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• ■ ' )[. ' . V ' l ' :t -1977 EL RODEO 1977 EL RODEO Published by the 1977 El Rodeo staff University of Southern California Los Angeles, California Contents ACTIVITIES Student Life 18 Organizations 48 SPORTS Mens ' Sports 100 Womens ' Sports 180 ACADEMICS Administration and Academics 206 LIVING GROUPS Off-campus Housing 302 University Housing 312 Greeks 334 An editor ' s reflections. Some days I neea another hour so I can just sit quietly, close my eyes and listen to my soul. Some days I need another hour so I can go jogging at sunrise, breathe deeply and feel my muscles strain. Some days I need another hour so I can memorize the formulas, reread the chapter and avoid cramming for the final. f- Some days I need another hour . so I can laugh and enjoy my friends, listen to others and get to know someone new. I looked around and realized I wasn ' t alone — we ' re all searching for enough hours so we can lead balanced lives every day — spiritually, physically, mentally and socially ' T vi! ! V .,,_ ■ " ■ ' ' ' t;; ' ;..-;, Cindy Leone 1977 El Rodeo editor It ' s taken four years to learn what this university has to offer — what classes to take, who the outstanding profs are and where to find enriching activi- ties. As a senior I feel like a junior executive who ' s been with the company for four years and is just getting a key to the men ' s washroom. Marc Nowadnick Senior, Broadcast Journalism I am thankful that He is so consistent even though my life is so inconsistent. Mike Sanford Senior, Physical Education A person should be at peace with the physical environment. This implies a reasonable appreciation of the nature and mechanism of the environ- ment and an attitude of co- operation with it. Robert L. Mannes Dean for Student Life I am becoming more aware of who I should spend my time with. I have begun to narrow down my very true friends and they like that. John Naber Senior Psychology Since I ' ve been here I have really become a stronger person through football. I was able to disregard the critics and carry myself in a way where I couldn ' t let people dictate the way they wanted to see me play. Vince Evans Senior Speech Communication v5 . The toughest thing in any competition is to give it everything you ' ve got at that moment; the hardest person to compete against is yourself. Joe Bottom Senior, Electrical Engineering i I have found that it is im- possible to run out of lovable things, especially students — thus my life of learning, seeing, hearing, feeling, loving with students, faculty, poetry, music, ballet, fine arts, nature, keeps nourish- ing me with the truth that love given and received is indeed the Road to this Romance of Life. Joan M. Schaefer Dean of Women As a student I have been plagued by the thought that at the end of my life I would look back and know that all I treasured, all I worked for and accumulated was either rusting in a junkyard or decaying under piles of trash. I very dearly want my life to count and I think the only way it will is if I humble myself under the hand of God. Terry Johnson Senior, History .--:rT; 5» ACTIVITIES u 7 Surviving our most ' l offensive line Fall was many things — shorter days, falling leaves, crisp weather and the onset of a new football season. It also meant the beginning of another academic year marked by a procedure known as registra- tion. Registration began September 13, though students involved in preregistration were planning their schedules last March. Registration was different things; different people, lengthy lines, step-by-step stations, arms bun- dled full of packets, IBM cards, blank checks waiting to be filled, long tired faces and, at the end, faces full of expectations as to what the semester ahead would promise . . . Drop and Add? m REGISTRATION mMmmmmmM 1 mS H ' ■ B HH ' iM i ' - i 13 HBi K Gerald Ford woos Jjl ' first-time voters It had been more than 15 years since a president of the United States had visited the University. In the midst of his unsuccessful campaign for re-election, Presi- dent Gerald R. Ford addressed a crowd of nearly 18,000 at the con- vocation of first-time voters. Ford used this opportunity to clarify a statement he made the night before in a debate with Jimmy Carter. Ford emphasized that he believed the hearts and minds of the people of Eastern Europe were not dominated by the Soviet Union. Public opinion polls predicted a record low turnout for the 1976 election, especially among young continued on page 21 continued from page 20 voters. Ford voiced his belief that those polls would turn out to be inaccurate and that he had faith in America ' s youth to take ad- vantage of a right so often taken for granted. With the marching band re- sounding choruses of " Fight On, " Ford left the University wearing an honorary letterman ' s jacket awarded to him by Olympic Gold Medalist John Naber and Heisman Trophy candidate Ricky Bell. Jimmy Carter, at the time the Democratic nominee, had been in- vited to speak here, but he did not accept. OPPOSITE PAGE: TOP LEFT, Carter sup- porter promotes his candidate during small rally. TOP RIGHT. Ford acknowledges cheers. BOTTOM, Ford is made an honor- ary letterman by John Naber and Ricky Bell. THIS PAGE: TOP. At times the Ford supporters were more boisterous than the marching band. LEFT, Ford is welcomed by President John R. Hubbard, Naber and Bell. SCOPE concerts series matures; S- ; brings well-known ; bands to campus. From a tiny cluttered office on the third floor of Student Union the Student Committee on Popular Entertainment organized most of the contemporary entertainment at the university. SCOPE, in its second year of work, sponsored groups such as Pappa Doo Run Run, Kalapana, and the San- ford-Townsend Band. Noontime patio concerts were Gavin Christopher, Silver, Dancer, Chapter II, Liberty, John Reid, Third World, Fly By Night, Jimmie Spheeris, Majestic Dance Orchestra, Emerald City, Byron Ber- line and Sundance. SCOPE presented three concerts in Bovard Auditori- um including Stone-Crawford, Kalapana and Al Stewart. THIS PAGE: TOP. Papa Doo Run Run. LEFT, Saxaphonist of Kalapana. CENTER. Papa Doo Run Run lead singer. BOTTOM, Vocalist of Papa Doo Run Run. OPPOSITE PAGE: TOP, Member of the Sanford-Town- send Band at the keyboard. CENTER, Vocalist with Kalapana. BOT- TOM, Papa Doo Run Run sets up for another number in front of the large crowd. RIGHT, A series of the Sanford-Townsend drummer. As thousands of victory signs flew into the air and the penetrating sound of " Tribute to Troy " rang through the Coliseum, the 250-member Trojan Marching Band slowly descended the steps of the peristyle proudly bringing with it the " Spirit of Troy. " Under the direction of Dr. Arthur C. Bartner, the band has become the largest in use ' s history and has a- chieved national prominence marching in eight of the last 11 Rose Bowl parades. The band supported USC athletics by playing at various sporting events including football, basketball, baseball, track, crew, volleyball, water polo and swimming. Once again the band led thousands of Trojan fans into the Bay Area for the Stanford football game and made San Francisco " Trojan Town " for the weekend. On Saturday mornings dur- ing football season when most students were still sleep- ing, the Trojan Marching Band dragged itself over to Crom- well Field to practice for the upcoming game. The band put in an average of 14 hours a week preparing and per- forming halftime shows, not counting the extra time these students spent playing for rallies and special gigs. The " Spirit of Troy " joined the ranks of the top movie stars by performing in the feature films, " Two Minute Warning " and " That ' s Enter- tainment Part II " and it al- so cut a new album which included all the traditional school songs and many pop- ular tunes. »;-• « af t. OPPOSITE PAGE: TOP, The Spirit of Troy makes it ' s traditional peristyle entrance at the UCLA game. BOTTOM, Drum Major Ron Bur- rows leads the band onto the field at pregame. THIS PAGE: TOP LEFT, Tubaman John Willey reflects the peristyle of the Coliseum in his ABOVE, Band usually makes a less flashy nee through the Coliseum tunnel. LEFT, tor Arthur C. Bartner gives the band it ' s it ' ' -- ti TOP, Song Girls Zivia Wilson and Joan Dam- bros before Trojan crowd at the Stanford Game in Palo Alto. MIDDLE LEFT, Yell lead- ers Dave Sharp, Gem Fern, Bob Edmon- ston, Mark Curtis, Tom Murrin, Brad Greer, and Alex Cappello. MIDDLE RIGHT, 1976 Yell King Alex Cappello leads a cheer during the Stanford Game. BOTTOM, Head Song Girl Dolly Zachery, D ' Arcy Dietrich, Laurie Ryan, Sue Jacobs, Joan Dambros, and Zivia Wilson. San Francisco: our kind of town right, give it class. " Trojans took up this phil- osophy wholeheartedly at DSC and as always this was most apparent during the Trojans ' annual trek to the Bay Area. The first weekend in November USC friends, students, and alumni made San Fran- cisco their kind of town. The Bay Area alumni first did things big, right, and with class while hosting a pre-rally cocktail party at the St. Francis Hotel on Fri- day evening. The Trojan Marching Band made an ap- pearance at the St. Francis and then led the throngs of Trojan supporters to Union Square, the sight of the rally. The following day the Trojan football team followed suit by defeating the newly-donned Stanford Trees 48-24. .■ i-i I ■. Y ill ' i m «- ' - ' m I Autumn sunlight sets festive mood for 52nd Homecoming University speakers: politics dominate fall; spring features variety Cartoons and craziness filled Bovard Auditorium when Mel Blanc unleashed his vocal menagerie on a packed house. Blanc demonstrated several of the voices he made famous in 40 years of characteriza- tions. Uri Geller, the former Israeli soldier who has become famous for reading thoughts and bending spoons and keys by concentrating on what he wants to accom- plish did all of that, much to the amazement of most of the audience. Telling students ■ ' KNBC News has snappy talk, KABC News has happy talk and Metro News has crappy talk. " John Barbour ' s speech was filled with lively anecdotes. II. Appearing on campus in an attempt to convince stu- dents to vote in the November election, Burt Lancas ter spoke at a Carter-Mondale rally. Angela Davis also appeared during the presidential campaign, but would endorse neither candidate. In fact, she stated both " mirror each other in beliefs, actions and stupidity. " Proposition 14, the farm workers ' initiative, brought Cesar Chavez to campus. Chavez was the president of the United Farm Workers ' Union. In a program sponsored by Students for Carter- Mondale, John Tunney solicited student support for his unsuccessful Senate campaign before introducing Coretta King, widow of Martin Luther King, Jr. King said, " As a university student, if you cannot understand the value of your vote, then our education system has failed. " While the election had a major influence on the speakers appearing early in the year, the University Speakers Committee invited a diverse group of per- sonalities to campus including Garth Bishop, Saul Bellow and Milt Kahn. OPPOSITE PAGE: TOP. Mel Blanc, Uri Geller; BOTTOM. John Barbour, Burt Lancaster. THIS PAGE: TOP, Angela Davis, Cesar Chavez: BOT- TOM, John Tunney, Coretta King Troy Week: the end of an era; the conquest goes on ' V r SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA Beat Michigan 1977 Rose Bowl Classic " THIS PAGE: ABOVE, Scouts carry banner proclaiming the opening of the 88th annual Tournament of Ro- ses parade. RIGHT, Traveler III leads the Trojan contingent in the parade. OPPOSITE PAGE: TOP, Song girl Sue Jacobs greets the Pasadena crowd from the Pacific-8 float. BOTTOM, After a one year absence, USC is back to represent the Pacific-8 in the 1977 Rose Bowl Classic. Yell leaders Mark Curtis, Alex Cappello and Brad Greer lead SoCal spell- out along the parade route. Trojans spend another New Year ' s in Pasadena SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA Beat Michigan v. 1977 Rose Bowl 35 m i nff .. ' . Music Man, " PDQ Bach, " Sweet Bird of Youth " Hotel Universe " highlight the year on stage The music and drama division of the School of Performing Arts presented a rich variety of concerts and plays both sem- esters. The fall season brought " Sweet Bird of Youth " and " Hotel Universe. " The spring schedule featured " The Music Man, " and PDQ Bach. A lighthearted slice of turn-of-the-cen- tury American life, " The Music Man " brought with it a host of memorable songs including Seventy-Six Trombones and Gary, Indiana. PDQ Bach, in its only Los Angeles ap- pearance of the year, joined the University Chorus and student orchestra in presenting two evenings of Musical Madness. The to- tally unmatched Professor Peter Schiekele joined them. Encore is University ' s response to ' GodspelT ' Godspell, ' a residence halls production of the origi- nal off-Broadway musical, performed to three consecu- tive full houses early in February, before being brought back for an encore performance later in the semester. Larry Germain, a business major with aspirations for directing drama, produced and directed the show. The ' Godspell ' cast members were volunteers from the dorms, and included Cheryl Bailey, Ana Maria de la Nova!, Kathi Harber, Fred Jove, Megan Kalionzes, Hap Manning, Sean Morton, Norman Thomas, Maureen True and Gary Tucker. Maria Terrazas served as the assist- ant director, Joe Mulroy, musical director, and Henry Ungar, technical director. A candid Carlin entertains Bovard audience George Carlin, uncensored, frank, and at moments offensive, performed before a capacity audi- ence in Bovard Auditorium on Sat- urday evening, March 5. It was a performance devoted to the type of material Carlin wouldn ' t use with a typical audience or a typi- cal television taping. This perform- ance was being taped for a cable television network. SCOPE and the University Speak- ers Committee co-sponsored the event which brought over $1,000 in proceeds to the university ' s summer activities program, Troy Camp. Engineers ' Week 11 Engineers draft plans for fun and games Songfest 1977: " For the fun of it " TOP, Delta Delta Delta sorority performs with Alpha Tau Omega fraternity to, " It ' s How You Play the Game. " ABOVE, The women of Delta Delta Delta. RIGHT. Four men and a friend of Phi Kappa Tau in their pre-lim performance. Women of Troy saluted during Women ' s Week TOP, Maya Angelou. noted writer, director and pro- ducer, was the mam attraction during the week. LEFT. Dr. Phyllis Chesler. psychologist, ]oined women from the religious field to discuss " Women and Spirit- uality. " ABOVE. The YWCA Belly Dancers and the Msafara Primitive Dancers performed in Alumni Park. o 5 II Alpha Epsilon Delta Alpha Epsilon Delta is a premedical international honor society designed to expose the premedical stu- dent to the various aspects of medicine and to pro- mote friendship and cooperation among these stu- dents by a variety of activitie s. Some of the events were hospital tours, medical school tours, on campus speakers, seminars with medical students, advisement, counseling and volunteer placement in hospital pro- jects. P u - - ° ' - Pr EMJ DiC: a- MOMOi SOC TV MEMBERS: Deborah Alvarez, Sheila Arthur. Sharon Anderson, Gail Asayama, Francesca Aweeka. Arlene Bruce, Vito Carabetta. Michael Cardinali. Dora Castillo. Sandy Chang. Peter Chee, Lilly Chung. Irma Cortes. Max Dangerfield. Karin Davalos, Chris Dombrowski. Elizabeth Dougherty, Jennifer Drews. David Duarte. Jane Frederick, Howard Goldin, Francisco Gomez, Norma Gutierrez, Martin Hargrave. William Hart, Lois Hashimoto. Lowell Hill. Larry Hiscock, Howard Hodis, Julie Ito, Manal Boutros, Tim Brannagan. Cindy Brown. Willie Brown, Ron- ette Cajke. Eric DeCampos, John Donovan. Sara Flores. Daniel Gee. Michael Henry. Aaron Hsu. Peter Hughes. Alfred Ines, Paula Jan, Ross Katz, Allan Dawaguchi. Susan Kimura, John Koeppel, James Drueger, Kimberly Lang, Diana Lippi, Larry Lytle, Casandra Mahan, Jeff Marks. David Miller, Keith Mizutani, Vincent Moretti, Meenu Bedi, Sylvia Braxton, Charles Bridges, Keith Chaffin, Kreighton Chan, Mary- lene Chang, Charles Connors. David Cookson, Freemont Dea, Kelley Dunay. Helen DuPlessis. Brigitte Engel. Greg Evans. Anna Ferraroti. Kim Foley. Matthew Gait, David Gee. Francisco Gonazales. Mark Hech- inger. Juliann Johnson. Michelle Johnson, Carsten Kampe, Brian Kawai, Linda Kiley, Tom Kroenig, Jill Kunitake, Lisa Kunitake, Samuel Kwok, Helen Kyomen. Steve Lee. Gary Lefton, Irene Lipinski, Lisa Luppi. Shahriar Mobashery. Susan Monson, Dana Nacheff, Tova Ness, Kevin Nishimori, Susan Noor. Sean Osborn. Bryan Peters. Rich- ard Pineda, John Prosa. Roland Reinhart, Mark Royan. Gary Schiller. John Schmitz. Guy Simmons. Kurt Slapnik. Maria Spirtos, Kurt Taka- mine, Sandra Tate. Michael Timmons. Maria Tovar, Robert Traut- wein, Felicia Ware. Steven Weiss. Hakshik Willialms. Warren Wong. Carey Hill. Roy Johnson, Laura Kaneko, Moon Kahg. Anthony Khalil. Geli Ann Kitsigianis. Stephen Klein, Carolyn Lamb, Cherl Lee. Jean LeGrand. Scott Lewis. Lono Mahi. Joseph Mak, Patricia McHargue, Louis Monty, Mark Morisaki. Farid Muakkasah. Christine Nakazawa. Rooney Okawa. John Pentz. Stella Peraza. Gary Redford, Manual Rivera, Bruce Rockwell. Bradley Rogus. arime Sanchez. Lila Schmidt. Karen Seleman. Denise Shue. Camllle Tafe. Donna Tymin- ski. Mark Morrison, Karen Murata, Katherine Nakamatsu, Wes Nari- toku, Daniel Nelson, William Nicholson, Eugene Ong, Angela Perry, Ben Quan, Michael Rigali, Mm Ro, Raymond Roffi, Michael Roorda, Susan Salyers, Richard Saroyan. David Satnick Joseph Seitz, Don Schuwarger, Mark Siebert, Bill Stellar, Victor Stevens, Caria Tardio, Jan-Yvette Thomas, Mike Tom, Steven Verity, Steven Villalobos, James Wetrich, Gilbert Wong, Mark Avila, Keneth Baker. Raymond Lee, Miles JakI, Paul Ishkanian, Edward Laurance, Naomi Morita, Mike Nagata, Robert Naruse, Bill Nelson, Kevin Nishimori, David Nishioka, John Olenyn, Fredrick Orleans, Larry Pezor, Allan Pineda, Rebecca Powers, Fred Redfern, Jeffrey Rosenburg, Pamela Roten- berg. Christian Sawyer, Jeanne Serafin, Daniel Siegel, Richard Stew- art, Rodney Terasaki, Eric Turkel, Beatriz Verdugo, Daniel Wexer, Scott Weingarten, Del Worthington, Gary Yochim, Laura Kochevar, Adolfo Alvarez. Armando Alvarez, Colleen Annes. Glen Apramian, Irma Gonzalez, Laura Gordon, Lucinda Halstead, Jim Hamlll, Don Hateley. William Hitchcock. Greigh Hirata, Thomas Hryniewicki, Jacqueline Jackson, Jerry Jalaba, Russell Keating, Man Kim, Kather- ine Kitsigianis. Richard Landers. Steven Larson. Eddie Lee, Michael Lee, Timothy Lee, Jody Levy. Edmund Lew, Carl Li, Amanda Marmole- 10, Garry Martin, Leo Milner. Darlene Miyake. Leslie Mochizuck, Ed- uardo Molinet, Mitchell Morey. Joan Morisaki. Karen Morisaki. Ann Vasko. Robert Wolney. Lillie Wong. Don Yoshimura. Denise Abe. Pe- ter Anastassiou. Brian Andrews, James Arthur, Anthony Avallone, Donna Becker, Richard Bringham, Anne Brooks, Donna Calahan, Arthur Campiran, Anthony Carlile. James Creighton, Dennis David, Barett Day (president). Juliet De Campos. Freemont Dea. Claude Deem. Tim Degner, Philip Deich. Dennis Evangelatos. Maureen Fla- herty. Peter Fung. Martha Galvan. William Gilli. Tracy Goins. Ilene Gold. Alpha Epsilon Rho This organization is known as the national broad- casting honorary society and is dedicated to the pro- motion of better programming in the radio and tele- vision media. BOTTOM ROW; David Fellows. Mary Hall; ROW II: James Hattori, Gina Lisa Lew. Lyndi Gully. Jack Weber, Rosemary O ' Brien. Thomas Pick, Janet Roldan, Bob Moore; ROW III: Louis Sanford. Easter Russell French, Joney Lettieri, Debbie Haas, Kent Schoknecht, Harry Kim. Randy Crane. Bob Kratorhuil, Stan Newman; NOT PICTURED: Debby Ack, bue Adams, Gloria Lee Baran, Rori Benka, Stu Brower (ad- visor). Jeff Collins, Paulu Daniels, Alan Friedenthal. Ferris Kaplan, Patricia Kudish, Mark May, Evie Moyon, Angela Nelson, Jan Perry, Tom Reed, Paul Rodriguez, Keena Rothhammer, Robert Selan, Stac- ey Singleton, Michael Zaustinsky. Alpha Kappi Psi Alpha Kappa Psi is a national business fraternity. Its objectives are to further the individual welfare of its members, to foster scientific research in the fields of commerce, accounts and finance, to educate the public to demand higher ideals and to promote insti- tutions of higher learning courses leading to degrees in business administration. BOTTOM ROW: Tim Love. Clayton Shima, Kristy Versaw, Dave David- son, Norm Hall, Joel Rogozenski. Eric Lemke, David Nater, Steve Ray: ROW II: Ted Rosenquist, Phil Putnam, Jeff Rhodes, Charles Tay- lor, Bob Jones, Greg Doomanis, Kevin KItagawa, Bernard Joei. Le- muel Martinez: ROW III: Lance Vincent, Leith Irinaka, Mitch Razook, David Bohnett. Gary Cassel, Greg Anderson. Jose Enciso, Steve Ru- bin, John Johnson, Audrey Kameya, Avis Nakahara, Richard Klein: ROW IV: Chuck Everett, Carl Lau. Russ Elmayan, Stuart Silver, Roger Zickfield, Richard Harmon, Doug Jackson, Anselmo Martinez, Louis Cheng, Steve Davis, Vincent Lee: ROW V: John Ashkar, George Mihl- sten, Paul Abe, Ed Stamslawski, Ron Holder, Jonathan Wolfe, John Hiss, Sean McAlary, Don Johnston: ROW VI: Mark McLaughlin, Bill Lever, Brian Johnson, George Kistler, David Cottrell, John Kladde, Ken Spence, Mark Myers, Richard Wise: ROW VII: Peter Friss, Ralph Forte. Wendell Tom, Greg Kushner. Josh Balin. Kevin Spence, Gary Capata, Tom Peyton; ROW VIII: George Applebaum, Bill Freeman, Howard Avery, Bruce Bridgeford, Steve Mandich, Bob Zack, Leo Pa- redes, Steve Muchnikoff: NOT PICTURED: Phillip Cleary, David Fran- cis, Scott Gillespie, Dr. Bill Himstreet, Dave Oliver, Phil Pfirrmann, Steve Pirrone, Gerard Unterreiner. Alpha Lambda Delta Alpha Lambda Delta is an honorary society for men and women who have displayed outstanding academic achievement during their freshman year. The group sponsors tutorial programs for other students, as well as giving academic recognition to its members. MEMBERS: Ross Adachi, Diana Agajanian, Armando Alvarez. Mar- itia Barnum. Lee Barnett. Brandon Blaylock, Phillip Blum, Michael Boehnlein. Susan Brady, Liz Burkholder, Eric L. Caminiti, George Capello, Robert Castro, Michael Cerrina, Jaekoo Chang, Maria Chang, Marylene Chang, JoAnne Chao. Anne Corsaro, Nancy Craighead, Philip Delich, Teri Dion, Constance Eknonmu, Mary- leigh Erier, Pat Fields, Michael Filippone, Joel Fischman, James Floyd, Brian Gates, Bonni George, William Gilli, Valerie Glaze, Linda Gonzalez, Lawrence Hall, Mary A. Hodges, Robert Holmes, Jean Hom, Linda House, Leo Hui, Chris Husa, Betsy Jacobson, Elaine Johnston, Kathy Jones, Collen Kelly, Charnchai Kengmana, Cynthia Kerns, Steven Kerstein, Lisa Kiguchi, Susan Kimura, Rob- ert Knight, Jo Anne Long, Eric Kunichika, Lisa Kunitake, Nancy Kusuda, Ed Laurence, Eddie Lee. Shirley Lee, Peter Lewis. Sheryl Lewis Carl K. Li, Irene Lipinski, Enrico Lombardina, Lorena Mc- Williams, Allen C. Martin, Lori Mast, Bill Mukai, Janice Munemit- su, Steven Nahigian, Beatrice Nairi, Bill Nakano, Robin Nakao, Kathy Nakamatsu, Howard Nakashioya, Dan Nelson, Valerie Nel- son, Charley Netel. Loreen Okayama, Dana Parry, Susan Pulone, Anne Pendo, Mike Perbix, Larry Pezor, Bruce Phillips, Debbie Pirner, Nitaya Pladisai, Marlene Pontrelli, Peggy Powers, Luis Pun- eel, Tom Racine, Scott Raphael, Melanie Real, Fred Redfern, Mark Reardon, Smooch Repovich, Jane Roach. Kim Rodgers, Soma Rodriguez, David Saito, Linda Sera, Joan Shaffner, Richard Sher- man, Kim Small, Ryan Sumida, Gina Swets, Sally Thoman, Tracy Todd, Michael Tom, Lynn Uyechi, Craig Valdez, Ken Valdez, Jolynn Valoff, Joseph Velasquez. Angel Flight-Arnold Air Society Angel Flight-Arnold Air Society, Air Force cadet pro- fessional service organizations, advance space age citizenship: support air power in its role in national security: further the purposees, mission traditions and concepts of the United States Air Force: create a closer and more efficient relationship within the Reserve Officer Training Corps and aid in the develop- ment of effective Air Force officers. BOTTOM ROW: Mary Ann Yamamoto, Major Peter F. Fazio, Martin Stevenson, Conrad R. Hernandez, Jamie Varni, John Garissi, Cecelia McLaughlin; ROW II: Margot Diaz, Terry Wiblitzhouser, Mary Ann Griego. Jeffrey D.S. Gunn, K,C. Ostrmik, Bobbie Claire: ROW III: Deb- bie Gearing, Douglas D. Martin. Mike OBrine, Robert Neighbour, Joint Educational Project Timothy Burns, Russel Carrington, Mario Mastrandrea, Mike Green, Ana Ferarotti: ROW IV: Russell Merwin, William Getter, Daniel Mulli- nex, Paul Gieger, Paul Brown. Brent Johnson, Don Schumacher, Col. William Francke. Since March of 1972. the Joint Educational Project has placed more than 1,000 USC students on semes- ter-long field assignments in Exposition Park com- munity schools. JEP is open to students enrolled in a wide variety of university courses and academic dis- ciplines. In some cases, an entire class undertakes JEP assignments during regularly scheduled class times. In other instances, JEP is offered as an optional al- ternative to part of the regular course program, and individual students or student teams arrange their participation at convenient times during the week. The student may work in the community anywhere from one to ten hours per week depending on the JEP program assignment he selects. BOTTOM ROW. Pam Storey. Ann Pendo. Darlene Benson. Karen Mills, Karin Waier: ROW II: Rachel Ferguson, Julie Nakagawa, Julie Okuda, Margarita Franco, Mirtha Caccabale; ROW III: Steve Marteny, Jenni- fer Gates, Lisa Goodlad. Ken Pride, Cesar Lopez, Curt Spencer. Bar- bi Emslie: ROW IV: Brian Tse. Dave Costanaz. Jim Pederson, Bob Serian, Herbert Moses, Herbert Masa, Bruce Smith. BOTTOM ROW: Nancy Ono, Col. Frederick W. Francke. Frances Mer- MSgt. Allen Turner, Maj. Ward A. Pfelfle, Maj. James R. Snodgrass. ritt; ROW II: SSgt. William A. Reich. SSgt. Willie Bennett, SSgt. Donald Maj. Peter Fazio. True, SSgt. Matthew R. McCluskey, Maj. Isadore H. Washington, xr f iM%y Air Force ROTC The Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps at USC is an on-campus education program designed to provide the college student with an opportunity to earn an Air Force commission as second lieutenant while complet- ing the University ' s degree requirement. The student re- ceives training in college for a challenging job when he graduates. Two programs are available, a two-year and a four-year program. wm% 1, -r a- ' rki ir ' - ' . " - ' ' ! ' .•■»j- T -.K . •.•!»■■ American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics The purpose of the American Institute of Aeronautics speakers and conferences. It promotes the academic and Astronautics is to further the professionalism of development of aerospace engineering students out- aerospace engineers through technical meetings, films, side the classroom. BOTTOM ROW: Albert Blecker. Robert Baker, Brian Kelly, Jim Mar- Exposito, Michael Dunn, Jason Bleeker, Steven Dull, Paul Brown, nocha, Gary Martin (chairman), Michael Greene; ROW II: Patrick Brian Lindley, Anna Marie Alicastro, Gary Seigel, Dr. Richard Ed- Stoliker, Jon Golan, Douglas Sutton, Mike O ' Brine, Larry Davis, Tony wards (faculty advisor), Douglas Pollack, Maria Gabaldo. Annerican Institute of Chemical Engineers The student chapter of the American Institute of to provide job opportunities for USC chemical en- Chemical Engineers is a professional society designed gineering students. BOTTOM ROW: Stephen Tambaga-Mato, Steven Bruce, Michael De- Leon, Michael Anderson (president). Bill Mukai, Brian W. DuBose, Mario S. Navarro; ROW II: Greg Gritters, Bob Henderson, Said Abda, Jackson Wong, Kenneth Mei, Richard Vjadughele, Kanji Niwa, Dan Bostrum, Rick Hastings, Ibrahim Gaddoor, Steven McNatt, Myong Shin, Carl Bourne, Victor Kung, Mahmood Algattan, Alireza Khon- sari. American Institute of Biomedical Engineers The organization is dedicated to informing biomed- ical engineering students of university activities and of related job opportunities. BOTTOM ROW: Scott Weingarten, Ann Marie Crisalli. Connie Irlarte, Hollowell; ROW III: Mike Kraut. Mike Lopez, Grant Dull. Fred Redfern Sharon Woo: ROW II: Anne Long, Steve Llao, Ashot Andonlan. Albert (president). Vince Moretti. American Society of Mechanical Engineers The American Society of Mechanical Engineers, a dents outside exposure to the field of engineering student group of the National Professional Engineer- through guest lecturers, field trips and social activities, ing Society, seeks to give mechanical engineering stu- BOTTOM ROW: Glenn Harrington. Ruben Mitchell. Tufan Ince. Ann Stephen Broadbent. Donald Esken. Tim Chunn, Erin Dougherty. Mike Chate Lane. Steve Silva: ROW II: Sina Weshat. Glenn Tanner. Joan Nakamura: ROW IV: John Sudduth. Tony Sutjiawan. Jose Quinones, Schaffner. Francisco Serrano. Gary Holcomb: ROW III: Mike Schmitt. Brian Conners. Lloyd Mattoon. Joe Mattis. Anchors The Anchors is a social-service support group for the use Naval Reserve Officer ' s Corps. It ' s activi- ties with the midshipmen include informal get to- gethers, sports activities and hostessing at naval functions. BOTTOM ROW: Ten Nevill, Jill Richards. Julie Johnson. Theresa Soul- liere, Alice Behnke. Jane Kubasak, Syd Sullivan, Julie Lomen; ROW II: Sheila Birmingham. Pamela Mohler. Kathleen Greene. Cathy Long, Rosemary Deza, Maria Davis, Srinoi Rousseau, Corinna Liberatore, Suzanne John; ROW III: Kim Ferguson. Helen Guerrero. Debbie Davis, Terry Doehmer, Bonnie Burandt, Karen Button, Anne Mane Corsaro, Ana Castro, Gloria Martinez, Sharon Nemechek. Asian American Tutorial Project The Asian American Tutorial Project is a stu- can communities. Membership in the project is dent-run volunteer organization whose purpose is open to any USC students, that of fostering social service in the Asian Ameri- BOTTOM ROW; Shenll Quan, Kim Fujikawa, Yoshi Ohyes. Mark Ozaki, Ruben Kadier, Billy Wing. Junichi Shidda, Hoy Quan; ROW II; Tommy Yee, Nana Seid, Tina Wong, Lisa Tanahashi, Linda Wong. Mariko Yano, Ray Lee, Denlse Shue. Greg Soo Hoo, Dave Tanoue: ROW III: Joanna Iwata. Ann Ota, Stephanie Nishl. Joy Fujimoto, Aya Maeda, Marilyn Chang, Mary Kwong, Vikki Zaninovich. Victor Oritiz. Bill Nakano; ROW IV; Wesley Nari- toku, Naomi Morita. Darrell Chun, Charlene Kurata, Carol Wada, Hae Yoon, Randy Chow, Gary Lee, Ronny Hirata, Mikki Tashima, Robert Hirose, Steve Kim. Helpline Helpline is sponsored by the Counseling Center and offers over-the-phone listening, peer coun- seling, or referral services seven days a week, 11 a.m. to 3 a.m. Helpline is staffed by student volunteers who are trained to be listeners. All calls are completely confidential, and a student who calls may remain anonymous. Students may also call to volunteer to work for Helpline. 2{ Asociacion Estudiantil Cubano Americana en USC The association brings together all Cuban USC students for cultural events of the Cuban tradition, as well as presenting the Cuban culture to the USC community and Los Angeles. I ir BOTTOM ROW: Graciela Guerra. Elizabeth Remedlos, Vivan Garcia, Francisco Alonso, Julie Gomez, Elvira DeVarona: ROW II: Maria Elena Montesinos, Gypsi Alvarez, Gloria Aparisio, Isabel Rivero, Javier Alonso, Maria Estela Peraza, Susana Brito; ROW III: Ivan Franco, Eduardo Molinet, Orlando Bragado, Dario Moreno. Carl Mir, Ana Sanchez. NOT PICTURED: Renata Acosta, Gloria Aparicio, Taner Aram, Magaly Boungamdee, Waldo Castaneda, Oscar Cobos. Henry Corona, Jorge de La Cal, Ana Maria de La Noval, Tony Exposito. Tony Fagundo. Maria Fernandez, Rolando Fornos, Jose Fuente, Raul Galindo, Maritza Garcia, Natividad Garcia, Martha Gazatrope, Lourdes Hernandez, Lilia Llorens, Felipe Lopez Onaida, Marilyn Marquez, Gary Mas. Nestor Morejon, Tony Morera, Alberto Ortega, Enrique Y. Paula, Altredo Perez, Jesse Perez, Jorge A. Perez, Teresita Prieto, Carlos Quintana. Gina Regil, Magdalena Rivero. Mary Rodriguez, Ramon Roges, Ramon Roges, Armando Sanchez, Ana Sosa, Margarita Talleda, Susy Terra- nova. Associated Trustee Scholars sfor The Associated Trustee Scholars were formally or- ganized m March of 1975 in order to promote intellectu- al growth within the University community and to ex- pand the horizons of its members. Appointment to this honorary organization is based upon the excellence of scholarly achievement, promise, the demonstration of leadership and outstanding character and the evidence of an unusual talent in one or more fields of endeavor. Those entering students who have these qualities and who show a financial need, are assisted throughout their four years at USC provided their academic records re- main at a high level of achievement. The group sponsors a seminar series featuring noted USC professors and a self-help academic advisement program for other stu- dents. The Trustee Scholars also hold get-togethers and field trips for group members. IIHIi ' m BOTTOM ROW: Gleam Davis, Mike Gehring, Stephen Liao. Tom Hayden, Rod Masuda, Jeanne De Torre. Christine Yamamoto, Melissa Gill. Helen DuPlessis. Dean Dunn, ROW II: Suzanne Lawrence, Sharon Mooschekian, Dennis Bradshaw, Jen Cameron, Brian Holman, Dave Reynolds, Dan Hightower. Amy Kaufman, Jean Hom. Colleen Kelly, Maureen McLaughlin; ROW III: Dr, Jay Berger, Dr. James Appleton, Steven Chan, Enrico Lombardino, James Gattuso, Marylene Chang, Cindy Yamaga. Bill Hagopian. ROW IV: Matt Hanson. Bill Dauster. Mitch West, Brad Askins, Lawrence Chong, Anne Valenzuela, Melanie Real. Allen Martin, Julie Bulla, Michael Tom, Fred Redfern, Steven Hawkins; ROW V: John Petrovich, Bob Henderson; NOT PICTURED: Juli Barr, Debra Connolly, Debbie Curtis, Pam Ekstrom, Maryleigh Erier, Dave Hammar, Barbara Hill, Marc Kelly, Marc Kress, Pat McNamee, Brad Merchant, Ralph Manasian, Janet Money, David Morse, Kathy Naka- matsu, Anne Nauts, Mark Pickering. Christine Sealock, Margie Strode. Sally Thoman, Bob Vandenberg, Wayne Walley, Jack Weber. Beta Alpha Psi Beta Alpha Psi is the national honorary accounting fraternity. Jl ' ' BOTTOM ROW: Sharon Voipe, Mark Lilly, Manila Parsons, Francine Berkowitz, Rose Sadowski, Catherine Schroeder: ROW II: Man Kam- inishi, Francine Jabs, Celia Chan, Dr. Tim Lin (assistant faculty ad- visor); ROW III: Russell Hoshisaki, Daniel Torres, Edwin Koyama, Chris Yamamoto, Anne Wilson: ROW IV: Michael Ezekial, Curtis Chee, Stephen Rader (spring president), Richard Dettorre. Randall Nishi- yama; ROW V: Robert Berry, Martin Kee, Catherine Felch, Steven Ezekial, Roger Zickfeld, Larry Winningham, Scott VanKevlen; ROW VI: Reginald Harper, Paul Davis, Philip Putnam: ROW VII: Kenneth Kay, Douglas Hester (tall president), Daryl Jamisen, John Kladde: TOP: Ralph Williams (assistant faculty advisor); NOT PICTURED: Dennis Bradshaw, Frank Caliri, James Costello, Ann Haggard, James Ingra- ham, Steven Jeppson, Patrick Lopher, Steven Robinson, Lou Saba- tella, Douglas Stewart, Christopher Thomas, Mark Ihra, Miguel Va- line, Clayton Vreeland, Guinevere Wang, Joshua Balm, Keith Capp, Richard Fell, Peter Solomen, William Stonwell, Angela Sumser, Ann Thomas, Jay Vandever, Dr. E. Johnhassen (faculty advisor), Greg Ritchie, Joel Rogezenshi, Gary Smith, Hot-Hoi Chong, Thomas Fahey, Dean Rallis, Robert Hodgson, Michael Keller, Robert Nakashiba, John Allison, Howard Avery, Dan Bankus, Kenneth Blakely. Arthur Cove, Deborah Darnell, Michael Dreyer, Timothy Forness. Thomas Muel- ler, Tom Perazzo, Steven Phair, Dominic Pontrelli, Thuc-Hoa Luu. Blackstonians Blackstonians is a pre-law honor society for under- graduates. The organization is designed to give recog- nition for academic excellence and to aid the student in preparation for law school. BOTTOM ROW: Jeff Brauner. James Struck. Alan Wapner, Nate Ad- len. Fred Szkolnick, Todd Shaphren; ROW II: Lydia Wasylyn. Kathryn Flynn, Liane Johnson. Kattileen Homor. Debbie Konow, Diane Comi, Fens Greenberger. Julie Bulla. Phyllis Okumura. Patricia Beaman. Robert Jarcho, Kathleen Auth. Joney Lettieri, Meli Goss: ROW III: Bill Matsumura. Hugo Orozco. Maureen Flanagan, Colette Yoda. Kim Rod- gers, Jerel Yamamoto, Bob Mautner. Peggy Anderson, Dana Zinder- man. Russell Glauber. Doug Gwenby, Mark Karaslk. Mary Mclllece: ROW IV: Dennis Moore, Steve Hurdle, Sam Kreamer, Susan Oder, Slg- mund Dellhime, Oliver W. Holmes, Mark Worcester, Gary Petrini, Judy Cohn, Mike Mikasa, Robert Matthews, Alan Friedenthal (president); ROW V: Christian Sawyer, Daniel Nunn, Mike N. Myrtle, Mark Foster, Mark Jones, Perry Wander. Carter Dunlap. Dave Tandet, Steve Schiro, Fred Ryan. Blue Key Blue Key is one of the oldest national honorary lead- ership fraternities. The select group of men. recognized for their outstanding contribution to student leadership and campus life, are chosen during their junior and sen- ior year. They and their alumni meet as a forum to dis- cuss major issues and campus events, seeking a rational solution to all problems. BOTTOM ROW: Jeff Tolstad, Tfiomas McLurkin, Bill Mitchell, Brian DuBose, George Halas: ROW II: Bill Mulhern, Glenn Sonnenberg, David Preston Shay, Alex Cappello, Mel Lewis, Matt Hunter: ROW III: Ken Spear, Bob Matthews, Mark Curtis, Fred Ryan, David Reynolds, Bob Parisi: ROW IV: Tom Murrin, John Naber, Dennis Mulhaupt. The members of Mortar Board, a women ' s honorary organization, are selected each year from among the ap- plicants on the basis of strong moral character, high Mortar Board academic standards, community involvement and lead- ership qualities which have been demonstrated within the University. BOTTOM ROW: Cathleen Long, Heidi Knapp, Cathy Schroeder, Debbie Hadley, Cindy Frye, Ram Forgatch, Gail Sullivan, Debbie Davis, Cathy Barnett: ROW II: Maria Galindo, Barbara Hill, Marita Durkin, Terry Hillis, Debbie Nishida, Angela Aber, Lisa Amerongen, Sherrie Straus- togel: ROW III: Anita Kalish, Robin Greenway, Mary Mclllece, Karen Waier, Sue Spence, Diane Slezak. University Speakers Committee The University Speakers Committee acts in behalf of the student community to sponsor speakers. This year the group presented many personalities, some of whom were President Ford, Angela Davis, Mel Blanc and Bob Clampett. BOTTOM ROW: Adam Bezark, Bill Buckner. Robin Holland. Elliot Mitf- ler. Judi RIvkin. Eric Brown; ROW II: Sam Colachis, John Gottlieb, Tom Grim, Brad Askins; ROW III: Dwain Bowen, Thomas T. Trojan, Rob Kratochvil. Rob Berry, Kehinde David. Bob Levy; ROW IV: Bob Sayegh. Dean Dunn. NOT PICTURED: Jim Arnett, Curt Burch, Bruce Cahill, Craig Devin, Kathy Escobar, Dave Faulkner, Bryan Holloway, Kathleen Kelly, Misty Lee, Rubina Malekina, Juanita Mantovani, Bill Michels. Mike Montroy, Jay Rando, Clyde Smith, Anita May Yudkin. Paul Nadel, Don Walker. Campus Activities Allocations Board The Campus Activities Allocations Board acts as an concerts, Chicano students, international students and arm of the student senate and is responsible for alio- some graduate schools. Any stuaent group could sub- eating the semester programming fee to student or- mit a petition and budget proposal for funding and ganizations. Money was delegated to speaker ' s series, their need was reviewed. BOTTOM ROW: Kathleen Wright, Jerel Yamamoto, Clyde Smith, Steve Schiro; ROW II: Jim Perley. Hunt Braly (chairman), Marita Durkin. Larry Razor. Circle K Circle K, a co-ed community service organization sponsored by the Kiwanis, provides preparation for leadership roles in the business and professional world. BOTTOM ROW: Michael Sameshima, Quinn Gustason, Mark Farfsing, chi Shioda, Yoshi Ono, Lorraine Webb, John Ganssle, Dan Alba. Phil Freno, Robert Howell, Gilbert Wong; ROW II: Gary Capata. Juni- Dance Team The use Dance Team, formed in the fall of 1974, is composed of students chosen by audition. The ing band at football and basketball half-time shows. The team has appeared on local and national tele- group IS interested in performing and competing vision and is under the artistic direction of dance traditional ballroom, Latin and speciality dance routines. It frequently performs with the USC march- champions, Ronald and Carol Montez. s, BOTTOM ROW: Eric Eisenberg. Michael David Oliver, Denise Shue. Christi Kinkle. Chuck Stanislawski. Ann Machanis. Dan Gurule. Debbie Graves. Teresa Lee, George Kristler. ROW II: Marcos Gam- boa, Karen Derks, Agness Babayon, Susan Campbell, Diane Dal- ton, Helen Rodriguez, Terry Boehmer, ROW III: Willow Whitfield, Kerry Clark, Jill Leslie, Cara Stemen, ROW IV: Lynn Runkel, Sherry Pickel, Brian Holman. Diane Clarke. Dom Canavarro, Bibi LaBayne, ROW V: Roxanne Holderman, Peter Cyffka, Barbra Hunt, Dave Cottrell, Steve Hala), Robert Sellers. NOT PICTURED: Isabel Bales- kie, Encio Cordoba, Liz Curtis (president), Kim Ferguson. Emily Gartner. Susan Holman. Lorraine Krisselburgh, Irene Koo, Laurie Lester, Sheryl Lewis, Tom McAllister, Michael Oaks, Rick Robin- son, Randy Sherman. Teresa Soulliere, Don Stanton, Caron Wal- dron, Wallace Kendall, Bret Welshymer. Daily Trojan-fall The DT, the daily campus newspaper, is run by a student staff, selected by the editor who is appointed by President Hubbard upon recommendations of the Journalism Council. BOTTOM ROW; Cathy Taylor. Janet Roldan. Kent Schoknecht. Mark Kariya. John Sapone; ROW II: Frank Saenz, Peter Fletcher, Dorothy Reinhold, Clara German!, Sherie Stark, Valerie Nelson, Tom Rosa, Patti Cox, Teri Anderson, Denis Wolcott, Mane Denunzio; ROW III: Mich Avant, Ricardo Forrest, Diane Slezak, Wayne Walley, Rhea Peterson, Gary Linehan, Gary Maloney, Teresa Burke, Marc Gross- man, Roger Schroeder, Mike Ito, Marc Nowadnick; ROW IV: Mr. Roy Copperud (advisor), Dan Nelson, Steve Sass, Steve Havi klns, Steve Clow, Dave Moore, Juliet DeCampos, Alan Friedenthal, Jeff Feilen- zer, Gary Etcheverry, Gordie Sholtys. BOTTOM ROW: Cathy Taylor, Roy Copperud (advisor), Paul Rod- riguez, Tom Rosa, Elizabeth Thompson, Nancy Herrera, Leane Reyn- olds: ROW II: Mike Simpson, Val Nelso n, Steve Hawkins, Sherie Stark, Clara Germani, Diane Slezak, Pat McKean, David Black: ROW III: Rick Abe, Scott Footlik, Mich Avant, Peter Fletcher, Gary Maloney, Dorothy Reinhold, Gary Linehan. Kent Schoknecht, Linda Browning; ROW IV: John Hughes, Steve Guiremand. Wayne Walley, Mane De- Nunzlo, Gordie Sholtys, Steve Clow, Denise Holt, Kathy Lowe, Dave Moore. Denis Wolcott. I Dean ' s Advisory Board The Dean ' s Advisory Board serves as a liason be- tween the administration, the faculty and the students of the Business School. BOTTOM ROW: Richard Jackson. Dave Hotchkin, Paul Davis. Cindy Caswell, Adrianna Lanting, Heidi Knapp. Alan McCall. ROW II: Dr. Robert Childress (faculty advisor). Rose Sadowski, Bill Kolstad, Susan Gunning, Brian Holman, Michael McGee. Judy Cohn, Mark Wille. Maureen Flannagan. Patrick Bonaguidi, NOT PICTURED: Julie Ellis, Richard Crawford, James Pryor, Roy Lightbody, Gary Capata. I Debate Squad The Trojan Forensics Team has the most successful University of Wyoming, Arizona State University, Kan- debate squad in all of collegiate competition. This sas University and the University of Houston. Individual year the debate squad won or placed in many pres- students also qualified for various speech events in tigious tournaments, some of which were held at the national competition. BOTTOM ROW; Georgia Ayres, John Valoff. Marlene Pontrelli, Lynda Wallerstein, Rob Cooper, Sylvia Blocker, ROW II: Dan Hasegawa, Angel Obregon, Bill Hessian, Mike Bartanen (graduate assistant), Jeff Lorenzen, Leo Mohr, Brian Watts, Les Sherman, Kim Maerowitz (squad captain), Ron Kirkham, Bill Sparks (graduate assistant), ROW III: John DeBross (Director of Forensics), Nat Martin, Anita James (Individual Events Director), John Gassett (graduate assistant), Steve Combs, Jay Mitchell, Jim Ham, Tom Moore, Dave Coslay. Engineering Magazine The use Engineer, the magazine of the School of members and from within the industry itself. The pub- Engineering, has been published four times each year lication features a variety of articles emphasizing the since 1950. The magazine is staffed and written by relationship between engineering, science, society and student volunteers with contributions from faculty people. BOTTOM ROW; Peter Tom, Hiram Willis, Bill Mukai, Richard Villalobos (editor). Dr. Joe Baker; ROW II; Fred Redfern, Mario Navarro, Patrick Lim, Dave Townsend, Howard Hendricks; NOT PICTURED; Jim Luther, Mike Deleon, Judy Humnicky, Sam Ortiz, Don Clare Engineering Student Council The Engineering Student Council, which is the gov- of engineering outside the campus. The council is made erning organization of the engineering student body, up of the presidents and leaders of all of the engineer- directs and arranges the activities of the engineering ing organizations, undergraduates and is a representative of the school BOTTOM ROW; Patrick Lim. Kay Upton. Bob Conley. Constanza Iri- arte, William Stephens and Ross Jarvi; ROW ll;Eva Huang. Bill Mukai. Rich Villalobos, Hiram Willis, Donald Esken, Marcel Millot, Annette Kluck, Linda Akiyama, Don Harryman, ROW III; Susan Aluwi, Anna- marie Alicastro, Kevin O ' Donnell, Steve Niemi, Stephen Broadbent, Fred Redfern, Ann Mane Crisalli, Rick Taketomo, Brandon Blaylock, John Jakubowski; ROW IV; Greg Gritters, Michael Anderson, Tufan Ince, Gary Holcomb, Tim Chunn. Brian DuBose (president), Darius McGee, Allen Martin, Delvin Walker, El Rodeo Staff Cindy Leone, editor Jennifer Gates, assistant editor Bob LaBayne, chief photographer Dean Dunn, assistant chief photographer Frank Saenz, men ' s sports editor Patti Polin, Greek ' s editor Joney Lettieri, organization ' s editor Debbie Haas, administration and academics Janice Munemitsu, administration and academics Bob McLoud, activities Mike Osborn, activities Jill Richards, women ' s sports Lisa Ogawa, living groups Leslie Halel, living groups Heidi Freeman, organizations Felicia Stuckey, Greeks Roberta Olsen, index Tony Castro, staff Jeannine Zakaryan, staff Kelly Reid, staff Matt Bombeck, photo staff Pat Gee, photo staff I BOTTOM ROW: Joney Lettieri. Kelly Reid, Cindy Leone, Felicia Stuckey; ROW II: Matt Bombeck, Bob LaBayne, Frank Saenz, Pat Gee, Roberta Olsen, Jennifer Gates. Dean Dunn; ROW III: Janice Munemitsu, Jeannine Zakar- yan, Lisa Ogawa. Leslie Halel, Tony Castro; ROW IV: Jill Richards, Bob McLoud, Patti Polin. Mike Osborn. NOT PICTURED: Debbie Haas and Heidi Freeman. Food and Marketing Management The primary objective of the program is to broaden the managerial and analytical competence of its students through a specialized business school curriculum devoted to food industry management. FFM focuses on the prin- ciples and applications of leadership, communications, decision-making and marketing. Students participating in the program are outstanding employees in the food indus- try who have been given leaves of absence by their com- panies to attend USC on full scholarship. BOTTOM ROW: Allan Hernandez, Bob Carney, Dennis Bono, Bill Berteaux. Jenny Kessler, Pat Weiss, Debbie Colgate. Kristin Robinson. Rosanna Whiteley, Mary Mallen. Fred Shimamura, Brian Starr, John Sibold; ROW II: Bob Bailey, Dr. Norman Sigband, Tom Hayano, Doug Ratto, Paul Ferguson, Steve Smith, Barry Gauthier, Sue Mullins, Don Mills, Irene Scott, Gary Shambaughm, Mike Haruki, John Chenney. Antonio Cisneros, Dione Leidholt, Charles Rotta, Phil LaBrunda: ROW III: Professor Roger Strang, Marc Knutsen, John Brooks, Ron Dunn. Phil Lopez, Tony Gomez, Bob Alanis, Fred Enemas, Steve Derenia, Bob Fisher, Dale Byrne: ROW IV: Fran Antonson, Harvey Hayes, Ray Sage, Karl Hoffman, Jeff Morris, Roger Brooks, Phil Hawkins, Dr. James Stevenson, Donald Yee, Kirk Littlejohn, Ken Worsham. Helenes use Helenes serves as the official hostess of the University. As an honorary women ' s service organi- zation, activities include giving campus tours, and hostessing at various athletic and social campus events. BOTTOM ROW: Jackie Cargill, Karen Bowick, Bonnie Wong. Cindy Kerns, Barb Peterson, Jane St. Onge. Phyllis Dembowski, Anita Manu- klan; ROW II: Harriette Watford, Roberta Olsen, Barb Ctiappell, Mel- anie Salata, Rose Martinez, Joy Molnar, Leslie Hill, Janet Money, Lupe Garcia, Kim Anderson; ROW III: Linda Tiffany. Steptianie Burns, Melanie Real, Jean Lally, Lyn Eisenfiower, Sabrina Kazarian, Kristi Gillet. Wendy Hill; ROW IV: Sue Spence. Cindy Cooper, Joyce Lan- don, Janine Boskovicti, Cattiy Vreeland, Lanese Turner, Karen Brooks, Jeannine McManigal, Debbie Jamin; NOT PICTURED: Debi Anderson, Nancy Fellows, Cindy Frye, Patti Loyd, Kristin Olson, Jane Paul, Jan Perry. Tracey Sturman. Stacey Thomas. IFC The Interfraternity Council is the official governing body of the USC fraternity system. The Greek system at USC is the largest on the west coast. The IFC is com- posed of the president of each fraternity. This group elects an executive cabinet charged with all admini- strative responsibilities associated with Greek govern- ment and programming. Its major duties include plan- ning and executing Greek week, fall and spring rush, street dances, various philanthropies and officially representing the fraternity system at the University and the community. BOTTOM ROW: Alex Cappello (president), Peter Thompson, Jeff Fanto, Robbie Curtis; ROW II: Mike O ' Donell, Kevin Keeshan. Ben Had- dad, Steve Wetzel, Bob Matthews, Jerry Papazian, Bill Mulhern, Kurt Hastings. Institute of Electrical Engineers The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers is the professional society for all electrical engineers. The chapter ' s purpose at USC is to provide an insight into what being an electrical engineer entails. Activi- ties include field trips to major corporations such as Hughes and General Dynamics, Convair. Lectures on pertinent subjects are sponsored, such as fusion pow- er and microprocessors. BOTTOM ROW: Richard Villalobos, Cronzalo Mas, William E, Stephens, Ann Mane Crisalli. Eva Huang: ROW II: Brian Queen. John Jakubow- ski. Clay Olmstead. Constanza Iriarte. Robert Vorochoff. Mary Edel- maier: ROW III: Dr Robert Scholtz, Patrick Lim. John Parsons, Rick Taketomo. University and Residence Hall Judicials University and Residence Hall Judicials serve as the over disciplinary and regulatory policies affecting the elected representatives of the general student body students, and of the students who live on campus. They preside BOTTOM ROW: Jack Bonura, Sam Mendez. Jetf Marks, Sam Hopper. Haber, Tom Palffy, Evelyn Rubledo, Wes Mizutani, Phyliss Bertrem, Bob Mortner. Paul Asai; TOP ROW: Masie March, Susan Gogel, Bob Kevin Kettel, Eric Wong, Jon Otis. Row Judicial Row Judicial consists of sorority and fraternity act as a judicial body handling personal and group members who are appointed to represent houses and complaints voiced by the Row community. BOTTOM ROW: Kathy Auth, Jane Kennedy, Jane Matthews. Nancy Thompson. Jeff Jones, Fred Ryan, Jay Sherwood; NOT PICTURED: Ruth Hoffman (advisor), Debbie Hunsaker, ROW II: Mel Lewis. Peter Karen Kennedy, Ann Walker, Shelley Birtcher. Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma The members of the Kappa Kappa Psi fraternity and with the Trojan Marching Band. The organizations seek the Tau Beta Sigma sorority are the students affiliated to further promote the ■ ' Spirit of Troy. " I BOTTOM ROW Phil Piet, Can Stachlowski, Dave Hayami, ROW II: Lisa Dopke, Gloria Ross. Andie Kay. Cynthia Smith. Dave Melendez. Joan Joya. Patty Smith; ROW III: Gretchen Heffler. Valerie Sandvoal. Yolie Acevedo. Rene Weber. Stephanie Taylor. Bill Butler. Janice Yokota. Ram Warren. Leslie Anderson. Phyllis Steinhaur. Linda Ro|as; ROW IV: Howard Hendricks. Jimmy Jones. Debbie Mars. Yvette White. Nancy Werner. Rena Bohlin. Jeannine Zakaryan, Meg Beeler. Ben Lucchese, Tammy Cognetta, Jim Edwards. Dana Glover: ROW V: Karen Brooks. Sue Brady, Steve Hesley. Suzy Allen. Debbie Wright. George Martinez, Bob Wilson, Ed Redfern; ROW VI: Dr, Arthur C. Bartner. Steve Johnson, Karl Drummond, Dan Sullivan. Bob Gallegos. Ron Burrows, Steve Smith, Gary Capata: ON POLE: Leanne Collins. Debbie Gearing. Laurie Dawes, John Stephens. Bill Francis. Knights The Knights is a junior and senior men ' s honorary service organization, it takes part in crowd control at football games, card stunts, USCaleidoscope, the blood drive, spirit rallies and it is considered the official host of the University. BOTTOM ROW; Clay Vreeland, Tony Milani, Mike Mikasa. Geoff Dan- iels. Mike Grimsley, Rick DeBeikes: ROW II: Ron Redmond, Mike Keller, Ken Spear, Jofin Jacobson, Kevin Keeshan. Eliseo Martinez, Robbie Curtis, Jofin Robertson: ROW III: Dave Reynolds. Dan Higfi- tower, Mike Mann, Pete Thiompson, Ben Hadad, Rick Armstrong. Curt Tsujimoto, Doug Tueller, Mark Curtis. Tom Murrin. Alex Cap- pello. Mel Lewis (president): ROW IV: Jeff Jones. Bob Melikian, Bob McLoud. Jim McCormick. John Ulmer. Ken Kay, Richard Meese. Jim K|ai, Jean-Pierre Henraux. ROV V, Ron Orr. Roman Shumny. Mike O ' Donnell. Greg Hohman, Bob Matthews. Bryan Gossman. Ron Boven, Jim Zuves. Don Jesberg: ROW VI: Dave DiMaria, Jim Griffith. Craig Cooper. Ken Carlson. Fred Ryan, Dean Rallis, Mark Davidson. Mark Hoppe. John Moulton. Jay Sherwood. Barry Fuich. Eric Georgatos: ROW VII: Rik Mummd, Bill Mitchell, Geoff Janos, John Barrett. Mark Foster. Gene Paschal!, Time Sulliva, Bob Pavisi: ON STATUE: Scott Gilmore. Steve Jahnke, Mark Yeager. KSCR KSCR IS the student-run, campus-centered radio sta- tion. It serves as a workshop for students interested in learning about all facets of radio. Students of al majors and class standings participate. BOTTOM ROW: Dean Dunn. Bob Dickes. Jim Hattori. Clifford Rowe, Mickey McGowan. Dave Coddan; ROW II: Gina Lew, Stacy Morales. Mei Ling Yee. Rodney Conner, Angela Nelson (general manager). Gary Maloney. Dan Boyer, Dave ZImbelis, Sue Adams, Bob Moore, Bob Kratochvll, Dennis Crosby, Bob Sayegh, Chevy Chase, Terry Kahn; TREE PEOPLE: Walt Hilker. Dave Fellows, Laurie Dobbs, Betsy Romero NOT PICTURED: Mike Caruthers (advisor), and a host of others. NROTC Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps has been a part of Trojan life since a unit w as established by in- vitation of the Trustees in the fall of 1941. Midship- men, both male and female, receive professional edu- cation leading toward commissions as ensigns in the navy line or second lieutenants in the Marine Corps. The Class of 1977 symbolizes the diversity of career orientation which has been a trademark of SC mid- dies. Its graduates have embarked on duties ranging from training for nuclear powered submarines to Navy and Marine Corps aviation. The unit provides a wide range of social activities in addition to classroom instruction, practical appli- cation, and summer training aboard ships of the fleet. Commanded by Captain James R. Mills, USN, NROTC continues to provide high quality regular officers for the Naval Service of the United States. BOTTOM ROW: Mark Davidson, Donald Wolven, Jane Mason, Ann Smith, Jeffrey Peterson, David Lewis, Timotfiy Heidkamp, WInslow Duff, William Lloyd, Richard Huetteman, Robert Hill, Steve Segien, Kevin McNess (colorguard), Timothy Sullivan, David Watson (color- guard), Steven McNulty (colorguard), Mark Holmes (colorguard), James Ingraham Jr., Frank Elliott, John Jacobsen, Scott Green, David Johnson, Paul Adams, Steven Elbinger, Robert Kirkland, Stephen McMullm, Michael Sloan, Reed Wilson, Burleigh Bagnall, Alan Sargeant, Randolph Quinto. James Wigglesworth. " i •-■■ " f MANIM Minorities for Action Now In Medicine was organized to promote the recruitment and retainment of pre- health students on the undergraduate level and to encourage their eventual acceptance into professional and graduate schools. Some of the services offered by MANIM are: tutorial and advisement services, study groups, access to tests and notes on courses, periodic guest speakers, films, tours of hospitals and schools, health-field conferences and information regarding jobs. BOTTOM ROW: (officers) Veronica Greene. Audrey TOP ROW: Alice Tolbert, Bill Ezell. Robert Judklns, Martin, Carmen Torres. Ken Palmer, Paul Wright. Duan Cox (senior chairperson). MECHA MECHA is a Chicano Student Organization which is community and the campus by providing a legal refer- sponsored at USC through a public grant. The organi- ral service and student aid in tutoring and guidance, zation is staffed mainly by students who serve the BOTTOM ROW: Edith Morales, Rick Bouchard, Ruby Batlle, Francis Quintero. Bobby Morales, Patrick Munoz, Cynthia Franco, Luis Gut- tierrez. Francisco Guttierrez, Inez Hernandez, Enrique Franco, Con- cepcion Hernandez ROW II: Nelson Alejandro Rivero, Rafael Magellan, Maria Frias, Dominic, Gomez, Jose Vargas, Joe MacBanua, Rosalinda Morales, Gary Purcell, Marco, Palma, Arnold Regaludo, Aldolfo Mo- lina, Robin Enriques, Bobby Enriques, Steve Cruz, Ed Padilla, Danny Sanchez, Esther Garnica, Rudy Loera, Geoge Madrid, Christian, Lopez, Victor Manrique, Gus Frias, Olivia Aceves, ROW III: Oscar Armijo, Manuel Ramos, Tony Vasquez, Jesus Morales, Richard Do- minguez, Javier Gonzales, C. Hugo Avendano, Jaime Sanchez, Chuy Suarez. Jose Deanda. NOT PICTURED: Sofia Arispe. Sy Abrego, Maria Avila, Shirley Balblin, Daniel Burrola, Juan Castro, Hilda Claver- on. Conception Davila, Anna Jaurequi, Salvador Martinez, Josephina Maytorena, Gloria Sanchez, Anna Mane Pena, Teresita Saracho, Rafael Santamaria, Lola Urrutia, Roberto Velasquez, Sylvia Villareal, Leopoldo Villela, Victoria Yanez. Model UN The Model United Nations delegation of USC meets with other student groups in the Western Hemisphere to simulate sessions of the United Nations. BOTTOM ROW: Liane Johnson, Tanya Wolf, David Trachtenberg, James Schneider: ROW II: Stella Morabito, Rob Reiner, Desiree Trus- cott, Phillip Putnum, Deborah Graves, Georgia Shaver: ROW III: Wil- liam Green, Geoff Hirsch, Scott Monson, Roy Copeland, John Paul Orkwis, Robert Ford, Dennis Mueller, Sarah Beard, Steve LeMay: NOT PICTURED: Dr. Ross N. Berkes. Anthony Bishop, Carter Dunlap, David Gundlach, Dale Head, Kurt Waldheim, John Willey, Richard Licon. Orchestra The Orchestra, which is affiliated with the USC concert was held in the spring School of Music, presents classical music. A large ORCHESTRA PERSONNEL: Susan Hintz (concerfmaster). Jennifer Massey, Brent Akins, Lori Ashikawa, Kenneth Barnd, Nicole Bush. Diane Byington, Moira Cigledy, Gina Ferrara. Nathan Ferris. Pam Gates, Taria Grau, Alan Grunfeld, John Hayhurst. Elizabeth Hedges. Michele Higa, Dale Hikawa. Sonya Hintz, Michele Kikuchi, Andrew Krastins. Eun-sun Lee, Deborah Miller, Deborah Moss, Shauna New- bold, Robert Ogden. Rosmen Paguio, Marcella Piscitello, Joel Quivey. Susan Scranton. Susan Shields, Margaret Shimizu, Leslie Stewart, Amy Taira, Laura Todhunter, Julie Waite. Jonathon Weisz, Raymond Tischer, Marshall Bowen, Tammy Cognetta, Eddie Field, Lynn Lusher, Kathleen Mattis, Donna Panero, Laurel Schuster, Bryana Sherman, Leeana Sherman, Roberta Shulman, Morris Silver, Lisa Vazzana, Paula Hochhalter, Robert Blue, David Gai, Heidi Goldberg, Roberta Hansen. John Hubbard, Carolyn Mortarotti, Jan Pfeiffer, Shel ley Phelps, Paul Pierce, Manon Robershaw, Nancy Yamagata, Drew Dembowski, Aldo Christophe, Daniel Gwin, Cindra Henry, Kevin Mitchell, Daniel Shore, Elena Terwilliger, Shirley Mochizuki, Rosalyn Trotter, Terry Stuhl, John Ro)as, Debbie Ross, Ted Babcock, James Rohrig, George Campbell, Ed Kaneshiro, Steve Acklin, Rick Todd, Maureen Rochetto, Susan Kincaide, Adam Gordon, Grant Hunger- ford, David Stetson, David Amendola, Kurt Schmidt. David Lusher, Marty Jabara, Don Detzel, Sylvia Mowatt, Laurel Schuster. Order of Omega The Order of Omega is a national honorary society composed of students who have been recognized for outstanding contributions to the fraternity system. BOTTOM ROW. Bill Mulhern, Alex Cappello. Dr. Rudisill, Mel Lewis. Bryan Gossman. Robbie Curtis, Ben Haddad; ROW II: Matt Hunter. Ron Redmond, Bill Mitchell. Peter Thompson, Jeff Jones, Robert Ferrell, Barry Finch, NOT PICTURED: Jerry Papazian, Kirk Hastings, Don Ludwig, Gerald Bridges. Panhellen ic Elected representatives from each sorority form the Panhellenic Council in order to coordinate all the sis- terhoods into one cohesive body. BOTTOM ROW: Lindsay Wiggins, Ellen Hicks. Debbie Hadley, Barbara Chappel, Linda Daves: ROW II: Laura Sorgen. Paula Ludford, Ann Gorostiza. Pam Forgatch: ROW III: Caria Schalman, Karen Arrasmith, Shannon Stem, Jill Journigan, Kim Anderson, Debbie Hunsaker, Joan Avedisian, Julie Netf. Debbie Kilmer, Donna Duthie, NOT PIC- TURED: Barbara Hunt, Debbie Goodloe, Tern Buzby, Kathy Hawkins, Nancy Jacobus, Lisa Amerongen. Phi Chi Theta Phi Chi Theta is an organization seeking to promote a fuller role for women in the business world. BOTTOM ROW: Loreen Okayama. Jane Paul. Tina Marangi. Jean Davis. Pam Forgatch. Randy Gaiber, Karen Malamud, Janice Munemitsu, Kimmie Lee. Nitaya Pladlsai, Dorothy Krinke. ROW II: Dr. Marion Wood (advisor). Debbie Chun, Marie Ghirardelli. Doree MacLaren, Lisa Carr, Delnora Clelland. Sharon D. Volpe. Becky Krause, Marcia Reuben. Kim Morey. Heidi Knapp (president). ROW III: Joyce Ong. Phi Delta Chi Since 1909, the Phi Delta Chi Fraternity has played a major role in the social and professional affairs at use ' s School of Pharmacy. It ' s motto is " Each needs the help of the other. " The members of the house are selected from amorig the most active pharmacy stu- Amy Tane, Debi Anderson. Marlene Brakovich, Lori May. Laurie Horn, Andrea Kraus. Judy Cohn. Bette Hiramatsu, Roberta Olsen, Melinda Fielding, Elizabeth Hui, Debbie Jamin. Linda Gregory, Missy Ricka- baugh, Nancy Markham. Sherrie Cone. Denise Mathews, Cathie Duddy, Gretchen Young. Suzie Ganz. Bernadette Youtsler, Tina Sun. dents for their participation in student government, curriculum planning, service organizations and social events. Both alumni and students look forward to bar- beques after the football games, holiday parties and a luau at the end of the year. BOTTOM:Ray Holt. Chi Cheng. Mike Shima, Dave Johnsonbaugh, Frank Aghbashian, Mike Numberg. ROW II: Tom Moore, Brian Green- ough. Paul Nickel, Mark Livingston. Dean Wilson. Dean Butchart. Dave Grossman. ROW III, John Kelton. Lou Smaldino. Elliot Wine- stock. ROW IV: Miguel Felipe. Tom Billups. Jim Jeffrey, Jim Arm- strong. ROW V: Dale Adams. John Jackson, J. Duff Stone. David Gar- finkle, ROW VI: Craig Cheetham. Stephen Lash. PRSSA The Public Relations Student Society of America, is a national organization designed to promote profes- sionalism and provide experience for public relations students. BOTTOM ROW: Marc Grossman. Larry Seno. Connie Cashin, Tom Mur- rin, Christy Glllett; ROW II: Dave Garcia, Robert Grabot, Randa Lin- nell, Jeannme Zakaryan, Hank Wirta, Marc Kelly, Mark Burson; ROW III: Mr. William R. Faith (advisor), Susan Pretkus, Roxanne Miller, Matt Hunter, Lorretta Kubasak, Nancy Fellows, Bob O ' Henger, Lauri Smull, Tim Tessalone, Robin Greenway, Bill Boyd, Peter Dowd (professional advisor). Phrateres Phrateres, a women ' s social-service organization, is oriented towards both the University and the Los An- geles community. The groups ' USC chapter, founded in 1942, assists the Knights in organizing the football card stunts, participates in bongfest and Caleidoscope, hosts two formal affairs per year for its members and is also involved in promoting charity work within the local area. " Famous for Friendliness ' is its motto. BOTTOM ROW: Joanna Achilles, Anne Valenzuela, Constance Ekono- mu. Maureen McLaughlin, Kathleen Simmons, Janet Archer, Sharon Mooschekian (president), Mary Ann Lillywhife, Angela Lucchesi. Mary Barnes, Diana Agajanian, Anne Mane Corsaro, Gracie Elias, Mel Yee: ROW II: Christine Sealock. Janet See, Gale Sonnenberg, Lisa Ki- guchi, Helen Kyomen, Leslie Vorbach, Marsha Johnston, Jean Berko- witz, Wendy Donnie, Mary Hall, Mary Jo Crock, Tern Hall, Bobbie Clair, Paula Jan, Cara Stemen, Patti Polin, Joanna Iwata: ROW III: Elizabeth Wannamaker, Valerie Glaze, Carol Hamilton, Jennifer Gates, Rosemary Gurrola, Peggy Anderson, Cheryl Veres, Lorene Posner, Shirley Lee, Janice Munemitsu, Terrie Seller, Debbie Chun, Debbie Malik, Susan Sakuma, Nancy Lee, Desiree Mane Benkmann; ROW IV: Julie Barr, Kathee Wilson, Nancy Dirk, Julie Johnson, Maryleigh Erier, Diana Adame, Nancy Nuno, Melody Nishida, Jan Rosenthal, Kathy Borrero, Victoria Zaninovich. Wendy Tamis, Evelyn Robledo, GeliAnn Kitsigianis, Kathenne Kitsigianis, Patty Smith, Diane Birne: ROW V: Jo Brunelle, Diana Stearns, Mane Ghirardelli, Nancy Hu, Traci Ford, Diana Welch, Joanne Miyamoto, Dorothy Chen, Shawn Dailey, Dar- lynne Sitjar, Sue Anderson, Sylvia Mansapit, Chris Ulrich, Catherine Gumbiner, Knsti Kronemyer, Sally Coulter. Predental Honor Fraternity The primary goals of the fraternity are to give stu- active participation in the USC-UCLA Mobile Clinic; dents an awareness of what being a dentist or dental and an annual Southern California Admissions Con- hygienist entails, to inform students about the dental ference. Also available to members is a monthly news- school application procedure, and to create a friendly letter which contains information on the DAT test atmosphere where pre-professional students can ex- dates, application deadlines and meeting dates and change ideas and information. There are three organ- times. The organization is also known as Delta Delta ized programs where students can get involved in the Sigma, field of dentistry; the Dental Observation Program; BOTTOM ROW: Dean Furkiotl. Gregory Ding, Sabrina DeJoie, Sim- mons, Francisco Oaxzca, Lance Teramoto, Kim Thurmond, Michelle McDonald, James Khoe: ROW II: Mike Lano, Ronald Ige, Richard Chan, Cindy Sondheim.kent Berkey, Steve Ramos (president), Steve Uret- sky, Richard Kerecz, Chris Leong; ROW III: Paul Tanaka, Richard Prouse, Mike Danford, Elwin Chan, Nicki Branch, Linda Brogmus, Gordon Wong; ROW IV: Marc Shishima, Barbie Woodman, Courtnie Chapman, John Adam, Linda Delahooke, Louise Dewhirst, Linda Rojas, Berry Mitchell, Miki Nam, Angelina Cheng, Rick Hauptmann; ROW V: Bob Hyman, Janet Buhl, Nancy Hansen, Bruce Lilly, Danny Martinez, Daryl Cranon, Eric Kunichika, Renee Lampkin, Julius Jones, George Brady, Ronnie Rodgers, Martin Galindo, Don Swanson, Jeff Marks, Kevin Hilaire, Regina Cheung, Mark Nishiki; NOT PICTURED: Jim Anastassiou, Shawn Arena, Michael Banducci, Joe Boylan, Greg Brooks, Jane Brown, Arlene Bruce, Catherine Cariaga, Russell Chang, Lou Cohen, Kevin Cozen, Michael Echols, Charles Feldman, Maria Fernandez, Athony Gallegos, Glenn Garvin, Walter Harris, Nelson Hatanaka, Beverly Hedrick, David Hellman, John Henno, George Hicks, Laurene Hirsch David Hixenbaugh, Loris Hoberman, Les Hsu, Michelle Hyken, Lawrence Jue, June Kaneoka, Brian Kawahara, Richard Kerecz, Thomas Kiefer, Paul Kott. Dolores, T. Lemos, Lone Lomas, Johnny Low, Ryan Maehara, Henry Melton, Ronald Milla, Tamela Miller, Barry Mitchell, Stan Miyawaki. Chris Montano, Diane Morehead, Robert Moretta, Shan Morningstar, Richard McKee, Jim McKittnck, Stephen Nagorski, Grant Nakagawa, Marc Nakamura, Howard Nakashioya, Robert Nalbach, Lori Noriega, Gary O ' Brien, Em- manuel Okonkwo, Marti Lynn Oman, David Osborn, Laura Parriott, Robert Preston, Jesus Perez. Kelly Reilly, Ronny Rodgers, Patricia Ross, Joe Quan, Carlos Quintana, Larry Sakamoto, Dana Schrader, David Schultz, Mario Segura, Randall Sobczak, Robert Shaw, Marc Shishima, David Siegel, Victor Siegel, Patricia Smith, Scott Takiguchi, Daniel Tamura, Wendy Tamura, Johnny Tanaka, Lawrence Toomin, Lori Uyeno, Jose Valdes. De Aun Viole, Michael Wada, Dan Warriner, Terry Wheeler, Beverly Williams, Gerald Wolfe, Eric Wong, Mark Zila. RHCC The Residence Halls Coordinating Council serves as the governing body of the dorm facilities. It presents social activities and promotes cohesiveness between all of the campus residents. BOTTOM ROW: Regina Chueng. Corgy Wylde, Liz Jimenez; ROW II: da Edwards. Barbara Ji (advisor); ROW IV: Anita Lehman, Bill Detoy, Steve LeMay. Dwight Zinn. John Crighton; ROW III: Camilla Tate. Ger- Henry Unger. Bill Dansler. SCOPE SCOPE IS the Student Committee on Popular Enter- tainment. It presents concerts, speakers and other events for the USC community. BOTTOM ROW: Mike Qui|ano. Chris Zaske. Don Morrison, Annamarie Alderete. Judi Rivkin. Tomme Young. Brian Fenske. Jill McWilliams. Alicastro. Harry Lim, Bill Wilson, John Crighton. Jeff Butler, Mike Steve Jarmis, Sigma Delta Chi Sigma Delta Chi, a national honorary known as the can also join branches once they begin working in Society of Professional Journalists, offers its mem- the profession, bers social contact with career journalists. Members BOTTOM ROW: Robin Deemer, Alex Riley, Roy Chapman, Wayne Wal- ley, Teri Anderson, Diane Slezak, ROW II: Cathy Taylor, Alan Frienden- thal, Clara German!, Sherry Strausfogel, Barry Toronto, Peter Fletch- er, Dorothy Reinhold, Gary Maloney, Fred Coonradt (advisor). ROW III: Joney Lettieri, Patti Polin, Valerie Nelson, Steve Hawkins, Janet Roldan, Bob Lefevre, Kent Schoknecht, Joyce Landen, Frank Saenz. East Asian Studies Today is a campus interest group organized to promote the understanding of East Asian Cultures through academic and social activities. EAST EAST is open to all interested students, faculty and staff regardless of their department affiliation or back- ground. BOTTOM ROW: Alfred Birnbaum, Hyun Choi, Craig Coleman, Kensjuke Takahashi, Tommy Wong; ROW II: Grace Yang, Dennis Mueller, Bette Hiramatsu, Woo. Robert Davidson, Mr. John Donald, Joan Pearce, Kim Sigma Gamma Epsilon Society of Petroleum Engineers Sigma Gamma Epsilon is a national geological hon- orary society. Of the almost sixty chapters of the or- ganization use ' s Omega Chapter is one of the oldest. The society is made up of students majoring in the earth sciences, geology and petroleum engineering. BOTTOM ROW: Imelda Academla. Brian Wernicke, Angela Tripp, Sona Stapletord, Lee Musgrove, Anna Evashko, Jim Sadd; ROW II: Dr. Bernard Pipkin (advisor), Greg Kuzma, Dean Dunn, Ed Stein- er, Kevin McAllister, Mike Vazzana, Jerl Cameron, Phil Sheehan, Mark Prebish; NOT PICTURED: Virginia Gabaldo, Debbie NIshida, Dor Willis, George Anderson, Dave Uldrlch, Ed Hill, Marc Springer. Linda Wall. BOTTOM ROW: Richard Barton, Gordon Anderson, William Difter, Dr, Todd Doscher, Mohammad Bonakdar; ROW II: Bryant Morns, Steve Shryock, Richard Oyekan, Osazuwa Omoregie, Ken Ogle, Poawpadet Vorabutr, Eric Solum, Robert Carone, Massoud Mirzaza- deh; ROW III: Nyeska Pederson, William Michels. Ted McLean, Don Herzberg, In Chang, Jeff Brienen, Phil Sheehan: ROW IV: Donn Ped- erson, N.Akwari, Juzev Rasini, Henry Williams, Jude Amaefule, Monte Leicht, John Hadley, Kevin O ' Donnell, George Schnerk: ROW V: Dr. I Ershagi. Dr. E, Dougherty, Naphtali Doe, Dr. L. Handy, Euterio Vilchez. Songfest Committee The use Songfest Committee is responsible for pro- ducing the largest annual student musical production in the nation. DSC student groups of all kinds are in- vited to participate in the charity benefit which has been held each spring since the 1950 ' s at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles. The theme of Songfest 1977 was " ... for the fun of it. " BOTTOM ROW: Mary Megowan, Lindsay Wiggens. Jerry Papazlan, Barbara Chappell, Bob McLoud, Jeannine Zakaryan, Mike Osborn, Nancy Zwemer, Mark Rios, Ten Anderson, John Spencer. Diane Slezak, Dean Dunn: ROW II: Pamela Horst. Deborah Johnston, Diane Clardy, Sue Spence, Jane St. Onge, Phyllis Dembonski, Cindy Kerns. Karen Reed, Connie Cash in, Colleen Arenal, Jeanne Papazian, Jenni- fer Polhemus, Wendy Woldt, Joyce Lando: ROW III: Ben Haddad, Cathy Long, Cindy Wilcox, John Adam, Gene Paschall, Paige Parrish, Jim Garry, Debbie Jamin, Rick Oswald, Candy Read, Jim Teshima, Steve Wetzel, Tory Jeans, John Canton, Brad Wright. Squires Squires is a freshmen and sophomore men ' s honor- at football games, service projects and promotion of ary service organization. Its activities include ushering school spirit. BOTTOM ROW Jeff Johnson, Jon Auikshank, Bill Shrader. Jim Shore. Larry Drum, Don Burdge. Mike Boehnlein, Scott Tolstad. Tad Smith. Mark Johnson: ROW II; Jim Feederly. David Demiranda. Randy Kawa- mura. Chuck Lee. Mike Bass. Bill Allen. Wes Kennedy. Tom Pero. Jim Lloyd. Rob Grant: ROW III: Mark Smith, Stan Mullin. Doug English. Rich Oswald. Casey Coulturp. Jim Bohan. Pat Murphy. Jim Eddy. Tom Peters, Donald Duck. Jeff Kaesner: ROW IV: Brian Lippolo. Walt Disney. Jim Baily. Bob Holmes. Reuben Smith. Scott McDonald. Mike Cernna. Joe Buryee. Bruce Furniss, Doug Burdge: ROW V: Adam Ant. John Trutter. Todd Grodnick. Tom Monday. John Waters, George Cappello. Rick Alkoster. Cal Worthington, Ink Spot. Terry Grace. Rick Simons, Doug Webb, Steve Nahigian. Kirk Seidenstiken. Scott McGowan: NOT PICTURED: Charles Stewart, Keith Hancock, Andy Hinshaw, Chris Husa. Bryan Busse. Dave Miranda, Kirk Wilkinson, Greg Ohanion, Pat Fields. Lary Hall. Eric Caminite, Larry Pezor. Brian Gascbie. Grey Brooks. John Davidson. Rich Stanton, Brian Gates. student News Bureau I Student News Bureau is a student-run organization that publicizes the activities and accomplishments of use ' s students by sending press releases to hometown and local newspapers. In its ninth semester of opera- tion, the staff includes over 50 reporters and editors, mainly from the School of Journalism. BOTTOM ROW: Belinda Morgan, Sue Ella; ROW II: Diane Zakian, Susan Avina, Gayle Zimmerman, Barry Taranto, Patti Polin. Howard Young, Barry Smith, Matt Cohn, Tim Tessalone, Michelle Cabral, Rich Bozanich, Gerry Geraghty, Larry Seno. Skull and Dagger I The oldest men ' s honorary at USC, the Skull and Dag- ger Society has prided itself in maintaining an overview of all university activity with the single purpose of recognizing those men who have made a significant contribution to the USC campus. BOTTOM ROW: Michael Peterson, Rob Gach, Don LaPlante, Jeff Tol- stad, Keith Oda. Tom Walker; ROW II: Kevin Bruce, Duff McEvers. Ted Thompkins. Rick Nordin; ROW III: Bob Trowbridge, Bill Boyd, Joe Davis, Mike Budincich, Grayson Carter. Blair Westlake; ROW IV: Dwayne Foster, Tommy T., Gary Brock. NOT PICTURED: Kurt Glass- man, David Hannula, John Horsley, Richard Nelson, Keith Ogata, Danny Reece, Harold Smith. Brian Hufford, Robert Hunt. Melvin Jackson, Allen Poucher, John Rancanelli, Kenny Randle. Scott Simp- son, Ted Tarbet. student Senate The Student Senate is made up of 33 members who participate in the recommendations for shaping uni- versity policy and activities. These students, who rep- resent dorm ana Row residents as well as commuter students and the graduate schools, serve on the Presi- dent ' s Advisory Council nominating other students to various governing committees. Elections for the senate are held each spring. BOTTOM ROW: Narbik Manukian, Gilbert Placencia, William Coleman, Hellen Rodriguez, Stephen Harris, Andy Proctor; ROW II; Renee Jackson-White, Phillip Chao, Maureen Flanagan, John Pineda, Glenn Sonnenberg (chairman). Terry Ann Hillis, Dale Head, Donna Brown, Alan Friedenthal, Chip Harman, George Hart, Tom Murrin; NOT PICTURED; Diego Galindo, Robin Holland, Renee Evans, Robin Con- nerly. Penny Manly, Jose Cunningham, Victoria Watanabe, Adrian Bal, Bruce Kovacs, Greg Cole, Ann Marie Crisalli, Charia Rolland. Student Union Board The Student Union Board consists of ten students mendations for office space allocations in the Student who advise the directors of the Student Activities Cen- Union and works to improve the day-to-day operation ter and University Campus Life and Recreation on tne of the SAC. The Student Union Board worked toward usage and policies of the SAC. The board makes recom- establishing the University Center Concept. FROM LEFT; David Kahn, Jeanne Hartley (advisor). Parker Jenkins Cerrina, Kerry Clark, Paul.a Bonnadelle; NOT PICTURED; Wendy (SAC director-advisor), Paul Davis. Rhoda Haley, Allen Simkin, Mike Woldt. Jeff Jones, Scott MacDonald. Troy Camp Troy Camp is an organization run completely by stu- designed to provide both friendship and fun for the dents which began in 1948. Every year Troy Camp se- children. The core of the program is a week-long sum- lects 250 children from elementary schools within five mer camp in the San Jacinto Mountains, near Idyllwild. miles of campus to participate in a year-long program BOTTOM ROW: Debbie Malik, Lauren Becker, Sylvia Mansapit. Deon Morgan, Patti Smith, Jane Paul, Kathy Perini (director), Farhad Nourafchian, Daisy Simmons, Tomi Tanabe, Laura Weiss; ROW II: Stieiia Stewart, Gerrit D ' Ablaign. Mike Danford. Diana Stearns. Joe Unterreiner, Teresa Ford, Pat Fukuhiara; ROW III: Lauren Turner, Cindy Kerns, Karen Kay, Sophia Gillyard {Troy Camper), Drew Panico, Al Paisley, Edie Bergay, Larry Drum, Scott McArthur. AIESEC 1 Association Internationale Des Etudiantes en Sci- ences Economiques et Commerciales, is an independ- ent organization which seeks to identify and train, through international management experience, a se- lect group of economics and business students with outstanding leadership potential. BOTTOM ROW: Carmeta Sturdivant, Cindi Coit, Jenny Kessler, Mar- cell Bardart, Bette Hiramatsu; ROW II: Fred Farias, John Wong, Joe Henehan. Monte Andrews, Fidel Gutierrez, Robin Peger, Anthony Bishop, Brian Queen, Paul Abe. University Campus Life and Recreation University Campus Life and Recreation spon- sors special recreational clubs for all interested use students. Those students involved in the ac- tivity groups may develop, enhance, or practice recreational pursuits. The clubs also provide an opportunity for students to meet other students, faculty members and staff members. All of the clubs are designed to provide enjoyable social outlets for people from all facets of university life. Most groups provide instruction for begin- ners and intermediates at minimal costs. University Campus Life and Recreation RIGHT, Students, faculty, and staff members participate In 30 different interest groups designed to provide In- struction, social Interaction, weekend outings and com- petitive experiences. 95 University Campus Life and Recreation Some recreational clubs have evening and or week- end outings. Most of the organizations have meeting places on the campus to gather for the group ' s activi- ties. use Chamber Singers The use School of Music is one of the finest in the country. In conjunction with the School of Performing Arts, the music school sponsors many student groups in the musical performance media. Two such organi- zations which concentrate on vocal performance are the use Chamber Singers and the Trojan Chorale. The Trojan Chorale has distinguished itself at num- erous campus concerts; the Chamber Singers were featured on TV in the 1976 " Salute to John Wayne. " BOTTOM ROW: Patricia Shanahan. Laura Vincent. Linda Sittser. Lisa Vazzana. Margaret FogwelL Cathy Long, Cheryl Walte, Jane Blom- quist. Deborah Grundel, Cynthia Lee: ROW M: Craig Kingsbury, Kevan Trojan Chorale Torfeh, Paul Rusterholz. Ted Reld, Lawrence Schenbeck, James Van- deveer, Nathan Ferris, Fred Thompson, Mark Hummel, Rodney El- chenberger (director). BOTTOM ROW: Dan Sharp (director). Erik Ferguson. So-Ling Chan. Margaret Briggs, Elizabeth Bardwil. Laurel Baeyens, Janet Money. Shelly Gustason. Shern Wishikawa. Mei-tak Zane, Suzanne Law- rence. Peggy Iwata. Barbara Chan. Diana Agajanian; ROW II: Eric Hodge, Pam Mohler, Laura Weekly, Kim Buckley. Karen Moote. Lor- etta Abdun-Nur, Barbara Woodman. Maureen McLaughlin: ROW III: Charles Barnes. Harold Yuan. Cliff Brnlotte. Rich Bagdazian, Leon Olgnin. Alex Hock, Danny Louie. Tony Farina; ROW IV: Greg Brent, Jim Huckaby. Mark Eggert, Tim Taylor. Whitney Lawrence. Charles Lew, Rick Waddell, Patrick Ruiz. Q X I Vince Evans: Senior under the gun At the end of the 1975 football season there were bumper stickers that read, " Save USC Football: Shoot Vince Evans. " They appeared at the end of his junior year w hen he completed only 31% of his passes. A year later Evans came into the limelight to lead Southern Cal ' s offense in a manner Don Rickles would be hard-pressed to insult. Evans silenced the majority of his critics, including Sports Illustrated, which blatantly said he had no fu- ture. Southern Cal went to the Rose Bowl and the critics ate their words. Evans was the victim of boos and catcalls from Southern Cal rooters, particularly after the opening loss to Missouri. Some of the criti- cism was because he was black. " There is obviously still some racism, " he said prior to the USC- UCLA showdown. " Even if I threw nine touchdown passes in a game there ' d be a percentage of people who would be yelling for Rob Hertel (the back-up quarterback). But that ' s part of being black and I just have to live with that. I ' m not going to stop living because some people don ' t like the way I am. " But Evans remembered the applause he received from the Coliseum crowd after sustaining a slight head injury in the USC- Washington game. " When I got that ovation I almost wanted to cry. There ' s a whole lot a people that kind of care. " His quarterback days at South- ern Cal were a vast change from the time he was a running back at Benjamin L. Smith High School in North Carolina. " Yet despite all the criticism and boos, I ' ll always love USC. It ' s the kind of place that people dig. People I don ' t know tell me, ' I knew you could do the job. ' 1 I Missouri makes Robinson ' s debut miserable The Trojan football team — ranked eighth in preseason polls — hit rock bottom in its home opener against the Missouri Uni- versity Tigers and were sent reel- ing, 46-25. Newspapers reported this was the worst opening defeat in Trojan football history, but the papers weren ' t being charitable. In 1922 Southern Cal lost its opener 22-7 to the Los Angeles Athletic Club. Reliable witnesses to the de- cline and ultimate fall of the Tro- jan empire are so scarce these days that it is difficult to deter- mine which collapse had the greater impact in its time. The comparison wasn ' t so important, but when Southern Cal was rated number one in the Los Angeles Times ' bottom ten poll — with the likes of William and Mary — little else seemed important to Tro- jan fans. Opinion was that only a miracle could save Southern Cal from another miserable Pacific-8 sea- son, especially after last season when the Trojans lost their last four conference games. God is a Trojan, according to many buttons. And on the second, third and fourth Saturdays of the 1976 season, Southern Cal bombed Oregon 51-0, boiled the Purdue Boilermakers 31-14 and popped a few of Iowa ' s Hawkeyes 55-0. OPPOSITE PAGE: TOP LEFT, Coach John Robinson ' s expression mirrors the troubles of the Trojans on the field. BOTTOM, Fresh- man Charles White bursts around Purdue linemen on a power sweep. THIS PAGE: Senior fullback tvlosi Tatupu congratulates Randy Simmrin after Simmrin ' s touchdown catch against Iowa. BOTTOf . Robinson gestures to referee after a 15-yard penalty stalled this Trojan drive against Purdue. Defense shuts down Oregon schools; Offense stumbles past Washington schools There are some Southern Cal fans who honestly believed playing the Pacific Northwest schools was immoral — it was the only brand of football where the game was over during the National Anthem. There were some opportunists; namely Southern Cal ' s defense which showed its prowess against Oregon and Oregon State. What Jeter, Underwood, Thurman and Co. lacked against Missouri, they OPPOSITE PAGE: TOP, Washington quarterback Warren Morn attempts pass against Trojan rush. BOTTOM, Ricky Bell runs for more of his Pac-8 record-setting yardage against Washington State. RIGHT, Oregon finally stops Ricky Bell, if only for one play. THIS PAGE; BELOW, Bernard Tarver runs student-body-righ t sweep against Washington State. made up against the Beavers and the Ducks. On the other hand there were some schools in the Pac-8 North- west who recognized football as a sport. The Cougars of Washington led Southern Cal into the fourth quarter although Ricky Bell was galavanting for a record-setting 356 yards. And the Huskies of Washington State led the Trojans at halftime and entered the locker room with hopes for an upset victory. In both cases, however, the games were a charade. Washington made a serious attempt to restore some semblance of dignity to the game of football. But Southern Cal came from behind to win both games, beating the Cougars 23-14 and the Huskies at Coliseum, 20-3. THIS PAGE: TOP, Scott Rich- ardson, Oregon State quarter- back, is upended by Ed Gu- tierrez. BOTTOM, Coach Paul Hackett talks with offensive team during the homecoming game. OPPOSITE PAGE: TOP, Trojan defenders Garry Cobb and Kevin McPartland (54) force the Beaver ball carrier to fumble. BOTTOM, Halfback Charles White. A star is born Homecoming had the ingredi- ents of an old Hollywood scenario. The star sustained an injury and couldn ' t perform center stage, so the freshman understudy, before an audience of 53,216, was forced into the spotlight. He stole the show from the defense by scoring four touchdowns. It was a hippointer that Ricky Bell suffered in the first quarter that put him out of the game, and gave Charlie White his chance for a big day. White had no illusions as he faced reporters and admiring fans after starring in the 56-0 victory over Oregon State. " It ' s always going to be Ricky ' s job no matter what I do as a freshman, " White said. Revenge Is Sweet; Trojans Rip Cal, Stanford Southern Cal rooters loved to hate Stanford and Cal, especially since the Trojans lost to both teams the year before. Sentiments from the two schools about South- ern Cal were the same. Downright arrogance infiltrated the spirit; while the northern schools waved $1 to the tune of Conquest, some Southern Cal rooters waved $20 bills back. Such hoopla seemed the most Jl interesting aspect of the USC-Cal game, which the Trojans won con- vincingly, 20-6. The Trojan defense did not allow Joe Roth and Co. to score a touchdown, but this ac- complishment went almost un- noticed by the crowd, which oc- cupied itself by doing the loudest SoCal spellouts possible. A week later Purdue set the tone for the USC-Stanford game: the Boilermakers played spoilermak- ers and upset number one-ranked Michigan. That afternoon in Palo Alto, Southern Cal blitzed Stan- ford 48-24. Southern Cal won it in a 31-3 first half, with three Vince Evans-to- Shelton Diggs passes while Ricky Bell moved around slowly in street clothes because of an ankle injury. Southern Cal was ranked third in the nation following the win. lib KiL OPPOSITE PAGE: LEFT, Ricky Odom returns Stanford fumble for touchdown. RIGHT, Mosi Tatupu takes breather after Southern Cal fails to move the foot- ball in Cal game. THIS PAGE: TOP LEFT. Kenny Randle packs his knee in ice. TOP RIGHT, Cocaptain Mike Carey goes through coinflip and handshakes prior to USC-Stanford kickoff. BOTTOM, Vince Evans hands off to Ricky Bell behind Trojan front line. 109 Trojans pick fresh bouquet of roses Almost everyone, it seemed, was emotionally involved. Half of Los Angeles was rooting for defending Pac-8 champion UCLA, the other half was memorizing incantations to hex the Bruins. Although the undefeated Bruins were favored by two points. South- ern Cal fans anxiously awaited kick- off to disprove Jimmy the Greek Snyder in Las Vegas. Enthusiasm spilled over from the rally to the morning of the game. Trojan Hall residents bombed UCLA cars with water balloons on Figueroa Street. So- Cal spellouts echoed against the University Hilton. UCLA obscen- ities adorned the windows of Marks Tower and the lawns on the How. But by 4:30 that afternoon, the highly-touted showdown was pure- ly academic to the 90,519 stuffed in the Coliseum. Southern Cal OPPOSITE PAGE: Clay Matthews and Dennis Thur- man prepare to put Jeff Dankworth away. THIS PAGE: LEFT, Southern Cal defenders apply the coup de grac to Wendel Tyler. RIGHT, Ricky Bell scampers for more of his 167-yard total. didn ' t win a trip to the Rose Bowl: it powered its way there. Ricky Bell was the stablizing fac- tor. Showing few side-effects from his ankle injury, he ran for 167 yards in 36 carries. The defense, again, was awesome, shutting down the fabled Veer-T offense until the last four minutes of the game. And it was Dennis Thurman, the defensive end, who picked off a UCLA fumble in mid-air and ran it back 40 yards for the Trojan ' s first score. Facetiously speaking, none of this amounted to much. The score was 24-14; the reward was a Rose Bowl date with Michigan and Southern Cal was ranked number two in the polls, behind Pittsburgh. And Los Angeles was a Trojan town, again. Irish eyes do not smile; Trojans luck out Playing catchup in the nervous final minutes, the Fighting Irish scored its second touchdown. It didn ' t matter. Southern Cal was riding the crest high on Glen Walker ' s 46-yard field goal and a defense that was stronger and quicker on most of the clutch plays. Irish eyes didn ' t smile when Vince Evans threw a desperate pass to Randy Simmrin who turned it into a 67-yard touchdown. It was a day the Trojans went to a passing attack; partly because Ricky Bell got tired of being tack- led behind the line of scrimmage, partly because the officials threw pass-interference handkerchiefs every time somebody sneezed. There have been many mem- orable USC-Notre games. This was not one of them. Nevertheless, coach John Robinson, finishing his first regular season with a 10-1 record, saw a flat, sluggish South- ern Cal team perform one week after the big emotion-powered win over UCLA. Southern Cal did just enough to win, 17-13, and retain its number- two spot in the national ratings. OPPOSITE PAGE: RIGHT, Clay Matthews stops Notre Dame on a third down play, TOP LEFT, It wasn ' t the best of times for Vince Evans as the Notre Dame defense had him scrambling most of the afternoon. BOTTOM, Pat Howell anxiously awaits to see who recovered the fumble, THIS PAGE: BOTTOM, Rob Hertel, who replaced Vince Evans in the game, hands off to Ricky Bell, THIS PAGE: TOP SEQUENCE, Vince Evans, most valuable player of the Rose Bowl, peddles backvi ard to complete pass to Shel- ton Diggs, who caught eight passes. BOT- TOM LEFT, Charlie White sprints around Michigan defense on a power sweep. BOT- TOM RIGHT, A Michigan defender illegally holds Gary Jeter as quarterback Rick Leach prepares to pass. OPPOSITE PAGE, Rob Lytle IS stopped by Southern Cal defense. FOOTBALL 46 Missouri USC 25 20 USC 53 USC Oregon 48 USC 31 USC Purdue 23 20 USC 55 USC Iowa 24 USC 23 use... , Washington State 14 17 USC 56 USC Oregon State 14 USC . . .California 6 ...Stanford 24 .Washington 3 UCLA 14 Notre Dame 13 . . .Michigan 6 THE ROSE BOWL ' Trojans are red, Wolverines are blue; We ' re number one and Pitt ' s number two Sports history will read that Southern Cal defeated Michigan 14-6 in the 63rd Rose Bowl game before 106.182 and a national television audience. The reasons that were given for this upset vic- tory varied. Television commentators joked that it was the spring-like weather. Perhaps Michigan couldn ' t take the traffic, others said, or they had a New Year ' s eve hangover. Maybe their blood thickened. The infamous Los Angeles Times sports pundit. Jim Murray, claimed the real Big-10 champion was kid- napped and he called for " a house- to-house search from Ann Arbor to Columbus. " Still others theorized that South- ern Cal rallied ' round the cry. " Do It for Ricky. " It was Troy ' s fifth offensive play when Ricky Bell was hit on the head and tackled from behind — a classic example of the whiplash effect — thus end- ing abruptly his college career. For sure, though, the victory was achieved because of Vince Evan ' s sharpshooting, Charlie White ' s machine-like running and a well- prepared defensive unit that ulti- mately had Michigan on the run. Southern Cal finished with an 11-1 record, ranked second m the nation in the United Press Interna- tional and Associated Press polls — and first in the USC team poll. Here ' s to you Mr. Robinson. . . In November of 1975, Southern Cal announced that John Robinson would succeed John McKay as head football coach. At that time Robinson said, " Without a doubt, Coach McKay is the greatest coach I have ever been associated with. But the tradition I will have to carry is the USC tra- dition. " And so, from the days of Howard Jones to McKay, Robinson con- tinued the conquest and led Troy to its fourth Rose Bowl in five years. It wasn ' t easy. Robinson was replacing a legend; he was stepping into the footsteps of McKay, who after 16 years, was the winningest coach in Southern Cal ' s history. After a brief coaching job with the Oakland Raiders, Robinson returned to Southern Cal. He said, " I missed the horse, I missed Conquest, I missed college foot- ball. " His debut as head coach was rudely ruined by Missouri, but Rob- inson, along with 11 assistant coaches, perservered and molded a squad that eventually beat UCLA, Notre Dame, and Michigan suc- cessively. In Robinson ' s rookie year Troy finished with an 11-1 record and finished second in the nation, but, as Robinson said in the Rose Bowl lockeroom, " USC was ranked number one unanimously in the USC poll. " i OPPOSITE PAGE: FOOTBALL TEAM: BOTTOM ROW: Asst. Coach Marv Goux. Rob Kerr, Mike Sanford, Art Scree, Ken Moore, Mike Carey, Rob Hertel, Dennis Thurman, Vince Evans. Paul McDonald. Walt Ransom, Head Coach John Robinson. Carter Hartwig. Charles White, Steve Obradovich, Dave Farmer. Mike Robinson. Randy Simmrin. Calvin Sweeney, Lynn Cam. Dwight Ford, Ron Bush. Asst. Coach Don Lindsey. ROW II: Asst- Coach Foster Anderson. Kevin Wil- liams, Michael Hayes, Shelton Diggs. Ron Jamerson, Ken Randle. Steve Sourapas, Bernard Tarver, Ricky Odom. Mark Spino, John Levy, Mosi Tatupu. Tony Olivarria. Jim Galbraith, Glen Walker, Jeff Fisher, Ricky Bell, Phil Pugh. Mike Burns, Vic Jackson, Van Wiese. Asst. Coach John Jackson. ROW III: Asst. Coach Paul Hackett, Larry Braziel, Tim Lavender, Clint Strozier, Ed Gutierrez, Rod Martin, Garry Cobb, Kevin McPartland. Eric Williams, Dennis Johnson. David Lewis, Mike McDonald, Mario Celotto, Clay Mat- thews, Donnie Hickman. Chris Foote, Tyrone Sperling. Bruce Brooks, Brad Budde. Pat Howell. Ken Evans, Part-Time Coach Nerval Turner. ROW IV: Asst. Equipment Mgr Bill Sutton, Part-Time Mike Haluchak, Keith Van Home. Gary Bethel. Rick Miller. Harold Steele, Ray Peters. Ed Catoe, John Schuh- macher, Vinnie Van Dyke, Marvin Powell, Anthony Munoz. Otis Page, Gary Jeter, Ricky Johnson. Allen Pugh. Joe Shipp, Danny Lo- zano, Jeff Houghton, James Hunter, William Gay, Asst. Coach Skip Husbands, Trainer Jack Ward, ROW V: Asst. Coach Bob Toledo. Asst, Equipment Mgr. Carl Lundgren. Howard Studdard, Dan Burns. David Ander- son. Jesse Jahnke. Asst, Trainer Dave Maurer, Rich Dimler. Asst, Dave Crawley, A . . here ' s to you Ricky Bell Ricky Bell wasn ' t expected to grab the public ' s eye like prede- cessors Mike Garrett. O.J. Simpson and Anthony Davis. Bell lead the nation in rushing his junior season. Then in 1976, rather than following an act like Davis ' , Bell had his own to follow. After four games Bell led the nation in rushing with 661 yards. In his fifth game at Washington State he gained 347 yards. The subsequent schedule was nearly a total nightmare for the senior who was besieged with in- juries. Finally, Bell was knocked out on the fifth pla y of the Rose Bowl with a concusion. Amid all the praise he received during his career, the Heisman Trophy runner-up was given the ultimate tribute by head coach John Robinson, who said, " I ' ve run out of .adjectives to describe him. I ' m just gonna say that I think he ' s the greatest man to ever play the game. " — Gary Etcheverry i U - :»j ox ' Si 1 « -S - ra » 4 • j - A fy ' Cju « « QQ Southern Cal makes waves at Olympics The conquest went on — in water and on land. Southern California sent part of its own armada to the Olympic Games in Montreal, and the Tro- jans returned home with 14 medals in men ' s swimming, women ' s swimming and track and field. If Southern California was a coun- try, it would have finished eighth in total medals. Backstroker-freestyler John Na- ber collected most of the gold in four out of his five events — the 100 and 200 backstroke, the 400 med- ley and the 800 freestyle relay. But Naber wasn ' t all-conquering — he lost to fellow Trojan Bruce Fur- niss in the 200 freestyle. Rod Strachan took the other men ' s gold in the 400 individual medley. On dry land, Don Quarrie, a graduate student who competed for Jamaica, finished first in the 200 meter dash. Some of the pomp was damp- ened by politics. James Gilkes and Rayfield Beaton, both competing for Guyana, were not allowed to compete because of their nation ' s boycott. Twenty-four countries elected to boycott the games — their wrath was aimed at New Zea- land but the real target was South Africa. The African nations were prepared to boycott the games after New Zealand sent a rugby team to play in South Africa follow- ing the Sowetto riots, in which an estimated 176 people were killed. • OPPOSITE PAGE: TOP. A group of journal- ism students party their way througti four units at Montreal. The group was sponsored by the School of Journalism, BOTTOM, John Naber, who was named Southern California Athlete of the Year for his Olympic per- formance, leads SoCal spellout in swim- ming stadium. THIS PAGE; TOP. The official Olympic flag flies high outside the mam stadium, MIDDLE, USA 800-meter freestyle relay team, consisting of Indiana ' s Jim Montgomery. Southern Gal ' s John Naber and Bruce Furniss, and Stanford ' s Mike Bruner stands during the National Anthem at the award ceremony. BOTTOM. Swirling color highlights the opening celebration. use ' s 1976 Olympians Guy Abrahams (Panama — fifth) 100-meter dash Rayfield Beaton (Guyana) 800-meter run 400-meter relay Joe Bottom (silver) 100-meter butterfly (sixth) 100-meter freestyle Sherry Calvert javelin Bruce Furniss (gold) 200-meter freestyle (gold). . .800-meter freestyle relay Steve Furniss (sixth). . . .400-meter individual medley James Gilkes (Guyana) 100-meter dash 200-meter dash 400-meter dash Celso Kalache (Brazil) volleyball Michael Ker (Canada) 1500-meter freestyle John Naber (gold) 100-meter backstroke (gold). . .200-meter backstroke I (gold). . .400-meter medley relay (gold) . , 800-meter freestyle relay (silver). . .200-meter freestyle George Nagy (Canada) 200-meter butterfly Steve Pickell (Canada) 100-meter backstroke 100-meter butterfly 1000-meter freestyle (silver). . .400-meter medley relay 800-meter freestyle relay Don Quarrie (Jamaica— gold) 200-meter dash (silver). . . 100-meter dash Laurie Siering (silver) 400-meter medley relay 100-meter breastroke 200-meter breastroke Miriam Smith 200-meter backstroke Rod Strachan (gold) . . . 400-meter individual medley Randy Williams (silver) long jump i 19 new poloists report to pool •. i ' i ■ ■ " mf After a dismal 1975 water polo season nothing made coach John Williams happier than seeing fif- teen freshmen and four transfer students show for preseason work- outs. Williams worked with the young roster — Mike Ross was the only senior — and prepared to challenge some of the toughest teams in the country. Southern Cal ' s initial victory over Cal Poly Pomona wasn ' t enough to keep the Trojans winning. In- experience was the primary fac- tor at the UC Irvine tournament where they lost a tough game to Cal, 1975 NCAA champion. After whipping UC Davis the Trojans lost to Long Beach State and UC Irvine. The pattern was set. Southern Cal lost to UC Santa Barbara, then beat UC San Diego and San Diego. State, then lost to Long Beach State for the second time. Southern Cal couldn ' t make waves against UCLA either. The Bruins took advantage of inex- perience and poor playing and coasted to a 17-8 victory in the Pac-8 opener. The Trojans gave UCLA nine of their points in penalty shots. OPPOSITE PAGE: FAR LEFT. Sophomore Bruce Furniss wards off UCLA defenders In searcfi for an open man. RIGHT, UCLA de- fender illegally pushes Mike Ross underwater as Ross gets a pass away. THIS PAGE: TOP. Eric Smith brings ball down during a Southern Cal scoring drive. BOTTOM, Pivot- man Greg Fults. one of the Tro- jan ' s top scorers, passes ball out to the wing. THIS PAGE: TEAM PHOTO. FRONT ROW: Coach John Williams, Alan Langston, Oscar Streeter. Steve Batcheller. Asst- Coach Phil Cozens. Coach Ron Severa: ROW II: Michael Ross. Mark Esbensen, Greg Fults. Les Wulk, Don Billow. Brian Lippold. Fred Soelter: ROW III: Bruce Furniss, Tom Spicer, Randy Miller. Greg Buntmann: ROW IV: Ted McGinley. Paul Jones, Larry Lean, Bob Oberto, Mark Green- wood, Mike Nyholt, Mitch Gray. Eric Smith. Mike Botz. Steve Pickell. Carlos Quintana, Steve McFarland, Steve Barret. ABOVE, Mike Ross disagrees with an official about a penal- ty call. OPPOSITE PAGE: Coach Williams gives last minute instructions to the team. OSE-UP: Oscar Stree.ter " I ' m not unique; anyone else can refuse to fit a prescribed mold. We must all expand from the multiple choice of blacks being track, bas- ketball or football athletes. When I wear my let- terman ' s jacket people comfortably categorize me in one of these niches. But I ' m quite com- fortable as a man, who happened to play water polo and whose skin is black. Only when we con- sciously see white sprinters and black swimmers will we see the color in a blind man ' s eyes. " .K iVi !■: Poloists repeat pattern After the UCLA game, the second half of the season went down the drain for the poloists. Southern Cal didn ' t win another game and several of the losses were by large margins. Southern Cal concluded its sea- son with a 6-14 record. Possibly the brightest outlook for Troy was in the future, since most of the team members figured to return in 1977-78 and the na- tion ' s stronger teams, including NCAA champion Stanford, would lose most of their experienced poloists. Soccer team competes in tough conference After a promising 6-0 start, the Southern Cal soccer team fell victim to internal problems, a tough conference schedule and inexperience on the part of key players. Its final season record was 7-9-3 and the conference record was 0-4. Among those seven victories were Claremont College 6-1, DC Riverside 4-0, Cal State LA 5-1, and NAIA soccer semi-finalist, Biola, 1-0. This was Southern Cal ' s first year in the new Southern Pacific Soccer Conference. There were five teams, including DC Santa Barbara, Cal State Fullerton, San Diego State and UCLA. Mark Reidel, in his second year as goalie for Southern Cal, was named the team ' s most valuable player for the 1976 season. He averaged 1.4 goals per game and he scored three penalty kicks for Southern Cal. OPPOSITE PAGE: Mohammud Tasooii is caught in the act of ainng the ball as two Claremont defenders prepare for a chal- lenge THIS PAGE BOTTOM. Jay Durgan dibbles the ball along the sidelines at Cromwell field, TOP. Gregg Kaufman embraces Coach Cherif Zein after Kaufman scores. RIGHT, Rene Alvarez IS surrounded by teammates Hunt Williams (BACKGROUND). Gregg Kaufman (FACING) and Arturo Sepulveda (8) after a shot on goal. ■■n SOCCER TROJANS OPPONENT 3 Whittier 1 6 Claremont ] 3 Chapman 1 4 U.C. Riverside 5 Cal State L.A. 1 4 Azusa Pacific 1 1 Fresno State 1 1 U.C. Santa Barbara 2 1 Santa Clara 2 Fullerton 4 1 Biola 1 Loyola 2 U.C. Berkeley 2 Cal State Northridge 2 1 Hayward State 2 1 San Jose State 3 San Diego State 2 . San Francisco 2 f 1 UCLA 2 4 J m. THIS PAGE: Southern Cals Herman Waller engineers scoring drive against Claremont College. OPPOSITE PAGE; TOP. Arturo Sepulveda grimaces after a head shot against a Claremont College defender. MIDDLE. 1976 Soccer team. BOTTOM, Julio Navas appears stunned after tackling a Claremont defender. Steve Richardson pre- pares to move in and take possession for Southern Cal. Soccer team loses unity It wasn ' t the best of times for Southern Cal soccer. Plagued by dissention and power struggles throughout its short four-year his- tory, the program was dealt a greater blow when Nuri Erturk, head coach since 1972, resigned following a stormy 4-0 loss to Cal State Fullerton. Erturk, who was instrumental in entering Southern Cal soccer into the NCAA, was replaced by Joe Baker, interim coach, and Cherif Zein, assistant coach. Disagreements developed be- tween the assistant coaches, Er- turk and the players. Coaching de- cisions were questioned and play- ers began complaining to the Athletic Department. — Cathy Lowe BOTTOM ROW: Little Baker. Mohammed Tasooji. Bruce Sherman. Hunt Williams, Julio Navas. Fairborz Nemoni. Gregg Kauf- mann. Paul Carroll. ROW II: Coach Joe Bak- er. Herman Waller, Felipe Najica. Steve Rich- ardson, Jay Durgan. Arturo Sepulveda, Mark Riedel. Jim Asper. Mark Royan. Rene Alvarez, Pedro Barajas. Coach Cherif Zein. Swimmers win Pac-8 title again For four years Southern Cal ' s swimming team have represented perfection. They won three consec- utive NCAA championships, and in 1973 the Trojans won all but two of their ten league meets, placing fourth in the NCAA tournament. In 1977 Southern Cal so out- classed its league that it floated to the championship despite a severe case of boredom. For weeks on end, neither Joe Bottom, the team ' s captain, nor John Naber, the Olym- pic gold medalist par excellance, nor the rest of the team, found league competition exciting. It simply wasn ' t possible for Arizona, Mission Viejo, Cal Berke- ley or Stanford to come close. Bottom said of the situation: " It ' s hard for us to get excited about a dual meet; we know that with our depth of talent, no Pacific-8 team can come close to us. " The exception, he noted, was UCLA. But his worry proved to be for nothing. The rival could not challenge them. It simply was not possible, after all, for Southern Cal to sustain ex- citement after the Trojans had built a 37-9 lead after five events. The Trojans made the Bruins look like backward fish, beating them 76-37. The Southern Cal-UCLA meet was the final tune-up for Troy ' s real season: the NCAA tournament. Outstanding individual perform- ances in the UCLA meet included Mark Greenwood in the 50- and 100-yard freestyle. Scott Brown in 200-yard individual medley and 200-yard backstroke, and Bob Shearin in the 200-yard breast- stroke. THIS PAGE: TOP. A Trojan keeps a close watch on his freestyle form. BOTTOM, Olym- pic gold medalist John Naber makes it look easy OPPOSITE PAGE: TOP, Scott Findorff comes off the blocks. BOTTOM LEFT, Bernie Rosenthal reaches for another stroke. BOT- TOM RIGHT, Steve Furniss checks out his times after a record-breaking performance K l-LA A look at Rod Stewart four years later Rod Stewart believes that God teaches us things through tailing and stumbling — if that is the case, then Stewart has learned a lot after swimming for Southern Cal these past four years. Stewart was highly recruited out of Wilson High School in Tacoma, Wash., after being the best in the nation for two years in the 100 and 200 butterfly, the 50 freestyle and the 100 freestyle. Yet, Stewart re- alized that he was never to become a John Naber or a Joe Bottom after finding out he had mono-tendonitis. " I was 100% swimming in high school, " he admits, " but I realized that I didn ' t have the natural talents Joe and John have. God is my first priority now, followed by my educa- tion in engineering and then swim- ming. Stewart said one of the hardest obstacles to overcome this year for the NCAA championship team was its success — none of its opponents proved to be any real competition. " We all know how well we usually swim, and expect ourselves to be the best — there wasn ' t much inter- team rivalry this year either so it was a little harder to get up for the meets. It ' s hard to be on top and still be super motivated. " John Naber: What price fame? autographs, speaking requests, the world . . Before the Olympics John Naber was a world class swimmer, a junior in psychology and led a Bible Study as a resident advisor in Touton Hall. Nevertheless, Ricky BelTs football prowess made the headlines. But after the summer of ' 76 Naber got approximately equal at- tention with President Ford ' s cam- paign. Everywhere Naber went, it seemed, a steadily swelling corps of newspaper reporters, magazine staffers, newsreel crews, free- lancers and broadcasters trooped at Naber ' s heels. Almost the only place where he could escape from the hectoring requests for inter- views and speaking engagements was in the water. Feature articles on Naber ap- peared in Sports Illustrated, the Los Angeles Times, People, Time, News- week, Life ' s year in pictures, ABC television, the list seemingly con- tinued ad infinitum. Nothing like this had happened to him before, much less anyone else. Bell, a Heisman Trophy candi- date, had experienced it. So did LeVar Burton from Southern Cal ' s Drama Dept. — after Roots rewrote television history. But for a young man new to the discomforts of fame, said Peter Daland, swim coach, Naber ' s per- formance in the water and away from the pool was most com- mendable. What price fame? Prior to the NCAA championship meet in Cleve- land Naber concealed remarkably the fact that every nerve twanged like Segovia ' s guitar — thanks to the great expectations heaped upon him by an awed audience, a persis- tant press and those requests for after-dinner speeches. I THIS PAGE; TOP, SWIM TEAM: ROW I; Coach Charlie Schober, Coach Jim Wood, George Nagy, Jeff Breyman, Bernie Rosenthal, Frank Whitehead, Coach Steve Garberson, Manager Gerry Garrity; ROW II: Sandy Hot- son, John Jeha, Mark Rubono, Bob Tierney, Steve Pickell, Eric Johnson, Kirt Fredericks, rviike Ker, Les Wulk, Head Coach Peter Da- land. ROW III: Carl Rankin, Rod Strachan, Scott Brown, Mark Greenwood, Captain Joe Bottom, John Naber, Rich Wagner, Rod Ste- wart, Dean Smith, Sam Stein. ROW IV: Jon Nakamura, Mike Bottom, Scott Findorff, Greg Hargrave, Tim Regan, Mike Nyeholt. Todd Breyman. ROW V: Biiice Hatton. Bruce Yep, Bob Reed, Dick Hannula. Mark Smith, Harold Hausmann, Bob Shearin, Chris Home, Bruce Furniss. RIGHT, Freestyler Bruce Furniss splasnes toward the wall. OPPOSITE PAGE: TOP, Greg Hargrave shows his backstroke style. BOTTOM LEFT: Mark Greenwood smirks after race. Ii zrf.. ,♦ » Trojan swimmers sweep NCAA ' s a fourth year Ten seniors swan four years for Southern Cal without losing a meet. They also won their fourth straight NCAA championship at Cleveland State University, winning by 181 points over runner-up Alabama. Not only were the big name swimmers bucking the post-Olym- pic blahs, but the team had trouble staying awake during their dual meets. The closest meet was against UCLA. Eighteen swimmers were re- sponsible for the ' 77 championship. Naber won the 100- and 200-yard backstroke. Rod Strachan and Bruce Furniss each won one nation- al medley events. Joe Bottom broke five American records, and won four individual titles during the meet. Track team has talent, no home At Southern ual, track and field athletes practiced during winter to run, leap and fling hardware about, and engage in other competitions crowding a busy spring itinerary. Going into the season Southern Cal seemingly had three things going against it: • They were a team without a home. Although the Trojans refined hurdling techniques and ran wind- sprints at antiquated Cromwell Field, Drake Stadium at UCLA was the location for all home meets. There was talk, however, of re- furbishing Cromwell Field into an all-purpose facility, with a 5,000- seat stadium. • The team was basically an in- experienced one. This phenomenon was due to the graduation of James Gilkes, and Kenny Randle, who ac- counted for many of the points that gave the Trojans the Pac-8 title and NCAA championship in 1976. • Southern Cal had never ex- celled at distance running, possibly because USC was located in the heart of smoggy Los Angeles, possi- bly because every time a student wanted to visit 32nd Street Market, he used the car. Whatever the rea- son, the Trojans were not expected to excell in distance events in 1977. But Southern Cal was ranked high nationally and figured to battle UCLA for the Pac-8 title— simply because Southern Cal was loaded with talent in every other event. THIS PAGE: TOP LEFT. Danny Reynolds clears hurdle in steeplechase event. BOTTOM LEFT, Glance Edwards takes baton from Joel Andrews in 400-meter relay. BOTTOM RIGHT, Steve Montgomery heaves shot put OPPOSITE PAGE: TOP, High hurdler Tom Andrews flies in the sky. BOTTOM, Rafael Beaton and Lloyd Johnson finish 800-meter race. k A-t 4 THIS PAGE: RIGHT, Darrell Elder heaves the discus against UC-Berkeley. LEFT, Freshman John McKenzie pushes shot put at track meet in UCLA ' s track stadium. OPPOSITE PAGE: Senior Ralph Fruguglietti shows his shot put form. Fruguglietti took second in the 1976 NCAA championships. TRACK use OPPONENT 110 Arizona 43 79 Arizona State 62 88 Brigham Young 55 95 UC Berkeley 58 Trojans mow down opposition By the second week in April Southern Cal had mowed down the opposition with seemingly little trouble. With long jumper Larry Doubley, shot putters Ralph Fruguglietti and Darrell Elder, sprinter Joel Andrews, pole vaulter Stan DiStanislao, jave- lin thrower Urpo Paananen, a swift 400-meter relay team and Tom Andrews in the intermediate high hurdles. Southern Cal had no trouble beating Arizona, Arizona State, Brigham Young and UC Berkeley. With Southern Cal ' s depth it seemed the Trojans could have beaten their opponents with the faculty — with the exception of Arizona State. Facetiously speaking, there was talk an English lit class would have to run the sprints to keep down the score. In fact, the team used Cal as a get-well remedy as the flu ham- pered Trojan performances. If comparisons between Trojan and Bruin performers were to be drawn, the dope sheets would have shown the Trojans as the favorite to win the Pac-8 title for the second year in a row. Arizona State had de- feated UCLA earlier in the season. 139 Tom Andrews: high hurdler on the run Edwin Moses and Mike Shine finislned first and second in the 400-meter intermediate high hurdles at the Montreal Olym- pics. Perhaps Southern Cal ' s Tom Andrews, whose nickname was " Mot, " could have helped the United States sweep the event. Consider the following: Tom won the Pac-8 400-meter intermediate title for the second year in a row in 1976; he finished third that year at the NCAA championships in Philadelphia. In the 1976 Amateur Athletic Union championships in West- wood, he ran a 48.55 and beat out Moses in their only head-to- head matchup. Tom also set a new Pac-8 record with that run. His time was the second fastest ever run by a collegian. As one of Southern Cal ' s co- captains, he ran in 1977 a 49.66 in the intermediates against Ari- zona State. He also ran a 47.1 leg in the mile relay. I OPPOSITE PAGE: BOTTOM, Urpo Paananen heaves the javelin at Cali- fornia dual meet. THIS PAGE: TOP LEFT AND RIGHT, Sophomore Daniel Jackson grimaces on the last part of his triple jump. BOTTOM. Mike Simons edges out Gal ' s Wesley Walker in the 100-meter dash. THIS PAGE: TOP. Ernie Mauritson hurls against the Los Angeles Dodgers at Dodger Stadium. The Southern-Cal-Dodger game attracted 48,000 people as the Trojans beat the Dodgers 5-2 in a five inning game. BOT- TOM, Mauritson pitches under the creative elements of a zoom lens. OPPOSITE PAGE: TOP, Traveler III gallops around Dodger Stadium track. BOTTOM. Scott Gregory scowls as he unleashes fastball in game played at Dedeaux Field. tb.V 1 Baseball i use OPPONENT use OPPONENT 12 Major League Stars 6 2 Santa Barbara 4 9 Crowley All-Stars 7 10 Cal State-Northridge 6 7 Oakland Rookies 1 5 Arizona State 7 19 Dodger All-Stars 2 2 Arizona State 9 8 Loyola 2 4 Arizona State 8 10 Loyola 7 9 Cal State-Northridge 2 5 Los Angeles Dodgers 2 8 California 7 14 Dodger All-Stars 5 3 California 1 7 Cal State L.A. 4 California 2 2 San Diego St. 3 6 Santa Clara 1 5 San Diego St. 8 8 Cal-State-Dominquez 5 6 Cal Poly-Pomona 4 3 Arizona State 10 1 Santa Barbara 12 12 Arizona State 7 Baseball team makes pitch for title There is an old story at the University of Southern Cali- fornia: the football team spends New Year ' s Day in Pasadena for the Rose Bowl game and the baseball team visits Omaha each summer for the College World Series. Dedeaux planned to build his pitching staff around Ernie Mauritson, Scott Greg- ory, Rod Boxberger and Bill Bordley. Mauritson lead Southern Cal ' s staff in 1976 with the lowest earned-run average. High hopes, however, hit a sour note when Southern Cal finished preleague play with a 7-6 record. Some reasons for the slow start were untimely hitting and fielding that exem- plified clownish futility. Southern Cal ' s Pacific-8 title hopes were blurred when centerfielder Bobby Mitchell pulled a hamstring muscle on the last preleague game and was lost for the season. Rod Dedeaux The boss speaks Rod Dedeaux became head coach of Southern Cal ' s baseball team in 1942, or about the last time tuition did not go up. In that time his teams won 10 nation- al championships and more league titles than are easily tabulated. Dedeaux ' s formula was simple. " First you have to play smart baseball. If you learn to do the right things all the time, it doesn ' t matter one bit who you ' re playing. Secondly, stay loose. When we work, we work hard; but we have fun, too. A little clowning around helps. " OPPOSITE PAGE: Rick Hertel, who played third base against the Dodgers, attempts bunt swings, but misses one. THIS PAGE: TOP, Desig- nated hitter Chris Smith, eyes riveted on the ball, prepares to take his cut. BOTTOM, Dave Van Gorder, Southern Gal ' s catcher, belts a line drive against Dodgers. The Hertel plan goes awry A philosopher once noted how the best laid plans of mice and men sometimes go awry — given the unpredictability of human nature — so went the fortunes of some ball players dur- ing the season. There were the Brothers Hertel, Rich and Rob. Rich had won the second base job with timely hitting during the preseason. Rob was the starting third baseman. Things changed however. Rich had trouble with the double play pivot, his hitting tailed off and his fielding was erratic. So entered Dave Engle, a sub for most of the preseason, who played adequate defense and was called to fill in for Rich. But Engle soon found the knack of hitting the ball with the bat. He led the team in hitting with a .350 average in April. Rob, who had filled in for Rich at second, further complicated the pathos when he suf- fered a leg injury and later tore a thigh mus- cle. In the meantime Rich was called to fill in for brother Rob. So much for the best laid plans of mice and men. THIS PAGE: TOP. Bob Tolman fields basehit and throws to cut-off man. BOTTOM SEQUENCE. A Southern Cal runner scrambles back to first base to avoid being picked- off. OPPOSITE PAGE: BASEBALL TEAM: ROW I: Tom Ricks. Chris Smith, Tim Tolman, Bob Skube, Jeff Wick, Doug Stokke, Tom Hicks, Mark Carpenter, Nick Trujillo. ROW II: John Wells, Bob Lory, Ernie Mauritson, Marcel Lachemann, Raoul " Rod " Dedeaux, Justin Dedeaux, Bob Leach, Bruce Tonascia, Sam Donabedian, Scotty Jablon, manager. Bill Hutton, manager. ROW III: Dave Crowley, trainer, Greg Ris, Rob Hertel, Bob Burns, Dave Engle, Bill Bordley, Denver Gartner, Scott Gregory, Dave Hostet- ler, Jeff Schattinger, Rick Hertel, Dave Van Gorder, Don Carfino, Rod Boxberger. I ALL STRIKE GUESTS FROJA I ZA Volleyball team starts winning; reaches for 1 With apologies to Charles Dick- ens, it was the worst of times and the best of times during the 1976 and 1977 seasons for the volleyball team and its coach, Ernie Hix. Southern Cal represented the epitome of controversy in 1976. Team personalities clashed with Hix. Petitions were circulated to have him fired. Some players had quit the team. And the team fin- ished its worst season ever in the Southern California Volleyball Association. But attitudes changed. All of a sudden the team found new possi- bilities of winning in 1977. Hix returned, stifling specula- tion that he would be nudged out of the coaching job. Also returning was Celso Kalache, who had taken a leave of absence in 1976 to play with the Brazilian Olympic team. Suddenly, it was the age of incre- dulity: the epoch of belief. The team preceded to beat everybody it played. One team member said, " Last season the destructive attitude destroyed the whole season. But this year has been constructive. We know we can win. We ' re really good. We strive to annihilate the opposition. " Annihilated the opposition? The team obliterated it. In the semi- finals of a tournament in Santa Barbara, the number one-ranked UCLA Bruins led Troy 6-0, but Southern Cal stormed back with 13 unanswered points to win the game 15-7. OPPOSITE PAGE: LEFT, Senior Steve Obradl- vich returns a serve. RIGHT, Don Killian hits a quick set as Dusty Dvorak looks on. THIS PAGE: BOTTOM, Celso Kalache dinks volley- ball against Patriots. 9 When Kalache talks. . . Celso Kalache was the quiet type, but when the senior from Rio de Janeiro talked, everybody listened. Volleyball Magazine described his hands as " the quickest since Muhammad Ali. " He was a vital cog in Coach Ernie Mix ' s machine, the player the team looked to in tight situations. Kalache was instrumental in turning Troy ' s volleyball image into a contender for the national title. El Rodeo closeup : Bob Yoder: athlete and academiam Athletes, some people believe, are about as studious as Tom Sawyer. Jim Murray of the Los Angeles Times wrote, " Athletics are where cynics say education comes in jock shorts. ' What did you learn in school, today, John? " ' I learned first downs and how to stuff a ball. ' " Indeed, Murray would have been shocked to find that a 6 ' 2 " blond athlete — who has played on the Junior National Volleyball team and was invited to try-out on the Nat- tional team, was selected to partici- pate in an American-Chinese volley- ball tour across the country, had tried out for Bob Boyd ' s basketball team — and also carries a 4.0 grade point average. Bob Yoder, a junior in economics and a member of Southern Cal ' s volleyball team, maintained the average through his junior year. In fact, the volleyball team ' s culmulative grade-point average was above a B. It probably had more straight-A ' s in its starting line-up than an English Lit class. Murray would have been pleased to know some athletes worked just as hard on their classwork as the skinny kid with thick glasses. It is a wonder the university did not elevate coach Ernie Hix to full professor just so he could carry on a conversation with Yoder, and other student athletes. (f;-:»™ 4 --■»-:;»■ Troy destroys notion of Bruin supremacy The Bruins have won the Pac-8 title in volleyball six of the seven years the competition has been held. But not in 1977. Southern Cal made sure of that during the spring break, when it beat the Bruins twice and sat atop the conference stand- ings. The first victory was at San Diego State for the Volleyball Magazine Classic. That victory set the stage for the following Wednesday night in the secono league meet, when Troy won again. OPPOSITE PAGE: MIDDLE, The 1977 Volleyball Team, THIS PAGE: TOP LEFT, Yoder passes the ball after an opponent ' s serve. TOP RIGHT, Yoder spikes the return. BOTTOM, Yoder and Obradivich team up to block a dink. first-rate tennis squad If you wanted to construct the perfect tennis team, you might have had to consult with George Toley, the Trojans ' head coach who has advised 10 NCAA championship teams. Toley was to Southern Cal what Paul Bunyan was to the North Woods. It was hard to discern where the facts left off and the legends began, legends like Raul Ramirez, Butch Walts, and junior Bruce Manson. Toley was named 1976 Coach of the Year and his teams were con- sistently among the top three teams in the country. In 1977 he began his 26th year at Southern Cal, and the team was seemingly no different than any of the other Trojan teams. The team was comprised of the same nucleus that had taken it to the NCAA cham- pionship the year before. But a funny thing happened down the yellow brick road to the Pac-8 title. Southern Cal stumbled in April; they lost a one-point match to UCLA, won a squeaker against UC Berkeley and then laid a brick at Palo Alto, where the Cardinals beat them 7-2. The Trojans had already beaten Stanford 6-3 in the first round of Pac-8 play. Both UCLA and Stanford fielded consistent teams over the past few years. The Bruins shared the 1976 NCAA championship with Southern Cal and Stanford finished a close third. THIS PAGE: TOP. Charles Strode awaits his opponent ' s service. A Trojan returns ball in warmup rally. OPPOSITE PAGE: TOP. Andy Lucchesi stretches to backhand ball. BOTTOM LEFT, Rushing the net is Mike New- berry. BOTTOM RIGHT. Bruce Manson hits backhand shot. Manson was 1976 Pac-8 Player of the Year. Rodeo closeup: Manson aims for the top Bruce Manson, the number-one singles player and the partner of Chris Lewis on the number-one doubles team at Southern Cal, had played in four professional tourna- ments, by his junior year and had won $4,000. The only problem was that he could not keep the prize money and still play at the amateur status and for Southern Cal. In a Daily Trojan interview he was quoted: " It is hard to turn down the prize money, but I hope to stay in school and get a business degree before I turn pro, " Being a student and on the pro- fessional circuit had its trying mo- ments. Manson said he m issed the first three weeks of each semester because of tennis tournaments. Coach George Toley felt Manson would compete successfully with the professionals, citing his mental and physical talents. Manson figured to be one of the favorites for the NCAA singles championship. OPPOSITE PAGE: TOP. Mike Newberry back- hands shot. BOTTOM, VARSITY TENNIS, BOTTOM ROW: Coach George Toley, Charles Strode, Doug Adier, Chris Lewis. Stan Frank- er. ROW II: Glenn Petrovic. Bruce Manson, Andy Lucchesi, Mike Newberry. THIS PAGE: TOP. Tommy Trojan gets set for tennis sea- son. BOTTOM, Head coach George Toley in- tently watches court action. TENNIS use OPPONENT 6 Pepperdine 3 9 Redlands 5 Brigham Young 4 3 Trinity 6 6 Irvine 3 3 Texas 6 7 Arizona 2 6.5 Pepperdine 2.5 7 San Jose St. 2 5 UC Berkeley 3 6 Stanford 3 4 UCLA 5 Gymnasts finish fifth in Pac-8 Nine underclassman and four upperclassmen com- prised Southern Cal ' s gym- nastics team, which has " a disappointing season, " ac- cording to Todd Freeman, senior member. Southern Cal had beaten Stanford, UC Berkeley, Ari- zona and Northridge, but it also lost close meets to UCLA, Oregon State, and Fullerton. The Trojans finished fifth in the Pac-8 championship meet. Dale Seymour, Steve Dobur and Steve Mails all qualified for the final round of competi- tion at the Pac-8 meet. They did not score high enough however to qualify for the NCAA final meet. Oregon, having dethroned the perennial Pac-8 champion Cal, finished fourth at the NCAA meet. OPPOSITE PAGE: TOP. Steve Dobrus holds the " L " position on the rings. BOTTOM. Whirling around the rings on the pommel horse is James Yani- gimoto. THIS PAGE: LEFT, Robert Treat holds handstand position on the rings. RIGHT, Steve Malis, who made it to the finals in the Pac-8 champion- ships, comes out of a cross on the rings. i f , ' -h ' " v.xSm OPPOSITE PAGE TOP LEFT. Steve Dobrus does a press on the parallel bars TOP RIGHT. A Southern Cal gymnast whirls around the bar against dark ceiling at Pauley Pavilion. BOTTOM. Southern Gal ' s steady, all-event per- former. James Taylor, prepares for trick on parallel bars. THIS PAGE: Dave Kleiman does a giant sv ring. OPPOSITE PAGE: Steve Malls begins descent on giant swing. THIS PAGE: TOP. GYMNASTIC TEAM: ROW I: Dean Stewart. James Taylor. Duane Oda, James Yanigimoto. Dave Kleiman, ROW II: Coach Jack Beckner. Steve Dobrus. Todd Freeman. Steve Mails. Robert Treat. Rick Plotke. Toshio Montani. assistant coach. NOT PICTURED: Dale Seymour. Jim Draguesku and Phillip Swam. BOTTOM LEFT, Duana Oda stradles cut on the parallel bars. BOTTOM RIGHT. Steve Dobrus does the scissors on the sidehorse. THIS PAGE: TOP. Southern Cal ' s boat, the Aorangi, sets sail late in the after noon. BOTTOM LEFT, Members of the sailing team include ROW I: Dick Denzler, Julie Waite, Don Jesberg. ROW II: Jim Eddy, Pat Patrick. George Shinn. Mary Denzler, Susie Barry. Coach Gordo John- son. Karen Campbell. Tom Serrles. NOT PICTURED: Jim Bailey, Bob Bailey, Charlie Cummings. Bill Howard. Bruce D ' Elisco. Don Burdge. Pat Lynch, Craig Uhl, Vickl Fink. BOTTOM RIGHT: John McCullough and Jeff Robinson aboard the Aorangi. OPPOSITE PAGE: Two members of sai ing team handle the boat ' s rig. Sailers battle opposition, mother nature Hardly anyone likes to watch a man or woman fish. The sport of chess was another biggie in terms of attendance. So was tiddlywinks. And sailing was in the same boat. Perhaps the reason was sailing pre- sented a special challenge to those who were interested. It required a special effort on someone ' s part to learn the techniques. Watching a group of people engineer the Aorangi or Golden Cock, Southern t Cal ' s two vessels, through the water while out-maneuvering UCLA ' s boat could have been wildly boring un- less the viewer took the time and trouble to do it. While most big-name sports re- quired a high degree of muscular coordination, sailing required mental and physical coordination. The coed team, which competed year-round, perfected these mental and physical skills at Marina De Rey. During their regattas, such as those sponsored by the Southern California Yachting Association (SCYA) and the Long Beach In- dependent Press Telegram, South- ern Cal tried to finish first by scoring the least number of points — given the adjustments done to a boat ' s rig and the weather condi- tions sent forth by mother nature. At the SCYA regatta. Southern Cal finished first in Class A compe- tition; It took second at the Long Beach regatta. The team finished fifth at the Pacific Coast Yacht Racing As- sociation ' s Southern Series — an elimination tournament for schools in Southern California. The women ' s team, competing for the first time at Southern Cal, finished third at the same meet. THIS PAGE: GOLF TEAM, ROW I: Dave George, Joe Flood, Mike Todd, Craig Ander- son, Craig Steinberg. ROW II: Brian Lindley. Wendell Tom, Alex Niklakopulos, Steve Stre- big. Bill Keogh, Paul Rekers, Lance Young, Jim Williams. ROW III: Stan Wood, head coach, Steve Carter, Tom Batson, Mike Wachtler, Scott Simpson, Bret Mullin, Steve Titus, Mike Weichers, Larry Collins, Doug Ruland, assistant coach. OPPOSITE PAGE: LEFT, Brett Mullin makes impact as he drives ball down. TOP RIGHT, Knees slightly bent and bending over, Scott Simpson demon- strates putting technique. BOTTOM RIGHT, Larry Collins follows through while watch- ing flight of the ball. ; .v.»r .. ' -; j«» i Golf: more fun to play than watch When speaking of Southern Cal ' s little sports, remember Trojan golf of 1977. The trouble with little sports, and golf, was they were more fun to play than to watch. Indeed, con- troversy rarely appeared in any of the dozen tournaments played at the Los Angeles Country Club, the California Country Club in Whittier, the Wilshire Country Club off Ross- more Drive or the Hillcrest Country Club across from the 20th Century Fox studio. Jim Murray of the Los Angeles Times once described little sports: " It is any sport in which pure muscle or pure brain is decisive. You don ' t have to think to win a horseshoe pitch. And you can be as bloodless as Ptolemy to win a chess match. " Southern Cal golf seemed to strike a balance between Murray ' s theories. First, the team had to perfect the techniques of driving or tapping the golf ball. Then came the thinking part. Should Scott Simp- son, the 1976 Pacific-8 player-of- the-year and cocaptain, have used a 1-iron or a 2-wood? Would the ball have dodged the lake and sand k traps and hit safe up on the left side? The trick was how Simpson and Co. could think their way around 18 holes, not how hard they hit line drives around the greens. The brains behind Trojan know-how be- longed to head coach Stan Wood and his assistant, Doug Ruland. Southern Cal got off to a slow start, a surprise when you con- sidered they were favored to win the southern division of the Pac-8. But then both of 1976 defending pen- nant winners — Cincinatti ' s Reds and New York ' s Yankees — were dead last going into the second week of the baseball season. Southern Cal, too, had begun the season sluggishly. By the second weekend of April, the Trojans won the Cal State Los Angeles Invitational, the DC Irvine Invitational, the Cal State North- ridge Invitational and the Southern California Invitational. Simpson had won individual hon- ors at the Northridge. Southern California and the Pacific Coast invitationals. Trojans finish with 6-20 basketball record Followers of any sport, collegiate or professional, take it for granted that when the left fielder strikes out or the forward misses hitting the open man on a fastbreak, the boss must be fired. And so, in accordance with human nature, there was much speculation in the media about re- placing head coach Bob Boyd in light of Southern Cal ' s dismal rec- ord. Such talk became the topic of conversation in the student rooting section, as fans watched Southern Cal extend its Pacific-8 losing streak to 19 games — over a two year period. Basketball, it seemed, had be- come a formula. The suspense was not whether Troy won or lost, joked an alumna. It was how USC would lose the game. From the beginning. Southern Cal ' s basketball team was easy to explain: it tried hard, but it couldn ' t muster enough points to outscore its opponents, unless they hap- pened to be such " basketball powers " as Grambling, Denver, Idaho, or Pittsburgh. Trojan basketball was looked up- on as a travesty, a feeble joke played at the fans ' expense com- pared to Southern Cal ' s other sports — football, track and field, swimming, volleyball, golf and base- ball. From a national ranking in 1972 (22-2), the basketball program went downhill, if the final season totals are considered. In 1977 the team finished with a 6-20 record. In four seasons, the program had become the Hindenburg of USC sports. OPPOSITE PAGE: FAR LEFT. Senior forward Greg White goes in for lay-up in Trojan classic. TOP. Daily Trojan cartoon depicting use basketball. BOTTOM, Mark Hoisington and Casey Jones dribble up court against Stanford. THIS PAGE: TOP LEFT. Marv Saf- ford shoots over Brum defenders at Sports Arena. RIGHT. Doug Widtfeld battles Stan- ford defender for rebound. u se basketball sees the light and ends Pac-8 losing streak by beating Washington — news item. PRESEASON SCORES use OPPONENT 64 Loyola-Marymount 65 104 Idaho 64 76 Louisiana St. 87 61 Texas 66 83 Grambling 75 70 Long Beach 83 77 Missouri 87 83 Baylor 84 70 Oral Roberts 71 76 Pittsburgh 67 75 New Mexico 87 106 Denver 65 use ends Pac-8 streak Southern Cal did not win a Pacific-8 game in 1976, and the 1977 team had seemingly reverted back to type. But then, in a year when a peanut farmer was inaugurated President of the United States, Southern Cal basketball romped roughshod over reason. Roughshod? The team wore real tennis shoes and slam-dunked. Without warning, it went all the way, by-passing mediocrity in one night. Southern Cal beat Washing- ton 83-75. Chances were that neither bas- ketball nor use would have been the same again. A kind of civic euphoria had set in. Athletic Director Jim Perry was smiling. Coach Bob Boyd was re- lieved and Conquest had real mean- ing again in the Sports Arena. The two-year drought was over. Southern Cal had chalked one win in the second half of the Pac-8. " Trouble is, " said one prophet of doom, " we just might expect them to win two league games next year. " But the prophet was pacificed. Stanford provided Trojan fans with one more opportunity to cheer another victory. Southern Cal trounced the Cardinals, 100-83. II use 50 52 64 76 59 65 83 Oregon St. Oregon Stanford California UCLA Washington St Washington Pacific-8 Basketball OPPONENT use OPPONENT 58 58 Washington 72 64 50 Washington St. 72 68 57 Oregon 60 84 65 Oregon St. 80 77 78 California 95 67 105 Stanford 84 70 78 UCLA 69 OPPOSITE PAGE: TOP. Daily Trojan cartoon supports Trojan victory over Washington. BOT- BOM LEFT. John Greer fools Marques Johnson. UCLA ' s All- America forward. Bruins lost to Idaho St. In NCAA regional playoffs. BOTTOt RIGHT. Greg White takes a jump shot, THIS PAGE: Casey Jones starts fast break against Loyola. J. " You ' ve g otta have heart. Miles and miles and miles of heart. When the odds are saying you ' ll never win. That ' s when the grin should start. " The domino theory It started at the close of the 1976 season and con- tinued through the 1977 Southern Cal-UCLA game. Steve Malovic seemingly started it, quitting after his junior year. Like the domino theory, Earl Evans said he wouldn ' t return, and this year Mark Wulfemeyer quit before the Denver game. Then, after the UCLA game, junior forward Paul Henderson announced he would not play for Southern Cal his senior year, but then changed his mind later. ' You ' ve gotta have hope. Mustn ' t sit around and mope. Nothing ' s half as bad as it may appear, just wait ' til next year . . . and hope. " Reserves cope with anonymity Southern Cal ' s basketball team ended the 1976-77 season with a 6-20 record. Where the future was concerned, Coach Bob Boyd had to look to it with optimism. The rookie Trojans — Don Car- fino, Doug Widtfeld, James McClos- key, John Greer and Willie Brigham — played both junior varsity and varsity basketball this season, al- though their stints with the varsity were hardly seen until the end of the year. " It was really hard for me to play two games in one night. When I started seeing more action towards the end of the year it was hard for me to concentrate during the junior varsity game, " Carfino said. Playing at the junior varsity level helped the rookies sharpen their games and correct their weak- nesses. Although most of them were highly touted freshmen, they start- ed at the bottom of the ladder. With the new status, there came a new anonymity. A Daily Trojan sports- writer gli bly wrote, " Their season scoring averages read like the marks gymnast Orson Welles might get— 4.8, 3.5 and 1.6. " However there were times when the rookies were pressed into duty. Against Stanford, Don Carfino scored 18 points as Troy beat the Cardinals. OPPOSITE PAGE; TOP. The domino theory cartoon appeared in the Daily Trojan after Paul Henderson announced he had quit. BOTTOM. Mark Wulfemeyer looks for rebound against Long Beach State, CENTER: Paul Henderson completes easy lay-in. THIS PAGE: Don Carfino shoots over Stanford guard. White, Jones look beyond dismal season There are people around you who want to be your friends, People who need you just as you need them, People who care with their hearts and their souls, Who, together with you, strive for similar goals. People concerned with their school, their pride. Who, for the rest of their lives, will be by your side. Greg White " I have learned about people, personalities and reactions to vari- ous situations because of the pres- sures the last two basketball seasons have imposed upon all of us. " Many people asked me whether or not I regretted my decision to attend Southern Cal. I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I ' ve made. " Casey Jones OPPOSITE PAGE: TOP LEFT. Neil Arnold, sophomore guard from Long Beach, battles Stanford defender. TOP RIGHT, Head Coach Bob Boyd directs Troians against Stanford. MIDDLE RIGHT. Doug Widtfeld. Willie Brigham. Mark Hoisington and James Mc- Closkey watch trophy presentations at Tro- jan Basketball Classic, won by Long Beach St. BOTTOM. BASKETBALL TEAM: ROW I: Assistant Coach Frank Comunale. Assistant Coach Jim Heffner. Head Coach Bob Boyd, Assistant Coach Lynn Archibald. ROW II: Mark Wulfemeyer, Marv Safford. Casey Jones. John Greer. Paul Henderson, Greg White, Mark Hoisington. Doug Widtfeld, Cleve Porter, James McCloskey. Willie Brigham, Don Carfino, Neil Arnold. THIS PAGE: TOP LEFT, John Greer dribbles up court against Washington. TOP RIGHT. Junior forward Paul Henderson positions himself against Washington ' s James Edwards, BOTTOM, Greg White watches Southern Cal-UCLA game while taking a breather. THIS PAGE, TOP, Heavyweight and lightweight boats head to starting line to commence practice. BOTTOM, CREW TEAM: BOTTOM ROW, Liz Goodman, Avis Wong, Terry Hall, Aurelia Alston, Serina Alston. Melinda Welch. ROW II: Mark Blame. Beverly Sanders, Elizabeth Palmer, Joe Lyons, Amy Alpern, Jenny Levine, Julie Neff. ROW III: Chris Hall. Chris Amyes. Eric Lamke, Brian Burke, Gerri Kaye, Phyllis Zusman. ROW IV: Bruce Burroughs, Dwight Monk, Bob Hicks, Michele Himmelberg, Steve Chan, Bill Sims, Dan Wells, Todd Shaphern, Stan Mullin. John Kirk, ROW V: Mike Cayson. Scott Burnett, Michael Timmons, Paul Laybourn, Tom Stanton, Brian Guggesberg, Mark Spears, Dave Wade. NOT PIC- TURED: Tim Wood, freshman coach; Bob Hillen, head coach; Ed Cohen, lightweight coach; and Jim Willis, women ' s coach; Varsity-8 Crew of Mike Cook, Tom Johovic, Dan Stanton, John Pollockm, Bob Hass, Dwight Bates, Bill Gotta- chalck, Lou Sclafani; Varsity-4 crew of Edith Chow, Tom Kiskaden, Charles Talbert, Ross Ketz, Bruce Wetts. OPPOSITE PAGE: TOP RIGHT, Brian Guggesberg shows intense concentration BOTTOM LEFT. Dan Wells. Chris Amyes and Chris Hall in release position in the final turn. L Crew rows for spring season Amid the buildings, fisheries and ports along the Los Angeles Harbor in San Pedro was one that served as Southern Cal ' s boathouse. It was the home base for the Trojan crew team, which started working in Sep- tember for the season that began in late March. By the second week in April Southern Cal had lost twice to UC Irvine: once by 12 seconds in dual competition, and once at the San Diego Classic, where Southern Cal placed second in a field of six. The Trojans showed their win- ning form at the Findley Cup regetta, defeating Stanford by 4.5 seconds and Santa Clara by more than 31 seconds. All regettas were timed for 2000 meters. t Hockey, judo clubs win league titles University Campus Life and Rec- reation sponsored seven inter- collegiate club sports this year as an alternative to the varsity ath- letic program. These teams in- cluded ice hockey, rugby, wrest- ling, lacrosse, surfing, fencing and judo. The hockey team, under the di- rection of Bill Whitsell was the de- fending SCCHA champion. Roy Sukimoto ' s judo club featured nationally-ranked competitors who were undefeated in two years of participation. On most teams graduate stu- dents, faculty and staff were eli- gible to play as well as under- graduates. ( I OPPOSITE PAGE TOP. FENCING TEAM: ROW I: Eric Leaver, epee captain: Dave Ful- ler, sabre captain; Bob Randolph, team captain: Ellen Bradlin. women ' s foil cap- tain; Kevin Robinson, men ' s foil captain; ROW II: Doug Owenby. Steve Tobacco. Deon Morgan, Leslie Karr. Coach Dr. Francis Zold. Jaline Coman. Anne Cummings, Ca- rolyn Hom, Brad Mart. BOTTOM, RUGBY TEAM: ROW I: Bob Shuur, Mike Hargrove, club president; Kevin Hillgreen, Bill Evans, Joe Blackstock. Randy Pierce, Jose Cuerto, Andy Katnik. Craig Twiss; ROW II: Mike Lau. Mike Cobo, Evan Smith, Sandy Whiting, Steve Noel-Hill, Brian Ulf, Mark Spino, Bill Moll, Ron St. John. Dajab; ROW III: Lock Waters, Scott Ketchum, co-captain; Bruce Trumball, Paul Westmoreland, Glenn Es- nard. Brad Parker, John Cantwell, Doug Hogan. Pat Morris, Bill O ' Brien, Norm Lacy. Dale Logie, Randy Ray, Tom Reed, Kevin Green, co-captain; Coach Dennis Ninegar. THIS PAGE: TOP. JUDO TEAM: ROW I: Kevin Kamemoto. black-belt team; Terry Mealer. Coach Roy Sukimoto, Rick Perrie. Roger Yamashiro. Pat Richards; ROW II: Frank Allen. Ed Magdaleno. Mike Barrigan. Chet Yokoyama, Tony Bledsoe, John Middleton, Verdia Ross, Dave Gai, Renee Carranza, Mike Nakagawa, Bill Bucker, Lawson Tatum. BOTTOM, ICE HOCKEY TEAM: ROW I: Rob Crowell. Paul Bell. Mike Mitchell. John Pitts. Mike Canonica. George Hart; ROW II: Na- dine Felix, coordinator; Asst. Coach Jack Larue. Matt Duguid. Phil Blum. Jim Berg- strom. Ron Pretkus. team captain; Todd Griffin, club president; Gary Fowler, co- captain; Mike Nawfel. Tim Wood. Coach Bill Whitsell. i OPPOSITE PAGE: TOP. Southern Cal soccer players Jay Blackstock and Kevin Nealy close in on an opponent, BELOW, LA- CROSSE TEAM: ROW I: Jim Polisini. Mark Darcy. Lynn Came. Craig Havel. Jeff Irish. Sylvester Wilson. Coach John Kearney: ROW II: Mike Sheeley. Tony Delusie. Bill Yule. Bob Parisi. Dave Dunard. Bill Saxe. Cliff Williams THIS PAGE: TOP. John Mid- dieton throws his competitor in a )udo match, BELOW: Brad Mart (foreground). Eric Leaver and Steve Tobacco use their top form during a fencing team practice. Q New coach inspires women spikers Much of the success of the wom- en ' s volleyball team was attributed to new head coach Chuck Erbe, who came to the Trojans with interna- tional coaching credentials, as well as with four 1976 USVBA All-Ameri- can players. The four All-Americans were three freshmen and one sophomore trans- fer student. Terry Place, a freshman, was honored as Rookie of the Year in 1975-1976 and was chosen to the 2nd team Ail-American. Paula Dittmer was selected as the 1976 USVBA Most Val- uable Player. Rounding out the fresh- man trio was Debbie Green, an All- American setter. Sophomore Debbie Landreth was a two time All-American. One of the things Erbe attempted to get his women of Troy to do was to yell a little as they play. Place said, " It ' s neat to yell. It psychs out the other team and gets me hyper. " LEFT, Terry Place. BELOW, ROW I: Sally Stone- street, LIndy Vivas, Debbie Green, Leslie Long; ROW II: Julie Morgan, Debbie Landreth, Sharon Brombach, Sharon Lahosky, Myles Gabel; R OW III: Chuck Erbe, June Lend!, Lori Jepsen, Terry Place. Paula Dittmer. Trojans smash UCLA in battle for top ranking " 3 P I It IS a dedicated athlete who plays for the disciplined and de- manding Chuck Erbe. The women started practicing in early Septem- ber on a rigorous four-hour a day schedule of weights, running and drills. All this extra work and dedica- tion payed off for the Trojans, as they were number one in the nation, after beating UC Irvine. San Jose State. University of Ha- waii and UC Santa Barbara. The much-ballyhooed battle of women ' s collegiate volleyball reached its peak when the unbeat- ens. the top-ranked Trojans and the number-two rated Bruins, clashed at the same net. As expect- ed, use defeated the Bruins, three games to one. Sparked by the outstanding hitting of Terry Place and Debbie Landreth. the Trojan attack over- powered the Bruins 15-8. 15-13 and 15-13. OPPOSITE PAGE: LEFT. Julie Morgan prepares to bump the ball into a set during the UCLA game, MIDDLE. Blocking the ball. Debbie Landreth shows one of the many fine defensive plays against San Jose State, THIS PAGE: ABOVE. Debbie Landreth lunges to bump the ball while Terry Place provides back-up support. Trojan spikers beat UCLA in Texas to win AIAW National Volleyball Championship Team brings USC its first national title in women ' s sports , P . r " THIS PAGE: BELOW, Terry Place spikes the ball after a good set by team- ' " Hi mate Debbie Green. Green and Place were part of the team that beat UCLA " ■ in the finals for the Association of Intercollegiate Athletics for Women, National Volleyball Championship. RIGHT, Place goes up for the spike against the University of Texas, the host team of the tournament. OP- POSITE PAGE: TOP LEFT, Backed up by Lori Jepsen, second-year team member, Sharon Brombach hits the ball that appears to be just short of the net in the Kentucky game. TOP RIGHT, A Bruin blocks a spike just hit by Place who is supported by teammates Green and Debbie Landreth. The Trojans defeated UCLA, last year ' s champions, 15-6, 14-6 and 15-5 in the final round. BELOW, Southern Cal receives the trophy after three days of high-caliber competition. FROM LEFT, Chuck Erbe (coach). Sherry Calvert (hidden), Lindy Vivas, Terry Place, Julie Morgan, Debbie Landreth. Lori Jepsen, Debbie Green, Sharon Brombach, and Paula Dittmer. Wo men ' s Volleyball Scorebox 1 USC vs. CSULB 15 -6,15-5,15-5 USC vs. UC Irvine 15-10,15-0,15-3 USC vs. SDSU 15-1,15-7,15-2 USC vs. Univ. of Hawaii 15-7,15-8,15-8 USC vs. CSUF 15-7,15-1,15-11 USC vs. Univ. of Hawaii 15-1,10-15,15-7,15-13 USC vs. UCLA 14-16,15-8,15-13,15-13 USC vs. Univ. of Hawaii 15-10,15-6,15-8,15-5 USC vs. CSULB 15-1,16-2,15-12 USC vs. UCSB 15-7,15-4,15-2 USC vs. UC Irvine 15-6,15-2,15-12 USC vs. SDSU 15-3,15-2,15-11 USC vs. CSUN 15-5,15-1 USC vs. CSUF 15-1,15-3,15-6 USC vs. CSUSJ 15-0,15-5,15-1 USC vs. UCLA 15-1,12-15,15-9,15-10 USC vs. CSUN 15-8,15-6 185 Trojans swim fastest times in nation against UCLA The women ' s swim team got oft to a splashing start early in the season. Southern Cal had an undefeated record until losing to UCLA, 82-49, in the Dungeon. The lopsided score was very deceptive as most of the races were closely matched and were lost by seconds. Due to the keen competition, many of the athletes swam national qualifying times, which included some of the fastest times in the nation. DSC school records were set in the following events: 400-yard medley relay, 200-yard indivi- dual medley (Miriam Smith), 50-yard breast- stroke (Lauri Siering), 50-yard butterfly (Val Seyfert), 100-yard freestyle (Cindy Schilling) and the 200-yard breaststroke (Siering). Smith ' s time in the 200-yard backstroke was also the nation ' s fastest this year. One of the largest meets of the school year was held in February when women swimmers from all over Southern California participated in the Western Collegiate Athletic Assn. (WCAA) championship. OPPOSITE PAGE: Laurie Edwards back- strokes her way to victory in a tough match. TOP CENTER. Cindy Schilling stretches out for the maximum reach in freestyle com- petition BOTTOM CENTER, While executing the backstroke. Linda Kimura glances at her competitor ' s positions THIS PAGE: TOP RIGHT. Winning backstroke form is shown by co-captain Kaia Hedlund in the Dungeon. BOTTOM RIGHT. Laurie Edwards swims the freestyle in winning form. Women of Troy swim onto WCAA championships; but UCLA wins The Trojan swim team completed the WCAA championship with some success. The competitors were all highly rated, with such teams as San Diego State, Cal State Long Beach, and UCLA participating. The meet had a two-fold purpose. One was to decide the WCAA champion. The competition also provided one of the last opportuni- ties to meet qualifying times for the national championships. Head coach Pokey Richardson said three of the USC women were close to meeting those times. Linda Moore swam in the 1650-yard free- style. A second swimmer, Perucha Yusharyahya participated in the 50-yard butterfly and the 50-yard backstroke. Six swimmers had previously qualified for the nationals. They included Kim Peters, Cindy Schil- ling, Miriam Smith, Val Seyfert, Susan Gove and Laurie Edwards. S— i " ' " " ! The use women ' s swim team: Julianne Bakke, Shauna Boyce, Cynthia Doughty, Laurie Edwards. Susan Gove. Kaia Hedlund. Linda Kimura. Jeanefte Kaze, Cathy Kovace- vich. Sue Lovell. Melinda Moore, Martha Oman, Kim Peters. Anne Ryan. Cindy Schil- ling. Val Seyfert. Lauri Siering. Miriam Smith, Linda Stock, Alicia Walin. and Perucha Yu- sharyahya. OPPOSITE PAGE: TOP LEFT, Laurie Edwards swims a straight line in her lane during tree- style competition. BOTTOM LEFT. Coming up for a breath of fresh air in the breast- stroke relay is Cindy Schilling. THIS PAGE: TOP RIGHT. Cindy Schilling looks to the top of the ceiling as she concentrates on the backstroke. BOTTOM RIGHT. The goggle- eyed Schilling swims the freestyle at the UCLA meet. 189 Women gymnasts perform 10.0 ' s The women ' s gymnastic team balanced, flipped, vaulted and tumbled to the second-highest team point total in the nation this year. Trojan gymnasts finished second behind Cal State Fullerton at an in- vitational meet held at UCLA in February. Susan Archer and Lynn Covin tied for second place all around. " Susan is a very consistent competitor. She has good form, " Alia Svirskiy, Southern Cal ' s gym- nastic coach said. Covin took first in floor exercise. Southern Cal defeated Arizona 139.45-134.79 and Arizona State 144.9-141.0 in close dual meets during the semester break. Covin dominated the Arizona meet by winning the vaulting, floor exercise and balance beam competition. use ' s score against Arizona St. in Tempe was the second highest in the nation for dual meet team scores this season behind the Univ. of Pennsylvania ' s 145. Alia Svirdkiy, a native of Odessa. Russia coached the team. She holds the title, " Master of Sport, " the highest coaching certification awarded by the U.S.S.R. OPPOSITE PAGE: TOP LEFT. Gale Wycl off looks as if she ' s poised for flight as she com- pletes her floor exercise, BOTTOM LEFT Lynn Govin balances gracefully on the beam. TOP RIGHT. Gale Wyckoff salutes the judges at the end of her vaulting routine, BOTTOM RIGHT: Sue Graff competes on the balance beam THIS PAGE TOP RIGHT, Susan Archer executes a perfect arabesque as part of her beam routine, BOTTOM RIGHT, A keen sense of balance and concentration is displayed by Lynn Govin as she performs the splits on the beam. Members of the team were: Susan Archer. Lynn Govin. Gale Wyckoff. Holley Donaldson. Pam Williams. Janet Weaver and Sue Graff THIS PAGE: RIGHT, Sheila Mclnerney " faces " her raquet towards the ball. BELOW, Barbara Hallquist stretches out to return the ball. OP- POSITE PAGE: TOP, Sheila Mclnerney seems to be pointing out the line of the hit. BOTTOM, Gretchen Gait prepares to volley the ball. Women win teann, meets and title The women ' s tennis team quickly became the number-one intercollegiate team in the nation this year. Part of it ' s success was due to the fact that the Trojan Squad had many returning veteran players. Marianne Colville, Diane Desfor, Gretchen Gait and Barbara Hallquist returned from last season. Hallquist won the USTA Women ' s National Inter- collegiate Singles Championship, the National Ama- teur Grass Courts Doubles Championship and the National 21 and Under Singles Championship. Desfor won the National Amateur Grass Courts Singles Championship and Gait the National 21 and Under Doubles Championship. In addition to the returning top four players. Coach Dave Borelli added freshmen Jan Bardot, Sheila Mc- Inerney and Marissa Malpesi to the line-up. This year ' s tennis team consisted of: Leslie Allen, Jan Bardot, Elaine Chen, Diane Desfor. Deborah Douglas, Gretchen Gait, Barbara Hallquist, Marisa Malpezzi, Shelia Mclnerney, Madeline Palumbo, Linda Rene, Cindy Sarten, Jennifer Smith, Margie Strode, Robin Trumbull and Elizabeth Walker. Women ' s crew rows on land. Does the idea of running stadium stairs three times a week and lifting weights twice a week appeal to you? Then perhaps women ' s crew is the sport for you. This was the first year that the women competed as their own team. Recruiting women for crew seemed to go well at the beginning of the year, in fact, some women were actually enthusiastic about the workouts. The squad was given a taste of what crew is really like — the shells were lowered into the waters of L.A. Harbor and the women were al- lowed to practice. Little did most of the potential crew members know how much practicing crew hurt. (How many stairs does the Coli- seum have? — just ask any crew team member). Then of course, there ' s the in- famous " Ergometer " that ' s hidden away in the physical education building. An ergometer is a device that ' s equipped with a seat and oars similar to what is found in an actual shell. Crew members then do a " piece " on the " ergo " — 6 minutes of solid dry-land rowing for the women. The machine ' s purpose is to measure the amount of energy being expelled during physical ac- tivity. Several " odes " to the ergo- meter have been written — one of which still hangs over the machine. Although the exhausting work- outs were devastating at first, the hard work paid off as the Trojans were successful in late April and May. I OPPOSITE PAGE: TOP, Tina Gant, Beverly Sanders, TerrI Hall, Gloria Ferniz. Amy Alpern, Julie, Janet Holmes and Karen TakemotO- BOT- TOM. Janet Holmes. THIS PAGE: Phyllis Zusman, Pat Fowler, Mellnda Welch, Eliza- beth Palmer and Joan Dona- telli. New coach shoots for basketball success Marci Cantrell entered her first season as use women ' s basketball coach with high hopes and enthusiasm. This year ' s basketball squad was composed of 75% freshmen and sophomores. Last sea- son ' s record of 10-10, inspired the young Trojans to improve. Some of the key players were return- ing starters Linda Balabuch, Dorothy Bolger, Stephannie Sinn, and Kathy Wright. New freshmen players were Julie Green and Liz Ludwig. Linda Balabuch was a 5 ' 10 " sopho- more guard from Phoenix, Arizona. She was last year ' s leading scorer with a 14.1 points-per-game average. Coach Can- trell considered Balabuch to be one of the most versatile players in the league with definite potential as an Ail-American candidate. Freshman Julie Green was a 5 ' 9 " El Camino High School graduate who played both guard and forward. In high school she was voted Most Valuable Play- er on the team. Liz Ludwig, a 5 ' 9 " freshman from San Pedro, proved to be one of USC ' s leading offensive players. At Mary Star of Sea High School Ludwig was an all-league player three years in a row. Game strategy for the Trojans took advantage of the girls ' height whenever possible and the team stressed the fast break when given the opportunity. THIS PAGE: TOP RIGHT, Julie Green is well guarded by UCLA. BOTTOM LEFT, Donna Van Puyvelde passes to teammate in the key area. BOTTOM RIGHT, Trojans Donna Van Puyvelde, Liz Ludwig, Lori Jepsen, and Karen Kozai watch as the Bruins attempt to make a shot. OPPOSITE PAGE: TOP LEFT, Stephanie Sinn, 33, dribbles down court as teammates Lori Jepsen and Katy Wright follow her. TOP RIGHT. Trojans take a jump ball against San Diego with Brenda Bruce and Katy Wright in the background. BOTTOM RIGHT, Southern Gal sends a lay-up over the Bruins ' heads. Coach Cantrell demands much of Southern Cal, but it pays off THIS PAGE: ABOVE. Trojan Julie Green, 25. is under pressure from an opposing player. TOP RIGHT, Defensive players in action at ttie key include Stephanie Sinn. 33. and Lorl Jepsen. 24. battling against the Bruins. BOTTOM RIGHT. Donna Van Puyvelde, 41. lays it up against San Diego opponent. OPPOSITE PAGE: Dorothy Bolger. 43. looks anxiously at the basket rim after completing a shot. Head Coach Marci Cantrell, an innovative coach, favored an aggressive running game. Cantrell said the best basket- ball teams are those who work the hardest on physical conditioning and game skills. Competing for the USC women ' s basketball team. according to Cantrell ' s vigorous demands, were: Katy Wright, Liz Ludwig, Stephanie Sinn, Dorothy Bolger. Julie Green, Lori Jepsen, Donna Van Puyvelde. Karen Kazai and Joyce Simley. Southern Cal faces hurdles with ' 76 returners The 1976-77 track and field sea- son saw the women back in full force with nearly everyone re- turning from last year. Olympic hurdler Patti Van Wolvelaere was back in training after recovering from a broken ankle. Sprinters Rosetta Birt, a junior and former song girl, and senior Anna Biller also returned. Not only did the two Trojan sprinters have the challenge of interschool competition, but they had to contend with Jill Snipes. Snipes was the 1975 Hawaii State Champion and record holder in the 440 yard dash. A freshman, she graduated from Kailua High School last June. Another outstanding athlete was Mitzi McMillin, a sopho- more. One of this year ' s major meets was the second annual Redlands Invitational, where the Trojan women finished seventh (out of 14 schools), 17 points behind Seattle Pacific (69), Nevada-Las Vegas (43), Univ. of Washington (33), Cal State Los Angeles (28), Redlands (21) and Cal State Long Beach (18). Head Coach Sherry Calvert was the first woman in USC history to win an AIAW National Champion- ship. At one time she held the na- tional collegiate record for the women ' s javelin throw. In 1972 Calvert won a berth with the U.S. Olympic Team competing in Munich, Germany. Competing for this year ' s track and field team were: Gail Berger, Anna Biller, Jen- nifer Biller, Rosetta Birt, Sally Boeh- mer, Brenda Bruce, Diane Byington, Teryy Coker, Alexis Crampton, Cathy Cummins, Stephanie Davis, Jackie Gordon, Carey Hill, Angela Hunter, Lori Jepsen, Julie Lendl, Antoinette LeVine, Mitzi McMillin, Julie Morgan, Jill Snipes, Donna Van Puyvelde, Patty Van Wolve- laere. OPPOSITE PAGE: TOP LEFT, Lori Jepsen prepares to heave the javelin, BOTTOM LEFT. Jennifer Billard clears the bar against San Diego State, THIS PAGE: TOP RIGHT. A Southern Cal shot putter grits her teeth in preparation for a throw, BOTTOM RIGHT: Another Trojan prepares to land in the pit after the long jump. s- tt THIS PAGE: TOP. Brenda Bruce clears the bar in long jump com- petition. RIGHT. Diane Byington striding right along the track. OPPOSITE PAGE: LEFT, A Trojan javelin thrower is out for the maximum in distance. RIGHT, Brenda Bruce comes flying over the hurdles for the Trojans. mf- " " « " ' 0 noN ° " ° UPK. o ' " " " •DAlCHEs O w w c i;! One of the most encourag- ing developments of the past several years has been the ac- tive participation of students in the governance of the uni- versity. The Student Senate is an integral constituent mem- ber of the President ' s Ad- visory Council, our central instrument of governance, and students are valued members of the myriad com- mittees that attend to con- cerns and problems of this complex institution. But the point I want to make here concerns the quality of stu- dent participation: it is im- pressive. No constituency of the Trojan family approaches the issues with greater objec- tivity, dedication, thorough- ness, and responsibility than do the students. Their con- tributions are without ex- ception positive and con- structive, and for this I wish to express my profound grati- tude, as well as that of my faculty, staff, and adminis- trative colleagues. 207 TOP RIGHT. Dr. Norman Topping, Chancel- lor; BOTTOM LEFT. Dr. Zohrab Kaprlelian, Executive Vice President; BOTTOM RIGHT Dr. James Appleton. Vice President of Stu- P TOP RIGHT, Dr, Carl Franklin, Vice President of Legal Affairs; TOP LEFT, Mr, Thomas Nickell, Vice President of University Affairs; BOTTOM LEFT, Mr. Antfiony Laz- zaro. Vice President of Business Affairs; BOTTOM RIGHT, Dr. Edmund Ackell, Vice President of Health Affairs. 209 TOP RIGHT, Dr. Robert Marines. Dean of Student Life; LEFT, Dr. Preston Dent, Dean of Curriculum and Instruction: BOTTOM RIGHT, Dr. Joan Schae- fer, Dean of Women. TOP RIGHT, Mr. James Jones. Acting Director of Student Administrative Services: TOP LEFT; Mr. William Hall. Registrar; BOTTOM LEFT. Dr. Roy Kidman. University Librarian. GRADUATES Courses of Study ARCHITECTURE FINE ARTS BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION DENTISTRY EDUCATION GENERAL STUDIES ENGINEERING: Biomedical, Chemical, Civil, Computer Science, Industrial Systems, Mechanical, Petroleum GERONTOLOGY HUMANITIES: Art History, Comparative Literature, East Asian Languages and Cultures, English, French, German, Italian, Linguistics, Philosphy, Religion, Russian, Slavic Languages, Spanish INTERDIVISIONAL LAW LIBRARY SCIENCE NATURAL SCIENCES MATH: Astronomy, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Geology, Math, Physical Education, Physics, Recreation OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY PHYSICAL THERAPY PERFORMING ARTS MUSIC CINEMA DRAMA VOCAL MUSIC EDUCATION PERFORMANCE PHARMACY PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION PUBLIC AFFAIRS URBAN PLANNING SAFETY AND SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT SOCIAL SCIENCES AND COMMUNICATION: Anthropology, Broadcasting, Economics, Geogra- phy, History, International Relations, Journalism, Political Science, Psychology, Public Relations, Sociology, Speech Communication, Urban Studies SOCIAL WELFARE SOCIAL WORK Architecture and Fine Arts MANDUCHEHR ASHEGHIAN B.S.. Architecture LAURA BARNES B.F.A., Fine Arts BARRY BRONWEN B.F.A., Fine Arts DEBRA BECK B,S , Arctiitecture DIANA BERMAN BFA., Fine Arts GARY BERNARDO B.S., Architecture JENNIFER BROWN BFA., Fine Arts SHARON CHING B,S,, Architecture JOHN COUDURES B.S., Architecture DEBORAH DOUGHER B.S., Architecture KENNETH DOWNES B.S.. Architecture JOSE FAGUNDO B,S., Architecture RIKKI FIELD B.F.A., Fine Arts CYNTHIA FRYE B.F.A.. Fine Arts JAMES GREGORI BFA.. Fine Arts DAVID GRIFFITH B.S.. Architecture BRUCE HALFERTY B.S., Architecture JAMES HANSEN B.S,, Architecture CYNTHIA HERBERT B.F.A.. Fine Arts THEODORA HUDDLESTON B.S., Architecture RISE IRUSHALMI B.F.A., Fine Arts ARLENE JOHNSON B.F.A.. Fine Arts ROBERT KEELER B.S., Architecture JEFFERY KIPP B S,. Architecture WILLIAM KISTLER B.S.. Architecture MARSHA KITAGAWA B.F.A.. Fine Arts KAREN KLOKKE BFA.. Fine Arts LINDSEY LEE BFA., Fine Arts ANDREW LEUNG B.F.A., Fine Arts CHARLES LEWIS B.S., Architecture DONNA-MARIE MONIZ B.F A , Fine Arts JOIE MONTGOMERY B.F.A , Fine Arts DENNIS MORI B.S., Architecture LISA PENDLETON B.S., Architecture KAREN PLUMLEIGH B.F.A.. Fine Arts CLAUDIA PREVIN B.F A , Fine Arts ROBERT REID B.S. , Architecture KIM RUDY B.F.A., Fine Arts LISA SNOWDEN B.F.A. , Fine Arts SUSANNA STEENEKEN B.S., Architecture GREGG STEWART B.F.A. , Fine Arts ALBERT THOMAS B.S.. Architecture GARYTSE B.S.. Architecture MAX UNDERWOOD M.S., Architecture MICHAEL VETA B.S., Architecture JAMES VOYLES B.S.. Architecture SAMUEL WEINGORT B.S., Architecture MARK WELZ B.S., Architecture NATHAN WHALEY B.F.A., Fine Arts DIANE WILK B.S., Architecture KELLEY WITT B.F.A,, Fine Arts JOAQUIN ZAPIAIN B.S., Architecture MUSALAM ZERENE B.S., Architecture The School of Architecture and Fine Arts, housed in Watt Hall, is noted for its design curriculum. ?.sief-- Business Administration ro " r te ' PAUL ABE B S,, Finance A.B., East Asian Languages and Cultures JANET ABRAMS B.S,, Finance CHARLENE ACHKI B.S., Business JOE ACOHIDO B.S. .Accounting NATHAN ADLEN B.S.. Accounting DEBORAH AGUILA B.S., Management DAVID ALBERT B.S.. Finance STEVEN ALEXANDER B.S., Finance JONATHAN ALTER B.S,, Accounting TJENDIKIAWAN ALUWI B.S., Finance EDWARD ALVARADO B.S., Business JAMES ANDERSON B.S., Accounting JOHN ANDREWS B.S., Finance HARTADI ANGKOSUBROTO B.S., Business HUSODO ANGKOSUBROTO B.S.. Business ITSUKO AONO B.S.. Business ROBIN ARKLEY B.S., Accounting JEFFREY ARMOUR B.S., Real Estate Finance NANCI ARRINGTON B.S., Accounting GARVIN AWAND B.S.. Business PETER BACH B.S., Accounting JOE BAGNALL B.S., Marketing NOSHIR BAHADURTI B S . Marketing ENRIQUE BAIGORRI MB. A.. Finance MARK BAILLIE B.S., Finance NANCY BAKER MBA.. Finance STEPHEN BATCHELLER B S., Finance HARBANS BAWA MBA., Business KIMBERLEE BEHRENDT B.S., Finance STEPHEN BENNETT B.S., Marketing EDITH BERGAY B.S., Management ROBERT BERRY B.S., Accounting PHYLLIS BERTRAM B.S., Accounting MICHAEL BETACK B.S., Business ROBERT BLAKE , Marketing Finance CLAUDIO BOADA MB. A., Business STEVEN BOGGS M.B.A., Business PETER BOHLINGER B.S., Finance B.S PATRICK BONAGUIDI B.S,, Finance DENNIS BONO B.S., Food Marketing Management ROBERT BOYICH B.S., Business DENNIS BRADSHAW B.S., Business MARLENE BRAKOVICH B.S.. Finance STEVEN BRODHEAD B.S., Marketing Logistics KENNETH BROWN B.S., Accounting STEVEN BRYANT B.S., Business LEO BUCHIGNANI M.B.A., Business ROBERT BURNS B.S., Finance B.S. MARK BURSON Business B.A.. Art History DANIEL BURSTEIN B.S., Finance THERESA BUSBY B.S.. Finance ROBERT BUTLER B.S., Business DALE BYRNE B.S., Fina nce SCOTT CALDWELL B.S., Finance STEPHEN CALHOUN B.S., Accounting FRANK CALIRI B.S., Accounting CRAIG CAMPBELL B.S., Business GARY CAPATA B.S., Business ALEXANDER CAPPELLO B.S-, Management GARY CASSEL B.S., Finance Management ANA CASTRO B.S.. Accounting PETER CATHCART B.S., Finance CELIA CHAN M.B.A., Accounting YI-TER CHANG MS., Management SHUAN CHAD B.S., Marketing SANDRA CHAPPELL B.S-, Accounting CURTIS CHEE B.S., Accounting LOUIS CHENG B,S.. Finance CHING-LIN CHI B.S , Accounting VIRGINIA CHILDS B.S.. Marketing CLIFTON CHIU MBA., Business HOT-HUZ CHONG B.S.. Accounting MIRAN CHONG B.S., Accounting MARY CHOW B.S.. Marketing LINDA CHU B S. Business NANCY CHUEY B S . Accounting DANA CHUN B.S.. Accounting MARK CHUN B S., Business ANTHONY CIGLIANO B S . Marketing DELNORA CLELLAND B.S., Accounting CHARLES CLINE B S.. Business PAULINE CODEKAS B.S., Finance Marketing JUDITH COHN B S . Business FRANK COLWELL B S . Business DIANE COMI B.S. Management MICHAEL COOK 8 S , Business JOHN CORPIN MBA., Finance ANTHONY CORREA B.S,, Accounting LUIZ COSTA MBA. Finance DEMISE COVINGTON Marketing Management JOHN COVINGTON B.S., Finance DIANE CRABTREE B.S.. Business STEVEN CRAIG B.S., Business RICHARD CRAWFORD B.S., Business ROBERT CROSBY B.S., Accounting CAROL CRUM B.S., Marketing ALICE CRYSTAL B.S,, Accounting ROBERT CURRIE B.S., Finance JEANETTE DAILEY B.S., Business ALAN DAVIDSON B.S., Management JEAN DAVIS B.S., Business STEPHEN DAVIS B.S., Marketing EDMOND DEA -S., Finance Management RICHARD DEAN B.S., Finance STEPHEN DECHANT B.S., Marketing LORETTA DELA TORRE B.S., Accounting JEFFREY DELDACH B.S., Business DARYL DEMOS B.S., Business ROBERT DENNERLINE B S., Business RICHARD DETTORRE B.S., Accounting DAVID DICKSON B.S., Accounting NANCY DIMAN S,, Marketing Finance TOM DOBYNS MB. A., Finance KEVIN DONAHUE B.S , Business JACQUELINE DORSEY B.S., Management KIM DORSEY B.S., Marketing KELLY DOYLE B.S.. Business THOMAS DUNHAM B.S.. Finance LESLIE EARLE B.S-, Management ROBERT EDMONSTON B.S., Accounting JULIE ELLIS B.S., International Finance RUSSELL ELMAYAN B.S.. Business LAURA ELMENDORF B.S., Business JOSE ENCISO MBA. Quantitative Business Analysis TERRY ENGLE B S . Marketing Real Estate VICKI EPSTEIN B-S-. Business SHARON ESCALLE B.S., Accounting GLENDON ESNARD B S-. Marketing Finance CHARLES EVERETT B.S., Business MICHAEL EZEKIEL B.S , Business STEVEN EZEKIEL B.S., Accounting THOMAS FAHEY B.S., Accounting BATIA FEINGOLD B.S., Business Administration CATHERINE FELCK B.S., Business RICHARD FELL B.S., Accounting MICHAEL FERON B.S., Finance FREDDY FIGUEROA B.S , Accounting JAMES FISCHELLA B.S., Marketing Management RICHARD FLEMING B S , Business ART FLORES B.S., Accounting SAMUEL FONG B.S., Accounting RAM FORGATCH B.S , Finance RANDY FORTUNATO B.S., Finance Marketing STEVEN FOWLKES MBA., Business DAVID FRANCIS B.S., Business RUSSELL FRANICH B.S., Accounting WAYNE FRANKLIN B.S., Business WALTER FRAZEE B.S.. Management 219 CRAIG FREEMAN B-S., Business VINCENT FREEMAN B.S., Marketing KRISTY FRIEDRICKS B.S.. Finance MARK FRIEND B.S , Business RALPH FRUGUGLIETTI B S., Business WILLIAM FUSCOE B.S., Business DONALD GAGE B.S-, Business RANDY GAIBER B-S., Marketing WILLIAM GAINES B.S.. Finance GRETCHEN GALT B.S., Finance JOSE GARAY MBA.. Business DRUCILLA GARCIA B.S., Business PAUL GARRIGUES B.S-. Accounting GREGORY GATES B.S., Business RAMON GAVIN MBA, Marketing G ERIC GEORGATOS B-S., Business ERNEST GEORGE B.S., Finance MARIE GHIRARDELLI B.S., Finance Accounting SCOTT GILLESPIE B.S., Business GRETCHEN GLAZENER B.S., Finance NANCY GLOGOW B.S., Business MARTIN GOETZ B.S., Business ARMAND GONZALES B.S., Accounting CHARLES GONZALEZ B.S., Business BRYAN GOSSMAN B.S-. Finance MICHAEL GRABOW B S , Marketing Finance TIMOTHY GRADY ;.S., Finance Management KEVIN GREEN B.S., Business JAMES GRIFFITH MB. A., Business STEVEN GRUBB B.S.. Finance DANIEL GRUEN B.S., Finance ROBERT HABER 8 S . Finance ANNCECILE HAGGARD B.S., Accounting NORMAN HALL B.S . Finance ROBERT HAMMAN B.S., Accounting MIGUEL HARGROVE B,S., Business JOSEPH HARRIGAN B.S.. Marketing Finance MARK HASHIMA B.S.. Accounting THOMAS HATHAWAY B,S., Finance THERESA HAUGAN B.S . Finance MICHAEL HAVIKEN B.S, Business PAULA HAWKINS B.S . Business STEPHANIE HEARD B.S , Finance CAROLYN HEDLEY B.S., Marketing TIMOTHY HEIDKAMP B.S., Finance STUART HEINECKE B.S., Marketing ROBERT HENDERSHOT B.S., Finance MARK HENNESSY B.S.. Business The School of Social Work and Bridge Hall frame the path to Hoffman Hall, the graduate school of business. CURT HERBERTS B.S., Finance JAMES HERBOLD MBA,, Business LOURDES HERNANDEZ B.S., Accounting ADELA HERNANDEZ B.S., Business JOSE HERREROS M.B.A., Business SUSAN HERRIN B.S., Business KAREN HERSHEY B.S., Accounting HARVEY HIGASHI B.S.. Finance Real Estate LARONA HILL B.S.. Business LESLIE HILL B,S., Finance BETTE HIRAMATSU B.S., Business JOHN HISS B.S.. Finance TOMIYUKI HIYOSHI MBA., Finance CHRISTINE HO B.S., Accounting JOHN HOBSON B.S., Accounting Finance ROBERT HODGSON B.S., Business WILLIAM HOEFFER B.S., Management RONALD HOLDER B.S.. Business DARRYL HOLLEMAN B.S.. Marketing BRIAN HOLMAN B.S., Business ROBERT HOM B.S., Finance JUSTIN HON B S., Business MARK HOPPE i,S., Finance Marketing RUSSELL HOSHIZAKI B.S , Accounting DAVID HOTCHKIN B.S., Business PATRICIA HOWE B.S., Finance MICHAEL HSU B.S., Finance SAMUEL HSU B.S., Business JEROME HU MBA., Business ELIZABETH HUl B.S., Accounting RICHARD HUETTEMAN B,S,, Business Administration LINDA HUNG 8 S . Accounting JAMES HUNKER B S , Finance DEBBIE HUNSAKER B,S , Business Administration JOHN HUNTER B.S,, Business Administration STEVE HURDLE B.S., Business MARK ILLSLEY 8 S , Business JAMES INGRAHAM B.S.. Accounting YOSHITAKA INOUE MBA. Business Administration JED INOUYE B.S, Business JOHN IRELAND B.S., Business THOMAS ISHII MB. A., Finance STEVEN IWAMURA B.S., Business Management BURTON IWATA B.S.. Finance FRANCINE JABS B.S., Accounting RICHARD JACKSON B.S., Accounting DEBORA JACOBELLIS B.S., Business TOYIN JAMES B.S.. Business Administration DENNIS JEB8IA B S.. Business Administration COLLEEN JEFFREYS B.S., Business Administration KENT JENKIN B.S., Accounting KEVIN JENNINGS B.S., Finance DONALD JESBERG B S . Finance SANDRA JEUNG 8 S .Business Administration BERNARD JOEI 8.S.. Business Administration DENNIS JOHNSON 8.S., Finance GORDON JOHNSON B.S., Finance DONALD JOHNSON B-S-, Finance Accounting ROBERT JOHNSON B.S.. Finance TONY JONES 8.S.. Accounting LINCOLN JONG B.S., Accounting WOLF ULRICH KAHLES B.S., Finance ALAN KAITZ B.S., Business LARRY KALEFF B.S.. Marketing MARI KAMINISHI B.S., Business JENNIFER KAMITA B.S.. Business MARK KANDARIAN B.S., Finance SHEILA KAROON B.S.. Quantitative Business Analysis RANDY KAWAHARA B.S., Marketing MICHELLE KEITHLEY B.S., Accounting DAVID KELIGIAN B.S., Accounting MICHAEL KELLER , Accounting Finance PATRICK KENDALL B.S., Business JANE KENNEDY B.S., Marketing JENNIFER KESSLER B.S , Business HUl LAY KHO B.S.. Finance PATRICIA KILTY B.S,. Business NANCY KIM B.S., Management LYNN KINOSHITA B,S., Business JOHN KIRK B.S , Business ROBERT KIRKLAND B.S., Finance JAMES KJAR B,S., Management JOHN KLADDE B.S,, Business EDWARD KLOSTERMAN B.S., Management BILL KOLSTAD B.S., Finance JOSLYN KOMURA B.S., Business EDWIN KOYAMA B.S., Accounting HEIDI KNAPP B.S., Finance BECKY KRAUSE B.S. Marketing DOROTHY KRINKE B.S.. Accounting i a WILFRED KU MBA. Accounting GEORGE KUCK B.S., Finance MARK KUNDE B,S,, Marketing PAUL KURAMOTO MBA, Business HELENE KURAS B.S.. Business MASAO KUSHIGEMACHI B.S. Business WAYNE KUWAHARA B-S., Accounting KING KWAN B.S., Business HIAN-TJIEN KWEE B.S , Business ROBERT LABAYNE B.S., Business NORA LANDALE B.S,, Accounting EDWARD LANG B.S., Finance MARGARET LEWIS B.S., Marketing RICHARD LEWIS MB. A., Business CHARLES LANO B.S., Business KAREN LARSON B.S., Accounting LELAND LAU B.S., Accounting ERIC LAUFER B S.. Business JOYCE LAW B.S., Business CHRIS LEANDERS B S , Business RICHARD LEDERER B.S., Business MARTIN LEE B.S., Accounting MICHAEL LEMING B.S.. Finance CURTIS LEO B.S.. Business DAVID LEONE B.S.. Accounting MICHELLE LEONOUDAKIS B.S., Accounting HOK LEUNG MB. A., Finance ORLANDO LEUNG MB. A.. Accounting YUK-SHING LEUNG B.S.. Finance 225 ROSS LEVENTHAL B.S.. Accounting JEROLD LEVEY i,S,, Management Finance RICHARD LI M.B.A.. Business ROCCO LIBERIO B.S.. Accounting MARK LILLY B.S., Accounting HONG MONG LIM B.S,. Finance PRUDENCIO LIM B.S., Management SOEK LIM B.S.. Business ZILLIA LINDSEY B.S., Business GARY LITTEN B.S., Marketing ROBERT LIVINGSTON , Finance Management WILLIAM LLOYD B.S., Finance RITA LO B.S.. Marketing STEPHAN LO M.B.A., Business TIMOTHY LOCKWOOD B.S., Accounting ,i f: r TRENT LYON M.B.A., Finance CHARLES LYONS .S., Business JOHN MA B.S., Accounting STEVEN MA B.S., Accounting DOREE MACLAREN B.S., Business MARGO MAHWONG B.S., Business STEPHAN MANDICH B,S., Business ROBERT MANNON B.S,, Finance LEE MARSHALL B.S.. Business WILLIAM MARTIN B.S., Accounting EDMUND MARTINEZ B.S., Finance GEORGE MARTINEZ B,S.. Business Administration STEVEN MASAKI B.S.. Finance LYNN MATSUMOTO B.S.. Finance DENISE MATTHEWS B.S., Business Administration JOHN MATWICK B.S.. Business Administration SEAN MC ALARY B.S., Accounting Finance ALAN MC CALL B.S.. Business Administration KEVIN MC CLOSKEY B.S., Business DEAN MC CORMICK MB A . Finance WILLIAM MC CROSKEY B.S., Business Management DOUGLAS MC DONALD B.S.. Business Administration CRAIG MC ENTEE B.S.. Accounting STEVEN MC FARLAND B.S,, Business Administration MICHAEL MC GEE B.S., Business Administration DAVID MC SHEA B.S., Business DAVID MELENDEZ B.S., Business Administration JAMES MELLOR B.S., Business Administration DAVID METZGER M B. A.. Business Administration ROD MIGLIACCIO B.S., Business Administration GEORGE MIHLSTEN B.S,. Business ANTHONY MILAN! B.S.. Business BRUCE MILLER B.S.. Marketing Management TOM MILLER B.S., Business Administration KENNETH MINCHELLA B.S.. Marketing Management LORI MIYAKAWA B.S.. Finance Marketing DEBORAH MONTANO B.S.. Business Administration SCOTT MOODY B.S.. Finance Management JAMES MOORE B.S.. Finance PAUL MOORE B.S., Real Estate Finance LEV MOOROMSKY B.S-. Business JESSE MORENO Accounting Finance JOHN MORGAN B.S., Marketing ALVIN MORI B.S-, Business ANN MORZOV B.S.. Business PATRICIA MOSQUINI B.S., Accounting SHARRON MOULTON B.S., Finance THOMAS MUELLER B.S.. Accounting GEORGE MULDOON B.S.. Finance Business Economics JONI MUNOZ B.S.. Finance THOMAS MURPHY MBA., Finance GEORGE MUSSENDEN B.S.. Marketing CRAIG MYERS B.S., Marketing GARRY NAGATA B.S.. Business DONALD NAITO B.S., Business MOHAMMAD NAJAM MB. A., Finance ROBERT NAKASHIBA B.S. Accounting JOHN NEWHOUSE B.S., Business NANCY NG B.S., Business LINDA NISHITSUJI B.S., Business KAREN NORDSTROM S., Marketing Management BRADLEY NORRIS B.S., Business WILLIAM O ' BRIEN B.S., Business HAJIME OTSUKA M.B.A.. Finance DENNIS OUELLETTE B.S.. Finance JOHN OWENS B.S., Business AL PAISLEY B.S., Accounting RICHARD PALMER B.S., Business DANA PARKER .S.. Marketing Management MANILA PARSONS B.S.. Accounting THOMAS PATTEN B.S . Business THOMAS PAVICH B S., Finance JANE PAUL B.S,. Management VALERIE PECK B.S,. Marketing JOHN PETROVICH B,S.. Finance THOMAS PEYTON B S . Business ZELMA PICKENS B,S,, Business GARY PICKETT B,S,. Business JENNINGS PIERCE B.S.. Finance PHILLIP PIET M.B.A.. Business ROY PO B.S,. Business MARK POLIQUIN B,S., Finance JAMES POLLARD B.S . Finance GARY POLTASH B.S.. Accounting DANIEL POTTS B S , Business PHILLIP PRASSAS B.S.. Business BARRY PRAVORNE B.S.. Finance GABRIEL PUDJIADT B.S., Finance ALLEN PULSIFER MB. A., Finance PHILLIP PUTNAM B S . Accounting WING QUAN B.S.. Accounting RANDOLPH QUINTO B.S.. Business MARCUS RAHMAN B.S.. Business MARY RAKOLTA B.S.. Accounting DEAN RALLIS B.S.. Business DAVID RAPP B.S . Business BRANT REED MBA,. Management CHARLES REED B.S., Business EDMUND REGAN II B S,. Marketing PAUL REKERS B,S,. Marketing EARL REX B.S.. Business CAROLYN RHEE B.S., Business JEFFREY RHODES B.S.. Business ELAINE RICHARDSON B.S.. Finance MERRICK RICHEY B.S., Business JOSEPH ROBINSON B.S.. Accounting PAUL ROESSER B.S., Accounting JOHN ROGER B.S.. Business JOEL ROGOZEWSKI B.S., Accounting SALVATORE ROMANO B.S., Business DAVID ROMERO B S , Business DORETHA ROSS B.S., Business LENNY ROSS Finance Marketing CLIFFORD ROWE B.S-, Marketing JOSEPH RUBINO B.S., Business IRENE RUGGIERI B.S., Accounting ANTHONY RUIZ M.B.A., Finance JOHN RUSSELL B.S , Business The Edward J. Doheny Memorial Library is the home base of the 16 libraries on campus. JULIANNE RUIZ B.S., Business CAROL RUST B.S.. Management ROSE SADOWSKI B.S., Business ROBERT SALIM B S., Accounting DAVID SAL2MAN B.S., Finance MICHELLE SANTOS B.S., Marketing Management MOHAMMAD SARIOLGHALAM B.S., Management LAWRENCE SAWADA B.S-, Marketing PAUL SAWASAKI B.S., Accounting GORDON SCHICK B.S.. Accounting STEVEN SCHIRO B.S., Management CATHERINE SCHROEDER B.S.. Accounting ANN SCHWARZ B.S., Business RAUL SEBASTIAN B.S., Business VALICE SEIBERLICH B.S.. Marketing Management STEPHAN SERBER B.S., Business DEBORAH SERINA B,S,, Marketing THOMAS SERRATO B.S., Business LUCINDA SHAFFER B.S., Marketing JOSEPH SHERWOOD B.S., Finance PEGGY SHIGA B.S.. Business CLAYTON SHIMA B,S., Finance Marketing SUSAN SHOHARA B.S.. Business GLENN SHONO B.S.. Business THOMAS SHORT B.S., Accounting LAWRENCE SHUM B.S., Accounting DAVID SLONIM B.S., Accounting DAVID SMITH B S . Marketing GARY SMITH B,S.. Accounting MARK SMITH B.S., Finance ALFONSO SOTO B.S., Accounting ANTHONY SOUZA B.S., Accounting JAMES SPRINGER B.S., Finance JOHN STANEK B.S.. Accounting NORMAN STARR M.B.A., Business GARY STEPHENS B.S., Business OLIVIA STEVENS B.S-. Business DOUGLAS STEWART B.S-, Business JOHN STIEGLER B.S.. Finance THOMAS STOKES B.S., Accounting LOU SABATELLA B.S., Accounting ROGER STRELITZ B.S., Finance CARL STRICHLAND B.S., Business CARMETASTURDIVANT B.S., Business HIDEO SUGANO B S., Marketing JOHN SUNOFSKY B.S,, Business CECILIA SLETO B.S., Business ROBERT SZU-TU MB. A., Business CARRIE TAIRA B.S.. Marketing KAREN TAKAHASHI B.S.. Accounting MICHAEL TAKAHASHI B.S., Business MICHAEL TAKAKI MB. A.. Business PAULTAKEDA B.S., Accounting SELINATANG B.S., Accounting JO TAORMINA S., Quantitative Business Analysis ROBERT TARNOFSKY B.S.. Finance JEANNINETATER B.S.. Accounting GREGORY TAYLOR B.S.. Accounting KEITH TAYLOR M.B.A.. Business DONALD TENNEY B.S . Business CHRISTOPHER THOMAS B.S., Accounting THOMAS THOMAS B.S., Finance JAMES THOMPSON B,S , Finance LINDA TIFFANY B.S,, Finance HARIYANTO TJAHJADI B S , Accounting Finance RICHARD TOHL B,S , Finance KATIE TOLEY B.S., Business DANIEL TORRES B .S.. Accounting DAVID TRAYNOR B.S , Business CHANDRAKANTTRIVEDI MBA,, Finance RICHARD TUCH B.S., Marketing LANESE TURNER B S.. Marketing Management DIANE TSE B.S-, Accounting DAVID UCHIDA B.S., Business MARK UKRA B.S., Accounting CRAIG UHL B.S., Accounting GERARD UNTERREINER B.S.. Logistics LEE ANN URATA B.S., Accounting VINCENT UZKURAITIS B S.. Business MIGUEL VALINE B.S., Accounting GAIL VAN DYKE B.S.. Business DEBRA VIERREGGER B.S . Finance LANCE VINCENT B S . Finance Marketing SHARON VOLPE B S,, Accounting CLAYTON VREELAND B.S.. Accounting JEFFREY WAGNER B S . Business JANICE WALKER B S,. Marketing DAVID WALLACE B.S , Finance RALEIGH WALLER B S , Accounting SIMON WAN B S . Business KATHRYN WARD B.S., Finance MILLICEN WASHINGTON B.S., Accounting RICHARD WELTER B.S,, Fi nance FRANK WEST B.S., Business BARBARA WESTMAN B.S.. Accounting MARK WILLE B S-, Accounting KRISTEN WILLIAMS B.S., Business VICTORIA WILLIAMS B.S,, Business CHRISTOPHER WILLIS .S., Accounting Finance GARY WILLS B.S., Finance GEOFFREY WILSON B.S., Marketing REED WILSON B.S., Management ZIVIA WILSON B.S., Business GLENN WINKELSTEIN B.S., Accounting CRAIG WINN B.S., Business GEORGE WINNINGHAM B.S,, Accounting JAN WINTHROP B.S., Finance Marketing STEPHEN WOJCECHOWSKYJ B.S., Finance International Management GREGORY WOMBLE B.S., Finance BUENAVENTURA WONG M.B.A., Business MICHAEL WONG B.S., Business SHEN WONG M.B.A., Business WOON WOO B.S., Finance CONNIE WOOD M.B.A., Accounting PATRICIA WOODEN B.S., Marketing BRADFORD WRIGHT B.S., Accounting CURTIS WU B.S,, Business DODD YAHNIAN B.S,, Accounting CHRISTINE YAMAMOTO B,S,, Business PAUL YAMAMOTO B,S,, Accounting BEN YAMANE B.S,. Accounting DIANE YANAGAWA B.S.. Business CHIH-HENG YEN MB. A., Business ALICE YING B.S., Business JOHN YIP MB. A., Business GRETCHEN YOUNG B.S-, Business WENDELL YOUNG B.S., Accounting ANNIE YU B.S., Finance YUNG-CHIN YU S., Finance AVANISH ZAVERI M.B.A., Finance Despite Its urban surroundings, the SO campus is highlighted with many shady trees. Dentistry JOSEPH COLLINS D.DS.. Dentistry MARK DANIEL D.D.S., Dentistry MARQUEE DEEM B.S., Dental Hygiene GINA DESUTTI B.S-, Dental Hygiene CATHYE DEWHIRST B.S., Dental Hygiene STEVEN FRAKER DDS., Dentistry LENNON COINS DDS., Dentistry RICHARD GREEN DDS, Dentistry CATHY GREWE B.S., Dental Hygiene DEBBIE HALVARSON B.S.. Dental Hygiene DAVID HAYASHI D.D.S., Dentistry KEN HO D.D.S., Dentistry PAMELA HORWICH B.S., Dental Hygiene MARGARET JENSEN B.S., Dental Hygiene ANTHONY KAVORINOS D.D.S.. Dentistry RENA KOBAYASHI B.S., Dental Hygiene DEBBIE KRUEGER B.S , Dental Hygiene GARY LEE DD.S., Dentistry JOCHEN MADEISKY D.D.S., Dentistry MIKE MAHAFFEY D,D,S,, Dentistry CAROL MARSTON B.S., Dental Hygiene DIANE MAY B.S., Dental Hygiene DONALD MAYS DDS,, Dentistry KAREN MCKEE B.S,, Dental Hygiene KATHY MEYMARIAN B,S,, Dental Hygiene JOE MILLS D.D.S., Dentistry CAROL MORIHISA B.S., Dental Hygiene MELINDA NICHOIS B.S., Dental Hygiene JAI PARK D D S . Dentistry GWEN PARSELL B S , Dental Hygiene JAMES PASTERNAK D.D.S,, Dentistry MELANIE REDMOND D.D.S,, Dentistry MARILYN REST D.D S , Dentistry BRYAN SAIKI D.D.S.. Dentistry ERNEST SALAZAR CDS., Dentistry BARBARA SCHILLING B.S., Dental Hygiene SUSAN SEE B.S., Dental Hygiene JOYCE SUMI B.S., Dental Hygiene DAVID TABATA D.D.S., Dentistry CAROL TALKOV B.S , Dental Hygiene NORMAN THOMPSON D.D S., Dentistry WAYNE TSUTSUSE D.D.S., Dentistry GARY URIU D D S., Dentistry MADRID USO D.D.S., Dentistry CARLOS VALLADARES D D S., Dentistry DEAUN VIOLE B S , Dentistry JAYNE WILKINSON B S., Dental Hygiene „....,;;;„;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;5 5 V V1VV ' . RALPH WINGE D.D.S., Dentistry DIANE YAMANO B S., Dental Hygiene The Norris Dental Science Center contains lecture rooms, teaching labora- tories, clinical facilities, and research laboratories with the latest teaching and investigative equipment. 237 Education General Studies MARGARET ALLEN B.S.. General Studies KIMERLY ANDERSON B.S.. Education NORMA BARROSO B.S-. General Studies BARBARA BARTO M.S., General Studies RUBEN BECERRA B.S.. General Studies SHELLEY BIRTCHER B.S., Education DEBORAH BLUM B.S.. Education CHAVEELAK BOONYAKANEHANA B.S., Education MARLENE BRAYMAN B.S.. General Studies BEVERLY CARNELL B.S.. Education KIM CERQUI B.S., General Studies SHERRY CHANG B.S., General Studies YING CHANG M.S., Education NGUYEN CHAW M.S. Education NANCY CONGER B.S., General Studies LAURIE CRICKARD B.S., Education GALE CURTIS B.S.. General Studies SHARON DAUGHERTY B.S., Education LYNDA DAVES B.S., Education LINDA DEANNA M.S., General Studies VICTORIA DURKIN B.S., General Studies KATHLEEN FARES B.S.. General Studies ILENE FEDER B.S.. General Studies JANET FIELDS B.S., General Studies PATRICIA FUKUHARA B.S., General Studies CAROLYN GERECKE B.S., General Studies SUSAN GOGOL B.S., General Studies BARBARA GONZALEZ M.S., Education BERNADETTE GRAVES B.S.. Education JAMES GRIER B S.. Education JACQUELYN HARBERT M.S.. Education GEORGIA HELD B.S . Education DIANA HERR B.S,, General Studies JACQUELINE HODGE B.S,, Education DEBRA HOWLEY S., General Studies DRU HUNT B.S., General Studies CLARICE ISAAC M.S., Education LINDA JOHANNES B.S , General Studies LYNDA JOHNSON B.S., Education JANET JOSEPH B.S., General Studies MARI KNEZEVICH B.S., Education TENDAYL KUMBULA Ph.D., Education ANN LANGMADE B.S.. Education Students enjoy a class held outdoors behind Doheny Library on Hoover Blvd 239 DIANE LAPA S-. Ed Education DAVID LIU Ed.D . Education DEMISE LOPEZ , General Studies PATI LOYD , General Studies FRANK LUCERO . General Studies CINDY MAITLAND B.S., General Studies TERESA MALDONADO B.S.. General Studies JULIE MARKMAN B.S.. General Studies MEREDITH MASSEY B.S.. General Studies YOSHITSUGU MATSUSHITA M.S Ed., Education MERRIE MCCOLL B.S., General Studies BARBARA MIGNOSI B,S., General Studies KATHERINE MILLER B.S., General Studies KAROL MILLS B.S., General Studies IRENE NAKAMURA MS. Ed., Special Education DEANE NOBLE B.S., General Studies LORRAINE CRT B.S,, General Studies DEBRA PEASE B.S., General Studies KATHRYN PERINI B.S., General Studies TRACEY PIERCE B.S.. General Studies MILINDA PIET B.S., General Studies DEBORAH POLLARD B.S., General Studies KATHLEEN RASMUSSEN B.S.. General Studies LESLIE RIPLEY B.S., General Studies SHAUNA RUSSELL B.S., General Studies LYNN SAKATA B.S., General Studies TERRI SALSBURY B.S., General Studies TERESITA SARACHO B.S., General Studies CATHY SCHMIDT B.S., General Studies MARTHA SCHREIBER B.S., General Studies CHARLOTTE SEWELL B S,, General Studies BARBARA SHOCK B.S., Education LINDA SIERRA B.S., General Studies ALISON SQUIRE B.S., General Studies DOREAN STERN B S.. Education HASAN TAYEB B S . Education ANNA VEGA B.S., Education AMY VOSS B S,, General Studies SUSAN VOYLES MS, Ed., Education LAURA WEISS B.S., Education KAREY WELSH B.S.. General Studies NANETTE WHITE B.S., General Studies BARBARA WITTMAN B.S., Education CHRISTINE ZIMMERMAN B.S., Education GRACE ZUBIA B.S., Education ABDELKADER ABOELLAOUI B.S.. Electrical Engineering NDUKWE AKWARI B.S., Petroleum Engineering SULAIMAN AL-MATTAR B.S., Biomedical Engineering RIAH AL-MAZEEDI M.S.. Industrial and Systems Engineering SALAH AL-MAZEEDI B.S.. Chemical Engineering ADNAN ALSALEH B.S.. M.S.. Computer Science WAYEL AL-SANE B.S.. Ctiemical Engineering ABDULRIDHA AL-SHAWWAF B.S.. Engineering AISIAH ALUWI B.S . Industrial and Systems Engineering EDDY ALVARADO M.S.. Civil Engineering CRAIG ANDERSON B.S.. Civil Engineering MICHAEL ANDERSON B.S . Chemical Engineering BENTON ALI M.S.. Electrical Engineering ROBERT BABAYAN M.S., Computer Science RICHARD BAGDAZIAN B.S.. Electrical Engineering MARK BAKER B.S., Electrical Engineering MUSTAPHA BATTATA B.S., Electrical Engineering DANIEL BOSTROM JOSEPH BOTTOM B.S., Electrical Engineering CARL BOURNE B.S., Chemical Engineering RICHARD BRINGHAM B.S.. Biomedical Engineering ROBERT CERRETA B.S.. Civil Engineering GILBERT CHAN B.S.. Electrical Engineering YUH-HUU CHANG B.S., Electrical Engineering TIMOTHY CHUNN B.S., Mechanical Engineering CHAD-PING CHO M.S., Mechanical Engineering TOMMY CHOY B.S., Computer Science MICHAEL CLAYBROOKS B.S., Electrical Engineering DAVID CRAIN Ph.D., Materials Science JAMES CUBBON B.S., Electrical Engineering MOHAMMAD DANESH B.S., Electrical Engineering MICHAEL DE LEON B.S., Chemical Engineering JOSE DEMARCA Ph.D., Electrical Engineering STEVEN DIXON B.S., Civil Engineering WINSLOW DUFF B.S., Electrical Engineering MICHAEL DUNN B.S., Aerospace Engineering STEVEN ELBINGER B.S., Computer Science MANI ETEMAD M.S., Computer Science ROBERT FARASAT B.S., Civil Engineering SHAHRAM FARHANGI M.S., Mechanical Engineering JOHN FELIX B.S., Aerospace Engineering YAJAIRA FERNANDEZ B.S., Chemical Engineering CARLOS FONSECA B.S., Civil Engineering 1 MOULOUD GADI B.S., Petroleum Engineering GUSTAVO GALINDO B.S., Civil Engineering VICENTE GARCIA B.S , Electrical Engineering SALVADOR GONZALEZ B.S., Computer Science SHAHRAM HAGHIGHAT B.S., Industrial Engineering MARK HANSON B.S , Industrial and Systems Engineering ROBERT HASS B.S.. Engineering RICHARD HASTING B.S.. Ctiemical Engineering ROBERT HILL B.S.. Civil Engineering GARY HOLCOMB B.S.. Mechanical Engineering RICHARD HORRIGAN M.S., Electrical Engineering JAMES HUEY M.S., Electrical Engineering TUFAN INCE B.S., Mechanical Engineering ASAD ISMAEEL B.S., Electrical Engineering JOHN JAKUBOWSKI B.S., Electrical Engineering JOHNNY JAVIER M.S., Chemical Engineering JOSE JIRON B.S., Industrial and Systems Engineering DAVID JOHNSON B.S., Electrical Engineering PATRICIA KACZMAREK B.S., Electrical Engineering SUCHART KANGWARNJIT B S.. Eler ' -ical Engineering JEARELL KELLEY B.S.. Biomedical Engineering SHAO-PI KUNG M.S.. Mechanical Engineering VICTOR KUNG B.S., Chemical Engineering FERIT KURTKAN M.S., Structural Engineering FARHAD LAKANI M.S.. Civil Engineering WAI-HO LAM B.S., Industrial and Systems Engineering BIJAN LASHGARI M.S.. Electrical Engineering GARY LEE B.S., Chemical Engineering RAYMOND LEW B.S.. Engineering DAVID LEWIS B.S., Electrical Engineering Olin Hall of Engineering is located in the recently developed southwest corner of campus. MILTON LEWIS B,S,, Computer Science LIGIONO LIJANTO B,S., Electrical Engineering FRANCISCO LOPEZ B.S.. Electrical Engineering MICHAEL LOPEZ !.S., Biomedical Engineering DAVID MARKS B.S., Civil Engineering MARK MCPHAIL B.S., Chemical Engineering MARINA MELKONIAN M.S. Petroleum Engineering BURTON MILLER M.S., Industrial Engineering WAYNE MINDLE B.S., Civil Engineering RUBEN MITCHELL B.S., Mechanical Engineering I HADI MORSHED M.P.L., Urban Planning M.S.C.E.. Engineering SAEED MOUSSAJI B,S,. Industrial Systems Engineering CARLOS MUNOZ B.S., Biomedical Engineering STEVEN MURATA B.S , Electrical Engineering JOHN NAKAMURA B.S.. Electrical Engineering SINA NESHAT B.S.. Mechanical Engineering WILLIAM NICHOLSON B,S , Electrical Engineering KANJI NIWA B.S., Ctiemical Engineering JAMES NUGENT B.S., Biomedical Engineering MICHAEL OBERTO B.S., Biomedical Engineering DONN OKUMURA B.S-, Electrical Engineering MARK OVERTURE B S., Mectianical Engineering HAMID PANBECHI B S-, Mechanical Engineering JEFFREY PETERSON B.S,, Electrical Engineering JOHN PHILIPPAS MS,, Engineering ROGER PLYLER B.S,, Petroleum Engineering BRIAN QUEEN B.S,, Electrical Engineering CATHERINE RAMIREZ B,S,. Computer Science DAVID REYNOLDS B,S.. Electrical Engineering TANZEEM RIZVI MS,, Electrical Engineering RICHARD RODRIGUEZ B,S,, Computer Science MOHAMMAD ROOSTAEYAN B S., Electrical Engineering ALAN SARGEANT B S,, Electrical Engineering GEORGE SCHNERK B,S,, Petroleum Engineering JAMES SCHRAGE B,S,, Civil Engineering STEVEN SEGIEN B,S,. Mechanical Engineering ALFRED SEITA B S,, Computer Science PHILIP SHEEHAN B S,, Petroleum Engineering Geology DAVID SHIBANO B,S,. Electrical Engineering MYONG SHIN B S., Chemical Engineering 245 B.S STEVEN SHRYOCK . Petroleum Engineering RODOLFO SINGH B.S., Computer Science KENNETH SMITH 3,, Electrical Engineering CARL SONNIER MS,, Electrical Engineering WILLIAM STEPHENS ).. Electrical Engineering RODNEY STEWART B,S,, Electrical Engineering JOHN SUDDUTH i.S,, Mechanical Engineering GAIL SULLIVAN B,S., Civil Engineering TIMOTHY SULLIVAN .S,, Mechanical Engineering TONY SUTJIAWAN ,S,, Mechanical Engineering CHARLES TANG Ph,D,. Electrical Engineering GLENN TANNER B.S.. Mechanical Engineering MOHAMMAD TASOOJI B.S., Electrical Engineering ALI TASSOUDJI M.S., Civil Egineering TEK, TJAN B,S,, Engineering ARTHUR VAUTLER-FRAWLO MS,, Civil Engineering RICHARD VILLALOBOS B.S., Electrical Engineering DELVIN WALKER B,S,, Civil Engineering KAREN WAT MS,, Computer Science RALPH WATERS B.S,, Mechanical Engineering TERRY WIBLITZHOUSER B.S., Electrical Engineering HIRAM WILLIS B.S,, Electrical Engineering ANGELA WONG B.S,, Computer Science FRANK WONG MS., Environmental Engineering SIOUYICK WONG B,S,, Electrical Engineering WILLIAM WONG M.S., Environmental Engineering HARRY WU B.S., Chemical Engineering TSUYOSHI YAMAMOTO M.S., Civil Engineering ANDREW YEO B.S., Aerospace HAROLD YUAN l,S,, Mechanical Engineering 246 i KATHLEEN LEM B.S., Gerontology HARVEY LUM B.S,, Gerontology JEAN RARIG B.S,. Gerontology LISA TAKAHASHI B S , Gerontology TERESE TRUJILLO B.S., Gerontology CAROLINE TUTTLE B.S., Gerontology PATRICIA WAKIMOTO B S., Gerontology CHARLES WUNDERLICH B.S.. Gerontology VALERIE ZERA B S-. Gerontology The patio of the Andrus Gerontology Center provides a refreshing Lj ■ I KY ri 1 1 1 O Q FLORENCIO AGUILAR A B . Linguistics EFFIE ANASTASSIOU A.B.. Russian History RICHARD ANDERSON A,B.. English TERESA ATENCIO A,B,, Portuguese-Brazilian Studies CHARLES BARNES A.B.. English KELLY BARTLETT w Comparative Literature K jl MARYAM BLEAM K ' ff A.B., Spanish m T y ELLEN BRANDLIN % I - 1 A.B., French 1 ' DEBRA BRESLOW A.B.. French MARLENE BROOKINS K kii B A.B., English ibmh CELESTE BROWN pr ' iH A.B-, English r B B MARSHA BROWN i ' l English Psychology X B 1 1 LINDA BURRS m ' ' ' ' k 1 1 A.B., Humanities B ' ' - ' 1 Ih MARIE BUSCO . flU 1 A.B., Art History Ti. 1 NANCY CASTANEDA L JL . 1 A.B., Spanish W mKm JOHN CAVANAUGH A B , Philosophy MARILYN CHAN A.B., East Asian Languages and Cultures MARYANN COLVILLE A.B., French JALINE COMAN A.B., German MARK CORAZZA A.B., English RANDALL CORBER A.B., English PATRICIA COSTELLO A.B., German VIVIAN COTTON A.B., English STEPHANIE GROSSMAN A,B., English DOUGLASS CYR A.B., English BARBARA DARBY A.B., English MONETTE DAVIS A.B., Spanish ELOISA DINGCONG A.B., Linguistics ALLISON DUNN A.B., Art History CATHERINE DWIGHT A.B., English P . 1 JESSE EASLEY A,B., English K r L. WILLIAM EFFLER B F° " " K. A.B , Religion P B K REBECCA FLORES K L ] J - V A.B,, English P ' V ' VIVIAN FLORES K VA , B A,B., Linguistics K If , 0 KATHRYN FLYNN l b l A.B-, German Hl l Ig l l LAUREL FRIEL A.B,. English JENNIFER GATES A.B., English DEBORAH GOMES A.B . English ANN GOROSTIZA A,B., French Spanish CATHLEEN GRIFFIN A.B., English JODY GURROLA A.B .English BENJAMIN HADDAD A.B . Philosophy DEBORAH HADLEY A.B.. English BARBARA HALE A.B., English French KATHLEEN HAMER A.B., French Italian GLENN HAUSDORFER A.B., English JAY HEISLER A.B., Linguistics JANICE HERRING A.B., Spanish Luso- Brazilian Studies HEATHER HOLMBACK A.B., Linguistics LORETTA lANNALFO A B., French ATSUKO KANAI A.B., East Asian Languages and Cultures KAREN KENNEDY A.B.. English ROBERT KRATOCHVIL A.B.. English CHRISTINE LEE A.B.. East Asian Languages and Cultures CANDI LEE A.B., English SANDREA LE FLORE A.B.. English MABEL LIM A.B.. English CYNTHIA MACDONALD A.B., Philosophy MARTHA MAGEE A.B.. English MARIE MARSH A.B., Philosophy Political Science DIANE MESSERSCHMITT A.B., English CRAIG NEWTON A.B., English SUSAN ODER A.B., English Music PHYLLIS OKUMURA A.B., East Asian Languages and Cultures EDWARD PADILLA A.B.. English BEATRICE PITA A,B., Spanish LEONARD PITTS A.B., English FRANCES QUINTERO A.B., Spanish KAREN REED A B . English DIANE REYNOLDS A.B., Art History BETSEY RITZ A.B., Comparative Literature ISABEL RODRIGUEZ A.B.. Art History LYNN ROMANS A.B,, Spanish PAMELA SANDERS A,B,, German JUICHI SHIODA A.B.. East Asian Languages and Cultures ALLEN SIMKIN A.B., Religion PATRICK SKELLEY A.B,. Religion WARD SKINNER A.B., German MICHAEL SLOAN A.B.. East Asian Languages and Cultures GREGORY SMITH A.B., Philosophy LAURA SOLI A.B., French LAURIE STROMER A B., English GRACE TAN A.B., East Asian Languages and Cultures PETER THOMPSON A.B.. English JACALYN TOM A.B., East Asian Studies ANN TREPTE A.B., Art History ROBERT TROIANO A.B.. French DAVID URESTI A.B., Philosophy BRUCE WATERS A.B., English DAVID WECKERLY A.B., Spanish JOHN WILLEY A B , German MICHAEL WILSON A.B.. Religion KIM WOO East Asian Languages and Cultures ANGELA YATES A.B,, Philosophy GRACE YOSHIMOTO A.B., English MICHELLE DUNN A B,, Spanish Italian History MONTE HETLUND B S., Biology Gerontology ROSS LA MANNA A,B.. Screenwntlng MARYELLEN MATASSO JOSEPH MERMELSTEIN B S , Biology ' Gerontology WILLIAM MITCHELL DENNIS MULHAUPT A B., International Relations Social Psyctiology JERI ROWE A.B , Recreational and Educational Programming for the Disabled RISA RYGER B S.. Psychosomatic Illness TOMME YOUNG B S., Social Ecology MARY ANN GALANTE i! J D , Law CLIFTON SMITH. JR. J D.. Law MICHAEL SUTTON J D.. Law MICHAEL YUSKIS J D.. Law The Musick Law Center, the oldest law school in the Southwest, is tradi- tionally noted for close and informal student-faculty relations. Library Sciences KATHERINE CHAN M.S.L.S., Library Science MAGGIE JOHNSON M.S.L.S., Library Science Natural Sciences and Math DAVID ABDUNNUR B.S.. Biology ALAN ADACHI B.S., Biology KWARI ALUWI B.S,, Biology ANDRE ANDERSON K B.S,, Biology K t k. ANTHONY ANDERSON HP k B.S., Biology V C - H GARRICK ANDERSON K w ' t B.S,, Geology W . A LARRY ANDERSON ■ JfTf ib B.S., Biology ■k jH BRIAN ANDREWS B HK fl B B.S.. Biology mmg RUDY ANDRIANI B.S., Biology PAUL ASAI B.S., Biology DUANE ASAO B.S., Biology ROBERT AUDELL B.S., Biology SAKO BEDROSIAN B.S., Biology 1 kMmA ' id w JOHN BOGHOSIAN B.S , Chemistry DAVID BOGOCH A.B., Physical Education JEFFREY BOGOSIAN OS, Biology JACK BONURA B S . Biology GREGORY BRENT B.S.. Biology GARY BUCKLEY B,S,, Biology IRENE BUCHYNSKY B.S.. Chemistry RICHARD BUSHEY PhD , Physical Education JERI CAMERON B.S., Geology SUSAN CAMPBELL A.B,, Physical Education VINCENT CARUSO B.S,. Biology DELISA CELAYA B S , Biology RICHARD CHAN B.S., Biology PAMELA CHANEY B.S . Biology CRISTINA CHAVEZ B.S,. Biology KEVIN CHEUNG B.S., Biology FRANK CHIN B.S., Biology LAWRENCE CHONG B S.. Biology THOMAS CHURCH B.S.. Biochemistry GARY CLARK B.S.. Biology DAVID COSTANZA B.S., Biology DUANE COX B.S-. Biology DARYL CRANON B.S.. Biology JOSE CUETO B.S.. Biology DAVID DAVIDSON B.S.. Biology EDWARD DE COOK B.S . Biology RONALD DELANO B S , Biology CRAIG DENIO 8 S., Biology MARIA DONLEY A.B.. Physical Education DEAN DUNN B.S , Geology HOWARD ENTIN B.S.. Biology DONNA ETO B.S.. Biology MANUEL FERNANDEZ M.S.. Geology GARRETT FALLMER B.S., Chemistry DRUANNE FORTHMANN A. 8., Physical Education LAFAYETTE FRANKLIN B.S., Biology MELANIE FREEMAN B.S., Biology TODD FREEMAN B.S., Biology BARBARA GEE B.S., Biology JOHN GENERALES B.S., Biology BETTY GIBA B.S., Biology PATRICIA GONZALES B.S.. Biology SCOTT GREEN B.S., Biology HELEN GUERRERO A.B.. Math DEAN HARA B.S., Biology KAREN HARRIS B.S., Biology MICHAEL HARRIS B.S., Biology PAUL HARTZHEIM B.S., Chemistry DAVID HEATH B.S., Biology KAIA HEDLUND Physical Education ALLISEN HENDRICK B.S., Biology CONRAD HERNANDEZ B.S., Biology COLLEEN HICKS A.B., Math DANIEL HIGHTOWER B.S,, Biology CARL HINTON B.S., Biology TA-LIN HSIANG M.S., Biology DAVID HUNT B.S,, Biology JOANNE HWANG B.S., Biology MICHAEL JACOBS B.S,, Biology JOHN JACOBSON B.S., Physics HARRY JOE B S,, Biology MILKA JOJKIC B S-, Biology JEFFREY JONES B.S., Biology BRADLEY JUDD B.S., Chemistry RUBEN KADIR B.S., Biology LISA KAMMERMAN M.S., Biometry RICHARD KANN B.S., Biology WAYNE KASAI B.S., Biology ANDREW KATNIK B.S , Biology ALAN KATZ B.S-, Physics RUSSELL KEATING B.S., Biology DAVID KENNEY B.S., Biology RICHARD KERCZ B.S., Biology MICHELLE KING B.S., Biology KATHERINE KLUG A.B.. Physical Education KRIS KOCHER B.S., Biology NOLINDA KRAFT B.S., Biology DANIEL KULICK B.S., Biology MARIANNE KUSHI B.S., Biology GREGORY KUZMA B S.. Geology NORMAN LACY A.B., Physical Education SHERYL LAMOREAUX A.B., Physical Education KENNETH LANDAU B.S . Biology SABRINA LANUM B.S., Biology GREGORY LASKOWSKI B.S., Biochemistry SUSAN LATTER B.S., Biology JORDAN LEE B S.. Biology WILLIAM LEE B.S., Biology ROLAND LEW B.S., Math PATRICK LOPEZ B.S.. Biology IT JACQUELINE LOVETT 1 B.S., Biology jjbJ13 % CHI MA Wr mti B.S.. Chemistry l rV KATHERINE MACA - ' y B.S., Biology ■v VICTOR MATSUNAGA j t W - " V B.S.. Biology M 1 - KEVIN MC ALLISTER MT " • i im B.S., Geology L , ,J i w ' ROBERT MC VICKER ¥ m. B.S., Biology JiP HENRY MELTON K f -- B.S., Biology T - - f SHARON MILLAR B,S.. Chemistry 1, DIANE MILLER . d kft JaM B.S., Biology QH| r S WESLEY MIZUTANI 1 H B.S., Biology iHfll 1 DWAINE NELSON B.S., Biology The Salvatori Computer Science Center is used by computer science students ar preparing card stunt directions. SHARON NEMECHEK B.S., Biology ANNA NIEWIEROWICZ B.S , Biology DON NISHIGUCHI 8 S.. Biology TOM NOLAN B S., Biology VALERIE NOTRICA B S , Biology KENNETH NESSEN B.S , Biology MARK ODOU B.S-, Biology CYNTHIA OGASAWARA B S . Biology WILLIAM OGRADY MA, Physical Education INNOCENT OKERULU B S . Biology TIMOTHY OMAN B.S., Biology EUGENE ONG B.S., Biology YOSHI ONO B.S . Chemistry NORMA ORTEGA B.S., Chemistry HYEON PARK B S., Physics ERNESTO PARRA B.S., Biology CHARLES PELLETIER B.S., Biology GALEN PETOYAN B.S., Biology MARK PICKERING B.S . Biology GARY PIERCE B S., Biology LINDA POLADIAN B S.. Biology JEFFREY POLLACK AS., Chemistry JAMES PRATTY B S , Biology TERESA RACETTE A B , Physical Education KEITH RAMSEY B.S , Biology JOHN RANDO B.S., Biology MICHAEL REITZ B S , Biology ANTON RIADY B.S.. Biology NANCY RICHARDSON B.S.. Biology KATHERINE ROGERS A B , Physical Education B.S. LUCILLE ROMERO pr-— -■ Biological Science ja TERESA ROMERO B.S., Biology M - ' " L. RICHARD ROSSO L ' " ' 1 B,S., Biology t»r J L. WILLIAM RUIZ Ka S S L - B,S., Biology ■ ShQ bI JOHN RYAN Bh K H B.S,, Biology HH I JAMES SADO B.S., Geology GLENN SAITA B.S., Biology MELANIE SALATA i., Physical Education ARTHUR SALCEDO B.S.. Biology DARLENE SAMPSON B.S.. Biology MICHAEL SANFORD B., Physical Education JOHN SCHIBLER B.S,, Biology JAMES SCHNEIDER B.S.. Astronomy SUSAN SCHRACK A.B., Recreation MICHAEL SCHRAGER B.S., Biology MARK SCHWENE m " ' " IB B.S., Physics w Tj 1 JAMES SCOTT i JH A 1 B.S., Biology ¥ J yB f 1 2 JOE SERRANO ■ - II A.B,, Math ,. imi GARY SHARP B S , Biology Adi BI DONALD SHIMIZU B.S., Biology ■■i STEVEN SHIMOYAMA M . 1 B.S., Biology Hf ' Mt VICTORIA SHOOK W L m B.S., Biology f F DELMAR SHORT B.S.. Biology t ■ " ' j CINDA SHRADER R w i 3., Physical Education BS Bk H Bl CLIFFORD SIMS I bSwI hI B.S., Biology m ANN SMITH A.B., Math JENNIFER SMITH B.S., Biology MARK SPINO Physical Education JANET STEPANIAK B S , Biology RALPH STOCK B.S,, Chemistry fc fel fc OSCAR STREETER B.S.. Biology CHARLENE SUGIYAMA B,S , Biology OSCAR SZEGECZKY B S , Biology TERRANCE TAJIMA B.S., Chemistry PETER TAKACS B S,. Chemistry DOREEN TAKIGAWA B.S.. Chemistry DAVID TANG B.S., Chemistry DAVID TANOUYE B.S., Biology WILBUR TATUM B.S., Biology MELINDA THUN B.S., Biology TIMOTHY TOBIAS B.S,. Biology ALICE TOLBERT B.S., Biology SUZANNE TOYAMA B,S.. Biology MARK TSUCHIYOSE B.S., Biology RONALD UNGER B.S., Biology KEITH UTLEY B.S., Biology ROBIN VOLKMAN B.S,, Biology KENNETH WEIR B S., Physics MARK WHALEN B.S., Biology STEVEN WIENER B.S , Biology JAMES WIGGLESWORTH B.S., Chemistry WILLIE WILKINS B.S., Biology MIA WILSON B-S,, Biology BERTRAM WONG B.S.. Biology BRIAN WONG B.S-, Biology DONNA WOO B S . Biology WILLIAM WRIGHT B.S., Biology MARY YAMAMOTO B.S,, Biology ROD YAMAUCHI B.S., Biology DAN YOKOYAMA B.S.. Biology 259 DEBBIE CORBETT M.S.. Physical Therapy CELESTE CRISWELL M.S.. Physical Therapy DARLYN DEPUTY B.S.. Occupational Therapy CAROLYN FURUSHIRO B.S , Occupational Therapy YUKIE HAMADA B.S,, MS, Physical Therapy POLLY HARVEY B.S,, MS,, Physical Therapy KATHERINE HAWKINS . B.S,, Physical Therapy SHARON HAYASHI B.S-, Occupational Therapy CAROL HIRATA B.S., Occupational Therapy ANTHONY HUNTHAUSEN M.S., Physical Therapy PATRICIA JOHNSON M.S., Physical Therapy ARLENE KAPPE . Occupational Therapy KAREN KARBO B.S., Physical Therapy B.A,, English GAYLE KAWAGUCHI ., Occupational Therapy BARBARA LATHROP . Occupational Therapy RUTH LUNDSTROM M.S.. Physical Therapy ZOEY MAILLOUX .. Occupational Therapy KAREN MC LELLAN .. Occupational Therapy MARIA MEJIA M.S.. Physical Therapy TERESA MOLINA M.S.. Physical Therapy M.S. B.S. B.S B.S. B.S PATRICIA NAGAISHI Occupational Therapy DANELL NEUMEN Occupational Therapy STEPHANIE TALLEY M.S. Physical Therapy JAN RYAN Occupational Therapy LOUISE SUMPTER . Occupational Therapy Occupational Therapy Physical Therapy r f I CAROL TOMASINI MS-, Physical Therapy TIMOTHY VISELLI B S , Physical Therapy AKO WAKANO B.S., M.S., Physical Therapy JUDY WONG B.S.. M.S.. Physical Therapy Performing Arts BRAD ARENSMAN M FA., Cinema PAMELA ARMSTRONG A B., Drama DEBRA ARNOVITZ B F A.. Drama SUSAN AZARET B M.. Music Performance WILLIAM BATES A.B.. Drama BARBARA BINGHAM B.M., Music Performance JAMES BLAZEJACK B M , Music Education GUAM BOWEN A B , Drama NICOLE BUSH B-M., Music Performance LOUANN BYDALEK B F A , Drama CATHERINE CHAVEZ A, B, Drama PAUL CHAVEZ A.B., Cinema MOIRA CIGLEDY B.M., Music Performance JULIE CUMMINGS B.M., Music ROBIN DENSON A.B., Drama DONALD DETZEL B.M , Music Performance A NN DUBINETZ A.B., Drama ROBERT DUERR B.M., Music JAMES EDWARD B M., Music Education MARTINA FINK A B . Drama Speech JEFF FLORO B M . Music Performance ANAHIT GASPARIAN B M , Music Performance LESLIE GIAMMANCO B.M., Vocal Arts PETER GOLDSTEIN A.B., Cinema JANICE GOTO A.B., Cinema History and Criticism PATRICK GREGSTON A.B., Cinema KENNETH GRIMSLEY A.B., Cinema STEPHEN HENSLEY i.M., Music Performance MICHELE HIGA B.M., Music STEVE JACOBSON A.B., Cinema HEIDI JAFFEE A.B., Drama STEVEN KEMPER A. B, Cinema NANCY KEMPNER A.B. Drama SUSAN KOPPEL A.B., Drama ANN MARIE KREUTZER A.B , Drama Ttie Eileen Norris Cinema Theatre, newly dedicated in October 1976, is one of the newest addi- tions to the Performing Arts Center. CYNTHIA LEE B.M., Music Education BRAD LIEBERMAN A.B., Drama GEORGE LUTHRINGER M.A., Cinema VINCENT MATSUDAIRA M.F.A., Cinema FRANK MERWALD M.F.A., Cinema RANDALL MILLER A.B., Cinema CANDY MOBLEY B.F.A., Drama PAMELA MONROE A.B., Drama MARK NARDONE A.B , Cinema CYNTHIA PALECZNY i.M., Music Education I SHELLEY PHELPS B.M , Cello Performance CRAIG PRIDMORE B.M.. Music Education TONI ELIZABETH PRIMA B F A , Drama CARLOS RAMET A.B., Cinema Engljsh JOHN RICH A.B.. Drama LESLIE ROSEN A.B.. Film Production THOMAS RUBEL A,B., Cinema ZOLTAN SABADOS Ph.d,, Communications Cinema JAMES SATO A.B.. Drama RICHARD SAVIN BF.A, Drama DOV SCHARF MM., Music Conducting MICHAEL SCHUMAN M.F.A., Professional Writing PATRICIA SHANAHAN B.M.. Music Education ROGER SHINGAI B.M . Trumpet Music Education DAWN SMITHFIELD B.F.A., Drama GRACE TANAKA A.B.. Music JANICE TANAKA A.B,, Cinema DOROTHY THACHER BF.A. Drama RICHARD TODD B.M.. French Horn RONNIE TYSON BF.A.. Drama JAMES VANDEVEER A.B.. Vocal Music DIANA VAN DEN BOOGAARD M.F.A., Cinema DAVID VAN IDERSTINE A.B.. Cinema CHERYL WAITE A.B., Music MARK WATTERS B M., Saxophone BRIAN WHITLEY A.B., Cinema ROBERT WILSON B.M.. Music WILLIAM WRIGHT A B , Cinema DOLLY ZACHARY A.B., Drama LARRY ZALKINO A.B., Music Performance Education Pharmacy ADRIAN BAL Pharm.D., Pharmacy JACK BAUM Pharm.D., Pharmacy PAUL BENSON Pharm.D., Pharmacy HOWARD BESBRIS Pharm.D., Pharmacy PAULA BIBB Pharm.D., Pharmacy RANDY BOHART Pharm.D,, Pharmacy DAVID BOOHER Pharm.D., Pharmacy LINDA BRACKEN Pharm.D., Pharmacy EDWARD BUBAR Pharm.D., Pharmacy DEAN BUTCHART Pharm.D., Pharmacy ROBERT CASTANEDA Pharm.D, Pharmacy WAYLAND CHAN Pharm.D., Pharmacy TERI CHANG Pharm.D., Pharmacy STANLEY CHUN Pharm.D.. Pharmacy SUSAN COOK Pharm.D., Pharmacy DAVID D ' ALTORIO Pharm.D., Pharmacy CHARLES DAVIS Pharm.D., Pharmacy AILEEN DIMURO Pharm.D., Pharmacy EMILY DU VALL Pharm.D., Pharmacy BETTY DYKE Pharm.D., Pharmacy BART ENG Pharm.D., Pharmacy GLENN ETOW Pharm.D., Pharmacy ANGELA FAN Pharm.D., Pharmacy LILLIAN FLUGER Pharm.D,, Pharmacy REINALDO FONG Pharm.D , Pharmacy f M o SONIA FORD Pharm. D . Pharmacy ERIC FORSSEN Pharm. D , Pharmacy MARY FUSHIKI Pharm D . Pharmacy WAYNE FUJITAKI Pharm D., Pharmacy KIM GAPPA Pharm D,, Pharmacy DANIEL GELBER Pharm. D . Pharmacy FELICE GIELICZ Pharm. D,. Pharmacy ROBERT GLASSMAN Pharm D., Pharmacy MARVIN GOLDFARB Pharm. D , Pharmacy EILEEN GOODIS Pharm, D.. Pharmacy JEFFERY HALLER Pharm. D., Pharmacy DOLLY HARRIS Pharm. D.. Pharmacy LINDA HARRIS Pharm D . Pharmacy MICHAEL HARVEY Pharm D . Pharmacy ROBERT HAYASHI Pharm. D . Pharmacy GARY IDEMOTO Pharm D . Pharmacy KENNETH IRYIE Pharm D . Pharmacy JAMES JEFFERY Pharm. D , Pharmacy MARIO JIMENEZ Pharm D , Pharmacy MARILYN JONES Pharm. D.. Pharmacy LARRY JUNG Pharm. D , Pharmacy ARTHUR KILN Pharm D.. Pharmacy ESTHER KIM Pharm, D,. Pharmacy KENNETH KINOSHITA Pharm D., Pharmacy ROBERT KO Pharm. D . Pharmacy ANNA KOSCH Pharm D . Pharmacy LAUREEN KRUP Pharm D , Pharmacy MARY LAMBERTUS Pharm, D . Pharmacy ALICE LARUE Pharm D . Pharmacy STEPHEN LASH Pharm D . Pharmacy 265 BEN LEE Pharm. D.. Pharmacy RICHARD LIAO Pharm. D., Pharmacy BERNICE LOW Pharm. D.. Pharmacy CAREY MAH Pharm. D., Pharmacy JESS MARTINEZ Pharm. D., Pharmacy RUTH MC COY Pharm. D., Pharmacy NANCY MC LAURIN Pharm. D., Pharmacy MANDEL MILLER Pharm. D.. Pharmacy EUGENE NAMIKAS Pharm. D,, Pharmacy DALE NEULS Pharm. D., Pharmacy EDWARD NG Pharm. D., Pharmacy MICHAEL NUNBERG Pharm. D,, Pharmacy RONALD O ' BRIEN Pharm. D., Pharmacy MIYO OKUBO Pharm. D., Pharmacy JOHN OKURA Pharm. D.. Pharmacy TERRENCE OLIVER Pharm, D,, Pharmacy GILBERT OW Pharm. D., Pharmacy ROBERT PACHOREK Pharm. D., Pharmacy FRED PRINGLE Pharm. D., Pharmacy RICHARD PRITT Pharm. D., Pharmacy WANDY QUAN Pharm. D., Pharmacy GARY RUDOLPH Pharm. D., Pharmacy HARRY SANDS Pharm. D., Pharmacy JERRY SANSING Pharm. D., Pharmacy MICHAEL SHIMA Pharm. D., Pharmacy KELVIN SHIMIZU Pharm. D., Pharmacy JEAN SMALLEY Pharm. D., Pharmacy JOHN SRAMEK Pharm. D.. Pharmacy FREDERICK TAKANO Pharm. D., Pharmacy ALAN THOMPSON Pharm. D.. Pharmacy JONICE TENETTE Pharm, D., Pharmacy DOUGLAS TIPPITT Pharm D,, Pharmacy WAYNE TOMOSADA Pharm, D,, Pharmacy FRANK TORNATORE Pharm , D , Pharmacy SHARON UEDA Pharm. D., Pharmacy DAVE VALLEN Pharm D,. Pharmacy EDWARD VON SOTHEN Pharm. D.. Pharmacy PHILLIP WADE Pharm, D.. Pharmacy PAUL WHEELER Pharm. D., Pharmacy TED WIEDMANN Pharm. D., Pharmacy LAI JING WONG Pharm, D,. Pharmacy ROSE WONG Pharm. D.. Pharmacy TAI-HING WU Pharm D., Pharmacy JOYCE YAMAUCHI Pharm. D., Pharmacy FRANKLIN YOUNG Pharm. D.. Pharmacy JOSEPH YU Pharm D., Pharmacy STANLEY ZISLIS Pharm. D.. Pharmacy Science Hall, one of the many science build- ings on campus, houses the biology, chem- istry, geology, and physics departments. Public Affairs and Administration MOHAMED ABDELRHMAN MP, A., Public Administration SERGIO ABREU MP. A.. Public Administration BEHROOZ AJANG B.S., Public Administration JIM ALEF B.S.. Public Affairs JOSEPH ALLEN B.S-, Public Administration VICTORIA ALLINSON B.S-. Public Affairs HAMAD AL-MANGOUR M PA,. Public Administration ABDULLAH AL-MOBARAK MP A., Public Administration SAMIR AL-JAMIL B S., Public Administration GARRISON LEE ANDERSON B.S.. Public Affairs International Relations CHERYL BAILEY B.S.. Public Administration LUCY BAILLARGEON B.S., Public Administration MONICA BEHRENS 8 S . Public Administration ISAAC BEROOKHIM B.S., Urban Planning VAN BETHEA B S., Public Administration MAUREEN BOYLE B.S., Public Administration DAVID BRADY B S . Public Affairs WEI-TZE CHOI 8 S., Public Administration JAMAREE CHOONHACHAT MP. A., Public Administration GEORGE COHEN MP. A,. Public Administration STEPHEN CORBO B.S., Public Affairs VICTOR CRAVELLO B S.. Public Affairs GEOFFREY DANIELS B.S., Public Administration JAY DAVIS Public Administration ALI FADLALLA Public Administration TODD FERGUSON Public Administration MARK FRIEDMAN Public Administration DIANNE FURUYA Public Administration CLIFFORD GOLDSTEIN B.S., Public Administration WANDA GOO B.S.. Public Administration DAVID GREER B.S., Public Administration STEVEN HALAS B.S,, Public Affairs JAf ES HAMMOND B S., Public Administration CYNTHIA HAWKINS MP, A,, Public Administration BRIDGET HEALY MP, A,, Public Administration JARMEL INGRAM B,S,, Public Affairs ROBERT JARCHO B,S , Public Administration THOMAS JENKINS B S,, Public Administration JULIE KAYE B,S,. Public Administration MARY ANNE KENNEDY B,S., Public Administration TERRY KUO B,S,, Public Administration BERNICE KWONG B,S,, Public Administration GEORGE LATHAM M.PL. Urban and Regional Planning BERNICE LEVY B,S,, Public Administration WAHEEB LINGAWI B.S,, Urban Planning DENISE LOUIE MPA,. Public Administration A WARREN LUCIO B.S., Public Administration KIRK MAC DOWELL B.S., Public Administration MARK MAGUIRE B.S., Public Administration RICHARD MARCUS B.S., Public Administration ROBERT MARS B.S., Public Affairs JANE MASON B.S., Public Administration ROBERT MATTHEWS B.S , Public Administration DAVIS MAUDLIN MPA., Public Administration MAUREEN MC NULTY B.S., Public Administration ELTON MICHAEL B.S.. Public Administration DENNIS MOORE B S.. Public Administration EVERETT MOORE B.S.. Public Administration ALFRED MUSANTE B.S.. Public Affairs MURAD MUSTAFA IP. A., Public Administration ALVINO NAVEJA B.S-, Public Administration LYNNE NISHIMURA B.S., Public Administration NANCY OSUNA B.S., Public Affairs MADELINE PALUMBO B.S., Public Affairs MONTE PEREZ Ph.D., Public Administration MARK PUSINELLI MP. A., Public Administration DONALD QUARRIE M.P.A., Public Administration TED SCOTT B.S., Public Administration ROBERT SILAS MP. A.. Public Administration SUDARAT SIRITHRANUKUL M.P.A., Public Administration SUSAN SPENCE B.S., Public Affairs MICHAEL STEIN Public Administration HIDEO SUGITA Public Administration JAMES TESHIMA B.S., Public Administration B.S., JANET TRACY B.S., Public Administration f PABLO VELASQUEZ B.S., Public Administration Bovard Administration Building holds the largest class on campus of 1200 students. Biology 105, in its auditorium. DANIEL VERCHES M.P.A., Public Administration SAWATDIKIAT VILAICHIT M PA., Public Administration PERRY YOUNKER B S., Public Administration LILY YAO B.S.. Public Administration PAMELA WOODRUFF B S , Public Affairs JULIE WILSON B,S,, Public Administration GAYLE WILLIAMS B,S., Public Administration MELVIN WESSON B.S., Public Administration JENE WALTER B.S-, Public Affairs SERGIO GALINDEZ MS . Safety and Systems Management MASAYUKI KITAMURA MS-, Safety and Systems Management ROY MARCOT M.S.. Safety and Systems Management MARILYN ABBOTT A.B., Psychology ANGELA ABER A.B., Psychology LINDA ACKLEY A.B., Broadcast Journalism Political Science STEVEN ACOSTA B.S , Economics CATHERINE ADAMS A.B., Political Science History PAUL ADAMS A.B., Sociology DANIEL ALBA A.B., History LESLIE ALLEN A.B., Speech Communication HASAN AL QATTAN A.B , Broadcasting LISA AMERONGEN A.B.. Political Science HOLLY ANDERSON A.B., Public Relations SCOTT AND ERSON A.B., Broadcast Journalism SUSAN ANDREWS A B , Public Relations ROSCOE ANTHONY A.B., Political Science GEORGE ARGERIS A B,, Psychology KAREN ARRASMITH A B , Psychology LYNDA ARRIOLA A.B., History KATHLEEN AUTH A.B., Political Science ZIYAD AWAD A-B,, Psychology MARY AYALA A,B.. Psychology DENNIS BACHIS A,B., Sociology NICA BAIN A. 8., Journalism JOANNE BAKER A B., Speech Communication Public Relations MARIA FELICIA BALDWIN A.B,, Journalism JOHN BARAN AS., International Relations CATHERINE BARNETT A.B.. Journalism Political Science ELAINE BARNETT A.B., Broadcast Journalism ROBERT BARRON A.B., Economics SARAH BEARD ., International Relations JULIANNE BENDHEIM A.B., Political Science ANNE BENEDETTI A B., Public Relations GENE BERMAN Speech Communication SCOTT BERNARD A.B., Psychology BECKIE BIEDEBACH , Broadcast Journalism BEVERLY BINGHAM A.B,. History TERI BLACK A.B., Public Relations VANESSA BLACKNALL A.B., Public Relations BRUCE BLAKEY A.B.. History RICHARD BLASCO A.B., Psychology CLAUDIA BLOOM A.B.. Public Relations FRANK BOGATAY Broadcast Journalism BETTE BOGSTAD A.B,, History PAULA BONADELLE A.B,, Public Relations 41 SHARON BOOKER A.B , Psychology JENNIFER BOOTY A.B., Public Relations ALAN BOWMAN A.B.. Psychology BEVERLY BOYCE A.B,, Journalism STEVEN BRADLEY A B , Journalism HUNT BRALY A.B., Political Science PATRICK BRANNEN A.B., Journalism ROBERT BRAUDE A.B., Political Science JEFFREY BRAUNER A.B., Political Science SCOTT BRAZIL A.B., Broadcast Journalism JEAN BRISENO A.B., Journalism Ethnic Studies STEPHEN BRIZENO A.B., Political Science ELEANOR BROWN A.B., Broadcasting PETER BROWN A.B., Psychology WILLIAM BROWN A.B., Economics ANDREA BRUCE A.B., Psychology BEVERLY BRYAN A.B., Speech Communication TERESA BURKE A. 8., Journalism PATRICIA BURNETTE A.B.. Psychology STEPHANIE BURNS A.B., Public Relations KATHRYN BURSON A.B., Psychology JEFFREY BUTLER A.B.. Broadcasting KAREN BUTLER A.B., Psychology MARIE BUZANIS A.B., Speech Communication LANCE CAFFRAY A.B., History Philosophy FRANCISCA CAMPBELL A.B,, Public Relations MARY CAPPELLI A,B,, Anthropology MICHELE CARDELLA A,B,, International Relations JACQUELYN CARGILL A.B,. Political Science RHONDA CARMICHAEL A.B., Speech Communication LESLEY CAROTHERS A.B,, Psychology MARK CARPENTER A B., Journalism RHONDA CARROLL A.B., Psychology CONSTANCE CASHIN M.A., Journalism ROBERT CAVALIER A,B,, Psychology GARY CERVANTES A.B., Political Science JAMES CHANTLAND A.B., Politicial Science Broadcast Journalism BUSTER CHAPMAN A.B., Psychology BARBARA CHAPPELL A.B-, Public Relations GAIL CHARLES A.B., Psychology AARON CHONG A.B., Economics DEBBIE CHRISTIANSON A.B.. Psychology GORDON CHUCHIAN A.B , History TERRENCE CHUN A.B., Psychology ROBERTA CLAIR A.B., Psychology DIANE CLARDY .. Public Relations EMMITT CLARK A.B., Psychology KERRY CLARK ., Public Relations PATRICIA CLARK A.B,, Sociology WILLIAM CLARK A.B., Economics JANET CLAYTON A.B., Journalism DAVID CODDON A.B., Journalism GILBERT COLEMAN A.B., Economics Math EDWARD COMSTOCK A.B., History MARILYN CONCEPCION A.B., Psychology LILA CONNOLLY A.B,, History SUSAN COOK A.B., Broadcast Journalism CRAIG COOPER A.B., History DAVID COSLOY A.B., Speech Communication ALLAN COUGHRAN A.B., International Relations ERNEST COUTEE, JR. A.B-, Psychology MARY COVINGTON A.B., Political Science PATRICIA COX A.B.. Broadcast Journalism DEBORAH CRAIN A,B,, Psychology JANET CREE A.B., Psychology MARY JO CROCK A,B.. History STEVEN CROSBY A.B.. History STEVEN CROWE AS.. History PATRICIA CRUM A.B., Psychology ROBIN CURLEY A.B.. Broadcasting MARK CURTIS A.B., Political Science ROBBIE CURTIS A.B.. International Relations ROBERT CURTIS A.B.. International Relations DIANE DALTON A.B., Speech Communication PAULA DANIELS A B , Broadcast Journalism LYNNE DAVIDSON A.B.. Broadcast Journalism MARK DAVIDSON A.B., Psychology CYRUS DAVIS A,B., Economics B.S.. Math DEBRA DAVIS A.B., Journalism GARY DAVIS A.B , Broadcast Journalism GEORGE DAVIS A.B , Public Relations JOSEPH DAVIS A.B.. Economics PATRICIA DAVIS A.B., Political Science ALAN DAW A.B . Spanish Urban Studies GINA DE FRANCO A.B.. Broadcast Journalism MARIE DENUNZIO A.B., Journalism DIANE DESFOR A.B., Psychology DEBBIE DETRIXHE A B.. Speech Communication MICHAEL DICKENS A.B.. Psychology MARK DICKERSON A.B., Political Science COLLEEN DIETZ A.B.. Journalism NICK DIGERALAMO A.B., Broadcast Journalism KAREN DINOTO AS., Broadcasting THOMAS DISTANISLAO A.B., Public Relations CONRAD DOL A.B,, Political Science RICHARD DOMINGUEZ A.B.. Psychology SUZANNE DONAHUE A.B., Psychology DOMINI DONION A.B., Public Relations MICHAEL DONLEY International Relations CHRISTINE DOOSE A.B., History CAROL DOUD A.B., International Relations Economics DENISE DREIER A.B. ' , Broadcast Journalism THOMAS DUCEY A.B,, Economics HEATHER DUNN A.B., Speech Communication DENISE DURAN A.B., Political Science MARITA DURKIN A.B., Sociology DONNA DUTHIE A.B., Public Relations TIMOTHY EDWARDS A.B., International Relations LEE EILS Ph.D., Communications FRANK ELLIOTT A.B., Psychology MARSHA ELLIOTT A.B., Psychology CHARLES ELLIS A.B., Political Science MARYNELLE ELLIS M.A., Political Science LOUIS ENTERANTE A.B., Psychology AUTHUR ESCALERA International Relations DAVID FARMER W 1 A.B., Psychology ■ JEFF FELLENZER P M ' A.B., Public Relations m € ' " ' ' NANCY FELLOWS 1 iL-- 1 A.B., Public Relations 1 v - p- RACHEL FERGUSON l L tX A.B., Psychology 1 vy fl GERARD FERRI ■H Broadcast Journalism HH THOMAS FICK M.A, Television Broadcasting CORRINE FILOSA A.B., Psychology ROBERT FINCH A.B., Journalism KEVIN FINK A.B., Psychology Religion JIM FISHER A.B , Psychology ROBERT FORD A.B., International Relations GAIL FORREST A.B,, Journalism LEAKFORSSBERG A.B . Psychology HERBERT FORTNER A.B., Political Science WILLIAM FOX A.B., Psychology CYNTHIA FRANCO A.B., Psychology ALAN FRIEDENTHAL A.B., Policital Science Broadcast Journalism KATHRYN FUKUDA A.B., Journalism Psychology HAL FURMAN A.B.. Political Science ARLEN FUSHIKI A.B., International Relations East Asian Languages Cultures Petroleum and Chemical Engineering, a division of the School of Engineering, is an up and coming field of study at USC due to the world- wide fuel shortage RAUL GALINDO A,B., Sociology MARIA GALINDO A.B., International Relations Spanish LEAH GASENDO A.B , Public Relations FESSEHATSION GEBRE EGOJIABHER MA,. International Relations SARA GENSTILL A.B., Social Science TERI GIBSON F A.B., Psychology DANIEL GILCREST JB B r " 1 A,B., Broadcasting J B I 1 Psychology g ' s-lki BARBARA GILMAN bI A.B., Economics EDEN GINN tjfll A.B. Public Relations B nj RUSSELL GLAUBER ' vBhS AB, Psychology iib h NICHOLAS GONZALES A.B.. Broadcast Journalism SUSAN GOOTNICK A.B., Speech Communication NINA GORDON A.B.. Public Relations JANICE GORMLEY A.B,, Public Relations BARBARA GOSS A.B. Journalism MELANIE GOSS A.B., History JAMES GRANT A.B.. Psychology RICHARD GRAY A.B.. History FERIS GREENBERGER A.B. Political Science RUTH GREATHOUSE A.B., Speech Communication ROBIN GREENWAY A.B.. Public Relations LESLIE GREIF A.B.. Speech Communication GARY GRENELL A.B., Psychology THOMAS GRIMM A.B., Broadcasting MARC GROSSMAN A.B., Public Relations NORMAN GUY A.B., Sociology CATHY GUZMAN A.B.. Sociology GEORGE HALAS A.B., Psychology MARY HALL A.B., Broadcasting MARY HAMEL A.B., Psychology 278 DEBORAH HAMPTON A,B., Psychology SANDRA HANEY AS., Public Relations MARY HARRISON A,B,, History SUSAN HART A,B.. Journalism DANIEL HASPERT A.B.. Psychology NELSON HATANAKA AS., Sociology JEFFREY HATHAWAY A.B., Political Science JAMES HATTORI A.B., Broadcast Journalism CHRIS HAY A.B.. Public Relations ADA HEARD A. 8.. History PAUL HEARD A.B,, Psychology KAREN HEERMAN A.B., Public Relations KATERI HELWIG A.B.. Public Relations DONNIE HICKMAN A.B., Sociology BARBARA HILL A.B., International Relations Math WENDY HILL A.B,, Psychology TERRY HILLIS A,B., Economics English ROGER HINSHAW A,B,, International Relations Political Science ALICIA HIRSCH A. 8., Communicative Disorders VINCENT HITT A.B., Public Relations VICKIE HIX A.B.. History MARC HOFFMAN A. 8,, Psychology PETER H0GE800M A.B,, International Relations ROBIN HOLLAND A,B,, Public Relations DENISE HOLT A,B,, Journalism CAROLYN HOM A. 8.. Journalism LUISA HONG A,B,. Sociology Psychology VINCENT HONNOLD A.B,. International Relations SHELLEY HOOSE A.B,. Journalism ROBERT HOWELL A B,, Sociology LEEZA HOYT A.B., Public Relations THOMAS HUCHEL A.B.. Speech Communication JAMES HUCKABY A.B., Psychology MICHAEL HUGHES A.B., Political Science ANGELA HUl A.B., Psychology Broadcasting BARBARA HUNT A.B., Public Relations ANGELA HUNTER A.B.. Public Relations WILLIAM HUSTEDT A.B., Public Relations SUNJIN HWANG M.A.. Economics JULIE INOUYE A.B., Speech Pathology NANCY INOUYE A.B., Psychology TAMSIE IRVAN A.B., Anthropology MICHAEL ITO A.B . Psychology ADRIANNE JACKSON A.B., Psychology BELINDA JACKSON A.B., Sociology ROWIN JACOBI A.B , Public Relations NANCY JACOBUS A.B., International Relations STEVEN JAHNKE A.B., Journalism SCOTT JAMES A.B., Psychology GEOFFREY JANOS A.B., International Relations WILMA JENKINS Speech Communication KEN JOHNSON A.B., Geography Urban Studies Philosophy PATRICIA A. JOHNSON A.B., Sociology PATRICIA JOHNSON A,B., Economics TERRY JOHNSON A.B., History DEBORAH JOHNSTON A.B., Psychology MICHAEL JOHNSTON A.B., Psychology PATRICIA JONES A.B., Psychology PAMELA JORDAN A.B.. Political Science PAUL JOSEPH A.B., Broadcasting KATHY KALABA A.B., Psychology ANITA KALISH A.B., International Relations French FERRIS KAPLAN A,B,, Broadcast Journalism WILLIAM KAPPELMAN A.B . Broadcasting HOWARD KATCHEN A.B., International Relations STEVEN KATZ A.B,, Economics Broadcasting ANGELLA KAWASHIMA A.B., International Relations KAREN KAY A B . Psychology JUDY KELLY A.B., Psychology RIVA KESTENBAUM A B , Sociology NOREEN KEVANY A.B., Anthropology HELEN KHALATIAN A.B, Psychology DEBRA KIKKAWA A.B., Psychology GILBERT KIL A.B., Economics DEBRA KILMER A.B., Speech Communication VERONICA KING A.B . Psychology CHRISTOPHER KOHLBRY A.B.. Political Science History ANNETTE KOHN A.B . Psychology WILLIAM KOLLAR ' .B., International Relations MARK KOMPA A B . History BRIAN KRAMER A.B., Geography Urban Studies DORIAN KRAMER A.B.. Political Science KARL KREBS A.B., International Relations ROBERTA KREUTER A.B , Sociology GILBERT KWANG A.B.. Broadcast Journalism LORETTA KUBASAK A.B., Public Relations Speech Communication MELVIN KUM A.B., Psychology JULIAN LAGOS A.B.. Broadcasting Political Science IVAN LAI A.B.. International Relations Economics JOYCE LANCASTER A.B., Broadcasting 281 STEVEN LANSFORD A B . Broadcasting ELBA LA SALLE A.B., Psychology LEIGH LAWRENCE A.B., Psychology LUPE LEDEZMA . Planning Urban Studies Spanish MARLA LEE A.B., Psychology MELAINA LEE A,B., Public Relations SUSAN LEEDS A.B,. Psychology ROBERT LEFEVRE A.B., Journalism The Virginia Ramo Hall of Music provides music students with needed practice rooms and classroom facilities. HENRY LEM A.B.. Psychology DWIGHT LEMON A.B., Psychology JONEY LETTIERI A B . Broadcast Journalism Social Science JEFFREY LEVINE A.B.. Speech Communication LONNIE LEVINE A.B.. Political Science MICHAEL LEVINE A.B., Broadcast Journalism KIM LEVINGSTON A.B.. Psychology GINA LEW AS. Broadcast Journalism English JOHN LEWIS AS.. Political Science LESLIE LEWIS A.B.. Psychology GLENN LIBBY MA,, Speech Communication RANDA LINNELL A B , Public Relations EDWARD LO MA, Economics EVALU LOPIZICH A,B.. Political Science DOROTHY LOTT A,B,, Sociology EDWARD LOW A B , Sociology LAURENCE LUCAS A,B . Political Science LINDI LUCK A,B . Public Relations DONNA LUM A B.. Public Relations CHARLES LYONS A,B., Journalism CELESTE LYONS A B , Journalism ELIZABETH LYLES A.B,, Sociology JOSEPH MALCONIAN A.B,. Public Relations GREGG MANDINACH A.B.. Sociology Urban Studies JO MANNETTER A,B., Journalism w 1 HMdi L .., J DEBORAH MANNING A B , Journalism NANCIE MARGIN A,B,, Psychology DOUGLAS MARTIN A B,, Psyctiology TERRY MARTIN A.B,. Political Science LISA MARTINDALE A.B,, Public Relations ELISEO MARTINEZ A B , Public Relations PATTY MATTILLO A B . Public Relations ALEXANDRA MAYO A B . Boradcasting MARY MC ALLISTER A B . Psychology DONNA MC CLURE A B,. Psychology LAUREN MC GUIRE A B , Broadcasting MARY MC ILLECE A B , International Relations CYNTHIA MC KINNEY B A . International Relations MELANIE MC LAUGHLIN A B , Social Sciences STEPHEN MC MULLIN A,B,. History JAMES MCNALLY A.B., Psychology KATHRYN MCNAMARA A.B.. Sociology GISELE MEANS ., Political Science RICHARD MEESE A.B., Journalism MARY MEGOWAN Public Relations JANET MORIKAWA A.B., Psychology CORRINE MORSE A.B., Public Relations VIRGIE MOSLEY A,B.. Psychology GARRY MOSES Political Science JEAN MOTOYAMA A.B,, Journalism EVELYN MOXON A.B., Broadcast Journalism CRAIG MOYER A.B , Political Science Environmental Studies Certificate KENT MUELLER A.B., History WILLIAM MULHERN. JR. A.B., Psychology ANA MUNOZ A.B., Psychology SUSAN MURDY A.B,, Broadcast Journalism BRYAN MURPHY A.B., Political Science PATRICIA MURPHY .8., International Relations Political Science TOM MURRIN A.B., Public Relations MARY MURRAY A.B., Broadcast Journalism Seely Wintersmith Mudd Memorial Hall of Philosophy was an architectural prize winner and was used in the filming of " The Hunchback of Notre Dame. " OSSAMA MUTWAKIL A.B , Economics JOHN NABER A.B., Psychology DAVID NAKAMOTO A.B.. Broadcasting ALAN NAKATANI A.B., Psychology ANGELA NELSON A B.. Broadcast Journalism STAN NEWMAN A.B,, Broadcast Journalism CANDY NICKLEBERRY A.B., Psychology GAIL NISHIDA A.B., Psychology ALICE NORMAN A.B.. Psychology MARC NOWADNICK A.B , Broadcast Journalism SEAN O ' BRIEN A.B., Public Relations EDWARD ODONNELL A.B,. Journalism SARAH O ' DONNELL A.B.. Sociology MALCOLM O ' DONNELL, JR. A B., Public Relations DENNIS O ' HOYT A.B., Psychology 285 CHARLENE OISHI A.B.. Psychology MARIA OJEDA A.B., Psychology JOANN OKIMOTO .B., Speech Pathology JULIE OKUDA A.B.. Psychology KATHLEEN O ' NEIL AS., Public Relations THOMAS ONG r m A.B.. Broadcasting fS. 1 RANDALL ORA k9 k A.B., Psychology 1 1 1 KURT ORGANISTA r ' 1 A.B.. Psychology ' L ' - — I GREGORY ORLAND k- A.B.. History ANNIE ORTIZ u A.B., Psychology i ii m WF HUGO OROZCO It International Relations E KAREN OTANI E r H A. 8., Psychology 1 ' JP DAVID PALK w F A.B., Economics ' ■. - ' " - ( MARCO PALMA V A.B., Political Science MICHAEL PALMER A.B., Psychology ■ta GERALD PAPAZIAN w A.B., Economics Public W — 1 Relations GREGORY PARKER Cji A.B., Psychology f T DIANE PATRICK v . A.B., Public Relations V CORA PATTERSON Z. M A B., Psychology ALm SINA PEAU A.B., Psychology ■Mfl JENNIFER PENDLETON MA,, Journalism JAN PERRY A,B., Journalism BARBARA PETERSON A.B., Psychology JON PETERSON A.B,, Political Science RHEA PETERSON A.B.. Journalism GARY PETRINI A.B., Political Science KAREN PHILLIPS A.B., Public Relations STEVEN PIECHOTA A.B,. Speech Communications DAVID PILCHMAN A,B,. Psychology JON PITTS A.B., Sociology 1 1 KENNETH PRIDE A.B.. Political Science CARLA PRINCI A.B . Public Relations MICHAEL RANGEL A.B.. Psychology CARL RANKIN AS, Psychology DONNA RAPP A B . Speech Communication CANDACE READ A-B.. Public Relations THOMAS REDA A.B., Broadcast Journalism RON REDMOND A.B.. Public Relations JOYCE REECE A.B., Sociology CHRISTOPHER REED A.B.. History DONNA REID A.B., Anthropology KELLY REID A.B., Political Science LEANNE REYNOLDS A B., Public Relations ALIX RILEY A.B., Journalism Political Science GREGORY RIS A.B.. Public Relations MICHAEL RIVAS A,B.. History JUDITH RIVKIN A.B., Public Relations CHERYL ROBERTS A.B.. Psychology MARGIE ROBERTSON A.B., Political Science MELVIN ROBERTSON A.B., Broadcast Journalism SHIRLEY ROD A B , Psychology LAURIE RODARTY A B., International Relations KIM ROMAGNINO A.B., Sociology CAROL ROMANO A B , Speech Communication DONIA RUESCHER -B.. International Relations ORVILLE RULE A.B., Economics LESLIE RUSSELL A B,, Psychology FREDERICK RYAN A B.. Speech Communication Political Science MATTHEW RYAN A.B,. Psychology SUSAN RYBAR A B.. Psychology FRANK SAENZ A.B., Journalism NORIKO SAITO A.B., Psychology East Asian Languages and Cultures DIANA SAMMIS A.B,, Public Relations ANNE SCANLON A.B., Psychology MIRIAM SCHARF A B , Psychology LYNN SCHLOSSER A.B., Broadcasting PAULA SCHWER A,B., Journalism LOUIS SCLAFANI A.B., History OSCAR SCOGGINS A. 8., Psychology VERNICE SCOTT A.B., Anthropology MICHAEL SEIBERT International Relations NANA SEID AS., Speech Communication DANIEL SELLECK International Relations RANDALL SELLERS International Relations ROBERT SERIAN A.B., Political Science CATHERINE SERMAK A.B., Psychology STEVEN SESMA A.B., Political Science GEORGIA SHAYE R A.B.. International Relations ROBIN SHERBURNE A.B., Psychology GRACE SHIBA A.B., Psychology A.B LYNN SHINMOTO Political Science Psychology MARYANN SHOOK A.B , Psychology ETSUKO SHUDO A.B., Psychology JOCELYN SKINNER A.B., Journalism DIANE SLEZAK A.B., Journalism international Relations A.B,, A.B, DEAN SMITH , Public Relations STEVEN SMITH Political Science LISA SONG A.B,, Psychology GLENN SONNENBERG A.B., History JOHN SORGENFREI A.B.. Broadcasting JOYCE SOWDER A.B,. Broadcast Journalism JOHN SPEAR A.B , Psychology MARGIT SPERLING A.B,, Psychology CYNTHIA SPERRY A.B., Public Relations MARC SPILO A.B.. Political Science MARK SPIVAK A.B.. Economics CHERI STALEY A B . Public Relations JEANNE STANDARD A.B., Political Science ISMAY STANLEY A.B., Psychology SUSAN STANTON A.B., Political Science SAMUEL STEIN A.B.. Broadcast Journalism SUSANNE STERLING A.B.. Journalism VICTOR STEVENS A.B , Anthropology JANE ST. ONGE A.B., Broadcast Journalism GWYN STOREY A.B,. Speech Communication SHERRIE STRAUSFOGEL A 8 , Journalism CLARICE STREBIG A.B.. Psychology JAMES STRUCK A B . Political Science The School of Education offices are located m the 12-story Waite Phil- lips Hall of Education, built in 1968. NORMA STURGIS A.B,. Psychology MADELEINE SULLANO A.B.. Psychology DORA SUMMERS A.B,. Political Science Journalism CONSTANCE SUSKO A B.. Psychology MARY SUTTIE A.B., International Relations FRED SZKONIK A.B., Broadcast Journalism MICHAEL TAKVORIAN A.B.. History DANILE TAMURA A.B.. Economics KEITH TANAKA A.B,, Economics ELIZABETH TANCREDY A.B.. Broadcast Journalism DAVID TANDET A.B., Broadcast Journalism NANCY TANITA A.B.. Speech Communication Psychology DAVID TAYLOR A.B.. History Philosophy M. CINDY TAYLOR A.B.. Psychology MELINDA TAYLOR A.B.. Journalism JANICE TEECE A.B . Psychology JANE TERAKAMI A.B., Psychology East Asian Languages and Cultures TIMOTHY TESSALONE A.B.. Public Relations IRIS THEIRGOOD A.B,. Sociology GREGORY THOLEN A.B., Geography Urban Studies GAYLYNN THOMAS A.B . Sociology JUDITH THOMPSON A.B.. Anthropology ERIC TINSTMAN A.B., History SCOTT TOBIAS A.B., History KATHY TORCHIO A.B.. Political Science NANCY TOSHIMA A.B.. Psychology SUSAN TOWER A.B., Psychology NANCY TOWNSEND AS., Psychology JOHN TRICE A.B.. Psychology NIKITAS TRIPODES A B , Anthropology KAREN TRUITT A,B.. Psychology STEPHANIE TRUITT A.B., International Relations NICHOLAS TRUJILLO A.B.. Speech Communication MICHAEL TUCKER A.B., Political Science Economics JOHN ULMER A.B , Public Relations Psychology ANITA VAIZ A.B,, Psychology GREGORY VALENTI A.B., History EVERT VAN DEN BOOGAARD A.B., Economics DAWN VINDING A.B.. Psychology RICHARD WAGNER A 8,. International Relations TAKASHI WAKAMATSU M.A., Economics JEFFREY WAKEFIELD A B . Public Relations DANIEL WALKER A.B.. Journalism LYNDA WALLERSTEIN A.B,. Speech Communication Broadcast Journalism MICHAEL WARREN A.B., Journalism HARRIETTE WATFORD A.B., Psychology LAURIE WAWRACH A.B.. Public Relations KAREN WEBB A.B,, Public Relations ROBERT WEINBERG A.B., Broadcast Journalism DIANE WERSEN A.B., Public Relations DEANNE WESTFALL A.B., Psychology GENEVA WHITE A. 8., Psychology WILLIAM WHITESIDE A.B., History SUSAN WHYTE A.B., Journalism CAROL WIENER A.B., History LINDSAY WIGGINS A.B., Psychology PAUL WINFREY A B , Political Science RUSSELL WINSLOW A B., Economics DONALD WOLVEN A B , International Relations TONY WONG A B.. Psychology VALERIE WONG A.B , Psychology VIRGINIA WONG A.B , Psychology RALPH WOOD A.B.. Broadcast Journalsim MICHAEL WOODWARD A.B.. International Relations VICTORIA WOOTTEN International Relations DEBORAH WRIGHT A.B., History KATHLEEN WRIGHT A.B., Anthropology Psychology LINDA WRIGHT A.B., History PATRICIA YOUNG A. 8.. Economics SHIRLEY YUEN MA, Journalism DAVID ZAIKA A.B., International Relations Slavic Languages JEANNINE ZAKARYAN A.B., Public Relations LESLIE ZDENEK A.B., Social Sciences Named after a former president of the University, the Rufus B. Von Kleismid Center Tower is the tallest structure on campus. k f Social Work GAYLE ZIMMERMAN A B , Public Relations DANA ZINDERMAN A.B,. Journalism Political Science MARK ZUCKMAN A,B,. History NICK ZUVELA A.B.. Political Science NANCY ZWEMER A,B., Psychology DIANA ACEUEDO A,B,, Social Work ANA CAMPOS A.B,. Social Work VALERIA CARTER A. 8.. Social Work LORETTA COHA A.B,. Social Welfare INES HERNANDEZ A.B.. Social Welfare NORA JANJIGIAN A B.. Social Work JANICE JOHNSON A.B., Social Welfare LAWRENCE KOSEKI AS, Social Welfare VIVIANO MORALES A.B , Social Welfare GILDA ONGKOKO-DOYLE M S W . Social Work MARGIE PRADO A.B., Social Work NELSON RIVERO A.B.. Social Work LILLIAN RODRIGUEZ A.B., Social Welfare PERRY WANDER A B., Social Welfare SYLVIA WEISENFELD A B.. Social Welfare The School of Social Work gives students an opportunity to practice their education on campus and in off-campus parttime employment. Annenberg communi cates with the present and the future The Annenberg School of Com- munications is perhaps the world ' s most advanced graduate school, seeking the solution to contemp- orary and future communications problems, according to Richard B. Byrne, associate dean. The school has a balanced, yet versatile curriculum, covering the practical, technological and theo- retical aspects of human commun- ication. Although the Annenberg School on the USC campus is four years old, it moved into its new $3.7 million facility in the fall, 1976. Walter H. Annenberg, founder, was a former ambassador to Great Britain and is presently a leading American publisher. The school offers a masters of arts degree in communication management and a Ph.D in com- munications theory and research. It also has created the Center for Study of the American Experience. ilullflf OPPOSITE PAGE: TOP, One of the distinctive fea- tures of the Annenberg School of Communications Is the extensive use of contrasting angles and squares in the architecture. BOTTOM, the effective use of glass gives the building a larger appearance. THIS PAGE: TOP, The front of Annenberg faces toward the sides of Bing and Norris theatres. BOT- TOM, The facility consists of a number of split levels. Interaction with the world Davidson Conference Center opens One of the newest developments of the 50-year-old College of Con- tinuing Education was the comple- tion of the Davidson Conference Center in September, 1976. The Center was designed to ful- ly accommodate any groups wish- ing to host a conference in an ur- ban setting. University, local, na- tional and international organiza- tions from all businesses and pro- fessions sponsored seminars in the facility that consists of a 320- seat auditorium and eight con- ference rooms. The versatile and advanced tech- nology offered at the center make it a leader in audio-visual, video- tape and broadcast advancements. The conference rooms are capable of closed circuit television and many have facilities for broadcast or for reception of off-campus transmissions. Audio transmissions can be re- ceived and simultaneously trans- lated in three languages. A record- ing studio, computer terminal, photography and graphics room and a darkroom also are housed here. COMEX (Center for Multidisci- plinary Educational Exercises) and FLEX ED (Flexible Education), two of use ' s innovative education- al programs, are located on the up- per level. FLEX ED allows students to cover course material at ac- celerated rates or allows the handicapped, minorities, home- makers and business men to pur- sue their education goals parttime. Some of the seminars presented were, " The Changing American Family: A Source of Strength, " " The Challenge of Being Single, " and the " Ninth Annual Western Newspaper Association Manage- ment Seminar, " featuring Houston Flournoy, Dean of USC ' s Center for Public Affairs. OPPOSITE PAGE; The front of the Davidson Conference Center is on Fig- ueroa. next to College-University dormitory. THIS PAGE: TOP, These doors open into one of the eight conference rooms in the 22,000 square foot fa- cility. LEFT, Stairways and lounges give the center an informal atmosphere. RIGHT. Conferences need not be hectic and pressured with these accom- modations of colorful decor and comfortable furniture Bing and Norris theatres expand cultural awareness The expansion of USC ' s Performing Arfs Center was seen in the completion of the Bing Theatre and the Eileen Nor- ris Cinema Theatre this year. The 600-seat Bing Theatre, named af- ter Mrs. Anna Bing Arnold, was official- ly opened in mid-October by the per- formance of ' Tennessee Williams ' play, " Sweet Bird of Youth, " guest starring Dorothy McGuire. The $1.8 million Norris Theatre will be used as a classroom, site for major premieres and the future location of DKA film screenings. The foyer is high- lighted by a swirling sculpture of cellu- loid created by noted artist Claire Falk- enstein. =.AT£ R Schoenberg Insitutie: a new home for an old master The Arnold Schoenberg Insti- tute was completed this spring as an integral part of the USC Per- forming Arts Center. It is unique in its construction, serving not only as a library for the invaluable col- lection of Schoenberg ' s manu- scripts, scores, books and arti- facts, but also as a place for re- search, conferences, lectures, performances and exhibits. Schoenberg taught at USC and UCLA between 1936-1944 and died in 1951. In 1973 the board of trustees authorized the establish- ment of the institute to commem- orate his artistic and intellectural contributions to the world ' s music and culture. His most famous works include, " Transfigured Night, " and, " Pier- rot Lunaire. " The lower level of the building contains an archival workroom, a reading room and a seminar fa- cility, while the upper level is a re- creation of Schoenberg ' s studio in Los Angeles. The institute also is supported by educational institutions such as California State University. Los Angeles; California Institute of the Arts: and the University of Cali- fornia, Los Angeles. OPPOSITE PAGE: TOP. The Eileen Norris Theatre features a colorful celluloid sculp- ture and a turquoise. Neo-Grecian tile roof. BOTTOM, The entrance to Bing Theatre is set off by an unusual rust-colored piece of art. THIS PAGE: Concrete and glass make the Schoenberg Institute distinctive from the rest of the brick buildings on campus HONK The Oriainal Sounc ro . -w .ys w masm O w o APARTMENT FORREHT Commuting: new structures help parking shortage One of the most common off- campus places to live was home. It was said that one third of the un- dergraduates commute to the university, embattling a variety of freeways, side streets and weather five days a week. Perhaps the worst thing about commuting was not the traffic or even having to get up an hour earlier to get to school, but arriving on campus to find that not a single parking place was available — even at only 9:30 a.m. The parking short- age was alleviated somewhat this year with the construction of two structures on the west side of cam- pus. The structures were funded by the increase on parking permit prices: a student permit cost $37.50 each semester. Many commuters cited the ad- vantages of commuting. They included an opportunity to view the latest car models on the mar- ket, listening to the new 10-Q radio station in Southern California, memorizing the billboards on the Harbor Freeway in bumper-to- bumper traffic through downtown Los Angeles, keeping up on the soaring price of gasoline and counting " I FOUND IT " bumper stickers. And now a word from the commuters " Having lived on campus for three years, and commuting for two years I ' ve discovered that you miss a lot of things that occur here on campus. When you ' re living on campus you don ' t have to read the DT to find out about activities because you hear about them from your neighbors. When you ' re commuting, half the time you can ' t get a DT because they ' re all gone by the time you get here. The rest of the time, by the time you read about an event in the DT it has already happened. " Dean Dunn, Los Angeles me a chance to think and get myself together before class ... To beat the high cost of parking. I park on a dirt lot on Hoover St. which is two blocks away from campus. " Doug Gray, South Bay " The only thing I don ' t like about com- muting is driving to school. " Louise Nagata. Monterey Park " I like to commute because getting up early for the drive to school gives " With all the construction around campus this year you almost need a four-wheel drive to get on campus. When you finally do get on. there ' s never any place to park. " Rick Stern, Los Angeles Off -campus apartments have their own identity The other alternative to oft-campus housing, besides commuting, was apart- ment living. Students felt the advantages outweighed the problems — having a swim- ming pool, dishwasher, air-conditioning, a place to entertain, a place to park, and being within walking or bike riding distance of the campus. All of the apartment buildings were known for housing someone different — Mardette had the swimmers, 2700 Ellen- dale had the Campus Crusade for Christ staff and the German House h ad German students. Some of the other more popular apart- ments were the Caribbean, Mardi Gras, Trojan Plaza and Troyland. Portland House 1 Susan Baylard 13. Brad Greer 2 Nancy Hasbrouck 14, John Cheung 3 Andra Cooper 4 Lily Lee NOT PICTURED 5 Roy Bennett Debbie Anderegg 6 Jim Chichi Terry Johnson 7 Brian Mason Greg Ris 8 Leonard Seto Mike Sanford 9 John Tomaszewski Diana Rowden 10 Allen Pulsifer Grace Yang 11 Tom Rosenast Henry Seto 12 Randy Young h w e M t h Cardinal Gardens, Troy Hall add to the adventure of use housing The central feature of all University housing was Birnkrant dining hall — you either disliked it because you had to eat there every night, or you loved it because you had moved into the one of the new off-campus University- owned apartment complexes, and could cook your own " mystery meat. " The university housing shortage was lessened this year with the building of Troy Hall and Cardinal Gardens, just across the street from campus. Some people thought the adventure of living in the dorms on- campus would be thwarted once in Troy and Cardinal, yet Cardinal residents found this untrue when they had to evacuate at 2 a.m. one March morning due to a bomb threat. There was also the adventure of trying to figure out how to get into Troy and Cardinal when many of the residents did not have card keys to open the security gates — it wasn ' t rare to see someone hopping the walls in the wee hours of the morning at- tempting to get home. On campus, in the meantime, men had moved into the first floor of the former women ' s dorm, College- University. J ■ -• Birnkrant 1. Jan Bavouset 2. Kim Rang 3. Alice Ah Lai Cheng 4. Julie Scheidereit 5. Pam Williams 6. Amy Alpern 7. Liz Goodman 8. Stephanie Fagan 9. Joanne Gee 10. Felicia Stuckey 11. Theresa Hewitt 12. Ron Harrington 13. Dave Lewis 14. Sandy Webster 15. Bernadine Robinson 16. Cindy Nolting 17. Sherry Pickel 18. Mona Chui 19. Peggy Iwata 20. Pam Chun 21. Nancy MIynek 22. Melanie Lawrence 23. Kate Murray 24. Roxanne Hinds 25. Sharon Brandolino 26. Paula Daniels 27. Jennifer Lucht 28. Liz Jiminez 29. Linda Rojas 30. Ron O ' Neill 31. Huan Choi 32. Luis Ehrenwald 33. Mahmood Makhma 34. Greg Brooks 35. Alan Bowman 36. Steve Barkal 37. Ben Golhagen 38 Grace Tanaka 39. Barry Taranto 40. Diane Wilkes 41 Pam Eckstrom 42. Scott Nyegaard 43. Peggy Farkis 44. Gigi Kaye College- University 1. Liz Tancredy 2. Astrid Golomb 3. Jennifer Echols 4. Daniel Morris 5. Steve Schrader 6. Donna Delia Femina 7. Dave Jenkins 8. Monica Blunt 9. Edith Chow 10. Gay Huffman 11. Noel Palmer 12. Meg Beeler 13. Mary McFadden 14 Chip Soule 15. David Eichar 16. Joey Helpern 17. Josh Helpern 18. Hae Yoon 19. Marylene Chang 20. Joy Fujimoto 21. Dana Quintana 22. Lisa Lewis 23. Sidney Wilkinson 24. Delia Sanidad 25. Joanna Achilles 26. Sharon Anderson 27. Carol Yoshitake 28. Sue Barrett 29. Tamara Green 30. Anita Artukovich 31. Ano Ohanian 32. Barn Blount 33. Mm Ro 34. Dean Stewart 35. Dale Cavin 36. Paul Ashcraft 37. Jeff Johnson 38. Pam Anderson 39. George Chamberlam I 1. Carolyn Boatright 10 Ann Cretsinger 19. Janis Lewis 2. Loreen Okayama U Ayako Maeda 20 Cynthia Scheel 3. Terrle Seller 12 Cynthia Foist 21. Lauren Hunter 4 Peggy Burns 13. Anne Sonnack 22 Susan Toler 5 Leslie Mochizuki 14 Debbie Chun 23 Gigi Ayers 6. Julie Tancredy 15. Joanne Miyamoto 24 Penni Farenick 7. Jin Choi 16. Gall Harris 25 Heidi Tschudin 8 Gerda Edwards 17. Carolyn Lamb 26 Patricia Wieczorek 9 Sheila Stewart 18. Margie Reid 1 m. i a . iM WeBm lUM ' k . i. ' ■ J, . I -. r « ■! . ■ ■ hTVb V K F B m ii " i P H 1 1. Debbie Cortez 20 Liz Kewell 39 Terri Nevill 2 Nancy Flores 21 Tricia Frez 40 Jan Chan 3 Lola Urrutia 22 Cheryl Roberts 41 Liz Hedges 4. Eulalia Parra 23 Bev Andrews 42 Laurie Sanchez 5 Gloria Rodriguez 24 Leslie Woolley 43 Jane Centotante 6. Chris Richardson 25. Pam Mohler 44 Debbi Thues 7. Frances Quintero 26. Lisa Whitehend 45 Kathy Krems 8. Cathy Carriaga 27. Tracie Blake 46. Alana Crow 9 Rosa Rodarte 28. Eileene Shunneson 47. Joyce Wolfson 10 MaryLou Gabaldo 29. Leslie Allen 48 Selina Vanz 11 Helen Sterling 30. Peggy Comstock 49 Janet Archer 12. Debbie Alvarez 31. Karen Zarish 50. Joy Anthony 13 Mable Pang 32 Chigusa Matsuda 51. Dee Dee Panero 14 Suzanne Jacobs 33 Yumei Hanoka 52 Mamon Robertshaw 15 Diana Scarsdale 34. Peggy Beasley 53. Sheri Grogan 16. Louise Hawkins 35 Debbie Falkenstern 54. Janet Katsumoto 17. Donna Lee 36 Lorraine Freedman 55 Jennifer Stone 18. Jill Richards 37 Theresa Dimona 56 Deana Osborne 19 Kristen Kronemeyer 38. Lynda Yang j fiU) £i i« f f ' f (: p r Pa fXfAf j J f tMm ; 313 Elizabeth VonKleinSmid 1. Karen Hams 49. Sharon Weber 2. Melinda Frank 50. Lorri Seidensticker 3. Jazmin Calvo 51. Heidi Klemmaus 4. Joanna Iwata 52. Susan Beaudet 5. Jul! Barr 53. Cindy Park 6. Margaret Shimizu 54. Jody Matranga 7. Connie Craig 55. Shan Morningstar 8 Dolores Salazar 56. Michelle Veres 9. Karen Tipton 57. Nancy Howard 10. Linda Arriola 58. Lisa Dycus 11. Kathleen Green 59. Pat Costello 12. Julie Johnson 60. Janet Sallman 13 Marian Cho 61. Nancy Naber 14 Maryann Lillywhite 62. Susan Sakuma 15. Jennifer Drews 63. Susan Andes 16 Michong Gilbert 64 Basia Lasunowicz 17. Diana Adame 65. Rosemary Gurrola 18 Marilyn Conception 66. Felicia Ware 19. Rita Conception 67. Janice Munemitsu 20 Robin Deemer 68. Cindy Kerns 21. Gale Sonnenberg 69. Lisa Barkdull 22. Robin Oto 70. Helen Kyomen 23. Lois Hashimoto 71. Cecilia Rader 24. Martha Boyd 72. Anita Lehmann 25 Lisa Hubbard 73. Denise Douglas 26 Susan Sloate 74. Cheryl Vascil 27. Denise Shue 75 Laurie Edwards 28. Sue Monson 76. Cindy Doughty 29. Chris Hennig 77 Lindsay Brookman 30. Laura Compton 78. Cathy Smifhwick 31. Camilla Dehmig 79. Sharon Lehosky 32. Wendy Almquist 80. Peggy Adams 33 Willow Whitfield 81. Shaunna Boyce 34. Vicki Smith 82. Marti Oman 35. Beatrice Golomb 83. Maria Spirtos 36. Joan Schaffner 84. Nancy Dirk 38 Deanna Seeto 85. Cathy Wilson 39 Miriam Loui 86. Erica Rose 40 Darlene Miyake 87. Ramia Husseini 42 Robyn Bramhall 88. Merilynne Cohen 43 Mary Hall 89. Lisa Luppi 44 Mary Jo Crock 90. Sherri Nishikawa 45 Sharon Mooschekian 91. Amy Kaufman 46 Darlene Peck 92 Sara Wells 47 Kim Foley 93 Jackie Blueitt 48 Erin Prouty 94 Juliana Carneeale Marks Hall 1. Dave Lane 2. Steve Le May 3. George Nagy 4. Mark Smith 5. Tim Chunn 6. Kevin Roberts 7. Bill Howard 8. Ray Oropesa 9. Karl Debro 10. Todd Breyman 1 L Saied Moinpour 12. Brent Shigeoka 13- Stuart Sato 14. Steve Colgrove 15. Sterling Hunter 15. Mark Schwene 17. Riki Morimoto 18. Sean Morton 19. FarrokhAbolfattii 20. Dan Kulick 21. Richard Macintosh 22. Paul Kinscherff 23. Waiter Freund 24. Karim Gilani 25- Scott Beck 26. Reed Sims 27. Larry Doubley 28. Jeff Greyman 29. Paul Speyer 30. Brian Kunde 31. Robert Cowing 32. Rob Reiner 33. Lance Davis 34. Matt Cohn 35. Gerald Geraghty 36. Brian Guggisberg 37. Nelson Shimazu 38. Stan Jensen 39. Phil Pluta 40. Don Porter 41. Tom Kroenig 42. Bill Domino 43- Shawn Arena 44 Bruce Rockwell 45- Bill Gegenheimer 46- Doug Hoover 47- Joe Lyons 48- Dave Vollrath 49 Dave Gee 50. Steve Klar 51 Brad White 52 Mark Dixon 53 Erich Boldt 54. John Miller 55. Dave Osborn 56 Eric Schubert 57. Bret Botzong 58 Tom Mosher 59. Steve Barrett 60 Scott Anderson 61 Matt Bombeck 62. Robert Levy 63. Jim Asper 64. Earl Cuza 65- Faroukh Ardalan 66- Nolan Crabbe 67- John Abdulian 68- Eric Maher Marks Tower 1- Tom Pouse 2. Charlie Buckner 3. Maria Terazas 4. Maiko Blow 5. Karen Houlihan 6. Annie Konkei 7. Don Liebenson 8. Moira Cigledy 9. Gail Lau 10, Monica Carr 11- Patricia Maurice 12. Tim Tessalone 13. Brian Wernicke 14. Dan Gee 15. Mark Parsing 15. Lincoln Jong 17. Barbara Tracy 18. Bob Oberto 19. Julie Chai 20. Mike Levine 21. Elaine Soost 22. Gipsy Alvarez 23. Gayle Zimmerman 24. Ten Fitzgerald 25. Mike Wilson 26. Sam Hopper 27. Greg Margraves 28. Dale Ritzo 29. Berta Hansen 30. Loreen McWilliams 31. Trudi Hanes 32. Jane Heinz 33. Jodi Baskerville 34. Donna Glisson 35. Joan Estes 36. Rhonda Vrba 37. Larry Germain 38. Craig Twiss 39. Greg Furuya 40. Sandi Robinson 41. Rick Lee 42. Debbie Hackett 43. Tim Spika 44. Don Baker 45. Scott Lewis 46. Clara Germani 47. Rich Fischer 48. Brad Merchant I 1. Henry Unger 30. Lori Chapelle 2. Nancy Lee 31. Mark McDonald 3 Mehrdad Kianin 32 Debbie Prince 4 Kristi Fraser 33 Mark Salvaterra 5. Nancy Taylor 34. John Alvis 6 Dean Morgan 35. Gilbert Wong 7. Holly Salley 36 Greg Krueger 8 Laura Luburich 37 Adam Bezark 9. Megan Foiles 38. John Parsons 10 Sandra Soloman 39. Vern Jennings U, Reza Roostaeyan 40. Dave Hammar 12. Camille Tafe 41. Craig Anderson 13 Sy Janpanah 42. Pete Walsh 14, Lisa Streitfeld 43 Greg Watson 15 Beth Beeman 44. Liza Mitchell 16, Maggie Turner 45. Alicia Wolin 17, Dietrich Smith 46. Elizabeth Abbot 18 Dan Chapman 47 Monte Hetland 19 Karita Zimmerman 48 Randy Oliver 20 llene Gudelsky 49 Joe Mermelstein 21 Linda Delahooke 50 Doug Owenby 22 Nancy Hu 51 Greg Fay 23 Yvonne Fuchs 52 Wayne Mindle 24 Julie Malone 53 Janet Longstreth 25 Kevin Boethling 54. Alan Richardson 26 ' ally Wurtman 55 Ned Comstock 27. Lee 56 Paul Harburger 28. -.,0 Jarvis 57 Dorothy Krinke 29 Debbie Warner 58 Willard Smith 319 Teuton Hall 1. Mark Eggert 2. Fred Williams 3 Robert Scopatz 4. George Anderson 5. Doug Holmes 6. Jon Gottlieb 7. Dante Caravaggio 8. Benny Jew 9. Jotin Arbogast 10. Steve Scopatz 11. Bob Kelsey 12. Pete Bylsma 13. Joby Noriel 14. Fisseha G. Egzlabher 15. Ron Rogers 16. Dean Farmer 17. Wattiana Chirangboonkal 18. Robert Graziano 19. Chuck Brady 20. George Diab 21. Mike Weaver 22. Ralph Kamm 23. Tom Hayden 24. Harry La Motte 25. Dan Cheldin 26. Jim Robertson 27. Bill Ditter 28. Steve Sawyer 29. Sammy Iwa 30. Danny Verches 31. Tom Fitzmaurice 32. Mike Adkins 33. Doug Buteyn 34. Steve Miller 35. Gordon Anderson 36. Joe Morris 37. Carl Hinton 38. Jim Wetrich 39. Jay Towne 40. John Olenyn 41. Bob Wyre 42. James Upham 43. Tom Hall 44. Peter Anderson 45. George Lundberg 46. Clark Lindstrom 47. Robert Ellison Trojan Hall 1. Eugene Ong 14. Hugh Geenan 2. Jeffrey Uncapher lb. Bruce Yurdin 3. William Abraham 16. Thomas Marchica 4. Gordon Hayase 17. Scott Enomoto 5. Pat McClenahan 18. Lloyd McKinney 6. Scott Nagasawa 19. Randall Lichota 7. Allen Kelly 20. Robert Knight 8. Ronald Anderson 21. Gary Tucker 9. Charles Swenson 22. John Cryan 10 Greg Busche 23. Javid Javani 11 Gregory Holford 24. Tom Stroebel 12 Vlto Carabetta 25. Paul Fetherland 13 Joseph Mak 26. Barry Spanier 1. David Enemas 2. Mark Torrey 3. Colin Wright 4. Don Barton 5. Oz Simmons 6. Charles Rosin 7. Bill Phillips 8. Sam Ortiz 9. Mike Schroeder 10. David Cordova 11. Steve White 12. Lee Racey 13. Andy Goodman 14. James Ingersoll 15. Steve Griswold 16. Jim Saenz 17. Mark Staggs 18. Ronald Ro 19. Mark Miller 20. Steve Carter 21. Scott Mitchell 22. Phil Ong 23. Pat Cavaney 24. Joe Mattis 25. Dusty Dvorak 26. John Garrisy 27. Kreighton Chan 28. Bert Sanford 29 Peter Pescetti 30. Don Yosimura 31. Bob Hysell 32. Brian Connors 33. Bob Royer J T rojan Hall 1. Mike Gehring 20 Hal Hendrick 2. Jim Shiba 21. Steve Uretsky 3. Rob Shepherd 22 Wilbert Jones 4. Tom " The Wizard " 23 Darrell Skinner Gallagher 24. Dave Harry 5. Uavid Cookson 25 Steve " Jean- 6. John Lawrence Claude " Freeman Newhouse 26. Charles Channel 7, Greg Hambly 27. Scott Satin 8 Wayne Noda 28. Chris Phillips 9 Harry Photakis 29. Jim Anastassiou 10 Mark Kikuchi 30. Rod Boxburger 11. Tono Zarate 31. Brian Cheuvront 12 Roy B. Chapman 32 Ross Deaner 13. Bruce Johnson 33 Mike Zaustinsky 14. Jim Levin 34 Brian Peters 15. Jensen Crawford 35 John Shafer 16 James Gattuso 36 Afshin 17 Dwight Mater Bazshushtari 18. Niles Ritter 37 Dwight Zinn 19 Paul Pierce 38 Paul Dent Trojan Hall 1. David Carmany 2. Jim Martin 3- Johnny Low 4. Dennis Lew 5. David Bouzek 6. Steve Zamarnpa 7. Greg Warner 8 Mark Moulding 9, Anthony Bradley 10 Dick Gardner 11. Ernie Lineberger 12. Brian West 13. Robin Villa 14. Brian Roundtree 15. George Jones 16. Rick Tejira 17. Danny Kovar 18. David Ferris 19. Dwight Monk 20. Yukio Hon 21. John Height 22. Lawrence Ray 23. Tom Gilmartin 24. Steve Liao 25. Kurt Slapnik 26. Jeff Cloots 27. Terry Chau 1. Matthew Wharton 2. Larry Paz 3. Steve Ravaglioll 4. Brian Mitchell 5. Danny Walker 6. Kapai-Morad Madjie 7. Richard Huang 8. Jay Durgan 9. Farhad Nourafchan 10. Nader Khoshnevls- Rad 1 1. Edmond Wong 12. Bret Nelson 13. Dave Kleiman 14. Clayton Lllley 15. Arturo Sepulveda 16. Lyie Takahashi 17. Johnny Takahashi 18. William Yurdin 19. Timothy Sullivan 20. Ryan Maehara 21. Dave Moy 22. Greg Kaufman 23. Michael Scher 24. John Agmalian 25. David Wade 26. Peter Mitsakos Harris Plaza 1. Edith Bergay 22 Kara Lee Hanson 43. Dave Primesberger 2 Loretta De La Torre 23 Linda Wells 44. Sue Brady 3 Regina Cheung 24 John Z. Hawes 45. Mona Smith 4, Laurie Haugen 25. Bubba Carpenter 46. Robin Rogers 5 Mel Academia 26. Janet Roldan 47. Claudia Kidd 6. Kristen Castor 27 Glenn Sonnenburg 48. Lynell Bennett 7 Susie Whyte 28 Leanne Collins 49. Joe Macero 8. Mel Veal 29 Mike Goode 50. Dan Githens 9 Brian Kagy 30 Mike Cragin 51. Ron Martin 10, Kathy Kelly 31 Tom Verdegem 52. Kathy Masotta IL Laurie Friel 32 Jim Aki 53. Ellen Jowitt 12. Richard Liv 33 Susanna Britto 54. Jackie Simons 13 Elba La Salle 34 Bob Wilson 55. Tom Mealer 14 Debbie Malik 35 Tammy Walters 56 Bill Dauster 15 Peggy Short 36 Jane Higa 57. Vernice Muse 16 Rena Bohlin 37 Elva Alvarez 58, Lynette Lawrence 17 Dee Homisak 38 Leilani Empeno 59 Ron Oestreich 18 Sandy Warath 39 Mark " Mongo " Iverson 60. Randalea Trout 19 Joanne Pollard 40. Steve Gutierrez 61 Betsy Young 20 Ed Coates 41. Paula Tripp 62. Bob " Gus " Klaus 21 Art Miyashita 42. Peter Esser 63. Richard M. Nixon 1. Herb Alesance 2 Ted Harris 3 Dale Head 4. Rocky Van Munching 5. Lewis Clark 6 Rob Allen 7. Cindy MacDonald 8. Scott Kennedy 9. Maria Angela Hernandez 10. Bill Kellmer ll.Tara Daktill 1 2. Mark Dameria 13. Mike Stem 14. Mark Landstrom 15. Fred Fender 16. Siamack Simpson 17. Simone Eise 18. Bob Clark 19. Cindy Leone 20. Juliann Johnson 21. Steve Thomas 22. Greg Anderson 23. Ellen Wall 24. Rhea Pollster 25. Anna Conda 26. Beau Akonstrikta 27. Mary Lu Debolt 28. Manny Burgo 29. Gini Chuidian 30. Thelma Houston 31. Kay O ' Pectate 32. J.J. Boone 33. Carol Williams 34. Alan Murphy 35. Jim Krueger 36. Hermione Jones 37. Cheryl Bright 38. Sherry Miller 39. Jeanne Kremer 40. Sandra Baker 41. Carole Davis 42. Full Bles Sing 43. Nancy Burley 44. Robert Beavers 45. John Freeman 46. Bill Bailey 47. Kent Walton 48. Dave Robb 49. Tom Blake 50. Rev A. Lation 51. Randy Johnson 52. Unto Zion 53. Walt Williams 54. Ted Mallory 55. Marcus Kerner 56 Mike McGee 57 Linda Olsen 58. Tony Naylor 59. Dave Lowe 60. Liz Capone 61. Brock Ali 62. Jeanne Serafin 63. Bruce L. Losis 64. Gary Gate 65. Bonnie Cho 66. Lowen Biehold 67. Cam O ' Flaage 68 Cindy Holmes 69. Dick Knibbler 70. Chu Chu Trayne 71. Nina Alvarez 72. Bob Campos 73. Chuck Savage 74. Tony Carile 75. Barbi Beale 76. Ted Bleeker 77. Dennis Newitt 78. David Lippincott 79. Arthur Stern 80. John Trutter 81. Cliff Clark 82. Carl Wurtz 83. Beau Jangles 84. Claude Perkins 85. Felix Nelson 86. Carin Likme 87. Wendy Keolsche 88. George Williams 89. Peter White 90. Rod Olguin 91. Scott Verrette 92. Steve Fong 93. Ly Saul 94. George Kistler 95. Angel Johnson 96. Marty Black 97. Sy Amese 98. Forshun Kuki 99. Sal Amander 100. Krae Fish 101. Fred Batkin 102. Armand Dinverno 103. Dee Yalian 104. Kathy Kalaba 105. Mark Diaz 106. Chu Ml 107. Greg Hillgren 108. Jeff Johnsrud 109. Peggy Anderson 110. Mike Filippone 111. Jennifer Gates 1 12. John Carraro 113. Jim Hyerdahl 1 14. Alex Iwasu 1 15. Sona Shine 1 16. Judith Lefevre 1 17. Josh Margolies 118. Amy Abbul 1 19. Bruce Bowme 120. Laurie Sergott 121. Kam Foffenique 122. John O ' Green I Troy Hall 1. Man Kim 23. Tom Ryan 45. Bob McCloud 2 Chris Leong 24. Claude Nehara 46. Ann Herold 3 Mark Baker 25. Richard Lopez 47. oara Stemen 4. Charles Talbert 26. Malisa Masanovich 48. Chip Ross 5. Tom Phillips 27 Mario Zandstra 49. Marlaine Wilson 6. Sean O ' Donnell 28. Scott McArthur 50 Bob Labadie 7. Stan Meek 29. Brian Geren 51 Jim McDivitt 8. Dean Zaumseil 30. John Dunn 52 Lee Andring 9 Mark Hambly 31. John Prosa 53 Bong Sammet 10 Laurie Hom 32 Mark Kaltenborn 54 Howard Young 11 Bill Freeman 33 Fred Jove 55 Chuck Greaves 12 Tom Wilson 34 Mohammed Blorfroshan 56 John Jeha 13 Scott Spicer 35 Robin Capp 57 Stacy Berlin 14 George Kuass 36 Art Salazar 58 Elaine Bahuth 15 Wesley Asao 37 Evan Smith 59 Meg Gillane 16 Peter Kallnka 38 Naomi Morita 60 Linda Zelnar 17 Carl Johnson 39 Nancy Nuno 61 Eric Styblo 18 Becky Krause 40 Patty Polin 62 Aaron Henderson 19 Brad Askins 41 Mark Monroe 63 Bill Kistler 20 Marsha Orr 42 Roxanne Lawrence 64 Glenn Powers 21 Tom Rothemich 43 Fatemah Tabeshenkoo 22 Rick Wacula 44 Pam Peterson Jewel Manor 1. Molly Anderson 2. Mike Johnston 3. Albert Cheah 4. Steve Valentine 5. Stuart Paul 6- Jack McManns 7. Debbie Menager 8. Ang Cheng 9. Federico Segura 10. Massoud Saghafi 11. Paul Richards 12. Cathy Cravens 13- Willie Ross 14. Reza Dowalati 15. Carolyn Mortarotti 16. Yvonne Segura 17. John Morales 18. George Hunter ( - ' m ( ■ T- ' |lj- .i tt Portland West Twin Palms 1. Glenn Raines 12 Sylvia James 2 Jose Enclso 13 Wayne Uyemura 3 Clarence Yee 14 Matidi Danesti-Ashitiani 4. Mike Yuskis 15 Steve Paden 5 Tom Watson 16 Sherion Johnson 6. Pam Warren 17 Larry Polin 7. Tim Glass 18 Doug Schindler 8. Susan Mueller 19 Dave Saito 9 Dave Trachtenburg 20 Frank Davis 10. 11. Larry Rafter Gill Coleman 21 Allen Como 331 Regal Trojan 1. Robert Davidson 2. Andrea Lanzatame 3. Jim Voyles 4. Suzi Voyles 5. Carol Spilman 6. Jeff Landsman 7. Edward Alvarado 8. Mark Mooney 9. Shelle Mangold 10. Tom Murpfiy 11. Wendy Wilber 12. David Tucker 13. Annamarie Allcastro 14. Sandra Ignacio 15. Richard Lederer 16. Jofin Propps 17. Lindy Diamond 18. Cathleen Rose 19. Vic DiMattia 20. Mark Seward 21 Marty Pasqualone 22 Mike Schneider 23. Pam Demory 24. Orion Yeandel 25. Joe Costa 26- Bob Moses 27. Bob Barton 28. Carolyn Nakaki 29. Fran Hachiya 30. Margie Pine 31- Arsalan Fathian 32 Valerie Hunter 33. Phil Cohen 34- Lisa Grossman 35. Steve Silverstem 36. Debbie Old 37 Sam Kreamer student Community Council 1. Steven Greenfield 2, Fran Berkowitz 3, Jane FIckenworth 4. Scott Verette 5- Dave Fellows 6 Gigi Golden 7. Armond Dinverno 8. John Jeha 9- Michele Himmelberg 10 Dean Suhr 1 1 , Laurie Weber 12- Roy Salume 13 Carol Williams 14 Dale Head 15 David Low ■i i II ■ . NOSTALGIA Rush week combines smiles and sisterhood Unless they have older sisters and brothers in the Greek system, most girls in high school aren ' t sure what pledging a sorority really means. Rush Week offers a chance to learn about the girls, the opportunities and the living situations of Greeks at USC. The theme for Rush last fall was " Ride the Wind. " Rushees moved into the dorms during the first week of September and were given pamphlets explaining the 13 sororities. Rush counselors, chosen from the houses to live with the rushees, helped the perspective members move in, handed out invitations and calmed down the disheartened. During the week the rushes toured the houses and narrowed down their choices from 13 to 8 to 5 and to 2 houses. Finally pledg- ing a house at the end of the week meant the end of waiting nervously for invitations each morning, but also the beginning of close ties with lifelong sisters. For those that chose not to pledge. Rush Week was a time to make a new group of friends and to learn the Greek alphabet. RIGHT. Rush counselors gave up their affiliation during the week and moved into the dorms to advise the rushees. BOTTOM LEFT, On Theme Day, the sororities entertained the rushees with skits and songs, BOTTOM RIGHT. The Row had Its own version of the summer Olympics as fratmen judged the rushees while they walked to their house parties. OPPOSITE PAGE, The Kappas greet the rushees at the door. I 337 n AXQ Alpha Chi Omega Chris Fontana Kelly Snyder Cindy Belden Carina Courtrlght Carin Liechti Man Streeter Shan Heath Sue Ella Vickl Pontes Lexie Deutsch Lisa Carr Judy Stakee Cherie Spence Linda Daves Kathy Bentich Cindy Bondesen Germaine Eyherabide Shannon Stem Suzanne Sterling Wendy Hoffman Cherrie Pettit Audrey Scarborough Laura Elmendorf Tracy Ewald Susan Waldman Gen Pepiot Leanne Newsom Patti Burnette Mollie Drake Laurie Crawford Jody Betts Darcey Catapano 33. Ginger Childs 34. Carolyn Yim 35. Ten Armstrong 36. Susie Gootnick 37. Debi Jacobellis 38. Merilee Donohugh 39. Regene Jones 40. Lynne Davidson 41. Dabble Hadley 42. Ten De Paolo 43. Diane Comi 44. Joanne Sierra 45. Lauri Smull 46. Cheryl Clark 47. Carol Romano 48. Wendy Soule 49. Linda Rene 50. Jean Lally 51. Doreen Castro 52. Andrea Podosin 53. Trisa Gartland 54. Margaret Fogwell 55. Sandy Levine 56. Michelle Traynor 57. April Egerton 58. Sherry Sigler 59. Denise Bourns 60 Lori Spaeter 61. Kim Miner 62, Sheila Krutzsch 63- Lanese Turner 64, Kim Wilson 65. Nancy Markham 66. Beckie Biedebach 67. Nancy Fellows 68. Julie Morton 69. Lizanne Burkholder 70. Barbara Bowman 71. Kathy Sparks 72. Janet Money 73. Julie Bakke 74. Linda Kayajanian 75. Sanday Soloman 76. Sandy Trujillo 77. Cathy Cooper 78. Anita Bourns 79. Marina Reder 80. Debbie Nishinaka 81. Leslie Spates 82. Jean Hasselhoff 83. Liz Fontana 84. Lisa Cramer 85. Judi Mendoza 86. Louise Hawkins 87. Susan Cohen 88. Susie Whatley 89. Debbie Olshan 90. Lanna Adamson NOT PICTURED: Libby Helmholtz Michelle Guillermin Robin Rohoun Leslie Zolenek A An Alpha Delta Pi 1. Anna-Marie Shaheen 2. Margaret Marshall 3. Margie Robertson 4 Sue Barr 5. Johanna Helffrich 6. Lee Ann Root 7. Catherine Vreeland 8. Jeanine Cipolla 9. Diane Birnie 10. Paula Ludford 11. Kathy Torchio 12. Randy Rae 13. Janice Gormley 14. Lucinda Shaffer 15. Sharon Kilmer 16. Barb Grantham 17. Barbara Marshall 18. Ellen Hicks 19. Mary Parks 20. Valerie Smolak 21. Anne Swigert 22. Lisa James 23. Debbie Brittingham 24. Andrea Light 25. Patrice DiRocco 26. Gail Uyeda 27. Linda Barrett 28. Mrs. Gretchen Steen 29. Chris Randall 30. Beverly Bryan 31. Dee Dee Dorskind 32. Debbie Doner 33. Glynnis Russell 34. Lisa McCray 35. Rose Ann Swanger 36. Barbara Woodman 37. Caria Demas 38. Cheryl Houser 39. Cathleen Griffin 40 Susanna Bonnell 41. Sandra Nickols 42. Chrissy Scofield 43. Tory Jeans 44. Kathy Greer 45. Debbie Schrock 46. Laurie Lowder 47. Robin Hudson 48. Ginny Knowles 49. Melaina Lee 50. Diana Kildiszew 51. Renee Jaffe 52. Jennifer Smith 53. Lisa Pendleton 54. Jennifer Griffin 55. Amy Van Buskirk 56. Caren Arnett 57. Cheryle Erdmann 58. Denise Nelson 59. Nancy Moody 60. Karyl Frudenfeld 61. Kim Romagnmo 62. Sue Berns 63. Heidi Youngkin 64. Ilene Feder 65. Carol Richardson 66. Elizabeth Mohr 67. Denyce Doughty 68. CarIa Guistolise 69. Courtnie Chapman 70. Kirsten Fulcher 71. Diane Leach 72. Leslie Hale! 73. Janine Letizia 74. Robin Nakao 75. Marcie Wolsey 76. Kelly Morse 77. Ami Wishnick 78. Christy Benson NOT PICTURED: Karen Fiene Katie Toley Tom Black Aissa Wayne Paula Barcelona Christy Fletcher Josephine Pearce Carol Peterson Linda Abrams Cheryl Kovalsky Gayle Iwamura Joan Staley AEH Alpha Epsilon Pi 1. Kona 2. Alan Jahns 3. Kathy Shaw 4. Russell Glauber 5. Jon Nakamura 6. Steve Johnson 7. Brian Lushing 8 Eben Phillips 9. Renee Baca 10. Dave Zaika 1 1. Lorraine Ort 12. Craig Havel 13. Amanda Fish 14. Tom Jory 15 Michael Clinton 16. Chris Felknor 17. Jerry Levey 18. Anne Katz 19. Steven Katz 20. Andrew KauHman 21. Robert J. Boyich NOT PICTURED: Ivan Halperm Gary Bethel Otis Page Mosi Tatupu Randy Simmrin Vinny Van Dyke Weejy 343 AEO Alpha Epsilon Ph 1. Maureen Moss 20. Pam Rotenberg 2. Debbie Warner 21. Karen Malamud 3 Anita Brandt 22 Wayne Plizga 4 Sheila Rotti 23. Caria Schalman 5 Stephanie Cook 24. Cheryl Kramer 6. Carolyn Shearer 25. Russ Keating 7. Susan Rozen 8 Debbie Reiner NOT PICTURED: 8 Jim Voss Betty Hannell 10 Karen Arrasmith Janet Weiss 11. Laurie Stromer Dana Ashton 12 Cheryll Anne Hairston Bruce Rosenblum 13. Marty Goetz Larry Valles 14. Alan Wapner Marty Goldberg 15 Ann Steward Tony Kay 16 Jan Schuessler Cliff Goldstein 17 Randy Gaiber Rand Cantrell 18 Pam Benyas Malcolm Engstrom 19 Larry Goldstein Gregg Kaufman I AHA Alpha Gamma Delta i 346 1. Kyung Lee 2. Teresa Soulliere 3. Meghan Schreiber 4. Melody Nishida 5. Marlene Pontrelll 6. Kitty Lynch 7 Pam Oeschger 8. De Aun Vioie 9. Pam Forgatch 10 Ann Morzov 11. Lynn Govin 12. Cynny Murphy 13. Nora Landale 14. Sandee Shupe 15 Nancy Tanita 16 Jackie Blanco 17 Darlynne Sit)ar 18 Pat Gonzales 19. Sue Tower 20 Nina Punaro 21. Jane Campbell 22. Jane Kennedy 23. Georgia Shaver 24. Mrs. Anne Piatt 25. Debbie Davis 26. Jane Kubasak 27. Julie Barr 28. Marilyn Young 29. Jo Ann Boss 30. Alice Behnke 31. Mary Becker 32. Rebecca Libow 33. Leslie Vorbach 34. Terry Boehmer 35 Sue See 36 Linda Kimura 37. Jill Warren 38. Pam Schroeder 39. Ten Nevill 40. Leeza Hoyt 41 Linda Gisbrecht 42. Maryleigh Erier 43 Joanne Coghill 44. Srinoi Rousseau 45. Sharon Just 46. Shirlane Wardell 47. Karen Heerman 48. Bonnie Burandt 49. Michelle Johnson 50. Julie Poxon 51. Nancy Rounds 52. Lynn Runkel 53. Gretchen Schildwachter 54. Barbi Emslie 55. Kris Scheiderich 56. Cathy Long 57. Kristi Caldwell 58. Diane Slezak 59. Marsha Johnston 60. Karen Nordstrom 61. Barbara Fisher 62. Cris Peacock 63. Lee Currie NOT PICTURED: Georgia Held Tracey Pierce Mindy Piet Cathy Schroeder Tanya Swindell Pam Lubitz Joanne Chao Traci O ' Brien Sue Shane Gale Sonnenberg AKA Alpha Kappa Alpha 1. Robin Denson 2. Zivia Wilson 3. Veronica King 4. Rovana Jourdan 5. Kim Foley 6. Terry Martin 7. Janis TIndall 8. Marlene Brookins 9. Karen Brooks 10. Karen Mills 1 1. Pamela Robinson 12. Debra Mars 13. Rene Weber 14. Rhonda Carroll 15. Pamela Johes 16. Darlyne Dandrldge 17. Yvette Speight 18. Angela Perry NOT PICTURED: Gemma Greeme Margaret Hall Particia Johnson Brenda Perkins Cheryl Turner Hyacinth Moore s i ,1 349 I AOn Alpha Omicron Pi 1. Juliet DeCampos 2. Elizabeth Wannamaker 3. Gail Sullivan 4. Brandon Blaylock 5. Jeff Kingsley 6. Susan Pulone 7. Rocky McCandless 8. Sue Hart 9. Sue Holman 10. Madelyn Koll 11. Donna Tyminski 12. Teri Hooker 13. Laurie Altenbach 14. Moira Breslin 15. Hollis Heide 16. Adriana Lanting 17. Odett Thaxton 18. Kat Gulmert 19. Cindy Barrett 20. Teri Hurtado 21. Courtney Hardy 22. Audrey Harcourt 23. Don Burdge 24. Brad Wrigfit 25. Carol Levonian 26. Jim Bailey 27. Patty Jones 28. Kim Rogers 29. Patty Brooks 30. Steve Nahigian 31. Micfielle Zayad 32. Corinne McCann 33. Greg Jorgensen 34. Todd Grodnick 35. Gigi Adams 36. John Clancy 37. Charley Thomson 38. Ron Burrows 39. John Trutter 40. Bill Snell 41. Tracy Ford 42. Teri Hall 43. Tom Peters 44. Susie Schreck 45. Suzanne Donohue 46. Robb Grant 47. Rick Alcocer 48. Molly Myer 49. Annette Leach 50. Bonni Bunting 51. Debbie Samuelian 52. Bonni George 53. Mark Wille 54. Brian Gates 55. Valerie Glaze 56. John Mann 57. Syd Sullivan 58 Gerry Ferri 59. Debbie Old 60. Lisa Sommers 61. Liz Lassan 62. Kevin Keeshan NOT PICTURED: Kathy Zelsiger Monica Roorda Michele Paddio Cheryl Ransone Bobette Leslie Carlene Anderson Georgia Spinney Diana Welch Scott Tolstad Jon Peterson Rob Cerreta Greg Watkins George DeUrioste Gene Paschall Mark Foster Bob Kirkland Jim Kimura Steve Marcussen Darrell Levonian Scott Mathewes Rob Evans Denise Stringer Laurie Lester i ! A(D Alpha Ph 1. Sheila Schafer 2. Stacey Thomas 3. Kristi Klugman 4. Ellen Grinstein 5. Cindy Wilcox 6. Patty Gorostiza 7. Stephanie Willis 8. Ann McAuley 9. Terie Gray 10. Leslie Jacobs 11. Judy Gray 12. Alexa Kanelos 13. Lee Barrett 14. Donna Cassella 15. Debbie Sirias 15. Linda Stock 17. Nancy Harlow 18. Lynn Lemke 19. Tern Pearson 20. Rosanne Berlen 21. Gretchen Gait 22. Donna Grissenger 23. Camille Tafe 24 Barb Mendoza 25. Lynn Hansen 26. Kathy Abrams 27. Julie Robertson 28 Renae Jacobs 29 Katie Fares 30. Debbie Pearson 31. Keely Stephan 32. Jocelyn Palmer 33. Candy Read 34. Lindsay Wiggins 35 Tern Speiser 36. Stacy Carroll 37. Amy Opfell 38. Anne Downey 39. Cindy Junkin 40. Grace Sheehan 41. Debbie Friend 42. Carol Weiner 43. Debbie Jamin 44. Kathy Burson 45. Carol Rust 46. Christy Paulin 47. Laurie MacMurray 48 Mary Ann Marks 49 Stacey Hand 50 Kathy Lyon 51. Leah Gasendo 52. Janice Lane 53. Leslie Sheehan 54. Peggy Brooker 55. Lisa Giefer 56. Dorothy Bolger 57. Karen Rasmussen 58 Ann Gorostiza 59. Allyson Call 60. Dawn Vinding 61. Lee McCarthy 62. Jeannine Nutt 63. Melinda Moore 64. Tish Howard 65. Cindy Sondheim 65. Wendy Perlman 67 Sue Spence 68. Lifeguard Ron 69. Stephanie Herrold 70. Lifeguard Jim 71. Sue Wehner 72 Lifeguard Herb NOT PICTURED: Missy Allen Barb Chappell Ann Davidson Linda DImarlo Kelly Doyle Rikki Feild Heidi Gothard Mary Beth Higgins Ellen McAuley Lynn Mellert Bobbie Mignosi Linda McCulloch Leanne Papazian Beth Ann Phillips Karen Plumleigh Karen Rakoobian Karen Reed Elhe Riley All Squire Lisa Tabah Claudia Ziefle Shelly Davis Suzanne Tarte Mrs. Williams Thelma Sigma Alpha Mu displays its talent - during spring rush 1 1 ' I ! ] i i 1 Row Bible Study continues to grow In an effort to meet the spiritual needs of Christians and those inter- ested in Christianity living in fratern- ities and sororities the Tuesday Night Bible Study was begun three years ago with a handful of students. This year over 200 Row and dorm residents and commuters attended the weekly meeting. The first half hour was devoted to singing and sharing what God was doing in their lives. Mark Neuenschwander, from the Church of the Open Door in Los An- geles, taught for the following hour on what the Bible says about dating, marriage, relationships with one another and other contemporary is- sues. 355 APX Alpha Rho Chi Winner of the 1977 El Rodeo theme contest 1. Kitty Lew 2. Barry Goldberg 3. Vay Mock 4 Dan Reza 5. Eric Nobunaga 6. Mark Welz 7. Ed Wickham 8. Tom Ducey 9. Ken Smith 10. Mike Calzada 11. John Coudures 12. Evan Markiewicz 13. John Spencer 14. Terrance Goode 15. Todd Miller 16. Jeff Kipp 17. Dwight Broadneax 18. James Landefeld 19. Gary Bernardo 20. Alex Calderon 21. Dan Wright NOT PICTURED: Colleen Arenal David Zellner i %Wi ' i ATQ Alpha Tau Omega 1. Chuck Wilcox 41. Phil Bellville 2. Lisa James 42. Greg Sabourin 3. Cliris Rose!! 43. Chris Mitchell 4. Bob Pack 44. Jim Manning 5. Jay Pierce 45. Bob Cook 6. Tim Spence 46. Bill Volkel 7. Meianie Salata 47. Dan Bush 8. Tom Hogan 48. Tory Jeans 9. Mary Hungerford 49. Scott Matthews 10. Tim Taylor 50. Joel Craig 11. Debbie Schrock 51. Don Billow 12. Renae Jacobs 52. Jean Hasselhoff 13. Randy Miller 53. Tom Klepper 14. Bob Niesner 54. Tom Logan 15. Delnora Clelland 55. Steve McFarland 16. Bob Le Fevre 56. Eric Olsen 17. Mike Walsh 57. Steve Niemi 18. Bill Barnett 58. Frank Tomich 19 Scott Salmacia 59. Chris Holder 20 Rhea Peterson 60. Lisa Goodlad 21. Ray Radas 61. Steve Craig 22. Bryn De Freeces 62. Dave Hotchkin 23. Mark Astrella 63. Charly Netel 24. Scott Van Dyke 64. Joe Householder 25. Jann Edwards 65 Greg Janish 26. Gregg Miller 66 Tom Phillips 27. Rich Bagdazian 28. Mike Osborn NOT PICTURED: 29. Dave Ortiz Dave Bohnett 30. Jay Durgan Gerry Bridges 31. Jim Spellmire Marc Ferrero 32. Matt Hunter Greg Fortner 33 Howard Farber Pete Grigone 34 Neal Singer Steve Hamaker 35 Eric Olson Joe Kearney 36 Marc Bernstein Mark Lohman 37 Patty Cox John Marder 38 Doug Levitt Rick Palmer 39 Jerry Papazian Mike Wear 40 Jan Fields i Bon Beta Theta Pi 1. Bruce Furniss 42 Wes Kennedy 83 John Andrews 2. Tim Puncell 43 Jay Davison 84 Bruce D ' Elison 3 Pat Patrick 44 Scott Van Kuelen 85 Gordon Schick 4. Jim Astor 45 Mark Byers 86 Craig Cooper 5. Todd Corman 46 Redge Griffin 87 Mike Grabendike 6. Craig Rackohn 47 Bob Burns 88 Jeff Curtis 7. Rick DelCarlo 48 Greg Martin 89 Patty Carson 8 Mike Petersen 49 Tory Jeans 90 Vince Hitt 9. Bill Spencer 50. Gary Robertson 91 Loc Waters 10 Kelly Davis 51. Scott Cavalier 92 Casey Jones 11. Jack Ellis 52. Tom Overend 93 Brian Berkhausen 12. Louis Ramirez 53. Mary Hasbrouck 94 Janie Roberts 13. Tom Spicer 54. D ' Arcy Dietrich 95 Tim Bright 14. Jeff Kaessner 55. Dan Hightower 96 Tim Regan 15. Bill Atha 56. Jerry 97 Rob Cerreta 16. Sandy Hots on 57. Chad Olson 98 Gary Ball 17. Jim Furgeson 58. Mike Ross 99 Giff Randall 18 Dan Christy 59. Brian Heublein 19. Roy Bennett 60. Scott Brown NOT PICTURED: 20. Brenda Anderson 61 Mark Albright En c Leaver 21. Tim Real 62. Chip Conlan Rick Baird 22. Scott Davis 63 Mark Greenwood Do n Killian 23. John Rothwell 64. Cameron Luther sy J Dangerous 24. Allen Poucher 65. Mike Real Jeff Robinson 25. Curt Pierose 66. Dolly Zachary George Shinn 26 Mike Palmer 67. Terry Johnson Brett Marches 27. Steve Batcheller 68. Leigh Lawrence To n Hoeck 28. Alan Langston 69. Joe Bottom Jin 1 Davison 29 Wally Reed 70 Rod Stewart Ml .e Hargrove 30 Roy Cole 71. Ron Orr Jo in Hunter 31 Bob Tarnosky 72. Dave Bradley Jeff Funk 32. Mike Frawley 73. Jim Young Lo jis Scalapini 33 Dave Kurrasch 74. Tom Searles Gr ;g Cornell 34. Doug Birnie 75. Jerry Kohler Da ve Hearn 35 Mark Grassi 76. Kent Jenkin Hu nt Williams 36 Linda Ridgeway 77. Don Thordarsen Ra ph Dion 37 Fred Landls 78. John Morgan Tom Garton 38 Ken Beigel 79. Linda Gregory Mike Sanford 39. Lisa Kasselik 80. Bruce Kocsis John Redfield 40. Sue Whittington 81. Greg Womble 41. Ginny Hodge 82. Melanie Salata XQ Chi Omega Wendy Zinn Rory Benka Karen DeStefano Bonnie Bilitch Ellen Brandlin Sandy Boggess Valerie Scarbrough Darian Chag Julie Neff Ten Vincent Vikki Zaninovich Shan Simon Sally Silberkraus Stephanie Murrow Karen Sebesta Mindy Glaser Chris Rosell Nancy Howard Monica Waller Mary See 21. Jean Harris 22. Kathy Sebesta 23. Beverly Bingham 24. Diane Robinson 25. Kristy Powers 26. Laura LaBayne 27. Margo Smith 28. Nancy Albin 29. Harriet Divine 30. Nancy Conger 31. Jan Frensdorf 32. Nancy Marion 33. Joanne Brunelle 34. Sandy Scholz 35. Joanne Mannetter 36. Isabel RIvero NOT PICTURED: Kathryn Flynn 363 Chi Phi 1. Mark Sheedy 2. James Kimura 3. Cheryl Ransome 4. Carol Levonlan 5. Brad Wright 6. Kevin Lynch 7. Wayne Franklin 8. Steve Broadbent 9. Wendy Hoffman 10. Dave Hellman 11. Bonnie George 12. John Mann 13. Debbie Old 14. Aki Hamada 15. Mike Feron 16. Greg Hammond 17. Mark Kaufman 18. Keith White 19. Kent Schoknecht 20. Mark Courtney 21. Loren Morris 22. Al Cabraloff 23 Darrel Levonian 24. Flavio Franco 25. Pete Grande 26. Bob Hedrick 27. Bill Moore 28. Charlie Thompson 29. Erwin Furukowa 30. Drew Panico 31. Tom Fahey 32. Tom Old 33. Steve Marcussen NOT PICTURED: Rick Dean Omar Elder Bob Strub Greg Tholen Dave Brown John Stanek Ben Haddad jms stassB He GULLIVERS B] 1 H, HP FISH a CHIPS J Delta Chi 1. Stephen Tardy 2. Rosie Deza 3. Frank Barba 4. Tom Burke 5. Shaunna Boyce 6. Warren Lucio 7. Rod Zaiunardo 8. Rene A. Garcia 9. Jorge Tejadilla 10. Don Villafana 11. John R, Dohse 12. Bill Burke 13. Ben Dover 14. Ed McPherson 15. Mike Kingsbury NOT PICTURED: Jimi Bingham Dennus Carroll Bob Carroll Byron Silva Frank Vuoso Dave Gauthier Dave Awrey Hal Furman Rusty Parker Bob Spelman Mike Cassldy Vic Stevens AAA Delta Delta Delta 1. Tracey Passwaters 2. Dana Nacheff 3 Lorl Handy 4. Catherine Sheppard 5. Randy Young 6. Diane Olsen 7 Carol George 8. Julie Ruiz 9. Donna Dempster 10 Kimmie Bishop 11, Linda Currie 12, Susan Campbell 13. Cynthia Frye 14. Kathy Maca 15. Paula Schwer 16. Nancy Boehme 17. Anne Martin 18. Ann Houston 19. Erin Dundee 20 Keely Gonzales 21. Kim Small 22. Carol Saikhon 23 Holly Armbuster 24. Leslie Freedle 25. Maryann Shook 26. Celeste Brown 27. Debbie Tressen 28. Tern Kemp 29. Sue Jacobs 30. Belle Rath 31. Tami Meehan 32. Barbi Hunt 33. Sally Yearwood 34. Sandy Kalish 35. Molly Davis 36. Jene Walter 37. Tricia Kahler 38. Ann Batcheller 39. Vicki Allinson 40. Linda Lockwood 41. Gwen Parsell 42. Frannie Jabs 43. Phyllis Kidder 44. Jackie Minor 45. Dana Capelouto 46. Mrs. Maynard 47. Paula Erd 48. Kim Walker 49. Wendy Almquist Chris Brown Shirlyn Vogel Tern Patterson Leida Gutierrez Mane Buzanis Katie Miller Jennifer Solomon 57. Kristen Kronemyer 58. Kelly Callison 59. Sherrie Strausfogel 60. Peggy Pwers 61. Karen Ackley 62. Terry Haugan 63. Sonya Baker 64. Debbie Goodloe 65. Sally Cutler 66. Liz Coss 67. Cindy Miller 68. Beryl Bartling 69. Wendy McKeever 70, Linda Wright 71, Kathy Szijarto 72, Sherron Multon 73, Roxanne Holderman 74, Debbie Howley 75, Kathy Dvorsky 76, Debbie Campbell 77, Melinda Taylor 78, Kim Buckley 79- Shelli Baker 80. Stacey Heath 81. Nancy Jacobus 82. Dabble McCann 83. Lorraine Webb 84. Julie Andrews 85. Gail Forrest 86. Cindi Dean 87. Cynthia Scheel 88. Viki Hargreaves NOT PICTURED: Michele Bozzo Jann Edwards Marilyn MacMillan Carol Ward Karen Wopschall Kathleen Gross Lisa Amerongen Carol George Gwen Leishman Gail McCormac Cory Morse Deane Noble Terry Racette Maria Sansone Dana Smalley Dianne Wersen Liz Curtis Liz MacDonald Julie Markham Jenni Streit Vicki Williams Nanci Brander 1 369 Ar Delta Gamma 1. Susan Mitchell 2. Laurel Bleak 3. Debbie Anderegg 4. Kim Behrendt 5. Jamie Bedall 6. Cathie Yaussy 7. Shelly Buss 8. Amy Allen 9. Janine Bleak 10. Mike Ross 1 1. Lisa Myers 12. Lisa Le Cover 13. Missy Short 14. Leslie Skoro 15 Julie Berdheim 16. Marlene Brakovich 17. Su Picking 18. Carrie Ann Caratan 19. Debbie Felts 20. Maria D ' Zurko 21. John Tenaglia 22. Lynn Wylde 23. Shelly Perkings 24. Patti Klein 25. Carmen Warda 26. Bryn Defreece 27. Betsy Berbos 28. Nancy Berbos 29. Kristi Thornquist 30. Dan Vogalsang 31. John Turnacllff 32. Kelly Coates 33. Terry Price 34. Jeff Curtis 35 Debbie Neil 36. Peggy O ' Neill 37. Maria McMahon 38. Christy Hay 39. Tina Valentine 40. Floy Wulk 41. Beth Wright 42 Caron Waldron 43. Tracey Clelland 85 Kathy McNamara 44. Julie Giles 86 Leslie Drysdale 45. Karen Schweitzer 87 Royal Harper 46. Leslie Ripley 88 Ginny Hodge 47 Jan Fields 89 Brian Ulf 48. Jill Mitchell 90 Sue Haack 49. Lisa Gryp 91 Kathy Banks 50. Kim Goss 92 Kathy Auth 51. Heidi Mumper 93 Jan ExIey 52. Lynn Jennings 94 Becky Buss 53. Meg Delio 95 Patti Cahill 54. Angela Miceli 96 Cindy Caswell 55. Brian Gasdia 97 Robin Trumball 56 Kathy Arquilla 98 Barbara Wittman 57. Lee Weber 99 Mane Curry 58. Brooks Poliqum 59. Loc Waters NOT PICTURED: 60 Eden Ginn Dee Berman 61 Cam Walker Becca Brackett 62. Terry Busby Kri sti Cannata 63 Dennis Wood Trisha Churchill 64. Michita Laugharn Susan Cook 65. Leonard Brazil Maura Donley 66. Tom Searles Lyn Eisenhower 67. Sue Stephenson Lynn Exiey 68. Angela Aber Karen Karbo 69. Pam Scott Babe Knoop 70. Laurie Hill June Melln 71. Debi Anderson Lin di Sadler 72. Tippy Martin Nancy Townsend 73. Louise Van Rorst Cin dy Troy 74. Barb Peterson Ca ■n Wilkins 75. Shauna Russell Joey Wright 76. Stacy Amar Diane Akerman 77. Becky Berkey Kathy Broderick 78. Pam Jones An nette Diehl 79. Katie Krupp Ka en Hinds 80 Ani Figueras Leslie Lane 81. Barbara McDonald Jody Morton 82 Susan McDonald Lin da Ridgeway 83. Julie Waite Becky Armstrong 84. Joe Healey ' a nstaat. " 8Tn| . • .• ,- " „ As-, _ J (? ' . ;N RIGHT: FROM LEFT, Delta Gammas Amy Allen, Tracey Clelland and Jody Morton prepare to take some neighborhood chil- dren through a haunted house sponsored by the Delta Gammas and the Alpha Tau Omegas. BELOW, The children don ' t look very scared as they wait with Amy Allen and Tracey Clelland for the next tour through the Alpha Tau Omega House, -: ' i [BRCMjy wiF£[ snu.ALivl 1 1 A(DK Delta Phi Kappa 1. Atsuko Kanai 2. Diane Yanagawa 3. Jaime Yee 4 Susie Loo 5, Lisa Hada 6. Joni Yee 7 Judy Nakagawa 8. Eva Lau 9. Karen Wong 10. Donna Hayata 1 1. Wendy Tamura 12. Linda Tani 13. Sunny Lee 14. Noreen Nakao 15. Shirley Daikoku 16. Susan Nishiliara 17. Irene Marumoto 18. Stacey Oda 19. Patty Kurata 20. Dawn Miyakawa 21. Lynn Torigoe 22. Mayumi Mitsuhiro 23. Laurie Iwasaki 24. Lily Chung 25. Lynn Suzawa 26. Debbie Kumagawa NOT PICTURED: Joyce Hatanaka Susan Ito Lynn KInoshita Judy Kita Joanne Masaoka Lori Miyakawa Karen Miyamoto Mikki Tashima Lori Toyama Miko Uchida Tina Wong Virginia Wong Nancy Yamauchi Rose Lam Jolene Matsumoto Diane Nomura I A 10) Delta Sigma Phi in 4.01 5,6 6,R I. SI 10,1 I 1. Marco Marcontoni 2. Brian Brumit 3. Armen Minasian 4. Debbie Konow 5. Eugene Osborne 6. Randy Boggan 1 - Marty Goldberg 8. Mike Gamson 9. Steve Dereniz 10 Ralph Minasian 1 1. Rick Osborne 12. John McNulty 13. Debbie Colgate 14. Charlie Connors 15. Sean Osborn 16. Jeft Werner 17. Jeff Worthy 18. Pat McNamee 19. Diane Comi 20. Dave Smith 21. Kevin Heerdt 22. Jim Lombardo 23. Tom Flynn 24. Jim Perdue 25. Scott Birnberg 26. Sharolyn Heath 27. Dick Denzler 28. Maral Avaklan 29. Ross Griswold 30. Dominick Romano 31. Bruce McDonald 32. Sue Rosen 33. Astrid Goloumb 34. Larry Valles 35. Lauren Weinstein 36 Norm Groot 37. Debbie Hypres 38. Raleigh Waller 39. Nancy O ' Neil 40. Marilyn Young 41. Steve Finley 42. Bob Clark 43. Nancy Tanita 44. Diana Wilkin 45. Danny Franco 46. Darryl Farrar 47. DeAnn Viole 48. Jeff Russell 49. Paul Nevlll 50. Kevin Green 51. Diana Welsh 52. Brad Markoff 53. GregWatkins 54. Mel Gilmour 55 Sue Waidman 56 Julie Ruiz 57. Bill Snell 58. Wayne Schroepfer 59. Andra Cooper 60. Sam Schaefer 61. Pat Fields 62. Jill Warren 63. Tom Bristow 64. Alan Baker 65. Greg Ohanian 65. Del Worthington 67. Denise Stringer 68. Ron Burrows NOT PICTURED: Eric Ban Dave Crampton Wes Evans Dean Hallet Tim Hamill Bob Patapoff Eric Siess Dave Slonim Cara Stemen Jack Thompson Mike Trevino AZO Delta Sigma Theta 1. La Vicki Foxwell 2. Maria Lee 3. Sabnana Lanum 4. Sharon Booker 5. Drucilla Garcia 6. Patricia Clark 7. Gloria Burroughs 8 Virgle Mosley 9. M. Candl Lee 10 Ada-Ray Heard 11. Rhonda Carmichael NOT PICTUR ED: Elaine Barnett Angela Berry Myrna Burton Gina James Karen Phillips Stephanie Simms Ava Thomas Todd Smith Joe Blackstock J.D. Bond Jeff Johnson John Badly Mark Kandarian r i; ade Wlldrick Don Hateley Kevin Kearns Craig Elmore Jim Kline Bob Duitsman Mitch Axene Tony Turchi Rowin Jacobs Gordo Johnson John Sunofsky Sandy Whiting Rand Backer Malcolm O ' Donne Bob McDonald Tom Pavich Drew Lawler Chris Consani Don Terrell Bob Salim Bill Robertson Bob Fallon Charles Cline Neal Flyer Bob Hateley Nick Kildiszew Steve Algorri Dave Woolley ' Tony Haralambos A Delt ll I ATA Delta Tau Delta NOT PICTURED: Bruce Avery Mark Bidegan John Boskovlch John Driscoll Peter Hogeboom Larry Kaleff Sam King Paul Leake Jim Matyas Curt Olson Steve Raid Gary Renanu Dan Selleck Mai Shattuck Paul Steinke Gary Wood Ken Woods Kurt Haynes William Fuscoe Mark Ogden Norm Peterson Clark Roberts Rick Callahan Kevin McCleskey Richard Tudor Paul Roesser Brian McGuire Harry Butler Rick Quintero Andy Proctor Bill Mitchell Kevin Jennings Steve Botsford Mark Gerlach Lee Marshall Larry Hall Cliff Wilson Dave Morrison Robert del Junco Jeff Duncan Dennis Rainey Storm Bartling John Tenaglia Steve Hoffman Jim Smith Gregg Buchbinder Matt Gait Gordon Henry Chris Hall Mike Correia ra)B Gamma Phi Beta 1. Christine Carlson 2. Dorean Stern 3. Kim Cerqui 4. Lynn Alessi 5. Janice Roberts 6 Jane St Onge 7. Kim Dorsey 8. Leslie Bebbington 9. Rick Del Carlo 10. Chrlsti Kinkle 11. Heather Dunn 12. Christy Frazier 13. Joan Avedislan 14. Sharon Nugent 15. Janet See 16. Marilyn Abbott 17. Jan Ryan 18. Carol Hamilton 19. Nancy Pon 20. Lisa Sheehan 21. Dana Nater 22. Teri Fivecoat 23. Susie Delahooke 24. Annette Kim 25. Ronnie Rodgers 26. Kim Rudy 27. Cathy Schmidt 28. Liz Unger 29. Beverly Hedrick 30. Debbie Hypes 31. Patricia Loyd 32. Karen Klokke 33. Kim Anderson 34. Debbie Danson 35. Ann Vasko 36. Signe Qvale 37. Margaret Bogdanovich 38. Kathy McNair 39. Lynda Johnson 40. Melissa Smoot 41. Joan Donatelli 42. Patty Crum 43. Cathy McDougall 44. Pam Horst 45. Nancy Rogers 46. Cathy Barnett 47. Meredith Massey 48. Gina-Marie Celic 49. Wendy Woldt 50. Sally Thoman 51. Pam Curran 52. Nancy Whitaker 53. Sabrina Kazarian 54. Shannon Beglin 55. Jill Braden 56. Nancy Lage 57. Kim Shelley 58. Dayna Carter 59. Gretchen Young 60. Jan Frazier 61. Cathy Momjian 62. Kerry Clark 63. Lyndi Luck 64. Sue Kirven 65. Dana Heath 66. Elaine Boyd 67. Janellen McDougall 68. Kim Hellman 69. Martha Cannon 70. Kathy Hittle 71. Kathy Stevens 72. Bev Andrews 73. Sue Murdy 74. Kath Smith 75. Valerie Peck 76. Jody Williamson 77. Tad Smyth 78. Merrie McColl 79. Pat Livinghouse 80. Patty Cox 81. Paula Bonadelle 82. Stoney Mayock 83. John Pense 84. George Cappello 85. Bill Atha 86. Mike Grimsley 87 Joe Regean NOT PICTURED: Laurie Bird Susan Clark Debbie Darr Phyllis Dembowski Maralou De Nicholas Betsy Di Maria Mim Dunham Cathy Dwight Mimi Harrison Sue Herrin Carol Kemler Leslie Kenyon Sue Koppel Fran Mills Danell Neuman Pat Nichols Nicoletta Poloynis Teri Rebenstorf Cathy Stavert Sheri Taylor Carole Tuttle Ann Walker 361 382 KA Kappa Alpha Order 1. Dave Peterson 2 Brent Carpenter 3. Gary Stachler 4. Dennis Wood 5. Barry Fincti 6. Kevin Green 7 Jotin Brummelkamp 8. Tom Trainer 9. Jay Sherwood 10. Chris Lewis 1 1 Scott Lamoreaux 12. Rusty Sherwood 13. Bob Goetz 14. Rob Francescon 15. Chris Burgess 16. Dan Trapp 17. Walt Sanford 18. Pete Van Lier Ribbink 19. Jack Raidy 20. Dan Parry 21. Jim Gilchrist 22. Jim Mellor 23. John Baran 24. Dennis Maloney 25. Joe Agopian 26. Bill Elder 27. Jerome Lienhard 28. Don Traeger 29. R. C. Treat 30. Dave Dixon 31. Chad Covington 32. Les Jordan 33 Bruce Thompson 34 Jeff Quint 35 Doug Rohrer 36. Steve McCarty 37. Neal Callahan 38. Al Bonde 39. Ron Taylor 40. Scott Reed 41 Kevin Kostlan 42. Dave Mackenback 43. Dave Williams 44. Randy Ray 45. John Moulton 46. Jim Armitage 47. Brian Hickey 48. John Seifert 49 Stan WIpfli 50, Kevin McKenna 51. Jim Springer 52 Greg Carpenter 53. Joe Healy 54. Jeff Skeen 55. Casey Jones 56. Steve Calhoun 57 Brad West 58 Brent Daves 59. Dave Kray 60. John Byrne 61. Dan Nelson 62. Mark Felton 53. Dreigh Peck 64. Ken Blakely 65. Steve Titus 66. Jim Williams 67. Jeff Lulejian 58 Craig Breihan 69. Al Beaudette 70. Mike Condon 71, Mike Healy 72, Dave de Miranda 72. Robert E. Lee NOT PICTURED: Kent Blasiar Phil Busick Bill Clark Curt Covington Kevin Hillgren Dave Hlxenbaugh Rick Jacobs Dave Larson Roy Lightbody Clay Matthews John Matwick Jerry Opiopio Al Pamer Tom Reed Al Thomas Mike Warren Randy Kawamura Mike McGowan Tom Munier KAUJ Kappa Alpha Psi 1. Theron Wiggins 2. Dawson Latimore 3. Johnny Colqult 4. Richard Springfield 5 Cornell De Clouette 6. Clarence Hamilton 7. Reginald Jones 8. Harold Johnson 9. Michael Rey 10. Alton Cogswell 1 1. Russell Green 12. Anthony Ellis 13. Calvin Kemp 14. Terry Baker 15. William Mann 16. Melvin Roberts 17. Kenneth Moore 18. Oscar Streeter 19. Keith Williams 20. Cornelius Pyror 21. Jose Mincey 22. Keith Ramsey 23. Anthony Barnett 24. Robert Slaughter 25. Alan Bernstein NOT PICTURED: Dwight De Clouette Jimmy James Bryan Jenkins Victor Landry Michael Claypool Joseph Stevens David Sharp Eldr idge Watkins Eddie Butler Joseph Jimerson Booker Carlos John Bryant Anthony Jones Lamar Hamright Fernando Cox Johnnie Morgan Gary France Keith Cooper Roosevelt Woods I KAO % Kappa Alpha Theta 1. Mary Humel 2. Jane Meeker 3. Nancy Duke 4. Annie Pendo 5. Amanda Duddleson 6. Gail Rawn 7. Ann Trepte 8 Mele Goss 9 Leigh Lawrence 10. Shelley Birtcher 1 1. Erin Dougherty 12. Elaine Johnston 13. Kristin Olson 14. Janet Joseph 15. Jean Ann LeGrand 15. Valice Seiberlich 17. Gail VanDyke 18. Mary Buckingham 19. Mary Megowan 20. Diane Patrick 21. Vicki Laughlin 22. Gretchen Glazener 23. Deborah Johnston 24. Susie Yeager 25. DruAnne Forthmann 26. Suzie Ganz 27. Liz Butler 28. Holly O ' Brien 29. Peggy Jann 30. Melanie Salata 31. Rhea Peterson 32. Barby Darby 33. Alice Ragenovich 34. Michelle Fagan 35. Wendy Donker 36. Ten Anderson 37. Laura Sorgen 38. Jennifer Folhemus 39. Denise Battler 40- Maryanne Green 41 . Lisa Goodlad 42 Laurie Wright 43. Peggy Blake 44. Kathy Hawkins 45. Linda Wells 46. Tracy Downer 47 Jo Leachman 48 Betsy Jacobson 49. Debbie Diercks 50. Laurie Brotherton 51. Kelly Burke 52. Victoria Durkin 53. Jill Weissinger 54. Dana Teele 55 Katie Ward 56. Wendy Taylor 57. Eileen Cannon 58. Laura Anderson 59. Tracy Hayward 60. Laurie Anderson 61. Susan Snort 62. Margy Maca 63. Susan Whittington 64. Claudia Kreutzberg 65. Lesley Frandsen 66. Karen Lotus 67. Penney Bower 68. Caroline Molloy 59. Tracie Blake 70. Caria Princi 71. Allison Dunn 72. Mary Overton 73. Lauri Herbert 74. Julie Kilhan 75. Kim Eldredge 76. Betsy Hartwig 77. Betsy McKie 78. Kathy McKie 79. Judi Wendorff 80. Kerry Shield 81. Lucia Affatato 82. Laurie Rohrer 83. Lisa Olson OPPOSITE PAGE: Kappa Virginia Tuffli answers the house phone. THIS PAGE: FROM LEFT. Marylou Meairs, Susan Rowe. Susie Barry, Kristi Walls. Laurie Crickard. Susan Hopkins and Debbie Arnesan enjoy their side yard on the corner of 28th Street. KKr Kappa Kappa Gamma 1. Nancy Arrington 32. Carolyn Hidley 63. Andrea Jahnke 94 Cindy Doughty 2 Judy Storch 33 Wendy Gardner 64 Maureen Boyle 95 Becky Bowie 3 Tami Miller 34 Penny Miller 65 Allison Hendrick 96 Diane Prescott 4. Brynne Bonner 35. Karen Webb 66 Pam Storey 97 Patti Malloy 5 Bonnie Campbell 36 Susan Hopkins 67 Noll Kraft 98 Pam Carnngton 6 Cindy Rhee 37 Colleen Casey 68 Alison Logan 99 Kacey Meairs 7. Tina Byers 38 Melissa Miller 69 Cathy Enderwood 100 Marilou Meairs 8. Colleen O ' Toole 39, Debbie Gray 70 Alia Henshaw 101 Susan Rowe 9. Nancy Call 40 Marisa Autrey 71 Catherine Reed 102 Malisa Masanovich 10. Stacey Call 41 Tricia Frey 72. Kathenne Klug 103 Chen Feltz 11. Karen Kelley 42 Leslie Woolley 73, Ken Helwig 104 Gail Enderwood 12. Anne Williamson 43 Patti Donleavey 74. Julie Down 105 Casey Gner 13. Terry Burkett 44. Diane Little 75 Connie Scherer 106 Susie Barry 14. Mari-Ree Rallis 45. Kate Call 76 Candy James 107 Nancy Daves 15. Cheryl Pfleiderer 46 Jody Levy 77. Jennifer Biller 108 Jill Journigan 16. Virginia Tuffli 47 Anne Benedetti 78 Leslie Baker 109 Lisa Kasselik 17. Laurie Cnckard 48 Joyce Sowder 79 Sharon Sandberg 18. Lori Mast 49- Diana Sammis 80 Candy Freemam NO " r PICTURED: 19 Jennifer Booty 50. Nancy Taylor 81 Kim Mahannah Lan Armstrong 20. Debbie Arnesen 51. Patty Shanahan 82, Kristi Walls Kar n Campbell 21. Lori Crawley 52 Chris Zimmerman 83, Patty Carson Cm Jy Cooper 22. Linda Lauger 53 Joan Dambros 84 Judy Speight Lisa Hamaker 23. Dana Roche 54. Kim Burgess 85, Suki Bryan Ter 1 Hamilton 24 Denise Lopez 55. Martha Johnson 86 Christy Archer Cm jy Herbert 25. Jay Hilker 56 Sonja Bakke 87 Maritia Barnum Cm Jy Maitland 26. Shawna Hunter 57 Cathy Contino 88 Margie Moersch Bre nda Anderson 27 Don Griffin 58. Margie Spencer 89, Pauline Codekas Cat hy Thomas 28. Carrie Kheubuhl 59 Mother Fern 90 Alice Scott Kim Wallace 29 Diann Davis 60 Liz Kewell 91 Lynn Roice Diar la Wilkins 30 Michele McFarland 61 Mary Abbate 92 Debbie Hunsaker 31. Gwyn Storey 62 Mary Poppic 93, Lori Hickey Kappa Sigma 1 Rich Melcombe 22 Mel Lewis 42. Rich Wagner 62 Scott Bernard 82. Dave Miller 2 Ralph Fruguglietti 23 Craig Winn 43, John Spear 63 Russ Goldberg 83. Steve Macke 3 Alex Cappello 24 Gary Litten 44. Dave Palk 64 Greg Siech 84. Doug Burdge 4 Glen Bickel 25 Gary Griffin 45- Glen Esnard 65 Joe Burgee 85. John Henno 5 Jay Davis 26 Keith Kam 46 Steve Rubin 66 Mike Marquez 6 Curf Herberts 27. Mike Rubidoux 47. Henry Barell 67 Dennis Richardson NOT PICTURED: 7 Mark Van Mourick 28 Bob Wilhelm 48 Joe Harrigan 68 John Pentz Pat Bagnall 8 Hugh Horstman 29 Lawson Martin 49 Paige Parrish 69 Scott Marino Mark Covazza 9 Jeff Johnson 30 Bryan Clay 50 Jon Pulaski 70 Warren Daniels Jim Floyd 10 Berry Mitchell 31 Chuck Stanislawski 51. Steve Lansford 71 Rob Grant Frandy Fortun?to 11 Greg Burns 32 Mike Patrichi 52 Rick Kissler 72 Rich Graybehl Mike Howell 12 . Rick Capellino 33 Dean Fogarty 53 John Carver 73 Ron Higgins Craig Nash 13 . Brad Buettner 34 Mike Clapp 54 Phil Woodward 74 Bob Duncan Scott Nash 14 . Scott Mac Latchie 35 Pete Batte 55 Bill Fox 75 Doug English Steve Piechota 15 SkipGillett 36 Ken Spear 56 Scott Buettner 76 Bryan Busse Alan Rosehill 16 , Mike Keller 37 Marc Kelly 57 Alan Dowsett 77 Dean Hawthorne Robert Ahike 17 Tom Di Stanislao 38 Anthony Bishop 58 Mark Perry 78 Dave Stairs Jim Feederle 18 Pat Kendall 39 Steve Schiro 59. John Mathiesen 79 Don Burdge Hans Hiatt 19 Scott Moody 40 Scott Mac Gowan 60 Dave Thompson 80 Stan Mullin Clark Jones 20 . Mark Hoppe 41 Chris Leanders 61. Don Goldberg 81 Ron Stavert Jim Strichland 21 , Mike Haviken AXA Lambda Chi Alpha 1. Graham Church 21. John Hutsler 2. Mark Gerson 22. Steve Frankland 3. Jim Centofante 23, Dan Baca 4. Sheila Roth 24. Gary Duke Spee 5. Joan Firth 25. Wayne Pllzga 6. Steve Chevlin 7. Jim Voss NOT PICTURED: 8. Vern Nagayama Phil Blum 9. Steve Soukup Larry Goldstein 10. Bob Braude Rudy Harvey 11. Steve Takeda Charles Reed 12 Tony Kay Rick Licon 13. Jan Winthrop Dave Grisingher 14. Joe Santomieri Jim Lansbury 15. Mark Shiffelbein Steve Linkon 16. Arnold Miyomoto Brad Mart 1 Steve Clair Steve Sanders 18. Walter Celka Tab Murphy 19. Dave Salzman Rick Itzkowich 20. Steve Griftin Al Humes Omega Psi Phi L Robert Bills 2- Will McCaw 3. David S. Cunningham 4. Jeffrey Clayton 5. Leon Cargile 6. Archie Linnear 7. David Jameson 8- Carey Mason 9. Jerry C. Holliday 10. Robert McFarland IL Michael K. Pinkett 12- Calvin Sweeney NOT PICTURED: Tim Basham David Dyer Dewey Fontenut Bill Bradley Harry Charity Abram Dent John Haywood Don McMurtrey Carlo McNeil Adam Cue CALIF a AO Phi Delta Theta 1- Bill Fimpler 2 John Lutkens 3. Bill Wright 4, Chuck Curry 5 Glen Gerbino 6. John Macrery 7. Christopher Reed 8. Dwight Lemon 9. Carl Alvarez 10. Andy Hinshaw 1 1. Sheri Taylor 12. Gary Houcomb 13. Bruce Takeguma 14. Mike Cook 15. Keith Cramoline 16. Andy Oldfield 17 Brian Burck 18 Ted Wedlake 19. Steve Silva 20 Mark Karasik 21. Eamonn Casey 22. Jim Bohan 23. Bill Mitchell 24. Steve Case 25. David Davidson 26 Fred Ziler 27 Bill Shrader 28. Jeff Wolfe 29 Jim Nugent 30 Joe Mouren-Larvens 31. Dave Griffith 32 John Cavanaugh 33. Greg Aba)ian 34 Tom Peyton 35 Malcolm Hill 36 John Waldron 37 Al Pigneri 38 Brian Lippold 39. Henry Janneck 40. Ed McGrath 41. Kevin Gallagher 42. Laurie Bird 43. Bryan Gossman 44. Phillip Pigneri 45. Rhea Peterson 45. Karl Jagger 47. Curt Tsujimoto 48. Jim Hickey 49. Ed Dummitt 50. Edmund Regan 51. Doug Smith 52. Charles Stewart 53. Tom Kiskadden 54. Jeff Johnson 55 Martin Salazar 56. Phillip Hodgkins 57. Steve Wetzel 58. Tom Haracambros 59 Valerie Peck 60. Victor McCalla 61. Scott Robinson 62. Sue Stevenson 63. Mike O ' Donnell 64 Sue Mitchell 65 Phil Prassas 66. Jay Ward 67. Bill Gams 68. Mike Schaefer 69. Diane Prescott 70. Kim Buckley 71. Leslie Drysdale 72 Sandy Levine 73. Susan Clark 74 Bill Kolstad 75 Karen Wopschall 76 Melissa Smoot 77. Beverly Hedrick 78 Julie Down DrA Phi Gamma Delta 1 Rik Mumma 28 Eric Caminiti 55 Dave Davidson 2 Rob Burke 29 Shan Heath 56 Jeff Kaplan 3 Bill Pedene 30 Dan Potts 57 Mark Steiger 4 Clark Lehman 31 Debbie Danson 58 Bill Stowell 5 Doug Tueller 32 Steve Ball 59 Mike Grimsley 6 Ralph Mazurek 33 Bruce Shannon 60 Kathy Abrams 7 Sam Mendez 34 Jeff Ingram 61 Susan Clark 8 Bob Medwid 35 Geoff Daniels 62 Joe McGinley 9 Larry Smith 36 Tim Edwards 63 Susie Rallis 10 Glenn Burke 37 Kim Eady 64 John Doran 11 Phil Anthony 38 Kirk Walberg 65 Denyce Daughty 12 Todd Greager 39 Brent Harris 66 Alan Caminiti 13 Larry Hall 40 Don Jesberg 67 Rob Richardson 14 John Lane 41 Bill Mulhern 68 Rich Armstrong 15 Randy Fishburn 42 Ken Knotts 69 Joe Klein 16 Sean Kelter 43 John Allison 70 Lee Weber 17 Lexle Deutsch 44 Hal Gordon 71 Myles Gable 18 Tom Foster 45 Jordon f cColloch 72 Rich Dettorre 19 Tim King 46 Dave Kossak 73 Steve Browning 20 Sandy Levine 47 Steve Lewis 74 Andy Rose 21. Doug Roberts 48. Donna D ' Elia 75. Tom Dye 22 Scott Springer 49. Bruno Carlson 76 Todd Holzer 23 Jim Norcross 50. Ralph Harris 77. Dick Sandifer 24. Terry Moore 51 Laurie Hupp 78 Don Meyers 25. John Schaller 52. Mark Smith 79. Ron Boren 26 Jim Zures 53. Kevin O ' Donnell 80. George Chilingar 27 Craig Penne 54. Dan Dodson 399 IV V I « f 1 i i4 -m. SJ 1 - . i V ' l ■1 1 mm V h. ' f t H ■ ; ff-Ji- „». • «»- UQi m " N s « IJ»( JM ■ ' 1 - -•. ' -Ci: " a 1. Bob Church 21. Patrick Bonaguld 1 41. Lou Cohen - ■ 2 Ken Penton 22 Rick Savage 42 Carter Dunlap M " € 3 Brent Enright 23 Jack Huber 43. Tom Miller MJ W V 4. Greg Bert 24. Anthony Cigliano 44. Wayne Walley • 1 V 5. Joe Boylan 25 Robert Sterns 45. Dave Pnckeft 6. Gennaro Ciglaiano 26 Jeff Kingsley 46. Peter Bach 7. Bill Badham 27 Alan Ruben 47 Mark Foster Phi K : r 8. Frank Occhipintoi 28 Armando Acosta 48. Eric Prouty o . 9. Jeff Phillips 29 Ron Reed 10. William D. Buckner 30. Jeff Dezoach NOT PICTURED: 11. Greg Prickett 31. Robert Barron Andy CuchessI 12. Kristie Kronimier 32 Greg Barron Mar ty Burg 13 Martin Ghilchrist 33 Gordon Chuchiar Ben ny Sperber 14. Terry Burket 34 Howard Chuchia T Bill McCune 15. Dave Whippo 35 Mark Reeder Greg Motter 16. Erin Prouty 36 Loring Jacobs Mike Newberry 17. Jimmy Pearley 37. Alfred McCandle s Owen Guenheard 18. Sandi Churchian 38. Doug Laidlaw Mike Pryor 19. Dan f ulvihill 39 Lars Olsen Chu ck Ellis 20. Liz Hadley 40. Tom Cecil Charles Ryker ■ ■ H O 1 I a ' DKT Phi Kappa Tau 1. Robert McFall 26. Jeff Largadare 2 Robert Crosby 27. Gary Cervantes 3 Steve Morris 28 John Barrett 4. Jim Frowola 29. Kevin Daroch 5. Les Burns 30 Tom McDonald 6. Mitch Morey 31 Mario Estolano 7 Eddie Hsi 32. Jim Muirhead 8, Gerry FerrI 33 John Newhouse 9. Richard Meese 34. Mark Pero 10. Les Sherman 35. Kevin Brett 11 Joel Hemmington 36. Brian Keepers 12 Jim Shore 37. Richard Andes 13 Dave Dixon 38 Eric Georgatos 14. Ken Brown 39. Greg Benz 15. Carl Rankin 40. Brian Watts 16. Mark Davidson 41. Herman Waller 17 John Coats 42 Mitch Howard 18. Rod Miyamota 43. Doug Sutton 19 Mark Friend 44. Guy Morgan 20. Gary Wills 45. Mike Lemming 21. Ray White 46. Chris v an Ruten 22. Jeff Lorenzen 47 Randy Peck 23. Bill Mar 48. Mark Sarkowsky 24. Peter Anastassion 49. Mark Davies 25 Alan Dahl (DZK Phi Sigma Kappa 1. John Mitchell 2. Mike Schmitt 3. David Pflchman 4. Rich Lopez 5. Roberto Arozamena 6. Bobby Cobb 7. Dan Stanton 8. Mike Yuskis 9. Lee Pacheco 10. Armand Gonzales 11. Larry Castro 12. Alan Mc Call 13. Beast Wilson 14. Sal Romano 15. Mark Wille 16. Robbie Curtis 17. Lindsey Curtis 18. Mark Kozak 19. Greg Bixby 20. Ricky Sakamoto 21. Steve McMullin 22. Mark Ukra 23. Rolando Pasquali 24. Brian Holman 25. Brian Reed 26. Steven VIetas 27. Mark Newman 28. Jim Mc Nally 29. Jose Arozamena 30. Paul Layborn 31. Steve Alexander 32. Larry Grey 33. Nick Eliopoulos 34. Dan Reinwald 35. Roy Sutton 36. George Muldoon 37. Steve Martin 38. Dan Ramos 39. Walt Frazee 40. Steve Pacini 41. Dan Longo NOT PICTURED: Dick Crawford Chris Vandagriff Melchor Travens Brian Kawahara Daryl De Mos Bob Melikian James Gazdecki Rich Armerian Kevin Carey Mark Myers TTB D Pi Beta Ph 1 Allison Herdman 2 Pam Christy 3 Patti Hilher 4 Karey Welsh 5. Carol Creem 6. Suzle Nora 7. Lorraine Kisselburgh 8. Mary Hasbrouck 9. Kathy Kelly 10. Suzy O ' Neal 11. Heidi Satter 12. Vesna Pevec 13. Shelly Sanborn 14. Pam Blasier 15. Vicky Wootten 16. Mary Mclllece 17. Domini Donlon 18. Kristy Friedricks 19. Donna Duthie 20. Kristen Beling 21. Leeann Willis 22. Anita Kalish 23. Sherry Lamoreaux 24. Janine Boskovich 25. Mary Pat Rolfes 26. Melanie Real 27. Pam Moreion 28. Donna Glisson 29. Anne Long 30. Stephanie Nora 31. Tracy Hobbs 32. Lisa Ullmann 34. Nancy Meyer 35. Jerrilynn Johnstone 35. Julie Webster 37. Elizabeth Tily 38. Mary Denzler 39. Jan Burson 40. 41 42. 43 44. 45. 46 47. Robin Greenway Stacy Nichols Sharon Brombach Karen Waier Melinda Sorenson Debbie Kulmer Martha Schreiber Janet Abrams 48. Robin Coffey 49. Carolyn Coffey 50. Diane Clardy 51 . Caroline Wilson 52. Velma Abbott 53. Helen Hart 54. Tracey Sturman 55. Tracy Todd 56. Stephanie Burns 57. Diane Gugliemino 58. Dana Carli 59. Sue Gordon 60. Debbie Duthie 61. Susan Lucas 62. Susan Metzler 63 Kerry Appelby 64. Karen Kettenburg 65. Susan Stoltz 66. Holly Anderson 67. Casey Lewis 68. Ten Dion 69. Carolyn May 70. Mary Ann Hodges 71. Nancy Tily 72. Linda Gregory 73. Jane Matthews 74. Lori Turner 75. Emily Campbell 76. Laurie Hance 77. Betsy Robertson 78. Kathy Pusch 79. Linda Bozarth 80. Kathy Simons 81 Debbie Pollard 82. Laurie Leahy 83. Mary Suttie 84. Marjorie Gall 85. Melinda Nichols 86. Helene Berk 87 Debbie Krueger 88. Louise Nagata 89. Liz Storm 90 Karen Heath 91. Nancy Forgatch 92. Nikki Krantz 93 Lisa Donlon 94. Karen Lurie 95. Ceci Gullege 96. Janna Beling 97. Ann Katnik 98. Maureen Davis 99. Cindy Teleen NOT PICTURED: Nancy Campbell Elizabeth Eichler Karen Killian Kym Karath Donna Mork Jann Priolo Nancy Ristuben Cinda Shrader Pam Wilson Kandi Beshore Janet Jensen Vicky Sorenson Julie Tedesco HKO) Pi Kappa Phi 1. Karen Arrasmith 26. Maureen Moss 2. Cheryll Anne Hairston 27. Dana R. Ashton 3. Bruce Rosenblum 28 Jetf Bowman 4. Steve Petralla 29 David Poole 5. Kris Kocher 30 Eric Selter 6. Gale Sonnenberg 31 Brad Dunning 7 Donald Craib 32 Dale Brown 8. Lee Dreyfuss 33. Stephen Sustorsic 9. Mark Leggio 34. Steve Villa 10 Ed Hogan 35 Amy Hughes 11, Alan Wapner 36 Jayne Hotchkiss 12. Randy Corber 37. Roger Larson 13. Caria Schalman 38 Jim Butler 14. Martin Goetz 39 Robert Castro 15. Cheryl Reitz 40 Michael Coen 16 Robbie Tobias 41. Edward Lang 17. Pam Shroeder 42. Douglas Cyr 18. Leslie Vorbach 43 Michael Levine 19. Richard Stea 20. Maryleigh Erier NOT PICTURED: 21. Scott Raphael Joh n Clancy 22 Danny Martin Cliff Goldstein 23 W. Edward Neill Jay Hotchkiss 24 Ann Steward Cra Ig Kornblau 25 Tracey Coats Jim Newlan L i yMlii iM «Mli lAE Sigma Alpha Epsilon 1, Rich Fell 2 Geoff Janos 3. Peter Thompson 4. Steve Jahnke 5 Dave Weckerly 6. Bill Hustedt 7. Bob Edmonston 8. Dean Rallis 9- Chris Wilhs 10. Chris Chase 11. Jeff Tolstad 12 Rob Troiand 13. Mike Mikasa 14. Tom IVIurrm 15. Bob Matthews 16. Greg Walden 17. Kate Jackson 18- Fred Ryan 19. Farrah Fawcett-Majors 20. Bill Allen 21. Jaclyn Smith 22 John Ulmer 23 Greg Ris 24. Scott James 25. Ross Feinberg 26. John Cruikshank 27 Denny Mitchell 28. Mike Bas 29. K.C. Coltrup 30. Jean-Pierre Henreaux 31. Brian Gasdia 32. Bill Munion 33. Larry Drun Drum 34. Kevin Roberts 35. Don Rich 36. Scott Tolstad 37. Ed Klosterman 38- Kirk Seidensticker 39 Dale Yeager 40. Chuck Lee 41. Chuck Lucier 42. Brian Reed 43. Hans Taucher 44. Bill Urbina 45. Bob Carter 46. Jim Mintie 47- Jim Abbot 48. Jeff Wright 49- Mark Miller 50. Mark Johnson 51- Russ Wertz 52. Dick Haynes 53. Steve Hanson 54. Tad Smythe 55. Kurt Groeniger 56. Rob Hamill 57. Chris Husa 58. Pat Murphy 59. Jim Berbos 60. Bob Sauabe 61 Dave VanOrden 62. Mike Lutton 63. Greg Hohman 64. Eliseo Martinez 65. Jean O ' Brien 66. John Turnacliff 67. Mike Lindsey 68. Claudio Haug 69. Guido Haug 70. Mike Boehnlein 71. Steve Strebig 72. Bob Bailey 73. Mark Esbensen 74. Matt Dorf 75. Joe Rybus 76 Mike Toerge 77. Kirk Bergstrom 78. Chuck Myall 79. Paul Gurrola ZAM Sigma Alpha Mu 1. Debbie 2. Dave Oliver 3. Steve Myland 4. Jo Brunelle 5. John Marl off 6. Monica Waller 7. Lloyd Mann 8. Paul Epstein 9. Steve Jarmus 10. Laurie Quick 11. Sally Silberkraus 12. Farhad Nourafchan 13. Steve Ashendort 14. Arlen Miller 15. Brad Wayne 16. Steve Weisenberg 17. Peggy Farkas 18. Bob Schreiber 19. Nayo Castillo 20. Scott Stone 21. Nancy Howard 22. Matt Hunter 23. Mark Jarmus 24. Marcos Gamboa 25. Debbie Haas 26. Rick Marcus 27. Christie Powers 28. Mindy Glaser NOT PICTURED: Jimmy Hausberg Dave Gai Scott Footlick Bob Adier Steve Muchnikoff Greg Lee zx Sigma Chi 1 Bill Burk 39 Rich Dewey 2. Bob Blake 40 Dave DiMaria 3. Mark Kunde 41 Bruce Smith 4. Bob Skoro 42 John Carmichael 5. Derek Westervelt 43 Greg Stevenson 6. Scott Sullivan 44 Kirk Smith 7. Brian Lewis 45 Paul Olivera 8. Jim Hunker 46 Craig Summers 9 Brad Parker 47 Steve Keifer 10, Chip Herman 48 Kent Lucas 11. Jim McCormick 49. Stuart Schecter 12 Rick Myers 50. Laurie Bayless 13. Nelson Wheeler 51. Mike Wickers 14. Leonard Kirkorlan 52. Brian Ulf 15. Joe Flood 53 hidden 16 Rob Arkley 54. Scott Burnam 17. Terry Crowley 55. Tony Budzyn 18. Chris May 56. Tom Omudson 19 Mike Minna 57. Mark Garratt 20. Jim House 58. Augid Opfell 21. Larry Hart 59. John Guisbush 22 Brad McCroskey 60. Dan Plunkett 23. J.D. Hyan 61. Bill Keogh 24. Doug 62 Bill Holl 25. Mary Pat Rolfes 63 Steve Noel-Hill 26. Mavra Donnelly 64. Chuck Crane 27. Lisa Myers 65. Rich Sullivan 28. Nancy Townsend 66 Brian Kunde 29. Stacy Amar 67. Joe Tavarez 30. Dan Vogelzang 68 Gene Berman 31 Jan Exiey 69 Rob Tyler 32 Bob Smith 70. Bill Boyer 33 Ron Pretkus 71. Tom Nickell 34. Rich Stanton 72. Marc Kazarian 35. Mike Cobo 73. Jeft Gil 36. Wade Hutchins 74. Craig Anderson 37 Patti Klein 75. Bob Jarcho 38. Tom Gilmour ! Nu 1. 2. Ken Stokes Royce Paulsen 33. 34. Rick Simons Jim Kahelin 3. Jim Kjar 35 Mark Foster 4. Mark Poliquin 36. Steve Anderson 5. George Cappello 37. Dave Heath 6. John Jacobson 38. Mark Hennessy 7. Rich Oswald 39. Mike Jamison 8. Scot Lengel 40. Scott Macdonald 9. Tim Sullivan 41. Scott Anderson 10. Gene Paschall 42 Jim Farquhar 11. Jeff P. Jones 43. Pat Prince 12. Rick Alcocer 44. Tom Mundy 13. Bob Dennerline 45. Bob Mannon 14. George de Urioste 46 Rob Jones 1 5. Mike Rierson 47. Dave Reynolds 16. Doug Webb 48, Jim Bailey j Sb 17. Mike Cerrina 49. Jim Krueger 18. Cory O ' Conner 50 Bob Holmes i 19. Stoney Mayock 51. Paul Belza f v 20. Leonard Brazil 52. Mark McPhail r. 21. Jeff R. Jones 53. George Halas if- 22. Jim Garry 23. Brian Poliquin NOT PICTURED: 1 { 24. Mark lllsley Bob Fort vl 25. Ron Redmond Keith Koeller 26. Kevin Reed Rich De Beikes 1 ' 27. Fred Bryson Rob Pinkerton t :■ ' 28. John Watters Jim Pinkerton J LI« 29. Tim Ashlock Mike Sloan 30 Brad Young Jack Weber ■11 31. John Ayoob Mike Cook H 32. Meade Camp TOP LEFT, Marcel Millot and Loretta Chapman enjoy a dance at the alumni party for homecoming. TOP RIGHT, Even Tommy Trojan is an engineer during Engineer ' s Week, spon- sored by the fraternity in the spring. BOTTOM LEFT, Marcel Millot, Linda Owens, Cathy Chapman, Bruce Myatt and Kevin O ' Donnell fight for a space on the coach at a Sigma Phi Delta party. BOTTOM RIGHT, Alpha Gamma Delta Ram Geschger pops out of a cake for Steve Shryock ' s bachelor party. Z(DA Sigma Phi Delta 1. Pam Oeschger 2. Ken Cooper 3. Stan Woods 4. Alice Behnke 5. Bob Conley 6. Mariano Alvarez 7. Marcel Millot 8. Kitty Lynch 0. Vikki Zanlnovich 10. Jane Campbell 11. Stephanie Murrow 12. John Wetzel 13. Nancy Albin 14. Susie Kimura 15. Stan Grundy 16. Carolyn Nakaki 17. Loretta Chapman 18. Linda Owens 19. Cathy Chapman 20. Julie Neff 21. Red Hager 22. Andy Michell 23. David Dressier 24. Gary Kellison 25. Ross Jarui 26. Ed Laich 27. Dave Harry 28. Kevin O ' Donnell 29. John Rakowski 30. John Hauger 31. George Schnerk 32. Doug Pollack 33. Dan Lyons 34. Brad Jones 35. Kevin McNees 36. Rick Webb 37. Tom Knotts 38. Jon Golan 39. Rick Barton 40. Greg Gritters 41. Mike Green 42. Brian DuBose ZOE Sigma Phi Epsilon 1 Sooho Cho 29 Dan Bowlin 2 Brice Burkett 30 David Gray 3 Glenn Garvin 31 Peter Lewis 4 Vivlano Morales 32 Mike Mattingly 5 Michael Mann 33 Jose Cunningham 6 Richard Pineda 34 Fred Leeds 7 Mike Patruno 35 Greg Jorgensen 8 Malcolm Engstrom 36 Chuck Wunderlich 9 Paul Garrigues 37 Steve Halaj 10 Bob Kirkland 38 Steven Paulin 11 Steven Fennell 39 Mark Spears 12. Greg Kaufman 40 Todd Grodnick 13. Rich Sherman 41 John Trutter 14. Brian Gates 42 Rob Evans 15. Lloyd Silverstein 43 Bill Green 16. Bruce Bloomquist 44 Steven Nahigian 17. Grant Gunderson 45 Bruce Winston 18. Fred Burnett 46 Fred Seipp 19. Kevin Keeshan 47 Tom Racine 20. George Patkos 48 Brandon Blaylock 21. Robert Welch 49 Richard Gray 22. Clifford Rowe 50 Patrick McGee 23. Chip Ross 51 Russ Winslow 24. Jerry Neumen 52 Ray Kuramoto 25. Steven Dechant 53. David Steinberg 26. Larry Lucas 54. Russ Elmayan 27. Win Seipp 55. John Dameron 28. Chris Hall 56. Jeff Klein zoo Sigma Phi Omega 1. Young Kang 2. Gall Asayama 3. Shirley Kurata 4. Mary Kwong 5. Carol Akiyama 6. Fung Der 7. Ayako Maeda 8. Dana Quintana 9. Arlene Yoshlda 10. Hae Yoon 11. Valerie Reyes 12. Karen Takeguma 13. Cheryl Inafuku 14. Ann Otolde 15. Joanna Iwata 16. Liz Fushlkl 17. Marylene Chang 18. Joy Fujimoto 19. Liz Lew 20. Candace Kryonaga 21. Charlene Kurata ■P ' T ' v l ■■ TOP. Four Fiji men cool off on the roof. LEFT. Two Alpha Tau Omega men join in the fun at their Halloween Dinner. ABOVE. Christy Frazier and her mom get to know the other women at the Gamma Phi Beta Mothers ' Club luncheon. 423 TE P Tau Epsilon Phi 1. Aaly MashrabI 2. Mike Perbix 3. Dave Hornberger 4. Mike Bennett 5. Mike Tucker 6 Jeff Fanto 7. Ivan Norberg 8. Mike Notarangelo 9. Thorn Pistole 10. Ernie Franceschi 1 1. Pete Landon 12. Glen Fukushima 13. Rory Holdstock 14. Ken Menager 15. Chip Melvin 16. Richard Landers 17. Kevin Berry 18 Bob Beyer NOT PICTURED: Dave Floras Gary Wissman TKE Tau Kappa Epsilon NOT PICTURED: Bill Effler Scott Pryde Alvin Links Rodney T. Burgoyne Matt Ryan Jim Tertocha Victor Zagrebelnyd William P. Kistler Doug Gray M. Neale Hickerson D. Kent McGonigle Matt Scanlan Richard Tutor Jim Stump Louis Rothenberg Gerry Sawyer Henry Rehrens Gordon Dossett Dave Pearson Paul Brown Conrad R. Solum John Dau Paul Brown Tom Miller Jim Teshima Bob Zimme rman Duke Lokka Joseph Pierce Marc Reynolds John Todd Rich Sanor Mike Simpson Steve Jeffries Gerald Carr Pete Brown Richard Burgoyne Jeff Guinn Scott Johnston Jim Ishii Leon S. Driss Nick Maloof Dan Jones Craig Moyer Ron Frame Tim Grady Rick Dickerson Kelly Scott Mike Matlon Tom Pleau Russ Keating Dave Hanson Dan Burstein Art Bauer Dave Snyder Tony Butala Mark Watters Skip Roffi Ray Hino Jay Meehan Butch Katz Steve Gutierrez George Woolery Jerry Naegli Clay Vreeland Hal Bopp Delbert Carruthers 0= Theta Xi Richard Martin George Pazmino Bonnie Bllitch Daniel Tamura Edmund Flores Tom Arredondo Kevin Nahin 8. Tom States 9- Fritz Ptasynski 10. Ward Skinner 11. Paul Marotta 12. Charles Henderson 13. Lon March 14. Bruce Lilly 15. Richard Drone 16. Frank Smeikal 17. Anthony Mllani 18. Steve Davis 19. Jim O ' Sulllvan 20. Jim Cameron 21. Pete Stang 22. Rodney Davis 23. Louis Zwick 24. Bob Parlsl 25. John Roger 26. Michael White 27. Bill Lopez 28 David Carreon 29. Richard Carreon 30. John Van Houten 31. Steve Roach 32. Mark Rowley INDEX A Alston, Aurelia 194 Arnovitz Debra M 261 Barba Frank V 367 Berkey, Kent G 84 A Alston, Serena 194 Arozamena Jose D 404 Barcellona, Paula 340 Berkhausen Brian C 360 r Altenbach. Laurie 350 Arozamena Roberto D 404 Bandant, Marcell 92 Berkowitz, Francme E 83,56,333 Alter, Jonathan P 215 Arquilla Cathryn 371 Bardwil, Elizabeth A 97 Berlen, Rosanne M 353 Aluwi, Susan 67 Arrasmith, Karen D 345 272 409 80 Barell, Henry 391 Berlin Stacy 328 Abajian. Gregory M 397 Aluwi, Aisiah 241 Arrendondo Tom E 431 Barkal, Steven H 310 Berman, Gene 272 Abbate. Mary F 389 Aluwi, Kwari 252 Arrington Nanci 215 389 Barkdull, Lisa C 315 Berman, Dee 371 Abbott, Elizabeth A 319 Aluwi, Tjendikiawan 215 Arriola Lynda S 315272 Barnd, Kenneth E 79 Berman, Gene A 401 Abbott, James 411 Alvarado Edward J 215 241 332 Arthur, James B 45 Barnes Laura E 213 Berman, Diana E 213 Abbott, Marilyn D 271.381 Alvarado Rene J 127 129 Arthur, Sheila Y 45 Barnes, Mary K 83 Bernard, Scott A 272 Abbott, Velma 407 Alvarez Carl E 397 Artukovich Anita M 312 Barnes Charles C 247 97 Bernardo, Gary M 356.213 Abda, Said 52 Alvarez, AdoHo 45 Arvin Alan T 310 Barnelt Elaine 272377 Berns, Susan S 340 Abdellaoui, Abdelhader 241 Alvarez Gipsy T 31836 Asai Paul M 72 252 Barnetl Catherine J 272 381,60 Bernstein, Marc G 358 Abdelrhman, Mohamed 268 Alvarez Deborah A 45 313 Asao Duane M 252 Barnett, Anthony J 384 Bernstein, Alan 384 Abdulian, Jotin V 316 Alvarez Elva 325 Asao Wesley 328 Barnett, Lee 48 Berookhim, Isaac 268 Abdon Nur, David J 262 Alvarez Armando B 45 48 Asayama Gail M 42245 Barnelt, William B 358 Berry, Kevin G 425 252 Abdun-Nur, Loretta A 97 Alvarez, Mariano J C 419 Ashcraft, Paul W 312 Barnum Maritia M 389 48 Berry, Robert A 58 61 Abe, Denise V 45 Alvis John C 319 Asheghian Manouchehr A 213 Barr Juliana 31583 Berry, Angela G 377 Abe, Richard A 65 Amaetule Jude 87 Ashendorf Steven M 412 Barr. Julie A 347 57 Bert Gregory E 401 Abe, Paul K 92 215 47 Amar Stacy E 415371 Ashikawa Lon P 79 Barr Sue Elizabeth 340 Berteaux, William G 69 Aber. Angela C 271 371,60 Amendola David V 79 Ashkar John A 47 Barrett John B 403 74 Bertram, Phyllis 216 Abollathi, Farrokh 316 Amerongen Lisa M 271 368 80 60 Ashlock Timothy M 417 Barrett Susan Leslie 312 Besbris Howard J 264 Abraham, William P 322 Amyes, Christopher J 194 Ashton Dana R 345 409 Barrett Cynthia L 350 Beshore, Kandis 407 Abrahams, Guy 120 Anastassiou Peter 45 403 Askins Bradley J 328 57 61 Barrett, Lmda S 340 Betack Michael R 216 Abrams, Linda M 340 Anastassiou James T 32384 Asper Jim 316,129 Barrett, Steven R 316 125 Bethea, Van 268 Abrams, Kathy L 353 399 Anastassiou EHie F 247 Astor, John K 360 Barrett, Lee A 353 Bethel, Gary W 343 116 Abrams, Janet L 215407 Anderegg, Deborah L 260 307 371 Astrella Mark T 358 Barrigan, Mike 177 Belts, Jody 338 Abrego, Silas H 78 Andersen, Leslie N 73 Atencio Teresa L 247 Barron, Robert L 401 272 Beyer Robert D 425 Abreu. Sergio 268 Anderson Craig A 241 Atha William H 360 381 Barron, Greg 401 Bezark Adam J 31961 Academia, Imelda G 32587 Anderson Michael R 52 67 241 Auberl Roger A 310 Barroso, Norma 238 Bibb, Paula 1 264 Acevedo, Diana L 293 Anderson Brenda 360 389 Audell, Robert A 252 Barry Susan D 388.389 Bickel, Glenn L 391 Acevedo, Yoianda C 73 Anderson. Garrick A 252 Auikshank John 89 Bartanen, Michael D 66 Bidegam, Mark 379 Aceves, Olivia 78 Anderson, David L 116 Auth Kathy 72 272 371 59 Bartlett Kelly K 248 Biedebach, Beckie E 338 272 Achilles, Joanna 83 312 Anderson Tern L 88 Autrey Mansa E 389 Bartlmg Storm E 379 Bilitch, Bonnie C 431 362 Achki. Charlene 215 Anderson Gary L 268 Avakian Maral A 375 Barllmg, Beryl 368 Biller, Anna M 252 Ack. Debra E 46 Anderson, Stephen D 417 Avallone Anthony N 45 Barto Barbara 238 Biller Jennifer L 389 Ackley, Linda S 271 Anderson Gordon B 320 87 Avant, Mich L 65,67 Barton Donald A 322 Billow Donald F 358.125 Ackley, Karen L 368 Anderson Ten J 86 64 387 Avedisian Joan A 381 80 Barton, Richard C 419,87 Bills Robert B 394 Acklin, Ronald S 79 Anderson Peter C 320 Avendano, Hugo 78 Barton, Bob 332 Billups, Tommy V 31 Acohido, Joseph 215 Anderson Anthony E 252 Avery Bruce P 379 Bas Michael A 411 Bingham, Jimi 367 Acosta, Renata E 56 Anderson Pamela T 312 Avery Howard H 47 58 Basham Tim 394 Bingham, Beverly L 362272 Acosta, Steven 8 401 271 Anderson, James S 215 Avila, Mark S 45 Baskerville, Jodi A 318 Bingham, Barbara A 361 Adachi, Alan Y 252 Anderson, Kimberly A 238 381 80 70 Avila, Maria E 78 Bass, Mike 89 Bird. Laurie D 381 397 Adachi, Ross 48 Anderson Peggy 59 Avina Susan A 90 Batcheller Ann L 368 Birmingham, Sheila M 54 Adam, John M 88 Anderson Carlenc F 350 Awad Ziyad A 272 Batcheller Stephen M 360215,125 Birnbaum, Alfred T 86 Adame, Diana C 31583 Anderson Scott S 316417 Awand Garvin 215 Bales, William N 261 Birnberg, Scott S 375 Adams, Margaret P 315 Anderson Richard L 247 Aweeka Francesca T 45 Bates, Dwight 194 Birnie, Diane 34083 Adams, Paul D 271 76 Anderson Susan M 83 Awrey David D 367 Batson, Thomas M 164 Birnie, Douglas A 360 Adams, Susan E 415 75 Anderson Peggy L 83 Axene Mitchell W 378 Battata, Mustapha 242 Birtcher, Shelley J 72,238,387 Adams, Catherine M 271 Anderson George M 320 87 Ayala, Mary 1 272 Batte, Peter G 391 Bishop, Kathryn 1 236 Adams. Dale W 81 Anderson, Ronald J 322 Ayers, Georgia S 66 Battle, Ruby 78 Bishop, Kimberly A 368 Adams, John 84 Anderson, Sharon K 45 Ayers Gigi 313 Bauer, Arthur F 426 Bishop, Anthony J 9299 391 Adams, Gigi 350 Anderson Laura J 387 Ayoob John J 417 Baum, Jack 264 Bixby, Greg J 404 Adamson, Larina J 338 Anderson, Laurie 387 Azaret Susan A 261 Bauman, Jon C 236 Black, Tom L 340 Adkins, Michael J 320 Anderson Scott P 271 Bavouset, Jan H 310 Black, David R 65 Adien, Nathan B 215 59 Anderson. Molly 330 Bawa, Harbans 215 Black, Ten A 272 Adier, Robert C 412 Anderson. Craig R 401 319 164 1— Baylard, Susan R 307 Blacknall, Vanessa A 272 AHatato, Lucia R 238 387 Anderson, Debra J 81 70 H Bayless, Laurie 415 Blackstock, Joseph G 378,177 Agaianian, Shooshamg D Aghbashian, Antramg F Agmalian, John Agopian, Joel M Aguila, Deborah A Aguilar, Florencio G Ahike, Robert M 83 94 48 Anderson, Holly J 271 407 u Bazshushtari, Afshm 323 eiackstock. Jay J 179 81 Anderson, Andre A 252 Beard, Sarah C 99272 Blame, Marc 1 194 324 Anderson Gregory E 47 Beasley, Margaret M 313 Blake, Robert A 415,216 383 Anderson. Sharon 312 Babayan Robert 242 Beaton, Bayfield E 120 Blake, Therese A 313 215 Andes, Richard J 403 Babcock Ted D 79 Beaudet. Susan M 315 Blake, Tracie 384 247 Andes, Susan J 315 Baca, Renee R 343 Beaudette Alan J 383 Blakeley, Kenneth G 383 58 391 Andonian, Ashot H 53 Baca, Daniel 392 Bebbmgton, Lesley C 381 Blakey, Bruce 3,272 Ajang, Behrooz Akerman, Diane 268 Andrews, Monte E 92 Bach Peter J 401 Becerra, Ruben D 238 Blanco, Jacqueline 347 371 Andrews Julie R 368 Bach, Peter J 215 Beck, Debra C 213 Blasco, Richard 272 Aki, James M 325 Andrews Brian T 45 252 Bachis Dennes M 272 Beck, Scott S 316 Blasiar, Pamela S 407 Akins, Brent H 79 Andrews Susan F 271 Backer Randon T 378 Becker, Lauren M 92 Blasiar, Kent M 383 Akiyama, Linda M 67 Andrews, John 215 Badham William A 401 Becker, Mary J 347 Blaylock, Brandon A 350.67,420,48 Akiyama, Carolyn N Akwari, Ndukwe W 422 Andrews, John R 360 Badley John F 378 Becker, Donna R 45 Blazejack, James J 261 241 87 Andrews. Beverly S 313381 Baeyens Laurel L 97 Bedall, Jamison L 371 Bleak, Laurel A 236371 268 Andriani. Rudy T Andring. William L Angkosubroto Husodo 252 Baez Pedro 252 Bedi, Meenu 45 Bleak, Janine M 371 Al Mangour Hamad Al-Mazeedi, Salah M 268 328 Bagdazian Richard W 242,358 97 Bedrosian, Sake 252 Bleam, Maryam J 248 241 215 Bagnall Patrick M 391 Beeler, Margaret W 73312 Blecker Albert 52 Al-Mobarak, Abdullak 268 Angkosubroto Hartadi 215 Bagnall Burleigh J 215 76 Beeman, Beth M 319 Bledsoe Anthony E 177 Al Oattan, Hasan 271 Annes. Colleen A 45 Bahadurji Noshir K 215 Beglin, Shannon P 381 Bleeker, Jason 52 Al Saleh Adnan A 241 Anthony, Philip K 399 Bahuth Elaine M 328 Behnke, Alice A 347 419 54 Blocker, Silvia A 66 Al-Sane Wayel S 241 Anthony, Roscoe L 272 Baigorn Enrique 215 Behrendt Kimberlee D 216,371 Bloom, Claudia P 272 Al-Shawwal Abdulndha A 241 Anthony Joy D 313 Bailey Robert L 69 Behrens, Monica J 268 Bloomquist, Bruce B 420 Alanis, Robert G 69 Antonson, Frances J 69 Bailey Robert C 411 Beigel Kenneth R 360 Blorfroshan, Mohamm d H 328 Alba, Daniel 271 62 Aono, Itsuko 215 Bailey Cheryl A 38 Seller, Theresa L 83,313 Blount Byron G 312 Albahar, Abdullatil 238 Aparicio, Gloria M 36 52 Bailey James D 350 417 Bekey, Ronald S 252 Blow, Maiko K 318 Albert, David F 215 Applebaum, George R 47 Bailey Cheryl A 268 Belden, Cynthia A 338 Blue, Robert E 79 Albin, Nancy J 419 362 Appleby Kerry A 407 Baillargeon Lucy M 268 Beling, Knsten L 407 Blueitl, Jacqueline E 315 Albright, Mark 360 Apramian Glen J 45 Baillie Mark M 215 Beling, Janna R 407 Blum, Phillip C 392,48,177 Alcocer, Richard A 350 417 Aram Tanner 56 Baily Jim 89 Bell, Paul A 177 Blum, Deborah R 238 Alderete, Michael S 85 Arao, Alan H 264 Bam, Nica B 272 Bell, Ricky L 21 109 HI 113 105 116 Blunt, Monica L 312 Alet, Jim B 268 Arbogast, John 320 Baird Rick W 360 Belleville Philip F 358 Boada, Claudio 216 Alessi, Lynn A 381 Archer, Susan 191 Baker Donald L 318 Belza, Paul C 417 Boatright, Carolyn 313 Alexander, Steven H 404 Archer, Christy L 389 Baker Nancy L 215 Bendheim, Julianne 272 Bodovitz, James P 310 Alexander, Steven 215 Archer, Janet B 83 313 Baker, Sonya L 368 Benedetti Anne F 272 389 Boehme, Nancy L 368 Algattan, Mahmood 52 Ardalan, Faroukh JJ6 Baker Joanne L 272 Benka, Rory L 46 362 Boehmer Terry M 347,63,54 Algorri, Steven E 378 Arena Shawn A 316 84 Baker Kenneth J 45 Benkmann Desiree M 83 Boehnlem Michael 411 48 All, Benton 241 Arenal Colleen A 356 88 Baker Mark A 375 242 328 Bennett Roy A 360 307 Boehnlem, Mike 89 Alicastro, Annamarie 52 67 85 332 Arensman Brad N 261 Baker Leslie A 389 Bennett Lynnell V 325 Boethlmg, Kevin M 319 Alkostes, Rick 89 Argeris George 272 Baker Terry 384 Bennett William R 50 Bogatay, Frank J 272 Allen, Joseph C 268 Arispe Sofia 78 Baker, Shelli 368 Bennett, Michael R 425252 Bogdanovich, Margare S 381 Allen, Dons 238 Arkley Robin P 415 215 Baker Robert B 52 Bennett, Stephen A 216 Boggan, Randall 375 Allen, Leslie E 271 313 Armbruster, Hollis A 368 Bakke Sonia M 389 Benson, Paul J 264 Boggess, Sandra J 362 Allen, Suzanne M 73 Armerian Rich 404 Bakke Julianne 338 189 Benson Darlene 1 49 Boggs Steven L 216 Allen, Frank 177 ArmijQ Oscar 78 Bal Adrian L 26491 Benson Christy A 340 Boghosian John P 253 Allen, William C 89 411 Armitage James T 383 Balbin Shirley M 78 Benyas, Pamela F 345 Bogoch David M 253 Allen, Melinda J 353 Armour Jeffrey B 215 Baldwin Maria F M 272 Benz Gregory D 403 Bogosian Jeffrey A 253 Allen, Margaret F 238 Armstrong Lam L 339 Baleskie Isabel T 63 Benz, Heidi M 260 Bogstad Betle L 272 Allen, Amy M 371 372 Armstrong James R 264 81 Balm Joshua E 47 58 Berbos, Jim N 411 Bohan James J 89,397 Allinson, Joan V 268 368 Armstrong, Teresa L 338 Ball, Gary S 360 Berbos, Elizabeth A 371 Bohart Randy D 264 Allison, John F 399 Armstrong, Rebecca 1 371 Ball Steven F 399 Berbos, Nancy A 371 Bohim, Rena D 325 73 Allison, John R 58 Armstrong Pamela G 261 Ban Eric K 375 Berdheim, Julie 371 Bohlmger, Peter Y 216 Allred, Betsy M 264 Armstrong, Richard A 399 74 Banducci Michael A 84 Bergay, Edith A 32592216 Bohnett. David C 358 47 Almattar, Sulaiman M 241 Arnesen, Deborah R 388 389 Banks Kathryn M 371 Bergstrom, James W 177 Soldi Erich V 316 Almazeedi, Riah 241 Arnett, Susan G 260 Bankus Daniel M 58 Bergstrom Kirk E 411 Solger, Dorothy M 353 198 Almquisl. Wendy J 315 368 Arnett, Caren L 340 Baraias. Pedro 129 Bentich, Kathenne 338 Bombeck, Matthew L 68,316 Alonso, Javier F 36 Arnett, James R 61 Baran John M 272 383 Berk, Helene 407 Bonadelle, Paula A 272,381 91 Alpern, Amy R 310 194 Arnold, Neil W 173 Baran, Gloria L 46 Berkey, Rebecca J 371 Bonaguidi, Patrick H 401 21666 Bonjkdar, Mohjftinijd R 87 Brooks. Anne L 45 Butler, Li2 387 Carrulhers, Oelberl 426 Chilingar. George 399 Bond. J D 378 Brooks. Roger 69 Butler. William J 73 Carson. Patricia S 389 350 Chin. Frank T F 253 Sonde. Aljn K 383 Brooks, Greg 89 84 Butler, Robert ?ie Carter, Stephen W 164 Chin, Sharon A 213 Bondesen. CynthM 338 Brotherton. Laune J 387 Butler Karen P 273 Carter, Robert E 411 Chirangboonkul. Wathana 320 Bonnell. Sus.innj J 340 Brown, Jane R 84 Butler Jeffrey J 273,85 Carter. Valeria 293 Chiu. Clilton C C 217 Bonner, Brynne S Bond, Dennis E 389 Brown. Scott C 134 Bu anis. Mane L 273368 Carter, Dayna L 349381 Cho, Sooho 420 69,216 Brown. Cindy Lou 45 Bydaiek, Louann 261 Carter, Stephen A 322 Cho. Marian P 315 Bonurj. Jack J 72,253 Brown. Dale L 409 Byers, Tma Arlett 389 Carter Grayson 90 Cho, Chao Ping 242 Booher, Oavid N 264 Brown, Eleanor M 273 Byers. Mark Randolph 360 Caruso Vincent P 253 Choi, Jin A 313 Booker. Sharon R 273.377 Brown, Paul 4?6,49,52 Bymgton, Diane E 79 Carver, John R 391 Choi, Hyun 86.310 Boonyakanchanj, Chjvcelak 238 Brown. Eric 61 Bylsma, Peter B 320 Case. Steven M 397 Chong, Miran 217 Booty. Jennifer S Bopp. H Boren Ronald J 273.389 Brown Paul T 426 Byrne Dale C 69.216 Casey, Colleen V 389 Chong. Lawrence P 253.57 21.426 Brown, Jennifer E 213 Byrne. John A 383 Casey. Eamonn P 397 Chong, Aaron 274 399 Brown. Scott A 360 Cashin. Constance E 274,82 88 Chong, Hot H 58 Borrero Kathleen M 83 Brown, David E 364 Cassel, Gary R 21747 Chong, Hot-Huz 217 407 70 Brown, Celeste E 248.368 r Cassella, Donna M 353 Cho onhachat. Jamaree 268 Boskovich Johri S 374 Brown, Chns 367 I , Cassidy Michael W 367 Chow. Edith 312.194 Boss, Joann M Bostrom, Darnel R 347 Brown. Donna J 91 y Castaneda Robert M 264 Chow. Mary 217 242 52 Brown. Peter R 426 Castaneda Waldo J 56 Chow, Randy W 35 Botslord. Steven C 379 Brown. Willie L 45 Castaneda, Nancy A 248 Choy, Tommy M Y 242 BoIIom. Joseph S 242 360.120 134 Brown. Kenneth 216 Cabral. Michelle R 90 Castillo, Dora A 45 Christianson Debbie 274 Bottom Michael L 134 Brown, William 273 Cabralott, Alberl S 364 Castillo, Wayo 412 Chnstophe, Christian 79 Bolz Michael J 126 Brown. Marsha Ann 248 Caccavale, Mirlha 49 Castor, Kristen A 325 Christy. Daniel N 360 BolJong Bret M Bouchard Richard V 316 Brown, Kenneth C 403 Callray, Lance D 273 Castro, Doreen A 338 Christy. Pamela B 407 78 Browning. Lmda J 65 Cahill Bfuce E 61 Castro Larry 404 Chu. Linda J 217 Boungamdee Magaly E S6 Browning Steven E 399 Cahill, Patricia L 371 Castro. Tony 68 Chuchian, Howard S 401 242 52 Bruce, Arlene 46 84 Cam Lynn D 116,179 Castro, Juan M 78 Chuchian, Gordon 401.274 Bn rns Anita L 338 Bruce, Steven R 62 Cajka Ronelte E 46 Castro Ana M 217,54 Chuey, Nancy Y 217 Bourns Denise L 338 Bruce, Andrea F 273 Calderon Ale«ander G 356 Castro, Robert 409 48 Chui. Shu M M 310 45 Bruce. Brenda 196 Caldwell. Scon R 216 Caswell, Cynthia A 66,371 Chun. Dana H Y 217 _ . Daud J 324 Bruce, Kevin 90 Caldwell, Kristin A 347 Catapano, Oarcie L 338 Chun. Mark C 217 _ „ 74 Brumit, Brian D 375 Calhoun Stephen C 216383 Cathcart, Peter T 217 Chun. Terrence R 274 Bovven. Marshall 79 Brummelkamp, John 383 Caliri. Frank 216,58 Catoe, Eddie L 116 Chun. Pamela S 310 Bowen Guam R 261 Bruneile. Joanne M 83362,412 Call. Kate 389 Cavalier, Robert S 360274 Chun. Darren J 55 Bowen Dwam G 61 Bryan. Beverly J 340,273 Call. Nancy 389 Cavanaugh, John E 248,397 Chun. Debra L 313 Bower. Penney A Bowick, Karen E 384 Bryant, Jonn 384 Call. Stacey J 389 Cavaney, Patrick M 322 Chun. Deborah L 83.81 70 Bryant, Steven C 216 Call. Allyson F 353 Cavin, Dale Gene 312 Chun. Stanley L 254 Bowie- Becky L Bowlin Dan 389 Bryson Frederick A 417 Callahan. Neal G 383 Cayson Michael R 194 Chung. Lilly G 45.373 420 Bubar Edward A 264 Callaha n, Rick 379 Cecil, Thomas 401 Chunn. Timothy A 316242 53,67 Bowman Barbara A 338 Buchbmder, Gregg 379 Callahan, Donna L 46 Cecka, Walter M 392 Church, Thomas J 253 409 Buchignani. Leo J 216 Callison, Kelly A 368 Celaya, Delisa A 253 Church, Graham A 392 Bowman Alan t 273,310 Buchynsky, Irene 253 Calvert. Sherry 120 184 Celic Gina-Marie 381 Church, Robert E 401 Boxberger Rodney W 322 Buckingham. Mary V 387 Calvo. Jazmin L 315 Celotto Mario R 1)6 Churchian Sandi 401 Boyce, Shaunnj Boyce, Beverly L Boyd Martha E Boyd William R Boyd. Elatne Boyer. Daniel S Boyer, Bill Boyich Robert J Boylan Joseph P Boyle. Maureen G 315 367 189 Buckley. Gary 253 Calzada. Michael F 356 Centolante, James P 392 Churchill Patricia A 371 273 Buckley Kimberly P 397 97 Cameron, Jen L 253,87,57 Centofante, Jane f 313 Cigledy Moira 79 318.261 315 Buckner William 401 61 177 Cameron, James L 431 Cerqui Kim A 238 381 Cigliano Gennaro M 401 90 82 Buckner Edward C 318 Caminiti, Allen R H 399 Cerrela, Robert D 350 242 360 Cigliano Anthony J 401 217 381 Budde, Brad E 116 Caminiti, Eric L 89,399 48 Cerrina, Michael H 89417 4891 Clark, Robert L 375 7S Budincich Michael N 90 Camp, Meade C 417 Cervantes Gary A 274403 Clark, William M 274 401 Budzyn. Anthony W 415 Campbell. Nancy L 407 Challin, Keith L 45 Clark. Cheryl 338 343 216 Bueltner Erad J 391 Campbell. Susan P 253 368 Chag Darian L 362 Clark. Gary L 253 401 84 Bueltner Scott E 391 Campbell, Susan A 63 Chai, Julie J 318 Clark. Susan 381 397 399 268 389 Buhl Janet L 84 Campbell, Bonnie K 389 Chamberlain, George A 312 Clark. William H 383 90 Bulla Julie M 67 59 Campbell, George H 79 Chan, Kreighton 32245 Clark. Patricia A 274377 „ .. . . J, 407 Button Karen 64 Campbell. Deborah A 368 Chan Gilbert W 242 Clark. Emmitt 274 Bozzo Mic hele C 368 Bunting, Bonnie L 350 Campbell. Emily K 407 Chan Richard W 253 84 Clark. Kerry D 274.53,381.91 Bracken, Linda J 264 Buntmann, Gary L 125 Campbell Karen A 389 Chan, Steven 57 194 Cimorelli. Nicholas C 310 Bracket!. Rebecca E 371 Burandt Bonme K 347 64 Campbell, Craig A 216 Chan So-Ling 97 Cipolla. Jeanine F 340 Braden. Jill 381 Burch. Curt M 61 Campbell, Francisca J 347 419 273 Chan, Elwin J 84 Cisneros. Antonio J 59 Bradley. William E 394 Burck, Robert 8 397 Campiran, Arthur 45 Chan, Barbara Y 97 Clair. Roberta M 83.274 Bradley Steven L 273 Burdge, Douglas W 89,391 Campos, Ana L 293 Chan Marilyn S 248 Claire. Bobbie 49 Bradley Patrick D Bradley. Antony M 360 Burdge Donald R 360,391 Canavarro. Domimc D 63 Chan, Celia Y Y 217,58 Clair Steven A 392 324 Burgee, Joseph Z 391 Cannata, Knsli 371 Chan Janet S 313 Clancy John J 350 409 Bradiin. Ellen 177 Burg. Marty 401 Cannon, Martha L 381 Chan Kalherine 252 Clapp, Michael H 391 Bradshaw. Denms W 216,57.58 Burgess Chns 383 Cannon, Eileen M 387 Chan, Wayland 264 Clardy Diane E 274407 88 Brady, David Brady. George Edward 268 Burgess. Kimberly M 389 Canonica, Michael 177 Chaney Pamela E 253 Clare, Donald L 67 84 Burgoyne, Rodney w 425 Canton, John E 88 Chang, Ten L 264 Clark Caryn L 310 Brady. Susan Brady. Charles E Bragado. Orlando F Brakovich. Marlene 325 7348 Burgoyne. Richard S 426 Cantrell, Rand D 345 Chang, Yi T 217 Clarke, Diane L 63 320 Burk. Bill S 416 Cantwell. John 177 Chang. Yuh-Hu u 242 Claveran, Hilda P 78 36 Burk, Robert 399 Capata. Gary G 73 62 216 66 48 Chang, Ying 238 Clay, Bryan 391 216 371 81 Burke, Glenn R 399 Capellino. Richard J 391 Chang, Marlene S 422 24 312 48 57 Claybrooks, Michael R 242 1 16 Burke Teresa A 273,64 Capelouto, Dana L 368 Chang, In S 87 Claypool, Michael 384 Braly. Hunt C Bramhall Robyn D Branch Nicki N 62 273 Burke Thomas B 367 Capp. Keith M 58 Chang, Russell E K 84 Clayton, JeHrey L 394 315 Burke Kelly P 387 Capp, Robin 328 Chang, Sherry W F 238 Clayton Janet T 274 84 Burke William J 367 Cappelli, Mary L 273 Chang Sandy C 45 CIcary Philip J 47 Brander Nanci Brandlin Ellen K Brandolmo Sharon R 368 Burke Brian 194 Cappello, George R 89 417 381 48 Chang Maria 48 Cleland Tracy H 371 372 362 248 Burketl Bnce C 420 Cappello, Alenander L 26 34 217 391 Chang, Gackoo 48 Clelland Delnora J 217 35881 310 Burkett Teresa A 389 401 74 Channell Charles L 322 Cline Charles B 217 378 345 Burkholder Liwnne M 338 48 Carabelta Vito J 322 45 Chantland James M 274 Clinton, Michael J 343 Brannagan Timothy M 45 Burman. Scott 416 Caratan. Came A 371 Chao, Philip S L 91 Cloots, JeHrey L 324 273 Burnett, Fred 420 Caravaggio Dante V 320 Chao, Joanne M 347 48 Clow. Steven D 6554 R (1 R h 1 A 273 392 Burnett, Scolf L 194 Cardella Michele M 273 Chao, Shuan K 217 Coates Kelly 371 Brauner, Jeffrey R Braxton Sylvia K Brayman Marlene K 273 59 Burnette, Patricia J 338273 Cardinali. Michael F 45 Chapelle, Lon E 319 Coates. Edward J 325 45 Burns Leslie W 403 Carey, Kevin A 404 Chapman, Cathy 419418 Coats, John A 403 238 Burns, Timothy J 49 Carey. Michael J 109 116 Chapman, Roy B 32386 Coats Tracey E 409 371 417 Burns. Gregory A 391 Carlino, Donald 173 171 Chapman Robert T 310 Cobb, Gary 106 116 Bra il. Scott 6 273 Burns Dan C 116 Cargile, Leon H 394 Ctiapman, Courtnie J 340 84 Cobb, Bobby 404 Breihan. Craig Brent. Gregory A Breslin Moira R Brestow Debra L Brett Kevin Myers Breyman Eugene F Breyman Todd M Bridges Charles M Bridglord Bruce H Bnenen Je " ery W 383 Burns. Michael 116 Cargill Jacquelyn R 273 70 Chapman, Loretta 418 Cobo. Andy 177 25397 350 Burns Robert A Burns Peggy E Burns Robert A 216 313 Cariaga, Catherine A Carli, Dana A 84 407 Chapman. Dan Chapman, Buster T 319 274 Cobo Michael E Cobos Oscar 415 56 248 360 Carlile, Anthony R 45 Chappell- Sandra K 217 Coddon, David L 274 75 403 116 Burns Stephanie J 273 407 70 Carlos. Booker 384 Chappell Barbara R 353 274 70 80 88 Codekas Paulme R 217 389 134 Burroca. Darnel 78 Carlson, Chrisltne M 381 Charity Harry 394 Coen Michael W 409 316 134 45 Burroughs Gloria J Burroughs Bruce D 377 194 Carlson, Bruno Carmany, David N 399 74 324 Charles Gail Chase Christopher 274 411 CoMey Carolyn D CoHey Robin L 407 407 347 47 Burrows Ronald L 2535073375 Carmicbael, Rhonda J 273 377 Chatoor, iiat 310 Coghill Joanne 87 Burrs Linda 248 Carmihael, John B 415 Chau, Terry H 324 Cognetta Tamara A 73 79 Briggs Margaret J Brigham J Bright Timothy R Bringham Richard L 97 Burson Mark M 216 82 Carnell Beverly D 238 Chavez Catherine A 251 Cogswell Alton 384 293 332 338 173 Burson. Kalhryn A 363 273 Carnessale Juliana 315 Chavez Paul 261 Coha, loretta M 360 45 242 Brson Janet L Burstem, Daniel J 407 426 216 Carney Robert F Carone Robert P 69 87 Chavez Christina S Cheah Albert C 253 320 Cohen Philip G Cohen Susan J 273 Burlon Myrna 377 Carothers, Lesley L 274 Chee Peter C F 45 Cotien Merilynne 315 Brislow Tom 375 Buryee Joe 89 Caruthers Mike 75 Chee Curtis Y T 217 58 Cohen George £ 268 326 36 Busby Theresa M 216 371 80 Carpenter Brent J 383 Cheetham Thomas C 81 Cohen, Louis S 401 84 316 90 217 56 81 59 92 61 91 350 274,331 91 86 Briltingham Deborah A Brizeno. Stephen 340 273 Busche Gregory C Busco Mane francesca 322 248 Carpenter Mark W Carpenter Gregg K 274 383 Cheldin Daniel L Chen Dorothy C 320 S3 Cohn Matt R Cohn Judith E Broadbent Stephen M 63 67 364 Bush Nicole M 79 261 Carpenter Bubba 325 Cheng Alice A L 310 Coit, Cindi E Broadneax. Owight A Broderick. Kathleen i Bfodhead. Steven C Brogmus Linda K Brombach Sharon A 356 Bush Ronald L 116 Carr, Monica L 318 Cheng Ang 330 Colachis, Sam C 371 216 84 181 404 184 Bush Daniel A Bushey Richard Bushman Rob Busick Phil 368 253 116 383 Carr Lisa M Carr Gerald Carrama Rene D Carreon Richard R 338 81 425 177 431 Cheng Louis Cheng Chi L Cheng Angelina S Chenney John F 217 47 81 84 59 Cole Gregory P Cole Roy W Coleman Gilbert R Coleman William H 213 Buss Micheite A 371 Carreon Davtd H 431 Cheung John Y 307 Coleman, Craig S Brooker Peggy J BrooKms Marlene R BfOOkman Lindsay L Brooks Gregory M Brooks Pjtr.cij I Brooks Bruce A 353 348 248 315 310 350 1 16 Buss Rebecca J Busse Bryjn P Buljla Tony Butrh.irf Dean Stanley Buteyn Douglas J Butler Harry G 371 89 391 426 264 81 320 379 Carriaga Cathy Carfington Russell Carrington Pam Carroll Paul F Carroll Stacy J Carroll Robert C 313 49 389 129 353 357 Ctieung. Regina C T Cheung Kevin K CheuvronI Brian Chevlin Steven A Chi ChingLin Chichi Jim 325 84 85 253 323 392 217 307 Colgate Deborah J Coigrove Steven M Collins Joseph Collins leanne Collins JeHrey B Collins Larry 59 375 316 236 325 73 46 164 Brooks. Karen M 348 73 70 Butler Jim L 409 Carroll Dennis 357 Childs Virginia L 217 Colquitt Johnnie F 384 248 Brooks. Jonathan B 69 Butter Eddie L 384 Carroll Rhonda I 348 274 Childs Ginger 338 Colville, Maryann Colwell. Frank L 21; Crowell, Robert A 177 De Cook, Edward J Coman, Jaime M 248 177 Crowley, Terry 415 De La Noval Ana M Combs, Steven C 66 Cruikshank, John C 411 De Paolo, Ten Comi, Diane M 338 375,217 59 Crum, Patricia L 275 381 De Varona Elvira Como. Joseph A 331 Crum Carol L 218 Dea, Edmond Compton. Laura L 315 Cruz Steven 78 Dea, Freemont S Comstock, Edward S 274 Cryan John 322 Dean, Cindi B Comstock. Ned 319 Crystal Alice 218 Dean, Richard S Comstock. Margaret L 313 Cubbon James M 242 Deanda, Jose E Concepcion, Manlyn J 315 274 Cue Adam 394 Deaner Ross M Concepcion. Rita J 315 Cueto Jose J 2b3 177 Deanna. Linda A Condon. Mike 383 Cummings Julia A 261 Debeikes Richard A Cone, Sherne M 81 Cummmgs Anne C 177 Debro. Karl G Conerly Robin W 91 Cunningham David S 394 DeBross John Conger. Nancy L 362 238 Cunningham Vilar Jose E 420 DeCampos Juliet M Conlan. Ctiaries L 360 Curley Robin 275 DeCampos, Erie Conley, Robert J 41967 Curraw Pamela M 381 DeChant. Stephen M Conners. Brian C 322 53 Currey Charles D 397 DeClouette Dwight Connolly. Lila J 274 Currie Lee 347 DeClouette, Cornell Connolly Debra L 57 Currie Linda P 368 Deem. Marquee Connors. Charles A 45 375 Currie Robert S 218 Deemer Robin L Connors. Rodney 75 Curry Mane L 371 Deen. Claude J Consant Chris 378 Curtis Elizabeth A 63 368 DeFranco, Gina L Contino. Catherine 389 Curtis Debbie 57 DeFreece. Bryn K Cook. Susan M 274 371 Curtis, Gale H 238 Degner Timothy L Cook. Susan E 264 Curtis Robert A 275 404 Dehmig, Camilla Cook. Stephanie D 345 Curtis JeH B 371 360 Deich, Phillip Cook. Bob A 358 Curtis, Mark L 26 34 275 60 74 Dela Cai, Jorge C Cook. Michael K 417 217 397 194 Curtis Robbie 275 71 74 80 DelaHooke. Linda S Cookson, David F 323 45 Curtis Orlie L 404 DelaHooke, Susie Cooper, Robert W 66 Cutler Sally 368 Delano, Ronald P Cooper, Andra J 307 375 Cuza Earl S 316 DelaTorre, Loretta Cooper, Cynthia A 389 70 Cyflka, Peter J 63 DelCarlo, Richard A Cooper, Craig S 274 360 74 Cyr, Douglas J 248 409 Deldach, Jeffrey Cooper Kenneth H 419 DeLeon. Michael M Cooper, Keith 384 Delia, Donna J Cooper, Cathy 338 l-V Delich. Philip C Copeland, Roy W 99 n Delio, Marguerite S Corazza, Mark S 248 u DelJunco, Robert Corber, Randall E 248 409 Dellafemina. Donna M Corbett, Deborah A 260 Dellison. Bruce Corbo, Stephen P 268 Oablaing Gernl 92 Dellhime. Sigmund M Cordoba, Enio A 63 Oahl. Alan B 403 Deloy, Bill Cordova David A 322 Daikoku. Shirley R 373 Delusie, Tory Corman, Todd W 360 Dailey, Jeanelte 218 DeMarca, Jose Cornell, Gregory 360 Dailey. Shawn M 83 Demas. Caria A Corona, Henry L 56 Dalton, Diane M 275 63 Dembowski. Phyllis D Corpin John M 217 Daltono. David R 264 Dembowski. Drew Correa, Anthony A 217 Dambros. Joan A 26 389 DeMiranda. David B Correia, Michael 379 Dameron, John W 420 Demory. Pamela H Corsaro Anne M 83 54 48 Dandndge Dariyne 348 Demos. Daryl J Cortes, Irma C 45 Danesh, Mohammad R 242 Dempster Donna J Cortez, Debra J 313 Danesh Ashtiani Mehdi 331 DeNicholas, Maralou E Cosloy, David W 274 66 Danlord Michael J 92 84 Demo, Craig A Coss, Liz 368 Dangerfield. Max S 45 Dennerlme, Robert S Costa, Loiz 218 Dangerous. Syd 360 Denson. Robin D Costa, Joseph E 332 Daniel. Mark A 236 Dent, Paul A Costanza David J 49 253 Daniel Deborah A 58 Dent, Abram Costello, James W 58 Daniels. Geoflrey A 268 399 74 Denun io, Mane Costello Patricia A 315 248 Daniels. Paula A 46 275 310 Denzler, Mary A Cotton, Vivian C 248 Daniels. Warren 391 Denzler, Richard S Cottrell, David 63 47 Danson, Debbie A 381.399 Deputy, Carlyn R Coudures John M 356 213 Darby. Barbara J 248 387 Der, Fung K Coughran, Allan D 274 Darcy. Mark K 179 Derenia, Stephen E Coulter, Sally A 83 Darr Deborah A 381 Derks, Kann Coultrup K C 89 411 Darroch Kevin S 403 Destor, Diane L Courtney, Mark E 364 Dau John 426 Deslefano Karen Ann Courtright Carina K 338 Daughty Denyce 399 Desutti. Gina Coutee, Ernest 275 Daugherty Sharon L 238 DeTorre. Jeanne L Covazza, Mark 391 Dauster Bill 325 57 DeTrixhe, Debra R Cove Arthur M 58 Davalos. Kann S 45 DetTorre. Richard W Covineton Chadley R 383 Daves Brent L 383 Detzel, Donald A Covington, Mary D 275 Daves Nancy L 389 Deunoste. George A Covington John C 218 Daves Linda M 338 238 80 Deutsch Lexie Covington, Curt 383 David Kehznde A 61 Devin, Craig A Covington, Dentse M 218 David, Dennis L 45 Dewey, Richard R Cowing Robert W 316 Davidson, David A 399 47 DeWhirst, Cathye E CoK, Duane 253 78 Davidson, Alan 218 DeWhirst. Louise G Cox, Fernando 384 Davidson, Loren M 76 70 Deza, Rosemary Cox, Patricia L 275 64 381 358 Davidson, Lynne A 338 275 Dezoach, Jeff Cozen Leo 84 Davidson. Ann C 353 Diab, George T Crabbe Jolan L 316 Davidson. Roberl N 86 332 Diamond Lindy S Crabtree Diane L 218 Davidson. David N 253 397 Diaz, Margo D Cragin, Michael J 325 Davidson. Mark E 275 403 Dickens, Michael J Craib Donald F 409 Davidson Jay 360 Oickerson Mark A Craig, Steven L 218 358 Davies Mark 403 Dickerson. Richard F Craig, Constance A 315 Davila Conception 78 Dickes. Robert M Craig, Joel S 358 Davis. Gary F 275 Dickson. David K Craighead, Nancy J 48 Davis. Gleam 57 Diehl, Annette M Cram, David 242 Davis, Cyrus M 275 Diercks. Deborah L Cram, Darrel 84 Davis. Frank A 331 Dietrich. Darcy C Cram, Deborah L 275 Davis, Paul L 66 Dietz. Colleen V Cramer, Lisa A 338 Davis Patricia K 275 Digeralamo, Nicholas A Cramoline, Keith A 397 Davis. Steven H 431 Diggs. Shelton K Crampton, David L 375 Davis. Monetle M 248 Diman. Nancy M Crane, Chuck 401 Davis, Molly 368 Dimarco, Linda Crane, Randall L 46 Davis. Rodney G 431 Dimana. Betsy A Cranon, Daryl 253 Davis. Stephen J 218 Dimana. David J Cravello, Victor 268 Davis Jay 268 Dimattin, Victor Cravens Catherine C 330 Davis Stephen G 47 Dimler. Richard A Crawford, Richard F 218,66,404 Davis George C 275 Dimond, Theresa A Crawtord, Jenson J 323 Davis Joe E 90 Dimuro, Aileen E Crawford, Laurie L 338 Davis. Charles W 262 Ding. Gregory W Crawley, Lori A 389 Davis. Kelly 360 Dingcong, Eloisa L Creager, Todd 399 Davis, Kenneth S 360 Dinoto. Karen S Cree, Janet 275 Davis, Larry M 52 Dinverno. Armond A Creem, Carol 407 Davis Diann M 389 Dion, Ten L Creighton, James B 45 Davis Jean £ 21881 Dion, Ralph J Cretsinger, Ann M 313 Davis Teresa M 54 Dirk, Nancy J Crichton, John R 310 85 Davis Shelly 353 Dirocco, Patrice M Crickard, Lavrie A 238 388 389 Davis Paul 58 91 Distanislao, Thomas J Crisalli, Ann M 53 67 71 91 Davis Maureen F 407 Differ, William J Criswell, Celeste E 260 Davis, Debra L 347 275 54 50 Dittmer Paula J Crock Mary J 315 83 275 Davis, Joseph N 275 Divine, Harnel T Crosby, Robert P 218403 Davis, Lance 316 Dixon. David M Crosby Steven L 275 Davison, James M 360 Dixon. Mark B Crosby, Dennis 75 Davison, Jay H 391 Dixon Steven B Crossman, Stephanie J 248 Daw, Alan L 275 Dobyns Tom L Crow, Alana S 313 Dawes. Laurie J 73 75 Dodson. Maurice D 218.364 Donalelli. Joan 78 Doner, Debra S 322 Donine Wendy A 238 Donion, Domini 417 74 Donker. Wendy 316 Donleavey Patnc 66 Donley Mana 50 45 64 Donley, Michael E 45 Donley, Maura K 218,420 Donion, Dommi K 384 Donion, Lisa A 384 Donnelly Mavra 236 Donohue Suzann 31586 Donohugh Manle 45 Donovan John A 275 Doomanis, Grego 218.399.58 79.261 350 417 338.399 Dorsey Jacqueline 1 Dorskind. DeeDee Dossett, Gordon H Doubley. Larry D Doud, Carol L Dougher. Deborah Dougherty. Erin M Dougherty. Ehzabett Doughty Cynthia E Doughty Denyce A Douglas, Denise S Dover. Ben Down, Peter Dowlati Reza . Julie C 340 Downey, Anne R i81 70,88 Dowsett, Allan M 79 Doyle, Kelly A 89 383 Drake, Mollie A 332 Dreier. Denise M 218 404 Dressier, David D 368 Drews, Jennifer L 381 Dreyfuss, Lee Drone, Richard Drum, Larry A Drummond, Karl M Dryel, Michael Orysdale. Leslie M Ducey, Thomas 5 Duddleson, Aman Duddy. Catherine Duerr Robert K Dutl. Winslow K Duguid, Matthew Duitsman. Robert Duke, Nancy L Dull, Steven W Dull, Grant L Duna. It. Edward H . David S Dunay. Kelley M Duncan Jeffrey A Duncan, Robert J Dundee. Enn L Dunham, Mim Dunham. Thomas h Dunlap, Carter W Dunn Ronald A Dunn, Dean t Dunn. Heather G Dunn. Allison A Dunn. Michael T M Dunn. John S Dunn. Michelle M Dunning, Bradley B Duplessts. Helen M Duran, Denise Durgan, Jay S Durkin, Victoria S , Ma 68.253 87,88,61,57,75 276.381 248 387 242,52 324,127 129358 238 387 62,276.60 Dvorak, Dusty Dvorsky, Katheri Dwight, Cathenn Dycus 84 Dye, Thon- Eady. Kim Earle, Leslie Echols Michael E Echols Jennifer Eckstrom, Pam Eddy, James A Edelmaier, Mary E Edwards. David J Edwards. Gerda W Edwards. Jann L Edwards. Laurel A Edwards. Timothy W Eftler. William B Egerton, April L Eggert. Mark B Egziabher. Fisseha Ehrenwald. Luis Eichar. David T Eichenberger. Rodney Eichler. Elizabeth A Ells, Lee C Etsenberg, Erie J Ekonomu. Constance M Ekstrom, Pamela G Elbinger, Steven Z Elder, Bill E Elder. Darren K Elder. Omar F Eldredge. Kim D 261 313 85 368358 315 189 187 276 399 426.248 338 320.97 218.381 Eliopoulc Ellison, Robert L Elmayan. Russell C Elmendorf, Laura J Elmore. Craig S Empeno, Leilani A Emslie. Barbara A Enemas. David S Enemas, Fred G Enciso. Jose R Enderwood. Gail A Enderwood, Cathy L Eng, Bart Engel. Brigilte M Engle. Ralph D English, Douglas J Engstrom. Malcolm C Enomoto, Scott Y Ennght. Brent S Ennques, Bobby Enn , Robin Entin. Howard A Epstein. Vicki A Epstem, Paul S Erd, Paula Erdmann, Cheryle I Erier. Maryleigh Esbensen, Mark P Escalera. Arthur J Escalle. Sharon Escobar, Kathryn G Esken, Donald T Esnard, Glendon, B Esser Peter G Estes. Joan E Estolano. Mano Elcheverry. Gary J Etemad. Mam Eto. Donna K Etow. Glenn T Evangelatos. Denni; Evans. Gregory R Evans. Wes Evans. Kenneth M Evans. Renee C Evans. William M Evans. Rob Evans. Vmce Evans. Robert S Evashko, Anna H Everett, Charles A Ewald. Tracy C Exiey. Lynn E Exposito, Anthony 109,114.113.116 Fadlallah. Ali M 268 Fagan. Michelle M 387 Fagan, Stephanie A 310 Fagundo. Jose A 213.56 Fahey. Tom 219.364 Fakler. Thomas L 58.97 Falkenstern Debra 5 313 Fallon. Robert D 378 Fallmer. Garrett 254 Fan. Angela C 264 Fanto Jellery L 425,71 Farasat Robert 242 Farber Howard M 358 Farenick Penm E 313 Fares, Katie 353 Fares, Kathleen 238 Farfsmg. Mark B 62 Farhangi. Shahram 242 Farias. Frederick M 92 f» FarkDS, Peggy J 412310 Forgalch. Nancy L 407 Gaiber. Randy S 34522081 Glauber. Russell L 34327859 Gregston. Richard P 262 Farmer, David V» 2;6 116 Forgatch. Pamela J 347 219 80 81 60 Gaines. William H 220 397 Glaze. Valerie S 350.83 48 Greil. Leslie R 278 Farmer, Dean A 320 Forness. Timothy A 58 Galante Miryann F 251 Glazener. Gretchen 220.387 Grenell. Gary 278 Farmer. Maryann 310 Fornos, Rolando 56 Galbrailh. James L 116 Glisson. Donna J 318407 Grey. Mitch 125 Farquhar, James B 417 Forrest, Ricardo A 64 Galindez. Sergio E 271 Glogow. Nancy C 220 Grey. Larry 404 Farrar Darryl 375 Forrest. Gail 277 368 Galindo. Gustavo 243 Glover. Dana K 73 Grewe. Cathy L 236 Farsing, Mark 318 Forssberg, Leah J 277 Galindo. Martin P 84 Goetz. Bob P 383 Greyman. JeH 316 Fathian. Arsalan 332 Forssen, Enc A 265 Galindo. Diego C 91 Goelz. Martin A 345.220.409 Griego. Maryann 49 Faulkner. David 61 Fort. Robert L 417 47 Galindo. Raul G 27856 Gogol, Susan L 72239 Grier. James 239 Fay, Gregory P 319 Forthmann. Druanne 254 387 Galindo. Maria T 278.60 Goins. Tracy M 45 Gner. Casey 389 Fa io. Peter 50 Former Herbert S 277 Gall. Mariorie L 407 Goins. Lennon 236 GriHin. Cathleen T 340.249 Feder llene S 340238 Fortunato. Randy N 219391 Gallagher. Thomas P 323 Golan, Jon E 419 52 GriHin. Todd W 177 Feederle James M 89 391 Foster. Mark P 417.350 74 59 Gallagher. Kevin M 397 Gold, llene M 45 GriMin. Gary E 391 Feinberg. Ross W 411 Foster. Mark 401 Gallegos. Robert A 73.84 Goldberg. Martin G 345375 GriHin. Stephen L 392 Feingold, Batia 219 Foster. Thomas R 399 Gait. Gretchen E 353.220 Goldberg. Barry S 356 Griffin. Jennifer C 340 Felck. Catherine A 219 58 Fowler Gary R 177 Gait, Matthew K 45.379 Goldberg. Heidi 79 Griffin. Dorinne E 389 Feldman. Ctiarles I 84 Fowlkes Steven K 219 Galvan. Martha 45 Goldberg. Russell A 391 Griffin. Redge 360 Felipe. Miguel 81 Fox, William B 277 391 Gamboa, Marco 63412 Goldberg. Donald J 391 Griffith. James M 220.74 Feli)i. Nadine 177 FoKwell, Lavicki 377 Gamson, Michael 375 Golden. Gigi 333 Griffith. David P 213.397 FeliK John M 242 Fraker Steven 236 Ganssle. John D 62 Goldlarb Marvin A 265 Gngonis. Peter 358 Felknor, Christoptier A 343 Frame, Ronald B 426 Ganz. Susanne L 387.81 Goldhagen. Benjamin 1 310 Grimm. Thomas J 278.61 Fell. Fiichard M 219411 58 France. Gary 384 Gappa. Kim M 265 Goldin. Howard G 45 Gnmsley. Kenneth C 262 Fellen er. Jellrey C 276,64 Francescon. Robert J 383 Garay. Jose A 220 Goldstein. Peter 262 Gnmsley. Michael D 381.399.74 Fellows, David L 46.333 Francesconi. Judith A 310 Garcia. Drucilla M 220,377 Goldstein. Larry B 345.392 Gnnstein. Ellen S 353 Fellows, Nancy E 3382768270 Franceshi. Ernest J 425 Garcia. Vicente E 243 Goldstein Clifford P 345269.409 Grisingher. David 392 Felton, Mark J 383 Francis. David S 21947 Garcia. Marilza 56 Golomb, Aslrid 312 375 Gnssinger. Donna R 353 Felts, Debra A 371 Francis. Bill 73 Garcia. David M 82 Golomb. Beatrice 315 Griswold. Steven T 32 2 Feiti, Cherie A 389 Francisco. Alonso 36 Garcia. Vivian C 36 Gomes, Deborah L 249 Griswold. Ross 375 Fennell Slephcn E 420 Franco. Margarita 49 Garcia. Natividad 56 Gomez, Julie E 36 Gritters Gregory A 41952.67 Fenske. Brian W 86 Franco, Cynlhia M 277 78 Garcia. Lupe 70 Gomez, Francisco J 45 Grodnick. Todd M 350.89.420 Ferguson, Todd H 268 Franco, Flavio 364 Garcia, Rene-Anthony 367 Gomez. Tony 69 Groeniger. Kurt R 411 Ferguson Rachel M 49,276 Franco, Ivan A 36 Gardner. Dick 324 Gonzales. Keely A 368 Grogan. Sheri J 313 Ferguson, Kimberly 63 54 Franco, Enrique 78 Gardner. Wendy L 389 Gonzales. Nicholas P 278 Grott. Norman C 375 Ferguson, Erik T 97 Franco, Dan 375 Garlinkle, David M 81 Gonzales. Teclilo M 116 Gross. Kathleen T 368 Ferguson, James 360 Frandsen, Lesley A 387 Garissi, John 49 Gonzales. Armand 220 404 Grossman. Lise M 332 Ferguson, Richard P 69 Franich. Russell D 219 Garratt, Mark S 415 Gonzales. Patricia A 347.254 Grossman. Brian 80.74 Fernandez, Yajaira M 242 Frank. Melinda H 315 Garrigues, Paul R 220420 Gonzalez. Francisco J 45 Grossman. Marc A 278.64.82 Fernandez, Maria C 56.84 Frankland. Steven G 392 Garrisi, John M 322 Gonzalez. Irma Y 45 Grossman. David 81 Fernandez, Manuel N 254 Franklin. Lafayette 254 Garry, James W 417.88 Gonzalez, Salvador 243 Grubb. Steven J 220 Ferns. Nathan 97 Franklin. Wayne B 219 364 Gartland. Trisa 338 Gonzalez, Charles R 220 Gruen. Daniel F 221 Feron, Michael D 219.364 Eraser, Scott A 116 Gartner. Emily R 63 Gonzalez, Linda 48 Grundel. Deborah L 97 Ferrara, Marc R 358 Eraser, Kristine L 319 Garven. Glenn 84 Gonzalez, Barbara 239 Grundy Stanley D 419 Ferrara. Gina 1 79 Frawley Michael T 360 Garvin, Glenn B 420 Goo. Wanda L 269 Grunleld. Alan H 79 Ferrarotti. Anna M 45.49 Fraz. Tncia 313 Gaschie, Brian 89 Goode. Terrance 356 Gryp. Lisa M 37! Ferrell. Robert M 80 Frazee Waller M II 219404 Gasdia Brian F 411 371 Goode. Michael D 325 Gudelsky. llene M 319 Fern. Gerard J 26350276403 Frazier, Christy A 423 381 Gasendo. Leah M 353278 Gooden. Debbie 116 Guenheard Owen 401 Ferris, David W 324 Frazier, Jan M 381 Gasparian, Anahit 261 Goodis. Eileen C 265 Guerra. Graciela M 36 Ferris, Nathan L 79 Frederick. Jane L 45 Gassett, John 66 Goodlad. Lisa A 49.358.387 Guerrero. Helen M 254.54 Fetherland. Paul D 322 Fredericks. Kirl 134 Gates. Gregory D 220 Goodloe. Debra S 368 80 Guggisberg, Brian R 316.194 Fick. Thomas 46277 Freedle. Leslie K 368 Gates. Pamela S 79 Goodman. Mary L 310.194 Guglielmino Diane N 407 Fickenworth Jane M 333 Freedman. Lorraine R 313 Gates. Brian W 35089420.48 Goodman. Andrew F 322 Guillermin. Michelle 338 Field. Ricki M 353 213 Freeman. William J 328 47 Gates. Jenniler D 68,83,49247 Gootnick. Susan L 338 278 Guinn. JeHrey D 426 Field, Eddie T 79 Freeman. Melame J 254 Gattuso, James L 323,57 Gordon. Hat E 399 Guiremand. Steve M 65 Fielding. Melinda A 81 Freeman. Todd L 254 Gauthier, David M 367 Gordon. Susan E. 407 Guisbush. John 415 Fields. Janet A 238371.358 Freeman, Steven M 323 Gauthier, Barry 69 Gordon. Adam H 79 Guistolise. Carta 340 Fields. Patrick J 89 375 48 Freeman, Craig R 220 Gavin, Lyn 191 Gordon. Laura S 45 Gulledge. Ceci L 407 Fiene. Karen L 340 Freeman, Heidi J 68 Gavin, Ramon 220 Gordon. Nina 278 Gully, Lyndi L 46 Figueras. Ana M 371 Freeman, Vincent L 220 Gay. William H 116 Gormley. Janice E 340,278 Gulmert, Kathenne S 350 Figueroa. Freddy A 219 Freeman, Candice 389 Gazatrope. Martha 56 Gorostiza. Patricia E 353 Gumbiner. Catherine 83 Fitippone. Michael R 48 French Easter R 46 Gazdecki James P " 404 Gorostiza Ann E 353 249 80 Gunderson Grant G 420 Filosa. Corinne J 277 Freno, Philip 62 Gearing, Debra J 49,73 Goss. Kimberly A 371 Gundlach. Guy D 99 Fimpler. Bill 397 Frensdorf, Jane! L 362 Gebre Egziabher Fisseha sion 278 Goss Barbara E 278 Gunn. D S 49 Finch. Robert J 277 Freund, Walter G 316 Gee. David R 45.316 Goss. Melame M 387 59 Gunning, Susan 66 Finch. Barrett J 383,80 Frey. Tricia J 389 Gee. Patrick S 68310 Gossman Bryan L 220,397 Gurrola. Paul M 411 Findorft. Scott 134 130 Fnas. Gustavo 78 Gee. Barbara J 254 Gothard Heidi W 363 Gurrola. Rosemary 315.83 Fine. Amy L 310 Fnas. Maria L 78 Gee. Daniel 45 318 Goto. Janice K 262 Gurrola. Jody B 249 Fink. Martina S 261 Fnedenthal. Alan H 46 86 277 64 59 91 Geenen. Hugh V 322 Gottachaick Bill 194 Gurule. Daniel 63 Fink. Vicki 162 Friedman, Mark B 268 Gegenheimer. William R 316 Gottlieb. Jonathan 8 320,61 Gushon. Shelly 97 Finlt. Kevin B 277 Fnedncks Knsty L 220 407 Gehring, George M 32357 Gove Susan 189 Guslason Quinn 62 Finley. Steven C 375 Friel. Laurel E 325249 Gelber, Daniel 1 265 Govin. Lynn R 347 Gutierrez, Norma L 45 Firth, Joa n 392 Friend. Mark W 220.403 Generales, John T 254 Grabendike. Michael M 360 Gutierrez, Stephen A 325.426 Fischella, James S 219 Friend. Debra L 353 Genstil, Sara 278 Grabot. Robert E 82 Gutierrez, Luis H 78 Fischer, Richard C 318 Fnss Peter C 47 Georgalos Enc 220 403 74 Grabow, Michael L 220 Gutierrez, Ed 106 116 Fischman. Joel 48 Frowola. Jim 403 George, Ernest 220 Grady Timothy A 426 220 Gutierrez, Leida C. 368 Fish, Amanda 343 Frudenfeld. Karyl L 340 George, Carol A 368 Graft. Susan M 191 Gulierrez. Fidel J 92 Fishburn. Charles R 399 Fruguglietti. Ralph J 220 391 138 George, Bonni J 350 36448 Grande Peter M 364 Guy, Norman R 278 Fisher. Robert E 59 Frye Cynthia 213.36860 70 George, David A 164 Grant. James A 278 Guzman, Cathy 278 Fisher. Jim M 277 Fuchs. Yvonne S 319 Geraghty, Gerald J 316.90 Grant. Robb H 350 89 389 Gweoby, Doug 59 Fisher, Barbara 347 Fuich. Barry 74 Gerbino, Glenn J 397 Grantham. Barbara B 340 Gwin, Daniel M 79 Fisher Jeffrey M 116 Fuentes. Jose R 66 Gerecke, Carolyn C 239 Grassi, Mark J 360 Fitzgerald Ten A 318 Fujikawa. Kim M 55 Geren, Brian M 328 Grau Taria S 79 Fitzmaunce Thomas E 320 Fuiimoto. Joy N 422 312 55 Gerlach, Mark P 379 Graves Deborah L 6399 11 Fivecoat. Ten L 381 Fuiilaki. Wayne H 265 Germain, Larry S 318 Graves. Bernadette 239 H Flaherty, Maureen E 45 Fukuda Kalhryn 277 Germani, Clara E 318658664 Gray. Terie A 353 1 1 Flanagan, Maureen A 66 59 91 Fukuhara Patricia M 92 238 Gerson. Mark 392 Gray. David R 420 Fleming, Richard C 219 Fukushima. Glenn M 425 Getter. William M 49 Gray. Richard A 278420 Fletcher, Christy 340 Fulcher. Kirsten J 340 Ghirardelli, Mane A 83220.81 Gray. Judy L 353 Haack, Susan C 371 Fletcher, Peter B 6586 64 Fuller. David J 177 Giammanco Leslie A 261 Gray. Debra 389 Haas Deborah A 68 46412 Flood Joseph M 415 164 Futls. Gregory A 123 125 Giba Betty P 254 Gray. Douglas N 426 Haber Robert J 72221 Flores, David G 425 Fung. Peter K 45 Gibson, Ten A 278 Graybehl Richard I 391 Hachiya Frances K 332 Flores, Art 219 Funk. Jellrey S 360 Gicter. Lisa A 353 Graztano Robert V 320 Hackett, Deborah K 318 Flores, Rebecca 248 Furkioti. Dean A 84 Giclicz Felice J 265 Greathouse. Ruth 278 Hada Lisa K 373 Flores, Sara 45 Furman, Hal 277 367 Gier. Paul 49 Greaves. Charles J 328 Haddad Benjamin A 249 364 71 7488 Flores, Vivian 248 Furniss, Bruce M 123 360 120 119 134 Gil. Jell 401 Green. Kathleen 315 Hadley Deborah F 338 249 60 80 Flores. Edmund r 431 125 Gilani. Kanmmohamed 316 Green. Scott W 254 76 Hadley. John R 87 Flores. Nancy 313 Furukawa, Erwin G 364 Gilbert. Michong 315 Green. Debbie B 181 184 Hadley Elizabeth A 401 Floro. Jellrey 261 Furushiro. Carolyn M 260 Gilchfist James D 383 Green, Willaim A 99 Hager, Red 419 Floyd. James R 391 48 Furuya. Gregg K 318 Gilchrist. Martin B 401 Green, Mary A 387 Haggard. AnnCecile M 221 58 Fluger, L.llian M 264 Fufuya. Dianne F 268 Gilcrest. Daniel E 278 Green, Julie E 196 198 Haghighat Shahram 243 Flynn. Thomas M 375 Fuscoe, William R 220 319 Giles Julie R 371 Green Kevin M 220 375 383 174 Hagopian William A 57 Flynn, Kalhryn E 362248 59 Fushiki, Arlene M 277 Gilkes. James N 120 Green Tamara J 312 Hairslon Cheryll A 345409 Fogarty, Dean 391 Fushihi. Elizabeth S 422 Gill. Melissa A 57 Green Michael R 419 49 Halaj. Steven M 63420 Fogwell Margaret J 338.97 FuShiki. Mary K 26i Gillane Marion E 328 Green, Richard S 236 Halas Steven 269 Foiles, Megan L 319 Gillespie Scon T 220 47 Green Russell 384 Halas. George J 278420 60 Foist. Cynlhia I 313 Gillet. Knsti A 70 82 Green Bill 420 Hale Barbara J 249 Foley Kim V 315 348 45 Gillette Skip 391 Greenberger Fens M 278 59 Halel Leslie S 340 68 Fong. Reinaldo 264 In Gilli, William E 45 48 Greene. Michael L 82 Haley. Rhonda M 91 Fong. Samuel 6 S 219 Gillyard Sophia 92 Greene Gemma 348 Haley Chns 420 Fonseca. Carlos A 242 Gilman, Barbara D 278 Greene Kathleen 54 Halterly. Bruce w 213 Fontana. Liz 338 Gilmarlm, Thomas W 324 Greene. Veronica A 78 Hall. Ten 3S0 83.194 Fontana, Christine J 338 Gabaldo. Maria A 52 Gilmore. Scott L 74 Greenlield. Stephen M 333 Hall. Mary K 315.8346.278 Fontenvt Dewey 394 Gabaldo. Mana V 87 Gilmour. Thomas H 415 Greenough Brian R 81 Halt. Margaret A 348 Foote, Chris D 116 Gabaldo Mary L 313 Gilmour. Melvin K 375 Greenway, Robin A 278 407 60 82 Hall. Norman R 221.47 Foollik Scott M 65412 Gabel Myles J 181 399 Ginn Eden E 278371 Greenwood Mark w 360 134 125 Hall Lawrence E 89 399 Ford Dwight W 116 Gach Robert J 90 Gisbrechl, Linda S 347 Greer. David 8 26 34 269 307 Hall. Thomas M 320 Ford, Teresa L 92 Gaddoor. Ibrahim 52 Githens, Daniel C 325 Greer Kathy I 340 Hall. Lawrence 37948 Ford. Tracy 350 83 Gadi Mouloud 243 Glaser Melinda A 362 412 Greer, John T 173 169 Hall. Chris J 379 194 Ford. Robert C 277 Gagan Casey A 310 Glass Tim 331 Oregon James £ 213 Halter. JeHery E 265 Ford, Soma L 265 Gage Donald L 220 Glassman. Robert A 265 Gregory, Scott E 142 Halletl. Dean C 375 Fojd, Scott A 99 Gai. David L 79412 Glassman. Kurt 90 Gregory Linda K 360 40781 Halpenn. Ivan 343 Haluchak, Mike Halvarson. Debbie Hamada, Vukie Hamada. Aki Hamaker Lisa M Hamaker. Steve A Hambly. Mark F Hambly, Gregory R Hamel, Mary C Hamill Robert A Hamill, Tim R Hamilton Clarence A Hamilton, Carol A Hamilton. Tern L Hamman. Robert W Hammar. David A Hammond. Gregory J Hampton. Deborah A Hamwright. Lamar Hance, Laurie E Hancock. Keitti A Hand Stacy L Manes, Trudi L Haney, Sandra C Hannel Betty J Hannula. Dave Hannula Richard M Hanoka. Yumei Hansen Roberta C Hansen Nancy L 65 86 164 57 , Lyn Hanson, Matthew E Hanson, Kara L Hanson, Mark L Hanson Stephen D Hara, Dean S Haracambros Tom Haralambos Anthony Harbert, Jacquelyn R Hardgrave. Greg Hardy Courtenay A Hargrave. Martm E Hargrave, Greg D Hargreaves Victoria B Hargrove Miguel D Hargrove Michael Harlow Nancy K Harf , How Harper Royac A Harpur. Reginald G Harngan. Joseph W Harrington. Philip R Harrington. Glenn T Harris, Gail L Harris, Stephen R Harris. Ralph R Harris Jean M Hams Dolly 265 Hams Karen V 315254 Hams, Linda S 265 Harrison Mary L 279 Harrison, Mimi 381 Harry David J 323 419 Harryman Donald E 67 Hart George D 91 177 Hart, G 45 Hart Susan C 350 279 Hart Helen M 407 Hart Lawrence E 415 Hartley Jeannie 91 Hartwig. Carter D 116 Hartwig Betsy 387 Hartzheim Paul 254 Harukt Michael J 69 Harvey, Michael B 265 Harvey Polly J 260 Harvey Rudolph 392 Hasbrouck Nancy J 307 Hasbfouck Mary P 360 404 Hasegawa Dan 66 Hashima Mark 1 221 Hashimoto Lois k 315.45 Haspert Daniel E 279 Hass Robert D 243 194 Hasselhofi Jean T 338.368 Hastings Richard C 243 Hastings Richard L 52 Hatanaka, Nelson N 279 84 Hatanaka Joyce S 373 Hateley, Donald 45 378 Hateley Robert W 378 Hathaway, JeHrey D 279 Hathaway Thomas S 221 Hatlon, Bruce R 134 Hattori, James M 46279 Haug A 411 Haug, Claud.o A 411 Haugan, Theresa A 221 368 Haugen Laune A 325 Hauger John D 419 Hauptmann Richard 84 Hausberg James J 412 Hausdorler Glenn S 249 Hausmann, Harold R 134 Havel, Craig S 343 Hawkins. Phil E Hawkins Louise G Hawkins. Patti K Hawkins, Paula Hawkins, Cynthia G Hawthorne Dean C Hay. Christy Hay. Chri Hayai . David B , Thomas M Hayase. Gordon Hayashi Robert J Hayashi Sharon L Hayashi David M Hayata, Donna A Hayden Thomas J Hayden Thomas L Hayes Harvey P Hayes Michael D Hayhui Hayn. Richard S Hayward Tracy C Haywood John W Head Dale A Healy Joseph Healy, Michael Healy Bridget M Heard Stephanie A Heard, Ada R Heard, Paul R Hearn. Dave Heath. Stacey A Heath. Dana M Heath David P Heath Karen A Heath, Sharolyn K Hechinger Mark K Hedges Elizabeth H Hedley Carolyn J Hedlund Kaia A Hedrick Beverly D Hedrick Robert B Heerdt Kevin M Heerr en E Heftier Grelchen L Heide, Hollis A Heidkamp Timothy J Helmholz, Libby Helpern. Joey Helwig, Kateri A Hemington Joel E Hendershot Robert Henderson Paul Hender! Hender. Hendrici Robert S Robert S Charles ! Aaron H Hendrick. Allison A Hendricks Howard M Henehan Joseph E Hennessy, Mark P Hennig Christine L Henno, John C Henraux Jean P Henry Gordon F Henry Michael J Henry Cindra L Henshaw, Alia P Hensley Stephen M Herbert Lauri E Herbert Herbert Herbold, James F Herdman, Alison E Herman. Chip Hernandez Lourdi Hernandez, Conra Hernandez, Allan I Hernandez, Adela Hernandez, Ines A Herold. Ann M Cyn Herr. Dia Herring. Janice C Herrold. Stephanie Hershey. Karen A Hertel Robert A Hester Douglas Hetland. Monte D Heublein, Brian Hewitt Theresa Hiatl Hans H Hickey, Brian T Hickey Lori L R Hickey James T Hickman, Donnie Hicks, Lyn E Hicks, George R Hicks Robert L Hicks, Colleen M Hidley Carolyn Higa Jane Higa Michele N Higashi Harvey H Higgins Mary E Higgins, Ronald D Highlo Dame 360 254 57 74 tikawa. Dale A Hilaire. Kevin D Hilker. Joy A Hill. Lowell A Hill. Barbara J Hill. Malcolm R Hill. Barbara J Hill, Larona C Hill, Robert W Hill. Edward F Hill. Laurie E Hill, Leslie J Hill, Wendy E Hill , Kevir , Path Ttelberg Michele A 91 99 333 Hinshaw Andrew H 383 371 Hinshaw, Roger w 383 Hinton, Carl B 269 Hintz, Sonya D 221 Hintz, Susan V 279 377 Hiramatsu, Bette K 279 Hirata, Ronny Y 360 Hitata, Carol M 368 Hirata. Greigh 1 381 Hirose. Robert K 417 254 Hirsch. Laurene S 407 Hirsch. Ahcia E 338,375,399 Hirsch. Geoffrey R 45 Hiscock. Larry G 79313 Hiss, John J 221 Hitchcock. William P 187 254 189 Hilt, Vincent C 381 397 84 Hittle Kathy A 364 HiK Vickie L 375 Hixenbaugh David B 347 279 Hiyoshi, Tomiyuki 73 Ho, Christine K 360 Ho Kenneth C 76221 Hobbs, Tracy A 324 Hoberman. Loris 221 Hobson. John A 318 Hochhalter. Paula J 249 Hock. Alex H 347,239 340 381 364 84 338 312 279 Hodge. Eric Marlon Hodge. Ginny L Hodge. Jacqueline Hodges. Maryann Hodgkins. Phillip L Hodgson, Robert A Hodis Howard N 389 Hoeck, Thomas B 403 221 Hoetfer, William C Hoffman Marc A 173 171 52 57 431 328 323 254 389 73 67 92 417 221 Hoffman Stephen W Hoffman, Wendy J Hoffman, Nancy R Hoffmann, Karl F Hogan, Tommy A Hogan. Edward Hogan, Douglas J Hogeboom. Peter L Hohman. Gregory R Hoisington Mark A 315 Holcomb. Gary D 391 84 Holder Christopher 41 1 74 Holder Ronald L 379 Holderman, Roxanne 45 79 Holdstock Rory D Holford Gregory R 389 H on William A 73262 Holland, Robin J 387 Holleman, Darryl G 213 38t Holliday Jerry C 222391 Holloway, Bryan D 222 Hollowell, Albert D R 407 Holman, Susan C 415 Holman Brian L 222 56 Holmback Heather k 49254 Holmes, Mark W K 69 Holmes Robert G 222 Holmes, Douglas L 293 Holt. Ray 328 Holt. Denise M 239 Holzer. Todd L 65 Horn. Carolyn J 222 Horn. Jean S 222.381 Hom, Laurie E 249 Hom. Robert K 353 Homisak, Dee 222 70 279 70 383 1 70 222 86 92 81 279 379 411 74 173,167 243 53,67 222 Homor, Ka 113 116 Hon, Justin H 145 Hong, Luisa 87 Honnold Vincent 66 Hooker, Ten L 58 Hoose, Shelley L 319.251 Hoover Douglas K 360 Hopkins, Susan 310 Hoppe Mark A 391 Hopper, Samuel D 383 Hon, Yukio 389 Hornberger David 397 Home Christopher 279 116 Horrigan Richard J 340 80 Horsley, John 84 Horst, Pamela A 194 Horstman. Hugh L 254 Horwich Pamela S 389 Hoshizaki. Russell K 279,177 48,57 328,81 388 389 222 389 74 318 72 Hotchkiss, Jayne Hotchkiss, Jay Houcomb, Gary Houghton Jeffrey Houlihan. Karen P House James D House, Linda D Householder, Jose Houser Cheryl L Houston, Anne E Howard William K Howard. Mitchell Howard. Nancy E Howe, Pati TP How , Mik Howell, Pat G Howell, Robert P Howley, Debra M Hoyt, Leeza L Hryniewicki, Thomas A Hsi, Edward Y Hsiang, Tahin Hsu, Aaron J Hsu, Samuel K Hsu. Michael Hsu Leslie Y Hu Jerome S Hu. Nancy Huang. Eva M Huang, Richard M Hubbard, John F Hubbard, Lisa J Huber Jack Huchel, Thomas D Huckaby James F Hudson, Robin M Huetteman. Richard J Huey. James K Huffman. Gertrude G Hufford, Brian Hughes, Peter A Hughes, Michael J Hughes, John L Hui, Angela Hui, Elizabeth S Hui, Leo H C Humel, Mary Humes. Albert J Hummel. Marli R Humnicky, Judy Hung, Linda S Hungerford, Grant M Hunker, James L Hunsaker, Debbie L Hunt, Dru L 315 362,412 113 116 62 279 239 368 347,280 Hui , David A . Sha I M Hunter Mattliew S Hunter, Stirling C Hunter, John W Hunter, George W Hunter, James D Hunter Lauren P Hunter, Valerie J Hupp, Laurie A Hurdle, Steve E Husa, Christopher j Husseini, Ramia 2 Hustedt, William H Hulchins, Wade T Hutsler, John C Hwang Joanne J Hwang, Sunjin Hyan, J D Hyken Michelle R Hyman Robert S Hypes Debra D Hysell, Robert B lannalfo. Loretta M Ige, Ronald T Ignacio. Sandra L Ihra. Mark lllsley Mark W Inafuku Cheryl N Ince, Tulan M Ines. Alfredo A Ingersoll. James P Ingtaham James W Ingram, Jeffrey E Ingram. Jarmel H Inoue. Yoshitaka Inouye. Jed J tnouye, Nancy Y 280 63 368 80 412 358,60,82,74 uye. naka, Leith ish. Jeff ushalmi Ris( yie Kenneth Clarice Ishii. Thomas Ishkanian. Paul E Ismaeel, Asad A Ito. Susan M Ito. Michael S Itzkowich. R Iverson. Marc E Iwa. Sammy Iwamura. Steven T Iwamura, Gayle E Iwasaki. Laurie N Iwata Peggy Iwata, Burton T Iwata. Joanna M 315,42283 55 Jabs, Francine A 223.368.58 Jackson, Adrianne M 280 Jackson, Victor L 116 Jackson, Douglas P 47 Jackson, Jacqueline V 45 Jackson, Daniel 141 Jackson, Richard V 223.66 Jackson. Belinda M 280 Jackson, John W 81 Jackson. Melvin 90 Jackson-White. Renee A 91 Jacobellis. Debora A 338 223 Jacobi. Rowin 280 Jacobs. Suzanne G 313.368 Jacobs. Richard R 383 Jacobs. Leslie C 353 Jacobs. Susan F 26 34 Jacobs. Renae L 353358 Jacobs. Michael A 254 Jacobs. Loring B 401 Jacobs, Rowin F 378 Jacobson, John R 417 Jacobson. Steve E 262 Jacobson. John 254 Jacobson. John J 74 76 Jacobson, Betsy 387 48 Jacobus, Nancy L 280,368,80 Jaffe, Renee E 340 Jaffee. Heidi A 262 Jaggers. Karl 397 Jahnke, Andrea L 389 Jahnke. Jessie 116 Jahnke. Steven A 280.411,74 Jahns, Alan R 343 Jahl, Miles S 45 Jakubowski, John M 243.67.71 Jalaba, Jerry J 45 Jamerson, Ronnie 116 James. Sylvia C 331 James, Candace L James, Scott M James, Donald G Jameson, David Jamm. Debra S Jamison, Michael T Jamison, Daryl P Jan, Paula Janiscti, Gregory J Jan|igian, Nora L Jann. Peggy Janneck. Henry N Janos. Geoffrey C Janpanah, Sy Jarcho. Robert I D Jarr . Mai Jarmus. Steven C Jarvi, Ross A Jarvis, Robert Javier, Johnny J Jeans, Tory Jebbia, Denms A Jeffrey James E Jeffreys, Colleen , , Ste Jeha, Jenkins. Wilma J Jenkins, Dave Jenkins. Ttiomas L Jennings, Marylynn Jennings Kevin P Jennings, Vernon J Jensen, Margaret G Jensen, Stanley T Jepsen, Lori Jepson, Steven Jesberg, Donald Jeter. Gary M Jeung Sandra P Jew, Benny M Ji, Barbara Jimene;. Mario A Jimerson Joseph 181 184 196 198,201 Istiii. Jin Johnson, Donald 223 Kammerman, Lisa A 255 Kiefer. Thomas R 84 Kruase, Becky R 224.328.81 I arson, Roger L .409 Johnson. Kenneth F 280 Kampe. Carslen E 46 Kiguchi. Lisa S 83 48 Kraut. Michael A 53 I arson, Steven B 45 Johnson. Brent S 49 Kanai. Aisuko 249373 Kikkawa. Debra T 281 Kray. David L 383 L arson, Karen J 225 Johnson, Dennrs J 223 Kandarian Mark A 224 378 Kikuchi. Michele Y 79 Kreamer, Samuel 1 59 332 L arson, David A 383 Johnson JeMrey 31239! 397 Kaneko. Laura K 45 Kikuchi. Mark T 323 Krebs, Karl 281 L arue, Alice M 265 Johnson. Lynda J 349239381 Kanelos. Alexa A 353 Kil. Gilbert 281 Krems, Kathleen F 313 L aSalle, Elba 1 282325 Johnson, Bruce J 323 Kaneoka, June T 84 Kildiszew, Nicholas T 378 Kress, Marc M 57 L ash. Stephen D 26581 Johnson, Robert P 223 Kaneshiro Edward 79 Kildiszew, Diana R 340 Kreoter. Roberta L 281 L ashgari. Bijan 243 Johnson, Dennis C 116 Kang. Moon C 45 Kiley. Linda A 45 Kreulzberg, Claudia L 387 L askowski. Gregory E 256 Johnson. Arlene C 213 Kang. Young H 422 Killtan. Julie 387 Kreutzer, Annmane 262 L assan. Elizabeth 350 Johnson. Stephen E 73 Kangwarnjit. Sucharl 243 Killian. Donald W 149360 Krinke, Dorothy S 319.224.81 L asunowicz. Basia 1 315 Johnson. Jettcy J 89,378 Kann, Richard L 255 Kilmer. Sharon K 340 Kristler, George 63 L atham. Ralph G 269 Johnson. Gordo 378 Kaplan. Jellrey J 399 Kilmer. Debra J 281 80 Kroening, Tom J 316 L after. Susan M 255 Johnson, Patricia R 260 280 Kaplan. Ferris D 46,281,310 Kiln. Arthur R 265 Kronemyer, Kristen M 83.313401,368 L au. Carl 47 Johnson. Juliann C 45 Kappe. Arlene R 260 Killy. Patricia A 224 Krueger. Greg C . 319 L au. Gail Y L 318 Johnson. Terry A 280 307 Kappelman, William V 281 Kim Stephen L 55 Krueger. James J 45,417 L au. Eva Y 373 Johnson, Mark W 411 Karasik Mark L 397 59 Kim, Man K 45,328 Krueger. Debbie A 236407 L au Leiand G 225 Johnson, Patricia A 280 Karalh Kym 407 Kim, Annette 381 Krup. Lauren M 265 L au. Mike 177 Johnson, John 47 Karbo. Karen L 260 371 Kim. Nancy 224 Kfupp. Kathran D 371 L aufer. Eric G 225 Johnson, Michelle C 45 Kariya. Mark M 64 Kim, Esther M 265 Krutzsch. Sheila A 338 L auger, Linda L 389 Johnson, Brian S 47 Karoon. Sheila . 224 Kim. Harry 46 Kryonaga. Candace 422 L augharn, Michita A 371 Johnson Roy C 45 Karr, Leslie A 177 Kimura, James H 350 364 Ku. Wilfred W 225 L aughlin, Victoria C 387 Johnson. Palncia J 348 Kasai. Wayne T 255 Kimura. Linda M 347 187 189 Kuang. Gilbert 281 L aurance, Edward P 4548 Johnson, Janice D 293 Kasselik. Lisa N 360 389 Kimura. Susan M 419,4548 Kuass. George 328 L avender, Timothy 116 Johnson. Mark A 89 Katchen. Howard M 281 Kincaide. Susan E 79 Kubasak. Jane M 347,54 I aw, Joyce Y 225 Johnson. Michele 347 Katnik. Andrew R 255,177 King, Sam 379 Kubasak. Loretta A 281,82 L awrence, Edwin W 97 Johnson. Steve G 343 Katnik. Ann E 407 King, Michele D 255 Kuck. George S 225 L awrence Roxanne V 328 Johnson. Ricky L 116 Kalsumoto. Janet K 313 King, Veronica 348,281 Kudish. Patricia A 46 L awrence Suzanne M 97.57 Johnson. Gordon A 223 162 Katz. Anne 343 King, Timothy B 399 Kulick. Daniel L 316256 I awrence Lynette M 325 Johnson. Martha A 389 Katz. Ross A 45 Kingsburg, Craig 97 Kulmer. Debbie 407 I awrence Melanie L 310 Johnson. Terry L 360 Katz. Alan R 255 Kingsbury, Michael G 367 Kum. Melvin A 281 awrence, Leigh 282 360 387 Johnson. Ltane S 99 59 Katz. Steven M 343,281 Kingsley, Jeftry G 350.401 Kumagawa, Debra H 373 1 awryk, Eugene P 116 Johnson, Cart J 328 Katz. Butch 426 Kinkle. Chnsti A 63.381 Kumbula, Tendayl 239,239 aybourn, Paul J 404 194 Johnson. Julie A 315.83 54 KauKman. Andrew 343 Kinoshita, Lynn S 224372 Kunde, Brian R 401 316 each, Diane M 340 Johnson Maggie 252 Kaufman. Mark E 364 Kinoshita, Kenneth E 265 Kunde, Mark L 415,225 each Annette M 350 Johnson. Harold 384 Kaufman. Greg 324,420 Kinscherti, Richard P 316 Kung, ShaoPi 243 eachman Jo 387 Johnson. David L 243.76 Kaufman. Amy G 31557 Kipp, JeHery J 356,213 Kung, Victor 52243 eahy, Laurie B 407 Johnson, Eric 134 Kaufman. Gregg L 345,129,127 Kirk, John P 224,194 Kunichika, Erie I 84 48 eake Paul w 379 Johnsonbaugh, David J 81 Kavorinos. Anthony D 236 Kirkham, Ron 66 Kunitake Jill M 45 ean, Larry 125 Johnston. Elaine L 387 48 Kawaguchi. Gayle M 260 Kirkland, Robert E 350.224,420.76 Kunilake, Lisa M 45,48 eanders, Chris J 225.391 Johnston, Deborah A 280 387 88 Kawaguchi. Allan T 45 Kirkonan, Leonard B 415 Kuo, Terry K 269 eaver, Eric C 360 177 179 Johnston Michael R 280 330 Kawahara, Brian 1 404 84 Kirven, Susan L 381 Kuramoto Paul T 225 ecover, Lisa M 371 Johnston. Donald L 47 Kawahara. Randy H 224 Kiskadden, Thomas H 397,194 Kuramoto, Raymond S 420 ecrone John P 310 Johnston Marsha W 347 83 Kawai. Linda S 239 Kisselburgh, Lorraine G 63407 Kuras, Helene C 225 ederer, Richard A 225332 Johnston. ScofI 426 Kawai. Brian A 45 Kissler Rick 391 Kurata, Charlene J 42255 edezma, Lupe A 282 Johnstone, Jernlynn L 407 Kawamura. Randy S 39 38 J Kistler, George W 47 Kurata, Patricia A 373 ee. Teresa 63 Jojkic, Milka 255 Kawashima, Angella 281 Kistler, William P 426213,328 Kurata, Shirley S 422 ee. Misty 61 Jones. James W 73 Kawata, Frances M 239 Kita, Judy S 373 Kurrasch, David B 360 ee. Nancy J 83.319 Jones. Pamela 348 371 Kay. Kenneth J Kay. Karen L Kay. Andrea P Kay. Anthony J Kayajanian. Linda S Kaye. Julie S Kaye. Gen M 58,74 Kitagawa. Kevin R 47 Kurtkan, Ferit 243 ee. Gary 24355 Jones. Regene 338 92,281 Kitagawa. Marsha E 213 Kushi, Marianne K 255 ee. Steve S 45 Jones. Kathryn £ 48 73 Kitamura. Masayuki 271 Kushigemachi, Masao 225 ee. William G 265 Jones. Jettrey P 255.417 345 392 Kitsigianis. Kathenne 8375 Kushner, Gregory P 47 ee. Michael K 45 Jones, Jefl R 417 72 338 Kitsigianis. Cell A 83,45 Kusuda, Nancy F 48 ee. Melaina S 340 282 Jones. Dan 426 269 K|ar James J 224 417,74 Kuwahara Wayne T 225 ee. Cynthia 26297 Jones. Patty 350 194 Kladde. John R 224 58,47 Kuzma Gregory J 25587 ee Ben Y 266 Jones. Patricia A 280 Kaye. Gigi Kazanan. Sabnna K 310 Klar. Stephen R 316 Kwan, King K 225 ee. Eddie 45 Jones. Anthony 384 381 70 Klaus Bob 325 Kwee, Hiin-Tjien 225 ee. Timothy J 45 Jones. Paul D 125 401 Kleiman Dave 324 Kwok, Samuel S K 45 ee. Cheryl M 45 Jones, Reginald 384 Kaze. Jeanette 189 Klein. Joseph S 399 Kwong, Mary 42255 ee. Le L 307 Jones, George A 324 Kearns. Kevin M 378 Klein, Richard 47 Kwong, Bernice A 269 ee. Vincent 47 Jones. Julius R 84 Keating. Russell B 42645,345255 Klein, Jeffrey M 420 Kyomen, Helen H 315 83 45 ee Gary 236 Jones. Wiibert J 323 Kee. Martin 58 Klein, Patricia A 415371 ee. Sunny 373 Jones. Tony 223 Keeler. Robert D 213 Klein, Stephen T 45 1 ee. Jordan C 255 Jones. Rob 417 Keepers. Brian J Keeshan. Kevin 403 Kleinmaus, Heidi C 315 1 ee. Richard S 318 Jones. Casey H 383 173 167 169 350,420,70,74 Klepper, Thomas J . 358 L ee. Christine Y 249 Jones. Marilyn 265 Keifer. Steve 415 Kline, James J 378 ee. Chuck 411 Jones, Clark B 391 Keithley, Michelle V Keligian. David L 224 Klinger, David B 310 ee. Martin V 225 Jones, Robert G 47 224 Klokke. Karen L 213 381 LaBrunca Philip L 69 ee. Charles K 89 Jones, Joseph M 116 Keller Michael T 224 391 58 74 Klosterman, Edward 224 411 Labadie, Robert L 328 ee. Raymond 45 55 Jones, Jeffrey R 91 74 Kelley. Karen M 389 Kluck, Annette L 67 Labayne, Robert H 68225 Lee. JeHrey S 319 Jones. Brad 419 Kelley Jearell C 243 Klug, Kathenne L 255-389 Labayne, Bibi 63 Lee. Shirley 83 48 Jong. Lincoln S 318.224 Kellison. Gary S 419 Klugman, Kristi L 353 Labayne Laura J 362 .ee. Kimmie 81 Jordan. Les 383 Kelly. Brian 52310 Knapp, Heidi C Lacy, Norman 255,177 116 .ee. Eun-Sun 79 Jordan. Pamela E 280 Kelly. Alan D 322 Knezevich, Man R 239 Lagos, Julian P 281 Lee. Kyung 347 Jorgensen Greg 350420 Kelly. Marc 391 57,82 Knight, Robert E 32248 Lai, Ivan F 281 Lee. Candi 249 377 Jory Toni M 343 Kelly. Kathleen A 32561 Knoop, Babe 371 Laich Edward A 419 Lee. Greg 412 Joseph. Paul R 280 Kelly. Catherine M 407 Knotts, Kenneth V 399 Laidlaw Douglas M 401 Lee Robert 383 Joseph. Janet M 239 387 Kelly. Colleen F 48,57 Knotts, Thomas A 419 Lakani Farhad 243 Lee. Maria D 282377 Jourdan. Rovana L 348.239 Kelly. Judy C Kelsey Robert L 281 Knowles, Virginia A 340 Lally, Jean Lam, Rose 338,70 Lee. Donna 313 Jcurnigan. Jill 389 80 320 Knutsen, Marc 69 373 Lee. Lindsey 213 Jove, Fred 328 38 Keller Shawn J 399 Ko, Robert H 265 Lam, Wai-Ho 243 Leeds, Susan L 282 Jowitt. Ellen M 325 Kelton John M 80 Kobayashi, Rena 236 Lamanna, Ross J 251 Leeds, Fred 420 Joya. Joan M 73 Kemler Carol L 381 Kocher, Kris A 255 409 Lamb, Carolyn E Lambertus, Mary A 45313 Letevre, Robert T 86 282 Judd. Bradley P 255 Kemp. Tern E 368 Kochevar, Laura E 45 265 Leflore Sandrea R 249 Judkins. Robert L 78 Kemp, Calvin 384 Kocsis, Bruce H 360 Lamke Eric 194 LeHon Cary J 45 Jue. Lawrence N 84 Kemper Steven M 262 Koeller, Keith 417 Lamoreaux, Sherry M 255407 Leggio, Mark J 409 Jung. Larry G 265 Kempner Nancy 262 Koeppel, John P 45 Lamoreaux, Scott L 383 Legrand, Jean A 45387 Jung, Lenora D 239 Kendall. Wallace 63 Kohlbry. Christopher 281 Lamotte, Harry A 320 ehman, Clark M 399 Junhm. Cindy G 353 Kendall. Patrick T 224391 Kohler. Gerard J 360 Lampkin, Renee M 84 ehmann Anda K 31585 Just. Sharon 347 Kengmana Charnchai 48 Kohn. Annette S 281 Lancaster, Joyce R 281 Lehosky, Sharon A 181 315 Kennedy, Karen E 249 Koll, Madelyn A 350 Landale, Nora M 347 225 Leicht Monte A 87 Kennedy, Mary A 269 Kollar William J 281 Landau, Kenneth W 255 Leidholt, Dione 69 1 Kennedy, Karen M 72 Kolstad, Bill 22466.397 Landefeld, James E 356 .eishman, Gwen K 368 l Kennedy Wesley W 360 89 Kolt, Paul 84 Landen, Joyce E 86 70 88 .em, Kathleen J 247 1 % Kennedy Jane E 347 72 224 Kompa. Mark A 281 Landers, Richard 425,45 em, Henry 282 Kenney David E 255 Komura. Jostyn E 224 Landis, Frederick L 360 .emay Steven R 316 99 85 Kaczmarek Patncia 243 Kenyon, Leslie M 381 Konkol. Antoinette K 318 Landon, Peter N 425 eming. Michael E 225 403 Kad-r Ruben H 25555 Keogh William 415 164 Konow. Debra M 37559 Landrelh, Debra L 181 183 184 emke Eric B 48 Kaessnef Jettrey S 360 89 Ker Michael G 120 134 Koo. Irene C 63 Landry, Victor 384 emke Lynn S 353 Kagy Brian S 325 Kerecz Richard F 25584 Koppel. Susan M 262 381 Landsman. Jeffrey F 332 emon, Dwighl A 282 397 Kahelin James E 417 Kerns Cynthia R 315 92 88 70 48 Kornblao Craig M 409 Lane Janice L 353 emos, Oelores 84 Kahler Tncia L 239 368 Kerr Robert H 116 Kosch. Anna Y 265 Lane, David A 316 endl Julia L 181 Kahles. Wolt Ulrich F 224 Kerslein, Steven 48 Koseki. Lawrence 293 Lane, Chate 53 engel, Scot L B 417 Kahn. David 91 Kessler Jenny 69 92 224 Kossak David A 399 Lane, John G 399 eo, Curtis V 225 Katin. Terry A 75 Keslenbaum Riva L 281 Kostlan, Kevin G 383 Lane Leslie P 371 eone, Cynthia A 68 Kail , Alan B 224 Ketchum. Scott 177 Kovacevich Cathy A 189 Lang, Kimberly A 45 eone, David 225 Kalaba Kathy L 281 Kettel, Kevin 72 Kovacs. Bruce W 91 Lang, Edward A 225409 eong Christopher 328 84 Kalache Celso A 120 149 Kettenburg Karen B 407 KovalSky. Cheryl 340 Langmade Ann 239 eonoudakis Michelle C 225 KaleH. Larry T 224 379 Kelz, Ross 194 Kowalewski Thomas F 324 Langston Alan N 360 125 eslie Bobette M 350 Kalinka Peler H 328 Kevany, Noreen C 281 Koyama, Edwm R 224.58 Lano, Paul M 84 eslie, Jill G 63 Kalion es Megan 38 Kewell. Liz 313 389 Kozai Karen T 196 Lano, Charles L 225 Lester, Laurie A 35063 Kalish. Anita M 281.407 60 Khalatian, Helen 281 Kozak Marcus 404 Lansbury, James E 392 Lettzia, Janine R 340 Kalish Sandra L 368 Kheubuhl. Came 389 Kraft, Nolinda 255389 Lanstord, Steven 282 391 eftieri, Joney T 68 46 86 282.59 Kallenborn, MarK A 328 Kho. Hui L 224 Kramer Dorian L 281 Lanting, Adriana M 66 eung, Andrew 214 Kam Keilb 391 Khoe. James H 84 Kramer Cheryl J 345 Lanum, Sabnna Y 255 377 eung, Yuk Shing 225 Kam Ralph T 320 Khonsari. Alireza M 52 Kramer, Brian 281 Lanzafame Andrea L 332 .eung Orlando M 225 Kamemoto Kevin V 177 Khoshnevisrad Nader 324 Krantz, Niki A 407 Lapa Diane S 24C eung. Hok Y 225 Kameya Audrey C 47 Kianian. Mehrdad 319 Krastms. Andrew 79 Lapka, Myron L 116 eventhal. Ross 226 Kaminishi, Man L 22458 Kidd Claudia 325 Kralochvit, Robert S 46 249 61 75 LaPlanle. Don 9C ever, William D 47 Kamila. Jennifer 224 Kidder, Phyllis A 368 Kraus, Andrea 81 Largiader Jeffrey C 403 evey. Jerold 343.226 Levine, Jeffrey S Levitt. Stanley D Levoman, Darrell f Levonian Carol H Levy Robert C Levy, John W Levy. Bernice E Levy Jody D Lew. K.tty L Lew L Lew. Edmund H C Lew Elizab ' eth F Lew. Raymond Lew Roland Lew Dennis W Lewi Gina Lew.s Steven P Lew.s. John C I W L., Car! K Li, Richard Liao Stephen K Liao Richard Libby Glenn Libeno. Rocco J Libow. Rebecca J Lichota. Randall W Licon Richard Lieberatorre Cornna Liebenson Donald J Lieberman Bradley E Liecht. Carin M Lienhard Jerome T Ligtit Andrea Lightbody Roy K Lindley Brian R Lindsey Mark Lindstrom Clark f Lineberger ErnesI Lineban Gary Lmgaw Waheeb Linkon Steven K Little Oia Liftleiohn Liu, Davic Llorens. Lilia Lloyd. William Lloyd, Jim Lo, Edward Lo. Rita Lo, Stephan Loera, RodoM( Lotus Karen Long, Anne L Long, Leslie K Longo Dan L Loo Sus.e L Lopez, Patrick F Lopez Michael J Lopez Philip A Lopez, Richard M 323 Lopez. Francisco 282 Lopez. Christian A 282 Lopez. William J 338 397 399 Lopez. Denise H 19 ' 1 Lopker Palnck T 318409 Lorenzen Jeffery D 282 Lott. Dorothy J 282 Loui Miriam P 358 Louie Danny K 360 364 Louie Denise 350364 Love. Timothy S 31661 Level! Sue E 116 Lovett Jacqueline R 269 Low. Johnny Low, David M Lowder, Laurte R Lowe, Kathleen A Lcyd, Patricia M Lozano Danilo Lubmski Michael T Lubitz Pamela A Luburich Laura Lucas. Susan D Lucchese Ben M Lucchesi, Angela M Lucchesi, Andrew C L ucero. Frank L Lucht Jennifer D Lucier, Charles B Lucio, Adolph W Luck. Lindi A Ludtord. Paul T Ludford, Paula G Ludwig. Elizabeth A Lujan. Celeste Lulejian, Jeff T Lum, Donna M Lurr ?rg, George 322 Lusher. Lynn S 99 392 Lusher. David M 54 Lushing. Brian A 318 Luther. Cameron 262 Luther. James E 338 Lutkens. John 383 Luthnnger. George 340 Lutton. Michael T 66.383 Luu. Thuc H 244 LyalL Paige A Lyies, Elizabeth A 226 58 Lynch. John K 431 Lynch. Kitty 31583 Lynch. Patrick D 67 71 Lyon. Katherine K 85 Lyon. Trent W 226 Lyons. Joseph T 226 Lyons. Charles J Lyons. Daniel P Lytle Larry L M 28382 Ma. John H 116 Ma. Steven C W 45 48 Maca. Mariorie S 45 Maca Katherine E 89 397 125 MacBanya Joe 226 391 MacDonald Cynthia D 389 MacDonald Liz 69 MacDonald Scott A 240 MacDowell Kirk D 325 Macera. Joseph C 381 MacGowan Scott 81 Machanis Anne M 226 Macintosh. Richard B 56 Macke. Steve 226 76 Mackenbach David D 89 Maclaren Doree M 283 Maclatchie Scott D 226 MacMillan Marilyn S 226 MacMurray Laurie A 283 Macrery John T 368 Madeisky Jochen 226 Madjie Kapai Morad 78 Madrid George 387 Maeda. Ayako C 389 Maehara Ryan 177 Maerowitz Kim 358 Magallan Rafael J 426 Magdaleno Edward 84 Magee Martha 57 4!; Maguire Mark E 375 Man Carey L 54 Mahaffey Michael J 48 Mahan. Cassandra A 53 407 Mahannah Kimberly 54 60 88 97 Maher. Eric F 181 Mahi. Lono F 404 Mahoney. Patricia K 319 Mahwong Margo D 373 Mailloux Zoey K 404 Maitland Cindy L 255 Mak Joseph w 53 244 Makhmali Mahmood 69 Malamud Karen R 49 Malconian Joseph P 328 Maldonado Teresa 244 Malik Deborah L 78 Mallen Mary T 431 Malloy. Patricia A 240 389 Malone. Julie A 226 58 Maloney. Gary W 66 403 Maloney. Dennis 283 Maloot Nick 315 Mansian Ralph 97 Mandich Stephen M 269 Mandinach Gregg A 226 47 Mangold. Shelee 189 Manly. Penny L 256 Mann. John A 324 Mann. Lloyd S 266 Mann Michael L 283 Mann. William 84 Mannetter Jo A 333 Manning. Jim 340 Manning. Deborah C 65 Manning. Hap H 240.381 70 Mannon Robert S 116 Manrique Victor M 226 Mansapit Sylvia A 347 Manson Bruce D 319 Manukian Narbik 283 420 Manukian. Anita 407 Marangi. Tina M 415 March Masie 73 Marches. Brett 83 Marchica. Thomas A 401 152 Marcin. Nancy L 240 Marcontoni Marco 310 Marcot Roy M 411 Marcus Buzz 269 367 Marcus. Richard E 283.381 Marcussen. Steven E 80 Marder. John 340 Marino Scott G 196 Marion. Nancy M 310 Markham. Nancy S 383 Markham. Julie 283 Markiewicz. Evan P 247 Markman. Julie 320 Markolt. John 116 MarkoH. Bradley S 260 Marks. Mary A 31545 Marks. David J 407 Marks JeH J 79 Marmolejo Amanda 79 Marnocha. James R 343 Marotta Paul D 360 Marquez. Marilyn 67 Marquez. Michael J 397 Marr. William E 262 Mars. Debra L 411 Mars. Robert 58 Marsh. Mane J 226 Marsh. Lon E 283 Marshell. Margaret 226 Marshall. Barbara A 347 419 Marshall. Lee 162 Marston. Carol A 353 Mart. Bradley C 226 Marteney Steve M 316 194 Marten. Lawson 283.226 Martin Richard W 283 Martin. Garry M 419 Martin Nathaniel B 45.310 Martin. Gary S Martin. Chris A Martin. Danny R Martin James M Martin Douglas D Martin William S Martin. Steven Martin. Terry J 226 Martin. Audrey M 226 Martin. Anne E 387 Martin. Ronald J 256 368 Martin Roderick D 78 Martin Gregory E 249 Martin Allen 368 Martin. Tippy 417 91 Martindale. Lisa D 269 Martinez. Lemuel L 325 Martinez. George Martinez Salvador A Martinez Gloria Martinez Rose M Martinez Danny R Martinez Jesse Marumoto. Irene M Mas Gary Mas Gonzalo A Masa. Herbert Masaki Steven Masanovich Malisa J Masaoka Joanne K Mashrabi, Aaly Mason Jane R Mason Carey A Mason. Brian K Masotta, Kathryn M Massey Meredith D Mast, Laura A Mastrandrea, Mario Masu Matal Mata ' Mater, Dwighl A Mathewes Scott Mathiesen. John M Mato, Tambaya S Malranga, Jody K Matsuda Chigusa Malsudaira Vincent A Malsumolo. Lynne T Rodni , Mich, . Ma 325 83 92 Mafsumoto. Jolene V 373 McNjmee Patrick L 69 Matsumura. William E 59 McNalt Sleven L 389 Matsunaga Victor S 256 McNees Kevin K 319 Matsushita Yoshitsugu 240 McNeil. Carol 65 86 64 75 Matthews. Clay HI 383 113 116 McNess Kevin 383 Matthews. Denise J 227 81 McNulty. John J 426 Matthews. Robert J 269 411.59 74 71 McNully. Steven 57 Matthews. Scott 358 McNulty Maureen A 226.47 Matthews. Jane K 72 407 McPartland. Kevin P 283 Maltillo. Patty A 283 McPhail Mark A 332 Maltingley. Michael B 420 McPherson. Edwin F 91 Mattis. Joseph P 322.53 McQuarrie. George 350.364 Mattis. Kathleen L 79 McShea David M 412 Mattoon. Lloyd W 53 McVicker Robert L 42074 Matwick. John E 227.383 McWilliams. Lorena L 384 Matyas. James C 379 McWilhams. Jill A 362.283 Maudlin. Davis W 269 Meairs. Casey 358 Maurer. David S 116 Meairs. Marilou 283 Maurice. Patricia L 318 Mealer. Tom 38 Mauritson. Ernest C 142 Mealer. Terry A 226417 Maulner. Robert S 310 59 Means. Gisele M 78 May. Carolyn R 407 Mease Kenneth D 8392 May. Diane F 236 Medwid Robert M 152 May. Mark S 46 Meehan Jay 91 May. Lon A 81 Meehan. Tamara L 70 May. Chns 415 Meek Stanley R 81 Mayo. Alexandra A 283 Meeker Jane T 72 Mayock. Stoney 417381 Meese. Richard V 360 Mays. Donald 236 Megowan Mary D 322 Maytorena. Josephine L 78 Mei. Kenneth w K 283 Mazurek. Ralph R 399 Meierding. Lucy A 375 McAlary. Sean P 227.47 Meiia. Maria E 271 McAllister. Kevin J 256.87 Melcombe. Richard F 412 McAllister. Thomas W 63 Melendez. David W 269 McAllister. Mary A 283 Melikian. Robert C 350 364 McArthur Scott 92.328 Melin. June D 358 McAuley. Ann E 353 Melkonian Marina 391 McAoley. Ellen M 353 Mellor James R 362 McCall. Alan E 227.66404 Melton. Henry M 338 81 McCalla. Victor L 397 Melvin. Chip 368 McCandless. Alfred A 401 Menager Deera J 356 McCandless. Rocky 350 Menager Kenneth J 240 McCann. Connne M 350 Mendez Samuel J 412 McCann. Debbie L 368 Mendoza. Barbara J 375 McCarthy Joan L 353 Mendoza. Judi M 353 McCarty Stephen D 383 Merchant Bradford M 244 McCaw. Will 394 Mermelstein. Joseph R 45 72 84 McClenahan. John P 322 Merrill. Frances J 45 McCloskey. Kevin J 227 379 Merwald Frank J 52 McCloskey. James P 173 Merwin Russell L 431 McClure. Donna R 283 Messerschmitt. Diane L 56 McCluskey John E 50 Melzger David W 391 McColl. Merrie S 240 381 Metzler Susan C 403 McColloch Thomas J 399 Meyer Nancy J 348 73 McCormac. Gail P 368 Meyers Donald L 269 McCormick. Dean 227 Meymarian Kathleen 249 McCormick James M 415 74 Miceli Angela P 431 McCoy Ruth 266 Michael. Elton E 340 McCray. Lisa C 340 Michell. Andrew S 340 McCroskey. William B 415.227 Michels. William A 226.379 McCune. Bill 401 Middleton. John 236 McCulloch Linda B 353 Migliaccio Rod A 392.177.179 McCullough. John 162 Mignosi. Bobbie 49 McDivitt. Jim 328 Mignosi Barbara A 391 McDonald. Mark A 319 Mihlsten. George J 431 McDonald. Bruce W 375 Mikasa. Michael J 45 McDonald. Douglas E 227 Mllani. Anthony R 66 McDonald Thomas G 403 Miles John T 52 McDonald Michelle D 84 Milla. Ronald L 48 McDonald. Robert G 378 Millar. Sharon L 409 McDonald. Paul 116 Miller, Burton L 324 McDonald. Michael 116 Miller. David J 49.283 McDonald Barbara J 371 Miller. Thomas G 226 McDonald. Susan E 371 Miller. Arlen G 404 McOougall Janellen 381 Miller. David W 348.283 McDougall Cathy A 381 Miller. Tamela A 78 McEnlee Craig R 227 Miller Ro«anne 368 McEvers Dull 90 Miller Katherine A 325 McFadden. Mary C 312 Miller Diane R 116 McFall. Robert J 403 Miller. Mark E 360 McFarland. Steven M 227 358 125 Miller Cindy C 67.57 McFarland. Robert 394 Miller. Steven M 371 McFarland. Mychele L 389 Miller. Richard 283 McGee. Danus 67 Miller. Mandel M 47 McGee. Michael V 227 66 Miller Deborah D 73 McGee. Patrick L 420 Miller Thomas R 47 McGinley. Ted M 125 Miller Bruce J 283 411 74 McGinley. Joseph B 399 Miller. Deborah A 227 McGowan Michael K 383 75 Miller Todd A 227 McGowan Scoti 89 Miller. Randall L 78 McGrath. Edward A 397 Miller. Gregg C 54 McGuire Lauren R 283 Miller. John A 70 McGuire. Brian A 379 Miller Katie 84 McHargue Patricia A 45 Miller Melissa L 266 Mclllece. Mary 8 253 407 60 59 Miller Penny 373 McKean. Patrick J 65 Millot. Marcel 56 McKee Richard A 84 Mills Karol M 71 McKeever. Wendelyn L 368 Mills Karen G 49 McKenna. Kevin L 383 Mills Joe J 227 McKenzie John R 138 Mills Fran J 284 391 73.227 404 74 227 47 411 74 59 431 227 74 262 358 125 394 McLaughlin. Mark 307 McLaughlin. Maure 325 McLaughlin Ceceli 240 381 McLaughlin. Melon 389 48 McLaurin. Nancy S Mills Donald C Milner Leo Minasian Armen I Mincey Jose O Minchellj, Kennet Mindle Wayne L Mir Mik»- 68 328 88 74 nzer. Gar 60 Carl J 371 Ml jnde. D. 70 Ml Zdzadeh 330 Ml then Ke 283 404 76 Ml Chen Ch 394 Ml ihell Ml 381 Ml I hell Ru 284 404 Ml ihell Wi 284 371 Ml ihell Jo Milchell. Dennis A Mitchell. Jill A Mitchell. Barry S Mitchell. Jay W Mitchell Susan A Mitchell Bernard Mitchell Jerry S Mitchell Sue C . Willij Mitsakos. Peter M Mitsuhiro. Mayumi Miyakawa Lori A Miyaltawa, Dawn A Miyahe Oarlene C Miyamoto Karen K Miyamoto, Rodney Y Miyamoto Joanne M Miyamoto Arnold S Miyashila Art Miyawaki Stanley M Mi ulani Wesley T Mi utani. Keith M MIynek. Nancy Mobasherv Shahnar Mobley. Candy D Mochi uki, Shirley R Mochizuki. Leslie Y Mock. Vay Moersch Margaret A Mohammad, Hale A Mohler Pamela A Mohr. John V Mohr Leo J Mohr Eh abelh W Mompour Saeid Molina Maria T Molina H ector A Molinet Eduardo Molloy. Caroline M 8 Molloy Rosemary A Molnar Joy R Momjian, Catherine D Money. Janel L Moniz Donna Mane M Monk Dwight Monroe Mark Monroe. Pamela M Monson Scott W Monson Susan C Montano, Christine A Montano, Deborah L Monlestnos, Mary E Montgomery, Joie A Montoya Mark D Moody Scott W Moody. Nancy A Mook. Karen Moon, Jan Mooney Mark V Moore, Kennetti S Moore William P Moore, Robert Moore Kenneth £ Moore. Melinda K Moore. Thomas O Moore. Denms L Moore Dave L Moore, Everett C Moore, Bob Moore, Paul T Moore. Terry Moore, Hyacinth L Mooronsky Lev W Mooschekian Sharon l Morabilo SleMa Sophia Morales Jesus M Morales Edith Morales Stacy A Morales Robert A Morales Viviano G Morehe..d O.anc L Morejon Pamela L Moreion Neslor Moreno Dano V Moreno Jesse S Mocera. Tony Moretta Robert J Moretti Vincent C Morey, Mitchel K Morey, Kim L Morgan Julte Q Morgan Deon M Morgan Belinda K Morgan Guy H Morgan John K Morgan Dean Morgan John E Morgan Johnnie Morgan Dana K Mori Dennis S Mori. Alvin Morihisa Carol A Morikjwa. Janel F Monkawa. Wesley M Mofimoto Riki S Morisaki Joan C Monsakt Mark A Monsaki, Karen G Morita Naomi F Morh Donna S Mornmgslaf 8 Morovick. Daniel S Morns Daniel W Morns, Jeffrey Morris, Joseph T Morns, Patrick J 379 397 74,60 353 189 6681 269 59 65 64 Morris. David G Morns, Loren Morris Bryant J Morns, Stephen S Morrison Mark W Mornson. David K Morn . Don Mofse David Morse, Kelly A Morse. Connne Morshed, Hadi Moftarotli, Carolyn Mortner. Bob Morton, Jody L Morton, Sean D Morton. Julie A Mor ov, Ann M Moses. Robert Moses, Gary Moses. Herbert D Mosher. Thomas L Mosley. Virgie N Mosquini. Patncia L Moss, Deborah A Moss Maureen F Mossholder Steven C Motoyama Jean T Motter, Greg Moulding, Mark E Moulton John L Moullon, Sherron M Mouren Laurens Joseph Moussafi Saeed Mowatt, Sylvia Moxon, Evelyn Maureen Moy, David C K Moyer Craig A Moyon Erie Muakkasah Faric F MuchinikotI, Steven A Mueller Susan M Mueller. Kent M Mueller. Dennis G Mueller Thomas M Mueller, Thomas J Muir. Buck Muirhead. James A Mukai William T Muldoon, George W Mulhaupt Denms Mulhern. William R Mullin, Brett M Mullin. John S Mullin, Stan Mullinix, Daniel T Mullins. Suzanne Mulroy, Joseph v Mutton. Sherron 52 67 67 48 228 404 251 60 284 399 60 7 1 80 . Danie 227 Munjon. Bill 31568 8381 48 Mun: Munoz. Carlos E Munoz, Anthony Munoz, Patrick F Munoz. Ana E Munoz. Joni Murata. Steven M Murata, Karen K Murdy. Susan M Murphy, Patrick J Murphy Patncia A Murphy, Thomas T Murphy Palricia K Murphy Bryan L Murphy Tab Murphy Cynny Murray, Kathleen M Murray Mary I Murf Thorr Murrow, Stephanie A Musante, Alfred J Muse Vernice E Musgrove Lee A Mussenden George C Mustafa Murad Mutwaktl, Ossama Z Myall Charles A Myalf. Bruce Myers Motly Myers Craig A Myer ird E N Naber Nancy t Naber John P NacheK Daru K Njdel Paul J Naegeli Gerald M Nagaish. Patricia S Nagasawa Scott G Nagata. Michael D Nagata. Garry M Nagata Louise N Nagayama. Verne M Nagy, George M Nahigian, Stephen J Nahin, Kevin Nam, Beatrice Nailo. Donald K Najica. Felipe Najam. Mohammad T Nakagawa, Julie A Nakagawa. Grant R Nakagawa Mike Y Nakagawa, Judy M Nakahara Avis K Nakami, Carolyn K Nakamatsu, Kathenne Nakamoto David S Nakamura, Jon Y Nakamura, John T Nakamura, Irene M Nakamura, Michael K Nakamura. Marc K Nakano. William E Nakao. Robin L Nakao. Norene A Nakasato. Sharlene K Nakashiba, Robert K Nakashioya, Howard K Nakatani. Alan T Nakazawa Chnstme K Naibach Robert D Nam. Miki M K Namikas. Eugene A Nandhivajrin. Joy Nardone. Mark A Naritoku, Wesley Y Naruse, Robert T Nash Craig Nash Scott Nater David O Nater Dana A Nauman. Scott A Nauts. Anne E Navarro. Mano S Navas, Julio C Naveja, Alvmo M Nawfel. Michael R Nealy, Kevin NeH Julia E Nehara Claude Neighbour Robert E Neil, Deborah C Neill. Wayne E Nelson Angela L Nelson, Valerie J Nelson, Dwaine V Nelson. Dan T Nelson. Denise Nelson. Richard Nelson Brett R Nelson Bill Nemechek Sharon M Nemoni, Fairborz Neshat, Sina Ness. Tova Nessen Kenneth Netel. Charly J Neuis Dale Neurr Danel Neumen Jerome Ar Nevill Paul H Nevill Ten L Newberry Michael T Newbold. Shauna Newhouse. John R New Stai Newman Mark A Newsom Leanne L Newfon. Craig R Ng Nancy M Nichols Patricia J Nichols Stacy A Nichols. Melinda R Nicholson. William F Nickel. Paul N Nickell. Tom P Nickleberry Candy Nickols. Sandra J Niemi Steven O Niesner Robert F Niewterowicz Anna M Nikolakopulos Alex D Nishi Stephanie A Nishida Melody Y Nishida Gail K Nishida. Debra K Nishiguchi. Don J Nishihara Susan I Nishikawa Shern M Nishik. Mark H NiShimon Kevin K Nishimura Lynne M Nishinaka Debra D Nishioka David K Nishitsuji Linda S Nishiyama Randall S Nitkin Lynn S NiwJ Kan|i Noble Oeane Nobunaga Enc T Noda Wayne A Noel Hill Steven R Nolan. Thomas E Nolling. Cynthia M Nomura, Diane K Noor, Susan Nora, Suzanne M 419 362 80 194 45.64,38348 Nora. Stephanie D Norberg. Ivan A Norcross, James W Nordin, Richard M Nordstrom. Karen A Noriega. Laurie A Nonel, Joby B Norman. Alice R Norns. Bradley J Notarangelo, Michael Notnca Valene G Nourafchan. Farhad Nowadnick, Marc L Nuberg. Mike Nugent. Sharon K Nugent. James W Nunberg. Michael M Nunn. Daniel J Nuno. Nancy A Nutt. Jeanntne T Nyegaard. Scoit T Nyeholt. Michael £ Oaks, Michael Oaxaca, Francisco Oberto, Michael R Oberto, Robert E Obradovich, Steve Obregon. Angel G OBn. . Will O Bnen, Ronald P O.Bnen. Sean P O ' Brien. Gary R OBrien Jean O ' Brien. Holly A O ' Brien, Traci M O ' Brien. Rosemary O ' Bnne. Michael J Occhipinti. Frank N O ' Connor. Cory J Oda, Keith Oda, Stacey G Oder. Susan L Odom. Ricky O ' Oonnell- Sarah J ODonnell. Michael S O Donnelt. Kevin J O ' Donnell. Malcolm O ' Donnell. Sean P ODonnell. Edward Odou, Mark W Oeschger, Pamela J Oestreich Ronald S . Cyntt Ogata ?Hh Ogden. Robert J OGrady. William H Hanian. Ano O Hanian. Gregory Ohenger. Bob Ohoyt, Dennis D Ohyes. Yosht Oishi, Charlene C Ojeda, Maria S Okawa, Rodney T Okayama, Loreen M Okerulu. Innocent N Okimoto. Joann H Okonkwo. Emmanuel N Okubo. Miyo L Okuda. Julie N Okumura, Phyllis K Okumura Donn L Old, Thomas M Old Debra L Olddeid Andrew w Olenyn John R Olguin Leon L Olivarna. Anthony Oliver. Randall D Oliver. David R Oliver. Mtchaei D Oliver, Terrence Olivera. Paul Otmstead, Clay H Otsen Roberta Otsen Diane Olsen Enc R Olshan Debra Olson Chad Olson. Lisa Olson Knst.n Olson Lawrence E Olson Lars E Olson Curt Oman Martha L Oman Timothy R Omoregie Osazuwa S Omundson. Thomas G Onaida. Felipe L O Neai Susan E O Neil Kathleen L O Neiii Ron O Neill Nancy A O Neill Margaret M 40; " Ong, Philip 425 Ong, Eugene 399 Ong, Thomas 90 Ong, Joyce A 347.228 Ongkeko-Doyle Gilda 84 Ono, Yoshi 320 Ono, Nancy 285 Opiell Amy P 228 Opieil, Aug.d 425 Opiopio Jerry M 257 Ora. Randall W 324.92.412 Organista. Kurt C 285.64 Onttz. Victor 81 Orkwis, John P 381 Orland. Gregory P 245.397 Orleans, Fredrick S 266 Oropesa, Ramon 59 Orozco, Hugo C 83.328 Orr. Ronald H 353 Orr. Marcia L 310 on. Lorraine D 134 125 Onega, Norma Onega, Alberto Ortiz Annie Ortiz, David A Ortiz, Samuel Osborn, Michael C Osborn, David J Osborn, Sean T Osborne Richard M Osborne, Eugene w Osborne Diana A Ostronik Kc Sullivan James P Osuna, Nancy E 63 Oswald Richard E 84 Ota, Ann H 245 Otani Karen C 318,125 Otis, Jonathan E 149.116 Oto, Robin L 66 Otoide Ann N 228.177 Toole Colleen E 266 Otsuka Hajime 285 Ouellette Denms 84 Overend, Thomas A 411 Overton Mary V 387 Overturl Mark A 347 Ow, Gilbert T 46 Owenby Douglas A 49 52 Owens, Linda 401 Owens John D 417 Oyekan Richard L 90 Ozaki Mark M 373 249 59 109 116 r 285 U 397 71 1 18 67 399 87 285,378 328 285 257 Paananen. Urro Pacheco. Lee A K Pachorek Robert E 347 419 418 325 257 90 68 Pacini. Steven C Pack Robert S Paddio Michele M Paden. Steve Padilla Edward P 379 Page Otis S 79 Paguio Rosmen A 87 Paieczny Cynthia M 267 Palffy Tom 312 Palk. David P 89375 Palma Marco A 82 Palmer Michael 285 Palmer Richard C 55 Palmer Kenneth M 286 Palmer, Richard A 286 Palmer Jocelyn 45 Palmer Elizabeth A 3134881 Palmer Noel R 257 Palmer Al 286 Palumbo Madeline M 84 Panbechi. Hamid 266 Panero Donna J 49286 Pang, Mabel 249 59 Panico Drew F 245 Papazian Gerald S 364 Papazian Jeanne L 350 364 332 Pappas Stephanie H 397 Paredes Leopoido 45 32C Pansi. Robert D 97 Park Jai Kyun IK Park Hyeon 315 Park, Cynthia F 41247 Parker Rusty hi Parker Gregory 266 Parker, Dana T 4i; Parker Bradley T 71 Parks Sheri 68 70 81 Parks. Mary S 36E Parra Ernesto 358 Parra Eulaiia G 338 Parriolt Laura D 360 Parnsh Paige R 287 Parry Dana 287 70 Parry. Dan 358 Parseii Gwen E 401 Parsons, John F 379 Parsons, Manila A 31584 189 Paschali Gene 257 Pasquali, Rolando W 87 Pasquaialone Marlm A 415 Passwalers Tracey L 56 Pasternak James A 407 PatapoH Robert A 286 Patkos. George B 310 Patnchi Michael P 375 Patrick Diane C 371 Patrick. Pat 322 67 68 358 88 316 84 45375 286 391 286 78 360 286 92 364 358 88 353 88 237 368 319 71 228 58 35041788 Patfuno. Patlen. Thomas H Patterson Tern L Patterson. Cora Paul. Jane B Paul Stuart R Paula, Enrique A Paulm, Stephen 8 Pauhn. Chnsty A Paulsen Royce T ; D Pearson Debb-e J Pearson, Dave Peau Mau Peek, Darlene N Pede. W.ll Pedersen James L Pedersen Donn E Pedersen Neyeskj G Peger Robin W Peiietier Charles C Pena Anna M Pendleton Lisa A Pendleton Jennifer S PendO. Anne M Penne Craig F Penton Ken Pentz John C Papiot Gen Peraza Mana Jorf Perez Alfredo B Perez Monte, Kathryn E Perkins Shelley P Perkins Brenda Perley, James A Perlman, Wendy S Pero Mark S Perne R.chard A Perry Angela D Perry Jan C Perry John E Perry Mark A Pescetti Peter Peters Thomas H Peters Kim Peters Ray H Peters Bryan H Peterson Pamela J Peterson. Barbara J Peterson Rhea Mar Peterson Michael P Pete Davi Peterson Jettrey S Peterson Carol L Peterson Michael W Peterson Jon T Peterson Norm Petoyan Galen S Peir, Ste ) M Petrmi Gary Petrovich, John G Pettit, Chene D Pevec Vesna E Peyton, Thomas J Pezor. Laurence J Pfeirter, Jan E Pleifle, Ward Pfirrmann Philip Ptieiderer Cheryl A Phair, Steven E Phelps, Shelley J Philippas, John E Phillips. Beth A Phillips Bruce M Phill Phillips. Willi Phillips, Chr Phillips, Eben F Phillips Jeffrey Phillips Thomas ' PhOtakiS Harry Picket Sherryll A Pickell Steve J Pickens Zelma D Pickering Mark K Pickett Gary A Picking Susan G phe Pigneri. Phillip Pigneri, Al G Pilchman. David G Pine Marjorie D P.rrone. Steven D Piscitello MarceiL Pistole. Thomjs J Pita, Beatrice M Pitts, John E Pitts, Jon Pitts Leonard Place Terry A Placencia. Gilbert Pladisji Nitaya Pleau Thomas L Pli ga Wayne J Plumleigh Karen J R Plyle Po Roy H S Podosm, Andrea D Poladian Linda Z Polhemus Jennifer L Polin Patricia K Polin Lawrence R Poliquin Brooks E Poliqum Mark P Poliquin Brian R Polisini James Poliles Vicki L Pollack Jeffrey S Pollack Douglas A Pollard Joanne M Pollard James E Pollard Deborah J Pollock John H Poloynis, Nicoletta A Poltash Gary J Pon Nancy L Pontrelli Dommic T Pontr Marl Poole David A Poppic Mary A Porter Cleveland J Porter Donald C Potts Daniel W Poucher. Allen L Pouse Thomas W Powell. Marvin Powers, Peggy A Powers Glenn I Powers, Rebecca E Poxon, Julie E Prado Margie Prassas, Philip C Prasse Robert C Pratty James S Pravorne Barry Prebish Mark R Prescott Diane M Preston Robert S Preston Rob D Pretkus Ron Pretkus Susan Previn Claudia Price Terry A Pnckett Gregg L 286 377 p,yor Mict 322 Pryor Corr i M Ptasynski, Ross f Pudjiadi. Gabriel L Pugh, Allen Pugh PhiMip L Pulaski, Jon Pulone Susan M Pulsifer Allen H Punaro Annina P Puncel Luis M Purcell, Gary F Pusch Kathryn J Pusinelli, Mark C Putnam Phihp C 732?9 347 240 (Juan Shenll 397 Vuan Hoy Y 397 yuan Joe 1. 286 404 Quan Ben Sf 33? Ouan Wandy 422 312 125,56 84 250 313 78 nlero, Rick E nto, Randolph A ivey Joel M lie. Signe R R 316 Racette Teresj 257 368 245 Racey Lee J 322 229 Racine Thomas L 420 48 338 Rackohn, Craig D 360 257 Radas. Raymond J 358 387 88 Rader Cecilia G 315 83 86 90 328 Rader, Stephen P 58 331 Rae Randy 340 371 Raller Lawrence E 331 229 417 Ragenovich Alice E 387 417 Rahman Marcus 229 179 Raidy- Jack 383 338 Raines Glenn 331 257 Rainey Denms E 379 419 52 Rakolta Mary A 229 326 Rakoobian Karen L 353 229 Rakowski Wieslaw J 419 240 407 RaNis Susie 399 194 Rallis Dean G 229 389 411 74 58 381 Ramel Carlos 263 229 Ramlre , Louis J 360 381 Ramirez, Catherine 245 58 Ramos Manuel 78 347 66 48 Ramos Daniel F 404 409 Ramsey Keith M 257 384 389 Rancanelli, John 90 173 Randall. Chris 340 316 Randall Gitf 360 83 Randle Kenneth 109 90 116 229 399 Rando John A 257 360 90 Rando, Jay 61 318 Randolph, Robert 177 116 Rangel, Michael A 287 368 48 Rankin Carl K 287 403.134 328 Ransom, Walter L 116 362 412 Ransone, Cheryl R 350 364 45 Raphael Scott D 409 48 347 Rapp Donna E 287 293 Rapp, David L 229 229 397 Rang Kim J 310 310 Rang, Jean C 247 257 Rasini. Jusez 87 229 Rasmussen Karen M 353 87 Rasmuwsen Kathleen A 240 389 397 Rath Belle 368 84 Ralto, Douglas J 69 116 Ravagiioli Steven E 324 415 177 Rawn. Gail 387 82 Ray, Randall E 383 177 214 Ray Lawrence N 324 371 Ray. Steve R 47 401 Razook Mitch 47 401 Read Candace S 358 287 88 401 Real Michael L 360 49 287 Real Timothy J 360 263 Real. Melanie M 407 48 57 91 56 Reardon. Marc G 48 263 Rebenstorl Tern J 381 325 Reda. Thomas C 287 417 Reder Manna R 338 319 Redlern, Edwin A 73 287 387 Redtern. Frederick C 45 53 67 48 57 266 Redtield. John M 360 407 Redlord. Gary 45 266 Redmond, Ron 417 287 80 379 91 Redmond. Melanie S 237 332 Reece. Joyce A 287 45 328 Reece Danny 90 84 Reed, Thomas E 383 177 401 Reed Brian J 404 315401 Reed, Karen D 250 88 426 Reed, Brant A 229 401 Reed, Kevin D 417 384 Reed Karen M 353 66 Reed Catherine 389 431 Reed Tom F 46 229 Reed Christopher 287 397 116 Reed Scott 383 116 Reed, Charles W 229 392 391 Reed Bob 134 350 48 Reed Ron 401 229 307 Reed Brian 411 34 7 Reed Waller A 360 48 Reeder Marc 401 78 Regalado Arnold 78 407 Regan Timothy J 134 360 270 Regan Joseph M 381 99 229 58 47 Regan, Edmund J 229 397 Regil, Gina 56 Rehrens Henry 426 Reich, William A 50 Reid Steve 379 Reid Teddy L 97 Reid Kelly L 68 . ' 87 Reid Robert J 214 55 Reid Donna V 28 55 Reilly Kelly A 84 84 Reiner Deborah S 345 45 Reiner Rob 316 99 266 Reinharl Roland D 45 Reinhold Dorothy Rem Dam ReiliZ, Cheryl E Reilz, Michael D Rekers Paul E Remedios. Eli jbeth Renanu, Gary Rene, Linda G Repovich, Smooch S Rest. Marilyn Reuben. Martu S Rex. Earl G Rey Michael Reyes. Valerie A A Reynolds Marc Reynolds Leanne S Reynolds Diane £ Reynolds David P Reza Daniel T Rhee Carolyn F Rhee Cynthu S Rhodes Jeffrey 1 Riady Anton Rich Don Rich, John G Richards, Jill C Richards, Paul Richards. Pal Richardson, Chris M Richardson. Stephen ( Richardson, Nancy L Richardson. Dennis Richardson, Carol V Richardson. Elaine Richardson. Alan W Richardson, Rob E Richey, Merrick W Rickabaugh Melissa G Ridgeway Linda J Riedel Mark B Rier; Rigah. Mic , fwlic Risl , Nanc Ritchie Gregg W Ritter. Niles D Ritz, Betsy A Ritzo, Dale J Rivas. Michael R Rivera Manuel Rivero Isabel Rivero, Magdalena Rivero Nelson A Rivkin, Judith S Rrzvi. Tanzeem Ro, Mm S Ro Ronald Roa. Joseph R Roach, Stephen C Roberts, Melvin M Roberts, Kevin E Roberts, Douglas E Roberts, Cheryl L Roberts, Clark Roberts, Janice M Roberts, Kevin J Robertshaw, Manor Robertson, Gary D Robertson Kevin Robertson John O Robertson, Margie Robertson, William Robertson, Betsy Robertson James ' . Robertson Julie A Robertson. Melvin Robinson Diane M Robin Robin Sandr; . Stever Robinson. Richard I Robinson, Joseph Robinson Scott W Robinson, Bernadini Robinson, Jeff Robinson Pamela C Robledo Evelyn R Rodgers. Ronnie L Rodgers, Kim M Rodriguez, Mary Rodriguez, Paul E Rodriguez, Lillian N Rodriguez Soma Rodriguez Helen Rodriguez Gloria J Rodriguez Richard Rodriguez Isabel Roesser Paul M Roffi Raymond P Rofti Skip Roger John C Rogers Kim Rogers Kdlheryne Rogers Robin R Roges Ramon G Rogo enskt Joel M 404 Rohan, Robin C 338 409 Rohrer, Douglas S 383 257 Rohrer Laurie L 387 229 164 Rohng, James D 79 36 Roice. Patricia L 389 379 Roias. Linda J 73 310 338 Rojas. John S 79 48 Roldan Janet G 325 46 86 64 237 Roltes, Mary P 415 407 81 Rolland Charia 91 230 Romagnino Kim S 340 287 384 Romano Salvatore J 230 404 422 Romano, Dominick A 375 426 Romano. Carol D 338287 65,287 Romans. Lynn F 250 250 Romero David H 230 417 74 57 60 Romero Teresa 258 356 Romero Betsy 75 230 Romero Lucille B 258 389 Roorda Monica A 350 230 47 Roorda, Michael J 45 257 Roostaeyan, Mohamma R 319 245 411 Root, Leeann 340 263 Rosa, Thomas J 65 64 68,313.64 Rose. Cathleen 332 330 Rose. Erica S 315 177 Rose. Andrew C 399 313 Rosehill. Alan T 391 128.129 Rosell, Christine S 362,358 257 Rosen Leslie F 263 391 Rosen. Susan M 375 340 Rosenast, Thomas C 307 230 Rosenberg. Stuart M 252 319 Rosenblum. Bruce 345.409 399 Rosenborg, Jeffrey M 45 230 Rosenquist, Theodore H 47 81 Rosenthal, Bernard 130 134 360 371 Rosenthal, Janette L 83 129 Rosin. Charles J 322 417 Ross. Lenny D 230 45 Ross, Mike 123 360 37 125 310 Ross. Doretha 230 353 Ross, Gloria M 73 86 287 Ross, Patricia S 84 88 Ross Willie V 330 240 371 Ross, Verdia 177 287 307 411 Ross, Deborah 79 407 Ross Chip 328420 68 Rosso, Richard G 258 323 Rotenberg Pamela A 45,345 250 Roth, Sheila L 345,392 318 Rothemich. Thomas P 328 287 Rothenberg Louis J 426 45 Rothhammer Keena R 46 362 36 Rothwell, John R 360 56 Rotta. Charles E 69 293 78 Roum James H 310 287 85.61 Rounds, Nancy M 347 245 Roundlree Brian C 324 45.312 Rousseau, Srinoi G 347 54 322 Rowden, Diana L 307 310 Rowe, Susan J 388 389 431 Rowe. Clifford 1 230 420 75 116 48 Rowe, Jen A 251 384 Rowley, Mark C 431 411 Rowlings, Jeffrey D 310 399 Royan, Mark J 75,129 287 313 Royer, Robert P 322 379 Rozen, Susan B 345 381 360 Rubel, Thomas S 263 316 Ruben. Alan J 401 79313 Rubidoox. Charles M 391 360 Rubin, Steven M 391 47 177 Rubino, Joseph J 230 74 Rubledo. Evelyn 72 340287 Rubono Mike 134 378 Rudolph. Gary P 266 407 Rudy. Kim E 214,381 320 Ruescher, Donia 287 353 Ruggieri. Irene 230 287 Ruiz. Anthony 230 362 Ruiz Patrick M 97 318 Ruiz Julianne 231 375 368 58 Ruiz William S 258 116 Rule Orville R 287 69 Runkel Lynn M 347 63 63 Rush, David L 116 230 Russell Shauna M 240,371 397 Russell, Jeffrey D 375 310 Russell Glynis A 340 360 162 Russell. John F 230 348 Russell, Leslie Q 287 83 Rust Carol L 353 231 389 Rusterholz Paul 97 79 Ryan, Matthew 426 387 45,316 Ryan, Janice L 260 287 Ryan Frederick J 72 287 4 1 1 ,60 59 74 313 Ryan, Anne M 189 287 Ryan, Jan 381 381 84 Ryan Laurie S 26 59 48 Ryan John J 258 56 Ryan Thomas A 328 SabJdos, Zoitan Sabalella Lou A Sabourin. Gregory J Sadd James I Sadler Linda K Sadowski Rose M Saenz. Frank A Saen James G 322 Schnerk. George C 419 245 87 Sherman, Leslie J 66 403 Smith, Evan A 177,328 Stakee Judith 338 Saen Kenneth w 310 Schoknecht. Kent R 46 65 86 64 364 Sherman, Richard L 48 420 Smith, Gary M 58,231 Staley, Joan 340 Saflord Marvin E 173 167 Scholz Sandra Lee 362 Sherman, Randall J 63 Smith Bob 415 Slaley, Chen L 289 Sage, Raymond 69 Schrack Susie M 350 258 Sherman Leeana 79 Smith, Gregory J 250 Standard Jeanne R 289 Saghaft Massoud 330 Schrader Steven C 312 Sherman Bryana 79 Smith, Dean A 134 288 Stanek. John D 232 364 Saikhon Carol A 368 Schrader Dana 89 Sherwood Rusty 231 Smith, Kenneth 246 Slang. Peter M 431 Saiki Bryan H 237 Schrage James C 245 Sherwood Jay 72.38374 Smith, Lawrence C 399 Stanislawski Edward D 47 Saita Glenn H 258 Schrager Michael P 258 Shiba Grace A 288 Smith, Clyde A 57 62 Slanislawski Charles G 63 391 Sailo David M 331 48 Schreiber Meghan E 34 7 Shiba James K 323 Smith, Ruben A 89 Stanley Ismay £ 289 Saito Noriko 288 Schreiber, Robert S 412 Shiband, David T 245 Smith Ann 76 Slanton Rich 415 89 Sakamolo Larry 84 Schreiber, Martha Ann 240 407 Shidda. Junichi 55 Smith Patricia C 73 Slanton Dan D 63 194 404 Sakamoto Richard 404 Schrock. Debbie J 340 358 Shield, Kerry 387 Smith, Jenniler 340 Slanton Susan Beth 289 Sakala Lynn S 240 Schroeder Ram 347 Shillelbein, Mark 392 Smith, Kirk M 415 Stanton Thomas R 194 Sakuma Susan T 315 83 Schroeder Catherine M 58 60 231 347 Shigeoka, Brent Jon 1 316 Smith Bruce J 49415 Slapletord Sona 87 Salala Melame M 258 360 38 ' 3S8 ' 0 Schroeder Michael 322 Shima Clayton M 47.231 Smith James 379 Stark. Sherie K 65 64 Sald ar Arluro 328 Schroeder Roger R 64 Shima. Michael B 81 266 Smith. Victoria M 315 Starr Brian D 69 Sala ar Dolores 315 Schroepler Wayne 375 Shimamura. Fred Kei 69 Smith. Cynihia R 73 States. Thomas J 431 Salazar Ernest S 237 Schubert, -Eric 316 Shimazu, Nelson K 316 Smith. Kenneth J 356 Slaverl Cathryn L 381 Salazar Martin R 397 Schuessler, Jan l 345 Shimizu. Margaret H 79 315 Smith. Christopher W 145 Slavert, Ronald W 391 Salcedo, Arthur B 258 Schuhmacher. John W 116 Shimizu. Kelvin S 266 Smith. Todd M 378 Slea Richard A 409 Salim, Robert G 231 378 Schullz David 8 84 Shimizu. Donald K 258 Smith Eric C 123 134 Stearns, Diana L 83 92 Salley Holly A 319 Schumacher, Donald F 4q Shimoyama Steven T 258 Smith. Ann L 258 Steele, Harold C 116 Sallman, Janet L 315 Schunian Michael A 263 Shin Myong C 52,245 Smith. Dietrich C 319 Sleeneken. Susanna E 214 Salmacia, Scott 358 Schuster. Laurel E 79 Shingai. Roger T 263 Smith. Barry 90 Sleiger. Charles M 399 Salomon Peter P 58 Schuwarger Don 45 Shinmoto, Lynn A 288 Smith, Mark W 316 Stem. Samuel A 289 134 Salsbury Teresa A 240 Schwarz Ann M 231 Shinn, George H 162,360 Smith, Jennifer J 258 Stem, Michael R 270 Salume Roy A 333 Schweitzer Karen D 371 Shioda Junichi 62250 Smith, Kath 381 Stem Shannon M 338 80 Salvaterra Mark A 319 Schwene Mark J 316 258 Shipp, Joe D 116 Smith Harold 90 Steinberg David 420 Salyers Susan E 45 Schwer Paula B 288 368 Shishima Marc H 84 Smith Tad 89 Steinberg Craig S 164 Salzman David B 231 392 Sclalani Louis A 288 194 Shock Barbara L 241 Smith Douglas P 397 Sterner, Edward A 87 Sameshima Michael 62 Scolield Christina N 348 Shohara Susan J 231 Smith Margo 362 Steinhauer Phyllis A 73 Sammet Jeltrey L 328 Scoggms Oscar 288 Shollys Gordon D 65 64 Smith Willard 319 Sleinke Paul D 379 Sammis Diana B 288 389 Scopatz Stephen D 320 Shono, Glenn T 231 Smilhlield Dawn M 263 Stellar, William A 45 Sampson Oarlene D 258 Scopatz Robert A 320 Shore James D 89 403 Smilhwick Calhleen M 315 Stemen Cara L 83 63 328 375 Samuelian. Debra E 350 Scotl Alice Rulherlord 389 Short Melissa S 371 Smoiek Valerie A 340 Stepaniak Janet D 258 Sanborn Shelley E 407 Scotl Vernice 288 Short Delmar D 258 Smool Melissa M 381 397 Slephan. Keely 353 Sanche; Gloria M 78 Scotl Irene A 69 Short Peggy M 325 Smull Laun A 338 82 Stephens William J 67 Sanchez Jaime 78 Scoll Pamela D 371 Short Thomas 231 Smyth, Tad 381 411 Stephens John C 73 Sanchez Kanme 45 Scott James A 258 Shrader William R 89 397 Shell, William S 350 Stephens Gary V 232 Sanchez. Armando 56 Scott Ted H 270 Shrader Cmda L 258 407 Shell William w 375 Stephens William E 71 246 Sanchez, Ana 36 Scott Kelly 426 Shroeder Pamela L 409 Snodgrass James R 50 Stephenson Susan J 371 Sanchez Daniel D 78 Scranton Susan L 79 Shryock. Steven Go " 246 87 Snort. Susan A 387 Sterling Helen I 313 SanchezCorea, Laura K 313 Sealock Christine M 83 57 Shudo Etsuko J 288 Snowden. Lisa A 214 Sterling Suzanne 338 289 Sandberg Sharon D 389 Scarles Thomas W 360 371 Shue Denise E 315 69 45 55 Snyder David V 426 Stern Dorean A 241 381 Sanders- Pamela 250 Sebastian Raul D 231 Shulman Roberta M 79 Snyder Kelly J 338 Sterns. Robert 401 Sanders. Beverly A 194 Sebesla. Karen L 362 Shum Lawrence 231 Soelter. Fred R 125 Stetson David B 79 Sanders. Steven A 392 Sebesto. Kathleen A 362 Shumny Roman 74 Soli, Laura F 250 Stevens. Victor L 45 289 367 Sandler Richard D 399 See. Janet L 83 381 Shunneson Eileen 8 313 Solomon, Jenniler E 368 Stevens Olivia F 232 Sandoval Valerie A 73 See. Susan A 347 237 Shupe Sandra B 347 Solomon, Sandra S 319 338 Stevens Joseph N 384 Sands Harry 266 See. Mary M 362 Shuur Bob 177 Solum. Conrad R 87 426 Stevens Kathleen M 381 Sanlord Albert GarI.eld 322 Seelo. Deanna L 315 Sibolo John Michael 69 Sommers Lisa 350 Stevenson Dr James 69 Sanlord. Wall S 383 Segien Steven A 245 76 Sieberl Mark D 45 Sondheim Cindy 84 353 Stevenson Martin A 49 Sanlord Louis n 46 Segura Yvone 330 Sieck Gregory R 391 Song Lisa C 288 Stevenson Sue 397 Sanlord. Michael C 258 307 360 116 Segura Federico E 330 Siegel Daniel J 45 Sonnack. Anne E 313 Stevenson Gregory M 415 Sanidad Delia J 312 Segura Mario A 84 Siering Laun G 120 189 Sonnenberg Glenn A 325 288 60 91 Steward Ann E 345 409 Sanor Rich 426 Sehenbeck Lawrence 97 Sierra Joanne A 338 Sonnenberg. Gale P 347 315 83 409 Stewart Greg« M 214 Sansing Leonard G 266 Seiberlich, Valice J 231 387 Sierra Linda M 241 Sonnier Carl J 246 Stewart Rodney J 246 360 1 34 Sansone. Maria A 368 Seibert, Michael J • 288 Siess Eric W 375 Soo Hoo. Gregory D 55 Stewart Sheila w 92313 Sanlamaria Ralael 78 Seid. Nana 55 288 Sigband, Dr Norman 69 Soost Elaine L 318 Stewart Leslie L 79 Santomieri Joe 392 Seidensticker Lorn 315 Sigler Sherry G 338 Sorce. Arthur J 116 Stewart Charles D 89 397 Santos. Michelle A 231 Seidensticker Kirk w 411 Silas Robert 270 Sorensen, Melinda L 407 Stewart Richard H 45 Sapowe John J 64 Seilerl. John C 383 Silberkraus Sally L 362 412 Sorensen. Victoria Ann 407 Stewart Douglas N 232 58 Saracho Teresila G 240 78 Seiget. Gary S 52 Sillser Linda 97 Sorgen Laura A 80 387 Stewart Dean B 312 Sargeant Alan D 245 76 Seipp. Frederick W 420 Silva Steven A 53 397 Sorgenlrei John D 288 Sliegler John 232 Sariolghalam Mohammad 231 Seipp. Win 420 Silva Byron L 367 Sosa, Ana M 56 Slock Linda I 353 189 Sarkowshy Mark B 403 Scita. Allred J 245 Silver Morris L 79 Soto. Allonso C 232 Slock Ralph M 258 Saroyan Richard M 45 Seilz. Joseph F 45 Silver Sluart L 47 Soukup Steven R 392 Stokes Kenneth D 417 Sass Stephen J 64 Selan, Robert E 46 Silverslein Lloyd B 420 Soule Wendy J 338 Stokes, Tom L 232 Satin Scott A 323 Seleman Karen L 45 Silverslein Steven M 332 Soule, Chip 312 Stoliker, Patrick C 52 Salnick. David M 45 Selleck Daniel F 288 379 Simkin Allen H 250 Soultiere, Theresa M 347 63 54 Stoltze Susan F 407 Sato Sluart J 316 Sellers Randall L 288 Simmons Guy M 45 Sourapas Steven S 116 Stone Jennifer A 313 Sato James 263 Sellers Robert M 63 Simmons, Kathleen E 83 Souza Anthony P 232 Stone, Dull 81 Salter Heidi L 407 Seller. Eric J 409 Simmons, Michael R 141 Sowder Joyce 289 389 Stone Scotl A 412 Saltier Denise F 387 Semken, Alan 91 Simmons Oscar A 322 Spaeter Lon Ann 338 Sloneslreet Sally D Slonge, Jane M 181 Sauabe Bob 411 Seno, Larry 82 90 Simmons Sabrina De J 84 Spanier Barry P 322 70 88 289 381 Savage Rick 401 Sepulveca, Arturo 324 128 127 129 Simmons. Daisy A 92 Sparks Kathleen J 338 Slorch Judith C 389 Savin Richard Walter 263 Sera, Linda Y 48 Simmrin Randall D 103 343 116 Sparks William J 66 Storey Pamela J 49 389 Sawada Lawrence G 231 Seratin. Jean C 45 Simms Stephanie J 377 Spates Lesley S 338 Storey Gwyn L 289 389 Sawasaki. Paul S 231 Serber Stephen E 231 Simon Shan E 362 Spear John A 289 391 Storm Elizabeth J 407 Sawyer Christian 45 59 Serian Robert B 49 288 Simons Jacquelyn A 325 Spear Kenneth S 391 74 60 Stowell William Miltord 58 399 Sawyer Stephen Sawyer Gerald J Sa«e Bill Scalapini. Louis 320 426 179 360 Senna Deborah A Sermak Catherine Serrano Joe B Serrano Fra ncisco J 231 288 258 53 Simons Richard W Simons Kathryn S Simpson Scott W Simpson Michael w 89 417 407 90 164 65 426 Spears Mark K Speer Gary D Speight Yvetle Speight Judy L 194 420 392 348 389 SIrachan Rodney Strang Professor Roger Strausfogel Sheme R Slrebig Steven L Strebig Clarice A Streeter Oscar E SIreeler Mary R Sireit Jenniler L SIreilleld Lisa P 120 134 69 60 86 289 368 1 64 4 1 1 289 124 125 259 384 338 368 319 Scanlan Matthew 426 Serralo Thomas R 231 Sims William S 194 Speiser Tern F 353 Scanlon Anne E 288 Semes Tom 162 Sims Clitlord 258 Spellmire James M 358 Scarborough Audrey J 338 Sesma Steven S 288 Sims Reed 316 Spelman Robert G 367 Scarbrough Valerie G 362 Seto Henry 307 Singer Neal L 358 Spence Kevin 47 Scarsdale Diana K 313 Selo Leonard 307 Singh Rodollo 246 Spence Susan 353 270 88 60 70 Schaeler Samuel 375 Seward Mark A 332 Singleton Stacey A 46 Spence Kenneth Lee 47 Schaeter Michael T 397 Seweli Charlotte M 241 Sinn Stephanie 196 198 Spence Timothy J 358 SIrelilz Roger A 232 Schaler Sheila M 353 Seylerl Valone Anne 189 Sirias Deborah F 353 Spence Chene S 338 Strickland James 391 Schallner Joan E 315 53 Shaler John P 323 Sirilhranukut Sudaral 270 Spencer Margaret J 389 Strickland Carl E 232 Schaller. John L 399 Shatter, Lucmda A 231 340 Sitjar Darlynne A B3 347 Spencer John S 88 356 Stringer Oenise V 350 375 Schalman Carla Ann 1 345 409 Shallner Joan 48 Skeen Jell 383 Spencer William J 360 Strode Margaret A 57 Schalman Karen 80 Shaheen Anna M 340 Skelley Patrick M 250 Spencer Curtis F 49 Stroebel Thomas W 322 Scharl Miriam 288 Shambaugh Gary 69 Skinner Jocelyn P 288 Sperber Benny 401 Stromer Laurie H 250 345 Schafl. Dov 263 Shanahan Patricia S 263 389 97 Skinner Ward D 250 431 Sperling Tyrone A 116 SIrozier Clinton 116 Schechler Sluart H 415 Shane Susan A 347 Skinner Derald D 323 Sperling Margit E 289 Strub Bob 364 Scheel Cynthia J 313 368 Shannon Bruce L 399 Skoro Lesley 371 Sperry Cynthia L 289 Struck James D 59 289 Scheiderich Knstine A 34 7 Shaphren Todd 59 164 Skoro Robert M 415 Speyer Paul E 316 Sluckey Felicia A 68 310 Scheidereil Julie 310 Sharp David P 26 384 Slapnik Kurt J 45 324 Spicer Thomas R 125 360 Sluddard Howard 116 Scher Michael D 324 Sharp Daniel L 97 Slaughter Robert M 384 Spicer Scot L 328 Sluhl Terry S 79 Scherer Constance L 389 Sharp Gary L 258 Sleto Cecilia 232 Spika Tim T 318 Stump Jim 426 Schiblcr John E 258 Shaver Georgia M 99 347 SIczak Diane C 347 65 86 288 64 88 60 Spilman Carol R 332 Sturdivani Carmela 92232 Schick. Gordon C 231 360 Shaw Kathryn J 343 Sloan Michael A 250 417 76 Spilo Marc E W 289 Sturgis Norma J 290 Schildwachter Grelchen 347 Shay Preston 60 Sloale Susan M 315 Spinney Georgia G 350 Sturman, Tracey E 70 407 Schiller Gary J 45 Shayer Georgia 288 Slonim David R 231 375 Spino, Mark S 258 116 177 Slyblo Eric 328 Schilling Barbara 237 Shearer Carolyn J 345 Smaldino Louis M 81 Spirtos. Maria A 45315 Suarez, Chuy 78 Schilling Cynthia A 189 187 Shearin Robert T 134 Small Kim 48 368 Spivak Mary L 289 Sudduth John Steven 53 246 Schindler Douglas C 331 Sheedy Mark J 364 Smalley Jean 266 Springer Marc P 87 Sugano Hideo 232 Schiro Sieve P 62 231 391 59 Sheeti.iii Li s.i A 381 Smalley Dana M 368 Springer James M 232383 Sugita Hideo D 270 Schlosser Lynn C 288 Sheehan Leslie A 353 Smejkal Frank F 431 Springer Scoll M 399 Sugiyama Charlene Mid Dr, 259 Schmidt. Lilj I 45 Sheehan Gr.ico V 353 Smith Mona 325 Spr.nglield Richard 384 Suhr, Dean 333 Schmidt. Kurl K 79 Sheehan Philip E 245 87 Smith Miriam 120 189 Squire. Alison J 241 353 Sullano Madeleine E 270 Schmidt Cathy S 240 381 Sheehy Michael H 179 Smith Patricia M 83 92 Sramek John J 266 Sullivan Sydney L 350 Schmilt Michael J 53 404 Shelley Kimberiy 381 Smith Mark A 89 399 St John Ronald R 177 Sullivan Rich 401 Schmil John M 45 Shepherd Robert D 323 Smith Steven C 69 73 288 Stachler Gary P 383 Sullivan Gail L 350 246 60 Schmutzer Bob. J 328 Sheppard Catherine 368 Smith Clilton A 251 Stachlowski Carrie M 73 Sullivan. Sud 54 Schneider James A 99 258 Sherburne Robin J 288 Smith David R 231 375 Slaggs Mark K 322 Sullivan. Tim 74 76 324417 Schneider Mike 332 Sherman Bruce I 129 Smith Mark E 231 Stairs Oavid S 391 Sullivan. Timothy R 246 Sullivan Daniel A Sull.van Scott Sumi Joyce Y Sumida Ryan N Summers Dora A Summers Craig S Sumpter Louise A Sumser Angela I Sun, Tina P C Sunotsky John F Susho Constance Helen Sustarsic. Stephen T Sut)iawan, Tony SuHie Mary K Sutton Roy D Sutton Michael B Sutton Douglas W Swanger Roseann Sweeney Calvm Swels Gina L Swigart Anne Sw.ndallTany.i S Szegeczky Oscar Sziiarlo Kathy M Szkon.k Fred M Szu-Tu Robert Y Teele Dana L Teiadilla Jorge A Teiera Richard J Telleen Cynthia M Tenaglia John K T Takacs Peter S Takahashi Karen S Takahashi Michael T Takahashi Lisa Takahashi Kensuke Takahashi Lyie T Takahashi Johnny Takaki Michael K Takamine Kurt S Takano. Frederick Takeda Paul S Takeda Steve K Takeguma Bruce E Takeguma Karen S Taketomo Rick K Takigawa Doreen V Takiguchi Scott K Takvorian Michael J Talbert Charles E Taikov Carol D Talleda Margarita L Tailey. Stephanie R Tamis Wendy J Tamura Wendy S Tamura Daniel H Tan Grace Yuk P Tanahashi Lisa K Tanaka Grace M Tanaka Paul K Tanaka Keith M Tanaka Johnny K Tanaka Janice D Tancredy Elizabeth M Tancredy Julie A Tandet David E Tang Selina P Tang David S Tang Charles C Tani Linda S Tanita Nancy E Tardy St phen R Tarnol ky Robert E Tartre Sl zanne E Tarver Ber Tashin- 3 A,kki K Tasoo Mohammad Tavare; Joseph S Tayeb Hasan M Taylor Wendy K Taylor Gregory H Taylor Stephanie B Taylor Melinda A Taylor Cathy L Taylor Keith B Taylor David W Taylor. Shen A Taylor Nancy K Taylor, Charles R Taylor M Cindy Taylor Tim L Taylor Ron Teece Jamce K as Mai , Donal 1 W i C Terri Terrt Tertocha Jan- Terwilliger Elena S Teshima James T Tessalone Timothy P Thacher Dorothy J Tham Odett Thiergood Iris L Tholen Gregory M Thoman Sally Jo Thomas. Jan Y Thomas. Albert Thomas Norman E Thorr Thorr 290 347 375 63 246 55 259 109 116 55373 128 129 246 103 109 1 16 343 Thomas Ava Thomas. Gaylynn T Thomas Stacey Thomas Thomas D Thomas Cathy D Thomas Ann Thompkms Ted Thompson Peter R 72 Thompson, Norman C Thompson, Alan W Thompson James Thompson Judith A Thompson Charles Thompson Elizabeth A 250 411 71 80 79 Thon- Davi Thompson Jack Thompson Bruce Thompson Fred Thomson. Charley Thordarson Donald J Thornquist Kristi L Thues Debbi C Thun Melinda A Thurman Dennis L Tiffany Linda D Tily Elizabeth R Tily Nancy P Timmons Michael S T|ah|adl Haritanto Tian, Tek F Tobacco Steven Tobias. Timothy S Tobias Scott M Robias Roberta P Todd Richard Todd Michael A Todd John A Todd Tracy A Todhunter Laura Tohl Richard E Tolbert Alice A Toler Susan A Toley Katie Tolslad, Jeffrey I Tolstad Scott C Tom Michael B Tom Wendell Y T Tom Peter Tomasini. Carol D Tomaszewski, John B Tomosada Wayne P Torfeh Kevan M Torigoe Lynn N Tornatore Frank Toronto, Barry Torrey Mark W Toshima Nancy T Tovar Maria G Tower Susan L Townsend Nancy S Toyama Suzanne C Toyama Lon A Trachtenberg Dav.d J Tracy Barbara L Tracy Janet L Traeger Donald A Trapp Dan C Trautwein Robert H Trepte Ann T Tressen Dehor; Trevino Michae Troiano Robert N Trotter Rosalyn P Trout. Rand.ilea E Troy. Cynthia D True Maureen N True Donald Truitt Stephanie L Truitl Karen C Trujillo Terese Tru|illo Nicholas L Trumbull. Bruce E Trumbull. Robin G Truscott Desiree K Trutter Jonathan V Tse, Brian T Tsutsuse, Wayni Tuch, Richard Tucker David K Tufth, Virginia L Turchi, Anthony M Turnaclitf John L Turner Lanese A Turner, Lauren C Turner. Margaret D Turner Lon L Turner. Cheryl U 111 lie 233 70 Uchida, David M 407 215 194 Uhl, Craig M Ukra Ah Mark 348 290 Ulf, Brian D Ulmer. John B Ulnch, Christine M Uncapher Jeffrey K Underwood, Max 233 Unger Liz Unger, Ronald E 177 179 Unger Henry P 259 290 Unterreiner Joseph 409 Upham James L 79 263 Upton, Kay J 164 Urata. Lee Ann J 426 Urbina. William N 407 48 Uresti David M 79 Uretsky. Steven R Unu Gary A 233 Urrulia. Lola 78 259 Uso. Madrid 313 Utiey. Keith 340 233 Uyechi. Lynn H 60 90 411 Uyeda, Gail S 9 350 411 Uyemura Wayne 45 48 57 Uyeno, Lon 250 Uzkuraitis. Vincent T 87 Vangorder David T 233 Vanpuyvelde. Donn.i R 250 411 VanvorsI Louise 79 Van , Selina 325 Varghs Jose 371 Varni. Jamie G 38 Vascil Cheryl 50 Vasko Ann M 291 Vasquez Tony 291 Vautler Framlo Arthur C 247 Vaziana Sara E 291 aizana, Lisa 177 Vazzana, Michael E 371 Veal Mel D 99 Vega Anna M 350 89 420 Velasquez Pablo 313 Velasquez, Joe 49 Velazquez, Roberto 233 Verches, Daniel J 214 Verdegem, Thomas D 259 Verdugo Beatriz 397 74 Veres. Cheryl 237 Veres. Michelle E 233 Verett Scott 332 Verity Steven M 322 38 Versaw Kristina S 425 291 Veta Michael A 399 74 Vierregger Debra A 379 Vilaichit Sawatdikiat 388 389 Villa Robin 1 378 Villa Steven M 411 371 Villafana Donald E 338 233 70 Villalobos. Richard 92 Villalobos, Steven M 319 Villareal, Sylvia 407 Villela, Leopoldo E 348 Vincent Lance M 50 Vincent Ten E 426 Vincent Laura J 247 381 Vinding Dawn M 318 177 Viole Deaun M 401 Viselli Timothy R 350 45 Vitchez Euteno 263 Vivas Lindy Vjadughele Richard VIetas, Stephen F Vogel Shirlyn Vogelzang, Dan Volkel William C Volkman Robin S 233 Vollrath David M 373 Voipe Sharon D 267 Von Sothen Edward A 233 162 233404 87 415 371 177 291 411 74 83 Vorabutr Poawpadet Vorbach Leslie E Vorochotf. Robert Voss James B Voyles James H 322 Voyles, Susan 214 381 Vrba. Rhonda C Vreeland. Catherine J 259 Vreeland. Clayton J 319 38 85 Vuoso, Frank M 233 48 Wapner Alan D Warden Shirlar Ware Felicia Warner Greg Warner Dehors Washington lsador( Washington Millicei Wasylyn Lidia M Waters John Watford Harriette Watkins Gregory H Watson Tom A Watson Gregory C Watson David A Walters Mark Walters John P Wafts, Brian J Wawrach Laurie D Waxer Daniel Wayne Aissa M Wayne Bradley A Wear Michael J Weaver Janet L Weaver Michael R Webb, Douglas C Webb, Lorraine Webb, Karen L Webb, Richard A Weber Rene Weber Laurie A Weber Lee A Weber Sharon A Weber Jack Webster Julie D Websler, Sandra K Weckerly David E Wedlake Edward C Weekly, Laura I Wchner Susan M Weic Mit Weinberg Robert K Werner Carot Weiner Jeffrey C Weingarfen, Scott R Weingort Samuel Z Weinstein. Lauren H Weir 1 M w V 373 Valdez Ken 267 Valencia Jose 86 90 Valencia Victoria J 23358 Valenti Gregory S 78 Valentine Tina 322 Valentine Steven T 290 Valenzuefa Anne M 45 Valine Miguel V 347 290 Valladares Carlos 320 Vallen Dave 5 371 290 Valles. Lawrence M 259 Valolf. Jo L 373 Vafoff, John 99 331 Van Buskirk Amy L 318 Van Den Boogaard E 270 Van Dyke Vincent C 383 Van Dyke, Scott V 383 Van Dyke Gail A Sco ■ Rib PeN Van Mounck Mark S Van Orden. David an Ruiten Chnslopher Vandenberg Robert J Vandergrifl Ctins Vandeveer Jjmes A Vandever Joy A 237 Wada Michaef S 84 Welch Melinda A 313 78 Carol A 55 Welch Diana L 237 Waddell Richard D 97 Welch Robert C 259 Wade Phniip E 267 Wells Sarah L 47 Wade, David M 324 194 Wells Linda A 340 Wagne r, Richard K 291 391 134 Wells Daniel H 331 Wagne r, Jeffrey W 233 Welsh Karey J 84 Waidn- an Sue 375 Welshymer Bret C 233 Waier Karen L 49 407 60 Welter Richard M Waite Julia A 79 371 162 Welz Mark M Waite Cheryl A 263 97 Wendorll Judith D Wakar nalsu Takashi 291 Wernicke Brian P Wakar Ako 260 Worsen Diane L Wake eld Jellrey W 291 116 Weriz Russell E Wakin- oto Palncia L 247 Weshat Sina Walbe g Kirk V 399 Wesson Melvin 291 Wafde n Gregory A 411 West Brad 48 Waidh eim Kurt 99 West Brian E 48 Waldn ran Susan J 338 West Mitch 84 Waldr on Caron AM 63 371 West Frank E 310 Waldr 397 Westervell Derek J 291 Walin Alicia 189 Westfall Deanne E 37 Waike r Janice L 233 Wesllake, Blair 330 Waike r. Glen J 116 Westman Barbara A 57 83 WaIke r Cam 371 Westmoreland Paul 58 233 Waike r Kimberly A 368 Welnch James G 237 WaIke r Donald 61 Wefts Bruce A 267 Waike r Tom 90 Wetzel. John T 345 375 Waike r Ann 72 381 Wetzel Stephen G 48 r Danny 324 Whalen Mark E 57 Waike r Daniel L 291 Whaley, Nathan M 340 Waike , Delviii 67 246 Wharton, Matthew J 263 291 Wall Linda S 87 Whaftey, Susan E 116 343 Walla .e, David L 233 Wheeler Terry L 358 Walla .e, Kim 389 Wheeler Paul R 233 387 Wane Herman F 403 128 129 Wheeler, Nelson C 1 16 Wane Monica A 362 412 Whippo, Dave 431 Wane Raleigh G 233,375 Whitaker Nancy C 263 Wane stein Lynda M 291 66 While Greg 58 310 360 Watte y Wayne 65 86 64 401 57 White Keilh 383 Walls 388 389 While Stephen A 391 Wals Peter J 319 While Michael A 41 1 Wals Michael J 358 White, Bradley R 403 57 Waite Waite 1 Jene E rs Tammy 271 368 325 White Raymond J White Nanette M 31545 324 319,345 347,375 73 33J 291 383 50 371 360 177 89417 62,368 291 389 241 407 63 310 234 310 356 214 103 106 114 116 Whitehead, Eli abeth A Whileley, Rossanna L Whiteside. William H Whitfield. Willow A R Whiling. SanlOfd D Wh.Ifinglon. Susjn A Whyte Susan A Wiblit houser Terry L Wickers Mike Wickham Edward Widlfeldl. Douglas R Wiec orek Pjtnaa J Wiedmann, Ted S Wiener Steven J Wiener Carol A Wie } W Wiggins Linds.iy A Wiggins Theron W.gglesworth Jjmes Witber Wendy A WilcoK. Charles S WilcOK, Cynthia M Wildnck Meade C Wiiheim, Robert Wilk Diane L Wilkin Diana L Wilkms. Willie Wilkins Cameron C Wilkinson Jjyne Wilkinson. Sydney E Wilkinson. Kirk S Wille. Mark F Willey, John N Williams David M Will Ci.fftc Williams Frederick C Willtams Victoria S Williams Gayle M Williams, James B Witliams James C Williams, Vicloria L Williams, Carol W Williams Hak S C Williams. Pamela A Williams, Kevin Williams, Krislen K Williams. Keith L Williams. Hunt Williams. Eric D Williams. Beverly A Williamson Jodi L Willis Leeann M Withs Donald E Wilhs Stephanie M Wilhs, Christopher L Wills, Gary K Wilson William J Wilson. Jutie S Wilson. Zivia L Wilson. Michael L Wilson. Pamela J Wilson. Kimberly A Wilson, Sylvester Wilson. Tom A Wilson. Bob Wilson. Michael G Wilson. Marlaine A Wilson. Anne Wilson. Roberl S 313 Wilso n, Geofffe M 69 Wilso n. Kathleen D ?91 Wilso n Mia L 3IS63 Witso n. Dean 378 17 Wilso n. Reed M 263 Wilso n, Clill 360 387 Wine lock Elliol S 32b ?91 Winlrey. Paul C 49 ?46 Wing William J 416 Winge, Ralph 356 Winkelslein Glenn M 173 157 Winn Craig A 313 Winn ngham George 267 Wins ow, Russell 259 Winslon, Bruce D 291 WintI rop, Jan R 116 Wipll Slanley E 3S3 291 80 88 375 389 310 234 411 234 403 310 85 234 391 234 58 291 420 . Kelley I M Wojcechowskyi Slephen S Wolcott Denis M Woldt Wendy A Woll. Tanya M Woll Jonathon A Wolle. Gerald E Wolle Jell Wollson Joyce D Wolin. Alicia Wolney. Roberl M Wolsey Marcie K Wolven Donald L Womble Gregory G Wong Tony M Wong Jackson Wong, Eric Wong. Warren U Wong, Rose P Wong, Bertram D Wong, Tina Y L Wong Erie S Wong, Frank T W Wong Edmond G Wong Brian R Wong Gordon Wong Virginia C Wong, Karen J Wong, Lai J Wong, Linda L K Wong, Valerie J Wong, Michael Wong Buenaventura S Wong, Bonnie Wong, Avis T Wong, Shen C Wong, Siouyick T Wong, Judy A Wong John Wong Angela Wong Gilbert G Woo. Kim M Woo Woon H Woo Donna S Woo, Sharon L Wood- Constance D Wood, Stan Wood Gary J Wood. Dennis H Wood, Tim Wood Ralph A Wooden Patricia D Woodman Barbara L Woodrull Pamela T Woods, Ken Woods, Roosevelt Woods, Stanley R Woodward Philip L Woodward Michael B Woolery George W Woolley Leslie A Woolley David A Woollen, Victoria L Wopschall Karen C Worcester Mark K Worsham Kenneth R Worlhington Delwyn J Worthy Jeffrey S Wright Bradlord W Wright, Jeffery Wnghl, Elizabeth Wright, Timothy D Wright Kathleen right I H Wright, Linda M Wright, William R Wright, Daniel J Wright Richard C Wright, Laurie J Wright, Paul E Wright, Deborah Wright, Josephine J Wright. Debbie Wu. Curtis Wu. Tai Hing Wu. Harry C Wullemeyer Mark W Wulk. Floy A Wunderlich. John F Wunderlich Charles B Wurtman. Waller Wyckoff Gale D Wylde Corey Wylde Lynn Wyre Bob Y Yablonsky George Yahnian Dodd Yamaga Cynthia C Yamagata Nancy S Yamamoto, Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Mary A Yamamoto Paul Yamamoto Christine Yamane Ben T Yamano Diane Y Yamashiro Roger M Yamauchi Joyce Yamauchi, Nancy Yamauchi Rod Yanagawa Diane R K Yanez Victoria L 350 234 364 88 62 196 292 259,397 292 368 Vang, Lyndane Vano. Manko Yao. Lily Yates. Angela M Yaussy. Catherine M Yeager. Susan F Yeager. Mark A Yeager. Dale G Veandel. Onon W Yearwood Salty J Yee Tommy Yee Clarence B W Yee, Joni J Yee, Donald Yee, Mei Ling L Yee, Jaime L Yen, Chih Heng Yeo. Andrew C H Yep. Bruce W Yim. Carolyn L Ying Alice L K Yip, John Yochim, Gary E Yoda, Colette N Yokota. Janice S Yokoyama, Dan M Yokoyama, Chet Yoon Hae K Yoshida Arleen T Yoshimoto Grace N Yoshimura Don M Yoshioka, Beverly S Yoshitake, Carol L Young, Patricia A Young, Wendell K Young Franklin Young, Lance L Young. Gretchen I Young. Howard N Young. James D Young. Randalyn J Young, Tomme R Young, Bradford W Young. Marilyn G Young, Betsy Youngkin Heidi M Younker Perry A Youlsler Bernadetle Yu Annie S W Yu Joseph Yuan, Harold C M 313 Zaiunardo. Rod 367 55 Zamarripa. Sieve J 324 271 Zandstra. Mano N 328 250 Zane. Mei T 97 371 Zaninovich Victoiia A 41983.362.55 387 Zapiain. Joaquin R 214 74 Zarate. Eugene A 323 411 Zarish. Karen P 313 332 Zaske. Christopher L 31085 368 Zaumseil. Dean R 328 292 55 Zaustinsky Michael E 323 46 331 Zaveri Avanish H 235 373 Zayed Michelle M 350 69 Zdenek Leslie A 338292 83 75 Zellner David S 356 373 Zelner Linda S 328 235 Zenko. Anne Mane J 235 246 Zepeda Ronnie C 235 134 Zepeda Larry 235 338 Zera Valerie 247 235 Zerene Musalem J 214 235 Zesiger. Kalhryn 350 45 Zickleld Roger W 2355847 292 59 Ziefle. Claudia L 353 73 Zila. Mark L 84 259 Ziler Frederick W 397 177 Zimelis. David L 75 422312.55 Zimmerman Bob 426 422 Zimmerman. Kama A 319 250 Zimmerman. Gayle A 3 1 8 90 292 322.45 Zimmerman. Christine A 241 389 292 Zinderman. Dana S 292 59 312 Zinn. Dwight A 32385 292 Zinn. Wendy 362 235 Zislis Stanley 267 267 Zoller Ray 116 164 Zubia Grace M 241 235381 81 Zuckman. Mark T 292 90 Zures. James 399 174 360 Zusman Phyllis M 194 307.368 Zuvela. Nick J 292 251.85 Zwemer. Nancy E 73 292 310 88 417 Zwick Louis D 431 234 Yurdi William E 324 57 Yusharyahya Perucha 189 79 Yuski Michael J 251 331 404 246 62 292 59 49 259 —J 234 234 58 57 z_ 235 237 177 Zacha ry. Dolly 26 263 360 267 Zack. Robert E 47 373 Zagrebelnyi. Victor A 426 259 Zaika David M 343292 235 373 Zakar an Jeannine M 68 73 292 88 82 78 Zakia Diane R 90 Sp ecia Tha n ks Clarence Anderson Bob Deal Bobbi, Debbie and M ona Mary, Leslie ' s friend Will Loe Juliann Johnson Ray Audino Tim LaHaye Gary Etcheverry Candi Holtz Kathy Lowe Dennis Wolcott Patty Cox Garfield Studios Connie Susko American Yearbook Co. Russ Iwald Jim Perry Tim Tessalone Dean Mannes Don Chadez Mark Neuenschwander Barry Taranto Terry Johnson Steve Guiremand Dan Hightower Bob Staake Dan Bowlin Bob Lefevre Bruce Blakey Kirk Stewart Mom and Dad The secular view of man as body mind and emotions is completely inadequate and man will never solve the prob- lems of man on a permanent basis until he recognizes that void. Man is an intensely spir- itual being, which distinguishes him from the animal kingdo m. A professional boxer would never enter the ring with a black patch over one eye and one arm tied be- hind his back. Such a sight, nevertheless, graphically illustrates the dilemma secular man finds him- self in today. By neglecting the spiritual side of his nature, he has blinded himself to the tremendous power available to him. Pascal, the great French phi- losopher, once said, " There is a God-shaped vacuum in the heart of every man that can be satisfied by none other save God Himself. " That God-shaped vacuum keeps m? n on a treadmill of restless activity and propels him on a constant quest for identity and peace. It is impossible to achieve contentment on a lasting basis through the mind, the heart, or the body. Anyone who neglects his spiritual nature does so at his own peril. God has given to man this part of his being to stabilize and motivate his mind, heart and body. Those who ignore this mighty power station within themselves are like a four-cylinder car functioning on only three cylinders. They do not need new or better spark plugs on the three working cylinders, but full restoration of their inoperative spiritual nature. The open door to the balanced life My parents: Cindy, how do you expect to com- mute, take 16 units, work parttime, be editor of the yearbook and survive this year? Bob, Mike and Patti: Cindy, how can two gallons of paint ever cover both offices? Frank: Cindy, who planned that my SoCal and El Rod deadlines were on the same day? Jeannine, Kelly and Tony: Cindy, is this another one of our 2 a.m. headlines? Patti and Felicia: Cindy, we ' ve outlined, typed and rubbed-on everything possible for the Greek section, but how can we find six more candids? Mike: Cindy, is that your typewriter burning? Joney and Heidi: Cindy, what do you mean we have to fit five more clubs in? Dean: Cindy, what do you mean you ' ve never heard of Bowdlerism? Bob Labayne: Cindy, how many pictures did you say we still need? Why do you need a photo of a cylinder block? Debbie and Janice: Cindy, how can there be no copy paper left anywhere in the state of California? Jill: Cindy, could you go over that reduction- enlargement formula again? Jennifer: Cindy, can I take it home and do it? Roberta: Mayoe we could use 2 pt. type in the index and hand out magnifying glasses? Leslie and Lisa: Cindy, how do you always stay so calm? Bob: Mom, I mean, Pickles, I mean, Cindy, how come you haven ' t jumped out your window yet? Please can we go to Visalia this weekend? Patt and Matt: Cindy, how can you keep smiling through all this? In such a large university where we are told that a marketplace of ideas should exist, we tend to forget that questions were made to be an- swered — and answers were not meant to be kept secret. Oftentimes by the time we ' re in college, we have become accustomed to not having answers — so accustomed that to settle ourselves we try to forget our questions. That works fine for awhile, but in our hearts we long for someone to give us an answer. As you read through this year ' s El Rodeo I realize that we ' ve presented you with the need to live a balanced life — the question now is how is that possible? I believe the answer is not vague or relative. It lies in restoring our relationship with God, our Creator. God created us to live a balanced life, yet we ' ve tried to do the balancing our- selves. We buy up all the how-to books we can, only to discover that we can never have enough money, enough love, enough time to balance our lives. But God has provided for your and my — our — inability. He has sent us His Son, Jesus Christ, who is interested in and can organize all the areas of our lives — physical, social, mental and spiritual. Jesus is always standing at the door of our lives gently offering Himself as the only true answer to the abundant and balanced life. All we simply have to do is tell God in the quiet of our heart, through prayer, at any time — perhaps, right this moment — that we accept His unconditional offer and love, manifested in Christ ' s death on the cross and resurrection. Jesus is saying to us: " I am the door; if any- one enters through Me, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture. The thief comes only to steal, and kill, and destroy: I came that you might have life, and might have It abundantly. " (John 10:9.10) Cindy Leone, 1977 El Roedo editor

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