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. 1 f ii ■ • »»;,, mirm ' The 1968 El Rodeo staff extends - a fervid ■sov ■: to those adventurers seeking an original experience while fleeting through these 400 some odd pages of expression and impression. From beginning to end each page ' s intent is to import to the seeker the signs of the times. .- f Through the medium of vision, these pages move in length, breadth, depth, and time to secure the four dimensions of sense for the astute observer. As it has been said, " No man walks with aimless ■ feet, " it is so that no creation should exist without ' ;j meaning though at times in the past they have. As it is the individual ' s unique responsibility tofulfill his potential, it is paramount that the creative ' product be all it could have been. But perennially there is the question. What is ■ it to be and who is to decide? Only those with the ultimate responsibility can answer. In what they answer for themselves, they answer forall men and this accounta- bility to their collective selves bears , heavily on their minds. Before embarking on the creative « : search, the artist must decide to in- dividually bear the responsibility for the creation, then proceed to the new synthesis. The civilised incubator for this ' Z endeavor is the university. There ■ under the protective wing of " In- tellectual Freedom " men can sensitize themselves ; to their potential. There through the process of intellectual stimulation, divergent cultivation, excellence in enterprise, and con- ' vergent academics lies the hope for progress. The El Rodeo as an integral part of this University organism cannot be divorced from the context in which it lives or it will cease to be what it purports - representative. The yearbook then should be - intellectually stimulating, creative, technically excellent, and reflective. Herein is our interpretation of that objective - T. Bradford Sales Editor-in-Chief STAFF T. BRADFORD SALES TIAGINDICK MIKEWILLIAMS JIMMALLASCH JOAN VERBURG LYNN HOCHMUTH WENDY COFFELT ED TAYLOR MERVYN LEW ROBERT PARKER PETE MILLER DALE HILTON Editor-in-Chief Managing Editor. Production Managing Editor. Organization Book Design Staff Coordinator Staff Assistant Staff Assistant SportsCopy Photographer Photographer Photographer Director of Student and Alumni Publications Summer 1967 UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA Board of Trustees Howard Ahmanson Chairman of the Board Home Savings and Loan Association Mrs. Ana Bing Arnold President of the Board Bing Fund Robert E, Brooker Chairman ot the Board Montgomery Ward and Co Asa V. Call Honorary Chairman and Director Pacific Mutual Life Insurance Co Mrs. PhyllisN. Cooper Cooper and Nelsen, Attorneys Justin Dart (Chairman) President Rexall Drug and Chemical Co Leonard K. Firestone President and General Manager Firestone Tire Rubber Co J. RobertFluor Chairman and Chief Executive Qtfrcer The Fluor Corporation, Ltd H. Leslie Hoffman Chairman of the Board Hoffman Electronics Corp Herbert Hoover. Jr. Consulting Engineer. Director Various National Corporations Robert A. Hornby President Pacific LightingCorp Jack K. Horton President and Chief Executive Officer Southern California Edison Co Wilhard W. Keith Director Marsh McLennan. Inc Frank L King Chairman of the Board United California Bank John A. McCone Industrialist, Former Director Central Intelligence Agency Harold C, Morton Hanna and Morton, Attorneys SeeleyG Mudd.M.D Physician Harold Quinton Chairman ot the Board Southern California Edison Co Henry Salvatori President GrantOil TooICo Mrs. Frank R. Seaver Chairman ot the Board The Seaver Institute Forrest N. Shumway President Signal Oil and Gas Company Raymond C. Sparling President. Sparling Division Hersey-Sparlmg Meter Co John Stauffer Director Stautfer Chemical Co Charles B. Thornton Chairman ot the Board Litton Industries. Inc Gywnn Wilson Rancher, Land Developer Roberto. Wood President CBS Television Stations Life Trustees Bishop James C. Baker Y. Frank Freeman William C. Mullendore Elvon Musick Officers of The University Norman Topping President Milton C. Kloetzel Vice-President Research and Graduate Affairs Carl M. Franklin Vice-President Financial Affairs Mulvey White Vice-President Student a ndAlumm Affairs Winston R. Fuller President Victoria Investment Corp Kenneth T, Norns Chairman of the Board Norns I ndustnes Norman Topping President University of Southern California Thomas P. Nickell. Jr. Vice-President University Planning TABLE OF INDEX Abbott, Tom E, 360 Affalato, Andre P- 376 Allen, Randall C. 298 Anderson, Dave A. 378 Abduliader, Mohammed E. 250 Afsahi, Shad 74 Allen, Randy C. 370 Anderson, Don 130 Abe, Irene K 347 Agges, Elizabeth 340 Allen, Scott 268 Anderson, Patricia M, 138, 332 Abe, Joseph E 180 Aguilera, Robert A 250,380 Allen. Scott E. 388 Anderson, Peter W. 376 Aber, Andrea L 31. 320, 321, 330 Aguirre, Frederick P. 74, 365 Allmgton, Roger A. 74 Anderson, Terry L. 359 Abrams, R. 233 Ainslie, Paul 160 Allmon, Dick 62 Anderson, Wayne R, 298 Abrams, Sanford C, 218 Aiu, Rene 75 Al-Mutawa, Faiz S. 74 Anderson, William 308 Abrams, Steven 220 Akers, Lynn E. 338 Alper. A, 233 Ando, Richard J, 220 Accomazzo, Allana L, 338 Akiyania, Carol L. 74. 346 Altman, Michael B. 74 Andrews, Harry C. 251 Ackerman, Kathryn A 328 Akiyama, Diane K. 346 Altman, Michael D, 398 Andrews, Kim 138, 336 Ackersol, Kay R. 333 AI ' Akabi, l22iddw 1. 250 Altemus, David E. 298 Andrews, William D. 388 Acutf, Henry P, 392 Aladag, Tugrul 74 Altoon, Ronald A. 202, 384 Anglin, John M. 359 Adachi, Ann K 74, 346 Alarcon, Bill 119 Alvarez, Vicente 250 Ansite. James C. 370 Adaimy, Edmond 250 Albano, Maeve E. 74 Alward, Jerry W. 392 Ansolabehere, Ben J. 392 Adams, Eill 62 Aldridge, Betsy S. 336 Alzamil, Abdulaziz A. 251 Antelyes, Terry 348 Adamson, Janet L 328 Aldridge, Rikki 57, 62 Al-Zamil Abdulraham A. 74 Anthony, Terry L. 392 Adanison, John M, 362 Alexander, Tom L. 363 Amari, Lee N- 218 Apel, Barbara L. 348 Adamson, Sue A 344 AHano, Frank j. 370 Ames, Philip L, 298 Aptekar, Ronald R. 395 Adelman, Harold M. 218 Alkana, Ron 225 Amestoy, Margot E. 138 Arak. Ron 91, 122 Adelman, Harold 220 Allan. Scott H. 298 Amiri, Homa 218 Arase, Randal P. 74 Adkms, Pat M 368 Alleman, Rodney G, 250 Anderegg, Thomas W. 298, 378 Arganese, Thomas J. 27, 384 Adier, Joanne S 327 Allen, A- Darlene 323 Anderson, Carol J. 138 Arico, Susan 116, 344 Adshead, Francis L. 74 Allen, Edna H. 138 Anderson, G. Brooke 344 Ariey, Janine Y. 323 Armet, Marina Armstrong, Bruce Armstrong, JoAnne Armstrong, John E. Arnds, Kristene Arnett, Sharon L. Arnold, Carol A, Arnold, Janice Arnold, Larry Arnold, Terri Aroyan, Armenak Arrache, Ron Artavia, Eveha Arthur, Terry Arundell, Paul H. Asai, Victor Asdel, Joseph G. Ashbrook, Brian D. Ashcraft, Gary L. Ashjian, Lee Ashton, Bruce R. Astor, Jay Afherton, Jean Atkm, Shirley A. Atkinson, Joy Audeoud, Lynn Augusta, Frank Auth, Carolyn Avoyer, Steven Avrii, Michael A. Ayres, Mary Jane 330 119, 377 138, 377 257, 388 340 323 138, 323 74 362 338 251 368 74 268 298, 306 222 180 370 113 372 352 220 323 348 74 298 298 323 192 218 267 Baba, Ann 116 Babick, Mary E. 298, 308, 348 Babinovich, Karen 212 Badgley, Robert Merle 218 Baesel, Ed 225, 232 Bagley, Craig A. 113, 380 Bailey, Robin 338 Bam, Becky J. 348 Baker, John T. 355 Baker, Michael A. 386 Baker, Pamela 138, 325 Baldwin, Denison L. 218 Baldwin, Lyman C. 298 Ball, Dexter T- 359 Ball, Michael D. 370 Ball, Vickey 330 Ballard, Kay 335 Ballesteros, B. 233 Ballweg, Janette 320, 321, 323 Balthazar, Dorothy Anne 74, 328 Bancroft, Jerry A 202 Bandur, Darrell M. 355 Banks, Becky 342 Banks, Richard A. 362 Bankston, William 74, 372 Bargman, Mike 202 Barkelew, Diane M. 338 Barker, Bea, 342 Barker, Brooke 333 Barker, Gerald G. 251 Barker, Norman A. 378 Barnes, William 372 Barneson, Anne 323 Barneson, Lee 368 Barnett, Leslie 344 Barnett, Robert L. 370 Barnrcki, Richard A. 298 Barolel, Paul E. 355 Barr, Robert L, 396 Barrack, Tom 368 Barragan, Priscilla 218, 347 Barrett, James 384 Barrington, Wendy 330 Barns, Jeff 220 Barstow, Jerry G. 398 BarTa, John Barfhel, Raymond J. Barton, Sterling C. Bastien, Sue Bates, Nancy Battle, Mike Baudino, Frank Bauer, Patncia S. Bath, Thomas A- Baxter, Ten A. Baylies, Janice L. Baymiller, Roger B. Baylor, James G. Bean, Ralph H. Beardslee, Rand W. Beckendorf, John P. Beckner, James Beckner, Karen A. Beckstrom. Robert L. Beers, Eleanor Beery, Harold L. Behr, William J. Bejnar, Thaddeus Beller, S. M. Belli, Dennis E. Bellone, Carl J. Belsey, Tarry L. Ben-Ary, Brachyohv B. Bendel, Suzanne P. Bendheim, Candice E, Bened.ct, Marlene A Benedict, Shauna Beniamin, Donald E. Bennett, Jerry Bennett, John W, Bennett, Margaret Ann Bennett, Ralph Bennett, Sue Bense, Barbara D. Benson, Kathi penton, Carol Berg, John W. Bergstrom, John R. Berkes, Leslie J, Berkhausen, Susan R Berkowitz, Arthur L, Berkus, Harold James Berman, Paul D. Berman, Stella R. Berman, Sluart L. Bern, Stanley M. Bernard, Brian M. Bernard, Larry C. Bernstein, Diane L. Berry, Bob A. Berry, Edward L, Berry, Mike Bertagnolli, Vicki J. Bescos, Shari L, Bessenger, Frank H. Btst, Larry, Best, Paul C. Best, Robert Betancourt, Luis F. Betounes, David E. Beui, Dennis E. Bevan, Scottie Bevans, William Beven, Fin Bever, Karen L. Beyer, Laurie Bezzola, Sylvia D. Bheemarao, Vijayendran Bibb, John M, Bice, Kathy E, Bigbie, Scott W. Biggers, Robert Biker, Mike Btles, Suzi Bmg, Cathy L. Bing, Norman 74 Bingham, Annette D. 74 Boyd, Bob 130 298 Bingham, John J. 74 Boyd, Robert 1, 299 180 Bingham, Judy 340 Boyes, Lois 212 308, 325 Bird, Doug 52 Brach, Vincent 391 87, 212 Biren, Diane 340 Bradford, Richard C. 365 5 ; ' , 62 Biro, B. 232 Bradley , Gary W, 359 91 Birkenhead, Barbara L. 344 Brady, Caryn E. 348 212, 267, 335 Bisetti, Richard L 388 Brady, Edwin S. 217, 220 298, 306 Bisgaard, Chris P. 378 Bragg, Leslye G. 336 338 Bishop, Caren L, 335 Braley, Terry 220 74 Bi«by, D 233 Brands, Jay R. 372 122 Bixenman, Jerelyn M. 299, 308 Brandsma, Kristin, 325 298 Biorklund, Patricia R. 7C 1, 74 Brandt, Stephen H. 299, 365 355 Black, James D. 202 Brann, Donald L. 299, 307 74 Black, Paula K. 323 Brauer, Malcohm M. 202 378 Black, Ronald J. 75, 122 Braune, Paulette 87, 339 138 Blackman, Helen L. 180 Braunhi Bim, Rae L. 218, 347 138 Blackman, Joann 212 Bray, Debbie S. 344 372 Blackwell, Robert M. 354 Braze, Jim 99. 390 116 Blakeley, JoAnn 335, 348 Brchan, Mary J, 325 370 Blair, Nancy C. 339 Brechenridge, James 75 298, 376 Blair, Rochelle L 75 Brega, Richard E. 384 360 Blanchard, Betsy 344 Breitba rth, Lary 180 352 Blanche, John 62 Brem, 1 K;athy L. 345 384 Blank, Karen 75 Brennan, Helen C. 76 74 1, 91 Blankfort, John S. 180 Brennan, Susan L. 299, 343 344 Blau, Henry J 299 Brenglass, Carol 156, 158, 327 257 Slauner, Dennis M 299 Brenng ass. Cookie 29 325 Bleaman, Jeffrey S. 202 Breslow David 220 74, 338 Bleiweiss, Susan R. 348 Brewer, James F. 372 328 Bleisich, Mirko 392 Breyer, Robert B. 362 313, 323 Blethen, William C. 75, 392 Breyfogle, Arthur R. 360 122 Bleu, Henry 313 Brezina , Frank M. 388 250 Bligh, Jay W, 392 Brickley, Sharyn E. 330 298 Block, Alan R. 398 Brickie ' , Vernon 376 70 1, 74 Block, Gerald 261 Briffett , John A. 374 225 Blodgett, Barry L. 360 Briggs, Leigh E, 116, 336 348 Bluestein, Bettye V. 138 Brightman, Lucy 92 336 Blumfield, Curt 220 Brilliantine, Bruce 287 87, 348 Blunk, Reynold J, 251 Bringham, Mac 392 339 Bobby, Andrew 299 Brittinc iham, Elizabeth A. 339 180 Boaz, Martha 281 Broadwell, Ronald 233 74 Bode, Wendy D 323 Brock, Dianne 104, 345 299 Bodlander, Linda M. 327 Brodersen, Brett R, 76 335 Boettcher, Eugene R, 251 Bromley, Cherie Sue 330 119, 386 Bogen, Laurel 212, 348 Brooks, Anita L 76 298 Boggs, William S. 113, 368 Brooks, Robert A 398 298, 313 Boglan, Ray 268 Broome , Elizabeth S. 335 327 Boldvich, Karen A- 344 Brough , Gloria 1. 348 398 Boldvich, Steve 268. 380 Brow, Madonna C. 339 220 Boler, Walter J 75 Brown, Alan A, 92 74 Bollinger, Allen E. 75 Brown, Barbara Lynn 343 391 Bomberger, Catherine L. 75 Brown, Beverly A. 348 347 Bonaguidi, Ron 362 Brown, Dave 95 362 Bonhall, Siouxzie 336 Brown, Forrest H. 376 218 Bonham, Steven E. 218 Brown, James W. 251, 362 395 Bonniksen, William A. 75, 368 Brown, Jeff 180 342 Booth, Lucita M 342 Brown, Lawrence E. 370 342 Booth, Richard P. 299, 389 Brown, Leslie 328 74 Bopp, Hall 250, 396 Brown, Linda L. 180 268, 368 Borchard, Brenda M. 75, 344 Brown, Mary Lou 267 368 Bord, Gary A. 75 Brown, Michael 218 ■113, 368 Borenstein, Henry 387 Brown, Patricia J. 327 202 Borja, John A. 388 Brown, Paula J. 336 376 Born, Dennis 62 Brown, Robert E. 365 298 Borne, Jeffrey 99 Brown, Stephen S. 368 340 Borowski, Beverly J. 299 Brown, Steven A. 299, 376 225 Botwin, Marcia S. 327 Brown, William E. 377 376 Boucher, Pegi E. 342 Brown, Wilham W. 392 74, 348 Bourke, Michael R, 388 Brubaki er, David F. 299 336 Bovshow, Mark Mandell 218 Bruce, John R. 376 299 Bowen, Bruce A. 372 Brumbaugh, Ronee 338 82 Bowen, Scott 388 Brun, Barbara A. 343 362 Bower, Dean 52, 308 Brunner, Del 1 19 115, 328 Bower, Douglas W. 306 Brunner, Ralph D. 370 299, 391 Bowerman, Bruce 154 Bryan, Anne B. 202 , 334 362 Bowers, Gordon 75 Bryson, Richard R. 299 268 Bowers, Mike 268, 372 Buchanan, Larry N. 76 336 Bowles, Veralynn 156 Buchanan, Philip M 180 336 Bowie, Wilson 62 Buchhe im, Claudia Ann 335 392 Bowser, Earl R. 299 Buchhe im, Marcia K. 76, 335 Training Table Buck, Brende Buck, Catherine L. Buckingham, Margie Buehler, J Scott Buehnng, Norriian L. Buffkin, Don BuHmire, Andrew W. Bugay, Lu vmimdd P. Bullock, Joan V, Bunker, Daniel W Burak. MarshdII J. Burden, Dewey H Burg, Josef L. Burkardt, Fred W Burke, Jack R Burman, Judy A Burrell, Ellen Burrjll, Christine R. Burmeister, CMH Burrows, B, Burrows, Pdul A Burrud, 0. Burton, Holly H. Buser, Douglds A Bush, Lynda G, Bushnell, Thomas P. Bussell, John A. Butler, Jerry T. Butler, Tim Buxton, Larry H. Byrne, Kathleen Byron, Reginald F. Cdbeen, Jane Cabilo, Alan E- 380 Caddes, Andrpw R 76 Cahill, Linda A. 345 Cahn, Ellis A. 374 Cain, Cheryl Gay 345 Caldwell, Bill 52 Calder, T, 232 Caldwell, Andrea 70, 76, 158, 339 340 Calkins, Lisa L 76 70, 76 Callahan, Cheryl 212. 348 212 Calveri, Richard E. 377 356 Calvin, Mack 127, 128 251 Campbell, Carolyn 340 76, 266 Campbell, Heather L 335 370 Camplin, Jeanne A 329 218 Canedo, Daniel H. 390 138 Cantor, Mike 398 356 Caraco, Nancy 267 299 Carey, Edwin S. 76 384 Carnahan, Beth L. 76 362 Carney, Kent 149 299 Carlson, E. 233 140 Carlson. James L. 362 180 Carlson, James R. 299 77, 342 Carlton, Sue 156, 348 , 76. 158 Carlyle, Huston T, 379 225 Carlyle, Wendy G. 335 232 Carmody, Roger E 232, 396 372 Carney, Wendy B. 323 232 Carroll, Jo Anne 92 329 Carpenter, Frank 190 377 Carpenter, Mary Jo 180 339 Carr, I,!, E 156, 320, 321 343 180 Carr, Robert W 251 76 Carr, Stephanie 212 307 Carroll, Cathy M. 329 76 Carroll, Thomas 388 384 Carter, Marilyn A. 76 340 Carson, Laurie 339 76 Carter, James E. 368 Carter. Marilyn A, 323 Cartwright, Cathy J. 336 ::; Carver, Christine M. 323 Carver, Karen A. 170 Carver, Sue V. 323 345 Casacky, Tom 388 Casagrande, Eugene R. Casarelto, Denise T Case, Stephen D, Caserio, Richard M. Casey, James F. Cashion, Cheryl L Casinelli, Santa Michele Cashnian, Pa? Caskey, Don Cass, Glen Cassar, Gabriel i. Cassidy, Nancy Catz, Robert S. Caughlan, Susan Cavaney, Cardie M. Cepni, Ertugrul E. Cerini, Susan D, Chaban, Joel B Chabney, Jennifer Chaffin, Ira Jay Chamberlain, Anthony I, Cfiamberlain, Cal M, Chamberlain, James M Chan, Beverly Chan, Candace Chan, Charles S- Chan. Gerald D. Chan, Marilyn Chan, Ronald D. Chandler, Helene R. Chandler, Judie Chaney, Dana Chang, Charles Chang, Eric Chang, Peter Chang, Rodney Chang, Young jeong Chapman, Howard B. Chappell, Jack Caskey, Don Char, Sidney Charles, Bernice A. Charlton, Gregory Cheley, Carolyn Chen, Michael Chen, Sherman 180 140. 345 360 376 76 140 140 62 119. 381 27, 1 13 219 140 76 140, 334 348 251 329, 348 299 212 365 363 365 378 92 , 140, 346 353 219. 220 348 232, 300 140 140, 336 341 77 91, 252 76, 113 222 77 362 2. 76, 288 42 202 140 359 158, 336 202 252 Chernock, Robert S. Cheshier. David Chew, Victor H. Chey, Myung Su Child, Jack B. Childers, John B. Chmg, Clayton Ching, Juanita Chinn, James A. Chipps, Diana Chittenden, Sarah A. Chrjstensen, Anthony W. Christiansen, Ken Christenson, Maricaye Chnstoffson, Robert E. Christofk, Carole Christopher, Russell L. Chu, Fay Sue Chuck, Mike Chun, Joann Chung, David W. Churukian, Mike M. Cimino, Pal T. Cirillo, Stephen T. Cistone, Dominick F. Clair, Christina Clark, Dianne M. Clark, James K. Clark, James R. Clark, John D, Clausett, Louise Claxton, Jennifer A, Clemens, Cynthia, Clemo, Robert W. Clifford, Galen C. Cline, Robert E, Coar, Robert M. Coates, Roxie E. Cochard, Raymond Cockerill, Park C. Cockriel, Steve Coffelt, Wendy L. Coffing, Laurie Coffman, Rachelle Cogan, Stuart A. Cogbill, Brian C. L. Jmr ■ - ■. r 394 300 219 77 252 180 202 156 378 115 267 141 252 225 343 252 156 76 87 115 29, 381 115 308 76 385 331 202 378 141, 333 335 113 252 380 300, 385 196 331 335 358 300. 396 361 300 331 252, 390 79, 360 119, 385 76, 331 325 343 300 180 Cohen, Alan M. Cohen, Allen R Cohen, Barry Cohen, David M. Cohen, Edouard Cohen, Gary Cohen, Judy D, Cohn, David M. Cohn, Sandra L. Cohn, Sema J. Coker, Peggy K. Cole, Eugene 0. Cole, John G, Coleman, Cathy L, Coleman, Davrd B, John Laurie B, Peter E, Caroline Katherine Steve Coleman, Coleman, Coleman, Colladay, Colladay, Colletta, Colley, Fred Collins, Chris Collins, Jim Collins, Nma Collins, Nancy J. Collms, Rip Collons, Mark A. Colman, Richard M, Colton, Edward A. Colyear, Diane L. Combs, Wilham Compton, Cathy Conaty, Charles F. Conde, Louis L. Condax, Philippe L- Condos, Bessie Coneriy, James M. Connelly, Dan Conner, Linda S. Connolly, Bill Connolly, William G. Console, June E. Console, Lila R. Constable, Dave Conter, Louis A. 219 Cooley, Lee 76, 395 Cooley, Lee C 22 Cooley, Walter H 398 Coombs, Randall F. 180 Cooper, Candace D. 285 Cooper, Pam 76 Cooper, John N 76, 308, 398 Corren, Patricia A 327 Cosgrove, Kenneth Joseph 327 Cophn, Gayle L 345 Coston, Karen 378 Cottier, Joan Susan 219 Cotton, Christina 78 Cotton, Cynthia 202 Course, Bill 62 Corny, Dick 141 Cove, Jeff A, 374 Covell, Leon C 141, 335 Covington, Lynn 141, 335 Cowan, Gary J. 287 Cox, Loretta E 3C0 Cox, Michael 343 Cox, Wayne R 113, 359 Crabtree, Steve 266 Craig, Kathy 343 Craig, Wallace A, 225 Cram, David W 180 Crane. Dennis 78, 398 Crane, George K. 300 Cranmer, Linda 336 Crary, Allan H, 78 Cregger, Faye A, 116, 267, 333 Cristol, Bruce 356 Crislol, Dale 391 Crocker, Cynthia A. 308 Crooker, Beverly A- 281 Crosby, Kathy G, 372 Crosby, Kathleen Lee 149 Crosby, Robert M. 339 Crosnoe, Ann 130 Crosnoe, Joy Ann 307 Crouch, Nana 78, 328 Crowe, Candida C. 329 Crowe, Roger 287 Crown, John 368 Crutcher, Allen S. 287 Crutcher, Bob 374 Cuffaro, Todd 252 Cuico, Levi E, 356 Culbertson, Sheri 346 Culp, Chuck 156 Cummins, Scott C. 78 Cunerty, Bill J. 79 Cunningham, Marsha L. 79, 393 Curry, Rod 78 Curtis, D, 92 Curtis, Ellen 156, 339 Curtis, Gail A 341 Curtis, Karen 341 Curtis, Karl F. 159, 233 Curtis, Michael A. 62 Curtis, Nancy L. 362 Cutler, Frank E. 363 Cutler, Gary B. 78, 331 Cutuli, Leonard P. 356 Czarnecki, Karen G. 349 378 , y 368 ■ —— IIII ( ( ) 122, 362 330 ' 300 Dacey, Barbara J, 78, 233 Dahike, Douglas K 62 Dahlke. Sheryl L. 388 Daigle, Val J- 258 Daily, Margaret 374 Dalbeck, Richard W. 329 Dalby, Devon 352 Dale, Steven E 232, 352 Daley, Gail 339 DallaBetta, Jeffrey R. 78, 329 Dallal, Edward J. 331 Dalton, Bonnie 141 Dalva, Morns 370 Daly, Richard E. 308 Oamalas, Harry P- 78 Dancause. Paulette T. 349 Daney, Robert C, 336 Daniels, Judy 78 Dardenne-Anknnga, Walter 169 Darnell, Patricia T. 359 Darnell, Roger D. 99 372 219 341 113, 368 362 79, 363 323 180 232 341 379 212. 336 395 79 79 79 355 372 79 336 376 325 396 341 368 341 62 323 362 219 92, 349 79, 79, 70. 79, 158, 122 372 79 347 361 322 252 Dav Day Dav Dav Dav Dav Dasher, Robert David, John J Davidson, Daniel Lee Davidson, Larry Davis, Alan Barbara L Dale B Donald L. Davis, Jerelle Davis, Joan 1. Joann E. Katherine S. Leslie A. Davis, Peggy Davis, R. K. Davis, Philip Randall Davis, Steven R Davis, Toni R Dawney, John R, Dawson, Valerie Anne Day, Randee E Deal, John C Dearing, Linda D, DeBall, Suzanne M. DeBerard, Melinda A. Decker, Paget A Dedeaux, Denise T- DeDiemar, Donna Diggs, Linda D. DeCenzo, Diane M. DeFlow, Anita G OeFore, David A. DeOraff, Steven de la Guardia, George de la Houssaye, Foster E, Delperdang, Michael J. DeRosa, John A- DelBeato. Joe DelMar. Diane A, DeMary. Thomas P. Denenny. David M. Dent, Cyndy Dent, Stephen 0- Derry, Elizabeth A. Derwingson, Jacqueline J. Deschner, Gail 266 362 Ml 377 352 336 202 360 331 79 325 338 329 333 220 356 352 202 348 79 343 180 79, 115 29, 333 116, 345 376 349 116, 335 141 79 323 378 300 250, 390 362 219, 225 202, 300 355 339 381 113, 362 331 202, 362 79 180 30B -T " Dorms Open Desimone, Rosalie R. Desmond, Karen Dessert, Charles C. Detroia. Deanna Dever, Chip Devori in, Darryl Dewey, Karen Dewey, Mark 6 Diamond, David A. Diaz, Anthony G. Dibbald, L. Dibble, Terry D. Dick, Lee Dick, Ralston R. Dicke, William A. Dickerson, Penelope S. Dickey, Donald W. Dill, Laurie E. Dillingham, Deborah D. Dillon, Harvey Dimitrion, James F. Dimmitt. Michael J. Dipaola, Philip J. Dirk, Barbara D. Oirkson, Everett DiSano. Gary J, Disney, Belly L. Oizenfeld, Dave G. Dotih, I loyd ■ipri ' - ' I G. Oodson, Marcus D. Doffetmyer, Ginni Doifelmyer, John C. Doheny, Clyde Doi, Gary W, Dolan, Michael C. Dolan, Phillip I. Dolan, Sieffeney L. Dominguez, John L. Donderson, Linda Donqsoo, Lee DonneH, Jana E. Donovan, Linda J. Donovan, Patricia E. Dooley, Brian G. 325 31, 157 361 23, 212 79, 362 99 328 180 395 219 233 365 211 362 288, 396 79 372 18, 156 339 130 374 300, 308, 3M 300 339 175 300, 396 336 398 266 42, 345 297 396 252 337 359 71, 79, 361 300 219 79 219 79, 92 87 77 327 349 335 381 Dorr. S Dorns, Richard P- Dort, Lynn M. Dosch, Lowell J. Dossen, Joseph S, Dole, Hiroaki Dougherty, James W. Dowdle, John A. Dorsetl, Cordy M Douglass, Gail Doulhil, Samuel P- Doyle, D, Dozier, Terry Dragone, Yvonne L Drake, Ron Oranfeldl, Kann I Dresch, Stewart L Drewery, Mimi Drilling. Christine Drucker, David S. Dubbs, Richard A. Dubin, Marc Dudley, Debbie W Duggan, Dennis Dulgarian, Linda Duman, Barry L. Dumm, Penny f. Dummel, Lee A, Dunlap, Dale A Dunlap, Ndlilee A. Dunn, Judith A, Dunne, Chris Durbin, Chris Ourkee. Deborah E Durkin, Joannah E Durney, Susan Durr, Christina M. Duskis, Robert I Duval, Robert E. Dwyer, Bruce R, Dyer, Susan L. Early, H, Easter, Robert P. Easton, Richard C. Easton, Robert B. 233 360 300 79 180 252 252 359 337 1 16 300 232 225 79, 329 62 219 113, 380 343 16, 25. 341. 349 352 385 352 341 359 75 92 79, 339 79 345 331 80, 339 75, 141, 345 337 339 115, 334 339 349 300 261 359 341 233 372 392 80 Eason, Judy Eckel, Leonard B. Eddings, David G, Eddy, Steve Eddy, Susan W. Edelbrock, Stephan N. Edelbrock, Gregory J. Edmundson, Barclay Edwards, Barry R. Edwards, Judy L. F- .-. ' ds, Laura L. ' 3, Roger 0. ■ ■ ' on, Carol L. Eggleston, James S. Eisenberg, Robert M. Eisenslein, Rhody D. Eisman, Paul M. Elam, Janice A, Elder, William A. El-Kikhia, Mustafa R. E lienor, Gary Ellerman, Nancy K. Ellinoy, Brian J. Elliott, R. Elliott, Kirk S, Elliott, Robert E, Ellis, Susan J. Ellison, Kay L. Ellsworth, William L. El Mangour, Ibrahim N. Elstran, Thomas 0. Emery, K. Endo, Aileen C. Endo, Alan Endo, Joyce A. Endo, Paula T. Eng, Robert H. Enig, Mary Ensworlh, Patricia Epstein, Joyce E. Epstein, Michael K. Erbacher, Robert G- Erbstoesser, Eugene R- Erenberg, Ira Erganian, Tim Erickson, Diane M. Erickson, Mark L, Ermini, Eugene D, Ernestus, Barbara I. Ervin, Shelley H. Escallier, Donna C. Eschen, Dennis L- Eskijian, Martin Espinosa, Raymond A. Esswein, Jon A, Estabrooks, Jeffrey Etiinger, Barbara E. Evans, Doug H. Evans, John F- Evans, Robert N. Everitt, Carl E. Everling, Rod Ezell, Jan M. Fainbarg, Robert D. Fairbands, Dan L. Fairless, Aleta Fakehany, Jeannette G Faick, Randall F. Falkenslein, Donna A, Farina, Skip Farkas, Daniel A- Farkas, David E. Fan, Carol Farrell, Christy Farrington, W. Faustina, Vincent J. Fears, Lynne Feely, Jaek Fehn, Thomas H. Feiner, Barry D. 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Lawrence 258 Hill, Jess 83 Hill, Richard 116 Hill, William 302 Hillen, Peter 161 Miller, Steven 268 Hillig, James 181 Hilton, Michael 343 Hilton, Richard 341 Himstreet, Sue 377 Hindman, J. 303 Hinds, Craig 378 Hinds, Thomas 190 Hines, Leon 222 Hino, Gary 212, 349 Hino, Lucille 190 Hippenhammer, Rodney 62 Hirala. Nancy 242 Hirschman, Edward 92 Hirth, Susan 83 Hisashima, Jacqueline 83 Hochmuth, Lynn 369 Hodge, Beverly 325 Hodge, John 212 Hodgson, Robert 393 Hofer, Gayle 24 Hoffar, Thorn 142 Hoffman, Carol 130 Hoffman, David 341 Hoffman, Greg 14, 389 379 335 302, 307, 361 313, 381 123 339 83 391 266 332 377 62 253, 390 385 363 395 221 221 285 345 232 393 303, 385 221 361 70 203 83 221 325 347 335 343 379 261 329 371 335 363 115 Hoffman, Sanded Hoffnian, Thomas Hogan, Tim Hoge, George Hohn. Joseph Hollenbeck, Valerie Ho ' lingsworrh, Susan Holm, Gordon Holm, Joseph Holman, Libby Holman, John Holmes. Sandi Holmes, Steven Holmgren, Mike Holsinger, Pamela Hoiti, Sandy Holz, Robert Holzaptel, Bruce Horn, Rose Homik, Williani Homme, Michael Hong, Jana Hood, Michael Hooser, Phil Hoover, Robert Hoover, Sally Hopkins. Melmda Hoppe, Richard Horiguchi, Takehito Horn, Dennis Horn, Jayne Hornbeak, Jerry Horowitz, Mei Horsburgh, George Hor t, Blair Horton, George Horwitz, Susan Hoshide, Deann Hoskins, Anthony Houghton, David House, Anderson, House, Jane House, Ronn Houser, Philip Houston, John Houston, Rod Allan Bonnie Douglas Kate Kafhryn Knsten 111 Howard, Hov ard, Howard, Howard Howard Howard Howell. Howlett Jan es HoyI, Richard Hromadka, Donald Hubbell, Wilham, Jr Hubble, William Huber, Renme Huckins, Jan Hudgins, Robert Hudson, Donald Hudspeth, Brenda Huemmer, Stephen Huestis, Jeffrey Huffine, Bruce HuQgins, Christie Hughes. Carol Hughes. Robert Hulptt, Sue Hull, Frank Hull, Mike Hunt, Ann Hunt, James Hunt, Jeffrey Hunt, Steve Hunter, Holly Hunter, Kenneth Hunter, Kim Huntley, Scott Huntley, Tim Hunsmger, Jan Hurlbut, Brooke Hurst, SdFHuel Hussey, Edward Hutson, Kathy Hution, James Hyman, Vickie Icardo, Gary Igasaki, Howard Ingersoll, Alfred Ingrum, Lemuel Inn, Michael Inoshifa, Vernon Iniratat, Thonqlhup Ireland. Deanna Irvin, Gene Iseli, Joy Isenberg, Michele Ishii, Charlotte 196. 212. 331 Ishii, Sylvia 12 221 Jordan, Nancy K. 345 363 Ishino, Ben 254 Jordan, Rusty 52 363 Isaacs, John 254 Joyce. Richard J. 371 385 Iwamasa, Chizuko 84 346 Joyer. Boyd J., Jr. 389 303 Iwasaki, Donald 353 Judy. David F. 363 333 Jundanian. Brendan F 84 342 _— — — — - 7 ■ -— — — _ Jung. Marcy Q 4 347 83 " = IIZ!I " I f } 1 : 159 — — V_ y I " _— — — -7 -N 104. 337 303 Jablonskr, Mary E. 323 = o =- 18. 333 Jack, William A. 84 365 Jackman, Patricia A. 181 Kahn. Shah 29 62. 393 Jackson, Greg 84 266 Kaiser. Kenneth F . 360 308 Jacobson, Janice K- 34, 114, 303 339 Kaiikawa, Norman M, 353 24. 325 Jacobson, John 42 Kalgaard. Tayah 190 212 203 Jacobson, Kenneth H. 303 Kalionzes. Peter N, 113 369 83, 371 Jacobson, Raymond S. 221 Kallejian. Steve 220 3. 347 Jacobson, Ron 29, 119 398 Kalp. Gayla 87 329 83 Jacobson, Terry D 355 Kamikawa. Wes 222 377 Jaeckel, Richard 359 Kammerer. Don M, 304 87 Jaffe, Marcia E. 84 Kamong. George 308 356 Jalfe, Randal C. 84 Kane. Barbara L 16 327 160 Jahelka, George L. 303 Kane. Katy C, 33 337 377 Jahn, Skip 371 Kane. Paula A 323 267, 333 James, CynthiS A. 142 335 Kaneko. Lester D 181 142. 345 James, Jennifer D. 84 339 Kanne. Christopfier B 66 381 James, Michael A. 221 Kanow, Stanley K 353 203 Jamieson, Teri S. 38 345 Kanfzer. Andrea N 84 181 Janz, T. 233 Kantzer. Noelle 105 181 Janzen, Stephen L. 221 Kaplan. Mark 113 359 Jaroncyk, Bill 62 Kaplan. Michael G. 304 39. 262 Jarvis, H-loyd M. 113 303 Karatsu. M, 233 220. 371 Jay, Stephen M. 373 Kaplan. R.B, 77 363 Jaynes, Allan B. 377 Kapp. Carol E. 325 377 Jefferies, Michael R 377 Kaprilelian. Dennis 211 15, 329 Jennings, Gordon B. 393 Karp. Doreen S 17 326 7, 346 Jennings, Neil F, 396 Karpet. Maureen 80 261 Jennings. Steve 126 130 Kasamatsu. Kenneth S. 84 250 Jennison, Nanci C. 337 Kasper. Kathy B, 349 377 Jensen, Bob 62 Kassel. Bruce A. 84 32, 339 Jensen, Donald W, 365 Kastendick. Jon W. 304 307 371 Jensen, Elizabeth V. 325 Katagiri, Alice F, 84 371 Jensen, Janine M. 325 Kates. Kenneth W 398 254 Jensen, Kathleen K. 116 Katz. Douglas S 84 396 Jensen, Linda J. 335 Kaufman. Chester W. 181 303 Jesch, Linda 26, 323 Kaufman. Gary R. 307 23, 323 Jessup, Judy 87 Kaufman. James M. 304 373 Jio, Allan 222 Kaufman. Joel A. 395 24, 323 Jobe, Donald H, 359 Kaufman. Robert L. 365 26. 331 Joe, Betty 2)2, 349 Kawachi. Setsuko 347 341 Johanson, Charles G. 377 Kawakami. Charles K, 304 233 Johnson, A, Allen 170 Kazahaya, Norio A. 396 371 Johnson, Bill 160 Kazanjian, Janet 0. 181 181 Johnson, Carla R. 38, 335 Keating, Cinda C. 37 339 359 Johnson, Christine 31, 349 Keefe, Denise A 84, 116, 156 381 Johnson, Candy E. 339 Keener, K 232 377 Johnson, Dennis K. 361 Keilbach, Peter F. 254 83 Johnson, James E 142 Keilholz, Karen 0. 34, 157 339 Johnson. Jana 203 Keilman, John 99 220 Johnson. Janice S. 349 Kellogg, Kathie 341 303, 369 Johnson. Karen 212, 247 Kellogg, J. 233 83 Johnson. Ken W. 303 Kellogg, Pam J 331 356 Johnson, LaArrence R- 371 Kellogg, Robert B. 304 355 Johnson, Lucy 303 Kellum, Barbara A. 333 303 Johnson, Marsha A. 116 Kelly, Henery W, 355 36, 345 Johnson, Michael B. 374 Kelly, Kathleen E 333 84 Johnson, Patricia 346 Kelman, Donald 8. 203 303 Johnson, Paul M. 181 Kelsey, Kathleen C. 323 92 Johnson. Ray 220 Kelso, James M 254, 268 374 Johnson. Richard 147 Kemp, Stephen 159, 371 62 Johnson, Ronald A, 374 Kenagy, John D, 84 323 Johnson. Sandy 157, 331 Kennedy, John M 363 378, 303 Johnson. Stephen M. 84 Kennedy, Patricia A. 70, 114, 142, 267 363 Johnson. Susan K. 26, 114, 329 Kennedy, Park 5. 359 359 Johnston. Susan R, 181 Kennedy, Tom 266 337 Johnson, Sue 87 Kenney, Dan 220 371 Johnson, Sydney 325 Kennon, William R. 119,363 7, 333, 349 Johnson, Theodore L, 261 Kenny, Jeff F 389 303, 371 Johnson, Wayne C. 373 Kent, William G. 232, 391 321, 363 Johnson, John H. 67, 113 Kentner. Teri A 329 308. 331 Johnston, Jennifer J. 142 Kenyow. Keith E. 84 345 Johnston, Jiffy 337 Kern. Amy 116 25 Johnston. ScotI 314 Kern. Stuart C. 304 261 Johnston. William W, 84, 368 Keropian. Bryan 181 331 Johnstone. Debbie J. 37, 343 Kerry. James W 254 355 Johnstone. Kenneth M. 361 Kersch. Sharon L. 40, 249 84. 288 Jollifle. David L. 84 Kerwat. John F. 304 Jones. Bruce H. 356 Kesler. Bill B 377 Jones. Donald H. 303, 395 Kenfler. Paul 268 z= - Jones. Ellen M. 84 Keys. Harvey T. 395 Jones. Gerald P. 84 Khasigian. Fred 62 Jones. JacQueline H. 303 Khatapoush, Mansour 203 381 Jones, J- 233 Ktatta. Oussama S. 221 181 Jones, Jackie 324 Kidder. Russ 52, 371 249 Jones, Joyce A. 27 Kidney. Patricia L, 142, 325 303 Jones, Kenneth F. 84 Kief, Gary C. 389 84 Jones, Lewis D. 389 Kikawa, Karen Y. 14, 347 203 Jones, Maryann D. 84 Kilbury, James 31, 84, 159 221 Jones, Robin E. 339 Kilian, Diane S. 41, 345 341 Jones, Rod 122 Kilkenny, Mary K, 35, 337 390 Jones, Sherrie L. 345 Killen, Marcia J. 29, 142, 329 343 Jones, Susan M. 303, 308, 313, 337 Kim, Chang J, 77. 254 25, 323 Jordano, Janet 1. 331 Kim, Duck Y. 77 31, 32. 347 Jordan, John R. 379 Kim, Hyangzak 77 10 Kim, Jae-Kvoon Kim, Kye Kimura, Joseph H King, Dr. Martin luther Kincdid, Craig B, Kindig, Ronald P. King, Lynda King, Patricia A, King, Rona I. Kinlev, Marttia Eiizabetti Kinney, M, Kinoshita, Gary S Kinostiita, Jean K Kinsey, Caria K Kintner, James Kipp, Maryann Kirby, Tom Kirby, Ttiomas J Kircher, Robert L. Kirin, Tom Kirshbaum, Jeffrey D. Kirstiner, D Kirshiner, Micfiael Kishi, Kennetli Kita, Sam T. Kitto, Jean Klansko, Steven Klaser, William R Klatchko, Philip S. Klaus, Alan Klein, Elliot C. Klein, Jay Klein, John G. Ml Klein, John R, Klein, Patricia A Klein, Robert Kleiser, J Randal Khe, Robert F. Klippel, Karen A. Kijunak, Mary Kloetzel, M.lton C- Kloetzel, Paul M Kloetzl. Lisa J Kludt, Gretchen S. Kluthe, Paul Gilbert Knepper, Peter B Knight, Barbara Knokey, David J. Knokey, Kathleen A, Knoll, Patricia Lynn Knolle, Suzanne Knouse, Phillip K. Knox, Victoria E. Knudson, Robyn Lee Knutson, John C Knutson, Marcia Knutzen, Ted Kobata, Jackie f Kobayshi, Wayne Koblen, Sherry R. Koch, Andrea R Koch, Robert G. Koch, Sharon Kohn, Barry D Koleszar, Mickey P. Kopcha, Douglas Brian Kopp, Ron Korngold, Roberta D. Kos, Leon Koskoff, Joan L. Kostoff, Anaslsia Rene Koss, J, Kotick, John A. Koyama, Cheryl 5. Kozuki, Warren Krable, R, Kramb, Diane G. Kramer, Kevin Kramer, Richard S. Krantz, Stanley H Kranlz. William L- Krantz, William Krause, Lynn T. Kremer. Arnie Kreuger, Phil Kneger, Marsha R- Kriesant, Carl W. Krill, Charles D. Kristan, Dennis S. Kristovich, Madeline Knstovich, Tom Kroener, Alva Suzanne Krogh, A, Chris Kroll, Roger Kroll. Stephen R. Krueger, Kenneth J. Kruger. Don Krumm, Stephen H. Kuefler, Paul Kugier, Cindy S Kuhn, Ronald J Kuhn, Sharon E Kuhn, Stephen B Kull, Dave Kumamoto, Takashi 77 221 307, 353 242 85, 371 142 92, 190 84 85 85 232 254 221 323 119 341 225 221 381 225 398 232, 389 112 255 222 212 255 374 387 211 85 359 304 181 30. 323 62, 359 85 396, 951 203 31, 203 23 361 23, 212, 267, 333 36, 337 363 374 340 369 37, 337 85 53, 345 255 31, 323 38, 337 381 31 99 102, 181 225 85 18, 327 85, 389 92, 267 123 360 304 225 85 377 142 85 233 391 346 222 232 142 119, 371 220 387 113, 304 113, 365 363 225 62 19, 327 357 385 113 267, 339 27, 122, 321, 379 142 119, 381 268 304 85 393 396 379 329 365 304 387 160 181 Kumata, Maxine Kupfer, Coralie Kurokaviia, Akeriii Kuv ahara, Jean Kuv ahara, Ray Kvitky, Sylvia Kwan, Frank H Kyle, Daryl Ann LaBrucherie, Timothy J Lack, Fred S., Ill LaFond, Mane L Lahr, Gregory H Lai, King-Sing Lake, Don Lalich, John E. Lambert, John E. Lambert, Thomas C. Lancaster, Harold Landis, Michael Landreth, Cheryl Landwehr, Patricia L. Lane, Leonard D Langan, Loretta A, Langdon, Robert E Lange, Lee F. II Lange, Nixon R. Langson, Jack M. Langston, Allan G. Langston, Lynn Lapides, Nancy B. Larson, Dave Larson, Linda Larue, Gerald A,, Jr La Rusch, Donia Bleck Latimer, Judy La Torre, Joe S. Lau, Gayle J. Lau, Jessica Lauer, Ann S Lauer, James H. Laugharn, John C, Laughren, Kerry J, Launer, Luanne Lautz, Lindsay Lavallee, Paul La Van, Pearl M. Lav ler, Joan D. Lav iless, Patrick G. Lawrence, Daniel C Lawrence, Janet L. Lawrence, Jean Lawrence, Jim Lawrence, John M. Lawrence, Kathryn L Lawrence, Nancy S. Lawrence, Shelley D Laws, Forest D., Jr, Lawson, Beverly F. Leath, Paulette Leavitt, Mike Leavitt, Keith M. Le Blanc, Byron C Lecky, Joyce A. Lecrivain, Mary M Ledger, Lynnelle L. Lee, Bob Lee, Byung H. Lee, Christy D. Lee, Eui Sup Lee, G. Lee, Joseph L. Lee, Patricia Lee, Randolph A. Lee, Robert F. Lee, Samuel J , Jr. Leemon, Darryl M. Lees, Harriet Lees, Mary A. Leff, Kann N Lehr, Kenneth Leib, Roger K. Lehrmon, P. Lehmer, Thomas W. Leibovitz, Morris P. Leighton, Porter Lehnaer, Steve Lensing, Bryce R. Lensing, Gayle S. Lentz, Bill Le onard, Michael E. Leonard, Sally J. Leonard, Tom Leone, George S. G. Leovich, Ted V. Leveque. Timothy J. Leverette, Ted J, Levine, Al. Levine, Eric A, Levine, Michael Levine, Stephen 31 331 203 347 182 85 85 393 385 255 357 222 85 374 85 304, 379 85, 288 220, 222 157 341 304 85 397 389 85 119, 371 85 325 85 304, 313 142 391 203 39, 338 375 85 142 305, 325 361 369 40, 339 38, 143, 342 119, 375 304 20, 326 43, 345 1 13, 365 355 85 142 58, 62 363 304 39, 343 143 85 5, 346 212 361 309 222 32, 212, 325, 349 85 143 27, 119 309 333 77 232 85 345 255 381 363 85 308, 333 158, 337 327 397 203 233 377 85 80 62 85 345 287, 377 377 345 192 309 359 371 307. 309 29, 71, 113 86 309, 395 307 Levinson, Daniel R Levy, Paul Levyn, Tom S Lewandowski, Linda M Lewis, Deralyn Lewis, Jeffrey D. Lewis, Ronald W Lewison, Mitzi A Lieberman, Arlene P. Liebhardt, Alanna Liberman, Jeff Liles, Mary E Lilhcoth. Jan M. Lilly, Bill Lilly, Charles E Lin, Sandy Lina, William E. Lindelo , Vicki Linden, Robert A. Linden, Robert S. Lindenthal, Jane K, Linderman, Shelley L. Lindley, Roberta Lindsay, John V Lindsay, Kevin W. Lindsay, John R Lindsay, Mark S. Lindstrom, Jacqueline K. Lindstrom, Janet R. Lingle, James B. Link, John Liniger, Robert G. Link, Michael A Link, Susan E Lmscott, Susan J Linton, John W. Lipkowski, Larry E. Lipoma, Phillip Lippman, Ralph Lisiecki, Andrew Little, Gary W, Littierfield, Mary Lee Lively, Bruce R Llado, Jesus M. Loadvine, William 0. Lock, David Lockhart, Kathy M. Logan, John F. Lombardi, Andrea J Long, Lani Loomis, Judi Lopez, Daniel M Lopez, Gerald P. Lopez, Penny Lorenzi, Christine A, Lou, Jeffrey J. Loudon, Kathryn J. Louie, Pearl Love, Stephen B Loveioy, David R. Lovell, Fred J. Loveman, Kenneth A. Lovering, 0. Scott Loving, Kay Love, Laurie A. Lovitt, Tara P. Low, Jeanie Lowe, Gayle A. Lowe, William A Loyo-Moyo, Joaquin Lucas, Janet M. Lucas, Rex A. Luck, Diane E Ludwick, Jneil A Lukes, Thomas R. Luna, Dennis R. Lundine, Lois M Lundy, Margaret Lundy, Maureen Lum, Caliann Lum, Pamela J. Luiz, Bob Luzan, David W. Lynch, Anne L. Lynch, Laurie Lynn, Carolyn T. Lynn, Donald S. Lyon, Betsy P McAdams, Jane M. Mac Allister, John Mc Allister, Tammy J Mac Allister, John A Mac Barron, Phioip K Mc Bratney, John M Mac Brine, Susan J Mc Callum, Susan E. Mc Carlhy, Janet V. Mc Carthy, Marguerite L. Mc Carthy, Pam Mc Carthy, Tom 397 62 398 267, 349 341 387 397 327 349 341 220 86 349 309, 373 86 222 143 47, 345 113, 387 309 29, 44, 349 29, 347 31, 331 242 119, 377 309, 385 86, 91, 122 40, 86, 343 341 387 154 309 393 341 343 393 182 255, 390 122 211. 258 255 86 330 86 309 62, 392 222 143 309, 371 335 323 212 363 369 309 309 353 333 347 385 371 113 309 398 375 92 323 143 86 346 40 335 377 192 337 385 86 182 339 379 255 373 143 , 333 138 345 70, 86 349 11 346 26 , 192 357 28 333 335 86 258 390 33, 86 325 309 119 335 331 86 377 349 331 143 335 92 225 11 Fraternity Rush Mc Casliii, Mark 377 Mc Clanahan, Dale C. 335 Mc Clean, Peggy A. 34, 212, 325 Mc CItntock, Robert A. 182 Mc Clinton, Mictiael C, 381 McCluer, Carol J. 86. 328 Mc Callum. Jovce D, M3 Mc Combs, Richard M. 393 Mc Conaghy, Cathie J 323 Mc Connell, Jay W. 369 Mc Connell, Steve R. 62, 393 McCorkle, Ann 86, 325 Mc Cormac, J. 233 Mc Cov, John H. Mc Croskery, Karen E. Mac Cudig, RanddM D. Mc Cue, John Mc Cullar, Evelyn M. Mc Culloucli, Earl Mc Cullough, Frank Mc CuMough. Goodall Mc CuMough, James D. Mc Curdy, Bill Mc Dade, Patrick B Mc Dermolt, M. Mc Dermoti, Patrick M. Mat DonalH, ), ne M . ' ■ ■ .hp R. Mr ..11 P M( f .■. , 304 341 371 307, 309, 314 86 58. 62 95 377 361 365 86 233 379 343 369 373 68, 368 Mc Fadden, Kathleen A. Mc Fadden, Michael E. Mc Gill, Maureid Mc Cowan, Margaret Mc Grath, Terrence Mc Guire, James C. Mc Hargue, Richard F. Mc Henry, Claudia A. Mc Henry, Dick Mc Hugh, Harry Mc Intyre, Creig, R. Mc Intyre, Vrcki L. Mc Intyre, William D. Mc Kay, Diane C. Mc Kay, John Mc Kee, Michael J. Mc Kelfar, Robyn Mackenzie, James M. Mac Kenzie, Gary A. Mc Kenzie, Joyce Mackmen, Jeffrey M. ' Ac Kinley, Ann Mc Kmley, Mark A. Mc Kinley, Ann C. Mc Kinney, Harry W. Mc Kinney, Webr Mc Kowen, Michele K. Mc Lennan, Melodie Y. Mc Mahan, Marsha L. Mc Mahan, Pat Mc Mahan, William A. Mc MHIan, Michael N. Mac Millan, Miriam Mc Morrow, Stephen D, Mc Mullen, Mandy Mc Mullen, Terry L. Mc Nary, Charles J. 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Douglas 310 345 Martin, Charles P. 86 307 Martin, Deirdre A. 346 385 Martin, Michael M. 182 62, 87, 111 Martinez, M. 232, 233 309 Marling , Dick A. 373 337 Martz, Catharine M. 86 363 Marvel, Robert W. 222 379 Mascole , Louis F. 182 116, 333 Mason, Michael E. 373 310 Mason, Sandra Lee 42 212 Massey Chris P. 310 363 Massey D. 232 50, 345 Massey Joyce A. 329 255 Massman, Martin 310 369 Master, Nancy 47 335 35, 89, 323 Mastro, Leonard 220 27 , 89 Masuok a, Karen E. 17, 347 157 Masyczek, Dennis W. 381 377 Mather David S. 310 309 Mathiet , Barbara 341 355 Matson Jeffrey C. 310 349 Matsuba, James 222 369 Matsumofo, Fred H. 182 329 MaTsuo ka, Richard T. 222 365 Mauk, William L. 389 377 Maurer Steve 225 337 Maxwo 1, Melinda 267 339 May, Hillary J. 331 339 Mayne, Robert E. 310 393 Mayne, Thomas M. 203 349 Mayer, Jan 160 86 Mayer, Linda B. 48, 157, 335 232 Mazepink, Karen 29, 30, 31 70 329 371 Mead, ?obin C. 49 335 325 Meador Barbara B. 36, 328 77 86, 87 329 Meador Mark 29, 310, 389 310 Medina Dennis P. 375 341 Meeker George R. 377 23, 327 Mefforc , Carolyn J. 337 233 Maghrig, Margaret K. 86 86 Meinarc us, Ed 225 369 Meisenl " elder. John D. 396 232 Meister Fred 220 268 Makjiar , Harry M. 310 310, 371 Melbo, Dean Irving R. 137 29 Melche , William H. 379 62, 310 Melend ' z. Jesus 86 307, 314 Melendez, Rodrigo C. 182 347 Meier, Milton M. 397 310, 317 Melin, Ross R. 377 88 Mellick Joy 330 117 Melnick , Allan 182 325 Menne, Anne M. 86 MS, 333 Menzie , Michael J. 381 331 Merino, Barbara J. 89, 323 50 Mermo Tony 196 182 Meriwether, Thomas J, 369 310 Merwin Pamela L. 349 182 Messenger, Gary L. 89 307, 310 Metcalf , Kenneth N. 311 363 Metzlcr Stan W. 29, 89, 288 51, 86, 345 Metzler , Thomas J, 363 233 Meyer, Cathie 117 343 369 Meyer, Donald M. 123 203 Meyer, Frederick C 371 377 Meyer, Kathleen 345 119, 381 Meyer, Larry 397 182 Meyer, Roger F. 255 325 Meyer, Richard A. 311 333 Meyer, Tim 225 325 Meyer, Vince P. 385 128, 129 Meyers Ann S. 52 212 325 Meyers Bob L. 389 268 Meyers Gary D. 357 377 Michaud, Steve f. 371 117 Middleton, Carl W, 360 225 Miele, Pattye 212 333 339 Mielke, Dennis R. 371 349 Mieike, Larry J. 314 222 Mies, Elizabeth A. 323 395 Mikol, Nancy L, 18, 347 373 Miles, Linda G 89 232 Miles, Tom 95 369 Miles, Vicki L. 327 345 Miller, Andy 288 310 Miller, Arnold R. 311 62 Miller, Barbara S. 54, 196 349 365 Miller, Diana M. 203 349 Miller, Eugene A. 223 352 Miller, Everet G. 397 267, 335 Miller, Fred 268 363 Miller, John R. 393 310, 393 Miller, John Scott 379 223 Miller. Lawrence 8. 311 12 Miller, Marcia E. MiMer, Nancy Miller, R. Miller, Sally A. Miller, Sandra L. Miller, Peter Miller, T. Miller, Tv S. Milhgan, Meredith Millman, Kenneth S. Mills, C. J. Mills, Claude Milne, Robert D. Milner, Steve A, Minami, Dale Mindel, Rosa Minnes, Fred Minor, John S. Minor, Leslie A. Matani, Dennis Mitchell, Robert W. Mittal, K. L. Miyake, Francene K. Miyamoto, Susan T. Mizerek, Stephen E, Mize, Jeffery M. Mize, Spanky Mizrahie, Helen Mock, Brian W. Modic, Tania Moe, Myra D. Mollox, John J, Mogul, Betsy Mohle, Robert L. Mohler, Robert E. Mok, Shirlem L. Moland, Gerhard M. Mollenhcff, Mary A. Mollett, Toni MoMoy, Jay Monosmith, Linda Monte, George Monkman, John Monte, George Montes, Tom Monzou, V. Mooberry, Richard L- Moodey, John C. Moody, Anita Moody, M. Moohr, John J. Moon, Jillian Moore, Bob K. Moore, Myrtle Moore, Ray T. Moore, Richard Moore, Stephen C. Moore, Mr. Moore, William Moore, William L. Morantz, Paul R. Morgan, Kathy Morganroth, Thomas E. Morgan, Laurie Mon, Linda Moreno, Richard S. Moriguehi, Gladys Morita, Henry S. Morosin, John Morris, Linda Jean Morris, Marilyn Morris, Randy J. Morris, Susi Morrissef, John W. Morrison, D. Morse, Deborah A, Morse, Linda Mortensen, Gary W. Mortense, Howard L. Morton, Bernie Morton, Christine B. Morton, Frank Morton, Marilee Mose, Fred Moser, Janice Mosher, John S. Moss, Marilyn Mounts, Gary R. Mounts, Hollace D. Moura, Sandra Mousel, Craig L. Moy, Terrence C. Muklevicz, Robert E. Mulcahy, Patrick F. Mulford, Kathy Mulholland, Leslie D. Mulhaypt, Don Muller, Richard R- Mullin, Kathleen E. MuHins, Sharon A. Murphy, Candice M. Murphy, George J. Murphy, Gerald P. Murphy, John P. Murphy, Kevin 89 37. 311 233 39, 144, 323 40, 323 268, 400 233 355 47, 196, 399 398 268 363 371 368 89 223 29, 31 31 I 335 222 31 I 82 117 89 31 I 379 268 347 393 80 203 311 92 385 303 12 42 343 51, 89, 157, 335 307, 358 92 314 31i 311 223, 225 233 362 381 157 232 311 337 1 19. 379 42 123 397 119, 321, 360 29 89 373 89, 288 45, 157, 337 389 323 13, 346 311 6, 347 255 220 89 190 381 329 365 256 55, 267, 349 323 89, 369 311 99 89 307 333 391 322 223 212 311 333 89 365 89, 353 223, 225 373 325 182 379 365 331 311 335 379 311 375 119 Murphy. Sigurd F. Murphy, Stephen W. Murphy, Timothy J Murphy, Linda A, Murphy, Lmda A, Murillo, R. Muse, Marianne Myers, Elame M Nabavi, Behrouz Nadal, Joseph W. Nadelhoffer, Karen S. Nadler, Kenneth S Naficy, Hamid Naga, Frank Nagata, Steve Nagle, Steven P. Nahman, Victoria H. Nakamura, Richard Y. Nakazaw a, Roger K. Nail, Drinda J, Nalouf, Michael Nanninga, Barbara C. Napier, William H, Napuck, Harvey NardI, Laura Nash, Melissa C. Nasser, Kathy J. 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North, Nancy Norton, Candace Nosanov, Michael J. Nosonov, Mike Noss, B. Nosse, Joan Notrica, Susie Nouguier. Peter J. Nourai, Farhad Novak, Tim K, Nowak, Denise Nowels, Jill Nozawa, Irene H Nuccio, Stephen J. Nungesser, Butch Nuss, Marlee Nyberg. Jim E 379 89 " ■= dl ( C 311 ■ ' 89 325 Oakley, James 8. 232 Oba, Randolph M. 337 O ' Ban.on, Fred A, 89, 1 14, 118 Obbema, Joe Obegi, Joseph C. Obenchain, Nancy Obst, Paula S Ochoa, Gregory J. O ' Connell, Jacqueline L, 89 OXonnell, John W. 89 O ' Connor, J, Robert 331 O ' Connor, Sheila 312 Odencrans, Peter A 89 Odette, John H 314 Ogata, Frank H. 222 Ogata, Jean M. 379 Ogawa, Naomi G. 144 Ogle, Steve C. 353 Okada, C. 204, 355 Okada, Chri5 325 Okada, James 314 Okamuro, Ronald G. 339 Okano, Yukio 385 O ' Keefe, Karen 204 Oksas, Richard 89 Olaiz, Timothy F, 89, 325 Older, Cathy E, 89, 331 DIdman, John 89, 339 Oliphant, Jana L. 225 Olive, Robert M 90 Oliver, Chip 312 Oliver, Ralph 268, 379 O ' Neill, Patricia A 339 Olson, Daniel J 220 Olson, Raymond B 398 Olson, Ronald L- 312, 377 Olimans, Donald A, 121 O ' Malley, Jack 90 Omeron, Burridge A. 1 12, 365 Omori, Kathryn M 308 Ong, Sophie 312 Ono, Marsha N 377 Ono, Thomas 312 Oppenheim, Michael D, 341 Orgolini, Arnold H, 144, 336 Orlady, Roger M, 182 Orland, Sandra E. 307 Ormsby, David R. 307 Ormsby, Therese 90 Orr, John C. 77, 327 Ortega, Antonio 144, 344 Orr, Mimi 333 Osbrink, Robert H 112, 363 Osborn, Susan 359 Osmunson, Robert L. 377 Ostendorf, Peggy 380 Ostendorf, Margaret A. 112, 204. 371 Ota, Alan R. 22 Ota, Craig K. 117 Otaguro, Will 362 Otani, Naomi J. 267, 339, 349 Otis, Carol A, 222 Otsu|i, Alan 222, 223 Ozaki, Linda F. 222 Ozav a, Ken 379 Owens, Leslie A. 379 90 , 337 365 182 312 =nc 369 Pack, Phillip E. 377 Padellford, Phillip M. 381 Padgett, Robert F. 372 Paff, Constance L. 358 Page, Toby 312 Paik, Hyung B- 375 Paik, Jerilyn 331 Pallais, Robert A 308 Palliccia, Eugene V. 87, , 335 Palmer, Gregory C- 395 Palmer, Marcia S 182 Palmer, Peter E. 90 Palmer, Tim 53 , 335 Palrtierlee, Daniel D. 90 , 323 Paluska, David 256 Pamapias, Rodolfo 250, 390 Papanikolas, William 232 Papke, Mariorie L. 212 Pardoe, Carolyn j- 87, , 329 Pardridge, Mike 312 Parfit, Mike 312 Pans, Jeffrey W. 397 Park, Chang-Ho 182 , 340 Park. Wayne M. 212 , 335 Park, Soo Hyun 144 Parker, Bob 389 Parker, Edward C. 359 Parker, Kns 267 Parks, Susan C. 393 Parrish, James T, Partridge, James W. Pascal, Julie F, Pascual, Dolly Patel, Ramu Patel, Surendra M, Patino, Alexander N, Pasternak, Matt Patterson, Dorothy A. Patterson, Russell H. Patton, Carl B. Patton, William R, Patty, Tom A Paul, Roy L, Paulin, Elizabeth E. Paulsen, John H. Pavlak, Stephen J. Pav len, Caludia Payne, M. Peacock, Catherine Caroline Pearlman, Jeff Pearson, Linda Lee Peck, Edward S, Peck, Robert W. Pecochino, John F Perlberg, Bob Pederson, Penny Person, Lome V. Pendrini, Lam Person, Vic Perlman, Lance Peters, Jane M. Peterson, Margaret Peterson, Nels Pelton, Brice W. Peralta, Elba R. Torres de Perconti, Toniane Pereira, Elizabeth A, Perlmi, Richard Alan Perlman, Lance S. Perlmutter, Edith L. Perry, Keye E. Perryman, Nancy J. 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Poland, A. Polay, Bruce A Pollard, Yolande M. Ponder, Stephen H. Ponti, Georgette 373 325 88 82 312 90 112 90 122, 369 377 393 90 395 55, 335 363 365 53 233 90 394 145, 56 77 357 182 211 341 312 87 312 211 145 117 119 379 90 45, 323 204 363 90 92 373 90 385 90 182 341 393 90 393 361 312, 287 333 256 256 90, 114 313 341 51 341 341 266 313 341 377 46 52 204 42 329 93 379 375 357 393 93 313 343 343 343 160 337 331 160 377 375 394 387 387 360 333 145 233 349 182 371 397 327 349 182 365 160 381 93 359 341 13 Poniy. Jan M. Poole, John P. Poole, Steve Pope, Bob Popp, Thomds W. Porter, Roger C. Port, Randy A. Portard, Denis Porter, Abe Porter. Sandra Lee Porterfie ' d. Pamela J. Portwood, Patricia H Posey, Patricia A. Post, Greg Poster, J. Potter, George Potter, Philip B. Pove . Candace A. Powell, Henry H Powell, Jack Powell, Jan Powers, Jim R. Powers, Lynda Pozzenbon, M. Prangley, Timothy J. Pratt, Cheryl Prazza, S. Prell, Dixie Press, Stephen 0. Presser, Abraham Preston, Kenneth A. 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Registration 3 t ' l 389 266 369 397 49, 117, : ,J- 47 345 93, 373 232 68 363 45, 331 389 363 333 182 329 232 112, 391 341 232 75 390 313 369 313 183 29, 93 313, 360 329 223 343 307 287 1 U, 157, 308 212, 331 62, 343, 349 59, 337 93, 112. 391 313 93, 233 66, 377 93 371 62 393 313 95 220 225 365 233 223, 347 335 93 145 190 256 256 123 183 57, 190 323 58. 337 313, 361 389 372 93 Reilly, Kevin M, Reina, Frank Reinhart, Malcom G. Reining, Judy F. Remsch. William .-r, Richard W, ■i , John H. ■ ' rs, Kalherine F. dan, Nancy L. ' nch, James F. Kerana, J. Reuel, Steve C. Reynolds, Diane M. Reynolds, Jack E, Reynolds, Robin A. Rhino. Roy N. Rhoads, Tom Rhobotham, Marlaine S. Rich, Daryl Rich, Jonathan Richards, Carl V. Richards, Celia Richards, Diane L. Richards, Kathaleen A. Richardson, Celice A. Richardson, James E, Richardson, John C. Ridgeway, Michael Rideout. Trudy Riedell, Chns L. Riggins, Donald L. Riggs, William J. Riley. Rohm Ripley, Trina Ritter, John Ritterband, Wendy G. Rivera, Joseph T. Roache, Jim Robbins, Harvard M. Robbms, W Roberts, Beth Roberts. Blaine M, Roberts. Cheryl A. Roberts, Diane Robertson, Jennifer Robertson, Steven D. Robinson, Beverly A, Robinson, Diane E Robinson, Laurene M. Robinson, Mitchell C. Robinson, Richard S, Robles, Gabriel V. Rocco. Suzanne D. Roddick, Barbara J. Rodriguez, Rigoberto Roen, Marilyn Rogers, Leah G. Rogers Paula Rollo. Bob Rolph. Hammond Roman, Bruce Romain, John S Roose, Barbara Rosenaur, Leonard R, Ross, Cynthia A. ' RoreTi, Josh Rork, Kathy Roscia, Meg T. Rose, Barbara Rose, Scott Rose, Steven R. Rose, Tony Rosen, Dennis E. Rosenberg, Marvin Rosenblatt, Ronald E Rosenmayer, Lou Rosenthal, Harris J Ross, Anne Ross, Cynthia Ross, Harnett N. Ross, Joan Ross, Kathy Ross, Sheila Ross, Thomas Rossi, Al 377 Rossiter. Valerie 52 , 93 Rosson, Michael 313 Rossovrch, Tim 343 Roth, Rick 95 Rotter, Ronald 387 Rouke, Jonda 379 Rowland, Ralph 58 Rubalcava, Dommick W 145 Rubenstein, Joe 313 Rubenstein, Jorden 232 Rubin, Richard D, 373 Ruccrone, Remo 331 Rue. Vickie 361 Ruh. Kathleen 145. 337 Ruiz. Linda 375 Rule, Pam 384 Rungesser, Earl 337 Rupperl, Richard 212 Rusch, Wilhard 308 Russell, Constance 256 Russell, Karen 34 1 Russell, Sharon A. 93 Russo, Susan 325 Ruthroff, Charles F. 93 Ruttan, Bill 93 Ryan, Pat 93 Rybicki, Joan 95 389 Rychener, Hugh S- 93 Rydzeski, Richard 343 Ryker, 313 Rymsza, Leonard J. 93 Ryness, Susan 343 77. 337 379 347 93 =ao 225 Sachs, Terry 223 Sacks, Burton S. 233 Sadler, Jefferey C 117 Saeidi, Ali-reza Ah 287, 377 Saenz, Carlos L. 66 349 Saetung, Lugsana 93 Sakamato, Makoto 308. 333 Sakatam, Kenneth K. 93. 233 Salem, Nasr. M. N. 343 Sales, T. Bradford 327 Salisbury, Ann 93 Salness, Ty 397 Salter, Fred R. 363 SalvatI, Charles A. 313 Sanborn, A. Bruce 329 Sanborn. Julie A, 63 349 Sandel, Larry W 261 Sanchez, Minerva 49, 212 Sander, Jack 1. 331 Sandland, Stephen P. 94 Sandler, Kathy E 369 Sandor, Gary M. 92 Sang Hee, Kim 373 Sanner. David 313 San Roman, Santos 341 Sasaki, Robert S. 313 Sasaki, Shigemi 313 Savage, Ester A. 183 Sawka, Gary M. 325 Savin, Adina 94 Saxon, Patrick H. 349 Scaizo, Susan A. 366 Scaizo, Tim 389 Scane. Brian M. 352 Scanlon, Wilham N, 373 Scanlon, Deirdre 220, 223 Scarborough. James W. 183 Scarpace, Mike 394 Schaaf. Michael V. 223 Schaeffer, Paul 332 Schaeffer, Pembroke C 75 308 Schaetzle, Gail G. 145 Schauer, Paul R. 94 Scheiu, Dick 75 Schein, Richard D. 343 Schell. Thomas R 94 Schellbach, William H. 371 Scherer, Susan C 323 Schick, Edwin 5. 314 220 Schild, Wayne L. 373 5 , 62 Schindler, Cathi 80, 323 220 Schlesinger, Lewis 94 314 Schlinrer, Robert H. 257 196, 349 Schloen, Eric B. 381 381 Schmid, Jerry D. 314 385 Schneider, Phyllis A. 204, 347 119 Schnitman, Susan 80. 349 387 Schoenbaum, Richard P. 94 369 Schredder, Rand S. 94 94 Schreiber, Susan B. 345 29 Schroeder, James C. 369 157 Schroeder, Paul A. 314 88 Schuck, Bunky 287 87, 92, 335 Schueller, John P. 307, 314 62 Schuiz, Charles 66 371 Schultz, Douglas 95, 363 258 Schultz, Emil F. 314 94 Schultz, Roger A, 355 345 Schultz, Susan L. 183 94 Schulzc, Bernd W, 357 339 Schumacher, Mel A 307, 314 363 360 Schwab, William M, 257 268 Schwada, Virginia 333, 347 321 Schwartz, Charlton P. 307 59, 313 Schwartz, George T. 391 377 Schwartz, Jerry 220 375 Schwartz, Jon D. 387 329 Schwartz, Kathy 77, 94 333 223 Schwartz, Narda L. 117 339 Schinimer, Glenm 94 Scileppi, Patricia A. 75, 145 Scofield, James M. 393 ::=:— Scott, Buba 62 Scott, Charlene R. 183 Scott, Cindi L, 349 394 Scott, Dan 62 220, 294 Scott, John D. 369 94 Scott, Laurence M. 314 397 256 Scott, Leslie 288 224 Scott, Penny 115, 190 329 224 Scott, Raphael 220 149 Scott, Steven R. 94 204 Scudder, John H. 393 314 Seagren, Bob L. 369 50 Seal, Edward V. 257 288, 323 Searby, William T. 145 62, 1 10 Seaton, Rick 377 374 Sedgwick, Forrest G, 314 94 Sedgwick, Robert 314 379 Seeman, Robert F. 257, 390 94 Seigel, Michael H. 394 123 Seifen, Nicholas P. 314 224 Seller, Irving M. 183 113 394 Seim, Robert M. 145 233, 355 Seitz, Mary M. 94 327, 349 Seinsoth, William R. 371 354 Sekovick, Dale 268 27 Sekovich, Dale S. 379 190 Selde, Eileen 314 145 Seleine. Susan J. 183 257 Selfridge, Jim 287 347 Seltzer, Bruce S. 377 94 Semple, Sue 331 13, 306, 314 Senderov, Andrea R. 171 31 117 Seren, Bobbe 327 94 Swegles, Fred 288 59, 337 Severson, John A. 393 389 Sewall, Jock M, 377 377 Seward, Doris K. 145 224 Sgambellone, Michael F. 145 314 Shafer, Buzz A. 371 384 Shaffer, Robert W. 94 62 Shah, Rasik 82 369 Shalhoub, Patricia J. 335 257 Shane, Paul B. 387 257 Shankland, Missy 335 204 Shannon, Christina K. 335 314 Shibata, Sumio A. 183 268 Shibayama, Eileen E- 145 352 Shibley, Jennifer B, 314 257 Shield, Fain 341 363 Shigemitsu, Neal K. 353 94, 343 Shigmura, Gary S- 204 km ' % 14 Shikiya, James M. Shimazu, Cynthia K. Shimizu, Jimmie Y. Shinar, Richard F. Shipp, Robert D. Shipp. Robbie D. Shirley, Frankhn Shive, Frances K Shoemaker, Zelda A, Shoji, Karen G Shon, Steven P. Shore, Eugene C, Shores, Mike Shurtleff, Douglas L Sidell, Beswick, Mary Sidler, Derald L, Siebert, Richard Siegel, Kenneth L, Siever, Jane M. Sigband, Robin Sikes, Sally Silas, Sandy ilberberg, Kenneth M ilberblatt, Robert D. ilton, Richard L. ilver. Burton G ilver, Saundro V, ilverman, Susan L ilversmith, Caryl J ilverstein, Barry M. ilverstein, Lyn ilverstein, Mike imkins, Jeff W imon, Alan imonds, Jeff W. imonson, Jodie impson, Andrea L. Anthony V Barbara J 0. J Rennie Sinclair, Leslie H., Jr Singer, Hov ard J, Singer, Larry F Siratt, Guy C Siri, Frank M. Siry, Richard A Skarg, Ken R. Sklar, Stephen M. Skievaski, Felix, Jr. Skinner, Bob T. Skinner, Gerald A. Skinner, William F. Sklonek, Lawrence I. Slaby, Robert Slack, Steve D. Slade, Gary B Slama, Frank A. Slusber, tJorm Smallv ood, Tim R. Smith, Dixie L. Smith, Smith, Denise A Smith, Gv en Smith, Jill Smith, Julia, A Smith, Karen Smith, Kathenne D, Smith, Linda C Smith, Linda J. Smith, Lynnette H. Smith, Marjorie S. Smith, Peter J, Smith, Randy T. Smith, Ron Smith, Sid Smith, Stan Smith, Stephen L, Smith, Susan A. Smith, Thomas Smith, T. Fitzgerald Smith, Turner B. Smith, Vickie Smith, Wilber H. Smith, William D, Kay S Si Si Si Si S. s Si Si Si Si s Si s, s Simpson Simpson Simpson Simpson 56, 57, 308, 258 10 258 397 3M 395 94 171 51 17 353 387 268 314, 359 145 31, 71, 314 224, 225 94 345, 62 145, 327 117 94, 122 377 96 397 224 61 96 327 96 327 387 369 398 377 171 51 397 117, 337 110, 175, 191 52, 331 224 204, 394 224 369 362 183 359 395 314 377 94 397 204 I 19 363 373 377 395 359 314. 341 233 329 308 337 145 87 96 343 325 333 146 363 313, 314, 385 95 62 71, 192, 359 393 343 315 123 377 87, 335 96, 385 379 Smoot, Jim Smulyan. Jeffrey H Snook, Denny Snow, Jim Snowden, Melva Snyder, Carolee Snyder, Maxine Snyder, William Sobel, Neil H. Sogge, Steve Sommerville, Ronald Sommerville, Ruby-Ann Somerville, Susan L Sommer, Harry W, Sonderling, Donald D, Song, Byung N. Soni. Ramesh Soonbin, Yim Soper, Christina L Sorenson, Sandra Soule, Susan Sparks, Richard B. Sparling, Steven J Sparre, Peter C Spears, Stephen L Spencer, Gregory J, Spencer, Susan Spiegal, Lance Spiegel, Sue Spiegel, Phihp M, Spielberg, Frank J. Spiess. Greg Spongberg, Ron Spooler, Ronald Spraic, Mark A Spratt, Lynn Spreen, William F. Springer, Terry A Stacheiek, Thomas Stacher, Steve Stallman. Sonnee Stanford, Jim H. Stapleton, Ed. Starin, Floran J Staudohar, Paul St Clair, Thomas Stearns, Michael C Stebbms, Bob Stebinger, Albert E. Steele, William E, Stein, Joanne P Stein, Ted Sfeinkuhler, Gregory Stelter, Cheryl K. Slept, Terry E. Steph, Terry Stephan, Pamela J Stephens, Graig A. Stephens, Madolyn Stephenson, Kathy Stermer, Miriam A. Sternbergh, Kent H Sterber, Bob A, Steuer. Mike Stevens, Gail M. Stevens. Joanna Stevens. Nora L Stevens, Robert G Stevens, Trish Stevenson, Don C Stevenson, Jane E. Stevenson, Linda Stewart, Robert E. Stewart, Rusty St- George, John S, Stibel, Gary M. Stickney, Lawrence E Stine, John J Stinson, Dean M- Stirlmg, Charles F Stock, Brian J, Stockmar, Linda Stokas, Vincent Stolp, Judy M. Stone, Claudia M. H. 96, 388 377 225 62 157 212, 333 80 95 96 56, 59, 62 96 96 117, 345 395 315 77 82 77 71, 349 87, 267, 333 87, 335 96, 363 368 315 357 397 190 96, 288 212, 267 96 395 369 233 95 96 87, 349 371 349 96, 232 308 146, 329 369 288 327 92 393 96 308 315 306 114, 157 381 391 96 315 306, 314 335 369 341 87, 212, 339 53, 325 379 369 381 65, 343 1 17, 337 64, 345 258 267, 331 375 96 212, 333 355 232, 287 315 315, 398 123 357 41 258 224 212, 345 259 183 87, 329 Stone, Frank C Stone, Martha A. Stone, Randall W. Stone, Sally M- Stoner, Nancy Stoner, Patricia L. Strachan, Alan F. Strangeland, Jim Strassburg, Neil F, Strawn, Kevin B. Streiff, Billy Striff, Gerald D. Strom, Brent T. Stromquist, Bob Slrother, Pamela Stratton, Jeanne L. Stubblefield, R. Sluber, Bob Studt, Jean K Stuhr, Richard Stump, James A. Slump, Thomas J, Stuppy, Mary L. Sturr, Judy Subramaniam, C. V. Suckiel, John M. Suckiel, Kathy Suehiro, Alma N. Suehiro, Amy F Sugg, Leta-Rae Sullivan, Timothy T. Suinwoo, Charles C. Supancic, Ronald M, Sussman,, Nathan Sutnick, I, H. Sutro, Edmund J. Sutton, Marilyn J. Sutton, Robert H Suverkrup, Stephen J Svormich, Joseph J Swanson, Larry Swanson, Steve Swartz, Alan M. Swegles, Fred Swenson, Karen T. Swenson, Julie M. Swicker, Diane L Swiers, Don G Tabing, Robert E Tabing, Mark D- Tafazzoli, Freddie Tasawa, Derick T. Tahmoush, Michael L Takaoka, Sharon Takata, Richard T. Takata, Setsuko Taketa, Glenn M, Tallman, Joseph W. Tallman, Rodney J. Talmo, Bruce A. Tams, Virginia M, Tamura, Roger S. Tamura, Susan T. Tanaka, Diane S. Tanoue, Carolyn S, Tanton, Deede Tapp, John 0, Tappan, Janet E. Tarlton, Judy Tarna, Gary D. Tatsch, Susan D, Tauman, Len Taylor, Dan Taylor, Debra A Taylor, Ed Taylor, Laurel J. Taylor, Mike Taylor, Moira M, Taylor, Ron 183 Tea, Chheng N. 146 324 Tederick, Nellis J 315, 397 261 Teiada, Ann E. 56, 323 341 Templeton, Margie L 97, 322 341 Terner. Andrew R 307 337 Ternquisl, Thomas A 31, 97, 321, 375 381 Terrel, Ray 62 62 Terry, Tony 62, 1 10 387 Testerman, Ward 315 363 Tetove, Judith R 287 95 Tevrizian, Daniel 393 96, 377 Tevrizian, Melanie A, 146 371 Theriault, Wesley R. 259 233 Thomas, Brien L. 365 339 Thomas, Christy L. 67, 345 146 Thomas, Danny 191 96 Thomas. Diane R 315 62 Thomas, Evan 377 96 Thomas, J 233 1 19 Thomas, Jon C. 352 232, 397 Thomas, Ronald B, 97 190, 307, 315 Thomas, Vicky, L 54, 331 146 Thompkins, Rex 130 126, 339 Thompson, Bob 307, 314 82 Thompson, Bruce 119, 379 379 Thompson, Glenn L. 375 267 Thompson, Patricia A. 331 111, 347 Thompson. Robert H. 315 347 Thome, Shenll L 97 158 Thome, Sherry L 325 315 Thornton, Bert L, 385 259 Thurlkill, Roy K. 365 123 Tieman, William H, 224, 225 387 Tierney, Kathy 57, 339 96 Tindall, Kenneth B 146 397 Tindall, Teddi 58, 339 70, 308, 315 Tobey, Manlee 87, 349 204 Tochioka, Ron 222 377 Tochioka, Ronald M. 224 369 Tod, Carol 330 220 Toman, Brian W 315 62 Toppenberg, Donald W 225 379 Torji, Danny G 353 287 Tolmmasoki, Mike 161, 160 146 Toma, Gwen 190, 212, 267 349 323 Tomic, Arthur 97 333 Toppenbert, Don 225 373 Topping, Norman 20, 21 191 Tormey, William R 62, 307 315 Toulon, Mandy 80 Townsend, Craig R 388 - Toy , Judy C 225 Trafton. Bliss E. 146 Trapani, Michael P 315 369 375 Trapp, Pete 62 375 Travis, Amps A. 397 92 , 98 Travie, Julie E 97 183 Tnffin. Vladimir 97 315 Tritt. Michel K. 64 347 Trolinger. Cheryl L, 146 397 Trope, Happy 27 347 Trott, Den M. 389 224 Trotter, Jane H 308, 315 323 315, 379 Troutman, Acel B 258 373 Troulman, David L, 97 363 Truffo. Robert 363 1 17 Truher. Michael B. 97 369 224 Trumbo, Richard B 97 70 Trust, Ronald D. 259 18, 246 Trustman, Howard 97 96 Tsuchiya, Barbara 31 347 66 337 Tsukamoto, Gene 222 307, 315 Tsuma, Nadine J 19 55, 323 Tsuruda. Gary 303 80 Tuck. Stephen 379 390 Tulloss, William 8- 360 345 Turner. Diana 343 96 211 Turner. Jane 343 220 Turner. Jen 57, 331 67 337 Turner. Molly J 164, 331 50 397 Turner. David A, 97 96 Turner. Stephen E 377 62 174 Tuitf. Nichel 341 24 347 Twedell. Wayne C 373 130 Tylle, Bonnie Rae 56 15 Sorority Presents Udolph, Gale L. Uererse ig, Larry J. Ukropina, Marsha I. UNmann, Roberta M. Ulioa, Wallv F. Underwood, Teddie Unger, Fred Urbain, Bob Urrutia, Epifani U. Usui, Darlene T. Ufterson, Michael T. Uyeda, Gary J. Uyesugi, Sharyn 97 225 343 345 369 267, 333 361 308 88, 97 346 353 353 341 Vail, Edward E- 377 Valladares, George L. 399 Valle, Gilbert G. 225 Van Der Kar. Fay H. 327 Vanderweg, Helen 157 Van Draag, Maggi A. 325 Van Dusen, Dyrck H. 97, 389 dn Gemerf, Gerald J. 355 Van Gemert, Richard J. 183 Vangor, Robert A. 97 Vangnes, Kathy I. 323 Von Herzen, Bruce A. 183 Van Kirk, Craig W, 259 Vanleuven, Hallie 341 Vanley, Christopher 7. 377 Vanley, Patricia A. 325 Variel, Jeff C. 359 Vaughn, Linda S. 331 Veberset ig, Larry 225 Vermillion, Cindy 212, 331 Verburg, Joan 333 Vernon, Bobbi 308, 316 Vickers, Randall E. 97 Vieau, Jerome B 259 375 Vigoren, Greg J. 359 Villanconti, Euganio 88 Villar. Jose 316 Vincent, Janice T. 117 Vines, Jeanette 31 Vines, Valerie 346 Vining, Tracy 375 Vinson, Norman Lee 97 Vipperman, Kathy 308, 332 Viles, Harold 123 Vivian, Barbara 146 339 Vlasich, Steve W. 316 VIeek, Joseph C. 316 355 Voelker, Gerald E. 97 Vogel, Jim C. 353 Volk, Carolyn C. 97 336 Vollowilz, Robert 97 232 Von Oer Ahe, Ted A 268 369 Von Der Ahe, Vincent M. 369 Voorhees, William W. 389 Voshell, Mary C, 183 Vredenburgh, John I. 97 Vyas, Satish 82 Wade, William P. Wadsworth, Claire V, Waer, James A. Wagner, Daniel T. Wagner, Jeffrey M. Wagner, Joel Wahl, Linda 0. Wahlberg, Karol Walk, R, Walker, Hugh D. Walker, Jams K. Walker, John M. Walker, Kathleen H. Walker, Michael Walker, Sherill L. Wall, John Wallace, Robin Walraven, Mary K. Walsh, John P. Walter, Kenneth A. Walters, Richard Walters, WMIiam J. Walther, Richard L. Wapnick, Mark S. Warchop, Bill Ward, David H. Ward, Ginger Ward, Penny Ward, Virginia J. Wardlow, John Wardrop, Bill WardweM, Cynthia l- Warmuth, Kay M. Warren, Aleta Warren, Neil (Dean) Warren, Roger M. Washington, Miche ' e Wassenmiller, John D Waterhouse, Kenneth P. Waterman, Bill Waterman, John R. Waters, Paul L. Watkms, John F. Watkins. Paul K, Watson, Robert Watson, Christie Watson, George Watson, Steven Watson, William G. Watts, Lui A. Wattson, Ania L. Way, Lov ell Weber, Judy A. Webber, Conme E, Webber, William Michael Weber, Gayle M. Webster, Thomas Weekwerlh, Walter F Weeks, Russell A. Weinberg, M. Wemsfock, Michael H, Weiss, Allan B. Weiss, Lewis S. Weiis, Nathan Welch, Steven C Wentink, James B. Wentworfh, Susan Werner. Randolf f. Wernle, Gaile J. Wessel, Delpha West, Natalie G. Westberg, Fred T. WestfaM, Stan A, Weston, Karen Ann Wetherbee, Teri A. Westphal, Michael D. Whang, Kyunqh Wheat, Lawrence A. 369 Wheeler, Anne L, 324 97 Whipple, Ronald 95 365 Whitaker, John F. 363 355 White, Jeff 397 97 White, John Lee 385 220 White, Kathleen F. 98 331 White, Kathryn E, 325 343 White, Martin V, 183 233, 391 White, Mulvey 22 389 White, Peggy 325 349 White, Roe Anne 341 316 Whitlock. Thomas A. 361 146, 325 Whitman, R. Scott 119, 381 379 Whitten, Mike 250, 260 97 yvickerham. Rick 225 287 Wickett, Albert L. 113 329 Wickham, Carol L- 60, 146 339 Widney, Richard M. 307 381 Wiedmann, Lynn A. 347 398 Wiener, Meryl E 37, 326 250 Wigger, Orval Leslie 98 97 Wilcox, Yvette L. 337 316 Wilde, Diana K, 79, 345 395 Wiley, Sheryl A, 323 130 Wilkinson, Claudia 212, 349 375 Wilkinson, Frank J 373 31 Wilkinson, Marshall P. 119. 385 53, 104, 345 Wilkinson, Owen 1, 316 77, 349 Wilkinson, Tom 369 29, 30, 31 Wilkinson, Van P, 98 287 Wilky, Norman L. 26, 29, 71, 98 159 316 Willard, Alvin K. 391 62, 331 Willers. Mark C. 397 117, 316 Williams, Carl F. 307, 314. 316 73 Williarrs, Charlie 130 146 Williams, Douglas W 369 87, 97 Williams, John 160 369 183 Williams, Lois 333 377 Williams, Marian M 71, 117 337 95, 97 Williams, Michael R. 5 , 98 371 Williams, Nancy L 322 369 Williams, Raymond E, 98 123 Williams, Richard L 377 97 Williams, Russell T 369 268 Williams, Vicki C. 345 337 Williams, Weston L, 260 160 Williamson, Elisa 92 369 Williamson, Robert III 363 316, 379 Williamson, Robert G, 316 97 Willis. Sheila J. 98 339 Willis, Theodore J. 204 377 Wills, Janis L. 146 316 Wilmot, Elda B, 98 345 Wilson, Charles II 396 389 Wilson, J. 232 146 Wilson, Jeffrey A. 393 220 Wilson, Sam 369 183 Wilson, Stephen 8, 385 373 Wilson, Stephen C. 363 232 Wilson, Stephen L. 359 387 Winchell, J. 232 123 Wines, Robert K. 316 376 225 Wing, Christopher N. 95. 98 233, 287 Winetrohe, James, Jr. 95 98 Winn, Susan C. 323 377 Winslow, Gary R, 183 34 1 Winsmore, Gloria (Mrs.) 42 204, 385 Wint, Nancy 190 323 Wisda, James C. 359 341 Wiseman, Jacquie S, 343 349 Witt. Carol E. 331 359 Woelfel. Lawrence B 379 355 Wolf, William F. 373 98, 323 Wong, Allen 225 343 Wong, Alexander S. 222 363 Wong, Angela 98 77 Wong, Belinda 117 316 Wong, Ella 87 Wong, Franklin J. Wong, James Wong, Jimmy Wong, Mabel L. Wong, Valerie L. Wong. Wade Woo, Henry Woo, Richard Wood, Howard .V . Wood, James L. Wood, Kent Wood, William W. Woodrich. Melinda A. Woodruff, Jeff Woodruff, Patricia Woodruff, Robert 0. Woods, Charles J. Woods, Pamela M. Woods, Rolf Woodward, Herbert Woolard, William D. Workman. Janet R. Worthington, Richard W. Wright. Jennifer M- Wright. Kathy Wright, Susan Wu, Betty Y. F. Wuuschlager, Gary A. Wurtzel. Harold Wymann. D. Yagiian, Michael A. Yamamoto, Chisato Yamasaki, Darlene K. Yamashita, Dennis-Duke Yamashita, Patricia Yamate, Ken Yanagawa, Ralph I Yanai. June Y. Yapelh, Fred J. Yarbrough, James G. Yarrow. Douglas R. Yary, Ron Yasutake. Irene A. Yates. Nancy Yeary. Jacqueline Yerick. Martin R. Yochum. Elmer Yoda. Ronald A. Yoder. Kathy York. Robert J. York. Jim York, Steven C Yoshida, Christine S, Yoshimoto, Jane T. Yoshimura, Iwao Young, Adrian Young, Ann Young, Bruce Young. Cathy M. Young, David R. Young, Eric Young, Kenneth Young, Robert M. Young, Sue Yu, Linda Yuge, Susan K. Zachary, Thomas P. Zak. Sue Zanne B. Zanetto, James A. Zanotti. John Zanville. Stuart A. Zaremba, Chuck B. Zarubica. Janis M. Zarwell. Kathy E. Zehrbach, Bill Zeilei. Peter S. Zemba, Christine A. Zellers, Diane 8. Zemer, Cindy L. Zenk, Karin E. Zettel, David J. Zettle. Gene G. Ziemskt, Joseph J. Zila. Donna M Zillgitt, George W. Zinke. Diane K. Zinn, Kathleen L. Ziol. Michael Ziskin. Hermine M. Zonen, R. Zouras, Pete J. Zukor, Rochell Zurbriggen, Timothy Zwicker, Bennett Zwiebach, Elliott J. 204 222, 225 260 157 98 373 353 98 171 260 268 98 333 98 341 363 372 339 363 261 204 98 316 323 308, 316 341 260 388 395 232 397 347 225, 347 183 341 222, 225 354 346 357 95 389 62, 191 346 339 98 373 268 316 212 204 393 260, 389 347 266, 347 183 62 333 363 339 260 316 316 363 331 98 347 390 331 355 371 98 391 339 339 250, 390 173 324 146 339 347 183 389 353 347 363 325 340 260 146 232 363 96, 98 183 220 289 ORGANIZATION AND ACTIVITY INDEX Administration Dean of Men Dean of Women Dean of Students President V P Academic Affairs VP Financial Affairs VP Student Alumni Affairs V P University Planning AIESEC, All Americans Alpha Cfii Omega Alpfia Delta Pi Alpha Epsilon Phi Alpha Epsilon Pi Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha lota Pi Alpha Kappa Psi Alpha Lambda Delta Alpha Phi Alpha Phi Omega Alpha Rho Chi Alpha Tau Omega American Finance Association Am Institute of Chemical Engineers Am, Society of Civil Engineers AMS Executive Committee President Angel Fhght Apartments ASSC Christmas Proiect Committee Chairmen Executive Cabinet Executive Otticers Judicial Assoc Students of Business Adm AWS Associate Cabinet Executive Committee President Band Banquets Basketball Beta Theta Pi Blue Key Cal Weekend Chi Omega Chi Phi Choir Convocation CIPA Newspaper Av»ard$ Class Officers Crev» Crosscountry Daily Troian Staff Delta Chi Delta Delta Delta Delta Gamma Delta Phi Epsilon Delta Phi Kappa Delta Sigma Phi Delta Tau Delta Diving Docents Drama Productions After the Fall The IVIousetrap El Rodeo Staff 25 25 24 20 23 22 23 22 308 272 322 324 326 352 328 222 306 162 330 42 54 356 305 250 250 31 30 87 351 163 27 29 26 27 305 31 31 30 232 186 126,277 358 71 100 332 360 187 295 28 268 154 288 362 334 336 95 346 364 366 148 77 230 150 50 Experimental College February Graduation Football Fraternity Judicial Freshman Forum Gamma Epsilon Omega Gamma Phi Beta Golt Greek Week Gymnastics Hell Week Indian Students Inlerfraleinity Council Kappa Alpha Kappa Alpha Theta Kappa Kappa Gamma Kappa Sigma Korean Troian Club KUSC Lambda Chi Alpha Lambda Kappa Sigma Married Students Dorms IVIenand Women of Troy Mens ' Judicial Mens ' Tennis Mexican American Students Assoc, Mortar Board Naval ROTC Nisei Troian Club Omicron Delta Epsilon Organization of Arab Students Overseas Campuses Cambridge Honolulu Tokyo Wiesbaden Panhellenic Council Phi Beta Phi Delta Theta Phi Gamma Delta Phi Kappa Psi Phi Kappa Tau Phi Sigma Kappa Phi Tau Sigma Phillipine Circle Pi Beta Phi Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Sigma Alpha President ' s Christmas Ball Project Chance Project Fasten Psi Omega Rho Pi Phi Rose Bowl Rugby School of Architecture School of Business School of Education School ot Engineering School of Letters. Arts and Sciences School of Library Science School of Medicine School of Music School of Pharmacy School of Social Work Shell and Oar Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Mu Sigma Chi Sigma Gamma Sigma Sigma Phi Delta Sigma Phi Epsilon Sigma Phi Omega Song Leaders Spanish Club Speakers Student California Teacher Assoc, Sweethearts of Troy Swimming Sword and Shield Tau Beta Phi Tau Epsilon Pi 43 178 56 321 190 353 338 262 196 149 194 82 321 368 340 342 370 77 212 372 222,347 350 34 159 192 80 70 84 78 92 95 64 66 69 67 68 320 171 376 378 382 361 380 259 88 344 374 99 166 44 45 399 220 172 214 200 296 136 248 72 281 264 168 215 40 267 384 386 392 92 390 388 347 53.125 80 242 141 179 32 116 252 394 Tau Kappa Epsilon Tau Sigma Delta Theta Sigma Phi Theta Xi Track and Field Troeds Troian Amazons Troian Chimes Troian Knights Troian Phrateres Troian Squires Trolios Troy Camp Tutorial Project Water Polo Women ' s Dorms Women ' sJudicial Women ' s Tennis Yell Leaders Zeta Beta Tau 396 207 99 391 244 212 114 155 112 213 118 184 46 146 160 348 158 286 52 398 Halftime activities, 17 If a man who cannot count finds a four leaf clover, 18 19 20 • j ' 21 VICE PRESIDENT RESEARCH AND GRADUATE AFFAIRS, O Dr. Milton C. Kloetzel 24 25 ASSC PRESIDENT MARTIN FOLEY -SKC E OFFICERS 26 UNIVERSITY AFFAIRS VICE PRESIDENT BOBLUTZ ASSC Student Court (lett to right): Happy Trope. Bob Lee. Melodie McLennan. Thomas Kris- tovich. Glen Cass. Tom Levyn. Not pictured: Duane Zobrist. Jon Lovegreen. Randy Noble. ASSC JUDICIAL IF II inirift (Left to right): Sig Murphy. Tom Arganese. Mike Silverstein, Bruce Nobles. Pat Ryan (advisor). Not pictured: Mark Meador 27 1. Senior Representative, Shelley Linderman 2. SeniorClass President, Al Levine 3. Junior Class President, Suzanne DeBall 4. Sophomore Representative, Ron Jacobson 5. Freshman Class President, Mike Chuck 28 ■ ; € 1 1 f M f 1 EXECUTIVE OFFICERS Row 1: (left to right) Md. Shah Khan, Bob Lutz, Mar- ty Foley, Norm Wilky, Mark Meador. Bill Prezant, Su- zanne DeBall. Row 2: Mr. Moore, Dick McHenry, Fred Minnes, Jane Linden- thal, Cookie Brennglass, Vickie Rue, John Ward- low, Stan Metzler, Karen Mazepink, Al Levine, Ron Jacobson, Mike Chuck, Shelley Linderman. 29 I in s John Wardlow PRESIDENT Karen Mazepink PRESIDENT 30 Members of the Associated Men Students Executive Council are: Row 1: James Kilbury, John Wardlow. Tom Ternquist, Bill Kennon. Norman D. Harmon. Row 2: Fred Minnes. Terry Hackett, Derald Sidler. DennisKirshner Members of the Associated Women Students Executive Council are: Andrea Aber. Panhellenic President: Penny Scott. AWS Treasurer: Concetta Haas, AWS Associate Cabinet President: Jane Lmdenthal. WHA President. Row 2: Jenny Machetta, Angel Flight Commander: Karen Maze- pink. AWS President: Donna DeDiemar, Sword and Shield President: Lindell Pusch. Secretary: Karen Desmond. Chimes President: Adina Savin. Alpha Lambda Delta. Members of the Associated Women Students Associate Cabinet are: Row 1 Karol Wahlberg. AWS Associate Cabinet Advisor: Jan Powell, Secretary: Jan Lillicoth. Maxine Kumata. Concetta Haas. Associate Cabinet President. Row 2: Peggy Hatfield. Mary Margaret Kljunak. Jonda Rourke. JoAnn Chun, Christine Johnson. Row 3: Pat Ryker. Marcia Knutson. Ginger Ward. Sue Semple. Row 4: Jeanette Vines. Barbara Tsuchiya. Donna DeDiemar, Kathy Stephenson :i in s EXECUTIVE COUNCIL :ivs EXECUTIVE COUNCIL ASSOCIATE CABINET :ius 31 " , - ' -: .. ' ... ' • 9 S: , =1 fc r - . t- i H :t=: ■ f ' ., . -: i- ' " -? " . , " - ORDER OF THE LAUREL !V -- m k. -mmn I • ' A»ii (» ' J: vjtiu ' : . (_ " -..»vA ' ■; M ' ' hi ' r.i. ' iii o Chris Burrill 34 Andrea Caldwell O Karen Mazepink 35 o Robert Gaskins 36 ORDER OF THE PALM 37 ,_, EMIC BUILDINGS l.AlanHaf n 2. lorial Hall f 3. Bovard C " " cjno sciences Q S ' lege 4. : b Business 5. ill 6. 7. „ „, try S ' Library 8. Eng; X 9. Four, , , o . .dll IQ r ' - ■ ■ ' ■ . v raduai d ..w-_,,ul Science 12.HarnsHall School of ts 13. Hoffman Hall of Business Administration 14. ■ " ' ■■ ' " ' - — 15. Physical Edi. : ntistry 17. Science Complex 18. Von Kleins and Public Affairs 20. WaitePhillif in 38 39 SCHOOL of SOCIAL WORK 40 DEAN MALCOLM STINSON ll ' vft 41 LAURA EDWARDS M S W PAULA ENDO M SW SANDRA MASON M SW GERHARD MOLAND M.S.W. o MYRTLE MOORr M.S.W, GREGORY OCHOA M S W AUDREY PHILLIPS M S W GLORIA WINSMORE M.S.W. ALPHA PHI OMEGA Alpha Phi Omega, the lar- gest national service frater- nity, reactivated at USC on May 21. 1967 after a ten year absence from the campus. Preliminary projects includ- ed organizmg a little sister program and establishing a big brother project at Manual Arts High School. The group also help operate SCaffold. the student book exchange, and provide a commuter in- formation service. Joseph Scanlon, national director of the fraternity, visited the chapter during the fall se- mester. 42 Row 1 (left to right): Stan Metzler. Scott Whitman, Robert F. Lee, Jim MacKenzie, Howard L. Raykoff, Tom Ternquist, Larry Fowler. Row 2: Kim Dockson, Jack Rees Chappell, John Jacobson. Harlan Martens. Mike Steuer. John Johnson. Don Caskey. Ten Fox. Row 3: Bar- bara Brown. Rich Muller. Phil Rapa. Bob Kaufman. James Isaac. Steve Brandt. John Mac- A I lister. Gail Stevens. Row 4; Jim Berkus. Tim Huntley. Michael Miles. n The Name of The Game is EXPERIMENTAL COLLEGt Just like the perenni.i tic-tac-toe, the game ot lite cjllb for insight, strategy and experi- mentation if you want to move ahead. Experimentation is par- ticularly important when the game is just beginning, and a key is yet to be found. Nearly everyone, at some time or an- other, finds himself in the middle of an experiment. Those formulative years--in college-rewarding, yet frustrat- ' tbooks, term papers and n to be the gist of ..-. So experiment-start e with classes in nudism, and contemporary — ....j. ,,, ' x r,no ran be a teach- er. ( " John vv. AMS presi- dent, sha ll conduci on the history of rock a " ! , oi 3 p.m. tomorrow on tJ . of Mudd Hall " ). Anything you are interest- ed in. " But we don ' t get credit. " Nor grades, tuition or other academ- ic CoIIcbv. .. ucation for IS ASS- a free • rhoueht 31 or, it. :!ri- c-toe. the mark ■ IS best in the 43 1 2 44 YWCA COMMUNITY PROJECTS 1. Primary schoolers are involved in the YWCA ' s project to expand cultural borders. 2. Proiect Chance ' s motto: " Have a friend- -Be a friend " is practiced by Susan Spenser. 3. A field trip to the beach highlighted last fall ' s Saturday meetings and excursions. 4. She may be wet, but it ' s sheer joy forJane. one of 100 children in Project Chance. 5. Karen Kirksey, one of 50 student volun- teers, builds sand castles with a friend. PROJECT FASTEN 1. Richard Gaskins leads discussion on stu- dent needs at faculty-student conference. 2. Students and faculty share a laugh du- ring the weekend meeting. 3. Dr. S. Abrahamson (left), who spoke on teaching methods, chats with Dr. H. Spear. 4. Everyone gives his viewpoint during the bi-yearly conference for university relations. 45 46 As the end of August rolls around each year, 130 eager youngsters from Los Angeles ' underprivileg- ed families board buses for a week in the Idyllwild mountains at Troy Camp. Founded in 1943. the stu- dent-organized camp selects chil- dren, aged seven to 11. with the help of the Eastside Boy ' s Club and local elementary schools. Cabins are mixtures of Mexican-Amer- ican, Oriental. Negro and Caucas- ian children, while the counselors are all USC students. Activities, which are geared towards social and personal growth, include swimming, horseback riding, hik- ing, archery and crafts. Lining up straight to get in first for meals and competitions for the cleanest cabin are also part of each day ' s routine. which is concluded with a campfire and the tradition- al singing of " Taps. " The end of the week does not mean the end of Troy Camp, however: for camp- ers and counselors reunite during the year at parties and the annual fundraising football game. 1. Surrounded by campers, a pretty coed counselor introduces herself to the group. 2. Troy campers tease their counselor as they arrange sleeping bags for camp-out. 3. It ' s time for tire-rolling. one of the organ- ized sports held before campfire. 4. After a morning of assigned activity, campers impatiently line up for lunch. 2 3 A7 DO NOT SHOUT FOR HELP AT NIGHT YOU MAY WAKE YOUR NEIGHBORS. theIL Ed Taylor • Sports Copy Jim Mallasch • Book Design TiaGindick • Managing Editor T. Bradford Sales • Editor-in-Chief 50 1 0 miT LynnHochmuth • Staff Assistant Bob Parker • Chief Photographer JoanVerburg • Staff Coordinator ikeWilliams • Managing Editor 51 YELL LEADERS 1. Onto the field come (left to rigfit) Roland Foss. Dean Bower. Frank Reina. and Yell KingRusty Jordon. 2. It ' s a tense moment for Bill Caldwell, Doug Bird. Terry Hackett. Greg Post and Russ Kidder. 1. Left to right: Penny Ward, Susan Wright, Linda Hauf. Celeste Fremon. Suzanne Knolle. and Claudia Pawlan 2, Demonstrating routine are Charlene Gonzalesand Suzanne Knolle, SONG LEADERS 53 r Jl« t ♦ 1 ,%» ! f M .♦ - : ' 0 use opened the 1967 football season with a 49-0 trouncing of Washington State. Fullback Dan Scott led the scoring with three touchdowns, two in the second quarter and one in the fourth. A 26-yard reverse was scored by Jim Lawrence and Sandy Durko came through with a 43-yard pass interception. The seventh TD was a 32-yard punt return by Mike Battle. In a tough battle with the Texas Longhorns, the Trojan team came from behind to a 17-13 victory. Texas scored in the first quarter, but use retaliated when Simpson, who rushed for 158 yards in the game, scored on a two-yard sweep in the second quarter. A seven- yard Sogge-to-Miller pass and a sn ♦ f 1. Jubilant players hoist Coach John McKay to shoulders after the Notre Dame game. 2. All-American tailback O.J, Simpson heads for one of his 14 touchdowns scored in 1957 3. Coach McKay smokes a cigar as he chats with the press after USC ' s win over UCLA. 30-yard field goal by Rikki Aldridge closed the scoring for USC. Behind 17-14 at halftime, USC came back for a close (21-17) win over Michigan State at East Lansing. Several Trojan mistakes led to Spartan scores, but two 4. Tim Rossovich. an Ail-American at de- fensive end, prepares to stop Oregon gain. 5. Tense moment in the Big Game-Rikki Al- dridge kicks the winning extra point. 6. Alone on the sidelines, O.J. Simpson nurses a sprained instep. touchdowns by 0,J. Simpson kept USC in the game. The win- ning points came early in the sec- ond half when Simpson snapped a seven-yard toss to Jim Lawrence and the Trojans emerged as the No. 1 ranking team in the nation. Outstanding performances by both defense and offense led Troy to a 30-0 win over Stanford. Simpson again starred with 160 yards on 29 carries, Steve Sogge completed 10 out of 19 passes for 176 yards and two touchdowns, Z . ' J M both to Earl McCullouch. Safety Mike Battle led the defense with two pass interceptions. Traveling to South Bend as a 12-point underdog (despite their No. 1 ranking). USC came from behind in the second half to beat U Notre Dame 24-7. On the opening kickoff of the second half the Tro- jans recovered an Irish fumble and earned the ball 18 yards to even the score at 7-7. The last yard came on a drive by O.J. Simpson, who picked up 160 yards for the ?L 1. Earl McCullouch. split end on the 1967 Troian team, watches game from sidelines. 2. On their way! 3. Jim Lawrence, who caught 20 passes for the season, makes a grab against Texas. 4. Mike Battle sprints by Cal defenders on his way to a touchdown punt return. 5. His best day on offense. Steve Grady picked up 108 yards playing against Oregon. 5. Steve Sogge took over as starting quar- terback after Toby Page was injured in the firstgame. day. Running 36 yards for the go- ahead score on an option sweep. O.J. also scored USC ' s last touch- down, giving Troy a much sought after victory in South Bend. The Trojan defense also had a great day. throttling Notre Dame ' s high- w " " " k: J ,4 powered offense. All-Amencan Adrian Young intercepted four Irisfi passes. use defended its No. 1 ranking with a 23-6 victory over Wasfimg- ton at Seattle. An 86-yard TD run by Simpson put the Trojans in lJP ' f fei . ■ front during the first quarter, but two Husky field goals brought the score to 7-6. In the first play of the fourth quarter, O.J. scored on an 11-yard sweep and later passed 16 yards to Earl McCullouch for the final touchdown. Although the Trojans defeated the University of Oregon 28-6, the team lost the services of O.J. Simpson when he sprained his ankle in the third quarter. Giving a lackluster performance. USC could not get moving until late in the game when reserve halfback Steve Grady picked up most of his 108 yards rushing on 18 car- ries. Scores by Grady and Toby Page in the fourth quarter clinch- ed the win. The Troians. minus O.J.. need- ed a passing burst by Steve Sogge in the fourth quarter to down stub- born Cal, 31-12. The defense play- ed a strong game, allowing only one net yard rushing by Cal. Mike Battle sparked a 14-2 halftime lead for the Trojans, but the mar- gin was only five points at the start of the fourth quarter. It took two scoring passes to split end Earl McCullouch to put the game out of Cal ' s reach. On a mud-soaked field in Cor- vallis. a strong Oregon State de- 1. All-Amencan Adrian Young (50) calls de- fensive signals before breaking huddle. 2. Fullback Mike Hull sprinfs for yardage during USC ' s 17-13 victory over Texas, 3. Jim Snow stops Cal ball-carrier during USC ' s 31-12 romp in Strawberry Canyon. 4. Offensive tackle Ron Vary was chosen All-Amencan for tfie second year m a row 5. Adrian Young and Ty Salness run off the field after stopping Notre Dame ' s offense. fense and a 30-yard field goal by Beaver Mike Haggard knocked Troy out of an unbeaten season. Despite several long runs. O.J. Simpson was never able to break loose and OSU took the game. 3-0. jf-y 61 FOOTBALL kj i -f l TT ' . ■gi Q - O; .«l : 83} ' 84 ' 5 .85 86 1598, !««n _ W ' nk 4fm " -S 62 Varsity Team: 1st Row (left to right), 7 Mike Holmgren. 12 Steve Sogge, 15 Toby Page 15 Sandy Durko. John McKay, Head Coach Jess Hill, Athletic Director. 17 Mike Battle 18 Kendall Nungesser, 21 Steve Grady, 22 Earl McCullouch. 2nd Row; Craig Fertig Assistant, 23 Mike Hull, 27 Rikki Aldridge 28 Jim Lawrence, 30 Pat Cashman, 31 Wil son Bowie, 32 0,J, Simpson, 33 Steve Dale 38 Dan Scott, 41 Bill Jaroncyk, Marv Goux Assistant. 3rd Row; Dave Levy, Assistant 46 Jerry Shaw. 48 Terrel Ray, 50 Adrian Young, 51 Bob Jensen. 52 Bill Adams, 53 Ralph Oliver. 55 Jim Snow, 55 Jim Gunn. Rod Humenuik, Assistant 4th Row; Joe Mar- gucci. Head Scout, 57 John Coleman, 58 Steve Swanson, 61 Steve McConnell, 52 Reg Fielder, 63 John Blanche.64 Fred Khas- igian, 55 Dick Allmon. 68 Steve Lehmer. 71 Buba Scott, Phil Kreuger, Assistant. 5th Row; Dick Coury, Assistant, Bob Stuber, Team Manager, 72 Sid Smith. 73 Jack O ' Mal- ley. 74 Mike Taylor. 75 Gary Magner. 75 Mike Scarpace. 77 Ron Vary. 78 Dennis Born, 79 Dennis Crane. Jim Strangeland. Assist- ant. 6th Row; Pete Trapp. Bill Loadvine, 80 Ty Salness, 81 Tony Terry. 83 Ron Drake, 84 Bob Klein. 85 Bill Mayhoe. 85 Bob Miller. 88 Tim Rossovich, 90 Joe Obbema, Bill Ra- kow. Bill Tormey, Mike Green. Coach John M cKay greets crowd at book- store opening. FOOTBALL SCORES use 49 Washington State USCi Texas 13 use 21 Michigan State 17 use 30 Stanlord use 24 Notre Dame 7 use 23 Washington 6 use 28 Oregon 6 use 31 Cal 12 use Oregon State 3 use 21 ueiA 20 use 14 ROSE BOWL Indiana 3 63 ,1! ! ' " . " •,.;.■. ' ?«-. ' ' Liberal Arts Cambridge University offers more than a tradition of fine English education. It IS also located near London and has an excellent international program which annually accepts twenty undergraduate use students for its four week summer session. Seminars in international re- lations, English literature and poetry and political mstitutions are given dur- ing this period with all units applicable toward graduation. Languages Proficiency in French or German is re- quired for undergraduates participat- ing in the academic year study pro- grams at the University of Vienna or Tunis. Benefits include travel through Europe and Africa, new social and cul- tural experiences, transferable credits, plusadditional language training. Education More than three hundred master ' s de- grees from USC ' s School of Education were awarded last summer at graduation exercises at six Air Force bases in Spam. Greece, Turkey, and Germany. Through a contract arrangement with the Air Force, USC rotates its regular faculty around the bases with a five term pro- gram that enables military personnel to get their M. A. within two years. Aerospace Similar to the education program, the Institute of Aerospace Safety and Man- agement now has twelve overseas cam- puses at Air Force bases in Japan, Ha- waii. Spam, and Germany. Candidates for a master ' s degree in Aerospace Op- erations Management have three years under the program in which to complete the requirements. 65 CAMBRIDGE ENGLAND 1 Trinity College. Cambridge 2. King ' s College Chapel 2 9 66 TOKYO JAPAN 1. Mount Fu|iyama. a dormant volcano. IS the highest mountain in Japan rising 12.374 feet. 2. This three storied pagoda is typical of many structures in Japan. 3. Neon signs flare m night-time Tokyo. 67 lilil I WIESBADEN , WEST GERMANY 1 1 1 1 1. Vice-President Thomas P, Nickell and Acting Dean George B. Potter congratu- late a student on receiving tiis Master ' s de- gree in the aerospace program overseas. 2. A banquet dinner highlights the grad- uation program, 3. Outlying areas near Wiesbaden offer many opportunities tor relaxation in Germany 68 HONOLULU HAWAII, USA I Hoiiululii, ll.iw.iii r, ,1 tiootrmiF, ' .ily. ?, I he catamaran is a pofjular niodfr of trans- portation for visitor ' , wt iil ' ; in Hawaii. 3. [Jiarnonfi [H ' larl rr.c-, rria| " ,li ' ,.illy in llie distance bet ' imd Waikiki 69 A MORTAR BOARD Christine Burrill President To the women selected to Mortar Board, membership offered an exciting and chal- lenging experience this year. The group sponsored four Freshman Forum sections where groups of freshmen met with speakers and held panels on university, local and national issues. They also put out their calendar and. led by Chris Burrill, made their voice heard in collegi- ate affairs. 70 Ann Bennett Pat B|orklund Cattienne Buck Andrea Caldwell Judy Daniels JanEzell Nancy Finn Bonnie Gadless Lucille Hino Pat Kennedy Daryl Kyle Maureen Lundy Karen Mazepink Bartara Merino Susan Parks Marilyn Sutton Susan Tamura Betty Wu D A Fred Fenster Marty Foley Jeff Herten Alan Levi ne Bob Padgett DeialdSidler Stan Smith Tom Ternquist Norman Wilky D Clyde Doheney President Recognition of campus lead- ers can be noted by election to Blue Key. the national men ' s honory leadership fraterni- ty. Membersare usually select- ed from the junior and sen- ior classes with the purpose of encouraging an exchange of views by leaders from the many groups within the camp- us community. Blue Key in- vites speakers from such con- troversial organizations as the Communist Party and John Birch Society and co-spon- sors the Freshman Forum. 71 SCHOOL of LEHERS, ARTS 2 72 d SCIENCES DEANNEILWARREN in an 73 D n ANN AOACHI B S , Biology FRANCIS ADSHEAD MP A. Public Adm. SHAD AFSHI M.A.. Economics FREDERICK AGUIRRE AS,. History CAROL AKIYAMA A B.. Economics TUGRUL ALADAG AS . Economics FAIZ AL MUTAWA as. Public Adm MAEVE ALBANO A B-. English ROGER ALLINGTON A-B , Economics MICHAEL ALTMAN A B. English ABDULRAHMAN AL ZAMIL MA.LR. RANDAL ARASE A B , Pre-Med JANICE ARNOLD A B . Public Relations EVELIA ARTAVIA A B , Sociology JOY ATKINSON A B,. Sociology DOROTHY BALTHAZAR A,B. English WILLIAM BANKSTON AS. Physical Education JOHN BARTA A.B , Psychology JANICE BAYLIES B S , Physical Therapy RAND BEARDSLEE A B. History CARL BELLONE AS. Political Science CANDACE BENDHEIM A B, History MARGARET BENNETT A B English JOHN BERGSTROM A.B . History LNiA BRIAN BERNARD A.B, I R FRANK BESSENGER AM. Classics KAREN BEVER BS. Biology ANNETTE BINGHAM AS. English JOHN BINGHAM JR A B. I R PATRICIA BJORKLUND A B. French D 74 :v RONALD BLACK A B , Political Science ROCHELLE BLAIR A B . Mathematics KAREN BLANK A,B. Enghstl WILLIAM BLETHEN A B , Economics WALTER BOLER A B . Cinema ALLEN BOLLINGER A B , Mattiematics CATHERINE BOMBERGER B,S,, Biological Science WILLIAM BONNIKSEN A B , Psychology BRENDA BORCHARD A B , Speech GARY BORD A B. Political Science GORDON BOWERS A B . Psychology JAMES BRECKENRIDGE Ph D , History Zeta Phi Eta Three national awards were given to USC ' s chapter of Zeta Phi Eta at the speech fraterni- ty ' s national convention last summer. Their projects in- cluded making recordings of books and stories for use by the blind, and Polly Pockets, a service ' gimmick ' where a member dressed in a costume with pockets filled with toys and candies entertains at childrens ' parties. Row 1 (left to right): Gay Moss, Rene Am, Joannah Durkin, Diane Roberts, Linda Dulgarian, Mary Kay Shaw, Vickie Rue. Row 2: Patricia Scileppi, Kathy Ross. Gloria Hartman, Dixie Prell. Trudy Rideot, Anne Ross, Chris Dunne, Kathy Gal vin. D 75 n n HELEN BRENNAN A.B., English BRETT BRODERSEN A B . French ANITA BROOKS B S . Physical Therapy LARRY BUCHANAN A B . English MARCIABUCHHEIM A B , History CATHERINE BUCK A B. English Lit DONALD BUFFKIN B S, Biology CHRISTINE BURRILL A B , Literature ELLEN BURRELL A B , History JOHN BUSSELL B S . Biology TIM BUTLER A B , Cinema REGINALD BYflON A B . Anthropology ANDREW CADDES A B , Drama LISA CALKINS A B . French EDWIN CAREY AB , Political Science BETH CARNAHAN B S , Physical Therapy ANDREA CALDWELL A B . English MARILYN CARTER A B . Economics JAMES CASEY A M , Philosophy ROBERT CATZ A B . History PETER CHANG A B . Psychology DAVID CHUNG as. Biology JACK CHAPPELL A B , Journalism RUSSELL CHRISTOPHER B S-. Biology WENDY COFFELT A B , Psychology ALLAN COHEN A B . Pre-Med JUDY COHEN A B . Psychology RICHARD COHN A B , Political Science □ 76 D A Docents Official hostesses for the Fisher and Quinn Art Galler- ies are Docents, a service group organized early in 1967. The club has sponsor- ed campus art walks and assists at preview receptions. They have also held field trips to local art galleries and hosted a tea at the Gamble house in Pasadena. Jenny Machetta is Docents presi- dent. Korean Club The purpose of the Korean Trojan Club is to promote fellowship among the native Korean students on campus, enabling them to assist each other in having a successful career at USC. They also strive to introduce the Kor- ean traditions and culture to Americans with the aim of fellowship and better under- standing. Dr. R. B. Kaplan is faculty advisor to the club, which IS headed by Hyung BockPaik. Row 1 (left to right): Chris Clair. Marilyn Newman. Mrs Frank Ferguson. Trina Ripley, Jan Powell, Row 2; Dr. Edward Peck. EllenBurrell.Kathy Schwartz, Nancy Graef, Jenny Machet- ta. Row 1 (left to right): Dongsoo Lee, Soonbin Yim, Sang Hee Kim. Soo Hyun Park. Hyang Zah Kim. Sang-eun Lee. Byung N. Song. Row 2: Kyung Whang. Eui Sup Lee. Chang Joon Kim, Chang Young Jeong, R. B. Kaplan, Hyung Paik. Charles Chang. Duck Young Kim. Row 3: Jae-kyoon Kim, Myung Su Chey. Byung Hang Lee. Chang-Ho Park. Hong-Kyu Han. 17 D CATHY COLEMAN BA RICHARD M COLMAN BA. I R WILLIAM COMBS B A JUNE E. CONSOLE BA. Pol. So, JOHN COOPER B A.. Spanish GAYLE L COPLIN B A . Psychology i jr JOAN COTTIER B A. English LYNN COVINGTON B A , Music History BEVERLY A CROOKER B A . Psychology DAVID GRAIN B A. Physics JOY ANN CROSNDE B A . Economics ROGER A CROWE BS. Physics oa Alpha Lambda Delta Alpha Lambda Delta strives to promote scholarship and individual intellectual growth among its memb ers. Par- ticular emphasis has been placed on the cultural oppor- tunities in Los Angeles this year, and the group ' s pro- grams have included theatre parties, tours of the art mu- seum and talks by USC pro- fessors. Membership is open to freshmen women with a 3.5 gpa after their first se- mester at USC. 78 Row 1 (left to right): Barbara Zuckerman. Shan Abrams, Fnda Kerner. Linda Bridges, Judy Shimizu Row 2: Gail Douglas. Ghristeen Heal. Barbara Kellum. Marsha Johnson. Adina Savin. Janette Ballweg. D PARK C COCKERILL BF S, I R PATRICIA A CORREN B A , Sociology KENNETH J COSGROVE, JR B A. History WILLIAM J CUNERTY B A , Journalism ELLEN L CURTIS B A , Anthropology MICHAEL A CURTIS B.A,. History NANCY L CURTIS B S-. Ptlysical Therapy FRANK E CUTLER B A , Psychology KAREN G CZARNECKI M A , Am Stucjies MORRIS DALVA B A. Pol Sci GAIL DALEY B A , Sociology JUDY E DANIELS B A , Spanish HARRY DAMALAS B A, History JOAN I DAVIS B S . Physical Therapy VALERIE ANNE DAWSON 8 S , Occ Therapy LINDA D DEARING B A. English DIANE M DECENZO B A , Latin DIANE A DEL MAR B A . Physical Education • lEQlL . J - ELIZABETH A DERRY B S . Occ Therapy CHARLES S DEVER III B A , Pol Science KAREN DEWEY B A , Sociology PENELOPE S DICKERSON B A , Economics BARBARA D DIRK B S. Social Studies YVONNE DRAGONE B A , Humanities if J CLYDE T DOHENEY B,A . Political Science PHILLIP L DOLAN M S.C R P JOHN L DOMINGUEZ B A , Economics JOHN L DOSCH B-A . Economics PENNEY F DUMM B A , Anthropology LEE A DUMMEL B S , Public Administration 79 A Row 1 (left to right): Maxine Snyder, Mandy Toulon, Susan Schnitman, Kris Parker, Row 2: Porter Leighton, Tama Modi c. Judy Tarl ton. Maureen Karpet n Spanish Club An Eddie Cano concert and their annual banquet at El Escobar Restaurant were the mam activities of the Spanish Club this year. Assisted by faculty advisor, Dr. Manuel H. Guerra. the club consisted of selected Spanish students with a desire to increase their knowledge of the Spanish language and culture. Porter Leighton served as the group ' s president. J UDITH A DUNN B A. English JOANNAH E DURKIN B A , Speech ROBERT EASTON B A . Cinema STEPHAN N EDELBROCH B A . Psychology IBRAHIM N ELMANGOUR B A , Personnel ZAMILEL B A MICHAEL K EPSTEIN B A . Psychology DONNA C- ESCALLIER B A French BARBARA 1 ERNESTUS B A Psychology JANM EZELL B A , English BARBARA ETTINGER B A , English JEANETTEG FAKEHANY B A . Sociology 80 n ikS CAROL FARR 8 A , Mathematics VINCENT J FAUSTINA BFS.IR FREDDIE A FENSTER B A , Political Science DONALD FIKE B A , Economics FREDRICK FLOW B A . Political Science MARTIN J FOLEY B A. Philosophy FREDERICK FONG B A , Psychology PETER FORD B A. English PATRICK FOSTER B A . Philosophy STEPHEN F FOSTER B A . Mathematics JERRY FOWBLE B A, Political Science LAVELLE FREUDENBERG B A , Public Relations KAREN FRIEDBERG B.A.. I R LEONARD R FULLER B S-, Public Administration BONNIER GADLESS B A , Spanish KATHLEEN GALVIN B A , Spanish DANIEL A GARCIA B A. I R CLAYR GEILFUSS B A , I R RICHARD R GERE B A . Anthropology. Pre-Dent CATHARINE A GERMAIN B,A. English FELICE J GIELICZ B-A., History GARY L GILBERT B A , Journalism TERENCE G GILLEY B A . Speech LAURIE L. GILMORE B A , Psychology TIAGINDICK B A , Journalism LYNETTEGIOVANAZZI B A , Sociology ALAN CLASSMAN B A, Political Science MICHAEL L GODFREY B A ALFRED GONZALEZ B A. Englis h ELWIN GOO B A , Psychology D D 81 A Executive Council: Row 1 (left to right) Satish Vyas. Ramu Patel. Vijayendran Bheemarao Row 2: K. L. Mittal, Ramesh Soni. Rasik Shah, C. V. Subramaniam. □ Indian Students The Indian Students As- sociation represents all stu- dents from India on USC ' s campus. but extends its membership to anyone in- terested in fostering the association ' s growth and ac- tivities. With 60 student members and 250 non-stu- dent members, the ISA caters to the social needs of the Indi- an student that their stay in the United States might be healthy and challenging. ALAN GOODE B A., Political Science HARRY GRANT B A , IR CONSTANCE GREASER M A. I R SUSAN GUGLIELMO B A , Art History SUSAN GUMMESS B S , Physical Therapy LINDA GUNDERSON BA. English RICHARD GUNTHER B A , Economics CHRISTINE HACK B A . Journalism SALLY HALL B A , Spanish CHRIS HANS 8 A , Psychology MARYLOU HARLEY B A , History FRED HARRIS B A . Psychology 82 n D l j GLORIA HARTMANN B A , Speech STANLEY HASEGAWA B A. English NORMAN HARMON BA, I.R DAVID HARRINGTON BA. I R MICHAEL HART B A , Psychology LOUISE HASHIMOTO B S.Occ Therapy NAN HAUERWAAS B A, English LINDA HAUF B A , Humanities JUDYHAUGH B A , Psychology ROBERT HAYES B A , Cinema CYNTHIA HEATH-ANDERSON B A , Sociology TERRY HEATON B S , Sociology DIANE HEIMERL B A , Biology SUSAN HELMS B A, I R JEAN HENDERSON B A . Political Science BRUCE HENKIN M A . Journalism CHARLES HENRY B A . Political Science NAYNE HERSH B A , I R JEFFREY HERTEN B A . Anthropology WILLIAM HESTER B A , Soc Sciences CHARLES HIGGINS B A , Political Science LUCILLE HINO B A. I R NANCY HIRATA B A . Sociology GORDON HOLM B A , Psychology BRUCE HOLZAPTEL B S , Psychology WILLIAM HOMIK B A. Phys Ed DEANN HOSHIDE B A .English KATHRYN HOWARD B A . Sociology RENNIE HUBER B A. English BRENDA HUDSPETH BA. Journalism D D 83 n n CAROL HUGHES B A . Political Science BROOKE HURLBUT B A,. Sociology VICKIE HYMAN B-A . Journalism MICHAEL INN B-A,. Biology CHIZUKO IWAMASA B A . Asian Studies WILLIAM JACK B A , Economics GREGORY JACKSON B-A . Psychology MARCIA JAFFE B A , Psychology RANDAL JAFFE B A , Biochemistry JENNIFER JAMES B A. French GERALD JONES B A, Music Ed STEPHEN JOHNSON B A , Psychology WILLIAM JOHNSTON B A, History DAVID JOLLIFFE B A , Political Science ELLEN JONES e A, English KENNETH JONES B A , Biology MARYANN JONES M-A , Psychology BRENDAN JUNDANIAN B.A.. I.R PETER KALI0N2ES B A,, Anthropology ANDREA KANTZER B-A . Spanish KENNETH KASAMATSU B A , Asian Studies BRUCE KASSEL B A , Psychology ALICE KATAGIRI B A Psychology DOUGLAS KATZ B A , Psychology DENISEKEEFE B A . Spanish KAREN KEILHOLTZ B A , Sociology JOHN KENAGY B A , Anthropology KEITH KANYON B A . Psychology JAMES KILBURY B A.. Philosophy PATRICIA KING B A , Italian D 84 D □ n RONAKING B A , Comp Literature MARTHA KINLEY B A , English ELLIOT KLEIN B A , Political Science RUSSELL KLEIN B A . Philosophy RANDAL KLEISER B A , Cinema PATRICIA KNOLL B A . Physical Therapy SHERRY KOBLEN B A , Mathematics ROBERT KOCH B A . Political Science ROBERTA KORNGOLD B A , Sociology ANASTASIAKOSTOFF B A, English KENNETH KRUEGER B A , Comp Literature SYLVIA KVITKY B,S . Biology i ViLViL fe J i K FRANK KWAN B A . Communications DON LAKE B A , Political Science JOHN LAMBERT 8 A . Political Science DANIEL LANCASTER B A . Economics HAROLD LANCASTER B A , Journalism LORETTA LANGAN B A . Philosophy NIXON LANGE B A . Geology ALLAN LANGSTON B A , Political Science NANCY LAPIDES B A , Sociology GAYLE LAU B A , Economics JOAN LAWLER B A, History JANET LAWRENCE B A , Sociology tAi FOREST LAWS. JR B A . Public Administration MARY LECRIVAIN B A , Spanish JOSEPH LEE M A . Public Administration DARRYL LEEMON B A . Political Science MORRIS LEIBOVITZ Ph D , Psychology BRYCE LENSING B,A., LR, D 85 n n ERIC LEVINE B.A.. LR MARY LILES B.A . Mathematics CHARLES LILLY B A , Psycho logy SHELLEY LINDERMAN B-A., Public Administration MARK LINDSEY B A , Political Science JACQUELINE LINDSTROM B A . Journalise MARY LEE LITTLEFIELD B-A.. Psychology BRUCE LIVELY B A . History VIRGINIA LOW B S . Occ Therapy DIANE LUCK B A. English MAUREEN LUNDY B.A.. Psychology ELIZABETH LYON B A . Sociology ' CAROLYN LYNN B.S.. Physical Therapy GILBERT MABRY B A . English JENNY MACHETTA B A . Fine Arts JANICE MACKEY B A . Classics DONNA MALTES B A . Sociology CHARLES MARTIN B A , History CATHARINE MARTZ B A . Chemistry KAREN MAZEPINK B A . Psychology PHILIP MacBARRON B A. English MARGUERITE MCCARTHY B A , Comp Literature CAROL McCLUER B.A , Mathematics ANN McCORKLE B A . English EVELYN McCULLAR 8 A , Spanish PATRICK McDADE B A . Psychology BARBARA MEADOR B A . French MARGARET MEGHRIG BA English JESUSMELENDEZ B A . History-Spanish ANNE MENNE B A, English D 86 D A ANGEL FLIGHT Angel Flight, women ' s aux- iliary to the AFROTC, cele- brated Its fourth year at USC with an expansion of activi- ties. In addition to support- ing the Air Force and Arnold Air Society, the group was among the " regulars " meet- ing the football team at the airport. They also sent Thanks- giving and Christmas pack- ages to their adopted squad- ron in Vietnam, gave a Christ- mas party for orphans and organized excursions for un- der-privileged children to Air Shows. 1. Members of the Arnold Air Society chat at a party sponsored by its auxiliary. 2. Angel Flight pledges entertain children at the group ' s annual party for orphans Angel Flight: (left to right) Row 1: Vickie Smith. Michele Washington. Sue Johnson. Aleta Fairless. Cathy Grady, Jenny Mac- hetta. Row 2; Susie Notrica. Lam Pedrini. Kathi Benson. Candace Chan, Jana Hong. Row 3: Pam Rule. Fay Sue Chu. Ella Wong, Judy Jessup. Sheila O ' Connor Row 4 Su- san Soule, Sandra Sorenson, Therese Ormsby, Karen Smith. Linda Donderson. Lynn Spratt. Row 5. Gail Norman. Sharon Harden. Gayla Kalp. Marilee Tobey. Pam Heydlauff. Row 6: Jannine George. Nancy Bates. Paulette Braune. Kathy Stephen- son, Claudia Stone. D 87 A Demonstrating a Filipino folk dance are ttie La Jota Monecadena Dancers: (left to rigfit) Sixto de Ocampo. Levi Cuico, Don Re- lova. Cakmencita Francia, Roberto Dovomal and Eriinda Ruiz. Their " Pasko sa Nayon " celebration is the pri- mary project of the Philippine Circle, for the an- nual Christmas dance serves as both a social gath- ering and fund-raising campaign for the group ' s scholarship program. This scholarship is awarded annually to a college student in the Philippines by a committee composed of former Circle members who have returned to their homeland. Established in 1964. the Philippine Circle is designed to bring together Filipino students in the Los Angeles area. Row 1 (left to right): Maria Luisa Mateo. Epifania Urrutia. Dolly Pascual. Row 2: Euganio L. Villacorta. Linda Ruiz. Rodolfo I Dumapias. 88 D D D BARBARA MERINO B A , French-History GARY MESSENGER B A., Cinema STAN METZLER B A , Journalism JAMES McGUIRE B A , Poll Science RICHARD F McHARGUE B A . Asian Studies CLAUDIA A McHENRY B S , Social Sciences LINDA G MILES B A , Sociology MARCIA E MILLER B A , Public Relations DALEMINAMI B A , Political Science SUSAN T MIYAMOTO B S , Occupational Therapy MICHELE K McKOWN B A . History MELODiE Mclennan B A,. Philosophy TONI MOLLETT B A , History WILLIAM P MOORE B A . Political Science PAULR MORANTZ B A , Journalism LINDA JEAN MORRIS B A. History GARY W MORTENSEN B A History P E CHRISTINE B MORTON B A , History SANDRA J MOURA B S . Physical Therapy TERRENCE C MOY B A , History STEPHEN W MURPHY B A , History LINDA A MURRAY B A , French ELAINE M MYERS B A. English BEHROUZ NABAVI Ph D , Sociology JOSEPH W NADAL BS. I R HAMID NAFICY B A . Telecommunications LAURA NARDI B A , Comparative Lit MELISSA C NASH B S , Occupational Therapy KATHYJ NASSER B A , Sociology PAT E NASSOUR B A.. Speech D 89 D D NANCY NEALE B A, I R JOHN NELSON B A. French JOHN NEWMAN B A , Psychology ELIZABETH NITTA B A . English DANIEL NOROSKI B A . Psychology CANDACE NORTON B A , French PAULA OBST B A , History JACQUELINE OCONNELL B A,, I R PETER ODENCRANS B A , Journalism JOHN ODETTO B A , Spanish YUKIOOKANO B A . Psychology DANIEL OLSON B A,. Religion ■ PATRICIA ONEILL B A , History MICHAEL OPPENHEIM B A , Philosophy MARGARET OSTENDORF B A , French PHILLIP PACK BS, Physics ROBERT PADGETT 8 A , History JERILYN PAIK B A , Psychology MARCIA PALMER B A , French DAVID PALUSKA B A . Psychology MARJORIE PAPKE 8 S . Occ Therapy ALEXANDER PATINO B A , Biology DOROTHY PATTERSON B A, History TOM PATTY B A, English CATHERINE PEACOCK B A , Psychology ELBAPERALTA Ph . Spanish LANCE PERLMAN B A , Telecommunications NANCY PERRYMAN B.A . Journalism JAMES PERSON B A , Economics COOKIE PETTEE B A,, Humanities D 90 D A Phi Eta Sigma Tutoring high ability stu- dents at Manual Arts and Jefferson High Schools is the main project of Phi Eta Sig- ma, the undergraduate men ' s academic honorary fraterni- ty. Working with the Comm u- nity Action Coordinating Council, the program is in- tended to encourage able students to attend college by helping them academically and providing college and scholarship information. Karate Club Karate-a self-defense art based on techniques of blocking, punching, kicking and other movements of the body-is practiced and perfected by members of the Karate Club. The group IS sponsored by the URA, but hopes to be converted into a regular physical edu- cation class. Affiliated with the All-American Karate Assn. and the Inter-Collegiate Karate Union, it is the largest karate club in the United States. l-ff " S5 Row 1 (left to right); Wes Terasaki, Ron Arak. Fred Fenster. Carl Bellone. Mel Horowitz. Bob Lee. Bob Priest. Row 2: Eric Chang, Jim Smoot, Norm Wilky. Ian Thompson. Frank Bau- dino. Mark Lindsey a S " f 05 .f- ' -a- f - Row I (left to right): Steve Okamura. Randy Oba. Tzong Hsiu Wu, Jalal Bayati. Charles Holm. Gordon Poon. Randy Lim. Tim Liu. XavierCaro. Row 2; Vaughn Harada. Ernie Terao. Kim Gordon. Ed Wais. Herb Trachtenburg. Josef Burg. Herb Marston, Bill Hartman, Web Rice. Mr, Yaguchi, head instructor. 91 D A Row 1 (left to right): Karen Coston, Edith Perlmutter, Marian Hall, Row 2: Mickey Fox. Presi dent. John Dominguez. Terrence McGrath. Dr. Alan Brown. Facu ' ty Advisor. Row 3: Paul Staudohar. Barry Duman, Freddie Rafazzoli, Don Fike. EE|_p Row 1 (left to right): Cyndy Heath, Cheryle Gaillard. Elisa Williamson. Beverly Chan. Pam McCarthy. Row 2: Pamela Rule. Lynda King. Sue Hulett, Kay Loving. Betsy Mogul. Bonnie Dalton. Row 3: Hammond Rolph. Lucy Brightman. Jo Anne Carroll. Linda Monosmith Sharon Koch. Merrillyn Erskine 92 Omicron Delta Epsilon Omicron Delta Epsilon. national economics honor- ary, had a full calendar of activities during the 1967-68 school year. Regular meet- ings included speakers and discussions on such topics as urban problems of trans- portation, air pollution and city planning. Sigma Gamma Sigma The women of Sigma Gam- ma Sigma are official hostes- ses for the School of Interna- tional Relations. Their activi- ties have included the Von Kleinsmid Center dedication and the United Nations birth- day celebration. They also conduct tours of the center for the Trojan League. D D D BILLIEM PHELPS B S. Biology FRANCIS E PHILLIPS M P A , Finance Ad AHMAD PHILSOUF B S . Chemistry DENISEM PICKERING B A . Recreation YOLANDE POLLARD B A , History STEVEN R POOLE B A. English SANDRA LEE PORTER B A. English GREGORY M POST B A , History LYNDA POWERS B A . Recreation WILLIAM PREZANT B A . Political Science FREDERICK QUINN B,A. I R STEVEN QUONN M S . Chemistry RICHARD E RADCLIFFE B A History BEVERLY M RAIA B A Psychology HOWARD L RAYKOFF B A . Philosophy ANDREA REIFMAN B A , History FRANK B REINA B A , Speech RICHARD REISER B A , History DIANE L RICHARDS BS. Biology CELICE A RICHARDSON B S . Physical Therapy JAMES £ RICHARDSON B S . Physics JOHN C RICHARDSON B S , Psychology WILLIAM J RIGGS BS.IR WENDY RITTERBAND BS Biology D JOSEPH T RIVIERA B S . Chemistry DIANE F ROBERTS B A , Speech STEVEN D ROBERTSON B A . Psychology LAURENE M ROBINSON B A . History BARBARA J RODDICK B A. English n 93 □ r PAULA ROGERS B A . History MEG ROSCIA B A , History JOAN ROSS B.A.. English THOMAS ROSS B A , Telecom REMORUCCIONE B A.. Psychology CONSTANCE RUSSELL BA PR Slvj; . SHARON RUSSELL BA. Art JEFFREY SADLER B A , Math CHARLES SALVAIL BS. Public Adrn SANDY SILAS B A , Political Science KENNETH SIEGEL B A , Political Science STEVEN SHON B.A.. History ■ FRANKLIN SHIRLEY B S . Chemistry THOMAS SHENK B A , Political Science MARYKAY SHAW B A . Speech FRANCES SHARP B A . Sociology ROBERT SHAFFER B A - Economics GERALD SKINN ER M A . English Bnl Z MARYSEITZ B A . Psychology STEVEN SCOTT B A . Anthropology JOHN SCOTT B.A , Psychology KATHRYN SCHWARTZ B A , History RICHARD SCHOENBAUM B A , Psychology LEWIS SCHLESINGER B A . Political Science GLENN SCHINIMER B.A., Psychology SUSAN SCHERER B A . History RAND SCHREDDER B A . Sociology PATRICK SAXON B A . Journalism ESTHER SAVAGE B S , Chemistry JULIE SANBORN B A . Psychology n 94 D A ARAB STUDENTS use has been the academic mecca of Arab students in the United States since the early ' 50s. In 1955 the Organ- ization of Arab Students was founded and three objectives established: to develop close and solid relationships among Arab students; to bridge the communication gap between Arab students and the Ameri- can colleagues; and to pre- sent the Arab platform to the American audience. Delta Phi Epsilon Interest in the foreign ser- vice IS the tie binding mem- bers of Delta Phi Epsilon. The fraternity was established at use in 1923. Election of members is based upon scho- larship, character and seri- ous intention to enter the foreign service. This profes- sion IS considered to Include all activities relating to the foreign relations and foreign commerce of the United states, and speakers on such related topics are presented at the fraternity ' s meetings. •1 mT ' ' ' Row 1 (left to right): Hussein Alawi, Mohoammed Abduliader, Miali Ahmed. Mahmoud 0, Hafiz, Rida A. Murshid. Ma|id El-Dukar. F. Ben-Jabr, A. M. Bashawn, Row 2; Saleh Fahlad, All Dugd. Michel Marto. Khaled Alzamil. Taha Shaikh. Soliman Al-Jabhan. Rida Abbar. Sami Samkari. Tawfik I, Tawfik, Abdulaziz Alzamil, Row 3 Wal Bississo, Talal Jam|Oom. Salem El-Ghara, Abdulhamid Muntasser, Faisal El-Atirash, Mohammed S. Habumi. Named Alzamil, Muztafa Hi|ailan, Ribhi El-Hasan, Saleh Al-Hamid, Sami Algosaibi. Yousef Tawai- jri. Row 1 (left to right): Norman Harmon. Alan Glassman, Bill Waterman, Chris Wing, William Reinsch. Row 2: Michael Ridgeway, Tom Miles, James Winetrobe. Douglas Schultz. Row 3: James Yarbrough. William Snyder. Ronald Whipple. Dave Brown. Frank McCullough. Row 4: Ron Smith, Bob Klie, Bennett Ramberg, Dan Garcia, Ronald Spooler, Larry Meyer, Billy Streiff. D 95 D D ROBERT SIL8ERBLATT BA. I,R SAUNDRA SILVER B A . Sociology SUSAN SILVERMAN B A , Telecom BARRY SILVERSTEIN B A , Telecom TIM SMALLWOOD BA I R DAVID SMITH B A . History KATHERINE SMITH B A French WILBUR SMITH II B A, I R JAMES SMOOT B A , Political Science NEILSOBEL B A . Political Science RONALD SOMMERVILLE B A , Psychology RUBY-ANN SOMMERVILLE B A , Mathematics RICHARD SPARKS B A . Psychology GREGORY SPENCER B A Psychology LANCE SPIEGEL 8 A , JournaliSTi PHILIP SPIEGEL 8 A . Economics MARK SPRAIC B A , Social Sciences THOMAS STACHELEK B S , Chemistry Ai. MICHAEL STEARNS B A , Psychology CHERYL STELTER B A. English JANE STEVENSON B A , English GERALD STRIFE 8 A, History JAMES STUBBLEFIELD B S . Physical Therapy JEAN STUDT B S , Sociology I H SUTNICK B A , Psychology FEREYDOON TAFAZZOLI B A , Economics SUSAN TAMURA B A , Mathematics CAROLYN TANOUE M A . Phsyical Therapy LEONARD TAUMAN B A , Political Science LAUREL TAYLOR B A. English D 96 □ D D MARGIE TEMPLETON B A , Psychology THOMAS TERNQUIST B A , Political Science RONALD THOMAS B A , History SHERRIL THORNE B A . Psychology ARTHUR TOMIE B A , Psychology JULIE TRAVIS B A, English t LV VLADIMIR TRIFFIN B A , Slavic Studies DAVID TROUTMAN B A, I R MICHAEL TRUHER B A , Economics RICHARD TRUMBO M S . Physiology HOWARD TRUSTMAN B A, English DAVID TURNER B A. English GALE UDOLPH B A, English EPIFANIA URRUTIA M A, I R DYRCK VAN DUSEN B S, History ROBERT VANGOR BS, Physics RANDALL VICKERS B A . History NORMAN VINSON B S, Public Adm GERALD VOELKER B A , Pol itical Science ROBERT VOLLOWITZ B A , Mathematics CAROLYN VOLK B A , Sociology JOHN VRENDENBURGH B A , English CLAIRE WADSWORTH B A , Drama JEFFREY WAGNER B A , Psychology MICHELE WASHINGTON B A . Political Science WILLIAM WATERMAN, JR B.A,. I R PAULWATKINS B A . Political Science SHERILL WALKER B A, English WILLIAM WALTERS B S , Physical Therapy LUZ WATTS M A.. Spanish D 97 D n STEVEN C WELCH PhD . Chemistry KAREN ANN WESTON B A. I R ORVAL L WIGGER B S,, Biology KATHRYN E WHITE B A . English. Humanities KATHLEEN F WHITE B A , Psychology ALBERT L WICKETT B A , Mathematics ;:v L. VAN P WILKINSON B A, English NORMAN L WICKY B A. History MIKE R WILLIAMS B A . Political Science RAYMOND E WILLIAMS M PA. Cor Administration SHEILA J WILLIS B A , Political Science ELDA B WILMOT Ph D , Spanish CHARLES WILSON II B S , Biology CHRISTOPHER N WING B A. I R ANGELA WONG B A, English VALERIE L. WONG B S , Occ Therapy RICHARD E WOO B A . Mathematics WILLIAM W WOOD B A . Political Science JEFF WOODRUFF B A .Music JANET WORKMAN B A . French GARY A WULL B S . Pre-Dent DOUGLAS R YARROW B A , Psychology NANCY K YATES B A. English JACQUELINE L YEARY B A, English ANN L YOUNG 8 S . Biology LINDA YU B A , Journalism STUART A ZANVILLE 8 A , Journalism CHRISTINE A ZEMBA B A . English ROCHELLE ZUKOR B A.. Sociology ELLIOT J ZWIEBACH B A . Journalism D 98 n A Theta Sigma Phi Named outstanding stu- dent chapter at the Theta Sigma Phi national conven- tion last summer, members of this journalism honorary coordinated many of their activities with the Los Ange- les professional group. The chapter attended the 28th annual Ladies of the Press Brunch, participated in a career conference for col- lege women in journalism and assisted the USC Jour- nalism Alumni Assn. with its annual Achievement Award Banquet in November. Pi Sigma Alpha Pi Sigma Alpha, national political science honorary, sponsored several debates on political trends and events during the year. Top- ics included the New Left, civil disobedience and politi- cal trends in England. USC ' s chapter, which is advised by Dr. Joseph Nyomarkay, is the oldest on the west coast. Bill Prezant served as presi- dent. Row 1 (left to rigiit): Audrey Karraker, Pamela Dubin, Vicl i Hyman, Nancy Perryman. Linda Yu, Lynn Hill. Row 2: David Henley, Bee Lavery, Lynda Moss, Connie Russell, Pixie Hack, Joanne Slnaw, Bobbie Getzler, Georgene McKim, Ann Salisbury, Nancy Ferlito, Tia Gindick, Connie Crawford Mesh, Row 1 (left to right): Rod Jones, Carl Bellone, Marshal Andrews, Andy Aber, Rick Flam. Row 2: Stan Jones, Fred Fenster, Bob Lutz, Lou Shelessinger. J. J, Johnson, Row 3: Alan Glass- man, Jim Smoot, Bill Prezant. 99 D November saw another Trojan tradition-the an- nual mass migration to San Francisco to play Cal- Berkeley(UCB)at football -a tradition that is coded and as tradition would have it, more than 4000 students (not to mention alumni) crowded into cable cars, hotels and Goldstreet ' s once again m 1967. Although Cal Weekend officially began at Friday night ' s rally in Union Square, Trojans had been trickling into the city for two days-shop- ping, sightseeing or just sleeping. For when the weekend started, it didn ' t stop until Sunday night back in Los Angeles. It was a weekend to remem- ber-weather brisk, spirits high, a victorious game and Carol Doda. It was a weekend to see people you never saw on cam- pus, and a weekend to drink and eat at any place that looked curious, m or was a tradition, or was just there. Tiki Bob ' s, the Spaghetti Factory, Haight- Ashbury, anywhere on North Beach, the top of the Fairmont and, of course, Berkeley -that ' s where it happened. And when it came time to leave on Sunday, every- one was ready for home. For now San Francisco also belonged to Troy. 100 101 o o: 102 103 A 104 TROY WEEK 1. Helen of Troy and her court: Linda Gar- cia, Dianne Brock. Queen Mimi Orr. Penny Ward and Libby Holman. 2. ASSC president Marty Foley kisses the 1967 Helen, Mimi Orr. at the coronation ball. D A A 3. Aided by a police dog, Queen Mimi guards Tommy Trojan. Knights, however, guard her. 4. Delta Gamma Mimi Orr is crowned by sorority sister Noelle Kantzer, last years Helen, D D 105 A 106 1. " Conquesf ' -Alpha Rho Chi ' s winning entry. 2. Long into the night, house decs are built. D A A 3. Lights music dancing in the street 4. To the beat of the drums, a go-go girl 5. Through it all, hear the sound of Troy, D D 107 108 1. It begins with a march up to campus. 2- Then the bonfire timber must be in- spected- D A 3Thougha hippie, he ' s for victory. 4. Finally, the bonfire-to warm the spirit. D 109 A use A VS. UCLA 1 " The Great One " Is downed by Jim Gunn (56). Tony Terry (81) and Ty Sal- ness(80). 2. O.J. Simpson, who gained 177 yards in 30 carries, is pursued by the Brum defense. 3. Two years of frustration end for coaches Marv Goux and John McKay as the game ends. no The " game of the century " - and making it so was O.J. Simp- son who capped an outstanding season by racing 54 yards for a touchdown in the fourth quarter to give use a 21-20 win over rival UCLA. In a game filled with spectac- ular plays. UCLA broke out on top in the first quarter with a 12 yard run by Greg Jones. The Trojans retaliated, however, when Pat D D Cashman snatched a Gary Beban pass and went 55 yards unmol- ested for a touchdown. Despite a fumb le in the second quarter, USC scored again after Mike Scarpace recovered on the UCLA 28-yard line. Steve Sogge connected on his only pass com- pletion of the day and Simpson blasted over the goal line on a 13- yard run to give the Trojans a 14- 7 halftime lead. Beban led the Brums in the sec- ond half, throwing TD passes to Greg Taimer and Dave Nuttall which resulted in a 20-14 lead for the crosstown school. It was Troy ' s victory, however, after one of Zenon Andrusyshyn ' s extra point attempts failed and O.J. made his second touchdown run with a successful conversion by Rikki Aldndge and until that time next season it ' s Trojan Town. D 111 ' l t Rick Aguirre r « John Barta itU Jim Clark Stewart Dresch les Goldberg r r Greg Hoffman John Anglin Robert Best lim Collins Richard Hoppe Thomas Arganese (»J William Boggs Chuck Gulp Barry Feiner Donald Hudson Gary Ashcratt ;«... Glen Cass .1 . George de laGuardia Thomas Fuller f Brian Helmerl Lloyd Jarvis Craig Bagley Peter Chang David Denenny Jett Herten John Johnson Under the leadership of fall and spring presidents Derald Sidler and Jeff Her- ten. Knights successfully ran card stunts, the Quar- terback Club and their an- nual blood drive. This juni- r-senior men ' s service honorary also held a variety of social functions-rang- ng from cocktail parties, initiation banquet and luau to the annual Knights- Squires football game. Knights were victorious this year, taking the under- assmen 32-27. 12 TROJAN KNIGHTS Peter Kalionzes n V I Pat Lawless Robert Nelson ( Fred Quinn left Smulyan Mark Kaplan Alan Levine Jotin Marquis Perry Nicassio Bob Rollo James Smoot tl Michael Kirshner f Robert Linden William Mank Stephen Nictiolson - Jack Sander Steve Sparling «J William Krantz (ft; Fred Lovell Bruce McE wen Matt P asternak 9, : % Gary Sawka % Albert Wickett Dennis Kristan n Warren Malnick MarkMeador Timothy Prangley A Mike Silverstein ' W A Elliot Zwiebach 13 A KathyBice Candace Chan Joann Chun lanEzell m .JkU Concetta Haas Janice Jacobson Pal Kennedy Joan Cottier Bonnie Gadless Peggy Hatfield Susan Johnson Maxine Kumata Diana Chipps Linda Deanng Linda Garcia TROJAN AMAZONS D n Dressed in black skirts and sweaters with white blouses, members of Amazons are called upon for a wide variety of jobs- from setting up card stunts to ushering at dramatic produc- tions. Membership in this wo- men ' s honorary is limited to juniors and seniors with a mini- mum 2.5 accumulative grade- point. Their primary service project IS a series of high school promotion dinners at which out- standing girls from Southern Cal- ifornia high schools are invited with the hope of promoting USC. The group also sent off and met the football team when it played away from home. Jenny Machetta Karen Mazepink Elaine Myers Joanne Stem Kristine Maland Carol McCluer Cookie Petlee Susan Tamura Susan Mansueto Barbara Merino Lindell Pusch Alela Warren Joyce Massey Janice Moser Penny Scott Nancy Yates 115 Susan Anco leiKhHnpj; ' , Melinda DeBerard Joanne Haught Amy Ki ' tti Ann Baba tay Chu Gail Douglas Kdthleen Jensen Ijmcny McAllister [ leaiinr Beef, r.ithy (jjmplon Stephany Fettii Matslia lohnson loyi.e MtKenzic 116 A Donna UeDiemar President Starting the year with a new name and new emblem, mem- bers of Sword and Shield (form- erly Spurs) continued to help with card stunts during football season, collect money for Troy Camp and hold their annual Val- entine Spur-0-Gram sale. Aside from the change of name and emblem, this sophomore wo- men ' s honorary underwent little change when it voted to with- draw from the national organiza- tion of Spurs and become a local service group. Requirements are still a 2.5 gpa and sophomore standing. D TROJAN SWORD and SHIELD D PatMakowski Penny Pedersen Narda Schwa rU Margaret Manship Margaret Pederson Sally Sikes Virginia Tarns Cattiie Meyer Pamela Porterlield Barbara Simpson Janice Vincent Francine Miyake Betti Roberts Susan Somerville MarianWilliams Robin Nicklm Joanna Stevens Belinda Wong 117 A Yolande Pollard President Celebrating Its 26th year at use. Phrateres is an in- ternational social and serv- ice club open to all Trojan women. The name " Phra- teres " comes from the Greek word for sisterhood. The club ' s aim is the promotion of friendliness and school spirit as a means through which women students can more fully participate in the scholastic and social activi- ties of the campus. Under the direction of Yolande Pol- ard. Phrateres president, the group donated to the Stu- dent Emergency Loan Fund and sent toys to a Korean or- phanage m Seoul. The an- nual chrysanthemum sale, conducted during homecom- ing, was the mam money raising source for the year. Row 1 (left to right): Gilberta Avila. Mary Margaret Kljunak. Marilyn Mitscti. Yolande Pollard. Elaine Myers. Row 2: Lindell Pusch. Kathy Ruh. Martha Liles. Marcia Laudonio. Row 3: Linda Dulgarian. Jane Bloom. Melody Winston. Lisa Kloetzle. Denise Dedaeux. TROJAN PHRATERES D A Row 1 (left to right): Jack Langson. Terry Hackett. Tom Rhoads. John MacAlister, Gene Erb- stoesser, Denny Freidenrich. Steve Moore. Robert Scaby, Kevin Lindsay. Alen Stuhr, Richard Gordon. Art Berkowitz, Norm Slusher. Row 2; Bob Lee, Steve CockneL Lindsay Lautz. Robert Eng. Mickey Koleszar. Nels Peterson. Del Brunner. George Flemming. John Ritter. Mike Ger- hards. Row 3; Marsh Wilkinson. Ron Jacobson. Jerry Finster. Dave Mangone. Bruce Thom- son. James Kintner. Bill Kennon. Bob Moore. Joe Harmon. Row 4: Don Caskey. Mike Gunning. Kevin Murphy. Bruce Armstrong. Kevin Kramer, John Zanotti, Joe Rubenstein, Bill Alarcon, Scott Whitman, Chris Krogh. TROJAN SQUIRES Squires president Terry Hackett, two from right, gives instructions for card stunts. Concern and enthusiasm for use were reflected by members of Squires this year as this sophomore men ' s service group worked on card stunts, assisted with the Knight ' s Blood Drive and escorted children to the ASSC Christmas Project. Led by Terry Hackett and Bob Lee, fall and spring presi- dents respectively. Squires started a program to take underprivileged children to basketball games. Other ac- tivities included conducting campus tours and working with scaffold, the student book exchange. D SCHOOL of LAW 120 DEAN DORTHY NELSON 121 ROGER BAYMILLER J D , Law DONALD BENJAMIN J D , Law ROGER DARNELL J D , Law JOHN EVANS J D . Law THOMAS H FEHN J D , Law BURTON FORESTER J D . Law Blackstonians, a pre-legal honorary, is open to upper- classmen with two or more semesters at USC and a mini- mum cumulative gradepomt average of 3.0. Members meet with law professors and representatives from law schools around the country, in addition to hold- ing a semi-annual banquet honoring lawyers, judges and city officials. 122 Row 1 (left to right) Mark Lindsey. Norm Wilky, Ralph Lippman. Morris Dalva. Mel Horo witz. Michele Washington. Sandy Silas. Steve Crabtree. Row 2: Rod Jones. Ron Arak, Fred Fenster. Bill Reinsch. Thomas Kristovich. John P. Walsh. Row 3; Len Tauman, Jim Smoot. Steve Hertz. Ronald J. Black. Alan Glassman. Russ Patterson. D MASANORI HIGA BARRY KOHN J D . Law DONALD MEYER J D , Law RAY MOORE J D , Law DONALD REED J D , Law LARRY SANDEL J D. Law T FITZGERALD SMITH J D , Law LAWRENCE STICKWEY J D . Law RONALD SUPANCIC J D. Law HAROLD VITES J D . Law JOHN WATKINS J D . Law ALLAN WEISS J D . Law PETER ZEILER J D , Law 123 TOMMY ' S TRIALS 124 A A Prophecy for tomorrow: high kicks and pompons will be as much a part of Trojan tradition as the yell king ' s irrascible re- marks. After months of controver- sy and years of wistful thinking, USC ' s songleaders made their debut at the opening game of the 1968 basketball season. The sev- en coeds were selected from ANEW " TROY-DITION " SONG LEADERS more than 100 applicants after President Topping signed a res- olution establishing songleaders on the pep squad. Chosen for their spirit, experience and abil- ity, the new pompon girls are: Celeste Fremon. Charlene Con- zales. Suzanne Knolle. Linda Hauf. Claudia Pawlan, Penny Ward and Susan Wright. D D 125 t I I I " N 126 1 Bob Boyd, head coach 2- Steve Jennings 3 Mack Calvin 127 ' " r-ft • " .»fc5»- ' _i±T»-t5Vwfiirf- " _-a --«u 128 1. Mack Calvin 2- Mike Maggard. Bill Hewitt. Vince Mannino 3. Mad scramble. 4. Bill Hewitt(31)and VinceMannmo(33) 129 Sitting first row (I to r)-Rex Thompkms. man- ager; Bill Connolly; Harvey Dillon; Bob Os- brink; Charlie Williams; Bill Wardrop; Steve Jennings; Bob Clemo; Ron Taylor; Bob Boyd, head coach; (kneeling) Jim Hefner, assis- tant coach; (3rd table, r to I) Don Ander- sen. Athletic News Director; Dave Glogow. assistant Athletic News Director;(Behind Glowgow) OJ Glogow. scout. 130 SCORE BOARD 3. UCLA ' s Lew Alcindor (33) and Trojan Bill Hewitt (31) vie for tie ball. Ready to retrieve it are Lucius Allen (42). Jim Marsh (51) and Mac Calvin (21). Ron Taylor guards UCLA player. 59 Idaho 50 68 Loyola (LA) 60 82 Villanova 65 58 St. John ' s 63 76 Oklahoma 63 70 Colorado State 53 58 Cincinnati 69 84 Utah 87 78 Wyoming 79 68 Tennessee 78 78 Minnesota .65 58 Washington 56 92 Washington State 73 90 Stanford 64 80 California 65 85 DC Santa Barbara 64 67 UCLA 101 79 Oregon 69 49 Oregon State 47 71 Oregon State 63 66 Oregon 59 73 Washington State 58 76 Washington 68 90 California 91 72 Stanford 60 64 UCLA 72 SWIMMING 132 A 1. Phil Houser. butterfly and intermediate. 2. Starting block 4, Greg Westcott. intermediate and backstroke, starting block 5, Bill Stoner, back- stroke and freestyle. 3. Greg Fmk, middle dist- ance freestyle. 4, Start- ing block 4. Tom Ludwig. middle distance: start- ing block 5, Ted Leovicti. intermediate and butter- fly. 5. Bill Johnshon team captain, freestyle and intermediate. D 4 n 133 A Powerful Team. . . . . to Defeat the Nationa Champs ir x --• » jr. - ' ■■n ' t ■ ♦ o r -0 ' ' ' ' jm % . i 134 135 SCHOOL of EDUCATION 136 DEAN IRVING R.MELBO |i I i I i I I I I I f I f I I I 137 EDNA ALLEN M S, Ed MARGOTAMESTOY M S. E E CAROL ANDERSEN BS , Soc Sc PATRICIA ANDERSON BS., Ed KIM ANDREWS B.S . Soc Sc JoANNE ARMSTRONG B S. Soc Sc CAROL ARNOLD B?, E E PAMELA BAKER B S , Soc Sc JAMES BECKNER.JR M S , Ed KAREN BECKNER M S Ed BETTYE BLUESTEIN BS Ed PAULA BROWN B S Ed JOAN BULLOCK B S , Ed Psych 138 139 lUM t CHERYL CASHION BS. Ed NANCY CASSIOY BS . Ed. Chester E Gitpin SANTA MICHELE CASINELLI BS. Ed Psych SUSAN CAUGHLAN BS. El Ed CANDACE CHAN B S . Soc Sc HELENE CHANDLER B S . Soc Sc JUDIE CHANDLER BS.Ed BERNICE CHARLES M.S. Ed 140 Af SARAH CHITTENDEN B S , Ed Soc Sc CHRISTINA CLAIR BS, Ed Art LAURIE COLEMAN B S , Soc Sc CAROLINE COLLADAY B S, Ed Soc Sc KATHERINE COLLADAY BS, Ed Soc St KATHLEEN CROSBY B S . Soc Sc PATRICIA DARNELL B S. Soc SI DANIEL DAVIDSON M S. Ed JJ JERELLE DAVIS B S, Ed LINDA DIGGS B.S.Ed DOLYNN DUBOSKI B S.Ed CHRISTINA DUNNE BS. Ed CHRISTY FARRELL B.S.. Ed. Art BONNIE FERBER B S.Ed Soc. Sc CHRISTINE FINCH BS. Ed Soc Sc. SUZANNE FINK BS. Ed, SUE FRIEDLAND BSEd LINDA GARCIA B S. Ed Spanish GRETCHENGELLER BS. Ed DAVID GIROUX M S. Ex CLIVE GRAFTON Ed D SUSAN HANZLIK M S.Ed DIANE HARPER B S,. Social Science PATRICIA HARRIS B S. Ed SUSAN HARTY B S , Social Science PHYLLIS HEFFNER B S , Social Science MELINDA HOPKINS B.S . Social Science CYNTHIA JAMES B S , Social Science JAMES JOHNSON Ed D , Ed Admin, JENNIFER JOHNSTON B S . Social Science PATRICIA KENNEDY BSEI Ed PATRICIA KIDNEY B S , Psychology MARCIAKILLEN B S . Social Science RONALD KINDIG M S , Ed Admin JOAN KOSKOFF B A . Social Science DIANE KRAMB B S , Social Science ALVAKROENER B S , Social Science LINDA LARSON M S . Ed JESSICA LAU BS, Ed JEAN LAWRENCE M S, Ed 142 SHELLEY LAWRENCE BS, English LUANNE LAUNER S , Soc Sci LYNNELLE LEDGER M S . Ed WILLIAM LINA M S. Ed KATHY LOCKHART B S , Soc Sci TARA LOVITT M S, Ed LOIS LUNDINE S.EI Ed 143 144 SUSAN PARKS B S, E E LINDA PEARSON BS. Ed JANE PETERS BS, Ed DOKHTPIRNIA M A . Sec Ed LINDA READ B S, Soc Ed NANCY REORDAN M S . Counseling ROBIN REYNOLDS B S, FineArts. E E BEVERLY ROBINSON B S , Soc Ed HARRIETT ROSS B S , Speech SANTOS SAN ROMAN MS, Ed PATRICIA SCILEPPI B S, Bus Ed WILLIAM SEARBY B S History ROBERT SEIM Ed D Counselor Ed DORIS SEWARD M S , Inst Tech MICHAEL SGAMBELLONE M A, E E MARY ELIZABETH SHEA B S.Eng EILEEN SHIBAYAMA B S, Eng MARY SIDELLBESWICK 8 S , Soc Sc ROBIN SIGBAND BS, E E Soc Sc JULIA SMITH BS, Eng 145 MARJORIE SMITH B S , Soc Sc SONNEE STALLMAN B S . Soc Sc JEANNE STRATTON B-S., Soc, Sc. MARY STUPPY BS, Soc Sc. KAREN SWENSON B S. Soc. Sc CHHENGTEA BS. Ed MELANIETEVRIZIAN M.A.. E.E. KENNETH TINDALL EdD.Adm BLISS TRAFTON B S E E CHERYL TROLINGER BS. E E MOLLY TURNER B S . Soc Sc BARBARA VIVIAN BA 146 Originating as a sociol- ogy class project m 1964, USC ' s tutorial program has grown from 40 student tutors at two educational centers to more than 200 at five loca- tions. The purpose of the pro- ject IS to provide remedial help for children who need motivation and encourage- ment to catch up in school. By his personal attention, the tutor can help a child learn to read for enjoyment, and he may be able to form a link between school and home. The project also enables the college student to learn about a culture and environment distinctly different than his own, and to act as a member of the community rather than limiting himself to the univer- sity campus. Student organ- ized, the staff IS headed by Judy Lee. In addition to co- ordinating transportation, tu- tors and tutees, the staff also organizes field trips and par- ties for each center. 1. Encouragement comes from tutor Sue Helms. 2. Tutoring is explaining, repeating, patience, 3. Richard Johnson and tutee take study break. 147 GYMNASTICS One major highlight of this year ' s season for USC gymnasts, was their 187.5 to 183.4 win over the UCLA Bruins. Coach Ron Barak noted that the key to the win was the addi- tion of the trampoline team which scored enough points to 148 ISflS SiBBi ' l firtB offset Brum strength in this event. Makoto Sakamoto was a stand- out for use winning four of the SIX events in which he competed. He drew top honors in the meet with an all-around score of 56.35. 149 A 150 ' A D THE MOUSETRAP by Agatha Christie Staged by William C. White Designed by Robert Harold Johnson Costumes by Michiko Suzuki Lighting by James Gross CHARACTERS Mollie Ralston Marcy Lafferty Giles Ralston Michael Prichard Christopher Wren Richard Green Mrs. Boyle Nancy Crawford Major Metcalf Gene Carlson Miss Casewell Meredith Mencken Mr. Paravicmi Wynn Pearce Detective Trotter Ben Murphy D 151 A A TROJAN TRIBUTE 152 D D A A MUSIC CENTER The lights go down, the orchestra strikes up and Trojan Tribute begins. The evening was not only a tribute to DSC, but to its Schools of Music and Per- forming Arts with per- formances by the Madri- gal Singers and award-win- ning drama company. It was an elegant affair. On stage - Justin Dart, chair- man of the Board of Trus- tees, offered a few wise words in welcome. He was followed by the unexpected appearance of guest Bob Hope-who also had a few wise words. In the pavillion- conversation ,dancingand champagne made the evening memorable. D D 153 A I 154 D U h The Cross Country team had one of its most successful years in USC history by go- ing undefeated and never winning by less than 15 points. Highlights of the season were two victories over UCLA. The team also took the Annual Southern California Invitational Meet held this year at Cromwell Field. Top runners included John Link, Chuck Schuiz, Larry Kunkle, Neill Dug- gan, and Carl Trentadue. The Fresh team was also outstanding, fin- ishing 5-0 in Its dual meet season. Andy Her- rity and Jeff Marsee paced the Trobabes through most of the season. 1 Runners charge through Griffith Park as three Trojans set the pace. 2. Strain reflects on the face of Bruce Bowerman as he tries to improve his time. 3. Standout runner John Link competes in meet against UCLA and Stanford. 155 n Sue Carlton Juanita Ching Laurie Dill Carol Brennglass LizCarr Carole Christofk Joan Cottier Joanna I) Durkin TROJAN CHIMES Kitty Giehcz Margaret HallccK 156 A Karen Desmond President A 2.75 gradepomt. junior standing and interest in the cul- tural affairs of the community are requisites for membership in Chimes. Activities of this hon- orary include weekly programs planned by each member, speak- ers and field trips. Meetings are open to anyone, but foreign women students and faculty members particulary have be- come an integral part of the club. The group is sponsored by Assistant Dean of Women Steph- anie Adams. D Karen Kemholtz Linda Mayer Kathy Morgan Melva Snowden Sarxly Johnson Marsha McMahan LindellPusch Joanne Stem Cheryl Landreth ToniMollett Patricia Reed Helen Vanderweg Susan Mansueto Anita Moody Kathleen Ruh Mabel Wong 157 Row 1: (Left to right) Judy Daniels. Chris Burrill. Andrea Caldwell (Chief Justice). Maureen Lundi, h?ow 2: Margaret Lundi. Maryann Lees. Leta-Rae Sugg. Carol Brennglass. Carolyn Cheley. 158 Members of Men ' s Judicial are; Stephen Kemp. Norm Wilky. James Kilbury, Joseph Hohm. and Bill Course. 159 W£ i ■« r? — y i grr ,i DaBRH 1 s m P Varsity Water Polo Team (left to right): First row. John Williams. Phil Hooser. Mike Piceett, George Watson. Bill Johnson, Second row: Tim Erganian. Greg Fink. Don Hauens. Paul Ainslie. Dave Kull, Third row: Gary Okumura. Jan Mayer. Mike Tolmmasofi. Mike Poland. Jeff Pierce. 160 ■W j« f ' vm »w« y- TO- Finishing with a 10-10 record, Troy ' s water polo team had a tough season in 1967. Although they lost all six conference con- tests, the team played several out- standing games including their 7-6 loss to conference champ UC LA. They also carried Stanford through four overtimes before losing 11-9. Senior Bill Johnson was named outstanding player by coach Ron Severa. 3- George Watson (17) scrambles with Cal ' s Barry Wei tzen berg for loose ball. 4 Mike Tolmmasofi and Phil Mauser try to prevent opposition from scoring 1. Trojan Jeff Pearce passes ball to team- mate to set up use score. 2. Attacking Cal ' s goal. Bill Johnson (26) runs into trouble from Gary Shores TEAM STATISTICS use 19 ElCammoS Annual UCI Tournament USC - Third Place use 31 Cal Poly Pomona 4 UCLA 7 USC 5 USC 12 Cerritos6 Cal 11 use 4 USC 11 Rio Hondo 6 LongBeachlS USC 9 Costa Mesa 10 USC 6 USC 4 UCI 3 USC 7 UCSB4 Stanford 11 USC 8 USC 10 LBCC6 Stanford 11 USC 9 Berkeley 13 USC 7 LBSC12 USC8 UCLA8-, USC3 161 162 1. Kappas hold an open house and host a luncheon for the children. 2. Many long hours were spent in wrapping pack- agesand planning for the project. 3. Toys were given and games played during the ASSC Christmas Project. 4. He is one of the many underprivileged children who participated in the project. 163 IT ' S ALL IN THE CARDS ' ¥ff1 w:A ' .1111111 ■y - " Vii ,»r ;i ■ 4lC itlk i lis. ; ' J, 1 V. .ifm ' .i%. f 164 I KNOW A PLACE . . . . where the lights are bright and there ' s always someone you know. It IS the 32nd Street Mar- ket, the mecca of USC, the heart of the universe. You can buy anything there, or meet anyone, stock up for a night of studying, or start out for a party. " 32 " is on the tram route. Stop off for a moment, and be greeted by Morrie, the store ' s carousing, cigar-smokmg owner. Make your way toward the meat counter for one of Nick McCloud ' s special sandwiches. Cash a check, buy some licorice or a six-pack, then mill your way out. It may be crowded, but that ' s " 32 " , a glori- ous institution. t Bine! s ■£ ' ll ' ' . 4r " ig ■1 165 October 26, 1967 Bovard Auditorium It ' s Sound H ' i H 1 It ' s Soul 3 B ' ' ' I H p- gB BB .; SCHOOL of MUSIC 168 CHAIRMAN JOHN CROWN 169 KAREN CARVER B M , Music JUDY EATON BM , Performing Arts CINDAGOOLD BM . Music A ALLEN JOHNSON DMA Music LOREN MARSTELLER BM , Trombone William Triplet! Margaret Sctiaper 170 ANDREA SENDEROV B M . Piano JODIE SIMONSON B M . Music FRANCES SHIVE B M . Organ Education HOWARD WOOD B M , Organ Education Anttiony Vazzana A 1 2 Preparation for the Parade and Battle »K - ' 1 4 . 1. When It comes to building Rose Parade floats, everyone can be a flower child. 2. Tommy Trojan-in the raw, 3. It may be fun. but constructing a float requires long hours and tedious work. 172 A 4. Helen and her court give victory sign for the float. Rose Bowl Parade and USC. 5, Troians march on--and down parade route. MSM- ' V ' ' ■ • • • 173 D I 1. . ROSE BOWL use vs NDIANA - ' - ' - r: 174 A 1 , The site of the big battle to come, the Rose Bowl lies in wait. 2, Quarterback Toby Page alter- nated with starting quarterback Steve Sogge to give spark to the Trojan attack. 3, Mike Taylor ' s face reflects the pain often involved in participat- ing in varsity athletics. 4 USC ' s Chip Oliver hauls down Beban-like quarterback Harry Gon- so. 5, O.J. Simpson (32) was stopped only occasionally during the win- ning endeavor. 6 Rose Bowl Grand Marshal Ev- erett Dirkson salutes and is sal- uted by the USC rooting section. D 175 A A 176 AND THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONS PREVAIL! ' »ii K D □ A n 177 SCHOOL of DENTISTRY 178 DEAN JOHN I. INGLE 179 ? JOSEPH ABE Dentistry JOSEPH ASDEL Dentistry CRAIG BARTON Dentrstry JOHN BERG Dentistry HELEN BLACKMAN Dental Hygiene JOHN BLANKFORT Dentistry LARY BREITBARTH Dentistry PHILIP BUCHANAN Dentistry THOMAS BUSHNELL Dentistry LINDA BROWN Dental Hygiene JEFF BROWN Dentistry JUDY BURMAN Dental Hygiene MARY JO CARPENTER Dental Hygiene EUGENE CASAGRANDE Dentistry JOHN CHILDERS Dentistry BRIAN COGBILL Dentistry EDOUARD COHEN Dentistry MARK COLLONS Dentistry ROD CURRY Dentistry GARY DAVIS Dentistry JOHN DEAL Dentistry JACQUELINE DERWINGSON Dental Hygiene MARK DEWEY Dentistry JOSEPH DOSSEN Dentistry DANIEL FARKAS Dentistry DAVID FARKAS Dentistry NANCY FERGUSON Dental Hygiene 180 DENNIS FRIEDER Dentistry VICKY GANS Dental Hygiene RICHARD GARWOOD Dentistry ] JACK GEORGE Dentistry RAYMOND GIRARDOT Dentistry GEOFFREY GLASS Dentistry ARLENE GONZALES Dental Hygiene ARTHUR HALE Dentistry ROBERT HALL Dentistry GAYLE HAMLIN Dental Hygiene ROBERT HANEL Dentistry GEORGE HERZ Dentistry DENNIS HORN Dentistry RICHARD HOYR Dentistry JAYNE HORN Dentistry HOWARD IGASAKI Dentistry PATRICIA JACKMAN Dental Hygiene PAUL JOHNSON Dentistry SUSAN JOHNSTON Dental Hygiene LESTER KANEKO Dentistry CHESTER KAUFMAN Dentistry JANET KAZANJIAN Dentistry BRYAN KEROPIAN Dentistry JOHN KLEIN Dentistry JACKIE KOBATA Dental Hygiene TAKASHI KUMAMOTO Dentistry 4 181 V RAY KUWAHARA Dentistry LARRY LIPKOWSKI DentJStry JNEIL LUDWICK Dental Hygiene MARK MALLETT Dentistry MARYMALONEY Dental Hygiene ALAN MANHEIM Dentistry MICHAEL MARTIN Dentistry LOUIS MASCOLA Dentistry FREDMATSUMOTO Denttstry ROBERT McCLINTOCK Dentistry R0DRIG0MELENDE2 Dentistry ALLAN MELNICK Dentistry LESLIE MULHOLLAND Dental Hygiene RICHARD NEWCOMER Dentistry LAWRENCE NITTA Dentistry MARCIA NORD Dental Hygiene DENISE NOWAK Dental Hygiene CRAIG OTA Dentistry DANIEL PALMERLEE Dentistry CAROLYN PARDOE Dental Hygiene WAYNE PARK Dentistry JOHN PELOCHINO Dentistry JOHN PERSONS Dentistry 182 WILIIAM PIVAROFF Dentistry HARRIET PO Dental Hygiene JIM POWERS Dentistry WILLIAM PREWETT Dentistry ROBERT REED Dentistry JOSH ROREM Dentistry l RONALD ROSENBLATT Dentistry CHARLENE SCOTT Dental Hygiene SUSAN SCHULTZ Dental Hygiene IRVING SEILER Dentistry SUSAN SELEINE Dental Hygiene RICHARD SHAW Dentistry CHERILYN SHEETS Dentistry SUMIO SHIBATA Dentistry RICHARD SIRY Dentistry JUDY STOLP Dental Hygiene FRANK STONE Dentistry DERICK TAGAWA Dentistry RICHARD VAN GEMERT Dentistry BRUCE VON HERZEN Dentistry MARY VOSHELL Dental Hygiene JOHN WASSENMILLER Dentistry ALATER WECKWERTH Dentistry MARTIN WHITE Dentistry GARY WINSLOW Dentistry DENNIS-DUKE YAMASHITA Dentistry IWAOVOSHIMURA Dentistry DAVID 2ETTEL Dentistry TIMOTHY ZURBRIGGEN Dentistry 183 184 TROLIOS ' 67 Director ROBSHIPP Musical Direction and Staging SKIPKENNON Producer WILLIAM MAUK ORCHESTRA Karen Blank. Ted Hermann. Alan Hubbs. Gayla Kelp. Gary Lowe, John Ritter, Laura Sidentop. Wendy Butlum. Kent Carney. Skip Kennon. CAST Ka re n B la nk. Mary Burk in. Mike Cantor. Mary Daugherty. Reveta Franklin. Alan Hubbs. Holly Hunter. Gayla Kep. Laurie Lynch. Mary Mollenhoff. LizNitta. Jeanne Nolan. John Ritter. Randy Rivera. Joel Rosenzweig. Rob Shipp. Karen Smith. Rush Tully. Jaquie Wiseman 185 Li 4i ' T i ' f v » , ' »», :xl ' H LUil..MmpM| ||P PP|||||||||| know is there. No one can help me. save the force .... nature by which I am changing from a girl to a woman I walk the room Tttiy mind, thinking and waiting, ar suddenly I lomg no more. I am today, now, here joyous ifliripfreedom and love for life. And ail tr ' comes with life-th sorrow, the laughter, the lovif th9t is mine t9%]| i|1 Qman. , »y m i m f •v ' . 1 i ,: ' -- r f ' YOU WILL ALWAYS FIND ESKIMOS READY TO INSTRUCT THE CONGOLESE ON HOW TO COPE WITH HEAT WAVES 189 Row 1 (left to right): Penny Scott. Louise Clauset. Susan Spencer. Frank Carpenter. Row 2: Tom Stump, Nancy Wint. Rhonda Fmk. Marsha McMahan. Pat Reed. Don Fike. Cathy Grady. Mrs Harriet Stevens. Daryl Rech. Tayah Kalgaard, Row 1 (left to right): Mary Enig. Barbara Miller. Meredith Milligan. Kim Hunter. Marilyn Morris. Row 2: Hilary Hastings. Jonda Rourke. Gwen Toma. Cherry Greene. Row 3: David Sanner. Tony Merino. Tayah Kalgaard. Linda King. Holly Fair less. 190 Under the presidency of Pat Reed, the YWCA broaden- ed the base of its campus involvement to meet the needs of a diverse student body. Project Chance, Teen- post and Project Small Fry offer a variety of opportuni- ties for students to work with children. Another Y-spon- sored group, Troeds. affords freshmen women the chance to learn more about USC and college life- Freshman Forum consists of four discussion groups which meet weekly to investi- gate and examine current events and university affairs. Sponsored by Mortar Board, the forum offers the fresh- man the opportunity to meet with peers and faculty in an informal learning situation. 1. Danny Thomas 2. Martin Foley and President Toppin 3. O.J. Simpson and Ron Vary 4. 1967 Helens of Troy 191 ALL-AMERICAN TIMROSSOVICH Defensive End RON VARY Tackle 192 ALL-AMERICAN OJ. SIMPSON Offensive Halfback ADRIAN YOUNG Linebacker 193 FEBRUARY GRADUATION 194 195 ■illw ' . . VwMit ' 196 | - " fC ' " ' " 197 198 199 SCHOOL of ARCHITECTURE 200 FINE ARTS DEAN SAMUEL HURST 201 RONALD A ALTOON B , Arch JERRY A BANCROFT B . Arch MIKE BARGMAN B,. Arch LUISF BETANCOURT B.Arch JAMES D BIACK B , Arch JEFFREY S BLEAMAN B . Arch MALCOLM M BRAUER B.S ID ANNE BRYAN B , Arch SIDNEY CHAR B , Arch MICHAEL CHEN B . Arch CLAYTON CHING B.Arch STEPHEN T CIRILLO B Arch DAVID B COLEMAN BF A DEVON H DALBY BF A DALE B DAVIS BF A TONI R DAVIS B.F A. STEPHEN D DENT B . Arch JOHN DEROSA B . Arch LEONARD B ECKEL B S , I D CATHY E FRANZEN B F A CHARLES M GABRYSIAK B Arch 202 GORDON GETCHELL B , Arch FRANK HAILEY BF A THOMAS HAMILTON B, Arch ANDREWS HERBRUCK B . Arch RODNEY L HIPPENHAMMER Arch RICHARD HOLZ B , Arch TAKEHIKO HORIGUCHI B , Arch VERNON D INOSHITA B , Arch JANA JOHNSON BF A DONALD B KELMAN B.. Arch MANSOUR KHATAPOUSH B , Arch KAREN KLIPPEL B F A AKEMI KUROKAWA B, Arch DONIA LA RUSCH M F A ROGER K LEIB B . Arch JANN M MANCHESTER BF A THOMAS M MAYNE B, Arch DIANE MILLER B F A MYRAD MOE BF A 203 ROGER K. NAKAZAWA B , Arch HARVEY NAPUCK B, Arch, STEPHEN A. NICHOLSON B, Arch ELIZABETH A PEREIRA B,F A PAULA PHILIPP B , Arch, KENNETH K SAKATANI BF A GAILG SCHAET2LE BF A PHYLLIS A SCHNEIDER BF A GARY SHIGEMURA B , Arch HOWARD SINGER B, Arch LAWRENCE I SKOLNEK B , Arch ROBERT H SUTTON B , Arch RANDOLF F WERNER B , Arch THEODORE J WILLIS B F A WILLIAM D WOOLARD M , Arch FRANKLIN J WONG B Arch ROBERT J YORK B , Arch 204 GREEK WEEK 205 206 and you ' ll always cherish these happy hours. 207 208 209 A 210 Folk music, art and good coffee are specialities at the Cheshire Cat. This student-run coffee house and art gallery was open- ed three years ago and has since become an established part of USC ' s weekend nightlife with both semi-professional and pro- fessional entertainment. Open to the public, the Cheshire Cat also broadcasts over KUSC. D A Coverage of USC basketball and baseball games, plus a wide variety of musical and discus- sion programs make KUSC a live- ly experience for the radio listen- er as well the station ' s broad- casters. Run entirely by students. KUSC completed its 22nd year of broadcasting as a non-com- mercial educational station for the Southern California area. The station ' s wattage was in- creased to 16.000 this year, mak- ing possible more extensive cov- erage of USC activities. KUSC is operated m conjunction with the department of telecommunica- tions and IS under the manage- ment of Dr. Kenneth Harwood. Positions on the staff are open to any USC student interested in broadcasting. KUSC D 211 A Executive Council: Row 1: (left to right) Madeline Kristovich. Joann Blackman, Jennifer Chab- ney. Susan Thomas, Barbara Rose. Linda Stevenson. Row 2: Diana Turner. Kathy Yoder. Linda Storkmar. Karen Curtis. Tina Durr. Diane Pierce. Row 3; Stephanie Carr, Melinda Maxwell. Sara)ane Hawkins. Hillary Hastings. Jean Kitto. Kathy Stephenson. Paulette Leath. Diane Reynolds. TROEDS Orienting freshmen women to university life is tfie goal of Troeds. This service organization helps during elections, meets a variety of guest speakers and introduces coeds to the many aspects of uni- versity participation. Row 1: (left to right) Gwen Toma Sec- Treas. Lee Fink Basketball Chairman. Daryl Rech President, Tayah Kalgaard Activities Chairman, Laurel Bogen Pub- licity Chairman. Claudia Wilkinson Publicity Chairman. Row 2: Kim Dock- son, Nancy Ellerman. Kim Hunter. 212 Betty Joe. Stella Hee. Joan Nosse. Di ane Fitzwater. Ellen Goodman. Debbie Francis. Cindy Vermillion, Row 3: Pattye Miele. Judi Loomis, Margie Buckingham. Lois Boyes. Ten Gian- nini. Beverly Quail. Sue Spiegel. Pat Bauer. Joyce Lecky. Liz Georgian. Carolee Snyder. Marilyn Roen. Adn- enne Maravich. Peggy McClean. Jill Newels. Row 4: Nancy Hayes. Cheryl Callahan. Marilyn Moss. Nancy Bates. Lisa Kloetzli. Ann Meyers. Deanna Detroia. Wendy Ferguson, Karen Babin- owich. Karen Johnson. Ann McKinley. D scaffold ' Hang the bookstores with the scaffold ' cries the ASSC with its non-profit, student-run book ex- change. Now in its second con- secutive year, SCaffold begins several weeks before semester end when students bring in their books to sell. At that time they list a price which is recorded by the ASSC scaffold Committe. They in turn, catalogue all the books to sell during the first two weeks of school. It all means profit for the students who, shortly after the buying period, pick up their profits and try to sell any unsold books to the ne- farious bookstores. 213 standing: Coach Derek Blackwell, Forwards; Larry Petnll, Fred Khasigian. Steve McConnell, Brian Mock. Jack O ' Malley, Bob Klein, Steve Ponder, Tom Barrack, Greg Speiss, Jon Loom- is, Mike Mayock, Dominick Cistone, Trainer Gary TuthiM, Assistant Coach John Callaghan. Kneeling: Backs: Stephen Hall. Steve Swanson. John Blanche. Captain Dick Worthington. Butch Nungesser, Bill Boggs. Chip Oliver. Steve Dale, Ed Todd. ft " V M i tk-i Lk K ' 214 1. Dick O ' Gerreyter travels high to snatch the ball. 2. Scrum-half Ed Todd, kicking against Cal. IS well protected by Larry Petrill and John Blanche 3. Desperate goal-line stands by Cal were ineffective. 4. The 1967 play of Bob Klein was a maj- or factor m winning the National Champ- ionship. This season he again dominated the Ime-outs. 215 SCHOOL of PHARMACY 216 DEAN EDWARDS. BRADY 217 ¥ % Santord C Abrams Harold M Adelman Lee N Aman Homa Amira Michael A Avnl Robert Merle Badgley Denison L. Baldwin Pnscilla Barragan Edward L Berry Steven Bonham Marc Bovshow John Bowen Rae L Braunheim MichaeU Brown Luzvimmda Bugay 218 Gabriel J Cassar Gerald D Chan Victor Chew AlanM Cohen JohnG Cole Levi E Cuico Edward J Dallal Michael J Delperdang AnthonyG Diaz Michael C Dolan SteHeney L Dolan Kannl Dransfeldt PaulM Eisman BrianJ Ellinoy AileenC Endo 219 A Kappa chapter of Rho Pi Phi. international fraternity for pharmacy students, was founded at USC in 1923. Dedi- cated to the welfare of all pharmacy students and based on the standards of ethical practice, the pur- pose of Rho Pi Phi is to pro- mote the ideals and goals of the professional by ad- vancing the knowledge of its members. The group also offers opportunity for more informal relationships with faculty members by spon- soring social and athletic events within the school of pharmacy. D Row 1 (left to right); Michael Rosson. Dan Kenney, Dan Ramirez. Barry Cohen, Bennett Zuicker. Burt Sacks, Jeff Barns, Thomas Webster, Jeff Liberman. Bruce tHalpern. Row 2: Richard Ando, Marvin Rosenberg. Gerald Chan. R. K. Davis. Robert Hudgms. John Moro- sin, Stanley Bern, Curt Blumfield. Joel Needelman, David Brescow. Terry Braley. Ron Gehling. Row 3: Jeff Fields, Les Hendreles, Michael Landis, Richard Kramer, Nelson Rivers, Dan Taylor, Denis Portaro, Jerry Schwartz. Steve Kallejian, Fred Meister, Frank Goicoechea, Ira Erenberg, Row 4: Raphael Scott, Jay Astor, Edward Brady, faculty advisor, Charles Harris, Leon Hasson, Marc Bovshow, Dean Friesen, Steven Abrams, Joel Wagner, George Horsburgh, Leonard Mastro, Ray Johnson, Rick Roth, Abe Porter, Larry Seanson, Harold Adelman Robert V F.sher Wilbur T Fu|inami William W Gee Gerald D Goldman Gary J Goul Leida R Gutierrez RoyG Hale Leon Hasson Randall L Hawkey 220 CharlesK Hayase JamesH Hillig MichaelJ Hilton Leon D Hines Edward G Hirschman Thongthup Intratat Sylvia K Ishii Raymonds Jacobson Michael A James Stephen L Janzen Oussama S Kiatta KyeH Kim JeanK Kmoshita ThomasJ Kirby Thomas E. Kinn 221 A Row 1 (eft to right)- Jon Hasegawa. Thomas Nishimura, Alan Endo. Nor- man Hayashi. Dennis Mitani. Alexand- er Wong. James Matusba, Alan Otsuji. Row 2: Ken Ozawa, Gene Tsukamoto. Allan Jig. James Wong. Norman Nishi. Row 3: James Okada. Glenn Taketa. Frank Hatanaica. Ron Tochioka. Row 4; Victor Asai. Gene Tsuno. Steve Nagata. David Lock, Ken Mar. Sam Kita. Warren Kozuki. Row 5; Ken Ya- mate. Kenneth Nishikawa. Wes Kami- kawa. Rodney Chang. Grant Emi, D Alpha lota Pi Alpha lota Pi is a profes- sional pharmacy fraternity which strives to mix social ac- tivity with professional serv- ice. Working with an active alumni advisory group, the chapter promotes mtrapro- fessional relationships and service to the school of phar- macy. Alpha lota Pi sponsors a pharmacy drug drive of which the proceeds go to hos- pitals m Mexico. Sam T Kita Richard S Kramer King-SingLai Michael H Landis Byron C LeBlanc Sandy Lm Richard A Lukasko Ro bertW Marvel Richard T Matsuoka 222 Eugene A Mtller Rosa Mindel Steven N Marlin ThomasR Montes John S Mosher Robert E Muklevicz Kenneth K Nishikawa Marsha N Ono Stephen E Prover Edwtn A Randell Stephanie M Rawlings Harvard M Robbins Marvin K Rosenberg Harris Rosenthal Leonard J Rymsza 223 Burtons Sacks Carlos L Saenz Lugsana Saetung Minerva Sanchez William N Scanlan Richard W Siebert BurtonG Silver Leslie H Sinclair. Jr LarryF Smger Brian J Stock Setsuko Takata Glenn M Taketa Roger S Tamura William H Tieman Ronald Tochioka 224 Donald W Toppenberg JudyC Toy Larry J Uebersetzig GilbertG Valle Lewis S Weiss Allen Wong JamesK Wong DarleneK Yamasaki KenR Yamate Phi Delta Chi Old gold and dregs of wine are the colors representing Phi Delta Chi, professional pharmacy fraternity. Mem- bers advance the science of pharmacy through partici- pation in National Pharmacy Week, Poison Prevention Week and the school ' s annual drug drive. Aside from their professional endeavors, the group held Christmas and New Year ' s parties, exchanges, a spring formal in Las Vegas and a luau to celebrate the end of finals. Richard Siebert led the chapter as president. A Row 1 (left to right): Ron Alkana, Gary Ellenor. Denny Snook, Wayne Kobayashi. Row 2: Ed Randell. Ralph Bennett, Bill Mansour, Richard Siebert. Larry Uebersetzig, Tim Myer, Terry Dozier, William Tieman. Row 3: Norm Gumpert, Ed Memardus, Ed Baesel. Ron Kopp. Tom McCarthy. Steve Mauerer. Richard Oksas. Ken Christianson, Tom Kirin. Cliff Bur- meister, Rip Collins. Jon Hall, Row 4: Sac Nazarian, Don Toppenberg, Robert Muklevicz. Mike Delperdang. Terry Shea. Arnie Kremer. Tom Montes. Tom Kirby, Jim Roache. Rich Wickerham. William Bevans. D 225 .•«rf«!l«« 5 ? ' .T " ' D n Members of the 1968 Varsity Base- ball Team are: Row 1, Nate Weiss, Manager; Tim Lillard, Jay Jaffe, John Donne, Bob Gire, George Grande, Steve Schafford, Steve Sands, Steve Tanner, Greg Moore, Manager; and Don Herman, Manager. Row 2, Gary Tuthill, trainer; Ron Drake, Buzz Sha- fer. Rich Schaffer, Bob Vaughn, Ran- dy Port, Steve Sogge, Justin Dedeaux, Assistant Coach; Rod Dedeaux, Head Coach; Eddie Allan, Assistant Coach; Pat Harrison, Chuck Ramshaw, Mike Linke, Phil MacDonald, Cal Meier, and George Jablonski, equipment manager. Row 3, Rich Leon, Bill Brown, Pat Kuehner, Jim Barr, Reid Braden, Bill Lee. John Rockwell, Brent Strom, Ed Carey, Bill Homik, Rich McCombs, Bill Seinsoth, Jim Southworth, and Bill Huff. D 227 A A A " a 228 1 , Steve Sogge, catcher 2 Bill Brown, outfielder 3, Bill Seinsoth, first base; Pat Harrison, sec- ond base; Chuck Ramshaw. short stop; Ron Drake, third base. D D D A " a A " a. A " a D D 229 D A 230 D AFTER THE FALL BY ArthurMiller Entire production designed and directed byGRETCHEN KANNE CAST Paul Comi, Karen Smith. Meredith Mencken. Nancy Crawford. Michael Prichard. Jerry Auerback, Holly Burton. K.T. McNeill. Sandy Morgan. Marcy Lafferty. Kim Rezutko, John Larson. Sal Dano. Tony Christensen. Jea me Nolan. Dean Hess. Jonathan Pell. Joel Rosenzweig, Calvin Garland. Andrew Caddes. D 231 Troian Marching Band Piccolo- ' -D. Green. R Mjrceau, M. Martinet, J Mac Dougall. : . R. Zonen Clarinet -R. Chan, D. Crawford. D Cnstol. D. Doyle. W. Harrington. F. Frand. D. Geeting. W. Kent. 232 R. Krable. D. Kirshner. C Okada. S Piazza. J. Stump. J. Wmchell. Alto Saxophone--R. Carmody. T. Frederick. J. Geisler. D. Mas- sey. J. Retana. B. Vollowitz. J. Wilson. B. Hampton. Tenor Saxophone--l. Halperin. B. Noss. T Stacheler. M. Weinberg. D. Wymann. Trumpets-E, Baesel. B. Biro. B. Burrows. D. Burrud. T, Calder, A. Garcia. B. Gonzalez. J. Hindman. K. Keener. M. Kinney. G. Lee. J, Madrid. R. Munllo. J. Poster. M. Pozzen- bon. N. Rawles. W. Robbins, R. Spongberg. Horns--M. Karatsu. J, McCormac, S. Man- olakas. Trombones-E. Carlson, B. Course, D. Cram, J, Howell. G, Kellogg, J, Peschke, J. Thomas. Baritones--R. Abrams. H. Early, L. Marsteller, R Miller. M. Payne. Tubas--D. Bixby, S. Dorr, R. Elliott, T. Janz. G Jones, J. Koss, J. Mack, S. Robertson Percussion -A. Alper, B. Ballesteros, L. Debbold. K. Emery. T, Gogan. J. Jones. P. Lehrman, T. Miller, V Monzon. R Radcliffe. T. Raney, S, Sandland. D Smith. 8. Stronquist, R. Walk. N Weiss Bells-M, Martinez. M. Mc Dermott. Ronald Broadwell is the Troian Marching Band Director. 233 234 If 1 HANCOCK FOUNDATION a VONKLEINSMID CENTER Dr. Rufus B. von KleinSmid 1875 y 1964 This M:as a man. This was a man of ac ion and achievement. This v as a man ' J jAv?, ' d Ki cr ati ' f1} A man of serenity and s ' erifdh. A ' tnan of determination and patitinr. This was a man of :;er!. ' :iti ' itp and courage. .4 rkan of humor and humility. A rioble man ■»ith a common touch. A self-disciptined man with understand. ' This, was a mpj; who was counselor to tih , , .«., Ih rvushcMi the ycorlcl. This was. J nijri committed to troth and sood and beauiy_ Rufus Be rnhard von KleinSmid was a man - ana . Ifiider 0 men. Movtever vivid his memory and however en.-:. nut. his viorks, ' I ' here is one (.• ) ■ we all know. We hai-v lost a friend. NORMAN TOPPINC; 235 RELIGIOUS CENTER 236 HEALTH CENTER 237 A APINNING CEREMONY 238 □ A A pinning ceremony like the one represented here occurs nearly every Monday night on the Row. It ' s a night to remember for every- one concerned. D 239 Laugh, share, glow, swing wonder, reach, trust, give This is the life I love. CI Quest, create, build, compete, contribute, educate, win-- This is the life I want. 241 SPEAKERS AT use 1, New York Ma yorjohn Lindsay 2, Semanticist S-l. Hayokawa 3, Civil rights leader Martin Luther King A 1. David Harris, former Stanford Uni- versity student body president. 2. Boris Sedov, press attache to the Russian Embassy in Washington, DC- 3. Alexander Makarov, Soviet first secretariat member. D 243 A 1. 0. J. Simpson (40) closes fast In the L. A. Invlta tional 60 yard dash. 2. Max Lowe sails over the bar. 3. World indoor record holder Bob Seagren ap proaches the pit. 4. Earl " The Pearl " McCullouch breezes to easy win in the indoor highs. 5. use veteran high jumper Greg Heet clears 6 ' 8 " 6. Neil Duggan (241). USC ' s sub four minute miler. Is on his way to a 4:08.2 indoor mile at the Invita- tional meet. 245 1. Carl Trentadue in the 1000 yard run on the Sports Arena oval. 2. use distance men Ole Oleson (155) and Chuck Schultz lead the field in the Forum 2 mile run. 3. Sprinter Lennox Miller looks down the track. 4. Head Coach Vern Wolfe watches his Trojan tracksters perform 246 A A Row 1 (left to right) Lennox Miller, Henry Harris. Terrel Ray, Chuck Schuiz, John Armstrong, Bill Bonnisken, John Link, Larry Kunkle, Jess Hill. Row 2: Rich Joyce, Paul Wilson. Ole- son. Terry Tubb, Phil Potter, Craig Grant, Bruce Bowman, Neil Duggan, Carl Trentadue. Row 3 Rick Bla kely. Tom Co- lich. Geoff Vanderstock, Howard Becker, Park Kennedy. Eric Christiansen, Bob Seagren, Max Lowe, Gary Tuthill Row 4: Head Track Vern Wolfe, Brodie Dunn, Steve Lehmer. Marv Montgomery, Wilson Bowie. 0. Jay Simpson. Earl " The Pearl " McCullouch. Jim Lawrence. Ken Matsuda, Row 5: Managers: Bob Rollo. Lynn Kra use. D D 247 SCHOOL of ENGINEERING 248 DEAN ALFRED INGERSOLL 249 A American Society of Civil Engineers Row 1 (left to right): George De La Guardia, Patricia Ensworth. Martin Eskipan. Cheryl Frazee. David Houghton. Row 2: Jerry Bennett, Bill Zehrbach. Hal Bopp. Mike Nosanov Row3: Mike Whitten, Peter J. Hercz. Richard A. Walters n The purpose of the student chapter of the American So- ciety of Civil Engineers is to create a spirit of loyalty to the profession, a sense of moral obligation to mankind, and an appreciation of the impact of technology on society. ASCE membership IS open to students major- ing in civil engineering or related fields. The organiza- tion enables students to gam contact with the technical and professional progress of civil engineering and with the technical and profession- al progress of civil engineer- ing and with the leaders re- sponsible for such progress. MOHAMMED ABOUUADER BS.M.E EDMOND ADAIMY M SAE ROBERT AGUILERA B SE E I2ZIDIN AL AKABI M S PE RODNEY ALLEMAN BSC E VICENTE ALVAREZ M.SAE 250 ABDULAZI2 ALZAMIL M SI E HARRY ANDREWS PhD, E E JOHN ARMSTRONG BS. PE ARMENAK AROYAN M SE E GERALD BARKER B SM E BRACHYOHV BEN-ARY M SM E REYNOLD BLUNK BSC E EUGENE BOETTCHER B SE E JAMES BROWN BS A E NORMAN BUEHRIN M SCE ROBERT CARR M SC E ERTUGRULCEPNI B SE E 251 ERIC CHANG BS.AE SHERMAN CHEN M S E E JACK CHILD BSEE ANTHONY CHRISTENSEN B.SC-E, ROBERT CHRISTOFFERSON BSIE JAMES CLARK BSC E RAYMOND COCHARD BSEE. WALTER COOLEY BS.C.E WALTER DARDENNE- ANKRINGA BSCE MARCUS DODSON M SE E HIROAKI DOTE M SM E JAMES DOUGHERTY M SEE STEWART DRESCH BSEE MUSTAFA EL-KIKHIA M SPE MILTON FERGUSON BSEE 252 GEORGE FOLGNER B S I E VINCENT FRASSO M SM E DONALD GLOVER M SM E GARY GOSSARD B SI E JASON GROSS M S.E E WARREN HABY BSM E THOMAS HAHNEY BSC E JAMES HARSHMAN M S E E PETER HERCZ BSCE RICHARD HILL B S I E Michael Merritt 253 JOHN HOUSTON M SEE JOHN ISAACS M S BEN ISHINO PhD PETER KEILBACH M SE E JAMES KELSO BS JAMES KERRY BSM E CHANG KIM BS-CE GARYKINOSHITA BS 254 Solomon Golombe 255 KIRK MORRISON M SOR MICHAEL NOSANOV BSCE DONALD OLTMANS B SE E ROBERT PALLAIS B SChE BAGRAD PETROSIAN BSCE KHATCHATOOR PETROSIAN BSCE CHARLES REDDIEN M S E E STEPHEN REDMOND M SM E CARL RICHARDS B SM E ALI-RE2A SAEIDI BS P E 256 WilliardRusch ROBERT SASAKI M S I E PEMBROKE SCHAEFFER M S E E THOMAS SCHELL M SE ROBERT SCHLINKER B S A E PAUL SCHAEFFER M S E WILLIAM SCHWAB BS AE EDWARD SEAL B S AE ROBERT SEEMAN BSCE RONALD SHEAHAN " 71 ■- (. E KArMOND SHEPHERD B SM E 257 " tow -r n i: znz ansc _ii -rT. _rTrE — -STmsr ' rT3rrr iner ti irrrmiTE tre •etrs ' ' rr eenTi:3 srem s ' tTE 3IL- errtE. As = snxDerr xtstct if Tie iir!-STViis: ' Eicrrnii:3— iriiiiSr- 31013 zr ryrzsiizxr izr eer- -rirs sremes-s 1 o- 3 " C ♦esi BluasriTS 3«st£ if Tew " emroiigi arc rEi iaDTTferrs. " " E- riijx mwr -azrr rmrntr rsu i sra -i vrrr maisri Tx " SU Err TUUCS XT rnrErT=s: TI eerrris srre.nesrivz rrsjiTi. £iE ♦axcz j. s tre Tsifins •nDTCTsr-i 3a:;ei lir senr- c " c :{Te -zezzr-mevc if -ne- -zrsr czi =reres;-rTe e rr- ttaKi Tns i s " 3V — ax Se- tts. " 7e iLi=r-iir H 5 Tsicar- 3 • OTcr2r AHTtr 31 :rTHcrE acri :!Te r sumr . -Stcwsir rf -ne _S1 r- aimr = Zr EL iXIOT aC3CJermc rJlf r4r _ - -; ■ . z—ar izsr sttg ire ssQicsrTT ' s r;cTErTia rr Tie iec ir tth- P H H IWL..:i -.-iWA. rpiP r H ■ ;ai - ,im.. - m " " IH « i H W= — 4J» ' BP Sk 1 E | B =rMF: ie«. MICHAEL WHITTEN BSCE. WESTON WILLIAMS BSEE t V JIMMY WONG Ph D E E JAMES WOOD M A CM BETTY WU BS AE STEVEN YORK B.S.E.E. DAVID YOUNG MICHAEL ZIOL Cecil V Armour 260 MASTERS DEGREES IN AEROSPACE dik MAJOR GERALD A BLOCK ROBERT E DUVAL LT COL PHILIP P HARRISON LT COL ROBERT I. HODGSON H ANTHONY HOSKINS EDWARD D HUSSEY THEODORE L JOHNSON LT COL RIGOBERTO RODRIGUEZ FIRST LT RANDALL W STONE HERBERT P WOODWARD 261 m ■Mlw ' -£.. d.- SCHOOL of MEDICINE DEAN ROGER O.EGEE£- 265 The Blanche and Frank R. Seaver Student Residence. USC School of Medicine. Alpha Epsilon Delta, inter- national premedical frater- nity, has 83 chapters in the United States and Canada. USC ' s chapter is an honor society, but opens many of its programs to all pre-med students. Sponsored by Dr. W. E. Martin, the group held a conference for pre-medical students throughout South- ern California, at which fac- ulty members and admis- sion directors from six medi- cal schools participated. A 266 Row 1 (left to right): Bilhe Phelps. Nina Collins. Jane Yoshimoto. Alma Suehiro. Row 2: Don Buffkin. Charles Schulz. Greg Jackson. Stephen Higgins. Row 3; Tom Kennedy, Steve Poole. Lloyd Dodd, Robert Dasher. D A Members of USC ' s crew team look to the women of Shell and Oar for their most active sup- port and encouragement. Mem- bership m this woman ' s auxili- ary requires that each pledge attend all spring races and work at the boathouse in San Pedro. Fall and winter activities include several Saturday work- days when the group does everything-from shining tro- phies to sanding down a shell. It IS a typical Sat- urday for members ot Stiell and Oar as ttiey assist the crew team at USC ' s boat- house in San Pedro- It IS With Shell and Oar ' s annual dinner party in early March that Crew Week and crew sea- son officially begins. Publicity for all home races is handled by the auxiliary, which also helps crew alumni in providing refreshments for spectators at home events. The season ends with the Crew Banquet, at which time new officers are introduced and first year mem- bers are presented with pins. Row 1 (left to right): Cathy Compton, Aleta Warren, Madeline Kristovich. Mau- reid McGill, Joanne Armstrong, Debbie Marland, Pat Bauer, Sally Hoover. Row 2: Nancy Caraco, Mary Lou Brown, Kim Hunter, Trish Stevens, Tma Durr, Kris Nielsen, Gwen Toma, Judy Sturr, Lanya Field, Barbara Sheller, Row 3: Sandra Sorenson, Meredith Milligan, Debby Morse, Marlee Nuss, Sharon Koch, Patricia Reid, Linda Lenandowski, Gretchen Gattman, Teddie Underwood. Sue Spiegel. Row 4: Kathy Suckiel, Nancy Graef, Mary Jane Ayres, Lee Fink, Pat Kennedy, Melinda Maxwell, Karen John- son, Diana Chipps, Holly Fairless. Lisa Kloetzli, Pam Flemming. 267 y i r- tf ir» mrf %fi BM 268 A life of shells and barges is the happy life of mem- bers of the use crew. Satur- day morning practices all year long at the boathouse in San Pedro, a coach who volunteers his services, nine meets of 2,000 meters each--this is crew, a sport appealing to all athletes. " There ' s no other sport where a man can bring so little and get back so much, " says coach Robert Hillen. " He just needs a de- sire to compete and excel. " 1. Varsity Crew members begm practice: (front to back) Spanky Mize, Steve Boldvich, Mark Galla- gher. Ray Boylan, Dale Sekovich, Jim Nebel. Paul Keufler. Bill Ge- rung, Mike Shores. 2. Making waves are (left to right) Peter Miller. Elmer Yochum and Sam Manolakas, Members of the varsity crew, says coach Robert Hillan, " are mooses , big and strong. " It can ' t be crew which brings a freshman athlete to use. There are no scholarships given in this de- partment. 269 1. Oarsmen on the varsity crew include (left to right) Dale Seko- vich. Dennis Maddox. Bill Gerung. Terry Arthur. Mike Shores and KurtWood. 2. A coxswain gives orders as the crew rows by a San Pedro boat- house. 270 3- il t5 inrOuigi " trie 5 " GAers £5 crew members return to the boat- house. 271 MEN ' S TENNIS 272 Row 1 (left to right): Bob Lutz. Larry Davidson. Joaquin Loyo-Moyo. I Tom Leonard. Steve Avoyer. Row 2: Bob Eisenberg. Coach George Toley. Stan Smith. 1. Steve Avoyer prepares his return, 2. Tom Leonard returns a smashing serve delivered by his opponent. 3. Steve Avoyer stays low to avoid Tom Leonard ' s return in doubles competition. 4. Top ranked Stan Smith makes his backhand work while team- mate Bob Lutz ducks. 273 i i 9 I I i • 1 1 1 ( » ! 1 •1 I t . ; i i I ii 1 i;i ' J 1 1 i! ing colors, gonging bells, whirring bicycles. Sounds from below float toward the sky, mingle with the air, and FADE INTO NOTHINGNESS. Sometimes a roar, sometimes a noiselessness. The days wear on, the noisemakers change. Myriad groups come and go. . comeandgo. and are gone. New ones appear kaleidoscopically to take their place. Midst the activity stand silent onlookers. Mas- sive structures being pushed up from the ground cast geometrical shadows. Reflections from the leafiness of trees project dappled patterns. A tower climbs to the skyand standsasa herald, a land- mark to all below. A watchtower, a bell tower, a statuesque tower. Gleaming in the sunlight, shadowy in the moonlight, it projects strength. Like a map, the physical universe of the campus unfolds. It bustles, it shouts, it builds, and it screeches to a haltand lies silent under the black. starless universe above. . STATUES AT use ,5J.V - ' . ' , r ' 276 1. The Trojan Column was a gift of tfie Turkish Government. 2. 4. Gargoyles on Student Union Building. 3. 5. Doheny fountain statuary 6. Statues on Bovard 7. Lampholder on Mudd Hall 8. Bench in the back of the Physical Education BIdg. 9. Trojan Warrior sits atop Bridges Hall. 277 i ATTENTION If You Are Nowhere Else Herein You Might Be Here, SoGivelt A Try For A Chance! o: 278 279 SCHOOL of LIBRARY SCIENC 280 DEAN MARTHA BOAZ 281 BESSIE CONDOS M S LS , Library JUDITH TETOVE M SL S. Library 282 283 I 4 ft l» FESTIVAL OF THE ARTS Come to the festi- val! There are poetry readings by Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Thorn Gunn, student art dis- plays, exhibits of the " School of Pans " ex- pressionistic art, folk- singers, student films, lectures and movies by the foreign film- maker, Jean-Luc God- ard. There are balloons, sunny days and bare- footed people walk- ing through Doheny Park. Just one week in March spon- sored by the ASSC the Festival of Arts was more than a series of lectures and movies. It was the emergence of an entire campus into a world of ideas ex- pressed through the creative mediums of music. poetry and film. 284 COLLEGE BOWL |T ! i? »M f wii»j ]}f J¥ r}m}P m nf|. wswW ' iymf fiM ' fy CK -r ]]K T »S; ' " ; ' " I came, I saw, I con- quered " --so appropriate for the four Trojans who went to New York City to repre- sent use in General Elec- tric ' s College Bowl. Taking victory after victory, USC ' s appearance on the tele- vision show was the first since 1959 when a Trojan team played and lost to Barnard College. The 1968 Trojan squad consisted of Gary Cohen, Barclay Ed- mundson, Marcia Hastie and Richard Hilton, cap- tain. The four were selected after a series of tests and tryouts, and were coached during the period of com- petition by Dr. James Mc- Bath of the speech depart- ment. 285 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA ' S 286 AVORITE WATER SPORTS SURFING Row 1 (left to right): Rusty Stewart. Bunky Schuck, John Peterson, Lee Cooley, Red Swegles. Row 2: Dave Constable, Bill Lentz. John Wall, Will Otaguro, Craig Pursuit. Larry Hart, Bill Wardrop. Steve Colletta. John Phillips. Blaine Roberts. Mike Schultz. Fred Fong. Bruce Brilliantine. Jim Seltridge. Lacking experience, but loaded with potential, USC ' s surfing team placed second in its division of the Western Intercollegiate Surfing Council. In early meets against the University of Califor- nia at Santa Barbara and Los Angeles State, outstanding perform- ances were given by Steve Colletta, Bill Wardrop, John Wall and Craig Pursuit. The 12-man varsity and six-member " Bee " team followed a policy of holding competition tryouts before each meet to determine individual rankings. The tryouts also permitted non- members to challenge for positions on the squad. Besides UCSB. the conference is composed of UCLA. Long Beach State. UC Ir- vine, San Diego State, UC San Diego and Cal Western. 287 DAILY TROJAN WINTER STAFF Members ol the Winter Daily Trojan Staff are; Vicki Hyman. Adver- tising: Leslie Scott. Advertising Manager; Mike Parfit. Co-News Editor; Andy Miller. Assistant City Editor; Lance Spiegal. Co-Sports Editor; Hal Lancaster. Editor-in-Cfiief; Stan Metzler. City Editor. Ann Salis- 288 bury. Co-News Editor. Bill Dicke. Feature Editor; Jack Cfiappell, Ed- itorial Director; Ed Stapleton, Ptiotograpfier; Paul Morantz. Co- Sports Editor; and Fred Swegles. Assistant Sports Editor. n A DAILY TROJAN SPRING STAFF 1 1 ■ fi-I • J l If W .1 r ■ 1 V Eric Cohen. Editorial Director; Sue Saltman. Contributing Editor: Bille Dicke, Night Editor; Andy Miller, SoCal Editor. Ed Stapleton. Photographer; Mark Vache, Ass ' t City Editor; Stan Metzler. Editor; Melinda Tonks, Ass ' t Night Editor; Leslie Scott, Ass ' t Night Editor; Fred Swegles, Editor; Mike Parfitt, City Editor; Jack Chapell, Associ- ate Editor D 289 l. ' nivcrsitv of Sourhfrn CihtomM DAILY® TROJAN LOa A ' ;tXJ£ CAUTOH-NU, TI ' KSDAV. WTl. 8tR IT. I ' mJ The calm Martin Luther Kina I] HAL Ut AatKR Editor ARM MuUn Ulbfr Kins fl oft L ' idud Air llttftt ui U« Angrtn it 9:3 [ ID. v«ti-rd y. M mri bv ■ t »ir fl Uthl. uid ■ man hOldlni • Hr dKlD t r a bliDk. Ill walked ■irLll:M up o iht rvriiiw n« kiw ' vh l ItiF nun wUd. ■i.iirt lilt miiJ-lSSOi. Ihini: h»vc bwn Ihil mj (ol r tnlfn null- -eii«pt whtn hr ipaaku II ' ' ! " ' ■[ it VHC lut nUttit dnpitt ■ t ' n l mn. ' 1I.C faiirc (vcaiaj; hr «-u culm. Illu iht ■ ' . ;iM noDvlcJrnrr tw rijKuinili ijiji itu ' i luu (Sit t c1 iB CTCy [it. The (Mil A tl, wnnkM ■Im U r tlUbi. ud Kins ' ) tmt tini, ind did B K UU much An; U tw tiulel ruonii ■ wk M bsuod him In hi« hotel, the Hrxt Hcutt. la use. »bnt h aotiid tv tk U B | -in Ihm unoiKiuiely uld. - " JUniJar c going t. h « lUwA.v lur. tjly llkfd your rpmh t Rivtmit Church, ' ht man luld. Thm HI in .New Vork inu yur, when Kint [tr»i (»n)e nut •E«lh»i thi " • In VieLi»m, ■ ' I ' m not tan I Afrrr Kllh v«rytliliiG )«u Mid. I b«v«n ( DVla uo ■ hnvfn ' i? " Klnj mW. ' Th e u nonKihine iiij ■tiiiiild do tight w " HIa Ion vm not duipprovus. bui fulhcily. Hi- lalkol mon tLt I •LAIKfitt. abDui Tlia [hunh la whitr nttihborboad« •h»ihl t In ih tentttmi ol Iti as t ' ' " op " ( «u ln( u Cth- turnu i k (OOd ptu 10 itwt. ' IM tat. ■C Wornm hu c hw bukwvdi. TU.y htd »n Dpm houi t t liin and wrflt tack and iib«t»bM C t ta( He umia bin ipokm Irani t mvn ulhoiitAiun poniUvn ' H ■«! nurh mon ■ntnutcd he Hii ptdn uid ti.lcnd tf finttn chopp d up and Hdwh u w (poke. H la diu|i| i ni«d m in« church ' (rluelux . b nuny UM . tn ttip inU. fifLia aboul loctal iHuaa. ' ll hM b«n 1 (ml IngMy of tha thuirli l)i«l Uut hu b»n foftaidrml aKondary ' The church nuat be c uir«m«il with the loul man. hu (itiycictl aa w«ll »a tiia iplrtlua! brlD[. ' III amynl al USC aud waa mtontd to Bovard Au- dilonum jual IS mlnutn btfor hi aacond aptech of tha day. Ha apokr at Sacranifnto Slat Hirlifr. a»d would riy ta HoUfton thai nlfbl Ht FW(U« i»ii aotnF tint aioni, and fKUlty. ahortly BiKt h. ht wmM intrwIiHtd. He brpn hia Uik. much ta h( had a;.)k«n aiof»— a« inljiily tin« Tke timioo h covvred, ■ had r«i« d ma;i Unt btfort. vuf ha did ludttonuDi Hu (taackf ! Inr a bomb Ihal tVEr uni kniv Kaa out (bare, ha amnHl o uch more allva Almuat all if Hi aptecti now pichHl up klnf al tiia facn a a iiu£- DIlKwit aptakti The mrd art lyrical, filled with HI- rrary alluMnn Ha malin bla pouita effectively, uaief («p 41(1011 and paralltl atniclurt It b t«llNl thannna. and Klnc hM IL II. u |v aay. he la laalnc bla hold on tti« Nrtro ropulacr. Cecauar of naaa da r, and the naiitUBl {■yet ' " ral danuCf. not brauiar of Kuc ' i lack of ptmu- abtUiM). H tt rxti Ihnxjfli. and ht left itliMtlj : »«da. He " » dnvea back ! ■ the H)» ' .t H«w., • In Irj-inc to be nJFfuil. Kla( la bttng [.- Into new acUoiui in brln( Die diaancbaiiUd. rWInc ;to bock Into Ihc noiiTlolaiit cirele. Vft niMi tnik noDVtoleivM much inon m(IU ' Klnc uld " W havt to caculalt ii, to uaa lb« mtii . I t " Wi mual niakt the pomr ttracliic iMcl. I ioii do no juod. Thty j iat rtltr " Ibt lUlt rf ' " wM ' - Andy VoBne. ihr m M jU t dlrtctin 1 ' Chnatita t admhlp CoifecriHir. wRjcb K - : lalth a l«t p Attar thia lour. tLne wDI 10 to U fn( r bnalUD[ a court u uncUoD tod marrhHit la lam In IMJ APPLICATIO N S AVAILABLE NOW Eliminations begin for Helen of Troy DRAFT DEADLINE IS -WAS -HAS PAST Kings call for civil action marred by bomb scare tity Kdllor fiBplnjmcBl itUn Lulber Kioj rrtw.icJ aiaof o r ni AudHjMum Uti jitiht, a(. Or hiii a man crant coilcc - « Uirvc myOi " ibtx e oli-t lh» prcblam " " V ' !• nil colt to [ « . " I war lEilnat pm-»rty. " and U m I tiandiAE owallon he pii«Jtt ihat tht Ncp-a »hi " TN myih t ai tt loiioB hta no til Lo ffity. " Dr. Kiflt lald. fallt ■hort by aaaunin; thai ooly a ehan of heart ivatty counta. ' Tm 1 Baptlal [jcmchrr ajid t m In tbi heart -chaA E butlneaa. i,-l tfl l-»WnD [.6.1: H.B., Ic- •raa bRMZht to AmehTi !» t«j« ijo acwnir hi» mil. t. Uioi t »fiJ lo do what shlta Imigranu %tir .. ■ ftvtd too year «j n«YTr h»1 -C l.t B«ld. A; the time of the Xexro ' a amaji- ct uon. he explained, th ' fanner alavM vttT left tandltaa. pcnnllra and ilHIente, wklle Ibe laal Itnda of Dr KJnE ' ' ' rn duruit Utt Iha Student Activitiea OKxa with a BtlUHlea can now S3 eotnoca f« hy pm Friday, r toward her Nov whto appllcaott mull ticn up for an InlUal liittrvir ' t Iht lonual nin- Tlin IM? Hrlon nt Tray muM be a tbt YWCA. Iht cradt poirl avtia t She muil : • Office In the Sin- htvteomrlrinl at Icut iwaat fron. «.r-.tity and il tSC ;ar Rafftrty. Helen nf TYny t crowntd Sei. II at i " - Wctl danc Id the - • Ha«eL K«r ■ -UmuH fc with Harry Br t- •lOnie 10 iprat on ih| mininia, wu neatly halfway throu(h hit speech when he »i« InUmiptad aith lb »n- lormanl Ihat th alandlni-raom- ' crrrwd ahoiild Inav the tuditnr- Immcdltlr ' y becatiao c an rmrr- ntl o Ihr lf» Aufnlra Kift Depart- mffil wani.nj of 1 bomb planttd la Ilovard- Tlif rraa-d (lrar»d luiekly •ihile I r. Klnj and hit patty wire laken to Ihc ProUdrnCa Onftrcac Roooi, and In laaa than half -an -hour Ih UA Pnllce Bomb Sijuad bad Dt Kipc T»»utiv»d hit a(ie«h WhBreaa fWira ' J t uneijwcled brtaj ha bad rmhtrlcd on a Eeaeral otervlnr 1I the Amarlcaii Nerroa hialnry at 1oe( despair and tfcesi ac- compllabntnta, tht chananutic cinl ti[htt leader ratumtd to tptal tf I " " cunvnt tiota and Iha ntii to to ' iht loni. Ions dlalanca that tlill llat " Tbe Lonf Hoc Sununt li alwayi pr «d»] by iht Lenj CoM Winter, ha Bot J " and the cnld win- ttr (t n( heme uaad creatively enoutb lo male ]iiatlea a rwlity for ' Master Pan ' cast named as Trolios gets underway rr-,. !.. and Skip Kennon hare announced the cut of Trolica IMT. an nritin l aail- rvjl re.ue tilled Tht HaMtr Pan Rlott bi contaciinj htm penonally, Th caal for ' Thr Hutnr Pan " mcludea retumuii Tt ioa ratmban T«m ArEanaae. Mary Surkln. Ijiurt Mubb». director of Tntio and Lynch. Jayne Prappt. Rob Sbipp, Ka- lunlor drajna major, aald ftudttiu rtn Smith, and Jai ule WItman ■aitnstod In tcrlpt-wrlUns tor Ihia Other raai mtmbera are Karen Selective Service lawyer to speak in SDS program BUI laiih. a lawyer ipaciaUSni of ihr .Snuihirn CaiUnmu (. ' hapltr kn iiie SelNlw Sartie Act tHU bt of the Kiiional L n-ytr 1 0»lld. today apaaker Id Uw StudtAla for Smith u ttconjiy op|Ka«tI to the a DcmocnHc Sodaty •poCwored Ann. draft, and la a mtmbtr ol Ihe rtu Draft Week movan Tba ptTMoUOnn will ha in 13} ha will Th,„ n„ include l cai oMi- a Indlvl- oiit, UnmlfraViflTi [a t r " t non-eo- uu wBiw. operailon. diMrucUon of draft card . Soiltb cradualed tnai th U C refuaal to neuter, or rcfiual of in- iw aebool IB IMl Me I lacrMAr) docIMn . Tad Hrrmiann, d kiia. Jnhn Krll). N NHta, Jeannl- N. i r Randall Ki " -- ■ Chn 8ch»f " . tlubt. ir-. . They «r Btm- i:hUbrTr« Kifi and tVei} SnitK. tvtumini; m tura. V«U BartaCnaUL Tckl Cr- Uaroa Knutaeo. Cuy Unre. U UolkAboff and IVila Uodtc. " TroUaa ii gOtat In br dJItt " WuaK artlj be praridM by ■ .- ■ tv inaltad of an orchaatra. whtch r olttn luo lo«d in tht pom Boi 1 Auditorium atouaijca ' " We art brutinx taia ih t ' paru of th lont totiitnuoiM tf • . Uona el TroUo Wt ' re cut to . evrrythLTj, ' -The Uaalet Pan- witl bt 1 t«nled Noi-emt ' er II ui Oovanl .v dllartum. Cuitain lime la i:SO |. . ll per piraon. MUSIC REVIEW Orchestra lauded in first concert olrhl to, the (irel Vtrf-tweC (,v Ih lihooy t n:heal(«, ' d " .lin( T t nrchratta tl I ' alttr Docloui i ii-flnaluia choaen rrom lit ba nam«- d doati tn The an- larc«d alnot atvuon ■•( i-ery im- IHnaiit, htiad d by Jack Aball, con- carlnular. a craduala atadtnt from Northwiatam Llnlvarai] ' . whs la now ttudylnx hart Mnder EuOic Shaplm f Tlia itrUifa Itinrii wvd aell ai ■ ll in Hoaan a Symphony In D U Iht ' Ktffntr ' Symphooy, ppadue- ptvcia artj(iiUIIC4i ID ttit (all An unportanl work Ji tn cdr «r nf Albert RniMal aj »ua j iiphany N ' p. 3 IS Ulnor ttnr (wth mtlodlc and ditaouaoi e ihicHifb ll titeodad then fhort. Bttodit rhythma. Ultian Steutar aiid ahe t O ocu. ' • nanD ConceitD No. raflnunant uid force. " She I fortt th«Md InMrprataUon o TTu preiMM to be an a« i. atawfi tar tht aludant bod) wu Schnol nf MiiaiF pnatntlnc Nioetl( ccmipnied «nd p•rfl nt l pnjerair ' TROY WEEK EDITION University of Southern California DAILY TROJAN LOS AXGKLK CAMFORN ' lA. WKDXESDAY, NOVEMBEFl 15. ir 67 INDEX Editorial -J 5 Sports 7 10 Campus News ... 12 0. lY Iro;.n ftiola. ft, Ei SI Troy Week • — it just has to be 1J.V iTAN METLER filv TMil.., Tlie sUi ' l ' ■ ,■ . . ing; Ti mnii i " . ' . ,..: week, but Uiey ' ll ignoiv Itini Fridiiy night. Anti that combination of pnevg:ies ami idiocie-; Iic t symbolize.-i lite IfUlT Tiw V e e k. ii com bin iit ion building Iraditioji and ovei ' floMinj: spiiit snnieliow just lias lo Ix?. From ail indicjitions the second Trov Week evei- is goinjr to be a g:ie;ii -u-- cess. Last S a t ii r d a y ' s " Ci ' owninjr Affair " hil tht royal i:iLk|X)t with hirpe crowd. ' , good mu. ' ic m c a qiiivk coronation. y!I some- what une. pei ' led after pi .sl Tro ' Week-Hoiiiy- coiiiing daiice.- . At the mid-way )ioiti " ., if looks like lliis wee!.- activities could artiKiU;.. break even [in;in ' i.jl ' v .m ' a A..-•4 " - ' i■■. ' ' ' ■ ' ■ " A look at the speakers policy •I rikm PaJlr}.— Ikf r ltoti H; A DV HIIJJMI Autimt rit Ullsr Pmidrni N ' ntuD Torr ' i niltd out Ui loaribililr ' f rrj lng Cmmnnliil tpHVcn on campu Ker. 8. IHI. ■ n; then, Uu rnit Hivt (on ' .lnuillv bpHi Iryl " ! ..IcflDf m« IrwllUoMlly «in« TvitlinL-BC aiMlitra 4 nmjor iri -tar,v mu »rnr« 1 wi Nov IT. i«i. whm HBTbtrt AplhcliiTr. unofHtin! hiabtrtin of b» Amfd- i. ' dmmunul Pvty. mm ' a C4(npui in «p«ak Dr ' •)!» camt diirfnt Ktcni tVaUiry W«k, iponaond i . ' i r ClmC Iwun Foram. ' nv nnt«] lo 1«ltt 1 toDh l htm la m noBpnlUMal " -!.. Vr Ooroiliy NVI»on. ■}t»o pl »h» Law C»nt(r uti) (ijinrr IiiUmus of thp Crtit Imum Fnnim. wtd T iui Dr AfUittir rtn □« •• ■ CommtuiUt. bul U t fH " (iMlnnin Dr Apih»l(r tM th r«t iT ker I.? c mt !]ndar th« pna nt ipMlwrt |»llr). adcTt ' d Junt ; IWVV bv ttic Bocnlof TrutUt . t ' nifrr Ihc pnvtoui rollcy no CommunUIa wir ■)- frmn ' !u tpnX on ompu . itntt pnU unlvtrwly pfMl ' ilpnU frll dial pfnoni iulbw d aa Communlcta uadu ' Sojinmn Court roJlns •houW not be iwrntHM lo Ipwli L ' nill June or IMS ihrn wcr na o-HtUn VMt- lini - nu (.innal [wakr.i pellry. " Tht | " )1iry had ih( rflcct of cnally InerMalnf n| pr.rti:niti " a for proirantmlnc no rampua on a vanMy nt in|»ri. ' [Xvn oT Slitdrnti Paul Bloland aaiit The pmfiit policy onfinntMl Irani ■ atudy h th aiuatrt AeimUn Comnliu . Ti po " ' a« »o (rf thr •( a n ptilic ' wsa apprijH " ) by iht Boan] oi TniaW ; !ht ■iJminutnHvf prow urr " Tr nn! " Anybody tiaa tbe rli il to r« )uf l a thanfir of polio, aHhoujtli KiEiw approprtata r«p™irnlali™ cli nn I la tbt Inf ra] way in which pellciri and practkm n n- vlpwrd " Bl ' Iand aaid irndl lut Novomlxr Ktidrnli s»wn»i) X " (n (BBwaTlv mtiifipd wllh the pollc) Tht mull tri rn attftoi ' t I " phaBi;- » came lut (Air whwi th. AS,1C SxecuUvf Cadi- n« votnt (o tdt thr apaakirt ynHey to lU folltal »it nt. If il pro td Inadtfluilf thty wonlrl coniidrr ' propuaala In hrtlcr oimC lh( nMda nf lb itudfoU Tti nbind pl(4i d to tskt ct pa lo an ho tbc p«ti(y could hi intirpRtM II pluiDtd to nibmll ■ IMt Qf tp aa ta In Ihr admlalatratioc tor Uai appntyaJ A list aa ii v»r »ubirilt«l Tha n nmi(lr« put ItaeU rTK-1vlrl bthliKt a lUtr- mtol i»ad« by Wlltur Brndrr, a dean at Harvart, In IHD. urMrh i Iht haila at that aihnnl ■ pmrnl paH«y. Th atalfmrnl allom any rrcocniml •ti:d«il froup in aponaor any apeikcr m a uruirfnity buU-IIni •rhtrenr Ihay ram find mom ASSC Pnvldact Taylor KafUonl •aid hf and tut cafalnit conildrrrd Ik tlalnntfll to b th« bn poaaiblt phi opb for a tpvaltiia poiiry Hui In t rrpon aubmllird tu Uie A fiC CaafuUvf Cil«B» , U)( wmmlile mrrtly tipla!o«l ihair lal jirr- latKin of Ihs r nl apialirn polli-i . and (ut(T l d thai no pr» pnlKy h nikipwd ( that timr T n r»pnrt (tat«d: " Any (ludant il tht Uniytraity cT Stputhcni Otllforcla m ) ' iptak a( any time uid any pta« on tlila campMi ao loni • he dota not dianipl daaae . " Thr rnt«n uied arhca coniidrriDji »hatk r lo allolr a apMktr an ampira I whethrrr ht hu a aufnctfot •dunUoiial rvninbiilion 1A make and the pratnn oiuat ba In tnnlrot uf n iliiJiMit and (atijliy mrmhiT " Ttit furrrnt policy ngaMiDf iiiaakfn. diitrlbulioo nf liiKi-iuw and aolicUaUOft of funda aa »p|ir " VTj Marrh U, 106 Sins lb»i: dal« lh f» halt bwn on InHaaraa of ahifh ■ propoaM ap«aktr preEtan baa Called to oUajn " l; V I ' l ' " TtoBinirBdatlon of Uir cMnifill! Ihal ■iiidfnta of Ihr Unlvcrnity of SouUinrn California iilUlM ilila pollry to It fullral polential. In Ihr trml that lb riirrrni polio jitovm (□ be Inadnqiutt. Ibm thu com- nnHrn will comlder pTOpoaala thai will belter m «t Ih Tilt report, In raaciic . rpfralfd [b« aland of th» adminl«tr»llon. txprttn by Blolnnd. Bloland aald no apeakm have bc n rfj«l«f for ■ny rtaiiiB i.tbfr than Ixchnlcal Rraanna for rrjattlon hart b«»B maWly Ihal thr aponaorinj olanlBatlon dU not turn in th form " Rtifutat to loltf Off-Carapua SpnWrr " 10 daj-a before the data uf thr apM h. l tB tha aprtac nf ItO tb« • beri) •( ' tint Mfanlaatltma a» ■HiToit -■,-, (bey want Iriilar llf(, ' Bloland laid BInluid d f ndM Ihr lO-day rrquort pervxl. Than ape c«rta)it hlnili o( a nlirn •« c«ild hatil ' arr tpeaJim who tr uln pHT«r«IU r time, ' ou have W rnhiide: a mimhtT of Ihlnyir — rKei iloaa farllltir afcurft) pr Mmn, iJircki draan Id •■■ xtac for paymrw apeaher A muth (rralrr Otsrr rf ptarjtlnc la PHd ' J Swnrltmra the llK iy p tVid ia not rBOutb- tf Martv Lulhrr KiDC II mmliif wr m i istlt that m hav thnr 10 d « or mort. " BloUnd aaid ■■Wed rathrr lu " ■ lO-day pined ttuu (et (■ut ' ' ' wllh I majM pnofram on i-ur handa irlth eo fr«ptrt ' «i ' T»ir poUty " T h«r aot proi ' ldn itiidnK ortanlt- (Inni an opporttjnliy n arhedul ipealrfTi that iBtnf then The Rrra) larira roruni nakea certain that « ' preaeot a vaiiety of »1r«T ' Sloland did hoTivri mmlioa ;«□ parta of t ' l ' policy IKai trr tr-nn ha) madr nate. Me Mid thr rhok» o ' anj» in Section On rf Ih ' poliev (tatenwni la ■ pn ha ' l u rf nrlnnaie " TTie paragraph rrada ' ' " Tut L ' nlmaty la oot a fiubi. forum ind thr toceioini p i1 " T ij not iBtrnded lo o.- ' ahall It be «»a nMal aa ralabllahlns the UnJi ' araity r ' any pirlrnn of It fam(Hi aa a p«Wir forTua ' Thr ntrict Inlrrprr ' aOon la that, la a pnval ui -mny. apemhr arr lunllwl to aludent . atatt, " i tacuUy. He aUo aald Ihal ffecCiOD ratir of the inlky ■lat ' oieot la " open III ■ yiu-|i ' t of InlerpretatlMLi. " The aectun aayi (Hal n ' t penmn tliall be pertnitted Ia eprak !« ranool rHaonabl ' be riperttd to mert tha " UBlverailj ■ tradition of eirrllrnce In niuralion - (Tammnmx ak riplnraUeo nf the t « lb.ii alwWvl tmam hold ' remlac thr policy l tb ram I tbr pnlKi, or nltb ttw pUl«vipb University of Southern California DAILY t TROJAN LOS A ' GCUiS, Ctl. Mayor Lindsay to speak on urban problems today Aa mayor, aa concrceaman and aa ha Waa av-irn Ln ai the llUrd mayor vau f[or a U the t«ak o( c«buildin| public citlivt). John V. Lladiay at at Ih aty of N ' aw York A»eri(«ii oUaa. Ktw Yorti ha ln«l with tb aiy. lictUay, «rho «U1 ipMli tn Be In ih iiunnMr of 1«T Pmldeiit Bora In N w Vcrk Oly aAd adu- vard Audllonum at 10 a-m today oa JahnkM named UfldMy i-ioa-ch«l7 rjUid in Ot Ivy Lmcv Linda ay in, to(«. ' Cia We Make Our Otiea man of Oia Nalioral CoiDunUiiitt on .-.«! brtafty a lie Savy before rr- tj„tUe ' ha found M life dadi ' ,,.,_. ni-nr, .™ ' . -T nS U the Yale S«h«jl of U . „,«) Ure.i. ' ta t ila one iue«Joc. Plaortcra :n ISM hf WM electHl prraldent Afler bu rlecta he helped found The cnmml pn ■»! ua ne the nf Ih N(V York (V.y Y ' lun; Hepub- ibe National Coalition, a croup €t napaaaihihty M dalenDlninc the n Club, In IMS ba ntin hla fine nort iban 1. 000 leaden in budnev. cjumi of pwi Moltnce In tha clUat ami nndlnjc mraioa of petvanUm In •M ! r»»(v»i and o c pn- University Senate kills short semester plan A member of II ' Ynrk fliafr ■ n Ynrk CWj. MRt TLI l Atenriatlnna Undaay a ' a terrea mi thr CSUwna Cnmmllle- fnr Oiiw™ of N» Ynrk Clly. the VMCA Hoard at Adrtam and th Board of nine- ton et tb K w Torh Dly MlaaloB Sodety. y at thr nxTTthly Wnrtlae M the ttmuw4 whMlMr Ih plan •rlU be » " f» f™ " H»rp r-a. th. AUanMc ralty Hmal« al the facally naubmittnl Montlily, the SUIUTday Evmlnc rtiat ' ■ A aecord pn poa»l onr rt»UiC Ha- the Satiinlay R-nie and the New tha vaI rrUltona betwwn the acbool and York llmra Mafiailiic He 1 alao the two onll«r of the uw™r»lly. with afx author nf th book, ■Joumey Into - " - ■,u_..Uon 0 the j,_ .. Lmdvy (pMch. tha foorth Craat pmip-wal ti|[]|ii lfd Ih It yixi be (hinjwJ fnii k atmnlm — 13 tUaa wmka praMd — to " d«flclt-c reatlni natkiu wrlnda. aurpl.. nllDC ' afhi:i Ia ■ tht fall atnievler hvuM bWM In aarty Se temtier uid «nd l Ih be- fuinlDK rf ChrWmaa vaialloa. thua uary and rf In Mj to fcftrm- Iha Amali M (ad lo han II of Ike ' 7ii»t »n rhancvd. Thi pnv tl IBCUKB upo i-it aft.. laauea Ptmn pnaaotalloa iMa yaai. win be folkwfj by a qii tlaa-«Bd anm-ir period In Bnrard and a racvp t 9n Id the Hall (J Natiao Utw In Shouts of kill ' will resound as Big Came frenzy hits campus after CJirlMiruf n.,.X mW Tb ' A of Kn,L " in -b. nunpu aa Troy W rck t« ef pitch with the :h final bouae derora- nr»u(tiaul the nl|ht 1 Squlna an CDDllaii- TYD POLL RESULTS :ii- Viet war called mistake rnrnmy Ttohb in anlKipatkm erf a LCLA atluk law (hi w« k and plana irt belni finallted for loaiwr- f,i« rirnlnit ' a inrch parade, rally, i.uihre end elftwl darirr In Honwr [ irl Y U King Itiiaty Jnrrfan m l laa-l the cheerw leday al S p.m al Ihe Bn- -ard praeUre f ld. and lomorn ' W al ; V I ' m for the fivabnian (ante tii •r ld be «i;i aa rulJ 11 enym (1 la Ml an radw»l. iWiJy I nnlHt ap- prwaJ that CSC -.- J. II In m w lM»e )ean ,1 wmt mi ' The pn p(mJ Km In complellM the tint ■ad V 4barS. 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WlUlam F Buckley fj ' ,;J| ■ftd llanid SUmmd " " " " riln cy-Ove M r« ««ra und cld d Stare Ba«dll c, TYD prtaldtDt. aald the Mataam l» ■u wia try taf ooniidfnd tha oKwt traportaat ia Uw upcomlnf pftnary. Other mmlnantly nwntlonad imom Bcludad ctVb , cItU rtcbia and tau . " 1 a-aa vrry f t4 la bh that thoaa queatloaed alaioai unanlBuvialy bidlcatad ilwv wouhi Jnr lan and hi k ocI alll fall p «Iep hahind the TVnjan Marvh- : Band, at lh» hr nf ihe i. ivh Tide »el lo laav Wnndj parking (haniploiiahlp r th ml- lire world, " Jordan aald. :hat really d( an ' l ma ' ter len yra conalder th Ria I Ihe dly diamr«onahlp may b • ' orUni on houae jujt wander nf around II SaluMay at1«ni«» ) l[lnt i 141 U r (Mm and toiot berwiV 1 n. want ID baal fCLA ■TTiiai IMnk about S, Aod b« mlllra Ihl waak. " I ' Blveralty A c n u t u|a rtnuh thia yvar ' i ROOTERS RULES TO SE ENFORCED nrda.T to itrtrtly eafone reaula- 1f -l :, wnrri ' i I tAe tjtnr umni I --1 U Got RfliuU) Haatan M. sndidalaa. 11 t Mi ' .tiini. K fm kbrfc HalfWd it and faculty en ne . , fUiry GDldwalai. 30. Sao. importwit a« et MM. ..r- ? OJ. BRINGS HOME THE ROSES University of Southern Cahforni.i DAILY t TROJAN A bell and a city change bands • y not Ul« Anprip iioiJn tl ' eC ' Jlwcui " he final •iw ' ond 1 ■■ iiitw erwwd Oil- tit - ■■■■-■■-■. i.m thut lu ! i i»vot iuclt ■1 Khe thronRn. ilu| i- l i« tin tuniiol enti.u I- niiil viKwwl wiOi ainu " . ' mtnt liy nuafli . ' u.! ai riulrkU ' Ihty l«i[sn ninnina diiwii the irnA nhjnii ■ u ul(.- ' ]d (.until, attvn »tun l lio« in ' .li»it mxlnt-vi n» ii,pv wete oBiun ■lufM (r " m iwimu« ilti1 Hi. ' .1- iliiw (Eown (or the fii-«l limp onil l«irin Uiv ■ Ihr f. -!i1 ntiri irp Uif tlandi lu Ihp city litpir 1 V.I., J,, r, ' ni«iis ininprf sjmin wILh llic Iwtud I ,irni« EniMiltinn Park ftnd Jown ■.mivTrOJun. .,- iinUmiilird by Bnitn hlu» for Ti.i.iiiii iilncptl lii-1 (wmU ' ron tiic iilonu rniptprf uenm in ■ Tliry vttrc lomtrl by ■i.ijiic l. iUi ' l roiiHiiaefl tin ■ " vtX, Two hopefuls to vie for freshman I J office tomorrow ' ...1. v ' birh (Tvl«« l il» »ftiul nir tMtpm Willi cIjim mireirnliil M ,.i r,.,t O InL.. f f f ' . ■ tinl.l ■ " 1 rf «... Hf iwirti •«o l r lu vi . n I ) t oil t. »flid»ri in-J .5 «! .I-Ihlls- ■ t»T »0 I Ex« . i h p quallflcnticiu or I..- - ' 11. Mr , u s lm« " » «■ Hud»int and lh«r rtpsacr. KICKS OFF CAMPAIGN Heritage Hall receives $250,000 llcn II . . U:: DfinnmiDL o( iDlrrciiNep-iW At! d(T Irani Ur. nod Mn. Tnl W. .Inhauo «X Mini Scninty ttnt Ktlwul Buk. Mlh lilrMt atfOH (ivni U» u.n ctu rjhood. llinUKi- l!,.:i. whu;h mil n-;.- .».;; u ' .«•.• Biint l fVU. will ■ ' ..( bM furcnff iiom. It will be Ibrev Btoiy x " i Ot all innji r siwHs nnd lb dlNCUr of athliAit tad Ml nMiinU II wUl Iao haft trophy rcMn . ' Hic tHsamrnt Mil inctud ilmMnE find trainlne " Wnu, tii»ra| j ' rootat. eqillproem nMNM, iii«lii;il ; (illllti« ind movie room Sfpt I. ISflS li44 b eo M " . 1 lb« Urget d«U for ibF urDcliiiT ' craundlMvaMns A OBlIoQK-idQ Fiiod-niaUis HDp lfn for liia ■! ' buUdlna inM t I. CBS p. I uunch 4 with Frank rfotor lo Mmv York Cttr u) ! use. IJ iin4 Oolrl Tn.J.s Clob Tr-.u!! " " . " a. Uw.1 Aiunuil aol , T r o 1 » o Ca»eh«» Ouh. SpUwr . BuKvtball Booalam KnwtrJ JfiTM A»inu Krtinidaiivn. Trnjnn Shniii " Cl i ' . H ntu Hill ii Oriin Uv-.,.....i k. i ' . ' n. i. ■ University of Southern California DAILY TROJAN I " )S ANGF.M-JS, CALIF .)RNLA. MOXI ' AV JANTAilV 1 ] ' f.s More than a newspaper, but not quite a magazine SoCal was introduced on campus this spring as a Mon- day supplement to the Daily Trojan. It was a brightly written tabloid with lots of photographs and features emphasizing the lighter side of campus news-includ- ing society and sports. Contributors included many Daily Trojan reporters, although SoCal had its own staff headed by Andy Miller (left). Talked about for several years within the journalism department, SoCal did not become a reality until Stan Metzler ' s (right) appoint- ment as Daily Trojan Editor. His plans for the publica- tion include eventual use of color, more art and maga- zine styling. 295 SCHOOL of BUSINESS 296 DEAN ROBERT R. DOCKSON 297 SCOTT ALLAN B S . Finance RANDALL ALLEN B S . Finance DAVID ALTEMUS B S . Finance PHILIP AMES B S , Accounting THOMAS ANDEREGG B S , Marketing WAYNE ANDERSON B S . Finance PAUL ARUNDEL BS. Marketing LYNN AUDEOUD B A , Bus Admin FRANK AUGUSTA B S . Marketing MARY BABICK B S , Marketing ' ?! LYMAN BALDWIN B S , Bus Admin RICHARD BARNICKI B S , Accounting RAYMOND BARTHEL B S , Marketing THOMAS BATH B S , Accounting JAMES BAYLOR B S , Inter Trade Sifii, HAROLD BERKUS B S , Finance PAUL BERMAN B S . Indust Man WILLIAM BEHR B A , Finance DENNIS BELLI B S . Bus Man JOHN BENNETT B S . Accounting 298 LESLIE BERKES B S , Accounting SYLVIA BE220LA B S , Marketing SCOTT BIGBIE B S . Finance JERELYN BIXENMAN B S , Marketing HENRY BLAU B S , Food Distribution DENNIS BLAUNER B S , Management ANDREW BOBBY B 5 . Indust Mgmt RICHARD BOOTH B S , Accounting BEVERLY BOROWSKI B S , Real Estate EARL BOWSER B S , Accounting ROBERT BOYD B S , Finance STEPHEN BRANDT B S . Finance DONALD BRANN B S , Advertising SUZAN BRENNAN B S . Marketing STEVEN BROWN B S , Food Distribution DAVID BRUBAKER MBA. Marketing RICHARD BRYSON MBA, Quant Anal MARSHALL BURAK D B A , Finance FRED BURKARDT ) S , Marketing JAMES CARLSON B S , Finance JOELCHABAN B S. Finance 299 RONALD CHAN B S . Finance DAVID CHESHIER B S.. Accounting JOHN CLARK B S . Marketing GALEN CLIFFORD 8 S , Ad Mgmt, ROBERT COAR B.S.. Marketing STUART COGAN B S . Accounting FREDCOLLEY B S . Finance EDWARD COLTON MBA, Accounting WALLACE CRAIG M B A . Finance STEVEN DEGRAFF MBA, Finance JOHN DEROSA B S . Bus Admin MICHAEL DIMMITT B S . Finance PHILIP DIPAOLA B S , Bus Admin GARY 01 SANO B S . Marketing GARY DOI B S-.Mgmt, LYNN DORT MBA, FoodDist- SAMUEL DOUTHIT B S . Accounting ROBERT DUSKIS B S , Bus Admin DAVID EDDINGS B S . Finance ROBERT EISENBERG B S , Mgmt 300 WILLIAM ELLSWORTH B S , Finance RAYMOND ESPINOSA B 5 , Accounting JON ESSWEIN B S , Mgmt DONNA FALKENSTEIN B S , Finance BARRY FEINER BS. Marketing DAVID FILLMORE B S , Finance DENNIS FINSTEN B S. Bus Admin STEVEN FISHER B S , Accounting WAYNE FLEEK B S , Accounting JOHN FOOTE B S , Advertising THOMAS FULLER B S . Marketing FRANK FULLERTON B S , Marketing JOHN FREIBURG B S . Finance OWENGALASSO II B S, Marketing STEVEN GEE B S , Accounting RICHARD GLENN B S . Finance NANCY GILL B S , Business EDWIN GILMORE BS. Bus Admin TONYGLEASON B S . Finance JERRY GRAVES a S.Mgmt RICHARD GREENE B S.Real Estate 301 PAULGREENWALD B A . Mgmt LELAND GREGG B S , Business ■ ■- PAUL GREGG B S . Marketing MICHAEL GUNN B S . Mgmt WILLIAM GUNNELL MBA, Finance JAMES HALL 8 S.Mgmt LS jJS i IVAN HALPERIN B S. Bus Econ RONALD HARRELL B S , Accounting GEORGE HARRIS B A . Finance CHARLES HARRISON B S , Accounting JOHN HARTFORD B S.Mgmt ALFRED HARVEY B S , Finance SUSAN HAUK B S . Economics ROBERT HAY B S , Business BRIAN HEIMERL B S. Inter Trade DAVID HELLER B S . Finance KENT HELLMAN B A , Mgmt STEVEN HELLMAN MBA, Marketing COLLEEN HENSEL B S . Mgmt ROBERT HERMANNS MBA, FoodDist ALVIN HICKS B S , Finance 302 A 4 s ROBERT HICKS B S , Mgmt THOMAS HINDS B S . Finance JOSEPH HOHM B S , Accounting JOHN HOLMAN B S . Accou nting ALLAN HOWARD B S , Finance iS DONALD HUDSON B S , Business BRUCE HUFFINE BS.Mgmt ROBERT HUGHES B S , Finance JAMES HUNT B S . Bus Admin SCOTT HUNTLEY B S , Bus Admin LEMUEL D INGRUM B S , Marketing JANICE JACOBSON B S , Marketing KENNETH JACOBSON B S , Accounting GEORGE JAHELKA M B A , Finance LLOYD JARVIS B S . Marketing 303 MICHAEL KAPLAN B ■; r r,jn_e DON KAMMERER B S-. Finance JONKASTENDICK BS, Marketing JAMES KAUFMAN MBA, Finance CHARLES KAWAKAMI B-S , Marketing ROBERT KELLOGG B S , Finance STUART KERN B S . Business JOHN KERWAT BS.Mgmt CRAIG KINCAID B S , Business JOHN KLEIN B S , Finance DOUGLAS KOPCHA MBA. Quan Anal. WILLIAM KRANTZ B S . Business STEPHEN KROLL B S . Accounting SHARON KUHN B S . Marketing THOMAS LAMBERT B.S.Mgnnt LEONARD LANE MBA. Indust Rela. DAVID LARSON B S . FoodDist ANN LAUER B S . Finance PAUL LAVALLEE MBA. Inter Bus KATHRYN LAWRENCE B S . Business 304 A Row 1 (left to right): Shauna Benedict, Henry J. Blan, Susan M. Jones. Paul Berman, Row 2: Martin Masman. Dave Larson. Randy Smith. Ron Olson, Row 1: Martin Massman. Frank Maga, John F. McCue III. Dixie Smith. George Monte. Row 2: Carl F. Williams. Charles Magruder. Steven Gee. Robert Sedgewick. Ronald Potter. Row 3: Bob Thompson, Barry Glaser. Michael Malouf. Terry Stept. Scott Johnston. Michael Dimmitt, Lary J. Mielke. ASBA Council The Associated Students of Business Administration include all facets of the School of Business. Mem- bers of the executive board are representatives from all organizations within the school. They coordinate the school ' s activities with the intent of facilitating the co- operation of the faculty and the students for a fully com- prehensive university ex- perience. American Finance Association An " investment stimula- tions " game is typical of the activities going for USC ' s chapter of the American Finance Association. The chapter is divided into teams, each with a theoreti- cal $25 thousand to invest in the stock market. The goal of course is to make more money than the oppos- ing teams. Membership in the club includes both grad- uate and undergraduate students, advised by pro- fessors and use alumni in the business world. D 305 n A K ALPHA KAPPA PSI ' Professionalism Plus ' is the objective of Alpha Kappa Psi. the oldest and largest professional business fraternity in the United States. By supplementing pro- fessional with social activities, the AKPsi goal is designed to be- come a reality. The group held numerous dinners throughout the year, toured business firms, met biweekly with business rep- resentatives and attended the AKPsi regional convention m Las Vegas. Membership in Alpha Zeta chapter is open to under- graduate and graduate students in the School of Business Admin- istration. Programs are intended to foster scientific research in the fields of commerce, account- ing and finance and to educate the public to appreciate and de- mand higher ideals from busi- ness. Paul Arundel Gary Sawka President Terry Slept Vice president William Steele Secretary Steve Gee Treasurer Tom Bath Doug Bower 306 Donald Brann Jerry Butler William Connolly James Eggleston William Elder OwenGlasso Barry Glaser Jerry Graves Alum Hicks JonKastendick Gary Kaufman Joseph Kimura Ted Leuerette Steven Levine JohnMcCue William Mclntyre CtiarlesMagruder Michael Malouf Martin Massman Jay Molioy Frank Morton Harvey Newman Herbert Nev man John Pullman Mel Schumacher John Schueller Charlton Schwartz Thomas Stump 1. AKPsi ' s Terry Stept and Gary Sawka at the tall Pledge-Active Party. 2. AKPsi ' s and dates enioyed ttie fall Ctiampagne Party 3- Installation of Officers at ttie S.S. Princess Louise, (left to ngtit) Steve Gee. Bill Steele. Gary Sawka. and Terry Stept. John Tapp Andrew Terner Robert Thompson William Tormey Richard Widney Carl Williams 307 A Row 1 (left to right): George Kamong. Jonathan P. Rich, Jan Hunsinger. Gail Ueschner, William Anderson. Row 2: Philippe L, Condax. Steve Stacher, Bob Stebbins, Dean Bower, Randy Smith. Row 3: Tom Hinds. Richard Glenn, Richard Cohn, Bob Urbain, Michael Dim- mitt. Row 1 (left to right); Cynthia Ross, Ann Crosnoe, Jery Bixenman, Colleen Hensel, Susan M. Jones, Sue Bastien. Row 2: Mary Babick, Sharra Nelson, Kathy Wright, Marcia Knutson. Marilyn Sutton, JoAnn Chun, Lindell Pusch, Pamela Holsinger, Harriet Lees. Row 3; Bobbi Vernon, Nancy Obeveham, Gwen Smith, Jennifer Robertson, Sandra Norenson, Kathy Vipperman, Jane Trotter. 308 AIESEC AIESEC, the International Association of Students in Business and Economics, arranges for USC students to take management train- ing positions in any one of 42 foreign countries. This assignment provides both practical business experi- ence and exposure to a for- eign culture and society. Traineeships are typically taken for a period of eight weeks during the summer and are available to any stu- dent with eight units of business or economics. PhiChiTheta Phi Chi Theta is the only national professional fra- ternity for women majoring m business, economics or public administration. Mem- bership requirements pro- vide that all members must be undergraduates with a minimum 2,5 grade point average. Phi Chi Theta func- tions this year included luncheons and dinners fea- turing speakers from the business community, plus .the annual Christn ' ias cock- tail party. D KEITH LEAVITT B S . Accounting BYUNG LEE B S , Accounting GEORGE LEONE MBA. Business TED LEVERETTE B S . Accounting MICHAEL LEVINE B S . Mgmt LEONARD LILLY III B S. Mgmt ROBERT LINDEN B-S , Marketing JOHN LINDSEY B S , Accounting ROBERT LINIGER B S . Business JESUS LLADO MBA. Finance fe vVi JOHN LOGAN B S. Marketing PENNY LOPEZ B S. Marketing CHRISTINE LORENZl B S. Business FRED LOVELL B S , Finance JANE McADAMS B S. Marketing JOHN McCUE III B S . Finance CREIGH MclNTYRE ) S , Advertising WILLIAM MclNTYRE B S , Marketing WILLIAM McMAHAN B S.Real Estate MICHAEL McKEE B.S.. Accounting 309 ERA MACHO B S Marketing ALFREDO MADURO B S. Inter Trade GARYMAGNER OS. Mgmt CHARLES MAGRUDER B S . Finance LEONARD MAKENS B S . Indust Mgmt WARREN MALNICK B S . Marketing MICHAEL MALOUF B S , Accounting BRIEITAMARENDI B S . Accounting LACYMARLETTE B S , Accounting JAMES MARSH B S. Bus Mgmt DOUGLAS MARTIN M B A . Finance CHRIS MASSEY B.S . Accounting MARTIN MASSMAN B S Marketing l3 DAVID MATHER B S . Economics JEFFREY MATSON B S. Bus Admin ROBERT MAYNE B A . Marketing MARK MEADOR B S . Finance HARRY MEKJIAN MBA, Business 310 KENNETH METCALF MBA. Finance RICHARD MEYER B S , Marketing DENNIS MIELKE B S , Accounting ARNOLD MILLER B S . Finance LAWRENCE MILLER MBA, Marketing NANCY MILLER B S . Marketing JOHN MINOR B S , Mgmt ROBERT MITCHELL B S , Inter Finance STEPHEN MIZEREK MBA Marketing JOHN MOLLOY B S , Accounting H A j JANICE MOSER B S . Accounting GARY MOUNTS B S . Finance SHARON MULLINS B S.. Marketing GERALD MURPHY B S , Marketing TIMOTHY MURPHY MBA, Accounting JOHN MONKMAN JR B S , Finance GEORGE MONTE MBA, Finance JOHN MOOHR B S , Accounting RICHARD MORENO B S , Finance HOWARD MORTENSEN B S , Mgmt 311 KENNETH NADLER B S , Bus Admin, DON NEBEKER B S . Mgmt TEE NEIGHBORS B S . Finance SHARON NELSON B S . Marketing JOSEPH NEVIN as. Indust Mgmt PATRICIA NITTIGER B S , Bus Admin LAWRENCE NORDSTROM B S , Mgmt PETER NOUGUIER B S , Bus Admin FARHAD NOURAI B S , Economics NANCY OBENCHAIN B S . Accounting TIMOTHY OLAIZ B S , Finance RONALD OLSON B S , Marketing BURRIDGE OMERON B S . Accounting ARNOLD ORGOLINI B S . Accounting ANTONIO ORTEGA M B A , Bus Admin ?JU . ROBERT OSBRINK B S , Marketing SURENDRA PATEL MBA. Finance LORNE PERSON B S . Finance VIC PERSON 8 S , Finance JOHN PETERSON B S , Business 312 M ROGER PFAHL B S , Accounting JAMES PHILLIPS B S . Finance GREGORY PICCO B S . Bus Admin ROGER PORTER MBA Marketing ABRAHAM PRESSER MBA, Inter Bus M DAN PRETZINGER B S , Indust Mgmt THOMAS PRINCE B S Accounting JOHN RACH B S , Personnel ROBERT RADINSKY B S , Quan Anan BASIL RALLIS 8 S , Finance CHARLES REID B S , Inter Trade MALCOLM REINHARDT B S. Accounting JAMES RESTRICH B S , Bus Admin J KEMP RICHARDSON B S, Finance DONALD RIGGINS B S. Bus Admin GABRIEL ROBLER B S , Marketing JOHN ROMAIN B S , Marketing LEONARD ROSENAUR B S , Accounting CYNTHIA ROSS B S , Marketing JOAN RYBICKI B S . Marketing 313 NASR SALEM B S , IndusI Mgmt GARY SAWKA B S . Accounting PAULSCHAUER B S , Finance EDWIN SCHICK B-S , Indust Mgmt. JERRY SCHMID B S , Ftnance PAUL SCHROEDER M B A , Mgmt JOHN SCHUELLER B S Personnel Mgmt EMIL SCHULTZ B S . Accounting MEL SCHUMACHER B S Finance LAURENCE SCOTT JR B S Marketing M tA FORREST SEDGWICK III B S , Marketing NICHOLAS SEIFEN JR B S . Economics FREDERICK SHAW B S , Real Estate JENNIFER SHIBLEY B S. Bus- Admin. ROBERT SHIPP B S . Marketing DOUGLAS SHURTLEFF B S , Business DERALD SIOLER B S Finance FELIX SKIEVASKI MBA, Business DIXIE SMITH B S , Mgmt RANDY SMITH B S, Mgmt 3M THOMAS SMITH B S . Finance DONALD SONDERLING B S , Bus Admin PETER SPARRE B S . Finance ALBERT STEBINGER B S . Bus Admin TERRY STEPT B S . Accounting JOHN ST GEORGE B S . Accounting GARY STIBEL : B S , Business THOMAS STUMP B S, Accounting TIMOTHY SULLIVAN B S . Accounting MARILYN SUTTON B S , Finance MICHAEL TAHMOUSH S , Finance JOSEPH TALLMAN B S , Finance OHN TAPP B S , Accounting NELLIS TEDERICK B S. Marketing WARDTESTERMAN B S. Bus Admin- 315 WM ' ROBERTA VERNON B S , Economics JOSE VILLAR MBA Business STEVEN VLASICH B S . Marketing JOSEPH VLCEK BS.Mgmt JOHN WALKER B S , Finance RICHARD WALTHER M B.A . Accounting CYNTHIA WARDWELL B S , Accounting ALETA WARREN B S , Marketing WILLIAM WATSON B S , Mgmt JUDY WEBER B S , Accounting LAWRENCE WHEAT B S . Accounting OWEN WILKINSON MBA. Mgmt CARL WILLIAMS B S , Finance ROBERT WILLIAMSON B S .Mgmt ROBERT WINES B S . Business RICHARD WORTHINGTON B S . Finance KATHLEEN WRIGHT B S Bus Ailrnin RONALl.l VODA BS finance ERIC YOUNG B S . Accounting KENNETH YOUNG B S. FoodDist 316 AERIALPHOTO .31! THE ROW 320 PANHELLENIC COUNCIL 321 INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL 321 SORORITIES .322 ENS DORMS 348 MARRIED STUDENTS 350 APARTMENT LIVING 351 FRATERNITIES 352 317 ® Married Students ® Women ' s Dormitories ® Men ' s Dormitories ® The Row 318 ■«!:- - ' ' :-- 5-W Jts5= .» - • r« ' " = ' « ' Hi ■»i. x a. " fjt ' ipt-iii 41 1 3 1 A !Mli L- J - " f " r-i W ' " Sr •-■••i " »%fc - : lfci:: is j .;iArt,? jl it (Hi I ii t :- . !4.- " ' ' , a - -■■ .■ " -. (■•••■k; - . in«x- ' i!t))i«yi« „■ ■.£] H . •3 pr- — mi7 z:- ff B 3 1 ' ( ► ' 5 i ' -la K,- ' . -a •; - m i« - ATA CO S30 AXA University Avenue 1 S4)A X es X4) 4 rA APX KA A FA ZBT 4 KV S4)E AE I TE rc| B SAM ATQ nKA KAe nB$ A J) AT TKE AEn 1 320 Figueroa Street A A PanhellenicCouncil LizCarr. vice-President Andrea Aber. President Janette Ballweg. Treasurer I.F.C. Council Members of the Inter-Fraternity executive cabinet are. Pat Ryan, assistant Dean of Men; Tim Hunt- ley: Tom Ternquist. President: Tom Kristovicfi. and Steve Moore. Not pictured. Doug Shurtleff. D D 321 n A X ALPHA CHI OMEGA m Alpha Chi Omega was espe- cially active m campus organ- izations this year. The presi- dency of the YWCA was filled by Pat Reed and Janette Ballweg served as Panhellenic secretary. Karen Weston was chairman of the faculty evaluation commit- tee. Alpha Chi ' s Barbara Merino, Jan Ezell, Judy Daniels and Mau- reen Lundy were all tapped for Mortar Board, while Ann Salis- bury was assistant to the Daily Trojan editor. On the social cal- endar was the Tom Jones Pledge- Active which was held with the SAEs. Forty big brothers were selected during a November rush period. iudy Daniels President Margie Templeton Pledge Trainer Nancy Williams Rush Chairman JanMoser Treasurer 322 9t ..♦• i 1 » Darlene Allen Janine Aney Sharon Arnett Carol Arnold Jean Atherton Carolyn Auth Janette Ballweg Anne Batneson Shauna Benedict Paula Black Wendy Bode Wendy Carney Marilyn Carter Christine Carver Sue Carver Marsha Cunningham Gail Daley Anita DeFlon JanEzell Tern Gibson Priscilla Hannahs Bonnie Howard Kate Howard Ann Hunt Michele Isenberg MaryJablonsIti Linda Jesch Joyce Jones Paula Kane Kathleen Kelsey Caria Kinsey Patricia Klein Victoria Knox Lam Long Laurie Love Cathie McConaghy Michele McKown MarlysMarsteller Barbara Merino Elizabeth Mies Sally Miller Sandra Miller Laurie Morgan Linda Morse Candace Norton Toniana Perconti Jane Phillipp Patricia Portwood Patricia Reed Valerie Rossiter Ann Salisbury Cathi Schindler Amy Shatts Barbara Sherman Julie Swenson Janet lappan Anna Teiada Jane Trotter Kathy Vangsnes Karen Weston Gaile Wernle Sheryl Wiley Susan Winn Jennifer Wright 323 n A A n ALPHA DELTA PI ,? Among the ADPi ' s activities this year were the Monday night speak- ers program, the pledge ' s fund- raising spaghetti dinner and a Christmas party for orphans given with the ATOs. Starting the school year with a retreat at the home of their faculty fellow. Dr. Leslie A. Chambers. ADPis participated m such campus organizations as Spurs, Chimes, Amazons. Angel Flight and the Alumnae Tea Com- mittee. Christy Zemba was a mem- ber of the Guest Relations Staff and Linda Hauf was a songleader. Jackie Jones President Martha Stone Vice-President Christy Zemba Vice-President Anne Wheeler Rush Chairman 324 Pamela Baker Sue Baslien Suzanne Bendel Kristin Brandsma Mary Brchan Laurie Coffing SherylDahIke Joann Davis Rosalie Desimone Nan Ferguson Barbara Freberg Felice Gielicz Kitty Giehcz Jen Gilbert StierryGledhill Mary Gooch Terry Gooch Linda Gunderson ElyseHall Linda Haul Alida Hedrick Colleen Hensel Susan Hirth Sandy Holtz Elizabetti Jensen Janie Jensen Sydney Johnson Carol Kapp Patricia Kidney Lynn Langston Ann Lauer Joyce Lecky Betsy Lyon Peggy McClean AnnMcCorkle Kathleen McFadden Lynne Macer Petey Makowski Ann Manildi Mary Mann Linda Manolakas Maggie Manship KathyMullord Linda Murray DrindaNall Melissa Nash Julie Pascal Kathaleen Richards Diane Roberts KathyRork Zelda Shoemaker Linda Smith Miriam Stermer Sherry Thorne Bonnie Tytle Maggi Van Praag Patricia Vanley Kathleen Walker Kathryn White Peggy White Diane Zinke 325 n A E AA 1 A- EflAON ■ (M Pearl LaVan President Francis Sharp Vice-President ALPHA EPSILON PHI Alpha Epsilon Phi sets its goals and standards high, striving to strengthen the bonds of sister- hood while encouraging individ- uality. In their academic en- deavors, the AEPhi ' s have no study tables or other study require- ments on the theory that each member is the best judge of how well she can study. Social activ- ities included the winter cock- tail party and spring formal. Climaxing the year was the pre- sentation of awards for the high- est active and pledge scholar- ship, most improved scholar- ship and Dream Girl Award, which IS given to one member for her contribution to the chapter. Meryl Wiener Vice President DoreenKarp Corresponding Secretary 326 % 4 loanne Adler Stella Berman Linda Bodiandet Matcia Botwin Carol Brennglass Patricia Brown Sandra Cotin Sema Cohn Jana Donnell Joyce Epstein Sydelle Forerran Anita Fox Sue Friedland Jan Heyman Susan Horwitz Barbara Kane Andrea Koch Marstia Krieger Karin Left Mitzi Lewison Barbara Mack Vicki Miles Marilyn Newman Sandra Orland Claudia Pawlan LydiaPlotkin Diane Robinson Kattiy Sandler Bobbe Seren Robin Sigband Caryl Silversmith Lyn Siluerstein FlorianStarin Fay VanOer Kar 327 D- A r A ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Kathryn Ackerman Janet Adamson B M Shirley Atkin Ootti Balthazar D L H D Barbara Meador President Karen Dewey Vice-President Carol McCluer Vice-President June Console Rush Chairman Realizing that the opportunities afforded by the university exper- ience cannot be fulfilled without active participation m campus life, Alpha Gamma Delta was active this year in such service groups as Sword and Shield, Chimes, Amazons and Angel Flight. Karen Mazepmk served as AWS president and Penny Scott was AWS treasurer. Jayne Proppe and Rhonda Fink were members of the use Chambers Singers. On the social calendar was the winter for- mal aboard the Princess Cruise and selection of the " AGD He " , Tracy Vining. Marlene Benedict Kathy Bice Leslie Brown 328 I 1 9 f f Holly Burton Jeanne Camplin Cathy Carroll Susan Cerini Lila Console Faye Cregger Beverly Crocker Leslie Davis Yvonne Dragone Rtionda Fmk Linda Fisher CheryleGaillard Pamela Gilmour LynetteGiovanazzi Christine Heflern Gayle Holer Susan Johnson Gayla Kalp Ten Kentner Marcia Killen Cindy Kugler Mandy McMullen Jenny Machetta Joyce Massey Karen Mazepink Susi Morris Susan Notrica Carol Otis Janie Peters Barbara Phillips Lynda Powers Jayne Proppe Suzanne Rocco Patricia Ryker Penny Scott Denise Smith SonneeStallman Claudia Stone Fiobin Wallace 329 n Spirit, campus and social ac- tivities, leadership and scholar- ship were fused this year to pro- mote the high goals and ideals of Alpha Phi. Panhellenic President Andrea Aber also belonged to Mor- tar Board and Blackstomans. Alpha Phi ' s Nan Hauerwaas. Sue Young and Donna Falkenstein held offices of Shell and Oar Treasurer. Song- fest Committee secretary and Blue Key secretary. Under the tutelage of their faculty fellow. William C. White of the drama department, members ushered at drama pro- ductions. Among their philan- thropic projects was Cardiac Aid. Joy Mellick Vice-President Kathy Craig Vice-President Carol Todd Vice-President Vickey Ball Wendy Barrington Stiaryn Brickey Ctierie Bromley 330 Pat Cimino Jenniter Claxlon Roxie Coates Wendy Coftelt Lynn Covington Kathy Crosby Jerelle Oa»is Cyndy Dent Natilee Dunlap Donna Falkenstem Lynne fears Kattiy Galvin Knstie Gimenez Sliaron Harden Sandra Hoffman Hilary Hastings Nan Hauerwaas Susan Helms Katfiryn Howard Jan Hunsinger Kattiy Hutson Sandy Jofinson Janet Jordano Pam Kellogg Coralie Kupler Roberta Lindley Susan McCallum Anna Maico Hillary IVIay Nancy Miller Katttleen (Vlullin Karen Nadelhoffer Kathy Nasser Andrea Norene TtiereseOrmsby Lam Pednni Diane Pierce Candace Povey Beverly Quail Diane Reynolds Beth Roberts Leah Rogers SueSemple Andrea Simpson Rennie Simpson Patricia Stevens Vicky Thomas Patricia Thompson Jen Turner Molly Turner Linda Vaughn Cindy Vermillion Linda Wahl Kay V armuth Carol Witt Susan Young SueZanneZak 331 D Kathy Vipperman Helene Highlowef President Vice-President Ann Ross Pledge Trainer Pami Anderson Rush Chairman From September until June, Chi Omegas busy--both socially and philanthropically. Represented in Mortar Board, Angel Flight, Shell and Oar and the AWS Associate Cabinet, Chi Omegas were also found on the Daily Trojan and El Rodeo staffs. Highlighting the social year were the Calaveras County party, Christmas After- Five, Spring Pledge-Active and White Carnation Formal. The Chi Omegas took second place for their house decorations during Troy Week and participated in the ASSC Christmas Project and 1100 Santa Clauses. 332 KayAckerson Brooke Barker Christina Clair Cathy Compton Peggy Davis Suzanne DeBall Nancy Finn Cathy Franzen Claire Gallacher Kathryn Glenn Nancy Graef Chnstina Graves Marilyn Harvey Joyce Harv»ood Valerie Hollenbeck Sandi Holmes Sally Hoover Kim Hunter Barbara AnnKellum Kathleen Kelley LisaKloetzh Christy Lee Harriet Lees Kathryn Loudon Lois Lundine Anne Lynch Joyce McKenzie KristineMaland Lynn Manildi Patricia Miele Marilee Morton Hollace Mounts Joan Newton Sheila O ' Connor Linda Peterson Barbara Pine JanPov»ell Jennifer Robertson Virginia Schv»ada Kathryn Schwartz Carolyn Shelby Lynnette Smith Carolee Snyder Sandra Sorenson Linda Stevenson Diane Swicker JeddieUndenwood JoanVerburg LoisWilliams Melinda Woodrich Ann Young 333 n A A A DELTA DELTA DELTA Geared toward scholarship, campus achievement and individ- ual enrichment, Tri Delts reeval- uated their goals this year. Phil- anthropies included the Ortho- pedic Hospital and two scholar- ships, while the pledge class proj- ect involved active participation with the Tutorial Project and the hospital. Following a tradition of 45 years, the chapter held their spring pansy breakfast honor- ing all senior women. They also joined the Phi Sigs for a two-way snow party and held their annual luau. With IFC advisor Pat Ryan as their faculty fellow. Tri Delts sought to improve Greek relations. loannah Durkin President Susan Caughlan Vice-President Sandra Graham Rusti Ctiairman 334 ■k ' W0 Iwi Kay Ballard Patricia Bauer Susan Berkhausen Caren Bishop Jo Ann Blakeley Elizabeth Broome Claudia Buchheim Marcia Buchheim Heather Campbell Wendy Carlyle Dianne Clark Cynthia Clemens Caroline Colladay KatherineColladay Nana Crouch Donna Oediemar Patricia Donovan Carol Eggleston Christine Finch tannine George PriscillaGillett TiaGindick Louise Hall Janice Hallaian Margaret Hallock Jane Harvey Peggy Hatfield Bobbie Su Heller Pam Heydlault Suzanne Hibbing Lynn Hochmuth Carol Hottman Cynthia James Linda Jensen Caria Johnson Andrea Lombardi Gayle Lov»e Gail Norman Tammy McAllister Marguerite McCarthy Dale McClanahan Deborah Marland Ara Sue Marston Nancy Master Linda Mayer Robin Mead Leslie Minor ToniMollett Candace Murphy Berry North JillNowels Elizabeth Paulin Linda Pearson Jeanne Raya Pam Rule JoanRybicki Susan Soule Patricia Shalhoub Missy Shankland Christina Shannon Vickie Smith Pamela Stephan 335 n A r DELTA GAMMA CeceVolk President Renie Nevms Vice-President Joanne Shaw Vice-President Whether attending a concert, participating in a campus proj- ect or just having a good time, the DGs were constantly on the move. Taking 28 pledges, the chapter held a house retreat, and held a picnic at Griffith Park. On campus. Delta Gamma was represented in Spurs. Amazons, Chimes. Women ' s Judicial and the Alumnae Tea Committee. Members also participated in Trolios and the Tutorial Project. Aided by Anchorman Danny Scott, DGs were hostesses to guest speakers John Durbin, Coach Craig Fertig and John Robert Powers. Betsy Aldndge Kim Andrews Barbara Sense Laurie Beyer Suzi Biles CattiyBing Siouxzie Bonhall Leslye Bragg Leigh Briggs Cathy Cartwright Judie Chandler Carolyn Cheley Diane Colyear Candida Crowe Karen Curtis Barbara Dacey Barbara Davis Betty Lu Disney 336 Ginm Doltlemyer Cordy Dowsett Chris Durbin Jeannette Fakehany Cynthia Frogue Sandra Frogue Nancy Gill Carolyn Graybill Libby Holman Holly Hunter Nanci lennison Jitfy Johnston Susie Jones Katy Kane Karen Keilholtz Mary Kilkenny GretchenKludt Kathy Knokey Robyn Knudson MaryannLees Janet Lucas Robyn McKellar Marilyn McNeil Carolyn Mefford JillMoon Kathy Morgan Marianne Muse LizNitta Cathy Older Mimi Orr Kris Pheasant Mary Phillipp Susie Pielow AnnQuinlan Bridgid Regan Robin Reynolds MarlaineRhobotham Trina Ripley Susan Scaizo Saundra Silver Barbara Simpson Jill Smith Joanna Stevens PatStoner DeedeTanton Debra Taylor Chnstie Watson Yvette Wilcox Marian Williams 337 n- Combining charitable work with social fun, the Gamma Phis team- ed with the Delts to produce a Hal- loween Carnival for students at 32nd Street School. They entered Songfest with the Fijis and, in a never-ending social whirl, held t-shirt. cocktail and costume par- ties throughout the year. High- lighting the Spring Formal was the selection of the Gamma Phi Man and three little brothers. In addi- tion. Gamma Phis earned one of the highest GPAs among the soro- rities and were active m many cam- pus organizations and committees. QQQQ Ronee Brumbaugh President Judy Latimer Vice President Kattiy Davis Standards Candy Bendheim Rush Chairman Allene Accomazzo Lynn Akers Tern Arnold Robin Bailey Diane Barkelew Ten Baxter 338 Carol Benton Nancy Blair Paulette Braune Elizabeth Bntlingtiam Madonna Brow Anne Bryan Lynda Busti Andrea Caldwell Laurie Carson Linda Conner Joan Suzy Cottier Cynttiia Cracker Gail Curtis Diane Del Mar Debbie Dillingtiam Barbara Dirk Penny Dumm Judy Dunn Debbie Durkee Susan Durney Jane Gallagher Charlene Gonzales Lindsay Higbee lane House Jan Huckins Janice Jacobson Jennifer James Candy Johnston Robin Jones Cinda Keating Madeline Kristouich Kerry Laughren Jneil Ludwick Margaret McGowan K T McNeill Michaela McPhee Jann Manchester SueMansueto Meredith Milligan Barbara Nanninga PatNassour Amanda Neblett Kristina Nielsen Leslie Owens Susan R Russo Susan Ryness Kathy Stephenson Pamela Strother Judy Sturr Kathy Tierney TeddiTindall Janice Vincent Barbara Vivian Mary Walraven Ania Wattson Pamela Woods Nancy Yates Cathy Young JanisZarubica Kathy Zarwell Cindy Zemer 339 D K A KAPPA ALPHA THETA iSSil KathyZinn President Danee Sheppard Vice-President Ending a successful rushing period with 28 new pledges, the Thetas started the school year with renewed enthusiasm. The weekend of the Notre Dame game not only featured USC ' s victory, but the fun and relaxation of the annual retreat at Lake Arrowhead. Delts and Thetas continued to " make tradition " at a two-way pledge-active in October and their annual luau m the Spring. With Dr. John Bullaro as their faculty fellow, the Thetas encouraged ex- cellence in scholastic achieve- ment. They also achieved prom- inence on campus with members in Chimes. Spurs and Amazons. Barbara Knight Pledge Trainer DeniseNowah Rusti Chairman Ehzabeth Aggen Kristene Arnds Scottie Beven Judy Bingham Diane Biren Brenda Buck Kathleen Byrne Carolyn Cambell 340 fjtf S M -M t- « Dana Chaney Christina Cotton Cynttiia Cotton Stien Culbertson Ellen Curtis Margaret Daily Dewon Dalby Ctiristine Drilling Debbie Dudley Susan Dyer Susan Eddy Leslie Forester Debbie Francis Kathryn Grant Melinda Grant Pamela Guglielmo Melinda Harris Carol Haugeland Saraiane Hawkins Jackie Heggeness Kristen Howard Deanna Ireland Kathie Kellogg Maryann Kipp Patricia Landwehr Oeralyn Lewis Alanna Liebtiardt Janet Lindstrom Susan Link Karen McCroskery Sheila Macintyre Barbara Mathieu Nancy Nevin Karen O ' Keefe Susan Osborn Penny Pederson Sara Person Linda Pfleger Michele Pheasant Kathleen Phelan Patricia Philbrook Georgette Ponti Ctieryl Pratt Celia Richards Bartiara Roose DeirdreScanlon Eileen Selde Fain Shield Dixie Smith Madolyn Stephens Sallay Stone Nancy Stoner Michel Tritt SharynUyesugi Hallie Vanleuven Susan Wentworth Delpha Wessel Roe Anne White Patricia Woodruff Susan Wright 341 D K K r Luanne Launer President Ellen Burrell First Vice President KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Susie Hollingsworth Rush Chairman Becky Banks Bea Barker Celebrating their 20th anniver- sary at use. Kappa Kappa Gamma members were encouraged to uti- lize the educational and cultural opportunities afforded them by the University and surrounding community. Lectures, concerts, plays and museums were among the activities in their program of cultural self-expansion. Campus involvement included Troy Camp. Alumnae Tea Committee. Women ' s Judicial. Mortar Board and Pan- hellenic. The excitement of the year was also spurred on by sere- nades, big and little sister ac- tivities and the annual Christ- mas Party held with the Phi Taus for the Leroy Boys Home. Ife f Sue Bennett Vichi Bertagnolli Shan Bescos Lucita Booth Pegi Boucher 342 ii I i Suzan Brennan Barbara Brown Barbara Brun LizCarr Maricaye Christenson Rachelle Cottman Chris Collins Nancy Collins Randee Day Mimi Drewry Judy Edwards Janice Elam Diane Enckson Shelley Er«in Joan Fenwick Bonnie Ferber Stephany Fettu Suzanne Fink Ten Fox Melissa Furer Linda Garcia Gretchen Geiler Laurie Gilmore Barbara Godfrey Joanne Gordon JodyHall Katherine Hawkins Beverly Hodge Joy Islei Debbie Johnstone Nancy Lawrence Jacqueline Lmdstrom Susan Linscott Jane MacDonald Cathie Meyer Mary Mollenhoff Jana Oliphant Denise Pickering Christine Pickett Kathleen Pickett Pamela Porterfield JuhPugh Catherine Quarre ChnsRiedell Judy Reining Robin Riley Bewerly Robinson Sheila Ross Susan Scherer Linda Smith Susan Smith Gail Stevens Diana Turner Jane Turner Marsha Ukropina KarolWahlberg Ten Wetherbee Jacquie Wiseman 343 n The 100th anniversary of the national fraternity and the 50th anniversary of the local chapter made this year particularly spe- cial for the Pi Phis. Commemo- rating these important birthdays the Pi Phis held a tea in October at which time they presented the University v ith a stereo for the new student union. Further ex- citement for chapter members was caused by the prospect of a new house. On the party scene was the annual fall pledge-active which featured the Hollywood All- Stars. Members also helped stage a Halloween carnival for neigh- borhood children. Leslie Newquist President Louise Hendricks Vice-President JanPonty Treasurer Brenda Borchard Rusti Ctiairman SueAdamson Brooke Anderson Susan Arico Leslie Barnett Tarry Belsey Barbara Birkenhead Betsy Blanchard Karen Boldvicti Debbie Bray 344 Kathy Brem Dianne Brock JaneCabeen Linda Cahill Cheryl Cam Denise Casareto Peggy Coker Melinda DeBerard Kathy Dockson Dale Dunlap Christina Dunne Nancy Ellerman Susan Ellis Donna Escalier Christy Farreii Sheila Flynn Debbie Frame Donna Frame Marianne French Connie Harsha Catherine Hartley Joan Held Sue Himstreet Melinda Hopkins Christi Huggins Brooke Hurlbut Ten Jamieson Sherrie Jones Nancy Jordan Diane Kilian Suzanne K nolle Joan Lawler Patricia Lee GayleLensing Sally Leonard Vicki Lindelot Margaret Lundy Vicki Mclntyre Ann McKinley Donna Maltes Karen Marculescu Kathleen Meyer Peggy Ostendorf Mariorie Papke Patricia Posey Katherine Rekers Karen Russell Phyllis Schneider Susan Schreiber JaneSiever Susan Somerville Nora Stevens Linda Stockmar Susan Tatsch Christy Thomas Roberta Ullmann Penny Ward Connie Webber Diana Wilde Vicki Williams 345 A K DELTA PHI KAPPA ■■- • % ' • ' fc 1 f 4 fit •i QBQQ A K S LAMBDA KAPPA SIGMA S SIGMA PHI OMEGA 9 f Jli •♦ f ■$.- if C ' . ane £«nSEiF . idv ■ esn icaaira -raic: W,iraiTa -a ' o .( ' ws igiri IcSiHG rta ' usdn -5aT i ' ieTai5 -ser W r-j.iie " STam6?S ' »U1E3 isTC-i ? :3riarai rsnia ScTmeiia I ' SSiit " " i4al2 .tiiT earnamr Isrerre ••■nasy. •arn ZeM Zonnaliia D .Tarcne sni Vlar» . iTO -ST _:uie i ai s M :rsudn • « Jnw Suieiiint ? ■; : ■ Tanaofe 3-17 D WOMEN ' S RESIDENCE HALLS Birnkrant College HarrisHall Harris Plaza University Von Kleinsmid Teny Anielyes Barbara Apel Shirley Atkins Mary Babick Sue Bennett Kathleen Benson Karen Bever Jo Ann Blakeley • t « t if Susan Bleiweiss Laurel Bogen Caryn Brady Gloria Brough Beverly Brown Cheryl Callahan Sue Carlton Carole Cavaney Susan Cerini Marilyn Chan 348 t i I Loretta Cox Nana Crouch Bonnie Dalton Denise Dedeaux Deanna Detroia Linda Donovan Christine Drilling Christina Durr Kay Ellison Patricia Friend Joanne Gagnon Gayle Gammon Diana Ganz Ellen Goodman Cynthia Graham Marcia Hastie Nancy Hayes Kim Hunter Betty Joe Christine Johnson Janice Johnson Kathy Kasper Sharon Kersch Joyce Lechy Linda Lewandowski Arlene lieberman Jan Lillicoth Jane Lindenthal Calianu Lum AnneMabee Susan MacBrine Miriam MacMillan Annetta Maples Adrienne Marauich Bonnie Margoles Pamela Merwin Ann Meyers Patricia Miele Barbara Miller Deborah Morse Joan Newton Knstina Nielsen Sophie Ong Connie Patt Kathy Pisula Sherry Plumb Catherine Quarre Barbara Roddick Marilyn Roen Barbara Rose Cheryl Roberts Jonda Rourke Kathy Sandler Susan Schnitman Cindi Scott Carolyn Shelby Christina Soper Lynn Spratt Terry Springer Lynn Tenney Marilee Tobey Gwen Toma JanisWalker Virginia Ward Natalie West Claudia Wilkinson 349 D- MARRIED STUDENTS HOUSING A complex of modern apartments landscaped with tricycles, sandboxes and swing sets describes the Married Students Dormitories. Always filled to capacity and with a long waiting list, the dorms offer a variety of services designed to nake life easier for married students and their families. 350 INTERNATIONAL HOUSE |. Sidewalk cafes, a travel li- brary for foreign and Ameri- can students, parties, speak- ers, camping trips and dinners with American families-this was the l-House program dur- ing 1967-68. The two-story white building on the corner of 28th and University served as a rad ius from which foreign and American students could get together, be it to chat or conduct business meetings. I-House officers were Farukh Bashir of Pakistan, president; Lucille Hino of the United States, vice president: Clyde Doheney and Tom Mollett, American representatives; Nader Oskowi, Asian representative; Adama Toungara, African representa- tive. 1. The International Student House--A home, classroom, recreation center. 2. Three Turkish students chat over coffee at the l-House sidewalk cafe. 3. Joe Iverson from Norway (left) talks with an Ethiopian student. 4 l-House President Farukh Bashir watches Nancy Finn serve coffee to guests. 351 D A E n Ivan Halpefin Master Robert Grifka Lieutenant Mast Alan Davis Exctiequer Bruce Ashton S M Seller ALPHA EPSILON PI Bruce Cnstol DaleCristol Steven Davis David Druker MarcDubin Describing themselves a; " energetic " , members o Alpha Epsilon Pi won tht most Improved Scholar ship Trophy for fraterni ties. As an incentive for fur ther action, the AEPi ' s par enfs club sponsored fou round-trip tickets to Hawai and four round-trip steam ship tickets to Europe foi the fraternity. Other AEP activities this year includec athletic participation ir IPC events and support o University projects. lony Rose Richard Schein ton Thomas losephZiemski 352 r E GAMMA EPSILON OMEGA The brothers of Gamma Ep- silon Omega cite their goals as the promotion of brother- hood, the broadening of in- terests both academically and socially and the uniting of men from different back- grounds and diversified fields of study. The group held ex- changes with sororities at use and UCLA, in addition to sponsoring dances and par- ties throughout the year. Steven Shon President JoeKimura First Vice President Terry Moy Second Vice President Donald Iwasaki Treasurer Charles Ctian, Jr. Jetfrey Gratiam Norman Kaiikawa Stanley Kanow Jeffrey Lou Rictiard Nakamura RandolptiOba Frank Ogata Ttiomas Ono Alan Ota Neal Stiigemitsu Danny Torn Gary Tsuruda Gary Uyeda Henry Woo 353 D t Increased involvement with the related fields of sociology and the liberal arts reflect an important step in the evolution of a once solely architecturally-oriented frat- ernity. Alpha Rho Chi has at- tempted to engage in activities which are fun, exhibit the talent of its members and enrich the growth of the individual. In ad- dition to such academic events as faculty discussions, tours and displays of graphic work. A Rho Chi designed USC ' s float for the Rose Parade and won the Sweep- stakes Award in Troy Week house decorations. Gary Sandor President David Marquardt Vice President Robert Blackwell Recording Secretary RalptiVanagawa Corresponding Secretary 354 John Baker Darrell Bandur PaulBarolet Ralph Bean Gary Culler Joe Del Bealo Jetfrey Huestis James Hutton Terry Jacobson Henry Kelly Daniel Lawrence Michael McMillan Anthony Marnell Ty Miller. Jr Roger Nakazawa Ronald Okamuro Stephen Sand land Roger Schultz Steven Sheldon Robert Stewart Cr3ig Townsend Gerald VanGemert Daniel Wagner StanWesHall James Zanetto 355 D A T ALPHA TAU OMEGA One of the youngest fraterni- ties at use. Alpha Tau Omega has fared well in attaining its goals of scholarship, fellowship and char- acter. ATO ' s were named to the Dean ' s List, plus participating in IFC competition and the Greek Week contests. They also sponsor- ed the spirit telegram sent to the football team before the UCLA game. On the social calendar were the Little Sister Hell Day and Ini- tiation, pledge-active theme par- ties and the ATO Sweetheart Con- test. Randall Coombs President Stephen Huemmer Vice President Gary Cowan Secretary CtiarlesConaty Treasurer Randall Davis Eugene Ermini Robert Fitzpatrick Mictiael Hood Bruce Jones 356 Carl Knesant Gregory Lahr David Luzan Philip Marshall Gary Meyers Raymond Olson David Ormsby Robert Peck Lester Phillips Brand Schuize Stephen Spears JohnStine Jim Vogel f red Yapelli 357 D JayMolloy President Robert Clemo Vice President Gamma Tau chapter of Beta Theta Pi stressed community in- volvement this year by initiating a Big Brother program under the auspices of the Big Brothers of Greater Los Angeles. Betas also finished first in the blood drive last spring, and placed second in the Iron Man competition. In an effort to strengthen the frater- nity ' s internal structure, the Be- tas incorporated a judicial into their program of self-government. Campus participation found Be- tas in Knights. Squires and Blue Key. OBOB tames Golden Ctiiellustice Peter Forsch Secretary 358 Terry Anderson John Anglin Dexter Ball Richard Booth Gary Bradley Gregory Charlton James Collins Allen Crulcher Steven Dale Michael Dimmitt John Dofflemyer JohnDowdle Dennis Duggan Bruce Dwyer Larry Gang nes William Gilchrist John Given GaryGritt Michael Gunn Walter Hale Terry Hornbeak Donald Hromadka Steve Hunt Richard Haechel Donald Jobe Park Kennedy Jay Klein Robert Klein Ted Leovich Robert Nicholas James Nollan Butch Nungesser Robert O ' Connor Edward Parker Michael Pickett Stephen Ponder Douglas Shurtletf Ken Ska rg Tim Smallwood Stanley Smith JeH Variel Greg Vigoren Fred Westberg Stephen Wilson James Wisda 359 D Tom Abbott Rictiard Barnicki D TtiaddeusBeinat Barry Blodgett U Arthur Breyfogle Steptien Case Donald Davis ParkCockeril President Robert Evans Secretary m The oldest national social fraternity. Chi Phi established their use chapter in 1934. For- ty-three successful years were thus celebrated when 200 alum- ni reunited in the fall. Other ac- tivities on the Chi Phi social calendar included the pledge- active weekend at Big Bear, a " Suppressed Desire " party and the annual Blue Fox party. The chapter ranked high among the all men ' s scholastic averages and took trophies in IFC contests. Richard Dorris Joseph Felice Terry Fleig ArtHelhwell Kenneth Kaiser Mickey Koleszar Carl Middleton III Stephen Moore Russ Pinto Thomas Prince Scott Rose Charles Ruthroff William Tulloss 360 Philanthropic endeavors were emphasized by Phi Kappa Tau this year as the fraternity held a party for the children at LeRoy ' s Boys Home and participated in the ASSC Christmas project. The Phi Tau ' s pledge program stress- ed the academic responsibilities of its members as students at use and the development of the individual into a responsible citi- zen. A. J Hids President Mike Leavitt Treasurer Robert Cline Robert Daney Ctiarles Dessert Clyde Dotieney Creigh Mclntyre Jerry Peterson Ctiarles Reid Jack Reynolds Fred Unger TtiomasWtiitlock 361 n From their Hell ' s Angel party to the annual luau, the brothers of Delta Chi experienced a fun and memorable year. Their participa- tion m inter-fraternity athletics and all-university gradepoint stand- ing were among the highest. Ap- preciating the value of brother- hood. Delta Chis reaccessed their role m the university community to be one of allegiance and sup- port. Richard Moobecry President Robert Biggers Robert Breyer Frank Sin Secretary DickNickum Treasurer David Denenny Ralston Dick. Jr. William Elder Charles Fisher Terry Flowers 362 Stephen Ford Gregory Gacnnger Raymond Goodwin John Hage Ronald Harrell Peter Hihen Thomas Hottman Michael Utterson Robert Williamson III Stephen Wilson Roll Woods Bruce Young Robert Young 363 n A S DELTA SIGMA PHI Rick Aguirre Richard Bradford Steve Brandt President Cal Ctiamberlain Vice President Pat Lawless Secretary i- M Paul Peer Treasurer Members of Delta Sigma Phi enjoy a strong brotherhood cou- pled with a fraternity program encompassing all aspects of uni- versity life. Ten brothers were se- lected for Alpha Phi Omega and nine are members of Knights. Holding prominent positions on campus were J. J. Johnson, Ori- entation Week chairman: Fred Lovell. vice-chairman of Orienta- tion Week: Bill Krantz, Circle K pres- ident; Lowell Dosch. president of the Trojan Young Republicans: and Bob Hada, Beta Alpha Psi president. 1 fM n ml r o wM Kl Terry Dibble Wayne Fordyce Dennis Fowler Richard Gordon GaryGott 364 Robert Hartman CarlHeintz Steven Holmes Donald Jensen Jotinlohnson Robert Kautman William Krantz Ronald Kuhn BillMcCufdy Terry McMullen Mike Marevich Steve Milner JotinMorrisset Craig Mousel James Ware 365 The Adams Boulevard frater- nity house of Delta Tau Delta was judged most outstandmg struc- ture of its kind in Southern Cal- ifornia by the local chapter of the American Institute of Architects. Further plans for the property in- clude adding a swimming pool, volleyball court and football field. The fraternity itself has been es- pecially involved in philanthropic and campus activities this year. The Delt pledge class sponsored a program to send gifts to service- men overseas, while active mem- bers belonged to Knights and Squires. Joe Holm served on Men ' s Judicial and Bill Papanikolas was a member of the football team. DELTA TAU DELTA 366 Bruce Armstrong William Brown Douglas Buser Richard Calbert Larry Davidson RonOavies Bill Field Stephen Flynn Grover Gauntt III AlanGoode Ronald Guss Barry Hammill Paul Hammond Larry Hart Robin Hattield Lawrence Hiike Joseph Hohm Michael Homme Robert Hoover Anderson House III Allan Jaynes Charles J ohanson LeonKos BillLentz Michael Leonard Kevin Lindsay JohnMcBratney Geo ' ge Meeker, J r RossMelin Tee Neighbors Donald Nethery John Nixon William Papanikolas Blame Roberts Brian Sea ne Bruce Seltzer Jock Sewall Frank Slama Turner Smith Stephen Suverkrup Evan Thomas Stephen Turner Christopher Vanley Kenneth Waterhouse Lowell Way, Jr. James Wentink 367 D K A KAs were leaders in supplying talent for Trojan athletics with brothers on the track, football, basketball, rugby, baseball and golf teams. Bill Johnston, Frank Manart. Vince Von der Ahe. Russ Patterson, Bruce McEwen and Tom Wilkinson were Dean ' s List scholars and the house average put Kappa Alphas high for frater- nity gradepomt standings. Dan Scott served with the yell-leading team and Tom House signed a contract to pitch for the Atlanta Braves. Pat Adkins Ron Arrache Lee Barneson KAPPA ALPHA Robert Best William Boggs William Bonniksen Stephen Brown Bruce McEwen President Steve Sparling Vice President BillJotinson Recording Secretary Doug Williams Acting Secretary BillCunerty Rictiard Dalbeck lotin Dawney Rod Everting George Folgner 368 Duncan Forgey Christopher Galpin Gordon Gardner Gregory Gocke Tim Good Jerry Gracis George Grande BobGriK John Hall George Hedley III Donald Hudson Peter Kalionzes David Knokey John Laughard Gerald Lopez Jay McConnell Michael McFadden Webb McKinney Stephen McMorrow PhihpMacDonald MarkMader Frank Manart Brian Marcotte Thomas Meriwether Gary Mortensen Thomas Nix JohnOrr Russell Patterson Bob Pope Kenneth Preston Robert Rollc Richard Rubin Michael Schaal James Schroeder John Scott Bob Seagren Jeff Simkins Guy Siratt GregSpiess Jim Stanford Craig Stephens Bob Steuber Joseph Svorinich Michael Trapani Michael Truher WallyUlloa Ted Von der Ahe Vincent Von derAhe V lilliamVl ade Paul Waters Steven Watson Tom Wilkinson JohnWilliams Russell Williams Sam Wilson 369 KAPPA SIGMA Frank Alfano Randy Allen James Ansite Brian Ashbrook Michael Ball Robert Barnett Harol d Beery Lawrence Brown John Bruce Ralph Brunner Andrew Buttmire Bob Crosby Steve Eddy John Evans Bruce Ferguson Peter Fluor Denny Freidenrich CraigGrant 370 Terry Hackett James Halferty Bob Henry Edward Henry Thomas Hoffar Bruce Holzaptel George Horsburgh Ronn House Philip Houser James Howlett Scott Huntley SkipJahn Lawrence Johnson Richard Joyce Stephen Kemp Russell Kidder CraigKincaid Kevin Kramer Jack Langson Timothy Leveque John Logan David Loveioy Randall MacCraig BudMacer. Jr Alfredo Maduro Steve Michaud Robert Milne Tim Palmer Mike Partridge Daniel Piatt Al Rossi Richard Ruppert William Seinsoth BuizShafer William Spreen Brent Strom John Waterman JohnZanotti 371 D- A X A LAMBDA CHI ALPHA ' Mr Wayne Hersh President Hobie Woods Vice President KenReid Rush Chairman Bruce Nobles Pledge Educator LeeAshjian William Bankston William Barnes Robert Beckstrom Todd Cutfaro Leonard Cutuli Richard Daly Donald Dickey Robert taster Dennis Esc hen David Flower Lionel Garcia David Giacomini Gary Gilbert 372 Numbering nearly 70 men, Lamb- da Chi Alpha has increased its membership twentyfold in the last three years. It was named Outstanding Fraternity in South- ern California by the Southern California Alumni Assn. The chap- ter was established in 1948 and since that time has gained recog- nition for its scholarship and pledge programs by stressing pledge education rather than training. Lambda Chis currently rank second among the frater- nity gradepomt standings. Vernon Hargrave Douglas Howard StephenJay Wayne Johnson BillLilly III Hennis Luna • tephen McDonald Steven Marble DickMartmg Michael Mason William Moore Patrick Mulcahy Joseph Obegi Roger Orlady James Parrish James Partridge Keye Perry Gregory Post Steve Reuel Bruce Roman Dennis Rosen Wayne Schild Lance Shermoen Gary Slade DonSwiers, Jr Rodney Tallman Wayne Twedell Russell Weeks Frank Wilkinson William Wolt Wade Wong Martin Yerick 373 n n K A PI KAPPA ALPHA JohnBnttett Ellis Cahn House Manager Peter Coleman Pledge-Master Describing themselves as a " friendly " fraternity. members of Pi Kappa Alpha maintained a spirit of individuality both exter- nally and internally. As a social fraternity, much time and effort was s pent planning the year ' s parties. TGs and Thursday Night Clubs. But highlights for the PiKAs were the Ski Weekend. Dream Girl Ball and Spring Weekender. Also an integral part of fraternity life was the little sister group. Daugh- ters of the Diamond. wm Lee Cooley Allan Crary tames Dimitnon Dan Fairbanks FrankHull MicliaelJohnson RonaldJohnson William Klaser Peter Knepper JohnLalich 374 Joe LaTorre Lindsay Lautz Scott Lovermg Leonard Makens DennisMedina JotinMurptiy Russ Nordstrom Jotin Phillips " Pike " Roy R til no Rictiard Rydzeski Don Stevenson MarkTabmg Robert labing Tom Ternquist Glenn Ttiompson Jerome Vieau Tracy Vining David Ward 375 D A JohnHagestead President Steven Brown Vice President Robert Wines Rush Ch airman Peter Anderson PHI DELTA THETA William Behr David Betounes Phi Delta Theta boasts a top rec- ord in inter-fraternity sports with four first place ratings for the over- all sports championship during the last five years. Highlighting the social program were the Toga Par- ty, Phi Delt-DG Christmas Formal, Phi Delt-Pi Phi luau and the infa- mous Stubbs Brothers party held with the Delts. Fin Seven Vernon Brickey Forrest Brown Richard Caserio Douglas Da hike Paget Decker Mark Enckson 376 Michael Gcay JeHGuttero LeoHalpin Collin Hatch George Horton William Hubble Michael Jeffenes BillKeslet Thomas Lehmer William Lowe Mark McCasIm HookMcCullough PatMcMahan Charles McNary Michael Mangold Thomas Manolakas Stephen Nicholas B Bn JohnO ' Connell James Oakley Car l Patton Harry Philipp Jeffrey Pierson Roger Porter Stephen Rados Kevin Reilly HughRychener RickSeaton Kenneth Silberberg Jetf Simonds Bob Skinner Jeffrey Smulyan Gerald StriH Edward Vail Richard Williams. 377 n r A PHI GAMMA DELTA Social life at the Phi Gamma Delta house was plentiful and varied this past year. The fall se- mester was kicked off with a pledge- active Heaven ' n Hell party honor- ing the Fijis ' 35-man pledge class. In December came the annual Purple Garter formal. Spring fea- tured the fourth annual Buck- skin Junction Function which was held with the Delta Chis and the Fiji Islander on Catalina Island. The Pig Dinner, a custom started at Gal in 1893, brought alumni back to Sigma Chi chapter. Andre Affatato Thomas Anderegg Dave Anderson Norman Barker John Bechendort E m B H u Chris Bisgaard James Chamberlain James Chinn Dominick Cistone Eugene Cole Michael Cox David DeFore Warren Goux Douglas Gregg A J, Hardy Ronald Hay Steven Hendrickson 378 MWM Gary Mackenzie William Melcher Jeffrey Mize JofinMiller Bob Moore Don Mulhaupt George Murphy Sigurd Murpfiy Steven Nagle Robert Heyne Jotin Hodge JohnJordan TtiomasKristovich PaulKuefler Thomas Lukes Patrick McDermctt James Phillips JohnReith JohnRitter Bruce Sanborn Patrick Saxon DaleSekovich William Smith Kent Sternberg John Suckiel AlanSwartz Joseph Tallman Bruce Thompson Steven Tuck Lawrence Woe Ifel William Watson Michael Walker 379 D S K PHI SIGMA KAPPA Stewart Dresch President James Clark Vice President Scott Nichols Treasurer Thomas Fuller Secretary Robert Aguilera Craig Bagley Steven Boldvich AlanCabito 380 Increased participation in uni- versity activities and improved scholarship were stressed by Phi Sigma Kappa this year. Taking trophies for the most improved house scholarship and highest gradepoint for fraternities of over 30 men, Phi Sigs were also award- ed a Medallion of Merit for civic involvement and a Phi Sigma Kap- pa Foundation Fellowship. The social program ranged from Hill- billy Hayrides to the spring for- mal in Palm Springs. mB James Lingle M ichael McClinton John MacAllister David Mangone Dennis Masyczek Michael Menzies JohnMoodey Randy Morns Randolph Noble Dan Pinkerton Bruce Polay Ralph Rowland EricSchloen Michael Shelby H s El DonCaskey Mike Chuck Brian Dooley Thomas DeMary Robert Eng Doug Evans Carl Event! Bruce Gerhard Jerry Graves Steven Gropp Joseph Harmon Robert Hicks Richard Hoppe William Hubbell.Jr Gary Icardo Robert Kirchner lohnKnutson Christian Krogh Stephen Kuhn Pat Shelby Ted Stem Michael Steuer AlanStr3chan John Walsh Robert Whitman 381 D Larry Arnold Richard Banks John Bibb Ron Bonaguidi Josef Burg Howard Chapman Stephen Crabtree Scott Cummins Jeffrey Dalla Betta John David Stephen Dent Chip Dever Kirk Elliott Jeffrey Estabrooks 382 Anthony Chamberlain President LeonCovell Corresponding Secretary Tom Alexander Recording Secretary Celebrating their 40th anni- versary at use, the California Del- ta chapter of Phi Kappa Psi en- joyed a particularly rewarding year with eight brothers on the football team and one on the base- ball team. Their advisor, Ralph Haney, served as president of the Phi Psi national fraternity and brother Mike Adamson, a junior, was a pitcher for the Baltimore Orioles. Boasting a scholastic rec- ord above the men ' s average. Phi Psi ' s also maintained tradition with their annual Viva Zapata par- ty and New Year ' s Eve pledge- active. y O P HK. .i H Ted Fisher Thomas Foster Michael Gallager Paul Gallant David Hot) man Tim Hogan PaulKluthe MarkMcKinley Gary Marler Thomas Metzler Claude Mills Robert Mohler John Paulsen Philip Potter Richard Robinson William Schellbach Mel Schumacher Peter Smith Richard Sparks Bruce Talmo Michael Westphal JohnWhitaker Robert Woodruff George Zillgitt PeteZouras 383 n s A E SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON James Scarborough President Larry Buxton Vice President Ronald Alloon Thomas Arganese James Barrett. Jr. Dennis Belli Rictiard Brega JackCtiappell Jotin McCoy Co-Social Ctiairman Tom Rtioads Co-Social Chairman 384 The SAEs take pride in the div- ersity of their house membership, believing that the fraternal con- cepts established in Sigma Alpha Epsilon with its inception at the University of Alabama in 1856 provide the cohesive force nec- essary to make the house a broth- erhood. Members are active in Squires. Knights, IPC council and judicial and the ASSC. The chap- ter also participates in several com- munity and university projects, including the monetary support of an Indian child in Arizona. Dennis Mieike Robert Mohle, Jr. William Napier Buzz Person Bruce Raney Mike Churukian John Clark Stephen Cockriel Richard Dubbs Gregory Edelbrock StephanEdelbrock Barry Edwards JackFeely, Jr. Mark Fieger Jeffrey Finley David Greene William Hill Thomas Hinds George Hoge Charles Krill Fred Lack, III DominickRubalcava KflU) •«. H jpi T ' 1 ra i James Shaw Randy Smith Wilbur Smitti II Bert Thornton Joseph VIcek RandolphWerner JohnWaite, Jr Marshall Wilkinson Stephen Wilson 385 SIGMA ALPHA MU 386 Neil Strassburg President Jordan Rubenstein Vice President Jeffrey Hamer Secretary Henry Borenstein Treasurer " Trojan Power " was empha- sized by Sigma Alpha Mu this year with members selling buttons before, during and after football season. A philanthropic proj- ect, proceeds from the Trojan But- ton sales went to Troy Camp. Sammies filtered through the uni- versity at every level with brothers in Knights, Squires and on the staff of the Daily Trojan. Mike Silver- stem was chief justice of IFC ju- dicial and Fred Fenster was instru- mental m organizing the Experi- mental College. Randy Gutentag PtiilipKlatchko Stanley Krantz Jeffrey Lewis Robert Linden Lloyd Pmsky Richard Reiser Jon Schwartz Paul Shane Robert Shapess Eugene Shore Mike Silverstein Nathan Sussman Michael Weinstock Nathan Weiss 387 D E SIGMA PHI EPSILON Sig Eps boasted strong involve- ment in campus affairs this year with brothers Mark Meador, ASSC treasurer and IFC associate jus- tice: Bill Mauk, Troy Week Chair- man: and Doug Yarrow. Songfest Chairman. Other Sig Eps belonged to Knights and Squires, while the entire fraternity participated in intercollegiate athletics. Promi- nent dates on the group ' s social calendar were the annual Queen of Hearts Ball and Palm Springs Weekend, both held during the spring. Scott Allen, Jr. Gary Wullschlager President William Andrews John Armstrong James Marquardt Vice President Rictiard Bisetti TomCasacky Secretary JohnBoria Michael Bourke JimSmoot Controller Scott Bowen m n a n n i-i Frank Brezina Thomas Carroll George Crane William Farrington Kenneth Foster Alfred Gerisch. Jr. Terry Green 388 Tom Harmon Lewis Jones Boyd J oyer, Jr. Jett Kenny Gary Kief Dennis Kirshner Robert Koch Dyrck VanDusen William Voorhees Hugh Walker William Webber Douglas Yarrow Steven York GeneZettle 389 n s A The only national fraternity founded at USC. Sigma Phi Delta is an engineering social-profes- sional fraternity whose purpose is to promote the advancement of the engineering profession and instill a greater spirit of coopera- tion among engineering students and organizations. Chapter mem- bers involved in student govern- ment within the Engineering School are James Braze, presi- dent; George de la Guardia, vice president; Frank Fong, secretary; and Phillip Lipoma, editor of the SC Engineer. In university student government, Sigma Phi Delta ' s Ray Cochard is elections commis- sioner. Phillip Lipoma President Raymond Cochard George de la Guardia SIGMA PHI DELTA Thomas Zachary Daniel Canedo James Braze First Vice President Second Vice President Secretary Gaylord Hammerwold GerBldHeld Richard Hill Gene Irvm Donald Lynn Michael Nosanov Stephen Press Robert Seeman Raymond Shepherd Gary Tarna BillZehrbach 390 Larry Bernard Scott Bigbie Vincent Brach Louis Conda Charles Henry William Kent Jotin Kotick Gerald LaRue Fred Mose Timothy Prangley George Schwartz Gregory Steinkuhler Regan Walk AlvinWillard Chuck Zaremba 391 n I BenAnselabehere Terry Anthony ft f Norman Bing Mirko Bleisch With a 79-year history on the use campus. Sigma Chis boast 22 All-Amencan athletes. Their athletic tradition was continued this year with five Sigs on the Tro- jan football team and two on the baseball team. The Sigs are also represented on the yell-leading squad. Daily Trojan. Inter-Frater- nity Council, Squires and Knights. The only Greek-letter society at the university for 30 years, Sigma Chis originally lived in a stucco- colored house on Child ' s Way. now known as Owens Hall. William Loadvine ChnsKanne President Treasurer Henry Acuff Jerry Alward William Blethen JayBligli Mac Bringham William Brown Kennetti Cosgrove Riifiard Easton Eugene Erbstoesser Randall Falcit Skip Farina 392 WBM Odessa Felactu Dennis Gertmenian Jack Heeren Craig Hinds Michael Holmgren Gordon iennings Fred Khasigian Don Kruger Timothy LaBruchene Michael Link John Linton Richard McCombs Steve McConnell Scott McWhinney LacyMarlette John Miller Brian Mock Jim Nyberg Fred O ' Banion Robert Olive Gregory Palmer William Patton Vic Person Gary Peterson Robert Phillips William Rakow James Scolield John Scudder JohnSeverson Thomas St. Clair Stephen Smith Daniel Tevrizian Jeffrey Wilson Jim York 393 n A national award for the most improved chapter made 1967-68 a particularly distinctive year for Tau Epsilon Phi. The house itself was distinctive with its ready quip every week on the billboard above the building. The Canh Founda- tion received the bulk of TEP phil- anthropic endeavors. although the brothers also hosted under- privileged children during the ASSC Christmas Project. Repre- senting the fraternity athletical- ly were Mike Berry on the foot- ball team and Norm Slusher. who played varsity soccer. Rick Glenn and Jack Sandor were members of Knights. Jack Sander Chancellor Robert Chernock Bursat Jeff Pearlman Ralph Pinkert LouRosenmayer Terry Sachs Michael Seigel Howard Singer 394 David Goldsmith Ronald Aplekar Mike Beery Allen Cohen Karl Curtis David Diamond Rhody Eisenstein MarcGamson Richard Glenn Stephen Gorhck PaulGreenwald Steven Hiller Donald Jones Joel Kaufman Harvey Keys Michael LeVine Richard Marantz Ronald Norman m JohnOldman Roy Paul Harry Sommer Norm Slusher Robbie Shipp Stephen Sklar Frank Spielberg Mark Wapnick Harold Wurtzel 395 n T K E TAU KAPPA EPSILON JohnMeisenhelder President Gaf DiSano Secretary George Valladares Treasurer Robert Barr Hal Bopp Roger Carmody Galen Clitford ValDaigle Rod Hooston Neil Jennings NorioKazahaya Robert Khe Stephen Krumm 396 Tau Kappa Epsilon began the year by taking a pledge class of 28 men. Their rush period which was highlighted by a luau was followed by football season and the Red Carnation Ball at which Daughters of Diana were honor- ed and a sweetheart crowned. TKEs held a Public Service Week- end devoted to work in the com- munity and, due to the sudden influx in membership, acquired an annex for the second semes- ter. Active TKEs on campus in- cluded Shelley Linderman, sen- ior class representative; Everett Miller, IFC pledge education chairman; and Bill Dicke. co-fea- ture editor of the Daily Trojan. Robert Langdon Kenneth Lehr Daniel Levinson Ronald Lewis Shelley Linderman Milton Meier Lawrence Meyer Everet Miller Richard Moore Tim Novak Steve Ogle Eugen Palliccia Jeffrey Pans Lee Piatt Thomas Popp Mitchell Robinson Laurence Scott Richard Shinar Richard Siiton Anthony Simpson William Skinner Gregory Spencer James Stump NellisTederick Amos Travis Michael Yagjian 397 Believing that the mark of any fraternity lies in its service to the university and surrounding com- munity, members of Zeta Beta Tau organized charity drives, helped in the tutorial project and were involved in student govern- ment. In addition to heavy ZBT representation in Knights and on ASSC committees, two brothers served as class representatives. Jerry Barstow Stuart Berman Alan Block Robert Brooks Mike Cantor David Cotin Rictiard Coleman DaveDijentield Robert Fainbarg Jeff Fryer Jerald Purer Paul Gerwin Randy Harris Mitchell Hersch RonJacobson Kennetti Kates Jeffrey Kirshbaum Tom Levyn Kennetfi Loveman Kennetti Millman Randy Port Alan Simon Kenneth Walter 398 Upsilon chapter of Psi Omega celebrated its 75th anniversary as a national dental fraternity by taking a 53-man pledge class. As a professional frater- nity. Psi Omega ' s primary pur- pose IS to help the brothers get h ' -ms through dental school. Like the social fraternity, however, the chapter keeps the parties going throughout the year and par- ticipates m IFC and all univer- sity league sports. Fulfilling a project to realize the social and cultural opportunities in the Los Angeles area, Psi Omega of- fered passes to .local nightspots as door prizes at many of their parties. House officers were: Bryan Keropian. president; Owen Stephens, vice-president: Robert Reed, secretary, and Dennis Horn, treasurer. 399 1 It IS more than tradition that all yearbook editors dedicate a page to those individuals who transformed their annual from a 400 page " rough draft " into a reality. This page of credits is really little reward for the tre- mendous amount of time and energy put forward in producing the 1968 El Rodeo. In June of 1967 this yearbook was no more than an idea. Today it exists, largely through the efforts of my good friend and artist Jim Mallasch. Not only did he design every page herein, but he produced the majority of the artwork. Little did Jim know what he was getting into last June, for this yearbook contains more art-- both aesthetic and functional- than any other book I have seen. Robert Criger, American Year- book Company ' s national re- search director, was just as amazing. No finer technical as- sistance could be provided an editor, artist and staff. My sin- cerest thanks also go to American representative Will Loe who handled the financial aspects of the book. The original editorial unit consisted of Mike Williams, Tia Gindick. Joan Verburg and I. As managing editor for organiza- tion, Mike arranged for nearly all of the pictures in the 1968 El Rodeo. Tia Gindick, managing editor for production, wrote all the copy in the book. She should also be credited for the large task of compiling and editing the sup- plement. Assisting the staff in all phases of production were Joan Verburg. Lynn Hochmuth, Wendy Coffelt and Kathy Kelly. Without their help, particularly during those critical periods preceding dead- lines, we might have published in August rather than in May. Special thanks must go to Merv Lew and Bob Parker for their fine photographic work. Specific pho- tographic assistance was pro- vided by Ken Metcalf, Pete Mil- ler, and Carl Trooien. Daily Tro- jan photographer Ed Stapleton also deserves credit. Just one floor below the El Rod offices are those of the Director of Student Publications, H. Dale Hilton. His responsiveness to the yearbook and Its problems, plus the help of Geni and Karen, kept us all going through the myriad of Ad- ministrative crises encountered throughout the year. Finally, I want to thank my wife. Sue, for bearing with all the dis- tractions of my editorship, and for helping in the production of the yearbook! T. Bradford Sales Editor-ln-Chief J. A 1. PeteMiller 2. Kathleen Kelly 3. Ken Metcalf Additional thanks goes to photo-artist Rick Metzler for his superb and creative interpreta- tions used on each page intro- ducing the schools, and to James Crowell for his three graphic in- terpretations of Stanislaw J. Lee ' s aphorisms. The El Rodeo is also m debt to St. Martin ' s Press, Inc. New York, for the use of Mr. Lee ' s aphorisms from UNKEMPT THOUGHTS. Garfield Studios must also be thanked for supplying the El Ro- deo with portrait photos once again. Kay and Sam were a great help in meeting our deadlines. The drama photos were pro- vided by Andrew Herbruck. Nu- merous athletic photos were supplied by Don Anderson and Dave Glogow of the Athletic News Office. 400 w ■ ■ ' ■ ' J. ' •_■ ' , -: ■ ' ■ t- ' ' ¥ 0, ' " -,-t-.. ' ,..■ - ' ■■■ • • ■■,:- - ' ¥ -. ■ -.■,-,..; J " ■ ■ V w ll i y ' ii ipriMff Supple . I W 1 :wv r T ' s ' P. .nP ' ' Vq VG nij .f . Ir -r4C- " - ' ' ' ' j ' - ' ' . • ' • s •■ i« " •- 1 .-tc f w ' ' iit,«JL4r " " when love isa simple thing student Activities Center " A new building every semester " -- this IS what makes USC unique as a progressive university with a continually expanding campus. In spring 1968 the Student Activi- ties Center was dedicated. It ' s a large box-shaped building with three lounges and a music room on the first floor, seven meeting and reception rooms on the sec- ond floor and a recreation room in the basement. Pansy Breakfast Amidst the vivid color of 20,000 pansies, dreams of a summer wedding were the program for Delta Delta Delta sorority ' s 45th annual Pansy Breakfast. The bri- dal fashion show, which has be- come a nationwide Tri Delta tra- dition since Its inception at USC, honors all senior women-with particular tribute going to those who are engaged. TROJAN GRILL is where itall begins. JEFFERSON AIRPLANE MARCH 30, 1968 It ' s lights it ' s sounds It ' s mind-expanding NCAA Tribute use Team National Championships -iJ L . BASEBALL TRACK AND FIELD 1. 1948 1. 1926 2 1958 2. 1930 3 1961 3. 1931 4. 1963 4. 1935 5- 1936 GYMNASTICS 6 1937 1 1962 7 1938 8 1939 SWIMMING 9. 1940 1. 1960 10 1941 2 1963 11. 1942 3 1964 12. 1943 4 1965 13 1949 5 1966 14. 1950 15. 1951 TENNIS 16. 1952 1. 1946 17, 1953 2 1951 18. 1954 3 1955 19. 1955 4 1958 20. 1958 5 1962 21. 1961 6 1963 22. 1963 7 1964 23 1965 (tie) 8 1966 24. 1967 - indoor 9 1967 25 1967 -outdoor 10 11 Spring Sports TRACK Season marks as of May 10, 1968 LongJump: McCullouch. 24-6. Beardslee. 23-10 12. Pole Vault: Seagren. 17-6 1 4. Wilson. 16-6. Shot Put: Cohch. 58-6. Dunn. 55-7 1,2. Johnson. 55-5 3,4. Javelin: Christianson. 238-3. Bonnikson. 207-5. Johnson. 203-7. High Jump: Heet, 6-10. Lowe. 6-10. Kennedy. 6-6. Triple Jump: Barrett. 51-5 3 4. Armstrong. 46-9 14. Lowe. 43-3. Discus: Johnson. 180-5. Lehmer. 171-0 12. Colich. 161-5. Two-Mile Run: Oleson. 8:44.6. Duggan. 8:47.6. Schultz. 8:53,6. One-Mile Run: Duggan. 4:05.1. Link. 4:05.1. Oleson. 4:05.9. Trentadue. 4:07,9. 880-Yd. Run: Trentadue. 147.9. Tubb. 150.3. Grant. 150.9. 440-Yd. Dash: Vanderstock. 47.7. Becker. 48.1. Hoilett. 48.2. Joyce. 48,8. 220-Yd. Dash: Miller. 20,8. Kuller. 21.1. Simpson. 21.5. McCullouch. 21.6. 100-Yd. Dash: Kuller. 9.3. Miller. 9.3. Simpson. 9.4. 440-Yd. Int. Hurdles: Vanderstock. 51,1. Seagren. 53.4. 120-Yd. High Hurdles: McCullouch. 13.3. Vanderstock. 14.3. Bowie. 14.5. 440-Yd, Relay: McCullouch. Kuller. Simpson. Miller. 39.3. 880-Yd, Relay: McCullouch, Kuller. Simpson. Miller. 1:23.6. One-Mile Relay: Hoilett. Joyce. Vanderstock. Becker. 3:1 1.8. Two-Mile Relay: Tubb. Grant. Link. Trentadue. 7:24.0. GOLF Coached by Stan Woods, varsity golfers lost only five matches this season. The team placed first at the Cal State Los Angeles Invitation- al, third at the Southern California Intercollegiates. BASEBALL Talk of a mid-season batting slump didnt stop Trojan victories. Steve Sogge. Bill Seinsoth and Pat Harrison were standouts on the team, which lost only to UCLA. Stanford and Chapman College. 12 Choir Festival April 27, 1968 The sound is music, note after note echoing through Bovard Auditorium as nine Southern California ch oirs gathered for the Pacific Southwest Intercollegiate Choral Assn. Festival. This an- nual competition lasted all day, and included a banquet and for- mal dance following the evening performance. It was the first time use had hosted the festi- val, which attracted more than 400 people. SONGFEST practice preliminaries 4 -%7 ' ■ . ., v , . 14 C lVSi ' - .- rKnt »-= » ini«iifMririifimrirfg[ ROW 1: (back to front); Laurie Lynch. Ann Hunt, Sue Young, June Console, Beverly Crooker. Ann Baba. Susie K. Helms, Christie Thom- as, Hollace Mounts, Christie Zemba, Margaret Lundy, Debbie Bray. ROW 2: Dave Brown, Larry Nelson, Larry Bernard, Ron Spongberg. Ken Sherborne, Loren Marsteller, Bob Stromquist, Jim Whitsett, Marsh Wilkinson. Ken Kaiser, Gary Boro, Glen Dresser, Mark Mead- er, Cynthia Graham, Doug Yarrow, Karen Mazepmk. Finally The Performance. May 11. 1958 Hollywood Bowl !

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