 24. September Sarno r ) V r V t.cl_.r- 25 Cindy Parle " " ) ] J UJ 26. Ceorgene Nagayama -O , — , — ' 27. Joanne Morris 28. Sue Kircher ■ 29. Theresa Jackson 141 Founders 1. Sandra Tonsing 2. Rebecca Marks 3. Bill Hagy 4. Colleen Pang 5. Patricia Schneider 6. Mike Wasserman 7. Jaqueline Lee 8. Dwayne Warren 9. Sharon Edgington 10. Bob Osberger 11. Roxanne Myer 12. Tom Kroenig 13. Wayne Schroader 14. James Merrill 15. John Heller 16. Lisa Brown 17. Robert Green 18. Terry Chan 19. Ted Wells 20. Unidentified 21. Unidentified 22. James McLaughlin 23. Jay Mitchell 24. Natasha Zaninovic 25. Larry Tate 26. Scott Ryan 27. Amy Breen 28. Bill Baber 29. Shane Batt 30. Jackie Kinkade 31. Scott Frisbee 32. Joby Noriel 33. Andrea Brutocao 34. Nancy Caldwell 35. Chris Dunn 36. YuMei Hanaoka 37. Carmelita Tacderan 38. Mark Iwanga 39. Bobby Lofton 142 143 144 Harris Plaza 1. John Oda 2. Costavo Parodi 3. Shannon Sullivan 4. Tracy Cay 5. Stephanie Berger 6. Elvin P. Nemerod JR. 7. Adil Sheik Abdul 8. Richard Page 9. Peter Esser 10. Pia Massota 11. Creg Barrett 12. Mark Osborne 13. Mohammed Resa Fazelian 14. Linda Arakaki 15. Jim Aki 16. Steve Kent 17. Kathy Masotta 18. Jim Bodorite 19. Dave Morris 20. Bob Vandenburg 21. Julie Cubrud 2Z_£aL i -iiMn 237 Bob Lyie 24. Owen Hsu 25. Karen Rutherford 26. Laurel Code 27. Alberta Hartshorne 28. Tina Cant 29. Jaquelin Bowens 30. Karen Venedaal 31. Jeff Malik 32. Kathy Lomando 33. Joann Pollard 34. David Fugimoto 35. Ron Oestreicb 36. Cail Waid 37. Cheryl Moore 38. Lisa Crosby 39. Linda Edwards 40. Michael J. Danford 41. Mark Smith 42. Nahtan Hsu 43. David K. Sandie 44. Sheri Crogin 45. Randall Lindsey 46. Barbara Beck 47. Tony Brooklyn 48. Mitch Kregger 49. John Corsaro 50. Scott Ward 51. John Hawes 52. Eric Lee 53. Harold Franklin 54. Duc-an Narly Hoang 55. Dana Walker 56. Lynn Strachen 145 Marks Hall 1. Marty Elafahan 2. Sandy Turnbow 3. Cindy Empson 4. Melanie Cook 5. Sandra Manly 6. Mina Karoon 7. Mebrnaash Tafresbi 3. Kairen Haghshenas 9 Kri ;hnan tjarayanan 10. BizKan Honormando 11. Farid Bidabad 12. Patrick Gibson 13. Kauch Azimi 14. Fong Shi Wu 15. Sulpicio Soriano 16. Moonie Ahmed 17. Martha Kywi 18. Hieu Ngo 19. Rocksford Takamutsu 20. Chao-Yung Hsu 21. Asano Hideki 22. Jason Fung 23. Massoud Khosneuis 24. Lucy Tang 25. Lucia Ham 26. Renee Sulistiavini 27. Debbie Miller 28. Vickie Hockstra 29. Mina Barati 30. Byron Veasey 31. Sandy Trent 32. Bob Kelly 33. Craig Carruthers 34. Roberto Covarrubias 35. William Epstein 36. Karl Kotalik 37. Frank Oliver 38. Anderez Dominguez 39. Harold Henderson 40. William Kissel 41. Tom Quan 42. Jim Grant 43. Jamie Cohen 44. Sherman Vazirinezad 45. Sun Sook Kim 46. Toni Cordero 47. Don Prunty 48. Alma Wong 49. Angle Wong 50. Narine Tasjian 51. Camila Aguilar 52. Valerie Burdick 53. Mark Martinez 54. Jan Beatie 55. James Ching lie 147 1. Daisy Vanderupich 2. Thomsa Niedziaiek 3. Allison Hoadley 4. Laura Myers 5. Leo Hui 6. Bev Perry 7. Alison Ziefle 8. Jeff Osman 9. Melissa Class 10. Gregory W. Ding 11. Stuart J. Sato 12. April Josephson 13. Rani Kahawaii 14. Colin Kikawa 15. Ranee Schwartz 16. Jeri Hnada 17. Sabrina Polk 18. Elvis Costello 19. Karen Luna 20. Bruce Hall 21. Jim Esola 22. Bryan Fujii 23. Kevin M. Boethling 24. Craig L. Robertson 25. Craig Moseley 26. Marc Andonian 27. Scott Beck 28. Derek Iwai 29. Jairus Marggallo 30. Stanley Teruski 31. Dlae Kavin 32. Tom Schiff 3 3. Craig D. Crump 34. Ravelle Scherer 35. Mark Freitag 36. Miller Tall 37. Andrew J. Iverson 38. Brian C Yep 39. Jeff MacMillam 40 Peter S Lobin 41. Dave D. Brooks 42. Ellen Rawlings 43. Bret P. Wolcott 44. Alan Sclfani 45. Rich Johnson 46. Curtis C. Roecks 47. Cathy Mayer 148 Marks Tower 1. Melissa Class 2. Pamela Lambert 3. Ranie Kahwani 4. Karen L. Ward 5. unidentified 6. Craig L. Robertson 7. Curtis C. Roecks 8. Stanley Terusaki 9. Kevin M. Boetbling 10. Mark McKeon 11. Paula Tripp 12. Kimberly Craft 13. Marc Andonian 14. Richard Lopez 15. Jeff Osman 16. Thomas F. Niedzialek 17. Cathy L. Mayer 18. Mitch Moldenhaur 19. Wendy MacNeill 20. Elise Dushkes 21. Mary Sana 22. Kathy King 23. Jeffery L. Eisikowitz 24. Tim J. Dunn 25. K. J. Bell 26. Stuart J. Sato 27. Velia Fematt 28. Craig Moseley 29. Allison L. Hoadley 30. Angela Bailey 31. Leigh Prentice 32. Andrea Ignatowski 33. Dana Jenkins 34. Alan Sclafani 35. Jim Esola 36. Stuart Sherman 37. Maria Vigil 38. Tisha Butcher 39. Mark Freitag 40. Ravelle Scherer 41. Derek Iwai 42. Leo Hui 43. Karen Luna 44. Tom Tonelli 45. Brigette Worsley 46. Michael Marinelli 47. Janet Mays 48. Bruce Hall 49. Karen Hauslein 50. Peter S. Lobin 51. Janet Archer 52. Bob Wiltse 53. Bill Harris 54. Dave Miller 55. Colin Kikawa 56. Chip Missler 57. Cindy Berger 58. Joel Farbstein 59. Jeri Handa 60. Teri Hechter 61. Susan Wynsen 62. Cian Cermani 63. Laura Myers 64. Stella Smith 65. Liz Hoge 66. Morgan Potter 67. Kathy Thompson 68. Shari Davis 69. Beverly Denise Greene 70. Dick Hertz 71. Lori Wycott 72. Brian Roney 73. Creg Shope 74. Richard Yanmura 75. Dale Cavin 76. Jeff MacMillan 77. Liz O ' Brien 78. Tom Mosher 79. Cynthia T. Watt 80. Sabrina Polk 81. Aundi Richmond 82. Theresa Johnson 83. Elvis Costello 84. Jeff Lader 85. Cindy Young 86. Cordon Lee 149 Portland West Twin Palms 1. Martin Calindo 2. Clarence Yee 3. Phyllis Williams 4. Roberta Graham 5. Scott Morishita 6. Lynda Coleman 7. Kathy Sad a 8. Jazmin Calvo 9. Tom Tulinsky 10. Lynda Tom 11. Gustavo Yep 12. Gholam Azadi-Borujeni 13. Bill Charcalis 14. Alretha Baker 15. Keith Kroenig 16. Jeff Weinstein 17. Glenn Fletcher 18. David Crisler 19. Ed Nakaki 20. Bob Geiger 21. Mike Hamman 22. Dave Marchant 23. Mark Eggert 24. Chris Hodson 25. Paul Rowsen 26. Akomah Kyeremateng 27. Unidentified 28. Kurt John 29. Bharat Patel 30. Tim O ' Grady 31. Unidentified 32. Mark Alberici 33. Gerald Bottero 34. Dorian Lascu 35. Doug Schindler 36. Darryl Cluster 37. Paul Jones 38. lenacio Bena vides Ign 39. Julia held 40. Andrew Doucette 41. Unidentified 42. Tom Bradley 43. Bob Gaglione 44. Mike Byrd 45. Susan Hunt 46. Laura Chambers 47. Tylie Turner 48. Debbie Chew 49. Sean Russell 50. Ed Wiezel 51. Nancy Prangley 52. Tim Prangley Row Chateau BOTTOM ROW: David Harry, Charles Etter, Scott Tucker, Paresh Patel, Paul Calvet, Roderick Lee, TOP ROW: Pat Turpin, Donald Moss, Elena Bandziulis, John Burke, Suzie Griffith, Constance Cop- persmythe, Sylvia Mandozer, Arshad Hameed, Hemant Patel, Fred Assef, 150 Regal Trojan Arms 1. Unidentified 2. Joe Kondash 3. Jeff Honda 4. Randall Benton 5. Jeff Dean 6. Ferris Kaplan 7. Chilin Cheng 8. Matthew Ceragos 9. Jeff Long 10. Richard Reeley 11. Bonnie Bettisin 12. Randy Sobczak 13. Victoria Panchak 14. Molly Walsh 15. Lisa Sanchcez 16. Gethine Williams 17. Cindy Krisman 18. Margie Armstrong 19. Jazmin Calvo 20 Hsu Hsi-Sheng 21. Unidentified 22. Dave Bruskin 23. Susan Kimura 24. Unidentified 25. James Romero 26. Laurie Baker ISl 1. Phillip Montoya 2. Brian Patterson 3. Kurt Ayiu 4. Doug Williams 5. Dennis Trujillo 6. Jeff Simmons 7. Rod Huntington Lino de Cruzman 9. Casey Smith 10. Unidentified 11. Scott Scher 12. Tom afford 13. Edward Cadet 14. Euerardo Martinez 15. Ma Ching Cheng 16. Marc Haskins 17. Peter Ostos 18. Randy Wuerth 19. Jody Russell 20. Rick Dalton 21. Jose Cruz 22. Steve Smith 23. Mark Smith 24. John Rojas 25. John BoWer 26. Ken Elynn 27. Kelly Thomas 28. Wendall Ching 29. Dennis Rachal 30. Scott Pano 31. Eric Sticht 32. Mark Fiduccia 33. Rick McFadden 34. Unidentified 35. Brent Metfessel 36. Steve Smith 37. Russ Gorman 38. Steve Smith 39. Eric Luna 40. Alan Jew 41. Derek Harmon 42. Rick Goldsmith 43. Ralph Saavedra 44. Gary Craig 45. Eric Maher 46. Glen Warabayashi 47. James Neatly 48. Jose Moreno 49. Chip Hughes 50. William Moffitt 51. Mark Picton 52. Brian Blood 53. Art Herpolsheimer 54. Perry Skoll 55. Dan Engelhart 56. Ted Tsang 57. Dan Skinner 58. Bryan Fung 152 Residence West 1. Jyllell Syage 2. Phillip Montoya 3. Laureen Lang 4. Brian Peterson 5. Sue Tbirltvall 6. Doug Williams 7. Dennis Trujillo 9. Jeff Simmons 10. Karen Writh 11. Rosalinda Morales 12. Rod Hinnington 13. Lino de Guzman 14. Cassy Crom 15. Gregg Rodriguez 16. Scott Scher 17. Jill Holman IS. Tom afford 19. Sylvia Shelby 20. Edward Cadet 21. Beverly Kieswetter 22. Euerardo Marting 23. Nanci Ajemian 24. Rick Dalton 25. Ma Ching Cheng 26. Tammy Lakoduk 27. Alice Cardenas 28. Marc Huskins 29. Karen Zimmerman 30. Norma Darrion 31. Peter Ostos 32. Lola Malajon 33. Matthew Bombeck 34. John Rojas 35. Randy Wuerth 36. Renee Curry 37. Karen Marky 38. Joe D. Russel 39. John Bower 40. Leslie Katz 41. Ken Elynn 81. 42. Cindy Hunt 82. 43. Leticia Almaro 83. 44. Janis Smith 84. 45. Jose Cruz 85. 46. Linda Glenn 86. 47. Steve Smith 87. 48. Mark Smith 88. 49. Dennis Rachal 89. 50. Scott Pano 90. 51. Eric Sticht 91. 52. Carolyn Simmons 92. 53. Lorinda Coey 93. 54. Lizabeth 94. Thompson 95. SSge " ' ' 57. Kelly Thomas 58. Kurt Ayin 59. Brent Metfessel 61. Steve Chin 62. Wendall Ching 63. Valerie Peace 64. Paulette Johnson 65. Kathy Kennedy 66. Mark fiducci 67. Steve Butler 68. Sharon Brandolino 69. Rick McFadden 70. Lisa Lassman 71. Cindy Dole 72. Alan Jew 73. Lori Tieszen 74. Rick Goldsmith 75. Arlene Armendariz 76. Ralph Saavedra 77. Marsha Traeger 78. Gary Craig 79. Hillary Welcher 80. Eric Maher Barbara Pietzman Judy Schreller Glen Wakabayashi Karen Smith Jan Ashabraner Eric Luna Sue Beaudet Kathy Jenquin James Heatly Allen Smith Susan Nichols Elise Rich Randi Mund William Moffitt Diane Kirkland 96. Mark " icton 97. Brian Blood 98. Perry Shall 99. Art Herpolsheimer 100. Dan Englehart 101. Dorothy Bye 102. Ted Tsang 103. Dan Skinner 104. Nancy Sarafian 105. Brian Fung 106. Unidentified 107. Jose Moreno 108. 109. Derek Harmon 110. Caryn Swobe k(hvo.5. t? ' .!p «H- ora? 153 154 ENTAL THEATRE fESENTS 9 HOW Teuton Hall 1. Collin Baker 2. Art Miyashita 3. Henry Unger 4. urn (rye ' 5. Brian Townsend 6. Lewis Wilkenfield 7. Wilfred Killian 8. Melvin Self 9. Alex Caudillo 10. Vince Zeimas 11. Martin King 12. Pat Lay 13. Phil Takacs 14. Ken Anderson 15. Unidentified 16. Charlie Williamson 17. Marcial De Castro 18. Dave Seastrom 19. Roger Weberg 20. Tom Ortiz 21. Mohamme d H tiK Ba7 rp;i n 22. Carl Hartman 23. Steve Holmes 24. Bob Corn 25. Jim Davy 26. Bill Rawlins 27. Tony Smith 28. Craig Yamaoka 29. Rich Wander 30. Howard Yamaguchi 31. Todd Orfilla 32. Unidentified 33. Oscar Pablos 34. Unidentifeid 35. Bill Sandburg 36. John Henderson 37. Jay Miskiel 38. Terry Owen 39. Steve Lindsey 40. Jeff Uncapher 41. Charles Von der Ale 42. Inho Pak 43. Unidentified 44. Unidentified 45. Dean Horten 46. Mark Lynch 47. Unidentified 48. John Olenyn 49. Dave Klieger 50. Unidentified 51. Unidentified 52. Rob Mika 53. Ed Skrobola 54. Walt Otto 55. Mike Creen 56. Eric Ar ring ton 57. John Livernois 58. Ed Tomp 59. Cordon Meade 60. Junji Yasuda 61. Kirk Campbell 62. Mike Keane 63. John Latos 64. Jeff Van Zanten 65. Creg Hansford 66. Darin W. Scott 67. Jack Barnowski 68. Mark Fudge 69. Craig Elledge 70. Mark Allen 71. Stan Seidel 72. Eric Will 73. Dave Long 74. Jim Ullman 75. Chuck McClintock 76. Paul Stolz 155 Trojan Hall ifej 156 SECOND FLOOR WEST 1. Rose Bowl Princess Lisa Gage 2. Rose Bowl Princess Robin Townsend 3. Rose Bowl Princess Melissa Young 4. Chris Demos 5. Fred Creene 6. Bill Casaway 7. Mike Donine 8. Young Jin Lee 9. Ford Fujii 10. Anthony Camblin 11. Craig Gee 12. Bob Glenn 13. Kevin Olson 14. George Furia 15. Joe Earle 16. Scott Nauman 17. Robert Doss 18. Frank Isaac 19. Mark Hunkins 20. Harlin Hailey THIRD FLOOR WEST 1. Frank Anderson 2. Jerry Moceri 3. Johan Bey 4. Chris Stenzel 5. Guy Oxnard 6. Guy Muranaka 7. Chuck Nemejc 8. Tito Lopez 9. Val Lodholm 10. Kevin Lauver 11. John Murray 12. Malcolm Ryder 13. Brian Mc Cracken 14. Todd Vineyard 15. Jeff Rich 16. Maynard Neff 17. Mark Vaughn 18. John Stenicka 19. Bernie Liebovitch 20. John Massoud 21. John Caduto THIRD FLOOR NORTH 1. Mark Shumacher 2. Chris Rembert 3. John Whitney 4. Layne Tenma 5. Javier Diaz 6. Chris Coffman 7. Joel Waggoner 8. Bob Dunning 9. John Stenika 10. Armen Abrahamian 11. Doug Stanley 12. Emil Vigra 13. Mike Zuber 14. Tommy Wray 15 Pat Wall 16. Richard Thomas 17. Rob Thatcher 18. Mike Yakel 157 Troy Hall 1. Randall Wong 54. Marion Cho 2. Dnaiel Zangari 55. Edith Chow 3. Eugene Zubico 56. Nancy Stewert 4 Patrick McCalliater 57. Gail Usherwood xEric Schubert 58. Virginia Cook 6. Adam Bezark 59. Jammie Twinning 7. Tim Spika 60. Mark Tamura 8. Deitrich Smith 61. Bruce Aviasian 9. Stephan Greenfield 62. Michelle Shackford 10. Virginia Arii 63. Brian Guggisberg 11. Michael Lang 64. Bret Botzong 12. John Carrisi 65. Dora Castillo 13. Scott Nyegaard 66. Claude Vehera 14. Glenn Strauss 67. Unidentified 15. Chris Zaske 68. Maureen Alexander 16. Steve Coebels 69. Steve Hori 17. Brad Buettner 70. Ronald Rosenberg 18. James Roum 71. Rose Curry 19. Jim Ingersoll 72. Tom Ryan 20. Richard Heirakuji 73. David Mukai 21. Daniel Herlman 74. Mark Kal ten born 22. Camilla Oemig 75. Jim Downey 23. Jean Santiciian 76. Nick Cimorelli 24. Michelle 77. Kenneth Saenz Gil I en water 78. Leonard Borrman 25. Unidentified 79. Donald Lieb 26. Teri Ann 80. Unidentified Fitzgerald 81. Joe Lyons 27. Cheryl Deyo 82. Peter MacDonald 28. Susan Kaiwaguchi 83. Unidentified 29. Carolyn Akiyawa 84. Greg Watson 30. Lori Bowman 85. Michael Bishop 31. Peggy Iwata 86. Nitaya Pladisia 32. Francis Wong 87. Yu Fen Chiang 33. Surjaoi Slamet 88. Peter Chee 34. Wikwik Atmadja 89. Kellie McDermott 35. Maryam 90. Kevin Norris Seyedroodbari 91. Elizabeth Hedges 36. Connie Clark 92. Tom Machen 37. Vicky Brown 93. Coat n ' Hat 38. Terry Power 94. Susan Self 39. Rhonda Hall 95. Wendy Tamis 40, Karen Brown 96. Carlos Arguedas 41. Janet Avedisian 97. Margot Paies- 42. Daniel Bromsted Paies-Reyna 43. Jeanette Kaye 98. Bob Miller 44. Jeannette Johnson 99. Michael Omehan 45 Michelle Kaye 100. Nancy Nuno 56. Mary Rogers 101. Matthew Boone 47. Marlene Saritsky 102. Janet Sullivan 48. Karen Meyersin 103. Tracey Barbour 49. Annette Kluck Garrett SO. Sohelia Dorinpour 104. Therese Hulbert 51. Kathi Harber 105. Kristen Nicolai 52. Alice Cast 106. Alice Murray 53. Pam Peterson o ( ( T Y ■ 7 " [ Ww r 1 y.jj y,! i i I 1 } r Ml I » 1 f " 1 1 jr y " f 1 I " — " ) ) 158 159 Palace Flop PICTURED: Scott Former, Bruce Shannon, Steve Lane, Dave Eli, Clenn Burke. Mrs. G ' s Boarding House BOTTOM ROW: Dave Stairs, Joe Burgee, Bryan Brusse, SECOND ROW: Miguel Marquez, Mrs. " C " ., Don Burdge. TOP ROW: John Ceraghty, Mike Sheehan, Dave Burge, Jeff Stacy, John Carmichael, Steve Ceraghty, Timothy Hopkins. 160 Trojan Heights 1. Sandy Plunkett 21. Stan Matasavage 2. Roman Buhler 22. Bill Garr 3. Stephanie Lueble 23. Joel Corona 4. Fayice Moore 24. Hermia Craft 5. Natalie Hunter 25. John Hoffman 6. Ted Sirotta 26. Wendell Jones 7. Chip Goodrich 27. Dave Rice 8. Robert Davis 28. Jorge Morlote 9. Stuart 29. Robert Jackson 10. Lundy Fields 30. Joe O ' Donnell 11. Sandy Arteaga 31. Marc Lubin 12. Kumiko Suzuki 32 UIko Hirao 13. Portina Pruthikosit 33. Bill Ellison 14. Mabel Solares 34. Wayne Richardson 15. Randall Crissman 35 Mr. UIko 16. Bruce Shuman 37. Walter Williams 17. Gary Flemins 38. Peter Myers 18. Margo Cooper 39. Rick Sherman 19. Kent Gregory 40. Piya Ngwakara 20. Ed Krumm 161 rf%Tfiiiifffitt The Spectator Southern Californians can ' t be called " fair weather " fans. Whether its sitting in the pouring rain at the Coliseum on a Saturday afternoon, watching a competi- tive swim meet in the steamy and hot " dungeon " , or relaxing on a warm spring afternoon at Dedeaux Field, Southern Cal fans always are loyal to their team, rain or shine. Fans are fans, but U.S.C. fans can be fanatical. " SC Style " is evident not only in cardinal and gold clothing and souve- nirs, financial support, or game-time en- tertainment, but most importantly in spirit. This spirit is an inherent charac- teristic of each mmber in the Trojan family. And this spirit is growing. Although football has always drawn huge crowds, other sports like basketball and most women ' s sports have just begun to enjoy increasingly larger and more enthusias- tic crowds. The rejuvenation of Crom- well Field also encouraged track and field enthusiasts to enjoy the sport on cam- pus. The Spirit of Troy is not only the band, the Pep squad or Traveler, but it is the perpetual spirit that lingers on in each generation of Trojans. It is this spirit integrated with the pride of a sports-oriented student body that make the Southern Cal spectator special. 164 165 Athletic Directors Quality Among Staff Produces No. 1 Program Dr. Richard Perry Athletic Director Leading one of the nation ' s most prestigious and suc- cessful athletic programs is Dr. Richard Perry. A gentle man, Dr. Perry is as visible and well known to students and alumni as some of U.S.C. ' s most outstanding ath- letes. In three short years after his appointment by Presi- dent Hubbard, Dr. Perry is now administering to 24 teams - 14 mens and 10 womens. In response to his three years of constant efforts and support, Trojan athletes have won 12 national championships, 7 by the men and 5 by the women. Dr. Perry ' s formula for such winning ways is " caring " . U.S.C. ' s athletic director takes great pride in caring for and about every aspect in which athletics promote the university. It is evident that he has established an atmo- sphere of excellence through a quality staff. Through his staff ' s efforts and support, the university has one of the nation ' s most highly watched athletic programs. Under Dr. Perry, U.S.C. is destined to continue its athletic excellence and heritage. Below: Dr. Perry with his secretary Bonnie Waite, who is in her 15th year of service in the athletic department. 166 Virgil Lubberden Associate Athletic Director Virgil Lubberden formulates the U.S.C. athletic budget that covers 24 sports. Added this year to his already long list of responsibilities, Mr. Lubberden now holds the position of Director of University Relations for the ticket office. As the business manager he negotiates fees with the Coliseum and the Sports Arena, handles insurance policies and some scheduling of football games. Besides his U.S.C. duties Mr. Lubberden is the game manager for the prestigious New Year ' s Day classic. The Rose Bowl. Named permanently to Associate Athletic Director in 1973, Mr. Lubberden is now in his 15th year of service. A U.S.C. alumnus, Mr. Lubberden received his bachelor of science degree in business administration in 1949. Barbara Hedges Associate Athletic Director In her fourth year of service, Barbara Hedges is U.S.C. ' s first, if not the only, woman assistant athletic director. Handling seven sports: basketball, golf, gymnastics, swimming, tennis, track and field, and volleyball, she has built the women ' s athletic program into one of the most successful in the nation. In the last two years under her guidence U.S.C. ' s women have won back-to-back volley- ball and tennis national titles. Last spring swimming and gymnastics had excellant seasons placing fourth and fifth respectively in the country. The women ' s teams had nev- er won a national championship before Barbara Hedges arrived. A graduate of Arizona State in 1963, she earned a mas- ter ' s degree in physical education from the University of Arizona in 1971. Nick Pappas Associate Athletic Director Nick Pappas may be U.S.C. ' s strongest and most active supporter. In his 25th year of service he has built one of the strongest and the most successful booster clubs in the nation. Holding several directorships during his years at U.S.C, he has helped many sports through his fund raising efforts. Mr. Pappas showed his on-going support of university athletics by participating in the Cromwell Field Jog-a-Thon. An alumnus, Mr. Pappas entered U.S.C. in 1934. He not only has served athletics as a director but also as a leader, becoming an assistant football coach in 1953. Since 1962, as Director of Athletic Funding he adminis- ters to such organizations as Trojan Club, Cardinal and Gold, along with the Women ' s Trojan Club. 167 ■J •■ " «% Photo by Bjrry Fike Trojans Prove Critics Wrong Win Pac-10, Rose Bowl, National Titles The 1978 Trojan football team arrived on carnpus in mid-August amid specula- tion that they would amount to not much more than a mediocre team, cut- ting its teeth on their opponents in hopes of becoming a national champion- ship team sometime in the future. The young Trojans gathered with the factors of a tough schedule and inexperi- ence to overcome. Only ten starters re- turned from the previous year out of 98 players. Although the group of athletes was undeniably talented, their talents had not matured and few had been prov- en on a football field in front of televi- sion cameras and thousands of scream- ing spectators. Bef ore the young Trojans could even put on their gym shorts, they knew they would face within the coming weeks six teams that had played in bowl games the previous year, two of which finished the season as the number one and two ranked teams in the country. The sched- ule looked as merciless as the August sun. The final five weeks seemed like what the Supreme Court would classify as " cruel and unusual punishment " with Cal, Stanford, Washington, UCLA, and Notre Dame all lined up in a row. The football sooth-sayers did not help matters much either. Pre-season polls ranked the Trojans as seventh in the na- tion while the team was favored behind Washington and UCLA in the Pac-10. Few, if any, had hopes for the Trojans smelling roses on January 1. Despite the doom and gloom predicted by those who think they know about football, the Trojans pulled together some pretty impressive players. Junior tailback Charles White was back this year and seriously mentioned as a Heisman Trophy candidate. Calvin Sweeney returned as wide receiver and was ioined by flanker Kevin Williams. The offensive front line was the most written about and talked about unit of the team. Described as " awesome " and " the best in college football " , the line was made up of returning players Brad Green, Anthony Munoz, and Pat Howell. Center Chris Foote, tackle Keith Van Home, and tight end James Hunter made ID the rest ofthe line. Rounding out the iffense was southpaw quarterback Paul McDonald, described as " efficient " by Coach Robinson. The defense, usually the glue that holds together the Trojan gameplan, re- turned only four starters from the. pre- vious year. Richard Dimler, noseguard, linebackers Garry Cobb and Dennis Johnson, and defensive back Ronnie Lott were the returning starters. Filling in the other defensive positions were Ty Sperl- ing and Myron Lapka on the line, Larry McGrew and freshman Riki Gray at linebacker, with Dennis Smith, Willie Crawford and Larry Braziel in the back- field. The season began September 9 against Texas Tech at the Coliseum. Al- though the Tro ans looked sluggish in the first half and were booed off the field at halftime, they trounced back in the second half and won the game. Even after the victory, shallow as it was, the ball were not quieted, " Texas Tech was a poor team in the first place, " they said. So, the team returned to the practice field and worked-out harder than they had ever worked in the past few years. The real test was two weeks later, on September 23, said the people who think they know about football. The Trojans met their test. Bear Bry- ant, and his team on their home field in Birmingham in front of a nationally tele- vised audience. The Trojans embarrassed the Tide to it ' s first loss since 1975 in their home stadium. The people who ' thought they knew about football were suddenly quiet. After the victory against Alabama the Trojans were cruising, or so they thought, until two weeks later when they lost to the Arizona State Sun Devils in Tempe. The team that faced the Sun Devils was not the same team that had faced Alabama. Those players were gone, sidelined on the bench, as helpless as the average fan. The game was as good as over when Brad Greene, replacing in- jured center Chris Foote, was taken out of the game in the first quarter. The Trojans pulled themselves togeth- er with band-aids and ankle tape to sur- vive through the last and most strenuous drill of the season: the last five games. If the Trojans could make it past Cal, Stan- ford, Washington, UCLA and Notre Dame they might just s ilence the people who think they know about football. Against great odds, the Trojans won their remaining games and earned the PAC-10 title, a Rose Bowl berth and a shot at the national championship, or at least the number two spot in the country. Now the people who think they know about football, don ' t knowwhat to say. When the Trojans opened the 1978 season at the Cohseum, the last thing the fans wanted to see was a continuation of last year ' s 8 and 4 sloppy playing. What they saw on a warnn Saturday afternoon in early September, brought boos and cries of ' dismay from the spirited Trojan fans. At the half, the Texas Tech Red Raiders led the Trojans 9-0. The Trojans came back after the half to score 17 points and hold the Raiders to their first half score. Charles White car- ried the ball 30 times for 156 yards and the Trojans outgained the Raiders 468 to 161 yards and had 25 first downs to the Raiders 7. Nine fumbles by the Trojans kept the score at an unimpressive 17-9. After Texas Tech, the Trojans hit the road and headed for the University of Oregon. The game plan called for the usual run, run, run, punt. And run they did. Charles White gained 173 yards and Lynn Cain 99 as the Trojans trounced the Ducks 37-10. (confined on page 173) THIS PAGE, TOP: Nose Guard Ray Peters ( 72) prepares to stop the Texas Tech attack. Later in the season Peters performed at the center position. RIGHT: One of Tech ' s Red Raiders jumps in jubi- lation after recovering one of the Trojan ' s nine fumbles. OPPOSITE PAGE, TOP: Raymond Butler ( 86) attempts to move the ball against Oregon in Eugene. BOTTOM: Crabbing his jersey doesn ' t guarantee stopping Lynn Cain ( 21) this Texas Tech defender learns. 171 172 The team next traveled to Alabama to meet the number one team in the coun- try. Before they even arrived, the folks in Birmingham weren ' t just talking about winning, but about how much they could run up the score on the young Trojans. Coming off of a 21-20 loss to Alabama the previous year, the Trojans were de- termined not to let the Bear and his Tide embarrass them on national television again. Instead, the Trojans turned the Tide and beat Alabama 24-14 in front of a crowd of 77,000 Alabamans and thou- sands more watching the televised game. The Trojans had knocked the number one rating right out of the Tide ' s hands. Charles White had the best game of his college career gaining 200 yards in his campaign for the Heisman Trophy. White was aided by what the nation was now calling the " best offensive line in the country. " Sophomore linebacker, Eric Scoggins, had an outstanding game winning the Chevrolet Defensive Player of the Game Award. Paul McDonald proved his worth as a starting quarterback by pass- ing for 113 yards and rushing through the strong Tide defense. (conlinued on p3ge 175) w. i ft i A Hk - jH LV 1 1 A - M f t V r 9 ' " ■ i:mm .■-- ■■■■ ' .■1, ' .. .j tj£: IW.I-. - -r»- ;i-. 1 173 After beating Alabama the week be- fore, the Trojans had problems " psych- ing up " for their match against the Michigan State Spartans. Despite emo- tionless play, the Trojans managed to beat the Spartans 30-9. Lynn Cain was the offensive star of the game, rushing for 96 yards. The de- fense performed well, shutting down Spartan quarterback Ed Smith ' s passing game. Smith, one of the nation ' s leading quarterbacks, completed 12 of 17 passes for 141 yards and was intercepted three times by the Trojan ' s young secondary. The real story of the evening was not what was happening on the field, but rather in the stands. To put it bluntly, the majority of spectators in the student section were drunk. There were numer- ous brawls throughout the game and the card stunts ended with the cards flying dangerously through the air. (continued on pa te 177) OPPOSITE PAGE: TOP: Fullback Lynn Cain gained 96 yards against the Spartans, but those yards didn ' t always come easy. BOTTOM: Trojan offensive line gives Paul McDonald ( 16) time to pass. THIS PAGE, LEFT: The tough Trojan defense smothered Michigan State ' s hopes of a victory. BOTTOM: Traveller III. 175 f- 3WI tL. mffK - • - - 4f(er starting center Chris Foote tvds injured in practice the Wednesday before the Arizona Slate game, second stringer Brad Creene took over for Foote, hut was injured in the first series of the game. Here Creen is comforted by President Hub- hard. im »• • «■ ' ¥ k- . The Trojans traveled to Tempe in October to welcome the Arizona Sun Devils into the Pacific 10 conference and got more than a warm " hello " . The Sun Devils won a major victory for themselves when they upset the second-ranked Trojans 20-7 before a record-breaking 71,000 hometown crowd. The loss proved to be the only mark on an otherwise unblemished record for the Trojans. Although coaches on both sides of the field sang praises to the Sun Devils, the real devil of the game turned out to be the Trojans themselves. The clock had barely begun ticking when center Brad Green re-injured his knee and was removed from the game, leaving the Troians without a center. Starting center Chris Foote, backup Scott Fraser and Clint Hampton were all at home in Los Angeles with injuries. With Green out, the only remaining possibilities for center were defensive line- backer Ray Peters and tackle Dave Anderson, both with only 3 days training as center. Without a center, the offense never really got rolling. Six snaps were fumbled from center and the Trojans were unable to score until the last 33 seconds of the game. The Arizona State Sun Devils had been inaugurated into Pacific 10 play and the University of Southern Cali- fornia Trojans had watched their national championship plans disappear into the hot Arizona air. (continued on pag ' " " " Homecoming followed the disaster in Arizona. Fortunate- ly, the Trojans had the chance to recuperate from the loss the week before, this time playing in their home stadium surrounded by friends and supporters against a team with a 1977 2-9 record. The offensive line returned to its usual performance with Ray Peters more than adequately taking over as center. In fact, Peters was the real hero of the game reversing the 178 center problem of the previous week. The Trojans ran at the Beavers and gained 502 yards to the Beavers 166, on their way to a 38-7 victory. Charles White rushed 154 yards for 22 carries. The defense, led by nose- guard Rich Dimler, sacked the Beaver quarterback 11 times and held the opposition to only 29 yards rushing. The Trojans continued to be plagued by injuries as backup center Dave Anderson was injured. (continued on page ISO) 179 The Bay Area schools, California and Stanford, suffered at the hands of the Trojans this year. The Cal Golden Bears left the Southland with their tails be- tween their legs after a 42-17 thrashing. The Stanford Cardinals gave the Trojans a run for their money but the Trojans prevailed beating the Cards 13-6. The Trojans easily beat the Bears but the afternoon was not without an injury. Offensive tackle Anthony Munoz suf- fered a knee injury and was out for the season. The Cards did not fall as easily, but thanks to the fighting Trojan defense, use was able to keep its run for the roses alive. Defensive standouts were Ronnie Lott, Richard Dimler, and Den- nis Edwards. Following the football team to the " Farm " were 28,000 Trojans who attend- ed the game. The Trojans invaded down- town San Francisco and held the annual cocktail party at the Saint Francis fol- lowed by the rally in Union Square. (continued on page 135) RIGHT: Charlie White goes for more yardage be- hind the protection of Lynn Cain ( 21) and Vic Rakhshani ( 80). FAR RIGHT: Lynn Cain at- tempts to detour the grasps of Cal defender. BE- LOW: Loose ball is up for grabs. OPPOSITE PAGE, BOTTOM: Coach Don Lindsay, defensive coordinator, sketches out strategies on the side lines. 180 181 182 183 184 By mid-November, the Trojans had only two obstacles standing in their way to Pasadena and the Pac 10 champion- ship: the Washington Huskies and the UCLA Bruins. The Trojans determinedly continued the quest for the roses as they faced Washington in a driving rain at the Coli- seum. Despite the weather, the Trojans managed to chalk up a 28-10 victory over the 1977 Pac-8 champs. The fourth week in the Trojan ' s five week tortuous line-up brought UCLA. Both teams needed a win to take them to Pasadena, but the Trojans were smelling roses all the way. The crosstown rivals met before 90,000 screaming Coliseum fans and a national television audience. Playing conservative football, the Trojans beat the Bruins for the 28th time in 48 years. The Trojan defense concentrated on stopping UCLA ' s veer option led by quarterback Rick Bashore, running backs Theotis Brown, James Owens and Freeman McNiel. The Bruin offense was outmuscled by the Trojan defensive unit as they held them to just 216 yards. Charles White made history during the fourth quarter as he passed Rickey Bell and Anthony Davis to become the all-time leading rusher in Pac 10 history. His 145 yards on 33 carries for a total of 3,739 yards gave him the record. Other Trojans played their part in the victory as well. Ty Sperling was named Chevrolet Defensive Player of the Game after sacking Bruin quarterback Bashore three times. Quarterback Paul Mc- Donald completed seven of ten passes, including two touchdown passes. Marty King, the Pac lO ' s leading punter had six kicks averaging 40.2 yards with -7 total yards returned. So, the run for the roses ended, coming down to the usual contenders USC and UCLA. The Trojans completed Pac 10 play with a 6-1 record and the players who everyone thought had talent, proved they did. {continued on page 190) OPPOSITE PAGE, TOP LEFT: Dwigbt Ford ( 22) looks for break in Washington ' s defense. TOP RIGHT: Myron Lapka ( 96) closes in on Washing- ton ' s offense. BOTTOM: Washington quarterback Tom Porras doesn ' t get far against tough Trojan defense. THIS PAGE, SERIES AT LEFT: Dwight Ford ( 22) struggles past defense and fights the muddy turf to the end zone. 187 Terry Lara John Pentz Neelura Bell Carol Pike Spirit Squad Initiates Changes For The Better Amid Controversy ' ME i lB ' %l3 ' m H " ' Tl V 3 ' use 1 i J 1 r ■ use L E ■■ ' ' , ' fwi " ' : ' ' W i ' .if ' }i.rmv - ' 3im- u nFwrrtmmmim Pam Salka Mark O Connor Bill Barnett Scott Anderson ■f pJt(C lo loi iOvt ' idfiC ot the iOntit y — i i 70 1 1 Ftynn Laurie Ryan Robb Crdnt Tf )JAK3 EDWL ( SC f, " s« ' , -. « ' " •- i.; ' : - ' ' " i i : - ..i ' - ' k N l i Chmk Williams . .•- Bvcky Bu:---cv On November 25, 1977 Frank Jordan kicked a perfect field goal through the west-end uprights during the last three seconds of the game, giving the Trojans a 29-27 victory over UCLA. On Novem- ber 25, 1978 Frank Jordan repeated histo- ry and again kicked a perfect field goal and saved the Trojans from a humiliat- ing loss in the last six seconds of the Notre Dame game, handing the Trojans a 27-25 victory. The Trojans had " paypack " on their minds as they prepared for the Irish. As the team practiced before the game the players counted 49-19 . . . 49-19 ... 49- 19. . ., the score of last year ' s defeat in South Bend. The Trojans opened up the game with a fierce attack. By half-time they had 16 first downs to the Irish ' s 3, they had out rushed them 84 to -3 yards and had out passed them 163 to 62 yards. The Trojans continued their stampede after the half driving for 73 yards for a touchdown and a 24-6 lead. After gain- ing a healthy margin, the Trojans did not attempt to run up the score as Notre Dame had the previous year, instead they dozed off and didn ' t wake up until the last three minutes of the game. The Irish didn ' t pack up and go home when they were trailing in the third quarter, instead they increased their prayers and sent Joe Montana to work. The quarterback suddenly got his act to- gether and connected with Kris Haines for six second half passes. With 13:26 left in the game, the Irish scored then struck again with 3:01 left in the fourth quarter to make the score 24-19. The Irish thought they had the game when, with 46 second left, they took the lead 25-24. The stunned Trojans did not give up. The final 40 seconds went something like this: with the ball on the Trojan 30, Paul McDonald completed a pass to Rakshani for ten yards and a first down (29 seconds); McDonald then tries for an- other pass and baubles the ball which was ruled an imcomplete pass (19 sec- onds); McDonald completes a 36-yard pass to Calvin Sweeney putting the Tro- jans first and ten on the Irish 24 (12 seconds); White sweeps left for four yards (6 seconds); time out; Frank Jordan runs on the field, kick is good (2 sec- onds); the Trojans beat the Irish 27-25. (continued on page 192) 190 191 After a long, tough schedule the Tro- jans needed a vacation, so they did what the average American does and took a " business " trip to Hawaii. The Trojans were scheduled to close out the regular season with a match against the Univer- sity of Hawaii Rainbows. After beating top-ranked teams, Notre Dame and Alabama, the Rainbows ap- peared as little more than an excuse to party in Oahu. So the team left cold and rainy California and headed for Honolu- lu. The four day holiday began with an eight course dinner at Wo Fat Chinese restaurant. The next day was devoted to the beach and other island pleasures un- til game time. The Rainbows put a temporary damp- er on the Trojan ' s fun as they made the Trojans work for their 21-5 victory. (continued on next page) The referees entertained the stadium crowd and the radio audience back on the mainland with some outrageous calls. Some examples, a fumble was called after Dwight Ford released the ball after the whistle and a Hawaii player jumped on it; Ronnie Lott intercepted a pass a ran it in for a touchdown, only to have it called back on a roughing the passer call; Dennis Johnson picked up a fumble and ran it into the end zone only to have the touchdown nullified; and the best call of the evening was when Kenny Moore intercepted a pass, but the play was called back because a penalty was called on a fan wearing a USC button. (continued on page 196) OPPOSITE PAGE, TOP: Hawaii defender comes from behind to stop Trojan offense. BOTTOM: Freshman Riki Cray ( 35) and Dennis Johnson ( 56) return to sidelines after Gray intercepted a Rainbow pass and took it in for the final score. THIS PAGE, TOP: Charles White Just gets by Ha- waii ' s defense. BELOW: Junior quarterback Rob Preston ( 14) passed for 154 yards in his first start for the injured Paul McDonald. 193 194 195 The Week Before " The Game " Bowl Preparation Goes Beyond Practice Field Preparing for the Rose Bowl takes more than just alot of hard work on the practice field. The week before, the team is continuously drilling and testing their physical abilities. An " all-you-can-eat " team dinner at Lawry ' s and fast pinball and fooseball action at the team ' s hotel keeps the player ' s relexes, stamina, and physical strength well in shape for the New Year ' s day contest. Apparently, the diligent work and contin- ous practice paid off, as the Trojans took the Rose Bowl Title. LEFT: August Curley, Rob Preston, Rich Dimler, Charles White. CENTER: Myron Lapka, Pat Howell, Scott Tinsley RIGHT: Myron Lapka. 196 Rose Bowl 1979 Disputed Fumble Leaves Wolverines Blue University of Southern California football memories are made of roses and National Championships. The 1978 season was no exception as the Trojans captured both in a an afternoon in their " home-away-from-home " , the Pasadena Rose Bowl. The last obstacle the Trojans had to hurdle was the tough Michigan Wolverines, also veterans of the Rose Bowl. The afternoon as well as the season was not without a controversial call. Throughout the season the Trojans have forced referees to make close judgements and rulings. January 1, 1979 was no different. As Charles White dove for the end zone in the second quarter of the bowl game, the ball was fumbled (continued on page 196) OPPOSITE PAGE, TOP: Trojan defense smothers Michigan ' s Rick Leach. THIS PAGE, LEFT: ]unior Myron Lapka in hot pursuit of Wolverine quarterback Leach. BELOW: Michigan ' s Russell Davis doesn ' t get far thanks to Troy ' s defense. 197 after it had apparently " broken the plane " in a forward progression. A touchdown signal was given, while at the same instant a signal of a Michigan recovery had been given by two different officials. The officials huddled and head linesman Lee Joseph re-affirmed a touchdown. The Rose Bowl rocked with a 4-point earthquake and USC approval of the referee ' s call. Back in Michigan and around the nation, people saw re- play after re-play of the controversy and a made up their own minds, but in Pasa- dena play continued and the Charles White 3-yard drive to the goal went down in Rose Bowl and USC history. The Wolverines of Michigan, clearly upset by the call, regained composure, but the questionable second- quarter score by White eventually sent the Wolverines home in its third consecutive Rose Bowl defeat and fifth since 1970. No one can take away the class with which Michigan came, played, and left with, but clearly no one can take away the USC victory either. To add to their bouquet of roses, the Trojans were voted National Champions in the Un ited Press International poll by coaches throughout the United States. Although No. 1 in the eyes of the coaches, USC was voted No. 2 behind Alabama, who the Trojans had defeated earlier in the season, by the Associated Press Poll, voted on by sports writers and newscasters. The 1978 schedule was referred to as a " death wish " by experts, but to the 1978 football squad, it provided challenge. The young ambitious Trojans, conquering tough opponents and unbeatable odds, overcame this " death wish " , proving themselves to truly be champions. THIS PAGE, TOP: Ron Lott ( 42) intercepts Michigan pass to help set up USC ' s first score. RIGHT: Coach John Robinson happy to be " back home " in the Rose Bowl. OPPOSITE PAGE, TOP: Charles White ' s ( 12) controversial score. . . touchdown or fumble? BOTTOM: Lynn Cain ( 21) averaged 6.5 yards per carry in his last performance in a Trojan jersy. 198 Final Standings UPI Poll AP Poll Coach ' s Poll Useless Poll 1. use 1. Alabama 2. Alabama 2. use 3. Oklahoma 3. Oklahoma 4. Penn State 4. Penn State 5. Michigan 5. Michigan 6. Notre Dame 6. eiemson 7. Clemson 7. Notre Dame 8. Nebraska 8. Nebraska 9. Texas 9. Texas 10. Arkansas 10. Houston jj Season RecordT 17 use . . .Texas Tech 9 ' 37 use Oregon 10 ' 24 use Alabama 14 30 use 4ichigan State 9 7 use .Arizona State 20 38 use . .Oregon State 7 42 use . . . .ealifornia 17 13 use Stanford 7 28 use . .Washington 10 17 use UeiA 10 27 use . . Notre Dame 25 21 use Hawaii 5 17 use Michigan 10 THIS PAGE RIGHT: Coach John Wil- liams instructs his players. BELOW: Craig Furness (foreground) and Zach Stimpson defend against Stanford. OP- POSITE PAGE TOP: . W McCinleygets set for a shot. BOTTOM SERIES: Zach Stimpson in a series of defensive maneu- I » » ' I » t TTTTTP V 200 Waterpolo Building For Next Season Trojan poloists led by Coach John Williams had a good year, twice defeat- ing the defending national champions, the Golden Bears of California. In spite of such victories the senior-less team barely missed a play-off birth. A high- light of the season was established by leading team scorer, Zack Stimpson. At the Arizona game Stimpson put six shots thru the net making his efforts an all time personal scoring high. With an experienced team including Stimpson and freshman goalie Jack Gra- ham, who is considered one of the three best goalies in the nation, the Trojan po- loists will be strong contenders in 1979. P H Ws.. M 201 Soccer There ' s Always Next Year The soccer team closed the season with a 5-17- 1 record for a third place tie in the Southern California Intercollegiate Soc- cer Association (SCISA) with a 2-2 con- ference mark. The team had some bad breaks this year, such as an injury to Ramon Franco, the best defenseman, but did receive ex- cellent play from Jay Durgen, team cap- tain, Mark Royan and Meyran Divan- Baigy Zand, who led the team in goals scored. Three freshmen contributed much tal- ent to the team this year. Steve Legg, the best player from Simi Valley as a high schooler last year, has fit well into the program. Both Craig EUedge and Tony Morejon contributed tremendously to this year ' s team. The Cromwell Field Facility will be completed adequately enough to play on by next season and will give the athletic department a chance to promote games and earn money for the soccer budget, which should provide the first soccer scholarships ever at USC. 202 - fc:- 203 204 Women ' s Basketball Striving For Excellence The 1978-79 Trojan Women ' s Basket- ball team looked to be a top contender as head coach Linda Sharp had her best re- cruiting year ever. With the returning members and outstanding freshmen Coach Sharp recruited, the team was filled with very skilled individuals, add- ing depth and balance overall. Coach Sharp, coached a team with six girls 6 feet or taller, using a tenacious " person to person " defense and a contin- ual fast breaking offense. The Women of Troy captured the championship of the Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Tournament, winning the first tournament in their history as well as setting a USC record with a 106 point performance against Cal State University Northridge. Under their 2nd year head coach, the Women of Troy have a bright outlook as they continue to strengthen and become a major contender in the conference. FAR LEFT: Pepperdine defense is left looking as guard Kathy Haynes goes up for two. SEQUENCE TO LEFT: ASU ' s defense doesn ' t hinder Mary El- len Burt ' s drive to the hoop. BELOW: Kathy Haynes concentrates on freethrow attempt. 205 S i i.i L ♦ M » .j : i c? V - i f 1 f Recruits Lead To Hoopster ' s Success Enthusiastic Crowds Brought Back To Sports Arena After harvesting the n ost sought-after recruits, Coach Bob Boyd this year had the chance for basketball cham- pionship in the same city as UCLA. The Trojans had not won a league title in 17 years, but this young team, enchanced by prime recruits, was the best team USC had had in years. Evidenced by growing crowds of spectators, USC bas- ketball once again provided the excitement and entertain- ment the fans had long awaited, not to mention the possibility of a conference title well within their reach. continued on page 209. TOP; Cliff Robinson prepares to shoot for extra points in game against Utah. LEFT: Barry Brooks goes up for two. ABOVE: Center Cliff Robinson and Houston teammates scramble for loose ball. TOP: Purvis Miller ( 45) fights for a rebound as teammates Cliff Robinsor ( 44) and Leonel Marquetti ( 32) look on. ABOVE LEFT; Barry Brooks ( 14) grabs a rebound against Niagara in the Volunteer Classic. ABOVE RIGHT: Dean Jones ( 12) and Maurice Williams ( 20) battle for rebound. 208 Thirteen seemed to be a lucky number for Coach Bob Boyd and his young Trojan squad. But mid-way through his 13th season, Boyd announced his resignation as head coach effective at the end of the season. Despite this surprise announcement and the loss of star center Cliff Robinson due to an ankle injury, the team pulled together and man- aged to gain a NCAA play-off berth for the first time since 1961. use battled UCLA for the conference lead throughout the Pac-10 campaign, despite once again being frustrated by the Bruins in two close contests, 89-86 at the Sports Arena and a 102-94 overtime loss at Pauley Pavilion. It was the first time in Pauley history that UCLA was forced into an overtime period. The loss of Cliff Robinson for the last 8 conference games forced rearranging the squad ' s starting five. Purvis Miller, a 6-7 power forward, was the steadiest Trojan with his in- creased scoring and rebounding averages. Thanks to Miller, the large gap left by Robinson was eliminated. Guard Don Carfino acted as the team ' s spark plug with prize recruit Maurice Williams adapting quickly to college play and showing a world of promise for the future. Junior center Doug Widfeldt ' s hustling and all-out play added to the team ' s strength while junior guard Dean Jones organized USC ' s fast-paced offense. Senior guard Steve Smith, holder of the single-season school field goal record of 57.4%, along with guard Neil Arnold and forward Darryl Smith are the only departing players. TOP LEFT: Doug Widfeldt scores against Stanford. TOP RIGHT: Song girls provide added entertainment at the basketball games. ABOVE: Sopho- more Purvis Miller jumps against UCLA s Kiki Vandeweghe on the Bruin s home court. 209 AT LEFT: Purvis Miller displays tough and aggressive moves against Stanford and Cal. ABOVE: Cliff Robinson against persistent Arizona State defender. OPPOSITE PAGE: Don Carfino leaps for two against UCLA. 210 A ■ ■X 211 NCAA Playoffs Trojans Earn Berth For First Time Since 1961 Coach Bob Boyd ended his USC coach- ing career the way it began against De Paul. This time the 89-78 loss capped off a successful 20-9 season, as the Trojans finished a strong second in the Pac-10 Conference and received their first bid to the NCAA Tournament in 18 years. Before meeting De Paul, USC beat a tough Utah State squad in first night ac- tion at Pauley Pavilion. The 86-67 win over Utah State earned the Trojans an- other match. The second round was not as easy as the first, and the loss to De Paul dropped the Trojans out of the tour- nament. Although the Trojan advancement in the tournament was abruptly ended, the 1978-79 season record was Boyd ' s third best in his tenure at USC. It featured a 14-4 Pac-10 record, only a game behind champion UCLA. Before losing to De- Paul, the Trojans had won their last sev- en games in a row, all without injured center Cliff Robinson. Projections for the 1979-80 season are optimistic with only 3 players leaving. Returning players include centers Cliff Robinson and Doug Widfeldt, forwards Purvis Miller, Maurice Williams, Leonel Marquetti, and Barry Brooks, guards Don Carfino, Dean Jones, and George Ratkovich. The future looks bright for this young, yet talented squad that is full of potential for NCAA tournaments to come. TOP RIGHT: Guard Don Carfino goes up for two in second round play-off action against De Paul. RIGHT: Sophomore Purvis Miller muscles down a rebound as De Paul team looks on. BELOW: In- jured center Cliff Robinson watches from the side- lines as teammates compete in NCAA tourney at Pauley Pavilion. Ill Bob Boyd Calls It Quits After Thirteen Seasons Resigns As Coach But Still Goes Out A Winn er After 2 excellent years of recruitir g, Coach Bob Boyd led his Trojar s to second place in the Pac-10 and straight into the NCAA tournament. But the thrill of victory was overshadowed by the January 16 announcement of his resignation, effective at the end of the season. It seemed ironic that he should quit just when the team was just becoming a national contender. By the end of the memorable season, fans and alumni were calling for the withdrawal of his resignation, but Boyd held firm, ending his coaching career with 196 wins and 122 losses for USC. Bob Boyd ' s coaching career included successful sea- sons at Santa Ana College and the University of Seattle before he came to USC in 1966. Through these early years, he was overshadowed by the great Bruin coach, John Wooden, and was the subject of criticism by fans and alumni who were tired of coming in second place to the city ' s basketball champion, UCLA. Had the NCAA tournament included second place conference teams pre- vious to 1979, Boyd would have taken his Trojans to the tournament 6 times in the last 13 years. Although the head basketball coach position will be filled by another. Bob Boyd will stay at the university fulfilling new duties as associate athletic director in charge of sales and promotions for all sports at USC. Stan Morrison, former coach at the University of the Pacific, inherited Boyd ' s talented squad and coaching position. TOP: Coach Boyd explains strategy in sideline conference. LEFT: Mau- rice Williams gets a few tips from Boyd. 213 Men ' s Volleyball New League, Old Rivals Known for some of the best volleyball talent in the nation, the southern California area again provided tough competition, only this time in a new league. The Trojans found themselves in the newly-formed California Inter- collegiate Volleyball Association. This league included competition from both southern and northern California and was comprised of new competition and the Trojan ' s old league adversaries, UCLA and Pepperdine. Led by head coach Chuck Erbe and assistants Celso Kalache, a former Trojan player, and Scott Salle, the Trojans played games with a quick tempo and exciting offense. Three pre-season All-Americans, Dusty Dvorak, Tim Hovland, and captain Bob Yoder led the attacks, with support coming from Fulvio Danilas, Bill Stetson, Oz Simmons, Pat Powers, Jim Strickland, and Mark Willborn. 214 OPPOSITE PAGE, TOP RIGHT: Opponents try in vain to block this Trojan spike. BOTTOM RIGHT: Tim Hovland spikes against the UCLA Bruins. FAR LEFT: Dusty Dvorak sets up for a teammate. THIS PAGE, TOP: As Bob Yoder ( 15) looks on, a Trojan teammate spikes against Long Beach State. LEFT: Pepperdine, previous NCAA Champions, found use hard to handle. 215 Crew Rowing For Recognition Amid the mist and fog of the Los An- eles Harbor in San Pedro, between the uildings and fisheries, stands the Southern Cal boathouse. Home of the men ' s and women ' s crew team, it is easi- ly recognized with its huge USC CREW painted on the side. In a sport that is natural to our cli- mate, the crew team is able to practice year round in the waters of the Pacific. The team puts a great deal of time, effort, and sacrifice into this competitive sport. Practices begin in September although the competition doesn ' t arrive until late March. Both the men and women practice in the Los Angeles Harbor, side by side yet in their respective shells and events. THIS PAGE ABOVE AND RIGHT: Men and women crew teams row across the harbor. OPPO- SITE PAGE TOP AND BOTTOM: Crew members ready themselves for orders from coxsman. OPPO- SITE PAGE MIDDLE: Members end day in tradi- tional dunking. 216 D 217 218 Women ' s Track Facing Hurdles Head -On The 1979 track and field season saw Coach Sherry Calvert ' s women making outstanding strides in intercollegiate competition. The first hurdle the women faced was the San Diego Invitational where the team set and tied several school records in the relays, javelin, and 100 meter dash. Cecile Poppen, Marian Eastern, Rosa- lind Anderson, and Linda Cassidy com- bined for a time of 3:56.8 in the mile relay, while Lisa Van Benthem ' s throw of 149 ' in the javelin was also a new school record. The 800 meter medley relay team of Gail Douglas, Kim Robinson, Sandy Crabtree, and Linda Cassidy also set a new school record with a time of 1:44.2 minutes. Gail Douglas tied an old school record with a time of 11.5 in the 100 meter dash. Under coach Calvert, the Trojan wom- en tracksters strive for fast times and long distances. Calvert, a two-time Olympian and USC alumni, currently holds the all-time No. 2 American jave- lin record of 207 ' 11 " . OPPOSITE PAGE, TOP: Gail Douglas sprints for the finish line in the Long Beach meet. BELOW: Mitzi McMillin (center) fights for the lead in the high hurdles. THIS PAGE, TOP: Lisa Van Benthem prepares to hurl the javelin in meef against Long Beach State. BELOW: Cecile Poppen receives the baton from Sandy Crabtree in the re- lay. 219 Men ' s Track Homeless But Successful. The track team opened the season with a string of 18 successive dual meet titles over the last three years. The defending NCAA champions last lost to UCLA in 1975, but history doesn ' t always repeat itself as the USC squad sported not only talent, but overall depth in competition. Under Coach Vern Wolfe, the Trojans did not have the optimum practice facili- ties available on campus. Because of ex- treme winter rains, the renovation of Cromwell track was not completed in time for pre-season practice, and the Trojans were bussed to other facilities to work out. The old Trojan track was said to be the worst in the conference, but the new plans call for a fast track and new stadium for larger crowds of spectators and fans in the future. The Trojans proved their talent in the first three meets of the season running well in the Long Beach Relays, the Aztec Invitational, and a dual meet against Ari- zona. A strong line-up of sprinters enhance the most competitive event for USC. Tracksters Billy MuUins, Mike Simons, Phillip Johnson and Kevin Williams, James Sanford, Colin Bradford, and Rod Bethany give the Trojans added speed and strength in the sprinting corp. Relay members of the 400, 800, and 1600 meter runs included Williams, Bradford, Mullins, Sanford, and Simons. Milan Stewart and Phillip Johnson, along with Arto Brygaare from Finland who provided expertise in the hurdles. Rounding out the field are David Omwnasa, middle distance, Dan Jackson and Ken Hays, long and triple jumps, David Kurrasch, discus, John McKenzie, and Steve Montgomery, shot put, Tim Walker, high jump, and Jerry Mulligan, pole vault. Injuries hit Ken Hays and Dan Jack- son early in the season, but the strong Trojan sprinting corp and the exper- ienced instruction of Coach Wolfe in- sured the Trojans of a strong finish. Coach Wolfe had a record of 100 victo- ries and 9 dual meet defeats at the start of the season. Track or no track, the Trojan track- sters continued their successful record and proved that its not the facilities, but the talent that counts. 220 OPPOSITE PAGE: David Omwansa competes for USC in the middle distance events. THIS PAGE, BOTTOM SERIES: Members of the sprint- ing carp include Mike Simmons, James Sanford, and Kevin Williams. TOP: Coach Vern Wolfe keeps a close watch on the team s performance 221 TOP LEFT: Billy Mullins in relay action. TOP RIGHT: Steve Montgomery heaves shot put. ABOVE: 77m Walker clears obstacle in the high Jump event. RIGHT: Football tailback Charlie White dons track uniform in the spring. Ill TOP: Sprinter Billy Mullins, on right, goes for the finish line. LEFT: Jerry Mulligan prepares for his vault. ABOVE: Hurdler Phillip Johnson shows winning form. 223 Women ' s Tennis Loaded With Talent The Women ' s Tennis program boasted the finest collection of colle- giate women tennis players available anywhere. Coach Dave Borelli stated that his team could " possibly be the greatest collegiate women ' s tennis team ever " and it very well could be. Three-time All American Barbara Hallquist and All-American Sheila Mclnerney provided the team with valuable collegiate experience in com- petition, while lefthander Stacy Mar- golin added extra strength to the squad. The Fernandez twins, Anna Lucia and Anna Maria, along with Trey Lewis, all made their collegiate debuts this season, after compiling quite impressive tennis resumes as ju- nior players. These six top-ranked players, along with an impressive list of teammates played for tne national title, with eyes set on use ' s third consecutive wom- en ' s national championship. TOP RIGHT: Two-time national champion Barbara Hallquist hustles cross court for the return. BOTTOM RIGHT: Cindy Dennis warms up for her match. BELOW: Freshman Anna Lucia Fernandez concentrates on her hack-hand shot. OPPOSITE PAGE, TOP LEFT: Sheila Mclnerney intent on her serve. TOP RIGHT: Trey Lewis concentrates on follow- through. BOTTOM: Stacy Margolin prepares for her serve. T ■ ! r- 224 ' " AKoeawM 225 226 Men ' s Tennis Talent In Toley ' s Troops Any conversation of men ' s tennis at use would naturally include mention of Coach George Toley. Along with coach- ing such tennis greats as Raul Ramirez, Butch Walts, and Bruce Manson, Toley advises 10 National Collegiate Athletic Association teams. Starting his 28th year here at USC, Coach Toley worked with a team full of talent and skill. Playing for the Trojans were Robert Van ' t Hof, BUy Nealon, Doug Adler, Marco Novelo, Roger Knapp, Sean Brawley, Fernando Von Oertzen, and Earl Prince. These Trojan netters displayed talent and very impressive performances against the more competitive teams in the region, giving USC the edge on the court. OPPOSITE PAGE, LEFT: A strong serve by Billy Nealon. TOP RIGHT: This Trojan netter is able to reach high for a return. BOTTOM RIGHT: Robert Van ' t Hof follows through on a shot. THIS PAGE, TOP: Roger Knapp awaits shot. BELOW LEFT: Fernando Von Oertzen with a return. BELOW RIGHT: Earl Prince with a strong backhand. 117 228 A Season Of Uncertainty Depleted Troops Strive To Fill The Shoes Of Champions The 1978 national championship baseball team ' s perfor- mance was sure a tough act to follow. Losing nine players to graduation and the professional leagues, the Trojan baseball team had to devise some ingenious tactics in order to defend its championship title of the 1978 College World Series. Head coach Rod Dedeaux described his team ' s destiny this season as being questionable. The Trojans suffered a devastating blow when they lost star pitcher Bill Bordley early in the season. Bordley, who at first refused to sign with the team that chose him in the draft, decided to play for the San Francisco Giants. The loss of Bordley left a huge gap in the team ' s pitching strength and in the experience on the mound. The lack of maturity of the young team was one of the biggest obstacles the Trojans faced throughout the season as the team was without its starting infielders from the pre- vious year. Not one returned and a whole new body of troops had to be found to fill the vacated infield positions. So without the talented pitching and infielding personnel of the previous year, Dedeaux and his coaching staff had their work cut out for them. Maybe the last seasons achieve- ments were too great; a 54-9 record and the ease with which the Trojans breezed through the five straight world series games were just too easy last year. A different story from the 1979 season, a season of uncertainty. Of the 54 games won last year, only two of those were won by a pitcher still here in 1979. Jeff Wick, who was 2-0 on the championship team, was the only returning pitcher to win games last year. Mike Couchee, a lefthander, led the pitching rotation, while freshman recruit Dave Leeper of Villa Park joined the hurling staff and served as a designat- ed hitter. Seniors Bob Skube, center field, and Keith Brown, right field, provided the home run power for USC. Shortstop Chuck Menzhuber, a junior college transfer, led the hitting attack while Paul Homrig, also a transfer, Dave Hodgkins, and John Wells provided strong batting power. Jim Cec- chini and freshman sensation Marty Wilkerson took over duties at third base. The season was considered one of rebuilding, focusing on fundamental skills. Following one of the best baseball teams USC has ever had, the 1979 squad sure had their work cut out for them. OPPOSITE PAGE, TOP LEFT: Jeff Wick follows through on his pitch. TOP RIGHT: Keith Brown rounds third base. BOTTOM: USC outfielder Keith Brown at bat. THIS PAGE, TOP: Gerald Price slides into third base. 229 Major Leaguers Troy Challenges Pros Coach Rod Dedeaux ' s USC baseball program has often been regarded as top notched training grounds for the pro draft and major league teams. Visits by pro scouts are frequent at Dedeaux Field, but some pros don ' t come to scout. They come to play. Annually, the Trojans play pre-season contests with the Los Angeles Dodgers and the California Angels. The Dodgers met Dedeaux ' s team with a line-up of ex- Trojans. The defending National League champions picked up two players from the 1978 championship team, pitcher Brian Hayes and second baseman Larry Fobbs. This pair complement ex-Trojan Bobby Mitchell, acquired by the Dodg- ers two years ago. The contest with the Angels took place on the Trojan ' s home field and provided the pros with excellent amateur competi- tion and the coUegiates with a taste of pro ball. The annual Trojan Alumni Jamboree gave pro alumni the chance to visit their old batting grounds. The star of the whole show was former Cincinnati Reds manager Sparky Anderson, a former USC batboy for Coach Dedeaux ' s 1948 championship club. Five years of exper- ience as a use batboy, Dorsey baseball experience, and years of pro ball made up the career of Sparky Anderson, but De- deaux will always remember him as " the best batboy USC ever had. " THIS PAGE, TOP: Trojan runner takes huge lead off first base in game against the California Angels. MIDDLE RIGHT: Batter takes aim in annual game against the Los Angeles Dodgers. MIDDLE LEFT: During the workout with the Dodgers, the Trojan pitching staff held LA scoreless. ABOVE: A former USC Batboy, Sparky Anderson (third from left) joins Coach Dedeaux and staff in a special presentation. 230 After winning the National Championship the previous season, the Trojans found themselves with a young and untested team as the season began. THIS PAGE, TOP LEFT; Trojan batter takes aim on the next pitch. THIS PAGE, TOP RIGHT: With the loss of Bill Bordley to the pros, the pitching strength was weakened. ABOVE: Though the team lacked experience, they came to bat expecting to go all the way. 231 Women ' s Volleyball Third Time No Charm The women ' s volleyball team said goodbye or, more aptly, aloha, to its chance to win the national champion- ship for the third straight year in Tusca- loosa, Alabama. The Trojans got on the wrong side of a Hawaiian punch on that evening ' s Asso- ciation of Intercollegiate Athletics for Women quarter final match with the University of Hawaii, and the loss knocked them out of the running for the year. The Trojans had won the national championship for the past two years. The brightest spot of the tournament for use was freshman Cathy Stukel be- ing named to the all-tournament team. Stukel, 6-1 who plays both the hitter and setter positions, had been a model of consistency for the up and down spikers this season. The Trojans ended the 1978 season with an overall record of 31-11-1. The spikers finished second to UCLA in Re- gion Eight and conference playoffs. THIS PACE, RIGHT: Anna Marie Lopez ( 6) goes up to block this shot. BELOW: Exuberant male crowd cheers women on. OPPOSITE PACE, TOP LEFT: Karen Olson dives for the ball as teammates Paula Dittmer ( 2) and Maya Thiene look on. TOP RICHT: Paula Dittmer spikes the ball. BOTTOM LEFT: Trojan women work together to block this shot, BOTTOM RICHT- Sophomore Starr Clark spikes the ball. 232 233 THIS PAGE, TOP RIGHT: Freshman Denise Strebig on her follow-through. BELOW: Freshman Jeff Hart eyes his target. BOTTOM RIGHT: Senior Joe Flood readies his swing. OPPO- SITE PAGE: Team captain Craig Anderson follows through. 234 Sport For All Seasons Year-Around Matches Keep Golfers In Shape The addition of a fall tournament pro- gram and the support of the newly- formed Trojan Scramblers Booster Club may just be the ingredients needed for the men ' s golf team to become national contenders. The Booster club raised money which enabled the team to play in five fall tournaments. Previously, the team was limited to only spring matches. The Trojan Scramblers Booster Club, was the result of fund raising by profes- sional golfer, Dave Stockton, captain of the 1963 use team, and support from J. Robert Fluor, chairman of trie Board of Trustees and the advisory board of the Trojan Scramblers. One of the five fall tournaments the use golfers competed in was the Stan- ford Invitational, which featured highly- ranked Arizona State and Oklahoma State, the defending national champions. With tough fall competition experience behind them, the Trojans enhanced their spring play with better overall perfor- mances. Freshman sensation Jeff Hart and Ron Commans, a sophomore who led the 1978 golf team, were the favored Trojans in the Pacific Coast Intercollegiate Clas- sic held at the Canyon Crest Country Club in Riverside. The 23-team tourna- ment gave all competitors a taste of the competition, since most of the teams wouldn ' t play to their potential until the April matches commenced. Commans, a firotege of Stockton from Westlake, and eff Hart, a junior golf champion in San Diego county, vied for the no. 1 spot on the Trojan squad. The golfers finished disappointedly in second place behind a strong UCLA team in the Cal State Los Angeles Invitational hdld at the California Country Club. Al- though the Trojans have dominated UCLA for years, the UCLA golfers were the best they had had in 25 years. Craig Anderson, USC ' s senior team captain, ranked third among the team- mates while John Cummings, a sopho- more, was in fourth position. The other four positions on the first team included Juniors Mike Wiechers, Craig Steinberg, Mike Wachtler, and Joe Flood, a senior. The women ' s golf team boasted rookie Denise Strebig, a freshman from San Bernardino. Women ' s golf coach Lou Bastanchury rated Strebig as having the potential to become one of the nation ' s top collegiate women golfers. Strebig al- ready has a list of golf championships to her name. 235 Men ' s Swimming Water Wizards Win Title Coach Peter Daland ' s Trojans started the season with an astounding 17 conference titles in the past 19 years. Skeptics predicted that the team wouldn ' t add to the record, but were surprised when the Trojans rallied from a 48 point deficit to win the Pac-10 conference title and lengthen their domi- nance to 8 consecutive titles. Under the guidance of Coach Daland, the swimming team won 12 dual meets and only lost 2 resulting in another successful campaign toward the championship. The key to victory for the Trojans was their depth in the swimming events at the finals, especially since they won just one indi- vidual event and one relay throughout the three days of competition, hosted by USC. Leading the attack was four-year veteran Bruce Furniss. Furniss, a senior, played a big part in the victory as he placed third in the 200 free, fourth in the 200 individual medley, and swam the last leg on the winning relay team. A steady performer throughout the season, Furniss was also an Olympic standout in the 1976 games. Kirt Fredericks and Mike Kelly added points as they finished third and fifth, respectively. Jamie Fowler gave the Trojans their only individual title with an outstanding per- formance in the 200 backstroke. Five USC Trojans collected much-needed points in the 200 butterfly and put the team ahead for good. Those 40 points were a collective effort of Neil Macready, Bill O ' Brien, George Nagy, Dick Hannula, and Bruce Furniss. In the 1650, four freshmen came in to add to the total. Brian Roney, Jeff Float, Bill O ' Brien, and Dennis Scannel helped to gain ground on UCLA ' s grip on first. A seven-year old school record was broken in the breaststroke as Bob Wiltse placed fourth in that event. A total of 370 points gave the Trojans the title, as UCLA, leading most of the meet, came up with 348, Cal and Arizona State came in close for third and fourth places, respectively. Most of the 1979 swim team will be returning and Coach Daland predicts a pre-season top five ranking. However, the loss of two seniors, Dick Hannula and Bruce Furniss will leave a gap in the Trojans regular lineup. With the NCAA individual championships and team championship up for grabs, the Trojans looked to be top contenders in many events. Their talent in a variety of events won the conference title. It just could take the nation- als too. THIS PAGE: Senior Bruce Furniss shows his backstroke form during an individual medley swim. OPPOSITE PAGE, TOP: Dan Rosenthal. Gary Nevill, Craig Furniss, Coach Peter Daland, Jim Ferstelt and Jamie Fowler. Team members listen on as Coach Daland reads off relay assignments. BOTTOM RIGHT: Kirk Fredericks reaches for the touch. BOTTOM LEFT: Trojan swimmer relaxes before his event during the Pacific 10 Champion- ships. 236 237 THIS PACE, TOP LEFT: This season ' s team cap- tain Dick Hannula during a practice session. TOP RIGHT: Craig Furniss and Mike Kelly " get psyched " before their events. BOTTOM: Dick Hannula shows his form in the butterfly. OPPO- SITE PAGE, TOP: Dan Rosenthal finished first at Stanford and 2nd at Cal allowing the Trojans to win both meets. OPPOSITE PAGE, BOTTOM: Mike Kelly led the Trojan sprinters scoring highly at the Pac-10 Championships. 238 i 239 Since starling the women ' s program in the fall of 1974, Coach Pokey gold medalist herself, Coach Ricardson took her team to the AIAW Richardson has seen six national champions and sixteen Ail-Americans National Championship meet in the spring and ended her 4 year coach- develop from her swimming program here at USC. A former Olympic ing career at USC a winner. 240 Women ' s Swimming Defeat UCLA, Win 1st Conference Title The use Women ' s Swim Team, after de- feating UCLA 75-56, won their first Wom- ens Collegiate Athletic Association Confer- ence Championship ever. The victory over the Bruins was not only impressive but an important one for fifth year head coach Po- key Richadson. In her final year at USC, it was her first dual meet victory over the Bruins. Finishing fourth in the 1978 Association of Intercollegiate Athletics for Women the swimming women of Troy found them- selves ranked 7th in the nation at the start of the 1979 season. Holding on to their powerhouse reputation Coacn Richardson round quality and maturity in her returning squad as many of them contributed to the fourth place finish in 1978. The Trojan squad included Debbie Rudd and Sue Hinderaker two national AIAW champions, holding individual titles in the 200 breaststroke and 50 yard freestyle re- spectively. Adding strength were USC ' s first three-time All-American Laurie Ed- wards, swimming the butterfly events and Val Seyfert, a two time All-American. Rounding out the team were Lisa Hilger, Miriam Smith and Susan Grove. Joining the Trojans this season Margaret Browne, a freshman, was looked to for strength in the backstroke events. Also complementing the team this season were Karen Reese, Meredith Williams and Divers Gail Usherwood and Sarah Day. 241 Gymnastics Best Team in 5 Years With some fresh talent and a reorgani- zation of collegiate gymnastics in the United States, the USC men ' s team was likely to expect a few surprises in its bid to qualify for the national champion- ships in 1979. Just halfway through their season, the Trojan gymnasts had already recorded performances that scored much higher than last year — whether it be their worst or best all-around scores. Coach Jack Beckner added more risk to his team ' s parallel bars routines, which overnight became USC ' s best event in- stead of worst event. Qualifying for the national meet in- volved a radical change in which four regions were established to allow the two top teams in each area to compete at na- tionals. In the past, only the conference champions and teams that won regional meets in areas where there were no con- ferences could qualify. The potential for the Trojans to quali- fy more individuals for nationals in- creased with the recruitment of Vartan Ichlokmanian, a Soviet Armenian. Beckner, who said his team was his best in five years, rated Ichlokmanian, a freshman, as USC ' s best all-around gym- nast. Steve Malis, a senior and the 1978 conference champion in floor exercise, also competed all-around. The Trojan gymnasts dominated the rings competi- tion in dual meets this year with the addition of Eddy Babtkis, the state junior college rings champion who transferred from Long Beach City College. Duane Oda, Bob Hamilton and Phillip Swain had also registered great improvement over last year. RIGHT: Sfeve Malis performs in ring competition. BELOW: Vartan Ichlokmanian concentrates on his pommel horse routine. OPPOSITE PAGE, TOP LEFT: Robert Treat displays discipline on the rings. RIGHT; Vartan Ichlokmanian is USC ' s best all-around gymnast. BOTTOM: Senior Steve Ma- lis at ease on the parallel Bars. 242 i» 1 • « ». ;t m Ti-. -■ lijliillW ' lirfaia.. ■■ 243 244 Women ' s Gymnastics Unparalleled In Form The use women ' s gymnastics team faced and overcame a tough challenge in 1979 after its loss of last year ' s best com- petitor, Susan Archer, who transferred to Cal State FuUerton. Finishing fifth in the 1977 and 1978 AIAW National Cham- pionships, the Women of Troy had re- cruited some fresh talent. The scores from the early meets indi- cated that the Trojans adjusted well to the new scoring system. With the addi- tion of a new assistant coach, Mike Zapp, the use gymnasts under coach Alia Svirskiy added more dance and more risk to their routines. Led by senior Gale Wyckoff, the team captain, USC highlighted its dual meet season with an impressive victory over UCLA by nine points. Besides HoUey Donaldson, a returning junior, the Tro- jans consisted of freshmen Jill Ornstein, Lori Sloan and Shari Davis. 245 Winter Brings Best Of Both Worlds ■ J " H- ' C v.)l The 1978-79 season was productive for both the Ski and SaiHng teams. The winter ' s heavy snows and excel- lent recruitment done in the fall gave the ski team a competitive edge. Coach Serge Duvilliard provided new training tech- niques, and much enthusiasm enhancing the team ' s skill and success. U.S.C. ' s sailors faced a year of mixed regatta results. After placing third in last spring ' s John F. Kennedy Memorial Re- gatta at Annapolis, the team started the new season with a second place finish at Morro Bay and tied UC Irvine for first in the California Three-Ma n Keelboat Championships in Newport Beach. OPPOSITE PAGE: Sailing Team took third place in the Independent Press-Telegram Regatta held in Long Beach during early February. THIS PAGE: The Ski team travelled to Mammoth for January competition. Intramurals A Break From Books The university ' s intramural program is designed to offer the opportunity to participate in competitive sports to all students, staff, and faculty members re- gardless of ability or skill. Currently, the program offers five different divisions: CO-ED, Women ' s, Inter-Sorority Sports Program, Inter-Fraternity Sports Pro- gram, and the largest of the divisions, the All-University program. Activities included in the program are soccer, football, tennis, volleyball, bowl- ing, handball, billiards, track, badmin- ton, backgammon, swimming, golf, soft- ball, innertube water polo, racquetball, wrestling, and more. Directed by Don Ludwig and assistant Dave Koch, the intramural program is continually adding new dimensions to the program. The Turkey Trot and the Over-the-Line Softball competitions are two unique activities sponsored this year, with prizes coming from neighbor- hood vendors like 32nd Street Market and El Cholo ' s respectively. 248 f 249 Club Sports Athletic Fun For Everyone An exciting dimension of the U.S.C. sports heritage is the club sports, a group of teams which supplement the athletic program. These clubs offer the opportunity for the skilled athlete to compete in an intercollegiate or AAU program. Any member of the USC student body, faculty, or staff may join and workout with these teams. Some leagues have restrictions on who can actually compete. Supported by club dues, fund-raisers and student pro- gramming fees, these groups have a fine complement of qualified, enthusiastic coaches who guide the athletes through rigouous practices and challenging game sched- ules. In 1978-79, the Trojan Spirit was displayed in sever- al sports. ULTIMATE FRISBEE: Fast paced action similar to foot- ball and soccer. Local schools like UCLA and Loyola are involved in non-league competition. ICE HOCKEY: In 3 years of competition in the SCCHA, USC has been champion for two years and come in sec- ond for one. Practices are held at un-godly hours (11:00 p.m. -1:00 a.m.) but team members enthusiastically work hard, and their record proves it. LACROSSE: Coached by the young, talented Tom Cal- lanan, the Lacrosse club is re-grouping into a team to reckon with. A sport more popular in the east. Lacrosse is a game invented by native Americans. RODEO: The University is fortunate to have an ex- tremely talented calf- roper. Field Belvins, who has con- sistently taken first place honors on the major collegiate rodeo circuit this year. Only a freshman, and represent- ing the school by himself. Field travels all over the West- ern States to compete, at his own expense. RUGBY: Coached by Steve Gray, member of the Ameri- can National Team, Trojan Ruggers have regained re- spect ability in the SCRFU. (Southern California Rugby Football Union) The sport itself is rugged and demand- ing, without pads for protection. SURFING: A sport indigenous to this part of the country, surfing has become more complex, the skill level has increased, and the technical judging has become more sophistocated. The USC club belongs to the National Scholastic Surfing Association. In the first year with this conference, team captain Andy Permort was a finalist in a tough field. WOMEN ' S WATER POLO: A new sport for USC, the women of Troy have successfully broken into the AAU Tournament circuit. Though inexperienced, the team has played well and gained a respectable reputation. The club sport program is headed by Nadine Felix and Dan Avila. ' 4 1??; ■ ' ' " ' yr Frisbee Ice Hockey Bill Antonich Brian Bietner Brian Blood Bruce Bollard Chris Cunninghan Bret Denio Dan Dvorsky Pat Field James Guirl Mark Hankins James Heatly Robert Lemke Frank Lewis Curt Lundberg Tim O ' Grady Dave Oliver Sean Osborn Nick Paris Mark Pictron Casey Rasussen Dave Reeves Tony Saucedo Gary Store Steve Tossone Don Underwood Dwayne Warren Tony Uoo Coach Bill Whitesell Asst. Coach Jack Richer Toby Alexander Phil Blum Gene Colabatistto Eric Eisemann Ed Elias Eddie Ellner Curt English Joey Fuhrman John Garner Marc Goldtein Spencer Harlow Phil Hothouse Craig James Mark Knass Mike Mclntyre Mike Mitchell Karl Moore Nate Newman Aaron Philipson Norm Pickering Tob Rae Bob Richards Bryan Soderberg Steve Solomon Barry Soosman Charlie Suey Tracy Taft Mike Thesman Charlie Veloze 250 6S Lacrosse Rugby Coach Tom Callahan Ken Beck Ken Belza Kurt Biegel Tuler Bumsted David Burke Mark Chamerlin John Chino Greg D ' Arco Bill Euell Mike Gargiulo Bill GiUi k ■ • » Bill Green Mike Jackson Peter Latta Dave Merchant Greg Moore Rob Naber Bob Pepipman Brian Poliquin Jim Stanley Richard Thomas Ted Wedlake Fritz Westerhout 1 ; ■»■■■«» V ' . ? ' ? Coach Steve Gray Asst. Coach Jerry Kelly Bill Amerongen Robert Bisman Bob Cutts Said Dhjab Mark Dias Rober Eid Lundy Fields Austin Gavin Robert Guzman Mike Hackett Dirk Hull Tod Hunter Ward Munsie Mike Nestor Kasao Odachi Chad Olson Bill Papas Niels Pederson Kevin Shaeffer Paul Stuher Bob Timberlake John Trujillo f -- : ' f Surfing Chris AUard Rick Allen John Boyd Blake Childs Rozz Chow Rick Hagstrom Dave Heath Ken Klien Paul Dramer Dave Lowe Andrew Purmort Ken Sacher Warren Tichenor Womens Water Polo Coach Gary Buntmann Peggy Beasley Jennifer Biller Cindy Coughty Julie Davalos Ann Gurgoyne Kaia Hedlund Lisa Jensen Julie Lopez Marty Omen Laurie Woodward 251 Extension Campuses School Of Medicine The School of Medicine is located on a twelve-acre campus adjoining the L.A. County Hospital, seven miles from the main campus. The Medical School was organized as a division of the University in 18 85. In its long history, the hospital, known as the Los Angeles County-University of South- ern California Medical Center, has served as the prime clinical teaching facility of the Medical School. It is one of the largest teaching hospitals in the world. In the decade of the 60 ' s, the school grew from one small building to an eight-building campus. The medical faculty has doubled, as has the student enrollment. Near- ly 1,0(X) interns, residents and fellow students are en- rolled in the post-doctoral studies program at the Medical School. 254 Marine Science Center Located on the isthmus of Santa CataUna Island, about 20 miles from the southern California mainland, the Catalina Marine Science Center offers a unique location and sophis- ticated facilities for conducting marine studies. The center was founded in 1963 when Phillip K. Wrigley and his family donated the present 45-acre site to USC. It is one of the few places in the continental United States with immediate access to oceanic waters; within a quarter of a mile from the shore, the water is over 600 feet deep. The center offers a three-tiered education and research program in cooperation with the Department of Biological Sciences: an intensive Marine Biology Semester, graduate level courses and individual research studies. 255 Mr. J. Robert Fluor Chairman of the Board Of Trustees In 1972, Mr. Fluor, after ten years of trustee member- ship, was elected Chairman of the Board. A native of Santa Ana, California, Fluor is currently chairman, chief executive officer, and president of the Fluor Corporation an international engineering firm. The Board of Trustees is involved in major decision making policy for the uni- versity such as the proposed Middle East Center. 256 Dr. Norman Topping Chancellor Of The University Dr. Topping was appointed to his present position by the Board of Trustees in 1970. As chancellor, he acts as a goodwill ambassador for the university and performs duties that are asked of him by the Board. Dr. Topping served as president of the university from 1958 to 1970, and feels that his biggest accomplishment while president was the Hoover Redevelopment Project. 257 President Hubbard Controversy Surrounds Office This year the job of university president became more than routine when President Hubbard became the focus of heavy criticism over the handling of his possible resignation and the controversy regarding the proposed Middle East Center. Many believed both sit- uations could have been handled better and that much of the negative publicity that resulted could have been avoided. Some said Dr. Hubbard should have taken the advice of the university public relations staff and been more open in supplying information to the press. Rather then providing fuel for rumor and speculation, correct information should have been released. During the fall two incidents emphasized the lack of understanding on the part of the administration in dealing with people both at the university and in the media. In late September, KNXT reported that Hubbard would announce his resignation at the annual Faculty Breakfast the following morning. KNXT named Hous- ton Flournoy as the most likely candidate for the office of president. Speculation immediately followed as to when Hubbard would resign and if, in fact, Flournoy would replace him. Critisism focused on him again in October when news of a proposed Middle East Center appeared in the Los Angeles Times. The Times ran an unsigned edito- rial accompained by a Conrad cartoon depicting Tom- my Trojan dressed as an Arab with the caption reading " University of Saudi California " . The 22 million dollar project, according to the editorial, jeopardized the credibility of USC as an academic institution. The Times article was the first time the faculty and others concerned with the university, outside of the Board of Trustees, had heard of the plans for the new center. None of the campus advisory groups, includ- ing the Faculty Senate and the President ' s Advisory Council, had been consulted on this issue. The impli- cations among the Jewish community and the loss of possible donars to the university were not discussed prior to the Times story with any of the interest groups on campus. Another area of concern was the stipulated agree- ment for a Saudi voice in determining the appointment to the King Fisal Chair as Director of the Middle East Center. This stipulation raised doubts about the integ- rity of the scholarly research to be conducted at the center. Due to the suspicious lack of information available to the university community and to the media the position of president this year was filled with conflict and controversy. PHOTO SERIES AT LEFT: President Hubbard at press conference held in the wake of the Middle East Center controversy. 258 On August 3, 1970, the Board of Trustees unanimously voted Dr. John R. Hubbard as the eighth president of the university succeeding Dr. Norman Topping, who is now university chancellor. Since that time Dr. Hubbard has been responsible for various university programs and fund raisers. He initiat- ed the educational exchange program and a reorganiza- tion of top administrators. Since 1976, when he launched the project, he has been working on the Toward Century II campaign, designed to prepare the University for its ' second century as a model of academic excellence. Besides Trojan football. Dr. Hubbard enjoys Shake- speare, the classics and teaching. As a specialist in mod- ern British and European history, he conducts a weekly seminar on British diplomatic history as well as fullfill- ing his duties as president. In the Fall President Hubbard announced that he may resign in 1980. When he does retire he plans to continue teaching and possibly write a book. 259 Dr. Zohrab A. Kaprielian, executive vice president. Serving since 1975, Kaprielian is the senior officer of the university. He is responsible for the overall admin- istration of research, resource management and long- range planning. He coordinates with the president the functions and operations of the university. Kaprielian also serves as acting president in the president ' s ab- sence. Anthony D. Lazzaro, vice president for business af- fairs. Lazzaro received his bachelors degree in Industri- al Engineering and Business Management in 1948 from use, and has worked for the university ever since. His posts have included assistant business man- ager, assistant and associate director of campus devel- opment and associate vice president, business affairs. He received his appointment in 1972. Thomas P. Nickell, Jr., vice president for university affairs. An alumnus of USC, Nickell manages univer- sity relations, development and alumni affairs. A ma- jor part of his post is focused on the " Toward Century IT campaign. A native of Richmond, Indiana, Nickell came to work for the university in 1950. Since that time he has held numerous other positions before be- ing appointed in 1971 to his current position. Dr. Carl M. Franklin, vice president for legal affairs. Franklin holds a number of degrees and honorary titles spanning 45 years of study, teaching and con- sulting. Dr. Franklin is in charge of maintaining a file of all legal documents and provides legal opinions as requested. A native of Spokane, Washington, Dr. Franklin joined the USC faculty in 1953 as a professor of law. 260 Dr. Paul E. Hadley, vice president for academic af- fairs. Dr. Hadley has served his post since 1977. As vice president for academic affairs. Dr. Had ey over- sees the administration and budgets of the 14 schools and departments. A native of South Ovid, Michigan, Dr. Hadley received his bachelors degree from Occi- dental College and his masters and doctorate from use. Dr. Houston I. Flournoy, vice president for govern- mental affairs. Dr. Flournoy is the first person to hold this new post created by President Hubbard. An alum- n us of Cornell university, Flournoy is a mem ber of the president ' s advisory staff group. He has campus wide responsibilities as the president ' s principal coordinat- ing officer for governmental affairs with city, county, state and federal governments. Dr. James R. Appleton, vice president for student affairs. Dr. Appleton has served his post since 1972. As vice president for student affairs, Dr. Appleton super- vises a number of student support and campus life services. A native of New York, Dr. Appleton received his bachelors degree from Wheaton College in Illinois and his masters and doctorate from Michigan State University. Colin MacLeod, vice president for finance. MacLeod directs a staff of more than 200 and oversees the uni- versity ' s financial operations. A graduate of the Uni- versity of Buffalo, MacLeod has served as coordinator of management planning, director of financial srvices and in 1977 was appointed to his vice presidential position. 261 Robert L. Mannes Dean for Student Life Preston L. Dent Associate Dean, Letters, Arts Sciences Guy D. Hubbard Executive Director, Auxiliary Services r- V HV ■ .nor Addie L. Klotz Medical Director, Student Health Center Roy L. Kidman University Librarian Alvin S. Rudisill University Chaplain 262 John Osborne Associate Registrar Jay V. Berger Director of Adifussions, Assistance School Relations James L Jones Executive Director, Student Administrative Services Joan M. Schaefer Dean of Women James M. Dennis Director of Campus Life Recreation David Lee Director, Residence Halls 263 Dean Grant Beglarian School of Performing Arts Dean William Crawford School of Dentistry Dean Zohrab Kaprielian School of Engineering Dean John Biles School of Pharmacy Dean Roger Greer School of Library Science Dean Steven Knezevich School of Education Dean Robert Biller School of Public Administration Dean Maurice Hamovitch School of Social Work Dean Rosalyn Loring College of Continuing Education 264 Dean David Ma lone Division of Humanities Dean Dorothy Nelson School of Law Dean John Schuzte Division of Social Science Dean John Marburger Letters, Arts, and Science De an Steven Ostro w School of Fine Arts Dean Jack Steele School of Business Administra tion - v ' . A Dean Allen Mathies, Jr. School of Medicine Dean Charles Oxnard The Graduate School Dean Frederick Williams Annenberg School of Comm unica tion s i 265 THE PAPER CHASE GRADUATES COURSES OF STUDY Architecture And Fine Arts Business Administration Dentistry Education General Studies Engineering Letters, Arts, And Sciences Humanities Natural Sciences Social Sciences Performing Arts Cinema - Drama Music Music Education Performance Vocal Pharmacy Public Administration Public Affairs Urban Planning Social Work Advanced Studies Gerontology Law Library Science Medicine Physical Occupational Therapy MorUr Bo3rJ are optional in the ' ance to wear the mortar boaitL s not representative of apecial distinction or recognition. Architecture And Fine Arts DJUAINILY AGUS Indonesia B.S., Architecture ROCHELLE BENNETT Los Angeles B.F.A., Fine Arts JOHN BEROOKHIM Iran B.S., Architecture RUBEN BOCK Hollywood B.S.. Architecture SHARON BUTLER Al ham bra B.F.A., Fine Aits ARMANDO CABALLERO Los Angeles B.S.. Architecture DANCBADM Los Angeles B.F.A., Fine Arts NANCY ERVANIAN Beverly Hills B.F.A.. Fine Arts HOMA YOUN COLBAHAR Los Angeles B.S., Architecture STEPHEN GREGORIO Cheser. N.J. B.S., Architecture EDWARD HERNANDEZ Culver City B.S., Architecture PETER HOPLEY La Jolta B.S.. Architecture ALLISON ISHIMARU Los Angeles B.S., Architecture Fisher Art Gallery 268 MARGARET JONES San Francisco A-B.. Fine Arts KEITH KANEKO Culver City B.5.. Architecture KEVIN KEARNS Newport Beach B.S.. Architecture CAROL KOOMEY Houston, TX A.B.. Fine Arts TONY LABAYOS .OS Angeles B.S.. Architecture JAMES LAHDEFELD Hillsborough B.S., Architecture KENNETH LEE Hong Kong B.S., Architecture KENNETH LEWIS Buena Park B.S., Architecture KATHLEEN LOMANDO Los Angeles B.S., Architecture STEVE LOWINGER Beverly Hills B.S., Architecture RONALD MITNICK Los Angeles B.S.. Architecture MICHAEL MITSAKO S Northport, N.Y. B.S.. Architecture JAMES MOCK Torrance B.S., Architecture ROY MU RABAT A Gar Jena B.S., Architecture STEVEN NAKADA Torrance B.S., Architecture LAURIE NAKAKURA Gardena A.B.. Fine Arts CARL PELKE Long Beach B.S.. Architecture K ATHERINE PETE RS Hillsboro, UH A.B., Fine Arts CYNTHIA PETRAUSKAS Carpen teria A.B. Fine Arts P AULPIN A LT lTa B.S., Architecture TERRY PRICE Santa Monica B.S.. Architecture DAVID PRICKETT Pasadena B.S., Architecture MICHAEL RANDALL Sierra Madre B.S., Architecture BARBARA SANCHEZ Hawthorne B.S., Architecture ARTURO SEPULVEDA Santa Barbara B.S.. Architecture GEOFFREY SHELDON Rockville. MD B.S., Architecture KENNETH SMITH La Mirada B.S., Architecture MARK TORRES Goleta B.FA. TRI-HUY TRAN San Gabriel B.S.. Architecture DANIEL UBOVICH Pasadena B.S-. Architecture 269 Campus Skyline Business Administration JAMES ABBOTT San Marino B.S.. Finance ANTHONY ADLER Los Angeles B.5., Business HOPE AGUILAR Los Angeles B.S., Finance Real Estate MICHAEL AIN5WORTH La JoUa B.S.. Finance Banking RICHARD ALCOCER Seaside B.S., Marketing Management DARCY ALLEN Los Angeles M.B.S., Business PETER ANASTASSIOU Redondo Beach B.S., Accounting CHRIS ANDERSON Cer Titos B.S., Accounting 270 CHRISTOPHER ANDERSON Stin Gabriel B.S., Accounting PETER ANDERSON Pasadena B.S.. Finance PATRICIA ANDERSON iakewood B.S., Business STEPHEN ANDERSON Huntington Beach B.5.. Marketing TERI ANDERSON South Laguna M.B.A.. Marketing Finance MAXWELL ANDLER Beverly Hills B.S., Finance MARK ANDREWS Los Angeles B.S.. Finance CRAIG APREGAN Fresno M.B.A., Business MARK ARCHER Reno, NV B.S., Management CHRISTOPHER ARVIN Sherman Oaks B-S.. Finance KOJI ASADA South Pasadena M.B.A.. Business SAUL ASNIS New York, NY B.S., Finance WIWIK ATMADJA Indonesia B.S.. Business NICKY AU Hong Kong B.S.. Finance RICHARD AUDETTE Los Angeles B.S.. Marketing ALAN AUFHAMMER La Canada B.S., Finance LINDA AUGUST San Gabriel B.S., Marketing JOHN AYOOB North Hollywood B.S.. Marketing RUBIK BABAIANS Encino B.S., Business ANGELA BAILEY Los Angeles B.S., Business JUDITH BAILEY Lakewood B.S., Business DAVID BAKER Alhambra M.B.A., Business DENNIS BAKER Carson B.5., Management ERIK BAN Monterey B.S., Marketing KENNETH BANCALE Upland B.S., Business MICHELLE BARNES Los Angeles B.S.. Business BRUCE BARRETT Marina Del Rey B.S., Accounting STEVEN BARTH Downey B.S.. Marketing DONALD BARTON Albany. OR B.S.. Finance MICHAEL BAS Laguna Niguel B.S., Business 271 STEVEN BASSO Ventura B.S., Management PAMELA BAZZELLE Long Beach B.S.. Marketing BRIAN BE Lo Angelcfi B-S., Marketing GLORIA BECKER Santa Monica B.S.. Buiineiis BARRY BECKERT North Hollywood B.S., Marketing JAMES BEETON South Pasadena B.S.. Marketing, Finance ROBERT BENNETT Honolulu. HI B.S., Accounting DAVID BENT Sierra M Jre B.S., Finance BRAD BERRY HILL Long Beach B.S., Food Marketing Management JOAN BETTS Loti Angeles B.S., Business CYNTHIA BEVARD Lions Bay. Canada B.S., International Finance STEVEN BIERLICH Los Angeles B.S.. Business DEBRA BIRGEN Inglewood B.5., Accounting DIANE BIRNIE Balboa Island B.S., Marketing Finance LYNN BLAIR Bakerbfield B.S., Accounting DAVID BLANCH ARD Lake wood B.S-. Business JEFFREY BLATT Los Angeles B.S.. Accounting PHILLIP BLUM Los Angeles B.S., Marketing Management JAMES BOHAN Rowland Heights B.S., Finance WILLIAM BOOTH Anniston. Ai B.S., Food Marketing Management CRAIG BORDIN San Francisco B.S.. Marketing JEFF BORDLEV Rolling Hills Estates B.S.. Business DENISE BOURNS Berm uda B.S., Finance marketing ELAINE BOYD Pasadena B.S., Accounting WILLIAM BRABAZON La Hahra B.S., Management CAROLYN BRADEN Menio Park B.S., Finance ROBERT BREXOVEC Manhattan Beach M.B.T.. Business ELLIOT BROIDY Los Angeles B.S., Accounting PEGGY BROKKER Lakewood B.S., Accounting I A MES BROWN San Diego B.S., Business 272 ROZALYN BROWNE Boston. MA B.S.. Accounting HAROLD BRYANT Pa- adena B.S., Finance ROBIN BRYANT Los Angeles B.5-. Business SCOTT BUETTNER Huntington Beach B.S., Business MARALEY BULAV Garden Grove B.S.. Accounting ANASTASIA BURCHETTE Com p ton B.S.. Business JOSEPH BURGEE Winnetka, It B.S.. International Finance Real Estate RICHARD BURKE La tvndale B.S., Accounting LiZANNE BUCKHOLDER Whit tier B.5.. Marketing. Management VICTORIA BURLINGHAM Springfield. VA B.S.. Marketing SCOTT BURNHAM Newport Beach B.S.. Business JULIE BUSSEY Altadena B.S.. Business MARK BYERS Newport Beach B.S.. Business GUADALUPE CABRAL Los Angeles M.B.A., Finance ALBERT CABRALOFF Whittier B.S.. Finance. Marketing LINDA CALIX Long Beach B.S., Finance MICHAELA CAMOZZI San Mateo B.S.. Finance ROBERT CAMPOS Fresno B.S.. Finance PATRICK CANNING Lake Forest, ILL B.S.. Finance, Marketing YOLANDA CATELLOPS Chula Vista B.S., Business RICHARD CAPELLINO Rolling Hills Estates B.S., Finance DANA CAPELOUTO Hermosa Beach B.S.. Marketing GEORGE CAPPELLO Bakersfield B.S., Marketing BRENT CARPENTER Van Nuys B.S., Business LINDA CARREON Pasadena B.S., Business DAVID CARRERA Huntington Park B.S., Business EDWARD CARRICO Yuba City B.S., Business GREGORY CARRIGAN Yuba City B.S., Accounting JOSEPH CARROLL Manhattan Beach B.S., Finance DAYNA CARTER Rancho Palos Verdes B.S.. Marketing 273 MICHAEL CA5SID Lynchherg, VA B.S.. finance CLAIRE CAVANAUGH Pomond B.S.. Decision Science JAMES CENTOLANTE Pjlo ' erJes BS , Marketing MICHAEL CERRINA Baker tieU B.S.. Bu .ine s VICTOR CERVANTES Pacolma B.S.. Bu inet s CHONG CHA Lo Angeles B.S.. Marketing Management ALAN CHAN .oj; Angeles B.S., Accounting PETER CHAN Hong Kong B.S.. Business SIU-NAI CHAN Los Angeles B.S.. Business GRACE CHANG San Francisco B.S., Finance HONG CHANG Los Angeles B.S.. Business SU-WEN CHANG Pasadena B.S., Business JEFFREY CHASE San Luis Obispo , Finance Accounting ETAZ CHATOOR Los Angeles B.S.. Business ALBERT CHAVEZ Azusa B.S., Finance LI WEI CHEN Los Angeles M.B.A.. Business ANNA CHENG Hong Kong B.S., Finance J ANNIE CHENG Hong Kong B.S.. Business PETER CHEW Los Angeles B.5., Accounting CHARLENE CHI Montebello B.S., Accounting MARY CHIN Brooklyn. NY B.S.. Business ANG HO CHO Los Angeles M.B.A.. Business MEIL YN CHOU Taipei. Taiwan B.S.. Business CHRISTINE CHOW South Pasadena B.S.. Marketing PETER CHRISTL GlenJale B.S-, Accounting ii Ja kOa 274 BRIAN CIMINO Los Anodes B.5.. M.nLcfing DAVE CITRIN Los Angctcs B.S., Accounting JULIE CLARK LittU ' ton, CO as.. Business PEGCEY CLARK ClenJjIc B.S., Marketing, Finance RON COJEREAN l ' liittier B.S.. Accounting TERRI CLOBY Los Angeles MB. A.. Marketing Quant. CHARLES COOK Palos VerJes Estates B.S., Management SHEILA COPELAND Clevelan. OH B.S., Piomotiomi STEPHEN COREA Corona Del Mar B.S., Finance Economics ROBIN CORNWALL Placerville B.S., International Finance JON COLTRUP Long Beach B.S., Finance JOHN COX Northridge B.S., Finance ANN CRESCENTl San Marino B.S., Finance RICHARD CRONE Rosemead B.S., Business RICHARD CROWELL Los Angeles B.S.. Business STEVEN CRUISE Los Angeles B.S., Business LORRAINE CRUEL El Cajon B.S., Business PAUL CUNNINGHAM El Cajon B.S., Accounting GLORIA CURIEL Los Angeles B.S., Business LISA CURRIE Tarzana B.S., Finance PETER CYFFKA Canoga Park B.S., Accounting GERALD CYRUS Los Angeles B.S., Accounting CYNTHIA DACDICIAN Whittier B.S., Management JANET DACDICIAN Torrance B.S.. Business JOAN UAMBROS Granada Hills B.S., Business KEVIN DARROCH Sterling Heights, Ml BS., Finance THOMAS DAVALL Rancho Palos ' erd es BS, Business KELIY DAVIS Santa Ana BS, Business MAUREEN DAVIS Palos Veides BS. Business BARBARA DEASEY Omaha, NB BS, Business 275 MARK DECKER Palos Verdes Estates B.5., Accounting RICHARD DECKER Pasadena B.5., Business CLAY DEDEAVX Garden Grove B-S., Business DONNA DELIA Woodside Hills B.S., Marketing Management LILITH DEMONTEVERDE Altadena B.S.. Real Estate Finance FUNG DER Los Angeles M.B.A.. Marketing RICHARD DEWEY Menio Park B.S. A.B., Business Economics FERNANDO DIAZ Brentwood B.S., Finance NANCY DIFLEY Altadena B-5.. Finance RICHARD DINOTTIA Culver City B.S., Finance ARMOND DINVERNO Los Angeles B.5., Accounting TERI DION Yorba Linda B.S., Business MARK DIXON Garden Grove B.S.. Business DENISE DOUGLAS Covin a B.S.. Accounting SHERRY DOWD Lynwood B.S.. Finance TRICIA DOWSETT Kailua. HI B.S.. Business NANCY DUKE La Ha bra B.S., Marketing Finance L YLE DURHAM Los Angeles B.S., Business THOMAS EGO Garde na B.S., Business JEFFREY EISIKOWITZ Van Nuys B.S., Business PETER ELKIN Fullerton B.S., Accounting GILDA ELLOUGUIAN Los Angeles B.S., Accounting ERIK ERIKSON Santa Ana B.S., Marketing LUIS ESPINOSA Los Angeles M.B.A., Business DANTE ESPIRITU Mil pitas B.S., Accounting JAMES ETH RIDGE Lancaster B.S., Business MICHAEL FAILING Rolling Hills B.S.. Business FRANCEEN FALLETT Los Angeles B.S., Management HOWARD FARBER Van Nuys B.S.. Management JOHN FARBER Venice M.B.A.. Accounting 276 ROBERT FEDER Albuquerque, NM B.S.. Bu ine .s MICHAEL FELDMAN .OS Angele i B.5-. Accounting MARK FELTON End no B.S., Finance Management DEBRA FELTS Studio City B.S.. Busines, ; JEANNE FERNANDEZ ReJonJo Beach B.S., Accounting Finance TERESA FERNANDEZ La Pa I ma B.S.. Finance PATRICK FERRELL Citrus Heights B.S., Accounting PETER FERRIS Pasadena B.S, Accounting MICHAEL FILIPPONE New Berlin, WI B.S.. fiu-siness JOSEPH FIORELLA Kamia City. MO M.B.A.. Finance DAVID FLETES Los Angeles BS., Business JAMES FLOyD Van Nuys B.S-. Business LISA FLU La Hahra B.S.. Finance NEAL FLYER Hacienda Heights B.S., Finance Investments ROBERT FORT Fuller ton BS.. Business WILLIAM FORTNER Culver City B.S., Marketing ERBV FOSTER, JR. Pasadena BS . Accounting ROBERT FRANCESCON Clendora B.S., Accounting Finance PETER FRISS Huntington Beach BS.. Business MARK FRONKE Long Beach B.S., Accounting KIM FUJIKAWA Gardens BS . Business KAREN FUKUSHIMA Santa Monica B-S.. Marketing DEBRA GALLAGHER Orchard Lake. MI B.S., Accounting KEVIN GALLAGHER Whittier B.S.. Finance MICHAEL CAMSON Los Angeles B.S., Marketing SAUL GARCIA Los Angeles B.S., Business JILL GARDNER Torrance B.S., Accounting JOHN GARRISI Canogj Park B.S.. Business BRIAN GATES Corona del Mar B.S., Finance Marketing TARA GATES Corona del Mar B.S.. Finance, Economics 277 With ihc p.i ' - ' -)!! i) " t ' .i i o n;.i Piopo ition 13 in June 1 78. Di. Aithui L.tlfei, profef-sor ot finance dnJ hus ie s economic ' in the School ol Bu inc . g.iincJ puhhcity ova the piopo -ition •• eHect ' - icLuion to his theory and " Lafter Cuive " dealing with the issuer of government taxation and upending. 278 DA ID CAUTHIER Lncino DIANA CEMICNIANI u n Valley B.S., Klarkcting EVE GHAZARIAN Pii aJt ' riti BS., Business MARTIN GILCHRIST Netvpoil Bt ' ch B.S-. ftonomjVs Marketing JULIE GILES ClenJale BS , Marketing MARION CILLANE Capitola B.S.. Management SCOTT CILMOUR La Canada B.S.. Marketing JOyCE GOH Singapore B.S., Buiinea LEE GOLDSMITH Van Nuy BS.. Accounting ENRIQUE GOMEZ Ro emeaJ B.S.. Finance Management KATHR1N GOULD Pasadena B.S.. Business GITA COVAHI-K.-iSH.ANl Iran B S. Management ROBERT GRANT Tarzana BS. Marketing DONALD GREENWOOD New ork B.S.. Accounting DENNIS GRUSH Omaha. NB B.S.. Business KIM HAGENS San lo-e B S Finance Economics BRAD H.ALL Ai.jdia B.S.. Accounting CREGOR) H.ALL KenttielJ MB. A., Finance LAWRENCE HALL II IVinnetka. IL BS. Business SH.ARON HALLSTEIN Laguna BS. Business (.iEORGE HALOULAKOS Buihank BS. Economics QBA t.ACQUES HAMANN Auhuin. ME BS. 6u-iness GAR ' I HAMMETT Converse, SC B.S., Food Marketing Management GREGORY HAMMOND La Mtrada BS.. .■ ccounting MARTIN HANDSH ' I RiJgelield. CT B.S.. Accounting STEPHEN HANSEN Long Beach B.S.. Accounting ANDREA HANSON La Puente B.S.. Marketing C.- Tm HANSON Fountain ' alley BS. Business SUSAN HARP Calgary. Canada B.S . Marketing R.-iLPH HARRIS San Marino B.S., Business 279 JENNIFER HASEROT A Tcadia B.S-, Marketing ARTHUR HASHIMA Los Angeles B.S., Accounting DONALD HATELEY Los Altos B.S., Accounting BRUCE HATTON Chicago, IL B.S., Accounting ANDREAS HAUSNER West Germany B.S., International Finance FRANCENA HAWKINS Anderson, ID B.S.. Corporate Finance KURT HAYNES Huntington Beach B.S.. Business ROBERT HENDERSON Arcadia B.S., Accounting JOSEPH HENEHAN San Bernardino B.S., Accounting MEHRDAD HESHMATI Iran M.B.A.. Business WILLIAM HESSIAN Tucson. AZ B.S.. Finance HANS HI ATT Rancbo Pahs Verdes B.S., Finance KEN HIJ! Oxnard B.S., Management DWICHT HILL Los Angeles B.S., Business TERENCE HILL Los Angeles B.S., Finance RONNY HIRATA Monterey Park B.S., Finance Real Estate DON HIROSE San Francisco B.S., Finance STEVEN HIVELY San Diego M.B.A., Accounting WENDY HODKINSON Bur bank B.S.. Food Marketing Management TOMMY HOGAN Redlands B.S., Business WILLIAM HOLL San Marino B.S., Business KEITH HOLLEMAN Denver, CO B.S., Finance JEFFERY HONDA Carlsbad B.S., Corporate Finance Banking DENNIS HORNISH Los Angeles B.S., Business KOHEI HOSOYA Japan M.B.A.. Business WILLIAM HOWARD Long Beach B.S., Management STEVEN HOWICK Santa Ana B.S., Management CINDY HOWLETT Fullerton B.S., Marketing YFMINC HSU Los Angeles M.B.A.. Accounting MING-SHUN HUANG Japan B.S.. Accounting Marketing 280 f rm ■ r M V " RICHARD HUANG Stjn Francisco B.S , Marketing SAU-PING HUI Hong Kong B.S.. Businesii SPERGON HUNT Oakland B-S., Finance Marketing WADE HUTCHINS Orinda B.S., Business WILLIAM HUTTON Los Angehs B.S,, Finance SANDRA IGNACIO Altadena B-S.. Marketing Management DIANA INOUYE Torrance B.S. Business LEITH IRINAKA Honolulu, HI B.S.. Business KAZUHIDE ISHII Los Angeles MB. A., Business GAYLE IWAMURA Honolulu, HI B.S.. Finance GRANT IWATA Monterey Park B.S.. Management DOUGLAS JACKSON Orange B.S.. Marketing BARRY JACOBS Los Angeles B.S.. Finance MA RY JACOBSON Cupertino B-S.. Business JANET JAN Huntington Beach B.S., Business REBECCA JEFFS Santa Ana B.S.. Marketing, Finance GARY JOHNSTONE Las Vegas. NV B.S.. Finance JOSEPH JONES Dallas. TX B.S.. Marketing Finance PAMELA JONES La Jolla B.S.. Finance Marketing LINCOLN JONG Honolulu, HI M.B.A., Accoun ting Finance LISA KAHN Beverly Hills B.S-. Finance SHARON KAISER Pasadena B.S.. Accounting ADOLFO KALACH Mexico M.BA.. Finance MERLE KANETA Honolulu, HI B.S.. Business GERRY KASIH Los Angeles M.B-A.. Business LISA KASSELIK End no B.S.. Marketing STEVEN KAtAHARA Bell B.S.. Business DON KAZARIAN Rolling Hills B.S.. Management SABRINA KAZARIAN Newport Beach B.S.. Marketing Finance SEAN KENNALLY Glendale B.S . Marketing 281 MICHAEL KENT Lo Angeles B.S , Marketing WILLIAM KEOGH tian Bernardino B.S., Business CYNTHIA KERNS Los Angeles B.S.. Maikeling Management STEVEN KERSTEIN Van Nuys B.S., Business PAUL KIDMAN Rancbo Pales VerJes B.S., Accounting VALERIE KISAK San Diego M.B.A., Finance International Business FREDRICK KISSLER Orange B.S-. Business LISA KITSUTA Huntington Beach B.S.. Corporate Finance JEFFREY KLEIN Beverly Hills B.S.. Accounting VIRGINIA KNOWLES Manhattan Beach B.S.. Business Tjl-KIM KO Los Angeles B.S., Business DAVID KODA Los Angeles B.S., Accounting GREGORY KOFFMAN Montebello B.S., Finance TAKESHI KOJIMA Japan B-S.. QBA Management ERIC KOO Los Angeles M.B.A.. Business IRENE KOO Hong Kong B.S.. Finance KAREN KOZAl Los Angelr-. B.S.. Management MITCHELL KREEGER Sherman Oaks B.S-, Finance Real Estate ANDREA KRIETZMAN Los Angeles B.S.. Marketing DANNY KUMANO Gar Jena B.S.. Accounting PATRICIA KUNG Los Angeles B.S., Accounting KING KW AN Hong Kong M.B.A , Finance JEAN LALL Rancho Santa Fe B.S.. Finance Management DUNCAN LAM Hong Kong M.B.A. , Accounting SCOTT LAMOREAUX Arcadia B.S.. Accounting MEL AN IE LANDAU End no B.S.. Business MICHAEL LANDAU Los Angeles B.S., Accounting RAINER LANCE . Downey B.S.. Business MARCELA LAO Panama B.S.. Business C NTHIA LARSON Northridgc B.S., Business n»n 282 HUANG LAU Singapore B.S.. Finance ANNETTE LEACH Man terey B.S., Finance CHONG LEE Com p ton M.B.A., Bus nes. ; MARIA LEE los Angele:- B.S.. Bu ine s NORMAN LEE South Pa iaJena B.S.. Business WILLIAM LEEWANC San Die o B.S., Accounting JACQUELINE LEGORRETA San Bruno BS.. Marketing ERIC LEMKE Downey B.S., Accounting ROBERT LESLIE Canton. OH B-S . Accounting MARK LEVIN North HollywooJ B.S.. Business STANLEY LEVITT End no B.S.. Finance DARRELL LE ONIAN Whittier B.S.. Real Estate Marketing BRIAN LEWIS Palm Dei ert BS , Accounting JOSEPH LEWIS Z.o Angeles B.S.. Accounting STEVEN LEWIS West Linn. OR B.S.. Accounting JEROME LIENHARD GlenJale M.BT. Business THOMAS LEINHARD MaUhu M.BT. Business DONG LIM Hawthorne BS , Accounting HONG LIM I. San Gabriel B.S.. Finance HONG LIM M- Singapore M.B.A.. Finance LI-LI LIU Pasadena B.S.. Business JOSEPHINE LOCK Monterey Park BS. Business LAWRENCE LONG Ingle wood B.S., Busine LESLIE LOO A tea. HI B.S.. Business PHILIP LOPEZ Rosemead BS . Food Marketing Management gJCHARDLOPEZ Montehello ' B.S.. Accounting TIM LOUIE ios Angeles B.S.. Management STERLING LOVELAND Edmonds, WA B.S.. Food Marketing Mangement RICHARD LUJAN Los Angeles B.S.. Accounting PETER LY Playa del Rey B.S., Marketing 283 JOHN MA Los Angeles M.B.A., Accounting STEVEN MA Los Angeles M.S., Accounting SHEILA MacLEOD Rancho Pahs Verdes B.S., Business KIM MAEROWITZ Monterey Park B.S., Accounting SOHEILA MALAK-SAIDI Los Angeles B.5., Management STEVEN MALIS Van Nuys B.S., Business CAROLYN MARQUEZ La Puente B.S., Finance TIMOTHY MARSH Mission Viejo B.S.. Marketing ALBERT MARTINEZ, JR. El Monte B.S., Accounting ANSEIMO MARTINEZ Los Angeles B.S., Business RAQUEL MARTINEZ Monlebello B.S.. Finance DARREN MASON Newport Beach B.S.. Finance SCOTT MATTHEWS Ri verside B.S., Real Estate Finance TONY MAUDE Los Angeles B.S., Accounting THOMAS McAllister Tarzana B.S., Finance ANN McAULEY Rocky River B.S., Finance VICTOR McCALLA Laguna Beach B.S., Business STEPHEN McCARTY Santa Barbara B.S.. Business CYNTHIA McCLOUD Pasadena B.S., Finance JOHN McCLUSKEY Greenwich, CT B.S., Business JANET McCORMICK Pasadena B.S.. Marketing LINDA McDADE Los Angeles B.S., Accounting JOHNEY McDANIEL Long Beach B.5., Accounting KATHLEEN McGLOSSON Downey B.S., Marketing DAMIAN McKINNEY Indianapolis. IN B.S., Finance PENNY McKINSTRY Los Angeles B.S.. Business ROBERT MELAMED Los Angeles B.S., Finance KENNETH MENAGER Sonora B.S., Accounting KA REI MEYERSON Honolulu. HI B.S., Marketing MARK MICHALKA Torrance B.S., Finance 284 JAMES MILLER II Zaire B.S-. Finance MICHAEL MINNA Newport Beach B.S.. Finance WILLIAM MITCHELL Anchorage, AK BS., Marketing CLIFFORD MI AOI Westminster M.B.A.. Business DAWN MIYAKAWA Cardena B.S.. Accounting CORDON MIZE Desert Hot Springs B.S., Finance Economics HABBIBEH-ROKSANA MOHEBBI- CHAFF ARY Iran B.S., Management ADOLFO MOLINA Los Angeles B.S., Business CRAIG MOODY Pacific Palisades B.S.. Business TERRY MOORE Stockton B.S., Accounting CRAIG MORELAND Red lands M.B.A.. Business MICHAEL MORENO Los Angeles B.S., Marketing JESS MORGAN Los Angeles B.S.. Accounting TETSUJI MORIKAWA Los Angeles M.B.A.. Marketing VINCENT MORREALE Los Angeles B.S., Real Estate STEVEN MORRIS La Mirada B.S.. Finance SHERI MORRISSEY La Crescenta B.S.. Accounting ROBERT MOSES Temple City B.S.. Finance Management JOHN MOULTON Granada Hills B.S .. Accounting THOMAS MUNDY North Hollywood BS. Business JANICE MUNEMITSU Garden Grove B.S., Marketing PAULA MURPHY Hacienda Heights B.S., Finance STEVEN MUTNICK Upland B.S.. Management Finance MARK MYERS Long Beach B.S., Business RALPH MYERS Reseda B.S., Business RICHARD MYERS Los Angeles B.S.. Business LONNIE NADAL Sacramento MBA.. Business GERALD NAEGELI Thousand Oaks B.S.. Marketing LOUISE NAG AT A Monterey Park B.S., Marketing STEVEN NAHIGIAN La Canada B.S., Business 285 JOHN NAIMO Downey B.S.. Accounting RICHARD NAKAIIMA JApan B.S.. Business WILLIAM NAKANO Lo Angeles BS. Business ROBIN NAKAO Garden J B.S.. Accounting M RON NAMBA Honolulu. HI M.B.A., Finance DANA NATER 5 i ] Marino B.S.. Marketing BRtAN NECE San Dimas B.S., Finance CHARLV NETEL Van Nuys B.S., Accounting ARNOLD NC Lo Angeles B-S.. Marketing CASE NICHOLSON A tcadia B.S.. Finance PAUL NOCAKI HK ' - Cerritos ■ n BS., M.irkctin Finance H H KEVIN NURRIS K A 1 Lo Altos B t " aB 1 B.S., Accounting Hr B ' " B CEUFFREY NUIUMBA i v .Jl Singapore B.S., Finance V Z l JM SCOT OBLER f - A Arcadia r ' H B.S-, Accounting x S H MARSHA UCHESKEV Hi l 1 Whitlier 1 H as.. Business 1 ■ KAZUO ODACHI Car Jena M.B.A.. Internationa! Marketing CRECORy OHANIAN Palo Alio B.S., Marketing MASAAKI OHTSUKA Japan M.B.A.. Business SHOICHI OKA Los Angeles B.S., Accounting LOREEN UKAYAMA Monterey Park BS. Finance ROSA ORENDAIN W W m La Puente IF B.S.. Finance RONALD ORR m k I jB San Clomvntc v p « B.S.. Marketing Management K 1 . . ■ ROBERT OSBERGER M ' - T Arlington. VA V ' B.S.. Corporate Finance w 1 J W MICHAEL OSBORN r ' A g Manhattan Beach Mb. A B B.S.. Business - H MARY OSWITT H M fl H Mechanicviile. N H H B.S.. Marketing 1 H ■ THOMAS OVEREND Newport Beach BS, Marketing VINCENT PADILLA Lakevtew Terracce B.S.. Management JOSE PALACIO toy Angeleh B.S-, Sus ness SOHEILA PANBECHI Iran B.5., Marketing DAISY PANG Singapore M.B.A., Finance 286 TODD PARKER Malibu B.S.. Management D. CHEKIt PARKS Hdwthoine B.S., Mdnagement PATRICK PL ARSON Doivney B.S., Finance TERRESA PEARSON PortldnJ. OR B.S., Accounting, Finance JAMES PERDUE Lofi Angeles B.S.. Marketing MARK PERO Thousand 0,ik B.S., Marketing LESLIE PEROVICH Long Beach B.S.. Finance CHRISTOPHER PETERSON Z.. ' cga . NV B.S.. Finance ERIK PFANKU Cai on City B.S.. Marketing LBEN PHILLIPS IV .as Angela BS., Finance Economics LOREN PHILLIPS Lo Angeies B.S., Marketing MARK PHILLIPS Pahs VerJes B.S., Finance MAURICIO PINTO Lof ' Angelefi B.S.. Accounting JOHN PITCL AicaJia BS . Accounting CHARTCHAI PLADISAI Thailand MBA., Fmarwe NITAVA PLADISAI Thailand B.S., Accounting Finance STANLEY PLESKUS tiicino BS. Finance DANIEL PLUNKETT Placenlia B.S.. Marketing ANDREA PODOSIN Los Angeles B.S., Finance NANCY PON Nam pa, ID B .S.. Business ARLICIA POPE Los Angeles B.S.. Management ALEJANDRO PORTILLA Mexico M.B.A.. Finance WILLIAM POULOS San Gabriel B.S.. Marketing JAMES POWELL Long Beach BS., Finance- Marketing lERRENCE POWER Santa Barbara B.S., Food Marketing Management PECCY POWERS Cypress B.S., Marketing, Management CYNTHIA PREE Belle vue. NE BS , Accounting DIANE PRESCOTT Mammoth Laketi BS.. Finance MICHAEL PRESATON Torrance B.S.. Accounting MARK PRINCLE Builingame B.S.. Finance 287 DIANA PUN Loi Angeles B.S., Finance Banking LUIS PUNCEL Alhambra B.5., Accounting AGNES PUNO Philippines B.S., Finance ANDREW PURMORT Corona del Mar B.S., Management ELINOR PYNES Los Angeles B.S., Business BEN QUAN Grand Junction, CO B.S., Accounting BRIAN QUEEN Arcadia M.B.A.. Accounting SCOTT QUESINBERRY Riverside B.S., Marketing Management DAVID RADKE Reseda B.S., Business JOHN RAIDY Arcadia B.S., International Finance LOUIS RAMIREZ IV North Hollywood B.S., Marketing DANIEL RAMOS West Sacramento B.S., Finance KATHY RANGE Palos Verdes Estates B.S., Finance RICHARD RAPP Arcadia B.S., Business FREDERICK RARICK Rolling Hills Estates B.S., Finance Economics ANN RAYMOND Pahs Verdes B.S., Accounting MICHEL RAZOOK Encino B.S., Finance Marketing DAVID REED West Covina B.5., Marketing ARNOLD REGALADO Monterey Park B.S.. Business BRIAN REID Pasadena B.S., Marketing Finance STEPHEN REID Torrance B.S., Accounting DANIEL REINWALD San Diego B.S., Managment CLIFFORD RESTON Encino B.S.. Finance Real Estate ANNETTE REYNOLDS Downey B.S., Business DIANE RICE Los Angeles B.S., Accounting RONALD RICHTER Westminster M.B.A., Business ERNEST RIFFENBURGH Big Bear Lake B.S.. Finance BRADLEY RIPHAGEN Chi no B.S.. Business MICHAEL RITCHIE Webster, NY B.S., Business DAVID ROBB Lancaster, OH B.5., Finance y i 288 LARRY ROBERTS Encino B.5.. Business ELIZABETH ROBERTSON Sierra Madre B.S.. Business KEVIN ROBINSON Downey B.S.. Business EVELYN ROBLEDO Sylnur B.5., Marketing CHARLES ROBLIN Santa Monica B.S., Finance THOMAS ROCHE London, England B.S.. Accounting RONALD ROCHESTER Roosevelt. NY M.B.A.. M.A.S. CAROL ROECK Pasadena B.S.. Accounting DAYLE ROSA Honolulu. HI B.S., Accounting BRUCE ROSENBLUM Sherman Oaks B.S., Business CHARLES ROSIN Claremont B.S.. Finance GLORIA ROSS Los Angeles B.S., Marketing JOSEPH ROSS Saratoga B.S.. Marketing Management TED ROSS San Marino B.S.. Real Estate Insurance CATHYLN ROSSI Arcadia B.S., Marketing SHEILA ROTH Canoga Park B.S., Management BYRON ROTHPLETZ Dallas. TX B.S., Finance CHRISTINA KARAGIAS ROVLAKIS San Gabriel B.S.. Marketing CYNTHIA ROWE Sierra Madre B.S.. Business SUSAN ROZEN Ontario B.S.. Marketing BRAD RUBINGER Los Angeles B.S , Business LYNN RUZEK Torrance B.S., Finance SHU SAEKI Yokohama, Japan B.S., Management JAMES SAHHEBECK Downey B.S.. Business RON SAKAMOTO Los Angeles B.S.. Business FRANCISCO SALINAS Pico Rivera B.S., Accounting VILMA SAMPANG Carson B.S., Accounting JAMES SANDERS Tarzana M.B.A.. Finance JOY SANDERS San Marino B.S., Accounting RICHARD SANDFER Garden Grove B.S.. Accounting 2B9 WALTER SANFORD Arcadia B.S., Finance JOSE SANIDAD Honolulu, HI B.S.. Marketing RICHARD SANOR South Paaadena B.S., Accounting MICHAEL SAWMILL Went Covina B.S., Business SAMUEL SCHAEFER Nortbridge B.S.. Management MARK SCHIFFELBEIN Santa Ana B.5., Business NINA SCHMIDT Long Beach B.S., Marketing DONNA SCHNEIDER Arcadia B.S.. Business CURTIS SCHROEDER Whittier B.S., Accounting KAREN SCHWEITZER Newport Beach B.5., Marketing LOUIS SCLAFANI Los Angeles M.B.A., Business CHRISTINA 5COFIELD Los Angeles B.S., Finance Marketing RICHARD SCOTT Las Vegas, NV B.S., Business DEANNA SEETO San Diego B.S., Marketing QBA MICHAEL SEIBERT Rancho Palso Verdes M.B.A.. Business TADASHI SEKIGUCHI Los Angeles M.B.A., Finance LINDA SERA Culver City B.S., Accounting MARK SHERWOOD Palos Verdes B.S., Finance Marketing SUSAN SHIREY Playa del Rey M.B.A., Accounting DEIDRE SHOOK Monterey Park B.S., Accounting WILLIAM SHRADER Arcadia B.S., Marketing Finance ERIC SIGMAN Long Beach BS.. Finance DOUGLAS SIMPSON Carlsbad B.S.. Real Estate Finance MICHAEL 51 U Hong Kong M.B.A.. Business LES SMALL Honolulu. HI B.S.. Business ANDREW SMITH Br HH Rowland Hieghts ■ 1 B.S., Marketing Management RflH iH JAMES SMITH HI T 9 Arcadia f Wz W B.S.. Management Marketing PATRICIA SMITH L W . San Diego L J ' T S B.S., Business 1 . Jl ■ SIN POE SOH L . m r M Kuaka Trengganu. Malaysia | K H B.S., Finance H B l JENNIFER SOLOMON ■ 9 ! San Marino B k B.S.. Finance I Hi H 290 TERRY SPEARS Northrijge B.S.. fiujjj ' nes.s TIMOTHY SPENCE Encino B.S., Accounting GARY STACHLER Temple City B.S.. Accounting CHARLES STANISLAWSKI Paid Jena B.S., Accounting SANDRA STERNFF Bellevue, WA B.S., Accounting KATHLEEN STEVENS id Jolh B.S-. Marketing CHARLES STIEGLER North Hollywood B.S., Accounting Real Estate PAUL STRABALA Las Vegas. NV B-S., Accounting JEFF STUMBAUGH Glendale B.S.. Real Estate JEAN SU Monterey Park B.S., Business JEANNIE SUGAOKA Sunol B.S., Business YUJI SUGIMOTO Los Angeles M.B.A., Accounting DAVID SUGITA Los Angeles MBA. Business RENEE SULISTIARINI Jakarta, Indonesia B.S., Business MICHAEL SULLIVAN Malibu B.S.. Business RICHARD SUTTIE Leucadia B.S.. Management SHELLY SUZUKI Afletd B-S. Marketing ANN SVOBODA La Canada B.S.. Management Marketing PHILIP SWAIN Anabola. HI B.S., Business CYNTHIA SWAN Irvine B.S.. Accounting Finance VALERIE SZABO North Hollywood B-S.. Accounting STEPHEN TAKEDA Han ford B.S.. Finance BRIAN TAKESUE Buena Park B.S., Business HO-YUNG TAN Los Angeles B.S.. Business KEVIN TAN Singapore MB. A., Finance LIM HOE TAN Los Angeles M.B.A., Business ROY TAN Bel Air M.B.A.. Business TJIN TAN Jakarta. Indonesia B-S-. Business YONG-SENG TAN Los Angeles B.S.. Marketing GERALD TANAKA Pico Rivera B.S., Business 291 JOHNNY TANAKA Oxnard B.S.. Business DORIS TANG Los Angeles B.S., Accounting LUCY TANG Sacramento B.5.. Marketing PETER TAWARAHARA Honolulu, HI B.S., Marketing SHERI TAYLOR Rolling Hills B.S., Business TIM TAYLOR Bakersfield B.S.. Marketing THAXTON ODETT Long Beach B.S., Marketing Management DAVID THOENY Phoenix. AZ B.S., Marketing NORMAN THOMAS Watford, England B.S., Business TRACY TODD San Diego B.S., Business WENDELL TOM Honolulu, HI B.S., Business MARK TOURNAT Rolling Hills Estates B.S.. Business SHARON TRANI San Pedro M.B.A.. Business WALTER TRAVER Rancho Mirage B.S., Finance SELINA TSANG Hong Kong B.S., Accounting TAK-KEUNG TSE Hacienda Height B.S., Finance HERNAN UMANA Torrance B.S.. Finance WILLIAM URBINA Long Beach BS.. Accounting WAYNE UYEMURA Santa Ana B.5., Marketing STEPHEN VALL Rancho Palos Verdes B.S.. Finance Management ARACELI VARGAS Los Angeles B.S., Business ROSS VELASCO Pasadena B.S., Accounting CHRIS VELLA Long Beach B.S., Accounting SCOTT VERRETTE Rossmoor B.S., Marketing ANDREW VIKICICH Rancho Palos Verde- B.S.. Finance 292 JEAN WANG San Gabriel B.S., Accounting 5HING WANG Burbank B.S., Business PAMELA WARREN Compton B.S., Accounting MAUDE WASHINGTON Chicago, IL B.5.. Business KAY WAT AN ABE Los Angeles B.S.. Marketing Finance JOHN WATTE RS Indian Welk B.S., Accounting DOUGLAS WEBB La Canada B.S.. Businei s DIANA WELCH La Canada B.5., Accounting STEVEN WELLS Playa del Rev B.S., Accounting Finance WILMER WEST Lexington. KY M.B.A., Accounting JOHN WHALEN Hermosa Beach B.S.. Accounting JOHN WHITBORD Pasadena B.S., Management WILLIAM WHITE JR. Santa Monica B.S., Business MICHAEL WHITLOCK Rancho Pales Verdes B.S.. Business SUSAN WHITTINCTON Chula Vista B.S., Management Finance ARCHIE WILLIS III Memphis, TN B.S.. Finance DANITA WILLIS Los Angeles B.S.. Business STEPHANIE WILLIS Ocean side B.S-, Accounting PAMELA WILSON Los Angeles B.5., Accounting WILLIAM WINSLOW Arcadia B.S.. Business MICHELLE WITTEMAN Los Angeles M.B.A., International Finance WENDELL WO Honolulu, HI B.S.. Fiance Management GARY WOLFE Long Beach B.S., Business A VIS WONG Honolulu. HI B.S.. Finance GREGORY WONG Mont hello B.S.. Accounting JOHN WONG Lawndale B.S., Finance Accounting KEN WONG Los Angeles B.S., Business PERR WONG Los Angeles B.S-. Business RAYMOND WONG Montebello B.S.. Business TJENG WONG Singapore B.S., International Finance 293 WARREN WOO Palm Springs B.S., Finance WALTER WURTMAN Los Angeles B.S., Accounting ROBERT WYLDE Palm Desert BS., Marketing ARON YANACI Garden a B.S.. Accounting DALE YE ACER Riverside B.S.. Management CORDON YEE Los Angeles B.S., Finance MICHAEL YEE Culver City B.S.. Business SHERRIE YENDREK Hawthorne B.S., Business AMY YIU Los Angeles B.5., Business DEBRA YOCUM San Pedro B.S., Accounting JANICE YOKOTA V.. n Pahala. HI v lk. 1 B.S., Business F lk 1 YOUNCJAE YOON Los Angeles f Kf t k B.S.. Finance Lj K - ' k. H RUSSELL YOUNT McKinleyville B L B-S.. Business p B Bjtjj HOWARD YUE HHI Los Angeles E k B.S., Finance Kv 1 ANTHONY YUNG H l Los Angeles l l ision Science Finance H GARY YUYAMA WM Fresno m M to k m B.S., Management, Marketing W f k MARIO ZANDSTRA B mm m 1 Valinda mw m B.S.. Business Pi " " V MARK ZELEZNY V Santa Barbara B.S.. Marketing r ■ w FREDERICK ZILER Downey L • B.S., Business fl ' J k MARY ZIVANOVICH ■ K - H Watsonville H B.S.. Business H Ml en ALL BAL Loi Angeles D.D.S. LINDA BARTICK Wealmin ler B.S., Dental Hygiene BRADLEY BAUM Sdntii Monica D.D.S. LAURA BIES Vorha Linda B.S.. Dental Hygiene JUDITH BONNET Long Beach B.S., Dental Hygiene RICK AARONIAN Fresno DD.S. CAROLINE ABOURASS Peoria, IL B.S., Dental Hygiene SCOTT ADISHIAN Los Angeles D.D.S. Dentistry 294 JOHN BRISTOW, JR. Valhjo D.DS.. STEVEN BROWN Torrance D-DS. DELORES BRYANT Mission Viejo B.5., Denial Hygiene TIMOTHY CAUCIURI Thousand Oaks D.D.S.. ILEANA CARRENO Maiibu D.D.S., HARRIS CARTER Los Angeles D.DS, BEVARD CASSIDY Los Angeles D.DS. DONG CHEN Los Angeles D.D.S.. CHAURYANC CHENC Taiwan D.DS. ROBIN CHERNOCK Los Angeles B.S., Dental Hygiene 3r- ' • ' ■ " ■■ ' 9, ' sSSr-. r v , i I T OVi ' - rNW - •a ' .v.»; Norris Dental Science Center 295 ROY CHINN Honolulu, HI D.D.S. SAM CHUI Los Angeles DD.S. MARLSOON CHUNG Korea D.D.S. KATHLEEN CISNEROS San Bernardino B.S., Denial Hygiene DONALD COCAN El Segundo D.D.S. DAVID COLLIER Colorado Springs, CO D.D.S. ROBERT COLLINS Santa Ana D.D.S. RANDI COODIN Encino B.S., DenlalHygiene VALERIE COOK Thousand Oaks B.5., Denial Hygiene CAROL DAVIS Claremonl B.S., Denial Hygiene CAROL DECKER Costa Mesa B.S., Denial Hygiene ANDY DECEUS Santa Maria D.D.S DAVID DONNELLY Los Angeles DOS. COURTLAND DUVAL Glendale D.D.S MARK EMERSON San Diego D.D.S. JAMES FABE Los Angeles DD.S. LYNN FASNACHT Long Beach D.D.S DELORA FLETCHER Ridgecresl B.S., Dental Hygiene MIKE FLORES Whiltier DDS SCOTT FORD Los Angeles D.D.S. ROBERT FREEDMAN Long Beach D.D.S. KAREN FRITZEN Toriance B.S., Dental Hygiene THOMAS CALBRAITH Glendale DDS CYNDI GANN Huntington Beach B.S., Dental Hygiene DEBRA GRAY Long Beach B.S., Dental Hygiene RICHARD HARDER HF " " " " 9 Azusa K " B DD.S K 1 . 1 AMARA HAROLDSON W BBlu 9 Fullerlon m •« B.S., Dental Hygiene «H|B . d| . ' 3 ROBERT HAVIS W!y v. " ,,3 Westchester tftd DDS 1 ' M SUSAN HAWTHORNE ' f ' 9 Hesperia H B.S., Dental Hygiene k wi i m m RICHARO HEYES k iJr 9 1 Glendale V H DDS HHH H 296 LAURENE HIRSCH Los Angeles B.S., Dental Hygiene CLENN HONCO Los Angeles D.DS SUSAN HOWELL Ingle wood B.S., Dental Hygiene KWEI-KUANC HSU GlenJale DDS MECAN JOHANSON Malibu B.S., Dental Hygiene VALERIE KIDD Cbino B.S., Dental Hygiene NEUNC KIM Korea D.DS EVAN KING Arcadia DDS EMMETT KNIPPER Pacific Palisades D.DS DENISE KUBOTA Los Angeles B.S., Dental Hygiene HOWARD KUNIHIRO Torrance DDS ROGER KUSSMAN Waite Park, MN D.DS WALTER KUZMA Huntington Park D.DS DANNY KWAN Hong Kong D.DS MICHAEL LAI San Diego D.DS S TEVE LARSE N Escondido DDS FRED LARSON La Jolla D.DS MARK LA VOY Torrance D.DS JONG LEE Los Angeles D.DS SANG WONG Los Angeles D.DS SOOLEE Los Angeles DDS CORINNE LEUNG Monterey Park B.S., Dental Hygiene ALAN LEWIS Los Angeles D.DS EUNICE LIANG Ft. Laudrdale, FL DDS BRACK LINSCOTT La Hahra DDS JAMES LOCKWOOD Tustin D.DS LINDA LOCKWOOD Glendale B.S., Dental Hygiene DAN LONGACRE Alhambra D.DS HAROLD LUBICK Los Angeles D.DS RONALD MATSUURA Palo Alto DDS 297 HAROLD McQVlNN Salinas DD.S. TERESA MEJIA Lo Angeles B.S.. Dental Hvgiene CRAIC MERRIHEW Riverside DD.S STEPHEN MIYAJI Honolulu, HI DD.S DIANE MOREHEAD El Segundo B.S., Dental Hygiene GARY MORICUCHI Culver City DD.S RUSSELL MORITA Kiontebello DD.S KAY MURRAY Tujunga B.S., Dental Hygiene SHEILA MURRAY Clendale B.S., Dental Hygiene DENNIS NACATA Hawaii DD.S STEPHEN NAHICIAN Stockton DD.S. DENNIS NUTTER Venice DD.S PATRICK O CONNOR La Mirada DD.S JOHN OCARA Reno, NV DD.S. SANDRA PEACH Torrance DD.S ANTHONY PEREZ Hawthorne DD.S JOSEPH PEREZ South Pasadena DD.S MICHAEL PERRY La Jolla DD.S SUSAN PETERSON Camarilla B.S., Dental Hygiene ALLAN PFEIFFER Northridge DD.S. SHERRYLL PICKEL mgr Covina — B.S., Dental Hygiene STACEY PORTER P ! Thousand Oaks B.S., Dental Hygiene w r T SUSAN PRINCLE 1 m Fountain Valley r B.S., Dental Hygiene CLARK RAMPTON Kaysvill, UT 1 DD.S k MARSHA REESE t fe La Hahra l l . B DDS WkI JKk JANET RILEY Northridge ■F ' ' ' ' ' ' H B.S., Dental Hygiene lARK ROSENBLATT rn X. Torrance m- m DD.S m ' P - I B ' DENNIS SAGAWA H V 9 9. Hilo, HI m m. ' J V DD.S K . L. JUDITH SALTER Rancho Palos Verdes i V jIk B.S., Dental Hygiene ALAN SMAUEL bK i S Northridge IK.Jr ' . . ■ H DD.S Hl H 29S ARTHUR SCHRACHTMAN Lou Angeles DDS FENRJS SCUDDER Los Angeles DDS. PECCY SHORT ReseJj B.S.. Dental Hygiene RONALD SINGER Entino D.D.S CORDON SMITH La Crescenta D.D.S. RICHARD STALEY GlenJale DDS FREDERICK STALLEY GlendoTa D.D.S STACEY STECUN Seal Beach B.S , Dental Hygiene KATHY STRANG South Gate B.S., Dental Hygiene ROBERT SUE San Diego D.D.S INNE SURYAMEGA Hacienda Heights D.D.S JACQUELINE SUTER Westminster B.S., Dental Hygiene JEFF TAROLA Carmel D.D.S BONNIE TIBER Reseda B.S.. Dental Hygiene WAYNE TOFUKUJI GarJena D.D.S STEPHEN TORGERSON Fresno DDS JULIE TORGESON Glendale B.S., Dental Hygiene CHRISTOPHER TRAVIS Downey D.D.S CHRISTOPHER TRUHAN Calabasas D.D.S JIANN TSAI Calabasas D.D.S MICHELLE TUTELIAN Fresno B.S., Dental Hygiene DAVID WARNER Wichita. KS DDS DAVID WATSON Downey D.D.S ERNEST WATSON Palm Springs D.D.S THOMAS WHEELER San Francisco D.D.S NANCY WHITAKER Rancho Palos Verdes B.S., Dental Hygiene STUART WILKINSON Los Angeles D.D.S MARILYN WILSON Sunnyvale D.D.S MARCIE WOLSEY Carpinteria B.S., Dental Hygiene VIRGINIA WONG Monterey Park B.S., Dental Hygiene 299 BARBARA WOODMAN South Pasadena B.S., Dental Hygiene SHURU WU Los Angeles D.D.S. RUBEN YAGHNAZARIAN Glendale D.D.S. PAUL YEAGER Sebastopol D.D.S. LUCAS YEN Los Angeles D.D.S. MARILYN YOUNG Las Vegas, NV B.S., Dental Hygiene STEPHANIE ALIP Los Angeles B.S., Education MISBAH ALKURDY Los Angeles M.S., Education NAJAT ALNABEH Montebello B.S., Education MARIEM AL ' SABBAN Montebello M.S., Education CLENNA ANDERSON Newport Beach B.S., General Studies RAQUEL ANCULO Los Angeles B.S.. Education CATHRYN ARQUILLA Encino B.S.. Education CAREN ARNETT Manhattan Beach B.S.. General Studies SARDAR BALOCK Pakistan M.S., Education DOROTHY BOLGER Los Angeles B.S., General Studies Waite Phillips Hall of Education, seen from Uni ' ci--ilv M.ill LORETTA ABDUN-NUR Tarzana B.S., Education JOANNA ACHILLES Arcadia B.S., General Studies APRIL ADDIS Monterey Park B.5., General Studies Education 300 p BONNIE BUNTING ClenJale B.S., General Studies JAY CAMEL Los Angeles B.S.. General Studies CECILIA CASTILLO Los Angeles B.S., Education SHARON CHEW Los Angeles B.S., General Studies ANNA-MARIE CONTRERAS Valinda B.S., General Studies MONETTE DAVIS South Gate M.S., Teacher Education PATRICIA DONLEAVEY Clovis B.S.. Education KATHERINE DUCEY South Gate B.S.. General Studies MARLA DZURKO Arcadia B.S.. Education L YN EISENHOWER San Francisco B.S., Education KARIN FERRY Los Angeles B.S., General Studies CHERYL FORD Inglewood B.S.. General Studies San Marino BS.. Education AMY FRANKLIN Los Angeles B.5., General Studies JAN FRAZIER Fresno B.S.. General Studies PATRICIA FUKUHARA West Loi Angeles M.S.. Special Education ELIZABETH FUSHIKI Gardena B.S., Education MARTIN GALINDO Pico Rivera B.S.. General Studies NITA GATLIN Los Angeles B.S.. General Studies KAREN GLASGOW Washington, DC M.S., Special Education KIMBERLY GOSS La Jolh B.S., Special Education GAYLA HAARSTAD Ellensburg, WA M.A., Education KARF JJ4 I AnF Long Beach B.S.. G eneral Studies LYNDA HARBERT Oakland M.S., Education Counseling SUSIE HAYES Chicago, ILL B.S.. General Studies VICKl ISHIDA Gardena B.S.. Special Education CINDY JUNKIN Redlands B.S.. General Studies MICHELLE KAYE La Canada M.S., Education CHARLES KEITH Cypress M.S., Education Administration CAROL KEMLER Bonita B.S.. Education 301 PATRICIA KLEIN Fresno B.S., Special Education THOMAS KLEPPER Bueilton B.S., General Studiety SHERYL LAMOREAUX Arcadia B.S., Education MICHITA LAUGHARN Los Angeles B.S., General Studies LOURDES LEIS Rosemead B.S., Education CASSANDRA LEWIS Portola Valley B.S., General Studies SHERYL LEWIS Los Angeles B.S., Education CORINNA LIBERATORE Sherman Oaks B.S., General Studies MAR Y ANN LILL YWHITE South Pasadena B.S., General Studies DENISE LOQUET Los Angeles B.S., General Studies HILDA MARTI Negros Oriental, Philippines M.S., Education TERESA MARTINEZ Los Angeles B.S., General Studies DIANE MASLINE Arcadia B.S., General Studies LAURA MAST Redlands B.S., General Studies JOLENE MATSUMOTO South San Gabriel B.S., General Studies CAROL MATSUMURA Monterey Park M.S., Education LESLIE MAXWELL End no B.S., Special Education LEE MCCARTHY Orange B.S., General Studies CANDICE MCKENZIE Los Angeles B.S., General Studies GRACE MIRANDA Huntington Park B.S., Education CAROLINE MOLLOY Long Beach B.S., General Studies MARIA MORALES Montebello B.S.. Education OLIVIA MORALES Alhambra B.S., Education ALANA NOCKENSON Palm Springs M.S., Education Counseling JOANN OKIMOTO Los Angeles M.S.. Special Education GAIL PALMER Los Angeles B.S., General Studies NOEL PALMER Sherman Oaks B.S., Education LAURA PETERSON Arcadia B.S., Education PATTI PEVIANI Pasa B.S., General Studies SHERRILL QUON Los Angeles B.S.. General Studies 302 I an attempt to curb bicycle thefts on campus and in the surrounding area, U.S.C. s Campus Security, in conjunction with the Los Angeles Police Department, sponsored free bicycle registration several times throughout the year. 303 MADAN! REHEMI Saudi Arabia M.S.. Education NORIKO SAITO Los Angeles hi. A., Education YOSHITAKA SAKAKWARA Japan M.S., Education BARRY SAKATA Clarksburg B.S., General Studies SHARON SANDBERG Balboa Island B.5.. Education AUDREY SCARBOROUGH Merced B.S., General Studies CONSTANCE SCHERER Arcadia B.S., Education BRENADETTE SCHOBY Akron, OH B.S., Education CHINDA SILPAKANOK Los Angeles M.S., Education 5ALL Y STONESTREET Anaheim B.S., Education BRUCE TAKEGUMA Garden Grove B.S., Education i THY THOMAI Calabasa B.5., General Studies NANCY TILY Glendale B.S., General Studies CYNTHIA TROY Yorba Linda B.S., General Studies H EDDIE UYEDA Tujunga Ed.D., Education VICTORIA VALASTAK Hollywood MS., Education ROSA VASQUEZ El Paso, TX B.S., General Studies TERI VINCENT Chatsworth M.S., Education KRISTI WALLS Long Beach B.5., Education CHIQUITA WATT Detroit, MI B.S., Education Seaver Science Center 304 Engineering BETTY WEISS End no M.S-, General Studies KELLY WHALEN Downey B-S.. General Studies FRED WILKINS Rancho Palos Verdes Ed.D-, Couniieling TINA WONG Los Angeles B.S., Edutation MARY ZIEGLER Whit tier B.S., General Studies ANNA MARIE ALICASTRO San Rafael B.S., Aero-i-pace Engineering ABDULMOHSIN ALNAFEESI Montehello B.S., Electrical Engineering FRANCISCO ALONSO San Diego B.S.. Civil Engineering FAISAL ALSAIED Whit tier B.S.. Civil Engineering ABDELREHMAN ALSHATHRY Hacienda Heights B.S., Civil Engineering GOREXDN ANDERSON Missoula. MT B.S., Petroleum Engineering TERI ANDREWS Clovis B.S., Civil Engineering WILLIAM ANDRING Las Vegas. NV B.S., Mechanical Engineering MASSOOD ASSADOLLAHZADEH Beverly Hills B.S.. Civil Engineering ALI AZZOUZ Algeria M.S.. Mechanical Engineering RAMZI BADER West Covina B.S., Electrical Engineering RICHARD BAGDAZIAN Llk Grove M.S., Electrical Engineering BAGHDAZZAR BAGHDIKIAN End no B.S., Electrical Engineering SEYED BAHROLOOLOMI-MOFRAD Iran B.S., Electrical Engineering H 5 WJV BAZSHUSHTARl Iran M.S., Chemical Engineering ALICE BEHNKE San Francisco B.5., Mechanical Engineering KOUROSH BEHZADI Los Angeles B.S., Civil Engineering THERESA SELLER Rancho Palos Verdes B.S.. Electrical Engineering RICHARD BERGESEN Wilmington B.S., Aerospace Engineering ROBERT BIANCHI Daly City B.S., Aerospace Engineering 305 TERI BJORKMAN Goleta B.S.. Industrial Systems Engineering BRANDON BLAYLOCK San Diego 6.5.. Civil Engineering MICHAEL BODZIAK Los Angeles B.5., Chemical Engineering ADEL BOURISLI MontebeUo B.5., Civil Engineering ROLAND BRADLEY ClenJora B.S., Civil Egineering TODD BREMNER Bellflower B.S., Aerospace Engineering JEFFERY BRIENEN Pahs Verdes B.S., Petroleum Engineering PAUL BROWN Seguin, Texas M.S., Aerospace Engineering DATONYE BRUCE Los Angeles B.S., Petroleum Engineering PETER CAMACHO Agana, Guam B.S., Aerospace Engineering ROBERT CAMARGO Pasadena B.S., Civil Engineering DANT A CARAVA GGIO " SfdcKfon B.S., Petroleum Engineering JUAN CA5ANOVAS Sherman Oaks M.S., Civil Eng ineering IBRAHIM CEDENO Venezuela B.S., Mechanical Engineering JOHN CHAN Los Angeles B.5., Civil Engineering NORMAN CHAN Glendale B.S.. Electrical Engineering CHAN-YEU CHANG Los Angeles M.S., Electrical Engineering IN SUNG CHANG Rosemead B.S., Petroleum Engineering ALBERT CHEAH Compton B.S.. Electrical Engineering DAVID CHING Sherman Oaks B.S.. Chemical Engineering BELKIS CHIRINOS Martiniano Chirinos, VZ B.5., Petroleum Engineering BYRON CHONG Honolulu, HI B.S., Civil Engineering JOSEPHINE CHOW Monterey Park B.S., Chemical Engineering TIMOTHY CHU Piedmont B.S., Chemical Engineering HENRY CHUANG Washington, DC B.5., Petroleum Engineering PHILIP CHUKWUEKE Owerri, Nigeria B.S.. Industrial Engineering ALBERT CHUN Alameda B.S.. Electrical Engineering inousand Oaks B.S., Electrical Engineering TRACEY COATS Los Angeles B.S., Chemical Engineering KENNETH COULTRUP Long Beach B.S., Industrial Systems Engineering 306 I DAVID CRAMPTON Rancho Palos VerJea B.S., Electrical Engineering BRUCE CRAWFORD Rancho Palob VerJes B.S., Mechanical Engineering JESUS CUMANA Loa Angeles B.S., Industrial ' Sy tems Engineering LARRY DAVIS Northridge B.S.. Aerospace Engineering TEJAY DEHGHANYAR Los Angeles B.S., Civil Engineering ERIC DIAMOND Los Angeles B-S.. Biomedical Engineering ROBERTO DIEGO-AROZAMENA D.F., Mexico B.S.. Electrical Engineering DEBORAH DIERCKS Hinckley. ILL B.S., Electrical Engineering ROBERT DIRKX Chula Vista B.S., Mechanical Engineering WILLIAM DOMINO Hacienda Heights B.S., Electrical Engineering ERIN DOUGHERTY Ross B.S., Mechanical Engineering VICTOR DOW Guam B.S., Civil Engineering DAVID DRESSLER Redondo Beach B.S-. Electrical Engineering CONSTANCE EKONOMU Los Angeles B.S., Industrial Systems Engineering L ARUE ELL IS Laguna Hills A.B.. English EMMANUEL ENEYO Port Harcourt, Nigeria B.S.. Industrial Systems Engineering EHSAN ESHRAGHI Culver City M.S., Civil Engineering DONAL_DMSK£N Olk ' bnd M.S., Mechanical Engineering ISAAC EZENWA Los Angeles M.S.. Chemical Engineering AKINOLA FANU Lagos, NigeriaqB.S.. Electrical Engineering SHAHRAM FARHANGl Tehran, Iran Ph.D.. Mechanical Engineering JOSE FERNANDEZ Ingle wood B.S., Mechanical Engineering YAJAIRA FERNANDEZ Venezuela M.S., Chemical Engineering EDMUND FLORES Carson B.S.. Aerospace Engineering NELSON FLOREZ Caracas, Venezuela B.S., Industrial Systems Engineering THOMAS FOSTER Lakewood, OH B.S.. Biomedical Engineering STEVEN FUNDERBURK Travis AFB B.S., Chemical Engineering MICHAEL FUR USA W A Los Angeles B.S., Biomedical Engineering CASEY GAG AN Canyon Country B.S.. Industrial Systems Engineering GUSTAVO GALINDO Mexico City, Mexico M.S.. Engineering Management 307 DAVID GARCIA Santa Ana B.S., Electrical Engineering ISRAEL GARCIA Barcelona, VZ B.S.. Industrial Systems Engineering JOSE GARNICA Caracas. VZ B.S.. Industrial Syr tems Engineering PAUL GEIGER Los Angeles B.S., Electrical Engineering DARAB GHAFFARY Teheran, Iran M.S., Civil Engineering FARHAD GHASSEMI Seal Beach M.S., Petroleum Engineering STEPHEN GIFFONI Woodland Hills B.S., Chemical Engineering ADELHEID GOEBEL Los Angeles B.S., Chemical Engineering PHILLIP GOODING Bellingham, WA B.S.. Michanical Engineering MARK GRANQUIST La Mirada B.S., Petroleum Engineering GEORGE GRAY Vernon, CT B.S.. Chemical Engineering PAUL GREENWOOD San Diego B.S., Civil Engineering LEIDA GUTIERREZ Seal Beach B.S., Civil Engineering FRANCES HACHIYA Los Angeles B.S.. Industrial Systems Engineering RICHARD HAKIM Jokoto, Indosesia B.S., Civil Engineering ABOLHASSAN HALATT Tehran, Iran Industrial Systems Engineering JEFFREY HAN Jakarta, Indonesia B.S., Electrical Engineering STEPHANUS HARRYANTO Jakarta, Indonesia B.S., Chemical Engineering DONALD HARRYMAN Los Altos Hills B.S., Mechanical Engineering BRIAN HAWN Reno, NV B.S.. Aerospace Engineering MARK HOLDERMAN Carmichael B.S., Civil Engineering ALI HONARI Beverly Hills B.S., Civil Engineering JOHN HORNER Redlands B.S., Electrical Engineering ROY HORTON Los Angeles B.S., Electrical Engineering DOUGLAS HOSKIN Bellevue, WA B.S.. Industrial Systems Engineering FRANCISCO HUERTA D.F., Mexico B.S.. Industrial Systems Engineering LEO HUI Pasadena B.S., Electrical Engineering AS AD ISM A EEL Los Angeles M.S.. Electrical Engineering KIKUMI ITAHARA La Puente B.S.. Building Science HAMID JAFROUDI Rasht. Iran Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering 308 BEH5HEED JAM5HEED Rancho PjIo Verde M.S.. Environmental Engineering CONSTANCE JOHNSON Los Angeies B.S., Electrical Engineering CELSO KALACHE Rio De Janeiro, Brazil B-S.. Mechanical Engineering CHUNG-WHEl KAO Los Angeles Ph.D , Electrical Engineering IDRIS KEBIR Los Angeles M.S.. Mechanical Engineering GARY KELLISON La MiraJa B.S.. Civil Engineering CRAIG KENNEDY Columbus. OH B.S.. Civil Engineering LARRY KE5TER Seal Beach B.S., Electrical Engineering ALl KHOSHNEVIS-RAD Tehran, Iran B.S.. Civil Engineering CLAYTON KIDA Honolulu. HI B.S.. Electrical Engineering DAVID KIM Al ham bra B.5.. Mechanical Engineering CHESTER KING Costa Mesa M.S.. Civil Engineering JOHN KING Los Angeles B.S.. Mechanical Engineering KEVIN KIRIO Monfebello B.S.. Electrical Engineering ANNETTE KLUCK Englewood. CO B.S., Mechanical Engineering THOMAS KNOTTS Beverly Hills B.S.. Electrical Engineering MARK KOBA ASH! San Pedro B.S.. Electrical Engineering GIN-SUN KU West Los Angeles M.S.. Civil Engineering FRED KUAM Singapore B.S., Industrial Engineering ROBERT KURASHJGE Seattle. WA B.S.. Electrical Engineering STANLEY KURASHIGE Seattle. WA B.S.. Chemical Engineering JEFFREy LAHTI Cerritos B.S., Mechanical Engineering DONALD LANGFORD en ice B.S.. Mechancial Engineering JACK LATRAGNA Sun Valley B.S.. Electrical Engineering EDDIE LEE Los Angeles B.S.. Chemical Engineering TAK LEE Hong Kong B.S.. Civil Engineering CHRISTIAN LILUE Caracas, VZ B.S.. Industrial Systems Engineering DAVID LIN Taipei. Taiwan M.S.. Electrical Engineering HSIAO-YI LIN Los Angeles M.S.. Electrical Lngineering PING-FENG LIN Taipei. Taiwan M.S.. Chemical Engineering 309 YATIEN LIN Los Angeles M.S., Cbemicjl Engineering RANDALL LINDSAY Los Angeles B.S., Electrical Engineering CHUN LO Los Angeles Ph.D., Electrical Engineering ANNE LONG Santd Rosa B.S.. Biomedical Engineering EDWARD LUTHER Attleboro. MA B.S., Petroleum Engineering CHEN MA San Chung. Taiwan M.S., Aerospace Engineering SIMON MA Arcadia M.S., Electrical Engineering LONG MACHIDA Honolulu, HI B.S., Electrical Engineering PAUL MACNEAL Pasadena B.S., Civil Engineering Kashan. Iran B.S.. Civil Engineering WILLIAM MANN St. Louis, MO B.S., Engineering ARAMIS MARKAROVANES Tehran, Iran B.S., Petroleum Engineering ANGEL MARLAN San Diego B.S., Electrical Engineering ALLEN MARTIN Myrtle Creek, OR B.S., Chemical Engineering BRUCE MCDONALD Rancho Palos Verdes B.S., Electrical Engineering MARTIN MCKINNEY Whittier B.S., Aerospace Engineering STANLEY MEEK Las Vegas, NV B.S., Industrial Systems Engineering FERNANDO MENDIZABAL David, Panama M.S., Industrial Systems Engineering RUBEN MIJAVES Venezuela B.S., Electrical Engineering MARIA MONTILLA Los Angeles B.S., Engineering HERNAN MORA Venezuela B.S., Petroleum Engineering JAWAD MUFTI Amman, Jordan B.S.. Mechanical Engineering EDWARD MUNA San Gabriel B.S., Chemical Engineering VERNE NAGAYAMA Honolulu. HI B.S., Electrical Engineering MIKE NAKAGAWA Los Angeles B.S.. Industrial Systems Engineering ZAGROUS NASIRPOUR Bel Air B.S., Industrial Systems Engineering SCOTT NAUMAN Cherry Hill, NJ B.S., Chemical Engineering MARIO NAVARRO Glendale B.S., Chemical Engineering KA-CHUNG NG Whittier B.S.. Electrical Engineering PlYA NGUIAKARAMAHAWONGSE Los Gatos M.S., Electrical Engineering 310 STEVEN NIEMl Los Angeles B.S.. Civil Engineering WAYNE NODA Los Alamilos B.S-. Mechanical Engineering TOMMIE NORA Lo Angeles B.S., Mechanical Engineering MICHAEL NOTARANCELO Lemoore B.S., Civil Engineering ROBERT OBERTO Los Angeles B.S., Aerospace Engineering STEPHEN OLSON Glendale B.S.. Civil Engineering ELIZABETH PACKER Ven tura B.S., Mechanical Engineering GIOVANNI PARRA Caracas. VZ B.S.. Mechanical Engineering JOHN PARSONS Hawthorne B.S.. Electrical Engineering DONN PEDERSEN Whit tier B.S.. Petroleum Engineering NEYESKA PEDERSEN Whit tier B.S.. Petroleum Engineering RAYMOND PHUA Jalan Sena, Singapore B.S.. Electrical Engineering DOUGLAS POLLACK Ben Lomoad B.S.. Aerospace Engineering JOSE QUINONES San Juan, Puerto Rico B.S.. Mechanical Engineering GUILLERMO QUiNTERO Maracaibo Zulia, VZ B.S., Chemical Engineering SAEED RAHMAN Los Angeles M.S.. Electrical Engineering VICTOR RAMIREZ Los Angeles B.S., Electrical Engineering HAMID RASTEGAR Tehran. Iran B.S., Civil Engineering CUYNEMER REFUNSOL Venezuela B.S., Electrical Engineering WILFREDO RODRIGUEZ Maracay-Edo Aragua, VZ B.S.. Petroleum Engineering PAUL RUSLI Surabaya. Indonesia B.S.. Industrial Engineering THOMAS RYAN Riverside B.S., Chemical Engineering CHARLOTTE SADDLER Richmond B.S., Electrical Engineering KAREN SAKAl Kaneohi. HI B.S-. Civil Engineering FREDERICK SANCHEZ Montebello B.S.. Aerospace Engineering IRMA SANTIAGO Los Angeles B.S.. Industrial Systems Engineering DIANA SCARSDALE Las Vegas. NV B.S., Chemical Engineering ROBERT SCHAAF La Ha bra B.S., Chemical Engineerin JOAN SCHAFFNER San Diego B.S., Mechanical Engineering JEFFREY SCHWAZ Montebello B.S-. Mechanical Engineering 311 MOHAMMAD SEMNANIAN Los Angeles B.S-, Civil Engineering ALEX SENE Pago Pago B.S.. Electrical Engineering HIDEO SETOGUCHI Los Angeles B.S., Aerospace Engineering BRUCE SHANNON Whittier B.S., Petroleum Engineering HOWARD SHAO Taipei. Taiwan M.S., Electrical Engineering DENNIS SHIBA Los Angeles B.S., Electrical Engineering JAMES SHORE Los Gat OS B.S., Aerospace Engineering ERIC SIESS La Canada B.S., Electrical Engineering MARK SKIDMORE Long Beach B.S.. Electrical Engineering MARK SMITH Northridge B.S., Civil Engineering JIN SOH Los Angeles Ph.D.. Electrical Engineering LISA SPIRITO South Gate B.S.. Civil Engineering DANIEL STANTON Anaheim B.S.. Electrical Engineering DOUGLAS SUTTON Brea B.S., Aerospace Engineering DANIEL TAKAHASHl Hilo. HI B.S.. Civil Engineering HANNA TARSHA Los Angeles B.5.. Biomedical Engineering SRICHAI TECHASOMBOORANAKIT Los Angeles M.S., Electrical Engineering JAMES TERTOCHA Glendale B.S., Electrical Engineering SALLY THOMAN Bak ers field B.S., Electrical Engineering CHRISTIANTO TJAHJADI Los Angeles B.S., Industrial Systems Engineering DARRELL TOM Honolulu. HI B.S.. Civil Engineering TOMMY TOM Fresno B.S.. Biomedical Engineering ADRIAN TOWNS A rcadia B.S.. Chemical Engineering TA-CHUNG TSUI Los Angeles M.S.. Mechanical Engineering CURT TSUJIMOTO Mon tebello B.S., Biomedical Engineering HSINGCHIH TUAN San Diego M.S., Electrical Engineering RICHARD UJADUGHELE Los Angeles M.S., Engineering Management RUDY VADILLO Huntington Park B.S., Mechanical Engineering ERIC VANDERSLICE Red lands B.S., Aerospace Engineering GERARDO VARGAS Huntington Park B.S.. Industrial Systems Engineering 312 t ABOLFOTOOH VAZIRI Iran M.S., Electrical Environment Engineering BYRON VEASEY Denver, CO B.S.. Industrial Syatenrifi Engineering LUIS VI DAL Los Angeles B.S.. Chemical Engineering SULONG WANG Monterey Park B.$,. Electrical Engineering WAY-SEEN WANG Taiwan Ph.D.. Electrical Engineering DAVID WARAN Palm Springs B.S.. Industrial Systems Engineering ALLAN WEBER A rcadia M.S., Civil Engineering DONNA WHITENECK Sarcoxic. MO B-S.. Civil Engineering BRIAN WONG Los Angeles B.S.. Mechanical Engineering MONET WONG Monterey Park B... Chemical Engineering SHARON WOO Monterey Park B.S., Biomedical Engineering CHIN-JU WU Taiwan Ph.D.. Materials Science MICHAEL YAKURA Los Angeles B.S., Electrical Engineering GRACE YAMADA Rose mead B.S-. Biomedical Engineering SHINJI YAMAGUCHI Japan M.S., Chemical Engineering KEITH AMASHlRO Torrance B.S., Electrical Engineering STEVEN YAMASHITA Culver City B.S., Mechanical Engineering JAMES )ANAGIMOTO io Angeles B.S., Electrical Engineering RAIF YANNE) Torrance Ph.D., Electrical Engineering STANLEY ff Los Angeles M.S , Electrical Engineering ANDREW )EO Singapore MS. Engineering Management Mudd Hall of Philo- ophy Wjtchman 313 BRUCE YEP Pjimdile BS Indualrial System-, Engineering KYUNC Yl Los Angeles B-S.. Electrical Engineering HAROLD YUAN Los Angeles M.S., Electrical Engineering TEOFILO ZADROZNY Brazil B.S., Industrial Systems Engineering DEAN ZAUMSEIL Rocklord. IL B.S., Mechanical Engineering Letters Arts And Science DIANA ADAME Los Angeles A.B.. Economics CARLTON ADAMS Caimichael B.S.. Biology JAMES AFFRUNTI San Pedro B.S., Geology FAROKH AFSHAR-YAZDl Studio Cily B.S., Biology CAROLYN AKIYAMA We lminiiter A.B.. Psychology CINDY ALBERTS La Puente A.B., Political Science GREGORY ALBERTS Scottsdale, AZ A.B., Economics BARNEY ALES End no A.B.. Philosophy AURELIA ALSTON San Leandro A.B., Journalism SERENA ALSTON San Leandro A.B.. Journalism JULIA ALTENBACH Los Angeles A-B.. Political Science MARIA ALVARADO Pacoima A.B., Psychology ADOLFO ALVAREZ Whit tier B.S., Biology ARMANDO ALVAREZ San Jose B.S.. Biology STACY AMAR Pasadena B.S.. Public Relatios NANCY AMONS Redondo Beach A.B., Broadcast Journalism JERILYN ANAM Los Angeles A.B., History BRENDA ANDERSON Santa Barbara A.B.. Public Relations LAURA ANDERSON Downey AB.. English LAUREL ANDERSON Berkeley A.B.. History 314 ROBERT ANDERSON Lennox B.S-. Computer Silence MONTE ANDREWS Cerritoi A.B.. Spanish CARMEN ARAKELIAN Turlock A.B., Political Science LIU ARAKELIAN Montehello A.B.. Political Science Geography JOHN ARBOGAST Lo i Angeles A.B., Social Science, Communications CHRISTY ARCHER Flin t ridge A.B.. Public Relations REBECCA ARMSTRONG Ravenna, OH A.B.. Speech Communications DEBORAH ARNESEN Tarzana A.B., Physical Education CYNTHIA ARRIOLA Covina B.S.. Psycholbiology JONATHAN ASHBY Los Angeles B.S., Biological Science JOHN ASTOR Santa Ana A.B.. Political Science MARIA AVEUNO Los Angeles B.S.. Biological Science WILLIAM A ER Newport Beach A.B.. Journalism EDDIE BABCOCK Piedmont B.S., Computer Science CAROLYN BAKER Long Beach B.S.. Biological Science JANIS BAKER Long Beach A.B. Public Relations MARY BAKER Anton. GA A.B., Political Science SONY A BAKER Redondo Beach A.B., American Studies MICHAEL BANDUCCI Bakers fie Id BS., Biology ELENA BANDZIULIS Los Angeles B.S.. Biological Science WILLIAM BARNET Los Angeles A.B, Public Relations SUE BARR San Pedro A.B.. Spanish LEE BARRETT Foster City A.B., Psychology SUSAN BARRY Newport Beach A.B.. History JOHN BARUH San Francisco A.B., Speech Comwunicatio DARLENE BATTLE Los Angeles A.B. Public Relations JAMES BAUER Carson B.S.. Computer Science BOB BEA VERS Glendora B.S., Biological Science DEBORAH BECKLEY Arlington Heights, ILL A.B.. Anthropology WILLIAM BEINITZ Campbell A.B., Physical Educatio 315 JAHNA BELIN5 Woodland Hills A.B., Pt ychology KAREN BELL Laguna Niguel A.B.. Spanish GREGORY BENNETT Porter ville A.B.. Political Science DANIEL BENOIT Hermoaa Beach A.B., Psychology CAROL BERENSON Kenosha. Wl A.B., Speech Communication REBECCA BERKEY Whit tier A.B., Journalism Speech Com m un ics tion VICTORIA BERRY Fullerton A.B.. English Political Science GREGORY BERT Los Angeles A.B-. Physical Education ROBERT BEYER Lancaster, PA A-B., Political Science MONTE BIBLE Los Alamitos B.S-, Biology JENNIFER BILLER Greenwich, CT A.B., History KAREN BINNING Newport Beach A.B., Psychology GEOFFREY BLACK Los Angeles A.B., French Speech Communication MARC BLAINE Pomon.i A.B. Broadcasting ' Journalism DAVID BLAIR San Diego A.B.. Public Speech MARGARET BLAKE Newport Beach A.B-. Art History BACHE BLEEKER Syosset. NY A.B., Broadcast Journalism TIM BOHN North Hollywood B.S., Computer Science LOIS BORCHARDT Los Banos A.B., Psychology DEBRA BOSSIO Santa Ana A.B., Psychology BARRY BOWMAN Glendora B.S., Geological Silence RICHARD BOZANICH Rancho Palos Verdes A.B.. Journalism JAMES BRADY La Mesa B.S., Biological Science SUSAN BRADY Long Beach B.S., Biological Science MARLYS BRAY Seal Beach A.B.. Sociology MOIRA BRESLIN Orlando, FL A.B.. History DEBRA BRIGHT La Habra B.S.. Biology MARY BRIMHALL Incline Village, NV A.B., Americn Studies SHARON BROMBACH Palos Verdes Estates A.B., Physical Education GREGORY BROOKS Mt. Shasta A.B., Psychology 316 KAREN BROOKS Los Angeles A.B., Mathematics CINDY BROWN PUcentid B.S.. Biology PHYLLIS BROWN Yuba City A.B., Political Science MARY BUCKINGHAM San Marino A-B.. Spanish JANET BUHL La Crescenta A.B.. Psychology MARIANNA BUONl BakersfielJ B.S., Biology DORA BURCHETTE Com p ton B.S.. Biological Si-ience DONALD BURDGE End no AS.. Public Relations TERESA BURKETT South Pasadena A.B.. Speech Communication Psychology JEANNE BURNS Arcadia A.B., History KATHLEEN BURNS Arcadia A.B., English MICHELLE BUSS Huntington Beach A.B., Recreation REBECCA BUSS Huntington Beach A-B. Recreation L AZARO CABANAS l eiv York. t V A.B., English PATRICIA CAHILL West Los Angeles A.B., Spanish NEAL CALLAHAN Bloomfield Hills. Ml A.B.. Econmics CHRISTINE CALLISON Manhattan Beach A.B.. Speech Communication JENNY CANARIE Milwaukee, Wl A.B . Physical Education Recreation DOMINIC CA NAVARRO Carmel A.B.. Anthropology EILEEN CANNON Whittier A.B.. Journalism Paralegal CHRISTINE CARLSON A rcadia A.B.. Psychology VALERIE CARRANZA Huntington Beach A.B.. Art History JOHN CARRARO South San Francisco A.B., Journalism PATRICIA CARSON Pacific Palisades A.B., Speech Communication KEVIN CARTWRIGHT Lakeood A.B.. Public Relations STEVE CASAS La Puente A B, English DONNA CASSELLA Woodbridge. CT A-B., Broadcast Journalism ROBERT CASTRO Los Angeles B.S.. Biology GREGORY CAVETTE Lynwood A.B.. Geology GINA-MARIE CELIC San Marino A-B-. Broadcast Journalism 317 JANE CENTOFANTE Pahs VerJes A.B.. Public ReUlions, Ilalian TERRY CHAMBERLAIN Anaheim A-B., International Relations LAURA CHAMBERS Lagiina Niguel A.B., Speech Communication MARGARET CHAN Koivloon. Hong Kong A.B., P -ychology CHAO CHANG Los Angeles B.S.. Computer Science IVAN CHANG Los Angeles A.B. Electronics MARYLENE CHANG Honolulu, HI B.S., Biological Science CHARLES CHANNELL Lompoc B.S., Computer Science JOANNE CHAO Piles Verdes Estates A.B., Psychology ROSALIND CHAO Orange A.B., Broadcast Journalism JODINE CHAPIN Los Angeles A.B.. Mathematics USA CHASE Bur bank A.B, French EDWIN CHAU Montebello A.B., Sociology TERRY CHAU San Diego B.S.. Biological Science LUISCHAVES Carson A.B., Psychology AH-LAI CHENG Hong Kong B.S.. Computer Science CHILIN CHENG Taipei. Taiwan M.S.. Safety CYNTHIA CHOCK Los Angeles B.S., Biology THOMAS CHOY Monrovia M.S.. Computer Science DAH-JUH CHYAN Tainan, Taiwan M.S., Computer Science JOHN CLANCY Reseda A.B., Psychology ANITA CLARK Long Beach A.B., Psychology CLIFTON CLARKE Chicago, ILL B.S., Biological Science MARGARET CLAUSEN Washington, DC A.B.. Psychology COLLEEN CLIFFORD Ocean side A.B.. Psychology KELLY CLINE Long Beach A.B., International Relations CAROLYN COATES Pasadena A.B., Speech Communication SHARON COFFEY Buffalo, NY A-B., Psychology LINDA COLLINS Alexandria, VA AB. Public Relation-, RODNEY CONNER Los Angeles A.B., Journalism 318 U.S.C ' s L ser Center is a leader in developing the laser as a tool for scientific research as well as for many new industrial applications. The shortest laser pulse ever produced (less than one- trillionth of a second) useful for measuring split-second chemical reactions, was recorded at the center. 319 ANNE CON ANI Pdlo VerJes E tate A.B.. Spanish RA COPELAND Wildo ' td, GA A.B.. Political Science RENEE CORAZZA Beverly Hilh A.B., English MARC CORMAN Sunny ile A.B., BroaJcd l Journalism NANCY CRAIGHEAD Boylan PA A.B, French International Relatione PAMELA CURRAN 0 narj B.S.. Biology DONALD CZECHOWICZ Tonawanda. NV 3,5., Chemistry CERRIT DABLAING San Gabriel B.S-. Geology MICHAEL DANFORD IVhittier B.S.. Biology MARK DA R RAH Ada. OK A.B.. Interdisciplinary Studies MARK DE MENT West Covina A.B.. Speech Communication DAVID DE MIRANDA Rancho Palos Verdes International Relations PAMELA DEMORY Newport, OR A.B.. English. Music KAREN DESTEFANO Irvine A.B., Mathematics CHERYL DEYO Sepulveda A.B.. Public Relations ROSEMARY DEZA Los Angeles A.B., Psychology KORAVIKA DHITIROJANA Bangkok, Thailand A.B.. French ROBERT DICKES Norlhridge A.B.. Broadcasting ANNETTE DIEHL Anaheim A.B., Public Relations CHRISTOPHER DEFONSO Los Angeles A.B., Economics 320 i ' _ USA DOMOTO Los Angeles B.S.. Biology LISA DONLON Cdrpinteria A.B., Psychology JOHN DONOVAN Mobile, AL B.S., Biological Science WALTER OOTY Los Angeles A.B., Journalism ANNE DOWDEN Los Angeles A.B.. Political Science JAMES DOWNEY Rivemide B.S.. Industrial Systems Engineering TERESA DRISCOLL Cypress A.B.. Broadcast Journalism LARRY DRUM Long Beach B.S.. Safety Systems Management KARL DRUMMOND Redondo Beach A.B., Sociology EUGENE DRZYMALA Honolulu, HI A.B., Economics KAREN DUNBAR Los Angeles A.B.. Psychology CERDA EDWARDS Fullerton A.B., Sociology LAUREL EDWARDS West Covina A.B., Public Relations NICHOLAS ELIOPOULOS Glendale A.B., Psychology DEBORAH ELLENA Woodland Hills A.B., Recreation DANIEL ELLERSON Ingle wood A.B., Political Science CRAIG ELLIOTT La Mesa A.B., Broadcast Journalism SHIELA ENRIQUEZ Los Angeles A.B.. Physical Education JOAN ESTES West lake A.B., Broadcast Journalism Speech TERESA ESTES Rancho Pales Verdes A.B., Anthropology MARIO ESTOLANO Los Angeles B.S., Biology HAYWARD EUBANKS Los Angeles B.S.. Biology VERETTA EVERHEART Los Angeles .4,6., Economics Psychology PAUL FABRIZIO Santa Ana A.B., Political Science ST HANIF fAC.AN_ Tujunga A.B.. Speech Communication DEBRA FALKENSTERN Manhattan Beach A.B., English CHRISTINE FARRENS Eagle Rock B.S.. Geology ROS EMARI FELIC E Sandt, Point. NY A.B., Studio Art JEFF FELLENZER Cypress M.A., Journalism CATHERINE PELS Newilly, Seine, France A.B.. Public Relations Political Science 321 VICTORIA FINK San Diego A.B., Physical Education JOEL FISCHMAN North Hollywood A.B., Political Science ROBERT FISH Salinas B.S.. Psychobiology JOHN FLYNN San Marino AS., Broadcasting rVNTHIA FOIST South Pasadena A.B.. Speech Communications KIM FOLEY Los Angeles A.B., Psychology LAIMAN FONG Hong Kong B.S., Biological Science LORNA FOSTER Carson A.B., Psychology SHELLEY FRANDKIN Malibu A.B., English G AY FRANCE LOS J ngeies A.B., Journalism JUDY FRANCESCONl 1 Mission Viejo A.B.. Journalism ll STEVEN FRANKL ' AND K Mission Hills W m " ' - V m A.B.. History K HAROLD FRANKLIN m ' M ■ Los Angeles w A.B., Political Science w FRANK FRATTO Orange H B.S.. Biological Science H MICHAEL FREEMAN H Los Angeles 1 B.S., Biology H MARIA FRIAS South El Monte A.B., Spanish GLENN FRIEDRICH Fountain Valley A.B., Psychology JOHN FRITH Tucson, AZ A.B., Journalism ROY FUJITANI Honokaa, HI B.S., Biological Science MARCIA FULLER Inglewood B.S.. Biology MICHAEL FULLINGTON |V -M Bmbank BH mtJM Ph.D., Political Science ¥ PETER FUNG V flVM Koivloon, Hong Kong HP S J B.S., Psychohiology KF ' f " jB ' RAYMOND FUNG li » Kowhon, Hong Kong :. ' St K A.B., Economics H tttr JEFFREY FUNK K " Downey | AMr fl 9 B.S., Biology HL J j B BRUCE FURNISS B H Los Angeles H l H I Ih MYLES GABEL Alta Loma A.B., Physical Education JEFFREY GAITHER Carson A.B., Sociology GINA GALLARDO Los Angeles A.B.. Sociology MARTHA GALVAN Los Angeles B.S., Biology TINA GANT Covina A.B.. Adapted Physical Education Zdm m 1 1 J n k. ' " ' 1 P iJB hf jL. T y M4R MGv4RCM Alham bra A.B., Psychology MARTHA GARCIA Los Angeles A.B.. Spanish French M ICHAEL GA RCIA Mon tehello A.B.. English RALPH GARNER Pasadena A.B., Sociology JON GAYNOR Rolling Hills Estates B-S.. Geology DANIEL GEE Scottsdale. AZ B.S., Psychohiology CAROL GEORGE Los Angeles A.B.. English GERALD GERAGHTY San Jose A.B.. Public Relations BRIAN GEREN Strathmore A.B., Political Science DANIEL GETTINGER Buena Park A.B., Political Science TERRI GIBBS Huntington Beach A.B., Speech Communication DIANA GIL San Marcos A.B., English WILLIAM CILLI Bakersfield B.S.. Biological Science DEBRA GOLDBERG Los Angeles A.B., Art History GAYLE GOLDEN San Juan Capistrano A.B.. Religion Journalism B EATRICE GOLOK B La Canada B.S., Physics COLLEEN GOMEZ West Covina A.B., Psychology TANYA GONDER Inglewood A.B., Broadcast Journalism IRMA GONZALEZ Los Angeles B.S.. Biological Science LISA GOODLAD Glendale A.B., Interdisciplinary Studies MALINDA GORDON Los Angeles B.S.. Biological Science SUSAN GORDON Hacienda Heights A.B.. Public Relations RUSSELL GRAY Los Angeles B.S.. Biological Science CATHERINE GRIER Los Angeles A.B.. Speech Communication JIM GRIFFIN Thousand Oaks A.B.. English RENEE GRIFFITH A therton A.B.. Psychology KATHLEEN GROSS La Crescenda A.B., Speech Communication JEFFREY GROVER Van Nuys B.S.. Biological Science LISA GRYP Salinas A-B., Psychology JUAN GUERRERO Commerce B.S., Geology 323 SYLVANA CUIDOTT Van Nuys B.5.. Biology FIDEL GUTIERREZ San Ysidro A.M.. Economics PEDRO GUTIERREZ Los Angeles B.S.. Biology PABLO GUZMAN-JUAREZ Puerto Rico A.B., Languages WILLIAM HAARSTAD Ellensburg. WA A.B.. Broadcast Journalism PAMELA HALARI Bell flower Ph.D.. Mathematics LESLIE HALEL Monterey Park A.B.. English DAVID HALL Redondo Beach A.B.. Journalism Political Science BARBARA HALLQUI5T Arcadia A.B.. Public Relations irKHIlA HAIPFRN Los Angeles B.S., Biology GLEN HAM ADA Honolulu, HI A.B.. Political Science MARIANNE HAMANO Monterey Park B.S., Computer Science SUNGHEE HAN Hacienda Heights A.B., Mathematics CECELIA HANN Las Vegas. NV B.S., Psychobiology RICHARD HANNULA Tacoma, WA A.B.. History CARLASUE HANSON Huntington Beach A.B.. Art History YVETTE HAREWOOD Carson A.B.. Sociology KATHLEEN HARMON Santa Ana A.B.. Psychology ANGELA HARRIS Woodland Hills A.B., Economics HELEN HART End no A.B., History ELIZ HATCHER Lompoc A.B., Psychology KENJI HATTORI Japan A.M., Policital Science GUI DO HAUG San Gabriel B.S., Geology RICHARD HAUPTMANN Cypress B.S., Psychobiology KEVIN HAYES Fountain Valley A.B.. Public Relations KIMBERLY HELLMAN Highland B.S., Biology CHERYL HENDERSON Gary, IN A.B., Psychology RACHEL HERNANDEZ Rosemead B.S., Biology GLADYS HIDAYAT Malang. Indonesia A.B.. Psychology MARY HIGGINS Las Vegas. NV A.B., International Relations 324 DEBRA HILL El Cerrito A.B., Public Relatione JOY HILKER Hollywood AS., Speech Communication MICHELE HIMMELBERG Riverside A.B.. Journalism RICHARD HINOJOSA Mexico A.B.. Physical Education DORIS HIRAKAWA Chula Vista A.B., Psychology GREIGH HIRATA Honolulu. HI B.S., Biology KAREN HIRAYAHA Pomona A.B.. International Relations TOBIN HIROTA Honolulu, HI A.B., Psychology WILLIAM HITCHCOCK Alhambra B.S., Biological Science TRACY HOBBS Caimel Valley A.B.. Psychology MARK HOCHGESANG Portland, OR A.B., Psychology MARY ANN HODGES Santa Ana B.S.. Biology CHERYL HOGAN Los Angeles B.S.. Biological Science PATRICIA HOLLAND Van Nuys A.B., Speech Communication DOUGLAS HOLMES Los Angeles B.S., Psychobiology ROBERT HOLMES Toluca Lake A.B.. Broadcast jo u rnalism English JEAN HOM North Hollywood B.S., Computer Science DELORES HOMISAK Gouldsboro. PA B.S.. Biological Science MARCIA HONDA Monterey Park A.B., East Asian Languages Cultures CAROLYN HOOKS Torrance A.B, Public Relations Journalism BUBS HOPPER Burbank A.B., Broadcast Journalism Speech GABRIELLE HOSS Cupertino B.S.. Computer Science MARGARET HOWARD Glendale A.B.. Public Relations PATRICIA HOWARD Glendale A.B.. Public Relations NANCY HU _ Hong Kong B.S.. Biology SHERI HUBBARD Sacramento AS., History JOHN HUBER Los Angeles A.B., Broadcast Journalism WILLIAM HUl Pasadena B.S.. Psychobiology CHRISTOPHER HUNSAKER Anaheim A.B., International Relations SHAWN A HUNTER Rancho Mirage A.B.. Public Relations 325 HEATHER HUSTON Helen3, MT A.B., English ROBERT HUTCHING Glendale A.B.. English DEBRA HYPES Downey A.B., Psychology RUBY IKEDA Los Angeles A.B., Speech Communication ALFRED INES Los Angeles B.S.. Biology JAMES INCERSOLL Los Angeles B.S., Biological Science MOTOKO ISHIKAWA Tokyo A.B., Spanish, Linguistics DANIEL JACKSON Oakland A.B., Physical Education Recreation JENNIFER JACKSON Marblehead. MA A.B., Broadcast Journalism SUSAN JACOBS Seal Beach A.B., Broadcasting SUZANNE JACOBS ■p- -■ " m Cupertino m .Mt 19 B.S.. Computer Science B ' B ANDREA JAHNKE w r M Arcadia r Wsi ' -=1 A.B., Sociology m f STEPHANIE JAMES f Atherton V ' A.B., Public Relations HENRY JANNECK . tm i Whittier H A.B., Public Relations B K k TRISH JANSMA ■ H H Ventura I B I MS, Computer Science IH HH HHI ANNA MARIA jAUREGVI WMa l ■ Los Angeles ■iMki M A.B., Psychology m ANTHONY JEZEK i Hermosa Beach Hv ' l 1 A.B.. International Relations 1 LISABETH WRIGHT JEZEK 1 ' " v Hermosa Beach 1 A.B., International Relations ■m DANA JOHNSON mm South Laguna L ri m " I Wm A.B.. Psychology JEFF JOHNSON 1 Pasadena A.B., Broadcast Journalism Hi JVLIE JOHNSON Palm Springs A.B., Psychology LINDA JOHNSON Chicago, IL A.B., Journalism MICHELLE JOHNSON Costa Mesa A.B., International Relations French ELAINE JOHNSTON Nor walk A.B.. Social Scien ce Com m unica tion s GREG JONES Glendale A.B-. Political Science JEFFREY JONES Toluca Lake B.S., Geology JENNAFER JONES Northridge A.B-, Physical Education TERRl JONES Lafayette A.B.. Psychology JANET JORDAN Los Angeles A.B.. Psychology GREGORY JORGENSEN Salt Lake City. UT A.B., Psychology 326 MARIA JOSUE t Los Angeles B.S., Biological Science JOANJOYA Sacramento A.B.. Ethnic Studies STEVE JOY A A I bam bra A.B., Broadcasting SANDRA KALISH Glendale A.B. Economics Communications MARK KALTENBORN San Diego A.B., Political Science RALP H KAM Was ingtdn, EHT A-B.. English Public Relations BOK-MYUNG KANG Japan A.M., Matbematics KATHERINE KANTARDJIEFF Los Angeles B.S., Chemistry Biology FERRIS KAPLAN Van Nuys A.M., Broadcasting MARK KAUFMAN Glendale A.B., Religion ANTHONY KAY End no B.S.. Physics SORIN KAZANGIAN Los Angeles B.S., Biological Science CHARLES KELLER Glendora B.S., Biological Science JOHN KELLOGG Newport Beach A.B., Political Science COLLEEN KELLY Long Beacb A.B.. Mathematics TERR! KEMP Hungtington Beach A.B., Physical Education MI CHAEL KEN NEDY Lc)sAlam!}ol " " " " ' ' A.B.. English Art History ROSEMARY KENNEDY Los Angeles A.B., Political Science Social Welfare LESLIE KENYON Studio City A.B., Speech Communication ELIZA KEUSCHGERIAN Montebello A.B., Broadcast Journalism Speech ALAN KHEEL Los Angeles A.B., Political Science NADER KHOSHNEVISRAD Tehran, Iran A.B., Economics KARL KIM Honolulu, HI B.S., Biological Science JAMES KIMURA North Hollywood A.B., Political Science SUSAN KIMURA Azusa B.S., Biology SHELIA KING Los Angeles A.B., Broadcasting CHRISTI KINKLE San Marino A.B., English TERRY KIPP Mission Viejo A.B.. Physical Education Dance RICK KIRKBRIDE Cypress A.B.. International Relations LORRAINE KISSELBURGH Corona A.B., Physical Education 327 ASHTON KTICHENS Los Angeles A.B., Political Science KATHERINE KJAR Riverside A.B., Journalism CHARLENE KLANIAN Fullerton A.B., Economics DAVID KLEIN Las Cruces, NM as.. Biology GERALDINE KNATZ Los Angeles Ph.D., Biological Sciences ROBERT KNIGHT Altadena A.B.. Broadcasting Political Science ALLISON KNOWLES Arcadia A.B., English DEBRA KNOX Los Angeles A.B.. Sociology WENDY KOELSCHE Granada Hills B.S., Biological Science JOHN KOEPPEL Arcadia A.B., Psychology ALEXANDER KOLESZAR Norwalk, CT B.S., Psychobiology MADELYN KOLL Los Angeles A.B., Art History History SUSAN KOMATSUKA Los Angeles A.B., East Asian Languages Culture DAVID KOSSAK El Cajon AS.. English BECKY KOUZES Long Beach A.B.. Journalism TAMI KRUSE Van Nuys A.B., Sociology KEVIN KUETTEL West Covina B.S., Biology MICHAEL KULWIEC La Mesa A.B.. History ERIC KUNICHIKA Honolulu, HI B.S., Biology NANCY KUSUDA Garden Grove A.B.. International Rela tion s Econ om ics LAWRENCE LABROT Westport. CT A.B., Political Science BERYL LACOSTE France A.M., Journalism FELICIA LAI Bakersfield B.S., Psychobiology SHIH-CHIN LA! La Palma M.S., Computer Science RENEE LAMPKIN Grass Valley A.B., Psychology STANLEY LAMPORT Hollywood A.B., Political Science STEVEN LANE Woodland Hills A.B.. Public Relations PAUL LANO Los Angeles B.S.. Biology JULIE LARSON Granada Hills A.B.. English SHELLEY LASH Costa Mesa A.B., Journalism 11 1 328 ELIZABETH LASSAN HaiboT City A.B., Psychology BARBARA LASUNOWICZ Fullerton A.B., Public Relations Spanish LINDA L AUGER Lafayette A.B., Political Science EDiVARD LAURANCE Marina del Rey B.S., Psychobiology KEVIN LAUVER Grand Terrace A.B., International Relations KAREN LEACHMAN Torrance A.B.. History CARLOS LEAL Lawndale A.B.. Psychology ERIC LEAVER Los Angeles A,B.. History Psychology CHARLES LEE San Diego A.B., English JEFFREY LEE Calabasas Park A.B., Political Science MELODY LEE Hong Kong A.B., Public Relations SHIRLEY LEE San Francisco B.S., Biology TIMOTHY LEE Los Angeles B.S., Biological Science ANITA LEHMANN La Mesa A.B., Psychology VICTOR LENIS Los Angeles A.B., Mathematics RICHARD LEON Al ham bra A.B., International Relations NELLY LESWARA Los Angeles M.S., Chemistry GAIL LETVIN West Covina A.B.. Sociology SUSAN LEVINE El Monte A.B., Psychology GINNY LEW Sherman Oaks A.B., Speech Communication CARL LI Culver City B.S., Biological Science MARLENA LIBMA N Orange A.B., History RANDALL LICHOTA Whittier M.S., Computer Science ALAN LIMBIRD Visalia B.S., Biological Science KANG-CHl LIN Los Angeles Ph.D., Chemistry KAY LINGLE Long Beach A.B.. Journalism IRENE LIPINSKI Monterey Park B.S.. Biomedical Engineering DAVID I IPPINi OTT Tucson, AZ A.B., Philosophy BRIAN LIPPOLD Balboa A.B., Philosophy History JAMES LITCHFIELD La Ha bra A.B., Economics 329 GREGORY LITTLE Glendale A.B., Political Science JACK LIU Chatsworth B.S., Computer Science SHAN ' TONG LIU Los Angeles M.S., Computer Science PATRICIA LIVINGHOUSE Sherman Oaks A.B., Broadcast Journalism ROBERT LOFTON Altadena A.B., Broadcast Journalism LESLIE LONG Honolulu. HI A.B.. Physical Education CECILIA LOO Los Angeles A.B.. Mathematics MARIA LORENTE Arcadia B.S.. Biology KATHLEEN LOWE El Monte A.B.. Religion Journalism SUSAN LUCAS Rolling Hills Estates A.B.. Recreation Psychology JASON LUM Benicia B.S.. Biological Science TOMMY LUM Lathrop B.S., Psychohiology PATSY MA Los Angeles B.S., Biological Science SCOTT MACLX)NALD Dan ville A.B., Broadcast Journalism History RICARDO MACHON San Gabriel A.B., Psychology French RON MACLAREN Oakland A.B., Economics MARILYN MACMILLAN Albambra A.B.. Psychology JOSEPH MAGBANVA Carson B.S., Biological Science CASSANDRA MAHAN Stockton A.B., Politicial Science KARL MAHDESIAN Chatsworth A.B., Psychology LONO MAHI Kahului Mani, HI B.S., Biology KEN MALLOY Los Angeles A.B., Speech Communication CAYCE MALONE San Marino A.B.. English GARY MALONEY Canoga Park A.B., Journalism Political Science GEORGE MALOOF El Centro B.S., Biology DANA MANN i K U Hibri V PV ' I B.S., Biology mm 1 ANITA MANUKIAN ■TKs «■ 1 Glendale w T rT A.B., Psychology Philosophy H LLOYD MRCUM K J Santa Maria Ni B.S., Biology NANCY MARION K . . K Hermosa Beach H A.B., Religion Geography I B DEBBI MARTENIES H Wesllake H A.B., International Relations ■I H 330 GRAHAM MARTIN Los Angeles PhD.. Physics SALLY MARTINEZ La Puente A.B., Psychology IRENE MARUMOTO Huntington Beach A.B.. Psychology JOANNE MASAOKA Cardena A.B., Psychology IDIDA MASCANENAS Los Angeles A.B., Psychology EDDIE MASUDA Rosemead B.S., Biological Science GLENN MASUDA Los Angeles A.B., Psychology TIM MAY Van Nuys A.B.. Economics JO ANN MAZE Los Angeles A.B.. Sociology RENE MCALLISTER Los Angeles A.B.. Political Science MELINDA MCBEE King wood, TX A.B.. Economics DOUGLAS MCCALLUM Hacienda Geights B.S., Biology JOSEPH MCGINLEY La Mirada A.B., Psychology Pol ilea I Science MICHAEL MCGOWAN Flint ridge A.B., International Relations YADIRA MCCRATH Inglewood A.B., Sociology MARIA MCMAHON San Diego A.B., Speech Communication LISA JO MCNABB FuIIerton A.B., Political Science Psychology KEVIN MCNEES Los Angeles B.S.. Physical Science LORENA MCWILLIAMS San Diego A.B., French Psychology GOLNAR MEHRAN Los Angeles A.B., Psychology Sociology MONICA MENDOZA Norwalk A.B.. English SUSAN METZLER Greenwich, CT A.B., Journalism DANIEL MEZA Los Angeles A.B.. Psychology RAYMOND MICKUS Granada Hills A.B., Psychology MICHAEL MIKASA Honolulu, HI A.B., Political Science DAVID MILLER Sherman Oaks B.S., Biology JEFFERY MILLER Downey B.S., Chemistry LEO MILNER Norwalk B.S., Biology J OANNE MIYAMO TO Wilmington ' ■■■ A.B., Psychology KEITH MIYAMOTO Arcadia B.S., Psychohiology 331 O.J, Simpson ' s Trojan star, O. familiar face has been seen in numerous movies, televisions commercials, college and professional football games, and in the stands at U.S.C. home games in the Coliseum. A former J. won the coveted Heisman trophy in 1966 and starred in both the 1968 and 1969 Rose Bowl games. 332 KAREN MIYAKE Los Angeles A.B., Psychology KEITH MIZUTANI Canoga Park B.S., Biological Science LESLIE MOCHIZUKI Santa Ana A.B., Mathematics BRIAN MOFFAT Orange B.S., Biology Physics KIUMARS MOGHIMI Los Angeles M.S., Computer Science SAEID MOINPOU R Los Angeles A.B., Economics International Relations Huntington Park B.S., Psychobiology RONA MOLODOW Los Angeles A.B., History BONNIE MOORE Los Angeles A.B.. Mathematics CAMERON MOORE Manhattan Beach B.S., Physics LAURIE MOORE Us Vegas, NV A.B.. Psychology STACY MORALES Culver City AB. English PAMELA MOREJON San Pedro A.B.. English LETICIA MORENO Pico Rivera A.B., Psychology MITCHEL MOREY Los Angeles B.S., Biology ANN MORI Montehello A.B.. Psychology JOSEPH MORRIS Los Angeles A.B.. Physical Science THOMAS MORRIS San Marino A.B.. Broadcasting KAREN MU RATA Anaheim B.S.. Psychobiology PATRICK MURPHY Carmicbael A.B., Economics NANCY NABER Menio Park A.B., Psychology GRANT NAKAGAWA Los Angeles B.S., Biological Science KATHERINE NAKAMATSU Cardena B.S., Psychobiology HOWARD NAKASHIOYA Los Angeles B.S., Biology MIKI NAM Los Angeles B.S., Chemistry RAUL NAVAR Los Angeles A.B.. Economics DANIEL NELSON Palm Desert B.S.. Biology DIANE NELSON Palo Alto A.B., International Relations VALERIE NELSON Bonita A.B., Journalism PAUL NEMECHEK La Crescenta A.B., Economics 333 MICHAEL NESTOR Lykens, PA A.B., Psychology DENNIS NEWITT Wheaton, IL A.B., Journalism MAY NG Hong Kong B.S., Computer Science KEVIN NISHIMORI Oxnard B.S., Biological Science DAVID NISHMIOKA Gardena B.S., Biology JULIO NUNO La Creescenta B.S., Biological Science CORY O ' CONNOR Newport Beach A.B., American Studies JUDITH OGURA Altadena A.B., Psychology CLAUDIA OKADA Los Angeles A.B., Psychology JOHN OLENYN Diamond Bar B.S., Biology VIDA OLIPHANT Seattle, WA AB., English KRISTIN OLSON Fullerton A.B., Psychology NANCY ONEILL San Jose A.B., International Relations AMY OPFELL Santa Ana B.S., Biology joHj logj ms Gary, NC B.S., Biology A.B., International Relations MARCIA ORR Camarillo A.B., Speech Communication MARK OTTO Downey A.B.. Sociology ANTONIO PADILLA Wbittier A.B., Psychology NORMAN PAGE Placentia A.B., Sociology GLENN PALK Pasa A.B., English Literature BRADLEY PARKER Phoenix, AZ A.B., Public Relations DANA PARRY Corona Del Mar A.B., International Relations Russian MAUREEN PATER Fairfield, OH A.M., Public Relations DARLENE PECK Los Angeles A.B., Psychology Sociology ANNE PEN DO Arcadia A.B., Psychology lYDIA PEREZ El Monte A.B., Spanish SHELLEY PERKINS Fresno A.B., Speech Communication JOHN PERRINE Springfield, OR B.S., Biology, A.B., Cinema JOAN PERRY Garden Grove A.B., Recreation STEVEN PESCHANSKY Canoga Park A.B., International Relations Political Science 334 RAY PETERS Sunhnd A.B., Pysical Education BRENT PETERSON Los Angeles B.S.. Biology PATRICIA PETERSON Los Angeles A.B., English ROBERT PETERSON Cleveland, OH A.B.. Psychology TAMMY PETERSON Simi Valley A.B., Political Science LAURENCE PEZOR Upper Arlington, OH B.S.. Biological Science BONNIE PFEIFER Encino A.B., History Broadcasting PHYLLIS PHILLIPS Fresno A.B., History ALLAN PINEDA Los Angeles B.S., Biology MICHAEL PINKETT Carson B.S., Biology DEBORAH PIRNER Humble, TX A.B-, Political Science MIRIAM PLUTT Los Angeles A.B., Public Relations Spanish BRUCE POLLARD Carson City, NV A.B., Broadcasting MARLENE PONTRELLI La Mirada A.B., Political Science Speech Com m unica tion MARY POPPIC Santa Barbara A.B. Public Relations LISA PORTER Oakland B.S., Psychology MARLETTE POWELL Los Angeles A.B., Psychology MARK PREBISH IVhittier M.S., Geophysics NORA PREBISH yVhittier A.B., East Asian Languages and Cultures AMBROSE PRICE II Anderson. IN B.S.. Psychology CARY PRICE Santa Cruz A.B., Psychology JOHNNY PROPPS Oxnard B.S.. Computer Science RICHARD PROUSE Simi Valley B.S., Biology YINGNOl PUANKOSOOM Bangkok. Thailand A.M.. Journalism CHRIS PULONE Pasadena B.S.. Biology ANNINA PUNARO Pasadena A.B.. English PATTY QUAN Los Angeles B.S.. Chemistry JEFFREY QUINT La Joila A B., Recreation KAREN QUINTAL Oakland A.B.. Journalism GLENN RAINES Anaheim A.B.. Public Relations 335 ESTEBAN RAMOS Los Angeles A.B., Psychology CHERYL RANSONE Richmond, VA A.B., Broadcast Journalism LARRY RANTA Hawthorne B.5., Biological Sciences MELANIE REAL Rancho Pales Verdes A.B.. Spanish TERRI REBENSTORF Los Angeles A.B., Recreation FRED REDEgRN TS ngetes B.S., Biomedical Engineering BRIAN REED Los Angeles B.S., Computer Science TIMOTHY REESE Downey A.B., English TIMOTHY REGAN Newport Beach A.B., Psychology F I 17 A R TH RFMFnrnS Bell B.S., Biology FERN RHEDRICK Yonkers, NY A.B., Speech Communication RAEETTA RICHARDSON Los Angeles A.B., Psychology FELIPIA RICHLAND Los Angeles .A.B., Political Sicence LINDA RIDGEWAY Riverside A.B.. Physical Education ALBERT RINCON Rosemead B.S., Biological Sciences CATHERINE RINEY Layton, VT A.B.. Psychology MAGDALENA RIVERO Huntington Park A.B., French MIN RO Honolulu. HI B.S.. Biology KENNETH ROBERTS Long Beach A.B., Spanish RONNIE RODGERS Sacramento A.B., Public Relations LUCIA RODRIGUEZ Whittier A.B., Political Science ORLANDO RODRIGUEZ Alhambra B.S., Psychobiology SONIA RODRIGUEZ Alhambra B.S.. Psychobiology RAMON ROGES Los Angeles B.5., Biological Science RONALD ROSENBERG Los Angeles A.B., Political Science JEFFREY ROSENBURG Manhattan Beach B.S., Biology WILLIE ROSS Compton B.S., Psychobiology JOSEPfi ROSSI San Pedro B.S., Biology LOUIS ROTHENBERG Los Angeles B.5., Geology SRINOl ROUSSEAU End no A.B., Psychology 336 SUSAN ROWE Piedmont A.B., Psychology TOMMY RUEDAFLORES Los Angles A.B, English ALMA RUIZ Los Angeles A.B.. Art History LYNN RUNKEL RedUnds A.B., Public Relations EUNICE RUSSELL Los Angeles A.B.. Political Science MICHELE SAADEH Beverly Hills A.B., Psychology GREGORY SABOURIN Petaluma A.B., History HOWARD SADAMOTO Los Angeles B.S., Biological Science PHILIP SAELI Hawaiian Gardens A.B., Humanities JIM SAENZ Colton A.B., Journalism LESLIE SAKAI Honolulu, HI A.B,. Psychology NAOMI SAKUDA Gardens B.S., Biology GENARO 5ALAZAR Los Angeles A.B., Psychology MARTIN SALAZAR Whit tier A.B., Political Science KARL SALINAS Los Angeles B.S., Chemistry SHELLEY SANBORN Whittier A.B.. Recreation ANA SANCHEZ South Gate B.S.. Biological Science ANNA SANCHEZ Huntington Park A.B,, Psychology CHERYL SANDERS Los Angeles B.S. Biology CATHERINE SANTEN Bur bank B.S., Chemistry 1 LISA SATENSPIEL Brooklyn, NY A.B., Anthropology DAVID SATNICK Encino B.S.. Biological Science STUART SATO Downey B.5., Biological Science MICHELE SAWA Downey A.B., Public Relations CAREN SCARBROUGH Riverside A.B.. Broadcast Journalism CARAL SCHALMAN Culver City A.B., Journalism DOUGLAS SCHINDLER Los Angeles A.B., English JOHN SCHMIDHAUSER Inglewood B.S.. Chemistry RICHARD SCHNITCEN Warren. OH A.B., History ROBERT SCHUSTER North Hollywood A.B.. Political Science i 337 EVEIYNE 5CHWARZENBART ' West Germany B.S., Psycbobiology STEPHEN SCOPATZ Santa Barbara B.S., Physics PAMELA SCOTT Los Angeles A.B., Art History CHRISTINE SEALOCK Los Angeles A.B., English ERIC SELTER Studio City A.B., Public Relations LAURA SERGOTT Anaheim A.B., Psychology ELIZABETH SERRANO Wilmington A.B., English KATHLEEN SHAMBREY Los Angeles A.B., Political Science Economics ANGELA SHANAHAN Los Angeles A.B.. Political Science CAROL YN SHEARER Los Angeles A.8., Sociology LESLIE SHEEHAN Camarillo AB.S., International Relations CATHY SHERMAN Los Angeles A.B., International Relations KENNETH SHERMAN Los Angeles A.B., German LESLIE SHERMAN Capitola A.B., Political Science Speech Com m unica tion RICHARD SHERMAN Huntington. NY A.B., Political Science TEENA SHIGEMURA Los Angeles A.B., East Asian Languages and Culture GLENN SHIIGl Hilo, HI A.B., history KENNETH SHOPE Las Vegas, NV A.B., Social Science and Com m unica tion SHERRY SIGLER Irvine A.B., Broadcast Journalism PATRICK SILVA Cerritos B.S., Biology GREGG SILVERMAN West Hollywood A.B., Psychology MICHAEL SIMPSON San Diego A.B.. journalism ABDULLAH SINDI Bell flower PhD.. International Relations JAMES SIPIN Culver City B.S.. Psychology SUSAN SlU Alhambra B.S., Biology SUSAN SLOATE A.B., Broadcast Journalism JOHN SLOWAY Los Angeles A.B.. International Relations KIMBERLY SMALL Fullerton A.B.. Political Science DETRA SMITH Oakland A.B., Psychology DIANE SMITH Covins A.B., International Relations 338 MARGUERITE SMITH Orange , A.B.. English MARK SMITH Tacoma, WA A.B.. Public Relations MONA SMITH Huntington Beach A.B., Mathematics ROBERT SMITH Los Angeles A.B.. Political Science VICTORIA SMITH Rancho Pahs Verdes A.B., Political Science THEODORE SMYTH Santa Barbara A.B.. Public Relations RANDALL SOBCZAK Santa Ana A.B., Psychology MELINDA SOBLE Southfield, MI A.B.. Broadcast Journalism JAY SOL NIT Beverly Hills A.B., Psychology KIMBERLY SOMMERS Arcadia A.B., Speech Communication JAMES SONG New York, NY A.M., English GALE SONNENBERG Anaheim A.B., History Political Science NAOMI SOPA Tokyo, Japan A.B., Anthropology Linguistics MELINDA SORENSEN Capistrano Beach A.B.. Journalism LAURA SORGEN Fairfax A.B., Psychology WENDY SOULE Glendale A.B., Sociology GOWRIE 50YSA Sri Lanka M.S., Chemistry SRINATH SOYSA Sri Lanka Ph.D.. Chemistry IRIS SPECTOR Huntington Beach A.B.. International Relations DAVID STAIRS Whittier A.B., International Relations RICH STANTON Portland, OR A.B., Economics CAMERON STECMAN Seal Beach A.B.. Recreation PHYLLIS STEINHAUER Hawthorne A.B.. Political Science ANN STEWARD Torrance A.B., History JOEL STEWART Alameda A.B., Economics SANDRA STEWART Port Hueneme A.B., International Relations JEFFREY STONE Corona del Mar A.B.. Political Science LYNNE STRACHAN Huntington Beach B.S., Biology ANDREW STRENK Long Beach Ph.D., History DENISE STRINGER La Mirada B.S., Biology 339 JOHN STROH El Segundo B.5., Biology FELICIA STUCKEY Oakland AS., Political Science Speech Communication WAYNE SVGA Kaneohe, HI B.S. A.B., Biology Chemistry KIM 5UGIHARA Garden Grove A.B., Undeclared RYAN SUMIDA Kaneohe, HI B.S., Biology ELLEN SWEENEY Woodland Hills A.B., Speech Communication KEVIN SWEENEY Sierra Madre A.B., Psychology CHARLES SZYPSZAK Elizabeth, NJ A.B.. History FRANCINE TAKAl Gardena B.S., Biology SHIRLEY TAKIGAWA Torrance B.S., Biology MARY TALBOT Alham bra A-B.. English CHARLES TALBERT Lakewiew Terrace A.B., Math Psychology PAUL TANAKA Honolulu, HI B.S., Biology BARRY TARANTO " TTKafa el A. B .. lournalism Psvc h ology CARLA TATTDIO Los Angeles B.S., Biology LESLIE TAUBMAN Los Angeles PhD., Communication Cinema YOUNG TCHON Los Angeles A.B., Political Science DIANNE TELFAIR Torrance B.S., Biology CYNTHIA TELLEEN San Marion A.B., Psychology LANCE TERAMOTO Wahiawa. HI B.S., Biology DONALD TERRELL Glendale A.B., Public Relations JAMES THOMAS Danvers, MA ' ., Broadcast Journalisim JAN THOMAS Los Angeles A.B., psychology MARK THOMPSON Los Angeles B.S., Computer Science MELINDA THUN Not bridge B.S., Biology KAREN TIPTON Covina A.B.. Public Relations CHRISTOPHER TOM Honolulu, HI B.S., Biology MICHAEL TOM Los Angeles B.S., Psychobiology SERGE TOMASSIAN Los Angeles A.B.. Political Science SANDRA TONSING Glendale A.B., Journalism 340 LAWRENCE TOOMIN Encino B.S.. Biology SHINGO TORil Kobe, Japan MS., Molecular Biology MADELEINE TORMEY Garden Grove A.B. English ANTHONY TORRES Notebello A.B.. Psychology CARMEN TORRES Los Angeles A.B.. Psychology FRANCISCO TORRES Los Angeles A.B.. Ethnic Studies ROBERT TOWNSEND Yorba Linda A.B., French JONATHAN TRUTTER Evanston, It A.B., International Relations J I TSAU London, Ontario M.S., Con pute Science PATRICK TURPIN Alexander, IL A.B., International Relations TAKURO UENO Tokyo, Japan A.B., Political Science DEBORAH ULREY Las Vegas. NV A.B., Psychology MARY UMEKUBO Torrance B.S., Biological Science KAREN UMETA Los Angeles A.B., Psychology DARRELL USSERY Mountain View A.B.. International Relations LYNN UYECHl Los Angeles A.B, Math JO LYNN VALOFF Tustin A.B., English Slavic Languages and Literature STEVEN VAN HORN Victorville B.S., Physical Sciences KEVIN VAN STEENBERGE Lodi A.B., Economics LOUISE VAN VORST San Marion A.B., Recreation ALISA VAN WINKLE Rosemead A.B., Physical Education EDWARD VARGAS Ontario A.B., Spanish GREGORY VAUGHN Los Angeles A.B.. Broadcasting JOSE VELASQUES Los Angeles A.B., Political Science STEVEN VILLALOBOS Aracadia B.S., Biological Science NOBUKO WADA Los Angeles A.B., Linguistics ANNE WADE Van Nuys A.B., Psychology DONNA WADE Coachella A.B., Broadcast Journalism SUSAN WALDMAN Los Angeles A.B., Speech Communication LAWRENCE WALKER Idaho Springs, CO A.B., Music Economics 341 TIMOTHY WALKER . Newport, Rl A.B., Recreation SHARON WALLACE Los Angeles A.B., Political Science SHIRLANE WARDELL Torrance A.B., Philosophy JILL WARREN Los Angeles A.B., Geography DAVID WATSON Monterey Park A.B., Economics DAVID WATSON Porter ville A.B., journalism BRIAN WATTS Fountain Valley A.B., Mathematics JOHN WEBER Tustin A.B., Journalism Political Science LEE WEBER San Clemente A.B., Public Relations LAURIE WEBER Huntington Beach A.B., International Relations Broadcast Journalism RONDI WEINGARD Tacoma. WA B.S., Biological Science PATRICIA WELBOURN Van Nuys A.B., Physical Education ROBERT WELCH Ramsey, NJ A.B., English Psychology JAMES WETRICH Claremont B.S., Biological Science BRUCE WETTS Los Angeles B.S., Computer Science KAREN WIESE Tibeeron A.B.. Psychology CAROL WILLIAMS Monument, CO A.B., Political Science FREDERIC WILLIAMS Palos Verdes A.B.. Sociology CETHINE WILLIAMS Wheat Ridge, CO B.S., Biological Sciences LINDA WILLIAMS Houston, TX Ph.D., Physical Education PHYLLIS WILLIAMS Fort Meade, MD A.B., History SUSAN WILLIAMS Washington, n C A.B., Psychology JODI WILLIAMSON Pasadena A.B., Sociology LEEANN WILLIS Arcadia A.B., Physical Education Recreation SANDRA WILLIS East Palo Alto B.S., Chemistry AMI WISHNICK New York, NY A.B.. Public Relations P i ELAWITCHER Ingle w ood ' A.B.. Psycholoe v ALICIA WOLIN End no A.B., Psychology BONNIE WONG Los Angeles B.S., Biological Sciences GILBERT WONG Flagstaff, AZ B.S., Biological Science 342 SING WONG Los Angeles B.S.. Computer Science WILLIAM WONG Burbank A.B., Psychology LILLIAN WOO Los Angeles B.S., Computer Science JUDY WORRELL Tujunga A.B., Psychology SU-MIAV WU Los Angeles Ph.D., Chemistry PATRICIA YAMADA Los Angeles A.B., Psychology JEFFREY YAMANE Culver City B.S., Biological Science MEI-LING YEE Honolulu. HI A.B.. Broadcasting JOHN YEKIKIAN Glendale A.B., Chemistry SEOK-LEY YEO Singapore B.S., Computer Science CAROLYN YIM Williamsville. NY A.B.. Public Relations JERRY YOTHERS Anaheim A.B., Psychology BRADFORD YOUNG North ridge A.B., Economics BRUCE YOUNG Bell flower B.S., Biological Science CURTIS YOUNG Los Angeles B.S., Computer Science PAUL YOUNG Los Angeles B.S.. Computer Science WILLIAM YOUNGBLOOD San Marino A.B., Broadcast Journalism ALAN ZADA Chatsworth B.S., Biology DAVID ZAIKA Buffalo. NY M.A.. Slavic Languages JFJ(J7A .SAKHSH Los An ge les A.B.. PsycholofiY Socioloey MARLE ZILA Rolling Hills A.B.. Psychology GODWIN ZORANEN Los Angeles A.B.. Broadcasting THOMAS ZOTOVICH Alhambra A.B.. Physical Education BEVERLY ROBERSON San Diego B.S.. Accounting Performing Arts Complex 343 Performing Arts JOHN ALM QUIST La Canada A.B., Cinema MlMl APFEL Highland Park B.F.A., Drama BRIAN BARCLAY Santa Rosa M.M., Music LISA BARNES Palos Verdes B.F.A.. Drama NVART BEKERIAN Los Angeles A.B., Music STACY CARROLL Sun land A.B., Drama DEBORAH CHINN Syossel, NY B.F.A-. Drama JAMES CHRISTENSEN II Pis mo Beach A.B., Music TODD CORMAN Beverly Hills A.B.. Cinema ALFONSO CORONA Mexico A.B., Cinema RANDY CR Plainview, A.B., Cinema CATHERINE CRAVENS Los Angeles B.F.A.. Drama CATHY CUMMINS Glenshaw, PA A.B., Cinema DONALD CURTIS Hollywood M.F.A., Cinema SHOLEH FARPOUR Iran A.B., Drama Bing Theater 344 JEFFREY FELTER London, England A.B., Drama WANELLE FITCH North Hollywood A.B.. Drama WILLIAM FRANCIS Bell Gardens B.M., Music Education MELVIN FUJIKAWA Gardena B.M.. Music CAROL FURLONG Revere. MA A.B.. Music BONNI GEORGE Sun land B.M., Music Education JONATHAN GOTTLIEB Highland Park, IL A.B.. Drama DA VI D GRA y Lakewood A.B.. Cinema TODD GRODNICK Phoenix, AZ A.B., Cinema COURTENAY HARDY San Francisco B.M., Music Performance VICTORIA HARGREA VES Ven tura A.B.. Drama JACQUELINE HARPER Ontario B.M., Vocal Arts TODD HARRIS Hollywood Hills A.B.. Humanities MICHAEL HAYWOOD Ingelwood A.B.. Cinema Television KAREN HEATH Los Angeles A.B . Drama CHRISTOPHER HELBLING IV Van Nuys AB, Music SUSAN HIGH Cerritos B.M. Music KELLY IRVIN Los Angeles A.B.. Drama REN AE JACOBS Los Angeles B.M.. Music Vocal Performance BRADFORD JOHNSON Coldwater, MI A.B.. Theatre SHARON JOHNSON Sharlottesville, VA A.B,. Drma AKIKO KOBAYASHI Tokyo. Japan M.A.. Cinema DANIEL KRISTOFFERSON Los Angeles A.B.. Cinema JAMES LUCAS Miles City. MT B.M.. Piano JOHN MAGEE III Tarzana A.B.. Humanities CARL A MASON Chatsworth A.B-. Cinema JANICE MAXIE Oakland B.M., Music Education JOHN MCLAUGHLIN Fair Oaks A.B.. Cinema Television DIANE MCNALLY Franklin. MA A-B.. Drama JOHN MCQUILKIN Los Angeles B.M.. Music Education 345 CHARLES MILHAM Delmai. NY A.B., Drama FRANCES MILLS Long Beach A.B., Drama JUNIKO MOODY Los Angeles A.B., Cinema CHARLES MORILLAS Danville B.M.. Mu ic Performance CAROLYN MORTAROTTl Los Altos B.M.. Musical ANTHONY NELSON Al bam bra A.B., Chemistry RICHARD NEWBERGER New Haven, CT A.B.. Drama CYRUS NOWRASTEH Tehran, Iran A.B., Cinema RAYMOND PEREZ Alhambra A.B., Cinema CHARLOTTE PETERS Vancouver, British Columbia B.M., Music KENNETH PHILLIPS Peru, NY A.B., Drama MARCELLA PISCITELLO San Leandro A.B., Music SANDRA RAGUSA Temple city B.M., Music Education NICHOLAS RENZETTI San Marino A.B., Cinema, elevision LYNN RHOTON Wbittier A.B., Cinema CHRIS RICHARDSON Orange B.M., Music Education JACQUELINE SALA5 Chatsworth PhD., Music JANET SALLMAN Miami B.M., Music DEBRA SANDERS Memphis, TN B.M., Music Education JUNE SATTON Canoga Park . Music Education B.M., MARGARET SHIMIZU Sierra Madre B.M., Music Education MADOLYN SMITH Venice A.B., Drama JEFFREY SPAILA Norihridge A.B., Cinema JOSEPH SPIEGEL New York, NY A.B.. Cinema Television SHEILA STEPHAN Los Angeles B.M.. Music Education ARTHUR STERN Marblehead, MA A.B , Drama DANIEL SULLIVAN Corona del Mar B.B., Music Performance CYNTHIA SUMMERVILLE Riverside B.M., Piano Performance SUZANNE TAICHERT Albuqueque, NM A.B., Music KAORI TAKAKUWA Tokyo. Japan A.B., Cinema Production 346 JACQUELINE TRUDEAU Norw lL B.F.A., Drama MAUREEN TRUE San Diego A.B.. Drama KIRK WALCHEK Oakland B.F.A., Drama WILLIAM WALLS Poughkeepaie, NY A.B., Cinema SUZANNE WONC Oakland B.M., Musk CARL WURTZ PiObpecl Heights, IL BM. Music JOSEPH AMEDURl Arcadia Pharm. D. MICHAEL ANDERSON Lancaster Pharm. D WILLIAM APOSTOLU Chatsworlh Pharm D- RUBEN BERLI Studio. City Pharm., D. TOMMY BILLUPS Carlsbad Pharm. D. RICK BORDEN Palm Springs Pharm. D. ZABELLE BOYADJIAN Los Angeles Pharm. D. BELINDA BRASWELL Los Angeles Pharm. D ADRIENNE CARDER Whittier Pharm. D. CORINNE CASEY Anaheim Pharm. D 347 STEPHEN CHOCK Honolulu, HI Pharm. D. STEVE CHRISTENSEN Riverside Pharm. D. DOUGLAS DOUGLAS Rolling Hills Estates Pharm. D. JOHN ENGELBERT Los Angeles Pharm. D. STEVEN EPPSTEIN Sepulveda Pharm. D. LUCINDA FISHER Pasadena Pharm. D. EMILY FONC San Francisco Pharm. D. OSCAR FONC Los Angeles Pharm. D MARVIN FRIEDMAN Los Angeles Pharm. D DORIS GEE Los Angeles Pharm. D. LOUISE GEE Foster City Pharm. D. RENEE GOLDBERG Silver Spring, MD Pharm. D BRIAN CREENOUGH Bellflower Pharm. D TIMOTHY GRIGGS Corona Pharm. D SHARON HAMMERICH Rifle, CO Pharm. D CHRISTINE HANSEN Huntington Beach Pharm. D JOYCE HATANAKA Cypress Pharm. D DAN HATCHER Los Angeles Pharm. D JAMES HEITKOTTER Las Vegas. NV Pharm. D PAUL HEPP Orange Pharm. D CHRISTOPHER HO Covina Pharm. D STEVEN HOWARD Long Beach Pharm. D MICHAEL JANN Alhambra Pharm. D DA VI D JOHNSONBAUGH Santa Ana Pharm. D SUZANNE JOHOVIC Santa Barbara Pharm. D PAMELA jUDD Downey Pharm. D CLAUDIA KANESHIRO Guam Pharm. D CARL KILDOO Torrance Pharm. D GREGORY KIMURA Sepulveda Pharm. D JUDY KITA Los Angeles Pharm. D 348 CYNTHIA KOIKE Los Angeles Pharm. D EDWARD KOMAKI Cypress Phdrm- D CLIFFORD KONG Monterey Park Pharm. D THOMAS KONZOM San Bernardino Pharm. D JAMES KUZMA Inglewood Pharm. D BRANTON LACHMAN Corona Pharm. D PETER LEE Rowland Heights Pharm. D EDWARD LENNARD Pacific Palisades Pharm D RUSSELL KEONG San Francisco Pharm. D THOMAS LEONC Los Angeles Pharm D MAY LIM Montebello Pharm D BRENT LINDSTROM Yorba Linda Pharm D ELLEN LUI Monterey Park Pharm. D BARBARA MARLOTH Los Angeles Pharm. D LISA MARTIN South Pasadena Pharm. D MICHAEL MARTIN Huntington Beach Pharm D KURT MAYER Rolling Hills Estates Pharm. D JONATHAN MCDERMED Fallbrook Pharm. D JAMES MINOR San Pedro Pharm. D ARTHUR MUSASHI Thermal Pharm. D MICHAEL NAKAMURA Los Angeles Pharm. D SHARON NCAN South Pasadena Pharm. D PATRICIA NICHOLS Merrillville, IN Pharm. D GARY OCAWA Azusa Pharm. D BETTE OKEYA Los Angeles Pharm. D ROBERT PEETE Los Angeles Pharm. D IRENE PHILLIPS San Bernardino Pharm. D DOUGLAS PROSSER Hellertown, PA Pharm. D DIANE PURLIA San Diego Pharm. D MARIA RAMOS Arleta Pharm. D 349 SHAHRYAR RAVANSHENAS Beverly Hills Pharm. D ETTIE ROSENBERG Beverly Hills Pharm. D DAVID RUBENS Marina Del Rey Pbarm. D TERESA RYAN Long Beach Pharm. D MASANAO SAKAI Pasadena Pharm. D VICKI SARANDI Clendale Pharm. D EARL SATO Los Angeles Pharm. D LANA SCHEFF South Pasadena Pharm. D STANLEY SCHWARTZ Lakewood Pharm. D RON SHARMA Los Angeles Pharm. D ROBERT SHIMSASKI Monterey Park Pharm. D PATRICIA SIMMONS St. Louis, MO Pharm. D RAFFI SIMONIAN Los Angeles Pharm. D FRANCO SIMPLICIO Panorama Pharm. D STEVEN SINCLAIR Sherman Oaks Pharm. D CINDY SMITH Long Beach Pharm. D MARGARET SO Hong Kong Pharm. D PAULA STEWART Whitlier Pharm. D DEL STRINCHAM Downey Pharm. D JONI STROTHER Torrance Pharm. D JANIS SUN Los Angeles Pharm. D RICKSYLVIES Los Angeles Pharm. D SUSAN TSE Los Altos Hills Pharm. D LINDA VANDERPLAS San Diego Pharm. D PETER VANDERPLAS Chino Pharm. D KURT VAN RIPER Mission Viejo Pharm. D SHAWN VERNER San Gabriel Pharm. D LINDA WAT AMUR A Monterey Park Pharm. D JOYCE WATANABE Lennox Pham. D MARK WHITEHEAD Aita Loma Pharm. D di 350 DAVID WONG Montert.-y Park Pharm D PETER WONG Z.OS Angeles Pharm. D ALAN WOO Monterey Park Pharm. D BRENDA YEACER Los Angeles Pharm. D JAMES ZAHROWSKI Beaumont Pharm. D A glimpse of Tommy Trojan. KEVIN ACEBU Oakland B.S, Public Affairs ABDULKADIR ALBAKRI Saudi Arabia B.S.. Public Administration Public Administration SHARIFAH ALHABSHI West Malaysia B.S., Public Affairs GRETA BACKSTROM Carson B.S, Public Affairs JUNE BACON BERCEY Los Angeles M.P.A., Public Administration JAMES BAILEY Los Angeles B.S.. Public Affairs ROBERT BAILEY Los Angeles B.S.. Public Administration 351 NEELURA BELL HPP " - «MH Riverside f- B— P B.5.. Public AdministTation ELIZABETH BENDECK HF H Los Angelen T l P L B.S.. Public Administration mt L J H MIKE BOEHNLEIN E KlP V Pascagoula. MS K Lkskj B.S-. Public Affairs K MICH EL E BOZZO M S Aptos ■ wl r jf . B.S., Public Affairs B L LEONARD BRAZIL t L W . fl H Los Angeles B H B.S.. Public Administration Bli l WILLIAM BURKE Westminster B.S., Public Administration MARTHA CANNON Ssn Marino B.S.. Public Affairs RUSSELL CARRINCTON South Pasadena B.S., Public Affairs DOREEN CASTRO Covina B.S., Public Administration BEVERLY CHAPMAN Altadena B.S.. Public Affairs JAMES CLARK i HPHMBi Los Angeles HP HH l B.S. Public Affairs P L i MARK CODEY HR H Pitlsfield. MA HjPj K. B.S. Public Affairs m rft SUSAN COHEN F vH rV Rolling Hills ■ yitgf tJm B.S., Public Affairs K xZ STEVAN COLIN Redondo Beach B tftf ft - r B.S, Public Affairs B H Lii M ARMANDO COMPEAN H9 K . A Pico Rivera I Hr . 1 .5., Public Administration Bi H CHADLEY COVINGTON B Fullerton 1 6.S., Public Administration H l LINDA CREDIT tB Conway, AR a B.S., Public Administration SONIA DE LA VARA n Rosemead I •■ • , r H -P. A.. Public Administration I . ' ■ M RICHARD DEL CARLO j| Burlingame. t mM A |Bb B.S, Public Affairs H CIOVANNA DE RE CIL S Pasadena 1 B.S, Public Affairs 1 MOLLIE DRAKE IP ' ! ' ' ' l " HiH Pebble Beach Bp fcZ B B.S., Public Administration ' 1 . ERNEST DURAN F KI Ul Los Angeles F Kt ' J V L B.S.. Public Affairs K v i B PATRICK FIELDS W 1 ' ' B Anaheim F k ' ' ' i B B.S, Public Affairs 1 , 1 OLIVIA FLORES K lHBk Los Angeles W M ' M ' B.S, Public Affairs K ' B ENE-ANTHONY GARCIA H B Jl Los Angeles H K H B.S., Public Affairs HI H fiRMN C 4SDM ■ Downey B.S., Pufc ic affairs W- y-4MfS GILCHRIST Santa Monica E B.S., Public Administration K X -■ - ||k EDUARDO GONZALEZ K , (a Pico Rivera H . ' ' -W B.S., Public Affairs PATRICIA CRAY m nF W Los Angeles A B.S, Public Affairs DAVID CRISINGHER ' ' H Santa Barbara ■ B.S., Public Administration ■ 352 KATHERINE CULMERT Exetei B.S., Public Affain THERESE HALL Alhambia B.S., Public Administration FAISAL HAMED Ki.P.A., Public AJminibtration M.S., International Relations DALE HEAD Lamont B.S., Public Administration LORl HICKEY Sun Valley B.S.. Public Affairs TONY HILL Emporia, VA M.P.A.. Public Administration SHA-LUEN HO Los Angeles M.P.A., Public Administration NATALIE HUNTER Oakland B.S.. Public Affairs CHERYL INAFUKU Los Angeles B.S., Public Administration QUEEN JONES Los Angeles B.S., Public Affairs JON KACAWA Monterey Park B.5.. Public Administration LYNNE KASTEL Monlehello M.P.L.. Urban Planning CINDY KATO Los Angeles BS, Public Affairs MOZAFFAR KHEKADMAND Iran M.P.I., Urban Planning MICHELE KING Atlantic City. NJ B.S., Public Administration JEFFREY KNOLLMILLER Pico Rivera B.S., Public Administration ROBERT KRATOCHVIL Los Angeles M.P.A.. Public Administration KRISTEN KRONEMYER La Jolla B.S., Public Administration KOBIA CAPESARDE Los Angeles B.S.. Public Administration PAMELA LEE Los Angeles M.P.A., Public Administration GARY LIRA Fountain Valley B.S.. Public Administration MARJORIE MACA Western Springs, IL B.S., Public Administration SCOTT MAC LATCHIE Los Angeles BS, Public Affairs BRADLEY MART Los Angeles B.S., Public Administration FARAMARZ, MASIH-TEHRANI Iran MP. A., Public Administration JOSEPH MC KAY Pasadena B.S., Public Affairs WENDELYN MC KEEVER Huntington Beacb B.S., Public Administration RICHARD MC KENZIE Los Angeles B.S., Public Affairs DANIEL MILLER Newbury Park B.S., Public Affairs KENDRA MORRISON Kenilwortb, IL B.S., Public Administration 353 BRADLEY MOZEE Wdt onville B.S.. Public Administr3tion DEAN NAGAMINE Kaneohe, HI B.S.. Public Administration NEZAR NASSIF End no B.S., Public Administration EDWARD NEAL Los Angeles ' .P. A., Public Administration ROBERT NISHIDA Los Angeles B.S.. Public Affairs PAMELA OESCHGER San Carlos , Public Administration LARS OLSON Bakersfield B.S., Urban Planning GREGORY ORLAND Sepulveda , Public Administration ANN OTOIDE San Gabriel , Public Administration STEVEN PETRALIA Temple City B.S., Public Affairs SUSAN PULONE Downey B.S., Public Administration HOY QUAN Los Angeles B.S., Public Administration ANATCHAI RATTAKUL Thailand M.P.A., Public Administration E. MARIE RECTOR Cockeysville, MD M.P.A., Judicial Administration KATHLEEN REICHMAN Reno, NV B.S.. Public Affairs ROBERT REINER El Monte M.P.A., Public Administration CAROLYN RICHARDSON Los Angeles B.S., Public Administration JANICE ROBERTS Long Beach B.S.. Planning NANCY RODELANDER Fullerton M.P.A., Public Administration JULIETA RODRIGUEZ San Gabriel B.5., Public Administration LAWRENCE ROLON Huntington Beach B.S.. Public Affairs GAIL SAMOTA-SANDOVAL Amarillo, TX M.P.A., Public Administration SANDRA SCOTT Los Angeles B.S., Public Administration ALTHEA SEABORN Nor walk, B.S., Urban Planning KIRK SEIDENSTICKER North Hollywood B.S., Public Administration DANIEL SERIMIAN Selma B.S., Public Administration SARAH SHARTEL Los Angeles B.S., Public Administration RUBEN SMITH Los Angeles B.S-. Public Affairs CHRISTINE SNYDER Glendale, B.S., Public Administration DAVID SNYDER Los Angeles B.S., Public Administration 354 JOSEPH TANCREDY Lafayette B.5., Public Administration JORGE TEJADILLA Los Angeles B.S.. Public Affairs VINCENT THOMAS Washington, D.C. M.P.A., Public Administration MARK THOMPSON Ross moor B.S., Urban Planning GEORGE TJLLIS Los Angeles M.P-A., Public Administration JANET TISTHAMMER Orange B.S., Public Administration SCOTT TOLSTAD Valley Center B.S., Public Administration GRACIELA TORRES Los Angeles BS.. Public Affairs ROBERT TREAT Los Angeles B.S.. Public Administration JOSEPH UNTERREINER Pasadena B.S.. Public Affairs ANNE VALENZUELA Venice B.5.. Public Affairs JOE VARGAS Glendale B.S., Public Administration ANA VAZQUEZ Los Angeles B.S., Public Affairs GLEN WAKABAYASHl Los Angeles B.S., Public Administration ELIZABETH WANNAMAKER Rancho Palos Verdes B.S.. Public Affairs ROBERT WARREN Park Forest, ILL B.S-. Public Administration ROBERT WIE[X)WER Phoenix, AZ B.S., Public Administration KATHLEEN WRIGHT Upland B.S.. Public Administration ROBIN WYATT Los Angeles B.S.. Public Affairs Social Work GREGORY GRANDE Bradford. ONT D.S.W.. Sixijl Policy INES HERNANDEZ Los Ar geles M.S.W.. SoiijI Work MARIA LEONARDO Los Angeles A.B. Soiidl Work DENEL LUPIANI West Covins A.B., SoiijI Work ROSA PINELA Los Angeles AB, SoLJdl Welhre 355 DEBORAH QUICK Hamden, CT A-B.. Social Welfare MAYRA RODRIGUEZ Monterey Park M.S. W., Social Work EVA SOUS Alhambra A.B., Social Welfare CYNTHIA TSANC Los Angeles M.S. W., Social Work PAMELA WILLIAMS Encino A.B.. Social Welfare AMY BALDWIN Van Nuyti B.S., Physical Therapy DAVID BOCART Alherlon M.S., Physical Therapy CLIFFORD CANFIELD Los Angeles M.S., Library Science RENEE CHAMBERS AllaJena B.S.. Occupational Therapy EDWARD COUGHLIN New Orleans, LA M.D 356 ERNEST COUTEE Toiranc° M.S., Physical Therapy BERNIE DE PONTES El Segundo B.S., Gerontology ROBERT DULL UM Orinda B.S., Gerontology OLGA EVELYN New York. NY B.S.. Gerontology WILLIAM FENTON Rancho Paloi Verdes M.D. MARILYN FLOOD Yuma M.S., Physical Therapy ERIC FORNERET Los Angeles M.D., JEFF GAINES Encino M. D. DEBRA GEVERTZ San Francisco B.S., Occupational Therapy VALERIE GLAZE Exeter B.S., Physical Therapy MICHAEL GLENN Pasadena J.D. ROBERT GREENBLATT Brooklyn:NY M.D. SANDRA HATTORI Monterey Park B.S-, Occupational Therapy RANDOLPH HOLMES Lancaster M.D. BETTY HOM Montebello B.S., Gerontology FRED HOM San Francisco M.S., Gerontology JANELLE HOWATT Los Angeles B.S.. Gerontology PAULINE KAIDASZ South Pasadena B.S., Occupational Therapy STEPHANIE KATAOKA Los Angeles M.S., Physical Therapy DEBRA KIKKA WA Pasadena M.S.. Physical Therapy DONALD KRA VETS Chicago. IL M.S.. Physical Therapy PATRICIA LEE Los Gatos M.S., Library Science DEBORAH MALIK San Diego B.S., Occupational Therapy CAROL MANNING San Marino M.D. CYNTHIA MEIER Corvallis. OR B.S.. Occupational Therapy JOSEPH NORMAN Schenevus. NY M.S., Physical Therapy MARGARET ONEILL Tarzana B.S-. Occupational Therapy MARY JANE PEARCE Long Beach B.5., Gerontology MARC PIERRE New York M.S. Physical Therapy MAJORIE PLEFKA Riverside B.5., Occupational Therapy 3S7 CHRIS PORTER Cotita Mesa J.D. CINDI POYORENA Lob Angeles B.5., Occupational Therapy JULIE REAK Phoenix. AZ B.S.. Occupational Therapy RITA RINCK Pahs VerJe Estates B.S., Gerontology JUDY SARAVIA Los Angeles M.S.. Physical Therapy MICHAEL SARTI Bur bank M.D. TERl SCHULTZ Los Angeles B.S., Occupational Therapy NOMI SHRAGAI North Hollywood B.S., Occupational Therapy MATT STEIN Rancho Palos Verdes B.S., Gerontology DIANE TATMAN Tucson M.S., Physical Therapy CECILY THOMAS Los Angeles M.S., Library Science SANDRA TOCHIHARA Culver City B.S., Occupational Therapy KAREN TRUITT Los Gates M.S., Physical Therapy SARA TUCHMAYER Los Angeles B.S., Occupational Therapy JUDITH WENDORFF Rolling Hills B.S., Occupational Therapy GENEVA WHITE Los Angeles M.S.. Physical Therapy LYNN WYLDE San Clemente B.5., Gerontology DEENA YANARI Pasadena B.S., Occupational Therapy PEGGY YAO Hong Kong M.S., Biometry CATHERINE YAUSSY Bakersfield M.S., Physical Therapy Displaying the highest aspirations of American architects Green and Green, the Gamble House in Pasadena is one of the finest examples of architecture in the country. Maintained by USQ it was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1978. 358 There are always reasons for celebration at Southern Cal whether its a winning touchdown, a day of beautiful sunshine, short line ultimate celebration, the end of four years of study, and college fun, the beginning of a new life- at drop and add or the relief of graduation day. Commencement is the 359 The Associated Black Students of Southern California gather to help bring attention to Blacks in America ' s present and future. BOTTOM ROW: Vida Oliphant, Kathy Jones, Chiquita Watt, Naomi Sanders, Hector Ricci, Cherie Ware, Donna Wade, Ingrid Ford, Unidentified, Cheryl. SECOND ROW: Unidentified, Berely, Ingrid Williams, Un- identified, Anthony Camblin, Sabrina Polk, Stephanie Owens, Orlan- do, Robin Perry, Count Mingelton. THIRD ROW: Joanne Morris, Unidentified, Gail Ellis, Angela West, Collette Benton, Detra, Karen Zimmerman, Kumbula Musekiwa. FOURTH ROW: Clifford Hackrey, Susan Toler, Carol Hester, Unidentified, Gina Davis, Rochelle, Angela Miller, Teri Crook, Reyna Gaar, Wilma, Unidentified, Robert Ellison, Jr., Karita Zimmerman, Gary Jones, Cheryl Kelly. TOP ROW: Herbert Ward, Lisa Johns, Donald Pittman, Wilfred Killian, Arnell Henson, Greg Jones, Michael Pinkett, Daria Partlow, Robert Johnson, Joy Tea- gue. Jay Jones, Allison. 362 Association Of Computing Machinery Members of the Association of Computing Machinery, a computer science professional society, attain professional stature by demonstrat- ing competence and ethical conduct in computer science and its related fields. BOTTOM ROW: Takeo Oishi, Erich Boldt, Bill Cegenheimer, Paul Young, TOP ROW: Johnny Propps, Isabelle Nagase, Charles Channell, James Baur, Jeff Cloots, Rick Kwan. AIESEC AIESEC, the Association Internationale des Esudiants en Sciences Economiques et Commerciales is a student-managed organization which sponsors training programs, seminars, discussions and industri- al work study tours in different economic surroundings set up to complement the theoretical portion of classroom studies. BOTTOM ROW: Robert Rye. Boh Drake, Bill Boddham, Nitaya Pladisai, Todd Palmer, Chris Zaske. AFROTC Precision Drill Unit Arnold Air Society 364 The photogijpbi on thii pjgc show many j pect of the An loixe R.O.T.C. program offered, from the fun and games at their semiannual get-together to the pass-in-review at the end of each semester. In between the cadets serve as members of the colorguard and organize an annual event known as Dining Out. This year it was enhanced by the presence of Sen. Barry Coldwater who boldly showed his support and enthusiasm for use. 365 Alpha Epsilon Delta Alpha Epsilon Delta is a pie-medical honor society designed to expose the student to various aspects of medicine. BOTTOM ROW: Regina Usevich, Barbara Switzer, Nathan Hsu, Arthur Jan, Robert Yamada, Lino de Guzman. SECOND ROW; Susan Siu, Rosemary Eskridge, Leslie Mochizuki, David Kliger, David Pahnke, Basilio Kalpakian, Brent Metfessel, Alice Curtis, Keena Fullerton. THIRD ROW: Paul Coluzzi, Timothy Lee, Richard Weiss, Abilio Ramos, Steven Villalobos, Rob Mika, Eugene Cabico, Massoud Khoshnevis, Mark Maurer, Kathy Jackson, Gary Skankey, Juli Barr, Sheela Choudhury, unidentified. FOURTH ROW: Kathy Nakamatsu, Karoline Deutsch, Sarah Chat- field, Ann Zavarelli, Manal Barakat, William Sima, Rodney Franklin, Khashayar Khakmahd, Tommy Tom, Preston Shirley, Judy Nevitt. TOP ROW: Fred Redfern, Andrew Lee, Michael Dung, Carsten von Kampe, Owen Hsu, Steve Davis, Richard Landers, Ronald Daoud, Rich- ard Roche, Richard Lew, John Joosten, Greg Evans, Loise Sanematsu. 366 Alpha Lambda Delta Alpha Lambda Delta is an honorary society for students who have showed outstanding academic achievement throughout their freshman year. BOTTOM ROW: Sulpicio Soriano, Rosemary Eskridge, Wendy Warren, Kathy Bercsi. SECOND ROW: Marlene Saritsky, James Ci- gantelli, Heidi Liebenguth, Sarah Solon, Craig Moseley, Diane Rosen- berg, Valerie Madrid, Larry Pezor, John Liu. TOP ROW: Colette Grant, Bert Jorgenson, Brian Motts, Scott Tishner, Jeff Gates, Dr. Schmiechel, Brent Baharie, Rom Lamb, John Yamano, Royce Takahashi, Karen Box. Alpha Iota Pi Alpha Iota Pi is a national professional pharmacy fraternity. BOTTOM ROW: John Gong, Raymond Wong, Jerry Fujiwara, Jim Young, Gary Leach, Chris Ho, Ray Wong. SECOND ROW: Gary Loo, Mike Ander- son, Duane Komaki, Ted Yee, Kent Kamada, Eddie Komaki, Cliff Kong, Kenny Wong, Fred Mock, Greg Kimura. TOP ROW: Richard Sakakura, John Ahn, Randy U m, Kenny Soohoo, Curtis Hirabayashi, Dean Rob- ert Koda (Advisor), Dan Wong. 367 Alpha Kappa Psi Alpha Kappa Psi is a national professional business fraternity. BOT- TOM ROW: Beverly Chapman, Raguel Martinez, Dana Hartshorn, Yolanda Rodriguez, Lori Parker, Annette Vigil, Kim Hagens, Ed Ini- guez, Nancy Difley, Eben Phillips, Kathy Schupp. SECOND ROW: Doug Jackson, Susie Rostler, Eric Lemke, Kathy Hansen, Doug Hsia, Beverly Combs, Julie Bussey, Vivian Chung, Jeanne Fernandez, Penny Mc Kinstry, Martha Richardson. THIRD ROW: Mauricio Pinto, Fung Der, Caren Hayakawa, Chuck Stanislawski, Georgia Libby, Steve Corea, Rick Johnson, Mike Hines, Mark Zelezny, Barry Jacobs, Melanie Lan- dau, Steve Blatt. FOURTH ROW: Jim Smith, Bill Winslow, Scott Ely, Dedie Martin, Saul Garcia, Steve Barnard, Peter Elkin, Leith Irinaka, Jeff Blatt, Jeff Silver, Janice Bent, Ron Greitzer. FIFTH ROW: Chris Anderson, Peter Cykka, Duncan Smith, Cass May, Kimri Lever, Tim Marsh, Erin Murphy, Ron Cojerean, Ann Crescenti, Jim Beeton, Caren Nielsen, Perry Wong, Hope Aguilar. SIXTH ROW: Craig Bordin, Mitch Razook, Terri Colby, Curt Schroeder, Cindy Howlett, Annette Reyn- olds, Katie McGlasson, Larry Long, Colleen Ho, Andrea Hanson, Vince Padilla, Norm Thomas. SEVENTH ROW: Ron Holder, Pam Rowton, Ann Svobada, Andy Smith, Bill Freeman, Charles Rosin, Pat Mann, Kenn Bennett, Charles Roblin, Jay Ho, Arnie Wong, Oscar Marquez. EIGHTH ROW: Dennis Niksch, Bob Sellers, Bill Fritzche, Mark Myers, Julie Bayley, Ken Tsukahara, Mitch Kreeger, Doug Frantom, Richard Lopez, Mark Wahler, Jeff Eisikowitz, Kevin Norris, Pat Licon, Linda August, Larry Malanga, Rhoid Harris, Aldopho Molina, Bill Driver, Ken Moreau, Roger Lockhart, Mike Schirm, Peter Friss. TOP ROW: Bill Urbina, Jeff Bennett, Chrissy Schofield, Tom Davall. 368 Alumni Special Events The General Alumni Association ' s Guest Relations Staff ( " Tour Guides " ) gives tours to 10,000 guests a year on the USC campus, in addition to assiting with special events and student recruitment. PIC- TURED: Danielle Dietrich (Advisor), John Flynn, Joy Hilker, Brian Reid, Lisa Goodlad, Scott Anderson, Cindy Kerns, Betsy Robertson, Trudie La veil (Advisor), Kristin Olson, Victor Vandergriff, Mike Mi- kasa. American Institute Of Chemical Engineers T The American Institute of Chemical Engineers helps to inform its members of the career opportunities available to chemical engineers. BOTTOM ROW: Max Stock, Nosratallah Alizadeh, Tim Chu, JoAnn Boss, Mike Bodziak, George Grey. SECOND ROW: Alice Gast, Michael Mazur, David Ching, Carlos Flores, Diana Scarsdale, Andrea Chow, Josephine Chow, Stan Kurishige, Elaine Lee, Adrian Towns. TOP ROW: Steve Funderburk, Scott Naumann, Jon Van Sluyters, Etienne Ting, Tom Ryan, Jesus Melandrez, Luis Vidal, Monet Wong, Guillermo Quintero, Pat Sonti, Tim Folks, Ed Lee, Jason Ong. 369 American Marketing Association The American Marketing Association seeks to learn more about the various aspects of marketing and the career opportunities available. BOTTOM ROW: Richard Crone, Heidi Liebenguth, Michelle Barnes, Lisa Kasselik, Lucy Tang, Richard Huang, Vicky Burlingham, Debbie Chun, Janice Munemitsu. SECOND ROW: Pamela White, Tim Marsh, Josephine Lock, Cindy Hewlett, Andrea Hanson, Gloria Curiel, Diana Cemigniani, Karen Schweitzer, Dr. Brian Harris. THIRD ROW: Donna Schneider, Jennifer Haserot, Bill Brabazon, Teriann Fitzgerald, Barry Beckert, Gregory Alberts, Mark Pero, Scott Verrette. TOP ROW: Jeff Eisikowitz, Linda August, Scott Quesinberry, Erik Pfanko, Shawn Mar- tin, Clay Dedeaux, Khaled Take. American Society Of Mechanical Engineers The American Society of Mechanical Engineers seeks to give mechani- cal engineering students outside exposure to the field. BOTTOM ROW: Phil Gooding, Martin Boliek, Dave Blehm, Erin Dougherty, Joe Mattis, Andre Savelieff, Mike Domokos, Matt Lister. TOP ROW: Tim Mour- nian, Alice Behnke, Pete Roeder, Yon Carpenter, Patrick Sylvester, Julio Quintana, Tom Hodge, Ernesto Castillo. 370 Armenian Students Association • ■ i ■Mi 1 i I J: •%-€ ; 6 1 1? ac L i. ' iiiu riie Armenian Students Association promotes cultural activities for Armenian students. BOTTOM ROW: Anahid Abramians, Creg Ohan- ian, Ano Ohanian, Aramis Markarovanes, Armen Abrahamian. SEC- OND ROW: Nazares Khodiguian, Bella Baydian, Armen Nercessiantz, Nishan Saroyan, Lucy Mkhsi-Cevorkian. THIRD ROW; Jeannie Za- karyan, Raffi Rapelian, Eliza Keushgerian, Varoojan Khodabakhshian, Zareh Khachatoorian. FOURTH ROW: Satik Vartanian, Fred Simon- ian, Hasmik Dervishian, Rene Nazarians. TOP ROW; Sevan Varteres- sian, Ani Ouzunian, Arshag Melik Jahanian, Cilda Ellouguian, Oshin Saginian, Sake Berberian. Asian American Tutorial Project The Asian American Tutorial Project is a student-run volunteer organi- zation whose purpose is that of fostering social service in the Asian American communities. BOTTOM ROW: Mike Yakura, Vicki Ishida, Tom Hirose. SECOND ROW: Paul Ng, Karen Lee. Warren Yamashiro, Carolyn Baker, Unidentified, Linda Tagawa, Carolyn Akiyama, Sharon Makishima, Sharon Nishimori. THIRD ROW; Amy Yoshimitsu, Dee Ann Tanaka, Jacquie Lee, Clayton Jung, Isabelle Nagase, Shari Park, Call Kawasaki, Donna Nishi, Ann Chao, Joyce Chin, Chris Lee. FOURTH ROW: Danny Calpo, Anson Okimoto, Michael Dung, Wil- son Chan, Sam Lim, Jason Ong, Terry Cong, Darrell Chun, Patty, Mari Honda. TOP ROW; Baron Miya, Bill Nakano, Kelley Kobayashi, Kel- vin Nishikawa, Mylene Domoto, Wendell Ching, Dayle Rosa, Creg Chang, Ron Cong, Beatrice Kung, Willis Chang, Trish Yamada, Esther Ishikawa, Sharon Nakata, Randal Wong, Peter Chee, Myra Pang. 371 Ballroom Dance Team The Ballroom Dance Team performs at various events during the year including competitions and football half-time shows. BOTTOM ROW: Rhonda Hall, Kathi Komick. SECOND ROW: Betty Arnold, Niles Ritter, Beth Barringer, Malia Carlisle, Ski Stanislawski, Anne McFeeters, Linda Duarte. THIRD ROW: Harley Wing, Stephanie Gus- tason, Ned Hunter, Wendy Romagnino, Steve White, Clark Bennett, Philip Choi, Andy Fong. FOURTH ROW: Suzanne Cheves, VYahp[ Sghi a Ojiet, Tony Choi, Georgia Lihbey, Linda Rodriguez, Marylynn Dispenza, James Brandenburg, Tom Slater. FIFTH ROW: Matt Walker, Edward Escobar, Lenny Chiriboga, Brian De Coud, Kristen Nelson, Steven George, Alice Cardenas. TOP ROW: John Fuller, Marc Haskins, Kim Roley, Enrique Escamilla, Lino de Guzman, Ron Guerrero. 372 Blackstonians Blackstonians is a pre-Iaw honor society for undergraduates and designates recognition to its members for academic excellence and aids students in preparation for law school. BOTTOM ROW: Serge Tomas- sian, Gale Sonnenberg, Alfredo Evangelista, Robert Schuster, Kim Small, Daria Nacheff, Annette Vigil, Jenny Tsuneda, Mary Barnes, SECOND ROW: Steve McElhiney, Marisa Malpezzi, Ruben Smith, Patty Holland, Arnold Woo, Susan Pulone, Chris Arvin, Stacy Morales, Alice Ragenovich, Don Barton, Ernie Riffenburgh. TOP ROW: Creg Parker, Unidentified, Diane Kessler, Kathleen Bercsi, Adolfo Carber, Unidentified, Mike Kulwiec, Iris Spector, Bob Osberger, Sig Dellhime, Mike Boehnlein, Stan Lamport, Victoria Hargreaves, Jim Noblin, Un- identified, Jordan Walters, Unidentified, Charly Netel. 373 Biomedical Engineering The Biomedical Engineering Student Association helps students to unite and share their common interests and career goals. BOTTOM ROW: Wayne Noda, Tommy Tom, Bill Hogopian, Kenneth Lee, Un- identified. TOP ROW: Grace Yamada, Sharon Woo, Ken Pogue, Jay Leach, Fred Redfern, Clenn Bento, Maisie Liu, Juli Barr. Blue Key Blue Key is one of the oldest nationally recognized honorary leadership fraternities. Blue Key members meet as a forum to discuss major issues and campus activities, and presents annual awards recognizing the outstanding faculty member, administrator, friend of the university and graduating senior. BOTTOM ROW: Larry Hall, Said Djabbari, Howard Farber, Bruce Furniss, Bill Allen. SECOND ROW: Dennis Alfieri, Fred l ied fern. Ken Smith, Jeff Gates, Jerry Naegali, Bill Barnett, Victor Vandergriff Brian Gasdia, Larry Pezor. TOP ROW: Michael C. Osborn, Cordon de Lang, Mike Wittern, Mark Kaufman, Ron Orr, Jon Trutter, Mike Kulwiec, Rick Caruso, Paul McDonald, Stanley Lamport. NOT PICTURED: Advisor Rocky Tarantello, Jim Bailey, Scott Tolstad, Char- ly Netel, J.D. Crouch, Terrence Hill, Mike Tom. 374 Business School News The Business School News Staff publishes an informative newspaper with career, class, and business information. BOTTOM ROW: Andy Vilicich, Lyle Durham, Kari Risk, Valerie Madrid, Caren Nielsen, Kim Lewis, Norm Thomas. TOP ROW: Mark Tournat, Phil Holthouse, Richard Rodriguez, Michael Failing, Patrick Terrell, Bill Hessian, Mark Elliott, Dick Martin, Gary SooHoo. CAAB The Campus Activities Allocation Board allocates funds to organiza- tions from the funds received through the student programming fee paid each semester. BOTTOM ROW: Rob Cooper, Candi Evans, Linda Kayajanian, Debbie Falkenstern. TOP ROW: Rick Caruso, Bill Mukai, Rhoid Harris, Stan Kiyota, Serge Tomassian. 375 Campus Wide Programming Unit The Campus Wide Programming Unit is made up of chairpersons from five campus organizations. The unit provides experience and guidance to the chairpersons so that they may better serve their organi- zation. LEFT TO RIGHT: Joe Burgee, chairman of the program unit, Dave Funsten, chairman of cultural events committee, Marisa Malpezzi, Coffeehouse committee chairwoman, Dan Trapp, So Cal concerts com- mittee chairman, Guy Himeno, SCOPE co-chairman, Mara Mikialian, SCOPE co-chairwoman, Jean Borsattino, University speakers commit- tee chairwoman. Chicanos In Pre-Law Chicanos in Pre-Law is an organization designed to help bring atten- tion to Mexican-American students interested in law. BOTTOM ROW: Berta bilva, Kene Garcia, Tommy liuedaflores, Maria Eleva Da- vila. SECOND ROW: Loretta Ramos, Silvia Macias, Rex Gutierrez, Ruben Smith. BACK ROW: Tim Blanco, Ed Elios, George Tejadilla, Steve Colin, Ed Gonzalez. 376 Coffeehouse The Coffeehouse committee organizes bi-weekly entertainment for students by bringing musicians and comedians on campus. BOTTOM ROW: Nyron McLean, Joe Burgee. TOP ROW: Marisa Malpezzi, Lisa Ashmore, Mark Murphy, Midge Cnau, Diego Calindo, Dana Krempels, Chris Jepperson, Debbie Alvarez. Cuban Students Association Associacion Estudiantil Cubano-Americana En USC unites Cuban students in celebrating Cuban cultural events. The members present their culture to the USC community and Los Angeles. BOTTOM ROW: EdMSrdo Mali net . SECOND ROW: Fc m sia.Ak ' aso, loan Alonso. Angela DeMola, Magdalena Rivero, Angela Colomer, Nidia Colomer, Odalis Suarez. THIRD ROW: Julia Barbeito, Carmen Cid, Oscar Pab- los, Carmen Barbeito, Jorge, Isabel Rivero, Carl Mir . TOP ROW: L.azaro Cabanas Anamary Otero, Graciela Cuerr a. Gelly Valero, JuJie_Gomez, Abilio Ramos, l avicr Alons o. Elvira de Varona, Ron Bornstein. 377 Daily Trojan Under fall and spring editors, Valerie Nelson and Rich Bozanich, the Daily Trojan served as the major communication source for the univer- sity. FALL STAFF BOTTOM ROW: Gail Harris, Julie Veitch, Doug Hoover, Bob Staake. SECOND ROW: Marsha Traeger, Larry Drum. THIRD ROW: Andrea Ignatowski, Betty Wong, David Watson, Robin Oto, Valerie Nelson, Amy Alpern, David Hall, Mary Bird. FOURTH ROW: Rich Bozanich, Marsha Johnston, Susan Ritchie, Merilynne Cohen, Caria Schalman, Mark Thompson, Cindy Naley. TOP ROW: Adviser Roy Copperud, Gary Maloney, Laszlo Denes, Doug Gray, Devra Lieb, John Frith. 378 SPRING STAFF BOTTOM ROW: Karen Tarn, Carole Long, Gail Har- ris, Richard Bozanich, Linda Lebovics, Darolyn Lendio, Robin Oto, Marsha Traeger, Larry Drum, Richard Levitt, TOP ROW: Merilynne Cohen, Karen Kelly, Ray Martinez, Cina Germani, Debbie Graves, Chris Worthington, Brandon Bailey, Marsha Johnston, Sean Dunna- boo, Therese Wells, Michael Schroeder, Mark Thompson. NOT PICTURED: Michael Simpson, Michele Himmelberg, Eileen Cannon, Aurelia Alston, Serena Alston, Bill Froloff, Jim Saenz, Alice Ragenovich, Shari Cookson, John Antczak, Michael Ventre, Peter Bylsma, John Carrara, Chuck Coppola, Jeff Sammet, Sharon Kilmer, Bob Conti, Karen Holloway, Randy Oliver, Ralph Sanchez, Teresa Watanabe, Linda Edwards, Jim Czarneck, Clare Richardson, Bill Swaim, Pat Franklin, Molly Brandenberg, Robert Forward, Elizabeth Henry, Denis Wolcott. 379 Debate Squad The nationally acclaimed Debate squad participates in debate tourna- ments both locally and across the nation. BOTTOM ROW: Silvia Blocker, Renee Presser, Rafael Bernardino, Josh Mallin, Patsy Decker, Jeff Rosenthal, Mary Sue Rafalko, Carol Berenson, Roger Wedberg, Bob Glenn, Patrick Cousans, Kelli Sager, Rosemary Jackovic, George Burns. SECOND ROW: Molly Brandenburg, Dale Richardson, Viki Har- greaves, Tomson Ong, Bruce Jackson, Richard Kirkham, Rick Rollino, Robert Norton, Michelle Rene Adams, Ross Best, Kim Maerowitz, Leo Mohr, Marlene Pontrelli, John DeBross. TOP ROW: Roger Marks, Jeff Arrington, Rebecca Weintraub, Bill Sparks, Brian Baker, Bill Hessian, Carlos Henry, Steve Rennie, David Ellis, Mike Tierney, William Cross, Robert Ikola, John Cossett, Brian Watts. 380 Delta Sigma Pi Delta Sigma Pi is a professional fraternity organized to foster the study of business. BOTTOM ROW: Brent Dezember, Ed Sarihay, David Toews, Steve Cruise, Glenn Fukushima. TOP ROW: Therese Hurlbut, Jerome Contreras, Rich Marchand, Rick Kirkbride, Jim Hart, Keith Ceck, Cerardo Partida. Education For Public Managers Education for Public Managers is a program that invites federal work- ers to continue their education in their respective fields. BOTTOM ROW: June Dove, Ed Reardon, Vince Thomas, Sonia de la Vara, Mike Sacrey, Dan Prado. SECOND ROW: Jerry Morita, Janet Tisthammer, June Bacon-Bercey. THIRD ROW: Bruce Storm, Jay Corcoran, John Daly, Ed Neal, Frank Grab, Ray Weil. 381 Delta Kappa Alpha m - i 1? - ' , ■ •- ' •. ' y.- ' --- - z ' , ' 3- iJ 382 Delta Kappa Alpha is a national professional cinema honor fraterni- ty which promotes understanding and appreciation of this art. DKA brings newly-released movies to campus weekly for the enjoyment of the student body. MEMBERS: Stephen Waller, Jamie Cohen, Kurt Nelson, Hugo Weng, Beth Williams, Stephen Taylor, Russell Ito, Daniel Wolf, Andy Mosier, Eric Stah, Dan Chun, Don Showalter, Peter Pam- pusch, Robert Payne, Lewis Wilkenfeld, Margaret Cuerra, Michelle Manning, Kerry Lenhart, Mark Fisher, Tim Stansbury, Todd Crod- nick, Robert Orenstein, Kathleen Price, Jason Nicolai, Kevin Clyne, Jim Czarnecki, Dan Dagdigian, Karl Kotalik, Steve Prawat, Mollis Evans, Patrick Weaver, Benjamine Rosales, John Howe, Hap Man- ning, Dietrich Smith, Steve Stamstod, Barbara Beck, James Cappe, June Edelstein, Diane Yee, Daniel Heilman, Mel McKee, Raymond McDermott, Tim Spika, David Bruskin, Peter Austin, Carla Mason, Aziz Chazal, Kevin Bemel, Andrew Doucette, Steve Swieuckowski, Hugh Stegman, Adam Berger, Jeff Long, Adam Bezark, Bret Wolcott, Bridget Kiley, Donald Kuznetsoo, Daniel Brauer, James Romero, Kirk Bergstrom, D.J. Ziegler, Michael Robinson, Mitchell Schneider, Duane Byrge, Norman Buckley, Brian Comer, Mark Wil- kinson, Scott Smith, Martin Mullarkey, Steve Schklair, John Man- del, Harry Miller, Chris Huntley, Stephen Greenfield, Dirk Foster, Lynn Zook, Kip Frey, John Pain, Katherine Morris, Brian Coldfine, Alanna McLaughlin, John Hydro, Stephen Bonds, Randy Crane, Ammiel Najar, Wendy Wilber, Michael Salomon, John Fuller, Wal- ter Browne, Scott Ely, Steve Bloom, Bruce Arditte, Philip Bracey, Edward Schilling, Mark Allen Kaplan, Pat McAlister, Meridith Ja- cobson, Gary Rydstrom, Gary Butterworth, Eric Schubert, Mark Illsley, Rick Itzkowich. Linsay Brookman, Mark Peterson, Bruce Akiyama, Marty Schapiio, Mark Stoeckinger, Howard Edson, Ben- jamin Goldhagen, Teri Hechter, Shannon Sullivan, Andrew Iverson. 383 Engineering Magazine Staff U.S.C. Engineer, magazine of the School of Engineering, has a reader- ship which includes business and industry leaders as well as U.S.C. alumni and students. PICTURED: Stella Chang, Mary Williams, Mario Navarro, Nacer Belaroussi, Robert Osberger, Bill Mukai, Ken Ander- son, Frank Nakatsuma, Myrisse Calahia, Lily Kumamoto, Ali Kazami- pour. 384 Engineering Student Council The Engineering Student Council is comprised of representatives from engineering organizations. BOTTOM ROW: Marie Cranquist, John Ts , Brandon Blaylock, Gary Kellison. SECOND ROW: Annamarie Alicastro, Kay Upton, Paul MacNeal. Mark Griffith. THIRD ROW: Ken Itahara, Annette Kluck, Bob Skultety. FOURTH ROW: John Hauger, Skip Jackson, TOP ROW: Joe Mattis, Erin Dougherty, Cathy Brodigan, Tim Mournian, Phil Gooding, Lionel Pober. Eta Kappa Nu Eta Kappa Nu is the electrical engineering honor society on campus. BOTTOM ROW: Mishel Matloubian, Albert Chun, Michael Yakura, Keith Yamashiro, Mark Kobayashi. TOP ROW: Shaikh Gul, William Kern, Berverly Sanders, Connie Clark, John Parsons, Martin Hamano, Dwight Munk. 385 Frisbee Club The Frisbee Wizards of USC meet to practice and compete in frisbee social games. BOTTOM ROW; Qhief Heat ley, Dave Morris, Dave Oliver, SECOND ROW; Jim Cuirl, Mark Hankins, Steve Tossone, Curt Lundberg, Don Underwood, TOP ROW: Robert Lemke, Chris Cunningham, Tim " THE WIZ " O ' Crady, Tony Saucedo. Helenes use Helenes serve as the official hostesses of the university. BOT- TOM ROW: Laura Lopez, Melani Brinker, Karen Brooks, Delise Honeywell, Amy Opfell, Lisa Davenport, l.oanne Miyamot o. Daro- lyn Lendio, Kay Upton, Maria Spirtos, Janet Archer, Penny Ponder, Ann Mori, Diana Agajanian, Rori Benka, SECOND ROW: Natalie Hunter, Christine Carlson, Kathy Ducey, Lisa Lassman, Heidi Kleinmaus, Bonnie Wong, Stephanie Pagan, Pam Williams, Ilene Gudelsky, Michelle Veres, Terri Rebenstorf, Debbie Danson, Julie Johnson, Mei-ling Yee, Janice Munemitsu, TOP ROW; Maryalice Harvey, Marsha Nigolayan, Carolyn Seastrom, Eileen Rosenthal, Susan Lucas, Jorj Simmons, Lisa Barkdull, Vivian Cumbiner, Juli- ana Pisani, Ramona Cappello, Diana Robinson, Debbie Hypes, Sandy Solomon, Lisa Abbott, Nancy Brodahl, Ronnie Rodgers, Carolyn Hooks, Sue Kiven, Tish Howard. 386 Hillel House Hillel House members celebrate all aspects of Jewish life: religious, cultural, and social. BOTTOM ROW: Keyvan Frouzan, Sue Kittner, Jeff Eisikowitz, Norbert Soski, David Ordin, Behrooz Hakimi, SEC- OND ROW: David Kliger, Sharon Samuels, Rabbi Laura Celler, Murray Levin, Marcie Oslick, TOP ROW: Sue Fink, Farshid Pour- nazarian. Josh Mallin. Institute Of Industrial Engineers The Institute of Industrial Engineers is a professional society pro- moting advanced learning experiences and career opportunities in industrial engineering. BOTTOM ROW: Emmanuel Eneyo, Liane Hiu, Irma Santiago, Frances Hachiya, Constance Ekonomu, Diana Agajanian, SECOND ROW: Cwyn Kusumoto, Fred Chuan-Hung Kuah, Setiawan Aluwi, Teri BJorkman, Cerardo Vargas, John Nel- son THIRD ROW: Jesus Cuman, Michael Vorabutr, Paul Rush, Saman Aluwi, TOP ROW: Tjahjadi Christianto, Prasopporn Hongthong, Ian Centis, Rick Maniss. 387 International Students The International Student Association acts as a voice for the interests and needs of the international student population on campus. BOT- TOM ROW: Craciela Cuerra, Mohammad Ali, Bir Bhanu, Claudine Cheng, Justin Caplan. TOP ROW: Eisa Samonte-Nassiri, Tarek ElMal- lah, FIvlrg dp Varnna Ramzi Gharghour. Kappa Kappa Psi Kappa Kappa Psi is a national honorary band fraternity. BOTTOM ROW: Jeannine Zakaryan, Craig Elliott, Chuck Shindo, Dave Wash- burn, Dan Sullivan. TOP ROW: Steve Callaghan, Tom Kroening, Jon Golan, Mark Meyers, Rick Brady, Scott Steele, Kevin Brown, Jim Mur- dock, Doug Hosking, Chris Helbling. 388 Latter Day Saints The Latter Day of Saints Student Association promotes fellowship among students who share similiar religious beliefs. BOTTOM ROW: Cordon Smith, Philip Swaim, Rex Gutierrez, H.L. Wong, Daniel Ybanez, Brent Newbold, Steve Davis. TOP ROW: Steve Packer, Dawna Booth, Brett Noss, Larry Drum, Linda Horn, Yvonne Etcheverry, Sherry Behrle, Christine Bryan, Terri LeSueur, Joe Larkin, David Rimington. MBA Advisory Council The MBA Advisory Council represents the graduate students in the Graduate School of Business Administration. BOTTOM ROW: Joan Dobrowolski, Inez Lopez. TOP ROW; Manny Preiser, Rick Leonard, Lance Wedegartner, Charlie Bisbee, Brad Bachtelle, Charlie Dargan, Paul Abramowitz, Dave Baker. 389 MECHA Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan, a national student organi- zation, provides opportunities for Chicano students to raise their politi- cal and social consciousness and work toward positive change. BOT- TOM ROW: Rosa Benitez, Irma Cobian, Berta Silva, Mercy Marquez, Loretta Ramos, Gloria Castillanos. SECOND ROW: Robert Castro, Tommy Ruedaflores, Sonia Macias, Lydia Ramirez, Conchita Davila, Juan Rivera, Larry Martinez. THIRD ROW: Liz Martinez, Armando Alvarez, Ed Gonzalez, Silvia Macias, John Rios, Gloria Sanchez, David Garcia, Aide Sanchez. T OP ROW: Mike Reyes, Tony Padilla, Hugo Avendano, Pete Ostos, Richard Tostado, Martha Narvaez, Pete Vasquez. MORTAR BOARD Mortar Board members are selected upon merits of scholarship, leader- ship, and community service. Twenty senior women were selected to USC ' s Torch and Tassel chapter of the national honor society. BOT- TOM ROW: Joan Schaffner, Lorraine Kisselburgh, Suzanne Nora, Irma Gonzalez, Marlene Pontrelli, Janice Munemitsu, Janet Tisthammer. TOP ROW: Viki Hargreaves, Dean Joan Schaefer, Mary Ann Hodges, Gigi Golden, Connie Scherer, Anne Pendo, Diane Agajanian, Mei-ling Yee, Lisa Goodlad. NOT PICTURED: Bonnie George, Debbie Pirner, Madolyn Smith, Sally Thoman, Marcia Zakarison. 390 Norman Topping Board The Norman Topping Student Aid Fund Governing Board administers and sets policy for the student-run aid fund. BOTTOM ROW: Teresa Driscoll, Debra Esparza, Karen Hempstead. SECOND ROW: Linda Lewis, Michael Tom, Martha Fong, Bir Bhanu, Jeff Lahti. THIRD ROW: Karen Posnick, Liz Freitas, Glenn Calsada, Joe Palacios. TOP ROW: Monica Morrow, John Vargas, Bob Osberger, Todd Grodnick. P.E. Majors The P.E. Majors Club emphasizes the interests of those students in that major. BOTTOM ROW: Fernando Hernandez, Alisa Van Winkle, Ci- rard Miller, Helaine dayman, Lisa Luppi, Nelson Hanton. TOP ROW: Pete Busso, Wendy Carlson, Greg Bert, Lisa Barkdull, Diane Mendez, Tracey Gluck. 391 Navy ROTC Company A A COMPANY: Craig Kennedy, Anne Long, Pam Carroll, Joel Ber- tuzzi, David Watson, Debbie Craf, Steve O ' Neill, Harrison Heub- lein, Kenneth Davis, Patrick McCormick, Rodney Fann,Doug Ha- sell, Tracy Woodland, Mike Virga, Terry Kallenbach, Maurice Bar- ney, Brian Peterson, Kevin Klos, Dan Lioy, Scott Whittaker, Kevin McNees, Idenne Leslie, Michael Farmer, Erenst Lineberger, William Burger, Tui Peleti, Marlen May, Derek Robins, Eric Teite, Michael Epplin, John Cavigan, Kenneth Anderson, Christopher Chamber- lain, Daniel Johnson, Marcus Peacock, Eric Schmidt. Company B B COMPANY: James Downey, Casey Gagan, Walt Otto, Robert Wiedower, Rich Saulpaugh, Frank Cerome, Dave Waran, Nick Ci- morelli, Ed Tomp, Robert Vandenberg, Craig Kregoski, Louise Lin- ney. Rick Hemphill, Layne Tenma, Tim Carey, Kevin Wolley, Dun- can Smith, Will Killian, Andre Huey-You, Andrew Dacosta, Rudy Benda, Louis Reyes, Gloria Flores, Ricky Deguzman,Joe Dirk, Todd Turner, Russell Helfond, Norman Davis, Dave Leach, Tom Hag- gerty, John Latas, Lawrence Reichlan, Douglas Levin, Ken Starr, Ted Waddell, Julien Michaels. Company C C COMPANY: Michael Sullivan, Angel Mariano, Joe Mattis, Dayel Garneski, Brian Geren, Maureen Farren, Jack Bethel, Rich McKen- zie, Mike Watts, John Frager, Pat Hughes, Thomas Graff, Eric Mar- shall, Brian Wolf, John Beck, Gene Colabatistto, John Palmer, Dave Stewart, Rick Dal ton, Mike Kershaw, John McPherson, Larry Lycke, Ed Patriquin, Joe Tirschfield, Terry Bonson, James Dunmeyer, Tom Tertocha, Steven Berg, Mat Bobola, Jason Sizmore, Clyde Woltman, Dwayne Bridges, David Heaton, Ken Angel, Brad Kratovil, Jim Lang. 392 Company D D COMPANY: Eric Vanderslice, James Tertocha, Lee Sugimoto, Pat Moynihan, Steven Van Horn, Rich Wyne, Bill Frye, Mark Smith, Pote Latta, Kaye Mills, Steven Bradley, Don Biederman, Paul Reimers, James Norwood, Ken Pogue, Ray Schultz, Dave Thomp- son, Danna Baker, Derek Harmon, Dwayne Warren, Mark Brigham, Scott Lowrey, Mark Wiltse, Robert Cowings, Francais Shannon, Rich Yonemura, Al Goldstein, Wesley Keat, Joe Stroh, Maureen Alexander, Douglas Miller, Parker Ono, Mark Servello, Dallas Foard, Tracy O ' Bryan, David Pegg. Color Guard Drill Team COLOR GUARD: Patrick Gomez, David Kramer, Louis Lombardo, John Nelson, William Rives, Michele Gromme. DRILL TEAM: James Brown, Michael Tillotson, Guide: Scott Fraser. Steven Chism, James Mitchell, Michael Davis, John Bacheller, James Hull, John Murphy. Jerome Bechnel, Gerald Ishizaki, Wil- liam Newman, David Nichols, Richard Weimer, George Will, Mur- ray Roe, Terrence Takenaka, Douglas Williams, David Chung, Roert Dunning, James Garner, Alvah Ingerson. Battalion Staff BATTALION STAFF: Robert Bennett, Robert Smith, Paul Neme- chek, James Shore, Byron Veasey, Gary Wheeler, Darrell Ussery, Mark Kaltenborn, Ron Maclaren, William Carney, Mark Busch, Brian Hawn, Richard Suttie, Brian Keepers, Chris Hunsaker, Mi- chael Sullivan, Angle Mariano, Brian Geren, Richard McKenzie, Eric Vanderslice, Jim Tertocha, Steven Van Horn, Mark Smith, Craig Kennedy, Anne Long, Dave Watson, Kevin McNees, James Dow- ney, Lee Andring, Robert Wiedower, Dave Waran. 393 Phrateres Phrateres is a national social service organization. BOTTOM ROW: Mel Veal, Nancy Nuno, Wendy Tamis, Mary Ann Lillywhite, JoLynn Valoff, Kathy Reichman, Mei-ling Yee, Susan Sloate, Kari Risk, Helen Sterling, Jennifer Haserot, Kathy Buttrey, Mamie Chou, Eileen Ro- senthal SECOND ROW: Rachel Hernandez-Mendez, Sheela Choud- hury, Karin Davalos, Vansamorn Wattanavekin, Thitinan Wattanave- kin, Cynthia Doeve, Sheryl Lewis, Sue Kirchner, Kay Ann Iriguchi, Juli Barr, Gigi Calardi, Ramia Husseini, Julie Poindexter, Carrie Fujimoto. THIRD ROW: Roxann White, Valerie Banker, Cale Sonnenberg, Deb- bie Clair, Mary Aradanas, Maria Porras, Sylvia Rodriguez, Tula Stratos, Berenda Butler, Caroline Stanton, Sylvia Mendoza, Beth Redman, Gra- de Elias, Lois Presbrey, Annamarie Alicastro, Lisa Kiguchi, Barbara Prather, Denise Koreski, Alison Marshall. TOP ROW: Tina Dejarld, Neadie Moore, Aida Bustos, Joan Vincent, Mary Meloch, Mary Ellen Davis, Therese Hurlbut, Stephanie Chavez, Carolyn Camp, Julie Yama- shita, Maria Snyder, Barbie Wilson, Denise Duarte, Debbie Anderson, Mary Anne Cotter, Cindy Davis, Gail Goldstein, Gail Romberg, Mary Edwards. 394 Phi Chi Theta Phi Chi Theta is a national professional business fraternity whose purpose is to promote women in business. BOTTOM ROW: Nitaya Pladisai, Vilma Sampang, Gini Chuidian, Annice Pelentay, Christine Chow, Barbara Dulaney, Lucy Tang, Clara Chu, Sherrie Yendrek, Jenni- fer Johnson, Amber Bohmfalk, Leslie Vorbach, Natalie Nambu, Debbie Curtis, Kari Risk, Brigette Fornis, Diana Cemigniani, Margaret Same- shima. TOP ROW: Susan Wakinaka, Shelly Suzuki, Kim Fujikawa, Jennifer Haserot, Sophia Wong, Patty Smith, Diana Amorde, Marsha Zichfeld, Heidi Kleinmaus, K.C Meyerson, Carolyn Marquez, Debbie Birgen, Debbie Gallagher, Sandra Ignacio, Gloria Curiel, Janice Mune- mitsu. Pi Epsilon Tau Pi Epsilon Tau is professional honor society for students in petroleum engineering. BOTTOM ROW: Jude Amaefule, Poawpadet Vorabutr, Dr. Rhee, Donald Herzberg. Wally Huang.StCO D ROW: N.H. Ying, Chima Okorafo, Farhad Ghassemi, William Ditter, Richard Oyekan. TOP ROW: Jeff Brienen, Jim Zack, Jim Luther, Dr. Yartsos, Lynette Phillips. 39S Pre-Dental Students Jt ' " H ' ' ' J jJBBI. ' - c A. ■_ L ■ MK J BBL ' - ' b M De ta De fa Sigma is the pre-dental honor society. PICTURED; Felicia Lai, Harry Helfman, Ken Samuelson, Frank Fratto, Mike Danford, Larry Cady, Randy Sobszack, Denise Shue, Paul Tanaka, an Bill Pappas, Richard Prouse. Pre-Pharmacy Students The Pre-pharmacy Students Association is an organization designed to orient students to the profession of pharmacy. BOTTOM ROW: Larry Applebaum, Fred Beteta, Elaine Wynn, Amarylis Gutierrez, Don Ellis, Scott Enomoto. SECOND ROW: Deborah Lew, Shamusi Akinbami, Steve Hori, Theresa Robie, Teresa Chun, Hahndahn Tonnu. THIRD ROW: Ann Bolinger, Lisa Priester, Laura Torlumi, Maria Longo, Jean Yusa, Janice Hoffman. FOURTH ROW: David Austin, Lani Okamoto, Felipe Vengeo, Elaine Takata, Lyle Takahashi, Wendell Chow, Selma Uyeno, Dawn Noguchi, Susan Nichols. TOP ROW: Arthur Domin- guez, Pamela Mohler, Dena Bonham, Roy Toledo, Mark Burstyn. 396 Real Estate Association The Real Estate Association unites business students with common career goals in real extate. BOTTOM ROW: Norm Thomas, Sue Schaffer, Eben Phillips, Kathy Schupp, Philip Swaim, Dan Miller, Bill Winslow, Greg Hall, Lincoln Jong, Mark Gleason. SECOND ROW; Chartchai Pladisai, Punpilai Chang Bencharoen, Terry Lee Smith, Rich- ard Crone, Craig Scheldt, Nancy Sifley, Ross Selvidge, Robert O ' Gor- man. Bill Brabazon, Chris Dotson, Kevin Norberg. THIRD ROW: Darrell Levonian, Cici Ohye, Terence Hill, Jim Sanders, Craig Bordin, Anthony Stearns, Steve McElhiney, Dave Bent, Jesus Morales, Jay Yoon, Brad Riphagen, Dirk McNamee, Steve Walenta, Lynn Blair, Advisor Rocky Tarantella. TOP ROW: Rizwan Rawji, Vincent Mor- reale, William Howard, Jim Beetom, Larry Vukajlovic, Greg Starr. Residence Halls Council The Residence Halls Co-ordinating Council helps to organize activities for the student community residents. BOTTOM ROW: Bob Thomas, Randy Belter, Craig Settles, Nancy Hunt, Steve Stamsfad. SECOND ROW: Lynn Zook, Joanne Morris, Sue Thirlwall, Bob Vandenberg, Ron Oestreich. TOP ROW: Brian Manning, Ralph Ka m, Kevin Boethling, Ed Skrobola, Dale Cavin, 397 Sigma Delta Chi -rJIIIII r ' i 7 ■ 1 7 If NIBHk ill S f ' ?■ " Sigma Delta Chi is a professional journalism society which gives students interested in journaUsm the opportunity to discuss the latest developments in the field and to share their ideas with distinguished guest speakers. BOTTOM ROW: Co-President Baarry Taran to, Conni Coopersmith, Co-President Denis Wolcott, Jim Saenz. SECOND ROW; Michael Simpson, Pam Samuels, Lazio Denes, Karen Tarn. THIRD ROW: Colleen Pang, Joan Vincent, Jssanet Sullivan, Michael Schroeder, Gary Maloney, Cindy Karras, Lydia St. Clair, Nancy Nelson. TOP ROW: John Frith, Darolyn Lendio, Valerie Nelson, Aurelia Al- ston, Eileen Cannon, Alice Ragenovich. Sigma Gamma Epsilon Sigma Gamma Epsilon is a group available to students interested in archeological studies, petroleum engineering and earth sciences. USC ' s chapter is one of the oldest Sigma Gamma Epsilon chapters throughout the country. BOTTOM ROW: Terry Cameron, Diane Robinson, Lori Chapelle, Jeff Crover, Christine Farrens, Whitney Moore. SECOND ROW: Lou Rothenberg, Jon Gaynor. BACK ROW: Juan Guerrero, Jim Affrunti, Barry Bowman, Greg Cavette, Greg Benson. 398 Society Of Petroleum Engineering The Society of Petroleum Engineering ofAIME offers students inter- ested in petroleum engineering the opportunity to share their ideas and interests. The members sponsor various acticities during the year for the engineering and the non-engineering student. BOTTOM ROW: Jim Jepeway, Don Herzberg, Elisabeth Wright, In Sung Chang, Lori O ' Neill, Chima Okorafo, Lucius Okoh, Chima Nwachukwu, Wilfredo Rodriguez, Warren Haby, Vladimir Hlushko. SECOND ROW: Richard Oyekan, Osazuwa Omoregle, Hamza Asar, Poawpadet Vorabutr, Bill Mukai, Joan Curtis, Anthony Okoaye, Jose Moncada, Ron Dorovi, Jim Luther. TOP ROW: Nestor Gil, Dr. L.L. Handy, Bill Ditter, Sharon Turk, Mark Cranquist, Don Bowen, Charlie Buckner, Jeff Brienen. Society Of Women Engineers The Society of Women Engineers participates in the School of Engi- neering activities such as high school Career Days, conference Days and Engineer ' s Week. BOTTOM ROW: Grace Yamada, Connie Ekonomu, Sue Masters, Leslie Mochizuki, Josephine Chow, Andrea Chow, Diane Scarsdale, Jean Hom, Rochelle Watts, Lori O ' Neill, Elizabeth Wright. SECOND ROW: Suzanne Jacobs, Terrie Beiler, Diana Agajanian, San- dra Thames, Dolores Fulton, Margaret Lyell, Liane Hiu, unidentified. unidentified, Myriesse Calabia, Alice Gist, Annamarie Alicastro. THIRD ROW: Sharon Woo, unidentified, Irene Lipinski, Elaine Lee, Linda Younghans, Bianca Trujillo, Adrian Towns, Wyne Louie, Susan Toler, Althea McField. FOURTH ROW: Connie Clark, Kathryn Ledbet- ter, Monet Wong, Mariann Hamano, Carolyn Nakaki, Kay Upton, Joann Boss, Alice Behnke, Jodine Chapin, Teri Bjorkman. 399 Songfest Songfest Committee is responsible for the production of USC ' s annual musical in the spring. This year ' s theme was " Just For Laughs " . Song- fest celebrated it ' s 26th year with proceeds going to a selected charity. BOTTOM ROW: Ken Smith, Bill Allen, Todd Crodnick. SECOND ROW: R lphJKam, Richard Moczygeuiba, Susan Sloate, Becky Berkey, Pam JonesTCaroIyn Yim, Cindy Kerns, Liz Olson. THIRD ROW: Barry Goldberg, Diane Spaeter, Liz Fontana, Kim Buckley, Bryn De Freece, Camille Tafe, Janet Jensen, Betsy Robertson, Victor Vandargriff. FOURTH ROW: Tim Real, John Chin, Denise Sattler, Alice Rageno- vich, Laura Hays, Jeff Dickson, Bruce Aivazian. FIFTH ROW: Dan Reinwald, Diane Eastman, Laura Sorben, Eileen Cannon, Mike McManigal, Tom Medina. BACK ROW: Mike Stallings, Jay Mock, Jeff Weddle, Louis Rothenberg. Speakers Committee The Speaker ' s Committee arranges for noted speakers to come and talk to students. Henry Winkler was one such guest who spoke in Bovard Auditorium during the spring. BOTTOM ROW: Barry Taranto. Stacy Allen Morales, Lee Weingarten, Julie MatsushitaTjoeTeiers, Alston Ono, Patty Holland, Jean Borsattino. BACK ROW: Arnell Henson, unidentified, Maria Snyder, Monica Townsand, Dan Carst, Chris Black, Chris Richter, Daniel Foster, James Cattuso. 400 SCOPE The Student Committee on Popular Entertainment presents noon-time speakers, concerts, and other events for the USC community. BOT- TOM ROW: Steve Rennie, Tim Wong, Mara Mikialian. TOP ROW: Clen Carpenter, Mark Nishiki, Barbara Thompson, Guy Himeno. Student Community Council The Student Community Council is the student government group for the off-campus, university-owned apartments. BOTTOM ROW: Paul Escobar, John Malone, Clipton Clarke, Ron Mc Elhaney, Regina Bird- sell, Andy Goodman, Richard Rodriguez. TOP ROW: Fred Garside, Bob Gaglione, George Will, Brian Manning, Howard Szabo, Andy Davis. 401 Student Health Advisory Council The Student Health Advisory Council, in conjunction with the Student Health Center, helps to provides services to meet the needs of the student population. BOTTOM ROW: John Donovan, Jeff Rosenhurg. TOP ROW: Louis Monty, Dora Castillo, Evelyne Schwarzenbaet, Mike Tom, Gary Radford, Creg Jorgensen, Addie Klotz, Shahriar Mobashery, Larry Ehrmann. Student Senate The Student Senate, chaired by Suzanne Nora, actively participated in the recommendations of university policy and activities. BOTTOM ROW: Larry Pezor, Michele Tome, Craig Settles, Suzanne Nora, Charles Bisbee, Dan Suruki, Gale Sonnenberg, Victor Vandergriff.TOP ROW: Eric Granberg, Dennis Alfieri, Peter Pescetti, Robert Alvarado, Mike Kulwiec, Kevin Boethling, Paula Tripp, Conrad Mallett, Mark Kaufman, Jeff Gates, Chuck Williams. 402 Student News Bureau The Student News Bureau is a student-run organization which publi- cizes the activities and accomplishments of U.S.C. students by sending news releases to those students ' hometown newspapers. BOTTOM ROW: Dana Walker, Cindy Miller, Nancy Naber. TOP ROW: Randy Oliver, Janet Welch, Ralph Karn , Ellen Jones, Denise Tso. 403 Students Services The Student Services of the Student Senate evaluates old services and initiates new student services. BOTTOM ROW: George Patkos, Dave Paulsen, Joel Corona, Kirk Ambrozich, Scott Brown. SECOND ROW: Lisa Lawrence, Monica Townsend, Jan Sullivan, Nancy Nuno, Diane Rosenberg, Beverly Combs, Diane Robinson, Gail Romberg, Roxand Ross, Stephanie Allain. THIRD ROW: Kelly McNamara, Al Rincon, Dan Foster, Patty Konopka, Louis Lanchantin, William Cilli, Mike Tom, Erin Kenney. TOP ROW: Steve Case, Steve Johnson, Greg Jor- genson, Jim Wetrich, Tom Rinear. Tau Beta Pi Tau Beta Pi is the national engineering honor society. BOTTOM ROW: Stan Meek, Cindy Follick, Bruce Yep, Andrea Chow, Joan Schaffner, Diana Agajanian, Connie Clark, Mary O ' Neill, Steve Ciffoni, Brian Wong, Byron Chang. SECOND ROW: Donald Langford, JoAnn Boss, Alice Cast, Elaine Lee, Mark Kobayashi, John Parsons, Phillip Gooding, Annette Kluck, Pat Hughes, Karen Saksi. THIRD ROW: Paul MacNeal, Jesus Melendrez, Derek Iwai, Leo Hui, Douglas Masking, Daniel Taka- hashi, Michael Yakura. TOP ROW: Angel Mariano, Tim Chu, Scott Nauman, D onald Esk en. Ramzi Bader, Baghdassar Baghdikian, James Roum, Mishel Matloubian, Stephen Liao, Mike Bodziak, Scott Sollee, Jon Van Slutters, Keith Yamashiro. 404 Thai Students The Thai Students Association brings together all Thai students for cultural events and other community activities, BOTTOM ROW: Duangvadee Sungkhobol, Punpilai Changbencharden, Vansamorn Wattanavekin, Thitinan Wattanavekin, Chinda Silpakanok, Nitaya Pladisai, Kanjana Kanittapongratn, Thirawan Techapong Vorachai. TOP ROW: Wathana Chirangboonkul, Chartchai Pladisai, Pichai An- urakpandit, Kantathi Suphamongkhon, Vutinand Phenjati, Premchai Karnasuta, Anthony Chanrasmi, Piya Nguiakaramahawongse, Sunchai Mektrakarn. Troy Philippines Troy Philippines helps to unite students from the Philippines and promotes cultural events of that country. BOTTOM ROW: Gil Dia, Agnes Puno, Lisa Dia, Minvilu Cruzada, Lestie Heidler, Maria Al- puerto, Jose Tiongco, Patrick Legaspi. SECOND ROW: Nelson Del Carmen, Grace Bautista, Jocelyn Lorenzo, Maritess Espititu, Evelyn Estrada, Tina Fama, and Michael Sails. TOP ROW: Mar Elipano, David Petruska, Amador Rondilla, James Sipin, Bonifacio Canalita, Alfred Ines, Wesly Poate. 405 Troy Camp Troy Camp sponsors camping experiences for community children as well as continuing interaction between the campus and community. MEMBERS: Allyson Allen, Mena Moffett, Michelle Shackford, Sally Schwellenbach, Laura Tahl, Delia Sanidad, Pat Lemie, Mary Ann Denzler, Cynthia Venegas, Tomi Tanabe, Helen Du Plessis, Deon Mor- gan, Jane Paul, Kevin Mays, Terry Pollard, Cindy Kerns, Kim Thur- mond, Sharon Thurmond, Marsha Nigolayan, May Leung, Nelson Hanton, Carol Kemler, Christine Carlson, Cory O ' Connor, Kathy Per- ini, David Bradley, Pat Fukuhara, Sammy Ellis, Charles Essex, Kenya Nelson, Sheilah Dupuy, Diana Stearns, Frank Lucero, Al Paisley, Shari Cookson, Lauren Turner, Kim Mason, Tracy Mason, Mike Danford, Jeffrey Dahlgren, Gina Mazzeo. Spring members not listed. . 406 Trustee Scholars Members of the Associated Trustee Scholars are selected on the basis of scholarly achievement and talent in one or more fields of endeavor. BOTTOM ROW: Bob Henderson, Lee Blackman, Kathy Forte, Bill Stein, Eric Schmidt, Jon Svet. SECOND ROW: Sybil Johnson, Dr. Jay Berger, Enrico Lombardino, Debbie Curtis, Anne Valenzuela, Chris Sealock, Kelly Gabriel, Linda Kuglemeir, Debbie Sue, Carol Renick, Dr. James Appleton, Margie Strode, Mr. O ' Brien, Anne Nauts O ' Brien, Kelli Dean, Joan Schaeffer, Mike Tom, Linn Van Woerkem. THIRD ROW: Vanja Illich, Alex Calvillo, Matthew Hanson, Bill Hagopian, Sally Thoman, Tammy Warren, Mike Malony, Karoline Deutsch. TOP ROW: Margaret Smith, Louise Sanematsu, Judy Nevitt, Cretchen Radtke, Jerry Schilz, Bruce Buettell, Carrie Hempel, Matt Matteson, Clen Wollert, Kathleen Jenquins, Maria Blaser, Allen Martin, Russell Miller. YWCA The YWCA Board of Trustees and staff helps promote women ' s activi- ties on campus. BOTTOM ROW: Susan Beaudet, Eliz Hatcher, Velma Tinkler, Delores Thomas, Marty Stinson. TOP ROW: Nancy Somers, Deborah Creen, Amelia Escohedo, Susan Brown, Jeanne Mannes, Dean Joan Schaefer, Harriett Stevens, Betty Carmichael. Alto use Knights The Trojan Knights are considered the official hosts of the universi- ty. The junior and senior men ' s organization assists with rallies, in crowd control and card stunts at USC football games. BOTTOM ROW: Larry Pezor, Curt Tsujimoto, Jim Carry, Bill Shrader, Richard Meese, Robbie Curtis, Brian Gasdia, Mark Pero, John Duddy, Bill Urbina, Dennis Alfieri, Bruce Furness. SECOND ROW; B.D. Howes, Dan Plun- kett, Mitch Morey, Sean Osborn, Mike Kingsbury, Jim Bailey, Rick Del Carlo, Steve Case, Wes Kennedy, Steve Anderson, Bob Cook, George Cappello, Jack Huber. THIRD ROW: Kirk Seidensticker, Tad Smyth, Tom Morris , John Flynn, Dale Yeager, Rick Sakimoto, Guida Haug, Tom Overland, John Lane, Jeff Jones. FOURTH ROW: Gary Stachler, Jon Trutter, Larry Hall, Brent Carpenter, K.C Coultrup, Rick Sandifer, Dave Lane, Chuck Lee, Todd Holzer, Mike Bas, Mark Smith, Mark Johnson, Nader Shahroklshaki, John Watters, Dan Vogelzang, Brian Ulf, Steve Nahigian, Eric Olsen, Craig Summers, Ray Kuramoto, Steve Olson, Scott Anderson, Rich Oswald, Bill Allen. TOP ROW: Cameron Luther, Fred Ziler, Pat Cavaney. 40S use Squires use Squires is a sophomore men ' s honorary service organization. Activities include ushering at football games service projects and pro- motion of spirit. BOTTOM ROW: Paul Arshawski, Bob Bagnall, Dave Aust, Jim Evans, Doug Kerstner, Paul Currola, Tom Murray, Tom Eastling, Scott Tichenor, Jim Gigantelli, Steve Catt, Bob Volkel. TOP ROW: Pat Sylvester, C.L Rawlings, Jeff Olson, Kelly Coultroup, Jim Kruger, Alan Boring, Tony Castro, Oscar Munoz, Burt Jorgenson, Rob Kenneally, Mark Nichols, Kent Rennie, Matt Walker, Mark Tober. 409 A Look At The Decade Gone By The World The Nation 1969 A television audience of 528 million watched Neil Arm- strong become the first man to walk on the moon. Concern over the war in Vietnam lead to numerous demonstrations for " peace " , but the year ' s most memorable gathering was the Woodstock rock festival, which lured 400,000 youth to 3 days of peace and music. The first draft lottery in 27 years was held December 1, the first date drawn was September 14. The popularity of draft card burning and peace demonstra- tions of all kinds helped to em- phasize a general unwillingness to serve or fight. 1970 As the world tired of the long, drawn-out Vietnam war, U.S. Army officers were charged with a senseless massa- cre at My Lai. The new decade brought a new awareness of women s righ ts and equality for members of both sexes. Campus demonstrations took on national importance as 4 Kent State University stu- dents were killed by the Ohio National guards during a cam- pus protest. Americans ob- served EARTH DAY by the cleaning up of litter and the planting of trees. 1971 1972 1973 The Arab oil boycott on the U.S. resulted in a gas shortage and long lines at the gas sta- tions. Spiro Agnew resigned as vice president after pleading no contest to tax evasion charges. The long saga of the Watergate scandal began to unfold as news of a break-in at Demo- cratic headquarters was released. 410 The Campus The Arts The Fads After 222 years of masculin- ity, Princeton enrolled 151 co- eds, while Yale permitted 588 women and Vascar, in a move toward coeducation, enrolled 91 men. Many universities hon- ored the peaceful nationwide anti-war demonstration. Mora- torium Day, by calling off classes in a form of silent pro- test. " Rolling Stone " magazine celebrated its second anniversa- ry as an out-spoken youth-ori- ented periodical dealing with rock music stars. Peter Fonda starred in the movie Easy Rider. Clever license plates adorned the back ends of numerous cars. People were found wear- ing clever T-shirts, vulgar T- shirts, wet T-shirts, or nothing at all. The popular attitude among young Americans was " an ti-esta blishmen t " . The Greek system suffered a membership decline as war demonstrations took preference over " rush " and " exchanges " . Yogurt, once available only in health food stores, appeared in supermarkets and even in col- lege cafeterias. The right to vote was granted to 18 year-olds. Police arrested 12,000 demonstrators in Wash- ington, D.C. in the largest lockup in a single city in a sin- gle day in the country ' s history when thousands of students swarmed there to protest the war. use tuition was $1075 for the academic year. The Maharishi Mahesh Yogi taught the Beatles to meditate, starting a fad in the U.S. Astrol- ogy also took hold in America as 40 million turned to it for guidance, fiouse plants became the newest " in " thing. The " All in the Family " se- ries became a hit as " Archie Bunker " portrayed an outspo- ken middleclass bigot. The art of throwing a frisbee became a sport, not Just a pasttime. Coors beer was at its height in popu- larity. A use card stunt flashed the message " Westwood Sucks " to a national audience watching the annual crosstown rivalry. Jane Fonda ' s outspoken sup- port of North Vietnam and anti-war views made actress Jane Fonda a popular and con- troversial campus speaker. Indiana University swimmer Mark Spitz won 7 gold medals in the Munich Olympics; Arab terrorism marred the games. You could order anything from a log cabin to a wart cure from the Last Whole Earth Catalog, the Sears, Roebuck of the coun- terculture. Students became health food- oriented as foods like yogurt and granola became favorites in a rebellion against the over- processed sweetners and snacks of this generation. The musical " Jesus Christ Superstar " swept the country, while the movie version of " The Great Gatsby " prompted a return to tailored clothes and shorter hairstyles for men. (It also got women out of Jeans and into dresses.) The novel " Jona- than Livingston Seagull " be- came a best seller. Earth Shoes, designed to pro- mote healthier postures and happier feet, were best sellers and popular on campus. The booming electronics industry with all its technological ad- vances made pocket calculators available to businessmen and students alike. 411 1974 The World The Nation Gerald Ford becomes President after Nixon resigned; Ford par- doned Nixon. Heiress Patricia Hearst is kidnapped by the Symbionese Liberation Army. Lt. Calley of the My Lai massa- cre trial was released. Gerald Ford ' s campaign to " Whip In- flation Now " became popular with his " WIN " buttons. _-_ _ 1 iw5GSP ' 1p ' !p ' | W,TKMERbEimEIITMIIiTBI THIS WAV... t £ ■ 1975 OPEC increases oil prices. King Faisal assassinated. When Viet Cong troops overran Saigon, thousands of South Vietnamese fled the country any way they could. Many refugees found sanctuary in the U.S. The Mayaguez incident sparked protests around the world. Unemployment hits 9.2 per- cent, its highest peak since the Depression. Two assasination attempts on President Ford. Busing to integrate school chil- dren resulted in violence for the Boston Area. Ford to New York city on request for financial as- sistance: " Drop Dead " . Mao Tse Tung dies. Earthquake in Guatemala kills over 20,000 people. Koreagate becomes la- test embarrasment for U.S. gov- ernment. Raid on Entebbe touches off violent infighting among TV-movie producers. Peanut farmer Jimmy Carter is elected President. America cele- brates its 200th birthday, but by this time, all citizens are tired of the 2 year old campaign. Secre- tary of Agriculture Earl Butz re- signs over ethnic Joke. 1977 1978 ...WIT1I USBHIY m WSTKt tOK Mi.. " 412 The Campus The Arts The Fads " Streaking ' ' broke up the mon- otony of campus life, as all over the nation " streakers " dashed across campus in the buff. Pearl Bailey served as mistress of ceremonies at Songfest. Linda Ronstadt performed at a coun- try-rock festival held on Crom- well Field. Touch dancing was brought back with the introduction of the " bump " . John Denver and his popular songs about coun- try roads and mountain air made him the best-selling pop recording artist in America. The movie " Jaws " became a ter- rorizing box- office hit. Five Academy Awards went to " One Flew Over the Cuckoo ' s Nest. " " Saturday Night Live " became a late-night television hit and starred Chevy Chase. For the first time since World War II, bicycles outsold cars. In anticipation of the nation ' s bi- centenial celebration, the mar- ket became flooded with red, white, and blue paraphrenalia and starred and striped souve- nirs of all kinds. " Self-service " gas stations became popular. Olympic crowd-pleasers in- cluded decathlon winner Bruce Jenner, USC ' s swimmer John Naber, skater Dorothy Hamill, and tiny gymnast Nadia Co- maneci. The movie " Rocky " was a box-office winner. Best Sellers in literature included the Canfield Decision and Win- ning Through Intimidation. Skateboarding made a come- back with enthusiasts testing their skill in specially con- structed skateboarding parks. Frozen yogurt hit the scene. The creator of " Pet Rocks " made millions and Farrah Fawcett - Majors became America ' s pin- up angel. Membership in fraternities and sororities was on the upswing. USC ' s LeVar Burton became a star after portraying Kunta Kinte in the 12 hour long televi- sion special, " Roots " . The Women ' s Volleyball team won the National Championship for the second straight year. " Elvis " memorabilia became the craze after the " King " died in August. The movie " Star Wars " prompted immediate in- terest in " Star Wars " toys, books, and other souvenirs. Electronic pong games could be purchased for home use. rm 9aiRY,M».Hii5mN,BiiT i% mm nm iiorTiiteoioiiM mdiimiiiid. The movie " Saturday Night Fe- ver " brought on a disco craze and structured dancing again became popular. The informa- tive " 60 Minutes " consistently received high Nielsen ratings; it was the only show some stu- dents watched. Running for fitness and fun be- came a national craze as joggers could be found jogging alone or in one of the numerous mara- thons held. Backgammon be- came popular with game play- ers everywhere. Wooden clogs once again became popular footwear on campus. 413 The Year Gone By Reproduced by Special Permission of PLAYBOY magazine; ' 197S by PLAYBOY. The Four Seasons Produce An Eventful Year Summer And Fall 1978 Proposition 13, the tax initiative, was passed by California voters who thought it was time for a tax break. Walt Disney ' s Mickey Mouse celebrated his 50th birthday. National Lampoon ' s " Animal House " rejuvenated toga parties and interest in the Greek system in general. Busing brought integration to LA sctiools. use coeds adorned the pages of PL A YBOY in an issue which highlighted the " Girls of the PAC- 10, " and commemorated the expansion of the conference to include Arizona and Ari- zona State. Integration of school children was the ob- jective of Los Angeles ' bus- ing program initiated in Sep- tember. The Dodgers blew their bid for the World Series title again. Within 3 months, 3 different popes 414 reigned over the Catholic Church: Pope John, Pope John Paul I and II. Dangerous fires swept through the canyons of southern California. USC celebrated its 98th birthday on Founder ' s Day, October 6, with week long activities and fun for all. The new Hollywood sign was erected. The television special, " Holocaust, " brought to surface the realities of the Nazi execution and massacre of the Jews. The university ' s proposed Middle East 107 " Rose Bowl Classic. center ran into criticism and controversy with regard to academic standards and funding. The largest air disaster occured over San Diego when a PSA airplane and a private plane collided leaving no survivors. " Trackin for the Trojans " was the theme for USC ' s first-ever jog-a-thon to raise money for campus organizations and the new track and field stadium. The Student Senate initi- ated a campaign to evaluate and study the current student services on campus and to recommend that more efficient services be provided. The movie, " Superman " rejuvenated interest in the perpetual comic book character. Winter 1978-79 After surviving the toughest schedule of USC ' s football history, the Trojans beat Michigan to be- come the Rose Bowl champions, but had to share the nation ' s number one title with Alabama ' s Crimson Tide. Over 900 members of the Peo- ple ' s Temple died in a mass suicide at their compound near Jonestown, Guyana. Recognition of mainland China and a visit from Vice Premier Teng Hsiao-ping furthered U.S. re- lations with China. Final exams con- tinued to be in January of the tradi- f4 Cojch Bob Boyd. giving the game to the Cowboys in the last round of the playoffs. Michelle Triola sued ac- tor Lee Marvin for rights to half of all his earnings made while she was " liv- ing " with him. Woody Hays, Ohio State coach, was dismissed from his position after slugging a player at the Gator Bowl; the Big-10 will never be the same. The Shah of Iran left his country as the turmoil in Iran continued and Kholmeni ' s influence took hold. Comedian Steve Martin emceed part of the Grammy Awards without his slacks. After USC lost to UCLA on the Trojans ' home court in January, Coach Bob Boyd announced his res- ignation, effective at the end of the season; the basketball team could have taken the confer- ence title if only they could have beaten UCLA once. University President John Hubbard an- nounced his retirement effective August 1980. An extremely cold winter for southern Califor- nia left its mark as snow fell in Palm Springs. Spring 1979 A record 10,500 copies of the 1979 EL RODEO were put to print in March. For graduates, June com- mencement brought Finals brought study fatigue. Si inches of s fell in Palm Springs. tional academic calendar. A familiar story, the the end of one learning experience and the be- Rams blew their chance for a Super Bowl berth by ginning of another. 415 ' . hh. 7.,h:lh A AhK ' ti Muhjel . Mi.lU IVjnnJ Lvn AhJun Noi, LorctU Am IK ' Ut-we V Ahe Mjilene Chitii r IN J Ak,hik. IN ' .. 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Te,iv A Returning residents guaranteed same housing Baptist director claims followers of Rev. Moon enslave recruits %trojan Accusations prompt proposal to restructure CAAB AHocaWons be w «d (o re Zecf subjectivity Athlete receives housing favor I ' S .yn..::r:i Travel service complies with federal regulations University seeks fundint; J to upgrade internationa 4 CouncH task force recomri revisions in f ousing contracts Jfl 428 l Jt I D -J A IVa.J OileJ WjiJ Kjim L IVjiJrII. ShiiUnJ ■ Chri tD Wjinr, L jv,J Wjinei. Orbi uh ). j..rn. Jill Kjlhlmt lUr 1 Koht A M Hj.i.-n IVVnJv » Jo " IW.l i. luUt A . - - ' -• i-hh» n OjmJ V Me t i-hinitl m. MjuJf J " - Uj " . ' (mjf). Mk wc I " [Uun ' UiJ. LmJj K J.V Jl.,„Jhc J nrC JM U..(j.u v. Kjy " fVjiri- ftohrrU • - ' - ' lUlLm- Kjien UI IVjl-un, D yiJ A J l jl-Hm. UjxiJ A ..- M2 Wii n [XiYiJ E S42. X-lt tVrffMjn. Einr-i S -N " Ujoiin, Cifgg c isa lVj(s.m Timolhy A IW Wjii Cyitlhu «• UWf a , u,U Jc-2. IM 304 t jiun4 iin rhilin n . " V . W llrr- John F J " - ' JtV H d- Alr,. til WaII- BiurtJ M2. JDO 100 U- f- Mi h el K J»2 Will ' Ro hrllr R IJ5. J l .-JK-, Pj ,..i M MJ Wehh UougU ' C . , - J J W.hh I -« ' - " » fXvhr. AlUnC JiJ Wrhr- AmvL , 5 t rhei. John F , - J42 tXrhe. Liaiir A -W2 IV.K-. LrfA --, . ,--- M2 tVe h-irr S nJ, . K » -W llrJN-.x RoK " H 390.155 WrJJIe Irttiev D 400 100 l ,JJIr Thivri U »0 WrJr tM-rtner. Uiuv A M " l -Jhk.- UvviiJC 2Sl iXn-irv C i M i-V Wf.l KjvmonJ W , , 3fl Wnmri. Ri h ,JW. 3- ' 3 UrmN-. .J c2 h . .f- Jrm vC 74 H m j.J. KunJi A J- - ' UrinxJili-n. in- 40O Wr.n-trw Jrlhrr I IM l ,-,n„jak kehnt4 JHO n;, -. Brlly D X5. 4li l ,t s Rn hjfJ at. ... . .. Jw l ' e - ' -ngri. III! L «. 7« H.- i.n -»...- 342 l vUh Ui n L «. J« l .- i i. Jjnet M ,.. . , ... U fVrUh. Kohril C M2. JS l ,-Lh,;. HilUiv - 153 nW;- Mrvrn £ .- 293 tWiI- TfJ W ,-. 142 l cll Thfif r L J? " l cl-h Rrhr tJ L - 105 IVcl ' hvinri BiriC 100 i rnJo,f(. Judith D. -- 35f IV..1K IH ' uehH JW i rn-lcv DiviJ W. ,... 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S Ltfi W.l-,, Uir. 121 W,l-,in. KUtilyn C 2W0 W l-on. Miry K l 4 Wil-x-n PimeU ) 213 lOS Wili-e Milk £. 393 Wili-c Rohrii A - - I4g Will-ie. Ru- rll £ I.U. 135 Winrnun Jetdey W. I3g iVing. tUilev A ... 372 IViiiinii C ' uKk ' te Win- ' low. Willum B .. 293. Jofl, JV7 IXiiilhiop. RrhettJ J 90 l i-hnuk. Ami J 342 IViLhri. I ' jmeh M 342 W.ihiow. Kiinhrilv K 105 Wilnfv Kim 132 W.ueiiun M,.hflle M- i- 3 Wiyitill. Citrgaiy J , 105 lln .Jin L H» Hi. IVenJrII J 293 W.mmhuw k, JoJvA S4 WoUvit. Btet P ... JWJ, IJw WfU ini. iVni. M 39» IViW. Biun D 392 U,.;» Ojniel 3»3 Wollf. Cjiv A , , 293 W„lh- MithMl j 431 Wolin. Alitu . . 342 W«lin-kv Rohfil M. 132 Wiillrii. Clenn . 407 Wollrv. Krvin F 392 Wxlnrv Rohril M 100 W ,l-ev. Mjnif K 199 Wollnnn. ClyJf M 392 li ' iin|{. Ale niiei Q . . . , . ?» Wong Almj Wing un ... I40 IVun . Angir .. t4o Wong. Arnold JMl Avi- T 293 Wong Bonnir I. ..... ... 342 3lk Wong Uii n R 313 404 Wong. Cjthlrrn 72 W,.ng. Djnny M JeW H.«i(C D fK A 3SI Witng. klintielh A . , J7f Wo«g Cilhril C . 342 Wong. Lirgoiv U . 293 Wong Hiiry . .... JKW Wong JmitB . , 72 Wong. Jrtfiry K . IJW Wong. John Hung Yip 293 Wong. Krn K ,_.. . 2«3 Wong. Kenneth L Jp7 Wong Mtmel M . . . . . ... 313 JB« J99 Wong Peiiy 293 3olt W,-ng. Frlei K ........ 351 R ndAl .S 371 I5« Wong Raymond 293. 3r ' 7 Wong ing 297 Wong .Sn i 343 Wong. Hophu F ... 395 Wong. Suunne ...,..,., 347 Wong. Timolhv U 401 W mg. Tind J 305 Wong T Jrng T 293 Wong Viiginn CJietyt 299 Wong. Willum 313 Woo. Aljn C J. ! U.i.. Ainold U 373 Woo. Cfjtie J. 72 h ' . . li «n L -MJ Woo f Jiott L 313 374 .t99 W o. Tony K ..... 2.V U.. Wjiirn R 294 WooJjll NeitO il.f W. odloid. JonC. 7t WotidUnJ. Tm y 392 1 4 1 W.yodm n. B ihii L ... 45 2O0 IV.wJv John T . 7o Wood-. KrnI JJX Woodwtid. Andrtw £....,. f2 Woodr 4,d UuiM ' M . . ... 2. 1 W iolley. Leslie A. «. Woiirll Judv L 343 Woi-lry Biigrlle A Woilhington. Chmttjp IV,ii((iv Jrliiry S l%.JV TAUBM V Wiighi UougU-. i Wiighl Elujhrrh J Wi.ghl Kjlhlrrn R Wiighl. Lt-lrv S Wiiih Kjirn Wu. Chn-Ju Wu IVu, fong S Wu -thu Ku Wu. Su-MiJu WiH ' ilh Kjndjll D Wuilmjn. Kjlhiyn A. Wwimjn Wjllei W Wuiu. Cjit L Wvjii. Rohn W Wytoff Lon D WylJf. Lvnn WvlJe. Rohrii C Wynf Ruh Wvnn tUine M ijk, i.,M.jn Hoh,-n Mixlijfl W i MiKhjfl Jj. Cme M ljfti i. Melvin T jm Ai. P4tn.i4A jmjd, Rohril K ..m lHhi Ho«4,dS If hi h, mil )jm u.Ai Yuko Ijnunr JHIiev F Vj njno John )jnij.NLj C ' r iijc M jmj ' hiio. Krith K jnn-hifo Witirn K i mj hiU. Julie ijniJ-hiu Sleven M l-n-X ' . Aion T ..n..g.molo l me- T j u.i Drenj C ..nnun Riih iJ innrv. K it M " ' ■ ' Mr y ' ud . Junii )iu-y. C lheiine M hjnef Daniel (. " irjgri. Blend A y,..gei Siijn r gci IXile C 1.JK.V M ik J ■),.ig.-i Piol R Vrr. CUirnte B l.r Urhhie l v Dune W lif Ldmond M iT, CiOidon )rr MriLing L »■ Mnhjrl ee The Kloie W )ekuh Chii- ' irkikijn John 1,11 Lmj- a ,ndii-k S ir,i,(- K n Andirw ».-,. S,-,.i In Ini r,mgiu t.-f 01 un ( 1.7 fl u.r W .- ' i.u-IJto JI3 .W. 4M 371 394 7» ), fi R. h -il I •tolhf Bt-lh t tokotj Jjnuf V,.m;.u,j Krn .S )oung. BudforJ I ' o„ng Biu.r N Jj,-),xm oung.Jjme K oiing. Jrll W lining, MAiilyn C )oung. FtuI T )o,inghUJ. Willum K . ) iinglnn- iindi A. . ' i.nnu Ku -ellA 1„ Oilloid M , HMolJChi Mm luc. HowjiJ Hong iing tu. ' Ho«,JidH i on Anihonv S i..j JeJn Hjiumi jjuifnv TroliloJ jh. ki Jjme. I j,kj tXivd M i kiivin. Jejnnine jkun Mnh rl A jnd-tii Miiio N jii iifi. LUniel J ZJiiimivH. N4U hj ' jiiiiH ' VH h. fvnyt L iiUkh-b Lnh j-kr. Chn-lophei L . jum-4-il Uejn R jv.,irlli Ann M .imi- in en»S j flc m. M4ik K A-gv, Kjlhi rn A Jeiigin. Shjion C. i,kl,U Mji-h t Zifik. Ah- n C Atghi Vrhij I •tglei Mjiv a il.i Milk L il,i FirJen k W ,II Mliev O immeinun. Kjirn M. ,i«m,in jn KjiiU A ,-k Rjndjll,»i.h Maiv t .-■J. l nn Af ounrn UJwin M .I ' kc Lhii- •■(iiiith Thomj- P. oh-r A i. ur t i ' uhiii tugene 429 El Rodeo 1979 Putting It In Perspective There are many reasons why we chose to salute the southern Califor- nia experience in EL RODEO 1979. The integration of many things make it a special experience for both stu- dents and residents of the region. It ' s not only the snow, surf and sun or the cultural, recreational, and athle- tic entertainment. It ' s not only the ad- vantages but also the challenging dis- advantages and the opportunities to explore. It ' s not just the academic learning experience inside the class- room, but also the outdoor laborato- ries. The uniqueness is the mixing of all these specialities bound with a special glue that brings everything to- gether . . . people. It ' s the people who enjoy numerous recreational and entertainment oppor- tunities. And its the people who take advantage of the advantages and try to conquer disadvantages. Finally, it ' s the people who educate themselves in many different disciplines and areas of study to prepare themselves for life after graduation. Tommy Trojan, Traveller, and Fight On are only cornerstones for the most important aspect of this univer- sity. Because its the students who " meet at Tommy Trojan, " salute Traveller, sing Fight On, and continue to build upon tradition and 100 years of achievement at USC. A lot of factors make the southern California experience unique and this feeling is different for each individ- ual. We love the experience of learn- ing and living here in southern Cali- fornia and hope that through the EL RODEO 1979 we have been able to reflect the realization of the exper- ience and share with you a little of what the southern California exper- ience means to us. -The Editors 430 Production Details Volume 74 of the University of Southern California EL RODEO was printed by Josten ' s American Year- book Company in Visalia, California, using the offset lithography method. Paper stock is 80 pound Dull 199. Endsheet stock is Walnut 299 and the trim size is 9 x 12. The body copy was set in 10 point Palatino, captions in 8 point Palatino Italic, while index and photo credits are in 6 point Pala- tino Italic. Headlines feature 24 point Palatino Bold with 14 point Palatino Italic kickers, both in caps and lower case. Division page headlines were set in Friz Quadrata, all caps. A total of 45 4-color pages were in- cluded in the yearbook out of a total of 432 pages, 27-16 page signatures. The cover design is an original artwork by Don Weller of the Weller Institute, Los Angeles. A well-known commercial artist, Don is a graduate of Washington State University and also taught art classes at UCLA. Don used " Dr. Martin ' s " dye applied with Japanese brushes and toothbrushes for the special effects. The cover is Craftline embossed. Material color is Natural 436 with shoe grain. Cover is blind-embossed using custom-tipon lamination by the company. The base ink used is black. Graduate portraits were taken by Garfield Studios, Los Angeles. The book prides itself with student work, from the editing to photogra- phy, and was compiled with a staff of 15 students and 2 student editors. The EL RODEO 1979 had a press run of 10,500 copies and sold for $6.50, which was included in the student ac- tivity book fee. The staff funct ions under the Of- fice of Student Publications in the Di- vision of Student Affairs. EL RODEO STAFF, FRONT: Diana Gemigniani, Liz fre fas. SECOND ROW: Stephanie James, Shelly Suzuki, Lisa Hubbard, Janice Munemitsu. BACK ROW: Shelley Lash, Tim Real, Neal Flyer, Greg Bennett, Dave Rush, Michael Wolfe, Regina Birdsell, Mike Osborn. Not Pic- tured: Rona Kirchoff, Carolyn Marquez, DeeDee Seeto. 431 We ' re All In It Together Special Friends Clarence Anderson, El Rodeo advisor Dan Avila, Club Sports Susan Brown, Commuter Students Paul Conrad. Los Angeles Times Mona Cravens, Office of Student Publications Lazlo Denes, Sports copy page 202 Linda Edward, Sports Copy page 212 Russ Ewald, USC Sports Information Nadine Felix, Club Sports Charlie Galvani, American Yearbook Company Paulette Gaudet, Playboy Becky Kummerfeld, Womens Athletics Los Angeles Herald Examiner Don Ludwig, Intramurals Janet McMinn, USC News Bureau Joseph Millard Sports Pics Dennis Newitt, Sports copy Delia Newland, USC Sports Information Jocelyn Otsu, Office of Student Publications Jim Perry, USC Sports Information Susan Ritchie, copy page 169 Art Smith, Title Page Dave Sorenson, American Yearbook Company Bob Staake, Daily Trojan cartoonist Barry Taranto, Sports copy Julie Veitch, Daily Trojan The Don Weller Institute, cover design Contributing Photographers Sue Adams Bliss Air Photo Matt Bombeck Susan Brown Joyce Cain Liz Cantor Esther-Rene Curry Mike Daugherty Daily Trojan Staff Larry Drum David Fellows Barry Fikes Arnold Frankel Doug Gray Harry Green Chris Gulker Michael Harriel Doug Hoover Shuji I to Mark Kariya John Klug Jeff Ladar Richard Levitt Merv Lee Ed Moy David Poteet Paul Rodriguez Mark Smith Marsha Traeger Dwayne Warren Denis Wolcott Bill Youngblood El Rodeo 1979 Staff Janice Munemitsu EDITORS Mike Osborn STAFF Regina Birdsell Liz Freitas Diana Gemigniani Lisa Hubbard Stephanie James Rona Kirchoff Shelley Lash Carolyn Marquez David Rush Shelly Suzuki Neal Flyer Greg Bennett Neal Flyer PHOTOGRAPHERS Tim Real Dee Dee Seeto Michael Wolfe 432 •!iii ' ' » ' ' ! ' ' ! ' ' = ' ' " 1, IMC

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