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;te»i: ' ' L: r fci.L.-T ' J ' -t f - ' ' ' ' - V " ' ) A Copyright by the Associated Students of the University of Southern Cahfornio, Los Angeles, California. ill FOUNDERS HALL ■ ' ■-■ . m FISHER GALLERY OF FINE ARTS i -m 1 . if - i ' tJi STUDENT HEALTH CENTER T E N T ■mm— SCMOOL: DENTISTRY ii ;- " E .M 1 -«t SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY MEDICAL RESEARCH BUILDING ALLAN HANCOCK FOUNDATION UNIVERSITY METHODIST CHURCH MUDD MEMORIAL SCHOOL OF PHILOSOPHY BRIDGE HAl BOVARD ADMINISTRATION BUILDING R IHT Can we count the memories of this year? Already many of the less important ones have faded. We must not let them all slip away — we don ' t have to. . . , Our campus, ever changing, is here as we remember it; the administration and faculty; our service groups, class officers, and friends; our athletics; our organizations; our sororities, fraternities, and dorms; our year; all memories bound into one volume, the 1956 EL RODEO. ' S s.; t L-J ' . ' Nl X cs ■Mf ' ilM46«iii DOHENY MEMORIAL LIBRARY H B to J Hl B I Bi ■BHtoK. - ' ■■■■ttp ) " 1 SCIENCE BUILDING HANCOCK FOUNDATION MUSIC BUILDING STUDENT UNION " -N; ' ■_ :; ' Jdle B- i — 7 r; HM i HMHHite te.- tS ' - " . ' H ! " - - H BWIB x B H . «Jt» 5 i ■■ ■■■■■ UHHii llEB -XV H IHHI iH I H - JBl HI 1 gJK9Hk w ' 2 1 PT " " -.. ■ 1 M UNIVERSITY COMMONS Sfi«K?»»3feS» C Each school is represented on the Senate by its president. Lights hum late in the Senate Chamber on Wednesday nights. A part ot each meeting is taken up by committee reports. All in iavor . . . raise your right hand. In a dark corner o the room we find the DT stall hard at work. AH are triends again during the coUee break. 10 A gavel raps ... a hush falls over the room . . . and a Senate meeting is called to order. This is the culmination of a myriad of events — plans, dreams, toil and tears — that brings together in one room the finest young men and women of the campus, outstanding of the thousands of Trojan students. Threefold are the responsibilities of the Senate — to represent the student body, to serve as a liaison between students and administra- tion, and to represent the University to the gen- eral public. The 1955-56 Senate made great strides in all three areas. Accomplishments of this group were many, ranging from the fulfillment of a thorough ori- entation program to obtaining movie discount cards, the formation of an effective Caravan to campus living groups and the revision of senior final exams. From the first conference at Idylwild to the final Wednesday night meeting, the Senate functioned as a unit to accomplish its aims. The path was not always smooth, hut the goal was always kept in sight. For its constructive influence on every stu- dent, this volume. El Rodeo of 1956, is proudly dedicated to the ASSC Senate. Dean and Mrs. Hyink held open house or the members o the senate. A iiiendly welcome was in store tor all. I CHANCELLOR Chancellor Rulus Beinaid von JiTieinSinid served as President ot SC or 25 years before being made Chancellor or lite. Internationally lamed as an eminent educator and authority on world affairs, the Chancellor is recognized as a psychologist, authority on prison reforms and as a lecturer. Chancellor von KleinSmid has been decorated by more than 20 nations for his leadership in promoting international good will. The Chancellor was instrumental in the founding of the Institute of World Affairs. On four occasions he was appointed by the President of the United States to serve on the Board of Visitors to the U.S. Naval Academy, and in 1933, he was sent by the Department of the Interior to Europe on a special educational research project. During the Chancellor ' s 25 years as President of SC, the student body increased from 5,600 to 12,000. From three permanent buildings the campus increased to 22 major structures. The faculty grew from 267 to approximately WOO, and from a debt of $2,000,000 SC became free of financial ob- ligations. BOARD OF TRUSTEES Our Board of Trustees has existed ever since the University has been in- corporated under its present name. It is composed of thirty members and op- erates on a seli-perpetuating basis, h was just recently that the Board mourned the passing of one of its elder states- men, Stephen M. Griffith. President of the Board of Trustees was Asa V. Call, He has been a mem- ber of the Board since 1928. Mr. Call, an SC alumnus, was also President of the Pacific Mutual Life Insurance Com- pany. The Board under Mr. Call is re- sponsible for SC ' s continual progress. flow ].- Y. Frank Freeman, Seeley G. Mudd, Mrs. John W. Harris, Robert Gillord, Asa V. Call, Elvon Musick, Mrs. Walter H. Fisher, R. B. von KleinSmid, Stephen M. GriHith. Row 2: A. S. Raubenheimer, Gwynn V ilson, Frank King, James C. Baker, Fred D. Fagg jr., ]. Kneeland Nunan, C. A. Saint, Robert D. Fisher. 15 PRESIDENT Di. Fied D. Fagg, ]i.. sixth President o the University o Southern Cahtornia, came to SC in 1947. Prior to this he was Vice-President and Dean o Faculties at Northwestern University. Dr. Fagg received his AB and LL.D at the University of Redlands, his AM at Harvard, and his ]D and LL.D at Northwestern University. Other positions at SC include assistant dean of the College o Commerce, associate professor of economics, and lecturer in the School of Law. Dr. Fagg took a leave of absence to become the first United States exchange pro- fessor in reseach of the Institute of Air Law at Koenigsberg, Germany. Among other aero- nautical positions. Dr. Fagg has served as director of the U.S. Bureau of Air Commerce for the Department of Commerce, Legal Coun- sel to the U.S. Senate Committee on Aircraft Investigation, and founded and became man- aging director of the Air Law Institute. VICE PRESIDENTS Educational Vice-President Albeit S. Raubenheimei has been at SC or 23 years. He has been an educational psychol- ogy professor and Dean oi the College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences. Dr. Raubenheimer re- ceived his AB from the Univer- sity oi Cape oi Good Hope, AM ' s (rom the University of Capetown and Columbia Uni- versity, and his PhD at Stan- ford. Financial Vice-President Robert D. Fishei came to SC ten years ago and was previ- ously Financial Vice-President at Western Reserve University. A graduate of Oberlin College, and the Western University School of Law, Mr. Fisher was an attorney-at-law in Paines- ville, Ohio, and Secretary of the Cleveland Cliffs Iron Com- pany in Cleveland. Past Vice President John E. Fields. Director of the Depart- ment of Development, was a graduate of Northwestern Uni- versity. His job included school improvements, endowment rais- ing, and public relations. He was also responsible for the school catalog. Much of the credit for SC ' s progress goes to Mr. Fields. New Vice President in Charge of Development was the title of Eail C. Bolton. Since com- ing to SC in 1948, Mr. Bolton has been assistant professor of busi- ness law and political science, and associate director of admis- sions. He has also been Ad- ministrative Assistant to the President. Mr. Bolton enjoys modern art and books and is a hi-fi enthusiast. STUDENT SERVICES BoTnaid L. Hyink has been SC ' s Dean of Students since 1949. Dean Hyink received his AB at the Uni- versity of Redlands, AM at the University of Cahfornia, PhD at SC, and has done graduate work at the University of Iowa. He is a Phi Beta Kappa and is affihated with the American Political Sci- ence Association, the American Association of University Profes- sors. In addition, he still finds time for golf. Counselor of Women Joan Schaeter ' s first year at SC was a busy one. All a part of her busy schedule were advising SC ' s women ' s organizations, working with the head residents, serving on the University Committees, and academic and personal counsel- ling. Mrs. Schaefer received her BS in education at Miami Univer- sity, and before coming to SC was Dean of Women at Carnegie In- stitute of Technology. This was Robert G. GoTdon ' s first year as Counselor of Men at SC. Mr. Gordon received his AB at Denison University, his MA and EdD at Columbia University, and served as Lieutenant Commander in the U.S. Navy. He is affiliated with Phi Eta Sigma, Blue Key, Alpha Phi Omega, Phi Delta Kap- pa, and Omicron Delta Kappa. Mr. Gordon, in spite of his busy schedule, finds time to enjoy sports. Clinton A. Neyman served SC as University Chaplain and pro- lessor of religion. Chaplain Neyman was a chaplain in the United States Navy lor 30 years, and has held his present position since 1948. Paul O. Greeley, MD. Medi- cal Director ol the Student Health Center, received his AB, MA, and MD at SC, and his PhD at the University ol Michigan. Pat Arnold, Director ol Hous- ing, has been at SC lor nine years. She was previously a secretary in the registrar ' s of- fice. In her spare time Mrs. Arnold enjoys sailing and camping. As outside interests she lists " everything. " Testing Bureau Director Wil- liam B. Michael received his BA at UCLA and his MS, MA, and PhD at SC. A Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Kappa Phi, he lists his outside interests as reading and travel. Director ol the Bureau ol Employment was F orence Watt. Mrs. Watt has been Assistant to the President and Assistant to the Educational Vice-president. Mrs. Watt lounded SC ' s Gamma Phi Beta chapter at SC in 1938. SC ' s Teacher Placement Bureau Director was Edith Weir. An SC graduate, she was alfil- iated with Phi Mu, the Soropto- mist Club ol Los Angeles, and the Women ' s Overseas Service League. She has been at SC since 1923. Lewis Stieg was University Librarian and professor ol li- brary science. A Phi Beta Kap- pa, he is a member ol the American Library Association, Calilornia Library Association, and the Biographical Society ol America. This was Student Activities Adviser Hairy Nelson ' s third year at SC. He received his education at Pepperdine Col- lege and SC. Mr. Nelson is now working lor a Doctor ' s Degree in Public Administration. UNIVERSITY Aithui Alwoith, bead ot the University press, has been at SC since 1935. A graduate of Southern California, he is a member of Skull and Dagger, Alpha Kappa Psi, and Beta Gamma Sigma. John A. Dazsie has been watching over accounting rec- ords and university reports since 1946, as chiei accoun- tant. He has also worked at government research labora- tories and the UN Relief and Rehabilitation Administration. Manager of the University Bookstore was Fzedezic W. Giayston. He has also served as assistant chief accountant and business office representa- tive to Dental School. He was Western College Bookstore As- sociation President. Assistant Business Manager and Superintendent of Build- ings and Grounds is the oiiicial title of Anthony D. Lazzaio. Mr. Lazzaro received his BE in in- dustrial engineering at SC in 1948. BUSINESS Daniel McNamaza has been at SC since 1934, when he grad- uated Cum Laude horn the University. Before becoming Purchasing Agent, he was Book- store Manager fo r nine years. He was a Phi Kappa Phi. lone Malone served as head dietician and food purchasing agent at SC before becoming Director of Commons and Resi- dence Halls. She received her BS in home economics at the University of Washington. Ticket Manager John Moiley has been at SC for 20 years. Prior to his present position he was assistant director of the News Bureau and managing editor of the Alumni Review. SC is also his Alma Mater. Coordinating the activities of the service departments and reviewing accounting records were some of the jobs held by Richard D. Morisse, auditor. Mr. Morisse has served SC for nine years. Supervision of all operation and maintenance of the Uni- versity was the duty of Business Manager Elton D. Phillips. Mr. Phillips is a graduate of Oregon State College and has been at SC for ten years. Controller Paul Walgren was a member of the Control- ler ' s Institute of America. A graduate of the University of Oregon, he was a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Kappa Psi, and Beta Gamma Sigma. Mrs. Aiice Aubeiy has the stimulating job of editing and pubhshing all o the University bulletins and other occasional publications. With the number of publications numbering up into the hundreds, this becomes no small task. Serving in his first year as Special Projects Director is Allan Aithui. Upon his shoul- ders fell the details of making the Trojan Caravans as succes- ful as they have been. All of his activities have been to accen- tuate the Diamond Jubilee Year. Associate Director of Develop- ment this year was Robert David- son. He was a member of the SC and Harvard Alumni Associations, Public Relations Society of Amer- ica, and the American College Public Relations Association. Writing and directing public- ity for SC was the job of Willis Duniway, Publicity Director of the Department of Development. Mr. Duniway was a reporter for the Associated Press and a Public Re- lations Officer in the Navy. Editing and publishing fund raising and public relations ma- terials was just one of the jobs of Bzyanl M. French, University Edi- tor of the Department of Develop- ment. He has also served as English instructor and lecturer. News Bureau Director Fiank- lin Skeele is a graduate of SC. This was the 61st year that a Skeele has been at SC. Mr. Skeele ' s father served the School of Music from 1895 to 1935. Mr. Skeele has been at SC since 1934. DEVELOPMENT Completing his first year as the University Architect is Law- rence Test. He lends a guiding hand in the development and growth of the campus. The re- sults of his work may be ob- served by a panoramic view of the campus. • ADMISSIONS Iniormation Service Director Caileton H. Mann has been at SC since 1930. He has also been an assistant professor of education and assistant to the Dean of the School of Education. Dr. Mann was a member of Phi Beta Kappa. Registration, recording of grades and credits, and checking for graduation were just a few of the many jobs of Howard Pat- more, Registrar. A graduate of the University of North Dakota, Mr. Patmore came to SC in 1926. H. . Shemeld, Director of Ad- missions and Registration, received his BS and MS degrees at the Uni- versity of Utah and his EdD at SC. Formerly an elementary, junior high, and high school principal- he was Dean of Guidance at Santa Ana Junior College. Counseling prospective SC students was the job of John Stein- baugh. Associate Director of Ad- missions and Director of Relations with High Schools and Junior Colleges. A Creighton University graduate, he has been at SC for three years. 23 OUTSTANDING ALUMNI Outstanding Alumnus C. C. Tzill- ingham certainly has been a credit to his Alma Mater. He is Superintendent o the Los Angeles County Schools; and Past President o the California Asso- ciation of School Administrators, and of the Educational Alumni Association. He is a member of the California State Cur- riculum Commission. Now Governor of Kansas, Fied Hall was a member of SC ' s Class of ' 38, and graduated from Law School in ' 41. Dur- ing World War II he was in Washington as Assistant Executive Director of the Combined Production and Resources Board. Governor Hall was elected County Attorney and Lieutenant Gov- ernor prior to his present office. Now General Sales Manager of CBS Radio Spot Sales, Heniy Flynn was President of the SC Student Body in 1939. Mr. Flynn ' s position makes him the head of the entire CBS Radio Spot Sales which includes New York, Chi- cago, Detroit, Atlanta, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. He was a member of Sigma Nu and Knights. 24 Howard P. House, MD, was a mem- ber of the Class of ' 35. Dr. House has done outstanding work in the field of medicine. One of the very few surgeons to perform the Fenestration Operation (for hardening of the ear bone). Dr. House has been highly complimented on papers published on the relief of deafness. Arnold Eddy. Executive Director oi the General Alumni Association and Editor of the ALUMNI REVIEW, is the head of an alumni iamily of more than 50,000. Mr. Eddy has been at SC for 32 years and has served many capaci- ties. He was EL RODEO manager; per- manent master oi Skull and Dagger tor a quarter of a century; Coach of the hockey team, and National Champion in 1941. He directed the athletic pro- gram during the war. ALUMNI Gathering news, editing, and making up each issue of the ALUMNI REVIEW was the job of Sidney Stebeh Managing Editor. Mr. Stebel edited a literary quar- terly, COPY; worked in editorial production for TIME; and did book reviews for the DAILY NEWS. He was an SC graduate. Bob McNeish, handsome and efficient Field Secretary for the Trojan Club, deserted the coaching ranks for a job that is no less ulcer-provoking. Bob Erskine, former basketball and football star at Troy, served his Alma Mater well during the past year as president of the Trojan Club, taking time from his Beverly Hills Chevrolet agency. Lett to right: Row 1: Lycylle Abel, Bonnie Altenburger. Bow 2: Bea Reed, Emily Kelsey, Kay Limbird, Iva Custer. Row 3: Sid Stebel, Arnold Eddy, Hal McDaniel. roment A S S C Pert n ' perky vice-president of the ASSC, Betty Metzgei won the hearts oi all on the SC campus with her bright smile and sparkling personality. Gifted with leadership, ADPi Betty was previously president oi Chimes, and a member oi Alpha Lambda Delta and Spurs, Mortar Board and Amazons. Keeping the minutes oi active Wednesday night Senate meetings was the job most capa- bly handled by ASSC Secretary Sue Cozwin. Sue, a DG, excelled in both leadership and scholarship since coming to SC. Sue ' s partici- pation in activities and sincere friendliness made her very popular on campus. y ML Lmaxtu 28 Out o the whirl oi spring elec- tions came Jeiiy McMahon to lead Troy through its Diamond Jubilee Year. It may well be said that the job he has done was one oi the most outstanding Troy has seen. Looking over Jerry ' s past activities we can follow the growth of the number one student leader, starting with coun- cils and Squires he advanced to Knights, Chairman of the ASSC Board of Publications, Men ' s Judicial Coun- cil, Co-Chairman of the Blood Drive, Senator-at-Large, NROTC Battalion Commander, President of Phi Sigma Kappa, Honoraries Blue Key and Skull and Dagger, and finally Presi- dent of the Student Body. As presi- dent, Jerry did a very capable job of getting things done and keeping order in the Senate on busy Wednes- day nights when the discussions be- came heated. This Diamond Jubilee Year has been exciting yet full of work for Jerry and the school is proud of his efforts and accomplishments. Congratulations, Jerry McMahon, on a job well done. Qj X-c. . 2S The various activities on campus kept Bob Cioutch busy this year. Previously Bob was Independent Men ' s Representative, a member of the AMS Cabinet, and a debater. Serving the Senate as Board o Publications chairman this year was Dave Gezsbenson. Dave, a ZBT, held key positions on campus and proved his abilities again on the Senate. Tri-Delt Judy Green was out- standing on the Senate this year. Her time was divided between Chimes, Amazons, controversial Wednesday nights, and Physical Therapy. The ability to combine activities and grades goes to Maiy Laizd. Among this busy Pi Phi ' s activities were Chimes, Amazons, Shell Oar. SC has profited by her presence. Another of the very busy mem- bers o the Senate was Buit Silbezt. Besides having many meetings to attend Burt was very interested in music and a member of SAM. SENATORS AT-LARGE Diamond Jubilee Homecoming kept Psi U Roger Sbeiman busy. Special election brought Roger to the Senate in the Fall. Songfest kept him jumping as did his service as a Knight. Orientation was Robert Meads ' project on the Senate this year. Bob ' s past record showed he was busy with Knights and Sigma Phi Delta, to mention but a few of his activities. Busy with public speaking was Cazl Tezzian, Bowen Speech Cup win- ner. Grade average was important to Carl, a Theta Chi, holder of a schol- arship. Worked on Budget Finance. PRESIDENTIAL APPOINTMENTS The chairman of the Great- er University Committee this year was Nancy Bates-Lane, a Commerce major and affiliated with Alpha Omicron Pi. Serving as Orientation Chairman this year was Dick Khtland, a Commerce major. Phi Delta Theta Dick was also Senior Council Treasurer. Acting as the Veterans ' Representative was Syd Deem. A busy Engineering major, he could be found between classes at Sigma Phi Delta. Engineering major Chet Davis and Education major Diane Ondiasik served the sen- ate as co-High school and Jun- ior College Relations Chairmen. Harvey Zuckman. a pre- law major, gave the majority of his senior year to NSA as representative. Harvey was a member of Phi Beta Kappa. Troy Camp co-chairmen were Sandia Poschman and Heib Hizsch. Sandra could be found in the Alpha Gamma Delta house while Herb was a ZBT. 32 The left hand o the presi- dent was Parliamentarian Joe Ceiiell. While not reading Rob- erts ' he studied secondary Ed- ucation. The Forum Committee chairman was Ernie Gilmouz. Though a geology major he was interested in publications and worked on the El Rodeo. Busy Bob Jani made a last- ing impression on all those con- nected with the University by his excellent handling of Home- coming and Songfest. Morris Meadow kept him- self occupied with the Recog- nition of Student Organizations. He also found time to be a member of APhiO and the Ind. Council. Public Relations Chairman Barbara Irvine was an Educa- tion major. She will be best re- membered for the wonderful job she did with the Christmas Show. Sid Owsowitz had the time consuming, unglorifying job of Elections Commissioner. When not checking grade points or ballot boxes Sid studied psy- chology. 33 Leit to Right: Row 1: Joyce Steele, Marilyn McDonald, ]ean NieTsbach, Mrs. ]oan Schaeler, jan Fukuda, Lou Scarbrough, Vi Jame- son, Nancy Porter, Lauretta Mis- raje. Row 2: Janie Kesling, De- vonne Marsh, Barbara Frank, Ben- nies Trimble, Dorothy Kuchel, Cammie King, Betty Metzger, Gin- ner Lee, Lou Ann Ehrich, Pat Sweeney, Guen Norton, Marilyn Frick. Sophomore Nancy Poitez was AWS Treasurer this year. Among her many activities were Troeds, Spurs, and the Sophomore Class Council. Nancy was also secretary of Delta Delta Delta Sorority and has a university scholarship. Tri-Delt Jean Nieisbach held the office of vice-president. Jean had charge of the Associate Cabinet which worked well under her guidance. She was a Chime, Spur, Amazon, and a member of the class councils in her past three years. From president of Spurs to AWS Secretary went Betty Lou Scarbiough. Keeping minutes of busy meetings proved to he a time consuming job and Lou did it well. DG Lou had many activities on her record and held key positions. 34 ASSOCIATED WOMEN STUDENTS AWS was active this year and many things were accomphshed, such as strict entorcement of the ABC Chart, and an efficient orientation program. AWS at SC was chosen clearing house lor foreign students for the Intercollegi- ate Association. Another highlight of the year was the Recognition Assembly in May where girls were chosen for the various service groups and given awards for outstanding leadership and service to the school. A big job, and one that was well carried out was the co- ordination of the women ' s organizations. One of the most efficient and popular girls on cam- pus was the President of AWS, Jan Fukuda. Active at all times, her positions on campus include Troeds President, Spurs, Chimes, Amazons, AWS Treasurer, and vice- president, and Mortar Board. Jan kept up on all activi- ties even though well into her major, dental hygiene. Members o (he AWS prepare the setting tor the annual AWS Dessert, given tor all treshman and transter women. Each treshman girl has a Spur big sister to show her around the University. All are on hand tor the Dessert. 35 A certain ofiice in the Student Union housed a very interesting organi- zation, the AMS. All men at SC are included in this huge group. AMS ac- tivities included ' ' Help Week, " in which the men turned to and offered fheir services for a special project to the com- munity; the Quarterback Club, which showed movies of each football game; and orientation, as the men helped the new freshmen and transfer students. The biggest event of the year was the Recognition Assembly when tribute was paid to men who made outstanding contributions to SC. At the helm of the AMS this year was Bob Gerst who kept things running smoothly. Bob was well acquainted with politics when he became president of AMS, as a member of Knights and Squires, president of Tau Epsilon Phi, Senator-at-Large, on the Greater U Committee, and in Blue Key. Bob also was a three year letterman in Baseball. Lett depicts the serious way in which the many problems lacing the AMS were considered. Such prob- lems ranged Irom revising their constitution to which house would provide the lacilities or the next meeting. ASSOCIATED MEN STUDENTS Budgeting his time this year between many activities was vice- president of the AMS, Bob Ladd. He capably filled bis office and proved to be an asset to the cabi- net. Bob was a member of Sigma Phi Delta, Knights, and Squires. Holding the dual position of secretary-treasurer was Geoff England. His duties entailed min- utes and budgets. Chi Phi Geoff also kept busy as president of his house and member-at-large of the IFC Executive Council. Lett to Right: Seated: Jim Lunn, Larry Lewis, Bob Meads, Geo England, Bob Geist, Bob Ladd, Abdul ]allow, Greg Taylor. Standing: Chet Davis, Ken Von Bohr, Rudy Avila, Owen Kraus. C " . flow one: Sondra Kosoll, Esther Aviutm, Lauietia Misraje, Sandra Murray, Riuko Avrutin. Row two: Marjorie Dominici, Marylou McTaggart, Kay Werner, Susan Schreiner, Sylvia Vrattos. INDEPENDENTS Representing a good many of the students on campus were the Independ- ent Councils. The Men ' s and Women ' s Councils represent the non-Greek stu- dents and sponsored monthly cotiee hours, a bridge tourney, and partici- pated to a great extent in the political functions on campus. The councils have done a great deal in putting the in- dependents on the map on campus through their efticient work. Beady to start roll- ing on their trip to Red- lands, the Independent Councils accompany presidents Misraje and Taylor, shown at ex- treme right. Lett to right: Row 1: Gene Fredricks, Kent Tippett, Bob Ladd, Norman Meiss, Jerry Burns, Greg Taylor, Ernie Gilmour, Gary Widell, Sid Owso- witz, Warren Williams, Skip Hensen, Tom Harrison. Row 2: Nick Diamon, ]erry Wittemore, David Gibson, Dick Nerio, Gary Johnson, Dick Mullard, Don Singer, Ken Myers, Murray Bring, Money Meadow, Joe Cerrell. Keeping in mind the welfare of the independent women students at all times was Lauretta Miszaje who did her job very efficiently. Although in dental hygiene, Lauretta still found time for activities, some of which were Phra- teres, Spurs, AWS Cabinet, and ASSC Senate. Doing a tremendous job this year was Gieg Taylor representing the inde- pendent men students. Activities took up a lot of Greg ' s time, such as Blue Key, Knights, Blackstonian, chairman- ship of the Alumni Banquet, AMS Cabi- net, and the ASSC Senate. He took his duties seriously and fulfilled them well. 39 WOMEN ' S COUNCIL Lett to Right: Row J; Barbara Byan, Pat De Carre, Barbara Overby, Devonne Marsh, Chief Justice, Belva ]o Turner, clerk, Rosemary O ' Donnell. Not Pictured: Mary Kotsikos, clerk. Leading the Women ' s Judicial Council this year was Gamma Phi, Devonne Maish. Cases brought before this court were usually those of girls not able to run faster than the clock. Lett to Right: Row 1: Dick Hildenbrand, Jim Mad- dux, Keith Brandt, Chiel Justice, Rich Reid, Murray Bring, Terry McKelvey. Not Pictured, Bob Halderman. MEN ' S COUNCIL JUDICIARY Holding the gavel of the Men ' s Judicial Council was Sig Ep Keith Brandt. This body of capable and fair-minded gentlemen acted as a fact finding board which looked into cases of misconduct on the part of men students. 40 Accounting major Abdul Razzak Jallow has participated in numerous activities while at SC. Among them are International Students Council Pres- ident, treasurer of the Intercultural Club, and publicity chairman of ASA. At Homecoming, the International Students had the year 1945 and took the most signiticant happening of that year, the torming ol the U.N. The lloat contained the U.N. building, a globe ol the world, flags ol the countries in the U.N. and 2 angels representing peace. Lett to Right: Row 1: Raliq Ahmed, Patti Singer, Secretariat-Chm., Abdul Razzak lallow. President, Ngwobia Uka, President ot African Students Assoc., Ramu Pandit, President ol Intercultural Club. Row 2: Rogue P. Zablan, President o! Trojan Philippine Club, Baljit Singh Gandhoke, Chairman o Publicity lor Indian Students Assoc, Hans Beer, Amir hadji, Kanan Awni, President ol Arab Assoc. Nine hundred and sixty-nine for- eign students representing seventy countries attended SC in ' 56. The Inter- national Students have done wonders for the campus in the terms, cultures, and traditions they have brought from their homes. Their participation in vari- ous activities on campus have been greatly appreciated by all. 41 I ervicB I m Along with her many re- sponsibilities as Amazon President, Mary Ann Cassidy has also been busy as presi- dent of the Pi Beta Phi house and a member oi AWS Cabi- net. Mary Ann is also a non- voting member oi the ASSC Senate, and has been secre- tary oi Amazons and a mem- ber of Junior Class Council. Amazons were very busy this year with the planning oi Foreign Student Week. It was their job to help foreign students with regis- tration and to act as big sisters to foreign women students not only with their campus affairs, but also at Amazon dinners. These girls who wear the black and white were also active in the general student orientation and Troy Day. Before football games Amazons could be found checking card stunts with the Knights. The spring semester found Amazons busy plan- ning High School Day, the Alumni Tea, and the Annual Formal. The following officers can be given credit for the Amazons ' successful year: Mary Ann Cassidy, president; Barbara Ryan, vice-president; Karen Keagy, treasurer; Ann Openshaw, secretary. AMAZONS 1955-56 officers; seated: Barbara Ryan. Standing: Ann Openshaw, Mary Ann Cassidy, Karen Keagy. Second semester president Barbara Frank cheerlully re- ceives the gavel o office. Making plans for the annual Women ' s Day are, seated: Barbara Frank, Ann Openshaw, Liz Nordwalt Jones, Sheryl Youngman and Paula Muench. Rosetnary Arnold. Nancy Bales-Lane, Cindy BiasselL Bevezly Biyan. Diane Cai ' .oiti, Charlotte Carter, Marguerite Cooper Susan Corwin, Lou Ehricb, ]o Engle, Jan Fukuda, Shirley Geiselman, Marian Haddad, Gretchen Hallez, Carol Henry SS KSKPSS ' I SMISKiaD Anifa Herscher, Joan Jahnke, Viva Jameson. Harriet Kalpakian, Karen Keagy, Cammie King, Connie Kirraan, Dorothy Kuciiel Mary Laird, Virginia Lee, Marilyn Lyman. Ruthanne Marr, Susie McBee, Mary McCormick, Betty Metzger, Laura Mispagel ' :! ( iSi % %- 1 PauJa Muench, Jean Hiersbach, Elizabeth Nordwall, Rosemary O ' Donnell. Ann Openshaw. Doreene Reeb. Barbara Ryan. Rhea Soger 1 Betty Lou Scaibrougb. Dorothy Smith. Margaret Spelman. Barbee Sleeves, Donna Traylor, Caroline Wilson, Sheryl Youngman A campus leader, How- aid Smith was not only spring president of Knights, but also a member oi Tro- vets, the Senior Class Coun- cil, and on Greater " U. " When he was not studying accounting at the Beta Alpha Psi house, Howard could be found enjoying track, his fa- vorite sport. Knight President Con- rad Solum was most active on campus. Besides serving on the Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Class Councils, Connie was active as a Squire and as past vice- president of Knights. He was also a member of Blue Key and vice-president of TKE. When not busy with card stunts, he could be found skin-diving or skiing. Knights, an honorary service or- ganization for junior and senior men, have several duties. It is their job to plan, develop, and execute the card stunts for football games, and officiate over all pre-game rallies. In this way they strive to develop spirit at all times. The Knights are also the official hosts of the University. Not only do they usher at various affairs, but also con- duct tours of the campus for different high school groups. At the beginning of the semester the Knights are espe- cially busy with Orientation Day for the new students. KNIGHTS L L Lezoy Batkei, Robert Becker. Keith Brandt. Jack Casey. William Econome, Geoff England, David Felber Theodore Gardner. Jack Garrison, Dave Gersbenson. Bob Gerst. oaquin Gil Del Real, Arthur Gonfier, Owen Haggerfy Richard Halderman, Roberf Halderman. Charles Hathcock. Richard Hildenbrand, Don Hinsvark. Dennis Hopper. Thomas Hargett Ron Hughes, Roberf Johnson, Paul ollie, Marv Kaiz, Carl Kinsey. Dick Kirlland. Fred Klumb Robert Korinke. Owen Kraus. Lawrence Lewis. Jerry McMahon. James Maddux. Gerald Madera. Carlos Martinez Robert Meads, Truman Mergenthaler. Gerald Monahan. Sieve Mulhollen, Jerry Nace. Philip Reilly. Ed Rowe Barr Rusfon, Phil Salisbury, Roger Sherman, Charles Swan, Norman Taylor. Carl Terzian. Robin Wise 47 Enthusiastic Spur Presi- dent Staila Coffee was very active in such organizations as ASSC Senate, AWS Cabi- net, Council o Religion, and the YWCA Cabinet. In her freshman year Starla was a member o the Freshman Women ' s Council and the Freshman Class Council. She was also a member of Kappa Kappa Comma. SPURS 1955-56 officers: lelt to right: Nancy Rugoii, Nancy OHutt, Stasia Collee, Joan Beisang, Margie Svendsen, Jane Clifford. An extra job for Spurs at SC this year was to plan, organize, and host the Regional Convention. They also participated in the cowbell sale which not only added extra sound to the root- ing section, but also extra cash to the treasury. The orientation of freshman women, which included desserts, tours, and get-to-gethers was an important Spur function. Spurs also served the University by their assistance at rallies, their lunches for the Knights and Squires, and their ' ' Penny Path " for the Trojan Chest. Spur officers this year were; Starla Coffee, president; Joan Beisang, vice-president; Kate Riemer, secretary; and Nancy Rugoff, treasurer. Making plans lor the Spurs District Convention are, lelt to right: Patricia Koehler, Sigrid Husted, Suzie Cook, Perta Caugh- lan. Eager to sell cowbells are, lett to right, row one; Cynthia Dixon, Mary Heilman, Betty Tom. Row two: Marty Smith, Mary Powell, Ann Lipp. Iff. % ) Esther Aviutin, Joan Beisang, Rosalie BuHeifield, Peila Caugblan, Jane CliUoid, Siaila CoUee, Diane Dieudonne, Cynthia Dixon Rifa Dofson. Baibaia Eveiett, Molly Ford. Marilyn Fiick, Baibaia Girvin, Gail Graiiani, LoTiaine Hausmann, Maiy Heilman w m V " Siiarlene Heish, Sigrid Husied, Patricia Koehler, Ann Lipp, Betty Maginnis. June McBride. Lauretta Misraje, Gwen Norton ¥ Nancy Ollutt, Barbara Oswald, DeeDee O ' Toole, Barbara Peterson, Nancy Porter, Mary Powell, Nita Powell, Ann Richelieu Kafe Reiraer, Nancy Rugoti, Francine Sangor, Grace Sims, Patricia Singer, Martha Smith, Joan Sparling, Joan Speed isam- Y y T T Darlene Strange, Margie Svendsen, Marilyn Tan, Betty Tom, Marnee Tyler, Kay Werner, Lorna Younsr, Betty Zumer 49 Fall president of the Squires was Dave Gershen- son. One o( the outstanding leaders on campus, Dave also served the student body in the capacity o Senator-at- large. Known lor his vast supply of energy, Dave has proven himself to be one of those tireless workers who continues to help better stu- dent activities. One oi the active pre- law majors on campus, Den- nis Fagezhult was also fall president of Squires. In his freshman year Dennis was a baseball letterman and served on the Freshman Council. This year he served on the Sophomore Council and AMS Cabinet. He also participated as Awards As- sembly Chairman and was a Chi Phi. At the left are the Spring Squires officers o ' 56. They are, lelt to Tight, Bruce BUnn, Activity Chairman, Mort Scheonherr, Vice President, Larry Sipes, President, and Allan Darbonne, Repres.-at-Large. Right, lack Copeland, Tony Riccard, Don Singer, and Larry Knudsen stamp direction cards or the lootball game card sfunfs. SQUIRES The Trojan Squires is a sophomore men ' s service organization, now in its thirtieth year, whose prime function is to act as an auxiliary body to the Trojan Knights. Specifically, they assist the Knights with the organization of rooting sections, usher at assemblies, aid at rallies, and stand dogw atch over Tommy Trojan. The Squires were ably led this year by Dave Gershenson and Dennis Fagerhult. Jim Anderson, John Boigei, Bruce S inn, Fzank Bole, Don Boiler, Roger Buiiows, Dick Claik Lee CoKon, Jack Copeland, Jack Ciavrioid, Allen Daibonne, Robert Deason, Dennis Fageibult, Baiton Fenmoze Moiley Gould. Fied Howsei. Ralph Jaivis, Tom Kingsley, Mervyn f irshner, Larry f nudsen, James Lunn . 1 Pat McDeimott, Anthony Mason, William Max, Thomas Morales, Richard Oxford, Phil Phillips, Roberf Phipps John Quist, Francis Reifer, Tony Riccard, Howard Richmond, Doug Robertson, Everett Rosenstein, Ronald Salren A UM % Sfeven Saienger, Robert Saylor, Rodney Schleicher, Allen Schoenherr. Seymour Schwariz, Donald Singer, Larry Sipes Jerold Slocum, Thomas Techenfin, John Trammell, Joseph Vaughan, Ken 7on Rohr, David White, Walter Williams, Carl Workman 51 ALPHA PHI OMEGA Serving during the iall se- mester as president was Pete Biamwell. Whenever visitors were on campus, Pete was a iamihar sight in their company. Always striving to be oi service to the University seemed to be the personal motto of Pete and his crew. Jerry DetwiUer led Alpha Phi Omega through a success- ful semester this fall. Jerry, a senior in engineering, was quite busy while at SC. Among his numerous activities this year were Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sig- ma, and IAS. Jerry was espe- cially interested in aviation. Alpha Phi Omega ' s first aim is service to the University and the com- munity. Their special project this semes- ter was the student tours which were to acquaint high school students with the campus. Their homecoming float won the most humorous award and the firemen ' s trophy. Among their other ac- tivities this year were working on " Help Week " and, as always, the song sheets for the football games. Spring president in ' 56 was Chet Davis. Chet was also well known this year for his excel- lent work on the senate High School and Junior College Re- lations Committee. ?1 Alfonso Altivejos. Jexiy Andes, William Bazvincbak, Kent Blanche. Richard Blankenbuig, Rogez Caley, Joel Compton. Jack Coztevray tarry Couztney, AH Dajani, oe Dale, Cbestez Davis, Jezzy Detwilez, Edwazd Fox, Joseph Franco, Jack Frosf Don Gordon, Michael Houston, Gazy Keck, Charles Lawson, JVorman Lewis, Richard JfcAJJister, Eugene McMeans, William Mackay Cazl Mall, Ronald Malout, Medhat Mandour, Daulat Masuda, Mozzis Meadow, Norman JVfeiss, Robert MosBer, Edmund IVfulIen .::f - Douglas Nelson, Robezi Paulson, Hazold Pottez, Rob ert Ray, Leonard Rife, Don Routh, ffenry Sasajizna, Cbazles Seitez Oloman Sorge, im Slory, Chazles Sudduth, Cazl Vilalie, Gazy Widell, Donald Williams. Wazzen Williams, Allen Wong 53 Vi Jameson served in Ama- zons as well as Chimes presi- dent. Vi was also active in Troeds, Frosh and Sophomore Councils, and as Spurs secre- tary. When not busy with a Chimes project Vi could be found at the Delta Gamma house. Chimes, a junior women ' s national service honorary or- ganization, have not only been active in the orientation of transfer women, but also in the selling of pom-poms at the foot- ball games and " Lick The Bruin " suckers before the UCLA game. The girls in the brown and gold are noted on campus for their service, scholarship, leadership, and friendship as they help with various drives and elections. CHIMES flL- . i 9 mm- Rosemaiy Arnold, Catol Bailey, Shazon Davies, Pat DeCaize, Bevezly Edgezlozi Lou Ann Ebzich, Olga Escobaz, Bazbaza Hasse, Feppy Helras, Carol Henzy Baibaia Itvine, Vi Jamison, Maiy Laizd, Pat Muzphy. Jean Neizsbach Mazgazet Phelps, Lou Scaibrough, Fenton Sznith New members ol Chimes were: seated: Jean Stewart, Fountiene Duda, Judy Baird, Suzanne Hake. Standing: Marianne King, Dardie Schaeier, Nanci Getschine, Jean Freu- denthal. Jena Lynn Tylez, Louise Ugliano, Carol Wilson 54 Lett to Right: Row 1: Linda Ralls, Sally ]o Seviiz, Betty Boos, Gloria Pleiilei, Colleen Mitchell, Yvonne Buenzli, Kaye Chelsvig, Susie Sweet, Historian, Ann Gibson, Linda Liscom, Vice-Pres., Mardyihe O ' Mara, President, Peggy Edwardsen, Treas., Sue Gutermann, Joyce McFerren, Carol Liinberg, Mary Jane Burkman, Pat Petru, Dorothy Fryar, Diane Hunt, Beverly Barley, loan Niersbach, Rivko Avrutin. Bow 2: Nancy Crook, Vicky Gross, Ann Moes, Arlene Hancey, Pay Wynn, Diane Baker, Diana Konduros, Rose Martini, Helen Bushness, Ann Russell, Faye Dunkley, Darlene Wenger, Kaye Harrison, ]ill Howell, Gretchen Schoenheider, Sandy Asselstine, Dee Shaw, Gail Kuhn, Mary Lou Drummond, Judy Leach, jan Bender, Barbara Barry. Row 3: janell Haskell, Sue Krakover, Joanne Miner, Karen Hackett, Diane Sexton, Judy Houghton, Sue Williams, Zan Campbell, Mary Baskovich, Marylen Anderson, Pat Flanagin, Marilyn Frenette, Rosemary Frankhanel, Elsa Tyson, Nancy Jean Nix, Diane Scott, Marilyn Tevriz. Row 4: Valerie Johnson, Margo Oliphant, Margie Hansen, Joan Zeller, Arlys HoUman, Carol Roney, Ludie Lewis, Eleanor Cook, Anne Smith, Sharon Barth, Bonnie Hadley, Marcia Moorhead, Cornelia Goodwin, Jackie Boyce, Nancy Tibbetts, Diane Hunsdarbel, Louise Myers, Kathleen Niemeyer, Marilyn Rice. TROEDS The purpose of Troeds is to teach ireshman women about SC, its activities, traditions, songs, and yells. Each ye ar Troeds make money by selling candied apples on Fatal Apple Day. This money is used to give a brighter Christmas to an or- phanage. Such projects were successful this year under the leadership of its officers: Mar- dyihe O ' Mara, president; Linda Liscom, vice-president; Pat Blair, secretary; and Peggy Ed- wardson, treasurer. As a primary education major and Kappa Kappa Gam- ma, Mardytbe O ' Mara was kept very busy with her responsibili- ties as President of Troeds. She was also active in the YWCA, AWS Council, and the West- minster Fellowship. 55 The top picture shows the Coun- cil. Seated: Paula Chase, Mary Kot- sikos, Kate Reimer, Laura Mispagel, lean McNeil, Kathy Mhyre, Betty Wil- son, Betty Tom. Standing: Denies Trimble, Mrs. Ruth Grant, Beverly Barley, Julie Ann Ashlord, Mary lane Hagny, Linda Wood. The Cabinet is pictured below. Seated: Lynn Car- rico, Patty Singer, Laura Mispagel, Paula Muench, Dorothy Kuchel, Cor- rine Kozell, Starla Coffee, Mary Ryan. Standing: Sharon Davies, Rosemary Arnold, Marilyn Lyman, Jean McNeil, Cindy Brassell, Mrs. Ruth Grant, Betty Maginnis, Grace Sims, Marsha Bateman, Sharlene Hersh, Marilyn Tan. Ambitious " Y " President Jean McNeil was also active in Spurs, Amazons, Chimes, Mor- tar Board, and as Vice-Presi- dent and Council member of the Junior class. Jean ' s other in- terests included the education of preschool deal. Having served in the capacity of Executive Director of the YWCA for the past 15 years. Mis. Ruth Giant has be- come a tradition. She serves as a most gracious hostess to all organizations or individuals who use the " Y " facilities. YWCA 56 This year Mortar Board ' s activities included spon- soring Troeds and the Freshmen Women ' s Council, as well as selling Mortar Board calendars and giving Conversational Teas. At the Recognition Assembly in May, Mortar Board awarded freshmen women with the highest scholastic averages. At this time they an- nounced the new Mortar Board chapter. This year ' s officers were: Cammie King, president; Ginner Lee, vice-president, and Harriett Kalpakian, secretary- treasurer. ■K i2 Sg m Cammie King, a telecom- munications major, was very active not only as president of Mortar Board, but also as presi- dent of Kappa Alpha Theta. Cammie has also lent her serv- ices to Amazons, the ' 56 Club, and the YWCA Cabinet. Susan Corwin, Janet Fukuda, Elizabeth ones, Haiiiet Kalpakian, MaiyLyn Keating, Cammie King, Virginia Lee, Susanna McBee, Jean McNeil, Betty Metzger MORTAR BOARD 57 Laura Mispagel, Baibaia Ryan, Rhea Soger 1 The outstanding leader of Blue Key this year was Muizay Bring. Murray, a senior, was very active while at SC. In the past he held a post in The Model UN and was a Senator- at-large. He was captain of the ' 55 Debate Squad which he led to many conference wins. Phi Eta Sigma was also one of his active ties. BLUE KEY Jeiry Baker, Jeizy Blankiaship, Keith Standi Muiiay Bring, Laziy Courtney, ]ezry Detwiler Sharing the leadership of Blue Key for the year was Jeriy Baker. The former Senior Class President and recipient of the Order of the Palm is a Law major, ferry has been a very active individual during his stay at the university. Among his many activities, he is known for his excellent v ork with the High School and College Rela- tions Department. 58 Bob Gersf, Richard Haskell, Gaivan Kuskey Jetty McMahoti, Robert McQuigg, James Maddux, Daulat Masuda Sieve Robertson. Conrad Solum, Gregory Taylot, Hatvey Zucktnati Blue Key, a national scholastic service honorary, was es- tablished at SC in 1930. Originally known as the Wampus Bachelors ' Club, the organizalion chooses outstanding men with leadership in one major field and one or more minor activities. Men tapped must have grades above the all men ' s average both lor the previous semester and accumulatively. The national organization was founded at Florida University five years prior to its coming to SC and now has 100 chapters throughout the nation. 59 TROVETS Lett to right: Row 1: Kyo Utjunomiya, James Delany, V.P., ]oe Schneider, Treas., Rudy Avila, Pres., Harold Washington, C. M. Walder, Albert Kamm, Ramon Marrero. Row 2: Sydney Deen, Vet. Rep., John Wilson, Richleigh Gilliat, William McElroy, Paul Butterlield, Dannie Taras, Raymond Sugg. Row 3: Christopher Meyer HI, Lynn Eiting, Dan Butler, Ronald Patton, Sidney Neb- bets, Robert Miller, Ralph Goodson. Bob Ray, a senior, was the spring president of Trovets. Bob was majoring in foreign trade and was kept busy by an im- port and export business he started. Among his activities were Alpha Phi Omega and Delta Sigma Pi. Trovets chose Hazold Wash- ington to lead them last fall. Harold, a junior, planned to go into foreign trade and he was especially interested in foreign languages. One of the nine lan- guages of which he has com- plete command is Danish. Trovets is a service organization or veter- ans and this year they worked on an activity program in addition to their other useful serv- ices. Among these other services were the Vet Information Service, Housing Service and Em- ployment Aids. Harold Washington, the fall president, was ably assisted by Bill McKay, vice president; Don Stewart, secretary; Joseph Schneider, treasurer; Raymond Sugg, historian; and Albert Kamm and Joe Curi, activity chair- men. msmi « ! m : ' m m s m I mjg , — I mm -trnKm JuUann Asbford, Esthex Avzutin, Rivaka Avzutin, Diane Cazlotii BarbaTa Chambeilain, Saia Chiistensen. Nancylee Eidem, Molly Foid iarhata Huisey, Bazbaia ones, Stephanie KlakoH, Lorna Latt Norma Leikwold, Lameita Misiaje, Diane Moiiice, Maiie Myers Judy OriicJc, Virginia Orfon, Mary Lou Pefrie, Phyllis Rein PHRATERES This year Phrateres, as in previous years, sponsored a ' ' Hello and Smile " Week to wel- come the students who were entering in the fall. Among this service organization ' s activi- ties were helping with the orientation of trans- fer students, ushering at dramatic productions and helping with the ASSC elections. Ruth Gertsch, president, was ably assisted by Judy Onlick, vice president; Ester Avrutin, secretary; and Sheila Zonis, treasurer. Molly Ford and Sheila Ginsberg served as pledge trainers. Beverly Roelen, Karen Schreinei, Merlene Slykhous Ruth Gertsch, an out- standing senior, was kept busy with the duties of presi- dent of Phrateres. Music and drama were of special inter- est to Ruth. m 4 ™«= .„, .. s„ .- . ;t- :v .... ' ■. K - " T l ' J ' K| ]_ ' " T M J WrT M R S B ' tt m ' ' ' iK 1 |L« m m i 1 1 IP «. " " • " ' ii i Ktl 1 1 . t|| a KEM I [ HW 1 v ' id B K. 1 l iM glH mm Marian Sfalen, Sara Toddy 61 This year Skull and Dagger chose Fred Harper to lead them. Fred, a dental major, edited the year book for Dental School this year. Among his other activities were Alpha Sig- ma Alpha and Theta Chi. As an undergraduate Fred was ac- tive in Squires, Blue Key and be played frosh basketball. SKULL AND DAGGER The oldest men ' s honorary on campus, Skull and Dagger, was founded in 1913. Members are elected in the spring from seniors, faculty, and alumni on the basis of being outstanding and worthy. The initiation takes place on Bovard Tower. Only men of high schol- arship and excellent service in their own fields are chosen. Skull and Dagger is a campus organization and holds no national afiiliations. Clifford AKenburger, Jeriy Bakei. Jerry BlanlcinsJiip, Murray Bring, Robert Buineit Howard Bugbee. Andrew Castellano, Larry Courtney. Peter Couden, Rodger Darbonne Don Daves, Robert Eisner, George Eboinoto, Jerry McMahon, Jack Kyser. Ron Pacini Donald Robinson, Howard Smith. Roy Smith, LaDell Stewart. Donald Ward, Merle Welch 62 RED CROSS The most widely known Red Ctoss activity on campus is the annual Blood Drive. Donors are spurred on by group competition and all strive to hit the top. The Red Cross has little trouble sepa- rating the blood from the Grill cof ee; the Grill is raided constantly during the drive by organizations ' members in search of people with a little blood to give for their University. This also helps in the competition with UCLA. Yes, for several days the most common greet- ing is, ' Have you given blood yet? " Chairman o the Blood Drive this year was Nancy Sauei. An Education major, Nancy also found time to take part in all the functions of her sorority, Kappa Kappa Gamma. 63 Trojan Chest chairman Dick Mc- Adoo was one busy person during the spring semester. The Phi Sig and his crew of hard workers had a very suc- cessful drive, making it possible to have Troy Camp for another year. TROJAN CHEST Lett to Right: Seated: Patty Koehler, Barbara Hysong, Marnee Mae Tyler, Dick McAdoo, Chairman, Dick Hildenbrand, Vice- Chairman, Frank Gleberman, Barbara Green. Standing: Sandy Poschman, Eleanor Brown, Jack Casey, Garry Wellesley, Herbert Hirsh, George Spilios, Harlene Nichols, Shirley Largrua. One of the annual events which helps raise money for the Trojan Chest is the softbaU game between the Pi Phi and Delta Gamma sororities. Driving or the hnisb line on the Unals ol the " Push Cart Race " are the lugiiives hom the local super market. " Speed Kills, take it easy " lew mishaps in the race. this was one ot the Getting his arm in shape or the coming season is Trojan lootballer ]im Decker. His " willing " target is Senator-at-Large Dave Gershenson. One ol the lavorite events ol the Trojan Chest campaign is the Pie " Throw. " Campus wheels such as Vi Jameson, Chimes President, are ready targets lor anyone with the necessary cash. M M 1 M I lllll eoiors ' Hv IM M M M M ig mill schools Popular Joan Chapman was in charge o the social aHaiis of the seniors this year, as their vice-president. ]oan, a member of Gamma Phi Beta, also served as an Amazon, as well as the Y-Teen advisor of the YWCA. She was also secretary of the ' 56 Club. During the past year Steve Robertson was the man heading the seniors. This political sci- ence major has been one of the most active men on the campus. He was a member ol Blue Key, as well as being president of his fraternity. Acacia. During his tenure at Troy, Steve served as vice-president of Squires and was a member of every class council. He also was on a num- ber of campus committees. In what spare time Steve found, he enjoyed sailing and playing tennis. SENIOR COUNCIL 68 Karen Keagy, Senior Class secretary, apparently must like to write. This was her third con- secutive year as a secretary, as she had served the Sophomore and Junior Class in the same capacity. She was also a mem- ber of Spurs, Amazons, Chimes, Troeds, and Chi Omega. The man in charge o the money this year lor the seniors was Dick Khtland, a Phi Delta Theta. Dick, one of the most active members of the senior class, was also a Knight, Ori- entation chairman, and Alpha Kappa Psi member. He was also selected for Who ' s Who. Lett to Eight: Row J; Joyce Steele, Jack Marsden, Anita Herscbei, Nancy Bates-Lane, Dick Kirtland, Karen Keagy, Steve Robertson, Joan Chapman, Doreen Glotlelty, Carol Rich, Dorothy Smith, Betty Metzger, Bob ]ani. Row 2: Donna Ohio, Fred Fagg, Pete Walters, Ken Kaitschuck, Leroy Barker, Paula Muench, Don McDavid, Sidney Owsawitz, Mike Sullivan, Sally Pryor, Cindy Brassell, ]ean McNeil, Laura Mispagel. Row 3: Jerry McMahon, Jerry Nace, Conrad Solum, Carole Brown, Ruthann Marr, Joan Wade, Al Riseman, Hank Gordon, loan Mason, Shirley Ross, Bob MacFarland, Diana Thompson, Owen Kraus. Row 4: Pierre Domercq, ]oAnn Musgrave, Marcelle Ariey, Sue Corwin, Nancy Hyslop, Sandy Arnold, Richard MuUard, Sheila Hair, Shirley Ceiselman, ]o Engle, Don Hinsvark. Row 5; Ted Gardner, Jim Maddux, Ron Broadwell, Bob Foster, Jim Clark, Bob McClure, Bob GriUin, Art Gontier. Bob Meads, Sue Coiwin, Cindy Brassell. WHO ' S WHO ]im Maddux, Keith Biandt, Vi Jamison, Rich Reid. lanei Fulcuda, Harvey Zuchman, Murray Brine . Joyce Steele. 70 Dick Kiitland, Liz Noidwall Jones, Carl Terzian. jerry McMahon, Betty Metzger, Boh Haldeiman. Jerra Lynn Tyler, Suzie McBee, Connie Solum. 71 WHO ' S WHO ' 56 CLUB Jerry McMahon Betty Metzger Bob Gerst Janet Fukuda Steve Robertson Joan Chapman Bob Jani Fred Fagg III Jean McNeil Cindy Brassell Robbie Carroll Sue Corwin Dennis Hopper Keith Brandt Conrad Solum Bob Halderman Cammie King Jo Matthews Sid Owsowitz Jim Oros Suzie McBee Ron Weintraub AUonso Altiveros Phil Cook Karen Keagy Murray Bring Richard Haskell Barbara Frank Liz Jones Jim Maddux Bill Hillinck Dick Kirtland Nancy Bates-Lane Jerry Nace Barbara Ryan Paul Fryar Joyce Steele Ralph Sturdevant Mary Lyn Keating Jerry Detwiler Abdul Jallow Ed Wilkinson Owen Kraus Bruce Johnson Harvey Zuckman Jim Decker Bob McClure Bob Smith Ron Hughes Harriet Kalpakian Rich Reid Tom Smith Ginner Lee Tyler Gilman Laura Mispagel Barbee Steeves Alumni Rally Committee lor this year ' s graduating seniors, is the ' 56 Club. It ' s 56 members selected from the graduating class will act as a nucleus for all alumni tunctions lor tuture years. Bob Jani was elected as the first presi- dent of the group, and Joan Chapman as secretary. Elections will be held every two years. Class reunions have been scheduled or 1958, 1961 and 1965, and then will ioUow every five years. Persons interested in serving on com- mittees lor these tunctions should write to the ' 56 Club President, in care o the Alumni Office. Members o the ' 56 Club enjoy a day at Santa Anita as guests o Gwynn Wilson, former SC Graduate Manager, now head ol the lamous race track. 72 73 -f i- - ( ' •i- ' ol-, - 74 y d ML UMxtrtvJ 75 S- . w 76 J[ a , jL c ..£uJs.u.xi aL 77 r CXa V VnaJU- 78 y: ' ' pze. .e 79 80 i tt 1 » mmiKHKtHKI 15 -o . 3MflflHIH jHIII T ■ ' ]| - p «• ' i , ' . « ' - rfO_ ' f )■» •;: - ' : . %4 ' .N- - • ♦ f ' »-- mi ml •i Vn- .m Ik- ' M P P • ' % rfci-i ■ • ■« ARCHITECTURE Verle Annis This was the tenth year at SC or Aithui B. Gallion, Dean of the School of Architecture. The Dean studied at the University of Illinois, Steedman Fellow, and Ecole Des Beaux Arts in Paris. Before coming to SC, Dean Gallion had a private practice and did administrative work in housing and community planning for the United States Government. He was a mem- ber of Scarab, the American Institute of Archi- tects, and the American Institute of Planners. He was also interested in photography. Clayton Baldwin William Pereira Emmett Wemple 82 Three of the outstanding students pondering a development question. ArchitectuTe President Rudy Veland was also a mem- ber of the student chapter of the American Institute of Archi- tects, Scarab, and Skull and Dagger. In addition to his many campus activities, Rudy was able to find time or goli and skiing. Lett to Right: Row J: Marvin Berman, Al Merino, Ernest Elwood, Treas., Rudy Veland, Pies., Barbara Oncken, Sec, lames Cook, Herbert Katz, Donald Woodruff. Row 2: Al Guevara Jr., Bill Pauli, Jerome Hoberg, C. R. Wojciechowski, John Chap .. man. Faculty Coordinator, Donald Brown, Richard Nolan, Paul Wuesthoff. 83 Aitaie Bahman. Phillip Bates. Wynnetl Bedall, Leonard Brunswick, Donald Case, Ted Cushman Morris Desatoft, Lyman Frazier, Stephen Gassman. Don Grillin, Russell Iwanga, Mary Helms Glenn Jensvold, Carroll Johnston. Herbert Katz, Louis Liets, Kay Long, Randell Makinson onald Magargee. Leigh Miller. Bruce Norcross These men are Roy Tanaka, Scarab, and N.T.C., Dennis Smith, Jolly Boys Club and Stu- dent AlA, Steve Gassman Architecture Co., representative and co-captain at the iiith year polo team, and Bob Rogail, Prexy of Scarabs, and member at the Jolly Boys Club. David Oakley. Robert Reed. Robert RogaH 84 These are three outstanding Architecture students, Lorenzo Tedesco, member o Scarab, Maiy Helms, Student AlA, only gir l in Senior Graduating Architecture class, and Don GiiUin. 0 ' ' 1 1 1 •.3k 1 In j ' Keeping up on current events we find Kay Long, Phil Bates, filth year Architecture Co., representative, and Randell Makinson, also tilth year Architecture Co., representative, AlA member, Tau Sigma Delta Prexy, Scarabs mem- ber, and l.E.S. Udelonso Santos. Balph Sbeppazd. Bodiell Smith Dennis Smith, Roy Tamaka, Lorenzo Tedesco More seniors are Dave Oakley, TKE, AlA, and veep ol Architecture Council, Barbara Oncken, Secretary ol Architecture Co., Prexy ol S.A.l.D. and AlA member, with Bob Thomas. Prexy ol Seacombers, AlA and l.E.S. H. Robert Thomas, Leslie Tiaeger, Wallace Welch 85 William Himstreet Kenneth Trefftzs Dean of the School of Commerce, Lawzence C. Lockley received his BA and MA degrees from the University of California, and his MA and PhD from Harvard. He was a member of Beta Gamma Sigma, Merchants and Manufac- turers, American Management Association, Na- tional Association of Manufacturers, and the American Statistical Association, to mention but a few. In addition to being dean. Dr. Lock- ley enjoyed teaching, gardening, and sports. He was on the faculty at New York University before coming to SC. COMMERCE Glen Grimsley Leit to Right: Row 1: Patricia Merriam, Carol Campbell, Ann Tuttleton, Nan Claunch, Logan Williams, Treas., Barbara Peterson, Sec, Leroy Barker, Pres., Gretchen Haller, Vice-Pres., Carol Sales, Barbara Hysong, Janice Barnes, Paula Marvin, Barbara McCall. Row 2: Bill ]ackson, Gretchen Slininger, Donna Creasey, Loretta Randall, Sally Jo Sevitz, Margie Kragstad, Nellie lorritsma. Herb Meeker, Francis Reiter, Paul Strons, Dick Hildenbrand, Don McDavid, Ken Kirn, Allen Taylor, Herb Hirsh. Row 3: Pari Holman, Lory Thompson, Ann Smith, Gwynne Smith, Louise McNeil, Don Crawlord, Ivan Reeve, Herb Hauswald, Bill Mitchell, R. Nickolson, Dan Traub, Bob Johnson. Leioy Bazkei held two pres- idencies this year; that of the School of Commerce, and that o Delta Sigma Phi. He was also a member o all four class coun- cils, Skull and Dagger, Blue Key, and Squires, and was Ral- ly Chairman oi Knights. FianUiu Airli«ar(. Leonard Albetis. Fted Rlbiighi, Laird Allison, RUoaso Altiveros James Anson. Eatl Appel, Mervin Aienchild ]i., Sandta Arnold, Jetiy Ashei, Jeiome Ashfoid, John Baliaa, Leioy Barter Joseph Barnaba, Eugene Baiieii, Robert Basbmjian, Thomas Bates. Nancy Bates-Lane, Henty Bauman, Richard Bauman, Ronald Bellah William Benson, Joseph Berger, Donald Blasco, Keith Btandt, Ernest Biistow, Rosemary Brown, George Bucher, Howard Bugbee James Berger, Morton Burke, John Butkhead, William Burton, Gordon Burzinski, John Cantlen, Hellen Caras, Diane Carlotti Lawrence Carroll, Gary Casson, Joan Chapman, Erwin Cheldin, Joseph Cherry, Shubh Choudhary, Norman Christina, James Clark Leon Clarke, Jordan Colburn, Richard Colitti, on Coleman, Francisco Contreras, Kenneth Cooper, Kenneth Corica, Chuck Crockett Patricia Curry, James Dandy, Eric Davidson, Arthur Davies, Richard Dear, Robert Decker, Rosauro De Leon, Lewis DeWitt Baibaxa K. Dickinson. Daniel F. Dizkes. Richaid A. Dixon, Helen Donald. Bruce Doisey. John Duncan, Jack F. Dunne, Gary Ediington Dizk Eldiedge, Don G. Ellis, Fumio Endo, Leo Evans Jr.. Edward Faimei, Patricia Farrah, Donald Felion, Orlando Ferrante 1 li B V T BBk ose R. Ferreri, Harry Gieger, William Fluke. James Foss, Howard Fiakes. Gene Fredricks. Harold Fuller, Oscar Fuller Paul Garhet, John Garten, Beatriz Garza, Karl Gelbard, Richard Goodman, Lois Gorman, Selvyn Gottlieb. Kevin Grant Ralph Giant. Lawrence Graven. Norman Hackler, Robert Halderman, Richard Halderman, Roger Hall, Robert Hallberg, Hakim Hamid Roger Harris, Stanley Haugh, Herb Hauswald, Philip Hawes, Jack Heisey, James Hickey, Thomas Hodgins, John HoUoway Dennis Hopper, Harold HorowiJz, John Hruntas. William Hudson, Pafricia Huggins, Ronald Hughes, Edward Hulac, Barbara Hursey 89 George Iisay, Ronald Jack, Ray Jantz, Dennis Jenan, Ita Johnson Jr., Jean Johnston, Nozman Jones, Virginia Joscelyn Estela Joseie, Robert D. Josi, Nellie JoiiHsma, Kenith Kaiischuck, Iris Kannei, David Kaplan, Petei Katsaios, Thomas Kawachika James Kellei, Robert Kellei, Jack Kilgoie, Clarence King, Joseph Kinkead, S. Kenith Kirn, Richard Kiztland, Sieve Kish Dan Kittle, Sigrud Kobeig, Franklyn Gee Kosllan, Joe Kraus, Owen Kiaus, Alice La Bianco. John Lallin, Daniel Lane Jackie Lane, Victor Larey, Donald Lidtke, Ronald Loy, Geneva McCaron, Mary McCormic, Donald McCullock. David McFaddin Don McFarland, Davie Mclntyre, Jerry McMahon, James Maddux, Bazdon Maginnis, Carl Mahler, Theodore MandL Ronald Malin kSl David MorBIe, Laurence INfarlcowifz, Jack R. Marsden, Carlos Martinez, Paula Marvin, John Martin, Jack Matsukswa, Donald Meder 90 Ricbaid Meshbeshei, Dean Millei, John Millei, Richaid Millei, Ttoy Millei, Lauia Mispagel, Eugene Mitchell. Gerald Monahan ■mm ism Patrick Monheim. Eral Monica ]i.. Jacqueline Moody. John Moore Jr.. Harold Moron, Forrest Morris. Skip Morrison. Andrew Morrow Jr. Madelaine Mueller. Paula Muench, Carl MulHnger. Stephen MulhoUen, Nod Mulville. Kenyan Myers, Jetry Nace, Francis Nelson Ronald Nelson. William Newton. Douglas Nielson. Emi Nishikawa, Monroe Nixon. AUred K. Orsalti. George Pailas. H. W. Palmer Kenneth Pardee. Joseph Parker Jr.. Gerald Parsons. Richard Patterson, James Pearce, Jackson Pbarris. Don Pickard. Albin Pierce Charles Prophet, Jandlyn Tanells. Noreen Ratigan. Thomas Rattigan, John Ratkay, Robert Ray, Doreene Reeb, Patricia Ressler 1 ' " ■, Westell R. Rhodes, Alan Resemon, L. Norman Rittgers Jr.. Reed Robinson. E. Bruce Rogers. David Roos. Dona Royale. Carl Rubens 91 Burton RudoH, Joseph Rufiner. Joseph Ryan, Frances Salgren. Monroe SandeL Carol Sander. Thelma Sasada. Henry Sasajima HiSHHBtesBsaflii 1 Gazy SchaaT, Norman Scheiot, David Schmidt, Edian Schneider, Howard Schzeiber, Charles Schroder, William Schuessler, lack Shine William Siney, Paul Sislin, Francis Smith. William Sokol, Thomas Soupos, Phyllis Southall, John Spear, James Spies James Spivey, Jack Stafford, Arnold Stancheinore, James Sterling, John Stevenson, Charles Stewart, Richard Stone, Sebastian Silveria Sherwin Tarsky, Alice Taylor, Allen Taylor. Frank Teng, Douglass Teulie, Diana Thompson, Nancy Thompson, Hugh Tietjen Dorsey Tisdale. John ToUinger, Bahjat Ukra, Lois Utz, Edwin Vail, Robert Viles, Sylvia Vrattos, Elwyn Walrauen Peter Walters, Garret Wellesly, Gary R. Whitlock, Albert Wilburn, Dona Wong, Donald Zieglei. William Zimmer, C. Fred Zimmerman 92 %i Francis Conley Dean of the School of Dentistry since 1950 was R. W. McNulty. DDS. Dr. McNulty received his DDS, AB, and MA tram Loyola University in Chicago, and held the positions of Registrar and Dean at his Alma Mater. He has been both President and Treasurer of the Illinois State Dental Society, and v as a member of the American and Southern California Dental Asso- ciations. Rex Ingraham DENTISTRY Robert Reeves William V ainwright John Stuidevant, a capable leader as well as a good Den- tal student, this year held the position of Student Body Presi- dent, a real tough job. The hrst process in Dentistry is X-Ray, a painless operation requiring only the ability to sit down. There is never an empty seat in " Tooth Ache Row. " 94 Lauience Abbey, ohn Abeiczombie, Neil Adams, Welcome Adamson, Haiold Adier, Heniy Adlei Donald Ainswoztb, Marilyn Anderson, ChazloUe BainaTd, Robezt Beiioldi, George Borgo, Eldon Bzandt ifik Constance Breuninger, Lewis Brownson, Mar(in Burns, Ross Case, William Cbapluk, Frances Claik Edwin Clever. Claire Cochran, James Colvin, LaVaii Colvin. Ray Connell, Sherwin Cook Jack Cooper, Richard Cowan, Albert Dalva, Peggy Jo Davis, Paul Dewbirst, Robert Dewhirsl Lowell Dexter, Evelyn Dominquez, David Dunn, James Elliot, oanne Engle, AoBerf Erbazt 95 Gerald fields. Ciarence Fong, Edgar Fong, Heibert Fowler, Robert Frazer, Carol French, Janet Fukuta, Alexander Gacsaly Glenn Garrett, Bernard Gavron, Shirley Geiselman, Cherie Guichard, LeRoy Guntber, Leonard Harper, Fred Harper, Arthur Hartman Carol Hayne, Donald Hedrick, Carl Herrera, Chauncey Hubbard, John Hughes, Charles Jacques, Stanley Jones, Thomas Jones Rita Kalal, Alton Kanter, Laurence Kaplan, Sarae Kav ata, Daniel Kersten, Ardys Kiggens, Stephen Kogut, Mildred Kroeger Dorothy Kuchel, Robert Kuentzel, John Lake, Roberf lawson, Nancy Leilingv ell, Norman Leslie, Howard Levitt, Thomas Loughlin Sandra McCandliss, Jack McCoU, Sally McKensie, Lloyd McMaster, Barbara McNary, John Marcum, Gerald Marks, Herbert Martin 96 Herbert G. Martin, Gerald Massey, Robeii Meyers, Rosemaiy Monday, George Nedelman, Robert OJson, The odore Pagliazulo Suzanne PauU, Raymond Pedersen, Virginia Pheips, Bobbi Pixley, Ricbazd Pyle, Diane Rail, Jack Rasmussen, Socorro iienieria Richard fiippe, Bina Robinson, John Robinson, Gloria Rofhman, Maxweli Saunders, Ann Schreiner, Edwin Selesniclc, Leonard Silverplaie Ashley S _n Smith, Catherine Smith, Albeit Solnit, Pat Sorenson, Geiiaid Spencer, Thomas Sperry, William Stewart Ralph Stuidevant, Frank Tanner, Ramon Tappero, Gerry Taylor, Frank Tilleiy, Donald Tuverson, Nancy Wade, Robert Wallin Lois Waterman, Merrill Wenholz, William Werner, Richard Westling, Edward Wheelan. Lois White, Robert White, Kenneth Wical Ron Wong, Gene Wyne, Edward Yoon, Grace Yoon, Calvin Young, Kenneth Young, Richard Young, Sydney GarfieJd 97 EDUCATION Wendell Cannon Charles Brown Irving R. Melbo has been at SC for 17 years, and before becoming Dean of the School of Education was a professor of educational administration. Dean Melbo was a graduate of the University of California having received his EdD there. He was the author of numerous publications including OUR AMERICA and OUR COUNTRY ' S NATIONAL PARKS. Besides his many duties and responsibilities as dean, Dr. Melbo was a member of the American Association of School Administrators and Phi Delta Kappa. Charles Meyers EDUCATION COUNCIL f Education President Anita Heischei had a very busy year at SC. Among her many activ- ities were Amazons, Senior Class Council YWCA, and the Homecoming Publicity Commit- tee. Between Senate meetings, Anita could be found skiing or sewing. Ethel Morehouse and Marilyn Manslield Raymond Perry 99 Dorothy Akashi, Jane Anderson, Maicelle Ariey, Arthur Benvenisfe, Bazbaia Block, Carole Bonfecon, Lynn Boyie Baibaia Brady. Paul Brannon, Lucinda Brassell, Trudy Breilbart. Carole Brown, Minnie Brown, Beverly Bryan Thomas Capehari, Joan Cary, Rilla Casey, Helen Cipriotti, Maxine Clarke, Arlene Clubb, Beatrice Cohen Susan Corwin, Dorothy Currie, Marcia Jo Drummond, Gretchen Dockweiler. anice Duncan, Mary Ann Dwyer, Peggy Eddins Mary Fenton, Donna Ohio, Anita Gilbert, Mazy Glanville, Jane Glidden, Gloria Gould, Benzell Graham Hortense Guion, Martha Gunduson, Dorothy Hacker, Charlene Haddock, Gaynette Haley, Carol Hall, Beverly Harmon 100 Shelley Haipei, Gerald Harrington, Margaret Hastings, Anita Herscher, Barbaza Nines, Valley HoUman, Barbara Huntington 2k ij| £7Ien Hurley. Joan Jabnke, Dolores Jasperson. Janet Kellogg, Carolyn Kent, Dolores Kerr, Constance Kirman Connie Kianz, Ann Leahy, Virginia Lee, Wanda Leedei, Eleanor McClaran, Robert McClure, Jean McNeil Devonne Marsh, Donna Marsh, Denise Mason, Betty Metzger, Marlene Miller, Aki Miyasaki, Maiilyn MoHitt lames Moloney, Diane Morrice, Judie Neithart, Marilyn Nelson, Frances Noriega, Rosemary O ' Donnell, Antonia Paletie Christine Panousis, Melinda Patton, Joyce Paxton. Janice Peacha, Dolores Penhall, Mary Ann Penrose, Carol Peti 101 «i Maiilyn Powell. William Quackenbush. Fiank Ram, Eileen Rask, Mazjorie Reay. Ruth Riieinstein, Robert Rice Loisjane Richman, Frances RoUand, Shirley Ross, Baibaia Ryan, Maiy Ann Ryan, Rhea Sagei, Joan Scanlon Miriam Sciiatzman, lean Schroepfer, Doreen See red. Maiilyn Selbin, Meiedith Selle. Baibaia Sinder, Roy Smith lean Smuiz, Geoigianna Snyder, Martha Staion, loyce Steele, Barbara Sleeves, Elizabeth Sterling, John Sturgeon Faye Taylor, Shirley Thagard, Myra Todd, Sara Toddy, Tamara Toney, Donna Traylor, Ngwobia Uka, Catherine Wagoner Maty Waldsmith, Mary Walton, Carole Wassung, Diana Wearne, Sheila Whiiehill, Sandra Winslow, Gloria Woodin, Sheryl Youngman 102 ENGINEERING Robert Merz A graduate of SC, Robert Evans Vivian later received his PhD at Columbia University. Since coming to SC in 1937, Dean Vivian has also been a professor of chemical engineering, head of the department, and acting dean. He was a member of the University Club, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Acacia, and Sigma Phi Delta, to mention only a few. In addition to being in charge of 1700 students and 180 fac- ulty members. Dean Vivian was able to find time for prospecting, fishing and tennis. Joseph Smatko Louis Bailin ' 103 V li. l . J l U l 1 1 , 1 1 i Lett to Right: Row 1: Larry Lewis, Paul Fryar, Sam Viglione, Syd Deem, Vice Pres., ]ohn Wilson, Pres., George Cady, Sec, Paul loUie, Charles Suddnth. Row 2: Charles Geer, Dwight Ladd, Leland Cecil, Phil Phillips, Rudy Avila, Edward Johnson, Hulen Frageman, Paul Messinger, jack Garrison. ]ohn D. Wilson, III was Engineeiing President this year. He was also a member of IRE, Trovets Board of Directors, and the Student Senate. John, a senior, was President of Sigma Phi Delta and was Photo Editor of the SC ENGINEER. Joseph Aceves, John Akiyama, Subam Al-Madlai, Hana Al-iabim, Halim Atiyya Wallace Baker. Eliabu Ben-Huz, Mark Biedebach, Loren Bird. William Brooks. Don Bratigam. Werner Buntman. Robert Burke Robert Campbell-Taylor. William Campillo. Yu-chu Cbao. Jacob Chapsky. Bob Chu. Robert Clanton. Robert Collins. Merwyn Co son Ronald Cope, Edward Cramsie, Warren Currie, Akram Dajani. Ali Dajani. Richard Danlorth, Gilbert Davis. Hvgh Davis Sydney Deem, Anionic De Fienza, Haiold DeMirjian, Jerry Detwiler, Alphonso Diaz, Morris Doberne, Pierre Domercq, Ranbir Dosaj Robert Emerzian, Eugene Eppen, Cal Erickson, Fred Ervin, David Finley, Edwin Garcia, Jack Garrison, oe Garza Paul Gibson, Felix Gielicz, William Gratrix. William Graves, Hoyle Hamilton, Lawrence Hamilton, Hici Haskell, Albert Hetzel Gilbert Herrera, Lawrence Hess, John HoHman, Thomas Husbower, Mohammed Hussain, George Jambazian, Paul Jepperson, Edward Johnson Richard Johnson, Richard Kenison. Kenneth Kimball. Eugene Kinder, Fred Klumb, Donald KoUansg, Michael Koueiter, Promod Kumar Charles Lang, Edward Lang, Stuart Lee, Clark Leonard, John Lester, John Letb, Benjamin Levine, Norman Lewis Raymond Liggett, Robert Lines, Wilbur Lusk, Ronald McDowell, Kenneth McElveen, Todd Mackprang, Archie MacMillan, Robert Maxwell 105 Bahrain Mosallai, Bob Muiaia, Taichi Nishibaza, Ricbatd On, Duane Ostiom, Robert Paulson, William PeverilJ, Doug as PoKer Sbezbouine Piescott, Ftank Quon, James Reames, Keith Reigelman, Jack Robinson, William Ropei, Tuie Roslund, Thomas Rush David Russell, Henry Ruley, George Seko, Michael Sheiman, William Sillimaa, Roy Silver, Auhtey Sloan, Lawrence Smith Jt tO Coniad Solum, Leon Stein, Robert Sussman, John Tanner, Ramiro Tejada-Flores, Lloyd Thayer, Allan Thompson, Robert Turner John Tylka, Jose Valdes, Charles Varanay, Rudolph Vargas, James Van dez Wescbe, Jerry Waddell, Roger Watson, Jack Weir Aaron Welkowsky, Robert Whatley, William White, David WbiUozd, William Wilcox, Russell Wills, John Wilson, Gerald Wire iM JHi M . L Victor Witteman, Kenneth Wuertz, Kamla Yadav, David Yang, George Yelland, Tomokazu Yumiba, Santord Zinn 106 Stanley Townsend GRADUATE SCHOOL Dwight Bolinger John Mehl Dean of the Graduate School, the late Hairy James Deuel, ]i., was also a professor of biochemistry and nutrition. He received his AB at Carleton College and his PhD at Yale. Dr. Deuel was a chemist for the United States Department of Agriculture and instructor at Cornell University ' s Medical School and the Medical School at the University of Maryland. Author of a three volume work, THE LIPIDS, and contributor of 300 articles to science publi- cations. Dr. Deuel was at SC for 27 years prior to his death. 107 LAW Paul Burton Dean ol the School ol Law was Robeit Kingsley. Since coming to SC in 1928, he has been a professor ol law and Associate Dean ol the Law School. He received his BA, AM, and LLB at the University ol Minnesota, and his SJD at the Harvard University Law School. Dean Kingsley v as aiiiliated with the Los Angeles Bar Association, the American Bar Association, the Federal Bar Association, Citi- zen ' s Advisory Committee to the State Attorney General on Crime Prevention, and Delta Theta Phi. Arthur Kooker -7 -y •• -Jj Harold Horowitz Paul ones 108 Two other Education School award win- ners were Sylvia Vzattos who was also active in Y.W.C.A., Independent Women ' s Council, Phi Chi Theta; and Edgar Ross, a member o C.S.T.A. and Phi Delta Kappa. Meet Marcia ]o Dzummond, member o Pi Lamdba Theta, Phi Kappa Phi, and veep of Chi Omega, winner o the Pi Lambda Theta award lor outstanding student teaching in secondary education, and Fiances A. Andieoli, winner of the Pi Lambda Theta award tor outstanding student teaching on the elementary level. Two very popular law students were Heib Stiickstiei and Len Mai- lange. both members of Nu Beta Epsi- lon, a law fraternity. != l 1 I I g|r gMJH| tsmymmm - «emm wj . «« s -t l H MMM MMMB whs j Here we find Jane Glidden, Alpha Gamma Delta, who is a Pi Lambda Theta and won the award for outstanding student teaching and Achievement in the field of Education and Edna Coinell, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Alumni Award. 109 Roy Aaron, John Argue, John Barhazd, Craig Biddle, Robert Blakey, Richard Edsall, Dewey Falcone, Jerome Feldmen Harvey Fiersiein, Howard Gebler, Paul Geragos, Lessing Gold, Leiand Greenwald. Allan Grossman, Herbert Halil, Virginia HaniHn Edward Heap, David Jacobsohn, Marcus Kaulman, High Kelley, Wyndham Kemp, Mark Kiguchi, Leon Leonian, Bernal Lewis Thomas McCarthy, Bruce MacLaclan, Leonard Marangi, William Marx, Harry Miller, Robert Mitchell, Allen Neiman, Jerrold Oliver Edward Palmer, Arthur Pastel, Walter Pallock, Charles Price, William Rosensweig, Barry Scholer, Alan Sieroty, Elva Sopei Dorothy Sousa, Charles Spencer, Lillian Stanley, Dean Seillwagon, Herbert Strickstein, Robert Summers, Robert Warren. James Watkins Yvonne Watson, Joseph Weissman, Charles Wiggins, PauJ Witmer, William Woodford 110 LETTERS, ARTS AND SCIENCES Thomas Clements Since 1948 Tracy E. Strevey has been Dean o the College o Letters, Arts, and Sciences. Dean Strevey received his AB, MA, and PhD degrees at Willamette University, University of Washington, and University of Chicago, re- spectively. Before coming to SC he taught history at Northwestern University and the Universities o Chicago and Wisconsin. At Northwestern he was Chairman of the History Department. He was a member of the American History and the American Academic Deans Associations. John McCoy 111 Wiiliam Werkmeister Wesley Robb cones Peterscai Neil Warren 112 LAS President Ruthanne Man was a psychology major. A transfer from the University of Missouri, Ruthanne was Amazon Vice President, Chair- man of Trojan Chest, and a member of Chimes, Junior and Senior Class Councils, the Dem- ocratic Club, and Chi Omega. Patricia Adams, John Aiken. Meba Alemu, Kay Alexander, Frank A7 ard, Calvin Anderson, Jeiiy Andes Fred Andrews, George Angelesco, John Aposiolov, R. Louis Baez, Ronald Barbre, Pete Barnes, William Barvincbak, Bob Bazdaricb Arnold Benson, Vallciy Besnah. Don Bethruum, ]. Kent Blanche, Barry Blumenthal, Jonine Booth, Murry Bring, Gail Brown Ron Brown, Valerie Brown, Alan Brush, Fiedric Burgh, Dan Butler, Charlotte Campbell, Helen Carlile, Robert Chappell i Robert Cbaid, Olga Chabotas, Sara Chrislensen, Anne Clarke, H. Grady Cleland. Jerald Clemans. Hannah Cline, Jacque Congdon 113 Philip H. Cook. Maigmite Cooper, Harry Cover, Leslie Coyle Jr.. Jane CusicJc, Hex Davidson, Edward DeMariini. Everett Dickey %Sk Arnold Deiner, Joan Disbman. Patricia Disbman. Cynthia Domingo. Don Erlandson. Suzanne Evans. Fred Fogg IIJ, Susan Farnsworib 11 Marcia Faiqell, Peter Fields, Joseph Fischer, Robert Flemming, Antonio Flores, Josephine Foasbuig, Robert Foster, John Francis Barbara Frank. Lillian Frey. Gilbert Garcia, Theodore Gardner 11. Sin Hock Gaw. Donald Gazzanga. Gretel Geiser. Robert Gersf A t oaquin Gil Del Real, Edna GiWllan, Martin Glass, Doreen Glotlelty. Arthur Gontier. Diane Goodwin, Hersciiei Gordon, Beveriy Gore WliPiilS] Hilda Goss, Robert Griffin, oiin Guerre. Yulcap Hahn, Zoe Halvorsen. John Hamilton, Dave Hammond. James Hartwell oe HaSBon, Donno Hawkes, Thorpe Haynes. Felice Helman, Arlene Hendlei. Billy Higbee, William Hillink. Donald Hinsvazk 114 £ennefJi HoHeit, DaTiell Holt, Claike Howatt. John Hvasia, Nancy Hyslap. Sang Yul Hyun, Charlotte Ivory, Raymond ladwin ►. . Robert Jani, Mae Jo, Linde Johannsen, Bruce Johnson, Baibaia Jones, Elizibetb Jones. Maicay Jordan, Irene Joseie Wadetle Kaibney, Harriett Kalpakian, Peter Kaplanis, Howard Kates, Marvin Katz. Youko Kagawa, Jim Karayan, Karen Keagy l Mary Lyn Keating, Robert Keim, Maigarite Kilchmann, Cammie King, Robert Krause, Robert Krieger, Joan Kroeger, James Krutzlelt Harold Kurland, Pauline Kutansky, Wesley Landen, Rudolph Langer, Fernando Ledesma, Phyllis Leidy, Janet Leonard, Richard Lickbalier Margaret Lindley, Shun Ling, William Lalthouse, Robert Loyd, Doris Lyons, Susanna McBee, Drexel McClure, Joan McCollom Ardrew McGucJcin, Buddy McKinney. Donald McNamee, Robert McQuiegg. Edward Mainland, Mairlyn Manslield, William Manson, Frederick Marcella 115 Geraldine E. Maiciniak. Ruihanne Man, John R. Maztin, Paul E. Martin. George . Mason, Joan E. Mason, Daulat S. Masuda, Mazy Fay Mathes Bazbaza S. Medlozd, Rodney A. Metzlei, Richazd Moore, Elhel H. Mozebouse, Mazy Mou ion, Ricbazd MuUazd, Robert iVannini, Nevelle O. JVebeker H Maurice E. Nelson, Lawrence Novack, Ray Nussbaum, Ann Openshaw, Virginia Orion, Sidney Owsowi z, Sidney Oziel, Luanna Pazkez Lyle Pazzish, Elizabeth Pattzick, Douglas A. Peaice, Raymond F. Penfz, Carol Percy, lorenza R. Perez, Beverly ]. Price, John D. Prince, Jr. 9 IBL 2 Roberta D. Pzochaska, Carolyn J. Quan, Evelyn E. Raznsey. Ronald H. Raybin. Carol M. Rich, Jerry Riley, Steve Robertson, Rudy Robles Ralph Rodine, Paul Rogers, Aurora H. Roldon, Walter RottenKolber. Leo Rovin, Alfred Ryan Jr., Mary Cecelia Ryan, Lloyd Saatjian Allan Sandler, Anthony Sanfino, Bazbaza Sawoune, Thomas Schechler. Betty Scheeler, Jo Ann Schznidt, Bevezly A. Sczoggs. Zzelda Sealey 116 Bicbaid Setlowe. William ScbeaUez, Ronald Fred Sbilds. Sbizuka Sbiobama. Maxwell Silverman, George Simms. Motley Skolnek. Andtea Smith Beveily Smiib, Lowell Smith, Robett Smith. Stacy Smith, L. Eugene Snedigai, Milla Sollingez, Bernard Solomon. Margaret S. Spellman Edwin Spencer, Thelma Steinberg, Beverly Stewart, Ronald Still, Paul Strecker, Michael M. Strumpl, Donald Summers, Gilbert Suzuki Natbanael Symionds. Tboshiaki Takeyasli, Lattie Tappen, Robert P. Tellis, Deiwin Terry, Edward M. Tevlin, Dorothy Thomas, Teresa Torres Barbara J. Tosbiyuki, Marcus O. Tucker, ]udy Valdez, Elizibeth Van HunnicJc, Larry Vickrey, Joan Wade, Patricia Wallace, Milan S. Wakelield Paul Wasserman, Ronald Weintraub, Sherman Weiss, Ronald Werden, Charles Wymann, John Wheeler, Henery White, Richard While Walter White II Flora Willett. Don WoU, Albert Wong, lane Wu. Yuriko Yastida, Joan Young. Harvey Zuckman 117 Leit to right: Row 1: Catherine Klupta, loan Rose, Gail Martin, Carol Rich, Jane Stransky, Rita Glass, Ruthanne Marr, President, Bob MacFar- lane, Treas., Joan Mason, Sec, Elizabeth Mabry, Gail Glanz, Sheila Zonis, Rivko Avrutin, Bart Fenmore. Row 2: Kent Tippet, B. C. Kidd, Lillian Weller, Juliann Ashlord, Karen Keagy, Dianne Ondrasik, Roxey Martin, Alayne Slater, Virginia Burton, Sheryl Youngman, Joe Cerrell. Row 3: Daniel Gannon, Lyle Reimann, Leroy Ralner, Kathleen Roche, Diane Laporte, Gretchen Schoenheider, Eleanor Cook, Marianne Mills, Gail Robertson, Carolyn Bowe, Jim Karayn, Willie Chong. - i 1 i n 9 mmKF ' ' - — .-j w — -Pt , .-,— .-,B . . mr ■ — ' - — ■ Lett to right: Dave Johnson, Treasurer, Margaret Jean Carry, Mike Sullivan, Vice-president, Marguerite Cooper, President, Albert Saijo. Faranak Ghaliari, Leland DoUey. : _ ill " Ijki n. President o tJie School o International Relations was Senior Maigueiite Cooper. She was also a member of the Sen- ate, Debate Squad, Amazons, Tau Kappa Alpha, and Pi Sig- ma Alpha. 118 Dean oi the School of Medicine is Di. Gordon E. Goodhazt. The future development of the medical school will add a great deal to SC and most important, the community. It will house basic science departments, research and an excellent medical library. Assistant dean of medical school is Dr. Petei V. Lee, a graduate of Stan- ford and member of their faculty from 1952-1954. SC now claims his services and he ' s doing a wonderful job. MEDICINE Lett to right: Row 1: RobeTt Francis, Alan Travis, Merl Ledtord, Ka- rin Ehrenclou. Row 2: Jordan Weitzman, Hale Tolleth, Ray Hartwig, Chris Martin, Theodore Alex, Theodore Mobley, lose Lew. Hugh Edmondson John Webb A welcoming party tor iTeshman medical students shows, lelt to right, Bob Francis, ]ack Switt, ]ack Waltman and ]im Sullivan. Robert Toy, George Marples and Jordan Weitzman are doing an experiment related to the pharmacology oi the heart. Medical School intramuTal basketball team, third- place winner in the All-U league. Lelt to right; row 1: Dan Eventon, ]im Chung. Bow 2: Dick Gallagher, Bob Fiskin, Bill Kincannon, Mickey Kadner. Row 3: Coach Dr. Paul Saltman, George Herron, Ron Woods, Ray An- derson, Bob Carrol. Jack Berry. ]im Bonorris, Robert Crane, Reginald Decayetie. Remo DiCenso. Robert I. Dougherty. Jr. Charles Elerding. Don Eli, Paul Etkins. Frank Falco, Wesley Krande, Elbert Lawrence Roy Ledlord, Chris Martin, Clifford Schmiesing, Alan Travis, Jackie Trestrail 121 MUSIC Halsey Stevens Raymond Kendall has been Dean ol the School of Music since 1948. He received his BA, MA, and PhD at Occidental, Stanford, and Cor- nell, respectively. Dr. Kendall has taught at Whittier College, Stanford University, Univer- sity of Basel in Switzerland, Dartmouth Col- lege, and the University of Michigan. He was music critic for the Los Angeles MIRROR- NEWS. John Crown Leit to right: Row 1: Carol Breitkreutz, Eleanor Brown, Connie Lu Berg, Vice-pres., Burt Karson, Pres., Janet Goede, Sec, Joyce Armour, Treas., Jeanne Schatte. Row 2: Donna Risley, Burt Zipser, Marilyn Neeley, Ron Broadwell, Lynn Kable. Not Pictured: Carol Aldrich, Harry Corea, Gene Eaves, Silvia Edelglass, Shirley Hill, Howard Hielyer, Gaylan Ryan, Martha Ann Smith, Sharlene Stagg, Sue Waddelow, Miltoa Young. ■Sr- Joyce Armour, fion Broadwell. Harry R. Corea, Jr., Patricia Dyche, Jean Haynes. Melvin Hill John lolinson, Kenneth Kamp, B niton Katson, Jacqueline Manstield, Shaii Mayo, Petei Mittelstadt Maltha Nosches. Marilyn Piiestley. Jeanne Scbatte, Bazhaia Swendenboig, Eiena T chilling aiian. Philip Taylor Richard Untried, James Vacizca. Joyce Wilkin, Mary Zahl, Burton Zipser President o the School of Music or the past two years was Buit Karson. He was also a member of Skull and Dagger, Phi Mu Alpha. Senate, CSTA Cabinet, and Blue Key. In addi- tion to playing the piano and the pipe organ he was a Ma- drigal Singer. Dean Alvah Hall is a graduate of Troy. He taught chemistry in the Los Angeles City High Schools before returning to his alma ma- ter to assume the position of dean. Hall is a member of Rbo Chi, the pharmaceutical schol- astic society and Phi Kappa Phi, the scholastic honorary. PHARMACY Lett to light: Row 1: Glenn Hamor, Catherine Kirchner, John Biles, John Bester, Russell Bloomlield. Row 2: Willard Smith, Edward Brady, Carman Bliss, Edgar Hunt, Orville Miller. Serving the Pharmacy students was C. LaDell Stewait. He represented the school at many pharmaceu- tical organizations as well as on the Student Senate. Lett to Right: Row 1: Jack Frost, John Berger, Nancy Shaller, C. LaDell Stewart, Cookie Nagai, Allen Hathcock. Row 2: Grant Thulin, James Baverrnan, Bill Econome, John McDougal, James Valentine, Jerol Burns, George Roulette, H W m ■3 p|iB mm J p ' IMHRmp « ' ' ' ' ' h V ' " " " 1 1 1 George Anderson, Edward ArkeUan. Jack Ashley, Charles Augello, Robert Becker, Herbert Bloom, Malcolm Boghosian. Dennis Boyd Jeiol Burns, Daniel Chan, Lule Chris ensen, lack Craven, Kennelh D ' Auria, James Faverman. John Freeman, Franklin Friedman John Gearing, MarshaJI Gilsion. Neil Goddard. Alex Go buff, Zenaida Gonzalez, Leonard Goss, Gene Grolsman, Gilbert Haro Chailes Hathcock, Tom Ishioka, Reginald Jones, Ben ]ue, Roy Keith, Kay Lee, Richard tee, Edmund Lowe John McDougal, Robert Mallory, Masayoshi Matsuno, Joseph Motylski, Tom Nagata, Satoiu Nitta, Vasantkumai Paiel, George Root Joseph Santoio, Teiiill Shanbiom, Lloyd Smith, LaDell Stewait, Raul Tamayo, Kyo Utsunomiya, Heibeit Weinberg, Jerry Weisberg l KLi Harold Wellington, Albert Wong, Donald Wolter, Wayne Woolen, Patricia Yabes, Stanley Yagi, George Yamagucbi, Jun Yamasaki Warren Bennett, Wilbur Brantley, William Cambio, Robert Davis, Stanley Dickison, Dodge DoUe, Fred Edwards, Wazien Fannin Thomas Fish, Albert Harberger, Jake Humber, Jim Jamshidi, Robert Poli, Lawrence Price, Gerald Reppetto, Clinton Rust Donald SaJio, Dorthy Smith, Lerou Starkey, Edward Valdes, Duane Vandiver, George Vose, Donald Williams, Albert Wilson 126 Dean of the School of Public Administration was Heniy Reining, Jr. Dr. Reining received his AB at the University of Akron, his AM and PhD at Princeton University; and has been on the SC faculty from 1932 to 1934, and from 1947 to the present. He has also been a faculty member of Princeton, American, and George V asbington Universities. Dr. Reining was Act- ing President of the American Society for Pub- lic Administration, and a member of the Amer- ican Political Science Association. PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION John Pfiffner _-=SfcSi ' 9s ' r « t»t _. Lett to light: Row I; William Cambio, Bob Poll, President, Dorothy Smith, Vice Pres., Albert Haberger, Ed Valdes. Row 2: John Swindall, Warren Bennett, Stanley Dickison, LeRoy Starkey, Bob Robbins. 127 Robert PoH v as President of the School of Public Admin- istration. He was a member of Pi Sigma Alpha, Alpha Gam- ma Sigma, and the American Society for Public Administra- tion. Bob was Chairman of the Student Awards Committee in 1955. Floyd Ross RELIGION There are always smiling faces which may be seen in all religion classes. Along with the serious aspects of the spiritual side of life, there is also the humorous. Before joining the School of Religion staff in 1949, Dt. Eail CTanston was a professor of history at Colgate and the University of Red- lands. He was also a professor of religion at Dartmouth College. He earned his B.D. at Drew Theological Seminary in 1920. 128 Intense interest is shown by those pres- ent at one o the many social lunations o the School ol Social Work. SOCIAL WORK Dean of the School of Social WorJ: was Arlien Johnson. She received her BA at Reed College, her MA at Columbia University, and her PhD at the University ol Chicago. Dean Johnson was Associate Director ol the Seattle Community Fund, and Director of the School of Social work at the University of Washington before coming to SC in 1939. A board member of the National Association of Social Workers, Dean Johnson was Chairman of the Training Committee of the National Institute of Mental Health. Maurice Hamovitch Elizabeth McBroom 129 Dean of Summer School was John D. Cooke. Since coming to SC in 1920, he has also served as a professor of English, and Chairman of the division of humanities. Dr. Cooke was a graduate of Stanford University, having received his AB, AM, and PhD degrees there. Under his direction the Summer School program has continually grown, both in attend- ance and in courses offered. Dean Cooke has seen that such notables as the governor pic- tured below, come to campus during the busy summer. One of the many advantages of Summer School can be seen in this Art class setting. In- structors frequently take their classes out in the wonderful Southern California sunshine. SUMMER SCHOOL 130 Robert SummeTs Stuart Hyde Since 1954 Kenneth Haiwood has served SC as Chairn an of the Department of Tele- communications. Dr. Harwood calls SC his Alma Mater, having received his AB, AM, and PhD degrees here. Before joining the faculty. Dr. Harwood was Chairman of the Department of Radio and Television at the University of Alabama, President of the National Society for the Study of Communication, and Director of the Association for Professional Broadcasting Education. He was manager of KUSC-FM. TELECOMMUNICATIONS Edward DeRoo, instructOT in television production, shows Irene Walpole how to change lens positions while two students look on. Avid students listen intently as the Professor ex- pounds upon the theory of marketing practices in a Commerce class. Well, maybe a couple of individuals seem to be interested in other topics. Three very active sophomores during the past year were Maigie Svensen, Max Tiuex, and Nancy OUutt. Margie and Nancy were active in Spurs projects while Max culminated a successful track season by earning berths on the United States Olympic Track team in both the 5,000 and 10,000 meter runs. Robezt Vivian, Dean of the School of Engineering is a familiar face at many of the Engineering School ' s functions. He always seems to find time from his busy schedule to get better acquainted with his students. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE Harold Mathers Dean Carl Hancey directs the 10,000 in UC with 13 years ' experience at Troy. He served as a coordinator of the war-training program at SC in 1943 and was appointed assistant edu- cational dean in 1944. He took over the Uni- versity College directorial duties in 1947. Donald Searcy Conrad Wedberg Commander o AFROTC Detachment 60 at SC, Lieutenant Colonel James K. Bnggs was an SC graduate. In addition to his Air Force position, Col. Briggs was also a student of SC ' s graduate School. He was Adviser of the Arnold Air Society and a member o the Los Angeles Chamber oi Commerce Civil Defense Committee. Besides teaching cadets leadership and the responsibilities of being an officer, Col. Briggs found a little time for hunting, fishing, golfing, and boating. AFROTC In Iront: Wing Commander, Dariell Crouch. In line lelt to light: Maishall P. Khne. Dir. o Operations, Wil- liam O. Shealter, Dir. oi Personnel, Ronald L. Brown, Dir. ol Material, Hairy M. Cover, Wing Coniroller, Ron- ald C. Beckett, Deputy Wing Commander, David B. Rice It., Wing Adjutant, Don Bethuium, Wing Executive OHicei. Cadets showing the transition from civilian to service lUe on campus. 134 Dio s paiadi :;; a.vvayj -jn :r::portant event in the lile o the NBOTC cadet. From the officers to the lowest ol ranks, formality reigns. N R O T C 135 Captain Ranald M. MacKinnon, USN, was Professor o Naval Science this year. Since graduating from the United States Naval Acad- emy, Capt. MacKinnon has been awarded the Bronze Star Medal with Gold Star and V, insignia o Commander, and the Order oi Orange Nassau. He was an assistant professor of public administration 1954-55. Along with training young men to become Naval officers, Capt. MacKinnon took time out for his favorite sport, golf. He has been at SC since 1952. mill DEBATE ■ 1 ■1 r r : Captain of the Debate Squad and Senator-at-Large were just two of Muzzay firing ' s many activities. He was also Blue Key President, Chairnnan of the Board of Financial Con- trol, and Independent Men ' s Representative. Murray was a senior. One of the two leading women on this year ' s team was Fzancine Lane. Among her many triumphs was a first place garnered in the Western States Tournament at Pacific Lutheran College. The outstanding sopho- more member of this year ' s de- bate squad was Latiy Sipes. Among his many accomplish- ments was teaming with Paul Sonnenburg to win the lower division title at the Southern California Tournament without a defeat. 138 Being the most photogenic member of the squad earned Ron Weintraub the right to rep- resent the university in televi- sion debates. Ron also appeared in six non-decision radio de- bates. The second half of the women ' s team was Maxine KoTpman. She teamed with Francine Lane in capturing al- most all of the events in which they entered. Maxine has one more year of competition. Teaming with debate cap- tain Murray Bring was Bob Ciouich. As a team these two traveled to Pittsburgh to engage a team from Cambridge Uni- versity of England. Bob will be back next year. Completing his first year as assistant Debate coach, Jack Healy was instrumental in bringing many laurels to Troy. Jack received his B.A. at Cali- fornia and his M.A. at Nebraska. He has taught Speech on this campus for three years. Debate coach was Alan Nichols. He was educated at four colleges in the North Amer- ican and European continents. After complet- ing his 35th year as debate coach, Nichols says he finds moments of leisure in witnessing foot- ball and baseball games. He is a member of Alpha Tau Omega and Delta Sigma Rho. 139 CINEMA Head of the Cinema Department this year was Robert O. Hall. He received his BS and MS in education and his EdD at SC; and since being on the faculty, he has served as an associate professor in education. He was a member of Phi Delta Kappa, Delta Kappa Al- pha, NEA-DAVl, and CTA. One of his hobbies was cooking. Professor Menell Gage and the Cinema Department won an Oscar lor their documentary him. " The Face ol Lincoln. " Shown in this series ol photos are the de- velopment ol the Lincoln bust taking lorm under the skilled lingers ol Mr. Gage. Melvin Sloan Daniel Wiegand The Depaitment of Cinema at U.S.C. was the hist such department to be set up in any American university and is still the largest and best equipped. Three student groups are sponsored within the Depart- ment: Delta Kappa Alpha, the national honorary cinema fra- ternity; the student chapter of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers; and the Graduate Film Makers ' Seminar. Among the activities sponsored by these student organizations, together with the Department, is the Film Classics series, a weekly film showing open to students and the public. Programs of films and guest speakers are also planned several times a semester. An annual event in the Department occurs the last Fri- day of the Spring Semester in which a preview of student productions is held. In the academic year 1955-56, the students brought to completion 34 films in the Senior Workshop and the Graduate Workshop. In addition to the student production activities, there is within the Department a production unit serving the needs of the University as a whole. This production unit also services as a laboratory in which students can observe and participate in professional production. It was this production unit, aug- mented by students, which was responsible lor the Academy Award winning film THE FACE OF LINCOLN. Howard Banks Anthony Bargese is seen operating the dimmeT hoard on (he Bovard Stage. Williarn C. White, Drama Department Lighting Technician, is checking linal hghting cues with Mr. Bargese. Herbert Stahl Chairman of SC ' s Drama Department was James H. Butlez. Dr. Butler has directed many period dramas and has been editorial adviser for motion picture and theater sections of the ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITANICA. He received his AM and PhD degrees at SC, and has been on the faculty since 1946. In his spare time Dr. Butler collected books. DRAMA 142 " Ye Gods, " yells Herbeit Pataki, who plays the Old Man in " The Twin Menaechmi. " He thinks the young man, Peter Hayman, has gone completely mad. Carol Daniels, who played the role ol the shrewish wile in " The Twin Menaechmi, " is scolding her husband, played by Ken Niles, Jr. French Tickner, a parasite, is giving his support to the husband, Menaechmus ol Epi- damnus. The inimitable Ken Shanks speaks the prorogue in a scene irom the rarely produced Roman Comedy, " The Twin Menaechmi " by Plautus. 143 Jewell Bridges, George Lyman, and Shana Thompson are seen in an amusing scene Irom " Sabrina Fair " by Samuel Taylor. Setting by Bobert H. Johnson. Mr. Burnett Ferguson and Miss Betty Rhodes in the closing scene ol " Sabrina Fair, " directed by Herbert M. Stahl. A scene behind the scenes in the make-up room at Bovard. It is just before a performance ol Plautus, " The Twin Menaechmi, " directed by James H. Butler. Carol Daniels and Karen Kester are the beauties on hand. 144 The lour lovelies above were the lead players in the production ' ' The Little Women. " Representing an- other very successtul and high-caliber production pre- sented by the Drama Dept. A famous scene rom the play " The Women, " by Clare Booth Luce, tinds Jonine Booth taking a bubble bath while catching up on the gossip of the hour. 145 The man in charge o inarching activities this year was John E. Green, Assistant Director o{ Bands. Prior to coming to SC, Mr. Green was Secretary-Treasurer of the Iowa Music Educa- tors Association. He was also head of the In- strumental Music Department tor Iowa City Public Schools. A golf, bridge, and stamp collecting enthusiast, Mr. Green lectured in music education. Troy ' s top-rated marching band had quite a work- out this year, what with a full football schedule and an even fuller basketball schedule. But probably the busiest time of all was during Homecoming at which time the band performed for a total of 11 different events. The traditional Trojan uniform is still unique among bands and is a very distinguishing feature of the Trojan Football Band. 146 FOOTBALL BAND Bow 1: Lett to right: ]ohn Green, Assistant Director; Jim Weary, Bill Blair, Bill Smith, Ted Gomillion, ]im Vacirca, Karl Jaeger, Bill Love, Dick Wenrich, Arlen Lindsley, Dick Schoonover, David Seligman, Gordon lenkins, Steve Layne, Gordon Mol, Dick Stephens, William Schaeter, Director. Bovf 2: Lett to right: Vernon Read, Joe Franco, Mike Houston, Ron Broadwell, Ken Johnson, Harlow Hostord, Bob LaFontaine, Dave Lawson, Fred Bergstone, Howard Hillyer, Dan DuBois, Jim Thompson, Henry Sasajima, Charles Walder. Row 3: Lett to right: Richard Hansen, Gary Mc- Jilton, Pepe Mittelstadt, Curtis Hayes, Jim Stewart, Ernest Zooper, Bob Fritzen, Tom Parkhurst, Jack Arntzen, Harry Corea, Herb Goodman, Jay Stockton, Lincoln Mayorga, Rauol Appel, Rait McDonald. Row 4: Lett to right: Hoyt Griltith, Jerry Chatlield, Everett Rosenstein, Ken Kisner, Norton Donner, Charles Brady, Leon Crowl, Robert Slovens, Gil Bovne, Phil Delurgio, Joe Schirard, Morris Gurvin, Bob Carpenter, Dick Whitesell, Richard Agajanian, Frank Macias, George Werner, Joe Lamare. Row 5: Lett to right: Jim Schultz, Mel Warner, Alden Waldo, Andrew Salcido, Don Gordon, Arthur Ness, Harry Carter, Bill Crawtord, Richard Gatlin, Norman Wright, Bill Baker, Jim Farber, Richard Roger, Robert Achilles, Ray Schneider, David Silverstone, Howard Quilling. Row 6: Lett to right: Larry Purcell, Roosevelt Arnold, David Norton, Ken Dickey, Byron Lintord, Alger Heck, Johnson, Ben Reese, Jim Kane, Carl Bergkvist, David Loshin, Mike Bodie, Bill Rene, Ruben Auguiano. 147 SYMPHONIC BAND Piccolo: Eve Dickens. Flute: Patricia Bearcroit, Eve Dickens, Mary Lou Hill, Louella Hobbs, Gary Mcjilton, Sidney Zeitlin. Oboe: Patricia Lehman, Lincoln Mayorga, Howard Quilling. English Horn: Lincoln Mayorga. E-Flat Clarinet: Alden Waldo. B-Flat Clarinet: Robert Achilles, William Baker, Samuel Bradshaw, Harry Carter, Harry Corea, Authur Ness, Harlow Hoslord, Clement Hutchinson, Kenneth Kamp, Hal Owen, David Silverstone, James Stewart, Peter Swanson, James Vicirca, Alden Waldo, Leonard Walker. Bass Clarinet: Patricia Dyche, Norman Wright. Contra Bass Clarinet: Mel Warner. Bassoon: William Harding, Vernon Read, James Schultz. Alto Saxophone: Dominick Fera, Curtis Hayes. Tenor Saxophone: Thomas Parkhurst, Lambertus Princen. Baritone Saxophone: Peter Mittelstadt. Cornet and Trumpet: Gilbert Boyne, Charles Brady, William Brower, Robert Carpenter, Jerry Chatheld, Fred Farias, Kenneth Kismer, Bud Klein, Rail McDonald, Donald Pipes, Domenic Rizzi, Charles Wackerman, George Werner. French Horn: Fred Bergstone, Everett Dickey, Dan DuBois, Kenneth Harrison, Howard Hillyer, Marcay Jordan, Robert LaFontaine, Dave Lawson. Baritone: John Green, James Thompson. Trom- bones: William Blair, Paul Glass, Stephen Layne, Richard Lee, William Smith, Richard Stephens, James Waery. Tuba: Ronald Broadwell, Kenneth Dickey, John Johnson, James Kane, Byron Linlord. String Bass: Elaine Browning, Marianne King, Martha Smith. Percussion: Connie Berg, Edward Sarkisian, Richard Wenrich. Tympani: Donna Morgan. Organ: Richard Untried. This was William A. Scbaeier ' s fourth year as Director o Bands and Chairman of the Wood Instrument Department at the School of Music. Mr. Schaefer received his BS in music education and MA in education from Miami University, and has done other graduate work at the University of Michigan and Juilliard School of Music. He has arranged many works for bands. 148 Joyce Armour, Fredrick Bergstone, Eleanor Biro, Charles Brady, Eleanor Brown, Robert Carpenter, Jerry Chatlield, Eve Dickens, Lydia DuU, Patricia Dyche, Kenneth Eaves, Corrine Farber, Helen Farber, Janice Fenimore, William Harding, Ken- neth Harrison, Howard Hillyer, Max Tobart, Louella Hobbs, Lynn Kahle, Mary Kimmel, Marianne King, Harvey Klee, Stephens LaFever, Patricia Lehman, Joanne Manuel, Norma Marcus, Mar- tha Nosches, Janet Orvis, George Papazian, Nona Pyron, Vernon Read, Norman Redman, William Rene, Rhoda Rossell, Jean Stevens, Stephanie Stewart, Philip Taylor, Raymond Theis, James Thompson, Anita van Heers, Sue Waddelow, Alden Waldo, Mel- vin Warner, Gene Wilson. ORCHESTRA Di. IngoU Dabl has been with the SC School of Music as director of the symphony orchestra and associate professor of music since 1945. A well-known composer in his own right, he received the Guggenheim fellowship in com- position in 1952. 149 A CAPELLA CHOIR Completing his hist year as director o the A Capella Choir, Carl Dzuba carried on in the fine tradition of the choir for presenting excel- lent performances. Carl is also employed by the School of Music as an instructor in Church Music. Druba expects to have many more tours in the iuture to show the community how the University utilizes its musical talents. Members of the A Capella Choir were " widely " received during their annual West Coast tour. Members of the choir, under the direction of Dr. Charles C. Hirt, are shown perform- ing before inmates of a California Penal institution. David Ackles, Marti Barn ' s, Carol Breitkreutz, Ro- berta Carroll, Jean Coyle, Andrew Crow, Sharon Davis, Robert DeSimone, Everett Dickey, Mary Lou Drummond, Leonard Dull, Sylvia Edelglas, Janet Gaede, Frank Gleberman, Beverly Harmon, Norman Harris, Jean Haynes, Harvey Hinshaw, Judith Hubbard, Beverly Johnson, Valerie Johnston, Florence Jolly, Robert Keller, James La Maida, Dennis Lang, Jack Lawrence, Ruben Leon, Philip Malin, Jacqueline Mansheld, Josephine Matthews, Marjorie Merjanian, Jerilyn Neal, Kay Reiter, Tom Runyon, Ann Russell, Suzanne Russian, Jean Schatte, David Seligman, Leysl Semler, Pat Singer, Judith Smallman, Sharlene Stagg, Barbara Sweden- borg, Richard Untried, Nancy Weaver, Marion Wilcox. 151 A man of many titles was Charles C. Hiit. This year he was head of the Church Music Department, and Director of the Madrigal Sing- ers and of choral organizations. Dr. Hirt has been choral director for several Columbia re- cordings and for several Warner Brothers films. He was also Minister of Music at the First Presbyterian Church in Hollywood. MADRIGALS Ellen Barnard, William Cross, Janet Green, Linda Johnston, Burton Karson, Paul Mayo, Shari Mayo, Mar- vin McKissick, Beverly Scalzo, Elaine Stewart, Richard Wood, Milton Young. 1 1Bl I VHi 11 11 ll 9 np ' ' ■ » ii » 1 1 OPERA CHORUS Neil Anstead, Jimmie Bailey, Hans Beer, Diane Daniel, Wil- liam Hite, Marilyn Hutton, Sandra Isham, lean McCloskey, Doris Pridonoii, Galen Ryan, Sylvia Spinosa, French Tickner, Marian Williams, Barbara Young, Burton Zipser. 153 Chairman of the Opera Department was Walter Ducloux. Dr. Ducloux received his PhD at the University of Munich, and his conductor ' s diploma at the Vienna State Academy. He has been a guest conductor of the NBC Symphony Orchestra in New York, and Musical director of Voice of America. Dr. Ducloux is a member of the Metropolitan Opera National Council. Peail Kaulman SC ' s most ambitious operatic production to date was the West Coast premiere of Gian-Carlo Menotti ' s musical drama " The Saint of Bleecker Street, " presented in Bovard in De- cember. As stage director, the department invited Menotti ' s long- time collaborator Bill Butler, who had been associated with the original Broadway production. Following the SC premiere, Butler exclaimed, ' This has been the most exciting perform- ance of the work I have ever seen, bar none. " Other performances during the year included excerpts from Mozart operas, " Don Giovanni, " " domeneo, " and " Cosi Fan Tutte, " all done in English. OPERA Elaine Cencel as Ortiud and Maiy-Ellen Periin as Elsa in Wagner ' s " Lohengrin. " 154 Dramatic momenf in " The Saint o Bleecker Street " as Michele (Chris Lachona. lelt) fatally stabs his jealous sweetheart Desideria (Elaine Cencel) who col- lapses in the arms ot Anina (Jeanette Farra) while stunned wedding guests look on aghast. In " Cosi Fan Tutte, " Carol Tiernan, Marion Oles, John Noschese, Beatrice Wilner, ]ames Gib- bons and John Malay per orm in Mozart ' s delighttul spool proclaiming the congenital intidelity of women. " Arabella, " by Richard Strauss, was iirst performed in fhe country outside the Metropolitan Opera at SC. Marion Oles and Carl Schultz are shown as anxious parents of a problematic daughter. " The Saint of BfeecJcer Sfreef, " Gian-Cario JVfenoffi ' s Pulitzer-Prize winning musical drama, was given its West Coast premiere in Bovard last December, with over 200 students combining efforts (o achieve a stunning success. 155 .t K X The name of Willis O. Huntei has been prominent in the field of Collegiate Athletics for many years. As Director of Athletics Mr. Hunter is responsible for the functioning of SC ' s intercollegiate athletic program. He is also a member of the NCAA and U.S. Olympic Asso- ciation Executive Boards. ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT Heading the Athletic Department for the 31st year has been Willis O. Hunter, Director of Athletics. Assist- ing him has been the job of the University Committee on Athletics headed by Tracy E. Strevey, Dean of Letters, Arts and Sciences. The committee was com- posed of: Earl C. Bolton, administrative assistant to the president; John W. Fredericks, acting head of the Physical Education department; Willis O. Hunter, Director of Athletics; Bernard L. Hyink, Dean of Students; Paul A. White, head of the Mathematics de- partment; and Hugh C. Willett, faculty athletic repre- sentative. These seven men rule on eligibility of participants, expenses and schedules of SC ' s athletic program. These men, all tops in their various fields, did an admirable job at positions that took much of their time and for which there was not much glory. It was a big task and it took big men to get the work done. To these Trojans a vote of thanks. Lett to Right: Row 1: Hugh Willett, Tracy Strevey, Willis Hunter. Row 2: Paul White, Earl Bolton, ]ohn Fredericks, Bernard Hyink. 158 Tiacy Stievey again served as chairman of the University Committee on Athletics. Among his jobs at the University is that o Dean of the School o Let- ters, Arts, and Sciences. Dean Strevey came to SC in 1948. He is a low handicap golfer. Spending his last year at Troy as Director of Athletic News, H. D. Thoieau leaves a saddened SC to take a position with the Winter Olympic Com- mittee. He is considered one of the finest news men and statis- ticians. " Doc " Willis Jacobus has been at SC for eleven years and is partly responsible for Troy ' s athletic success. It is his job as team Doctor to keep all the athletes in tip-top shape, which he has done well. Assistant Athletic Director Alan Ewen is Mr. Hunter ' s right hand man. He is responsible for the efficient operation of the athletic program. Al does a ter- rific job of managing the Coli- seum for all SC events. 159 A comparative newcomer to the athletic staff is William Ballard, assistant to ' ' Doc " Ja- cobus. He has learned that his job is not an easy one. How- ever, he has shown great ca- pacity and activities get easier as time goes on. Equipment man lor the past ten years has been Bill Caies- well. H e has the tedious job of seeing to it that all of his boys are properly equipped. Every- thing from towels to game uni- forms. Completing his first year as Assistant to the Director of Ath- letic News Service, Don Rich- man has discovered that there are many events which make up the life of a news man. Don was a pre-law student who has " seen the light. " ,.,►♦« Assistant trainer was George Anderson. It is part of George ' s job to take care of the aches and pains. He came to Troy from San Jose State and has served on the staff lor three and one-half years. An athlete introduced George to his wile. 160 " My leg hurts, " " I ' ve got a sore shoulder. " These sayings are old stuff to Kearney Reeb, athletic trainer. It is his job to take care of all hoys in all phases of athletics, which makes him one of the traveling men in the university. ; ' - I ■ .VlT " t 162 Leading Trojan spirit this year was TKE Bill Hillinck. His worthy associates were: Al Green, Phi Deh; Kent Blanche, ATO; Larry Knudsen, Acacia, and Woody Wilmore, Kappa Sig. These guys would strike some funny poses during the year, but they were probably listen- ing to ' Supersonic Sound " lade away in the distance or becoming a ' ' Mr. Ah-doo-ri-ni " on the spot. These live clowns were always at iootball games, rallies, or some other sports event whooping it up for old SC. They all de- serve a medal for their fine leadership during the past year as Yell Le aders. BILL HILLINCK KENT BLANCHE WOODY WILMORE LARRY KNUDSEN YELL KINGS 163 This was the hith year that Jess Hill was head coach at SC. During his first four seasons his teams won 31 games and lost 12 or an amazing .716 percentage. His ' 52 team won the PCC Championship and defeated Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl tor the only win of a PCC team over the Big Ten champs in the Rose Bowl. Jess is an alumnus of SC where he played football, baseball, and track. After ten years of pro- fessional baseball, he became a coach, and took the head position at SC five years ago. 164 For the third year, Nick Pappas had charge of the de- fensive backs of SC. Nick is an alumnus of SC, and became a coach here after several years of scouting for professional teams. As a sideline, Nick sells insurance. Line Coach Don Claik was the captain of SC ' s 1947 PCC Championship Squad. He was a first string lineman for four years and captain his senior year. Don came to SC after playing for the ' 49ers, and coaching at Navy. George Ceithaml, offensive backfield coach, played his col- lege ball for the University of Michigan. After graduating, he remained there as coach for four years before coming to SC. He played in the Rose Bowl in 1948. End Coach Bill Fish has been a coach at SC for seven years. Bill played football at SC where he was All-Coast and played in two Rose Bowl games. After a few years of pro ball, he returned to his Alma Mater to coach the en ds. One of the greatest linemen ever to play football was Line Coach Mel Hein. He was AU- American at Washington State and made the All-Pro team eight times. He formerly coached the New York Yankees and the Los Angeles Rams. COACHES 165 Coaching the freshman football team was the chore of Jess MoTtensen. A great all- around athlete for SC, Jess also coached the track team. He has also coached for Denver and the United States Military Acad- emy. Jim Maddux, whose grandfather was an early Life Pass winner, carried on a family tradition by earning his own Life Pass as the efficient and well- liked Senior Manager. i 84g83 J H6V ' « First row; Senior Manager Jim Maddux, Roy Smith, Joe Tisdale, Vern Sampson, Gordon Duvall, Orlando Ferrante, Co-Captain Marv Goux, Co-Captain George Galli, Bing Bordier, Leon Clarke, John Miller, Ron Brown, Dirk Eldredge, Assistant Coach Nick Pappas. Sec- ond row: Head Coach Jess Hill, Assistant Coach George Ceithaml, Jim Contratto, Jon Arnett, Doug Kranz, Fred Pierce, Ernie Merk, Don Hick- man, Ells Kissinger, Walt Gorrell, Laird Willott, Gene Blodgett, Ernie Zampese, Frank Hall, Ath- letic Director Willis O. Hunter. Third row: Assistant Coach Mel Hein, Bob Bell, Dick Enright, Ron Fletcher, Lyle Clark, Fabian Abram, Don McFarland, Phil Debovsky, Chuck Leimbach, Hank Schmidt, C. R. Rob- erts, Assistant Coach Bill Fisk, Trainer Kearney Reeb, Assistant Coach Don Clark. Fourth row: George Belotti, Dick Branson, Walt Gurasich, Dennis Wilkerson, Karl Rubke, Dick Westphal, Chuck Perpich, Bob Voiles, Bob Isaacson, Bob Rosendahl, Ben Lardizabal, Don Kasten. VARSITY Excellent blocking mows down Cougar delenders to help Arnett break away or a sizeable gain. The Trojans opened the Diamond Jubilee year with a 50-12 win over Washington State. The Cougars scored early in the hrst quarter, but from then on SC dominated the play. Enright re- covered a fumble which resulted in a touchdown for Troy. SC rolled then with Arnett scoring twice, Isaacson kicking a field goal, Roberts passing to Clarke for a touchdown, and Arnett converting twice to make the halftime score 29-6. Early in the second half, Belotti took a punt and scooted 35 yards to pay dirt. SC tallied again on a plunge by Kranz, and later on a 24- yard interception by Roberts. WSC scored once more to make the final score SC 50, WSC 12. Bob Isaacson charges through to throw the Washington State runner lor a loss as Enright and Sampson lend a hand. Bob is a good tackier. 168 wsc sc 12 50 MaTV Goux, co-captain, played top foothall alter missing the first part o he season because of a back injury. For the second straight year, Marv won the team ' s inspiration award. Co-Captain George Galli was a good blocker and really solid on de- fense. His graduation, along with Fer- rante ' s and Miller ' s, will leave quite a gap in the Trojan line next year. Laizd Willott, one of the tour top guards, is the only one returning for duty in 1956. He was All-League at Hoover high school and can take care of himself. Tackle George Belotti takes a punt and returns it 35 yards (o a TD as Chuck Leimbach outthinks a defender. George was one of the men that scored against Washington Stale. OREGON 15 SC 42 Playing longer than any other cen- ter, Vern Sampson was a top lineman both on oftense and defense. He wound up his varsity career by earning his third letter and a Lile Pass. Gordon Duvall, SC ' s big lullback, shows his driving power as he roars around end lor lour yards and a Urst down. In a game featured by long runs, the Men o Troy defeated their second PCC foe, 42-15. Oregon scored early in the first quarter, but on the second play of the next quarter, SC took the lead, never to lose it. In the same quarter Contratto passed 30 yards to Arnett for a touchdown. Morris of Oregon then snuck 72 yards over tackle to score for the Ducks. Later Roberts circled right end and lateraled to Arnett for a 32-yard scoring play. Seven plays alter Oregon scored a safety, James kicked to Arnett on the 10-yard-line and Jon scrambled 90 yards to his fourth touchdown of the evening. Roberts then drove 3 yards over right tackle for the final tally of the evening. When the final gun had sounded, Arnett had scored 28 points for a new Trojan and PCC scoring record. Abram played great defensive ball and gave the Ducks a bad time the entire game. 170 4 " Diik Eldiedge, one of the smallest centers on the squad, didn ' t log too much playing time because of lack of weight. This Glendale CC transfer was sharp in the classroom. Karl Rubke, a big and powerlul soph, showed great promise in the cen- ter position this year and should be the starter next season. He played both end and tackle as a prep. Senior John Mi ier, playing behind Gain in the left guard spot, got in 182 minutes oi playing time or the 1955 season. He was a dependable per- former and will be missed. Don Hickman takes a handolt on a reverse and goes over tackle lor ten yards and a lirst down against the Ducks. Don made the reverse play work this season. Only a sophomore, he should develop into one o Troy ' s greats in the next two seasons. 171 Fabian Abram proved to be a big and fast tackle in his first year on the Trojan varsity. His aggressiveness en- abled him to smear opposing runners lor many losses. Dick Eniight switched from guard to tackle and won a starting berth. He should be a top lineman next season, and with all tackles returning, Troy should be strong at this spot. As 63,033 spectators watch, C. R. Roberts takes a punt on his own IS-yaid Hne and returns it to the SC 43-yaTd line. This was the third straight victory lor the Trojans as they played a good game, deteating Texas on their first trip to the coast. 172 TEXAS 7 SC 19 The Longhorns of Texas made their first appearance on the Coast and went home with a 19-7 defeat. The first time the Trojans got the ball they marched 90 yards with Duvall faking a pass and running over left end for the final 5 yards and a touchdown. The second time Troy got the ball in the first half, they marched 94 yards in 11 plays for another score. Rob- erts tallied this time from 9 yards out, and SC led at the half, 13-0. Later the Longhorns scored to make the game more interesting, and then the Trojans led by only 6 points. The Tro- jans bounced back to score again as Contratto tossed a screen pass to Duvall who rambled 25 yards to the end zone, showing that the full- backs could score too. This gave SC its third staight win, scoring an average of 37 points per game. The eyes ol Texan ' s Menan Schriewer (85) and Joe Youngblood (46) were really glued on Troy ' s senior luUback, Gordy Duvall (40) on (his wide sweep around the Longhorn Hank. Duvall averaged 7 yards per carry and scored twice against Texas. Bing Bordier, senior end, has been a standout in this position for the past two seasons, and was especially effec- tive on defense. He was a grid and track prep star at Alhambra. 173 Having not beaten the Trojans the tour pre- vious years, the Huskies played a good game and handed the Men oi Troy their first defeat, 7-0. During the first halt the ball changed hands many times with the Trojans threatening once, Washington not at all, and neither team scor- ing. In the second hall, Washington got to the 8-yard line, but could not score. Hah way through the fourth quarter, a pass and a lateral were good lor 80 yards and the only score of the afternoon. After the kick, SC tried to score through the air, but the rain prevented success of the aerial game. SC had more first downs and more rushing yardage. Even though Ar- nett, Hickman, and Roberts had good averages, the team just couldn ' t make a sustained drive. Washington ' s score came on one long play. Leon Clarke, who nabbed 15 passes lor two touchdowns, was SC ' s leading pass receiver lor 1955. He was the first PCC player to be drafted by the pros as the L. A. Rams grabbed him. WASHINGTON 7 SC Ion Amett veers to the right and eludes a desperate delensive ellort on the part oi a Washington player. Rain and a hostile Seattle atmosphere combined to thwart the Trojans ' eilorts and the Huskies capitalized on one pass-lateral play to edge the Hillmen 7-0. f- ' ! v t. iir,Mi.imiiiv - ! aL rxtaaiijis ' !j.Mftt -tsitftLi. i ' . ' C. 174 Ron Fletcbei, who has a lot of speed or a big man, aided the Trojan cause at the tackle spot and earned his second varsity letter. Prepped at L. A. High and was All-City. Don Hickman skirts left end or a short gain as the Trojan running attack was somewhat dulled by an inspired Washington line. The precipi- tation didn ' t help the passing, either. Lanky Chuck Leimbacb, who caught 14 passes during the season, learned a lot of football and probably nailed down the starting right end spot for 1956. Fresno is his home. George Belotti. big 230-pounder, helped fill Jess Hill ' s depleted tackle spot. Had a big moment when he ran back a punt 35 yards against Washing- ton State for a touchdown. 175 WISCONSIN SC All-American Jon Aznett led the team in total offense, punt returns, kickoff returns, punting, rushing, scor- ing, and in total playing time. Definitely a great player. Big Chuck GriHith took this pass Irom Frank Hall and ambled 26 yards belore a Badger stopped him. Troy was underdog in this contest but came up on the long end o (he score. 21 33 Ron Brown will be missed next sea- son. He was a good runner and solid on defense, averaged 6.9 yards per carry, and never failed to gain on a rushing opportunity. 176 SC ' s first 1955 tangle with a Big Ten team ended favorably as the Trojans trounced Wis- consin, 33-21. Both teams gave the fans many thrills but SC came out on top, scoring the first time they got their hands on the ball, going 90 yards in 6 plays. The tally came on a 55- yard run by Arnett. The Badgers took the kick- off and scored 11 plays later to end the scor- ing in the first half with Wisconsin leading, 7-6. Hickman took the second half kickoff and ran it back to the Wisconsin 36. Four plays later, Roberts shot through left tackle for 30 yards and a TD. Wisconsin scored without losing the ball and SC followed suit. In the fourth quarter Haluska, who put on a great aerial show, passed to Bridgeman for a 78- yard scoring play. SC scored once more to cinch the upset victory. Don Hickman takes a handoii rom Frank Hall and goes for 8 yards through a big hole in the Wolverine line. A mixture o these gainers and o completed passes gave the Big Ten members a had time. The Trojans also displayed line blocking and good delensive work. Ernie Meik set a new Trojan rec- ord when he returned a Minnesota punt 93 yards or a touchdown. He saw quite a bit of action playing behind Hickman, Brown and Kianz. Fred Pierce, a capable left half, was born at the wrong time, for he plays behind such men as Jon Arnett and Ernie Zampese. Has one more year of eligibility. 177 CALIFORNIA 6 SC 33 This six-yard plunge by Arneti was one ol his three touchdowns racked up against the Golden Bears as the Trojans linished last to hand Pappy Waldorl a 33-6 lacing. Arnett was one ol the leading scorers in the nation with 108 points on 15 TDs and 18 conversions. SC started slow but hnished fast to beat the Golden Bears, 33-6. The statistics showed the Trojans even far- ther in front as SC gained 297 yards on the ground while Cal " rolled " for 66 yards. The first downs were a little un- balanced too — the final count gave SC 27 and Cal 12. Jon Arnett had a good day and averaged 5.8 yards per carry, but the player of the game was Gordon Duvall. Big Gordie averaged 9 yards per carry and played a fine defensive game. Gordon scored SC ' s fifth TD on a 58-yard scamper over the right side of the line. This victory gave Troy 3 wins and 1 loss in PCC play at this point in the schedule. Bob Isaacson, a sure tackier, was the team ' s best kicker. He made three conversions in as many attempts, kicked a field goal, and averaged 51 yards on kickoffs. 178 Gordon Duvall, work horse full- back, was named outstanding player in the UCLA game. He averaged 5.5 yards per carry oHensively and was the leading linebacker defensively. C. R. Roberts, big and fast soph fullback, ran for a 6.5 average in his first year. Has possibility of developing into an all-time great running back. Is also a fair broadjumper. Doug Kranz, sophomore hallback, puts his head down and drives as he turns the corner lor a big gain at Cal. This is typical ot the way Doug runs and he should do a lot lor Troy in the next two years. Over 51,000 people turned out to watch Cal host the Trojans. MINNESOTA 25 SC 19 Chuck Perpich, a transfer from Pasadena City College, moved up from the Spartan squad but saw no action during the season. This married vet is a PE major. Don McFailand is another end scheduled to see much action in 1956 with two varsity letters to his credit. His happiest moment was catching touchdown pass against Notre Dame. Minnesota ' s big senior end, Franz Koeneke, breaJcs through to block ]im Contralto ' s punt deep in Trojan territory and Gopher Bob Schmidt is ready to recover. A packed stadium with 64,592 spectators, braved a blizzard to see Troy edged 25-19. Photo courtesy Minneapohs Star-Tribune. in a swirl ot wind-driven snow, a burly Gopher catches Arnett close to the Minnesota goal line in the crucial play ot the game. Trailing by six points, a TD and conversion would have turned the trick lor Troy, but the attack was stopped and time ran out. Photo courtesy Minneapolis Star-Tribune. Minnesota combined a blizzard and a Homecoming crowd to beat SC, 25-19. Despite the extremely bad weather, there were many long runs. Gordon Duvall took a second half kickoU and ran 73 yards for the first Trojan score. Two minutes later, Min- nesota ' s Swanson raced 65 yards for a TD. Ernie Merk, not to be outdone, took a punt on the 7-yard line and screamed 93 yards down the sideline lor a TD. Arnett returned a punt 72 yards but SC was unable to put it across. SC would like to have this one erased. Ludwig Keehn, a left end candi- date who prepped at Belmont High, logged 26 minutes playing time this year and should be a big help to end coach Bill Fisk next season. Orlando Feirante was named all- PCC guard, making 62 unaided tackles and 41 assists. The shoes of this terrific competitor will be hard to fill next season. 181 Doug Kranz is a fleet halfback with a lot of drive and should be an impor- tant cog in Troy ' s offense for the next two seasons. Hails from Covina with teammate Walt Gorrell. Joe Tisdale, hampered by injuries through most of his career, saw action only in the Oregon game but was faith- ful to the end. Is ready to start a teach- ing career. Roy Smith, a big tackle who let- tered as a junior, didn ' t see much ac- tion in his last season because of some outstanding abilities displayed by Jun- ior College transfers. Chuck Leimbach seems to have had his long legs knocked out from under him by this Stanford blocker, but the lanky end kept his looting and ended up with a sizeable gain. STANFORD SC 28 20 Arneti ' s mid-Held tumble squirts to the Stantord 45-yard line, elud- ing the grasp o Ernie Merk and Gordy Duvall, and Gary Van Galder, Indian end, pounces on the loose ball. This set up the tirst score ol the game as eight plays later, Brodie hit the same Van Galder lor a TD. In a confused game. Strong Arm John Brodie passed Stanford to a 28-20 upset win over the Men of Troy. Brodie, the top PCC passer, completed 14 passes for 216 yards and 2 TDs. The game, played in dry weather, saw seven fumbles and six pass intercep- tions, five by Stanford. With Sampson and Gain missing the game, the Tro- jan defense was not as formidable as it had been in the past, on Arnett and Doug Kranz played fine offensive games but their effort was not good enough to pull SC through. Stanford left the field triumphant with their first PCC win. 183 Don Hickman, perhaps the team ' s most underrated player, while not tops in statistical records, was always where he was needed most. A starter as a soph, should star next two years. Ernie Zampese, top tailback behind Arnett, is a shifty runner and good passer. Experience gained as sopho- more should make him valuable squad member for 56-57 seasons. 1 %. mL t ■ ii i , U ' .«•■__ 1- jj ■ih ■mi Bob Davenport, the Bruin ' s AU-American luUbaci, is almo . in two by this trio ol Trojan defenders, headed by Jim Contratto. Vicious blocking and tackhng by both teams highUghted this Cohseum game between arch cross-town rivals. Ernie Merk had a good day against the Bruins and is shown here eluding the grasp ol one tackier and picking up the blocking ot George Belotti. The season ' s largest crowd, 95,878, saw Arnett ' s opening kickofi touchdown run called back, and a ding-dong battle that could have gone either way except lor a lew breaks. UCLA 17 SC 7 Trojan co-captains Marv Goux and George Galli exchange hand- shakes with Bruin leaders Hardiman Cureton and Gil Moreno in pre- game ceremonies. To TV viewers, this was the " Game o the Week, " but to Trojans and Bruins it is always the " Game o! the Year. " UCLA banded the Trojans their third straight loss, 17-7. The national TV " Game of the Week " saw Jon Ar- nett take the opening kickofi and roar 97 yards to a TD, only to have it called back by an offside penalty. Nine min- utes later Sam Brown crossed the goal line for six points for UCLA. Late in the third quarter, SC took the ball on their own 11 yard line and marched 89 yards in 14 plays for their only score of the game. QB Jim Contratto put the ball on his hip and went 4 yards around left end for the TD. Arnett converted, but the Trojans scored no more. The game, a traditional rivalry, had many thrills and held its vast crowd to the final gun. Gordon Duvall and on Arnett played great ball games and Marv Goux showed signs of his former greatness. UCLA was undefeated in PCC play and won the conference title for the third straight year. Frank Hall, highly regarded passer, saw considerable action this past season behind ]im Contratto and Ells Kissinger. Will be bidding for a starting position next fall. SC might have lost a couple of games that they shouldn ' t have, but they won one that nobody thought they would. Them old Trojans just up and walked all over the Irish to the tune of 42-20. SC, led by Ellsworth Kissinger, scored the first time they got their hands on the ball and were never headed. The " Ambush In the Coliseum " was highlighted by a 58 yard run by C. R. Roberts and a 64 yard TD pass from Contratto to Arnett. Notre Dame knew how to pass, too, and Paul Hornung threw twice to Morse lor TDs. One pass was good for 60 yards while the other covered 78 yards. Arnett scored 23 points to end the season with a total of 108, while Guard Orlando Ferrante made 13 tackles. That ' s right, SC beat Notre Dame 42-20. The Irish were caught napping on this lake Held goal attempt by Isaacson when Kis- singer rifled a pass to Arnett that produced a iirst down, trom which point Troy went on to score. The play was used only the one time last season. 186 Don McFarland has just tucked in a torward pass and with the Notre Dame goal in sight is not about to be denied his only TD o the year, Paul Hornung (5), great Irish player notwithstanding. SC ' s 42-20 deleat o Noire Dame was one o the major upsets o (he season. NOTRE DAME 20 SC 42 Jim Conliatto, veteran southpaw quarterback, connected with five touch- down passes during the season and with Leon Clarke played in the Shrine East-West game. Ells Kissingei, a cool and efficient field general, was good at moving the Trojans and ended the season with a nifty sixty-four per cent record in pass completions. f %f. jjr« ir • f frtr taf»)liMr 1 W. ' , ,W4 Troy ' s card section, under the leadership ot the Trojan Knights and Squires, drew many compliments from the pubhc and visiting schools. At the lett is a Trojan JON . . . ALL The Trojans of 1955 were led by an AU- American hallback, on Arnett. Jon, a junior, came to SC from Manual Arts Hi in Los Angeles where he was All-City ' ' Player of the Year " in football and an All-City broadjumper. In high school, he also worked as a gymnast to develop an unusually good balance. In 1953, he led the frosh team to three straight wins and fought for a starting varsity role his sophomore year. As a sophomore, he was named " Back of the Week " for his performance in the Oregon game. He was injured in the Cal game but came back fast. In the Rose Bowl last year he averaged 12.5 yards per carry, completed 2 passes and punted for an amazing 61 yard average. As a sophomore, he led the team in scoring, rushing, pass completion percentage, punt returns, pass interceptions and had a 44.4 yard per punt average for the year. This last year, as a junior, he scored 108 points and was second in the nation in this category. He led the team in scoring, rushing, total offense, punting average, punt returns, kickoff returns and he led the backs in defensive points. Perhaps his r9% . m. ?rv Uy MB • AV-V Wj ' . ' ' •1 Xtri W ' n ' V, s$3« S£? W.?3K» i i»irti ( Jjki i A ; ' 4 , • i, « » I » » i .M— -««ifci«! s:sTi2:;ik 4,.«- .v-v- -s »fes - . helmet and at the right is the Diamond ]ubilee seal, both very well done. SC ' s Troyscope is the largest card section in the world. AMERICAN most discouraging moment was looking around and seeing the referee nullity his 97 yard kick- off return against UCLA before 95,878 fans and a national TV audience. For his play during the season, he was chosen on the first string All- American team of Look Magazine, UP, NEA, and the Consensus team. He was on the second team of AP and INS. Later in the year he was presented with the W. ]. Voit Memorial Award as the outstanding player on the Pacific Coast. This was the first time a junior has been given this award, on was named to the AU-PCC team since he led the conference in scoring, punt returns and kickoff returns. Of the opponents that select all-opponent teams, he made those of Cal , Notre Dame, Oregon, Texas and UCLA. Ion is a Kappa Alpha studying business admin- istration. It is the consensus of opinion that he will make the team next year. The picture at the right shows how Jan, er, 1 mean Jon, ap- peared on the field for the Notre Dame game until the coach convinced him that the Irish might he tough. All he did was score 23 points against the South Benders. 189 STATISTICS OFFENSIVE STATISTICS Scoring TD CA Arnett 15 22 Roberts 6 Duvall 6 Clarke 2 Leimbach 2 SC totals 39 39 Opponents 22 22 Rushing TCB YG Arnett 141 723 Roberts 72 479 Duvall 70 388 Hickman 58 258 Zampese 31 144 SC totals 494 2407 Opponents 437 1879 Passing PA PC HI Contratto 52 22 5 Hall 37 17 4 Kissinger 22 14 2 Arnett 25 12 2 Zampese JO 5 3 SC Totals 152 72 16 Opponents 142 69 14 Punting No. Yds. Arnett 8 355 Hall 4 158 Zampese 4 154 Contratto 23 807 SC Totals 41 1474 Opponents 55 1871 CM FG Pts. 18 108 36 36 12 12 28 1 265 15 1 158 YL Net Avg. 51 672 4.8 10 469 6.5 16 372 5.5 22 236 4.1 17 127 4.1 291 2116 4.3 173 1706 3.9 Pet. Yds. TD 42% 406 5 46% 190 64% 190 2 48% 150 50% 47 1 47% 1012 9 49% 1234 6 Avg. BI. 44.4 39.5 38.5 35.1 2 36.0 2 34.0 1 Trojan Band salutes varsity as they trot onto the Coliseum Held from the dressing room. Punt Returns IIo. Arnett 16 Merk 3 Hickman 7 Belotti ] Kranz 3 SC Totals 31 Opponents 21 Receiving Rec. Clarke 15 Leimbach 14 Griliith 9 Arnett 6 Duvall 6 SC Totals 72 Opponents 69 Total Offense Plays Arnett 166 Contratto 85 Roberts 74 Duvall 73 Hickman 58 SC Totals 635 Opponents 579 Yds. Avg. TD 282 17.6 1 115 38.3 1 47 6.7 35 35.0 1 28 9.3 526 16.9 3 141 6.7 Drop. Yds. TD 1 215 2 150 2 145 154 3 80 1 9 1012 9 7 1234 6 Rush Pass Total 672 150 822 83 406 489 469 16 485 372 13 385 236 236 2116 1012 3128 1706 1234 2940 1955 SC FOOTBALL SEASON SUMMARY Attendance in Los Angeles 35,384 in Los Angeles 37,538 in Los Angeles 62,033 in Seattle 35,500 in Los Angeles 75,114 in Berkeley 51,000 in Minneapolis 64,592 in Los Angeles 63,265 in Los Angeles 95,878 in Los Angeles 94,892 Won 6, lost 4, 265 points scored, 158 points against. Total attendance — 615,196 in 10 games, a 61,520 average. Home attendance — 464,104 in 7 games, a 66,300 average. Following resounding victory over Notre Dame, varsity squad members give Coach Hill a ride on their shoulders. Date SC Opponent Sept. 17- -SC 50, Washington State 12 Sept. 23- -SC 42, Oregon 15 Sept. 30- -SC 19, Texas 7 Oct. 8- -SC 0, Washington 7 Oct. 14- -SC 33, Wisconsin 21 Oct. 22- -SC 33, California 6 Oct. 29- -SC 19, Minnesota 25 Nov. 5- -SC 20, Staniord 28 Nov. 19- -SC 7, UCLA 17 Nov. 26- -SC 42, Notre Dame 20 Troyscope rooting section honors Coach Jess Hill. Coach Hill and aides are intent on activities taking place on the Held. University ' s 75th birthday pointed out by card section. SC ' s tamed Trojan Horse prances across student rooting section. Young ]ay Hill, left, is an interested spec- tator as his Dad and Coach Sanders engage in pre-game pleasantries. FROSH TEAM Frosh Coach Jess Mortensen has charge of shaping freshmen athletes into future AU-Americans. In his four years as coach, his teams have lost only two games. Mort is also head track coach. He came to SC in 1951 and every year since then the track squad has won the NCAA title. First row; Assistant coach ]im Decker, K. Henderson, J. Moses, O. Wright, E. Nelson, R. Hill, T. Hulin, S. Weiss, D. Voro- naell, J. Perzik. Second row: Assistant Coach M. Artenian, Assis- tant Coach I. Spector, T. Ortega, D. Rizzi, K. Antle, L. Snyder, B. Lambeth, D. Nelson, ]. Conioy, D. Ambrosi, M. Fiore, Athletic Director W. O. Hunter, K. Guinn, Frosh Coach ]. Mortensen. Third row: Assistant Coach F. Clayton, Assistant Coach C. Greenwood, Manager Fred Edwards, L. Boies, M. Clark, E. Malchow, D. Krue- ger, R. Hawkins, L. Ralner, D. Bienvenue, R. Massey, M. Powell. The frosh football team played three games this year and won only one of them. They opened their season by whipping Cal, 20-7, behind the solid defense play of Ken Antle. ]im Conroy showed good form in passing 20 yards to Rex Johnson for a TD. Next came Stanford and the Papooses handed the Trobabes their first loss in four years, 19-18. SC had three punts blocked and lost the ball three times on fumbles, but it was the three missed conversions that lost the game. In their final game, UCLA beat SC, 14-12, the second loss by missed conversions. The line was anchored by Roger Massey, 212, Jim Moses, 220, Larry Snyder, 230, and Monte Clark, 250. Those are big boys. ,. . .k M mm % % m BASKETBALL Foiiest Twogood served bis sixth season as varsity basketball coach this year. He starred in football, basketball and baseball at the University at Iowa and played pro baseball for the Cleveland Indians after graduation. Twogood has been baseball and basketball coach at Idaho and USF. He learned his bas- betkall from Sam Barry. COACHES Dick Welsh, assistant coach, is well known around SC. He played first string guard for three years at SC, was captain his junior year, and all-PCC his senior year. For his play in the 1954- ' 55 season, he won all four SC player awards. Student manager for the basketball squad was Tom Fish. A former freshman player side- lined by injuries, he stayed in the sport closest to his heart in a managerial capacity. This season climaxed three years of managerial duties. VARSITY SQUAD i 955-56 Basketball Scores SC 42 San Francisco 58 SC 58 Purdue 59 SC 71 Denver 48 SC 57 Dartmouth 61 SC 64 Santa Clara 49 SC 68 Dartmouth 50 SC 72 Baylor 59 SC 64 SMU 70 SC 63 Texas 71 SC 51 California 52 SC 77 California 64 SC 58 Oregon State 47 SC 84 Oregon State 53 SC 65 Idaho 56 SC 73 Idaho 59 SC 43 Oregon 55 SC 87 Oregon 71 SC 76 Washington State 55 SC 85 Washington State 54 SC 74 Stanford 78 SC 74 Stanford 58 SC 57 Loyola 44 SC 84 Washington 105 SC 67 Washington 71 SC 70 UCLA ■85 SC 84 UCLA 97 Lett to right: Ken Walker, Danny Rogers, Larry Hauser, ]im Kaulman, Tony Psaltis, act Dunne, Bob Raine, Dick Nagai, Manager Tom Fish, Trainer Kearney Reeb. Row 2: Asst. Coach Dick Welch, Norm Price, Philip Dye, Art Rimdzius, ]im Yocum, ]im Sterkel, ]ack Lovrich, Ken Pearson, Jim Pugh, Coach Forrest Twogood. 195 SC opened their basketball season with a tilt with some small school named USF. They started with a loss but ended up even in non- conference games with live wins and five deieats. After USF and Bill Russell, Purdue edged Troy by one point, 59-58. The following night, the Trojans got their first win of the sea- son by dumping Denver, 71-48. Following a four point loss to Dartmouth, SC won the next three games with Santa Clara, Dartmouth, and Baylor. They beat all these teams by at least 13 points and Dartmouth by 18. This was a little different than the time before. SC lost their last two practice games before league play to SMU and Texas by six and eight points. Later in the year they tackled Loyola and picked up their fifth non-conference win by a score of 57-44. Despite the fact that SC wound up even in non-conference games, they out- scored their opponents 616 to 569. NON-CONFERENCE 196 Diet Nagai goes high to battle two Purdue men lor rebound. lack Dunne (right) leceives the trophy lor the Most Improved Player Irom Coach Twogood. Jack was a real sparkplug lor the Tro- jans this year. Jumpin ' Jack Dunne {ires his lavorite, the jump shot. Center Ken Pearson points tor the Trojans. drives in lor two Pint-sized Trojan guard, Danny Rogers, eludes Stan- lord detender to score. Captain Tony Psoitis gets ball horn releree Em- mett Ashlord be ore starting an out-ol -bounds play. Sophomore guard Larry Hauser dribbles around his defender in an attempt to get nearer the basket. 198 ' t jMKH ,f ' ■ Bl " " ' ( 11 Coach Fonest Twogood (center) congratulates ]im Kaufman (right), elected captain lor next year, and Tony Psaltis (lelt), captain o the Trojans this year. Tony Psaltis (right) accepts the trophy lor the Most Valuable Player Irom Coach Two- good. Don Underwood (lelt) presents jack Lovrich with the plaque lor the Most In- spirational Player. Underwood is a former cage captain. 199 CALIFORNIA One oi the most promising sophs is Jim Pugh. He improved a lot during his freshman year and is expected to help round out the squad next year. He is an outstanding student. The sixth man on the team this year was Danny Rogers. Besides being very fast and a good ball handler, he is dead on shots from the outside. Has one more year of competition. I 1 I V ' H p L 1 PL hK n I B !! ' . ' ' vl S H H F F BSEHQ r mSBtn ' S p " ' ' ty H pp ' b ■ 200 The Trojan ' s first encounter with a PCC team ended disastrously as Cal edged SC, 52-51. Gabe Arri- llaga tossed in a pair of free throws with five seconds to play to give the game to Cal. During the game the lead changed hands 14 times. Both teams sunk 18 baskets but Cal had one more tree throw than SC. Jack Dunne was high point man for the Trojans with 14. The results of the second game were heard far and wide. Three minutes and fifteen seconds before the game was scheduled to end, Referee Al Lightner stopped the game and gave it to SC on a forfeit. SC led, 77-64. The referee called the game as a result of continued tossing of pennies and refuse on the floor and at the players. At the time, SC was well on its way to victory as Hauser, Lovrich and Rogers were pouring in the points. Hauser led the game with 20 points while Lovrich sunk seven field goals in seven attempts. Cal closed in to stop these men and Rogers potted from outside. Settling down in the Pan- Pacihc AuditoTium, Troy took a pair o games from the Beavers, 58-47 and 84-53. The first game was a see-saw battle with several men scoring in spurts. Lovrich, once a fourth string center, was high point man with 19 points. Gambee of Oregon State had 18 points but not enough backing to keep the Beavers in the game. Early in the second half, Oregon State got a 35-34 lead but the Trojans pumped in 11 straight points, 9 of them by Lovrich. In the sec- ond game, the Big Boys from the North were beaten by 31 points. Kaufman led the scoring in this game as no Beaver got more than 10 points. Coach Twogood pulled out all his starters with 10 minutes left and they never reentered the game. Oregon State was inexperi- enced this year but those boys will be tough next year. City " Player of the Year " in ' 53, ]im Kaufman scored 181 points for Troy this year. Had lots of trouble as a soph but came back to score on a wide variety of shots. Another soph that is going to help Troy a lot in the future is Bob Raine. He is a fine floor man, dribbler and passer. He was a leader on ' 54-55 frosh. OREGON STATE Jim Kaulman lights hard lor ball in scramble lor rebound. Kaulman sinks one lor points with little opposition. (wo Tony Psaltis was captain and Boor leader of the ' 56 varsity club and was honored with the most valuable and the outstanding player awards tor the season. Will really be missed. A promising sophomore was Laizy Hauser. He was a starting guard his first year in competition and proved to be a capable player. He was very last and aggressive. After a two-week rest, the Trojans invaded Idaho to gain their second series sweep, 65- 56 and 73-59. SC ' s jumping Jacks, Dunne and Lovrich, scored 37 points between them to put things at a pretty last pace. The game started with neither team getting a substan- tial margin, but Dunne and Lovrich took care of that at the end of the first half. After the intermission, things got a little rough, but the Trojans put the vandals in a deepfreeze and emerged the victors. SC took the lead after two minutes in the second game and was never headed. Once again it was Lovrich, with 20 points, who led everybody. This win gave SC a 5-1 mark in PCC play and a second place tie behind UCLA. IDAHO Forwaid Jack Dunne displays the ability that made him high point in the Trojan sweep ot the Idaho series. 202 Alter missing a year of play, big Jim Stezkel returned to college play to try for the starting center post. Jim is an excellent rebounder and his 6 ' 6 " frame is hard to get around. Norm Price played behind men with more experience this year but should see a lot of action in next two years. He was all CIF and high scorer on frosh in ' 54. OREGON Oregon clamped a tight defense on SC and upset the Trojans, 55-45. The first half was close with the score being tied seven times. The score at the half was 30-25 in favor of the Ducks. In the second half the Trojans just couldn ' t find the range and didn ' t sink a field goal until only one minute sixteen seconds left. By then, it was too late. Nagai tried to save the game with seven points in the last two minutes, but it wasn ' t enough. SC sunk 43% of their field goal attempts in the second game to win, 87-71. Five Trojans, with Dunne leading the way, scored more than 10 points each to bring victory back to Troy. Oregon led at the half but was outscored by 19 in the second period. 203 Tl my p " im ' .fl B 1 aci Lovrich, who almost (ailed to make the squad in early season, came through with such improved play to nah the most inspirational player award. He led the squad in rebounds. lack Loviich gets the opening Up, with every man set (o receive it, and start his team to a victory. 1 1 ■ 1 H r ' 1 I B Bv - ' ' J HP I 9 Mil i acJ: Dunne goes high to get two points the hard way in play under the net. - u WASHINGTON STATE Back home alter a long trip, SC hosted Washington State and pinned two losses on them, 76-55, 85-54. Dur- mg the lirst three minutes of the first game, the score was tied three times. Then SC put on a 12 point burst of points and the game was as good as over. SC led 41-26 at the hall. No Tro- jan scored a lot but almost every Tro- jan scored during the workout. In the second game, Troy controlled the shooting, the rebounding and about everything else there was to be con- trolled, as the first stringers played less than half of the game. SC rallied after being behind 4-0 after five seconds of play, to salvage a win. 204 STANFORD Those pesky Indians Hew into town and proceeded to whip SC, 78- 74 in an overtime. Dunne dumped in 24 points but Brown of Stanford and Sel- leck, his teammate, dumped in 48 points between them and were just too much or the Trojans. The game was one of the most thriUing in the PCC this year, as it was expected to be. In the confusion of the overtime Stanford ' s Bond was left alone under the bucket and took a court-length pass for two points plus two more for the foul on the shot. This proved to be the margin. On Saturday afternoon Troy tripped the Tribe, 74-58. This game turned out to be quite a fracas as 45 fouls were called. Dick Nagai is one of the best shots on the Trojan squad. He is a three year varsity letterman and scored well for Troy in spots this year. Will be missed a lot. There ' s Kaulman sinking another left hand hook, a tavorite shot o his. Jack Dunne was the leading scorer tor the Trojans this year. Lettered on varsity three years and broke trosh scoring record in ' 53. Won most im- proved player award. Ken Pearson, former Pasadena CC star, showed lots of promise under the bucket for SC this year. He is a good ball handler and moves well for a big man. The Washington Huskies, with Bruno Boin up, took ad- vantage of the fast track to win by a length. The odds were 105- 84, precisely. The Huskies got a good start and at the quarter pole were well in the lead. At the half, far ahead of the pack, Boin went to the rail and surged even farther ahead. In the stretch the Huskies tired but their lead was enough to get top billing on the totalizator. In the second race, Dunne was up for SC and Patnoe for Washington. Troy got a bad start and was behind by a nose at the quarter. Dunne pushed Troy and at the half the mounts were even. Around the far turn, Troy was leading by a neck only to tire in the stretch and lose in a photo. The payoff: 71-67. WASHINGTON Sophomore sensation Larry Hauser leaps high to get off a two-handed overhead shot against the tall Huskie squad. 206 The Bruins were leading the conference and they weren ' t about to let their neighbors irom Troy take away the championship. As a matter oi tact they wouldn ' t even let them win a game. Some guy named The Whale scored 51 points in two games to help beat the Tro- jans 85-70 and 97-84. Hauser was the high man tor Troy the iirst night with 14, toUowed closely by Dunne and Rogers. Lovrich was doing a good job guarding NauUs but the fouls caught up with him and NauUs went wild with no Lovrich. The first part of the game found things on an even basis. Then Lovrich was yanked and in five minutes, SC was outscored, 17-2, with NauUs getting 11 of these points. UCLA became the first team to win 16 in a row in PCC play the next game when they also beat the Trojans. Lovrich and Psoitis took things into their own hands Saturday and the ball game was close right down to the end, but not close enough. UCLA Larry Hauser lakes and drives around big Willie NauUs (33) lor two easy points. Hauser was big gun lor Troy against UCLA. Tony Psoitis snatches rebound Irom a Bruin as Kaulman (18) tries too. Hauser again lires on a drive up the mid- dle as Lovrich (lett) and NauUs jockey lor rebound position. 207 FROSH BASKETBALL [ ' mm ' ifiW ' Lett to Tight: Row 1: Bob Hilde, Ken Gutiey, Al Roth, Mike Castanon, Mike Donohew, Kaz Shinzato. Row 2: ]ack Findley, Coach, ]oe Jares, George Vatis, Scott Fitzrandolph, Don Shoemaker, Joe Braun, John Russell, ]. D. Guyle, Manager. The Frosh opened with an impres- sive 62-51 win over Santa Ana. Ken Gufley immediately showed his ability with 21 points tor the evening. George Vafis led the team to a 71-63 win over Glendale be ore Valley }C handed the Frosh their first loss, 69-67. Kaz Shin- zato sunk 29 points in a losing cause and Kaz got 28 in the next game against Harbor }C. UCLA came next and Shin- zato got 29 points but it was not enough lor the star-studded UCLA Frosh as they sunk 67 to SC ' s 57. In later games, Shinzato scored 34, 22, 21 and 20 points. Switching from the performing to the coaching ranks was no effort for freshman coach Jack Findley. Although handicapped b y the lack of height, he was able to mold together a team that turned in a creditable record. 208 t ' . ' ae .:. ' ir-§mmmik.- rm ' ' V ' u BASEBALL One o the best known baseball coaches in US colleges is SC ' s head coach, Rod Dedeaux. The Trojans, under Rod, have won the CIBA crown the last six years in a row. Rod played tor Troy from ' 32 to ' 35 and was captain his senior year. After some professional ball, Dedeaux returned to SC as head coach. The Trojans have won 11 CIBA crowns with Rod. Manager for the 1955 freshman squad, Art Koin stepped up to the senior Managerial duties in 1956. Among his chores as senior manager was that of handling team finances, compiling statistics, and arranging travel accommodations. 1956 Baseball Scores SC 8 Crowley All-Stars 5 SC 3 Seattle (PCL) 4 SC 11 Santa Barbara 9 SC 11 Santa Barbara 5 SC 3 Los Angeles (PCL) 5 SC 4 California 7 SC 15 California 6 SC 10 San Diego (PCL) 14 SC 6 Los Angeles (PCL) 9 SC 17 San Jose State 5 SC Sacramento (PCL) 20 SC 9 Hollywood (PCL) 5 SC 13 Los Angeles (PCL) 14 SC 3 Visalia (Cal State) 1 SC 16 Santa Clara 6 SC 10 Santa Clara 7 SC 9 California 2 SC 5 U.C.L.A. 3 SC 9 Fresno State 6 SC 9 Fresno State 1 SC 6 California 3 SC 3 Stanford 2 SC 9 Stanford 3 SC 4 Pepperdine 9 SC 2 U.C.L.A. 1 SC 15 U.C.L.A. 8 SC 4 U.C.L.A. 3 SC 9 Loyola 5 SC 7 Stanford 10 SC 7 Stanford 5 SC 13 San Diego State 10 SC 7 Santa Clara 2 SC 9 Santa Clara Pacific Coast Conference Play-oil 5 SC 2 Washington State 6 SC 4 Washington State 5 210 VARSITY SQUAD Row 1: Leit to Tight: Carl Maggio, Bob Geist, Bob Allen, Jim Hardy, batboy, lustin Dedeaux, baiboy, Tony De Carbo, Bob Blumin, Bob Keester, Warren Williams. flow 2: Lett to right: Tony Santino, Mike Hoeck, Tery Finigan, Kent Hadley, Rod Dedeaux, Coach; Don Young, Assistant Coach; Bill Faddis, Don Briscoe, lerry Parker, Bud Pritchard. Row 3: Lett to right: ]im Kline, Manager; Bill Olson, Sid Semon, Marty Zuanich, Charlie Mena, Ed Isherwood, Bill Miller, Gordon Romberger, Tom ShoUin, ]im Cecchini, Ernie Sabo, Manager; Arnold Marquez, Manager. 211 Sharing the behind the plate duties this year was a soph, Tom ShoUin. Tom should develop to be a truly great catcher before he leaves SC. This right hander hails from Burbank and did a good job in his first year of varsity ball. Leading the mound corps last year was Marty Zuanich. He was the only returnee from the ' 55 let- termen and had a big job to do. Besides being a top pitcher, this curveballer was a good batter. In ' 55, he hit .571 including two homers in one game. Also caught behind the plate was Teiy Finigan. He was a re- turnee from the ' 54 varsity and saw a lot of action. Tery hails from Dorsey and will return next year for his third year of varsity baseball. He and ShoUin will give SC depth at this position. Third baseman Bob Gerst goes down to one-knee to prevent base-runner trom scoring. In non-league games this past year, SC did only fair. Troy started off on the right foot against Crowley ' s Ma- jor League All-Stars by beating them 8-5 behind Buddy Pritchard ' s 2 home runs. Then came a long line of games with PCL clubs, with Seattle and Los Angeles both pasting wins over Troy in close games. However, these were followed by wins over San Diego, LA and Sacramento. SC got a star in its crown by knocking off Hollywood for its first win over a PCL team behind big Kent Hadley. SC ended the non- league season with 9 wins and 7 losses, 5 of which were from PCL teams. In CIBA competition, Cal knocked off Troy in the first game. Even though SC got 13 hits, they couldn ' t push them across as they left 10 men stranded. But all was not lost at Troy as Ded- eaux ' s boys won their next 12 straight CIBA games, one of the longest streaks in CIBA history. Mike Hoeck homered against Cal the opening day and Bill Olson knocked a three-run homer the next day, and this soon became the favorite weapon. 212 In ' 55, Tony Santino was voted the " Most Valuable Player " in the CIBA. He hit .438 that year and was one o the our Trojans on the AU-CIBA team. This senior from San Francisco played center- held and gave SC good defensive strength, too. - .-■■i«ss.- . :V ' i.- ' ' ' l An outfielder who returns next year is Mike Hoeck. Mike bats left, as do all the outfielders, and hit .545 in limited action in ' 55. While hitting at this clip, Mike got only one single, the rest of his hits being for more bases. His wife and baby are ardent fans. Lefty Call Maggio also roamed the outfield for the Tro- jans. Carl was a senior and will not return for the ' 57 campaign. He played his prep ball for Loyola of Los Angeles and graduated from SC as a two year varsity letterman. Bill Olson, a strong man at the left side of the plate, saw con- siderable action during the sea- son both as an infielder and roam- ing the outer pastures. This former LA High School player has one more year of competition for Coach Rod Dedeaux. Another letthanded power- house was Kent Hadley, the first baseman. Kent became the third man to knock a ball over the fence at Stanford. In ' 55, he led the league in RBls and was the top fielding first baseman in the league, making him AU-CIBA. Bob Gerst held down third base after spending two years in the outfield. Besides being solid defensively, Bob knew how to hit the ball and became a good in- fielder after making the switch. Bob hit .294 in ' 55 and will not re- turn next year. The only left hander on the mound was Chazlie Mena. He played at Troy in ' 52 and ' 53 before entering military service. Charlie carried much of the load on the mound and will be missed a lot next year. He and Zuanich were the only senior pitchers. In the Trojan ' s next CIBA competi- tion against Santa Clara, SC got five homers in the first game and two more in the second. Four of these 7 were by first baseman Kent Hadley. With Had- ley knocking them over the fence. Bud- dy Pritchard and Bill Faddis getting the double plays and Parker, Zuanich and Mena throwing brilliantly, SC had little trouble until it ran into Stanford. Both teams were tied for first place, but when SC left town it was two games in front. Marty Zuanich and Ed Isher- wood got the wins as Kent Hadley be- came the third man in history to clear the right field wall of the sunken dia- mond. SC then beat UCLA in 3 close games before meeting Stanford again. Stanford won one of the two games and SC ended its CIBA season with a 14-2 record, easily winning the crown. Kent Hadley became a star as he got 17 home runs during the season. Pitcher Isherwood, first sacker Hadley, second Backer Pritchard, outfielder Santino and catcher Finnigan all were chosen to the AU-CIBA squad. Hadley went on to win AU-American honors. " Speedy " Tom ShoUin slides into thiid-baseman as opposing shoit-stop starts throw to second base lor the puiout. A leading advocate of the double-play was Bill Faddis. As a soph, Bill was All-CIBA at third. In ' 55, Bill tied lor the home run title and was second in RBIs. Bill graduated a three year varsity letterman in base- ball. The other part of a potent double play combination was Bud PritchaTd. As a soph, Bud played both second and short- stop and hit .303. Buddy is a great inhelder and is the only regular returning next year. A great clutch player. SC ' s top keystone combination, Buddy Pritchaid (lelt) and Billy Faddis, team-up to execute one ol theii many double plays. 215 FROSH BASEBALL Lett to right: Frosh coach Dave Rankin, and pitchers Bob Blakeslee, Bill Thorn, Gary McCormick and Dale Ziegler surround Freshman Baseball Queen Diane Bauer. Trojan Yearlings did a creditable job in their first year as representatives of the Cardinal and Gold. In one of their first games, pitchers Bill Thorn and Dale Ziegler teamed up and pitched a one-hit ball game. Valley ].C. knocked off Troy 5-4, but not because of John Christensen. John hit a home run in the first and hit two more that would have been homers if there had been a fence. SC finished the season by beating UCLA 12-7, with Bob Blakeslee getting the win. Many Frosh players were outstanding during the season and will bear watching in the future. In his second year as freshman coach, Dave Rankin led his charges to one of the most successful frosh seasons in Trojan history. Dave was a three- year letterman for SC as a standout pitcher for the Trojan varsity. 216 TRACK Jess Moitensen has served as head track coach at SC for six seasons and has not lost a dual meet. He is a product of SC, where he lettered in iootball, basketball and track. He was AU-PCC in basketball his sophomore year, NCAA javelin champ his junior year and AAU javelin champ bis senior year. He also broke the world record in the decathlon. 1956 Track Record SC 42 U.C.L.A. (Relays) 18 SC 105 Arizona 26 SC 79 San Diego Navy 69 SC 64 Olympic Club 26 SC 96 ■ Caliiornia 35 SC 93 Occidental 43 SC 99 Stanford 31 SC 80 Texas 56 SC 74 U.C.L.A. 57 SC 49 U.C.L.A. (Fresno) 45 SC 40 U.C.L.A. (Modesto) 38 Pacific Coast Conference Championships SC Second 67 points National Collegiate Championships SC Third 34% points Senior manager tor the track team was Jim Maddux. This made it a big year lor Jim as he was the senior man- ager for the varsity iootball team, too. ]im was awarded a life pass for his service at SC. SC ' s Best Track Performances for 1956 100-yard dash— Pat Coyle 9.6 100 -meter dash— Pat Coyle 10.4 220-yard dash— Pat Coyle 20.8 (20.7 with aiding wind) 440-yard dash — Mike Larrabee 47.0 800-meter run— Chuck Kirkby 1:49.8 880-yard run— Chuck Kirkby 1:51.2 1500-meter run— Sid Wing 3:49.8 One-mile run — Wes McLeod 4:09.1 Two-mile run — Max Truex 9:01.5 5000 -meter run— Max Truex 14:30.8 10,000-meter run— Max Truex 30:52.0 120-yard hurdles — Bob Lawson 14.8 (14.7 with aiding wind) 220-yard hurdles— Bill Swisshelm 23.7 (23.4 with aiding wind) High jump — Bob Lawson 6 ' 5% " Broad jump — Jon Arnett 24 ' 6 l ' (25 ' 0 " with aiding wind) Pole vault — Ron Morris 5 ' % " Hop, step and jump — Jack Findley 48 ' 5 " Shot put— Ray Martin 56 ' 8 ' 2 " Discus throw— Rink Babka 179 ' 8i 2 " Javelin throw — Doug Maijala 231 ' 2 " 217 VARSITY SQUAD The last sport in which SC is peren- nially strong was served notice by our cross-town friends, the Bruins. SC ' s track squad started the season typi- cally by overpowering everyone. They lost a triangular meet to San Diego Navy, but later defeated this squad for the team title in the Easter Relays. The Men of Troy, led by captains Sid Wing and Walt Levack, knocked off Arizona, California, Oxy, Stanford, Texas, Texas A M, and SMU without too much trou- ble. Then the sun dawned on May the flow J; Lett to right: Bob Harmon, Buss Marling, Murray Coburn, Twig Chambers, Rich Virtue, flon Morris, Walt Levack, Sid Wing, Pat Coyle, Max Truex, Chuck Kirkby, Bill Swisshelm, Dale ones, Tom Anderson, ]im Maddux, Manager. Row 2: Lett to right: W. O. Hunter, Bob Arnett, Wes Mcleod, Dick Dorsey, Mike Larrabee, Bob HoUingsworth, Wayne Bithell, Dave Peterson, Tom Williams, Dick Richards, Bruce Kitchen, Ray Taylor, Leon Harris, Junior Singh, Jess Mortensen, Coach. Row 3: Leit to right: Ray Martin, Lanny Quigley, Duane Nowack, Bob Lawson, Doug Maijala, Darryl Ellingson, Marshall Clark, Fernando Ledesma, Murray Morrow, Fred Edwards, Bob Voiles, Rock Burgoyne, Jack Findley, Jack Egan, Rink Babka. 218 SC and Stanford hurdloTs come barreling out ot the Coliseum tunnel with Troy ' s Bill Swisshelm taking a slim lead. Hali-milei Chuck Kirkby, Troy ' s last finish- ing half-miler, displays his lamed kick to cross the tape. 5th and a little less than 40,000 sports fans journeyed to the Coliseum to see the two local schools, SC and UCLA, collide. The Christians Versus the Lions in the ancient Coliseum in Rome couldn ' t have been more exciting. The fans had barely found a place to sit when UCLA boomed into a big lead. One of SC ' s consistent point winners, Pat Coyle, had to settle with a draw in the sprints with Bruin phenomenon, Raier Johnson. Johnson captured the century and Coyle got the furlong. In the 440, Mike Larrabee had trouble get- ting out of the gate and Russ Ellis beat him in a photo finish. Chuck Kirkby was part of a Jess Ivlortensen entry in the four furlong race. This entry fin- ished first, second and third to boost the Trojan cause. Bill Swisshelm was 10-1 on the morning line in the low hur- dles, but when Johnson was scratched he was ranked second, hie came on to win the event. Ron Morris and Walt Levack controlled the pole vault as ex- pected. As the sun sunk behind the Coliseum wall the satisfied fans saw the final score flashed on the totalisator . . . SC74 UCLA 57. This was the 24th straight time Tommy Trojan slew the Bruin. One of SC ' s probable representa- tives in the ' 56 Olympics is Max Truex. A great distance runner, Max was clocked around nine minutes in the 2-mile. He is only a sophomore and should score many points lor Troy in the future. Ron Mollis is another first place winner for SC. In ' 53, he set the na- tional high school record at 13 feet 11 inches. As a soph last year, he cleared 14 feet 9% inches. He is expected to clear 15 feet before he leaves SC and he works in gymnastics in off season. Taking the baton Irom teammate Lanny Quigley, Chuck Kiikby prepares to set sail lor his 440-yard stint in the mile relay. The PCC Championship meet was held at Berkeley. Jess Mortensen entered as many of his boys as he could but it wasn ' t quite enough. Ray Mar- tin sprained his ankle the week before, Ion Arnett had a pulled muscle, Dick Dorsey ' s ankle was still stiff and Fernando Le- desma retired as a collegiate runner. With UCLA scoring every possible point and SC flubbing in places, the PCC Crown went to the Bruins, mak- ing it the first time SC was de- feated in this meet since 1928. PCC results . . . UCLA 69 ' h SC 67. In the NCAA meet it was the same story with SC third behind UCLA and Kansas. No event was won by a Trojan, a rare happening in NCAA his- tory. SC had won the event 19 out of the 26 times the meet was held and the last 7 years in a row. Doug Maijala captured 2nd in the javelin with a 229 foot 10 inch toss. Third places were chalked up by Walt Le- vack in the pole vault and Sid Wing in the 1500 meters. Chuck Kirkby finished 3rd in the 800 meters (6 yards short of four furlongs) but Doug Brew of Dartmouth claimed a foul so the ' Inquiry " sign was posted and the stewards declared Kirk- by out for elbowing. Eleven Trojans appeared in the final Olympic Trials, held in the Coliseum. They were Doug Maijala in the javelin, Pat Coyle in the 100 meter dash. Chuck Kirkby in the 800 meter run, Max Truex in 5000 and 10,- 000 meter runs, Ron Morris and Walt Levack in the pole vault, lack Findley in the hop, step, and jump, lack Egan and Rink Babka in the discus, Mike Lar- rabee in the 400 meter run, and Sid Wing in the 1500 meter run. Despite all these entries Troy has only one representative on the Olympic track and field squad. The ever popular Max Truex won the 10,000 meter event and was 3rd in the 5000 meter run to earn the right to represent the USA in both events. 220 Pat Coyle (second Irom Tight) leads Tiojan team- mates Dick Doisey and Bill Swisshelm to a sweep of the century dash against Stanloid. Serving as a co-captain this year is Walt Levack. He and Morris tied tor second in the pole vault at the ' 55 NCAA meet. Walt has im- proved a lot since he came to SC and is a contender for an Olympic berth. Besides being a captain of the peren- nial NCAA champs, Walt studies psychology. He is a senior at SC and will go down as a great vaulter. The other co-captain at SC is Sid Wing, a miler. A transfer student, Sid cut 19 seconds off his mile time as a soph and ran a 4:08.2 in the Coliseum Relays as a junior. He has run a 1:52.3 half. Sid is the answer to a Kappa ' s dream. Besides be- ing an athlete, a top-rate miler and a captain, he is a handsome individual. 221 One o the ' ' boys " throwing the discus for SC is a six foot iive inch, 243 pound sophomore named Rink Babka. Besides the size, Rink has the speed and coordination to become a great thrower. He tossed the platter around 170 ieet consistently this year and will improve. Troy ' s top quartermiler, Mike Larrabee, bests the tape lor one o his many wins during the 1956 campaign. Big Ray MaitiD leads the SC shot crew and he is a potential world record holder. He set the JC record at 53-8 in ' 54 and a soph record ol 57-6 4 in ' 55. Ray is a business administration major and has one more year ol eligibility. Another strong man in the held event is Bob Voiles. This poweriuUy built junior came to SC as a pole vault- er but has switched to the javelin. He had a best ol 210 feet as a sophomore and raised that to 221 as a junior. R It ' s Mike Larrabee once again crossing the , finish line or a 440-yaid win. " «aK». , Matching stride lor stride, Trojan and Stanford hurdlers clear the second barrier in the 120-yard high hurdles. In a photo linish, Troy ' s Pat Coyle is nipped at the tape by UCLA ' s Raler Johnson in their dual meet 100- yard dash test. FROSH TRACK With the trend being to one year of junior college track before college, SC could not get many top high school men. Although the team as a whole was not strong it produced some men who deserve to be watched in the future. Peter Ragnvaldsson, a six foot four inch giant from Reykjavik, Iceland, was the Ice- landic high hurdles, pentathlon, and decathlon cham- pion. His hurdling and broad jumping was of great help to the Trobabes. Ramon Lopez and Bob Shankland should turn out to be two real threats in the middle distances. Homer Kern in the pole vault and Monte Clark in the shot could turn out to be consistent win- ners. A former SC half-miler, Jim Slosson has completed his first year as frosh track coach. Prior to taking over the yearling duties at Troy, Slosson com- piled an outstanding track record as mentor at Valley Junior College. Row 1: Lett to right: Mike Fioie, Ron Mitchell, John Fez, Bob Shankland, Ron Hawkins, ]ohn Surmeier, Pete Ragnvaldsson, Monte Clark, Homer Kern, on Barnes, flow 2; W. O. Hunter, Ray Lopez, Dave Meyers, Larry Gilbert, David WykoU, Dennis Krueger, Scott Fitz- randolph, LeRoy Black, ]im Brooks, Coach Jess Mor- tensen. 224 SWIMMING For the last 30 years, SC has had the same swimming coach, Fied Cady. He is known as one of the finest in the country and he has been the coach oi the US Olympic divers five times. At SC, Coach Cady produced many fine swim- mers and divers who placed high in NCAA and National AAU meets. Cady also coaches SC ' s potent water polo team. Bow 1. Ron Severn, Tom Hargett, Royce Wilks, Jack Webb, Jim Steveson. Row 2: Asst. Coach Charles Mc- Laren, Dez Farnady, ]oe HoTsley, Paul Brannan, Lloyd Ibbetson, Coach Fred Cady, Director o Athletics Bill Hunter. Row 3: Manager Warren Blanchard, Mack Brown, Dick Conner, Dick Cole, Jack Kennedy, Kevin Grant, John Sturgeon. Not pictured: Bob Hughes, Tom Capehart, John Hogan, Virgil Schaller. " The finest manager I ' ve worked with in 30 years at SC, " said Coach Fred Cady about Sr. Manager Wotibd Blan- cbaid. Warren was devoted to his sport and had an active in- terest in athletic development. He was also Manager of the PCC Championship Water Polo Team. Charles McLaren, known as ' Mac " to the swimmers, stepped in as Assist. Coach after serving 7 years as Fresh- man Coach. He has been coaching since 1938, and has developed many fine swimmers for Troy. His outstand- ing work gives SC teams a bright fu- ture. 1956 Varsity Swimming Records SC 74 FuUerton JC 10 SC 69 El C a mine ]C 14 cs 72 Cal Poly 20 Occidental 1 SC 72 FuUerton JC 13 Santa Monica CC 8 SC 58 FuUerton ]C 20 Long Beach 15 SC 67 ISIavy All-Stars 16 SC 59 Whittier 20 Long Beach CC 14 SC 60 UCLA 24 SC 57 California 27 SC 35 Stanford 49 SC 64 Cal Tech 20 SC 52 UCLA 32 PCC Southern Division Finals Stanford 124 SC 105 California 70% UCLA 35% National Collegiate Championships SC 5 points (15th) 226 This year ' s varsity swimming team was the strongest ever seen on the SC campus. Completely overshadowing all nonconference foes and losing only to Stanford in the PCC, Coach Fred Cady ' s men easily splashed their way to an II -1 record as well as notching sec- ond place in the PCC meet at Stanford. With only four men graduating, the Trojan mermen, consistent record smashers in all their meets, should be an even stronger power next year. In the nationals at New Haven, Conn., Dick Conner was the top performer among SC ' s en- tries. Dick took fifth in the 3-meter and seventh in the 1 -meter diving events, placing behind Ohio State ' s quartet of divers. Another stellar showing was made by Joe Horsley, who grabbed fifth place in the 200 yard breaststroke barely being edged out of fourth place by four- tenths of a second. SC ' s strong medley relay team of Brannan, Webb, and Steveson placed sixth .timed in 2:50.1. SC ' s overwhelming dual meet victories were due partly to the reserve depth in all positions on the squad. Sprinters Tom Cape- hart, Virg Schaffer, John Sturgeon, and Jim Steveson were consistent performers for the Cady men, while Kevin Grant, Ron Severa, and Lloyd Ibbetson were outstanding in their longer events. Diver Dick Conner went undefeated for 3 years in dual-meet competition and won the 3 and 1 meter PCC diving crown for 3 years. Co-Captain Paul Brannan, Jack Webb, Jack Kennedy, and Royce Wilks handled the back- All-AmeTican backstroker, Paul Bzannan, went unde{eated in dual-meet competition and was the PCC champ in the 200 yard backstroke. He was also a member o the record-holding medley relay team. One of the country ' s best breastrokers and SC record- holder in the 200 yard butter- fly was 2-year AU-American, Joe Hoisley. He placed filth at the NCAA meet in the 200 yard breaststroke. stroking chores for the Trojans. Extra strength was provided by the presence of breaststrokers Bob Hughes, Dez Farnady, and Joe Horsley, Co-Captain of the powerful squad. ]im Steveson, a Junior, was selected the Most Outstanding Swimmer for the 1956 season. SC placed seven men on the 1956 Collegi- ate AU-American Swimming Team. They were Bob Hughes, Jim Steveson, Joe Horsley, Jack Webb, Paul Brannan, Dick Conner, and Ron Severa. Practicing starts in the Trojan poo! are Jack Webh, Ron Severa, ]im Steveson, and Bob Hughes. Freestyler Jim Steveson set records in the 100 and 220 yards freestyle and was PCC champ in the 220. He was also anchor man on the record-breaking re- lay teams. He holds 3 National JC marks. 227 The top breaststroker in the country was Bob Hughes, who set the world record at 100 yards and the American record at 200 yards. He also holds the PCC individual medley record. One of the nation ' s finest all-around swimmers and hold- er o the national JC backstroke and individual medley records is Soph Jack Webb. He set the SC record in the 100 yard but- terfly. Virgil Schaffer is taking off on his leg o the 4-man freestyle relay as Ron Severa sprints in. This year ' s relay teams were the best in school history. 228 TENNIS InstTuctor at the LA Tennis Club, George Toley was in his second year as coach of Troy ' s netznen. George, a graduate of SC, was first man on his squad in 1942 and won the Eastern Intercollegiate singles championship. 1956 Tennis Records SC 5 Redlands 2 SC 5 Alumni 3 SC 5 Poinsettia TC 4 SC 6 Modesto }C 3 SC 2 Jones All Stars 5 SC 5 Arizona 4 SC 5 California 4 SC 6 Stanford 3 SC 3 U.C.L.A. G SC 7 Modesto JC 2 SC 6 Stanford 3 SC 8 California 1 Ojai Tournament Tie for First SC 3 Redlands 6 SC 4 U.C.L.A. 5 NCAA 2ttd Olmedo Singles Champ Olmedo-Contreras Doubles Champs After serving as head tennis coach for many years, Lou Wheeler con- tinued his services this year at SC in an advisory capacity. He has produced many outstanding cham- pions in the past, includ- ing Hugh Stewart and the Falkenburg brothers. 229 The defending NCAA champs opened their season with some very capable players. The first man spot went to Alex Olmedo, the national champ of Peru. Sec- ond man was Pancho Contreras, a quick Latin Amer- ican. Joaquin Reyes, the third Latin American on the team, teamed up with Yves Lemaitre, Gene FoUico and jim Wilson to complete the first six. The racquet men had little trouble with most of their matches, but UCLA defeated them, 5-4, for the PCC championship. In the NCAA, UCLA outpointed S C, 15-14. Alex Olmedo won the NCAA singles title and he teamed with Contreras to win the NCAA doubles title. Olmedo is only a sophomore. VARSITY SQUAD Lett to Tight: Row 1: Sam Corekin, Henry Yamada, Howard Bleicber, George Welter, Dennis Smith, Doug Biedebach, Kevin Tichenor. Row 2: Advisory Coach Lou Wheeler, Jack Willebrands, Pancho Contreras, Ernest FoUico, Jim Wilson, Yves Lemaitre, Joaquin Reyes, Alex Olmedo, Manager Charles Balderas, Coach George Toley. 230 Yves Lemaihe, was SC ' s Number 4 player during the 1956 season. As was the case with Troy ' s top three netters — Olmedo, Contreras, and Reyes — Lemaitre came to SC from Modesto ]. C. Pancho Contiezas. captain of the 1956 Trojan squad, is a product of Mexico City and a member of the Mexican Davis Cup team. A versatile athlete, he plays soccer on Sundays as a diversion. Alex Olmedo, a native of Arequina, Peru, is rated by ex- perts as one of the finest young tennis prospects in the world today. He owns wins over many of the Pacific Coast ' s top ama- teur players. Alex Olmedo (left) and Pancho Contreras display the style that netted them the 1956 national collegiate doubles cham- pionship. Olmedo also walked-off with the NCAA singles title Joaquin Reyes, like Con- treras, hails from Mexico City and has played on the Mexican Davis Cup team. A consistent performer, he earned the du- bious distinction of being one of the strongest No. 3 singles men in college tennis. 1 1 Sfi " s I Ernie Follico. a graduate of Garfield High School, was No. 5 man for Coach Toley ' s netmen. As a prepster, Foll ico was tlie City High School champ in 1953. Jim Wilson is one of two local men on the tennis squad, hailing from South Pasadena. The 19-year-old sophomore was ranked No. 6 on the talent- laden SC squad. Although ranked as Troy ' s No. 2 doubles combination, Yves Lemaitre (left) and Joaquin Reyes proved to be an ad- mirable foe against many of the nation ' s top collegiate two- somes. Coach Fred Cady has had many top water polo teams and this year proved to be his best. Assisting Coach Cady tor the past nine years has been Dr. Neill Kohlhase. Olympic veteran Bob Hughes set a new record with 148 goals. Row 1: Dez Farnady, John Hogan, Kevin Grant, Roy Silver. Row 2: Jim Steveson, Ron Severa, Paul Brannan, John Sturgeon, Joe Horsley, Royce Wilks. Row 3: Man- ager Warren Blan chard, Tom Capehart, Bob Hughes, Bob Davis, Asst. Coach Neill Kohlhase. Once again the SC water polo squad out- classed all opponents during the year. Led by AU-American Bob Hughes, the team scored 270 points for a new school record. Oi the seven chosen on the AU-PCC team, four were from SC. They were Hughes, Ron Severa, Kevin Grant, and Joe Horsley. By winning 16 games and losing only 1, the club tied with Cal lor the PCC title, their only loss being to Cal. However they beat Cal later. The highlight oi the season was the 1955 AAU Senior Men ' s Indoor Water Polo Championship which SC won, defeating the Trojan Swim Club, 12-5, in the finals. Bob Hughes scored ten of the goals in the victory over many former AU-Americans and Olympic team members. WATER POLO Bob Hughes is getting ready to blast in one o his 10 goals scored against the Trojan Club. CROSS COUNTRY Eznie Shelton, all-time Trojan high jump great, was the guiding hand tor SC ' s cross-country squad. As a Troy standout from 1953 to 1955, Shelton was unbeatable and became one o( lour men to clear the 6 ' II " height. flow J: Lett to light: ]ohn Fer, Phillip White, Wes McLeod, Sid Wing. Row 2: Lett to Right: George Enomofo, Manager; Don Watzman, Chuck Tobias, Max Truex, Murray Cohurn, Ernie Shelton, Coach. Row 3: Lett to right: Marshall Clark, Tom Williams, Bob Shankland, Tom Anderson. They are bunched at the start, but oh how they arc spread out at the linish. 19SS Cioss-Country Record SC 20 Occidental 35 SC 21 U.C.L.A. 42 SC 41 U.C.L.A. 60 SC 20 Occidental 34 SC 28 Camp Pendleton 61 SC 18 Calilornia 39 SC 47 Occidental 30 SC 25 Stanford 32 SC 34 U.C.L.A. 29 National Collegiate Championships Max Truex 9th Place GOLF Lett to right: Row 1: Willis O. Hunter, Edwin Trisler, Sherwyn Turbow, Roy Myers, Harold Cassriel, Pat Ele- vens, Pete Walters, Manager. Row 2: Stan Wood, Coach, Bill Bedford, Frank Stubbs, Ron Pawlacyk, Jack Allan, Bob McCallistei. A former standout periormer tor the Trojan linksmen, Stan Wood has now taken over the coaching reins. V ood also doubles as goU columnist lor a metropolitan newspaper. During his undergraduate days, he was sports editor for the Daily Trojan. Standout perlormers lor Trojan linksmen lor the season were Bud Bradley (lett) and Ed Trisler. GoU SC 49 Long Beach City College 5 SC 44 Alumni 28 SC 27 San Jose State 27 SC 34 San Diego State 20 SC 15 Arizona State Tempe 21 SC 40 Calilornia 14 SC 41 U.C.L.A. 13 SC 31 Stanford 23 SC 32 Loyola 2 SC 45 U.C.L.A. 9 SC 32 Loyola 4 Southern CalitoTnia InteTcoUegiate Championships SC First 463 points Pacific Coast Conference Southern Division Tournament SC Second 1,227 points Dud Bradley, a talented Sophomore, and Boh McCal- lister led SC through a good year in golf. McCallister was the individual champion and Bradley the runner-up in the PCC playofts at Stanford. SC beat UCLA 45-9 in early May to give SC its first undefeated PCC dual match championship since before World War 11. A week before that, SC had won its sixth straight Southern Cali- fornia Intercollegiate cham- pionship. 235 - ' ■ " TWS¥« ' 5 " P«yaf5!!Sf " S T ' f B BMMm iM Coach o SC ' s gymnastics for 27 years, ChaTlie Giaves has won 8 South- ern Division PCC team titles. His teams have iinished among the top ten in the NCAA meet every year since 1948 and won second place honors in 1951 and 1952. GYMNASTICS With many o his stars leaving, Coach Charlie Graves had to field a game but inexperienced team. The Trojans ' iirst good showing was in its second meet with UCLA. Ken Barber, SC ' s gymnast phenomenon, took first in the horizontal bar, the parallel bars, free exercise and all-around, but his wins weren ' t quite enough as UCLA triumphed 40-39. In the PCC meet Barber captured fifth in the horizontal bar, first in the parallel bars, and fourth in the all-around department as SC finished third behind UCLA and Cal. 19S6 Gymnastic Scores SC 27 U.C.L.A. 53 SC 25% Los Angeles State 46 ' h Pacific Coast Conference Finals SC Third Place A one man gymnastic team, this is the term which might appropriately be used to describe the worth of Ken Bai- bez to the 1956 gymnastics team of coach Charlie Graves. Though gradu- ation depleted the ranks of the squad. Ken might be credited with bringing the team through to second place in the conference. 236 Coach Charlie Graves, headman of the Trojan gym squad lor the past 27 years, instructs four gymmen in the finer points o the rings event. Graves has developed many fine performers during his reign at Troy — including two members of the 1952 U.S. Olympic team. 237 Standing: Bernie Manley, Bob Kelsey, Hugh Sponsel, Bob Rosenthal, Rick Evans, Dick Prock, Don PtouI, jell Commons, Bill Hewitt. Kneeling: Willie Chong, coxswain. Standing: Herb Reich, Lenord Keith, Ernest Zooper, Ron Duplanty, Gil Sales, Bob Sherman, Dick Clark, Bob Thompson. Kneeling: Ted Chow, coxswain. Five years ago crew at SC was just a club sport. The men had no boat- house and possessed one used and very battered shell. Now, a few years later, Troy is starting to build a crew which is on its way to national promin- ence. At present, Troy has a number of new shells, with names such as Trojan Pioneer and Helen of Troy. Interest has spread to include the ranks o (he e- males, who have responded by forma- tion o the Shell and Oar Club. Climax- ing a very successful season, the Tro- jan varsity crew this year beat the famed California varsity for the first time in history, an event which will long be remembered. Once again handling coaching chores for the Crew was popular Bob Hillen. A former crew coach at UCLA, Bob also doubles as a Physical Educa- tion instructor in Santa Monica. CREW The Trojan vaTsity, junior varsity and treshman shells get ready lor a practice race at the training site in San Pedro. VARSITY SQUAD Standing: George Moore, Dean Allen, Stuart Neiiler, Boh Howard, Bait Schou, Jim Rodgers, Joaquin Gil del Real, Ben Benjamin. Kneeling: Tony Sloan, coxswain. i S ' -v .. " ■ y i 1 p| Kr Completing her first year as co- director of URA was Eleanoi Walsh. Eleanor, also an instructor in Physical Education, was formerly on the staff of the University of Wisconsin. 1 M " ' ijf ' % .. " i mF iA f% m ' H K 1 mnii X— JhI ■ ' MM W ' m HSflt j k ■J ' L. jHjVIB Leslie Milligan was in charge of all URA clubs. A co-director, this was her first year as a URA staff member. Here we found her teaching a class in social recreation. Di. J. Tillman Hall, under whose direction the URA func- tioned so well, was also an assistant professor of Physical Education. Dr. Hall has served for six years as director of URA, and the success of it is due mainly to him. His selec- tion as Commencement Mar- shal was another example of his widely known organiza- tional abilities. Besides its self elected officers, each club sponsored by the URA had a representative to help relations between the particular club and the University Recreation Association. Representatives at this meeting held by Mr. Abel and Miss Milligan, were (seated) Milt Forrest, Joe Curi, Marilyn Mariena, Barbara Brady, and Frank Allard. 240 Each sport sponsored by the URA had its own manager who had the responsibihty o scheduling all the events in connection with that sport, arranging for places to play, setting times for matches, and seeing that all were notified of the event. The man- agers were: seated, left to right: Rose- mary Billi, Eleanor Walsh, advisor, Rhea Soger, Judy Baird. Standing: Fountiene Duda, Barbara Johnson, Bar- bara Buehner, Aiko Kamayatsu, Libby Polsky. The IFC representative to the URA was Delt, Jack Kennedy. Chuck Greenwood, center, was the director of all men ' s activities, while Rhea Soger was in charge of all the women ' s sports events. The URA was time consuming but Dennies Trimble proved her worth as an efficient chairman by coordinating all the URA activities. Dennies has been very active in the Y and in Phy- sical Education where she is a Dance major. 241 Interested in probing the coves o the blue Pacific? This boy is get- ting his start as a member ol the Surl Diving Club; beginners start in the SC pool The many clubs spon- sored by the UBA gave students a chance to join together in their tavor- ite activities. This was the tirst year or the University Rille Club. A majority of the members were also on the Naval or Air Force ROTC teams. This was also the first year the rifle teams received university recognition. Very high standards have been set up lor these marksmen and 6 men from the Naval Rifle Team have qualified lor their letters. Shooting practice is held by the club at the on campus armory. Members ol the Badminton Club stop just long enough for a picture. Clubs such as this one meet in the school ' s gymnasiums and use the equipment provided by the school U desired. Awards earned in the All-U Table Tennis Tourna- ment were given out at a luncheon meeting ol the Table Tennis Club. Guest MC was Ken Shanks, left, and the speaker was Director ol Ath- letics, Willis O. Hunter. 242 Volleyball is a popular sport on our SC campus as proved by the good turnout tor the three tournaments. There is one tor the girls alone, shown above, one lor the men, and one co-rec tournament tor mixed teams. Diving is but one ot the events at the All-university swimming meet. This can be entered by teams or individuals and, tor the less athletically inclined, it ' s great lun to watch. Basketball is another lavorite ot the students. By the Unal game ot the tournament it ' s all a person can do to get into the gym and, trom the tension ot the crowd, one would think we were playing UCLA tor the championship. This is one ot the games at the start ot the season. Track meets are a highlight ot the men ' s year. Held in the spring, both the All-U and the IPC meets are well attended. Medals are received by the winning contestants ot each event. 243 PHI BETA KAPPA National Scholastic Honorary Adamson, Glenn Lee Altenbuiger, Clifford Allan Anderson, Edith H. Bakei. Jeiiy Lee Bradley, John Allen, Jr. Bieckwich, John T. Bieitman, Gordon Bring. Murray H. Brown, Seyom Brown, Valerie Ann Cade, Charles R. Cameron, Laura Beatrice Charnoisky, Noreen M. Christensen, LaVerne Christopher, Jack Ottis Cornell, Edna Louise Crawford, Patricia Jeanne Dickens, Justin Kirk Drum, Dale Douglas Dulaney, Walter F. Eisenberger, Isidore Friedman, Lottie Fein man Friedman, Richard Giuliano, Concetto Richard Gruner, Jay K. Harris, William Henninger, Alice Marie Kalpakian, Harriett Meribo Kamminga, Frederick John Kelly, Frederick Douglas, Jr. Kincannon, William Neale King. Elaine C. KosloH, Alexander Kraus, Bernhard A. LaSha, Peter S. LayPort, Lee Leonard, Janet June Leppold, William Earle Lokenvitz, Diane Leah McBee, Susanna Sarnes McGrath, James J. McKibben, Robert C. Mainland, Edward A. Mansfield, Marilyn Reba Merritt, Richard Lawrence Middleton, Michael J. Moore, Wesley Sanlord Morinigo, Fernando B. Munelis, Constantine T. Newman, Robert Richard Perry, Janet Louise Peters, Arthur Stanley Shaver, Neil Small, Carol Ann Smart, John Marshall Smith, Woodv ard SwUt, James Teirance Swisher, Charles W. Taylor, N. Gregory Temple, Carolyn Joyce Terzian, Carl R. Turoonjian. Ronald Van Alstyne, William W. Van Hunnick, Elizabeth Janna Weymann, Charles F. Wood, Charlotte Diane Woodbridge, Patricia Ann Zuckman, Harvey Lyle PHI KAPPA PHI National Scholastic Honorary Adamson, Glenn Lee Allison, Laird Burl Anderson, Calvin Warren Ban, Thomas George Bates, Donna Ruth Beckstrom, Lloyd K. Bennett, Warren Lester Bradley. John Allen Jr. Bring. Murray Hyman Burzinski, Gordon Joseph Cameron, Laura Beatrice Cater, Frank Sydney Christopher, Jack Ottis Clark. Paul Allred Collins. Robert Nayloi Cooke, Carol Eleanor Drummond, Marcia Jo Germann. Timothy Dominic Cornell. Edna Louise Croskey. Henry Walter Forster, Donald Charles Friedman, Lottie F. Hahn, Yukap Harris, William Horany, Ernest S. Howard, Katherine Elizabeth Jackson, Mary Frances Johnson, Eddie William Johnson. Lucille Marie Johnson. Theodore Hall Kauiman, Pearl L. Kawanami, Shigeru Kelly, Frederick Douglas Kraus, Bernhard August ifredo, Wiliiam Charles Linsley, Ralph Eggleston Lokenitz, Diane Leah Marks, Shirley Rotter Miller, Curtis E. MuUer, Charlotte Ann Okamura, Henry Naohiko Perry, Janet Louise Rodd, Richard Allen Schindler, Eva Mir jam Smart, John Marshall Smith. Douglas Alexander Smith, George Wilber Smith, Woodward Temple, Carolyn Joyce Thomas, Alton Joyce Van Alystyne. Bill W. 246 ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA Freshman Scholastic Sorority k i Esther Aviutin, Siaila CoUee, Diane Dieudonne, Baibaia Everett The recognition and pro- motion o scholarship among Trojanes {alls to Alpha Lambda Delta, composed of girls who received a 3.5 grade average in their Ireshman year. The soror- ity acts as hostess at various school events. Gwen Norton presided at this year ' s meet- ings. Mary Glass, Tema Levine, Gwcn Norton, Nancy Ollutt ludy Orlick, Margie Svendsen, Marilyn Tan, Marnee Tyler, Kay Werner PHI ETA SIGMA Freshman Scholastic Fraternity Luncheon meetings and discussions were among the ac- tivities o( Phi Eta Sigma. This scholastic fraternity consists ot those men v ho compiled a 3.5 grade point during their fresh- man year. A how to study panel and a freshman essay contest were also sponsored by this group. Lett to Tight: Row 1: Kenneth Silk, Richard Arnerian, Rodney Barlield, Dr. Gordon, ad- visor, Leland Wilson, vice-president, Allen Taylor, president, Richard Condon, laculty, John Osugi, Richard Shottis r.. Laird Allison, Jerry Leavitt. Row 2: Jim Story, John Kassabian, Ted Jessee, Don Carr, James Newboy, Denis Kutch, Ed Bloom, Glen HoUinger, Tom Hermberg, Howard Heaton. 247 Donald Brown, Ted Cushman, Carroll Johnston, Louis Liets Randell Makinson, Richard Maitin. Donald Peait, Robert Rogall SCARAB National Architecture Fraternity Boy Tanaka, Lorenzo Tedesco, Rudy Veland, Donald WoodiuU Introducing interested stu- dents to the Held of architecture is one of the many activities undertaken by Scarab. Design abihty is a key factor with scholarship, character and per- sonahty in the selection of members. Scarab was founded at SC in 1927. Promoting unity and or- ganization between students in architecture and senior mem- bers is the purpose of A.l.A. Seminars and field trips were taken by members of this group. They also had a full so- cial calendar beginning with their initiation banquet. A I A American Institute of Architects Lett to iignt: How i: Jacques de bier, ' finiitip bates, Robert Donald, James CooJ:, Loch Crane, Robert Wilkerson, vice-president, Ernest Elwood, president, Donald Brown, secretary, Marvin Berman, treasurer, Barbara Oncken, Herbert Hoey, Al Guevara Jr., Donald Wood- ruff, Robert Simpson. Row 2: Byron Linlord, Arthur Kensler, Denis Kutch, Rudy Veland, C. R. Wojciechowski, Louie Glasbrenner, Randell Makinson, Paul WuesthofI, Mort Sepahi, Lew Ingleson, Pat Porcarello, Emil Benes, Petei von Muehlen. TAU SIGMA DELTA National Architecture Honorary Sheldon Caiis, Loch Crane, Ted Cushman, Robert Eiickson, Baziy Gittelson Though small in number Tau Sigma Delta is a very se- lect group. Membership in this architecture honorary is open only to iourth year students in industrial or landscape archi- tecture who are among the top scholars in their class. Randell Makinson presided this year. Louis Liets, Randell Makinson, Leigh Miller, John Rinaldi, Paul Wuesthott KAPPA PI National Art Honorary The SC chapter of Kappa Pi, national art fraternity, un- dertakes many activities pro- moting interest in art. They were the hosts of the Art School in all showings and receptions, and they had many field trips to museums and openings of art shows. Leit to Tight: Row 1: Donald Geids, Rosemary Arnold, Elizabeth Solomon, ■ : ;■ Larios, Phil White, treasurer, Diane Goodwin, vice-president, John Karrarch, president, Jacque Congdon, Gail Brown, secretary, ]oan Dishman, Pat Dishman, Beverly Price, Edgar Ewing, advisor. , 249 BETA GAMMA SIGMA Commerce Scholastic Fraternity Faculty: June, 19S5 Graduates: Pistole. ]. A. Clayton D. Cazus Barach. T. W. Sase. H. V. LeRoy M. Edv aids Bauman, Richard H. Smith. G. W. Park J. Ewait Conboy. A. F. Smith, H. V. Fred D. Fagg. Jr. Covey. W. E. Stackpole, J. A. Franklin W. Gilchrist Figgins. L. R. Swan. J. I. Lawrence C. Lockley Flower, A. Tanimura. K. S. G. Preston Martin Garrett, E. M. Updegrait. M. W. Walter B. Meigs Goldbaum. H. J. Winters, F. J. Rex Ragan Green, J. W. Woodmansee. H. G. Donald Scales Hardyment, A. D. Marsh. R. F. Kenneth L. TieHtzs Hicks. K. C. Ruius B. von KleinSmid Jemelian. J. N. February. 2955 Graduates Charles M. Whitlo Kosar. O. . Beckstrom. L. K. Robert R. Dockson Lowitz. R. Jacomb. W. M. Robert E. Schultz McRae. T. W. Ormsby. L. H. Morris M. Mautner Miyoshi. T. Romig. G. C. Richard R. Mead Moore. }. B. Ford. R. W. Nixon. R. L. McGregor. C. E. Palazzo. J. F. Porter. C. E, PHI CHI THETA National Commerce Sorority Field trips to business or- ganizations and department stores highlighted the year ' s activities of Phi Chi Theta. Founded at SC in 1929, the commerce group promotes the cause of higher business edu- cation and training for all wom- en preparing tor careers in business. Nancy Bates-Lane, Rosemaiy Brown, OJga Bulal, Patricia Farzah, Beatrice Gaiza Baibara Hursey, Nellie Jorritsma, Estela Josete, Marilyn Lyman, Esther Magdaleno Jackie Moody, Jane Ranells, Frances Sahgren, Sylvia Vrattos, Nancy Weber Noon speaker meetings and field trips open to all ac- counting students are spon- sored by Beta Alpha Psi. To en- courage the ideal oi service as the basis of the accounting pro- fession is the purpose oi the group. John Spear was this year ' s president. Lett to right: Bow 1: Joseph Shanahan, Abdul Fattah Amin. Edward Smith, treasurer, Charles Stearns, vice-president, John Spear, president, Frances Salgren, secretary, James Tom, Joseph RuH- ner, George Bucher. Row 2: Charles Miller, James Keller, W. A. Lang, John Duncan, Harold Fuller, Donald Zeibler, Arthur Dean, David Mclntyre, Foster James. BETA ALPHA PSI National Accounting Fraternity ALPHA DELTA SIGMA National Professional Advertising Fraternity The men seen around cam- pus wearing sandwich boards were Alpha Delta Sigma pledges. Monthly seminars and discussions by men and women in the advertising field help the student to shorten the dis- tance between advertising the- ory and experience. Lett to right: Row 1: Ron Maloul, Norm Rittgern, secretary. Bob Bazdarich, 1st vice-president. Jack Laiiin, president, Charles Whitlo, advisor. Jay Sandberg, treasurer, Merv Arenchild Jr., 2nd vice-presi- dent, Hugh Turhylill, James Burgin. Row 2: Ron Rice, Mark Parillo, Paul Robison, Kay Jorgensen, Norm Nager, Phil Cook, Dick Miller, Gordon Duvall, A. C. Bryson. 251 The encouragement of high ethical standards in business and professional life is the main function of Pi Omega Pi. A spring barbecue wound up a successful year that included a number of guest speakers at their monthly meetings. Helen Caras presided at the meetings. Sigma Alpha Sigma repre- sents future secretaries. Profes- sional speakers gave lectures about the profession at monthly meetings. A yearly banquet highlighted the social calen- dar. Led by Diane Carlotti, the sorority was very active on campus this year. Lett to right: Row 1: Olga Bulai, Sylvia Vrattos, Eugene Mitchell, vice-president, Helen Caras, president, Thelma Sasada, secretary, Diane Carlotti. Row 2: ]oan Barber, W. C. Himstreet, sponsor, Albert Fries, sponsor, Joe Tisdale, Marlene Fox, Sally Robin. PI OMEGA PI Professional Commerce Fraternity SIGMA ALPHA SIGMA Professional Secretarial Sorority Leit to right: Row 1: Albert Fries, advisor, Barbara Peterson, Nancy Van Dyke, Pat Kyle, treas- urer, Diane Carlotti, president, Joan Belyea, Elizabeth Hawkins, Donna Creasey, Wallace Reill, ad- visor. Row 2: ]udy Landau, Marilyn Piersol, Paula Marvin, Noreen Ratigan, Dolores Holzmann, Bev- erly Roelen, Joan Barber, Loretta Randall, Beverly Stryker. 252 Lett to Right: Seated: Dr. Kenneth Trelttzs, Henry Beaumont, Gordon Crain, Duane Carpenter. Row 1: William Shishimo, Charles Richard Steen, Joseph Cherry, Jerry Asher, Herbert Rothenburg, Allan Flower, Ralph Callen, James Pittenger. Row 2: John Lumbleau, Earl Hellmers, Lee Chase, Robert Reeder, LeRoy Brown, Sr., Robert Logue, Robert Brabant. RHO EPSILON Real Estate Fraternity A university re-develop- ment project north of the cam- pus was one of the many ac- tivities of Rho Epsilon. Serving worthy causes on the SC cam- pus is one of the main purposes of this organization. Their initi- ation and installation banquet was the big event of the year. DELTA PHI EPSILON Foreign Service Fraternity Delta Phi Epsilon, the first foreign service fraternity, has been on the SC campus since 1923. The group was active the past year in promoting friendly relationships between the United States and other na- tions. A banquet highlighted the year. Members were: Chancellor Rulus B. von KleinSmid, Dr. J. Eugene Harley, Fred Arseneau, Dr. Clayton Carus, Dr. Stanley Townsend, Adamantos Th. Polyzoides, Hartly Batey, Gorden Burzinski, Horst Beil, Charles Cade, Jerald Clemans, Alvin Cooke, Pres., Gary Covey, Joset Ctyrtlik, Juaquin Gil Del Real, Dean Hanson, Kenneth Hoeck, Fred Kayser, Richard Krog, Edmund Kustra, Frank Mancuso, Fred Marcella, Treas., Paul Martin, Sec, George Mason, Robert Miller, Robert Nannini, Robert Ray, Abraham Shina, Robert Sautter, Jack Smart, Vice-Pies., Arthur Sutton, Mark Thoreson, Kent Tippit, Charles Walder, Karl Wedmeyer. 253 ALPHA KAPPA PSI National Professional Commerce Fraternity Frank Airheait, Laird Allison, Henry Bauman, Richard Bauman Hosting their 1956 South- west District Conference made this year a busy one for the members of Alpha Kappa Psi. They also presented awards to the outstanding male and fe- male commerce graduates. Socially there were a number of dances with UCLA and LA State. Ronald Bellah, Arthui Dean, John Duncan, Robert Ebeihazt Edward Farmer, Howard Fox. Gene Fredericks, Owen Haggerty, Jack Heisey Robert Huss, Ray Jantz, Ted lessee, Norman ones, Websfer ones. KennetJi Kailschucfc, Tom Kensier, Lawrence Kessel Kenneth Kirn, Richard Kirtland, Owen Kraus, Arlen Lindsley, David McFaddin, James Maddux, Bardon Maginnis, John Majewski Theodore Mandl, Jack Marsden, John Martin, Dow Keder, John Moore, Kenyan Myers, Spencer O ' Maiior, George Pailas Edron Schneider, WilJiam Sokol, Allen Taylor, Thomas Techentin, Ed Vail, Garry Wellesley. Leland Wilson, John WrigJit DELTA SIGMA PI National Professional Commerce Fraternity The banquet dance honor- ing the Rose of Delta Sig was the big attraction o Delta Sig- n:a Pi ' s many activities. Trips through business organizations and plants and the awarding of the scholarship key to the com- merce senior with the highest grade ended a successful year. James Anson, lohn Ballantyne, Buddy Calls, John Delevingne, Dean Duey Robeit Diizant, Douglas Eniight, Samuel Haziis, James Keller, Gbazi Khankan Joseph Kinkead, Steve Kish, Donald Lidike, Foirest Morris, i?ober( 0((o, Donald Pickaid Joseph Quesada, Robert Ray, Don Royale, Joseph RuUnei, Alan Ruitei, William Siney John Speai, Jack Stallord. Thomas Vicelja, Ro ' .and Wotstei, Fzed Zimmerman, Gerald Zins 255 The official host of the journahsm department was Sigma Delta Chi. The group sponsored the annual 16- page homecoming edition of the DT, and also acted as hosts or the Newspaper Day- tor High Schools. All mem- bers work on the Daily Tro- jan staff. Leit to right: Row 1: Bernard Solomon, Phil Cook, secretary, Paul Wasserman, president, Fred Burgh, vice-president, Arnold Diener. flow 2; Carl Strobel, Mike Navarro, Jim Morad, Peter Synodis, ]im Karayn. SIGMA DELTA CHI National Journalism Honorary THETA SIGMA PHI National Journalism Sorority Sponsors of the Ladies of the Press breakfast, Theta Sigma Phi promotes interest and participation in journal- ism among women. They make expense money by selling coffee to the Journal- ism School and to members of the DT staff. Rachel Lee was the 1955-56 president. Lett to right: Row 1: Nancy Chne, jeanine Stiles, Susie McBee, Jo Foasberg, Rachel Lee, presi- dent, Joyce Beehm, Barbara Chamberlain, Beverly Scroggs, Erling Erlandson, advisor. ALPHA OMEGA National Professional Dental Fraternity Alpha Omega Dental Fra- ternity, established on the SC campus for the advancement of professional interest in 1924, claims as their tradition, " get- ting every member through dental school. " Leading their way to success last year was president Nathan Gruspan. This year ' s president ot Alpha Omega, Nate Gruspan, is a junior in Dental School. Active in all dental school lunctions, Nate was on the student council and the IFC council as well as being a member ol ATE, dental honor- ary. Lett to right: Row 1: Ronald Woli, Marvin Kleinberg, Michel jacoby, lames Mertzel, Stanton Reichel, Henry Brown, treasurer, Harvey Cooper- man, secretary, Nathan Gruspan, president, Paul Ehrlich, vice president, Lee Birnkrant, Jerry Metis, James Kenney. Row 2: Arthur Hartman. Myron Kliman, Sherwin Davidson, Henry Levin, Larry Reichel, Leon Glazman, Irving Stokol, Eugene Brown, Donald Agins, Ron Strauss. Row 3: Leonard Bloom, Harvey Green, Al Kornblatt, Herbert Hyman, Donald Kornblau, Tom Redler, John Goldman, Marvin Levine, Zachary Friend, Larry Solig. Not present: Jerry Fiankel, Martin Burns, Sherwin Cook, Albert Dalva, Bernard Gavion, Alton Kanter, Larry Kaplan, Howard Levith, Gerald Marks, George Nedleman, Maxwell Saudners, Ed Selesnich, Leonard Silverglate, Albert Solnit. PSI OMEGA National Professional Dental Fraternity Grand Master oi Psi Omega, Eldon Brandt also presided over the meetings oi the Dental School IFC. In addition he was a member ol the Dental School student council and oi Alpha Tau Epsilon, a dental honorary. Dent students talk shop at Iraternity banquet. Taking time out from their busy schedule, membeis ol Psi Omega managed to take sec- ond place in the annual Flap- per Day race. Two masquer- ades and a Spring iormal pro- vided the entertainment tor these future dentists. Leit to right: Bow 1: Richard Cowan. Leon Ellis, Verne Gullickson, Alex Gacsaly, Mike Monies, Roland Grubb, Tom Houghton, Eldon Brandt, Don Seivert, A. ]. Mentas, Bill Duke, Welcome Adamson, Richard Rippe, Gene Steckman, Bob Sunter, Jam Moon, Robert Thomason, Jim ones. Row 2: Roy Connell, Charles Jacques, Douglas Hamilton, James Arthur, Tom Hatzeson, John Cooke, Don Gillespie, John Stopp, Leonard Chanda, Bill Stoeckle, Ashley Smith, Don Mueller, John Marcum, Bernard Guentner Jr., Robert Smeton, Robert Stewart, Frank Zavala, Russ Maiorano. Dick Pyle, Bill Werner. Row 3: Duane Nowack, Bill Stewart, Jack Rasmussen, Bud Arnold, Ray Courture, Frank Crawlord, Ross Case, Mike Blake, Alan Peninger, William Ridgeway, Clyde Leach, Winlield Scott, Robert Kelly, Albert Malout, Warren Yaple Jr., Don Watts, Ralph HoHman, Tom Jordan, Jerry Lowdermilk, Ed Dowty, Robert Erhart. Row 4: Steve Kogrit, Russ Jessup, King Marsh, Dick Edwards, Jerry MacDonald, Robert Goldman, Bill Sullivan, Lou Haskins, Dick Gustaveson, Steven Lusko, Ed Murachanian, Jack Lytle, Bill Snaer, Bill Newcomb, Bill Procopio, Chuck Pass, John Ricketi, John Salarik, Richard Douiian, Roger Erickson, Donald Fahrney, Pat Tormey, Don Voss, James Elliot. ALPHA KAPPA GAMMA Dental Hygiene Sorority A circus attitude prevails at Dental Hygiene rush party. A lovely miss tram San Diego, Barbara McNary presided over Alpha Kappa Gamma ' s meetings. Barbara, a senior in Dental Hygiene, was also a Dorm sponsor at E.V.K. Uniting into closer relation- ship all women in Dental Hy- giene is the purpose of Alpha Kappa Gamma. The group was able to maintain a high scho- lastic average and still take part in a Christmas Raffle and a Uniform Fashion Show. Bar- bara McNary was last year ' s president. Frances Claik, Claiie Cochran, Evelyn Dominguez, an Fnkuda, Sbiiley Geiselman Carol Hayne. Nancy Leilingwell Sandra McCandliss. Sue PauU. Virginia Phelps Diane Rail, Joan Smith, Kathezine Smilb, Lois Wateiman, Grace yoon Acquainting its memhers of what was to be expected of them. Alpha Epsilon Delta sponsored many lectures and held trips that would be help- ful to the pre-med student. In- formal talks by doctors also gave them much information that can be used in coming years. Left fo flight; Row 1: William Mayer, Will O ' Day, Arlene Herron, Julius Smith, Pres., Mori Light, Jerry Andes, Shun Ling, W. Martin, Advisor. Row 2: Leslie Joe Enloe, John Hamilton, Daniel Cooper, Pat Wallace, Ed Spencer, William Lolthouse, Gordon Vi-Garis. Not Pictured: Isao Sarcai, Arthur Lewis. ALPHA EPSILON DELTA Pre-Medical Organization XI PSI PHI National Professional Dental Fraternity An active social calendar gave the members of Xi Psi Phi relaxation from their busy schedule. Participation in the annual Dental School Luau cli- maxed the year ' s events. In ad- dition the group gave student aid to those who needed it, and gave many dental demonstra- tions. Lett to right: Row 1: William Meachan, John Hughes, Lloy Swanson, Frank Grado, Parker Hart, Jack Preston, Lamburt Boehm, Fred Hansing, Sam Harkiss. Row 2: Fred Hoopes, Charles Nelson, Robert Hobbs, Norman Beyer, Harold Eissmann, Val Clark, Sam Kurtz, Robert Meyers, AUrcd Torkelsin, Carl Herrera. Lett to Right: Row 1: Donna Richie, May Crawlord, Margarite Kilchmann, Dorothy Hine, Andrea Smith, Sec, Phyllis Leidy, Pres., Carolyn Quan, V. P., ]aney Washburn, Youko Kagawa, Mae ]o, Lynn Yasuda. Row 2: Doris Rudd, Carmille Billops, Charlotte Campbell, Joan Nielsen, Hannah Cline, Pat Adams, Nanci Getschine. „e orf; " S,:for OCCUPATIONAL therapy pational Therapy Club pro- vides additional information for any one who desires it. They had many social functions with related groups in the field and they participated in many cam- ' The Physical Therapy Club was established to give pre- professional and social activi- ties for its members. The club well represented the depart- ment as they participated in Homecoming and the " Y " Car- nival. Guest speakers kept the group up to date in their field. PHYSICAL THERAPY Lelt to Right: Row 1: Faye Schmidt, Shila Slaughter, Essie Gee, Sarah Ann Davis, Vice-president, JoAnn Schmidt, Sec, Victor Lunder- man, Treas., Virginia Orton, Spring Pres., Robert Loyd, Fall Pres., Donna Miller, Treas., Bobbie Prochaska, ]oan McColIom, Mary Ryan, Joseph Feloney, Barbara Jones, Mary Pearson. Row 2: Sara Ann Clark, Barbara Hargrove, June Sugiyama, William Gorton, Katherine Martin, Larry Standifer, Joe Chasin, Gene Snedigan, Carl Forrest, Dor Nikchevich, Bob Antonick, Vern Pascal, Louis Pavz. TAU BETA PI National Engineering Scholastic Honorary Chapter {lag presented by tail pledges. Archie Mac Millian, president oi Tau Beta Pi, was active in many engineering honor- aiies. He is the holder oi the 19S5-S6 Westing- house achievement scholarship in engineering. The recognition of those people who have distinguished themselves in engineering as undergrads is the purpose of Tau Beta Pi. The group held a faculty review program and published study aids or the semi-annual engineering train- ing exam. Lett to Eight: Row J; David Whittord, Bob Paulson, Vipin Sanghavi, Dick Halbach, Rec. Sec, Richard Nelson, V. P., Archie MacMillan, Pres., ]eriy Detwiler, Cars. Sec, William Wilcox, Larry Nishihara, William White, Man Kuen Tam, James Lusk, Robert Culberi. Row 2: Loren Bird, Richard Crane, Kenneth Kimball, Duane Ostrom, James Reames, Bob Emerzia n, Clarke Howatt, Robert Burks, William Graves, Marco Pescara, Frank Quon, Kenneth Wuertz, Conrad Solum. Row 3; George Churchill, Edward Lang, Charles Land, Lawrence Hamilton, Eugene Hankey, Edward Gregory, Mark Biedebach, Kenneth McElvern, Paul Higasbi, Warren Carrie, Wallace Baker, Warren Appley. Not Pictured: A. Bogaerts, H. Jones, W. Schlinger, D. Amir, J. Arnett, G. Emanuel, J. Oddo, B. Turner. Leit to Right: Row 1: Richard Wolfe, Richard Dawlotth, Howard Dickie, Jr., William Wilcox, William Crowl, President, Robert Chase, Treas., Jerry Waddell, Richard Fulmer. Not Pictured: Hebim Atiya, Manuel Castro, Yu Chu Clao, Bob Collins, Tony De Mattio, Bob Eberhasdt, Alen Gootgeld, Martin Hartmann, ]im Lunn, Tony Mason, lames Stuff, Ronald Weed, Gerald Wise. A. I. Ch. E. American Institute of Chemical Engineers On campus since 1929, the American Society o Mechani- cal Engineers have worked to- ward the organization of all mecha nical engineer students at SC. Leading them through a busy and successful year of meetings and Held trips was President Nick Friesen. A. S. M. E. American Society of Mechanical Engineers Field trips to various labo- ratories and firms were held by A.I.Ch.E. to give the chemical engineering students an idea of what goes on in that profes- sion. Speakers and films made their meetings very interesting as well as profitable. President was C. William Crowl. Lett to Right: Row 1: Keith Reigelman, Bob Paulson, Frank Quon, Boh Emerzian, Clarke Howatt, Howard HatSield, lames Keslar, Richard iohnson, Carl Halbach, Hugh Davis. Row 2: Bill Gratrix, Forrest Hinshaw, Richleigh Gilliat, Rudolph Avila, Robert Culbert, Charles Geer, Jack Garrison, George Cade, George Tuck. Lelt to Right: Row 1: Dwight Bilharz, Richard Johnson, Gil Davis, Bill Gratrix, Treas., Chuck Laug, Vice-pres,, Richard Nelson, Pres., Duane Ostrom, Corr. Sec, Carl Halback, Rec. Sec, Wilbur Lusk, William Graves, Henry Strickland, Jr. Row 2: Clarke Howatt, Bob Emerzian, Loren Bird, Edward Lang, Milton Cook, James Reamer, Robert Paulson, Charles Baish, Jr., Francis King, Frank Quon, Kenneth Kimball. Row 3: Hugh Davis, Howard Hatiield, Keith Riegelman, Charles Woody, Howard Heaton, Rutledge Hazzard, Kent Springer, Faculty Advisor, James Keslar, Conrad Solum, Jerry Deiwiler, George Jacob Emanuel. Not Pictured: Thayer, Turner, Peverill, Cravitz, Prather, Willcox. Chi Epsilon is fhe national Civil Engineering Honor Frater- nity, which elects to its mem- bership those engineers who have conferred honor upon their Alma Mater by distin- guished scholarship, character, practicability, and sociability. David Whitford presided this year. PI TAU SIGMA National Mechanical Engineering Fraternity CHI EPSILON National Civil Engineering Fraternity Giving important assist- ance in the preparation and selling of the USC Engineer was one of the jobs of Pi Tau Sigma. The group, founded in 1949, promotes a closer bond between students and faculty in the mechanical engineering department. 1955-56 president was Richard Nelson. Lett to Right: Thomas Hushower, Larry Nishihara, Donald Griffin, Pro!., Ricardo Ramirez, Donald Cope, V. P., David Whitlord, Pres., Robert Burks, Sec, Joseph Oddo, Marco Pescara, Bob Chu. 264 Lett to Right: Row 1: Carrol Beeson, Sponsor, R. B. Campbell Taylor, Sec, Kenneth Schultz, Pres., George Heckler, V. Pres., Donald Forster, V. Pres. All engineers interested in the petroleum engineering held were eligible for membership in Pi Epsilon Tau. Maintaining a high protessional and aca- demic standard this honorary kept its members informed o the progress of the petroleum engineering field. PI EPSILON TAU National Petroleum Engineering Honorary A joint student branch, AIEE — IRE was open to anyone in the electrical engineering field. Speakers from the indus- try attended their bi-monthly meetings and field trips to many plants kept the electrical engineering students informed of happenings in their field. A. I. E. E. - I. R. E. American Institute of Electrical Engineers — Institute of Radio Engineers Lett to Right: Row 1: Syd Deem, Frank Honda, Lee Wilderman, Michael Sherman, Glenn Maxson, Sevim Maxson, William Campillo, Mark Biedebach, Aubrey Sloan, Chairman, Warren Currie, Sec, Alan Schwartz, Treas., Charles Varanay, Richard Orr, Robert Sussman, Roy Sakamoto, Rodney Lewis, Advisor. Row 2: W. Baker, G. Yelland, ]. Tanner, D. Prout, W. Wallick, Sieve Smith, Robert Booth, Donald Kind, P. Biggs, Donald KoUanse, Arnold Cornez, David Stone, Larry Broekemeier, Paul Higashi, David Boye, Keith Slingerland, Bill Rice. Row 3: John Wilson, H. Warden, William White, A. MacMillan, Charles Fox, Kenneth McElveen, Kenneth Wuertz, Lawrence Hess, Lawrence Hamil- ton, Peter PleiUer, Sanlord Zinn, Keith Smith, William Roper, John Tylka, fr., Rudy Vargas, R. Bruemmer. Lett to Righf; flow 1: Archie MacMillan, Michael Sherman, ]ames Lusk, Kenneth Wuertz, flee. Sec, Aubrey Sloan, Treas., WiUiam White, Pres., Lawrence Hamilton, Corr. Sec, Mark Biedebach, V. Pres., Warren Appley, Bridge Corr., Man Keun Tam, Dave Praschan, Tomokazu Yumiba. Row 2: Kenneth McElveen, William Campillo, Edward Gregory, George Yelland, Jr., Wallace Baker, Warren Currie, Eugene Hankey, James Arnett, Peter Pleifler, Bruce Brownwood, Not Pictured: Versal Maxson, Leon Elder, Jr., William Schlinger, Jacob Dietrich, Fred Klumb. Each semester new mem- bers are selected into Eta Kap- pa Nu. You can tell a new in- itiate as he is required to wear a wooden replica of the Eta Kappa Nu key during pledge week. The group also had a tutoring service for any student in electrical engineering. ETA KAPPA NU Electrical Engineering Honorary SIGMA GAMMA EPSILON If you are interested in the chances of a natural earth- quake during a SC-Cal game at Berkeley, any member of Sigma Gamma Epsilon would gladly supply you with an an- swer. Anything to do with the earth interests these geology students. J. E. Bowen was this year ' s proxy. National Geology Fraternity Lett to Bight: Row 1: Bandy, Gorsline, Stucker, Tripp, Bryson, Byrne, Fleury. Row 2: Ingram, Jones, Gaal, Burge, McCluie, Terry, Errom. Leit to Right: Row 1: Howard Gebler, Charles Weedman, Morton Gerson, Ion Hatch, Kenneth Kauimann, Jr., John Barnard, lerrold Oliver, Leon Leonian, Phil Battaglia, Charles Spencer, ]r., Charles Stall, Robert Priver, Milton Hadley, Brin Schulman, Edward Heap. Row 2: Beverly Stryker, Dustin Janes, Phil Phillips, Richard Bletcher, Linn Morgenstierne, Erik Daarstad, Isa Khalifa, Julie Reilel, Paul Mattoon. Row 3: Marcus Kautman, Martin Schirmeister, Ralph Callen, Bernard Avidan, Andrew Marsh, Barry Scholer, Hubert Walker, William Ferrin, Harry Miller, Harold Chancellor, Jr., Charles Price, Richard Pooler, Ronald Melandry. Seminais in the many fields of law were held by Phi Alpha Delta. To form a strong bond among the members oi the dif- ferent classes is the purpose of the chapter. An annual Christ- mas Ball highlighted their so- cial season. Leon Leonian was justice this year. PHI ALPHA DELTA Professional Legal Fraternity PHI DELTA PHI National Professional Law Fraternity Phi Delta Phi centered around bi-weekly luncheons held for the purpose of hearing leading members of the bar discuss the practical applica- tion oi law in many fields. The group participated in the activi- ties oi the Student Bar Associ- ation oi the School of Law. Lett to Right: Row 1: Bob Devins, Walter Croskey, Patrick O ' Leary, Andy Castellano, oe Thomas, Historian, Paul Witmer, Magister, Warren Clendening, Exchequer, John Garr, Clerk, Floyd Sanger, Ben Schlegel, Peter Fleming, William Mortland. Row 2: Alan Call, Jack Goertzen, Doug Glaun, Len Marangi, Tom McCarthy, John Newburn, Bill Johnstone, Gerald Mydland, David Kenyan, Ronald Pacini, Arthur Snyder, Jr. Row 3: M. Muehle, H. Guthmann, M. Wilson, Dick Stever, Howard Rath, Jerry Baker, James Russell, Frevl Riedman, jerry Reppetto, Charles McCartney. SIGMA ALPHA IOTA National Professional Music Sorority Connie-Lu Berg, Eleanor Brown, Janet Gaede, Marianne King, Galen Ryan, Maitha Smith A very busy group last year, Sigma Alpha lota was active in many projects. At the top of the list v as the partici- pation in a few musicales. The group also engaged in various music projects and were affili- ated with the Professional Pan- hellenic Association. BLACKSTONIAN National Pre-Legal Honorary With a " B " grade average required for admission, the SC chapter of the Blackstonian So- ciety is promoted by and lor pre-legal students. Leading le- gal personalities of the area address their frequent dinner meetings and initiation rites. Lett to Right: Howard Bornstein, Sidney Oziel, Karen Keagy, Mike Sullivan, Pres., Maggie Phelps, Richard White, Eugene Harley, Faculty Advisor. 268 MU PHI EPSILON National Professional Music Sorority Chosen the outstanding chapter on the Pacific Coast in 1955, SC ' s chapter of Mu Phi Epsihn had a very hectic but successful year. Besides giving an annual concert, the group awarded a $100 scholarship to the outstanding woman musi- cian o the year. Anlonieta Abaiquez, Caiol Aldrich, Joyce Armour, Virginia Bifar, Lydia Duff, IVasrin Faiiokb. Sbeiyl Green JV k. ' Tfl? Linda Johnston, Elaine Koiman, Jacqueline Mansfield, Betty Quam, Carol Rives, Joyce WilJcin, Maiy Zaiil PHI MU ALPHA Professional Music Fraternity Left to Right: Row 1: Ingolf Dahl, Clement Hutchinson, Harry Corea, Howard Hillyei, Jim Schultz, Burt Karson, Max Krone. Row 2: Vernon Read, Ralph flush, John Green, Burton Zipser, Gene Eaves. Phi Mu Alpha, a brother- hood of music students estab- lished to further music, was guided this year by Howard Hillyer. Among the many con- certs presented, the group per- formed their annual concert on American music which success- fully ended the year. 269 TAU ALPHA SIGMA National Professional Cinema Fraternity Active participants in the operation of KUSC-FM and KUSC-TV, Tau Alpha Sigma was made up o students in the Tele-communications field. Trips to radio and TV stations and guest speakers tram the broadcasting industry informed members of the new develop- ments in the field. In addition to his duties as president of Tau Alpha Sigma, Bruce fohnson took the time to he president ot Phi Delta Theta, a member ol the ' 56 Club, Chiel Announcer lor KUSC-FM, and Head ol Publicity lor KUSC-TV. Left to Bight: How 1: Bob Krause, Sherman Weiss, Sally Scharle, Doreen Glotlelty, Sec, Bruce Johnson, Pres., David Passell, Vice-pres., Skipper Spelman, Andre Stojka, Buzz Blumenthal. Row 2: Bob Grillin, Bob McQuigg, Howard Stucker, Bill Shealler, Bill Hillinck, Tony Santino, Phil Salisbury, Herbert La Bin, ]r. Not Pictured: Mickee Anderson, Bob Cornell, Sharon Davies, Wayne Kurlack, Chuck McHernolds, Tom Treloar, Irene Walpole, Glenn Adamson, John Booth, Chuck Buzzard, Stu Cooney, Curt Hungeilord. DELTA KAPPA ALPHA Professional Television Fraternity Sponsors of the Film Clas- sics Series on campus, Delta Kappa Alpha promoted a bet- ter understanding o the film industry to its members. Their 20th anniversary banquet high- lighted the year as the mem- bers celebrated two decades of successful service to the school. Active in many school altairs, Don Ma- suda took charge ol DKA during the fall semester. A varsity debater, Don also served on the senior class council and was elected to the Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities in 1955. Spring piexy ol DKA, Herb Thurman was a graduate student in Cinema having re- ceived his AB horn SC in 1955. A veteran, Herb was a U.S. Air Force combat photog- rapher and also produced an Air Force Flight Saleiy film. Lett to Right: Row 1: Ralph Rodine, Sam Hylin, Gene Lemmon, Medhat Mandorn, William Mehring, Advisor, John Apostolon, Robert Bethard, Cris Seiter, V. Pies., Daulat Masuda, Pres., Ramon Ponie, Sec, foe Mazzuca, Treas., Eugene Fleischer, Chuck Finance, Elizabeth Cattrick, Erik Daarstad, Allied Garcia. Row 2: Herb Thuiman, Benjamin Almeda, S. Shelton, Gaiy Lindsay, lohn Hvasia, Robin Kiikman, Ronald McManus, ]im Hatch, Barry Kiik, Raiiq Ahmed, Fr. Sean Dunne, Otto Sorge, Douglas Gallez, Don Miller. Lelt to Right: Row 1: Clarence Hiure, Sat Nilta, Lewis Lee, Sec, Ray Kato, Tom Ishioka, Pres., Hayats Kimoto, Treas., Warren Susuki, Jim Fujivo, Masaaki Yamamoto, George Yamagochi. Row 2: Ken Sugino, Henry Fong, Albert Fong, Masayeshi Matsuno, June Yamasaki, Willard Smith, Advisor, Gordon Nagaia. Reactivated at SC in J952r Alpha Iota Pi was a very active group participating in many school functions. Made up o men whose interest is to pro- mote professional integrity in pharmacy, the group had many social functions throughout the year. ALPHA IOTA PI Pharmacy Fraternity RHO CHI National Professional Pharmacy Honorary Highlighting the year ' s ac- tivities for Rho Chi was the presentation of scientific papers before a body of the faculty ot the school of Pharmacy. This honorary also presented an an- nual book award to the out- standing freshman student in pharmacy. Left to Right: Row 1: Herbert Weinberg, Masayoshi Matsuno, Leonard Berger, Marshall Gilston, Gerald Schneir, Pres., Lenora Lawrence, John Freeman, Malcolm Boghosian, John McDougal, Wayne Wooten. Not Pictured: Stan Yagi, Carl Walser, Ramsey Wasley, Dr. Bliss, Advisor. Ill Lett to Right: Row J; Victor Brae, jeiome iJchneider, Dan Chan, Robert Mallory, Fall Pros., Dr. Glenn Hamor, Advisor, Allen Hathcock, Spring Pres., C. LaDell Stewart, Masayoshi Matsuno, Don Kelso, Kenneth Griiiin. Row 2: John Freeman, John Frost, Jerol Burns, Marvin Levy, James Faverman, Vincent Ciccarelli, Her- bert Bloom, Neil Goddard, Robert Becker, Paul Noble. Row 3: Edmund Lowe, Gene Grobman, Bob Rudolph, George Roulette, Bill Econome, Grant Thulin, Dick LuPayne, August Maymudes, Cal Mullen, George Yama- guchi. SKULL AND MORTAR Pharmacy Recognition Fraternity An oldtimer at SC, Rho Pi Phi has been in many activi- ties on campus since 1923. Sup- porting alumni in their profes- sional and charitable activities was another function that had high precedence on this group ' s list. RHO PI PHI Professional Pharmacy Fraternity A honorary fraternity, Skull and Mortar renders service to those in the Pharmacy profes- sion. Led by Robert Mallory, this group did much to further the cause of pharmacy to those in and out of the profession. Lett to Right: Row 1: S. Gottlieb, H. Wellington, C. Mullen, H. Schulman, . Faverman, Chancellor, Lew Greenbaum, Scrib e, . Cohan, Vice-chancellor, M. Gilston, J. Schneider, T. Sbanbrom. Row 2: Ronald Marantz, Bernard Shleien, Lewis Yalle, Arnold Bregman, Joe Motylski, Mary Lever, Norman Fordis, Fred Startz, Ronald Shatter, David Harris. Row 3: Herbert Bloom, Herman Kramer, Art Cantor, August Maymudes, Kenneth Mailman, Vincent Ceccarelli, David Foster, Jack Pivo, Herb Weinberg. LAMBDA KAPPA SIGMA National Pharmacy Sorority Annua] observance of their Founder ' s Day highlighted the season ' s social calendar for Lambda Kappa Sigma. A wom- en ' s professional sorority the group had as a purpose the encouraging of the pharma- ceutical field to the fairer sex. Lett to Right: Row 1: Anna Koo, Cooki Nagai, Marge Heiken, Sec, Nancy Shafler, Pres., Kay Lee, Vice Pres., Margait Harrison, Pivan Tan- piland. Row 2: Barbara McClintock, Arlene Berg, Phyllis Westerveh, Majorie Duncan, Sumiko Tatsumi, Carol Ann Silveria, Joung Won Baick. jtV 3« VJ« Jjr American Society of Civil Engineers Those engineers who are interested in keeping abreast of the modern advances of the civil engineering profession at- tended the semi-monthly meet- ings of the ASCE. Besides be- ing technically up-to-date, this group had many socials high- lighted by the spring picnic. Lett to Right: Row 1: Robert Young, Bob Williamson, Vice Pres., Sterling Claus, Sec, Edward Johnson, Pres., Larry Nishihara, Treas., Joseph Oddo, Ying-Lun Chan, Dick Chow. Row 2: James Buchanan, Al Rubenstein, Larry Lewis, Ronald McDowell, Paul Jollie, Marco Pescara, Robert Burks, Tom Ellis. Row 3: Paul Butterlield, Ed Feser, Meyer Christopher III, Joe Thompson, Haruo Kakura, Merwyn Colson, Fred Ervin, John Akiyama. INTERCULTURAL CLUB Indian students perlornunij a lolk dance at the International Spring Festival. Acquainting Trojans with the various cultures that makes up the membership, the Inter- cuhural Club put on many events last year. The Club pro- vided a meeting place for all foreign students and others who were interested in learning about diilerent countries. President ot the International Club during the tail semester, Allonso Altiveros (right) was active in other campus affairs. A member of (he Alumni ' 56 Club, Alfonso directed the Diamond Jubilee Interna- tional Program. Ramu Pandit (lelt), spring prexy ot the Intercultural Club; was working on his Ph.D. in Eco- nomics. A native of India, he served as secretary of the Indian Students Association of SC. l vliJ Pl V ▼MM • ' aIii -w ,wMd ' ■ ■p ' S ' %. JST r , i : ' iSUmalr 1 . r k. B ..-.; (o Right: Row 1: Ann Ross, Jorge Estrada, Faranak Ghallari, AUonso Altiveros, Fall Pres., Ramu Pandit, Spring Pres., Carol Blodgett, Sec, Erik Daarstad, Treas., Vasantkumar Patel. Row 2: Jim Story, Hans Beer, Elspeth Guild, Sponsor, Thomas Clements, Sponsor, Lydia Clements, Sponsor, Abdul Jallow, Foreign Students Representative. 275 CHINESE CLUB Lelt to Right: Row 1: Theodore Chen, Sponsor, Eugene Chan, Betty Tom, Victoria Sin, Jimmy Tom, Treas., Mary Len Lew, Vice-Pres., Benjamin Loiue, Pres., Eileen Wong, Sec, ]o Ann Loo, Carolyn Quan, Anna Koo, Collin Chan, Dr. Wen, Sponsor. Row 2: David Joe, Yok Fon Tom, Fred Ju, Calvert Quon, Elbert Lui, Jackson Chew, Eddie Yee, Lawrence Lee, Corky Gong, Hugh Fong, Shun Ling, Allen Wong, Homer Wong, Bob Chu, Robert Young. Open to all Chinese stu- dents, the SC Chinese Club had many functions that hvened up the school year lor its members. The social calendar, led by the Christmas party, gave all the Chinese students a chance to get acquainted with each other in an informal atmosphere. Sponsors o the Fortune Cake Sale, Sigma Phi Omega was dedicated to school service. Organized as a service group they also gave a Sigma box lunch social during the fall se- mester. Lynn Yasuda was presi- dent of the group last year. SIGMA PHI OMEGA Lelt to Right: Row 1: Marilyn Tan, Lillian Kim, Aki Miyasaki, Toshi Hirata, Lynn Yasuda, Thelma Sasada, Chiz Takasago, Emi Nishikawa. Row 2: Chiyo Uyeda, ]oy Tanaka, Aileen Inouye, Barbara Toshiyuki, jo Ann Loo, Grace Yasuda, Lillian Inauye, Alice Narasaki. Not Pictured: Shirli Nagatoin, Jeanne Kobaia, Kay Ono, Alice Nishi, Kay Lee, Cookie Nagai, Cookie Tashiro, Inneko Takahashi, Lillian Yamashiia, Doris Ozawa, Barbara Fukuyama, Dorothy Okashi, Ann Sato, Aiko Kamayatsu. 276 SKI CLUB ■r .J i ' ; . - " Li It, j£ ij»S ' i» 1Ib Ff ..T w Ms ' r- ' f % f t 2J ' tmemt ■ |-— i Bj wm r iL ' I W4( ' pf ' ' ■ n ii f L.iw»a. Lett to Right: Row 1: Elizabeth Solomon, Duanne Compton, Sonnie KosoH, Anne Clark, Treas., Curtis Barnes, Pres., Ron Chandler, Vice Pres., Marcia Bateman, Sec, Diana Ryan, Mary Ann Newmann. Row 2: David Hayutin, Richard Edsall, Lawrence Greer, Stanley Haberman, Richard Earner, Theodore Baker, Glen Woodmansee, Arthur Evans, Tom Mulligan, Harold Smith, Thomas Haynes, Paul Marin, George Shibata, Stephen Cirillo. Row 3: Art Mandelbaum, Ron Weesner, Dave Escapite, Dick Schoonover, Nat Prescott, Tom Fredericks, Bob Levinsky, Bob Schennum, Lila Roberts. Happiest when there is snow in the mountains, men:i- bers of the Ski Club sport an emblem patch especially de- signed or them by Walt Disney. The club was established to give skiers an opportunity to learn more about this popular sport. Curtis Barnes led the trips to the snow last year. The Nisei Trojan Club is made up of Japanese-Ameri- cans attending SC. Many so- cial tunctions and participation in school activities kept the members on the go last year. NISEI TROJAN CLUB Lett to Right: Row 1: Thelma Sasada, Jack Yashimi, Lynn Yasuda, Hayato Kimoto, Minnie Takahashi, William Shishima, Pres., Aileen Inouye, Richard Yasuda, Amy Mishikawa, Yoneo Tsuru- donie, Toshiko Hirata. Row 2: joy Tanoka, Dean Ishu, Jo Ann Loo, Masayoshi Matsuno, Doris Nakasone, Mas Okabe, Mae jo, Yosh Sakuma, Grace Okuno, Warren Suzuki, Marylin Tan. Row 3: Masaaki Yamamota, Clarence Hiura, Dick Nerlo, ]im Fujino, Chiyo Uyeda, Harry Yamashro, Aiko Uyeda, Don Kubo, Minnie Takahashi, John Enomota, Grace Yasuda, Ken Sugino, Doris Ozawa. Not Pictured: N. Inamoto, Faculty Advisor. YOUNG REPUBLICAN CLUB Lett to Bight: flow 1: Kenneth Silk, Marilyn Anderson, Dave Johnson, Pres., Ralph Goodson, Vice Pres., Kent Tippet. Row 2: Nick Diaman, Wes Gregory, Dave Patterson, Kit Meyer, Gary Widell. Not Pictured: jean McNie l, Dick Fultan, Diana Ryan, Milt Forrest, ]uhe Guenther, Pete Granz, ]ack Garrison, John Carter, ]esse Anderson, Cris Stillwell, Nancy Weber, Ken Snyder, Bill Shatter, Chuck Schroeder, Robert Sautlop, Sonia Reynolds, Jack Peseborg, Robert Perkins, Mike Miller, Jeannette McEale, Leo McDermott, Robert MacFarland, Paul Martin, Don McDavid, Larry Lichty, David Knowles, Karen Keagy, Nellie Jorritsina. Active politicians on cam- pus, the Trojan Young Repub- licans never (ailed to keep is- sues alive with their timely comments to Sound and Fury. Led by Dave Johnson, they sponsored the big ' ' IKE " vic- tory rally that received nation- v ide publicity. NATIONAL COLLEGIATE PLAYERS Lett to Bight: Bow 1: Anita Rich, Ruth Farrar, Elroy Nacrek, Cor. Sec, ]onine Booth, Vice Pres., Paul Siebert, Pres., Gretchen Kane, Bee. Sec, Woody Wilson, Lillian Geana- kopoulos, Suzanne Evans, James Butler, Sponsor. Bow 2: Kathy Coombs, Christoper Lotting, Herbert Bothenburg, Sam Casson, Gretchen Kanne, Howard Ba nks, Faculty, Lindie Banks, William White, Dr. Herbert Stahl, Faculty. 278 All actresses and actors are candidates for the National Col- legiate Players. This group sponsored many drama produc- tions on campus and also awarded the yearly drama awards. Paul Siebert presided at last year ' s meetings. BALL AND CHAIN The undersung heros of the athletic department, Ball and Chain is made up o managers of the various sporis in which SC competes. The purpose of the group is to promote a closer bond between the managers, players, coaches, and univer- sity oihcials. Waiien Blanchaid, Tom Fish. James Guyle, Arthur Koin, James Maddux Arnold Marqaez. Mike O ' Dell Mattin SchielUei, Wanen Suzuki, Pefer W alters C A H P E R Successfully completing their initial year at SC, CAM- PER played host to all the Southern District Chapters at the Annual Convention. The group is composed of all stu- dents whose major field is in Health, Physical Education or Recreation. Let! to nigr,!: nov i: tinea Kay Soger, Barbara Buehner, Michael O ' Leary, Marilyn Frick, Treas., Roy Smith, Jr., Pros., Fountiene Duda, Vice Pres., Bob Rice, Sec, Joan Speed, Denise Boggini. Row 2: Charlene Kahn, Joyce Steele, Myrna Reed, Marva Steele, Libby Polsky, Judy Baird, Jeanne Cong- don, Barbara Block, Virginia Stephenson. Row 3: Earl WaUis, Advisor, Hank Schmidt, Tim Gresham, Rhoda Schoepflin, Janet Molnar, Jesse James, Robert Bindick. 279 SHELL AND OAR The guiding hand o Shell and Oar last year was Willie Shaw. This active Kappa Belt also belonged to Kappa Pi Art Fraternity and ruled the seas as Miss Crew Queen ot 1956. OHicial hostess of the SC crew, all members o Shell and Oar had a big hand in the suc- cess of Troy ' s oarsmen. Help- ing the team in their money- raising projects was another service of the group. Lett to Right: Row 1: Charlene Rich, Barbara Bilaier, Willie Shaw, Pres., Sue Butcher, Rita Dotson, Duchess Tomson. Row 2: Sheila Hair, Carol-Ann Bethanis, Beverly Gore, Elise Stelzer, Joan Barber, Dianne Ondrasik. 280 STUDENT COUNCIL ON RELIGION Greeting guest speakers during religious emphasis week. Lett to right: Burt Zipser, Religion Pres., Sue Corwin, ASSC Sec, Bob Davenport and Lloyd Umbarger ol UCLA, Lillian Weller, REW Seminar Chairman and Rev. . Ogden Hoitman, ]r.. Episcopal Chaplain. Alter transterring to SC two years ago, Burt Zipser became active in the allairs ol the Council. He served as secretary be ore being elected to the presidency. In addition he presided as the Chaplain ol the ASSC senate as well as serving on many com- mittees. The Student Council on Re- ligion which represented twelve campus religious clubs was most active on campus last year. Included v as their spon- sorship of Dr. Baxter ' s annual Christmas readings. The group was a sounding board for stu- dent religious opinion and was not restricted to religious groups. Lett to Right: Row 1: Starla Coffee, Bur on Zipser, Pres., Lorna Lall, Sec, Lynne Morgan. Row 2: Lorenzo Leland, M. Glenn Cooksey, Richard Lee, Weston Fisher. Not Pictured: Suzie Cook, Dave Kaylor, Betty Maginnis. 281 CANTERBURY ASSOCIATION Lelt to Right: Row ]; Sally jo Seviiz, Walter Gribben, Mary Powell, Charles Lawson, Patty Koehler, Feppy Helms, Cornelia Goodwin, the Rev. ]. Ogden Hollman, ]r.. Chaplain. Row 2: Bill Rice, Lois Utz, Robert Slavens, Dona Ross, Hoyt Grittith, Anne Smith. The Canterbury Associa- tion at SC was the meeting place for all Episcopal students. The group sponsored weekly religious services in the Little Chapel of Silence. There were also weekly meetings where prominent men gave talks on various topics. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORGANIZATION The Christian Science Or- ganization at SC complement- ed the activities of the Christian Science students. A student lounge was available for in- formal get togethers as well as Tuesday afternoon testimonial meetings. Lelt to Right: S. Arbogast, Shari Mayo, Ron Nelson, Shirley Largura, Joel Silverman, Mary Lou Hurley, L, Leland, Dick Kirtland. Not Pictured: Jack Barlein, Kenny Baker, Eleanor Brown, Gail Brown, loan Cambell, Ruth Cronshaw, Howard Dickie, Joan Dishman, Pat Dish- man, Sandra Winslow, Barbara Myers, Dean Duey, Sandra Hill, Jean McCloskey, Lucille Mitchell, Dick Noble, Nan Noble, Melinda Patten, Curtyne Rabsch, Dr. Irene Robertson, Otto Sorge, Elsie Crandall, Tom Tiumbell. B ' NAI B ' RITH HILLEL FOUNDATION An annual trip to the snow, Nash at Noon every Wednes- day and numerous other tunc- tions were among the many ac- tivities that the B ' nai B ' rith Hil- lel Foundation participated in last year. Sylvan Wachs led the group in their activities. Lett to Right: Row 1: Arf Benveni ' sfe, Donald Singer, Simonne Moiseell, Sylvan Wachs, Pies., Phyllis Rein, Vice. Pres., David Loshin, Hal Margolis, Ben Cohen, Direc or o Student Activities. Row 2: Naomi Mintz, Harold Kurland, Carol Inlield, Polly Manasse, Harriet Zonis, Eric Liebovitch, Vicki Brown, Elsie Sussman. % LUTHERAN ORGANIZATION The picture is made up of members of the University Luth- eran Fellowship and the Luth- eran Student Association. Both groups were quite active hold- ing weekly meetings and many socials. Lett to Right: Row i: Suzie Cook, Marcia Ralston, Gretchen Schoenheider, Richard Lee, Janet Leonard, Barbara Nelson, Beverly Johnson. Row 2: Gale Turner, Leon Olson, Gene Zellmer, Rev. Ron Goerss, Ben Huntsman, Tom McDermoti, Grant Castleberg, Knut Gundersen. 283 NEWMAN CLUB Headquarters and campus home or all Catholic students, the Newman Club was very ac- tive last year. Mass, lectures and other religious activities as well as open houses and dances highlighted the year lor the Club. Leit to Right: Row 1: Mary Lou Petrie, Weston Fisher, Mary Baskovich, Marion Alois, Esther Magdaleno, John Holtrichter, Jr., Beverly Harmon. Row 2: Gilbert Herrera, Anne Clark, Louis Meylan, Mary ]o Caldwell, Harold Washington, Vicky Gross, Bill Carlos. Row 3: David Gebson, Marilyn Busch, Joseph Young, Shan Sherman, Paul Sheedy, Louise Myers, John Van de Brooke. PRESBYTERIANS-ON-CAMPUS K mt ' 1 ys M L i H 9S - ' M Kb - ' ■ ' ' " ■ J W i B k r ; k BKcvutflpE ' ' ,; | B HII IIil K ' HB 1 ' E. as Iti x JIIK m To be a community of faith within a community of learning was the purpose of the Presby- terians-on-Campus. Bible study groups, social activities and counselling were among the activities that made their pur- pose a successful one. Lett to Right: Row 1: Barbara Hargrove, Nancy Utiutt, Ann Husseli, Jo Matthews, William Sheets, Rita Dotson, Corinne Kozell, Marsha Doudy. Row 2: Ngwohia Uka, Ken Von Rohr, Merton KnopI, Nancy Porter, John Burkhart, Kate Riemer, Gary Widell, Terry McKelvey. 284 WESLEY CLUB A " home away horn home " is what members call the Wes- ley Club. The stimulation of the growth o the Christian person- ality through fellowship, wor- ship and study is the aim of the Club. Carol Baily was last year ' s president. Planning annual International Stu : -yzinquet, lelt to right: club members Anita Ammerman, Jim Huflman; Abdul lallow, ioreign students representative; president Carol Bailey; banquet chairman Ken Myers. 1 M »- H K H| ■ 1 1 m 1»- J ■ ' ' ' i It 1 HP ' - i 1 |--j«5 ««. ' -j iS ' ■ ---;■., - ' ■ ■ ■• :?l :ffllis«S«KK,T ' ..; S1M K . .. H Le (o Right: Row 1: Jerry Blankinship, Pat Bearcrolt, Ludie Lewis, Barbara Hursey, Gene Fredricks, Barbara Jones, James Lusk, Mary Lou Drummond, o Ann Cooley, Judy Baird, Virginia Stephenson, Donald Herrington. Row 2: Glenn Cooksey, Arlen Lindsley, Kenyan Myers, Sonne Idelshon, Bob Townsend, Rev. Jack Sballer, Ray Wood, Dick Blankenburg, Richard MuUard, Lewis Richards, Jim Hullman, Fred Burgh. 285 i= = Working at the side o Rob- bie was Ailene Dolasse, who served as Panhellenic Vice- president. Arlene, a member of Zeta Tau Alpha, was also ac- tive in many campus organiza- tions. Mainee Mae Tylei served as Panhellenic secretary this year. Her job consisted of notifying everyone as to when and where meetings would be held. Mamie also kept records and minutes up to date. Panhellenic, the backbone of the sororities, had a capable advisor in the person of Mrs. Veia Wisley, who again this year, contributed greatly to its smooth running. Panhellenic is the guiding hand of the sororities. The Panhellenic Council is composed of the presidents of each sorority. Under the leadership of Robbie Carroll this year, Panhellenic gave a tea and fashion show which was a huge success. The proceeds of this affair went to the Panhellenic fund. Panhellenic also initiated many new policies and gave guidance to the houses, which helped to make this year an outstanding one. An important lunction ot Panhellenic is to vote on the support o an activity which sororities have been asked to enter. Panhellenic Council Robbie Caiioll served as Panhellenic president this year. She was a past president of Kappa Kappa Gamma, her sorority. Active in Songtest and many other school lunctions, Robbie gave Panhellenic one of its most out- standing years. Seated, lelt to right: ]une Knight, Zeta Tau Alpha; Cammie King, Kappa Alpha Theta; Robbie CanoU, Kappa Kappa Gamma, President; Mrs. jean Schaeler, Counselor ol Women; Mrs. Vera Wisley, Administrator; Marnee Mae Tyler, Pi Beta Phi, Sec- treas.; Beth Mosher, Alpha Omicron Pi. Standing: Rosemary O ' Donnell, Kappa Delta; Julie McCIung, Delia Gamma; Caroline Wilson, Gamma Phi Beta; Jean Freudenthal, Alpha Epsilon Phi; Linda Hew, Kappa Kappa Gamma; Carole Nassung, Alpha Chi Omega; Marlene Adams, Chi Omega; Joan Dupuis, Delta Delta Delta; Sheila Long, Alpha Phi; Val Besnah, Alpha Delta Pi; Beverly Smith, Alpha Gamma Delta. 289 Even though AChiO President Doreene Reefa was kept busy with her many activities on campus and in the house, she still found time for swimming and sewing, her favorite outside in- terests. Axn Alpha Chi Omega Bottom: the Alpha Chi Omega house holds an ideal site on the Row for viewing 28th Street activities. Top: taking a study break to watch their lavorite TV show are ]ean Haynes, ]udie Neithart, Pat Cence, Alayne Slater and jean Lambert. Under the leadership o their Presi- dent, Doreene Reeb and Vice Presidents Tam Toney and Jackie Lane, the AChiOs had a busy year. Their tradi- tional Christmas Formal with the UCLA chapter and the Spring Luau, plus their celebration of AChiO Founder ' s Day, and Hera Day, left them with a year they will never forget. 290 Maiylen Anderson, Claire Aikell, Sandy Arnold, Joan Barbez, ]oan Beisang Ann Bradford. Virginia Burton, fal Cence, oan CXaax, Suzanne Cook, Diane Cyrus, Ann Dil on, Pairicia FJanagin Gaii G anz, Rita Glass, Jean Haynes, Bazbata fohnson, fean olinson, Anne Kellogg, Jean Lambeit, Jackie Lane Joanne Leach, Alice Lockwood, Mollie MagtiU, Sandra McCurdy, loan Megallin. Anne Mills, Judie Neithari, EUzabelh Noidwall Cf Barbara Oswald, Robeiia Piochaska, Doteene Reeb. Helen Royall, Gaye Sanders, Grace Saunders, Meredith Selle. Dee Shaw Susanne Sheier, Nancy Sherman, Alayne Slater, Tamara Toney, Katherine Turner, Carol Wassung, Muriel Wyman, Mary Zabl 291 k k_ jLi Jacqueline Abell, Denise Anderson, Janet Bender, Bonnie Benson, Connie Berkeley, Vallozy Besnah, Joy Brittingham, Carole Burks i J Bajhaza Button, Janeth Caldwell. Judith Campbell, Ginny CatToU, Kaien Cavan, Diane Cole, Fountiene Duda, Gail Ellmoze Ingy Enevik, Joanne Engle, Judith Flodin, Ramona Frederick, Shirley Geiselman. Mazy Glidden, Gail Gzabatn, Gaynette Haley Carol Hall, Donna Hawks, Cazole Johnston, Patzicia Kzodell, Judy Larry, Wanda Leeder. Maralyn Metcall. Betty Meizgez tk Marianne Mills, Barbara O ' Callaghan, Carol Oliver, Evelyn Perani, Lois Pitkin, Julie Pzatt, Pat Pziebe, Lozetta Randall Gloria Rose, Betty Schmidt, Anne Smith, Audrey Smith, Frances Smith, Patzicia Sozensen, Dazlene Spziggs, Dezzylene Stehlik Joan Stephens, Nancy Stone, Barbara Swedenboig, Diana Thompson, Claire Thomson, Judy Throckmorton, Bazbaza Tuoby 292 AAn Alpha Delta Pi Vallory Besnah. Alpha Delta Phi President, was a very active member in her house. A biological science ma- jor, Vallory also attended the National Sorority Convention last summer in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Relaxing alter the hard worJc done on their Homecoming decorations are the ADPis. Tired but happy expressions are typical o any house alter the rush to meet the deadline is through. Maralyn Metcali, seated on the arm ol the couch, Mona Freder ick and Fran Smith recall past activities and social events while looking through the ADPis ' scrapbook. Taking home trophies this year, were the ADPis who won the Phi Sig Pledge Relays and third place in the Diamond Jubilee Show. Carrying on with their traditions they celebrated their annual formal, the Diamond Ball, and the ADPi Spring Luau. Represent- ing them on campus was Betty Metzger, ASSC Vice President. 293 AE t Alpha Epsilon Phi Above; last minute details are added to the AEPhi ' s Homecoming decorations be ore ar- rival o the judges. Lett: while on a jaunt to Knott ' s Berry Farm, these Alpha Epsilon Phi ' s stopped at Goldies Joint. The Winter and Spring Formals, Mother ' s Day Luncheon, Founder ' s Day, Pledge-Active Party, and Orphan ' s Christmas Party were just a few of the social activities the AEPhis had this year. They also participated in the sorority homecoming house decorations and the volleyball tournament. Myina Silveistein was a very ac- tive girl on campus this year, and as president of AEPhi, she represented the chapter at the National Convention in Michigan. 294 Shelly Balonick, Doiit Beer, Gale Bezke, Leslie Biown Caiol Bums, Jackie Collins, Caiolya Czandall, Shaii Fields. Carol Fischer, Marlene Freeman, Jean Freudenihal, Linda Froehlich Susan Gardner, Marcia Glickman, Joan Gordon, Sue Gordon, Ronni Grant, Barbara Green, Adrienne Hackman, Wilma Hart tfW Billie Jolson, Charlene Kahn, Patricia Karsh, Nancy Katz, Carol Kramer, Barbara Labow, ludy Landau, Tema Levine Myrna Levitt, Shirley Levy, Patricia Mann, Halcyon Miller, Barbara Nathanson, Judy Rosenthal, Joyce Rouse, Francine Sanger Deonne Siege], IVfyrna Siiversfein, Barbara Sinder, Patricia Singer, JVfariJyn Walpin, Elayne Warshauei , Nancy Whizin, Rochelle Widman Mickey BaJcer, BarbaTa Baiiy. Mazcia Bateman, San Bedell, Maigazei Beliveau Lynn Caidico, Cbarlolte Carter, Dianne Compton, Sbazon Davies, Maisba Doudy. Teztyl fail. Kathy Fzaziichr:-:-h Mazdel Gzaham, Joyce Haddock. Robezta Hall, Mazyanzie Hazzizziatt, Patzicia Hookstzatlezi, Bazhaza Hoshaw, Mazy Lou Hurley Carol Kiztg, Roxey Martin, Shari Mayo, Mazy McClanahan, Marlene Millez, Lanza Mispagel, Georgia Morgan, Mazy Ann Neumann Dolores Peziball, fielfie Pezzy, Mazy Powell, Nozeezi Ratigan, Jo Reynolds, Lila Roberts, Claudefte Selafc, Sharilynne Sherman Grace Sims, Diana SkolHeld, Bevezly Sznitb, Elizabetb Smitb, Patzicia Turk, Lois Ulz, Maiy Ann Watls, Beverly Youal ATA Alpha Gamma Delta Canying the Alpha Gams through a successful year was president Do- lores Penhall. She was a member o Pi Lambda Theta and was interested in writing. Alpha Gamma Delta celebrated SC ' s Seventy-Fifth Anniversary with a whirl of social events and many activi- ties. On the list were the Christmas Fireside Party, Spring Formal Dinner- Dance, Pledge-Active Party, Homecom- ing decorations, URA, and Songtcst. Many Alpha Gams wore also found in campus activities. Going back to the days o the wild west, the Alpha Gam ' s Theme Day Party during Fall rushing carried out the Indian motil. Exchanges play a big part in the social lite o the row. Huckleberry Finn was the theme o this exchange between Alpha Gams and Sig Eps. AKA Alpha Kappa Alpha Norma Jean Pitts, a senior at Pep- perdine, served as Alpha Kappa Al- pha ' s president for one year. Before at- tending Pepperdine, Norma Jean was at Howard University in Washington, D.C. She is an elementary education major, with a minor in speech. Norma Jean has been a member of AKA for two years, during which she has been quite active in the sorority. Gatheiing around the piano and singing lavorite songs, is just one o the activities in which the Alpha Kappa Alphas enjoy spending theii evenings. 298 Alma Bryant, Carol Cheziy, Geiald ' me Curry, Shitleen Giani Roberta Hall, Ernestine Kountz, Lois Lowe, Willa Miicbell Norma Pitts, Evelyn Ramsey, Janice She by, Barbara White The Sigma chapter o Alpha Kappa Alpha had a wonderful year. On the agenda of good times was their Ivy Presents, Apache Dance, and the never to be torgotten. El Mombo. On campus, Gerry Curry represented the Alpha Kappa Alphas, and she also served as president of the house. 299 Marilyn Anderson, Nancy Bates-Lane, Carolyn Bowe, Sylvia Buchanan, Betly Buls. Ruth Czonsbav, Ann Eckbaidt Rosa Lee George, Anita Gilbeil, Darlene Hall. Sandra Hardin, Dorothy Hine, Janie Kesliag. Connie Kranlz Helen Litwin, Marilyn Lyman, Carrol McElroy, Elizabeth Mosber, Kathryn Mybre. WUla O ' Day. Barbara Odgers Bernadefte OTooJe, Maty Lee Palmer, Patricia Patterson, Marjoiie PilltoU. Diane Ray, Marilyn Roberts. Mary Ryan Jeanne Scbatte. Carole Smith, Carolyn Smith, Pat Smith, ane Stransky, Gloria Tate, Taja Tohill Genie Tripp, Joan Wade, Janet Watson, Lillian Weller, Jiti Wilmotb, Lois Winglield, Maria Ybaria The Candlelight and Roses Formal was celebrated this year with the UCLA chapter, and will long be remem- bered. Under the able guidance of their president, Nancy Bates-Lane, the Alpha Omicron Pis also gave their annual Christmas Formal. On campus, the AOPis were well represented. Upper picture: Sun Bonnets and organdy dresses helped depict the " Ole South " in the AOPi ' s Theme Day Bushing Party. Lower picture: Giving a Uttle impromptu entertainment during their weekly teas every Wednesday atternoon are these Alpha Omicron Pis. President Nancy Bates-Lane, a sen- ior personnel and industrial relations major, and member o Phi Chi Theta, was active both on campus and in her house. She also found time to partici- pate in her favorite sport, ice skating. Aon Alpha Omicron Pi A D Alpha Phi Diane Kress held the reins as presi- dent ot Alpha Phi in the Spring. She had the distinction ot being the last of the bi-annual presidents. Diane was also active in Spurs. SkippeT Spelman was a busy girl this year. Not only did she serve as president ot the Alpha Phi house, but she also found time to be active in Ama- zons and the Senior Class Council. Coming in third in the Phi Sig Pledge Relays were the Alpha Phis. Loads of fun was had by the whole chapter when they took off for a week- end in the mountains. In keeping with tradition, the Alpha Phis held their Christmas Formal, Spring Formal, and Halloween Pledge-Active Party. The Alpha Phi Christmas Formal seems to be a big suc- cess judging from the happy smiles ot these lour couples. " Open Season on Indians " was the theme carried out in ■|| the Alpha Phi Homecoming decorations. Here we lind one dead Indian and a trolley lull ol lively Trojans. 302 jiKFritiy- Kaien Anderson, Baibaia Bilalei, Bobbie Bishop, Mazy Lu Boneiti, Sue Butcbei, Edwina Chatland, Dototby Covell, Cazol Daniels y Pat DeCarze, Rita Dotson, Adele Edwazdsen, Mazilyn Ftick, Gzetel Geisez, Margaret Hansen, Judy Houghton, Edith KazI Mary Koll, Lynne Lambie, Cazol Lindbezg, Margaret Lindley, Sheila Long. Barbara MacDonald, Mary McCallistez, Loyce McFezren Michele McGarry. Gerri Mazcbant, Jean Maxvfell, Patzicia Morris, Nancy Oliver, Barbara Page. Bobbi Palomares, Patt Potts Elizabeth Pugh, Sandra Puzcell, Bazbaza Quinn, Donna Richie, Ann Richmond, Betsy Sewell, Diane Sexton, Joan Smallznan Judith Smallman, Margaret Spelman, Barbara Stinchcomb, Margie Svendsen, Mazgazet Watkin, Diana Weazne, Shazzon Williams, Carol Yaciey WWIW ■.ft fcT ri n jk Edwina Bates, Betty-Jean Belgez, Connie-Lu Berg, Lois BlocJcwood, Barbara BueJiner, Helen Bushnell, Carol Campbell Jeanne Charvat, Nan Claunch, Shiilee Crider, Shirley Davis, Georgia Dee, Kay DonneJJy, Bazbaia Doxfater Marcia Dinmmond, Suzanne Evans, Louise Gallagher, Chiista Gibson, Yvonne Goebel, Lida Griswold, Ann Hodgson Joonn Hudson, Pafricia Huggins, Barbara Irvine. Karen Keagy, Frances Kean. Catherine Klupta, Margie Krogstad, Diane Laporte Ik k Bonnie Laisen, Ruthanne Marr. Gail Martin, Sally McArlhur, Betty McCluer, Janet Molnar, Carol Morici, Paula Muench ? Penny Perkins, Mazta Phillips, Bobbi Pixley, Carol Rich, Kathleen Roche, Joan Rose, Ann Husseil, Cornelia Ryan n Chi Omega Sue Schachf, ean Schroep er. Dorofhy Smilh, Gwynne Smith ean Sfewarf, EiJeen S oops, Ann Tuffielon, oyce WilJiams Marian Wii iams, Linda Wood, %a y Yeatman. Sheiyl Youngman Mazlene Adams, Chi Omega Presi- dent this year, was from Sahnas, Cali- fornia. She hkes sports and was also active on campus in such activities as YWCA, El Rodeo, and the Newman Cluh. A big ailair this year, given fay the Chi Omegas, was the traditional Presi- dent ' s Ball in honor of all the presidents of sororities and fraternities. The ChiOs will also long remember their Christ- mas Formal given at the Beverly Wil- shire. Activity wise, there was Home- coming and the " Y " Carnival. GoU clubs stand idle as Chi Omega ' s listen to a lew o (heir lavorite tecoids in a short break between studies. Clowns, cats and even a lion took part in the Chi Omega Theme Day rush party. AAA Delta Delta Delta A successful year at the Tri-Delt house was sparked by Mary Ann Dwyei who served as president. An education major, Mary Ann also en- joys water skiing. Adiienne A (wood, Beverly Bailey Taking time out or a last game ol ping pong are Judy Green, Mar- garet Carey, Tam Reisig and Clare Michel. Nobody will forget the Tri-Delt Open House last fall, featuring Teddy Buckner and his Dixieland Jazz Band. Homecoming was celebrated at the DDD house by the accumulation of four trophies: Barbara Overby, Homecom- ing Princess; second in the Diamond Jubilee Show; most humorous house decoration, and Sorority Sweepstakes. Joan Belyea, Ruth Benedict Diane Bennett, Jean 6ran(fon, Jane Biesee, Diane Bultman Mary Butnham, Ailene Clubb, Beveily Davis, Claudeite Davison, Kathleen de los Reyes, Shari Dennis, Nancy Dick, Carolyn Dielman If " Cynthia Dixon, Mary Diummond, loan Dupuis, Ann Duiley, Mary Ann Dwyer, Nancee Ehleis, Chailotie Elston, Olga Escobar Diane Fowler, Patricia Friel, Judy Garter, Barbara Haberielde, Barbara Hancock, Shelley Harper, Carol Henry, Janet Hill Sally Holmes, Gene Jacob, Dolores asperson, Shirley Jones. Sybil fones. Caryl Koutny, Judith Leach, Elizabeth Mabiy Carol Maloul, Susie McBee, Marilyn MoHitt, Suzanne Moore, Baibaia Myers, Hailene Nichols, Jean Niersbach, Joan Niersbacb m ffTTT tf f %i Frances Noriega, Barbara Overby, Jinx Pederson, Joan Peer, Nancy Porter, Arlyne Price, Mono RicJtinger, Joan Scan on Miriam Schatzman, Helen Schramm, Diane Scott, Beverly Simmons, Carole Sloier, June Smith, Jody Tarchione, Marilyn Wehrle Diane Adams, Patty Beazley, Cynthia Biewster, Beverly Bryan. Mary Jane Burkman, Sally Case, Jeanne Castendyck Barbara Cobb, Maggie Coleman, Susan Corwin, Rusty Craig, Diane Dieudonne, Gretchen Dockweiler, Diane Duiton Mimi Earle, Peggy Eddins, Elaine Fenimore, Regina Gesell, Donna Ghio, Jolly Givens, Nancy Godfrey Kathleen Grossman, Janine Grunt, Dorothy Hacker, Carol Marker, Lorraine Hausmann, Mary Heilman, Arlys Hollman Sandra Hubbell, Nancy Hyslop, Prudence Jackson, Viva Jameson, Kathleen Johnson, Shelley Jones, Connie Kirman Susie Klass, JVTariJyn Kuble, Marilyn Lautz, Virginia Lee. Linda Liscom, Charlotte Mad sen, Betty Maginnis Julio McClung, Carolyn Millez, Jackie Murphy. Jean Murphy, Patricia Murphy, Margo Oliphant, DeeDee O ' Toole. Janet Peterson 308 The DGs were kept quite busy this year with Homecoming, the Diamond jubilee Show, and URA. Their social calendar was also marked with their Big and Little Sister Costume Dinner, Anchor Ball, and Senior Breakfast. On campus there were many Delta Gam- mas in the various activities. AT Delta Gamma Pat Pettu, Nita Powell, Jody Piiebe, Julie Pyle Suzanne Rice, Maiy Riemer, Diane Roberts, Carol Roney Jacqueline Rossei. Betty Lou Scazbrough. Sally Schaile, Lasley Scholl Maiy Joy Sorgen, Joan Spoiling, Teity Todd, Donna Webstei Carol Wilson, Patiicia Winn, Beveily Woods, Baibaza Young DG president this year was Mary Joy Sorgen, a math in education major. She was a member of Mortar Board, Amazons, and Alpha Lambda Delta. Mary also enjoys sewing and knitting. Upper picture: Delta Gamma house officers (aire a tew min- utes out to relax and look over a past issue ol El Rodeo. Lower picture: Mail call at the DG house found Marge McNeish, Carol Marker, Donna Webster and Kathy Grossman waiting to receive letters. 309 Petite Zo Jones represented Delta Sigma Theta as president this year. She enjoys dancing and reading, and was also active on campus with such activi- ties as the YWCA. AI© Delta Sigma Theta The Delta Sigma Theta ' s won ' t tar- get their Christmas Formal or Sweet- heart Ball. Their Greek Reunion, Grad- uation Party, Songlest, and " Y " Carni- val were also on the list o good times. Zo Jones, who served as president, led the Delta Sigma Theta ' s in a successlul year. Comparing notes, talking over classes, and plan- ning the day ' s activities are these Delta Sigma Thetas. Time IS taken out to relax and play ping pong during a busy school schedule. Helen Bowles, Zeleen Franklin, Nedia Holmes Zoiado Jones, Vetnelle Pierce, Alyce Hobinson, Mary Walton 311 Spring president of Gamma Phi Beta was Maiy Lyn Er7endson. She was a comparative Uterature major and was active in such organizations as Ama- zons, Mortar Board and Red Cross. Rhoda Rossell, a music education major, was Gamma Phi Beta President. She is also a member of Mu Phi Epsilon and Amazons. Rhoda plans to teach elementary school in February 1957. FOB Gamma Phi Beta Two o the outstanding affairs that were celebrated by the Gamma Phis this year, were their annual Crescent Christmas formal in December, and the Orchid Ball in April. Joan Jahnke was Homecoming Princess and the Gamma Phi Betas also won the most symbolic award for their homecoming house decorations. One of the high spots in any sorority gill ' s hie is a pinning. The Gamma Phi ceremony is quite impressive with candleUte and songs. Peggy Bakei, Dozis Bebneman. Ailene Benedict, Virginia Boyle Caxole Brown, Gail Brown, eanne Callan, Nancy Cazr Adding last minute touches be ore an evening out are Gamma Phi ' s Bobbi Starege, Rilla Casey and Cheri Lamont. j4 p Rilla Casey, Joan Chapman, u7ie Clark, Stephanie Claik, Gracio De Lallo, Joan Disbman, Patricia Disbman, Fay Dunkley ' ' f vi B k Beverly Edgerlon, San Funcbeon. Joanne Gladden. Carolyn Goode, Sue Gustalson, Maiilyn Haddad, Gieichen Hallei, Kaye Harrison Diane Hillman, Joban Hiztb, Susan Ingalls, Joan Jahnke, Sue ohnson, Virginia Joscelyn, Janet Kellogg, Caiolyn Kolkhoisi Mary Kotsikos, Paiiicia Kyle, Chen Lamont, Kay Lester, Jill Logan, Raquel Loudeimilk, Devonne Marsh, Donna Marsh PIPIT Jean Matznez, Mazy Lou Mickley, Gale Newton, Mazy Nozwood, Gezzie O ' DziscoIl, Cazolyn Paul, Janice Peacha, Bazbaza Petezson Marilyn Piezsol, Georgia iiodee, Mary i?yan, Nancy Sbizey, Bazbaza Staiege, Barbaza Stepbenson, Diane Theiss, Bonnie Thomson fe usH HHi I jfiB B jflis. m l gll I H mgl Hifl BHMMi n m Elsa Tyson, Vicki Vail, Sue Waddelow, Catherine Wagoner, CarJene Wenger, Siieiia Whitehill, Caroline Wilson, Sandra Winslow 313 Theme Day during rushing lound the Thetas depicting Workman ' s Day in conjunction with the building ot their new- house. KA© Kappa Alpha Theta Kappa Alpha Theta ' s president this year was Cammie King. She was presi- dent o Mortar Board, and a member of Amazons. Cammie has done some writ- ing, and she hopes to go into publicity and public relations or advertising. Cheryl Bryant, Betsy Steiniamp, Ann Richelieu and Betty Durst help to speed up the work on their new house being built on 28th Street. Jane Anderson, Maiy Aimistead, Mary Bateman Flave BiJheimer, Betty Boos, Judy Bioomlield, Bazbaia Brothers Although the Thetas were living off the row this year, waiting patiently for their new house to be finished, they still carried on with their many activi- ties. First on the agenda was the an- nual KA-Theta Luau held in honor of the new pledges in September. The Theta ' s also entered into f-fomecoming and Christmas events. Jane ClUtoid. Sonde Ciabbe, Suzanne Doiee, Betty Durst, Sandia EUington. Maiy Fenton, Margaret Grenawalt, Barbara Harpster w JtB A Sheilah Hopper. Barbara Hornibrook. Bonnie Houser. Sigrid Husted. Ann Joscelyn. Cammie King, Jean Kircber, Judith Kircher Tommie Lane, Kathleen Leavey, Lynn Lockie, Betty Loth, Eleanor Mabee, Nancy McCuUoch, Sally McKenzie, Patricia Merriam LoraLynn Milne, Colleen Mitchell, Paula Jean Myers, Kathy Normanly, Gloria Pleiller, Sally Pryor, Eleanor Purcell, Linda Ralls mm k Sonia Reynolds, lanice Richards, Ann Richelieu, lean Saniord, Dardie Schaeler. Anne Schreiner, Sally Sevitz, Gretchen Slininger Nancy Smith, Cynthia Spriggs, Barbee Sleeves, Betsy Steinkamp, Betty Strevey, Pat Strickland, Carol Thomas, Margie Thomas loanne Tilley, Donna Traylor, Nancy Van Dyke, Mary Waldsmiih, Margy Waldsmitb, Irene Walpoie, Lorna Young, Betty Zumer 315 Baibaia Atkinson, Janice Barnes, Caiol-Ann Belbanis, Vicky Bodle, onine Booth, Eleanor Brown ]eanette Drannon, Janice Duncan, Beverly Gore, Karen Hackelt, Sheila Hair, Suzanne Hake Mary Heintzelman, Feppy Helms, Margaret Helms, Barbara Hysong, Lynne Jones, Patricia Koehler Joan Kroeger, Louise McNeil. Joanne Miner, Rosemary O ' DonnelJ, Patty Patton Betty Quam, Julie Reitel. Kay Beiler, He. ' ene Remsbuig. Cbatlene Rich. Shirley Ross Barbara Ryan. Karen ScJireiner, Beverly Scruggs. WiiloJJyn Shaw, Eiise Stelzer. Judy Valdez Kappa Delta Vicky Bodle. Lynne ones, Cbarlene Bicb and Sheila Hair enjoy 10:15 snack while talking over the day ' s events. Senior Baibaia Ryan served as KD President this year. She was quite ac- tive in Amazons, Mortar Board, and Judicial Court. Barbara also enjoys music and sports. A variety ol characters greeted girls at the Kappa Delta house on Theme Day during Fall rushing. Philanthropy was a major ieature lor the KDs this year, with their Crip- pled Children ' s Hospital in Richmond, Virginia, and the Muscular Dystrophy Association as local philanthropy. Soci- ally, the Kappa Belts held their tradi- tional Diamond-Dagger Ball in Decem- ber and their Spring Luau. 317 ir 0- :3 ,i f Top; Typical o the activity and work that goes into Homecoming house decorations is this picture ol industrious Kappas. Bottom: A pet peeve ol most girls is waiting to use the phone. Sylvia Elwood, Karen Steen and Ann Lipp wait impatiently lor Lee McCormick to linish her phone call. KKr Kappa Kappa Gamma The Kappas were kept busy this year with their traditional parties such as the Spring Formal, Mother -Daughter Christmas Tea, Founder ' s Day Dinner, and their Christmas Party. On the ac- tivity side of the Kappa Kappa Gamma calendar were Homecoming, Songtest, Pledge Relays, and URA. Betty Alhau. Sharon Bartb Kay Boldman, Rosalie Butieitield Diantha Carey, Nancy Catloss, Paula Chase Staila Coliee, acque Congdon, Joan Ciamei Linda Rew represented the Kappas as president this year. An education major, Linda likes fishing and traveling. On campus, she participated in Troeds, YWCA, and the AWS Council. 318 Nancy Crane, Jobanne Cullingham, Judith CnUingbam, Janey Cuiiy, ane Cusick, Nancy Daniels, Mabel Davis, Clunie Denholm Sylvia Elwood, Maicia Faiwell, Maty Fzeeman, Ann Gibson, Corneiia Goodwin, Carole Gioat, Bonnie Hadley, Jill Halgien Patty Harris, Margie Hastings, Elizabeth Hawkins, Georgia Hicks, Norma Hoeneman, Rrlene HuU, Marilyn Kinney, Ann Lipp Sa Iy Marsden, Betty Martin, Paula Marvin, Mary Fay Malhes, ]o Matthews. Marilyn McClure, Mary McCormick, Joan McDonald Marilyn IVfcDonald, Jean McNeil, Chrysie Melonas. Marcia Moorhead, Charle Moran, Lynne Morgan, Madelaine Mueller, Mardythe O ' Mara -- - j !m Ann Openshaw, Sally PUster, Linda Rew. Nancy Sauer, Sally Sberrill, Fenion Smith, Jean Smutz, Georgianna Snyder Joan Speed, Karen Sfeen, Darlene Strange, Natalie Wallace, Lajuana Weilein, Cathy Welsh, Margie Williams, Joan Wright 319 Paiticia Blaiz, Nancy Boiton. Jackie Boyce, Alice BiadY- Minnie Biown, Perta Caughlan, Maiy Christensen Eleanor CooJc, Dody Currie. Peggy Davis, Roberta Edmisten, Nancy Ellis, Leila Fogel, Maicia Ftiedline, Marilyn Fuller Mar;orie Gazzaniga. Margie Gillespie, E izabelii G enn, Barbara Haase, Anila Herscher, Gail Hicks, Valley HoUman, Jill Howell ilk n. WK Diane Hunsdoilei, Diane Hunt, Sandra Isham, oni Jensen, Grefchen Johnson, Charlotte Kehart, Carolyn Kent, Karen King Gail Kuhn, Mary Laird, Ann Leahy, Lynn Learned, Ludie Lewis, Doris Lyons, Marilyn McManus, Kathleen Niemeyer Sharon O ' Haver, Diane Olson, Barbara Osthaus, Penny Pennington, Gail Roberlson, Sheila Smifh, Sheryl Stanton, Elaine Stewart Susan Suman, Palricia Sweeney, Carol Thompson, Nancy TibbeHs, Duchess Tomson, Belva-Jo Turner, Jerra Tyler, Marnee Tyler Tony Pallette served as Pi Phi ' s spring president. She was an educa- tion major and was active in such or- ganizations as Frosh Women ' s Council, Sophomore Council, and Troeds. Top: Adding last minute touches to the decorations lor the Pledge- Active Party are Pi Phis Nancy Tibbets, Gail Kuhn, and Lynn Learned. Bottom: A group you ' ll find in every sorority are the bridge players. Por- trayed here by the Pi Phis, bridge is a game ol concentration, but loads ol lun. nB0 Pi Beta Phi The PiPhis were represented on campus this year by Homecoming Queen Jerra Lynn Tyler. They also won the Most Beautiful Award or their homecoming house decoration. The Pi Beta Phi calendar was dotted by such parties as the Golden Arrow Formal, Father-Daughter Christmas Dinner, and Gamma Night. While at SC, Mazy Ann Cassidy. president ol the PiPhis, served in many activities, such as Troeds, Amazons, and the Junior Class Council. She also enjoys piano, skiing, and tennis. ZTA Zeta Tau Alpha The circus is in town as can be seen by these ZTA ' s, dressed as, clowns, dancing girls and sailors. The circus was portrayed during Theme Day rush party. Julie Guenther, Arlene Dollase, Emmajean Schartz, June Knight, and Aljean Pirnat try hard to settle down to an alternoon ot studying. A grim pastime, but a necessity. President June Knight, a television major, saw that everything was under control in the ZTA house this year. She was also a member of Zeta Phi Eta and Young Republicans. Homecoming this year was quite a big affair at the ZTA house. With their house decoration, Flapper Contest, and parade they were really in full swing. In conjunction with their social calen- dar the Xi chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha celebrated the traditional White-Violet Formal and Big-Little Sister Party. 322 Louise Brisehat, oanne Buigan. Pamela Dean, Aziene DoUase, Nancylee Eidem, Caiol Fagstad Baibaza Girvin, Yolanda Goldsmith. Julie Guentbei, Carol laehn, Nellie Jonitsma, Maiy McMillan Joan McQuisfon, Anne Moes, Diane Morrice, Baibaia Nelson, Aljean Pimat, Rose Marie Pzeble Emma Jean Schaztz, Diane Smith, Janice Specht, Mazian Staton, Chzistine Stillwell, IVancy Webez 323 Leit to Right: Row 1: Bob Gerst, Frank Kostlan, Bon Weintraub, Owen Haggerty, Owen Kraus, Mike Navano. Row 2; Allan Hathcock, Ted Mariani, Ben Hughes, lir.i Boyle, Dick Hildenbiand, Jack Shine, Tony Collins. Row 3: lay CoTlisle, Rich Haskell, Paul Sislin, Bud Tuield, Don McDavid, Car- lose Maitinez, Bob Davis. Row 4: Chuck Swan, Stan Miller, C. R. Roberts, Robert Chase, Geoll England, Paul Butterlield. Fleet Nuttall. Row 5: Bob Ritchey, Fred Smith, Bob Fairman, Allan Kreigei, Dennis Hopper, Wanen Ferguson, Dick Huston. Row 6: Steve Robertson, Don Boiler, Tom Smith, Tom Capehart, Bob Davis, Curtis Barnes. Taking over the duties of IFC president this year was Ron Weintiaub, also president of Zeta Beta Tau. Helping prepare Ron for the presidency were his posi- tions on both the LAS and Senior Class Council. Ron belonged to two proiessional speech fraternities, Tau Kap- pa Alpha and Delta Sigma Rho, and was a Knight. He was a senior majoring in po- litical science. To Mr. JeiTY Wulk fell the task of becoming the ad- visor to the IFC Council as Coordinator. Mr. Wulk was graduated from the Univer- sity of Wisconsin before re- ceiving two Masters at SC. His campus positions have been many: assistant direc- tor of student activities, coun- selor in the Veteran Voca- tional Guidance Center, and assistant director of admis- sions in high school and col- lege relations. Inter-Fraternity Council The Inter-fraternity Council, made up of representatives of the 33 fraterni- ties on campus, has the all-important responsibilities of coordinating frater- nal affairs with the administration and of keeping these fraternities running in an orderly manner. Each fraternity president attends the meetings, repre- senting his house with one vote. Among the many items brought before the council are the proposing of new laws to aid each house, the sponsoring of a year-round athletic program, and the discussion of ways to improve frater- nity life. The officers, men elected from the different chapters, preside over all the meetings. The advisor to the coun- cil this year was Mr. Jerry Wulk. Vice-president of the IFC Council and president oi his house, Delta Tau Delta, was Frank Kostlan. This senior, who was majoring in business ad- ministration, has also been on the Junior Class Council. The recording oi issues brought before the IFC Council was done by Owen Haggezty, the Secretary oi the Council. A junior majoring in insurance, Owen was a member of the Junior Class Council, Knights, and Phi Gamma Delta. Handling the money mat- ters lor the IFC Council this year was Treasurer Owen Kraus, a K A. A senior major- ing in business administration, Owen also belonged to Alpha Kappa Psi, professional com- merce fraternity. Senior Coun- cil, and Knights. Owen Kraus was the last o the second semester presi- dents. Kraus and Weintraub look over the grades turned in by a house. im Andrews, Dougias Berge, Howaid Campbell, Maitland Chuiton, Arthur Dannet, Winston Fuller, Don Gaspaid Jerry Habeck, antes Hall, Don Hinsvark, Thomas Hunter, Robert ani, David Kaylor, Laiiy Knudsen Robert Lee, Teizy McKelvey, Robert McClure. George Matuskey, John Menah. Miles Metlessel. William Murphy Richard Plait, Steve Robertson, Dennis Roginson, David Sandberg, WiJJiam Schneider, IVforl Schoenherr, Charles Schroeder ACACIA Members not pictured: Jim Anington, ]oe Block, Lariy Brown, ]ohn Chamberlain, Jack CoUdeweih, Art DeVaney, Leo Evans, Bill Fur- long, Harley Hariman, Barry Haskell, Bob Ihrig, Dale ones, Dick Kingsley, Dale Kile, Chuck Kirkby, Jack Kivett, Ed Malone, Kirke Nelson, Jack Nethercutt, Dan Sapin, Roy Silver, Dick Steiner, Bob Sunter, Don Vincent, Tom Wagner, Jay Walters, John Webb, Gene Zaka- ryan. 326 Even though it doesn ' t have any Greek letters, since Acacia hit SC in ' 47, it has certainly proved all-frater- nity, all-Row, all the v ay. In the social department there ' s the Fall Black and Gold Ball, where a crip- pled polio victim reigns as queen; the overnight formal, Night on the Nile; and the yacht party on Acacia ' s floating chapter house. Also mucho exchange parties. Besides its ever-active prexies, Acacia had such campus wheels as producer-extraordinary Boh ]ani of Songfest and Homecoming fame; yell leader Larry Knudsen; Bob McClure on AMS Council; Ed Wilkinson, Homecom- ing publicity man; Roy Silver, water- polo goalie. Not to be outdone by brother Bar- ber, Steve Robertson was in just as many activities when he took the fall gavel. There was the Senior Class Presi- dency, Blue Key, and earlier, Squires ' Vice-President, REW Chairman, Forum Chairman, Election Commissioner and Rush Chairman. Where LAS Prexy Jim BaibeT found time to be spring president no one knows, but that he did, besides being active in Knights and Blue Key. Also he was Trojan Chest Chairman, when not marching tor the NROTC. With all this he kept a high grade average. Ed Wilkinson, Ross Williams, Kenneth Working This is no time to rest when the motor isn ' t working. Acacians make a girl po io victim their Formal Queen. AEn Alpha Epsilon Pi They ' re all happy because it ' s AEPi ' s 2Sth anniveisary. One o the original charter members shows a newcomer how it ' s done. AEPis really had something to celebrate this year when they staged their traditional ' Baelic Hop " — the party celebrating SC ' s vic- tory over the Irish o Notre Dame. Down through the years the Epsilon chap- ter has had the honor of being the top scholas- tic fraternity more times than any other on The Row. But bookworms alone, these men aren ' t. Someone horn the house is always absorbed in campus affairs. This year Raoul Zwick was found faithfully in the El Rod office, while Herb Reich made a fine crew record. Always anxious to have some fun, the AEPis had such functions as the Sweetheart Formal and the Summer Reunion in Acapulco. Joel Boiolsky, Leonard Cailin. Jay Cohen, Julius Dick Alan Fine, Herbert Tischgrund. Samuel Goldsiyne, Milton Greene Members nof pictured: Marvin Berman, David Kap- lan, Stan Kelm, Sy Schwartz, jerry Stitch. 328 Irwin Rosenield came back from the Army an old, but experienced man; picked up his PL 550 and settled down to being the AEPis ' prexy tor two semes- ters. Occasionally he went to finance classes, too. When not leading, ' Red ' s " special interests include handball and bowling. Sheldon Lazai, Chailes Polep, Cbesney Reich, Iiwin Rosenield, Lawrence Shapiro, Berton Simon, Bud Strear tmfi.- Michael Slrumpf. Robert Sussman, Bud Tuield, Ronald Viner, William Walters, Wil Weiner, Abraham Zukerman, Raoul Zwick 329 The architects prepare fo make the place look like a third-year design job. Back 33 years ago, some very foolish archi- tecture students thought they had enough time in between those projects to sociaUze. So if came about that in 1922, the Andronicus Chap- ter of Alpha Rho Chi hit Troy. It never ceases to amaze other Rowites how these men can generate so much social and school energy, when the lights in their second-floor turret burn throughout the night, every night. Though always ribbed about the vintage of their house, circa 1920, the architecture fra- ternity saw some of its men this year graduate into future Frank Lloyd Wrights. Socially there was the Formal and Ha- waiian Party. Miguel AJvarado, Bob Davis, Dell DeSevere William Evans, Culvei Heaton, Stephen Lundebezg Don Maiino, William Max, John Melchez Members not pictured: A. Alvarado, B. PenkoU, Manuel Rojas. 330 APX Alpha Rho Chi Wilfred Noble, Ronald Pagliasotti, Lloyd Rasmussen 7ohn Rinaldi, Robert Schennum, Gordon Slice Don Tiedway, Willia m Walsh. Frank Wilcox When brother Bob put away the old shde rule and drawing board for bigger and better projects, William Max took the old cause of Alpha Rho Chi for the tall semester. Bill also served as a Squire, and on the Architecture Coun- cil. Bob Davis served his house well as spring president. It ' s said he threat- ened pledges with basic design prob- lems. In this way he kept law and order throughout the palatial villa. Bob also served on the Architecture Council and was IFC representative. Ricbaid Amerian, Jerry Amerine, Robert Aadiesen, Chuck Binkley, Kent Blanche, ]ezzy Blankiaship. Edwaid Bloom, Azthui Bonduiant Alex Boira, Gerald Bridges, Roger Burrows, Jim Ceichini, Robert Dahlman, Don Bearing, Donald Denny, Wayne Dewhiist Harrison Dickey, Kenneth Dickey, Brice Fuller, Donald Gordon, Wally Graner, Alan Graves, Thomas Hopkins, Pat Humphreys «i» " ' 1 Eugene Johnson, Bob Kadow, Gary Keck, Don Kenf, Ronald Khachigian ' The little man who goes every place, " Jeiiy Blankinsbip, found an ex- tra few seconds in the spring to head ATO. Not wanting to be a one-activity man, Jerry also was in such " minor " endeavors as Knights and Blue Key, and was also AMS President. Alpha Tau Omega brothers will readily admit that fall president Chuck Swan did a tremendous job his semes- ter. Chuck also did splendid jobs in Knights, the NROTC, and with his com- merce major in ol ' Bridge Hall. With the speed o the atomic age the ATOs have rocketed in live years to a place on campus of both Row and school importance. During the Yuletide they were in the Row limelight tor sponsoring a contest for the Best Christmas Decorations on The Row. Service-wise, ATOs wear- ing the maroon Knight sweat- ers were Chuck Swan, Ted Sparks, and Jerry Blankinship. Squires included Tom Morales, Roger Burrows, John Mines, and Dick Oxford. Sports-wise, Tony Santino was named AU-CIBA baseball, while Kent Blanche was cheer- leader. Social-wise, there was the Spring Formal among other parties. Members not pictured: Walt Craaseman, Dick Hamilton, Bill Mit- chell, Jerry Nelson, Kenny Newville, Keith Smith, Charles Swan. Stan Lingon, Gary McHugh. Thomas Morales, lack Morgan, Charles Nelson ATO Alpha Tau Omega Ken Niles, Keith O ' Brien, Anthony O ' Keele, Richard Oxford, Thomas POimlin John Powell, Ben Reese, Richard Bobbins, James Rubadeau, Tony Santino, Robert Sears, Gail Shultz, Keith Sims West Smalley, Wilbur Smith, David Swan, Ted Sparks, Floyd Swan, Richard Virtue, Demon! WaiJe, Douglas Wright Right: A Ziegtieldish production takes lirst in Songtest or ATO and Tri Delts. Below: Well, at least this is one way not to break your leg on an ATO snow party. 333 It ' s rumored the Betas ' spring presi- dent, Ron Lane, a real estate major, tried to negotiate a deal by which his house could buy the very center of Twenty-eighth Street so the boys wouldn ' t miss out on any activities. When not negotiating, Bob played a pretty fine game of baseball. Bob Haldeiman, fall proxy, is just one of those jack-of-all-activities-men on campus. A Blue Keyer, Bob was Junior Class President and an ROTC Company Commander. He served on the Men ' s Judicial Council, GUC, and Knights. He also kept some pretty high grades. In front of a continually occupied volleyball court on Portland is the Beta house. Only nine years old, in its youth the house has made a big im- pression on campus. The Betas really went out for athletics this year with such men as Walt Gorrell in football, Dick Richard, track, and Bob Davis, swimming. Helping the golf team ' s handicap were four Beta putters. In Knights were Fred Fagg III, Chuck Stewart, and Bob Halderman. Number three Fagg also kept busy in Senior Coun- cil, while Doug Newcomb did the same on the Sophomore Council. Socially there were the Christmas Formal and the An- nual Miami Triad Party. Fied Bennick, Dick Bishop. Jack Buonatati. Paul Ca ' cateira, Fied Caso, Harold Cassiiel. Michael Chumo. Chuck Ciockelt Robert Davis, Bill Dennis, Robett Donaldson, Don Ellis, Fied Fagg, Roy Fogel, Ed Fountain, Don Gibbs Bob Halderman. Dick Halderman. John Halverson. Frederick Harvey. Skip Hedrich. Darrell Holt. Robert Jones. Leonard Keith Ted Krasel, Daniel Lane, Richard Lanni, Jack Linkletter, Carson Lockwood, Richard Martin, Lewis Mclean, Thomas Meade Does your mother know you stole ner coiiege clothes? Everything but bathtub gin was in store at the Beta Flapper Party. B©n Tun Morgan, Roy Myers. Ken Nelson, Douglas Newcomb Randy Paikei. Ron Pawlacyk. Richard Redman, Travis Reed, John Reily Lawtence Richards. Bruce Rogers. Dareld Shaver, Donald Shoemaker, C. B. Silveira fT ' H HpP ' im Beta Theta Pi Jack Smith, Charles Stewart, John von Rspe, Alois Welzenbacb, George Wren Members not pictured: Walter Gorrell, ]ohn King, Bon Miller, Stanlord Tomlinson, ]ames Wilson. Dick Bronson, Robert Burke, Bill Dildine, GeoHiey England, Dennis Fageihull, Daniel Gannon, ohn Gray Robezi Holum, Bob Lawson, Dennis Letl, Ray Maziin, Laurence Niles, Chatles Phillips, Phil Phillips Kenneth PiiUe, David Ryder , Phil Salisbury, Dick Saydah, Robert Scbultz, David Sheldon, Michael Theilackei Who ' s kidding who? — snow and mint juleps at the same time. 336 John Tiammell Guy Troisi, Robert Van Hoist Kenneth Von Rohr, Richard Whitsell After taking three years to find out that Stanford just wasn ' t the place to go, GeoUiey England took a bus down to o! ' SC and became Chi Phi Proxy this semester. Geoff quickly got into the swing of things and became AMS Secretary- Treasurer and a member of Knights. X S Chi Phi One social event above all others which endears the Chi Phis to the entire Row is the annual Watermelon Dig, the after-game melon eating contest during the football season. Everyone is able to get their fill of watermelon and its a great socializer. But this certainly wasn ' t the only social function of the Chi Phi year; there were the more than successful Spring and Winter For- mals, also the Christmas dinner for underprivi- leged children. In activities the house had such men as Dennis Fagerhult, Squire Prexy. In sports, es- pecially track, were Dick Branson, Bob Law- son, and Ray Martin. Back in the spring, the Chi Phis had Dick Whitsell as their reigning sover- eign. A mechanical engineering major, Dick spent many hours working on the Homecoming Breakfast and Songfest. This semester he had fun as social chairman of the Chi Phi domain. Members nol pictured: ]ohn Trammell, Petur Rogengsvolden. 337 Jim Otos. Delta Chi fall President, plays baseball. In fact he plays it so well he recently got a contract to play with those New York Yankees. In be- tween being varsity second baseman lor three years, Jim acted as social chairman for a very social house. It ' s rumored that Jim likes girls. When he finished with his duties as Delta Chi president this last spring, Don Love went out into the cold, cruel world and began practising what he learned — how to sell insurance. His brothers don ' t know just exactly how successful Don is, but he ' s making enough to pay his graduate dues. Nick Adams, Russell Bennett, Robert Blakeslee, Don Briscoe, John Chtistiansen, Philip Cook Fiank Galusba, Gerald GoUk, Kent Hadley. Jack Herman, Ray Hernandez, Pail Holman lames Hukill, Gary McCormick, John McDougal, Don Miller, Ray Nielsen, Edward Peters AX Delta Chi It ' s rumored that if the baseball coach can ' t find his team on the dia- mond, he ' ll be able to pick up the ma- jority by visiting the Delta Chi house. This year was no exception with Mike Hoeck, Kent Hadley, Bill Faddis, Gary McCormick, John Christiansen, and Bob Blakeslee keeping the rumor going. Nearly equal with baseball is the journalism representation of Delta Chi — DT Business Manager Phil Cook, and DT Sports Editor Carl Strobel. Highlight of the social calendar were the two formals — the Spring For- mal at La Jolla and the Winter Formal at the Beverly Hilton. Also there were the ever-enjoyable orphans party at Christmas and numerous exchanges. Members not pictured: All Abdul, Robert Chappell. They ' re all dressed up and have some place to go. Don ' t worry, it won ' t hurt much — like heck it won ' t! F -•% K Vernon Read, Donald Saba, Gilbezi Sales, Wazien Smith, Carl Stiobel Louis Toiiegiosa, David Veiga, Hank Walket, James Wick. Biooks Wilson, Hamid Zabedi LeRoy Batkei, Robett Basmajian, Moiton Burke, Don Ctawloid, Jack Ciawioid, Ben Day, Robezt Deason Ted Depew, Robeit Faiiman, Matbew Fehn, Lloyd Fellows, James Foss, Victor GuJIiver, Herb Hauswald Dana Hawkes, Jack HoUoway, Robezt Johnson, Kenneth Kampen, Arnold Kluge, Don Kiebs, Richard Mays Rod Metzlez, Anthony Millei, Steve MulhoJIen, Leo Muiiay, Daiiel Nelson, Phil Nicholson, Letoy Rahn Where, oh where, did the wild goose go? Oh, brother! What a Jim Clinton fashion show. Gene Rasmussen, Ivan Reeve. Ralph Rendon Richazd Spates, Heibeil Teitzag. Dan Tjaub Bob Viles, Don Wells, Dennis Wilkeison lames Williams, Avalon Wiight. Dale Zeigier AIO Delta Sigma Phi One of the " oidies " on The Row, Delta Sigma Phi still acts as the sen- tinel of That Street with its house on University Avenue. They also acted as fine hosts for The Row at the beginning of the year with their ever-popular Welcome Weei:- end. Ever fun-loving, the Delta Sig so- cial season shone with the Fall Formal in Palm Springs and the spring fling, the Sailors Ball. In activities are Commerce Proxy LeRoy Barker, and Frosh Proxy Dale Zeigier. Four men also ably served the football team. Bob Tollivei, Delta Sigma Phi spring Proxy, has been an outstanding gymnast throughout his college career, both at East LA]C and SC. In his senior year he was assistant coach of the Trojan team. Now married. Bob works as a chemical engineer at Goodyear. Herb Teitzag was student body president at Valley ]C prior to coming to SC and taking over the duties of the Delta Sigs ' fall Proxy. A public admin- istration major. Herb is planning on going into public relations when he finishes his happy years at Troy. Members not pictured: Bill Bos- well, Dennis Boyd, Lyle Claik, George Cromer, Wes Holland, Don Keltner, Mike Larrabee, Al Norris, Roily Pulaski, Hugh Furbytill, Ken Cory, Will Cummings, Dick Dickson, Howard Gianera, Ken Guinn, Bob Peccole, Charles Watkins. Robezt Anderson. Ben Benjamin. Douglas Biedebach, Jack Bloomingdale. George Bowman. Dave Broderick. George Burrough. Leon Carrere W 1IHHH» Jack Casey. Richard Chrisiensen. Fred Clark, Dick Cole, Chuck Collins. Ronald DeBlasio. Dirk DeVries. George Dieudonne Mickey Downs. James Dunkley, Vic Edelbrock. James Emmons. Ozan Fozsgren. Bill Foriner. Charles Frisk. Ron Gorzeman II Bryan Hemphill, Robert Higgs. Lonnie Hood. Gilbert Horacek. William Howard. Burl Howells. Michael Hulme, Ralph Irwin Terry Ives, Bill Jac kson, Robert Jones, Tom Jones. Robert Josi, Jack Kennedy. Robezt Kewell, Fred Klumb Now this is a silly place to install a waterlall. ATA Delta Tau Delta Variety continued to be the keynote of the Delt house this year as it has been since its SC founding in 1941. From their opulent house on West Adams, these men took part in every- thing and anything. Such men as Dick Walker, sophomore class proxy; Harold Murdock ol Homecoming, and football players — Laird Willott, and Doug Kranz — head the proud list this year. A long-awaited event this year was the Delt Mardi Gras, when house and grounds were transformed into a New Or- leans " ball. " ' Members not pictured: Leon Carrere, ]ack Casey, Robert Eberle, jack Hart, Ron Johnson, Dick Nola, Ken Orsatii, Ken Price, Dave Reed, Knight Sooy, Ted Wel- ler, Bryan Veirland, Al Pizzo, Sim Hixon. Pledges: Rick Chambers, Gary Downing, Gene Grounds, Doug Heathcote, Bill Hopkins, Hugh Sponsel, Jack Webb. Fiaak Kostlan, Herb Kostlan. Douglas Ktanz, Ronald Lang, David Mclntyte, lack McLaughlin Dan Maitin. Richard Matheny, Burke Mathes, Frank Morris, Harold Murdock, William Nicklfn Bryan 07iver, Robert Olto, Ken Pearson, Chester Pinto, Joe Rayle. William Reed, Don Reisner James Rodgezs, Ron Shields. Bodrell Smith. Jim Stans eld, Frederick Slark, Jim Stevenson, Milton Stubbs John Sturgeon, Gene Sullivan, Milan Wakefield. Dick Walker. Jim White. Laird Willott. Oby Woods It ' s said that Al Gilchrist, Delta Tau Delta spring President, personally designed the slide used or the ever- successful Mardi Gras, bumps and all. Al, one of the few four-year lettermen on campus (swimming), has been on two Olympic teams. Fiank Kostlan acted as Delt fall President succeeding Ail-American Swimmer Gilchrist. He was instrumen- tal in helping the brothers win the Iron Man trophy with that Muscle Beach stuff. Frank also worked hard in the position of IFC Vice President. rf r¥ Warren Appley, Ronald Ashley, Robert Beliveau, George Belotti, Bancroll Benner, Ray Bensch, ]ay Carlisle, Richard Chew Frank Dcrluiso, Gary Driver, Michael Doaobew, Gordon Duvall. William Elter, John Faessel, Tom Fish, Arnold Gibson 0 IP mm J Gerald Harrington. John Hogan, James Huntley, Joseph ]ares, Jim Jennings, Chris Julias, James Kenaston, Jack Kilkelly Charles Killian, Ray Kittle, Owen Kraas, Dennis Lang, Gordon Langlois, Victor Larey, Bob Lee, Louis Liets Everett Lindley, Bill Long, James Loos, Thomas Molial, Carl Maggio. Gary Malloy, Bob Moloney, Ernest Merk Boys, Does General Lee fenow about this? Sho ' nuff. Don Murphy, Mike Navarro, Daniel Nelson Members not pictured: on Arneff, Leslie Coyle, Row Herdman, Payne Johnson. Tony Ortega, Edward Paschall, Macbael Pendo, Alvin Pierce Harry Rothschild, Jack Rode, Robert Salcido, Don Salio Tom Santley, William Sears, Ross Speer. Bob Spydell Robert Tailton. John Tieiney, Larry Urrutia, William von KleinSmid While most houses give their presi- dent such a rough time they need one a semester, Jay Carlisle found enough energy to keep ahve as Kappa Alpha President lor both terms. From New- port Beach, Jay always had a love for the sea so he ' s majoring in foreign trade. Kappa Alpha Ken Walker, Brent Whitlock. David WykoU, Ronald Yeo It ' s luau time with the Thetas. The KAs went real plush this year and moved in to some structure resem- bling a small-scale Beverly Hilton. It ' s all glass and all very, very elegant; the envy of many Greeks. In order to hold onto the IFC Iron Man Trophy for the third year, the KAs moved into the mansion their whole tour de force of athletes including Du- vall, Arnett, Zampese, Belotti, McFar- land, Tsagalakis, and Merk of football fame; Pat Coyle and Arnett of track; Carl Maggio and Jim McAnany of base- ball; also basketball ' s Ken Walker. Not all athletes, Owen Kraus was in many activities along with Tom Sant- ley and Bill Sears. KA Rose Janet Peterson reigned at the Dixie Ball and Winter Formal. - r d Jl Dann Angeloll. CUllotd Bazbee, David Baztholomew, John Burkhead, Bill Burton. David Buller. Tom Capobait, Leon Claike John Coulter, Robert Carli, John Davis. Richard Dixon, Jerry Dalton. Sam Douglass. Ron Fletcher. Robert Griffin Gerald Hagy. Thorpe Haynes, James Heaton, James Hickey. Ernie Hix. Thomas Hodgins, Fred Howser, John Keith I Mj _pr " C Chuck Kriss, Richard Lockman, Bustei McGee, Edgar Mastin, Don Meder, John Miller, Gene Morris, Skip Morrison Gerald Mydland. Francis Nelson, Dave Nostrand, Jerry Orrick, Stan Fatten, Charles RatliH, Mike Reidel, Walter Robertson Gene Robinson, Kenneth Robison. Bud Ryan. William Sexton, Richard Shrader. Gary Silman. Gerald Smith. Robert Smith Ken Snyder, Robert Specie, Robert Sfeinberger, Robert Stewart. Nathaniel Symonds. Richard Taber. Kevin Tichenor. Philip Thomas 346 Paul Whisenand, James Widaman, Hailan Williams Clayton Cook was a good enough insurance salesman to sell himseU to his Iraternity brothers as their spring President. This Kappa Sig was also a Knight, an Air ROTC officer, and IFC Vice President. Besides this he took an active part in the Trojan Club. Paul Wilmoie, John Wilsoa What ' s finer than doing a hula with a DG? Kappa Sigma Kappa Sigs have been busting out at the seams for some time; though their house was modern and in great shape, there were just too many men around the place. So expansion it was with the building of a fine new addition in the back ready tor the spring semester. Since the founding of Delta Eta Chapter in 1925, the Kappa Sigs have played a promi- nent part in campus life. This year ' s spotlight shown on Dann Angeloft, the founder, origi- nator, and chief scamper of the SCamps. Also in that light were a host of men in football and track. Social hits were the DG-KE luau and the Formal. 317 AXA Lambda Chi Alpha Robert AcbiUes, Gustavo Antonini, Jacques Bock, Joe Biaun, Don Biautigan John Callos, Ken Carrier, Robezi Chase, Robert Cornell, William Crawlord Robert f osier, Theodore Gaidnei, Richaxd Garson, floberf Ghio, Joaquin Gil Del Real 1 ' " i l f nlf Doyle Hanewinckel, William Hewitt, Ken Kamp, Ronald Lataneta, Ralph Mauiielto Living it up over on West Adams, Lambda Chi Alpha was able to make itself known on the Row and through- out campus. Two big formals climaxed this year ' s social whirl — the Cross and Cres- cent, and the Lion and Rose Formals. The men were duly proud of their Cres- cent Girls. In athletics there were Gil Del Rio, crew captain; and oe Braun, frosh bas- ketball captain. At KUSC-FM were Bob Cornell, traffic manager, and TV-director Gard- ner. How can the Lambda Chis smile alter staying up so many nights? 348 Michael McDonald, Philip Myers Arthur Ness. John Phillips, Howard Quilling Don Reynolds. Doug Robertson, Lloyd Saaijian I Another David SarnofI is Ted Gaidnei, Lambda Cbi ' s spring Presi- dent. He has been music director and general director for KUSC-FM and KUSC-TV. Ted also was director o the Varsity Show. During his college days Ted served on the Senior and LAS Councils, and in Knights and Squires. Stacy Smith. John Surmeier, Paul White Who says Ed Sullivan has a monopoly on all the " hams " ? Bob Chase has fallen into the toot- steps ol his predecessor , Ted Gardner. Both have been prexys of Lambda Chi, and both were active in telecom work. Bob also branched out on bis own, though, and did a splendid job as property manager of the Trojan Band, which is tough during pigskin season. 349 Phi Delta Chi had as its spring prexy Oscar PaJJeras. Oscar was also a member of the pharmacy honorary, Skull and Mortar, the Pharmacy Coun- cil, and IFC, where he was made chief pill-pusher tor the gang. Another pharmacist among phar- macists was Allen Hathcock, Phi Delta Chi tall President. Likewise, Allen was in Skull and Mortar and on the Phar- macy Council. In fact, he was Phar- macy Vice President in 1954. Ronald Bakei, CliUoid Beals, Robert Becker. Charles Beeman, John Beiger Viclor Biae. Jeiol Burns, James Chinn, Lyie Chiistensen, Ray Coultei Ronald Dashjian, Ken D ' Auiia, John Eckeit, William Econome, Frank Fornaseio John Freeman, Jack Frost. Jack Gearing. Alex GolhuH, Robert Graham Kenneth Griffin, Donald Hansen. Charles Hathcock. Paul Hill. William Hitt OAX Phi Delta Chi Donald Kelso, Richard Lupayne, Robert McCumiskey, Robert Mallory Derry Meece, Walter Nisbet, Paul Noble, Carl Putnam, George Roulette Robert Rudolph, Joseph Sahtoro, Peter Salas, Eliseo Samaniego, Richard Sanders Joe Schradie, Keith Sievers. Lloyd Smith, Roy Smith, C. LaDell Stewart John Stall, Grant Thulin, Norman Tiudeau, Jack Wells, Wayne Woolen Known as the piU-pushers o SC, the Phi Delta Chis continued to rule the mixing bowls over at the Pharmacy School. Del Stewart ruled as Pharmacy Prexy and brother Bill Econome acted as vice-president. Not satisfied with pharmacy alone, these men moved in high circles throughout campus. Knights were Stan Drury, Bill Econome, Bob Becker, and Allen Hathcock. John Berger was AMS Help Week chairman. Socially the men had the Spring Formal, Spring Luau, and the Black and V hite Party, featuring lab alco- hol. " m tm lohn Allan, Robert AUeboin. Mezvin Aienchild, on Barnes, Don Bauezmeisiez, Lee BeDell. William Bedlozd Warren Blazichazd, William Bonnie, Bob Border, Edwazd Brumleu, Ricbazd Burroughs, Loch Crane, iloberf Creech lames Dandy, James Deckez, Bazzy Everett, Al Green, Ed Hanlon, Cazy Harding, Joe Hillock Richard Hogeland, James Holt, Larry Hoppe, Dennis Hopper, Parker Hubert, Robert Hubert, Ron Hughes Bruce Johnson, Pefer Kaplanis, Mark KeJsey, Gary Kent, Richard Kirtland, Robert Kiriland, Wayne Kurlak Members not pictured: Marvin Arenchild, Jr., Loch Crane, James Dandy, Robert Hubert, lack LaHin, Denny Niles, Baymond Otto, Karl Pope, Robert Reed, John Wheeler. Residing in a palatial mansion on the Hoover end of the Row, the Phi Belts have come a long way in their eighth year on campus; the last of the Miami Triad. Nothing on the agenda surpassed the Christmas Formal with the DGs, the Miami Triad Ball with the other two, the Toga Party (. . . when in Rome), and the Gambling Party (genuine in- structions given on how to win). Activities had Bruce Johnson, chief announcer for KUSC; Cheerleader Al Green; Knights Ron Hughes, Dick Kirt- land, and Dennis Hopper; and Squire Ed Brumleu. Jack Laflin, Bernard Lecicie, Thomas Lister Scoff McCIure, Join Mourer, Denny Niles Raymond Otto, Howard Oxley, Ernie Pope Karl Pope, Aoberf Reed, Donald Smith, Ronald Sutherland Rick VandeihoU, Bob Weatheiwax, John Wheeler, George Young OA© Phi Delta Theta A great tennis fancier, Baiiy Ever- ett was the spring president tor Phi Delta Theta. An engineering major, the popular Phi Delt plans on entering engineering sales upon graduation. Dennis Hoppei, Phi Delt fall Prexy, acted this year as Homecoming Parade Chairman, besides being a Knight. Den- nis is planning on moving to Phoenix and doing general contracting. OTA Phi Gamma Delta The Fijis spent a year doing every- thing and anything, ending with the fantastic Fiji Islander where everyone from The Row really went native as usual. Also there were the iestive Christmas Formal in Bel Air and the Purple Garter Formal at Coronado. Making his presence known at all iunctions was ' ' Mr. Ah-do-rini " George Criona, plus big politico Mac Haggerty, and ' ' jack-of-all-groups " Ron Maloui. Everyone really pitched in and the house nearly walked off with every- thing in Homecoming. Jack Aintzen, Blaii Bainette. Kenneth Blown, Ron Bzown, Dave Casbion, John Cashion, Notman Chiistina, Laziy Cossairi i o 1 George Criona. Jack Dimond, Rick Evans, Ray Fisher, John Fox. David Fiee, Jean Gauthiez, Owen Haggerty L L Sn JHBHi. ____.!. t_ Michael Hammond, Thomas Hargett, Marvin Harris, Pete Henderson, Ernest Hickson, Milt Hinshilvrood, Corydon Hurtado, Jim Karayn Fijis repeat their prize-winning homecoming " drama " lor TV audiences. Richard Lachman. Arthur Lewis, Ronald Malonl Lee Manuel, Guy Markham Members not Diclured: Don Heath, Bob Staples Dean Miller, Brendan Mulhall Edward Peters. CliUord Pratt Robert Reed. Ronald Bice, Don Rolley, John Russell John Skater. Pete Shaw. Anthony Sloan. Dennis Smith Robert Sproule, Ronald Weesner. Walter White. Bob Wood A real " native " gives the Pi Phis an invite to the Fiji Islander. Walter White was just such a con- genial person that the members of Phi Gamma Delta had to elect him their lall President. Known to be a generous lender, Walt always makes sure his fellow islanders have enough Coke money. When not at the house, Walt is on The Row. Robert Allan, Thomas Bales, Euston Benz, Kent Beige, Mouse Berry, Mite Blewett, Bud Bradley, Tod Brown Gary Biumlield, Don Buckley, Ernest Burns, Maishall Clark, Edwazd Ciamsie, John Evans, Michael Fiore, George Fiee Barry Freeman, Thomas Fuelling, Gary Geronimi, Robert Harman, Leon Harris, Jerry Herbst, David HoUingswozih, Bud Houser Dick Howell, Bradley Hughes. Howard ohnson. Bill Heane, Malcolm Kelley, Allan Kreiger, Robert Lownsdale, Ronald Loy Joe Mazikian, Henry Marvin, Andrew Morrow, Ron Murphy, Phil Murray, Don Owen, Wayne Pollard, John Richards 356 Members not pictured: ]oe Banducci, John Fitzran- dolph, Jim Kaulman, Bill Keane, Dan Rogers, Howard Smith, Doug Teulie, Fred Virgo. Pledges: joe Chuha, Gene Conte, Dyron Capps, Robert Hilde, Ben Horner, Rick Michle, David Holmes, Peter Mellos, Jim Moberg, jim Pugh, Bob Raine, Jim Sims, John Russell. Gene Ronald, David Ryan, Geoffrey Shaw Robert Stage, Jim Steikel, Eziell Stevenson, Dan Sweet t K Phi Kappa Psi Dick Tiuesdell, Bill Wiest. Thomas Williams, Robezt Winet To everyone ' s amazement, The Row ' s " Fishbowl, " where the Phi Psis hve, survived its eighth year with all windows intact. It ' s even more amazing when you think the place is and has been tilled with countless athletes both in lootball and track. The two athletic {actions exercised muscles at night with water hghts. In the social world the men cut a big rug this year with the Spring Formal, Suppressed Desires Party; and Cave, Flapper, and Yacht parties. In activities there was another pledge re- lays win. BMOCs were Mickey Artenian, and Howard Smith. Being able to sustain his ]V football injuries enough, Bob Clitioid was able to become Phi Kappa Psi spring Prexy alter entering Troy. From Covina, Bob was on a scholarship and majored in aviation. One of the original SCampers, Dick Huston was Phi Psi fall President. If that wasn ' t enough, he had the fabulous job of being the official escort for the Home- coming Queen and her court for a week. (That ' s a job?) 357 ( looks like one guy is going to be pinned under. Hm,. ' mmm m 1 1 Ik ■ ■trtrnT " H Both the brothers and the kids will always remember this. Jim Anderson, Dick Baisam, Dwane Beebe Elmei Black, James BoyJe, Robert Biitz, James Burgess, Dick Clatk. Hugh Davis, David Del Rosso, Dan Dirkes Donald Droul, Bill Dudney, John Eve, Chester Frehling, Dick Fuller, James Grubb, Parker Hart, Ronald IvanoU Benjamin Jacinto, Roy Johnson, Ed Kitzmiller, Duane Larson, Mark Mandala, Albin Matthes, Tom Mauiei, Truman Mergenthaler 358 Ed Kitzmillei was another two-se- mester man on The Row. A senior in engineering, Ed lormerly served as IFC Representative for his house, and worked on the Junior Class Council. Extracurricular activities included swimming and ceramic art. Clifiord Park, im Parris Robert Pbipps. Dwigbt Sbelton, Dick Svranson, Lloy Swanson In between two sorority houses, the Phi Kappa Taus were still able to keep out o mis- chief this year. But these men were anything but anti- social; there were too many parties to say that. The whole thing started with the Fall Formal, then the Fall Pledge Party. At the Spring For- mal an ever-lovely was picked as this year ' s " Our Girl " ; an event fondly remembered by all house members. Assisting the ol ' University in the many services were Squires Jim Anderson and Bob Phipps. Members not pictuied: Jesse Anderson, Donald Proul. OKI Phi Kappa Tau Ted TetzlaU, RobezI Tonjes, Danie Weseloh, Edwin Wiigbl James Acocks, Fred Albtight, Dean Allen, Ron Bazbre, Shezidan Bazze. Don Boiler, Gerald Boswozih, Gilbezt Boyne James Burger, John Cantlen, Ron Cbandlez, Richazd Christian, Tom Clazk, Hazvey Colznan, Robert Cox, N -■::!, r. rkins w WUliam Donnelly, Jizn Dzock, Clazk Feland, John Fzasez, Jezald Haznpton, Don Hazzis, George HecUer, Jaznes Henzy Roberf Howard. Wi Iiam Howiler, Ralph Jazvis, Edwazd Johnson, Robert Kashaze, Gezald Kastnez, Hoznez Kezn, Denny Kouzi Clazk Leonazd, John Leth, Lawrence Lichty, Lazzy Lobacb, Robezt Lowez, Bazdon Maginnis, Emil Malznquist, Thomas Maxwell Michael McCazthy, Gary Mcjilton, Robezt McKinney. Jezzy McMabon, Mike Miller, Thomas Moore, Peter Mozzan, John Olson Robezt Pazkez, Gezald Pazsons, Lazzy Pattezson, Robezt Perkins, Robezt Poe, DougJas Poller, Douglas Rankin, Ellis Reitez 360 PZK Phi Sigma Kappa Everyone got out literally on 28th Street this year as every year to witness the greatest athletic event o the entire SC season — the Phi Sig-Pledge Relays. The Phi Sigs didn ' t disappoint The Row- as usual. Assisting at the track event to see that everyone kept to the rules were Squires Don Boiler, Ralph Jarvis, and Skip Workman; and Knights Jerry Mc- Mahon and Dick McAdoo. After the relays were parties and more parties, highlighted by the an- nual Moonlight Formal at the Shadow Mountain Club. Francis fleifer. Dusty Rhodes. Lawrence Richardson, Mel Rinando Dillazd Rives, VirgiJ Schattei, Chris Seiter, Bon Severa Sanioid Sbaid, Georgre Smith, Claik Sorensen, Otoman Sorge Mike Talbeit, Robert Thompson, Henty Thornton. Hugh Tietjen, Jay Waggoner We guess Jerzy McMabon is just a born leader. Besides being the spring prexy ol Phi Sigma Kappa, the young man was ASSC President, Battalion Commander o the NROTC, and for- merly a Senator-at-Large and head of the Board of Publications. He was also in Blue Key and Skull and Dagger. Bob Boulger, Phi Sig fall President, really burned the midnight oil working for his fraternity. In prior years. Bob has been veep and social chairman of the Phi Sigs. Bob also spent two signifi- cant years with the Trojan Band. In other activities Bob worked on the Frosh Council and in IFC. Garry Wellesley. George Werner. Norman Whytock, Ronald Wood. Carl Workman Membeis not pictured: lack Hughes, Dick McAdoo. Heibeit Bakei. Richaid Blankenbuig, Daniel Bohning, Chazles BietteU, Soger Caley, Donald Capoiale, Tom Cocheiell. Sobeit Coffin Bob Colbein, Joel Campion. ]ack Copeland, tarry Courtney, Bruce Dorsey, William Fiyei, James Guyle Richard Hail, Jim Hewickez, Roll Husted, Bruce Kitciien, James Kline. Aithux Kozn. Mark Kusanovicb Jack Miseticb, Robeit Nootbazz. Dick Pzock. Allen Quist, Robert Rider, Robert Ritchey, JVeii Sherwood Members not pictured: Stuart Beal, Donald Holmes, Phil laynes, Dick Londergan, Carl Mall, Chris Pinson. . Frank Schoenheider, Barton Sewell. He ' s not broke — he ' s enjoying the PiKA Hallowe ' en party. Where are you hiding the famous lire engine? m, » ' k Laziy Sipes, Clark Smith Wasn ' t this the first year the PiKAs have been without their beloved fire engine? It was an old tradition on campus and everyone en- joyed seeing the old klunker picking up Greeks, both male and female, and transporting them to The Row for lunch. Everyone was willing to give it a push when it broke down, which was often. The Fireman ' s Ball was held, though; also the Spring Formal at Rosarito Beach, and the big Founders ' Day shindig in March. Senator Bob Kent helped host the Dixie Land Open House after the first night game, while Marty Zuanich was in baseball; and Bruce Kitchen, track. FTed Smith, Michael Spydell Jerry Thomas. Richard Thompson Sam Uskovich, Eric Williams Back in 1954, Don Robinson was president of the School of Commerce. Then he retired from that job and be- came spring president of Pi Kappa Alpha. A former member of the Senate, Don was active in Skull and Dagger. nKA Pi Kappa Alpha 363 What a wild bunch o youths or the atomic age. In between Psi Upsilon dances, watch the birdie. ■■H ■■■■ ■PMHnBMH Pf 9P jSr ■px Hb ' pr " ' tJ --j Mike Aliison, Bruce Blinn, Robert Carpenter, Robert W. Carpenter, Theodore C ark, Waldo Gillette, Arthur Gontier, Richaid Grippi 7ohn Hanzlik, ohn Herrmann, Richard Johnson, Bobeit Keim, Robert Kelsey. Loy Kizkpatiick, Paul Klostex, Bruce MacCauI John McKinney. Richard O ' MeJveny, CharJes Patieison, Terry Preston, ClUtoid Riggs. Philip Riggs. Richaid Rogers, Thomas Rubbert 364 Psi Upsilon Rodney Schleickei Kazl Scbwerdtieget Roger Sherman, Phol Suffon The Psi Upsilons made enough noise in the realnns of campus activities and society to be heard horn their Portland roost by the entire Row. There were the Christmas Formal, the New Year ' s Party, and the significant Diamond Ball in May. Also noted were the pledge-active football game and the impressive Foun- ders ' Day. Roger Sherman in Septem- ber filled the empty Senator seat and did a terrific job in the hallowed Senate Chambers. Roger also planned the Dia- mond Jubilee Show of Home- coming. Also helping the house were Politico Art Gontier and Squire Veep Rodney Schleicker. Known to be a very understanding guy. Fleet Nuttall impressed his frater- nity brothers enough to have them make him fall president. During his term. Fleet was overjoyed to see his house achieve a national scholastic rating. Gary Tudor, an Van Oosten, Roberf Walson, Donald Wells, Ronald Wilson 365 Attention border patrol — do you know about these wetbacks? Representatives ot Western Costumes attend an SAE Hallowe ' en party. 7oe Agapay, John Aldingez, Aithui Bennetts, Bariy BoUman. Maurice BievrsteT, Leo Buckley, Ricbazd Cazdiel, Adiian Cbiistian lames Couglan. Richaid Dion, Ronald Duplanty, John Everson. Bruce Galey, Geoff Gilchiist, Fraak Hall, John Hamilton Roger Harris, Philip Hawes, Stanley Haugh, William Hinckley, Skip Holt, ]ames Keslar, ]oe Kraus, Jon Kruse John Kubas, Reno Lorenz, Earl LuU, William MacKay, William McLean, Victor Metzgar, Robert Misen, Tom Niemeyer 366 lAE Sigma Alpha Epsilon The SAEs continued to have their English manor decorated with lovely ladies throughout the year, especially when they staged the Annual Sorority Volleyball Tourney in their back yard. Their sponsorship of the Cheesecake Series along with the Kappa Sigs was also considered a Row must. On the social scene were the Oak- mont Country Club Dinner-Dance and the Spring Formal at Palm Springs. BMOCs included Phil Rielly, Bill MacKay, Henry Schmidt, Joe Agapay, Putt Storrs, Bob Poindexter, and Ray Taylor. Members not pictured: Kenneth Boyer, jr., Oscai Campbell, Charles Collins, Robert Col- lins, Edwin Green, John Hamilton, Roger Har- ris, Richard Kure, Reno Lorenz, Roland Still, Felippe Yaconelli. Former vice president ot AMS, Tony Collins did a capable job as presi- dent of Sigma Alpha Epsilon for an en- tire year. Tony, v ho enjoyed spending the better part of his time sleeping or at the Theta house, also found time for NROTC and close supervision of SAE. Raymond Oden, Robert Osborne, Dougla Peake, Albeit Poindexiez „.J „ ■ , ! L ail Ron Po Zendine, Wazien Proclor, Philip ReiUy. Bill Ring. Leonard Rife, David Roos, Norm Scheidt Michael Schloessmann. Don Shennum, Dwighi Stedman. Ronald Stell. Richard Stone, Putt Storrs, Raymond Tayloi . J9H1 dp - Mark Tutile, John Valentine, Elwyn Wahaven, William Waliaven, Logan Williams. John Wilson, Ross Winans 7oe Hasson, spring president o Sigma Alpha Mu, is a rabid movie fan. You name it, he ' s seen it already. In hne with his avocation, Joe hopes some day to become a big director-producer on television alter he finishes his studies in the telecom department. Warien Ferguson has been fall president of the Sammies. When not performing his duties over at the house, he worked as Senior editor oi the El Rodeo. An engineering major, Warren served with distinction on the Engineer- ing and Sophomore Councils. Stuait Baiibold, Howaid Beckei, Maitin Berman Harold Binder, Daniel Cooper, David Felber Warren Ferguson, Roberf Finestone. iVafe Friedman lAM Sigma Alpha Mu 368 oe Hassan. Philip Kelmai, MorJon Ligrhf David Loshin, Ken Mondshine, Leroy Schwartz Burt Silbeii, Aaron Sohis Affectionately known as the " Sammies, " Sigma Alpha Mu again this year continued to run off with the IFC bowling championships. How Senator-at-Large Burt Silbert ever found time for the Junior and Commerce Councils, no one knows; but he did find time and did a darned good job. Skip Felber also did a good job in the Knights. Dave Loshin was all over campus as organization editor of the El Rod, in the band, and on the executive board of the Hillel Foundation. Big social events were the Fleurs De Lis Formal and the Winter Formal. Also on the social schedule were the Father-Son Banquet and the New Year ' s Party. The clothes might be better il the house bills weren ' t so high. It ' s too bad we can ' t see the ace that goes with the waving hand. 369 Down at the big white house in the near-center of The Row, the Sigma Chis spent the usual busy year with mirth and merriment and service. The Winter Formal naturally landed another lovely Sweetheart of Sigma Chi. Dances included the Miami Triad with the Phi Delts and Betas, and the Tri-Sig Ball. Trying to add to that impressive gallery of 16 All- Americans, the Sigs had from the football bench Kissinger, Ferrante, Galli, Abram, Gurasich, Kas- ten, and Contralto. ' ' On campus " was Junior Prexy Jim Hurst. This is the painless way to leain the hula. Another Sweetheart ot Sigma Chi receives her flowers ot office. Anthony Allen, Bill Alphin, Fiank Asbury, Don Bethuzum « Ted Bishop, Tony Boder, Fzed Bremer, Howard Bugbee Rod Bunfzen, Jim Bylin, Mike Cahill, lames Casey Michael Casinelli, Richard Chappel, Stanley Dickison, Hodge DoUe, Charles Dubouidieu, Duke Ezlingei. Sian Garris Finley Hubbazd, Jazztes Huzst. Philip Jaite, Lazzy Jay, Gordon Jenkins, Lyznan Johnson, Don fasten, Richard Kzelz Sigma Chi Grant Kuhns, Ehoy Lang, Charles Lestei, James Maddux ]ack Mazsden. John Moore. Mike O ' Dell, Wayne Palmei William Patten, Lewis PoUaid, Al Provence. Sandy Quinn After two seasick years in Uncle Sam ' s Navy, Pat Ross returned to SC and became the spring president o Sigma Chi. A Knight, Pat served as IFC Treasurer and kept all the books straight. Pat ' s special interests were handball and track. Fall prexy Tom Smith has always been faithful to his fraternity; last year he won the Exemplar Sig Award for his outstanding contributions to the local Sigma Chi chapter. Only two years on campus, Tom worked in Songfest and on Homecoming committees. Dick Tavis. Thomas Tecbentin, Bob Waller. James White Members no( pictured: Ken Antle, James Arney, Ken Barber, James Decker, Mike Dow- ell, Fred Edwards, Don Kovach, Ellsworth Kissinger, Fred Fondon, Paul Mattoon, Ron Wilder, Olando Ferrante, Walt Levack, Parker Waller, Benny Bryant, William Thomas, Pete Testa. Dave Bear was bossed thro ughout his Army career, so when he hit SC alter his freedom, he decided to make a switch and became spring boss man ot Sigma Nu. Dave is a natural born skier; coming from Connecticut where there ' s always plenty of snow. Always ready, willing, and able for the old fraternity was Jack Dunne, tall president of Sigma Nu. A three- season player of basketball, Jack in- tends to go on to law school following the diploma. In his spare time, jack likes to indulge in golf and tennis. As in years past the Sigma Nus protected their end of the exclusive Row this year in a commendatory manner, especially that busy alleyway, which is always crowded, particu- larly on Monday nights. But the men gave up their sentinel duties long enough to have an active social season highlighted by the White Rose Formal and the Annual Yacht Party. Sportwise were Tony Psaltis, and Jack Dunne — basketball; Chuck Leimbach, Fred Pierce, and Frank Hall — football, and Mike Drake — waterpolo . There were also Knight Carlos Martinez and SCamper Kurt Anslinger. Bruce Andien, Fred Andrews, Kurt Anslinger CJarence BarOey. Erni Bzistow, Caiy Buck mm John Burnham, Richard Ccmpodonico, Ricbaid Cawelti Ken Corica, Ron Ellico, Dez Farnady Don Giiepentiog, Don Hogue, ]im Ibbelson Lloyd Ibbeison, Chuck Leimbach, Carlos Martinez Rail McDonald. Albeit Mills. Buck Mills Members not pictured: Dave Bear, Mike Drake, Jack Dunne, Watren Fannin, Tony Psaltis. George Moore, William Pauli Fzed Pierce, LeRoy Ra ner Roll Scbwalbe, John Seitz, Kelly Sims Jack Stafford, Mike Sullivan, Dean Swanson George VaUs, Ed Valdes, Ted Veganes Wf. Al Vistaunet. Don Votanaeii, Bill Wiser IN Sigma Nu 373 Rudolph Avila, Rodney Bailield, Robert Butler, Paul BuXerfield, George Cady Sigma Phi Delta continues each year to protect the treasury by seeing that its members get into that rich field of engineering where we hear much money is able to be made. But these men didn ' t keep their eyes on the slide rule all day and night; there was a great deal of social- izing too. This year there were the Red Rose Formal, the Founders ' Day Ban- quet, and the Active-Alumni Dance. Everyone who was anyone in en- gineering was a Sigma Delt including Prexy John Wilson, Paul Fryar, and Veteran Representative Syd Deem. Members not pictured: Kit Meyers, John Watenpaugh, Dick Wyse. Leiand Cecil, Lynn Cheney, William Cordon, Charies CrowJ, Sydney Deem T f David Deblinger, Kenneth Duke, Don DeMais, Anthony DiMattio, Lynn EHing David Finley, Edwin Friesen, Paul Fzyai, Azthut Galyean, Charles Geer Sigma Phi Delta fall President was Robert Meads. A Senator and a Knight, Bob bribed the DT as public relations manager of the SC Engineering. He must have done a good job, because the publication won three-out-of-four prizes in a national contest of engineer- ing magazines. Bob worked hard in Phi Eta Sigma, AIEE, and the Council. Finding that classes were too easy at MIT, John Wilson transferred to SC and eventually became spring presi- dent of Sigma Phi Delta. Photo editor of the SC Engineer John was also coor- dinator of Engineering Week. In AIEE and Trovets, John was continually bal- ancing the books as treasurer of the Engineering Council. _________ c c Wayae Johnson, Donald Laycex, Robeit Long. James Lunn Anthony Mason, Robeii Meads, Paul Messingei, Chnstophei Meyer III Donald Russell, Charles Sudduih, Richard Springlord. Norman Summers I DA Sigma Phi Delta Sam Vig ione, Charles Warner, William Walson, John Wilson The engineers put away the slide rules or some very cute dafes. Santa Claus helps make this the second place winner ot Christmas decorations. Sig Ep spring president Tom Rati- gan is learning his trade while still in the classroom. A marketing major, he works part time tor Dun and Bradstreet. When to took his robes oil as chief justice o the Men ' s Judicial Council. Keith Brandt did an equally line job as fall president of Sig Eps. President of the Student Council on Religion, Keith also had his name in Blue Key and the Knights. ]im AUen. Ralph Allman, Raoul Appel, Bob Bakez, Andiew Bavetta Foirest Besocke, Keith Biandt. Ron Bioadwell. Hutch Cartel. Joseph Caitei m Gary Gosson, Dazrell Crouch. James Farber, Fied Farias, David Fegan Harry Feltntan. RoyaJ Foster. John Frawley. Roger Gewecke, Frank Gleberman Robert Hanawalt. Richard Hildenbrand, Kennedy HoUert. Thomas Hulbeck. Lewis Jones Gerald Kehle. Kenneth Kendrick. John Kloes, Garvan Kuskey, Gerald Madera Walter Marks. Paul Martinet. Don Meyers. Kenneth Mitchell, Peter Miitelsladt Membeis not pictured: Dariell Crouch, Al Marchon, Bob Santich, Brenton Sweet. 376 This year the hrain storm ol the Sig Eps was to charter a bus for the ride to the Santa Barbara Formal; no accidents, no casualties and mucho song exchanges with dates. There were also the famed Queen of Hearts Ball for 500 in the Statler, the Safari Party, Desert Party, Waterfront Party, and a vast number of exchanges. Keeping law and order throughout the old homestead was Men ' s Judicial Chief Jus- tice Keith Brandt with the assistance of Knights Jerry Nace and Jerry Madera. ZOE Sigma Phi Epsilon Wow isn ' t this a ridiculous way to spend 3 a.m. in the morning? William MoUatt. Tom Morris, George Morrow, Jim Moses. Jeiiy Nace. Charles Piopbei. Wall Quisf, Ted Raialovich • ! tesf t w riiomas Ratigan, Norman Redmon. Monroe Sandel, Paul Sherer, Frank Sbinn, Laird Shinn, Jerold Slocum, George Spiiios Jim Spivey, Lyman Stewart, Robert Symons. Bill Tanner, Richard Thompson, MeJ Warner, Ronald Wilson, Lloyd Winburn 377 A grad of Marshall High, Paul Sis- lin was Tau Delta Phi president lor both semesters. He carried on much of the house ' s and his business from Frascati ' s on Sunset. Hoping to go info the office supply field, Paul was Homecoming decorations head in 1953. TAO Tau Delta Phi Lawrence Abbott, JVeii Baizei, Laiiy Baznblatt, Charles Beig, Jordan Colbuzn Samuel Corekin, CUHoid Coinhall, Jetiy DicJcman, Barry Halpezn, Eugene Holt iiH S K. ' ' 1 Hal Horowitz. Cbazles Hyman. Robert Keller, Irving Koracb, Ronald LaVine Morgan Lee. Norman levine, Ned Miller, Harvey Noddle. ]im Ricbman No one can ever disassociate Tau Delta Phi with that mammouth dance, " The Chase. " This year the men didn ' t let Trojans down; it was as big and star-studded as ever. Possibly of less publicity, but as much fun were the strictly-house {unc- tions like the Catalina Yacht Trip, that Vice and Delinquency Party, the Spring Formal, Sweetheart Formal; and the Parent-Son Banquet where the family finally got a chance to see where all the money was going. The house supported Homecoming, Trojan Chest, the blood drive, and Pledge Relays. On campus were Homecoming float judging chairmen Ron Zane and Sherm Weiss. This might be Hawaii, except lor the chewing gum sign in the background. HpK ' . W4« H Evezelt Rosenstein, Donald Sairen. Jeiiy Silver 5 «f .A f 1 Paul Sislin. Sherwin Taisky, Michael Telson . Edward Ticktin, Robert Ustrich. Myron Weinei Sherman Weiss, Ronald Zane Moonlight, orchids, and danceable music highlighted the Tau Delt tormal. Members not pictured: Ronald Malin, Sherman Weiss, Stu Freidman, Bud Strauss. Stephen Cohen. Ronald Davis. Bob Geist Harris Goldbeig. Jake Goldman. Richaid Goodman Selvyn Gottlieb. Ronald Haztman. Howard Heiz. Paul lollie. Arnold Kalan. Howard Kates Stephen Laxineta. Morris Meslei, Stan Miller, Ira Monosson. David Moss, Philip Ronney Gerald Royal, Steven Salenger. lack Schulman. Abraham Somer. Jay Tanenbaum. Alan Waxman. Dick Weisbard These TEPs may take the trophy for highest Iraternity scholarship rating, but it ' s darned certain these men aren ' t bookworms. The parties started early in the Fall and just kept right on going all year. There were the Sweetheart Formal, the Palm Springs Formal, the Speak Easy Party, the Mardi Gras, and the Malibu Hawaiian Party. The men of the ivy-covered cottage didn ' t stay Row-coniined either; they were all over campus. Besides that man Bob Gerst, there were Knight Paul lol- lie. Squire Steve Salenger, and men in all the councils including Commerce with Stan Miller, Howard Herz, Dave Moss, and the Junior group with Paul lollie. Members not pictured: Barry Bauman, Mori Barke, Buzz Blumentbal, Sil Goodman, Bob Rubenslein, Burt Schnierow, Al Berkove, Mike Estrin, Art Kahn. 380 Both an athlete and politico was Tau Epsilon Phi ' s spring president, Bob GcTst. Be ore graduating. Bob succeed- ing in playing varsity baseball and be- coming AMS prexy. He was also a Knight and in Blue Key. Former posi- tions included Squire president and Senator-at-Large. Who ' s the happy boy in the TEP Uoai? Incoming proxy Stan Miller (right) smiles with outgoing Bob Gerst. TEO Tau Epsilon Phi This {all the Tops had Stan Millei as their capable president. The ivy may be growing over the house, but Stan cer- tainly didn ' t let any grass grow under his feet; a ll house activities went real smooth. Stan has served on the Sopho- more, Junior, and Commerce Councils. He was vice president of the Squires. 381 Tau Kaps fall president Rich Has- kell was a iour-year tennis letterman on an academic scholarship. Rich also found time to be president of the School of Engineering. He likes all types of sports, both as a spectator and as a performer, especially basketball and tennis. He hopes to work as a civil engineer. His fraternity brothers claim he ' s such a " hofdog " in The Row, that it was natural the Tau Kappa Eps should reelect Harvey Palash spring president. Chairman of Senior Ditch Day, Harv personally saw that all who attended had a great time. A volleyball enthu- siast, Harvey is now in law school. Members not pictured: Neil Bowman, Wayne Challer, Dennis Collier, Cburck Everts, lack Flamson, Mike Freltum, Terry Gelieny, Wesley Gregory, Rich Haskell, Karl Jaeger, William Stronabmner , Al Thompson. Ralph Anderson, Jeziy Andes, Don Bilbiey, Jim Black Ron Craig, Jack Dudley, Jeziy Ellinghouse. Thomas Engel ]eaa Gaskill, Al Guevaia, John Hamilton, Richard Haskell SF J m lames Hatch, Peter Hayman, Roger Heilpern, James Henderson G en Holiinger, Joseph Jebbia, Ken Kisner, Tom Kingsley Charles Kriegez, Charles Lawrence. Robert MacFarlane. Patrick McDermott Eugene Mitchell. Dick Nolan. David Oakley. Leon Olson 382 Donald Osbuiti, Richaxd Roger, Dick ReddicJt, Stuait Riddle, Lyle Reimana, Jim Roberts, Thomas Roberts, Patrick Row and Barr Ruston, Wayne SaathoU, David Silveisione, Indet Singh, Tim SmaJlwood, Samuel Smock, Conrad Solum, Bruce Stantoid Robert Slambaugb, Paul Strona, William Teaford, Joe Tisdale, Ed Vail, Joseph V avtghan, Jim Walker, Walter Williams TKE Tau Kappa Epsilon " Homecoming again this year belonged to TKE. For the second straight year they took the Grand Sweepstakes trophy for best partici- pation. They also topped the row with their pledge class o 37 men. " Of course, the Red Carnation Formal was the function which hit " the metres " ; how could it stay out with a persistent journalist like Wes Gregory? Then there was the Father-Son Ban- quet and the usual other socializers. Shining in activities were Yell King Bill Hillinck, Knights ' Prexy Conrad Solum, plus members Wayne Chaffer and Barr Ruston; Squires were Tom Kingsley, Pat McDermott, Joe Vaughn, and Walt Williams. The Tekes version ol " Wonderlul Town. Popcorn did the trick to win first place in the Y Carnival. Curtis Baines certainly had a good guardian angel. As president of the Ski Club he still didn ' t break enough bones to keep him irom being Theta Chi presi- dent or Jbofh semesters, house or no house. An ex-MP, Curt plays a very fine Dixieland trombone. He ' s now aspiring to be a top-notch lawyer. Well there really was a hot time in the old fraternity house lor the Theta Chis. In fact the house burned to the ground while the men were " next door " watching the SC-UCLA grid group. But the " orphans " took the little incident with a smile and hung a " Fire Sale " sign on the mess for Homecoming House decorations, a week late. A little old fire didn ' t stop the men of Theta Chi, though; they kept on go- ing from the old back room in the ga- rage. Here they became so inspired that they went out and won the blood drive for the second year. After the " mishap, " looking for a place to keep warm were Senator Carl Terzian; Greater U Head Rick Setlowe; and grid center, Ralph Grant. Many, many parties including the ever fantastic Charles Addam ' s merri- ment. Being president of Theta Chi was only one of the accomplishments of Don McDavid. He also took part in Freshman, Sophomore, Senior, and Commerce Councils, and was our dele- gation chairman to the Mock Conven- tion. This finance major spent his spare time on the golf course. Cur is Barnes. Richaid Bletchei, Louie Glasbtennei, Roger Glean Ralph Giant, Petei Gzaaz, Edwin Kelly, David Leach Don McDavid, Ronald Rohxei, Ricbaid Stephen, Carl Terzian 384 ©X Theta Chi Fire sales highlighted the Theta Chi season. A welcoming committee lor the new housemother be ore the place burned down. 385 There ' s nothing liie having a new car to start college with. The Tennis Club must have enjoyed this peace and quiet. John Baban, Michael Bodie, Fzank iSoIe 3 ml Dan Cassidy, Allen Daibonne, Gazy Darnell Eugene Eppen. Donald Gazzaniga, Don Gordon Walkei GiUtin, Richard Huddleson, Ben Hughes David Johnson, Robezt Johnson, Robert Korinke Just a few short months ago, Bruce Juell was at SC and spring president of Theta Xi. Now he ' s an ensign at Pensa- cola in flight training. When he gets out, he ' ll become an engineer. Ted " Tiger " Mariani was fall presi- dent of Theta Xi, following Bruce when he went off to bigger things. A phar- macy senior, Ted was secretary-treas- urer of Skull and Mortar, and was busi- ness manager of the publication, the SC Pharmacy. ChaTl0s Lilly, Donald McCoivey, William McGilliviay, Geiald Monaban Theta Xi Richard Movich. Joseph Perkins, Tony Riccard. Carl Schneider Tom Silver, James Stevrari. Paul Tometz, Jack Trinca Robert Tweter. Dale Scbermeiboin, William Whipple, Robin Wise Theta Xi is forever being appreci- ated on campus for its sponsoring of that ever-popular Flapper Day and Charleston contest during the Home- coming festivities. One would think the " bath tub gin and the coeds in Roaring ' 20s cos- tumes " would be enough, but not for these socially minded Greeks. There were the Fall Formal at the Bel Air Country Club, the Spring For- mal at the Palm Springs Tennis Club, the Annual Valentine Dance, and if that ' s not enough there was the big, " Strictly Native " Luau. Knights ' scribe Jerry Monahan shone in the activities spotlight. 387 Stephen Carson, tee CoUon, Norton Donner, Barton Fenmoie Edward Fox, Hank Gordon, Roger Harris, Martin Honig Jack Shine did such a good job as treasurer of Zeta Beta Tau that no one could prove fraud, so the men moved him up to the presidency tor two full terms. Then he kept a suspicious eye over Tony Brand, the new treasurer. Mervyn Kirshner, Robert Levinsky, Alan Riseman, Robert Rogall Bob Rudnick, Bob Sherman, Jack Shine Bernard Solomon, Don Watzman, Steve Weiss 388 Zeta Beta Tau continued for the thirty-eighth consecutive year to keep its foot firmly planted in Row and cam- pus activities. In the campus ring this year the ZBTs had such politicos as IFC Prexy Ron Weintraub and Senator Dave Ger- shenson. It also had journalist Bernie Solomon and IFC helper Bart Fenmore. Socially there were the formals, the Wild One Party, the SC-UCLA Kick- off Party, and the Monte Carlo Doings. Traditionally there was the Big and Little Brother breakfast. All right, boys, where are you hiding the bat? ZBT Zeta Beta Tau Does if gef pretty cold that way? 389 SIGMA PHI EPSILON QUEEN OF HEARTS GLORIA PFEIFFER 390 SWEETHEART OF SIGMA CHI CHARLE MORAN 391 PHI SIGMA KAPPA MOONLIGHT GIRL JANICE GEORGE 392 THETA CHI DREAM GIRL SALLY CASE 393 KT w ,0iti d Maiylen Anderson, Judy Oiday, Bzenda Ashez, Judy Baizd. Raylene Bazlbolomae, Mazy Baskovich, Edwine Bates, Janet Bender f i W ' M , Ruth Benedict, Bonnie Benson, Bazbara Boege, Jackie Boyce, Mazilyn BuscJi, Zandza Caznpbell, Sally Case, Mazylee Caster 9 JSP j Eleanoz Cook, Beverly Cooper, Emily Danciart, Mazy Lou Dzummond, Ann Dur ey, Sandra Ellington, Patricia Flanagin, Bamona Frederick an Fukuda, Dazleen GrandauheTi, Jolly Givens, Sandra Godde. Cornelia Goodwin- Janine Gxunt Sue GuteTmann. Bonnie Hadley f Mazy Jane Hagny, Betty Harris, Janet Hill, Judy Houghton, Jill Howell, Diane Hunsdorfer, Kathleen Johnson, Patricia Karsh W- w Pi it it MIA Ik Susie Klaas, Carolyn Kolkhurst Mary KoU. Patricia Krodell, Gail Kuhn, Rita Lacterman. Lynne Lambie. Myrna Levitt mi ' Ludie Lewis, Raquel Louderznilk, Barbara MacDonald, Rose Martini, Mary McClanahan, Marilyn McDonald, Malinda McNeish, Carolyn Miller 394 Jean Murphy, Hailene Nichols, Elizabeth Noidwall Mazy Alice Norwood, Catol Olivet, Jinx Pedeison, Pat Pelru — A i Gloria Pleiller. Sally Ptistei, Linda Ralls, Maicia Ralston Maigaiet Ramsey, Caiol Roney, Jacqueline Hosser, Gietchen Schoenheiden Diane Scott. Catol Seley. Sally Sevitz, Anne Smith Baibaia Stephenson. Eileen Sloops. Catol Thomas, Taja TohiJI Datlene Wenget, Shaiton Williams, Linda Wood. Nanci Zinsmeyet E. V. K. Serving her first year as dorm president was Marilyn McDonald. The lormer Marlborough graduate is also a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma. Marilyn was also very active in the events of the Sophomore class, as well as keeping her dorm friends happy. 395 TOWN AND GOWN Befty Alball, Marion Alois, Claire Aikell, Lilia Aznaiez, Doris Behneman, Jean Brandon, Chezyl Bryant, Mary Jane Burkman Helen Bushnell, Carol Campbell, Jody Caitez, Marlene Coates, Diane Daniel, Faye Dunkley, Adele Edwardsen, Ann Gibson ' Lide Griswold, Margaret Hansen, Johan Hirth, Janet Hottle, Marilyn Kinney, Stephanie KlakoU, Connie LaFranchi, Regine Leeds Linda Liscom, Alice Lock-wood, Roxey Martin, Sandra McCurdy, Joyce McFerzen, Loralynn Milne, Marcia Moorhead, Nancy OUutt Margo Oliphant, Lorelei Oquendo, Barbara Oswald, Bobbi Palomares, Joyce Paxton, Marilyn Petersen, Marilyn Roberts, Golan Ryan 396 Miss Aloha Hawaii, the oHicial greeter or the Islands, left the Uni- versity oi Hawaii and came to SC. Here, as psychology major, Myra Todd be- came Town and Gown president. Plan- ning to be a teacher, she took active part in CSTA. She often spent her spare time in the gymnasium with the Fenc- ing Club. She was kept busy in ' 55 by her office on the Standards Committee. k m M w ludi Savryez, Maijoiie Sawyer, Dardie Schaeier, Sally Schaile. Helen Scbiamm, Pauleile Shahanski, Dee Shaw, Patricia Singer Cbaimeyne Stewazi, Darlene Strange, Elizabeth Studdezt, Bonnie Thomson, Myra Todd. Patricia Turk. Patsy Walker, Patricia Wynn Carol Yackey, Barbara Young, loan Zeller 397 Marilyn Affleck, Terry Asher, CoUyn Brunei, Diane CailotH, Helen CiprioHi, Donna Cteasey. Judith Cuiiingiiam Betty Duist, Lou Eiirich, Barbaia Everett, Josephine Foasbeig, Janet Gaede, Joanne Gladden, Mary Glass Mary Glidden, Baibra Grumbles. Elizabetli Hawkins, Doreen Heilbron, Pat Hookstratten, Barbara Huisey, Sigrid Husted Charlotte Ivory, Sue olinson, Marilyn Kerns, Marianne King. Jean Kircher, Judith Kircher, Dorothy Kleinhummer Corinne Kozell. Lorna Lall, Judy Landau, o Ann Loo, Helene Lyons, Lee Mackey, Jean Matznei Barbara McCall, Patricia Meiriam, Linn Morgenstierme, Jackie Muipby, Sally Yeatman, Pat Navin, Carolyn Paul Mazy Lou Pefrie, Libby Polsky, Beverly Price, Julie Pyle, Diane Rail, Elizabeth Ramirez, Evelyn Ramsey 398 Kay Reiiei, Suzanne Rice, Ann Richelieu Kathleen Roche, Thelma Sasada. Karen Schieinei Susan Schreiner, Deanne Siegel, Kaiheiine Smith Martha Smith, Maiva Steele, June Sugiyama Gerry Taylor, Diane Theiss, Barbara Toshiyuki E. Van Hunnicic, W. Van Hunnick, Margy Wildsmith Lois Waterman, Betty Wilson, Pat Woodbridge In the fall a UCLA transfer student, Geiiy Tayloi, took the office of presi- dent of University Hall. Though senior in dental hygiene, Gerry managed to get away from the hooks long enough to take part in the AWS cabinet meet- ings and functions, and to spend those Monday evenings, among others, at the Chi Omega house. When in the Hall she could be found in the tele- phone booth. 1 :i( 1 Spring came and brought with it a new president, Janet Gaede. Between music education classes Janet was usu- ally taking notes as the Secretary of the Music Council or going over her duties as a member of Sigma Alpha Iota. Offices were in her background; she came to SC from Reedley Junior College where she was President of the AWS. 399 UNIVERSITY HALL HARRIS PLAZA Esihei Aviutin, Saia Chrisfensen, Carolyn Dielman, Kaihy Fianichevicb Louise Gallaghei, Baibaia ones. Noima Leikwold, Caiol Lindbezg Donna Mader, Betty McCIuer. Lauretta Misraje, ]anet Molnar Marie Myeis, Gwen Norton, Judy Orlick. Virginia Or(on Phyllis Rein, IVfona Rickinger, Ann RusseJi, Toshiko Satake Virginia Lee Orton, be- sides being President o Phys- ical Therapy, had a very busy schedule this year. A transler from Iowa State Teachers Col- lege, she was a member of the YWCA, Phateres, Ski Club, and President of Harris Plaza. Waliyyah Shahin, Cathy Welsh, Kay Werner, Dora Wong 400 MARKS HALL r r n n Lett to light: row i: Paul Simpson, ]ohn Perduk, Pat Porcaiello, Bob George, flow 2: Gany Short, ]im Shelton, John Werhas, Mrs. Florence Jackson, house mother, Al Hughes, John Fer. flow 3; Joe Agapay, Al Haro, Brian Harvey, Steve Levy, John Davidson, Dave Glick, Bob Ramos, Marvin Branham. flow 4: Dennis Krueger, Leroy Black, Bob Shankland, Scott Fitz Randolph, Jim Stewart, Jack Courteway, Bob Peterson, Chick Black. The Alumni chose well in award- ing one of their scholarships to Dave Stephenson, Spring president of Marks Hall, a Pre-Dent major who also found time for freshman baseball. General Motors Scholarship win- ner Scott Fitz Randolph served as fall president. His main interests in his first year here, other than studies, were freshman basketball and track. 401 m nde adyates I Introducing John D. Wilson, President o the School of Engineering, AIEE-IRE, on the Engineering Council, member o Trovets, ASSC Senate, Photo Editor for " SC Engineer, " and Skull and Dagger, and Sydney Deem. Veep of the School of Engineering, member of Engi- neering Co., IRE, Sigma Phi Delta. Here we have AH M. Dajani, Pres. of Visiting International Students Association, member of A Phi R and AlEE, Student Representative of Moslem Assoc, and 1st Veep of the Arab Student Assoc, Wanen D. Currie, AlEE-lRE, chairman on the Engineering Council, a member of Tau Beta Pi, and Eta Kappa Nu, and C. Wm. CiowL AI Ch.E. President, member of Sigma Phi Delta, on the Engineering Co., and Campus Ed. of ' ' SC Engineer " mag. Two popular graduating Seniors are Jim Maddux, Sigma Chi, Alpha Kappa Psi, Ball Chain, Blue Key, Honorary Knight, member of Senior Co., ' 56 Club, Sr. Mgr. of Football and Track, Men ' s Judicial, Student Employment Committee, Homecoming and Songfest Committees, and Dick Haldeiman, Veep of Knights, member of Beta Theta Pi and NROTC. Two busy Seniors are Caiolyn Quan, Veep of Oc- cupational Therapy, and Rodney Metzlez, Outstand- ing Senior in Religion, Lt. Col. AFROTC, and member of Delta Sigma Phi. Meet Bill Econome, Veep of the School of Pharmacy, President of Phi Delta Chi, Knight, APhiA, Skull and Mortar, and Allen Hathcock, President of Skull and Mortar, Knight, and Member of APhiA. 404 More handsome lads are Jeiry Monahan, President o Knights, Theta Xi, NROTC, Ron Hughes, also a Knight, AFROTC, Treasurer of Blue Key, and House- manager of Phi Delta Theta, and Al Tayloi. AKPsi President and Treasurer, Phi Eta Sigma President, Or- der of Artus, and member of Commerce Council. Meet three future attorneys, Charles A. Price, Pub- lic Relations Officer, Dick Edsalh Associate Editor of Law Review, and Marcus M. Kauiman, Chief Editor of the Law Review. These smiling men are Jack Gar- rison, member of Knights, ASME Presi- dent, on the Greater " U " Committee and SC Engineer magazine, and Robert Burke, member of Chi Phi, ASME, and NROTC. Future Pharmacists include Nancy Shatter, Presi- dent of Lambda Kappa Sigma, member of APhiA, Secretary of Antidotes, and Pharmacy Council, and John Berger, AMS-IFC Help Week Chairman, Squire, AMS Cabinet, Senator-at-large Pharmacy School, Veep of Phi Delta Chi, member of APhiA, Associate Editor of Pharm-SC, Pharmacy Co., and Skull Mortar. 405 More attorneys, Tom McCarthy, St. class Veep, Mrs. Doz- othy Sousa, Sr. class Secretary and Treasurer, and ]ohn Argue, Senior class President. These serious people are James G. Faverman, Chancellor RhoPiPhi ' 55-56, member of Skull and Mortar, Pharmacy Student Council and John Fumo. These happy people are Jim Anson, President of Delta Sigma Pi, member of Commerce Co., Nancy Bates-Lane, Chairman of Greater " [ , " member of ' 56 Club, Senior Council, Amazons, and Lee Wilson, Presi- dent of Alpha Kappa Psi, Veep of Phi Eta Sigma, mem- ber of the Commerce Council. 406 Sitting in the sun we find, Nellie Jozritsma, Secre- tary of ZTA, Social Chairman of Commerce Council and member of Phi Chi Theta, Doug Wright, ATO Veep, Rush Chairman and IFC Representative, member of Commerce Council, and Alpha Kappa Psi, and Joan Chapman. Veep of the Senior Class, Y-Teen Advisor, member of ' 56 Club, Amazons, and Gamma Phi Beta. Holding up the building we find John Speai, Delta Sigma Pi Treasurer, Beta Alpha Psi President, and member o Beta Gamma Sigma, Laura Mispagel. Alpha Gamma Delta, member of Mortar Board, Veep of the YWCA, in the ' 56 Club, Amazons, Senior Council, and Owen Kiaus. member of Alpha Kappa Psi, Phi Eta Sigma, Knights and Senior Council, and Secretary of Kappa Alpha. These Engineers are going places, Edward John- son, President of the American Society of Civil Engi- neers, member of Alpha Phi Omega, and Engineering Council, and HaJ Libby, Student member of American Society of Engineers, and American Society for Test- ing Materials. Going into the Commerce Building we found Do- leene Reeb, President of Alpha Chi Omega, Sigma Alpha Sigma, Amazon and finalist in the Better Busi- ness Girl Award, Gene H. FredricJcs, Secretary of Alpha Kappa Psi, member of Independent Men ' s Council, Commerce Council, Councilor for Bureau of Employ- ment, and Greater " U, " and Don L. McDavid, Theta Chi, member of Senior Council, Commerce Council. Sitting on the steps we find, Pete Walters, Presi- dent of Ball Chain, Sr. Golf Manager, member of Senior Council and NROTC, Dirlc Eldredge, two year varsity football letterman and member of Beta Gamma Sigma, and Bill Siney, President of Deha Sigma Pi, member of Commerce Council and Trovets; also So- ciety for Advancement of Management. 407 JUNIORS Jim HuTst. the guiding hand of the Junior Council, has been a busy man in his years at SC. He was a Squire, a Knight, Vice-president o( his fraternity, Sigma Chi, and Treasurer of the IFC. He will continue in campus politics in ' 57 as a Senator-at-Large. Vice-president of the Junior Class was Caioline Wilson. Besides working with the juniors Carol found time to be an Amazon and a well liked member of Gamma Phi Beta. Junior Class Secretary was just one of the positions Natalie Wallace held this year. She was also Treasurer and Mar- shal of Kappa Kappa Gamma and TRG Representative. Nata- lie saved a little time for her hobbies . . . sports, sewing, and singing. Marion Haddad certainly made a name for herself on campus this year. Besides being Treasurer of her class, she was President of Gamma Phi Beta, Scholarship Chairman of Ama- zons, and Social Chairman of Sigma Alpha Sigma. Marion was a secretarial major. Three hardworking members of the Junior Council were Sig Ep Jetiy Madeza, also a Knight; Kappa Natalie Wallace and Corinne Kozell who also worked with Y. W. C. A. and Westminster Club activ- ities. Lett to right: Row 1: Dardie Schaeter, Tom Santley, Marilyn Lyman, Fred Bremer, Dianne Ondrasik, Carl Teizian, Bob Sherman, Marian Haddad, Lyman John- son, Carahne Wilson, ]im Hurst, NataUe Wallace, Bob Pitchey, Carolyn Dielman, Dick Hildenbrand, Kay Bold- man, Burt Silbert, Larry Seilert. Row 2: Cheryl Bryant, Bill Sears, Mary Laird, ]oe Cerrell, Marco Wright, Bob Levinsky. Sheila Smith, Jim Casey, Joanne Galdden, Finley Hubbard, Diane Theiss, Larry Lewis, Barbara Stinikiomb, Doug Newcomb, Julie Reiiel, Diana Ryan, Roy Leventhal. Row 3: Kathleen Leavey, Pat Franz, Mary Kotsikos, Diane Richard, Barbara Page, Clunie Denholm, Doris Hunter, Audrey Caine, Dolores Trapani, Peggy Baker, Kay Reiter, Henriette Martin, Mary Heintz- elman, Dave Gershenson, Herb Hirsh. 409 Big smiles from Tom Kenstez, AKPsi, and Sheila Smith. PiBPhi. Tom ' s busy with El Rodeo and Commerce Council. Sheila is busy as Jr. Class chairman of the Jr.-Sr. Prom Decora- tions. Two very active juniors were Clunie Den- holm and Tom Santley. Both served on Junior Class Council. KKG Clunie aided with Trojan Chest, Red Cross Blood Drive and also was a member o the Y.W.C.A. Tom was president of Kappa Alpha and like Clunie aided with Tro- jan Chest and the Red Cross Blood Drive. Tom was also a member of N.R.O.T.C. Three more juniors are Alien Lindsley. Gietchen Hallez and Barbara Page. Arlen is a member of AKPhi, Trojan Band, and Independent Men ' s Council. Gret- chen is a Gamma Phi, Veep of Commerce Co., Ama- zon and on Junior Council. Barbara is Veep and Pledge Trainer of Alpha Phi, Exec. Sec. of Homecoming and Songfest, Junior Council and Chimes member. Miss Advertising and Maid of Cotton Alternate. This is Dave Loshin. Pres. of SAM, a member of Exec. Board of Hillel Foun- dation and Trojan Band, and Pari Hol- man, on Junior and Commerce Coun- cils, and Veep of Delta Chi Fraternity. 410 Two busy people on the Junior Council were Theta ' s Chimes member DaTdie Schaeiei and Pi Kappa Alpha ' s Vice President Bob Ritchey. Dardie on Orphan Committee, Bob on Projects. A ' j Mn iff k v . k. : m ■ ■1 f 1 mill i L ilfm ij Here we have Senator-at-Large Bob Meads and Acacia ' s Terry McKelvey. Terry was Chair- man of Religious Emphasis Week and on Men ' s Judicial Council. Bob is a Knight, Phi Eta Sig- ma, Engineering and Junior Council member. Next we have two ex-Prexie ' s, Warren Ferguson of Sigma Alpha Mu, and Chuck Leim- bach of the Freshman class. Warren is Senior Editor of the El Rode o and on Engineering Council. Sigma Nu ' s Chuck has played 2 yrs. Varsity Football. Here are two Veep ' s, Owen Hag- gerty of the Fijis and Bob Sherman of the ZBT ' s. Owen is also Veep of IFC, a Knight and Homecoming Dance Ch. Bob is on Greater U, both on Junior Council. 411 Out in front are Rosemary Arnold, Amazon, Chimes, 2nd Veep of the " Y, " and Carl Terzian, Senator-at-Large, Who ' s Who in American Universities, }r. Council, Knight, Dir. PR Caravan. Needing no introduction is Dick McAdoo of Phi Sigma Kappa, Knights, and Trojan Chest Chrm., Tri Deh Adrienne Atwood is active on the Junior Council and was a Songtest repre- sentative, Rafio Ahmed is on the International Students Council and was Publicity Chairman lor the Inter-Cultural Club here on campus. A job well done. These happy people are Paul Aiello, Publicity Chairman ol both Songtest and Homecoming Commit- tees, and Darlene Hall, Jr., DT Women ' s Editor, Amazon, and Chimes Publicity Chrm. Veep ol the Junior Class is Caroline Wilson, Gamma Phi Rush Chairman, Amazon, and Panhellenic delegate, shown here with Laird Willott, a Varsity Football player. Enjoying the view are Lou Ann Ebricb, Chimes Secretary, a member o Amazons, and AWS Cabinet, and Dann AngeloH, President of SCamps, South- ern Cal ' s spirit organization. Hr tSIF H HKl l 1 ■PpPi H K. j i imAJ 1 ly d iH Siifi tfAl 9 BM B| ■ ' ' .W H 1 Meef Johnny Johnson, Treasurer of the Junior class, a member o Young Republican ' s and Sigma Chi, and Gene Ellen Jacob, Busi- ness Manager of the El Rodeo and President of her sorority. Delta Delta Delta. Junior Council members Dan Weseloh and Milce Pans. Phi Kappa Tau ' s Dan is a member of Songfest Committee and Newman Club. Mike is also a member of Phi Kappa Tau and was Organization Chairman of ' 55 Trojan Chest. Two active Junior Council mem- bers were Jaclc Casey, DTD ' s Mr. Tro- janality, Veep of the Knights and mem- ber of LAS Council, and Mazy Kotsilcos, Gamma Phi, Sec. ASSC Social Comm. Starting out right were Alpha Gamma Delta, Lynn Caiiico. and DG Veep, Regina Gesell. Lynn is a Chimes, Amazon, and Membership Chairman of the " Y. " Regina is on Junior Council. 413 SOPHOMORES Left to light: Row 1: Anne Stephens, Mita Powell, Carol Maloul, Cynthia Dixon, Nancy Cailoss, Ernest Hickson, Treas., Jane Cliltord, ]oan Sparling, Vice-pies., Dick Walker, Pres., Michael Hawnson, Jeanne Casten- dyck, Sec, Patricia Winn, Barbara Hysong, Marilyn Kuble, Mabel Davis, Terry Asher, Larry Sipes. How 2: Judy Landau, Carole Johnston, Janie Kesling, Barbara Hancock, Barbara McCall, Nancy Porfer, Jody Carter, Nancy Otlutt, Kay Werner, Guen Norton, Sue Butcher, Diane Adams, Jill Logan, Mary Freeman, Dave Free. Row 3: Mort Scboenherr, Roy Gilmour, Ralph Jarvis, Kent Tippet, Betty Zumer, Joan Beisang, Joan MegaBn, Nancy Burton, Janet Peterson, Karen Steen, Eleanor Brown, Julie Clark, Barbara O ' Callaghan, Patty Koehler, Bruce Blinn. Row 4: Jim Story, Larry Knudsen, Tom Techentin, Skip Workman, Ken VonRohr, Jack Crawlord, Bob Oeason, Ralph Irwin, Richard Bletcher, James Joseph, Thomas Hargett, Anthony Sloan, Dick Byrd, Tom Morales. Row 5: Rodney Schleicher, Bob Poindexter, Kurt Anslinger. 414 t Joan Spailing. Sophomore Class Vice-President, reaUy be- came involved with campus ac- tivities this year. Besides being a member o Spurs, the YWCA, and Alpha Lambda Delta, she was Treasurer of Songiest. Joan was a DG. Riding herd on the Sophomore class this year was none other than Dick Walkei. Besides oiiiciating over the Sophomore Council and carrying out his numerous other presidential duties, Dick was a member of Delta Tau Delta and the Senate Rules Committee. Dick, an ad- vertising major, was active in the advertising fraternity. Keeping an eye on the sophomore class finances was Ernie Hickson. A business ad- ministration and pre-law major, Ernie was Homecoming Alumni Coordinator this year. When not thumbing through the books, Ernie could be found at the Fi]i House. Art major Jeanne Casten- dyck was Sophomore Class Secretary this year. Jeanne transferred from Northwestern University, and since coming to SC has been very active in Delta Gamma and the 1956 Tro- jan Chest Drive. 415 _r:;. ' vg .« -;-jaH These busy people have budgeted their time well. Penny Pennington worked on the DT, Homecoming, Songlest, Panhellenic and is a Pi Phi. Einie Gilmoui is the El Rod ' s Manag- ing Editor, Chrm. Forum Committee, Independ- ent Veep. Esther Avrutin is a Spur, Phrateres, member of Alpha Lambda Delta, Independent Women ' s Council Veep, and worked on Home- coming. Last year ' s Frosh leaders are still at it on Soph Council, SAE Bob Poin- dextez and Theta Jane CliHoid, Spur, AV S, Alpha Lambda Delta, and YWCA. Bob is also a Squire. Discussing the events of the day are Moit Schoenheii, Squire Veep, an Acacia member o Sophomore and LAS Councils, and Faranak GhaUari. Intercultural Club Veep, and a mem- ber o International Relations Council. Squinting in the sun we find Lairy Knudsen, an Acacia, Yell Leader, a member of Soph. Council and Squires, and Baibaia Hysong, KD, a member of Soph. Council, Trojan Chest, and GUC. 416 At the halfway mark are three more busy people about campus. Joe Agapay is an SAE, active in Athletics and Football. Diane Dieu- donne keeps occupied with Spurs, YWCA, Al- pha Lambda Delta, and all DG activities. Al Gieen is one of SC ' s Yell Leaders, a Phi Delta Theta and spends his spare time march- ing with the AFROTC. At the midpoint in their careers are Don Briscoe and Nancy Pozter. Don is on AMS Cabinet, Quarterback Club, plays Varsity Baseball and is a Delta Chi. Nancy is AWS Treas. and a Spur. Holding up the door we find Fzed Howsei and Molly Ford. Fred is a Squire, and Kappa Sig. Molly is a Spur, Phateres, Veep of Zeta Phi Eta, and a member of Independent Council. Here is a helpful trio composed of Ralph Jaivis, a Squire, Phi Sig, and on Soph Council; Don Singei, a member of the Independent Men ' s Council, and Greater U Committee, both he and Bob Phipps are Squires also. Bob is a Phi Kappa Tau, a member of Keyhole and ran track on the Frosh Track Team last year much to the delight of the co-eds. 417 Popular Vice-president tor the Freshman Class was AChiO AUi Lockwood. In addition to her Veep duties, she was a member o Troeds, Frosh Coun- cil, and LAS Council. AUi also walked-oH with show honors in the Daily Trojan ' s " Queen-of- Queens " contest. Theta Linda Ralls capably handled secretarial chores for the Freshman Class. Majoring in Dental Hygiene, she was a member of Troeds and the Frosh Council. FRESHMEN Treasurer o the Freshman Class was Dan Cassidy. An in- ternational relations major, Dan was a member of Theta Xi and the NROTC; was High School Day Greeter and, of course, was a very active member of the Freshman Council. e : . The Class of 1959 was in good hands this year under the leadership of Dale Zeig er. Dale, a business education major, participated in numerous campus activities and was very ac- tive in his fraternity. Delta Sigma Phi. Dale ' s interests were not limited to activities alone . . . he was often seen on the baseball diamond. Jerry Amerine, Marilyn Anderson, Claire Arkell, Rivko Avrutin, Marti Barris, Mary Baskovicb, Doris Beh- neman, Bonnie Benson, Al Berkove, Don Bienvenne, Bob Blakeslee, Betty Boos, Joan Bracken, ]ean Brandon, Jerry Bridges, Ron Brown, John Burnham, Dick Bur- roughs, Dan Cassidy, ]ohn Caywood, Alice Chelsvig, Willie Chong, Richard Clark, Art Cole, John Connely, Fredrica Cooper, James Cory, flober Cox, George Cri- ona, Nancy Crook, Emily Danciart, Gracia De Lallo, Harrison Dickey, Nancy Diether, James Donohew, Jerry EUinghouse, Mike Estum, Scott Fitz-Randolph, Dale Fletcher, Judy Flodin, Tom Foss, John Frasier, David Gannon, Elizabeth Glenn, Harris Goldberg, Yolanda Goldsmith, Karen Goodman, Cornelia Goodwin, Alan Graves, Al Green, Lewis Greenberg, Ronnie Hadley, Donald Harris, Marvin Lee Harris, Kaye Harrison, Al- vin Hawker, Ronald Hawkins, Mike Hiller, Robert Ho- kom, Judy Houghton, Jill Howell, Arlene Hull, Diane Hunsdorler, Diane Hunt, William Jackson, Hal Karlin- sky. Homer Kern, Ronald Khachigian, Catherine Klu- pata, Dennis Kory, Donald Kovach, Dennis Letl, Carol Lindberg, Linda Liscom, Raquel Lowdermilk, Mollie Kay Magrill, Mike Mandala, Charles Maturen, Dick Mays, Gary McCormick, Sandy McCurdy, Marv Mc- Millan, Mary Ann Mills, Joanne Miner, Colleen Mitchell, Ann Moes, Thomas Moore, Charle Moran, Marcia Moore- head, Joan Niersbach, Kathy Normanly, John Olson, Path O ' Neil, Randy Parker, Ed Peters, Pat Petru, Charles Phillips, Linda Ralls, Ralph Rendon, Marilyn Rice, Janice Richards, Diane Roberts, Judy Rosenthal, Carol Sales, Burt Schnierow, David Sheldon, Gary Short, Anne Smith, June Smith, Abraham Sower, James Stew- art, Bill Stonebarner, Margie Thomas, Eline Ulbrick, Gerry Varnell, Don Voroneall, Chuck Watkins, Marilyn Walpin, William Watson, Nancy Weisin, Bonnie Wright, Barbara Young. 419 Getting a good start in various activities are Yvonne Buenzle, a pretty Theta, member of Troeds and runner-up in the Miss Oklahoma contest; Homer Kein, member of the Frosh track team, AFROTC, and Phi Kappa Sigma; and Maiv Hanis. Phi Gamma Doha, a member of Homecoming Committee. Both Homer and Marv are members of Frosh Council. Two active treshmen were Kappa Alpha Tony Oitega who played Fresh- man iootball and is a member oi AFROTC. Tri Deh June Smith was ac- tive on the Frosh Council, Troeds and YWCA. Making (ootsteps in SC ' s history we find Diane Bakez, a member of Troeds, Frosh Council, and Queen oi Frosh Baseball Team, and John Chris- tianson. Delta Chi, Frosh Baseball. Willing helpers were found by the shrub- bery in the persons of Tom Haiiison, a member of Independent Men ' s Council, the Wesley Club, and the El Rodeo staff. Sue KTakover, a member of Troeds, the Ski Club, the YWCA, and Homecoming Dance Committee, and Bai- ney Rosenzweig, both of whom are members of the Frosh Council, and Barney is a member of LAS Council. 420 Freshman enthusiasm was aptly displayed by Bill Jackson, Deli; Maiti Baiiis, and Gamma Phi Raquel Loudermilk. All three served on the Fresh Council. Bill was very active in Troy Camp operations while Marti was chosen Chi Phi Princess. Raquel was successful in being named Miss Oklahoma, sponsored by the Freshman Class Council. Alpha Delta Pi, Judy Flodin was one of the busiest persons on the Frosh Council. She could be iound keeping other council members like Delta Sig, Chuck Waikins busy. Chuck was in Skin Diving Club. Kappa Chazle Moian was Sweetheart of Sigma Chi, and very gracious Y.W.C.A. Hostess and in her spare time served on the Freshman Council. 421 ► ons I 31 m ■ H ■• i gW ' 1 i 1 BV IBP L H i H fc „_ M 1 ifliHHHHIilH 1 r- ' o . PUBLICATIONS BOARD The ;ob of (he Publications Board is to recommend an editor and business manager lor the Daily Trojan, El Rodeo, and Handbook, and act as a counselor to these and other SC publications. Finishing his third year as head ot student activities was Hairy Nelson. His headache, be- sides being at the helm of publications, was to handle all problems students and faculty run into activity-wise. Lett to light: Greg Taylor, Joyce Steele, Burt Silvert, Dave Gershenson, Susie McBee, Bob Meads, Mary Laird. STUDENT HANDBOOK Sig Ep Jerry Nace was Editor or the Student Handbook for 1955-56. He is shown here with Handbook Business Manager, Darlene Hall. Sig Ep Dick Hildenbrand and PsiU Art Goatier spent many hours at the typewriter pounding out copy lor the 1955-56 Student Handbook. 425 Fiji Jim Kaiayn was Senate Reporter for the Daily Trojan. His other activities included Freshman Council, LAS Execu- tive Committee, Assistant Edi- tor of the Trojan Owl, and a member of Sigma Delta Chi. Arnold Diener. Pepperdine transfer, thickened the ink in his veins with a senior year stand as D.T. feature writer and Wampus Editor. Arnold was also a member of Sigma Delta Chi. Rachel Mae Lee was pho- tography co-editor for the Daily Trojan. Rachel was president of Theta Sigma Phi, national journalism sorority, and a re- porter and news editor for the Daily Trojan. Call Stiobel was DT sports editor. Carl ' s activities included Greater University Committee, and Sigma Delta Chi. He was also DT Senate reporter. Carl was a member of Delta Chi fra- ternity. Second semester Sports Editor was Robert Lenard. This was a good conclusion to his years as a journalism major. Bob hoped to go info publicity upon graduation. 426 Daily Trojan feature editor this year was Fred Burgh. Fred, a journalism major, was a mem- ber of Alpha Phi Omega, Wes- ley Club, SC Engineering staff, and vice-president of Sigma Delta Chi, national journalism honorary. DAILY TROJAN Member o Mortar Board, Pi Sigma Alpha, Amazons, Theta Sigma Phi, Chimes, Spurs, AWS Cabinet, and president of Alpha Lambda Delta, were among the many activities of Susie McBee, Daily Trojan editor-in-chief. Susie, a senior majoring in journalism, hopes to go into newspaper or magazine work. She was a mem- ber of Delta Delta Delta sorority and of Phi Beta Kappa. Paul Wasserman was the Daily Trojan ' s managing editor this year. Paul was also Daily Trojan Senate reporter. News Editor, president of Sigma Delta Chi, and a member of the Senior Class Council. Paul hopes to go into law. City Editor was Rich Reid. Rich ' s activities included being sports broadcaster on KUSC- TV, coach of the DT football team, and a member of the Men ' s Judicial Council. Rich was a senior majoring in jour- nalism education. Pride (o every aspiring journalist is the product of attaining the position of reporter, with iinally the oppor- tunity to see his name in the by-Une. Striving for such position were Jean FzeudenthaL Jeiry Burns, Jane Kess- lingei, Doug Cameron and Dave Henley. Apprenticeship on the Daily Trojan calls tor much of the time being spent in the process of copy reading such as the task being performed by Pete Synodis, Norman Nager, Nancy Cline and Caroline Bowe. 428 BUSINESS Society co-editors for the Daily Trojan were Dailene Hall and Joyce Boehm. Both of the pert coeds were members of Theta Sigma Phi, journahsm honorary, and Darlene also claimed affiliation with the Frosh Council, Spurs, Chimes, and Amazons. The Daily Trojan Business Manager for this year was senior Phil Cook. Phil was a member of Sigma Delta Chi, Alpha Delta Sigma, the ' 56 Club, and Delta Chi. He was majoring in Journal- ism and was interested in music. Feature writer Beznaid Solomon was a member of Sigma Delta Chi journalism honorary, and ZBT fraternity. A journalism major, Bernie plans on going into public re- lations. Penny Pennington was in charge of the Women ' s Page in the D.T. This Pi Phi was a sophomore journalism major and interested in synchronized swimming and photography. 429 EL RODEO Senior Joyce Steele was managing editor or El Rodeo this year. Joyce worked in many activities including YWCA, CSTA, Shell and Oar, Senior Council, and the ' 56 Club. She was El Rod organizations editor last year. Joyce, a Physical Education major, was interested in golf and swimming. First associated with the yearbook as editor in 1932, John Moiley has returned to supervise the ticket office and, at the same time, help and advise the El Rod staffs. His long association with the yearbook has earned him the title of " Mr. El Rodeo. " 430 El Rodeo ' s Business Man- ager this year was Tri-Delt Gene Jacob. Gene has partici- pated in several activities on campus, some of which were Troeds, Freshman Women ' s Council, YWCA. Chiis Wojciechowski and Louie Glasbienner, were the Art Editors. Both were 4th year Architecture majors and AlA members. Chris was on the Arch, council and Lou was a Theta Chi. This was the second year of work on the El Rodeo for Copy Editor Nan Noble. Nan, a sophomore, majored in Sec- retarial Administration. She was also publicity chairman for Gamma Phi Beta sorority. El Rod personality editor this year was Tommy Kenstei. Tommy was a Junior and was majoring in Real Estate. He was a member of Alpha Kappa Psi and was yearbook editor at El Camino junior College. Joyce Mohr, standing, was Exchange Editor as well as be- ing a member of Phrateres. Bev Bailey assisted where ever called upon and hung her hat at the Tri-Delt house. 431 Warren Ferguson, an in- dustrial engineering major, did a wonderful job as Senior Edi- tor o El Rodeo this year. He was also a member of the En- gineering Council and presi- dent o Sigma Alpha Mu. El Rodeo organization edi- tor, David Loshin, marched be- fore us this year as a member of the Trojan Varsity Band. David was also a member of the Hillel Executive Board and went out for crew. A junior, David was a member of Sigma Alpha Mu. A sophomore majoring in pre-dental, Roy Gilmoui was Sports Editor for El Rodeo this year. He was also active in Squires, Sophomore Council, and pre-dental society. The big job of Editor ' s Sec- retary was undertaken by eager Baibara Giivin. ZTA Bar- bara ended up doing almost all the typing of idents and any other that she was asked to do. 432 Man about the of ice, Ernie Gilmoui started the year as a tracer but quickly moved to the job oi Schools Editor. By the end of the year he had be- come Editor ' s Assistant. Lois Blackwood took the re- sponsibility of the section on campus activities. Lois also helped on many of the pictures of fraternity presidents. She will be kept busy next year as Chi O. pres. Bobbie Palomaies helped in the Schools section. An Al- pha Phi, Bobbie also found time for Troeds, Shell and Oar, and singing. Though only a fresh- man she plans on being a doc- tor. 433 PHOTO DEPARTMENT Millie Cordero, or " Old Mill, " as she is known to the law school, was a part time student when not sleeping in the Photo Shop. " Come back Mill, we can ' t find any negs you filed. " Pat Dixon, assistant recep- tionist, had the job of handling the many students who were pictured in the book. She has since joined her husband who is in the Navy at Midway Is- land. Pat Wilson, head reception- ist tor lo these many years, traded her receipt books lor a wedding veil at the end of the year. She kept the family tradition by marrying a pho- tographer. William Robeits, better known as " UCLA Bill, " onetime editor of the UCLA yearbook, helped considerably in the darkroom while finding time to attend SC ' s Architecture school. Chuck Finance worked part time in the lab and the other part improving on his major, cinema. Chuck came from Switzerland, where he learned to speak four languages. C. B. Silveira. called " Sab " by the photo shoppers, was also somewhat of a student when he wasn ' t doing lab work. This was " Sab ' s " second year with the El Rodeo. 434 Assistant manager Jeiry Kaye iinisbed his first year as staff photographer or SC. His artistic talents may be found throughiout this volume. Jack Toweis gained experience in the UCLA photo department before coming to SC. He ' s been manager of the photo shop for three years. Jack studied his paying art at the Fred Archer School of Photography. George Kiain graduated from the U. of Vladivostok, be- came chief cameraman for the biggest motion picture com- pany in China, escaped to the U.S. in 1941, and is now the pride of the photo shop. Call Knight, a member of the photo staff since 1936, is the old pro in the shop, which has sort of been built around him. He did all photo shop dark room work on portraits. 435 Doug Mitchell, the good- looking member of the Photo staff, was this year ' s portrait photographer. He quit at the end of the school year in order to attend photo school. TK ' «: ' . ampus I ' i -, r l m I ■ ■ I ■ acivi les -■■::.r.3f- " - " " ' ' r ' ' " . ' ' ■,5 ' i ' - ' ' i ?v " 1 I The choice or Homecoming Queen was Jeria Lynn Tylei. a choice that was hard to make indeed. Jena, a Junior, is majoring in Education, and a member of Phi Beta Phi. Alter the first week of appearances she still had all of the charm and poise that made her our prettiest queen in many years. 433 COURT ]ERRA LYNN TYLER BARBARA OVERBY KAREN KEAGY ]OAN JAHNKE LORNA YOUNG i 439 HOMECOMING Student chairman or the Homecoming Pageant was versatile Bob Jani. Employing many oi the techniques which were used in the Spring Songiest, Bob led his committee through a maze oi preparations and paper work. Master oi Ceremonies for the Home- coming Pageant was Troy ' s popular and renowned TV personality, Dr. Frank Baxter. His humor and interpreta- tions helped to make the pageant one of SC ' s most successful student produc- tions. Lett to light: Betty Smith, Bob lani, Chaiiman; Marilyn Roberts, Wes Greg- ory, Bob Griiiin, ohn Miho- vetz. 440 Most Beautiful Float Tau Kappa Epsilon Most Symbolic House Decoration Gamma Phi Beta CHRISTMAS PARTY The Christmas Show given tor un- derprivileged children was the result of efforts of students Bob ]ani, Barbara Irvine, Connie Lu Berg, Ruth Ann Marr seen below right; as well as many other members of fraternity and soror- ity row and the Student Senate. 442 A study of the dillerent emotions of this little girl indicates the pleasure which students such as Starla Coffee, seen upper left, were able to bring at a time of year that is important to all. The little fella at the left seems to have seen something which warranted his full attention — maybe it was Santa. 443 ,j- ' f 4 Top: The Novelty Division was taken by Kappa Alpha with its original production, " The Ganne. " Middle: " Live A Humble " captured the Women ' s Division title lor the members o Kappa Kappa Gamma. Bottom: The Mixed Division champions joined the prize winning Kappas and Sig Eps in the very melodic " Once in the Highlands. " Sigma Phi Epsilon walked oil with the Men ' s Division Trophy by singing " A Mountain Medley. " 444 AWS-AMS RECOGNITION Janet Fukuda is inlormed ol special award. Mary Laird is shown tapping lor Amazons. Feppy Helms receives thrill of Mortar Board tapping. PI ' 5, " -?Bard££ ' " Who, me? " Favorite expression when selected for organizations. jerry Blankinship cheerfully receives gavel from Bob Gerst. 445 A surprised lerry McMahon re- ceives the Order ol the Palm Irom Dean Hyink. The Senior Ditch was held at White ' s Point located near Palos Verdes. It will long be rememhered lor its chicken legs and lack ot sunshine. Entertainment ot the prolessional type was in no way supe- rior to that ol the versatile members ot the graduating class ot 1956. SENIOR DITCH Intense interest is shown as some ot the more studious seniors study the results ol nature ' s wonders ol marine lile. Alter lour years ol active participation, it is now time to talk about what the next move will be. 446 All heads bow as Reverend Clinton A. Neynrtan, University Chaplain, gives the invocation. The Charge to the graduating class was given by Curtis E. Le May, General in the United States Air Force and Commander in Chiet o the Strategic Air Command. COMMENCEMENT It ' s all over but the handshakes. For such an occasion the entire lamily turns out. Now, with only a lew moments remaining, the graduates listen . . . ponder . . . wonder . . . SENIOR INDEX ARCHITECTURE Attaie. Babman A. — Alpha Phi Sigma Bates. Phillip R.—Trovets; Architecture Council; A. I. A. Bedall, Wyanett Brunswick. Leonard R. Case. Donald W. Cnsbman. Ted J. Desatoii. Morris M. Frazier, LYi an F. — Thela Xi Gassman, Stephan U. — Zeta Beta Tau GziUin. Don R. — Kappa Sigma; ALA. Helms, Maiy A. Iwanaga. Russell Y. Jensvold. Glenn O. — Phi Sigma Kappa Johnston. Carroll B. — Scarab; jolly Boys Katx. Herbert S. tiets. Louis J. — Kappa Alpha; Tau Sigma Delia; Scarab: Jolly Boys Long, Kay D. Makinson, Randell Lee — President. A. I. A.; President, Tau Sigma Delta; Scarabs; Architecture Council- Illuminating Eng. Society and Award Magaigee. Donald L. — S.A.I.D. Miller. Leigh Don — Tau Sigma Delta Norcross, Bruce N. Oakley, David S. — Tau Kappa Epsilon; A. I. A.; Vice- President, School oi Architecture Reed. Robert A.— Phi Delta Theta; A.l.A. Rogaii. Robert A. — Zeta Beta Tau; President, Scarab; A. I. A.; Jolly Boys; Vice-President, School of Archi- tecture Santos, Ildefonso P. — A.l.A.; Intercultural Club; S.A.I.D.; Philippine Trojan Club Sheppard. Ralph F. Smith. Bodrell J. Smith. Dennis H.— jolly Boys; NHOTC Tanaka. Roy Sadamitsu — Scarabs; jolly Boys Tedesco. Lorenzo — Scarabs; A.l.A. Thomas. H. Robert — President, A. I. A.; President, Tro- jan Sea Combers; l.E.S. Traeger. Leslie N. — Delta Sigma Phi Welch. Wallace E.— l.E.S. COMMERCE Aixheait, Fianklin — Alpha Kappa Psi Albezts, Leonard A. Albright, Fred M. — Phi Sigma Kappa; Commerce Council Alliton, Laird B. — Alpha Kappa Psi; Phi Kappa Phi; Beta Gamma Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma Aliyeios, Alfonso — Alpha Phi Omega; Intercultural Club; Newman Club; Philippine Trojan Club; International Student Council; International Stu- dent Secretariat Anson, James Allen— President, Delta Sigma Pi Appel, Earl A. — Zeta Beta Tau: Squires Arenciield, Mervin E.— Phi Delta Theta; Alpha Deita Sigma; junior Council; Senior Council Arnold, Sandra L. — Sigma Alpha Sigma; Alpha Chi Omega; Spurs; Senior, Sophomore, and Commerce Council Asher. lerry— President, Rbo Epsilon; Beta Gamma Sigma; Sophomore Council Ashlord, Jerome D.— Delta Tau Delta Balian, ohn J.— Theta Xi , „ , Barker, Leroj J. — Commerce President; President, Del- ta Sigma Phi; Blue Key; Knights; Rally Chairman; IFC; Senior Council; Assc Senate Squires; NROTC Barnaba, Joseph Barrett, Eugene W. Basmajian. Robert O. — Delta Sigma Phi Bales. Thomas N.— Phi Kappa Psi Bates-Lane, Nancy K. — Alpha Omicron Pi; Phi Chi Theta; Amazons; Chimes; ' 56 Club Bauman, Henry C. — Alpha Kappa Psi; Newman Club Bauman, Richard H. — Alpha Kappa Psi; Beta Gamma Sigma; Newman Club; Trovets Belial. Ronald P. — Alpha Kappa Psi Benson, William R. Berger, Joseph Harold Blasco, Donald E. Brandt, Keith D. — Sigma Phi Epsilon; Knights; Blue Key; ' 56 Club; Alpha Kappa Psi: Chiel Justice, Men ' s Judicial; President, Student Council Religion Brisfow, Ernest — Sigma Nu Brown, Rosemary B.— Phi Chi Theta; YWCA; Wesley Club Bucher, George S. — Beta Alpha Psi Bugbee, Howard S. — Sigma Chi; Beta Gamma Sigma; Skull Dagger; Co-Capt. 1955 Varsity Track Team Burger, James J, — Phi Sigma Kappa Burke, Morton — Delta Sigma Phi Burkhead, John L. Burton, William — Kappa Sigma Bursinski, Gordon J. — Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; Delta Phi Epsilon; Asiatic Studies Club Cantlen, ohn J.— Phi Sigma Kappa; Trojan Band; Commerce Council Caras, Helen — Pi Omega Pi Carlotte, Diane R.— President, Sigma Alpha Sigma; Pi Omega Pi; Phrateres; Amazons Carroll, Lawrence M.—Phi Delta Theta; NROTC Casson, Gary Maurice — Sigma Phi Epsilon; Squires; IFC Chapman, Joan C— Gamma Phi Beta; Vice President, Senior Class; Amazons; Junior Class Council; 55 Club; YWCA Cheldin, Erwin— Pi Omega Pi Cherry, oseph — fiho Epsilon; Homecoming Chairman; Sophomore Council Choudhary, Shubb C. Christina, Norman — Phi Gamma Delta Clark, James L.—Pi Omega Pi; Senior Counci Clarke, Leon Colburn, ordan B.— Tau Deita Phi; Trojan Chest; Homecoming Colitti, Richard A. Coleman. Jon B.—AFROTC Contreras, Francisco — Varsity Tennis Team Cooper, Kenneth F.—Phi Sigma Kappa; AFROTC Corica, Kenneth J.— Sigma Nu; NROTC Crockett, Chuck— Beta Theta Pi Curry, Patricia A. Dandy, James F.—Phi Delta Theta Davidson, Eric D. Davies, Arthur L. Dear, Richard D.— Theta Chi Decker, Robert L. DeLeon, Rosauro C. DeWirt, Lewis G. Dickinson, Barbara J. Dirkes, Daniel F. — Phi Kappa Tau Dixon, Richard A. Donald, Helen C— Intercultural Club Dorsey, Bruce A. — Pi Kappa Alpha; Ball Chain; Basketball Manager Duncan, John A. — Beta Alpha Psi; Alpha Kappa Psi Dunne, Jack F. — Varsity Basketball Team Edrington, Gary L. Eldredge, Dirk C. — Varsity Football Team Ellis, Don G.—Bela Theta Pi Endo, Fumio Evans, Leo M. — Acacia Farmer. Edward D. — AJpha Kappa Psi Farrah. Patricia Ann — Phi Chi Theta Felton, Donald Ferrante, Orlando C. Ferrari. Jose Ratael Fieger. Harry M. Fluiti, William L. Foss James D. — Delta Sigma Phi Frakes, Howard D.— Delta Theta Phi Fredricks, Gene H. — Alpha Kappa Psi; Wesley Club; Greater University Committee; Commerce and In- dependent Men ' s Council Fuller, Harold L.—Beta Alpha Psi Fuller, Oscar L. Garber, Paul E Delta Tau Delta Garten, ohn W.— Varsity Baseball Team; Skull Dagger Garsa, Beatris — Phi Chi Theta; Intercultural Club; Wesley Club; YWCA Gelbard. Karl—Hillel Goodman. Richard E. Gorman. Lois Gottlieb. Selvyn — Tau Epsilon Phi; Squires Grant, Kevin P. — Delta Tau Delta; Newman Club; Varsity Swimming and Water Polo Teams Grant. Ralph S.— Theta Chi; Beta Alpha Psi Graven. Lawrence S. — Delta Chi Hackler. Norman L. Halderman. Robert H.—Beta Theta Pi; Knights; Blue Key; Men ' s judicial; NROTC; Who ' s Who Halderman. Richard F.—Beta Theta Pi; Knights; Squires; Greater " V " Com. Hall. Roger E. Hallberg, Robert D.— Delta Sigma Pi; BJue Key; Trovets Hamid. Hakim A.— Intercultural Club; S.A.M. Harris. J. Roger — Sigma Alpha Epsilon; AFROTC Haugh. Stanley — Sigma Alpha Epsilon Hauswald, Herb H. — Delta Sigma Phi Hawes. Philip — Sigma Alpha Epsilon Heisey. Jack L. — Alpha Kappa Psi; S.A.M. Hickey. James P. Hodgins. Thomas A. Holloway, John — DeJta Sigma Phi; Junior and Com- merce Councils Hopper. Dennis D. — President, Phi Delta Theta; Knights; ' 56 CJufa Horowitz, Harold— Tau Delta Phi Hruntas. John A. — Kappa Alpha Hudson. William Ross Huggins. Patricia Jane Hughes. Ronald C.—Phi Delta Theta; Beta Alpha Psi; Knights; Blue Key Hulac, Edward R. Harsey, Barbara J. — Sigma Alpha Sigma; Phi Chi Theta; Wesley Club; Phrateres: Trojan Christian Fellowship Irsay, George — Delta Sigma Tau Jack. Ronald L. Jantx. Ray W. Jenan. Dennis L. Johnson, Ira J. Johnston. Jean Jones, Norman E.— Alpha Kappa Psi; S.A.M.: Junior Council Joscelyn, Virginia L. — Gamma Phi Beta; Sigma Alpha Sigma Jotete, Estela G.— President, Phi Chi Theta; Pi Omega Pi- C S T A Josi. Robert D.— Delta Tau Delta Jorritsma. Nellie E.—Zeta Tau Alpha; Phi Chi Theta; Commerce Council Kaitscbuck. Kenneth K.— Alpha Kappa Psi; Senior Council Kanner. Iris — Sigma Alpha Sigma: Beta Gamma Sigma Kaplan. David Joseph — Alpha Epsilon Pi Katsaros. Peter Kawachika. Thomas T. Keller, James K. Keller. Robert— Tau Delta Phi; Knights: Squires; Junior and Commerce Councils Kilgore, Jaclr C. UTing, Clarence H. — Pi Omega Pi Kinkead. oseph C. — Delta Sigma Pi Kirn. S. ITenneth — Alpha Kappa Psi; Independent and Commerce Council Kirlland, Richard L.—Phi Delta Theta: Alpha Kappa Psi; Knights; Squires; ASSC Orientation Chairman: ' 56 CJufa; Who ' s Who Irish, Steve C— Deita Sigma Pi Kittle, Ray H. Kobezg. Siguard Kostlan. Franklyn G.— Delta Tau Delta; IFC; Junior and Commerce Councils Kraus. Joe J. — Sigmo AJpha Epsilon Kraus. Owen K. — Kappa Alpha; Alpha Kappa Psi; Phi Eta Sigma; Senior Freshman and Commerce Coun- cils: Knights: Squires; President, IFC; URA Chair- man; AMS Cabinet Labianca. M. Alice — Beta Alpha Psi Laffin, ohn— Phi Delta Theta; Alpha Delta Sigma Lane. Daniel D.— Beta Theta Pi Lane. Jackie P. — Alpha Chi Omega; Sigma Alpha Sigma Larey. Victor E. Lidtke. Donald E. — Delta Sigma Pi Loy. Ronald L. — Phi Kappa Psi; Varsity Track Team McCaron. Geneva M. McCormick. Mary L. — Kappa Kappa Gamma; Ama- zons; Gamma Alpha Chi; YWCA McCuUoch. Donald B. McFaddin. David — Alpha Kappa Psi McFarland. Don — Kappa Alpha; Varsity Football Team Mclntyre. David L.— Delta Tau Delta; Beta Alpha Psi McMahon. Jerry L. — ASSC President; President, Phi Sigma Kappa; NROTC; Blue Key; Skull Dagger: Knights . Maddux. James R. — Sigma Chi; Alpha JTappa Psi; President, Ball Chain: Blue Key: Football and Track Manager: Who ' s Who; Men ' s Judicial: Com- merce Council: ' 56 Club Maginnis, Bazdon Mahler. Carl J.—Rille Club; Ice Skating Club Mandl. Theodore R. — Alpha Kappa Psi; Trovets Malin. Ronald H.—Tau Delta Phi Marble, David L.— Delta Sigma Pi; NROTC Markowits. Laurence — Varsity Football Team Marsden. Jack Richard — Alpha Kappa Psi; Sigma Chi; AFROTC; S.A.M.: Commerce, Sophomore, Junior and Senior Councils Marlines. Carlos E. — Sigma Nu; Knights; Squires; Trovets; Junior and Commerce Councils Marvin, Paula . — Kappa Kappa Gamma; Sigma Alpha Sigma; Freshman, Junior and Commerce Councils Martin. Jack O. — Alpha Kappa Psi Matsukawa. Jack K. Meder. Don T. — Kappa Sigma; Alpha Kappa Psi; S.A.M.; Commerce Council Meshbesher. Richard — Zeta Beta Tau Miller. Dean R.—Phi Gamma Delta; Alpha Delta Sigma Miller. John C. — Kappa Sigma: Varsity Football Team Miller, Richard M. — Alpha Delta Sigma Miller. Troy Scott — Alpha Kappa Psi; S.A.M. Mispagel. Laura E. Mitchell. Eugene D. — Tau Kappa Epsilon; Pi Omega Pi Monaban. Gerald E. — Theta Xi; Knights: Squires; NROTC: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Com- merce Councils Monheim, Patrick W.—Phi Kappa Psi Monical, Carl Moody. Jacqueline L.—Phi Chi Theta; YWCA; Ski Club: Commerce and Independent Women ' s Coun- cils Moore, John Lawrence — Sigma Chi; Alpha Kappa Psi; Varsity Football Team Moran, Harold T. Morris. Forrest D. — Delta Sigma Pi; Trovets Morrison. Skip— Kappa Sigma Morrow, Andrew M.—Phi Kappa Psi; Varsity Track Team Mueller, Madelaine V.— Kappa Kappa Gamma; Sigma Alpha Sigma; President, Red Cross; YWCA Muench. Paula D. — Chi Omega; Sigma Alpha Sigma: Amazons; YWCA; Trojan Chest Chairmanship: Junior and Senior Councils MulBnger. Carl R. — Sigma Alpha Epsilon MuIhoUen, Stephen B.— Delta Sigma Phi: Squires; Knights; Men ' s Judicial: Greater " U " ; Sailing Team Mulville, Nod— Delta Tau Delta Myers, Kenyan D. — Alpha Kappa Psi; Independent Men ' s Council: Wesley Club Nace, erry E.— Sigma Phi Epsilon: Alpha Kappa Psi; President, Knights: ' 56 Club Nelson, Francis M.— Kappa Sigma; NROTC: Freshman Council Nelson. Ronald C. Newton. William C. Nielson, Douglas M. Nishikawa, Emi— Sigma Phi Omega; Nisei Trojan Club Nixon, Monroe H. 448 Oisatli, Allied K.— Delta Tau Delta Pailas, George C. — Alpha Kappa Psi Palmer, H. W.— Sigma Chi: Pi Omega Pi: C.S.T.A. Pardee, Kenneth — Alpha Phi Omega; Sigma Epsilon Chi; Trovets Parker, Joseph O. — Beta Gamma Sigma Parsons, Gerald F.— Phi Sigma Kappa Patterson, Richard H. — Alpha Kappa Psi; Commerce Council Pearce, James E. Pharris, Jackson C, Pickard, Donald S.— Delta Sigma Pi Pierce, Alvin K. — Kappa Alpha Prophet, Charles W. Ranells, JaneLyn A. Ratigan, Noreen A. — Alpha Gamma Delta; Sigma Alpha Sigma; Commerce Council Ratigan, Thomas M. — Sigma Phi Epsilon Ratkaj, John A. Ray, Boberl L.— DeJto Sigma Pi; Alpha Phi Omega; Delta Phi Epsilon; Alpha Eta Rho; President, Trovets; Commerce Council Reeb. Doreene S. — Alpha Chi Omega; Sigma Alpha Sigma; Amazons; Chimes; Sophomore and junior Councils: ASSC Social Committee Ressler, Patricia Rhodes, Westell B. — Phi Sigma Kappa; Photo Editor, EI Rodeo. ' 54 and ' 55 Risemon, Alan D. — Zeta Beta Tau; Sophomore, Junior and Commerce Councils Rittgers, L. Norman — Alpha Delta Sigma Robinson, Reed C. Rogers, E. Bruce — Beta Theta Pi; unior Council Roos, David F. — Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Commerce Council Royale, Donal J. — Delta Sigma Pi Rubens, Carl Rudo , Berton B. Buffner, oseph B. — DeJta Sigma Pi; Beta Alpha Psi Ryan, Joseph D. — Kappa Sigma Salgren, Frances— Phi Chi Theta; Beta Alpha Psi Sandel, Monroe R. — Sigma Phi Epsilon; Squires: AFROTC Sander, Carole J. — Alpha Phi; Sigma Alpha Sigma Sasada, Tbelma K. Sasajima, Henry E. — Alpha Phi Omega; Nisei Trojan Club: Trovets Scbaar, Gary N. — Phi Kappa Psi Scheldt, Norman H. — President, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Schmidt, David L.—NROTC Schneider, Edran F. W.— Alpha Kappa Psi; S.A.M. Schreiber, Howard E. — Sigma Alpha Mu Schroeder, Charles L. Schuessler, William J. Shine, Jack B.—Zeta Beta Tau Siney, William E.— Delta Sigma Pi: S.A.M.: Trovets Sislin, Paul A.— Tau Delta Phi; IFC Smith, Frances J, — President, Alpha Delta Pi; Pi Omega Pi; YWCA Sokol, William H. — AJpha Kappa Psi; Alpha Epsilon Rho; Newman Cluh Soupos, Thomas . — Tau Kappa Epsilon: S.A.M.; In- termural Sports Soutbalc, Phyllis L. — Sigma Alpha Sigma Spear, John M. — Delta Sigma Pi; Beta Alpha Psi Spies, James B. Spivey, James D. — Sigma Phi Epsilon SlaUoid, Jack L. S.— Sigma Nu; Delta Sigma Pi; Alpha Eta Rho Stancbemore, Arnold L. — Alpha Phi Alpha Sterling, James B. — Phi Kappa Psi Stevenson, John R. — Varsity Baseball Team; Skull S Dagger: Trojan Club; AFROTC Stewart, Charles H. Stone, Richard M- — Sigma Chi Silveira, Sehailian A.— Beta Theta Pi; Sports Editor, El Rodeo Tarsky, Sberwin P Tau Delta Phi TayJor, Alice Eileen— Phi Chi Theta; S.A.M.; Sym- phonic Band Taylor, Allen I. — Alpha Kappa Psi; Phi Eta Sigma; Artus: Commerce Council Teng, Frank C. H. !! Teulie, Douglas J.— Phi Kappa Psi; AFROTC Thompson, Diana E.— Alpha Delta Pi; junior, Senior ii and Commerce Councils; Greater University Com- mittee Thompson, Nancy Z. — Gamma Phi Beta; Gamma , Alpha Chi Ij Tietjen, Hugh M.—Phi Sigma Kappa; AFROTC ( Tisdale, Dorsey Joe— Tau Kappa Epsilon; Pi Omega il Pi: Varsity Football ! ' Tollinger, John N.—Phi Gamma Delta I Uicra, Babjat Salih Vtx, Lois V. — Alpha Gamma Delta; Gamma Alpha Chi; YWCA Vail, Edwin H.—Tau Kappa Epsilon: Alpha Kappa Psi Viles, Robert G.— Delta Sigma Phi; S.A.M. Vrattos, Sylvia P.— Phi Chi Theta; Pi Omega Pi; YWCA: Commerce and Independent Women ' s Councils Walranen, Elwyn C. — Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Greater " U " and Commerce Councils. Wallers, Peter — Sigmo Alpha Mu; President, Ball and Chain; NROTC; Golt and Track Manager: Frosh, junior and Senior Councils. Welletley, Garret G. — Phi Sigma Kappa; Alpha Kappa Psi; Commerce Council Wbillock. Cory R. Wilborn, Albert W. Wong, Donna Zeigler, Donald W.— Beta Alpha Psi Zimmer, William C. — Alpha Sigma Lambda Zimmerman, C. Fred DENTISTRY Abbey, A. Laurence — Delta Sigma Delta; Alpha Tau Epsilon Abeicrombie, John — Delta Sigma Delta; Alpha Tau Sigma Adams. Neil J. — Delta Sigma Delta Adamson, Welcome W. — Psi Omega Adler. Harold Adlez, Henry — Delta Sigma Delta Aiasvrorth, Donald F. Anderson. Marilyn — Alpha Omega Pi Barnard, Charlotte T. — Alpha Kappa Gamma Bertoldi, Robert— Delta Sigma Delta Borgo. George M. Brandt. Eldon — Psi Omega; Alpha Tau Epsilon BreuningeT. Constance — AJpha Kappa Gamma; Presi- dent, Dental Hygiene Senior Class; President, Lutheran Student Association Brownson. Lewis E. — Delta Sigma Delta Burns. Martin — Alpha Omega Case. Ross — Psi Omega Chapluk, William Clark, Frances A. — Alpha Kappa Gamma Clever, C. Edwin Cochran, Claire — Alpha Kappa Gamma Colvin. James D. Colvin. LaVarr Connell, Ray Kelly — Psi Omega CooJc. Sberwin — Alpha Omega Cooper, Jack Cowan. Richard S. — Psi Omega Dalva, Albert — Alpha Omega Davis. Peggy Jo — President, Pi Beta Phi Dewhirst, Paul A. Dewhirsi, Robert — Delta Sigma Delta Dexter, Lowell W. — Sigma Alpha Epsilon Doffli ' nguez, Evelyn — Alpha Kappa Gamma Dunn, N. David Elliot, James — Psi Omega Engle, Joanne — Alpha Kappa Gamma; Alpha Delta Pi; Amazons; Chimes; Senior Council Erhari, Robert S. Fields. Gerald D.— Delta Sigma Delta; Alpha Tau Epsilon Fong, Clarence Fong, Edgar Fowler, L. Herbert — Alpha Tau Epsilon Fraxer, Robert C. — President, Delta Sigma Delta; Alpha Tau Epsilon French. Carol — Alpha Kappa Gamma Fukuda, Janet — AWS President; Alpha Kappa Gamma; Mortar Board; Amazons Gacsaly. Alexander C. — Psi Omega Upsilon GaiHeld, Sydney Garrett. Glen Gavron, Bernard R. — Alpha Omega Geiselman. Shirley Joan — Alpha Delta Pi; Alpha Kappa Gamma; Amazons; Chimes; Senior Council Guichaxd, Cherie — Alpha Kappa Gamma; Kappa Al- pha Theta Guntner, LeRoy H. Harper. Leonard W. Harper, Paul Fred— Theta Chi; Delta Sigma Delta; Alpha Tau Epsilon; Blue Key; Knights; Squires Skull Dagger; Editor, El Rodeo Hartman, Arthur — Sigma Alpha Mu; Alpha Omega Hayne. Carol — Alpha Kappa Gamma Hedrick. Donald E. Herreza. Carl M. — Xi Psi Phi; Alpha Tau Epsilon; Alpha Tau Omega; Alpha Epsilon Delta; B.B.B. Hubbard. Chauncey C. — Delta Sigma Delta; Delta Tau Delta; Alpha Tau Epsilon Hughes, John M. — Xi Psi Phi; Alpha Tau Epsilon Jacques. Charles W. — Psi Omega Jones. Stanley E. — Alpha Epsilon Omega Jones. E. Thomas — Delta Sigma Delta; Phi Kappa Psi Kalal, Rita J. Kanter, Alton — Alpha Omega; Alpha Tau Epsilon Kaplan, Laurence B. — Alpha Omega; Artus Kawata. Sakae — Alpha Tau Epsilon Kersten. Daniel Kiggens, Ardys — Alpha Kappa Gamma; Pi Beta Phi Kogut. Stephen A. — Psi Omega Kroeger. Mildred Kuchel. Dorothy J. — Alpha Gamma Delta; Alpha Kappa Gamma; Amazons; YWCA Kuentxel, Robert — Alpha Tau Epsilon; Psi Omega Lake. John H. — Alpha Tau Epsilon; Psi Omega Lawson, Robert D. Leitingwell, Nancy L. Leslie. Norman Levitt, Howard I. — Alpha Omega Loughlin. Thomas J. — Delta Sigma Delta; Sigma Phi Epsilon McCandliss. Sandra J. — Alpha Kappa Gamma; Phi Beta McColl, Jack— Delta Sigma Delta McKensie, Sally E. — Kappa Alpha Theta McMaster. Lloyd Allen — Psi Omega McNary, Barbara — Alpha Kappa Gamma; Pi Beta Phi Marcum. John — Psi Upsilon Marks, Gerald — Alpha Omega Martin. Herbert — Delta Sigma Delta Martin. Herbert Graiion — Alpha Gamma Sigma Massey. Gerald — Delta Sigma Delta Meyers. Robert B.—Xi Psi ' Phi Monday. Rosemary — Alpha Kappa Gamma Nedleman. George — Alpha Omega Olson. Robert-Delta Tau Delta; Delta Sigma Delta Pagliarulo. Theodore L.—Xi Psi Phi Pauit. Suzanne — Alpha Delta Pi; Alpha Kappa Gam- ma; Chimes; Spurs Pedersen, Raymond — Psi Omega Phelps. Virginia — Alpha Kappa Gamma Pixley, Bobbi—Chi Omega; YWCA; El Rodeo; AWS Cabinet Pyle. Richard C.—Psi Omega Rail. Diane — Alpha Kappa Gamma Rasmussen. Jack D. — Psi Omega; Alpha Tau Epsilon Renteria. Socorro Corey — American Dental Hygienists Association Rippe, Richard — Psi Omega Robinson, Bina Robinson. John Max — Alpha Tau Epsilon Rothman. Gloria — American Dental Hygiene Associa- tion Saunders. Maxwell — Tau Epsilon Phi; Alpha Omega; L.A.S. Council Schreiner. Anne — Kappa Alpha Theta; Spurs; Chimes; Frosh Council Selesnick, Edwin R. — Alpha Omega Silverglate, Leonard M. — Alpha Omega Smith, Ashley J. — Psi Omega Smith, Joan — Alpha Kappa Gamma; Chimes; Junior Council Smith. Katherine — Alpha Kappa Gamma Solnit. Albert— Alpha Omega; Tau Delta Phi Sorensen. Pat— Alpha Delta Pi Spencer, Gerrard — Delta Sigma Delta Sperry, Thomas — Psi Omego Stewart. William — Psi Omega Sturdevant. Ralph H.— Delta Sigma Delta; Alpha Tau Epsilon; Blue Key; President, School of Dentistry Tanner, W. Frank Tappero. Ramon R. Taylor. Gerry — Chi Omega; Alpha Kappa Gamma; AWS TiUery, Frank W. Tuverson, Donald Wade, Nancy — Alpha Kappa Gamma; Alpha Phi Wallin. Robert C— Delta Sigma Delta Waterman, Lois — Alpha Kappa Gamma Wenholx. A. Merrill — Psi Omega Werner. William F. — Psi Omega Westling. Richard E. Wheelan. Edward F. — Delta Sigma Phi Whire, Lois E. — Alpha Kappa Gamma White. Robert S.— Delta Sigma Delta Wical. Kenneth E. Wong. Ron . — Alpha Tau Epsilon; Delta Sigma Delta Wyne, Gene K.— Delta Sigma Delta YooB. Edward — Alpha Tau Epsilon Yoon. Grace — Alpha Kappa Gamma Young, Calvin W. Young, Kenneth J. Young. Richard H. EDUCATION Akashi, Dorothy A. Anderson. Jane — Kappa Alpha Theta Ariey, Marcelle M. — Pi Lambda Theta; Senior Council Benveniste. Arthur — President, Hillel Block, Barbara A. Bontecou. Carole D.— Alpha Chi; YWCA; C.S.T.A. Boyle, V. Lynn — Gamma Phi Beta Brady. Barbara L. Brannan, Paul L. — Phi Gamma Delta; Varsity Swim- ming Brassell. Lucinda — Kappa Kappa Gamma; Zeta Phi Eta; YWCA; ' 56 Club Breitbart. Trudy — Phi Sigma Sigma; Frosh. Sopho- more, Junior. L.A.S. Councils Brown. Carole L . — Gamma Phi Beta; Amazons; C.S.T.A.; Senior and Education Councils Brown, Minnie — Pi Beta Phi Bryan. Beverly J. Capebaxt, Thomas R. — President, Kappa Sigma; JFC; Varsity Swimming and Water Polo Cary. Joan Christine— C.S.T.A.; YWCA; Lutheran Stu- dent Association Casey. Rilla G. Cipriotti. Helen L. Clarke, Maxine Martin Clubb, Arlene B.— Delta Delta Delta Cohen. Beatrice M. Corwin, Susan — Secretary, ASSC: Delta Gamma; Mortar Board; Amazons; Chimes; Spurs Currie, Dorothy A.— Pi Beta Phi Drummond, Marcia Jo — Chi Omega; Alpha Lambda Delta; Pi Lambda Theta; Phi Kappa Phi; Chimes Dockweilex. Gxetchen H. — Delta Gamma 449 Duncan, Janice M. — Kappa Delta; Pi Lambda Theta Dwyei, Mary Ann — Delta Delta Delta Eddins. Peggy A. — Delta Gamma; Pi Lambda Theta; Spurs; Chimes Fenton. Mazy EUxabeih — Kappa Alpha Theta; Chimes Ghio, Donna Marie — Delta Gamma; Senior Council; Amazons Gilbert, Anita J. GJanville, Mary — Alpha Delta Pi; Pi Lambda Theta: Newman Club; AWS Cabinet; Sophomore Council Glidden. L. Jane — Alpha Gamma Delta Goold, Gloria A. — Alpha Gamma Delta Graham, Benxell H. Guion, Hortense C. Gunderson, Martha C. — Newman Club Hacker. Dorothy M. — Delta Gamma; Spurs; Greater " U " Committee Haddock. Charlene Joyce — Alpha Gamma Delta Haley. Gaynette V.— Alpha Delta Pi Hall. Carol D.— Alpha Delta Pi Harmon. Beverly B. — Newman Club; German Club; Acapello Choir Harper. Shelley H.— Delta Delta Delta Harrington. Gerald G.— Kappa Alpha; AFHOTC Hastings. Margaret E. — Kappa Kappa Gamma Herscher. Anita J. — Pi Beta Phi; President, Education; Amazons; Senior Council Hines. Barbara E. — Alpha Chi Omega; N.C.P.; Frosh, Sophomore, Junior and L.A.S. Councils. Hoflman. Valley S.—Pi Beta Phi; YWCA; Red Cross Huntington, Barbara . HurJey, S. Ellen Jahnke, Joan M. Jasperson, Dolores A. — Delta Delta Delta; Education Council Kellogg. Janet — Gamma Phi Beta Kent. Carolyn E.— Pi " Beta Phi; Pi Lambda Theta; Education Council Kerr. Dolores Martin — Pi Lambda Theta; Education Council; C.S.T.A. Kirman, Constance — Delta Gamma; Amazons Krant . Connie J. Leahy, Ann Elise — Pi Beta Phi; Chimes; Education Council Lee. Virginia — Delta Gamma; Amazons; Mortar Board; AWS Cabinet Leeder. Wanda Jeanne — Alpha Delta Pi; Education Council McClazan. Eleanor J.— C.S.T.A. McClure, Robert M. — President, Acacia; Squires; AMS Cabinet; REW Chair. McNeil. Jean M. — Mortar Board Marsh. Devonne D. M. Marsh, Donna — Gamma Phi Beta Mason. Denise V.— Delta Gamma; YWCA Metsger. Betty F.— Alpha Delta Pi; Vice-President. ASSC; Mortar Board; Amazons; AWS Cabinet; Senior Council; ' 56 Club Miller. Marlene D. — Alpha Gamma Delta; Education Council; C.S.T.A. Miyasaki. Aki — Sigma Pi Omega; N.T.C. MoBtt. Marilyn Jean—Delta Delta Delta Moloney, James H. Morrice, Diane 1. — Zeta Tau Alpha; Pi Lambda Theta Neitbart, Judee Lee — Alpha Chi Omega; Education Council; C.S.T.A.; YWCA Nelson, Marilyn I. — Zeta Tau Alpha; Westminster Club; C.S.T.A.; YWCA Noriega, Frances Louise O ' Donnell. Rosemary D. Palletie, Antonia—Pi Beta Phi Panousis. Christine — C.S.T.A.; YWCA Patton. Melinda L, Paxton. Joyce A.— C.S.T.A. Peacba. Janice M. — Gamma Phi Beta Penhall. Dolores Joy — President, Alpha Gamma Delta; Pi Lambda Theta Penrose, Mary Ann— Phi Beta; C.S.T.A. Pett. Carol M.—Pi Lambda Theta; Hillel Powell. Marilyn P.— Sigma Alpha loia; YWCA Quackenhixsh. William Ram. Frank— C.S.T.A. Rask. Eileen Mary — Sigma Alpha Iota; Wesley Club; Phratares; Symphony Orchestra; YWCA Reay, Majorie S. — Pi Beta Phi; Education Council Rheinstein. Ruth D.— C.S.T.A. Rice. Robert L.— Theta Delta Chi Richman, Sousjane Rolland. Frances Rosa, Shirley L. — Kappa Delta; Senior and Education Councils; YWCA Ryan. Barbara — Kappa Delta; Pi Lambda Theta; Alpha Lambda Delta; Spurs; Chimes; Amazons; Mortar Board; Judicial Court; Panhellanic Ryan. Mary Ann — Gamma Phi Beta Soger, Rhea K. — Pi Lambda Theta; Mortar Board; Amazons; Chimes; YWCA Scanlon. Joan A. — Delta Delta Delta Scbatsman, Miriam F. — Delta Delta Delta Schroepter, Jean H. — Chi Omega Seeired. Doreen L. — Sigma Alpha Iota Selbin, Marilyn B. Selle, Meredith — Alpha Chi Omega; Education Coun- cil; C.S.T.A.; YWCA Sinder. Barbara L. Smith. Roy J.—Skull 5 Dagger; Baptist Student Fel- lowship; Trovets; AFHOTC; Varsity Football Smuts. Jean — Kappa Kappa Gamma; Pi Lambda Theta; YWCA Snyder, Georgianna — Kappa Kappa Gamma Staton, Martha A.— Kappa Delta; Zeta Phi Eta; YWCA Steele, Joyce C. — Editor, El Rodeo; Senior Council; Who ' s Who; C.S.T.A.; Shell Oar; Trojan Chest; PEMS Steeves, Barbara A. Sterling, Elizabeth R.—Pi Lambda Theta; Alpha Chi Omega Sturgeon, John R. — Delta Tau Delta; Varsity Swim- ming and Water Polo Taylor. Faye L. Thagard, Shirley— C.S.T.A. Todd, Myra E. — President, Town and Gown; C.S.T.A. Toddy. Sara S. — Pi Lambda Theta; Education Coun- cil; Greater " " U " Comm.; Phrateres; College Forum; USC Dames; YWCA Toney, Tamara — Alpha Chi Omega; Spurs Traylor, Donna L. — Kappa Alpha Theta; Pi Lambda Theta; Amazons; Senior Council Vka, Ngwobia—PDK; Intercultural Club; Who ' s Who; American Education Wagoner, Catherine Ann — Gamma Phi Beta Waldsmith. Mary— Kappa Alpht Theta Walton, Mary A.— Delta Sigma Theta; YWCA; C.S.T.A. Wassung Carole Gail — Alpha Chi Omega; C.S.T.A. Wearne, Diana — Alpha Phi Wbitehill, Sbiela Joan — Gamma Phi Beta; Education Council Winslovr, Sandra B. Woodin. Gloria M. Youngman Sheiyl M. — Chi Omega; Alpha Mu Gamma; Epsilon Phi; Chimes; YWCA; Amazons; Junior Council ENGINEERING Aceves. Joseph t. — ASME Akiyama, John S. AI-Madtai, Suham Hasan Al-Rahim. Hana M. J.— AS. A.: SAM. Atiyya, Halim S. Baker, Wallace L.—Tau Beta Pi: Eta Kappa Mu: AlFE: l.E.E. Ben-Hur, Eliaba—ASME: S.A.M. Biedebach, Mark C— Tau Beta Pi: Eta Kappa Nu: AIEE-IRE Bird, Loren R.— Tau Beta Pi: Pi Tau Sigma; IAS: NflOTC Broois, William T.—AIEE: IRE Brauligam, Don J.— Lambda Chi Alpha: NROTC Buntman, Werner J. Burke. Robert A.— Chi Phi: NROTC: ASME Campbell-Taylor S. B. — Delta Sigma Phi: Pi Epsilon Tau Campillo, William— Eta Kappa Nu, AIEE: IRE Cbao. Yn-Cbu—AICE Chapsky, Jacob Chu, Bob W.—Chi Epsilon: ASCE: Chinese Student ' s Club Clanton, Robert A.— Tau Beta Pi: Eta Kappa Nu, IRE Collins, Robert N. — Kappa Sigma: Phi Eta Sigma: Phi Kappa Phi: AICE Colson, Merwyn L. — ASCE Cope, Ronald — Chi Epsilon; ASCE Cramsie, Edward — Phi Kappa Psi: Chi Epsilon Currie, Warren— AIEE: IRE: Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu Dajani, Akram A. W. Dajani, Ali M. Danlorlh, Richard— ACS, AICE Davis Gilbert M.—Pi Tau Sigma Davis, Hugh L. — Pi Tau Sigma: Phi Kappa Tau: Tau Beta Pi: ASME Deem, Sydney R- — Sigma Phi Delta: Vet ' s Representa- tive: Engineering Council: Trovets: SC Engineer; IRE De Frenta, Antonio — Alpha Mu Gamma; AIEE DeMirjian, Harold A.—AIME Detwiler, Jerry F. — Alpha Phi Omega; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma; Alpha Eta Rho: Trovets; IAS: Blue Key; Veterans Representative Dias, Altonso C. Doberne, Morris D ' omercq, Pierre R. Dosaj, Ranbir Lai Emertian, Robert — Tau Beta pi; Pi Tau Sigma; ASME; IAS; Engineering Council Eppen. Eugene D.— Theta Xi; NROTC Erickson, Corl W.— NROTC Errin, Fred F.—ASCE Finlejr, David R. — Sigma Phi Delta: ASME; Engineer- ing Council Garcia, Edwin M. Garrison, Jack — Knights: ASME; Greater " U " ; Engi- neering Council Garza, Joe— ASME Cibion, Panl—IAS Gielicx, Felix A, Gratrix, William A. — President, Pi Tau Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; ASME Graves, William A.— Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma Hamilton, Hoyle H.— Delta Tau Delta; AIME Hamilton, Lawrence £. — President, Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi; AIEE; JHE Haskell, Rich C. — President, Engineering; President, Tau Kappa Epsilon; Varsity Tennis; Chi Epsilon; Blue Key; ASCE Helzel, Albert M.—ASME Herrera, Gilbert — IAS: Newman Club Hess, Lawrence M. — AIEE Hoitman, John R. Husbower — Chi Epsilon; ASCE Hussain, Mohammad M. I. — Arab Student Association Jambaxian, George epperson, Paul E.—AICE ohn. Edward F. — President, ASCE; Engineering Coun- cil oiinson, Richard G. — Psi Upsilon; Pi Tau Sigma; ASME Kenison, Ricliard G.—IRE ITimbail, Eenneth R. Kinder, Eugene G.— ASME Kiumb, Fred— Delta Tau Delta; Eta Kappa Nu; AIEE; Knights Kollanse, Donald — AIEE Koueiter, Michel N. Kumar, Promod — Jnfercuifura Ciub; Indian Students Association Lang, Charles— Pi Tau Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; NROTC Lang, Edward M. — Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma; ASME: NROTC Lee, Stuart Yuen Leonard, Clark M. — Phi Sigma Kappa; Tau Beta Phi; Chi Epsilon: Frosh, Sophomore and Engineering Councils; ASCE: NROTC Lester, ohn B.—ASME Leth, ohn W.—Phi Sigma Kappa; NROTC Levine, Benjamin — SC Engineer Magazine; Engineer- ing Council; ASME Lewis, Norman H. — Alpha Phi Omega Liggett, Raymond D.-AICE; S.A.M. Lines, Robert G. — Pi Tau Sigma Lusk, Wilbur — Pi Tau Sigma; Tau Kappa Epsilon; AFROTC McDowell, Ronald James — ASCE McElveen, Kenneth Harold— Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; AIEE; IRE Mackprang, C. Todd — Sigma Phi Delta; Engineering Council MacMillan, Archie I.— Chi Phi; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; Phi Eta Sigma; AIEE Maxwell, Robert— IRE Mosallai, Babram — Iran o American Club Murata, Bob Kenso — IAS Nishibara, Taichi Larry Orr, Richard— A E£; IRE Ostrom, Duane M.—Pi Tau Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Tro- vets; S.A.M. Paulson, Robert— Tau Beta Pi: Alpha Phi Omega; Phi Tau Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma; ASME Peverill, William — Phi Gamma Delta; Pi Tau Sigma Potter, Douglas C.—Phi Sigma Kappa; NROTC Prescott, Sherbourne N.—Ski Club Quon, Frank— Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma; Chinese Club; ASME Reames, James Richard — Tau Beta Pi; Tau Sigma; ASME Reigelman, Keith — Pi Tau Sigma; ASME Robinson, Jack Richard — Sigma Phi Delta; Junior and Engineering Coun.; SAM Roper, William J.— AIEE; IRE Roslund, Ture A. Rush, Thomas D. Russell. David Allison— Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma; IAS; ASME Ruler, Henry H.—Chi Epsilon Seko, George K. Sherman, Michael S Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi; AIEE; IRE Silliman, William B.—Chi Phi; IRE; AIEE Silver, Roy A. — Acacia Sloan, Aubrey — Eta Kappa Nu; Engineering Council; AIEE-IRE Smith, Lawrence C.—Phi Delta Theta; NROTC Solum, Conrad R. — President, Knights; Tau Kappa Ep- silon; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Tau Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Squires; Blue Key Stern, Leon A. — SME Sussman, Robert— Alpha Epsilon Pi; Hillel; AIEE; IRE Tanner, John E. — AIEE Tejada-Flores, Ramiro— ASCE; ntercuJfural Club Thayer, Lloyd M.—Pi Tau Sigma; ASME Thompson, Allan R. — Tau Kappa Epsilon; NROTC; AIEE Turner, Robert R.— Pi Tau Sigma; Tau Beta Pi Tylka, John— Lambda Chi Alpha; AIEE; IRE Valdes, Jose C— Philippine Trojan Club; ASME Varanay, Charles . — SC Engineer; Engineering Coun- cil: AIEE: IRE Vargas, Rudolph— A EE; IRE Von der Wische, Albert . Waddell, Jerry— AICE Watson, Roger S.—Psi Upsilon; ASME Weir, Jack D. Welkowsky, Aaron P.— IAS Whatley, Robert N.— Sigma Nu White, William H.— Tau Beta Pi: Eta Kappa Nu; Engi- neering Coun. AIEE; IRE Whitlord. David B.—Chi Epsilon: Tau Beta Pi; ASCE 450 Wilcox. Winiam R.—Tau Beta Pi: Phi Lambda Upsi- !on: Alpha Phi Omega: AlCE: Trojan Chem. Club WaiM, Ruisell V.—AIEE: IRE Wilson, John D. — President, Engineering: Sigma Phi Delta: Trovets: SC Engineer Wire, Gerald E. — Tau Kappa Epsilon: Engineering Council: ACS: AlCE Wittemaa, Victor Wuerti, Kenneth— Eta Kappa Nu: Tau Beta Pi: AlEE: IRE Tadar, ITanila P. Yang, Darid Y. M. Yelland, George L.—Ela Kappa Nu; AIEE: IRE Yumiba, Tomokain — Eta Kappa Nu Zinn, Sanlord D.—AIEE: IRE LAW Aaron, H07 W. Argue, Join C.—Phi Delta Phi: Alpha Tau Omega: President, Senior Class Barnard, John H. Biddle, Craig Blakef, Robert M.—Rho Alpha Delta: Hale Court: Senior Board Edsall, K. Ricbaid—Phi Alpha Delta: USC Law Re- view Falcone, Dewey 7. — Phi Delta Phi Feldman, Jerome F. — Nu Beta Epsilon Fiersteia, Harvey — Nu Beta Epsilon; Law Review; Hale Court Gebler, Howard A. — Phi Alpha Delta; Law Review Geragos, Paul J. Gold, Lessing E. — Nu Beta Epsilon Greenwald, leland T.—Nu Beta Epsilon; Student Bar Association Grossman, Allan F. — Phi Alpha Delta Halil, Herbert Hanitin, Virginia Cook Heap, Edward L.—Phi Alpha Delta Jacobsohn, David L. — Nu Beta Epsilon Kaulman, Marcus M. — Phi Alpha Delta Kellej, Hugh H. Kemp, Wrndham Kiguchi, Mark Leonian, Leon—Theta Chi; Phi Alpha Delta Lewis, Bernal L, McCarthy, J. Thomas— Phi Delta Phi; Phi Kappa Psi; Blackstonians MacLachlan, Bruce D. — Phi Delta Phi Marangi, Leonard M. — Kappa Sigma; Phi Delta Phi; Law Review Marx, William E.— Delta Theta Phi Miller, Harry D.—Phi Alpha Delta Mitchell, Robert E. Neiman, Allen I. — Phi Alpha Delta Oliver, errold S. — Phi Alpha Delta; Law Review Palmer, Edward D. Pastel, Arthur M. — Law Review Pollock, Walter N.— Phi DeJfcr Phi; Phi Kappa Psi Price, Charles A. — Phi Alpha Delta; Law Review; Stu- dent Bar, Chairman, Hale Court Rosensweig, William — Nu Beta Epsilon; Zeta Beta Tau; Skull Dagger: Blue Key; ' 53 Club; Knights; Blackstonians Scboler, Barry S.— Phi Alpha Delta; Tau Delta Phi; President, Student Bar Sieroty, Alan G. Soper, Elva R.—Iota Tau Tau Soma, Dorothy I. — Phi Delta Delta Spencer, Charles E. Stanley, Lillian W. — Phi Delta Delta; Law Review Stillwagon, H. Dean Strickstein, Herbert J. — Nu Beta Epsilon: Chairman, Hale Court Summers, Robert C. Warren, Boberl S.— Delta Theta Phi; Theta Xi Watkins, James A.— Delta Theta Phi Watson, Yvonne P.— Iota Tau Tau; Hale Court Weissman, Joseph Wiggins, Charles E.— Delta Theta Phi Wilmer, Paul B.—Magistrer, Phi Delta Phi Wood ord, William R.—Phi Alpha Delta LETTERS, ARTS and SCIENCE Adams, Patricia— O.T. Club; BSF Aiken, John W. Alemu, Meba Selassie Alexander, Kay—AWS; Ski Club; Sociology Club; Pan Orthodox Club Allard, Frank A.— USC Hifle and Pistol Club; NROTC Rifle Team Anderson, Calvin W — Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Alpha Theta; Tau Kappa Alpha; Debate Squad Andos, Jerry P. — Tau Kappa Epsilon: President, Alpha Phi Omega and YMCA; Alpha Epsilon Delta; AMS Cabinet: LAS Council Andrews, Fred S. — Sigma Nu Angelesco, George Apostolov, John L. — Delta Kappa Alpha Barbre, Ronald S.—Phi Sigma Kappa; NROTC Barnes, Pete M. — Trojan Band; Intercultural Club Barvinchak, William R.— Alpha Phi Omega; YMCA Basdarich, Robert M. — AJpha Delta Sigma Benson, Arnold L. — Kappa Sigma; NROTC Besnah, Vallory J, Bethurnm, Don W.— Sigma Chi; AFROTC Blanche, J. Kent — Alpha Tau Omega; Alpha Phi Omega: Cheerleader; NROTC Blumenthal, Barry L. Booth, Jonine — Kappa Delta; Zeta Phi Eta; National Collegiate Players Bring, Murray— Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Pi Sigma Alpha; Tau Kappa Alpha; Delta Sigma Rho; Blue Key; Skull Dagger Brown, Gail — Gamma Phi Beta; Kappa Pi; Troeds; YWCA Brown. Bon L.—Phi Delta Theta; Alpha Phi Omega; Varsity Football Brown, Valerie Ann — President, Hillel; Daily Trojan; YWCA: LAS Council Brush, Alan H. — Caduceus Society Burgli, Fredric S. — Sigma Delta Chi; Alpha Phi Ome- ga: Wesley Club; Daily Trojan: Wampus Butler, Dan W.—Phi Alpha Theta; Trovets Campbell, Charlotte H.—O.T. Club Carlile, Helen F. — Alpha Kappa Delta; Phi Beta Kappa Chappell, Robert H.— Delta Chi: Knights; Squires; LAS and Class Councils Chard, Robert F. — Caduceus Society Chobotar, Olga — Newman Club Christensen, Sara J. — Phi Sigma; Phraleres Clark, Anne C.—Ski Club; Newman Club; Phraleres Cleland, H. Grady Clemans, Jerald G. Cline, Hannah M. — Hillel: Occupational Therapy Club Congdon, Jacque — Kappa Kappa Gamma; Kappa Gamma Cook, Philip H.— Delta Chi: Sigma Delta Chi; Alpha Delta Sigma: Daily Troian Cooper, IVfargnerife — Tau Kappa Alpha; Pi Sigma Al- pha; Amazons: Debate; Senate Cover, Harry M. — Trojan Band; Arnold Air Society Coyle, Leslie P. — Kappa Alpha; Varsity Track Cusick, Jane F. — Kappa Kappa Gamma; Zeta Phi Eta Daex, R. Louis Davison, Rex Arland DeMartini, Edward John — Kappa Pi; Varsity Football and Track Dickey, Everett W. Diener, Arnold I. — Sigma Delta Chi: Editor, Wampus, Daily Trojan Disbman, Joan Marie — Gammo Phi Beta; Kappa Pi, Troeds: Spurs; YWCA; Frosh Coun. Dishman, Patricia L. — Gamma Phi Beta; Kappa Pi Troeds; Spurs; YWCA Domingo. Cynthia Lerna — Alpha Lambda Delta; Pi Lambda Phi; Chimes; YWCA Erlandson, Don Arthur — Beta Sigma Tau; Travels; C.S.T.A.: Caduceus Society Evans, Susanne M. — Chi Omega: NCP Fogg, Fred D.— Be(a Theta Pi; Blue Key; Knights Farnswortb, Susan M, Farwell, Marci H. — Kappa Kappa Gamma Fields, Peter A.—F.M.A. Fischer, Joseph Bruce Fleming, Robert M. Flores, Antonio R. — Wesley Club Foasberg, Josephine A. Foster, Robert A. — Lambda Chi Alpha: Senior Coun- cil; Biology Club Francis, John A. Frank, Barbara A. — Alpha Gamma Delta; Phi Sigma; Beta Sigma Lambda; ' 56 Club; Amazons; Senior Council Frey, Lillian Barlod — Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Lambda Delta; Beta Phi Mu Garcia, Gilberto E. Gardner, Theodore R — Lambda Chi Alpha; Knights; Squires; TAS; KUSC: Varsity Show Gaw, Sin Hock — nfercuifura , Chinese and Judo Clubs; Daily Trojan Gassaniga, Donald A. Geiier, Gretal— A pha Phi Gerst, Robert J.— President, AMS: Knights; Blue Key; Blackstonian; Baseball Gil Del Real, oaquin— Lambda Chi Alpha; Delta Phi Epsilon; Knights; Trovets: Captain, Crew Team: Frosh and Junior Councils GiWllan, Edna L. Glass, Martin L. Glotlelty, F. Doreen — Tau Alpha Sigma; Senior Coun- cil Gontier, Arthur J.— Psi Upsilon; Knights; Track Man- ager; Ball and Chain Goodwin, Diane M. — Kappa Pi Gordon, Herschel—Zeta Beta Tau: Senior Council Gore, Beverly — Kappa Delta Goss, Hilda B. GriUin, Robert Earl — Kappa Sigma; Tau Alpha Sigma; Director, KUSC-TV; AFROTC Guerre, John S. Hahn, Yukap—Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi Halvorsen, Zoe A. — Occupational Therapy Club Hamilton, John R.—Tau Kappa Epsilon; Alpha Epsi- lon Delta; Concert Band Hammond, Dave A. Hartwell, James T. Hasson, Joe M — President, Sigma Alpha Mu Hawks, Donna L. Haynes, Thorpe G. — Kappa Sigma Helman, Felice Hendler, Arlene P.— Alpha Epsilon Phi Higbee, Billy D.—Phi Kappa Tau; Phi Alpha Theta; Trovets Hillinck, William C.—Tau Kappa Epsilon; Tau Alpha Sigma: ' 56 CJub; Who ' s Who; NROTC: Knights: Yell King: Sophomore and Senior Council Hinsvark. Don G. — Acacia; Sigma Gamma Epsilon: Knights: Senior Council Hoflert, Kenneth V — Sigma Phi Epsilon: Alpha Epsi- lon Rho: Tau Alpha Sigma; KUSC-FM Holt, Darrell E.—Beta Theta Pi; Varsity Goll Howatt, Clarke T.—Phi Beta Kappa; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma; ASMF Hyasta, ohn— DeJfa Kappa Alpha Hyslap, Nancy M. — De (a Gamma; Senior Council Hyun, Sangyui Ivory. Charlotte A.—CSTA Jadwin, Raymond Douglas Jani, Robert F. — Acacia; President, ' 56 Club; Blue Key: Homecoming and Songtest Chairman; Senior Council o, Mae M. Jobannsen, Linde Johnson, Bruce F — President, Phi Delta Theta and Tau Alpha Sigma; ' 56 Club; Varsity Baseball: KUSC Jones, Barbara L. — Physical Therapy and Wesley Clubs: Phraleres Jones, Elisabeth N. — Morfor Board ordan, Marcay C. — President, Sigma Alpha Iota; Symphonic Band and Orchestra Josele, Irene R. Kaibney. Wadette C. — Sigmo DeJia Pi: Club de Las Americas Kalpakian, Harriett M.—Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Mu Gamma; Sigma Delta Pi; Mortar Board: Amazons: Chimes; Spurs Kaplanis, Peter J.— President, Phi Delta Theta Kates, Howard M.—Tau Epsilon Phi Kats, Marvin S. — Tau Alpha Sigma; Squires: Knights: Frosh and Soph. Coun. JTagawa, YouJco iTarayn, Jim N.M.I — Phi Gamma Delta; Sigma Delta Chi; Daily Trojan; El Rodeo; LAS and Senior Councils Keagy, Karen A.— Chi Omega; ' 56 Ciub; B aclrs(on- ions; Amazons; LAS and Senior Councils Keating, Mary Lyn — Gamma Phi Beta; Alpha Lambda Delta; Mortar Board: Amazons Keim, Robert J. — Psi Upsilon: Caduceaus Society Kilchmann, Margarite R. — Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Sigma; Occupational Therapy and Intercultural Clubs King, Cammie — Kappa Alpha Theta; Zeta Phi Eta; Amazons: Mortar Board; YWCA: ' 56 Club Krause, Robert A. — Tau Alpha Sigma: Alpha Epsilon Rho; KUSC-TV Krieger, Robert F. Kroeger, Joan Marie — Kappa Delta; Troeds; Riile Club: URA Kruetsleldt, James H.— Theta Xi; NROTC Kurland, Harold Kutansky, Pauline Landen, Wesley A.— Alpha Phi Omega; NROTC Longer, Rudolph S. Ledesma, Fernando — Varsity Track; Club Las Ameri- cas Leidy, Phyllis Randolph — President, Occupational Therapy Club Leonard, Janet J.— Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Pi Sigma Alpha Lickhalter. Richard A. — Tau Delta Phi Lindley, Margaret A.— Alpha Phi: LAS Council; ASSC Social Committee Ling, Shun H. — Alpha Epsilon Delta; Chinese Stu- dent ' s Club Lalthouse, William E. — Alpha Epsilon Delta Loyd, Robert B.— Physical Therapy Club Lyons, Doris E.—Pi Beta Phi McBee, Susanna B.— D elta Delta Delta; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Theta Sigma Phi; Pi Sigma Alpha: Alpha Lambda Delta; Editor, Daily Trojan; Mortar Board; Amazons; Chimes; Spurs; AWS Cabinet: Who ' s Who; YWCA McClure, Drexal Fngene — Sigma Gamma Epsilon; AIME McCoUom, Joan L. McGockin, Andrew J. McKinney, Buddy R. McNamee, Donald W.— Newman and German Club McQuigg, Robert C.—Tau Alpha Sigma; Alpha Epsi- lon Rho: Blue Key; KUSC Mainland, Edward A. MansSeld, Marilyn R. — Alpha Lambda Delta: A nho Mu Gamma; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Sigma; Pi Lambda Theta Manson, William R. iXarcello, Frederick J. — Delta Phi Epsilon: Interna- tional Relations Council Marciniak, Geraldine E.—Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Alpha Theta; Alpha Lambda Delta 45! Malt, Eatbanne — President, LAS; Chi Omega; ChimeB; Amazons; Greater " U " Mattin, John F. Maitin, Paul Erland — Delta Phi Epsilon; Trovets Mason, George . Mason, Joan E. — Troeds; Elections Commission; Class and LAS Councils Masuda, Danlat S.— President, Delta Kappa Alpha; Alpha Phi Omega; Blue Key; Debate Squad; Chairman, ASSC Forum Matbes, Mary Fay — tappet Kappa Gamma Medloxd, Barbara S, Meliler, flodney A.— Delta Sigma Phi; AFROTC Moore. Richard Vance Morehouse. Efhel H. — Newman Club; Phraeteres Moulton, Ma zy — Phi Sigma; Trojan Christian Fellow- ship Mnllazd, Ricbard H. — Elections Commission; Senior and Independent Men ' s Council Nannini. Roberl F.— Delta Phi Ep. ' ilon Nebeker, Nevel e Owen — Varsity Crew Nelson, Maurice E. — Kappa Sigma; Ball Chain; Manager, Basketball Novack, Lawrence W. — Sophomore Council Nussbaum, Raphael Openshaw. Ann — Kappa Kappa Gamma; Zeta Phi Eta; Amazons; YWCA Orion, Virginia I. — President, Physical Therapy Club; Ski Club; Phrateres Owsowiti, Sidney E, — Elections Commissioner; Ind. Men ' s and Senior Coun. Oiiel. Sidney — Blackstonian Parker, Luanna Williams — Lambda Delta Sigma; Pi Sigma Alpha; Chimes Parrish. LyJe Norman PaffricJt, EJiiabelh— Phi Lambda Theta; Delta Kappa Alpha Peake, Douglas A. — Sigma Alpha Epsilon; NROTC Penis. Raymond F.— Be a Thefa Pi Percy, Carol — Sigma Alpha Sigma; Troeds; Sociology Club Perez, Lorensa R. Price, Beverly J, — Gamma Alpha Chi; Kappa Pi Prince, John D.— NROTC Procbaska, Roberta Diane Quan, Carolyn J. Ramsey, Evelyn E. — . ' llpha Kappa Alpha Raybin, Ronald H. Rich, Carol M. Riley, erry C. Robertson, Sieve Robles, Rudy L. Rodine, Ralph N. — DeJ(a Kappa Alpha; Pi Kappa Phi Rogers, Paul Richard — Psi Upsilon Roldan, Aurora Hagedorn — Catholic Lay Teachers Or- ganization Rotlenkolbez, Walter J. — Newman and Flying Clubs; KUSC-TV Rovin, Leo Ryan, Allied H. Ryan, Mary Cecelia — Alpha Omega Pi; Physical Ther- apy Club; YWCA Cabinet Saatjian, Lloyd S. — Lambda Chi Alpha Sandler, Allan Frank— Zeta Beta Tau; Caduceous So- ciety Santino, Anthony M. — Alpha Tau Omega; Varsity Baseball Saw Oung, Barbara Schecler, Thomas L. — B acJrsfonian Scheeler. Belly J. — Phrateres; Troeds; Occupational Therapy Club Schmidt, oAnn C. Scroggs, Beverly A. — Kappa Delta; Theta Sigma Phi; Editor, Trojan Owl Sealey, Zrelda K. — Alpha Kappa Delta; Pi Lambda Theta Setlowe, Richard H.— The(a Chi; Knights; NROTC; LAS Class Councils SbeaHer, William O. — Sigma Chi; Tau Alpha Sigma; Alpha Sigma Phi; KUSC; Debate Squad; AFROTC Shields, Ronald F. Shiohama, Shiiuka Diana — Phi Beta Kappa Silverman, Maxwell Simms, George B. — Phi Mu Alpha; Caduceus Society: Trojan Band Skolnelr, Morley K. — Zefa Beta Tau; Sophomore Coun- cil Smitb, Andrea Blougb — Delta Delta Delta; Amazons; Chimes Smith, Beverly . — Alpha Gamma Delta; Soph., Jun., LAS, Education Coun. Smitb Lowell H. Smith, Roberl Austin— Chi Phi Smitb, Stacy H. — Lambda Chi Alpha; German Club Snedigan, L. Eugene — Physical Therapy Club Sollinger, Milla A. — International Relation Council Solomon, Bernard M. — Zeta Beta Tau Spelman, Margaret S. — Tau Alpha Sigma; Panhel- lanic; Amazons: Senior Council Spencer, Edwin S. — Alpha Epsilon Delta; Cadecues Society Steinberg, Tbelma — Hillel Stewart, Beverly L Delta Zeta; NET A; National Col- legiate Players Still, Ronald S. Slrecker. Paul W. Strumpt, Micbael — Alpha Epsiloti Pi Summers, Donald M. Suiuhi, Gilbert T. Symonds, Nathaniel M. — Kappa Sigma Takeyasu, Tosbiaki Tappew, Lottie C. Tellis, Robert P. Terry, Derwin Daniel — Phi Sigma Alpha; Blackstoni- ans Tevlin, Edward M. — Club Las Americas Tbomas, Dorothy E. — Occupational Therapy Club Torres, Teresa — Sigma Delta Pi; Club Las Americas Tosbiyuki, Barbara ]. Tucker, Marcus O.— Presidenf, IR CLUB; Kappa Alpha Psi; Ifi Coun., NSA Valdez, Judy G.— Kappa Delta Van Hunnick, E. ].—Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Lambda Delta Vickrey, Larry L. — Pi Kappa Alpha Wade, loan A.— Alpha Omega Pi; Ski Club; LAS, Senior Education Council Wallace, Patricia N. — Alpha Epsilon Delta; Caduceus Society Wakefield, Milan S.— Delia Tau Delta Wasserman. Paul L. — President, Sigma Delta Chi; Daily Trojan; Senior Council Weintraub, Ronald — Zefa Befo Tau; President, IFC; Blue Key; Knights; Debate Weiss, Sherman L. Werden, Roland P. Weymann, Charles F. — Pi Sigma Alpha Wheeler, ohn W.—Phi Delta Theta White, Henry M.— NROTC White, Richard M. — Blackstonian White, Walter Willett, Flora IT.— Zefa Tau Alpha Wolf. Don G. Wong. Albert H. Wu. lane Yasuda, Yuriko Lynn — Sigma Phi Omega; Occupa- tional Therapy Club Young, Joan K. Zuckman, Harvey Lyle — Pi Sigma Alpha; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Blue Key; Who ' s Who; NSA Coordinator; ASSC Senate; Daily Trojan PHARMACY MEDICINE Berry, Jack T.—Phi Chi Beta Theta Pi Bonorzis, Jim S, — Sigma Xi; Phi Rho Sigma Crane, Robert W.—Phi Rho Sigma Decayette, Reginald R. — Phi Rho Sigma DiCenso, Remo Dougherty, Robert L. — Phi Rho Sigma Flerding, Charles E.—Phi Chi; Theta Chi; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Epsilon Delta Eli, Don T.—Phi Chi; Delta Tau Delta Etkins. Paul A.— Phi Delta Epsilon Falco. Frank G. — Sigma Xi; Phi Sigma Kiaude, Wesley H.—Phi Chi Lawrence, Elbert D. Ledtozd, Roy Mezl Martin, Chris P.— Phi Chi; Phi Gamma Delta; Presid- ing Senior Student Coun. Schmiesing, Cliflord A.— Phi Chi Travis, Alan C. — Phi Chi Trestrail, Jackie D. — Alpha Delta Pi MUSIC Armour, Joyce Y. — Presidenf, Mu Phi Epsilon: Pi Lambda Theta; Music Coun. Broadwell, Ron — Sigma Phi Epsilon; Band; Orchestra; A Capella; Music Coun. Corea, Harry R.—Phi Mu Alpha; Alpha Phi Omega; Newman Club; Band; Music Coun. Dyche, Patricia A. — Sigma Alpha Iota; Music Council Haynes, ean F. — Alpha Chi Omega; Mu Phi Epsilon; Spurs; Chimes Hill, Melvina— Phi Befa, C.S.T.A. Johnson, John T. — Band; Symphonic Orchestra Kamp, ITenneth K. — Lambda Chi Alpha; Symphonic Band Karson, Burton L. — President, Music; Phi Mu Alpha; French Club; ASSC Senator Mansfield, Jacqueline H. Mayo, Sbari L. — Alpha Gamma Delta; Madrigals; A Cappella; YWCA Millelstadt, Peter . — Sigma Phi Epsilon Nosches, Martha L. — Phi Lambda Theta; Sigma Alpha Iota Priestley, Marilyn S. Scbatte, Jeanne — Alpha Omega Pi; A Cappella Swedenborg, Barbara J. — Alpha Delta Pi; Sigma Al- pha Iota; Spurs; Chimes; Amazons Tcbillinggarian, Erena Taylor, Pbilip A. — Phi Mu Alpha; Orchestra: Sintonia Vnlrieo, Ricbard H. Vacirca, James T. — Phi Kappa Phi Wilkin, Joyce — Mu Phi Epsilon Zabl, Mary Constance — Alpha Chi Omega; Mu Phi Epsilon; Spurs; Troeds; A Cappella; Songtest; Shell Oar; Sophomore, Junior Music Councils Zipsez, Barton A. — Phi Mu Alpha; Kappa Kappa Psi; A Cappella; Orchestra; Hillel Anderson. George James — Phi Delta Chi; A. P. A. Arkelian, Edward 5. Ashley, lack H.— Skull Mortar Augello. Charles David — Phi Delia Chi Becker. Robert H.—Phi Delta Chi; Knights; Skull Mortar Bloom, Herbert .— Rho Pi Phi; Skull Mortar; A.P.A. Bogbosian, Malcolm P.— Phi Delta Theta; Rho Chi; A.P.A. Boyd, Dennis E.— Delta Sigma Phi; Skull Mortar Burns. Jerol K.—Phi Delta Chi; Skull Mortar Chan, Daniel D.— Skull Mortar: A.P.A. Cbristensen, Lyle E.—Phi Delta Chi Crauen, Jack L.— A.P.A. D ' Auria, Kenneth C. Faverman, James G. — Presidenf, Rho Pi Phi; Skull Mortar: Senator-at-large Freeman, John Allan — President, Rho Chi; Phi Delta Chi; President, APA: Skull Mortar. Friedman, Franklin A. Gearing. John R.—Phi Delia Chi; Skull Mortar Gilston, Marshall S. Goddard, Neil E.— Skull Mortar Golbuff, Alex— Phi Delta Chi Gonzalez, Zenaida B. Goss, Leonard Morion— Tau Delia Phi; fiho Pi Phi; Hillel Grobman, Gene L. Haro, Gilbert J.— Phi Delta Chi: Skull Mortar Halhcock, Charles Allen — Phi Delta Chi; Knights: Skull Mortar Isbioka, Tom Tosbio — AJpha 7ola Pi Jones, Reginald E. ue, Ben— A.P.A. Keith, Roy E. Lee, Kay E.— Lambda Kappa Sigma; Sigma Phi Ome- ga; Chinese Club Lee, Ricbard— A.P.A. Lowe, Edmund— Pi Alpha Phi: Skull Mortar; A.P.A. McDougal, ohn A.— Deila Chi: Rho Chi: A.P.A. Mallory, Robert J.— Phi Delta Chi: Skull Mortar Malsuno, Masayosbi—Rho Chi; Skull Mortar; Alpha lota Pi; Chinese Students; A.P.A. Motylski, Joseph- Hho Pi Phi Nagata, Tom K.— Alpha Iota Pi; Nisei Trojans; A.P.A. Nilta, Satozu Patel, Vasantkumar J. Root, George T. — Theta Xi; President, Seniors: Track; Skull Dagger; Blue Key; ' 54 Club Sanloro, Joseph J.— Phi Delta Chi; A.P.A. Sbanbrom, Terrill R. Smith, Lloyd L. Stewart, C. LaDell Tamayo, Raul J.— Skull Mortar; A.P.A. Utsunomiya, Kyo E. — Alpha Iota Pi; NTC; Trovets; APA Weinberg, Herbert L.— Rho Pi Phi; Rho Chi Weisberg, Jerry S.— Rho Pi Phi; Skull Mortar Wellington, Harold— Rho Pi Phi Wong, Albert Q. Woller, Donald G. Woolen, Wayne E.—Phi Delta Chi; Rho Chi; Skull Mortar Yabes, Patricia A.— President, Lambda Kappa Sigma; Antidotes Yogi, Stanley A.— Alpha lota Pi; Rho Chi; Skull Mortar; Nisei Trojan Yamguchi, George — Alpha Iota Pi; Skull Mortar: NTC Yamasaki, un — Alpha Iota Pi; NTC PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION Bennett, Warren L.—Phi Kappa Phi: Pub. Ad. Council Brantley, Wilbur R. Cambio, William V.—Rho Epsilon; Pub. Ad. Coun- cil- ASP A Davis, Robert K. — Beta Theta Pi; Water Polo and Swimming Dickison. Stanley H Sigma Chi; Pub. Ad. Council; ASPA Dolle, Hodge L. — Sigma Chi Edwards, Fred M.— Sigma Chi: Football; Track Fannin, Warren — Sigma Nu; Football Fish, Thomas C— Kappa Alpha; Basketball Manager; Ball Chain Haberger, Albert J. Humber, Jake R. Jamsbidi, Jim A. PoU, Robert L.—Pi Sigma Alpha; ASPA Price, Lawrence M. Reppello, Gerald G. — Kappa Sigma: Phi Delta Phi, NROTC Rust, Clinton Albert Salio, Donald E. — Kappa Alpha; Football Smith, Dorothy H. — Chi Omego; Amazons; Senior and Pub. Ad. Council Starkey, Leroy A.— Pub. Ad. Council: ASPA Valdes. Edward— Sigma iVu; Pub. Ad. Council Vandiver. Duane B. Vose, George H. Williams, Donald— AJpha Phi Omega; Pub. Ad. Coun- cil- ASPA Wilson, Albert Laurence— Phi Gamma Delta; ASPA 452 TROYDEX A-Br A CAPPELLA CHOIR 150-1 Abarquez, Antonieta _ 269 Abbott, Lawrence 378 Abell, Jackie _ 292 ACACIA _ 326-7 Achilles, Robert 148, 348 Acocks, James 360 Adams, Diane - - 308 Adams, Nick _ _ 338 Adams, Marlene 289, 305 Adams, Pat _ 261 Adamson, Welcome „ 258 ADMINISTRATION - 13 ADMISSIONS 22-3 AWeck, Marilyn 398 AFROTC 134 Agapay, Joe 366 Agins, Donald 257 Ahmed, Ratuq 41, 271 AlA 248 AIChE 263 AlEE-IRE 265 Airheart, Frank 254 Akiyama, John 274 Albright, Fred _ 360 Aldrich, Carol 269 Aldinger, John 366 Alex, Theodore _ 119 Alhau, Betty _ 3i8 Allan, John 352 Allan, Robert 235, 356 AUenborn, Robert 352 Allen, Anthony 370 Allen, Bob- 211 Allen, Dean _ 239, 360 Allen, Jim _ 376 Allison, Laird 254 Allison, Mike _ 364 Allman, Ralph 376 Almeda, Benjamin 271 Alois, Marion 284 ALPHA CHI OMEGA 290-1 ALPHA DELTA PI 292-3 ALPHA DELTA SIGMA 251 ALPHA EPSILON DELTA 260 ALPHA EPSILON PHI 294-5 ALPHA EPSILON PI 328-9 ALPHA GAMMA DELTA 296-7 ALPHA IOTA PI 272 ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA 298-9 ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA 247 ALPHA KAPPA GAMMA 259 ALPHA KAPPA PSl 254 ALPHA OMEGA 257 ALPHA OMICRON PI 300-i ALPHA PHI 302-3 ALPHA PHI OMEGA 52-3 ALPHA RHO CHI _ 330-i ALPHA TAU OMEGA 332-3 Alphin, Bill _ 370 Altenburger, Cliitord 62 Altiveros, Altonso 53, 275 ALUMNI 24, 25 AWaiado, Miguel 330 Alwortb, Arthur 20 AMAZONS _ 44-5 Amerian, Richard 332 Amerine, Jerry 332 Anderson, Denise 292 Anderson, Jane 314 Anderson, Jim 5J,358 Anderson, Karen 303 Anderson, Marilyn 278, 300 Anderson, Marylen 55, 29J, 394 Anderson, Ralph 382 Anderson, Robert 342 Anderson, Tom 218, 234 Andes, Jerry 53, 260, 382 Andren, Bruce 372 Andreoii, Frances i09 Andresen, Robert 332 Andrews, Fred 372 Andrews, Jim - 326 Angeioii, Dann 346 Anslinger, Kurt 372 Anson, James 255, 406 Antonick, Bob 261 Antonini, Gustavo 348 Apostolon, John 27J Appel, Raoul 376 Appley, Warren 262, 266, 344 Arbogast, S 282 ARCHITECTURE....- 82-5 Arday, Judy 396 Arenchild, Mernn 352 Argue, John 406 Aiie, Marcelle 69 Arkell. Claire- _ -.... 291 Armistead, Mary 3J4 Armour, 7oyce J22, 269 Arnet(, Bob 2i8 Arneff, James „ 266 Arnold, Bud _ 258 Arnold, Pat 19 Arnold, Rosemary 45, 54 Arnold, Sandy 69, 29) Arntzen, Jack 354 Arthur, James 258 ARTS i37 ASCE 274 Asbury, frcmJ: 370 Asher, Brenda 394 Asber, Jerry 253, 398 Ashlord, Juliann 61, 113 Ashley, Ronald 344 ASME. 263 ASSC 28-9 Asselstine, Sandy 55 ASSOCIATED MEN STUDENTS 36-7 ASSOCIATED WOMEN STUDENTS 34-5 ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT ;58-60 Athinson, Barbara 3J$ Afwood, Adrienne 306 Avidan, Bernard 267 Avila, Rudolph 37, 60, 104 263, 374 Avrulin, Esther 49, 61, 247 400 Avrutin, Rivko 55, 61, 113 Awni, Kanan 41 B Bab.tcr, Rink 218, 222 Bahznan, Attaie „ 84 Baick, Joung Won 274 Bailey, Carol 54 Scrird, Judy 54, 241, 279 285 394 Baish, Charles ' 264 Baiter, Neil 378 Baiter, Bob 376 Baker, Diane 55 Baker, Herbert 362 Balrer, lerrv 62, 267 BaJrer, Mickey 296 BaJrer, Peggy 312, 405 BaJrer, flonald _ 350 Boier, Theodore 277 Baier, Wallace 262, 266 Baier, William 148, 265 Balderas, Charles 230 BALL and CHAIN 279 Balian, John 386 Ballantyne, John 255 BalonicJ:, Shelly 295 Sandy _ 266 Banks, Howard 278 Banl:s, Lindie 278 Barfaee, Clillord 346 Barber, loan 280, 291 Barber, Ken 236 Barbre, flon 360 Barlield, Rodney 374 Barker, Leroy 47, 69, 87, 340 Barley, BeveHy 55, 306, 431 Barnard, John 267 Barnblafl, Larry 378 Barnes, Curtis 277, 324, 384 Barnes, Janice 87, 316 Barnes, Jon 224, 352 Barnede, Bloir 354 Barre, Sheridan 360 Barry, Barbara 55, 296 Barsam, Dick 358 Barth, Sharon 55, 318 Barthold, Stuart 368 Bartholomae, Raylene 394 Bartholomew , David 346 Barlley, Clarence 372 Barvinchak, William 53 BASEBALL 209-16 BASKETBALL 193-208 Baskovich, Mary 55, 284, 294 Basmajian, Robert 340 Bateman, Marcia 277, 296 Bateman, Mary 314 Bates, Edwina 304, 394 Bates, Phillip 84, 85 Bates, Thomas 356 Bates Lane, Nancy 45, 69, 250 406, 301 Battaglia, Phil 267 Bauer, Diane 216 Bauerneis(er, Don 352 Bauman, Henry 254 Bauman, Richard 254 Bavetta, Andrew. 376 Baxter, Frank 440 Beagley, Patty _ 308 Seals, Clillord 350 Bearcrott, Pat 148, 285 Beaumont, Henry „ 253 Becker, Howard 368 Becker, Robert _ 47, 273, 350 Beckett, Ronald _ 134 Bedall, Wynnet 84 Bedell, Nan 296 Bedell, Lee 352 Bedtord, William 235, 352 Bebee, Duane _ 358 Beeman, Charles 350 Beer, Dori( _ _ 295 Beer, Hans 41, 275 Beeson, Carrol 265 Behneman, Doris _ 312 Beidebach, Doug 230 Beisang, Joan 49, 291 Belger, Beffy Jean 304 Beliveau, Margaret 296 Beliveau, Robert 344 Bellah, Ronald _ 254 Belotti, George _ 344 Belyea, Joan 306 Bender, Janet 55, 292, 394 Benedict, Arlene _ 312 Benedict, fiu(h 306, 394 Benjamin. Ben 239, 342 Benner, Bancrolt 344 Bennett, Russell 338 Bennett, Diane- _ „ 306 Bennett, Warren 127 Bennetts, Arthur 366 Bennik, Fred 334 Bensch. Ray 344 Benson, Bonnie _ 292, 394 Benvenisfe, Ar( 283 Benz, Euston 356 Berg, Arlene _ „ _ 274 Bera, Charles 378 Berg, Connie Lu 122. 148, 268,304 Berge, Douglas 326 Berqe, Kent 356 Berger, John 51, 125, 350, 405 Berger, Leonard 272 Betastone, Fred 148 Berke, Gale 295 Berkeley, Connie 292 Berman. Martin 83,368 Berry, Jack 121 Berry, Mouse 356 Besnah, Valerie 289, 293 BesocJre, Forrest 376 Besfer, John 124 BETA ALPHA PSl _ " 251 BETA GAMMA SIGMA 250 BETA THETA PI 334-5 Sethanis, Carol Ann 280, 316 Bethard, Robert 271 Hethurum, Don 134, 370 Beyer. Norman „ 260 Biedehach, Doualas 342 Biedebach, Mark 262, 265, 266 Bilaler, Barbara 280 303 Bilbrey, Don 382 Biles, John 124 Bilharz, Dwiaht 264 Bilheimer, Flave 314 Billi, Rosemary 241 Billops, Carmille 261 Binder, Harold 368 Bindici, flobert 279 Binkley, Chuck 332 Bird, Loren 262, 264 Birntrant, Lee 257 Bishop, Bobbie 303 Bishop, Dick 334 Bishop, Ted 370 Bitar, Virginia 269 Bitbell, Wayne 218 Black, Elmer - 358 Black, Jim 382 Black, Leroy 224 BLACKSTONIAN 268 Blacitwood, Lois 304, 433 Blair, Patricia 320 Blair, William 148 BlaJce, Mike 258 BlaJteslee, Robert 216, 338 Blanchard, Warren 279, 352 Blanche, Kent 53, 332 Bi ' anienburg, Richard 53, 285, 362 Blankinship, Jerry 62, 285, 332 Bleicher, Howard 230 Blelcher, Richard 267, 384 Blevens, Pat 235 Blewett, Mike 356 Blinn, Bruce 51,364 Bliss, Carman 124 Block, Barbara _ 279 Blodgett, Carol 275 Bloom, Edward 332 Bloom, Herbert 273 Bloom, Leonard 257 Bloomlield, Russell 124 Bloomingdale, Jack 342 BLUE KEY 58-9 Blumenthal, Buzz 270 Blumjn, Bob 211 B ' NAl B ' RITH HILLEL FO UNDATION _ 283 Bock, Jacques 348 Boder, Tony „ 370 Bodie, Michael 386 Bodle, Viciy 316 Boege, Barbara 394 Boehm, Joyce 429 Boehm, Lamburf 260 Boggini, Denise 279 Boqhosian, Malcolm 272 Bohning, Daniel 362 Boldman, Kay 318 405 Bole, Frank 51 386 Boiler, Don 51,324,360 Bollman, Barry 366 Bondurant, Arthur 332 Bonetti, Mary Lu 303 Bonnie, William 352 Bonorris, Jim 121 Boos. Betty 55, 314 Booth, Jonine 278 316 Booth, Robert _ 265 Border, Bob 352 Bornsfein, Howard 268 Borolskv, Joel 328 Borra, Alex 332 Borton, Nancy " " 320 Bosworth, Gerald 360 Bowe, Carolyn 113 300 Bowles, Helen _ 3;; Bowman. George 342 Boyce, Jackie 320, 394 Boye, David 265 Boyle, James .ZZ.r324, 358 Boyle, Virginia 312 Boyne, Gilbert T48 360 Brabonf, Robert 253 Brae, Viclor _ 350 Bradlord, Ann..... 291 Brodley, Bud 235, 356 Bradshaw. Samuel 14 ? Brady, Alice 320 Brody, Charles ' 148 Brady. Edward 124 Brae, Vicfor ' " ' ' 273 Brandon, lean 306 Brandt. Eldon 258 Brandt, Keith 40, 47. 376 Brassetl. Cindy 45, 69 Braun. joe 208, 348 Brauligan. Don 348 Bregman, Arnold 273 Breitkeutz. Carol 122 Bremer, Fred 370, 405 Brennan, Connie 292 Bresee, Jane 306 Brettell, Charles 362 Brewster, Cynthia 308 Brewster, Maurice 366 Bridges, Gerald 332 Bring, Murray 39, 40, 62, 138 Briscoe, Don 211,338 Brisebat, Louise 323 Bristow, Erni 372 Britingham, Joy 292 Brilz, Robert 358 Broadwell, Ron 69, 122, 148, 376 Broderick, Dave 342 Broekemeier, Larry 265 Broly, Kenneth 354 Branson, Dick 336 Broolrs, Jim 224 Broomlield, Judy 314 Brothers, Barbara „ 314 Brower, William 148 Brown, Carole 69, 312 Brown, Donald 83, 248 Brown, Eleanor 65, 122, 268, 316 Brown, Eugene 257 Brown, Gail 312 Brown, Henry 257 Brown, LeRoy 253 Brown, Leslie 295 Brown, Minnie 320 Brown, Ron 354 Brown, Bonald 134 Brown, Rosemary 250 Brown, Ted 356 Brown, Vicki _ 283 Browning, Elaine 148 Brownwood, Bruce 266 Bruemmer, R 265 453 Bf-De Brunbeld, Gary 356 Brumleu, Edward 352 Bruner, CoUyn 398 Brunswick, Leonard 84 Bryan, Beverly 45, 308 Bryant, Alma 299 Bryant, Cheryl 314, 405 Bryson - 266 Buchanan, James — 274 Buchanan, Sylvia _ 300 Buck. Gary 372 Buckley, Don 356 Buckley, Leo 366 Buehner, Barbara 241,279,304 Buenzli, Yvonne 55, 314 Bugbee, Howard 62, 370 Bulat, Olga 250 Buls, Betty 300 Bultman, Diand 306 Buntzen, Rod 370 Buonarati, Jack 334 Burgan, Joanne 323 Burge 266 Burger, James - 360 Burgess, James 358 Burgh, Fred 285, 426 Burgoyne, Rock 2J8 Burke, Morton _ 340 Burke, Robert _ _ 336, 405 Burkhart, John _ 284 Burkhead, John 346 Burkman, Mary Jane 55, 308 Burks, Carole 292 Burks, Robert 262, 264, 274 BurneK, Robert - _ 62 Burnham, Mary 307 Burnham, John 372 Burns, Carol 295 Burns, Ernest - 356 Burns, Jerol i2S, 273, 350 Burrough, George 342 Burroughs, Richard _ 352 Burrows, Roger 51, 332 Burton, Bill 346 Burton, Virginia 113, 291 Busch, Marilyn 284, 394 Bushnell, Helen 55, 304 Butcher, Barbra 3J4 Butcher, Sue 280, 303 Butler, Dan 60 Bu( er, David _ 346 Butler, James 278 Butler, Robert 374 Butterheld, Paul 60, 274, 324, 374 Butterlield, Rosalie 49, 318 Button, Barbara 292 Bylin, Jim 370 Byrne - 266 Cade, George 263 Cady, George 104, 374 Cahill, Mike 370 CAHPER 279 Caine, Audrey 405 Calcaterra, Paul 334 Caldwell, Jan 292 Caldwell, Mary Jo 284 Caley, Roger 53, 362 Call, Alan 267 Callan, Jeanne 312 Callen, Ralph 253, 267 Callos, John 348 Cambio, William _ J27 Campbell, Carol 87, 304 Campbell, Charlotte 26 Campbell, Howard 326 Campbell, Judy - 292 Campbell, Zandra 55, 394 Campillo, William 265, 266 Campodonico, Richard 372 Campus Activities 440, 441 Canada, Mary 292 CANTERBURY ASS ' N 282 Cantlen, John _ 360 Cantor, Art 273 Capehart, Tom 324, 346 Caporale, Donald 362 Cardiel, Richard 356 Carey, Diantha _ 3i8 CarJj, Robert 346 Carlin, Leonard 328 Carlisle, Jay 324, 344 Carlos, Bill 284 Carloss, Nancy 318 Carlotti, Diane 45, 6J, 398 Carls, Buddy 255 Carls, Sheldon _ 249 Carpenter, Duane - 253 Carpenter, Rofcert 148, 364 Carr, Nancy 312 Carrere, Leon 342 Carrier, Ken 348 Carrico, Lynn 296 Carroll, Mary 292 Carroll, Robbie 289 Carson, Stephen „ 388 Carter, Charlotte 45, 296 Carter, Harry _ 48 Carter, Hutch 376 Carter, Josephs 37S Case, Donald 84 Case, Ross 258 Case, Sally 308, 394 Casey, Jack _ 47, 65, 342 Casey, James 370, 405 Casey, Rilla 313 Cashion, Dave 354 Cashion, John 354 Casinelli, Michael 370 Caso, Fred 334 Cassidy, Dan 386, 418 Cassidy, Mary Ann 321 Casson. Gary _ _ 376 Casson, Sam 278 Cassriel, Harold 235, 334 Castanon, Mike 208 Castellano, Andy 62, 267 Castendyck, Jeanne 308 Caster, Marylee 394 Castleberg. Grant 283 CattricJc, Elizabeth 27 Caughlan, Perta 49, 320 Cavan, Karen 292 Cawelt, Richard 372 Ceccarelli, Vincent 273 Cecchini, Jim 211, 332 Cecil, Leland J04, 374 Ceiselman, Shirley 69 Ceithaml, George i65 Cence, Pat 29J Cerrej;, Joe 39, 113, 405 Choce, Paula 3 8 Chamberlain, Barbara 61 Chambers, Twig 2J8 Chan, Co Jin 276 Chan, Dan 273 Chan, Eugene 276 Chan. Ying-Lun _ 274 CHANCELLOR _.... 14 Chancellor. Harold 267 Chanda. Leonard 258 Chandler, Ron 277, 360 Chapman, John 83 Chapman, Joan 68, 69, 3J3, 406 Chappel, Richard 370 Chartand, Edwina 303 Zharvat, Jeanne 304 Chase, Lee 253 Chase, Robert 263, 324, 348 Chasin, Joe 26i ChatheJd, Jerry 148 Chelsvig, Alice 314 Chelsvig, Kaye 55 Chen, Jackson 276 Chen, Theodore 276 Cheney, Lynn 374 Cherry, Carol 299 Cherry, Joseph 253 Chew, Richard 344 CHI EPSILON - 264 CHI OMEGA 304. 305 CHI PHI 336, 337 CHIMES 54 CHINESE CLUB 276 Chinn, James — 350 Chong, Willie 113, 238 Chow, Dick 274 Chow, Ted 238 Christensen, Lyle 350 Christensen, Mary . ' 320 Christensen, Richard 342 Christensen, Sara 61, 400 Christian, Adrian 366 Christian, Richard 360 CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORG 282 Christiansen, John 338 Christina, Norman 354 CHRISTMAS PARTY 442-3 Christopher, Meyer 274 Chu, Bob 264, 276 Chumo, Michael 334 Churchilt, George 262 Churton, Maitland 326 Ciccarelli, Vincent 273 CINEMA J40, 141 Cipri otti, Helen 398 Cirillo, Stephen 277 CJaar, Joan _ 292 CJari:, Anne 277, 284 Clark. Dick 51,238, 358 Clark. Don _.... J65 CJari, Fran 292 Ciarit, Fronces 259 Clark, Fred 342 CJarJt, Jim _.... 69 CJarJc, Julie 3J3 Clark, Marshall 2J8, 234, 356 CJari, iVfonte _ 224 Clark, Sarah Ann _ 26J Clark, Stephanie 3J3 CJorJc, Theodore _.... 364 CJarJt, Tom 360 CJarJc, VaJ _.... 260 Clarke, Lean _ 346 CJaunch, Nan _ _ 87,304 Claus, Sterling 274 CJeraents, Lydia _ 275 Clements, Thomas 275 Clendening, Warren 267 Clillord, Jane 49, 3J5 CJine, Hannah _ 26J CJubb, ArJene _ _.... 307 Cobb, Barbara _ 308 Coburn, Murray 218, 234 Cocherell. Tom 362 Cochran, Claire 259 Co Jee, StorJa 49, 281, 247, 318 Collin, Robert 362 Coghlan, ames_ 366 Cohan, J 273 Cohen, Sen _ 283 Cohen, Jam _ 328 CoJbern, Bob 362 CoJburn, Jordan 378 Cole, Diane 292 CoJe, DicJc 342 Coleman. Maggie 308 Collins, Chuck 342 Collins. Jackie 295 Collins. Tony 324 CoJmon, Harvey _ 360 CoJson, JWerwyn 274 Colton. Lee 5J 388 COMMENCEMENT 447 COMMERCE 86-92 Commons, Jell 238 Compton, Dianne 277, 296 Compton, Joel 53, 362 Congdon, Jacque 3J8 Congdon, Jeanne _ 279 Connell, Roy 258 Contreras, Pancho 230, 231 Cook, Eleanor 55, JJ3, 320, 394 Cook, James 83 Cook, Milton _ 264 Cook, Philip _ 338, 429 Cook, Suzanne 283, 29J CooJce, John 258 Cooire, John D J30 CooJi-sey, GJenn 28 J, 285 CooJey, o Ann 285 Coombs, Kathy 278 Cooper. Beverly 394 Cooper, Daniel. 260, 368 Cooper, Marguerite 45, JJ3, Harvey 257 Cope, Ronald 264 CopeJand, Jack 51,362 Cordero, Millie 434 Cordon, William 374 Corea, Harry- J48, 269 CoretJn, SamueJ 230. 378 Corica, Ken 372 CorneJJ, Edna - J09 CorneJJ, Robert 348 Cornez, Arnold 265 Cornhall, Clillord 378 Carry, Margaret Jean JJ3 Corteway, Jack WVc C7 Corwin, Susan 69 ' 08 Cossairt, Larry 354 Gotten, Stephen 380 Couden, Peter — 62 CouJter, John - 346 CouJter, Ray 350 Courteway, Jack 40J Courtney, Larry 53, 62, 362 Courture, flay 258 CoveJI, Dorothy 303 Cover, Harry J34 Cowan, Richard 258 CoyJe, Pat 2i8, 22J, 223 Co;t, Robert 360 Crabbe. Sonde 3J5 Craig, Ron - 382 Craig, Rusty _ 308 Crain, Gordon 253 Cramer, Joan 3J8 Cramsie, Edward 356 Crandall, Carolyn _ 295 Crane, Loch 249, 352 Crane, Nancy 3J8 Crane, Richord 262 Crane, Robert J2I Crawford, Don 87, 340 Crawford, Frank 258 Crawford, Jack 5 J, 340 Crawford, May 26J Crawlord, William j 348 Creasey, Donna 87, 398 Creech, Robert 352 Cteen, John 148 CREW 239 Crider, Shirlee _ 304 Criona, George 354 Crockett, Chuck 34 Cronshaw, Ruth 300 Crook, Nancy 55 CrosJcy, Waiter 267 CROSS COUNTRY 234 Crouch, Darrell J34, 376 Croutch, Bob 30, 139 CrowJ, Charles 374 CrowJ, WiJJiam ' 263, 404 Culbert, Robert 262, 263 Cullingham, Johanne 3J8 Cullingham, Judith 3J8, 398 Currie, Dody 320 CurrJe, Warren 262, 265, 266, 404 Curry, Geraldine 299 Curry, Janey 3J8 Cushman, Ted 84, 2 8, 249 Cusict, Jane 318 Cyrus, Diane 29J D Daarstad, Erik 267, 27J, 275 DahJ, ngo» J49, 269 Dahlman, Robert 332 DAILY TROJAN 426, 431 Dajani. Ali 53, 404 DaJe, Joe S3 Dalton, Jerry _.... 346 DaJuiso, Frank 344 Danciart, Emily 394 Dandy, James 352 Daniels, Carol 303 Daniels, Nancy 3J8 Danner, Arthur 326 Darbonne, Allen - 5J, 386 Darbonne. Rodger - 62 Darnell. Gary 386 Darsie. John 20 Dashjian. Ronald 350 D ' Auria, Ken 350 Daves. Don 62 Davidson. John - 40J Davidson, Sherwin J 257 Davies, Sharon 54, 296 Davis, Beverly 307 Davis. Bob 324, 330 Davis. Chester 53 Davis, Chel - 37 Davis, Gil - 264 Davis, Hugh 263, 264, 358 Davis, John 346 Davis, Mabel 3J8 Davis, Peggy - 320 Davis, Robert 334 Davis, Ronald 380 Davis, Sarah Ann 26J Davis, Shirley 304 Davjson, Claudette 307 Dawtorth, Richard 263 Day, Ben 340 DeCarre, Pat 40, 54, 303 Dean, Arthur 254 Dean, Pamela 323 Dearing, Don 332 Deason, Robert 5J, 340 DEBATE J38, J39 DebJasio, RonaJd 342 DeCareo, Tony 2JJ DecJrer, James 352 Decavette, Reginald i2J Dedeaux, Rod 2J0, 2JJ DEDICATION JO Dee, Georgia 304 Deem, Sydney 60, J04, 265 374, 404 Dehlinger, David 374 Del Rosso, David 358 DeJacco, Gracia - 3J3 Delany, James 60 Delevingne, John 255 DeJos Reyes, Kathleen 35J DELTA CHL 338, 339 454 De-Gl Delia Delta Delia _ _ 306, 307 DELTA GAMMA 308, 309 DELTA KAPPA ALPHA 271 DELTA PHI EPSILON 253 DELTA SIGMA PHI 340, 341 DELTA SIGMA PI 255 DELTA SIGMA THETA 310, 311 DELTA TAV DELTA 342, 343 De Mars, Don 374 Denbohm, Clunie 318, 405 Dennis, Bill 334 Dennis, Shari 307 Denny, Donald 332 DENTISTRY 93, 97 Depew, Ted - 340 DeRevere, Dell - 330 Derkins, Neale 360 Desatott, Morris 84 Detwiler, lerry 53, 262, 264 DeVries, Dirk 342 Devins, Bob 267 Dewhirst, Wayne 332 Diaman, Nick 39, 278 Di Censo, Remo 121 Dick, Julius 328 Dick, Nancy 307 Dickens, Eve 148 Dickey, Everett 148 Dickey, Harrison 332 Dickey, Kenneth 148, 332 Dickie, Howard 263 Dickison, Stanley. i27, 370 Dickman, lerry 378 Dielman, Carolyn 307, 400, 405 Diener, Arnold 426 Dieudonne, Dione...- 49, 247, 308 Dieudonne, George 342 Dildine, Bill 336 Dillon, Ann 29i Dimattio, Anthony 374 Dimond, Jack 354 Dion, Richard 366 Dirkes, Dan 358 Disbman, Jean 3i3 Dishman, Patricia 313 Dixon, Cynthia 49, 307 Dixon, Pat 434 Dixon, Richard 346 Dockweiler, Gretchen 308 DoUase, Arlene _ 323 DoUe, Hodge 370 Dolley, Leland 113 Dolley, Leland 113 Domercq, Pierre 69 Dominguez, Eveyln _ 259 Donaldson, Robert 334 Donnelly, Kay 304 Donnelly, William 360 Donner, Norton 388 Donohew, Michael 208, 344 Doree, Suzanne 315 Dorsey, Bruce 362 Dorsey, Dick 218, 22i Dotson. Rita 49, 280, 284, 303 Doudv, Marsha 284, 296 Dougherty, Robert 121 Douglass, Sam 346 Dourian, Richard 258 Downs, Mickey 342 Dowty. Ed 258 Doxtater, Barbara 304 DRAMA 142-145 Drannon, Jeanette 316 Driver, Gary 344 Droul, Donald 358 Druba, Carl 150 Drummond, Marcia _ 109, 304 Drummond, Mary Lou 55, 285, 307, 394 Dubois, Dan J48 Dubourdieu, Charles 370 Duda, Fountiene 54, 241, 279, 292 DudJey, Jack 382 Dudney, Bill 358 Duey, Dean 255 Du«, Lydia 269 Duke, Bill 258 DuJte, Kenneth - 374 Duncan, Janice — 316 Duncan, John _ 254 Duncan, Marjorie _ 274 Dunkley, faye 55, 313 Dunkley, James 342 Dunne, lack J95, 196, 202, 206 Dunne, Sean _ 271 Duplanty, Ronald 238, 366 Dupuis, Joan 289, 307 Durant, Robert 255 Durfey, Ann 307, 394 Durst, Betty 315, 398 Dutton, Diane 308 Duvall, Gordon 344 Dwyer, Mary Ann 306, 307 Dyche, Patricia _ - 148 Dye, Phillip 195 E E.V.K 394-395 Earner, Richard - 277 Earle,Mimi 308 Eaves, Gene 269 Eberhart, Robert 254 EcirardI, Ann 300 Eckert, John 350 Economa, William.. 47, 125, 273, 350, 404 Eddins, Peggy 308 Edelbrock, Vic 342 Edgerton, Beverly 54, 313 Edmisten, Roberta 320 Edsall, flichard 277, 405 EDUCATION 98-101 Edwards, Dick 258 Edwardsen, Adele 303 Edwardsen, Peggy 55 Elting, Lynn 60, 374 Egan, Jack 218 Ehlers, Nancee 307 Eboinoto, George 62 Ehrenciou, Karin 119 Ehnch, Lou 34, 45, 54, 398 Ehrlich, Poul 257 Eidem, Nancy Lee 61, 323 Eissmann, Harold - 260 Eldredge, Dirk 407 EL RODEO 433-437 Elerding, Charles 121 Eli, Don 121 EUico, flon 372 Ellinghouse, Jerry 382 Ellingson, Darryl 218 Ellington, Sandra 315, 394 Elliott, James 258 Ellis, Don 334 Ellis, Leon 258 Ellis, Nancy 320 Ellis, Tom 274 Ellmore. Gail 292 Eisner, Bob 62 Elston. Charlotte 307 Elwood, Ernest 83 Elwood, Sylvia 318 Emanuel, George 264 Emerzian, Bob 262, 263, 264 Emmons, James 342 Enevik, Ingy 292 Engel, Thomas 382 ENGINEERING 102-106 England, Geollrey 37, 47, 324, 336 Engle, Jo 45, 69, 292 Enfoe, Leslie Joe 260 Enomota, John 277 Enomoto, George 234 Enright, Douglas 255 Eppen, Eugene 386 Erhart, Robert 258 EricJtson, flober( 249 Erickson, Roger 258 Eriinger, Duke 370 Errom 266 Ervin.Fred 274 Escapile, Dave 277 Escobar, Olga 54, 307 Estrada, Jorge 275 ETA KAPPA NU 266 EfJtins, Paul 121 Etter, William 344 Evans, Arthur 277 Evans, John 356 Evans, Rick 238, 354 Evans. Suzanne 278, 304 Evans. William 330 Eve, John 358 Evenson, John 366 Everett. Barbara 49, 247, 398 Everett, Barry 352 Faddis, Bill 211,215 Faesseh. Ibhn 344 Fagerhult, Dennis 51,336 Fagg, Dr. Fred 16 Fagg, Fred 69, 334 Fagslad, Carol 323 Fahrney, Donald... 258 Fairman, Robert 324, 340 Fait, Terryl 296 Falco, Front - 121 Farber, James 376 Farias, Fred 148, 376 Farmer, Edward.. 254 Farnady, Dez - 372 Farrah, Patricia — 250 Farrar, Ruth _ 278 Farrokh, Nasrin 269 Farwell, Marcia _ 318 Faverman, James 125, 273, 406 Fegan, David 376 Fehn, Mathew 340 Feland, Clark 360 Felber, David 47, 368 Fellows, Lloyd 340 Feloney, Joseph 261 Feltman, Harry 376 Fenimore, Elaine 308 Fenmore, Barton 51, 113,388 Fenfon, Mary - 315 Fer, lohn 224, 234, 401 Fero, Dominick - 148 Ferguson, Warren 324,368 Ferrin, William 267 Feser, Ed 274 Fidre, Michael 356 Fields, Shari.. 295 •56 CL UB 72 Finance, Chuck 271,434 Findley. Jack 208, 218 Fine, Alan 328 Finestone, Robert 368 Finigan, Tery 211,212 Finley, David 374 Fiore, Mike 224 Fischer, Carol 295 Fish, Tom 194, 195, 279, 344 Fisher, Ray 354 Fisher. Weston - 281, 284 Fishgrund, Herbert 328 Fisk, Bill 165 Fifzrandolph, Scott 208, 224 Flanagin, Patricia 55,291,394 Fleischer, Eugene- 271 Fleming, Peter. 267 Fletcher, Ron 346 Fleury - 266 Flodin, Judy 292 Flower, Allan 253 Fogel, Leila 320 Fogel, Roy 334 Follico. Ernest 230, 232 Fong, Albert 272 Fong, Henry 272 Fong, Hugh 276 Ford, Molly 49, 61 Fordis, Norman 273 Fornaserd, Frank 350 Forresi, Carl 261 Forsgren, Dean 342 Forster, Donald 265 Foss, James 340 Foster, David 273 Foster, floberl 69, 348 foster. Royal 376 Fountain. Ed 334 Fowler. Diane 307 Fox, Charles 265 Fox, Edward 53, 388 Fox, Howard 254 Fox, John 354 Frageman, Hulen 104 Francis, Robert 119 Franco, Joseph 3 Franicbevich, Kathy 296,400 Frank, Barbara 34 Frankhanel, Rosemary 55 Franklin. Zeleen 311 Franz, Pat 405 Eraser, John 360 Frawley. John 376 Frazier, Lyman 84 Frederick, Ramona 394 Fredericks, Tom 277 Fredrick, Mona 292 Fredricks, Gene 39, 254, 285, 407 Free. David 354 Free, George 356 Freeman, Barry 356 Freeman, John 272, 273, 350 Freeman, Marlene - 295 Freeman, Mary 318 Fremling, Chester 358 Frenette, Marilyn 55 FRESHMEN 418-421 Freudenthal, Jean 54, 289, 295 Frick, Marilyn 34, 49, 279, 303 Friedline, Marcia - 320 Friedman, Nate 368 Friel, Patricia 307 Friend, Zachary 257 Friesen, Edwin 374 Frisk, Charles 342 Froehlich, Linda 295 Frost, Jack 53, 125, 350 Frost, John 273 Fryar, Dorothy 55 Fryar, Paul 104, 374 Fryer, William 362 Fuelling, Thomas 356 Fujino, Jim 272, 277 Fukuda, Jan 34, 45, 57 259, 394 Fuller, Brice - 332 Fuller, Dick 358 Fuller, Marilyn 320 Fuller, Winston 326 Fulmer, Richard 263 Fume, John 406 Puncheon, Nan — . 313 Goal, 266 Gacsaly, Alex 258 Gaede, Janet 122, 268, 398 Gage, Merrell 140 Galdden, Joanne 405 Galey, Bruce 366 Gallagher, Louise 304, 400 Gallez. Douglas 271 Galusha. Frank 338 Galyean, Arthur 374 GAMMA PHI BETA 312-313 Gandaubert, Darleen 394 Gannon, Daniel 113, 336 Garcia, Alfred 271 Gardner, Susan 295 Gardner, Theodore 47, 69, 348 Garr, John 267 Garris, Stan 370 Garrison, Jack 47, 104, 263, 405 Garson, Richard 348 Garter, jody 307 Garton, William _ 261 Garza, Beatriz 250 Gaskill. Jean 382 Gaspard, Don 326 Gassman, Steven 84 Gauthier, Jean 354 Gazzaniga, Donald 386 Gazzaniga, Marjorie 320 Geanakopoulos, Lillian 278 Gearing, Jack „ 350 Gebler, Howard 267 Gebson, David 284 Gee, Essie 261 Geer. Charles 104, 263, 374 Geiselman, Shirley 45, 259, 292 Geiser, Grefel 303 George, Bob 401 George, Rosa Lee - 300 Geronimi, Gary 356 Gershenson, Dave 30, 47, 405, 424 Gerson, Morton 267 Gerst, Bob 36, 37, 47, 59, 211 214, 324, 380 GeseJl, Regina 308 Getschine, Nanci 54, 261 Gewecke, Roger 376 Ghallari, Faranak _ 113,275 Cbio, Donna _ 69, 308 Cbio, Robert 348 Gibbs, Don 334 Gibson. Ann 55, 318 Gibson. Arnold 344 Gibson, Christa 304 Gibson, David 39 Gilbert, Anita 300 Gilbert, Larry 224 Gilchrist, Geo 366 Gil Del Real, Joaquin 47, 239. 348 Gillespie, Don 258 Gillette. Waldo 364 Gillespie. Margie 320 Gilliat, Richleigh 60, 263 Gilmour, Ernie _ 39, 433 Gilmour, Roy 432 Cilston, Marshall 272, 273 Girvin, Barbara 49, 323, 432 Gittelson, Barry 249 Givens. Jolly 308, 394 Gladden, Joanne 313, 398 Glanz, Gail 113,291 Glasbrenner, Louie 384, 431 Glass, Mary 247, 398 Glass Paul 148 Glass, Rita 113, 291 Glazman, Leon 257 Gleberman, Frank 65, 376 Glenn, Elizabeth- - 320 455 Gl-In GJenn, Roger 384 Click, Dave 401 Glickman, Marcia 295 Glidden, lane - 109 G idden, Mary 292, 398 Glotlelly, Doreen 69, 270 Goddard, Weil 273 Godde, Sandra 394 Godtrey, Nancy 308 Goebel, Yvonne 304 Goerss, Rev. Ron 283 Goertzen, lack 267 Golboll. Alex 350 Goldberg, Harris 380 Goldman, lake - 380 Goldman, lohn 257 Goldman, Robert 258 Goldsmith, Yoland 323 Goldstyne, Samuel 328 GOLF 235 GoiiJ:, Geraid 338 Gong, Coriy 276 Gonfier, Arlhur 47, 69, 364, 424 Goode, Carolyn 313 Goodhart, Gordon iJ9 Goodman, Richard 380 Goodson, Raiph 60, 278 Goodwin, Corneha 55, 282, 318, 394 Gordon, Don 53, 386 Gordon, Donald 332 Gordon, Hani 69, 388 Gordon, loan 295 Gordon, Robert 18 Gordon, Sue 295 Gore, Beverly - 280, 3)6 Gorsiine 266 Gortner, Bill 342 Gorzeman, Ron 342 Gottlieb, Selvyn 273, 380 Gould, Moxley 5i Grado, FranJt 260 GRADUATE SCHOOL 107 Grahom, GaiJ 49, 292 Graham, Mardel 296 Graham, Robert 350 Graner, Waliy 332 Grant, RaJph 384 Grant, Ronni _ 295 Grant, Shirleen _.... 299 Granz, Peter 384 Grafrix, Bill 263, 264 Graves, Alan _ 332 Graves, Charles 236, 237 Graves, William 262, 264 Gray, lohn 336 Grayston, Frederic 20 Green, Al 352 Green, Barbara 65, 295 Green, Harvey 257 Green, lohn 269 Green, ludy 30 Green, Sheryl 269 Greene, Milton 328 Greenbaum, Lew 273 Greenwood, Chuck 241 Greer, Lawrence 277 Gregory, Edward 262, 266 Gregory, Wes 278 Grenawalt, Margaret 315 Gresham, Tim 279 Gribben, Walter 282 Griepentrog, Don 372 Gritiin, Bob 270 Griilin, Donald 84, 85, 264 Griffin, Kenneth 273, 350 Griilin, Robert 69, 346 Griffin, Walker 386 Griffith, Hoyt 282 Grinspan, Nathan 257 Grippi, Richard 364 Griswold, Lida 304 Groat, Carole 318 Grobman, Gene 273 Gross, Vicky 55, 284 Grossman, Kathleen 308 Gruhb, lames 358 Grubb, Roland _ 258 Gruispan, Nate 257 Grumbles, Barbra 398 Grunt, lanine 308, 394 Guenther, lulie 278, 323 Guentner, Bernard 258 Guevara, Al 83, 382 Guffey, Ken 208 Guiid, Elspeth 275 Guliicison, Verne 258 Gulliver, Victor 340 Gundersen, Knut 283 Gustoveson, Dick 258 Gutermann, Sue 55, 394 Gulhmann, H. J 267 Gustalson, Sue 313 Guyle, lames 208, 279, 362 GYMNASTICS _.... 236-238 H Haase, Barbara 54, 320 Habect, lerry 326 Habertelde, Barbara _ 307 Haherger, Albert 127 Haberman, Stanley 277 Hacker, Dorothy 308 Hackett, Karen 55, 316 Hackman, Adrienne 295 Haddad, Marian 45, 313, 405, 408 Haddock, loyce 296 Hadley, Bonnie 55, 3J8, 394 Hadley, Kent 211, 214, 338 HadJey, Miiton 267 Haggerty, Owen 47, 254, 324, 354 Hagny, Mary lane 394 Hagy, Gerald 346 Hair, Sheila 69, 280, 316 Hake, Suzanne 54, 316 Halbach, Carl 262, 263, 264 Halderman, Bob 334 Halderman. Dick 47, 334, 404 Halderman, Robert 47 Haley. Gaynette 292 Halgren, Itll 3J8 Half, Carol 292 Hall, Darlene 300, 425, 429 Hall, Frank 366 Hall, lames 326 Hall, Roberta 296, 299 Hall, Tillman 240 Holier, Grelchen 45, 87, 313 Halpern, Barry 378 Halverson, lohn - - 334 Hamilton, Douglas 258 Hamilton, lohn 260, 366, 382 Hamilton, Lawrence 262, 265, 266 Hammatt, Maryanne 296 Hammond, Michael 354 Hamor, Glenn 124, 273 Hampton, lerald 360 Hanawalt, Robert 376 Hancey, Arlene 55 Hancock, Barbara 307 Hanewinckel, Doyle 348 Hankey, Eugene 262, 266 Hanlon, Ed 352 Hansen, Donald 350 Hansen, Margaret 55, 303 Hansing, Fred 260 Hanzlik, lohn 364 Hardin, Sandra 300 Harding, Gary 352 Harding, William 148 Hargett, Thomas 47, 354 Hargrove, Barbara 261,284 Harker, Carol 308 Harkiss, Sam 260 Harley, Eugene 268 Harling, Russ 218 Harman, Beverly 284 Harmon, Robert 218, 356 Haro, Al 401 Harper, Shelley 307 Horpster, Barbara 315 Harrington, Gerald 344 Harris, Betty 394 Harris, David 273 Harris, Don 360 Harris, Leon 2J8, 356 Harris, Marvin 354 Horns, Potty 318 Harris, Roger 366, 388 Harris, Samuel 255 HARRIS PLAZA 400 Harrison, Kaye 55, 313 Harrison, Kenneth 148 Harrison, Margaret 274 Harrison, Tom 39 Hart, Parker 260. 358 Hart, Richard 362 Hart, Wilmo 295 Hartman, Arthur 257 Hartman, Ronald 380 Hartwig, Ray 119 Harvey, Brian 401 Harvey, Frederick 334 Haskell, lanell 55 Haskell, Richard 59, 324, 382 Haskins, Lou 258 Hasson, oe 369 Hastings, Margie 318 Hatch, lames 271, 382 Hatch, yon 267 Hotlield. Howard 263, 264 Hathcock, Allen 125, 273, 324, 404 Hathcock, Charles 47, 350 Hatzeson, Tom 258 Hough, Stanley 366 Hauser, Larry J95, 198, 202 Hausmann, Lorraine 49, 308 Houswald, Herb 87, 340 Hawes, Philip 366 Hawkes, Dana 340 Hawkins, Elizabeth 318, 398 Hawkins, Ron 224 Hawks, Donna 292 Hayes, Curtis 148 Hayman, Peter 382 Hayne, Carol _ 259 Haynes, lean 291 Hoynes, Thomas 277 Haynes, Thorpe 346 Hayutin, David 277 Hazzard, Rutledge 264 Healy, lack 139 Heap, Edward 267 Heaton, Culver 330 Heaton, Howard 264 Heaton, lames 346 Heckler, George 265, 360 Hedrich, Skip 334 Heiken, Marge 274 Heilbron, Doreen 398 Heilman, Mary 49, 308 Heilpern, Roger 382 Hein. Mel 165 Heintzelman, Mary 316, 405 Heisey, lack 254 HELENS OF TROY 73 Hellmers, Earl 253 Helms, Feppy 54, 282, 316 Helms, Margaret 3J6 Helms, Mary 84, 85 Hemphill, Bryan 342 Henderson, lames 382 Henderson, Pete 354 Henry, Carol 45, 54, 307 Henry, lames _ 360 Hensen, Skip 39 Herbest, lerry 356 Herman, lack 338 Hernandez, Ray 338 Herrera, Carl 260 Herrera, Gilbert 284 Harrington, Donald 285 Herrmann, lohn 364 Herron, Arlene 260 Herscher, Anita 45, 69, 99, 320 Hersh, Sharlene 49 Herz, Howard 380 Hess, Lawrence 265 Hewiclrer, lim 362 Hewitt, William 238, 348 Hickey, lames - 346 Hicks, Gail 320 Hicks, Georgia 3J8 Hickson, Ernest 354 Higashi, Paul 262, 265 Higas, Robert 342 Hilde, Bob 208 Hildenbrand, Richard 40, 47, 65, 87, 324, 376, 405, 425 Hill, lanet 307, 394 Hill, less 164 Hill, Mary Lou 148 Hill, Paul 350 Hillen, Bob 239 Hillinck, Bill 270 Hillman, Diane 313 Hillock, oe 352 Hiliyer, Howard 148, 269 Hinckley, William 366 Hine, Dorothy 261,300 Hinshaw, Forrest 263 Hinshilwood, Milt 354 Hinsvork, Don 47, 69, 326 Hirata, ToshiJto 276, 277 Hirsh, Herb 65, 87, 405 Hirt, Charles 152 Hirth, lohan 313 Hitt, William 350 Hiura, Clarence 272, 277 Hix, Ernie 346 Hobbs. Louella 148 Hobbs. Robert 260 Hoberg, lerome 63 Hodgins, Thomas 346 Hodgson, Ann 304 Hoeck, Mike 211 Hoeneman, Norma 318 Hollert, Kenneth 376 Hoffman, Arlys 55, 308 Holiman, Rev. J. Ogden 282 Hollmon, Ralph 258 Holiman, Valley 320 Hogan, lohn 344 Hogeland, Richard 352 Hogue, Don 372 Hokum, Robert 336 Hollinger, Glen 382 HoUingsworth, Bob 218 Hollmgsworth, David 356 Hollowoy, lack 340 Holman, Pari 83, 338 Holmes, Nedra 31 J Holmes, Sally 307 Holt, Darrell 334 Holt, Eugene 378 Holt, lames 352 Holt, Skip 366 Holtricbter, lohn 284 HOMECOMING 440-1 Honda, Frank 265 Honig, Martin 388 Hood, Lonnie 342 Hookstratton, Patricia 296, 398 Hoopes, Fred 260 Hopkins, Thomas 332 Hoppe, Larry 352 Hopper, Dennis 47, 324, 352 Hopper, Sheilah 315 Horaceic, Gilbert 342 Hornibrook, Barbara 315 Horowitz, Hal 378 Hoslord, Harlow 148 Hoshaw, Barbara 296 Houghton, ludy 55, 303, 394 Houghton, Tom 258 Houser, Bonnie 315 Houser, Bud 356 Houston, Michael 53 Howard, Robert 239, 360 Howard, William 342 Howatt, Clarke 262, 263, 264 Howell, Dick 356 Howell, nil 55, 320, 394 Howells, Burt 342 Howiler, William 360 Howser, Fred 51,346 Hubbard, Fmley 370, 405 Hubbell, Sandra 308 Hubert, Parker 352 Hubert, Robert 352 Huddleson, Richard 386 Hudson, loann 304 Hull, Arlene 318 Huilman, lim 285 Huggins, Patricia 304 Hughes, Al 401 Hughes, Ben 324, 386 Hughes, Bradley 356 Hughes, John 260 Hughes, Ron 47, 352, 405 Hukill, lames 338 Hulbeck, Thomas 376 Hulme, Michael 342 Humphreys, Pat 332 Hunsdorler, Diane 55, 320, 394 Hunt, Diane 55, 320 Hunt, Edgar 124 Hunter, Dons 405 Hunter, Thomas 326 Hunter, Willis 218, 224, 235 Huntley, lames 344 Huntsman, Ben 283 Hurley, Mary Lou 282, 296 Hursey, Barbara 61,250,285,398 Hurst, James ,.... 370, 405, 408 Hurtodo, Corydon 354 Hushower, Thomas 264 Huss, Robert 254 Husted, Roll 362 Husted, Sigrid 49, 315, 398 Huston, Dick 324 Hutchinson, Clement 148. 269 Hvasta, lohn 271 Hyink, Bernard 18 Hylin, Sam 271 Hyman, Charles 378 Hyman, Herbert - 257 Hyslop, Nancy 69, 308 Hysong, Barbara 65, 87, 316 Ibbetson, lim 372 Ibbetson, Lloyd 372 Idelshon, Sonne 285 Inauye, Lillian 276 INDEPENDENTS 38-9 Inlield, Carol 283 Ingalls, Susan 313 456 Iri ' Le Ingram 266 Inouye, AHeen 276, 277 INTER FRATERNITY COUNCIL 324-5 INTERCULTURAL CLUB 275 INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS 41 Iradji, Ami 41 Irvine, Barbara 54, 304 Irwin, Ralph 342 Isham, Sandra 320 Isherwood 211 Ishioka, Tom 272 Ishu. Dean 277 Ivanofi, Ronald 358 Ives, Terry 342 Ivory, Charlotte 398 Iwanga, Russell 84 lUDICIARY - 40 lUNIORS 404-411 K J Jacinto, Benjamin 358 lackson, Bill 87, 342 Jackson, Florence 401 Jackson, Prudence 308 Jacob, Gene 307, 431 Jaccby, Michel 257 Jacques, Charles 258 Jaehn, Carol 323 Jaiie, Philip 370 Jabnke, Joan 45, 313, 439 Jallow, Abdul Hazzak 37, 41, 27S James, Jesse 279 Jameson, Viva 34, 45, 54, 308 lames, Dustin 267 Jani, Robert 69, 326, 440 Jantz, Ray 254 Jares, Joseph 208, 344 Jarvis, Ralph 5J,360 Jasperson, Dolores 307 Jay, Larry 370 Jebbia, Joseph 382 Jenkins, Gordon 370 Jennings, Jim 344 Jensen, Joni 320 Jensvold, Glenn 84 lessee, Ted 254 Jessup, Russ 258 o, Mae 261,277 loe. David 276 Joasberg, Josephine 398 lohnson, Barbara 241, 291 Johnson, Beverly 283 Johnson, Bruce 270, 352 Johnson, David 113, 278, 386 Johnson, Edward 104, 274, 360, 407 Johnson, Eugene 332 Johnson, Gary 39 Johnson, Gretchen 320 Johnson, Howard 356 Johnson, Jean 291 Johnson, John 148 lohnson, Kathleen 308, 394 Johnson, Lyman 370, 405 Johnson, Richard 263, 264, 364 Johnson, Robert 47, 87, 340, 386 Johnson, Roy 358 Johnson. Sue 313, 398 lohnson, Valerie 55 Johnson, Wayne 375 Johnston, Carole 292 Johnston, Carroll 84, 248 lohnston, Linda 269 Johnston, Bill 267 Jollie, Paul 47, 104, 274, 380 Jolson, Billie 295 Jones 266 Jones. Barbara 6 , 261, 285, 400 Jones, Dale 218 Jones, Elizabeth Nordvirall 57 Jones, Jim 258 Jones, Lewis 376 Jones, Lynne 3J6 Jones, Norman 254 Jones, Robert 334, 342 Jones, Shirley 307 Jones, Sybil 307 Jones, Tom 342 Jones, Webster 254 Jones, Zorado 311 Jordan, Marcay _ J48 ordan, Tom- 258 iornlsma, Nellie 87, 250, 278, 323, 406 loscelyn, Ann 315 Joscelyn, Virginia 313 Josele, Eslela 250 Josi, Robert 342 ;u, Fred 276 Julias, Chris _ - 334 Kagawa, Youko 261 Kahle, Lynn 122 Kahn, Charleme 279, 295 Kaitschuck. Kenneth 69, 254 Kaskura, Hanio 274 Kalan, Arnold 380 Kalpakian, Harriett 45, 57 Kalustian, Richard 230 Kamayatsu, Aiko 24J Kamm, Albert 60 Kamp, Ken i48, 348 Kampen, Kenneth 340 Kane, Gretchen 278 Kane, James 148 Kaplanis, Peter 352 Kapow, Bob 332 KAPPA ALPHA 344-5 KAPPA ALPHA THETA 3 4-5 KAPPA DELTA 3i6-7 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA 318-9 KAPPA PI 249 KAPPA SIGMA 346-7 Karyn, Jim 113,354,426 Karl, Edith 303 Karpman, Maxine J39 Karsh, Patricia 295,394 Karson. Burt 122,269 Kashare, Robert 360 Kastew, Don 370 Kastner, Gerald 360 Kates, Howard 380 Kato, Ray 272 Katz, Herbert 83, 84 Katz, Mary 47 Katz, Nancy 295 Kaulman, Jim _ 195 Kautman, Marcus 267, 405 Kautmann, Kenneth 267 Kaye, Jerry 435 Kaylor, David 326 Keagy, Karen 45, 69, 113, 268, 278. 304, 439 Kean, Frances 304 Keane, Bill 356 Keating, Marylyn 57 Keck, Gary 53, 332 Keester, Bob 211 Kehart, Charlotte 320 Kehle, Gerald 376 Keim, Robert 364 Keith, John 346 Keith, Leonard 238, 334 Keller, James 255 Keller, Robert 378 Kelley, Malcolm 356 Kellogg, Anne 29J Kellogg, Janet 313 Kelly, Edwin 384 Kelly, Robert 258 Kelmar, Philip 369 Kelsey, Mark 352 Kelsey, Robert 238, 364 Kelso, Donald 273, 35 Kenaston, James 344 Kensrick, Kenneth 376 Kennedy, Jack 241, 342 Kenney, James 257 Kenster, Tom 254, 431 Kent, Bob 31 Kent, Carolyn 320 Kent, Don 332 Kent, Gary 352 Kenyan, David 267 Kern, Homer 224, 360 Kerns, Marilyn 398 Keslar, James 263, 264, 366 Kesling, Janie 34, 300 Kessel, Lawrence 254 Kewell, Robert 342 Khachigian, Ronald 332 Khalila, Isa 267 Khankan, Ghazi 255 Kidd, B. C- 113 Kilchmann, Margarite 261 Kilkelly. Jack 344 Killian, Charles 344 Kim, Lillian 276 Kimball, Kenneth 262, 264 Kimato, Hayato 272, 277 Kind, Donald 265 King, Cammie 34, 45, 57, 289, 314 King, Carol _ 296 King, Francis 264 King,Karin 320 King, Marianne 54, 148, 268, 398 Kingsley, Tom 51, 382 Kinkead, Joseph 255 Kinney, Marilyn 318 Kinsey, Carl 47 Kircher, Jean 315, 398 Kircher, Judith 315, 398 Kirchner, Catherine 124 Kirk, Barry 271 Kirkby, Charles 2J8, 219, 220 Kirkman, Robin 271 Kirkpatrick, Loy 364 Kirman, Connie 45, 308 Kirn, Kenneth 87, 254 Kirshner, Mervyn 5J, 388 Kirtland, Richard .47, 68, 69, 254, 282, 352 Kirtland, Robert 352 Kish, Steve 255 Kisner, Ken i48, 382 Kitchen, Bruce 2i8, 362 Kittle, Ray 344 Kitzmiller, Ed 358 Klaas, Susie 308, 394 KlakoH. Stephanie _ 61 Klein, Bud i48 Kleinbery, Marin 257 Kleinhammer, Dorothy 398 Kliman, Myron 257 Kline, James 211, 362 Kline, Marshall 134 Klose, John 376 Kloster, Paul 364 :;uge, Arnold 340 Klumb, Fred 47, 342 Klupta, Catherine 133, 304 Knight, Carl 435 Knight, June 289, 322 KNIGHTS 46-7 Knopi, Merton 284 Knudsen, Larry 51, 326 Koehler, Patricia 49, 65, 282, 316 Kogrit, Steve 258 Kolkhorst, Carolyn 313, 394 Koll, Mary 303, 394 Kollanse, Donald 265 onduros, Diana 55 Koo, Anna 274, 276 Korach, Irving 378 Korinke, Robert 47, 386 Korman, Elaine 269 Korn, Arthur 210, 279, 362 Kornblalt, Al 257 Kornblay, Donald 257 Kosott, Sonnie 277 Kostlan, Frank 324, 343 Kostlan, Herb 343 Kotsikos, Mary 313, 405 Kountz, Ernestine 299 Kouri, Denny 360 Koutny, Caryl 307 Kozell, Corinne 284, 3-8 Kragstad, Margie 87 Keain, George 435 Krakover, Sue 55 Kramer, Carol 295 Kramer, Herman 273 Krantz, Connie 300 Kranz, Douglas 343 Krasel, Ted 334 Kraude, Wesley 121 Kraus, Joe 366 Kraus, Owen 37, 47, 69, 254, 324, 344, 407 Krause, Bob 270 Krebs, Don 340 Ifreiger, Allan 324, 356 Kretz, Richard 370 Krieger, Charles 382 Kriss, Chuck 346 Krodell. Pat 292, 394 roeger, loan 316 Krogstad, Margie 304 Krone, Max 269 Krueger, Dennis 224, 401 Kruse, Jon 366 Kubas, John 366 Kuhle, Marilyn 308 Kubo. Don 277 Kuchel, Dorothy 34, 45 Kuhn, Gail 55, 320, 394 Kuhns, Grant 371 Kurlak. Wayne 352 Kurland, Harold 283 Kurtz, Sam 260 Kusanovich, Mark 362 Kuskey, Garvan 59, 376 Kyle, Patricia 313 Kyser, Jack 62 Labin, Herbert 270 Labow, Barbara 295 Lachman, Richard 354 Lacterman, Rita 394 Ladd, Bob 37, 39 Ladd, Dwight 104 Lall, Lorna 61, 281. 398 Lallin, Jack 353 Lalontaine, Robert 148 Laird, Mary 30, 45, 54, 320, 405, 424 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA 348-9 LAMBDA KAPPA SIGMA 274 Lambert, Georgia 291 Lambie, Lynne 303, 394 Lamont, Cheri 313 Land, Charles 262 Landau, Judy 295, 398 Lane, Daniel „ 334 Lane, Francine 138 Lane, Jackie 291 Lane, Tommie 315 Lang, Chuck 264 Lang, Dennis ' 344 Lang, Edward 262, 264 Lang, Elroy 371 Lang, Ronald 343 Langlois, Gordon 344 Lanni, Richard 334 Lapoite, Diane 113, 304 Laraneta, Ronald 348 Larey, Victor 344 Largrua, Shirley 65 282 Larrabee, Mike 218, 222, 223 Larry, Judy 292 Larsen, Bonnie 304 Larson, Duene 358 LAS .;:;;■ iii-7 Lauts, Marilyn 308 Lavine, Ronald 378 LAW 108-10 Lawrence, Charles 382 Lawrence, Elbert 121 Lawrence, Lenora 272 Lawson, Bob 218, 336 Lowson, Charles 53, 282 Lawson, Dave 148 Laxineta, Stephen 380 Laycox, Donald 375 Layne, Stephen J48 Lazar, Sheldon 329 Lazzaro, Anthony 20 Leach, Clyde 258 Leoch, David 384 Leach, Joanne 291 Leach, Judith 55, 307 Leahy, Ann 320 Learned, Lynn 320 Leavey, Kathleen 315, 405 LecJ:ie, Bernard 353 Ledesma. Fernando 218 Ledlord, Merl US Ledlord, Roy 121 Lee, Bob 344 Lee, Ginner 34 Lee, Kay 274 Lee, Lawrence 276 Lee, Lewis 272 Lee, Morgan _ 378 Lee, Peter Ug Lee, Rachel Ann 426 Lee, Richard 148, 281, 283 Lee, Robert 326 Lee, Virginia 45, 57, 308 Leeder, Wanda 292 Leiiengwell, Nancy 259 Lehman, Patricia 148 Leidy, Phyllis 261 Leikwold, Norma 61, 400 Leland, Lorenzo 281,282 Leimbach, Chuck 372 Lemaitre, Yves 230, 231, 232 LeMay, Gen. Curtis E 447 Lemmon, Gene 271 Lenard, Bob 426 Leonard, Clark 360 Leonard, Janet 283 Leonian, Leon 267 Lester, Charles 371 Lester, Kay 313 Leth. John 360 Letl, Dennis 336 Levaci, Walt 218, 221 Leventhal, Roy 405 Lever, Mary 273 457 Le ' Mu Levin, Henry 257 Levine, Marvin 257 Levine, Norman 378 Levine. Tema 247, 295 Levinsky, Robert 277, 388, 405 Levitt. Myrna 295, 394 Levy, Marvin - 273 Levy, Shirley 295 Levy, Steve _ 401 Lew, Jose 119 Lew, Mary Len 276 Lewis, Arthur 354 Lewis, Larry 37, 104, 274, 405 Lewis, Lawrence 47 Lewis, Ludie 55, 285, 320, 394 Lewis, Norman 53 Lewis. Rodney 265 Libby, Hal 407 Lichty, Lawrence 360 Lidtke. Donald 255 Liebovitcb, Enc 283 Liets, Louis 84, 248. 249. 344 Light. Morton 260, 369 Lilly. Charles 387 Lindberg, Carol 55, 303. 400 Lindiey, Everett 344 Lindley. Margaret 303 Lindsay, Gary 271 Lindsley, Arlen 254, 285 Ling. Shun 260, 276 Lingon, Stan 333 Linkletter. Jack 334 Linstord, Byron 146 Lipp. Ann 49. 318 Liscom, Linda 55, 308 Lister, Thomas 353 Litwin. Helen 300 Llyeda,Ailo 277 Llyeda. Chiyo - 277 Lobach, Larry 360 Lockie. Lynn 315 Lockman, Richard 346 Lockwood. Alice 291, 418 Lockwood, Carson 334 Lotthouse, William 260 Lofting. Christopher 278 Logan. Jill 313 Logue, Robert 253 Long. Bill 344 Long. Kay 84, 85 Long. Robert 375 Long. Sheila 289, 303 Loo. Jo Ann 276, 277, 398 Loos, James 344 Lopez, Ramon 224 Lorenz, Heno 366 Loshin, David 283. 369. 432 Loth. Betty 3i5 Lott. Jessie 292 Loudermilk. Raquel 313, 394 Louie, Benjamin 276 Lovrich, Jack 195 Lowdermilk, Jerry 258 Lowe, Edmund 273 Lowe, Lois _ 299 Lower, Robert 360 Lownsdale, Robert 356 Loy, Ronald 356 Loyd. Robert 26J Lumbleau, John 253 Luff. Earl 366 Lui, Elbert 276 Lumbleau. John 253 Lundeberg, Stephen 330 Lunderman, Victor 261 Lunn, James 37. 51. 375 Lupayne, Richard 273, 351 Lusk, James 262, 266, 285 Lusk. Wilber 264 Lusker, Steven 258 LUTHERAN ORGANIZATION 283 Lyman. Marilyn 45. 250. 300. 405 Lyons, Doris 320 Lyons, Helene 398 Lytle, Jack 258 M Mabee, Eleanor 315 Mabry, Elizabeth 113, 307 MacCaul, Bruce 364 MacDonald, Barbara 303, 394 MacDoriald, Jerry 258 MacFarlane, Robert 69, 113, 382 Mackay, William 53, 366 Mackey, Lee 398 MacMillan, A 265 Macmillian, Archie 262, 266 Maddux, James 40, 47, 59, 69, 217, 218, 254, 279, 371, 404 Mader, Donna 400 Madera, Gerald 47, 376 MADRIGALS J52 Madsen, Charlotte 308 Magargee, Donald 84 Magdaleno, Esther 250, 284 Maggio, Carl 211,344 Maginnis, Bardon 254, 360 Maginnis, Betty 49, 308 Magrill, MoUie 29 Maijala, Doug 218 Mailman, Kenneth 273 Maiorano, Russ 258 Majewski, John 254 Makinson, Handell 84, 85, 248, 249 Ma;;, Carl 53 Mallory, Robert 273, 351 Malloy, Gary 344 Malmjuist, Emil 360 Malone, lone 21 Moloney, Bob 344 Maloul, Albert _ 258 Maloul, Carol _ 307 Maloul. Ronald 53, 354 Manasse, Polly 283 Mandala, Mark 358 Mandelbaum, Art „ 277 Mandl, Theodore 254 Mandorn, Medhat 271 Mandour, Medhat 53 Manley, Bernie 238 Mann, Patricia 295 Manslield, Jacqueline 269 Manstield, Marilyn 269 Manuel, Lee 354 Marangi, Len 267 Marantz, Ronald 273 Marchant, Jerri 303 Marcum, John 258 Margolis, HaL 283 Mariani, Ted 324 Marikian, Joe 356 Marin, Paul 277 Marino, Don 330 Markham, Guy 354 Marks, Walter 376 MARKS HALL 401 Marquez, Arnold 2J J, 279 Marr, Ruthanne 45, 69, J13, 304 Marrange, Len J09 Marrero, Ramon 60 Marsden, Jack 69, 254, 37J Marsden, Sally 318 Marsh, Andrew 267 Marsh, Devonne 34, 40, 313 Marsh, Donna 313 Marsh, King _.. 258 Martin, Betty 3i8 Martin, Chris 119, 121 Martin, Dan 343 Martin, Gail Ji3, 304 Martin, Henriette 405 Martin. John 254 Martin. Katherine 26J Martin, Ray 2J8, 222, 336 Martin, Richard 248, 334 Martin, Roxey 113, 296 Martin, W 260 Martinet. Paul 376 Martinez, Carlos 47, 324, 372 Martini. Rose 55, 394 Marvin, Henry 358 Marvin, Paula 87, 318 Mason. Anthony 5J, 375 Mason, Joan 69, ii3 Mastin, Edgar 346 Masuda, Daulat 53, 59, 271 Matheny, Richard 343 Mathes, Burke 343 Mathes, Mary Fay 318 Matsuno, Masayoshi 272, 273, 277 Matthes, Albin 358 Matthews, Jo 284, 318 Matloon. Paul 267 Matuskey, George 326 Matzner, Jean 3J3, 398 Maurer, Tom 358 Mauriello, Ralph 348 Max, William 5J, 330 Maxson, Glenn 265 Maxson. Sevin 265 Maxwell. Jean _ 303 Maxwell. Thomas 360 Mayer, William 260 Maymudes. August 273 Mayo. Shari 282, 296 Mayorga, Lincoln 148 Mays, Richard 340 Mazzuca, Joe 271 McAdoo, Dick 65 McAllister, Richard - „ S3 McArthur, Sally 304 McBee. Susie 45, 57, 307, 424, 427 McBride. June 49 McCall. Barbara 87, 398 McCallister. Bob 235 McCallister. Mary 303 McCandliss. Sandra 259 McCarthy, Michael 360 McCarthy, Tom 267, 406 McCartney, Charles 267 McCIanahan, Mary 296, 394 McCIintock, Barbara 274 McCluer, Betty 304, 400 McClung, Julie 289, 308 McClure 266 McCIure, Marilyn 3i8 McClure, Robert 69, 326 McClure, Scott 353 McCoJJum, Joan 261 McCormick, Gary 2J6, 338 McCormick, Mary 45, 3J8 McCorvey, Donald 387 McCulIoch, Nancy 3J5 McCuminskey, Robert 35i McCurdy, Sandra 29J McDavid, Don 69, 87, 324, 384, 407 McDermott, Patrick 51, 382 McDermott, Tom 283 McDonald, Joan 318 McDonald. Marilyn 34, 318, 394. 395 McDonald. Michael 349 McDonald. Rail J48, 372 McDougal. John 125, 272, 338 McDowell . Ronald 274 McEale. Jeannette 278 McElroy, Carrol 300 McElroy, William 60 McElveen, Kenneth 262, 265, 266 McFaddin, David 254 McFat, Thomas 344 McFerren, Joyce 55, 303 McGairy, Michele 303 McGee, Buster 346 McGilliuray, William 387 McHugh, Gary 333 Mclntyre, David 343 McJilton, Gary 148, 360 McKelvey, Terry 40, 284, 326 McKenzie, Sally 315 McKinney, John 364 McKinney, Robert 360 McLaughlin, Jack 343 McLean, Lewis 334 McLean, William 366 McLeod, Wes 218, 234 McMabon, Jerry 29, 47, 59, 62, 69, 360 McManus, Marilyn „ 320 McManus, Ronald 271 McMeans, Eugene 53 McMillan, Mary 323 McNeil, Jean 57, 69, 278, 318 McNeil Louise 87,316 McNeish, Malinda 394 McQuigg, Bob 59, 270 McQuiston, Joan 323 Meachan, William „ 260 Meade, Thomas 334 Meadow, Morris 39, 53 Meads, Robert 30, 37, 47, 375, 424 Meder, Don 254, 346 MEDICINE 119-121 Meece, Perry 351 Meeker, Herb 87 Megatlin, Joan 291 Mehring, William 271 Meiss, Norman 39, 53 Melandry, Ronald 267 Melcher, John 330 Mells, Jerry 257 Melonas, Chrysie _ » 318 Mena, Charlie 211,214 Menah, John 326 Mentas, A. J 258 Mergenthaler, Truman 47, 358 Merino, Al 83 Merk, Ernest 344 Merriam, Patricia 87,315,398 Mertzel, James 257 Mesler, Morris 380 Messinger, Paul 104, 375 Metcali, Marilyn 292 Metiessel, Miles 326 Metzgar, Victor 366 Metzgar, Betty 28, 34, 45, 57, 69, 293 Metzler, Rod 340, 404 Meyer, Christopher 60, 375 Meyer, Kit 278 Meyers, Dave 224 Meyers, Don 376 Meyers, Robert 260 Meylan, Louis 284 Michael, William 19 Mickley, Mary Lou 313 Mielsen, Joan 261 Miller, Anthony 340 Miller, Bill 211 Miller, Carolyn 308, 394 Miller, Dean 355 Miller, Don 271, 338 Miller, Donna 261 Miller, Halcyon 295 Miller, Harry 267 Miller, Leigh 84, 249 Miller, Marlene 296 Miller, Mike 360 Miller, Ned 378 Miller, Orville 124 Miller, Robert 60 Miller, Stan 324, 380 Milligan, Leslie 240 Mills, Albert 372 Mills, Anne 291 Mills, Buci- 372 Mills, Marianne 113, 292 Millu, lohn 346 Milne, Lora Lynn 315 Miner, Joanne 55, 316 Mintz, Naomi 283 Misen, Robert 366 Misetich, Jack 362 Mishikawa, Amy 277 Mispagel, Laura 45, 69, 296,407 Misraje, Lauretta 34, 39, 45, 49, 61 Mitchell, Bill 87 Mitchell, Colleen 55, 31S Mitchell, Doug 435 Mitchell, Eugene 382 Mitchell, Kenneth 376 Mitchell, Ron 224 Mitchell, Willa 299 Mittelstadt, Peter 148, 376 Miyasaki, Aki 276 Mobley, Theodore 119 Moes, Anne 55, 323 Moltatt, William 377 Mollitt, Marilyn Jean 307 Moiseetl, Simonne 283 Mohr, Joyce 431 Molnar, Janet 279, 304, 400 Monahan, Gerald 47, 387, 405 Mondshine, Ken 369 Monosson, Ira 380 Mantes, Mike 258 Moody, Jackie 250 Moon, Jim 258 Moore, George 239, 373 Moore, John 254, 371 Moore, Suzanne 307 Moore, Thomas 360 Moorhead. Marcia 55, 318 Morales, Thomas 51, 333 Moron, Charle 318 Morehouse, Ethel 99 Morgan, Donna 148 Morgan, Georgia 296 Morgan, Jack 333 Morgan, Lynne 281, 318 Morgan, Tun _ 335 Morgemstierme, Linn 267, 398 Morici, Carol 304 Morisse, Richard 21 Morley, John 21,430 Morran, Peter 360 Morrice, Diane 61, 323 Morris, Frank 343 Morris, Forrest 255 Morris, Gene 346 Morris, Patricia 303 Morris, Ron 218, 220 Morris, Tom 377 Morrison, Skip 346 Morrow, Andrew 356 Morrow, George 377 Morrow, Murray 218 MORTAR BOARD 57 Morfensen, less 165, 217, 218, 224 Morlland, William 267 Moses, Jim 377 Mosher, Elizabeth 289, 300 Mosher, Robert 53 Moss, David 380 Motylski, Joe 273 Movich. Richard - 387 Movrer, lohn 353 MU PHI EPSILON 269 MuehJe, M. L 267 Mueller, Don 258 Mueller, Madelaine 318 Muench, Paula 45, 69, 304 Mulhall, Brendan 355 MulhoUen, Steve 47, 340 Mullard, Richard _ 39, 69, 285 458 Mu-Ra Mullen, Cal _ _ _ 273 Mullen, Edmund _ 53 Mulligan, Tom 277 Murachanian, Ed 2S8 Murdock. Harold 343 Murphy, Don 344 Murphy, lackie 308, 398 Murphy, lean 308, 395 Murphy, Patricia 54, 308 Murphy, Ron 356 Murphy, William 326 Murray, Leo 340 Murray, Phil 356 Musgrave, JoAnn 69 MUSIC 122-23 Mydland, Gerald 267, 346 Myers, Barbara 307 Myers, Kenyan 39, 254, 285 Myers, Louise 55, 284 Myers, Marie 61, 400 Myers, Paula Jean - 3J5 Myers, Philip 349 Myers, Roy 235, 335 Myhre, Kathryn _ 300 NROTC - - 13S Nuttall, Fhel 324 o N Nace, lerry 47, 69, 377, 425 Nacrek, Elroy 278 Nagai, Cooki ]25, 274 Nagai, Dick J95, J96 Nagata, Gordon 272 Nakasone, Doris 277 Narasaki, Alice 276 Nassung, Carole 289 Nathanson, Barbara 295 NATIONAL COLLEGIATE PLAYERS 278 Navarro, Mike 324, 344 Navin, Pat 398 Nebbets, Sidney 60 Neeley, Marilyn 122 Neltler, Stuart Neithart, Judie 297 Neisorj, Barbara 283, 323 Nelson, Charles 260, 333 Nelson, Darrel 340 Nelson, Daniel 344 Nelson, Douglas „ 53 Nelson, Francis 346 Nelson, Harry 19, 424 Nelson, Ken 335 Nelson, Richard 262, 264 Nelson, Ron _ 282 NerJo, Dick 39, 277 Ness, Arthur J48, 349 Neumann, Mariann 296 Newburn, John 267 Newcomb, Bill 258 Newcomb, Douglas 335, 405 NEWMAN CLUB 284 Newmann, Mary Ann „ 27? Newton, Gale 313 Neyman, Clinton 19, 447 Nichols, Alan 139 Nichols, Harlene 65, 307, 395 Nicholson, Phil 340 Nicklin, William _ _.... 343 Nickolson, R 87 Nielsen, Ray _ 338 Niemeyer, Kathleen 55, 320 Niemeyer, Tom 366 Niersbach, Jean 34, 45, 54, 307 Niersbach, Joan 55, 307 Nikchevich, Dor 26i Wiles, Denny 353 Niles,Ken 333 Niles, Laurence 336 Nisbet, Walter 35J NIESI TROJAN CLUB 277 Nishihara, Larry 262, 264, 274 Nishikawa, Eini 276 N}tta, Sat 272 Nix, Nancy Jean 55 Noble, Nan __ 431 Noble, Paul 273, 35J Nobl e, Willred 331 Noddle, Harvey 378 Noian, DicJt 83, 382 Nootbaar, Robert 362 Norcross, Bruce 84 Nordwall, Elizabeth 45, 29i, 395 Noriega, Frances 307 Normanly, Kathy 3i5 Norton, Gwen 34, 49, 247, 400 Norwood, Mary 313, 395 Nostrand, Dave 346 Nowack, Duane _ 2J8, 258 Oakley, David 84, 85, 382 O ' Brien, Keith 333 O ' Callaghan, Barbara 292 OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY 261 O ' Day, Willa 260, 300 Oddo, loseph _ 264, 274 O ' Dell, Mike 279, 371 Oden, Raymond 367 Odgers, Barbara 300 O ' Donnell, flosemary 40, 45, 289, 316 O ' Driscoll, Gerrie 313 Otiutt, Nancy 49, 132, 247, 284 O ' Haver, Sharon 320 OJrabe, Mae 277 Okeete, Anthony 333 Okuno, Grace „ 277 O ' Leary, Michoel 279 O ' Leaiy, Patrick 267 Oliphant, Margo 55, 308 Oliver, Bryan 343 Oliver, Carol 292,395 Oliver, Jerrold 267 Oliver, Nancy 303 Olmedc, Alex 230, 231 Olson, Diane 320 Olson, John 360 Olson, Leon 283, 382 Olscn, William 211 O ' Malior, Spencer 254 O ' Mara, Mardythe 55, 318 O ' Melveny, Richard _ 364 Oncken, Barbara 83, 85 Ondrasii, Dianne J 13, 280, 405 Openshaw, Ann 45, 318 OPERA 154-55 OPERA CHORUS 153 ORCHESTRA 149 Oregon State Game 170 ORGANIZATIONS _ 245 Orlicic, Judy 61,247,400 Orr, Richard 265 Or rick, Jerry 346 Ortega, Tony 345 Orion, Virginia 61,261,400 Osborne, Robert _ 367 Osburn, Donald 383 Osthaus, Barbara 320 Ostrom, Duane 262, 264 Oswald, Barbara 49, 291 O ' Toole, Bernadette _ 300 OTooIe, Deedee 49, 308 Otto, Raymond 353 Otto, Robert 255, 343 Overby, Barbara 40, 307, 439 Owen, Don 356 Owen, Hal 148 Owsowifz, Sidney 39, 69 Oxiord, Richard 51,333 Oxley, Howard 353 Ozavvo, Doris 277 Oziel, Sidney 268 Pacini. Ronald _ 62, 267 Page, Barbara 303, 405 Pailas, George 254 Palmer, Mary Lee 300 Palmer, Wayne 371 Pagliassotti, Ronald 331 Palomares, Bobbi 303, 433 PAN HELLENIC COUNCIL 288-89 Pandit, Ramu 41,275 Pappas, Nick 165 Park, Clittord 359 Pariter, Jerry _ 211 Parker, Randy 335 Parser, floberf 360 Parfchursl, Thomas 148 Parr is, Jim 359 Parsons, Gerald 360 Pascal, Vern 261 Paschall, Edward 345 Passell, David 270 Patel, Vasant Kumar 275 Patten, William 371 Palferson, Charles 364 Pafferson, Dove _.... 278 Paflerson, Larry 360 Patterson, Patricia 300 Patton, Patty 316 Paffon, Ronald - 60 Pa(!on, S(an 346 Paurt, Sue 259 Poul, Carolyn 313, 398 Pauli, William 83, 373 Paulson, Robert 53, 252, 263, 264 Pavz, Louis 261 Pawlacyk, Ron 235, 335 Peacha, Janice 313 Peake, Douglas 367 Pears on, Ken 195, 196, 206, 343 Pearson, Mary 261 Peart, Donald 248 Pederson, Jinx 307, 395 Peer, Joan 307 Pendo, Michael 345 Penball, Dolores 296 Peninger, Alan 258 Pennington, Penny 320, 429 Perani, Evelyn 292 Perdui:, John 401 Perkins, Josephs 387 Perkins, Penny „ 304 Perkins, Robert 360 Perry, Bettie 296 Perry, Raymond 99 Pescara, Marco 262, 264, 274 Peters, Edward 355 Pefers, Edword _ 338 Peterson, Barbara 49, 87, 313 Pelerson, Bob 401 Peterson, Dave 218 Peterson, Janet 308 Petrie, Mary Lou 61, 284, 398 Petru, Pat 55, 309, 395 Pleiller, Gloria 55, 315, 395 Pieiiier, Peter 265, 266 Piister, Sally 318, 395 Pllimlin, Thomas 333 PHARMACY 124-26 Phelps, Maggie 54, 268 Phelps, Virginia 259 PHI ALPHA DELTA 267 PHI BETA KAPPA 246 PHI CHI THETA 250 PHI DELTA CHI 350-51 PHI DELTA PHI 267 PHI DELTA THETA 352-3 PHI ETA SIGMA 247 PHI GAMMA DELTA 354-5 PHI KAPPA PHI 264 PHI KAPPA PSI 356-7 PHI KAPPA TAU 358-9 PHI MU ALPHA 269 PHI SIGMA KAPPA 360-1 Phillips, Charles 336 Phillips, Elton _ 21 Phillips, John 349 Phillips, Martha 304 Phillips, Phil 5J, J04, 267, 336 Phipps, Robert 51,359 PHOTO DEPARTMENT 438-9 PHRATERES 61 PHYSICAL THERAPY 261 PI BETA PHI 320-1 PI EPSILON TAU 265 PI KAPPA ALPHA 362-3 PI OMEGA PI 252 PI TAU SIGMA 264 Piciord, Donald _ 255 fierce, Alvin 345 Pierce, Fred 373 Pierce, Vermelle 311 Piersol, Marilyn 313 Pinto, Chester 343 Pipes, Donald 148 Pirnat, Aljean 323 Pirtle, Kenneth 336 Pitchey, Bob 405 Pitkin, Lois 292 Pittenger, James 253 Pittrolt, Mar orie 300 Pitts, Norma 299 Pivo, Jack 273 Pixley, Bobbi 304 Piatt, Richard 326 Poe, floberl 360 Port, Bob 127 Poindexter, Robert 367 Polep, Charles 329 Pollard, Lewis 371 Pollard, Wayne 356 Pollendine, Ron 367 Polsky. Libby 241,279,398 Ponie, Ramon 271 Pooler, Richard 267 Pope, Ernie 353 Pope, .Carl 353 PorcareJlo, Pat 401 Porfer, Nancy - 34, 49, 284, 307 Poschman, Sandy 65 Poss, Chuci _ _ 258 Pofter, Douglas _ 360 Poder, Harold 53 Po»s, Patt 303 Powell, John 333 Powell, Mary 49, 282, 296 Powell, Nita 49, 309 Praschan, Dave 266 Prafi, Clillord 355 Pra«, Julie 292 Preble, Rosemarie 323 PRESBYTERIANS 284 Prescott, Nat 277 PRESIDENT 16 PRESIDENTIAL APPOINTMENTS 32-3 Preston, Jack 260 Preston. Terry 364 Price, Arlyne 307 Price, Beverly 398 Price, Charles 267, 405 Price, Norman 195, 203 Priebe, ody 309 Priebe, Pat 292 Princen, Lambertus 148 Pritchard, Bud 21J, 215 Priver, Robert 267 Prochoslta, Bobbie _ 261 Prochaska, Roberta 291 Prock, Dick 238, 362 Proclt, Jim 360 Procopio, Bill 258 Proctor, Warren 367 Prophet, Charles 377 Proul, D 238, 265 Provence, Al 371 Pryor, Sally _ 69, 375 Psaltis, Tony J95, 198, 202 PSI OMEGA 258 PSI UPSILON 364-5 PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION 127 PUBLICATIONS 423 PUBLICATIONS BOARD 424 Pugh, Elizabeih 303 Pugh, Jim 195 Purcell, Eleanor 315 Purcell, Sandra 303 Putnam, Carl 351 Pyle, Dick 258 Pyle, Julie 309 398 Quam, Betty 269, 316 Ouan, Carolyn 261, 276, 404 QUEENS 390-4 Ouesodo, Joseph 255 OuigJey, Lanny 218, 220 Quilling, Howard 148, 349 Quinn, Barbara _ 303 Quinn, Sandy 371 Ouis(, Allan 362 Ouisl, John _ 51 Quist, Walt 377 Quon, Calvert 276 Ouon, Frank 262-4 R flalner, Lefloy JJ3, 373 Roger, Richard 383 Rahn, Leroy 340 Raine, Bob 195 Rail, Diane 259, 398 Ralls, Linda 55, 315, 395, 418 Ralston, Marcia 283, 395 Ramirez, Elizabeth 398 Ramirez, Ricardo 264 Ramos, Bob 401 Ramsey, Evelyn 299, 398 Ramsey, Margaret 395 Randall, Loretta 87, 292 Randolph, Scott 401 Ranells, Janelyn 250 Rankin, Dave 216 Rankin, Douglas 360 Rasmussen, Gene 341 Rasmussen, Lloyd 331 Rasmusson, Jack 258 Rath, Howard 267 Ratigan, Noreen 296 Ratigan, Thomas 377 Ratlill, Charles 346 Roy, Diane 300 Ray, Robert _ 53, 255 Ra e, Joe _ 343 459 Re -SI Read, Vernon 148, 269, 333 Reamer, James 262, 264 RED CROSS 63 Reddick, Dick 383 Redler, Tom 257 Redman, Richard 335 Redman, Norman 377 Reeb, Doreene „ 45, 290, 291, 407 Reeb, Kearney 195 Reed, Myrna 279 Reed, Robert 84, 353, 355 Reed, Travis 335 Reed, William 343 Reeder, Robert 253 Reese, Ben 333 Ratalovich, Ted 377 RECOGNITION ASSEMBLY 445 Reeve, Ivan 87, 341 Reich, Chesney 329 Reich, Herb 238 ReicheJ, Larry 257 ReicheJ, S(an(on 257 fieid. Rich 40, 427 Reilel, lulie 267, 3i6, 405 Reigelman, Keith 263 ReiUy, Philip 47, 367 Reily, John 335 Reimann, Lyle 113,383 Rein, Phyllis 6i, 283, 400 Reisner, Don 343 Reiter, Ellis 361 Reiter, Francis 5i, 87, 361 Reiter, Kay - 3J6, 399, 405 RELIGION i28 Remsburg, Helene 3J6 flendon, Ralph 34J Reppetto, Jerry 267 Rew, Linda 289, 3i8 Reyes, Joaquin 230, 231, 232 Reynolds, Don 349 ReynoJds, o 296 fleynoids, Sonia 278, 315 RHO CHI 272 RHO EPSILON 253 RHO PI PHI 273 Rhodes, Dusty 36i fiiccard, Tony 5J, 387 Rice, BiiJ 265, 282 Rice, Bob 279 Rice, David 134 Rice, Marilyn 55 Rice, Ronald 355 Rice, Susanne 309, 399 Rich, Anita 278 Rich, Carol 69, 113,304 Rich, Charlene 280,316 Richards, Diane 405 Richards, Dick 2i8 Richards, Janice 315 Richards, John 356 Richards, Lawrence 335 Richards, Lewis 285 Richardson, Lawrence 361 Richelieu, Ann 49,315,399 Richie, Donna 261,303 Richman, Jim 378 Richmond, Ann 303 Richmond, Howard 51 Rickelt, John 258 Rickinger, Mono 307, 400 Riddle, Stuarl 383 Rider, Roberi 362 Ridgeway, WilJiam 258 Riedel, Mike 346 Riegelman, Keith 264 Riemer, Kate 49, 284 Riemer, Mary 309 Rite, Leonard 53, 367 Riggs, Clillord _.... 364 Riggs, Philip 265, 364 Rimdzins, Art J95 Renaldi, John 249, 33i Rinaudo, Mel 361 Ring, Bill 367 Rippe, Richard 258 Riseman, Alan 69, 388 Risley, Donna i22 Ritchey, Robert 324, 362 Rives, Carol 269 Rives, Cillard 361 Rizzi, Domenic 148 Bobbins, Bob _ 127 fiobbins, Richard 333 Roberts, C. R 324 fioberls, Diane 309 floberfs, Jim 383 floberfs, LiJo 277, 296 floberls, Marilyn 300 Roberts, Thomas 383 Roberts, William 434 Robertson, Doug 5i, 349 floberlson, Gail 113, 320 Robertson, Steve 59, 68, 69, 324, 326 Robertson, Walter 346 Robinson, Alyce 311 Robinson, Dennis 326 Robinson, Donald 62 Robinson, Gene 346 Robinson, Kenneth _ 346 Roche, Kathleen 113, 304, 399 Rode, Jack 345 Rodee, George 313 Rodine, Ralph 27i Rodgers, James 239, 343 Roelen, Beverly „ 61 Rogalt, Robert 84, 248, 388 Rogers, Bruce _ 335 Rogers, Danny i95, i98 Rogers, Richard 364 Rognvaldsson, Pete 224 Robrer, Ronald 384 Rolley, Don __ 355 flomberger, Gordon 211 Ronald, Gene 357 Roney, Carol 55, 309, 395 Ronney, Philip 380 Roos, David 367 Roper, William 265 Rose, Gloria _ 292 Rose, Joan 113, 304 Rosenleld, Irwin 329 Rosenstein, Everett 51, 379 Rosenthal, Bob 238 Rosenthal, Judy 295 floss, Ann „ 275 floss. Dona 282 floss, Shirley 69, 316 Rossell, flhodo _ 312 Rosser, Jacqueline 309, 395 Roth , Al 208 Rothenburg, Herbert 253, 278 Rothschild, Harry 345 Roulette, George i25, 273, 351 Rouse, Joyce 295 floufh, Don 53 Rowan, Don 373 flowe, £d 47 Rowlond, Patrick 383 Royal, Gerald 380 Royale, Don 255 floyail, Helen 291 flubadeau, Janes 333 Rubbert, Thomas 364 Rubenstein, AI -. 274 fludd, Doris 261 Rudnick, Bob _ 388 Hudolph, Robert 273, 351 flue, Lindo 318 Ruttner, Joseph 255 Rugo 1, Nancy 49 flush, flalph 269 Russell, Ann 55, 284, 304, 400 Russell, Donald 375 Russell, James 267 Russell, John 208, 355 fiuston, Barr 47, 383 Rutter, Alan 255 Ryan, Barbara 40, 45, 57, 317 Ryan, Bud 346 Ryan, David 357 Ryan, Diana 277, 278, 405 Ryan, G 268 Ryan, Mary 261, 300 Ryan, Mary 313 Ryder, David 336 Ryon, Cornelia 304 Saathotl, Wayne 383 Saatjian, Lloyd 349 Saba, Donald 339 Sabo, Ernie 21 1 Salarik, John 258 Salren, Ronald 51,379 Soger, Rhea Kay 45, 57, 24J, 279 Sahtoro, Joseph 351 Sai;o, Albert 113 Salramoio, Roy 265 Sakuma, Yosb 277 Salas, Peter 351 Salcido, Roberf 345 Salenger, Steven _ 51, 380 Sales, Carol 87 Sales, Gilbert 238, 339 Salgren, Frances 250 Salio, Don 345 Salisbury, Phil 47, 270, 336 Samaniego, Eliseo 351 Sandberg, David 326 Sandel, Monroe 377 Sanders, Gaye _ 291 Sanders, Richard 351 Santord, Jean 315 Sanger, Floyd 267 Sanghavi, Vipin 262 Sanger, Francine 49, 295 Santino, Tony 211, 270, 333 Santley, Tom _ 345, 405 Santos, llde onso„ 85 Sarkisian, Edward 148 Sasada, Thelma _ 276-7, 299 Sasajima, Henry 53 Safalte, Toshiio _ 400 Sauer, Nancy 63, 318 Saunders, Grace 291 Saydah, Dick - 336 Saylor, Robert 51 Scanlon, Joan 307 SCARAB 248 Scarbrough, Betty Lou 34, 45, 54, 309 Schacht, Sue _ 305 Schaeler, Dardie - 54, 315, 405 Schaeler, Joan 18, 34, 289 Schaller, Virgil 316 Scharle. Sally 270, 309 Schartz, Emma Jean 323 Schatte, Jeanne 122, 300 Schatzman, Miriam 307 Scheldt, Norm 367 Schennum, Robert 277, 331 Schermerhorn, Dale 387 Schirmeister, Martin 267 Schlegel, Ben 267 Schleicher, Rodney „ 51, 365 Schloessmann, Michael 367 Schmidt, Faye 261, 292 Schmidt, Hank _ 279 Schmidt, Jo Ann 261 Schmiesing, Clitiord 121 Schneiden, Carl „ 387 Schneider, Edron 254 Schneider, Jerome 273 Schneider, Joe 60 Schneider, William 326 Schneir, Gerald 272 Schoenheider, Gretchen 55, 113 283, 395 Schoenherr, Allan 51 Schoenherr, Mart 326 Scboepllin, Rhoda 279 Scholer, Barry 267 Scholl, Lasley 303 Schoonover, Dick 277 Schou, Roll 239, 373 Scbradte, Joe 351 Schramm, Helen 307 Schrelller, Martha 279 Schreiner, Anne 315 Schreiner, Karen 61, 316, 399 Schreiner, Susan 399 Schroeder, Charles 326 Schroepler, Jean 305 Schulman, Brin - 267 Schulman, H 273 Schulman, Jack 380 Schultz, James 148, 269 Schul(z, Kenneth 265 Schuliz, Robert 336 Schwalbe, Roll 373 Schwartz, Alan 265 Schwartz, Leroy 369 Schwartz, Seymour 51 Schwerdfleger, Karl 365 Scivert, Don 258 Sco((, Diane 55, 307, 395 ScoK, Winlield 258 Scrobbs, Beverly 316 Sears, Robert 333 Sears, William 345, 405 Seilert, Larry 405 Seifer, Chris 53,271,361 Seitz, John 373 Selak, Claudelte 296 Seley, Carol 395 Selle, Meredith 291 Semon, Sid 211 SENATORS-AT-LARGE 30-1 SENIOR DITCH 446 SENIORS 67 SENIOR COUNCIL 68-9 SERVICE 43 Sevitz, Sally Jo 55, 87, 282 315, 395 Sewell, Betsy 303 Sexton, Diane 55, 303 Sexton, William 346 Seyera, Ron 361 Shaler, John 355 Shatter, Jack 285 Shatter, Nancy 125, 274, 405 Shatter, Ronald 273 Shahin, Waliyyah 400 Shanbrom, T _ 273 Shanitland, Bob 224, 234 Shapiro, Lawrence 329 Shard, Santord 361 Shaver, Dareld 335 Shaw, Dee 55, 291 Shaw, Goellrey _ _ 357 Shaw, Pete 355 Shaw, Stanley _ 327 Shaw, Willelyn 316 ShawJtlond, Bob 401 Shealler, William 134, 270, 371 Sheedy, Paul _ 284 Sheets, William _ 284 Shelby, Janice 299 Sheldon. David _ 336 SHELL AND OAR 280 Shelton, Dwight 359 Shelton, Ernie 234 Shelton, Jim 401 Shelton, S 271 Shennum, Don 367 Sheppard, Ralph 85 Sherer, Poul 377 Sherer, Susanne 291 Shermon, Bob 238, 388, 405 Sherman, Michael 265, 266 Sherman, Nancy 291 Sherman, Roger 31, 47, 365 Sherman, Shorilynne 284, 296 Sherrill, Sally _ 3J8 Sherwood, Neil 362 Shibata, George 277 Shields, Ron _ 343 Shine, Jack _ 324, 388 Shinn, Frank „ 377 Shinn, Laird _ 377 Shinzato, Kaz 208 Shirey, Keith 327 Shirey, Nancy 313 Shisbima, William 253, 277 Shleien, Bernard 273 Shoemater, Donald 208, 335 Shollin, Tom 211, 212 Short, Garry _ 401 Shrader, Richard 346 Shrum, Carter 357 Shubin, Peter 371 Shultz, Gail 333 Siebert, Paul 278 Siegel, Deanne _ 295, 399 Sievers, Keith — 35J SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON -.... 366-7 SIGMA ALPHA IOTA _ 268 SIGMA ALPHA MU 368-9 SIGMA ALPHA SIGMA 252 SIGMA CHI _ 370-1 SIGMA DELTA CHI 256 SIGMA GAMMA EPSILON 266 SIGMA PHI OMEGA 276 SIGMA NU 372-3 SIGMA PHI DELTA 374-5 SIGMA PHI EPSILON 376-7 Silbert, Burt 369, 405, 424 Silk, Kenneth 278 Silman, Gary 346 Silveira. C. B 335, 434 Silver, Jerry - 379 Silver, Tom 387 Silveria, Carol Ann 274 Silverman, Joel - 262 Silverstein, Myrna 294, 295 Silverstone, David 148, 383 Simmons, Beverly 307 Simon, Berton 329 Simpson, Paul — 401 Sims, Grace 49, 296 Sims, Keith ....- 333 Sin, Victor - 276 Sinder, Barbara „ 295 Siney, William 255, 407 Singer, Donald 39, 51, 283 Singer, Patricia 41, 49, 295 Singh, Baljit 41 Singh, Inder - 218, 383 Sipes, Larry 51, 138,363 Sisler. Robert _ 357 Sislin, Paul 324, 379 SKI CLUB _ 277 Skollield, Diane 296 SKULL AND DAGGER -.... 62 SKULL AND MORTAR - - 273 Slater, Alayne 113,291 Slaughter, Shila - 261 Slovens, Robert 2 Slininger, Gretchen _ 87, 315 Slingerland, Keith 265 Sloon, i thony 239, 355 Sloon, Aubrey 265, 266 Sloan, Melvin 1 1 Slocum, Jerold 51,377 Sloier, Carole - ■■■ 307 Slosson, Jim _ 224 460 Sl-Va Slykhous, MaWene 61 Smalhy, West 333 Smallman, Joan _ 303 Smallman, }udith 303 Smallwood, Tim 383 Smeton, Robert 258 Smith, Andrea 261 Smith, Ann 55, 87, 282 292, 395 Smith, Ashley 258 Smith, Audrey 2 ' )2 Smith, Beverly 289, 296 Smith, Bodiell 85, 343 Smith, Carole 300 Smith, Carolyn 300 Smith, Clark 363 Smith, Dennis 84, 85, 230, 355 Smith, Diane 323 Smith, Donald 353 Smith, Dorothy 45, 69, 127, 305 Smith, Elizabeth 296 Smith, Fenton 54, 318 Smith, Fran 292 Smith. Fred 324,363 Smith, a 87 Smith, George 361 Smith. Gerald 346 Smith, Gwynne 305 Smith, Harold 277 Smith, Howard 62 Smith, lack 335 Smith, loan 259 Smith , luline 260 Smith, June 307 Smith, Katherine 259, 399 Smith, Keith 265 Smith, Lloyd 351 Smith, Martha 49, 148, 268, 399 Smith, Nancy 315 Smith, Pat 300 Smith, Robert 346 Smith, Roy 62, 279, 351 Smith, Sheila 320, 405 Smith , Stacy 349 Smith, Steve 265 Smith, Tom 324, 371 Smith, Warren 339 Smith. Wilbur 333 Smith, Willard 124, 272 Smith, Wrlliam 48 Smoci:, Samuel 383 Smutz, lean 3J8 Snaer, Bill _ 258 Snedigan, Gene 261 Snyder, Georgianne 3J8 Snyder, John 267 Snyder, Ken 346 SOCIAL WORK J29 Sotris, Aaron 369 Sokol, William 254 Solig, Larry 257 Solomon, Bernard 388. 429 Solomon, Elizabeth 277 Solum, Conrad 59, 63, 262, 264, 383 Somer, Abraham 380 SONGFEST 444 SOPHOMORES 4i2-J7 Sorensen, Clark 361 Sorensen, Pat 292 Sorge, Otoman 53,271,36; Sorgen, Joy 309 Sorgen, Mary 309 SORORITIES 287 Sousa, Dorothy 406 Sparks, Ted 333 Sparling, Joan 49, 309 Spates, Richard 341 Spear, John 255, 407 Specht, Janice 323 Speck, Robert 346 Speed, Joan 49, 279, 318 Speer, Ross 345 Spelman. Margaret (Skipper) 45, 270 302, 303 Spencer, Charles 267 Spencer, Ed 260 Spilios, George 65, 377 Spivey, Jim 377 Spolaric, Dennis 357 Sponsel, Hugh 238 bPORTS 157 Spriggs, Cynthia 315 Spriggs, Darlene 292 Springer, Kent 264 Springtord, Richard 375 Sproule, Robert 355 SPURS 48-9 Spydell, Bob 345 Spydell, Michael 363 SQUIRES 50-J Srinivasan, R 432 Stallord, Jack 255, 373 Stage, Robert 357 Stahl, Herbert _ 278 Stambaugh, Robert 383 Standiter, Larry 261 Stanlord, Bruce 383 Stanslield. Jim 343 Stanton, Marian 61. 323 Stanton, Sheryl 320 Starege, Barbara 313 Stark, Frederick 343 Starkey, Leroy 127 Startz, Fred 273 Steckman. Gene 258 Stedman, Dwight 367 Steed, Barry 327 Steele, Joyce 34. 69, 279, 424, 438 Steele, Marva 279, 399 Steen, Charles Richard 253 Steen, Karen 318 Steeves, Barhee 45, 315 Steianos, Steven _ 327 Stehlick, Derry 292 Steig, Lewis 19 Steinberger, Robert 346 Steinkamp. Betsy 315 Stell. Ronald 367 Steizer, Elise 280, 316 Stephen, Richard 384 Stephens. Joan 292 Stephens. Richard _ 148 Stephenson, Barbara 313. 395 Stephenson. Virginia 279, 285 Sterkel, Jim 195, 203, 357 Stevenson, Erroll 357 Stever, DicJt 267 Steveson, Jim 343 Stewart, Bill 258 Stewart, Charles 335 Stewart, Elaine 320 Stewart, James 148, 387 Stewart, Jean 54, 305 Stewart, Jim 401 Stewart, Ladell 62, 125, 273, 351 Stewart. Lyman 377 Stewart, Robert 258, 346 Stice. Gordon 331 Stillwell, Christine 323 Stinchcomb, Barbara 303, 405 Stoeckle, Bill 258 Sto)lco, Andre 270 Stokol, Irving 257 Stoll, Charles 267 Stoll, John - 351 Stone, David 265 Stone, Nancy 292 Stone, Richard 367 Stone. Richard 371 Stoops, Eileen 305, 395 Stopp, John 258 Storrs, Putt 367 Story, lim 53, 275 Strange, Darlene 49, 318 Stransky, Jane 113, 300 Strauss, Ron 257 Strear, Bud 329 Strevey, Betty 315 Strickland, Henry 264 Striclcland, Pat 315 Stricistier, Herb 109 Strobel. Carl 339, 426 Strona, Paul 383 Strons. Paul 83 Strumpl. Michael 329 Stryker, Beverly 267 Stubbs. Frank 235 Stubbs. Milton 343 StucJrer, Howard 266, 270 STUDENT COUNCIL ON RELIGION 281 STUDENT GOVERNMENT 27 STUDENT HANDBOOK STUDENT SERVICES 18-9 Sturgeon, John 343 Sudduth. Charles 53, 104,375 Sugg, Raymond 60 Sugino, Ken 272, 277 Sugiyama, June 261, 399 Sullivan, Bill 258 Sullivan, Gene 343 Sullivan. Mike 69, 113, 268, 373 Suman, Susan 320 SUMMER SCHOOL 130 Summers, Norman 375 Sunter, Bob 258 Surmeier, John 224, 349 Sussman, Elsie 283 Sussman, Robert 265, 329 Sutherland, Ronald 353 Sutton, Phon 365 Suzuii, Warren 272, 277, 279 Svendsen, Margie 49, 132. 247. 303 Swan. Charles fChuck) 47, 324 Swan, David 333 Swan, Floyd 333 Swanson, Dean 373 Swanson, Dick 359 Swanson, Lloyd 260, 359 Swanson, Peter 148 Swedenborg. Barbara 292 Sweeney, Patricia 320 Sweet, Don 357 Sweet, Susie 55 SWIMMING 225-8 Swindall, John 127 Swisshelm, Bill 218, 219, 221 Symonds, Nathaniel 346 Symons, Robert 377 SYMPHONIC BAND 148 Taber, Richard 346 Takahashi, Minnie 277 Takasago, Chiz 276 Talberl, Mike 361 Tam, Man Keun 262, 266 Tan, Marilyn 49, 247, 276, 277 Tanaka, Roy 85, 248 Tannenbaum, Jay 380 Tanner, BUI 377 Tanner, J 265 Tanoka, Joy 276, 277 Tanpiland, Pivan 274 Tappen, Lattie 327 Taras, Dannie 60 Tarchione. Judy 307 Tarlton, Robert 345 Tarsky, Sherwin 379 Tote, Gloria 300 Tatsumi, Sumiko 274 TAU ALPHA SIGMA 270 TAU BETA PI 262 TAU DELTA PHI 378-379 TAU EPSILON PHI 380-381 TAU KAPPA EPSILON 382-383 TAU SIGMA DELTA 249 Tavis, Dicic 371 Taylor, Allen 87, 254, 405 Taylor, Campbell 265 Taylor, Gerry 399 Taylor, Greg 37, 39, 59, 424 Taylor, Norman 47 Taylor, Raymond 218, 367 Tealord, William 383 Techentin, Thomas 51, 254, 371 Tedesco, Lorenzo 85, 248 TELECOMMUNICATIONS 131-132 Telson, Michael 379 TENNIS 229-232 Terkel, Judy 292 Terry 266 Tertzag, Herbert 341 Terzian, Carl 31, 47, 384, 405 Tetzlall, Ted 359 Tevriz, Marilyn 55 TEXAS GAME 173 Theilacker, Michael 336 Theiss. Diane 313, 399, 405 THETA CHI 384-385 THETA SIGMA PHI 256 THETA XI 386-387 Thom, BUI 216 Thomas, Carol 315, 395 Thomas, H. Robert 85 Thomas, Jerry 363 Thomas, Joe 267 Thomas, Margie 315 Thomas, Philip 346 Thomason, Robert 258 Thompson, Carol 320 Thompson, Diana 69, 292 Thompson, James 148 Thompson, Joe 274 Thompson, Lory 87 Thompson, Richard 363, 377 Thompson, Robert 238, 361 Thompson. Bonnie 313 Thomson. Claire 292 Thornton, Henry 361 Throckmorton, Judy 292 Thulin, Grant 125,273,351 Thurman, Herb 271 Tibbetts, Nancy 55, 320 Tichenor, Kevin 230, 346 Tickiin, Edward 379 Tierney, John 345 Tietjen, Hugh 361 Tilley, Joanne 315 Tippet. Kent 39, 113, 278 Tisdale, Joe 383 Tobias, Charles 234 Todd, Terry 309 Toddy, Sara 61 Tohill, Taja 300, 395 Toley, George 229, 230 ToUeth, Hale 119 Tom, Betty 49, 276 Tom, Gimmy 276 Tom, YoJt Fon 276 Tometz, Paul 387 Tomson, Duchess 280, 320 Toney, Tamara 290, 291 Tonjes, Robert 359 Torkelsin, Allred 260 Tormey. Pat 258 Torregrosa, Louis 339 Toshijuki, Barbara 276, 399 Towers, Jack 435 TOWN GOWN 396-397 Townsend, Bob 285 TRACK 217-224 Traeger, Leslie 85 Trammel, John 51,337 Trapani, Dolores 405 Traub, Dan 87, 341 Travis, Alan 119, 121 Traylor, Donna 45, 315 Tredway, Don 331 TreUtzs, Dr. Kenneth 253 Trestrail, Jackie 121 Trimble, Dennies 34 Trinca, Jack 387 Tripp, Genie 266, 300 Trisler, Edwin 235 TROEDS 55 Troisi, Guy 337 TROJAN BAND 140-147 TROJAN CHEST 64-65 TROIAN OWL 432 TROVETS 60 Trower, Wes 327 Trudeau, Norman 351 Truesdell, Dick 357 Truex, Max 132, 218, 220, 234, 347 TR USTEES 15 Tsurudonie, Yoneo 277 Tuck, George 263 Tucier, Noel 347 Tudor, Gary 365 Tufeld, Bud 324, 329 Tuooy, Barbara _ 292 Turbo w, Sherwyn Turk, Patricia 296 Turner, Belva-Jo 40, 320 Turner, Gale 283 Turner, Katherine 291 Tuttle, Mark 367 Tuttleton, Ann 87, 305 Tweter, Robert 387 Twogood, Forrest 194, 195 Tyler, Jerra Lynn 54, 320, 438, 439 Tyler, Marnee 49, 65, 247, 289, 320 Tylita, John 265 Tyson, Elsa 55, 313 u Ugliano, Louise 54 Uka, Ngwobia 41, 284 UNDERGRADUATES 402-403 Untried, Richard 148 UNIVERSITY BUSINESS 20-21 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE 133 UNIVERSITY HALL 398-399 Urrutia, Larry 345 Uskovich, Sam 363 Ustrich, Robert 379 Utjunomiya, Kyo 60 Utz, Lois 282, 296 Uyeda, Chi o 276 V Vatis, George 208, 373 Vail, Ed 254, 383 Vail, Vicki 313 Valdes, Ed 127, 373 Valdez, Judy 316 Valentine, John 127, 367 Van de Brooke, John 284 Van Dyke, Nancy 315 Van Horst, Robert 337 Van Hunnick, Elizabeth 399 Van Hunnick, Wilhelmina 399 Van Oosten. Ian 365 VanderhoH, Rick 353 Varanay. Charles 265 461 Va-Zy Vargas, Rudy 265 Vaughan, Joseph 51, 383 Veganes, Ted 373 Veiga. David 339 Veland, Rudy 85, 248 VICE-PRESIDENTS 17 Vicelja, Thomas 255 Vicirca, Janes _ 148 Vigaris, Gordon 260 Viglione, Sam 104, 375 Viles, Bob 341 finer, Ronald 329 Virtue, Richard 218, 333 Vistannet, Al 373 Vitalie, Carl 53 Vivian, Robert 132 Voiles, Bob 2J8, 222 Von Aspe, John 335 Von Kleinsmid, Rutus Bernard 14 Von Kleinsmid, William 345 Von Rohr, Kenneth 37, 51, 284, 337 Voronaelt, Don 373 Voss, Don 258 Vrattos, Sylvia 99, 250 w Wachs, Sylvan 283 Wackerman, Charles 148 Waddell, Jerry 263 Waddelow, Sue 313 Wade, Joan 69, 300 Waery, James 148 Waggoner, Jay 36J Wagoner, Catherine 313 Waite, Demont 333 Wakelield, Milan 343 Walder, C. W 60 Walder, Graham 347 Waldo, Alden 148 Waldsmith, Margy 3i5, 39i Waldsmith, Mary 315 Walker, Dick 343 Walker, Hank 339 Walker, Herbert 267 Walker, Jim 383 Walker, Ken J95, 345 Walker, Leonard 148 Wallace, Natalie 3i8, 405, 408 Wallace, Pat 260 Waller. Bob 371 Wallick, W 265 Wallis, Earl 279 Walpin, Marilyn 295 Walpole, Irene 315 Walraven, Elwyn 367 Walraven, William 367 Walsh, Eleanor 240, 241 Walsh, William 331 Walters, Peter 69, 235, 279, 407 Walters, William 329 Walton, Mary 311 Ward, Bill 347 Ward, Don 62 Warner, Charles 375 Worner, Mel 148, 377 Warshaver, Elayne 295 Washburn, Janey 261 WASHINGTON GAME 174 Washington, Harold 60, 284 WASHINGTON STATE GAME 168 Wasserman, Paul 427 Wassune, Carloe 291 WATER POLO 233 Waterman, Lois _ 259, 399 Wathen, Ed 347 Watkin, Margaret 303 Watson, Janet 300 Watson, Roger 365 Watson, William 375 Watts, Don 258 Watts, Mary Ann.. 296 Watzman, Don 234, 388 Waxman, Alan 380 Wearne, Diane 303 Weatherwax, Bob 353 Webb, John J20 Weber, Dick 327 Weber, Nancy 250, 278, 323 Webster, Donna 309 Weedman, Charles 267 Weesner, Ronald 277, 355 WehrJe, Marilyn 307 Weilein, Lajuna 3 8 Weinberg, Herb 272, 273 Weiner, Myron _.. 379 Weiner, Wil 329 Weintraub, Ronald J38, 324, 388 Weisbard, Dick 380 Weiss, Sherman 270, 379 Weiss, Steve 388 Weitzman, Jordan 119 Welch, Merle 62 Welch, Robert 347 Welch, Wallace 85 Weller, Lillian 113,300 Wellesley, Gary 65, 254, 36i WeJJinglon, H 273 Wells, Don 341 Wells, Donald 365 Wells. Jack 35J WeJsh, Cathy 3J8, 400 Welsh, Dick J94, i95 Welzenbach, Alois 335 Wen, Dr 276 Wenger, DarJene 55, 3i3, 395 Wenrich, Richard i48 Werhos, lohn 401 Werner, Bill 258 Werner. George 148, 361 Werner, Kay 49, 247, 400 Weseloh, Daniel 359 WESLEY CLUB 285 Westervelt, Phyllis 274 Wheeler. John 353 Wheeler, Lou 229, 230 Whipple, William 387 Whisenand, Paul 347 While, Barbara 299 White, David 5] While, James 37i White, Jim 343 White, Paul 349 White, Phillip 234 White, flichard 268 White, Walter 355 While, WiJIiora 262, 265, 266 While, Dr. William 278 Whilehill. Sheila 313 Whifese , Richard 337 Whitlord. David 262, 264 Whi( ocit, Bren( 345 Whizin, Nancy 295 WHO ' S WHO 70-7J WhyiocJ:, Norman 361 Wick, James 339 Widaman, James 347 Widell, Gary 39, 53, 278, 284 Widman, Rochelle 295 Wiegand, Daniel 141 Wiesley, Vere 289 Wiest, Bill - 357 Wilcox, FranJt 331 Wilcox, William 262, 263 Wilderman, Lee 265 Wilkerson, Dennis ,. 341 Wilkin, Joyce 269 Wilkinson, Ed 327 WiiJebronds, Jack 230 Williams, Donald 53 Williams, Eric 363 Williams, Harlan 347 Williams, James 341 Williams, Joyce ™ 305 Williams, Logan 87, 367 Williams, Margie - 3J8 Williams, Marian 305 Williams. Ross 327 Williams, Sharron 303, 395 Williams, Sue 55 WiJJiams, Thomas 2J8, 234, 357 Williams, Walter 51,383 Williams, Warren 39, 53, 211 Williamson, Bob 274 Willott, Laird 343 Wilmore, Paul 347 Wilmoth, Jill 300 Wilson, M. H 267 WiJson, Betty 399 Wilson, Brooke 339 Wilson, Carol 54, 309 Wilson, Caroline 45, 289, 313, 405, 408 Wilson, Jim 230, 232 Wilson, John 60, 104, 265, 347, 367, 375, 404 Wilson, Leland 254 Wilson, Lee 406 Wilson, Pat 434 WiJson, flonaid 365, 377 Wilson, Woody 278 Winans, Ross 367 Winburn, Lloyd 377 Winet, Robert 357 Wing, Sid 218,221,234 Winglield, Lois 300 Winn, Patricia 309 Winslow, Sandra 313 Wise. Robin 47, 387 Wiser, Bill 373 Witmer, Paul __ 267 Wittemore, Jerry - 39 Wo;ciechowsti, C. H 83, 431 Wolt, Ronald 257 Woiie, Richard 263 Wong, Allen 53, 276 Wong, Dora 400 Wong, Eileen 276 Wong, Homer 276 Wood, Bob 355 Wood, Linda 305, 395 Wood, Ray 285 Wood, Ronald 367 Wood, Stan 235 Woodbridge, Pat 399 Woodmansee, Glen 277 WoodruH, Donald 83, 248 Woods, Beveriy 309 Woods. Oby 343 Woody. Charles 264 Wooten, Wayne 272, 35i Worden, H 265 Woriing, Kenneth 327 Workman, Carl 5J, 36i Worster, Roland __ 255 Wren, George _ 335 Wright, Avalon 341 Wright, Douglas 333, 406 Wright, Edwin _ 359 Wrighf, Joan 3J8 Wrighf, John _ 254 Wrighf, Morco 405 Wrighf, Norman 148 Wuerfz, Kenneth 262, 265, 266 Wuestholl, Paul 83, 249 Wyito«, David 224, 345 Wyman, Muriel 29i Wynn, Pat 55 XYZ XI PSI PHI 260 Yackey, Carol 303 Yaiie, Lewis 273 Yamada, Henry 230 Yamagochi, George 272, 273 Yamamoto, Masaaki 272, 277 Yamasaki, June 272 Yamashro, Harry 277 Yaple, Warren 258 Yashimi, Jack 277 Yasuda. Grace 276, 277 Yasuda, Lynn 26J, 276, 277 Ybarra, Maria 300 Yeatman, Sally 305, 399 Yee, Eddie 276 Yelland, George 265, 266 Yeo, flonaid 345 Yocum, lim 195 Yoon, Grace 45, 259 Young, Barbara 309 Young, Don 2Ji Young, George 353 Young, Joseph 284 Young, Lorna 49, 3i5, 439 YOaAfG REPUBLICANS 278 Young, Robert 274, 276 Youngman, Sheryl 45, 113,305 Yount, Beverly 296 Yumiba, Tomokazu 266 Y.W.C.A 56 Zablan, Roque _ 41 Zahedi, Hamid 339 Zahi, Mary 269, 291 Zane, Ronald 379 Zavala, Frank 258 Zeifiin, Sidney 148 Zeller, Joan 55 Zelmer, Gene 283 ZETA BETA TAU 388-389 ZETA TAU ALPHA 322-323 Ziegler, Dale 34J, 4J8 Zieg er, Dale 2J6 Zimmerman, Fred 255 Zinn, Santord 265 Zins, Gerald 255 Zinsmeyer, Nanci 395 Zipser, Burton i22, 281 Zonis, Harriet 283 Zonis, Sheila 113 Zooper, Ernest 238 Zuanich, Marty 211, 2J2 Zuckman, Harvey 59 Zuiermon, Abraham 329 Zumer, Beffy 49, 315 Zwici, flaoul 329 Zysser, Burton 269 462

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