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. ' v ' -• ' ?4. IV : H wm THE 1978 EL RODEO Volume 73 University of Southern California Los Angeles THE 1978 EL RODEO UNIVERSITY VILLAGE fljCTIMITIES 25 UNIVERSITY VILLAGE IVING GROUPS 315 uv UNIVERSITY VILLAGE GREEKS 109 ..3 231« I UV UNIVERSITY VILLAGE SPORl UV UNIVERSITY VILLAGE 8NDEX ' S y -i . %. • . .•. ■ - V, EDITOR Patti Polin ASSIST W ' 1 EDIIOR Mike Osl)orn CHIEF PHOrOCJRAPHEH Judy Francesconi STAFF phoio(;raphers Matt Bombeck iMark Kiiplan STAFF Laiiran Bromley Bob McLoiid Janice Munemitsu Erin Murphy Stephanie ishi Melody ishida Jill Richards Susan Sloate Barry Sullivan Shelly Suzuki CO TRIBUTl G photographer Ed Moy DIRECTOR OF SllDENT PUBLKIATION ' S Clarence Anderson AMERICAN ' YTv BOOK REPRESEXTATIVE Will Loe SENIOR PORTRAITS Garfield Studio H Wi ' ' All of the faces and all of the places Just wonderin ' where they all disappeared. f f ' -vrif u A 10 Good times and riches, some bruises and stitches, I ' ve seen more than I can recall. 12 With all of our running and all of our cunning, If we couldn ' t laugh, we would go insane; If we weren ' t all crazy, we would go insane. 15 Oh, but yesterdays are over my shoulder, So I can ' t look back for too long; There ' s just too much to see waiting in front of me, And I don ' t think that I can go wrong. — Jimmy Buffett " Copyright 1977 Coral Reefer Music BMI, used by permission. 16 TOP RIGHT: Thomas P. Nickell; BELOW: Chancellor Norman Topping; BOTTOM RIGHT: William Hall. The Board of Trustees appointed Chancellor Norman Topping to his post in 1970. Although he has no specific duties as Chancellor, Top- ping remains active in university affairs after service as president of the university for sev- eral years. Thomas Nickell, vice president of university affairs, manages university relations, develop- ment and alumni affairs. A major part of his department ' s efforts focus on the " Toward Century 11 " $265 million fund-raising cam- paign. Through counseling, the Dean for Student Life, Robert Mannes, ensures that student or- ganizations run smoothly in conjunction with other university affairs. Addie Klotz, who directs the Student Health Center, also serves as associate vice president for student affairs. Chaplain Alvin Rudisill di- rects use ' s religious program and church and serves as a personal adviser. Preston Dent, the Associate Dean of Curri- culum and Instruction, strives to assure USC ' s academic excellence by evaluating courses. William Hall, the university Registrar, retired this year after serving the university since Au- gust, 1949. At that time, he was Assistant Registrar for Veteran Affairs. Through various promo- tions. Hall arrived to his last position where he managed the Registrar ' s Office for 13 years with help from three as- sistants. He supervised regis- tration, transcripts, senior de- gree checks and other acade- mic records. Hall served on various cam- pus committees; he served as an elected member of the Faculty Senate and, as Regis- trar, he was the permanent secretary on the Academic Standards Committee of the President ' s Advisory Council. In the future. Hall planned to work two days a week for a- bout a year or more as a con- sultant for the new Registrar. 18 Joan Schaefer, Dean of Women, works with vari- ous academic programs on-and off-campus, and al- so serves as an adviser and counselor.. . Car! Franklin, vice president for legal affairs, deals almost exclusively with the university ' s encounters with contract law. He channels other law matters to the university ' s contracted law firm. Colin MacLeod, director of financial services, oversees the university ' s at least $200 million finan- cial operations. in his work with university services and property, Anthony Lazzaro, vice president for business affairs, finds ways to operate USC as efficiently as possible for the least amount of money. Executive vice president, Zohrab Kaprielian, is responsible for academic planning, research and supervising the university ' s budget. 20 OPPOSITE PAGE, TOP RIGHT: Joan 5c jae er; BOTTOM RIGHT, Carl Franklin. THIS PAGE, TOP LEFT: Anthony Lazzaro; BOTTOM LEFT: Colin Macleod; BOTTOM RIGHT: Zohrab Kaprielian. iSI s ' " ' H H iiy B . " SSi i H Hr Bv ' ' P 1 I Roy Kidman, the university librarian, supervises the workings of USC ' s numerous branches of Doheny library, as well as the other independent libraries. TOP: Roy Kidman. BOTTOM: James Appleton. James Appleton, vice president for student affairs, heads programs and services which aim to relate academics to the total student environment. President John R. Hubbard 24 Activities 26 27 use, You Ought ' a Be In Pictures! 28 THIS PAGE, TOP: Josh McDowell discussed history and sex as they relate to Christianity. BOTTOM LEFT: David Horowitz from KNBC advocated extreme caution in all aspects of consumer affairs. BOTTOM RIGHT: Dolores Huarta of the United Farm Workers spoke on women ' s rights, abortion and planned preg- nancy. OPPOSITE PAGE, TOP: Dr. Timothy Leary expressed his vision of the future world. BOTTOM LEFT: Ray Bradbury, con- temporary science fiction writer, spoke on the importance of dreams. BOTTOM RIGHT: Dr. Demento, disc jockey from KMET, entertained his audience with his usual zany flair. 30 Variety of Speakers adds Spice to Student Life This year University Speakers Committee and SCOPE provided a plethora of interesting speakers. The topics included everything from sex and religion to music and the movies. Dr. William Masters, David Brinkley and Josh McDowell, among others, discussed current issues, while Dr. Demento, Neil Simon and Ray Bradbury provided a lighter note. Controversial organizations, such as the United Farm Workers, sent representatives, and America ' s first woman astronaut made a special appearance. Thanks to SCOPE and the University Speakers Committee, many students found lunchtime to be a high noon. . ' . ssii ' Jimmy Walker Makes The Good Times Roll 32 FASTEN Offers Weekend R R 33 m Festive Faces Refle " Homecoming Spirit October 15, 1977 - use vs. Oregon SC ' s Oldest Building Becomes Alumni House The First 100 Years In 1870, there was a mustard field. In 1880, that mus- tard field was the location of the first building at USC. On October 6, 1977, that building became Widney Alumni House in a special dedication ceremony marking the first Founders Day. Meticulous care and planning went into the renova- tion of this ninety-seven-year-old building. Almost all materials, furnishings, and designs were donated by alumni, and the completed structure closely resembles the decor of Los Angeles in the late nineteenth century. The authentic furnishings include many antiques also donated by alumni. There is a board room, an in formal conference room. Founders Room and a patio as well as the offices of the General Alumni Association. The original building was named in honor of Robert M. Widney, the Los Angeles judge who believed in the possibilities of private education in southern California. The restored Alumni House was dedicated to Widney as well, reaffirming his faith in USC ' s potential for growth. Heading into the 2nd Century " Toward Century II " is a multi-million-dollar program designed to expand USC ' s growth in its second hun- dred years. The anticipated $265-million will provide new academic programs and faculty. This will enable USC to " fulfill its mission of preparing future leaders by means of new concepts of quality liberal education in harmony with rigorous graduate and professional training. " To this end, the trustees have devoted their efforts to a vast fund-raising program that is expected to be com- pleted by 1980, the start of the university ' s second cen- tury. Emphasizing the importance of private education and USC ' s illustrious history and sound financial man- agement (the trustees proudly proclaim that the uni- versity has never run a deficit), the program is drawing large lump-sum gifts from alumni and friends. " Toward Century I! " will ensure that in the second century, as in the first, it ' s great to be a Trojan. Toward Century II 1880-1980 Thomds Nkkfll di ' dii.ilc ihc now Alumni House to Judf;o Robert M. Widney, USC ' s leadinf; founder. Meanwhile, students lolehrdte with .imes, ,1 tug of wjr, ,1 dunking nidchinc, .ind special contests use " Does It " On Founders Day V : t. ' iiia - ' » - " -- , ' . J0 f SC Spirit TOP LEFT: Dr. Arthur C. Bartncr and the band pause between songs. BOTTOM LEFT: Song Girl Lori Crawley waves her pom- poms for use. TOP CENTER: The Trojan Marching Band and flag girls look formidable at halftime. BOTTOM CENTER: Song Girls Neelura Bell, Carol Pike, Teri Dion, Lori Crawley, Kathy Kjar and Ellen Sweeney cheer during basketball season. TOP RIGHT: Yell leaders Leonard Kirkorian and David Sharp raise the Trojan spirit. BOTTOM RIGHT: The Song Girls keep the rhythm of " Conquest! " 1 V t !-- .- Jb i . Troy Week Sets USC Aflame -. mm ' U ' y ' , r " Mr m " ■ ■ ' . i iUB Rtn THE EI " CDNaUE5T| . -.t%«sr4;. Creativity Abounds At Crafts Faire Autumn Arts Festival Brings " Cultcha " To SC Held in October, the Autumn Arts Festival presented a collage of activities encompassing solo and ensemble music performances, fine arts exhibitions, eight dra- matic productions and dance and cinema presenta- tions. Highlights of the Festival included John Houseman ' s production of " The Caucasian Chalk Circle. " This first drama production of the year tied together the old story of the Chinese chalk circle and the story of an eccentric judge. It was presented in Bing Theater and drew critical acclaim. Those who stayed in Los Angeles during Cal weekend were given the opportunity, for the first time, to see a closed-circuit live telecast of the USC-Cal football game. The game drew an enormous home crowd that responded to it as enthusiastically as the crowd in Berkeley. Symphonies, belly dancing, musical comedy, fire- works and a cabaret added to the richness of the Autumn Arts Festival. Caucasian Chalk Circle 48 The World ' s a Stage for use Drama Variety was the word for USC ' s dramatic pro- ductions this year. The Bing Theater, Stop Gap The- ater and Bovard Auditorium hosted plays ranging from melodrama to light comedy to musicals. There were Shakespearean offerings such as " The Taming of the Shrew, " comedies such as " Moonchildren, " and two musicals: the residence halls ' " Two Gentlemen of Verona " and " Follies, " the all-university spring musical. There were also productions of " Angel of the Mourning " and " Right You Are If You Think You Are. " It is apparent, from the vast repertoire and ex- cellence of production, that at USC the play ' s the thing. Wind Orchestra ' Verona ' Is Musical Fun for Bovard Audiences i — t trf K • •rr-fir ¥ » m ■ m L ' -J • S t International Week Brings the World to SC This year ' s International Week, held March 13-18, was an overwhelming success. The activities in- cluded a food faire that featured delectable tidbits from countries all over the world and various dance and musical performances. The faire seemed to succeed in its effort to show SC students how the other parts of the world eat and live. |5 ,-, - ' Photos by Janet McMinn 53 54 Songfest " Celebrates ' ' Its 25th Year Songfest 78, entitled " Celebrate, " opened its cur- tains at the Hollywood Bowl, where it began 25 year: ago. Songfest, the nation ' s largest student-run musical production, showcased choral groups and song and dance groups from the dorms, fraternities, sororities and other campus organizations. Proceeds from the show went to Troy Camp, a program that benefits the children in the USC neighborhood. 55 Commencement . . . The End Of An Age All good things must come to an end eventually, as college seniors find out every winter and spring when commencement ends their undergraduate years. Though it is a fresh beginning, for some it is also the close of many years of blissful isolation. Commencement Day signals the start of years of responsibility and commitmen t. use ' s fall commencement was held in the Shrine Auditorium and spring commencement in Alumni Park. Guest speakers — Dean Rusk at fall commencement — delivered the commencemen ad- dress. 56 58 Organizations :al ANuii ■?•: T ROW ONE, Left to Right: Ed Iniguez, Cwen Leishman, Delila Soury, Eric Lemke, Kristy Versaw, Debra Mars, Jeanne Fernandez, Mike Mc- Mahon, Dave Nater, Dana Nater, Tim Love, Raquel Martinez, Kim Ha- gens, Richard Klein, Greg Anderson, Nancy Pon, Eben Phillips, Fung Der, Linda Sera. ROW RWO: Craig Stephens, Doug Jackson, Rick Audette, Bill Winslow, Kevin Kitagawa, Vincent Lee, Beverly Chap- man, Marco Columbo, Bill Lever, Melanie Landau, Barry Jacobs, Jeff Blatt, Caren Hayakawa, Ernie Riffenburgh, Mary Fitzgerald, Andrea Po- dosin. Sheila Macleod, Tory Smith. ROW THREE: Mende Mullins, Chuck Stanislawski, Erin Murphy, Wendell Wo. Hope Aquilar, Mich- aela Camozzi, Suzanne Smith, Leo Paredes, Marilee Donohugh, Steve Barnard, Greg Kushner, Caren Nielsen, George Kistler, April Ayers, Sharon Arnett, Mitch Razook, Irene Shih, Bruce Okamoto. ROW FOUR: Melanie Sample, Don Porter, Pam Rowton, Jeff Silver, John Wong, Peter Cyffka, Tim Marsh, Ralph Forte, Mike O ' Brien, Bob Gun- dry, Ken Kurisu, Wendell Tom, John Dunckel, Scott McArthur, Mauri- cio Pinto, Tina Karagias, Don Young. ROW FIVE: Brad Nix, Dennis Niksch, Brian Ringler, Dave Cottrell, Peter Elkin, Terri Colby, Curt Sch- roeder, Tom Testa, Larry Long, Don Barton, Steve Rubin, Bill Driver, Roger Lockhart, Denise Douglas, Stuart Silver, Perry Wong, Jim Smith. ROW SIX: Steve Smith, Bill Freeman, Chuck Taylor, Steve Pirrone, Ken Spence, Alan Bollinger, Colleen Ho, Jay Ho, Chuck Roblin, Mark Andrews, Scott Gilmour, Laurie Cabeen, Jeff Horwith, Steve Much- nikoff, Andy Smith, Mike Schirm, Mark Farfsing, Mark McLaughlin. ROW SEVEN: Bill Fritsche, Chris Nelson, Bob Henderson, Mike Filip- pone, Mike Hurst, Scott Ely, Chris Andersen, Jonathon Wolf, Mitch Kreeger, Ken Moreau, Gary Fentiman, Beth Cummins, Bob Zack, Ann Svoboda, Kevin Norris. ROW EIGHT: Leith Irinaka, John Johnson, Chip Higgins, Julie Bayley, Peter Friss. 60 " VVS Alpha Kappa Psi Alpha Zeta chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi profess- ional business fraternity is the largest and most efficient chapter of the national organization. Its objectives are to further the individual welfare of its members, to foster scientific research in the fields of commerce, accounts and finance, to edu- cate the public to demand higher ideals and to pro- mote courses leading to business administration de- grees from institutions of higher education. AZ Officers: Dennis Niksch (Spring MOR), Bill Lever (Sprin g Treas- urer), Dave Coffre (Spring VP-Operatlons), Jonathan IVo (Spring VP-Administration), Mitch Razook (Spring President, Fall Vp-Ad- ministration), John Johnson (Fall President), Vincent Lee (Fall VP- Operations), Richard Klein (Fall Treasurer), Scott McArthur (Fall and Spring Secretary), George Kistler (Fall MOR). NOT PICTURED: George Applebaum, Howard Avery, Sandy Bivens, Dave Bohnett, Dave Davidson, Jorge Delgado, Greg Doomanis, Rich- ard Harmon, Brian Johnson, Audrey Kameya, Merle Kaneta, Greg Koff- man, Jerome Leinhard, Lemuel Martinez, Sam Martinez, Penny Mc- Kinstry, Jim Miller, Mark Myers, Avis Nakahara, Lee Pacheco, Lynn Peterson, Steve Ray, Kathy Schupp, Gary Semple, Chrissy Scoffield, Steve Shaw, Val Szabo, Geroge Viebeck, Richard Wise, Arnie Wong, Dwight Zinn, and Chapter Advisor Dr. Bill Himstreet. «1 Alpha Epsilon Delta AED is an international pre-medical honor so- ciety, its students have the opportunity to experi- ence different aspects of medicine and to meet and befriend other students with the same interests. AED sponsors hospital and medical school tours, speakers, seminars with medical students, advise- ment, counseling and placement in hospital volun- teer projects. MEMBERS: Fred Redfern, Raymond Roffi, Mike Roorda, Jeff Rosenburg, Pamela Rotenberg, Evelyne Schwarzenbart, Kathy Shaw, Don Shuwarger, Mark Siebert, Dan Siegel, Erick Stephanian, Michael Tom, Bea Verdugo, Steven Villalobos, Dan Waxer, Scott Weingarten, John Olenyn, Edward Laurance, Steven Vasilev, Ste- ven Verity, John Koeppel, Leslie Mochizuki, Ronette Cajka, Jim Arthur, Roger Ammar, Tom Arredondo, Sheila Aurthur, Mark Avila, Kay Azuma, Carolyn Baker, Meenu Bedi, Monte Bible, Jim Boatman, Mike Bottom, Jim Brady, Arlene Bruce, Bruce Cahill, Vito Carabetta, Robert Castro, Kreighton Chan, Sandy Chang, Joanne Chao, Peter Chee, Rose Cohen, Sam Colachia, Irma Cortes, Chris Dombrowski, Michael Dung, Helen DuPlessis, Kristine Ed- wards, Gregory Evans, Jane Frederick, Roy Fujitani, Alisa Cean, John Ceraghty, Jody Gerard, Dwight Goddard, Martin Hargrave, Lois Hashimoto, Robert Hicks, Howard Hodis, Steven Johnson, Carsten Kampe, Ron Kindig, Geli Ann Kitsigianis, Wendy Koel- sche, Gary Kring, Tom Kroening, Eric Kunichika, Jill Kunitake, Samuel Kwok, Helen Kyomen, Carolyn Lamb, John Lane, William Leavitt, Cheryl Lee, Jean LeGrand, Irene Lipinski, Juliette Lopez, Dana Mann, Leticia Mat long, Don Mills, Susan Monson, Louis Monty, Howard Nakashioya, Mark Nishiki, Kevin Nishimori, Tom Nyberg, John Orkwis, Tim Piatt, Mark Pollentz, Don Ponec, Gary Radford, Naoki Sakai, Ana Sanchez, Gary Schiller, Gary Scott, Karen Seleman, Frank Shin, Fred Shum, Saveta Simi, Susan Sui, Kurt Slapnik, Ryan Sumida, Eric Tammen, Edwardo Tellez, Tommy Tom, John Tookey, Alex Tovar, Curt Tsujimoto, David Tuk, Roger Wong, Ken Yonemura, Don Yoshimura, Ron Daoud, Mary Starks, Samuel Lim, Richard Weiss, Khalid Awad, Dale Bishop, Nidia Colo- mer, Mark Hambly, Thomas Hirose, Jodi Ross, Mike Nagata, Jim Wetrich, Kathy Kitsigianis, Del Worthington, Tim Lee, Laura Gor- don, Denise Abe, Armando Alvarez, Donna Callahan, Eric Camin- iti,Marylene Chang, Barrett Day, Phil Delich, Scott Ely, Denis Evan- gelatos, Greg Evans, William Gilli, Tracy Coins, Irma Gonzalez, Sylvana Guidotti, Josh Halpern, Mike Henry, Greigh Hirata, Aaron Hsu, Tom Hryniewicki, Paul hhkanian, Jaqueline Jackson, Man Kim, Susan Kimura, Brian King, Laura Kochevar, Michael Kraut, Richard Landers, Carl Li, Juliette Lopez, Larry Lytle, Leo Milner, Vincent Moretti, Mitch Morey, Joseph Morris, Mark Morrison, Karen Murata, Ron Murayama, Dan Nelson, David Niskioka, Gary Polan, Don Ponec, Rosemary Aghbashian, Mary Magdalene Aguas, Francisco Alvarez, Marc Andonian, Larry Applebaum, Laurie Bal- com, Terry Ballmann, Grace Bautista, Benjamin Beckler, Stephen Berlin, Matthew Boone, Karen Box, Esther Castain, Warren Chow, Linda Cintron, Barry Clayton, Paul Colluzzi, Ruben Contaoi, Joel Corona, Christine Covert, Alan Cunha, Jeffrey Dahlgren, David Dahnke, Karen Dang, Gary Dangerfield, Freemont Dea, James Degracia, Lino de Guxman, David DeLeon, Vince DeQuattro, Kar o- line Deutsch, Daniel Dudas, Amelia Escobedo, Pamelyn Ferdin, Elliot Frohman, Jane Furin, Jeff Gananian, James GiGantelli, Brian Goldfine, Andrea Green, Geeta Gupta, Quan Ha Duong, Alireza Hafezizadeh, Kimberly Hall, Shant Hamamah, Kathleen Harris, Dawn Hayes, Kimberly Henry, Nathan Hsu, Owen Hsu, Enilde In- gels. Rick Iwai, Shams Jaffer, Miyoko Katsura, Jill Kawahigashi, Randy Kawamura, Khashayar Khakmahd, Sanghee Kim, Georgina Kovacs, Kevin Kuettel, Raymond Kwok, Thomas Lamb, Kim La- Motte, Katherine Lau, Andrea Lee, Fun Lee, Gary Lee, Flo Lee, Stewart Lee, Vanessa Lee, James Lew, Doris Luk, Leslie Lowe, Lisa Majer, Roselyn Marfoe, Matthew Martello, Elizabeth Martinez, Marke Maurer, Suzanne Mayagoitia, Jan McClure, Brent Met- fessel, Cynthia Miguel, Jeffrey Miller, Keeley Miller, Elva Monarrez, John Montalvo, Sandra Mrvos, Michael Murphy, Chi Nguyen, Ruby Nishioka, Budiati Nugroho, Lani Okamoto, Deborah Oles, Mable Pang, Seroj Panossian, Peter Park, David Petruska, Rosy Pie- ters, Mae Rishel, Richard Rodriguez, Lucinda Romero, Grace Saeki, Romaly Sar, Sophia Saruba, Jerry Schilz, Allan Scott, Steve Silverstein, Sabrina Simon, Charters Smith, Richard Sollman, Sul- picio Soiano, Deborah Souva, Era Steele, Kathryn Stilwell, Annette Sumrall, Elizabeth Swingrover, Carmelita Tac Deran, Elizabeth Tay- lor, Patrick Thein, Steve Theis, Sharon Tomiyama, Janice True- blood, Judelyn Ung, Steven Vasilev, Sharon Veltre, Adrienne Wil- liams, Debbie Willis Braven Wong, Diane Wong, Robert Yamada, Henry Yang, Herman Yang, Herman Yee, Donna Yip, Ann Zavarelli, Susan Zebrack. 62 AIESEC AIESEC, the Association Internationale des Etudiants en Sciences Economiques et Com- merciales, is an international student-managed organization with national headquarters in New York City and local committees on 67 campuses throughout the United States. AIESEC sponsors training programs, business seminars, panel discussions, career planning meetings and industrial work study tours in various economic environments designed to complement theoretical classroom training. BOTTOM RO N:Robin Peger, John Wong, Fred Farias, Audrey Paige, Brian Reid, Mike Anderson. TOP ROW: Yao Apasu, Joe Henehan, Lance Brandon. Mark Myers, Robert Samonte. NOT PICTURED: Bill Barry, Ramona Page, Linda Cerny, Tom Pabst, Percy Cerff, Elese Coit. Alpha Epsilon Rho Alpha Epsilon Rho is a national broadcasting fraternity that promotes better radio and TV pro- gramming. Among its other activities, it hosted the national AERho conference in Las Vegas, which was held in April in conjunction with the annual confer- ence of the National Honorary Broadcasting Society. BOTTOM ROW: Randy Crane, Gail Asayama, David Fellows, Susan Sloate, Debbie Ack, Robin Forman, Rosemary O ' Brien. TOP ROVJiJohn McLaughlin, Mike Zaustinsky, David Krapp, Sam Stein, Bob Dickes, Ferris Kaplan. 63 Former President Ford was the guest of honor at the Air Force ROTC " Dining Out " banquet in December. 64 ABOVE, SEATED: Nancy Ono. ROW TWO: Col. Frederick W. Francke, Capt. John M. Buzbee, TSgt. S.J. Celet, Capt. Richard A. Ranker, Capt. Allen S. Taylor, Maj. James R. Snodgrass. TOP ROW: TSgt. Don True, SSgt Willie Bennett. BELOW: Over 500 people attended the " Dining Out " banquet. This year the Air Force ROTC unit at USC com- missioned 40 Air Force officers. After graduation, these officers will proceed to various duty stations to commence their tours as professional leaders. 65 AATP BOTTOM ROW: Wesley Naritoku, Michael Dung, Wayne Naka- mura, Joy Fujimoto, Glenn Masuda, Leticia Mationg, Gail Kawa- saki, Lauren Dionzon, Randal Wong. ROW TWO: Peter Chang, Paul Tanaka, Esther Ishikawa, Unidentified, Kelvin Nishikawa, Michael Tom, Coffeeshop Carl, Ayako Maeda, Anson Okimoto, Clayton Jung, Alfred Ines. NOT PICTURED: Greg Chang, Mary- lene Chang, Debbie Chinn, Keith Mizutani, Bill Nakano, Dana Quintana, Victor Ortiz, Min Ro, May Tarn, Linda Wong, Therese Wong, May Yanagi, Tricia Yamada, Bruce Jacobson, Felicia Lai, Charlene Kurata, Patricia Kitsuta, Jin Choi, Amy Kato, Denise Lo- quet, Ann Su, Cynthia Kadohata, Akitsu Uchihashi. The AATP is a voluntary organization with the main objective of tutoring English to recent Asian immigrant children and other ESL students. Tutoring is done at local elementary schools, offering class credit in ethnic studies, education, speech com- munications, anthropology and gerontology classes for students who participate. They also extend their services to the Keiro nursing home. ASCE The ASCE, a professional society, invited speakers on a variety of civil engineering subjects to their bi-monthly meetings. They also sponsored social events and represented USC at ASCE regional con- ferences. BOTTOM ROW: Jim McCormick, Gil Dia, Unidentified, Carey Hagen, Francisco Alonzo, Raul Romero. ROW TWO: Tim Ash- lock, Ken Itahara, Victor Choa, Scott Uyeda, Unidentified, Brig- itte Engel. ROW THREE: Jed Miyazaki, Dave Imata, Unidentified, Brandon Blaylock. ROW FOUR: Ron Simpson, Frankie Wong, Donna Whiteneck, Steve Olson, Craig Kennedy. TOP ROW: Danny Matsumoto, Gary Hostetler, Prof Stanley Butler, Bruce Tong, Unidentified, Mario Tiberti, Richard Reis. NOT PICTURED: Karen Sakai, Ron Poland, Jorge Pachas, Hector Gomez, Moham- med Rambo, Paul Greenwood. 66 American Institute of Chem. Engineers BOTTOM ROW: George Gray, Bobi Schmutzer, Heidi Bunge, Josephine Chow, Blaine Chow, Mario Navarro. ROW TWO: Debra Pryor, Odette Luong, Adrian Lee, Steve Giffoni, Tracy Coates, Tom Chiarra, Bill Mukai. ROW THREE: Monet Wong, Dave Ching, Mike Mazur, Diana Scarsdale, Adrian Towns, Jin Chung, Ken Mei, Afshin Bazshushtari, Scott Nauman, Allen Martin. TOP ROW: Julianne Towns, Dave Shiells, Steve Bruce, Bret Anderson, Jon Van Sluyters, Greg Gritters. The American Institute of Chemical Engineers sponsored field trips, speaker programs and student- faculty events to inform its members of the career opportunities available to chemical engineers and to promote a feeling of identification with the department. Trips to Mobil Oil ' s Torrance refinery, Fluor Corporation ' s headquarters in Irvine and Procter and Gamble ' s Paper Products Company in Oxnard, as well as campus discussions of engi- neering and graduate school study, highlighted this year ' s activities. Alpha Lambda Delta 67 ACM The Association of Computing Machinery is a professional society for the computer scientists. It brings together students and members of in- dustry by having field trips and or by bringing dis- tinguished lecturers on campus. Members sub- scribe to the purposes of the Association and have attained professional stature by demonstrating in- tellectual competence and ethical conduct in com- puter science and its related fields. BOTTOM ROW: Eva Huang, Shirley Ishizue, Vnita Mertz, Sheree Tan. TOP ROW: Takeo O ' Ishi, Bruce Fong, Richard Kwan, Robert Borochoff. Blue Key Blue Key is one of the oldest nationally recog- nized honorary leadership fraternities. Blue Key members, recognized for their outstanding con- tributions to student leadership and campus life, are chosen during their junior or senior year. The group meets as a forum to discuss major issues and campus activities, and presents annual awards recognizing the outstanding faculty mem- ber, administrator, friend of the university and graduating senior. This year the group held an alumni awards ban- quet to present awards and to honor both past and present leaders of the university. BOTTOM ROW: Bruce Furniss, John Spear, David Sharp, Ken Spear (pres.). Rocky Tarantelio (faculty adviser), Steve Wetzel, Mike Nagata, Richard Creybehl. TOP ROW: Tom Verdegem, George DeUrioste, Mark Rios, Steve Rubin, Hugh Horstman, Larry Hall, Bill Allen, Mike Mann, Scott Stone, Bill Dauster, Ri- chard De Beikes, Bob Yoder. NOT PICTURED:5coff Tolstad, Dennis Mulhaupt, Tom Murrin, Glenn Sonnenberg, Mark Fos- ter, Rob Hertel. 68 First Class Club BOTTOM ROW: Bob " The Oracle " Roe. ROW TWO: Bob David- son, Guy Morgan, Grace Sheehan, Captain Nemo, Dolf Ramirez, Pablo Cummings, Darth Mongo, Jeff " The Sultan " Subko, " Gen- eralisimo " Brian Kagy. ROW THREE: Rich Andes, Karen Walbert, Frances " The Bashaw " Davis, Steve Ditmars. TOP ROW: Bob Sel- lers, Doug Kleinkauf, Bob McNulty, Charlie Lock wood. Curt Scribner, Mark Koerber, MIDN Yamamoto, Eric Gerpain. NOT PICTURED: Scoff Green, John Griset, Mark Hughes, Ed Laich, Jim Lehman, Steve Rubin, Cliff Skelton. The First Class Club, composed of Naval ROTC seniors, aims to develop their members mentally, morally and phy sically in order to prepare them for later responsibilities in a naval career. wcc The Women ' s Coordinating Council co- ordinates campus organizations involving women by bringing together women who are campus leaders. The council acts as a resource and information center for all wo- men by supporting women ' s organizations, facilitating communication between its members, using the collective strength of its organizations to bring about change and by informing women of the opportunities available to them. BOTTOM ROW: Kim Morey, Jennifer Polhemus, Cheryl Lewis, Phyllis Dembowski, Bonnie George. ROW TWO: Arazia Aghbashian, Marcia Zakarison, Petey Alznauer, Debbie Diercks. ROW THREE: Laura Gordon, Wendy Donine, Joy Molnar, Cerda Edwards, Dean Joan Schaefer (adviser), Susan Brown. TOP ROW: Connie Iriarte, Christine Carlson, Noreen D ' Argenio. £9 DAB The Dean ' s Advisory Board acts as a liaison be- tween the business school student body and ad- ministration. The board conducts surveys which help to determine opinions of the business depart- ment from both the business school and the gen- eral student bodies. A major project of this year ' s board was the Busi- ness Orientation, where they explained the pro- cedures of the business school to 400 sophomore business students. BOTTOM ROW; Roberta Blakey, Bob Osberger, Kim Morey, Dave Parlain, Susan Gunning. TOP ROW: Bruce Rosenbloom, Cordon DeLang, Chris Van Ruiten, Rich Craybehl. Black Women ' s Caucus role ' in society. The Caucus acdompVish tt " S through cultural pj;pgranfts, social w rfenesi and community involvement, and bv fMiWirtK an artiVc part in the ij iiv(}riity-wide Blacl. lii- " ■ 70 Associated Trustee Scholars SEATED: Jim De Santis, Curtis Baker, Karoline Deutsch, Vanja lllich, Julie Bulla, Fred Redfern, Sally Thoman, Bob Hendeson, William Hagopian, Amy Kaufman, Janet Money. STANDING: Jean De Torre, Margie Strode, Michael, Matthew Hanson, Steve Lido, Tom Hay den, Tom Mirti, Pat McNamee, Michael Tom, Allen Martin, James Cattuso, Scholar, Anne Valenzuela, Cindy Yamaga, Dr. James Appleton (adviser), Sybil Johnson, Clemi Boubli, Katherine Nakamatsu, Rod Masuda. NOT PICTURED: Brad Askins, Debra Connolly, William Dauster, Gleam Davis, Steve Hawkins, Marc Kelly, Maureen McLaughlin, Brad Mer- chant, Sharon Simonian, Wayne Walley, Mitch West, Marylene Chang, Jean Hom, Colleen Kelly, Enrico Lombardino, Ralph Minasian, David Morse, Anne Nauts, Melanie Real, Christine Sealock, Jack Weber, Juli Barr, Debbie Curtis, Helen DuPlessis, Pam Ekstrom, Mike Gehring, Melissa Gill, Dave Hammar, Su- zanne Lawrence, Robert Vanderbert, Donald Atkinson, Stephen Berlin, Myrisse Calabia, David Calica, Joseph Caruso, Leo Denlea, Scott Dopke, Craig Furniss, Geeta Gupta, Carrie Hempel, Ter- rence Hughes, Leo Kesting, John Lowe, Duncan Matteson, Char- les Monaco, James Noblin, Alan Sclafani, Jerry Schilz, William Stein, Debbie Sue, Royce Takahashi, Tamara Warren, Glenn Wollert. The Associated Trustee Scholars, organized in March, 1975, were chosen on the basis of their ex- cellence in scholarship, promise, leadership, char- acter and their talent in one or more fields of en- deavor. They also show a financial need and are assisted in that area throughout their four years at USC, provided they uphold their high level of academic achievement. This year, the Trustee Scholars held field trips and social activities for its members. 71 ABSSC The Associated Black Students of Southern Cali- fornia strive to bring positive attention to the role of blacks in America ' s past, present and future. They try to accomplish this by sponsoring activities that highlight the black people ' s many contributions to society. MEMBERS: Terence Hill, Anthony Carfino, Robert Johnson, Billy Ezell, Helen DuPlessis, David Sharp, Willis Edwards (adviser), Detra Smith, Leonard Morris, Fay Van Blake, David Lewis, Donna Wade, Valerie Cummings, Hector Ricci, Duwayne Logan, Mary Durham, Van Parish, Karen Posnick, Toby Lapesarde, Sandra Tate, Colleen Carraway, Linda Petty, Kirt Dupart, Wilbert Jones, Robert Judkins, Jose Minsey, Creg Jones, Paul Wright, Lloyd McKinney. The delegates to the XXVIII Model United Nations of the Far West are among the most promising stu- dents of international affairs at USC. They were selected through an ardous process of applications and interviews to represent Israel at this year ' s con- ference in Seattle, Washington, and spent the course of two semesters preparing to realistically carry out this objective through interaction with students from nearly 100 universities. Model U.N. SEATED: Victor Vallejo, Robert Osberger, Thomas Cheyney, Scott Monson. STANDING: Rob Reiner, Vicki Evans, David Trachten- berg. NOT PICTURED: Cordon Hills, Kurt Waldheim, Karim Ciga, James Ham. 72 Blackstonians BOTTOM ROW: Robert Osberger, Victoria Russell, Wendy Woldt, Lidia Wasylyn, Peggy Anderson, Sigmund Dellhime. ROW TWO: 5fewe Jarmus, Diana Cil, Michele Saadeh, Susan Pulone, Tomi Tanabe, Samuel Feng, Mike McMahon, Cuy Okada, Ross Adachi. TOP ROW: Stacy Morales, Mark McLaughlin, Donald Barton, Michael White, Janet Crawford, Mike Mikasa, Debbie Konow, Dan Nunn, lay Camel NOT PICTURED: Michael Back- lund, Cassandra Beacham, Michell Bekey, Barry Bolger, John Bos- kovich, Julie Bulla, Karen Button, Laura Carr, Roy Dahlen, Wil- liam Dauster, Michael Feldman, Lily Ferrone, Randy Fishburn, Joel Fishman, Michael Filippone, Mark Foster, Dave Fuller, And- rea Cherini, Debra Coodloe, Linda Cosden, James Ham, Victoria Hargreaves, Dale Head, Todd Howeth, Sheri Hubbard, David Huntington, Anthony Jezek, Elizabeth Jezek, Liane Johnson, Mark Karasik, Paul Kaufman, Kathleen Kelly, Marian Klein, Keith Koeller, Michael Landau, Steve Levi ne, Elizabeth McNalley, An- drew Mirakitani, Carol Nakano, John Navarra, Suzanne Nora, Patrick Obel, Paige Parrish, David Penner, Pamela Piland, lleen Maisel, Loretta Ramos, Ernest Riffenburgh, Ronald Rodgers, Rob- in Rohan, John Rothwell, Steven Sass, Matthew Scanlan, Mark Silinsky, Ruben Smith, Cale Sonnenberg, Leslie Sheehan, Kim Thurman, Jenny Tsuneda, Jose Velasquez, Kathleen Watanabe, Michael White, Susan Whittington. Blackstonians is a pre-law honor society for undergraduates. The organization is designed to give recognition for academic excellence and to aid the student in preparation for law school. 73 It ' s not what you say, but how you say it — and the use debate squad says it best. It was the top- ranked forensics team in the country and sent representatives to debate in Arizona, Northern Cali- fornia and Washington. ABOVE, BOTTOM ROW: Dan Faulhaber, Vicki Hargreaves, Rog- er Marks, Sylvia Blocker, John Gossett. ROW TWO: Bekke Wein- traub, Jeff Lorenzen, Marlene Pontrelli, Leo Mohr, Lee Garrison, Bill Sparks. TOP ROW: John DeBross, Kim Maerowitz, Jim Ham, Brian Watts, Nat Martin, Leslie Sherman, Steve Combs, Richard Kirkham, Bill Cross. Debate Squad BELOW, BOTTOM ROW: Bob Wallenstein, Tomson Ong, Pat Cousans, Jay MitcheU. ROW TWO: Marsha Traeger, Sue Thirl- wall, Rob Cooper, Josh Mallin, Kelli Sayer, Samee Roberts, Ralph Bernadino. TOP ROW: Sue Ellen Bahac, Ann Samuelson, David Ellis, Rosemary Jacovic, Bob Ikola, Karl Nail. CAAB BELOW, SEATED: Peggy Kravitz (adviser), Larry Pezor, Nancy Somers (chairperson), Jane Matthews, Neadie Moore. STAND- ING: Enrique Franco, Mary Durham, Kyle Walls, Tom Verdegen, Mitchell West. CAAB, the Campus Activities Allocation Board, allocates funds to organizations and groups of students. The funds originate from the Student Programming Fee paid during registration. mA lA j " r % W B . ' % , t M mKj«K uv l m S VJI H . B L ■P ' j k Si ij H ' j ' J ' J| I H H M h 74 Beta Alpha Psi Beta Alpha Psi is a national honorary professional accounting fraternity. Members are selected for their academic excellence and activities at the uni- versity. BOTTOM ROW: joe Householder, Bill Stowell, Robert Cobler, Greg Wong, Randall Nishiyama, Liz Butler. ROW TWO: Richard Harmon, Chris Van Reiten, David Juedes, Rick Dickerson, Ken- neth Yamamota, David Nater, Greg Anderson. TOP ROW; Mar- tin Handsky, Russ Wertz, Bernadette Youstler, Greg Hargrave, Stephanie Davis, Sabby Jonathan, Dirck Edge, Carl Law, Ken Spence, George Saunders, Zivia Wilson, Robin Nakao, Sue Smith, Charlotte Mathews. NOT PICTURED: Kirk Andrews, Alan Baker, Fran Berkowitz, Rena Bohlin, Joe Camacho, Jolen Cheng, Hot- Hoi Chong, Barry Clegg, Jamie Costello, Dan Cotter, Jeff Cross- land, Paul Davis, Daniel Dong, Adrine Ellouguian, Jim Garry, Tho- mas George, Scott Gillespie, Brett Grossman, Melanie Hatt, Clau- dio Haug, John Houssels, Stanley Jeong, Ken Kay, Joe Klein, Roger Korthuis, Greg Kushner, Kai Kuwata, Kimmie Lee, Vincent Lee, Mark Leggio, Janine Letizia, Bill Lever, Annie Li, Wanda Liu, Harold Masor, Victor McCalla, Ron McFadden, Pat McGee, Bruce Meikle, Wayne Milazzo, Tony Moon, Bill Nathan, Teri Ne- vill, Jerry Ng, Ed Noble, Charles Okamota, Joyce Ong, Herb Perlmutter, Brij Punj, Philip Putman, Steve Ray, Gregg Ritchie, Scott Robinson, Viktor Rzeteljski, Ronald Rochester, Siegfried Schmid, Kevin Spence, Wendy Tam, Amy Tone, Michael Ulery, Scott Van Kevlen, Robert Wertsch, Dave Whippo, Dave White, Richard Wise. 75 Daily Trojan Gets The Scoop ■ publicity blai tion ' s $6,000 I SPRING: David Watson, Valerie Nelson, Mark Thompson, Ste- phen Sass, Peter Bylsma, Mike Simpson, Robin Oto, Gail Asay- ama, Caria Schalman, Merilynne Cahen, Cigi Golden, Michell Cabral, Mike Schroeder, David Hall, Tom Rosa, Alice Ragene- vich, Carole Long, Bubs Hopper, Rich Bezawich, Robin Deemer, Sue Adams, Thomas Clagett, Steve Guiremand, Marsha Traeger. 76 f Under the fall and spring editors, Tom Rosa and Stephen Sass, the Daily Trojan served as the major communication source for the university. In recognition for its excellence in quality, the newspaper was awarded second place in a compe- tition sponsored by the California Intercollegiate Press Association. The DT covered such major issues as the Bakke case, the alterations of transcripts, the KABC-TV investigation and report of crime at the university and continuing issues such as tuition and the Aca- demic Calendar change. FALL: Mike Simpson, Michele Himmelberg, Stephen Sass, Val Nelson, Carta Schalman, Gary Maloney, Cail Asayama, Kurt Bor- mann. Bubs Hopper, Tom Rosa, Mike Schroeder, Rich Bozanich, Robin Deemer, Nancy Herrera, Thomas Clagett, Merilynne Cohen, Mark Thompson, Wendy Zimmerman, Steve Cuiremand, Marsha Traeger, Cigi Colden, David Hall, Sue Adams. 77 EAST East Asian Studies Today is composed of students, professors, community members and interested people from all walks of life and backgrounds. Its members use EAST as a testing ground for learning something new about East Asian cultures, while contributing to their community, it also serves as a means of having Asians learn something about American society through active interchange with Americans. OFFICERS: Craig Coleman (pres.), Jean Okumura, Eilene Oku- mura, David Morgan. EXECUTIVE BOARD MEMBERS: Jin Choi, Robert Davidson, Keith Holeman, Melinda Wong, Kim Woo. EPM BOTTOM ROW: lim Harris, Jim Vennetti, Hal Cordon, Azeezaly Jaffer. STANDING: Andy Billick, Frank Sodar, Bill Willis, Janet Tisthammer, Gary Henry, Tom Murphy, Don Lawyer, Mike Smith, Edward Weiner, Hal Bigham, Bruce Storm. NOT PICTURED: Joanne Coodell. Education for Public Managers is a program in the Public Administration department that invites fed- eral workers who are public managers to continue their education in their respective fields at USC. The managers, from across the country, receive full tuition credit and complete lodging expenses. 78 SEATED: Ceorge Cray, Steve Niemi, Marlena Libman, Frank Nakatsuma. STANDING: Mario Navarro, Steve Olson, Bill Mukai, Bill Moore, Fred Redfern, Ken Anderson, Jim Luther, Stella Chang, Rich Saulpaugh, Monet Wong, Josephine Chow, Ron Simpson. NOT PICTURED: Rick Taketomo, Kevin Kitagawa, Jeff Michael, Peter Tom, Nacer Belaroussi. Bob Osberger. Engineering Magazine The Engineering Magazine staff produces a monthly publication that highlights campus engineering per- sonalities and new innova- tions in that field. As editor. Bill Mukai headed the all- volunteer staff. Engineering Student Council BOTTOM ROW: Allen Martin, Frin Dougherty, Annette Kluck, Gary Kellison, Bill Mukai, Annamarie Alicastro, Constanza Iriarte, Connie Ekonomu. ROW TWO: Natasha Zaninovic, Alice Cast, John Cox, Joe Mattis, Jeff Lahti, Dave Harry, Brandon Blaylock. TOP ROW: Debbie Diercks, Garrett Jeong, Jeff Brienan, Tim Mournian, Richard Ries, John Hadley, Don Esken, Jose Mancera. The Engineering Student Council, consisting of hree executive officers, society presidents and members-at-large, organizes most of the activities vithin the School of Engineering. 79 Food Marketing And Management The primary objective of the program is to broaden the managerial and analytical competence of its students through a specialized business school cur- riculum devoted to food industry management. FMM focuses on the principles and applications of leadership, communications, decision-making and marketing. Students participating in the program are outstanding employees in the food industry who have been given leaves of absence by their com- panies to attend USC on full scholarship. BOTTOM ROW: Dr. Norman Sigband, Clen Nakao, John Na- deau, Debbie Colgate, Kris Robinson, Craig Osieczanek, David Ciancio, Yukio Hori, Martin Eng, David Gottstein, Gene Grden, Jeanne Church. ROW TWO: Steve Thome, Allen Fox, Cameron Luther, Dale Byrne, John Booth, David Koesters, Jack Kennedy. ROW THREE: Dr. Roger Strang, Ray Hamilton, Jay Wiley, Butch Loveland, Roger Freeman, Chris Nelson, Wendy Hodkinson, Gary Brown, Gary Sternberg, Lance Ferranti. ROW FOUR: Gary Hammett, Kevin Davis, Phil Lopez, Bob Fisher, Dr. James Stevenson, Sue Mullins, Dennis Richardson, Scott Wippel, Beth Cummins, Larry Weiner, John Sanders, Brad Berryhill, Rainer Lange, Blanche Glynn. I 80 ALUMNI HOUSE BOTTOM ROW: Janice Munemitsu, Joy Molnar, Bonnie Wong, Linda House, Mei-ling Yee, Cale Sonnenberg, Melody Nishida, Tomi Tanabe, Phyllis Dembowsid, Krsiti Cillet. ROW TWO: Joyce Landen, Judy Cray, Wendy Donine, llisa Alpern, Joy Milker, Diane Robinson, Jean tally, Cindy Kerns, Rori Benka, Julie Johnson, Sheri Taylor. ROW THREE: Tish Howard, Pam Horst, Debbie Hy- pes, Christine Carlson, Debbie Danson, Sue Kirven, Cathy Coop- er, Julie Barr, Sabrina Kazarian, Debbie Jamin. ROW FOUR: Kirs- ten Fulcher, llene Cudelsky, Kay Upton, Jorj Simmons, Janet Arch- er, Melinda Frank, Amy Opfell, Jeanine McManigal, Jill Braden, Ann Mori, Pam Curran, Joan Firth. NOT PICTURED: Ann McAu- ley, Susan Ozawa, Jennifer Polhemis, Janet Money, Karen Brooks, D ' Arcy Dietrich, Mary Beth Higgins, Jo Leachman, Kristin Olson, Terri Rubenstorf, Stephanie Willis, Deborah Wright. Helenas use Helenes serves as the official hostess of the university. As an honorary women ' s service or- ganization, activities include giving campus tours and hostessing at various athletic and social campus events. 81 International Student Association SEATED: Abdelhamid Beniddir. ROW TWO: Philippe de Nicolay, Marietess Avelino, K haled A. Take, Marie Odile Taillard, Ramzy Chargour, Kamran Ramezani. NOT PICTURED: Marco Camboa, Abdelkader Al Tayyar, Natasha Urousoff, Edwardo Perlo, Ghasan Bitar, Kbaled Boukhelifa, Catherine Fels, Patricia Lista, Mel Gam- ble, Rihab Massoud, Tarek Elmallah, Francisco Alouso. The International Student Association is an organization i of students from overseas as well as from America. It aims to act as a voice for the interests and needs of overseas stu- dents, to encourage participa- tiom of international students in all university activities and to promote cultural and educa- tional exchanges among inter- national students for goodwill and better understanding. ■Ml UM k tUt ' Ur UMH MMtU TrCTBuairwBiioi Helpline use Helpline is a communications line run by students for fellow students. Helpline offers: infor- mation (ranging from where to find things on- campus, including registration material, to where to go off-campus for the late night munchies, referral crisis intervention services and a chance just to rap. A service it started this year was a Ride-Board, which matched drivers and riders who wished to share a ride. 82 Institute of Electronic Electrical Engineers IEEE is a professional society for electrical engin- eers that sponsors learning experiences of ail kinds. Its students can become familiar with the profes- sional demands made of an electrical engineer through field trips and lectures. BOTTOM ROW: David Lane, Don Gardner, Eva Huand, Con- stanza Iriarte, Paul Meadows, Lionel Pober, Gary Oser. TOP ROW: Ben Reaves, Mark Kobayashi, Albert Cheah, Mohammed Chourbagi. Asociacion Estudiantil Cubano- Americana En USC The Asociacion brings together ail Cuban USC students for cultural events of the Cuban tradition, as well as presenting the Cuban culture to the USC community and. Los Angeles. AECA activities in- cluded bake sales ot different Cuban pastries, the food and cultural activities during International Week and conferences, dances and picnics. BOTTOM ROW: Javier Alonso, Lourdes DeLaCal, Eduardo Mo- linet, Francisco Alonso, Magdalena Rivero, Carl J. Mir, Julia Barbieto. TOP ROW: Isabel Rivero, Julie Gomez, Gipsy Alvarez, Craciela Guerra, Gary Mas. NOT PICTURED: Orlando Bragado, Susana Brito, Carmen Cid, Elvira DeVarona, Ivan Franco, Vivian Garcia, Nestor Morejon, Elizabeth Remedios, Ana Sanchez, Armando Sanchez, Stella Maria Peraza, Lazaro Cabanas, Ana Mary Otero. 83 Knights The Trojan Knights is a junior and senior men ' s organization which is considered the official host of the university. It helps at USCaleidoscope, the blood drive, spirit rallies and also participates in crowd control and card stunts at the football games. BOTTOM ROW: Leonard Brazil, Dan Vogelzang, Brian Brummit, Mike Mikasa, Mike Mann, Cene Paschall, Mark Pero, Bob Hol- mes, jack Huber. ROW TWO: Mike O ' Donnell, Curt Tsujimoto, Steve Wetzel, Myles Gabel, Bill Stowell, John Watters, George Cappello, Jim Bailey, Richard Meese, Rick Del Carlo, Howard Farber. ROW THREE: Richard DeBeikes, Craig Summers, Dan Plunkett, Tom Mundy, Bill Shrader, Jim Garry, Leonard Kirkorian, John Barrett, Tom Overend, Dale Yeager, Steven Rubin, Mike Lindsey, Jon Trutter. ROW FOUR: Jim Zures, Ron Boren, Doug Tueller, Claudio Haug, Tad Smythe, Steve Noel-Hill, Guido Haug, Rich Oswald, Curt Spencer, Jim Armitage, John Moulton, Kirk Seidensticker. ROW FIVE: K. C. Coultrup, Rick Dickerson, Deon Hawthorne, Eric Caminiti, Ken Kay, John Guisbush, John Lane, Dave DiMaria, Chip Herman, Bob Cook, Larry Hall, Cliff Williams, Chuck Lee. TOP ROW: James McCormick, Rodney Burgoyne, Cameron Luther, Fred Ziler, Ken Carlson, Steve Paulin, Pat Fields, Mark Foster. NOT PICTURED: Derek Westervelt, Scot Lengel, Roman Shumny, Bob Melikian, Jim Abbott, Bill Allen, Mike Bas, Craig Cooper, John Cruikshank, Robbie Curtis, Dwayne Foster, Brian Gasdia, Scott Gilmore, Chuck Greaves, Mike Grimsley, George Halas, P. Henraux, Greg Hohman, Geoff Janos, Jeff Johnson, Mark Johnson, Kent Lucas, Bob McLoud, Tony Milani, Ron Orr, John Robertson, Mark Smith, Hans Taucher, Dean Rallis. BOTTOM ROW: Nassir Meshkati, Philip Chuwueke, Cerardo Vargas, Hossain Majdi, Jesus Cumada. ROW TWO: Connie Eko- nonnu, Irma Santiago, Isaac Khanzadeh, Fran Hachiva, Maria Ar- yafar, Maria Montilla. TOP ROW: Romeri Jakpor, Fred Chuan- Hung Kuah, Paul Rusli, Sri-Bintang Pamungkas, Brian Kagy, Rich Andes, Fernando Vivas, Teri Bjorkman, Emeka Opene. American Institute of Industrial Engineers is a professional society that is designed to provide job opportunities for USC industrial engineering stu- dents. vSk w. v v% 1% t ' )t?!y . ;; ' :J r ■ - ' - IB " !5 K AIIE The USC chapter of the American Society of Me- chanical Engineers attempts to involve its members in activities that will benefit them in their future careers. Activities this year included their " Cataiina Campout, " solar energy presentation, J.P.L. tour and the making of kites for the Engineering faire. Th( members held high their motto: " Engineers do it with harmonic motion. " ASME BOTTOM ROW: Roger Harutunian, Hiroyuki Matsumura, Don Billows. TOP ROW: Roy, Don Langford, Mark Hooper, Phil Gooding, Jeff Lahti, Brian Connors, Erin Dougherty, Jeff Cox, Lim Tan, Don Esken, Jose Qui, Victor Perez, Tim Mournian (pres.), Annette Kluck, Jeff Krein, Joan Schraffner, Domimick Rumano, George Stromeyer, Marco Gamboa. NOT PICTURED: Abdul Al- Ansaki, Alica Behnke, Ray Campbell, Ernesto Castillo, Steve De Sante, Carol Denz, Robert Dirkx, Thomas Duff, Charles Etter, James Grime, Donald Hoefer, Ali Kazemipour, Joo Kim, David Lewis, Joe Mattis, William Mellan, Michael Nakamura, Angela Peddy, Rick Richardson. William Santaromita, Andre Savelieff, Francisco Serrano, Steven Silvia, Johnson Tsui, Stephen Wetch, Triyono Witjaksana, Natasha Zaninovic. SS M.E.C.H.A., a national student organization with chapters on most campuses throughout the south- west, provides opportunities for Chicano students to raise their political and social consciousness in order for students to return to their communities upon graduation and work toward effecting posi- tive change. Its activities included the annual Sem- ana de la Raza and work toward a stronger Ethnic Studies Program, for better contracts and working Manim Minorities for Action Now in Medicine serves to retain and recruit pre-health students on campus. It conducted help-sessions and study groups in order to prepare students for a career in medicine. BOTTOM ROW: Elizabeth Hatcher, Ken Palmer, Denise Duval Dora Burchette. ROW TWO: Rick Lyons, Michael Henry, Cyn- thia Smith. TOP ROW: Cerald Wolf, Jay Jones, Bobby Johnson. Mecha KNEELING: Gary Purcell, Jaime Sachez, Gustavo Mas, Moises Tony Torres, Enrique Franco. ROW TWO: Jose Vargas, Tommy Rudaflores, Edna Gomez, Edith Morales, Ana Vasquez, Concep- cion Davila, Oracio, Tina Leon. ROW THREE: Anthony Vasquez, James Evans, Carlos Lopez, Jose Montes, Fernando Garcia, Lino De Guzman, Rosalinda Morales, Angel Obregon, Everado Mar- tinez. TOP ROW: Lucy Sambrano, Ramon Rubalcava, Hugo Avendano, Mercede Marquez, Rene-Antonio Garcia, Gloria Soto, Pete Vasquez NOT PICTURED: A. Vasquez, S. Arispe, E. Morales, M. Rangel, O. Flores, S. Garcia, G. Duran, E. Calderon, L. Villasenor, L. Zepeda, M. Rodrigues, R. Santamaria, I Moreno, C. Franco, M. Gutierrez, G. Sanchez, H. Grajeda, L. Ramos, R. Rosas, A. Cervantes, P. Flores, R. Logan, S. Mendez, S. Lopez, J. Palacio, L. Caballero, J. Baquera, N. Gutierrez, 5. Macias, M. Olvera, R. Gomez, G. Zepeda, G. Padilla, M. Banuelos, A. Jauagui, H. Martinez, M. Valdez, D. Silva, A. Vasquez-Ramos, C. Garcia, M. Almeida, B. Silva, M. Ramos, A. Molina, O. Melgoza, R. Gon- zalez, R. Luevano, Morales, R. Garcia, A. Regalado, S. Macias, L. Almaro, R. Tosato, L. Gomez, M. Frias, G. Miranda, J. Teja- dilla, T. Mendez, T. Villalobos, M. Ramos, E. Arias, R. Castro, A. Marmalego, I. Gonzales, L. Fregoso, T. Fregoso, J. Tonce, G. Duran. conditions for the university ' s food service workers and custodians and toward more responsibility by the university to the minority student community. It also acts as the Chicano student umbrella organ- ization, coordinating the activities of the different Chicano student components such as Teatro Verba Buena, the Chicana Caucus and Chicanos for Creat- ive Medicine. NASA BOTTOM ROW: Stanley Kiyoto, Gale Sonnenberg, Peggy Kra- vitz, Norman Thomas. TOP ROW Kenn Bennett, Jeff Kaessner, Lois Fitter (chairperson), Scott Brown. NOT PICTURED: David Stairs. NASA, the New Activities and Services Agency, utilizes 10% of the Student Programming Fee to launch new programs that attempt to satisfy the needs of the general student body. They sponsored, among other programs, the Coffee House, an infor- mal cafe which featured mellow musical entertain- ment and a variety of creative crepes. Membership in Mortar Board, the national senior honor society, is based upon scholarship, leader- ship and community service. They strive to further academics and to advance the status of women at use. The use chapter, the Torch and Tassel, spon- sored several activities, including a monthly " Out- standing Professor Award, " a commendation for teaching excellence at USC; the " Joan M. Schaefer Award, " a scholarship for an outstanding woman student of USC; and a " Raft Debate, " an academic debate between representatives from each of the academic disciplines. Each debater argued the attributes of his or her field as reason for being the sole survivor of the raft. Mortar Board also spon- sored a monthly award to a woman faculty member for achievements in her field each semester at a reception for faculty, administrators and trustees. Mortar Board BOTTOM ROW: Debi Anderson, Robyn Bramhall, Ten Ander- son, Gleam Davis, Jane Kubasak, Roberta Blakey, Jody Levy, Lea Damiano, Sharon Simonian, Joanna Iwata. TOP ROW: Jennifer Polhemus, Rena Bohlin, Peggy Anderson, Susan Stephenson, Kathleen McKie. NOT PICTURED: Ellen Hicks, Karen Killian, Anne Nauts, Wendy Woldt. Faculty Advisers: Dr. Carl Christol, Dr. Carol Stewart, Dr. Dallas Willard, Dean Joan Schaefer. 87 NROTC MIDSHIPMEN PETTY OFFICERS; BOTTOM ROW: Doug Kleipkauf, Scott Fraser, Mary Livingston, Jim Brown, Murry Roe, Brian Ceren, Jerry Becnel, Chuck Szypzak, Steve Chism, Bob Wiedower, Jerry Ishiza- ki. ROW TWO: Mark Smith, Glenn Fukushima, Richard Saulpaugh, Bob Bennett, Dave Watson, Lon Lombardo. Pat Gomez, Hap Heu- blein, Eric Vanderslice. ROW THREE: Craig Kennedy, Dave War- ren, Dave Colbert, Joe Mattis, Steve Van Horn, Brian Keepers, William Frankel, Barney Page, Mike Tillit- son, Casey Gagan, Bruce Yep, Byron Veasey, Robert Cowing, Jim Shore. ROW FOUR: Brian Hawn, Ed Weik- le, Jim Downey, Randy Reidel, Maureen Ferin, Bob Smith, Keven McNess, Nick Cimorelli, Mark Busch, Angel Mariano. TOP ROW: Bill Carrey, Jim Tertocha, Mark Kal- ternorn, Paul Nemechek, Ron Mc- Claren, Lee Andring, Mark Thomas. CO Jeff Subko, XO Frances Davis, CPO Bruce Yep. Norman Topping Student Aid Funding Board Governing board members: Bob Osberger, student chair- man Joe Palacios. director Student Representatives: Hoy Quan, Michael Tom, Carol Nakano, Jay Yarnel, Jeff Lahti, Marva Smith, Fay Van Blake, Bernard Fisher, Ana Vazquez, Philippe de Nicolay, Phillip Kamara- Kay. University Representatives: Linda Lewis, Dr. Lew Orrell, Tom Walcha, Freddie Forte. Alumni Representatives: Dan Smith, Grant Matsuzakl. The student body at USC is one of a handful in hhe nation to establish its ow n student aid fund. Each semester every student pays $4 to the Topping Fund. The Governing Board administers and sets policy for the program. The fund currently has an endowment of $1.6 million and each year 44 stu- dents are interviewed and selected to receive tu- ition grants and personal support. Joint Educational Project 90 Phi Chi Theta Phi Chi Theta is a national women ' s business fra- ternity designed to provide students with an insight into the business world and the woman ' s role in it. BOTTOM ROW: Kim Morey, Debbie Chun, Sue Rozen, tlizabeth Mower, Patty Smith, Gini Masevita Chuidian, Vilma Sampang, Joanne Sochoo, Janice Kariya, Diana del Rio. BACK ROW: Lor- een Okayama, Laurie Ham, Kari Risk, Nitaya Pladisai, Grace Shigeyasu, Mary Hinckley, Roberta Blakey, Janis Wakimoto, Melinda Fielding, Debi Anderson, Carolyn Marquez, Valerie Smoiek, Susan Wakimaka, Nancy Markham, Shelly Suzuki, Teri Nevill, Diana Gemigniani, Sharon Rhodes, Janice Munemitsu. NOT PICTURED: Desiree Benkman, Joni Custodio, Eva Lau, Lee- ann Lewis, Tina Marangi, Kathy Moskal, Joyce Ong, Marcia Reu- ben, Kate Sandidge, Irene Shimaoka, Arleen Yoshida, Berna- dette Youtsler, Julia Buckley. SCOPE, the Student Committee on Popular Enter- tainment, presents concerts, speakers, and other events of entertainment for the USC community. Highlights of the past year included a street dance and concerts by Chilliwack, John McEuen, Mission Mountain Wood Band, the original Byrds and LTD. Scope Gre , Linda, Bill Wilson, Craig Woo, Tim Wong, Dan Trapp, Guy Himeno, Linda Johnson, Mara Mikialian, Eleanor Academia, Elfreda Murray, Mike Quijano. NOT PICTURED: John Crichton, Brian Fenske, Evie Moxon, Chuck Greaves, Jeff Rogers, Sam Colachis, John Canton. 91 P.E.TA ' s BOTTOM ROW: Mark Spina, Frank O ' Brien, Brian Hawkins, Toshio Moritani. ROW TWO: Martin Schwartz, Sue Symans, Kim Wood, Lyn Sheffield. ROW THREE: lohn Quinn, Betty Hennessy, Mary Leslie, Carol Cruber, Sergej deDuvillard, Susan .Campbell. Phi Delta Chi The Physical Education Teaching Assistants are graduate students who teach many of the physical education activity classes. This year ' s TA staff had an international flair with teachers hailing from Austria, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Great Britain and Ireland. The Phi Delta Chi Fra- ternity plays a major role in the social and pro- fessional affairs at the uni- versity ' s School of Phar- macy. The members of the fraternity were selected for tneir out- standing participation in student government, curriculum planning, ser- vice organizations and social events. Alumni of the fraternity were se- lected for their outstand- ing participation in stu- dent government, cur- riculum planning, service organizations and social events. Alumni of the fra- ternity continue to be active; they attend bar- becues, holiday parties and the fraternity ' s an- nual luau. 92 Phrateres is a women ' s social and service organi- zation established on the USC campus in 1942. Its primary activities included fund raisers such as the annual Homecoming Mum Corsage Sale, as well as service projects such as gate call with the Knights and the Squires. Membership is open to all univer- sity women interested in serving their community and university. BOTTOM ROW: Joanna Iwata, Jolynn Valoff, Mary Ann Lillywhite, Maureen McLaughlin, Susan Sloate, Gale Sonnenberg, Wendy Tamis, Mei-Ling Yee, Ho Lee, Karl Risk, Carolyn Lee. ROW TWO: Grace Elias, Sue Lovell, Sharon Simonian, Chris Ulrich, Maria Spiritos, Diana Agajanian, Nancy Cho, Anne Valenzuela, Anita Ohanian, Chris Sealock, Kathy Buttrey. NOT PICTURED: Joanna Achilles, Anna Marie Alicastro, Liz Bardwil, Mary Barnes, Juli Barr, Jo Brunelle, Denise Duarte, Connie Ekonomu, Vivian Gumbiner, Frances Hachi- ya, Terri Hall, Karen Hamade, Lisa Kiguchi, Katherine Kitsigianis, Sheryl Lewis, Angela Lucchesi, Carolyn Nakaki, Teri Nevill, Melody Nishida, Nancy Nuno, Lois Presbrey, Lynn Runkel, Cara Stemen, Tomi Tanabe, Leslie Vorbach, Diana Welch, Vivian Alvarado, Kay Azuma, Peggy Beasley, Arlene Bruce, Karen Button, Connie Craig, Karin Davalos, Cindy Davis, Pamelyn Ferdin, Amy Fine, Jennifer Haserot, Geli Ann Kitsigianis, Kathy Reichman, Laura Scott, Kim Sommers, Helen Sterling, Lori Stevens, Sandra Tate. Phrateres 93 Student Committee to Fix the Fountain The Student Committee to Fix the Fountain was organized to create and renew interest in the re- storation of the Alumni Memorial Park Fountain, which was damaged by a storm in Jan., 1976. The Executive Committee spent most of the year re- searching the fountain ' s history and present status and attained about $1,000 of the $10,000 needed to fully restore the fountain ' s operation. BOTTOM ROW: Fred Jove, Tiger Nyberg, Marty Hargrave. ROW TWO: Debbie Falkenstern, Norm Thomas {co-chairman), Jett Ford, Peggy Beasley, TOP: Karen Zarish. NOT PICTURED: Fran Aweeka (co-chairwoman). A - ¥T ' Stu-Q Council The Student Community Council is the student government group for the off-campus, university- owned apartments. They help coordinate activities for the apartments and listen to the suggestions of the residents. BOTTOM ROW: Roy Salume, Robert Vecchio, Sherry Reynolds, Steve Machado, Rhoid Harris, Sandi Hirsch, Ronald McFlhaney, Debbie Falkenstern. ROW TWO: Dean Suhr, Dave Fellows, Rob- ert Soofer. TOP ROW: Robert Hysell, Jeff Gates, Dale Head, Laurie Weber, J.D. Crouch, Regina Birdsell, Stephen Liao, Robert Oder, Steve Johnson, Dennis Mulhaupt, Paul Jahr. Pre-Pharmacy Students Assn The Pre-Pharmacy Students Association is one of the newest clubs on campus, founded in 1977 by Drew Panico and Michelle Zayed with the help of AED. The objectives of the Pre-Pharmacy Students Association are to encourage excellence in pre- pharmacy scholarship, promote cooperation and contacts between pharmacy and pre-pharmacy stu- dents and educators and to use its knowledge for benefit of health organizations, charities and the community. During the year, the club sponsored guest speakers, tours to the USC School of Pharmacy and to pharmaceutical manufacturers. BOTTOM ROW: Olivia Ramos, Nancy Cho, Patricia Maurice, Amy Gutierrez. ROW TWO: Larry Applebaum, Fred Betta, Tom Peters, Elizabeth Lassan. TOP ROW: Bob Hildebrand, Frank Lo- soya, Arthur Dominguez, Drew Panico, (pres.). NOT PICTURED: Elaine Wynn, Colleen Phillips, Ed Escobar, Lani Okamoto, Shar- lene Tucer, David Wong, Darlene Knight, Mark Goodwin, Martha Munoz, Betty Wong. Pi Sigma Alpha Pi Sigma Alpha is the National Political Science, international Relations and Public Administration Honor Society. USC received its charter in 1927. The purpose is to promote increased contact and communication between the members and the faculty of each department. Two special projects this year included the Faculty Excellence Award and the Student Excellence Award given in the spring. Victoria Russell, Arnold D. Woo, Marlene Pontelli, John M. Mi- nola. Melody Nishida, Dave Fuller, Jane Kubasak, Steve Jarmus, Ruth Kwan, Mark Darah, Tom Cheyney, Peggy Anderson (pres.). Randy Fishmurn, Harry Photakis, Mike Mikasa, Ronald Purbeck, Dale Head, Gary Petrini. NOT PICTURED: Guy Okada, Joe Un- terreiner, Anthony Bishop, Michael Coughlin, Joel Fischman, Cindy Futter, James Gattuso, Debra Goodloe, Martin Henderson, Frank Hernandez, Cindy Kato, Charles Leggott, Shelly Norwood, Victor Outiz, Dana Parry, Ron Rodgers, Matt Scanlan, James Scheer, Michael Seibert, Leslie Sheeharr, Kim Small, Gale Son- nenberg, Allyn Stewart, Carolyn Thompson, Walter Tucker, Kath- leen Wright, Dave Tractenberg. 95 The Society of Petroleum Engineers of AIME sponsored an exhibition on petroleum engineering for the non-engineering student in December. Another activity of the club this year was a trip to the California regional meeting of the Society of Petroleum Engineers of AIME in San Francisco. Society of Petroleum Engineers of AIME The Society of Women Engineers participate in several functions of the School of Engineering, including high school Career Days, Conference Days and Engineer ' s Week. It also works in con- juction with the SWE chapters of other schools on various projects and take several field trips dur- ing the year. BOTTOM ROW: Kaveh Dehghani, Jim Carroll, Richard Oyekan, ROW TWO: JeffBrienen, Mario Navarro, Jim Luther, Liz Jimenez, Monte Leicht, Chima Okorafo, Euterio Vilchez, Roger Plyer, Ken Ogle, David Daniels, Wilfredo Rodriguez, Don Herzburg. ROW THREE: Mohammed Bonakdar, Kevin O ' Donnell, Farhad Aschar- sobbi, Mahmoud Larijani, Massoud Mirzazadeh, Derich Clymin, Hamayoun Rowshani, Adedotun Alabi, Mark Cranquist, Bruce Shannon, Hikmet, Ucok, Rick Barton, Eric Solum, Parivz Moba- yen, Bryant Morris, Dr. I. Ershaghi, Jude Amaefule, R.E. Kunzi, Dr. L.L. Handy, Paul Vorabutr. Society of Women Engineers BOTTOM ROW: Irene Alvarez, Ann Marie Crisalli (president), Connie Ekonomu, Frances Ha- chiya, LaVonne James, Eva Huang, Diana Agajanian, Jose- phine Chow, Angela Peddy, Andrea Chow. ROW TWO: Li- ane Hiu, Joan Schaffner, Mary Hadley, Sharon Woo, Grace Yamada, Irene Lipinski, Janet Lee. ROW THREE: Amy Fried- heim, Irma Santiago, Annamarie Alicastro, Jan Schuessler, May Leung, Wanda George, Con- stance Johnson, Beverly Sanders, Kyung Yi, Jean Horn. ROW FOUR: Alice Gast, JoAnn Boss, Sue Masters, Kay Upton, Kim- berly Grant, Carolyn Lee, Helen Hurston, Linnie Rivers, Shelley Clark, Monique Hunter, Carrie Georgi, Marianne Hamano, Debra Pryor, Suzanne Jacobs, Annette Kluck, Diana Scarsdale. Phi Beta Students with music, dance, speech and dranna majors make up Phi Beta, the performing arts honor society. The fraternity gives practical experience to its members through such projects as their spring showcase, where they performed musical comedies, original acts and other musical presentations. David Pennington, Belinda Young, Elizabeth Young, Brian Baker. NOT PICTURED: Debbie Hize, Mary Ann Ziegler, Lorraine Kis- selburgh, Karen Keck, Candi Evans, Kevin Nahim, Melanie Lester, Jose Cunningham, Vicki Rhodes, Vicki Hargreaves. BOTTOM ROW: Jon Caynor, Brian Wernicke, Jeff Graver, Cris Farrens, Greg Benson, Sona Stapleford, Lynn Alessi. TOP ROW: Mel Academia, Thorn Slosson, Lee Musgrove, Greg Cavette, Bob Kiel, Barry Bowman, Marilyn Logan, Gerrit d ' Ablaing, Scott Lewis, Lou Rothenberg. Sigma Gamma Epsilon is a national honorary so- ciety for students majoring in geology, petroleum engineering and the earth sciences. USC ' s Omega Chapter is one of the oldest of the nearly sixty chap- ters of Sigma Gamma Epsilon throughout the coun- try. Sigma Gamma Epsilon 97 Songfest Songfest Committee is the student group re- sponsible for producing USC ' s annual musicale, whose proceeds go to a selected charity. The com- mittee supervises all phases of production, from the selection of the performing groups to the technical details of lighting, sound and set design. Students from ail class-standings and majors participate. This year Songfest celebrated its 25th anniversary by returning to the Hollywood Bowl where it start- ed. Fittingly, the theme was " Celebrate! " and past Songfest hosts and dignitaries appeared to add luster to the Songfest tradition. BOTTOM ROW: Sue Elia, Bonnie Burandt, Mark Rios, Stacey Thomas. ROW TWO: Louis Rothenberg, Mark Steiger, Ray Kura- moto, Steve Paulin, Lisa defer, Darlynne Sit jar, Jim Garry, Julie Barr, Jeff Jones, Phyllis Dembowski. ROW THREE: Sally Thomas, Ken Smith, Joyce Landen, Christy Benson, Cindy Kerns, Kristi Klugman, Kristin Olson, Cale Sonnenberg, Susan Sloate, Kim Buckley, Todd Crodnick. ROW FOUR: Phil DeBolske, Rick Wa- cula, Dan Sullivan, Jim Farquhar, Clenn Raines, Paige Parrish, Whitney Lawrence, Martha Richardson, Jennifer Polhemus, Steve Rubin, D ' Arcy Dietrich. ROW FIVE: Jeannine McManigal, Mike McManigal, Lisa Landworth, Pam Jones, Bill Allen, Hugh Horst- man, Bryn DeFreece, Don Brudge, Becky Berkey, Diane Aker- man. NOT PICTURED: John Canton, John Crichton, Kim Fer- guson, Robin Greenway, Midge Gnau, Barry Goldberg, Lee Gold- smith, Chris Hall, Tim Real, Megan Schreiber, Sherry Sigler, Mike Simpson, Laura Sorgen, Mike Stallings, Stephanie Truitt, Mark Waiters, Leigh Lawrence, Steve Ball, Adrienne Robinson. Student Union Board SEATED: Wayne Milazzo, Paul Davis, Melissa Smoot, Dave Mor- ris. STANDING: Parker Jenkins (adviser), John Shields, Cheryl Williams, Jim Alper. NOT PICTURED: Sylvana Cuidotti, lohn Duddy. The Student Union Board consists of ten students make recommendations for office space allocation who advise the directors of the Student Activities and work to improve the day-to-day operation of Center on the usage and policies of the center. They the center. Troy Camp The experience of Troy Camp is a child and a stu- dent finding themselves as individuals by discover- ing each other. The relationship of a counselor and camper continues throughout the school year with follow-up programs on both the group and indi- vidual levels. Troy Camp is not merely a week-long experience, but a friendship which begins on a mountain and carries on in the city. BOTTOM ROW: Cory O ' Conner, Tomi Tanabe, Sheilah Depuy, Shari Cookson, Carol Kemler, Lisa Mette, Kim Thurmond, Cindy Kerns, Jill Ayers, Cynthia Venegas, Christine Carlson. TOP ROW: Deon Morgan, Helen DuPlessis, Mike Danford, Lauren Turner, Stan Turner, Darrel Mouton, Dan Avila, Terry Pollard, Troy Camper, Cerrit D ' Ablaing. 99 CAMPUS LIFE AND RECREATION (213) 746-7561, 746-2790 STUDENT AFFAIRS DIVISION January 11, 1978 Mr. Rick Caruso, President The Trojan Squires University of Southern California Dear Rick: On behalf of the University, I would like to thank you and the Squires for all of the excellent assis- tance you provided during the 1977 football season . It was a pleasure working with the Squires and the effort they put forth is appreciated by us all. I would hope that the same high level of contribu- tion is equalled in the future as this has indeed been a fine season. Best wishes and many thanks to all of the Squires. Sincerely, ' V - M. Dennis, Director Campus Life and Recreation UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, UNIVERSITY PARK, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA 90007 Squires in Action 100 Squires KNEELING: Scott Allman, Kevin Heerdt, Rick Caruso, John Pentz, Pat Cavaney, John Shafer. ROW TWO: Jim Murphy, Andy Old- field, Mike Adkins, Marc Buonaguidi, Bill Carlson, David Lane, Jim Anastassiou, Scott Anderson, Dusty Dvorak, Cordon Sylves- ter, Mike Patrichi. TOP ROW: Jose de Diego-Arozamena, Car- los Quintana, Dan Lyons, Rick Sakimoto, Andy Rose, Todd Hol- zer, Steve Case, Ken Stokes, John Cox, Roy Logan, Scott Ander- son, John Dameron. NOT PICTURED: Skip Gillette, Mike Clapp, Ron Stavert, Dennis Richardson, Victor Vandergriff, Steve Macke, Greg Burns, Matt Dorff, Ross Feinberg, Jim Mintie, Chuck Myall, Mike Rierson, Dean Hallett, Sean Osborn, Brian Burck, Bill Spen- cer, Les V ulk, Tim Real, Ray Kuramoto, Bob Linton, Mike Geh- ring Squires is the sophomore men ' s service organiza- tion that, with the Knights, act as the official hosts of the university. Its members serve as ushers at cam- pus events and participate in the blood drive, with card stunts and with crowd control at the football games. 101 Student Health Center BOTTOM ROW: Theresa Horsfield, Randee Lipwan, Saralee Pearl, Linda Adkins, Fran Long, Dr. Matt Schneiderman, Betty Perrill R.N., Jo Bellain R.N., Jennifer Julin R.N. ROW TWO: Dr. Victor MIotok, Dr. Addie Klotz (exec, dir.), Phyllis Kneip, Dr. Eric Cohen, Ann Lewis R.N., Liz Canfield, Dr. Elizabeth Downing, Patti Burnette, Dr. Judy Friedlland, Linda Daves, Pat Kellems, Dr. Clen Moody. TOP ROW: Lisa Morgan R.N., Lisa Protes. The Student Health Center staff tends to most Full-time physicians, specialists, registered nurses, student health needs in areas ranging from emer- laboratory and radiologic technologists, a physical gency care to personal counseling. therapist and a pharmacist compose the staff. BOTTOM ROW: Ed Sahakian, Dr. Carol Scherfenberg, Audrey Black, Yvonne Hamilton, Pam Lee, Elodie St. Ceme, Rose Bass. ROW TWO: Jean Mason, Dr. William Fluhr, Corky Mulholand, Terry Hiroto, Sandy Cirhand, Tajwar Syed, Betty Burch, Ryu Kanemoto R.N., Louise Terzian, Cyrus Wright, Betty Hughes R.N., Land Wayland, Dr. Donald Goodwin. ROW THREE: Marty Neimi, Virgie Jones LVN, Teri Oppenheimer, DeAnn Morgan R.N., Joan Hamaker, Salpi Kerasmian, Lindy Bell, Cathy Belissimo, Herb Schneider, Rita Clayton R.N., Dr. Leo Tepper. TOP ROW: William Morgan. 102 SPRING: Denise Miller, Call Harris, Darlene Battle, Basia Lasuno- sicz, Ray Martinez, Sandra Staff, John Antczak, David Garcia, Barry Smith, Denise Tso, Lee Braly, Ellen tones. NOT PICTURED: Elaine Caday, Ingrid Williams, Cheryl Deyo, Stephanie Martin, Lynn Runkel, Vivien Hao, Carolyn Yim, Connie Craig, Linda Fish, Ralph Kam, Baryl Lacoste, Cindy Miller, Eric Seller. Student News Bureau The Student News Bureau is a student-run or- ganization which publicizes the activities and ac- complishments of use students by sending news releases to those students ' hometown newspapers. The Bureau began in spring, 1973, under two under- graduate public relations students and, to date, had distributed over 3,000 news releases. FALL; BOTTOM ROW: Marian Good, Ralph Kam, Marcy Selby, Jeffrey Caither, Carolyn Vim, Barbara Lambert, Glenn Raines. SITTING: Ted Bleecker. LADDER: Kristi Gillet (director), Barry Smith. TOP ROW: David Garcia, loan Firth, Randy Oliver, Kent Schoknecht. NOT PICTURED: April Kjar, Barbara Korthius, Ellen Jones, Jane Centofante, Susan Metzler, Barry Taranto, Sharon Kilmer, Dennis Hewitt, Cindy Miller, John Antazck, Nick Wiecz- orek, Cheryl Deyo. 103 Tau Beta Pi KNEELING: Michael Kraut, Paul Greenwood, William Guthrie, Steve Bruce, Jin Chung, John Hadley, Jade Amaefule, Rick Take- tomo, Scott Nauman, Lionel Pober. ROW TWO: Vicky Lee, Diana Agajanian, Scott Weingarten, Janis Nakashima, Allen Martin, Tracey Coats, Afshin Bazshustari, Vince Moretti, Bette Packer, Ken Ogle, Gordon Anderson, Tom Knotts. ROW THREE: Hector Gomez, Kay Upton, Gordon Kuwanoe, Bruce Yep, Larry Kester, Connie Clark, Tommy Wong, Mark Kobayashi, Leo Hui, Garrett Jeong, Tom Foster, Paul MacNeal, Fred Redfern, Keith Yama- shiro, John Parsons. ROW FOUR: David Shiells, Zinovi Rozen- feld, Bascer Zagalai, Lim Pwe Tan, William Schurter, Victor Choa, Dr. Melvin Gerstein, David Li, Gary Martin, Brian Wong, Dr. B. Tau Beta Pi is the national engineering honor society accepting outstanding graduate and under- graduate students from all engineering disciplines. Eighty new members were initiated this year. Their activities included the institution of a tutorial pro- gram for the School of Engineering and a field trip to Edwards AFB to view the space shuttle. Andreas Troesch. NOT PICTURED: Linda Akiyama, Maclean Amabeoku, Harinder Anand, Grant Anderson, Tim Ashlock, Gerard Ashton, Rick Barton, Nagwa Bekir, Fred Bennett, Bernard Calil, Debbie Connolly, Mary Edelmaier, Albert Ezekiel, Linda Figueroa, John Graham, Greg Critters, Lance Hill, Romeri Jakpor, Ed Kasanjian, Richard Krein, Steve Larson, Ja Sung Lee, Irene Lipinski, Robert Meek, Ken Mei, Randy Miyoken, Mary Mora- bito, Verne Nagayama, Michael O ' Brine, Kevin O ' Donnell, Chima Okorafo, Osazuwa Omoregie, Salem Rashed, Eric Siess, Spencer Soo Hoo, Daniel Takahashi, Francis Tom, Tommy Tom, Curt Tsujimoto, Poawpadet Vorabutr, Irwin Walot, Mitchell West, Larry Wong. Undergraduates in Teacher Education BOTTOM ROW: Laura Peterson, Minda Feiges, Mary Ann Lilly- white, Teresa Ford. ROW TWO: Rene Weber, Lise Grossman, Cheryl Lewis. ROW THREE: Cathy Donine, Katty Iriarte, Kelly Wh alen. ROW FOUR: Ayako Maedo, Alice Nieto, Sharron Ma- kata, Melissa Johnson. TOP ROW: Beatrice Nairi, llisa Alpern, Sherrill Quan, Wendy Donine, Richard Barragon. NOT PIC- TURED: Araxie Aghbashion, Barbara Fisher, Amy Franklin, Karen Ferry, Martin Galinda, Lori Glasser, Karen Hamade, Pamela Horst, Gail Handon, Suliene Jue, Michelle Kaye, Joyce Pleasant, Cindy Ross, Cathy Reynolds, Cathy Schmidt, Tula Stratos, Faith Taguchi, Rosa Vasquez, Betty Weiss. Undergraduates in Teacher Education, an organi- zation that promotes awareness in the field of edu- cation today, sponsored speakers and encouraged discussions and information on common education- al problems, techniques and job opportunities. 104 Student Cabinet SEATED: Dean Wilson, Dale Head, Bill Dauster (chairman), John Cossett. STANDING: Bill Matsumura, Ron Oestreich, Dennis Allieri, Suzie Nora, Steve Wetzel, Nancy Somers, Mike Rierson, Shana Cantor (sec), Mike Kennedy. The Cabinet works closely with the Executive Board of the President ' s Advisory Council. The members worked on committees such as elections and credentials, special parliamentary and graduate and undergraduate assemblies. Student Senate SEATED: Scott Thornton, Steve Wetzel, Bill Dauster (chair- man), Adolfo Molina. STANDING: Maureen Flanagan, Suzie Nora, Dean Wilson, Craig Settles, Vicki Vogelsang, Shana Cantor (sec), John Cossett, Ron Oestreich, Dale Head, Anita Knutson. The 34 members of Student Senate actively par- ticipated in the recommendations of university- wide policies and the shaping of university activi- ties. The members represented dorm and Row resi- dents, as well as commuter and graduate students. 105 use Geology Club BOTTOM ROW: David Helete, Cerrit D ' Ablaing, Debbie Nishi- da, Cathy Kovacevich, Inelda Academia, Joan Curtis, Charlie Bucl ner. ROW TWO: Jon Caynor (pres.j, Juan Guerrero, Greg Benson, Nicki Bernbaum, Ed Magdaleno. TOP ROW: Greg Mar- tin, Ed Hill, Thorn Slosson, Andy Carrillo, Chris Farrens, Lawford Anderson (adviser), Doug English, Chris DiLeonard, Scott Lewis, John Shepard, Gene Monson, Cuido Haug, Doug Soden, Miguel Camacho. NOT PICTURED: Jeff Grover. The use Geology Club aims to promote interest in archeological studies and in the history of the earth. It sponsors trips to various nature sites where the members really dig what they ' re doing. S s i ' V i rSPK p i T Wii- m Jil¥ - LB yU fi r ! M i n. ta, ' B Jl m Wk. " . H mm W 1 ..™« TH m WW Wmm m .jal! ' m m mmam ill «1 i 1 1 l i i 1 Jj 1 1 1 : i ' yi- ll ' ; 1 .k [i?rii A Univ. Speakers Comm. The University Speakers Committee sponsors speakers on behalf of the student community. This year the group presented such personalities as David Brinkley, David Horowitz, Dr. William Mas- ters and Neil Simon. SEATED: Dr. Timothy Leary. ROW TWO: Colleen Kelly, Harry Photakis, John Morgan, Marianne E liopoulos, Doug Jackson, Jean Borsattino, John Gottlieb, Stacy Morales. ROW THREE: Anita Knutson, Diane Young, James Gattuso, Jeff Gates, Don Green- wood, Bob Levy, Ricky Wacula, Anita Lehmann. NOT PICTURED: Matt Bombeck, John Carraro, Peter Friss, Sam Colachis, Mike Filippone, Dan Garst, Todd Kazelis, Marta Moore, Phred Murry, Mike Reynolds, Barry Toronto, Mike Zaustinsky, Musekiwa Kim- bula, Lee Weingarten (adviser and Director of Student Programs). 106 Women in Communications is an organization that promotes the role of women in such fields as broad- casting, journalism, cinema and drama. WICI sponsored speakers, participated in a " buddy " system for professionals and students, and organized the WICI Campus Com- munications Awards. BOTTOM ROW: Melody Nishida, Susan Sloate, Rochelle Lyons, Regina Birdsell. TOP ROW: Laura Hays, Gail Asayama, Darolyn Lendio. NOT PICTURED: Teri Anderson, Marsha Johnston, Fern Rederick, Lucig Danielian, Denise Tso, Arlene Armendariz, Joni Clover, Michelle Hopkins, Bridget Kiley, Becky Kouzes, Susie Whyte, Cheryl Williams, Autuntn Allison. WIC The Women of Troy in Forensics is a division of the Trojan Debate Squad. They participate in local, regional and national speech tournaments. In the fall they sponsored a big brother rush including such activities as an annual ice cream social, picnic and songwriting contest. In addition, they spon- sored speakers from the forensic community to speak on the career opportunities in the communi- cation field. Women Of Troy In Forensics KNEELING: Leo Mohr, Ralph Bernadino. ROW TWO: Marsha Traeger, Sue Thirwall, Rosemary Jackovil, Kelly Sager, Josh Mal- lin. TOP ROW: Ann Samuelson, Sylvia Blocker, Samee Roberts, Marlene Pontrelli, Jolynne Valoff, Vicki Hargreaves, Sue Ellen Bohac. 107 108 Greeks Rush . . . To me it was a mixture of feelings. I cried a little, and was a little lonely. I talked a lot at each of the homes, But all the while, listened with my heart. Rush to me was like starting all over. Being reborn into a new type of life. A life in which you could pick your family. A family that would always be there. A family you could love. Which would always love you back. Through the whole week you go to the homes And you look at prospective families. Ones that would help you to grow. But being new born, it ' s hard Choosing which way to go. The families help you all they can, But in the end, it ' s all up to you. It ' s you who must make a decision. Whom to give your lov e to. Whom you feel a yearning towards. If you look in your heart I think you will find That there really is only one choice. And I think you know the one. — Hollis Heide 110 Alpha Chi Omega 7. Doreen Castro 51. Wendy Soule 2. Sue Elia 52. Judy Olson 3. Cheryl Clark 53. Jenifer Leimbach 4. Joanne Sierra 54. Janet Money 5. Judy Stakee 55. Carolyn Yim 6. Kelly Snyder 56. Robin Rohan 7. Cherie Spence 57. Anita Bourns 8. Vicky Polites 58. Nikki Stapakis 9. Ann Husted 59. Cyndy Bryant 70. Carol Furlong 60. Sue Cohen 11. Shannon Stein 61. Julie Bakke 12. Larina Adamson 62. Beth Michel 13. Sue Waldman 63. Kathy Beritich 14. Wanelle Fitch 64. Siobhan 15. Louise Hawkins O ' Callaghan 16. Barbara Miller 65. Judy Mendoza 17. Caron Champoux 66. Lexie Deutsch 18. Jean Lally 67. Renee Bas 19. Liz Burkholder 68. Cathy Hansink 20. Kathleen Beresi 69. Donna Celiberti 21. Sandy Solomon 70. Chrys Fwald 22. Lisa Cramer 71. Maria de la Parr a 23. Karin Liechti 72. Patti Robinson 24. Cindy Bondesen 73. Jami Fosgate 25. Sandy Levin 74. Susan Andes 26. Tracy Fwald 75. Renee Corazza 27. Margaret Fogwell 76. Suzanne Artenian 28. Laura Craib 77. Janet Schrimmer 29. Barbara Bowman 78. Karen Schick 30. Jody Matranga 31. Branda Christie Not Pictured : 32. Lisa Carr Andrea Podosin 33. Audrey Jody Betts Scarborough Darcie Catapano 34. Kim Kistler Carina Courtright 35. Marilee Mollie Drake Donohugh Shari Heath 36. Shelia Krutzsch Libby Helmholz 37. Leslie Anderson Linda Kayajanian 38. Chris Fontana Nancy Markham 39. Amy Luther Julie Morton 40. Germaine Leanne Newsom Fyherabide Geri Pepiot 41. Anna Marie Marina Reder Alcocer Michele Traynor 42. Denise Bourns Susan Waldman 43. Terre De Palo Sherry Sigler 44. Laurie Ritchey Jeri Dye 45. Mimi Casey Tish Johnson 46. Cathy Cooper Karen Nussbaum 47. Lesley Spates Rhonda Wilson 48. Lori Spaeter Wendy Yorston 49. Cherrie Pettit Linda Rene 50. Diane Spaeter 113 114 Alpha Delta Pi 7. Christy Fletcher 51. Lili Arakelian 2. Allison Chapman 52. Laura Lubunch 3. Lisa McCray 53. Leslie Tallant 4. Glynis Russell 54. Kelly Morse 5. Cheryl Houser 55. Lori Frdmann 6. Jo Pearce 56. Ginny Knowles 7. Chriss Nielson 57. Paula Ludford 8. Heidi Youngkin 58. Cheryls Frdmann 9. Jeannie O ' hara 59. Kathy Greer 10. Barbie Marshall 60. Diane Birnie 7 7. Ann Crescenti 61. Linda Calix 12. Chrissy Scofield 62. Denise Nelson 13. Maylene 63. Barbie Woudman Missakian 64. Nina Schmidt 14. Sandy Ward 65. CarIa Demas 15. Johanna Helffrich 66. Lisa James 16. Lori Kepler 67. Debbie 17. Julie Heggeness Brittingham 18. Debbie Doner 68. Joan Staley 19. Leslie Halel 69. Rose Ann 20. Jeanne Cipolla Swanger 21. Cammie Shinn 70. Patrice Di Rocco 22. Carol Richardson 71. Arroi Light 23. Denyce Doughty 72. Nancy Moody 24. Caria Cuistolise 73. Kathy Cramoline 25. Dee Dee 74. Kathy Bachman Dorskind 75. Christy Benson 26. Karen Schroeder 76. Jill Medwid 27. Kathy Barton 77. Dee Jamison 28. Michelle Benone 78. Sherry Behrle 29. Cindy Richmond 79. Judy Jones 30. Wendy Dawson 80. Marcie Wolsey 31. Dorothy Ajar 81. Diane Leach 32. Mrs. Gretchen 82. Robin Hudson Steen 83. Carolyn OIlis 33. Jenny Criffin 84. Pam Peterson 34. Ellen Hicks 85. Penny Ponder 35. Val Smoiek 86. Peri Muretta 36. Floree Abrams 87. Kirsten Fulcher 37. Susie Bonnell 88. Sharon Kilmer 38. Mary Parks 39. Barb Crantham Not Pictured: 40. Kim Abreu Caren Arnett 41. Gail Uyeda Renee Jaffee 42. Jenny Smith Janine Letizia 43. Amy Van Buskirk Laurie Lewder 44. Cynthia Foran Chris Randall 45. Linda Barrett Cathy Vreeland 46. Ami Wishnick Sue Barr 47. Gayle Iwamura Linda Abrams 48. Debbie Schruck Fllen Jowitt 49. Teri B lazier Amy Luskey 50. Robyn Nakao 115 Alpha Epsilon Phi 7. Amy Wells 2. Cheryll Anne Hairston 3. Anita Brandt 4. Jeff Calamusa 5. Mindy Aronoff 6. Carolyn Shearer 7. Pam Rotenberg 8. Merilynne Cohen 9. Stephannie Cook 10. Greg Kauffman 11. Sheila Roth 12. Marcy Katz 13. Maureen Moss 14. Sue Rozen 15. Kerry Nelson 16. Chip Melvin 17. Carta Schalman 18. Jan Schuessler 19. Ken Menager 20. Glenn Garvin 21. Dave Gai 22. Rice Levin 23. Taffy Schatz 24. Mike Notakangelo 25. Andrea Green 26. Ken Beigel 27. Jackie Myland 28. Mike Jacobs 29. Debbie Warner 30. Steve Myland 31. Wendy Spector 32. Alan Kheel 33. Debbie Reiner 34. Glen Landau Not Pictured: Bambi Burton Sue Feinstein Jackie Geiger Chip Ross Paul Arshavifsky Navo Castillo Scott Stone Malcolm Engstrom tie Sim aitttii mmriiitm.mmSM 117 Alpha Epsilon Pi 1. Steve Johnson Not Pictured: 2. James Murdy Lawrence Grasso 3. Chris Felknor Otis Page 4. Unidentified Lady Garry Moses 5. Ken Bancale Craig Havel 6. Bill Allgair Michael Clinton 7. Christopher Ivan Halperin Maginnis Andrew Kauf fman 8. Theodore Davis Steve Shrader 9. Pam Anderson Steve Kenlon 10. Eben Phillips Brad Axel rod 11. Kona Alan Hayakawa 12. Jon Nakamura Robin Starnes 13. Brian Lushing Alex Goldberg 14. Gary Kaylor Steve Heller Rob Pearce 118 119 Alpha Gamma Delta 7. Brian Keepers 2. Rosemary Jackovic 3. Les Sherman 4. Linda Gisbrecht 5. Cindy Kato 6. Diana Agajanian 7. Amy Fine 8. Alice Behnke 9. Pam Oeschger 10. Denise Tso 11. Elsa Ortega 12. Linda Kimura 13. Vivian Cumbiner 14. Marlene Pontrelli 15. Bonnie Burandt 16. Joanne Chao 17. Lor re Staretz 18. Gale Sonnenberg 19. Ken Kurisu 20. Lois Presbey 21. Shirlane War dell 22. Liz Olson 23. Darlynne Sitjar 24. Julie Barr 25. Brad Young 26. Megan Foiles 27. Joe Tancredy 28. Duncan Norton 29. Melody Nishida 30. Terry Nevill 31. Terry Boehmer 32. Theresa Sovillere 33. Leslie Vorbach 34. Cindy Morrisset 35. Meghan Schreiber 36. Lisa Corrie 37. Gretchen Schildwachter 38. Pam Shroeder 39. Michelle Johnson 40. Betty Weiss 41. Jill Warren 42. Mary Ruth Hardesty 43. Carol Rush 44. Chris Funk 45. Julie Poxon 46. Tim Hamill 47. Jennifer Jackson 48. Sue Henderson 49. Mary Becker 50. Cecil Wilson 51. Lindy Rust 52. Connie Craig 53. Tom Knotts 54. Susie Debenham 55. Barbara Marbach 56. Marsha Johnston 57. Barbara Fisher 58. Tom Bristow 59. Gary Lira 60. Dan Jones 61. Jeff Kipp 62. Sharon Just 63. Jane Kubasak 64. Cynny Murphy 65. Ok-Soo Han 66. Dave Synder 67. Glen Straus 68. Jane Frederick 69. Chris Van Ruiten 70. Gail Goldstein 71. Jo Ann Boss 72. Dave Hansen 73. Nina Punaro 74. Sharon Rhocks 75. Jackie Harper 76. Kim Sommers 77. Cindy Davis 78. Linda Bagne 79. Janice Merrill 80. Jennifer Haserot 81. Lynn Covin 82 Sue Bell 83. Miss Anne 84. Randy Corber 85. Joanne Coghiil 86. Rich Andes 87. Mike Yuskis 88. Brad Jones Not Pictured: Barbi Emslie Kathie Moskal Sandee Shupe Pam Lubitz Jenny Pelton Kris Scheiderich Marilyn Young Irene Alvarez Sue Bohac Debi Brooks Dianne Douglass Joyce Uyeda Chris McBride Alpha Kappa Alpha 7. Karen Brooks 2. Cassandra Beacham 3. Joyce Moss 4. Renee Cottrell 5. Kim Foley 6. Gloria Ross 7. Mary Singleton 8. Candy Bowman 9. Rene Weber 10. Monique Hunter 77. Janet Crawford 12. Kimberly Lang 13. Angela Perry 14. Rhonda Burgess 15. Gemma Greene 16. Terry Mack 17. Charlette Tysen Not Pictured: Kim Hagens Gail Palmer Yasmin Jones Robin Wyatt Natalynne Walton Yvette Speight Debbie Mars Pam Jones Gwen Cobb Cheryl Turner Andrea Barrett Renee Lampkin Gwen Cromartie Pat Corbitt Pam Pi land Janis Fendall Darlyne Dandridge Tina Graham Rovana Jourdan Hyacinth Moore Brenda Perkins Pam Robinson Janis Tindall 1 s ) i ToJ ; A v 50 A J? vv R A T V (59jl f5L 62 J ( FvFl r 1 ps) JP Fl L M i ° 4lj )F), Vjq v K Fl 1 ( r Yn 1 T p I 1 S ' " I24j C Lf p ; 29 30) jlSri x f 3 2 J m jp " s r V V ■ ) ' Y V] V i . — - C 2 -- t l-M-l L - — 1 u..- fc«-t Alpha Omnicron Pi 7. y m Bailey 43. Monica Roorda 2. Julie Warth 44. Kim Rodgers 3. Donna Tyminski 45. Susan Niemi 4. Meg Malanca 46. Annette Leach 5. Kelly Irvin 47. Kathy Zesiger 6. Cheryl Ransone 48. Robin Hiskey 7. Bonnie Bunting 49. Debbie Mendel 8. Terri Hall 50. Gigi Adams 9. Liz Lassen 51. Odett Thaxton 10. Chrissi Snyder 52. Liz Wannamaker 11. Sue Pulone 53. Debbie Samuelian 12. Teh Hooker 54. Patty Brooks 13. Adrianna Lanting 55. K. C. Butigan 14. Carol Levonian 56 Kim Grant 15. Bonni George 57. Jody Clark 16. Kathryn Gulmert 58. Debbie Zuzow 17. Valerie Glaze 59. Laurie Lester 18. Jan Nardulli 60. Terri Hurtado 19. Linda Rojas 61. Nancy O ' Neill 20. Cathy Hansen 62. Diana Welch 21. Lynn Clausen 63. Corinne McCann 22. Julie De Campos 64. Virginia Baich 23. Lauren Weinstein 65. Janet Tisthammer 24. Marta Moore 66. Marcia Moncus 25. Susan Wynson 67. Audrey Har court 26. Jan Heide 68. Linda Haase 27. Jane Tankersly 69. Janet Warner 28. Beverly Nester 70. Denise Stringer 29. Doreen Opava 71. Kathy Dernham 30. Daria Opava 72. Carlene Anderson 31. Catherine Trau 73. Karen Matthews 32. Melanie Graper 74. Lisa Sommers 33. Gladys Hernandez 34. Gena Steckman Not Pictured: 35. Sue Holman Dryden Branson 36. Mary Butigan Maral Avakian 37. Madelyn Koll Becky Winthrop 38. Courtenay Hardy Valerie Andrews 39. Hollis Heide Cindy Nolting 40. Moira Breslin Sheila Tomlin 41. Dee Dee Laurie Altenbach Campanaro Georgia Spinney 42. Syd Sullivan 124 imc TytATce 125 Alpha Phi 1. Camille Tafe 50. Barb Mendoza 2. Annette Sumrall 51. Anne Downey 3. Judy Cray 52. Terri Speiser 4. lulie Bushman 53. Christy Paulin 5. Sheila Shaefer 54. Lisa Davenport 6. Karen Rasmussen 55. Debbie Pearson 7. Heidi Gothard 56. Donna Casella 8. Margot MacLachlan 57. Ellen Grinstein 9. Adrianne Cochran 58. Kathy Emmons 10. Renae Jacobs 59. Ellen McAuley 11. Laura Pinegar 60. Anne Klingbell 12. Suzanne Tartre 61. Stacey Thomas 13. Beth Petak 62. Kristi Klugman 14. Julie Robertson 63. Peggy Howard 15. Claudia Ziefle 64. Carolyn Seastrom 16. Linda Di Marco 65. Cindy Gould 17. Keely Stefan 66. Lee McCarthy 18. Joan Remp 67. Stephanie Herrold 19. Debbie Jamin 68. Ellie Riley 20. Laura Pirok 69. Lynn Hansen 21. Suzi Shartel 70. Kathy Abams 22. Jane Hotchkiss 71. Tish Howard 23. Ann McAuley 72. Cathy Karl 24. Candy Kohn 73. Susan Smith 25. Tricia Friend 74. Jocelyn Palmer 26. Ilene Gudelski 75. Donnie Haye 27. Sally Thomas 28. Stephanie Willis Not Pictured: 29. Lisa Rawlins Sue Wehner 30. Nancy Harlow Linda McCulloch 31. Linda Stock Dot Bolger 32. Dee Dee Kenedy Cin dy Junkin 33. Sue Nunnally Jani ce Lane 34. Betsy Jones Lisa Giejer 35. Carol Phillips Alisa Curreri 36. Terl Gray Liz McNally 37. Debbie Friend LesI ie Sheehan 38. Cindy Wilcox Debbie Sirias 39. Leslie Jacobs Grace Sheehand 40. Carolyn Reed Peggy Brooker 41. Beth Coates Julie Goodrich 42. Amy Opfell Mai y Beth Higgins 43. Donna Portaro Lee Barrett 44. Stacy Carroll Lynn Lemke 45. Ann Klatt Stacy Hand 46. Mary Stevenson Lauri MacMurray 47. Sharil Ramage Jeannine Nutt 48. Melinda Moore Lynn Mellert 49. Dellse Honeywell Mrs . Williams 127 Row Bible Study Encourages Fellowship The Row Bible Study, in its fourth year, high- lighted the fall semester by co-sponsoring Josh McDowell, a national representative of Campus Crusade for Christ. Josh spoke on campus for three consecutive days, expressing Christian views on different contemporary issues. The Bible study was held every Tuesday night at different fraternity and sorority houses in an attempt to promote Christian fellowship among not only Greek members, but all stu- dents living in the student community. 128 Alpha Rho Chi 7. Louie Walker 2. lohn Spencer 3. Terrence Goode 4. Todd Miller 5. Mike Stallings 6. Barry Goldberg 7. Ken Smith 8. Mark Futerman 9. Sam Hurst 10. Kitty Lew 11. Jay Mock 12. jeannete Quon 13. Evan Markiewicz 14. Ed Wickham 15. Michael Calzada 16. Jim Landefeld 17. Eric Nobunaga 18. Jim Johnston 19. Dan Reza 129 130 ' " aisfeb Alpha Tau Omega 7. Chuck Wilcox 35. Joe Householder 2. Craig Mor eland 36. Dan Bush 3. J.D. Crouch 37. Roy Logan 4. Bill Barnett 38. Tim Taylor 5. Robert S. Pack III 39. Davor Fabulich 6. Howard Farber 40. Derek Lewis 7. Scott Lewis 41. Bob Cook 8. Clay Lilly 42. Mike Dougherty 9. John Jeha 43. Greg Grief 10. Don Billow 44. John Kellogg 11. Cregg Miller 45. Greg Janish 12. Ray Radas 46. Mike Scher 13. Mark Astrella 47. Fred Redfern 14. Mike Bussell 48. Joel Craig 15. Tom Hogan 49. Ron Rogers 16. Tom Klepper 50. Charly Netel 17. Bill Gilli 51. Bob Billings 18. James 52. Dennis Bush 19. Randy Miller 53. Don Esken 20. Joe Shannon 54. Doug Levitt 21. Mike Walsh 55. John Wheeler 22. Greg Sabourin 56. John Gombos 23. Brad Rogus 57. Mike Osborn 24. Chris Ewin 25. Scott Copeland Not Pictured: 26. Dave Grannis Rick Krol 27. Bill Volkel Chris Riddle 28. Gary Johnstone Phil Bellville 29. Rich Omnicom Scott Van Dyke 30. John Cox Neal Singer 31. Scott Matthews Chris Mitchell 32. Steve Niemi Pete Crigonis 33. Don Harryman Brad White 34. Marc Bernstein Charles Gurrola 131 132 Beta Theta Pi ■ 7. jim Young 2. John Astor 3. Jack llles 4. George Shinn 5. Tom Spicer 6. John Churm 7. Mike Grabendyke 8. Rick Dekarlo 9. Doug Birnie 10. Jerry Kohler 11. Bill Spencer 12. Mike Peterson 13. Gordon Adams 14. Jim Sullivan 15. George Nagy 16. Craig Knickerbocker 17. Scott Hayward 18. Doug Simpson 19. Kevin Crawford 20. George Tellam 21. Louis Ramirez 22. Ken Beigel 23. Tom Peters 24. Kelly Davis 25. Brian Kelly 26. Beat Von Tscharner 27. Paul Kalemakarian 28. John Lecrone 29. Tom Mohr 30. Lance Young 31. Mike Botz 32. Bob Lycette 33. Gordy Grundy 34. Todd Hunter 35. Joe Carroll 36. Bob Shearin 37. Scott Davis 38. Pat Patrick 39. Lyttle Jerke 40. Steve Zamarrida 41. Mike Morey 42. Wes Kennedy 43. Todd Corman 44. Tim Purnell 45. Roy Cole 46. Brent Jones 47. Ed Gilroy 48. Dave Bradley 49. Chad Olsen 50. Mike Ross 51. Mike Ker 52. Tom Querend 53. Craig Rackohn 54. Chip Conlan 55. Mark Byers 56. Roy Bennett 57. Jeff Funk 58. Paul Heeschan 59. Tim Regan 60. Scott Van Keulan 61. Mark Grassi 62. Tim Real 63. Eric Leaver 64. Dan Christy 65. Ralph Dion 66. Scott Heger 67. Les Wulk 68. Tim Real 69. Chip Olson 70. Jim Ferguson 71. George Sill 72. Loc Waters 73. Jeff Kassner 74. Mike F raw ley 75. Fred Landis 76. Hunt Williams 77. Wally Reed 78. John Rothwell 79. Bruce Phillips 80. Bruce Furniss 81. Ron Orr 82. Bill At ha 83. Ray Campbell Not Pictured: Mark Albright Jim Anthony Gary Ball David Bouzek Craig Cooper Jim Davison Alan Langston Cameron Luther Curt Pierose Kevin Robinson Tom Searles Steve Turner Jim Purvis George Nichols Jim Chapel Bill Bilsborough Chip Olson Glen Farr George Lock wood Ray Lee John Revter John Boiling K.C. Connell John O ' Neal Bob Tierney 133 CHI O PANCAKE BREAKFAST RESULTS IN SATISFIED CUSTOMERS Chi Omega 7. Harriet Devine 2. Sally Upjohn 3. Wendy Zinn 4. Tica Molloy 5. Diane Wagner 6. Heidi Leibenguth 7. Vikki Zaninovich 8. Jean Harris 9. Janet McCormick 10. Mimi Coons 1 1. Mary See 12. Sandy Boggess 13. Sue Sakuma 14. Chris Resell 15. Stephanie Murrow 16. Shan Simon 17. Julie Neff 18. Joanne Brunelle 19. Mindy Glaser 20. Sally Silberkraus 21. Laurie Fregien 22. Monica Waller Not Pictured: Bonnie Bilitch Holly Brock Janet Frensdorf Eve Chazarian Bibi La Bayne Nancy Marion Kristy Powers Sandy Scholz Karen Sebesta Margo Smith Donna Stern Teri Vincent i ' 135 Chi Phi 7. Flavio Franco 2. Bob Myers 3. Scott Quesinbcrry 4. Steve Broadbent 5. Omar Elder 6. Mike Box 7. Mark Courtney 8. Jackie Viera 9. Noel Anderson 10. Chris Straub 77. Dave Brown 12. Bill Moore 13. Becky Kring 14. Said Djabarri 15. Wendy Warren 16. Karen Box 17. Cindy Doughty 18. Greg Kevorkian 19. Tom Old 20. Chris Moore 21. Jim Beeton 22. Ann Cresenti 23. Joe Gamsky 24. Jeff Stueve 25. Rich Suttie 26. Darrell Levonian 27. Charley Thompson Not Pictured: A I Cabraloft Tom Dubbs Greg Hammond Bob Hedrick Don Smith Jeff Baxter Steve Marcussen Jim Kimura ■. " ' ti-Mm ' ' x-. .( 136 Delta Chi 7. Bill Wong 11. Bill Burke 2. Frank Rivaleneyrd 12. Frank Barba 3. Colin Wright 13. Glenn Wilk 4. Don Villafana 14. Frank Vovso 5. Dennis Carroll 15. Tom Burke 6. Tony Castro 16. Martin Scott 7. John Coffey 8. Jeff Olsen Not Pictured: 9. Calvin Kwan Mike Kingsbury 10. Rod Zaiunardo 137 - 138 Delta Delta Delta 7. Leslie Freedle 2. Cathy Hogan 3. Jackie Minor 4. Kimberly Bishop 5. Karen Wopshal 6. Linda Celler 7. Cindy Miller 8. Keely Conzales 9. Daria Nacheff 10. Lori Handy 77. Janet Russo 12. Lisa Bert 13. Lisa Gala if 14. Sally Coulter 15. Kathie Cross 16. Diane Olsen 17. Peggy Powers 18. Anne Martin 19. Dana Capelouto 20. Terri Kemp 21. Holly Armbruster 22. Donna Dempster 23. Alice Reisner 24. Jennifer Mellert 25. Kim Small 26. Tracey Passwaters 27. Linda Sage 28. Wendy Koelsche 29. Kristi Kronemeyer 30. Michele Bozzo 31. Laurie Little 32. Phyllis Kidder 33. Debbie Bossio 34. Tamra Swanson 35. Debbie Campbell 36. Kelly Callison 37. Debbie Tressen 38. Erin Dundee 39. Carol George 40. Debbie Goodloe 41. Randy Young 42. Wendy Almquist 43. Trudi Hanes 44. Cindy Gratz 45. Cindy Whitaker 46. Sonya Baker 47. Roxanne Holderman 48. Kathy Owen 49. Dianne Bush 50. Margaret Dana 51. Melanie Lester 52. Kim Buckley 53. Kim Kitchen 54. Dana Wilson 55. Jan Zink 56. Carol Ward 57. Catherine Sheppard 58. Karen Briscoe 59. Debbie McCann 60. Lorraine Webb 61. Sue Robinson 62. Viki Hargreaves 63. Julie Andrews 64. Cindi Dean 65. Susan Jacobs 66. Sharon Butler 67. Darcy Price Not Pictured: Karen Ackely Ann Batcheller Nancy Boehme Susie Campbell Liz Coss Linda Currie Molly Davis Jan Edwards Leida Gutierrez Kathy Szijarto Stacey Heath Anne Houston Sandy Kalish Linda Lock wood Marilyn MacMillan Gail McCormac Wendy McKeever Terri Patterson Maria Sansone Jennifer Solomon Shirlyn Vogel Tami Meehan Susy Baumgartner Kathy Smith Elaine Caday Debbie Gilchrist Teri Joens Pam Norton Erin Prouty Kelly Reilly Kristi Small Cami Stegman Linda Wooden 139 Delta Gamma 7. Caron Waldron 52. Betsy Flattery 103. Diane Yurich 2. Christy Hay 53. Tricia Dowsett 104. Mike Patrichi 3. Jamie Bedall 54. Michita Laugharn 105. Jaqui Giddings 4. Terry Davis 55. Peggy O ' Neill 106. K.C. Coultrup 5. Kathy Banks 56. Maria D ' Zurko 107. Jeanne Moore 6. Charm Major 57. Maria McMahon 108. Allan Dowsett 7. Ani Figueras 58. Diane Akerman 109. Sandi Wasserman 8. Cindy Caswell 59. Babe Knoop 110. Nancy Treiman 9. Kim Foster 60. Leslie Lane 111. Leslie Drysdale 10. Lisa LeCover 61. Cindy Lessel 112. Brooks Poliquin 77. Lisa Myers 62. Patti Klein 113. Kathy Arguilla 12. Patti Cahill 63. Shelly Buss 114. Carrie Ann 13. Julie Giles 64. Stacy Amar Caratan 14. Marie Curry 65. Ann Macevicz 115. Lauren Vaughn 15. Karen Schweitzer 66. Christy Price 116. Dan Fogelzang 16. Joy Sanders 67. Cyndy Bevard 117. Brad Bowman 17. Kathy Alfano 68. Stacey Devlin 118. John Klub 18. Lyn Eisenhower 69. Renee Lawler 119. Mike Toerge 19. Becky Buss 70. Ann Moon 120. Bob Carter 20. Lynn Jennings 71. Vicky Tilton 121. Charlie Blalock 21. Terri Colby 72. Cici Cordon 122. Matt Dorf 22. Cameron Wilkins 73. Doris Jenkins 123. Ron Orr 23. Linday Ridge way 74. Rose Hoddad 124. Cayce Malone 24. Lynn Wylde 75. Kelly Garrett 125. Diane Morsillo 25. Floy Wulk 76. Wendy Miller 126. Shirley 26. Beth Wright 77. Angela Mi cell 127. Joanie Latimer 27. Sue Haack 78. Ellen Robinson 128. John Tenaglia 28. Kristi Thornquist 79. Andrea Dowsett 129. Tippy Martin 29. Debi Anderson 80. Ann Crestinger 130. Brian Ulf 30. Pam Jones 81. Cindy Klein 131. Leslie Skoro 31. Becky Berkey 82. Diane Theurich 132. Laura Peterson 32. Julie Waite 83. Gigi Gorman 133. Scott Sutherland 33. Cindy Troy 84. Linda Balfour 134. Barbara 34. Debbie Felts 85. Kelly Coates McDonald 35. Lee Weber 86. Kristi Cannata 135. Bryn Defreece 36. Pam Scott 87. Sue McDonald 37. Terry Price 88. Karen Hinds Not Pictured: 38. Lisa Cryp 89. Nancy Berbos Amy Allen 39. Kim Goss 90. Louise Van Vorst Becky Armstrong 40. Katy Krupp 91. Stirling Eddy June Melin 41. Lynn Exiey 92. John Turnacliff Sue Stephenson 42. Tracy Cleland 93. Robin Brown Robin Trumbull 43. Jody Morton 94. Miles Gabel Cathy Yaussy 44. Meg Delia 95. Dan Plunkett Leslie Stone 45. Debbie Neill 96. Randy Pierce Leah Tuverson 46. Laurie Hill 97. Karen Wilke Louise Vaughn 47. Kathy Broderick 98. Jeff Lewis Joey Wright 48. Janine Bleak 99. Kirsten Reed 49 Jill Mitchell 100. John Coultrup 50. Liz Youngblood 101. Nenon Zenovich 51. Carmen War da 102. Guido Haug 141 Delta Phi Kappa 7. June Kaneoka 2. Frances Inabu 3. Carolyn Ashimine 4. Joanne Masaoka 5. Linda Tani 6. Norene Nakao 7. Doreen Asato 8. Stacey Oda 9. Marlene Abe 10. Cyndi Umemoto 7 7. Peggi Iwata 12. Laura Kubota 13. Adrienne Jue 14. Mayumi Mitsuhiro 15. Diane Nomura 16. Patty Kurata 17. Debbie Kumagawa 18. Sunny Lee 19. Wendy Tamura 20. Ada Chan 21. Carey Oshita 22. Donna Hayata Not Pictured: Allison Asada Francine Takai Lilly Chung Shirley Daikoku Laurie Iwasaki Rose Lam Fva Lau Irene Marumoto Dawn Miyakawa Judy Nakagawa Susan Nishihara Mikki Tashima Lynn Torigoe Miko Uchida Karen Wong Jamie Yee Joni Yee Delta Sigma Theta 7. Felicia Stucl ey 2. Neelura Bell 3. Debra Hill 4. Karen Quintal 5. Iris Thirgood 6. La Vicki Foxwell 7. Belinda Morton 8. Roberta Waters 9. Detra Smith 10. Sheri Hubbard 11. Penny McKinstry 12. Sara Finney 13. Colleen Car ro way 14. Lois Fitter 15. Mary Durham Not Pictured: Gloria Burroughs Sheryl Henderson Donna Humphrey Cina lames Stephanie Simms 143 Delta Sigma Phi 7. Mel Gilrnour 2. Larry Roberts 3. Terry Kahn 4. Dick Denzler 5. Marco Marcantoni 6. Bob Clark 7. Dominick Romano 8. Pat McNamee 9. Ross Oris wold 10. Larry Mazur 11. Sean Osb orn 12. Pat Fields 13. Danny Franco 14. Mike Trevino 15. Alan Baker 16. Rob Kcnneally 17. Marty Goldberg 18. Mark Carter 19. Del Worthington 20. Mark Miller 21. Dean Hallett 144 7. Tom Webb 2. Creg Ohanian 3. left Weiner 4. Jim Perdue 5. Ralph Adame 6. Oscar Munoz 7. Jesse Perez 8. Jeff Worthy 9. Scott Satin 10. Bernie Rosenthal 11. Charlie Connors 12. Sam Schaefer 13. Norm Croat 14. Mike Gamson 15. Randy Boggan 16. Dale Snyder 17. Jim Lombardo 18. Scott Frisbie 19. Phil Harwood 20. Larry Valles 21. Bruce McDonald 22. Ron Burrows 23. Alan Boring Not Pictured: Tom Bristow Brian Brumit Dave Crampton Darryl Farrar Tim Hamill Kevin Heerdt J.J. McNutly Armen Minasian Ralph Minasian Paul Nevill Fugene Osborne Rick Osborne Jeff Russell Fric Siess Bill Snell Creg Watkins Doug Olbrich Derald Skinner Ken Vail 1977 House Decs: Sixty National Championships 146 januiiiMi i 148 Delta Tau Delta 7. Scott Henderson 47. Kurt Haynes 2. Barry Ressler 48. Steve Hoffman 3. Ron Chaney 49. Don Terrill 4. Bob Badley 50. Dave Carrell 5. Ann Consani 51. Tony Turchi 6. Rez Zolezzi 52. Jim Matyas 7. Paul Flamer 53. Joe McKay 8. Bob Rathbone 54. Bob McDonald 9. Chris Johnson 55. Mitch Axene 10. George Johnson 56. Debbie Diercks 11. Dave Bent 57. Rand Backer 12. Linda Ridgeway 58. Kevin K earns 13. John Teneglia 59. Jim Kline 14. Blair Pence 60. Chris Consani 15. Leslie Woolley 6 1. Paul Steinke 16. Neal Flyer 62. Greg Buchbinder 17. Drew Lawler 63. Marisa Autrey 18. Jill Wiessinger 64. Andy Proctor 19. Dennis Rainey 65. Squeeze 20. Joe Blackstock 66. Mary Poppic 21. Sandy Whiting 67. John Badley 22. Brian McGuire 68. Jeff Swanson 23. Nick Kildiozew 24. Chris Hall Not pictured: 25. Pat Olson Rodger Korell 26. Mary Abbate Jim Smith 27. Dave Woolley Steve Algorri 28. Jeff Duncan John Boskovich 29. Kathy Gross Bob Fallon 30. Brian Capehart Jeff Harding 31. Paul Leake Gordo Johnson 32. Tony Haralombos Jeff Johnson 33. Clay Mitchel Robert Del Junco 34. Meade Wildrick Ken Woods 35. Robb Sepulveda Lee Marshall 36. Don Hately Gary Reneau 37. Gary Wood Storm Bartling 38. Matt Gait Mark Gerlach 39. Frank Laerman Bob Hately 40. John Driscoll Randy Duncan 41. J.D. Bond Kevin Kelley 42. Harry Butler Dave Marconi 43. Todd Smith Doug Moore 44. Scooter Wilson Chris Steinhauser 45. Bob Duitsman Greg Tucker 46. Craigy Flmore 149 Gamma Epsilon Omega 1. Kevin Kunisaki 2. Steve Yamashita 3. Mark Kumagawa 4. Roger Yamashiro 5. Ken Yonemura 6. Mike Tom 7. Ron Shigematsu 8. Rick Iwai 9. Dean Nagamine 10. Mike Neeno 11. David Hozaki 12. Clen Wakabayashi 13. Robert Nishida 14. Robert Hirose 15. David Ohashi 16. Norman Noda 17. Dan Nakagi 18. Steve Dong 19. Bobby Hara 20. Bill Hart 21. Ronnie Hirata 22. Karl Kim 23. John McDaniel 24. Gordon Yee Not Pictured: Ion Kagawa Spencer Shimizu Keith Miyamoto Steve Kim Kevin Kanemoto Joe Araki Steve Joe Tim Moy Doug Yasuda Stan Yasuda Mel Miyamoto Mike Lee Willy Leewong Howard Nakashioya Ron Quan Roy Yoshino f IP kiCW f ) f f v K ( p ' ' % A yl J cT Hu - ■ N fl T[ I ' I 1 ;l tt l S 1 k 1 1 fVts-. " . v« S ji h J K n ) K i s p f- y 150 « House Decs I Dec Houses During Troy Week 151 Gamma Phi Beta 7. Pam Curran 2. Nancy Pon 3. Christine Carlson 4. Carol Kemler 5. Martha Cannon 6. Christi Kinkle 7. Melissa Smoot 8. Phyllis Dembowski 9. Dayna Carter 10. Cheryl Gordon 11. Signs Qvale 12. Jan Frazier 13. Pam Horst 14. Cathy Becktal 15. Sheila Duffy 16. Liz Unger 17. Dana Nater 18. Annette Kirn 19. Ronnie Rodgers 20. Carol Hamilton 21. Wendy Gustafson 22. nil Braden 23. Sheri Taylor 24. Lynn Alessi 25. Pat Livinghouse 26. Liz Schreiber 27. Janet See 28. Janice Sharp 29. Debbie Johnson 30. Barbie Breiter 31. Erin Cass dy 32. Julie Johnson 33. Cathy Rosso 34. Lesley Bebbington 35. Val Seyfert 36. Wendy Woldt 37. Jodi Williamson 38. Jennifer Johnson 39. Christy Frazier 40. Susie London 41. Sue Kirven 42. Debbie Danson 43. Lisa Sheehan 44. Teri Fivecoat 45. Susie Delahooke 46. Janice Roberts 47. Victoria Russell 48. Kim Hellman 49. Elaine Boyd 50. Becky Jeffs 51. Alison Ehmig 1S2 52. Jennifer Blum 53. Debbie l-lypes 54. Lisa Denton 55. Juliana Pisani 56. Lisa Ogawa 57. Yolanda Cantellopes 58. Sharon Nugent 59. Lori Brumleu 60. Bev Andrews 61. Cigi Garner 62. Megan Kalionzes 63. Fran Mills 64. Lisa Whitehead 65. Kristine Coode 66. Joan Avedisian 67. Nancy Rogers 68. Ann Walker 69. Jance Richardson 70. Ann Vasko 71. Sandy Webster 72. Janis Lewis 73. Becky Kouzes 74. Nancy Whitaker 75. Sally Thoman 76. Terri Rebenstorf 77. Susan Clarke 78. Cathy Momjian 79. Lisa Barkdull 80. Juli Boelter 81. Tammy Sedin 82. Sabrina Kazarian 83. Carolyn Hooks Not Pictured: Mary Ann Ivy Megan Johanson Chris Hennig Nancy Russell Anita Sokolsky Kim Wetmore Shannon Beglin Kathy Hittle Leslie Kenyan Janellen McDougall Kathy McNair Cathy Stavert Kathy Stevens Gina Marie Celic Betsy Di Maria Kim Shelley 153 Kappa Alpha 7. leff Macaluso 44. John Carroll 2. Brent Carpenter 45. Don Traeger 3. Dan Trap 46. Brian Weisberg 4. Joe Healy 47. Paul Neff 5. Cren Jones 48. Walt Sanford 6. Steve Leonard 49. Jim Armitage 7. Jero me Lienhard 50. Doug Rohrer 8. Jim Gilchrist 51. Ken Blakeley 9. R. C. Treat 52. Al Scolamieri 10. Chris Burgess 53. Bill Elder 77. Mike Dolan 54. Brad Hillgren 12. John Agamalian 55. Greg Mahony 13. Al Beaudette 56. Gary Stachler 14. Bruce Thompson 57. Randy Kawamura 15. Tom Meunier 58. Rob Francesion 16. Al Bonde 59. Greg Krueger 17. Mary Poppic 60. Scott Hamoreaux 18. Debbie Duthie 61. Chris Lewis 19. Bob Teele 62. Rusty Sherwood 20. Mike McGowan 63. Mike Healy 21. Kevin Kostlan 64. Bob Geotz 22. Scott Reed 65. Dennis Malony 23. Dave Larsen 66. Jeff Skeen 24. Brian Hickey 25. John Seifert Not Pictured: 26. Dave Peterson Steve Titus 27. Gregg Carpenter Don Ayres 28. Dan Parry Chad Covington 29. Neil Callahan Dave Hixenbaugh 30. Mike Condon Dave Kray 31. B. D. Howes Bill Banyard 32. Tim tally Greg Skjonsby 33. Dave DiMiranda Dennis Wood 34. Jack Raidy Stan Wipfli 35. Ron Taylor Jim Williams 36. John Moulton Bruce Thompson 37. Dan Nelson Al Palmer 38. Dreigh Peck Kevin McKenna 39. Stacy Amar Dave Mackenbach 40. Ted Levis Jeff L ulejian 41. Kevin Hillgren Steve Hagy 42. Chris Foot Brent Daves 43. Steve McCarty 1S4 155 Kappa Alpha Theta 1. Caroline Molloy 58. Erin Dougherty 2. Tracy Dawner 59. Liz Nutt 3. D ' Arcy Dietrich 60. Suzie Ganz 4. Connie Kenagy 61. Chrissy Beck hard t 5. Teri Anderson 62. Leslie Frandsen 6. Katie Bower 63. Dana Teele 7. Maryanne Green 64. Betsy Jacobson 8. Terry Spicer 65. Karen Loft is 9. Holly O ' Brien 66. Sally Stonestreet 10. Terry Tanner 67. Leslie Long 11. Juli Puariea 68. Karen Johnson 12. Amy Baldwin 69. Elaine Johnston 13. ludi Wendorff 70. Gail Rawn 14. Bonnie Foley 71. Amanda 15. Kathy Brodigan Duddleson 16. Lynn Thompson 72. Carolyn 17. Allyn Stewart Thompson 18. Tracy Westervelt 73. Elizabeth Pollock 19. Kelly Burke 74. Wendy Taylor 20. Ramona Cappello 75. Peggy Blake 21. Terrie Capellino 76. Eileen Cannon 22. Susie Yeager 77. Ginger Gilles 23. Kim BIdredge 78. Cathy Collins 24. Lisa Goodlad 79. Sandy Haffly 25. Betsy Hartwig 80. Jeri Dieball 26. Peggy-Sue Curry 81. Lynda Rohrer 27. Lisa Papadakis 82. Mindy Schneider 28. Laurie Anderson 83 Shelby Heyn 29. Laura Sorgen 84. Sandi Toms 30. Anne Consani 85. Sue Snorf 31. Kristin Olson 86. Sue Whittington 32. Marjorie Ferryman 87. Claudia 33. Kerry Shield Kreutzberg 34. Leslie Holden 88. Jo Leachman 35. Jennifer Polhemus 89. Lori Rohrer 36. Vidette Schine 90. Wendy Donker 37. Kim Borcherdt 91. Julie Killian 38. Cyndy Larson 92. Betsy McKie 39. Melissa Boals 93. Kathy McKie 40. Lisa Olson 94. Kathy Kjar 41. Karia Paulick 42. Laura Lindberg Not Pictured: 43. Cathy Kelly Penny Bower 44. Debbie Ellena Liz Butler 45. Tami Pelton Donna D ' Elia 46. lane Meeker Marnie Hartley 47. Jean-Ann LeGrand Laurie Hupp 48. Debbie Diercks Margy Maca 49. Alice Ragenovich Mary Maness 50. Denise Sattler Anne Pendo 51. Jill Weissinger Margaret Paulson 52. Michele Fagan Linda Wells 53. Janie Roberts Lynne Bransford 54. Mary Overton Pamelyn Ferdin 55. Laura Anderson Elizabeth Henry 56. Nancy Duke Karen Linduski 57. Joni Tucker » FTr- io. r-WTvr 156 157 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. Kappa Kappa Gamma 7. Patricia Malloy 2. Margie Spencer 3. Pam Storey 4. Pam Covington 5. Cathy Enderwood 6. Karin Campbell 7. Alia Henshaw 8. Catherine Reed Kate Call Diann Davis Colleen O ' Toole Dori Griffin Cheryl Pfleiderer Jill Journigan 15. Diane Little 16. Kacey Meairs 17. Candice Freeman 18. Cindy Rhee 19. Candy James 20. Penny Miller 21. Kim Mahannah 22. Colleen Casey 23. Lori Mast 24. Cathy Thomas 25. Patti Donleavey 26. Stephanie James 27. Tricia Frey 28. Anne Williamson 29. Gloria Garcia 30. Jill Gardner 31. Carrie Kneubuhl 32. Susie Wilkins 33. Alison Roach 34. Liz Kewell 35. Tami Miller 36. Mary Abbate 37. Susie Bartling 38. Julie Down 39. Sonja Bakke 40. Sharon Sandberg 41. Joy Hilker 42. Kristi Walls 43. Casey Grier 44. Debbie Arnesen 45. Cathy Contino 46. Patty Carson 47. Brett Howes 48. Martha Johnson Susie Rallis Jan McClure Lynn Thomas Nancy Morrow 53. Suzanne Aubert 54. Lisa Kasselik 55. Suki Bryan 56. Shawna Hunter 57. Marisa Autrey 58. Joan Dambros 59. Brynne Bonner 60. Nancy Taylor 61. Lori Crawley 62. Lori Hickey 63. Marsha Kunz 64. Tori Frascr 65. Margie Moersch 66. Kathy Kilkelly 67. Cindy Doughty 49. 50. 51. 52 68. Nancy Brodahl 69. Cathy Stratos 70. Tina Byers 71. Catherine Conlon 72. Rozalynn Johnson 73. Sue Rowe 74. Carey Lewis 75. Lynne Menne 76. Melanie Jahnke 77. Lori Japenga 78. Lotte Harding 79. Alice Scott 80. Vicky Terry 81. Sonya Zaninovich 82. Leanne Burk 83. Alison Logan 84. Jill Spear 85. M ' Liss Frhart 86. Mary Poppic 87. Brenda Anderson 88. Connie Schercr 89. Sheila Fitzpatrick 90. Christy Archer 91. Leslie Woolley 92. Susie Barry 93. Leslie Perovich 94. Terri Hamilton 95. Tori Taylor 96. Kathy Crowley 97. Janice Bensen 98. Virginia Tuffli 99. Jennifer Thomas 100. Linda Lauger 101. Bonnie Schermer 102. Marilou Meairs Not Pictured: Lani Armstrong Leslie Baker Jennifer Biller Kim Burgess Terry Burkett Nancy Call Stacey Call Cindy Cooper Nancy Daves Gail Fnderwood Wendy Gardner Jane Graves Debi Gray Cammie Holt Sue Hopkins Andrea Jahnke Karen Kelley Malisa Masanovich Melissa Miller Margie Spencer Sue Reed Terry Tabah Kim Wallace Diana Wilkin 156 159 Kappa Sigma 7. Aljn Dowsett 24. Rick Capellino 2. Tim O ' Reilly 25. Ron Higgins 3. Steve Rubin 26. Jeff Johnson 4. Terry Burkett 27. Greg Sieck 5, Dean Fogarty 28. Gary Griffin 6. Diane Morsello 29. John Mathiesen 7. Christy Frazier 30. Scott MacGowan 8. Dana Carii 31. Pat Bagnal 9. Greg Burns 32. Dave Stairs 10. Chris Quinn 33. Dave Thompson 11. Steve Fuller 34. Bryan Basse 12. Terrie Capellino 35 Dean Hawthorne 13. Mark Yeager 36. Mark Kelly 14. Steve Macke 37. Bob Wilmhelm 15. Mark Perry 38. Anthony Bishop 16. Greg Brooks 39. Don Goldberg 17. Victor Vandergriff 40. Jim Pedcric 18. Barry Mitchell 41. Peter Batte 19. Scott Anderson 42. Paige Parrish 20. Don Burdge 43. John Carver 21. Skip Gillette 44. Betsy Flattery 22. Rick Kissler 45. Ken Spear 23. Bill Rheinschild 46. Douglas English 69. Bill Willis Not Pictured: 47. Lawson Martin 70. Joe Burgee Hugh Horstman 48. Carta Guistolise 71. Dennis Jim Floyd 49. Denyce Doughty Richardson Rich Graybehl 50. John Pentz 72. Dane Hillyard Keith Kam 51. Lori Handy 73. Mike Clapp Dave Kirkland 52. Lori Japenga 74. Mike Marquez Scott Marino 53. Candy Brimberry 75. Phil Woodward Dave Miller 54. Kathy Beritich 76. Stan Mullin Mike Patrichi 55. Bob Osher 77. Hans Hiatt Rick Riggs 56. Rick Viole 78. Robb Grant Alan Rosehill 57. Glenn Bickel 79. Jim Viole Mike Rubidoux 58. Brad Buettner 80. Curtis Young JiiT) Strickland 59. Brandt Williams 81. Ron Stavert Rick Allen 60. Robert Ahike 82. Warren Daniels Dave Burdge 61. Scott Sassa 83. " Tricky " Dick Bill Caras 62. Mike Scott 84. Clark Jones Ed Clark 63. Steve Tucci 85. John Henno Ed Cook 64. Doug Burdge 86. Scott Buettner Ken Morgan 65. Greg Nelson 87. Gordon Sylvester Steve Paden 66. Geoffrey Koch 88. Bob Duncan Don Shore 67. nil Spear 89. Tricia Dowesett Mark Walton 68. Bruce Magee 90. Mark Van Movick 161 7. Duke Speer 2. Bradford A very 3. Steve Sanders 4. Becky Winthrop 5. Steve Soukup 6. Cindy Richmond 7. Mike Nazarian 8. Bradford Dow 9. Verne Nagayama 10. Brian La Pan 77. Mark Gerson 12. Cathy Walker 13. Erik Erikson 14. Jerry Parks Lambda Chi Alpha 1. Karen Lakarosky 2. Wayne Plizga 3. Rudy Harvey 4. Dan Phelan 11. Tab Murphy 12. Paul Speyer 13. Mike Scallon 5. Mike Abbott 14. Karen Bizzini 6. Frank Lewis 7. Bradford Dow 15. Sunil Khemaney 16. Marco 8. Mauricio Zaidenweber Zundelevich 9. Ricardo Itzkowich 17. Cindy Richmond 18. Steve Takeda 10. Rick Hinojosa 19. Jeff Beldon 1. Jim Voss 2. Mark Dias 3. John Hutsler 4. .Alan Limbird 5. Don Harrison 6. Mike Nazarian 163 Sigma Nu Christmas Tree Sale 164 Omega Psi Phi 7. Tony W. Collins Not Pictured: 2. Jerry C. Holliday I David Dyer 3. Toby A. Lapesarde Carlos A. McNeil 4. Peter Thorton Calvin Sweeney 5. Tim W. Basham Robert Bills 6. Michael K. Pinkett Don McMurtrey 7. Robert McFarland Alan Jones 8. John W. Haywood Leon H. Cargile Jr. Dennis Daniels 9. Jeff Clayton Kevin Westmoreland 10. John Middleton III Michael Manuel 77. Jetty Viot David S. Cunningham III 165 Phi Delta Theta 7. Dirk Hull 47. Dave Lamont 2. Jeff Woolf 48. Mike Da It on 3. Matt Easter 49. Phil Hodgkins 4. Doug Smith 50. John Lutgens 5. Brian Lippold 51. Kevin Gallagher 6. Mike Degan 52. Tom Mullen 7. Ed Dummit 53. Doug Deaver 8. Brian Burck 54. Ted Quilligan 9. Mark Karasik 55. Mike Cook 10. Phil Pigneri 56. Pat Diaz 11. Ted Wedlake 57. Joe Mouren- 12. Scott Hill Laurens 13. Martin Salazar 58. Jim Hickey 14. Carl Alvarez 59. Rick Perkins 15. Mike O ' Donnell 60. Fred Ziler 16. Mike Schaeffer 61. Pete Edwards 17. Jess Rothpletz 62. Russ Miller 18. Mac Hill 63. Neils Pedersen 19. Curt Tsujimoto 64. Geoff Grant 20. Dave Davidson 65. Chris Quilligan 21. Keith Cramoline 66. Steve Silva 22. Bill Shrader 67. Charles Stewart 23. Scott Robinson 68. Paul Stuhr 24. Bill Fimpler 25. Glen Gerbino Not Pictured: 26. Bruce Larsen John MacRery 27. Craig Moody Dave Griffith 28. Steve Dobbs Greg Abajian 29. Eamonn Casey Jay Ward 30. Bruce Takegu ma Jeff Johnson 31. Jim Matzdorff Tom Kiseadden 32. Jim Bohan Karl Jaggers 33. Steve Wetzel Ed McGrath 34. Victor McCalla Henry Janneck 35. Kurt Kuekes Ralph Wood 36. Andy Hinshaw Andy Trutanich 37. Ron Eccard Ned Augustenborg 38. Chuck Currey Kirk Ambrozich 39. Andy Kroese Jeff Stone 40. Al Pigneri Jeff Wilkes 41. Steve Philip Pete O ' Donnell 42. John Heyler John Duddy 43. Steve Case Bob Tomlinson 44. Tom Haralambos Steve O ' Grady 45. Andy Oldfield Paul Jones 46. Steve Tornay Greg Leia 166 167 Phi Gamma Delta 1. Larry Smith 33. Doug Tueller 65. Dick Sandifer 2. Greg Doxakis 34. Bill Davis 66. Eric Caminiti 3. Brother Zeke 35. Steve Lane 67. Phil Shumate 4. Larry Hall II 36. Bill Plaskett 68. Scott Springer 5. Jim Zures 37. John Harris 69. Kevin O ' Donnell 6. Myles Gable 38. John Schaller 7. Ralph Harris 39. John Doran Not Pictured: 8. Johr) Weritzel 40. Mark Seferian Steve Browning 9. Karl Drummond 41. Dave Lane Allan Caminiti 10. Phil Anthony 42. Rick Harrison Todd Creager 77. Don Cornell 43. Scott Fortner Tom Dye 72. Ron Boren 44. Bill Bumstead Hugh Gagnier 13. Joe McGinley 45. Steve Ball Dave Kossak 14. Hal Gordon 46. Bill Stowell Ralph Mazurek 15. Clark Lehman 47. Jeff Ingram Bob Medwid 16. Doug Roberts 48. Bill Dienz Sam Mendez 17. Marty Har grave 49. Dave Hanson Terry Moore 18. Dave Ely 50. Craig Scheldt Craig Penne 19. John Wolfe 51. Craig Dunagan Steve Schaffer 20. Tony Salem 52. John Lane Mark Steiger 21. Tim King 53. Brent Harris Roger Stephens 22. Rich Naganuma 54. Bill Pedene Kirk Walberg 23. Kevin Van 55. Randy Fishburn Bruce Bowman Steenberg 56. Joe Klein Brian Clay 24. Steve Lewis 57. Jim Norcross Blake Fulmer 25. Jim Laughton 58. Tom Foster Jack Gottes 26. Bruce Shannon 59. Andy Rose Bob Hernandez 27. Shawn Kelter 60. Ken Carlson Kevin Lauver 28. Glenn Burke 61. Todd Holzer Pat McKay 29. Ken Knotts 62. Don Meyers Byron Newell 30. Tim Ferrin 63. Jordon McColloch Doug Stevenson 31. Tom Nyberg 64. Pat Pascal Geoff Etienne 32. Mike Cofano i I 166 169 Phi Kappa Psi 7. Greg Prickett 27. Steve Carter 53. Rockey 2. Judy Jones 28. Lisa Bert McCandless 3, Mark Foster 29. Mike Seedman 54. Dave Prickett 4. Greg Bert 30. Sue Pul onr 55. Kurt Nelson 5. Shelly Munson 31. Kathy Gross 56. Beverly Nester 6. Greg Benson 32. Donna Cassela 57. Cameron Stegman 7. Jack Huber 33. Jim Florence 58. Carter Dunlap 8. Todd Griffin 34. Susie Delahooke 59. Gail Enderwood 9. Shirlin Vogez 35. Sandy Chuchian 60. Loring Jacobs 70. Tom Bow den 36. Erin Dundee 61. Rich Jenkins 77. Vince Occhipinti 37. Pam Morejon 62. Littleton Waller 12. Janet Russo 38. Carolyn Reed 63. Chris Goldsmith 13. Monica Rorda 39. Dave Whippo 64. Armando Acosta 14. Brent Enright 40. Molly Davis 65. Chuck Black 15. Bruce Beach 41. Mike Failing 66. Stephanie Willis 16. Cammie Shinn 42. Jeff Phillips 67. Ken Pen ton 17. Don Stevens 43. Mike Randall 68. Robert O ' Gorman 18. Alan Ruben 44. Eric Prouty 69. Mark Reeder 19. Debbie Gilchrist 45. Jim Arnett 70. William Buckner 20. Bob Preston 46. Joe Sweeney 71. Craig Miller 21. Leslie Jacobs 47. Bill Badham 72. Lou Cohen 22. Terry Burkett 48. Bill Howard 73. Whitney 23. Jack Hodges 49. Kathy Kenneally Wilkinson 24. Mike Rorda 50. Bruce Sherman 74. Howard Chuchian 25. Dave Dordova 51. Keeley Stephan 75. Steve Sweeney 26. Karen Briscoe 52. Joe Boylan 170 76. Robert Sterns 77. John Richardson 78. Bill Herrick 79. Lars Olson 80. Cennaro Cigliano 81. Rick Savage 82. Bob Church 83. Dan Mulvihill 84. Mike Frey Not Pictured: Marty Burg Tom Cecil Charles Ellis Marty Gilchrist Marshall Harper Jeff Kingsley Doug Laidlaw Bill McCune Greg Nick Mike Pry or Ron Reed Wayne Walley Dennis McCarthy Jon Swedlund 171 172 Phi Kappa Tau 1. Mitchell Morey 2. Tom McDonald 3. Pete Anastassiou 4. Jeff Lore men 5. Jim Murphy 6. Ray White 7. Brian Watts 8. Brian Keepers 9. Jim Shore 10. Jeff Young 11. Kevin Darroch 12. Officer Pat Hernandez 13. Steven Morris 14. Officer Clarence Jackson 15. Randy Sellars 16. Kevin Brett 17. Kevin Sullivan 18. Mitch Howard 19. Matt Walker 20. Neil Milliken 21. Greg Little 22. Mark Dixon 23. Greg Benz 24. Eddie Hsi 25. Tim Sullivan 26. Mark Nichols 27. Ralph Mendoza 28. Jeff Rogers 29. Murray Roe 30. Brett Nelson 3 1. Jeff Largiader 32. Les Sherman 33. Chris Arvin 34. Randy Peck 35. Neil Gease 36. Guy Higashimura 37. Mike Yee 38. Sergeant Dan Keefe 39. Jim Docherty 40. Mark Fronke 41. Dan Benoit 42. Bob Roe 43. Charlie Lock wood 44. Chris Van Ruiten 45. Rich Andes 46. Greg Lehr 47. Bill Mar 48. Guy Morgan 49. Les Burns 50. John Barrett 51. Doug Sutton 52. Bret Welshymer 53. Herman Waller 54. Kirk Rogers 55. Jeff Weddle 56. Gary Wills 57. Alex Georgiev 58. John Newhouse 59. Dave Gary 60. Brad Green 61. Mark Pero Not Pictured: Jim Muirhead Ed Hernandez John Coats Steve Dull 173 174 Phi Sigma Kappa 7. Richard Amerian 2. Brian Kawahara 3. Richard Bunn 4. Nick Eliopoulas 5. Daniel Reinwald 6. Roberto Arozamena 7. Jose Arozamena 8. Jim Miller 9. Larry Cray 10. Robert Griswold 11. Larry Castro 12. Dan Ramos 13. Barbie Marchell 14. Anette Phillips 15. Cindy Doughty 16. Steve Pacini 17. Doug Masking 18. Paul Laybourn 19. Rolando Pasquali 20. Clay Dedeaux 21. Greg Gerlacit 22. Jim Powell 23. Mike Wilson 24. Mark Faillace 25. Rick Sakimoto 26. Dan Longo 27. Kent Snyder 28. Tim Taylor 29. Scott Glover 30. Mark Kozak 31. Cris Vandagriff 32. John Chin 33. Brian Reed Not Pictured: Steve Alexander Daryl De Mos John Mitchell Lee Pacheco Phil Selway Mel T ravens Greg Williams Ray Pritchett Kurt Miller Steve Harrison Rich Lopez 175 PI BETA PHI r yin. m I , iimm T- IT |i • ■t ' f 176 Pi Beta Phi 7. Cindy Kern 2. Laurie Hance 3. Cheryl Cassner 4. Carolyn May 5. Mary Pat Rolfes 6. Jann Priolo 7. Karen Killian 8. Jane Matthews 9. Lori Turner 10. Kathy Kelly 11. Kitty Katnik 12. Sharon Brombach 13. Betsy Robertson 14. Patti Hillier 15. Kim McKee 16. Sue Lucas 17. Debbie Duthie 18. Karen Kettenburg 19. Janine Boskovich 20. Kathy Pusch 21. Kerry Appleby 22. Nancy Tily 23. Marjorie Call 24. Laurie Leahy 25. Nancy Campbell 26. Linda Bozarth 27. Kerry Walsh 28. Kim Peters 29. Kathy Simons 30. Tracy Mackay 31. Jenny Coe 32. Ilisa Alpern 33. Kathy Nicolay 34. Pam Morejon 35. Cyndi Whitaker 36. Tracy Todd 37. Shelley Sanborn 38. Vesna Pevec 39. Lorraine Kisselburgh 40. Anne Long 41. Jan Burson 42. Mary Ann Hodges 43. Leeann Willis 44. Susan Metzler 45. Susan Ozawa 46. Karen Kuhlman 47. Sue Gordon 48. Carta Olivera 49. Kandi Beshore 50. Pam Salka 51. Mary Denzler 52. Delise Siegler 53. Louise Nagata 54. Allison Knowles 55. Kathy Harmon 56. Becky Welsh 57. Nancy Meyer 58. Janet Jensen 59. Pam Sirianni 60. Cathy Cottrell 61. Pam Blaslar 62. Liz Strom 63. Mrs. Abbott 64. Lisa Ullmann 65. Jenny Botzbach 66. Cindy Telleen 67. Melanie Real 68. Teri Dion 69. Allyson Riley 70. Joanne Gordon 71. Lisa Daily 72. Carol Lyons 73. Terri Katzman 74. Emily Campbell 75. Lorri Seidensticker 76. Carrie Hemple 77. Mariette Blair 78. Stephanie Nora 79. Sue Rountree 80. Helen Hart 81. Elizabeth Tily 82. Nancy Forgatch 83. Jerrilynn Johnstone 84. Diane Guglielmino 85. Meg Jones 86. Patti Cole 87. Sherry Russell 88. Kris Kumer 89. Mary Hasbrouck 90. Margo Wilton 91. Glenna Anderson 92. Vicki Sorenson 93. Robin Coffey 94. Heidi Salter 95. Dana Carii 96. Karen Heath 97. Jan Scheifly 98. Susan Stoltze 99. Kathy Todd 100. Stacy Nichols 101. Julie Webster 102. Lisa Don Ion Not Pictured: Helen Berk Maureen Davis Linda Gregory Alison Herdman Casey Lewis Karen Lurie Nancy Ristuben Tracey Sturman Julie Tedesco Kathy Todd Pam Wilson Anita Artukovich Andrea Bouas Linda Goux Kathleen Harris Leslie Shallcross Karen Takeguma Kandi Waier Helen McCloskey M7 K 1 Kh I 1 iH K n I 38. Maria Jo 1 1 IXC4. kJ 1 ' k Cl 1 III 1 Blackburn 39. Mike Starliper 1. Joe Canico 20. Karen Wapner 40. Pat McHale 2. Jim McMenamin 21. Cliff Goldstein 4 1. Ray Martinez 3. Steve Sustarsic 22. Alan Wapner 42. Roland Crim 4. Mike Coen 23. Jayne Hotchkiss 43. Sue Maas 5. Randy Corber 24. Doug Cyr 44. Dan Martin 6. Russ Yount 25. Ed Hogan 45. Dana Ashton 7. Mike Levine 26. Richard Stea 46. Steve Villa 8. Mark Leggio 27. David Poole 47. Andy Graham 9. Putter Anderson 28. Scott Swanburg 10. Cathy Hogan 29. Shirlane Wardell Not Pictured: n. Bruce Rosenblum 30. Kellie McDermott Craig Kornblau 12. Pat McKean 31. Leo Hui Ken Griffin 13. Gayie Record 32. Chuck Feldman Don Craib 14. Elaine Segal 33. Bob Graziano Steve Petralia 15. Bonnie Wong 34. Mike Sapa Tracey Coats 16. Pete Generales 35. Bambi Hayworth Brad Dunning 17. Tomi Tanabe 36. Maryann John Clancy 18. Whitney Lawrence Yamamoto Eric Selter 19. Lori Ashton 37. Mark Aspinwall Roger Larson ' • ' ' Cciw . , V .. rt " , 178 nKf 179 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 7. Rick Caruso 2. Dan Burgner 3. Dick Haynes 4. Andre Hausner 5. Mike Toerge 6. Larry Drum 7. leff Wright 8. Brian Gasdia 9. Joe Ziegler 10. Dan Gettinger 11. Kurt Groenieger 12. Marty Campbell 13. Steve Hansen 14. Brian Reid 15. Don Fitch 16. Mike Lutton 17. Bill Carlson 18. Mike Mikasa 19. Dave Van Orden 20. Kevin Snyder 21. Pat Murphy 22. Mark Yeager 23. Joe Rybus 24. Greg Walden 25. Kevin Roberts 26. Ranie Martini 27. John Cruikshank 28. Steve Strebig 29. Tom Flannelly 30. Robert Bucks 31. Scott Tolstad 32. Casey Coultrup 33. Chuck Lee 34. Bill Allen 35. Tad Smyth 36. Tom Stillwell 37. Jean- Pierre Henraux 38. Steve Lansdowne 39. Mark Ebensen 40. Tegan West 41. Kirk Bergstrom 42. Matt Dorff 43. Dale Yeager 44. Scott Mason 45. Bob Volkl 46. Kevin Fritch 47. Greg Hohman 48. John Turnacliff 49. Jon Coultrup 50. Claudio Haug 51. Kevin Reilly 52. Dave Anderson 53. Scott Allman 54. Dennis Alfieri 55. Glenn Friedrich 56. Curtis Spencer 57. Pat McClenahan 58. Jim Mintie 59. Jim Dunn 60. David Bradburn Not Pictured: Jim Abbott Bob Bailey Mike Bas Brook Breaxley Jim Berbos Mike Boebnlein Mark Buonaguidi Bob Carter Ross Feinberg John Flynn Paul Gurrola Guido Haug Mark Johnson Mike Lindsey Chuck Lucier Mark Miller Mike Miller Bill Munson Chuck Myall Carlos Quintana Rob Hamill Lee Jones Jim O ' Donell Kirk Seidensticker Beck Selzer Hans Taucher Mitch Thomas Russ Wertz Cliff Williams Charles Williams Dean Zaumseil Charles Blalock James Brelsford David Breslov Jim Carmack Kelly Coultrup Neil Jensen Mark O ' Connor Bart Pucci Greg Ra votings Scott Roser Brian Stone John Wix r -i:- 1 . In J 1 1 -1C ss 1 (1 gig H " - f ' HLlJrjJSK v ' V 1 fc V. H ml J vH s S w J 1 , " Sr — , " yS v yyJiSPt T | 2 LJifl K ' - k 1 W wH PH " B F vlHKldi l 1 • ' 1 £tKml A 1. i A » 1 m m ■» ■ I- ' ■ :■:-— fc Sigma Alpha Mu 7. Steve Albert 24. Dave Oliver 2. Jud Sabath 25. Dave Gai 3. Jim Hausberg 26. Scott Stone 4. Todd Molnar 27. Matt Hunter 5. Steve Ashendorf 28. Steve Muchnikoff 6. Carl Wernicke 29. Terry Wapner 7. Scott Footlik 30. Gary Left on 8. Kerry Nelson 31. Tom Helberg 9. Paul Arshawsky 32. Tracy Torme 10. Alan Kheel 33. Dennis Wilkin 11. Greg Wiviott 34. Robert Landis 12. Steve Ross 35. Lon Rosen 13. Steve Myland 36. Mark Cohen 14. Lou Guttman 37. Debbie Diamond 15. Steve Jarmus Stone 16. John Markoff 17. Glenn Landau Not Pictured: 18. Arlen Miller Bob Schreiber 19. Brad Wayne Farhad Nourafchan 20. Dan Leon Bernardo Castillo 21. Brad Gage Steve Weisenberg 22. Phil Ratnoff Bruce Kirshbaum 23. Seth Zackary Dennis Wilkins »- l««N-- ■ ft _ » . ' •■ " ■ 182 183 Sigma Chi 7. Augie Opfell 2. Scott Sutherland 3. Bill Holl 4. Marl Kazarian 5. Mike Cobo 6. Tom Omundson 7. Ron Pretkus 8. Paul Olivera 9. Jim McCormick 10. Creg Bennett 11. John Wilkins 12. Kent Lucas 13. Bill Boyer 14. Jeff Gil 15. Steve Kiefer 16. Joe Tavarez 17. Mark Garratt 18. Greg Stevenson 19. Tom Nickell 20. Tom Morris 21. Dan Plunkett 22. Jeff Lewis 23. Brian Ulf 24. Ted McGinley 25. Leonard Kirkorian 26. Tom Gilmour 27. Dave Demaria 28. Greg Wattson 29. Rick Myers 30. Brian Mannins 31. Terry Crowley 32. Chip Herman 33. Craig Summers 34. Mark Pinelli 35. Wade Hutchins 36. Rich Stanton 37. John Carmichael 38. Rich Dewey 39. John Cox 40. Chuck Crane 41. Mike Preston 42. Bob Cutts 43. Rick Wittwer 44. Rich Sullivan 45. Steve Olson 46. John Geisbush 47. Mike Weichers 48. Chip Harrison 49. Jeff Brusseau 50. Dave Hammer 51. Eric Turkel 52. Nader Shahrokhshahi 53. Dan Vogelzang 54. Greg Foltz 55. Mike Minna 56. Bill Keogh 57. Steve Wengler 58. Mark Hochesang 59. Bill Kiefer 60. Steve Bauman 61. Gary Hooks 62. Spiro Psaztis 63. Kirk Smith 64. Jim House 65. John De Young 66. Brad Parker 67. Jeff Spalla 68. Bob Childers 69. Pete Doder 70. Chad Fester 71. Jim Hindle 72. Ken Sacher 73. Joe Flood 74. Matt Matteson 75. Brad Bauman 76. Steve Ramsel 77. Mike Spalla 78. Frank Petrilli 79. Mitch Gray 80. Jeff Johnston 81. Bruce Barrett 82. Bob Timberlake 83. John Conley 84. Doug Kanen 85. Steve St. Clair 86. Mike O ' Toole 87. Mark Muller 88. Dave Pyle 89. Gary Chaffin 90. Doug May 91. Barron Birtcher 92. Greg Forgatch 93. Steve Noel-Hill Not Pictured: Rick John Tom Mitchell Tony Budzyn Matt Coz Bob Skoro Scott Burnham Brian Lewis Brian Kunde John Peters Derek Westervelt Stewart Schecter Rick Prill Ron Greitzer Todd Freeman 184 185 Sigma Nu 7. Brian Poliquin 2. Jim Kruegar 3. Pat Cavaney 4. Pat Flynn 5. Mark Foster 6. Bob Hicks 7. Neal Amsden 8. Mario Zandstra 9. Tom Mundy 10. Scott Macdonald 1 1. Mike Jamison 12. Scot Lengel 13. Stoney Mayock 14. Rob Jones 15. Tim Foster 16. Aura Balldinger 17. John Watters 18. Scott Anderson 19. Bill Uncapher 20. Tim Ashlock 21. Jeff Jones 22. Rich DeBeikes 23. Dave Jahn 24. Jim Kahelin 25. Leonard Brazil 26. Tom McAllister 27. Rich Oswald 28. Steve Anderson 29. John Shafer 30. Fred Bryson 31. Doug Webb 32. Ken Stokes 33. Tom Botelho 34. Brad Young 35. Scott MacLatchie 36. Jim Bailey 37. Doug Kevstner 38. Mark Caravaglia 39. Jim Garry 40. Troy Cobb 41. Rick Alcocer 42. Steve Mulhern 43. Jim Farquhar 44. Ted Ludphord 45. Mike Rierson 46. Kevin Reed 47. Bob Holmes 48. John Ayoob 49. Bob Attyah 50. George Cappello 51. Mike Cerrina 52. Alan Aufhammer 53. Russ Carrington 54. Steve Freeman 55. Greg Yoder Not Pictured: Cory O ' Connor Charlie Koeller Greg Moore Steve Coebbells Jack Weber Bob Fort Paul Geiger Gene Paschall George de Uriosite Mark Tournat Rob Pinkerton 186 r ETA P 1 187 Sigma Phi Delta 7. Kevin O ' Donnell 2. Ray Telpher 3. Jeff Davis 4. Ross Jarvi 5. John Strassner 6. John Rakowski 7. Steve Preston 8. Lorie Lodico 9. Gary Kellison 10. Brad Jones 11. Rick Barton 12. Jeff Briennan 13. Joe Mattis 14. Stan Grundy 15. Ernie Lineberger 16. Andy Michell 17. Mitch Beard 18. John Wetzel 19. Rick Webb 20. John Hauger 21. Dan Lyons 22. Ed Laich 23. Mark Griffith 24. Tow Knotts 25. Steve Bradley 26. Dave Hackney 27. Dave Dressier 28. Dave Harry 29. Kevin McNees 30. Bob Conley 31. Brian DuBose 32. Mike Green 33. Stan Woods Not Pictured: Mariano Alvarez Jon Golan 188 189 • " liiiT " ■ i 190 Sigma Phi Epsilon j SW 7. D3n Bowlin 2. Carey Hagen 3. George Patkos 4. Larry Pezor 5. Scott Tichener 6. Steve Nahigian 7. Bob Campos 8. Chip Ross 9. Luke Patruno 10. Grant G under son 11. Craig Kennedy 12. Steve Paulin 13. Ion Trutter 14. Fred Burnett 15. Win Seipp 16. Bob Tate 17. Greg Jorgensen 18. Dan Miller 19. Herb Fortner 20. Todd Grodnick 21. Tara Gates 22. Skipper 23. Mark Ellis 24. Susie Newport 25. Marcus Wilson 26. Greg Koffman 27. Burt jorgensen 28. Jim Kruger 29. Tom Racine 30. Erick Stephanian 31. Ray Kuramoto 32. Dave Grey 33. Brian Matt 34. Tom Stanton 35. Bob Bagnall 36. Stan Wisniewski 37. Jeff Klein 38. Jim Chiboucas 39. John Dameron 40. Rob Welch 41. Chris Hall 42. Rob Heath 43. Chuck Savage 44. Steve Weiss 45. Mike Mattingly 46. Rocky Bowman 47. Pat McGee 48. Brian Gates Not Pictured: Brandon B lay lock Bruce Bloomquist Brice Burkett Sooho Cho Malcolm Engstrom Rob Evans Steve Fennell Glenn Garvin Dave Gerletti Pat Jamieson Kevin Keeshan Fred Leeds Mike Mann Craig Mark us Jerry Neuman Brian Nutt Tom Rothemich Fred Seipp Mark Spears Bruce Winston Phil Bracey Steve Catt Spencer Harlow Dave Owings Jeff Powars Jerry Vasquez Bill Tsai 191 Sigma Phi Omega 7. Karen Miyake 2. Roxanne Kobayashi 3. Patty Arima 4. Denise Oda 5. Mamie Chou 6. Joanna Iwata 7. Denise Shue 8. Dorothy Woo 9. Cale Asayama 10. Elizabeth Lew 77. Isabelle Nagase 72 Karen Jeu 13. Hae Yoon 14. Carol Wada 15. Naomi Sakuda 16. Leticia Mat long 17. Myrna Munar 18. Denise Koreski 19. Helen Lee 20. Ayako Maeda 21. Kathy Nakamatsu 22. Deena Chen 23. Marylene Chang 24. Amy Yoshimitsu 25. Irma Cortez 26. Hanhdan Tonnu 27. Debbie Sue 28. Dana Quintana 29. Joy Fujimoto 30. Charlene Kurata 31. Valerie Reyes Not Pictured: Dawn Amano Young Kang Cheryl Inafuku Ann Otoide Therese Wong Cindy Yamaga Robin Everett Jo Ann Cee Christine Kawai Grace Koda Karime Sanchez 192 Thetas Dish Up An Ice Cream Treat The Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority ' s December fund-raising project was a Christmas ice cream social. All proceeds we nt to their national philanthropy, the Institute of Logopedics, organized to aid those with speech impediments. Tau Epsilon Phi 7. Vince Oliver 2. Gib Papazian 3. Bernie Tanz 4. Sue Sloate 5. Rory Holdstock 6. Glenn Fukushima 7. Ivan Norberg 8. Mike Perbix 9. Debbie Warner 10. Ken Menager 11. Richard Landers 12. Robert Holland 13. Dave F lores 14. Jeff Fanto 15. Mike Notarangelo 16. Tom Pistole 17. Dave Hornberger 18. Peter Landon 19. Joel Downs 20. Mike Dooley Not Pictured: Chip Melvin Richard Minami 194 195 7. Gary Lira 2. Mark Staggs 3. Gerry Sawyer 4. Rodney Burgoyne 5. Kelly Scott 6. Greg Swietek 7. Larry Deman 8. Gregg Kaufman 9. John Walker 10. Paul Brown 11. Rich Burgoyne 12. Al Bormuth 13. Jay Mehan 14. Dan Jones 15. Derek McLay 16. Richard Sanor 17. Tom Pleau 18. Jerry Neiegli 19. George Presnell 20. Cat Burglar 21. Bill Swank 22. Greg Gamsky 23. Dave Ferris 24. Art Bauer 25. Jay Tejera 26. Tom Miller 27. Jay Fischer 28. Bob Jarvis 29. David Snyder Not Pictured: Skip Roff Matt Scanlan Mike Simpson Rick Dickerson Scott Johnston Mike Ma talon Butch Katz Steve Ravaglioli Steve Jeffries Craig Coleman James Tertoiha Norman Fertig Tau Kappa Epsilon 196 197 Kappa Sigs Volley To Frat Title Excitement filled the women ' s gym on Thursday evenings when the Row fraternities clashed in tough volleyball competition. The Kappa Sigma fraternity emerged as the Large House Division champs while the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity won the Small House Division. 198 Theta Chi 7. Jeanne Sparks 16. Denny Edgar Valentine 2. Mike Jacobs 17. Bob McDowell 3. Wanda Hinkley 18. Mark Hooper 4. Diego Calinda 5. Midge Cnau Not Pictured: 6. Max Stock Tom Rawcliffe 7. Awitda Goldberg Mark Sinagra 8. Johnny Telfer Ron St. John 9. Liz Bendeck John Criset W. Louie Puncel John McPherson 11. Cathy Cravens Bruce Nesbitt 12. Mike Kleames Tad Collins 13. Laurie Anderson Savi Sirnic 14. Steve Johnson Dawn Hays 15. Nader Khashnevis-rad m _w. :. . t - iAfii ' iS r r 1 ' . ;-« --:-V .- ' :- - ' ' .- H. ■pi JL J 4 . 1 1 T L _ A iMTf »?7 4 fffr ■ B . K " Sf ' .afl H? pik VI l SB f p f wmjBsm f .. ' T Hp ' PI i Ml fTT mm f fW ' _ .- v B S ? Wh ' , w : ,,,,,.,..;;;;, ; !! JJ WW - ' ' - 199 Theta Xi 1. Steve Davis 2. Ed Flores 3. David De Petrillo 4. Curt Johnson 5. Rusty Tucker 6. Dennis Daniel 7. Sean Lieblang 8. Brian Webb 9. Rich Crone 10. Doug Kee 11. George Lopez 12. Marty Kucharek 13. Rich Moczygemba 14. Rob Rae 15. Louis Zwick 16. Jim Cameron 17. John Van Houten 18. Pete Stang 19. Creg Furman 20. Jim O ' Sullivan 21. Paul Marotta 22. Jeff Morrow 23. Rodney Davis 24. Dan Garske 25. Steve Selcer 26. Chris Di Leonardo 27. Jeff Ludwikowski 28. Willie Chang 29. Lon Marsh 30. Haryy Varnas 3 1. Richard Carreon 32. Bill Lopez 33. George Pazmino 34. David Carreon 35. Bruce Lilly 200 201 Fraternity Football Brings Fun Into Fall Fraternity football highlighted the fall semester ' s inter- Fraternity sports program this year. After a season of tough competition and injuries, the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity captured the Large House Division Championship, while the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity clinched the Small House Title. -t- K ' ..... nr fc H ' ■i Hk lH| llp9 HH H.{-vjr«sl H tAF I Zlif CAF 203 Panhellenic The Panhellenic Council, comprised of sorority representatives, works as coordinating body in directing and promoting programs for Greek women, such as sorority rush and seminars. BOTTOM ROW; Karen Brooks, Rene Weber, Ellen Hicks, Susan Rozen, Wendy Zinn. ROW TWO: Joan Avedisian, Dori Griffin, Cathy Cooper, Debbie Jamin, Kelly Irvin, Teri Vincent, Teri Burkett. TOP ROW: Nancy Daves, Jill Braden, Sheila Roth, Linda Cresbrecht, Julie Barr, Lorraine Kisselburgh. Order Of Omega SEATED: Brian Casdia, Ellen Hicks, Jane Kubasak, Dorrine Criffin, Juli Lynch, Scott Stone. BACK ROW: Steve Wetzel, Ken Spear, Stephen Paulin, Michael Wittern, Loc Waters, Jim Young, Mike Mann, Alan Baker. As a national honorary society. Order of Omega promotes leadership training and educational programming for fraternity and sorority members. The organization is composed of students who have been recognized for their outstanding contributions to the Greek system. They also sponsor a retreat weekend for Greek members. IFC As the official governing body of the use fraternity system, the Interfraternity Council ' s duties include planning fraternity rush, street dances, various philanthropic projects, and officially representing the fraternity system at the university and the community. FRONT ROW: 5feve Wetzel, Mike Mann, Alan Baker. BACK ROW: Mike Wittern, Bill Allen, Scott Stone, Jeff Fanto. The undergraduate divison of the Inter-Greek Society was formed as a support group of the Greek system. Their goals include promoting alumni participation in Greek activities and improving the living and learning environment on the Row. Inter-Greek Society SEATED: Robert Plumleigh, Teri Kemp, John Barrett. BACK ROW: David Oliver, Farhad Nourafchan, Scott Stone, John Newhouse, Steve Wetzel, Melody Nishida, Wike Wittern. m Row Judicial The Row Judicial handles personal and group complaints voiced by the Row com- munity. Appointed members are selected from sororities and fraternities on the Row. BOTTOM ROW: Jane Matthews, Vicki Hargreaves, Kathy Kelly. ROW TWO: Jim McCormick, Jeff Wright, Mark Foster, Gary Stachler, ROW THREE: Larry Hall, Vance Van Petten, Ralph Mazurek, Stan Mullin, Scott Mac Latchie, Brent Carpenter. NOT PICTURED: Brian Gasdia, Ann Walker, Victor Van- dergriff. Greek Senate The Greek Senate, compfised of sophomore repre- sentatives, functions as a support group for all Greek programming. SEATED: Jill Weissinger, Pam Blasiar, Debbie Danson, Dave Grannis, Alice Scott, JoAnn Boss. TOP ROW: Nancy Harlow, Mike Healy, Liz Fontane, Gigi Adams, Sandy Whiting, Paul Marotta, Bill Burke, Greg Wiviott, Brian Burck, Andy Rose, Richard Webb, Jim Murphy. NOT PICTURED: Larry Grasso, Jeanine Cipalla, Maureen Moss, Barry Goldberg, Scott Davis, Mark Courtney, Mindy Glaser, Erin Dundee, Katy Krupp, Jeff Weiner, Steve Macke, Paul Speyer, Jose de Diego Arozamena, Dennis Alfieri, Brian Ulf, John Shafer, Ray Kuramoto, Robert Jarvis. 206 ATO Bob Pack Wins IFSP Superstar Contest The annual Superstar contest, sponsored by the Interfraternity Sports Program, included ten events, seven in which each contestant must compete. These events included an obstacle course, 100-yard dash, 100-yard freestyle swim, mile run, basketball free throws, bowling, golf, softball-hitting, soccer dribble and football passing. Superstar Robert Pack won the title for the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity, the second Superstar title in a row for that house. Second runner-up was Lee Jones, Sigma Alpha Epsilon fra- ternity, while the Beta Theta Pi representative, Wally Reed, took third place. 207 : ftva Get Around Get Around, Greeks Get Around 209 210 Sports DOIN ' WHAT WE DO BEST Women ' s Volleyball— The 1977 National 212 Champions Gone For The Gold For the second consecutive year, USC won the AIWA volleyball championship, but the lure of the Olympics proved stronger than the lure of USC athletics. Chuck Erbe, Western Collegiate Athletic Association coach of the year, and his championship team quit the university to begin training for the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games. At USC, Erbe ' s teams compiled a 59-0 record during two seasons. Erbe, who has coached many of these women for several years, was named national trainer for the U.S. women ' s Olympic team, and because U.S. Olympic regulations re- quire teams to begin training for the games two years prior, Erbe and the team left the university. Dale Flickinger, an assistant under Erbe, was given the head coaching job at the university. 213 ANOTHER STRONG YEAR Women Gymnasts In Winning Form 215 Gymnasts Combine Strength with Grace 216 217 218 5iB ' .4 SETTING STANDARDS NOW Trojan Netters Topping The Polls 219 Robinson ' s Second Debut Perfect, 27-10 By Mai Florence " I wish Rob H ertel had signed a baseball con- tract. " This was Missouri coach AI Onofrio ' s rueful comment after USC and its sharp-passing quar- terback, Rob Hertel, defeated the Tigers, 27-10, Saturday and avenged a humiliating 46-25 loss in last year ' s opener at the Coliseum. Hertel, who waited five years to become USC ' s starting quarterback, decided against a baseball career — for the time being, at least — to pursue his goal. Hertel, No. 2 behind Vince Evans last season, completed 12 of 20 passes for 203 yards, including touchdown throws covoring 25 and 4 yards to Randy Simmrin and Bill Gay. Two of his passes were dropped, or he would have had an even better percentage. The Trojans made a lot of mistakes in the opener — as usual over the years — and kept the Tigers in the game by squandering drives with penalties and fumbles. But USC also showed signs of becoming a po- tent offensive team. And the defense, less ex- perienced, shut Missouri down most of the time. A partisan Faurot Field crowd of 65,298 didn ' t make much noise in the first half as the Trojans dominated the Tigers. At intermission it was 14-0. But Missouri closed to 14-10 early in the fourth quarter as USC ' s offense sputtered. Hertel didn ' t have desirable field position. Any notion Missouri might have had of upset- ting use was dispelled when Hertel kept the Tro- jans on the ground in a 73-yard drive climaxed by his short scoring pass to Gay, one of three tight ends on the field in a goal-line situation. USC got a late touchdown on Hertel ' s 10-yard run following a Missouri fumble when the out- come already was settled. 220 ri w .•M lfc»j, ' •5 - Tailback Charles White, outstanding as a freshman backing up Ricky Bell last year, com- plemented Hertei ' s accurate passing by gain- ing 155 yards on 35 carries. He also scored USC ' s first touchdown on a tackle-breaking 18-yard run. However, he was responsible for two of USC ' s five turnovers on fumbles. Cain was one of several Trojans who got ankle injuries on a turf that USC coach John Robinson said was full of holes. Clay Matthews, an Aii-American linebacker prospect, didn ' t suit up in the second half after spraining his ankle, and defensive tackle Vinny Van Dyke left the game with a similar injury. Copyright, 1977 Los Angeles Times Reprinted by permission. . ;•• ' V. » J " ' photos courtesy of John Heisler 221 photo by John Eggers Beavers Almost Measure Up, 17-10 222 Nation ' s Big Winner Beats Big Loser: use 51, TCUO 223 224 use Ruins Cougars ' Reputation, 41-7 TROJANS STALL WSU OFFENSE, GAIN CONFIDENCE FOR CRIMSON TIDE by Mai Florence October 7 use is the nation ' s No. 1 team in the UPI poll and it played like it at the Coliseum, where the Trojans routed Washington State, 41-7, before 61,809 fans. This was supposed to be Washington State ' s best team in many years— a team that upset Nebraska and Michigan State. But the Cougars were simply no match for the un- beaten Trojans. The Trojans extended their winning streak to 15 games (longest among major colleges), led, 24-0, at halftime and were breezing, 41-0 after three quarters. use dazzled WSU with the tailback speed of Charles White and Dwight Ford. White gained 128 yards on 27 carries and scored two touchdowns on short runs. Ford, the No. 3 tailback at the start of the season, scored on runs of 14 and 52 yards and gained 118 yards on 13 carries, a 9-yard average. He also caught two passes for 17 yards and returned two kickoffs for 49 yards. use quarterback Rob Hertel started slowly but com- pleted 11 of 18 passes for 182 yards, including a 48-yard touchdown pass play to Randy Simmrin, who has now caught at least one pass in his last 28 games, extending a school record. Washington State quarterback Jack Thompson, the Throwin ' Samoan, was a shaky passer. He missed some re- ceivers and was intercepted twice in his worst throwing of the season. He threw 21 times and completed 10 (his lowest completion total since he became a starter last year) for 136 yards. The game was expected to be a high-scoring affair, and it was in the first half. But USC did all the scoring. The Trojans, after starting slowly, went on three long touchdown drives and kicked a field goal for a 24-0 half- time lead. Ford, alternating at tailback with White, got USC ' s third touchdown on a 53-yard run in which he found a hole at right tackle, sprinted into the open, then brushed aside two tacklers to score. The Cougars averted a shutout by advancing 67 yards early in the fourth quarter on Thompson ' s passes and the running of Paul Palumbo and Harold Gillum. Thompson threw a 6-yard pass to Brian Kelly for the touchdown, and it was 41-7. 225 BUT TROIANS TAKE ' BAMA TO THE WIRE 21-20 use Loses Game, Streak and Ranking WMm Robinson Easy On Oregon J %M use TUNES UP FOR IRISH, WORKSOUT WITH DUCKS, 33-15 by Mai Florence October 16 For use, Saturday was Homecoming Day, a time for alums to think fondly of their alma mater and return to campus. use coach John Robinson, who played and coached at Oregon, must have been in a nostalgic mood because he was kind to his Webfooted friends. The Trojans, five-touchdown favorites, were breezing, 33-0, midway through the third quarter of their Coliseum game with Oregon when Robinson let his reserves have the run of the field. Oregon discovered it could play with the use third and fourth teams and scored 15 points. So Oregon — thanks to Robinson — wasn ' t routed, only beaten, 33-15. " We were able to give a lot of kids a chance to play, " Robinson said. Quarterback Rob Hertel, who set the tone for the easy win with a 51-yard touchdown on a play-action pass to split end Randy Simm- rin in the first quarter, was more direct. " We didn ' t bury them but we could have . . . easily, " Hertel said. " We were kind. We played a lot of people. " Hertel played just the first half, completing 9 of 18 passes for 171 yards and two touch- downs. Paul McDonald finished up, com- pleting 4 of 8 for 47 yards. The game served as sort of a tuneup for traditional rival Notre Dame next Saturday at South Bend. The Trojans don ' t consider any season really successful unless they beat the Irish. So the Trojans, as expected, rebounded from the 21-20 loss to Alabama that knocked them out of No. 1 in the national rankings. But it ' s no more Mr. Nice Guy for Robinson with Notre Dame, California, Stanford, Wash- ington and UCLA ahead. use is 5-1 overall and 3-0 in the Pacific 8 but not a cinch to return to the Rose Bowl. Washington, which started slowly, is suddenly making threatening noises in the Northwest. The Huskies, 2-0 in the Pac-8, thrashed Stanford, 45-21, Saturday. It ' s possible that USC ' s Nov. 12 game with Washington in Seattle will deter- mine the Rose Bowl representative. Some of tne USC players were talk- ing about a rematch with No. 1-ranked Michigan in the Rose Bowl, but that was before they were apprised of Washington ' s victory. A crowd of 51,120, surprisingly large with the Dodgers-Yankees World Series game on local television, watched USC take command early on the warm, smoggy day. Rick Brooks, Oregon ' s new coach, said he was pleased the way his team (now 1-5) came back after being routed, 54-0, by Washington last week. " USC was physically too superior of a team, " the former UCLA assistant said. " They are much more physical than they were last year. As a matter of fact, they ' re awesome. They are, by far, the best team we ' ve played this season. " : it T. ' f m M jb 229 -photos by Edward Moy Wearin ' Of The Green Leaves Trojans Blue 49-19 by Mai Florence October 23 Notre Dame thoughi it could change its luck against use by wearing shamrock green jerseys instead of the usual blue. It wasn ' t a bad idea considering the Fighting Irish thrashed the Trojans, 49-19, at Notre Dame Stadium be- fore a sellout crowd of 59,075 and a national television audience. It was the worst defeat for USC since an Ara Par- seghian-coached Notre Dame team blitzed the Trojans, 51-0, in 1966 at the Coliseum. Notre Dame made all the big plays and USC most of the misplays. " We just got the hell beat out of us, " USC coach John Robinson said. " We seemed to be making an unbeliev- able amount of mental errors. We lost to an inspired op- ponent. They outplayed us and outcoached us. We have no excuses. " So the Irish, who had beaten the Trojans only once in 10 previous years, gained a measure of revenge. For the Trojans (5-2), it was a loss of prestige. They ' re still the front runner in the Pacific 8 at 3-0 but they ' re not a factor on the national level. The Trojans moved the ball but usually fouled up drives with interceptions, fumbles, and dropped passes. The surprise of the 49th meeting between the old rivals was that Notre Dame suddenly found its offense. The Irish have been a strong defensive team this season, but the offense had been sluggish. If there was a turning point in the one-sided game, it occured late in the second quarter with USC trailing, 15-7. Bradley had intercepted Rob Hertel and the Irish had a first down at the Trojan 37. Four downs later, place- kicker Dave Reeve lined up for an apparent 50-yard field-goal try. It never materialized as Burgmeier, the holder, raced around an unguarded USC flank and kept going until he reached the USC 13-yard line. Then Montana threw to MacAfee in the end zone. The big tight end made a diving catch with USC safety Dennis Thurman draped all over him. So instead of still being in contention at halftime, the Trojans were almost out of it. If there was any doubt, the Irish ran it up to 35-7 after three quarters on a blocked punt for a 30-yard scoring catch at the end of a 70-yard march. On the fake field goal that Burgmeier turned into a 20-yard scamper, Robinson said the Trojans were trying to block the try with a concerted rush up the middle. Statistics don ' t tell much about this game. The Irish had only a slight edge in total yards, 386 to 347. What is revealing is that Notre Dame converted on third down 14 of 19 times, USC only 3 of 14. Green is becoming to the Irish. It ' s the first time they ' ve worn the colorful jerseys — along with gold pants and gold helmets — since a Thanksgiving Day game against Syracuse at Yankee Stadium in 1963. Devine ordered them especially for USC this season. THE GUIDING HANDS Bears Win, 17-14, In Memory Of Joe Roth Rain, SC Surprise Stanford, 49-0 -photos by Brad Cong -.M MMIMM Mf 236 i Huskies Snatch Roses from USC TROJANS HOPES FOR SUNNY PASADENA DIE IN COLD, RAINY SEATTLE, 28-10 by Mai Florence November 13 Perhaps it wasn ' t the real USC team that routed Stanford, 49-0. It may be that the real Trojans are that mistake-prone outfit which was eliminated from the Rose Bowl race by Washington. The opportunistic Huskies upset the Trojans, 28-10, and now share the Pacific 8 lead with UCLA (5-1 record). But Washington must ask USC to do it a favor. The Huskies won ' t go to the Rose Bowl for the first time since the 1963 season unless they beat Washington State and USC defeats UCLA. Washington lost to UCLA. USC had six turnovers— losing three of six fumbles along with quarterback Rob Hertel ' s three second-half interceptions. Those errors along with a costly roughing-the-kicker penalty and a blocked punt were all that Washington needed to stay alive in the now three-team Rose Bowl derby. (Stanford also remains in contention.) Unlike USC, Washington played almost errorless foot- ball and didn ' t commit a turnover. It rained here as expected, but not until the second half and coach John Robinson didn ' t blame the weather for use ' s defeat. Their errors began at the outset when Dwight Ford fumbled the opening kickoff to the Huskies. But the Tro- jans survived that mistake when Steve Robbins missed a 29-yard field goal. Then, in the second quarter, tailback Charles White ' s fumble enabled the Huskies to drive only 18 yards for their first touchdown. Despite their miscues, the Trojans trailed only 7-3 at halftime but quickly took themselves out of the game in the third quarter. USC apparently had stopped Washington on fourth down but a roughing-the-kicker penalty (apparently freshman Dennis Smith) provided the Huskies with a first down at their own 40. They didn ' t squander the opportunity, improving their lead to 14-3 on quarterback Warren Moon ' s 17-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Spider Gaines. It was 21-3 now and the Huskies knew that Hertel had to pass to catch up. He did drive the Trojans 77 yards to White ' s 1-yard touchdown (21-10) but couldn ' t get anything else going. He was handling a wet ball and that contributed to three drive-stopping interceptions. With the outcome already decided. Moon, an im- proved quarterback this season, ran 71 yards for a touch- down. He said he was just trying to run out the clock in the final minute. Instead, he ran by all the Trojans on his sideline sprint. The Trojans have impressive statistics — they ' re ranked third nationally in total offense and outgained the Hus- kies, 337-273 — but they haven ' t been at their best in big games, excepting Stanford. They make just enough errors to lose. use Season Has Storybook Ending FRANK JORDAN ' S LAST SECOND FIELD GOAL PUTS HUSKIES IN ROSE BOWL by Mai Florence November 26 use ' s Frank Jordan kicked UCLA out of the Rose Bowl with a 38-yard field goal in the final two seconds at the Coliseum in a game that will be remembered as one of the most thrilling in the crosstown series. Jordan, 5-9, 180-pound junior in his first season at use, could have been a goat if the Trojans hadn ' t won, 29-27, to put Washington in the Rose Bowl. He had missed two extra points earlier but his clutch field goal with the clock running (because USC had no time-outs left) was redeeming. His kick— right through the middle of the uprights- climaxed a game in which the Bruins prevailed early and the Trojans moved into a comfortable 16-point lead in the third quarter before UCLA rallied for two touch- downs and a field goal. Still, Jordan probably I ' . wouldn ' t have gotten a chance to be a hero if it » " - weren ' t for a question- able pass-interference • penalty— UCLA safety ' ' - Johnny Lynn on USC wide receiver Kevin William —that kept USC ' s win- ning field goal drive alive. Here was the situation: USC was confronted with a third-and-10 at midfield with a minute remaining when quarter- back Rob Hertel threw a sideline pass to Williams. Lynn reached for the ball and apparently touched it but head lines- man F.E. Conley ruled he . , interfered with Williams SS c. . p J o ' 5 — although It wasn t clear Henel early in the second quarter that Lynn had made con- UCLA led 10-7, but the game see- tact with the receiver. Williams said he did. " I was coming across the field and a guy was holding the back of the pads, " Williams said. " I didn ' t think the referee saw it but fortunately he did. It was definitely pass interference. " Lynn disagreed, saying, " I didn ' t think I touched him. I drove out in front of the ball and my right hand hit it. Then I hit the ground. " In any event, the Trojans, who saw a 26-10 third quarter lead evaporate with UCLA ' s stirring come back had a first down at the Bruin 40. On second down, Hertel hit Randy Simmrin for 17 yards. Dwight Ford made 4 yards and Hertel then threw out of bounds to stop the clock. So it was third and 6 at the UCLA 19 when fullback Mosi Tatupu was stopped for no gain. With the clock running, the Trojans hurriedly lined up for a field goal and Jordan, a transfer from UC Riverside, made his game-winning kick. ' V It was a game of changing momentum, featuring the brilliant passing of Hertel and the clutch passing and run- ning of UCLA quarterback Rick Bashore, who was medi- cally cleared for the game only a few days ago because of a fractured rib and a collapsed lung. The Bruins led, 10-0, after the opening quarter but USC, behind Hertel, Williams and Simmrin, led at halftime, 17-10, and expanded its lead to 26-10 midway through the third quarter. Then Bashore rallied the Bruins — who didn ' t have much offense in the first half — with touchdown drives of 63, 48 and 80 yards. So it was a bitter defeat for UCLA, which finished the season 7-4 overall and 5-2 in the Pacific 8 one game be- hind Washington (6-1), which will represent the con- ference at Pasadena Jan. 2 against Michigan. The victory salvaged a disappointing USC season. The Trojans, a preseason ' . consensus choice to win " • " lj i |l Pac-8, finished 5-2 in ' ' V ffS ' " conference and are ' TP-V , 7-4 overall At the outset, it ap- peared that the Trojans were the same, error- prone team on offense that they ' ve been in sev- eral games this season. After UCLA ' s Frank Corral kicked a 52-yard field goal, USC tailback Charles White fumbled to I the Bruins on his 3-yard ' line and, a few plays later, Theotis Brown crashed in from the 1 for a touch- ,..,,,., , , , down and a 10-0 ad- sawed until the final gun blew after Frank Jordan ' s last second field vantage. goal. USC won 29-27. Then Hertel, who com- pleted 15 of 24 passes for 254 yards and three touch- downs on a warm Friday night before a national tele- vision audience and a crowd of 86,186, went to work. His accurate passes keyed scoring drives of 71, 70 and 52 yards before halftime — climaxed by Jordan ' s 25-yard field goal and touchdown pass plays covering 20 and 40 yards to tight end Bill Gay and Williams. Hertel, who was afforded almost perfect pass protec- tion, didn ' t let up at the outset of the third quarter. He teamed with Williams on a 27-yard scoring pass, and a 25- yard pass to Simmrin set up Jordan ' s 36-yard field goal. It didn ' t seem to matter that Jordan had missed two extra points. The Trojans were apparently in charge. But the Bruins and Bashore were not about to concede without a fight. Bashore took some hard licks from the Trojans but played the entire game. All the sophomore did was complete 11 of 18 passes for 136 yards and rush for 51 U nniiniK ' d on page 240) . il|fe- ' kf .s ji »w-«; ' i «M., (continued from page 239) He got the Bruins back into the game when he scrambled to his right in the third quarter, then pulled up short of the line of scrimmage and threw a 32-yard crossfieid pass to halfback James Owens, who was alone in the end zone. The Bruins, trailing 26-9, didn ' t go for a two point con- version (as use did successfully earlier), instead, Corral went for one point. There was plenty of time left and UCLA figured it would have time to score another touch- down and a field goal, it did. But the Bruins needed a break and they got it when Hertel tried to force a pass to Mike Hayes on the side- lines and Brian Baggott intercepted. From the USC 48, UCLA moved to Corral ' s 20-yard field goal with 1:39 gone in the fourth quarter. Now UCLA trailed only 26-20. The Trojans, the dominant team statistically previously, couldn ' t get anything going and, after USC ' s Marty King punted into the end zone, UCLA was on its way again. Bashore made the big play on an 80-yard scoring drive when, on third-and-nine at the USC 40, he eluded the Trojan rush and scrambled for 13-yards. Owens was the primary ground-gainer as the Bruins D0I4N BALL on THE YftRDS TO GO . I 2 3 H T FD TO CLR 10 7 10 27 18 3 29 20 I Never Say Die — John Robinson moved to a first down at the USC 3. The Trojan defense gave up IV2 yards on three downs before Bashore made the play of the game at the time. After a deft play-action fake, he drilled the ball to tight end Don Pederson (the secondary receiver) in the end zone on fourth down. Corral, a strong and accurate kicker, didn ' t miss the extra point and the Bruins had apparently been rewarded with their second trip to the Rose Bowl in three years with only 2:51 remaining. But Hertel still had time and made the most of it. He nibbled away at the UCLA defense with short passes to Ford and then got a first down at midfield on a 3-yard toss to Tatupu. He called a time-out — USC ' s last — thinking the Tro- jans hadn ' t made a first down. But they did. This inad- vertent error could have been costly for USC if Jordan hadn ' t had time to line up for his winning field goal. NEXT YEAR IT ' S THE PAC-10 Pacific - 8 Football Ends Bowling Season, Surprise Favored Opponents This was the last year of competition between football teams in the Pacific-8 Conference, and three teams, Washington, Stanford and USC won invitations to post-season bowl games. All the Pac-8 teams were the underdogs heading into their respec- tive competitions but all wound up on top when the clock ran out. Stanford defeated Louisiana State University, 24-14, in the Sun Bowl in El Paso, Texas. A little farther down the road on New Year ' s Eve-, USC trounced Texas A M, 47-28. The last time these two teams met was two years ago in the Liberty Bowl. USC won that one, too. This time seniors Rob Hertel and Randy Simmrin led the Trojans to NCAA records of most bowl victories, 17, and top bowl winning percentage, .739 on a 17-6 log. It was the University of Washington that surprised most of the country on January 2. Head Husky Coach Don James went into the contest with the intention of gambling; he did, and it paid off. Washington quarterback Warren Moon led the lively Husky offense that handed Michigan coach Bo Schembechler his fourth Rose Bowl loss in four tries. Michigan did keep their hopes alive until well into the fourth quarter. With just 40 seconds re- maining, Washington cornerback Nesby Glasgow intercepted a Rick Leach pass and Michigan lost the game. So the Pacific-8 ended the year with a perfect bowl record and sights turn to next year ' s bowling season when Arizona and Arizona State join the conference. T 4 . " fltbtl Joseph Millard . ' 1 ' iS The 1977 USC Football Awards Most Valuable Player Dennis Thurman Offensive Player of the Year Mosi l tupu Defensive Player of the Year Dennis Thurman Most Valuable Players of Bluebonnel Bowl Rob Hertel Wall L ' ndenvood Alumni Award for the Highest Academic Standing Gar ' Bethel Most Inspirational Player Mosi liitupu judofencingwrestfingl PAY-AS-YOU PLAY Club Team Sports Coming of Age Intercollegiate Club Sports provide an opportunity for students to compete on teams in sports which are not offered in the varsity athletic program. Supported by club dues, fund raisers and the student programming fees, these groups feature excellent coaching, rigorous prac- tices and challenging schedules. The competition is challenging with each team com- peting against other major colleges and universities. Al- though the coaches are not paid, they contribute a great deal of time, energy, skill and enthusiasm to the program. The use Club Sports Program is not only for undergrad- uate students. Graduate students, staff and faculty are just as welcome. Two sports, lacrosse and rugby, even allow alumni to compete. None of the teams need to " cut " players from their squads. Although some members may see less action than others, everyone makes the team. Even with a pay-to-play system, no-cut policy and volunteer coaches, the players realize that they are re- presenting USC— they have a lot of Trojan pride and spirit, and they play to win. photos by D aniel Avila rA ' m f 1 crosserugbyicehockey 243 ' rfi f judofendngwrestlingl ■ ' !S Jt -s Jit» ip: . : lt!St j s ai ; ■ , (9m X It tx V 4p mA %ti4 ' crossemgbyicehockey 24S TENNIS RECRUITS YOUNG, TALENTED Toley Maintains High 246 I ' ? =«,- ' W • I 246 5 » . z 249 250 Sailors Cast New Boat In High Role William Power, an SC graduate, turned over the helm of the 46-foot " High Roler " to the university sailing team last December and since that time, the USC sailors have won two major competitions. In January, the team won the Indepen- dent-Press Telegram Regatta out of Long Beach Harbor and a few weeks later cap- tured the Southern Cali- fornia Yachting Associa- tion ' s Mid-Winter Regatta crown for Class A boats. Power, class of 1950, chris- tened the boat " High Rol- ler, " later giving it the star- ring role on the university sailing team. He believes that athletic programs are a good way for young men and women to develop a sense of team spirit. Power himself was a member of the sailing team, while he stud- ied civil engineering. 2S1 SAILING TEAM: Dick Denzler BOTTOM ROW: Joni Denzler Brad Avery Mary Denzler Don Burdge Mike Downing Don Ayers Tarek ElMallah Louisa Holt Rob Flanders ROW TWO: Cordy Grundy y m Eddy Bill Howard Shelly Sanborn Pat Lynch Lorri Seidensticker Scott Mason TOP ROW: Greg Nelson p Mystery Man Dave Parker OUT SAILING: Pat Patrick Coach Cordo Johnson Tony Schlossmann Jim Bailey Tom Searles Susan Barrett Xavier Shield Brook Blakeslee George Shinn Mike Sibold i Donna Lee Brenneman Greg Busche Jeff Stone ■ ' ■ , Tim Cannon Cindy Troy Doug Deaver Julie Waite j222SB 252 MVP ' S 253 Women ' s Volleyball BOTTOM ROW: Terry Place Lynne Luedke Star Clark Carolyn Becker Debbie Creen Paula Dittmer Coach Chuck Erbe Sue Woodstra Debbie Landreth Water Polo BOTTOM ROW: Gary Bunt man Joe Whirl Ed Lapport George Lock wood Coach Phil Cozens Gary Buntman ROW TWO: Coach Ron Severa Coach John Williams Jeff Stevens Tom Spicer Dorcey Abshier Randy Parole Mike Ross Zach Stimson Craig Furniss Mitch Gray Greg Fults Carlos Quintana Cliff Jolley Ted McGinley Mike Botz Les Wulk Kirk McGowan Tim Carey Jim Young Bruce Furniss Bob Lycette Steve Pickell Women ' s Basketball BOTTOM ROW: Sandy Vivas Stephanie Sinn Kelly Hill ROW TWO: Joyce Simley Donna Van Puyvelde Julie Green Joyce Rotheram TOP ROW: Liz Ludwig Katy Wright Brenda Bruce Kathy Hammond Linda Balabuch g-- .r- ,(3i- • ' V ' j -( -• -.p; tm iki Julie Larson Tom MacKinnon Chip Soule Nancy Difley Ceorge Crey Cus Altuzarra Joseph Rossi Carter Dunlap Jean-Pierre Henraux Leslie Freedle Rob Heath NOT PICTURED: Bob Beavers Mark Zilla Dwight Brooks Greg Brooks John Baruh John Curnutte like Danford Pierre Dupux Laurie Anderson Andy Oldfield Pat Flynn Bruce Canetti Coach Bill Pittenger Coach Serge Duvillard BOTTOM ROW: albert Bautista Juan Gonzalez Mehran Divan-Baigy-Zand Julio Navas Hunt Williams Patrick Navas Gregg Kaufman Louis Uquillas Davor Fabulich TOP ROW: Coach Joe Baker Cherif Zein Paul Carrol Jay Durgan Faribos Nemani Rene Alvarado Mark Royan Mark Riedel Mike Daugherty Ramon Franco Arman Minasian Mustafa Assad Nasser Sarfaraz NOT PICTURED: Horacio Mejia Steve Richardson Sulaiman Hijjawi Ibrahim Mahda Yusef Bassirpour Scott Copeland Felipe Mojica Bruce Sherman W omen ' s Gymnastics Denise Cheshire Lynn Govin Susan Archer Gale Wyckoff Vidette Schine Sue Graeff Holley Donaldson Volleyball: BOTTOM ROW: Frank Spasaro Oz Simmons Seal Amsdam David Strausberg Jim Strickland Scott Sollee Alan Rosehill Brent Peterson Kevin Ash TOP ROW: Asst. Coach Celso Kalache SwimfniriK: BOTTOM ROW: Kevin Wilson Chuck Nicholson Cress Templeton Kirk McCowan Dave Reed Gary Nevill Scott Poorman ROW TWO: Mike Nyeholt Ron Orr Greg Har grave Scott Findorff Mike Bottom Jon Nakamura Jamie Briggs ROW THREE: Steve Carberson-Asst. Coach Tim Regan Bob Rud Dick Hannula Mark Smith Bob Weiner Bruce Furniss Gerry Ceraghty ROW FOUR: George Nagy Mark Rubino Bob Tierney Gymnastics : BOTTOM ROW: Phillip Swaim James Yanagimotc Duane Oda Dave Kiel man Jim Chibucas Dean Stewart Sob Hamilton Asst. Coach Carlos Fonseca Manager Marlaine Wilson Chris Searl Bob Yoder Tim Hovland Mark Wellborn Pat Powers Dusty Dvorak Manager Glenn Ha ma da Coach Frnie Hix NOT PICTURED: Phil Hench Sandy Hotson Steve Pick el I Kirt Fredericks Fric Johnson Mike Ker John Jeha Jeff Breyman Coach Peter Daland ROW FIVE: Asst. Coach Charles Shubre Bill Craig Ed Reynolds Doug Frazier Bob Lycette Joe Pereira Brian Yep Colin Kikawa Bill Adickes Diving Coach Jim Wood TOP ROW: Mike Kelly Jamie Fowler Bob Wiltse Adam Rosenberg Mike Malony Dan Rosenthal Craig Furniss Gerry Fischer NOT PICTURED: Todd Breyman Bob Shearin TOP ROW: Coach Beckner Manager Bob Teel Robert Treat Brian Begert Steve Mails Randy Weaver Steve Dobrus Asst. Coach Toshio Moritani I II 2S6 Crew: BOTTOM ROW: Mark Zaienski Beth Mooney Sally Boehmer Elena Berumen Charlotte Mayfield Elsie McBrown Avis Wong Serena Alston ROW TWO: Michele Himmelberg Shannon Sullivan Lynn Coecken Mary Stevenson Lynsey Howatt lenny Levine Eric Lemke ROW THREE: lim Asper Earl Cuza Scott Buettner Elizabeth Palmer Leslie Sweatt Betsy Magee Ceri Icaye Sue Fraasa ROW FOUR: Mark Dyer Doug Street Joel Bertuzzi Dan Dudas John List Richard Lopez Mike Landau ROW FIVE: Mario Generi Kevin Norris Brian Cuggisberg Tennis: Peter Rudy Jack Kruger Chris Lewis Claybourne Hall Robert Van ' thof Baseball: BOTTOM ROW: Jim Connor Gerald Price Paul Ziegler Chuck Thompson Dave Hodgins Jeff Wick Keith Brown Mark Rhodes John Stevenson Tom Marchica ROW TWO: Spiro Psaltis Frank Pennachio Bill Bumstead Ernie Mauritson Asst. Coach Ron Vaughn Asst. Coach Justin Dedeaux Head Coach Rod Dedeaux Tom Fitzmaurice Dave McMonigal Todd Shaphren ROW SIX: Tom Johovic Dan Stanton Marc Blaine John Pollock Walt Traver Stan Mullin Joe Lyons NOT PICTURED: Aurelia Alston Julie Neff Donna Oakley Phyllis Steinhauer Glenn Burroughs Charlie Dawrs Mark Englehardt Tom Graff Bob Larson Paul Reimers Ted Wells Curk Winiecki Greg Probert Bruce Wetts Ross Katz Edith Chow Alex Iwasiw Bob Bianchi Bruce Burroughs Syed Hasan David Hellman Bob Hicks Tom Hutchinson Bob Oberto Bryan Peters Don Smith Gordon Sylvester Coach George Toley Fernando Von Oertzen Doug Adier Charles Strode Earl Prince Mark Novelo Bob Skube Tim Tolman Doug Stokke Ray Benzor Pat Murphy Manager Bob Mulvihill TOP ROW: Chris Smith Larry Simpson Jim McDowell Rod Boxberger Dave Engle Dave Hosteller Dave Van Gorder Bill Bordley Brian Hayes Stan Williams Tom Hicks Jeff Schattinger Women ' s Swimming: BOTTOM ROW: Sue Hinderaker Laurie Edwards ROW TWO: Susan Gove Melinda Moore Lisa Hilger Cigi Kaye Coach Pokey Richardson ROW THREE: Kim Peters Vai Seyfert ROW FOUR: Miriam Smith Lauri Siering Sue Loveil Linda Kimura Debbie Rudd Women ' s Track: BOTTOM ROW: Lorelei Van Benthem Lynn Van Benthem Gail Berger Diane Byington Head Coach Sherry Calvert ROW TWO: Donna Van Puyvelde Marley lung Lisa Van Benthem Diana Rowden Julie Lendl ROW THREE: Alexis Cramp ton Jennifer Biller Patty Van Wolvelaere Carey Hill TOP ROW: Asst. Coach Tom Zotovich Lori Jepsen Charee Copenhauer Joyce Simeley Stephanie Davis Mitzi McMillin Linda Molo Asst. Coach Carol Cruber Women ' s Tennis: BOTTOM ROW: Sheila Mclnerney Susie Brown Margie Strode Jenny Smith Lea Antonoplis Marisa Malpezzi Cyndy Dennis TOP ROW: Coach Dave Borelli Robin Trumball Barbara Hallquist Kuki Somehegyi Stacy Margolin Asst. Coach Neal Callahan Golf: BOTTOM ROW; lohn Cummings Craig Steinberg Joe Flood Rod Commans Craig Anderson ROW TWO: David Simpson Bill Keogh Coach Stan Wood Tony Sills Wendell Tom Mark Morgan TOP ROW: Rick Lizardi Larry Collins Steve Titus Asst. Coach Doug Ruland Mike Wachtler Jim Williams Steve Carter Mike Todd Track BOTTOM ROW: Coach Ken Matsuda Clancy Edwards llpo Paananen David Omwansa Kevin Williams Richard Craybehl James Sanford Daniel Jackson Dan Reynolds Scott Cray ROW TWO: David Kurrasch Fred Asset K. C Connell John McKenzie Billy Mullins Tim Walker Russell Rogers Richard Crowell Tim Viole Head Coach Vern Wolfe BACK ROW: Coach Tracy Sundlun Scott Weisbly Steve Montgomery Henry Perez Larry Doubley James Walker Lloyd Johnson Felton Anderson Basketball LEFT ROW: Don Carfino Willie Brigham John Creer Draff Young - Asst. Coach Doug Widfeldt MIDDLE ROW: Neil Arnold Steve Smith George Ratkovich Jim McCloskey Jim Hefner - Asst. Coach Barry Brooks RIGHT ROW: Bob Boyd - Head Coach Darryl Smith Cliff Robinson Mark Hoisington Paul Henderson Purvis Miller Rudy Washington - Asst. Coach Ray Crook NOT PICTURED: Joel Andrews Rayfield Beaton Charlie Buckner James Burrell Bill Davies Darrell Elder Steve Funderburk Urpo Paananen Football team picture not available. SEASON RECORDS WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL SO CSU Northridge 81 69 San Jose State 53 86 Arizona 71 61 Biola 68 81 Arizona St. 67 62 Utah 68 71 Utah St. 65 63 Queens 79 86 Concordia 35 55 Fordham 70 69 San Diego St. 57 56 Cal St. Long Beach 54 73 Cal St. Northridge 63 57 Cal Poly Pomona 59 60 Cal St. Fullerton 68 73 63 Pepperdine UCLA 71 88 78 Cal Poly Pomona 95 99 San Diego St. 83 59 Cal St. Long Beach n 60 Stephen F. Austin 78 70 UCSB 67 59 Cal St. Fullerton 69 50 UCLA 78 WOMEN ' S GYMNASTICS: 138 Cal St. Long Beach 127 134 San Diego St. 131 137 UCLA 138 139 Cal St. Fullerton 144 Arizona Quad Meet - 1st Place Arizona St. Quad - 2nd Place UCLA Invitational - 1st Place Conference Championships - 2nd Place Regional Championships - 2nd Place WCAA - 2nd Place WOMEN ' S SWIMMING: 93 UC Irvine 37 92 Cal St. Northridge 39 78 Houston 51 33 Mission Viej o (AAU Club) 63 78 San Diego State Stanford 51 74 SB 74 UC Santa Barbara 55 62 UCLA 69 75 Cal St. Long Beach Finished 4th Nationally Overall: 7-2 54 WOMEN ' S VOLLEYBALL: Team Competition: UC Santa Barbara San Diego St. Pepperdine Cal St. Long Beach Stanford San Jose St. Cal St. Fullerton UCLA Mexican National Collegiate Team UCLA Invitational Hawaii UC Davis Houston Illinois St. Mississippi Kansas St. Arizona Brigham Young Univ. Overall: 38-0 Undefeated AIAW National Champions WCAA Champions 260 SAILING: PCYRA Competition - 1st Place Annual Long Beach Independent-Press Telegram Regatta - 1st Place L.A. Midwinters Regatta - 1st Place PCYRA Intercollegiate - 4th Place Lazer Districts - 4th Place Rated 6th in the Nation. Received invitation to the John F. Kennedy Cup Competition. Washington St. Oregon Oregon St. UCLA 55 41 47 78 Pac-8: 7-7 Overall: 14-13 BASKETBALL: 80 Idaho St. 65 Texas 59 Illinois 67 Utah 93 New Mexico 87 Duke 76 Arizona St. 96 Cal St. Long Beach 58 South Carolina 71 Penn 85 Auburn 82 Virginia 68 Washington St. 81 Washington 82 Oregon St. 63 Oregon 87 Portland St. 71 UCLA 87 California 76 Stanford 70 Stanford 68 California 79 Washington 2 Texas 2 Cal Lutheran As of 3 31 78 Arizona St. Cal St. Northrldge California Santa Clara Stanford Celebrity Baseball Pepperdine UCLA Cal St. Long Beach Cal Poly Loyola Santa Barbara BASEBALL: 54 43 S3 91 69 64 82 93 80 81 (OT) 87 85 65 88 74 85 65 73 89 (OT) 62 78 83 81 74 68 70 84 3 1 10 Pepperdine Cal State Fullerton 3 9 9 Cal State Fullerton 6 23 Cal State Long Beach 8 9 St. Marys 2 8 St. Marys 9 Arizona St. 13 7 Arizona St. 13 7 Pepperdine 10 Chapman 2 Irvine 8 8 Irvine 8 Cal St. Dominguez 1 14 Cal St. Los Angeles 4 10 Cal St. Los Angeles 1 3 Cal St. Los Angeles 2 13 Houston 1 10 Houston 4 5 Texas A M 2 8 Texas A M 5 5 Eastern Michigan 2 8 Texas 2 3 Texas 2 VOLLEYBALL: Team Competition: Univ. of Victoria, B.C. Maccabi Union UCSB Collegiate Tournament San Diego State Japan Collegiate All Stars CSULB UCSB Loyola Pepperdine Volleyball Magazine Classic (volleyball, con ' t.) UCLA UCI Stanford As of 3 31: League 5-2 Overall 10-3 CSULB Pepperdine UCI UCLA San Diego State Loyola UCSB SWIMMING: Team Competition: Alumni Relays Santa Barbara Long Beach Relays Brigham Young Univ. Northridge Long Beach State Pepperdine Canadian Nat ' l Team Houston Mission Viejo San Diego State California UCLA East L.A. Aquatic Club Stanford Arizona State Arizona League standing: 1st place NCAA standing: 5th place SOCC ER: 1 2 6 3 1 3 4 5 2 13 2 1 2 1 9 1 1 1 3 2 3 Westmont Long Beach Loyola Cal State LA Claremont UCSB Cal Tech Club Chaffey Azusa Pacific Barstow Cal State Fullerton Chapman San Diego State USIU Riverside Biola USF California Santa Clara UCLA San Jose State UCLA 1 1 4 2 1 2 3 2 1 2 4 3 1 2 2 1 4 • . SKIING: Team Competition: Claremont UCLA UCSB UCI Orange Coast College Cal State Northridge San Diego State Loyola Marymount UCR Occidental Cal Poly Pomona Santa Ana College League standing 4 1 78: Women-lst, Men-2nd place FOOTBALL: 27 17 51 41 20 33 19 14 49 10 29 47 Overall: 8-4 Missouri Oregon St. TCU Washington St. Alabama Oregon Notre Dame California Stanford Washington UCLA Texas A M (Bluebonnet Bowl) 10 10 7 21 15 49 17 28 27 28 SWIMMING AND DIVMC CHAMPIONSWS NATIONAL TITLE SLIPS AWAY TO TENNESSEE Swimmers Finish 5th at NCAA ' s t 262 . - V ' ' " M ' 1flP .. ' P; ■mm photos by Paul Rodriguez and Doug Gray •m. i Team Loses Momentum r ?5 Though Furniss Holds onto 200-Free Record 265 266 I Mr -V- • i 267 Spikers Maintain Intensity, but Lose National Title 268 2fi» 270 271 Trojan Spikers . . . 272 . •TV osc [• ' jk _JfBBB u Ewft K Si-. H BvL ' . . . Undefeated, Capture WAIAW Regional Title AIAW National Crown Still Trojan-Owned; Spikers Defeat Hawaii in Finals 275 Coach Ranks Own Team 5th In Nation With Glimmer Of Hope 277 H 1ST IN PACIFIC CONFERENCE Soccer Team Spirit As Good As Record 279 280 HIGH WINDS BLOW AWAY COMPETITION Head of the Harbor Regatta NEW COACH TAKES CHARGE Women Cagers Advance Image 283 use Basketball: The Future Comes Into Focus r W ' J " , jgjJi. ill V M 1 I ■ II I •! .» 11 B . 1 g B - » 5 •; ii TIME WILL TELL Coach Boyd Rebuilding t - ■ 2 — - •.-.„ - I ._ I ) , r fD m 5 c ■irj-fy i jfi ' . ' Jsi IS i jf " — IP- ' T . r ( y f k. ' EL RODEO EXCLUSIVE Recruiting: Key to SC Success THE VIEW FROM THE BOOTH by Tom Kelly March, 1978 In writing some thoughts about the just-concluded basketball season, I ' m struck by what a year it was, and what a year it could have been. What is was, of course, was the best season the Trojans have had in three years. What it could have been was a 20-game winner with a break or two along the way. But regardless, it was exciting to see what could be the start of a resurgence of basketball at USC. Following the 6 and 20 season of 76-77, the recruiting job turned in by Bob Boyd was outstanding. That it had to be done was incidental to the fact that it was done. To recruit Cliff Robinson, Purvis Miller and Steve Smith in one year is an amazing accomplishment. Had they all stayed healthy it could have been a season with 20 victories. Considering that Smith played half the season, and Robinson missed four games as well, the Trojans could easily have turned losses into wins at Berkeley, Eugene, Corvallis and Columbia, South Carolina. And it was only the inexperience of this young team that saw them blow big leads and games to Oregon State and Washington at the Sports Arena. Consider tha t this was a team starting a 17- year old at center, a freshman at forward, a JC transfer and a sophomore starting their first seasons at guard and a senior at forward, the 14 wins posted by this team is a tribute to the 290 coaching skills of Bob Boyd and the talent of the players on the floor. This team beat Duke and New Mexico on successive nights. Steve Smith, the JC transfer at guard, had 25 each night against that calibre opposition . . . this team beat Texas, a club good enough to win the NIT. In only three games were they badly beaten — early season losses at Illinois, Utah and against Penn, where Smith and Robinson did not play. Again without Smith, SC lost to the Bruins by 12 and 13 points in two meetings. No other conference losses had margins that wide. Which brings us to next year. For the first time in a long time, 1 rojan basketball fans are looking forward to the season. The reasons are obvious . . . Cliff Robinson, the most talented player I ' ve seen recruited at the school in 17 years . . . Robinson, who led the conference in scoring, set a school season rebounding mark, and all before his 18th birthday, can be as great as he wants to be. With him, a healthy Steve Smith . . . a seasoned and talented Don Carfino and Purvis Miller, Boyd can start with some of the best talent in the conference. He must have help either from new recruits, or from off the bench at the guard and forward positions. In addition, the team must develop some bench strength to take up the slack and provide some help, should an injury sideline a starter, as it did in the season just ended. The loss of Steve Smith was immeasurable. A talented player. Smith brought scoring punch and leadership to a young team. With him out, that double burden fell on Don Carfino, himself a newcomer to a starting spot. Carfino for the most part did it all, but on those occasional nights when he wasn ' t at his best, there was little or no help from anywhere else. With the arrival of Arizona and Arizona State into the conference next year, the Pac-10 will become the most competitive conference in the nation, in all sports, including basketball. It appears to me then, that Bob Boyd and his Trojans could be a much improved ball club, and yet have a record no better than this season. Playing ten conference games away from home, breaking even could be considered sensational for this young team. And the home court advantage is barely that at the Sports Arena. So the club must improve to keep pace. And Bob Boyd will have to have another sensational recruiting year if he hopes to have a bonifide contender for the conference title. But he has something working for him this time around that was absent last year. The success of Cliff Robinson and Purvis Miller and Don Carfino. It should be a great selling point in recruiting the top high school players. The fact that a young team did win more games than it lost, and gave indication it could win a lot more, is an asset you really can ' t measure. Athletes like to go with winners. Success is contagious and the first year showing of Robinson and company could set off a chain reaction that will attract some top prospects. At least that ' s the hope. The success of Robinson and Miller could have the same effect on basketball as the great successes enjoyed by Mike Garrett and O.J. Simpson, and their successors have had, in perpetuating the steady flow of great football players to the university. With only two losing seasons in his coaching career. Bob Boyd is recognized as a winning coach, around the nation, if not at home. His inability to beat UCLA has been a problem for him in Los Angeles, yet not beating the Bruins is a problem coaches all over the nation have had. The reason is obvious when you consider the NBA player ' s roster and count the number of players active in the pro game who played at Westwood, as compared to the number of Trojans active in the pro game. That comparison might find you applauding Boyd for staying as competitive as he has with his cross-town rivals. Players like Robinson, Miller and Carfino took a big stride toward bringing SC closer in parity to their cross-town rival, and the new recruits and the maturity of this year ' s club for next year could bring total parity a reality. This coming season will be a big one for Boyd and his young team; the reasons are obvious. Tom Kelly calls the plays for USC football and basketball and is employed by KNX and KFI radio. The 1978 El Rodeo thanks him for his generous contribution. 291 r B i 1 « ' " . . •• ■ ■ • . • • • lH IP i B blJinH ' r- ' v " " P ' iri M . - jm Skiing: A Team of Downhill Racers 293 COACH WOLFE LOSES 4 SCHOLARSHIPS AND Track Team Remains A Winner 294 THREATENS WITHDRAWAL FROM DUAL MEETS Despite New NCAA Scholarship Rule ,.! -- 295 296 297 296 WOMEN EYE MOSCOW Tracksters Break Records Baseball: A Winner For Decades 300 Ordinarily, to get a baseball stadium named after you, you have to be (1) dead (2) famous or (3) rich. You have to be Connie Mack or have to have led the American League 10 years in batting or home runs, or pitched 40 career shutouts. But one of the newest of baseball stadia in the country was named after a guy who went to bat a total of four times in two games in the big leagu- and got one hit. He drove in a run with it, b ' t nobody names ball fields for .250 hitters unless they were 30-game winners on the side. Also, he is very much alive. Raoul (Rod) Dedeaux Field on the campus of the University of Southern California is the home field of one of the most important baseball franchises in history. As a minor league farm club, it makes the Newark Bears of the 30 ' s look like a sandlot club. The other day an alumni group played the var- sity nine in a pre-season game at Dedeaux Field, and 13 major league players were on the field. That ' s probably more that there have been at Anaheim Stadium since the beginning. To give you an idea of things to come, the major leaguers lost the contest to the college boys, 4-1. As a matter of fact, most of the time it was tough to tell which was which. The University of Southern California is ordinarily thought of as a football factory, but any baseball man can tell you that ' s a fallacy. USC turns out more left fielders that left halfbacks. The reason for this remarkable state of affairs is the man who gets the ballpark named after him. Rod Dedeaux is a perpetually sunny Louisianan who can tell a good ballplayer from a mediocre one standing in the dark in two feet of water. When Rod Dedeaux came to USC, baseball was a backwater sport, very low in profile in the hierarchy of athletics on campus. The trouble was, baseball was the only major sport in the country which had flourished at the profes- sional level first. Red Grange, the Four Florsemen, )IM MURRAY Dedeaux: Baseball ' s Number One Farmer Copyright 1978 Los Angeles Times Reprinted by permission the Big 10 and Harvard-Yale made football what it is. The pros came along later and cashed in on its ready-made audiences. Hank Luisetti, Bob Cousey and George Mikan made basketball. Before Rod Dedeaux, the pros never looked on campuses for baseball players. When a collegian made the big leagues, it was headline news. When a Yaley made the Yankees, they wrote books about it. Baseball maintained an expensive and bulky farm system for the care and training of big league pros- pects. The great state universities did this gratis for football and basketball. The American and National leagues should have erected Dedeaux Field themselves out of gratitude for a man who found a way to find and train major league ballplayers at no expense to their manage- ment. Dedeaux Field will probably see almost as many Cy Young winners as the old Polo Grounds. It ' s not only in procurement and training that the big leagues owe Rod Dedeaux a debt, it ' s in philo- sophy, too. Rod Dedeaux was the original Tommy Lasorda. The clap on the back, the lively dugout, the one-of-the-boys attitude on the part of the coach, the let ' s-make-the-game-fun approach were all pioneered and found to be the way to go at USC long before the Dodgers did it. " You can ' t play this game unhappy " was the cheerful Dedeaux theory. " They (the Trojans) not only beat you, they laugh at you, " a rival coach once complained. " They think everything ' s funny. And, when you ' re winning 10-1 every day, I guess it is. " Rod Dedeaux Field is as important to the major leagues as the Kingdome. In fact, major league scouts are its most important — and numerous — customers. It should be as much a shrine to baseball as Yankee Stadium or Fenway Park As Red Patterson said, " When Tom Seaver went from the USC Tro- jans to the New York Mets, he probably felt like the first guy in history who was being sent down to the major leagues. " 301 TROJANS WIN, 3-1 use Beats Dodgers In " Good Time " Exhibition Game ABOVE, SEQUENCE: Bill Bordley started against the Dodgers and kept alive his shutout record until he was relieved by another Trojan pitcher. RIGHT: A crowd of over 40,000 watched the Trojans skillfully run the bases. FAR RIGHT: The Trojans displayed base-playing skills, as well, much to the enjoyment of the crowd and to the dismay of the Dodgers. 303 304 • ?. 4-. 305 CLUB SPORTS ADDITION Women ' s Softball Women gained a new opportunity this spring with the addition of Softball to the line-up of club sports. Admittedly, the team started out slowly, but as the other club sports, team members contributed the most for the chance to compete in inter- collegiate athletics. 306 The 1978 El Rodeo Special Section This special section, a sports alumni glance, was made pos- sible with the help of Dave Rush and Bill Mukai. They deserve a special thanks from the El Rodeo. Photos courtesy of Tampa Hay Bucaneers MCKAY LEADS THE WAY TO TAMPA BAY A Glance At Sports Alumni In addition to being one of the NFL ' s two newest teams, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers may also be applying soon for university recognition as another of USC ' s famed Trojan alumni clubs. The USC influence is pervasive at Tampa Bay as the team boasts Trojans at key positions on and off the field, leaving little doubt that the Florida franchise will eventually be a winner. John McKay started the exodus to the South when he became head football coach at Tampa Bay after spending 16 successful years at USC. He left as Troy ' s winningest coach, compiling a 127-40-7 mark, including national championship titles in 1962, 1967, 1972 and 1974 and a record 8 Rose Bowl appearances. McKay and assistant coach Willie Brown (a three-year USC starter at halfback and defensive back from 1961-1963) have had to endure the laughs and snickers of many as the expansion team has struggled to just two wins in two years. But the hope is to build a competitive club around the efforts of ex-Trojan grid stars such as Ricky Bell (twice an All- American tailback, USC ' s top single- season ground gainer with 1,957 yards in 1975, and leading single- game rusher with 347 yards against Washington State in 1976), Anthony Davis (a 1974 All-American and Pacific 8 Conference record holder for most career rushing yards, most gained - all-purpose running and most touchdowns scored), linebackers Richard Wood (USC ' s first three-year All-American from 1972-74) and David Lewis and wide receiver J.K. McKav (fourth on the list of USC ' S career pass-catching leaders). 306 309 312 313 314 Living Groups wt ?««« Off-Campus Housing: the Best of Both Worlds SC housing offers the dicotomy of both on and off-campus facilities. For many, living off-campus offers more independence and privacy. Moreover, students have an opportunity to become more integrated into the community. As the name suggests, this type of housing re- moves the residents from the campus and its ac- tivities. With some careful schedule planning and a bicycle, daily treks within walking distance to cam- pus may be minimized . The off-campus housing seems to offer the best of both worlds: close enough to take advantage of the university yet far enough away to get away from it all. 316 Winner of the 1978 El Rodeo Theme Contest Palace Flop House 1. Larry Smith 2. Zeke 3. Clark Lehman 4. Doug Roberts 5. Clenn Burke 6. Rob Burke Soroptimist House 7. Liz Ben deck 2. Daman Kohli 3. Joanne Miyamoto 4. Homai Madon 5. Carol Huth 6. Shirley Ishizue 7. Sheree Tan 8. Lupe Carcia 9. Heather Graham 10. Cindy Heiden 11. Clarissa Hooper 317 1. Stuart Lau 15. Darryle Bates 2. Joseph Pierz 16. Darryle Cl auster 3. Richard Burke 17. Gerald Bottero 4. Mark Alberici 18. David Hellmaii 5. Molly Brandenberg 19. Masayuki Hara 6. Doug Schindler 20. Paul Jones 7. Paul Rowson 21. Bheat Patel 8. Scott Hart 22. Unidentified 9. Dave Marc ban t 23. Ed Nakaki W. David Sharp 24. Natasha Zahinovic 77. Gregory Silling 25. Mike Reynolds 12. Unider)tified 26. Bill Charcalis 13. Gustavo Yep 27. Alicia Pfingst 14. Robert Zalden Portland West Twin Palms 1. Hamid Hshimi 2. Audrey Paige 3. Neadie Moore 4. Joe Henehan 5 Karen Schick 6. Beverly Lombs 7. Barry Moore 8. Monica Mendoza 9. Steve Ceymer German House 3ia On or Off- Campus, It ' s a Way of Life Birnkrant Dormees Opt For On-Campus Conveniences SC is made up of a group of students who come from just about anywhere imaginable. Many of these students are brought together in the on-campus dorms. The dorms offer a unique opportunity to become integrated with not only other students, but with the campus as well. The closeness experienced in the dorms can lead to quick and numerous friendships, perhaps more so than in apartments, for instance. Living on-campus does have its advantages. Aside from the obvious of being in the heart of the campus services and activities, such as the libraries, university offices and evening movies, there is the less noticeable but perhaps more appreciated condition of the students ' proximity: certainly no commuter or apartment dweller could get up 15 minutes before a class and expect to make it on time. After spending late nights studying in the library, a " dormee ' s " bed is only ten minutes away. Social life abounds with weekly parties, floor activities and exchanges with other dorms. But probably the best aspect is that a friend is just around the corner. 7. Frankie Vescovo 21. Unidentified 41. Diane Brouhaiu 61. David Stuart 2. Leigh Strombach 22. Unidentified 42. Linda Rojas 62. Unidentified 3. Diane Rosenberg 23. Tamara Swanson 43. Unidentified 63. Sandi Webster 4. Stuart Nelson 24. Unidentified 44. Michael Lang 64. Dave Morris 5. Unidentified 25. Karen Lee 45. Kathy Thompson 65. Sue Debehan 6. Luis Eherenwald 26. Vicki Merkel 46. Gary Woods 66. Leah Blood 7. Staci Conover 27. Unidentified 47. Unidentified 67. Harry Photakis 8. Donald James 28. Brian Roundtree 48. Ron O ' Neill 68. Richard Roa 9. Margie Strode 29. Dwayne Kumagae 49. Unidentified 69. Maureen Flaherty 10. Peter Cyffka 30. Unidentified 50. Pat Hughes 70. Unidentified 11. Unidentified 31. Betsy Magee 51. Unidentified 71. Nancy Stewart 12. Sylvia Mendoza 32. Wendy Kolaric 52 Nick Colachis 72. Carolyn Simmons 13. Karen Wirth 33. Walter freund 53. Norman Anderson 73. Amy Lewis 14. Caroline Stanton 34. Unidentified 54. Unidentified 74. James Bod 15. Sharon Nishimori 35. Lori Uyeno 55. Dave O ' Brian 75. John Luichton 16. Denise Oda 36. Juanita Ball 56. Unidentified 76. Dave Lewis 17. Unidentified 37. Unidentified 57. Unidentified 77. Sam Colachis 18. Midge Gnau 38. Al Neilson 58. Unidentified 78. James Samuels 19. Lori Murdy 39. Unidentified 59. Kent Hamilton 79. Chris Zaske 20. Denise Trimm 40. Unidentified 60 Tony Kowalski 80. Bill Pappas 81. Unidentified 82. Creg McPherson 83. Unidentified 84. Unidentified 85. Unidentified 86. Joshua Halpern 87. John Lamb 88. Don Lieb 89. Mike Gehring 90. Unidentified 91. Unidentified 92. Unidentified 93. Samee Roberts 94. Beverly Chapman 95. Unidentified 96. Unidentified 97. Ken Sanez 98. Sandy Robinson 99. Nick Cimorelli 100. Cindy Nolting 320 707. Dave Queen 102. Farrokh Abolfathi 103. Kamran Dadbeh 104. Unidentified 105. Unidentified 106. Unidentified 107. Bob Thomas 108. Bill Phillips 109. Steve Klein 110. Ramin Nayernouri 11. Pete Kelly 112. Tom Gallagher 113. Jim Levin 114. John Chino 115. Andy Davis 116. Scott Nyegaard 117. Leonard Borrmann 118. Laura Stark 119. Tommy Schneider 120. Joe Mulroy 121. Unidentified 122. Unidentified 123. Unidentified 124. Jim Hicky 125. Scott Nauman 126. Jim McDowell 127. Unidentified 128. Bruce Jacobson 129. Unidentified 130. Jim Kanter 131. Unidentified 132. Ann Stewart 133. Dan Cleffe 321 Harris Plaza 7. Ralph Kam 27. Adil Gul 2. Tom Stroebel 28. Scott Ward 3. Dede See to 29. Dan Githens 4. Arthur Johnson 30. Ron Butchard 5. Mitch Kreeger 31. Dave 6. Bob Vandenberg Primesberger 7. Jehad Fanek 32. Dan Walter 8. Adolf Ramirez 33. Peter Esser 9. Brian Kagy 34. Glenn Jones 10. Mollis Fvans 35. Sue Brady 11. John Hawes 36. Richard Rose 12. Joann Pollard 37. Marie Kaelin 13. Paul Willnauer 38. Leanne Collins 14. Dana Walker 39. Bob Klaus 15. Sheri Grogan 40. Ed Coates 16. Kathy Masoota 41. Ron Oestreich 17. Betsy Young 42. Bill Dauster 18. Marc Iverson 43. Cheryl Bright 19. Jeff Silver 44. Lura Daniels 20. Terry Cussak 45. Sheila Stewart 21. Merideth 46. Tom Meshelski Jacobsen 47. Ron Martin 22. John Holgate 48. John Molnar 23. Amy Kaufman 49. Terri Semper 24. Elizabeth Milne 50. Eddie Little 25. Dean Stewart 51. Paula Tripp 26. Bill 322 College-University 7. Neil MacReady 2. Jenifer Keimback 3. Debbie Lew David Lewis Suann Young Shari Cookson Gloria Blue Yolanda Perez Carl Brown 10. Lisa Majer 11. Suzanne Mayagoitia 12. Carolyn Simmons 13. Maryann Ziai 14. Brian Landy 15. Dana Quintana 16. Mike McGranaham 17. Wanda Haseldon 18. Frank Gerome 19. Cheryl Kelly 20. Stephanie Myers 21. Greg Jones 22. Niloufar Kolahi 23. Unidentified 24. Robin Everett 25. loy Fujimoto 26. Henry Unger 27. Lia Antoropolis 28. Stacy Margolin 29. Brock Miller 30. Jean Picardal 31. Mary Morabito 32. Carolyn Davis 33. Judy Van Puyuelde 34. Colleen Pilgrim 35. Diana Gil 36. Phyllis Snyder 37. Cathie Melrose 38. Michelle Manning 39. Dianna Amorde 40. Reynae Gaar 41. Wendell Jones 42. Bob Conti 43. Rick Wells 44. Keeley Miller 45. Cathy Veroy 46. Sunshine Coleman 47. Cuna Lyons 48. Leslie Lowe 49. Sandy Ward 50. Jeff Osman 51. Bill Fink 52. Adam Cidaszewski 53. Judy Morley 54. Jonathan Cordon 55. Frances Shannon 56. Fd Mahan 57. Sally Schomacker 58. Jim Noblin 59. Kevin Carroll 60. Melvin Yamada 61. Danny Calpo 62. Mark Ludwinski 63. Phil Hench 64. Joe Farrell 65. Lewis Alvernas 66. Tom McClung 67. John Lister 68. Dennis Chapman 69. Mitch Moldenhauer 70. Todd Lor ton 71. Cheri Poremba 72. Louis Linney 73. Unidentified 74. Scott Saunders 75. Herman Yee 76. Mike Murphy 77. Dave Kalian 78. Mark Morgan 79. Tom Fish 80. Bill Sima 81. Rob Phillips 82. Mark Magyar s?« ' !« College- University 7. Debbie Dachinger 2. Tamara Green 3. Marion Fairbanks 4. Yvonne Opffer 5. Caryl Messinger 6. Jazmin Calvo 7. Sue Thirlwall 8. Melissa Gus 9. Stephanie Nellhaus 10. Jennifer Fraser 11. Faula Petrilli 12. Reena Juron 13. Debbie Beaudet 14. Marian Eastern 15. Eileen Rosenthal 16. Joanne Can 17. Debi Weger 18. Lisa Dailey 19. September Sarno 20. Miki Camozzi 21. Sue Nahigian 22. Diane Yurich 23. Gigi Horn 24. Unidentified 25. Shari-Lyn Gordon 26. Cynthia Dennis 36. Nilofaur Kohahi 47. Debbie Willis 27. Lea Antoropolis 37. Dawn Dickstein 48. Judy Farley 28. Patty Gardner 38. Maryam Ziai 49. Phil Hench 29 Heather 39. Stacy Margolin 50. Sharon Anderson Brandywine 40. Ho Lee 51. Lisa Widding 30. Katie Andrews 41. Anne Howatt 52 Margie Cortez 31. Amy Friedheim 42. Donna Park 53. Grace Magistrade 32. Connie Coffman 43. Janet Jordon 54. Angela Miller 33. Elaine Doi 44. Eloise Gomez 55 Mary Alice 34. Liz Currey 45. Karoline Deutsh Harvey 35 Carole Barnett 46. Michelle Tennant 56. Mae Rishel 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 1. Kim Hall 2. Debbie Wilson 3. Tammy Baar 4. Mary Williams 5. Teri Mitchell Unidentified Shari-Lyn Cordon Hermia Craft Ella Wheaton Leslie Sweatt 11. Gigi Horn 12. Martha Narvaez Annice Pelantay Mary Agus Marilu Cabaldo Sharon Brandolino Nilofaur Kalahi Joyce Takanashi Diane Tobler Mickako Katsura 21. Leslie Arright 22. Becky Bullock- Morales 23. Marlena Libman 24. Maryam Ziai 25. Julie Burke 26. Unidentified Vicki Slayton Brock Miller Unidentified Unidentified 31. Elizabeth Cariaga 32. Armieth Khachutoohejad 33. Unidentified 34. Sandy Benitez 35. Joffer Shams 36. Unidentified 37. Stacy Margolin 38. Eloise Comez Janet Jordan Tom Fish Liz Currey Carole Barnett Unidentified Liza Ursich 27. 28. 29. 30. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. College- University i. .r-M bfenvenueffl 326 OPPOSITE PACE, LEFT: University President John Hubbard has a laugh at the housewarming for the converted Marks Hall, USC ' s first international dorm, where he was a featured speaker. RIGHT: The housewarming banquet featured foods prepared by the cam- pus Food Service staff THIS PACE, BELOW: Marks Hall residents visited Disneyland in early December. RICHT: Dr. James Apple- ton, vice president of student affairs, also spoke at the house- warming banquet. INTERNATIONAL DORM Marks Hail 7. AliSaleh 32. Douglas Hudson 2. Krishnan Narayanan 33. Frank Ting 3. Tom Murrin 34. Sarah Solon 4. Carol Chambers 35. Steve Smith 5. Ken Or 36. Jordon Battari 6. Cheri Schwabenland 37. Adam Rosenberg 7. Sulpicio Soriana 38. Janice Heide 8. Julie Reak 39. Rose Quarels 9. Alane Andreozzi 40. Craig Carrothers 10. Teresa Tomkins 41. Vanessa Womack 11. Nguyenphue Yenihi 42. Frank Oliver 12. KimHee 43. Lynn Zook 13. Mende Mullins 44. Melinda Smith 14. Nguyen Chi 45 David Wai Bun Lee 15. Mike Oliver 46. Ravelle Scherer 16. Raju Mahboobani 47. Hussein Torabzadeh 17. Barrett Lum 48. Parivash Barekat 18. Karen Bizzini 49 Mohamed Vahdani 19. Azita Firouzi 50. Haleh Eghrari 20. Maria Stevenson 51. Naryom Seyedrodbari 21. KeikoAoyama 52. Ken Aoki 22. NorikoOkabe 53. Ben Little 23. Winnie Pan 54. Farhad Abolfathi 24. Mona Alghaiss 55 Robert Montinola 25. Evelyn Hiu 56 Khashayar Khakhmahd 26. Ernest Riffenburgh 57. Kelly Roberts 27. Jeri Hande 58. Massoud Khosnevis 28. Lisa Valdez 59 David Dahnke 29. Linda Ronstadt 60. Keyvan Farazian 30. Ranee Schwartz 61. Datte Ryosuke 31. Catherine Fels 327 EVK 7. Sheri Katz 2. Robin Deemer 3. Margaret Shimizu 4. Vicki Smith 5. Beatrice Golomb 6. Ann Zavarelli 7. Joanne Morris 8. D ' Lisa Olson 9. Linda Oates 10. Mariko Yano 77. Janice Munemitsu 12. Lisa Dycus 13. Julie Barr 14. Shari Morningstar 15. Michelle Veres 16. Janet Archer 17. Peggy Adams 18. Debbi Thues 19. Sue Anderson 20. Suzanne Jacobs 21. Joanna Iwata 22. Mary Rocha 23. Bernadette Provenzano 24. Ronda Hall 25. Helen Sterling 26. Jean DeTorre 27. Julie Johnson 28. Sharon Lehosky 29. Michong Gilbert 30. Rosemary Currola 31. Cindy Cratz 32. Chris Hennig 33. Julie Griffin 34. Marian Cho 35. Anne Klingbeil 36. Rita Concepcion 37. Gail De Luca 38. Nancy Hunt 39. Joan Schaffner 40. Patty Kitsuta 41. Junie McNair 42. Susan Sloate 43. Wendy Opiopio 44. Lindsay Brookman 45. Lyndane Yang 46. Darlene Peck 47. Denise Shue 48. Terri Jones 49. Claudine Cheng 50. Denise Koreski 51. Ramia Husseini 52. Jolynn Valoff 53. Mary Ann Lillywhite 54. Enilde Ingels 55. Mamie Chou 56. Kay Ann Iriguchi 57. Diana Scarsdale 58. Ayako Maeda 32S 329 330 Marks Tower 7, Tina Grant 47. Rafael Sanchez 2. Marilee Buster 48. Kevin Boethling 3. Lori Tieszen 49. Jeff MacMillan 4. Stanley Terusaki 50. Dale Ritze 5. Nelson Shimazu 51. Jamie Twining 6. Gerry Geraghty 52. Larry Germain 7. Derek Iwai 53. Charlie Buckner 8. Stuart Sato 54. Debbie Souva 9. Lee Nui 55. Melanie Sample 10. Rani Kahawaii 56. Kathy Skinner 11. Patrice Maurice 57. Karen Box 12. Randy Oliver 58. Irene Kruppa 13. Kathleen Rapaport 59. Noel Anderson 14. Liz O ' Brien 60 Pamela Selley 15. Brigette Worsley 61. Dave Lane 16. Maria Virgil 62. Bambi Hayworth 17. Nancy Cho 63. Diane Kirkland IS. Debbie Hackett 64. Lo ri Wycoff 19. Wendy Freedman 65. Julie Skilton 20. Matt Comen 66. Sean Morton 21. Wilma Yates 67. Gerda Edwards 22. Cathy Goscienski 68. Fay VanBlake 23. Eliz Hatcher 69 Sharon Caulfield 24. Susan Wimsen 70. Cathy Mayer 25. Annie Lau 71. April Josephson 26. Rochelle Watts 72 Tom Bradley 27. Peter Shimamoto 73. Chuck Maytum 28. Jairus Margallo 74. Tom Kroening 29 Elaine Soost 75. Bob Levy 30. Jami Fosgate 76. Fred Gladle 31. Holly Salley 77. Dave Brooks 32. Stacy Galies 78. Kirk Piatt 33. Lisa Lassman 79 Lisa Cross 34. Laura Shaw 80. John Bole 35 Lucie Templin 81. Daisy 36. Arlene Van derup wich Armenclariz 82. Craig Robertson 37. Betsie Gillane 83. Chip Hughes 38. Alison Dunlap 84. Philip Ong 39. Annette Patsuris 85 Eugene Breyman 40. Tracy Reif 86. Ann Haltery 41. Aunda Richmond 87. Laura Gordon 42. Vivian Young 88. Bill Nuttycombe 43. K. J. Bell 89. Randy Wuerth 44. David Cobert 90. Donald Baker 45 Brett Betzong 91. Doug Hoover 46. Scott Beck 92. Matt Bombeck 331 RESIDENTS: Dorcey Abshier Stephen Aguirre Abduaziz Al-Amei Brian Alters Kenneth Anderson John Arbogast Jeffrey Banks Jacek Baranowski Stephen Berlin Thomas Berry Alfred Berumen William Best Baron Birtcher David Brickell Charles Brady Joel Bro wn Doug Buteyn Peter Bylsma Dominie Campisi Bruce Carr Joseph Caruso Calvin Chan Daniel Cheldin Paul Chen Wathara Chirans-Boonkul All Warren Chow Barry Clayton Larry Cook Todd Cooley Michael Caughlii George Derbin George Diab Cregorio Diaz Matt Easter Robert Ellison Kane Eng Kurt English Enrique Escamilla Michael Earner Mohammed Eat eh Thomas Eerrari Gerald Fischer Joseph Eontaine Raman Eranco Chris Erost David Eunston Mitchell Goldberg Thomas Graff Ernest Guimmayen David Hamada Thomas Hayden Tom Helberg David Hernandez Kevin Hook Tim Hustad Russel I to Gary Jang Niel Jensen Cliff Jolley Mark Kawamura Kevin Kelley Robert Kelsey Michael Kennedy John Keyes Wilfred Killian Norihiko Kitahara Jack Kruger Clay Kurisaki Harry LaMotte Ered Langston David Larsen Thomas Larsen Khashair Lasho-Arybroojerdi Kerry Lenhart Karl Linderlaub Michael Litteral David Long Tom Lyon Chris MacArthur John Mange Andrew Marsh Domingo Martinez Tom May Stephen Miller Jerry Mirolla Thomas Mirti Joseph Morris Carl Nail Chris Nail Mohammed Nil Roger Nimps Richard Nolan John Loenyn Thomas Ortiz Walter Otto Gary Oye Inho Pak Gustavo Parodi Robert Pelletier Louis Peti Gerald Price Scott Reid Kent Rennie David Rich Darcy Rice Mark Saroyan Stephen Sawyer Mark Schrecke Edward Short Edward Skrobola Daniel Sobottka Ronald Solbrig Tim Stansbarry Stephen Sokolowski Robert Stansfield Joel Steward Edward Tomp Jay Towne Brian Townsend Scott Toumi .iH« " a ' T 332 Doug Valeria lames Varney Ron Vega Stephen Vickers Daniel Uitello Todd Whitney Lewis Wilkenfeld Eric Will Kerry Wilson Fred Williams Ted Kamada Roland Zwick Roy Norton, 2nd. Floor R.A. Don Hufford, 3rd. Floor R.A. Art Miyashita, 4th. Floor R.A. Richard Barnett, Head Resident Teuton Hall 333 Trojan Hall 3rd Floor No. 7. Cordon Hayase 23. Mark Carlock 2. Jim Reilly 24. Creg Busche 3. Nick Caiica 25. Don Cardner 4. Douglas Smith 26. Jeff Uncapher 5. Saint Chin 27. Tim Hovland 6. Bill Nuctycombe 28. Edward Cadet 7. Reza Roostaeyan 29. Dan Zaidano 8. Armen Abrahamian 30. Mike McCullock 9. Don Hardie 31. Dan Chao 10. Ron Anderson 32. Chuck Swenson 11. Bill Sommers 33. Bruce Crawford 12. Leo Kesting 13. Mark Freitag Not Pictured: 14. Tom Matteucci John Potter 15. Elliot Swinton Paul Laufer 16. John Yamano Hugh Creenen 17. Mark Moulding Pete Sterne 18. Alan Kelly Tim Dixon 19. Jeff Malik George Nagy 20. Joe Mak Steve Pickell 21. Keith Zueker Victor Haglunn 22 Richard Rodriguez 334 2nd Floor West 2ncl Floor No. 7. Bob Johnson 11. Craig Settles 2. Chris Dodson 12. Bill Yurdin 3. Stuart Sherman 13. Gregg Futchle 4. Hooman Jazaie 14. Philip Holthouse Navner 15. Bob Legallet 5. Howard Killian 16. Glenn Wollert 6. Jim Cigantelli 17. H. R. Bryant 7. Dale Mikkelson 18. Peter Mitsakos 8. Jeff Cananian 19. David Wade 9. David Superstein 20. Rolando Hidalgo 0. Kevin Trieber 21. Jeff Willis 1. Paul Morissette 21. Doug Marlo 2. Bob Hillman 22. Jim Degracia 3. James Sakai 23. Gary Driver 4. Bill Moore 24. Mark Bianco 5. Bill Peltela 25. Dave Kronk 6. Owen Hsu 26. Roger Schell 7. Dick Martin 27. Mark Freeman 8. David Calica 28. Richard Rodriguez 9. Todd Turner 29. Mark Elliot 10. Duane Bridges 30. Ricky Manayan 11. Tyrone Eason 31. Joe Dirkx 12. Randy Parole 32. Don Atkinson 13. Dick Gizina 33. Ignacio Beravides 14. James Fowler 34. Jim Merrill 15. Chuck Wagon 35. Diego 16. lack Stimson Munoz-Flores 17. Jeff Grover 36. Joel Farbstein 18. Bob Carii 37. Jerome Yamada 19. Mike Malong 38. Chip Missler 20. Mike Marinelli Trojan Hall 1st Floor North 7. Phillip Brents 27. Rich Musser 2. Alex Sene 28. Jon Barg 3. Clen Burroughs 29. Jim Saenz 4. Fritz Westerhout 30. John Porr 5. Paul fessell 31. Yukio Hori 6. Shea Krishner 32. Brandon Bailey 7. William Burger 33. Rick Allen 8. Sam Ortiz 9. Lee Racey 10. Mark Miller Not Pictured: 77. William Wright Creg Raw lings 72 Nathan Hsu Steve Carter 13. Jim Cibson Cress Templeton 14. Craig Moseley Bob Wiltse 15. Angel Mariano Abdulla Al-Mulla 16. Randy Belter Jeff Shatz 17. Malcolm Pipes Kambiz Kiasaleh 18. Fred Condo Ron Fenley 19. Brian Mitchell Steve Silverstein 20. Aaron Bishop Cordon Grundy 21. Chuck McClintock Jon Wolf 22. Mark O ' Connor Jim Dal Pozzo 23. Matt Arm Curtis Baker 24. James A. Sanford Jim Walters 25. Charles Rosin Raymond Crook 26. Terry Power Jerry Bechel 1. Terry Kallenbach 2. Larry Padulo 3. Barry Ressler 4. Tom Vivian 5. John Armstrong 6. Vince Donovan 7. Bret Wolcott 8. Frank Anderson 9. Royce Takahahashi 10. 11. 12 13. 14. 15. Jeff Stevens Joe Wirht Jeff Johnston Creg Werner Bob Lycette Ross Deaner 16. Tony Zarate 17. Mark Lee 18. Frank Alvarez 19. Duncan Smith 20. Tom Lamb 21. Jon Swedlund 22. Barry Pener 23. Frank Kretz 24. Mike Henry 25. Maynard Neff 26. All Boroomand 27. Richard Yonemura 28. Howard Fox 29. Curtis Roeck 30. Don Porter Trojan Hall 3rd Floor West " ■ii iiiiil videnf- ' ewecy w j ( ood the Unrversf n se Sarly rtibrning the}5tude «n to-fiH " .The som ' t-rimev s ' urtts seafcfi jiA?ifh ■ , : j! j ven bepurt! M i h hou ■ ey t the ' owde.: r irever. Ar. -.j lice ' musi : ' Jbir chetfc How vef« comii lese ' iipd nts s ir w€ K ' xjn ' car.. en sfJend tbeir repftain ' mg at ||i6m ' e- ; ' ' " For prpMp Comm ters: Affaji " ■ ' in BroPvin, a ' " imiKirig sti SHenu and Jjr -§moWa " c; .coopCra.tion » ' ' wm . r? 336 Through the Eyes of a Commuter . . . 340 .-..•; - ■ ' ■ . v- Cardinal Gardens 7. ]. J. Boone 48. Unidentified 93. Sam Hopper 2 Helen Whaling 49. Unidentified 94. Unidentified 3. Jan Williams 50. Robert Vecchio 95. Fred Schalenberg 4. Michelle Spotvilla 51. Yasmin Lakhane 96. Scott Venette 5. Casey Cagan 52 Unidentified 97. Unidentified 6. Kevin Marino 53. Linda Robinson 98. Tom Alexander 7. Mitzi McMillan 54. Colleen Kelly 99 Charlotte Peters 8. Val Seyjert 55. Gizi Kaye 100. Joe Unterreiner 9. Rodney Thompson 56. Ron Cojerean 101. Unidentified W. Susan Tote 57. Low Haskimato 102 Robert Osberger 11. Kauta Zimmerman 58. Robin Oto 103. Leslie Andersen 12. Unidentified 59. Lisa Hubbard 104. Cheryl Cutting 13. Laurie Edwards 60. Unidentified 105. Kim Yung 14. Mark Wagner 61. Sharyn Tanguay 106. Fernando Guerra 15. Mike O ' Brien 62. Dave Head 107. Damino Moreno 17. Louise Hitchcock 63. Bonnie Cho 108. Bill Baber 18. Tony Perez 64. Laurie Haas 109. Dan Sanchez 19. Cina Mazzer 65. Maureen True 110. Brian Woo 20. Melinda Frank 66. Unidentified 111. Unidentified 21. Unidentified 67. Unidentified 112. Laurel Wagner 22. Unidentified 68. Unidentified 113. llisa Alpern 23. Gerry Schmidt 69. Unidentified 114. Unidentified 24. Unidentified 70. Kathy " Nose " 115. Jose Avitua 25. Paul Anderson Hedrick 116. Barry Bowman 26. Bill Kelleicz 71. Paula Chu 117. Gini Chuidian 27. Kim Aaronson 72. Jim Burrell 118 Patty Smith 28. Dave Low 73. Unidentified 119. Joan Joya 29. Unidentified 74. Robert Carey 120. Jim McLaughlin 30. Roman Shumny 75. Mark Jarmus 121. Pierre Dupuy 31. Jeff Hedick 76. Bill Kern 122 Unidentified 32. George Gray 77. Rolon Goodman 123. Unidentified 33. Meg Bieler 78. Lawrence Rolon 124. Thomas Roche 34. John Barah 79. Curt Schroeder 125. Denise Douglas 35. Unidentified 80. Marty Hanske 126. Judy LeFevie 36. Kaye Upton 81. Brad Hall 127. Joe Fiorella 37. Unidentified 82. Regina Birdsell 128. Unidentified 38. Dave Osborne 83. Jeff Michael 129 Renee Griffith 39. Rondi Weingard 84. Bill Lawler 130. Mark Aaldering 40. Lana Choy 85. Bob Fish 131. Unidentified 41. Liane Hiu 86. Jeff Stein 132. Unidentified 42. Unidentified 87. Cary Price 133. Jobe Noriel 43. Cathy Kovacevich 88. Unidentified 134. Peter Schwartz 44. JoAnn Maze 89. John Malone 135. Craig Kalem 45. Michelle Kaye 90. Erin Murphy 136. Jason Ong 46. Deanne Abdulla 91. Dave Cottrell 137. Omar the Bong 47. Noel Palmer 92 Ray Saleeme 341 342 Troy Hall 7. Bunny Stein 46. Anthony Scrima 91. Michael Martin 2. llene Gudelsky 47 Brian Johnson 92. Mike Sammet 3. Bert Sanford 48. Manni Wong 93. Leonard Seto 4. Rob Hysell 49. Lynette Quinliven 94. John Garrisi 5. Glen Strauss 50. Rick Wacula 95. Dennis Lew 6. George Chamberlain 51. Wendy Donine 96. unidentified 7. Steve Harrison 52. doll 97. Yumei Hanaoka 8. Warren Daniel 53. Alice Cast 98. Carmelita Tacderan 9. Glenn Powers 54. Jeff Gates 99. Judith Witten 10. Margaret Beasley 55. Susan Artenian 100. Pete Chee 11. Mary Starks 56. Doug Holmes 101. Pat McAllister 12. Sharon Holmes 57. Dave Newman 102. Oscar Marquez 13. Debbie Falkenstern 58. Dave Fellows 103. Charles Lew 14. Norman Thomas 59. Deborah Beckley 104. Peggy Comstock 15. Carlos Arguedas 60. Nancy Zwemer 105. Eileen Shunneson 16. BillParler 61. Michael Carnegie 106. David Mukai 17. Joyce Chin 62. Marcella Biscitello 107. Spencer MacKenzie 18. Mike Solis 63. Jeff Sammet 108 Tom Phellips 19. Cara Stemen 64. Aaron Henderson 109 Linda Mitchell 20. Nancy Nuno 65. Steve Lisa 110. Mike Viggianelli 21. Jean Caber 66 unidentified 111. Jim Aeling 22 Janet Sullivan 67. John Jeha 112. Chris Robin 23. Martin Har grave 68. Richard Krof 113. Michael Jenks 24. Thomas Nyberg 69. William Bumstead 114. Mark Lewis 25. Gary Cobb 70. Jody Matranga 115. Kevin Shannon 26. Richard Lopez 71. Michelle Bega 116. unidentified 27. Gary Hi n ton 72. Richard Heirakuji 117 Randal Wong 28. Teri Fitzgerald 73. Peter Ferris 118 Sean O ' Donnell 29. Sandi Hirsch 74. Pam Lee 119 Chris Leong 30. Bill Freeman 75. Jim Ingersoll 120. Kevin Tanner 31. Kathy Retig 76. Michael Van Duzek 121. Robert Nodvik 32. Fred Jove 77. Patti Polin 122. unidentified 33. Jeff Ford 78. Bobi Schmutzer 123. Charles Talbert 34. Diane Hoffman 79. Steve Uretsky 124. Taherah Hassam 35. Debbie Chun 80. Claude Uehara 125. unidentified 36. Carolyn Akiyama 81. Wesley Asato 126. John Morton 37. Larry Sena 82. Tom Ryan 127. Chip Rose 38. Peggy Iwata 83. Mark Kaltenborn 128. Van Kouzoujian 39. Kim Takeda 84. Mary Wano 129 Joe Tancredy 40. Joann Matsuda 85. Mona Trytten 130 Robert Stockly 41. Ron Rosenberg 86. Elizabeth Gilmer 131 Candy Evans 42. Stephen Greenfield 87. Ernesto Castillo 132 unidentified 43. Eric Shubert 88. Greg Hambly 133 Greg Hargrave 44. Scott Lewis 89. Richard Aehing 45. unidentified 90. Mohammed Blorfreshan 343 344 GRADUATES COURSES OF STUDY BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 347 ARCHITECTURE FINE ARTS 369 DENTISTRY 371 EDUCATION GENERAL STUDIES 375 GERONTOLOGY 385 LAW 385 LETTERS, ARTS AND SCIENCES 388 LIBRARY SCIENCE 414 PERFORMING ARTS MUSIC CINEMA DRAMA VOCAL MUSIC EDUCATION PERFORMANCE 416 PHARMACY 417 PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION PUBLIC AFFAIRS URBAN PLANNING 421 PHYSICAL OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY 426 SOCIAL WELFARE SOCIAL WORK 427 SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT 428 346 EDDY ABAfO Los Angeles B.S., Business NANCY ALBIN long Beach B.S., Marketing MARC ALBRIGHT Sanger B.S., Accounting STEVEN ALEXANDER Sherman Oaks B.S., Marketing KWARI AlUWI Los Angeles B.S., Accounting ASHOK AMARSHI Van Nays M.B.A., Business CRAIG ANDERSON Cerritos B.S., Business DEBRA ANDERSON Los Angeles B.S., Finance Marketing GREGORY ANDERSON Escondido B.S., Accounting PAUL ANDERSON Cerritos M.B.A., Business ROD ANDERSON Santa Ana B.S., Accounting WARD ANDERSON Long Beach M.B.A., Management lAMES ANTHONY Los Angeles M.B.A., Business PHILIP ANTHONY San Francisco B.S., Accounting lOHN ANTOCI Alhambra B.S., Business JEFFREY ARENSMAN Lavallette, Nf B.S., Marketing HOLLY ARMBRUSTER San Gabriel B.S., Finance Marketing AMES ARMITAGE Pasadena B.S., Marketing ROGER AUBERT San Francisco B.S., Accounting Finance APRIL AYERS Carmichael B.S., Finance BARBARA BABCOCK La Mesa B.S., Finance ALAN BAKER Ontario B.S., Accounting DONALD BAKER Los Angeles B.S., Finance KATHRYN BANKS Portland, OR B.S., Marketing DALE BARNES Cupertino B.S., Business ULIF BARR Sanger B.S., Marketing JOHN BARRETT Honolulu, HI B.S., Business PETER BA TTE Glendale B.S., Marketing 347 STEVEN BAUER Encino B.S., Management EDWARD BEACH Pico Rivera B.S., Business ALAN BEAUDETTE la Jolla B.S., Real Estate CHRISTINE BEBB Kailua, HI B.S., Marketing JAMISON BEDALL Newport Beach B.S., Marketing DESIREE BENKMANN Canoga Park B.S., Businss ROY BENNETT La Grange B.S., Management FRAN BERKOWITZ Coral Cables, FL B.S., Accounting MARC BERNSTEIN Encino B.S., Marketing ROBERT BERNSTEIN Oswego, NY B.S., Business LARRY BIANCHI Covina B.S., Accounting CLENN BICKEL Glendale B.S., Marketing DOUGLAS BIRNIE Downey M.B.A., Business SANDRA BIVENS Buena Park B.S., Finance ROBERTA BLAKEY San Juan Capistrano B.S., Finance KENNETH BLAKELEY Westminster B.S., Accounting HOWARD BLITZ Los Angeles B.S., Business MARGARET BOCDANOVICH San Pedro B.S., Accounting WILLIAM BOGGAN Los Angeles B.S., Finance VERNON BOGY North Hollywood 8.S., Finance Urban Economics REN A BOHLIN Sherman Oaks B.S., Accounting DAVID BOHNETT Elm Grove, Wl B.S., Finance ALAN BOLLINGER Hawthorne B.S., Accounting MARY BONKOWSKI Pacific Palisades B.S., Business RA YMOND BOONE Van Nuys M.B.A., Business JOHN BOOTH Winlock, WA B.S., Business DAVID BORAS Endicotl, NY M.B.A., Business and Urban Planning RONALD BOREN Whittier B.S, Marketing KATHLEEN BORRFRO Monterey Park B.S., Business THOMAS BOTELHO Fremont B.S., Marketing 348 ANITA BOURNS Bermuda B.S., Management and Marketing BARBARA BOWMAN Idaho Falls, ID B.S., Accounting CARMILLA BOWMAN San Diego B.S., Accounting THOMAS BOWMAN Fallbrook B.S., Business BRUCB BOWNE Redlands B.S., Accounting LINDA BOZARTH Rolling Hills Estate B.S., Marketing JULES BRADLEY, JR. Knoxville, TN B.S., Finance RODOLFO BRAVO Los Angeles M.B.A., Business BARBARA BREITER Los Angeles B.S., Accounting i. LEWANN BRITTON Los Altos B.S., Marketing ALFREDA BROCK Washington, D.C. M.P.A., Public Administration BRENDA BRUCE Palos Verdes Estate B.S., Management FREDERICK BRYSON Garden Grove B.S., Finance GREGG BUCHBINDER Huntington Beach B.S., Business JULIA BUCKLEY Las Vegas, NV B.S., Business CHRISTOPHER BURGESS Sherman Oaks B.S., Accounting BILL BURK Whittier B.S., Accounting Finance LESLIE BURNS Rialto, GA B.S., Marketing ROBERT BURTON Los Angeles B.S., Accounting Finance DANIEL BUSH Long Beach B.S., Business MICHAEL BUSSEY Altadena B.S., Business ELIZABETH BUTLER Fullerton B.S., Accounting HARRY BUTLER Moraga B.S., Finance Marketing WILLIAM BUTLER Sacramento B.S., Business KAREN BUTTON San Diego B.S., Accounting Finance KELLY CALLISON Los Angeles B.S., Marketing Finance JOSEPH CAMACHO Guam B.S., Accounting NANCY CAMPBELL Palos Verdes Estate B.S., Marketing Management BRUCE CANETTI Palos Verdes B.S., Business CARL CARPENTER Huntington Beach B.S., Business 349 FRANKLIN CARPENTER, JR. Los Angeles B.S., Business LISA CARR Woodside B.S., Accounting DAVID CARRELL Newport Beach B.S., Marketing DENNIS CARROLL Sunnymead B.S., Accounting ROBERT CARROLL Sunnymead B.S., Accounting JOHN CARVER La Mirada B.S., Finance EAMONN CASEY Irvine B.S., Business CYNTHIA CASWELL Fresno B.S., Finance DONALD CAVIN Hawthorne, NV B.S., Accounting JAY CERVENKA Pasadena B.S., Marketing Finance TAI YU CHAN Hong Kong M.B.A., Accounting KAI-CHIN CHANG Los Angeles M.B.A., Business ROBERT CHAPMAN Arlington, TX B.S., Business JEFFREY CHASE San Luis Obispo B.S., Business YOLANDA CHAVEZ Sylmar I., Finance Marketing TENG HUANG CHEN Taiwan M.B.A., Accounting YA-NI CHEN Los Angeles M.S., Business KWONC-WAI CHENG Montebello B.S., Finance STEVEN CHEVLIN Atlanta, GA B.S., Business RAJ CHHABRIA India M.B.A., Business DALE CHIN Los Angeles B.S., Management BYUNC-MIN CHOI Korea M.B.A., Business YUET-CHING CHONG Hong Kong B.S., Finance ALANA CHU Hong Kong B.S., Accounting KWOK-ON CHU Hong Kong M.B.A., Business YOOJIN CHUNG Los Angeles B.S., Accounting CHRISrOBAL CLAUDIO Hawthorne B.S., Finance BRYAN CLAY Woodland Hills B.S.. Finance JOHN COATS San Leandro B.S., Business MICHAEL COBO Harbor City B.S., Marketing 350 MICHAEL COEN Lawndale B.S., Finance TERRI COLBY Prospect Heights, IL B.S., Business ROBERT COMER Long Beach B.S., Finance MICHAEL CONDON Los Angeles B.S., Accounting SHERRIE CONE Torrance B.S., Finance CHARLES CONLAN Atherton B.S., Marketing JOHN CONNELL Audubon, NJ B.S., Business CATHY COOPER San Marino B.S., Business DAVID COTTRELL Fresno B.S., Accounting GEORGE COUL TER New York, NY B.S., Marketing GWENDOLYN CROMARTIE Los Angeles B.S., Business KEITH CRAMOLINE Sunland B.S., Marketing CHRIS CRAMPTON Costa Mesa B.S., Business BETH CUMMINS Los Angeles B.S., Business CHARLES CURREY Santa Ana B.S., Business LINDA CURRIE Rancho Palos Verdes B.S., Accounting MARIE CURRY Santa Rosa B.S., Marketing fONI CUSTODIO Wilmington B.S., Accounting Finance ROY DAHLEN Torrance B.S., Accounting LUIZ FELIPE DA MOTTA Brazil M.B.A., Business DENNIS DAVID Los Angeles B.S., Biology FRANCES DAVIS Harris ton, MS B.S., Accounting JACQUELYN DAVIS Los Angeles B.S., Business STEPHANIE DAVIS Altadena B.S., Accounting JOSE DE BARROS Los Angeles B.S., Business ROBERT DELAIN Covina 8.S., Business DIANA DEL RIO Torrance B.S., Marketing CARL A DEM AS Hillsborough A.B., Economics FUNG DER Los Angeles B.S., Finance GEORGE DE URIOSTE Danville B.S., Accounting 351 RICHARD DtCKERSON Cincinatti, OH B.S., Accounting DAVID DIM ARIA Solana Beach B.S., Marketing Finance DANIEL DONG Phoenix, AZ B.S., Accounting Finance MARILEB DONOHUGH Corona Del Mar B.S., Marketing MICHAEL DORFF Laguna Hills B.S., Finance ALLAN DOWSETT Kailua, HI B.S., Marketing Finance JOHN DRISCOLL Arcadia B.S., Accounting LAWRENCE DRISCOLL Fairfax B.S., Accounting JEFFREY DUNCAN Fairfax, VA B.S., Finance ROBERT DUNCAN Redondo Beach B.S., Business JOHN DUNCKEL Rancho Palos Verdes B.S., Business RAYMOND DURAN Montebello B.S., Management DIRCK EDGE Montebello B.S., Accounting DAIMARU EJIRI Japan B.S., Business ADRINE ELLOUCUIAN Los Angeles B.S., Accounting CATHY ENDERWOOD Northridge B.S., Marketing MALCOLM ENGSTROM Park Ridge, IL B.S., Business ROBERT EVANS La Canada B.S., Accounting DEVON FALLSTROM Glendale B.S., Accounting MARK FARFSINC Pasadena B.S., Finance DANIEL FAVERO Monterey Park B.S., Accounting CARLA FELICIANO San Mateo B.S., Marketing GARY FENTIMAN Duarte B.S., Marketing NARCISO FERNANDEZ Lawndale B.S., Marketing Management JOHN FERRIER Mililani, HI B.S., Finance DONALD FITCH North Hollywood B.S., Finance Marketing MARY FITZGERALD Rancho Palos Verdes B.S., Accounting MAUREEN FLANAGAN New York, NY B.S., Finance BEVERLY FLETCHER Pasadena B.S., Accounting NANCY FLOREZ Carson B.S., Business 3S2 MIL A lYNNE FLORO Philippines M.B.A., Marketing Finance SAMUEL FONG Sacramento M.B.A., Business CHRISTINE FONTANA Redondo Beach B.S., Business RALPH FORTE Whittier B.S., Finance Marketing CRAIG FOSS Covina B.S,, Business LA VICKI FOXWELl St. Louis, MO B.S., Accounting LESLEY FRANDSEN Newport Beach B.S., Finance WAi TER FREUND Mexico B.S,, International Business DEBRA FRIEND Riverside B.S-, Finance Marketing RODNEY FUflTA Kaneohe, HI B.S., Marketing ERWIN FURUKAWA Sacramento B.S., Business ANDREW FURUTO Los Angeles B.S., Business MARJORIE GALL Santa Ana B.S., Finance Marketing SUSANNE GANZ La Habra B.S., Marketing MARK GARRATT Newport B.S., Marketing JAMES GARR Y Del Rey B.S., Accounting JEFF GA TES Pasadena B.S., Finance CYRIL GEISBUSH Northridge B.S., Marketing DAVID GEORGE Los Angeles B.S., Finance THOMAS GEORGE Redondo Beach B.S., Accounting LARRY GERMAIN Manhattan Beach B.S., Management JEFFREY GILL Louisville, KY B.S., Finance MICHAEL GILL Oceanside 8.5., Finance THOMAS GILMOUR Flint ridge B.S., Finance PAUL GODEN Rolling Hills B.S., Accounting DONALD GOLDBERG Oak dale B.S., Marketing MARTIN GOLDBERG Los Angeles B.S., Accounting MARK GRASSI La Mesa B.S., Finance LARRY GRAY South Gate B.S., Marketing RICHARD CRAYBFHL Piedmont B.S., Finance 353 PATRICIA CRAYBIU South Pasadena M.B.A., Business JAMES GREEN Morgan Hili B.S., Marketing LINDA GREGORY Anaheim S.5., Finance MONA GRMOLYES Downey B.S., Management NORMAN GROOT Santa Ana B.S., Accounting BRETT GROSSMAN Woodland Hills B.S., Accounting DANIEL GRUEN Palos Verdes Estates B.S., Finance CARLA GUISTOLISE Encino B.S., Marketing ROBERT GUNDRY Huntington Beach B.S., Finance Q.B.A. SUNIL GUPTA India B.S., Marketing Finance SANDRA GU1HRIUGE Los Angeles B.S., Management LISA HAD A Lawndale B.S., Accounting Marketing WID HALTERLEIN Santa Ana B.S., Accounting JAMES HAM Clovis A.B., Speech Comm lntemational Relations STACY HAND Victorville B.S., Finance L YNN HANSEN San lose B.S.. Business MARLENE HARADA Monterey Park B.S., Business SCOTT HARADA Gardena B.S.. Accounting ANTHONY HARALAMBOS Sierra Madre B.S., Management AUDREY HARCOURT Garden Grove B.S., Marketing Management GERALD HARDEMAN Fresno B.S., Management GREG HARGRAVE West Covina B.S., Accounting RICHARD HARMON. R. Santa Monica B.S., Accounting JOHN HARVIS San Marino B.S., Marketing RUSSELL HASHIMOTO Los Angeles B.S., Finan e ROBERT HATUFY Los Altos B.S., Accounting DEAN HAWTHORNL North Hollywood B.S., Business CHRISTY HAY Paafu Palisades B.S., Marketing JOSfPH HIAIY Las Angflcs B.S., finarue STACIY HIATH Piedmont B.S., Manigcment 354 KENDIS HEFFLEY Los Angeles B.S., Accounting JEAN-PIERRE HBNRAUX Studio City B.5., Finance Marketing STEVEN HERSHFY Monrovia B.S., Business CHIP HIGCINS Whittier B.S., Business SHARON HICGINS Walpole, MA A.B., Social Work A Y HIGCINS Honolulu, HI B.S., Marketing HARVEY HIHARA Huntington Beach B.S.. Finance WAL TER MILKER Wrightwood B.S., Management W KEVIN HILLGREN La Canada B.S., Business MARY HINCKLEY Valinda B.S.. Business MARINA HO Monterey Park B.S., Finance MARINA HO Hong Kong B.S., Business STEPHEN HOFFMAN Villa Park B.S., Finance JERRY HOLLIDAY St. Louis, MO B.S., Finance KATHRYN HOLMES Hacienda Heights B.S-, Marketing LAURIE HOM San Diego B.S., Marketing FA Y HONGO Harbor City B.S., Finance Marketing DAVID HORGAN Norwell, MA A.B., Fconomics E.A.L.C. HUGH HORSTMAN Arcadia B.S., Business JOSEPH HOUSEHOLDER Seal Beach B.S., Accounting CHIA-LEE HSU Taiwan M.B.A., Business EVA HUANG San Francisco B S., Computer Science EUCENIO HUFRTA-ROMERO Mexico M.B.A., Business MICHAEL HUGHES Tujunga B.S.. Accounting GREGORY HOHMAN Yucca Valley B.S., Accounting RUBY HUl Pasadena B.S., Accounting CLEMENT HUIBONHOA Hong Kong B.S.. Finance RAY HULICK Honolulu. HI B.S., Finance MFLANIF HUNTER Los Angeles B.S., Biology BEVERL Y HUNZIKER Los Angeles B.S., Business 355 MICHAEL HURST Duarte B.S., Finance STEPHANIE HUTCHINSON Los Angeles B.M., Music HIROSHI ICHIHASHI Japan M.B.A., Business HIDETAKA IK AW A japan M.B.A., Finance JAMES ILLE Hawthorne B.S., Finance LLOYD JOHNSON Los Angeles B.S., Marketing JAMES JOHNSON Pasadena M.B.A., Business SABBY JONATHAN San Diego B.S., Accounting DANIEL JONES La Pal ma B.S., Accounting DAVID JONES La Jolla B.S., Marketing JORDAN JONES Huntington Park M.B.A., Marketing RICKY JONG Monterey Park B.S., Accounting HASSEIN JOZI Iran B.S., Finance DAVID JUEDFS Westminster B.S., Accounting SHARON JUST Reedley B.S., Accounting KEITH KAM Honolulu, HI B.S., Business AUDREY KAMEYA Wailuku, HI B.S., Finance JANICE KARIYA Harbor City B.S., Marketing PENNY K ART A Indonesia B.S., Finance JOHN KAVORINOS Long Beach B.S., Finance K " " ) i P J llljll 356 KENNETH KAY Beverly Hills B.S., Accounting MARC KAZARIAN Newport Beach B.S.. Finance KAREN KELLEY Camarillo B.S., Finance KA THY KELL Y Downey B.S., Accounting CHARNCHAI KENGMANA Pasadena B.S., Finance Managemnet SCOTT KENNEDY Belmont B.S., Finance KAREN KETTENBURC San Diego B.S., Marketing STEPHEN KIEEER Redondo Beach B.S.. Marketing Finance SIDNEY KIKKAWA Pasadena B.S., Accounting CHOON KIM Los Angeles B.S., Management SIOE HOEN KHO Los Angeles B.S., Business NACK KIM Korea M.B.A., Business LEONARD KIRKORIAN Fresno B.S., Finance GEORGE KISTLER Garden Grove B.5., Marketing KEVIN KITAGAWA Honolulu. HI B.S., Marketing JOSEPH KLEIN Beverly Hills B.S., Accounting RICHARD KLEIN Los Angeles B.S., Accounting JAMES KLINE Whit tier B.S., Finance SALWA KNOURY Kuwait M.A., Economics CHEN-EN KO Los Angeles M.B.A., Business LASZLO KOMJATHY Downey B.S., Accounting ANTOINETTE KONKOL Glendora B.S., Marketing Management THOMAS KOOBIE North Hollywood B.S., Finance ROGER KORTHUIS Altadena B.S., Accounting ANDREA KRAUS Beverly Hills B.S., Management CLAUDIA KREUTZBERC Riverside B.S., Business STEVEN KURASHIMA Gardena B.S.. Accounting SHIRLEY KURATA Rosemead B.A., Marketing GREGORY KUSHNER Northride B.S., Accounting WANI KVSMUL YANA Indonesia B.S., Marketing 357 STEVBN KUZMA Inglewood B.S., Accounting DOUGLAS LAIDLA W JR. Los Angeles B.S., Marketing YASMIN LAKHANI Karachi B.S., Marketing FREDERICK LANDIS Lawndale B.S., Finance Marketing GREGORY LANE Los Angeles B.S.. Business STEVEN LAN5DOWNE Visalia B.A., Psychology CARL LAU Covina B.S., Accounting GAIL LAU Honolulu, HI B.5., Business PAUL LAU Covina B.S., Business WILLIAM LAWLER Salinas B.S., Management LAURIE LEAHY Clendale B.S., Marketing PA TRICIA LECHUGA Los Angeles B.S., Public Administration CHUL LEE Cerritos M.B.A., Accounting KENDALL LEE South Pasadena B.S., Business KIMMIE LEE Sacramento B.S., Accounting NANCY LEE Sacramento B.S., Business RANDALL LEE Los Angeles B.S., Finance VINCENT LEE Monterey Park B.S., Accounting Management MARK LEGGIO Sacramento B.S., Accounting CWEN LEISHMAN Granada Hills B.S., Business LYNNLEMKE Encino B.S., Accounting ERNESTINA LEON Santa Monica f.S., Public Administration CYNTHIA LESSEL Los Angeles B.S., Marketing LESTER LEU Honolulu, HI B.S., Accounting MICHAEL LEUNG Hong Kong M.B.A., Business TAI-MINC LEUNG Hong Kong M.B.A., Business WILLIAM LEVER Long Beach B.S., Accounting CHRIS LEWIS Los Angeles B.S., Finance Accounting ANNIE LI San Pedro B.S., Accounting BECKY LI Los Angeles B.S., Accounting 1 i j«k 1 Wf 358 YULIAN LIGtOSO long Beach B.5., Accounting BENJAMIN UM Philippines M.B.A., Business GARY UNDBERC Glendale B.S., Accounting MENG-YUH LIU Taiwan M.A., Economics STANLEY LIU Los Angeles M.B.A., Finance HENRY LO Hong Kong M.B.A., Business LIM LOCK Palo Alto B.S., Management CHARLES LOCK WOOD Santa Paula B.S., Business RICHARD LUCIEN Tacoma, WA B.S., Accounting FREDY LUKITO Los Angeles B.S., Finance CHRIS L r,.E Livermore B.S., Accounting WILL Y MA Los Angeles B.S., Management Accounting ALA MAGHRABI Los Angeles B.S., Management JENNIFER MACINN Ojai B.S., Business CHARM MAJOR Newport Beach B.S., Marketing BRIAN MAKI Thousand Oaks B.S., Finance KENNETH MANESS, JR. Lakewood B.S., Management FRED MANCIAMELI Lomita B.S., Marketing ROBERT MANNON Houston, TX B.S., Business LAWRENCE MAR West Covina B.S., Management TINA MARANCI Arcadia B.S.. Accounting STEVEN MARCUSSEN Arcadia B.S., Business YVONNE MARIA JIMENEZ Commerce B.S., Finance BRADLEY MARKOFF Los Angeles B.S., Marketing CRAIG MARKUS Los Angeles B.S., Marketing DEBRA MARS Los Angeles B.S., Business GLORIA MARTINEZ Commerce B.S., Finance MICHAEL MARTIN Lake Arrowhead B.S., Business Biology HAROLD MASOR Studio City B.S., Accounting JOHN MATHIESEN Los Angeles B.S., Finance 359 WILLIAM MATHEWS Arcadia B.S., Business STEFHAN MATSUDA Torrance B.S., Marketing Economics JAMES MATZDORFF Los Angeles B.S., Finance Economics CREGC MAYFIELD South Pasadena M.B.A., Business CORDON SCOTT McARTHUR Darien, CT B.S., Business ROBERT McDonald San Marino B.S., Finance Marketing THOMAS McDonald La Cresenta B.S., Finance Marketing RONALD McFADDEN Newport Beach B.S., Accounting PATRICK McGEE South Pasadena B.S., Accounting MELINDA MclNTYRE Pacific Palisades B,S. Accounting MICHAEL McMAHON Torrance B.S., Finance Marketing MELISSE MEHLUM El Segundo B.S., Management ANTHONY MENDEZ Los Angeles B.S., Accounting THOMAS MEUNIER Anaheim B.S., Finance MARIA MICELI Los Angeles B.S., Accounting JEFFREY MICHAEL Oxnard B.S., Marketing WAYNE MILAZZO Burbank B.S., Accounting GREGG MILLER Las Vegas B.S., Management THOMAS MILLER Los Angeles B.S., Management JOHN MITCHELL Granada Hills B.S., Marketing WILLIAM MITCHELL Carmel, IN B.S., Marketing STUART MIYAKE Kancohe, HI B.S., Accounting NWANNEKA MODEBE Los Angeles B.S., Finance RONALD MONTGOMERY Pahs Verdes B.S., Finance Management TONY MOON Honolulu, HI B.S., Accounting GEORGE MOORE Long Beach B.S., Finance ANTONINO MORALES Buena Park B.S., Business MARIA MORENO Los Angeles B.S., Marketing KIM MOREY Sarasota, FL B.S., Finance GUY MORGAN San Pedro B.S., Management 3S0 DENNIS MORIOKA Altadem B.S., Business DAVID MORRIS La Canada B.S., Fiance Marketing DON MORRISON Long Beach B.S., Marketing KATHLEEN MOSKAL Downey B.S., Accounting JOSEPH MOUREN ' LAURENS Pahs Verdes B.S., MARKETING MARC MRAZEK Los Angeles B.S., Accounting MENDE MULLINS Coronado B.S., Management SUZANNE MULLINS San Jose B.S., Business DIETRICH MURPHY Santa Barbara B.S., Accounting LAURA MURPHY Hacienda Heights B.S., Marketing STANLEY MUSASHI Thermal B.S., Accounting STEVEN MYLAND Phoenix, AZ B.S.. Marketing RICHARD NACANUMA Los Angeles B.S.. Business JAMES NAHIN Sherman Oaks B.S., Marketing Intern. Finance KEVIN NAHIN Brea B.S., Finance Marketing LORETTA NAKACAWA Tokyo, Japan B.S., Business JON NAKAMURA San Francisco B.S., Finance GLEN NAKAO Los Angles M.B.A., Business DAVID NATER San Marino B.S., Accounting JULIA NEFF Signal Hill B.S., O.B.A. ROSEMARY NUEBERT Northfield, OH B.S., Finance JERRY NEUMEN Long Beach B.S., Marke ting TERI NEVILL Sylmar B.S., Accounting MICHAEL NEWMAN Philadelphia, PA B.S., Firwnce ENG-JUAN NC Malaysia M.B.A., Accounting JERRY NG Phoenix, AZ B.S., Accounting TRANC-HANH NGUYEN Santa Monica M.B.A., Finance DEAN NISHIMURA Monterey Park B.S., Business RANDALL NISHIYAMA Honolulu, HI B.S., Accounting BRAD NIX Chino B.S., Finance 36t ANTONIA NOCUERA ■■T " 1 Los Angeles B B.S., Accounting HT FARHAD NOURAFCHAN M: J Los Angeles BT ' T H B.S., Marketing K M V FRANK OB AH m Cr Los Angeles k r jllL. B.S., Business K mP MICHAEL O ' BRIEN K f u , M ■ ■ L aj ■ H H VINCENT OCCHIPINTI H H 1 H ■ 1 ■ KENNETH ODA Villa Park B.S., Marketing Finance WILLIAM OEH Wbittier M.B.A., Business lEANNIE O ' HARA Costa Mesa B.S., Business CHARLES OKAMOTO Kapoa, HI B.S., Accounting BRUCE OKIMOTO Los Angeles B.S., A.B., Finance Language YOSHIKUNI OKUBO KL ■m Japan r K 1 A.B., Economics 1 TADASHI OKUMOTO K J H Los Angeles B.S., Accounting lOYCE ONC B Phoenix, Az B V ' ' B.S., Accounting Ki JERRY OPIOPIO Kaneohe, HI wL ' j B.S., Finance YUKIKO ORIO 1 Tokyo, Japan H ■ B.S., Accounting H ■ RICHARD OSBORNE Newport Beach B.S., Marketing Finance RONALD OTT Buena Park B.S., Accounting ROBERT PACK Campbell B.S., Real Estate Finance JOHN PACKER Idaho Falls, ID M.B.A., Business AUDREY PAIGE Huntington Beach A.B., Economics German DONCWOO PAK Hp Los Angeles K . B.S., Business K 1 ANDREW PAUOBACIS F M L Pahs Verdes [slates W ff ' SI B.S., Accounting i ▼ " ' ■ " ■ i ' AILEN PALMER 1 VS-i. Ji La lolla L x - ' Jr im- B.S., Intern. Finance W ,MII ' J P LEO PAREDES x l y Monterey Park S 8.5., Accounting ■ H SOPHIA PAPADOPOULOS 1 H Roslindale, MA 1 H B.S., Finance Marketing i i MARY PARKS Escondido B.S., Finance ELAINE PATTERSON Sunland B.S., Accounting STEPHEN PAUL IN Los Angeles B.S., Marketing GUY PAVACEAN Los Angeles B.S., Finance JAMES PERBIX Los Angeles B.S., Business 362 MARK PERRY Los Angeles S.S., Marketing Management ALBERT PEYTON Long Beach B.S., Finance THOMAS PHILLIPS Santa Barbara B.S., Business RODOLFO PICHARDO Caracas, Venezuela B.S., Marketing ALDO PICNERI Huntington Beach B.S., Finance EMILIA PIRRO Costa Mesa B.S., Finance STEVEN PIRRONE Sacramento B.S., Business STEVEN PIZULA Fullerton B.S., Accounting WAYNE PLIZCA Canoga Park B.S., Accounting DONALD PORTER Costa Mesa B.S., Accounting RICHARD POWELL Portland, OR B.S., Business fULIE POXON Pasadena B.S., Business FELIX PON Nawpa, ID B.S., Accounting ROBERT PR ASSE Los Angeles B.S., Public Affairs DAVID PREIMESBERGER Van Nuys B.S., Accounting WILLIAM PRESTON New Orleans, LA B.S., Accounting RALPH PRINS Norwalk B.S., Business DAVID PRLAIN Portland, OR B.S., Accounting JAMES PRYOR Polmyra, N) B.S., Marketing GARY PURCELL San Francisco B.S., Finance Marketing MICHAEL REAL Rancho Palos Verdes B.S., Marketing STEVE REAUME Pasadena B.S., Accounting ELIZABETH REED Huntington Beach B.S., Finance WALTER REED Ontario B.S., Finance ION REEDER Flint ridge B.S., Business RON REID Huntington Beach B.S., Business MARCIA REUBEN Reading, PA B.S., Accounting MELISSA RICKABAUGH Torrance B.S.. Marketing KIT RICKERT Fort Lee, N B.S., Marketing BRIAN RINGLER Garden Grove B.S., Accounting 363 DALE RirZO San Francisco B.S., Business ANE ROBERTS Arcadia B.S., Marketing Management DONALD ROBINSON Thousand Oaks B.S., Accounting PAMELA ROBINSON Oakland B.S., Marketing SCOTT ROBINSON Fullerton B.S., Accounting MICHAEL ROCHESTER Seminole, FL M.B.A., Management VICTOR RODGERS Los Angeles B.S., Accounting JEFFREY ROGERS Reseda B.S., Business ROBIN ROHAN La Cresenta B.S., Accounting MARY ROLFES Los Angeles B.5., Marketing Management DOUGLAS ROSE Rancho Santa Fe B.S., Business MICHAEL ROSS Los Angeles B.S., Marketing ALAN RUBEN Los Angeles B.S., Accounting STEVEN RUBIN Naperville, IL B.S., Marketing Management KRISTINE SANDERS Los Angeles B.S., Accounting VALERIE SANDOVAL El Monte B.S., Marketing EDWARD SANSTEDT Long Beach B.S., Finance DANIEL SA TO Long Beach B.S., Marketing GEORGE SAUNDERS JR. Novato B.S., Accounting SHEILA SCHAFER Los Angeles 8.S., Management DONALD SCHUMACHER Alhambra B.S., Finance KELLY SCOTT La Jolla B.S., Marketing WALTER SEEMAYER Hawthorne M.B.A., Finance Marketing JOHN SELZER Playa Del Rey B.S., Business GARY SEMPLE Creve Coeur, MO B.S., Marketing GRACE SHICEYASU Los Angeles B.S., Marketing Management IRENE SHIH Burbank B.S., Accounting Finance YOUNG SHIN Downey B.S., Accounting DONALD SHONO Cardena B.S., Accounting Finance JOHN SIBOLD Indianola WN B.S. B " " 1 ' z l 7 1 ' A M 364 BYRON SIL VA Mission Viejo B.S., Finance SnVEN SILVERSTEIN Bloom field, NJ B.S., Business ROBERT SCHINDLER David City, NB B.S., Accounting JOHN SCHUHMACHER Arcadia B.S., Management BARRY SCHREIBER Los Angeles M.B.A., Business THOMAS SEARLES Newport Beach B.S., Finance JAMES SEVER Futlerton B.S., Accounting Finance STEPHAN SHAW Newport Beach B.S., Business STUART SILVER Pasadena B.S., Accounting DA VID SIMPSON San Diego B.S., Accounting SCOTT SIMPSON San Diego B.S., Business MARK SINAGRA San Pedro B.S.. Business NEAL SINGER Van Nuys B.S., Finance CALVIN SLATER Arcadia B.S., Business DAVID SLOVAK Rockville Centre, NY B.S., Accounting ROBERT SMITH Newport Beach B.S., Marketing STEVEN SMITH South Gate B.S., Accounting SUZANNE SMITH Bishop B.S., Business VALERIE SMOLEK Torrance B.S., Marketing MELISSA SMOOT Newport Beach B.S., Finance EFFENDI SOETANTO Indonesia 5.5., Business RIJANTO SOETANTO Indonesia B.S., Finance JOANNE SOOHOO San Jose B.S., Accounting DELIA SOURY Altadena B.S., Finance KYLE SPAIN Solano Beach B.S., Management KENNETH SPEAR Clendale B.S., Business TERRI SPEISER Las Vegas, NV B.S., Accounting JAMES SPELLMIVE South Pasadena B.S., Business KENNETH SPFNCE Los Angeles B.S., Accounting KEVIN SPENCE Los Angeles B.S., Accounting 365 THOMAS SPICER Westminster B.S., Management PAUL STEINKE Los Altos B.S., Intern. Finance CRAIG STEPHENS Santa Maria B.S., Accounting ALLYN STEWART Pasadena B.A., Economics DENNIS STIRM Saratoga B.S., Management WILLIAM STOWELL ■■r ' " tM Arcadia B.S., Accounting STEVEM STRCBIG njr i San Bernardino E mg ■ ' ' wf I.5., Real Estate Finance ■S W i DANE SULtlVAN West Germany B . T Kk B.S., Marlieting BP x ' KK TIMOTHY SULLIVAN K Ak V s Marina Del Rey H M I B.S., Business H H TINA SUN H Montebello H B.S., Finance I H DONALD SWANSON Sunnyvale B.S., Business LISA T ALLEY Indianapolis, IN B.S., Marketing WENDY TAM Los Angeles B.S., Accounting LLOYD TANNER Paramount B.S., Business MOHAMMAD TASOOJI Los Angeles B.S., Finance JOSEPH TAVAREZ Downey B.S., Finance FARHAD TAVASSOL Tehran, Iran B.S., Marketing CHARLES TAYLOR Canoga Park B.S., Business JAMES TAYLOR Los Angeles M.B.A., Marketing GARYTENZER Pacific Palisades M.B.A., Management ANGELA TERREL. ■r Los Angeles B.S., Finance TOM TESTA f ifPnTl Los Angeles B.S., Business BRUCE THOMPSON Ly;W| Laguna Beach B.S., Marketing Finance MICHAEL TODD I f K Lakewood k K. JB i. B.S., Marketing MICHAEL TOERGE KL l __ M H " Downey B.S., Finance IflHIIH ' ' n AMY TONE Cardena B.S., Accounting W. K .1 MARCUS TOWNSEND r k 1 Palo Alto W W 1 B.S., Business 1 T 1 f DONALD TRAECER 1 Downers Grove, IL ?,5., Finance Marketing - DA-MING TUAN Monterey Park M.B.A. Business ANTHONY TURCHI Arcadia 1 B.S., Business M 366 lOHN TURNACLIff Sacramento B.S., Business KeNNETH TV IR. Los Angeles B.S., Management RICHARD ULYATB Torrance M.B.A., Finance HOLLY UNLAND Alhambra M.S. A., Business JANICE UYEDA Monterey B.S., Accounting DENNIS VALENTINE San Pedro B.S., Accounting JOHN VALENTINO Los Angeles B.S., Finance GAIL VANDYKE Los Angeles B.S.. Business SCOTT VAN KEULEN Los Gatos B.S., Accounting CHRIS VAN RUITBN Paramount B.S., Accounting KRISTIN A VERSAW Culver City B.S., Accounting DAVID VANORDEN Tujunga B.S.. Business WILLIAM VOLKEL Los Angeles B.S., Marketing MARK WAGNER Canoga Park B.S., Finance JANIS WAKIMOTO Cardena B.S., Marketing KENDALL WALLACE Laguna Beach B.S., Finance Economics MONICA WALLER Covina B.S., Finance WENLIEN WANG Rep. of China B.S., Finance JA Y WARD San Bernardino B.S.. Accounting MAUDE WASHINGTON Chicago, IL B.S., Business SUSAN WEHNER San Jose B.S., Marketing Management RUSS WERTZ long Beach B.S., Accounting DEREK WESTERVELT Newport Beach B.S.. Marketing Finance STEPHEN WETZEL La Mirada B.S., Finance DA VID WHITE Downey B.S., Accounting MICHAEL WHITE Torrance B.S., Finance RA YMOND WHITE Lynwood B.S., Finance HERMAN WIDJAJA Los Angeles B.S., Finance MEADE WILDRICK Honolulu, HI B.S.. Economics JOHN WILKINS Rancho Mirage B.S., Marketing 367 JAMES WILLIAMS Los Angeles B.S., Accounting Finance VICTORIA WILLIAMS Arcadia B.A., Public Affairs ANNE WILLIAMSON Pahs Verdes Estates B.S., Accounting Finance WENDELL WO Honolulu, HI B.S., Finance Management VINCENT WOK IK Valencia M.B.A., Business JONA THAN WOLF Los Angeles B.S., Accounting GIN A WOLK Maitlano, FL B.S., Finance Management DA VID WONG Gardena B.S., Business GREGORY WONG Honolulu, HI B.S., Accounting TINA WONG Arcadia B.S., Business TI N ' CHEE WONG Los Angeles B.S., Business KASEY WOO Los Angeles B.S., Marketing PHILIP WOODWARD Whittier B.S., Finance JEFFREY WOLF Lafayette B.S., Marketing JEFFERY WRIGHT Montrose B.S., Marketing DERAN YALIAN Del Mar B.S., Finance JOHN YAMAMOTO Sun Valley M.B.A., Finance KENNETH YAMAMOTO Redwood City 8.S., Business PAUL YATES Glendale B.S., Marketing MARK YEAGER Riverside B.S., Management BILL YEBISU Visalia B.S., Accounting STEVEN YEE Wailuku, HI B.S., Accounting ALICE YING Sacramento B.S., Business ROBERT YODER Capistrano Beach A.B., Economics ARLEEN YOSHIDA Gardena B.S., Business JAMES YOUNG Newport Beach A.B., Real Estate Finance ROBERT ZACK Dana Point B.S., Finance RORY ZAVALA Yorba Linda B.S., Accounting Finance MKTG JOANZEMBAL Downey B.S., Accounting JAMES ZURES Placentia B.S., Finance Accounting 368 ARCHITECTURE FINE ARTS SYLVIA ADEFF Los Angeles B.S.. Architecture JAMES ACUILA San Rafael B.S.. Architecure COLLEEN ARENAL Anaheim B.S., Architecture RICARDO BERDICHEVSKY Los Angeles B.S., Architecture SHANE BROOMFIELD tnglewood B.F.A., Fine Arts ADOLF BURGHARD Long Beach B.S. Architecture ALEX CALDERON Northridge B.S., Architecture CRISTINA CANINO Rolling Hills Estates B.F.A., Fine Arts JANET CARMICHAEL La Mirada B.S., Architecture MICHAEL CHAMBERS Los Angeles B.S., Architecture TING-SAN CHEN Canada B.S., Architecture MARC COBB Los Angeles B.S. Architecture OSCAR COBOS Los Angeles B.S., Architecture JAMES CORCORAN Whittier B.S., Architecture LEA DAMIANO New Canaan, CT B.F.A., Fine Arts PHILIP DEBOLSKE Long Beach B.S., Architecture DIRAN DEPANIAN Los Angeles B.S., Arc hitecture ROLANDO DESPOJADO National City B.S., Architecture WILLIAM EARL Long Beach B.S., Architecture SARKIS ELI A Los Angeles B.S., Architecure TERRANCE GOODE Los Angeles B.S., Architecture SHEILA GRIFFIN Los Angeles B.F.A., Fine Arts JULIO HAAS Los Angeles B.S., Architecture GREGOR Y HA THA WA Y Los Angeles B.S., Architecture ERICHAUN San Francisco B.S., Architecture SHAROLYN HEATH Stamford, CT B.F.A., Fine Arts AARON HENDERSON Altadena B.S., Architecture DOUGLAS HUMPHRIES Studio City B.S., Architecture 369 ROBERT KEELER Long Beach B.S., Architecture MARIL YN KNOOP La Canada B.F.A., Fine Arts RICHARD KOLBU Las Vegas B.S., Architecture LISA LANDWORTH Tarzana B.S., Architecture YVONNE LAU Los Angeles B.S., Architecture KENNETH LEE Hong Kong B.S., Architecture KITTY LEW Los Angeles B.S., Architecture SHELDON LIBER Beverly Hills B.S., Architecture DANIEL LIU Los Angeles B.S., Architecture RICHARD LIU Union City B.S., Architecture KAREN LOFTIS Long Beach B.F.A., Fine Arts jANBT LONGSTRETH Los Angeles B.F.A., Fine Arts EVAN MARKIEWICZ Goleta B.S., Architecture JERRY MARTINEZ Monterey Park B.S., Architecture MICHAEL MATALON San Diego B.S., Architecture SUSAN McDonald Claremont B.S., Architecture CORDANA MILATOVIC Clendale B.S., Architecture JAMES MOCK Torrance B.S., Architecture JOSEMOISA Maywood B.S., Architecture MICHIYO NISHIMURA Montebello A.B., Fine Arts THOMAS OMUNDSON Lea wood, KS B.S., Architecture RANDALL PAL TZA Cardena B.S., Architecture ROBERT PFEIFER Anaheim B.S., Architecture CHALONCCHAI RATANAPHAISAL North Hollywood B.S., Architecture MARK RIOS Fullerton B.S., Architecture ROBERT SAMPSON Los Altos B.S. , Architecture KENT SARIKAYA Canton, OH B.S., Architecture STEVEN SOUK UP Los Angeles B.S., Architecture KELLY SULLIVAN Burbank B.S., Architecture ALBERT THOMAS Rolling Hills Estates Bach, of Architecture 370 MICHAEL ALKOV Santa Monica D.D.S. DON ATKINS Los Atamitos D.D.S lAMIEAZDAU Arcadia D.D.S MICHAEL BARRETT Los Angeles D.D.S BRUCE BEARD Studio City DOS CHRIS BENINCER Hawthorne D.D.S lAMES BERWICK Los Angeles D.D.S SYLVABEZIAN Los Angeles D.D.S JOHN BISHOP West Covina D.D.S LEE BOCKEMUEHL Red Bluff B.S., Dental Hygiene JAMES BOLLINGER Woodland Hills D.D.S MICHELLE BUCHANAN-KRIEBEL South Pasadena D.D.S RICHARD BYNES Los Angeles D.D.S GARY CAPPELLETTI Crockett D.D.S DENISE CHAN Redondo Beach B.S., Dental Hygiene CHANG CHEN Los Angeles D.D.S FANNY CHEN Los Angeles D.D.S MATTHEW CHEUNG San Francisco D.D.S RUSSELL CHEW Calabasas Park D.D.S FRANK CHO Los Angeles D.D.S TAE-SUB CHUNG Korea D.D.S GREGORY COLE Morristown, AZ D.D.S DANIEL CROWLEY Los Angeles D.D.S 371 CHERYL CUTTING Palos Verdes Estates B.S., Dental Hygiene MARYDEBOLT Lompoc B.S., Dental Hygiene JEFFREY DERICKSON Los Angeles DOS. LEON DESIMONE Downey D.D.S. LINDA DILLMAN Sierra Madre B.S.f Dental Hygiene HENRY DUNCAN Galesburg, IL D.D.S. PEHR ELIASSON La Canada D.D.S HUGH ELTCROTH Tu unga D.D.S. TRUDY EVANS La Habra B.S., Dental Hygiene ARHTUR FORREST Pomona D.D.S BCA TRICE CANDARA Montebello D.D.S SUSAN GARN ER Bakersfield B.S., Dental Hygiene TIMOTHY CAULT Lake View Terrance D.D.S GEORGE GOODIS Los Angeles D.D.S. ALEXANDER GORDON Los Angeles D.D.S HOWARD GOTTLIEB Canoga Park D.D.S GEORGE GREEN Seal Beach D.D.S. KIMBERLY GROVES Santa Ana B.S., Dental Hygiene GORDON HAAC Los Angeles D.D.S DALEHADLEY Los Angeles D.D.S MARGARET HARTLEY Palos Verdes B.S.J Dental Hygiene RUE HATCHER Escondido B.S., Dental Hygiene BETTY HOFFMAN South Gate D.D.S. MARSHALL HUMES Burbank D.D.S BENNETT lEONG Montebello D.D.S. JANICE JOY Long Beach D.D.S. VINCENT KATOW Los Angeles D.D.S NORMAN KATZ Pittsburgh, PA D.D.S CONSTANCE KENAGY La Canada B.S., Dental Hygiene YUNG KIM Harbor City D.D.S. 372 lUDYKONINGH La Canada B.S., Dental Hygiene CHARLES KOO I Los Angeles l l y DOS. RONALD KRAUSE DOS SHEILA KRUTZSH Arcadia B.S., Dental Hygiene THOMAS KUO D.D.S. lOONC KWON Los Angeles DOS. THOMAS LAWSON Scomdale, AZ D.D.S. YOUNCLEE Los Angeles DOS. CANDICELILES San Bernardino B.S., Dental Hygiene CATHYLOTT Torrance B.S., Dental Hygiene RODGER LOUGH Downey D.D.S. EL ISA LUNA San Clemente 8.S., Dental Hygiene LUCINDA LYON Stockton B.S., Dental Hygiene lO ANN MAEHARA Los Angeles B.S., Dental Hygiene ROSANNE MANZER Oxnard 8.S. Dental Hygiene PHILIP MAR AIS Huntington Beach DOS. BEATRIZ MAYNEZ Sylmar B.S.. Dental Hygiene MARIAN McKINLAY Las Vegas, NV B.S., Dental Hygiene lERI McLATCHER Anaheim B.S., Dental Hygiene PAMELA MEACLIA Alhambra B.5., Dental Hygiene RICKY MIBU Cardena D.D.S. KIM MINER Newport Beach B.S., Dental Hygiene KATHRYN MIYAKE Los Angeles B.S., Dental Hygiene REGINALD MOORE Los Angeles D.D.S. lUDYNACATA Pasadena B.S., Dental Hygiene RICHARD NISHIKA WA Monterey Park D.D.S VICKl ONODA Cardena B.S., Dental Hygiene PATRICIA OSUNA Oceanside S.5., Dental Hygiene KYUNGPAIK Los Angeles D.D.S RAYPADILLA Albuquerque, NM D.D.S TT-i TRACEY PASSWA TERS Los Angeles P.S., Dental Hygiene lANNPRIOLO Malibu B.S., Dental Hygiene TIMOTHY QUON Los Angeles DOS. STEPHEN RASCH Newport Beach DOS. HAK RHEE Los Angeles D.D.S. DEEDREEA RICH Alhambra D.D.S. FRANK RICH Alhambra DD.S. CAROL RICHARDSON Covina B.S.J Dental Hygiene THOMAS RICHARDSON Coronado D.D.S. JOIL ROTHMAN Van Nuys D.D.S. lOHNRUZICH Los Angeles D.D.S. SHARON RYAN Long Beach B.S.J Dental Hygiene CRAICSCHLIE Cardena DOS. CRAIC SCHOENBAUM Culver City B.S., Dental Hygiene PASCAL SERRANO Pacific Palisades D.D.S. WAYNE SHEPARD Nortbridge D.D.S. TSEH-IEN SHIAO Los Angeles D.D.S. GREGORY SMITH Marina Del Rey D.D.S. APRIL STEPHENS Nortbridge B.S., Dental Hygiene GENE STEVENSON Woodland Hills DOS. BRUCE STRATHDEE Cathedral City D.D.S. GARY STRONG Mesa,AZ D.D.S. JANICE SUCIYAMA Los Angeles B.S., Dental Hygiene SAM SUN Canada D.D.S. JERRY SZKLAREN Los Angeles D.D.S. ALAN TAMASHIRO Pearl City, HI D.D.S. MICHAEL TASIC Rancho Palos Verdes DOS. DANIEL TAYLOR Anaheim D.D.S. ROBERT TAYLOR Fresno D.D.S. DANA TEELE Long Beach B.S., Dental Hygiene 374 YIMC YEAN Loi Angeles DOS. CHESTER YOKOYAMA Gfendile D.D.S. EDUCATION GENERAL STUDIES WARREN TOFUKUfI Cardena D.D.S. JANET TOMICH San Pedro B.S., Dental Hygiene LAUREL WAGNER Woodland Hills B.S., Dental Hygiene BETTY WALKER Las Vegas. NV B,S., Dental Hygiene JAMES WEISSMAN Encino D.D.S. WILLIAM WEISSMAN Encino D.D.S. GINGER WHEELER Nofthridge B,S., Dental Hygiene EUGENE WINDOM Long Beach D.D.S. CAROLANN YAMATE Chula Vista D.D.S. SANDRA YASUDA Gardena B.S., Dental Hygiene RUTH ALAS Los Angeles B.S., General Studies ILISA ALPERN Las Vegas B.S., Elementary Education SUSAN ALTMAYER Arcadia B.S., Elementary Education KERRY APPLEBY Lajolla B.S., Elementary Education GRACE BABA Los Angeles B.S., General Studies ELAINE BACHMANN Los Angeles M.S.Ed., Communication Disorders MICHAEL BANKS Los Angeles M.S.Ed., Education RICHARD BARRAGAN Montebello B.S., General Studies CYNTHIA BERNAL La Puente B.S., Education KIMBERL Y BISHOP Newport Beach B.S., General Studies JACQUELINE BLANCO Los Angeles B.S., General Studies SANDRA BOGGESS Los Angeles B.S., Education JANINE BOSKOVICH Van Nuys B.S., General Studies BONNIE BURANDT Fullerton B.S., Education BONNIE CAMPBELL Long Beach B.S., General Studies 375 15 LARRY CEDERBLOM Costa Mesa M.S., Counselor Education JI-MEI CHANG Los Angeles M.S., Special Education PAULINE CHINN Monterey Park B.S., General Studies LYNNE CIRKLE Newport Beach M.S., Education CHERYL CLARK Beverly Hills B.S., Education ALEXIS CRAMPTON San Pedro B.S., Education DIANN DA VIS Carson B.S., Education TERESA DAVIS Tustin B.S., Education LORRAINE DEMARJIAN Altadena B.S., Elementary Education D ' ARCY DIETRICH Downey B.S., General Studies LINDA DIMARCO Los Angeles B.S., Education DEBRA DONER Newport Beach B.S., Education WENDY DONINE Covina B.S., Elementary Education PORANDOKNT FAZELIAN Los Angeles M.A., Instructional Technology ILENE FEDER Studio City M.A., Elementary Education TERESA FORD Yellow Springs, OH B.S., Education WENDY GARDNER Whittier 5.5., Education DAVID CERSTEN Glendale M.S., Education MARY ANNE GREEN Corona del Mar M.S.I., Education LISE GROSSMAN Sherman Oaks B.S., Special Education MARTHA GUZMAN Bell B.S., Education GAIL H ANION San Gabriel B.S., General Studies CINDY HENSLEY Phoenix, AZ M.S., Special Education TAHEREH HESSAM Iran M.S., Instructional Technology JEAN HOM Montebello B.S., General Studies TERI HOOKER Los Angeles B.S., General Studies PAMELA HORST Ventura B.S., General Studies AICHUNG HSING Rep. of China M.S., Education REBECCA HUGHES San Pedro 8.S., General Studies RENEE fAFFEE Beverly Hills B.S., Special Education 376 SHERl JIO Kula. HI B.S., Special Education MELISSA JOHNSON Los Angeles B.S., General Studies YOLANDA JOHNSON Los Angeles B.S., Education JILL JOURNICAN Arcadia B.S., General Studies REBECCA JUNG Monterey Park B.S., Education ANN KATNIK Santa Ana B.S., Elementary Education MICHELLE KA YE La Canada B.S., Elementary Education BOBETTE LESLIE Santa Paula B.S., General Studies DEBORAH LEWIS Los Angeles B.S., Education PAUL A LUDFORD Los Angeles B.S., Elementary Education KIMBERL Y MAHANNAH Long Beach B.S., General Studies PATRICIA MALLOY Long Beach B.S., General Studies MONA MATSUMOTO Sacramento M.S., Education CAROL MATSUMURA Monterey Park B.S., General Studies JANE MCGRAW Honolulu, HI Ed.D., Education MARY KAY MEAIRS Riverside B.S., Education JANET MONEY Burbank B.S., General Studies BEVERL Y NAITO Culver City B.S., Education JULIE NAKAGAWA Los Angeles B.S., Education AZAR NIKZAD Los Angeles M.A., Education HOLLY O ' BRIEN New Vernon, NJ B.S., General Studies MICHAEL OMIZO Honolulu, HI Ph.D., Educational Psychology MICHEL E PADDIO Los Angeles B.S., General Studies CHRISTY PAULIN Monterey Park B.S., Education JAMES PEDERSEN South Gate B.S., General Studies NATALIA PETA Huntington Park B.S., General Studies DIANE PETERS Rancho Palos Verdes M.S., Special Education CHERYL PFLEIDERER Balboa Island B.S., Education LENARD POSNER San Gabriel M.S., Education LORENE POSNER San Gabriel M.S., Education 377 CATHERINE REYNOLDS Downey M.S., Education CYNTHIA RHEE Nortbridge B.S., Education MARY ROCHA Pacoima B.S., Education ARELIS RODRIGUEZ Los Angeles M.S., Education XOCHITL ROMERO Los Angeles B.S., Education DIANE RUDERMAN North Hollywood B.S., Education WENDY SEIDE Pahs Verdes Estates B.S., Education BARBARA SHOCK Rancho Palos Verdes M.S., Education FATEMEH SHOKRAIPOUR Los Angeles M.S., Education KATHERINE SHUM Fullerton M.S., Education MARCIA SIDNEY Inglewood B.S., Education JOANNE SIERRA Granada Hills B.S., Education DARLYNNE SITJAR Los Angeles B.S., Education LESLEY SKORO Beverly Hills B.S., Education ALICE SMITH Los Angeles B.S., Education CATHRYN STAVERT Los Angeles B.S., Education PAMELA STOREY Arcadia B.S., Education SHERRIE STREGE Las Vegas, NV B.S., Education SHILING SUN Hong Kong M.S., Education DENISE TAKANO Cerritos M.S., Education MIKKI TASHIMA Hilo. HI B.S., Education MELINDA TOM Los Angeles B.S., Education LUCI URSICH San Pedro B.S., Education BONNY UYEKI Los Angeles B.S., Education TERI VINCENT Chatsworih B.S., Education RENE WEBER Los Angeles B.S., Education KELLEE WILLIAMS Hermosa Beach B.S., Education HIROKO YAMAMOTO Japan B.S., Education lONI YEE Los Angeles B.S., Education VICTORIA ZANINOVICH Delano B.S., Education 37S KARIN ZELLER Ciendale B.S., General Studies MITRA ZOICHADR Los Angeles M.S., Education ACHA AKHTAR Pakistan B.S., Electrical Engineering ADEDOrUN AlABI Nigeria M.5., Petroleum Engineering SALEH AL-ALI Montebello B.S., Petroleum Engineering MAHMOOD Ai-QATTAN Kuwait B.S., Chemical Engineering lUDE AMAEFULE Nigeria B.S., M.S., Petroieum Engineering RICHARD ANDES Walnut Creek B.S., Indus. Sys. Engineering DONALD AOKI Gardena B.S., Computer Science TERRI ASAYAMA Maywood B.S., Computer Science TIMOTHY ASHLOCK Baker sfield B.S., Civil Engineering DAVID AWREY Camarillo B.S., Electrical Engineering CHARLES BACHMANN Los Angeles M.S., Civil Engineering NASSER BARADARAN Iran B.S., Indus. Sys. Engineering RICHARD BARTON Westminster B.S.. Petroleum Engineering AFSHIN BAZSHUSHTARI Iran B.S., Chemical Engineering ABDELHAMID BENIDDIR Algeria B.S., Chemical Engineering DONALD BILLOW Fullerton B.S., Mechanical Engineering ROBERT BOILING San Diego B.S., Electrical Engineering PAUL BROWN Seguin, TX B.S., Aerospace Engineering STEVEN BRUCE Carson B.S., Chemical Engineering CHIH-HONG CHEN Taiwan Ph.D., Electrical Engineering CHUNG-CHING CHEN Taiwan Ph.D., Electrical Engineering LAI-CHEN CHIEN Los Angeles Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering JIN CHUNG Huntington Park B.S., Chemical Engineering GREGORY COLAZAS Long Beach B.S.. Petroleum Engineering DEBRA CONNOLLY Long Beach B.S., Civil Engineering 379 MICHAEL CRAWFORD Bakers field B.S., Electrical Engineering ANN MARIE CRISAILI Chatsworth B.S., Biomedical Engineering SONIA MARIA DA MOTTA Los Angeles M.S., Computer Science MEHDI DANESH-ASHTIANI Iran M.S., Indus. Sys. Engineering GEORGE DIAB San Bernardino B.S., Aerospace Engineering DAVID DONOVAN New Orleans, LA M.S., Engineering STAN DUBYN Redondo Beach B.S., Aerospace Engineering STEVEN DULL Torrance B.S., Aerospace Engineering MUSTAFA EL-BADRI Los Angeles M.S., Civil Engineering ANTHONY EXPOSITO Alhambra B.S., Aerospace Engineering ALBERT EZEKIEL Los Angeles B.S., Electrical Engineering DEAN FARMER San Pedro B.S., Aerospace Engineering ABDULMINAIM FHIMA Los Angeles M.S., Civil Engineering LINDA FIGUEROA Sylmar B.S., Civil Engineering CADDOOR GADDOOR Libya B.S., Chemical Engineering THOMAS GANGALE San Rafael B.S., Aerospace Engineering CA THY GARCIA Maywood B.S., Computer Science VICEN GHARIBIAN Iran M.S., Civil Engineering DANIEL CITHENS Reseda B.S., Civil Engineering ROBERT CLIDDEN III San Gabriel M.S., Electrical Engineering YEOK-HOEI GOH Singapore B.S., Electrical Engineering HECTOR GOMEZ Los Angeles B.S., Civil Engineering ZADI SEVERIN GOURENE Los Angeles M.S., Petroleum Engineering MARY ANNE GRACE Spring, TX B.S., Computer Science JOHN GRAHAM Ventura B.S., Electrical Engineering MICHAEL GREEN Los Angeles B.S., Aerospace Engineering GREGORY CRITTERS Westminister B.S., Chemical Engineering STAN GRUNDY Pueblo, CO B.S., Electrical Engineering AMIR HADJI-SHAFI Iran M.S., Mechanical Engineering fOHN HADLEY Rolling Hills B.S., Petroleum Engineering 380 CHARLES HALL SharonvHle, OH Ph.D., Electrical Engineering LISA HAMAKER Marina Del Rey B.S., Electrical Engineering STEVEN HAMAMOTO Sacramento B.S., Civil Engineering MAJIM HAMZAH Kuwait M.S., Electrical Engineering BRAHIM HAOUES Algeria M.S., Mechanical Engineering SARKIS HARUTUNIAN Iran B.S., Mechanical Engineering HOWARD HENDRICKS Lo% Angeles B.S., Electrical Engineering FOUDIL HIDOUCI Algeria M.S., Mechanical Engineering fOHN HIGHT Minnetonka, MN B.S., Computer Science CORDON HO Los Angeles B.S., Engineering CHRISTOPHER HOM North Hollywood B.S., Mechanical Engineering EDDIE HONG Redondo Beach B.S., Electrical Engineering GARY HOSTETLER Riverside B.S., Civil Engineering CHUNG-KAI HSUEH Los Angeles Ph.D., Electrical Engineering ALLAN HUFfAKER Inglewood B S., Electrical Engineering MONIQUE HUNTER Oakland B.S., Electrical Engineering IBRAHIM IBRAHIM Libya M.S., Electrical Engineering DAVID I MAT A Honolulu, HI B.S., Civil Engineering KAZEM IPTCHILAR Iran B.A., Aerospace Engineering CONSTANZA IRIARTE Eagle Rock B.S., Electrical Engineering SHIRLEY ISHIZUE Dinuba B.A., Computer Science FAROOQ ISMAEBL Kuwait B.S., Electrical Engineering ISAAC KHANZADEH London, England B.S., Industrial Systems Engineering BEHSHEED JAMSHEED Rancho Pahs Verdes B.S., Civil Engineering GARRETT JEONG Stock ten B.S., Civil Engineering EDUARDO JO-FUNC Rosemead B.S., Civil Engineering CONSTANCE JOHNSON Los Angeles B.S., Electrical Engineering WILLIAM JOHNSTON Fullerton B.S., Electrical Engineering LAWRENCE JUE Santa Paula B.S., Biomedical Engineering BRIAN KAGY Long Beach B.S., Industrial Systems Engineering 381 }AMES KAHEUN Manhattan Beach B.S., Electrical Engineering EDWARD KASANIIAN Montebello B.S., Electrical Engineering MARK KOERBER McHenry, IL B.S., Electrical Engineering EDWARD lAICH El Monte B.S., Aerospace Engineering DONALD LARSON Simi Valley B.S., Electrical Engineering STEVEN LARSON Granada Hills B.S., Biomedical Engineering KINGLUEN LAW Hong Kong M.S., Engineering ADRIAN LEE San Dimas B.S., Chemical Engineering GEORGE LEE Monterey Park M.S., Civil Engineering MONTE LEICHT Bakers field B.S., Petroleum Engineering BRIAN LINDLEY Costa Mesa B.S., Aerospace Engineering CER LING Los Angeles M.S., Electrical Engineering SHI-TRON LIN Taiwan Ph.D., Electrical Engineering JOSE MANCERA Los Angeles B.S., Electrical Engineering DONALD MANOOGIAN Long Beach B.S., Electrical Engineering JAMES R. MARNOCHA South Bend, IN B.S., Aerospace Engineering LON MARSH Torrance B.S., Biomedical Engineering LEE MARTIN Los Angeles B.S., Electrical Engineering MORRIS MATLOUBIAN Beverly Hills B.S., Electrical Engineering DANNY MATSUMOTO Gardena B.S., Civil Engineering STONEY MAYOCK Los Angeles B.S., Engineering MOHAMMAD MAZARATABAKI Santa Monica B.S., Indus. Sys. Engineering WILLIAM McANDREW Spartanburg, SC M.S., Environmental Engineering JAMES Mccormick Santa Ana B.S., Civil Engineering CHARLES Mckinley Balboa Island B.S., Mechanical Engineering KENNETH MEI Paiadena B.S., Chemical Engineering MARCEL MIL LOT Monterey Park B.S., Electrical Engineering JED MIYAZAKI Honolulu, HI B.S., Civil Engineering MARK MOONEY Los Angeles B.S., Engineering MASAO MORITA Japan M.S., Electrical Engineering 382 BRYANT MORRIS Sun Valley B.S., Petroleum Engineering IAMBS MURDY Newport Beach B.S., Civil Engineering RAMIN NAYERNOURI Iran B.S., Chemical Engineering BERNICE NC Los Angeles M.S., Computer Science ALEX NIKOLAKOPULOUS Pahs Verdes B.S,, Electrical Engineering KEVIN O ' DONNEU Anchorage, AK B.S., Petroleum Engineering CYNTHIA OGASAWARA Honolulu, HI M.S., Environmental Engineering KENNETH OGLE Pasadena B.S., Petroleum Engineering DONN OKUMURA Los Angeles B.S., Electrical Engineering OSAZUWA OMORECIE Nigeria B.S., M.S., Petroleum Engineering KA TSUMI OSUCA iapan Ph.D., Electrical Engineering CARLO OUGHOURLIAN Clendale B.S., M.S., Civil Engineering THOMAS PACAIA Los Angeles Ph.D., Electrical Engineering CHRISTOPHER PACE Los Angeles B.S., Computer Science HAMID PANBECHI Los Angeles B.S., Aerospace Engineering WINFRED PASCHALL Palos Verdes Estates B.S., Electrical Engineering VICTOR PEREZ Fullerton B.S., Mechanical Engineering DEBORAH PR YOR Compion B.S., Chemical Engineering DENNIS RACHAL Baldwin Park B.S., Electrical Engineering ASSADOLLAH RANjBAR Los Angeles M.S., Chemical Engineering RICHARD REIS Hawthorne B.S., Chemical Engineering JAMES SAL TER Stockton B.S., Computer Science ANDRE SAVEHIEFF Glendale B.S., Mechanical Engineering BOBI SCHMUTZER Las Vegas, NV B.S., Chemical Engineering IAN SCHUESSLER Los Angeles fl.Sv Electrical Engineering CARYSEATON Encinitas B.S., Computer Science GARY SEICEL Arleta B.S., Aerospace Engineering EDWIN SEIPP Atherton B.S., Mechanical Engineering NELSON SHIMAZU Hilo. HI B.S., Chemical Engineering EZZEDDIN SHITA Libya M.S., Electrical Engineering 383 RONNIE SIMPSON Fort Worth, TX B.S., Civil Engineering ERIC SOLUM Huntington Beach B.S., Petroleum Engineering, Geological Sciences PATRICK STOUKER Lancaster B.S., Aerospace Engineering JOHN STRASSNER North Hollywood B.S., Electrical Engineering THOMAS STROEBEL Aiea, HI B.S., Mechanical Engineering RICK TAKETOMO Gardens B.S., Electrical Engineering LIM HOE TAN Los Angeles M.S., Electrical Engineering LIM HOK TAN Los Angeles M.S., Safety Management LIMPWE TAN Los Angeles B.S., Mechanical Engineering SHEREE TAN Singapore B.S., Computer Science CHUK TUNG TANG Los Angeles B.S., Electrical Engineering HERACH TERMAN Iran B.S., Civil Engineering MARIO TIBER Tl Hermosa Beach B.S., Civil Engineering TEK TJAN Los Angeles M.S., Indus. Sys. Engineering BRUCE TONC Los Angeles B.S., Civil Engineering STANLEY TRIM Glendale B.S., Biomedical Engineering WILLIAM ULMER Los Angeles B.S., Electrical Engineering CORNELIUS VAN DEN HANDEL San Antonio, TX B.5., Aerospace Engineering MARK-PETER VANDER MEYDEN Malibu B.S., Civil Engineering DONALD VILLAFANA Sylmar B.S., Civil Engineering OANH VO Canada M.S., Chemical Engineering RICHARD VOORHEES Pasadena B.S., Electrical Engineering RANDAL WALLACE Bishop B.S., Building Science MITCHELL WEST Palatine, IL B.S., Biomedical Engineering TERRY WIBLITZHOUSER Dover, DE M.S., Electrical Engineering ERIC WONG Los Angeles B.S., Electrical Engineering FRANKIE WONG Cardena B.S., Civil Engineering JACKSON WONG Bahamas B.S., Chemical Engineering LARRY WONG Los Angeles B.S., Biomedical Engineering JANET YEE Lynwood B.S., Biomedical Engineering WJ 384 GUADALUPE ALLEY Huntington Park B.S., Gerontology JOSEPHINE BERCER Van Nuys B.S., Gerontology PENNEY BOWER La Habra B.S., Gerontology GERONTOLOGY COLLllN O ' TOOLE Los Angeles B.S., Gerontology PATKICIA KOICC Long Beach B.S., Gerontology MONICA SAINT South Gate B.S., Gerontology FLOY WULK Los Angeles B.S., Gerontology MARK ALDRICH Mission Viejo ID. LUCIENNE ALLARO Reseda ID. BARRY AMMON Carlsbad ID. LAW WINDY sue FINCH Anaheim Hills B.S., Gerontology RUSSFLL GOLDBERG Oakdale M.5., Gerontology ADORINNE GRIFFIN North Hollywood B.S., Gerontology CAL VIN KWAN Los Angeles B.S., Gerontology DIANE LITTLE Fullerton B.S.J Gerontology OLIVIA ANDERSON Los Angeles ID. MARK ATWOOD Lancaster ID. DAVID BALDWIN Los Gatos ID. STEPHEN BALLAS Rancho Palos Verdes M.B.A., ID. MARK BARSHOP Los Angeles ID. LANCE BAYER Encino ID. lULIE BIGGS Arcadia ID. LAURIE BLAUSTEIN Beverly Hills ID. ELIZABETH BOLLFS Saudi Arabia ID. DIANNE BUKATA Los Angeles ID. 385 STCVC BURRIS Las Vegas, NV ID. COLLCCN CALKINS Woodland Hills ID. MICHAEL CANE Encino ID. FRANK CARBONE Rolling Hills Estates ID. GERALD CICLIANO Rancho Palos Verdes ID. CRAIC COOPERSMITh Highland Park, II ID CHARLES CORREIA La Mesa ID. PHILIP COZENS Yorba Linda ID. VICTORIA DODD Los Angeles ID. lEFF DON South Pasadena ID. JOSEPH FLANAGAN New York, NY ID. BRUCE FOSTER Los Angeles ID. OSCEOLA FREEAR San Marino ID. SCOTT CILMORE Lake Havasu City, AZ ID. RICHARD GREENE Los Angeles ID. RICHARD GRUNER Pasadena I.D. JANICE HANDLERS Los Angeles ID. THOMAS HANSEN Carpenteria ID. KATHERINE HENSLEY La Canada ID. STEVEN HOGAN Los Angeles ID. ALAN HOLOCH Farmer City, IL ID. NEIL HORIKOSHI Los Angeles ID., MBA. RONALD HUL TING San Gabriel ID. RUTHERFORD lOHNSON Los Angeles ID. SIDNEY KANAZAWA Honolulu, HI ID. I. FREDERICK KARCH Arlington, VA ID. lOHN LAND Los Angeles ID. lOAN LANCA Los Angeles ID. lENNlE LaPRADE Barstow ID. F. ANTHONY LARSON Pacific Palisades ID. 386 JONATHAN ItVIN Los Angeles ID. lANETTE LEWIS Los Angeles ID. MICHAEL LIPMAN Sjnt3 Monica ID. PHILLIP LOPEZ San Diego ID. MARIA LUNA San Ctemente I.D. ALAN NAKAZAWA Rancho Palos Verdes ID. SANDRA ORMSBY Sacramento ID. DAVID QUEZAOA Orange ID. MANUEL RAMOS Lynwood ID . VERONICA RAVIN Los Angeles ID. ELIZABETH REINHART Pacific Palisades ID. BRIAN RIEPEN SI. loseph, MO ID. PETER ROSEN Los Angeles ID. CHARLOTTE SATO Long Beach ID. LAURIE SCHALIF Charsworth ID. DENNIS SMITH Taft ID. lAMES SONODA Los Angeles ID. DAVID STARFIELD Clendale ID. KEVIN STOLARK llion, NY ID. lEFFREY STOLLER Beverly Hills I.D., MBA. OENNIS SUPANICH Dearborn, MT ID. SCOTT TURNER Indian Wells ID. GERALD UNDERWOOD Modesto ID. CAROLINE VINCENT Chatsworth ID. LINDA WEISEl North Hollywood ID. BRADLEY WHITE Long Beach ID. PATRICIA WIESER Brea ID. ANTHONY WILLIAMS Los Angeles ID., M.P.A. LEE YOSELOFF Long Beach ID. NINA YOUNGER Los Angeles ID. 3tff JOSEPH ABADO Los Angeles B.S., Biology JOHN ABDUUAN Studio City A.B., History WILLIAM ABRAHAM San Bernardino B.S., Psychobiology LETTERS OF ARTS AND SCIENCE IMELDA ACADEMIA National City B.S., Biology Geology KAREN ACKLEY Wrightwood , International Relations ARMANDO ACOSTA Hermosa Beach A.B., Public Relations JOHN ADAM Santa Maria A.B., Psychology PETER ADUM San Pedro A.B., Drama SANDRA ADAMS Los Angeles A.B., Psychology SUE ADAMS Simi Valley A.B., Broadcast Journalism LARINA ADAMSON South Pasadena A.B., Speech Communication CARRIE AGHAJANIAN Fresno B.S., Biology ROSEMARY ACHBASHIAN Rosemead B.S., Biology ANNA ACUiLcRA Los Angeles A.B., Psychology IRENE ALANIZ Long Beach A.B., Sociology MARY ALDEN Palatine, It A.B., Broadcast Journalism English L YNN ALESS Tarzana B.S., Geology JULIA ALLEN Inglewood A.B., Psychology SUZANNE ALLEN Ramsey A.B., Psychology GIPSY ALVAREZ Carson A.B., Spanish JOHN AL VIS Studio City A.B., Philosophy PETER ANASTASSIOU Palos Verdes Estates B.S., Biology GEORGE ANDERSON Missoula, MT B.S., Geology MARY ANDERSON Fullerton A.B., Psychology PAMELA ANDERSON Arcadia A.B., Psychology PEGGY ANDERSON St. Paul, MN A.B., Political Science TERI ANDERSON South Laguna A.B., Jour realism ALANE ANDREOZZ Sacramento AS. 368 COll[[N ASINfS Torrance B.S., Biology ROBERT AOCHI Los Angela B.S., Biology CHIKA AOKI lapan A.B., Psychology CAIL APPLEBAUM Burbjnk A.B., Psychology CLEN APRAMIAN San Marino A.B., Chemistry RHODORA AQUINO Chula Vista B.S., Biology JAMES ARNETT Torrance A.B., Public Relations JAMES ARTHUR Arcadia B.S., Biology CORINNE ASH Los Angeles A.B., Recreation BRADLEY ASKINS la Habra AS., History ANTHONY AVALLONE Clendale B.S., Biology ADRIENNE AVERETTA long Beach A.B., Political Science MARIA TERESA AVELINO Los Angeles B.S., Biology SUSAN AVINA Monterey Park A.B., Public Relations KAY AZUMA Chula Vista B.S., Psychobiohgy GARY BABI Long Beach A.B., Psychology JOANN BAILEY Los Angeles A.B., Psychology HOMAYOUN BARAR Iran M.A., Economics MARYMACDELINE BARBER Los Angeles A.B., Psychology PAULA BARCELLONA Camp Hill, PA A.B., Broadcasting DUANE BATES Aurora, IL B.S., Physics THOMAS BATSON . Fullerton A.8., Psychology DAWN BATTICK Englewood, NJ B.S., Biology JAN BAVOUSET Phoenix, AZ AM., Political Science CASSANDRA BEACHAM Los Angeles A.B., Political Science LESLEY BEBBINCTON Rancho Pahs Verdes A.B., Psychology MARY BECKER Santa Barbara A.B., French BRIAN BECKMAN Los Angeles B.S., Physics SHANNON BECLIN ian Francisco A.B., Journalism WILLIAM BEINITZ Campbell A.B., Physical Education 389 MICHELLE BEKEY Encino A.B., Political Science JOHN BENJAMIN Los Angeles A.B., Psychology JAMES BERBOS Futlerton B.S., Biology GAIL BERCER San Francisco A.B., Physical Education MARC BERTONE Newport Beach A.B., Political Science ROSETTA BINT Whittier A.B., Political Science SHEILA BIRMINGHAM Towson, MD A.B., History ANTHONY BISHOP Long Beach A.B., International Relations JUDY BOCHTE Arcadia A.B., Psychology NANCY BOEHME Torrance A.B., History CA THERINC BOLZERN Los Angeles A.B., International Relations French CYNTHIA BONDESCN Madera A.B., Art History SUSANNA BONNELL Encino A.B., French JANICE BOREIKO Huntingdon, PA A.B., Sociology CURT BORMANN San Diego A.B., Journalism LESLIE BORNE Los Angeles A.B., Psychology MICHAEL BOTTOM San Ramon A.B., Psychology AMANI BOUTROS Los Angeles B.S. Biology MANAL BOUTROS Los Angeles B.S. Biology KAREN BOWICK Los Angeles A.B., Psychology MARK BOYKIN Lm Angeles A.B., Political Science WILLIAM BOYER Pasadena B.S., Biology CAYLE BRADY Fairfax, VA A.B., Psychology CEORCE BRADY Hillsborough B.S. Biology ROBYN BRAMHBALL Hawthorne A.B., Music KEVIN BRETT Clendale A.B., Broadcast Journalism THOMAS BRISTOW Canada A.B., International Relations PATRICE BRITTON Charlottesville, VA A.B., Fine Arts BRUCE BROOKS Los Angeles A.B., Speech Communication LAURIE BROTHERTON Pasadena A.B., Hhtory 390 CAROL BROWN Woodland Hills A.B., French PETER BROWN Scoltsdile, AZ A.B., German WILLIAM BUCKNER Santa Barbara A.B., Cinema ROBERT BUEHLER Chicago, IL A.B., American Studies KELLY BURKE Pebble Beach A.B., Sociology MICHELLE CABRAL Laguna Hills A.B., journalism MARK CACCIANO Beverly Hills B.S., Biology KA THARINE CALL Beverly Hills A.B., English CHARLES CALLEN St. Petersburg, EL A.B., Political Science lAZMIN CALVO Tufunga A.B., Spanish Linguistics KARIN CAMPBELL Playa del Rey A.B., Public Relations KRISTI CANNATA Northridge A.B., Spanish ANTHONY CARLILE Arvin A.B., Chemistry KENNETH CARLSON Corona del Mar A.B., Psychology BRENDA CARMICHIEL Minnetonka, MN A.B., Drama BRUCE CARR Garden Grove A.B., Broadcasting SIL VIA CARRANZA Los Angeles B.S., Biology ROBERT CARTER San Marino A.B., Broadcasting COLLEEN CASEY Los Angeles A.8., Speech Communication EDDIE CATOE San Bernardino A.B., Political Science EARL CECIL La lolla A.B., History VACHE CHAKMAKIAN Glendale B.S., Chemistry SO-LINC CHAN Hong Kong A.B., Music YVONNE CHAN Canada A.B., Economics DEBRA CHANG Wahiawa, HI A.B., Psychology PHILIP CHAO Santa Monica B.S., Biology ROY CHAPMAN Mt. Prospect, IL A.B., History DOROTHY CHEN San Gabriel B.S., Biology RECINA CHEUNG Cerritos B.S., Biology THOMAS CHEYNEY San Diego A.B., International Relations Philosophy 391 MICHAEL aSNEROS jm m Stanton A.B., History Kt THOMAS CLACETT Ir ' ' H Riverside m i ' jP A.B., Journalism B ' tt ' S JOAN CLOVER - V ' ., nL Clendale K X tr A.B., Journalism English B ' A L t STEVEN CLOW B B L Cranada Hills B 1 A.B., Journalism K B l ALEXANDRA COCK H Medine, WA H A.B., Economics I HH DUNCAN COFFEY HBSl — __J I Newport Beach r l n nn i A.B.t Speech Communication B- ■HH m HARVEY COHEN R 1 1h Los Angeles m ff vs A vA 1 » A.B., Psychology K V — J 1 41 ROY COLE P ' Vw ■ ' Ontario B rj A B.S., Biology H fr H RITA CONCEPCION y H San Diego 1 . P H B.S., Biology l l CAYNELL COREL AND H Los Angeles H A.B., Psychology H H Hf D COPELAND Amherst, NH A.B., Journalism SHIRLEY CORONEL Los Angeles ' ., International Relations JOHN COTE San Diego B.S., Psychophysics RENEE COTTRELL Carson A.B., Public Relations PAMELA COVINGTON WhUtier A.B., Political Science BETTY COWIN Ontario A.B., Classics DONALD CRAIB Northbrook, IL A.B., History JANET CRAWFORD Los Angeles A.B., Political Science TODD CREAGER Reseda B.S., Biology DWAIN CRUM Rosemead A.B., History MICHAEL CRY Berkeley A.B., Political Science C. JOAN CUMMINCS Los Angeles A.B., Speech Communication SUSAN CURNUTTE Huntington Beach A.B., Journalism Public Relations GREGORY DAHLEM Mariposa A.B., Physical Education SHIRLEY DAIKOKU San Mateo B.S., Biology 392 DIANB DALTON Covina A.B., Speech Communication JOSEPH D ' AMATO Redondo Beach A.B., Public Relations NICHOLAS DAMATO Yucca Valley A.B., Psychology VIVIAN DANIEL Los Angeles A.B., Speech Pathology WILLIAM DAUSTER Pismo Beach B.A.. I.R. Polit. Sci.; M.A. Econ. DAVID DAVIDSON South Laguna A.B., Speech Communication ROBERT DAVIDSON Valley Center A.B., International Relations GLEAM DAVIS San Gabriel A.B., International Retations PoHtical Science LYN WOOD DAVIS Los Angeles A.B., Political Science MARIA DAVIS Los Angeles A.B., Psychology THEODORE DA VIS Los Angeles A.B., Psychology DREENA DAY Hawthorne A.B., Sociology KIMBERLY DE CHELLIS Woodland Hills A.B. JULIET DE CAMPOS Granada Hills A.B., Biology P.EyScience Sports Journalism ROBIN DEEMER West Covina A.B., Journalism BARBARA DEERINC Huntington Park A.B., Public Relations TIM DEGNER Arcadia B.S., Psychobiology ADALBERTO DELCADO-CASTRO Los Angeles A.B., Ethnic Studies Spanish JILL DELLER La Puente A.B., Philosophy LOURDES DE LA CAL Hawthorne A.B., French PAUL DEL ROSARIO Los Angeles B.S., Biology CAR LA DEM AS Hillsborough B.S. KARIN DERKS Duarte A.B., Sociology ALEXIS DEUTSCH Beverly Hills A.B., Public Relatiofts LOUISE DEWHIRST Los Angeles B.S., Psychobiology DEBRA DeYOUNC Rancho Palos Verdes A.B., History MARCO DIAZ Lancaster A.B., Broadcasting Journalism Psychology PATRICK DIAZ Encino B.S., Biology RALPH DION Yorba Linda A.B., Political Science Economics PA TRICE DiROCCO Sherman Oaks A.B., Art History 393 BUCBNIA DOMINGUEZ Los Angeles A.B., Spanish MICHAEL DOUGLASS Arcadia A.B., Broadcast journalism AMANDA DUDDLESON Rolling Hills A.B., History CARTER DUNLAP Stockton A.B., Economics ATHENA DUPART Los Angeles B.S., Biology KRISTIE EDWARDS Los Angeles A.B., Anthropology GLENN EHRLICH Valinda A.B., Sociology SUZANNE ELI A Fresno A.B., Public Relations DONNA ELLIOTT Los Angeles B.S., Biology CHERYL ELLIS Los Angeles A.B., English LEILANI EMPENO National City A.B., Cinema Broadcast Journalism BARBARA EMSLIE San Marino A.B., Physical Education DAVID ENCINAS Irvine A.B., Public Relations LOUIS ENRIQUE Rosemead B.S., Psychobiology HOBART EPSTEIN Lisle, IL A.B., Economics PAULA ERD St. Louis, MO A.B., Political Science MARIO ESTOLANO Inglewood B.S., Biology ANNA EVASHKO Los Angeles B.S., Geology CERMAINE EYHERABIDE Bakers field A.B., Psychology WILLIAM EZELL Pasadena A.B., Psychology TAI-SHAN FANG Taiwan Ph.D., Chemistry JBFFERY FANTO Plymouth, Ml A.B., Sociology IMAN FARES Los Angeles B.S., Biology JAMES FARQUHAR Burbank A.B., History DAVID FELLOWS San Francisco A.B., Broadcast Journalism History KIM FERGUSON Las Vegas, NV A.B., Public Relations Drama WENDY FERREN San Leandro A.B., Public Relations MARC FERRERO Los Angeles A.B., Cinema MARGIE FINKELSTEIN Rancho Palos Verdes A.B., Psychology SARA FINNEY Los Angeles A.B., Broadcast Journalism 394 JOAN FIRTH Rancho Pahs Verdes A.B., Spanish RANDY FISHBURN Tucson, AZ A.B., Political Science Speech Communication BARBARA FISHER Chndale A.B., Psychology MAUREEN FLAHERTY Van Nuys B.S., Psychobiology PETER FLETCHER Riverside, CT. A.B., Public Relations DAVID FLORES El Monte A.B., Political Science SARA FLORES Lynwood A.B., Psychology LYNNE FOGLESONG Clendale B.S., Biology JOSEPH FONTAINE Riverside B.S., Biology KIM FOSTER Newport Beach A.B., Speech Communication MARK FOSTER San Juan Capistrano A.B., International Relations MORGAN FOTTRELL Indian Wells A.B., Cinema ENRIQUE FRANCO San Fernando A.B., History International Relations ANDREW FRANK Beverly Hills B.S., Biology MELINDA FRANK San Mateo A.B., Psychology IICHAEL FRAWLEY Fullerton A.B., Political Science EASTER RUSSELL-FRENCH Lake View Terrace M.A., Broadcast Journalism Broadcasting GUS FRIAS South El Monte A.B., Political Science ALAN FUJIMOTO Hilo, HI B.S., Chemistry DAVE FULLER Clendale A.B., Political Science International Relations P l r 1 i ALCJAMDRO CALINDO Mexico A.B., International Relations DAVID GARCIA Montebello A.B., Public Relations CCORCEANNE GARCIA Strathmore A.B., Psychology Ethnic Studies DENVER GARTNER New York B.S., Geology WANDA GEORGE I OS Angeles A.B., Math DAVID GERLETTI South Pasadena B.S., Physical Education CLARA CERMANI El Centra A.B., Journalism ERIC GERMAIN Woodland Hills B.S., Physics LISA CIEFER Carson A.B., English Humanities KRISTI CILLET Suena Park .B., Public Relations 395 LINDA CISBRECHT Rancho Palos Verdes A.B., Psychology HUBERT CLOVCR Elmira, SY A.B., Journalism BOB COETZ Palos Verdes Estates A.B., Political Science ASTRID COLOMB Los Angeles A.B., Anthropology DEBRA COODLOE Fort Washington, PA A.B., International Relations DORIS COOSBY Los Angeles B.S., Biology LAURA CORDON Rolling Hills Estates B.S., Biology JANE COULD Paramis, NJ A.B., English LYNN COVIN Downey B.S., Physical Education MICHAEL CRABENDIKE Riverside A.B., English ROBERT CRABOT Van Nuys A.B., Public Relations BARB RA CRANTHAM Indian Wells A.B., English JOHN CRASSO Binghamton, NY A.B., Sociology DONALD CRAY Tustin A.B., English JUDY GRAY Whittier A.B.J Psychology CHARLES CREAVES Levittown, NY A.B., Psychology SCOTT CREEN Chula Vista A.B., International Relations WILLIAM CREEN American Embassy, NY M.A., International Relations VERONICA CREENE Colombus, CA A.B., Psychology KATHY CREER La Palma A.B., Social Science Political Science MARY ANN GRIECO Maywood A.B., Physical Education JENNIFER GRIFFIN Bakersfield A.B., English ELLEN CRINSTEIN Los Angeles A.B., Sociology JOHN CRISET Fallbrook A.B., Political Science ROLAND CUILLAUME Los Angeles 8.S., Chemistry STEVEN CUIREMAND Whittier A.B., Journalism LYNDI CULLY Los Angeles M.A., Journalism Slavic Languages and Literature ROSEMARY GURROLA Whittier A.B., History FABIOLA GUTIERREZ Los Angeles A.B., Psychology SUSAN HAACK Elm Grove, Wl A.B., Public Relations 3% DEBORAH HAAS San Antonio, TX A.B., Broadcasting CHERYLL ANNE HAIRSTON Valinda A.B., Psychology CHRISTOPHER HALL Long Beach A.B., International Relations Philosophy STEPHEN HALL Anaheim B.S., Psychobiology TIMOTHY HAMILL Newport Beach B.S., Psychobiology THOMAS HARALAMBOS Sierra Madra B.S., Psychology LINDA HARDING Los Angeles A.B., International Relations GEORGE HARCRAVE Aiea, HI B.S., Psychology VELMA HARPER Guam B.S., Biology GAIL HARRIS Oakland A.B., Psychology MARY HASBROUCK Los Angeles A.B., Social Science Political Science RICHARD HATFIELD Fountain Valley B.S., Physical Education STEVEN HAWKINS Alexander City, AL A.B., Journalism TRACY HAYWARD Santa Ana A.B., Public Relations MICHAEL HECKELMAN Darien, IL A.B., Cinema JOHANNA HELFFRICH La Canada A.B., Public Relations JOHN HELLER Neward, NY M.A., International Relations ELIZABETH HELMHOLZ Cincinnati, OH A.B., Psychology JUDITH HENDERSON Los Angeles A.B., Public Relations JOHN HENNO Pasadena A.B., Psychology MICHAEL HENRY Sacramento B.S., Biochemistry ALLA HENSHAW Piedmont A.B., English MARCIA HERBERT Jacksonville, FL B.S., Psychobiology CARMEN HERNANDEZ Los Angeles A.B., Psychology MARGUERITE HERNANDEZ Claremont A.B., Broadcasting RONALD HERNANDEZ Los Angeles B.S., Biology IRMA HERRERA Los Angeles A.B., Psychology STEPHANIE HERROLD La Crescenta A.B., Psychology Recreation KERRY HERSCH Beverly Hills A.B., Speech Communication DANA HERTEL South Pasadena A.B., Physical Education 397 ROBERT HERTEL Hacienda Heights B.S., Physical Education L YN HICKS San Clemen te A.B., Humanities EDWARD HILL La iolla B.S., Geology MICHELLE HIMMELBERC Riverside A.B., Journalism DEBRA HINZB Lynwood A.B., Physical Education PAUL HIRAYAMA Pomona A.B., Economica LOUISE HITCHCOCK Rosemead A.B., Philosophy Political Science KATHY HITTLB Glendalt M.A., SpanisI EDWARD HOGAS Burlingame A.B., Broadcast Journalism ROXANNE HOLDERMAN Santa Ana A.B., German CHERYL HOUSER Studio City A.B., English MITCHELL HOWARD Anaheim A.B., Humanities Dram? MICHELLE HOWELL Calabasas B.S., Physical Education THOMAS HRYNIEWICKI Downey B.S., Biology GARY HOFFMAN Lennox B.S., Chemistry DONALD HUFFORD San Francisco B.S., Biology MARK HUGHES Pewaukee, Wl B.S., Computer Science AUDREY HUTCHINCS Beverly Hills A.B., Art History WILLIAM IDEN Sacramento A.B., Broadcasting MONICA IGARZABAL North Hollywood A.B., Spanish KORO IKEZAWA Japan M.A., Economics JEFFERY INGRAM Walnut A.B., Broadcasting MARC IVERSON Thousand Oaks A.B., History STEPHANIE IVLER Sierra Madre A.B., International Relations JOANNA IWA TA OJai A.B., East Asian Languages and Culture Spanish GRACE IWAMAYE Long Beach B.S., Biology MICHAEL IZUMI Honolulu, HI B.S., Biology DUC JACKSON Compton A.B., Chemistry JACQUELINE JACKSON Culver City B.S., Biology STEPHANIE JACKSON Los Angeles A.B. 398 H L LORINC JACOBS Lai Vegai. NV B.S., Biology SnVIA I AMIS Downey A.B., Psychology LISA JAMES Miraleste Pines A.B., Political Science CANDACC JAMES Garden Grove A.B., Speech Communication JERRY JAL ABA San Gabriel B.S., Biology PAULA JAN Hunington Beach B.S., Biology RAYMOND JARAMILLO Sun Valley A.B., Political Science STEVEN JARMUS Los Angeles A.B., Political Science LORI JEPSEN Arcadia A.B., Physical Education LIANE JOHNSON Needles A.B., History German JOHNNIE JOHNSON Hawthorne A.B., Sociology TONI JOHNSON Los Angeles A.B., Political Science THOMAS JOHOVIC Santa Barbara A.B., Political Science VICKEY JONES Los Angeles A.B., Political Science GREGORY JORDAN B.S., Chemistry TONI JORY Las Vegas, NV A.B., Spanish DORI KACAN Huntington Beach A.B., Psychology TERRY KAHN Los Angeles A.B., English MARK KARASIK Highland Park, IL A.B., Sociology JOSEPH KARBUS Granada Hills B.S., Biology MARK KARIYA Pauma Valley A.B., Journalism LESLIE KARR Oxnard B.S., Biology AMY KATO Los Angeles A.B., East Asian Language Culture ANNE KATZ Las Vegas, NV A.B., Psychology ROSS KATZ Solana Beach B.S., Biology BRIAN KAWAHARA Gardena B.S., Chemistry DONNA KAWASAKI Los Angeles A.B., Psychology GERI KAYE Madison, Wl A.B., Anthropology VIVIEN KEARNEY Norwalk A.B., English JANE KEILHOLTZ Flintridge A.B., History 399 KATHLEEN KELLY S3n Diego A.B., Sociology KATHLEEN KELLY Pacific Palisades A.B., Psychotogy MARC KELL Y Newport Beach A.B., Public Relations MICHAEL KHANCHALIAN Arcadia B.S., Biology JULIE KILLIAN Newport Beach A.B., Speech Communication KAREN KILLIAN Arcadia A.B., Broadcast Jour n. KAREN KIM Los Angeles A.B., Psychology German MAN KIM Mission Viejo B.S., Biology STEPHEN KIM Huntington Beach B.S., Biology SUNC ' HEE KIM Los Angeles B.S., Biology RECINA KINES Los Angeles A.B., Psychology TIMOTHY KING Los Angeles A.B., Cinema JEFFRY KINGSLEY Newport Beach A.B., History THOMAS KISKADDEN A.B., Geog. Urban Planning KATHERINE KITSIGIANIS Downey B.S., Biology DONALD KITT Los Angeles B.S„ Biology CANDACE KIYONAGA Lahaina, HI A.B., History APRIL KJAR Costa Mesa A.B., Public Relations JENNIFER KLARAS Los Angeles A.B., Fine Arts ROBERT KLAUS North Oaks, MN A.B., Cinema MARIAN KLEIN Pacoima A.B., Sociology KRISTI KLUGMAN Sherman Oaks A.B., Public Relations ROBERT KNEEDLER Clendale A.B., Cinema ANITA KNUTSON Seymour, TN A.B., French LAURA KOCHEVAR Arcadia B.S., Biology LINDA KODAMA Marina Del Rey A.B., Broadcast Journalism GERARD KOHLER Los Angeles A.B., Economics CAROL KOMATSUKA Los Angeles A.B., Journalism LYNN KNOBLAUCH Sierra Madre A.B., Public Relations KENNETH KNOTTS Anaheim A.B., lnternati€m Relations 400 DAWN KOMINC Paia, HI A.B., English DIBBIC KOSOW Azusa A.B., English WALDEMAR KOZAK Cardena A.B., Psychology NIKI KRANTZ Los Angeles A.B., Broadcasting DAVID KR AY Los Angeles A.B., International Relations MARY KRESIAKE Alhambra A.B., Psychology JAMES KRUECER Santa Ana B.S., Biology MASAHIRO KUSHICEMACHI Los Angeles B.S., Biology LAUREN KUSUMOTO Kailua, HI A.B., Political Science RUTH KWAN Los Angeles A.B., Political Science RAYMOND KWONC Los Angeles A.B., Public Relations SHARON LAMAR Los Angeles A.B., Psychology lOYCE LANDEN Los Angeles A.B., Broadcast Journalism Intern. Relations RICHARD LANDERS Encino AS., English JANICE LANE La Mirada A.B., Psychology JOHN LANE Hollywood B.S., Biology KIMBERL Y LANG Los Angeles B.S., Biology ALAN LANCSTON Newport Beach A.B., Psychology JAMES LANSBURY New York, NY A.B., Cinema LOLA LAO Los Angeles B.S., Biology JEFFREY LARCIADER Huntington Station, NY A.B., History WEI LAU Milledeville, GA B.S., Biology CORRINE LAURANCE Marina Del Rey B.S., Psychobiology PAUL LEAKE Newport Beach A.8., Broadcasting LISA LeCOVER Los Angeles A.B., Public Relations DEBORA LEE Los Angeles A.B., Broadcasting GARY LEE Los Angeles B.S., Biology RAYMOND LEE Montebello 8.S., Psychobiology YOUNG LEE Lawndale B.S., Biology JAMES LEHMAN Rolling Hills Estates B.S., Physical Sciences 401 KENNETH-THIMOTY LEOCANDA Los Angeles A.B., Cinema CYNTHIA LEONE Clendale A.B., Journalism JENNIFER LEVINE Stamford, CT A.B., Psychology MICHAEL LEVINE Pahs Verdes Estates A.B., International Relations STEVEN LEVINE North Hollywood A.B., Political Science International Relations JACQUELYN LEVY Los Angeles A.B., Journalism JODY LEVY Fresno B.S., Biological Sciences DANIEL LEWIS Solana Beach A.B., Philosophy DAVID LEWIS West Covina A.B., Psychology LEEANN LEWIS Rolling Hills A.B., Psychology DONALD LIEBENSON Highland Park, IL A.B., Cinema DONNA LIEU Los Angeles A.B. B.S., SOCl CSCI CRAY LINEHAN Torrance A.B., Journalism STEVEN LINKON Studio City A.B., Broadcasting RANDEE LIPMEN San Diego B.S., Biological Sciences KOESEN LIPOCK Santa Fe Springs A.B., Astronomy ROBERT LLOYD Inglewood Ph.D., Psychology MARY LO Montebello A.B., Psychology FRANK lODATO Monterey Park A.B., Psychology MARILYN LOGAN Fullerton .S., Geology DAN LONGO Los Angeles A.B., History CAROL LOUIE Los Angeles B.S., Biological Sciences MAY LOUIE Los Angeles B.S., Biology LAURIE LOWDER Canyon Country A.B., English DARRIN LOWE Kensington B.S., Biology ROBERT LUCAS Newport Beach B.S., Biology JEFFREY LUDECKE Alhambra A.B., Mathematics HUNG-YU LUK Hong Kong B.S., Computer Science CINDY LUR IE Brookline, MA A.B., Broadcast Journalism BRIAN LUSHING Los Angeles A.B., Psychology ■F ' " " W ■■■■■ 402 lOHN LUTCENS Los Angeles A.B., Political Science MICHAEL LUTTON Fresno A.B., Political Science PATRICK LYNCH Newport Beach A.B., Political Science JOHN LYTLE Clendale B.S., Biology JOSEPH M ACER A Woodland Hills B.S., Microbiology AYAKO MAEDA Cardena A.B., E.A.L.C. RYAN MAEHARA Honolulu, HI B.S., Biology TERRI MACK Sacramento B.S., Public Affiars PAULA MAGUIRC Los Angeles A.B., English MARIAM MAJDI Los Angeles A.B., Fine Arts FUMIKO MAKISHIMA Japan B.B., Intern Rel.; A.B., Linguistics CARY MALONE Los Angeles A.B., Sociology SHIRLEY MAN Los Angeles B.S., Biology CHARMAINE MANCIL Chicago, II B.F.A., Drama CUY MANCIA North Hollywood B.S., Biology MICHAEL MANN Long Beach A.B., Public Relations SYLVIA MANSAPIT Columbus, GA A.B., Psychology ROSELYN MARFOE West Indies B.S., Biology JACQUELINE MARKIN La Crescenta A.B., Broadcast Journalism MARY MARKS Long Beach A.B., Sociology MARGARET MARSHALL Simi A.B., Political Science STEVE MARTENEY San Marino B.S., Biology GREGG MARTIN Laguna Beach B.S., Geology STEPHANIE MARTIN Los Angeles A.B., Speech Communication ADOLFO MARTINEZ Garden Grove A.B., International Relations ELAINE MARTINEZ New York, NY A.B., Speech Sociology ROSEMARIE MARTINEZ Compton A.B., Psychology ROBERT MASON Long Beach A.B., Political Science Psychology RODNEY MASUDA Los Angeles B.S., Geology YOLANDA MATIONC Gardena A.B., Social Welfare 403 WILLIAM MATSUMURA Los Angeles A.B., Economics JANE MATTHEWS Hinsdale, It A.B., International Relations MIKE MATTINCLEY Laguna Beach A.B., Political Science JAMES MA TYAS South Pasadena A.B., Broadcasting ROBERT MAUTNER Phoenix, AZ A.B., International Relations MARK MA Y Los Angeles A.B., Broadcast Journalism JOANNE MAZZARA Massapequa, NY A.B., Speech Communication LAURIE MacMURRAY Los Angeles A.B., Public Relations ARCHIBALD McALLISTER San Pedro A.B., Cinema ELLEN McAULEY Rocky River, OH A.B., Journalism ROBERT McCULLA Paramount B.S., Biology ROBERT Mcdowell Newburgh, NY A.B., Political Science PATRICK McFADDIN Bakers field A.B., Mathematics PATRICK McKEAN Ventura A.B., Journalism ELIZABETH McKIE Dallas, TX A.B., Art History KA THLEEN McKIE Redondo Beach A.B., Public Relations MAUREEN McLaughlin Los Angeles A.B., Mathematics ROBERT McLOUD West Covina A.B., Broadcast Journalism JEANNINE McMANIGAL Lakewood A.B., Speech Communication KATHERINE McNAIR Arcadia A.B., French ROBERT McNULTY Covina A.B., International Relations KENNETH McNUTT Garden Grove B.S., Biology EDWIN McPHERSON Orange A.B., Psychology DIANE McSHEA Clovis A.B., English MARILOU MEAIRS Riverside A.B., Political Science ROBERT MEDWID Santa Barbara A.B., History TAMARA MEEHAN Newport Beach A.B., Economics ROBERT MEINKE Los Angeles B.S., Biology CRANDALE MELVIN Liverpool, NY A.B., Political Science BRADFORD MERCHANT Farmersville B.5., Physics 404 MICHACL MIKASA Honolulu, HI A.B., Political Science BURNETT MILLER Sieto A.B., Art History DEBBIE MILLER Monterey Park A.B., Journalism DOUGLAS MILLER Hollywood A.B., English EARL MILLICAN Evansville, IS AM., Speech Communication ■- lOHN MINOLA Los Angeles A.B., Political Science lACLYN MINOR Newport Beach A.B., History CARL MIR Huntington Park A.B., International Relations ANDREW MIRIKITANI Honolulu, HI A.B., Religion BARRY MITCHELL Los Angeles A.B., Speech Communication MICHAEL MITCHELL Binghamton, NY A.B., Political Science lOANN MIYACISHIMA Carson B.S., Biology STANLEY MIYAWAKI Culver City B.S., Biology HERBERT MOISA Huntington Park A.B., Psychology EL VA MONARREZ Santa Barbara B.S., Biology NANCY MOODY Los Angeles A.B., Recreation DAVID MOORE Pasadena A.B., Journalism ERNEST MOORE Los Angeles A.B., Economics FRANK MOORE Stockton A.B., Political Science SUSAN MOORE Boulder, CO A.B., Psychology EVELIA MORALES Maywood A.B., Spanish MILACROS MORELLA Washington D.C B.S., Biology ROBERT MORETTA Garden Grove B,S., Biology BELINDA MORGAN West Covina A.B., Public Relations DEON MORGAN Tampa, EL A.B., Psychology KAREN MORISAKI Los Angeles B.S., Biology BRIAN MORRIS Lomita B.S., Psychobiology NAOMI MORITA Pepeekeo, HI B.S., Biology ROSEMARY MORITZ Biloxi, MS A.B., Public Relations KOUICHI MORIZONO Japan M.A., Economics 405 MARK MORRISON Hawthorne B.S., Biology BELINDA MORTON Bronx, NY A.B., Public Relations JODI-JOSEPHINC MOSLEY Des Moines, lA A.B., Psychology Speech Comm. DENNIS MUELLER Alhambra A.B., International Relations NANCY MUELLER Menio Park A.B., History • JV JOSEPH MULLIN Los Angeles B.S., Biology JOSE MUNOZ Los Angeles B.S., Biology LAURA MUNOZ Los Angeles A.B., Spanish French RICARDO MUNOZ Los Angeles A.B., Journalism PETER MURAKAMI Honolulu, HI A.B., Psychology RONALD MURAYAMA La Mirada B.S., Biology KEVIN MURPHY Attleborough, MA B.S., Biology ELDREDA MURRAY Los Angeles A.B., Psychology LEE MUSCROVE Pasadena B.S., Geology LISA MYERS San Francisco A.B., Speech Communication MICHAEL NACATA Los Angeles B.S., Biology BEATR ICE NAIRI Los Angeles A.B., Mathematics WAYNE NAKAMURA Los Angeles B.S., Biology CAROL NAKANO Glendale A.B., Social Work ROBERT NALBACH Arcadia B.S., Biology WESLEY NARITOKU Gardena B.S., Biology DAVID NEAL Woodland Hills A.B., Journalism RE NEE NEBOLON Los Angeles B.E.A., Art History DAN NELSON Glendale A.B., Journalism JOHN NELSON Madison, NJ B.S., Biology JOHN NEWHOUSE San Jose A.B., History JANET NICHOLAS Bakers ield A.B., Psychology JOSEPH NICOLAU Park Ridge, IL A.B., Broadcasting STEPHANIE NISHI Gardena A.B., Psychology MELODY NISHIDA Los Angeles A.B., Political Science 406 ERIC NOBUSACA Honolulu, HI A.B., Speech Communication STEVEN NOEL-HILL England A.B., International Relations JAMES NORCROSS Rolling Hills Estates as.. Biology KAREN NORTHRIDGE La Crescenta A.B., Journalism DARLENE NORVILLE Inglewood A.B., History SHARON NUGENT Tacoma, Wa B.S., Biology DANIEL NUNN Rowland Heights A.B., Psychology FRANK O ' BRIEN Ireland M.A., Physical Education STACEY ODA Los Angeles A.B., Psychology MICHAEL O ' DONNELL Atberton A.B., Political Science JEAN OKUMURA Monterey Park A.B., E.A.I.C Psychology PAUL OLIVERA Ontario B.S., Biology DAVID OLIVER Long Beach A.B., Political Science MASAKI OIWA Japan A.B., Economics PHILIP ONC Daly City B.S., Biology DORENE OPAVA Granada Hills A.B., German ELS A ORTEGA Monterey Park A.B., English I. VICTOR ORTIZ Los Angeles A.B., Inter. Rel Polit. ScL PATRICIA ORTIZ Los Angeles A.B., Speech Communications DAVID OSBORN Long Beach B.S., Biology SUSAN OSTLING La Puente A.B., Psychology ANN OTA Los Angeles B.S., Biology DOUGLAS OWENBY Downey A.B., History SARAT OWOLABI Los Angeles B.S., Biology LYNN PACALA San Pedro Ph.D., Physical Education ALVARO PACHECO Los Angeles B.S, Biology STEVEN PACINI Los Angeles A.B., Political Science TOM PALFEY South Pasadena A.B., Political Science KENNETH PALMER East Brunswick, NJ B.S., Biology MELODIE PALMER Rosemead B.S., Biology AfS7 DONNA PALMIERI ma m Pasadena I H H A.B., Sociology BJP ' ifM B CURTIS PL ATZA . k 1 Cardena HP i " ' ti Tm A.B., Linguistics m byJL 1 PAICE PARRISH Burbank H Mi R m A.B., Psychology ■if P ' lK kd ROLANDO PASQUALI H v flH A.B., Political Science Los Angeles B H LUKE PATRUNO 1 Albambra 1 A.B., Political Science HH H! TERRI PATTERSON H H Downey H BM H A.B., Speech Communication HP p ' l STUART PAUL HPaL A. 1 Anaheim K B ' ' viS B.S., Biology ANN PEARSON E ' ff Sr j M South Pasadena K - ' fl E V I A.B., English HJmS BQj H ALICIA PFINCST ■ r i Laguna Niguel H Bfl l A.B., English l l MARK PENNINGTON 1 Los Angeles A.B., History I HI LESLIE PERCY Los Angeles A.B., Journalism ANGELA PERRY Los Angeles A.B., Psychology MARY PERUSINA Los Angeles A.B., Journalism RICK PETERS Clendale A.B., Political Science CHERIE PETTIT Piedmont A.B., History JEAN PICARDAL V 1 Long Beach r . B.S., Biology m ' V JOHN PINEDA m j lL J Los Angeles K K ' ' V V B.S., Psychology E B .1 1 k MARY PINO K LT H I H Monrovia B K 9 I B! A.B., Spanish B F LOIS PITTER K K j fifl Los Angeles l k ■ m A.B., Journalism L H DAVID PITTMAN Bk-.. j i_ H Newport Beach Hjjg jgH H A.B., History H l 1 GARY POL AN ■ M HB Tarzana H A.B., Psychology H H JENNIFER POLHEMUS B B H Los Angeles Bk , J M B.S., M.A., Economics H v 1 PATRICIA POL IN B V r 1 Long Beach ■ ,j M M A.B., Journalism K v. ' H VICTORIA POLITES BH 1 Merced L || H .B., Broadcast Management L ' 9 1 NICOLETTA POLOYNIS B H Beverly Hills H A.B., Psychology Hi B 1«fl,4« POMYKALSKI W «H Hillsborough K . B A.B., Public Relations . 1 GLENN POWERS B B 9 Los Angeles K9 9 A.B., Psychology Hl - Jm DALE PRETKUS T - ■ Brea H A. 1 A.B., Public Relations RAUL PRETKUS K ' 4 ' m Brea B.S., Political Science a I ' il ftfl PATRICK PRINCE Bli . i l Lakeland, FL Bh K 1 A.B., Sociology HLi HI 406 KIM FKODCCR Los Angeles A.B., Piychology ILIA PROSEPE Los Angeles A.B., French Italian MICHAEL PRYOK Thousand Oaks A.B., Economics RONALD PRUBECK Danbury, CT A.B., Political Science KATHY PUSCH Corona del Mar A.B., Broadcast Journalism RONALD QUAN Gardena B.S., Biology AZHAR RAIAB Los Angeles A.B., Psychology ADOLF RAMIERZ Colton A.B., Spanish KAREN RASMUSS£N Los Angeles A.B., Spanish RANDALL RAY Long Beach A.B., Public Relations CATHERINE REED Pasadena A.B., Speech Communication MARK REEVES Phoenix, AZ A.B., Political Science LINDA RENE Woodland Hills A.B., Sociology OANN REID San Diego A.B., Psychology MARGARET REID Samoa AB., Psychology DOROTHY REINHOLD Upland A.B.J Journalism CELESTE REYES Riverside A.B., English MARY RILEY Spring Valley A.B., Political Science NANCY RISTUBEN Santa Arv A.B., English RICHARD ROA Ontario A.B., Speech Communication SHERRY ROBBIN Encino A.B., Physical Education DOUGLAS ROBERTS Reno, NV B.S., Biology DAVID ROBINSON Lancaster B.S., Biology ROBIN ROBINSON Alhambra A.B., History WILLIAM ROCHE Belgium A.B., Broadcast Journalism History KIM RODCERS Glendale A.B., History BARBARA RODRIGUEZ Monterey Park B.S., Biology MARIA RODRIGUEZ Alhambra B.S., Chemistry MAYRA RODRIGUEZ Mon teres Park A.B., Psychology Social Work PAUL RODRIGUEZ Rosemead A.B., Broadcast Journalism 409 ROBERT ROE Vista A.B., Interhational Relations JANET ROLDAN Victorville A.B., Broadcast Journalism SUTTON ROLEY Ventura A.B., Political Science Speech Comm. ROSA ROMANO Los Angeles B.S., Biology SAMUEL ROSE Nortbridge B.S., Biology ALAN ROSEHIIL Honolulu, HI A.B., English BARRY ROSENBERG Encino B.S., Biology JOHN ROSENMAYER Los Angeles A.B., Sociology JANETTE ROSENTHAL Huntington Beach A.B., French JOHN ROTHWELL Corona del Mar A.B., History DIANA ROWDEN San Gabriel A.B., Physical Education MARK ROWLEY Woodland Hills B.S., Geology MICHAEL RUBIN East Northport, NY A.B., Psychology MICHAEL RUSSELL Pasadena A.B., English Public Relations NANA SADAMURA Los Angeles A.B., Religion MANDANA SAFAVI Westwood 8.S., Biology ARTHUR SALCEDO Los Angeles B.S., Biology HECTOR SAL VADOR Van Nuys A.B., Psychology DEBBIE SAMUELIAN Los Angeles A.B., Psychology CARLOS SANTOS Arleta B.A., History lnterna. Relations STEPHEN SASS Woodland Hills A.B., Journalism Religion JCFF SCHATTINCER Fresno A.B., Psychology STUART SCHECHTER Woodland Hills A.B., Psychology THOMAS SCHMIDHAUSER Inglewood B.S., Biology DAN SCHOENBERG Long Beach B.S., Biology KENT SCHOKNECHT Indianapolis, IN A.B., Broadcast Journalism MARGARET SCHREIBER Reston, VA A.B., Humanities WILLIAM SCRIBNER Kettering, OH B.S., Biology ROGER SCHROEDER New Orleans, LA A.B., Journalism RANDAL SCHULTZ Downey A.B., Broadcasting 410 MARTIN SCHWARZ M.A., Physical Educatfon ROBERT SELLERS Arlington, TX A.B., International Relations LEONARD SETO La Puente A. 8., East Asian Language Culture ANNA-MARIE SHAHEEN Long Beach A.B., Political Science JEFFREY SHAMES New York. NY A.B., Political Science TODD SHAPHREN Rancbo Palos Verdes A.B., International Relations GRACE SHEEHAN Camarillo A.B., Psychology JEFFREY SHEPHERD Los Angeles A.B., Psychology RUSSELL SHEPPEL Palo Alto B.S., Biology VINNY SHERMAN Lynwood A.B., Political Science RONALD SHIGEMATSU Los Angeles 8.S., Psycbobiology HIROSHI SHIKAI Los Angeles A.B., East Asian Language Culture ABBAS SHOKRAIPOUR Tehran, Iran M.A., Communications Management CORDON SHOL TYS Longview, WA AM., Journalism ROMAN SHUMNY Clendale A.B.. Psychology GREGORY SIECK Santa Barbara A.B.. Public Relations DANIEL SIECEL Los Angeles B.S., Biology MARK SILINSKY North Hollywood A.B.. History Japanese Affairs SHARON SIMONIAN Whittier A.B., English Spanish MARY SINGLETON Los Angeles A.B.. Political Science History STEPHANIE SINN Los Angeles A.B.. Physical Education DEBORAH SIRIAS Downey A.B.. International Relations THERESA SIU Los Angeles A.B.. Public Relations CLIFFORD SKEL TON Coronado A.B.. International Relations WAYNE SLACKS Los Angeles A.B., Political Science DAVID SMELTZER Anaheim B.S., Biology BARRETT SMITH New Orleans, LA A.B.. Journalism English DONNETTE SMITH Pacoima A.B.. Ethnic Studies DOUGLAS SMITH San Marino A.B., English LARRY SMITH Corona del Mar A.B.. Public Relations 411 TODD SMITH Moraga A.B. LAURIE SMULL Balhoa A.B., Public Relations WILLIAM SNELL Los Angeles B.S., Physical Science SUSAN SNORE Carmel A.B., Psychology THERESA SOULLIERE Rancho Mirage A.B., Broadcast Journalism KATHLEEN SPARKS Lakeland, EL A.B., Political Science YVETTE SPEIGHT A.B., Psychology CHERI SPENCE Mission Viejo A.B., Political Science MARGARET SPENCER Arcadia A.B., Psychology GEORGIA SPINNEY Los Angeles A.B., Sociology JUDITH STAKEE Whittier A.B., Music PETER STANC La Mirada B.S., Biology SONA STAPLEFORD Auburn B.S., Geology CHARLES STARK Los Angeles A.B., B.S., Psychology Biology ROBERT STEARNS Indio B.S., Biology CHARLES STEIGER Los Angeles A.B., Drama JEFFREY STEIN Cornwellis Heights, PA B.S., Biology SHANNON STEIN Los Angeles B.S., Psychology CHERYL STEJSKAL Norwalk A.B., Political Science WILLIAM STELLAR Rolling Hills A.B., Chemistry CAR A STEMEN San Diego A.B., Psychology Envir Studies ERICK STEPHANIAN Iran 0.S., Biology RONALD ST. JOHN Fountain Hills, AZ A.B., Philosophy THOMAS STILLWELL Newport Beach A.B., Psychology SCOTT STONE Indianapolis, IN A.B., Cinema JEFFREY SUBKO Playa Del Rey A.B., International Relations SYDNEY SULLIVAN Goleta A.B., Public Relations SALLY SUSSMAN Toronto, Canada A.B., Broadcasting STEPHEN SUSTARSIC Los Alamitos A.B., Cinema ROSE ANN SWANGER Calipatria A.B., Journalism 412 KATHY SZIJARTO Fullerton A.B., Public Relations USA TAB AH Studio City A.B., History ANNETTE TACA Monterey Park B.S., Occupational Therapy HELEN TAHARA Los Angeles A.B., East Asian Lang. Cultytinguistics STEVEN TAIRA Los Angeles A.B., Political Science DEBRA TALBOT Altadena A.B., Linguistics VINCENT TAMMARO Hillsborough A.B,. Public Relations TOMI TANABE Montebello A.B., Speech Communications BRENDA TANNIEHILL Los Angeles A.B., Psychology BERNARD TARVER Bakersfield A.B., Speech Communication Phys. Ed. RHONDA TARVER New York NY A.B., Broadcasting DERA TATUM Los Angeles A.B., Journalism JOHN TEIGE New York, NY B.S., Biology JOHN TENACIIA Pasadena A.B., Speech Communication CHARLES THOM Studio City B.S., Biology BETTINA MARIE THOMAS Los Angeles B.S., Biology STACEY THOMAS Riverside A.B., Public Relations DAVID THOMPSON Camarillo A.B., Political Science KRISTI THORNQUIST Tustin A.B., Public Relations DEBBI THUES Fullerton A.B., Political Science JAMS TINDALL Palo Alto A.B., Political Science Speech Comm. HENRY TOMPKINS Carson A.B., Political Science PRANCESCA TORINO Torrance A.B., Political Science LOR I TOYAMA Montebello A.B., Psychology DAVID TRACHTENBERG Scottsdale, AZ A.B., Inter natior al Relations KATHLEEN TR AVERS Carson A.B., Journalism DEBORAH TRESSEN Newport Beach A.B., Public Relations ROBERT TREUHERZ Toluca Lake A.B., Psychology ANGELA TRIPP Los Angeles B.S., Geology ROBIN TRUMBULL Santa Monica A.B., Sociology 4B FBNC-FU TSAO Los Angeles Ph.D. Linguistics WALTER TUCKBR Compton A.B., Political Science DOUGLAS TUELLER Las Vegas, NV A.B., Cermsn Economics lnternational Relations VIRGINIA TUFFLI Rolling Hills A.B., English JUNE TURNER Carson A.B., Psychology LORI TURNER Pahs Verdes Estates B.S., Physical Education THERESA UCHI Los Angeles A.B., Psychology Portuguese-Brasilian Studies CHRISTINE ULRICH Bakersfield B.S., Biology STEVEN URETSKY West Covina A.B., Psychology TETSUO UOZUMI iapan A.B., Economics GAIL UYEDA Los Angeles A.B., Spanish LAWRENCE VALLES Wilminton B.S., Biology PETER VAN DER VELDEN Netherlands A.B., Interdisciplinary Studies MAR Y VARGAS Los Angeles A.B., Physical Education CYNTHIA VENEGAS Los Angeles A.B., History M. VENEGAS Alhambra A.B., Psychology Gerontology THOMAS VERDEGEM Anaheim B.S., Psychohiology GEORGE VERDIN Los Angeles A.B., Political Science English CAROLE VERLANDER La Canada A.B., Psychology RUBEN VIDRID Pico Rivera A.B., Sociology MICHAEL VIGGIANELLI Carlsbad B.S., Biology ROSALINDA VILLALOBOS Montebello A.B., Sociology JAY VITTORI Sacramento A.B., International Relation MARYANN VOLMERT Arcadia A.B., Psychology BEVERL Y VON DER POOL Washington, D.C. B.S., Biology KAREN W ALBERT Arcadia B.S., Psychology GREGORY WALDEN Los Angeles A.B., English CARON WALDRON San Gabriel A.B., Dance ELIZABETH WALKER Los Angeles A.B. Physical Education JAN A WALKER Washington, D.C. A.B., Psychology 414 BUEN PATRICE WALL Lompoc A.B., Psychology MICHAEL WALL Honolulu, HI B.S., Biology WAYNE WALLEY Morgan Hill A.B., Journalism MICHAEL WALSH San Francisco B.S., Biology ALAS WAPNER Los Alamitos A.B., Public Relationi Politial Science LIDIA WA5YLYN Sherman Oaks A.B.f International Relations Economics KATHLEEN WATANABE Los Angeles A.B., Humanities LAUCHLIN WATERS Los Angeles A.B., Political Science DONNA WATSON Clendora A.B., Psychology Speech Comm. TOM WA TSON San Diego B.S., Chemistry DANIEL WAXER Los Angeles B.S., Psychobiology LAUREN WEDLOW Compton A.B., Psychology MELINDA WELCH Clendale A.B., Speech Communications BRIAN WERNICKE Whittier 8.S., Geology JEFF WERTER Newport Beach B.S., Geology DONALD WHISMAN Lynwood B.S., Biology MARY WICKSTEN Palo Alto Ph.D., Biology CYNTHIA WILCOX Montvale, NJ A.B., Sociology lANALYN WILLIAMS Los Angeles A.B., English WILLIAM WILSON Oxon Hill, MD A.B., Broadcasting CARTER WITT Alamo B.S., Biology WENDY WOLDT Torrance A.B., Philosophy TANYA WOLF Duarte A.B., International Relations DAVID WOLFF Montebello A.B., Chemistry JOYCE WOLFSON Lexington, MA A.B., Pshchology CORDON WONG Los Angeles B.S., Psychology LESLIE WONC South Pasadena A.8., Psychology ROSEMARIE WONC Honolulu, HI B.S., Biology STACY WONC Los Angeles B.S., Biology GARY WOOD San Diego A.B., Social Welfare 415 MARK WOOD St. Paul, MN B.S., Geology MARINA WOODS Rancho Cordova A.B., History DBLWYN WORTHINGTON Phoenix, AZ B.S., Biology ELIZABETH WRIGHT I OS Angeles A.B., International Relations Economics PAUL WRIGHT Compton B.S., Biology MARY YANAG. Monterey Park B.S., Biology MAY YANAGI Monterey Park B.S., Biology CECILIA YANG Taiwan M.S., Computer Service MARIKO YANO Annandale, VA A.B., East Asian Languages Culture SUSIE YE ACER Covina A.B., Physical Education MALIK MOHAMMAD YOUNAS Pakistan M.A., Economics ELIZABETH YOUNG Manhattan Beach A.B., Music RANDALYN YOUNG San Diego A.B., Psychology HEIDI YOUNGKIN Studio City B.S., Biology EATTANE YOUSSEFI Iran A.B., Art History Psychology HELEN YUE Los Angeles A.B., Psychology SETH ZACHARY Los Angeles A.B., Political Science Sociology MICHELLE-ANDREA ZACHMANN Panorama City A.B., Geography DIANE ZAKIAN Torrance A.B., Public Relations CLAUDIA ZIEELE Mission Viejo A.B., English SHARREL CERLACH Glendale M.S., Library Science TRINA MEND Los Angeles M.S., Library Science HAIDEH NIKPOUR Los Angeles M.S., Library Science CAROL REESE Long Beach M.S., Library Science LINDA SMITH Los Angeles M.S., Library ScierKe LIBRARY SCIENCE AND MEDICINE 416 MICE TAYLOR Sanu Monica M.S., Library Science lOHN CARRY Del Rey M.D. PAUL MAHIR Rosemead M.D. MICHAEL STEFAN San Gabriel M.D. ROBERT WALD Whillier M.O. DEBORAH BECKER Clendale B.M., Church Music RONALD BURROWS Los Angeles B.M., Music Education EVEL YN CARR Los Angeles B.M., Music Education TINA CHANC Los Angeles A.B., Music MARILYN CHEN Long Beach B.M., Piano Performance TAMARA COCNETTA San Francisco B.M., Music Education MARGARET FOGWFLL Pasadena B.M., Music Education KAREN GOH B.M., Music Education ROBERTA HANSEN Seattle, WA B.M., Music Performance CYNTHIA HFIDEN Milwaukee, Wl B.M., Music Performance BERNARD lONCS San Bernardino B.M., Music Education IIM lONES Gig Harbor, WA M.A., Music EducMion Social Ethics ANDREA KAY Los Angeles B.M., Music Education KAREN KECK Escondido B.M., Music Education WESLEY KFNNEY Studio City A.B., Music MONICA MANUGMIAN Hollywood A.B., Music JOSEPH MULROY Newport Beach B.M., Music Composition PAUL NEVILL Ventura B.M., Music Education SARAH ORME Long Beach B.M., Flute PerformaiTCe ROSMEN PAGVIO Los Angeles B.M., Music Performance, Violin ANNETTE PHILLIPS Vista A.B., Music THEODORE RICHEY Cypress B.M., Music Performance, Trumpet 417 lOHN ROJAS Kt " ' WL Bakersfield H mH B.M., Music IP B li ROBERT RUST r HP 1 Camarillo i JR. Ji B.M., Music C ?SP| MARK SCHINDLER v% ' la Mirada B.M., Music Performance education K lEANNE SWACK v x Brea k. vv jA B.M., Performance i L . H NANCY YAMACATA 1 Sun Valley l l B.M., Music Education i HHH DENNIS YBARRA Colton B.M., Music Performance SALLY YBARWOOD Santa Monica B.M., Performance GREGORY ABBOTT Los Angeles A.B., Cinema L YNN ASA}URA Northridge B.M., Music MICH AV ANT Pasadena A.B., Cinema SHANNON BLESSING Pasadena A.B., Cinema JOHN BLIZEK Westchester, IL M.F.A., Fine Arts CHRISTOPHER BONE Los Angeles A.B., Cinema THOMAS CARTER JR. Altadena A.B., Performing Arts PHILIP CHENEY India M.F.A., Cinema JOHNNY DAWK INS Gaffney, SC M.F.A., Cinema JEAN HARRIS Los Angeles A.B., Cinema SARA HESTER Los Angeles M.F.A., Cinema DARRYL HILL Los Angeles B.A., Drama BRIAN LAI Miami, FL A.B., Cinema JOANNE LAZARUS Kansas City, MO A.B., Drama BETSY MCLANE m m: " ■ Erie, PA p " 1 M.A., Cinema - P k H SAMUEL PARSES B r fc ' 9 Beverly Hills r ■ f ' ltsk fl B.M., Music M - . _J 9 WILLIAM PEDENE HL ' ' n F ' Pacific Palisades bB « A.B., Cinema i I B H l VICTORIA RHODES B . V l Los Angeles I K. I H A.B., Cinema Ih b MARK RUSSELL H Pasadena H A.B., Cinema HI HIIHIil 418 PHARMACY LEANS SCHMIDT Long Beach A.B., Drama DAVID SHARP Atlanta , CA A.B., Drama JOHN ZIFFKEN Malibu A.B.t Cinema DALE ADAMS Long Beach Pbarm.D. lONI ALFORD Lomita Pharm.D. JOHN ANTHONY Loi Angeles Pharm.D. THOMAS ARCHER Bueria Park Pharm.D. STANLEY ASARCH Los Angeles Pharm.D. LAWRENCE BARTLETT Los Angeles Pharm.D. CURTIS BOXLEY La Palma Pharm.D. ERIC BUEHLER Long Beach Pharm.D. THOMAS CHEETHAM Los Angeles Pharm.D. CHI CHENG New York, NY Pharm.D. YIU-HANC CHEUNG Alhambra Pharm.D. KENNY CHOW Montebello Pharm.D. JOHN CHU Fullerton Pharm.D. LAWRENCE COHEN Los Angeles Pharm.D. CHARLES CONSTON Los Angeles Pharm.D. DONALD CROMWELL South Pasadena Pharm.D. MARILYN DEVLIN Somers, CT Pharm.D. MICHAEL DIMURO Webster, NY Pharm.D. RANDOLPH DOCKUM Bakersfield Pharm.D. DIANE ENDO Montebello Pharm.D. STEVEN ESPANTMAN Covina Pharm.D. JAMES ESPINOZA San Fernando Pharm.D. JEFFREY FLOOD Escondido Pharm.D. DAVID CARFINKLE Los Angeles Pharm.D. IRA COLDFARB Beverly Hills Pharm.D. m ANDREW GREGORY Hi ' " ' i H Los Angeles F B H Pharm.D. B 1 DAVID GROSSMAN W 9 .« lk " 1 Beverly Hills ■ ■ ! V H Pharm.D. B X ' -i Jw m EDWARD GUERENA Canoga Park B . " " ' ti Pharm.D. K B I BERNARD CUGUELMO I B l B Los Angeles I H I Pharm.D. 1 JERROLD HAMMER H Riverside H Pharm.D. H H H KENNETH HEMKIN H % Downey Pharm.D. DENNIS HIGLEY PP ' w ,J?S B Torrance B B ' ' B Pharm.D. HL. V , j TONI HOLLAND Culver City Pharm.D. tt? MARVIN HOLTZ I S Bui l B Torrance I B BI Pharm.D. H H LYNN ISHIDA H Gardena H Pharm.D. Hi Hi BEVERLY ITO -4 H Rosemead 1 1 Pharm.D. . [ 1 JUDY IZUMO i H Los Angeles fl Pharm.D. K H ] H H JOHN JACKSON B k : ■ South Pasadena Ib 1 Pharm.D. J EDDIE JEW HkJj Los Angeles |l Pharm.D. H THLEEN JOHNSON MOORE Alhambra H Pharm.D. HI DONNA JUE WW " S Santa Paula H Pharm.D. H i LIJA KALEJS vkTT 1 La Cresenta H- Vw B Pharm.D. DANIEL KARDASINSKI ■ Li ' Jb Temple City ■f ' Bl B. Pharm.D. B . r PATTI KAWAHARA w J Los Angeles B I H Pharm.D. ■ H RICHARD KESSENER 1 El Segundo 1 Pharm.D. IH I l Hi CLIFFORD KISHI BV. Livingston v k. Pharm.D. Bp pi DWIGHT KLOTH Glendora Br Pharm.D. E V ' ' ' v JOSEPH KLOB B v x Fullerton V B Pharm.D. B CAROL KONDO H H BH H B Los Angeles H H Pharm.D. H NDREW KWONC H Hong Kong H Pharm.D. BHBBBIH ROBERT LANDMAN E_ZlHi Garden Grove Hpi HiH H Pharm.D. v A H JULIE LANGSLET BP J0 i M Long Beach r B B i l Pharm.D. MONTGOMERY LEW B li fl Los Angeles B .. k-7 H Pharm.D. B A H B DANIEL LING B A H Los Angeles H I H Pharm.D. B B ROBERT LIPP H Glendale H Pharm.D. IHH H IH 420 CHRISTOPHER LOMAX Alhambra Pharm.D. BARBARA LUBINA Cypress Phirm.D. MARK LUM Long Beach Pharm.D. MICHAEL LYON Needles Phirm.D. DONALD MAH San Francisco Pharm.D. STEVE MENDLOWITZ Los Angeles Pharm.D. PATRICIA MIKOL Los Angeles Pharm.D. PA TSY MIYACISHIMA Los Angeles Pharm.D. THOMAS MOORE Stephenson, Ml Pharm.D. KEVIN MORGAN Torrance Pharm.D. JAMES MUNK Northridge Pharm.D. DEREK NAKACAWA Santa Fe Springs Pharm.D. GRACE ODA Pacoima Pharm.D. CHRIS OLSON Orange Pharm.D. GAIL OSBORNE Lakewood Pharm.D. JERRY OSWALD Laguna Beach Pharm.D. STANLEY PANG Pearl City, HI Pharm.D. RICHARD PEATMAN Pacific Palisades Pharm.D. CL YDE PHARR Redondo Beach Pharm.D. STEVEN POTTER Bakersfield Pharm.D. CHRISTY PORTER Pomona Pharm.D. ROBERT PRICE North Hollywood Pharm.D. JEFFREY PURCELL Placentia Pharm.D. ROBERT QUINN Redondo Beach Pharm.D. MICHAEL RAMIREZ Montebello Pharm.D. WILLIAM RICHELIEU North Hollywood Pharm.D. JAMES ROLLINS San Pedro Pharm.D. ELAN RUBINSTEIN Encino Pharm.D. SHIRLEY SAKAMOTO Los Angeles Pharm.D. TOSHIHARU SAKANIWA Los Angeles Pharm.D. 421 STEPHAN SAKLAD Los Angeles Pharm.D. NANVa SALAS Hacienda Heights Pharm.D. £RROL SCHEUERMANN Downey Pharm.D. LINDA SCHWARTZ North Hollywood Pharm.D. RITA SHANE Los Angeles Pharm.D. JULIE SHINMOTO UYEMURA Los Angeles Pharm.D. ARMEN SIMONIAN Hollywood Pharm.D. WAYNE SIU Los Angeles Pharm.D. LOU SMALDINO Toluca Lake Pharm.D. KIM SPEIZER Alhambra Pharm.D, RONALD SPEIZER Alhambra Pharm.D. RICHARD SPIVEY Clendale Pharm.D. LAWRENCE STANTON Manhattan Beach Pharm.D. ROBERT STEIN Los Angeles Pharm.D. ANDREW STERNBERG Los Angeles Pharm.D. JAMES SWARZKOPF Monrovia Pharm.D. CHRIS TAKAOKA Culver City Pharm.D. ROBERT TAKETOMO Carson Pharm.D. ARPI TAVITIAN West New York, NJ Pharm.D. MARK TERRIL Kennewick, WA Pharm.D. KENNETH VENECAS Alhambra Pharm.D. HAROLD VOIB Los Angeles Pharm.D. CAROL VOTEY Clendale Pharm.D. STEVEN WACHTENHEIM Los Angeles Pharm.D. BYRON WAKAYAMA Cardena Pharm.D. DIANN WIEDMANN Shatter Pharm.D. TIEN WINARKO Alhambra Pharm.D. MICHAEL WINCOR Los Angeles Pharm.D. KENNY WONG Norwalk Pharm.D. RICHARD WONG Los Angeles Pharm.D. 422 RAYMOND WOO Monterey Park Phirm.D. LINDA YALE Minneapolis, MN Pharm.D. ClORCE YASUTAKC Salinas Pharm.D. DENNIS YEE Los Angeles Pharm.D. MIL TON YEE Los Angeles Pharm.D. PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION AND PUBLIC AFFAIRS PU-CHEUNC YV Hong Kong TERESA ACUERRE8ERE Los Angeles as.. Public Affiars TRINITA ALEXANDER Compton 8.S., Public Administration BARBARA ANDERSON Los Angeles M.P.A., Public Administration SHELACH APPLEBY Torento, Canada B.S., Public Administration CHAIRUMAN ARMIA Indonesia M.P.A., Public Administration JOAN AVEDISIAN Camarillo B.S., Public Administration CHRISTY BENSON Whittier B.S., Public Affairs DARLENE BENSON Los Angeles B.S., Public Affairs REYNALDO BENZOR Los Angeles B.S., Public Affairs KATHERINE BERITICH Montebe lo B.S., Public Affairs HECTOR BRACHO Los Angeles B.S., Urban and Regional Planning YVONNE BROWN Oakland B.S., Public Administration ARTHUR BURGESS Los Angeles B.S., Public Affairs IEEE BURKHARDT Los Angeles B.S., Public Affairs JULIE BULLA Long Beach B.S., Public Affairs Urban Planning ANNETTE BURNS Long Beach B.S., Public Affairs MICHAEL CALZADA Redondo Beach B.S., Public Affairs Urban Studies RONALD CANO Pico Rivera M.P.A., Traffic Safety Management PAMELA CRAWFORD Los Angeles B.S., Public Affairs WILLIAM CRISOLOGO Honolulu, HI M.P.L., Planning Urban Studies 423 SHARON CROOM Long Beach B.S., Public Administration PAUL CUMMINCS Woodland Hills B.S., Public Affairs CASEY DAVIS La Mesa B.S., Public Administration RICHARD DEBEIKES North Hollywood B.S., Public Affairs PHYLLIS DEMBOWSKI Pomona B.S., Public Affairs STEVEN DITMARS Lakewood B.S., Public Administration MATTI DOBBS Los Angeles Ph.D., Public Administration ANNE DOWNEY San Francisco B.S., Public Administration MARY DURHAM Los Angeles B.S., Public Administration KENNETH DURON Los Angeles B.S., Public Administration TYLER EASLEY Burbank B.S., Public Administration SUSAN ELIOT West Covina B.S., Public Administration JAMES GARDNER San Gabriel B.S., Public Administration SOUSSAN GAZANI Los Angeles B.S., Public Administration ELOISE COMES Colton B.S., Public Administration ENRIQUE GONZALES Los Angeles B.S., Public Affairs PAUL COUAILHARDOU Alhambra B.S., Public Affairs GEMMA GREENE Los Angeles B.S., Public Administration MOKHTAR HAH ALI Malaysia M.P.A., Public Administration MOHD ALI HASSAN Malaysia M.P.A., Public Administration WILLIAM HERMAN Indianapolis, ID B.S., Public Administration CRETCHEN HEFFLER Ventura B.S., Public Administration GUY HICASHIMURA Buena Park B.S., Public Administration CINNY HODGE Fresno B.S., Public Affairs RORY HOLDSTOCK Glenrose B.S., Public Administration JACQUl HOOD Van Nuys B.S., M.P.A., Public Administration JOHN ILLES La Jolla B.S., Urban Land Management PAMELA JONES Long Beach B.S., Public Affairs SHERYL KALIN El Toro B.S., Public Administration VALERIE KRIKES San Bernardino B.S., Public Administration 424 JANE KUBASAK Burbank B.S., Public Administration DONALD LAWYER Los Angeles M.S., Public Administration DIANA LEE Monterey Park B.S., Public Affairs SCOT LENCEL Santa Ana B.S., Public Administration MARIA MARTINEZ Van Nuys B.S., Public Administration PATRICIA MAYES Pacific Palisades B.S., Public Administration JANELLEN McDOUCALL Torrance 8.5., Public Administration BARBARA MENDOZA Buena Park B.S., Public Administration PENNY MILLER Long Beach B.S., Public Affairs SITIRAMAH MOHDNOR Malaysia M.P.A., Public Administration HYACINTH MOORE Los Angeles B.S., Public Administration MICHAEL MORALES Los Angeles B.S., Public Administration ROBERT MORALES Los Angeles B.S., Public Affairs THOMAS MURPHY Los Angeles M.P.A., Public Administration THOMAS NICKELL Northridge 8.S., Public Administration GLORIA NORTHINCTON Los Angeles B.S., Public Administration GUY OKADA Hana, HI B.S., Public Administration MICHIRU OKUMA fapan M.P.A., Public Administration GAIL O ' QUINN San Diego B.S., Public Affairs SERGIO OZUNA Toluca, Mexico M.P.A., Public Administration CRAIG PENNE Arcadia B.S., Public Administration ALEJANDRO PEREZ Toluca, Mexico M.P.A., Public Administration CARYPETRINI Hillsborough M.P.A., Public Administration JOHN PHAUP Carson B.S., Public Administration PAMELA PILAND El Paso, TX B.S., Public Affairs THOMAS PLEAU Garden Grove B.S., Management CHRISTINA RANDALL La Canada B.S., Public Administration JUNE RAWN Santa Monica A.B., Comparative Administration JODY ROSEN Encino B.S., Public Administration RAMON RUBALCAVA Brawley B.S., Public Affairs I:: 4S MA TTHEW SCANLAN Burlingame B.S., Public Administration }ONATHON SHEPHERD Los Angeles B.S., Public Affairs ANNA SHEPPARD Clendale B.S., Public Administration JANET SHIKIYA Montebelh B.S., Public Affairs SHAN SIMON Redondo Beach B.S., Public Affairs GREGORY SOO-HOO Los Angeles B.S., Public Affairs CHERYL THOMPKINS Altadena B.S., Public Affairs CAROL YN THOMPSON San Diego B.S., Urban Studies ROBERT TURNER Los Angeles B.S., Public Affairs STEVEN VALENTINE Pacific Palisades M.P.A., Health Administration LUZ VILLASENOR Los Angeles B.S., Public Administration RHONDA VRBA Convent Station, NJ B.S., Public Administration JOHN WALDRON San Gabriel B.S., Public Administration WAN AWANG WANYAACOB Los Angeles M.P.A., Public Administration CHUCK WILCOX San Pedro B.S., Public Affairs Administration WILLIAM WILLIS Westminster M.P.A., Public Affairs MARGARET WONG Los Angeles M.S., Urban Regional Planning PAULA WRIGHT Compton B.S., Public Affairs EDWARD ZIOMKOSKI Hersey, Ml B.S., Public Administration PHYLLIS ZUSMAN Beverly Hills B.S., Public Administration Urban Planning LAUREN BECKER Ingle wood B.S., Occupational Therapy DAWN BRADLEY Anaheim B.S., Physical Therapy CONSTANCE COULSON Santa Ana B.S., Occupational Therapy TRAVIS COX Wichita Falls, TX M.S., Physical Therapy JOEL EWAN Long Beach M.S., Physical Therapy LESLIE EREEDLE Upland B.S., Psychology LAWRENCE HAM Cheney, WA M.S., Physical Therapy KA THERINE HA WKINS San Gabriel M.S., Physical Therapy 426 NADINE IBA Downey M.S., Physical Therapy D£NNIS JUL IN Downey M.S., Physical Therapy TRACY KUBO Los Angeles B.S., Occupational Therapy VICKI LUEBBE Downey M.S., Physical Therapy CAROL YN MA Y Santa Monica B.S., Occupational Therapy DEBORAH MEDWAY Huntington Beach M.S., Physical Therapy JOY MOLNAR Ontario B.S., Occupational Therapy JOAN MOSSMAN Santa Ana B.S., Occupational Therapy SUSAN MOTTER Rosemead M.S., Physical Therapy JOCELYN PALMER Orinda B.S., Occupational Therapy JOANNE POLLARD Visalia B.S., Occupational Therapy EVA QUON Los Angeles M.S., Physical Therapy LORENZO REYES Corona M.S., Physical Therapy MARY ROMERO Irvine B.S., Occupational Therapy SANDRA 5AAVEDRA Prinerville, OR M.S., Physical Therapy MARY M. SAMSON Saint James, NY M.S., Physical Therapy MINOO SHAHRIARY Iran B.S., Occupational Therapy Psychology LORI SPAETER Rolling Hills B.S., Occupational Therapy SANDRA UITHOVEN Phoenix, AZ B.S., Occupational Therapy LORI VAN VUREN Temple City B.S., Occupational Therapy CINDY WARANTZ Little Rock, NY M.S., Physical Therapy DEBRA WIDMER Moraga M.S., Physical Therapy CATHERINE YAUSSY Baker sfield B.S., Physical Therapy THERESE HURTADO Los Angeles A.B. Social Welfare MAGDALEN A MALAGON Culver City B.S. Social Work NANCY TALLERINO Arcadia M.S., Social Work CYNTHIA TSANG Los Angeles A.B. Social Work NATASHA WALLACE Los Angeles B.S., Social Work All JOHN COMPTON Edwards M.S., Systems Management BRADY FOSTER Highland M.S., Systems Management PA TRICK O ' BRIEN California, MD M.S., Systems Management EUGENE PITTSON Seattle, WA M.S., Systems Management PETER TRAPP San Francisco M.S., Systems Management PARREL WOOLFORD Brea M.S., Systems Management COLEMAN RENTY Los Angeles A.B., Political Science GARY RICKERO Clovis B.S., Mechanical Engineering CECIL Y THOMAS Los Angeles A.B., English STEPHAN WEBER Anaheim B.S., Business SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT Los Angeles Semester Offers 429 the Urban Experience to Students Trying to decide on a career? Interested in an opportunity to learn through personal experience? Looking for a major or a way to relate your major to some aspect of urban society? The Los Angeles Semester offered students signif- icant and unique opportunities to do some of these things and many more. What is the Los Angeles Semester? Photos courtesy of Los Angeles Semester. The Los Angeles Semester provided innovative educational experiences by bringing together staff and students from many disciplines, representing a wide range of major fields and areas of concern. The participants were given the opportunity, through immersion and investigation, to study urban phe- nomena from many perspectives. By this approach, mutual learning was emphasized and made pos- sible. In sum, the program was designed to increase one ' s responsibility for one ' s own education and to continue one ' s own learning process within an urbanizing world. The Los Angeles Semester, formerly known as the Urban Semester, represented a continuing evolu- tion of innovative educational programs designed to offer the student an experiential approach to the study of the city. Los Angeles Semester offered two major pro- grams. The 16-unit Program met AVi days a week and included an internship in a private or public agency. Other components of the program were designed to provide a broad perspective of urban places, people and organizations. Program Components included: The Internship— An opportunity to learn how an urban organization works and to learn its relationship to the larger urban system. Students spent at least two full days each week pursuing their personal and vocational interests. The Urban Foun- dation—A series of speakers, field trips, films, simu- lation games and other activities planned to provide a conceptional framework and multiple perspec- tives for students. The Seminar — A chance to reflect, with other students and members of the faculty, up- on the experiences encountered in the Internship and the Urban Foundation. The Inquiry— A major independent study which gave the individual stu- dent the opportunity to explore any facet of the ur- ban scene he or she may have found exciting. If a student could not commit an entire semester, they participated in the Los Angeles Mini-Semester Program. This 8-unit program met twice a week. It focused on a study of urban communities and the development of field study skills. It did not include an internship. All use undergraduates of any major were eli- gible for either of these programs, as were students from other colleges and universities. 430 431 432 Too many times I find myself rushing around campus without taking time out to enjoy the simple sights that I might usually miss. I think we all should remind ourselves that we have a need to enjoy this beautiful earth that God has given us; moreover, we should allow ourselves to be vulnerable to two basic human emotions: joy and sorrow. This excerpt by Kahlil Gibran is one of my favorites, and seems to sum up what I ' ve tried to say. I hope you enjoy it. Patti Polin Editor It is my fervent hope that my whole life on this earth will ever be . . . . . . tears and laughter; . . . tears that purify my heart and reveal to me the secret of life . . . . . . and its mystery . . . . . . laughter that brings me closer to my fellow men . . . 434 r " t ' U v ' ' Vi III ' MEMORI ' Cindy Leoii j (1955-1977) ' Jlki a good book a good wine (jnning homef Inting. vrtxy treasarps, indeed. ' ' ■Bui perhaps, the greatest treasure Is tt love for a friend. You laugh with them, cry with them, discuss Scriptul with them, eat yogurt with them. g. How fast the time flies by. i Tf i y you never really know how much feve a person until you ' re separated from them ' , ig. You know. ft,only feels like you don ' t know because you miss them so much. And it hurts. Someday, 1 pray, we ' ll meet again. And we ' ll laugh, cry, discuss Scriptures A. ' and eat yogurt. _ See_yoi%lfeen, friend. , „. 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Jr 336 Allen, Suzanne M 387 Allen, William C. 68, 180, 205 Alley, Cuadalupe A 384 Allgair, William A. Jr, 778 Allman, Scott D 780 Almquist, Wendy J. 139 Alpein, llisa 177, 375, 341, 81, 104 Alston, Serena 257 Alters, Brian J. 332 Altmayer, Susan K, Jr. 375 Altuzarra, Gustavo A 255 Alvarado, Rene J, 255 Alvarez, Carl F 166 Alvarez, Francisco Jr. 336 Alvarez, Cipsy T, 387 Alvarez, Irene M 96 Alvernas, Lewis J 323 Alvis, John C, 387 Alznauer, Patricia A 69 Amaefule, Jude O, 378, 96, 104 Amar, Stacy F, 140, 154 Amerian, Richard J, 775 Ammon, Barry D 384 Amorde, Dianna L 323 Amsden, Neal F, 186, 256 Anastassiou, Peter S 173, 387 Andersen, Laura J. 799 Anderson, Brett C, 67 Anderson, Carlene F, 124 Anderson, Christopher B 60 Anderson, Craig A 259 Anderson, David L 780 Anderson, Deborah P, 87 Anderson, Debra J, 140, 347, 91 Anderson, Felton P, 259 Anderson, Frank L. Jr 336 Anderson, George M 387 Anderson, Glenna M 177 Anderson, Gordon B 104 Anderson, Gregory F 347, 75, 60 Anderson, Kenneth C, 332, 79 Anderson, Laura J 756 Anderson, Laurel G, 756 Anderson, Leslie K. 113, 341 Anderson, Mary T, 387 Anderson, Michael L 63 Anderson, Norman C, 320 Anderson, Pamela T, 778, 387 Anderson, Paul I 347, 341 Anderson, Peggy L, . 95, 387, 87, 73 Anderson, Rod T, 347 Anderson, Ronald J 334 Anderson, Scott S. 760, 786 Anderson, Sharon K 324 Anderson, Stephen H, Jr. 786 Anderson, Susan M 328 Anderson, Teri J. 756, 387, 87 Anderson, Ward K 347 Andes, Richard J. .121, 173, 378, 88, 69 Andes, Susan J. 7 7i Andreozzi, Alane A 387, 327 Andrews, Beverly S. 752 Andrews, Julie R 7i9 Andrews, Kathleen K 324 Andrews, Mark G. 60 Andring, William L 88 Annes, Colleen A J88 Anthony, James L Jr 347 Anthony, Philip K 168, 347 Antoci, John M 347 Antonoplis, Lea 323, 324, 258 Adki, Donald J, 378 Adki, Kenneth H. 327 Adyama, Keiko 327 Apasu-Gbotsu, Yao 63 Applebaum, Gail T, 388 Applebaum, Larry A 95 Appleby, Kerry A 177,375 Apramian, Glen 388 Aquino, Rhodora V, 388 Arakelian, Lili A 775 Arbogast, John A 332 Archer, Christy L 758 Archer, Janet B 328, 81 Arcer, Susan D 255 Archer, Thomas D 4 78 Arensman, Jeffrey M 347 Arguedas, Carlos Jr. 343 Arima, Patricia A 792 Arm, Matthew A 336 Armbruster, Mollis A 139, 347 Armendariz, Arlene 331 Armitage, James T. 154, 347, 84 Armstrong, John A 336 Arnesen, Deborah R 758 Arnett, James R 170, 388 Arnett, Sharon F. 60 Arnold, Neil W. 259 Aronoff, Mindy S 776 Arozamena, Roberto D. 775 Arshawsky, Paul 782 Artenian, Suzanne L 7 7J, 343 Arthur, James B. 388 Arvin, L, Christopher 77i Aryafar, Maria L 88 Asato, Doreen H, 142 Asato, Wesley T, 343 Asayama, GailM, , 192, 63, 107, 76, 77 Asayama, Terri T, 378 Ascharsobbi, Farhad 96 Ash, Corinne S. J88 Ash, Kevin R 256 Ashendorf, Steven M 782 Ashimine, Carolyn K 742 Ashlock, Timothy M 786, 378 Ashton, Dana R 778 Askins, Bradley J. 388 Aspinwall, Mark A 778 Assad, Mustafa A 255 Assef, Hashem 259 Astor, John K 133 Astrella, Mark T. 131 Atha, William H. Jr 133 Atkinson, Donald D, Jr, 335 Attyah, Robert M 786 Atwood, Mark W. 384 Audette, Richard B 60 Aufhammer, Alan L 786 Autrey, Marisa F 749, 758 Avallone, Anthony N. 388 Avant, Mich L 477 Avedisian, Joan A 153, 204, 422 Avelino, Maria T, J88, 82 Avendano, Hugo O, 86 Averetta, Adrienne 388 Avina, Susan A 388 Avitua, Jose L J47 Axene, Mitchell W, 749 Ayers, April A J47, 60 Ayers, Jill M 707 Ayoob, John J, 786 Azuma, Kay K 388 B Baar, Tamata F, 324 Baba, Grace A 375 Baber, William R 341 Babi, Gary D 388 Bachman, Kathleen L 775 Bachmann, Charles J. 378 Bachmann, Flaine 375 Backer, Randon T. 749 Badham, William A 770 Badley, John F. 749 Badley, Robert R 749 Bagnall, Patrick M 760 Bagnall, Robert K 797 Bagne, Linda K 727 Baich, Virginia A 724 Bailey, Brandon R 336 Bailey, James D 724, 786, 84 Bailey, Joann L 388 Baich, Virginia A 724 Bailey, Brandon R 336 Bailey, James D. 724, 786, 84 Bailey, Joann L 388 Baker, Alan K 744, 204, 205, 347 Baker, Brian A 97 Baker, Donald L 347, 331 Baker, Joseph F. 255 Baker, Sonya L 7J9 Bakke, Julianne 113 Bakke, Sonja M 758 Balabuch, Linda 254 Baldwin, Amy D 756 Baldwin, David C. 384 Balfour, Linda A 140 Ball, Juanita A 320 Ball, Steven F. 768 Ballas, Stephen B, J84 Bancale, Kenneth A 778 Banks, Jeffrey 5 332 Banks, Kathryn M 140, 347 Baradaran, Nasser 378 Baranowski, Jacek J 332 Barar, Homayoun J88 Barba, Frank V, 137 Barber, Marymagdeline F, 388 Barcellona, Paula 388 Barg, Jonathan V, 336 Barkdull, Lisa C, 153 Barnard, Stephen D 60 Barnes, Dale R 347 Barnett, Carole B, J24, J25 Barnett, Richard W, 333 Barnett, William B, 131 Barr, Jim 312 Barr, Juliana 328 Barr, Julie A 727, 204, 347, 81 Barragan, Richard A 375, 104 Barrett, Bruce A 784 Barrett, John B 173, 205, 347, 84 Barrett, Linda S, 775 Barshop, Mark N, 384 Bartlett, Lawrence N. 4 78 Battling, Susan L 758 Barton, Donald A 73, 60 Barton, Kathy S 775 Barton, Richard C, 788, 378, 96 Bas, Renee M 77J Bass, Rose, 702 Bales, Darryl F 318 Bates, Duane M 388 Batson, Thomas M. J88 Battani, Jordan 327 Batte, Peter G. 160, 347 Battick, Dawn F. 388 Bauer, Arthur F, 796 Bauer, Steven F, 348 Bauman, Bradley L 784 Baumann, Steven B 784 Bautista, Gilbert F, 255 Bavouset, Jan H, 388 Bayer, Lance F, J84 Bayley, Julie A 60 Bazshoshtari, Afshin 378, 104, 67 Beach, Bruce G, 770 Beach, Fdward R 348 Beacham, Cassandra A 722, 388 Beard, Mitchell K 788 Beasley, Margaret M 343 Beaudet, Debra A 325 Beaudette, Alan J, 348, 154 Bebbington, Lesley C. 752, 388 Beck, Scott S 337 Becker, Lauren M. 425 Becker, Mary J. 121, 388 Beckhardt, Christine H. 756 Beckley, Deborah L 343 Beckman, Brian C 388 Becktel, Catherine M 752 Becnel, Jerome R 88 Bedall, Jamison L 343, 140 Beeton, James D 736 Bega, Michelle R 343 Begert, Brian K 256 Beglin, Shannon P. 388 Behnke, Alice A J27 Behrle, Sherry A 775 Beigel, Kenneth R 116, 133 Beinitz, William F. 388 Bekey, Michelle F. 389 Bellissimo, Cathy 102 Bell, Kathryn J 337 Bell, Lindy 702 Bell, Neelura 47, 743 Bell, Susan L 727 Bellain, Jo 702 Belter, Randall A 336 Bendeck, Flizabeth 199, 217 Beniddir, Abdelhamid 378, 82 Benitez, Sandra L 325 Benjamin, John F, 389 Benka, Rory L 87 Benkmann, Desiree M 348 Bennett, Gregory A 784 Bennett, Kenn L 87 Bennett, Robert M 88 Bennett, Roy A 348, 133 Benoit, Daniel K, 773 Benone, Michelle R 775 Benson, Darlene I. 422 Benson, Gregory 5 770, 706 Benson, Janice M 758 Bent, David B. 749 Benz, Gregory D 773 Benzor, Reynaldo 422, 257 Berbos, Nancy A 740 Berger, Gail 389, 258 Bergstrom, James W, 788 Berkey, Rebecca J. 740 Berkowitz, Francine F 348 Berlin, Stephen 332 Bernal, Cynthia 5 375 Bernardino, Rafael Jr 74 Bernstein, Marc C, 348, 131 Bernstein, Robert A 348 Berry, Thomas P. 332 Berryhill, Brad Dawson 80 Bert, Gregory F, 770 Bert, Lisa 139, 170 Bertone, Marc R 389 Bertuzzi, Joel M 257 Berumen, Alfred Jr 332 Berumen, Maria F, 257 Best, William R, Jr, 332 Bevard, Cynthia S 740 Bianchi, Larry R 348 Bickel, Glenn 348, 161 Biggs, Julia H, 384 Bigham, Harlan J. 78 Biller, Jennifer L 258 Billick, Andrew S, 78 Billings, Robert N, 737 Billow, Donald F 737, 378, 85 Birdsell, Regina A 341, 107 Birmingham, Sheila M 389 Birnie, Diane F, 115 Birnie, Douglas A 348, 733 Birlcher, Baron R 184, 332 Bishop, Aaron A 336 Bishop, Anthony 160, 389 Bishop, Kimberly A 739, 375 Bivens, Sandra M 348 Bizzini, Karen L 163,327 Bjorkman, Teri FIlin 88 Black, Audrey 102 Black, Charles H, Jr, 170 Blackburn, Maria J 178 Blaine, Marc I, 257 Blair, Mariette B 177 Blakeley, Kenneth G 348, 154 Blakey, Roberta O, 348, 87, 91, 70 Blanco, Jacqueline M 375 Blasiar, Pamela S, 777, 206 Blasier, Mary T, ' W Blatt, Jeffrey T, 60 438 BUustein, Laurie 384 Bhylock, Brandon A 79 Bleak, lanine M 140 Blessing, Shannon G. 417 Blitz, Howard A 348 Blizek, John R 417 Blood, Leah C. 320 Blorfroshan, Momammad H. 343 Blue, Gloria H. H. 323 Blum, Jennifer 1 152 Boals, Melissa J. 156 Bochte, Judith M. 389 Bodovitz, James P. 320 Boehme, Nancy L 389 Boehmer, Sally A 257 Boehmer, Terry M 121 Boggan, William K 348, 144 Boggess, Sandra S 135, 375 Bogy, Vernon C. 348 Bohac, Sue E. 107, 74 Bohan, James J. 166 Bohlin, Rena D. 348, 87 Bohnett, David C. 348 Bole, John Andrew 331 Bolles, Elizabeth A 384 Boiling, Robert H 378 Bolinger, Alan D 348, 60 Bombeck, Matthew 1 331 Bonakdar, Mohammad R 96 Bond, J a Jr. 149 Bondesen, Cynthia L 113, 389 Bone, Christopher D. 417 Bonkowski, Mary B 348 Bonnell, Susanna J. 115, 389 Bonner, Brynne S. 158 Boone, Jennifer J 341 Boone, Raymond L 348 Booth, John D. 348, 80 Boras, David C. 348 Borcherdt, Kimberley 756 Bordley, William C. 257 Borelli, David 258 Boren, Ronald J 341, 168, 84 Boring, Leonard A 144 Bormann, Curt D. 77 Bormuth, Alan R 796 Borne, Leslie F. 389 Borochoff, Robert M. 68 Boroomand, Alireza 336 Borrero, Kathleen M 348 Borrmann, Leonard R 321 Borsattino, Jean M 706 Boskovich, Janine T. 177, 375 Boss, Joann M. 121, 206, 96 Bossio, Debra R 139 Botelho, Thomas J. 348, 186 Bottero, Gerald W. 318 Bottom, Michael L 389, 256 Botz, Michael I 133, 254 Botzbach, Jennifer J. 777 Bourns, Anita 1 34S, 113 Bourns, Denise L 113 Boutros, Amani 389 Boutros, Manal A 389 Bowden, Tom C. 770 Bower, Katie L 756 Bowick, Karen E. 389 Bowlin, Daniel W. 797 Bowman, Barbara A 348, 1 13 Bowman, Barry R 341 Bowman, Carmilla L 348 Bowman, Thomas f. 348 Bowne, Bruce T. 348 Box, Karen M 136, 331 Box, Michael L 136 Boxberger, Rodney W. 251 Boxley, Curtis M 418 Boyd, Elaine 752 Boyer, Mark P. 389 Boyer, William L. Jr. 184, 389 Boylan, Joseph P. 770 Bozanich, Richard A 76 Bozarth, Linda K 348, 177 Bozzo, Michele C. 139 Bradburne, David H. 180 Braden, Carolyn 152, 204, 81 Bradley, Dawn A 425 Bradley, Jules D. Jr. 348 Bradley, Steven L 188 Bradley, Thomas R 331 Brady, Charles E 332 Brady, Gayle M 389 Brady, George E. 389 Brady, Susan A 322 Bramhall, Robyn D. 389, 87 Brandenburg, Molly J. 318 Brandolino, Sharon R 324 Brandon, Lancing H. 63 Brandt, Anita E. 776 Bradnwynne, Heather T. 324 Brazil, Leonard 7«6, 84 Breiter, Barbara J 348, 152 Breslin, Moira R 124 Breyman, Eugene F. 331 Brickell, David S. 332 Bridges, Duane E. 335 Brienen, Jeffery W. 188, 79, 96 Briggs, Jamie A 256 Brigham, William J. 259 Bright, Cheryl D. 322 Brimber y, Candace I. 161 Briscoe, Karen E. 139, 170 Bristow, Thomas B. 727, 389 Brittingham, Deborah A 775 Britton, Linda L 348 Britton, Patrice M. 3S9 Broadbent, Stephen M 136 Brock, Alfreda M. 348 Brodahl, Nancy M T5« Broderick, Kathleen L 140 Brodigan, Kathryn C. 156 Brombach, Sharon A 177 Brookman, Lindsay L 328 Brooks, Barry 259 Brooks, Bruce A 389 Brooks, David D. 331 Brooks, Gregory M. 160 Brooks, Karen M 122, 204 Brooks, Patricia L 124 Brouhard, Diane K. 320 Brown, Carl 5 323 Brown, Carol A 390 Brown, David G. 7J6 Brown, Gary 80 Brown, James W. 88 Brown, Keith H. 257 Brown, Paul T. 196, 378 Brown, Peter K. 390 Brown, Robin A 140 Brown, Scott C. 87 Brown, Susan R 258, 69 Brown, Yvonne C. 422 Bruce, Brenda K 348, 254 Bruce, Steven R 378, 104, 67 Brumit, Brian D 84 Brumleu, Lori L 153 Brunelle, Joanne M. 135 Brusseau, Jeffry A 184 Bryant, Cynthia J. 77J Bryant, Harold R 335 Bryson, Frederick A 348, 186 Buchbinder, Gregg 348, 149 Buckley, Julia M 348 Buckley, Kimberly P. 139 Buckner, Edward C. 331, 106 Bucks, Robert 780 Buehler, Eric B 418 Buehler, Robert C. J90 Buettner, Brad J. 767 Buettner, Scott E. 767, 257 Bukata, Dianne C. 384 Bulla, Julie M 422 Bullock-Morales, Rebecca A 324 Bumstead, William D. . 168, 343, 257 Bunn, Richard I 775 Bunting, Bonnie L 124 Buntmann, Gary L 254 Burandt, Bonnie K 727 J75 Burch, Betty 702 Burchette, Dora M 86 Burck, Robert B. 166, 206 Burdge, Donald R 767 Burger, William P. 336 Burgess, Arthur L 422 Burgess, Christopher R. 348, 154 Burgess, Rhonda N. 722 Burgner, Daniel . 780 Burgoyne, Richard S. 796 Burgoyne, Rodney W. Jr. 796, 84 Burk, Leanne K 758 Burke, Glenn R J«8, J77 Burke, Julie A J25 Burke, Kelly P. 156, 390 Burke, Richard J. 318 Burke, Robert E. 317 Burke, Thomas B. 7J7 Burke, William 137, 206 Burkholder, Lizanne M. 113 Burnett, Frederick W. 797 Burnette, Patti 102 Burs, Annette B 422 Burrell, Mark J. 341 Burr is, Steven M 385 Burroughs, Glenn S. 336 Burrows, Ronald L 145, 416 Burson, Janet L 777 Busch, Mark J. 88 Busche, Gregory C. 334 Bush, Dennis A 131 Bush, Dianne M 7J9 Bushman, Julie E. 727 Buss, Michelle A 140 Buss, Rebecca J 140 Busse, Bryan P. 760 Bussell, Michael L 7JT Bussey, Michael L 349 Buster, Marilee 331 Butchart, Ronald 322 Buteyn, DouglasJ. 332 Buligan, Kathleen C. 124 Butigan, Mary 5. 72 Butler, Elizabeth A 349, 75 Butler, Sharon 139 Butler, William J. 349 Buttrey, Kathleen M. 93 Byers, Mark R 133 Byington, Diane E. 258 Bylsma, Peter B. 332, 76 Byrne, Dale C. 80 c Cabeen, Laurie A 60 Cabral, Michelle R 390, 76 Cadet, Edward J. 334 Caggiano, Mark A 390 Cahill, Patricia L 140 Calamusa, Jeff W. 116 Calica, David R 335 Calica, Nicholas C. 334 Calix, Linda J 775 Calkins, Colleen D. 385 Call, Kalherine 390, 158 Callahan, Neal C. 154, 258 Callison, Kelly A 349, 139 Calpo, Daniel P. 323 Calvo, Jazmin L 390, 325 Calzada, Michael F. 129,422 Camacho, Joseph 349 Camacbo, Miguel f, 706 Camel, Jay A 73 Cameron, James L 200 Caminiti, Eric L 768, 84 Camozzi, Michaela J25, 60 Campanaro, Diane M. 72 Campbell, Bonnie K. 375 Campbell, Emily K. 777 Campbell, Karen A 390, 158 Campbell, Martin A 780 Campbell, Raymond E. Jr. 133 Campbell, Susan A 92 Campisi, Dominic A 332 Campos, Robert P. 797 Cane, Michael A 385 Canetti, Bruce N. 349, 255 Canfield, Liz 702 Cannata, Kristi 390, 140 Cannon, Eileen M. 756 Cannon, Martha L 752 Cano, Ronald E. 422 Cantellops, Yolanda R 752 Capehart, Bryan T. 7.«9 Capellino, Richard J. 760 Capellino, Teresa A. 7J«, 760 Capelouto, Dana 1 139 Cappello, George R 786, 84 Cappello, Ramona L 756 Caratan, Carrie A 140 Carbone, Frank J. 385 Carey, Robert A 341 Carey, Timothy R 254 Carfino, Donald 259 Cariaga, Elizabeth 325 Carii, Dana A 760, 777 Caili, Robert L. Jr. 335 Carlite, Anthony R 390 Carlock, Mark 334 Carlson, Christine M. 152, 69,81,101 Carlson, William D. 780 Carmichael, John B 184 Carmichiel, Brenda K 390 Carnegie, Michael D. 343 Carpenter, Brent J 154, 206 Carpenter, Carl R 349 Carpenter, Franklin Jr. 350 Carpenter, Gregg K 75- Carr, Bruce R 390, 332 Carr, Evelyn L 416 Carr, Lisa M 350, 113 Carranza, Silvia V. J90 Carraway, Colleen M 143 Carrell, David S. 350. 149 Carreon, David H. 200 Carrico, Edward J. 778 Carrillo, Andrew K. C. 706 Carrington, F. Russell 786 Carroll, Dennis 350, 137 Carroll, James P. 96 Carroll, John J C. 75- Carroll, Joseph D. 133 Carroll, Kevin R 323 Carroll, Paul F 255 Carroll, Stacy J 727 Carrothers, Craig W. J27 Carson, Patricia S. 758 Carter, Dayna L 752 Carter, Mark S. 144 Carter, Robert E. 390, 140 Carter, Stephen A 259 Carter, Steven W. 770 Carter, Thomas G. Jr. 77 Caruso, Joseph M 332 Caruso, Rick J. 780 Carver, John R. 350, 160 Case, Steven M 766 Casey, Colleen V. 390, 158 Casey, Eamonn P. 350, 166 Casey, Mimi 7 7i Cassella, Donna M 127, 170 Cassidy, Erin F. 752 Castillo, Ernesto M 343 Castro, Antonio E. Jr. 137 Castro, Doreen A 113 Castro, Larry 775 Caswell, Cynthia A 350, 400 Catoe, Eddie L J90 Caulfield, Sharon L 331 Cavaney, Patrick M. 786 Cavin, Donald R 350 Cecil, Earl T. 390 Celiberti, Donna A 113 Cerrina, Michael H. 786 Cervenka, Jay W. 350 ChaHin, Gary L 784 Chakmakian, Vache K 390 Chambers, Carol A 327 Champoux, Caron S. 7 73 Chan, Ada B. 7. 2 Chan, Calvin 332 Chan, Tai Y. 350 Chan, Yvonne Y. L J90 Chaney, Ron L 149 Chang, Debra I. 390 Chang, Ji-Mei C. J75 Chang, Kai-Chin 350 Chang, Marylene O. S. 792 Chang Stella Y. 79 Chang, William M. 200 Chao, Joanne M. 727 Chao, Philip S. L 390 Chapman, Beverly T. 321,60 Chapman, Dennis M. 323 Chapman, Mary A 775 Chapman, Robert T. 350 Chapman, Roy B. 390 Charcalis, William G. Jr. 379 Chase, Jeffrey B 350 Chavez, YolanrJa M 350 Chee, Peter C. F. 343 Cheetham, Thomas C. 78 Cheldin, Daniel L 332 Chen, Chih-Hong 378 Chen, Chung-Ching 378 Chen, Deena 792 Chen, Dorothy C. 390, 192, 93 Chen, Marilyn . ■«76 Chen, Paul C. 332 Chen, Teng H. 350 Chen, Ya-Ni 350 Cheney, Philip B ■ 77 Cheng, Chi Lam 418 Cheng, Claudine H. Y. 328 Cheng, Kwong-Wai 350 Cheshire, Denise P. 255 Cheung, Regina 390 Cheung, Yiu-Hang 478 Chevlin, Steven A 350 Cheyney, Thomas H. 390, 95, 72 Chiara, Thomas L 67 Chiboucas, James 797, 256 Childers, Robert L 784 Chin, Dale W. 350 Chin, John T. 775 Chin, Joyce 343 Ching, David D. 67 Chino, John G. 327 Chirangboonkul, Wathana 332 Chism, Steven R 88 Chiu, Bonnie M. 397 Cho, Bonnie 34 7 Cho, Marian P. 328 Cho, Nancy W. H. 95, 331, 93 Choa, Victor KB. 704 Choi, Byung-Min 350 Choi, Hyun C. 397 Choi, Jin A 76 Chou, Sue M. 192, 328 Chow, Andrea W. 96 Chow, Elaine 67 Chow, Josephine W. 79,96,67 Chow, Warren A. 332 Choy, Lana Y. P. 347 Christie, Brenda 1 773 Christy, Daniel N. 733 Chu, Alana M. 350 Chu, John 478 Chu, Kwok-On E. 350 Chu, Paula 397, 347 Chuchian, Howard S. 770 Chuchian, Sandra J. 770 Chuidian, Masevita P. 341, 91 Chukwueke, Philip O. 88 Chun, Deborah L 343, 97 Chung, Jin U 378, 104, 67 Chung, Yoojin 350 Church, Robert E. Jr. 777 Churm, John 733 Ciancio, David W. 80 Cigliano, Gennaro M 777 Cigliano, Gerald A 385 Cimorelli, Nicholas C. 321, 88 Cipolla, Jeanine F. 775 Cisneros, Michael A 397 Clagett, Thomas D. 391, 76, 77 Clapp, Michael H. 767 Clark, Cheryl E. 113, 376 Clark, Constance L 704 Clark, Jody R 124 Clark, Robert L 744 Clark, Shelley 96 Clarke, Susan L 753 Claudio, Christobal 350 Clay, Bryan 350 Clayton, Barry I. 332 Clayton, Rita 702 Clover, Joan M 397 Clow, Steven D 397 Coates, Edward J. Jr. 322 Coates, Mary E. 727 Coats, John A 350 Coats, Tracey E. 704, 67 Cobb, Carry W. 343 Cobb, Troy 786 Cobert, David D. 337 Coblar, Robert B. 75 Cobo, Michael E. 350, 184 Cochran, Adrianne H. 727 Coe, Jennifer S. 777 Coen, Michael W. 357, 778 Cofano, Michael J. 768 Coffey, Duncan M 397 CoHey, John J. 137 Coghill, Joanne 727 Cognetta, Tamara A 416 Cohen, Eric 702 Cohen, Harvey S. 397 Cohen, Lawrence J. 418 Cohen, Louis 5 770 Cohen, Mark H. 782 Cohen, Merilynne 776, 76, 77 Cohen, Susan J 773 Cojerean, Ronald D. 347 Colachis, Nick 320 Colachis, Sam C. II 320 Colazas, Gregory 378 Colby, Terri L 351, 140, 60 Cole, Patricia C. 777 Cole, Roy W. 397, 733 Coleman, Craig 5 78 Colgate, Deborah 80 Collins, Cathleen C. 75» Collins, La rry P. 259 Collins, Tony W. 7«5 Combs, Beverly 318 Combs, Steven C. 74 Comer, Robert J. 357 Commans, Ronald R 259 Comstock, Margaret L 343 Concepcion, Rita I 397, 328 Condo, Frederick J. Jr. 336 Condon, Michael L 357, 754 Cone, Sherrie M. L 357 Conlan, Catherine A 758 Conlan, Charles L 357, 733 Conley, John F. 784 Conley, Robert W. 188 Connell, John [. 357 Connell, Kevin C. 259 Conners, Brian C. 85 Connor, James A 257 Connors, Charles A 744 Conover, Stacy M. 320 Consani, Anne £. 749, 756 Conston, Charles E. 478 Conti, Robert W. 323 Contino, Mary C. 758 Cook, Larry L 332 Cook, Milo R 766 Cook, Robert O. 737, 84 Cook, Stephanie D. 776 Cookson, Shari M. 323, 101 Cooley, Todd A 332 Coons, Merrianne K. 735 Cooper, Cathy A. .351, 113, 204, 81 Cooper, Robert A 74 Coopersmith, Craig P. 385 Copeland, Gaynell 397 Copeland, Heidi 397 Copeland, Scott M 737 Copenhaver, Charee 258 Corazza, Renee I 773 Corbet, Randall E. 121, 178 Cordon, Cecilia L 740 Cornell, Donald F. 768 Coronel, Shirley A 397 Correia, Charles A 385 Cortes, Irma C. 792 Cortez, Margaret C. 324 Cottrell, Catherine F. 777 Cottrell, M. David 357, 347, 60 Cottrell, Renee M 397, 722 Coulson, Constance £. 425 Coulter, Sally A 739 439 Coultrup, Jon T. UO, 180 Coultrup, Kenneth C. . 140, 180, 34 Cousans, Patrick 74 Covington, Pamela I. 391, 158 Cowin, Betty P. 391 Cowing, Robert W. 88 Cox. John [. 131, 184, 79 Cox, Travis B 475 Cozens, Frederick P. 385, 254 Craft, Hermia E. 324 Craib, Donald F. 391 Craib, Laura L 113 Craig, Constance A 727 Craig, Joel S 7J7 Cramer, Lisa A 77i Cramoline, Kathleen A 7 75 Cramoline, Keith A 351, 166 Crampton, Alexis V. 376, 258 Crane, Charles R. IV 164 Crane, Randall L 63 Cravens, Catherine C. 799 Cratvford, Janet M J97, 122, 73 Crawford, Michael N. 379 Crawley, Lori A 40, 41, 158 Creager, Todd 391 Crescent!, Ann C. 775, 136 Cretsinger, Ann M 140 Crim, Roland J. 178 Cromartie, Gwendolyn Y. J5 7 Crone, Richard K 200 Croom, Sharon J. 423 Cross, Lisa A 331 Crouch, Jack D. 7i7 Crowell, Richard 5. 259 Crowley, Kathleen A 75« Crowley, Richard T. 184 Crum, Dwain C. J97 Cry, Michael R J97 Cumana, Jesus f. 88 Cummings, Gloria J. J97 Cummings, John F. II 259 Cummings, Paul D. Jr. 423, 89 Cummins, Alberta E. 80, 60 Curnutte, Susan L 391 Cur ran, Pamela M 752, 81 Currey, Charles D. 351, 166 Currey, Elisabeth R 324, 325 Currie, Linda P. 351 Currie, Lisa A 727 Curry, Linda K 756 Curry, Marie L 351, 140 Curtis, Joan H. 106 Cussac, Terry L 322 Custodio, Joni B. 357 Cutting, Cheryl A 341 Cults, Robert M. 184 Cuza, Earl S 257 Cyffka, Peter 320, 60 D Dablaing, Cerrit 706, 707 Dachinger, Deborah T. 325 Dadbeh, Kamran 321 Dahlem, Gregory T. 391 Dahlen, Roy E J57 Dahnke, David G 327 Daikoku, Shirley R J97 Daily, Lisa A 177, 325 Dallon, Michael P. 766 Damato, Nicholas J. 392 Dambros, Joan A 75fl Dameron, John W. 797 Damiano, Lea 87 Da Motta, Luiz F. J 351 Da-Motta, Sonia M. D. 379 Dana, Margaret A 7J9 Danesh Ashliani, Mehdi 379 Danford, Michael J 707 Daniel, Dennis M 200 Daniel, Vivian G J92 Daniel, Warren J 343 Daniels, David W. 96 Daniels, Lura M 322 Danson, Debbie A 752, 206, 81 Darrah, Mark S 95 Darroch, Kevin S. 173 Daugherty, Michael J 255 Dausler, William C. ... .392, 68, 322 Davenport, Lisa A 727 Daves, Linda 702 David, Dennis L 351 Davidson, David N. 392, 166 Davidson, Robert J . 392, 89, 69, 78 Davila, Concepcion 86 Davis, Andrew Z. 321 Davis, Carolyn M. 323 Davis, Casey 423 Davis, Cynthia L 727 Davis, Diann M. 158, 376 Davis, France R 352, 89, 69 Davis, Gleam O. 392, 87 Davis, Jacquelyn V. 352 Davis, Jeffrey R 188 Davis, Kelly 733 Davis, Lynwood C. 392 Davis, Maria Y. 392 Davis, Paul L 707 Davis, Rodney W. Jr. 200 Davis, Scott F. 733 Davis, Stephanie M 352, 258, 87 Davis, Stephen G 200 Davis, Teresa M 140, 376 Davis, William F. Jr 76« Dawkins, Johnny L 417 Dawson, Wendy L 775 Day, Dreena 392 Dean, Lucinda B. 739 Deaner, Ross M 336 Deaver, Douglas A 766 Debarros, Jose J. 352 Debeikes, Richard A. Jr. . 68, 186, 423, 84 Debenham, Susan A 727, 320 De Campos, Juliet M 392, 124 De Chellis, Kimberly A 392 Dedeaux, Clay S 775 De Duvillard, Sergej P. 92 Deemer, Robin L. .. .392, 328, 76, 77 Deering, Barbara E. 392 Defreece, Bryn K 140 Degner, Timothy L 392 Degracia, James O. 335 De Guzman, Lino I 86 Dehgbani, Kaveh 96 Delahooke, Linda S 752, 770 Delain, Robert B 352 Delang, Gordon M 70 Dela Parra, Maria E. 773 Delcarlo, Richard A 733, 84 Delgado Castro, Adalberto 392 Delio, Marguerite S. 740 Deller, Jill T. 392 Dellhime, Sigmund M 73 Del Rio, Diana C. 352, 91 Del-Rosario, Paul E. 392 Deluca, Gail E. 328 Deman, Larry M 796 Demarjian, Lorraine M 376 Demas, Caria A 357, 392, 115 Dembowski, Phyllis D. . 152, 69, 81, 423 Dempster, Donna J 739 De Nicolay, Philippe E 90 Dennis, Cynthia D. 324, 258 Denton, Lisa A 752 Denzler, Mary A 777 Denzler, Richard 5. 144 Depaolo, Terri M 7 73 De Petrillo, David K 200 Der, Fung K 357, 60 Derbin, George 332 Derks, Karin 392 Dernham, Cathryn D. 724 Detorre, Jeanne L 328 Deurioste, George A. IV 357 Deutsch, Alexis L 392, 113 Deutsch, Karoline E. 324 Devlin, Marilyn A 418 Devlin, Stacey E. 740 Dewey, Richard R. Jr. 704 Dewhirst, Louise C. 392 DeYoung, Debra L 392 DeYoung, John A 764 Diab, George J 332, 379 Dias, Mark D 763 Diaz, Cregorio 332 Diaz, Margo D. 392 Diaz, Patrick J 392, 766 Dickerson, Richard F. II . .352, 84, 87 Dickes, Robert M 63 Dickstein, Dawn C. 324 Dieball, Jeri L 756 Dienz, William J. 768 Diercks, Deborah L. . 149, 156, 69, 79 Dietrich, Darcy C. 756, 376 Difley, Nancy 255 Dileonardo, Christopher G. 200, 106 Di Marco, Linda 127, 376 DiMaria, David J 352, 84 Dimuro, Michael D. 418 Dion, Ralph J 392, 133 Dion, Teri L 47, 777 Dionzon, Lauren E. 66 Dirkx, Joseph C. 335 Dirocco, Patrice M 115, 392 Ditmars, Steven L 423, 69, 89 Divan Baigy Zand, Mehran 255 Dixon, Mark B 773 Dfabbari, Massoud 736 Dobbs, Steven D 766 Dobrus, Stefan H. 256 Docherty, James 773 Dockum, Randolph L 47fl Dodd, Victoria J 3«5 Doder, Peter B 7«4 Dodson, Christopher M 335 Doi, Elaine M 324 Dolan, Michael A 154 Dominguez, Arthur M 95 Dominguez, Eugenia L 393 Don, Jeffrey J. 3«5 Donaldson, Holley A 255 Doner, Debra S. 775, 376 Dong, Daniel L 352 Dong, Steven M 750 Donine, Cathy L 704 Donine, Wendy .376, 343, 69, 104, 81 Donker, Wendy 756 Donleavey, Patricia L 755 Donohugh, Marilee 773, 352, 60 Donovan, Vincent P. 336 Dooley, Michael J. 794 Dorff, Matthew R 740, 7«0 Dorff, Michael 352 Doubley, Larry D 259 Dougherty, Erin M 756, 85, 79 Doughty, Cynthia E. .... 136, 58, 175 Douglas, Denise S 161, 341, 60 Douglass, Dianne C. 727 Douglass, Michael D. 393 Dow, William B. Jr 762, 763 Down, Julie C. 750 Downey, Anne R 727, 423 Downey, James W. 88 Downing, Elizabeth 702 Downs, Joel L 794 Dowsell, Allan M 740, 76 7, 352 Dowsett, Tricia M 740, 767 Doxakis, Gregory S. 168 Dressier, David 7a« Driscoll, John P. 749, 352 Driscoll, Lawrence T. 352 Driver, Gary D. Jr 335 Driver, William S. Jr 60 Drum, Larry A 7fiO Drummond, Karl M 76fl Dubose, Brian W. 188 Dubyn, Stanley W. 379 Dudas, Daniel B 257 Duddleson, Amanda S. 393, 156 Duitsman, Robert L 749 Duke, Nancy L 756 Dull, Steven W. Jr. 329 Dunagan, Craig A 76fi Duncan, Jeffrey A 749, 352 Duncan, Robert J 76 7, 352 Dunckel, John W. 352, 60 Dundee, Erin L 739, 770 Dung, Michael D 66 Dunlap, Alison 33 7 Dunlap, Carter W. Jr. . .255, 393, 170 Dunn, James T. 7«0 Dupart, Athena M 393 Duplessis, Helen M 707 Dupuy, Pierre hi. 34 7 Durgan, Jay 5 255 Durham, Mary L 743, 423, 74 Duron, Kenneth A 423 Duthie, Deborah D 754, 777 Dvorak, Douglas S 256 Dycus, Lisa Y. M 328 Dyer, Mark E. 257 Dzurko, Maria D 740 Farley, Judith E. 324 Eason, Tyrone 335 Easter, Matthew J 766, 332 Eastern, Marian J 325 Eccard, Ronald L. Jr. 766 Eddy, Stirling F. 74« Edge, Dirck J 352, 87 Edwards, Clarence 259 Edwards, Cerda W. 337, 69 Edwards, Kristie 5. 393 Edwards, Laurel A 341, 258 Edwards, Peter G. 766 Eghrari, Haleh 327 Fhmig, Alison L 752 Ehrlich, Glenn A 393 Eisenhower, Lyn A 740 EJiri, Daimaru 352 Fkonomu, Constance M. . . 88, 96, 79 Elder, Bill E. 754 Elder, Omar F. Ill 735 Eldredge, Kim D. 756 Ella, Suzanne 113, 393 Ellas, Grace 93 Eliopoulos, Marianne 706 Eliopoulos, Nicholas J 775 Eliot, Susan J 423 Elkin, Peter M 60 Ellena, Deborah L. 756 Elliott, Mark C. 335 Ellis, Cheryl D. 393 Ellis, David 74 Ellis, Mark L 797 Ellison, Robert L 332 Ellouguian, Adrine A 352 Ely, Dave 76« Ely, Scott 60 Emmons, Cathy L 727 Empeno. Leilania 343 Emslie, Barbara A 393 Encinas, David S. 393 Enderwood, Cathy L 758, 352 Enderwood, Gail A 758, 770 Endo, Diane 4 78 Eng, Kane J. 332 Eng, Martin 80 Engle, Ralph D. 257 English, Douglas J 767, 706 English, Kurt E 332 Engstrom, Malcolm C. 352 Enright, Brent S. 770 Enrique, Louis A 393 Erd, Paula 393 Erdmann, Lori M 775 Erhart, Milissa H. 758 Escamilla, Enrigue Jr 332 Esken, Donald T. 131, 85, 79 Espantman, Steven E 478 Espinoza, James E. 4 78 Esser, Peter G. 322 Estolano, M 393 Evans, Candace K. 343 Evans, Mollis A 322 Evans, James R. Jr 86 Evans, Robert N. 352 Evans, Vicki A 72 Fvashko, Anna H. 393 Everett, Robin C. 323 Ewald, Chrys P. 773 Ewald, Tracy C. 7 73 Fwan, Joel D 425 Exposito, Anthony 379 Eyherabide, Germaine M. . .113, 393 Ezekiel, Albert 379 Fzell, William Jr. 393 Fabulich, Davor 255, 737 Fagan, Micbele J 756 Failing, Michael B 770 Faillace, Mark J 775 Fairbanks, Marion M 325 Falkenstern, Debra S 343 Fallstrom, Devon D 352 Fanek, Jehad F. 322 Fang, Tai-Shan 393 Fanto, Jeffery L 393, 194, 205 Farazian, Keyvan H. 327 Farber, Howard M 737, 84 Farbstein, Joel M 335 Fares, Iman N. 393 Farfsing, Mark B. 352, 60 Farias, Frederick M. Jr 63 Farmer, Dean A 379 Farquhar, James B 393, 186 Farrell, Joseph D. 323 Farrens, Christine 706 Fateh, Mohammad 332 Faulhaber, Charles D. 74 Favero, Daniel V. 352 Feder, llene S 376 Feiges, Minda $ 704 Feldman, Charles L 778 Felknor, Christopher 778 Fellows, David L 393, 343, 63 Eels, Catherine J. 327 Felts, Debra A 740 Feng, Samuel K. 73 Fentiman, (3ary J 352, 60 Ferguson, Kimberly 393 Fernandez, Jeanne L 60 Fernandez, Narciso Jr. 352 Ferrari, Thomas J. Jr 332 Terrier, John W. 352 Ferrin, Timothy 5. K. 768 Ferris, David W. 796 Ferris, Peter G. 343 Ferryman, Marjorie A 756 Fertig, Craig 3 70 Fester, Chad 784 Fielding, Melinda 97 Fields, Patrick J 144, 84 Figueras, Ana M 740 Figueroa, Linda A 379 Filippone, Michael R 60 Fimpler, William L 766 Findorff, Milton S 256 Fine, Amy L. 72 7 Fink, William A 323 Finkelstein, Margie L 393 Firouzi, Azita 327 Firth, Joan 394, 81 Fischer, Gerald L 332, 256 Fischer, Jay R 796 Fish, Robert C. 347 Fish, Thomas M 323, 325 Fishburn, Charles R 768, 394 Fisher, Barbara A 121, 394 Fisher, Bernard 90 Fisher, Robert P. 80 Fitch, Donald C. 180, 352 Fitch, Wanelle 773 Fitzgerald, Mary E. 352, 60 Fitzmaurlce, Thomas E. 343, 257 Fivecoat, Teri L 752 Flaherty, Maureen E. 394, 320 Flanagan, Joseph P. 385 Flanagan, Maureen A 352 Flannelly, Thomas M 780 Flattery, Betsy A 140, 160 Fletcher, Christy 775 Fletcher, Peter B 394 Flood, Jeffrey L 478 Flood, Joe M 784, 259 Flores, David G. 794, 394 Flares, Edmund F. 200 Flores, Sara 394 Florez, Nancy C. 352 Floro, Mila LA 352 Fluhr, William 702 Flyer, Neal 749 Flynn, Patrick W. 786 Fogarty, Dean M 760 Foglesong, Lynne A 394 Fogwell, Margaret 773, 476 Foley, Bonnie J. 756 Foley, Kim V. 722 Folles, Megan L 727 Fong, Bruce R 68 Fonseca, Carlos A 256 Fontaine, Joseph W. 394, 332 Fontana, Christine I 773, 353 Fontana, Elizabeth M 206 Foote, Chris 754 Footlik, Scott M 782 Foran, Cynthia L 775 Ford, Jeffrey M 343 Ford, Teresa L 376, 704 Forgatch, Gregory T. 784 Forgatch, Nancy L 777 Forte, Ralph V. 353,60 Fortner, William S 768 Fosgate, Jami K 773, 337 Foss, Craig A 353 Foster, Bruce M 385 Foster, Kim A 140, 394 Foster, Mark P. Jr. 170, 786, 206, 394, 84 Foster, Thomas R 768, 704 Foster, Timothy J. 786 Fowler, James M 335, 256 Fox, Allen E. 80 Fox, Howard E. 336 Fraasa, Susan L 257 Francescon, Robert J. 754 Franco, Enrique 86, 394, 74 Franco, Ramon V. Jr. 255, 332 Frandsen, Lesley A 756 Frandsen, Michelle M 353 Frank, Andrew J 394 Frank, Melinda H. 394, 341,81 Eraser, Scott A 88 Eraser, Victoria A 758 Frawley, Michael T. 133, 394 Frazier, Christy A 152, 161 Frazier, Douglas J. 256 Frazier, Jan M 752 Frederick, Jane L 727 Fredericks, Kin 256 Freear, Osceola H. 385 Freedle, Leslie K 255, 739, 425 Freedman, Wendy Jill 33 7 Freeman, Candice L 758 Freeman, Mark 335 Freeman, Roger M 80 Freeman, Steven M 786 Freeman, William J 343, 60 Fregien, Laurie D 735 Freitag, Mark J. 334 French, Easter R 394 Frey, Michael 777 Frey, Patricia J 759 Frias, Cus 86, 394 Friedheim, Amy 324, 96 Friedrich, Glenn H. 780 Friend, Debra L 353, 127 Friend, Tricia 727 Frisbie, Scott A 744 Friss, Peter C. 60 Fritch, Kevin L 780 Fronke, Mark . 173 Frost, Christopher W. 332 Fufimoto, Alan E. 394 Fujimoto, Joy N. 66, 792, 323 Fujita, Rodney K 353 Fukushima, Glenn M. 194,88 Fuller, David J 95, 394 Fuller, Stephen S. 767 Fults, Gregory A 254 Funk, Christine M 727 Funk, Jeffrey S 133 Funsten, David M 332 Furlong, Carol A 773 Furman, Gregory C 200 440 Furniss, Bruce M €8, 133, 256, 68 Furniss, Craig S, 254, 256 furukawa, Erwin C. 353 Futterman, Marc A 129 Caar, Reyna D 323 Gabaldo, Maria A 324 Gabei, Myles J. 140, 168, 84 Gaddoor, Gaddoor I. 379 Gagan, Casey A 341, 88 Gage, Bradley C ....182 Galaif, Lisa N. 139 Galirjdo, Aiejandro 394 Gaiindo, Diego C. 199 Gall, Marjorie L 353, 177 Gallagher, Kevin M 166 Gallagher, Thomas }. 321 Gait, Matthew K 149 Gamoba, Marco A 85 Gamsky, Gregory L 796 Gamsky, Joseph H. Ill 136 Can, Lian K 325 Gananian, Jeffrey S. . 335 Ganz, Susanne L 353, 156 Garavaglia, Mark A 756 Garberson, Lisle 5. 256 Garcia, Cathy A 379 Garcia, Fernando R 86 Garcia, Georgeanne 1 394 Garcia, Gloria R 158 Garcia, Rene A 86 Gardner, Donald S. 334 Gardner, James R 423 Gardner, Jill F. 158 Gardner, Patricia L 324 Gardner, Wendy L 376 Garner, Greta 5. 752 Garratt, Mark S. Jr. 35 3, 184 Garrett, Kelly A 740 Garrisi, John M 343 Garry, James W. 353, 186, 84 Garry, John E. 416 Garske, Daniel J. 200 Gartner, Denver P. 394 Garvin, Glenn B 776 Gary, David P. 173 Gasdia, Brian F. 180, 204 Gassner, Cheryl L 177 Cast, Alice P. 343, 96, 79 Gates, Brian W. 797 Gates, Jeffrey W. 353, 343, 106 Gates, Tara C. 797 Gattuso, James L 706 Gaynor, Jon M 706 Gazani, Soussan G. 423 Cease, Neil A 173 Cehring, George M 320 Geisbush, Cyril J. Ill 353, 184 Geller, Linda 139 Gemigniani, Diana F. 97 Generales, Peter C. 775 Cennari, Mariano F. 257 George, Bonni J. 124, 69 George, Carol A 7J9 Ceroge, David A 353 George, Wanda J. 394, 96 Georgi, Carrie A 96 Georgiev, Alexander C. 173 Geraghty, Gerald J. 331, 256 Cerbino, Glenn J. 766 Geren, Brian M 88 Gerletti, David C. 394 Germain, Eric F. 394, 89 Germain, Larry 5. 353, 331 Germani, Clara E. 394 Gerome, Frank M 323 Gerson, Mark . 762 Gettinger, Daniel K 750 Geymer, Steven D 318 Gharghour, Ramzi A 82 Gibson, James D 336 Gidaszewski, Adam E. 323 Giddings, Jacqueline A 740 defer, Lisa A 394 Giffoni, Stephen G. 67 afford, Frank J70 Gigantelli, James W. Jr 335 Gil, Diana L 323, 73 Gilbert. Michong 328 Gilchrist. Deborah A 770 Gilchrist, James D. 154 Giles. Julie R 140 Gill. Jeffrey T. 353 Gill, Michael L 353 Gillane, Elizabeth T. 331 Gillet, Kristi A 394, 81 Gillette, Raymond G. Ill 76 7 Gilli, William E. 131 Gilmer, Elizabeth A 343 Gilmore, Scott L 385 Gilmour, Melvin K 144 Gilmour, Scott L 60 Gilmour, Thomas H. 353, 184 Gilroy, Edwin J. 133 Girhand. Sandy 702 Gisbrecht. Linda S. 121, 204, 395 Cithens, Daniel C. 379, 322 Cladle, Frederic A 331 Glaser, Melinda A 135 Gleffe, Dan P. 321 Glidden, Robert M. Ill 379 Glover, Hubert D. 395 Glover, Scott D. 775 Glymin, Derick K. 96 Glynn, Blanche 80 Gnau. Margaret M. 799, 320 Goden, Paul A 353 Goecken, Lynn A 257 Goh, Karen K 416 Goh, Yeok-H 379 Goldberg, Awilda M. 799 Goldberg, Barry S. 729 Goldberg, Donald J. 353, 160 Goldberg, Martin G. 353, 144 Goldberg, Michael D. 332 Golden, Gayle C. 76,77 Goldfarb, Ira M 418 Goldsmith, Christopher K. 770 Goldstein, Gail L 727 Golomb, Astrid 395 Golomb, Beatrice J27 Combos, John M 131 Gomez, Eloise 324, 325 Gomez, Hector R 379, 104 Gomez, Patrick 68 Gonzalez, Juan J. 255 Goode, Kristine H. 75J Goode, Terrance 729 Godding, Phillip H. 85 Goodlad, Lisa A 756 Goodloe, Debra 5. 139, 395 Goodman, Roland A. Jr. 341 Goodwin, Donald 702 Goosby, Doris D. J95 Gordon, Cheryl W. 752 Gordon, Hal E. 765 Gordon, Harold J. 78 Gordon, Joanne C. 777 Gordon, Jonathan D. 323 Gordon, Laura S. 395, 331, 69 Gordon, Shari-iyn L 324 Gordon, Sherry L 324 Gordon, Susan L 777 Gorman, Gretchen S. 740 Goss, Kimberly A 140 Gossett, John S. 74 Gothard, Heidi W. 127 Gottlieb, Jonathan B 106 Gottstem, David R 80 Gouailhardou, Paul N. 423 Gould. Cynthia L 727 Gould, Jane H. 395 Gourene, Zadi S. J79 Gove, Susan 258 Covin, Lynn R 255, 121. 395 Grabendike, Michael M. ... 133, 395 Grace, Maryanne L 379 Graff, Thomas P. 332 Graham, Andrew L 775 Graham, Heather 317 Graham, John A 379 Grannis, David S. 131, 206 Granquist, Mark R 96 Grant, John G 766 Grant, Kimberly D 724, 96 Grant, Robert H. 76 7 Grantham, Barbara B. 775, 395 Graper, Melanie J. 724 Grassi, Mark J. 353, 133 Grasso, John R 395 Gratz, Cindy K 139, 328 Gray, Donald N. 395 Gray, George E. 341, 79, 67 Gray, Judy L 727, 395, 81 Gray, Larry L 353. 175 Gray, Mitchell 754, 254 Gray. Terie A 727 Graybehl. Richard I. .... 353, 259, 70 Graybil, Patricia E. 354 Graziano, Robert V. 775 Grden, Eugene C. Jr. 50 Greaves, Charles J. 395 Green, Andrea 776 Green, Bradley H. 773 Green, Debbie B 254 Green. James A 354 Green, Julie E. 254 Green. Maryanne 756, 376 Green. Michael R 188, 379 Green, Tamara J . 325 Green, William C. J95 Greene, Gemma 722, 423 Greene, Richard H. J55 Greene, Veronica A 395 Greenfield. Stephen M 343 Greenwood, Donald A 706 Greenwood, Paul H. 104 Greer. John L 259 Gregory, Andrew C. 4 79 Gregory. Linda K 354 Griego, Maryann 395 Grier, Catherine 755 Griffin, Dorinne E. 755, 204, 204 Griffin, Gary E. 76 7 GriHin, Jennifer C. 115, 395 Griffith, Mark A 755 Grinstein, Ellen 5 127, 395 Griswold, David R. Jr. 744 Criswold, Robert S 775 Critters, Gregory A 379, 67 Grmolyes, Mona 354 Grodnick, Todd M 797 Groeniger. Kurt R 750 Grogan, Sheri J. 322 Groot, Norman C. 354, 144 Gross, Kathleen T. 7J9, 149, 170 Gross. Warren W. 74 Grossman, Brett K 354 Grossman, David 4 79 Grossman, Lise M 376, 104 Grover. Jeffrey A 335 Gruber. Carol A 255, 92 Grundy, Cordon W. Jr. 133 Grundy, Stanley D 188, 379 Gruner, Richard S 385 Cuerena, Edward R 4 79 Guerrero, Juan A 706 Guggisberg, Brian R 257 Cuglielmo, Bernard J. Jr. 4 79 Cuillaume, Roland J. Jr. 395 Guimmayen, Ernest F. II 332 Guiremand, Steve M 395, 76, 77 Guistolise, Carta D 775, J54, 767 Gul, Shaikh A 322 Gully, Lyndi L 395 Gulmert, Katherine 724 Gumbiner, Vivian A 72 7 Gunderson, Grant G. 797 Gundry, Robert C. J54, 60 Cunning, Susan 70 Gupta, Sunil J54 Gurrola, Rosemary 395, 328 Cuss, Melissa L J25 Gustafson, Wendi S. 752 Gutbridge, Sandra C. 354 Gutierrez, A mar y lis C. 95 Gutierrez, Fabiola 395 Guttman, Louis B 752 Guzman, Martha 376 H Huck, Suan C. 140, 395 H3SS. Laurie J. 341 Haase, Linda K 124 Hachiya, f ranees K 88, 96 Hackney, David F. 188 Haddad, Rosemarie 140 Haden, Patrick C. 310 Hadji-Shafi, Amir M 379 Hadley, John R J79, 79, 104 Hadley, Mary I. 96 Haffly, Sandra C. 7J6 Hagen, Carey f. 191 Hagens, Kim D 60 Hairslon, Cheryll A 116, 396 Hajiali, Mokhtar 423 Halel, Leslie S. 115 Hall, Bradford L 341 Hall, Charles F. 380 Hall, Chris . 149, 396 Hall, Christopher C. 797 Hall, Claybourne W. 257 Hall, David Mitchell 76, 77 Hall, Kimberly M 324 Hall, Lawrence E. ...68, 168, 206, 84 Hall, Ronda K 328 Hall, Stephan C. 396 Hall, Therese M 124 Hallett, Dean C. 144 Hallquist, Barbara L 258 Halpern, Joshua A 320 Halterlein, David I. 354 Ham, lames I. 354, 74 Ham, Lawrence E. 425 Hamada, David Z. 332 Hamada, Clen Y. 256 Hamaker, Joan 702 Hamaker, Lisa M 380 Hamamoto, Steven T. 380 Hamano, Marianne Y. 96 Hambly, Gregory R 343 Hamill, Tim R 727, 396 Hamilton, Carol A 752 Hamilton, Kent B 320 Hamilton, Raymond K 80 Hamilton,Roberl M 256 Hamilton, Terri L 158 Hamilton, Yvonne 702 Hammar, David A 184 Hammer, Jerrold E. 419 Hammett, Gary C. 60 Hammond, Kathleen 254 Han, Ok-Soo 727 Hanaoka, Yumei 343 Hance, Lauri E. 777 Handlers, Janice P. 385 Handshy, Martin W. 75 Handy, Lori L 139, 767 Hanes, Trudi L 139 Hannula, Richard M. 256 Hansen, Roberta C. 76 Hansen, Stephen L 180 Hansen, Thomas J. 385 Hansink, Kathlyn M. 113 Hanson, David J 765 Haoues, Brahim 380 Hara, Bobby M 750 Hara, Masayuki 318 Harada, Scott H. 354 Haralambos, Anthony .354, 149, 166 Harcourt, Audrey A 354, 124 Hardeman, Gerald 354 Hardesty, Mary R 727 Hardie, Don E. 334 Harding, Linda S. 396 Harding, Lotte P. 756 Hardy, Courtenay A 124 Hargrave, George 396 Hargrave, Greg D. 354, 343, 256, 87 Hargrave, Martin E. 168, 343 Hargreaves, Victoria B. 139, 206, 707, 74 Harmon, Richard F. Jr. 354, 75 Harmon, Susan K 777 Harper, Jacqueline 5. 727 Harris, Brent B 766 Harris, Gail L 396 Harris, James C. 78 Harris, Jean M. 135, 417 Harris, John W. 766 Harris, Ralph R 768 Harrison, Donald L 76J Harrison, Richard T. 768 Harrison, Stephen L 184 Harry, David J 188,79 Harryman, Donald E. 131 Hart, Helen M. 777 Hart, Scott D. 318 Hart, William T. 750 Harutunian, Sarkis M. 380, 85 Harvey, Maryalice 324 Harvey, Rudolph 76J Harwood, Phillip C. 144 Hasbrouck, Mary P. 177,396 Haselden, Wanda L 323 Haserot, Jennifer R 727 Hashimoto, Lois K 341 Hashimoto, Russell 354 Hatcher, Eliz 86, 331 Hateley, Donald 149 Hatfield, Richard F. 396 Haug, Claudia A 780, 84 Haug, Guido A 140, 180, 106, 84 Hauger, John D. 788 Hausberg, James J. 782 Hausner, Andreasnri 780 Hawes, John A 322 Hawkins, Brian 92 Hawkins, Katherine E. 425 Hawkins, Louise C. 773 Hawkins, Steven R 396 Hawn, Brian E. 88 Hawthorne, Dean C. 354, 160, 84 Hay, Christy 354, 140 Hayakawa, Caren K. 60 Hayase, Gordon 334 Hayata, Donna A 7 2 Hayden, Thomas L. Jr. 332 Haye, Donnie D 727 Hayes, Brian A 257 Haynes, Kurt W. 149 Haynes, Richard S 780 Hays, Laura L 707 Hayward, Scott B. 331 Hayworth, Deborah S. 331 Head, Dale A 95, 341 Healy, Joseph O. 354, 154 Healy, Michael O. 154, 206 Heath, Karen A 777 Heath, Robert H. Jr. 255, 191 Heath, Stacey A 354 Heckelman, Michael D. Jr 396 Hedrick, Cathryn A 341 Heeschen, Paul C. 133 Heffler, Gretchen L 423 Heffley, Kendis A 354 Heger, Scott J. 133 Heggeness, Julie F. 775 Heide, Hollis A 72.« Heide, Janice L 124, 327 Heiden, Cynthia J 416, 317 Heirakuji, Richard A 343 Helberg, Tom R 182, 332 Helete, David 706 Helffrich, Johanna 115, 396 Heller, John D. 396 Hellman, David B. 318 Hellman, Kimberly A 752 Hemkin, Kenneth C. 419 Hempel, Carrie L 777 Hench, Philip G 323, 324 Henderson, Aaron H. 343 Henderson, Judith 396 Henderson, Paul D. Jr. 259 Henderson, Robert S. 60 Henderson, Scott L 149 Hendricks, Howard M. Jr. J80 Henehan, Joseph E. 318, 63 Hennessy, Betty F. 92 Hennig, Christine L 328 Henno, John C. 161, 396 Henraux, Jean P. 255, 355, 180 Henry, Ciary T. 78 Henry, Michael 86, J96, 336 Henshaw, Alia P. 158, 396 Hensley, Cindy L 376 Hensley, Katherine L 385 Herbert, Marcia N. 396 Herman, Thomas 184, 84 Hernandez, Carmen V. 396 Hernandez, David C. 332 Hernandez, Gladys G. 124 Hernandez, Marguerite 396 Hernandez, Ronald J. J96 Herrera, Irma L 396 Herrera, Nancy 77 Herrold, Stephanie A 727, 396 Hersch, Kerry A 396 Hershey, Steven L 355 Hertel, Robert A 397 Herzberg, Donald E. 96 Hessam, Tahereh J76 Hester, Sara Jean 77 Heublein, Harrison A 88 Heyler, John D. 766 Heyn, Shelby M 756 Hiatt, Hans H. 767 Hickey, Brian T. 754 Hickey, James T. 766 Hickey, Lori L 758 Hicks, Lyn E. 775, 204, 204, 397 Hicks, Robert L 786 Hicks, Thomas A 257 Hidalgo, Rolando 335 Hidouci, Foudil 380 Higashimura, Guy Y. ... 173, 423, 89 Higgins, Jay C. Jr. 355, 60 Higgins, Ronald D. 767 Higgins, Sharon L 355 Hight, John M 380 Higley, Dennis M. 419 Hihara, Harvey K. J55 Hilger, Elizabeth N. 258 Hilker, Joy Ann 758, 87 Hilker, Walter R. Ill 354 Hill, Carey S. 258 Hill, Darryl S. • 77 Hill, Edward F. 397, 106 Hill, Kelly K. 254 Hill, Laurie E. 7- 0 Hill, Scott G. 766 Hillgren, Bradley R 154 Hillgren, Warren K. 355, 154 Hillier, Patti A 777 Hillman, Robert £. 335 Hillyard, Dane C. 767 Himeno, Guy R 97 Himmelberg, Michele A. . . 397, 257, 77 Hinckley, Mary T. 3S5, 91 Hinderaker, Laura S 258 Hindle, James A 184 Hinds, Karen E. 7.«0 Hinkley, Wanda C. 799 Hinojosa, Richard A 76J Hinshaw, Andrew H. 766 Hinton, Gary D 343 Hinze, Debra L 397 Hirata, Ronny Y. 750 Hirayama, Paul E. 397 Hirose, Robert K 750 Hiroto, Terry 702 Hirsch, Sandi M. 343 Hiskey, Robin C. 124 Hitchcock, Louise A 397, 34 1 Hittle, Kathy A 397 Hiu, Evelyn S. W. 327 Hiu, Liane K 341, 96 Ho, Gordon W. 380 Ho, Jay J. 60 Ho, Marina M. Y. i55 Hochgesang, Mark 184 Hodges, Jack T. 770 Hodges, Maryann 777 Hodgins, Dave A 257 Hodgkins, Phillip L 766 Hodkinson, Wendy A 80 Hoffman, Stephen W. 355, 149 Hogan, Cathy F. 139, 178 Hogan, Edward I 178, 397 441 Hogan, Sleven 1 385 Hogan, Tommy A 7J 7 Hohman, Gregory K 3SS, 180 Hoisinglon, Mark A 259 Holden, Leslie A 1S6 Holderman, Roxanne L 139, 397 Holdstock, Rory D. 194.423 Holeman, Keith S. 78 Holl, William A 184 Holland, Robert W. 194 Holland, Toni D 419 Holliday, jerry C. 355, 165 Holman, Susan C. 124 Holmes, Douglas L 343 Holmes, Robert C. 186, 84 Holmes, Sharon A 343 Holoch, Stephen A 385 Holthouse, Philip . 335 Holier, Todd L 168 Hom, Christopher E. 380 Horn, lean F. 376 Hom, lean S 96 Hom, Laurie E 355, 91 Honeywell, Delise A 127 Hong, Eddie I. 380 Hongo, Fay 355 Hook, Kevin L 332 Hooker, Teri L 124, 376 Hooks, Carolyn I. 153 Hooks, Gary A 184 Hooper, Clarissa A 317 Hooper, Mark M 199,85 Hoover, Douglas K 331 Hopper, Bubs B. 76,77 Hopper, Samuel D 341 Horgan, David L 355, 78 Hori, Yukio 336, 80 Horikoshi, Neil H. 385 Horn, Cigi F. 324, 325 Horsfield, Theresa 102 Horst, Pamela A 152, 376, 81 Horstman, Hugh L 68, 355 Horton, Duncan 727 Horton, Roy E. Ill 333 Horwith, leflrey L 60 Hosking, Douglas C. 775 Hostetler, David A 257 Hostetler, Gary L 380 Hotchkiss, Susan I. 127, 178 House, lames D 184 House, Linda D 81 House, Tom 312 Householder, loseph A. .355, 131, 75 Houser, Cheryl L 115, 397 Hovland, Tim M 256, 334 Howard, Mitchell 173, 397 Howard, Patricia I. Ir 127, 81 Howard, William R 770 Howatt, Anne D. 324 Howatt, Lynsey R 257 Howell, Michelle T. 397 Howes, Benjamin D. 154 Howes, Daryl B. 158 Hozaki, David H. 7 50 Hryniewicki, Thomas A 397 Hsi, Edward Y. J7J Hsu, Nathan Y. 336 Hsu, Owen Y. 335 Hsueh, Chung-Kai A 380 Huang, Eva M 68, 96 Hubbard, Lisa I. 341 Hubbard,Sheri L 143 Huber, lohn C. 170, 84 Hudson, Douglas I. 327 Hudson, Robin M 775 Huerta, R. Eugenio 355 HuHaker, Allan W. 380 Huffman, Gary G. 397 Hufford, Donald B. 397, 333 Hughes, Betty 102 Hughes, George B. Ir. 331 Hughes, Mark A 397, 89 Hughes, Patrick I. 320 Hui, Leo H. C. 178, 104 Hui, Ruby S. M 355 Huibonhoa, Clement 355 Hulick, Ray E. 355 Hull, Dirk E. 766 Hulting, Ronald E. 385 Hunt, Nancy L 328 Hunter, Matthew S. 182 Hunter, Melanie D. J55 Hunter, Monique 122, 380, 96 Hunter, Shawna M. 158 Hunter, Todd 133 Hunziker, Beverly A 355 Hurst, Michael W. 356, 60 Hurston, Helen 96 Hurlado, Therese A 124, 426 Husseini, Ramla Z. 328 Huttad, Timothy I. 332 Husted, Ann E. 113 Hutchings, Audrey C. 397 Hulchins, Wade T. 1t4 Hutchinson, Stephanie B. 356 Huth, Carol A J77 Hutsler, lohn C. 163 Hypes, Debra D. 152, 81 Hysell, Robert B. 343 Iba, Nadine S. 426 Ichihashi, Hiroshi J56 Iden, William R. Ill 397 Ikawa, Hidetaka 356 Ikezawa, Koro 397 llle, lames M. J5« llles, lohn M 133, 423 Imata, David T. 380 Inabu, Frances K. 142 Inamura, Glen M 356 Ines, Alfred 66 Ingels, Enilde P. 328 Ingersoll, lames P. 343 Ingram, leffrey B. 168 Ingram, leffrey E. 397 Iniguez, Eduardo R 60 Ino, Alan M. . 356 Inouye, Lawrence G. J56 Iptchilar, Kazem 380 Iriarte, Katty 380 Iriate, C. Constanzai 69, 79, 104 Iriguchi, Kathleen A 328 Irinaka, Lei th 5. 60 Irvin, Kelly A 124, 204 Ishida, Lynn A 79 Ishikawa, Esther T. 66 Ishino, Glenn Y. J56 Ishizaki, Gerald C. 88 Ishizue, Shirley C. 68, 380, 317 Ismaeel, Farooq R 380 Isman, Herma J56 Ito, Beverly J. 419 Ito, Russell 332 Itzkowich, Ricardo 76J Iverson, Marc E. 397, 322, 89 Ivler, Stephanie L 397 Iwai, Derek T. 331 Iwai, Rick T. 750 Iwamaye, Grace Y. 397 Iwamura, Cayle E. 7 75 Iwata, loanna M, . . 192, 397, 328, 93, 87 Iwata, Peggy 142, 343 Izumo, ludy S 419 J j3ckovic, Rosemary 121, 107, 74 Jackson, Daniel 259 fackson, Douglas P. 106, 60 Jackson, Jacqueline V. . . 397 Jackson, Jennifer L 72 7 Jackson, John 419 Jackson, Stephanie A 397 Jacobs, Barry H. 60 Jacobs, Leslie C. 127, 170 Jacobs, taring B. 770, 398 Jacobs, Renae L 127 Jacobs, Susan F. 139 Jacobs, Suzanne C. 328, 96 Jacobson, Bruce 321 Jacobson, Mary E. 756 Jacobson, Meredity L 322 Jaffe, Renee E. 376 Jailer, Aieezaly S. 78 Jahn, David D. 186 Jahnke, Mary M 158 Jakpor, Romeri W. 88 Jalaba, Jerry J 398 James, Candace 1 158, 397 James, Donald C. 320 James, La Vonne 96 James, Lisa B 115, 398 James, Sylvia C. 398 Jamin, Debra S 356, 127, 204, 81 Jamison, Debra A 7 75 Jamison, Michael T. 186 Jan, Paula 398 Jang, Gary L 332 Janisch, Gregory J. 131 Japenga, Lori 158, 16 7 faramillo, Raymond L 398 Jarmus, Mark A 341 Jarmus, Steven C. ... 95, 182, 398, 73 Jarvis, Robert 196 Jazaienasseri, Hooman 335 Jeffs, Rebecca A 152 Jeha, John C. 131, 343, 256 Jenkin, Doria L 140 Jenkins, Richard W. 170 Jensen, Janet M 177 Jensen, Neil 332 Jeong, Garrett D 380, 79, 104 Jepsen, Lori J. 398, 258 Jew, Benny M 356 Jew, Eddie Jr. 419 Jimenez, Elizabeth M. 96 Jio, Sberi Y. 377 Joei, Bernard 356 Jo-Fung, Eduardo 380 Johnson, Arthur L 322 Johnson, Brian S 356 Johnson, Bryan K 343 Johnson, Christopher G. 749 Johnson, Constance L 380, 96 Johnson, Curt O. 200 Johnson, Deborah L 752 Johnson, George P. 149 Johnson, James E. 356 Johnson, Jeffery A 767 Johnson, Jennifer L 152 Johnson, John H. 356, 60 Johnson, Johnnie Jr. 396 Johnson, Julie A 152, 328, 81 Johnson, Kathleen A 419 Johnson, Liane 5. 398 Johnson, Linda 91 Johnson, Lloyd M 356, 259 Johnson, Martha A 755 Johnson, Melissa J. 377, 104 Johnson, Michelle C. 727 Johnson, Robert A 86 Johnson, Robert W. 335 Johnson, Rozatynn 158 Johnson, Rutherford S. 385 Johnson, Stephen P. 799 Johnson, Steve G 7 75 Johnson, Yolanda 377 Johnston, Elaine L 756 Johnston, Jeffrey G 754, 336 Johnston, William 5. 380 Johnstone, Gary R 7i 7 Johovic, Thomas J. 398, 257 Jolley, Clifford C. 332, 254 Jonathan, Sabby 356, 87 Jones, Bernard L 476 Jones, Brent A 133 Jones, Clark B 767 Jones, Daniel A 356, 121, 196 Jones, David R 356 Jones, Elizabeth D. 727 Jones, Glenn M. 322 Jones, Gregory W. 754, 323 Jones, James B. 4 76 Jones, Jeffrey R 756 Jones, Jordan H. 356 Jones, Judith 775, 760 Jones, Margaret W. 777 Jones, Pamela 423 Jones, Pamela R 740 Jones, Paul C. 319 Jones, Robert G. 756 Jones, Terri L J25 Jones, Vickey D. 398 Jones, Virgie 702 Jones, Wendell 323 Jong, Ricky L 356 Jordan, Janet V. 324, 325 Jorgensen, Burt 797 Jorgensen, Gregory A 797 Josephson, April E. 331 Journigan, Jill 755, 377 Jove, Efrainjr 343 Joya, Joan M 341 Jozi, Seyed H. J56 Jue, Adrienne 742 Jue, Donna G 479 Juedes, David R 356, 75 Julin, Dennis R 426 Julin, Jennifer 702 Jung, Clayton D 66 Jung, Marley H. 258 Jung, Rebecca M 377 Juron, Reena M 325 Just, Sharon 356, 121 K Kaelin, Marie-lulia 322 Kaessner, leffrey S. 87 Kagan, Dori L 398 Kagy, Brian S 380, 322, 88, 69 Kahawaii, Rhanda A 331 Kahelin, lames E. 186, 381 Kahn, Terry A 144, 398 Kalache, Celso A 256 Kalejs, Lija 419 Kalem, Craig B. 341 Kalemkiarian, Paul D. 133 Kalin, Sheryl L 423 Kalionzes, Megan 752 Kallenbach, Terry Lee 336 Kaltenborn, Mark A 343, 88 Kam, Keith 356 Kam, Ralph T. 322 Kamara-Kay, Philip 90 Kanazawa, Sidney K. 385 Kanemoto, Ryu 702 Kanen, Douglas E. 184 Kaneoka, lune T. 142 Kanter, lames M 321 Kaplan, Ferris D 63 Karagias, Christine T. 60 Karasik, Mark L 166, 398 Karbus, loseph E. 398 Kardasinski, Daniel S. ■«79 Kariya, lanice 356, 91 Kariya, Mark M 398 Karl, Catherine L 727 Karr, Leslie A 398 Karta, Penny W. J5« Kasanjian, Edward P. 381 Kasselik, Lisa N. 75 Katnik, Ann E. 177, 377 Kato, Amy E. 398 Kato, Cindy M 727 Katsura, Miyoko 324 Katz, Marcie L 776 Katz, Ross A 398 Katz, Sherie B. 328 Katzman, Terri A 777 Kaufman, Amy C. 322 Kaufman, Gregg L 255, 776, 796 Kavorinos, lohn A 356 Kawahara, Brian I. 775, 398 Kawahara, Patti A 419 Kawamura, Mark N. 332 Kawamura, Randy 5. 754 Kawasaki, Donna Reiko 398 Kawasaki, Gail Y. 66 Kay, Andrea P. 416 Kaye, Geri M 398, 258 Kaye, leanette M 341 Kaye, Michelle M 377, 34 1 Kaylor, Garrett A 778 Kazarian, Marc E. J57, 184 Kazarian, Sabrina K 153, 81 Kearney, Vivien M 398 Kearns, lames F. 749 Keck, Karen A 416 Kee, Douglas B 200 Keepers, Brian 121, 173, 88 Kellems, Pat 702 Kelley, Karen M 357 Kelley, Kevin E. 332 Kellison, Gary S. 7fl«, 79 Kellog, lohn C. 7J7 Kelly, Alan D 334 Kelly, Brian P. 133 Kelly, Cheryl R 323 Kelly, Colleen F. 341, 106 Kelly, Kathleen A. 156, 177, 206, 399 Kelly, Kathleen C. 399 Kelly, Marc D 160. 399 Kelly, Michael W. 256 Kelly, Peter A J27 Kelsey, Robert L 332 Kelter, Shawn . 768 Kemler, Carol L 752, 707 Kemp, Terri E 139, 205 Kenagy, Constance B 756 Kengmana, Charnchai 357 Kenneally, Kathleen 770 Kenneally, Robert W. 144 Kennedy, Craig M 79T, 88 Kennedy, Elizabeth D 727 Kennedy, Michael V. 332 Kennedy, Scott C. 357 Kennedy, Wesley W. 133 Kenney, Harry W. Ill 416 Keogh. William D 184. 259 Kepler. Lori M 775 Ker. Michael G 133. 256 Kerasmian. Salpi 702 Kern. Cynthia 5. 777 Kern. William H. 341 Kerns. Cynthia R 87, 707 Kessener. Richard H. 419 Kester. Larry A 104 Kesting. Leo W. 334 Kettenburg. Karen B 357. 177 Kevorkian. Gregory K. 7i6 Kewell, Elizabeth A 758 Keyes. lohn A 332 Khachatoorian. Armineh 325 Khakmahd. Khashayar 327 Khanchalian. Michael F. 399 Khanzadeh. Isaac E 380. 88 Kheel. Alan I. 776, 782 Khemaney. Sunil G. 76J Khoshnevis. Massoud 327 Kidder. Phyllis A 7J9 Kiefer. Steve I. 357. 184 Kiefer. William C. 784 Kikawa. Colin R 256 Kikkawa. Sidney Y. J57 Kildiszew. Nicholas T. 749 Kilkelly. Kathleen 758 Killian. Howard L. Ill 335 Killian. lulie 756 Killian. Karen E. 177. 399 Killian. Wilfred . 332 Kilmer. Sharon K 775 Kim. Annette 132 Kim. Choon T. J57 Kim. Karl LB 750 Kim. Man K 399 Kim. Nack K 357 Kim. Stephen L 399 Kim. Sung-Hee 399 Kimura. Linda M 121, 258 Kines, Regina I. 399 King, Timothy B 768, 399 Kingsley, leffry G. 399 Kinkle, Christi A 752 Kirkham, Richard A 74 Kirkland, Diane M 331 Kirkorian, Leonard B. 4 1, 357, 184, 84 Kirven, Susan L 752, 87 Kishi, Clifford K. 479 Kiskadden, Thomas H. 399 Kisselburgh, Lorraine G. 777, 204 Kissler, Fredric T. 767 Kistler, George W. 357, 60 Kistler, Kimberly A 773 Kitagawa, Kevin R 357, 60 Kitahara, Norihiko 332 Kitchen, Kimberly 5. 139 Kitsigianis, Katherine 399 Kitsuta, Patricia R 328 Kitt, Donald C. 399 Kiyonaga, Candace K 399 Kiyota, Stanley I 87 Kjar, April E 399 Kjar, Katherine M 4 7, 756 Klatt, Ann M 727 Klaus, Robert R 322 Kleames, Michael D 799 Kleiman, Dave ' . . . . 256 Klein, Cynthia A 740 Klein, leffrey M 797 Klein, loseph S 357, 168 Klein, Marian M 399 Klein, Patricia A 740 Klein, Richard H. 357,60 Klein, Stephen M 321 Kleinkauf, Douglas R 69, 89, 88 Klepper, Thomas I. 7J 7 Kline, lames I. 357, 149 Klingbeil, Anne E. 127,328 Kloth, Dwight D 479 Klolz, Addie 702 Kluck, Annette L 85, 96, 79 Klug, lohn W. 740 Klugman, Kristi L 127,399 Kneip, Phyllis 702 Knickerbocker, Craig H. 133 Knoblauch, Lynn L J99 Knoop, Marilyn K 740 Knotts, Kenneth V. 168, 399 Knotts, Thomas A 727, 788, 704 Knowles, Allison D. 777 Knowles, Virginia A 775 Knutson, Anita L 399, 106 Ko, Chen-En 357 Kobayashi, Mark R 704 Kobayashi, Roxanne N. 792 Koch, Geoffrey B. 761 Kochevar, Laura E. 399 Kodama, Linda A 399 Koelsche, Wendy S. 7J9 Koerber, Mark B 381,69,89 Koeslers, David 80 Koffman, Gregory S. 797 Kohler. Gerard I III 133, 399 Kohli, Daman 317 Kohn, Kathryn A 727 Kolahighdam, Niloofar 323 Koll, Madelyn A 724 Komatsuka, Carol M. 399 Komine, Dawn R 400 Kondo, Carol K 479 Konkol, Antoinette K J57 Konow, Debra M 400, 73 Koobie, Thomas A 357 Koreski, Denise 792, 328 Korthuis, Roger I. 357 Kosllan, Kevin C. 754 Kouzes, Rebecca K 153 Kouzoufian, Van R 343 Kovacevich, Cathy A J47, 706 Kowalski, Anthony I. 320 Kozak, Waldemar M. 400, 775 Krantz, Niki A 400 Krapp, David E. 63 Kraus, Andrea 357 Kraut, Michael A 704 Kray, David L 400 Kreeger, Mitchell A 322, 60 Kreslake, Mary C 400 Kretz, Frank E. 336 Kreutzberg, Claudia 1 357, 156 Kring, Rebecca A 136 Kroese, Kevin A 766 Kronemyer, Kristen M 139 Krong, David K 335 Krueger, lames . 400, 154, 186 Kruger, lack E. 332, 257 Kruger. James E. 797 Krupp. Kathryn D 140 442 Kruppa, Irene J. 331 Kruusch, Sheib A 113 Kubasjk, lineM. .95,121, 204, 424, 87 Kubo, Tracy L 426 Kubota, Laura 1 142 Kucharek, Martin P. 200 Kuekes, Kurt C. 166 Kublman, Karen 177 Kumagae, Duane Y. 320 Kumagawa, Debra H. 142 Kumagawa, Mark H. 750 Kunisaki, Kevin Y. 150 Kung, Marsha L 158 Kuramoto, Raymond S. 191 Kurashima, Steven K 357 Kurata, Charlene J. 192 Kurata, Patricia A 142 Kurata, Shirley S. 357 Kuriiiki, Clay S. 332 Kurisu, a Kendal 121, SO Kurraich, David B. 259 Kushigemachi, Masahiro 400 Kusmulyana, Want 357 Kusumoto, Lauren S. 400 Kuzma, Steven C 358 Kwan, Calvin P. 137 Kwan, Richard I. 68 Kwan, Ruth A 400, 95 Kwong, Andrew M 419 L Laereman, Frank I 149 Lahti, Jeffrey L 85,79,90 Lai, Brian Y. 417 Laich, Edward A 188, 381 Laidlaw, Douglas M. 358 Lakarosky, Ka ren S. 163 Lakhani, Yasmin 358, 34 1 Lally, Alfred D. Jr. 154 Lally, Barbara I. 113, 81 Lamar, Sharon T. 400 Lamb, John R 320 Lamb, Thomas W. 336 Lamoreaux, Scott L 154 Lamolle, Harry A 332 Land, John F. 385 Landau, Melanie R 60 Landau, Michael 257 Landefeld, James Em 129 Landen, Joyce E. 400, 81 Landers, Richard D. 400, 194 Landis, Frederick L 358, 133 Landis, Robert J 182 Landman, Robert D. 419 Landon, Peter N. 194 Landreth, Debra L 254 Landy, Brian L 323 Lane, David A 168, 331 Lane, Gregory J. 358 Lane, Janice L 400 Lane, John G 400, 168, 84 Lane, Lesly 140 Lane, Steven B 765 Lang, Kimberly A 400, 122 Lang, Michael A 320 Langa, Joan B 385 Lange, Rainer H. 80 iangford, Donald J. 85 Langston, Frederick T. 332 Lansdowne, Steven C. 358, 180 Lanting, Adriana M. 124 Lao, Lola 400 Lapan, Brian M 162 Lapesarde, Toby A,, Jr. 765 Lapporte, Edward C. 254 Laprade, Jennie L 385 Largiarder, Jeffrey C. 400, 173 Larijani, Mahmoud E. 96 Larsen, David 332 Larsen, David H. 154 Larsen, Thomas A 332 Larson, Bruce B 766 Larson, Cynthia L 756 Larson, Donald C. 587 Larson, Frederick A 385 Larson, Julie M 255 Larson, Steven B 381 Lashgaribroojerdi, Khashaiar . - . . 332 Lassan, Elizabeth 95, 124 Lassman, Lisa Carol 331 Latimer, Joan M. 140 Lau, Annie S. 331 Lau, Carl 358, 87 Lau, Stuart C. 318 Lau, Wei 400 Lauger, Linda L 755 Laughton, James R. Jr. 765 Laurance, Corinee O. 400 Lawler, Andrew J. 149 Lawler, William H. 358, 34 1 Lawyer, Donald E. 424, 78 Laybourn, Paul J. 775 .azarus, Joanne 5 417 each, Annette M. 124 each, Diane M 775 eachman, Karen J. 756 eahy, Laurie B. 358, 177 eake, Paul W. 400, 149 eaver, Eric C. 133 echuga, Patricia A 358 ecover, Lisa M. 400, 140 ecrone, John P. 133 ee, Adrian C 387,67 Carol A 93 ee, Charles K 180, 84 ee, Chul S 358 ee, David W. 327 ee, Debora D 400 ee, Diana Y. 424 ee, Gary D. 400 ee, Helen Y. 792 ee,HoS. 324,93 ee, Karen 320 ee, Kendall K. i5« ee, Kimmie 358 ee, Mark R 336 ee, Pamela 702 ee, Pamela K 343 ee, Randall F. J5« ee, Raymond 400 ee. Sunny 142 ee, Vicky 70 ee, Vincent 358 ee, Vincent S. 60 ee. Young H. 400 efevre, Judity A 341 efton, Cary 782 egallet, Robert P. 335 eggio, Mark J J58, 778 egrand, Jean A 756 ehman, Clark M 168. 317 ehman, James J. 400 ehmann, Anita K 706 ehosky, Sharon A J28 ehr, Gregory D 173 eicht, Monte A 381, 96 eimbach, Jenifer R 7 7i eishman, Gwen K. 358, 60 emke, Eric B. 257, 60 emke, Lynn S 356 endio, Darolyn H. 707 endl, Julia L 258 enhart, Kerry S. 332 eon, Daniel B 782 eon, Ernestina M. J58 eonard, Steve 154 eong, Christopher 343 elsie, Bobette M. J77 eslie, Mary E. 92 esse , Cynthia 3SB, 140 ester, Laurie A 124 ester, Melanie B. 139 eu, Lester K 358 eung. May Y. M. 96 eung, Michael K. 358 eung, Tat-Ming R 358 ever, William D 358, 60 evin, James H. J27 evin, Jonathan D 386 evin, Richard A 7 76 evine, Jennifer A 401, 257 evine, Michael H. 401, 178 evine, Steven D 401 evis, Edwinn III 754 evitt, Stanley D. 131 evonian, Darretl R 136 evy, Jody D 401, 87 evy, Robert C. 331,106 ew, Charles A 343 ew, Deborah A 323 ew, Dennis W. 343 ew, Elizabeth F. 792 ew, Kitty L 729 ew, Montgomery 419 ewis, Amanda J20 ewis, Ann 702 ems, Carey T. 758 ewis, Cheretta 69, 104 ewis, Daniel 401 ewis, David E. 07, 323 ewis, Deborah A J77 ewis, Derek R 131 ewis, Frank T. 76J ewis, Janette 385 ewis, Janis K 153 ewis, Jeffrey Q. 140, 184 ewis, Leeann 401 ewis, Linda 90 ewis, Mark A 343 ewis, Scott W. 7J7, 343, 106 ewis, Steven P. 768 , Annie 358 !, Becky P. Y. 358 i, David M. K. 104 ibman, Marlene F. 324, 79 ieb, Donald F. 320 iebenguth, Heidi A 135 .iebenson, Donald J. 401 lieblang, Sean 200 Liechti, Carin M 77J Lienhard, Jerome T. 154 Lieu, Donna L 401 Light, Andrea 5. 775 Ligioso, Yulian L 359 lilley, Clayton B. 131 Lilly, Bruce W. 200 Lillywhile, Mary A 328. 93, 104 Lim, Benjamin B. 401 Limbird, Alan E. 76J Lin, Shi-Tron 387 Lindberg, Gary M 359 Lindberg, Laura M 756 Lindenlaub, Karl M 332 Lindley, Brian R 387 Lindsey, Michael E. Sr. 84 Lineberger, Ernest R. Ill 788 Linehan, Cary 401 ling, Daniel ■«79 Linkon, Steven K. 401 Linney, Louis H. 323 Lipinski, Irene E. 96 Lipman, Michael H. 386 Lipman, Randee E 401. 102 Lipock, Koesen L 401 Lipp, Robert S. 419 Lippold, Brian E. 766 Lira, Gary 121, 796 List, John J. 257 Lister, John W. 323 Little, Benerson K. 327 Little, Diane W. 158 Little, Eddie Jr. 322 Little, Greg S. 773 Little, Laurie A 739 Liu, Meng Y. 359 Liu, Stanley 359 Livinghouse, Pat 752 Livingston, Mary E. 88 Lizardi, Richard 259 Lloyd, Robert L • 07 Lo, Mary Yook 401 Lock, Lim Hap 359 Lockhart De Marquez, Roger D. .60 Lockwood, Charles W. . 359, 173, 69, 89 Lockwood, George S. Ill 254 lodato, Frank J. 401 Lodico, Lorie III 788 loftis, Karen J. 756 Logan, Alison A 758 Logan, Marilyn C. 401 Lomax, Christopher D. 420 Lombardo, James C. 144 Lombardo, Louis W. SB London, Susan E. 752 Long, Anne L 777 Long, Carole A 76 Long, David C. 332 Long, Lawrence S. 60 Long, Leslie K 756 Longo, Dan L 401, 175 Lopez, George B 200 Lopez, Philip A 80 Lopez, Phillip S. 386 Lopez, Richard 257 Lopez, Rolando A 343 Lopez, William 200 Lorton, Tood D 323 Losoya, Frank J. 95 Louie, Carol 401 Louie, May C. 401 Love, Timothy S 60 Loveland, Sterling R 80 Lovell, Sue E. 258, 93 Low, David M 3- 7 Lowe, Darrin 401 Lowe, Leslie A 323 Lubina, Barbara M. 420 Lucas, Robert K. 401, 184 Lucas, Susan D 777 Lucien, Richard 359 Ludecke, Jeffrey D. 401 Ludford, Paula G. 775, 377 L udwig, Elizabeth A 254 L udwikowski, Jeffrey J. 200 Luebbe, Vicki V. 26 L ueoke, Lynne A 254 Lukito, Fredy 359 Lum, Barnett K. L 327 Lum, Mark C. H. 420 Luna, Maria P. 386 Luong, Odette T. 67 Lushing, Brian A 401, 118 Lutgens, John 402, 766 Luther, Amy L 773 Luther, James E. 79, 96 Lutton, Michael T. 402, 180 Lycette, Robert M 733, 336, 256 Lyie, Christopher J 359 Lynch, Patrick D 402 Lynn, Fred 373 Lyon, Thomas D. 332 Lyons, Carol S 777 Lyons, Daniel P. 788 Lyons, Joseph T. II 257 Lyons, Richard F. 36 Lyons, Rochelle K 707 M Ma, WiUy K. M. 359 Msx, Susan M 178 Macaluso. Jeff 154 Mac Arthur, Christopher H. 332 MacDonald, Scott A 186 Macera, Joseph C. 402 Macevicz, Artne H. 140 4ack, Terri L 402, 122 MacKay, Tracy L 177 Macke, Steve 161 MacKenzie, Spencer 343 MacKinnon, Thomas N, 255 MacLachlan, Margot A 127 MacLatchie, Scott D. 186, 206 MacLeod, Elizabeth MacLeod, Sheila M 60 Mac Millan, Jeffrey J. 331 MacMurray, Laurie A. 403 MacNeal, Paul D. 104 Maness, Kennith P. Jr 359 Mange, John D. 332 Mangia, Guy A 402 Mangiameli, Fred M 359 Mann, Michael i. ... 63. 204, 205, 84 Manning, Brian D. 184 Manning, Michelle 323 Mannon, Robert 5 359 Mandogian, Donald L 381 Mansapit, Sylvia A 402 Mar, Lawrence A 359 Mar, William 173 Marangi, Tina M 359 Marbach, Barbara J 121 Marcantoni, Marco R. . . . 144 Marchant, David E. 318 Marchica, Thomas A 257 Marcussen, Steven E. 359 Marfoe, Roselyn A 402 Margallo, Jairus T. 331 Margolin, Stacy A. 323, 324, 325, 258 Mariajimenez, Yvonne E. 359 Mariano, Angel J 336, 88 Marinelli, Michael J. 335 Marino, Kevin C. 341 Markham, Nancy S 91 Markiewicz, Evan P. 129 ■f ■ W ♦» i fi trfi fiotr Macready, Neil A 323 Maeda, Ayako C 402, 66, 192. 328, 104 Maehara, Ryan 402 Magdaleno, Edward 706 Magee, Bruce C. 76 7 Magee, Elizabeth L 320, 257 Maginn, Jennifer L 359 Magistrale, Grace 324 Maguire, Paula M 402 Magyar, Mark W. 323 Mah, Donald 420 Mahan, Edward F III 323 Mahannah, Kimberly 758, 377 Mahboobani, Raju D. 327 Maher, Paul 416 Mahoney, Gregory C. 75- Majdi, Hossain, M 88 Majdi, Mariam M 402 Majer, Lisa L 323 Major, Charm J. 359, 400 Maki, Brian A 359 Makishima, Fumiko 402 Malagon, Magdalena T. 426 Malanca, Margaret 124 Malik, Jeffrey S 334 Malis, Steven L 256 Mallin, Josh L 707, 7. Malone, Cary P. 402 Malone, Cayce B. 7 0 Malone, John T. 341 Maloney, Gary W. 77 Malony, Michael N. 256 Malpezzi, Marisa A 258 Man, Shirley 402 Manayan, Ricky C. 335 Mancera, Jose L 381, 79 Mancil, Charmaine A 402 Markin, Jacqueline 402 Markoff, Bradley S 359 Markoff, John 182 Marks, Mary Etta C. 402 Marks, Roger N. 74 Markus, Craig I. 359 Marlow, Douglas P. 335 Marnocha, James R 387 Marotta, Paul D 200, 206 Marquez, Carolyn E. 97 Marquez, Mercedes M. 86 Marquez, Michael J. 161 Marquez, Oscar 343 Mars, Debra L 359, 60 Marsh, Andrew F. 332 Marsh, Ion F 200, 381 Marsh, Timothy . 0 Marshall, Barbara A 775 Marteney, Steven M 402 Martin, Allen 67 Martin, Anne E. 739 Martin, Danny R 178 Martin,Cary S. 104 Martin, Michael J. 343 Martin, Nathaniel 74 Martin, Richard W. 335 Martin, Ronald J. 322 Martin, Stephanie 402, 140 Martinez, Adolfo 402 Martinez, Domingo R 332 Martinez, Elaine 402 Martinez, Everardo J. 86 Martinez, Gloria 359 Martinez, Maria A 424 Martinez, Raquel 60 Martinez, Ray A 778 Martinez, Rose M 402 443 Martini, Ranie P. 180 Masadka, Joanne K 142 Mason, lean 102 Mason, Robert 402 Masor, Harold J. 359 Masor, Harold J. 359 Masolta, Kathryn M. 322 Mast, Laura A 158 Masters, Suzanne P. 96 Masuda, Glenn I. 66 Masuda, Rodney T. 402 Mathews, Charlotte D. 75 Mathiesen, John M. 359, 16 1 Mationg, Leticia R 66, 192 Mationg, Yolanda C. 402, 192 Matloubian, Morris 381 Mateanga, Jody K 113, 343 Matsuda, Jo Ann 343 Matsuda, Stephan H. 360 Matsunnoto, Danny M 381 Matsumoto, Mona K 377 Matsumura, Carol N. 377 Matsumura, Hiroyuki 85 Matsumura, William E. 403 Matsuzaki, Crant 90 Matteucci, Tom D. 334 Matthews, Jane K. . 403, 177, 206, 74 Matthews, Karen I. 124 Matthews, Scott 131 Matthews, William C. 360 Mattis, Joseph P. 188, 79, 88 Matyas, James C. 403, 149 Matzdorff, James A 766, 360 Maurice, Patricia L 95, 331 Mauritson, Ernest C. 257 May, Carolyn 177,426 May, Mark S. 403 May, Thomas H. 332 Mayagoitia, Suzanne 323 Mayer, Catherine L 331 Maylield, Charlotte C. 257 Mayfield, Gregg L 360 Maytum, Charles J. 331 Mazar Atabaki, Mohammad 381 Maze, Joann 341 Mazur, Larry D 144 Mazur, Michael J. 67 Mazurex, Ralph R 206 Mazzara, Joanne E. 403 Mazzeo, Cina J. 341 McAllister, Archibald A 403 McAllister, Patrick V. 343 McAllister, Thomas W. Ill 186 Mc Andrew, William B 381 Mc Arthur, Gordon S. 360, 60 McAuley, Ann E. 727 McBroom, Elsie B. 257 McCandless, Alfred A 170 McCann, Corinne M 724 McCann, Deebie L 139 McCarthy, Joan L 127 McCarty, Stephen D. 154 McClintock, Charles P. Jr. 336 McCloskey, James P. 259 McClung, William T. Jr. 323 McClure, Jan J 158 McCormick, James M. 184, 206, 381, 84 McCormick, Janet M 135 McCray, Lisa C. 77J McCulla. Robert A 403 McCulloch, Michael W. 334 McDaniel, Johney R 750 McDermott, Kellie M 778 McDonald, Barbara J. 740 McDonald, Bruce W. 144 McDonald, Robert C. 149, 360 McDonald, Susan J. 140 McDonald, Thomas C. 777, J60 McDougall, Janellen 424 McDowell, James E. 321, 257 McDowell, Robert S. 403, 199 McFadden, Rem P. J60 McCee, Patrick L 360 McCee, Patrick L 191, 360 McGinley, Joe Brian 76fl McCinley, Ted 184, 254 McCowan, Kirk B 254, 256 McCowan, Michael K 154 McCranahan, Michael A 323 McCraw, Jane S. 377 McHale, Patrick L 178 Mclnerney, Sheila A 258 Mclntyre, Melinda A 360 McKay, Joseph L 149 McKean, Patrick . 403, 178 McKee, Kimberly 1 777 McKenzie, lohn £. 259 McKle, Elizabeth S. 403, 756 McKie, Kathleen 403, 156, 87 McKinley, Charles B. 381 McKinstry, Penelope A 143 McLane, Betsy A 417 McLaughlin, lames R 341 McLaughlin, lohn J III 63 McLaughlin, Mark E. 60, 7J McLay, Derek C. 796 McCloud, Robert R 403 McMahon, Maria L 740 McMahon, Michael B. 360, 60, 73 McManigal, Jeannine D. 40J, 8 1 McMenamin, lames 775 McMillin, Mitzi A 341, 258 McMonigle, David B. 257 McNair, lunie H. 328 McNair, Katherine L 403 McNamee, Patrick L 744 McNees, Kevin K. 788 McNulty, Robert F. Ir. ... 403, 69, 89 McNutt, Kenneth L 403 McPherson, Edwin F. 403 McPherson, Gregory C. 320 McShea, Diane L 403 Meairs, Marilou 40J, 758 Meairs, Mary K 1SS, 377 Medway, Deborah A 426 Medwid, nil C. 775 Medwid, Robert M 403 Meehan, Tamara L 403 Meeker, lane T. 756 Mehlum, Melisse E. 360 Mei, Kenneth W. 381, 67 Mellert, Jennifer S. 139 Melrose, Cathie A 323 Melvin, Crandall III 403, 776 Menager, Kenneth J 116, 194 Mendel, Debra R 724 Mendez, Anthony D 360 Mendlowitz, Steve Z. 420 Mendoza, Barbara J 727, 424 Mendoza, ludi M 113 Mendoza, Monica E. J 78 Mendoza, Ralph Jr 77J Mendoza, Sylvia A 320 Menne, Lynne M 758 Merchant, Bradford M 403 Merkel, Victoria I 320 Merrill, James D. 335 Merrill, Janice L 727 Mertz, Venita A 60 Meshelski, Thomas J. 322 Messinger, Caryl E. 325 Metzler, Susan C 777 Meunier, Thomas E. 754, 360 Meyer, Nancy J. 777 Meyers, Donald L 768 Miceli, Maria A 360 Michael, Jeffrey S. 360, 341 Michel, Beth A 77J Michell, Andrew S. 788 Middleton, John III 765 Mikasa, Michael J . 404, 95, 180, 73, 84 Mikialian, Mara 91 Mikkelson, Dale L 335 Mikol, Patricia L 420 Milazzo, Wayne T. 360, 101 Miller, Angela C. 324 Miller, Arlen C. 782 Miller, Barbara R 773 Miller, Burnett 404 Miller, Cindy M 139 Miller, Craig W. 770 Miller, Daniel 797 Miller, Deborah A 404 Miller, Douglas P. 404 Miller, Gregory J. 7 J 7 Miller, James S 775 Miller, Keeley E. 323 Miller, Mark H. 336 Miller, Melissa L 758 Miller, Penelope A 758, 424 Miller, Purvis 259 Miller, Randolph S 131 Miller, Russell A 766 Miller, Stphen M 332 Miller, Tamela A 758 Miller, Thomas G 796, J60 Miller, Todd A 729 Miller, Wendy A 740 Millikin, Neil E. 77J Millot, Marcel J87 Mills, Frances J. 752 Milne, Elizabeth J. 322 Minasian, Armen A 255 Minna, Mike 784 Minola, John M 404, 95 Minor, laclyn W. 404, 139 Mintie, lames M 780 Mir. Carl 404 MIrikitani, Andrew K. 404 Mirolla, lerry T. 332 Mirti, Thomas H. 332 Missakian, Maylene L 775 Missler, Charles W. Ir. 335 Milchel, George C. Ir. 749 Mitchell, lay W. 74 Mitchell, nil A 740 Mitchell, lohn I. 360 Mitchell, Linda 343 Mitchell, Michael T. 404 Mitchell, Teresa L 324 Mitchell, William J 360 Mitsakos, Peter M 335 Mitsuhiro, Mayumi 742 Miyagishima, loann S. 404 Miyagishima, Patsy K 420 Miyake, Karen N. 792 Miyake, Stuart S. 360 Miyamoto, loanne M 317 Miyashita, Arthur K 333 Miyawaki, Stanley M. 404 Miyazaki, led T. J87 MIotok, Victor 702 Mobayen, Parviz 96 Mock, lames G. 729 Moczygemba, Richard A. Ir 200 Moersch, Margaret A 758 Mohr, Thomas D 133 Moisa, F. Herbert 404 Moldenhauer, Frank M 323 Molloy, Caroline MB. 756 Molloy, Patricia F. 135 Molnar, loy R 426, 69, 81 Molnar, Timothy J J22 Molnar, Todd I 782 Molo, Linda A 258 Momjian, Catherine D. 75J Monarrez, Elva 404 Moncus, Marcia E. 724 Money, Janet 1 113, 377 Monson, Gene D 706 Monson, Scott W. 72 Montgomery, Ronald 5. 360 Montgomery, Stephen R 259 Montilla, Maria J 88 Montionola, Robert R. Ir. 327 Moody, Craig A 766 Moody, Glen 702 Moody, Nancy Ann 404, 115 Moon, Ann E. 740 Moon, Tony M J60 Mooney, Elizabeth A 257 Mooney, Mark 381 Moore, Barry T. J78 Moore, Christopher T. 7J6 Moore, Ernest 404 Moore, Frank L 404 Moore, George W. 136, 360 Moore, Hyacinth 424 Moore, lean M 740 Moore, Marta E. 724 Moore, Melinda K 727, 258 Moore, Neadle L J78, 74 Moore, Susan 404 Moore, William H. Ill 335, 79 Mooschekian, Sharon L. . .410, 93, 87 Morabito, Mary D 323 Morales, Evelia 404 Morales, Michael R 424 Morales, Robert A 424 Morales, Stacy A 706, 73 Moreau, Kenneth C. 60 Moreland, Craig B. 131 Morella, Milagros C. 404 Moreno, Maria J 360 Moretti, Vincent C. 704 Morey, Kim L J60, 69, 91, 70 Morey, Michael C 133 Morey, Mitchel K 77J Morgan, Belinda K 404 Morgan, De Ann 702 Morgan, Deon M 404, 10 1 Morgan, Guy H. 773, 360, 69, 89 Morgan, Kevin D. 420 Morgan, Lisa 702 Morgan, Mark S. 259 Morgan,William 702 Mori, Ann 87 Morioka, Dennis M 36 7 Morisaki, Karen C 404 Morissette, Paul C. 335 Morita, Ma 387 Morita, Naomi F. 404 Moritani, Toshio 256, 92 Moritz, Rosemary 404 Morizono, Kouichi 404 Morley, ludilh C. 323 Moringstar, Shari B 328 Morris, Brian L 404 Morris, Bryant J 382, 96 Morris, David G 360, 707 Morris, David W. 320 Morris, loanne M 328 Morris, loseph T. Ill 332 Morris, Steven R 773 Morris, Thomas L 784 Morrison, Don 360 Morrison, Mark W. 405 Morrisset, Cynthia R .121 Morrow, leflrey T. 200 Morrow, Nancy L 758 Morse, Kelly A 775 Morsillo, Diane F. 740, 76 7 Morton, Belinda 405, 143 Morton, Jody L 740 Morton, John 343 Morton, Sean DA 337 Moseley, Craig 336 Moskal, Kathleen 360 Mosley, Josephine K. 405 Moss, Joyce A 722 Moss, Maureen F. 7 76 Mossman, Joan M 426 Mott, Brian C. 797 Motter, Susan K 426 Moulding, Mark E. 334 Moulton, lohn L 754, 84 Mouren-Laurens, Joseph M. . 166, 360 Mournian, Timothy I. 85, 79 Mouton, Darrel I. Ir. 707 Mrazek, Marc P. 360 Mueller, Dennis C. 405 Mukai, David S 343 Mukai, William T. 79, 67 Mulhern, Steven C. 786 Mulholand, Corky 702 Mullen, Thomas W. Ir. 766 Muller, Mark D 784 Mullin, lohn S. 206 Mullin, Joseph P. 405 Mullins, Suzanne 360, 80 Mullins, William 259 Mulroy, loseph V. 4 76, 32 7 Mulvihill, Daniel F. 777 Mulvihill, Robert M. 257 Munar, Myrna Y. 792 Mundy, Thomas M 786, 84 Munemitsu, lanice M. 328, 81, 91 Munk, James D. 420 Munoz, Jose E. 405 Munoz, Oscar J. 744 Munoz, Ricardo 405 Munson, Michelle L 770 Murakami, Peter K. 405 Murayama, Ronald K 405 Murdock, William 7 78 Murdy, Lori J 320 Muretta, Peri A 775 Murphy, Dietrich A 360 Murphy, Erin M 341, 60 Murphy, James J III 773, 206 Murphy, Kevin M 405 Murphy, Laura L 360 Murphy, Michael I 323 Murphy, Patricia K 257 Murphy, Patrick J. 780 Murphy, Thomas M 424, 78 Murray, Elfreda C. 405, 91 Murrin, Thomas H. 327 Murrow, Stephanie A 735 Musashi, Stanley J. 360 Musgrove, Lee Ann 405 Musser, Richard D 336 Myers, Lisa E. 405, 140 Myers, Mark G 63 Myers, Richard E. 784 Myers, Robert 736 Myers, Stephanie C. 323 Mytand, Jackie 776 N Nadeau, Jon A 80 Naber, John 377 Nagamine, Dean T. 750 Naganuma, Richard T. 768, 360 Nagase, Isabelle N. 792 Nagata, Louise N. 777 Nagata, Michael D 405, 68 Nagayama, Verne M 762 Nagy, George M 133, 256 Nahigian, Steven H. 797 Nahigian, Susan M 325 Nahin, James R 36 7 Nahin, Kevin 367 Nail, Carl M 332 Nail, Christopher A 332 Nairi, Beatrice 405, 104 Naito, Beverly T. 377 Nakagawa, Julie A 377 Nakagawa, Loretta Y. 367 Nakagi, Danny A 750 Nakaki, Edward M 379 Nakamatsu, Katherine K 792 Nakamura, Jon Y. 778, 367, 256 Nakamura, Wayne S 405, 66 Nakano, Carol L 405, 90 Nakao, Glen R 361, 80 Nakao, Norene A 742 Nakao, Robin L 775, 75 Nakashima, Janis L 704 Nakatsuma, Frank Y. 79 Nakazawa, Alan 386 Nalbach, Robert D. 405 Narayanan, Krishnan 327 Nardulli, Jan P. 724 Naritoku, Wesley Y. 405, 66 Narvaez, Maria V. 324 Nater, Dana A 752, 60 Nater, David O. 36 7, 75, 60 Nauman,Scott A 327, 704, 67 Navarro, Maria C 67 Navarro, Mario S 79, 96 Navas, Julio 255 Navas, Patrick 255 Nayernouri, Ramin 382, 321 Neal, David 405 Neeno, Michael M 750 Neff, Julia E. 735, 367 Neff, Maynard L 336 Neff, Paul 754 Neilson, David A 320 Neimi, Marty 702, Nellhaus, Stephanie B 325 Nelson, Brett R 773 Nelson, Dan T. 405, 754 Nelson, Denise M 7 75 Nelson, lohn S 405 Nelson, Kerry A 116, 182 Nelson, Valerie J 76, 77 Nemani, Fariborz 255 Nemechek, Paul M. 88 Nester, Beverly C 724, 770 Netel, Charly I. 737 Neubert, Rosemary 367 Neumen, lerome A 367 Nevill, Gary S 256 Nevill, Paul H. 476 Nevill, Teri L 727, 367, 97 Newhouse, John R 405, 773, 205 Newman, David R 343 Newman, Michael 36 7 Ng,EngJ. 367 Ng, lerry Y. 367 Nguyen, Trang-Hanh 367 Nguyenphuc, Yenchi 327 Nichols, Mark A 773 Nichols, Stacy A 777 Nicholson, Charles E. 256 Nickell, Tom P. Ill 784, 424 Nicolay, Katherine A 777 Nielsen, Caren R 60 Nielsen, Christena L 775 Niemi, Steven 737, 79 Niemi, Susan R 724 Nieto, Alice L 704 Nikolakopulos, Alex D. 382 Nikpour, Haideh 475 Niksch, Dennis C. 60 Nikzad, Azar 377 Nimps, Roger L 332 Nishi, Stephanie A 405 Nishida, Debra K 706 Nichida, Melody Y. . 405, 95, 121, 205, 93, 107, 81 Nishida, Robert Y. 750 Nisbikawa, Kelvin E. 66 Nishimori, Sharon S 320 Nishimura, Dean H. 367 Nishiyama, Randall S 367, 75 Nix, Bradley J 367, 60 Noblin, lames R 323 Nobunaga, Eric T. 406, 129 Noda, Norman A 750 Nodvik, Robert L 343 Noguera, Antonia 362 Nolan, Richard C. 332 Nolting, Cynthia M 327 Nomura, Diane K 742 Nora, Stephanie D 777 Nora, Suzanne M. 777 Norberg, Ivan Q. 794 Norcross, lames W. 406, 168 Noriel, loey B. 347 Norris, Kevin L 257, 60 Northington, Gloria E. 424 Northridge, Karen L 406 Norville, Darlene R 406 Notarangelo, Michael 776, 794 Nourafshan, lack 205, 363 Novelo, Marco A 257 Nugent, Sharon K 406, 753 Nunn, Daniel J 406, 73 Nunnally, Sue A 727 Nuno, Nancy A 343 Nutt, Elizabeth A 756 Nuttycombe, William D. 337 Nyberg, Thomas A 768, 343 Nyegaard, Scott T. 321 Nyeholt, Michael E. 256 o Obregon, Angel G. 86 O ' Brien, David C. 320 O ' Brien, Elizabeth A 331 O ' Brien, Frank D 406 O ' Brien, Franklyn F. 92 O ' Brien, Holly A 156, 377 O ' Brien, Michael D. ... 362, 347, 60 444 O ' Ca laghan, Siobhan nj Occbipinti, Vincent A 170, 362 O ' Connor, Cory J. 101 O ' Connor, Mark 336 Oda, Denise M 192, 320 Oda, Duane Y. A 256 Oda, Grace F. 420 Oda, Kenneth 362 Oda, Stacey C. 406, 142 O ' Donnell, Kevin S. 168, 188, 382, 96 O ' Donnell, Micbael 406, 166, 84 O ' Donnell, Sean P. 343 Oeb, William R. Jr. 362 Oescbger, Pamela J. 121 Oestreicb, Ronald S. 322 Ogasawara, Cyntbia E. 382 Ogawa, Lisa A 152 Ogle, Kennetb C. 382, 96, 104 Ogormaif, Robert I. 170 Obanian, Anita 93 Obanian, Gregory 144 O ' Hara, Jeannie 5. 115, 362 Oiibi, Takeo Z. 68 Okabe, Noriko 327 Okada, Guy Y. 424.73 Okamoto, Charles I. 362 Okayama, Loreen M. 91 Okimoto, Anson T. 66 Okimoto, Bruce T. 362, 60 Okorafo, Chima R 96 Okubo, Yosbikuni 362 Okuma, Micbiru 424 Okumoto, Tadashi T. 362 Okumura, Donn i 382 Okumura, Eilene T. 78 Okumura, jean R 406, 78 Old, Debra L 136 Oldfield, Andrew W. Ill 166 Oliver, David W. 406, 182, 205 Oliver, Frank A 327 Oliver, Michael A 327 Oliver, Vincent A 194 Olivera, Caria I. 777 Olivera, Paul 406, 184 OIlis, Carolyn C. 115 Olson, Charles 133 Olson, Dlisa D 139, 328 Olson, Elizabeth B. 121 Olson, Jeffrey R 137 Olson, Judith F. 113 Olson, Kristin 156 Olson, Lars E. 171 Olson, Patrick N. 149 Olson, Stephen W. 184, 79 Omizo, Michael M 377 Omoregie, Osazuwa 5. 382 Omundson, Thomas G. 184 O ' Neill, Margaret M. 140 O ' Neill, Nancy A 124 Ong, Jason 341 Ong, Joyce A 362 Ong, Philip 406, 331 Ong, Tomson T. 74 Opava, Daria M 124 Opava, Dorene L 406, 124 Opene, Emeka A 88 Opfell, Amy P. 127,81 Opfell, Augie 1B4 Opffer, Yvonne C. 325 Opiopio, Jerry M. 362 Opiopio, Wendy J 328 Oppenbeimer, Terri 102 O ' Quinn, Gail R 424 Or, Kennetb W. 327 O ' Reilly, Timothy C. 160 Orio, Yukiko 362 Orme, Sarah B 416 Ormsby, Sandra 1 386 Orr, Ronald H. 133, 140, 256 Orrell, Lew 90 Ortega, Elsa A 406, 121 Ortiz, J. Victor 406 Ortiz, Patricia A 406 Ortiz, Samuel 336 Ortiz, Thomas A 332 Osberger, Robert M. .341, 72, 73, 90, 70 Osborn, David J 406,341 Osborn, Michael C. 131 Osborn, Sean T. 144 Osborne, Gail 420 Osborne, Richard M. 362 Osber, Robert M 161 Oshita, Carey K 142 Osieczanek, Craig A 80 Osman, Jeffrey W. 323 Ostling, Susan J. 406 O ' Sullivan, James P. 200 Oswald, Jerry D 420 Oswald, Richard C. 186, 84 Ota, Ann 406 Oto, Robin L 341, 76 O ' Toole, Colleen E. 158 O ' Toole, Michael M 184 On, Ronald A 362 Olio, Walter R 332 Oughourlian, Carlo V. 382 Overend, Thomas A 133, 84 Owen, Kathleen M 139 Owenby, Douglas A 406 Owolabi, Sarat O. 406 Oye, Gary T. 332 Oyekan, Richard 96 Ozawa, Susan J. 777 P Paananen, llpo 259 Pacala, Thomas J. 382 Pace, Christopher A 382 Pacheco, Alvaro E. 406 Pacini, Steven C. 406, 175 Packer, Elizabeth M 104 Packer, John W. 362 Paddio, Michele M J77 Padulo, Lawrence P. 336 Page, James B 88 Paguio, Rosmen A 416 Paige, Audrey L 362, 318, 63 Pak, Inbo G 332 Palacios, Joseph S. 90 Paliobagis, Andrew K. 362 Palmer, Elizabeth A 257 Palmer, Jocelyn 127, 426 Palmer, Kenneth F. 406, 86 Palmer, Melodie L 406 Palmer, Noel R 341 Palmieri, Donna M. 407 Paltza, Curtis J 407 Pamungkas, Sri B. 8S Pan, Ping-Yun 327 Panbechi, Hamid 382 Pang, Stanley B. 420 Panico, Drew F. 95 Papadakis, Lisa 156 Papadopoulos, Sophia A 362 Papazian, Gilbert II 194 Pappas, William C. 320 Park, Donna A 324 Parker, Bradley T. 184 Parks, Jerry H. Jr. 162 Parks, Mary 5. 115, 362 Parlain, David 70, 343 Parnes, Samuel W. 417 Parodi, Gustavo 332 Parole, Randy J. 335, 254 Parrish, Paige R 760, 407 Parry, Dana G 154 Parsons, John F. 104 Pascal, Patrick C. 7«« Paschall, Winfred E. 382, 84 Pasquali, Rolando W. 775, 407 Passwaters, Tracey L 139 Patel, Bharat B 319 Patkos, George B 7 7 Patrichi, Michael P. 140 Patrick, William H. II 133 Patruno, Luke P. 797, 407 Patsuris, Annette 331 Patterson, Terri L 407 Paul, Stuart R 407 Paulick, Karia A T 756 Paulin, Christy A 127, 377 Paulin, Stephen B. . 191, 204, 362, 84 Pazmino, George A. Jr. 200 Pearce, Josephine 7 75 Pearl, Saralee 102 Pearson, Debbie J. 727 Peatman, Richard L 420 Peck, Darlene N. 328 Peck, Randolph J. 77J Peddy, Angela M. 96 Pedene, William K. 168,417 Pedersen, James L J77 Pedersen, Niels H. 766 Pelentay, Annice J. 324 Pelletier, Robert M. Jr. 332 Peltola, William H. Jr. 3 35 Pelton, Tammi A 756 Pence, Jerrold B. 149 Pener, Barry W. 336 Pennacbio, Frank C. 257 Penne, Craig F. 424 Pennington, David N. 97 Pennington, Mark F. 407 Penton, Standish K. 770 Pentz, John C. 767 Perbix, James M 194, 362 Percy, Leslie I. 407 Perdue, James P. 144 Pereira, Joseph A 256 Perez, Alejandro 424 Perez, Anthony L 341 Perez, Henry M 259 Perez, Victor 382, 85 Perez, Yolanda M. 323 Perkins, Richard R 766 Pero, Mark S. 173, 84 Perovich, Leslie K 158 Perrill, Betty 102 Perry, Angela D 122, 407 Perry, Mark A 161, 363 Perusina, Mary K. 407 Peta, Natalia V. Jr. 377 Petak, Elizabeth A 727 Peters, Charlotte A 341 Peters, Richard A 407 Peters, Thomas H. 95, 133 Peterson, Brent A 256 Peterson, David S 154 Peterson, Laura S 140, 104 Peterson, Michael W. 133 Peterson, Pamela j. 7 75 Peti, Louis F. 332 Petrilli, Frank A 184 Petrilli, Paula L J25 Petrini, Gary 95, 424 Pettit, Cherie D. 113, 407 Peyton, Albert T. Jr. 363 Pezor, Laurence J Jr. 797, 74 Pfingst, Alicia J. 407, 3 18 Pfleiderer, Cheryl A 75«, 377 Pharr, Clyde 420 Phaup, John P. 424 Phelan, Daniel A 76J Phillips, Annette M. 775, 416 Phillips, Bruce M 133 Phillips, Carol A 727 Phillips, Loren J. 770 Phillips, Robert E. II 323 Phillips, Thomas W. II 363 Phillips, William R 321 Philp, Steven G. 766 Photakis, Harry 95, 320, 106 Picardal, Jean K. 407, 323 Pichardo, RodoHo A. Jr. 363 Pickell, Steve J. 256 Pierce, Randolph 140 Pierz, Joseph J Jr. 318 Pigneri, Aldo G. 166, 363 Pike, Carol . 41 Piland, Pamela R 424 Pilgrim, Colleen A 323 Pineda, John J 407 Pinegar, Laura A 727 Pinelli, Marc C. 184 Pinkett, Michael K 765 Pino, Mary T. 407 Pinto, Mauricio M 60 Pipes, Malcolm W. 336 Pirok, Laura L 127 Pirro, Emilia C, 363 Pisani, Juliana J. 152 Pistole, Thomas J. 194 Pitter, Lois A 143, 407, 87 Pittman, David B. 407 Place, Terry A 254 Pladisai, Nitaya 97 Plaskett, William M. 76« Piatt, Kirtlen R. Jr. 331 Plizga, Wayne J. 163, 363 Plunkett, Daniel M. 140, 184, 84 Pober, Lionel 704 Podosin, Andrea D. 60 Polan, Gary D 407 Polhemus, Jennifer L .156, 407, 69, 87 Polin, Patricia K. 407, 343 Poliquin, Brian R 186 Polites, Vicki L 113, 407 Pollard, Joanne P. 426, 322 Pollaro, Terry J 707 Pollock, Elizabeth C. 756 Pollock, John H. 257 Pomykalski, Barbara S. 407 Pon, Felix 363 Pon, Nancy L 752, 60 Ponder, Penny L 7 75 Pontrelli, MarleneA. . . 95, 121, 107, 74 Poole, David A. Jr. 77« Poor man, Scott W. 256 Poppic, Mary A 149, 154, 158 Poremba, Cheri 328 Portaro, Donna L 727 Porter, Donald C. 363, 336, 60 Posner, Lenard A 377 Posner, Lorene M. 377 Potter, Steven F. 420 Powell, James F. 775 Power, Terrence C. 336 Powers, Glenn i 407, 343 Powers, Peggy A 139 Poxon, Julie E. Jr 727, 363 Prasse, Robert C. 363 Preimesberger, David G. 363 Presbrey, Lois J 727 Presnell, George H. Ill 796 Preston, Michael R 184 Preston, Robert S 770 Preston, Steven G. 188 Preston, William R 363 Prelkus, Dale S 407 Price, Gary R 341 Price, Christy A 140 Price, Darcy J. 139 Price, Gerald A 332, 257 Price, Robert M. 420 Price, Terry A 740 Prickett, David J. II 770 Prickett, Gregg L 770 Prince, Earl S. Jr. 257 Prince, Patrick I 407 Prins, Ralph N. 363 Priolo, Jan C. 777 Priain, David 363 Proctor, Andrew K. 149 Prodger, Kim A 408 Prosepe, Ilia 408 Protes, Lisa 702 Prouty, Eric A 770 Provenzano, Bernadette M. 328 Pryor, Deborah R 382, 96, 97 Pryor, James H. 363 Psaltis, Spiro A 184, 257 Puariea, Juli L 756 Pulone, Susan M 124, 170, 73 Purtaro, Annina P. 727 Puncel, Luis M 799 Purbeck, Ronald A 95 Purcell, Gary F. 86, 363 Purcell, Jeffrey B 420 Purnell, Timothy E. 133 Pusch, Kathryn J. 177,408 Pyle, David A 184 Q Quan, Hoy Y. 90 Qu3n, Ronald B 408 Quarels, Rose M 327 Queen, David 321 Quesinberry, William S. 136 Quezada, David T. 386 Quilligan, Chris 766 Quilligan, Theodore . 7 66 Quinlivan, lynette P. 343 Quinn, Christopher 76 7 Quinn, John T. Jr. 92 Quinn, Robert D 420 Quintana, Carlos M. 254 Quintans, Dana A 192, 323 Quon, Jeannette 729 Qvale, Signe R 152 R Racey, Lee J. 336 Rachal, Dennis B. Sr. 382 Racine, Thomas L 797 Rackohn, Craig D 133 Rae, Robert W. II 200 Ragenovich, Alice E. 756, 76 Raidy, John E. 754 Rainey, Dennis E. 749 Rakowski, Wieslaw J. 188 Rallis, Maridee 758 Ramage, Sharon E. 727 Ramezani, Kamran 82 Ramirez, Adolf A 408, 322, 89 Ramirez, Louis J 133 Ramirez, Michael I 420 Ramirez, Raul 313 Ramos, Daniel F. 775 Ramos, Manuel 386 Ramos, Olivia M 95 Randall, Christina L 424 Randall, Michael W. 770 Ransone, Cheryl R 724 Rapaport, Kathleen A 331 Rasmussen, Karen M 727, 408 Rathbone, Robert W. 749 Ratkovicb, George 259 Ratnoff, Philip D 782 Rawn, June C. 756, 424 Razook, Michel 60 Reak, Julie A 327 Real, Melanie M 777 Real, Michael L 363 Real, Timothy I 133 Reaume, Steve V. 363 Rebenstorf, Terri J 75i Redfern, Fredrick C. ...131, 79, 104 Reed, Brian J. 775 Reed, Carolyn B. 727, 770 Reed, Catherine 758, 408 Reed, David L 256 Reed, Elizabeth A 363 Reed, Kevin D, 786 Reed, Kirsten J. 740 Reed, Scott C. 754 Reed, Walter A 133, 363 Reeder, Jon M 770, 363 Reeves, Mark W. 408 Regan, Timothy J. 133,256 Reid, Brian A 780, 63 Reid, Joann 408 Reid, Margaret 406 Reid, Scot S. 332 Reif, Tracey L 331 Reilly, James J. Ill 334 Reilly, Kevin P. ISO Reiner, Deborah 5. 776 Reiner, Robert L 72 Reinhart, Elizabeth K. 386 Reinhold, Dorothy A 408 Reinwald, Daniel J. 175 Reis, Richard S 382 Reisner, Alice R 139 Remp, Joan M 727 Rene, Linda G. 408 Rennie, Kent C. 332 Ressler, Barron F. 749, 336 Reuben, Marcia S 363 Reyes, Celeste A 408 Reyes, Lorenzo P. 426 Reyes, Valerie A 792 Reynolds, Daniel G. 259 Reynolds, Frank E. Jr. 256 Reynolds, Michael J. 318 Rhee, Cyntbia 5 378, 158 Rheinschild, Rudolph W. II 767 Rhodes, Mark A. Jr. 257 Rhodes, Sharon L 727, 9J Rhodes, Victoria I. 477 Rice, Darcy 332 Rich, David M 332 Richardson, Carol V. 775 Richardson, Dennis 80 Richardson, Dennis L 767 Richardson, Jance 75J Richardson, John F. 777 Richelieu, William A 420 Richmond, Aunda L 331 Richmond, Cindy L. .115, 162, 163 Rickabaugh, Melissa C. 363 Rickert, Kit E. 363 Ridgeway, Linda 740, 749 Riedel, Mark B 255 Rierson, Michael D. 186 Riffenburgh, Ernest [. 327, 60 Riley, Allyson J. 777 Riley, Maryellen 127,408 Rios, Mark W. fit Rishel, Mae M 324 Risk, Karen J. 93,91 Ristuben, Nancy J. 400 Ritchey, Laurie L 113 Ritzo, Dale J J64, 331 Rivadeneyra, Francisco 137 Rivers, Linnie M 96 Roa, Joseph R 408, 320 Roach, Alison B. 758 Roberts, Doug E. 768, 408, J 77 Roberts, Jane A 756, J64 Roberts, Janice M 752 Roberts, Kelly K J27 Roberts, Kevin 780 Roberts, Larry M 744 Roberts, Samee L 321, 107, 74 Robertson, Craig L 331 Robertson, Elizabeth A 777 Robertson, Julie A 727 Robin, Christopher M 343 Robinson, Clifford T. 259 Robinson, David A 406 Robinson, Diane M 87 Robinson, Donald C. 364 Robinson, Ellen 740 Robinson, Kristin A 80 Robinson, Linda L 347 Robinson, Pamela C. 364 Robinson, Patricia K. 77J Robinson, Robin R 406 Robinson, Sandra L 321 Robinson, Susan M. 7J9 Roblin, Charles S. 60 Rocha, Mary D. 378, 326 Roche, Thomas M i47 Rochester, Michael J. J64 Rodgers, Kim , 124, 406 Rodgers, Ronnie L 752 Rodgers, Victor A 364 Rodriguez, Arelis 376 Rodriguez, Barbara 406 Rodriguez, Maria H. 406 Rodriguez, Mayra B. 406 Rodriguez, Paul E. 408 RrxJriguez, Richard A 335 Rodriguez, Richard A 334 Rodriguez, Wilfredo A 96 Roe, Murray O. Jr. 77J, 88 Roe, Robert A 173, 409. 89 Roecks, Curtis C. 336 Rogers, Jeffrey A 173 Rogers, Nancy J. 753 Rogers, Ron W. 737 Rogers, Russ M. 259 Rogus, Bradley M 737 Rohan, Robin C. 773, 364 445 Robrer, Laurie L 756 Rohrer, Lynda K. 756 Rojas, John S 417 Ro as, Linda J. 124,320 Roldan, Janet C. 409 Roley, Sutton L 409 Rolfes, Mary P. 177, 364 Rollins, lames A 420 Rolon, Lawrence J. 341 Romano, Dominick A 144 Romano, Rosa M 409 Romero, Mary L 426 Romero, XochitI C. 378 Roorda, Monica A 124 Roostaeyan, Mohammad R 334 Rosa, Thomas J. 76, 77 Rose, Andrew C. 168, 206 Rose, Douglas H. 364 Rose, Richard I. 322 Rose, Samuel R 409 Rosehill, Alan T. 409, 256 Rosen, Jody I. 424 Rosen, Lon M 182 Rosen, Peter K. 386 Rosenberg, Adam R 327, 256 Rosenberg, Barry C. 409 Rosenberg, Diane L 320 Rosenberg, Ronald C 343 Rosenblum, Bruce 178, 70 Rosenmayer, John L 409 R osenthal, Bernard 144 Rosenthal, Daniel I. 256 Rosenthal, Eileen F. 325 Rosenthal, Janette 1 409 Rosin, Charles I. 336 Ross, Gloria M 122 Ross, Michael C. 133, 364, 254 Ross, Steven M 182 Rossi, Joseph J. 255 Rosso, Kathleen A 75 Rotenberg, Pamela A 7 76 Roth, Sheila L 116, 204 Rotheram, Joyce D. 254 Rothpletz, Byron J. 766 Rothwell, John R 133, 409 Rountree, Susan 177 Rowden, Diana L 409, 258 Rowe, Susan J. 158 Rowley, Mark C. 409 Rowshanimoghaddam, Homamoum 96 Rowso, Paul D 318 Rowton, Pamela H. 60 Royan, Mark I. 255 Rozen, Susan B. 776, 204, 91 Rozenfeld, Zinovi 104 Rubalcava, Ramon 86, 424 Ruben, Alan J. 170, 364 Rubin, Michael S. 409 Rubin, Steven M. 68, 160, 60, 84 Rubin, Steven M. 364 Rubino, Mark R 256 Rubinstein, Elan 420 Rud, Robert M. 256 Rudd, Debbie 1 258 Ruderman, Diane T. 378 Rudy, Peter K. 257 Rush, Carol A 121 Rusli, Paul 88 Russell, Glynis A 775 Russell, Mark C. 417 Russell, Michael P. 409 Russell, Sharon M. 777 Russell, Victoria M 95, 152, 73 Russo, Janet L 139, 170 Rust, Robert L 131,417 Ryan, Thomas A 343 Rybus, Kenneth J. 780 s Saadeh, Michele O. 73 Saavedra, Sandra 1 426 Sabath, Harry J. 182 Sabourin, Gregory J. 7J J Sacher, Ken A 184 Sadamura, Nana K. 409 Saenz, James G. 336 Salavi, Madana Z. 409 Sage, Linda D 139 Sager, Kelli L 707 Sahakian, Ed 102 Sakal, James J. 335 Sakamoto, Shirley M 420 Sakaniwa, Toshiharu 420 Sakimoto, Richard Y. II 775 Saklad, Stephen K 420 Sakuda, Naomi N. 192 Sakuma, Susan T. 7J5 Salazar, Martin R 166 Salcedo, Arthur B. 409 SaleKAli 327 Salem, Anthony M 76 Salka, Pamela G. 777 Salley, Holly A 331 Salvador, Hector F. 409 Sammet, Jeffrey L 343 Samontetagalicod, Isa R 63 Sampang, Vilma M 91 Sample, Melanie A 331, 60 Samson, Mary M 426 Samuelian, Debra E. 124, 409 Samuels, David I. 320 Samuelson, Ann M 707 74 Sanchez, Daniel D. 341 Sanchez, Rafael A 331 Sandberg, Sharon D 158 Sanders, Beverly A 96 Sanders, John A 80 Sanders, Joy M 740 Sanders, Kristine A 364 Sanders, Steven A 162 Sandifer, Richard Jr. 76« Sandoval, Valerie A 364 Sanford, James A 336, 259 Sanford, Walt 5. 754 Sanor, George R. Jr. 796 Santiago, Irma C. 88, 96 Santos, Carlos R. Jr. 409 Sapa, Michael T. 77« Sarno, September J. 325 Saroyan, Mark A 332 Sass, Stephen J. 409,76,77 Sassa, Scott M 767 Satin, Scott A 144 Sato, Charlotte P. 386 Sato, Daniel 364 Sato, Stuart J. 331 Salter, Heidi L 777 Saltier, Denise F. 756 Saulpaugh, Richard E. 79, 88 Saunders, George W. Jr. 364, 75 Saunders, Roger S 323 Savage, Charles 79 7 Savelieff, Andre V. 382 Sawyer, Gerald 796 Sawyer, Stephen D 332 Scallon, Michael L 163 Scanlan, Matthew 425 Scarsdale, Diana K. 328, 96, 67 Schaefer, Samuel III 744 Schafer, Sheila M. 364 Schaffner, Joan E. 328 Schalit, Laurie A 386 Schaller, John L 76« Schalman, Caria A 116, 76, 77 Schattinger, Jeff C. 409, 257 Scheldt, Craig D. 76« Scheifly, Jan 777 Schell, Rodger D 335 Schemer, Bonnie L 75fl Scher, Michael D. 7J7 Scberer, Constance L 756 Scherer, Ravelle E. 327 Scherfenberg, Carol 702 Scheuermann, Errol J. 427 Schick, Karen A 113, 318 Schildwachter, Cretchen 727 Schindler, Douglas C. 318 Schindler, Mark A 477 Schine, Vidette A 255, 756 Schirm, Michael W. 60 Schmidhauser, Thomas J. 409 Schmidt, Gerald D. II 341 Schmidt, Leann M 4 7a Schmidt, Nina 775 Schmutzer, Bobi J. 3S2, 343, 67 Schneider, Herb 702 Schneider, Melinda L 756 Schneiderman, Matt 720 Schoenberg, Dan N. 409 Schoknecht, Kent R 409 Schomacker, Sarah E. 323 Schrecke, Mark M 332 Schreiber, Margaret E. 727, 409 Schrimmer, Janet L 77J Schroeder, Curtis E. 341, 60 Schroeder, Karen R 775 Schr€}eder, Michael 76, 77 Schroeder, Roger M 409 Schuessler, Jan L 776, 382, 96 Schultz, Randal W. 409 Schumacher, Donald F. 364 Schwabenland, Cheri 327 Schwartz, Linda 427 Schwartz, Martin 92 Schwartz, Peter D. J47 Schwartz, Ranee L 327 Schwarz, Martin 470 Schweitzer, Karen D. 746 Scofield, Chrhtilk ' N. 7 75 Scolamieri, Alan M. 754 Scott, Alice R 158, 206 Scott, Kelly Donovan 196, 364 Scott, Michael L 767 Scoff, Pamela D. 740 Scribner, William C. 409,69,89 Sealock, Christine M. 93 Searl, Christopher H. 256 Searles, Thomas W. 365 Seastrom, Carolyn L 727 Sedin, Tammy L 153 See, Janet L 752 See, Mary M 135 Seedman, Michael 770 Seeto, Deanna L 322 Seferian, Mark C 76« Segal, Elaine A 778 Seide, Wendy 378 Seidensticker, Kirk W. 84 Seidensticker, Lorri 777 Seifert, John C. 754 Seigel, Gary S. 382 Seipp, Edwin A 382 Seipp, Frederick W. 797 Selcer, Steven R 200 Sellers, Robert M 410, 69, 89 Selley, Pamela M 331 Selzer, John B 364 Semper, Terri L J22 Sene, Alex Jr. 336 Seno, Larry 343 Sera, Linda Y. 60 Seto, Leonard 410, 343 Settles, Craig I 335 Sever, James F. 365 Seyedroodbari, Seyedehmaryam .327 Seyfert, Valorie A 152, 258 Shafer, John P. 786 Shaheen, Anna M 470 Shahrokhshahi, Nader A 784 Shane, Rita R 427 Shannon, Bruce L 768, 96 Shannon, Frances A 323 Shannon, Joseph J. Ill 7i 7 Shannon, Kevin A 343 Shaphren, J Todd 410, 257 Sharp, David P. 41, 68, 418, 318 Sharp, Janice C. 752 Shartel, Sarah S. 727 Shaw, Laura E. 331 Shaw, Stephan S. 365 Sheehan, Grace V. 470, 69 Sheehan, Leslie A 752 Sheffield, Emily N. Ann 92 Shepherd, Jeffrey W. 470 Shepherd, Jonathon F. 425 Sheppard, Anna C. 139, 425 Sheppel, Russell M 470 Sherman, Bruce L 770 Sherman, Leslie J. Jr. ... 121, 173, 74 Sherman, Stuart M 335 Sherman, Vinny N. 4 70 Sherwood, Mark F. 754 Shield, Kerry 756 Shields, John A 707 Shiells, David J 704, 67 Shigematsu, Ronald 750, 4 70 Shigeyasu, Grace N. 364, 91 Shih, Irene 364, 60 Shikai, Hiroshi 470 Shikiya, Janet Y. 425 Sbimamoto, Peter M 331 Shimazu, Nelson K 382, 331 Shimizu, Margaret H. 328 Shin, Young I. 364 Shinn, Camie L 115, 170 Shinn, George H. 133 Shita, Ezzeddin A 382 Shock, Barbara L J7S Shokraipour, Abbas 4 70 Shokraipour, Fatemeh 378 Shore, James D. 77J, 88 Short, Edward D. 332 Shrader, William R 166, 84 Shroeder, Pamela L 727 Shue, Denise E 192, 328 Shum, Kalherine T. I. 378 Shumate, Philip K 768 Shumny, Roman 470, J47 Shunneson, Eileen B 343 Sidney, Marcia Y. 378 Sieck, Gregory R 161,410 Siegler, Delise T.V. 777 Siering, Lauri G. 258 Sierra, Joanne A 378, 1 13 Silberkraus, Sally L 135 Silinsky, Mark D. 470 Sill, George T. 133 Silling, Gregory R J78 Sills, Tony 259 Silva, Steven A 766 Silver, Jeffrey P. J22, 60 Silver, Stuart L J«5, 60 Silverstein, Steven J. J65 Sima, William F. 323 Simley, Joycelyn L 254, 258 Simmons, Carolyn E. 320, 323 Simmons, Kathleen £. 87 Simmons, Oscar A 256 Simon, Shan E 135,425 Simonian, Armen I. .421 Simons, Kathryn S. 777 Simpson, David L J6S, 2J9 Simpson, Douglas G. 133 Simpson, Larry M 257 Simpson, Michael W. 76 Simpson, Ronnie V. 383, 79 Sinagra, Mark A J65 Singleton, Mary E. 722, 470 Sinn, Stephanie 4 70, 254 Sitjar, Darlynne A 378, 121 Siu, Theresa A 4 70 Skelton, Clifford A 4 70, 89 Skilton, Julie M 331 Skinner, Catherine D. 331 Skoro, Lesley 378, 140 Skrobola, Edward J 332 Skube, Robert J. 257 Slacks, Wayne 470 Sfafer, Calvin 365 Slayton, Vicki L 325 Sloate, Susan M. . . 194, 328, 63, 93, 107 Slosson, Thomas L 706 Slovak, David W. 365 Smaldino, Louis M. 427 Small, Kimberly E. 7J9 Smeltzer, David S. 470 Smith, Alice F. 378 Smith, Andrew M. S. 60 Smith, Barrett G 470 Smith, Christopher W. 257 Smith, Cynthia 86 Smith, Dan 90 Smith, Darryl 259 Smith, Dennis C. iS6 Smith, Detra 74J Smith, Donnette 470 Smith, Douglas E. 766, 334 Smith, Douglas P. 470 Smith, Duncan A 336 Smith, James F II 60 Smith, Jennifer 775, 258 Smith, Kenneth J. 729 Smith, Kirk M 784 Smith, Mark W. 256, 88 Smith, Marva 90 Smith, Melinda K 327 Smith, Michael T. 78 Smith, Miriam 258 Smith, Patricia C. 341, 91 Smith, Robert J. 88 Smith, Robert S J65 Smith, Stan 313 Smith, Stephen M. J27 Smith, Steven J65, 60 Smith, Steven D 259 Smith, Suzanne M. . 127, 365, 75, 60 Smith, Victoria M 328 Smoiek, Valerie 115, 365, 91 Smoot, Melissa M 752, 365, 101 Smyth, Theodore H. 780, 84 Snell, William S 477 Snorf, Susan A 156,411 Snyder, Christine 724 Snyder, Dale A. Jr. 744 Snyder, David V. 121, 196 Snyder, James K 780 Snyder, Kent E. 775 Snyder, Phyllis 323 Sobottka, Daniel C. 332 Sodar, Frank 78 Soden, Douglas G. II 706 Soetanto, Effendi 365 Soetanto, Rijanto 365 Sokolowski, Stephen J 332 Solbrig, Ronald M 332 Soils, Miguel A 343 Sollee, Scot ES 256 Solomon, Sandra 5. 113 Solon, Sar ah R 327 Solum, Eric J. 383, 96 Somers, Nancy M 74 Somhegyi, Catherine 258 Sommer, William C. 334 Sommers, Kimberly A 727 Sommers, Lisa D 724 Sonnenberg, Gale P. . 121, 87, 93, 81 Sonoda, James D 386 Soo Hoo, Gregory D 425 Soohoo, Joanne 365, 9 7 Soost, Elaine L 331 Sorensen, Victoria A 777 Sorgen, Laura A 756 Soriano, Sulpicio III 327 Soto, Gloria 86 Soukup, Steven R 762 Soule, Edward L 255 Soule, Wendy J 77J Soulliere, Theresa M. 121, 411 Soury, Delila J65, 68 Spaeter, Diane M. 77J Spaeter, Lori A 113, 426 Spain, Kyle M J65 Spalla, Jeffrey R 784 Spalla, Michael A 784 Sparks, Jeanne M 799 Sparks, William J 74 Spasaro, Frank A 256 Spates, Lesley S 77J Spear, Jill L 158, 161 Spear, John A 68 Spear, Kenneth S. .68, 767, 204, J65 Spector, Wendy H. 776 Speer, Gary C. 762 Speight, Yvette V. 477 Speiser, Terri F. 727, J65 Speizer, Kim A 427 Speizer, Ronald D 427 Spence, Cheri S 113, 477 Spence, Kenneth L 365, 87, 60 Spencer, John S 729 Spencer, Margaret J. 758, 477 Speyer, Paul E. 163 Spicer, Therese C. 756 Spicer, Thomas R 133, 366, 254 Spinney, Georgia C. 477 Spina, Mark S 92 Spirtos, Maria A 93 Spivey, Richard N. 427 Spotville, Michelle J. 341 Springer, Scott M 768 Stachler, Gary P. 154, 206 Staggs, Mark K 796 Stairs, David S. 760 Stakee, Judith M. 113, 411 Staley, Joan M 775 Stallings, Michael L 729 Stang, Peter M 200, 411 Stanislawski, Charles G 60 Stansbury, Timothy W. 332 Stansfield, Robert D. 332 Stanton, Daniel P. 257 Stanton, Richard K. 784 Stapakis, Nikki 113 Staretz, Lorre K. 727 Starfield, David 386 Stark, Laura 321 Starks, Mary F. 343 Starliper, Michael D 778 Slavert, Cathryn L 378 Stavert, Ronald W. 767 St. Clair, Steven T. 784 Stea, Richard A 778 Stearns, Robert 477 Steckman, Gena L 724 Stefan, Keely . 727 Stefan, Michael IV 476 Stegman, Cameron C. 770 Steiger, Charles M. 477 Stein, Beth E. 343 Stein, Jeffrey H. 411,341 Stein, Robert L 427 Stein, Shannon M 77i, 477 Steinberg, Craig S. 259 Steinke, Paul D 749, J66 Stejskal, Cheryl A 477 Stellar, William A 477 Sremen, Cara L 477, J4J Stephanian, Erick 191, 411 Stephens, Craig F. 366, 60 Sterling, Helen L 328 Sternberg, Gary R 80 Stevens, Don Ian C, 770 Stevens, Jeffrey R 336, 254 Stevenson, Gregory M 784 Stevenson, John P. 257 Stevenson, Lee M. 327 Stevenson, Mary L 727, 257 Stewart, Allyn 756, 366 Stewart, Anne E. J27 Stewart, Charles D. 166 Stewart, Dean B. 322. 25S Stewart, Nancy E. 320 Stewart, Sheila M 322 St. Geme, Elodie 702 Stillwell, Thomas C. 180, 411 Stimson, Zachary D. 335, 254 Sf. John. Ronald R 477 Stoc , Linda L 727 Slock, Ralph M 199 Stockly, Robert A 343 Stokes, Kenneth D. IK Stokke, Douglas J. 257 Stolark, Kevin C. 3»S Stoliker, Patrick C. 3t3 Sloller, Jeffrey 3tf Sloltze, Susan F. 177 Stone, Scoll A. 68,182,204,205,411 Stonestreel, Sally D 756 Storey, Pamela J Jr. 378, 158 Storm, Bruce 78 Stowell, William M. . . 168, 366, 75, 84 Strassner, John C. 788, 383 Stratos, Catharine 75 Straub, Christine J. 136 Strausberg, David 256 Strauss, Glen D. 727, J4 J Strebig, Steven L 180,366 Street, Douglas P. 257 Strege, Sherrie L. Jr. 378 Strickland, James O. Jr. 2SS Stringer, Denise V. 124 446 Strode, Charles D. Jr. 257 Strode, Margaret A 3 0, 258 Stroebel, Thomas W. 383, 322 Stromeyer, George L 85 Stuckey, Felicia A 143 Stueve, Jeffrey L 136 Subko, Jeffrey B 411, 69, 89 Sue, Debbie L 792 Sullivan, Dane M 366 Sullivan, James J 133 Sullivan, Kevin J. 173 Sullivan, Richard ft 184 Sullivan, Shannon M 257 Sullivan, Sydney L 124, 411 Sullivan, Timothy tt 173, 366 Summers, Craig S, 184, 84 Sumrall, Annette L 127 Sun, Shiling 378 Sun, Tina P.C. 366 Supanich, Dennis M. 386 Superstein, David 335 Sussman, Sally L 411 Sutherland, Scott M. 140, 184 Suttie, Richard D 136 Sutton, Douglas W. 173 Suzuki, Shelly S 91 Svoboda, Ann D 60 Swack, Jeanne R 417 Swain, Philip J.K. LN.2S6 Swanburg, Scott A 178 Swanger, Roseann 7 75, 411 Svifank, William E. 196 Swanson, Donald C. 366 Swanson, Jeffrey L 149 Swanson, Tamra D. 139, 320 Sweatt, Leslie A 324, 257 Sweeney, Ellen M 41 Sweeney, Joseph P, III 770 Sweeney, Stephen R 770 Swenson, Charles R 334 Swietek, Gregory 790 Swinton, Elliott C. 334 Syed, Tajwar 702 Sylvester, Gordon S. 76 7 SyiTians, Susan L 92 Szijarto, Kathy M 412 Szypszak, Charles A 88 T Tabah, Lisa D 412 Tacderan, Carmelita 343 Tafe, Camille L 727 Taga, Annette 5 412 Tahara, Helen H. 412 Taillard, Marie O. 82 Taira, Takashi S 412 Takahashi, Royce Y. 336 Takano, Denise L 378 Takaoka, Chris J 421 Take, Khaled A 82 Takeda, Kim M 343 Takeda, Steve K. 163 Takeguma, Bruce E. 766 Taketomo, Rick K 383, 104 Taketomo, Robert T. 421 Talbert, Charles E. 343 Tallant, Leslie A 775 Tallerino, Nancy J. 426 Talley, Lisa D. 366 Tam, Wendy T. 366 Tamis, Wendy J 93 Tammaro, Vincent L 412 Tamura, Wendy 7 2 Tan, Lim H. 383 Tan, Lim H. 383 Tan, Limp. 383, 85, 104 Tan, Sheree J 68, 383, 317, 68 Tanabe, TomiL. . . 178, 412,81, 101, 73 Tanaka, Paul K 66 Tancredy, Joseph E. 727, 343 Tanguay, Sharyn L 341 Tani, Linda S. 7- 2 Tankersley, Jane M. 72 Tanner, Kevin R 343 Tanner, Lloyd G 366 Tanner, Terry L 756 Tanniehill, Brenda K. 72 Tanz, Bernie S 194 Tartre, Suzanne E. 727 Tarver, Ozie B 412 Tarver, Rhonda M 412 Tashima, Mikki K 378 Tasooji, Mohammad B 366 Tate, Robert D 797 Tavarez, Joseph S. Jr. 164, 366 Tavassol, Farhad 366 Tavitian, Arpi G 421 Taylor, Charles R 366, 60 Taylor, James M 366 Taylor, Ronald R 75 Taylor, Sheri A 752, 81 Taylor, Theresa 5 755 Taylor, Tim L 7J7, 775 Teel, Robert L. II 154, 256 Teele, Dana L 756 Teige, John E 412 Tejera, Richard J 796 Teller, Johnnie C. 799 Tellam, George S 133 Telleen, Cynthia M 777 Templeton, Gilbert C. Ill 256 Templin, Lucie E. 331 Tenaglia, John K 7 0, 7 9, 412 Tennant, Michele R 324 Tenzer, Gary M 366 Tepper, Leo 702 Terman. Herach 383 Terrell, Angela M 366 Terry, Victoria E. 158 Tertocha, James C. 88 Terusaki, Stanley H. 331 Terzian, Louise 702 Testa, Tom 366, 60 Thaxton, L. Odetl 124 Theurich, Diane E. 7 0 Thirlwall, Carol S. 325, 107, 74 Thorn, Charles Jr. 412 Thomas, Sally J 153 Thomas, Bettina M. 412 Thomas, Cathy D 755 Thomas, Jennifer A 75fl Thomas, Mark S 88 Thomas, Norman E. 343, 87 Thomas, Robert A 321 Thomas, Sally A 727 Thomas, Stacey L 727, 72 Thome, Steven G. 80 Thompkins, Cheryl L 425 Thompson, Bruce 366 Thompson, Bruce E. 75 Thompson, Carolyn 756, 425 Thompson, Charles 257 Thompson, Charles F. 7J6 Thompson, David K 760, 472 Thompson, Kathleen J 320 Thompson, Lynne L 756 Thompson, Mark A 76,77 Thompson, Rodney S. 341 Thornquist, Kristi i 140, 412 Thornton, Peter B. 765 Thues, Debbi C. 412, 328 Thurmond, Kim D. 707 Tiberti, Mario A 363 Tichenor, Scott P. 797 Tierney, Robert A. Jr. 256 Tieszen, Lori J 331 Tillotson, Michael P. 86 Tilton, Victoria P. 140 Tily, Elizabeth R 777 Tily, Nancy P. 777 Timberlake, Robert C. 184 Tindall, Janis M 412 Ting, Franklin W. J27 Tisthammer, Janet L 124, 76 Titus, D. Stephen 259 Tfan, Tek F. 363 Tobler, Diane E. .324 Todd, Kathryn M. 777 Todd, Michael A J66, 259 Todd, Tracy A 777 Toerge, Michael L 140, 160, 366 Tolman, Timothy L 257 Tolstad, Scott C. 180 Tom, Melinda 376 Tom, Michael B. 66, 150, 90 Tom, Wendell Y.T. 259, 60 Tomkins, Teresa L 327 Tomp, Edward M 332 Tompkins, Henry M. 412 Toms, Sandra J. 756 Tone, Amy T. 366 Tong, Bruce M. 363 Tonnu, Hanhdan 792 Torabzadeh, Hossein J27 Torino, Francisca 412 Torme, Tracy 162 Tornay, Stephen S. 766 Towne, Jay L 332 Towns, Adrian J. 67 Towns, Julianna 67 Townsend, Anthony B. 332 Townsend, Marcus B. 366 Toyama, Lori A 472 Trachtenberg, David 412, 72 Traeger, Donald A 754, 366 Traeger, Marsha L 107, 74, 76, 77 Trapp, Dan C. 754, 97 Trau, Catherine L 724 Traver, Walter J.R 257 Travers, Kathleen M. 472 Treat, Robert C. 154, 256 Treiman, Nancy A 740 Tressen, Deborah D. 7J9, 472 Treuherz, Robert R 472 Trevino, Michael D. 744 Trieber, Kevin . 335 Trim, Stanley C. 363 Trimm, Denise 320 Tripp, Angela M. 4 72 Tripp, Paula C. J22 Troy, Cynthia D. 740 True, Maureen N. J4 7 Trumbull, Robin C. 412, 256 Trutter, Jonathan W. 191, 84 Trytten, Mona S. 343 Tsang, Cynthia J. 426 Tso, Denise 727 Tsujimoto, Curt N. 766, 84 Tuan, Da M J66 Tucci, Steven J 76 7 Tucker, Joan M. 756 Tucker, Ruxton J. 200 Tucker, Walter R. Ill 47J Tueller, Douglas R 168, 413, 84 Tuffli, Virginia L 156, 413 Turchi, Anthony M 749, 366 Turkel, Eric J 764 Turnacliff, John L 740, 160, 367 Turner, June 4 7 J Turner, Lori L T77, 47J Turner, Robert M. 425 Twining, Jamie B. 331 Ty, Kenneth Jr 367 Tyminski, Donna L 724 Tysen, Charlette Y. 722 U Uchi, Thereii I. 413 Ucok, Hikmel 96 Uehari, Claude M 343 Uithoven, Sandra J. 426 Ulf, Brian D. 140, 184 Ullmann, Lisa 177 Ulmer, William 383 Ulrich, Christine M 413,93 Umemoto, Cynthia £. 142 Uncapher, Jeffrey K. 334 Uncapher, William B. 186 Underwood, Gerald V. Ir. 386 Linger, Elizabeth A 1S2 Unterreiner, Joseph H. 341 Uozumi, Tetsuo 412 Upjohn, Sally 133 Upton, Kay J Jr. 341, 96, SI, 104 Uquillas, Louis H. 255 Uretsky, Steven K. 413, 343 Ursich, Liza Y. 325 Ursich, Luci Y. J78 Uyeda, Gail S 115, 413 Uyeda, Janice K. 367 Uyeki, Bonny 378 Vahdani, Mir Mohamad A 327 Valdez, Lisa Y. 327 Valentine, Dennis C. 199, 367 Valentino, John X. 367 Valenzuela, Anne M 93 Valeria, Douglas C. 331 Vallejo, Victor A 72 Valles, Lawrence M. 144, 413 Valoff, JoL 328, 93, 107 VanBenlhem, Lisa K. 258 VanBenthem, Lorelei C. 258 VanBenthem, Lynne B 258 VanBlake, Fay C. 331, 90 VanBuskirk, Amy 115 Vandagriff, Cris W. 775 Vandenberg, Robert J. 322 VanDenHandel, Cornelius III 383 Vander griff, Victor T. 767 Vandermeyden, Mark P. 383 Vanderslice, Eric T. 88 Vanderupwich, Desiree 331 ' VanDerVelden, Peter 413 VanDuzer, Michael R 343 VanCorder, David T. 257 VanHorn, Steven C. 88 VanHouten, John J. Jr. 200 VanKeulen, Scott D. 133, 367 Vanorden, Ronald C. 180 VanPetten, Vance S. 206 Vanpuyvelde, Donna R 254, 258 Vanpuyvelde, Judith A 323 VanRuilen, Christopher J. 121, 173, 70, 75, 367 VanSluyters, Jon E. 67 VanSteenbergen, Chris 765 Van T Hof, Robert 257 VanVuren, Lori F. 426 VanWolvelaere, Patty J. 258 Vargas, Cerardo R 88 Vargas, Jose 86 Vargas, Mary T. 413 Varnas, Harry 200 Varney, James £ 333 Vasko, Ann M 153 Vaughn, Lauren A 140 Vazquez, Ana 790 Veasey, Byron K 88 Vecchio, Robert 5. 341 Vega, Ronald D. 333 Venegas, Cynthia M 413, 101 Venegas, Kenneth M. 421 Venegas, Margaret 413 Vennetti, James C. 78 Verdegem, Thomas D. ...68, 413, 74 Verdin, Ceorge A 413 Veres, Michelle E 328 Verlander, Carole B. 413 Vescovo, Frankie R 320 Vickers, Steven L 333 Vidrio, Ruben Jr 413 Viggianelli, Michael 413, 343 Vilchez, Euterio M 96 Villafana, Donald E. 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Jr. 416 Walden, Gregory A 180,413 Waldman, Susan J. 77J Waldron, Caron Amy M. 140, 413 Waldron, John W. 425 Walker, Catherine D. 762 Walker, Dana L 322 Walker, Elizabeth A 413 Waler, Jama V. 413 Walker, James C. 259 Walker, Johnny M 796 Walker, Lawrence L 729 Walker, Matthew 173 Walker, Timothy C. 259 Wall, Ellen P. 414 Wall, Michael I. 414 Wallace, Kendall E. 367 Wallace, Natasha ■ 26 Wallace, Randy B 383 Wallenstein, Robert 1 74 Waller, Littleton W.T. Ill 770 Waller, Monica A 135, 367 Walley, Wayne O. 414 Walls, Kristi A 75« Walls, Kyle P 74 Walsh, Kerry A 777 Walsh, Michael J. 131,413 Walter, Daniel C. 322 Wannamaker, Elizabeth A 124 WanYaacob, Wan Awang Bin .... 425 Wapner, Terry A 77ft 7«2, 413 Warantz, Cindy C. 426 Ward, Carol L 7J9 Ward, Sandra M. 115, 323 Ward, Scott D. 322 Warden, Shir lane K. 121, 178 Warner, Deborah J. 776, 79« Warner, Janet S. 124 Warren, Jill K. 727 Warren, Wendy A 136 Warth, Julie A 124 Washington, Maude J67 Wasserman, Sandra M 140 Wasylyn, Lidia M 414,73 Watanalx, Kathleen 414 Waters, Roberta 143 Watson, David A 7S Watson, David E. M Watson, Donna A 414 Watson, Tom A 414 Walters, John P. 186, 204, 84 Watts, Brian J. 173,74 Watts, Rochelle R 331 Wattson, Gregory A 1S4 Waxer, Daniel A 414 Wayland, Lana 102 Weaver, Randall K. 256 Webb, Brian D 200 Webb, Douglas C. 186 Webb, Lorraine A 139 Webb, Richard A 188,206 Wel b, Thomas L 144 Weber, Lee A 7. 0 Weber, Rene M. .378, 122, 204, 104 Webster, Julie D. 777 Webster, Sandra K 153, 320 Weddle, Jeffrey D 77J Wedlake, Edward C. 766 Wedlow, Lauren L 414 Weger, Deborah A J2S Weikle, Edward L SO, 73 Weiner, Jeffrey C. 144 Weiner, Lawrence S. 00 Weiner, Robert E. 256 Weingard, Rondi A 341 Weingarten, Scott R 70 Weinstein, Lauren H. 124 Weintraub, Rebecca 74 Weisbly, Scott 259 Weisel, Linda B 3S6 Weiss, Betty D. 727 Weiss, Steven L 797 Weissinger, Jill L 756, 206 Welch, Diana L 124 Welch, Melinda A 414 Welch, Robert C. 797 Wellborn, Marshall R 256 Wells, Amy C 776 Wells, Richard C. 323 Welsh, Rebecca L 777 Welshymer, Bret C. 173 Wendorff, Judith D. 1S6 Wentzel, John 16S Werner, Gregory M 336 Wernicke, Brian P. 414 Wernicke, Carl L 1S2 Werter, Jeff G. 414 Wertz, Ross 167, 75 West, Mitchell D. 383, 74 West, Tegan N. 780 Westerhout, Fritz C. Ill 336 Westervelt, Derek J. 367 Westervelt, Tracy E. 756 Westphal, Paul J77 Wetzel, John T. 18B Wetzel, Stephen C. .68, 166, 204, 205, 84, 367 Whalen, Kelly L 104 Wheaton, Ella K. 324 Wheeler, John C. 131 Whippo, Donald D. 170 Whisman, Donald N. 414 Whitaker, Cynthia M. 139 Whitaker, Cynthia R 777 Whitaker, Nancy C. 153 White, Bradley R 3S6 White, David J. 367 While, Michael J. J67, 73 White, Raymond J. 173, 367 Whitehead, Elizabeth A 153 Whiting, Sanford D. II 149 Whitney, Todd C. 333 Whittington, Susan A 756 Wiblitzhouser, Terry L 383 Wickham, Edward 129 Wicks, Kevin J. 257 Widding, Lisa L 324 Widjaja, Santoso 367 Widmer, Debra J. 426 Widtfeldt, Douglas R 259 Wiedmann, Diann P. 421 Wiedower, Robert A SS Wieser, Patricia 3S6 Wilcox, Cynthia M. 127.414 Wilcox, Ian C. 7J7 Wildrick, Meade C. 149, 367 Wiley, Jay E. Jr. SO Wilk, Glenn A 7J7 Wilke, Karen L 140 Wilkenfeld, Lewis E. 333 Wilkin, Dennis M 7«2 Wilkins, Cameron C. 140 Wilkins, John S. 184, 367 Wilkins, Susan C. 758 Wilkinson, Whitney V. 770 Will, Eric J. 333 w Williams, Anthony L 386 Williams, Brandt C. 76 7 Williams, Cheryl L 707 Williams, Clifflon B4 Williams, Fredrick Ir. 333 Williams, Cus J77 Williams, lames B 368 Williams, James C. 259 Williams, Janalyn M 414, 341 Williams, Kellee A 378 Williams, Kevin 259 Williams, Mary K 324 Williams, Stanley W. Ir 257 Williams, Victoria L 368 Williams, William E. 414 Williamson, Anne E. 158, 368 Williamson, lodi L 752 Willis, Debra A 324 Willis, Jeffrey J. 335 Willis, Leeann M 177 Willis, Stephanie M 127, 170 Willis, William A. Jr. .... 161, 425, 78 Wills, Gary K 173 Wilson, Dana L 139 Wilson, Debra 5. 324 Wilson, Kerry P. 333 Wilson, Kevin A 256 Wilson, Marcus S. 797 Wilson, Marlaine A 256 Wilson, Michael L 775 Wilson, William J. 91 Wilson, Zivia L 75 Wilton, Margo L 177 Wiltse, Robert A 256 Winarko, Sudarmo 416 Wincor, Michael Z. ■ 2 7 Wmslovi, William B 60 Winthrop, Rebecca J. 762 Wirht, Joe N. 336 Wirth, Karen L 320 Wishnick, Ami J. 775 Wisniewski, Stan N. Jr 797 Witten, Judith L 343 Wittwer, William R 184 WiviotI, Gregory 782, 206 Wo, Wendell . 60 Wolcott, Bret P. 336 Woldt, Wendy A 752, 414, 73 Wolf, Jonathan A 368, 60 Wolf, Tanya M 414 Wolfe, John M 766 Wolff, David G. 414 Wolfson, Joyce D 414 Walk, Gina L 368 Wollert, Glenn C. 335 Wolsey, Marcie K 775 Womack, Vanessa D. 327 Wong, Avis T. 257 Wong, Bonnie 1 178, 81 Wong, Brian R 704 Wong, David 368 Wong, Eric SO. 383 Wong, Frank T.W. 383 Wong, Gordon 414 Wong, Gregory S 368, 75 Wong, John H.Y. 63, 60 Wong, Kenny K 421 Wong, Larry G 383 Wong, Leslie A 414 Wong, Manni M.Y. 343 Wong, Margaret M 425 Wong, Melinda 78 Wong, Monet ML 79, 67 Wong, Perry P. 60 Wong, Randal S 343 Wong, Richard 421 Wong, Rosemarie 5. 414 Wong, Thomas 704 Wong, Timothy D 97 Wong, Tina Y.L 368 Wong, Tin-Chee E. 368 Wong, William 7J7 Woo, Arnold D. 95 Woo, Brian T. 341 Woo, Craig B. 97 Woo, Dorothy S. 792 Woo, Kasey D. 368 Woo, Kim M 78 Woo, Raymond CM 422 Woo, Sharon L 96 Wood, Gary J. 149, 414 Wood, Kimberly L 92 Wood, Mark F. 415 Woodman, Barbara L 775 Woods, Marina M 415 Woods, Stanley R 188 Woodstra, Susan J. 254 Woodward, Philip L 161, 368 Woolf, Jeffrey M 166, 368 Wopschall. Karen C. 139 Worsley, Brigetle A 331 Worthington, Delwyn J. 144, 415 Worthy, Jeffrey S. 144 Wright, Collin JJ7 Wright, Cyrus 702 Wright, Elizabeth P. 415 Wright, Jeffery 7«0, 206, 368 Wright, Josephine J. 140 Wright, Kathleen R 254 Wright, Paula E 425 Wright, Paul E 4 75 Wright, William M 336 Wuerth, Randall D 331 ulk, Floy A 740 Wulk, LesB. 133, 254 Wyckoff, Gale D. 255 Wycoff, LoriD 331 Wylde, Lynn 740 Wynsen, Susan 724 Y Yamada, Grace M 96 Yamada, Jerome K 335 Yamada, Melvin T. 323 Yamagata, Nancy S. 4 77 Yamamoto, Hiroko 378 Yamamoto, John M 368 Yamamoto, Kenneth M 368, 75 Yamamoto, Mary A 178 Yamano, John Y. Jr. 334 Yamashiro, Keith K. 704 Yamasbiro, Roger M. 750 Yamashita, Steven M 750 Yanagi, Mary M 4 75 Yanagi, May M 475 Yanagimoto, James T. 256 Yang, Lyndane 328 Yano, Shirley M 475, J2« Yarnel, Jay B 90 Yary, Ron J70 Yasutake, George E. 422 Yates, Paul M 368 Yates, Wilma M 331 Yaussy, Catherine 426 Ybarra, Dennis F. 477 Yeager, Dale G. 7«0, «4 Yeager, Mark A 780 Yeager, Mark J. 161, 368 Yeager, Susan F. 756, 475 Yearwood, Sally J. 477 Yebisu, Bill S J6a Yee, Dennis Y. 422 Kee, Cordon B 750 Yee, Herman T. 323 Yee, Janet 383 Yee, Joni J 378 Yee, Mei-Ling L 93,81 Yee, Michael 77J Yee, Milton D 422 Yee, Steven 368 Yep, Brian C. 256 Yep, Bruce W. «9, 8«, 704 Yep, Gustavo J78 Yi, Kyung 96 Yim, Carolyn L 77J Yoder, Gregory A 786 Yoder, Robert J 68, 368, 256 Yonemura, Ken S. 750 Yonemura, Richard Y. 33 Yoon, Hae K 792 Yoseloff, Lee D 386 Yosbida, Arleen T. 368 Yosbimitsu, Amy 792 Young, Belinda L 97 Young, Bradford W. 121, 186 Young, Curtis J 76 7 Young, Diane C 706 Young, Donald T. 60 Young, Elizabeth M 475, 322, 97 Young, James D 133, 204 Young, James L 254 Young, Lance L 133 Young, Randalyn 139, 4 75 Young, Susan C. 328 Young, Vivian K 331 Youngblood, Elizabeth 740 Younger, Nina 366 Youngkin, Heidi M 115, 41 S Yount, Russell A 778 Youtsler, Bernadette 75 Yue, Helen 475 Yung, Kim W. J47 Yurdin, William E. 335 Yurich, Diane E 740, J25 Zachary, Setb A 182,415 Zacbmann, Michelle A 475 Zagalai, Bascer M 704 Zaidenweber, Marco 163 Zakarison, Marcia L 69 Zakian, Diane R. Jr. 475 Zaidana, Danilo A. Jr 334 Zaidana, Roberto M 378 Zaiunardo, Roderic R. Ill 7J7 Zamarripa, Steve J. 133 Zandstr a, Mario N. 786 Zaninovic, Natasha 79 Zaninovicb, Sonya L 758 Zaninovich, Victoria A 378, 135 Zarate, Eugene A 336 Zaske, Christopher L 320 Zaustinsky, Michael F. 63 Zavala, Rory 368 Zavarelli, Ann M 328 Zenovich, Ninon 740 Zesiger, Katbryn A 724 Ziai, Maryam 323, 324 Ziefle, Claudia L 727, 475 Ziegler, Joseph H. 780 Ziegler, Paul A 257 Ziffren, John A 478 Ziler, Frederick W, 766, 84 Zimelis, David L 475 Zimmerman, Karita A J4 7 Zimmerman, Wendy D. 77 Zink, Janette L 139 Zinn, Wendy J 135, 204 Ziomkoski, Edward 425 Zolezzi, Robert E 749 Zolghadr, Mitra 378 Zook, Lynn M 327 Zotovich, Thomas D 2SS Zucker, Keith E. 334 Zuckerman, Lynn R 475 Zundelevicb, Mauricio 76J Zures, lames D. 768, 368, 84 Zusman, Phyllis M 425 Zuzow, Deborah L 724 Zwemer, Nancy 343 Zwick, Louis D 200 Zwick, Roland E. 333 Zwinski, Kimberly A 475 448

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