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" mk ify «£Pv m iilp p L )i K - HKiii:. - ' . elrddeii973 1973 el rodeo university of southern California los angeles, California gail storm, associate editor angela curcuru, editor tony Itorody, photo editor •n - y The waves that drum the shore at morning light the friends that come no mor e to try and make things right the hopes that fly too soon as though on wings these are the lonely things. -Rod McKuen cr rrrm — =r5 ( v ' im ' : ' .•■ - - ' M -V ,iS.. It is my fervent hope that my whole life on this earth will ever be . . . . . . tears and laughter. . . . tears that purify my heart and reveal to me the secret of life . . . . . . and its mystery . . . . . . laughter that brings me closer to my fellow men . . . . . . tears with which I join the brokenhearted . . . . . . laughter that symbolizes joy over my very existence. — KahlilGibran t. -: -u;:; ji- 10 W- ' I |» ' (W WI MiM»IWifci " 11 -»♦ fi i 12 13 ■I- ?- I f -L. ' t 4St« 15 ■■: :.■. :.,d«MAUiHOMi% -.,«• ' ■ ' •iXSf " isn ' t this what we came for friends and knowledge and memories (not necessarily in that order) there are a million whys to answer as we go from day to day sometimes wondering why we ' re here sometimes knowing and feeling right about the whole system sometimes feeling a million miles away but every bit is real the laughter and the tears and there are many tears and too few smiles when you need them most some people care and others don ' t love comes and goes : ' sometimes unnoticed sometimes without stopping and there is something many people never see although they pass by it every day it rests in ttie downcast eyes of many in the hearts of a few : : " :; and in some it has gone but with a little bit of understanding and a reckless fearlessness of giving without receiving just for the sake of giving you can see it too so tomorrow for sure, better yet today look at your fellows with a smile in your eyes if not on your face some will think you crazy others will be afraid for warmth is unfamiliar to so many but some will return your glance and share, if for just a moment, what many people pass on by ■,■(;,; a so glance my way please, sometimes ' !: ' !;■ 18 registration STATION 4 19 20 21 ■S ' ' «»- . -,. t «. 23 Dental students back dean in controversy Datly A vast majority of students interviewed Friday at the School of Dentistry strongly sup- port the programs and policies of their dean, Dr. John Ingle. Ingle is reportedly under pres- sure by part of a support group to resign. The students believe ♦ • of the alleged ' " group. ' " ' dental health care plan, which would trafn dental school parap- rofessionals to perform limited dental care in elementary » ' ' secondary schools the alumni H " - no. 4 University of So los angeU ,doV soc ,oV ° ° ' ' ° ' .o ot „rto " eoV ® t. t a ® otie ' x.a i ' ' e !: . : ' " aV e-,eA V ?„VtWe s Academic plan can use n onorpmNK F RST TRY Bar exam stuns eas ' .tgs : ° .. ca ' Ltfte : 40 ' f:S.y M " a " 7ec0 ' vvjas too CO i ose ,0 0 lib suit to face Trustees next month Say By Barbara Wegher staff writer Passing the bar examination, once a student graauates from law school, has proven to be a traumatic experience for many, said Dorothy Nelson, dean of the Law Center. With approximately one- quarter of the Law Center ' s graduates flunking the examina- tion on their first attempt, the after taking the exam a second time. " We find that most of the people who flunk the exam from our school were in the Jower quarter of their senior class, " said Nelson. " USC is as good as any other school in the top one- quarter of one-half of its class, but our academic st rength doesn ' t go as deej Berkeley Bu by t ' solvi mos ' num bar. bar " 1 she The Gay Liberation Forum ' s suit against the Board of Trustees will be placed back on .. the court calendar " - ' will conduct sociaUatherin 2666 EUendale PI. Ant. 3J Alums o E i| w 3 J2 o 2 c,o flj 22 " a - a ® ' x ® 0 .v .i S ' ' ' The fall semster will probably go down as quite an un- eventful .one in the history of the university. The most controversial issues arouse from campus government on both the student and administrative levels. Some things changed, but only little things that called for just a passing glimpse from anyone involved. About the only thing famous about USC during the semester was its nationally- acclaimed football team. (Thank you John McKay for keeping the students together if even for a bit). Politics was an issue until the November elections, after which every- body wanted to forget about it. The ROTC sitin case which had been lagging since the spring before was quietly dis- missed, and a very expected tuition raise was announced. The murder of a coed on campus led to tighter security and a more penetrating fear for some. People came to classes, dropped out and in, turned off and on. All in all, it was a very ordinary term. ;,:,,, A- . ' linked to alleged GC c 0) ' o°.p% . o - o (0 S .i ..O ' M) - CO _ — ■ 4) I- • ' " £ U-9 J ' T3 - Q .a ■- C " .P.T1 9 m U By Andrew Erskine associate editor The name of USC figures strongly in recent disclosures of alleged Republican campaign espionage against Democratic candidates. Donald Segretti, the 31- year-old lawyer accused of recruiting political spies to dis- rupt the campaigns of Democra- tic candidates, is a graduate of Both Segretti and Dwight Cha- pin, a 1963 graduate who is now a close Nixon aide, were involved in the Trojans for Rep- resentative Government, a semi- open political party that dominated student politics dur- ing the early and mid-60s. Last week Time magazine reported that Chapin hired Seg- retti, in September, 1971, though the exact nature of h ' is duties another USC graduate now TheNew " working as a White House aide, cation that Gordon Strachan, was involved that it was in the hiring of Segretti. ally placed Segretti was also linked to calls were telephone calls to Chapin and to phone and both the home and office of E. to his telej Howard Hunt, Jr. Hunt, a former It said t White House staff member, has stopped si been indicted for supposedly the date attempting to bug the Democra- arrested tic National Committee head- attemptini 1 1 Trojan rn California iornia l»r the decade ch goals? thursday .t« ' } M ;x :. V Ifads t ()lems encounter schools cannot tjim alone, althc ijC, have raisec ■ ludents passin ..blem lies wit - efu - - wiJi atter ' ptVoT ' ' ' " erican iielf. said Nels fl ' }e6 p. .jSSc Pro ,, ' i° force t e ZllU ' ' ' eturned c, class " - ' " d, act; Death of Pierce student may affect campus fraternities State law enforcement agencies oin in search for missing coed By Joyce Labo siere Fred Bronner, the Pierce College student who plunged " fnnt tn his death after his ■-oternity ithe BULLETIN A body tentatively iden- ified as that of Sue Schuler as found last night in El entro, according to a detec- ive in the homicide division f ' ' ■ " A. County Sheriffs ■ wa§._by •e SfOcf, may sure a senior might feel with graduation ! " i i " » " - -■ " corner. " But Sue worried ab said Joanne roommate s and a senio ness. " She ' s ■ -« from eing _v eifect his „iii have on frater- friend.MaryTolm Pfiities aLUSC and the Greek resident advisor for Sign Alpha Mu fraternity, said th incidents like the Bronm one don ' t occur as far as 1 knows in his house, or in tl seven fraternities he acquainted with. " You heai lot of stories, whether they ' true or not I don ' t know, " sa Loring. Loring said that tl Bronner inpident will pro " Ov b Oe; Rv Al Freisleben " fay matt F- s : " " ' - ' " ' " ' ' ■sityVj ' ' So Tuition will be raised again starting next fall of an announcement from -cecutive tuition ■ " ' " » coming e;ve om, iCe Sairi ' OgnJI " drastic effect " on her office and would be " i trous for students, " adding that she hoped th university would make available more func student aid. The pending increase will bring the annus tion rate to right around $2,700 per year, with sting approximately $90 each. In the fall of 1968 students paid $1,500 pei r $50 per unit. Tuition rose to $1,800 in 1969, i n 1970, $2,150 in 1971, and ended up at $2, ' " n urZ " } ancj - nen i, " Se; .sgigsg s ' Charges dropped agalns students In ROTC sit-In espionage (i ' thepubli- ;i 5tory, said who actu- • ' omeofthe ( Segretti ' s ij ' s charged (f ' t card. ;:s to Hunt j ii June 17, , ien were . i posedly :) Democra- Barbara Bennett, manager of the Democratic candidate ' s headquarters in Santa Monica, near Segretti ' s Marina del Rey residence, said that although he signed volunteer lists several times, there was no evidence that he had actually worked for McGovern. While a junior at USC, Segretti ran a successful campaign for a seat in the Student Senate as a " By Sarah Heck Charges against three of the five students RoS rn ' ' ' ' ' ' i ' ' ' ' ' " - Ai " - Force ROTC building have been dropped by the Univer sity Judicial Council. y me univer- James Appleton, vice-president for student affairs said the judicial made the decision at a Dec. 14 hearing because those defendants were not given their right to a speedy trial. A complaint, filed Nov. 28, alleged th- Frishman, Jim Click, Sam Hurst Jerry t and Rick Saslaw had continued to oc AFROTC building after having been as then ordered, by Daniel Nowak acti president for student affairs, to leave the p The stud ents were identified and placed ui pension pending a formal hearing of the c Hurst and Saslaw are not currently pnr schools. Their report also stated that, whether 1 list of witnesses was accurate or not, " Testimc has become increasingly suspect with the passa of time, and the intervention of a vacation peri and a full academic semester. " The council ' s dissenters said that President Joi Hubbard suggested the delay Support for this vi« can be found in the record of lett rc f.„m m„„, Helen of Troy is doubtful — money woes hit pageant W !-, speakers ■ ' iiS: ■.-.•.•vv- mm mm. :-A: ■:•.:■. §•;:•• senator alan cranstor ' ■ he fail semester brought a number of speakers to campus, spon- red by a variety of campus organizations. Many of the speeches e e politically-oriented, given amidst last-minute debating befou h e November elections. 9 ... Brathwaite called for a " different kind of politics traiU vds the .full participation of all people in order to survive. " i.ivter Ward spoke on the corruption at high levels of city govei oe!it. Lots of people believed him and elected him county sup i-nr, Julian Goodman, president of NBC, asked for the elimij on of the Fairness Doctrine. And Cesar Chavez, organizer of t .;ni$ed Farm Workers Union, came to plead his cause in the fif it;oinst Proposition 22 . t xubjra Winslow, feminist lecturer and historian, came to spe n the present status of women. Both candidates for Los AngtS h ' iSrict attorney— Vincent Bugliosi and Joseph Busch— came to jj ill. ' students why each of them was the better man. George Rd ity, secretary for Housing and Urban Development, politicl or President Nixon by explaining how he " has made steps in t ■undation of a generation of peace. " j S. Senator Alan Cranston spoke in support of presidential hoi) ' ! George McGovern and declared that the reelection of Nixi •!.;!d guarantee four more years of war in Indochina. And £ ,.)min Spock, presidential candiate for the Peace and Freedi ■ told of the need for an independent political movement api wny organized party system. viuse out the semester, Pulitzer-prize winning coiu nderson spoke out on freedom of the press— or lack then »{ I. " ■Jk-.i w ' ti ' 1 f 1 f 1 — - " mt K " B l m A V I A jk « " H H 1 1 32 33 34 35 There was a new kind of registering for stu- dents this year with the voting age lowered to 18. And then there were two conventions— both in Miami. And George McGovern ran against Richard Nixon. And some people bothered to vote. And everything turned out just the same as it had been for the past four years. Funny thing about elections— they never change. 36 J J?: t 37 troy camp The experience of Troy Camp is a child and a student finding themselves as individuals by discovering each other. An honest question ... a helping hand ... a thank you ... a friendship. Troy Camp is nature hikes, learning to swim, playing games, camping in the forest overnight, riding horses, painting pictures, and sharing songs around a campfire. Above all, Troy Camp is a feeling of companionship shared by two strangers who have found a need for each other. 38 ■r ir IB I nil . . j| 39 " ttSM " m %«» ; lifl. ■ . 4r . » II 1 9 ' ■■ " H SKi- ' ' : homecoming 43 . .-CH-: ■ ■■ ' ■ ' ' •-i li - . -i r ' ■!• 4. .• vf ■• , crafts fair 46 Alumni park became a marketplace for a troupe of artisans from all over Southern California when they gathered on the campus in December. The artists displayed their wares and practiced their art for all to see, including candle-making, leatherwork, jewelry-making, string art, and woodcarving. The Crafts Fair was a colorful, leisurely way to beat the Christmas rush. A7 • «l-.- % % ff ' " % m i ,.-j ' . % ii 50 who was that lady i saw you with? 51 band night chamber orchestra marching band jazz band symphony orchestra woodwind orchestra 52 .- " .■SRijn « ;5% 53 54 mystic knights of the oingo boingo 55 the busch gardens great canoe race It will go down in history as the Busch Gardens Great Canoe Race, but for most of the USC and UCLA students who took part, the rush to the beer pavilions was more fast and furious than the teams paddling circles around each other. Playing upon the long-time crosstown rivalry between the two universities, Busch Gardens sponsored the first 72-hour canoe race of its kind. The course was the three-quarter mile lap around the gardens lagoon — a picturesque voyage past waterfalls, tropical foliage and hundreds of interested bird life found at the park. The lead changed hands six times, with UCLA ahead at one point by six laps. But the Trojans rallied from behind and pulled ahead with eight hours left in the contest, keeping the lead all the way through to win the marathon by just one lap. The race at the pavilions was probably just as close as the students, along with all other visitors to the gardens, con- sumed gallons of Busch, Budweiser and Michelob free of charge. The race put on a few shows of its own as canoes capsized five times, spilling their occupants into the lagoon and cool- ing down the pace somewhat. UCLA fell victim to the topsy- turvy vessel four times, while USC had only one mishap. When it was all over, the winning Trojans had paddled a total of 432 laps, or 324 miles. Nobody was counting how much beer they drank. TL m i.- . mMi) ir-fJ--.M ' 58 1 S the prime of miss jean brodie university judicial group a Hadlcy Falk, Vicki Blessing, Blair Bryant, Muriel Leventhal, Jed Beebe (chief justice) 60 First Row: Steve Rasch, Bruce Cohen, Nancy Cohen, Tom Offuft. Second Row: Joyce Dixon, Kristen Johnson (chief justice). Holly Anne Stoll (intern), Maria Stratton university judicial group b 61 student programming board Gary Wayland, Randy Zomar, Marilyn Smith, Carolyn Suarcz, Bob Shiota, Bruce Mitchell, Rocky Barilla, Arturo Abarca, Jack Fields, Cliff Ishii, Vincent Yip 62 Due to a variety of reasons (namely petty politics and even pettier politicians), the Associated Students of Southern California gov- erning body was disbanded after the invalidations of the May 1972 elections. In an effort to find a governing body suitable to all students, the vice-president of student affairs sent questionnaires to the student body, resulting in the consensus that an interim governing board be implimented to study the problem and make use of the student pro- gramming fee fund in providing campus activities and programs of interest to all. Composed of nine members representing various campus interests, the Student Programming Board tried to devise an alternative scheme to its interim body. Unfortunately, the board was caught up in a series of identity crises long into its term and only towards the end began to deal with basic student problems and the future. 63 university administrators chancellor topping During Norman Topping ' s twelve-year term as presi- dent, use experienced a renaissance of growth which climaxed in its membership in the Association of American Universities. Massive changes came about in academics as well as the physical plant, as Dr. Topping ' s Master Plan began to take shape. Most of the goals he set out to accomplish have been realized, yet he continues to serve the university. As chairman of the Board of Trustees Committee on Development, Chancellor Topping maintains a dual role of fund raiser and advisor to the trustees on issues concerning the university. Dr. Topping sees more emphasis on upper division and graduate education at USC, as well as at other large urban universities. Ever-increasing education costs are forcing students to complete their first two undergraduate years at community colleges and later attending major universities. For the future of USC, Dr. Topping said, " I think we have a great opportunity in this community for a private university to really lead the way to new edu- cational programs and improvement of higher edu- cation itself. " ? ( :« «r James Appleton Vice-President for Student Affairs Daniel Novvak Dean of Men 66 • L » :... Robert Mannes Dean of Student Life Joan Schaefer Dean of Women 67 Gloria Mycklebust Director Student Services Center Paul Moore Director pT Student Activities Office Alvin Rudisil University Chaplain 68 Addie Klotz Director Student Health Center Jerry Wulk Director Office for International Students 69 an interview with tlie president ■ John r. hubbard It is a sunny afternoon towards the end of March as President John Hubbard slowly leans back in his chair inside a spacious office in the Bovard Administration Building. Very slowly and consciously he draws the vapors through the filter of his cigarette and then leans forward, exhibiting a wry expression. He does not want to talk about the law suit a group of students have filed against the university in response to the proposed $240 tuition increase. He, like other university officials, has been requested not to speak about it. But other than that, there are very few things about the university that President Hubbard is not willing to speak of. He calls USC " an infectious place " and is more than pleased to be sitting in the position of president. Looking back upon nearly three years as the chief administrator, he believes the university has tremendous potential for growth and acceleration in new fields as well as old. " We are the very model of an urban university, " he says. " Los Angeles is the greatest laboratory a university could ever have. " He continues to speak with pride concerning use ' s multidisciolinarv oroerams in which students are directly involved with problem-oriented situations. He sees no real difference in today ' s students as compared with those when he began teaching 25 years ago. " There is no different motivation, no real difference in skills or the equipment they bring with them to the uni- versity, " he says. " However, their intelligence has been tested more, stretched more and exposed to a more rigorous preparation than when I first began teaching. " They know what our forefathers knew and have ex- panded it. They jave that same desire for learning, that same love for learning. Some say students today are more socially aware, but I don ' t agree. I ' ve seen students go through the Depression, and 1 can ' t say they were less aware of what was going on then than they are today. " President Hubbard believes there are three integral parts to every university— the faculty, the students and the library. He considers the administration to be a necessary infra- structure that gets things done that must be done. " If the three units are working well together, then the administra- tion is doing its job, " he says. " The administration is necessary, but it is not the central element of the university system. " The roles of a university president are many and varied, and President Hubbard ' s activities are no real exception to the rule. To the Board of Trustees, he is the spokesman for students and faculty, acting as a sort of middleman between the groups. His participation in student affairs is mainly as an advisor, leaving most of the decision-making up to the students themselves. He believes the new system of uni- versity governance which will become effective next fall will be a responsible and effective forum for ideas and actions. " We have looked responsibly at our problems, and we are working together for solutions. " he says. Although President Hubbard finds his work in administra- tion one of value and interest, his true satisfaction lies in the British history classes he teaches each year. He con- siders the professors at USC " the means and mechanisms of the university. " His whole life has been devoted to academics. " If I can aid and abet any type of educational programs, I ' m pleased with my work. " Among his most prized gifts is the London Times ' " History of Our Times, " a book given to him by the students in his class this year. To him, it symbolizes the true meaning be- hind his dedication to the students and the university. He seeks to have his students use their knowledge, especially knowledge of history, to bring about an ordered change for the future. " We can believe in such a thing as truth without actually having it, " he says. " But even so, it will always be ourgoaL " I » If i ' 2«1 SO K ' W T DO YOU icocreaseJI m HY i : 1. GROW ONLu , ftTUDEWTl( ■ 848 TUITION As springtime blossomed into fu ll bloom at use, so did a variety of protests. A group of students presented the university with a law suit in answer to the proposed $240 tuition increase. That was followed by a demonstra- tion in support of the 11 chicano students expelled after their boycott of classes when use Teacher Corps was not allowed to begin a school in " Little Valley, " a chicano barrio. Both demonstrations were, for the most part, small. Neither made too much of a stir on campus, for while the politicians were storm- ing off to the business affairs and president ' s offices, other students were resting in Alumni Park, participating in frisbee championships or romping with the many dogs to be found. Others, with classes ended for the day, were off to find the nearest beach. •- v»,» ' fkA fit " ' . 78 l i international festival ' " 79 the last week of march r The use campus went avant-garde the last week in March when the Festival of the Arts brought music, dance, film and other art forms to the university. Whether it was Captain Beefheart, Water Whis- tle (an amphibious concert) or watching a movie orgy, the Festival offered a variety of activities. There was something for everyone. Students had the opportunity to participate in some of the events, such as carrying cinder blocks up and down eight floors of Birnkrant Dorm — just for the sake of doing it. Summing up the week, John Sullivan, program advisor, said, " Here you challenge your own ex- perience and move at your own pace. " But it seems that most students never bother to accept the challenge, for even with all the publicity and varied attractions, the Festival lost finan- cially and the events were disappointing in at- tendance. 80 81 waltz of the toreadors 82 83 mayoral candidates Four of the leading contenders for the mayor of Los Ange- les — Sam Yorty, Tom Reddin, Tom Bradley and Jess Unruh — were among the top spring semester ' s speakers. Although only Yorty and Bradley made it to the runoffs, the other candidates brought up a number of interesting points about Los Angeles. Unruh claimed the city has the most shortsighted, incom- petent and corrupt leadership at the local level of any place in the nation. " This city government has, for the past twelve years, abandoned any attempts at leadership in bringing our people closer together or providing enough daily services. " Reddin called for a coordinated attack on urban blight throughout the city and said about revenue sharing: " The city should spend the money returned by the federal gov- ernment on programs which upgrade the quality of life in the city rather than patching up budget deficits as is now being done. " 84 Yorty said the No. 1 problem in Los Angeles is the crime rate and blamed the situation on the soft sentences given to repeated criminals. He called L.A. " the best mana ed city in the United States, " and said, " the air, as far as ' ndustry is concerned, is in pretty good shape in Los Angeles County. " Bradley emphasized the need to limit the expansion and growth of Los Angeles, and when asked about the possi- bility of rationing gasoline in the state replied: " It ' s a ridiculous plan to reduce driving in Los Angeles by 82 per- cent. We ' re tied to the automobile because we don ' t have a mass transportation system. " 85 The political scene continued to remain strong throughout the spring semester, continually reemphasized with such speakers as New York Senator James Buckley and Georgia legislator Julian Bond. Buckley spoke out in favor of a strong national defense, claiming the United States ' strategic power is beginning to de- teriorate in certain areas. About Watergate, he said, " The Senate has done some rather questionable things with the scope of sub- poena power. The FBI files contain mali- cious rumors which can destroy reputa- tions. It ' s dangerous stuff. " Bond said the black people should re- organize to continue the civil rights ad- vances of the 60s and stop the racial de- cline of the 70s. " America ' s single most serious problem is racism. While Supcrfly runs rampant, we are getting the shaft, " he said. 86 ,4B - ' •• •»? ¥ ' . living groups 11 " IBBWHHW " ' ! MHImMmM H rV. TrtHS® ' pSiSiiiii ii ■ 1 ■« [ " WiinMinMii women ' s hails association Top Row, L-R: Robin Johnson - Dorm Coordinator, Jonda Rourke - Advisor, Larie Smith - Dorm Coordinator, Chris Weast - Dorm Coordinator. Bottom Row; Carol Talkington - Treasurer, Kathy Arthur - Vice-president, Caron Warner - President, Toni Cunningham - Secretary, Karen Pekuri - Food and Housing. :;? ;■■ ' ■■ ' ■ ■-;. v : ti ■ ,. .y V , ; ' v w...r men ' s halls association Front Row, L-R: Mike Runzler, Ken Millage, Bill Williams. Second Row: John Matthes, Bill King, Don Dcchant, Mike Dorthalina. residential life staff Back Row, L-R: Lou Smaldino, John Pilgcr, Vern Whybrew, Vince Salvi, Craig Stevens, Don Bufkin, Rudi Schmidt, Shannon Hcrran, Ralph Cam- pillo, Ced Curtis, Kathy Forte, Ed Dixon, Hans Reichl, Micky McCIune, Steve Crum, Pat Lucas, Alex Szafran, Keith Keener, Rick Hesse, Debbie Bass, Chris LaBarthe Middle: Wavnc Gun- ther. Bob Nolan, Brad Taft, Chris Ball, Elaine Wirgart, Kris Johnson, Karen Chappell, Jonda Rourke. Front Row: Patti Pilger, Nancy Folks, Helen Wa- kabyashi. Sue Watson, Marilyn Nie- man, Debbie Dillon, Linda Broussard, Robyn Kuhn, Angela Curcuru, Jennifer Eckhart, Jon Shapiro, Bill Yoshimoto, Mike Smith, Frank Neeri, George Rod- man. Missing: Teri Brown, Pam Ser- mak, Pam Grey, Muffy Whitmore, Ann Harmon, Debbie Baugh, Vicki Bennett, Neil Nunakowa, Bob Owen, Aaron Thain, Jim Wainwright, Fred Fujioka, Willie Wu, Rick Springer, Dave Ercke, Gail Martin, Blaine Boyer. 89 women s residence halls birnkrant college-university elizabeth vonkleinsmid 90 91 92 There is no such thing as romance in our day, women have become too brilliant . . . -Wilde WOMEN ONLY 93 94 men ' s residence halls marks marks tower trojan touton " wild " west 95 96 97 98 . . . give me the young man who has enough brains to make a fool of himself. —Stevenson 99 TMf CtUB the club Front Row, L-R: Lorin Johnson, Tom Butler, David Gib- bons, Ben Wong. Back Row; Ruben Burrola, Bill Crowe, Dave Howe, Chuck Howard, Richard Hall, Greg Caskey, Dave Shoemaker, Mark Shultz. soroptomist house Front Row, L-R: Michiko Kobaya- shi, Lee Wilbur, Karen Kennedy. Second Row: Carol Vander Roest, Deborah Singer, Barbara Peck, Tuyen Nguyen, Tina Navarrete, Connie Buffkin, Hwie Liem, Anna Marino (Resident Advisor — Unit 2), Amita Rodman. Third Row: Wendy Darling (House Mom — Unit 1), Virginia Tan, Wen-Hsing Yen, Tien Tien Kiat, Bich Ngoc Nguyen, Kath- leen Takahashi, Harriet Ruiz. graduates school of architecture and fine arts PAUL ALLMAN B.F.A., Fine Arts ROBERT AULL B.F.A., Fine Arts GARY BASTIEN B.S., Architecture BARRY BIEHL B.S., Architecture EDWARD BILEZIKJIAN B.S., Architecture SUSAN BRILES B.F.A., Fine Arts RUBEN BURROLA B.S., Architecture ALICE CARTER B.F.A., Fine Arts FELLX CASTILLO B.S., Architecture CEDRIC CURTIS B.S., Architecture EDWARD DIESTELKAMP B.S., Architecture CYNTHIA DIFLEY B.F.A., Arts Dean Samuel Hurst DO NALD DUNHAM B.S., Architecture STEVEN EMMI B.S., Architecture JEFFERY FINESILVER B.S., Architecture ROBERT FFTZSIMMONS B.S., Architecture RICHARD FRIEDSON Ph.D., Architecture gfe , • ' 1 I 1 Itiil ■? 1 1 1 1 1 ' V DEBORAH GIBBS B.F.A., Art SHAUNEENGOUGH B.F.A., Fine Arts ROBERT MARKER B.S., Architecture JILL HARRIS B.A., Art History SUDA HOUSE B.F.A., Fine Arts DEBORAH IRM AS B.F.A., Studio STEPHANIE KASIMOFF B.F.A., Painting IKJAEKIM B.S., Architecture RONALD KIYOMURA B.F.A., Fine Arts LINDA LANGMADE B.F.A., Fine Arts HONG LEE M.A., Architecture KENNETH LEE B.S., Architecture JON LOW B.S., Architecture MARTIN MANCINI B.S., Architecture GEORGE MARTIN B.S., Architecture GREGG MAYFIELD B.S., Architecture LYNRAE MC CLINTOCK B.F.A., Fine Arts It , DENNIS MCFAPPEN B.S., Architecture DOUGLAS MORELAND B.S., Architecture IAN NESTLER B.S., Architecture JOHN NEUMYER B.S., Architecture WILLIAM OSBORN B.F.A., Art Education MICHAEL RAMSEY B.S., Architecture REID REILLY B.F.A., Fine Arts SALLY REISH B.F.A., Fine Arts g£ ' " «» »«. .« •■ ALAN REYNOLDS B.S., Architecture RICHARD ROWE B.S., Architecture MONA SODERSTROM B.F.A., Fine Arts RICHARD SOL B.S., Architecture ROBERT STRATTON B.S., Architecture STEPHEN STREETER B.S., Architecture CLIFFORD SUEN B.S., Architecture MASAYASU SUZUKI M.S., Architecture YO TAKIMOTO B.S., Architecture THERESA THCMV1PSON M.F.A., Painting CHARLES TRENBETH B.S., Architecture WILLIAM TUNG B.S., Architecture WAYNE TWEDELL M.A., Architecture JEFF VANDERBORGHT B.S., Architecture JOHN WARNKE B.S., Architecture MARIA WONG B.S., Architecture ROGER YANAGITA B.S., Architecture school of business administration school of business graduate school of business administration BRUCE AKIN5 B.S., Finance DON ALLEN •S., Accounting RICHARD ALLSHOUSE M.B.A., Finance JAMES ANDEREGG B.S., Marketing CHARLES ANDERSON B.S., Business SCOTT ANDREIKO B.B.A., Bus. Admin. RICHARD ANDREWS B.S., Bus. Admin. BRUCE ARNOLD B.S., Bus. Admin. GARY ARNOLD B.S., Accounting GREGORY AU B.S.. Marketing and Bus. Communications CHARLES AUFHAMMER M.B.A., Entrepreneurship MARILYN BACON B.S., Marketing JULIE BAHR B.S., Business VERNON BAKER M.S. Business CRAIG BARNES B.S., Business V RONALD BARRE %S., Finance ' RONALD BECK B.S., Accounting TOM BENSCOTER B.S., Finance CRAIG BICKEL B.S., Bus. Admin. JAMES BINNS M.B.A., Bus. Admin. BELINDA BLACK M.B.A., Bus. Admin. EDWARD BLACKMAN B.S., Marketing ROBERT BONNELL B.S., Finance GREGORY BOWMAN M.B.A., Management JOSEPH BRADY M.B.A., Finance HAROLD BREIDENBAUGH M.B.A., Management ROBERT BREMER M.B.A., Business ROBERT BREWER B.S., Bus. Admin. STEVEN BRIDGES B.S., Bus. Admin. KENNETH BRONNER M.B.A., Finance BESSIE BROOKS B.S., Bus. Admin. NEVADA BROOKS M.S., Bus. Admin. DENNIS BROWN M.B.A., Bus. Admin. GROVER BROWN M.B.A., Business SAYLE BROWN B.S., Business MICHAEL BROWN B.S., Accounting JEFFERY BRYNAN B.S., Bus. Admin. • ' » PHILIP BUCHMAN B.S., Accounting WILLIAM BURBRIDGE B.S., Int. Bus. JOHN BURKHOLDER B.S., Accounting RICHARD BUTEFISH M.B.A., Finance MICHAEL BY ARD B.S., Bus. Admin. ROBIN CALDER B.S., Bus. Admin. PANO CAPERONIS M.B.A., Management RICHARD CARTER M.B.A., Accounting LEROY CARVER B.S., Finance STEVEN CERRINA B.S., Business CHRISTINA CHAN B.S., Marketing LELANDCHAN M.B.A., Bus. Admin. RONALD CHAPMAN B.S., Finance STEVEN CHEALANDER B.S., Accounting EDMUND CHEUNG B.S., Business RUSSELL CHILDREY B.S., Marketing CLINTON CHING M.S., Mgmt. Act. PAULCHINN B.S., Accounting ESSIE CHU B.S., Marketing ROBERT CHUNG B.S., Accounting THOMAS CIES B.S., Bus. Admin. BRETT CLARK V B.S., Accounting CRAIG CLARK B.S., Finance, R.E. FREDERICK CLAYTON B.S., Bus. Admin. JOHN COCHERELL B.S., Accounting CHARLES COCHRANE B.S., Finance LEROY COLEMAN B.S., Bus. Admin. MARK COLLINS B.S. Management ROBERT COLPITTS B.S., Bus. Admin. SEAN CONLEY B.S., Bus. Manag. JOHN CONRAD B.S., Marketing KENNETH CORRERA B.S., Management KENNETH COX ;- B.S., Management EUGENE CRAWFORD B.S., Bus. Admin. WILLIAM CROWHURST B.S., Marketing JOHN DALTON B.S., Accounting RONALD DAVID M.B.A. JOSEPH DAVIS M.B.A. DAVID DAWSON B.S., Finance GEORGE DEARING M.B.A. WILLIAM DEIHL B.S., Accounting DALE DEMPSTER B.S., Marketing FRANK DENBY B.S., Accounting MICHELLE DeVERE B.S., Accounting ROBERT DICKERSON B.S., Accounting BARTON DICK INS B.S., Business WENDY DICTCSON B.S., Bus. Admin. WILLIAM DINSMORE M.B.A., Finance PIERRE DOLEY M.B.A., Bus. Admin. THOMAS DORM AN B.S., Accounting ARTHUR DOTY B.S., Mark, and Bus. Communications JAMES DOUGLAS M.B.A., Management PHILIP DRAGOTTO B.S., Accounting STEPHEN DUFFY B.S., Finance JEFF DUNIGAN B.S., Bus. Admin. RONDUNNER B.S., Bus. Admin. PAULDURONGAPIDYA B.S., Management ' RICHARD EISEN B.S., Finance LARRY ELKINGTON B.S., Marketing TIMOTHY FARMER B.S., Accounting JOSEPH FAULKNER B.S., Finance RACHEL FELTON B.S., Marketing FREDRICK FERRO B.S., Marketing CLIFFORD FIELDS B.S., Accounting PHILIP FISCHELLA B.S., Business HARRY FISCHER B.S., Accounting HOWARD FLETCHER B.S., Marketing ROBERT RORES B.S., Finance LAWRENCE FOLKS B.S., Accounting CLARENCE FONG B.S., Management STEVE FORTNER B.S., Finance JAMES FOSTER B.S., Finance - SCOTT FOSTER B.S., Finance ALAN FRANK B.S., Accounting STEVEN FRIENDENTHAL B.S., Accounting ROBERT CAERTNER B.S., Finance ARM AND GAGNIER M.B.A., Business JAMES GATES B.S.. Business PATRICIA GILL M.B.A., Marketing JAMES GILLETTE B.S., Accounting ROBERT GOBRECHT B.S., Int. Bus. DANIEL GORMAN B.S., Finance ALAN GRAF B.S., Bus. Mgt. JANET GREENE B.S., Business GERALD GREER B.S., Finance CATHERINE GRIMM B.S., Management SAMUEL GRINELS M.B.A., B.E.D.E.P. GERRY GUMSER B.S., Management fa«i;gwga»« ?fflaaHgi« M»BX-» rtrnm-i : ji- - J T r . j f f. 1 • ' ■x t ; Ifl A ROBERT GUNNIN B.S., Accounting ROGER HAGOPIAN M.B.A., Finance DAVE HALE B.S., Accounting DONALD H AMMAN B.S., Accounting 3 ROBERT HAMMER B.S., Accounting DAVID HANN AH B.S., Bus. Admin. LARRY HANSON B.S., Accounting THOMAS HANSON B.S., Finance STEVEN HARA B.S., Marketing ' .■ • i % JOEL HARRIS M.B.A., B.E.D.E.P. CAR TEE HARRIS M.B.A., Management MARK HARRIS B.S., Finance IRIS HARVEY B.S., Bus. Admin. HERBERT HAWKINS B.S., Bus. Admin. r: f: ROBERT HEALY B.S., Business SCOTT HEIM BR ODT B.S., Marketing MICHAEL HEMPSTEAD B.S., Marketing ROBERT HENKEL B.S., Business GREGORY HICKEY B.S., Accounting PETER HILL B.S., Management KAREN HIXON B.S., Management MARVIN HIXON M.B.A., Bus. Admin. BARRY HOEVEN M.S., Business CHRISTINE HOFFMAN B.S., Bus. Admin. HENRY HOLGUIN B.S., Business HALEVY HONG B.S., Bus. Admin. MARJORIE HONNAKA B.S., Marketing CHARLES HOWARD B.S., Management SCOTT HOWARD B.S., Bus. Admin. EDWIN HOWELL B.S.,Mark.Mgmt. STEVEN HOYLE B.S., Accounting DENNIS ITO B.S., Business SHIZUD ITO B.S., Business HIDEHIKO IWASAKl B.S., Management JOEL JACOBS B.S., Management JOHN JACOBS B.S., Accounting EVAN JAMES B.S., Real Estate ROBERT JENNESS B.S., Management JOHN JENSEN B.S., Finance LARRY JOHNSON M.B.A. MARSHALL JOHNSON B.S., Finance RUSSELL JOHNSON B.S., Finance KRISTEN JORDAN B.S., Marketing TAKETSUGU KAMURO B.S., Accounting CHARLES KEAS B.S., Finance IRENEKEEGA B.S., Bus. Admin. ROBERT KELLEY B.S., Finance DOUGLAS KEMP B.S., Marketing WALLACE KENDRICK B.S., Business PAUL KENT B.S., Finance PAULKETELHUT B.S., Business ALBERT KHATCHATOURIAN B.S., Management MICHAEL KIDD B.S., Management SUNG KIM B.S., Accounting YOUNG-KYUKIM M.B.A., Quant. Bus. Admin. KENT KIMBALL B.S., Bus. Admin. ROBERT KIRCHER M.S., Bus. Admin. MICHAEL KLINT B.S., Inf. Finance KEN KNIGHT B.S., Management HIROKAZU KOBAYASHI B.S., Business THOMAS KOEHLER B.S., Business OSAMUKOMIYA M.B.A., Bus. Admin. JORDAN KORT B.S., Accounting CHRISTOPHER KRIMBALL B.S., Finance CHARLES KROENERT B.S., Bus. Admin. LAURIE KURAMOTO B.S., Management FRED LABANKOFF B.S., Accounting M MJH ■Btai H iMBH i KENNETH LANDSMAN B.S., Accounting WILLIAM LARUE B.S., Finance DAVID LAWRENCE B.S., Accounting WILLIAM LAZZERINI B.S., Marketing HENRY LEE B.S., Finance JAMES LEE B.A., Managements MYENG LEE B.S., Accounting WENDY LEES B.S., Accounting ROBERT LEVITT B.S., Management RUSSELL LIMPRECHT B.S., Accounting CORA LIN M.S., Business ERIC LINDER B.S., Finance ■ ! ROBERT LITSCH! B.S., Accounting JOHN LLOYD JR. M.B.A. STEPHEN LOCATELLI B.S., Accounting LUCY LOO B.S., Quant. Bus. SHARON LOUIE B.S., Int. Mark, i PATRICK LUCAS B.S., Accounting ROBERT LUPTON B.S.,Pers.Mgmt. WILLIAM MANNINO B.S., Accounting MING MAR B.5., Finance PHILIP MARSHALL B.S., Accounting RICHARD MARTING M.B.A. 1 » ' f. HI Hj m ' - ' - " ' " ' MARVIN MAST B.S., Bus. Admin. PAUL MATH ANS B.S., Bus. Admin. DAVID MAYEKAWA B.S., Bus. Admin. EDWARD MAYER M.B.A., Finance TIM McCLEAN B.S., Accounting kt- . " ' ■ MHjjH w 1 " 1 H MSS ■ 1 IPI H Jm ' - ' V L K. ». -• ' ' ' ' UB - ll 1 m 1 PATRICK McCORMlCK B.S., Bus. Admin. STEPHEN McDANNOLD B.S., Finance HUGHMcENTlRE B.S., Management MARYMcGOEY M.B.A., Bus. Admin. FREDRICK McNUTT M.B.A., Bus. Admin. PATRICIA MEANS B.S., Bus. Admin. FRITZ MENDOZA M.B.A., Marketing MARK vlERRYFIELD B.S., Marketing JOHNMICKELSEN M.B.A., Finance Mgmt. JOHNMIKUCKIJR. B.S., Accounting JOHN MILLER B.S., Accounting WAYNE MILLER B.S., Finance ELIASMIZRACHI B.S., Accounting ROBERT MONOSMITH B.S., Bus. Admin. GOLDIE MONTGOMERY B.S., Bus. Admin. . i u-m . : ■ ;.- ■; WWBWP f ' P ' i| »i " %l ' l " ; " « STEPHEN MONTGOMERY B.S., Management BYUNG MOON B.S., Accounting GLORIA MORELAND B.S., Bus. Admin. RANDALL MORIKAWA B.S., Finance JOHN MORRIS M.B.A. Business LES MOSELY B.S., Business STEVEN MOUNT B.S., Bus. Admin. JOSEPH MUNROE B.A., Accounting BRENTON MURDOCH B.S., Accounting AVERY MURRAH JR. M.B.A., Food Mark. MELINDA MURRAY B.S., Finance ELAINE NAGASAWA B.S., Accounting TANEKI NAKANO B.S., Bus. Admin. ATSUSHI NAKAOKA B.S., Bus. Admin. CORA NAKATA B.S., Bus. Admin. DENNIS NEEDLEMAN B.S., Finance I DAN NELSON M.B.A, Bus. Admin MARK NELSON-, B.S., Accounting RONALD NICKLAW M.B.A., Bus. Admin. MICHAEL NOEL M.B.A., Bus.Mgt. PURCHASING WORKSHOP moved io Heritage Hall mi;ii V i r " ■ WB MICHAEL NORRING B.S., Finance WILLIAM OAKES JR. B.S., Accounting BRIAN OLMSTED B.S., Finance JANET ONC B.S., Accounting MICHAEL ONG M.B.A. SALLY ONO B.S., Accounting KEVIN O-ROURKE B.S., Management RICHARD OWENS B.S., Finance RUSSELL PACKER B.S., Finance JOHNPAULSTON B.S., Finance WILLIAM PENNINGTON M.B.A. STEVEN PERRAM B.S., Communications CHRISTOPHER PETERSON B.S., Management DONALD PICHOVICH B.S., Management CHRIS PIKE B.S., Finance CHERYL PLOTKIN B.S., Accounting ANDREW POLLET B.A., Finance LANA POOLE MBA. THOMAS POWERS B.S., Business DAVID PRATT B.S., Bus. Admin. PETER PRE IS M.B.A. JOHNPRINGLE B.S., Bus. Admin. MARTIN REDER B.S., Business GREGORY REID B.S., Accounting ' M MICHAEL REIFSNYDER B.S., Accounting JOHN RHINESMITH, JR. M.B.A., Bus. Admin. i DENNIS RICE B.S., Bus. ManagemenI ERWIN RIEDER M.B.A., Bus. Admin. ; GEORGE RIVERA » B.S., Finance WILLIAM ROBERTS B.S., Management JOHN ROBIN B.S., Accounting JOHN ROELAND B.S., Marketing BILL ROUSE B.S., Finance RAYE RUDOLPH B.S., Bus. Admin. MICHAEL RUPERT B.S., Finance CHARLES RUSSELL B.S., Bus. Admin. RONALD SAMORE B.S., Finance JOANNE SANDERS B.S., Fin. and Mkt. ARTHUR SCHAEFER B.S., Accounting EDWARD SCHANTIN M.B.A., Bus. Admin. JEFFREY SCHEINROCK B.S., Accounting NORMAN SCHIFMAN B.S., Bus. Admin. CHARLES SCHINDLER B.S., Marketing KATHIE SCHLAFF B.S., Bus. Admin. PATRICK SCHLEIBAUM B.S., Accounting ROBERT SCHOWE B.S., Finance CHARLES SCHREIBER B.S., Finance JOHN SEAQU 1ST M.B.A., Business Administration EDWIN SEIBOLD B.S., Accounting JERRY SHEA B.S., Marketing MICHAEL SHERMAN B.S., Accounting WILLIAM SHINNER B.S., Finance JOHNSHIVELll M.B.A., Business Enterprise Development RANDALL SHUMWAY B.S., Management HUGH SILL B.S., Business DEAN SIMPSON B.S., Accounting MITCHELL SIMON B.S., Accounting Finance STEVEN SIZOO B.S., Finance DAVID SMITH M.B.A., Business Administration HARRY SMITH B.S., Finance - Marketing JAMES SMITH B.S., Finance - Accounting JAY SMITH B.S., Accounting KAREN SMITH B.S., Finance Quantatative Business Administration WILLIAM SMITH M.B.A., Finance GLENELL SMOOT M.B.A., Business Administration WILLARD SNYDER JR. B.S., Finance SUZETTE SOULANILLE B.S., Accounting ANTOINE SOUMAKIAN B.S., Bus. Mgl. I JEFFERY SPILKY f B.5., Finance WALLACE SPRINGSTEAD B. A., Finance KATHLEEN TAIT B.S., Bus. Admin. ANDY TALLMAN B.S., Accounting DENNIS TAN B.S., Business GREGORY THOMPSON B.S., Financeyj MAE THOMPSON M.B.A., Bus. Admin. WILLIAM TOWNSEND B.A., Accounting HAUSING TSE B.S., Finance WILLIAM TULLOSS JR. M.B.A., Bus. Admin. s 8 AVID TURNER B.S., Finance DONALD TURNER B.S., Marketing ROBERTA TURNER B.S., Accounting STEVE TUSZYNSKI M.B.A., Management ROBERT ULLMA B.S., Bus. Admin. FREDERICK UNGER B.S., Finance GARY VAN VALKENBURSH ' " S., Bus. Admin. OBERT VERHOEVEN .S., Management DOUGLAS VERLANDER B.S., Bus. Admin. KATHRYN VOLLUM B.S., Finance RICHARD WACKEEN B.S.,Fin. andMkt. JUDYWAKANO B.S., Accounting MICHAEL WALRAVEN B.S., Finance LANCE WALTER B.S., Finance EDWARD WEBER ,S., Accounting ARLWEDBERG B.S.,Bus. Ad. andMgt. AARON WEISS B.S., Real Estate RICHARD WEISS B.S., Fin. and Mkt. BED WEITZBERG M.B.A., Finance CRAIG WELLER " S., Bus. Admin. THOMAS WELLS B.S., Bus. Admin. THOMAS WELSH B.S., Finance ROBERT WEYGANDT B.S. Finance STEVEN WEYNAND fe M.B.A., Bus. Admin. PEARL WHITE B.S., Bus. Admin. THOMAS WHITELAU B.S., Business DAVID WILLIAMS B.S., Business RICHARD WILLIAMS B.S., Business RICHARD WILSON B.S., Business KENNETH WITT M.B.A., Bus. Admin. ROBERT WITT B.S., Bus. Admin. HOWARD WOLK B.S., Management : HARVEY WONG - B.S., Accounting ROBERT WOODS B.S., Finance GREGORY WOODSON B.S., Marketing GARY YOST B.S., Marketing CHARLES YOUNG B.S., Management l .;Vv ■■._M dental school Dean William Crawford RONALD AANERUD D.D.S., Dentistry RICHARD ABRAMS D.D.S., Dentistry I PHYLLIS ALBADE B.S., Dental Hygiene PAMELA BARISH B.S., Dental Hygiene JOYCE BARTLE B.S., Dental Hygiene DAVID BEACH D.D.S., Dentistry DENISE BLECH B.S., Dental Hygiene JERRY BLOORE D.D.S., Dentistry MYRA BRANDEL B.S., Dental Hygiene CHRISTINE BRIDGE B.S., Dental Hygiene AUGDSTO BROWN D.D.S., Dentistry R.DELBRUNNER D.D.S., Dentistry GERALD DANIELSON D.D.S., Dentistry THORNTON D ' ARC D.D.S., Dentistry NANCY DE FRANCISCO B.S., Dental Hygiene ROBERT DRESSLER D.D.S., Dentistry FRANK ENRIQUEZ D.D.S., Dentistry MARLENE FISHER B.S., Dental Hygiene POWERS FOSS D.D.S., Dentistry RICHARD HALL D.D.S., Dentistry DIANE HANSEN B.S., Dental Hygiene KIMBERLY HILL B.S., Dental Hygiene GREGORY HOLVE D.D.S., Dentistry JAMES HOPPER D.D.S., Dentistry DONALD HUBER D.D.S., Dentistry THOMAS HUGHES D.D.S., Dentistry GORDON JAMIE50N D.D.S., Dentistry NORMAN JE5CH JR. D.D.S., Dentistry DONALD JOBE D.p.S., Dentistry V-.JM W -g| ' Mm ,_ 1 LAURIE FRASER ; |gP B.S., Dental Hygiene W LINDA FUNK M k ' :: B.S., Dental Hygiene iijH " ' ' F H ROBERT GDRALDI f ' 19 h D.D.S., Dentistry Mm WM m JOHN GIVEN ' jL - B " D.D.S., Dentistry . ENRIQUE GONZALEZ D.D.S., Dentistry 1 1 .:l F »._ f 1 m i 5 s ::ii W i THERESA JONES B.S., Dental Hygiene BOYD JOYER JR. D.D.S., Denlistrv MICHAEL KADERA D.D.S., Dentistry NC«MAN KAJIKAWA D.D.S., Dentistry GEORGE KAO D-D.S., Dentistry JUNG KIM D.D.S., Dentistry KYUNG KIM D.D.S., Dentistry GINA KLEIN B.S., Dental Hygiene JAMES KLINE D.D.S., Dentistry JOHN KNOWLES D.D.S., Dentistry CHARLES KRILL D.D.S., Dentistry LAWRENCE KUNKIE D.D.S., Dentistry GARY LAINE D.D.S., Dentistry 1 l .iT B ' RH 1 - ilbs .S K i i Qy ARTHUR LENKE D.D.S., Dentistry STEPHEN LIDDLE D.D.S., Dentistry alOHN MARTELLA .D.S., Dentistry ONNIE MC CAMPBELD B.S., Dental Hygiene RONALD MILEHAM D.D.S., Dentistry " (• ?yv. " ,. jt ' ' , ' 5- ' ' . " v? ' ; ' ' ' ' ' ' ' Jt D.D.S., Dentistry GREG MLYNARCZYK D.D.S., Dentistry LYNNE NIKOLS B.S., Dental Hygiene JOHN NITTA D.D.S., Dentistry .™x. PATTERSON B.S., Dental Hygiene JOHN PEDERSEN D.D.S., Dentistry LAWRENCE PERKINS D.D.S., Dentistry ;ONALD MC DONALD D.D.S., Dentistry mfM r 1 1 1 MftJ. j flf JM|fe Iftrr 1 CRAIG PURSUIT D.D.S., Dentistry ANTHONY RIFORGIATE D.D.S., Dentistry NEVA RIGGERT B.S., Dental Hygiene JEFF ROCKHOLM D.D.S., Dentistry m -v WILLI; D.D.S., Dentistry LYNN SCHROEDER B.S., Dental Hygiene VALERIE SHADDIX B.S., Dental Hygiene WILLIAM SHERMAN D.D.S., Dentistry CANDACE SLAUGHTER B.S., Dental Hygiene CHARLES STEWART D.D.S., Dentistry JAMES TAKEDA D.D.S., Dentistry GEORGE TASHIRO D.D.S., Dentistry VERATOLMACHOFF B.S., Dental Hygiene JOHNTOMICH D.D.S., Dentistry RICHARD USINGER D.D.S., Dentistry JACK VON BULOW D.D.S., Dentistry JAMES WARD D.D.S., Dentistry FRANKWILKINSON D.D.S., Dentistry RICHARD WILLIAMS D.D.S., Dentistry _jlg I w ELIZABETH WILSON B.S., Dental Hygiene HASKELLWILSON D.D.S., Dentistry DANIEL WOODSON D.D.S., Dentistry MIKEYAGAISE D.D.S., Dentistry JOHNZIMBARO D.D.S., Dentistry SUSAN AINSLIE M.A., Education LINDA ALBERTONI B.S., Social Science FAHD AL-NASSAR M.S., Education SUZANNE ANDREWS B.A., Education , CAROLYN ANGEL M.S., Education WINFIELD ARN JR. M.S., Instructional Tech. GERALDINE ARUNDEL Ed.D., Special Education MARGIE ATHERTON B.S., Special Education SRIPRAE AYAWUNNA M.S., Education f AISHA BAHAR M.S.,Educ.Psyc. KAREN BRUMBAUGH B.S., Social Science MARGARET BUCKINGHAM M.S.,Excep.Ed MIKIE BURKE B.A., Elcm. Educ. TIRRY BUSTILLOS B.S., Social Science WINNIFRED CALEY B.S., Elem. Educ. ANN CHAMBERS B.S., Elem. Educ. COLLEEN CHEN B.S., Elem. Educ. PATRICIA COLLINS B.S., Social Science RICHARD CORIAN M.S., Education SANDRA COX M.S., Ed. Psycology SUSAN DARST B.S., Elcm. Educ. MONICA DELIO B.S., Education PATRICE DeSANTOS B.S., Spanish NANCY DICKERSON M.S., Elem. Educ. JOHN DIETERICH JR. M.S., Education MICHELE DiNlNO B.S., Social Science MAY DOI M.S., Elcm. Educ. KAREN DYER B.S.,Math ■r ' -tr,; sT ' [t ' HARRIET FEINSTEIN B.S., Social Sciences NANCY FOSTER B.S., Social Sciences COLLEEN GALLAGHER B.S., Social Sciences MAUREEN GALLAGHER B.S., Social Sciences EVELINE GEE E B.S. Elem. Educ. MARCIE GERBER B.S., Psychology ABDURHMAN GHENNEWA M.S., Education LAURETTA GIN B.S., Social Science LOREEN GOGAIN B.S., Elem. Educ. JAIME GONZALES Ph.D., Educ. Counselor ANNAMARIE GREEN B.S., Elem. Educ. BETSY GRETHER B.S., Social science BETTY GROSS M.S., Educ. Psychology KRISTIN HAAS B.S., Art Educ. LAURA HANSEN B.S., Social Science CARLA HARDING B.A., Art Educ. ANITRA HARRIS M.S., Education JANET HARRIS B.S., Education RUTH HARVEY B.S., Social Science CATHERINE HAUSER B.S., Elem. Educ. SHELLEY NELLMAN B.S., Elem Educ. PENNY HELMS B.S., Social Science BRIDGET HILDEBRAND B.S., Social Science GORDON HILL M.S., Counselor Educ. LUN HOO B.S., Elem. Educ. ' ft.- ' .: « i " " " ' " ' " " • ' ' " ' ■• . . 4J -U» J ■ 1 Ir ' V ' m i m k i ■P ' td IB ■ " E ( rfl m II K ii c Jf i% y w 1 f L_ CHRISTINE HOVEY B.S., Social Science KATHLEEN IRELAND B.S., Social Science BLANCHE JACKSON M.S., Educ. Psychology SAUD JAMMAZ Ph.D., Education i .- J It A J I r ' M M 1 m B ' ' . ' • flF ' I ■1 IB ■ HE ' i I T afl H « V- 4 P- ' ■iH K; v ;:a i ' l K M ' K i 3 1 i- J fi ly i ERNESTINE JEFFERSON B.S., Elem. Educ. SHIRLEY JEUNG B.S., Elem. Educ. EVA JEW B.S., Elem. Educ. DeWITT JOHNSON JR. M.A., Education JUDITH JONES M.S., Spec. Education BETTY JUNG B.S., Elem. Educ. CHRISTINE KATO B.S., Education ALICIA KAZIMIR B.S., Social Science JAMES KEEFE Ed.D., Education DAVID KENT B.S., Education FLORA KERR B.S., Social Science KARLA KOEPENICK B.S., Elem. Educ. CYNTHIA KOUTNY B.S., Social Sciences NANCY KRAMER B.S., Social Science EILEENE LaBARTHE Ed.D., Education DIANE LAPA B.S., Elem. Educ. MARY LAUGHARN B.S., Elem. Educ. SOOK LEE M.S., Instructional Tech. GLORIA LEGINTON M.S., Elem. Educ. SRISAN LEUNG M.S., Education MARIO LIBERATORE M.S., Educ. Admin. LAURIE LLOYD B.S., Elem. Educ. CONSTANCE LOCHER B.S., Elem. Educ. LORNA LOCKWOOD B.S., Elem. Educ. ELLEN MACRATO B.S., Art JOAN MARCHUS M.S., Rehabilitation Coun. LYNN MAREVICH B.S., Social Science EVELYN MARINO B.A., Elem. Educ. EDWARD MARKARIAN M.S., Education CHRISTINE MARCUS B.S., Social Science FLORA MARTIN M.S., Education CAROL McDANIEL B.S., Social Science DENISE MOORE B.S., Social Science THELMA MOORE M.S., Secondary Educ. DINA MORGAN B.S., Social Science MICHEAL MORRIS B.S., Social Science PATRICIA MORRIS B.S., Education JANE MORZOV B.S., Elem. Educ. PAULA MOSELY M.S., Education ROYAL MOULTON B.A., Marketing KATHY MUNROE B.S., Social Science MARJORIE MURPHY B.S., Social Science LYNNE NAEVE B.S., Elem. Educ. MARCERET NEDROW B.S., English SALLIGENE NEIL M.S., Physical Educ. FREDRICK NIGHTGALE Ed.D. Educ. Admin. ANN-MARIE OSTERHUES B.S., Elem. Educ. LYNN PAONESSA B.S., Social Sciences ANDREA PAP AC B.S., Social Science MARCIA PARKER B.S., Education JAN PATTEN M.S., Educ. Psyc. NANCY PHILLIPS M.S., Art Educ. JULIO PONCE deLEON M.S., Educ. Psych. MARILYN PROSPECTA B.S., Social Science ANDREA RACHMAN B.S., Psychology BARRIE SANDELL M.S., Voc. Rehab. KAREN SCHUMACHER B.S., English DARRELYN SCOTT B.S., Psychology ROSEMARY SELVA M.S., Educ. Psych. SUSAN SHEPARD B.S., Social Science BARBARA SHILDKROUT B.S., Elem. Educ. TERESA SIEGEL B.S., Elem. Educ. SANDRA SILVERMAN B.S., Education BBS ■■■ Mp- ' W w 1 1 kr i LOUIS SMALLWOOD M.S., Instructional Tech. RITA SPIEGELMAN B.S., Elem. Educ. FREDDIE ST. CYR M.S., Educ. Psych. LAURA STEARNS B.S., Psychology STANLEY STERN ' Ed.D., Education DENISE STEVENSON B.S., Elem. Educ. JANET STOLIY B.S., English LUCRESIA STURNS M.S., Counselor Ed. GAIL TABAH r B.5., Education f KERRY TERRY B.S., Social Science LINDA TIEDEMANN M.S., Social Science DOROTHY TILLUNGHAST Ed.D. Administration VEKING TOLLETTE M.S., Counselor Educ. JAN TURNER B.S., Social Science SHARI ULLMAN B.S., Social Science HELEN WAKABAYASHI B.S., Social Science HEATHER WALLACE B.S., Elem. Educ. HARRY WALKER Ed.D., Education ANN WAPPLE B.S., Social Science JANIE WARSCHAW B.S., Social Science TATE WASHINGTON B.S., Elem. Educ. MARTIN WATERS M.S., Instructional Tech. PAULINE ZUVELA B.S., English y w Bk I - U m r 1 ' A ViTT ' ' vi ■ ' fe school of engineering Dean Zohrab Kaprielian Hp»i r r ' a«H| H| H HlHI ARMAND AGUIRRE B.S., Electrical Eng. RIAH AL-MAZEEDI B.S., Industrial Eng. NABIL ALYASSINI Ph.D., Quantum Electronics ROBERT AMEN B.S., Applied Mechanics VARTAN BABAYAN M.S., Mechanical Eng. HILTON BARKI B.S., Civil Eng. SEYM ORE BENSKY B.S., Chemical Eng. SANTOSH BHATT B.S., Chemical Eng. JAMES BIERY B.S., Civil Eng. THOMAS BUTLER B.S., Civil Eng. JAMES CHAIX B.S., Aerospace Eng. DAVID CAMPBELL M.S., Aerospace Eng. | H||H| HH ■oain ' ' HHhii H H CHUNG CHIH CHEN M.S., Civil Eng. MARK COLELLA B.S., Electrical Eng. NICHOLAS CONDAP B.S., Electrical Eng. EDWARD DALEY M.S., Environmental Eng. MICHEL D ' ARLON B.S., Industrial Systems Eng. GILBERT DAWSON M.S., Computer Science JOHN DON M.S., Mechanical Eng. BRENT DUSSIA f ' B.S., Electrical Eng. ; GARY ECKERT B.S., Mechanical Eng. KARL EVANS B.S., Mechanical Eng. ALAN FOHRER B.S., Civil Eng. GREGORY FREEMAN B.S., Chemical Eng. FRANK FORD B.S., Chemical Eng. CARLOS FRANCO Ph.D., Electrical Eng. FRANCIS GANGLE B.S., Petroleum MAGDY AMIN GHABRIAL M.S., Structural Design DAVID GIBBONS B.S., Chemical Eng. DONALD GIDDINGS M.S., Electrical Eng. JUAN GONZALES B.S., Civil Eng. GARY GRAHAM M.S., Electrical Eng. DAVID GUNDLACH Ph.D., Civil Eng. RICHARD HAAS B.S., Electrical Eng. LYLE HILL M.S., Electrical Eng. JOHN HOGAN B.S., Civil Eng. GLENN HORI B.S., Chemical Eng. WILLIAM HUGHES B.S., Civil Eng. STEPHEN HUI B.S., Electrical Eng. JACK ISTIK B.S., Civil Eng. JOHN JACKSON B.S., Electrical Eng. ROBERTO JACUTIN B.S., Aerospace Eng. PETER JAKUBOWSKI B.S., Electrical Eng. IVAN JONES E.M.E., Mechanical Eng. JOHN JUNG B.S., Electrical Eng. DEEPAK KANUGA B.S., Chemical Eng. RICHARD KASA B.S., Mechanical Eng. DARRYL KELLY B.S., Electrical Eng. DAVID KILPATRICK B.S., Petroleum Eng. JAMES KINARD B.S., Industrial Systems Eng. GREG KOENIG B.S., Aerospace Eng. FAYE KUNG M.S., Computer Science WILKIN KWAN B.S., Aerospace Eng. HIANKIE KWEE B.S., Electrical Eng. CHRISTOPHER LANGE B.S., Industrial Systems Eng. KUEN LEE M.S., Electrical Eng. RICHARD LEE B.S., Mechanical Eng. CARLOS LEON-PONTE M.S., Industrial Systems Eng. MABELLY LEON-PONTE M.S., Industrial Systems Eng. JONG JEN LIE M.S., Electrical Eng. DALE LONDRE B.S., Electrical Eng. NGEE LOW M.S., Civil Eng. ROGER LUCAS M.S., Biomedical Eng. DAVID MAIER B.S., Chemical Eng. JOSE EDGARDO MANRIQUE M.S., Industrial Systems Eng. THOMAS MARCHESE B.S., Electrical Eng. DONALD MARSTON B.S., Industrial Systems Eng. JOHN MEEHAN B.S., Electrical Eng. THOMAS MEGNA B.S., Aerospace Eng. WILLIAM MEGOWAN B.S., Industrial Systems Eng. LARRY MEYER M.S., Computer Science EREMITA PIMENTA DE MIRANDA B.S., Electrical Eng. MARCELO MIRANDA B.S., Civil Eng. LLOYD MOORE B.S., Mechanical Eng. JOHN MULDER B.S., Electrical Eng. RICHARD NERONI M.S., Electrical Eng. MARK NOZAKI B.S., Petroleum JOEL OLDHAM B.S., Mechanical Eng. MARK PASCOO B.S., Chemical Eng. BRYSON PENNOYER Ph.D., Electrical Eng. HENRY PETERS B.S., Civil Eng. K . - GREGORY PETROVICH B.S., Electrical Eng. EUGENE POND B.S., Electrical Eng. MICHAEL POSS B.S., Applied Mechanics JOHN POTOSKY M.S., Material Science RADHA RAMASWAMI M.S., Bio-Medical Eng. GUILLERMO SELVA TAPIA M.S., Electrical Eng. RASHMIKANT SHETH B.S., Chemical Eng. ABDUL-HUSAIN SHIHAB B.S., Petroleum ROBERT SHUPE B.S., Civil Eng. GARY SreVERS M.S., Aerospace Eng. JOSEPH RAMOS III M.S., Electrical Eng. MICHAEL RICKARDS Ph.D., Aerospace Eng. JOSEPH ROUGE B.S., Aerospace Eng. JOHN ROWAN Ph.D., Electrical Eng. GERALD SEKIMURA B.S., Electrical Eng. r:s» -i V - ' A PETER SMITH B.S., Civil Eng. BYUNG SONG M.S., Electrical Eng. BEHZAD SOROUDI M.S., Industrial Systems Eng. TERRY STANHOPE M.S., Electrical Eng. MARIANNE STEELE B.S., Mechanical Eng. KIKI SUTANTYO B.S., Electrical Eng. STANLEY TAD A B.S., Civil Eng. ALI TADJALLI B.S., Electrical Eng. STEVEN TAKAHASHI B.S., Civil Eng. STEVEN TANG M.S., Mechanical Eng. THOMAS TATHAM B.S., Civil Eng. WILLIAM TAYLOR B.S., Industrial Systems Eng. POK-ZIN TEO B.S., Chemical Eng. LARRY TICHAUER B.S., Electrical Eng. JOE TIEE B,S., Electrical Eng. -:r.r-jr ' - - k. ' - " y ' rnmm GERARD TOLENTINO B.S., Chemical Eng. ANaKUMAR TRIVEDI Ph.D., Electrical Eng. RAJIV TRIVEDI B.S., Chemical Eng. FREDERICK TYDEMAN B.S., Electrical Eng. DAVID TYLER B.S., Petroleum Eng. . ERIDA ULDRICH B.S., Chemical Eng. RONALD VAN ORDEN B.S., Civil Eng. OANH VO B.S., Chemical Eng. RICHARD WALKER M.S., Civil Eng. GARY WALTER B.S., Mechanical Eng. ; ALAN WALTI M.S., Ocean Eng. JOHN WEST M.S., Mechanical Eng. DANIEL WHYTE B.S., Civil Eng. JACK WITZ M.S., Industrial Systems Eng. EDWARD WONG B.S., Electrical Eng. GILBERT WONG M.S., Materials Science GLENN WONG B.S., Chemical Eng. KATHERINE WONG B.S., Civil Eng. KENNETH WOZNIAK B.S., Mechanical Eng. FLORENCE YEE B.S., Civil Eng. PIERINO ITALO ZAPPELLA B.S., Electrical Eng. [ L 1 j k H w ■ W " ' ' " ' ' ' V ' l school of law Dean Dorothy Nelson ' x nlH fl LAURENCE BUZAID J.D. THOMAS CLARK J.D. STEPHEN COOLEY J.D. CANDACE COOPER J.D. MERRILLYN ERSKINE J.D. STANLEY HODGE J.D. WILLIAM KENNON J.D. RALPH MARTINEZ J.D. DAVID RODRIGUEZ JD. JEFFREY SCALLET J.D. JONATHON SHER J.D. ANDREW SMYTH J.D. JOHN SOUKUP J.D. RONALD WASSERMAN J.D. LUCY WILKES J.D. air force rote High Flight John Callespie Magee, Jr. Oh, I have slipped the surly bonds of earth And danced the skies on laughter- silvered wings; Sunward I ' ve climbed and joined the tumbling mirth Of sun-split clouds— and done a hundred things You have not dreamed of— wheeled and soared and swung H h in the sunlit silence. Hovering there I ' ve chased the shouting wind along and flung My eager craft through footless halls of air. Up, up the long delirious, burning blue I ' ve topped the wind-swept heights with easy grace. Where never lark, or even eagle, flew; And, while with silent, lifting mind I ' ve trod The high untrespassed sancity of space, Put out my hand, and touched the face of Cod. Colonel Kenneth A. Fugett (Right), Professor of Aerospace Studies, greets Brigadier Gener- al Robin C. Olds, Director of Aerospace Safety, who was the guest speaker at the December Dining Out which was entirely planned by the cadet corps. The Department of Aerospace Studies offers two programs on instruc- tion leading directly to a commission as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force. Course content focuses on the scope and structure of military power, the development of aerospace forces, and the relationship of these forces to national defense. Besides classroom work, cadets partici- pate in Corps Training. These activities are largely planned by cadets and the emphasis is on leadership. Several orientation visits per semester are made to Air Force installations, and cadets participate in orientation flights in various types of Air Force aircraft. l HBUSHI H M bp _ » J Jr J vll Wa Douglas B. Graham (Left) and Brian C. Lending, are two cadets who each served a semester as Cadet Wing Commander. They were responsible for developing the leadership abilities of 200 cadets and the commissioning of 50 officers into the U.S. Air Force . 142 naval rote , . i,W.- V ' JHf " " ♦ ' - : -f). t ' % ill. The use NROTC Drill Team is an all-volunteer pre- cision unit which represents their organization in drill competition under arms. The team competes in the areas of inspection, regulation drill and exhibition drill. Among the activities in which the team participate are the Paul O ' Hare Drill Meet in Anaheim, the Governor of Arizona Drill Meet at Tempe, Arizona, the Marion Davies Meet between USC and UCLA and the annual Armed Forces Day Parade at Torrance. The team also includes among its activities, sessions instructing Junior NROTC units in drill. The team ' s excellence in drill is displayed by an array of first-place trophies, including three successive wins over UCLA in 1970, 1971, and 1972. The Naval Reserve Officers ' Training Corps program provides the Navy and Marines with officers who have technological expertise, broad understanding, intel- lectual curiosity, and who have been schooled in uni- versities across the nation to bring the services a variety of views. But just as important, they are men who share key professional military values. They understand that devotion to duty and a willingness to serve remains essential to the defense of our country. Midshipmen at USC may major in a variety of fields ranging from business and psychology to engineering. Upon graduation, the Midshipmen are commissioned as an Ensign in the Navy or a Second Lieutenant in the Marine Corps. The choices of duty are many and may include flying, supply, engineering and nuclear pro- pulsion training serving at duty stations or aboard ships based throughout the world. Captain Francis P. Koval, U.S. Navy, Commanding Officer and Professor of Naval Science. 143 college of letters, arts and sciences school of journalism school of philosophy school of religion WILLIAM ABBEY B.S., Phys. Therapy HAROLD ABRAMS A.B., History ' W- Dean John Cantelon HOSSIEN ACHTCHl B.S., Biology JOHN ADOLPH B.S., Physics JANIS AGOPIAN A.B., Public Relations CARLOS ALAMILLA B.A., Spanish RHONDA ALBEY B. A., Psychology i? i SCOTT ALEVY " i A.B., Telecom. YVONNE AMUNDSON ' :M - -g ' B. A, Psychology ■;« SS ri . m SHIRLEY ANDERSON ■Hi U 1 k ■ W. V B.A., Economics ' ' Wudfev % lA. ' OLIVIA ANDERSON i WW ; IUHIiH ' ' » B. A., English " i K " % ' fc ■p VALERIE ANDERSON L J T B.S., Biology i F SCOTT ANDREWS A.B., Psychology TONl ANGELO B. A., Psychology PAUL APPLEFIELD B. A., Psychology MARIA ARIAS B. A., Psychology MARIBETH ARMSTRONG B. A., English s !pR m ' ' f ' A m Mm E|i ,- -Vlfc T VJ W JOHN ARZOIAN B.A., Psychology SARAH ASHBY B.A., Art History DIANE AUGUR B.A., Art History ANN BABA M.A., Communicative Disorders LINDA BABBITT B.A., English CHARLES BAECKER B.A., Economics MARYANN BAILEY B.A., Speech NANCY BAKER B.A., English CHRIS BALL B.A., Mathematics DENNIS BARCLAY B.A., Mathematics JANELLBARTKUS B.A., English JOSEPH BAUDINO B.A., English LAURIE BAUER B.S., Occupational Therapy MAX BAUMGARTNER B.A., History BERNARD BECK B. A., Journalism ROBERT BECKER M.S., Systems Management STEPHEN BELTON B.A., Physical Education Dean Charles Mayo - Graduate School JANICE BENDER B.A., English ALAN BENNETT B.A., English KATHLEEN BENNETT B.A., History ARTHUR BERGEY JR. B.S., Computer Scienc e ROBERT BERKES A.B., Philosophy MURRAY BERNS A. B., History Hj Vr -S ' r 1 fl CAMILLE BILLER B.A., Social Welfare LARRY BIVINS A.B., Spanish .A BRENDA BLAINE A.B., Psychology ELAINE BLOMEYER B. A., Math GREGORY BLOOM B.A., History MICHAEL BOCK M.S., Systems Ma gement RICHARD BOEHMER B.S., Psychology JOANNA BERTNESS B.A., Art History ANN BEUTLER B.A., History L ' ' . Ln )1 A JAMES BOGART B.A., History ' ' .mt - LESLEY BOND ... mmi B.A., Sociology W Kk DONALD BOUVIER BS ' - : l l 1 B.S., Biology T l -i l SANDRA BOWEN ' ■P " ' B.A., English WM% JUNE BRADFORD m IfiM . B B.A., History 1 1 SURINDER BRAR B.S., Physical Therapy JOSEPH BRIDGES Ph.D., Communications GARY BRIGGS B.S., Spanish HOWARD BROCKMAN B. A., English GERALD BROSS B.A., Philosophy t| Dean Paul Hadley - Summer School and University College 1 1 Jim 1 ■p .■-■,. J H CHRISTOPHER B.A., Sociology CLARENCE BROWN B. A., Journalism CRAIG BROWN B.A., Social Science PAULA BROWN B.A., History WALTER BROWNE M.A., History PEGGY BRYAN B.A., English EDWARD BUBAR B.S., Biology LAURIE BUCKLEY B.A., Urban Studies FRED BUESS M.S., Physiology NARIRATANA BUNNAG B.A., French DAVID BURBACK B.A., PsychoIog - CELINE BURK B.A., German FRANCIS BURNS B.A., Microbiology HUGH BURNS JR. M. A., English JOHN BURNS B.A., Hislorv DEAN BUTCHART B.A., Chemistry RAD AH BUTLER B.S., Biology JEFFREY BYRNE B.S., Biology GARY CABE B.A., Physical Education SHERRY CALVERT B.A., Physical Education CATHLEENCARMACK B.A., Telecom. ELIZABETH CARVER BiA., English ARMANDO CASASOLA M.A., Sociology BARBARA CASE B.A., Physical Ed. FREDERICK CERINI ;A., Economics JNDA CERVERA B.A., Psychology MARJORIE CHAN A.B., Telecom. CATHERINE CHANG B.S.,Phys. Therapy EDITH CHIN B. A., Psychology EUNICE CHIU B.S., Phys. Therapy KAREN CHRISTENSEN B.A., English DONALD CIMARUSTI B.S., Biology CINDY CLARK A.B., English PATRICIA CLARK A.B., Math KATHLEEN CLARY B.A., English BRAD COATES B.A., History rX : 1 4 72 WHk. ■■■.J M ' ' U 1 ' 1 I H Md t rr ' ( ■■ GREGORY COLE B.S., Biology JOHN COLIA B.S., Biologv CATHLEEN COLLINS B.A., English LAMONT COLWELL B.A., Psychology RICHARD COMAN A.B., Economics MARCIACOOK B.A., Psychology MARGIE COPE B.A., History FREDERICK CORREA B.S., Biology MAUREEN COSTELLO B.A., French JAMES COTILLIER B.A., Mathematics ANDREW COUCH B.A., Anthropolog ' ELIZABETH COUCH B.A., EngHsh JOHN COVVLES B.A., Psychology CHRISTOPHER COX B.A., English CATHY CRAIG B.S., Social Science YOLANDA CRESPO B.A., Psychology DAN CROWLEY B.S., Biology LYNN CRUMRINE B.S., Occupational Therapy DONALD CRYDER B.A., Psychology CLIFFORD CULBREATH B.A., Sociology BETTY CUNIBERTI B.A., English ANGELA CURCURU B. A., Journalism CHRISTINE CUSICK B.A., Urban Studies JAMES CVITANICH B.A., English SUSAN DANG B.A., History SCOTT DANIEL B.A., Mathematics BARBARA DANIELSON B.A., Social Sciences ELWIN DANKELMAN B.A., Psychology ANDREW DAVIS III B.S., Biology JAMES DAVIS B. A., Economics MARNELL DAVIS B. A., Speech Pathology Audiology ROBERT DAVIS B,S., Psychology TIMOTHY DAVIS A.B., History RICHARD DE LA PENA A.B., History FRANK DENUZZO M.S., Sys. Management DANIELLE DIETRICH B.A., Speech DIANADILETTERA B.A., Psychology DEBORAH DILLON A.B., Sociology SUSAN DIM ITRIOU A.B., Public Relations GREGORY Dl ROCCO B.S., Biology RICHARD DODDS A.B., Telecom. SUSAN DONG B.A., Psychology JOHN DORAN B.A., Psychology JAMES DOUMAK B.S., Anthropology TERRY DOWDALL A.B., Sociology LARRY DUNMIRE B.A., Journalism ERNEST DURAZZO B.A., Psychology DONNA DURHAM B.A., German CHRYSTALDYE A.B., English KEVIN DYKE B.A., English : fl 4l ir-itt lr t3 kV ' j Nj L.: • MICHAEL FITZGERALD B.A., Religion THOMAS FLEMING B.A., English KATHRYNFOLLIS B.S., Physical Therapy GAIL FOLTZ B.A., Sociology CAROLYN FONLEY B.S., Biology WENDY FORBES B.S., Psychology JEFFREY FOSTER B.A., Telecommunications NIESSEN FOSTER B.A., History ANTOINETTE FREITAS M.L.A., Liberal Arts GEORGE FRENCH B.A., Biology MARIA FRENCH B.A., Psychology KENFUJIMOTO B.A., Psychology CHRISTINE FUKUHARA B.S., Physical Therapy ROBERT GAEDKE B.A., English Literature MARY ANN GALANTE B. A., Journalism JEANGALIPEAU B.S., Biology LEEGALLEMORE B.A., Sociology PURA GARCIA B.A., Spanish PATRICIA GARDNER B.S., Occupational Therapy ROBERT GARDNER B.A., Psychology WILLIAM GARNER B.A., Economics CHRISTINE GARRETT B.S., Biology BRADY GARRISON B.A., Speech Communication JOHN GARRY B.A., Psychology TY-BONE, DENISE GARTLAND, BARBARA SHE VEIN JOHN GARTON B.A., History GARY GESCH B.A., Philosophy MARCIA GETTMAN B.A., Anthropology YEHIA GHANDOUR B.S., Economics LEANDRO GIANNECCHINl B.S., Physical Therapy NANCY GIANNINl B.A., Psychology RICHARD GIESBRET B.A., English JEANNIE GILLESPIE B.S., Biology LYNDA GILLESPIE B.S., Occupational Therapy RONALD GOLDBERG B.A., Psychology DIEDRE GOMEZ B.A., English if l ■■■ 1 iBmss ' r- ' -WMM iUm ' KH 1 H I H Lr Pf ' liHH ' " »■-■ ■ ili K yi GAYLE GOODRICH B.A., French SHERI GOULD B,A., Speech Pathology ELIZABETH ANNE GRATTON B.A., Spanish CHRISTINE GRAVES B.A., Urban Studies JON GREEN B.A., Psychology ..jim GEORGE GRIFKA B.A., Psychology DAVID GRIMES B.A., History ROBERT GRIMSHAW B.A., Phys.Educ. MARY GRISINGHER B.A.. Speech THOMAS GROPP B.A., Economics KAREN GROSS B.A., EngUsh JOSEPH GURSKl B.A., Psychology GARY HAFEN A.B., Math NANCY HAHN A.B., Art History NANCY HALL A.B., Math RICHARD HALL B.S., Biology DANIEL HANOVER B.A., History LORING HARDIE B.A., History MAUREEN HARLOW B.S., Occupational Therapy GEORGE HARRIS A.B., History GLENN HARRIS A.B., Economics MARK HASEY A.B., History AMANDA HAUG B.A., Biology CHERYL HAWKS A.B., English CHRISTIE HEAP A.B., Spanish ■■■ ,, V . ' : ' ■■ ' ■ ' . ■.■■. ; ;-: ■■•■t .i i ' B.A., English PATRICIA HEIZMAN ■F _ B B.A., Sociology HHife BRUCE HENNIG HH mMA B.A., Mathematics ■A S If W ' -: ' - ELEAZAR HERNANDEX r ¥i« « as B.A., History L 1 .A IHRISTOPHER HERTZOG B r H B.A., Psychology IB;: IP JANET HESTER B.A., History ,.JMk CHRISTINE HIEGEL ■ J K B.A., English i|M|| H DANIEL HILL .r w L ' B.S., Biological Science ' 9i ' i LAWRENCE HODGSON B.A., Psychology i -at i i r i REX HOLM 1 I ' - gj B.A., Social Science 1 1 RICHARD HOM B.S., Biology TERESA HOME B.A., Humanities RHODA HOOS B.A., English DAVID HORST B.A., Physical Education FRANK HOUGH B.A., Economics DAVID HOWE B.A., Journalism EARNESTINE HOWELL B.A., Speech Communications BRIAN HOYT B.A., Speech Communications PATRICIA HUFF B.S., Physical Therapy HOWARD HUNTLEY B.A., Economics MARY HYAN B.A., Art History MAISSA IBRAHIM A.B., Sociology RANDALL INOUYE B.S., Biology CECILA ISAAC A.B., Socioloby WILLIAM ISHII B.S., Chemistry JOHN IWANOFF A.B., Psychology JEFFERY JACOBSON B.A., Psychology KATHLEEN JAE A.B., History LESLIE JALLO B.S., Occupational Therapy IAN JAMES B.S., Biology TRACY JAMES A.B., Physical Educ. JILL JOHNSON B.A., Comp. Lit. — . ;.;. ' iJl : % w KRISTEN JOHNSON B.S., Biology LORIN JOHNSON B.S., Biology JENNIFER JOLSTEAD B.A., History CLAUDE JONES B.S., Biology CRAIG JONES B.S., Biology SARA JONES A.B., English HOWAY KABRINS B.A., Anthropology KATHY KAJANDER A.B., Art History LAUREN KALMBACH B.A., German KELVIN KANESHIRO B.S., Biology PAMELA KANNO B.A., Psychology BARBARA KARBE B.A., Spanish ROBERT KAUFMAN B.A., History TERRY KAUP B.A., Social Welfare MASAO KAWACHI B.S., Biological Science ' NANCY KEATINGE B.A., Urban Studies LORIAN KEEFE B.A., Comparative Literature DOUGLAS KEENEY B.A., Economics RTA MARIA KEILBACH Ph.D., German BRYNN KELLY B.A., Philosophy DONALD KELLY B.A., Urban Studies MICHAEL KELLEY B.A., Urban Studies MELISSA KENADY B.A., Humanities GREGG KENDALL B.A., Psychology KIMBERLY KERLAN B.S., Occupational Therapy 1 JONETTE KERPER B.S., Occupational Therapy MARY KERR B.A., Speech HOWARD KETTLER B.A., Economics JACOB KETTOOLA Ph.D., Economics ' ' i LAURINDA KEYS B.A., journalism : IC ' " " TS ' ' « ' ■ : ' : ' y ' ' - .t .mi JILL KICE B.A., Spanish RUSSELL KIERNAN B.A., English JEAN KILPATRICK A.B., Social Science BaLlE KIMBLE A.B., Psychology PHYLLIS KIMURA B.A., Asian Studies DIANE KING B.S., Physical Therapy KAREN KING A.B., Math JEFF KLEIN A.B., History KHERYN KLUBNIKIN B.S., Biology RUTH KNAPP B.S., Geology SUSAN KNOWLES B.S., Biology RITA KNOWLTON A.B., Spanish DON KOJIMA A.B., Math JAMES KORSEN B.A., Urban Studies ANDRE KOVALTCHOUK B.S., Physics ANDREW KRAMER B.A., History WILLIAM KROGFOSS B.A., Philosophy STEVEN KRUSCHEN A.B., Public Relations BONNIE LAUESEN A., Psychology JIM LAUTHENJSCHLAGER I.A., English DEBORAH LAW50N B.A., Spanish FRANK LEE B.A., Sociology JANET LEE B.A., Sociology SUZANNE Ltt B.A., Psychology WAYNE LEINEN B.A., Psychology MICHAEL LEM B.S., Biology ROBERT LEON B.A., Telecom. JOSEPH LEONARD JR. B.S., Medicine GILLARY LETARTE B.A., Psychology PETER LEVIN B.A., Psychology KENNETH LEVINE B.A., Journalism ROBERT LEUNG B.A., Journalism GERALD LEVITT B.A., Public Relations CURTIS LI B.S., Biology STEPHEN LI B.S., Chemistry RICHARD LlOY B.A., History ANN LIPSCOMB M.A., American Studies ANDY LISSNER B.S., Bioloby KENNETH LO B. A., Math WALLACE LOFT B,S., Biology Hlen LOVEJOY A; Urban Studies LINDA LUK B.S., Biology ROGER LUCAS B.A., Math JOHN LUKES B.A., History DANIEL LUNHAM B.A., English " JOHN LUSK j M.A., History CATHERINE MAC MILLIN B.A., English CLIFFORD MAC NIVEN B.A., Asian Studies DANIEL MAHER B.S., Biology . STEVEN MALCOMB B.A., History RONALD MALLONEE B.S., Biology HOWARD MANGO B.A., Speech JAMIE MANNING B. A., Psychology ANA MARINO B.A., Anthropology JONATHAN MARSHALL B.A., History WENDY MARTYNA B.A., Psychology STEWART MARX B.A., Psycology MICHAEL MARZEC Ph.D., Philosophy ALEXANDER MASSIAN M.A., Economics DORENE MATNEY B.A., History KAREN MATSUYAMA B.A., French PHILIP MATTHEWS B.A., Math ANNE MATY AS B.A., English DAVID MAYER B.A., Math MICHELE MAZZIA B.A., Philosophy KATHLEEN MC CLOSKEY B.A., History MICHAEL MC CORMICK B.A., Psychology MARTIN MC DERMUT B.A., Economics CATHEJEAN MC GILLIN M.A., Journalism KATHLEEN MC KAY B.A., History ANN MC MAHAN B.A., Humanities KATHLEEN MENDELSON B.A., Psychology MERK MERFELD B.A., Journalism MARILYN MERRITT B.A., Public Relations LEANNE MEYERS B.A., Public Relations JULIENNE MDCASA B.A., English GARY MILLER B.A., Psychology STEVEN MILLER B.A., Telecom. JOSEPH MINNIE B.A., Math ELYSE VIINTEY B.A., Journalism MICHAEL MIRKOVICH B.A., Psychology RANDY MIT A B.A., Telecom. BRUCE MITCHELL B.A., Psychology LYNN MIZUNO B.S., Biology JANET MONTGOMERY B.A., English (Christine moc»e B.A., History DANIEL MORGAN B.A., Sociology RICHARD MORILLO B.A., Psychology KELTIE MORRIS B.A., Physical Education ROBERT MARTON B.A., Telecom. SUSAN MOSKOWITZ B.A., Humanities GERTRUDE MULLIN B.A., Psychology KATHY MULLIN B.A., Anthropology ABDULHAMID MUNTASSER B.A., Economics NICHOLAS MUSURACA B.A., Sociology MICHAEL MYRACLE B.S., Biology DONALD MYSORKl B.A., English JOHN NALL B.A., Psychology FATANEH NARAGHI M.A., Math MONROE NASH JR. B.A., Urban Studies CRISTINA NAVARRETE B.A., Physical Therapv JACK NEWMAN M.S., Systems Management RONALD NICHOLS B.S., Biology ROBERT NICOLETTI B.S., Biology MARILYN NIEMAN B.A., Antropology JENNIFER NIMS B. A., Speech MARGARET NISHIO B.A., Psychology DAVID NISSON B.S., Biology ROBERT NOLAN B.A., Math APRIL NOLAND B.S., Physical Therapy JAHANGIR NOORVASH B.A., Math ROBERT NORCROSS B.A.. Math LESLIE NUDELM AN B.A., Journalism JEANNETTE NYDA M.A., English LOUIS OBYRNE B.A., Economics MERIJANE ODA B.S., Biology ROBERT OETTINGER B.A., History SHARON OKURA B.A., Biology ERIN O ' LEARY B.A., Clinical Psychology JODI OLSEN B.A., Photojournalism BRIAN O ' NEILL B.A., English WILLIAM ONG B.A., Sociology MARGARET ORMSBY B.A., English NALANI OTANI B.A., Slavic Studies MATI OTSMAA B.A., Psychology VICKI OWENS B.A., Physical Education GAIL OZAKI B.A., English MA RY PACHECO B.A., English LINDA PALMER B.A., Psychology MARGARET PARKER B.A., Public Relations CRAIG APTTEN B.A., Telecom. MARILYN PATTEN B.S., Physical Therapy : m BARBARA PATTERSON B.A., History MARGARET PAVEL B.A., Religion HOWARD PEARLSTEIN B.A., Public Relations BARBARA PECK B.A., Slavic Studies ; CLAUDIA PEDERSON B.A., English DENNIS PENROSE GLENDA PEPIN B.S., Geology LARRY PERICH B.S., Biology TERRY PERKINS B.A., Psychology TIMOTHY PERRYMAN B.A., Journalism CHERYL PESTOR B.A., Physical Education KRISTINE PETERSEN B.S., Occupational Therapy SHARON PETIT B.A., Math ALANCE PETO B.S., Biology LUVENIA PETTIFORD B.A., Speech KENNETH PHILLIPS B.A., Telecom. ANDREW PICCIANO B.A., History CARLYN PIEROSE B.S., Occupational Therapy PAUL PINK B.A., Math STEVEN PINKERT B.S., Psychology RAY POLIN B.A., Speech Communication CLEATUS PONiSAN B.A., Experimental Psychology RICHARD PRESS B.A., Psychology IRVING QUART M.A., Systems Managemant GARY RADO B.A., Telecom. CHRISTOPHER RAMIREZ B.A., Psychology PATRICK RAMSEY B.A., Economics MICHELLE RANEY B.S., Biology DEBORAH RANDALL B.A., Journalism BARBARA RANILL B.S.. Physical Therapy STEVEN RASCH B.S., Biology MARTHA RAY B.A., Comp. Lit. RHONDA REDER B.A., History DANIEL REGAN B.S., Biology PATRICIA REILLY B.A., History J MAR ISA RENNA B.A., Italian CHARLES RENNIE II B.S., Biology ROGER RICE M.S., Systems Management RANDY RICHTER B.A., Sociology JOHN RIUTZEL B.A., Psychology DEBORAH ROBBINS B.A., German ROBERT ROBINSON B.A., Public Relations VICTORIA RODENO B.A., Religion AMITA RODMAN B.A., English JANICE ROHLICH B.A., Speech J-C KAREN ROSBERG B.S., Biology EDWARD ROSE M.S., Systems Management ROSS ROSEN B.A., Telecom. VALERIE ROSSITER Ph.D., Psychology MELANIE ROUSt B.A., Psychology BONNIE ROWE B.A., Public Relations MARK RUBINSTEIN B.S., Biology ANNE RUBSAMEN B.A., German GEORGE RUDOLPH B.A., Psychology BERNARD RUHNKE B.A., History EASTER RUSSELL B.A., Religion TIMOTHY SAASTA B.A., Psychology BRYAN SAIKI B.S., Biology VICKI SAISHO B.5., Occupational Therapy LINDA SAMESSHIMA B.S., Occupational Therapy GARY SANNER B.A., Economics ANTHONY SANTORUFO M.S., Physiology JANET SARAYDAR B.A., Psychology ALLISON SARONI B.A., French CRAIG SAYRE M.A., Physics LOUIS SCHIOPPI B.S., Biology KAREN SCHMERLER B.S., Occupational Therapy RICHARD SCHMIDT JR. B.A., English CONSTANCE SCHOWE t.S., Physical Therapy TEVEN SCHULTZ B.A., Social Science SALLY SCOTT B.S., Social Science WILLIAM 5ECKINGER JR. B.A., Classical Civ. STEVEN SEGAL B.A., Speech Communications JIMMY SELETZ B.A., Psychology ANTHONY SERRITELLA B.A., Economics JAN SEYMORE B.A., French LESLIE SHAW B.A., Psychology JVN SHIMIZU B.A., Economics DAVID SHOEMAKER B.S., Biology JOHN SIEVER B.S., Biology RONALD SILVER B.A., Slavic Languages Literature CASEY SILVEY B.A., English JEFFERY SIMON B.A., Economics , LINDA SINGER B.S., Biology STEVEN SLAGLE B.A., English LOUIS SMALDINO B.S., Biology BESSIE SMITH B.A., Psychology JOANNE SMITH B.A., History MARVIN SMITH JR. M.S., Psychology ROBERT SMITH B.A., Psychology RICHARD SORKO-RAM B.A., Psychology ROBERT SPIRA B.A. Psychology NICHOLAS SPIRTOS B.S., Biology ROBERT STANDER B.A., Sociology PATRICK STAPLETON B.A., History ARTHUR STAR BUCK B.A., Anthropology ALAN STARK B.A., History BERT STEECE Ph.D., Economics JENNIFER STEELE B.A., English CYNTHIA STEINBURG B.A,, Psychology MACH STEVENS B.A., Economics EVANDER STONE U B.A., Speech Pathology MARSHA STONESTREET B.S., Occupational Therapy PATRICK SULLIVAN B.A., Biology HOWARD SULZLE M.A., Physical Therapy LYLE SWALLOW B.S., Biology JOHN SWEENEY B.A., History NANCY TURNER B.A., Psychology MARY TURK B.A., History RAY TSUYUKI B.S., Biology ALYSE TROSTLER B.S., Physical Therapy JOSEPHINE TROMBA B.A., Physical Education GAY TRAVERS B.A., Journalism JAMES TRACHY B.A., Psychology ROBERTO TOVAR B.S., Biology KATHRYN TOPPER B.A., Psychology JEFFERY TONG B.S., Math CAROLE TAKEMOTO B.S., Biology ARNOLD TANAKA B.S., Recreation LYNN TAYLOR B.A., Social Science GEORGE TEITEL B.A., Asian Studies DEBORAH TERRELL B.A., Math ELIZABETH THOMPSON B.A., Physical Education JOHN THOMPSON B.A., History KATHERINE THORNE B.A., History JAMES THURLOW B.A., Psychology BRIAN TIPTON B.A., Public Relations JAMES TOMKOVICZ B.A., Psychology WARREN TURNER B.A., Telecom. NATHAN UCUZOGLU B.A., Math KAREN ULERY B.S., Occupational Therapy GALE URATANI B.A., Sociology PATRICIA UYENO B.S., Physical Therapy LIANE UYENOYAMA B.A., Anthropology GREGORY VANLEY B.A., History ROBIN VAYSSIE B.A., English DOLLY VESSUP B.A., Speech SAMUEL VILLALOBOS B.A., Psychology STEPHEN VISELLI B.S., Biology STEVE VOUIS B.S., Biology SUSAN WAGGENER B.A., French BRUCE WAGNER M.S., Systems Management WENDY WALDO B.A., History J ANA WARING B.A., Speech m:--- ■ PAM WEBB B.A., Communicative Disorders SYLVIA WEBB B.A., Ethnic Studies LARRY WEBER B.A., Sociology WENDY WEBER B.A., History CRAIG WEHRLI B.S., Biology DEBORAH WEIR B.A., English ELIANE WEISINGER B.A., Spanish ILEEN WEISS B.A., Sociology TED WEITZ B.A., Urban Studies ARTHUR WELLS B.A., Psychology BETTYE WELLS B.A., Journalism DEBORAH WELLS B.A., Anthropology KATHERINE WELLS B.A., English JAMES WESLOW B.S., Physical Therapy WENDY WETZEL B.A., Speech Communications HAROLD WHELAN Ph.D. RENEE WHITE B.A., Philosophy TONI WHITESELL B.A., Sociology LESLEY WILBUR B.A., Religion BEVERLY WILEMAN B.A., Spanish LEON WILHELM M.S., Systems Management iJl . ■ 4 ■ ' t; S „.- f ■■■■■■■ SHELLEY WILLCOX B.A., Art History .. WISE B.A., History ICHARD WISEMAN B.A., Journalism BENJAMIN WONG B.S., Biology ELAINE WONG ' B.A., Sociology MARTIN WONG, a B.S., Biologyl PIRIYA WONGWORAVIT SB.S., Biologv KINGLAND WOO B.A., Asian Studies NANCY WOOD B.A., Spanish __ J PAULA WOODS r B.A., English PAUL WOODWARD B.S., Biology JAY WRIGHT B.A., History LISA XANTHOS B.A., Social Science KAM YAM B.S., Biology ROBIN YANES B.A., English ANDREA YAP . B.A., History ROBERT YETTER B.S., Biology TERRENCE YOUNG B.S., Biology SALAH ZAHR M.L.A. CATHERINE ZAPPALA B.A., Speech SYLVIA ZARAGOZA B.A., Sociology FRANCES FLOY M.L.S. CONSTANCE FOSTER M.L.S. LOK-PING FUNG M.L.S. VIRGINIA GARDNER M.L.S. CLARENCE KENDRICK M.L.S. KYUNG-SOOK KIM M.L.S. LESLIE MITCHELL M.L.S. HSI CHENG SHAN M.L.S. KATHY STERRETT M.L.S. NORRIS TAYLOR M.L.S. r V;- STUART BLOOM M.D. ROBERT CLELAND M.D. m K - Dean Franz K. Bauer JIACCH1N M.I JACK GOLDIl M.D. JAMES HURVITZ M.D. THOMAS KENNEDY M.D. DONALD LIPKIS M.D. !■ t I i fey. Jf 4 fm.. i NEIL BREAKSTONE B.M., Music PHILIP CROWLEY B.M., Piano Performance JOEL FRIED B.M., Piano JOSEPH FREITAS B.A., Cinema ANN GOEPPINGER B.M., Music Education MARILYN GOLDBERG B. A., Drama WENDY GRAYSON B.A., Drama SCOTT HAYAMI B.M., Music Education HILARY HILTON B. A., Drama ' V JEFFREY JENKINS B.M,, Church Music Music History school of performing arts division of cinema division of drama school of music ' ■«-.! • ; sA :::3-i ' }:! : ' r.:. -:j j ' fM ; , ' i s : V. 11 |E J ■ KATHRYN LAW B.F.A., Drama TO LEE B.A., Cinema ELIZABETH MARTENS B. A., Drama JAMES MCMAINS B. A., Music STEVEN MCMAINS B. A., Drama WILLIAM NIEVE5 B.A., Cinema BRIAN OLIVER B.M., Performance-Cello WON-JOUNG PAIK M.M., Voice DENNIS PASSAGCIO B.A., Cinema KIM I PECK B.A., Cinema JOSEPH POSNER B.A., Cinema ROBERT RANG B.A., Cinema THOMAS RINGLAND B.M., Music Education DUANE SAETVEIT B.M., French Horn GARY SCHULBERG M.S., Cinema RICHARD SCHWABE B.M., Music Education RANDOLPH SHANDOBIL B.A., Cinema JAMES SILVERMAN B.A., Drama Y STERBCOW B. A., Drama THOMAS STOLL B.A., Music JULIE SWENSON B.M., Music Education ,. SARA TRONCOSO B.M., Accom. VALERIE VARVANDAKIS ■ B.M., Music- Piano i9m 4-mmm ■r CHARLES VEAL 4., Violin Performance. ' PAMELA WATSONj B.A., Music ; WHA-JA WHANG M.M., Voice CATHERINE WILD BERGER ( B.A., Drama :; DONALD ZIRPOLA M.F. A., Cinema Dean John Biles MARIETA ADAN Pharm.D., Pharmacy MICHAEL AKAHOSHI Pharm.D. 46 kif JILL ANELLA Pharm.D. NIKOS ANTZOULATOS Pharm.D. JEROME BAUMRING Pharm.D. JOSEPH BENITEZ JR. Pharm.D. TIMOTHY BLACK Pharm.D. NICHOLAS BONNESS Pharm.D. RICHARD BULICH Pharm.D. RONALD CHAN Pharm.D. JIN SUNG CHANG Pharm.D. PAO-CHUAN CHEN Pharm.D. TAI CHUNG Pharm.D. JANA COHEN Pharm.D. EVAN COOPER Pharm.D. WENDY DETTMERS Pharm.D. DAVID FISCHER Pharm.D. NEIL GOLDBERG Pharm.D. WILLIAM HASBUN Pharm.D. DOUGLAS HENSON Pharm.D. NEAL HOWARD Pharm.D. GORDON ISHIBASHI Pharm.D. KARL ISHIBASHI Pharm.D. ALAN JACOBS Pharm.D. LARRY JOHNSON Pharm.D. PEGGY KAMINISHI Pharm.D. RICHARD KANE Pharm.D. DAN KAUFMAN Pharm.D. ROBERT KAZEBEE Pharm.D. CHRISTOPHER KELLY Pharm.D. TED KESSLER Pharm.D. WHA KIM Pharm.D. BEN KITA Pharm.D. JANICE KLUMPH Pharm.D. S.T ' ' TAMARA KUPFERWASSER Pharm.D. JACKSON LAN Pharm.D. SHIRLEY LEM Pharm.D. KENNETH LEE Pharm.D. ROBERT LOW Pharm.D. PAUL LUI Pharm.D. JANE MAKITA Pharm.D. ROSIE MAYFIELD Pharm.D. PIERRE MENARD Pharm.D. JOHN MILLER Pharm.D. SHIRLEM MOK Pharm.D. WALT NAKANO Pharm.D. HILMA NEWBY Pharm.D. LESLIE ONO Pharm.D. MARK PAGE Pharm.D. I HARVEY PETERS Pharm.D. ARTHUR PRESSER Pharm.D. JEFFERY QUON Pharm.D. PAUL RICHMAN Pharm.D. LARRY ROLSTON Pharm.D. JAMES STANFORD Pharm.D. LARRY STEPHENS Pharm.D. TIMOTHY TSUNETA Pharm.D. MICHAEL VACOVSKY Pharm.D. ANGELITA VENGCO Pharm.D. MICHAEL WASHINGTON Pharm.D. DAVID WONG Pharm.D. DAVID WONG Pharm.D. EDWIN WONG Pharm.D. RICHARD WOOD Pharm.D. PATRICIA YAMASHITA Pharm.D. JAMES YAMAUCHI Pharm.D. NORMAN YAMAUCHI Pharm.D. ROBERT YAO Pharm.D. MARILYN YUTANI Pharm.D. MARK ZWERIN Pharm.D. social work Dean Maurice Hamovitch ANTHONY CASILLAS M.S.W. JAMES COX M.S.W. DAVID EDELMAN B.S., Social Work ROBERT FRIEDMAN M.S.W. LINDA GOLD M.S.W. MICHELL JACKSON M.S.W. KEN KAMBARA M.S.W. BRUCE KASSEL M.S.W. HILARIO LIRAS M.S.W. REGINA ROBERTS M.S.W. MARGARET ROMERO M.S.W. CORA SCURRY M.S.W. MARIAN STINSON B.S., Social Work VIRGINIA THOMAS M.S.W. ESSIE TRAMEL M.S.W. ROBERT WALLIS M.S.W. JOY WRIGHT B.S., Social Work von kleinsmid center for international and public affairs school of politics and international relations school of public administration graduate program of urban and regional planning lRD abramson B.A., Political Science RICHARD ACKLEY Ph.D., International Relations r» »■ TODD ADAMS B.A., Public Administration SALEM ALAMA B.A., Political Science FARAG ALMASDOOR B.S., Public Administration GREG ANDERSON B.A., Political Science JUAN ARROYO M.PI., Urban and Regional Planning MICHAEL ASTRELLA B.A., Political Science CHARLES BARKER B.A., Political Science m Dean Henry Reining WILLIAM BECKER B.A., Political Science ROBERT BECKING B.A., Political Science CYNTHIA BEISNER B.A., International Relations ROB BELL B. A., Political Science ALLYSON BILICH B.S., Public Administration ANDREW BLANTON B.A., Political Science RICHARD BOGH B. A., Political Science PAMELA BROCK B.S., Public Administration ' .V. W ' r:i-- XiJ tf ' f»; ' ' i7f-i n ' :V - ««i i 1 ■HSMHH m i m mK9B 1 1 " 1 J 1 DIANE BROOKS B.A., Political Science DEBRIA BROWN B.A., Political Science CHRISTOPHER CALL B.A., Political Science CARL CALKINS M.P.A., AMY CAPERONIS M.A., International Relations JOSE CARNEIRO ,M.P.A., Health Services XUCILLE CASTILLO p. A., Political Science DAVID CHATFIELD B.A., Political Science ROBERT CHEMERS B.A., Political Science HARVEY CHOW B.A., Political Science ALEJANDRO CLAVERAN B.S., Public Administration JACQUELINE CONNOR B.A., International Relations ALBERTO CORDOVA B.A., International Relations PETER CORRIGAN ' •B.A., Political Science WILLIAM CROWE fB.S., Public Administration w i WESLEY DANIELS B.A., Political Science ROBIN DEFREECE B.S., Political Science THOMAS DEMARY M.A., Public Administration DOUGLAS DOVEY B.S., Public Administration LONNIE DUNN B.S., Public Administration FRANCIS EMPENO B.A.. International Relations ' i - JJ PAMELA FERGUSON B.A., International Relations HAROLD FIFIELD B.S., Political Science STEPHEN FOITLE B.A., International Relations EDESEL GARRISON B.S., Political Science ERNEST GAUGHAN B.A., International Relations SHARON GEHL M.A., Public Administration EDMOND GLINA B.A., Political Science FRANK GOOCH UI B.A., Political Science GARRY GRANT B.S., Public Administration PAUL GRIESGRABER B.A., International Relations NANCY HARGISS B.A., Political Science WILLIAM HART B.A., Political Science DONALD HARTWELL JR. B.S., Public Administration ROBIN HEWITT B.A., Political Science DAVID HIRSCH B.A., Political Science MARK HOGAN B.S., Political Science DAN ILVES B. A., Political Science NORMAN JACOBS B.A., Political Science ERIK JOHANSEN B.A., Political Science i CLARK JONES M.P.A., STEVEN KENNEDY B.A., International Relations AUDREY KITAGAWA B. A., Political Science lH:? w - ' m i ' i m :, ' m -k f-is CHRISTINE KLAUSER B.A., Political Science DONALD KLEIN , B.S., Public Administration CHRISTINE KNOX : IB.A., Political Science LAURA KOTSIRIS B.A., Political Science CHRISTINE LANUM B.A., International Relations KYLE LAPESARDE B.A., Political Science MARTIN LASKER M.P.A., Health Service Administration MICHAEL LECOVER B.S., Public Administration BRIAN LENDING M.P.A., THOMAS LEONARD B.A., International Relations EDWARD LEVITT B.A., Political Science MARSHA LODMER B.A., Political Science RONALD LOPEZ B.S., Public Administration JOSEPH LOVRETOVICH B.A., International Relations CHARLES LUNG B.S., Public Administration LYNNE MACER M.P.A., DOUGLAS MADDELEIN B.A., International Relations DUANE MERRILL JR. B.A., International Relations: Economics ALIYA MIRDAD B.A., Political Science MELINDA MITS B.A., International Relations ARTHUR MORELLO B.A., Political Science CLAIRE MORGAN M.P.R.L., Urban and Regional Planning » 9H ' ' -, LAYNE MYRDALL M.S., International Public Administration KIYOSHI NAKATSUI B.A., Political Science CHRISTINA NEVILLE B.A., Political Science DAVID NISHIMORI B.A., Political Science MARSHAL OLDMAN B.A., International Relations JOHN OLSON B.A., Political Science DEBRA ORLAND B.A., Political Science RICKEY OXMAN B.A., Political Science RICHARD PAPWORTH B.A., International Relations DENISE PARKER B.S., Public Administration RANDY PESTOR B.S., Public Administration EDWARD PEREZ B.A., Political Science HARRY REEVES M.P.A., DAWN RICE M.Pl., Urban and Regional Planning MARSHALL RILEY B.S., Public Administration KENNETH ROBERTS B.A., Political Science EUGENE ROMIG M.P.A., CAROLYN ROBINSON B.A., Political Science CHRISTINE ROSSELL Ph.D., Political Science ROBERT ROSSO B.A., Political Science MEL RUSHING B.S., Public Administration MARK SAITO B.S., Public Administration GERALD SCOTT B. A., Political Science BARRY SILVER B.A., International Relations LINDA SINCLAIR B.A., International Relations HAROLD SMALLWOOD M.P.A., CLIFTON SMITH JR. B.A., International Relations DARYL LYNN SMITH B.S., Public Administration MARILYN SMITH B.A., Political Science PAUL STEPHAN B.A., Political Science KIRK STEWART B.A., Political Science WILSON STOCKEY M.P.A.. Public Administration GAY STRAND B.S., Public Administration STEVEN TALLANT B.A., International Relations DIANE TAN B.A., International Relations BERNICE TAYLOR B.A., Political Science PAUL THIEBAUD M.P.A., GREGORY THOMPSON B.A., International Relations OLIVER THOMPSON M.P.A., YOLANDA THOMPSON M.Pl., C.H.P. TARNTHONG THONGSWASDI M.P.A., JOHN ULDRICH B.A., International Relations ROLAND ULLOA B.A., Political Science JOHN URBAN B.A., Political Science MICHAEL VANIC B.A., Social Science LOIS WALTERS M.P.A., DAN WATSON B.S., Public Administration WALTER WEISS B.S., Public Administration JAMES WHITE M.P.A., Public Administration THOMAS WILSON B.A., Political Science JOHN WILT III M.P.A., EDMUND YEE B.A., International Relations WILLIAM YOSHIMOTO B.A., Political Science REBA ZACHERY B.A., Political Science ALAN ZUCKERMAN B. A., Political Science WILLIAM ZURES B.S., Public Administration bEi)[C ' TE 10 i i I ; r 1 1 n ;•■. M c Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice; it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved. -W.J. Bryan 194 1 li k Front Row, L-R: Margaret Evans, Turd, Rocky Springstead, Margie Cambell, Kurt Hastings, Danine Trapp. Row Two: Pat Ramsey, Leslie Lamer, Steve Brown, Danielle Dietrich, Ken Ude, Kathy Thome, Rick Davey. 195 196 -•v !«■ W4 .vi ' :, ' ■ ' S the trojan marching band 197 198 15:0 1972 TROJfln MflRCHIMG BflMD arthur c. bartner band director 199 .: . ' t - - ' :f- ,h- ' ' ■- i ' m: v « _ ' . mm ie !K«s««»«s!i« -w«ssism»R«i; mi l SCfTf " Charlie mack, sports editor sports I baseball basketball crew football golf gymnastics soccer swimming tennis track field volley ball water polo 1972 trojan football team 77 Pete Adams OT Sr. 95 Mike Hancock MG So. 8 Rob Adolph QB So. 26 Charles Hinton DB Sr. 55 Charles Anthony LB Jr. 11 Eddie Johnson DB Sr. 69 Tom Bohlinger DE Jr. 96 Jim Lee DT Jr. 7 Dave Boulware PL Jr. 86 Dean Lingenf elter TE Jr. 63 Booker Brown OG Jr. 79 Karl Lorch DT Sr. 57 Dave Brown C Sr. 40 James Lucas DB Fr. 50 Kevin Bruce OG Fr. 58 Bob McCaffrey C So. 82 Glen Byrd DT So. 25 J.K. McKay SE So. 16 John Cantwell WR So. 27 Rod McNeill TB Jr. 17 Phil Cantwell WR So. 85 Dale Mitchell DE So. 21 Allen Carter TB So. 44 Manfred Moore FB Jr. 15 Chris Chaney FL Sr. 14 Artimus Parker DB Jr. 24 Marvin Cobb DB So. 48 Al Pekarcik DB Sr. 42 Pat Collins DB Jr. 49 Charles Phillips DB So. 71 James Cordell OT Fr. 87 Ed Powell DE So. 54 Cliff Culbreath OG Sr. 6 MikeRae QB Sr. 39 Sam Cunningham FB Sr. 78 Steve Riley OT Jr. 28 Anthony Davis TB So. 52 Ray Rodriguez LB Jr. 64 Joe Davis OT Fr. 68 Mike Ryan OG Sr. 72 Monte Doris MG Jr. 62 Bob Shaputis OT Jr. 47 Steve Fate DB Sr. 41 James Sims DE Jr. 70 George Follett DT Sr. 56 Mike Smith OT So. 76 Allen Gallaher G-T Sr. 90 George Stewart OT Fr. 19 Edesel Garrison SE Sr. 22 Lynn Swann FL Jr. 88 James Givehand DE So. 81 Chris Vella TE Sr. 61 Allan Graf OG Sr. 34 Ray Washmera FB Jr. 94 John Grant OT Sr. 92 Jeff Winans DT Sr. 37 Ken Gray LB So. 83 Richard Wood LB So. 10 Pat Haden QB So. 89 Charles Young TE Sr. 202 pT M « rii i ' P k 204 205 206 Hogs no match for Trojans LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) - Mike Rae. a backup quarter- back for two years, over- shadowed Arkansas ' highly touted Joe Ferguson and led eighth-ranked Southern Califor- nia to a 31 to 10 victory over the fourth-ranked Razorbacks Saturday night. Rae, starting his first game for the Trojans, set up two touchdowns with long pass completions and broke a 3 to 3 halftime tie when he raced five yards for a touchdown in the third quarter. Tailback Rod McNeill, whom use Coach John McKay has compared to O.J. Simpson, scored twice on runs of three 207 208 McNeill Scores 3 TDs; Rae Hits on Long Bombs % • BY BOB GATES Times Staff Writer use ' s high-ranked football learn gained more than 600 yards against the Oregon State Beavei-s in the Col- iseum Saturday night and won iU second straight eased up and going away, 51-6. Rod McNeill scored the f ' - touchdowns for the IV of 14, 2 and 5 jai ' time lead. T ' - passi 1p ' ' ' Hafl ' - ' ' ' ti v e jy blocking .or the Trojans ,x 56,305. Rae, a star- „ a senior, made good re- on long passes to Edesel ..rison, Charles Young and Mc- Kay. ■ i ,r- 209 JjBSftj Trojans ' Offense Too Much for lllini Defense Comes Up a Little Short but No. 1-Rated USC Wins, 55-20 BY BOB GATES Tim $ Slat) Writer CHAMPAIGN, 11!— L ' SC ' 3 high- powered offense wore down Illinois in the second half here Saturday and made it a roiit with a 20-point fourth quarter, 55-20. But it was not all that simple. On, the Trojans only rarely played like the nation ' s No. 1 team. The surprising Illini led twice, 7-0 and 14-7, and threatened once more late in the first half of a 14-14 fight. Marching to the USC 31, the IHini came to the end at last when a r serve Trojan lineman nam " ' ' Powell initiated rookie a-- Tom McCartney inXf ball. Powell, a ' McCartn - 18, st- " 210 ' ■!C • ■ ' 4 Ky " i 0 ' - » Trojan Rbrde Wumbles Sloppy Spartans, 51-6 ' I BY JEFF PRUGH TimM Sf«« Writw Capitalizing on innumerable Spar- tan mistakes, USC ' s undefeated and top -ranked Trojans demolished Michigan Slate by a 51-6 score Sat- urday night before a turnout of 63,- 934 fans at Memorial Coliseum. The opportunistic Trojans jumped into a 21-0 lead before the demora- lized Big Tenners could get on the scoreboard, and then made a rout of it in a high-scoring last quarter. It didn ' t take long for the Trojans to draw first blood. Midway through the first quarter, Lynn Swann caught an MSU punt on his 8-yard line. He got two excel- lent blocks between the hash marks, swept toward the south sideline and outraced everybody for a 92-yard runback, getting a key block from Cha ' ' s Phi " ir ' ■ » ' ' - ' nit r ' " ' ' ' " " 211 Troy rips Stanford STANFORD, Calif. (AP) - Southern California ' s top- ranked Trojans, using an errant Stanford punt snap to break a tie, defeated the 15th-ranked Cardinals, 3 21, Saturday and tried to run up the score against their Pacif ic-8 confer- ence rival. " I ' d liked to have won by 2,000 points, " USC coach John McKay said afterwards when asked about the Trojans ' at- tempt for a last-second touchdown on a pass that fell incomplete. " They are the worst winners I ' ve ever gone up against. They have no class. " The Trojans, favored by nearly three touchdowns, ran their record to 5-0, 2-0 in the Pac-8 ' s Rose Bowl derby. Stanford, 3-1 and 0-1, beat the Trojans the nast two yw.- ' nrt went " - ♦« R " ■ " ' 212 Wf 1 ¥ IN. . McKay More uBdued as Trojans Make Bears Sixth Victim, 42-14 BY BUIGHT CHAPIN _ nmn St3 Writer HHH John IlIcKaj- ;11 of fire and brimstone this mue. The use coach didn ' t have to be, after his Trojans had buried Califor- nia, 42-14, before 56,488 at the Col- iseum on a clear, cool Saturday af- ternoon. McKay was curt but conciliatory, in direct conti ' ast lo his bombast af- ter a 0-point win over Stanford last week ' " ' • ffljer i i. ,.i)c;:Uen . n]y g- lon Satii; Kay said: " I don ' t care who wins. " Questioned about the fact that use leads the Pacific 8, he ans ' syer- ed; " We won ' t if we lose to Wash- ington next weekend. " And that ' s the way it went until somebody asked McKay about what he liked best about his team ' s win over Cal, . i.xth .straight i .«. u.!)K d _i-0 halftime lead, more than enough against a Bear team that had a fair defense, two willing, if not hig hly effp mat •• ' . «r r f 2- JaaKk. i -s %z 1 r i ' -: hilh, m c ■ vp 1 S? i 71 K i " I I Am . .■! ' ■ .-«-V; 214 215 f w ' f « ' ' N nHI IH teJ . ' • -- aMH mi ' lowns m one ame: 6 vs notre dame most points in one game: 36 vs notre dame longest kickoff return for touchdown: 97 yards vs notre dame most yards returning kickoffs: 468 yards for season highest average yards re- turning kickoffs: 39 (12 for 468 yards) first use sophomore to rush for more than 1,000 yards with total of 1,034 . ' k I rva.i Ifurtina Huskies No Match for USC BY BOB GATES Timos StaH Wnif On a day of upsets, the Trojans weren ' t having any. They walloped Washington 34-7, Saturday, in a game that was never in doubt because the Huskies were as harmless as a headless snake. Violent on defense, they played without their two injured quarter- backs, Sonny Stxkiller and Greg Col- lins, as use breezed to its seventh straight before a crowd of 59,1 Vi. The nation ' s No. 1 team won it vith a 20-0 first half in which tail- back Anthony Davis swept to a 44- yard touchdown and split end J. K. McKay set up 10 points with two ar- tistic catches. Davis, who scored again in the second half with a 14-vard run from another position, flanker, got the big touchdown with one_ of the great runs of the Coliseum football season, college or pro. A 185-pound sophomore, Da is was moving to his right at top speed when quarterback Mike Rae ' s pitch- out arrived. PJxploding through the hole behind the blocking of tight , end Charles Young, Davis cut down ' the sideline, where three members of the Washington defense chal- lenged him successively in a classic example of perfect pursuit. Antbnnv 1—ir throi ' trh all thr 219 Trojans handle Oregon EUGENE, Ore. (AP) - Top- ranked Southern California, its offense stalled by nine fumbles, shook loose sophomore Anthony Davis twice on long touchdown runs in the third period Satur- day and the unbeaten Trojans stopped Oregon 18-0 in a Pacif- ic-8 Conference football game. Davis went 48 yards for the Trojans ' first touchdown with 6:06 left in the third period. About two minutes later, the 5- foot-9 tailback from San Fer- nando, Calif., outraced the Ore- gon defense for a 55-yard scor- ing run. The two quick scores, which boosted Southern Cal to its 13th straight victory since last sea- son, came just after Or ' quarterback Dan Fouts helped fror ' " field v injured le ' Davis assaults Cougars SEATTLE, Wash. (UPI) - Anthony Davis scored three touchdowns, rushed for 195 yards and did everything but sell tickets Saturday to lead No. i ranked Southern California to a runaway 44-3 Pacific 8 football victory over outclassed Washington State. Davis scored on runs of 3, f and :4 yards in the second, third and fourth periods as the Trojans moved almost at will against the Cougars after the first period. : He also broke loose for a 64- yard run to Washington State ' s 15 midway in the third period,, bat, that T;-nian threat was 220 Trojan quarterback Mike Rae capped a superior senior year by being honored with the Pop Warner Award, given annually to the the West Coast ' s premiere football player. After warming the bench while Jimmy Jones was leading DSC to con- secutive 6-4-1 seasons, Rae finally got a chance to prove himself. And prove himself he did, quarter- backing the Trojans to a 12-0 record, the Pacific-8 title, a Rose Bowl berth and the national cham- pionship. 221 gP pj UP Ij p p i p W i m im - 222 " The biggest goal we have is a little- known one. We ' re one of the few schools in the country that has won more than 80 per cent of its games in the last 10 years. That ' s what we ' re proudest of. It ' s not what you have done lately. I think all coaches should be rated on five-year periods. There are times when you don ' t coach as well- it happens to everybody sooner or later. Any one thing can cause the situation to go sour temporarily, like ours was for two years. All it really takes is one bad freshman class. After that first 6-4-1 season in 1970, we decided that we would go and get the best players we could. The most important thing in coaching is to first recognize your weakness and then go about correcting it. " : ! I 4 i» John mckay V head coach ' . 100-33-6 223 PAVIS: DEFENSE AND ROSES A m m r ' ■ L, ■ G i « ( in I BY MAL FLORENCE Timci StaH Writer It isn ' t often that a USC-UCLA game is played according to lotm but there were no surprises Saturday night at the Coliseum. the Trojans, the nation ' s No. 1 team, didn ' t tarnish their status i?1they easily defeated UCLA, 24-7, to clinch the Pacific 8 cham- pionship and a Rose Bowl invitation— their fifth in seven years. Pn a cool, clear evening a crowd of 82,929 and a national TV au iience saw tailback Anthony Davis scurry and slash for 178 yafds a« the star of the USC offensive. tJSC ' s was an impressive performance but not unexpected. The Trpjans were favored by 1.3. It was coach John McKay ' s defense, however, that snapped the wings off the Bruin wishbone T of- fe se. tJCLA was forced into a conservative, up-the-middle game be- cattse USC took away the option pitches to the outside to James M Alister and Kermit Johnson. JExcept for one 9-minute, 17 play Bruin touchdown drive in the 224 ffiitt quarter, the Trojans were in charge. They opened up a 10-0 lea " a, had it reduced to 10-7 but were in command, 17-7, at half- time. DAVIS! DAVIS! D 226 HHirittga )AVIS! DAVIS! DAVIS! BY BOB GATES Timet SUH Writer To overcome the Irish, John Mc- Kay ' s big maroon machine needed a 3-touchdown performance from An- thony Davis and got. it Saturday as the undefeated Trojans won their nth straight. 45-23. Notre Dame outgained the nation ' s o. 1 team but couldn ' t defense Da- vis, use ' s sophomore sensation, vvho broke the backs of the Irish with touchdown runs of 97, 1, 5, 4, 96 and S yards. A 185-pound blur standing . ' 5-9, Davis won it with two long kickoff returns to put McKay on the door- step of his third national champion- ship. UPI vot s Monday. The final AP poll will be taken after USC ' s last game against Ohio State in the Rose Bowl. It was in the first 13 seconds that Davis brought 75.243 to their feet in the Coliseum with his explosive 97-; yard trip with the opening kickoff to key a 19-3 first quarter lead that was cut to 19-10 at the half. But Notre Dame ' s sophomore iarterback, Tom Clements, wr - ' ' • ' ino ' the rnis s ' ' Ini- - 227 ' iiimm 228 229 ' W . f 230 ' " ■ f fCTTK- ' ? irS UNANIMOUS! COACHES PICK use NATIONAL CHAMP NEW YORK (UPD— use, whose 11-0 record was the only perfect mark in the country by a major col- lege team this season, was named unanimously Monday by the United Press Intei-national board of coaches as the 1972 national champion. Coach John McKay ' s Trojans, who completed their regular season un- defeated last Saturday by whipping Notre Dame. 45-23, were named first on all 35 ballots from the coaches and outpointed Big 8 champion Okla- homa (10-1), 350-302, in the final bal- loting. It was the third time USC won the national title, having also been named by UPI in 1962 and 1967. The Trojans join Oklahoma and Texas as the only other three-time football champions. ■Ri™ 1ft Mfliaf r».i » «♦• ♦« Q-1» H Wi Ww Ja 2?| Mfff ?C «« • . v-r John mckay ' s 100th win •T Ohio state gets bucked .«fw ..•r,y -y ' e :.Lfiai l ;i»W lOSE PARADE A number of well-known individuals showed up to watch the Trojans race to their Rose Bowl victory. They included First Lady Pat Nixon (a use alumna), Governor and Mrs. Ronald Reagan (right). Rose Bowl Parade Grand Marshall John Wayne, also a use alum was there (center), and Diana Ross (bottom right) entertained during halftime with a song from her highly-acclaimed motion picture, " Lady Sings the Blues. " SWM ' Ui mr K use 42, OHIO STATE 17 Cunningham Scores 4 TDs in Runaway BY BOB GATES TIm«$ StaH Wriler There were two parades In Pas- adena Monday, including the ona use led in the second half at the Rose Bowlwith Ohio State following far behind. It was a 42-17 rout in which the unbeaten Trojans scored the first five times they had the ball in the last two quarters after a 7-7 struggle in the first two. The 50-year-oId bowl may never before have seen such a parade. The record 106,869 there may never have seen such a backfield: — Quarterback Mike Rae ' s passes (18 of 25 for 229 yards) broke the game open. — Flanker Lynn S w a n n ' s six catches and tailback Anthony Davis 1.57-yard explosion on 23 runs moved the ball. — Fullback Sam (Bam) Cunning ham moved it over. Scoring a Rosf Bowl-record four touchdowns v ' ith high dives from the 1- and 2-yarc lines, Cunningham ruined one o coach Woody Hayes ' proudest pos sessions, his goal-line defense. Trojans Finish Undefeated And so the Trojans finished thi season 12-0 as the countr ' ' s only ma jor undefeated team, bringing coacl John McKay his third nationa championship in 1.3 years. Beyond doubt this is McKay ' s besr nd one of the finest yet orga college football. The 4: ' i. 235 fm ' lOim I ' .sr- ' .NU. «i , ' « M t ' - i • - , , . A SALUTE FOR NO. 1 239 3a fi8i ' . water polo 240 use 10, Cal State Fullerton 7 use 8, California 7 UCLA 7, use 6 USCl2,Claremont-Mudd5 - use 14, UC Riverside 4 use 9, New Mexico 7 use 18, Cal State Northride 4 use 14, UCLA 11 use 10, Ue Santa Barbara 9 use 13, Cal State Long Beach 7 California 13, USC 12 use 8, UC Irvine 7 use 10, Cal State Fullerton 6 use 10, Cal Stale Long Beach 3 use 10, Stanford 8 use 14, California 10 USC 10, Stanford 4 UC Irvine 11, USC 10 UCLA 7, use 5 USC 10, Cal State Fullerton 8 USC 17, New Mexico 7 San Jose State 19, USC 14 use 15, UC Santa Barbara 10 UC Irvine 12, USC 8 soccer »4ii » ' !ia - 242 Westmont 5, USC 2 use 1, Biola Cal State Fullerton 2, USC 1 Fresno State 3, USC San Diego State 5, USC UCLA 6, USC 1 USC 3, USIU 1 USC 8, UC Irvine USC 2, UCLA 2 USE 8, USC 1 USC 7, Woodbury 1 Cal State Northridge 1, USC 243 ' 73trojans 22 Dan Anderson Jr. G 33 Bill Boyd So. F 13 Biff Burrell So. G 35 Clint Chapman So. F 41 Bruce Clark Jr. F 34 Brian Heublein Jr. G-F 31 John Lambert So. C-F 32 Jeff Reinke So. G 44 Kirk Stewart Sr. G 54 Bob Trowbridge Fr. F 42 MikeWestra Jr. C 25 Gus Williams So. G use 83, Loyola LA 69 use 88, Hardin-Simmons 73 Arizona 71, USC 69 Alabama 76, use 66 USC 72, Auburn 66 USC 79, Purdue 71 USC 69, Fordham62 USC 75, Illinios 72 LaSalle 77, USC 72 USC 70, Princeton 52 Georgia 77, USC 75 (OT) USC 90, Oregon State 72 USC 66, Oregon 65 USC 71, California 64 USC 83, Stanford 67 USC 97, Hawaii 84 USC 77, Hawaii 74 UCLA 79, USC 56 USC 85, Washington 79 USC 80, Washington State 63 USC 79, Washington State 55 Washington 73, USC 70 Oregon State 82, USC 66 USC 56, Oregon 52 Stanford 50, USC 47 USC 64, California 53 UCLA 76, USC 56 244 245 ) i i t CSTVv oes 247 bob boyd head coach 248 $ ■ ess 2S0 KQUMS I 251 k - - Arithmetically, 12 minus 3 equals 9. But as far as the 1972-73 Trojan basketball team was concerned, it e- qualed zero. Three players who opened the season on the use team ended it elsewhere. Victor Kelly (Far Left) was a sometimes starter at guard until he decided he wasn ' t seeing enough action and left school on the eve of the first Pac-8 Conference game. Carlos Mina (Above Right), a key player on last year ' s frosh team, withdrew shortly thereafter and wound up at Imperial Valley JC. Perhaps the biggest puzzler, though, was Monroe Nash (Above Left). Nash came to USC five years ago as the top basketball player in San Diego County. At USC, though, he found he had to continually prove himself to the coaching staff. He was the sixth man on the Trojans ' 24-2 1970-71 team and actually saw more action than Joe Mackey, the forward he usually re- placed. After two operations on his back— the second forced him to sit out last season— Nash was Troy ' s starting forward the first four games of the year. And then, quicker than you could say " Fight On, " Nash was suspended from the team. And, before he was to be re- instated, he quit. Nash was accused of skipping curfew after USC ' s 76- 66 loss in Alabama, which was the cause for his sus- pension. He maintains he was not guilty, but says he quit the team for other reasons. On a sunny afternoon in Alumni Park, Nash and the El Rodeo ' s Charlie Mack talked about those reasons and about Monroe ' s views of basketball at USC. After five years, he considers himself an expert on coach Bob Boyd ' s philosophy. One of those views is that USC needs a big, agile post man to win consistently. " What happens, " says Nash, " is that with the absence of the post man, you get all of this experimental-type ball. " On the following two pages, Nash goes into more de- tail. 253 from sub to star to surgery to suspension to quitting, nash analyzes liis life at use Monroe, when you were recruited, were you promised anything? One thing they always say to all ball- players is, " You ' re gonna start. " When they ' re recruiting 12, you might have a problem starting 12. But that really is up to your own po- tential, and if you can gain the confi- dence of the coach— because that ' s what my problem was. Each year they critique you at the end of the season and tell you what you need to im- prove on. My critique read something like, " You need to be exposed to bas- ketball more. You need to go to bas- ketball games and read some books and things. Because, evidently, you ' re being so active in other things— doing well in school and being active in the community— you couldn ' t be totally devoted to the game. " That ' s false. 1 love the game, and it took me quite a bit of time to convey that. I did love the game and I could play. He (Boyd) seemed to be a little surprised about my ability to play ball. You weren ' t in the game too much during your sophomore year. You were used more or less as a mop-up man when the game was out of hand one way or the other. And actually it wasn ' t that bad be- cause in preseason 1 did real well. I almost pulled a game out for us a couple of times. But, actually, I sea- soned myself as a guard. I did well inside the gym playing against guys like Mo Layton and Paul Westphal every day. 1 couldn ' t do anything but improve. So the game came along pretty well. The following year 1 re- quested to go back to forward be- cause I saw that I wasn ' t going to get an opportunity to play much with Dana Pagett, Mo and Paul all coming back. Then the following season you played sixth man on the team that was 24-2— the best team in USC history. Weren ' t you operated on at the close of that season for back problems? 254 Right, that was my first operation. Actually I got injured in December, ' 70 and I played sixth man that whole season with a ruptured disc. Right after the season closed in March, I went into the hospital for major surgery. That summer period I was really limited as far as activity was concerned. So I had an opportunity really to work on my mental state of mind real well. I concentrated on it and studied Boyd ' s style a little too, and I think I ' m actually an expert on it right now after five years. Then everything was coming into place for you last year. You were finally into the starting lineup. And then that back problem came back at practice. It seemed as if the whole team had a rash of injuries. Not only you, but also Joe Kemp, Bruce Clark and Westphal missed the whole sea- son or parts of it. I think we really would have had a beautiful season. The third week of practice, th ings started getting tight again in my back and that was it. It ' s just something understood, some- thing conveyed with all the bad luck the basketball team has had the last few years. But it didn ' t seem to regis- ter to me. You see, I ' m religious my- self and I feel everything happens for a reason. And I do react and some- times act on instinct somewhat of the way circumstances come about; I may decide to change my whole thought plan. I ' m just saying if I was in the position of Boyd and I ' d just had all this bad luck I think I ' d try to do something to change it. I would check myself. Boyd makes the state- ment—just to kind of sum it up— he says, " If you ballplayers just do everything I say, you won ' t lose. " You know, that ' s very difficult and an awful lot to ask— just to be really lethargic, with no soul really. Kind of like a robot. Right, and the success of that 24-2 season was due to the fact that we had an option portion of the offense where after you pulled down on the fastbreak, clear the ball out, the first three shots downcourt were freelance. You know, cut and pick. And that ' s where we ' d score most of our bas- kets. When we ' d come out and jump on a team in the first couple of mi- nutes the score would be 20-2 or something ' cause we would be fast breaking. I can ' t understand all the intelligent coaches, or any coach real- ly, not being able to recognize that if he wants to pattern a team, why doesn ' t he pattern it around the talent and strengths of the team? What about the term student-athlete? Don ' t you agree that, in most cases, they ' re just jocks who happen to be enrolled in school at the moment? I think, especially for an athlete, it ' s his priorities, because, actually, you lake some of the professionals or you take any on the college level and just have a conversation with them and you know that they are pretty-well versed in life. What the whole aca- demic thing is all about is life from a different perspective. And, whatever you ' re involved in whether it be ath- t letics, business, pleasure, you should have full knowledge of what you ' re involved in. 1 draw that same parallel in the academic world. I feel that whatever I do, I want to have as much knowledge about it as I can. Mine stems from a natural sense— from the way I was raised, not neces- sarily being a gifted student as some are. The only way I ' m going to gel out of the status I ' m in is to have the degree. And you ' ll have that this year? Oh, yea. In urban studies. Do you feel any bitterness at all toward the USC basketball program? Toward the coaching or anything? Well, I don ' t know if it would be ti- tled bitterness. I know that I have a constant reminder, that back surgery. It ' s something that can ' t be forgotten. It ' s a constant reminder that I ' ll al- ways tie into the basketball program. But bitterness in the total sense, no. Because I set my goals when I was in the 10th grade and basketball for me was gonna be a vehicle to get to col- lege because my parents couldn ' t af- ford to send me. And I said if the pos- sibilities presented themselves with pro ball I would take them. And my main goal was to go to college and play on the ' 72 Olympic team. I did get invited, but I was hurt. I was just going through my recovery period. I ' ve heard a lot of rumors about why you quit the team. Was it because of your suspension or the back injury? Or maybe a little of both? Actually, my decision to stop playing was not based totally on the suspen- sion. Earlier in the season, I had quit before this even came about. I was having some difficulties adjusting. It was like I was seeing the same things beginning to happen again and I re- fused to accept them. All I want— I ' m not being childish or selfish or any- thing like that— is to be respected as a man rather than as a child. But it was an awkward situation in that the team was so young that Boyd had to administrate in a sense of developing them right, developing them totally— mentally, physically. I ' m sure by now I ' ve already gone through that pro- cess. So this is what I was asking for, just some respect. What do you think are the major changes USC has to make in its bas- ketball program to effectively chal- lenge UCLA? Get a post man. A 6-11 redhead, huh? Before you can cure anything else, you ' ve got to cure yourself. The ball player takes on the responsibility of improving himself every day in the area he needs to improve in, whether it be defense, offense, dribbling or whatever. And, then, the other part of it is working as a team, gelling as a team, and that ' s what all this prac- tice should be all about. At the times when you have the opportunities to work on individual skills, do that. And then get to know each other. Do you think your quitting and the quitting and suspensions of minority ballplayers-Chapman, Clark, Mina, Kelly-will hurt USC ' s recruiting with minority players? I don ' t know if it will hurt towards minorities. I think it is gonna hurt possibly totally because in athletics you don ' t really see— you shouldn ' t sec— color or race when you ' re trying to develop a team. And this is es- pecially so if you ' re gonna win. There can ' t be these barriers. You gotta break all this down. Now what you do outside the door is a different thing, but really you ' ve got to get to- gether. Do you ever regret coming to USC in the first place? Do you kind of wish you ' d gone to another school? Well, that answer can be two-fold. Firstly, my decision to come here was a total package in which I wanted a USC degree, so I ' m satisfied in that sense. And according to circum- stances that happened, injuries and so forth, I ' m satisfied with my de- cision in getting a degree here after being injured. But the other side of it is if— I guess this is a ulopian-type statement— if I had wanted to concen- trate more on basketball, I would have gone somewhere else. I didn ' t realize that it was so regimented. It didn ' t really look that way from the recruitment process— it ' s way off from exposing what you ' re really gonna be involved in. I think there should be some rehashing of that process on a total basis because what happens is high school ballplayers come into a university or college and they really don ' t know what they ' re looking for and they see what you want them to see. 255 volleyball 10 Curt Caldwell Jr. 1 Kent Caldwell Jr. 9 Thomas Chapman So. 6 Larry Denner Fr. 2 Gary Fisette Fr. 7 Carlos Fonseca So. 12 Celso Kalachi Jr. 4 Dave Lindquisl Sr. 3 Pete Nooteboom Fr. 15 Bill Power Fr. 14 Bob Skrdla Sr. 5 George Spratt Jr. 8 Steve Tallant Sr. 11 Frank Taylor Jr. 16 Mark Thomas Fr. 13 Mark Wilczynski So. i ' 4tC 256 i . ' ' ftj 257 gymnastics Gary Gibbs Fr. vaulting, rings, horizontal bar John Greene Jr. pommel horse, floor exercise, parallel bars Robin Hastings Fr. vaulting, parallel bars Donald Jackson Fr. floor exercise, rings, horizontal bar Rod Kaneshiro Jr. rings JohnKolb So. all-around George Lee Jr. all-around Tim Shaw So. all-around Kurt Zimmerman So. side horse «• «» O •» i» •! «» 258 259 tennis jsxsiy f ' % John Andrews Jr. Dave Borelli Sr. John Holladay Fr. MikeMachette Sr. SashiMenon Jr. Raul Ramirez So Michael Wayman Fr. 261 1973 swim team I _ Mark Ault Gary Brock Steve Cameron Mark Chatf ield Craig Cooper Pat Corcorran Steve Crum Jeff D ' Eliscu Michael Egan Gary Ferraro Steve Furniss Chip Furniss BengtGingsjo David Hannula Dick Hart Bruce Kocsis Andrew Lehner Tom McBreen Ed McCleskey JimMcConica Allen Poucher Jack Tingley Kim Tutt Steve Tyrrell Jon White Gary Willis Doug Windes Head Coach-Peter D aland 263 baseball 9 Rob Adolph Jr. IF 3 Daryl Arenstein Sr. IF 19 Craig Barnes Sr. OF-IF 48 Mark Barr Jr. P 21 Ed Bowman Jr. C-IF 15 Marvin Cobb So. IF 45 Tim Coffin Sr. P 24 Rich Dauer Jr. IF 28 Anthony Davis So. OF 5 Terry Dedeaux Jr. IF 25 WiUiam Edwards Jr. IF 16 Ed Gilliam So. OF 30 Brian Heublein Jr. P 49 Clif Holland Jr. P 10 Ken Huizenga So. IF 44 Steve Kemp Jr. P 8 Fred Lynn Jr. OF 47 Russ McQueen Jr. P 52 George Milke Fr. P 12 VinceMoll Sr. C 32 Dan Olson Jr. P 6 Ed Putman So. C 34 Jeff Reinke So. P 50 Randy Scarbery Jr. P 18 Rich Simonin So. P 17 Roy Smalley Jr. IF 4 Dennis Stahl So. OF 11 Creighton Tevlin Jr. OF 1 Rod Dedeaux Head Coach 264 Zi A) ll WKtH ' W Kite- ., , : d iv ' ™ 1 265 I k ill lMl iii t i Ti ti.MW i f i i in -wurmf " T r i " -r ti v i w i t ■ 268 269 m TROJAN -If i)m «fm ' ' " ' " ■ " ' ' ' ■ ' ' - - jiiaii ' ■mm. crew Dave Barba Bob Berkes Jim Collins A.C. Dupont Mich D ' Arlon Doug Dovey Jack Dunsmoor Jr. Nies sen Foster Sr. Henry Hall Wes Keusder Chuck Lande Thomas Park Bob Rasch Stephen Rasch Sr. Eric Eimison Jr. Clif Smith Sr. Pat Stapleton Sr. Bob Hillen Coach So. Sr. Sr. Jr. Sr. Sr. Sr. Jr. Sr. Jr. So. 272 golf Don Baker Sr. Jon Fiedler So. Greg Grohs Jr. MikeHaney Sr. Bob Martin Sr. Jeff Miller Jr. Mark Pfeil Jr. Craig Stadler So. Stan Wood Coach j ' _- ss?- 273 track Tony Baker Sr. Distances James Baxter Jr. 880, 440 Claude Brown Fr. 440, 880 Steve Brown Jr. Distances Mike Budincich Fr. Shot Put Nathan Burks Jr. 880 Trevor Campbell Fr. 440, 880 Allen Carter So. Sprints Maurice Clarke Fr. Sprints Bob Coff man Jr. Hurdles Tom Cocher Fr. Triple Jump Jerry Culp So. High Jump Gunnar Dalen Fr. Distances Bruce Dow Fr. Javelin Robert James Jr. Hurdles Gregory Jones Fr. Sprints, 440 Brian Kimball Fr. Hurdles John Kwan Fr. Pole Vault Tom Lipski Sr. Distances DougMacLean Fr. Mile Dean Owens Jr. High Jump Robert Pullard Jr. Pole Vault Donald Quarrie Sr. Sprints Ken Randle Fr. 440 Leigh Reilly Fr. Mile Earl Richardson So. 440 Fred Richer son Sr. Distances Jeff Steinberg Jr. Javelin Bo Sterner So. Decathlon Mark Stevens So. Shot Put, Discus Kevin Todd Sr. Triple Jump Ed Washington Jr. Hurdles, Triple Jump Randy Williams So. Long Jump, Sprints Jerry Wilson Sr. High Hurdles 275 276 t ' ; i); i - J£_ 277 i mmM 278 4. 4 I daily trojan staff Roy Copperud (advisor), Nancy Centofanti, Al Flores, Mark Lane, Loren Ledin, Stan Kelton, Danny Alaimo, Rudi Schmidt, Don LaPlante, Terry Ross, Barbara Wegher, Michelle Drake, Russell Kishi, Patrick Mott, Laurie Taylor, Leonard Leger, Tim Novoselski, Richard Simon, Sarah Heck, Teri Lobree, Bettye Wells, Mark Merfeld. rich Wiseman fall editor bernard beck spring editor 280 II ■ 1 . 1 _ ■ 1 , 1 . ' I First Row: Jean Parks, Anne McMahn, Kathy Laughren, Jim Roorda, Jan- et Greene, Jim Anderegg. Second Row: Barbara Stromquist, Ray Dan- ganan, Anne Rubsamen, Cathy Hirko, Joney Cannaro, Cheryl Olson, Chris Ralph, Ron Murrin, Nancy Rule, Janis Agopian, JaNae Jaques, Phil Crowley, Jim Ishii, Tom Bozarth, Chris Hovey, Peggy Witz, Mike Hricak, Chris Olson, Mario Alvarez. Not Pictured: Marsh Wilkinson, Nick Spirtos, Bob Rang, Lisa Davis, Marilyn Merritt, Ann Lipscomb, John Casey, Kuwata, Sheri Kocen. songfest committee groups SLonba fp l Front Row, L-R: Greg Kirst, Keith Lumpkin, Mike Lawler, August Ruiz, John Watson, Jamie Shepherdson, Scott Bassett, John Allavie, Lee Ander- son, Rich Reitzell, Barry Brown, Second Row: Larry Hall, Ken Rozak, Jeff Deberrard, Bob Dreyfuss, Bruce LeClair, Marty Davis, Dave DeReiux, Third Row: Bob Week, Ed Fitch, Dean Jabs, Steve Russeu, Garry Brown, Bruce Cohen, Bob Hogue, Ron Jaddach, Tim Morris, Keith Mundy, Craig Clemence, Fourth Row: Larry Miller, Dick Hart, John Lindsey, Greg Gibeaut, Mike Feinberg, Bob Rasch, Tony Brazil, Rick Morrisset, Steve Foulkes, Scott Pollard, Jon Stevens, John Aufhammer, John Biksa, Carl Stevens, Randy Hunter, Neil Weiller. Fifth Row: Tim McFarren, John Kay, Dave Hasbrouck, Crane Patten, Joe Boskovich, Brad Fowler, Leon- ard Nimoy, Harold Smith, Steve Sharp. squires 283 korean trojan club Bottom Row, L-R: SinYung Yu, Nancy Kim, Mijoa Rho, Jungnin Yoo, Myeung Hee Lee, Changkyu Choi, Heevvon Kwon, WonJouMg Kim, Byung Ghil Moon, Choonkcun Kim. Middle Row: Bunwoo.ig Kim, Scungtae Kim, Hangki Kim, Jongsam Park, Yung Tae Kim, Ching Rim Yong Kyu Kim, Sung Soo Kim, Kyuwang Lee. Back Row: Kim, Si Hoon Yoo, Heunsung Lee, Chongkeun Kim, Jungkwan Suh, Sung- hoon Kim Shijin Kim, Ho Suck Lee, Jisoo Oh tau beta pi First Row, L-R: Prof. Spring- er, Richard Keegan, Eugene Pond, Roy Glantz, Glenn Hori, Gerald Talentino, Jeff- rey Brom, Dr. Chilinger. Second Row: Robert Jagosz, Alan Fohrer, Dan Whyte, Katherine Wong, Darryl Kelly, Joe Tiee, Steven Hui. Third Row: David Lloyd, Robert Liles, Dale Londre, Brent Dussia, Henry Peters, Glenn Wong. Back Row: Dean Manncs, John Hogan, Hilton Barki, James Ohler, Gerald Sekimora, Joe Tsai. 184 % alpha epsilon delta international premedical honor society First Row; Richard Horn, Vice President; Wesley Chang, Historian; Diane Isonka, Assistant Ad- visor; Bradford H. Taft, Treasurer; Second Row: John E. Grant, President; Bruce Peterson, Secre- tary; Dr. Edwin M. Perkins, Advisor. Kevin Barnett, Eddie Bubar, Dean Butchart, Rod Cherrie, Gragory Cole, Denise Deets, David De Loach, Robert Gardner, Jon Green, Judith Miga, Robert lacono, Clifford Ishii, David Jenkins, Lloyd Kobayashi, Michael Lem, Curtis Li, Daniel Maher, Paul Maher, Carol Manning, Craig Merri- hew, Michael Myracle, John S. Nail, Dan Noonan, Russell Perry, Gary Romero, Mark Schwartz, Jacque Sokolov, Nicholas Spirtos, Steve Vouis, Robert Wald, Paul Woodward, Benjamin Wong, John Garry, Rick Horn, Bruce Peterson, Brad Taft, Wesley Chang, Debbie Barbour, Bruce Camp- bell, Charlie Becker, Diane Isonaka, Tom Band, Randy Mita, Phyllis Bleck, Lyle Swallow, Marcia Gettman, Ron Turner, Steve Cash, John Russo, William Fenton, Douglas Meredith, Ralph Maeda, Mark Kawachi, Ivy Crossley, Jeffrey Pagdigian, William Gilles, Ting-Pong Hee, Don Goldman, Nancy Stukan, Mark Kaweta, Irene Tang, Harold Geweter, Verna Li, Laurence Masuoka, Douglas Blumenthal, William Savage, George Markle, Allan Bushnell, Jason Siegel, Deborah Chinn, Michael Hong, Kim Shirin, Miles Yamaguchi, Susan Frank, Deborah Cleveland, Sazanne Lee, Parviz Soroudi, Nicholas Yaru, Craig Wehrli, .Michael Zone, Michael Morris, Gideon Nagel, Gregory Vanley, Fred Gregg, Geraud Dougher, Leslie St. Royal, Wayne Tsutsuse, Bill Montonia, Warren Skaug, Branton Lachman, Blake Hahn, Carol Vez, Cheryl Beckman, Randolph Bronte, Gregg Elision, William Rodenhi, Gerard Edvalin, Kieth Okamuro, Glen Dysinger, Steven Denmark, Steven Wolford, Steven Smith, Gerald Bross, Eric Wallace, Dr. Edwin Perkins, Dr. Harrison Kurtz. 285 £: A 1 h i a.iiii debate squad Front Row, L-R; Glenn Johnson, Toni Britt, Roxane, Salyer, Peter Clinco (Squad Captain), Mary K. Gris- ingher, Terri Chapman, Eric Eltinge. Second Row: John C. DeBross (Director), Leonard Schulwilz, James McQueen, John Reinard (Asst. Director), Larry Solum, Drew Thomas, Bill Thompson, Lee Garrison (Debate Asst.), Brad Branch, Barney Saunders, Gil- bert Cuadra, Bob Birchfield, Tom Hozdok, Jim Knut- son (Debate Asst.), Bill Sparks. MIDICOUEGIAIE snXCH TOURNAHENT RESULTS AWARDS TiONAL SWEEPSTAKES IN FORENStCS 1971-72 £ UNIVERSITY OF ISOUTUERN CALIFORNIA l ' FOR SCH(»OLS EHROaMENTSOVER 6,000 286 anchors Sitting, L-R: James Thorsby, David Chatfield, Thomas Sommerville (Director). Front Row: Tcrrcncc Levitt, David Layne, John Koelsch, Sharon Herbst, Melvin Fujikawa, Debbie Randall, David Chapman, Pamela Greenfield, James Reed, Patricia Sanborn, Robert Scholia, Claudia Wilson, Brent Noyes, Cynthia Milius, Chris Ramierez, Laurie Dunham, John Clark, Michelle Duclon, Gary Beaston, Pamela Cordova, Robert Elias, Steve Salazar. Back Row: Anne Rubsamen, Laurie McLeod, Susan Shimasaki, Pamela Monroe, Linda Norman, Debra Nelson, Melinda Bennett, Jennifer Echols, Lynn Weinburger, Vanessa Burch, Patt Mott, Diana Billings, Peggy Schmid, Felissa Gardner, Jackie Van Furche, Debbie Wessendorf, Patrice Rushen, Susan Chinen, Susan Koppel, Dawn Dewar, Aquila Quiaoit, Deborah Scrina. Sitting: Melody Pontes, First Row: Anne Rub- samen, Mary Hyan, Connie Mantano, Katie Bullard, Flerida Uldrich. Second Row: Marian Mapes, Ann Arkley, Barbara Schwellenbach, Ally Saroni, Carolyn Fonley. Third Row: Kim Martin, Debbie Denison, Laura DanieL trojan chorale 287 Sigma delta chi national professional journalistic society First Row;L-R: Prof. Fred Coonradt(advisor), Bob Emmer. Second Row; Timm Ferryman, Elyse Mintey, Patti Lee, Terry Ross, Mary Ann Calante, Denise Garl- land, Mike Rcvzin, Angela Curcuru, Bettye Wells, Layna Browdy, Bernard Beck, Rich Simon, Teri Lobree, Peter Wong, Stan Kclton, Mike Braham, Laurinda Keys. Missing: Sandy Banducci, Wilhelm Bleckmann, Clarence Brown, Nancy Centofanti, Doug Culver, Julie Delany, Betty Goldstone, Dave Howe, Tony Korody, Gerry Levitt, Gunther Merii, Mike Mitchell, Christie Plank, Joanne Purham, Tim Saasta, Rudi Schmidt, Gail Storm, Tim Taylor, Kris Tow, Ro- selle Vellis, Barbara Wegher, Rich Wiseman. alpha phi omega Top Row; L-R; Bill Townsend, Craig Merrihcw, Chris Mclean, Ruben Bar- rola, Mike Yuskis, Jon Low, Steve Sla- gle, Larry Tichauer, Terry Lee, Chris Dccring, Pete Corrigan, Jim Weslow, Rob Schulla, Ed Von Breyman, Wade Piston, Greg Cole, John Meehan. Mid- dle Row: Bill Tung, Doug Moreland, John Adolph, Lucian Wehrly, Jim Muche, Rufus Kerr, Frank Empcno, Mark Buxton, Jim Owens. Bottom Row; Roxane Salycr, Nancy Poquette, Emily Lynch, Robin Lee, Debbie Chinn, Judy Low, Pam Kurazhizc, Ruthie Deutsch. 288 zeta phi eta national women ' s speech fraternity Glenda Bachman, Judy Cannavo, Marnell Dans, Danielle Dietrich, Mary K. Grisingher, Valeric Gumbiner, Earnestine Howell, Jennifer Nims, Jean Perry, Althea Pettiford, Holly Ray, Janice Rohrlich, Hope Sommers(Alumni advisor), Phyllis Taylor, Jana Waring, Pam Webb, Wendy Wetzel. Camera Shy: Dr. Bolton(Faculty advisor), Toni Britt, Cyn- thia de Nuno, Sheri Gould, Mary Kerr, Jonova Knicker- bocker, Janet Saito, Linda Steiner, Alice Travis, Dolly Vessup. L-R: Sandy Banducci, Teri Lobree, Elyse Mintey, Deni Gart- land, Laurinda Keys, Mary Ann Galante, Joanne Purhman, Angela Curcuru, Layna Browdy. women in communications 289 alpha kappa psi professional business fraternity beta alpha psi accounting fraternity First Row: Fred Cummings, Graig VVeller, Dan Gorman, Scott Levey, Clarence Fong. Second Row: Mike Moore, Rich Asher, Paul Michelson, Larry Harris, Steve Hara, Harry Culotta, Charles Safer, Jarry Jam- gotchian, Evan James, Chapter President. Third Row: Mike Haney, Jim Anderegg, Jeff Zolenz, Anthony Tse, Dale Dempster, Phil Dragotto, Ron Samore, Paul Mathans. Fourth Row: Bob Bonnell, Henry Lee, Jim Mastrogany, Craig Stoner, Walton Brown, Mark Harris, Russ Robin- son, Gary Gibbs, Eugene Craw- ford. Fifth Row: John Shivel, Anth- ony Woo, Paul Sakamoto, Randy Shumway, Joseph Munroc, Leroy Stewart, Wayne Call, Vince Murone. Allen Basso, Philip Buchman, Corr. Sec, Gregory Chambers, Otis Cherry, Timo- thy Farmer, Alan Frank, Vice President, Robert Hammer, Gregory Hickey, Pres- ident, Eric Hummel, Charles Kidd, Jordan Kort, David Lawrence, Wendy Lees, Controller, John Andrews, Ronald Beck, LeRoy Carlson, Warren Chew, Paul Chin, Brett Clark, Philip Cormany, Richard Davis, Frank Denby, Steven Fraser, David Hale, Donald Hamman, Steven Hoyle, Dennis Ito, Eduardo Jordan, James Kern, Russell Limprecht, Frank Little, Tim McLean, George Millburn, Elias Mizrachi, Mark Nelson, Michael Sherman, Reports Sec, Michael Reifsnyder, Andrew Tallman, Kenneth Tanaka, Curtis Timmons, Janet Towne, Myeng Lee, Linda Lefand, Robert Litschi, John Lloyd, Jr., Thomas Maloof, David Miller, Brenton Murdoch, Randall Purnam, Burton Ray, Neal Reitz, James Reynolds, Suzette Soulanille, Edward Weber, Laraine Yamamolo, George Zorb. First Row: Greg Bryan. Second Row: Debbie Ran- dall, David Chapman, David Wong. Third Row: Laurie Dunham, Gilbert Sinn, John Clark, Pamela Greenfield. Missing: Jay Gibberman. amateur student productions gamma delta iota from a toz 29! l»A ' to«.-» 4i H " jif .1. s 1 :r « :y.: J :f ; - IW it, .J ' ■-«• « , dean ' s advisory board school of business Front Row;L-R: Frank Roth, David Cheung, Fred Cummings, Mc- linda Murray, Joel Jacobs, Prof. Roy C. Herberger, Paul Michelson, Jim Andercgg. Back Row; Pat Jacobs, Mike Rupert, Jaime Smith, Joe Davis, Kelvin Chen, Gary Lcfkowitz, Gary Wayland, Clarence Fong. Missing; Bob Levitt, Kerry Fields. alpha lambda delta women s honorary Standing on Ground; L-R; Lorrie Herzberg, Jcanette Yamagata, Tien Tien Kiat, Janice Bender, Betty Rayes, Mrs. Karen Chappell (Facul- ty Advisor). Sitting; Verna Silky Li, Paula Bibb, Mar- garet Chui, Audrey Chan, Debbie Chinn. Standing on Ledge; Nancy Stukan, Chris- tie Plank, Lynn Barret, Gail Chan. 292 resident honors program Front Row, L-R: Daniel Kup- fer, Carol Ann Boothby, Glenna Burmer, Celeste Anderson, Jerry Buckley, Teresa Risdon, Sharon Yee, Karen Carter, Nancy Luckie. Back Row: Camela Ford, Ken- neth Krause, Jo Landefeld, Steve Wehrman, Norman Diamond, Mark Simos, Jeremy Jones, Wil- liam Fay, Jr., Michael Kolker, Mark Shimo, Mark Levy, Ray- mond Medine, Steven Kommel. Missing: Mary Green, Sharlene Kelson, Dennis Copfer, Robert Ayer, Earl Houston, Linda Layne, Maureen Nolan, Susan Struth- ers, Melinda Welch, John Loo. public relations student society of america Seated, L-R: Jana Waring, Ken Phillips, John Fransen, Robert Robin- son, Susan Dimitriou, Gerry Levitt, Warwick Wakem, Bonnie Rowe. Standing: Jonathan Marshall, Julie Capps, Cheryl Riser, Joy Barrett, Al Ginepra, Dr. Ken Smith, Marshall Casky, Joan O ' Conner, Mary Turk, Roselle Vellis, Christie Lanum, Mark Groothaert. Missing: Tim Ferryman, Pat Ruhlman, Rick Terrell, LeAnne Meyers, Marlee Parker, Nancy Elftman, Babetta Anderson, Candace McGranahan, Betty Goldstone, Marilyn Merritt, Freddye Dixon, Anna Kcomt, Rita Halasz. 293 First Row: Gwynn Geiger, Paula York, Debi Harbeson, Gail Fleming. Second Row: Audrey Chan, Donna Caswell. Third Row: Chris Rector, Karen Wagner, Ellen Dambros, Janet Miller, Betty Rayes, Kathy Shon. Fourth Row: Aileen Moses, Carey Mah, Carolyn Kolts, Charlotte Weizer, Fred- die Haley. Missing: Karen Aseltine, Ann Daves, Jenny Fiedler, Lanah Jones, Cathie Moody. sword and shield 294 helenes First Row: Allison Saroni, Sany Banducci, Carol Talking- ton, Kathy Arthur, Penny Parks, Terry OLoughlin, Gloria Potempa, Mary Mazzaferri, Pam Webb (President), Stepha- nie Paggi, Marjie Murphy, Jana Waring. Second Row: Anne Rubsamen, Susan Watson, Valerie Cumbiner, Kathy Davis, Janet Greene, Michele Buchanan, Denise Stump, Elaine Frier. Missing: Colleen Gallagher, Maureen Gallagh- er, Robin Alterman, Sue Cartwright, Pat Clark, Wendy Dickson, Carrell Halley, Marcia Parker, Debbie Shon, Gail Storm, Gay Strand, Ruthann Suzuki, Karen Tuppan, Jan- elle Walton, Emily Wong. First Row: Ben Wong, Mark Burrell, Max Baumgartner, Fred Correa, Joe Frake, George Halas, Phil Eliardo, Denny Chapman, Don Green, Bill Pelrasich, Steve Childs, Skip French, Rob Wald, Craig Jones, Mark Shullz. Second Row: John Garry, Larry Weber, Chuck Howard, Pierino Guiseppe Italo Zapella, Brent Noyes, Joe Todd, Russ Childrey, Kerry Fields, Tom W.G. Butler, David Gibbons, Dave Shoemaker, Ruben Burrolla, Lorin Johnson, George Handman, Gary Gibeaut. Third Row: Gary Stevens, Richard Hall, Fidel Castro, Bill Megowan, Jim Hobson, Jim Gillete, Chuck Cochrane, Curt Palmer, Markie Poo Pascoo, Howie Mango, 296 Brett Clark, Bob Jenness, Chuck Schreiber, Rich Town- send, Casey Journigan. Fourth Row: Rocket J. Springstead, Crabs Rasch, Dave Lawrence, Jim Stephens, Fingers Sprun- ger, Russ Pierce, Steve Montgomery, Andy Lissner, Rick Stephens, Bob Madison, Rick Mork, John Loevenguth, Fish, The Shadow, Tom Courtney. Fifth Row: Les Ball, Mike Nitta, Jim Graham, Bruce Megowan, Dirk Manning, Tom Welsh, Jim Hodge, Ken Yabuki, Ed Pearson, George Schwartz, John Hyland, Benito Mussolini, Paul Ramsey, Mike Van Buskirk. Sixth Row: Dan Allen, Private Olson, Mike Alcantar, Ron Murrell, Stanley M. Sorensen, Leslie Young, Greg Caskey, Bill Hardekopf, Bob Murrin, Greg Kendall, Rob Malcolm, William Tecumseh Crowe, Keith Fuchigami, Dean Simpson, Jeff Bartow. Seventh Row: Rick Davey, Dave Howe, Jim Gaughn, Paul Larscn, Blair Bryant, Pal Ramsey. Missing; Scott Andrews, Tim Chris- tensen, Kent Clemence, Bob Dickerson, Doug Dovey, Phil Enquist, Mark Kaneta, Jim McConica, Mike McCormick, Bob Rosso, Bob Smith, Ken Ude, Jim Weslow, Mark Wil- liamd, Tom Wilson. knights 297 american institute of chemical engineers Front Row, L-R: Glenn Wong, Mark Pascoo, Gerard Tolentino (Treasurer), Glenn Hori, Oanh Uo, Mike Choi, David Gibbons (Presi- dent). Back Row: Dave Maier (Vice-presi- dent), Pok Zin Teo, Frank Ford John Cuka- couic, John Hirisch, Robert Katin. Missing: Santosh Bhatt, Deepak Kanuga, Joe Tsai, Plerida Uldrich (Secretary), Nitin Parikh, Gregory Freeman, Ed Jakubenas. chemical engineering honor society Back Row; Lukacovic, Front Row: Oanh Uo, dent), Gerard Missing: Joe L-R: Robert Katin, John Pok Zin Teo(President) Glenn Wong(Secretary) Glenn Hori(Vice-presi- Tolentino(Treasurer). Tsai, Robert Lyles. 298 american society of civil engineers L-R: Juan Gonzales, John Hogan, Steven Takahashi, Dan Whyfe, Hil- ton Barki, Pat DeChellis, George Young, Alan Fohrer. american institute of industrial engineers First Row: Mufreh Al-Sham- mari, Rebecca Bimmerman, Jo Ann Williams, Jeevan Anand, Kam Law. Second Row: Craig Compiano, Kim Kinard, Cheung Li, Bill Mego- wan (Vice-president), Bill Taylor (Secretary - treasurer), Chris Lange(President). Back Row: Dr. Gerald Fleischer (Faculty advisor), Robert Sze-Tu, C regg Marston, Brent Mathews, Peter Lee, Leonard Ensslin. 299 Back Row;L-R: Jim Blaschke, Bill Taylor, Chris Lange, Tom Megna. Front Row: John Lukacovic, Dianne Goad, Clay Rushing, Carolyn Poppell, Bruce Myatt(Vice-presidenl), Pierino Zappella, Craig Compiano(Prcsident), David Gib- bons, Florence Yee, Alan Fohrer, Glenn Wong, Janice Rohr- lich(Engineering Queen), Dean Robert Merz(Advisor). engineering student council 300 phrateres women ' s service club Front Row: Marie Foster(Secretary), Valerie Gumbincr(lst Vice-presi- dent), Elaine Wirgart(2nd Vice-president), Evelyn Marino(Treasurer), Joanie Robinson(President), Betsy Hartjen(Parlimenlarian), Terri Smith (Social Chairman), Dina Ferguson(Historian), Jeannine Murphy (Pub- licity Chairman). Second Row: Mary Gilliland, Terri Parrins, Robin Lee, Nina Wong, June Tabanera, Patti Cronin, Sharon Besel, Dayle Handel- man, Debbie George. Angela Santen(pledge Secretary), Linda Cervera(Pledge President), Mary Ann Colville. Front Row: Janice Rohrlich, Anita Sapatjian, Adriana Ramirez, Jean Greunke, Lori Feldman. Second Row: Sue Vernetli, Sue Albertoni, Terry Kubasak, Karen Duncan, Colleen Furst, Laury Sanor. 301 blue key Each year a select group of jun- ior and senior men are invited to join Blue Key. Their selec- tion is based on their records of leadership and performance throughout the university. They come from all facets of university life, including serv- ice groups, honorary organiza- tions and athletics. This honorary provides a forum for campus issues and current events among students, as well as faculty members and admin- istration. In the social atmos- phere of an evening at Julie ' s, the restrictions of campus life are loosened and thoughts aired. The tradition of Blue Key is carried on as its members continue to serve the university. Seated ;L-R: Chuck Cochrane, Doug Dovey, Rick Davey. Standing: Lcs Shaw, Rob Nye, Dr. Robert Craig (Advisor), Rocky Springstead, Jay Smith, Steve Rasch, Dan Smith. Missing; Arturo Arbaca, Kent Clemence, Jim Graham, Roger Hobbs, Jim Korsen, Pat Ramsey, Ben Wong. biackstonians Not Pictured: Olivia Ander- son, Richard Asher, Blair Bryant, Ralph Campillo, Peter Clinco, Christopher Cox, Kathleen Ferraro, Alli- son Fueres, Robert Hammer, Zan Brodie Huling, Gregory Jones, Steven Knowles, Mich- ael LeCover, Kyle Lopesarde, David Nishimori, Louis No- wog. Marshal Oldman, Lawr- ence Piatt, Valerie Roses, Daryl Lynn Smith, Robert Spira, Victor Strauss, George Teitel, Walter Weiss, Thomas Wilson, Gregory Woodson, Dr. Carl Christol (Faculty Advisor). 302 Front Row; L-R: Kathryn Arthur(Secretary), Jay Helms, Theresa O ' Loughlin, Edmund Yee. Second Row: Gary Gesch(Vice-presi- dent), Kiyoshi Nakatsui(President), Ada Coats(Vice-president), Richard de la Pena, William Owen, Audrey Kitagawa, Philip Kauf- ler, Mary Ann Galante, Jonni Hoffman, Debra-Jean Traxler, Nan- cy Hargiss, Diane Tan, Cindy Beisner, Kim Mistretta, John Legris. Third Row: Marilyn Smith, Jim Korsen, Kirk Stewart, William Yoshimoto, Frank Gooch III, Christopher Call. mortar board Kneeling: Mary Ann Galante, Lynn Crumrine. First Row: Wendy Martyna, Barbara MacEachern, Marilyn Nie- mann, Helen Wakabayashi, Bettye Wells, Katherine Wong, Joy Wright, Marilyn Smith. Second Row: Allyson Bilich, Janie Warschaw, Su- san Dong, Ana Marino, Ami- ta Rodman, Dr. Fred Coon- radt. Third Row: Laurinda Keys, Dr. Paul Knoll, Kris Johnson, Lee Wilbur. Miss- ing: Gail Foltz, Jana Waring, Mary Ann Pacheco, Dean Joan Schaefer. phi beta kappa national honorary society membership awarded for outstanding intellectual achievement in the acquisition of a liberal education university of southern California epsiion of California 303 f !l ; I M l , ■■ ' V . A, ' - ■«8!r X •- J Si Ip- - , iii ;•-] NN " - S-tgii e i -i : .ni ijf? greeks ;W; ISAFOOR lETTEB WORa - ' 5 ' ; " ■ i - 305 2: panhellenic Back Row (L-R): Liz Carr, Advisor, Cindy Howes, Becky Carver, Janet Miller, Ruth Sternfeld, Patti Huff, Nancy Wood, Carol Gobrecht, Carlyn Pierose, Lauren Sherman, Chris Gait. Middle Row: Lynn Crumrine, Shar Garish, Mary McAboy, Marsha Parker, Julie Capps, Ruth Harvey, Katie Liguori. Front Row: Alcy Grimes, Diana Billings, Rush Chairman, Carol Wiegman, Marian Mapes, Treasurer, Pally Harwood, Vice-President, Jeri Banks, Presi- dent, Missy Hubbard, Assistant Rush Chairman. interfraternity council Left to Right: Jim Ishii, Secretary; Chuck Cochrane, First Vice President; Jay Smith, President; Jim Graham, Second Vice Presi- dent; Tom Welsh, Treasurer. 306 Liz Carr asst. director residential life panhellenic advisor Carl Kimball asst. director residential life fraternity advisor First Row,L-R Penny Simon, Marilynn Nichols, Penna Fruhling, Anne Marie Corey, Vicki Stelzner, Renee While. Second Row: Cheryl Olson, Christine Hefner, Antica Adams, Susan Pederson, Christine Floryan, Felissa Gardner. Third Row: Kathy Haljun, Mary Ann Montgomery, Debbie Wade, Gail Fleming, Ann Dec Meyerson, Leslie Felheim, Elisa Ingrassia, Bonnie Erkel. Fourth Row: Barbara Clark, Diane Ferguson, Cheryl Hays, Jeanne Moriarty, Wendy Amundson, Sandra Smith, Heidi White, Diana Wright, Lanah Jones, Laura Carver. First Row, L-R Lynn Paonessa, Marcia Marcial, Cheryl Pestor, Chrissy Knox, Mary Ann Schulte, Missy Wharton, Debbie Fralt, Cindy Quane, Ann Yamato, Janis Perry. Second Rowr Mary Jane Scurria, Nancy Corri- gan, Debbie Podesta, Debbie Busick, Carol Wiegmann, Terri Jones, Joan Dougherty, Glenda Bachman, Robin DeFreece. Third Row: Nancy Rule, Margaret Cowie, Barbara Bills, Kim Ludlow, Laurie Hustedt, Cindy Gil- more, Debbie Wessendorf. Fourth Row: Gail Spratt, Susanne Proctor, Ginger Landau, Phyllis Fitch, Missy Gooch, Janet Randol, Mary Riche- son, Ann Daves, Lucy Snyder, Denise Montgomery. Top Row: Debbie Christiansen, Eileen Kelly, Becki Black, Vinnie Constantine, Gayle Russum. Middle: Toni Buckley, Cyndi Maloof. Bottom: Laurie Eskin, Denise Brown. alpha delta pi Top Row: Leslie Samilson, Debbie Kicfer, Janet Rodeffer. Bottom: Starlet Lloyd, Bonnie Yamaoka, Tricia Woodward, Laurie Lloyd, Nancy Harding. Barbara Pohsl, Diane Scarcelli, Piper Post, Valerie Notrica, Marne Michaels, Louann Reitz, Patty Brechan, Pat Thomp- son, Janet Lee, Gail Foltz, Teri Panloskey. Sharlene Garish, Cheri Jackson, Barbara Helm, Susy Brad- ner, Carrie McMahon, Margie Atherton. 310 op i.atne iviacivitiiin, uenise Bush, UetJbie Leisure, Ann Wakefield. Middle: Debbie Kiefcr, Kirsten Wagner, Laurie Lloyd. Bottom: Starlet Lloyd, Dian Morgan, Lauren Sher- man. L-R Laurie Meyers, Marianne Lah, Kirsten Wagner, Alic Notrica, Lynn Sutton. Top Row Marsha Huffman, Tricia Woodward, Leslie Sam ilson, Carrell Halley, Allyson Bilich, Bonnie Yamaoka. Bot torn: Sue McNeer, Lynn Sutton, Laurie Meyers. 311 ♦• • A. ' AX J € y,„g0i ' It- ' ' •. V r- y ? s Front Row: (t R) tindj Lefand, Ruth Stcrr f eloman, Kathy ShequenTI ' am Barish, Katn| Teti Fouks, Connie Rudolpn uth Harvey, Mr? Piper, ]eanne Ruderman, Jeri Bank», Joni Blank Carrie Abrams, Flea Levy. Back Row; Gehie.JCahri Nancy Cohen, Shelley Hellman, Gina Klein, Clnal Weinstein, Jonni Hoffman, Mickey Shames, Anne Schnee, Patty Judson, Randl Lieberman, Jill Brooks, Sherry Gray, Pam Pri ;e. Camera Shy: Leslie Nudel- tnan, XirAi Kumetz, illian Harvey, Bcthann Ber- — - ifiin, Ellen Schaffer, Lisa Shapiro. • ' . c mi ' ui I alpha epsilon k «« 313 ,, alpha gamma delta First Row: Barbara Karbe, Car- lette Spengler, Janet Greene, Nancy Cordon, Kathy McKay. Second Row: Maira Ricca, Mrs. Hendricks, Debra Knox, Anne Sloll. Third Row: Valerie Gum- biner, Chris Rector, Palli Cronin. First Row: Anne Rubsamen, Carole Starkey, Nancy Gold- berg, Sherry Stern, Pat Redden, Barbara Hoagland, Barbara Bat- son, Betsy Canham, Karen Asel- tine. Second Row: Melinda Ben- nett, Pris Munson, Jeannine Murphy, Sharon Petit, Donna Caswell, Kathy Feehan, Jane Haentzschel, Cindy McNeil, JoDee Lagorio. 314 First Row: Debi Harbeson, Ann Chambers, Chris O ' - fiesh, Ann Warren, Olivia Goldstein, Laura Daniel. Second Row: Marcia Parker, Penny Parks, Jane Morzov, Reid Reilly, Sharon Besel, Barbara Blye, Marjie Mur- phy, Robin Kunert, Laurie Sanor, Wendy Gaines, Col- leen Chen. First Row: Linda Beamer, Cathy Wildberger, Julie Capps, Marcia Gettman, Jean Lueck, Ann Arkley. Second Row: Marian Mapes, Phyllis Bailey, Leslie Larner, Ally Saroni, Ginny St. Geor- ge, Melody Fontes, Barbara Scott. Third Row: Ruth Ai.n Etz, Mary Ann Colville, Jana Waring. 315 Debbie Arnold, Becky Barber, Joy Barrett, Marilyn Conlreras, Dee Dee Deloach, Chris Gait, Wendy Green Jon. Hansen, Mi- chele Jamin, Martha Johnson, Chris Klauser, Cindy Klugman, Kathy Levenback, Sharon McCormac, Rose Montesano, Meteer Moore, Eileen Murphy, Nancy Nutl, Linda Perelli-Minetti, Suebie Rasmussen, Joan Roesener, Diane Rusling, Patty Iiholiz, Toni Whitesell. 316 Kathy Archer, Sheila Bailey, Sharon Beechinor, Jane Bennett, Mary Cowherd, Wendy Darling, Susan Downey, Kathy Duart, Diane Duffie, Tracy Gamble, Chris Hauschel, Suda Kay House, Joanne Jackson, Nancy Keating, Kate Knox, Jean Ann Lau- bacher, Anorea Papac, Betty Rayes, Debbie Robbins, Kathy Schram, Sally ScoH, Jody Smith, Barbara Spivey, Laura Stearns, Pam Webb, Debbie Weir, Isabel Wigle, Carol Wilhelm, Diane Zapanta, Janet Zemba. Camera Shy: Barbara Brisacher, Lynn Cummins, Linda Evashwick, Allison Fast, Mandy Haug, K.C. Henry, Ellen Jackson, Maryann Kovacevich, K.C. Law, Sara MacAllister, Kathy McCloskey, Diane Morris, Kathy Murphy, Martha Orden, Marlee Parker, Janet Peale, Martha Redeker, Pam Stiefel, Teri Unsworth, Renee laia, Willa McNamarra. 317 alpha rho chi Front Row: Ray Danganan, Tom Jakway, Mike Hricak. Second Row: Chris Ralph, Dec Crowell, Dave Tilton, Waller Deissler, Phil Enquist, Doug Smith, John Casey, Dave Houston. Third Row: Ron Rose, Ed Pearson, K. Craig Doyle, Glenn Nordlow, Jeff Goeck- ner, Greg Mix, Steve Philips, Keith Fuchi- gami, Dan Chun, Phil Anasovich, Mario Al- varez, Chris Durkee. 318 presents 320 Bottom Half: (L-R) Bruce MacDonald, Steve Clark, Geor- gia Shelby, Mark Aull, Chris Chillingworlh, Terry Ahearn, Doug Cox. Top Half: Bob Barton, Chip Furniss, Frank Burns, Mike Osborn, Joe Cox, Steve Garberson, Rick Betts. alpha tau omega 321 beta theta John McAuliffc, Gary Kirkpatrick, Bob Brookes, Peter Cclla, Steve Auth, John Mansfield, Rick Wcise, Steve Batchcller. Casev Journigan, Blake Quinn, Terry Fredricks, C hris Jackson, Jeff Carton, John tdgecomb, Bob Noyes, Gary Kisette, Jim Krantz, Gary Ferraro, Rick Haugen, Dave Kilpatrick, John Kay. A 3 :t ' -t ' i Wf. r- - jl ' " - " ' ■if jy " » ' ' iK Si - A ' yj Chet Pielow, Bruce Cohen, Gary Alexander, Joe Faulkner, Dick Sippic, John Hunter, Bob Witt, ' Jeff Robertson, Steve Greiner, Ben Dalby, Dennis Needleman, Larry Folks, Jim Astor, Dave Bur- ■ back, Blair Bryant, Bob Brookes, Rick George. Joe Faulkner, Steve Reed, Brian Heublein, .Mike Marquand, Steve Barnes, Curt Caldwell, Bruce Dizenfeld , Steve Tyrrell, Bob Purkiss, Chris Anderson, Jeff D ' Elisqu, Peter Nooteboom, Steve ' .A Tappan, Rob Auth, WesKeusder. 4 ' l?? . ' 4 ■nlin :j t I] chi omega Bottom Row: Cecelia Rogers. Middle Row; Mary Beth Muir, Carey Mah, Nannette Walden. Top Row: Ginny Naessig, Cindy Koutny, Sue Ander- son, Carol Kircher, Penny Fauskee. Bottom Row: Debbie Shaw, Yolanda Chavez, Laura Grave, Ginger Wine- land. Top Row: Betsy Couch, Michele Duclon, Marilyn Sink, Debbie Deni- son, Marilyn Hall. 324 Bottom Row: Katie Liguori, Pam David- son, Middle Row: Sylvia James, Borchard the Bear. Top Row: Patty Huff, Annette Philipp, Janice Pauley, Kellee Williams, Barbara Sch- wellenbach, Robin Migliorini. Bottom Row: Bonnie Rowe, Chris Gar- rett, Mary Hyan. Top Row: Marsha Glenn, Debbie Ranier, Cynthia Ander- son, Nancy Kramer, Jean Dudley. 325 miffZ:- - 4 ' i .Vr,.Vl ' delta chi H B " - Sitting: Rick Kozlowski. First Row: Jeff Coch- ranne, Jim Watson, Walt Carney, Scott Hor- ribin, Gordon Phillips, John Dohsc, Peter Clarke, John Echols, Ed Tisdalc, Greg Foxx, Mitch Hovey. Second Row: Vicki, Roger Mc- Dairmid, Steve Servin, Greg Correia, Pat Huet- ter. Ken Plow, Kevin Takahashi. ■■ " 1 tr tf fv f ■ I Art Rental Gallery I H 1 w mm f ' n ' lll J J= Sitting: Larry Maas, Gary Hall, Rusty Parker, John Kenosian. Standing: Greg Correia, Poger McO iairmid, Wall Carney, Rick Kozlowski, Mary, Mitch Hovey, Jim Watson, Nancy, Scott Horribin, Pete Clarke, Jeff Cochran, Mike Welch, Ed Tisdale, Kevin Takahashi, Ken Plough, Jerry Weiser. L Rick Kozlowski, Pres. Larry Maas, Vice Pres. John Kenosian, Sec. Larry Springer, Treas. Peter Clarke, Corres. Sec. Ken Fritts, Seg. at Arms Greg Corriea, Pledge Trainer Roger McDairmid, Pledge Trainer Jim Watson Bill Halleran Roy Sanderson Ken Plow Steve Scrvin Dan Somers Gene Shelby John Echols Pal Huetter Frank Lauro GregFoxx Leo Sanders Jeff " Theo " Woidncck Mike Walraven BobMalouf Bill Butler Scott Horribin Ken McMurry Bill Zures Mike Welch Jeff Cochran Gordan Phillips Kevin Takahashi Walt Carney Rusty Parker Jerry Weiser Ed Tisdale Gary Hall Mitch Hovey John Dohse Jim Cochran Steve Hanka Bob Waxman Larry Randolph 329 delta delta delta 330 Janae Jacques, Ann McMahan, Karen Cook, Susan Janes, Linda Boehme, Barbara Case, Ann Arnold, Patty Harwood, Joanne Puhrman, Joanne Cimbel, Mary McGann, Wendy Forbes, Nancy WUcox, Gayle Baker, Elyse George, Carol Childrey, Cheryl Campbell, Chris Hovey, Cindy Crum, Alice Dimmick, Chris Wal- ters, Debbie Windham, Darrelyn Scott, Pam Sybrandt, Leslee Dart, Leslie Bowman, Lynn Weinberger, Gina Childers, Kim Martin, Martha Evert, Sherry Sells, Kathy Wood, Terri Briggs, Susan Simonian. Susan Honcr, Karen Pearson, Wendy Baker, Mary Wilcox, Sue Steigerts, Suzette Soulanille, Melissa Falck, Kim Siamis, Carol Cobrecht, Gail Meyers, Linda Sybrandt, Kathy Leithliter, Barbara Galusha, Charlene Agajanian, Janet Hester, Tanda Soker, Nancy Arnold, Nancy Terrell, Bobbi Greenspon, Nevada Brooks, Robin Andrews, Annie Scanlan, Missy Miner, Nancy Turner, Nancy Wood, Pam McColl, Lisa Davis, Joyce Bartle, Janis Agopian. 331 delta gam ma Kriss Albdde Leslie Arnett Susan Bradley Lindsey Bragg Debbie Brewer Bee Borroughs Bonnie Boyer Mary Bulgarelli Becky Callahan PatCamplin Laura Catlin Robin Curley Laurie Driscoll Chris Econ Margaret Evans Chris Fendcrson Sally Feld Jody Fclfs Priscilla Franklin Nancy Fuscoe Shelia Calen CindaCalpin Linda Gill Georgia Gobel Nancy Goetz Shauneen Gough Wendy Gruver Bess Hagcy Ann Hansen Lucinda Hayes Bridget Healy Cindy Hillery Jenny Hillings Lynn Jenkins Jill Johnson Debbie Klein Cheryll Knoop Laura Knoop Karen Krogstat Kris Lande Cherri Lavagnino Wendy Lees Patti Lommen Julie Lynch Ellen Macrate Wendy Mason AnnMatyas Diane May Mary McAboy Debbie McLain Jeanne Michaud Terry Monterastelli Marilcc Montgomery Marty Neslen Reenie O ' Leary Debbie Orman Kris Peterson RandiRichter Jeanne Roessler Sandi Ruben Cindy Scarborough Sue Shcpard Marcy Shepard Sue Sidwcll Jeanne Stevens Mary Stevens Sally Storch Melinda Swasey Candy Taeckcr Teri Teel Janet Tracy Robin Vayssie Ann Wapple Susan Wapple Cindy Watson Kathy Wells Wendy Wilson Kathy Woods Jane Yaussy Betsy Young House Mother: Mrs. Dorothy Bick . ' J ' " • k. r- . ,. - n: i ■ b ' ,fe il ' t n i .1 ) -« ' , -- - ' r - delta Sigma phi ■ ■ »— " 1 n. ' »— « - -a, ' - ■ . Jeff Barton Alan Bennett Frank Carbone Steve Childs John Degenhardt John Elizalde MikeEmo Don Green Jon Hadden Steve Hall Randy Hunter Ron Jadach Darryl Kelly Steve Lack Mark Landstrom Bruce LeClair Bill Leone Dave Leone Mark Marcucci Mike M or an Keith Nitta Bill Petracish Al Priester Mike Rose Wayne Schroepfcr Dean Simpson Steve Sock Larry Atarnes Carl Stevens Neil Weiller Aaron Weiss 335 troy week activities First Row: (L-R) Bob McKnight, Greg Kirst, Bill Langmadc, Gary Stevens, Bill Driscoll, Mike Lawler, Keith Lumpkin, Marty Davis. Second Row: Rick Sanders, John Newquist, Cliff Wilson, I.Goblc, Sam King, Rick Poulos, Jay Black- stock, Nick Brown, Bill Fuscoe, Brian Cochran, Brig Berg- strom. Third Row: Jeff Miller, Rick Callahan, Steve Jones, Brad Tall, Greg McClelland, Burt Stewart, Greg Dancn- hauer, Greg Brakovich, Jim Thomson, Bill LaRue, Larry Dick, Scott Abell, Van Jarvis. Fourth Row: Bob Haskell, Jeff Filter, John Young, Jamie Shcphcrdson, Peter Lem- man, Jim LaPlante, Jeff Jacobson, Anton Caratan, Bruce Avery, Anthony Dupont, Lex Dampier, Mitch Morrison, Phil Boskovich, Charles C. Cox, Norm Peterson. delta tau delta 337 First Row: Leah Yamauchi, Nancy Okamura, Yukiko Ryuot, Vicki Tsujimoto, Ann Tado- koro, C hris Anami, Rona Totoki. Second Row: Vicki Yokota, Lynn Shibata, Alccne Kunimoto, Chris Fukui, Bette iwata, Carol Nakaoki, Valerie Hamamoto, Mclanie Yee. Third Row: Nancy Fuchiki, Kathy Morishijla, Nancy Nishimura, Denise Kamachi, Carol Iwamoto, Kathy Kumamoto, Alice Sera, Janet Shigckawa, Karen Matsui, Carol Matsuyama. Fourth Row: Lois Miyamoto, Carol Yoshida, Eileen Dong, Phyllis Asayama, Mardy Tsuka- hara, Marcia Ike, Carrie Taira, Wendy Yama- guchi, Carol Yamauchi, Sharlene Nakasato, delta phi kappa 338 gamma epsilon omega There must be a reason why . Top Row: (L-R) Jedsen Shiraki, John Ing, Russell Honnaka, Dick Tanimoto, Jerry Fukui. Second Row: Ted Chun, Eric Saito, Stan Yee, Darrell Wong, Glenn Kawahara, Steve Morihisa, Howie Sawada, Tony Kwan. Third Row: Mark Kaneta, Pat Yamada, Keith Okita, Semen Yee, Rick Mibu, Bryan Saiki, Leiand Lau, Gerald Muraoka, Dennis Kumamoto. Front Row: Rick " Grumpy " Shiba, Derrick Kawa- moto, Bill Cavan, Ron Takcmoto, Keith Ota, Rodger Uchizono, Mark Ozaki, Jordon Wong, Joe Hamai, Mark Suyetsugu, Bruce Furukawa. Missing: Wesley Chang, Bullwinkle, John Dunn, Glen Ishino, Richard Izumi, George Lee, Nolan Maehara, Don Nagano, Richard Tanizawa, Ron Tawa, Clem Teng, Jim Uchigoshi, Phil Woo, Stan Sorensen. 339 gamma beta First Row; Sue Brown, Ccci St. John. Second Row: Susan Anderson, Trudi Mumford, Carla Johnson. Third Row: Robin Rosenberg, Mindy Miller, Margie Tail, Linda Hutchison. Fourth Row: Suzanne Fraser, Cathy Connolly, Jill Connor, Diane Ryan, Barbara Funk, Cathy Wyche, Suzanne Hawkinson, Carla Apramian, Wendy Wolcott. First Row: Lisa Ann Woodman, Wen- dy Wetzel, Kim Hill, Jan Seymour, Patty Staggs. Second Row: Kim Cerqui, Chris Rcinhard, Laurie Langill, Kathy Thorne, Pal Morris, Janet Miller, Caro- lyn Kolts, Maria Miller, Janice Rohr- lich. First Row: Peggy Witz, Sue Roleti, Terri Reed. Second Row: Sue Cart- wright, Kathy Laughren, Joyce Labos- siere, Nancy Hargiss. Third Row: Kathy Davidson, Barbie Hartwig, Gina- Covel, Jean Parks. First Row: Susie Blair, Alcy Grimes, Donna Hope Goldstein, Sharon Ander- son, Liz Harris. Second Row: Judy Mc- Conica, Cathy Grimm, Kathy FolHs, Kris Kinkela, Judy Cannavo. Third Row: Connie Cromwell, Kathy Rits- cher, Ida Strangman, Molly McKenizie, Debbie Funk, Ellen Weston, Mary McRoskey, Rosalie Mandala. Not Pres- ent: Michelc Connor, Mary Kerr, Heidi Schmidt. kappa alpha order Terry Bustillos, President Tom Fleming, Vice-President Charles Russell, Rec. Secretary Chuck Schreiber, Corres. Secretary Mark McGilvray, Treasurer Skip French, Historian Roger DeYoung, Parliamentarian Steve Van Ribbink, Sgt-at-Arms Rick Townsend, Doorkeeper Craig Jones Bill Megowan John Bouas Dave Hoist Bruce Byers John Bessolo Mike Yoder Tom Robbins George Spratt Bob Covy Curt Aldendifer Steve Duffy Mark Hogan Steve Brown JimGeiger Kinsey Carpenter Pete Van Ribbink Greg Hillgren Jeff Johnsrud John Willhoit Bill Evaschwick Sandy Nichols Jim Hart Dick Andrews Joe Lazar Ed Bestard Vance Gardner Steve McDannold Bob Reynolds Bob Dickerson Rick WacKeem Bob Woods Gary Bastien Dana Eschen Dan Byers Jim Reed Gary Blasine Bill Power John Weber Bob Brown Bill Long Brent Wolfe Scott Ketchum Pete Stevens Mike Niccioscio Pat O ' Toole John Wells Terry Flynn Biff Bleeker Clyde Stauff Tom Cosgrove Alan Tonkin Bob Watson Gig Codiga Bob Wessel 342 ■v -- v. kid. (Above)-Kneeling: Nani Dalby, Nancy Foster, Arlynne barby, Maria Campo, Suzy McGhce Standing: Jill Steele, Susan Grimes, Becky Carver, Jolie Jennings, Danielle Diet- rich, Lori Knoll, Sally Findlater, Carol Somerville, Peggy Moran, Briershield. (Below) Sitting: Darrylynn Kaun, Susie Harper, Marilyn Bacon, Merilyn Harty, Susie Warfield. Kneeling: Susie Andrews, Linda McKie, Cindy Hcnsley, Denise Knoll, Kathy McKcnna, Jenny Steele. Standing: Betsy Blackburn, Alice Strub, Karin Kavoian, Cathy Leishman, Chris Cox, Marsha Stonestreet, Clemmie, Seabiscuit, Laurie Severson, Dana Howes, Sue Bartlit, Susie Hahn. J , .V l p l l p F I %rf ■■ " g lii i kappa alpha theta (Above)-Sitting: Terri Thomas, Cinly Howes, Cathy Bogy, Nancy Hahn, Hilary Clark, Jane McDonald, Sue Melchior. Standing: Sue Burns, Anne Edgcomb, Julie Williams, Wen- dy Dickson, Cathy Hunt, Vicki Laughlin, Laura Folks, K ir?n Stang, Maribcth Armstrong, Jan Turner, Dede Romeyn, Susie Smith, Denise Dilday. m ' . ■ t K? 1 . (Below)-Sitting: Terry Longyear, Lynn Bar an. Sue Hodor, Mary Alice Colvin, Sue Harris, Margo Upham, Gwynn Geiger, Gayle McDowelL Standing: Carolyn Clark, Betsy deBevec, Sue Stonestreet, Holly Dixon, Tanya Gustafson, Leslie Barnes, Jessie Rawn, Debbie Quon, Georgia Fox, Cheryl Lof tis. •■ :a . J Mt kappa kappa gamma % • i - 6: n mil 1 V ,1 .1 ' H %r A.i i H -i- Sm . if ■-- f v - ' Sandi Barker, A.J. Carder, Jody CeithamI, Cathy Collins, Pallie Collins, Lynn Crumrine, Blue Evans, Christy Evans, Marcic Gerber, Karen Gimenez, Lori Hardie, Bridget Hildcbrand, Sue Hjelte, Mara Hunter, Mary Jamison, Patty Johnson, Laurie Kalmbach, Jo Knezerich, Jan Langdon, Mary Laugharn, Verona Mhoon, Kathy Morrow, Cheryl Nitta, Marilynn Pattern, Marilyn Propstra, Carol Quilligan, Judy Rimelspach, Candy Slaughter, Cindy VanBuskirk, Laura Voydat, Wendy Walker, Carole Warde, Barbie Wenger, Hilary Wickersham, Anne Wilson. Linda Andrews, Kris Kline, Jane Little, Debbie Mahanah, Bren Paul Peggy Schmid, Tina Slaughter. cri " I 1 M. 346 k? fi:ff!M;;i;:-r: ' ,l Lynn Allen, Evie Baker, Barbara Berrien, Dee Dee Brooks, Cathy Brown, Ellen Dambros, Lynne Dunahoo, Sherry Feister, Katie Finnegan, Laurie Eraser, Marsha Cean, Patti Hawkins, Chris Heigcl, Kathy Langenbeck, Mary Libby, Lisa Martin, Lisa McMullen, Penny Meier, Anne Munzer, Nancy Newhouse, Michele Reinder, Carol Sunof- sky. Holly Wells, Liz Wilkinson, Mother Fern. Cathy Carson, Terry Dalton, Sarah Gricr, Mindy Montgomery, Karen Pappas, Jane Sherwin. 347 348 ji-r:r s i — mrtitiwmiTiTmiTwwMii kappa Sigma First Row (From Bottom) L-R: Ncal Rcitz, John Bucking- ham, Dave Clapp, Bill Quackenbush, Jim Bogart, Debbie Funk (Sweetheart), Dirk Manning, Jeff Foster, Tom Ma- loof, Tom Welsh, Tom Leahy, Sam Brown, Larry Dun- mire. Second Row: Bob Jenness, Rick Rawlins, Keith Sam- uels, Mike Moore, Mike Hancy, Steve Bridges, Burt Ray, Bill Mosier, Lloyd Wright, Don Hance, John Routh, Vince Moll. Third Row: (On Roof) Gary Elliot, Grayson Carter, John Kitahara, Alan Boege, Wes Beverlin, Jim PawcU. Tom Rosenast, Lynn Fosnacht, Russ Goldberg, Ken Kalmbach, John Stebbins. Fourth Row: Doug Corrigan, Bill Boyett, Scott Pollard, Dave Blain, Bill Anderson, Andy Lissncr, Marshall Riley. Not Pictured: Tom Allen, Larry Bing, Mal- colm Chong, Craig Clark, Bob Gerrity, Pete Leahy, Andy Laub Doug Maddlelein, Bill Matteson, Tracy Pugh, Gerald Singh, Jim Watson, Dan Watson, Ron Worlman, Kirb An- drews, Bill Kellas, Jim Moise, Paul Reed, Bob Ross, Dean Wiener, Grant Wiese. 349 Robert Birchf ield Jay Bloom Gerry Bross Kenneth Buetlner Mark Burrell Gerry Caterina Pat Corcoran Gil Caudra Jim C pbcjt ! ' Greg Dahlem Doug Danielson Dave Da Rin Herman Davis Art Dewey Todd EUinwood Matt Gannon Bob Gardner Frank Garofalo John Grissom Bob Gunnin Andy Guyer Scott Heimbrodt Bob Held Sted Huard Bill Jackson Dennis Kaspereit John Kojima Charles Lew Larry Lewarton Lee Luzell -iVljrvin Mast Tim M Bill McRae John Mohr Bob Nicoletti Chris Ohre Dennis Rice George Samuels Joe Santomieri Robert Santomieri Brad Spencer Jeff Teal RobZaha Craig Zanotti 350 lambda chi alpha house decs 352 That ' s one small step for a man. One giant leap for mankind. Neil A. Armstrong Purdue ' 55 First Man on the Moon Lance Anderson Frank Hough Keith Barnett Tim Jones Tedge Bendheim Gary Logan Mark Brunner Bruce Martin Sean Burke Rennie McCall Jeff Campbell Vince McCalla Ron Corradini John McGowan John Crutchfield GregMelanson Gene Dotkins Bill Mitchell Randy Ewig John Poxon Bill Ford Bruce Robilard Mark Forney Chuck Russell Scott Foster John Russo Bob Hagstrom Tom Stark John Halliburton PhilStathatos Bill Hart Joe Terrazas Jack Hartley NichTrutanich Tim Hatch John Tyson John Higgins Mike Weber Glen Hoad Gary Yo st phi delta theta 353 V ' ty •_ ,,■ ¥ n B ♦ i.isst ' ' : •:, J ! • - ir • 1 i !!?A. ■ 1 Bf T ' ' " ■-i l|Pjk : _ PUMm , VM M, ' ■ ' " ' ' ■. — ' ' .,.,;iL ' i ' ' Ta m " M ' ■iK ' SV- ' .1 H M Wp—— " " ' " ' T H ■ff — Hi ■ ' sl it ' fr " " " " — jSjM ■ ' 7 ?. ■mm pi jri H ■ ' T ' ! H ■ ' ■■■-; w ♦ r r? .. ■mmm S Fir r i»4 1 r .. « -v=., • .-• H; ' . — ;■■ 1 " I i I ; i i B i 3 1 ;u i " IT 1 I h ' - « ' «lp- y M ■ ' l! lt - kk. ' 1 p i %• - ' s 1 t V. m 11 ! pi kappa alpha First Row: (Top) (L-R) Mark Thomas, Mario Diaz, Lou Smal- dino. Second Row: Hector Trevino, Mike Montoy, Hugh Sills, Blair Sellers, R.C. Dinwiddie. Third Row: Ton Trang, Ed Rubal- cava, Nathan Adler, Dave Becker, John Watter, Thomas Powers, To Lee, Steve Terrazas. Missing: Bill Laux, Dean Pierson, Carl Goldstone, Dave Markowitz, Al Holmberg, Robert Nogler, The " Rad " Conrad, Charlie Williams, Iqbal, Byron, Tim Cooper, Fire Engine Truck. Pl gi m m i " ■.■w»0. ,-.. - ■itSt- . -- - First Row: (L-R) Dave Williams, Kelly Naples, Jim Chaix, Frenchman, Woody, Moodman, Rock, Pune, Steve Bcatly, Rick Loomis, Geoff Ran- dall. Second Row: Pete Silvagni, Gator, John Seaver, Marty McDcrmut, Lonnie Dunn, Craig Enright, Bruce Harrigan, Bob Schneider, Tom Wells, Lindsay Smith, Tom Taylor, Eric Simison, Mercury Mauras. Third Row: Boy, Chris Olsen, Gary Lee, Kevin Destruel, Don Demp- sey, Jan Langlois, Jim Lautz, Tim Boyd, Fred Price, Jim Tiholiz, Les Tarna. Fourth Row: (Myslos) Steve Jenkins, Jeff Miller, Doug Rastello, Lance Reeves, Doug Econn, Greg Econn, Mark Wylczinski, Gary Ander- son, Phil Cantwell, John Cantwell, Benny Mitchell, Trip Power, Gordon Chuchan, Rich Nigra, Tom Bulger, Bob Compagno, Greg Ceisler, Jim Hickey, Bill Quell, Tom Funderburg. phi kappa psi 359 fe. - 77 (Kneeling) L-R Steve Weakly, Duane Merrill (Stanelmg) Bruce McAllister, Gary Rotolo, Jim Merrill, Dave Troescher, Greg Fredrick, Sergio Porto, Jay Smith, Paul Pacior, Gary Rkhins, Ken Grosshart, Greg Marston, Al Erkcl, Mel lizuka, Steve Smith, Clint Smith, Doug tim- mons, Ted Cortppasst, Gary Swinlon, Kilm Long, John Olson, Don Dillon, Tom Hay, Chuck iande. Top Rdw: (Sitting) L-R Rod Ono, KaS Kawata. (Standing) Rocco Gattuso, Joe Visconti, Bob Rosso, Art Morcllo, Pete Nahgle, Norm Modglm, Ron Nichols, Kam Kawata, Dick Shaw. ' HUIMJU Starting Team First Row: (L-R) Mark Pascoo, Jack Lema, Mike Yuskis, Bob Strahan, Ruth Etz, Eslee Skinflint, Bill Scarborough, Rick Sharp, Rick Colia, Brett Clark, Debi Harbcson, Jeff Spilky. Second Row: Howie Mango, Ralph McMil- lan, Doug Kemp, Steve Holman, Paul Brown, Roy Protasewich, Al Rosset, Hoiby Hornideer, Jim Gates, Dave Holmgren, Larry Dahlstrom, Greg Stearns, Mark Fleming, Tom Koehler, T.H.E. Cat. Third Row: Steve Cerrina, Steve Dillon, Dave Finley. Benchwarmers: First Row: (L-R) Steve Lee, Dick Lombardi, Jeff Byrne, Mick Porter. Second Row: Ralph Bishop, Mark Collins, Hoagie Nordbottom, Jim Carlvle, Russ Gunn, Tom Campbell. Taxi Squad (Not Shown): Frank Baleski, Doug Cramoline, Mike Preston, Nick Musuraca, Byron Blanco, Ed Daley, Bobby McGee. 362 1 phi Sigma kappa 363 Sigma alpha epsilon First (Bottom) Row: (L-R) George Hjndtmann, Pete De Paulo, Gary Landis, Mike Feinberg, Chip Collins, Rob Malcolm, Dean Jabs, Bob Lueck, Dale Francescon, Paul Ramsey. Second Row: Ken Stachler, Larry Damm, Lyle Maul, Jeff Tol- stad. Rick Backer, Steve Hayes, Jeff Follz, Mark Bollman, John Levenguth, Bob Nuccio. Third Row: Walter Vail, Bill Hoge, Ken Ude, Mark Whitfield, Bill Hardekopf, Bob Vogel, Steve Fowl- kes, Larry Jansen, Mike Sarlo, Steve Brown, Gary Hamity, Gary Gibeaut, Greg Gibeaul, Gary Brown, Bob Gaskins, Bob Sherwood, Rick Mar- tin, Scott Andrews, Doug Todd, Bob Smouse. Fourth Row: Pat Ramsey, Tom Courtney, Tim McFarren, Bob Brewer, Bill Grunbok, Marty Mancini, Jim Gormley, Steve Russell, John Al- lavic. Bob Murrin, Craig Clemence, Jim Mann, Ed Fitch, Ken Ravsch, Brad Seeligcr, Mike Poss, Tom Wilson, Tom Bozarth, Rick Johnson. j gKT ifi ' - , if ■rfi i»W, k y-s I i rt-CiJ USr 366 --MdWC,- ,_ . Sigma alpha mu Front Row: (Sitting or Kneeling L-R) Frank Roth, Mitchell Simon, Lew Win- chell, Bruce Barnum, Greg Au, Dean Davison, Gary Kirkorian, Eric Zepp, Steve Presser, Sherman Zieve, Jim Irvin, David Sanders, Bob Smith. Back in the City: Lenny Axelrod, Don Bruckman, Nelson Korchak, Jeff Dranzdorf, Tim McReynolds, Brian Newman, Jim Silverman, Sheldon Small, Rick Yasui. 367 parting shots 368 B ' IE MP First Row (L-R): Tom Mcgna, Bob Ferrell, Lyle Gillman, Steve Hull, Barry Taschman, Whitey. Second Row: Jim Becker, Al Ramos, Bruce Myalt, Bob Burns, Carl Nelman, Craig Compiano, Jim Easton, Jim Bicry. Third Row: Steve Kennedy, Dennis Horan, Clay Rushing, Bob Shupe. Sigma phi delta 369 Sigma chi Front Row L-R: Kim McRae, Jeff DeBarnard, John Sorgenfrai, Pete Cristl, Gary Allen, Allan Wallace, Bryan Murphy. 2nd Row: Scott McConnell, Larry Hall, Ken Rozak, Andy Davis, Dave Hillings, John Zemba, Jim Nelson, Craig Langslet. 3rd Row: Ken Crume, Keith Fargo, Bill O ' Brien, Matt Ellis, John Watson, Dick Hart, Bob Zuber, Mike Kanne. 4th Row: Dick Wilson, Craner Richter, Bob Gobrecht, Fritz Hertzhog, Crane Patten, Jim Burk, Merrill Butler, Jim Heim. 5lh Row: Frank Taylor, Dave Has- brouck, Dick Johnson, Bill Sandberg, Jim Sprinkel, Jeff Benedetti, Sean McCracken. 6th Row: Dave Wheeler, Jerry Boden, Ted Bartsctierer, Tony Kavorinos, Nick Drakulich, Andy Gilmour. Absent: Bruce Berta, Scott Bassett, Denny Bean, Carter Boswell, Steve Cameron, Vito Caruso, Bruce (Nicki) Charles, Bob Davis, John Deluca, Nick Drakulich, Rick Dressier, Don Ebright, Jack Gasper, Dave Grimes, Bill Hendershot, Jim Hill, Jack Kalota, Steve Kealer, Robert Karlan, Scott King, John Leslie, Lucky Linder, Kevin McCarthy, John McGuiness, Jim Milner, George Murphy, Quinn Orlick, Pat Skelton, Jim Steiner, Mark Stevens, Steven Tallant, John White, Richard Whitman. memmmmimimmmmmmmatMlKllt President - Dick Johnson Vice-President - Jim Burk Secretary - Bill Sandberg Treasurer - Jack Kalota Pledge trainer - Matt Ellis Historian - Dick Wilson Sergeant-at-arms - Ted Bartscherer Rush Chairman - Dave Hasbrouck Social Chairman - Scott Bassett Steward - Bob Zuber House Manager - Bill Sandberg Athletic Chairman - Bill O ' Brien Resident Advisor - Dave Wolds Chapter Advisor - Richard Hicks Back RAw C m R!ckMork, Dave Primrose, Bi!! fedwards, Tim Morris, Kirk MacConachy, Arvirx, Dale Ariderson, Tony Brazil, Bruce Boehm, Mark Savage, Frank Abbott. Third Row: Mike Nowacki, Brad Fowler, Bob Hogue, Bob Mitre, Gary Sullivan, Bob Rasch, Rick Stephens, Dave Hall, Max Baumgartner, Halas, Jon Stephens. Kneeling: Rick Leroy Simons, Mike Hugill, Eric Freemaji, Cary Brock, Dave Ghirardelli, Rick Morrissett, Pat Mott, Russ Newman, Randy Blackman, Joh«t,i Carlson. Front Row: Bob Dreyfuss, Haro ' 8 ' ' Smith, Rocky Springstead, Steve Montgomery, Gerry Mouzis, Larry Masuoka, John Aufham- mer, Cliffie Smith. 372 •WN ' - , 1 y WW fj % Ui A m M L HbT ■p H K Sigma nu 373 " ' ' - , Sigma phi epsilon Lying: Bart Dickins, Bruce Blair. Sitting: David Bcnscoter, Can- dice Kellcy, Tom Loffarelli, Bridget Healy, John Kirkpatrick, Gilda Ongkeko, Bob Emmet, Sue Horner, Linda Wetherell, Jim HalL Kneeling: Katie Kirk- patrick, Linda Pantell, Dick Hir- rel. Bob Gaertner, Tom Benscotcr, Nancy Goetz, Renee Lewis. Fourth Row: Sharon Petit, John Nuccio, Rick Boehmer, Renee laia, Brian Hennig, Mark Solum, Nancy Gordon, Mike Tashman, Warren Keckeisen, Claudia Wil- son, Dennis Wagstaffe, Rick Lewis, Ed Prike, Cathy Gibson, Tim Corcoran, Kate Knox, Peggy Barlow, Mark Keckeisen, Tracey Gamble, Elisabeth Burpee, Kathie Schlaff. Fifth Row: Brent Noyes, K aren Tuppan, Robert Semenak, Mary Stevens, Mike Dipilla, Phil Liberatore, Dennis Wel- vang, Gary Briggs, Lynne Letsch, Pete Lambert, Justena Warfield, Rich Reid, Diane Scar- celli, John Thompson, Larry Elkington, Dale Chase. 374 375 •m? ' 3,, ' ... V f ' ftp . id - " r? . f« V, -. I 1 n. ' ' ' ■ ' ' First Row: (L-R) Sharon Miyasato, Jean Jung, Linda Shimamura, Robin Lee, Michcic Dea. Second Row: Marie Takagaki, Lun Hoo, Kathy Kimura, Edith Chin, Marilyn Wing, Karen Inouye. Third Row: Colette Urashima, Sus Shimasaki, Jenny Kamita, Susan Yoshino, Gwen Woo. Fourth Row: Dino Jeung, Gay Nishizu, Lianne Lau. First Row: (L-R) Mary Fushiki, Vickie Wakinaka, Grace Kaneko, Kathy Tsutsui, Pauline Murano, Pam Kurashige, Eveline Gee, Helen Chang, Gail Sato. Second Row: Jill Kobayashi, Joy Hiramatiiu, Irene Yoshida, Nancy Ng, Irene Hiraga. Third Row: Rose Wong, Colleen Nishikawa. Camera Shy: Sally Horn, Susan Horn, Patti Kawahara, Susan Kono, Laurie Kuramoto, Joyce Nakajima, Gcorgiann Okita, Jane Saekaw, Joyce Tanamine, Gale Uratani, Judy Wakano. 376 Sigma phi omega First Row: Brian Knutson, Eric Weisman, Dave Jones, Gor- don Dossett, Dale Lundin, Rich Evans, Fred Jonas. Second Row: Bob Effler, Gary Hafen, Jon Fiedler, Steve Horowitt, Horm Davidson, Jeff Loseff, Dave Barry. Left Row: (Top to Bottom) Casey Hamlin, Steve Kuznctz, Jeff Dunigan, Tony Corsaro, Tom Ruygrok, Mike Iguchi, Mike Chen, Buster Chapman, Neale Hickerson, Bill Kistler. Right Row: Greg Woodson, Mike Ronzano, Steve Schultz, Tim Fidel, Dave Mayeda, Dan Hill, Cliff Ishii, Mike Daoussis, Scott Geissler, Rich Rawls. Missing: Lauren Davis, John DellaGrotta, Paul Duhig, Gregg Ellison, Bill Hughes, Mike Ibaraki, Jim Ishii (Photographer), Jim Kono, Gary Lowery, Jon Marshall, Greg Smith, Dennis Yee, Ray Martin, Mike Suitt, John Luther, Steve Suitt, Paul Samuels. theta chi Kneeling: (L-R) First Row: Dave Croswcll, James Lee, Ray Vincenl, Chertchai Methana- yandnda. Second Row; Steve Re, August Ruiz, Rich Elliott, Roy Mijares, Art Cardoza, Don Ogden. Standing: (L-R) Bob Wasilcwski, George Squyrcs, Ron Valentine, Peter Hentz- en, Ian James, Steve Burdett, Ralph Sugg, Bill Reinhardt. Missing Brothers: Glen Che- shire, Gary Edralin, Rusty Hover, James Lock- erby, Mike Tracy. ' aw!» iril3lfc 380 Ml IT 381 Front Row: (Kneeling) Wally Ram, Jeff Michel, Rick Herb- old, Jurek Zadronzny. Second Row: Gary Ramirez, Gary Jurgcnsen, Rick Brandes, John McCoy. Third Row: Bruce Michel, Tony Lusich, Richard Reyes, Neil O ' Connell, Mike Orman. Front Row: (Kneeling) Raul Espinoza, Phil Iriarte, Bill Nictschmann, Tom Jones. Second Row: Bill Rudick, Larry Weber, Bob Wheeler, Jeff Newman, Ward Skinner. Third Row: Amado Sierras, Bob Madison, Dave Clayton, Paul Larsen, John Biksa, Dave Miller. Not Pictured: Scott Reid, Dennis McLaughlin, Phil Dixon, Bill Jackson. 382 theta xi 383 clouds crying sun setting going home lovemaking sipping wine passing time hello in memorium students: susan schuler Willie woods faculty: lewis daniels daniel dawson Justin miller afice d. mock lucien w. newstadt j. frank smith Aanerud, Ronald 123 Abarca, Arturo 25 Abbe -, William 144 Abbott, Frank 372 Abell, Scotl 337 Adams, Todd 186 Adan, Marieta 181 Adier, Nathan 358 Adoiph, John 288,144 Abrams, Carrie 312 Abrams, Harold 144 Abrams, Richard 123 Abramson, Edward 186 Achtchi, Hossein 144 Ackle ' , Richard 186 Adams, Antica 308 Agajanian, Charlene 331 Agopian, Janis 331,144 Aguirre, Armand 135 Ahearn, Terence 321 Ainslie, Susan 128 Akahoshi, Michael 181 Akins, Bruce 105 Alama, Salem 186 Alamilla, Carlos 144 Albade, Phyllis 333,123 Albertoni, Linda 128 Albertoni, Susan 301 Albe ' , Rhonda 144 Alcantar, Michael 296 Aldendifer, Curtis 342 Alevy, Scott 144 Alexander, Gary 323 Allavie, John 283,364 Allen, Dan 296 Allen, Donald 105 Allen, Gary 370 Allen, Lynn 347 Allman, Paul 102 Ailshouse, Richard 105 Almasdoor Al Farag 186 Almazeedi, Sabriyah 135 AInassar, Fahd 128 Al-Shammari, Mufreh 299 Alvarez, Mario 318 Alyassini, Nabil 1 35 Amen, Robert 135 Amundson, Yvonne 308,144 Anami, Christine 338 Anand, Jeevan 299 Anasovich, Philip 31 8 Anderegg, James 290,292,105 Anderson, Celeste 293 Anderson, Charles 105 Anderson, Christopher 323 Anderson, Cynthia 325 Anderson, Dale 372 Anderson, Gary 359 Anderson, Gregory 186 Anderson, Lance 353 Anderson, Lee 283 Anderson, Olivia 144 Anderson, Sharon 341 Anderson, Shirley 144 Anderson, Susan 324 Anderson, Susan 340 Anderson, Valerie I44 Anderson, William 349 Andreiko, Scott 105 Andrews, John 290 Andrews, Linda 346 Andrews, Scotl 364,144 Andrews, Richard 342,105 Andrews, Robin 331 Andrews, Suzanne 344,128 Anella, (ill 181 Angel, Carolyn 128 Angelo, Toni 144 Antzoulatos, Nikos 181 Applefield, Paul 144 Apramian, Carla 34O Archer, Kalherine 317 Arias, Maria 144 Arkley, Ann 287,315 Armstrong, Maribcth 345,144 Arn, Winf ield 128 Arnett, Leslie 333 Arnold, Ann 330 Arnold, Bruce 105 Arnold, Deborah 316 Arnold, Gary 105 Arnold, Nancy 331 Arroyo, Juan 186 Arthur, Kathryn 295,302,88 Arundel, Gcraldine 128 Arzoian, John 145 Asayama, Phyllis 338 Aseltine, Karen 314 Ashby, Sarah 145 Asher, Richard 290 Aslor, James 323 Astrella, M ichael 1 86 Atherton, Marjory 310,128 Au, Gregory 367,105 Aufhammer, Charles 105 Aufhammer, John 283,372 Augur, Diane 145 Aull, Robert 102 Ault, Mark 321 Auth, Robert 323 Auth, Stephen 322 Avery, Bruce 337 Axelrod, Leonard 3 7 Ayawunna, Sriprae 128 B Baba, Ann 145 Babayan, Vartan 135 Babbitt, Linda 145 Bachman, Glenda 289,309 Backer, Frederick 364 Bacon, Marilyn 344,105 Baecker, Charles 145 Bahar, Aisha 128 Bahr, Julie 105 Bailey, Maryann 145 Bailey, Phyllis 315 Bailey, Sheila 317 Baker, Evelyn 347,128 Baker, Gayle 330 Baker, Nancy 145 Baker, Vernon 105 Baker, Wendy 331,128 Ball, Chris 89,145 Band, Tom 285 Banducci, Sandra 289,295 Banks, Jeri 306,312 Baran, Lynn 345 Barber, Rebecca 316 Barbour, Deborah Joanne 285 Barclay, Dennis 145 Barilla, Rocco 25 Barish, Pamela 312,123 Barker, Charles 186 Barker, Sandi 346 Barki, Hilton 284,299,135 Barlow, Peggy 374 Barnes, Craig 105 Barnes, Leslie 345 Barnes, Stephen 323 Barnelt, Keith 353 Barnett, Kevin 285 Barnum, Bruce 367 Barre, Ronald 105 Barrett, Joy 293,316 Barrett, Lynn 292 Barrola, Ruben 288 Barry, David 379 Bartkus, Janell 145 Bartle, Joyce 331,123 Barlit, Susan 344 Barton, Robert 321 Bartow, Jeffrey 296,335 Bartscherer, Ted 370,371 Bass, Deborah 89 Bassett, Scott 283,370,371 Basso, Allen 290 Bastien, Gerald 342,102 Batcheller, Stephen 322 Batson, Barbara 314 Baudino, Joseph 145 Bauer, Laura 145 Baugh, Deborah 128 Baumgartner, Max 296,372,145 Baumring, Jerome 181 Beach, David 123 Beamer, Linda 315 Bean, Dennis 370 Beaston, Gary 287 Beatty, Steven 359 Beck, Bernard 288,145 Beck, Ronald 290,105 Becker, Charlie 285 Becker, David 358 Becker, James 369 Becker, Robert 145 Becker, William 186 Beckham, Cheryl 285 Becking, Robert 186 Beebe, Jed 60 Beechinor, Sharon 317 Beisner, Cynthia 302,186 Bell, Robert 1 86 Belton, Stephen 145 Bender, Janice 292,145 Bendheim, Redge 353 Benedetti, Jeffrey 370 Benitez, Joseph 181 Bennett, Alan 335,145 Bennett, Jane 317 Bennett, Kathleen 145 Bennett, Melinda 287,314 Bennett, Vickie 128 Benscoter, David 374 Benscoter, Thomas 374,106 Bensky, Seymore 135 Bergey, Arthur 145 Bergstrom, Brigham 337 Berkes, Robert 146 Berman, Bethann 312 Berns, Murray ]46 Berrien, Barbara 347 Berta, Bruce 370 Bertness, Joanna 146 Besel, Sharon 301,315 Bessolo, John 342 Bestard, Edward 342 Betkijian, Denise 128 Bells, Richard 321 Beutler, Ann 146 Beverlin, Wesley 349 Bhatt, Santosh 135 Bibb, Paula 292 Bickel, Craig 106 Biehl, Barry 102 Biery, James 369,135 Biksa, John 283,382 Bilezikjian, Edward 102 Bilich, Allyson 303,311,186 Biller, Camille 146 Billings, Diana 287,306 Bills, Barbara 309 Bimmerman, Rebecca 299 Bing, Lawrence 283 Binns, James 106 Birchfield, Robert Earl 286,350 Bishop, Ralph 362 Bivins, Larry 146 Black, Belinda 106 Black, Rena 310 Black, Timothy 181 Blackburn, Elizabeth 344 Blackman, Edward 106 Blackman, Randy 372 Blackstock, Jay 337 Blain, David 349 Blaine, Brenda 146 Blair, Bruce 374 Blair, Susie 341 Blanc, George 128 Blank, Joan 312 Blanton, Andrew 186 Blaschke, James 300 Blasine, Gary 342 Blech, Denise 123 Bleck, Phyllis Claire 285 Bleeker, Brian 342 Blessing, Vicki 60 Blomeyer, Elaine 146 Bloom, Gregory 1 46 Bloom, Jay 350 Bloom, Stuart 1 76 Bloore, Jerry 123 Blumenlhal, Douglas H 285 Blye, Barbara 315 Bock, Michael 146 Boden, Gerald 370 Boege, Alan 349 Boehm, Bruce 372 Boehme, Linda 330 Boehmer, Richard 374,146 Bogarl, James 349,146 Bogh, Richard 186 Bogy, Catherine 345 Bollman, Mark 364 Bond, Lesle ' 146 Bonnell, Robert 290,106 Bonness, Nicholas 181 Booth, Ann 128 Boothby, Carol Ann 293 Borroughs, Beatrice 333 Boskovich, Joseph 283 Boskovich, Philip 337 Boswell, Carter 370 Bouas, John 342 Bouvier, Donald 146 Bowen, Sandra 14 Bowman, Gregory 106 Bowman, Leslie 330 Boyd, Timothy 359 Boyer, Bonnie 333 Boyett, William 349 Bozarth, Thomas 364 Bradford, June 146 Bradlev ' , Susan 333 Bradner, Susan 310 Brady, Joseph 106 Bragg, Lindsey 333 Braham, Michael 288 Brakovich, Gregory 337 Branch, Bradley 286 Brandel, Myra 123 Brandes, Richard 382 Brar, Surinder 146 Brazil, Anthony 283,372 Brchan, Patrice 310 Breakstone, Neil 1 78 Breidenbaugh, Harold 106 Bremer, Robert 106 Brewer, Deborah 333,128 Brewer, Robert 364,106 Bridge, Christine 123 Bridges, Joseph 1 46 Bridges, Steven 349,106 Briggs. Gary 374,146 Briggs, Terry 330 Briles, Susan 102 Britt, Toni 286 Brock, Gary 372 Brock, Pamela 186 Brockman, Howard 146 Brom, Jeffrey Joseph 284 Bronner, Kenneth 106 Bronte, Randolph 285 Brookes, Robert 322,323 Brooks, Bessie 106 Brooks, Diane 347,187 Brooks, Jill 312 Brooks, Nevada 331,106 Bross, Gerald Stuart 285,350,146 Broussard, Linda 89 Browdy, Elena 288,289 Brown, Augusto 123 Brown, Barry 283 Brown, Cathy 347 Brown, Christopher 147 Brown, Clarence 147 Brown, Craig 147 Brown, Debria 187 Brown, Denise 310 Brown, Dennis 106 Brown, Garry 283,364 Brown, Grover 106 Brown, Michael 106 Brown, Nicholas 337 Brown, Paul 362 Brown, Paula 147 Brown, Robert 342 Brown, Samuel 349 Brown, Sayle 106 Brown, Stephen 195 Brown, Steven 342 Brown, Steven 364 Brown, Susan 340 Brown, Walton 290 Browne, Walter 147 Bruckman, Donald 367 Brumbaugh, Karen 129 Brunner, Mark 353 Brunner, Del 123 Bryan, Greg 291 388 Bryan, Peggy 147 Bryant, Blair 296,323,60 Brynan, Jeffrey 106 Bubar, Edward 285,147 Buchanan, Michelle 295 Buchman, Philip 290,107 Buckingham, John 349 Buckingham, Margaret 129 Buckle , Jerry 293 Buckley, Laurie 147 Buckle ' , Toni 310 Buess, Fred 147 Bueltner, Kenneth 350 Buffkin, Constance 100 Buff kin, Donald 89 Bulgarelli, Mary 333 Bulger, Tom 359 Bulich, Richard 181 Bunnag, Nariralana 147 Burback, David 323,147 Burbridge, William 107 Burch, Vanessa 287 Burdetl, Stephen 380 Burk, Celine 147 Burk, James 370,371 Burke, Michele 129 Burke, Sean 353 Burkholder, John 107 Burmer, Clenna 293 Burns, Francis 321,147 Burns, Hugh 147 Burns, John 147 Burns, Robert 369 Burns, Susan 345 Burpee, Elizabeth 374 Burrell, Mark 296,350 Burrola, Ruben 296,100,102 Bush, Denise 311 Bushnell, Allan Jr 285 Busick, Deborah 309 Bustillos, Terry 342,129 Butchart, Dean 147 Butef ish, Richard 107 Buller, Merrill 370 Butler, Radah 147 Butler, Thomas 296,100,135 Butler, William 329 Buxton, Mark 288 Buzaid, Laurence 141 Byard, Michael 107 Byers, Bruce 342 Byers, Dan 342 Byrne, Jeffrey 362,147 Cabe, Gary 147 Calder, Robin 107 Caldwell, Curtis 323 Cale ' , Winnif red 129 Cali, Wayne 290 Calkins, Carl 187 Call, Christopher 302,187 Callahan, Rebecca 333 Callahan, Richard 337 Calvert, Sherry 147 Cameron, Steve 370 Campbell, Bruce 285,148 Campbell, David 135 Campbell, Jeffrey 353 Campbell, Margarie 195 Campbell, Thomas 362 Campillo, Rafael 89,148 Camplin, Patricia 333 Campo, Maria 344,148 Campos, Arthur 148 Canham, Elizabeth 314 Cannavo, Judith 289,341 Cantwell, John 359 Cantwell, Philip 359 Caperonis, Amy 187 Caperonis, Pano 107 Capps, Julia 293,306,315,148 Caratan, Anton 3 J7 Carbone, Frank 335 Carder, Adrienne 346 Cardoza, Arthur 380 Carlson, John 372 Carlson, Leroy 290 Carlyle, James 362 Carmack, Calhleen 149 Carneiro, Jose 187 Carne ' , Walter 328,329 Carpenter, Kinsey 342 Carr, Elizabeth 306 Carson, Cathleen 347 Carter, Alice 102 Carter, Grayson 349 Carter, Karen 293 Carter, Richard 107 Cartwright, Susan 341 Caruso, Vilo 370 Carver, Becky 306,344 Carver, Elizabeth 149 Carver, Laura 308 Carver, Leroy 107 Casasola, Armando 149 Case, Barbara 330,149 Casey, John 318 Cash, Steven 285 Casillas, Anthony 185 Caske -, Gregory 296,100 Casky, Marshall 293 Castillo, Felix 102 Castillo, Lucille 187 Caswell, Donna 294,314 Caterina, Gerald 350 Catlin, Laura 333 Caudra, Gil 350 Cavan, William 339 CeithamI, Jody 346 Cella, Peter 322 Cerini, Frederick 149 Cerqui, Kim 340 Cerrina, Steven 362,107 Cervera, Linda 301,149 Chaix, James 359,135 Chambers, Ann 129 Chambers, Ann 315 Chambers, Gregory 290 Chan, Audre - 292,294 Chan, Christina 107 Chan, Gail 292 Chan, Leiand 107 Chan, Marjorie 149 Chan, Ronald 181 Chang, Catherine 149 Chang, Helen 376 Chang, Jin Sung 181 Chang, Wesley 285 Chapman, Buster 379 Chapman, David John 287,291 Chapman, Dennis 296 Chapman, Ronald 107 Chapman, Terri Lee 286 Chappell, Karen 89 Charles, Bruce 370 Chase, Dale 374 Chatfield, David 287,187 Chavez, Yolanda 324 Chealander, Steven 107 Chemers, Robert 187 Chen, Chung, Chih 135 Chen, Colleen 315,129 Chen, Kelvin Min 292 Chen, M ichael 379 Chen, Pao Chuan 181 Cherrie, Roderic John 285 Cherry, Otis 290 Cheung, David 292 Cheung, Edmund 107 Chew, Warren 290 Childers, Regina 330 Childrey, Carol 330 Childrey, Russell 296,107 Childs, Steven 296,335 Chillingworth, Robert 321 Chin, Edith 376,149 Chin, Paul 290 Chinen, Susan Katsuye 287 Ching, Clinton 107 Chinn, Deborah 285,288,292 Chinn, Paul 107 Chiu, Eunice 149 Choi, Chang 284 Choi, Michael 298 Chow, Harvey 187 Christensen, Karen 149 Christianson, Debbie 310 Chu, Essie i07 Chuchan, Gordon 359 Chui, Margaret 292 Chun, Daniel 318 Chun, Theodore 339 Chung, Robert 107 Chung, Tai ]8I Cies, Thomas 107 Cimarusti, Donald 149 Clapp, David 349 Clark, Barbara 308 Clark, Brett 290,296,362,108 Clark, Carolyn 345 Clark, Cindy 149 Clark, Craig 108 Clark, Hilary 345 Clark, John Brewer See 287,291 Clark, Patricia 149 Clark, Stephen 32 1 Clark, Thomas 141 Clarke, Peter 328,329 Clary, Kathleen 149 Claveran, Alejandro 187 Clayton, David 382 Clayton, Frederick 108 Cleland, Robert 176 Clemence, Craig 283,364 Cleveland, Deborah B 285 Coates, Bradley 149 Coates, Randy Ray Coats, Ada 302 Cocherell, John 108 Cochran, Brian 337 Cochrane, Charles 296,302,306,108 Cochrane, James Tripp 329 Cochranne, Jeff 328,329 Codiga, Gig 342 Cohen, Bruce 283,323,61 Cohen, Jana 181 Cohen, Nancy 312,61 Cole, Gregory 285,288,149 Colella, Mark 135 Coleman, Leroy 108 Colia, Richard 362,149 Collins, Cathleen 346,149 Collins, Chip 364 Collins, Mark 362,108 Collins, Patricia 346,129 Colpitts, Robert 108 Colville, Maryann 301,315 Colvin, Mary Alice 345 Colwell, Lamont 149 Coman, Richard 149 Compagno, Robert 359 Compiano, Craig 299,300,369 Condap, Nicholas 1 35 Conley , Sean 1 08 Connolly, Cathy 340 Connor, Jacqueline 187 Connor, Jill 340 Conrad, John 108 Constantine, Vinnie 310 Contreras, Marilyn 316 Cook, Karen 330 Cook, Marcia 149 Cooley, Stephen 141 Coon, Robin 89 Cooper, Candace 141 Cooper, Evan isi Cope, Margaret 149 Corcoran, Patrick 350 Corcoran, Timothy 374 Cordova, Pamela 287 Cordova, Alberto 187 Corey, Anne Marie 308 Corian, Richard 129 Cormany, Philip 290 Corradini, Ron 353 Correa, Fredrick 296,149 Correia, Greg 328,329 Corrcra, Kenneth 108 Corrigan. Doug 349 Corrigan, Nancy 309 Corrigan, Peter 288,187 Corsaro, Anthony 379 Cortopassi, Ted 36 1 Cosgrove, Tom 342 Costello, Maureen 150 Colillier, James 150 Couch, Andrew 150 Couch, Elizabeth 324,150 Courtney, Thomas 296,364 Covel, Gina 341 Covy, Robert 342 Cowherd, Mary 317 Cowie, Margaret 309 Cowles, John 1 50 Cox, Christopher 337 Cox, Christine 344 Cox, Christopher 150 Cox, Douglas 32 1 Cox, James 185 Cox, Joseph 32 1 Cox, Kenneth 108 Cox, Sandra 129 Craig, Catherine 150 Crawford, Eugene 290,108 Crespo, Yulanda 150 CristLPete 370 Cromwell, Connie 341 Cronin, Patricia 301,314 Crossley, Ivy Camm 285 Croswell, David 380 Crowe. William 296,100,187 Crowell, Dee 318 Crowhurst, William 108 Crowle -, Dan 150 Crowley, Philip 178 Crum, Cindy 330 Crum, Steven 89 Crume, Kenneth 370 Crumrine, Lynn 303,306,346,150 Crutchf ield, John 353 Cryder, Donald 150 Cuadra, Gilbert Francis 286 Cukacouic, John 298 Culbreath, Clifford 150 Culotta, Harry 290 Cummings, Frederick 290,292 Cuniberti, Betty 150 Cunningham, Toni 88 Curcuru, Angela 288,289,89,150 Curle , Robin 333 Curtis, Cedric 89,102 Cusick, Christine 150 Cvttanich, James 150 Cypherd, J im 350 D Dahlstrom, Larry 362 Dalby, Benedict 323 Dalby, Nani 344 Dalev, Edward 135 Dalton, John 108 Dalton, Terry 347 Dambros, Ellen 294,347 Damm, Lawrence 364 Dampler, Alexander 337 Danenhauer, Gregory 337 Dang, Susan 150 Danganan, Ramon 318 Daniel, Laura 287,315 Daniel, Scott 150 Daniels , Wesley 187 Danielson, Barbara 150 Danielson, Douglas 350 Danielson, Gerald 123 Dankelman, Elwia 150 Dans, Marnell 289 Daoussis, M ichael 379 Darby, Arlynne 344 Dare, Thornton 123 Darling, Wendy 317,100 Darlon, Michel 135 Darst, Susan 129 Dart, Leslee 330 Daves, Ann 309 Dave , Frederick 296,302,195 David, Ronald 108 Davidson, Kathy 341 Davidson, Norman 379 Davidson, Pamela 325 Davis, Andrew 370,150 Davis, Herman 350 Davis, James 150 Davis, Joseph 292,108 Davis, Kathleen 295 Davis, Lisa 331 Davis, Marnell 1 50 Davis, Martin 283,337 Davis, Richard 290 Davis. Robert 370 Davis, Robert 150 Davis, Timothy 151 Davison, Dean 367 Dawson, Dav id 108 Dawson, Gilbert 1! 136 De Armas, Mayda Ana 389 DeFrancisco, Nancy 123 Dea, M ichcle 376 Dearing, George 108 Deberard, Jeffrey 283,370 Debevec, Elizabeth 345 Dechant, Donald 89 Dechetlis, Patrick 299 Deering, Chris 288 Dects, Denise Elizabeth 285 Defreece, Robin 309,187 Degenhaidt, John 335 Deihl, William 108 Deissler, Walter 318 de la Pena, Richard 302,151 Delio, Monica 129 Deliscu, Jeffrey 323 Deloach, David Bryant 285 Deloach, Dee Dee 316 Deluca, John 370 Demary, Thomas 187 Dempsey, Donald 359 Dempster, Dale 290,108 Denby, Frank 290,108 Denison, Deborah Lee 287,324 Denmark, Steven M 285 Denuzzo, Frank 151 Depaolo, Peter 364 Derieux, David 283 Desanlos, Patrice 129 Destruel, Mathieu 359 Detlmers, Wendy 181 Deutsch, Ruthann 288 Devere, M ichelle 108 Dewar, Dawn Michele 287 Dewey, Arthur 350 Deyoung, Roger 342 Diamond, Norman 293 Diaz, Maria 358 Dick, Lawrence 337 Dickerson, Nancy 129 Dickerson, Robert 342,108 Dickins, Barton 374,108 Dickson, Wendy 345,108 Diestelkamp, Edward 102 Dieterich, John 129 Dietrich, Danielle 289,344,195,151 Difley, Cynthia 102 Dilday, Denise 345 Dilettera, Diana 151 Dillon, Deborah 89,151 Dillon, Donald 361 Dillon, Steven 362 Dimitriou, Susan 293,151 Dimmick, Alice 330 Dinino, Michele 129 Dinsmore, William 109 Dinwiddie, Robert 358 Dipilla, Michael 374 Dirocco, Gregory 151 Dixon, Edward 89 Dixon, Holly 345 Dixon, Joyce 61 Dizenfeld, Bruce 323 Dodds, Richard 151 Dohse.John 328,329 Doi, May 129 Doley, Pierre 109 Don, John 136 Dong, Eileen 338 Dong, Susan 303,151 Doran, John 151 Dorman, Thomas 109 Dorthalina, Michael 89 Dossett, Gordon 379 Dotkins, Gene 353 Doty, Arthur 109 Dougher, Gerard 285 Dougherty, Joan 309 Douglas, James 109 Doumak, James 151 Dovey, Douglas 302,187 Dowdall, Terry 151 Downey, Susan J17 Doyle, Craig 318 Dragotio, Philip 290,109 Drakulich, Nicholas 370 Dranzdorf , Jeff 367 Dressier, R ick 370 Dressier, Robert 123 Dreyfuss, Robert 283,372 Dridcoll, Laurie 333 DriscoH, William 337 Duarl, Kathryn 317 Duclon, MicheleMarie 287,324 Dudley, Jean 325 Duffie, Diane 317 Duffy, Stephen 342,109 Dunahoo, Lynne 347 Duncan, Karen 301 Dunham, Donald 102 Dunham, Laurie 291 Dunigan, Jeffrey 379,109 Dunmire, Laurence 287,349,151 Dunn, Lonnie 359,187 Dunner, Ronald 109 Dupont, Anthony 337 Durazzo, Ernest 151 Durham, Donna 151 Durkee, Christopher 318 Durongapidya, Paul 109 Dussia, Brent 284,136 Dye, Crystal 15I Dyer, Karen 129 Dyke, Kevin 151 Dysinger, Glen 285 Easton, James 369 Ebright, Don 370 Echols, Jennifer 287 Echols, John 328,329 Eckert, Gary 136 Eckhardt, Jennifer 89 Econn, Christine 333 Econn, Douglas 359 Econn, Gregory 359,152 Edelman, David 185 Edgcomb, Anne 345 Edgcomb, John 322 Edralin, Gerard 285 Edwards, William 372 Effler, Robert 379 Eisen, Richard 109 Elftman, Nancy 152 Eliardo, Phil 296 Elias, Robert Jack 287 Elizalde, John 335 Elkington, Larry 374,109 Ellinwood, Todd 350 Elliott, Gary 349 Elliott, Gary 349 Elliott, Richard 380 Ellis, Matthew 370,371 Ellison, Greg Alan 285 Elmore, Henrietta 152 Eltinge, Eric Rayburn 286 Emett, Robert 374 Emmer, Robert 288,152 Emmi, Steven 102 Emo, M ichael 335 Empeno, Francis 288,187 Enquist, Philip 318 Enrighl, Craig 359 Enriquez, Frank 123 Ensslin, Leonardo 299 Erdahl, J ohn 152 Eriksen, Diana 124 Erkel, Albert 361 Erkel, Bonnie 308 Erskine, Merrillyn 141 Eschen, Dana 342 Eskin, Laurie 310 Espinoza, Raul 382 Etz, Ruth Ann 315,362 Eurich, David 152 Evans, Christine 346 Evans, Blue 346 Evans, Karl 136 Evans, Margaret 333,195 Evans, Richard 379 Evashwick, Linda 152 Evashwick, William 342 Evcnson, Warren 152 Evert, Martha 330 Ew , Randall 353,152 Exley, Steve 152 Falck, Melissa 331 Falk, Hadley 60,152 Fargo, Keith 370 Farmer, Timothy 290,109 , Farr, Harriet 152 Faulkner, Joseph 323,109 Fauskee, Penny 324 Fay, William Jr 293 Feehan, Kathleen 314 Fein, Kenneth 152 Feinberg, Michael 283,364 Feinstein, Harriet 129 Feister, Sherry 347 FeW, Sally 333 Feldman, Lori 301,312 Fetheim, Leslie 308 Felice, Francis 182 Felton, Rachel 109 Felts, Jodeen 333 Feltz, Jennifer 152 Fenderson, Christina 333 Fenton, William Michael 285 Ferguson, Diane 301,308,152 Ferguson, Pamela I88 Ferraro, Gary 322 Ferrell, Robert 369 Ferro, Fredrick 109 Fiasca, John 152 Fidel, Timothy 379 Fiedler, Jon 379 Fielder, Patricia 152 Fiekls, Kerry 296,109 Fields, Jack 25 Fif ield, Harold 1 88 Filter, Jeff rey 337,152 Findlater, Sally 344 Finesilver, Jeffrey 102 Finley, David 362,152 Finnegan, Katherine 347 Fischetla, Philip 109 Fischer, David 181 Fischer, Harry 109 Fisette, Gary 322 Fisher, Marlene 124 Fitch, Edward 283,364 Fitch, Phyllis 309 Fitch, Richard 152 Fitzgerald, Michael 153 Filzsimmons, Robert 102 Fleming, Thomas 342,153 Fleming, Gail 294,308 Fleming, Mark 362 Fletcher, Howard 109 Flores, Robert 110 Floryan, Christine 308 Floy, Frances 175 Flynn, Terrence 342 Fohrer, Alan 284,299,300,136 Foitle, Stephen I88 Folks, Laura 345 Folks, Lawrence 323,110 Folks, Nancy 89 Follis, Kathryn 341,153 Foltz, Gail 310,153 Foltz, Jeffrey 364 Fong, Clarence 290,292,110 Fonley, Carolyn 153 Fontes, Melody 287,315 Forbes, Wendy 330,153 Ford, Camela 293 Ford, Frank 298,136 Ford, William 353 Forney, Mark 353 Forte, Kathy 89 Fortner, Steve 110 Fosnacht, Lynn 349 Foss, Powers 124 Foster, Constance 1 75 Foster, Scott 353 Foster, James 110 Foster, Jeffrey 349,153 Foster, Marie 301 Foster, NarKy 344,129 Foster, Niessen I53 Foster, Scott 110 Fouks, Terry 312 Foulkes, Steve 283 Fowler, Brad 283,372 Fowlkes, Steven 364 Fox, Georgia 345 Foxx, Greg 328,329 Frake, Joe 296 Francescon, Dale 364 Franco, Carlos 136 Frank, Alan 290,110 Frank, Susan 285 Franklin, Priscilla 333 Fransen, John 293 Eraser, Laurie 347,124 Eraser, Steven 290 Fraser, Suzanne 340 Fratt, Deborah 309 Fredrick, Gregory 361 Fredricks, Terrance 322 Freeman, Eric 372 Freeman, Gregory 136 Freeman, Leiand Carl Freier, Elaine 182 Freitas, Antoinette 153 Freitas, Joseph 178 French, George 153 French, Maria 153 French, Skip 296,342 Fried, Joel 178 Friedman, Robert 185 Friedson, Richard 102 Friendenthal, Steven 110 Frier, Elaine 295 Fritts, Kenneth 329 Fruhling, Penna 308 Fuchigami, Keith 296,317 Fuchiki, Nancy 338 Fujikawa, Melvin 287 Fujimolo, Kenneth 153 Fukuhara, Christine 153 Fukui, Christine 338 Fukui, Gerald 339 Funderburg, Thomas 359 Fung, Lok-Ping 175 Funk, Barbara 340 Funk, Deborah 341,349 Funk, Linda 124 Furniss, Charles 321 Furst, Colleen 301 Furukawa, Bruce 339 Fuscoe, Nancy 333 Fuscoe, William 337 Fushiki, Mary 376 Gaedke, Robert 153 Gaertner, Robert 374,110 Gagnier, Armand 110 Gaines, Wendy 315 Galen, Sheila 333 Galipeau, Jean 153 Gallagher, Colleen 129 Gallagher, Maureen 129 Gallemore, Lee 153 Galpin, Cinda 333 Gait, Christine 306,316 Galusha, Barbara 331 Gamble, Tracy 317,374 Gangle, Francis 136 Gannon, Matthew 350 Garai, Agnes 182 Garberson, Steven 321 Garcia, Pura 153 Gardner, Felissa 287,308 Gardner, Patricia 153 Gardner, Robert 285,350,153 Gardner, Vance 342 Gardner, Virginia 175 Garich, Jerry 182 Garish, Sharlene 306,310 Garner, William 153 Garof alo, Frank 350 Garrett, Christine 325,154 Garrison, Brady 154 Garrison, Edesel 188 Garry, John 285,296,154 Gartland, Denise 288,289,154 Garton, Jeffrey 322 Carton, John 154 Gaikins, Robert 364 Caspar, Jack 370 Gates, James 362,110 Gattuso, Rocco 361 Gaughan, Ernest 188 Gaughn, Jim 296 Gean, Marsha 347 Gee, Eveline 376,130 Gehl, Sharon 188 Geiger, Gwynn 294,345 Geiger, J ames 342 390 Ceisster, Greg 359 Geissler, Scott 379 George, Deborah 301 George, Elys€ 330 George, Frederick 323 Gerber, Marcie 346,130 Gesch, Gary 302,154 Geltman, Marcia 285,315,154 Gewerter, Harold 285 Ghabrial, Magdy Amin 136 Ghandour, Yehia 154 Ghennewa, Abdurhman 130 Ghirardelli, David 372 Giacchino, John 176 Giannecchini, Leandro 154 Giannini, Nancy 154 Gibbons, David 296,298,300,100,136 Gibbs, Deborah 103 Gibbs.Gary 290 Gilbeaut, Gary 296,364 Gibeaul, Greg 283,364 Gibson, Chaterine 374 Giddings, Donald 136 Giesbret, Richard 154 Gill, Linda 333 Gill, Patricia 110 Gilles, William Joseph 285 Gillespie, Jeannie 154 Gillespie, Lynda 154 Gillette, James 296,110 Gilliland, Mary 301 Gillman, Lyle 369 Gilmour, Andrew 370 Gilmour, Cindy 309 Gimbel, Joanne 330 Gimenez, Karen 346 Gin, Deanna 182 Gin, Lauretta 130 Ginepra, Al 293 Giraldi, Robert 124 Given, John 124 Glang, Constance 325 Glantz, Roy Masuda 284 Glenn, Marsha 325 Glina Edmond 188 Goad, Diane 300 Gobel, Georgia 333 Goble, 1 337 Gobrecht, Carol 306,331 Gobrecht, Robert 370,110 Goeckner, Jeffery 318 Goeppinger, Ann 178 Goetz, Nancy 333,374 Gogain, Loreen 130 Gold, Linda 185 Goldberg, Marilyn 178 Goldberg, Nancy 314 Goldberg, Neil 182 Goldberg, Ronald 154 Goldberg, Ruseell 349 GoUiaJack 176 Goldman, Donald Gregory 285 Goldstein, Donna Hope 341 Goldstein, Olivia 315 Gomez, Diedre 154 Gonzalez, Enrique 124 Gonzalez, Jaime 130 Gonzalez, Juan 299,136 Gooch, Frank 302,188 Gooch, Melissa 309 Goodrich, Gayle 154 Gordon, Nancy 314,374 Gorman, Daniel 290,110 Cormley, James 364 Gouch, Shauneen 333,103 Gould, Sheri 154 Graf, Allan 110 Graham, Gary 136 Graham, James , 296,306 Grant, Gary 188 Grant, John 285 Gratton, Elizabeth Anne 154 Graves, Christine 154 Graves, Laura 324 Gray, Sherry 312 Grayson, Wendy 178 Green, Anna Marie 130 Green, Don 296,335 Green, Jon Norman 285,154 Green, Wendolyn 316 Greene, Janet 295,314,110 Greenfield, Pamela D 287,291 Creenspon, Bobbe 331 Greer, Gerald 110 Gregg, Fred 285 Greiner, Stephen 323 Grether, Betsy 130 Gruenke, Jean 301 Grier, Sarah 347 Griesgraber, Paul 188 Grifka, George 155 Grimes, Alcy 306,341 Grimes, David 370,155 Grimes, Susan 344 Grimm, Catherine 341,110 Grimshaw, Robert 155 Grinels, Sameul HO Grisingher,MaryK 286,289,155 Grissom, John 350 Groothaerl, Marc 293 Gropp, Thomas 155 Gross, Betty 130 Gross, Karen 155 Grossbart, Kenneth 361 Grunbok, William 364 Gruver, Wendy 333 Gumbiner, Valerie 289,295,301,314 Gumser, Gerry 110 Gundtach, David 136 Gunn, Russel 362 Gunnin, Robert 350,111 Gunther, Wayne 89 Gurski, Joseph 155 Guslafson, Tanya 345 Guyer, Andrew 350 H Haas, Kristin 130 Haas, Richard 136 Haddan, Jon 335 Haentzschet, Jane 314 Hafen, Gary 379,155 Hagey, Elizabeth 333 Haggstrom, Robert 353 Hagopian, Roger Ill Hahn, Blake 285 Hahn, Nancy 345,155 Hahn, Susan 344 Halas, George 296,372 Hale, David 290,111 Haley, Fredelyn 294 Haljun, Kathleen 308 Hall, David 372 HallGary 329 HalL James 374 Hall, Larry 283,370 Hall, Marilyn 324 Hall, Nancy 155 Hall, Richard 296,100,155 Hall, Richard 124 Hall, Stephen 335 Halleran, William 329 Halley, Carrell 311 Halliburton, John 353 Hamai, Joseph 339 Hamamoto, Valerie 338 Hamity, Gary 364 Hamlin, Casey 379 Hamman, Donald 290,111 Hammer, Robert 290,111 Hance, Donald 349 Handelman, Dayle 301 Handman, George 296 Handtmann, George 364 Haney, Michael 290,349 Hanka, Stephen 329 Hannah, David Ill Hanover, Daniel 155 Hansen, Ann 333 Hansen, Diane 124 Hansen, Joan 316 Hansen, Laura 130 Hanson, Larry HI Hanson, Thomas Ill Hara, Steven 290,111 Harbeson, Deborah 294,315 Hardekopf, William 296,364 Hardie, Loring 346,155 Harding, Caria 130 Harding, Nancy 310 Hargiss, Nancy 302,341,188 Harker, Robert 103 Harlow, Maureen 155 Harper, Susan 344 Harrigan, Bruce 359 Harris, Anitra 130 Harris, Cartee Ill Harris, Elizabeth 341 Harris, George 155 Harris, Glenn 1 55 Harris, Janet 130 Harris, Jill 103 Harris,Joel Ill Harris, Lary 290 Harris, Mark 290,111 Harris, Susan 345 Hart, James 342 Hart, Richard 283,370 Hart, William 353,188 Hartjen, Betsy 301 Hartley, Jack 353 Hartwell, Donald 188 Harlwig, Barbara 341 Harty, Merilyn 344 Harvey, Iris Ill Harvey, Lillian 312 Harvey, Ruth 306,312,130 Harwood, Patricia 306,330 Hasbrouck, David 283,370,371 Hasbun, William 182 Hasey, Mark 155 Haskell, Robert 337 Hastings, Kirk 195 Hatch, Tim 353 Haug, Amanda 155 Haugen, Rkk 322 Hauschel, Christine 317 Mauser, Catherine 130 Hawkins, Herbert Ill Hawkins, Patricia 347 Hawkinson, Suzanne 340 Hawks, Cheryl 155 Hay, Thomas 361 Hayami, Scott 178 Hayes, Lucinda 333 Hayes, Stephen 364 Hays, Cheryl 308 Healy, Brkiget 333,374 Healy, Robert Ill Heap, Christie 155 Hee, Ting-Pong 285 Hefner, Christine 308 Hefner, Susan 156 Heigel, Chris 347 Helm, James 370 Heimbrodt, Scott 350,111 Heizman, Patricia 156 Held, Robert 350 Hellman, Shelley 312,130 Helm, Barbara 310 Helms, Jay 302 Helms, Penny 130 Hempstead, M ichael Ill Hendershot, William 370 Henkel, Robert HI Hennig, Brian 374 Hennig, Bruce 156 Hensley, Cindy 344 Henson, Douglas 182 Hentzen, Peter 380 Herbold, Rick 382 Herbst, Sharon 287 Hernandez, Eleazar 156 Herren, Shannon 89 Hertzhog, Fritz 370 Hertzog, Christopher 156 Herzberg, Loretta 292 Hesse, Rick 89 Hester, Janet 331,156 Heublein, Brian 323 Hewitt, Robin 188 Hickerson, Neale 379 Hickey, Gregory 111,290 Hickey, James 359 Hiegel, Christine 156 Higgins, John 353 Hildebrand, Brkiget 346,130 Hill, Daniel 379,156 Hill, Gordon 130 HilL James 370 Hill, Kimberly 340.124 Hill, Lyle 136 Hill, Peter HI Hillery, Cynthia 333 Hillgren, Gregory 342 Hillings, David 370 Hillings, Jennifer 333 Hilton, Hilary 178 Hiraga, Irene 376 Hiramatsu, Joy 376 Hirrel, R ichard 374 Hirsch, David 188 Hirsch, John 298 Hixson, Karen Ill Hixson, Marvin HI Hjette, Susan 346 Hoad, Glenn 353 Hoagland, Barbara 314 Hobson, James 296 Hodge, James 296 Hodge, Stanley 141 Hodgson, Lawrence 156 Hodor, Susan 345 Hoeven, Barry HI Hoffman, Christine HI Hoffman, Jonni 302,312 Hogan, John 284,299,136 Hogan, Mark 342,188 Hoge, William 364 Hogue, Robert 283,372 Hoist, Dave 342 Holguin, Henry 112 Holm, Rex 156 Holman, Steven 362 Holmgren, David 362 Holve, Gregory 124 Horn, Richard 285,156 Horn, Sally 376 Hom, Susan 376 Home, Teresa 156 Honer, Susan 331 Hong, Halevy 112 Hong, M ichael 285 Honnaka, Marjorie 112 Honnaka, Russell 339 Hoc, Lun 376,130 Hoos, Rhoda 156 Hopper, James 124 Horan, Dennis 369 Hori, Glenn 284,298,136 Horner, Sue 374 Horowilt, Stephen 379 Horrobin, Scot 328,329 Horst, Davki 156 Hough, Frank 353,156 House, Suda Kay 317,103 Houston, David 318 Hovey, Christine 330,131 Hovey, Mitchell 328,329 Howard, Charles 296,100,112 Howard, Neal 182 Howard, Scott 112 Howe, David 296,100,156 Howell, Earnestine 289,156 Howell, Edwin 112 Howes, Cynthia 306,345 Howes, Dana 344 Hoyle, Steven 290,112 Hoyt, Brian 156 Hozduk, Thomas 286 Hricak, Michael 318 Huard. Stedman 350 Hubbard, Melisse 306 Huber, Donald 124 Huetler, Patrick 328,329 Huff, Patricia 306,325,156 Huffman, Marcia 311 Hughes, Thomas 124 Hughes, William 136 Hugill, Michael 372 Hui, Stephen 284,136 Hull, Steven 369 Hummel, Eric 290 Hunt, Catherine 345 Hunter, John 323 Hunter, Mara 346 Hunter, Randall 283,335 Huntley, Howard 156 Huruilz, James 176 Hustedt, Laurie 309 Hutchison, Linda 340 Hyan, Mary 287,325,156 Hyland, John 296 lacono, Robert 285 laia, Renee 374 391 Ibrahim, Maissa 157 Iguchi, Michael 379 lizuka, Melvin 361 Ike, Marcia 338 lives, Daniel 188 lng,Johii 339 Ingrassia, Elisa 308 Inouye, Karen 376 Inouye, Randall 157 Ireland, Kathleen 131 Iriarte, Philip 382 Irmas, Deborah 103 Irvin, James 367 Isaac, Cecilia 157 Ishibashi, Gordon 182 Ishibashi, Karl ] 82 Ishii, James 283,306 Ishii, Clifford 285,25,379,157 Isonaka, Diane 285 Istik, Jack 136 Ito, Dennis 290,112 Ito, Shizuo 112 Iwamoto, Carol 338 Iwanoff, John 157 Iwasaki, Hidehiko 112 Iwata, Elizabeth 338 Jabs, Dean 283,364 Jackson, Blanche 131 Jackson, Cheryl 310 Jackson, Christopher 322 Jackson, Joanne 317 Jackson, John Dixon 136 Jackson, Michell 185 Jackson, William 350 Jacobs, Alan 182 Jacobs, Joel 292,112 Jacobs, Patrick 292,112 Jacobs, Norman 188 Jacobson, Jeffrey 337,157 Jacques, Janae 330 Jaculin, Roberto 137 Jadach, Ronald 283,335 Jae, Kathleen 157 Jagosz, Robert 284 Jakubowski, Peter 137 Jakway, Thomas 318 Jallo, Leslie 157 James, Evan 290,112 James, Ian 380,157 James, Sylvia 325 James, Tracy 157 Jamgotchian, Jerry 290 Jamieson, Gordon 124 Jamin, Michele 316 Jamison, Mary 346 Jammaz, Saud 131 Janes, Susan 330 Jan»en, Larry 364 Jarvis, Van 337 Jefferson, Ernestine 131 Jenkins, David Bruce 283 Jenkins, Jeffrey 178 Jenkins, Lynn 333 Jenkins, Stephen 359 Jenness, Robert 296,349,112 Jennings, Jolayne 344 Jensen, John 112 Jesch, Norman 124 Jeung, Dianna 376 Jeung, Shirley 131 Jew, Eva 131 Jobe, DonaU 124 Johansen, Erflc 188 Johnson, Caria 340 Johnson, Dewitt 131 Johnson, Gtenn Andrew 286 Johnson, Jill 333,157 Johnson, Kristen 303,61,69,157 Johnson, Larry 182 Johnson, Larry ] 12 Johnson, Lorin 296,100,157 Johnson, Marshall 112 Johnson, Martha 316 Johnvon, Patricia 346 Johnson, Richard 364 Johnson, Richard 370,371 Johnson, Robin 88 Johnson, Russell 112 Johnsrud, Jeffrey 342 Jolstead, Jennefer 157 Jonas, Fred 379 Jones, Clark 188 Jones, Claude 157 Jones, Craig 296,342,157 Jones, David 379 Jones, Ivan 137 Jones, Jeremy 293 Jones, Judith 131 Jones, Lanah 308 Jones, Richard 178 Jones, Sara 157 Jones, Steven 337 Jones, Theresa 309,125 Jones, Thomas 382 Jones, Timothy 353 Jordan, Eduardo 290 Jordan, Horace 1 78 Jordan, Kristen 112 Journigan, Casey 296,322 Joyer, Boyd 125 Judson, Patricia 312 Jung, Betty 131 Jung, Jean 376 Jung, John 137 Jurgensen, Gary 382 Kabrins, Howard 157 Kadera, Michael 125 Kahn, Eugenie 312 Kajander, Kathy 157 Kajikawa, Norman 125 Kalmbach, Kenneth 349 Kalmbach, Lauren 346,157 Kalota, John 370,371 Kamachi, Denise 338 Kambara,Ken 185 Kaminishi, Peggy 182 Kamita, Jennifer 376 Kamuro, Taketsugu 112 Kane, Richard 182 Kaneko, Grace 376 Kaneshiro, Kelvin 157 Kaneta, M ark 339 Kanne, M ichael 370 Kanno, Pamela 158 Kanuga, Deepak 137 Kao, George 125 Karbe, Barbara 314,158 Karlan, Robert 370 Kasa, Richard 137 Kasimof f, Stephanie 103 Kaspereit, Dennis 350 Kassel, Bruce 18 5 Katin, Robert 298 Kato, Christine 131 Kaufler, Philip 302 Kaufman, Dan 182 Kaufman, Robert 158 Kaun, Darrylynn 344 Kaup, Terry 158 Kavoian, Karin 344 Kav H-inos, AnHiony 370 Kawachi, Mark Hideki 285 Kawachi, Masao 158 Kawahara, Patti 376 Kawamoto, Derrick 339 Kawata, Kai 361 Kawata, Kam 361 Kaw««a, Mark 285 Kay, John 283,323 Kazebee, Robert 182 Kazimir, Alicia 131 Kealcr, Stephen 370 Keas, Charles 112 Keatinge, Nancy 317,158 Keckeisen, Mark 374 Keckeisen, Warren 374 Keefe, James 131 Keef e, Lorian 158 Keegan, Irene 113 Keegan, Richard 284 Keener, Keith 89 Keeney, Douglas 158 Keitbach, Herta Maria 158 Kelle ' , Candace 374 Kelley, Michael 158 Kelley, Robert 113 Kelley, William 178 Kelly, Brynn 158 Kelly, Chrostopher 182 Kelly, Darryl 284,335,137 Kelly, Donald 153 Kelly, Eileen 310 Kelly, Tantta 178 Kelton, Stanley 288 Kemp, Douglas 362,113 Kenday, Melissa 158 Kendall,Gregg 296,158 Kendrick, Clarence 175 Kendrick, Wallace 113 Kennedy, Karen 100 Kennedy, Steven 369,188 Kennedy, Thomas 1 76 Kennon, William 141 Kenosian, John 329 Kent, David 131 Kent, Paul 113 Kerlan, Kimberly 158 Kern, James 290 Kerper, Jonette 158 Kerr, Flora 131 Kerr, Mary 158 Kerr, Rufus 288 Kessler, Ted 182 Kethcum, Scott 342 Ketelhut, Paul 113 Kettler, Howard 158 Kettoola, Jacob 158 Keusder, Weston 323 Keys, Laurinda 288,289,303,158 Khatchatourian, Albert 113 Kiat, Tien Tien 292,100 Kice, Jill 159 Kidd, Charles 290 Kkld, Michael 113 Kiefer, Deborah 310,311 Kiernan, Russell Jr 159 Kilpatrick, David 322,137 Kilpatrick, Jean 159 Kim, Bun Woong 284 Kim, Chongkeun 284 Kim, ChoonK 284 Kim, Hangki 284 Kim, Jae 284,103 Kim, Jung 125 Kim, Kyu 284 Kim, Kyung-Sook ] 75 Kim, Kyung 125 Kim, Nanc ' 284 Kim, SeungTae 284 Kim, Sung Hoon 284,113 Kim Sung Soo 284 Kim, Wha 182 Kim, Wha Yun 284 Kim, Young Kyu 113 Kim, Yung Tae 284 Kimball, Kent 113 Kimble, Billie 159 Kimura, Katherine 376 Kimura, Phyllis 159 Kinard, James 137 Kinard, Kim 299 King, Samuel 337 King, Diane 159 King, Scolt 370 King, Karen 159 King, William 89 Kinkela, Kristin 341 Kircher, Carol 324 Kircher, Robert I13 Kirkorian, Gary 367 Kirkpatrick, Gary 322 Kirkpatrick, John 374 Kirkpatrick, Ka i» 374 Kirst, Gregory 28i,337 Kisder, Wttiwa 379 Kila, Ben 182 Kkagawa, Audrey 300.188 Kilahara, Jon 349 KryonHira,RonaU 103 Klauser, ChrtXine 31«,189 Klein, Debra 333 Klein, DonaU 189 Klein, Jeffrey 159 Klein, Regina 312,125 Kline, James 125 Kline, Kristine 346 Klint, Michael 113 Klubnikin, Kheryn 159 Klugman, Cinda 316 Klumph, Janice 182 Knapp, Ruth 159 Knezevich, Jo 346 Knight, Ken 113 Knoll, Denise 344 Knoll, Lori 344 Knoop, Cheryl 333 Knoop, Laura 333 Knowles, John 125 Knowles, Susan 159 Knowlton, Rita 159 Knox, Christine 309,189 Knox, Debra 314 Knox, Kathleen 317,374 Knutson, Brian 379 Kobayashi, Hirokazu 113 Kobayashi, J ill 376 Kobayashi, Lloyd T 285 Kobayashi, M ichiko 100 Koehler, Thomas 362,113 Koelsch, John 287 Koenig, Gregory 137 Koepenick, Karla 131 Kojima, Don 159 Kojima, John 350 Kolker, Michael 293 Kolts, Carolyn 294,340 Komiya, Osamu 113 Kommel, Steven 293 Koniecy, Suzanne Sherry 178 Kono, Susan 376 Koppel, Susan 287 Korchak, Nelson 367 Korsen, James 302,159 Kort, Jordan 290,113 Kotsiris, Laura 189 Koutny, Cynthia 324,131 Kovaltchouk, Andre .159 Kozlowski, Richard 328,329 Kramer, Andrew 159 Kramer, Nancy 325,131 Krantz, J ames 322 Krause, Kenneth 293 Krill, Charles 125 Krimbill, Christopher 113 Kroenert, Charles 113 Krogfoss, William 159 Krogstad, Karen 333 Kruschen, Steven 159 Kubasak, Theresa 301,160 Kuhl, Gregory 160 Kamamoto, Dennis 339 Kumamoto, Kathryn 338 Kumetz, Linda 312 Kunert, Robin 315 Kung, Faye 137 Kunimoto, Alcene 338 Kunkie, Lawrence 125 Kupfer, Daniel 293 Kupferwasser, Tamara 183 Kuramoto, Laurie 376,113 Kurashige, Pamela 288,376 Kuroda, Bonnie 160 Kuznetz, Steven 379,160 Kwan, Anthony 339 Kwan, Wilkin 137 Kwee, Hiankie 137 Kwon, Heewon 284 Labankoff, Fred 113 Labarthe, Christopher 89,160 Labarthe, Eileenc 131 Labarthe, Jeffrey 160 Labossiere, Joyce 341 Lachman, Branton 285 Lack, Steven 335 Lagorio, Joanne 314,160 Lah, Marianne 311 Latec, Gvy 125 Laoibtr , Pete J74 Lan, Jackson 183 Landau, Virginia 309,160 Lande, Charles 361 Lande, Kristine 333 Landelcld, Jo 293 Landis, Gary 364 392 Landsman, Kenneth 113 Landstrom, Mark 335 Langdon, Janet 346 Lange, Christopher 299,300,137 Langenbeck, Kalhy 347 Langill, Lorena 340 Langlois, Jan 359 Langmade, Linda 1 03 Langmade, William 337 Langslet, Craig 370,160 Lanum, Christine 293,189 Lapa, Diane 131 Lapesarde, Kyle 189 Laplante, James 337 Larner, Lesley 315,195 Larsen, Paul 296,382 Larue, William 337,113 Lask, Gary 160 Lasker, Martin 189 Lau, Leland 339 Leu, Lianne 376 Laubacher, Jean Ann 317 Lauesen, Bonnie 161 Laugharn, Mary 346,131 Laughlin, Victoria 345 Laughren, Kathleen 341 Lauro, Frank 329 Lau lensch lager, Kim 161 Lauiz, James 359 Lavagnino, Chcrri 333 Law, Kam 299 Law, Kathryn 179 Lawler, Michael 283,337 Lawrence, David 290,296,114 Lawson, Deborah 161 Layne, David 287 Lazar, Joseph 342 Lazzertni, William 114 Leahy, Thomas 349 Leclair, Bruce 283,335 Lecover, Michael 189 Lee, Frank 161 Lee, Gary 359 Lee, Henry 290,114 Sung Lee, Heun 284 Lee, Ho Suck 284 Lee, Hong 103 Lee, James 114 Lee, James 380 Lee, Janet 310,161 Lee, Kenneth 183,103 Lee, Kuen 137 Lee, Kyu-Wang 284 Lee, Myeng 284,290,114 Lee, Palrkia 288 Lee, Peter 299 Lee, Richard 137 Lee, Robin 288,301,376 Lee, Book I jj Lee, Stephen 362 Lee, Suzanne Taylor 285 Lee, Terence 288 Lee, To 358,179 Lees, Wendy 290,333,114 Lefand, Linda 290,312 Lefkowitz, Gary 292 Legington, Gloria 131 Legris, John 302 Leinen, Wayne 161 Leishman, Catherine 344 Leisure, Deborah 311 Leithliler, Kathryn 331 Lem, Michael 285,161 Lem, Shirley 183 Lema, John 362 Lemman, Peter 337 Lending, Brian 189 Lenke, Arthur 125 Leon, Robert 161 Leon-Ponte, Carlos 137 Leon-Ponte, Mabelly 137 Leonard, Joseph 161 Leonard, Thomas 189 Leone, David 335 Leone, William 335 Leslie, John 370 Letarle, Hilary 161 Letsch, Lynne 374 Lc«ng, Robert 161 Lemn Srisan 131 Lrvcnback, Kariiy 316 Lcvengutli, iahn 364 LvvvntHal, Muriel 60 Lrvin, Prtei 161 Lrvinc, Ktimrtfi 161 Levitt, Edward 189 Levitt, Gerald 293,161 Levitt, Robert 114 Levitt, Terry Alarie 287 Levoy, Scott 290 Levy, Felicia 312 Levy, Mark 293 Lew, Charles 350 Lewarton, Laurence 350 Lewis, Renee 374 Lewis, R ichard 374 Li, Cheung 299 Li, Curtis 285,161 Li, Stephen 161 Li, Verna Silky 285 Libby, Mary 347 Liberatore, Mario 132 Liberalore, Philip 374 Liddle, Stephen 125 Lie, Jong Jen 137 Lieberman, Randi 312 Liem, Hwie 100 L uori, Katherine 287,306,325 Liles, Robert Charles 284 Limprecht, Russell 290,114 Lin, Cora 114 Linder, Lucky 370,114 Lindsey, John 283 Lioy, Richard 161 Lipkis, Donald 176 Lipscomb, Ann 161 Liras, Hilario 185 Lissner, Andrew 296,349 Litschi, Robert 290,114 Little, Frank 290 Little, Jane 346 Lloyd, David Robert 284 Lloyd, John Jr 290,114 Lloyd, Laurie 310,311,132 Lloyd, Starlet 310,311 Lo, Kenneth 161 Lobree, Teri 288,289 Locatelli, Stephen 114 Locher, Constance Ann 132 Lockwood, Lorna 132 Lodmer, Marsha 189 Loevenguth, John 296 Loff arelli, Thomas 374 Loft, Wallace 161 Lof tis, Cheryl 345 Logan, Garfield 353 Lombardi, Richard 362 Lommen, Patricia 333 Londre, Dale 284,137 Long, Kim 361 Long, W illiam 342 Longyear, Teresa 345 Loo, Lucy 1 14 Loomis, Richard 359 Lopez, Ronald 189 Losef f , Jeffrey 379 Lou ie, Sharon 114 Lovejoy, Allen 161 Lovretovich, Joseph 189 Low, Jon 288,103 Low, Judy 288 Low, Ngee 137 Low, Robert 183 Lucas, Patrick 89 Lucas, Roger 161,137 Lucas, Patrick 114 Luckie, Nancy 293 Ludlow, Kimberley 309 Lueck, Jean 315 Lueck, Robert 364 Lui, Paul 183 Luk, Linda 161 Lukacovic, John 298,300 Lukes, John Raymond 161 Lumpkin Keith 283,337 Lundin, Dale 379 Lung, Charles 189 Lunham, Daniel 162 Luplon, Robert 114 Lusich, Anthony 382 Lusk,John 162 Luzell, Lee 350 Lyies, Robert 298 Lynch, Emily 288 Lynch, Julie 333 M Maas, Lawrence 329 MacConachy, Kirk 372 MacDonald, Bruce 321 MacEachern, Barbara 303 Macer, Lynne 189 MacMillin, Catherine 311,162 MacNiven, Clifford 162 Macrate, Ellen 333,132 Maddelein, Douglas 189 Madison, Robert 296,382 Maeda, Ralph Hiroichi Jr 285 Mah, Carey 294,324 Mahanah, Debbie 346 Maher, Daniel 285,162 Maher, Paul Dennis 285 Maier, David 298,137 Makita, Jane 183 Malcolm, Robert 296,364 Malcomb, Steve 162 Mallonee, Ronald 162 Maloof, Cindy 310 Maloof, Thomas 290,379 Malouf, Bob 329 Mancini, Martin 364,103 Mandala, Rosalie 341 Mango, Howard 296,362,162 Mann, James 364 Manning, Carol Joan 285 Manning, Dirk 296,349 Manning, Jamie 162 Manning, William 114 Manrique, Jose 137 Mansfield, John 322 Mapes, Marian 287,306 Mar, Ming 114 Marchese, Thomas 138 Marchus, Joan 132 Marcial, Marcia 309 Marcucci, Mark 283,335 Marcus, Christine 132 Marevich, Lynn 132 Marino, Ana 303,100,162 Marino, Evelyn 301,132 Markarian, Edward 132 Markle, George Kim 285 Marquand, Michael 323 Marshall, Jonathan 293,162 Marshall, Philip 114 Marston, Greg 299,361,138 Martella, John 125 Martens, Elizabeth 179 Martin, Bruce 353 Martin, Elizabeth 347 Martin, Flora 132 Martin, George 103 Martin, Kim Marie T 287,330 Martin, Richard 364 Martinez, Ralph 141 Marting, Richard 114 Martyna, Wendy 303,162 Marx, Stewart 162 Marzec, Michael 162 Mason, Wendy 333 Massian, Alexander 162 Mast, Marvin 350,115 Mastrogany, James 290 Masuoka, Laurence 285,372 Mathans, Paul 290,115 Mathews, Brent 299 Matney, Dorene 162 Matsui, Karen 338 Matsuyama, Carol 338 Matsuyama, Karen 162 Matthes, John 89 Matthews, Philip 162 Matyas, Anne 333,162 Maul, Lyie 364 M aurus, Robert 359 May, Diane 333 Mayeda, David 379 Mayekawa, David 115 Mayer, David 162 Mayer, Edward 115 Mayf ield, Gregg 103 Mayfield,Rosie 183 Mazzaferri, Mary 295 Mazzia, Michele 162 McAboy,Mary 306,333 McAllister, Bruce 361 McAuliffe,John 322 McCall, Rennie 353 McCalla, Vincent 353 McCampbell, Bonnie 125 McCarthy, Kevin 370 McClean,Tim 350,115 McClelland, Gregory 337 McCiintock, Lynrac 103 McCloskey, Kathleen 163 McClune, Michael 89 McColl, Pamela 331 McConnell, Scott 370 McCormac, Sharon 316 McCormick, Michael 163 McCormick, Patrick 115 McCoy, John 382 McCracken, Sean 370 McDaniel, Carol 132 McDannold, Stephen 342,115 McDermut, Martin 359,163 McDiarmid, Roger 328,329 McDonald, Jane 345 McDonald, Ronald 126 McDowell, Gayle 345 McEnlire, Hugh 115 McFadden, Dennis 103 McFarren, Timothy 283,364 McGann, Mary 330 McGhee, Suzanne 344 McGillin, Catherine 163 McGilvray, Mark 342 McGoey, Mary 115 McGowan, John 353 McGuinness, John 370 McKay, Kathleen 314,163 McKenna, Kathryn 344 McKenzie, Molly 341 McKie, Linda 344 McKnight, Robert Jr 337 McLain, Deborah 333 McLean, Chris 288 McLean, Tim 290 McLeod, Laurie 287 McMahan, Ann 330,163 McMahon, Carolyn 310 McMains, James 179 McMains, Steven 179 McMillan, Ralph 362 McMullen, Lisa 347 McMurray, Kenneth 329 McNeer, Susan 311 McNeil, Cynthia 314 McNutt, Fredrick 115 McQueen, James 286 McRae, Kim 370 McRae, William 350 McReynolds, Timothy 367 McRoskey, Mary 341 Means, Patricia 115 Medine, Raymond 293 Meehan, John 138,288 Megna, Thomas 300,369,138 Megowan, Bruce 296 Mcgowan, William 296,299,342,138 Meier, Penelope 347 Melanson, Gregory 353 Melchior, Susan 345 Menard, Pierre 183 Mendelson, Kathleen 163 Mendoza, Fritz 115 Meredith, Douglas 285 Merfeld, Mark 163 Merrihew, Craig Richard 285,288 Merrill, Duane 361,189 Merrill, J ames 361 Merritt, Marilyn 163 Merryfield, Mark 115 Methanayanonda, Chertchai 380 Meyer, Larry 138 Meyers, Laura 311 Meyers, Leanne 163 Meyerson, Ann Dee 308 Mhoon, Uerona 346 Mibu, Ricky 339 Michaels, Marne 310 Michaud, Jeanne 333 Michel, Bruce 382 Michel, Jeffrey 382 Michelson, Paul 290,292 Mickelsen, John 115 Miga, Judith 285 Migliorini, Robin 325 Mijares, Ro 380 Mikasa, Julienne 163 Mikuckijohn 115 Mileham, Ronald 125 Milius, Cynthia April 287 Millage, Kenneth 89 Millburn, George 290 Miller, David 290,382 Miller, Gary 163 393 Miller, Janet 294,306,340 Miller, Jeffrey 337 Miller, Jeffrey 359 Miller, John 183 Miller, John 115 Miller, Lawrence 283 Miller, Lennox 126 Miller, Maria 340 Miller, Melinda 340 Miller, Steven 163 Miller, Wayne 115 Milner, James 370 Miner, Melissa 331 Minnie, Joseph 163 Mintey, Elyse 288,289,163 Miranda, Eremila 138 Miranda, Marcelo 138 Mirdad, Aliya 189 Mirkovich, Michael 163 Mislrelta,Kiin 302 Mita, Randall 285,163 Mitchell, Benny 359 Mitchell, Bruce 25,163 Mitchell, Leslie 175 Mitchell, William 353 Mitre, Robert 372 Mits, Melinda 189 Mix, Gregory 318 Miyamoto, Lois 338 Miyasato, Sharon 376 Miynarczyk,Greg 126 Mizrachi, Elias 290,115 Mizuno, Lynn 163 Modglin, Norman 361 Mohr, John 350 Mok, Shirlem 183 Moll, Vincent 349 Monosmilh, Robert 115 Monroe, Pamela 287 Montania, Bill 285 Montane, Consueto 287 Monterastelli, Therese 333 Montesand, Rosemarie 316 Montgomery, Denise 309 Montgomery, Coldie 115 Montgomery, J anet 163 Montgomery, Marilee 333 Montgomery, Mary Ann 308 Montgomery, Melinda 347 Montgomery, Stephen 296,372,116 Monloya, Michael 358 Moon, Byung 384,116 Moore, Christine 164 Moore, Denise 132 Moore, Lloyd 138 Moore, Meteer 316 Moore, Michael 290,349 Moore, Thelma 132 Moran, Michael 335 Moran, Peggy 344 Moreland, Douglas 288,103 Moreland, Gloria 116 Morello, Arthur 361,189 Morgan, Claire 189 Morgan, Daniel 164 Morgan, Dina 311,132 Moriarty, Jeanne 308 Morihisa, Steve 339 Morikawa, Randall 116 Morillo, Richard 164 Morishita, Kathy 338 Mork, Richard 296,372 Morris, John 1 16 Morris, Kcltie 164 Morris, Michael 285 Morris, Michael 132 Morris, Patricia 340,132 Morris, Timothy 283,372 Morrison, Mitchell 337 Morrisset, Richard 283,372 Morrow, Kathleen 346 Morton, Robert 164 Mor ov, Jane 315,132 Mosele ' , Paula 132 Moses, Aileen 294 Mosier, Willard 349 Moskowitz, Susan 164 Mosley, Leslie 116 Mott, Patrick 287,372 Moulton, Royal 132 Mount, Steven 116 Mouzis, Gerald 283,372 Muche, James 288 Muir, Mary Beth 324 Mulder, John 138 Mullin, Gertrude 164 Mullin, Kathy 164 Mumford, Gertrude 340 Mundy, Keith 283 Munroe, Joseph 290,116 Munroe, Katherine 132 Munson, Priscilla 314 Muntasser, Abdulhamid 164 Munzer, Anne 347 Murano, Pauline 376 Muraoka, Gerald 339 Murdoch, Brenton 290,116 Murone, Vincent 290 Murphy, Bryan 370 Murphy, Eileen 316 Murphy, George 370 Murphy, Jeannine 301,314 Murphy, Marji 295,315 Murphy, Marjorie 132 Murrah, Avery 116 Murray, Melinda 292,116 Murrell, Ronald 296 Murrin, Robert 296,364 Musuraca, Nicholas 164 Myatt, Bruce 300,369 Myers, Gail 331 Myracle, Michael 285,164 Myrdall, Layne 189 Mysorski, Donald 164 N Naessig, Virginia 324 Naeve, Lynne 132 Nagasawa, Elaine 116 Nagel, Gkleon 285 Nakajima, Joyce 376 Nakano, Taneka 116 Nakano, Walter 183 Nakaoka, Atsushi 116 Nakaoki, Carol 338 Nakasato, Sharlene 338 Nakata, Cora 116 Nakatsui, Kiyoshi 302,189 Nail, John 285,164 Nangte, Peter 361 Naples, Kelly 359 Naraghi, Fataneh 164 Nash, Monroe 164 Navarrete, Cristina 100,164 Nedrow, Margaret 132 Needteman, Dennis 323,116 Neeri, Frank 89 Neill, Salligene 132 Nelman, Carl 369 Nelson, Dan 116 Nelson, Debra 287 Nelson, James 370 Nelson, Mark 290,116 Neroni, Richard 138 Neslen, Martha 333 Nestler, Ian 103 Neumyer, John 103 Neville, Christina 190 Newby, Hilma 183 Newhouse, Nancy 347 Newman, Brian 367 Newman, Jack Darwin 164 Newman, Jeffrey 382 Newman, Russ 372 NewquisI, John 337 Ng, Nancy 376 Nguyen, Bich Ngoc 100 Nguyen, Tuyen 100 Nicassio, M ichael 342 Nichols, Sanford 342 Nichols, Marilynn 308 Nichols, Ronald 361,164 Nicklaw, Ronald 116 Nicoletti, Robert 350,164 Niemann, Marilyn 303,89,164 Nietschmann, William 382 Nieves, William 179 Nightingale, Fredrick 133 Nigra, Richard 359 Nikols, Lynne 126 Nims, Jennifer 289,164 Nishikawa, Colleen 376 Nishimori, David 190 Nishimura, Nanci 338 Nishio, Margaret 165 Nishizu, Gay 376 Nissori, David 165 Nitta, Cheryl 346 Nitta, John 126 Nitta, Keith 335 Nitta, Mike 296 Noel, Michael 116 Nolan, Robert 89,165 Noland, April 165 Noonan, Daniel 285 Noorvash, Jahangir 165 Nooteboom, Peter 323 Norcross, Robert 165 Nordbottom, Hoagie 362 Nordlow, Glenn 318 Norman, Linda Ann 287 Norring, Michael 117 Notrica, Alice 311 Notrica, Valerie 310 Nowacki, Michael 372 Noyes, Brent 287,296,374 Noyes, Robert 322 Nozaki, Mark 138 Nuccio, John 374 Nuccio, Robert 364 Nudelman, Leslie 312,165 Nutt, Nancy 316 Nyda, Jeanette 165 Nye, Robert 502 Ozaki, Gail 165 Ozaki, Mark 339 Oakes, William 117 Obrien, William 370,371 Obyrne, Louis 165 Oconnell, Neil 382 Oconnor, Joan 293 Oda. Merijane 165 Oetlinger, Robert 165 Offutt, Thomas 61 Ofiesh, Christine 315 Ogden, Donald 380 Oh, Jisoo 284 Ohler, James 284 Ohre, Chris 350 Okamura, Nancy 338 Okamuro, Keith Alan 285 Okita, Georgiann 376 Okita, Keith 339 Okura, Sharon 165 Oldham, Joel 138 Oldman, Marshal 190 Oleary, Erin 165 Oleary, Maureen 333 Oliver, Brian 179 Olmsted, Brian 117 Oloughlin, Theresa 295,302 Olsen, Joanne 165 Olsen, Robert 283 Olson, Cheryl 308 Olson, Chris 359 Olson, John 190 Olson, John 361 Oneill, Brian 165 Ong, Janet 117 Ong, Michael 117 Ong, William 165 Ongkeko, Gilda 374 Ono, Leslie 183 Ono, Rodney 361 Ono,Sally 117 Orland, Debra 190 Orlick, Quin 370 Orman, Debra 333 Orman, Michael 382 Ormsby, Margaret 165 Orourke, Kevin 117 Osborn, Michael 321 Osborn, William 104 Osterhues, Ann Marie 133 Ota, Keith 339 Otani, Nalani 165 OToole, Patrick 342 Otsmaa, Mati 165 Owen, William 302 Owens, James 288 Owens, Richard 117 Owens, Vicki 165 Oxman, Rickey 190 Pacheco, Mary 166 Pacior, Paul 361 Packer, Russell 117 Pagdigian, Jeff 285 Page, Mark 183 Paggi, Stephanie 295 Paik, Won Joung 179 Palmer, Curtiss 296 Palmer, Linda 166 Pantelt, Linda 374 Pantoskey, Teri 310 Paonessa, Lynn 309,133 Papac, Andrea 317,133 Pappas, Karen 347 Papworth, R ichard 190 Park, Sam 284 Parker, Denise 190 Parker, Marcia 306,315,133 Parker, Margaret 166 Parker, Russell 329 Parks, Jean 341 Parks, Penny 295,315 Parrino, Teresa 301 Pascoo,Mark 296,298,362,138 Passaggio, Dennis 179 Patten, Crane 283,370 Patten, Craig 166 Patten, Janet 133 Patten, Marilynn 346,166 Patterson, Barbara 166 Patterson, Mary 126 Paul, Bren 346 Pauley, J anis 325 Paulston,John 117 Pavel, M argaret 166 Pawell, J ames 349 Pearlslein, Howard 166 Pearson, Edward 296,318 Pearson, Karen 331 Peck, Barbara 100,166 Peck, Kimi 179 Pedersen, John 126 Pedersen, Susan 308 Pederson, Claudia 166 Pekuri, Karen 88 Pennington, William 117 Pennoyer, Bryson 138 Penrose, Dennis 166 Pepin, Glenda 166 Perellimineiti, Linda 316 Perez, Edward 190 Perich, Larry 166 Perkins, Lawrence 126 Perkins, Terry 166 Perram, Steven 117 Perry, Janis 309 Perry, Jean 289 Perry, Russell Myron 285 Pcrryman, Timothy 288,166 Pestor, Cheryl 309,166 Pestor, Randy 190 Peters, Harvey 183 Peters, Henry 284,138 Petersen, Alan Bruce 285 Petersen, Kristine 333,166 Petersen, Norman 337 Peterson, Christopher 117 Petit, Sharon 314,374,166 Peto, Lance 166 Petrasich, William 296,335 Petrovich, Gregory 138 Pettiford, Luvenia 289,166 Philipp, Annette 325 Phillips, Cordon 328,329 Phillips, Kenneth 293 Phillips, Nancy 133 Phillips, Steven 318 Pichovich, Donald 117 Pieiow, Chester 323 Pierce, Russ 296 Pierose, Carlyn 306 Pike, Christopher 117 Pilger, John 89 Pilger, Patricia 89 Piston, Wade 288 394 Plank, Christie 292 Plolkin, Cheryl 117 Plough, Kenneth 328,329 Podesia, Deborah 309 Pohst, Barbara 310 Pollard, Scotl 283,349 Pollet, Andrew 117 Ponce De Leon, Julio 133 Pond, Eugene 284,138 Poote, Lana 117 Poppell, Carolyn 300 Poquctte, Nancy 288 Porter, Michael 362 Porto, Sergio 361 Posner, Joseph 179 Poss, Michael 364,138 Post, Piper 310 Potetnpa, Gloria 295 Potosky, John 138 Poulos, Richard 337 Power, William 342 Powers, Thomas 358,117 Poxon, John 353 Pratt, David 117 Preis, Peter 117 Presser, Arthur 183 Presser, Steven 367 Price, Frederick 359 Price, Pamela 312 Priester, Albert 335 Prike, Edward 374 Primrose, David 372 Pringle, John 117 Proctor, Suzanne 309 Propsira, Marilyn 346,133 Protascwich, Roy 362 Puhrman, Joanne 330 Purhman, Joanne 289 Purkiss, Robert 323 Randall, Purnam 290 Pursuit, Craig 126 Quackenbush, William 349 Quance, Cindy 309 Quill, Bill 359 Quiadit, Aguita Maria 287 Quilligan, Carol 346 Quinn, Blake 322 Quon, Deborah 345 Quon, Jeffrey 183 Rachman, Andrea 133 Ralph, Christopher 318 Ram, Walter 382 Ramaswami, Radha V 138 Ramirez, Adriana 301 Ramirez, Christopher 287 Ramirez, Gary 382 Ramos, Al 369 Ramos, Joseph 139 Ramsey, Paul 296,364,104 Ramsey, Patrick 296,364,195 Randall, Deborah F 287,290 Randall, Geoffrey 359 Randol, Janet 309 Randolph, Lawrence 329 Rang, Robert 179 Ranier, Deborah 325 Rasch, Robert 283.372 Rasch, Stephen 296,302,61 Rasmussen, Susan 316 Rastello, Douglas 359 Rausch, Kenneth 364 Rawlins, Richard 349 Rawls, Richard 379 Rawn, Jessie 345 Ray, Burton 290,349 Ray, Hollister 289 Rayes, Elizabeth 292,294,317 Re, Steven 380 Rector, Christine 294,314 Redden, Patricia 314 Reder, Martin 117 Reed, James 287,342 Reed, Stephen 323 Reed, Theresa 341 Reeves, Harry 190 Reeves, Lance 359 Reichl, Hans 89 Reid, Gregory 117 Reid, Richard 374 Reifsnyder, Michael 290,118 Reilly, Reid 315,104 Reinders, Michele 347 Reinhard, Christine 340 Reinhart, William 380 Reish, Sally 104 Reilz, Louann 310 Reitz, N«al 290,349 Reitzell, Richard 283 Renna, Marisa 168 Rennie, Charles 168 Revzin, Michael 288 Reyes, Richard 382 Reynolds, Alan 104 Reynolds, James 290 Reynolds, Robert 342 Rhinesmith, John 118 Rho, Mijoa 284 Ricca, Maria 314 Rice, Dawn 190 Rice, Dennis 350,118 Rice, Roger 168 Richeson, Mary 309 R ichins, Gary 361 Richman, Paul 183 Richler, Cranor 370 Richter, Randi 333,168 Rickards, Michael 139 Rieder, Erwin 118 Riforgiate, Anthony 126 Riggert, Neva 126 Riley, Marshall 349,190 Rimelspach, Judy 346 Ringland, Thomas 179 Risdon, Teresa 293 Riser, Cheryl 293 Rilscher, Kathryn 341 Riutzel, John 168 Rivera, George 118 Robbins, Deborah 317,168 Robbins, Thomas 342 Roberts, Kenneth 190 Roberts, Regina 185 Roberts, William 118 Robertson, Jeffrey 323 Robillard, Bruce 353 Robin, John 118 Robinson, Carolyn 190 Robinson, Russell 290 Robinson, Joan 301 Robinson, Robert 168 Robinson, Robert 293 Rockholm, Jeff 126 Rodeffer, Janet 310 Rodenhi, William Brian 285 Rodeno, Victoria 168 Rodman, Anita 303,100,168 Rodman, George 89 Rodriguez, David 141 Roeland, John 118 Roesener, Joan 316 Roessler, Jeanne 333 Rogers, Cecilia 324 Rohrlich, Janice 289,300,301,340,168 Roletti, Susan 341 Rolston, Larry 183 Romero , Gary Thomas 285 Romero, Margaret 185 Rome -n, Debra 345 Romig, Eugene 190 Ronzano, Michael 379 Rosburg, Karen 168 Rose, Edward 168 Rose, Michael 283,335 Rose, Ronald 318 Rosen, Ross 168 Rosenast, Thomas 349 Rosenberg, Robin 340 Ross, Terry 288 Rossell, Christine 190 Rossel, Albert 362 Rosstler, Valerie 168 Rosso, Robert 361,190 Roth, Franklin 292,367 Rotolo, Gary 361 Rouge, Joseph 139 Rourke, Jonda 88,89 Rouse, Melanie 168 Rouse, William 118 Routh, John 349 Rowan, John 139 Rowe, Bonnie 293,325,168 Rowe, Richard 104 Rozak, Kenneth 283,370 Rubalcava, Edward 358 Ruben, Sandra 333 Rubinstein, Mark 168 Rubsamen, Anne 287,295,314,168 Ruderman, Jeanne 312 Rudick, William 382 Rudolph, Connie 312 Rudolph, George 168 Rudolph, Raye 118 Ruhnke, Bernard 168 Ruiz, August 283 Ruiz, Harriet 100 Ruiz, M artin 380 Rule, Nancy 309 Runzler, Michael 89 Rupert, Michael 292,118 Rushen, Patrice 287 Rushing, Clayton 300,369 Rushing, Melvern 190 Rusting, Diane 316 Russell, Charles 353,118 Russell, Charles 342 Russell, Ester 168 Russell, Steven 364 Russen, Steve 283 Russo, John 353 Russo, John 285 Russum, Gayte 310 Ruygrok, Thomas 379 Ryan, Diane 340 Ryuto, Yukiko 338 Saasta, Timothy 169 Saekaw, Jane 376 Saetveit, Duane 179 Safer, Charles 290 Saiki, Bryan 339,169 Saisho, Vicki 169 Saito, Eric 339 Saito, Mark 190 Sakamoto, Paul 290 Salazar, Steven 287 Salvi, Vincent 89 Salyer, Ruth Roxane 286,288 Sameshima, Linda 1 69 Samilson, Leslie 310,31 1 Samore, Ronald 290,118 Samuels, George 350 Samuels, Keith 349 Sanborn, Patricia E 287 Sandberg, William 370,371 Sandell, Barrie 133 Sanders, Leon 329 Sanders, David 367 Sanders, Joanne 118 Sanders, Richard 337 Sanderson, Roy 329 Sanner, Gary 169 Sanor, Laury 301,315 Santen, Angela 301 Santomieri, Robert 350 Sanloruf o, Anthony 169 Sapatjian, Anita 301 Saraydar, Janet 169 Sarkesian, Ronald 184 Sarlo, Michael 364 Saroni, Allison 287,295,315,169 Sato, Gail 376 Saunders, Barney 286 Savage, Mark 372 Savage, William 285 Sawada, Howard 339 Sayre, Craig 169 Scallet, Jeffrey 141 Scanlan, Ann 331 Scarborough, Cynthia 333 Scarborough, William 362 Scarcelli, Diane 310,374 Schaefer, Arthur 118 Schaefer, Ellen 312 Schantin, Edward 118 Scheinrock, Jeffrey 118 Schellbach, A ' illiam 127 Schirman, Norman 118 Schindler, Charles 118 Schioppi, Louis 169 Schlaff, Kathie 312,374,118 Schleibaum, Patrick 118 Schmerler, Karen 169 Schmid, Margaret 287 Schmid, Peggy 346 Schmidt, Richard 169 Schmidt, Rudolf 89 Schnee, Anne 312 Schneider, Robert 359 Scholia, Robert 287 Schowe, Constance 169 Schowe, Robert 119 Schram, Kathleen 317 Schreiber, Charles 296,342,119 Schroeder, Lynn 127 Schroepfer, Wayne 335 Schulberg, Gary 179 Schulla, Rob 288 Schulte, M ary Ann 309 Schultz, Steven 379,169 Schulwitz, Leonard E 286 Schulz, Mark 296,100 Schumacher, Karen 133 Schwabe, Richard 179 Schwartz, George 296 Schwartz, Mark Philip 285 Schwellenbach, Barbara 287,325 Scott, Barbara 315 Scott, Darrelyn 330,133 Scott, Gerald 190 Scott, Sally 317,169 Scurria, Mary-Jane 309 Scurry, Cora 185 Seaquist, John 119 Seaver, John 359 Seckinger, William 169 Seeliger, Bradley 364 Seeman, Michael 184 Segal, Steven 169 Seibold, Edwin 119 Seils, Sherry 330 Sekimura, Gerald 284,139 Seletz, Jimmy 169 Sellers, Blair 358 Selva, Guillermo 139 Selva, Rosemary 133 Semenak, Robert 374 Sera, Alice 338 Serina, Deborah Ann 287 Serrilella, Anthony 169 Servin, Steve 328,329 Severson, Laura 344 Seymour, Jan 340,169 Shaddix, Valerie 127 Shaffer, Vernon 184 Shames, Michele 312 Sham, Hsi Cheng 175 Shandobil, Randolph 179 Shapiro, Jonathan 89 Shapiro, Lisa 312 Sharp, Frederick 362 Sharp, Steve 283 Shaw, Debora 324 Shaw, Leslie 302,169 Shaw, Richard 361 Shea, Jerry 119 Shelby, Gene 329 Shelby, Georgia 321 Shepard, Marcy 333 Shepard, Susan 133 Shepherdson, James 283,337 Shequen, Katherine 312 Sher, Jonathon 141 Sherman, Lauren 306,311,170 Sherman, Marion 170 Sherman, Michael 290,119 Sherman. William 127 Sherwin, Jane 347 Sherwood, Robert 364 Sheth, Rashmikant 139 Shevlin, Barbara 154 Shiba, Derrick 339 Shibata, Lynn 338 Shigekawa, Janet 338 Shihab, Abdul-Husain 139 Shildkrout, Barbara 133 Shimamura, Linda 376 395 Shimasaki, Susan 287,376 Shimizu, Alan 170 Shimo, Mark 293 Shinner, William 119 Shiola, Robert 25 Shiraki, Jedsen 339 Shirin, Kimberley 285 Shiveljohn 290,119 Shoemaker, David 296,100,170 Shon, Kathryn 294 Shumway. Randall 290,119 Shupe, Robert 369,139 Siamis, Kimberly 331 Sidwell, Susan 333 Siegel, Jason Alan 285 Siegel, Teresa 133 Sierras, Amado 382 Siever, J ohn 1 70 Sievers, Gary 139 Sill, Hugh 119 Sills, Hugh 358 Silvagni, Peter 359 Silver, Barry 190 Silver, Ronald 170 Silverman, James 367,179 Silverman, Sandra 133 Silvey, Casey 170 Sim, Cristina 184 Simison, Eric 359 Simon, Jeffrey 170 Simon, Mitchell 367.119 Simon, Penelope 308 Simon, Richard 288 Simonian, Susan 330 Simons, Richard 372 Simos, Mark 293 Simpson, Dean 296,335,119 Sinclair, Linda 190 Singer, Deborah 100 Singer, Linda 170 Sink, Marilyn 324 Sinn, Gilbert 291 Sippel, Richard 323 Sizoo, Steven 119 Skaug, Warren 285 Skelton, Patrick 370 Skibbins, Glenn 184 Skinner, Ward 382 Slagle, Stephen 288,170 Slaughter, Candace 346,127 Slaughter, Christina 346 Smaldino, Louis 358,89,170 Small, Sheldon 367 Smallwood, Harold 190 Smallwood, Louis 133 Smith, Bessie 170 Smith, Clifton 372,190 Smith, Clinton 361 Smith, Daniel 392 Smith, Daryl 190 Smith, David 119 Smith, Douglas 318 Smith, Harold 283,372 Smith, Harry 119 Smith, James 292 Smith, James 119 Smith, Jay 302,306,361,119 Smith, Joanne 317,170 Smith, Karen 119 Smith, Lindsay 359 Smith, Lorie 88 Smith, Marilyn 302,303,25,191 Smith, Marvin 170 Smith, Michael 89 Smith, Peter 139 Smith, Robert 364,170 Smith, Sandra 308 Smith, Stephen 361 Smith, Steven 285 Smith, Susan 345 Smith, Teresa 301 Smith, William 119 Smoot, Glendell 119 Smouse, Robert 364 Smyth, Andrew 141 Snyder, Lucy 309 Snyder, Willard 119 Sock, Stephen 335 Soderstrom, Mona 104 Soker, 1 and.1 331 Sokolov, Jacque 285 Sol, Richard 104 Solum, Lawrence Byard 286 Solum, Mark 374 Somers, Daniel 329 Somerville, Carol 344 Song, Byung 139 Sorensen, Stanley 296 Sorko-Ram, Richard 170 Soroudi, Behzad 139 Soroudi, Parviz 285 Soukup, John 141 Soulanilte, Suzette 290,331,119 Soumakian, Antoine 120 Sparks, William Frank 286 Spencer, Bradley 350 Spengler, Carlette 314 Spiegelman, Rita 133 Spilky, Jeffrey 362,120 Spira, Robert 170 Spirtos, Nicholas 285,170 Spivey, Barbara 317 SpratI, Gail 309 SpratI, George 342 Springer, Larry 329 Springstead, Wallace . .296,302,372,195,120 Sprinkel, James 370 Sprunger, Richard 296 Squyres, George 380 St Cyr, Freddie 133 St. George, Virginia 315 St John, Cecile 340 Slachler, Kenneth 364 Staggs, Patricia 340 Stander, Robert 170 Stanford, James 184 Stang, Karen 345 Stanhope, Terry 139 Stanton, Roger 120 Staplelon, Patrick 170 Starbuck, Arthur 170 Stark, Alan 170 Stark, Thomas 353 Starkcy, Carole 314 Starnes, Laurence 335 Starr, David 120 Stathatos, Philip 353 Stauff, Clyde 342 Stearns, Gregory 362 Stearns, Laura 317,133 Stebbins, John 349 Steece, Bert 170 Steele, Jenny 344,170 Steele, Jill 344 Steele, Marianne 139 Steigerts, Sue 331 Steinberg, Cynthia 171 Sleinel, J ames 120 Steiner, James 370 Stelzner, Victoria 308 Slephan, Paul 191 Stephens, James 296 Stephens, Jonathan 372 Stephens, Larry 184 Stephens, Richard 296,372 Sterbcow, Stacy 180 Stern, Sherry 314 Stern, Stanley 133 Sternf eld, Ruth 306,312 Sterrett, Kalhy 175 Stevens, Carl 283,335 Stevens, Craig 89 Stevens, Gary 296,337 Stevens, Jean 333 Stevens, Jon 283 Stevens, Mack 171 Stevens, Mark 370 Stevens, Mary 333,374 Stevens, Peter 342 Stevenson, Denise 133 Stewart, Albert 337 Stewart, Charles 127 Stewart, Kirk 302,191 Stewart, Leroy 290 Stinson, Marian 185 Stockey, Wilson 191 Stoll, Anne 314,61 SioU, Thomas 180 Stoltey, Janet 134 Stone, Levander 171 Stoner, Craig 290 Stonestreet, Marsha 344,171 Stonestreet, Susan 345 Storch, Sally 333 Strahan, Robert 362 Strand, Gay 191 Strangman, Ida 341 Stratman, Roger 120 Stratlon, Maria 61 Stratton, Robert 104 Streeter, Stephen 104 St. Royal, Leslie 285 Strub, Alice 344 Slukan, Nancy 285,292 Slump, Denise 295 Sturns, Lucresia 134 Suarez, Carolyn 25 Suen, Clifford 104 Sugg, Ralph 380 Suh, Chong-Kwan 284 Sullivan, Gary 372 Sullivan, Patrick 171 Sulzle, Howard 171 Sundborg, Ronald 120 Sunof sky, Carol 347 Sutantyo, Kiki 139 Sutton, Lynne 311 Suyetsugu, Mark 339 Suzuki, Masayasu 104 Swallow, Lyie 285,171 Swasey, Melinda 333 Sweeney, John 171 Swenson, Julie 180 Swinton, Gary 361,120 Sybrandt, Linda 331 Sybrandt, Pamela 330 Szafran, Alexander 89 Sze-Tu, Robert 299 Tabah, Gail 134 Tabanera, June 301 Tada, Stanley 139 Tadjalli, Ali 139 Tadokoro, Ann 338 Taecker, Candy 333 Taft, Bradford 285,89 Taira, Carrie 338 Tait, Kathleen 120 Tail, M arguerite 340 Takagaki, Marie 376 Takahashi, Kathleen 100 Takahashi, Kevin 328,329 Takahashi, Steven 299,139 Takeda, James 127 Takemoto, Carole 171 Takemoto, Ronald 339 Takimoto, Yo 104 Talentino, Gerald 284 Talkington, Carol 295,88 Tallant, Steven 370,191 Tallman, Andrew 290,120 Talt, Bradley 337 Tan, Dennis 120 Tan, Diane 302,191 Tan, Virginia 100 Tanaka, Arnold 171 Tanaka, Kenneth 290 Tanamine, Joyce 376 Tang, Irene Chi-Yu an 285 Tang, Steven 139 Tanimoto, Dick 339 Tappan, Steven 323 Tarna, Leslie 359 Taschman, Barry 369 Tashiro, George 127 Tashman, Michael 374 Tatham, Thomas 139 Taylor, Bernice 191 Taylor, Franklin 370 Taylor, Lynn 171 Taylor, Norris 1 75 Taylor, Phyllis 289 Taylor, Thomas 359 Taylor, William 299,300,139 Teal, Jeffrey 350 Teel,Teri 333 Tcitel, George 171 Teo, Pok-zin 298,139 Terrazas, Joseph 353 Terrazas, Stephen 358 Terrell, Deborah 171 Terrell, Nancy 331 Terry, Kerry 134 Thiebaud, Paul : 191 Thomas, Drew 286 Thomas, Mark 358 Thomas, Terri 345 Thomas, Virginia 185 Thompson, Elizabeth 171 Thompson, Gregory 120 Thompson, Gregory 191 Thompson, John 374 Thompson, John 172 Thompson, M ae 120 Thompson, Oliver 191 Thompson, Patricia 310 Thompson, Theresa 104 Thompson, William 286 Thompson, Yolanda 191 Thomson, James 337 Thongswasdi, Tarnthong 191 Thorne, Katherine 340,195,172 Thorsby, James Charles 287 Thurlow, James 172 Tichauer, Larry 288,139 Tiedemann, Linda 134 Tiee,Joe 284,139 Tilholiz, James 359 Tilholiz, Patricia 316 Tillinghast, Dorothy 134 Tilton, David 318 Timmins, Douglas 361 Timmons, Curtis 290 Tipton, Brian 172 Tisdale, Edgar 328,329 Todd, Joseph 296 Todd, Douglas 364 Tolentino, Gerard 298,140 Toilette, Veking 134 Tolmachoff, Vera 127 Tolstad, Jeffrey 364 Tomich, John 127 Tomkovicz, James 172 Tong, Jeffrey 171 Tonkin, Alan 342 Topper, Kathryn 171 Totoki, Rona 338 Tovar, Roberto 171 Towne, Janet 290 Townsend, Richard 296,342 Townsend, William 288,120 Trachy, James 1 71 Tracy, Janet 333 Tramel, Essie 185 Trang, Ton 358 Trapp, Dannine 195 Travers, Gay 171 Traxler, Debra-Jean 302 Trenbeth, Charles 104 Trevino, Hector 358 Trivedi, Anilkumar 140 Trivedi, Rajiv 140 Troescher, David 361 Tromba, Josephine 171 Troncoso, Sara 180 Trostler, Alyce 171 Trulanich, Carmen 353 Tsai, Joseph 284,298 Tse, Anthony 290,120 Tsujimoto, Vicki 338 Tsukahara, Mardy 338 Tsuneta, Timothy 184 Tsutsui, Katherine 376 Tsutsuse, Wayne Kazumi 285 Tsuyuki, Ray 171 Tulloss, William 120 Tung, William 288,104 Tuppan, Karen 374 Turk, Mary 293,171 Turner, David 120 Turner, Donald 120 Turner, Janis 345,134 Turner, Nancy 331,171 Turner, Roberta 120 Turner, Ronald David 285 Turner, Warren 172 Tuszynski, Steve 120 Twedell, Wayne 104 Tydeman, Frederick 140 Tyler, David 140 Tyrrell, Stephen 323 Tyson, John 353 U Uchizono, Rodger 339 Ucuzoglu, Nathan 1 2 396 Ude, Kenneth 364,195 Uldrich, Flerida 287,140 Uidrichjohn 191 Ulery, Karen 172 Ullman, Robert 121 Ullman, Shari 134 DIloa, Roland 191 Unger, Frederick 121 Uo,Oanh 298 Upham, Margo 345 Urashima, Colette 376 Uratani, Gale 376,172 Urban, John 191 Usinger, Richard 127 Dyeno, Patricia 172 Uyenoyama, Liane 172 Vacovsky, Michael 184 Vail, Walter 364 Valentine, Ronald 380 Van Buskirk, Cindy 346 Van Buskirk, Mike 296 Van Furche, Jacqueline 287 Van Orden, Ronald 140 Van Rubbink, Pete 342 Van Ribbink, Steve 342 Vanderborght, Jef 104 Vanderroest, Carol 100 Vanic, Michael 191 Vanley, Gregory 285,172 Vanvalkenburgh, Gary 121 Varvandakis, Valerie 180 Vayssie, Robin 333,172 Veal, Charles 180 Vellis, Roselle 293 Vengco, Angelita 184 Verhoeven, Robert 121 Verlander, Douglas 121 Vernetti, Susan 301 Vessup, Dolly 172 Vez, Carol 285 Villalobos, Samuel 172 Vincent, Raymond 380 Visconti, Joe 361 Viselii, Stephen 1 72 Vo, Oanh Hoang 140 Vogel, Robert 364 Vollum, Kathryn 121 Von Breyman, Edward 288 Vonbulow, Jack 127 Vouis, Steve 285,172 Voydal, Laura 346 W Wackeen, Richard 342,121 Wade, Deborah 308 Waggener, Susan 172 Wagner, Bruce 1 72 Wagner, Karen 294 Wagner, Kirsten 311 Wagstaf fe, Dennis 374 Wakabayashi, Helen 303,89,134 Wakano, Judy 376,121 Wakefield, Ann 311 Wakem, Warwick 293 Wakinaka, Vickie 376 Wald, Robert Martin 285,296 Walden, Nanette 324 Waldo, Wendy 172 Walker, Harry 134 Walker, Richard 140 Walker, Wendy 346 Wallace, Allen 370 Wallace, Eric 285 Wallace, Heather 134 Wallis, Robert 185 Walraven, Michael 329,121 Waiter, Gary 140 Walter, Lance 121 Walters, Christine 330 Walters, Lois 191 Walti, Alan 140 Wapple, Ann 333,134 Wapple, Susan 333 Ward, James 127 Warde, Carole 346 Warf ield, Justena 374 Warfield, Susan 344 Waring, Jana 289,293,295,315,172 Warner, Caron 86 Warnke, John 104 Warren, Ann 315 Warschaw, Janie 303,134 Washington, Michael 184 Washington, Tate 134 Wasilewski, Robert 380 Wasserman, Ronald 141 Waters, Martin 134 Watson, Cindy 333 Watson, Daniel 191 Watson, James 328,329 Watson, John 283,370 Watson, Pamela 180 Watson, Robert 342 Watson, Susan 295,89 Watter, John 358 Waxman, Robert 329 Wayland, Gary 292,25 Weakley, Stephen 361 Weast, Christine 88 Webb, Pamela 289,295,317,173 Webb, Sylvia 173 Weber, Edward 290,121 Weber, John 342 Weber, Larry 296,382,173 Weber, M ike 353 Weber, Wendy 1 73 Week, Bob 283 Wedberg, Carl 121 Wehrii, Craig 285,173 Wehrly, Lucian 288 Wehrman, Stephen 293 Weiller, Neil 283,335 Weinberger, Lynn Ann 287,330 Weinstein, Linda 312 Weir, Deborah 317,173 Weise, Richard 322 Weiser, Jerry 329 Weisinger, Elaine 173 Weisman, Eric 379 Weiss, Aaron 335,121 Weiss, Ileen 173 Weiss, R ichard 121 Weiss, Walter 191 Weitz, Ted 1 73 Weitzberg, Fred 121 Weizer, Charlotte 294 Welch, M ichael 329 Wclier, Craig 290,121 Wells, Arthur 173 Wells, Betlye 288,303,173 Wells, Deborah 173 Wells, Holly 347 Wells, John 342 Wells, Katherine 173 Wells, Kathleen 333 Wells, Tom 359,121 Welsh, Thomas 296,306,349,121 Welvang, Dennis 374 Wenger, Barbara 346 Weslow, James 288,173 Wessel, Robert 342 Wessendorf, Debra 287,309 West, John 140 Weston, Ellen 341 Wetherell, Linda 374 Wetzel, Wendy 289.340,173 Wcygandt, Robert 122 Weynand, Steven 122 Whang, Wha-Ja 180 Wharton, Melissa 309 Wheeler, David 370 Wheeler, Robert 382 Whelan, Harold 1 73 White, Heidi 308 While, James 191 White, John 370 White, Pearl 122 White, Renee 308,173 Whitelaw, Thomas 122 Whitesell, Toni 316,173 Whitfield, Mark 364 Whitman, Richard 370 Whybrew, Vernon 89 Whyle, Daniel 284,299,140 Wickersham, Hilary 346 Wiegmann, Carol 306,309 Wigle, Isabel 317 Wilbur, Lee 303,100 Wilbur, Lesley 1 73 Wilcox, Mary 331 Wilcox, Nancy 330 Wildberger, Catherine 315,180 Wileman, Beverly 173 Wilhelm, Carol 317 Wilhelm, Leon 1 73 Wilkes, Lucy 141 Wilkinson, Elizabeth 347 Wilkinson, Frank 127 Willcox, Shelley 173 Willhoit, John 342 Williams, David 359,122 Williams, Jo Ann 299 Williams, Julie 345 Williams, KcHee 325 Williams, Richard 127 Williams, Richard 122 Williams, William 89 Wilson, Anne 346 Wilson, Claudia 287,374 Wilson, Clifford 337 Wilson, Elizabeth 127 Wilson, Haskell 127 Wilson, Richard 370,371,122 Wilson, Thomas 364,191 Wilson, Wendy 333 Wilt, John 191 Winchell, Lewis 367 Windham, Deborah 330 Wineland, Virginia 324 Win g, Marilyn 376 Wirgart, Elaine 301,89 Wise, Deborah 174 Wiseman, Richard 174 Witt, Kenneth 122 Witt, Robert 323,122 Witz, Jack 140 Witz, Peggy 341 Woidneck, Jeffrey 329 Wolcolt, Wendie 340 Wolds, David 371 Wolfe, Brent 342 Wolford, Stephen D. II 285 Wolk, Howard 122 Wong, Benjamin 285,296,100,174 Wong, Darrell 339 Wong, David 184 Wong, David 291,184 Wong, Edward 140 Wong, Edwin 184 Wong, Elaine 174 Wong, Gilbert 140 Wong, Glenn 284,298,300,140 Wong, Harvey 122 Wong, Jordan 339 Wong, Katherine 284,303,140 Wong, Maria 104 Wong, Martin 1 74 Wong, Nina 301 Wong, Peter 288 Wong, Rose 376 Wongworavit, Piriya 1 74 Woo, Anthony 290 Woo, Gwendolyn 376 Woo, Kingland 174 Wood, Kathleen 330 Wood, Nancy 306,331,174 Wood, Richard 184 Woodman, Lisa 340 Woods, Kathryn 333 Woods, Paula 174 Woods, Robert 342,122 Woodson, Daniel 127 Woodson, Gregory 379,122 Woodward, Patricia 310,311 Woodward, Paul 285,174 Wozniak, Kenneth 140 Wright, Joy 303,185 Wright, Diana 308 Wright, Jay 174 Wright, Loyd 349 Wyche, Cathy 340 Wylczinski, Mark 359 Xanthos, Lisa 1 74 Yabuki, Kenneth 296 Yagaise, Mike 127 Yam, Kam 174 Yamada, Patrick 339 Yamagata, Jeannette 292 Yamaguchi, Milesjun 285 Yamaguchi, Wendy 338 Yamamoto, Laraine 290 Yamaoka, Bonnie 310,311 Yamashita, Patricia 184 Yamato, Ann 309 Yamauchi, Carol 333 Yamauchi, James 184 Yamauchi, Leah 338 Yamauchi, Carol 338 Yamauchi, James 184 Yamauchi. Leah 338 Yamauchi, Norman 184 Yanagita, Roger 104 Yanes, Robin 174 Yao, Robert 184 Yap, Andrea 1 74 Yaru, Nicholas Cornell 285 Yasui, Richard 367 Yaussy, Jane 333 Yee, Edmund 302,191 Yee, Florence 300,140 Yee, Melanie 338 Yee, Semen 339 Yee, Sharon 293 Yee, Stanley 339 Yen, Wen-Hsing lOO Yetter, Robert 174 Yip, Vincent 25 Yoder, Michael 342 Yokota, Vicki 338 Yon, Chang Rim 284 Yoo, JungMin 284 Yoo, Sihoon 284 York, Paula 294 Yoshida, Carol 338 Yoshida, Irene 376 Yoshimoto, William 302,89,191 Yoshino, Susan 376 Yost, Gary 353,122 Young, Betsy 333 Young, Charles 122 Young, George 299 Young, John 337 Young, Leslie 296 Young, Terrence 174 Yu, Sin 284 Yung, Robert 122 Yuskis, Michael 288,362 Yutani, Marilyn 184 Zackery, Reba 191 Zadronzny, Jurek 382 Zaha, Robert 350 Zahr, Salah 174 Zanotii, Craig 350 Zanotti, Steven 122 Zapania, Diane 317 Zappala, Catherine 174 Zappella, Pierino 296,300,140 Zaragoza, Sylvia 174 Zelner, Barry 174 Zemba, Janet 317,122 Zemba, John 370 Zepp, Eric 367 Ziegler, Stanley 174 Zieve, Sherman 367 Zimbaro, John 127 Zi mmerer, M ichael 122 Zirpola, Donald isO Zolonz, Jeffrev- 290,122 Zomar, Randall 25 Zone, Michael 285 Zorb, George 290,122 Zuber, Robert 370,371 Zuckerman, Alan 191 Zures, William 329,191 Zuvela, Pauline 134 Zwerin, Mark 184 397 si: p- ' 5 el rodeo staff angela curcuru editor anthony korody, photography editor gail storm, associate editor 1 v - r . , ! ottl« chailie mack sports editor mark schuiz, photographer John schwarz, photographer a Qitor - in.- (Lhi zf . • • . . no did durcuju-uu qssoCLc i €dLior..:..j(3ii storm, 5poris (zditor,.... charLuz yn ■ ■ ' mQir[f Ceuj ■;■;::■ ■■ ' ;- ;;: ' rii6i Jun g zora(z (idiiorLdL asst- idnis jdnlae Unci 6dr6 rd da tie Iso n. om Zfni6ero f SnQaid carcuira. 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