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1972 el rodeo university of southern California : September 2 ... 4 bombs blast Belfast office . . . Sandra Gayiord . . . hula-hoop champion . Rach- el Welch sues for divorce ... 9 4 ... 83° forecast for New York City . . . John Denver, at the Troubadour . . .McKay says we ' ll have a good team ... 9 6 ... 200 motorcyclists arrested in Alabama . Elton John at Greek Theatre .. 9 8 ... Roy Buckley takes $6,000 in bowling tournament . . . Sorority Rush begins . 9 9 . . Freeze not to be extended . . . 9 10 . . . Rioting New York convicts demand to leave U.S. . Dow Jones industrial average down 5.04 . . . Alabama 20-SC 17 . . . U.S., Japanese money talks ignite bitter exchange 9 12 . . . An- dy Capp drunk again . . Krushchev dies at 77 of heart attack . . . 9 13 . . . N.Y. prison stormed, 9 hostages, 28 convicts killed . . . Cal Tech uses com- puter to solve social problems . . . Orientation be- gins . . . Dodgers win, on to Candlestick 9 15 . . . Tricia and Ed move to Cambridge ... 9 21 ... Draft bill ok ' d, draft continued ' til June, 1973 . . . 9 22 . Peking calls all soldiers to duty . stocks slide down 9.85 points . . cost of living up .y in August . 9 24 . London ousts 105 as Russian spies . Laurel Ann Ford and Paul Edward Wood- ward reported missing ... 9 25 ... Hugo black dies . 90° in Las Vegas . . . SC 28-Illinois . J.C. Superstar at Hollywood Bowl . . 9 27 . Porno- graphic films used by Russians to smuggle inform- ation . 9 28 ... Yom Kippur . . . Kristovich fired . . . Gay Lib vows to defy Trustees . . Dow Jones falls 5.84 . . Big Mama Thornton in the Grill . . 9 29 ... POW relatives picket White House . . Romaine Engle becomes first Pennsylvania female state trooper . . " Drugs, Pornography, and Juven- ile Justice in Europe " - lecture by Saadi Bississo, professor of business law. Town and Gown 9 30 ... Russians fire on U.S. plane off Japan . . High court blocks welfare reforms . . . Football ral- ly, 5 pm, Bovard . . Cronkite calls for end of U.S. control of radio and television . . . Chemistry lec- ture-K. Scherer-12:30 pm . Johnny Cash receives honorary degree from Gardner-Webb College 74° in L. A. . . I - ' ■j. ' i- Ti ! . U ti!»--. tB- " If- . !fc«t v £ff r ■■t-lH£ ' BniBFLHF " VR d mmrm?m mB JN At B ' MmM.W . J ' M -3 ; ry ' • M-t- i i October Atlantic longshoremen go on strike . . Angela Davis ' rights vio- lated, report says on her firing . . . BSU holds sit-in to obtain office space . . . Pisces: not a good day for entertaining . . . Missing juniors found-join Jesus cult, ' ' The Children of God " . . . Russo freed-agrees to talk on Pentagon papers " The Birds of Dracula " -midnight . . . Disney World opens gates today ... 10 2 . . Debate Team vs. El Camino . . . Oklahoma 33-SC 20 . . . Mohawk Magic first place, eleventh race, Pomona . . . 10 3 . . . Happy Birthday to Chief Red Fox, 101 years old ... 10 5 . Kissinger plans for second trip to Peking . . ASSC votes to have write-ins for ASSC pres . . . price freeze stops price in pay toilets from going up in Detroit hotel . VD talk by Dr. Walter Smartt, L.A. County Health Dept . . Free Trojan supports McGuiness . . . 10 7 . . . Kristovich indict- ed on theft counts . . Chess exhibition-P o . Charles Kolme plays any number of people . Pam.ela Butterbrodt judged best legs-$2,500 prize . . . Court rules out McGuiness for ASSC president because of GPA 10 8 . . DKA: " Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, " " Vampire Lovers " 10 9 Unions and bank leaders critical of Phase 2 planning . . . SC vs. Oregon- rp lose 28-23 ... 10 11 ... 2,135 join in battles against Santa Barbara fire no classes . . . Richard Burton trav- els with $2.5 million worth of diamonds 10 12 . . Nixon announces trip to Moscow . . . Unions say yes to Phase 2 . . . Trustees Sch olars Reception, 3:30 Faculty Center . . . Supreme Court won ' t rule on Viet Nam . 10 14 . Organic Chemistry Seminar . . . " Hello People " . . . Carol Cybulski, 33, topless dancer, bitten by snake she uses in act . . 10 15 . . Kent Clemence elected ASSC presi- dent . . . 10 16 . . J.M. " I ' ve ordered my ass ' t coaches to get dark glasses and move around as little as possible in daylight " ... 84° in Saigon . . 10 17 . . Rap Brown shot in gun battle . . . Organ concert, Irene Robertson . . Nancy Brakes sues Vassar for one million dollars because her roommate had pot parties 10 19 . Russian Jews stage protest . . Chicanos seize offices in Student Union . . Fred Flint stone learns Algebra . . 10 21 ... Hubbard offers aid to Mecha Student Court denies Mecha reque st . . Charles Watson sentenced to die . . " Technology and Sin ' William R.E. Wald .. 10 22 ... Glushon acquitted in charges of overspending for campaign . food prices drop . . Two co-eds as- saulted . . 10 23 . . We beat Notre Dame . 10 26 . . U.N. seats Red China. ousts Taiwan . " Horse Feathers " , Marx Brothers . Billy Graham blasts J.C. Superstar . 10 27 . . " The Galloping of Certain Structures in a Fluid Stream " , mechanics seminar. Dr. R. Binder . . ' Humanizing L.A., " Ray Bradbury .. 10 28 . . Ronald Brown, Chemistry. " Photophysical Complications in Benzophe none Sesitized Photocycloadditions " Toni Sidley and Katherine Bochman take first in White House Great Pumpkin carving contest . 10 30 SC vs. Berkeley-we wm! 10 31 . . Yugoslav president, Tito, wears cowboy hat in Hous- ton. . . November 1 . . . cyclone in India kills thou- sands . . . stocks drop 14 points . . tryouts for yell leaders start ... 11 3 ... Counseling Center and Computer Dating Service es- tablished . . stocks gained 14.6 ... 11 5 Faculty Wives Party . . . 63° and clear in Hong Kong ... 11 8 ... Yves St. Laurent poses in nude for his men ' s clogne . 10 9 . . . Court to hear complaints about Delts FCC closes KPOT Math, W.A. Har- ris, " A New Method of Establishing the Ex- istence of Analytic Functions " .11 7 . . Market hits 1971 low . . Helen of Troy ap- lications due . . 11 12 . . DKA: " Midnight Cowboy " and ' Trankenstein " Dental Alumni Day . 11 13 . Alumni Club of Orange County holds cocktail special SC 13-Wash. 12 . officers seize 51 in foot- ball gambling 11 14 . . Guy Mudd set record-shaves 58 pairs of women ' s legs in 9 hours .. 11 16 . Girls ' Volleyball vs. UCR . . Mayor Sam announces candidacy for president . . 11 17 ... Rooter Regu- lations given to fans for UCLA game . . Di- anne Chatman chosen Helen of Troy . 11 18 Bonfire-5: 30 . . . head of Isla Vista riot forces fired . . 11 20 . . U.S. to speed up troop withdrawals . . . SC 7 -UCLA 7 . . . Westwood Sucks . 11 22 ... Nudist Club wins sweepstakes trophy for Mother Goose parade in El Cajon . . . Lakers winn 11 in a row . 11 23 . . . Pakistan invaded by India . Marilyn ' s birthday . 11 25 Maxine Peai ' son wins $42,000 in suit- wanted Pill, got kid . . . Thanksgiving 11 26 . . . Darid Kissinger, 10. tells of Nix- on ' s trip to China . 11 27 ... Mamie Eis- enhower to be guest at Palm Desert Com- munity Presbyterian Church . . Geneva clear at 34V . . 11 29 ... Aries: get to bed early. . . December 1 ... SC Debaters lose win- ning streak . . . Rose Kennedy given $1.5 million for life story . . . " Evolution of Land Animals " , A.S. Romer, Biology . . . 12 2 ... Westmont beats Erskine Col- lege 3-2 in soccer . . . Tommy Trojan gets plasticized ... 12 3 ... Brandy Alexan- der wins first in Miami Dog Show 12 5 ... Concert Choir at First Presby- terian Church in Santa Monica . . . First time in 28 years, red kettle stolen from salvation army ... 12 7 .. . Queen Eliza- beth asks for $2.45 million increase in salary ... 12 8 . . Wojciechowicz S. Wojkiewicz chief security officer for Rams . DKA: " I Was a Fugitive from a Chair Gang " . . . prohibition on sale of beer at Coliseum lifted ... 12 9 Dr. Ralph. Bunche dies . . . " Physiol- ogy of Identified Neurons Involved in Locust Behavior, " Dr. Graham, Biology . . . letters to Santa double this year . . . 12 10 . . . DKA: " Women in Love " . . . Indian bombers bomb orphanage . . . 12 11 . . . Flash Cadillac and the Conti- nental Kids and not Little Richard . . . 12 12 . . . Pigs drinking alcohol give clue to human behavior . . . Martha Mitchell plays Santa Claus for charity . . Two marry because rest home won ' t allow un- married couples watch the Late Show ... no smog in L.A. . . . 12 14 . . . Nixon offers to devalue dollar . . . Multiple Schlerosis drive, people shine shoes for money . . 12 16 . . new moon, sun rises at 6:51 am . . . Bob Hope in Viet Nam 12 17 . . Pakistan accepts Indian cease-fire . . Col. Henderson acquitted on My Lai charges . . . " The Physical Chemistry of Gouty Arthritis, " Chem. Eng., Ali Khalai . . ' . 12 19 ... Snoopy covered by snow . 12 20 . . . Five U.S. jets downed over Indochina . . Lakers 25 in a row . . Scorpio: don ' t let others hold you down . . . 12 22 . . . Roy Disney dies . . first day of winter . . . 12 23 . . . Hoffa freed ... 12 Black Panthers ac- quitted in L.A. charges ... Bob Hope offers $10 million for release of POWs . . . 12 24 . . . dispute over Christmas stamp wording . . . David Merrick took out ad saying " My Chrysler Imperial is a Piece of ' Junk ... 12 27 ... flash floods ... massive bombings of N. Viet Nam . . . 12 29 . . . Prince Baroda wins 4th race at Santa Anita . . 12 30 . . Ellsberg, Rus- so indicted for Pentagon papers . , . 12 31 ...Peter Duel commits suicide Cheech and Chong at the Troubadour ' % ». " m , imii : 2mmm m H mm tm r ' ' i fm ' iM January 1 . . . New Year ' s Truce violated by Reds ... 03 ozone in L.A. . . . U.S. En- ters 12th year of Viet Nam war . . . Maurice Chevalier dies ... Bob Dylan appears in N.Y. ... 1 4 .. . Debaters play U. of Wyoming in football . . . 1 5 . . . Brownstone plays at noon . . . Acapulco 86 " ... 1 6 ... Regan plans to shut San Quentin . . . " Knowledge and Evaluation " , Prof. Stanley Malenovich, philosophy ... 1 7 ... nothing exciting, a violin recital by Cynthia Cole — to her, I guess it was exc iting . . Gemini: be praised ... 1 12 ... teenager with $500 and telephone makes $30,000 in stock hoax . . . Desi Arnaz to teach at San Diego State . . . SC rated 20 in basket- ball poll . . . Bill Flewellyn uses kite to stay aloft for 15 hours and 3 minutes . . . 1 13 . . . Electricity to be shut off Jan. 29 and 30 to install a new generator . . . Metropo- lis, Illinois, adopts new citizen, Clark Kent . . . 1 14 . . . Denmark ' s King Frederick dies . . . Johnny Petragilla takes Denver open in bowling . . . 1 16 . . . Pat Paulsen files as candidate for president . . . 1 17 . . . docks shut down . . . Coney Island, 12° . . 1 22 . . . Playboy nude in England gets egg thrown at her . . . Pisces: good time to study future plans . . . 1 28 . . . Mathew Winkler, first to survive rabies, cele- brates eighth birthday . . . Joe Hernandez, Santa Anita track announcer hospital- ized . . . 1 29 . . . Irving admits wife is " H.R. Hughes " . . . Gemini: keep active and you ' ll feel better . . . 66 " in Tel Aviv ... 1 30 .. . 6 f unemployment . . . Tom Smith gives wife chastity belt for birthday, 3 year old son loses key . . . 1 31 . . . Bernadette hits cabinet minister . . . Pakistan pulls out of Commonwealth . . S Bi February 3 . . . Indian students demand Stanford drop nickname . . . Commence- ment . . . March 6, first name of ' 73 draft lottery ... 2 4 ... Reds turn down Nixon peace plan . . . phony gambling chips passed in Las Vegas . . Russian cross- country skier wins first gold medal in XI Winter Olympics . . . Madrid 50° .2 5 . . . Princess Anne ' s nose is the fashionable one to have according to plastic sur- geons . . 2 8 ... UCLA Song Girls rated high . . Tuition hike confirmed . . . Luther Lassiter leads World Invitational Pocket Billiards Championship . . . Dedeauz named " Coach of the Year " . . 2 9 ... Swiss Forbid Yogi Mahareshi Mahesh from building a meditation center on top of mountain . . . Blackburn resigns post as BSU chairman ASSC convention dies-no new document found . . . StopGap- " Hotel Universe " . . coal strike in England . . . 2 10 . . , good god this is a dull week . . . Hotline for diabetics set thru med school . . . Sailors came in 3rd in its first competition . . . deaths on L.A. freeways decreased 25 7 . . 2 11 ... Holy Hubert on campus to spread the word . . . Nixon seeking way to ban bussing . . . Hubbard in India for a month . . . DKA: " Willard " . . . 73 " in Yuma . . . 2 12 . . . coal strike crippling England ... a film evening with Buster Keaton . . . 1 13 . . . annual alumni baseball game . . . 2 14 . . . U.S. air strikes go into 6th day . . . three year degree gaining in many colleges . . . Year of the Rat goes into effect . . . 2 15 . . . Whites boycott schools in Augusta, Ga. . . . CACC sidewalk Festival . . . 2 16 . . . Madalyn Murray O ' Hair, atheist speaks . . . Applied Mechanics-Dr. An- drew P. Ingersoll — " The Dynamics of Planetart Atmospheres-A Survey " . . . Frank Bonelli dies . . . 35°in Omaha ... 2 17 ... Dorm security tightened . . . Dennis the Menace bathes at Mr. Wilson ' s ... 2 18 ... Nixon leaves for Peking ... Big Bro- thers charity fashion show ... a dull day ... 2 19 ... a duller day . . . Court bans Death Penalty in Calif . . . Pincay wins third on Belmonte ... 2 20 ... Sunday . . . 2 21 ... even a duller day . . . Mom and apple pie . . Nixon and Chou begin his- toric meeting . . . Walter Winchell dies . . . 2 22 . . . Festival of the Arts begins . . . Tom Wolfe speaks at noon . . . Rosenzweig absent from office . . . 2 23 . . William Kunstler civil whatever speaks at noon . . . secret phones growing trend . . . Acad- emy nominates pictures for awards ... 2 24 ... Angela Davis freed on $102,500 bail . . . Lindsay tours L.A. . . . little Richard doesn ' t show ... 2 25 ... H.Marshall McLuhan speaks . DKA: " Cotton Comes to Harlem " . . Ms. Dourniese Hawkins works with jackhammer in N.Y. . . . Frazier, 75, lion, lover but lazy ... 2 26 ... use day at the Races raises $600 . . . Baseball splits double header with UCSB . . . Israeli troops blast Lebonon ... 2 27 ... Sabbath ... 2 28 ... 3 down in cross- word puzzle " global area " . . . Purim festival . . . back to classes or whatever . . . 2 29 baseball shuts out UCI . . . Knowles drops charges against Rosenzweig . . Leap Day . . . birth rate hits 3 yr. low . . . abortions rise . . . 68 ' ' in L.A. ... we win tennis crown . . . i IVilip !«i fe -- j| B 1 A HMUIBflR flH ;s%gi li S n s ' - ' - SS BK k sSr ' ' ' ' ' I B v H hHI EII I s PsSl H[ Hr H| Mj H V Uh ' ' i ; ' K ' " -1 P B M B B ' HMiri l l v B jla ' ' - - ■n ' S t i I T 1 1 li«- f ' — KT HmaM March 1 . . . Senate reverses anti-busing stand . . . Raquel Welch breaks arm . . . Mary Margaret Becker ' s birthday . . . Hank Aaron signs for $600,000 ... 3 2 ... Bruce Mitchell quits job as assoc. justice . . . Rapist at large in area — 56 so far ... truck with radioactive can stolen . . 3 3 ... Schabarum named county supervisor . . . record heroin haul in Marseilles . . . truck recovered . . . Westptial chosen as all-american . . . gymnasts lose 0-4 . . 3 5 ... graffiti epidemic in N.Y. . . . dulls ville. . 3 6 ... measles epidemic in L.A. ... 3 7 . . New Hampshire primary — Muskie 48 V, McGovern 35 ' f ... 65° in L.A. . . . gay lib paper comes out — to each their own . . . what ever happened to the wizard of oz ... he sure was a nice guy. swimmers win the pac-8 ... 3 8 ... Wednesday . . . " Mixed Doubles " and " Woyzeck " at Stop Gap through Sat. ... 3 9 ... TWA plane bombed . . Richard Chamberlain at Music Center . . . " The Psychology of Fakes " — Jean Gimpel . . . 3 10 . . . Clemence recall begun . . . USC Symphony orchestra premieres Mahler ' s Tenth . . . Ky., Utah lead ABA . . Irving, wife, appear on indictment about Hughes book ... 3 11 . Saturday . . . ITT aide denies Nixon settled anti-trust suit . . . 3 12 . . . Sunday . . . things are happening . . . 3 13 . . . Wilt the Stilt custom designs house $1.5 mil. ... 3 15 ... Floriday primary — Wallace 42 7, Humprey 18 ' f . . . Carole King sweeps Grammy Awards . . . Patricia Morrow scheduled to speak . . doesn ' t ... no one shows up to hear her . . . James Smith explains his resignation from Student Aide . . . gymnastics lose to UCLA 143.3-148.45 . . . 3 16 . . . Assemblyman Chappie introduces bill to let High Schoolers smoke . . . what . . , Al Hirt undergoes surgery to lose some of his 333 lbs .... Knights sponsor blood drive . marilyn gives blood and gets sick . . . Frank Magill, author, pledges $50, 000 toward a new bldg. for Library School . . . student robbed for 9 cents on Sever- ance St. ... 3 17 ... Nixon asks Congress to bar new racial Busing order . . Vida Blue says he is finished . . . Lenore Pamney, Romney ' s wife of course, to talk Hoover project tickets parking in lots . . . pot petition circulated on campus Marion and Barry lose Clover Leaf Rally ... 3 18 ... it ' s Saturday 3 19 ... it ' s Sunday ... 3 20 ... 37° in Boston . . . Chicago, Boston lead pro-hockey ... 3 21 . . . Belfast blast kills six ... 57 down in crossword puzzle " jinx " . . . Nate ' s birth- day . . . leader of the Lavender People, a gay organization, speaks . . . Fritz Lip- mann, biochemist — " Antibiotic Polypeptide Synthesis " . . . Navy drill team earns honors in Anaheim . . . 3 22 . . . Supreme court nullifies voting residency laws . . . Songfest prelims select 12 groups for final show May 6 . . . math — " Irreducible Sums of Simple Multivectors " by H.Buseman ... 3 23 ... tuition group to take legal action . . . beer contest ... 3 24 ... DKA: " What Do You Say to A Naked Lady " . . . Food prices take sharpest jump in 14 years , . . easter vacation for one week of calm and serenity, and questioning of one ' s own gifts, sense of beauty, sincerity, ability to cope with your being, the ability to help those you love — and realize how lonely life can be, and ask about life — and remember that the sun does shine, and kids eat lollipops no matter how old they get, and people smile and teeth glisten and some people hate green beans March 30 is Passover and Sunday the 2nd or something like that is Easter ' «V:?fc M E: ' , ! 4 .ii ' Vanessa Giles (1950-1971) " Vanessa loved people, loved use, loved friends there ' As a man devoted to education President John R. Hubbard has the will and has shown the commitment to spur academic excellence in rounding out the physical and monetary gains made under the Master Plan of the 1960 ' s. In his first two years as university president, Hubbard has sought a clear defini- tion of the role of the urban university. During this time a large effort has been made in identifying problem areas, strengths and weaknesses and in examining and redefining priorities. Hubbard feels this is an important first step if USC is to become a really dis- tinguished university, particularly with the current economic situation. " As exhilarating as our prospects are, a few words of caution may be in order. No university can ever have enough money, so we shall always have to live with limited resources. That means the setting of priorities and getting the most out of our educational dollar are crucial. " The nation ' s tight financial picture had particular relevance for USC this year when in October the university announced it faced a $1.2 million deficit. When it became apparent that the budgeted expenditures exceeded the university ' s resourses, economy measures were immediately instituted and the university ' s financial books were balanced. But the university president is not overly optimistic over the financial picture for the future. " We are still in a crisis situation — the budget to be submitted reflects the reduc- tion of the $1.2 million to cover fixed commitments beyond our control such as those imposed on us by the government (unemployment insurance, social security tax increases, health and medical benefits, increased utility costs, and retirement benefits.) We were impelled to increase tuition, but at the same time we are doing everything within our power to step up solicitation for funds from external sources, including finding new sources for scholarship aid. Somewhere in his busy adminis- trative schedule, Hubbard finds time to teach classes as well. During the past two fall semesters he has taught a graduate seminar on prob- lems in modern British history. Hub- bard plans to continue to teach, something he has done for almost 20 years. A noted historian, he has three degrees from the University of Texas, where he began his teaching career. He has also studied at North Texas State University and the American University in Washington, D.C. He taught British history at Louisiana State University, Europ- ean history at Tulane University and Yale University, and became dean of Newcomb College of Tulane in 1953 in addition to being professor of European history there. He went to India in 1965 and re- signed his deanship the next year to continue as chief education adviser to the American Mission in India until 1969 when he came to USC as vice-president for academic affairs and provost. Hubbard visited India in February to review educational projects there, at the request of the Ford Foundation. The concept of a university community ranks high with Hubbard and he has committed himself to broadening participation in the decision-making process. To enlarge the possibility of consensus among the various constituencies of the university, a variety of commissions, such as the one on goverance and the one on student life were created. The university is also attempting to develop a management system based on re- liable and readily available data to improve the decision-making processes. At the same time feasibility studies designed to develop cooperative programs with other institutions in this immediate region are underway. " It has taken a considerable amount of time to develop this kind of approach to university management, but the most heartening aspect of the operation thus far has been the magnificent cooperation in terms of time and intellectual com- mitment of the faculty and of the student body, " says Hubbard. " With this kind of continuing concern and commitment, USC may well become a model of how it is possible to translate enormously complicated problems into opportunities for new and innovative approaches to this business of higher edu- cation. " During Dr. Norman Topping ' s 12 years as president, USC be- came an outstanding university. The key to this growth was Dr. Topping ' s wizardry as a fund raiser. Money poured in at a rate of more than $1 million a month to complete most of the ambitious Master Plan in 20 r of the time first projected. As chancellor, Dr. Topping has continued in the role of fund raiser, serving as chairman of the Board of Trustees ' committee on development, which has the responsibility of increasing the financial resources of the university. Topping also serves as a sort of senior counselor to the trustees, who ask him his opinions on issues concerning the university. Topping feels that the fund raising effort has been going better than anyone expected, considering existing economic situations. " I don ' t think the economic condition of t he country is improv- ing and I think this is reflected in the financial difficulties of many colleges and universities, " said Topping. In attempts to maintain a close link with the campus, Topping visits here a couple times a week. (He has his office in a Wilshire Boulevard skyscraper.) Even though he is away from campus Topping keeps up on the issues. He opposes student membership on the Board of Trustees because he feels that students lack the maturity and experience needed in some of the decisions the Board must make. He does want a mechanism by which student opinion can be brought to the Board. Suggesting an alternate solution, Topping feels that students should have a voice in the decision making process in some sort of joint council with faculty and administration. The progression of the Hoover Redevelopment Project is very satisfying to Top- ping, in comparison with other urban renewal projects. For the future of USC, and for big urban universities in general, Topping sees an increasing emphasis on upper division, graduate, and professional education, with fewer students in the first two years of college. Because of the rising costs of education Topping believes more and more students will get their first two years of college work at local community colleges, while saving up for further education at a major university. In looking back over his life Topping said, " I think my chief interest and my chief activity has been to try and see that the University of Southern California becomes truly an outstanding university. " To see this partially come about has been very rewarding, as you can imagine. But we still have a long way to go and I intend to spend whatever time and effort the trustees and administration wants in trying to help bring about more improve- ment, a better university, and a higher quality of education. " I think we have a great opportunity in this community for a private university to really lead the way to new educational programs and improvement of higher education itself. " Most students have de- veloped a nonchalant atti- tude towards student gov- ernment, and many never climb up to the third floor of the Student Union where the Associated Student of- fices are. But the same faces show up every day on the third floor — the same student politicians, hacks and hangers-on, the same ad- ministrators dabbling in _ student affairs. The ASSC secretary sits and types out endless reams of mimeographed proposals which the executive council promptly reads and discards. And with each new ASSC administration, new hopes and great expectations burst forth, only to dissolve at the end of a term, defeated by red tape, game-play- ing and apathy. Spring 1971 was the epitomy of ASSC politicking, when the student government elections were invalidated by a ballot-stuffing. Like summer re-runs, the fall presi- dential elections again featured the political deals and closed-room whispered debates of the previous spring. But only one candidate, Kent Clemence, was on the ballot for president — and he won. " Even through all the crap, I ' ve enjoyed being president, " Clemence mused in January, sitting in his office in the Student Union. His wall was still decked by a Sam Hurst poster, leftover from 1970, and several limp Christmas cards. " I ' d be less than honest if I didn ' t admit I have considered running for re- election, " he added, propping his boots on his desk. Clemence spent almost a full year campaigning, between the mire of the 1971 spring elections and the one-man race in October. Running as a middle-road. Row candidate, Clemence hoped to pull together the diverse ASSC factions, splintered by the politicking of the previous year. But he quickly learned that fence-sitting is uncomfortable as well as unprofit- able, so he padded his administration with students he trusted, watching the Left and Right ASSC factions drifting in their own seas of apathy. His first official appointee to the council was his brother Craig, whom Clemence named independent student representative. Next, Clemence stacked the ASSC Counstitutional Convention with his frater- nity brothers, but the delegates ' disinterest killed any hopes for a streamlined, coherent document. Clemence ' s proposed cooperative bookstore disappeared into adminstrative red tape, never to resurface, and his Office for Independent Students never ma- terialized. But, during his administration, four students were elected trustee liaisons in an attempt to communicate on some, any, level wi th the Board of Trustees. Stu- dent participation was written into university governence proposals, as students continued to demand the right to govern themselves, despite stalemates on wom- en ' s dormitory visitation and recognition of gay liberation. Clemence was proudest of his opportunity to work with the trustees. His con- servatism, following a three-year line of liberal and radical ASSC presidents, appealed to the Board. (During his term, he endorsed the re-election of Presi- dent Nixon and joined the Trojan Young Republicans.) He respected the trust- ees, though he often disagreed with them. " The trustees are really misunderstood, " he said. " The image they have has been given to them by people who disagree with them politically. They really have the welfare of the students at heart. " But Clemence ' s term of office was short, with the first month absorbed in paper work. As a senior majoring in history and planning to attend USC law school, he ' s considering running for ASSC president for a second term as a graduate student. But the ASSC, floundering in self-created chaos on the third floor of the Stu- dent Union, is rapidly losing credibility. Clemence had to decide if discourage- ment was defeat — and he chose not to run. Or, as the Daily Trojan put it; " In the ASSC, when you win. you lose. " The campus awoke early on that first Monday, alive with the sounds of students returning for the first day of classes. The sun was shining, and the fountain in Alumni Park was clean and sparkling. New students got lost and then found. Returning students were reaquainted with old friends Instructors fumed at the computer ' s class lists. And as the day grew old, everyone got down to business and it all gently clicked into place. The last light in the dormitories was turned off, and the entire campus community seemed to sigh with relief. The first day had gone well. We were back. The girl ' s dorms made a very quiet stir of discontent during the first semester in hopes of rekindling the Women ' s Halls Association 24-hour visitation policy. But all hopes of a change in visitation policy had been stifled during the summer when the Board of Trustees made it illegal to change visitation hours without its approval. The WHA executive council changed the hours in January, and found themselves called before University Judicial for encouraging students to commit a university offense. The girls dorms continued to be locked up at midnight every evening, while the men ' s were free to bring guests in and out at any hour. Women ' s lib and equal rights certainly lost out in this campus issue. The enrollment was smaller this year than last — down 8 percent, but the campus kept getting bigger and bigger. Construction began on two new dormitories — a men ' s dorm and an apartment complex — which will house 700 students beginning next fall. The Gerentology Center and the Fine Arts buildings got underway, and plans are still pending for the Performing Arts Center. During semester break in January, construction began on USC ' s first multilevel parking structure located between the men ' s and women ' s complex. And as the university built up, the community built down. Old houses disappeared one by one to dirt lots, making way for the Hoover Redevelopment Projects ' urban renewal. The dirt lots were useful for one thing — a place for cars while the parking structure was being built. Or so it was until the LAPD went on a rampage and handed out 300 $10 tickets m one afternoon ' s work. Dirt lots are to look at, not park on. 4 f H ! r m m . •Y 1 H H The football season went quiet- ly by with very little notice from a large majority of the student populace. Homecoming, now with legal alcoholic overtones, was simple, with a smaller crowd of alumni than usual. The only football-orientated incident which raised eyebrows from coast to coast was a card stunt during the UCLA game. The stunt, carried on NBC nation- wide, brought a cheery " Westwood Sucks " into the homes of thou- sands of Americans. The knights and Squires, in charge of the card stunts, got a hand-slapping and better screening counsel for their future card tricks. The minority groups made their marks on the USC campus this year. Both the Black Students Union and MECHA, the campus Chi- cano group, staged sitins in the Student Union in an effort to gain office space. MECHA made waves by asking for a special aca- demic allowance for Chi- cano law students — allow- ing a 1.9 gpa rather than the usual 2.0. The BSU got its office, and President Hubbard set peace offerings before MECHA, promising personal assistance in its fight. And when Dianne Chatman was the second black in USC history to be crowned Helen of Troy the black students felt another victory. " It ' s like a step forward for black students, " Miss Chatman said after her coronation. But another minority group was finding it even harder to gain recognition on campus. The Gay Liberation Forum re- sumed its fight against the Board of Trustees decision to refuse official recognition. The group continued to hold off-campus meetings and in- formative Experimental Col- lege classes. The very beginning of the year brought another type of revolu- tion into focus, only this one was a movement based on religion. When two juniors, Laurel Ann Ford and Paul Woodward, mysteriously disappeared in late September, the campus a- bounded with tense speculation as to their whereabouts. They were found two days later with a group called the Children of God, a religious Jesus cult whose mysterious hold on members has been under investigation by various authorities. The " Jesus freaks, " as they are called, estab- lished a strong foothold in the campus com- munity and a more con- servative element of the movement has founded itself at use. A $1.2 million deficit at the clos( in budgets throughout the univers and wide when campus eating fac because of cutbacks. But even with Nixon ' s price fre tuition would have to be raised to take effect starting this sun tioned among students that policy established two years be not be raised more than $200 i and the policy, the trustees who will be seniors next fall, creased from $1,850 to$2,46C Said one unhappy studeni $1,850, " If I knew this was started at UCLA. " . ' a - j)f the fall semester put crimps |ty. Complaints were heard far jlities were inadequately staffed i ze, the trustees decided that gain— this time $310 per year, (Tier semester. Little was it men- tis increase went against the fore that stated tuition would 1 anyone year. Barring Nixon jiade their own rule. For those :he tuition has steadily in .n four years. Arhose scholarship only pays ?oing to happen, I ' d have r .5 . K- ' . :f r ; sentative. " We don ' t want to play rhetoric games on the council this year as we did last year, " said Lee Blackman, ASSC vice-president of academic affairs, at the beginning of the semester. But the ASSC was caught up in a multitude of game- playing and politicking, a carryover from last years in- validated elections. It wasn ' t until October 21, after much bickering as to the eligibility of candidates, that Kent Clemence was elected president. The election virtually a solo race for Clemence brought out 1538 voters — some who only voted for Associated Men ' s Students ' president or freshman repre- During the course of the semester various charges were made by the Student Court against various members of the executive council for failure to carry out their necessary functions. " I consider student politics to be a game, " said Steve Knowles, Student Court Chief Justice. But the game became very real when Knowles charged Joel Rozensweig, ASSC vice- president of student affairs, with nonfeasance of office in February, (for the second time.) An attempt to write a new constitution was de- liberately hampered by conservative elements in the Constitutional Convention who repeatedly walked out at the voting time, ending the necessary quorum. Dave Howe, convention chairman, just couldn ' t get them all to " stop the bickering, the squabbling, the political game-playing, " and the convention died of its own accord in early spring. The ASSC ' s Festival of Arts came off very well this year with a lot of hard work and well-organized programs. Entitled ' ' Cul- tureprobe, " the festival brought the early influences of the 1950s ' mass culture onto the campus with the hopes of awakening stu- dents to the role the media plays in society. A ferris wheel, Elvis Presley films and segments of old Lone Ranger, Hopalong Cassidy and Mighty Mouse TV programs all recreated the nostalgia of a time not so long ago. And to bring the revelance of yesteryear into today, the festi- val was highlighted by two prominent communications au- thors — Tom Wolfe and Marshall McLuhan. McLuhan making his first U.S. appearance since 1970, entertained a full crowd in Bovard Auditorium and brought some new ideas. " The content of the medium is you, the user, " he said. " It only means what Hk H - J BfcM-. j JB it means to you. tji _ i. iHE!l @Si The media is a put on which scrubs your psyche. " McLuhan said the world has never been the same since television, but there have been other major changes in society. " Gutenberg made everyone a reader, " he said. " But Xerox has made everyone a publisher. " drama: " a flea in her ear " w ,, fw H 4 the dybbuk " : " sports football , ..98 soccor . . .128 cross country . . .130 swimming. . .132 water polo . . .136 basketball . . .138 baseball . . .152 crew . . .156 track and field . . .158 trojan football fSC 10 Alabama ISC 24 Rice use 28 Illinou use 20 Oklahoma use 23 Oregon use 18 Stanford use 28 Notre Dame use 28 Oalifornia use 13 Washingt( Joe Lazar Peter Read Mil Robert Parker 6 MikeRae QB 7 Dave Boulware FL-P 8 Jim Jones QB 11 Ed Johnson DB 14 Artimus Parker DB 15 Chris Chaney FL 18 Greg Moses SE 19 Edesel Garrison SE 21 Bruce Dyer DB 22 Lynn Swann FL 24 Mike Morgan SE 26 Charles Hinton TB 29 Lou Harris TB 31 Bruce Rollinson DB 33 MarkBratonia TB 34 RayWashmera FB 38 Bill Holland FB 39 Sam Cunningham FB 42 Pat Collins DB 44 Manfred Moore TB 45 Curtis Timmons DB 46 Alonzo Thomas DB 47 Steve Fate DB 48 Al Pekarcik DB 50 Sherm Olmstead LB 52 Jim Lee OT 54 Cliff Culbreath OT 55 Charles Anthony LB 55 Charles Anthony LB 56 Mark Springer LB 57 Dave Brown c 58 Bob Stirling C 61 Allan Graf OG 62 Bob Shaputis OT 67 John Papadakis LB 68 Mike Ryan OG 70 George Follett DT 71 John Skiles DE 72 Monte Doris DE 74 MikeMcGirr DT 75 John Vella OT 76 Allen Gallaher OG 77 Pete Adams OT 78 Steve Riley OT 81 Chris Vella TE 82 Avery Clark LB 83 Willie Hall LB 85 Scott Weber DE 86 Dean Lingenfelter TE 87 Kent Carter LB 88 Bob Eriksen LB 89 Charles Young TE 92 Jeff Winans DE 93 Greg Marderian DE 94 John Grant DE Head Coach John H. McKay 101 offense M Statistic-wise, this was a great year for the Trojan of- fense. John McKay teams have always reUed on their defenses, but senior quarter- back Jim Jones finished out his career by setting thir- teen career offense records, breaking even O.J. Simp- son ' s total offense and Craig Fertig ' s most yards passing marks. And the core of run- ners, led by Sam Cunning- ham and Lou Harris, fin- ished third in the Pacific rushing offense with 219.2 yards per game. Margaret Evans 1 i J -» s:r _ •. ■-2: ' ' f I But something was changed from the days of the Cardiac Kids. Receivers dropped passes, always in critical sit- uations. The quarterback got sacked just as he dropped back to throw the bomb that would win the game. Or the running back fumbled on the SC one. And if all else failed, the quarterback dropped back, threw the perfect pass to the fastest end, and the Trojans leaped in front by one point with seconds to nlay. Then the linesman me puffing up with the news that the flanker had lined up illegally and the TD was no good. Coach Don Lindsey 107 Disturbed by many personnel changes early in the season, the defense finally settled down in the middle of October and began to play out- standing ball. The deep four of Skip Thomas, Steve Fate, Bruce Dyer, and Artimus Parker sealed off the secondary so well that the Trojans finished the season 2nd in pass defense. The line didn ' t do as well statisti- cally, but then, no one else in this conference had to play Oklahoma, either! If ' 7 ' i ..-- ■ ' i m 109 South Bend Indiana. A quiet October morning, wit) rain-drizzle that has been fall- ing off and on for three days. And then suddenly the town is not quiet anymore. The students and the people living in the surround- ing country are all strea toward the stadium (which you see opposite) in a sullen, defia mood. The reason for the si- obvous to them, maybe not so obvious to some of the students with the Trojan party: no Notre Dame team has beat the Trojar since 1966, and last year the Tro- jans destroyed an unbeaten sea- son and national champions! But now, of course, the Trojans are 2 and 4, and the Irish are un- defeated. Welcome to South Bend. The Irish have one of the greatest home advantages of any team in football. Anyone who has ever been in the sta- dium will deeply appreciate this. It ' s a small stadium, and while it holds 57,075 angry Irish fans, it puts the people in the stands closer than even the Rose Bowl. Every- where men in hats that look like they have been stolen from a high school band. And the noise . . . When the Irish have the ball, the stadium is so quiet it could be empty. But when the other team has the ball there is a continuous throaty roar, and it tells the defense that there are fifty- seven thousand people out there who want the ball back. Awesome. thank god for notre dame 113 115 One thirty pm. The Irish axe coming onto the field, and the noise is deafening. Then it ' s beginning. The Trojans have the ball, move it, then punt. The Irish, directed by sophomore qb Cliff Brown, began their first march, mov- ing with the assurance of an undefeated team. Then, sud- denly Bruce Dyer picks off a Brown pass, returns it to the Irish 48. The crowd goes si- lent. The Trojan rooters dare not hope. And then it hap- pens. Two plays later, slip- ping on the wet turf as he sets up, senior qb Jim Jones fires a strike to Edesel Garrison on the one. Irish corner back Clarence Ellis slips as Garri- son takes the ball, and it is Trojans 7, Irish 0. The Irish take the ball, and uncork a 66 yard kickoff return. Several plays later it is 7-7. The Tro- jan rooters begin to feel back in reality. Then Charlie Hin- ton gets his kickoff return, to the Irish 35, and four plays later Mike Rae hits Garrison again. 14-7. The Irish don ' t move the ball, and punt. Jones fires and Garrison makes a great leaping grab over Ellis to set up a dive by fullback Sam Cunningham from the one. 21-7. No more reality. The crowd is booing Brown. But Brown moves the Irish. At the Irish 49, he flips a look-in to Mike Creany on the Trojan 40. Creany drops the ball. On the next play Brown fades back, fakes the look-in to Creany, and then throws for Dewan in the left flat. " We were in a defense rotating to the left corner, " explains McKay. Nobody has a shot at Dyer as he steps in front of Dewan and rac- es 53 yards for the final Tro- jan points. And from that point on, nothing the I rish can do seems to matter. The final, 28-14 Trojans. Welcome to South Bend. Nancy Komae 117 California .. ' _ » JP ---d lipbapi 1 " •! I 1 xrW. MjJIfjrfS . - £4 1 -d y r ii if sip 121 The threat of rain hung heavy over the stadium in the hills the whole afternoon, but the only people it seemed to bother were the California Golden Bears. The first two periods were dull, with the teams moving sporadically up and down the field, but nothing much really happen- ing. Then, with a little over a minute left in the first half, Bruce Dyer picked off a Jay Cruze pass and returned it to the Cal 46. Four plays later Jim Jones dashed into the endzone and it was 7-0. The bears were in double coverage on Edesel Garrison most of the afternoon, and the Tro- jans took advantage of it, go- ing to Harris, Young and Swann for their next TD. The third score came off a Cal fumble, forced by John Grant and recovered by Mike Mc- Girr. Mike Rae, alternating every series with Jim Jones for the second straight week, hit Lynn Swann in the end- zone for the final Trojan score. Wendy Cooper The team picked to win the conference, the team that had beaten Notre Dame and Cal decisively, versus the number eight team in the Pacific Eight. One could predict the result: A game so dull that it put most of the spectators, not to mention the players, to sleep. The first quarter was nothing to nothing, with little but gentle manly shoving going on down on the field. Midway thru the second quar- ter, the Trojan offense got on the track long enough to push over the only Trojan score, off an Eddie Johnson intercep- tion. Then, back to the mis- takes. UCLA scored late in the third quarter off a partial- ly blocked punt. The four plays from the SC thirty were to only major defensive lapse all afternoon, but it was e- nough. what can you say about a football team that was six. four, and one??? meet pat haden and his friends freshman scores use 45 California 17 use 37 Stanford use 28 Mt. San Antonio 13 use 25 UeLA 21 126 Clarence Reece 127 cross country The season for the Cross Country team culminated in the Pacific Right meet at UCLA, which is pictured on these pages. Picked to finish dead last, the Trojan harriers pulled off an upset of sorts and finished fourth over-all. Junior Freddie Ritcherson lead the Trojans across the finish, coming in seventh with a time of 31 minutes, 2 sec- onds over UCLA ' s beautiful 6 mile, 410 yard course. Ritch- erson beat out Tom Lipski, who had been the team ' s strongest performer in meets against Cal and Stanford. Coach Ken Matsuda was elated at the fourth place fin- ish, calling it a ' tremendous tribute ' to the team. p 129 soccer Coach John Callahan a The soccer team had an al- most perfect season, going 16- in open league play, and losing only a non-league game to UCLA ' s NCAA team. Coach John Callaghan praised the play of Hugo Salcedo, John Hayes, and Andy An- derson in mid-field and Usama Elbakshia at for- ward as being responsible for much of the team ' s suc- cess, use ' s soccer team com- pets in the California O- pen Intercollegiate League because grad students are allowed to compete. With a record of 16-0, the Tro- jans were league champions. swimming w B [ MH I ■lJ 133 Coach Peter Daland ' s swimmers improved from their dismal year last year (when they actually lost a dual meet), winning every- thing in sight and conclusive- ly beating crosstown rival UCLA. Ranked number two in the nation, the Trojans traveled to West Point to challenge top-ranked Indiana in the NCAA finals. Although the Hoosiers were considered untouchable, the Trojans very nearly toppled them. .K i %. 135 ' WM ' S n ' - ' M m water polo ' ftSA.-. .- -rvgrfe. ■i gf ? mir- ' -; M basketball: the long season Paul Westphal Sue Lee Coming off the best year ever in 1971, the veteran 1972 team was picked in preseason by several people to finish number one in the nation. Although a little nervous, Coach Boyd allowed as how he would rather be picked to finish first than last. Then came the bad luck. Bruce Clark, the 6-8 forward who was supposed to add to the Trojan ' s already powerful rebounding, reinjured his shin, forcing him out until February. Monroe Nash, the returning senior forward, suffered a relapse of a back problem and was operated upon. Senior Joe Kemp, picked to be the ' sixth man ' for the Trojans, tore his achilles tendon during pre- season practice. Nevertheless, the Trojans, led by returning seniors Paul Westphal, Joe Mackey, and Ron Riley, managed to lose only one game in the early season going, and it really began to look as though UCLA might be given a run for the conference title, after all. Ron Riley Mike Westra Marc Palmer Catastrophe. All-America guard Paul Westphal, the sparkplug of the Trojans, the playmaker, injured his knee in the Providence game, and was operated on the day be- fore the Trojans met UCLA. The team, now led by Riley and Mackey, with Dan Anderson operating at lone guard, fought on and did a surprisingly good job for the rest of the season. But you just can ' t lose that much talent and experience in one season . . . 147 Regina Sikes maybe next year The strong Trobabes have made the fans forget the freshman team of 1969, which were supposed to be seniors this year and beat UCLA. Losing only one game all season, Coach Morrison ' s team beat the Brubabes twice. The first game in Pauley Pavillion was closely fought, but the second game, at the Sports Arena, was a runaway victory for the Trojans. The very physical Trobabes should be a welcome addition to the varsity, which was in the position more than once this year of having to suit up one of the coaches if one more forward got injured. Carlos Mina Bill Boyd 149 gymnastics 151 J-«-ll a » r 3J r trojan baseball %:Msm.m.. iBMPn |i |j i|ijj i[[|ijEMf lv«W ffij " 1 .11 _ Bt, Jy g iLsMLi M 1 " ' - mmk- . " ' : ; " .; ' .. :--v......-= - ' T ' ' " " fi«B«i2i,» }J[.Xi!,1 155 Eli 156 crew i- ' - V ' jtn if " m Oi M g l « " £ J-. £i It ' s a little too early to tell, at our deadline time, how well the Trojans will do in NCAA competition this year, but there are already several good signs. At the Long Beach Relays, in unbelievable 95 degree heat, on the new Tartan track in the Coliseum, the Trojan 880 relay team, made up of Garrison, Deckard, Brown, and Quar- rie, set an unofficial NCAA record. Shot putter Doug Lane bettered his all-time best at the same meet. At the Santa Barbara Easter Relays the Trojans, while suffering from a variety of ills, carried the meet by a large margin, beating back Arizona, Stan- ford, Cal, and Washington. track and field 159 . 111. ' Mil These are the sports at Troy retty much as we saw them, id as you must have seen mem. The stupidity and the —stakes are here because — ne people played that way. The courage and the bril- liance are here because more than a few people showed them, too. We would like to thank Don Andersen of Ath- letic News for his help during the year, Joe Lazar, Jr. for his photography, and our editor for putting up with us. Robert Parker Peter Read Miller Someone told me It ' s all happening at the zoo. I do believe it, I do believe it ' s true. It ' s a light and tumble journey From the East Side to the park; Just a fine and fancy ramble To the zoo. . But you can take the crosstown bus If it ' s raining or it ' s cold, And the animals will love it If you do. Somethin ' tells me It ' s all happening at the zoo. I do believe it, I do believe it ' s true. The monkeys stand for honesty, Giraffes are insincere, And the elephants are kindly but They ' re dumb. Orangutans are skeptical Of changes in their cages. And the zookeeper is very fond of rum. Zebras are reactionaries. Antelopes are missionaries, Pigeons plot in secrecy, And hamsters turn on frequently. What a gas! You gotta come see At the zoo. seniors . . . 166 deans ... 220 organizations . . . 240 living groups . . . 284 r -iOf w i .. m 1; " 9 " U L B I B •V mm r ' % i s IIEBilk l I I HI i @ II ' ■ ' .; --,v ' ' ' . ' ■ -Utr B i i 1 E B i B B B S m B E 3i H B B B M E i ™ B hHHHS Sm ffil i sum §r EtSI?!?? ?S 4 " 5 t? . . J3 % ■BHSf v : % B ' m- 1 i -v " - n ifl f m m i ft ' . =J -.-e .: h HWHyii A -I a ■ f» I . yji g v( F ' : • - " ' :,. ■ M $ $ III •♦. 1 »f W ' K ' ' - ' ' v; : " ' -. Frank V.Rui A.B.. E 4 .- p ■ 0: t ' - H2| — - " M I A " M M .t i vice presidents deans and directors Dr. Zohrab Kaprielian Vice President Academic Planning Research Elton Phillips Vice President Business Affairs Dr. Daniel Nowak Assistant Vice President Student Affairs 220 Dr. Milton Kloetzel Vice President Academic Affairs Dr. Thomas NickellJr. Vice President University Affairs Carl Franklin Vice President Financial Legal Affairs 221 Dr. Robert Mannes Dean of Student Life Dr. Conrad Wedberg Dean of Admissions Sam Hurst Dean, School of Architecture and Fine Arts snpf-l l» ■ Lee Chesney HH Associate Dean, Fine Arts Dorothy Nelson, J.D., LL.M. Dean, School of Law 223 Dr. Grant Beglarian Dean, School of Performing Arts Dr. Martha Boaz Dean, School of Library Science Dr. Norman Fertig Associate Dean, Honors Advisement • r At Dr. Paul Hadley Dean, University College Summer Session Dr. Ted Brannen Dean, School of Business Administration 225 Dr. Robert Vivian Emeritus Dean, School of Engineering Dr. Charles B. Mayo Dean, Graduate School 226 Dean, Von KleinSmid Center for International and Public Affairs Joan Schaefer Dean of Women Dr. John Cantelon Dean, School of Letters, Arts and Sciences 227 HansReichl Director, Residential Counseling Office Lizz Carr Asst. Director of Residential Life m ' ' ' ' 228 Anita Siegman Coordinater Residential Counseling Office Robert Bolan Director, Career Planning Placement Center Dr. Richard Tibby Director, Catalina Marine Science Center Jerry Wulk Director, Foreign Students Office 230 Gloria Mycklebust Director, Minority Students Office Dale Hilton Executive Director, Alumni Affairs 23) ,r.... ' i •i •! ' •• • •4 • — H H ' ( »4 J -J -J H. E. Matveld Director, Data Processing Paul Moore Director, Student Activities Office 232 Dr. Robert Linnell Director, Instutional Studies Office Shirley Lorenz Director, Employment Office Jack Anderson Director, Information Center 233 Dr. Theodore Kruglack Director, School of Journalism Richard Berg Director, Educational Placement Office Jerome Milliman Director, Center for Urban Affairs 234 Dr. Ross Penne Director, Computing Center Clarence Anderson University Editor 235 Alvin Rudisill University Chaplain Roy Kidman University Librarian ▼ f . -ur k - : .- : I ' r : J 1 ' " - i - : m W i Robert Bartner Director, Trojan Marching Band Roy Copperaud Daily Trojan Faculty Advisor dart winners ' Im if! i ' ?ip» " f«; ' t -Mi. ■V •1 5 -- ■«♦-•■ -V % f ' daily troj an fall semester First Row: Sue Mocsny. Second Row: Bruce Bolinger, Mary Ann Ga- lante, Dave Danielson, Mike Revzin, Barbara Wegher, Mike Braham, D. Frank Culbertson. Third Row: Steve Randall, Angie Curcuru, Peter Wong, Andrew Erskine, Anne Rubsamen, Rivian Taylor, Cathy Meyer; editor, Teri Lobree, Janet Janjigian, Laurinda Keys. Fourth Row: Bettye Wells, Jerry Trowbridge, Carolyn Fonley, Terry Ross, Rodger Kee, Bernie Beck. Fifth Row: Robin Newcomer, Tim Saasta, Clarence Brown, Greg Cole, Rich Wiseman, Rich Simon, Russell Kishi, Gunther Merli. daily trojan spring semester Rivian Taylor; editor, Rich Wiseman, Mary Ann Galante, Tim Saasta, Robin Newcomer, Cathy Meyer, Peter Wong, Angie Curcuru, Teri Lob- ree, Dave Danielson, Bernie Beck, Professor, Fred Coonradt, .John Schwartz. Pat Murphy, Gunther Merli, Andy Erskine, Janet Janjigian Schwartz, Pat Murphy, Gunther Merli, Andy ErsKine, Janet Janjig- ian, Jean Jarvis, Steve Randall, Terry Ross, Tim Novoselski. assc Kent ClemencePresident Joel Rosenzwieg- V.P. Programs Lee Blackman- V.P. Academic Affaii M 1 Bob Glushon, Dave Krill, John Moore, Randy Zomar, Carl Middleton, Joel Rosenzweig, Glen Dresser, Heub Krimmel, Jim Lacy, Kent Clem- ence, Lee Blackman, Jamshid Tadjiki, Den de Mayo, Stephen Wiley, Karen Howze, Joel Jacobs, Dave Howe, Laura Kotsiris, Marie Klinger, 242 academic affairs council Lauren Sherman, Heidi Oku- hara, Dan Ramsey, Kathy Fleming, Lee Blackman, Dan lives, Mike Clark, Maureen Murry, Marie Klinger. university judicial 1st Row: Ana Marino, Renee Huey, Laura Kotsiris, Paul A- rutt. Sue Ekstein; 2nd Row: Jack Pritchett, Bill Jackson, Dave Penso, Kristen Johnson, Lynne Miyake, Mike Alcantar, Chuck Cochrane, Terry Flett. 243 el rodeo staff Barry Orell-editor Peter Read Miller Bob Parker Bonnie Rowe Marilyn Weiss Marion Sherman Joe Lazar 245 Songfest Committee: Standing (Left to Right); Marilyn Merritt, Deb bie Blashaw, Bill Alderman, Roger Davidheiser, Janet Greene, Sher rie Mann, Sandy Banducci, Bart Gordon, Sue Cartwright, Nick Tha nos, Jan Duvall, Wendy Adams, Rick Firth, Bob Parker, Ray Danga nan. Sitting: Jon Green, Joanne Pourham, Marilyn Weiss, Katie Kil Patrick, Brownie, Steve Sandland, Mike Hricak, Chris Ralph, John Casey, Bilenda Harris, Keith Fuchigami. Not Pictured: Cindy Vorn- dran, Mary Smith, George Millburn, Jim Roorda, Nancy Rule. 246 41 , WLit rv songfest • 4- ]{ t m Brent Noyes, Lizette Nuygent, Terry Danne, Debbie Randall, Steve Salazar, Koko Tsuneishi, Jerry Lindquist, Barb Schwellenbach, Dave Chatfield, Debbie Nelson, Janice Biermann, Pam Greenfield, Sherri Lee, Gilbert Sinn, Lynne Dunahoo, Susan Chinen, Jody Salas, Mike Irwin, Claudia Wilson, Chris Ramirez, Lvnda Tram, Dave Wong, Martha Troost, Mark Penn, Carl Merrihew, Maxine Gold, Bob Luedtke, Karen Maxwell, Dave George, Jed Downhill, Laurie Dun- ham, Bob Schlinker, Cindy Milius, John Clark, Libby Smith, Dave Harder, Joel Fried, Robyn Miller. trojan chorale 248 sigma gamma epsilon Members: (left to right), Mohamed Terkamani, Dale Egner, Hugh Robertson, Lee Roberts, Brian Cox, Ron Grabyan, Joe Colosi, John Roberts, Nancy Olsen, Dave, Aubrey. Not Pictured: Advisor-Dr. Ber- nard Pipkin, Bill Feyerabend, Rolf Woods. professional geology fraternity american institute of industrial engineers • m american institute of chemical engineers 1st Row: Michel D ' Arlon, Dick Tanimoto, Nguyen Chong, Wm. F. Girouard, Prof. C.W. Whitston, Ricardo Miro, Robert Szu-Tu, Brent Mathews, Michael Weber, Richard Elliot; 2nd Row: Mabelly Leon- Ponte. Subhash Gupta, William Tavlor, William Megowan, Bvron Blanco, jr., Dennis Shoji, Nasser Al-Tukhaim, Venugopal Thulsiraj, Pongath Athkrauisoonthorn, Leslie Sheppard; 3rd Row: Leonardo Ensslin, Carlos Leon-Ponte, Jorge Calderon, Gregg Marston. Rick Casper, Chris Lange, Thomas Rosenast, Sam Russell, Robert Hat- field, Craig Compiano. lat Row: Member, O.Vo, Y.Vo, G.Hori, G.Wong, E.Jacobenas, R.Sheth; 2nd Row: F.Ford, G. Tolentino, D.Maier, D. Gibbons, W.Falgout, M.Izadi, J.Bar- souraian, R.Shah; :lrd Row: Member, J.Drapeau, S.Mus- sell, S.Sharp, M.Shah, J.Toney supper club Franci Boyd, Janice Ruther- ford. Missing: Susan Dong, Easter Russell, Adrian Guidotti, Sara Johnsrud. eta kappa nu professional electrical engineering fraternity Officers: Bill Hamilton, Scott Minium, Jim Poto- sky. Randy Nourse. chi epsilon professional civil engineering fraternity 1st Row: Tim Norrbom, Mickey McClune. .Jim i homas, Dana Greenwood, Henry Peters; 2nd Row: Steve Harris, r minic Milano, Bernie Rapan, David Aubrey, Hilton ijarki american society of civil engineers 1st Row: Dennis O ' Shaugnessy, Bernie Rapan, Steve Harris, Florence Yee; 2nd Row: Stanley Butler, Dana Greenwood, Domi- nic Milano, James Wolf, Harvey Gobas, Mort August, Jim Thomas Sigma delta chi Standing: Laurinda Keys, Robin Newcomer, Clarence Brown, Charlie Mack, Tim Taylor, Bob Emmer, Prof. Fredric Coonradt, Terry Ross, Wilhelm Bleckman, Dave Dickman, Rich Simon, Nancy Myers Smith, Stan Olsen, Steve Lantz; Kneeling: Rich Wiseman, Peter Wong, Bernie Beck, Tim Perryman, Mike Revzin, Gunther Merli; Seated: Mary Ann Galante, Julie Delany, Cynthia Wood, Teri Lobri, Cathy professional journalism fraternity Meyer, Angela Cu Cathejean McGillan theta sigmaphi national women ' s journalism society 1st Row: Robin Newcomer, Cathy Meyer, Vickie Young, Janet Janjigian; 2nd Row: Cindy Covell, Rich Simcui, Mary Ann Galante, Laurinda Keys,- Cathejean Mc- Gillan, Elyse Mintey teacher corps First Row: (Left to Right): Ervin Monier, Mary Morton, Carmen Del- gado, Marion Nichols, Vivian Williams, Ralph Arroyo, Leon Henry. Second Row: Robert Butler, Ellis Lewis, Victor Lares, Samuel Lang, Michael Schauerman, Justus Knight. teacher-specialist training program in teaching the disadvantaged and highly mobile youth 254 deans advisory board . . business school Fall Semester: Standing: Bob Garrett, Mike Anderson, Paul Sweeney, Paul Michelson, Phil Vener, John Jackson, Assoc. Dean Hitchin, Greg Woodson, Mike Reynolds, Mark Kahn. Seated: Shirley Sholes, Sharon Louie, Bob Flesh, Natalie Levinson, Julie Farr, Missing: Rick Mitch- ell, Ben DeMayo. Spring Semester: Standing: (Left to Right): Phil Vener, Skip Boyd, Joel Jacobs, Jamie Smith, Mike Reynolds, Ben DeMayo, Steve Alt man, Paul Michelson. Seated: Sharon Louie, Julie Farr, Dean Bran nen, Natalie Levinson, Assoc. Dean Himstreet. Missing: Bob Garrett, Bob Gobrecht, Bob Levitt, Paul Sweeney, Greg Woodson, Keith Zajic, Bob Flesh. 255 engineering student council 1st Row: Marc Gallegos, Chuck Tang, Harvey Gobas, Bernie Rapan, Doro- thea Poloynis, Florence Yee, Marty Pontes; 2nd Row: Wayne Pierce, John Lukacovic, John Potosky, Brent Mat- thews, Jim Blasshke, Tom Megna, Mike Clark, Sharon Oilman; Missing: Ed Daley, Steve Newson, Robert Stev- ens, James Brooks, Steve Mussell, Garth Duncan, Dean Robert C. Merz, Gary Heam phi delta chi professional pharmacy fraternity Dave Badgley. Larry Patterson. Avak Minassian, Mark Freehanf, Bill Mt- Calley, Rod Askew, Ted Kesseler, Ron Floyd, Doug Henson, Kirk Wilcox, Tim Black, Randy Yonai, Ron Sarke- sian, Dick Wood, Joe Benitez, Ron Jung, Brian Kim, James Kambestad, Mike Washington, Jack Schleger, Pete Chan, Gordon Ishibashi, Russ Ensey, Steve Litsey, Rich Bulich, Ed Lau, Pete Menard, Terry Hutton, Larry Rolston, Paul Richman, Bill Jung, John Hajducko, Bruce Kirshner, Bob Kazebee, Dave Frick. alpha iota phi use school of pharmacy Row One (left to right I: Randy Oba, Don Tagawa, Marty Tatsumi, Hiro Nishi (president), Clifford Yamashita, Bill Gong, Walt Nakano. Row Two: Nobuo Nakatsuchi. Roy Mayashiro. Glen Nagami. Jerry Tanaka. ' Jim Yamauchi, Mike Shima. Norm Yamauchi. Third Row: Raymond Jung, Ron Wakasa, Howard Morimoto, Professor Willard G. Smith, Richard Imada. Ron Mizufuka, Hiroshi Wakamoto. Row Four: Mike Akahoshi. Gary Louie, Clayton Hamasaki, Milton Yee, Bob Low, George Tong, Ken Nishikawa, Leonard Imada. Not Pictured: Tom Moy, Cheung Kong, Albert Shigemura, Jeff Taniyama, Dr. Robert Koda (advisor). use school of pharmacy student council Top Row (left to right): Greg Fong, Joe Benitez, Jim Chinn, Dr. Jordan Cohen, Hiro Nishi. Front Row: Tom Hunter, Gary MacMuUen, Ken Lew, Rich Shinar, Kathy Kojima, Deanna Gin, Elwin Goo, Randy Cooper. Not Pictured: Bob Kaze bee, Pete Chan, Jan Klumph, Pete Menard, Larry Patterson, Jeff Taniyama, Bob Ratcliffe, Armando Chacon. 259 rho pi phi professional pharmacy fraternity Row One: Steve Gray, Art Presser (vice-President), Mark Page, Rich- ard Kane. Row Two: Joe Shure, John Bulgin, Stan Tsahoumakis. Row Three: Jeff Field, Richard Banks, Army Briones, Allan Jacobs. Row Four: Harry Peters, Don Gelles, Bud Lush. Row Five: R alph Autrey, Bob Quint, Rocky Resnick, Al Friend. Row Six: Eugene Yamaraoto, Brian Sherman, Randy Cooper (president). Rod Zolt, Bob Vasquez. 260 Top Row (left to right): Wayne Bebb, Dr. Robert Emmons, Gerald Allen, Dr. James Stevenson, Steve Brown, Gary Pravorne, William Zenoni. Jerry Foster, Frank Eykel. Third Row: Joseph Hat«m, Charles Anderson, Claude Hinkle, James Benz, Fred Rowen, Robert Sorensen, Daniel Bender, William Sault, Jr., Thomas Van Hoist. Second Row: Dr. Gunther Klaus, Thomas Bobby, Russel Dispense, Dr. Charles Whitlo, James Koury, Richard Pincott, Bruce Massa, Charles Royal, Richard Kocherspenger, Charles Christopher. First Row: William Jackson, Dr. Norman Sigband, Paul Hamilton, Edward Hill, Susan Baldwin, Karl Keeney, Jr., Ronald Cottrell, William Woodard, Thomas Mees, Ty Takakuwa, Eric Sato. Not Pictured: Stephen Dom- browski, Robert Fritz, Raymond Gossett, George Lang. FOOD DISTRIBUTION PROGRAM UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA OCTOBER 4, 1971 pi sigma epsilon national professional fraternity in marketing, sales management and selling 261 alpha kappa psi 1st Row: Paul Michelson, Robert Winchell, Thomas B. Sells, Ray Biggerstaff, Michael Wood, OUie Hadley, Henry Lee; 2nd Rou-: Clinton Roberts. Robert Meckel, Daniel Lira, Philip Vener, Jeff Spilkey, George de la Mora, Ronald Samore, Michael Nozaki, Wes Ross; 3rd Rou: Anthony Anfreoli, Evan James, Greg Woodson, Thomas Durant, Robert Hammer, Dennis Romo, Corlton Duke, Larry Campbell, James Mastrogany, Dean Harris; 4th Row: Chris Pike, Steve Weber, Perry Countryman, Mike Tillman, Mark Harris, Randy Shuman, Tillman Pink. John Shivel, Steve Sizzo. professional business fraternity 262 alpha espilon delta international premedical honor society Members: George Atchinson, Charles Baecker, Lucind; Baker, David Baiter, Debbie Barbour, Kevin Barnett Marc Baskin, Cheryl Beckham, Robert Berry, Ralph Bishop, Phyllis Bleck, Tom Bond, Randolph Bronte Gerald Bross, Edward Bubar, Dean Butchart, Bruce Campbell, Leonard Carlson. James Casebeer, Roderic Cherry, Douglas Chinn, Kenneth Corbin, Gregory Cole, Peter Corrigan, Fred Correa, Robert Davis, Gerard Dougher, Steven Denmark, Stephen Duim, Gerard Edra lin, Greg Ellison, Joe Fiktarz, Garry Ford, Miles Fuji naka, Jean Fuksman, Robert Gardner, John Garry, Jon Green, Fred Gregg, Jeannie Gillespie, Marcia Gettman, David Greer, George Grifka, Blake Hahn, Stephan Hall, Judith Higa, Douglas -Hassen, Carolyn Hazard, David Heathman, Scott Heatley, Frank Heckle, John Headley. Pam Hetherington, Richard Hom, Kevin Huntsman, Clif- ford Ishii, Jeffrey Jacobson, David Jenkins, Ray Kaiser, Alan Karpman, Lloyd Kobayashi, Ronald Kutnetsky, Kai Kuwata, Steven Kuzetz, Branton Lachman, Ste phen Lamb, John Lebis, Mike Lem, Joseph Leonard Curtis Li, Robert Lynds, Paul Maher, Carol Manning, Ronald Mallonee, Stewart Marx, Chris McClean, Marlyn Mehlmauer, Craig Merrihew, Randall Mita, Michael Mirkovich, William Montania, Bruce Morgan, Maureen Murray, Michael Myracle, John Nail, Daniel Noonan, Kevin Noonan, Keith O ' ramuro, Mati Otsmaa, Michael Page, Lance Parton, James Patrich, Larry Perich, Vick: Perrigo, Russell Perry, Bruce Peterson, Ronald Phillips, Terry Podell, Stephen Popkin, Hew Wah Quon, Daniel Regan, Charles Rennie, Stephen Risley, William Ro denki, Gary Romero, Frank Rueckl, Victoria Schram Roger Shuster, Warren Skaug, Robert Smith, Steven Smith, Nicholas Spirtos, Lyle Swallow, Dave Sherm Mikio Tachibana, Ronald Turner, Bradford Taft, Wayne Tsutsuse, Robert Uyeda, Dave Verburg, Stephen Viselli Robert Wald, Richard Wall, Eric Wallace, Janet Wied mann, Craig Wiessenhutter, Steven Wilbur, Rick Wil liams, Christopher Wong, Piriya Wongworavit, Greg Wong, Paul Woodward, Wesley Chang, Carol Yez, Leslie Royal, Daniel Maker. Dr. Edwin M. Perkins, pre- medical advisor, and Diane Isonaka, secretary. 263 professional society for women in business beta alpha psi 1st Row: Jackie Ward, Candy Taecker, Bessie Mitchell, Carol Mudge, Alice Ozaroski, Nancy Ross; ' 2nd Row: Susan Casebeer, Ann Simley, Barbara Hankey, Peggy Parter, Gretchen HoUingsworth, Sharon Louie, Regina Sukes, Robin Ricketts, Betty Lee; 3rd Row: Barbara Bretton, Gloria Moreland, Pat Means, Ann Hickey, Marlene Kristovich, Peggy Porter, Janie Borrelli. Diana Cuppari, Susi Hodgins, Lida Wong; 4th Row: Diane Floren, Janet Greene, Toni Vaccaro, Chris Anami, Paula Ametjian, JoAnn Sanders, Linda Rasmossen, Cheryl Plotkin, Suzette Soulanille, Corinne Caine; 5th Row: Pat Gill, Jan Schainweber, Janet Zemba, JoAnn Folaron, Marilyn Bacon, Dr. Larsen, Jeanne Morgan, Priscilla Franklin, Deanna Detrola, Nancy Newbrough. national accounting fraternity 1st Row: Eric Hummel, Sue Casebeer, Harvey Wong, Steve Crum, Walter Loster, Lon Okada, Bruce Megowan, Elias Mizrachi; 2nd Row: Steve Kishi, Dennis Frankeberger, Marlene Kristo- vich, Toni Vaccaro, Michael Wood, Jim Keegan, Tom Mossey, Ed Leiber, Tim Torre; Srd Row: David Lawrence, Charles Benz, Dixon Green, Alex Go- land, Ken Lattin, Linda LeBlond, Paula Calbom; 4th Row: Richard Mas- aki. Ken Casey, Charlie Kidd, Stan Wisniewski, Stan Anderson, Tom Gaebe, Russ Stecyk. Randy Weaver. Carla Lacey; 5th Row: Don Woods, Paul Nelson, Les Bider, Ralph Smith, Dr. E.J. Larsen. Japanese students 1st Row: I.Fujita, K.Sotani, M.Tawara, M. Suzuki, K.Hashimoto, Y. Katahata; 2nd Roir: H.Iwasaki, M.Iwasaki; 3rd Row: M.Akabane, S. Iketani, M.Murakami, Y.Ohta, M.Komiya, O.Komiya, Dr. CGay, M. Kobayashi, H.Murakami, J.Fujita. M.Iwata. S. Okamoto. l.Maya- hara, S.Takaoka, K.Furubayashi, S.Osaki; 4th Row: M.Nakamura, M.Hanada, K.Okamura, T.Inoue, M.Kawachi, H. Kobayashi, K. Yokoi, M.Miyabayashi; 5th Row: S.Ito, K.Oba, M.Nakamura. 265 character sincerity effort etiquette self-tontrol 1st Row: Ted Chun, Mike Yee, Milton Yee. T om Shinmoto. Bruce Campbell, Galen Jee, Loren Pixel; 2nd Row: Jordan Wong, Doug Snyder, Mike Revzin, Kieth Hunter, Derick Glymin, Pham Thach, Wayne ' Matsuyama, Phan Thanh Ngo, Wayne Tsutsuse; 3rd Row: Mary Anne O ' Keefe. Mark Kaneta, Lloyd Kobayashi, Ted Henderson, Steve Weakley, Chris Matthews, John Kotake, Hugh Kice; Missing: Otis Cherry, Chip Haight, Wade Ho, Randy Mita, Greg Sato, Stan Tada. u.s.c. karate club 266 big brothers and sisters 1st Row: Schatzie M. Allen; 2nd Row: Pamela Broch. Gardner Beale, Denyce Holsey, Rudy Tordham, Timothy Crim, Deborah Terrell, Clif- ford Franklin, Patricia Brackeen; 3rd Row: Wayne Joseph, Linda Broussard, Keminde David, Christy Atlas, Joycelyn Thome, Craig Eubern Stephens, Estelle Shepherd. volunteer high school counseling program air force rote Col. Phillips J. Copeland Professor of Aerospace Studies The department of Aerospace Studies offers two programs of instruction leading directly to a commission as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force. Course content focuses on the scope and structure of military power, the development of aerospace forces, and the relationship of these forces to national defense. Besides classroom work, cadets participate in Corps Training. These activities are largely planned by the cadets and the emphasis is on leadership. Several orientation visits per semester are made to Air Force installations, and cadets participate in orientation flights in various types of Air Force air craft. Drill Team Members: Brian Lending, commander, Dennis Fowler, Tom Romeyn, Frank Powers, Cory Tarpenning, Larry Granger, Nathan Mi yaki, .John Lindsey, David Wallis, Alan Freidenrich, Ed Walby, Steve Fowlkes, Tony Epler, Joe Rouge, captain. angel flight The Angel Flight is an honorary organization of college women who serve the Air Force ROTC, the uni- versity, and the community. This year, the Angels served as hostesses for the Cadet Corps and the Arnold Air Society, helped organize the annual Arnold Air Society — Angel Flight Area Conclave in Anaheim for over 350 cadets and Angels from Arizona, California, Hawaii, and New Mexico, participated in project " Head Start " , and continued their assistance to the university by con- ducting campus tours. Angel Flight raises money for operations through various fund raising projects such as their annual mistletoe sale at Christmas time. Ann Ryder, Ginny Avila, Sue Maguire, Linda Palmer, Gail Chan, Robyn Kuhn, Sara Fowler, Andrea Yap. Not Present: Kathy Vollu Janice Saulsbury, Coralee Mayo, Mary Ann Miller, Karen Roaburg. Gabrielle Streett, m, Kathy Feehan, lambda kappa sigma professional fraternity for women in pharmacy Standing (left to right): Jane Makita, Karen Noel, Jan Klumph, Pearl Lovie, Sharon Mah, Diane Kwock, Wendy Dettmers. Seated: Deanna Gin, Jana Hong. Members Not Pic- tured: Leslie Blinn, Gail Blythe, Anette Flaster, Sue Mines, Dorothy Kuncas, Rosemary MacLeoad, Gladys Moriguchi, Patricia Yoon. n.r.o.t.c, The Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps program provides the Navy and Marines with officers who have technological expertise, broad understanding, intellectual curiosity, and who have been schooled in Universities across the nation to bring the services a variety of views. But just as important, they are men who share key professional military values. They understand that devotion to duty and a willingness to serve remains essential to the defense of our country. Midshipmen at USC may major in a variety of fields ranging from business and psychology to engineering. Upon graduation, the Mid- shipmen are commissioned as an Ensign in the Navy or a Second Lieutenant in the Marine Corps. The choices of duty are many and may include flying, supply, engineering, and nuclear propulsion training serving at duty stations or aboard ships based throughout the world. Captain Francis P. Koval, USN, Professor of Na manding Officer. science and Com- x r M irsr - drill team The use NROTC Drill Team is an all-volunteer pre- cision unit composed of ap- proximately 18 men who represent their organization in competition under arms. The team competes in these areas: inspections, regulation drill, and exhibition drill. Among the activities in which the team participates are the Annual Mardi Gras Parade, the Paul O ' Hare Drill Meet in Anaheim, the Govenor of Arizona Drill Meet at Tempe, Arizona, The Marion Davies Meet between USC and UCLA, and the Armed Forces Day Parade at Torrance. The t eam ' s excellence is reflected by an array of first place tro- phies including two succes- sive wins over UCLA in 1970 and 1971. First Row: J.Uldrich, R.Lupton. Second Row: D.Clayton, D.Gibson, L.Curtis, J.Rindler. .S. Miller, T.Crosbv. Third Row: .J.Odekerken, B.Fowler, K.Fritts, M.Neraechek, .J. Garibaldi, -1. Gleason. Fourth Row: R.Stephens, M.Hajnik, S.Dillon, K.Plough, G.Hendry, M.Gorbell. The Anchors divide their time be- tween hostessing Midshipmen functions and enjoying the social aspect of the Midshipmen activities. The girls may be involved in serving luncheons after field meets or decorating for the Unit ' s hon- orary functions. e social vein, the girls attend formal dances and the many informal parties during the year. First Row: Anne Schlueter, Flerida Burdick, Janet Green, Anne Rubsamen, Barbara Schwellenbach. Second Row: Marian Mapes, Shelly Gabler. Connie Montano. Allison Saroni, Mary Hylan, Libby Smith. Third Row: .Julie Craw, Melody Pontes. anchors debate squad Top Row (left to right I: Jim McQueen, Steve Swander, John Barclay, Geoff Goodman, Tom Hozouk, Drew Thomas, Thomas Wilkes, King Schofield. Middle Row: John DeBross (head coach). Jack Martin, Brad Ziff, Jay Hyer, Pete Clinco, Dennis Winston (squad captain). Perry Mocciard and Dog Pasha, Mike Corey. Bottom Row: John Reinard, Barbara O ' Conner, Donna Milelr, Wendy Wetzel, Kitty Yost, Steve Breit. university recreation association Left to Right: Phillip Kani, water ski club, Thomas Taylor, flying club, Ann Vestick, volleyball club, Ginny Boyack, interest club ad- visor, Fred Jones, kung fu club, Harry Albaugh, tae kwon do club, Steven Cooper, badminton club. Candy Kaiser, gymnastics club, Charles Higgins, surf club, Kal Griott, mountaineering club, Marcia Levine, horseback riding club, Joe Guzman, folk singing club. Dean Robert Mannes, faculty advisor, Jim Schelle. tennis club, John Nais- bitt, skin and scuba diving club, Elaine Freier, folk dance club. Bill Schneberg. ski club, Sharon Lukacovic, bicycle club, Gedy Gudh- jujkas, table tennis club, Scott Minium, amateur radio club, Milton Yee, karate club. Not Pictured: John Uebersax, chess club, Tom Tice, ski club, Anson Holley, water polo, John Bohn, Jr., fencing club, Marty Morfield, rifle and pistol club. mortar board senior women ' s honorary Seated (left to right): Janice Brock Barbara Hoose, Kim Sudol, Cathy Meyer. Front Row: Renne Huey, Con nie Cote, Marcia Levine, Janet Jan jigian, Lynne Miyake, Kathy Burton Back Row: Barbara Lack, Sue Kres nicka. Dr. Paul Knoll, Lynn Wilson Dr. Joan Schaefer, Tina Post, Heather Carling-Smith. Lisa Millman Not Pictured: Claudia Simas, Cathy Flruhrer, Rivian Taylor, Pam Coxen. blue key men ' s honorary leadership fraternity Front Row: Joe l Rosenzweig. Skip Robidsirte, Bob Barton, Steve Rasch, Lee Blackman, Jim Graham, Chuck Cochran, Roger Hobbs, Dan Smith. Back Row: Ed Samaniego, Bob Young. Thomas Christensen Brett Clark Kent Clemence Charles Cochrane Fred Correa knights Michael Alcantar Joseph Alessi Don Allen Steve Amling Robert Barton Jeffrey Bartow Tom Butler George Ceitharr Phil Chapman William Crowe Fred Davey Robert Dickerson DougDovey Kerry Fields Jeff Filter David Gibbons Jim Gillette Jim Graham Richard Hall Mark Hammerschmitt Kirk Hastings Charles Howard John Hyland John Johnson junior, senior men ' s service organization David Lawerence Michael Lewis Andy Lissner Howard Mango Dirk Manning Jim McConica Michael McCormick Mark Mclnerney Bill Megowan James Stephens Steve Tiscareno Michael Van Buskirk Larrv Weber Thomas Welsh James Weslow Thomas Wilson Benjamin Wong Robert Young Pierimo Zappella sophomore women ' s service organization Ht Row: Kathy Morrow, Sandy Banducci, Stephanie Paggi; 2nd Row: Carol Talkington, Allison Fast, Vickie Krasowski, Karen Tuppan, Gloria Potempa, Kathy Davis, Nancy Rule, Cathy Morley, 3rd Row: Tammi Wiseman, Penny Parks, Chris Ofiesh, Karen Arcotta, Terry O ' Laughlin, Mary, Pat Fluhrer, Debbie Kiefer; 4th Row: Annette Phillip, Darlene Gaston, Sue Watson, Kim McCleary, Sue Warfield, Cindy Howes, Heidi Krabacher; Sth Row: Cheryl Boyd. Kathy Arthur, Deidra Dorn, Chris Anami, Edwma Johnson, Karin Kavoian: 6th Row: Diana Wright. Kim Siamis, Nancy Poquette, Cheryl Beckham, Ro- berta Stovitz. sword and shield trojan squires sophomore men ' s service organization 1st Row: John Lipari, Joe Todd, John Davis, Denny Chapman, Mark Schulz, Neil Reitz, Mark Saunders, Ken Yabuki, Bill Petrasich, Greg Narog, Steve Childs; 2nd Roir: Van Jarvis, Scott Abell, John Young, Chris Call, Blair Bryant. Allen Wallace, John Loevenguth, Tom Richart, Ron Murrell, Jeff Foltz, George Halas; 3rd Row: Jack Lema, ( " rreg Stearns, Gregg Caskey, John Kenosian, Ray Danganan, Tom Courtney, Rich Haugen, Conrad Hoener, Ken L ' de, Mike Briggs, Richard Jones; -Ith Row: Scott McClure, Rick Stevens, Ben Mozzetti, Lyle Maul, Gary Hamity, Larry Damm, Bill Hardekopf, Bob Wheeler, Brent Noyes, George Handt man; ? th Row: Tim MacReynolds, Dean Davison, Bob Smith, Keith Fuchigami, Jim Burke, Rob Malcolm, Doug Peller, Bruce Barnum, Rob Wald, Rich Townsend; Mistunii: Kric Freeman, Lee Hendrick, Rick Mork, Larry Masuoka, Andy Laub, Ted Robinson, Joe Siegel, Dave Ghirar- delli, David Blain, Jim Lacy, Scott Cook, Don Green, Paul Hartnett, Don Green, Paul Larsen, Bill Pazurek, Ray Burton, Fred Robbins. phrateres 1st Row: Debbie George, Regina Sykes, Robin Lee, Betsy Canham, Evelyn Marino, Joanie Robinson, Valerie Gumbiner, Penny Parks. June Tabanera; 2nd Row: Magda Jasinska, Coleen Chen, Jeannine Murphy, Jody Molodow, Mary Lamburtus, Anita Sapatjian. Linda Duffy, Marie Foster; 3rd Row: Salli-jean Neil, Linda Albertoni, Dina McMillin, Elaine Wiergart. Kathy Morrow. Terri Smith, Barbara Bush, Annette Philipp, Loredana Cherini. a social-service organization official hostesses of the university 1st Row Jan Seymour, Linda Schweickert, Vitki Schweickert, Allison Saroni, Carol Talkington, Linda Congleton. Sharman Welib, Adrian Guidotti. Marlene Kristovich; 2nd Rok Sue Cartwright. Marjorie Murphy, Michelle Buchanan, Patricia Clark, Wendy Dickson, C; jean McGillin, Julie Capps, Kimberly McCleary, Wendy Baker, Sand Hartman; 3rd Ri w: Mary McRoskey, Barbara Helni, Robin Alterman. Valerie Gumbiner. Elaine Freier, Anne Rubsamen, Cheryl Hays, De nise Stump; llh Row: Ann Helm, Maureen Gallagher, Colleen Gal- lagher, Pam Webb, Easter Russell, Bev Blais, Paula Moseley, Janel Zemba. helenes 281 1st Row Scott McClure, Brad Taft. Jim Hobson, John Neumyer. 2nd Row: John Rowell, Tom Richart. men ' s halls association executive board 282 women ' s halls association executive council 1st Row Michelle Buchanan, Laura Kotsiris, Lorraine Takahashi. 2nd Row: Lorrie Herzberg, Kathy Arthur, Ja- net Kovac, Mary Mazzaferri. Not pictured: Karen Ar- cotta, Thyra Felton. dorms 284 residence hall staff Harold Belyeu Michael McClune David Markowitz Dean Robert Mannes Jon Shapiro Helen Wakabyashi Karen Chappell Freddie McClodden HansReichl Alice Ozaroski BobBeltran Sue Hefner Dale Ann Steiber Steve Wpocki Larry Burton Terry Monroe Jody Olsen Loren Smets Sue Kresnicka Norm Sparrow Patty Dembrowski Joliada Osborne BobLeiber Gail Sheridan Dave Aubrey BillYoshimoto Ann Harmon Kathy Forte John Pilger Arthur Krohn Cheryl Groudins Cathejean McGillin Jonda Rourke Debbie Dillon Robin Nicklin Mike Polk Lyle Morris Larry Plon Vickie Bennett Lynn Miyake Arthur Schaefer 285 men ' s dorms 2nd Floor Trojan Standing: Kenji Ota, Steve Meloany, Tom Costa, Rishard Sporn, Big ' D ' Butchart, Tim Maher, Carlos Alejandro Mina, Billy Boyd, String Bean, Tim Lucas, Jim Murray, Ray Martin, John F.H. Sumner, Steve Herring, Captain Carl L. Seaman. Gary Leach, Ken Stachler, Mike Rowbotham, David ' State ' Benscoter, Juan Jose Gonzales, Jim, Bruce E. Pocock, Lee Secard, Mike Tashman, Crazy Bruce, Jon Benken, Bill King, Greg Gibeaut, Ron Schaumburg, Pat, Town and Gown 1st Row: Rick George, David Markowitz, Ron Jadach, Louie O ' Byrne, John Kay, Mike Yoder; 2nd Row: Brack Linscott, Jim Wozniak, Cam Noble, Bruce Cohen, Bruce Sizenfeld, Chip Furniss, Charlie Schnei- der, Mike Villeneuve; 3rd Row: Jody Hechtman, Malcom Carling- Smith, Ken Wozniak, Greg Cole, Richard Wiseman, Nick Adamenko, Tom McBreen, Mike Ronzano, Rob Courtney, Lyle Morris; 4th Row: Doug Windes, Aaron Thain, Fred Tydeman, Kerry Newcomer, Gary Pemero John Franklin. S ' T ' J ' b ' , 2nd Floor Trojan 1st Rou Kieth Osajima, Doug Meyer, John Luth, Ron Kuznetsky, Emile Dabby, Erik Ishikawa; ■2nd Row: Tom Troesach, Vern Black- man, Lane Johnson, Will Clark, Gary Gumser, Mark Nania, Louie Entin, Ed Gillian, Henry Jackson, Loren Fixel; ■Ird Row: Rich Karris, Peter Troesch, Tim Olaiz, Steve Sharp, Dave Barba, Juan Aquilar, Joe Cassidy, Wayne Matsura, Mike Hempstead. Roy ' admiral ' Hof- schnieder, Don Quarre 5th Floor Marks Tower 1st Row: Chris Matthews, Tim McFarren, Mike Feinberg, Bob Nuc- cio; 2nd Rou: David Werk, Peter Spear, Don Barber, Scott Cryder; 3rd Ron: Jim Bloch, Jim Price, Greg Gibeaut; 4th Row: Steve Brown; 5th Row: John Kooker; Missing: Craig Stadler. Ed Putman, Emanuel A- wala, Gus Williams, Biff Burrell, Ed Fitch, Bob Coffman, Ken Rausch, Mark Chatfield, Mark Landstrom, Dale Francescon, Bob Gas- kins, Craig Patten, Tom Offutt, Walt Malmrose, Greg Harris, Gary Malkin. 3rd Floor Marks Hall 1st Row: Clint Chapman, Jim Amato, Charlie Hofgaardon, Steve Cash, Scott Farray; 2nd Row: Carl Hardin, Clay Jackson, Frank Good, Kirk Stewart, Chris Hobbs, Ed Kendall, Drew Thomas, Gary Ong, Rich Horn, Joe Arlotti, Howard Berry; 3rd Row: Bill Boyd, Gus Williams, Larry Harris, Dick Larkin, Ron Aguila, Howard Levine, Larry Ah Mon, Chris La Barthe. 55 7»- V - ¥ y 4th Floor Marks Tower 1st Row: Mike Dougherty, Bob Nolan, Frank Neeri, Jeff LaBarthe, Mickey McClune, Ed Hawkins; 2nd Row: Neil Nunokawa, Darryl Chew, Walt Kuzma, Greg Howick, Neil Gordon, Steve Cady. Randy Morrow; 3rd Row: Kiyoshi Natasui, Pat Roche, Bruce Banerdt, Brent Wolfe, Cave Myers. Dale Komai, Jack Stilwell. 6th Floor Marks Tower 1st Row: Thomas Richart, Barry S Hobson, William Matteson, Malcolr Patrick Mott, Wesley Chang, Bran( rayesh, Brian Arakelian. Mark H. . Stein, Michael Zaretsky, James 1 Chong, Robert Gavlik; 2nd Row: Klines, Thomas Gaebe, Jarfa Pi- Saunders, Curtis Flynn, John E. Garry, Robert Beltran; lird Row: Terrance Berndt, James McClure, Thomas Lochmoeller, Michael Mirkovich, David Howe, Daruss Gold- i ' yi H -CLf 3rd Floor Touton Standing: Mike L. Wilson, Pete Jakubowski, Rod Terasaki. Mike Giver, Walt Philipp, Thor- stein Veblin, Will Heining, John Adolph, Bob Glushon, Mike G. Wilson, Brent Anderson, Step- hen Hobson, J. Todd Mulder, George Tirebiter, Adam Smith, Mike Contreras, David Ricardo, Paul Duzik, Bill Yoshimoto, Ace Strong; Sitting: Neil McCarthy, John Lewis, Bill Benton, Jim Parsons, Jack Miehoff, Ken Millage, Ken Carrasco, Robert Miller. 2nd Floor Touton Standing: Row 1: Ken Post, Alan Como, Yuji Nakamoto, Kevin Noonan, Ron Fenstermacher, John Lewis, Bruce Mills; Standing, Row 2: Lara Momsen, Sauichi Takaoka, Bob Lueck, Tyrone Sukiaki, Jon Teegarden, Julio Campo, Lament Doxtad, Art Schaefer, Paul Jewell, Mike Tho- mas, Ted Bartscherer, Dee Cromwell; Sitting: Gordon Branson, Mike Gilmore, Alex Almeida, Fred Millhouse, Ted Roberson, James Givehand, Brian Robinette, Lyn Gamelson, Robert Che- 290 1st Floor Teuton . Ron One: Gary Branson. Gerry Muraoka, John Olsson, Greg Myatt, Andre Hawkins, Nick Erquiaga, Bruce My- att, Phil Hummell. Rote Two: Keith Tanaka. James Ta- mai, Dave Wienberg, Howard Sawada, Al Friedenrich, Jeff Horn, Ken Ito, Pat Squeira, Ray Merlo. Row Three: Al Chinn, Dave Barraza, Danny Luele, Don Smith, Char- lie Schmitt, Paul Wiefels, Herlen Reed, Jr. 4th Floor Touton. Row One: Russ Barlett, Charles Calaban, Kathy Forner, James Heitkotter, David Keiser, John Lindesy, Chris McCauley, Richard Maeda, Greg Mix. Mike Peterson, Wade Piston, Lawrence Plon, Vince Salvi, Richard Sch- midt, Bill Stark, Jeffrey Teal. Leslie Tama, David Til- ton, Gary Wada, Paul Wilson, Hubertus Zegers. th Floor Marks Tower Harold Belyeu Monty Lew Marc Schaefer Steve Morgan Stan ley Tada Don Scrima Gerald Tolentino Glenn Stevens Michael Yee Hal Falk Gary Clark James Wainright Teneki Nakano Lawrence Olson Jordan Wong Gerald Sekimura Leslie Shaw Mark Weeken Alex Herrmann Marc Bryant Michael Revzin Trojan Hall 3 3rd Floor Trojan 1st Row: Marty Lizer. Roger Dhesi; 2nd Row: Mike Runzler, Bob Mc Elrath, Paul Goodson, Mike Rose, Jeff Dagdigian, Russ Bledsoe, Dar rel Dagdigian, Tom Lipkis, Gary Medley, Curt Aldendifcr, Jim De Soto, David Tassey, Jed Downhill, Terry Monroe; :irct Row: Dave Nel son, Doug Brosman, Gary Dickinson, Mark Mixjschekian, Steve Co man, David Wallis, Steven Fowlkes, Don Wassem, Steve Orlikoff, Dave Moore, Bob Hogue, Tod Bottari, Chris Gross, Mark Kaner, Bill Barrett, David Lloyd Green, Randy Schultz, Norm Holland. 8th Floor Marks Tower 1st Row: Art Beasley, Keith Okamuro, Gary Alexander, Rubic Siman- ian, Robert Ritacco, Ross Boylan, John Doyle; 2nd Row: Shahriar Bol- daji, Marcelo Miranda, Juan Castro, Rudi Schmidt, Anton Caratan, Jay Hodes. 1st Floor Trojan Gary Richens, Rich Meyer. Clive Otsuka. Mark Anderson, Mike Swa- vely, Paul Pacior, Ken Buettner, Keith Oien, Steve Horn, Jim Griffith, James Jeffrey, Clark Adam, Larry Wolfe, Larry Tichauer, John John- ston, Carl Taylor, Steve Bowden, Greg Aven, Dave Danielson, John Farr, Bruce Gatzke, Ken Grossbart, John Garibaldi, Steve Miller, Os- car Wainbuch, Roger Reynolds, Gerald Mouzis, Rich Ayoob, Charlie Williams, Jim Muche, Loren Smets, Jim Price. 2nd Floor Marks Tower 1st Row: Pat, Paula; 2nd Row: Doc Smith, Dave Aubrey, Bruce Peter- son, Cliff Suen, Gary Gee, Cliff Lum; 3rd Row: Bill Owen, Bob What- hisface, John Matthes, Ted Meyer, Bill Delain, Cranor Richtor, Bead Taft; 4th Row: John Poole, Phil Gross, Bob McEntyr e, Bob Keil, Ben Britt, Doug Poole. i women ' s dorms 2nd Floor New College 1st Row: Gail Chan, Andrea Letarte, Darrylynn Kaun, Lynn Miyake, Dana Howes; 2nd Row: Karen Rosburg, Robyn Kuhn, Kathy Lebel, Pam Kanno; 4th Row: Ashrafe Baghaei, Nancy Centofanti, Cathie Moody, Patty Boyd, Lorrie Herzberg. . 295 1st Floor University 1st Row: Kathy Kimura, Donna Azuma. Julie Gon- dik, Mary Rolrich, Alene Lafky, Paula Wilson, Janet Hall, Vicki Krasowski, Mary Libby, Ruth Hirayama; 2nd Row: Helen Wakabayashi, Patti Whiting, Beth Young, Bonnie Erkel. 6th Floor Birnkrant 1st Row: Sharon Miyasato, Edith Chun, Gay Hoer- sch, Cheryl Beckham, Susie Brown, Paula Ametj- ian, Marcia Glaze, Melanie Gould, Janet Funke, Adrienne Tucker; 2nd Row: Anette Flaster, Jeanne Casas, Susan de la Vergne, Linda Lundberg, Linda Tyler, Jane Grossman, Charlene Linnell; 3rd Row: Alice Dimmick, Nancy Poquette, Sara McLellan, Robin Ackerman; -Ith Row: Joy Hashiba, Susan Bums, Joyce Kinoshita, Susan Harris. 1st Floor University 1st Row: Barbara Lebeis, Kari Gran ville, Mary Anne O ' Keefe. Rose Mon tesano, Robin Nicklin, Terri Reed Paula Lay; 2nd Hon: Karen Thomp son. Ann Arkley, Muriel Walker. Ei leen Fisher. Surinder Brar. Trudy Mullin. Sandy Yamashita; :lrd R( Candace Kelley. Melody Pontes, Kim Martin. 4th Floor E.V.K. ht Row: Teri Browne, Kathy Forrler, Patty Dembowski, Bonnie Slason; 2nd Row: Ruth Deutsch, Lynn Barrett Chris Weast, Ann Warren. Terry 0 ' Laughlin; :ird Row: Karen Hoel friend, Linda Witherill. Cheryl Le may, Karla Kdepenik, Emily Wong, Betty Lee; -Ith Row Laurinda Keys, Diane Dilettera. Claudia Wilson. 8th Floor Birnkrant 1st Row: Von Haste, Karen Ray, Barbara Po- satko, Mary Vic Thomas, Rhonda Reder, Gail Hamaguchi; 2nd Row: Nancy Giannini, Terry Warschaw, Cathy Schwinn, Nancy Hall, Alana Grajewski, Suzie Linett; 3rd Row: Patty Step- han, Jana Sherwin, Melissa ChanrtTers, Debbie Fratt, Cathejean McGillin, Candy Kaiser, Lin- da Blemberg, Barbie Mac Donald. 4th Floor Birnkrant 1st Row: Mary Jo Aileen, Jane Luguslo, Janet Cunningham, Janice Lou, Charlene Bandivi- raga, Diane Torbey, Suzanne Fraser, Sheila Hickey; 2nd Row: Carole Bersher, Debbie Shaf- fer, Maissa Tbrahim, Peggy Edwards; 3rd Row: Susan Kamins, Debbie Randall, Holly Calbom, Lynne Crawford, Marianne McCabe, Terry Wil- son; -Ith Row: Debbie Dillon, DeeDee DeLoach, Judi Parral, Ruth Friedrich, Nadine Rowe, Shelley Chouteau; 5th Row: Sandi Ruben, Gina Klein. 298 5th Floor Birnkrant ,s( Ruir: Val Clark, Barbara Danielson, Llaina Le Blane, Marie Hol- lander, Eileen Kelly, Cindi Watson, Terri Monterastelli; 2nd Roir: Gail Goodrich, Sue Boundey, Marilyn Merritt, Jane Johanson, Kathy Doirs, Gloria Potempa, Kathy Hoffman. Leslie Larner, Denise Brown; 3rd Row: Shirley Catada, Barbara Cho. Christine Plank, Janice McAl- lister, Karen Wilson, Debbie Briggs, Denise Carlson, Charlene Metz, Margie Jasper, Marty Nelson, Jan Dundone. 2nd Floor Birnkrant 1st Row: Marion Tong, Joy Wright. Linda Futchik, Karen Acotta. Nancy Aranda; 2nd Row: Kathie Joe, Nina Collins, Cathv Hinton. Susan Chun, Pat Brown. Gayle Cariglin. Joanne Karr: .Ird ' Row: Me- linda Mills, Joni Fleeman, Cheryl Murdy. Jennifer Feltz. Rebecca Wooden, Joni Hansen, Anne Dickenson, Kathy Archer. Ola Massey: 4th Row: Cathy Wyche, Maureen Free. Laurie Burruss, Laurie Brand, Barbara Spiney. Gail Sheridan 2nd Floor College 1st Row: Marilyn Niemann, Marianne Burke, Kathy McKenna, Sue Hjelte, Martha Evert, Chris Anami; 2nd Row: Mary Williams, Anne Harmon, Julie Soils, Nancy Stukan. Pat Morrow, Sue Stonestreet, Peggy Watson; 3rd Row: Pam Re, Janice Bender, Rosalie Uht, Sharon Ueda, Anna Kosh, Carol Iwamoto. 3rd Floor E.V.K. 1st Row: Kathleen Clary, Cindy Beis- ner, Karen Schumacher, Nancy Ter- beck, Deborah Lujan, Erenia Roldan, Carla Johnson, Mary Fushiki, Juli- enne Mikasa; 2nd Row: Casey Lieu. Diane Hottendorf, Barbara Bush. Roxanne Sink, Bonnie Brown, Patti Staggs, Michele Duclon, Wendy Gaines, Gail Fleming, Mary Mazza- ferri, Kathy Morishita, Nancy Fu- — shiki. 1st Floor Old Wing College 1st Rou Karen Sobelman. Michele Downes, Darlene Baker, Laura Wes- ley, Gail Farber, Flor Anvar; 2nd Row: Alice Ozaroski, Leslie Winslow, Vicky Ellis, Toni Cunningham, Naida Ax- ford, Karen Pekuri, Peggy Anderson, Kathy Forte. 3rd Floor New College 1st Ruiv: Betsy Stevenson, Bethann Berman, Carol Talkington, Nancy Goldberg, Emily Garrido, Nim Thana- nan; 2nd Row: Stephanie Paggi, Karen Christensen, Lee Wilbur, Edwina Johnson, Claire Wilson, Donni Wit- ham, Kathy Arthur, Carol Granone. Jan Wiedmann, Pat McMullen. 3rd Floor University 1st Rou Bella Dilworlh; 2nd Row: Gelinda Quintile, Tien Tien Kiat, Margaret Moors, Kathi Torek, Dolly Harris, Carol Dobashi, Debra Bracks, Shelley Gabler, Susan Watanabe, May Gong; 3rd Row: Amy Gunderson, Betty Moy, Jane Quan, Claudia Simas, Linda Boehme, Dane Stiverson, Rachel Felton, Shirley Overgaard. 3rd Floor College 1st Row: Sue Mocsny, Olga Griffin, Kathy Richards, Chris Ofiesh, Lynn Letsch, Chris Cubbon, Kathy Schram; 2nd Row: Laurie Dun- ham, Kery Suesouris, Laura Carver, Barbara Bills, Ann Dawes, Brooke Otte, Terri Larrick, Donna Caswell; 3rd Row: Rosalie Mandala, Jenny Fielder, Cheryl Martin, Marian Mapes, Janet Newberry, Sandi Barnes, Donna Petit, Linda Gonzales, Jov Wolff. 1st Floor College 1st Row: Dorothea Warren, Susan Ekstein, Nancy Folks, Irini Terzian, Beverly Hilton, Conni Glang; 2nd Row: Karen Aseltine, Fredelyn Ha- ley, Elizabeth Wilkinson, Carol Gobrecht, Kimberly Youngstrom. 2nd Floor University 1st Row: Fran Kingsley, Dale Ann Stieber, Becky Bennett, Jan Cox- son, Barb Hachton, Barb Galusha, Bev Fisher, Carmela Ma; ' 2nd Row: Randee Shrader, Pam Williamson, Joanne Jackson, Janis Price, Kim Heywood, Susan Inouye, Karen Wagner, Adina Moore, Diana Duncan, Heidi Krabacher; 3rd Row: Susie Barnett, Chris Rector. 7th Floor Birnkrant 1st Row: Diana North, Andrea Finn, Lynn Cummins, Nancy Nutt, Vickie Bennett, Gail Storm, Linda Kumetz, Donna Gale; 2nd Row: Sue Paplham. Mary Ann Pacheco, Diane Foot. Pam Brock, Sherry Gray, Cathy Hirko. Diana Lowe, Gail, Teri Wiseman, Winnie Jackson; 3rd Row: Jennifer Eckhardt, Cathy Hilton, Wendy Fagundes, Chris McDonell, Maureen Gallagher, Colleen Gallagher. 2nd Floor EVK Sue Kresnicka, Lisa Burg, Kathy Flemming, Gay Jang, Elaine Blo- meyer, Wendy Adams, Vicki Rodino, Terry Whitney, Denise Abdun- nur, Mary Ann Galante, Sandi Bonducci, Linda Watson, Bettye Wells, Janet Janjigian. Angle Curcuru, Lucy Synder, Patty Wells, Mary Turk, Bobbie Tillman, Cathy Meyer, Lynn Donahue, Gayle McDo- well, Jill Steele, Susan Knowles, Janie Waxman, Janelle Watson. 3rd Floor University 1st Row: Tricia Woodward, Dianne Scarelli, Annie Velys, Caron War- ner, Lynn Shibata; 2nd Row: Eda Gregor, Toni Tellefson, Geral Nor- din, Sandy Mackin, Lois Miyano, Linda Elizalde, Cecelia Sxeto, Jon- da Rourke, Nancy Wogan, Cathy Martin, Debbie Alexander. 2nd Floor Old University 1st Row: Karen Rose; 2nd Row: Sheila Hinnant, Vera McAffee, Deb- bie George, Nancy Noble, Teresa McDonald, Pilar Luna, Debbie Ma- hannah, Suzanne McGhee, Cheryl Nitta; 3rd Row: Amy Rossi, Ann Haley, Vicki Rodenu, Janey McMullen, Cindy Wilkerson, Sandy Ohls- son, Sue Hefner, Mary Wilcox, Sheila McMorrow. panhellenic Executive Board: Lizz Carr, JaNae Jacques, Julie Lynch, Jen Banks. 306 interfraternity council Ed Samaniego (rush v. p.), Roger Hobbs (president), Bob Young (1st v.p. ), Steve Rasch (secretary). 307 U li«£ i49 1 i it ' v " « ; i .«5 1 % 1 t. 1 i •J — . Axn First Ro W.- Joan Dougherty Nancy Carter Marce Marcial Lynn Paonessa Christie Lanum Mary Ann Guho, President Teri Jones Chrissie Knox Martha Collen Penna Fruhling Ciana Wright Barbara Clark Debbie Johns Mamie Hall Susan Victor, Pledge Trainer Carol Wiegman Denise Montgomery Nancy Rule Linda Laine, Rush Chairman Second Row: Janis Perry Mary Trudeau, Vice President Kitty Wintrode Debbie Wade Cindy Gilmour Jan Alair Lynne Nikols Kim Ludlow Patty Kolb Barbara Bills Patty Lundy Nancy Bacon Kathy Herberts Dee Dee Ferguson Sandy Smith Bonnie Erkel Sarah Johnsrud Marguerite Castro Cheryl Pester Teri Wolfe Debbie Busick Gayle Fleming Debbie Gibbs Holly Calbom Maureen Marchini Jeanne Moriarity Cheryl Hays Wendy Amundson Kay Poppenberger Stairs: Vicki Stelzner Anne Marie Cory Ann Chambers Kathy Haljun Cricket Hefner Marilyn Nichols Glenda Bachman Renee White Cheryl Olson Robin De Freece Cindy Quane Lindsay Pettit Penny Simon Not Pictured: Kathy Cahill Angela Caldwell Ginger Landau Penny Moser Many Jane Scurria Becky Black, Barbara Body, Janet Lee, Pegge Cimino, Jan Mosena, Lynn Mayo, Carol Pelissier, Cheri Jackson, Debbie Leisure Cyndi DePalma, Laurel Stuber, Patti LaBouff, Betsy Wickes, Pam Berman, Louann Reitz, Denice Brown, Bonnie Yamaoka, Lara Hand, Monica Delio, Barbara Helm, Sandi Barnes 310 Top Row (left to right): Diane Tappan, Eileen Kelly, Carrie McMahon, Lauren Sherman, Gail Foltz, Cathy MacMillen, Lizette Nugent, Janet Rodeffer; Front Row: Allyson Bilich, Debbie Davis, Karen Swisher, Ann Helm, Toni Buckley, Pat Thompson A A n Front Row: Sandy Souther, Piper Post. Second Row: Julie Scofield Marsha Huffman, Tina Hansen. Back Row: Gay Travers, Tori Petrone, Stephanie Hunt, Paula Wilson, Janet Harris, Cathy Henry Marlene Kristovich. First Row: Lori Hartunian, Sharlene Garish, Dina Morgan, Laurie Lloyd. Second Row: Tracey Clausen, Sue Emery, Starlet Lloyd, Debbie Kiefer. Third Row: Nancy Harding, Margie Atherton, Joan Eberling. Back Row: Marianne Lah, Diane Scarcelli, Melanie Kirk. .iMli-ihli-Jul ' i AEO) Row One (left to right I: Pam Barish Kathie Schlaff Denise Berkett Mickey Shames Janice Brock (m ■rm - Row Two Linda Lefand Barbara Lebovitz Jeri Banks Ruth Harvey Patti Judson Melanie Gould Row Three: Lillian Harvey Deanna De Mayo Jonni Hoffman Carol Watenmaker Jeannie Ruderman Susie Hoffman Nancv Cohen Row Four: Laurie Ackerman Vivian Hargis Sandy Silverman Cathy Shequen Marilyn Zalkowitz Teri Rand Camera Shy: Carol Tarcher Bethann Berman Linda Kumetz Ileen Weiss Linda Weinstein Lisa Shapiro Genie Kahn RuthSternfeld Marsha Green Tina Post Katheleen Buniff Mary Garvin Laurie Gold Shelly Hellman Sharon Kavitz Lisa Millman Leslie Nudelman Barbara Tuchler Deni Miller Stacy Sterbcow ATA Bsirbara Bush Betsy Can ham Julie Capps Heather Carling-Smith Phyllis Bailey Barbara Batson 1 i Linda Bearaer Mary Becker Sharon Besel Esn ' •4 m %: Ann Chambers Marcia Cook Marilyn Folgner Wendy Gaines Marcia Gettman » $ f i Laura Gilroy B. G.Goldberg Olivia Goldstein Valerie Gumbiner JaneHaentzschel t •y 4 AnnHickey Cathy Hilton arbara Hoagland Jean Howard Gwynne Jenkins Christie Kolb M. 1 .f A- m 4 314 JoDee Lagorio $ i f Barbara Lebeis Kathy McKay Kathryn Morton • f % Jane Morzov Marjorie Murphy Christine Ofiesh Gloria Ortiz 3t S • Marcia Parker Penny Park Sharon Petit i t t 4 Corey Ramsey Christine Rector Patricia Redden ReidReillv AnneRubsamen f f. f. M Ally Saroni Janice Saulsbury Cathy Spies Marilyn Weiss Jana Waring Carole Starkey m A Not Pictured Sue Bucklin Chris Gault Nancy Keatinge Joan Roesener Sue Cromwell Sue Hamilton Debbie Robbins Renee laia Julie Sutro Front Row: Andrea Papac Mary Anne Kovacevich Toni Whitesell Lynn Brown Middle Row: Genie Hayes Dee Dee DeLoach Chris Kirst Janice Rutherford Barbara Hall Back Row: Joni Hansen Paula Kenagy K.C. Henry Kathy Archer Sue Anderson Mary Jo Banton Gloria Connor Betsy Couch Julie Craw Debbie Denison MicheleDuclon Jean Dudley Sue Ekstein Chris Garrett Marsha Glenn Laura Graves Jennifer Gray Marilyn Hall Chris Hansen Shannon Herren Juliana Hudson Patty Huff Mary Hyan Cindy Koutny Nancy Kramer Laura Mathes Eileen Miele Pattye Miele Ginny Naessig Maggie Nedrow Annette Philipp Tricia Reardon Bonnie Rowe Barbara Schwellenbach Cindy Shoemaker Nancy Simpson Marilyn Sink Carolee Snyder Linda Stevenson Rita Vermeer Kathy Vollum Nanette Walden Ginger Wineland xn " •■% AAA Jeanne Abrams Susan Ainslie Robin Andrews Ann Arnold Gayle Baker ■H f s% f ]%■ Wendy Baker laryann Ballard Joyce Bartle Janie Borrelli 1 i y. Nevada Brooks Deborah Budincich Cheryl Campbell Linda Campbell % 1 1 » Janet DeLuca Alice Dimmick Martha Evert Melissa Falck Wendy Forbes Barbara Galusha Lynda Gillespie Barbara Case Regina Childers Beth Christl S k Cindy Clark Karen Cook Wendy Cooper Janet Copes Frances Cox Lisa Davis ' ! ; , f kS % ■■$ f (1) ' . ■. i» % 320 Joanne Gimbel Carol Gobrecht Sandy Hartman Patty Harwood Janet Hester Christine Hovey Janae Jacques l.i f «. 1 Tracy James Georgia Jensen Jennefer Jolstead Ann McMahan Melissa Miner i % Joanne Puhrman Annie Scanlan Darrelyn Scott Sheridan Shelton Kim Siamis Susan Sii » « A Linley Skoro Tanda Soker Suzette Soulanille Pamela Sybrandt f ' f. ft V ■ f 2i Kathleen 1 ait Barbara Todd Nancy Turner ShariUUman Donna Vossmeyer y ,% % ,♦ m t Christine Walters Marianne Walters Mary Wilcox Nancy Wilcox Kathleen Wood Nancy Wood 321 AT 324 roB Patti Beckham Stephanie Berg June Bradford Sue Brown Judy Cannavo Sue Cartwright Cathy Connelly Connie Cromwell Roseann DeLuca Debbie Dillard Linda Folbs Sue Fraser Debbie Funk Linda Funk Gail Graham Cathy Grimm Barbara Hartwig Carolyn Kolts Kathy Kolts Joyce LaBossiere Lori Langill Kathy Laughren Tammi Lurnas Kathy MacDonald Kathy Maher Rosalie Mandala Judy McConica Jeanne McLaughlin Janet Miller Missy Miller Pat Morris Jean Parks Dorthea Poloynis Karen Popovitch Chris Re inhart Robin Rosenberg Jody Salas Cammie Sawyer Jan Seymour Heidi Schmidt Sukey Smith Teri Smith Janene Verge Wendy Wetzel Cindy Wiberg Peggy Witz Wendy Wolcott Lisa Woodman Suzanne Andrews Maribeth Armstrong Marilyn Bacon Lynn Baran SueBartlit Sharman Beven Cathy Bogy Diane Brooks Debbie Brunner Sue Burns Maria Campo Elizabeth Carver Katchen Cook Linda Curry Wendy Dickson Danielle Dietrich Sally Findlater Jo Ann Fister Colleen Flynn Nancy Foster Georgia Fox Gwynn Gieger Debbie Graham Sandra Green Tanya Gustafson Nancy Hahn Susan Harper Sue Harris Debra Herold Lynne Heyes Hilary Hilton Pamela Hogan Cynthia Howes Dana Howes Catherine Hunt Jolayne Jennings Darrylyn Kaun Karin Kavoian Margaret Knight Denise Knoll Linda Leblond Catherine Leishman Gayle McDowell Suzanne McGhee Kathy McKenna Peggy Moran Cathy Morley Anne Muirhead Debi Ordway Brent Power Debbie Quon Jessie Rawn Lynn Russell Laurie Severson Brier Shield Susie Smith Carol Somerville Jenny Steele Jill Steele Marsha Stonestreet Susan Stonestreet Alice Strub Jan Turner MargoUpham Susie Vandermast Dianne Walker Susan Warfield Susan Watson Julie Williams Pamela Wright Cynthia Wulfsberg w 2} ■ii Hufl ' 1 mk K M KKr P ' — 1 ■ m F rT W m IstRow: Barbara Berrien Jane Sherwin JudyRimelspach Hilary Wickersham 2nd Row: Holly Wells Peggy Schmid rnnmsm Wendy Walker .gBHWBf Blue Evans nUBQI 3rd Row: ■ B Anne Wilson W|Ht JanLangdon v TVT Cindy Grier 4th Row: SandiSpeich Sarah Grier Pam Smith Nancy Newhouse lU Nancy Ackerman Kristin Beckman Diana Billings Jane Bozarth Pamela Erasure Cindi Brennan Mikie Burke Candace Caldwell Margie Campbell Becky Collins Patricia Crehan Suzanne Davis k n 1. ® % H • t i % Minoi Evans Linda Everson Laura Gibbons Nancy Gillette m i ; r - « Gerry Graham Nancy Gregory Betsy Grether Jeanne Ham . . Mary Ann Hart Katie Hirschler Kitty Ireland Wendy Johnston fl f» i ' f ♦ JillKahonzes H H Kawashima 1 LorianKeefe K . H Jean Kelly H . H Flora Kerr _ | ii Q (i • «• B Linda Kline .f k s M- h A. Q f 49 ,i f nBO) Deborah Lavigne Ann Lippincott Robin Marie Livingston Lome Lockwood Margaret Maher Ann Mueller Kathy Munroe Heidi Myers Camille O ' Keefe Brooke Otte Sallie Paquette Ann-Marie Pianta Alison Pickens f i m Carlyn H l Susan Porter Wf» - H Susan Power ■ 1 ' 1 Charie Prickett ii f. 0n ' ft 4 1 ' 1 ' ) m Audrey Putnam Sue Ristuben Cynthia Shearer Toni Staser Stephanie Stuhr Kathleen Sullivan Susan Trapp Karen Ulery Lita Valdes Dana Webster Tina Wood Saundra Young Betty Kawata Jeanne Nojo Kiyoko Konya Kathy Kumamoto Alcene Kunimoto Tina Lee Thelma Louie Julienne Mikasa Teri Jean Miyakawa Lois Miyamoto Kathy Morishita Marsha Motoyama Christine Anami Nancy Fushiki Gail Hatanaka Margie Honnaka % 1 f | Com Ikeguchi Carol Iwamoto Elizabeth Iwata Denise Kamachi Cynthia Kawanami • 4 " f •1 « v%) «f. 1 f t- f r » « AcDK I Carol Nakaoki JanciNishimura Nancy Okamura Sharon Okura Janet Osaka Gail Ozaki 1 t « f « ? Janet Saito Alice Sera Lynn Shibata Janet Shigekawa Linda Suzuki Carole Takemoto iw ' t f «« A 4l 1 Victoria Wong Celia Yamasaki Saudra Yamashita Carol Yamauchi Florence Yee Vicki Yokota ♦ « ©t f » 1 i f Audrey Chan Ellen Chan V f Edith Chin Marcia Chiono Christine Chun •« f i: Da Mary Fushiki Irene Hiraga Joy Hiram atsu Susan Horn t i 1 9 Lun Hoo Karen Inouye Grace Kaneko Tin 1 f t $ KathyKimura Jill Kobayashi Laurie Kuramoto Janice Lau Betty Lee Nanrv I pp ,,- - 9 f iNancy L,ee Robin Lee Joyce Nakajima Linda Shimamura Colette Urashima 9 i t , , t f D3 h Gale Uratani Judy Wakano Marilyn Wing Janna Wong Rose Wong Irene Yoshida ANDRONICUS CHAPTER Ralph Bean, president Mario Alvarez Phillip Anasovich Hohn Casey Daniel Chun Ray Danganan Kelvin Fugiuchi Michael Hricak Dennis McFadden Ron Okamuro Edward Pearson Chris Ralph Ronald Rose Stephen Sandland Doug Smith Craig Townsend Walter Deissler Phillip Enquist Craig Doyle Keith Fuchigami Jeff Goeckner Thomas Jakway Glenn Nordlow Steven Phillips 334 APX J ? B0n , - ' - ox h. I liAiL. f it ItU i : : AX Left to Right: Roger McDiarmid, Scott Horrobin, Greg Correia, Robin Dresch- er, Jim Cochran, Pat Huetter, Bill Halleran, Steve Ford, Ken Fritts, Peter Clark, Rick Koslowski, Lucille Black, Larry Springer, Steve Servin, Larry Maas, John Echols, Cliff Sanders, Jeff Woidnek, Bill Zures, John Kenosian, Mike Welch, Frank Lauro, Dan Somers, Ken Plough, Greg de La Houssaye, Jim Moore, Bill Butler. , ' F- iliifliiiil tt k .ix rj T oMp ft irf 1 J.-L.l3 i 1 .« i r J fc, -.7:U A ' vjtfe . BBn u 1 ■ , " ' . ' VL-i . Hill jA. fj JS - ©. tl ,. ' : . f-» «?r ' - ' tefc. iiii. fi vf ' l i- -Ji ■ i ' - ir Scott Abell Albert Adams, Jr Dean Armstrong Joseph Boskovich Christopher Brown Gregory Brown Jim Graham Jeff Grether Ron Guss Robert Haskell Ernest Jaruis William Langmade Nicholas Brown Christopher Cox Anthony Du Pont Jon Esparza Jeffrey Filter Patrick Fuscoe fv f I Darrell Shrader Hugh Sill Gary Stevens Albert Stewart David Syme Michael Van Buskirk ATA Jeff Miller David Nisson John Nixon Norm Petersen Lir Sanders Richard Sanders Robert Wald Steven Weber Randy Whiteside Peter Wilson John Young KA John Andrews Joe Bastien Vernon Blackburn William Bleecker John Bouas John Brittingham Scott Brown Curtis Aldendifer Dick Andrews » f t f jIl T Bruce Byers Rick Casper Gig Codiga Robert Covy Roger De Young Robert Dickerson Efiom Dana Eschen William Evashwick Thomas Fleming Jon Nichols Patrick Pedro .lames Reed Charlie Russell Charles Schreiber Marc Spiegelman : -- i .. ' J KE .-» ' jrt l " V: . - -:. ' 5 :; - V 1 Sf 1Ki B B F- , 1 Wm B 1 jkji A m m t % 1 Bl i B O ' J HL Bp ' S i H 4 s mt i roi,_i ■ H Bi v3 kii !«fc. ' i A A AXA i mm r 1 Y H ir wk ik. W Si ' Jn I V . ' ' " V H ■■ ' i m L . M - fHB! P: l mt Bm -msmm Lance Anderson Keith Barnett Redge Bendheira Mark Brunner Dan Burns Phillip Callihan Jeff Campbell OA0 Ronald Corradini John Crutchfield Gene Dockins Randall Ewing John Forney Scott Foster Lawrence Gerlach John Halliburton Tim Hatch James Hawkins Greg Higham Harrv Hill Larry Hoff Peter Hollern Brian Hopper James Home Frank Hough Robert Hoover John Jacobs Steve Joyne Howard Kearney Jeff Klein Robert Litsetti Gregory Melanson Lawrence McCall Mark McCaslin John McGowan David Norton Gary Nunnely Richard Oxman Brad Patton John Poxon Bruce Robillard Charles Russell John Russo Dennis Schwartz John Serrill John Sherrill Joseph Terrazas NuchTrutanich John Tyo Gary Yost Tom Walden Michael Weber Peter Wile Russell Woodbury ? »4t C ' :- ' jl i - ' y = - . i(,i V - ' i ' -i :vj ' -3 ; { I % M ? ' F J y X id ,rf: f- 5.„ I t ' - t. ■- ( ( w - ;- ( T " f s i v ' Jl o I " ■ r c fc L n r 4, f ) J I , A , -vy f: -4JJ 4 rA ch i " paul minchella fted [ " ewis bob gaedke rich reiljell d ' ' d ' rid8e aTo ,ohn dav,s Sen,. dave hannah Z ,... bob weygandt c°arve, barney saunders el coter black bill yZg fm ' u carlyle Tconica bill taylor indley chuck deVsmore bob jones Bfeg chr.s buhler denny chapman rick odd maxwell randy dick ;.,. " r„ui. r ' ' blalk llewellyn lee frank dave ge ' be, phil elardo ch!wrey a)KH ' Row One (left to right): Tcm Taylor, Doug Rastello, Gary Arnold, Steve Mount, Tom Wells, Kelly Naples, Dave Williams, Ron Hasbach, Rick Forhan, John Campbell, Doug Econ. Row Two: Don Kline, Jim Moody, Pete O ' Conner, Jeff Williams, John Jackson, Barry Hoeven, Dave De- Loach, Geoff Randall, Sayle Brown, Mr. Campbell, Ron Gregg, Steve Terpstra, Greg Hickey, Jeff Miller, Gary Anderson, Tom Pureed, Lon- nie Dunn, Ray Polin, Jim Chaix. Row Three: Bob Mauras, Marty Mc- Dermot, Moryan Cox, Wells DeLoach, Owen Guenhardt, Dutch Vogel- zang, Bruce Harrigan, John Peschect, Lindsay Smith, Bob Schneider, Bill Rahe, Pete Silvagni, Lance Reeves, Jay Bretton 357 OKT Star Scott Fleming Steve Weakly Norm Modglin Art Morello Kim Long Bob Rosso Tony Epler Steve Mitoraj Pete Nangle Gary Swinton BobCominos Chuck Lande Jerry Kohlenberger Ted Cortopassi Kam Kuwata Steve Mann Mel Izau Paul Wright Bob Skrdla Rod Ono Dennis Cook Tom Hay Dan McGivern Bruce Jay Smith John Olson Greg Marston Joe Visconti Ron Nicklos Kai Kuwata Lon Augustenborg Curt Tim mons MISSED THE BOAT Bobby McGee Jim Gates Rob Nye Mike Alcantar Jim Orr Steve Cerrina Jeff Byrne Mike Swiderski JeffSpilky Bruce Hennig LOST AT SEA Manny Molina Richard Lombardi William Diehl Greg Russell Felix George Dennis Masyczek Howard Cohen (honorary) Studly Taco (dog) 360 i Marlys Marsteller 2 Mike Bias 3 RickColia 4 NickMusuraca 5 MikeYuskis 6 Mark Mooring 7 Howie Mango 8 MarkPascoo 9 Ralph Shapiro 10 Brett Clark 11 Byron Blanco 12 Doug Kemp 13 JackLema 14 Steve Dillon 15 Ralph McMillan 16 Dave Penso 17 Nancy Newhouse 18 Susie Andrews 19 Kevin " Kiwi " Todd 20 MarcPalotav 21 Ed Daley 22 DaveFinley 23 Larry Dahlstrom 24 Bob Strahan 25 Bruce Unick 26 Tom Koehler 27 Jim Ranshaw 28 Greg Stearns 29 Craig Duncan ■M) John Rendler 31 Mark Fleming 32 Mark Collins 33 Jane Morzov 34 Randy Greer 35 Jana Waring 36 Kris Sudhoff OEK 1 Vince Javier 19 BobMurrin 39 Dean Jabs 2 GlenMon 20 Bill Hardekoph 40 Steve Brown 3 John Lovenguth 21 Ron Murrel 4 KimKerlan 22 George Handtmann 5 Bob Kloepfer 23 Thomas Courtney 6 Gary Brown 24 Paul Hartnett 7 Greg Kendall 25 Bill Hoge 8 MarkBollman 26 Ken Ude 9 Martin Mancini 27 Phil Moyle 10 Chris Call 28 Doug Murphy 11 Tom Wilson 29 Ed Fitch 12 John Boettner 30 Tim McFarren 13 Rob Malcom 31 MikeMcCormick 14 GaryGibeaut 32 MikeFeinberg 15 JeffWintemorth 33 GaryHamity 16 Chip Collins 34 John Buckley 17 Pat Ramsey 35 Greg Gibeaut 18 Paul Ramsey 36 Kirk Hastings LAE 363 . iail lUaast First Row: Sonny Shapess, Ralph Holtzer, Linda Boehme, Mike Nel- son, Gordon Gregory, Alan Smith, Paul Resnick, Bruce Ross. Second Row: Greg Au, John Kozlik, Bruce Barnum, Carla Johnson, Dean Davi- son, Joseph Davis, F.D.R., Larry Piatt, Jimmy Silverman, Bill Pazurek. Third Row: Tim McReynolds, Geor- gette Gossett, Don Bruckman, Al utterworth. Jack Witz, Eric Ze Dave Burback, Mara Hunter, Kent, W.T. Hamilton, Smitch Simon, " " Kip Durney, Gopher Peller. Mi Marc Wilczynski, Orlando Olivds, Joe Davis, Kris Hansen, Mike Bareld Robbie Livingston, Debbie Dillard, Nathen Weiss, Soah Foster, Teryl Martha. EX Bruce Barta Ted Bartscherer Scott Bassett Patrick Baxter % t James Burk Andrew Davis JohnDe Luca Nick Drakulich Rick Dressier Vito Caruso Bruce Charles Jim Conti Ken Crume Robert Gobrecht !( Jim Heim Blake Jensen John Kalota Joe Kane Michael Kanne Stephen Kealer Robert Kerlan Scott King Mark Larson Lucky Linder Steven Malcom ii Robert Mansueto QuinnOrlick Crane Patten Mark Poulsen 9 . i ' Tom Recht Ron Rus William Sandberg Gregory Shahan Patrick Skelton James Sprinkel Edward Tallant Frank Taylor Samuel Tower Allen Wallace John Watson Richard Wilson JohnZemba Robert Zuber 367 Scott Alevy Steve Amling Dale Anderson Max Baumgartner Randy Blackman Tony Brazil Jim Buckingham Ken Casey Fred Correa Phil Crowley Bill Edwards George Halas Lee Hendrix Joe Frake Eric Freeman Dave Ghirardelli John Headley Andy Kramer Dave Lawrence Joe Leonard going N W T vm . ' Z A w i I - i rx- k. ' - ;jf P P 1 m 2 . 7 K| 7 ▼ fBrP ■;■• ' .. J %■■€- m ' f i 4IL ytr m iiB A ' ' ' - ; H| ■ ' •i Larry Masuoka Bruce Megowan Rick Mort Russ Pierce Dave Primrose BobRasch Steve Rasch Skip Robidart Mel Rushing Jeff Ryan Eddie Samaniego Don Shanahan Clif Smith Harold Smith Steve Montgomery Rocky Springstead Jim Stephens Jon Stephens Rick Stephens Rick Williams places 1 Goob Reescund 2 Diane Scarcelli 3 Rich Reid 4 John Nuccio 5 Gary Briggs 6 Bob Emett 7 Mike Dixon 8 Dick Hirrez 9 John Thompson 10 Bob Semenak 11 Lynne Letsch 12 Ken Etter 13 Pete Cambert 14 Larry Elkington 15 Jeff Christopher 16 Lizette Nugent 17 Brent Noyes 18 Neil Hedden 19 Bob Pegram 20 Nancy Goetez 21 Tom Bensloter 22 Rick Boehmer 23 Rene laia 24 Dale Chase 25 Marc Solum 26 Dennis Wagstaffe 27 Scott McFall 28 Bart Dickens 29 Bruce Blair 30 Bob Gaertner missing: Dennis Welvang Mike Davenport Mark Kuhn AlPhillipp Dean Rice Crow Jack Sexton John Kirkpatrick ' » t TKE Jon Fiedler Richard Evans Dave Barry Eric Wiesman Gregg Ellison Scott Lcvoy Casey Hamlin Phil Linsley Chuck Tang Greg Woodson Scott Geissler Tim Novak Doug Verlander PaulDuhig DaleLundin Jeff Dunigan Mike Ibaraki Jonathan Marshall Robin Wilkes Rich Rawls Tommy Ruygrok Gary Lowery Neale Hickerson Steve Schultz Lee Rhodes Cliff Ishii Gary Hafen Steve Kuznetz Bill Hughes Gordon Dossett JeffLoseff Lauren Davis Jim Kono Jim Ishii Charles Adolphne Joe Colosi Brian Cox BillCuUinane Dan Hill BillMcGovern Tom Pacala Lee Piatt Bernie Rapan John MarzuUa Bob Nord Carl Wedberg Norm Davidson John Delia Grotta Greg Smith Wayne Leinen 0X t 374 1. Brad Gilbert 12. Don Ogden 23. Ian James 2. Ralph Sugg 13. RoyMijares 24. Glenn Cheshire 3.GaryEdralin 14. Dave Chatfield 25. Rich Elliot 4. Dave Brown 15. James Lockerby 26. Gary Hart 5. Ray Vincent 16. Rod Morris 27. Ned Chertchai Methanavanonda 17. August Ruiz 7. Mike Tracy 18. Steve Burdett Not Included: 8. Duane Urqhart 19. Tim Morris LesDebbold 9. Brent Bowling 20. Gary Deperini Brandt Bishop 10. Ron Valentine 21. Barry Brown Kim Spenchian U.JohnBleasoe 22. Steve Re 0S 1 Gordon Hill 2 Terry Fleet 3 Rick Herbold 4 Gail Fleming 5 Shannon Herren 6 Brian Mercadante 7 Betsy Couch 8 Larry Weber 9 Patty Staggs 10 Ben Broido 11 BillNietschmann 12 Sue Brown 13 Gay Hoersch 14 Sue Ekstein 15 Barry Shanley 16 Ruthann Etz 17 Rick Crabtree 18 Michele Duclon 19 Mike Orman 20 Ruthie Dcutsch 21 Bob Wheeler 22 Chris Apostle 23 Jim Marmorstone 24 Annette Phillip 25 GaryJurgenson 26 Buz Simpson 27 John Biksa 28 Bill Jackson 29 Wendy Gaines 30 Ed Cree 31 Steve Tiscareno 32 Amando Sierras 33 Stefan Zadrozny 34 Bob Burnett 35 Jeff Michel 36 Dave Clayton 37 Bruce Kuhse 38 John Hyland 39 Heidi Schmidt 40 Dennis McLaughlin 41 Marianna Krabacher 42 Chris Rector 43 Kim Heywood 44 Paul Hogan 45 Mary 46 TonyLusich 47 Paul Larsen 48 Nancy Kramer Q @ s 377 ATil Joe Aiessi Mark Ault Bob Barton Gerry Bridges Frank Bums Chris Chillingworth Steve ClarK Doug Cox Hungus Guandavos John Johnson Bob Laws Randy Majewski Rick Massey MarkMcInerney Frank Mease Larry Mondello Stan Olson Jeff Preston Ross Quinn Ross Royster Dave Whittington 1 Eric Dersom 2 Ken Roberts 3 Gary Roe 4 Dean Hastings 5 Bob Paulson 6 Wendell Dunn 7 Jim Stewart 8 Robert Schirtzinger 9 Paul de Montesquio 10 Mario Diaz 11 Scott Kirk V Tim Casey 13 Steve Hayes 14 Tim Lafferty 15 Glen Kawahara 16 William Roberts 17 RussKiernan 18 Chris Crouch Not Pictured: Bill Blood Dave Evans PaulGeissler PhilJennings Hernan Vasquez BobDinwiddie To Lee nKA 379 LcDA First Row: Back Roi i: C. Nelman S. Kennedy M. Pontes J. Becker C. Rushing S. Hull B. Taschman J. Biery A. Lopez T. Megna M.Milligan C.Compiano T.Park W.Pierce 380 h SfgiSICAL AND -- 1 iiir . i . iii L i MM " ' ■:. 5i;; ZBT ' i! m ' Jjla n " j i -- 1 ' 1 1 L... i " ■■ ,!. ■ -- ' ■ " . ' .V - ' inM »V rEfi " l± « , 1st Row: Jim Uchigoshi, Leland Lau, Richard Tanizawa, Tony Kwan, Clem Tang, Jeff Wong; 2nd Row: Richard Izumi, Wayne Tsutsuse, Gerald Muraoka, Alan Chinn, Mike Nakamura, Ted Chun: 3rd Row: Ron Tawa, Glenn Kawahara, Steve Chock, Greg Sato, Eric Saito, William Lou, Randy Yee, Stan Yee; 4th Row: Bryan Siiki, Nolan Maehara, Rick Mibu, Howard Sawada, Leslie Young, Gary Ninokawa, Norman Jung, Lloyd Kobayashi, Pat Yamada; 5th Row: Ron Uka- mura, Darrell Wong, Ed Wong, Dick Tanimoto, Stan Sorensen, John Ing, Steve Morihisa, Wayne Matsuyama, Gerald Fukui, Alan Fujii; Missing: George Lee, Jed Shiraki, Russel Honnaka 382 TEO Sitting: (left to right), George Matics, Art Krapf, Jeff Bryan, Larry Ulman, Marty Reder, David Campbell, Robin Yanes, Dave Kent. Standing: Jack Richardson, Elliot Weinstein, Bruce Hueners, Law- rence Koenig, Edward Levitt, Jesus Finol, Richard Simon, Mike George, Bill Scherer, Bruce Meltzer. Missing: Kip Levine, Mike Fish- bein, Rudy Herrera, George Sullivan, Nate Hoffman, Marshall Old- man, Gene Stern, Dave Tyler, Mark Wolf. I m K%- ifp 0 SBjp=-__---.»y Til 385 I a special thanks to. . . r ' " Xr y tm ■ if " ' 5 ? ' ' » 1 Sharon Lenke Clarence Anderson Jonathan Rawle Angela Curcuru Cathy Meyer Rivian Taylor Bernard Beck Tony Korody Will Hertzberg Bruce Bolinger Danny Alaimo Pat Murphey Organization Events Index: A.F.R.O.T.C 268 Alpha Chi Omega 308 Alpha Delta Pi 310 Alpha Epsilon Phi 312 Alpha Gamma Delta 314 A.I.C.E 250 A.I.I.E 250 Alpha Iota Phi 258 Alpha Kappa Psi 262 Alpha Phi 316 Alpha Rho Chi 334 Alpha Tau Omega 378 American Society of Civil Engineering 252 Angel Flight 269 A.S.S.C 242 Basketball Big Brothers . BetaThetaThetaPi Beta Alpha Psi Blue Key Chi Epsilon 150 138 267 336 264 275 252 Chi Omega 318 Chi Phi 338 Crew 156 Cross Country 130 Daily Trojan 240 Dart Winners 238 Dean ' s Advisory Council 255 Debate Squad , 273 Delta Chi 340 Delta Delta Delta 320 Delta Gamma 322 Delta Phi Kappa .. . . 332 Delta Sigma Phi 342 Delta Tau Delta 344 Dorms . 284 El Rodeo 244 Engineering Student Council 256 Football 98 Gamma Phi Beta 324 Gymnastics 148 Helenes 281 Index 389 Inter fraternity Council 307 Japanese Students 265 Kappa Alpha 346 Kappa Alpha Theta 326 Kappa Kappa Gamma 328 Kappa Sigma 348 Karate Club 266 Knights 276 Lambda Chi Alpha 350 Lambda Kappa Sigma 269 Mortar Board 274 M.H.A 382 N.R.O.T.C 270 Panhellenic 306 Phrateres 280 Pharmacy Student Council 259 Phi Chi Theta 264 Phi Delta Theta 352 Phi Delta Chi 257 Phi Gamma Delta 354 Phi Kappa Psi 356 Phi Kappa Tau 358 Phi Sigma Kappa 360 Pi Beta Phi 330 Pi Kappa Alpha 379 Pre-Medical Honor Society 263 Residence Hall 284 Seniors 164 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 362 Sigma Alpha Mu 364 Sigma Chi 366 Sigma Delta Chi 253 Sigma Gamma Epsilon 249 Sigma Nu 368 Sigma Phi Alpha 380 Sigma Phi Epsilon 370 Sigma Phi Omega 333 Soccer 128 Songfest 246 Squires 278 Supper Club 251 Swimming 132 Sword and Shield 279 Tau Epsilon Omega 382 Tau Epsilon Phi 383 Tau Kappa Epsilon 372 Theta Chi 374 Theta Sigma Phi 253 Theta Xi 376 Track and Field 158 Trojan Chorale 248 University Recreation Association 272 Vice-Presidents and Deans 220 Water Polo 136 W.H.A 283 Zeta Beta Tau 381 390 Abdun Nur, Denise 304 Abell Scott 279,344 Abrams, Jeanne 320 Ackerman, Laurie 313 Ackerman Nancy 330 Ackerman, Robin 296 Acotta, Karen 299 Adamenko, Nicholas 286 Adams, Albert 344 Adams, Clark 294 Adams Wendy 304 Addis William 381 Adolph,John 290 Adolphe, Charles 323 Aguila, Ronald 288 Ah Mon, Lawrence 288 Aileen, Mary 298 Ainslie, Susan Cynthia 320 Akabane, M 265 Akahoshi, Michael 258 Alair, Janet 309 Albaugh, Harry 273 Albertoni, Linda 280 Alcantar, Michael 276,360 Aldendifer, Curtis 293,346 Alessi, Joseph 276,378 Alevy, Scott 368 Alexander, Debra 305 Alexander, Gary 293 Allen, Donald 276 Allen, Gerald 261 Allen, Schatzie 267 Almeida. Alexander 290 Alterman, Robin 281 Altukhaim, Nasser 250 Alvarez, Mario 333 Amato. James 288 Ametjian, Paula 264,296 Amling, Steven 276,368 Amundson, Yvonne 309 Anami, Christine 264,278,300,332 Anasovich, Philip 333 Anderegg, James 355 Anderegg, Robert 355 Anderson, Brent 290 Anderson, Charles 261 Anderson. Dale 368 Anderson, Gary 356 Anderson, Greg 355 Anderson, Lance 352 Anderson, Lee 355 Anderson, Mark 294 Anderson, Peggy 301 Anderson, Susan 318 Andrews, John ' 346 Andrews. Richard 346 Andrews, Robin 320 Andrews, Suzanne 326,360 Anfreoli, Anthony 262 Anvar, Flor 301 Apostal, Christopher 376 Aquilar, Juan 287 Arakelian, Bryan 289 Aranda, Nancy 299 Archer, Katherine 299,316 Arcotta, Karen 278 Arkley, Ann 297 Arlotti, Joseph 288 Armstrong, Dean 344 Armstrong, Maribeth 326 Arnold, Ann 320 Arnold, Deborah 317 Arnold, Gary 356 Arthur, Kathryn 278,283,301 Aseltine, Karen 303 Ashby, Sarah 317 Ashcraft. Gary Lynn 339 Askew, Robert 257 Atchison, George 263 Atherton, Mariory 311 Athkravisoonthorn, Pongath 250 Atlas, Christy 267 Au Gregory, Allan 365 Aubrey, David 252,285,294 August, Morton 25? Augustenborg, Lon Ault, Mark 378 Autry. Ralph 260 Aven. Gregory 294 Avila, Virginia 269 Awala, Emmanuel 288 Axford, Naida 301 Ayoob, Richard 294 Azuma, Donna 296 Bachman, Glenda 309 Bacon, Marilyn 264,326 Bacon, Nancy 309 Badgley, David 257 Baecker, Charles 263 Baghaei, Oskogi 295 Bahr, Michael 339 Bailey, Phyllis 314 Baker, Darlene 301 Baker, Gay le 320 Baker, Lucinda 262 Baker, Wendy 281,320 Baldwin, Susan 261 Ballard, Marylann 320 Baiter, Daivd 262 Banducci, Sandra 278 Bandivirage, Charlene 298 Banerdt, Bruce 289 Banks, Jeri 313 Banks, Richard 260 Banton, Mary 318 Baran, Lynn 326 Barba, David 287 Barber, Donald 288 Barbour, Deborah 262 Barclay, John 273 Barish, Pamela 313 Barki, Hilton 252 Barlett, Russ 291 Barnes, Sandra 302,310 Barnett, Keith 352 Barnett, Kevin 262 Barnett, Susan 303 Barnum, Bruce 279,365 Barraza, David 291 Barrett, Lynn 297 Barrett, William 293 Barry, David 373 Bartle, Joyce 320 Bartl it, Susan 326 Barton, Robert 276,378 Barton, Robert 275 Bartow, Jeffrey 276 Barscherer, Ted 290 Baskin, Marc 263 Bastien, Gerald 346 Batson, Barbara 314 Baumgartner. Max 368 Bayster. Raymond 339 Beale, Gardner Jr. 267 Beamer, Linda 314 Bean, Ralph 334 Beasley, Arthur 293 Bebb. Wayne 261 Beck, Bernard 253 Beckendorf, Richard 355 Becker, James 380 Becker, Mary 250,262,269,314 Beckham, Cheryl 263,276,296 Beckham, Patti 325 Beckman, Kristin 330 Beechinor, Sharon 316 Beisner, Cynthia 299 Beltran. Robert 285,289 Belyeu. Harold 285,291 Bender, Daniel 261 Bender. Janice 300 Bendheim. John .381 Bendheim. Redge 352 Benitez, Joseph Jr. 257,259 Benken, Jon 286 Bennett, Beck ie 303 Bennett, Kathleen 316 Bennett, Vickie 285,304 Benscoter, David 286 Benscoter, Thomas 371 Benton, William 290 Benz, James 261 Berg, Stephanie 325 Berkett, Denise 313 Berman, Bethann 301 Berman, Pamela 310 Berndt, Terry 289 Berrien, Barbara 328 Berry, Gregory 339 Berry, Howard 288 Berry, Robert 263 Bersher, Carole 298 Besel, Sharon 314 Beven, Sharman 326 Bickel, Craig 339 Bider, Leslie 381 Biery, James 380 Biggerstaff, Ray 262 Biksa,John 376 Bilich, Allyson 310 Billings, Diana 330 Bills, Barbara 302,309 Bishop, Ralph 263 Black, Joseph 355 Black, Lucille 340 Black, Rena 310 Black. Timothy 257 Blackburn. Vernon 346 Blackman, Edward .368 Blackman, Lee 275 Blackman, Vern 287 Blain. David 279 Blair, Bruce 371 Blais, Beverly 281 Blanco, Byron 250,360 Bias, Michael 360 Blaschke, James 256 Bleck. Phyllis 263 Bleckmann. Wilhelm 253 Bledsoe. Russell 293 Bleecker, William 346 Blemberg, Linda 298 Bleusoe, John 375 Bloch. James 288 Blomeyer, Elaine .304 Bobby. Thomas 261 Body, Barbara 310 Boehme, Linda 302,365 Boehmer. Richard 371 Boettner. John 362 Bogy, Catherine 326 Boldaji, Shahriar .293 Bollman, Mark 362 Bond. Thomas 263 Bonik, Thomas 339 Bonducci, Sandi 304 Borrelli, Mary 264,320 Boskovich, Joseph 344 Bottari, Tod 293 Bouas, John 346 Boundey, Suzanne 299 Bowden, Steven 294 Bowling, Brent 375 Boyack, Virginia 273 Boyd, Cheryl 278 Boyd, Frances 251 Boyd, Patricia 295 Boyd, William Jr. 286,288 Boylan, Nelson 293 Bozarth, Jane 330 Brackeen, Patricia 267 Bracks. Deborah 302 Bradford. June 325 Brand, Laurie 299 Branson, Gary 291 Branson, Gordon 290 BrarSurinder 297 Brasure, Pamela 330 Brazil, Tony 368 Breit, Stephen 273 Brennan, Cynthia 330 Bretton, Barbara . 264 Bretton, Jay .356 Bridges, Gerry 378 Briggs, Deborah 299 Briggs, Gary 371 Briggs, Michael 279 Briones, Armando Jr 260 Britt, Benjamin 294 Brittingham, John 346 Brock, Janice , 274,313 Brock, Pamela 267,304 Brock, Trina 316 Brockman, Howard 381 Broido, Ben 376 Bronte, Randolph 263 Brooks, Dee Dee 328 Brooks, Diane 326 Brosman, Douglas 293 Bross, Gerald 263 Broussard, Linda 267 Brown, Barry 375 Brown, Bonnie 299 Brown, Christopher 344 Brown. Clarence 253 Brown. David 375 Brown, Denise 299,310 Brown, Gary 362 Brown, Gregory . 344 Brown, Lynn 316 Brown, Nicholas .344 Brown, Patricia .299 Brown, Sayle 356 Brown, Scott 346 Brown, Stephen 362 ' Graduates in alphabetical order between pages 166 and 219 Brown, Steven 288 Brown, Steven 261 Brown, Susan 296,325,376 Brown, Terri 297 Bruckm an, Donald 365 Brunner. Deberah 326 Brunner, Mark 352 Bryant, Blair 279 Bryant, Marc 292 Bubar. Edward 263 Buchanan. Michelle 281,283 Buchman, Philip b81 Buckingham, James 368 Buckley. John 362 Buckley. Toni 310 Budincich. Deborah 320 Buettner. Kenneth 294 Buhler. Chiis 355 Bulgin, John 260 Bulich, Richard 257 Burback, David 365 Burdett, Stephen 375 Burdick, Flerida 271 Burg, Lisa 304 Burk, James 279 Burke, Marianne 300 Burke. Michele 330 Burnett, Robert 376 Burns, Daniel 352 Burns, Frank 378 Burns, Susan 296,326 Burrell, Biff 288 Burruss, Laurie 299 Burton, Kathleen 274 Burton, Larry 285 Burton. Ray 279 Bush. Barbara 280,299,314 Busick, Deborah 309 Butchart, Dean 263,286 Butler. Stanley 252 Butler, Thomas 276 Butler, William 340 Butterworth, Al 365 Byers, Bruce 346 Byrne, Jeffrey 360 Cady, Stephen 289 Cain, Corinne 264 Calaban, Charles 291 Calbom, Mollis 298,309 Calderon, Jorge .250 Caldwell, Candace 330 Call, Christopher 279,362 Callihan, Phillip 352 Cambier, Peter .,371 Campbell, Bruce 263,266 Campbell, Cheryl 320 Campbell, Jeff 352 Campbell, John 356 Campbell, Larry 262 Campbell, Linda 320 Campbell, Margie 330 Campo, Julio 290 Campo, Maria 326 Canham. Elizabeth 280,314 Cannata. Marianne 295 Cannavo, Judith 325 Capps, Julia Ann 281,314 Caratan, Anton, George 293 Cariglin, Gayle 299 Carling-Smith, Heather 274,314 Carling-Smith. Malcolm 286 Carlson, Denise 299 Carlson, Leonard 263 Carlyle, Ronald 355 Carrasco, Kenneth 290 Carter, Nancy 309 Cartwright, Susan 281,325 Carver. Elizabeth 326 Carver. Laura 302 Carver, Leroy 355 Casas, Virginia 296 Case, Barbara 320 Casebeer, James 263 Casebeer, Susan 264 Casey, John 334 Casey, Kenneth 368 Casey, Timothy 379 Cash, Steven 288 Caskey, Gregory 279 Caso, Richard 250.346 Cassidy, Joseph 287 Castro, Juan 293 Castro, Marguerite 309 Caswell, Donna 302 Catada, Shirley 299 Ceithaml, George 276 Centofanti, Nancy 295 Cerrina, Steven 360 Chaix, James 356 Chambers, Ann 309 Chambers, Ann 314 Chambers, Melissa 298 Chan Audrey 333 Chan, Ellen 333 Chan, Gail 269,294 Chan, Peter 257 Chang, Wesley . 263,289 Chapman, Clinton 288 Chapman, Dennis 279,355 Chapman, Philip 276 Chase, Dale 371 Charfield, Mark 288 Chemers, Robert ■ 290 Chen, Colleen 280 Cherini, Loredana 280 Cherrie, Roderic 263 Chesire, Glenn 375 Chew, Darryl 289 Childers, Regina 320 Childrey, Russell 355 Childs, Steven 279 Chillingworth, Chris 378 Chin. Edith 333 Chinn, Douglas 263 Chinn, James 259 Chinn, Roy 291 Chiono, Marcia 333 Cho, Barbara 299 Chong, Malcolm 289 Chong, Nguyen 250 Chouteau, Michelle 298 Christensen, Karen ,301 Christensen, Thomas 276 Christl, Elizabeth 320 Christopher, Charles 261,371 Chun, Christine 333 Chun, Daniel 334 Chun, Edith 296 Chun, Susan 299 Chun, Theodore 266 Cimono, Pegge 310 Clainin, William 3.39 Clark, Barbara 309 Clark, Brett 276,360 Clark, Cindy 320 Clark, Gary 292 Clark, Michael 256 Clark, Patricia 281 Clark, Stephen 378 Clark, Val 299 Clark, William 287 Clary, Kathleen 299 Clausen, Tracey 311 Clayton, David 376 Clemence, Kent 276 Clements, Gerald 355 Clinco, Peter 273 Cochran, David 275 Cochran, James 340 Cochrane, Charles 276,355 Codiga, Gig 346 Coffman, Robert 288 Cohen, Bruce . 286 Cohen, Nancy 313 Cole, Gregory 263,286 Colia, John 360 Collen, Martha 309 Collins, Becky 330 Collins, Cathleen 328 Collins, Chip 362 Collins, Linda 329 Collins, Mark 360 Collins, Nina 299 Collins. Patricia 328 Colosi, Joseph 323 Coman. Steven 293 Comminos, Robert 359 Como, Alan 290 Compiano, Craig 250,380 Congleton, Linda 281 Connolly, Cathy 325 Connor, Gloria 318 Content, Michele 329 Contreras, Mike . 290 Cook, Dennis 357 Cook, Karen 320 Cook, Katchen 326 Cook, Marcia 314 Cook, Scott 279 Cooper, Randy 259,260 Cooper. Steven 273 Cooper, Wendy 320 Copes, Janet 320 Corbin, Kenneth 263 Corey, Anne 309 Corey, Michael 273 Corradini. RonalH 353 Correa, Fredrick 263,276,368 Correia, Greg 340 Corrigan, Peter 263 Cortopassi, Delbert 359 Costa, Thomas 286 Cote, Constance 274 Cottrell. Ronald 261 Couch, Elizabeth 318,376 Countryman, Perry 262 Courtney, Robert 286 Courtney, Thomas 279.362 Covell, Lucinda 253 Covington, Joann 329 Covy, Robert 346 Cox, Christopher 344 Cox, Douglas 378 Cox, Frances 320 Cox, Frederick 373 Cox, Marvan 356 Coxson, Janice 303 Crabtree. Richard 376 Craw. Julie 271,318 Crawford, Lvnne 298 Cree, Charles 376 Crehan, Patricia 330 Crim, Timothv 267 Cromwell, Connie 325 Cromwell, Suzanne 290 Crouch, Christopher 379 Crowe, William 276 Crowhurst, William 355 Crowley, Philip 368 Crumrine, Lvnn 329 Crutchfield, John 353 Crvder. Donald 288 Cubbon, Christine 302 CuUinance, William 373 Cummins, Lvnn 304,317 Cunningham, Janet 298 Cunningham, Toni ,301 Cuppari, Diana 264 Curcuru, Angela 253 Curry, Linda 326 Dabby, Emile 287 Dabek, Glenn 381 Dagdigian, Darrel 293 Dagdigian, Jeffrey 293 Dahl, Gregory 339 Dahlstrom, Larrv 360 Daley, Edward 360 Dambros, Ellen 329 Damm, Lawrence 279 Danganan, Rav 279 Danielson, Barbara 299 Danielson, David 294 Darling, Wendy .317 Darlon, Michel 250 Davey, Frederick 276 Keminde. David 267 Davison, Norman 373 Davis, Deborah 310 Davis, Henry 381 David, John 279.355 Davis, Joseph 365 Davis, Joseph 362 Davis, Katherine 278 Davis, Lauren 323 Davis, Lisa 320 Davis, Richard 339 Davis, Robert 263 Davis, Suzanne 330 Davison, Dean 279,365 Dawes, Ann 302 Dearing, George 339 Defreece, Robin 309 Deissler, Walter 334 Delahoussave, Greig 340 Delain, William 294 Delamora, George 262 Del anv, Julianne 253 Dela, Vergne 296 Delio, Monica 310 Deloach, David 356 Deloach, Wells 356 Deloach, Pamela 298,316 Delucia, Janet 320 •Graduates in alphabetical order between pages 166 and 219 392 Deluca, Roseann 325 Demayo, Deanna 313 Dembowski, Patricia 285,297 Demontesquiou, Paul 379 Denison. Deborah 318 Denmark, Steven 263 Densmore, Stephen 355 Depalma, Cynthia 310 Dersom, Eric 379 Desoto, James 293 Detroia, Deanna 264 Dettmers, Wendy 269 Deutsch, Ruthann 297,376 Deyoung, Roger 346 Dhesi, Roger 293 Diaz, Mario 379 Dick, Randal 355 Dickens, Bart 371 Dickerson, Nancy 299 D ickerson , Ro bert 276, 346 Dickinson, Gary Dickman, David 253 Dickson, Wendy 281,326 Dietrich, Danielle 326 Diggins, Terri 328 Dilettera, Diana 297 Dillard, Deborah 325 Dillon, Deborah 285,298 Dillon, Steven 360 Dilworth, Bella 302 Dimmick, Alice 296,320 Dispense, Russell 261 Dixon, John 339 Dixon, Michael 371 Dobashi, Carol 302 Dockins, Gene 353 Doddridge, Harry 355 Doirs, Kathy 299 Donahue, Lynne 304 Dorn, Deidra 278 Dossett, Gordon 373 Dougher, Gerard 263 Dougherty, Joan 309 Dougherty, Michael 289 Dovey, Douglas Downes, Michele 301 Downhill, Jack 293 Doxtad, Lament 290 Doyle, John 293 Doyle, Kenneth 334 Drescher, Robin 340 Duart, Kathryn 317 Duclon, Michele 299,317,376 Dudley, Jean 317 Duffie, Diane 317 Duffy, Linda 280 Duffy, Stephen 346 Duffy, Susan 328 Duhig, Paul 373 Duim, Stephen 263 Duke, Carleton 262 Dunahoo, Lynne 329 Duncan. Craig 360 Duncan. Diana 303 Dundore. Janis 299 Dunganen. Ray 334 Dunham, Laurie 302 Dunigan. Jeffrey 373 Dunn. Lonnie 356 Dunn. Wendell 379 Dupont. Anthony 344 Durant. Thomas 262 Durnev. Debra 365 Dussault. Arthur Duzik. Paul 355 290 Eberling. Joan 311 Echols. John 340 Eckhardt, Jennifer .304 Econn, Douglass 356 Edralin, Gerard 263,375 Edwards, Margaret 298 Edwards, William 368 Ekstein, Susan 303,317,376 Elardo, Phillip 355 Elizalde Hermelinda 305 Elkington, Larry 371 Elliott, Richard 250 Elliott, Stephen 375 Ellis, Victoria 301 Ellison, Gregg 263,273 Emery, Susan 311 Emett, Robert 371 Emmer, Robert 253 Ensey, Herman 257 Ensslin, Leonardo 250 Entin, Louis 287 Enquist, Phillip 334 Epier, Toni 268,359 Erkel, Bonnie 296,309 Erquiaga, Inaki 291 Eschen, Dana 346 Esparza, Jon 344 Etter, Kenneth 371 Etz, Ruthann 376 Evans, Blue 328 Evans, Melinda 330 Evans, Richard 273 Evashwick, Linda 316 Evashwick, William 346 Everson, Linda 330 Evert, Martha 300,320 Ewig, Randall 353 Eykel, Frank 261 Fagundes, Wendv 304 Falck, Melissa 320 Falk, Hadley 292 Farber, Gail 301 Farr, John 294 Farray, Scott 288 Farris, Richard 287 Fast, Allison 278,316 Feinberg, Mike 288,362 Felice, Francis 339 Felton, Rachel 302 Feltz, Jennifer 299 Fenstemacher, Roland 290 Ferguson, Pamela 309 Fettu, Kurt 355 Fiedler, Jennv ,302 Fiedler, Jon 373 Field, Jeffrey 260 Fields, Clifford 276 Fiktarz, Joseph Jr. 263 Filter, William 276,344 Findlater, Sally 326 Finley, David 360 Fin, Andrea ,304 Fisher, Beverlv 303 Fisher, Eileen 297 Fister, Jo Ann 326 Fitch, Edward 288,362 Fitzgerald, Michael .339 Pixel, Loren 266,287 Flaster, Anette 296 Fleeman.Joan 299 Fleet, Gary 376 Fleming. Gail 299,309,376 Fleming, Kathleen 304 Fleming, Mark 360 Fleming, Scott 359 Fleming, Thomas 346 Floren, Diane 264 Floyd, Ronald 257 Fluhrer, Patricia 278 FIvnn, Colleen 326 Flynn, Curtis 289 Flynn, Terrence 346 Folaron, Joann 264 Folbs, Linda 325 Folgner, Marilyn 314 Folks, Nancy 303 Foltz, Gail 310 Foltz, Jeffrey 279 Fong, Gregory 258 Pontes, Martin 256,380 Pontes, Melody 271,297 Foot, Diane 304 Forbes, Wendv 320 Ford, Gary 263 Ford, Stephen 340 Fordham, Rudolph 356 Forner, Kathy 291 Forney, John 353 Forrler, Kathryn 297 Forte, Kathryn 285,301 Foster, Colleen 326 Foster, Forest 353 Foster, Jerry 261 Foster, Marie 280 Fowler, Dennis 268 Fowler, Sara 269 Fowlkes, Steven 268,293 Fox, Georgia 326 Frake, Joseph 368 Francescon, Dale 288 Franklin, Clifford 267 Franklin, John 286 Franklin, Priscilla 264 Fraser, Laurie 329 Fraser, Suzanne 298,325 Pratt, Deborah 298 Free, Mary 299 Freehauf, Mark 257 Freeman, Eric 279,368 Freier, Elaine 273,281 French, George Jr 346 Prick, David 257 Frieberg. John 339 Frieden-rich, Al 291 Friedrich, Ruth 298 Friendnrich, Alan Fritts, Kenneth 340 Fruhling, Penna 309 Fuchigami, Keith 279,334 Fugiuchi, Kelvin 334 Fujinaka, Miles 263 Fujita, Ichiro 265 Fujita, Jiro 265 Fuksman, Jean 263 Funk, Deborah 325 Funk, Linda 325 Funke, Janet 296 Furniss, Steve 286 Furubayashi, Kiyoshi 265 Fuscoe, Patrick 344 Fushiki, Mary 300,333 Fushiki, Nancy 300,332 Futchik, Linda 299 Gabler, Shelley 271,301 Gaebe, Thomas 289 Gaedke, Robert 355 Gaertner. Robert 371 Gaines, Wendy 299,314,376 Galante, Mary Ann 253,304 Gale, Donna 304 Gallagher, Colleen 281,304 Gallagher, Maureen 281,304 Gallegos. Marcel 256 Galusha, Barbara . 303,320 Gamelson. Lyndon 290 Gardner. Robert 263 Gardner. Vance 346 Garibaldi, John 294 Garish, Sharlene 311 Garrett, Christine 318 Garrido, Emily 301 Garry, John 263,289 Garten, John 346 Gaskins, Robert 288 Gaston, Darlene 278 Gates, James 360 Gatzke, Bruce 294 Gaughan, Ernest 339 Gavlik, John 289 Gay, James 355 Gean, Marsha 329 Gee, Gary 294 Geiger, Gwynn 326 Geissler, Scett Geller, Norton 381 Gelles, Donald 260 George Deborah 280,305 George, Rick 286 Gerber,Bill 355 Gerber, Marcie 328 Gerlach, Lawrence 353 Gettman, Marcia 263,314 Ghirardelli, David 279,368 Giannini, Nancy 298 Gibbons, David 276 Gibbons, Laura 330 Gibbs, Deborah 309 Gibeaut, Gary 362 Gibeaut, Greg 288,362 Gilbert, Bradley 375 Gill, Patricia 264 Gillespie, Jeannie 263 Gillespie, L ynda 320 Gillette, James 276 Gillette, Nancy .330 Gilliam, Edward 287 Gilmere, Michael 290 Gilmour, Cindy 309 Gilroy, Laura 314 Gimbel, Jeanne 321 Gimenez, Karen 329 Gin, Deanna 259,269 Girouard, William 250 Givehand, James 290 ' Graduates in alphabetical order between pages 166 and 219 393 Glang, Constance 303 Guho, Mary 309 Glaze, Marcia 296 Guidotti. Adrian 281 Glenn, Marsha 318 Gumbiner, Valerie 280,281,314 Glushon, Robert 290 Gumser, Gerry 287 Glyer, Michael .290 Gunderson, Amy 302 Glymin, Derick 266 Gupta, Subhash 250 Gobas, Harvey 252,256 Guss, Ronald 344 Gobrecht, Carol 303,321 Gustafson, Tanya 326 Godber, Richard 346 Guzman. Jose 273 Goeckner, Jeffery 334 Goetez, Nancy 371 Goldberg, B.G. 314 Goldberg, Nancy 301 Golden, Daruss 289 Golden, John 339 Hachten, Barbara 303 Goldstein, Olivia 314 Hadley, Ollie 262 Gondek, Juliane 296 Haentzschel, Jane 314 Gong, May 302 Hafen, Gary 373 Gong, William 258 Hahn, Blake 263 Gonzales, Linda 302 Hahn, Nancy 326 Gonzalez. Juan 286 Hafducko. John 257 Goo, Elwin 259 Halas, George Jr. 279,368 Good, Gary 288 Haley. Ann Ma Goodman, Georffrey ,,, 273 Haley. Fredelyn 3U3 Goodrich, Gayle 299 Haljun, Kathleen 309 Goodson, Paul 293 Hall, Barbara 316 Gordon, Neil 289 Hall,Henry 339 Gossett, Georgette 365 Hall, Janet 296 Gossett, Raymond, Hall, Marilyn 318 Gould, Melanie ... 296,313 Hall.Marnie 309 Graham Debra 326 Hall, Nancy 298 Graham, Geraldine 330 Hall, Richard 276 Graham, James 275,276,344 Hall, Stephen 263 Graham, Janet 325 Halleran, William 340 Grajewski, Alana 298 Halliburton, John 353 Granger, Lawrence 268 Ham, Jeanne 330 Granone, Carol 301 Hamaguchi, Mitzi 298 Granville, Karen 297 Hamasaki, Clayton 258 Graves, Laura 318 Hamilton, Charles Gray, Jennifer 318 Hamilton, Paul 261 Gray, Sherry 304 Hamilton, William J 251 Gray, Steven 260 Hamilton, William 365 Green, David 293 Hamity. Gary 279,362 Green, Don 279 Hamlin. Casey 373 Green, Jon 263 Hammer, Robert 262 Green, Sandra 326 Hamraerschmitt, Leon 276 Hanada, Mitsuyo Hand, Laura Greenwood, Dana 252 310 Greer, David 263 Handtraann, George 279,362 Greer, Randy 360 Hankey, Barbara 264 Gregg, Fred 263 Hannah, David .355 Gregg, Ronald 356 Hansen, Christma 318 Gregor, Eda 305 Hansen, Joan 299,316 Gregory, Gordon . 365 Hansen, Kristine 311 Gregory, Nancy 330 Harbour, Lucille 328 Grether, Betsy 336 Hardekopf. William 279,362 Grether, Jeffrey 344 Hardie. Loring 329 Gries, Cindy 328 Hardin, Carl 288 Griffin, Olga 302 Harding, Nancv 311 Griffith, James 294 Hargis, Vivian 313 Grifka, George 263 Harmon. Anne 285,.300 Grimm, Catherine 325 Harper. Susan 326 Griott, Kalman 273 Harrigan, Bruce 356 Gross, Cristofer . 293 Harris, Andrew 381 Gross, Philip 294 Harris, Dean 262 Grossbart, Kenneth 294 Harris, Dolly 302 Grossman, Jane 296 Harris, George 381 Groswith, Jack 339 Harris, Gregory 288 Grotta, John 373 Harris, Janet 311 Groudins, Cheryl 285 Harris, Jill 316 Guandavos, Hung 378 Harris, Lary 288 Gudauskas, Gedy 293 Harris, Mark 262 Guenhardt, Owen 356 Harris, Steven 252 Harris, Susan 296,326 Harsha, Kristen 330 Hart, Gary 375 Hart, Mary 3,30 Hartman, Sandra 281,321 Hartnett, Paul 279,362 Hartunian, Lori 311 Hartwig, Barbara 325 Harvey, Lillian 313 Harvey, Ruth 313 Harwood. Patricia 321 Hasbach. Ronald 356 Hasey, Mark 339 Hashiba, Joy 296 Hashimoto, Koichi 265 Haskell, Robert 344 Hasseen. Douglas 263 Hastie, Yvonne 298 Hastings, Dean 379 Hastings, Kirk 276,362 Hatanaka. Call 332 Hatch. Janie 353 Hatem, Joseph 261 Hatfield. Robert 250 Haug. Amanda 316 Haugen. Rick 279 Hauschel. Christine 317 Hawkins. Andre 291 Hawkins, Edward 289 Hawkins, James 353 Hay, John 359 Hayes, Anna 316 Hayes, Steven 379 Hays, Cheryl 281,309 Hazard, Carolyn 263 Headley,John 263,368 Heathman, David 263 Heatley. Scott 263 Hechtman. Jody 286 Heckl. Frank 263 Hedden, Neil 371 Hefner. Suksan 285,305,309 Heining, William 290 Heitkotter, James 291 Helliwell. Arthur 339 Helm, Ann 281,310 Helm, Barbara 281,310 Hempstead, Michael 287 Henderson. Theodore 266 Hendrix. Leland 279,.368 Hennig. Bruce .360 Henry. Cathy 371 Henry. Kathleen 316 Henson, Douglas 257 Herberts. Kathy 309 Herbold. James 376 Herold, Debra 326 Herren, Shannon 318,376 Herrin, Christopher 339 Herring, Steven 286 Herrmann, Alex 292 Herzberg, Loretta 283,295 Hester, Janet 321 Hetherington. Pamela 263 Heyes. Lynne 326 Heywood, Kimberlee 303,376 Hickerson, Marcus 373 Hickey. Ann 264,314 Hickey, Gregory 356 Hickey, Sheila • 298 Hiegel, Christine 328 Hiegel, Nancy 328 Higa, Judith 263 Higgins, Charles 273 Higgins, John 355 Higham, Gregory 353 Hilderbrand, Bridget 328 Hill, Daniel 373 Hill, Edward 261 Hill, Gordon 376 Hill, Harry 353 Hilton, Beverly 303 Hilton, Catherine 304,314 Hilton, Hilary 326 Hindley. Forrest 355 Hinkle. Claude 261 Hinnant, Sheila 305 Hinton, Catherine 299 Hiraga, Irene 333 Hirayama, Ruth 296 Hirko, Cathy 304 Hirrez, Dick 371 Hirschler, Karen 330 Hjelte, Phyllis 300,328 Hoagland, Barbara 314 Hobbs, Chris 288 Hobbs, Roger 275,307 Hobso n, James 281,289 Hobson, Stephen 290 Hodes, Jay 293 Hodge, Margaret 329 Hodging, Suzanne 264 Hoel, Karen 269,297 Hoener, Conrad 279 Hoersch, Gay 296,376 Hoeven, Barry 356 Hoffman, Jonni 313 Hoffman, Larry 353 Hoffmann, Kathy 299 Hoffmann, Susan 313 Hofgaarden. Charles 288 Hofschneider. Roy 287 Hogan, Mark ,347 Hogan, Pamela 326 Hogan, Paul 376 Hoge, William 362 Hogue, Robert 293 Holland, Norman 293 Hollander, Marie 299 Hollern, Peter 353 HoUingsworth, Gretchen 264 Holsey, Denise 267 Hoist, Thomas 261 Holtzer, Ralph 365 Hom, Jeffery 291 Hom, Richard 263,288 Hom, Steven 294 Hom, Susan 333 Hong, Jana 269 Honnaka, Marjorie 332 Hoo, Lun 333 Hoose, Barbara 274 Hoover, Robert 353 Hopper, Brian 353 Home, James 353 Horrobin, Scot 340 Horst, David 347 Hottendorf, Diane 299 Hough, Frank 353 House, Suda 316 Hovey, Christine 321 Howard, Charles 276 Howard, Jean 314 Howe, David 289 Howes, Cynthia 278,326 Howes, Dana 295,.326 •Graduates in alphahL-tii I pages 1 66 and 219 Howick, Gregory 289 Hozduk, Thomas 273 Hricak, Michael 334 Hubbard, Melisse 329 Hudson, Juliana 318 Huetter, Patrick 340 Huey, Renee 274 Huff, Patricia 318 Huffman, Marcia 311 Hughes, William 373 Hull, Steven 380 Hummfll, Philip 291 Hunt, Katherine 326 Hunt, Stephanie 311 Hunter, Keith 266 Hunter, Mara 329,365 Hunter, Thomas, 259 Huntsman, Kevin 263 Hutton, Terrence 257 Hyan, Mary 318 Hyer, Jay 273 Hylan, Mary 271 Hyland, John Jr. 276,376 laia, Renee 371 Ibaraki, Michael 373 Dteguchi, Coni 332 Dcetani, Shinkichi 265 Imada, Leonard 258 Imada, Richard 258 Inouf, Ta kao 265 Inouye, Karen 333 Inouye, Susan 303 Ireland, Kathleen 330 Ishibashi, Gordon 257 Ishii, James 373 Ishii, William 263,373 Ishikawa, Erik 287 Ito, Ken 291 Ito, Shizuo 265 Iwamoto, Carol 300,332 Iwasaki, Hidehiko 265 Iwata, Elizabeth 332 Iwata, A 265 Izaku, Mel 359 Jabs, Arthur 362 Jackson, Cheryl 310 Jackson, Clay 288 Jackson, Ellen 317 Jackson, Henry 287 Jackson, Joanne 303 Jackson, John .356 Jackson, William 376 Jackson, William 261 Jackson, Winnifred 304 Jacobs, Alan 260 Jacobs, John 353 Jacobson, Jeffrey 263 Jacques, Janae 321 Jadach, Ronald 286 Jakubowski, Peter 290 Jakawy, Thomas 3.34 James, Evan 262 James, Ian 375 James, Tracy 321 Jang, Gaynor 304 Janjigian, Janet 253,274 Jarvis, Ernest 279,344 Jarvis, Jennifer 329 Jasinska, Magdalena 280 Jasper, Marjorie 299 Javier, Vincent Jr 362 Jee, Galen 266 Jeffrey, James 294 Jenkins, David 263 Jenkins, Gwynn 314 Jenkins, Jeffrey 339 Jennings, Jolayne 326 Jensen, Georgia 321 Jewell, Paul 290 Joe, Kathie 299 Johansen, Erik 347 Johanson, Jane 299 Johns, Deborah 309 Johnson, Carla 299,365 Johnson, Edwina 278,301 Johnson, John 378 Johnson, John 276 Johnson, Lane 287 Johnson, Lorin 276 Johnsrud, Sarah 309 Johnston, John 294 Johnston, Wendy 330 Jolstead, Jennefer 321 Jones, Craig 276 Jones, Craig 347 Jones, Fred 273 Jones, Jordan 339 Jones, Richard 279,339 Jones, Robert 355 Jones, Robert 276 Jones, Theresa 309 Jordan, Kristen 329 Koseph, Wayne 267 Journigan, Lynne 328 Joyne, Steve 353 Judson, Patricia 313 Jung, Lunny 257 Jung, Raymond 258 Jung, William 257 Jurgensen, Gary 376 Kaiser, Mary 273,298 Kaiser, Raymond 263 Kalionzes,Jill 330 Kalmbach, Lauren 328 Kamachi, Denise 332 Kambestad, James 257 Kamins, Susan 298 Kane, Richard 260 Kaneko, Grace 333 Kaner, Mark 293 Kaneta, Mark 266 Kani, Philip 273 Kanno, Pamela 295 Karpman, Alan 263 Karr, Joanne 299 Katahata, Y. 265 Kaun, Darrylynn 295,326 Kavoian, Karin 278,326 Kawachi, Masao 265 Kawahara, Glenn 379 Kawanami, Cynthia 332 Kawashima, Hiroko 3.30 Kawata, Betty 332 Kay, John 286 Kazebee, Robert 257 Kearney, Howard 353 Keas, Charles Jr. 339 Keck, Amy 330 Keefe, Lorian 330 Keeney, Karl 261 Keil, Robert 294 Keiser, David 291 Kelley, Candace 297 Kelly, Eileen 299,310 Kelly, Jean 330 Kemp, Douglas 360 Kenagy, Paula 316 Kendall, Edward 288 Kendall, Gregg 276,360 Kennedy, Steven 380 Kenosian, John 279,340 Kent, James 365 Kerlan, Kimberly 362 Kerr, Flora 330 Kessler, Ted 257 Keys, Laurinda 253,297 Kiat, Tien Tien 302 K ice, Hugh 266 Kiefer, Deborah 278,311 Kiernan, Russell Jr. 379 Kim, Brian 257 Kimura, Katherine 296,333 King, William 286 Kingsley, Frances 303 Kinoshita, Joyce 296 Kirk.Melanie 311 Kirk, Scott 379 Kirshner, Bruce 257 Kirst, Christine 316 Kirst, Nancy 317 Klauser, Christine 316 Klein, Jeffrey 353 Klein, Regina 298 Kline, Brant 289 Kline, Donald 356 Kline, Linda 331 Kloepfer, Robert 362 Klumph, Jan 269 Knight, Margaret 326 Knoll, Denise 326 Knowles, Susan 304 Knox, Christine 309 Knox, Mary 317 Kobayashi, Hirokazu 265 Kobayashi, Jill 333 Kobayashi, Lloyd 266 Kobayashi, Michael 265 Kochersperger, Richard 261 Koehler, Thomas 360 Koepenick, Karla 297 Kohlenberger, Gerald 359 Kojima, Kathleen 259 Kojo, Jeanne 332 Kolb, Christine 314 Kolb, Patricia 309 Kolts, Carolyn 325 Kolts, Kathryn 325 Komai, Dlae 289 Komiya, Motomu 265 Komiya, Osamu 265 Kono, James 373 Konya, Kiyoko 332 Kooker, John 288 Kobayshi, Lloyd 263 Kosch, Anna 300 Koslowski, Rick 340 Kotake, John 266 Kotsiris, Laura 283 Koury, James 261 Koutny, Cynthia 318 Kovac, Janet 283 Kovacevich, Mary 316 Kowalewski, Thomas 339 Kozlik, John 365 Krabacher, Heidi 278,303 Krabacher, Marianna 376 Kramer, Andrew 368 Kramer, Nancy 318,376 Krasowski, Victoria 278,296 Kresnicka, Susan 274,285,304 Kristovich, Marlene 264,281,311 Krohn, Arthur 285 Kuhn, Robyn 269,295 Kuhse, Bruce 376 Kumamoto, Kathryn 332 Kumetz, Linda 304 Kunert, Robin 315 Kunimoto, Alcene 332 Kuramoto, Laurie 333 Kutnetsky, Ronald 263 Kuwata, Kai 263,276,359 Kuwata, Kam 359 Kuzma, Walter 289 Kuznetsky, Ronald 287 Kuznetz, Steven 263,373 Kwock, Dianne 269 LaBarthe, Christopher 288 LaBarthe, Jeffrey 289 LaBossiere, Joyce 325 LaBouff, Patricia 310 Lachman, Branton 263 Lack, Barbara 274 Lacy, James 279 Lafferty, Timothy 379 Lafky, Alene .296 Lagorio, Joanne 314 Lah, Marianne 311 Laine, Linda 309 Lam, Elena 295 Lamb, Stephen .263 Labertus, Mary .280 Lande, Charles 359 Landstrom, Mark 288 Langdon, Janet 328 Lange, Christopher Langill, Lorena 325 Langmade, William 344 Lantz, Stephen 253 Lanum, Christine 309 LaPlante, James 344 Larkin, Richard 288 Larner, Lesley 299 Larrick, Theresa 302 Larsen, Paul 279,376 LaRue, William 344 Lau, Edwin 257 Lau, Janice 333 Laub, Andrew 279 Laubacher, Jean 317 Laugharn, Mary 328 Laughpen, Kathleen 325 Lauro, Frank 340 Lavigne, Deborah 331 Law, Kathryn 317 ' Graduates in alphabetical order between pages 166 and 219 395 Laws, Robert 378 Loevenguth, John 279 Marino, Evelyn 280 Lawler, Michael 344 Lokey, Patricia 329 Markowitz, David 285.286 276 ... 358 376 Lawrence, David 368 Lopez, Anthony 380 Marshall, Jonathan 373 Lav, Paula 297 Loseff, Jeffrey ...373 Marsteller, Marlys 360 Lazar. Joseph Jr. Leach, Gary 286 Louie. Gary ...258 Martin. Catherine 305 Lebeis, Barbara 297,314 Louie, Pearl ...269 Martin, Chervl 30- ' LebeKKathv 29.5 Louie, Sharon ...264 Martin, Jack 273 Lebis, John 263 Louie, Thelma .332 Martin. Kim Marie 297 Leblanc, Llaina 299 Lovenguth, John .362 Martin. Raymond 286 Leblond, Linda 326 Low, Robert 258 Marx. Stewart 263 Lebovitz, Barbara 313 Lower, Diana 304 Marzulla. John 323 Leckie, David 355 Lower V, Gary 373 Massa. Bruce 261 Lee, Betty 264,297,333 Lucas, Timothy 286 Massev. Frederick 378 Lee, Henry 262 Ludlow, Kimberley 309 Massey. Ola 299 Lee, Janet 310 Lueck, Robert 290 Mastrog any, James 262 Lee, Nancy 333 Luele, Daniel .291 Masuoka, Laurence 279,369 Lee, Robin 280,333 Luguslo, Jane 298 Mathes, Laura 318 Lee, Suzanne 328 Lujan, Deborah 299 Mathews, Brent 250,256 Lee, Tina 332 Lukacovic, John .256 Mathews, William 266 Lefand, Linda 313 Lukacovic, Sharon 273 Matsura. Wayne 287 Legvold, Paul 339 Lum, Clifford 294 Matsuyama. Wayne 266 Leinen, Wayne 373 Lumpkm, Keith 344 Matteson. William 289 Leishman, Catherine 326 Luna, Maria 305 Matthes.John 294 Leisure, Deborah 310 Lundberg, Linda 296 Matthews. Chris Lem, Michael 263 Lundin, Dale 373 Maul, Lvle 279 Lema, John 279.360 Lundv, Patricia 309 356 Lemay, Cheryll 297 Lurnas, Tammi 325 Maxwell, Karen 329 Lending Brian 268 Lush, Arthur 260 Maxwell. Robert Mayahara. Ichiro 355 265 Leon-Ponte. Carlos 250 Lusich, Anthony 376 Leon-Ponte, Mabelly 250 Luth, John 287 Mayhew. Jeffrey 347 Leonard, Joseph Jr. 263,368 Lynch, Richard 355 Mayo, Mary ... 310 Leperini 375 Lynds, Robert 263 Mazzaferri, Mary . . 283,299 Letarte, Andrea 295 McAffee, Vera , 305 Letsch, Lvnne 302,371 McAllister, Janice 299 Levenback, Kathy 317 McBreen, Thomas 286 Levine, Howard 288 McCabe. Marianne 298 Levine, Marcia 273,274 Ma Carmela 303 McCall. Lawrence 353 Levitt, Gerald 381 Maas, Lawrence 340 McCalley, William 257 Levoy, Scott 373 Macallister, Sara 317 McCarthy, Neil 290 Lew, Kenneth 259 MacDonald, Barbara 298 McCaslin, Lowry 353 Lew, Montgomery . 292 MacDonald, Kathleen 325 McCauley, Melvin 291 Lewis, John 290 Mack, Charles .253 McClean, Chris 263 290 Mackin, Sandra 305 McClearv, Kimberlv 278,281,317 Lewis, Michael 276 MacmUl in, Catherine 310 McClodden, Freddie 285 Lewis, William 355 Macmullen, Gary 259 McCloskey, Kathleen 317 Li Curtis, 263 Maeda, Ralph 291 McClune. Michael 252,285,289 Libby, Mary 296 Maguire, Susan 269 McClure. James 279,281,289 Lieber, Robert 285 Mah, Sharon 269 McConica. James 276,355 Lieu, Casey 299 Mahannah, Deborah .305 McConica. Judy 325 Lim, Daniel 262 Maher, Kathrvn 325 McCormick, Michael 276 362 Lind, Mary 329 Maher, Margaret 331 McDannold. U.Steohen 347 Lindsey, John 268,291 Maher, Paul 263 McDermut, Martin 356 Linett, Suzanne 298 Maher, Timothy 286 McDiarmid. Roger 340 Linnell, Charlene 296 Majewski, Randy 378 McDonald. Teresa 305 Linscott, Brack 286 Makar, Daniel 263 McDonell. Chris 304 Linsley, Philip 373 Makita, Jane 269 McDowell. Gavle 304,326 Lipari, John 279,344 Malcolm, Robert 279,362 McElrath. Robert 293 Lipkis, Thomas 293 Malkin, Gary 288 McEntvre, Robert 294 Lippincott, Ann 331 Mallonee, Ronald 263 McFadden, Dennis 334 Lissner Andrew 276 Malmrose, Walter .288 McFall. Scott 371 Litsetti, Robert 353 Mancini, Martin 362 McFarren, Timothy Litsey, Paul 257 Mandala, Rosalie 302,325 McGee. Bob 360 Livingston, Robin .331 Mandinach, Gary 381 McGehfe, Susan 305 Lizer, Marty 293 Mango, Howard Jr. 276,360 McGillin, Catherine 253,281,285, Llewellyn, Blaik 355 Mann, James .339 298 Lloyd, Laurie 311 Mann, Steven 359 McGilvray Mark 347 Lloyd, Starlet 311 Mannmg, Carol 263 McGivern, Daniel 359 Lobree, Teri 253 Manning, Dirk 276 McGovern, William J 373 Lochmoeller, Thomas 289 Mapes, Marian 271,302 McGowan, John .353 Lockerby, James 375 Marchini, Janet 309 Mclnernev, Mark 276.378 Lockwood, Lorna 331 Marcial, Marcia .309 McKay. Kathleen 314 McKenna, Kathryn 300,326 McKnight, Robert 344 McLaughlin, Dennis 376 McLaughlin, Jeanne 325 McLellan. Sara 296 McMahan. Ann 321 McMahon. Carolyn 310 McMillan. Dina 280 McMillan. Ralph 360 McMorrow. Sheila 305 McMullen, Janey 305 McMullen, Patricia 301 McNamarra, Markham 347 McQueen, James 273 McReynolds, Timothy 279,365 McRoskey, Mary 281 Means, Patricia 264 Mease, Frank 378 Meckel, Robert 262 Medley, Gary 293 Mees, Thomas 261 Megna, Thomas 256,380 Megowan, Bruce 276,369 Meeowan. William Jr. 250.276 Megowan. William Jr. 250,276, 347 Mehmauer, Marilyn 263 Melanson, Gregory 353 Meloan, Steven 286 Menard, Pierre 257 Mercadante, Brian 376 Merli, Gunther 253 Merlo, Raymond 291 Merrihew, Craig 263 Merritt, Marilyn 299 Metz, Charlene 299 Meyer, Catherine 253,274,304 Meyer, Douglas 287 Meyer, Richard 294 Meyer, Ted 294 Mhoon, Uerona 328 Michel, Jeffrey 376 Michelson, Paul 262 Middleton, Carl 339 Miehoff, Jack 290 Miele, Eileen 318 Miele, Patricia 318 Mijares, Roy 375 Mikasa, Julienne 299,332 Milano, Dominic Jr 252 Millage, Kenneth 290 Miller, Bruce • 339 Miller, Donald Miller, Donna 273 Miller, Janet 325 Miller, Jeffrey 344 Miller, Jeffrey 356 Miller, Melissa 325 Miller, Peter 245 Miller, Robert 290 Miller, Steven 294 Milligan, Michael 380 Millman, Lisa 274 Mills, Bruce 290 Mills, Melinda 299 Mina, Carlos 286 Minassian. Avak 257 Minchella, Paul 355 Miner, Melissa 321 Minium, Scott 351,273 Mintey. Elyse 253 Miranda. Marcelo 293 Mirkin. Jeffrey 381 ' Graduates in alphabetical order between pages 166 and 219 396 Mirovich, Michael 263,289 Muirhead, Anne 326 Noble, Cameron 286 Otte, Brooke 302,331 Miro, Ricardo 250 Mulder, John 290 Noble, Nancy 305 Overgaard, Shirley 302 Mita. Randall 263 Mullin, Gertrude .297 Nolan, Patrick . . . 276 Owen, William 294 Mitchell, Bessie Mitoraj, Stephen 264 359 Munroe, Katherine Munzer, Anne 331 329 Nolan, Robert 289 Oxman, Richard Ozaki, Gail 353 Noonan, Daniel 263 332 Mix, Gregory 291 Murakami, Hideo 265 Noonan, Kevin .... 290 Ozaki, Janice 332 Miyarayashi, Masayasu 265 Murakami, Michael 265 Nord, Simon Ozaroski, Alice 264,285,301 Mivakawa, Teri 332 Muraoka, Gerald 291 Nordin, Geral 305 Miyake, Lynne 274,285,295 Murdy, Cheryl 299 Nordlow, Glenn . . . 334 Miyamoto, Lois ■ 332 Murphy, Douglas . 276,362 Norrbom, Timothy 252 Miyano, Lois 305 Murphy, Eileen 317 North, Diana 304 Mivasato Sharon 296 Murphy, Jeannine 280 353 Mizufuka, Ronald 258 Murphy, Marjorie 281,314 Nourse, Randall 251 Pacala, Thomas 373 Mocciaro, Perry 273 Murray, James 286 Novak, Timothy 373 Pacheco, Mary 304 Mocsny, Susan , . 302 Murray, Maureen 263 Noyes, Brent 279,371 Pacior, Paul 294 Modglin, Norman 359 Murrell, Merelie 316 Nozaki, Michael 262 Page, Mark 260 Molodow, Jody Momsen, Lars 280 290 Murrell, Ronald Murrin, Robert 279,362 362 Nuccio, John Nuccio, Robert 371 Page, Michael Paggi, Stephanie 278,301 Mon, Glenn Mondello, Larry 362 378 Musuraca, Nicholas Myaki, Nathan 360 268 Nugent, Lizette Nunnely, Gary , 310,371 353 Palmer, Linda . 269 Palotay, Marc . 360 Monroe, Terry .285,293 Myatt, Bruce 291 Nunokawa, Neil 289 Paonessa, Lynn 309 Montania, Bill 263 Myatt, Gregory 291 Nutt, Nancy 304,317 Papac, Andrea 316 Montane, Consuelo 271 Myers, David 289 Nye, Robert 360 Paplham, Susan 304 Monterastelli, Therese 299 Myers, Heidi 331 Paquette, Sallie 331 Montesano, Rosemarie Montgomery, Denise 297 309 Myracle, Michael 263 Parker, Marcia 315 Montgomery, Melinda 329 Parker, Marlee Montgomery, Stephen 276,369 Oba, Katsuhiro 265 Parker, Robert 244-245,289 Moodey, James 356 Oba, Randolph 258 Parks, Jean 325 Moody, Catherine 295 Naessig, Virginia 318 Obyrne, Louis 286 Parks, Penny Christii ne 278,280, Moore, Adina 303 Nagami, Glen 258 O ' Connor, Barbara 273 315 Moore, David 293 Naisbitt, John 273 O ' Connor, Peter 356 Parral, Judi 298 Moore, James 340 Nakajima, Joyce 333 Offutt, Thomas Parsons, James 290 Moore, John 276 Nakamoto, Yuji 290 Ofiesh, Christine 278,302,315 Parter, Peggy 264 Moore, Meteer 317 Nakamura, Michael 265 O ' Hearn, John 339 Parton, Lance 263 Mooring, Mark 360 Nakamura, Mitsuhiro 265 Ohlsson, Sandra 305 Pascoe, Maryellen 329 Moors, Margaret 302 Nakano, Taneki 292 Ohta, Yozo 267 Pascoo, Mark 276,360 Moorschekian, Mark 293 Nakaoki, Carol 332 Oien, Keith 294 Patrick, James 263 Moran, Margaret Moreland, Gloria 326 Nail, John Patten, Craig Patten, Marilynn 288 264 Nangle, Peter 359 Okamura, Kazuo 265 .328 Morello, Arthur 359 Nania,Mark 287 Okamura, Nancy 332 Patterson, Lawrence Morgan, Bruce 263 Naples, Kelly 356 334 Patton Carl 353 Morgan, Dina 311 Narog, Gregory 279 Okamuro, Keith Paul, Rich 339 Morgan, Jeannie 264 Natasui, Kiyoshi . . 289 O ' Keefe, Camille 331 Pazurek, William 279,365 Morgan, Steven 292 Neal, Robert 339 O ' Keefe, Mary 266,297 Pearson, Edward 334 Moriarty, Jeanne 309 Nedrow, Margaret 318 Okura, Sharon 332 Pedroza, Patricia .347 258 Neeri, Frank 289,355 287 Pegram, Robert Pekuri, Karen 371 Morishita, Kathy 299,332 Neill, Salligene 280 O ' Laughlin, Terry 297 301 Mork, Stuart 279 Nelman, Carl 380 Oilman, Sharon 256 Peller, Douglas 279,365 Morley, Cathv . 278,326 293 O ' Loughlin, Theresa Morra, Robert 375 Nelson, Marty 299 285 Pemero Gary 286 Morris, Diane 317 Nelson, Michael 365 Olson, Cheryl 309 Penso, David 360 Morris, Lyle 285,286 Netro, William 339 Olson, John 359 Perelliminetti, Linda 317 Morris, Patricia 325 Nfumyer, John Jr. 282 Olson, Lawrence 292 Perich, Larry 263 Morris, Timothy 375 Newberry, Janet 302 Olson, Stanley 253,276,378 Perrigo, Vicki 263 Morrow, Kathleen 278,280,329 Newbrough, Nancy 264 Olsson, John 291 Perry, Janis 309 300 286 288 Perry, Russell Perryman, Timothy 263 Morrow, Randall Newcomer, Robin 253 Ono, Rodney 359 253 Mort, Rick 369 Newhouse, Nancy 328,360 O ' Ramuro, Keith 263 Peschelt, John 356 314 Ngo, Phan Thanh 266 Ordway, Debi Orell, Barry 309 Morzov, Jane 314,360 Nichols, Jon 347 244-245 Peters, Harry 260 Moseley, Paula 281 Nichols, Marilynn Nichols, Ronald 309 Orlikoff Steven 293 Peters, Henry Petersen, Norman 252 Mosena, Jan 310 359 Orman, Michael . . 376 344 Motoyama, Marsha . . . 332 Nicklin, Robin 285,297 Orr, James 360 Peterson, Bruce 263,294 Mott, Monte 289 Niemann, Marilyn 300 Ortiz, Gloria 315 Peterson, Michael 291 Mount, Steven 356 Nietschmann, William Jr. 376 Osajima, Keith . , . Osaka, Janet 287 302 Mouzis, Gerald 294 Nikols, Lynne 309 332 Petit, Sharon 315 Moy, Betty 302 Nishi, Hiroyuki 258,259 Osaki, S 265 Petrasich, William 279 Moyle, Phil . 362 Nishikawa, Ken 258 Osborne, Jolinda 285 Petrone, Victoria 311 Mozzetti, Benjamin Jr. 279 Nishimura, Nanci 332 O ' Shaughnessv, Den nis 252 Pettit, Lindsay Muche, James 294 Nisson, David 344 Ota, Kenji 286 Philipp, Annette 278,280,318,376 Mudge, Carol 264 Nitta, Cheryl 305 Otsmaa, Mati 263 Phillipp, Walt 290 Mueller, Ann 331 Nixon, John 344 Otsuka, Clive 294 Phillips, Ronald 263 •Graduates in alphabetical order between pages 166 and 219 397 Phillips, Steven 334 Pianta, Ann 331 Pickens, Alison 331 Pierce, Russell 276,369 Pierce, Wayne 256,380 Pierose, Carlyn 331 Pierose, Diane 331 Pike, Christopher 262 Pilger, John 285 Pincott, Richard 261 Pink, Tillman Pirayesh, Jarfa 289 Piston, Wade 291 Plank, Christie 299 Piatt, Lawrence 365 Piatt, Lee 323 Plon, Lawrence 285,291 Plotkin, Cheryl 264 Plough, Ken 340 Pocock, Richard 286 Podell, Terry 263 Polin, Ramon 356 Polk, Michael 285 Poloynis, Dorothea 256,325 Polster, Lewis 339 Poole, Douglas 294 Poole, John 294 Popkin, Stephen 263 Popovich, Karen 325 Poppenberger, Kay 309 Poquette, Nancy 278,296 Porter, Margaret 264 Porter, Susan .331 Posatko, Barbara 298 Post, Kenneth 290 Post, Piper 311 Post, Tina 274 Potempa, Gloria 278,299 Potosky, John 251,256 Potter, Penelope 328 Powell, Anne 328 Power, Brent 326 Power, Susan 331 Powers, Frank 268 Poxon, John 353 Pravorne, Gary 261 Presser, Arthur 260 Preston, Jeff 378 Price, James , 288,294 Price, Janis 303 Prickett, Charles 331 Primrose, David 369 Propstra, Marilyn 328 Puhrman, Joanne 321 Purcell, Thomas 356 Putman, Ed 288 Putnam, Audrey 331 Quan, Jane 302 Quane, Cindy 309 Quarrie, Donald 287 Quilligan, Carol 329 Quinn, James 378 Quint, Robert 260 Quintile, Gelinda ,302 Quon, Deborah 326 Quon, Hew Wah 263 Rado, Gary Rahe, William Ralph, Christopher Ramsey, Corinne Ramsey, Michael Ramsey, Patrick Rand, Teri Randall. Deborah Randall, Geoffrey Ranshaw, James Rapan, Bernard 2t Rasch, Robert Rasch, Stephen 2 ' i Rasmussen, Linda Rastello, Douglas Rausch, Kenneth Rawls, Lloyd Rawn, Jessie Ray, Karen Rayes, Eliza Re, Pamela Re Steven Reardon, Patricia Rector, Christine 3C Redden. Patricia Reder, Rhonda Reed, Herlen Jr. Reed, James Reed, Theresa Reeslund, Geoffrey Reeves, Jerry Regan. Daniel Reid, Richard Reilly, Reid Reinard. John Reinders. Michele Reinhard, Christine Reitan, Philip Reitz, LouAnn Reitz, Neal Reitzell, Richard Rendler, John Rennie, Charles Resnick, Rocky Revzin, Michael 2£ Rey, Fred Reynolds, Roger Rhoads, Lee Ricardo, David Richards, Katherine Richarson, Marilyn Richart, Thomas 27 Richins, Gary Richman, Paul Richtor, Cranor Ricketts, Robin Rimelspach, Judy Risley, Stephen Ritacco, Robert Robbins, Frederick Roberson, Ted Roberts, Clinton Roberts, Ken Roberts, William Robidart, Charles Jr. Robillard, Robert Robinette, Brian Robinson, Joan Robinson, Theodore Jr. Roche. Patrick 355 356 334 315 .362 362 313 298 .356 ,369-307 . 264 356 373 326 298 295 .300 375 318 ,315,.376 315 298 291 347 297 371 356 263 371 315 329 325 310 279 355 360 263 260 ,266,292 355 294 373 290 302 328 ,281,289 294 257 294 264 328 331 293 279 290 262 379 .379 275,369 . , , 353 Rodeffer, Janet Rodenhi, William Rodeno, Victoria Roe. Gary Roldan, Ereniz Rolrich, Mary Rolston. Larry Romano. Robert Romero. Gary Romeyn. Thomas Romo, Dennis Ronzano, Michael Roseburg, Karen Rose, Karen Rose, Michael Rose, Ronald Rosenast, Thomas Rosenberg, Nancy Rosenzweig, Joel Ross, Bruce Ross, Nancy Ross, Terry Ross, Wesley, Rossi, Amy Rosso, Robert Roth, Peggy Rouge, Joseph Rourke, Jonda Rowbotham, Michael Rowe, Bonnie 3 Rowe, Nadine Rowell, John Rowen, Fred Royal, Charles Royal, Leslie Royster, Ross Ruben. Sandra Rubsamen, Anne 2 Ruderman, Jeanne Rueckl, Frank Ruiz, August Rule, Nancy Runzler. Michael Rushing. Clayton Rushing. Melvern Rusling, Diane Russell, Charles Russell, Easter Russell, Lynn Russell, Sam Russo, John Rutherford, Janice Ruygrok. Thomas Ryan, Jeffrey Ryder, Ann 296 257 276 263 268 262 286 295 .305 293 334 250 325 275 365 264 253 262 305 359 329 268 285,305 286 1,244-245 Saito, Janet 33; Salas, Joann 321 Salvi, Vencent 29 Sam an iego, Edu ardo.275. 277, 307 Samore, Ronald Sanders, Clifford Sanders, Joanne Sanders, Leroy Sandland, Stephen Sapatjian. Anita Sarkesian. Ronald Saroni. Allison 310 Sato, Eric 261 263 Saulsbury, Janice 315 304,305 Sault, William 261 .379 Saunders, Barney 355 299 Saunders, Mark 279,289 Sawada, Howard 291 Sawyer, Camille 325 Scanlan. Ann 321 Scarcelli. Diane 305,311,371 Scavo, Connie 328 Schaefer. Arthur 285,290 Schaefer, Mark 292 Scheinweber, Jan 264 Schaum burg, Ronald 286 Schelle. James 273 Schirtzinger. Robert 379 Schlaff, Kathie 313 Schlegel, John 257 Schlufter, Ann 271 Schmid, Margaret 328 Schmidt, Charles 291 Schmidt, Heidi 325,376 Schmidt, Richard Jr 291 Schmidt. Rudolf 293 Schneberg, William 273 Schneider, Charles 286 Schneider, Robert 356 Schofield, Warren 273 Schoknecht, Kim 339 Schram, Kathleen 302 Schram, Victoria 263 Schreiber. Charles Jr. 276,347 Schultz. Randal 293 Schultz, Steven 373 Schulz, Mark 279 Schumacher, Karen 299 Schuster. Roger 263 Schwartz. Dennis 353 Schwartz. George 277 Schweickert, Linda .281 Schweickert, Victoria 281 Schwellenbach, Barbara 271,318 Schwinn, Catherine 298 Scofield, Julie 311 Scott, Darrelyn 321 Scott, Sally 317 Scrima, Donald 292 281 Seaman, Lawrence 286 326 Secard, Lee 286 250 Sekimura, Gerald 292 353 Sells, Thomas 262 251,316 Semenak. Robert 371 373 Sera, Alice 332 369 Serrill,John 353 269 Servin, Steve .340 Severson, Laura 326 Seymour. Jan 281,325 Shaffer. Deborah 298 Shames. Michele 313 Shanahan. Donald 369 332 Shanley, Barry 376 325 Shapess, Irving 365 Shapiro, Jonathan 285 Shapiro. Ralph 360 Sharp. Steve .287 262 Shatfield. Dave 375 240 Shaw, Leslie 292 264 Shearer, Cynthia 331 344 Shelton, Sheridan 321 334 Shepherd, Estelle 267 280 Sheppard, Leslie 250 2,57 Shequen. Katherine 313 ,315 Sheridan, Gail 285,299 261 263 298 .281,315 313 263 375 278,309 293 380 369 317 347,353 ♦Graduates in alphabetical order between pages 166 and 219 398 Sherman, Brian 260 Sherman, David 263 Sherman, Lauren 310 Sherman, Marion 244-245 Sherwin, Jane 298,328 Shibata, Lynn 305,332 Shield, Brier 326 Shigekawa, Janet 332 Shiraa, Michael 258 Shimamura, Linda 333 Shinar, Richard 259 Shinmoto, Tom 266 Shivel.John 262 Shoemaker, Cynthia 318 Shoemaker, David 277 Shoji, Dennis 250 Shrader, Darrell 344 Shrader, Randee 303 Shuraan, Randy 262 Shure, Joseph 260 Siamis, Kim 278,321 Siegel, Joseph 279 Sierras, Amado 396 Sill, Hugh 344 Silvagni, Peter 356 Silverman, James 365 Silverman, Sandra 313 Simanian. Rubic 293 Simas, Claudia 302 Simley, Margaret 264 Simon, Mitchell 365 Simon, Penelope 309 Simon, Richard 253 Simonian, Susan 321 Simpson, Buzz 376 Simpson, Frederick 277 Simpson, Nancy 318 Simpson, Pamela 328 Singer, Linda 316 Sink, MarUyn 318 Sink, Roxane 299 Sizenfeld, Bruce 286 Sizoo, Steven 262 Skaug, Warren 263 Skoro, Linlev 321 Skrola, Robert 359 Slason, Bonnie 297 Slaughter, Candace 329 Slidkovich, Ed 339 Smets, Loren 285,294 Smith, Adam 290 Smith, Allen 365 Smith, Clifton Jr 277,367 Smith, Dalynn 317 Smith, Daniel 275 Smith, Donald 291 Smith, Douglas 334 Smith, Gregory 373 Smith, Harold 369 Smith, Jay 359 Smith, Judith 316 Smith, Libby 271 Smith, Lindsay 356 Smith, Nancy 253 Smith, Pamela 328 Smith, Robert 263,279 Smith, Rodger 355 Smith, Sandra 309 Smith, Susan 326 Smith, Sukey 325 Smith, Teresa 280,325 Snyder, Carolee 318 Snyder, Douglas 266 Sobelman, Karen 301 Soker, Tanda 321 Solis, Julia 300 Solum, Mark 371 Somers, Daniel 340 Somerville, Carol 326 Sorensen, Robert Jr. 261 Sotani, Kenzo 265 Soulanille, Suzette 264,321 Souris, Kerry 302 Souther, Sandra 311 Sparrow, Norm 285 Spear, Peter 288 Speich, Sandra 328 Spies, Cathy 315 Spiegelman, Marc 347 Spilky, Jeffrey 262,360 Spirtos, Nicholas 263 Spivey, Barbara 299,317 Sporn, Richard 286 Spratt, George 347 Springer. Laurence 340 Springstead, Wallace 369 Squeira, Pat 291 Stachler, Kenneth 286 Stadler, Craig 288 Staffs, Patricia 299,376 Stark, William 291 Starkey, Carole 315 Staser, Toni 331 Stauff. Clyde 347 Stearns, Gregory 279,360 Steele, Jenny 326 Steele, Jill 304,326 Stein, Barry 289 Stelzner, Victoria 309 Stephan, Patricia 298 Stephens. Craig 267 Stephens, James 277,369 Stephens, Jeffrey 347 Stephens, Jimmie 369 Stephens, Richard 369 Sterns, Laura . ' . , 317 Stevens, Gary 344 Stevens, Glenn 292 Stevens, Rick 279 Stevenson, Betsy 301 Stevenson ,Denise 329 Stevenson, Linda 318 Stewert, Albert 344 Stewart, James 379 Stewart, Kirk 288 Stieber, Dale 285,303 Stiefel, Pamela 317 Stilwell, John 289 Stiverson, Dane 302 Stoller, Jeffrey 381 Stonestreet, Marsha 326 Stonestreet, Susan 300,326 Storm, Gail ' 304 Stovitz, Roberta 278 Strahan, Robert 360 Streett, Gabrielle 269,295 Strong, Ace 290 Strur, Alice 326 Stuber, Laurel 310 Stuhr, Stephanie 331 Stukan, Nancy 300 Stump, Denise 281 Sudhoff, Kristin 360 Sudol, Laura 274 Suen, Clifford 294 Sugg, Ralph 375 Sukes, Regina 264 Sukiaki, Tyrone 290 Sullivan, Kathleen 331 Sumner, John 286 Suzuki. Linda 332 Suzuki. Michiko 265 Swallow, Lyle 263 Swander, Steven 273 Swavely, Michael 294 Swiderski, Michael 360 Swinton, Gary 359 Swisher, Karen 310 Sybrandt, Pamela 321 Sykes, Regina 280 Syme, David 344 Szeto, Cecilia 305 Szu-Tu, Robert 250 Tabanera, June 280 Tachibana, Mikio 263 Tada, Stanley 292 Taecker, Candy 264 Taft, Bradford 263,281,294 Tagawa, Don 258 Tait, Kathleen 321 Takabayashi. Susumu 290 Takahashi, Lorraine 283 Takakuwa, Ty 261 Takaoka, Shuichi 265 Takemoto, Carole 332 Talkington, Carol 278,281,301 Tamai, James 291 Tanimoto, Dick 250 Tanaka. Gerald 258 Tanaka, Keith 291 Tang, Charles 256,373 Tappan, Diane 310 Tarna, Leslie 291 Tarpenning, Cory 268 Taschman. Barry .380 Tashman, Michael 286 Tassey, David 293 Tatsumi, Martin 258 Tawara, Moritatsu 265 Taylor, Carl 294 Taylor, Thomas 273,356 Taylor, Timothy 253 Taylor, William 355 Taylor, William 250 Tbrahim, Maissa 298 Teal, Jeffrey 291 Teegarden, John 290 Tellefson, Toni 305 Terasaki, Rodney 290 Terbeek, Nancy 299 Terpstra, Steve 356 Terrazas, Joseph Jr 353 Terrell, Deborah 267 Terzian, Irini 303 Thech, Pham 266 Thain, Aaron 286 Thananan, Nim 301 Thomas, Drew 273,288 Thomas, James 252 Thomas, Mary 298 Thomas, Michael 290 Thompson, John 371 Thompson, Karen 297 Thompson, Patricia 310 Thome, Joycelyn 267 Thulstraj, Venugopal 250 Tichauer, Larry 294 Tillman, Michael 262 Tillmon, Bobbi 304 Tilton, David 291 Timmons, Curtis 359 Tirebiter, George 290 Tiscareno, Steven 277,376 Todd, Barbara 321 Todd, Joseph 279,355 Todd, Kevin 360 Tolentino, Gerard 292 Tong, George 258 Tong, Marian 299 Tonkin, Alan 347 Torbey, Dian e 298 Tordham, Rudy 267 Torok, Kathryn 302 Townsend, Craig 334 Townsend, John 279,347 Tracy, Michael 375 Trapp, Susan 331 Travers, Gay 311 Troesach, Tom 287 Troesch, Peter 287 Trudeau,Mary 309 Tsahoumakis, Stan 260 Trutanich, Carmen 353 Tsutsuse, Wayne 263,266 Tucker, Adrienne .296 Tuppan, Karen 278 Turk, Mary 304 Turner. Janis 326 Turner. Nancy 321 Turner, Ronald 263 Tyderaan, Frederick 286 Tyler, Linda 296 Tyo, John 353 Ude, Kenneth 279,362 Ueda, Sharon 300, .331 Uht, Rosalie 300 Ulery, Karen 331 UUman, Shari 321 Unick, Bruce 360 Unsworth, Teri .317 Upham, Margo .326 Urashim a, Colette .333 Uratani, Gale .333 Urquhart, Duane 375 Uyeda, Robert 263 Vaccaro, Antoinette 264 Valdes, Emilita .331 Valentine, Jeffrey 375 Van Buskirk, Michael 277,344 Van Buskirk, Cindy 329 Vandermast, Mary . 326 Vasquez. Bob 260 Veblin. Thorstein 290 Velys, Anna 305 Vener, Philip 262 Verburg, David 263 Verge, Janene 325 Vermeer, Henrietta 318 Vestick. Ann 273 Victor, Susan 309 •Graduates in alphabetical order between pages 166 and 219 399 Villanueva, Roberto 339 Webster, Dana 331 VUleneuve, Michael 286 Wedberg, Carl .373 Vincent. Raymond 375 Weeken, Mark 292 Visconti, Orlando 359 Wegher, Barbara 254 Viselli, Stephen 263 Weir, Deborah 316 Vogeleng, Dutch 356 Weisraan, Eric 373 Vollum.Kathryn 318 Weiss, Marilyn 315,244,245,248 Vossmeyer, Donna .321 Weiss, Richard 355 Welch, Michael 340 Wells, Bettye 304 Wells, Holly 328 Wells, Tom 356 Wada, Gary 291 Welsh, Leslie 277 Wade, Deborah 309 Wenger, Barbara 329 Wagner, Karen 303 Werk, David 288 Wagstaffe. Dennis 371 Wesley, Laura 301 Wainbuch, Harris 294 Weslow, .James 277 Wain Wright, James 292 Wessel, Robert 347 Wakarayashi, Helen 285,296 Wetzel, Wendy 273,325 Wakamoto, Hiroshi 258 Wevgandt, Robert 355 Wakano, Judy 333 Whatlev, Dixie 329 Wakasa. Ronald 258 Wheeler, Robert 279,376 Walbv, Edward 268 White, Renee 309 Wald, Robert 263,279,344 White, Randv 345 Walden, Nanette 318 Whitesell, Toni 316 Walden, Toini 353 Whiting, Patricia 296 Walker, Dianne 326 Whittington, Dave . . .378 Walker, Muriel 297 Whitney, Olive .304 Walker, Wendv 328 Wiberg, Cvnthia 325 Wall, Richard . 263 Wickersham, Hilary .328 Wallace, Allen 279 Wickes, Elizabeth 310 Wallace, Eric 263 Wiedmann, .Janet 263,301 Wallis, David 268,293 Wiefels, Paul 291 Walters, Christine 321 Wiegmann, Carol 309 Walters, Marianne .321 Wienberg, Dave .391 Ward, Ella 264 Wiergert, Elaine 280 Warfield, Susan 278,326 Wiesenhutter, Craig 263 Waring, Jana 315,360 Wilbur, Lesley 301 Waring, Fox 100 Wilbur, Steven 263 Warner, Caron 305 Wilcox, Kirk 257 Warren, Ann 297 Wilcox, Mary .305,321 Warren, Dorothea ,303 Wilcox, Nancy 321 Warschaw, Terry 298 Wile, Peter 353 Washington, Michael 257 Wilkerson, Cindy 305 Wassem. Donald 293 Wilkerson, Liz 328 Watanabe, Susan 302 Wilkes, Robin 373 Watenmaker, Carol 313 Wilkes, Thomas 273 Watson, Cindy 299 Wilkings, Linda 317 Watson, Janelle 304 Wilkinson, Elizabeth .303 Watson, Linda 304 Willhoit,John 347 Watson, Peggy .300 Williams, Carolyn 328 Watson, Robe rt 347 Williams, Charles 294 Watson, Susan 278,326 Williams, David 356 Waxman, Janie 304 Williams, Gus 288 Weakley, Stephen 266,359 Williams, Jeffrey 356 Weast, Christine , , 297 Williams, Julie 326 Webb, Pamela 281,317 Williams, Mary 300 Webb, Sharman 281 Williams, Richard 263,369 Weber, Larry 277,.326 Williams, Robin 326 Weber, Michael 250,353 Williamson, Pamela 303 Weber, Steven 262,.344 Wilson, Anne 328 Wilson, Claire 301 Wozniak, James 286 Wilson, Claudia 297 Wozniak, Kenneth 286 Wilson, Karen 299 Wpocki, Steve 285 Wilson, Lynn 274 Wright, Carolyne 299 Wilson, Michael 290 Wright, Diana 278,309 Wilson, Michael 290 Wright, Pamela 326 Wilson, Paul 291 Wright, Paul 359 Wilson, Paula 296,311 Wulfsberg, Cynthia 326 Wilson, Peter 345 Wyche, Cathy 299 Wilson, Theodore 298 Wilson, Thomas 277,.362 Winchell, Robert 262 Windes, Douglas 286 Wineland, Virginia 318 Yabuki, Kenneth 279 Wing, Marilyn Winslow, Leslie 333 301 Yamamoto, Eugene Yamaoka, Bonnie 260 310 Winsten, Dennis Winterroth, Jefferv 273 362 Yamasaki, Celia Yam ash it a, Clifford 332 258 Winther, Paul 339 Yamashita, Sandra 297,332 Wintrode, Kathleen 309 Yamauchi, Carol .332 Wiseman, Richard 253,286 Yamauchi, James 258 Wiseman, Tamia Wiseman, Teri Witham. Donnilee Witherell, Linda 278 .304 ,301 297 Yamauchi, Norman Yap, Andrea Yee, Florence Yee, Michael 258 269 252,256,332 266,292 Witz, Jack 365 Yee, MUton 258,266,273 Witz, Margaret , , 325 Yetter, Robert 339 Wogan, Nancy 305 Yez, Carol 263 Woidneck, Jeffrey Wolcott, Wendie 340 325 Yoder, Michael Yokoi, Kenji 286 265 Wolf, James 252 Yokota, Vicki .332 Wolff, Brent 289 Yonai, Randolf 257 Wolfe, Larry 294 Yoshida, Irene 333 Wolfe, Therese 309 Yoshimoto, William 285,290 Wolff, Joy 302 Yost, Gary .353 Wolk, Howard 381 Yost, Katherine 273 Wong, Benjamin 277 Young, Craig 355 Wong, Christopher 263 Young, Elizabeth 296 Wong, Emily 297 Young, John 345 Wong, Greg 263 Young, John 279 Wong, J anna .333 Young, Robert 275,277,307 Wong, Jordan 266,292 Young, Saundra 331 Wong, Lida 264 Young, Victoria 253 Wong, Peter 253 Youngstrom, Kimberly 303 Wong, Rose 333 Yuskis, Michael 360 Wong, Victoria 331 Wongworavit, Piriya 263 Wood, Christina 331 Wood, Cynthia 253 Wood, Kathleen 321 Wood, Michael 262 Zadrozny, Stefan 376 Wood, Nancy 321 Zalkowitz, Marilyn 313 Wood, Richard 257 Zappella, Pierino 277 Woodard, William 261 Zaretsky, Michael 289 Woodbury, Russell 353 Zegers, Hubertus 291 Wooden, Rebecca 299 Zemba, Janet 264,281,317 Woodman, Lisa 325 Zenoni, William 261 Woods, Robert 347 Zepp, Eric 365 Woodson, Gregory 262,373 Ziff, Bradley 293 Woodward, Patricia 305 Zolt, Rod 260 Woodward, Paul 263 Zures, William 340 •Graduates in alphabetical order between pages 166 and 219 400

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