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4 an ms IZULSENTING as m W mug-ji 3. .E www-- 'rs .n Rim-Y ,H ,wsmx s ss X x 1 , 7 5 I m.s. Ha" , ws. , in ws: 1 , .kvgfiw . in ,sau .E ,Y Y . - -f . may H an 'ws Q m W Wa, ma E KM Y mln -A- .. W V 1' QE X, gg ,M A fwxhg ms W' :sa is-rm 'H '- fa 3iS8'g' sm' ms as nm M uw was ' ,na nm ii Xu K , l 5 "mm - 51 va x , n m f'?. V N, 'Na . sf. fm ,xg -.m F Q 'EELL ffm 'A ,. -R, 5 1 9 .x ' .A Q fx HQ Wk! L ., 3 2 ff 4 4 K , 1 1 -if Qfgs s . F w E xy I P' faj' ':'.,, . ' vg-iffik,-9 :-: W . ' rf- if E , 'L ? -u i: 3' . K ':1:l"!X3E:A Z , 7113 xxfuix' 05 who X .N 1 .1 r Tl-IE 055009150 STUDENTS OF Tl-li UNIUSRSIW 0F 50U'll-IUIN CPLIFORNIH NX SNWW K X r 1 r N W W W N w N w X N x mms ugly -mum sf may A mn www. ms E pgbm mm n1mw. a loo me Quad 1990-1950 4 AV. Almost every SC'er has heard the story of the growth, which started with one drab building in the midst of the sea of mustard, though few have witnessed the 70-year history. 1880-fifty students moved into the ever-present music building with the Bovard family, to begin classes. 1880-Old College put into operation. '86 Theology- Every year more Colleges. An early SC expansion pro- gram intended to include schools in every population center of the Southland. The beginnings of this chain of schools, from the San loaquin to San Diego, folded into one as a result of the "bust of '93", establishing Liberal Arts as the central campus. The "Gay Ninetys" ushered in the story-book styles, and an era of tom-foolery, which has become legend. College girls wore fascinators and Martha Washington dresses, the "Happy Hooligansn, pegged corduroys and sombreros. Early SC football teams sometimes managed to win over the local high schools. In 1889 SC played a heavy schedule, two games. The thundering herds of the Great Iones later rumbled SC to gridiron fame. Instead of game rallys, everybody attended the Iollyup, where freshman-built bonfires spirited the rooters. Yearly class rivalry started with the annual "Color Rush", a spectacle in mud and blood, participated in by Freshmen and Sophornores, to ascertain whose class colors mounted the lofty flagpole. During the year any lowly Freshman who failed to salute a Prof., wore pegged cords or a sombrero, didn't part his hair in the middle, failed to wear a beanie, attended. the Burlesque show, was caught "Queening" ttalking to or wooing females? on the stairs of Old College was promi- ly and uncerernoniously dunked into the slime-filled duck pond. Since this slime pond was easily observed from the vantage points of Old College, whole classes frequently watched the early morning dunlcs in the slime. The disappearance of the traditional customs, the dog-gone button, the ivy spade, and the mystery bag attest the age of SC. Throughout the history of SC, there has been the ever restless surge of progress created by the independent thought, which characterizes the demo- cratic spirit of SC. Crystal ball gazers look ahead into the distant future, envisioning a building for every School, a lab for every Science, a space for every car, and an enlarged campus chuck-full of beautiful buildings. Sound like a campaign promise? In reality it is the goal toward which the great white fathers are directing their sights. The prospect of an entire campus framed by Ieiferson, Fig, Exposition, and McClintock is intriguing. The processes necessary to this vast expansion have already accelerated. How- ever, in comparison with the ultimate dream, today's accomplishments are yet embryonic developments. Imagine two paralleling additions, the size of Founders Hall attached behind it. On the site of Bovard Field, a towering monument housing the Intercollegiate Athletics Department. From this location, one may someday over- look blocks of solid grass, consisting of numerous foot- ball fields, a track, intramural sports, baseball diamonds, and bleachers. lust north of the field will be the dental clinic. Facing the south end of the field an entire block of Engineering and Naval Science buildings loom. The next two blocks south from 37th Street to Exposition will be set aside for the Institute of the Arts, a huge pano- rama of buildings. Across the street from Founders Hall, a building comensurate in size will be the home of the School of Education. Women's and Men's Residence Halls of great proportions will be separated by large recreation areas, equipped with the pools, courts and green shrubs conducive to an atmosphere of study. These buildings will be in proximity of the new women's residence hall. A dome-like structure, reminiscent of Roman times, will house International Relations near the technic building of Dentistry. Almost all building groups on campus would expand facilities, some to al- most twice the present size. All these improvements are but hypothetical now. lt is a reality however, that SC is keeping apace with the needs of a rapid growth in Cali- fornia population. Every year brings more improvement, newer buildings, better professors, and above all, better education. loom, uma ' 1 mwmmw 2 HERE EHEHEEEE 5 I95O. HUGH CAREY WILLETT What is a Trojan? Is it just another athletic nickname-a little less hackneyed than the unimaginative ani- mal designations adopted by so many other schools-but still merely another nickname? To the uninitiate it may be that, and nothing more. But to the University of Southern Cali- fornia's men and women it is a way of life, a code of behavior, a name to be borne proudly forever. We are intensely proud that we are Trojans. No one has given the world a truer picture of what "Trojan" means than our beloved Hugh Carey Willett. A full life of service to SC, which began in the first decade of this century when he was a student, has expanded through the years to this mid-century point where his service now has a nationwide scope. A year ago-facing a period of great internal turmoil-the National Collegiate Athletic Association knew of only one man it could turn to as a president who could demand the respect of all factions. That man was Hugh Willett, who led the NCAA so success- fully through its troublesome l950 that the governing body of American collegiate athletics continued him in office as the 1951 president. Quiet . . . unassuming yet efficient . . . sincere . . . hard-working . . . fair and honest . . . unprejudiced . . . keen witted . . . intensely loyal . . . even of disposition . . . able to appreciate the viewpoint of the young with the wisdom of the elder . . . equally at ease and vastly respected in matters athletic or academic-those are but a few of the Trojan attributes possessed by Hugh Willett. He started his SC career as a scholar twinner of the Lottie Lane prize for the Liberal Arts student with the highest scholastic averagel, participant in campus activities Ceditor of the school paperl and athlete tletterman on the baseball team, football managerl, grad- uating in 1907. He stayed at SC, rising through professorial duties in the mathematics department to administrative duties as director of admissions. Simultaneously with his full academic career, Hugh Willett was continuing his "athletic" career at the University. The path which led to his present NCAA prominence was opened in 1922 when the University gained membership in the Pacific Coast Con- ference and he soon stepped forth as SC's faculty athletic representative. Throughout it all-traveling the road of the mighty--Hugh Willett has retained that one Trojan characteristic which has endeared him to generation after generation of students and faculty, his all-encompassing friendship. Truly a Trojan and one to whom all E1 Rodeos-past. present and future-are wordlessly but sincerely dedicated, that is our own Hugh Carey Willett. rv :gg xii, ' 1-' 1'.. . ,gb , Q -.wk , -lin! Q STE B0 H00 r 'H' Ties Asa V. Call, President Seated, leit to right: Claiborn A. Saint, Asa V. Call, Mr. Walter H. Fisher. Harry I. Bauer, Mrs. May Omerod Harris. Frank L. King. Emil A. Olson, Dr. I. W. Oakley. Standing: Robert D. Fisher, Raymond Stephens. Albert S. Rau- benheimer, Fred D. Fagg. Ir., Norman Chandler, Franklin S. Wade, Robert Ladd Gifford, Dr. Wayland Morrison, Rufus B. von K1einSmid. Dr. Merle N. Smith. Members not pictured: Iames C. Baker, Frank F. Barham, George I. Cochran, F. E. Eckhart, Y. Frank Freeman, Stephen M. Grifiith, Fred G. Gurley, Allan Hancock, E. E. Helms, Seeley . Mudd, William C. Mullendore, Elvon Musick. C. A. Parmalee, Glenn R. Phillips. Harry Philp, Gwynn Wilson. 10 CHANCELLOR RUFUS B. VON KLEINSMID 11 LJ. 1 x w ms 2 a FA fn' 75 1 ,,. ur- .IW A, ni MM :HW -M :E :Q my fe gfxw um: -rss 'QB HSM 35lff".QW'EEf'W SkH'kf:S?:ZQEH wiww Q fig E Bill? 'Q gg X232 24 K BSS ,-SS , M m W.: my M H.,gA,.mL,gggH25egv:y:.,,wm :Wim W 'S'---xisxnwwvi - EEK -Ewnw maximise may M my E ww :M M mx was x mm Q5 ss E E Q WE ws w mn ss mug Q as ss mm an mam vs QE a 1 pgs 1.3 m Yiigcxgx ss 4 mx lm H. w 1,7 -Q ,mmm ss nm ms BHK ., wi' mm mam Y es am Gia PEWTE- M :L ,, nz EQ!!! wa H E M M a, E- 55: HH Map MW ,A . .mv EX W , 5 'L 12' f V .. Ali? ' -J,-wf. , ,fe wh N 5 1 I .- 'K wt, 'Hifi f 9.0. .av-f . Q. F- M . ffv-11' ,M 1 fl , ml -fir-if 4 Q ms :uw 64 f 1 u '1 La f' -. 1 612, Q mn my ww v 1 a 1:-, .. -is an ' 5 B , .fy ss ms mms ,r O PRESIDENT FRED. D. FAGG, IR. New profs, new props .... Dr. F agg's faculty and building programs move ahead! Perhaps his discriminating eye em- ployed in the choice of new faculty is sharpened by his Waltonian holoby-CDr. F agg is a back-mountain trout fish- erman who makes his own iliesj Spare a look along carnf pus architectural row at SC's newest building, Founders Hall. The president has hustled so much on the contruction plan that he's getting blisters from breaking new ground. Dr. Fred Dow Faqg Ir. completes his fourth year as presi- dent at SC. He was the veep and the de-an of faculty at Northwestern University. I-Ie was also assistant dean of the College of Commerce. He possesses a good sense of hu- mor, has a keen interest in all sports, and is IUOEZ, SC. BERNARD L. HYINK Dean of Students BRYANT FRENCH University Editor t t R t t t X .Ei Anmlulsrn 'rm ornczns is Q is Nm m im Tm H .IM ss of Q Emi. Kms mama H mg .ss 'FH ammifem ES n Emma H . E H E at Egg- Q 'S 1 9: H K vs a Q E H . E H ww . B . H E E , N mrs K' E W W ,,.ng?3ggTF55 we w Sim H V1 at W wh H X K W nw H , H ss Qi yi 5 w if 5 'Z V 3 E HELEN HALL MORELAND I Counselor oi Women Chaplain 14 HOWARD PATMORE CLINTON NEYMAN Registrar E B r ,- was HUGH C WILLETT ALBERT ZECH A LEWIS STIEG . ' ' Counselor of Men Librarian Director of Admlssaons 15 ROBERT D. FISHER Financial Vice-President I ELTON D. PHILLIPS PAUL WALGREN DANIEL MCNAMARA ANTHONY D. LAZZARO h ' Operation ci Maintainance Business Manager Controller Purc aslnq I 305 NE 5 LJR4 ,Elk YVY,. - A Y YY IOHN MORLEY Ticket Manager IOHN DARSIE Business Office ARTHUR ALWORTH University Press AMES F. CLARK FRED GRAYSTON RICHARD MORISSE of Commons Bookstore Manager University Auditor ?' JOHN E. FIELDS , -MV - ,. - U 1 ' 1 L fx 'ff Y-M' """T, -,"E."'M ff 5 1- '?'V"sf!'T'I'?"'1 f'-eff-V,-1 -, QM QiL1EJ3iLIw U1f'Zuif,lL' CQzLEf Q13-fgfgugjgml s4f?mLe5,gQf1:g I I , auf' L 'P . 1 ' 4 ' - 18 n'r"?':a' ' E ss' t. B-in . r if 1 WILLIS DUNIWAY Press Relations FRANKLIN SKEELE C. RAIMOND JOHNSON News Bureau University Architect Sharp, personable Iohn E. Fields heads University public relations. Evidence of more than private relations manifests itself in the building program in vogue since his arrival. Unlike some Univer- sity officers, he has a nice crop of hair, a friendly smile, and a big handshake for everyone, especially alumni. Iohn was prominent in editorship and alumni public relations at North Dakota and Northwestern Universities. He is now busy developing SC. Willis S. Duniway is the right arm of Development, as press relations manager. Phone at ear and typewriter at hand, he pro- motes the University through every means of public communication. He specializes in the writ- ing of science research stories. A vital branch of the department is the News Servicep in charge is Franklin B. Skeele. I-le keeps the downtown press and syndicates humming with news stories about SC. C. Raimond Iohnson, University architect, and his staff draw up the plans and put into operation the various projects as they develop. When the buildings are up, he keeps them up. Last year the Department of Development produced a film. After using .some young freshmen actors 'to typify Coeds and B.M.O.C.'s, the shooting commenced around stellar points of interest on campus. The effort is now on a film strip under the title, "Troy A.D. l950". The Dept. will show this film widespread: Alumni, Iunior College, and High School student bodies are the principal viewers. Department of Development's main purpose is raising funds to spend on Uni- versity improvement. l-low they get it is anyone's guess, but of late University friends have con' tributed 3250000 to the "All-University Alumni Fund". This program is helping to put in operation the Dental Clinic Building. Plans are already underway to meet the anticipated 1960 bulge with more and better facilities. Development is working ahead to meet future demand. 19 .4 0 Cfvlwfvfhon A T Z' S. RAUBENHEIMER lal Vice-President id J, J J 44 20 Man of distinction about campus is S. Raubenheimer, the Educational dent, friend of the students and the of the perplexed. When a student in choosing a program, the doctor's needed advice, however, he dent should choose his own field. He in George, South Africa, in 1892. the dark mysteries of Africa behind BA. from the University of Cape of Hope. He was a whiz at Columbia, his producing an MA. The climax of his scholarship came when he earned his ate at Stanford. Evidence of the name made for himself is in Who's Who. The versity gave him a job in 1923, later made Dean of the College of Letter nces for the next twelve years. As tional V.P. he arranges all class upervises faculty affairs. Outside interests lude participation in state Welfare ecently, he was honored by election hi Beta Kappa. s, Arts, and F' 5 E un: CARL HANCEY Dean, University College IOHN D. COOKE Director, Summer School EARL CRANSTON Religion H. I. DEUEL Graduate School iff-'J Aft" ,ff ARTHUR B. GALLION Architecture O. R. HULL Education L: - 4 . -""'N" 7' --, Af' 'x ff 1. H. R. V". " L, 4' 5 '.-- ' -' V L l ,,4 Hn X J f r A XX 1' ink Q" 1 w i YC 1' N 1 I YL i W i v D, i rx j :JEANS ,f' x- , 'II' Eff -K f , ,.f"' I I I I I I I , I 3 I I , I I I I I I I ' I I I I I I I I I I , I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ,-ff' I I I ARLIEN IOHNSON I Social Work I MAX T. KRONE Institute ot the Arts I REID L. MCCLUNG I Commerce I ROBERT E. VIVIAN TRACY E STREVEY EMERY E. OLSON Enqineerinq Letters, Arts and Sciences Public Administration 23 'lT'Tf"':" I "E Y .51 it ws BOB ARNOLD A.R.O.T.C. ELIZABETH H. BROWN Nursing B. K. CULVER N.R.O.T.C. ROY L. FRENCH ALLAN HANCOCK RAYMOND KENDALL Iournalism Hancock Foundation Music 24 irecfom ROSS N. BERKES DANIEL S. ROBINSON LEWIS F. STIEG International Relations Philosophy Library Science 25 rif fi ,U I f -4 , ' ' , AP ,J f, M 4 f' fy If ! 'f X' N cif"QQ3L54ifIP Lf 61 KENNETH SHI-XNKS PAUL HADLEY EDWIN STALEY MELVIN I. VINCENT IOHN W. REITH ADAMANTIOS POLYZOIDES I .2 26 R WALLEANK FLOYD HUGH FATHE R RUSSELL KIRSCHE NHEUTER DUNCAN MCNAUG HTON WAI-TEE CRITTEN DEN ,pu, li. ROBERT F. CRAIG 'wi Ia. E 1 is Q me 5 v E 1 ,, 2 , n E E, wa. - -if r is B I B m i - Q r A We is w 1 . s is ss-., sm-Eg .ERE Y 'fag -x fl- p , 4 'hutions made in ati protessions tstandinq quat- fi The contri tiect the ou . ' a scientiiic :id hy SC qrads re ' ity ot the iacuity. ?reparinq tor A convention this summer is Kohn W. Beith. Geography department head. Students 5 are vveii acquainted with the XB. courses t Ptdarnantios Potyzoides, prominent in ivinl Vincent. qrand mo- state So- i o ' id.Dr.Me ' . ' ' active in ' 'Y oians 'i the he t 1 qui socioioqist, is very if tk cioioqicai associations. Prthietic r Vx It obtain expert traininq trom Edwin Statey. Y ty ot the Physicai Education department. it Paut Hadtey is known tor his L.Pi.S. ad- '-K it visement Work and Latin American stud- ' Q ies. ifieipinq heqinninq speech students i is witty Kenneth Shanks. outstandinq 5 V. speech instructor. Waiter M. Crittenden tv it speciatizes in Eiqhteenth century Enqiish dk and tough essay exams. Dr. Duncan Mc- Q Naughton ieads in Structurai Geoioqy , S? and qeoioqicai research. Pts head ot the 1 Wg ever ioved Man and Civiiization courses, Q SC has T. Waiter Waiibank. Dr. Floyd t 'Ty Buch has done much research on execu- H tive evaiuation and seiection ot sate driv- Prctinq advisor ot the Newman Ciuh Pieiiqion is Father Bus- Craiq is 3 ' ers. cturer in bert F. usi- Q and a ie WL seit Kirschenheuter. Bo W' hu-sy in advisinq the various campus h orq anizations, as head ot Commerce ness 27 Of , . ran C. Baxter is rated as one of the most outstanding, and highly regarded by his students. He has made good writing something to be understood and enjoyed. BaXter's Shakespeare classes are becoming a tradition at SC. A hard Working, interesting Geologist is William H. Easton of that Dept. Dr. B. W. Howland's sideline is Writing governmental publications on International Affairs. Future journalists learn the tricks of the trade from Elizabeth Iones. Gregory Ain is noted for his Work in Architecture. Graduate students in painting are guided by Francis De Erdely. Dr. Russell L. Caldwell is the notorious 2U4a lecturer and Writer in History National and Inter- national politics is the field f T o otton I. Anderson. An authority on stage fright is Dr. Dickens, head of the Speech Dept. Tibet and Asian ' ' ' ' mysticism are the interests of Dr. Von Koerber. all the professors in the United States Dr F k ..,....,.,Y A Y V l V 4 W .n.77a1.,7 -..1f,.,. ..E..E.....i.. -. - .. .... .-2. rf, .g......:1:1" ' 'i' .-..-,r-- 3 S, B. W. EOWLAND HARD MEAD FRANK C' BAXTER RCTIIQEGORY AIN FRANCIS de ERDELY ELIZABETH IONES 28 ff A A a in 1 ,f 0 f' J' xf fy F, .5 11 .ff VV ir .aff A, U --i WU-4 8' 6111111 f L nf if Jw Y TOTTEN I. ANDERSON MILTON C. DICKENS RUSSELL L, CALDWELL HANS N von KOERBER 29 ANDREW HANSEN IAMES T. CULBERTSON EARL F CARNES i i , . A Well-known authority on education is Earl F. Carnes. Iames T. Culbertson's latest is a new book in Philosophy. Belabored as Assistant Dean of the Engineering School is Dr. Andrew Hansen. Robert B. Cross keeps Latin students in a tizzy, and Dr. Lawrence Guild is head man oi Management and the Industrial Engineering departments. Preston Martin specializes in household economy and investment. Aside from teaching Spanish, Marcos Moreno Writes books. Head of the Marketing department, Richard Mead, engages in civic Work. Classical minded stu- dents learn Greek from Arthur H. Weston. Miss Mabel Woodworth's specialty is music theory, com- position, and harmony. Edward Peck is a member ot the General Business staff. At Work in the chemical department is Francis Landee. consultant in chemi- cal processes. ff? U DAILY Tnoglfd I 0 I Y l T' 1 V , A . -v A .V.'! lfflii i t " was ws an an - is an ,,.. B ms is it H is it sms ' as an xmas FW is as Y ww ss ss r. as is ROBERT B. CROSS LAWRENCE GUILD PRESTON MARTIN HQIQZM 01225 MARCOS MORENO RICHARD MEAD ARTHUR H. WESTON WOODWORTH EDWARD PECK FRANCIS LANDEE 31 HARRY B. REED ALEXANDER ALOIA YH -,,....-AVVV, nv-- -E' w .,fL-,f--- d..f- . --- V., 1 . 'X Za 3 L I t VAL B. LEHNBERG DWIGHT L. BOLINGER HARRY ANDERSON AEROL ARNOLD Rem--K www A -. , I Alexander Aloia. busy head of Univer- sity Recreation, is always ready to assist sports-minded students. Assistant pro- fessor, Harry B. Reed can boast of being here longer than any other English fac- ulty member. Dr. Val B. Lehnberg, pro- fessor of Accounting, doubles as mem- ber of the University Senate. Associated with Spanish students through his book is Dwight L. Bolinger of the department of language. Harry Anderson is another muscle buster of the Physical Education department. Aerol Arnold is kept busy teaching several different types of Eng- lish from lOl to Shakespeare. Thus, the faculty continues to instruct the stu- dents to meet the future With the quali- fications necessary to success. J'fQ B- . .-.,-..-- ,X ', -dm? fr -Mu '-'-- ."'. :H ,- fly: :Lis ' "QV" ,wavf-f . vb ' 1, Tw . -1 -9 , , 1 3' .N . . M.. . --1 ,- - ' --"..'f5..g -.qtgsw .Hu " .' .151 '-'f'4'A' M l Y ,.-EJXJ 31.4 , ,Y 1' 'rw " r ..- f .me may N' Upper leit-Science Building . . . Lower left -Law School . . . Right-Medical Building. qw wx 1 W N H M 1. , .N N me E 2 gflxmsfsngf gym ig. as-1.3! H M .WH QW Qnmfgw' "WM--M W n K, M xx as , nm .mx 'wh M M M .M H umsfmsiiww- ga mga Ugg-bf MH M wi ww wwlwfewni-sw ef-Q55 252 W:2-wvmig v 'SQ -fx mmm- -www mmm men X-mgxxixmgnmlsamsfm as - ss -M Q mn mM M M W, .X H W ,lg ig mai mglmgm 4 QM 2-T, M Wm H? swag? rg? 1 f -AM A? w-ggnwgi-auf asm-'5f.AmaH mm M, - ,films ag nga 55 Eg Higgs 1 :ss gsm :ga Bmgss magma ass Q ss- ,ms N in T - s M. ,mm M- ,Nash-,.,.Ma E . 2.5, ,Q in W 'wh' ' C' ' P- Em H Q .L. E, MM . F3 in lfwfxs W- - " ,J f ,,:- , - if qc Wsawrl M 2 ,3ZQ?r . ,, my .,.,,. .,.:.:.: Z 7. QQQEE M - I ' N3 .. .. ..... 2 R nsfvr- , :"j,,:.:s: - 1 '--1+..,k5. 'E M H an - fir- H -, 5 , - ss M wma :5 X :-: :., , 55.43553 1 ,. K ' is E . , M ' , ,AX wi, a:a.., 75, f ' -- 'E gig , -fi W1 . 'AN ' :. : vwwgqulw -211: S5551 ,. .. . M Spf: M E 5 1 T H lm.. w Q ml R 1551 1 Q X r if 5 -QNX Wim E Miss ,F E 2 nm- H . me 'Siena ,Hugh .1 .N MM ESQ: 1 W mc . Q , , . gfzmf, ., . , . B Q5 - ss 'ba . Www - 5,311 W,zM 'fu if as , M . E737 WM QM Q Eff B Bl E E E His sf . Bam mn ss Q?-H a mn 5 2 Q no efifiiona SCHCOLS I HLFHW n' ' Y .- 's.a.f.a.:...p-' H .1 -:m - -I 1 A - A di -11 K ss an . ,Em uw' E' , if .N W 5 E5 mi X , H J 2 4 I. DR ROBERT W. MCNULTY. Dean X aw ka , Ei K E 33 55 , 'bd Jai.. .R M wjygss. H . ' In O WSW- '1Q"-'Exif' 'ivzfgmxw H fe. . -. ffm' 'HKQ3 . if AES ' W it B V . , ..- .A ,H ., h J., H-' F' 1,5 -- FA QQ. ,g ms WZFQQ gimp dy H , Q Q' ff VGTW " 1 .1 ' H9113 z bwigv 'V ' fm? :T '- M E ,.. . T jr - ... ' -ww - ' ' Q Sai-5., .. ,,Q 'KY aww KD -,Y K H Xu l ' K 58 'E z -,Q ,i 1 sa -. . 1 '. ,.gN,. H I wwf -I. H A Ku HM sg y Q: 1, .s 1, W W 3 1 'gm' 3, ' 1 E ms 'xxx fngkl' -91 a B H 'K . Nm Qfwfw avian, 'sw'-L '-IW P? , 51234, 97? ... "f4i:JfB V 53395-5- . wg! 1. AJ- , Q .. 54.84 . X - ,' .W.wma. .Q , . , ,. Qlglwi - is --54"-'Wa -1 xQd1"W3'.f'ff??u-ai" qw: 1 5 uiarl ' ara -'La ' 2 y I M ,fem mmm wx. .W . 35 , ,,, 3f,,g,.3Ky-. A in H .. 4. 34 f ,XI tiff Sludenq BOIIICQDAMS residem Priter 'LZ years at Loyoia Uniyersity's Chicaqo Coiieqe ot Dentai Surqery, Dr. Robert W. McNulty decided to corne West. Goinq as 'rar in the direc- tion as possihie Qexciudinq UCLA naturaiiyi, he hecarne dean oi SC's Schooi oi Dentistry iast September ecoqnized nationaiiy as a ieader in entai education, Dr. NicNuity is chairman oi the councii on dentai educahon oithe Punencan'DenMn Association. 'ide has been on the councn knee years and,iohoynnq thecunentnendgwasnonnndedior another terrn. The qood doctor has hrouqht with hirn a varied and broad 'hachqrouxui ot ahnostixnparaheued prestiqe. 'ide is a torrner president ot the iiiinois State Dentai Society, and a rnernber ot the executive committee ot the Federation Dentaire 'interna- tionaie. His rnany years ot experience quaiiiy hirn as a competent rnan to reiqn in SC's new dentai huiidinq. BOB W A . SHB Io Se-mor P,-eSider?N HN C Iunior P,-esid em s YOUN ollhomore preside? CARL TENCKHOFF Fresh man President 35 DR. REX INGRAM 'rs . ZEN DR. FRANKLIN M. LOTT DR. DONALD E. SMITH a H, ca W a Ya se F ' S-5 'M 1.-x B 'ni QE nl is I ...N U- ri A ,K,, raffle.. f -"1 , A all m M im, E h,, SSB- lk a bf--W . Ln X Saba d 95? in 'sas w P357 ia .Eesti ' ,104 -4 v 595-K Tug-ix X f 'WSW 'TEN' 'Ms N If -sal' First Row: Byron M. Adams, Iohn T. Ankeney, Nancy M. Aplel, Clarence S. Aiiix, Ir., Marilyn N. Baker, Fred T. Barry. Ann Bergstrom. Howard Bonebrake. Second Row: Nancy Lou Bothwell, Edward A. Boyd, Robert C. Boyd. Ioan V. Braman, Roberi C. Broadlick, Ir.. Leolin T. Brush, Maurice L. Buckley, Harold Burq. Third Row: Ioan Calder, Adele Campbell. Ralph L. Christie, Alan T. Clapp. LeGrande I. Clark, Rulon C. Clark, less W. Cooper, Daniel C. Cryan. It 1 Perhaps the busiest of all the professions is dentistry. A visit to the clinic on 16th Street is as interesting as it is educational. Profes- sional-looking molar manglers Cstudentsl rush hither and yon effecting cures among the toothaching patients. Dentistry, like most of the professional schools, had meager begin- nings. lt entered the field of education as a subdivision of the School of Medicine. ln l887, the college was organized and one room of medical school made available for the dental students. Growth precipitated three moves before the 1906 installation in what was thought to be a perpetual building site at 5th and Wall Streets. By 1914, so many students were in training, that even greater facilities were essential. That year a new building, in which the dentistry clinic now operates, was completed for use. Again, this year marks the advance in the building program with the con- struction of a modern clinic at Hoover and 34th Streets. Dental alumni have responded to a drive for 35250000 to eguip the clinic floor. Already the fund-raising drive has made more progress than other dental campaigns through- out the nation. The new SC clinic will offer post-graduate refresher courses to all practic- ing dentists. irst Row: Iames E. Curry. Lloyd E. Daley. Lawrence Dickinson. Richard . Dobson. econd Row: Iohn I. English. Lee W. Featherstone. Robert R. Feichter. alvin S. Perrin. hird Row: Bernice K. Fletcher. Curtis G. Frame. lack Frost. William ilbert. ourth Row: Iames K. Givens. Ir., Merle Glick, Morris Gluck. lack Gold- tein. ilth Row: Robert Graham. Suzanne Gray, Ianice Greene. Paul Hamilton. ixth Row: Frederick Harlan, Elbert Harmon. Earl Heath. William Herr. eventh Row: Clinton Holland, Walter Hunter, Ioan Iaclcson. Robert Iack- on. iqhth Row: Paul Iamison. Richard Iones. Ronald Iones. Leonard Karp .Aegis Riga V5 H. Q gm was ...RB nm F f w ss 1 W ,Q K I A as is a me ff 1 Q O r 4 ya u-P . .Q 177' , yr ,fe lm M riinjb Y l4l I-V. , I . e og The fine reputation of SC's dental school is a reflection of high quality, instruc- tion, and curriculum planning. When a graduate emerges in cap and grown, he has completed some fifty-seven sulojects in four years. Lending his profes- sional guidance to these subicts is Dr. Rex Ingram. head of the Dept. of Opera- tive Dentistry. Before the new dean's appointment, he headed the Administra- tive Committee. The man responsible for the Prosthetic Dept. tdenturesj is Dr. Franklin M. Lott. a leader in the Canadian Dental Corps during the War. Pros- thesis refers to the crown-bridges, which are fitted in the Dept. of Dr. Donald E. Smith. He instructed from l'929 to '44 at SC, returning in '49, A real "old timer" on the faculty, Dr. Cecil H. Collins established himself on the staff in 1924. He now heads Oral Diagnosis and Radiography. Dental Science and Literature head, Dr. Robert L. Rutherford is head of Basic Science on mans the Admission Committee. -Sul " i' Le-vi' 'il- L Amer? First Row Iacquelyn Shaw. Beverly Sherwood. Iames Snodgrass, Elmer Snyder. Marie Spence. Willard Stratton. Warren Strula. Anne Sutphm Second Row Grace Sweeney. Arthur Thompson, Ian-tes Walker. lack Wall. Earl Wallace. Herbert Wallway, Robert Washbon. Shirley Waters Third Row Paul Webb, Carl Welty. Theodore Wendortf. Charles Withers, I. Richard Wittner. Clifford Worsley. Howard Wren. Vernon Wright x X, SHELDEN D. ELL1o'r'r. Dean A N J ' .f FRANK DeMARCO Senior President A local boy, Dean Sheldon D. Elliott emerged from under a pile of law books in l93l from SC's Law school, that year, he took a sheepskin bearing his LLB. l-le gave 'em a break up Sacramento way by putting it over his desk as Secretary of Bar examin- ers, but he's never heard of William G. Bonnelli. Years passed, the war came along. l-lis subsequent military duty in Europe was followed by a return to Alma Mater. He became Dean. Apparently the sus- pense of waiting for the results of the bar exams, taken by the first class to come through school un- der his guidance, drove him to New York. Actually, he was there during the year obtaining information necessary to set up a new program, aimed at keep- ing west coast attorneys informed on the latest in the legal field. This program will operate at night or on a part time schedule. lust goes to show, lawyers never lay aside a book. V DAVID NISALL Iunior President ROBERT H. FINCH Student Body President STUART WILSON Freshman President ROBERT WEIL Editor, Law Review K i'1"N ' , 5 i V N - , ,ri wr xg. wa. I W ,NB ... M. W.. EVM . X ,- f ,. H. . .,. f- , , W. is A H -V? , -mg sm . , X First Row: Herbert Adden, Arthur Alarcon, Eugene Bell, Maynard Brown. Second Row: Volney Brown, Walter Brown, Dean Butler, Ioseph Capalbo. Third Row: Walter Christensen. Iohn Collings. George Cox. Carl Cress. Fourth Row: John Davis, Frank De Marco, Roger Du-itsman, Earle Favor. Fifth Row: lack Felthouse, Robert Finch, Albert Gabriel. Louis Galen. From Police Court to University-most Law Schools can't boast that kind of his- tory. Down at Police Court in 1896, the heavy use of electricity by students, necessitated their removal. The School of Medicine made room for them, pro- vided they didn't mind pushing aside a few cadavers in the disecting room. Some of the fledglings thought the place unconducive to the pursuit of Law, and found new quarters in down- town Los Angeles. By 1901, Law be- came part of the University, and was recognized by the Association of Amer- ican Law Schools. Though small at the outset, the School grew to be larger than Stanford, Cal., and Hastings Law Schools combined. The 438 students now in the School find library use a must. The word Library usually brings to mind dimly-lit caverns, with a slight- ly musty smell, and an abundance of empty chairs. Not so at SC: no empty seats, no musty smells, and lit up like New Years. ln addition to these assets, the library has books-65,000 of 'em- all guaranteed to weigh over five pounds, designated to keep Law stu- dents in shape. . -H .ws M w an is is , , N , ak E R3 AWE W a as x nu X a is fx ROBERT KINGSLEY WILLIAM E. BURBY MOFFATT HANCOCK ISM, Q f ',5: " 1 . lv- ' S . .,-- g""-Wit 555-. , , . ,Uma ., -Q9 First Row: Kenneih Holland, Richard Howard. William Iekel, Constance Iohnson. Donald Iohnsione, Herbert Kaemback. George Kasem. Donald Kimber. Second Row: James Kolts. Daniel Leedy. Marvin Levin. Carl Liliesirom, lack Lopin. Richard McWilliams. Murdo MacLeod. Clyde Malone. Third Row: Roy Mann. George Maruya, Donald Mizener, Iohn Moore. Marlin Munson, Daniel Olney. Mariin Ostrow, Clyde Potter. 43 PAUL W. IONES HENRY SPRINGMEYER , N S.. i l J 'T Um:-. ati.. . .f ss- . N- :,.,,- J L . .. V-061195111 .5 ty' 'f A.,Qggi,f 1155:-rv' N4--,:L' . V: ,rf .....f.j-.121 ..:..-at-f:f..-- .MJT gi' v i.w.'?,I' inf. . V ,J ' .vi 153.313 .-Q.-g"i'h1f'f'i'iff" nz 5A f .W kupfv T' -.4 3, Q..-m y... 1 if .- ,J fi, -- I ,,. ,- , . ,-,, ,- V .. ,, . . A s ' Q4 1 .gf ' ., . t 5' a s f ,-. ' ft iw' ff' te-...Civ - Q -apfitf :Lrg -' "' if :wc 1 .fn-f , .,V. .-,.. .,.',, -I "jf , , ,,.-J .,pv" , qw .w iif . .i'i1if..7h: V 2-QQ "' H, gk-.J :as + -52255, . L "' fs .1 5 :' . '. 1 4 1? '15 -g bij Eiliiif' i ''?li '- " ' ' 'Elia' A" 'P -"f735?17"3 " ,. .a1'3"."' -'fi' 'N ' m.,.o,..,...,ffp4m.h - ,pw 4 . f - .. f' ' it ,. f.s1ffq:iwc,. -..-fifaitif. 3- iz 3 . .qi l,q:.yf:.--fg:v,L4 ' S I , 1 -' s.'.V5,j.' , f f ' .- Yi 'Aw' .-ga-35.11-,'i,-je" 1 . -4 -5g,m.,?"'7 'f ' '-4'f. ',.JQL"es57'Q.t15f'ff' fri '. Q V. A. . . .15 J, .l , AL -1- f A -v ...ff fa . at f .-'Y 4.1.11 W ut'-E. 1- 1 5. J I? 45" is 8 li 8 Gia f Wim r iff .fy 3 'Y 99653 Wil .. ,E .5-ikiiv in gf Fw XZ ,f 1 iffy ,V wit My Rf' My Z in gi Wi? '-.elxi.:f55""9L 4 . . f-r IAMES G. HOLBROOK The acting Dean of Law School in the absence of Shelden D. Elliott is Robert Kingsley. Here since '28, he has had time to observe that the qualities ne- cessary to success are KD capacity to analyze and C21 facility of expression. William E. Burby. Law prof. is known as "Common Knowledge Burby" for his belief that a 1002, knowledge is worth 702, on an exam. Paul W. Iones enlivens his classes with his complete lack of candor in advocating Laissez-Faire economy. "The Orson Welles of the Law School," to whom every case is a production is Moffatt Hancock. I-le is re- garded as Law School's most interesting lecturer. A long-time favorite is Henry Springmeyer. His patience and short "summaries", make him appreciated by all students privileged to attend his lectures. Assuring students to feel free to stop in and talk over any question, Iames G. Holbrook has captured the admiration and respect of his students. ft: i 'f av' mm yf mmf: . ,, TIA sl if 5 ., . .1 fi-1 ' First Row: Ioseph Potts. Thomas Putman. Lyle Randolph. Leo Rich. Second Row: Paul Riles, Sidne Rose, Frank Rothman, Lothair Schoenheit. Third Row: Bernard Schulhot. Arthur Seidler, Albert Seigel, Leon Singer. Fourth Row: Teddy Smith. Melvin Spears, Ann Stodden. Sidney Tepper. Fifth Row: Donald Tollefson, lack Tucker. Kei Uchima. George Vinnedqe. Sixth Row: Arthur Wasserman, Harold Wax. Frank Weiss. Fernando Welsh Seventh How: Sandford Willford. Robert Woli. 45 BURRELL 0. RAULSTON, Dean n. Dean of the School of irecting both campus and .ty General hospital activi- e to serve on two national . Raulston, senior attending Dunty hospital, was gradu- .el College in Tennessee in CHARLES E. FLEMING his medical degree in l9l5 Student Betty pteetetent tical School in Chicago. I-le 3. ln l942 he became asso- l943 was appointed dean. ,ment of the present School 28, more than lUUO gradu- al their M.D.'s. This shows loing its bit toward alleviat- loctor shortage. Today the 9 has a faculty of more than Nhich 45 are full and part f honorary members donat- a enrollment totals 272 stu- ximately 65 students are A Q o accepted each semester from more than lOOO applications. DONALD H. SITLER Fourth Year MARSHALL M. MERCER First Year President WILLIAM P. SNIDER FRANK E. ROBERTS Third Year DR. MCKENZIE BROWN SC's reputation as a medical school is founded on the high type instruction available to the students. Dean Burrell O. Rauston, While directing both cam- pus and Los Angeles County General hospital ac- tivities, still finds time to serve on two national medi- cine boards. l-le came to SC in l'93U, and in lt943 was appointed to his present position. Internal medicine is his specialty. Faculty member Dr. I. McKenzie Brown is an outstanding clinical professor of surgery and head of the section on ear, nose, and throat. Dr. Bernard I. Hanley. head of the department of ob- stetrics and gynecology, since 1942, has been with the University since 1931. ln Iuly of l950', Dr. Merl I. Carson became head of the department of pediatrics. l-le is the director of the Children's hospital. The Medical staff is scattered from campus to county hospital, having 450 members, though only 45 are full time staff members. 48 fxuflg Ml f t is ERNEST M. HALL DR. MERL I. CARSON Shortly after its establishment, the med school made arrangements with the Los Angeles General Hospital to use its facilities ior consultation and teach- ing. The General Hospital is one oi the richest sources of clinical material in the United States, and affords excellent facilities for all studies. Student health service is provided under the guidance of the School oi Medicine. To meet the demands of the student body, a two- story brick and concrete iniirmary and clinic was completed in early spring. The S305,000 building accommodates fifty bed patients, has X-ray facilities, examination rooms, and a physical ther- apy suite. Treatment is given for minor illness and injuries. New building plans include a Cardio-Vascular Research building. l as is s if s ws is s i, ti. Q Q First Row: Barton Becker, Iarnes Chinn. Peter Dykstra. Second Row: Charles Fleming, Robert Heaven. Frank Hoff- man. Third Row: Harry Kuhlman, Thomas Larwood. George Mizu- noue. Fourth Row: William Moquin, Irving Nason, Bruce Odou. Fifth Row: Haul Rodriguez, Cecil Saunders, Donald Sitler. Sixth Row: David Stern, William Thompson, Edwin Troutman. ALVAH G. HALL Dean man with an eye on the School of harmacy's future and a listening ear or its present needs, is dean Alvah G. all. Dean Hall is by choice one who is ersonally interested in his students. his probably accounts for the tact that he students praise him as paid publi- ity agents might. A man who claims igh school chemistry is too easy Cdeti- itely a matter of opinionl, he became ean of the College ot Pharmacy in 939. Between that time and now, he as helped bring about many changes n the School of Pharmacy. The latest f these is the offering of a new pro- ram to students, which was initiated ast tall. .n gr L ,. l First Row: Arlen Abbey. Eugene Allen. Dorothy Allphm Phxhp Barnes David Bell Donald Bxgler Second Row: lack Bilz, Richard Bloecher Dorr Bogard Madison Bolts Clarence Braver James Brooks Third Row: Corinne Buiulian. William Chesser Clarence Ching Iames Clark Ioseph Daxgneault Ralph Dashnan kiwi ' rw xi : amx " A x-:prim-eggs 4 wry, r ,t 1 . fi LA i.. First Row: Iohn Doria, Harold Drevno. Earl Edwards. Second Row: Fredrick Ekstein, Nasim Fares, Raymond Fisher. Third Row: Ierry Fissor. Bob Gardenhire. Robert Goerl. Fourth Row: Boyd Goodell, Roland Greenberg. Robert Grow. Fifth Row: Eliseo Gutierrez, Donald Haldiman. Sol Halton. tour years ot training, wer with a bachelor ot science then settled down to passi to an intirmed public. llnc program students must hav of pre-pharmacy training spend four years in the Scli rnacy. lt sounds tough, but t weather the storm Cand Mate S d ln torrner years pharmacy st e 1 comes the degree of Doc macy. As of September, l the only pharmacy school iz with these imposing stan city began to filter out th channelsp now students are 1 , to migrate from eastern states for what they term "graduate study". A long- time tavorite ot the students is graduate student adviser Dr. Morris M. Wolfred The popular new instructor who re vived the tradition of field trips to man utacturing plants is Dr. Orville Miller Miss Margaret Airston, "the mother con fessor" of the pharmacy school, proudl admits teaching four faculty members including the dean. T-11'?f'1'7f' -g..11 W 14 ' . 1 1 Q- 1 1.5 1 l ', .- 1 .11 1 .1,- 1 W 1 ,X 1 ' 1 , EDWARD BRADY ORVILLE MILLER 5 l MORRIS WOLFRED I! - 1 E 1 ss 2, we sf B in ,M , - ,K1-aga , at 1' vax Tay 1,1 .4 I First Row: Richard Hall. Charles Hobby. Meito Hori, Mary Howey. Theodore Iesilow, Henry Iohnson. Second Row: Willie Killion. Lionel Leiter. Marvin Lobdell, Gilbert Lozano, Dean McCann, Robert Mann. 53 -.7 Q in ,fl v rv . s s all X .4 First Row: Marie Mendiola. Audrey Mensinger. Kenneth Miller. Samuel Nano. Second How: George Needham, Victor Nemechek. Stephen Okayama. Leo Oren- stein. Third Row: Robert Patterson. Stanley Plaskoli. Iohn Polski, Charles Ryan. Fourth Row: Tomochika Salcamoto. Akiko Sato, Leon Sclar, Fred Seech. 54 WILLARD G. SMITH MARGARET AIRSTON Laird Ioseph Stabler Was the founder of the school of Pharmacy in 1905, remaining dean until 1939. ln its infant stage, two years of study was satisfactory in acquiring a degree of Pharmacist Graduate. When the three year program was invoked, graduates were entitled Pharmacist Chemists. From l932 to 1949 a four year course offering a B.S. degree was in force. Now six years are required for completion, indicative of the increased level of SC education. Edward S. Brady, associate professor of Pharmaceutical Chem- istry, graduated from the school in 1933. With his B.S. he took the Lehn and Fink medal for highest scholarship. Willard G. Smith. full professor of Pharmacy was Cum Laude of the class of '27 at SC, also a Winner of the Lehn and Fink medal. ...4l First Row: Mitchell Shames, Robert Simmons, Louis Soldavini, Charles Swanson. Second Row: Ferrell Turner. Iohn Vidulich. Geraldine Vidovich. Edward Walike Third Row: Ernest Waller, Winired Warnick. Henry Wiencek, Chiyoe Yaia. 55 Cla 56 S V I .44 I af' Af 1 l 3 ,Ni I qx 2 K .y -N-., .A ,...' 9 , M . Gs' 0 Xa" ' ' J V . 1 Ai L. i , I -ny, 1 .' F I . n ' f I 43" ,Ll 'T 7 ...- 1 4 ,WW ' Y 115, E 'ef 31...--5Qk?!9 x 'milf Y. .ix 4. ,.. .1 L nu? . W A 11 - Patti Schlarb Vice President, Freshman Class Town and Gown Troeds YWCA Phratres impressed with such campaign stunts as a great dane carrying "vote for" signs and convertible parades up and down the Avenue, the Frosh students decided Bob Decker would be capable as freshmen president. Four years com- pleted at Iohn Adams's high in Long Island, one as student body prexyg and a "Vacation" in' the Navy have qualified Bob to fulfill the planks in his party platform. Unusual for a politician, he completed some of his promises. His cohort, Patti Schlarb, freshman veep, gave her all to put over the orientation program. From Long Beach Poly, pretty Patti proved very able at her post. Hank Green Beta Theta Pi Secretary, Freshman Council Ron Bernheisel Theta Chi Treasurer, Freshman Council Frosh Basketball A Cappella Choir Beverly Carl Freshman Council Debate Student Union Committee 591 A brawl between the sophomores and freshmen is just one of the annual activ- ities that the frosh council participated in this year. A irosh float and queen represented the class in the Homecom- ing events. To assist new students, the group helped set up the orientation program this spring. In May, the class sponsored a "Shipwreck" dance, which everyone got a big kick out of. Going against the weather man's advice, the council threw two frosh picnics. The group sponsored a drive tor whole blood, then answered the call for help in financing cancer and polio research. Thus ended the irosh class of '5-4. Iune Bohanan Troy House Freshman Council Troecls YWCA Iudd Cushing Sigma Alpha Epsilon Freshman Council ng1--- Ken t McFernn Chi Phi Homecoming Commlltee Ian Kirman Tom McCarthy Dave Hunter Town and Gown Phi Kappa Psi Kappa Sigma Troeds Freshman Council Freshman Council S0 Q ,A an ss - Q J rfk, Lf' ' X f wk pf 1 -as an 5 - mm-. aus mm ss n Jean Robxson Shirley Conroy Mxml Shepherd Gamma Phx Beta Freshman COUDC11 Kappa Alpha Theta YWCA Presxde-nt Troeds ,Q Iim Lucostic Phi Sigma Kappa Freshman Council NROTC 61 all X r n X ss B ss J' an Lynn Scott Ierry Parker 30 18113811 E1 Rodeo Staff Delia Chl H I C 4 Freshman Councxl Freshman Council omecommq ommltiee Debate '1.-'VCFEZEQZD .iii - ,'1'.e--uw, ' f--1: ,wmzv-.v-T1-:fv'f-f 'gmg3HPpv445 1Y51 , :L.-:-:- -::, .1 lm ' ..:. L. 1 1 'n'::t,'f 1:,1"',:3'3'31-,, P." 1 .' ' 1' ' -w ' ' 5f'L:l'-li'--5:f::-- '-11 l . , ' . ' 1 ' 5E'ffffn,,I'5j'1g.'lf2f,Q -' l 1 ' l I. . J- Y . u xiiA,1lM5Q WI. ,,,. I 4. X - ,A N Ly, fu .. 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X- :Q51',,-f' X Stan Bake Delta Delta Delta Pi Lambda P111 Freshman Councll Roy Foreman Acacia Freshman Council IFC Trovets Bud Smull Kappa Alpha Freshman Council Frosh Basketball Marv Solomon Sigma Alpha Mu Freshman Council Frosh Basketball Frosh Track Homecoming Committee Barbara Hall Alpha Delta Pi Bob Buddecke Freshman Council Beta Sigma Student Union Committee Independent Council 63 I Iim Contratto Sigma Chi Frosh Football Sue Brown Crescent Theater Group 57 Dick Moore Alpha Tau Omega Freshman Council Margie Craft Freshman Council Troeds YWCA B4 Nl ya 5 NW O O Al A t" 1' - ff pai- Larry Stone Beta Theta Pi Freshman Council P015 Fl nv '1 .W-4 ,J . A - -' , , . H B X I , ..-HL V, 9m.y.-,- sf: ,s gy- . 1-ma mm , -, ,,, .: ,W , X' B , ' ' -Qpfgtgi., HW'-.jx V iv K.. .7v,'v.fA5H,: Ig. ' Q L. ' . V, fin '1 -1JF'?--f'.P,g'if'-,HK-sf, 'V-H.'ff'f3 Tggg-'--S " ' ' . "L - W f- m1.w'ff.1'-gf L v ,M,f.-i3j?Aig.m9jk A-i,11.m,,:N.5,l:,l 1' . X Q.. 1 4 -1. 'yn-. I '- -" ,.5rf" :mg-13' 421' A '--i5.L1p-a:f1" 'f'lf'- . Ifwljrfq T451 4 f , ' ' f K'-' .' 1-'A-L'v 1' , . . ..1:k"w-1 M -R N .+R mg, 343111 l'f2,'J:i'1 --7 .-,I-'Q -'J-1' N ' :Hr 1 'W' if-2' -,T '1 V. , . f.. ' 4 N1 " L 'If' xx R U- IT 'LI K JL r -U' U t X, -fa 1' P . X fbirw! -1 " ' 9 4'A'.f,x,'. W-.gk . 1 ,, r A . 4 ' ,QT V ' 11. 4 R, -5' " vf r e-, xg 'M , J, I -sm 5 W ' p 1 fi in -iff. .1 V-14.1f g.J? ?'a'L"'T"'L' - , L "L3f,,,1r3i-f ,M-f,f' u LQ ,m .Ji 'A,'---7V-ff-4-?"" T , I y1,,.H,r1.,..,r4g,, .. g 4311, ,1 X 1 , A k ,, .+'ff1 A ef1K.f-H" V '. " T' '. .T '- 4 ,'- ' .Z"41 ' ' - ' 354,-,451-Q 41,-Ji. '.Q' :.f,.gf1-.-',tL'+: .U 11.1, "Lb-1i':.v.X,,54 ?".V J-Vx T11 -L' " Z. Wi-,? ' .' " 9 . ,x.. Y.L-y.,L,'- -L,,,k,X1,-. -5,1 . g-.,.- .,w?,g,-:. I-'f-1214 V '- gvqha-fI.' H- f , P '4' f- qr:"n ." gf. f '4.. . ' "- '.-T' T! 'EDJ M1 7-'JQQQ v t buf ',.f':51-' , gg 0 1 I - - f , 5,5 12 -- :Jai-.L,g.r ..l.'i'-" :'2Nf5.5, ' ' , sig- 'i 5..l , 7 'f."'- "f V Um . '. lem ' 'A " , F f ' " YF-s'?Jf-"' V A wi!! 1 ...fp-,Q , ' , . ,A-EA"F't -1 X Y' L! 1j'h'j', ' - 'L 5 f' ffgjjgi Y, . 1 5-1,1 W1 ,+ 4 ' I- H 9 f':', 'Fr 12-fl-., 1 " , " 11' I., u M 3 . " - -. . x 5: , 2 ef f 4 w M 4 1. , A, N A, F '- .P an gs -.iw 5 H km sw gs . E Q Egan mjfw 5 na aww' WAN HBS gs U w 'va ,nm S, ,-4 W 2 H is gm Q. 'Aziz Y! ,fa 'E w 1 sal-ngx mx N ,www was nm latin, ,ang-E s:'Qss was sw ,sn W :ma Q Am ww' an 0lDA077l0f6 ,iii An energetic organizer and worker, Tony Ward has shown his interest in Alma Mammy since joining the ranks in '49. l-le has also been active in the LAS Council. An eager Freshman turned energetically to politics, Tony was elected Sophomore Class Presi- dent. This year not only has he proved to be a capable school officer, but he also has been active in, and a credit to, Lambda Chi Alpha. His right arm, Bob Richmond. Sig Ep, has been class Vice President. Bob was an active member in Squires and an ardent worker dur- ing the Trojan Chest Drive. Bob Richmond, Vice President Sigma Phi Epsilon ifxfj, i',' 1,"-?-2,-a:1'1:-,- -T ,. .v:Ai..m'lL,' Q-g.' fnfgf 4 'jr 'I '- ,,.....1 n 411: -,Yi . .. Car1Baker ! E '1 P W oii Secreiari Lam' S5155 lilllllleasure ggshigii Cisgnigl 31 YC ' S ' YMCA Delta Delta Delta Secretarygreasrggg, Hgxgsgok LAS Council YWCA Associate E 1 Off NROTC Homecoming Committee G5 SOPHOMORE COUNCIL Succeeding in accomplishing the proposed plans of its program, the Sophomore Council can justly feel proud ot its record this year. Number one achievement of the year was a survey the Council conducted, gathering ideas and suggestions pertinent to the improvement ot student counseling. The group played "Santa" to the children of Iuvenile Hall at their Christmas party, which was arranged by Marty Kirshner and Ann Defreece. Don Davis had charge of the Sophomore float in the Homecoming parade, while Iohn Tylken and Bob Morrell managed the Soph's Troy Chest booth. Greatest events ot the year, at least socially, were the traditional Soph-Frosh Brawl, followed by a Soph-Frosh dance in the spring. Two other worthy projects were the printing of Student Housing directories, and bestowing of Sophomore Athletic and Scholarship awards on two outstanding classmates. The Council wound-up the year with a bang-up party. 1 ll , X .Tack Cdrpeme, Theta Chi Anne De Freece Delta sigma Pi Pi Beta Phi Ann Vie,-hus G C1 . Spur reater U. Committee Daily Trojan YWCA Cabinet 67 2: :-: Mau it P , I 55353 . f 3 , f, :if :- -.ds QTZZ? Wendell Casey Kappa Alpha Squire Greater U. Commitiee Iack Davis Kappa Sigma Squire NROTC Track Team Iudy Iohnson Delta Gamma Sophomore Council AWS Maintenance Chairman Student Union Committee 5 I-111 --11. -T-.1 .. .. .. .. .- 41.11. li. . 1 -T11 -ll ., i.. .1-1 -1-..- l-1... -11-1 -1 . -.. -li.. .. 4-1113 ..1,, -. .. . i . , -111 - 1. . ,. 111-11. l .. ., .. .11 S Eff -1. ' ' 1... A .QI ' .XR Pai Rogerson Sigma Alpha Epsilon Smart J' 4 Fran Bowling Troy House ASSC Social Commiiiee YWCA Homecoming Committee Inclependeni Coun 68 cil Don Daves Phi Delia Theia Squire Sophomore Council KUSC Announcer Ioanne Stevenson Kappa Kappa Gamma Sophomore Council Mo an Tom Tanner Beta The-ta Pi Squire Jim Smith Phi Delta Chi Sophomore Council Il Lx v, SSL .z-'ml Donna Freedman Chi Omega AWS Secretary Trojan Chest Committee Homecoming Attendant Jerry Blackwell P President, Aeneas Hall Independent Council 69 Marcy Wekal Alpha Gamma Delta Spur YWCA Sophomore Council QS i x F5 nv and l. 5-Q W . 5 i George Gottesman I :': '?b, ' L Zeta Beta Tau Squire Q Sophomore Council Y ag? Commerce Council Barbara Wallin Phi Sigma Sigma LAS Council Ioan Field Delta Gamma Sophomore Council Greater U. Committee Spur Secretary, Social Cabinet AWS Vice President, Alpha Lambda Delia Activities Recorder, AWS Dorothy Mazzqla Independent Council Spur Irwin Rosenfeld Alpha Epsilon Pi 70 Art McDermott Phi Sigma Kappa Squire Biii Cobb Don Fouts Chi Phi Squire Pi Kappa Alpha -45 lim Bachman Della Sigma Phi Squire Football Rushing Marilyn Beaudry Alpha Omicron Pi Spur Sophomore Council Commerce Council YWCA Head Hosiess Bob Gerard Lambda Chi Alpha Sophomore Council 7l swf' N ..mlm,., .V as. 5 ,:::,,w.: 6 .- . j ,::5.f.:,:q .I ,Faq-1 Don Slate Tau Epsilon Phi Squire aa! g' 1 asm Q Bob Morrell Sigma Phi Delta Sophomore Council Squire Ray Morse Tau Kappa Epsilon Sophomore Council my A ' alia If M HE, it if Q w ' ., , , , 6 , .ng . A is isa use K, H-M , ck Elva Soper 'N Independent Council LAS Council Sophomore Council Student Union Committee f,-fun., ?"T"- i tSl'F"f 4 E l ff? Virgil Gayley Delta Tau Delia Sophomore Council Carmen Perez Squire Delta Delta Delta LAS CQ-,unCi1 Nornl Pacun ViCE-P1'6SiCl9fll, Spurs - Sophomore Council Indefggdgggggqml Lis Council 72 Marilyn Rotherum Zeia Tau Alpha Sophomore Council Spur Bob Chappel Phrateres Pledge Chairman Delia Chi YWCA Bill Inglis Squire ,-1 Phi Kappa Psi Squire I. V. Football Squad 'P , 1? Sophomore Council E31 Betty Lou Pack Alpha Phi Secxeiary, Panhelleuic 'STEP Beryle Duca Phi Sigma Kappa 39" C sf P f J Squire Phil Ramser 73 Sigma Chi Sophomore Council Squire Pat Rooney Siqma Nu 494 .iq 9' lim Lyon Phi Kappa Tau Squire Sophomore Council Homecoming Committee Dori Bonham Alpha Chi Omega LAS Council Greater U. Committee Debate Squad Marty Kirschner Sigma Alpha Mu Squire Sophomore Council Fencing Team Wampus Trojan Chest Homecoming Committee 74 l ,. 'ke Owen Richelieu Delta Tau Delta Squire 1 union! TACK COLTON, P The "George Raft oi the Iunior Class" is strong-arm-man, lack Colton. Immi- grating from San Rafael, iog to smog, lack found Hollywood greenbacks easy to make through acting and dancing. His habit oi doubling up Work started him at SC night school While he was making pictures by day. Toward the Freshman year's end, the ole legs be- gan to give out while school became more interesting. l-le decided going to SC Was better than making money, so here he is, a Squire, Director of the Var- sity Show, Sophomore Council member and now a Knight. One ot his helpers is the Veep, Marc George. I-le's been a committee chairman for the Trojan Chest, a Squire, and a Theta Xi. Marc George Theta Xi Vice President, Iunior Cl . , K , ,N R IUNIOR COUNCIL n September, a large body of eighty-tive council members turned to the task of direct- g lunior class activities. The first project ompleted Was a successful shindig with the eniors. lt consisted ot a Pre-game SC-Cal ally and dance. The guys and gals on cmpus Vere really fired up after this rally. Following, yas party time for the council, celebrating a b well done. When spring rolled around, e council sponsored a school social to raise nd to be spent in deserving charities. The ig project ot the year was a smoothly coor- inated rushing program for high school and nior college students. Under the direction f Mr. Earl Bolton, the program operated to terest these students in studying at SC. lt cguainted all with the customs, traditions, nctions, and opportunities ot an academic nd social lite at SC. ar, 0f 3. 2 Ioanne Mouren-Laurens Zeta Tau Alpha Secretary, lunior Class Daily Trojan Shelley Andleson Zeta Beta Tau Treasurer, Junior Class Greater U. Committee LAS Council U.R.A. Council 77 Bob Hopkins Theta Chi Vice President Junior Council LAS Council S . quire Greater U. Committee Chairman, U.R.A. LAS Trojanality Contest Trojan Chest Peggy Pryor lack Tiller Kappa Alpha Theta Vice Presxdent Bob Hlfchcock Delta Tau Dem Amazons Slqma Nu NROTC Chxmes Commerce Council AVIS Oriermtation Chalrman Homecommq Comrmtiee Ann Dillon Delta Gamma Iunior Council Amazon Chime Debate Squad 78 Gordon Mumford Delta Sigma Phi Music Council Student Music Director Trolios Song Fest Trojanality .ggi -. A Y Y We ." 4 ..,' 1 so Gaim?-S J ZZ -1 Homecoming Committee Jeanne Nnmeman Vice President, Troy House Elections Commissioner Martin Green Pi Lambda Phi President Homecoming Committee Allen A. Arthur President, Alpha Phi Omega Veterans Representative Editor, Student Handbook Alpha Delta Sigma Beta Gamma Sigma Ioan Schones Kappa Delta Junior glen . Dpgpha Epsitonifhl Hom C Ejfiasingzvmmmee 9 80 .JH tmp Phlglgd Templeton dppd T611 President Knight Rally Chairman YL Candy Allen Amazons Alpha Gamma Della lunior Class Council Trolios Dick Capin Tau Epsilon Phi Knights IFC M. S. Bedi Terry Mann Student Union Committee Phi Sigma Kappa Debate lunior Council Sian Minick President, Tau Delta Phi Junior Council Knights ASSC Social Committee Junior Council Greater U. Committee NROTC Nancy Weller Chi Omega 1 wt, l x, in .lg f' I , 'iii' iff' ,Q 6 ft :, "tl ' lig ti' H9 N L. ye 2 1. UUE S! xt y xt . Gloria Charles Zeta Tau Alpha Women's Orientation Zeta Phi Eta Trolics Ralph Drew President, Lambda Chi Alpha Knights Secretary IFC lim Eddy Phi Kappa Psi IFC NROTC lunior Council I-lomecominq Committee Knights 82 Nancy Ridgeway Pi Beta Phi Amazons luclicial Count Bud Hauslein Knights Orientation Chairman Student Council Greater University . PM . ft. t Ji. 1 . . t ? ,ff 1-:. l,,- I .. 5 Q N I r 2, , as-4X C? Frances Blevins Vice President. Delta Delta Delta Amazons AWS Aisemkly Chairman Tom Hodges Kappa Sigma Knights Helen Harker Alpha Phi Chimes if :. . ,..!!sfsfss,: I 'f 'iijytl ' Y 3rd Y or NA., 1 swf '. .qw QTQN -1 ,fi L Bill Burby George D611 Phi Gamma Delta Vice President, Bela Siqma Iunior Council Debate Knights Tau Kappa Alpha AirROTC 83 Iris Harrison Alpha Gamma Delta Amazons Chimes YWCA Tollis Compton Alpha Della Pi AWS Cabinet Amazons Iune Wooley LAS Council NCP Debate Stude t Un n ion Committee ,,: .. Peggy Miller Alpha Chi Omega YWCA Social Chairman Mary Lou Lanni Delta Delta Delia 1 'Vino V 1 ,1W'j ,.:.w .,.,Y .NC ,.- . bb 'A 5 'f' f--.d ag -:.f'.,. mg ',:,: .. .. ,. 5: i A A W, , . I i 3 --5-,Af-f' :.: .:. :.:. " Ray Ericksen Sigma Phi Delta Krniqhis Ball and Chain 84 B T. rv , ' K , ,A I,- .M F11 , -tai 1-by I bglx 'Q Q.. WA Y . I - AW' s. Y Ps '13 'Y 1 was-P' Don Du.Bose Sigma Phi Epsilon Knights an 'QQ F -we :Fu s wg L 7 3 2 if E -fu A I mliw ,524 'H 9 i'-'-Sf Y- . M1 1 mf?-.w Y I - 'fr , 7? N 5iE-.,. 241 5' fzfflf ' gs? f we. ,q 1 5 ' H 4 ,wuwlgg K W W H'-I if bm m V , 5 Q , B K ? gi! M V Gref! Gfable samqa Nu San Bernardino's gift to the Seniors of '51 is Phi Delta Theta Bill Adams, the gavel-swing- ing prexy. A few years back, Bill eXchanged Navy Blue for SC Cardinal and Gold, and promptly became a Troy Eager Beaver. I-le is majoring in Political Science with a side order of Pre-legal tossed in for future self-protection. Bill has been a Squire, Knight, and his frater- nity's Treasurer, Scholarship Chairman, and Activities Chairman. Quite a boy this Willie, quite a boy! Senior Veep, Ed Calkins is also! the debt and credit man of the class, handling all financial transactions. Ed, in his spare time, majors in radio. KniQl'll5 lf .C- .IA Ev '. Ed Niebuhr Theta Chi Senior Council Senator-at-Large Engineering Council lean Nicol Dick Hall Kappa Kappa Gamma Tau Kappa Epsilon President Senior Council Senior Council Blue Key 86 Backbone to the Class of l95l was the "on-the-ball" Senior Class Council, who gave their all for the pur- pose of reviving forgotten traditions. They organized their senior year into one that Will long be remem- bered as the paramount climax of any senior class who has trudged four long years through the Halls of Troy. The council created an active social calen- dar, reduced senior expenses, and provided a. link between undergraduates and alumni. Projects set forth by the council were originated for the purpose of school improvement as Well as for the betterment of thir own class of '5l. Seniors were organized into an alumni association While still in school, an alumni fund drive was created, and a "seniors only" rooting section at the Notre Dame game was made possible. They also revived the building of the Walls of Troy. Credit council members Lou Rameriez. Dick Hall, Bob Gehring, and Ed Niebuhr. for special added service that made the year a more successful one for the "5l Alums". Senior Council 87 Phil De Bnere Kappa Alpha Volleyball ,me 'AL ff-e-. Bev Walker Hutchinson Alpha Delta Pi -Secretary Amazons ASSC Social Chm Archit ture First Row: Lawrence Alexander, Robert Barnett, Robert Bolling, Howard Brummitt, Paul Byer, Iohn Campbell, Sydney Carnine, William Cathcart, Eugene Cloyes, Zach Cook. Second Row: Richard Dorman, Loren Durr, Donald Engen, Iames Gardner, Robert Goethe, Thomas Gould, Robert Grittiths, Russell Harris. Richard Harrison, William Hettel. Third Row: Harry Holmes, Lloyd Iohnson, Staniord Iolley, Ioe Iordan, Otto Kilian, Gerald King, Iames Langenheim, Edward Larson. lack Lester, Hiram London. Fourth Row: Dick Lowry, Frank Martin, Meliord Morgan, Arthur O'Leary, Ioan Parker. William Paynter, Ioe Pressman, George Riba. Richard Rose, Norman Rosen Filth Row: Oliver Sargent, Bruce Sellery, Stanley Solomon, Damon Spitzer, Dean Strother, Julian Wilke, Graham Wilson, Warren Wimer, Charles Wong, Haywood Wynne. Li , ai Qi 2 w A' I QQ E is 2 V 515' ' xl l JG A xg J, . Y - VN, . X, Q -.:, 5,-5 ,I K is . .r 'Q 93 49 is ' -'ag Ht V? Y. 1 A A 3 A , . 1 . in 1 .--am .. W ,f ' T ' fl r A if aq? s lm. as it W 4 d, lfi 4 1' ' H ll ' ff? y y ' . Via" in P' 4 , F-' N ':" 'ill ., 95' 'J' . -, V 1 vi ' l Y I' l 2 ki .,s2s,iQ: 3' - o Z4 'Q H 19,4 L 5 N 1 V s ' fli fvm f " I , M .al R l X ,' W,..,1.:':g55l:,. I 3 I f , , ii . ' is ,Q k N MK 3 Q ef' I ' 7- Pawn f M, W A U- ,AY A '2','l ,. 1,51-' t ' Q L 2 - re . 7 it .ff-'Qi' - , AX , . H 3 if W gs 4 ,s. i - 4 l herd -In 4 I 4, Y, .,., b P ' L ' A L. K K h sk at is f'-if -N-we T , . , ,,,, , , ,.,. . c ' is W I , 4 it ' H " f " f "gf, .1 22 1 f .f f ' .,.,, .,., , skit ,.. ,Z VZ: j 3? " "" as , ,. H ,, ,, ..,..4 CUMMERCE Pete Hoyt Phi Kappa Psi Baseball Floyd McCann Delta Phi Epsilon Fencing Team Ball and Chain First Bow: Don Ahaiian, Henry Abts. Cashus Ackley, Luster Adams, Norman Adams, Ray Adams, Edmundo Aguilar, Robert Allison, Adrian Amaya, Iohn Amsdam. Second Row: Arthur Anderson, Richard Anderson, Walt Anderson. lohn Angel, Ray Armstrong, Irvin Arndt, Sam Arocho-capetillo, Harriet Arutunian, Manual Avila Elvin Baer. Third How: George Bardwil, Stuart Barnet, Kenneth Bate, Ruth Batkus, Stan Becker, Ed Beckmann, Frank Beebe. Ioe Bensinqer, Gray Berg, Phillip Berman. Row: Ron Beyl, Donald Beurman, Eugene Biedebach, Harold Biell, Herb Blavat, Oliver Blaschko, Iames Bligh, Robert Blowney, Donald Blurton, Don Boelter. Row: Fred Bogy, Albert Bordalampe, Carlos Boria, Robert Bowdle, Lew Bowers, Bill Bowers, Robert Bowler, Bernard Brennan, Lloyd Brewer. Don Britt. QQ f -if ,., .' ' SIN H A Gr-1-f mise 'ENDS elim ., iw . 1 r' iv Wi ---f I ' L A , , i a , we ,, af2-a::1-1- - . sgqfs-,-E .- 55 it -, 131 QE -,- -:t 2 ,,,- -wif 15551.55 N A f . , ,.,. - ..., .. ,,,,, ., , S 'I-4.3, . f"...w....... A , 2 - 'J - , .:.-ty. 11: i- ' . ' 3 3 . 3' ' 4 - :A ., .:.: Je!! ', 2 n ' WG l - if ,N F mg K, WM 1? . 1 ffgm, Ho ,A ' ' I' X92 . iz i XC- U L ' 'fx 'f ,X ' A , 4 - 9 f :S-:eases EaE"E'i AQ-X .1 - -X gy? A-.:1: firm: "xi , V1 ay-if f ..,s: ,. X ffiiiye' J tr- . 5 - 1. ,. M , ,N ,, wean: ,.,.. , Q V i Q:-e , A .,, ,- ,.,,,,.g: gi. .,, - "'7':'v , ' -L W ' L Q iw .- 5 3 va- iii- nr -. A ,T ri. ' - ' 'J .wg ,f , ll V " ' f ia :,V -- 1 ,," e ' 4::::f,5 f Y If V . 5 V W, ..... 2 au: fe' ' Q 1 ft., x ,v fr W -- 1 , -Q ,V A A ' ' z' 4. ' TI A it X - i f' K 1 1 illjfi i 'K 5-.f 4 mg: I ,Q t . E, , 'N I v ' X . . 15' "Q . K ae W i l ...e E V 1 - - ..,. e ft: V : ,.. ::-:- :-: - -ry Q F! 3 ,.- .- 7 ,55 , 'NJ i S W ,vs A ,A 4 L fi?-1"" ge il? .He Betty Weatherly Alpha Phi VP Senior Council Squires Secretary PE Motors Cluln 'mth 5 ,a..a.4w 1'-f .- x - Q 2 wx .fd 1 nn' wa Q First Row: Ronald Broth Ronald Brouse. Gordon Bro Keith Brown. Kenneth Bro' Robert Buchanan. Ronald l bank. Allred Burke. Second Row: Robert Bucki William Burtiss. Albert Burl Dale Buschlre. Schubert Byt Robert Caldwell, Robert C well. Ioe Canzoneri. Third Row: Lauro Cam Bruce Caton, Chester Cl' Marvin Chanin, LeRoy Ch man, Paul Chesley. Cha Chodzko, Delos Clark. Fourth Row: Henry Clark. Stuart Clarke, William Cl Wendell Claybaugh, Earl chell, Kenneth Colborn. H ert Colby. Allred Coleman Filth Row: Ralph Comp Deane Conklin, Frank C ney, Ir., Rose Lee Cory, D O B Cox, Thomas Cram. Ron Crawford. Richard Cree. Sixth Row: William Cre Vaughn Curtiss, Robert iels. Peter De Santis, los Dickerson III, Iohn Dick Donald Di Silvestri. Gil Dodge. v If rr I Seventh Row: Charles Don Ir.. Iohn Dorrinqton. Frank son, Ioanne Douglas. Star Dow, loseph Drop. Cha Duane. Gerald Dunklin. 1 l ,, 'iii Bob Gehring Phi Delta 'I lwta lack Kabateck S15,,Iffif1lt'fU Lumbda cm Aipha VP Ian Ashford .TI Kimi dum S6'l'liOY Council Pi Beta Phi President L' ' " ' KUSC Staff Scholarship Chm. Hcmecominq Committee Standards Chm. First Row: Max H. Dunn. Virqinia L. Dunn, David S. Duran, Iack E. Eddy, Robert L. Edwards, William D. Edwards. Robert K. Eissler, Robert H. Ely. Paul A. Erick- son. Henry I. Escher. Second Row: August I.. Fairweather, Perry A. Feder, Donald M. Fehlings, Ephraim Feldman, Iohn P. Finton. Henry I. Follrner, Herbert Foo, Roy F. Foote. Gail Wilfiam Forres. Iules M. Formaker. Third Row: Raymond L. Fox. Douglas A. Friend. Norman Frank, Lynn Freet. Bruce Fusner. Albert I. Gabaiq, Laurence E. Gadaire, Gloria Gainsbord, Raymond R. Iames I. Gardner. Row: Virginia L. Garr, lack W. Garrett. Michael Gasso. Kenneth N. Gavel, Aristotle Gavras. George F. Gearn, Robert W. Gehrinq. Wally A. Gerdes. Robert Gilbert. Frances E. Gilleran. P. Granger. Martin S. Gray. L J g5:.,"3 F 'il In 6 ' f.L.fJt'i U ' 13 4.4 , , D ,. , 5 ,li ,H Go X r-- ' 'W ' '...ta14v "7 -' f V "ver 7 '71, ' . W i: ..... ti.. 2' '.'-f 1 J iv' an vhtgm , 'H J 'I Ala? '3 - i t -ta if I T I S. .. ga s:'.5n4w 91 Row: Harry I. Glassberg. William B. Godfrey, Ioel Gonzalez, Paul H. Goodman. Robert Goodman. Ioseph B. Graber. Theodore H, Grady, William R. Granewich. vi' H, v- ' N K tg S HE . . .. lr as , gi f Eff. 48 35 W 2 E22 'Z-ye U M 4. -2. ggi -Q-:Ellis af! WS wi' H3 -A "f Q 8 ,fa-. A. H 5 'C I an .fl 'Q - 1-A., I .W H 4' a .,. .,.,- EF. 5 WWA First Row: Bruce R. Green. Bud Greenbaum. David F. Gregory. Iames E. Griiiin. Bon- nie L. Grifiin. Second Row: George E. Gub- ser. Richard K. Gunnarson. Tom R. Guntly. Calvin L. Gus- tavus. William I. Haener. Third Row: Earl R. Hagaman. Frank H. Hall, Charles R. Ham' burger. Helen A. Hampton. Robert E. Hawkins. Fourth Row: Richard G. Han- son, Arthur R. Harman. Donald F. Harms. Toshio Hashimoto. Melvin L. Hawkes. Fifth Row: Keith R. Hazard. Fred R. Higgins. William O. Hind. Robert B. Hitchcock. William I. Holbrook. Sixth Row: Leonard P. Hotf- man. Frederick B. Holoboti. William F. Hohmann, Thomas I. Hohn, Chester O. Houston. Ir. Seventh Row: Charles W. Hoyt. Robert B. Huffman. Eldon W. Hultgren. Iames A. Hunter. Henry E. Iaeqer. Eighth Row: Dorothy I. Iames. Gene R. Iaque, Burell C. Iohn- son. Forrest S. Iohnson. Iohn R. Iohnson. Ninth Row: Robert O. Iohn- son. William C. Iohnson. Wayne R. Iones. Lois M. lor- gensen. Frederick Ioseph. Tenth Row: William D. Iuen- ger, Frank L. Jung. Iimmie D. F. lung. Toshio Kamei. Iarnes R. Kaneen. Ron Gordon Zeta Bela Tau VP Knights IFC Treasurer lean Dlmiord Town and Gown Presld nt Amazons Mortar Board OWR President iff Andy Ulrich Acacia Knights Treasurer 51 Club 4.-1 tt . X f . 'llufrl UQ, 'F ru, 1 init K H 5 A J f ,K Af-Q. ., 'F-72 5, 'sf 4. Iim Williams Beta Theta Pi Knights Secretary Senior Council Ann Robinson Alpha Chi Omega First Row: Philip E. Kelgard, Iohn H. Kelley, Iohn M. Kelly, Donald E. Kerwin, Robert I. Kingman, Eugene I. Klinkert, Harry B. Klusmeyer, Elwood L. Knaus, Lauri Konisto, Matthew F. Konar. Second Row: Kimon Koundouriotis, Iames D. Krous, Marshall Kreil, Irwin Kurtz, Robert Kuykendall, Edwin Lamb, Iames Large, Gerald Law, Donald Lea, Henry S. Leavitt. Third Row: Bruce Lee, Gordon Lees, Richard H. Leister, Ioseph W. Leopold, lack R. Levine, Arthur W. Lewin, Charles C. Lewis, Eileen I. Lewis, Ioyce E. Lewis, Richard G. Lewis. Fourth Row: George R. Leyva, Ronald K. Lipstone, Lawrence R. Littrell, Warren D. Lollich, Wellington H. Love, Donna C. Lucey, Charles R. Lugo, Keith D. Mc- Allister, Howard G. Mcllloney, Albert L. McCune. Fifth Row: Daniel I. McCurdy. Robert B. McKee, Marion R. McMasters, Thomas R. McNair, Iohn W. McVey, Martin C. MacDonald, Raul Madrid. Charles T. Magnus, Sixth E. Magnuson, Iohn A. Mahoney. Row: Willard P. Marriner, Iames R. Marsh. Iack W. Marshall, Iohn H. Mason, Garth E. Masse. Stanley Mattox, Robert E. Meade, Robert E. Meighan, Iohn W. R William R. Melz. 'f J' .. . Qt , Q ,. 1 an QYFW f-A '86 , 'J Bail 119' '.'5??P, 9.48 w h ,, a- +1:zllEr -if 3 ' . ., 'r W ,L .,., H, V ly eff V x , . Qi? dai' 'WEB Q21 l ,ans 'g as . 3, i ' W We v Ni 2 . , . Qing M 2 ek N' if A Maia 1' , mgzae3: ' ' We 'W Lv R l I-,gk as- -gqgx , ' 5 t 22411 tg 1-ii ...Z H? N . W , I . bl ..: K , L 22- at I. 1 iivli a. A V , 4, 47 LL A xthvf . h ir.. ix 5 l 'Q .gig 4: ' QS sa.,- , .. .wigs- 4 Bae QQ . , E 5 . if ' 1 I 3 Q Q 3 W Q 5 1 gwegg, 4,55 -me-U 1 Y- ...... i .... M..- X, il' ' J - 9 . 'Q -'-f-ff,:s 2 ::,:::-: .2 .+.SM.A .52 is ld :K .WV , -W H' 3 qw '4 First Row: LeRoy C. Miller, Louis W. Miller, Ir., Howard I. Mills, Stanley R. Minnick, Dorothy D. Mitchell, Delores A. Mittman. Ianet A. Moody. Iohn K. Morris. Willis C. Morrison, Iohn E. Moran. Second Row: Charles L. Morse, Ir., Thomas A. Mulhern. Yoshaki Murakami. Paul R. Myers. George M. Narumi. Malcolm C. Nason, Alan D. Nelson, Richard C. Nelson, David W. Nielson. Richard C. Nielson. Third Row: Allred G. Norris. Toru Nozawa. George K. Mozoe, Kenneth I. Nuttall, Maurice Nysether, Iacob I. Oberlin. Ir., Thomas H. 0'Conner. Loren W. Odell. Ir.. Herbert G. Oelke, Glenn E. Older. Fourth Row: George Ormond, Ioanne Osterloh, Gene Otsea. Roy Outhus, lack Palmtaq. Daniel Pang, Raymond Parsons. Robert Pastore. Iames Perez, Ioseph Perlow. Fifth Row: Iohn Pesterre, Iames Porter, Elmer Post. Walter Purves, Edward Quint. Anthony Ramirez. Sheiala Ratner. Carl Reidarson. Victor Rembielinski. Iohn Reynolds. Sixth Row: Herb Reuter. Fred Revely, Iames Ridgley, Arthur Robertson, Royce A. Robinson. Harold Rodgers, lack Rogers. Edmundo Roman, William Romaine. George Rooke. Seventh Row: Don Rose. Elliot Rose. Frank Rose. Albert Russavaqe, Terllo Ryono, Russell Salmen, Robert Sandham, Emanuel Sandler. Richard Sargent. Irwin Sattinqer. Eighth Row: William Saunders. Iohn Scanlon, Stanley Schafer. Iames Schlecht. Ronald Schneider, Robert Scherner, I. Lee Schimmer. Iohn Schoenwetter, Robert Schram, lay Schwartz. 41- - fs vw- . Pg. ,Y mba 'yk"'Ua' rg -31 lznzlzz ,... H X Q is 4 ,431 ' ..fa0' ' '-" 'f?'z1"' , Q . L W. .... .......- . 5,s.:.- , ,. W W ., L . mi.-1 4 ,,. , W . ,...,.. 1.52.5 . Y' 1. -' - 'QA E Img . "' ....f ' - he M iss .,.. " .Q 4 . W3 E '4 L . W. - 1,33 ' A J' ' X 1 5' V 5 , , W .,.. R-W-elf 1 R! 5: ., ... ,.. xr. 4 . - . . V - 1 ' : .L .. I 'S . 'f' H so H' f we 1- 1 i . nc " JK . W5 , g 0' ' ' K' Q' 3.-Fr-fi mi' 55.2. 'Q -K K , y . 3 3 4 gzg X . ll I. ,, H W I ,,. i n A -- -- AH 1:2 ga Sv 'V 4- V """" he .,. Wa? 2 vb 2 3: .,.,.,Q.. " J 2 ., 5: "5 . 4 I in we :2'e':""5 in 'H t S I-44 ' ' 4-ffxwi M 1-H2 ., " p 401 ,:,f . z -:9,.. V ,TU as 4A W yr V A 1 -- ...gat ,.,... :.. - -r . :ll lj:-if "" Q Q- i ggg "' "' .,. .,.f,.,.5.L ,.,.,., k M ' ' ' If G .4 H gs Q 2-:fix . Z - .N . I , .. ,H , 1 Y BL 'Ax . 1 A . L ,,.. . ' A ft W A . A ey - , if W: .5 .. .., .... ---.-. .r ' V .,..,: .,,. . .,. s ' T I ' M .L A L. ...L ' ' 552. 5 , , '--- a S V.. 3 56 gf! an get ' i , Rl ff gr ' ,f f fi ' . H N ' 1:1525 '-:tg r- if ."'.' --f If .t - .- --1-.H ' 1 N' E ' A Y :i:E :. :.: V . Q , Q M -I "' v' if 'I .:-... A ...QF 5 :I -I . eff 'tb Qflll 1' S .. . tart... , ... 5 1+ -X j 2 ag . an ' ' 2 re i '1 Y lr-M251 jjjjjj' , I N A is A J Jn. Ioy Matthews University l-Iall President YWCA Cabinet Phraleres lricieywfrident Council Tom Hall Della Sigma Phi Pres. Knights Vice Pres. Bob Allison '51 Club A Knights First Row: James M. Scott. Malcolm H. Heaman. Hideo Sei. Arthur I. Sender, Cally Shaffer. Second Row: Sidney Shapiro, George H. Shaw. Donald L. Sheridan. Lawrence E. Sherman. Richard A. Sherman. Third Row: Iames S. Shotwell. Kamala M. Shrinagesh, Emil G. Shubat, Donald S. Simons, Iohn T. Shadberg. Fourth Row: Irwin B. Sklar. William Slinqsby. Donald K. Sloper, Harry F. Smith. Robert E. Smith. Fifth Row: Crawford R. Sneddon. Peter P. S. SooHoo. lames C. Spangle, I. Lewis Spencer, Patricia L. Springer. Sixth Row: Harry N. St. Germain. Sam P. Statrlas, Robert F. Staulfer. Earl W. Steer, Stanley E. Steinke. Seventh Row: Sidnev Stern. Clifton A. Stewart, Katherine F. Stoll, Eugene L. Strength. Ianette A. Stubbs. Eighth Row: Donald C. Sutherland. Carl G. Swanson. Lola Tassop, Georqe H. Taylor, Thomas E. Taylor. Ir. Ninth Row: Wallace G. Templeton. Dean W. Tibbott, Robert C. Todd, Howard C. Tokley, Milton Toriqian. Tenth Row: Ierold W. Thuller. Edward F. Tyler, Andrew Ulrich. Ir., Ianet S. Ulrich, Theodore I. Vass. l-lomewominq Dance Chairman Phi Sigma Kappa President Senior Football Manager ., Q-reggae q, 5 is A,..f . Bud Greenbaum Sigma Alpha Mu President Knights Senior Council Randy Allen Alpha Omicron Pi Crescent Theater Group Trojariality Show First Row: Richard A. Verian, Daniel Veyna, Michael R. Vinson, I k G. V ac oorhees, Melvin S. Vulcovich. Edward M. Wada. Richard M. Wallace, Alfred E Ward. Doris I. Warner, Leonard A. Warren. Second Row: Hon Wa Wat, Robert K. Watson, Barry D. Watt. Charles A. Webb, Irving Weinberger. Herbert E. Wriner, William P. Weiss, Ir., Douglas Weimar, Richard L. Wells, William R. Wheeler. Third Row: Robert G. Whipple, Walter A. White. Catherine E. Wickman, Iames E. Williams, Richard A. Willis, Harrison Wills-Watkins, Shirley M. Wilmore Melvin H. Wilson, Tom H. Wilson, Calvin C. Wing. Fourth Row: George C. Win, Eveleen Winters, Harry Wirtz. Wallace Wolf, Geraldine Wood, Ralph Wood, Samuel Wood, Dorothy Woolley, William Worste Amelia Yates. Fifth Row: Stratton Young, Felix Zaidman, Neil Ziak. Alton ZuTavern. 5' R ,-. .t Q A 6 l A ' , . . gli' L42 . .y t. .,"' if . . ei A . :'i as , 1 1 L.. '5-'Qi 1 l f 1 , gl e i V 5 i f mt, an A as :lf - A V , 12 Y .gfvg , 9? -.9 l A 6 , na " JW? . , , fa, .. J F 'Q' i"' ai A 'K li' Q A-' S .tbb . , 5 - V g: g:., ' I: r W A . . W , 5 5. P J .,, Q? N r t l ld A i -I' 2 W L t 1. gg J A I -J ' e- ' ' 3 H "ill M l . " - s, gfgr'3?9.Q if l ':.: .:. N -V 5- ... ..- .ai Ei, S Q ., .,., ' 33: i Iiii ' .4 ' .4 ' -'-' :gi l l ., .,.. 1. Ioanne Osterlohe Chi Omega ASSC Elections Commission Iim Lasry Senior Council El Rodeo Staff Ski Club 'W ucafion M First Row: Iovern Addis. Pat Alsop, Herbert Atkinson, Donald Ball Wilda Bannister, Eugene Beck Iohn Beeman, Patricia Be I h B l D , , rcaw, o n er ese, onis Bremer. Second How. Camille Brick, Morris Bulwa, Stratton Caldwell, David Capelouto, Anne Carpenter. lane Carrillo, Robert Chambers. Iohn Chelinqer, Robert Clark, Carolyn Cohrt. Third Row: Richard Colbert, Pau Fourth Row: Robert Earl. Iames Farber. Lynn Frazier. Io Ann French, PatriciaFrost, Robert Frye, Richard Gaskins. Ronnie lean Geiselman, Mary Gisbrecht, Lillian Godines. Filth Row: Iohn Goqgin, James Good, Shirley Gorrell, Del Green, Morris Grossman, Ara Hairabedian, William Haley, lane Hall, Ralph Hammack. Ioann Hasenauer. la Conte, Irving Croshier. Ralphe De lean, George Dell. Ioan Dellinq Norma De Young lean Dorr Helen Douthit, Robert Downs. gi ' A . Q :V ,Ei ...., i .,.,,,..,. , 'FG Q -s fe 1 EE: A F' W .:-A A 4 .1 A I Y :g!g,Q. 1. HF VY g -Q, j' - 'Fi :QQ I . -:- 1: p . :a-5-: -: ' ,., .,. H- ' ,V ' A ' .3311 ias :-' ' 1 . l "af Q ' .K ' . ' meWU" " L , gl. he-f4g,,.,,,,W - .Q Maud f W f--.' Y ' ,. 114 QVEHU- ww X4 H ig A, ' is K g , Lt - ww ,s ,'l 4' 1 A' ' 'I' .., , f . X V If 5 5 . V 1 , ' M ff 4 lt . 13 GQ '," it N' ' f', 'if-' A ' 5 mf- 1 I -J 3' if - ' . , HM, 6 4 X 1 P j --.:.,.:-1.,..,,... 4 -..m--- 1 ll. . 5 f QQ , 6 ,, 15,7 V- - a,,..p----- s - N ll l F V sei, R , f' ll, e s M i 1 ,rn E V I A. l. ,NI -G-xx ' ' l m V YW fi '4 1-..,N 7 lm. flii-., 1 First Row: Nicki Hastert. Thelma Haynes, Ieanne l-ieisler. Do Henry. Bernard Hess, Dolores Holmes. Second Row: Sally Holmes, Douglas Hood. Bonny Howes, N' Hunter, Berverly Hutchinson. Frances Iohnson. Third Row: Vivian Iohnson, Ioanne Ioughin, Norman Karql. Ric Keeler. Ioan Keir. Francis Kerecz. Fourth Row: Carol Kinqsbaker. Orr Kinman. Frances Kirk, Do Kolts, Leonore Kopelow. Herman Koster. Ir. Fifth Row: Rudy Kroon, Grace Laird. Margy Laird, Harry Lam Robert Lee. Ianet Lew-is. Sixth Row: William Lewis, William Leavenworth, Duane Diane Lipkinq. Dorothy Louie, Margaret Lutton. Seventh Row: Barbara Lynn. Donald McCune. Keith McKay. Macdonald. Molly Madden, Margaret Martin. 8th Row: Mary Masterson-Bryant. Robert Maxfield. Florence hew, William Mays. Bernie Miller, Richard Miller. Ninth Row: Donna Mills, Colleen Moran. Mary Lou Morris. Morton. Iames Muir, Ray Nicholson. Tenth Row: Samuel Nicholson, lean Nicol. Iohn O'Neil, Vir Palmer. Louis Pagter, Irwin Porges. George Bissel Knights Card Stunt Designer ' 1 Gloria Woodin Phi Mu URA University Hall Standards OWR Social Chm. l' eff- Q -. 3, 3 3... ,E - I:- F1rstRow Harold Posey Chauncey Pruner Shirley Reed Mary Rxche Albert Rrchards Patricia Ringele. Mariorie Robertson Renee Rochester Eugene Second Row Georgxann Rudder Robert Runze Gwendolen Ruse Kessen Sawday Susan Schaap Richard Schulz, Iames Scupme Ioyce Shrxde Ieanmne Third Row Irvxnq sllVBl' lane Simons Lynn Smull Robert Spangler Carlo Spartl Nancy Stearns Roy Striegel, Dolores Strong Reuben Suxso Margaret Taylor Fourth Row Mane Tudor Barbara Van Vranl-:en Dewey Vroom Elaine Waxsbren Richard Wales Gustavius Ward. Winton Warner Betty Weatherly Arlynn Frith Row Morris Weber lack Wees Elaine Wees Richard Welte Barbara Wllgus Manlyn Wxlson Emma Lou Woodward Constance Yee Kenneth Young Iohn McElderry Tau Kappa Epsilon Blue Key President Phi Eta Sigma Men's Council Bev Saunders Alpha Gamma Delta Iunior Council AWS Cabinet 6 lflC6l,fl0l'l E i Q s if le Q' -s 'il wg R ' vi We'- Jaa I-.J I ff H H -we -' r A, lane Avon Hall Pi Beta Phi Amazons Mortar Board Sr. Council 51 Club aa- ENGINEERING First How: Thomas C. Again. George H. Agnew. Iames N. Akoury. Paul A. Allard. Charles O. Allen. lulio G. Arauio. Robert E. Arnold. Ngaiman Au. Walte Babychuk. Raymond K. Baird. Second Row: Allen G. E. Barqmann. Albert A. Barnett. Kenneth C. Bass, Thomas R. Bell. Edwin M. Bennett. Iohn R. Bennett. Iohn F. Bergquist. Carroll A Berner. Robert W. Boonnan. Clyde O. Boothe. Third Row: Ellwyn G. Brickson. Eugene L. Brodie. George G. Brown. James H. Brown. William E. Bunker. William E. Busby. Richard S. Button. Wilson Cantrell. Iohn B. Cardoso. lack L. Carlsen. Fourth Row: Fred H. Carroll, lay B. Carter, Mark E. Cessna. Ir.. Ioe D. Chavez. Gene D. Cheak. Iohn B. Chowm. Donald H. Clark. Donald W. Clark. F. Clark. Lewis W. Comer. Filth Row: Charles H. Copeland. Edwin M. Couleur. Millard W. Cover. Morgan B. Cox. Ir., George O. Crawley. Norman R. Crissman. Charles B. William D. Daugherty. Norman Demain. Iames E. Davendorf. 'Q' v at age - 3 is 2 gf. nu ax .998 -,sa-. 's Va 65. sg- . Q-'rt il L K 4 M533 Q 5:5 .1 ,i 5 nw. , if Q Q' f vga J 1 3 .1 X if 1-I--'Iii -:- 2 -sf-555 e. 1... Wx. N ii in lfief L ,..-x -Q L- 'i xiii. li Q ...,.a- X" 4+ :-:.,.... -: ii 4 af In QQ! 'ix RV .I .'.. J J .tx It -N. 1- wa.. I:- swy r. a' "' iiii lf x K .I 'Q ti 1 . A ..- ,- R 2 --.4-.A a"T'fv-it ijt. ai . x . , ,gamma ,Xa ,eu- 'wr' ,Q ivafl 5 , i PERS , 'f-...... -.-41 . :::,.., Eiga., ...,,,. , "W new W Q-alt -'mga llzk First Row: I. Selton Dickerson, Howard B. Dobyns, Charley E. Downey, Orwell I. Early. Second Row: Chester F. Eaton, William P. Ehinqer, Ierome Eisen, Iohn R. Ellison. Third Row: Iames T. Emanuel, Paul C. Erb. Iohn H. Ernen- putsch, Iack M. Estridqe. Fourth Row: Lloyd R. Ewing, Arthur Felix, Charles H. Felt- man, Ir., Thomas C. Fenwick. Filth Row: Aldor G. Fink, Le' land Finkelstein, Charles R. Fillerup, Richard W. Finley. Ir. Sixth Row: Robert F. Finney. Marwood K. Fisher, Merle L. Fistler, Iohn V. Fonley. L. its Seventh Row: lack E. Fort. Vincent D. Foster, William E. Fowler, Wilson W. Franklin. 'W--Q Eighth Row: Aurelio N. Gab- riel. Theodore R. Garrett. Wal- ter E. Gasio, Ralph W. Goers. Ninth Row: Vernon L. Gregg. Harold D. Gregory. Eugene F. Griffin, Dickerson L. Groves. Tenth Row: Robert R. Gunny, Ernest S. Haiqh, Emil T. Hamp- ton, Lisle M. Handie. 101 F wi 5 3 f' X HW if L Bob Anderson Theta Xi Engineering Council ASSC Elections Commission t l 'ql 1 '-w Nancy McGrew t I ' , . 2':' Kappa Alpha Theta President 'J' Q fe' Panhellenic Council I- L I Marty Gray I Sigma Alpha Mu Knights Sr. Council Ball and Chain if, sew. 1 tbsp. i' .. t is A 1 , if w -in my -an-A ' 1.1 " '4-4-x ' 4 '- ' Q Y al ,!j.. .'.!?v .fr . tt? Q Aint, .'r'- 1 e. N 4 I ' .N ,sa-nam ,,.,7 , -V "J" - MF I f 4 5 ... is..- F..! M 'ffl 35.1. n-,. fi! ,X ev fe ww as First Row: Henry I. Hansen. Ir., Samuel G. Hansen, Dennis P.. Harbison. Norman R. Harris. Alan R. Hatch Second Row: George L. Hatchett, Hubert G. Henry, Warren I. Henry, Edwin I-I Hirt. Iames K. Hoffman. Third Row: Richard P. Holcombe, Iack Holder. Thomas R. Hoskins. Robert T. Honk. Eldon S. Hughes. Fourth Row: Chin A. Hwang, Charles R. Ingles, Howard I.. Iackson. Marion O. Iackson, Francis Iape. Fifth Row: William M. Iarvis, Glenn D. Iefiers, Edgar Kannel, Bob Kazarian, lack E. Kern. Sixth Row: lack B. Kirven. Iohn W. Klock, Robert M. Kops, William S. Kosar. Ir.. Sam Kurtz. Seventh Row: Harold Kvaas, Iohn H. Lavin. Edward L. Lawrence, Tom W. LeNay, Stanley W. Lintner. Eighth Row: Donald D. Lloyd, Robert L. Littleiield. lames W. Long. Kermit R. Lopp. Arthur N. Luine. Ninth Row: Robert L. McAIexander, Stephen I. McCaron, Carl L. McKee. Iohn W. McManus, Dick E. McOsker. angham. Leland L. Mantel, Iames H. Marquis, William Tenth Row: William F. M E. Martin, George A. Martinez. F nw 1..- , if 1 -., ,. 5. f- '.p B . ,aw .ir ? 4'- ,fx tm- tf- L "W B r I WJ- L' ' 1' . 41' ff-'Fl . 1.- I Q J w . Hi . ag Ali, . A fir' V-77511-"L"' ' , -- t ,'..' YL' ,lg Ahvfgw' .- 5- I -.- X ' , t 1-nf f. 6 , ir, .J--'f"' 3 im.. . 'W I . ,if 1 as .11 , -yn., I f ---r .L 3 -4 .,,, 2 . ,I ,X Q K, . ' .--4 in .wilt Y .yn ' .J :QF 'UTP 1.4 Nuff Ln.. 4 fl glfx f? g . Ad g , ,f'- 103 First Row: Ioe G. Martinez, Emmett P. Maxwell, Robert E. Melbourne, Lewis A. Merrill, Harry H. Messenheimer. Second Row: Kenneth F. Miller, Richard L. Miller. Robert I. Misbeek, George H. Montague, Robert C. Moon. Third Row: Paul W. Morenz. Iohn W. Morris, Henry W. Huller, James R. Murray, Lester L. Neblett, Ir. Fourth Row: Iohn E. Niebuhr, Edward E. Noneman, Eddie E. Nora, Myron E. Nosanov, Robert B. Nourse. Fifth Row: William E. Nuanes, Ebrahim Nuban. Iohn L. Nystrom, Henry Iewett O'Rourke, Camillo L. Pasarelli. Sixth Row: Edward Pater. Cecil A. Paterson. Rudolph A. Peterson, Ioseph M. Petrovich, Ralph E. Phillips. Seventh Row: Clifford Plumb. Donol O. Potter, Gerald E. Powell, Roderic D. Prather, William Procter. Eighth Row: Thomas R. Preitkis. Phillip D. Pryne. Harry Pryor, Ir., Eugene Pyle, William R. Quigley. Ninth Row: Jack D. Raymond, George W. Raza. Charles L. Repp. Ir.. Forest O. Riek, Iohn S. Ripley, Tenth Row: Edward W. Ristow, Edward I. Roberts, Billy W. Robinson. Martin E. Roe. Thomas R. Rooney. Ron Crawford Chi Phi President Knights Homecoming Committee ittee Student Union Comm 51 Club President Marilyn Om Delta Delta Delta YWCA Public Relations Student Advisory Board Ron Byle Knights Phi Sigma Kappa VP Homecoming Committee l1i?ar . fr. nwr if 4 ls' I . 4 I fish E '..,1' ? , G 4 f X .W I ffl rs -159 457' Sh --lx W' Q C -Q I-vr ' ' r:'a .4 , 4' f a: ...- 5 - dak 1 Q-an-A lit sf 'Nh--ff :.: ..:.:.:.. . Q ,.,, ,..., .. Jms ,Q .. , A ,,,..-1 -..:..:?::Q . ..-V tu-4 M-'Z .X c ,,, , I t .2 OL? .1 4- Y l any Q 6 C' E L Q C 'R' 'G' 'ln 'I wel rf' f' , i - so F. 'iaQ -'-f 4 '-Ll' ' -..mag N 4 as fr, jg. j .. il f lr " PW Q rw - are W fsii -gr is :JAY WW 1 A 1 :L i H! E1 Rodeo ACS Y 0-4.1 1 ...o gg U ,. "'3. ., 0--A 1 .:., . Y li' , "' 'F' Jai.. .--..M First Row: Eston E. Royce, Richard C. Russell, Ir., Isaac Safdeye, Iohn H. Sanborn, Dean Sandford. William D. Sauer, Lawrence A. Schlaqel, Robert C. Schweiniest, Wensil Seastrom, Robert G. Settles. Second Row: Stanley Shappell, Charles A. Shiner, Carol L. Shullanherqer, Gail S. Sims, Calvin A. Simsen, Norman D. Skinner, Owen B. Smith, Vernon Smith, Elmer D. Snell, Archie D. Soden. Third Row: Basilio Solis, James Sublelt, Howard Talkinqton, Ioseph I. Takahashi, David Taylor, Iack Theys, Dale Thompson. Sam Tobey, Erwin Tuppan, Kenneth Turner. Fourth Row: Gerald Underwood, Norman VanderHyde. Norbert Vaughn, Edward Vernon. Walland Vrbanclz, William Waldren, Norman Walschmidt. Charles Wallace, Howard Wallace, Stanley Walsh. Fiith Row: Frank Warner, Marshall Welbourn, Bon L. Wells, Don Wendt. Edwin Wester, Robert Hichman, Carlyle Wight, Claude Wilbur, Ir., Richard Wilson, Albert Wing. Sixth Row: Gordon Wong, Chanoch Yalcubowitz, Goro Yamada, Walter L. Zaske. ENGINEERING Steve Goff Delta Sigma Phi Sr. Council Staff 104 I TER ATIO AL RELATIO Warren Ettinger Tau Epsilon Phi YMCA Vice President IFC Treasurer Ir. Council Greater U. Committee Marion McMasters Delta Gamma Troeds Cal Schmidt Sigma Alpha Epsilon Knights IFC President Blue Key VP 51 Club VP .4 rs Frank Baifa Sigma Phi Epsilon President IFC President Men's Council Blue Key First Row: Santiago Angarila, Ab- dle Cohn-Gonzalez. Second Row: Iosefina Coto. Thomas Crawford. Third Row: Donald Hagen. To- shiro Hiraide. Thomas Kelly. Fourth Row: Albert Lopresto, Rob- ert Park. Donald Schulke. i ,:, H . i .,.,.,,,,,., H . H i H mm is Egg Tom Riach Kappa Sigma Basketball Baseball oaffera Aff. anal ugzienced First How: Ernest I. Acquafresca. Iames R. Adams, Nancy A. Adams. Sta l . Ald n ey I ridge, Kathryn H. Algyer, Henry K. Aihara, Lucie F. Allison. Iames I. Alienes Arthur E. Anderson. Owen D. Anderson. Second Row: Byron Y. Appleton. Armando R. Arcs, Leroy E. Ater, Donald R. Atkinson, Maurice Avine, Lee M. Baker, Seth H. Baker, Ethel M. Bardon. Shirley Ann Barkley, Z. Geraldine Barnum. Third Row: Thomas A. Barrett. Thomas H. Bates, Harold Bayles. Boyd R. Benson, Ray H. Benson, lean E. Berg, William B. Black. Iames H. Blake, Katie Blavot Allen Bloom. Fourth Row: Charlott M. Boqy, Rosalie S. Bottort. Edgar I. Bourquin. David P. Boyer. Francis P. Brady. Iohn A. Brady. Emanuel E. Brantz, Richard W. Bratcher Stanley I. Brenner, Sidney Brickman. F. . . . . rtth Row. Patncxa S. Brock, Edwm G. Brockman, Bruce D. Brooks, A. Ioan Brooks, Robert M. Bronte, Curtis P. Brown. David R. Brown. Grosvenor C. Brown Ieanette M. Bruce, Thomas A. Buchanan. Sixth Row: Robert A. Burks. Mary A. Busch. Martin E. Butz. Robert W. Bunn. Brendan H. Cahill, Gonzalo R. Cano. Leo E. Carle, Paul F. Carlton. Rubin Carson Dale S. Castleton. H-.-. ,. .al Ju Q.-, .:-:. A-., as M b 1 so 1' , , af. "if -iffxw 'nf QJ3' 1 L 'if' 'T 'W I ' , 'L' ' .4 89 'sq iw' r f K ' 'YCQBZ 1 sa: . 5 V ff '.,.' ' ' ,A 4 - :': 7 Ah. r-C 1 - 116 'arise - 45 W "1g'v .i S- fv 3.-.....,,. ...H . al -. ,TRW wif 'fab Af. 'Q ,,,, Z 4--5. '49 .....:,. -. ,dwg 1 .g.,... - -- I 'll .552 H .-., 'ff' , aw K vias 45810-' N3 ' K L. 3 - -fe .f 1 . - Q-, ,,- 1, e ...,,..1,,1 367 09 -ax: A353 .. ..4, X Q " .:,., - A .r A I fr ,asm a .1 AL. A l Q t we -41 t . rllv hi A I s.-.f4-'H 106 First Row: Kuo S. Cheng, Anthony Clarke, Theodore P. Clemmons, Donald A. Clegg, Harold C. Cliliord, Douglas S. Close, Richard W. Cocklield, Lawrence A. Cohen, Charles L. Cole, lerry D. Collins. Second Row: George I. Contreras, Iacqueline A. Coombs, David M. Cooney, Dee I. Cooper, Harvey H. Cooperman, Donald P. Covert, Ir., Patricia A. Crail, Connie D. Crawford. Ianet Cristy, Patricia Cunningham. Third Row: Gilbert L. Curtright. lack R, Cutner, S. Leonard Cutuli. I. H. Dagne. Beverly I. Dalton, Iasper D'Ambrosi, Nicholas I. Danny, Patricia Davis, Sarah A. Davis, Walter R. Davis. Fourth How: Edgar W. Davy, William G. DeBriere, Edmund A. Demmerle, Newell E. DePuy, Kenneth S. Devol, Ioe A. Dialon, Ernest C. Diggins, S. Sheldon Disrud. Glenn T. Dodge, Mary G. Dodson. Fifth Row: Ioanne C. Donahue, Paul R. Dorsey, Ieanne Dunlord, Edward T. Dunn, lack W. Dunn, David M. Durst, Betty Ann Dykstra, Iames M. Edwards, Ioseph L. Egan, Betty Ann Ehrencloll. Sixth Row: Robert I. Ellen, Cecille A. Ely, Lester B. Endicott. Ir., Charles R. Esser, Rex A. Ferguson, Rafael G. Fernando. Allan E. Fisch, Donald R. Fiske, Vera E. Kathleen Fleming. Row: Bennett R. Forsythe, Virginia Lee Francis, Donald Francis Fraser, Marv Freeman, Floyd A. Frost. Edward G. Gable, Sameline Galenson, lack R. David A. Garrett, Kenneth E. Gartner. ' PM up-5 .T ',7gF 6 . 1 ,AE J we .4 A KQN' Y . -2 36 . ij bl 1,254 . " 'V' V 3? I L ...Haul , .I F 2? 901 gigs: f A ef- 4 Z- of-...xt -'-Q H- 1? ff. Z ,.,. lil-5 ' it girth- M, l 1 A N 'w N 'f 5 A 4' " -K " :- .. I I Y K F it K L 4"L- ag' -Z U . E ff ':':' ' E " wi v N--r ,Q - ,o I 71' 1 fvx , ,..,. Q L .hwy -f ,lf X .... Q., -... ... ' V ' , 'V H. T '31 L 4 Q -' 'I ,-I' , - K ' 'T' ,., . L " . 'Z , M L . M92 K ,, v' --ash. .J vs. gs K -J? cv E .'- 4 40' ' if an r 107 . Y .f .sip 'x ,um -K - is-252 wg? 1-,fa .-11 ,.... 1 Z' Y , .A ,S if .jf 5" .. ...W " a 5 5' FR i XY K, 'Qi ,VG sb? L.. ...e..... W. 4 T. .1 , "' ,iii Qi: E. " 4 an 36' -4v'k ' ,-.: I -1 . vw- I, ,, 3 it e. .... . , 15" 4 We - vi '-J ll 1 1 V . xc if N1 ' an " .xx Mfr' W1 'VI I A I . ... 1. x 4? f- .4 . ar I - 108 Paula Hinckley Pi Beta Phi Amazons Mortar Board EVK Sponsor I -nn" I, Larry O'Neill Delta Tau Delta President Knights I.F.C. First Row: Lavonne D. Gates. Barbara R. Gay. Joanne D. Arlene A. Gibberman. Iames W. Gibbon. Iohn H. Giovanazz Second Row: Bernard I. Gittleman. Charles C. Givens, St C. Goti. Ir., Alice Goldberg, Dona L. Gore, Roger Gray. Third Row: Vernon B. Greding, Harold Greenberg, Gloria G. man. Peter Gregory. Iack R. Griiiin, William S. Guarino. Fourth Row: Richard R. Hall, Roy E. Haller. Rex C. Ha Gareth W. Hamlin. Iames I. Hanzal, Paul E. Hardman. Fifth Row: Lawrence Harris, Mariorie C. Harris, Orren C. Ernest C. Harrison, Arnett L. Hartsfield. Ray W. Hartwiq Sixth Row: Iohn F. Hayes, Ruth F. Hearn, Iohn W. Hein. M. Henderson, Robert I. Henkin, Herbert Lon Henry. Seventh Row: Robert A. Henry. Iohn C. Hessin. Willia Hickle, Iean S. Highley, William H. Hildemann, Paula Hinck Eighth Row: Marilyn E. Hinsch, Harold H. Hoeile, Harrison R. wood. William I. Hood. Tsu-Ming Hu. Dolores H. Hubik. Ninth Row: Gene M. Huqgens, Nancy L. Hughes, Robert M. Iames I. lannucci. Claudean Ives, I. W. C. Iacobi. Tenth Row: Carlotta D. Ielm, Mary L. Iensen, Alice M. Iohann Robert A. Iohannsen. Carol Iohnsen. Bascom S. Iones. Ir. Sxxth Row Wayne McClaskey Wllma McDonell Howard McG1lton Eleaenor McGook1n Colm Mclvor A Colm McKinley Robert McKnight Glenn McLean Ioe Leopold Alpha Epsilon Pi Alpha Eta Rho Ski Club Sally Shaffer Kappa Kappa Gamma Treas. Red Cross President AWS President Ron Frank Pi Lambda Phi Knights Wampus IFC Scholarship Chm. First Row Hugh T Iones Barbara R Joseph Stanley Iulxus Ir Iohnl Kabateck Louzs C Klebba Iames P Gahvas Vmcent G Kater George Kawamura. Second Row Robert G Keller Robert C Kelly Wrllxam T Kelsey Iohn K Kendall William l Kennedy Kather-me I Kxapos Vernon G Kidd. Robert P. Third Row Phrhp Kxtchrn Thomas Klaras Marqre Koechler Milton Kosberg Iames Kostas Bernard Kravitz Richard Kumashxro Andrew Kyle, Iames Lacy. Fourth Row Lxsbeth Lang V1ncentLanzetta Iames E Lasry Robert Laias Helen Lian Samuel Leavitt William Le-:va Iames Lewis Wxllxam I. Lewis, Filth Row Randolph Logan Maurice Long Margaret Lopez Lura Lowe Wanda Lowry Ronald Lutsko Charles McArthur Kenneth McCam1sh Donald McCann. 1 F! a tt :S e R546 ., i 15 3 he E ragga H ,,,,,h ,.,. V. . H A ,N-efi f 6 7 1-Q J -v - 'ff ..5:-:EEl..5-1" 4 ' af' fvjf if :Eig 91-,:.'?9',. 'wfti a z ' . ,vii 4- - .H- Paula Conte Paul O'Hare Alpha Omicron Pi Delia Sigma Phi lr. Council Cadet Col. Air ROTC LAS Council Alpha Rho Omeqa Spurs Alpha Em Rho Ski Club Bob Marmo Delta Chi President Senior Council '51 Club First Row: Walter Mann, Irvin Marshall, Marie Martin, Marilyn Martin. Patricia Martz. Richard Martz, Richard Matson, Icy Matthews, Helen Maui. lane Mayer. Second Row: Richard Mead, Roy Meador, George Meadows. Vahe Meghrouni, Harry Mekiian. Helen Melroe, Iules Mermoud, Brainard Miller, Carl Miller. Charles Miller. Third Row: Gerald Miller, Ioy Miller, Raleigh Minter. Robert Mockenhaupi. William Moon, Gordon Moore, Leonora Moore, Ralph Moore, Robert Moore, Ruben Moreno. Fourth Row: Dorothy Moser, Marilyn Muller, Lee Newfield, Leiitia Ohmer, Lueille Oliver, Helene O'Rourke, Marilyn Orn, Frank O'Sullivan, Floyd Overholt. Fiith Row: David Owen, Helen Parkenson, Catherine Patitucci, lack Pattison, Donovan Perkins, Robert Peterson, Nancy Phelps, William Phillips, Robert Piccirilli, Florence Piver. , '99 fp 3. P gm I l . w - K .,' 4 . . . J E 1 21 , i.,, , Z Hr M 21 1 ,, lux-- 5 V- i 1 ,N .3 Jr n' 1 AVAA " 5 " ' l l E541 .. EI... mm mf' f 'S-vt' i ink ' W an X K4 ,A , '1 -. . C av we 2 6 12' 0 - M 'Q X 557 , Af-Q-ix 1 -3 I' '-11' .un ' . -W -, ,. nv V A C, l l W A K 4 ,W Y L R' - in M W,.,Wg ,ac-S -.. 3 ' M' First Row: Arthur Plank. Gene Plentl, Dalphine Pollock, Al- bert Pow. Dora Powers, Iessie Pruitt, Tim Psomas. William Putney. Second Row: Gloria Ralphs. Charles Rankin, Iacqueline Ray. Elmore Rayman. Iohn Rawls, Iohn Redlern. Barnard Register. Evelyn Ridenhour. Third Row: Iack Rider. Iames Robbins, Patricia Robey. Donna Robinson. Iohn Robinson. Mary Roddewiq, Marjorie Rohne. Donna Lee Romain. ourth Row: Roy Rose. Russell Rosenbaum. Alan Rowan. Iohn owan. David Ruia, Elinar Russell, Alan Salisbury. Karyn anders. ilth Row: Corazon Santiago. ue Saraiian, Anthony Satin- na. Zelda Saul, Ianet Saund- rs, Lloyd Sarase, Roger aunders. Edward Savluk. ixth Row: Sally Schaap. Iohn chmitz, Calvin Schneider. rances Schumann, Richard cott, Wesley Seastrom. Bev- rly Seiii. Iesse Senn. eventh Row: Bayla Shimon. arour Shmavonian. Edward hone. Raymond Sinnott. Knoui ivley, Eric Siolander, Dana lasor, William Slaton. ighth Row: Harold Small, lack mith. Harold Smith. Marcella mith. Tom Smith, Ir.. Marie odaro. Maunq Soe, Iohn pence. inth Row: Marilyn A. Spenla. artha I. Spratt. Mary A. taunton, Arthur L. Stein, Ray- ond O. Stein, Ir.. Peter B. terne. Lillian M, Stevens. enth Row: Arthur I. Stillwell, arren G. Stoddard, Margaret . Stone, Mack 0. Stout, Doris . Stransky. Richard L. Sum- erielt. Donald E. Sweeney. yako Tagabashira. Rena A. anqherlini. , am , . a - - 5 :fx ... r.. X H'-HB I 435 57 3 8 4:32-L 'Q ' ' ll rea- ,F X X K It . ,,, , L .i.'."-31 L 1 .Q fr' l C "-P I 1 1 t I 5, H U 4 . , . 'I I -p I , 1 -7- 'vi " - I M L' 5 i 4 Y - W ..,: Q. rd A , I gwygglgvgitw 2' My H N J J ' 9 S 5 Q "1 ll " 'ew 2 , I - a -. ' 'SW '3 i f ' f I 2 4 N - , N V I A I ' t ! if. 3 E ' - :,. iw rfb f M" X 2. as , at if ' f ' - -2' 5552 I I' I ,. 1 Q 1 V A w 2 5 - - Q - l f K E H Q 2' '74 A 1 5 he L 'Sf Q 45' ,W ,-,. ,gh L.-A .Jk :I rv - we gy , t, , - - . 12? . -Q ' 5-ia " ,Cru Y " ,., -I -,:,.,. ,Q I D A 1 , at .nf A Ln.. ik? aff ...J " - a-I 1' X-r-3 t U in I ,kq-Qld, yr , r- 6-T N -- . . b 4 ""9' I it 1-.-x r 361 'A' l v Gr 6+-A L J . Q V .asv 49' 41 df' A , uh? L.-1 E "' I Y K. La.. f Emo F 'IS' --E .3514 111 ...Af fi? ? 'asa avi 2: ,.,. : 'NN 'QUE-. iii .l2ff.,., .!4lf'f6, an y ciencefi ee Nacy Stearns Delta Gamma Amazons Senior Council 'T ' ' - .:,-: : I "wg x .. Ti V 'Z EEE 3 A Q r M fl . 53. 4. Q if 7 . 5' L I ii 1-7 ":" .,.u Q ...Q ,,,:: y . .,..,.. .Y . f' .T 3 F ff t .1 .f 2 1 Q ft 'QQLQ -ii' "W f 1.9 A i 2 "-'sf K ' Rafe is ff ..,.afa,fEZE" Ml ' ' -I-Iv : at ' ' ., lif .- :Sm t' M' Q t 2 ' Liz, ' ' " 'elif-7 1 i , ,, "wwf: ' "' .. r J , Q--Q Q. L L ., ,,, L 5.4-.4 t..w....-f-fri.. . af tl E: M All VY .vi .V 3 F -mr ' 1 V' 5 . 14 ' "il ' q ' r 2 . . H-. " F ' M-' - 'M' t ff' ,-. ,T A... ,, ,.- ,. .... ,. . re , ' 5 S 4 'J L- A' 4' is -K 3 'E 'T-3'5 ffg Sw '- if A5 ,xiii fltfi ,, . 'A"" Y , D il' -1 ,.,,,,., . . .M Q Q , 5 , " , ' .u 't ' A i t ff .. -I i' : : Tir" 3 6 N 1 gy ,, E...,,r1E,,. A. . , i, I-52 4 R ,Q I QQ .31 A -. 154 .. f . .. " 'T w.:,,,.Q,...f,g' - . , I . ' 'f .. "' 1 , f ' ELi:'iiZ'iLi" " l , .,. Wg 4 L--. ,f .r""1 First Row: Ioan D. Tanner, Iune L. Tapp. Bhogindra C. Tarkas, Terrence N. Taylor, Archie H. Teague. Douglas G. Telfer, Frederick Tellenbach, Pete Terrana, Robert G. Terry, Morgan A. Thieme. Second Row: Lewis L. Thrall, Robert E. Thomas, Iune H. Thompson. Lawrence G. Thompson, Noll G. Thompson, lerry B. Todd, Tom. Iohn A. Tretheway, Arthur I. Turk, William L. Uber. Third Row: George F. von Kemper, Matthias I. Kopatek, Margaret M. Wahl. Avery S. Waisbren, Myra F. Walker. Hugh F. Wallace, men E. Webb, Stantord L. Welbourn, Sheloun Werter, Arthur I. Wexler. Fourth Row: Kermit R. White. Lacy A. White. Sammye G. White, William H. White, Douglas E. Whitney, Al Wiggins. Edward Winlke hower, Charles E. Witver. Marilyn Wolf, Iohn M. Wolf. Filth Row: Iackson Wong, Richard T. Wong, William Wong, Mary lane W. Wright, Merle M. Wright. Anita T. Ybarra, William Y. F. Ye Milton Yusim, Sumaya D. Zahawi, Merle Zarow. Sixth Row: Iohn I. Zitny. 112 Dick Martz Theta Chi Socroiary Knights Senior Council 51 Club Mimi Wagner Kappa Della lumzisfiail Calm! lusticrw Student Union Cornrnilir-o Sonim' Council LAS Council ,pw x. ll"-r Dan Schiavone Chi Phi Knights President n's Council President First Row: Emil Berger, Robert Clark. Ioseph Comstock. Donald Dobratz. Second Row: Casper Held. Stanley Jeppesen. Eugene Kralick. Iohn Mclllderry. Third Row: Don McLeam. Ierome Miller, Richard Myers, lol-in Nevards. Fourth Row: Edward Puhlman. Allen Rothenberg. George Sherlock. George Spen- cer. Filth Row: lay Stroh, Albert Wankovic. Herbert Wells. Henry Suozzi. n i l l . 'i i B 3 E K i i XI I I Bm R1 4 I B Ai .ii pq , e-A f U W 3 ., :.. It 1 , .,.,., -:I V ..: I Y 4 ., 1 Z - . .' :lz 145: V ., if I : -F' .il .:. -as: , i ..,.... i, "' ,. '. "" ' .lil ' . if is S' inn? 'ef- Public Administration Pat Suskin Phi Sigma Sigma President GUC LAS Council Senior Council f 1 1 1 4 www. A, 551. 5 ,Mx MM f , -gi 1' ' f Sf' 3531.1 ' .1 2 :wr ww' . 5 .lx fzvk vl fif ' ,Lf -ae: 'pi' -,Ui -we ,- -:' -cw -x ml Q E.: 'M' ,ff ' 7 'Y x , H ? Our 6Loice offhe Oufdfancbng Snior amen Me ,Ne enfi 0 Wwfgg M 1 W SEER Mmm my ,ms mam mx aw rx a Q a ww- ngi Km If'0 Shiraz? guild? Magi .Hadferf fvmfa Jawa, fl 'lfUm! J' x a owry ingo iuer irginia I9 a mer ss nz sa A 'asf a nf K, www an ss E. nu F... , , Ji . X Y . ' 5' 1 L Q -xx A EE we 5-mx v 1 as zu ss 3 ,am H N W ss aw mn Ms E m ms an w a ss ss fu ss a ss x m -2-ff. W5 l L K ..... . Q v Q - . . 1-2-7 -'-' Q., if f - 11:5 W t HQQV .... ,Ni'MEM ig 1 .,ymq' --1.-.4 ,-: me W: W M.: .:. A gf H Q lvffff E 2 X iggm mn f - 2 ffm W kfx ,. 5-4 K , . K me-g ww sw V -'-- arie ju! or ,but Aer ell Warifg Huw ACTIVITIES f ' -Snu- -5 . Q "sh .- .' . 5' may .M .sf :fy miafwfiwvwwwfqw A ,,,,,,,! ,.,,,,: Mg ,,WAWM,,,,nMWw,wm,MI L,i2,, A 3' f-v-- wx Mm, A . .I fi M 1 17 ' Q . Q f 41nMffQ2z,g::.'p,.-MM' f as E,,,4e,.,,fM,,.n:--51-l"', fav" P Jigs' if Ai, A 4, vkn1A 35 r lr ' f Lsslf A ful P ' f 1 n ,qi f g wk 'G v 1 my 3. , F rf. iii ' 60 h I .' if J I wg.-'TK Nw - . ' Z -,,. Q xk X ,Mg A x I' I . C TNI l X 1 vu? , I 1 X ' V Q mtv wg! Q 'i Wx x ' mf K 3 A 'R XG! .SSN f 5 'K 4 1 I-llumni 121 FRANCIS I. CONLEY President. G.A.A. Llqn H. EAMES BISHOP President Troian Club ,e QM Director at Bos MCNEISH Field Director Included in the activities of the General Alumni Association each year are the Homecoming Celebration, the Class Reunions, Alumni Day, and various rallies, dances and banquets held through the year. The Association's official publication, The Alumni Review, now has a circulation of nearly 35,UOO, and is published nine times a year. Presidency of the General Alumni Association was held this year by Francis I. Conley, D.D.S. '31, Dr. Conley had previously served as president of the Dental Alumni group. The Trojan Club, with a membership of lOUO strong, is the football boosters club of the alumni. The Club sponsors the Pre-season Football Banquet and the Awards Banquet following the last football game each year. President of the Trojan Club is H. Eames Bishop '36. Campus handyman, Arnold Eddy, is Executive Director of the General Alumni Association. Mr. Eddy has served the University since his graduation in l924 in the field of management, coaching and in publication work. l-le serves as editor of the Alumni Review, contributing two columns each month. Mr. Eddy is completing a two year term as Presi- dent of District IX of the American Alumni Council comprising California and Arizona. No one drives more miles or visits more people than Leon L. "Tiny" Martin. Alumni Field Secretary. Alumni Clubs have had better meetings during the past year through his efforts. These Alumni Clubs are in existence all over the world: those close to the campus are visited several times a year. 123 ARNOLD EDDY Bw iT"" ,dx v,: R lf'?"l QW m .1 Q PM . v A , , .XY 2 3-fi, EQE QZQ 9t'ff'Tiffj'?3-'Vi 'f 5 Z' if? 1 I . .-: . ." .Y -I :.:'.:. g J :n ' A I . A I 1 , , ..f:., ":1':"':::': 4 ,., ...... '3 1 . ' ,S -f . 'E' ' '- f '- " ifa. 135. 3 ,-122532-fy 'ZW -1 5. P ' , Y:.::.:.i I T ikig , r ' ' O 3-le ' ' . 1 'f ' 1 g.yf"k -A E45-.lf '- V f -W if l ' K 7-my Mfg 7 2 .lg aj ' 4 ,Q ffl 'fgwf '-'pi' 545 QI- Bi T ,-..f.rf'Hh...fQ l ' sl 1 iaith' .W- vfiggfvyfi Y' "ir .ly wa 1, na .us -X Mi -vt X E Q - ss X s ss Seated: Dr. Fern Petty, Iona Iurden Lord, Sarah B. Hughes, Dr. Francis I. Conley. Clare Kaufer Hogue. Mrs. Iva Custer. Dr. Peirre Viole, Raymond Pollich. Standing: Cliiiord Hughes, Arnold Eddy, Christy Fox Shonnard, I. W. B. Stanley, Allen T. Archer, Francis A. Walsh, Iudge Kenneth Newell, Lawrence Pritchard, C. C. Trill- ingham, Bernard Hyink, Iudge Harold Schweitzer, Max Deutz. TOM LAWLESS Alumni Review UQ 's Checking over alumni correspondence are Iva Custer, Helen Weqener. and Ieanetle Teal. -Q?"'27 Qs 6 FW. I .f 54591 v--sg ...-my 1 '1isfvi'l:'Q J .-ww' 5 9-5+ 1961 Rush? Rx lH5Sk5'4i3s+" mM Aw- ' - . -Q4.4sMp:4 Q f 1 , M Xi - wr 'Ii A V ,Q ,EFS K 'dfmry ffm 1 4 .4 LH' ' g H-'I ff' L-- 'ny 'if' 2 ' f - " limi hm Ax' 5' g , :s:as: ,::s:: - .. W X we I5 ii fi HE iff filff iiffz wq H n :I 1 1 '-Y ' Up' U, 5 f- xr- A ' uf "Uv :arf -tara, -2 nz, - - , L" - fl 7 : rs lf? Fi i . iiiiiiliiiiifil sage, Q x - w .L7J3.,--!!!Z:!l :fat 34 ' V u tl? . 4' ' E2--"'-,, -1' V Z- i NCS BERNARD L. HYINK ' Dean oi Students The destiny of the A.S.S.C. is guided by an efficient and capable staff. Dr. Bernard L. Hyink, Dean of Students, di- rects the task of personalizing SC to each student through the integration of the various student services on campus. He has completed his second year in this position, and is still managing to retain his health and good humor. The Father-Flannigan and advisor to the men on campus is Dr. Albert Zech. As Counselor of Men, he takes a personal interest in their general Welfare. Helen Hall Moreland. Counselor of Women, offers similar service to the Trojanes. She has introduced a series of Conversation Teas to ac- quaint the Trojan coed with her responsibilities in modern society. Trouble-shooter for the fraternities and student ac- tivities is advisor Richard H. Berg. Beating the drum in the high school and junior college circuit is Earl C. Bolton. His job is acquainting prospective students with the facilities of SC, and gaining their interest in attending here. 126 ALBERT ZECH Counselor of Men HELEN HALL MORELAND Counselor of Women EARL C. BOLTON High School Relations RICHARD H. BERG School Activities Y STUDENT BODY PRESIDENT AL WIGGINS One of SC's most active student body presidents in many years was A1 Wiggins. Much praise is due Al for his keen interest in school affairs and for his personal accomplishments this year. Sparkinq a sizzling senate, he polled the politicos as a nemesis of the radicals. Pres. Wiqqins has quite an impressive background in campus activities. His is past Blue Key president, co-captain ot the debate squad Cot which he was an able arquer for 3 yearsl, and chairman of the Senate rules committee. Al is past president of TKE, and has a dual-major of political science and speech. 129 fl A w , 1 ,sw Mx rev' H I F, Q ,v Bm sg .Haag B N 130 . I X . A X . b V .XY .ZX Handling the numerous A.S.S.C. secretarial chores this year was a very adept and petite Kappa Delt, Virginia Palmer. From her first days on campus, she has shown an interest in activities, which have increased each year. Being a member of the Y. W. C. A., she was chosen to be freshman advisor and head of the Hostess Club. As a "Would be journalist", now majoring in Education, Virginia found journalistic expression as publicity agent for A.W.S. With experience in Phrateres, Spurs, and Chimes the Ama- zons decided that they could use this girl, so Amazon she Was. Although busy this year with her various jobs, she proved to be a very capable secretary. radio major interested in administration of radio or TV might find the road to success a the route of Marilyn Wolf. ln her first two years, she became a member of F resh- an Women's Council, Alpha Lambda Delta, and Spurs. F rom there she jumped to himes, Amazons, and A.W.S. Social Chairman. By now, SC had noticed her true abil- , so she ran for A.S.S.C. vice president and was elected This year as veep, a member Mortar Board, the Student Life Committee, and the A.W.S. Cabinet, Marilyn can ast of having had lots of administrative experience. Thought of by her co-Workers "alWays calm, cool, and collected", she's definitely proven herself a credit to the body. 131 Jim Good checks his notes before speaking to the Sen- ate as Fred Seech and Art Wexler breathlessly await his words. Frank Baffa sounds off on the Wamp scandal as WCTU cracks down. Proceedings were a larce this day. Witness the spec- tators' faces. Plotting some new devil- try, Ierry Cappello seeks aid from Gene Griffin. Al Wiggins presides over the orderly mass in the midst oi a heated discus- sion. 1" V R, anx- Wiqqins, Al-President, ASSC Wolf, Marilyn-Vice-President, ASSC Palmer, Virginia-Secretary, ASSC Ramirez, Louis-AMS President I-lastert, Nicki-AWS President Adams, Bill-Senior Class President Colton, lack-Iunior Class President Ward, Tony-Sophomore Class Presid Decker, Bolo-Freshman Class Preside McClaskey, Wayne-Independent Representative Schmidt, Cal-IFC President Barkley, Shirley-Panhell President Arthur, Allen A.-Veterans' Represent Kennedy, Bill-LAS President Rowlands, Paula-Education President Schlecht, lim-Commerce President Griffin, Gene-Engineering President Paynter, Bill-Architecture President Stilwell, Art-Music President Kelly, Torn-IR President Seech, Fred-Pharmacy President Fleming, Charles-Medicine Presiden McAdams, Iohn-Dentistry President Cappello, Ierry-Senator-at-large Good, Iim-Senator-at-large Mitchell, Bob-Senator-at-large Niebuhr, Ed-Senator-at-large Rider, lack-Senator-at-large Stevens, Lillian-Senator-at-large Tomlinson, Stan-Senator-at-large Wexler, Art-Senator-at-large Yusim, Milt-Senator-at-large S nat ART STILLWELL Music BILL KENNEDY TOM KELLY L.A.S. LR. HM SCHI.ECHT BILL PAYNTER Commerce Architeciure GENE GRIFFIN PAULA ROWLANDS Engineering Educaiion 133 MILT YUSIM Y. IACK RIDER Senutvr LILLIAN STEVENS 134 STAN TOMLINSON at la ge 4 'X N 4 , K - l - 1' xx 1' , , ,X I x, ,f wk A ,f f .X ,X X Nt K K 'L x K .'l il ,VV 4.-if I YY, s 1- , Un I O ww x-B ww .yn x .M 1, f ,VX V BOB MITCHELL w ww ws ww w w- ww www' wwam-w K www wawxmxwxmxww ww w ww ww w w wwsw sw w w Bw ww w ww ww w w ww Ewa Bw Bw ma BH Ab 'L 2 w w w www n ED NIEBUHR IIM GOODE ART WEXLER IERRY CAPPELLO 135 PAUL PARRISH Elections Commissioner BUD HAUSELINE Orientation TOE WEINMAN Trojan Chest Presidential GEORGE WOOLERY Parliamentarian 136 bf M Appointments , in H' J , ff R' pr dw Ll ,..-ir F- ff - 5' fg -LQ' 54-Q, ff ima W K' f Q, uh' "' 7"'M12,i Qjfafiulhlm 5' Eff! I R , ,R N 159 Em Y Sf' , - . fy R -' --,f'sz,,.,f" 'Y t w f l Lo , I M, A J Q9 M" GWEN HENRY Greater University M. S. MALIK Student Union FERRY CAPPELLO Forum Committee BOB HOPKINS U.R.A. ,lltWfW 'TOY x ,Q X Shari QS Xmxw N X he X XXX Kg llsjbff ff if f M y fs-Q X X i. Mg 1.1 . -xi? .... gb vw,-.... ix- -xgixggv 'fN,'MN't . 'ly' 'lf' Q, 'Qi Hixw ,, i777,,0Q. ,ii-F.uQ?ijI,IkiX FQ:-mi.i.. gg. 1. 'Er-3" .' z "A .' ' I A W" eff - f- ' x 1 W ' iw LOUIS RAMIREZ President The knee-driving quarterback of the Knight football team, Louis Ramirez. was also president of the Associated Men's Students. AMS, a relative newcomer to the campus, has one job of orienting all new male students during that first confusing semester. Doing a king-size job, the AMS is in turn legislative, ex- ecutive, and judicial coordinator for all male organizations and activities, new- est addition to its already bulging calendar is the Campus Quarterbacks Club. Meeting on Wednesdays, this club gave students a chance to quiz the coaches and review the previous week's game on filmstrip. The AMS was represented on the Senate this year by Prexy Ramirez, who, during his tenure of office, in- troduced legislation to start a Varsity Lettermen's club. Climaxing the year's activities was the Annual AMS recognition assembly, at which is announced the recipient of the Grder of the Palm. Fred Harper, Frosh Class Prexy in l948- 49 and President of the Squires in 1949-50, capped this year's activities as Vice- President of AMS. Ably keeping AMS minutes this year was Iack Gardner who also held the key to the funds of the organization. 138 F RED HARPER Vice-President JACK GARDNER Secretary-treasurer Winners of the AMS Barber Shop Quartet Sing Fred Harper gives the word to Bill Adams. lim were Theta Chis Bill Clay. Bob Gauqenmaier, Don Lewis, Bob Gauqenmaier. Iack Peschong, and Comelson. and Sheldon Dtznxd. David Milton Durst 139 an wa E 'ass ms wan an me nu ss R4 E 2 H 'E Wm n ss M is Q? H ss mam H. Q W5 5 ss E A W-' fi: .............. . H awk K ,. 2 S N ss mn w an 11 nl n.- mu ix, ss an W Q z r wi? a ss n, as www: ms xlsi Hag ,, Haw E 'HWY Bm mn- PW! fix Mgmt ww BH T' f K, E? . V": . ag- H W, ' sf? af H' ix H- Q :H gg.,-5 H., M4 2 mf .32 QBEWSQ1 www W bm E mm mam, X52 E gi: il? E25 Es CAROLYN SCHILLER Secretary IEANNE EATON Vice-president 140 rt holds a conference with Francis Blev- N-icki Haste ins, Ieanne Eaton, and Peggy Pryor. uwggfgrg, viii? -...n H . .n 4-.ii Looking terribly busy in AWS work are Evonne Berry. Carolyn Schiller, lane! Ewari, and Marilyn Iudd. icki F rom A.W.S. Assembly Chairman to President was the jump taken by N Hastert last fall. This gal is also a member of Amazons, Delta Delta Delta, and ' ' ' l of one who has worked tirelessly for Mortar Board. Nicki is a good examp e 'h h r co-officers, she completed plans for women students on campus. Wit e ' ' ' fthese was orientation of new freshmen many activities this year. The first o coeds. Then after the fall semester was well underway, a "f1rst" was instituted by A.W.S. "Coffee Hours", where student meets dean, already in practice at other big U's, it proved successful at our alma mater too. "Songfest" was next on the list, soon followed by Homecoming, during which A.W.S. sponsored ' ' ' The big events of the spring semester decorations for women s living groups. ' ' "Coed Capers". ln April the annual started with the always entertaining Mothers Day Tea was held with the emphasis placed on making the new "T ' nville". And, ending a very successful mothers feel more at home at roia ' ' bl and elections. As she breathed a sigh year, were the recognition assem y ' l d d Nickie and her helpers for a "job well done". of relief, everyone app au e 141 if WAYNE MCCLASKEY Independent Representative . E .. S .ny , , 'a 7 First row: Dorothy Mazzola, Rosalie Bottore, Elva Soper, Wayne McC1askey. Frances Bowling. Nannette Howe. Second row: Paul Hardman. Art Wexler. Sam Tobey, Iohn Zitny, Gerald Blackwell. Ioy Mathews, Ioyce Griffin. 142 The Independent Council began its precedent breaking year by devoting itself to an ana- lysis of the problems of independents at SC, and in finding Ways the Independent Council might strengthen the participation of inde- pendents in student life. The Council first established a committee to revise its ASSC by-laws to eliminate discriminatory clauses against Freshmen and transfer students. Then they made an extensive fact-finding survey of campus dormitories to improve living con- ditions and rectify any inadequacies, espe- cially in men's dormitories. A Student Apathy Committee planned the presentation of an award to the outstanding independent stu- dent, taking place in the spring. lndependent Students Day was a success on February twenty-third. An all-University "house Warm- ing" party to celebrate the opening of Uni- versity Hall and E.V.K, women's dormitories capped off the day's activities of talks, athle- tic contests and banquets. The Council, under Chairman, Wayne McClaskey. hopes its year- ly activities will activate the 8000- unafilliated students to participate in campus life. Dick Hanson President, Delta Phi Epsilon Chairman, Unity Party Nick Apple Alpha Phi Omega Daily Trojan I oyce Griffin A1 Katz Nanette Howe Secretary, Independent Council Independent Council Y W C A Treasurer Veep. Gamma Alpha Chi 143 Seated left to right: Paul Parrish. Dr. Zech. Dan Schiavone, Frank Baiia. Standing: Iohn McE11edery. lack Colton. Bob Mitchell. Frank O'Sullivan. Whenever anyone steals an edition ot DT's, engages in crooked political campaigns, or is otherwise J d ' ' naughty, the judiciary board springs into action. u Their purpose is to investigate, adjudicate, and dis- cipline cases of student misconduct and infringe- ments of the recognized rules and standards of the University. Seated leit to right: Ioan Tanner. Mildred Wagner, Helen Hill Parkenson. Chief Justice. Nancy Ridgeway. Helen McFarland. Standing: Louise Van Core. Virginia Iones. Catherine Gould. Patricia Wuesthoff. and Dorothy Ehrlich. ZW Y t E W 3 M ww nagm :Q mf DIN had H E W H , , . . hy za. H as many-Q an 1 x ,a .W- ss Q. mm: Bm wus ss H E E H M www 5.2 rszxgfwim K-X71 mm nl W. Iohn Chapman Yell King WEE m'1-SEER M WYE' ,M ma N M ms 1 , . U W Ja, ,sms nm xml- X1-sm aaa E yr ss-E Marv Freeman Bi - 5 xg ,u 'H' f' 'w "' K aww ? H EEN. Ha N AH? '1 4 I ' -V., ... Sgt is Z..-a ...g.g..:.5., EM. I-gg.:-,15..rr,f,. Q ea f --stag: .' ' 'iiiiiiiiir ' 'L :..:.:.:.-:::.::E:f g . . . , sy fx J I 5 Y ,W P '99 as 1 253 of 1 .:...A Rs., . 'W 3 I K! 5 T th , xy . Trojan First Row: Robert Allison. Iohn Bradley. William Burby. Richard Capin. Iack Colton. Ralph Drew. Vince Dundee. David Durst. Second Row: Iim Eddy. Ronald Frank. Marv Freeman. Bud Greenbaum, Robert Gehring. Martin Gray. Thomas Hall. Fred Harper. Third Row: Bud Hauslein. Thomas Hodgins. Iohn Klug. Iames Large. Iames Lewis. Dan Lucid, Erik Lundquist. Richard Mackaig. Fourth Row: Richard Martz. Robert Melboume, Stan Minick. Robert lVIitchell. Doug Morgan. Wayne McClasky. Iack Owen. Fifth Row: Louis Payter. Louis Ramirez. Gene Royer. Tony Taylor. Sixth Row: Iohn Templeton, David Thompson. Stan Tom- linson. Andrew Ulrich. Seventh Row: Nonnan Van der Hyde. Don Von Geldern. lack Warner. Iim Williams. 146 l . ,M fave ef Ql S 2 if ' , y ,av , M ,Q K 141' , 27" - it M w w f " I Q xl A 1, - Knight nder the leadership ot Dan Schiavone, e surfing president, the Trojan nights resumed their traditional duties eptember-time in the community lite f SC. After ushering at the first few otball games, the Knights were pre- ented with a new cardinal and gold uto. Traveling first class during the re- ainder of the year, the Knights con- nued their ettorts ot caring for the new George", supervising card stunts, nd reluctantly exchanging the victory ell for the SC Banner after the U.C.L.A. asco. A new tradition of keeping a rojan torch burning throughout home- oming to ignite the rally bonfire was stablished. The Living War Memorial rive got a boost from Knight participa- on. Knight social lite was continued y exchanges with the Amazons and purs, parties, and formals. Everything happens in the Knight Football section. Those spring initiations are always sporting affairs. DAN SCHIAVONE President HQ!! ,W --' X Q40 sl 1 Q Q H M, Y '- --.. .',' ' 'l' V! N : iff L- JJ: A S wa ' ff ,fx k k N th I -a s fi I4 A A ,. . f A-iff ' Q A1 . alla. md First Row: Candy Allen, Phyllis Anderson, Elsina Baker, Frances Blevins. Second Row: Camille Brick Reno, Harriet Dee Cooper, Ann Dillon, Iean Dunford, Ieanne Eaton, Ioyce Elmen Lewis. Darleen Farrell. Third Row: Lavonne Gates, Goodwin, lane Aven Hall, Iris Harrison, Nanette Howe, Mary Iensen, Marilyn Iudd, Carol Kingsbaker. Fourth Row: Lowry, Pat O'Bryan, Nancy Phelps, Peggy Pryor, Nancy Ridgeway, Dare Rowland, Carolyn Schiller, Nancy Stearns. Filth Ro Rena Tangherlini, Ioan Tanner, Marie Tudor, Grace Wada, Beverly Walker Hutchinson, Ioyce Wilson, Marilyn Woll, Betty Yerx 148 Marie Tudor discussing card file system with secretary lane Avon and Nickey Hastert. Paula Hinkley and Harriet Briggs try their hands at hang- ing pictures. year the Trojan Amazons, under the com- guidance of their president, Marie udor, served SC with their usual good Works. their interesting speakers Were Dean who discussed civil defense, and Miss LaTallarde, who spoke on the new plan for dorms. Big project tor the semester was writing to the girls Who've some interest in attending SC and tell- thern oi our school's good points. ln con- With this, Mr. Bolton gave a talk on school and junior college relations at oi the Weekly meetings. During the spring the lite of the Amazon was high- by the dessert for Amazon alums. As- g Marie were: Nan Stearns, Veepg lane Ven Hall, secretaryg and Carol Kingsloaker, MARIE TUDOR President The Trojan card-stackers tSquiresj is an honor' ary sophomore service group on campus. A all-around flunkies for the Knights, the Squire diligently guarded Tommy Trojan from infil- trating Rembrandts on pre-game nights. How ever, Mondays often proved that Tommy Wa a blue-blood, with a heart of gold. Under pres' dent Ed Isenberg they sponsored the "Mis Squires" contest and, awarded a plaque to th year's hottest bandman. The Squires unitor is the envy of the campus in torrid temper tures. The traditional black sweater With White Trojan head encircled on the left brea afford the utmost comfort on Warm Thursday Highlight of Squire joy was the Squire car stunt sneak. Changing the card stunts on football afternoon, these ingenious lads dupe the card section into forming a Squire on hi knees being padded by a Knight. The captio read "Good Knight Squires". Clever? One Trojan slave g ves hxs b other slave the word Half time always means card stunt time. TTWITTR 'lf Mx ' X no ll ...f ,SR Am Row: Ronald Bartholomew. lim Bockman. Ierry Cappello, Wendell Caey. Bob Chappell. Don Davies. Beryle Duca. Don Second Row: Virgil Galey, Dick Gilbert, George Gottesman. Dick Gray. Martin Green, Charles Hackett, Donald Herman. Hopkins. Third Row: William Inglis. Hugh Kelley. Martin Kirshner. lack Lewis. Gerald Lichtig. Iim Lyon. Danny McDonald. McKelvey. Fourth Row: Iack Milligan. Robert Morrell, William Myers. Norman Pacun. Terry Pearson. Iames Piper. Melvin George Rogerson. Fifth Row: William Rosensweig. William Rowley. Donald Slate. Larry Spector. Roger Siewart. Iames Norman Sunshine. Thomas Tanner. Sixth Row: Richard Tarlton. Willard Tudor. Richard Venturini. Tony Ward. Kenny 151 MARILYN MERKELEY Presiden! Carmen Perez and Alberta Schlaier check the social calendar. - if ' 1 QVQQT3 . "M I ' . Af?-Y, ,, , . 1 5 If ' J' V 1 ' ' ' H - A , I . - 'M 1 .' -a W ' - "' .- I -.. -.- QQ? X . "J '5"' My 'X I f LM I ' ' , , 'K' SE 2' f I . " A .....- Sharinq the D.T. are Ianet Ewarl, Barbara Quigley and Ann Vierhus. I ...Q 13 ix F? i . X X Row Io Alesen Paulette Alvarez. Marilyn Beaudry, L'Cena Brunskill, Ioyce Canavan. Second Row Anne Clements Helen Iacquelme Mitzi Doll. Sally Drews, Ianet Ewart. Daryl Emerick, Ioan Field. Dorothy Pucci. Third Row Shirley Hall Ellagene nnedy Sally Liechty Marilyn Merkley. Margaret Morrow, Rae Olson, Carmen. Barbara Quigley. Fourth Row Manlynn Roth Alberta Slater Dwana Thomas. Lucy Tomboulian. Iackie Trestrail. Patricia Tyler. Ieanne Warnock and Marcella Wekall ot Pictured Dorothy Marrola and Ann Vierhus. When frosh women first find themselves tossed into the intricate machinery of SC life, their initial bewilderment is considerably lightened by the Spurs, women's national sophomore service organization, which has had Frosh Orientation as its No. l project. Under President Marilyn Merkeley, Spurs provided get-acquainted Coffee l-fours, hostessed the AWS Orientation Dinner and, in general, made the fledglings feel at home. Spurs' football season interest is serving refreshments to the hard-Working Knights and Squires who arrived at 9 am, on occasion, to set up card stunts for the football games. 153 An exclusive campus haven for ex-boy scouts, Alpha Phi Omega is a service organization open to both independent and organized students. The group arranges rides for wheel-less Trojans come the football games up north and the Christmas vacation. Printing and distributing song sheets for the football games, setting up into desks during registration, assisting with the Trojan Chest Drive, passing the hat for the Living War Memorial, and hosting for the Crew are but a few of the services rendered. Yellow sweaters with their crest identify A Phi O's scurrying around campus at high port. . sg ' +15 rf f -JR? was 'g ' an as A 1 , as is Us . 1 is ., F11'Sl Row Nick Apple Allen Arthur. Aicira Asakura, Thomas Barrett, Gordon Billhardt. Gerald Blackwell Charles Carpenter Donald Dobratz Second Row: I-'rank Dotson. Rafael Fernando, Norman Frank. Frank Freedlaender, Henry Glaves Charle Hamburger Clyde Hamoise, Alford Hee. Third Row: Raymond Iewell, Albert Katz. Wallace Kuhn Robert Landier Io Lathrop Donald Llpkmg. Lowell Lorbeer. Dan Schusler. Fourth Row: Richard Sigrany. Gene Templeton Iohn Ulney Andre Weber Raymond Wilson. 154 x The A Phi O Share-a-Ride Campaign gets results. They olta know they never get anything done over lunch. Pu-L, LOWELL LORBEER President ll ?- l LEROY MOSER ff President WMA The University's YMCA once again made front page news with notch planning from a capable and ambitious council headed by Mosher. President. Lee couldn't do everything by himself, so called the assistance of Vice-President Warren Ettinqer. Secretary Don and Treasurer Iack Crawford. Together, these men carried on the tions of the Howard Tones Memorial YMCA, and, at the same time, gurated new projects that made noticeable advances toward a to promote international, inter-religious, and inter-campus Among the many plans instigated by the committee were the Univer sity membership drive, the Troy Camp Counseling program, a student get-together scheme, an athletic program with participation in URA and inter-collegiate activities, a "Thanksgiving Food for the Needy" drive, and a "Toys for Christmas" Campaign. 156 f ' 4 ? M. -ii JACK CRAWFORD DON KOTT WARREN ETTINGER Semmy Tfeasufef Vice-Presideni Koh qellinq the hall whammy from Leroy Moser. inducing a yuk irom Smiling over the 'Y' compilation oi yearly activities are: Frank Sartino. Crawford. and a criiical stare lrom Warren Eitinger at square table Roger Franson. Bob Decker. Don Bailey. and Bill Sheppard. 'I'hey're worth smiling about .uavvQ- Af 157 'sid l : WANDA LOWRY Presid l The old Wheelock-piano has finally been burned in the brick fireplace that always smoked so badly. S.C.'s 500 YVVCA members now contently relax and gab in their new "home away from home" with justified pride. ln the twinkling of a smile, one of these friendly gals will happily show visitors over their poor rnan's Taj Mahal-from the EVK Lounge to the Bogardus Chinese Room. Cheery, en- thusiastic Mrs Ruth Gordon has been executive director of this inter-faith, inter-racial wornen's group for the past ten years, and together with this year's president, Wanda Lowry, helped make the annual Spring Carnival a big suc- cess. The "Y's" known ability to make even Lonesome Gal feel like My Friend Flicka has kept the YWCA front door ' ' ce their founding in 1887. iss W orking overtime sin L' - A LMI A 1 ff ll 41 Model of the Y's new campus home. Relaxaiion around the piano helps Io while away ihe hours in the new YWCA building. IANE SANGSTER Secretary ! ll Ns' NANETTE HOWE CANDY ALLEN rfemfef A 2nd vice-Pl'8SldBl1l lst Vice-President 159 z w Q ,-S4 ' !,f. N. x S 160 I W i V .xdflzkficri V WILLIS 0. HUNTER DIRE HLETIC S ' staii is Wiiiis O. Hunter. Direc- ts inas quided Troy to have The qrand oid man ot SC' s atinietic tor oi Pitinietics, who tor 'One iast twenty-six yea tine ioretront ot tine coiieqiate sportinq worid. Not one niy one pie, SC's busy Hunter is aiso active in tine t' c Association, tine onitj W est-coast rnenft- 'ation, a member ot the Na- dent ot tine P aciiic re as- to his iinqer in o Nationai Coiieqiate Pttinie i ber oi the Ptrnerican Oiyrnpic Psssoci iYoot1o aii Ruies Committee, and a past pr esi e Q oa ,alle Managers Association. Beto oi K'?YiieiieS,siXAt. Hunter was an assist- tiona Conier enc t Director Coast the foie o5 to i9'2-A. suminfg irom V329 ant co adn I l 161 HUGH C. WILLETT Faculty Representative 4 1 A Alan D. Ewen Assistant Director Dr. Hugh C. Willett, the man with uncour able positions, served the Trojan Athletl department as the Faculty Athletic Represer ative. Besides his service to the school, l-lu tlin' Hugh also brought much esteem to Tru as the president of the National Collegi Athletic Association. Right-hand man to Wil Hunter was Alan D. Ewen. the Assistant Dir tor of Athletics. ln charge of picking up tl: pieces and sewing them back together wel Doctors Willis Iacobus and Loren Miller. Bu est man on the staff was Kearney Reeb. he trainer, who cared for the minor ills and hu of Troy's gladiators and listened with op heart to their tales of woe. Keeping the V ous sport pages filled with information ab Troy and Trojans were the master organiz Bob Smith, and his assistants, Bob Erburu a Don Van Velzer of the Athletic News Servi Last but not least comes the athletic co mittee who were faced with the task of hiri a new football coach following the un pected resignation of Ieff Cravath after Tro most disastrous season in many years. fi- 1 1 ' fm nm gags nm as EEN fgmgi meant mm' H 41 DR. LOREN MILLER Team Physician XJ, .Q E Km DR. WILLIS L. IACOBUS Team Physician BOB SMITH Director, Aihleiic News ATHLETIC CUMMITTEE Q1 1 1 Seated: Willis Hunter. Hugh Willett. Dean Strevey. Standing: Robert Kinsley. Dr. Zech. Dr. Fredericks. 163 Kearny Reeb Trainer Richard Yemen . er Assxskani Tram Bob Erbmiru Don Van Velzer Aihletic News Aihletic News 164 William Careswell Equipment Manager vii MA--. ,r ' 59: . vb-fy ffl V ' f 4 xl 1 5 ',5,i:gzQ5I?ifvh. f A, nf 1' Q'1'J,. nyw' ,A'f'.Q'1.f'J ,' php ,' r ,1. ,s Q., f.,,i,qx,5 .4. JJ +1.14 ' ,, I J : Ryu ', ,eu ' vglg ff! ,sq r J .' s V., inn' ,, , rv' IA 3' xffl ffb"'?'u l'l' ' 1' vw .' 'gf ff. 1. ',fAv'.'1N Ki.. lift F1783 il sg ,fx 1' L ' 4" ' J, 1-:uf -LII' " 'L ' :Q 'V . K, za, 71? .43 4,g'T1f,,4!L??'5.Q, an ' M-, 1, W im:-. ,,,,,!. Q ff Ln. Xgthll U ' X Mir.-L," zufizui- ,qff ' '1', ' M 7 ".,'J bl, ,V - , Y r g, '.Jt ' A .bf J: 'y tatlQ.'z.h0' ' 'gf :J :NW ' F ,Vi wp y 2' fwfr ,kip ,Qu x- 1 3 1 N - 99:15 , .,,,x', 'JfQv.'.y'-fi igg. v' na .x .H 5. .3529 1 7,-. :if-ig f H . E' 9, Lu-'li 1 5 M, , .Q fqc f 2 114' I f fl Jzf lf, ' .vlum pf ,, L iff? I ',lA'H , f 7 . V 1 7 1 1 , 1 Q 2 ' 51. 1 3 H85 UN! - b 4 "t T - 9 A '. ' Y gf. . ', -4. ,qi Q .1 zfg ,, vgik, W. L' - 'lf f' NM str f yd -fy Hifi' ' 1 Ar 5, In V , ' ' 1, J' f 5' - K VZ: xii . . .m-.w- - 1 w A v ,I , " I3 'Y' V , ' 1 fo 'iff . W In .Q ,, 'Ju n H l .A .Q nl I UA ,fad I UM, ' 'hiv f' I ,' 'n 0 x .1 h ' v , .. ' 1 ' :xl -Ilgwu. fJJ.!f-f '-i 04' . S all ' 55 2 g . ' .lj ' ' -' I' ' ' ff' 'I' WH H b gg 4 55,63 'ii EP a 'A P . I ' H' . ."gZ' J I M ,V ' g us x Qx ti! ' - J x X I I ,- . ' - .,,r,. it X - L . .A S x Q i - Q.. 1 ,1 Q7 4x Xkgikvgkvig Q :ggi Z A I .- , .V 1, xiii: L- if gizi wg Fliilgfgwqafj Wig! fi? H gl-,T .hz -A 5 , Aj, wg? X , . A 'ig W , 1 'V ' ' W" if Q H-etifggxl 1' Zklgfvi 'H ,SXSW--H-3113 A Q Eh" J '- . :QW , ,- .mi Egsggg fini: " in 2: L' .f 1 HKAEQFEW yi 'lf f5MQQ4l X, ." . L.Mxuw'rEi4mv:w . ',-1-,-- :XG y V - ,- X ' .-- A., - 'ix . ,L 13 - , - 1 S 51 5 , v . , R. - x X B -- .-Q-, - ,- -- - -.Q 1+ , L ,gig 1 - , - - -5 Q ., A X -K 1: 'Q rxq- 1 awk A sn " if Q x Quai, X, 2 X J M. '- V HEAD COACH TEF F CRAVATH During his undergraduate days at Troy, Ieff cap- tained and played center on the 1926 eleven and was named to the all-coast squad of that year. 1950 marks the ninth year that the Trojan varsity has per- formed under the hand that has molded four Pacific Coast Conference champions and two Rose Bowl victors. This is the record of Newell "Ieii" Cravath rv l7'f17'l , T-,. E' 1-gm-fd? , Fri - g ifgf-5-f' g"l--.ra ,v- pf, - . - ,H Who also holds :g:hmmimgimfislsaigK3,i,Ei3:e'gn2y,i.ig,s:gfg1iiiiS?lgsfidi H , f' 1 . gqi55:34sggg.gggE3:5Fif:5'gi::,-E:ii:g54TiipQ3,i,i,m.i. xg. giHmf,'11w A J Ll ,.lE?73N ,CEU :'.5.M+w5V- 1, A7 1 alumnus to Serve Q ' A, 1 ff' , 9 1 N H .-1 .Fl,,,,L, :- .-Vg: ,QQ '- 'mfg fs.. 1-g AA in f . nigh? .'f.'rf1' fer?" if" 'Tu '1'Tf"fL ",'1f"L' 'Ti-f zz " 'R Q3 li 5 ': ' -3 l AL T, .F-1731127 if , H ' f in '21-fsf iilffif me V, if in ,A U . J L ,H LQ- -fu" V 3- V, -me ri.. , rg' 5. ul . , ' : f 1:1224 w'wfJei1L45S: x" 3,fl . f lx L1 ,A l 166 RAY GEORGE Line Coach, 5 years. Tackle at SC 1936-38 Detroit Lions 1939 Philadelphia Eagles 1940 ROY BAKER Backfield Coach, 5 years. Fullback at Troy 1922 Freshman Coach at SC 1923 Backfield Coach at Nevada 1935 Assistant Coach Washington Redskins 1936-40 IUSTIN SAM BARRY Head Scout, member of the football staff since 1929. Starred in football, baseball, and basket- ball at Lawrence College, Wisconsin. WILLIAM "BILL" FISK End Coach, 2 years. End and most inspirational player at SC in 1939 All-American and All-Coast 1939 Los Angeles Dons 1948 San Francisco 49'ers 1946-47 WALTER HARGESHEIMER Backfield Coach, 2 years. Quarterback at Minnesota 1932-33 Head Coach at Massachusetts State 1941. Backlield Coach at Oklahoma 1947-48 MIKE MILLIGAN Line Coach, first year at SC Lineman at Pittsburgh 1932-34 Assistant Coach at Tulsa 1941-45 Assistant Coach at Pitt. 1946 Head Coach Pittsburgh 1947-49 awww The First Row: Cravath. Zimmerman. Robertson, Hatfield. Barnes, McMurtry, Boies. Cannamela, Conde, Iessup, Gifford. Williams, Bowers, Baldock, Allison. Second Row: Smith, Demiriian, e Peviani, Downs, Sears. Maloney, Fouch, Souers. Norton. Welsh, Duff. Hattig. Bozanic, Hay s Third Row: Scott. Colgrove, Cziguih. Stillwell, Heydenreich. Genther. Van Doren. Wiker. Petty. Schneider, McGee. Fourth Row: Reeb, George. Hargesheimer, Fisk, Sampson, Peters. Naumu. Carmichael. Goller. Pucci. Baker, Milligan. 168 First Row: Weston, Winkenhower, Gibson, Laugh- lin, Iohnson. Second Row: Kosar. Green. Allison, Broadbent. Ronald. Mortensen. 11 ,- i TX f 1 ml I- 'A In L4L4.u.L,uJ.A.u.n ii VW 7. .i gg flllll' lllllll lllllll 'Q 2, 1- ,J 5 - gg' E EEE Mrmnlf Q M R-xa 4-.iv gifs? E VW 7 2 , ,xi K, ' , Y , ., . .TI .,.. ' 1, ra ' --::, -3753 'Yf f 5C':?1Ff-Y1r55i'ZfF ff 'frsf 55555551f5:122E:..l'i11'3'5i1Wf"' iE5+k1Hg5"'1E':.1fF.1- 7 17' -1 1 L.: mix' L5 -.u u4:,u1.n.5i3,U,J- -"I ,Q Qxglv-v-,7f.. v', ' - 3- S9 fg 1' ' , ,UE-ASC ll 'll' ff, Q J .diff J' wx sea, ,Q 1g1:.:::gQi5: ::5,53.m , A he . an L ,, 5,5353 ggfigg gg? , .Q ",, 'iggjlhiil I 2 . L ,X Y '.?.1,:: .5511 ,AWZZVQ4 - ' y 4 vs - -f- 5" tgirgif: ---f ew' ffl, , 421255555 -'--Ie-32 id 9 V V7 n ' '--was -.L,L:- 'V ' ,- ' . 1 'uv - f"" ' ""' -:E J' If -' . . 11 -m.,N. ,Y +,Qa5, 2 , QQ-:1 ng .1 ' 42 Pat Cannamela Guard 205 lbs 5-10 22 yrs New London, Conn. Veniura IC 1 yr. 32 lim Sears Halfback 180 lbs 5-ll 20 yrs Los Angeles, Calif. El Camino IC 33 Ralph Pucci Fullback 175 lbs 5-9 22 yrs Canion, Ohio 1948-49 Letierman 83 Winston Goller End. 200 lbs 6-2 20 yrs Monrovia, Calif. 1949 Varsiiy Q, ,f lf' 'HW Q YD if ,rv .I ,f""a FT ,-fe?" "ff I ff lfydl'-'f H' F," ff! V f""7f,? ffl ll Y 4' 1.1 fu-'gf L-fur! Alessi' LJ ff U .ffm ..f j 1 ls 1717 uk 'V la' l " la Lhfh lfilzlw xl A 0,9 fgylb- K-lr Southern California loved night games. Who wouldn't, we had never lost a game under the arcs, until the opening game of the l95O season when the lowa Hawkeyes broke the string and let the roof fall in on the disappointing Trojan varsity. The lowa team, not even considered in the Big Ten race for the Bose Bowl, unleashed an attack that ran the mighty Trojans right into the ground, and featured Ierry F aske who scored two touchdowns and set up the third. The men of Troy, after trailing 7-O, came to life late in the first half and early in the second for a brief show of power to grab the lead, 14-7. Big man in the Trojan marches was Al Carmichael, who, though given the ball only four times, ran for over forty yards. Probably at the request of the lowans, Hoagy was placed in shackles for the remainder of the game and never carried the ball again. SC's fourteen points, scored on a quarterback sneak by Wilbur Robertson and a Robertson pass to Hal Hatfield were not enough as the Hawkeyes, incensed at being behind, came right back to score in the third and fourth quarters and but for the defensive work of Pat Cannamela and Winston Goller. would have crossed Troy's goal line even more. Goller leads Williams around right end lor eight yards. Hat' field takes an eleven-yard pass from Robertson for Troy's lirst TD. Beck and Sanbrano stop Hawkeye Faske at left end. Reichardt is run out ot bounds by Gilford alter a nine-yard gain at left end. Up to assist is Goller ol SC. - No.4- 171 16 Frank Gifford Quarterback 190 lbs 6-2 19 yrs Bakersfield, Calif. 1949 Letterman 29 lohn Williams Halfback 175 lbs 5-10 23 'yrs Huntington Park, Calif. 1948 IV, 1949 Letterman 75 Bob Van Doren Tackle 215 lbs 6-3 21 yrs San Diego, Calif. 1949 Prosh 89 Dan Zimmerman End 180 lbs 6-1 20 yrs Burbank, Calif. 1949 Letterman The Trojan varsity journeyed northward as Look Magazine came out with a six-page fea- ture, telling of the mighty warhorse of Troy, and for the second week in a row set out to disprove the experts. The Southern California eleven met underdog Washington State on the Cougar home field, where we have yet to defeat them, and had to fight an uphill battle to gain a Z0-20 standoff. For three quarters the Trojans showed little, other than bright uni forms, to prove that they were a major footbal team and trailed 20-O. When all appeared t be blackest, reserve quarterback Frank Gif ford supplied a newly found spark that ignite the greatest rally in Troy's football history Gifford personally scored two touchdowns o runs of fifteen and two yards, sandwiche around an explosive seventy-five yard pun return by scatback Iohnny Williams. and als kicked two out of three extra points, the las one to tie the game with less than two minute remaining to be played. Other standouts fo SC were Al Carmichael. who with his shackle removed ran for a total of sixty-two yards i twenty carries, and sophomore Pat Canamel again the soundest cog in Troy's leaky d fense. .fx 1 v ,e-ee -G 1+ lfkfq ,X f ff. J - N ' .fU1 ,' ,V Lfxglf 1 .J .24 f F' ff ' K if , ty , if XA JT .1 fm' f-?"'f nf Cf An, ,fag fl ,L M A -1 a ,ff fx f -ff If fm X ' 1. ,xx fx, Jfyyjen U, N ,J I jx, M1 KY. ',LA,, H, W 1 Jax fxvijfff NL,gAf4ff'Lf,f'N-::,f,u gf ieiefff' typ Lf ly 2,1 ff". ff' f' QU' w lm 173 Cannamela and Troians gang up on Cougar back. Iessup makes tackle. Carmichael is stopped after a shori gain. a a nu U , 1 J is J ,f F if fry 1'3" fly Q gp 4? Q9 q ff- ,Q rv A -1794 9 F357 f 12 Wilbur Robertson if ' ll Quarterback 170 lbs 6-0 21 yrs South Pasadena, Calif. 1949 Letterman 77 Volney Peters Tackle 220 lbs 6-4 22 yrs San Diego, Calif. 1948-49 Letterman 15 Ed Demiriian Quarterback 170 lbs 5-9 l9 yrs Los Angeles, Calif. Muir College 85 Harold Hatfield End 202 lbs 6-1 23 yrs Hermosa Beach, Calif. 1948-49 Letlerman Q X- ! ffewvix rf FX -. f ' N . 1 Pucci takes a pass from Robertson for nine yards a d iirst down. Williams returns a lourth quarter kickoff s 'I yards. Sears makes lone Troian touchdown. .sv ls Troy came close, but as the old saying goes, "Close only counts in horseshoes"p and Cali- fornia wasn't playing horseshoes. Entering the game a decided underdog, SC came within one yard of adding the Bears to the growing list of beaten favorites. With only thirty seconds left to play and the ball on the Cal one yard line, an unfortunate miscue in the Trojan back- field cost us a victory or atleast a tie. Cal scored first in the opening quarter, and then was forced into the background as Troy, for the first time this year, dominated the game. SC's defensive team was as impregnable as the "Walls of Troy". They repeatedly held the strong Bear running attack to small gains. Volney Peters, Bob Downs. Lou Welsh. and Gene Beck were the thorns in Cal's side. The Trojans even got around to showing an offense, and but for a few bad breaks, might have scored more than one touchdown credited to them. After banging away all day, SC finally got its score in the last quarter of play. Iim Sears picked up a bobbling lateral from gb. Wilbur Robertson on the three yard line and waltzed into the end zone unmolested to tie the contest, 6-6. Frank Gifford put SC into a short lived lead by kicking the extra point. But Cal was not to be denied and came right back to score the game winning touchdown. 175 is :ts as E E m was rim a may Q2 a a as ass a ass a W. an 52 Gene Beck Center 185 lbs 6-O 22 yrs Inglewood, Calif. 1948 Letterman 25 Sol Naumu Halfback 170 lbs 5-10 21 yrs Hawaii Compton College 27 Bill Bowers Fullback 180 lbs 5-11 20 yrs Canoga Park, Calif. 1949 Varsity 50 Lou Welsh Center 195 lbs 5-1l 19 yrs Austin, Texas 1949 Fresh ,Af ' 'Y if ' ,111 tl fff5'?"7ie W ft, tt f t, "!H'f1ff1 ,F , Y. r 1 94" ' .J up L rfb' I U" I 1 1 . ff! , I H Y A J r , , ,r 4,-y'-fy J-I xt J X , 1 f if 11,5 fl, fx M 1, A , uyngf tj' u,f,,f f " ff .f "1 U, The two titans of the winless ranks met in Baltimore to decide Which team was going no- where in 1950. SC came out on top by losing to a Navy squad that can't remember when it won its last game. Our mighty Trojans ran true to the form that they had established in previous encounters by playing pattycake for the major part of the afternoon, and playing football just long enough to score two touchdowns in a brief show of power. The first of these touchdowns came in the early minutes of the final quarter when Iim Sears took a handoff through the center of the line, and went twenty-four yards to paydirt. The last SC score came with six minutes still remaining to be played and kept hope alive that Troy might yet pull the game out of the fire. Two complete passes from Wilbur Robertson to Sears and Hal Hatfield set up this score with Robertson going over from the six on a quar- terback sneak. Frank Gifford kicked both extra points to narrow the score to 14-20. The Middies struck back with all guns firing to sink the Trojan uprising with a game-clinching touchdown on a sixty-six yard drive. scores from four on a quarterback sneak. 21 A1 Carmichael Halfback 195 lbs 6-O 21 yrs Gardena, Calif. Santa Ana IC 23 Iohn Pouch Halfback 187 lbs 6-U 20 yrs Santa Ana, Calif. 1949 Letterman 60 Paul McMurtry Guard 225 lbs 6-O 31 yrs Rio Hondo, Texas 1948-49 Letterman 31 Cosimo Cutri Halfback 175 lbs 5-9 21 yrs San Diego, Calif. San Diego l C Wonders never cease. After the worst start i the history of Trojan football, our illustriou warriors finally won a game. The victor though sweet in the face of previous encoun ers, was not a glorious one as Oregon mad it quite apparent that they would have troubl beating a good high school squad this seaso The Trojans at long last displayed a consiste offense that left no doubt in the minds of thos present that they were far more superior tha the 30-21 score suggests. Led by A1 Carmic ael, Troy displayed a brilliant set of runnin backs that reminded one of the Trojan powe in the jones era of football fame. Carmicha reestablished himself as SC's best back b averaging better than ten yards a carry an breaking clear for a sixty-seven yard sprint ty paydirt on the longest run by a Trojan in manf a year. The rest of Troy's thirty points werg garnered on two first half scores by Wilbd Robertson that gave us a 13-7 bulge at hal timep a pitchout to Iohnny F ouch who wer for twenty yards 5 a fourteen yard field goal by Dick Genther: and a sensational fifty-one yarf run by Cosimo Cutri the first time he carrier the ball this season. This left many wonderinf where he had been hiding. Defense? Chec the score to answer that question: Oregon ha little or no offense. , I Carmichael takes handoff around right and led by Pucci and Sanbrano. Quarterback sneak by Robertson gives SC first score. Pucci stops Oregon aher ilve yard gain. 19 Dean Schneider Halfback - Sian orc! 7 Los Angeles, Calif 1949 Letierman 55 Mercer Barnes Center 205 lbs 6-0 25 yrs Aurora, 111. 1949 Letterman 88 A1Ba1dock End zoo lbs 6-2 zo yrs Santa Monica, Calif. 1949 Letterman 78 Bob Peviani Tackle 210 lbs 6-1 18 yrs Los Angeles, Calii. 1949 Fresh gain, Sears ca tries to I . Sears. all alone in end ndlan founeen lo set u for a r. n zone. takes 3 pm f, P Score. ' Om Williams the Pacitic Coast by the pre- h The Troian-lndian war, billed as the top game on season peerless pickers, became the battle oi the bunglers by game time. Bot teams had obviously played themselves right out ot the Rose Bowl and with nothing at stake but personal pride and the tradition oi the meeting the game still managed to produce many oi the thrills predicted by the pundits ot the sport- pages. SC scored early in the game on the classiest play ot the year that iound lohnny Williams taking a handott on a take end run and then throwing a pass to lim Sears standing all by himselt in the end zone. Frank Giiiord added the extra point that put Troy out in iront 70. The Troians then dug in and scared Stanford halt to death as Cosimo Cutri and A1 Carmichael proceeded to rip the lndian line to shreds. Fumbles in crucial spots and oiticials that got in the way always seemed to stop the thundering herd, howeverp and it was lett to a lighting detense to lceep the Redshirts at bay. Brick walls in that deiense were Volney Peters. lohnny Wil- nt Pat Cannamela. plus the rest ot the Trojan line. Atter - cl line late in the game, the l' ms and the ever prese l s inside the ten yar -t ing touchdown. ia holding the lndians tor seven p ay ' lc ed and Stanford pushed across the game y detense tinally wea en Score 7-7. E Cannamela d umPs Huqasian of Staniord after a 1 our yard 181 36 Pat Duff Fullback 180 lbs 6-1 20 yrs Portland, Oregon 1949 Letterman 80 Bill Iessup End 185 lbs 6-1 21 yrs Long Beach, Calif. 1948-49 Letterman 74 Iohn Conde Tackle 210 lbs 6-120 yrs Alhambra, Calif. 1949 Letterman 68 Bob Downs rd Gua 210 lbs 5-10 23 yrs Alhambra, Calif. 1948-49 Letterman Playing on a rain soaked field, the hustlincg Huskies from the forests of the great northl west, and the terrible Trojans from the biq city, put on a display of.offensiVe power tha won't be matched in many a moon. With Ii Sears and A1 Carmichael leading the Wa the Trojan attacking forces ran through ana around the Washington eleven with such con sistency that the fans were at a loss to decide- which backfield was the highly publicizea fearsome foursome. So effective were the Tro ian backs, that they actually outgained the mighty Huskies from scrimmage, 427 yard to 342 yards. Though the score, SC 13-Wash ington 28, shows a two touchdown edge f the men from the north, the difference in th two teams did not merit it. At the end of thre quarters only one point separated the team and Troy had dominated most of the pla From here, the picture changed as the Hu kies marched to a TD. and then intercepte a desperation pass and brought it all the wa back to sew up the game. Troy started earl when Sears broke through center and we for 78 yards to the Washington three the fir time we had the ball. Naumu scored on th next play and Troy led 7-O as Frank Giffor added the extra point. Troy's second sco came in the third quarter on a 73 yard marc during which, by the grace of God, the Cr vath rnen refrained from throwing any passe Sparks in the march were Carmichael, w scored the TD., Cosimo Cutri, and Pat Du 1 rofand 13 Wadkingfon 2 g w y Carmichael breaks clear for 32 yards to ihe husky iorly. A first quarter kickoff is reiurned by Sears. Sprague of Washington stopped on fifty by Sears. 1-83 35 Dick Genther Fullback 190 lbs. 5-ll 18 yrs Emmaus, Pa. 1949 Frosh 65 Iohn Heydenreich Guard 210 lbs 6-418 yrs Los Angeles, Calij. 1949 Fresh 86 Bill Hatiig End 175 lbs 5-10 yrs Pasadena. Calif. East LAIC 63 Al Sanbrano Guard 210 lbs 5-10 20 yrs Pomona, Calif. 1949 Varsiiy 39 1 Sears dumps Bruin alter twelve yard puni return. I J N er the l'95O varsity, An inspired UCLA iootball team stampeded to a 39-O victory ov depleted by iniuries and losses to the armed iorces. Once the Bruin attaclf. started snowballinq, Coach lett Cravath's men were helpless betore its sinqle winq power. lt is ditiicult to conceive that the same UCLA squad sustained a 35-O de- teat at the hands ot Calitornia two weelcs betore. Missinq trom the SC lineup were tullbaclc Ralph Pucci. lcey blocker, and iirst string ends Hal Hattielcl and Winston Goller. iniured early in the tirst quarter. The death ot Mrs. Howard llan- sen, wite ot one ot the Bruin players, served as a tremendous inspiration to his team. lfollowinq the qame, Coach Cravath stated that it was the qreatest pertorm- ance by UCLA that he had ever witnessed. lt was the third victory tor the West- wooders in 20 attempts aqainst the Troians. Troian tollowers always can talce solace in the tact that the V329 varsity walloped UCLA 76-O, the hiqhest score in the history ot the series. lt was the tirst time the Bruins had been able to win trom SC since l9LlE5. The dishearteninq loss will serve as example to tuture Troian teams inclined to talce opponents liqhtly. lt was the worst loss ever suttered by an SC team in Pacitic Coast conterence play. Sweet victory over Notre Dame the next weelc was very soothinq to Troy. ,A-'il Tones me eis 51 les Keyes wheixni Ytrrall in Cannam I 'clan Pass in -ef and Haltig D H m excepted ' U tack. 185 57 Bob McGee Tackle 225 lbs 6-2 25 yrs Hunlinqton Park, Calif. 1948-49 Varsity 26 Ierry Moloney Halfback 180 lbs 5-11 19 yrs los Angeles, Calif 1949 Varsity 53 Ben Sampson Cenier 200 lbs 6-U 19 yrs Laguna Beach, Calif. 1949 Frosh Bob Allison Senior Manager iv-f 186 Nolte Dame attempts las! quarter desperation field goal. Carmichael dumped for no gain. l-l l , Pettibon sets up Irish T.D. by taking pass to Tx-oian one. In the clear on the thirty. Sears goes ninety-six yards for score. As a fitting climax to homecoming week, the men of Troy gave their all in out-fighting the "Fighting lrish" of Notre Dame. lt was a different team that met the Southbenders than had sported the Cardinal and Gold in previous games, for here was a team that never stopped charging and would not give as much as an inch when the chips were down. Though stymied in the offensive department and held to a single first down for the complete game, the Trojans displayed the type of defense that hasn't been seen here since the days of the late Howard Iones. Such stalwarts as Pat Cannamela, Volney Peters. Gene Beck and Paul McMurtry continually smashed through to stop the lrish offense before it could get started and completely bottled up the threat of the vaunted Notre Dame passing attack. The victory was truly a tribute to an almost forgotten phase of the game, the punt. lt was in this depart- ment that SC showed a marked superiority as Bill Iessup and Frank Gifford kept the lrish with their backs to the wall and kept SC out of danger. lronically it was an lrish punt, blocked by McMurtry, that gave the Trojans their slim margin of victory. SC's touchdown that tied the score at 7-7 came on a brilliant return of an lrish kickoff by Iim Sears who went ninety-six yards to paydirt without a hand being laid on him as his blockers broke him free with a beautiful display of downfield blocking. A great season's ending . . . but not quite saved. 187 Dlllllllllll. STATISTICS FINAL SUMMARY OF STATISTICS SUMMARY OF BACKS Trojans Ops. TCB TYA YL NYG Ave. Pts. Total yardage gained from running plays .... 1744 1975 Carmichael ----- 103 537 23 514 438 12 Number of yards lost from running plays .,... 249 280 Sears ---- 70 341 23 318 455 24 ' Cutri ..,.. 33 200 13 187 5.67 0 NET YARDAGE GAINED FROM RUNNING Robertson 57 187 84 103 1.81 24 PLAYS ................................. 1495 1695 Pucci .... 25 98 6 92 3.68 0 Forward passes attempted .................. 178 157 Gilford 27 87 44 43 1.59 25 Forward passes completed ......... . 77 77 Dull ..... 23 71 13 58 2.57 0 Forward passes had intercepted ....... . 11 12 Bowers . . . 19 68 8 60 3.16 0 Forward passes incomplete ............. . 90 68 Williams . 15 45 4 41 2.73 6 Total yards gained from forward passes ...... 723 912 Naumu . . . 14 45 8 37 2.64 6 Yards intercepted passes returned ........... 126 170 Pouch .... 6 44 I 43 7.16 6 Demiriian 7 ll 21 -10 -1.43 0 TOTAL NET YARDS GAINED-RUNNING Schneider 2 4 1 3 1.50 0 AND PASSING ........................, 2218 2607 Genther .. 1 3 0 3 3.00 3 First downs from running plays ........... . 68 94 Zimmerman 1 2 0 2 2.00 0 First downs from forward passes. .. . 33 37 Scott ..... 1 1 0 1 1.00 0 First downs from penalties ....... . 6 3 Hatfield , , , 5 Safety 2 TOTAL FIRST DOWNS ............ . 107 134 Total number Oi Scrimmage plays -.-. . 544 668 TOTALS ..... 404 1744 249 1495 3.70 114 Average length of kickofls .... ....... .... 4 7 .30 48.40 312235 linilliff'T7'f7f'.Ti'T'fT'i111" "T 2025 2022 FORWARD PASSING RECORD Total yardage ol punts .......... . 2138 2137 Att. Compl. Int. Tot. Yds. T.D. Average length of punts ...... . 35.60 38.80 Robertson ......... 106 50 8 461 1 Total yardage of punt returns .... . 367 434 Gittord . .... .. 43 18 1 162 0 Average length ot punt returns .... . 8.74 12.40 Demiriian .. 24 8 2 69 0 Number of penalties against ..... . 48 59 Williams . 1 1 0 11 1 Yards lost on penalties ......,. . 366 551 Fouch . , . . 1 0 0 0 0 Yards lost because of penalties.. .. 331 552 Cutri ..... . 1 0 0 0 0 Ball lost on downs ............ . 10 8 Sears ......... . 1 0 0 0 0 Number ct fumbles ........ , 28 25 Carmichael .... .. 1 0 0 0 0 Own fumbles recovered .... . 8 13 -- - - T - Touchdowns ........... . 16 26 178 77 11 723 Z PASS RECEIVING RECORD PUNTING RECORD No. Tot. Yds. Ave. NO- TOL Yds- TD- Naumu . .. .. 27 sas as.-12 Hatfield .... .... 2 2 192 1 Sears . . . . . 13 404 31.05 Zimrnennan .. .. 11 71 0 Jessup .. .. 12 467 38.92 Bowers, ...... . . 9 110 0 Fouch .... . . 7 220 31-42 Carmichael . . . . . 9 67 0 Gilford . . . . . I 62 62.00 Sears ...... . . 6 85 1 - 1- - Williams . . . . , 5 58 0 60 2138 35.60 Duff .... . . 2 31 0 Cutri ..... . . 2 '11 0 Naumu . . . . . 2 45 0 PUNT RETURNS Pouch .... . . 2 15 0 No. Tot. Yds- Ave. Iessup .... . . 2 7 0 Williams .... . . 35 325 9.30 Hattig . . . . 1 10 0 Sears .... . . 3 15 5.00 Pucci ..... . . 1 9 0 Carmichael . . 1 I8 18.00 Goller ...., . . 1 9 0 Cannamela . . 1 6 6.00 Schneider ,... . . l 3 0 Moloney . . . 1 3 3.00 Souers .... . . . 1 0 0 Robertson . . 1 0 0.00 77 723 2 42 367 8.74 A ' wa -,MER . ' P' ,Q , 4 , . ' J H , , A MY: .40 a It xr, ' 'QQ k - m H" 2 -' 'hi'-' " W1-15 4 1 1. - Q M, were ' Y? i 5 F S. N 5 3 ,A 'ii P San' H QQ f - F0 :AE ,F is H S9 u 5 -44 .5 ,.i 9 , - 5 EQ 55. ,Q basketball ,gn mem oriam 190 Iustin M. "Sam" Barry. beloved and respected member of the coaching profession and a man whose name had be- come synonymous with Trojan athletics, died of a heart at- tack September 23, 1950, while scouting a football game at the University of California. One of the most versatile coaches in the game, Sam served the University of Southern California as head coach of basketball, baseball, and foot- ball during his twenty years at Troy. Most famous as a bas- ketball coach, Barry gained nation-wide fame for the Trojans by fielding teams that won five PCC southern divi- sion titles and three conference championships. ln three other years his teams tied for the southern division crown only to lose in playoff games. The Barry System of play, named for Sam who created it, is still popular throughout the country. ln baseball, Trojan teams coached by Barry won or tied for nine C1BA titles and his 1948 team won the NCAA championship, defeating Yale two out of three games. A member of the football staff under Howard Iones. Sam stepped in to lead Troy's gladiators when jones passed away suddenly in 1941. Since that time Barry had served as chief scout for SC football teams. An outstanding athlete in his undergraduate days, Barry attended Lawrence Col- lege in Wisconsin and later the University of Wisconsin. After graduation he coached at Madison, Wisc., high school, Knox College, lll., where he was director of athletics, and at the University of lowa before coming to SC in 1929. A fighter from the word "go," Barry's colorful antics will not soon be forgotten nor will his ever smiling face that earned him the title of "Smiling Sam." Howard Iones and Sam Barry look over the football 1 Barry watches Troian nine. His first love. A Ir b t t a l Trojan and a great man. 191 HEAD COACH FORREST TWOGOOD Stepping into the shoes of the late Iustin M. "Sam" Barry as hea basketball coach at SC and forced to rebuild almost from scratc was Forrest "Twogie" Twogood. Twogie assumes the role We versed in the Barry system, having served as assistant to Bar from l929-36 and again last year. Sandwiched between his assig ments at Troy, Twogood was head basketball and baseball coac at the Universities of ldaho and San Francisco and also put in hitch as a naval commander in World War II. A graduate of t University of Iowa, Twogie was both an outstanding athlete an scholar. 192 eated: Killingsworth, Underwood. Chabolla. Ward. Van Alstyne. Riach, Kolf. Hookstratton, Flower, Davies. Standing: Assistant oach Conti, Simpson, Eby, Bennett. Morton, Lamont. Pease. Boyd, Lamoreaux. Doty. Stone. Head Coach Twogood, Freshman oach Pelka. 53 Los- Angeles State ...... 81 st. 1v1ary's ............. 78 Louisianna State ....... 61 California ........ . . . California ...... UCLA ..... UCLA ..... Loyola ...... Loyola ........... . . . Santa Clara ............ U. of San Francisco Stanford .......... . . . California . . . California . . . Stanford ..... Stanford ..... UCLA ..... UCLA UCLA 68 53 44 88 83 53 45 65 Stanford ............... 72 42 49 71 68 53 43 41 Team Statistics Won 21 Lost 6 SC Field Goals 632 Free Throws 407 Free Throws Attempted 639 Total Points 1673 Average Per Game 61.9 Personal Fouls 581 Opponents 491 402 641 1382 51.1 544 F69 aan fairy r 1 , f,...W. , M. HL' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 it-nm - K 'fX.f5x ar 22 Ierry Pease Center 190 lbs. 6:6 19 yrs. Alhambra, California 1950 Letterman 16 Bud Doty Forward 185 lbs. 6:2 21 yrs. Hollywood, California 1949-1950 Letterman 7 Bob Kolf Guard 195 lbs. 6:1 20 yrs. Oshkosh, Wisconsin 1949-1950 Letterman 6 Tom Riach Guard 180 lbs. 6:1 21 yrs. Glendale, California 1949-1950 Letterman Olflklfelfl C8 Series 0... .. ...86 Arizona .... . . . 53 Los Angeles State 58 Utah .............. 72 U. of San Francisco. 72 San Diego State .... 71 Santa Barbara ...... 48 Oklahoma A 6. M. . . 55 Washington State . . 81 St. Mary's ......... 78 Louisiana State 88 Loyola ........ . . . 83 Loyola ...... . . . 53 Santa Clara ........ 45 U. of San Francisco. 71 36 48 45 40 49 50 47 47 76 76 49 43 38 1 7" Daly scores easy lay-in against Utah. Opening the 1951 basketball race with a new coach and minus All-American Bill Sharrnan, the Trojans were faced with what many thought would be a season of rebuilding and ad- justment. This thought never entered the mind of coach Forrest Twogood or his varsity hoopsters as they set out with only thoughts of winning every game. With no truly out- standing star, their guest became one of teamwork and collective effort. Incorporating the Barry system with his own style of play, coach Twogood came up with a two-platoon aggregation that found ten men of almost equal ability sharing the spotlight as they swept through their fourteen non-conference games with only one defeat. The only dark spot coming when the Trojans dropped their encounter with the Oklahoma Aggies, one of the top ranking teams in the country, 50-48. On the brighter side of the ledger, the SC casaba stars took the measure of such outstanding teams as the U. of San Francisco, 72-45 and 45-38, Louisiana State, by two pointsp Washington Stateg Loyola, and Santa Clara. lt is difficult to single out any individual in these games as they were truly team victories in which everyone gave his all to help establish one of the most highly respected of all SC basketball teams. of pocket. USF man. stopped for no gain. Pease and team-male battle Aggies. Riach grimaces way t naw 5. My ss nga.: is me uni x mann an .Q it as ll am mu- lem Ewa mm a 24 4 1 sf we '01 mu - X - r X 1 r x ,Y H Sv E as as a up uw ss an as a E m ss ss a Q BH Sl N . W mlm 5 ss EEE ss ss . 2 2 ..,,.,... as rm S xx r 11 x ms- Ti sf 2-it l , . 1 I t 3 l sam gms an 'wx an ss -u at xl xx rm ll :a 2 as as 19 Bob Boyd Center 220 lbs. 6:6 20 yrs. Alhambra, California 1950 Letterman 23 Byron Van Alstyne Forward 180 lbs. 6:0 25 yrs. Burlingame, California 1950 Letterman 21 Al Lamont Center 200 lbs. 6:5 21 yrs. Santa Barbara, California 1950 Letterman 10 Don Eby Forward 185 lbs. 6:1 21 yrs. Hollywood, California 1950 Frosh Letterman 1 o hk 1, S Wh I fcrlwo, 'f1d! f Boasting one ot the highest scoring teams in the country, the Stantord indians invaded the Walls ot Troy that had become a byword ot outstanding detense. As is the case when an irresistible torce meets an immovable obiect, one must give, and in this case it was the scoring punch ot the indians. Sparked by Tom Riach. Bob Koli and Bud Doty. the Troians kept the Indian squad on the run with their passing detense. Behind 30-35 at halt time in the initial encounter, SC surged into the lead early in the second halt and went into a semi-stall to run out the game. Bob Boyd collected l7 points to be outstanding scorer tor Troy. Breaking into an early lead, the Troians ran away trom Stantord in the second game with Riach contributing l7 ot the SC points. Playing on their home court, the Indians were a ditterent team tor the tinal two games ot the series. The tirst game at the Stantord Pavilion developed into one ot the most exciting ot the season with the lead see-sawing back and torth right down to the last two seconds ot play, at this ' St tord dropped in two tree throws tor the clincher. The second ' t this time Troy emerged the crucial moment an ' ' t the night betore bu ' R' ch in the second, game was almost a repetition o victor. Ken Flower and Bob Morton in the tirst game, and ia ' ' h l5 and l8 points respectively. WSIS SC's seige guns wit Riach again , th' - . . xs ume Iorlmq another Indian. 197 14 Ed Simpson Guard 200 lbs. 6:3 19 yrs. San Diego, California Frosh Letterman 12 Bob Morton Forward 215 lbs. 6:4 20 yrs. Hollywood, California 1950 Letterman 13 Don Underwood Guard 180 lbs. 6:3 21 tyrs. 1 d C 1'f mia Ho lywoo , a 1 o 1950 Letterman 5 Ed Hookstratten Guard g 170 lbs. 5:11 20 yrs. Whittier, California IV 1950 agkrnia Series SC got off to a flying start in its conferenc debut with a pair of wins over the Bears fro up Berkeley way. Establishing early leads i both games, the Trojans confirmed the rep tation they had built in pre-conference pla by literally mopping up the Pan with the Cal fornians. Beautiful passes into the pivot b Bud Doty, Bob Kolf and Bruce Bennett gav Troy's centers, better known as the Alhambr Alps, a chance to shine. Bob Boyd in the fir game with 22 points and Ierry Pease in th second with 15 proved that they were read to receive high scoring honors for their r spective nights. The games at Berkeley foun SC in a scoring slump that gave the Bears ne hope, and enabled them to down Troy in t first encounter after almost blowing a twent two point lead. Ken Flower made his entran into the starting lineup an auspicious one he led the Trojan rally with 12 points. The fin game of the series found the score tied elev times in a battle of ball control. This was rig up the Trojan's alley as they incorporated t old Barry system, and stalled out the last t minutes of the game after taking a five poi lead early in the second half. Tom Riach w high point man with ll digits. SC vs. Caliiornia 68 44 at California 61 49 at SC 42 55 49 44 Riach but slill can't Boyd outruns Bears for score. Bears gang siop him. Closely guarded Bennett fires over Bears. 8 Bruce Bennett Center 1851los. 6:3 19 yrs. El Monte, California Fullerton I. C. 9 Ken Flower Guard 185 lbs. 6:1 19 yrs. San Francisco, California Menlo I. C. 15 Dick Davies Forward 183 lbs. 6:2 19 yrs, Pasadena, California Pasadena City Colleqe Ron Lutsko Senior Manager Pease and Eby fighl Bruins for rebound. Ever-preseni Riach scores again. vs. . ai SC . at UCLA Playoff Troy goes high with Pease and Kolf. Co-favorites to take the bunting in the Southern Division title race, the casaba artists from UCLA and SC met in a series that will long be remembered in the southland. Playing the first two games on the Pan Pacific's neutral court, the two teams fought to a standstill with Troy running away from the Bruins in the first game after taking a quick lead on Bob Ko1f's fourteen point total. The Uclans came back to edge the Trojans in the second tilt. Byron Van Alstyne and Ierry Pease led the SC forces with eleven points each in the second con- test. Tied for first place, the squads met head on the last week of the season in the sweat-box that UCLA likes to refer to as a gym. l-fit by the flu bug, Troy entered the final games in a weakened condition, and, in spite of Bob Boyd's fourteen points, dropped the initial game. Playing on courage alone, the Tro- jans came back the following night to play the game of their lives as they fought to a narrow two point victory with an amazing display of team play and ball control. The win brought Troy a Co-Championship with UCLA, and forced the two teams into a playoff to decide the southern representative in the con- ference play-off. Noticeably fatigued the Trojans played their hearts out but the odds were unsurmountable. 20l INDIVIDIII-IL ST TISTICS Name G FGA FG Pct. Ierry Pease 23 161 72 44 Bruce Bennett 25 136 58 42 Tom Riach 27 214 83 38 A1 Lamont 4 13 5 .38 Bob Boyd 27 247 93 37 Bob Morton 26 131 50 37 Ed Simpson 12 11 4 36 But Doty 21 82 29 35 Bob Koli 27 256 89 34 Don Eby 23 168 57 33 Ken Flower 27 128 43 33 Dick Davies 14 33 9 27 Byron Van Alstyne 22 107 33 30 Don Underwood 19 21 4 33 Totals 27 1708 632 37 G-Games Played: FGA-Field Goods Attempted: FG-Field Goals Made: Pct.-Percentage ol Shots Made Personal Fouls Free Throws Name FTA FT Pct. Dick Davies 14 ll .78 Byron Van Alstyne 22 16 .72 Bruce Bennett 65 46 . Don Eby 48 34 . Bob Boyd 911 62 . 50 34 Bob Morton 31 21 . 45 29 31 50 4 70 70 68 Ierry Pease .68 67 Bud Doty . 64 60 60 Ken Flower 51 . Bob Kolf 82 . Ed Simpson 7 .57 Tom Riach 123 66 .53 Al Lamont 4 2 .50 Don Underwood 8 3 .37 Total 639 407 .63 FTA-Free Throws Attempted: FT-I-'ree Throws Made: Pct.-Percentage of Free Throws Made. Total Points Name Bob Boyd 86 Bob Kolf 85 Ken Flower 62 Tom Riach 60 Bruce Bennett 53 Bob Morton 50 Bud Doty 48 Don Eby 39 Ierry Pease 33 Byron Van Alstyne 26 Don Underwood 20 Dick Davies 10 Ed Simpson 5 Al Lamont 4 Totals 581 Name TP Ave. Bob Boyd 6 248 9.1 Tom Riach 232 8.5 Bob Koli 228 8.4 Ierry Pease 178 7.7 Bruce Bennett 162 6.4 Don Eby 148 6.4 Bob Morton 121 4.6 Ken Flower 117 4.3 Bud Doty 87 4.1 Byron Van Alstyne 82 3.7 Dick Davies 29 2.0 Don Underwood 17 0.8 Ed Simpson 12 1.0 A1 Lamont 12 3.0 Total 1673 61.9 mn as E HERB rm H ss ss a a ss ss a sen was mn z Em zz a 9 Q ss zz a mass nf ss B n ms sswgn a mg - mn ss ms mi a 1 is mfs Q ,. n w H ss wg A E1 mga Hn a ,QQ gm nu an BE umm an nwiw Em - ml-an ming -H aww gsm 4 nm E Q HA-MH K xx ' A ,au 'Hs H xg Q E E 25 W WEEE? NEWS E Em ml H awww EEE vs 'Q sf is zlgzm E:-m BBB ww magma az I a M -mn Q iii HEAD COACH ROD DEDEAUX Likeable Raoul "Rod" Dedeaux. after serving as assistant coach to the beloved Sam Barry since 1942, steps up to the position of head baseball coach at Troy. The clowning coach, one of the best liked and best qualified members of the SC staff, was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. He began his baseball career at Hollywood high school and continued at SC Where he played shortstop and captained the 1935 varsity to a tie for the CIBA crown. Upon graduating, Rod was signed by the Brooklyn Dodgers, but was forced to give up a major league career due to a back injury. Dedeaux coached teams at SC have compiled a record of 147 Wins and 40 losses. SC.. .4 All-Stars 8 Alumni ....... 5 Pacific Clay ..... 4 Pacific Clay ....... 16 Douglas Brothers ......... 8 Cincinnati Irs. .......... .. 15 Peterson Scoremasters 16 El Centro ................ 8 Douglas Brothers . . . ll Hollywood ...... 6 Eastside Beer .... 1 Los Angeles .... 6 Sacramento .... 2 San Diego ....... 15 San Diego State .... 4 Portland ..,..... 6 New York B's .... 4 Hollywood B's . . . 10 Santa Barbara .... 1 Cleveland B's ...... 7 Whittier ................. 7 Los Angeles Police ....... 15 Loyola .................. Bakersfield .... Whittier ....... Santa Barbara .... Santa Barbara .... Santa Barbara ...... Loyola ............ U. of San Francisco. C.I.B.A. Santa Clara ...... Santa Clara .... UCLA ......... Santa Clara .... Stanford ..... California .... California .... UCLA ..... St. Mary's .... St. Mary's .... Stanford .... Stanford .... UCLA ..... St. Mary's .......... California .......... lNote?Scores are for 1950 S Seated: Wills. Pisk. H. Charnotsky. Hernandez. Kemp. HerteL Frosh Coach Freeman, Head Coach Dedeaux Lovrich Bishara Camperi. S. Charnofsky, Killingsworth. Karan, Prince. Standing: Zimmerman. Cabin. Rose. Lillis. Cesca Herman Ane Taft Colgrove. Burkhead. Ashley. Keeling. Rankin. Boone, Manager Silva, Pop Smith. 1'- Chamoislcy slides into third. axrxsb rf Faced with a lack of experience, the Trojan baseball team opened it's 1950 season by meeting all opposition in preparation for the C1BA title race. Often called the equal of the professionals, the SC varsity compiled a record of nineteen wins and eleven losses against clubs from both major leagues, the Pacific Coast League, and the top independents of the area. With this rigorous practice schedule behind them, the Trojans were able to Wind up in third place with a record of eight Wins and seven losses. The Troy nine opened conference play by dropping two straight to the Santa Clara Broncos, before hanging up their first Win against UCLA, 5-4. After dropping another en- counter to the Broncos, SC came back to Win three straight from Stanford and California. Big guns in the Trojan attack were, Rudy Regalado. top hitter for the year, and Al Lamont, who stepped into the spot vacated by Bill Sharman who turned professional. After dropping their next game to UCLA, the men of Troy came back to win two from St. Mary's by identical scores of 6-2. 20 Tom Lovrich 3 Iohn Burkhead 27 Lou Bishara 23 Dave Cesca Piicher Catcher Catcher Pitcher 160 lbs. 6:5 19 yrs, 200 lbs. 6:4 18 yrs. 190 lbs. 6:4 20 yrs. 185 lbs. 6:0 19 yrs. L05 Angeles, Calif, San Francisco, Calif. New London, Ct. Alhambra, Calif. 1950 Varsity 1950 Varsity 1950 Varsity 1950 Varsity Stars and friend. Blind To m n is Ea -H A 11 206 Burkhead forms stonewall at plate. 1 Q George Keeling First base 183 lbs. 6:0 21 yrs. Cleveland, Ohio 1950 Varsity 26 Stan Charnolsky Second base 150 lbs. 51:8 18 yrs. Trenton, New Iersey 1950 Varsity 5--.. L H .. V .l. 1 AE rn Riach hits for the fence. 6 Bob Lillis Shortstop 150 lbs. 5:10 19 yrs. Altadena, Calif. 1950 Varsity 5 A1 Karan Third base 183 lbs. 5:11 19 yrs. Rochester, New York 1949-1950 Varsity ilfafief' '31-nr H S8 as-NNE Er t. We , , Bench-iockeys ride Troy opponents. Burkhead cuts oft run at the plate. Troian pitch makes Pirate chaw mighty cud. Yankees have Stengal. Troy has Dedeaux 18 Don Herman Left field 195 lbs. 6:3 19 yrs. Brooklyn, New York 1950 Varsity is artw- I2 Bob Hertel 33 Al Ashley 38 Hal "L "" 4" Right field Right field Shortstop 180 lbs. 6:2 20 yrs. 170 lbs. 5:11 19 yrs. 154 lbs. 5:8 18 yrs Glendale, Calif. Inglewood, Calif. Trenton, New 1950 Varsity 1950 Varsity 1950 Varsity X E if Q . . x iff iw u 1 g:j :.:.:..:.:.: 5 s rf 2 ' ' ' W if i mg -f 1 ' 0 1 :.,,.. .., l H - . .. - .,...: K Em. - . " u 2 E x . 4 W as 21 A1 Lamont 7 Tom Riach 13 Charlie Mena ft field Center field Pitcher 205 lbs 6:5 21 yrs. 180 lbs. 6:1 19 yrs. Los Angeles, Calif. Wffir , With the brilliant pitching of Dave Cesca, lack Schlarb and Tom Lovrich, SC remained in the running for the conference crown until inexperience caught up with them as they dropped three of their next five games by one run to Stanford, St. Mary's, and California. The valuable experience gained through the l950 season should serve to produce another title contender from betwixt the walls of Troy. Although SC has lost Regalado and two out- standing pitchers, Ed Hookstratton and Schlarb to the service, this year's team will be stronger and more balanced than the l'950 squad. SC will feature a power hitting aggrega- tion in 1951 with sluggers Don Herman, Al Lamont, Bob Hertel and Bob Lillis leading the attack. On the defensive side of the ledger, the Dedeaux men will count on pitchers Cesca and Lovrich and an inpenetrable infield to baffle the opposing ball clubs. Unless the draft depletes the teams of the CIBA considerably, the league promises to be much stronger this year, with an airtight race promised all the way down to the wire. A little luck and the Trojans could go all the way to repeat their NCAA triumph of two years ago. Park, Calif. Faribault, Minn. 1950 Freshman 1949-1950 Varsity l ..l H .X A Q .mi . ,. X H a S if H ii :fi N40 ,7 A ina. Emie Silva Senior M er DIVIDUHL STHTISTIC 29 45 9 19 Name GPI AB R H 2B 3B HR SB SH HP BB SO RBI REGALADO of 44 152 36 57 4 2 4 2 1 36 14 35 ROUNDY of 37 119 39 43 4 2 5 1 1 23 21 20 PRYOR p 17 17 4 6 1 0 1 1 0 0 1 4 LAMONT lb 27 99 14 34 8 1 4 2 0 8 16 27 SHARMAN 1b 15 55 11 18 3 1 4 1 1 5 16 LII.LIS ss 44 187 48 61 12 0 5 1 1 13 19 35 FREEMAN of 41 154 35 50 10 0 2 1 2 19 18 27 HEFNER 2b 26 48 17 13 3 1 0 0 1 25 16 8 RIACH of 16 33 7 9 2 0 0 0 1 4 14 3 BURKHEAD c 9 1 1 2 3 0 0 0 0 0 3 2 2 KARAN 3b 45 159 37 42 6 1 6 4 1 34 23 30 ROBERSON c 18 50 4 13 1 0 0 0 0 1 9 8 ZUBER c 32 1 14 1 1 29 4 0 0 0 1 14 5 1 9 HOOKSTRATTEN p 5 4 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 SCHLARB p 19 37 9 0 0 0 0 3 0 4 6 2 HERTEL of 2 1 5 1 7 12 4 1 0 0 0 5 2 1 7 CESCA p 16 39 2 9 2 0 0 0 0 4 9 5 HERMAN of 291 44 8 10 2 0 0 0 0 4 6 8 CHARNOSFKY s.2b 36 110 22 24 5 3 1 1 1 18 17 14 LOVRICH p 16 34 8 6 0 1 0 1 0 3 4 1 KEELING lb 14 26 7 2 0 0 1 1 3 11 12 9 PITCHIN G AVERAGES GPI W Pct. IP AB H LOVRICH ........ . 20 10 .833 408 91 SCHLARB .......... . 19 7 .467 110 461 91 HOOKSTRATTEN . . . . 11 1 .500 20 96 17 PRYOR ............ . 16 2 .500 43 181 36 CESCA . . . . 21 6 .500 110 436 86 TEAM AVERAGES Batting: AB H Pci. League . . . 533 157 .300 Total ............ 1583 459 .284 Fielding: PO A E Pct. Toial ..... 1191 472 103 .942 Won Loss Pct. Colleges . . 16 8 .667 Total ..... 26 19 .578 210 Pct. .375 .361 .352 .343 .327 .326 .325 .271 .272 .272 .265 .260 .254 .250 .243 .235 .231 .227 .218 .176 .077 ER 50 60 59 3 2 6 186 9 110 6 74 124 87 6 38 39 15 0 26 0 0 54 97 19 88 6 1 204 25 7 1 1 0 9 23 4 11 2 2 12 1 14 0 1 60 83 11 5 15 0 66 3 2 PO A E 1 5 I 1 1 5 3 21 6 8 0 3 SO HB WP 52 3 1 78 3 3 27 0 3 26 2 3 63 1 0 ...-T Q i 5 w k 3 J Coaches IESS HILL and IESSE MORTENSEN V 1, 1 11... ,,....- Iess Hill, producer oi two NCAA championship teams in his two years as head track coach at SC, receives the a1o1e heip oi Iesse Mortensen tor the 1951 season. 1-1i11 joined the ath1etic staii at SC in 1946, and has just been appointed head tootba11 coach . . . 1e-sse Mortensen comes to SC irom West Point Where he has served as head track coach tor the past year. Teammates in their under graduate days at Troy, 1-1i11 and Mortensen were a11 round ath1etes, earning ietters in tootba11, track and haseba11. Toqether aqain, they shou1d torm an un 1oeatah1e coachinq combination. 212 SC vs. SC vs. SC vs. SC vs. SC vs. SC vs. PCC SC vs. Occidental ...... ...... 8 4-52 Lonq Beach Relays ..,.... ...,. S C lst Arizona State ,......... 955-353 San loss vs. Fresno .... 115-31-18 Stanlord ..,,......... . .552-35,2 California ...,..,.. 885-42 11412 UCLA ...,..........,... 120-11 Michigan State vs. Yale. .96-34-32 West Coast Relays. .SC lst California Relays. . ,....,.,.,. SC 2nd Coliseum Relays . . . .SC Ist . ,..,..,..... .SC lst .SClst NCAA Individual Best Performances 100 All Mejia lohn Bradley Verle Sorqen 220 lohn Bradley Al Mejia 440 Norm Stocks Bud Curry 880 Fred Wehking lm545 Bob Mitchell lm Mile lim Newcomb 4m7.75 Bob Mitchell 4m Two Miles lim Newcomb 9rn6.55 Gray Berq 9m 120 High Hurdles Art Barnard lack Davis 9.75 9.95 9.95 21.25 21.55 48.85 48.95 55.55 20.95 48.45 14.25 l4.65 220 Low Hurdles lack Davis 28.55 Art Barnard 23.65 Shot Put Parry O'Brien 53'll" less Swope 58'2" Discus Elmer Willhoite 146' Broad lump Verle Sorqen 24'5" Frank Flores 23'7" High lump lack Barnes 6'6g" Manuel Bonquillo 6'6-5" Pole Vault Walt lensen l4'4" lohn Bowan 14' Iavelin Larry Goins 205' Bob Hooks 200-' Attlesey leads a Trojan sweep in the hurdles. Meiia and Bradley brea e a e or IO. 213 gh .. 52 5588. 53 5 5 5 5 . 5555885-5 5,55m'LQ- gf?-ea ,Er 55 H55 Q55 Em 55 B 5 5 Y 5 5 5- L+ ' 5 5 55 w 5 Parry O'Brien Shot Put 227 lbs. 6:3 19 yrs. Santa Monica. California 1950 Frosh Fred Wehking Half Mile 153 lbs. 5:9 20 yrs. Bell. California 1950 Varsity Iohn Rowan Pole Vault 145 lbs. 5:8V2 27 yrs. Maui. Hawaii. 1949-50 Varsily lack Davis Hurdles 180 lbs. 6:3 20 yrs. Glendale, Calilomia 1950 Frosh Fin A. Rowan, Mitchell, Iepson, Genther, Berg, Nicholson, Flores, Meiia, O'Brien, Wehking, Garcia, Knibb, Rowan, Bradley. Standing: McDonald, Lane, Iohnson, Hooks, Small, Barnard, Kinchloe, Barnes, Laudenbach, Newcomb, Willhoite, Ronquillo. Davis, Taylor, Sorqen, Apple. Willis O. Hunter, Coach Mortensen. invincible track and field men from Troy marched to their second NCAA crown in two years l950, with record breaking Dick Attlesey leading the way. After opening the season with a over a surprising Occidental squad, the SC spikesters swept to a win in the first big relay t at Long Beach. Chief competition came from the Stanford Indians in this and following The demolition of Arizona State in a dual meet, and San lose and Fresno States in a tri- meet came next as the Trojans prepared for their conference dual meet competition. Troy its initial conference victory by crushing a crippled Stanford 95-2 to 355. The men failed to any meet records, but Sim Iness, Bob Pruitt and Dick Attlesey came close. lness got off the throw of his career as he spun the discus l64 ft. ll V4 in. California followed the Indians the land of oblivion as SC hammered out an 88 l f l2 to 42 ll f l2 win. Bob Chambers and Norm showed signs of rounding into form as each won his specialty in good time: Stocks the 440 Chambers the 880. ln the final conference dual meet SC piled up the largest winning margin PCC history at it swarmed all over UCLA, 120 to ll to keep intact the record of never having t to a Bruin track team in the eighteen-year history of the meeting. 215 'aa E A ,EH M . QM , Ma s. M mg A was BB Wa W Wg: W B ZH M 5 an 'mam H B I wwf E 5 ' manila 1 1 W 1 ,, I H a Ax rw j nz an a , -b ' sw WE - , 1 . :.- .. a s as - . - , M all ff :,.,g: , - . 1 --,-:::.aas.:.:, . ,a 1 V M 'DVC in 7 ,, H PM , ' . f- 5 , ug L M A a ,mn s K a ls 'sian aEa an as an a r na an s a a an an :fm E se s a 2 N. :j: 1,55 M H 1 1 11 is a a and' aaa Q 1 1 ga we H wrangling X nw E zxsagi Z? saying Bm an E EHMWSEW? fig? E 12 E mmm ml H 1 W its as Mm aa Eg: :ga Egg. wa M Q N K 1 1 H .la Sgssam gaagig M - -s Keg H K 5 -fs, 1 Ria an swam an s an an mga eaafss naw an La H -'ff was .E E an was a a 5 a E an mfg Sys K : E mga an 5 H a Eiga M egg mf, Hg-Ea a a. a as ma-mga MM aaa M XSS an s W' args 881.688 S8 EE- A Sam 8858834 -ma B aa an 1.71.4 Verle Sorgen Broad lump 165 lbs. 6:1 19 yrs. Riverside, California 1950 Frosh Art Barnard Hurdles 175 lbs. 6:1 21 yrs. La Iolla. California 1949-50 Varsity Iohn Bradley Sprints 152 lbs. 5:11 21 yrs. Glendale. California 1950 Varsity Larry Goins Iavelin 190 lbs. 6:1 20 yrs. Pasadena, Calitornia 1950 Varsity s a r F a a .na- ,V s 9- - --'9 ,515 -. .qs 4. .. . 1 ,t 1 -K -9, Lk: -j,-9. 'tif- as '-fam.. - ' -- vm' Q-.-1 ,, Brad1ey's lunge gives SC relay win. Timber-topper Barnard tlies to victory. 4. Barnard annexes highs ai Oxy. the conference schedule out of the Way the Tro- brought two of the outstanding teams in the coun- to the Coliseum for the top triangular meet of the r. Michigan State and Yale were the competing s and, therefore, were the next to succumb to Tro- overall strength. Big lim Fuchs gave the visitors ething to cheer about, however, when he got off a endous heave to break the World's shot put record. h's toss went a full 58 tt. SW in. Next in line for y's traclcmen were the West Coast, Coliseum and ifornia Relays. SC emerged victorious in all but the r Where they were upset by Stanford for their only of the year. An illegal pass of the baton in the 440 y that disqualified the Trojan team cost SC an un- ten season. l ,..-f ' 1 I I I I I n I wuwffmfb www f. 217 Manuel Ronquillo High lump 170 lbs. 6:4Vz 19 yrs. Los Angeles. Califomia 1950 Frosh Iim Newcomb Mile 150 lbs. 6:0 22 yrs. Portland, Oregon 1950 Varsity Iess Swope Shot Put 230 lbs. 6:3 22 yrs. Pasadena, Caliiornia. 1950 Varsity Bob Gibson Student Manager ,mas he-ga W E eggs M gist i si? gases BEM! H ln the West Coast Relays, Trojan Dick Attlesey added his name to the list of SC track greats by breaking the World's high hurdle mark, topping the timbers in 13.5s. SC Wrapped up its tenth straight PCC crown at Berkeley, and then left for the big meet of the year, the NCAA championship at Minneapo- lis. Coach less Hill and eight Trojan spikesters brought SC its fourteenth NCAA team trophy with Stanford and Yale offering most of the opposition. SC's points were garnered by Attlesey, first in the high hurdles and second in the lows, Sim Iness. second in the dis- cus, Henry Aihara. second in the broad jump, lim Newcomb. second in the two mile, Art Barnard. fourth in the high hurdles, Wally Wilson, fifth in the mile, and lack Rowan and Walt Iensen tied for fifth in the pole Vault. Troy's l95l team is inexperienced and will be counting on members of last year's Freshman squad to uphold the brilliant record of Trojan track supremacy. Coach Mortensen instructs new varsity members. "Chief" Newcomb receives Cromwell Achievement Trophy. Co-ca Barnard and Rowan and Coach Marte Charles Paddock award tor improvem goes to Dick Attlesey. QELP.l W. x i i AD x, 1' X'-4:12 5- '-4 , N.- HRM! W lm AKA Q E H an 219 a fi -H an m an EQ is fi?" HEAD COACH FRED CADY "Builder oi champions", is a phrase often associated with the Trojan varsity swimming coach, Fred Cady. No man is more de- serving of the title, for Cady has served as diving coach for the last four Olympic teams and in 1948 as coach of the victorious American Women's team. Cady has shown his great consistency by retaining his position as swimming coach at SC for the last twenty-five years. ml sf is is as in sen W H r a 220 1-f Medley Champs: Masarik. Ross and Wolf. The medley team dunks ifs iootsies. Water babies Black, lones and Scruggs U d teated in dual meet competition, the Tro- n e ian varsity swimmers splashed their way to ' - 'h eed the PCC dual meet crown in l950. Wit sp - ' d ster Wally Woli leading the way, SC rompe ' ' ' ' i h'on and over UCLA and Caliiornia in easy as 1 set the highly regarded Stanford then up squad for the title. Against Stanford, Wolt won l h both the 220 and 440, beating nationa c arn- pion Ralph Sala. ln the Conference meet at Berkeley, Wolf again was a double winner, but it was not enough as Stanford edged SC tor the crown. ln the NCAA Troy did not tare too well, scoring only two points. The l95l ise ot being the best that varsity shows prom SC has ever had with veterans galore return- B ides Wolf Troy can boast oi Bill Ross. ing. es , holder oi the school breakstrolce record, Al n I di M sarik. top sprinter on last years sgua , a Bob King. school baclcstroke record holder, and Ed Lucitt. crack diver. " 221 Palme M - Masai-gk rgiank and Wolf stroke out in warm u-es as Ross, Slaughi. and Ross gmt: ior start. Ross h does a dive? urns water with buiterfly. Roth U N I i Berry's prelude to belly-smasher. 1 Water looks mighty cold! Manager Dave Scruggs. First Row: Ross, Wolf, Berry. Slaughl. Second Row: Masarik, Hom. McCormack. Roth, Lucitt. Third Row: Coach Cady, Tanner. Palmer, Sherman. Wolf, Mgr. Scruggs. 222 A ...v .-4. , , ,...AL.1 .,3,--ff-gf' M . ,Q Ma- ,ww-HQ? P M rg H . -..,,.,,....,,,,,..,yg:rs"W""Qi'. 'Q' .1 ,fm H - .. K .E 4 www.- L J M ,, ,, ,.,.a1..-1-fw"""""" W' -fn , , . .- - -if na , . . - - - - ' ' ' , iqvvv'v'v1"w""s?ss B' wma H 'sq , I KE K-QEPSQ ,E fi -at 'vm X H -E "',k4...-.,Q.g.,a4"1Pg'P11""' E iii' mask' ffm. , ,QQV 'M 'M ,s:,,..a1,.,m MWA- -' -' A' ' V -K vi 1, , l , ,!,. I 1 N M ,,3..a.,.w---'W 5 -'---..--.+,f-A'-"""""' MA' Nw 4 - awuaw X E -mf ff+.s.,gH M351 .Fjm ..,.q...,-.-V- ws' ' .a.k.L W. ' ', rf-1--u-fl - -fv-f 'Af-f-ffffvrff, 'nv -QQ-51-5 3 we-r 3 Q . r ..1A2x-A! Av .f-fa1.,,n nv pmt.- in - M6452 4' P elfllfllff n HEAD COACH LOUIS WHEELER A star in his undergraduate days at Troy, Louis Wheeler returned to his Alma Mater as tennis coach in 1946. Wheeler has been instrumental in producing outstanding teams at Troy due to his keen study of the game. Having been disappointed with the bad luck that beseiged last year's team, coach Wheeler is looking forward to his first NCAA title with this year's all-veteran team. Bob Blackmore Earl Cochell 224 First Row: Blackmore, C. Stewart, Love, Eisenberg. Second Row: W. O. Hunter, Cochell, Kerr. Van Grant, Wemer. H. Stewart. Coach Wheeler. ndeieated in dual meets and rated the top team in country by the American Lawn Tennis Magazine, espite placing second to UCLA in the NCAA championships, coach Louis Whee1er's racqueteers again resent an outstanding team for the 1951 season. Loaded with veterans and paced by Earl Cochell. nked seventh in the nation, and Hugh Stewart, the Trojans look for clear sailing for the 1951 NCAA t1e. Making the SC squad one of the best balanced in recent years are Iohn Fleitz. Ray Love. lack Kerr. on Eisenberg and Chuck Stewart. All are expected to supply the support necessary for the cham- inncbih ' ' I K ' ' The 1950 team opened its season by demolishing the Los Angeles Police and Pepperdine in n for their meeting with the Southern California All-Stars. Don Eisenberg 225 X :-- if ,sal was Ewens and Mitchell of Frosh cut down varsity. Coach Wheeler and Blackmore plan court strategy Hugh Stewart Bay Love Iack Kerr, if if 6 Los Angeles ............. 1 8 Pepperdine .............. l 3 Southern Calif. All-Stars. . . 2 9 Occidental .............. 0 7 U. of San Francisco ....... l 65 College of Pacific ......... 2124- 7 U. of San Francisco ....... 2 7 2 Stanford ............. . . California ......... . . UCLA ............. . . Los Angeles Police . . . . . 9 0 7 2 7 Stanford ............. .. 2 7 0 7 UCLA ............. .. 2 9 ' ' 0 California ........ .... as Q .2513 7 Manager Ken Kruger Z M x . ' . Y' YA . M . -ff . if , - x , , L , , .Q-Q" -1 , ,, . azmgsffig -.f , M 1 ' 'f 'fi 1 t' are . 1' J Rain forced an abbreviation of the All-Star match, and enabled SC upset them 3-2. The big surprise of the day was supplied by l-lu Stewart who defeated Ted Schroeder in straight sets. After getting ov this big hurdle, SC swept the rest of their matches including two wi over UCLA by the identical scores of 7-2. ln the NCAA championship the Trojans were apparently on their way to the title when Cochell b came ill and had to default in the semi-finals of both the singles andt doubles. The Trojans, however, had compiled enough points in earli matches to secure second place behind UCLA. Look to an even mo impressive record this season. 226 fro sh athletics 227 Va W N W ,L Wjfm mmm f-M, W, mmf, , WNV ,Agn Y, wma ,-n Q Semin? UL sflfm-fEiEi:2 mm W wmges QV WM W. E . Jaw WI' ' W . Nw , HH M HNF. lg , wgw5E'v,:. Vg-- E. W mg , 5 mm ffl: W HB5 mf ss a mx Z xx E in 3112 W N -fan Em Ja Q ,H E an E a ,A a AHB 5 -5:55 .Aw an Football Coach Harry Smxth an -,,,4. -- f Trobabes form interference for Han at right end. Weber stops Bear yearling as Strickland and Braasch come up to help. Coach Harry Srnith's Freshman squad, the best in a number of years, gave an indication of things to come as they won three and lost two. Opening the season against Chaffey College, the Trobabes piled up a 34-12 win with lit- tle Iim Contratto showing the way. The smallest man on the frosh squad, Con- tratto was the big gun in the Trobabe attack, scoring one touchdown and passing the Panthers dizzy. With the Chaffey game behind them, the Frosh were ready for what was generally re- garded as the best yearling crop ever to come out of Cal. The Trobabes, sparked by Harold Han and Desmond Koch. sent the Cubs back north with a 28-20 defeat. After disposing of Santa Ana College 27-20, the SC freshmen met a Stanford team that they have not been able to defeat in twelve years, and lost a close one 19-21. The season's finale against the undermanned Bru- babes from UCLA proved to be a heart- breaker as time ran out with the Tro- babes on the Ucla four-yard line and on the short end of a 13-7 score. First Row: D. Thompson. Calabria. Baroney. Sellers. Ott. Ingram, Han. Brockman. Contratto, Manager. Second Row: Zaiko, Braasch. Exley, Scheliga. Duncan. Nice. Geis. McCormick. Coach Smith. Third Row: Reid, Nickoloit. Ferrante. Berrie. Kock. Bland. Alford. Coach Martin, Coach Roundy. Fouth Row: Manager, Unidentified. O'Brien, Parkovich, Strickland. Brown. Unidentified. Unidentified. K. Thompson, Weber. Coach Pourchot. Coach Bird. Fifth Row: Man- ager. Unidentified. Unidentified. Cassell. Skocko. Weeks. Gibson. King, Unidentified. Dozier. Unidentified. 229 1 - . Coach Marty Pelka Hampered by lack of height and experience, the Trobabe basketballers were in for a rough go in their 1950 season. Defeats were piled up against them by teams with superior personnel, but the Frosh squad took each game in stride and always pointed for a victory in their next tussel. After a number of "almost" games in which they fought for their initial victory, the Frosh finally broke into the victor's circle by upsetting East Los Angeles IC 72-69. Setting the pace for Coach Pe1ka's Trobabes were Henry D'Antonio and Leroy Kasperski who garnered 28 and 23 points respectively. After a short lapse in which they lost two games to Loyola the Trobabes came back to win their second game, this time from LACC by two points in an overtime struggle. The Frosh garnered their final victory by downing the Central IC squad 57-56 behind the deadeye shooting of Kasperski who collected 23 points. ln the titanic struggles against the UCLA Freshmen, the Frosh did not fare so well as they dropped four straight to the Brubabes, the last game 48-lUOi. A "never say die" team, the Trobabes never gave up but fought down to the last minute of every game. 230 Murray grabs rebound in UCLA game. Easy babe D'AnIonio. Basketball D'Antonio breaks around Small's screen for two pointer. Torgan goes high for tip-in. irst Row: Doyle, Bernheisel, Frumkes. Price, Graham. Second Row: Kasper-ski. Torgen. Murray. O'Brien, Briggs, Houghland. iceliia. 231 1, x Coac h Bob Chambers KM? 1i""-,, N Q W - ,B na I. :Q-In 532 1. N. ea Lea clear last barrier all alone. L Nothing Wright and ' ainst Oxy. and Wiqler p but firsis. 232 ile up pomis ag Root wins mile. First Row Koch Lea Wright Montgomery, Grifiin, Mellos. Second Row Coach Chambers Frampton. Root. Torgen. Wilger. Murray. Econ. Though Weak as a team in 1950 the Freshman tracksters had their share of standout performers. The Trobabes Were able to Win but one meet, but, that from the Brubabes of UCLA, 73-58. Pacing the Frosh to their victory were double Winners Verle Sorgen and lack Davis. Sorgen annexed the broad jump and the 220 yard dash While Davis captured both the hurdle events. Other first place winners and con- sistent performers throughout the year were Parry O'Brien in the shot put and Manuel Ronquillo in the high jump. Coach Bob Chamber's l95l edition of the Trobabes looks for a more successful season. Unusually deep in the run- ning events, the squad is led by lim Lea, an outstanding sprinter, and a pair of rnilers, Marty Montgomery and George Root. Additional power is provided by Darel Grif- fen. a quarter miler, and Bill Sweet who runs both the half mile and the high hurdles. Big man in the field events is Des Koch who not only handles the Weights but is also a dependable hurdler to boot. Chambers, a perfectionist as an undergrad at SC, can be counted on to get the most out his material and turn out what may be the best Trobabe aggregation in recent history. 233 age B Xa Twee- I ESS is Busehull --if Coach Serge Freeman rf' S355 P' First Row: Thompson, Lawhead. Allen. Coach Freeman. Werbelow, Doyle, Fenstennaker. Second Row: Mgr. Gewecke. Cavin, Zrgortz. Witt, Kasperski. Ewen. 234 w T 1 Cavin saves run for Trobabe nine. Cav-in and Loy get pitching dope from Coach Freeman. Yearlinqs hustle for time at bat. Trobabes score on Gewecke's slide. SC's Trobabe nine started slowly last year as they managed to drop their first three tilts to the Trojan layvee squad before they could become organized. The name of Baseball took a beating as these two lesser representatives of Troy locked in grueling combat. Claiming that the first three meetings were unfair to them, the Frosh were granted another try, but even this debaucle turned out the same way with the Trobabes losing to their big brothers lO-8. In other games the Frosh, led by pitchers Charlie Mena and lack Russel, were able to defeat such powers as Glendale City College, Pasadena City College and the Loyola Cubs. ln their big series of the year against the Brubabes from Westwood, the Trobabes reigned supreme by capturing two of the three games 6-2 and 6-2 while losing the third 6-4. Charlie Weeks was the big gun in the attack as he hit a tremendous homerun but was ably supported by the clutch hitting of stalwarts Ed Simpson. Gary Killingsworth. Bill Wills and Charlie Griffin. As the 1951 edition of the Trobabes rounds into form, two men stand out as having the best chance to land varsity spots in future years. They are Eddy Allen. a product of the San Francisco incubator for baseball players, and Terry Loy of Los Angeles. Both were standout pitchers in high school. 235 . MQW Coach Charlie McLaren The Trojan Yearling swimmers though lacking numbers came through the 1950 season with flying color Winners of only four of their ten meets, the Trobabes were still rated one of the best freshman squads t come out of Troy in many years. As always, the big meetings of the season were those against the UCL Brubabes, won by SC 4l-24 and 43-22. In the first encounter, the Trobabes splashed to five new freshma records. Leading the assault were Iohn Slaught. who set new times in both freestyle sprint events, Fran Tanner, record breaker in the 200 yard freestyle and individual medley, and the four-man relay team. Th 1951 team does not have such outstanding stars, but makes up for it in depth and better balance Dud Schmitz, Leroy Iones, Frank Finger and Kevin Grant in the freestyle races, and Bill Ong and House in the backstroke and breaststroke events. First Row: Ownby, Iones, House, Ong. Second Row: Coach McLaren, Scruggs, Walton, Schmitz, Husted, Fester. 236 JY SPORTS 237 O .X 'l If dt 5 ymnczfnficri Defending Pacific Coast Conference champions, the Trojan gymnasts look forward to an even greater season with an all veteran team returning. Sparked by Charlie Simms, all-round conference champion, the Trojans present a formidable line-up for their meets this year. Returning from the championship squad are, Ed Lucitt, twice PCC and trampoline Win- ner and third in the nationals 5 Harry Shuler. top man on the side horsey Ara Harabedian. squad captain and l'95O AAU free exercise champion, and Ierry Todd. NCAA title holder on the rings. Conference championship laurels were gained at Berkeley when SC amassed 795 points to 58M for UCLA, 57 for California and 3 for Stanford. By far the outstanding man in the conference was Troy's Simms, who gar- nered 24 points by himself in Winning the all-around, parallel bars, and placing high in other events. Simms also Won the all-around, horizontal, and par- allel bars in the Senior AAU meet to lead SC to second place behind LACC. ln the national cham- pionships I-larabedian and lack Barnes captured the free exercise and long horse titles to bring SC second place behind the LAAC team that Was composd of individual stars of many teams of the area. Rounding out the team this year will be Ron Abrahms. and Gail Sims in the rope climb, lack Beckner. all-aroundg lim Buress. rings, Erwin Tuppan. parallel barsp and Glen McCormick. trampoline. 238 Coach Charles Graves IACK BECKNER 4l 4.4 o 1-:D LUCITT ' JERRY Tom: IIM Bonnzss rst Row: Hairabedian, Tuppan, Simms. Second Row: Borress, Nason, Todd, Beckner, Mgr. Wolf. Third Row: Coach Graves, Abrahms, Lucitt. Roy. Sims. Bowen. 239 First Row: Torn Mulhem. Don Neil. Gail Forbes. Rudy Kroon. Harry Bisbey. Bill Carty. Second Row: Coach Fred Cady. Dav Scruggs. Wally Wolf. Dick Thornberg. lim Norris. Don Landweir. Herb Hoefner, Clive Iordan. Ray Erickson Mgr. ny V 1,3 5182 N J Troian splashers go for free ball. Bisbey and Norris successfully protect SC goal. 240 'lflitfef POZ, Coach Fred Cady Masters of legal rnurder, the Trojan dunkers splashed their way to a tie for the Pacific Coast Conference water polo crown with Stanford. Led by all league players Wally Wolf and Harry Bisbey, the Trojans showed an irnpregnable defense in making their bid for the title. After compiling a record of seven wins and one loss in non-league games, the Trojans swept through to four straight conference victories. Troy opened their league schedule by downing a tough UCLA squad 3-2. The Cady men then journeyed to the bay area where they defeated California 6-5, and Stanford 6-4. Returning to Troy they defeated California l-O. Besieged by a scoring famine, the Trojans dropped their last two to Stanford 4-l and UCLA 2-U. The conference co-champs under the able tutelage of coach Fred Cady featured guards Dick Oakerland, Iim Norris and Clive Iordan, and a front line composed of Tom Mulherd and Dick Thomberg with Wally Wolf as sprint. Fighting off the opposition's thrusts at the Trojan goal was Bisbey. Thomberq and Bisbey leap to stop score. Coach Iess Hill Bringing another championship to SC, the Trojan harriers swept both the southern division PCC an the SPAAU meets in l950-. Running against California and UCLA over the Bruin four mile course, th Trojans ran to a low total of 33 points to California's 41 and UCLA's 50. Troy was paced by Gray Ber who placed first and Lloyd Iepson who came in third. Berg, who sings when going up hills, therefore i PCC individual champion. ln the all-important SPAAU meet, Trojan Art Garcia upset the prognost cators' apple carts as he Won the 5000 meter championship leading the SC team to victory, with Ber placing second. Coach jess I-lill's championship squad also Won the San Diego invitational by dumpin a highly favored Aztec squad that had defeated the Trojans earlier in the season. Always in the mone Bob Mitchell, Martell Montgomery. lack Knibb. Nick Apple and George Root scored valuable points all meets. First Row: George Root, Nick Apple, Art Garcia. Second Row: Coach Iess Hill. Martell Montgomery, Nerlo Rodriquez. Salvato Castanada. 242 m my xx x E a ss ms ww a as 2 H3 m nz ga mm mx nw mn ss 2 ma ms L 1l sz 'HSE M ..'Sb43" my jxzsm in mum mf 355555 sims 'AM gs ww nm-sf mn ss sm w gsm road oun fry Qi, ii If ,- f j aging? lt,,"X,Q Coach Ralph Meigs Q as - -.Xt as m , g , tswgasly- - - I JW I ,, .mm mx rl . 1 s Left to right: Kosar. Coach Meigs, Cooper. Wood. Shaw. Davies. Pastore, Goldberg, Tornacliii. Dunn. Turney. The Trojan divot diggers started their 1950 competition slowly, dropping their initial match to the Loyola Lions, 38-16, and finishing second to UCLA in the Southern California Inter- collegiates. Bouncing back, Troy annexed their next two meetings before going down under to the Lions for a second time. The Conference dual season opened with SC win- ning its first two matches from California and Stanford behind the par-shattering perform- ances of top man Leonard Kennett and the able support of Bob Pastore, Dick Davies and Leon Clark. Meeting UCLA for the championship in the last match of the year the Trojans lost 39-15, to place second. ln the NCAA, Kennett got to the quarter finals by knocking off the favorites before losing 5 and 4. A better balanced squad, the 1951 Trojans will count on such hackers as Stan Wood, Bob Pastore, Roger Dunn and Dick Davies. 244 enczng ,fl X ff rf Coach Iean Heremans Boasting a record that shows a championship for every year of participation as far back as one can check, SC's fencers, though not Widely known or publicized, form one of the most outstanding groups on campus. Coached by one ofthe greatest fencers in the World, Troy's able duelists are without doubt the class oi intercollegiate fencing. lean Heremans presents, in this his fourth year as coach, what promises to be another unbeatable squad featuring veteran Count Roberto San Martin DeSzabo, top man with all three Weapons. Rounding out the team and the shower room choir that is equally famous are Hideo Sei. Clayton Williams. Iorge Sibaousti. Martin Kirshner, and the Panamanian hill-billy Ricardo Guiseppe Salvatore Spalla. Kirshner has the distinction of being the only competing manager at SC. Coach Heremans, Towles, Spalla, McCann, Peterson. Kirshner. DeSzabo. Sei, Williams. 245 F? H. wmv X imma am svn mms an mmm ss im s ms was .ll '--..l rl' .isq A n .. ,. ,n - io'd":' 7, ,- n Line forms 'lo the rear for vitamins. Such big mouihs and stomachs. 247 bv- My, but aren't their muscles big. Giiiord and Zim merman stash away the chicken. They swim too i azsw-A i I-I 1"1xJ .. .1.6.,. ,... .,..gk, - v , A - as . M, x ,. Hsu., , L - ,ilhd 1 s 'H X ,x juli? M m A ATU 1: Isuzu- 1 .L fl 1.L1.l..lf'x.sJ sb' ' L 3 CII ' un " s, ' ' ' ' My u nu ,, w .1 Y x ,:'..,..i! J fr E'g . iz,-w.e .m WILLIAM C. DeMILLE, Director rama ..4 IAMES H. BUTLER HERBERT M. STAHL 249 w mga? w V4 J, 1 wail!" , ,.,..v.. - ' ' ' v 5 ' . N H Likif EZ... :4-D, ,, 2 sq A, 51- 4 .l wan g: gf. nz- gs 1 -I-,,,-in . SS Si W 'E . :.: :.:f. . Rn ,uf mv . . .H VI ' , :-:Q-:.:.: any ax 1-5 .-i sa Mx? Q . 1 1 I num sa., A sig 1 ' ' MARCUS W. FULLER "Summer Fury". Florence Malin comes under the kniie of lead Charles Siewart for trying to disrupt his romance with Ian Saunders. Mrs. Grew lFlorence Malinl sneers al Angel lCharles Stewartl as Lena Uan Saundersj comforts him after iniury in a riot. Morton Miller. Marilyn Grogan. Miriam Cassady, and Eddy Earle in a scene from "Light Up The Sky". "Well, I guess the highballs are on me." Miriam Cassady, Morton Miller, Stan Iohnson. Q an in F15 ,.. H N., -QB. - w ra B is ax H sm mam -as .4 ...- ln the residential section of campus is the Experimental theatre, home of Stop-Gap produc- tion and setting for dramatic rehearsal. Here the directing of department head, William C. DeMille. Dr. Iames Butler, and Dr. Stahl mold the character of the student of drama. On the opposite end of campus extremities is the workshop. An old barn, it serves as laboratory for stage designing, painting, construction, and properties. Here Marcus Fuller designs the set- tings and scenery, while Norman Linn carries out the designs, instructing the classes in their construction. Contrary to popular conception, Drama is no mere verbal recapitulation of a playwright's effort. lt is however an integrated art of authentic staging, costuming, and performance. SC's school is intent on building teachers cognizant of the elements of drama production, not stars. The season opener, "Light Up the Sky," was 44th major university dramatic production beginning November second. The three-act play, dealing with theatre folk, was under the direction of W. C. DeMille. A satirical comedy by Moss l-lart, it was chosen for the opportunity it lent to characterization and for its comparative newness. The play starred Mariam Cassady, Stan Iohnson, and Morton Miller. The next major production was under the direction of Dr. Stahl and Mr. DeMille. Peter Sterne played the villain without the mustache in the Elmer Rice comedy fantasy, "Dreamgirl," lts five day run opened lanuary eleventh. Sterne played George l-land, who attempts to entice Marilyn Grogan, the heroine, to fly to Mexico with him. Comedy was added by Ian Saunders, the mother of Dream Girl, who for two and a half hours spread cold germs in Bovard. Stan Iohnson showed his versa- tility by playing six different roles. ,gl , q , . , , ,H ' 'N 'V Salaam allah khourn. Vic Barton. 9 hant J 'li T' I makes his pitch to Bill Hines and Mar y G gan A "Use a fork wit dem peas!" screams teriet Wt" father Robert Wallace. as Elaine Pet ee Cooper, and Ie!! Whitten look on in a e Grove." Same play. Mr. and Mrs. Rediern QR b l Wall and Abigail Dunnl plan a trip to sp d the r s of th co 1 fe't e . e un er 1 mon y 251 In "Church 5 baga los h FEB!" Geoxge D b gorenceeamggiis nlzlislwiorthcdlmlirillsllglayand Bar- ciisser and Shirley Pjwlhllells daughletg Ela' y. el of pitfalls in the Q36 lg nd the three men in her The story revolved around the daydreaming ot Georgina Allerton a lite. Marilyn Grogan mixed comedy, drama, and straight parts throughout the thirty-three scene play. Supports were George Dubravsky. loyce Widoii. and Terry Wulk. Cn April titth, an American Comedy under the direction ot Mr. DeMille, opened in Bovard. Last maior production ot the spring semester, "The Braggart Warrior," a Roman comedy by Platus, was directed by lames Butler. ln the past 3 years he has specialized in production ot period ' ' achievement is supervising director ot the experimental theatre. ln the last has staged over l5O4 one-act plays. Ct these ' t ot these dramas. His main tour and one-halt years the experimental theatre 36 were original, having been written by students in playwright classes. The obiec productions is to bring about an interest in acting and demonstrate the theatre as a cultural art. Under department head Delvlille since l94l, Drama has emerged trom under the wing ot the Speech department as a maior Campus department. W. C. is a member ot a tamily whose name has become a tradition in the American theatre. An active playwright on Broadway he came to Hollywood in l9l1l, worlcing with his brother, C. B. Delvlille. He lett the movies in the '3O's to write and lecture about Fliclcerville. Many ot his plays and a boolc "Hollywood Saga," have been published. Dr. Stahl is a newcomer to the taculty. He shares the directing h mai or productions each semester. lanet Stevenson instructs students in the tiner ap theatre is the medium through which these lecturer, who is in halt t e reparation. The Stop-g ' ' the University College techniques ot drama p ' ' ' ducted. Martin Ross is activities are con TV-U niversity. classroom responsible tor the splendid T.V. show, 252 Elmer Rice's "Dream Girl" gives Marilyn Grogan ' f tree!- the opporlumty to portray the part o a s walker with prospect Pete Steme. "I'ma sorry Guiseppe, but the bambina she'sa too young to drinka da vine." th a duet-one of her many fantasies in "Dream Girl." The Grogan pops up wi F A inema TIOIHD Tempo" in production at Knott's Berry Farm, unde the critical camera instruction ot Ralph Woolsey. Shooting the all student production "Tomorrow's Harvest." a documentary on the Future Farmers ot Amer a Near the corner of 35th and Hoover stands a miniature replica of a Hollywood motion pic- ture studio, the SC Cinema Department. Back in l929 when the department was still wear- ing the swaddling clothes of an infant 2-unit photoplay appreciation course, Douglas Fair- banks officially christened it by giving the first lecture in that, the first cinema class ever given at any American university. Today the department has come of age. The largest and finest in the world, SC's Cinema Department is more than a scale model, it's a working model of a complete picture studio. Even today, other universities are teaching only tech- niques. SC-always ahead of the field-added a unique practice course in using films as a medium of expression with student directors, producers, actors, and technicians. The fall of 1950 was another turning point in the department's history, when the capable Dr. Lester F. Beck took over as head. Dr. Beck had previously gained nation-wide fame through his two films on sex education, "Human Growth" and "Human Beginnings", which were pro- duced at the University of Oregon. These two films were placed among the ten best docu- mentaries of the past decade by the Saturday Review of Literature. Believing SC's cinema facilities to be the best of any in the country, Dr. Beck is planning to put them to good use by producing more and more educational and documentary films in the future. ln recent years, the department has produced many one-reelers, some of which have been shown at high schools to acquaint the students with college life and the studies which are pursued. X X V 3' le.. Vi - . +9 fy Sir, - an 5 Ii?-O' W ', , ' , IQQ ' f 1 3 ll of ff xx: ' 'A .QV 5- te , ff? i M use it B ' , ,,,-f - ' 1. K, . , 1' 9, W - 'fe .V cy. "3 i , -wi? f . 459,211 - 'r-- 3 M 9-p, , 4,1 I at f W an 1 x wg- - 'I if' ll Madrigal Singers Take sixteen people who make beautiful music t add the expert direction of Dr. Charles C. I-lirt and you the nationally-known SC Madrigal Singers. Being the of the musical crop, their talents have been requested concerts from one end of the U.S.A. to the other. I-lirt, who is preparing the choral music for the "Goodbye My Fancy", has recently put his Madrigal on records in a six-side album. One of the songs, "lt Luc -f and I Should Meet", was Written by Halsey Stevens, hee CHARLES A. HIRT of the composition department at the SC School of Director Lett to Right: Galen Young, Katherine Clement, Richard Erickson, Phyllis Withers, Lorraine Brown. Iohn Haqopian, Dolores Peterson, Iarnes Mcliel Katherine Clement, Charles C. Hirt. Director. 256 Crchestra T'he University Orchestra has partici- pated in many significant achievements in the campus World of music. Directed by the incomparable Mr. Ingolf Dahl, the orchestra plays four concerts a year with the desired purpose oi acquaint- ing the listener, as well as the student musician, with worthwhile orchestral literature. During the past year, the ac- complishments have been numerous. This versatile organization, combined with the University chorus, completed the Bach Festival Concerts. They also presented the Spring Festival of Con- temporary Music. Many members found time to play for motion picture record- ings in the Cinema Department. Mr. Dahl had one of his biggest years, hav- ing Won the annual award of the Soci- ety for Publication of American Music. In addition, he conducted the west coast premiere of Stravinsky's The fVeda'ing. INGOLF DAHL Conductor First Row: Iohn Hagopian, Cyril Lowe, Ieanne Hamley, Wanda Lowry, Emily Priest, Shirley Silman. Emily Walters, Shirley Powell, Mel Cobb, Bu: Hoeile Baker Second Row: Peggy Shaeilield, Rena Tangherlini, Barbara Linck, Dwana Thomas, Suzanne Hutchinson, Ioanne Luck. Barbara Edwards, Sam Third Row: Dave Lea. Ed Cook, Pat Davis, Helen Harker, Mary Harker, Nancy Welch, Barbara Hall, Mariorie Harris, Marilyn Spenla, Iesse Bama. Fourth Iames Moore, Sterling Hum, George Sirella, Ray Hartwig, Gordon Ewing, Dick Erickson, Iohn Carawan, Sam Brody, Dick White. J4 CHIUIUQZ cc Choir The finest collegiate choir this side of the Rockies, singing the sweetest music this side of Heaven. . . That, my music loving children, is a short synopsis of our own A Cappella Choir, directed by Dr. Charles C. Hirt. Dr. I-lirt once again guided this vocal organization of seventy- five mixed voices through a very successful year of singing entertainment. High on the list of their bulging engagement schedule was the fifth annual tour of the Southwest. The many city and campus performances throughout the year were topped off with the annual Spring Concert, a brilliantly performed musical presentation ending the season. The planning for such an intensive schedule was done by the Choir Council, aided by Dr. Hirt. President Dick White headed the council, and assisting him were Vice-President Ray Pourchot, Secretary Mary Harker, Treasurer Gordon Ewing, Business Manager Bob Clark, and Publicity Manager Iohn Hagopian. Also lending their talents to the realm of choral music were the Men's and Women's Glee Clubs. These bathtub baritones and shower sopranos presented a highly selected repertoire of popular and classical music to many appreciative audiences through- out the year. President for the Men's Glee Club was Robin Kilfg, and for the Women's, Lorraine Espinoza. 258 1 ' ' ' 7 irst Row, Lett to Right: Lloyd Buller, Hugh Iones, Walter Foster, Paul Iohnson, Marco Wolf, Ir.. Robert Moore, Gene Scholten, Larry Spector, David Wagner. econd Row, Lett to Right: Robert Williams, Donald Ramsey, Richard Malm. Ioseph De Zenzo. Director: Walter E. Slike. ee CMJ st Row. Left to Right: Ioanne Farrar. Pat Sheldon, Gloria Taylor, Jeanne Beatty. Mary Bumatay, Lorraine Espinoza, Leonora Moore. Second Row. Left to ght: Sally De lullo, Carole Mercer, Pat Shurtz, ,Nancy Waters. Diane Fennell, Gertrude Emus. Director: Walter E. Slike. 259 0PERA The cadi muses over the possibility ol putting the iewels in his dauqhter's clothes box. Meanwhile the maid hints that Schwabacher, the lover is hid- ing in the garden. Chantinq a soliloquy. the barber. Kalem Kerma- yam, attempts to determine the assassin of his friend. indicating that he would rather cut than shave the guilty. onna Phillips hows indifference to Iames S h acher's mule bended knee testimonial. ich point is reached, when Iames Schwabacher d in dauqhier's box instead of i jewels. anim - D f fl fm K . Ez .XI X 1-" The yearly operatic achievements at SC reached new levels ot success in February with the Bovard presentation of the Barber of Bagdad. Kalem Ker- moyan, the barber, and Iames Schwabacher. tenor, took outstanding male leadsp Olive Mae Beach, Ewan Harbrecht. and Donna Phillips held soprano leads. Wolfgang Martin again conducted the orches- tra, this being his iourth "EBERT" opera. The "Music at Noon" series saw the production of scenes from Carmen. Rosenkavalier, Faust, and Cosi fan Tuite in Hancock Hall. With other universities, SC has joined the County of Los Angeles in cooperation with the Guild Opera Co. to make opera a thing of permanence in LA. Director ot the company, Dr. Carl Ebert, expects to be directing operas during the summer months at La Scala in Milan and at the Music Festival in Florence, Where he directed the initial festival production in l933. l-le is scheduled to do tour Mozart operas at the Glyndebourne Fes- tival in Scotland. Completing the series, Dr. Ebert will have the honor of directing two Verdi operas, Macbeth and Falstatf, with Arturo Toscanini, at Verdi's birthplace in Italy. 261 CLARENCE E. SAWHILL Band Director Clarence E. Sawhill, Director of Bands, is entering his fifth year on campus. Under his guidance, the bands have gained a position of national promin- ence both in collegiate and music cir- cles. Mr. Sawhill trained for ten years at Illinois, and there learned to perfec- tion the techniques that have made our Marching Band one of the foremost in the nation. lt is his purpose to build the- finest band that SC has ever known, to do a service to the University, and to the men in the organization. In his spare time, Mr. Sawhill directs the or chestras at several state festivals and also many Southern California I-Iig School Bands .... The Trojan Footloal Band completed one of its most suc- cessful seasons this year. ln their new uniforms Cdesigned by Dr. Fagg, Mr Sawhill and Tommy Walkerl, the hand displayed even greater perfection i their formations and their music tha in former years. Marchin 'I'he Troian marching band opens the game with the Star Spangled Banner. The band salutes the United States Anny with one oi their colorful formations. 262 With more than lUU members in the unit, the matchless precision of their work is remarkable .... The high-step- ing, back-bending dynamo of energy eralding the entrance of the band on o the field is Tommy Walker, the for- ation director. Tommy is no stranger o SC. fans who remember him as the quick-change artist of the football team few seasons back, alternating be- ween kicking conversions and leading he band at half-time. At present Tommy ivides his time between the Depart- ent of Development, where he han- les speaking engagements for faculty embers, and the Music Department. n the latter capacity he devises the in- ricate formations that the band is noted or, handles the drilling, and.. .doubles s cheer leader for the music men. Tom- y can also cut a few capers on the sax, and trombone. His current de- is to take the band east for the game next fall. TOMMY WALKER Drum Major ...mid 'X KQV 'Y by the AROTC and the NKOTL. torm the hgure oi 1 y, , a tank. , ' 2 .1 , X W I I 1 3 S A S 5 T G ' l J f Debate might be more appropriately terme "Forensics," in that it entails not only debat ing but impromptu oratory, discussion, an extemporary speaking. ln thirty years' com petition, the varsity teams have Won sevent per cent of all judged events. SC was repre sented over seven hundred times on sep arate speaking occasions during the year b the glibbest forty-five in school. Of the eigh to ten tournaments, the most important wer the Southern California and the Wester States tournaments. ln the Western State tournament during Thaksgiving, the follow ing placed first: Lillian Stevens. first in debate oratory, and extemporaneous. Dean Pic'l. firs in debate, oratory, and extemporaneous. Davi Cooney captained the squad, and Won first i debate and discussion. All five teams Were i the finals, carrying off the upper divisio sweepstakes l2l to 96 for Pepperdine. Top de bate teams of the year were Dan Pic'l and Ii Crivitz, David Hunter and David Cooney Mary Lou Francis and Lillian Stevens. Iea Holliger and Beverly Carl. Bo Iansen an Iames Smith. Wayne McC1askey, Doria Bo ham, Ann Dillon and Ioanne Claire were th up and coming tongue waggers. These st dents meet opponents from all over the cou try as Well as debating against foreign team Debate DAVE COON EY Captain Front row, left to right: Dean Pic'l, Mohindas Bedi, Iames Cravitz, Milton Yusim, David Cooney. Back row David Hunter, George Dell, Lalit Thapar. 265 First Row, left to right: Beverly Carl. Mary Lou Francis, Lillian Stevens. Marilou Moehlin. Women's Debate .4-n .4- 266 ,-v- LILLIAN STEVENS N -- Mm YUSM ,.? PRED BOWMAN Fresh Coach Debate F-1' '55, S DEAN P1c'L GEORGE DELL LALIT THF-PAR Front row. left to right: Roland Curtis. Robert Moore, Iames Smith, Ephriam Feldman. Back row: George Rogers. Marvin Malin. William Henderson, Leo Penner, Clarence Williams. 267 WILLIAM SENER Director ' s I. gl B 1 f ' I0 . gi in "" .ll L" rl - wi '- ep' L, On 5 , 1 N? ROBERT TRACY LEONA WILSON IAMES RUE STAN IOHNSON ALLEN HANCOCK Founder Recognized as one of the finest university radio departments in the nation, SC's depart- ment of radio continually strives for improve- ment. Grouped in the Institute of the Arts, this radio school not only offers a B.A. degree, but also is one of the few universities that gives a Masters degree in radio. Director of the de- partment is William l-l. Sener, former N.B.C. official. The school offers an extensive course in programing, direction, control room opera- tion, and general station operation. Located in the Hancock Foundation building, the de- partment offers radio majors excellent train- ing by allowing them to operate KUSC, the university's FM station. Included in the fac- ulty, besides Sener, are Harriet De Pietro, in- structor, Leona Wilson, lecturer, and Robert Tracy of the Speech department. F rom the radio industry itself SC is fortunate in having such lecturers as Lurene Tuttle, noted radio actress, Glenn Middleton, producer of "Amos and Andy", and lack Wooley of KMPC. K.. 1 d ai lhe conlld pane han . 5 his ucce55- Bog GQBY ixfimoui much s Bud Sloop. Beethoven ' m mil. and Tup Smith at th e knob board teaching Bob Grey the delicaci ' es oi dial control. RADIO F3 'Q 'V B. 'V A o e BAK arrau HOWARD REIDER 270 ompetition from television will never affect USC, the university"s PM station. Situated in e Hancock building, the station functions in ree studios and transmits over a hundred nile radius. Open to all students, the station s student operated and directed with the uidance of William Sener of the radio de- artment. The station, which operates l3 hours i day, specializes in classical music and chool concerts, United Press news reports, nd sports events. Special features this year lfere the broadcasting of the U.N. sessions, The Chicago Roundtable," and shows re- lorded in Paris and London. To broadcast ecial campus events, the station operates a obile unit. Counterpart of KUSC is KTRU, hich can only be heard on campus and the W. Footing the bills for this Worthwhile ork is the Allan Hancock Foundation. Iohn Sponse and News Director, larry Scherr. finger the U.P. teletype bulletin during part of it's 24 hour nm to the grin oi Ed Dunn. IOHN SPENSE Production ED DUNN Music HALLIE BELLAH Script Writing BOB HOPKINS Chairman When intramural sports is the topic of conversation the letters U.R.A. are bound to be mentioned. Why not? The University Recreation Association takes the pivot spot for organized or individual sportsmen who just cannot seem to make the intercollegiate teams. Thanks to the unceasing labor of Alex D. Aloia, Men's Faculty Sponsor, and lane Harris, Women's Faculty Sponsor, and their ninety capable volunteers who act as timers, umpires, scorers and clerks, faculty members and students alike can participate in almost any sport or activity they can think of. Golf? Track? Handball? Volley ball? Touch football? Bowling? Archery? Fencing? Yes, U.R.A. has them all plus a list that exhausted the El Rod copy boy. They spon- sor every sport one can think of. The U.R.A. has set up team competition programs and encourages every organization to participate. They were instru- mental in developing volley ball and crew into inter- collegiate competition. We now can boast of a volley ball team which holds the National Championship. There are other minor sports that can be projected to the intercollegiate competition class. U.R.A. will have a big hand in seeing that they get ahead. Mr. Aloia heads the Crescent Theater Group which has successfully produced eight great plays, one of which was "Arsenic and Old Lace." Other events than sports activities are sponsored by U.R.A., in- cluding mixer dances, picnics, excursions of all types, plus donations to other causes sponsored by the University. Let's all give a cheer for U.R.A.! 272 UWA :WX ALEX ALOIA y sei meels for a whirl oi swing yo q the activiiles offered by URA were small r qrou ' ' ps as evxdenced by the hxsirionics ed in by the embryonic Thespians. IANE HARRIS L Spikers in action. men's and women's vo e ll yball teams show athletic abilities. E 0 ,l i? Lunge. party. thrust. T widow. GLORIA WOODEN wo dozen roses to the rst Row Alfred Tokka Ioan Dxllmham Dr Alex A Aloia Shirley Gorell lane Harris, Bob Hopkins, chairman, and Iackie Moore. cond Row B111 Johnson Selig Moss lack Beeman unidentified Gloria Woodm, Dave Small. Dick Martz. Under the guidance of Alex D. Aloia and Iane Ha1'ris, Faculty Sponsors, the University Recreation Association offers a varied recreation program to any and all members of the student body, facul- ty, and alumni. Brain trust of the organ- ization is the U.R.A. Board, composed of the heads of various special interest groups coming under the jurisdiction of the council. I-leading the Board, Chairman Bob Hopkins presided over discussions on policy formation and problems relative to the U.R.A. This year, Dave Small. Chairman of Men's Sports, and Gloria Woodin. Chairman Ceverybody's a chairman? of Women's Sports, coordinated activities in their re- spective departments With the central program. During the summer months, when many out-of-city students are en- rolled, trips are offered to such local points of interest as Catalina, China- town, the Huntington Art Galleries, and Olvera Street. Round and round we go Stop' Im getting dizzy. NR IIII 0 NET1' GUI-VER cMTAIg:iqf,Efnq Officer C ver is N.R.O.T.C. 's "old man". Prior to his arrival at SC three years ago, Captain Culver skippered the USS Oregon City. In spare time he can be seen with hammer and screw driver in hand carpentering. Captain Culver is pushing some carpentering of a different nature in waiting for Congress to supply legal tender for classrooms in the new naval armory on campus. Starting with seven holdovers from war time, the group has grown to nearly 300 future Ward room tenants. This year's graduating class of 5l is the first of post war candidates. These guys must have been loaded with corpuscles in the fall term, having an 82 per cent participation in the blood bank drive. The N.R.'s professional honorary fraternity is the "Fighting Top". Starting and almost ex- piring during the War, it was reactivated when Captain Culver took over com- mand of the group. Under President Bob Huffman, "Fighting Top" arranges many social functions for the group, their main event being a formal in the late spring. aptain Burtnett Cul 276 T Ash,-I Captain Culver receives another award ior his bovs. Springiime. and all hearts turn io thoughis ol queens and parades BOB HUFFMAN President First row: Robert M. Irvin. Advisor: Edward M. Cuiler. Danny Coughlin. Robert Huffman, Bob Latas. Edward Winkenhower, Arthur L. Pereira, Charles T. Magnus. Second row: Greg H. Zeman, George W. Jones. Philip W. Kitchin, Bob Hitchcock. lim Bowen. Rodney Danger-field. Doug Close. Third row: Carl M. Miller, G. L. Hatchett. lack R. Griifin, W. A. Walbert. Iohn W. Meinkle. William F. Hohmann. Lee Mench. Tom Kelly. Ralph W. Goers. Henry W. Abts. Left to right First - row: B. McPherson Ir., I. Roelofson. N. M. Harrison. E. S. Rose. L. A. Giese. Second row: R. Cervantes. B. Miller, C. F. Porter. M. O. Stout, I. A ' Ha . Crane. Third row: E. gaman, W. D. Oke. I. N. Ol' ' wer, C. R. Griggs. Q7 BILL OKE President The mission of the Air Force R.O.T.C. is to develo ' prospectiv l p in e co lege graduates qualities of leadership and the attributes es sential to their progressiv d- vancem t ' ' e a en to positions of res ponsibility as commis- sioned officers To . prepare them for immed' si 1'l ' ' ' iate as- g ment in specific duties in th e Regular Air Force, the Air National Guard, and the Air Force Reserve is another function of what is known to us as the "A, R. O." All this is accomplished by our campus unit lo- cated in the State Armory Building. Special classes are conducted to train cadets in general Air Force Administrtion and in Air Craft Maintenance. Of course, it's not all mental Work, and one hour each Week is devoted to drill. The local Alpha Rho Omega here at SC., a professional fraternity, maintains a charter in the National Arnold Air Society and sends delegates to St. Louis every year. The fraternity also sponsors field trips, a rifle team, and social functions including the annual Military Ball. 278 IZQ Jimi' , . my fn., vga w vw BW as H M EH nl may s Q EH as ss m ' gm sw mn-Q-uw-f swam ss Ex- w E Mu ,LQ 21 EW gif my mx- xx mg a .,.1B.g.w. 1 ss .. savanna sf Y, ms 1-X ugh my I mum bn ms ss nw ss A nga n -H an a nam: ss eggs E. ss :mn m 5 EE E ms gn was mQm H mm ngg M FW QA!! s5?"sm?-.A BRVHBE wx. COLONEL BOB ARNOLD Commanding Officer Air R OTC Are Windsor knots S.O.P.? The hayfoot-strawioot boys show their sluii. w ms E . . E :sf a ss Q m ss sms ...,mg.l , ---W H-9521555 ,W EW. as mm X- E . E E- E H 2 H E H as m id K ,Q 1 E mm mms HE . mxmmfms B , H M as H E H . H xx mm E E aw W, M E H H -. HW E Y Q H H E H . H E H E f H H E H H H B E mam mln BEE H BE as mm in my mm. 7 sam x-:M mm Wxmassn msmss kms a gs nga ima mm mmm was ss E ms mn E ass B H E X H E H -E E K HRM E hw WHERE. ww, awww m sw vm , H E S H E mm B Im EN www N lmamaxmw H -- K AH m a .. ss 1 HBE ss j ,..- ' '1 E E IE - 5 i 3 Q - I - - , 4 ,, X YS i la '-.IEI V . . -a": X X' 1 f EIEI ' ans 1 ,n" ' Q' .,.......,-- A4d1 -,gf4l..z4-,,.,,, 'Q ' ' ,,,,,, ,,,, ,,...-i--..-.4.-.---g-....-...-. 1 -X 5l,l,l.r-,,1ann1nnnlnuInmunllllllllllllllllEl , -g i :Mill!.ul'lllllllllllllllllllll IIIIIIIIIIIIIFIIIE-I INN Q f. ' ' ,Eg 1 3:- f -5.11 M Q W" illllllllllllllll Illlllllllliu F- '5i3Q!. ax EE ' ii 'talzl Vie. ...ei -'1' +g:g. '1-E Xl., I-EE E S - SE! ,-' X gg lg use E EE -si r- --' qa-- 5. 'as 5 : X W 621: 'wg E E ' ' -EEN? :X 'TGI I 'iiiv Ni-If? E. K S g -5: hifi 1 ' -Q gmmumnn E IIIIIIIIIII EEQ "X , iv X I , llifil A S555 i E! 'le 'EE It if-g15l5lI'.g2Q ,A Si' igzy ln W- --4 gnu 1:- ,i.--... tg :I I.1,xxk1l'..jg,1'g!j 2:- -' 'I gg ll -"9-,-.::5:.fg1. 1 1:5 X EEA 'f,ll1:ErEf"? 2-1' E: gg IIII nhl? f 51:3 A-62512152 lm --M ll 15:5 zaseeweuzeeg 55 gg i gggpW.1Ll':g 55,5 lllllllllll iii ZIIFIQQ - ,l in' 280 r lifving groups 1 if 7 ree ri Shirley Barkley. President E 5 .. :.:wi:.:a.:a by ,. I I ,E B E H , E ., .ge N, 'fd rsgkviuyl AXQ Lynn Srnull Sharon Endsley AAII Barbara Corcoran Marilyn Martin AEQ Frances Hoffman Darlene Mohilef AFA Ioanna Iouqhin Dorothy Cerqui lgarief enic ounci AOII Mary Masterson Shirley Silman A525 Anne Carpenter Dorothy Viner XQ Pat O'Bryan Ioanne Osterloh AAA Carlotta Ielrn Carol Io Iohnson . 'VJ ' wa 9 J, J' X ,ffl 'mix Pa g and administrative body of is the Panhellenic Council, of two representatives from each campus. Its rules govern most of the of organized women students. The nhel ball raises money for a established to aid women students. Shirley Barkley. the organiza- an exchange student from Nor- year. A warm welcome was extended the group at a special tea held in her honor. Presidents Workshop was a weekend ems, establish new policies, and reassert old nes. held at the Miramar Hotel. This con- was called to discuss current prob- AI' lean Ann Dorr a Ellaqene Kennedy I AZ Peqqy' Stone Dare Rowland HOB Frances Johnson Dee Cooper 'B KAQ Nancy McGreW Nancy Hazeltine I sa KA Nancy Stone Iean Schones KK1' Pat Zeiser Ruth Scanlon Q22 Gloria Gainsboro Sharon Kranz HBO Ian Ashford Suzanne Earle ZTA Barbara Kennedy Clandine Ives A anazm 4 D Za 4 XS2 - ' ' . QQ. gig li ---- '5j53.f- 335, eff--Q5 Fr- Y . . :I .:. 'I EEE ' .- . . ' W ii 555 ,. ' ' . . 5 'Q Q gm .- - :., .. - In Mu- -gr ..,. ..,: I:- 1::si ' '- . . JJ.. -: r 'V H is :-:-:- H1 ,- .LZ " gzg xg: -W KX w -'-- if vw -I H . . ., -gram M 2 E Eff f' 'X ,:s: E K 'V jj H -..4', ra .... -. . of - . ' rr H a . -a HM 1-rw.-' - '. - --- - Um, M W , I A , fgwag raz- 2' r?,A1NL.M3w-fb .mtg . : 'Z-:.::::5EEIE1:.5: V . ..EE?2E:.E " E5Ef'EI'i -'-f H 'Ii' "-55555 .:..,EIE .:. ,5gIEII:EEEEigI:I1?h: IE!---'P " ' 5:7 :-E 5:5"f Ea 1 534 52, I - -2- """" ga - ., ,.,.. - .::.2f::- "QQQ""!"'l ff--Q ' E ' '- -f.:.ei- -4- :II . '- H V 51 2, .... ::2:2 ,.g 'a55g"'I, I-I """- ' .f f ' E-:-:..j" - -:g..I:IE- Y 'I5'E5EE7" . .....,.,V A X. .,., 1 - " W :lm I ,ri . ..,.,., ..,. . 3:3 zi:-ai. 'f.I.III W 2 :-?E'.5?wi5I5'ilE TElEi'I5'1.,. .I -65515512 N ' 5 ' "K --v-- 'Fi F7 'l' 15:5 "" l.'EIE?F.'.f -11. .,... ,.,,..,. "" . 125 . ' ,, ,.f5:2L:5ar.'a2:f!-'-wa' 5" ' r Y r . J- - - .. . ....... .,.,., ' ' 5: xi' . 2?- E' . 2:22222-'f:i:.--i". - Ski? 5 ' - -- .: D '-" : . '. 1 35.-.P I ' , , .:. Sf.. 5.:.::::-:. B , 2 5 :., -'-'- V E . Q fx'-v , -- ..,, . -r 1 -r . MLN BEE 22233 5 '- ' -: .. , -5. H W' ,ma ... .. ' -.1 l ' KE ' 4 H -:- " 'I ' H jf -'--s. ' 5... .... ... J.. . J X . 1 W --zzz:- -:ze EZ ---f 3 -.3- -Q.. 2 " - Esfgni-1-rgigii-..s2 ap... ... .......,...... ... ... A -3... ... ... ... .. .. .,., '- " , ---- fb ' ' - , fig, Qf"'-53' . : .EX '4 - , 3 S , B .,,, it .,... , -i. j.2..'- -2- -3 ----- f f- . kb , Q. ...R is . wr Y ,Q :fan-fffslk-551 w fir in ,J w 1' ' WW , . A....-N.. ...AL IF. .F 55- .E :::..,,.5::. F.. .5 .f,g:g:. .3.a.a..a::. ...-,:,.,.g5 - EEE... ' " ' f jyg 'Gia ... - - ' , H A ' , ' a . ag 2 - ... E N vi. .,,.. .... '- 1 ' T .fl 5Qgg.ggfggg?-3fgiijjgyag . z if- ' W' RZ'igi.4Qi?'-Liz. . . ' 1 ....::-V. 5.51 . Sw if - - - , . .... r., Z . U TA N ...Eg :5:..., .E.xEi5,,.,:.,. 1.52 L U i ,fl I ...M ,xi V, . -::1-:- :-:.-:-:-.-: .,-:--:::5::: I ,-1 - :-:':::. :-:-:-: 1, E .. -.- - H ' 1 ' ,. -3.5.1 ... ::.:gag:: 2: va 5 , V, .53 A a si A -- - 4- Q. 5 ,M I .... .... ......... A .kno 1 J f -5 vgff ' YI! R15 Lynn Smull, President First Row: Seni . edsoe. Do na Coots, Missie Heinz. Second Row: Lois Iorgense Donna Lucey, Molly Madden. Lynn Smull. Third Row Katherine Stoll, Barbara Van Vranken, Geraldine Woo Iuniors-Carol Allen. Fourth Row: Patricia Baker. Ie Clark, Donna Conlon. Sharon Endsley. Fifth Row: Dor thy Hahn. Helene Hawkins, Carollei Heinz and D'Ma Iohnson. ors--Wilda Bannister lean Bl Alpha Chi Omega had another eventful year: excitement ran high when Molly Madden, Virginia Wilson and Lynn Smull were selected to be on the Mademoiselle College Board . . . the Pillow iights are always fun ior Donna Conlon. Cathie Stole, and Carolee Heinz when Lois Iorgensen is the target. lpha Chi's house decoration was beau- iful on display during Homecoming eek activities. THE ir 5.5 ALPHA CHI OMEGA De Pauw University pledge-active party and formal were both outstanding . . . LAS Council mem- bers were lean Clark and Pat Baker . . . Glenda Luse was president of lunior Panhell . . . fun at the Father-Daughter Christmas party . . . the fine work done on Hera Day, Alpha Chis day of philan- thropy . . . Ann Alexander received the pledge scholarship award, and Doria Bonham was the recipient of the pledge activity bracelet, as she Worked hard on the Forum Committee . . . Peggy Miller was social chairman of the YWCA . . . .,. 1- -v 'fra-1. wig ,, , ,.,, , -1 .ia t ,.:. .1-M a, ,F-if , Jimi... H 75 Chaplefs - 'wi W Epsilon ...rr ......- ' izi, at 5 - r ze ":C - -.., f " --- 1895 A ' l,i it 221 :': , 41 Members ', I A A 4- ' 5 7 A 'lz' R .L. . A N B f M, I 1 ii B i -' in - 1-1-2 f'fg - A 5 ' in . AJ , it 1 if ,ay . . , -"1 f , Y V F' -A far' ' A 1' -A -'fv - L! f. -j.,v' "Y 'if-F -",' fljflj' ' 2? Row: Iuniors-Beverly Landess, Charmayne Lee- " A H 332.1 4 "IL ' Glenda I-use, PGQQY Miller- Second ROW: POIIY 3 'F ' ' llb PE ,"' ifl 4+ ' Barbara Roberts. Sophomores-Ann Alexander. l"' jf ' ,, A it ' a 1 Eli. Q , A Allison. Third Row: Dori Bonham, Nancy Broc- ' it E ':"' z """ X ry. , Dorothy Ehrlich, Beverly Filbert, Barbara Hornunq. A "' Q' i my , asia. r. f:'Z1fiA. Row: Dorothy Iames, Suzarme Montgomery. Vir- Wilson and Marie Wyllis. Not Pictured: Senior- Robinson. Iunior-Louise Steere. Sophomores- Bailey and Mariorie Brown. ALPHA DELTA PI Wesleyan College 1851 79 Chapters Alpha Psi 1925 50 Members 1 ':'. 'r " .. -fl ' - . ,:,,,,-.I A . V,- "141al,-..- , ,':. Ann Newberry Barbara Budrow and Pal Conley The ADP: prize house decoration looked lake set oif on the long walk to classes mule tram in crepe paper. Frrst Row Semors-Iovern Add1s Nancy Apfel Doms Bremer Carolyn Cohrt Barbara Corcoran. Ioan Lewrs Dolores Holmes Barbara Lrntz Second Row Manlyn Maxim Suzetle Naylon Adair Robins. Mary Schlrchter NJ X H , 1 1 l J , r 1 is X f . 41 ,W gf V ,Q Y.- Q All a H -- sa" X bl x I J - A 46dZt5n,1f I f First Row: Iuniors-Barbara Edwards, Celine Freitas, Margaret Lewis, Marilyn Mayo, Marcie Mittendori, Mary Webster, Patricia Wuesthoif. Sophomore-Ioyce Campbell. Second Row: Patricia Conley, Gloria Ensign, Susan Fowler. Ioan Gowanloclc, Donna Graves, Shirley Hall, Marilyn Hannernan, Ann Heck. ' lpha Delta Pi, the friendly girls, were very activity 1 inded . . . Bev Walker, Tollis Compton and Phyllis gf! derson filled the spot as Amazons Barbara 6 udrow was honored as Freshman Queen during omecoming The Four Horsemen was tabbed mil he most symbolic house decoration the pledges 12' 527 ad a mascot Ernie this year was the one hun redth anniversary of the founding of ADP1 econd place in Songfest the Bose Boom and the 'F-Huang? atlce Boom made recordings of the highlights of he year Prexy Marilyn Martin still wonders here the President s room is the pledges skated heir way into the Winner s circle during the Boller erby Barbara Hall was Freshman Women s ouncil president the Diamond Ball ended as the ig social event of the year 'S' A- ,Tiff asia, M' s lux NM F1rstRow Sophomores-Roberta Iones Dolores Kevrlle Marcxela Kinney Margie McKee Marilyn Miller. Mau- reen O Connor Frances Oliver LaRene Orem Second Row Rita Ryan Jackie Trestrail Freshmen-Barbara Budrow Barbara Hall Suzanna Hutchinson Charleen Morgan Helen Wells Ginger Kleftis Not Pictured Senior Manone Felton Iumor-Marilyn Brain 287 Seniors: Madelon Bloom, Alice Goldberg, Frances Hoffman, Margaret Reinhans, Shirley Solomon. Iuniors: Martha Kessler, Marianna Levinson, and Darlene Mohilef. A Z I lhllal AAZA'ENYD-UN I AE Alpha Epsilon Phi continued its philanthropic work at the Mt. Sinai Well Baby' Clinic . . . Senior Conncil members were Margie Rein- hause and Frances Hoffman . . . the pledge dinner-dance, another success . . . Ptadee Mai- den pitched in on Trojan Chest Work . . . Council-minded were Paula Arnow and Marie Gordean, both on LAS and Sophomore coun- cils . . . Darlene Mohilef was SC's represent- ative to the Queen Football contest at Cal, where she was an attendant . . . Roselee Ben- nett made the Homecoming committee meet- ings . . . lots of skinned knees on the pledges from noon roller skating sessions . . . memories of another AEPhi year. Edith Reinhard, Lillian Portnoy, Marilyn Rosen- iield and Shirley Solomon think ol warm Spring days instead of studying. 'Z-"'-:QM 'xf"lJ'r,' .. 7 , ' mei? ' 5 ' ,.f' ,if Frances Hoffman. President Barnard College - elpinq with the traditional Christmas decorations 1909 e Paula Arnow and Renny Goldstein. 36 Chapters Xi ., 1921 xx- it 26 Members Q Iuniors: Dillian Porfnoy, Edith Reinhard, Ioanne Roseniield, Ioan Saunders. Sophomores: Paula Arnow. Rosalie Bennett. Marie Gordean. Iacquie Lassers, Shirly Millner, Marilyn Roseniieldg Freshmen: Renny Golostein, Radee Maiden, Ruzewick, Arlene Gibberman. Not Pictured: Iunior: Beverly Fishman. Sopho- more Pearl Kaplar. Ax- ,W 2' f j ' Lf ,-::a -1-zg: ' .:.- : :.: , eqmg N J ' kk' ii Z fi ' F QIQ ' f' :'i.I..1!2:..!. ' 2235? ' .. F 53 L V V - 1 .-.- , 3 I-, , yj 322 , . ,, gg" : , ' " " S , Ky.. , - L : 'I 3 " ' I ,, ,f if ,'f3??fi , m . - 'iff va' "Z.2!2..:,f, K' J 955131 22 , 1' , 4' , A S ew 289 mc'-az. ,, -2 ' . .. . . , : .,-27: 'X 1 ' r . 1 W X, ,3 MC' l -Q X L U -:.f,:,. .Q Sf Q XR f X 3 ai L is .1 If Q 9 it is , EE pl 77 r 5 56 l -32- , , - , QfQ5:1:.f .. -1-I , W. W klgig? 1 ,M ' Q 3 .QW F EES, -YL: 'Q' ,Y Q E. if U ' I n X, . R X, , 3 ., 9' . ..,, -gy .r .... N ,Tr gf A EQ , are Q in g, . , , ,, MQQQ gg-Y-vzgzrv ,gi ,. j ' fx First Row: Seniors-Catherine Gauld. Ianis Iohnson, Ioanna Ioughin, Diane Lipking. Second Row: IiJl Reese. Marie Tudor. Barbara Vierheilig. Iuniors--Candy Allen. Third Row: Betty Benson. Carolyn Berry, Marilyn Brown, Harriei Briggs. Fourih Row: Beverly Bristol, Dorothy Cerqui, Io Cone, Patricia Crail. ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Syracuse University 1904 61 Chapters Delta Alpha 1923 32 Members Reading a book by iirelight appeals to lean Lewis. Marilyn Brown. Bev Saunders and Mary Ellen Seaman. 290 Ioanne Cone and Janis Iohnson lind ihal tele- phone conversation more interesting. ,,,4v 14 . Ioanna Ioughlin, President 1 i 1 im.,-Y , 'FL-47 ,qi J' 5 X its v Q , ft. ng , jjj - , - X Q 3 ...ff 'C Q t A QE -L 5 w K A tfgsrfffg? l Hr s B mn sf nm is s-J-rg , zur, i it t f First Row: Iuniors-Lou Ann Davies. Iris Harrison, lean Lewis, Courtna McMann. Second Row: Beverly Saunders, Marry Ellen Seaman, Dorothy Schultz. Sophomore-Shirley Allen. Third Row: Nanetta Chartrano, Betty Christensen. Helen Hollingsworth. Margie Latham. Fourth Row: Margaret Morrow. Georgia Nich- olas. Marcella Wekall, and Marilyn Woods. The Alpha Grams were proud of Margaret Morrow, who was chosen the Sweetheart of Sigma Chi . . . it was an honor being hostesses to the National Convention at Coronado this year . . . Marie Tudor elected Amazon presi- dent . . . the boys from the KA lodge saying good-night in the morning . . . afternoon ex- changes With the PiKA's and the Phi G-ams were especially fun . . . never did find out who put the concrete slab on the front porch . . . Chimes claimed lris l-larison, Dorothy Schultz, Candy Allen and Harriet Briggs . . . the girls spent a lot of time in the kitchen dis- cussing football with the hashers . . . interest- ing game, that football . . . Bev Saunders' long telephone conversations every night with Bud . . . Pat Crail surprising everyone with her beautiful Wedding ring . . . then in the Spring the annual Alpha Gam formal. 291 P if rf , ,ti ji S ,Msg lay-mtg 'li' 15331 l Y l Barnard College 1897 53 Chapters Nu Lambda 1945 39 Members AOPi had a happy year under their able president, Mary Masterson . . . much pride in Donna Ogier who was chosen Homecoming Queen . . . pledges caught the actives by sur- prise on the Palm Springs ditch with the Delta Sigs . . . Marilyn Beaudry was named to the Mademoiselle College Board . . . Wearing the white of Spurs were Lucy Tomboulian, leanne Warnock and Dorothy Pucci . . . the lnitiation Formal at the Beverly-Wilshire . . . decorating the Christmas tree With dates and the caroling later on . . . always engrossed in a Circle The- ater production was Randy Allen . . . Darlene Farrell worked hard in Amazons and Chimes . . . the finals of the football yell contest and the Barbershop Quartet . . . the eternal music coming from Mary Harker and Iackie Schatte, who sing in the A Cappella Choir . . . all suc- cessfully ended by the Candlelight and Roses formal. First Row: Seniors-Randy Allen, Ruth Batkus. Patricia Buchanan, Paula Conte, Mary Harker. Second Row: Dor- othy Keen, Lura Lowe, Ioy McCoy, Mary Masterson- Bryant. Third Row: Delores Mittman, Elinor Russell. Shir- ley Silman. Iuniors-Barbara Boller. Fourth Row: Daisy Comer, Darlene Farrell. lane Hackett, Dorothy Hickox. Fifth Row: Carol Kleinfeld, Mariory McDonald, limi Mid- dleton, Ioan Munn. Sixth Row: Ioanne Pehl, Margaret Rigg, Barbara Ruth, Mary Lou Schwamm. Seventh Row: Katherine Steelman, Ioahn Stevenson, lean Stevenson, Mary Wickman. Eighth Row: Sophomores-Marilyn Beaudry. Ioan Dillingham, Dorothy Pucci, Donna Ogier. Nineth Row: Dorothy Parlapiano, Mariorie Stewart, Lucy Tomboulian and Ieanne Warnock. Not Pictured: Senior -Iackie Schatte. Mary Masterson-Bryant. Presideili Mary Lou Schwamm. Patricia Buchanan and lane Hackeli are about lo discover what the "Thinq" is. 293 WN Antics in the house at th d f row for Ioan Munn- lane I?IaE:et1?RLhu? Batkus. and Mariory McDonald. Alpha Phi's looked forward to the time when their new house would be started in the Spring . . . many memories in the old house . . . the colonial theme of presents carried out by Betty Weatherly in black face and new pledges with parasols . . . Ioan Clarks eternal giggling never stopped . . . the practicing of "Snow White Fantasy" for Songfest, when the sopranos all had colds . . . lane Sangster was secretary of the Y.W.C.A .... Barbara Quigley was tapped by Spurs . . . working three nights in the fog on house decorations for Homecom- ing paid off in two honorable mentions . . . lots of laughs at the exchanges with the Phi Psi's and the Delta Sigma Phi's . . . Wanda Lawry, Y president, always rushing to her many activities . . . Alpha Phi-esta more than successful again . . . the merry Christmas party for orphans with the Phi Sigma Kappa's . . . high point of the 'year was the annual Silver and Bordeaux. The Alpha Phis produced lots of laughs with their clever Homecoming house decoration. First Row: lane Carmichel, Anne Carpenter, Patricia Davis, Io Anne Douglas, Martha Echerman, Nancy Farrell Marilyn Hamley, Virginia Hellis. Second Row: Barbara Minckler, Virginia Nelson. Dona Slasor, Virginia Sweney Betty Weatherly, Emma Lou Woodward, Marilyn Wilson. Iunior-Sally Beckett. Third Row: Nancy Carroll Barbara Chandler, Ioan Clark, Ioan Gilroy, Mary Louise Hadley, Helen Harker. Dianne Harrison, Carol Hunter Anne Carpenter. President ALPHA PHI Syracuse University 1872 48 Chapters Beta Pi 1945 38 Members Barbara Brooks. Barbara Blake and Iacque Cannon find a snack while studying hits the spot. Chi Omega was a house full of activity girls . . . tapped for Amazons and Chimes were Pat O'Bryan, Ioyce Wilson and Ieanne Eaton . . . Mortar Board claimed Carol Kingsbaker . . . those who didn't attend the Stanford game wonder every time the password "623" is mentioned . . . the Western party exchange with the Kappa Sigs was looked forward to . . . Barbara Blake conveniently lost her voice just before Song- fest . . . the second annual Christmas formal, held at Miramar, was an outstanding success . . . the yellow jeep was finally outdone by the Cad- illac limousine from Riverside . . . the Spur crest was found on Sally Liechty and Alberta Slater . . . a second time winner was Donna Freedman, Homecoming Queen attendant . . . putting up the house decoration proved to be quite an experience . . . the year was good to the Chi O's. First row: Seniors-Mary Iean Bogue. Ierry Clayton. Carol Kingsbaker. Second row: Io- anne Osterloh. Iodie Place. Lois Ann Wilkie. Iuniors--Barbara Blake, Io Boree. Third row: Iaque Canon. Ieanne Eaton. Iean Gibbons. Pat Harris. Phyllis Henning. Wanda Martinoli. Patricia O'Brien. Fourth row: Holly Russell. Barbara Sanders. Sharon Wallace. Nancy Weller. Ioyce Wilson, Dorothy Young. Soph- omores-Ioan Berry. Barbara Brooks and Mary Ann Copple. Fifth row: Darlene Dalton. Mil- dred Farrell. Iune Fosdyke. Donna Freedman, Virginia Howell. Ioyce Keppeler. Bobbie Kline. Sally Teichty. Alberta Slater, Ioan Wal- bank and Valada Weston. J' ...?5'v' :-its.. .. ' ' , is ,:- CHI OMEGA University of Arkansas 1895 108 Chapters Phi 1940 37 Members . i. A1 3' " 'B 'Q 'f 4' , 1 ':" .Q.f',, ' -.G ' s ew .I 5 5,15 QS QR , Luk 1 1 t i x "lin -A 1 i .3 .J Kd I rt 4 1 -A ? V ,, E ls ,., ' ':""-,JU n -'L - xp A ' V' lm 1 '5 if K fi Liv xl 4' 1 A i I lf 1 ' e f . V a is .:. BLM :.:..........,.,. - 1 , ' s s gs 5 .1 W S8 A Y a .,. 5, W 'JL ' ... -1. Q , .. QQ,-, .... 'ff :lu '. El gg ii - . , 'fb 5 V 1' ,.f.f:' 3. if . ,Q s'- ,., -li 'fi' ' ' - 1 i f 1 : QTL ...- ' ix, W ,.,. , ,.,,,.. . ' ,, f Q it xl. , Hf saa . - 1 ' --'- .-HE . tj, ,- , --lil . 3 N iz - ,.,. ' V -1 -FW' fr Q 5,3 1 ' B RR tr x f W7 W N .Bn ' -vor .WH Chi O's Ioanne Berry. Pat Harris. AL MNH Io Bovee, Barbara Blake and Wanda Matiinoli iind all kinds of 'U ihings io do on Ihe front porch. ' I , , 1 .,, "X , 4. x L- ' Y' H XXXN 1" 3' A Q I. A L.. , vb ,- - -if ,gp lf- t P""" .. w a a 297 Patricia O'Bryan, President Carlotta Ielm. President DELTA DELTA DELTA Boston University 1888 94 Chapters Theta Xi 1921 50 Members Delta Delta Delta started the year with its 62nd National Convention on Mackinac Island, Michigan, with several of the girls attending . . , the Tri-Delta Golden Benefit Tea was a big success again . . . Nicki I-Iastert had a big job as A.W.S. president, and handled it very Well . . . Dorothy Mabry and her travel bug . . . Win- ning the inter-chapter scholarship cup from the U.C.L.A. chapter was a thrill . . . Shirley Rotsel and her Homecoming television appear- ances . . . Amazons were Marilyn Iudd and Frances Blevins . . . underprivileged children never forgot the Halloween party the Tri-Delts gave them . . . members of the Senior Council were Carlotta Ielm, Kathy Wickman and Carol Io Iohnson . . . the Father-Daughter dinner Was a gay affair as usual . . . the Wonderful year was climaxed by the famous Tri-Delt Pansy Breakfast, honoring the seniors. 'isa 1, as Y, 1 , is 4 . First Row: Seniors-Io Ann French, Rita Guerra, Carlotta Ielm, Carol lo Iohnsen, lane Lynn. Barbara Miller, Erla Marlin, Noralie Michel. Second Row: Ollie Rados. Sally Seymour, Merle Wright. Marilyn Om, Catherine Wick- man. Iuniors-Frances Blevins, Kathryn Beatie, Ilva Bothamley. Third Row: Ioan De Grasse. Marillyn Iudd. Shirley Rotsel, lean Schmidt. Sue Touchstone, Caroline Thomas, Beverlie Gibbens. Sophomores: Ianet Brett. fl 'K f X ' , fav 5' 'W ' ' f , nl - I Av "' ea x ,Q ' ima xx M Ask 1 far- iv f ,, W z v rr 71 2, -a 'Q' s 1 5 ahah W 4? . 5259 1 X -:-:- Q -,,.!' iii,-:T , 2' , ..... so fffif M ,.,.!:! a 5:5:5:5',,, " , ,!, ii mi , ' ir ' H' 'ci' .,f , ,. , , ,,,,, , I E , E ,,,,,:,, . xg ta, . E A . 4 ,Q " 5:5 W, 1, -1 - - T .,.,. - . ,.,-,,::'.ff., ,:,':f5e5:g:s ' ,Exp ww H it E' X 5? Q aim -, 'ff Q 1 Y W ' - Q .,-'ig' li Ki H . . ' 1. '- ' ' 1 . Q fsg,-gw V I' X 5 . , . 4 gfmry ,AVI F-V AVN, A Y ' 52-Ylri X - S9 F5 . I f X , jxl .,.. A A.-: ff: 5 .lll ' g In nl figgjgz 4 r . V hx D -: ' - 2. .:. .::.: ,f t , L -- ' .,. g, rg ::::V ' f . ' " ' I ' in , ' 1 155 r --:- E P A ., Y il ' ,,. . 2 - ig .. I SL : 1 1 ' P' 'ts B - .. sr is W w - , :': I 252- tw M ' MM 'H ' f ' 2 H Q H H' A ...., :I -2- ,,' of K .f X 2' 1 , ' 'I . :::': a :rt ,mea r- at -1' tm tt : i--'..::'.'. -'-' -'- sa '-'-' J . , " 1 .-v' , A . I . E W 1 F Y K 1' .:-,.:--:-fn ras, .lit Ak A x ,, 'Ia f H s ,, ti HP gm .., .,. E 5 . . Hg ww K, 5'- ,., H -' ,iw rf mt H S fax 1 J I , ' . if Wm n - rf 1- 1 H : H HH . HH -H -' 'Bam rf - i If .,f.Q,1.2'f,.wff"g.. ti ' Ha Q . UH.. 5 , , ' V' :-flf. A I I , J' if NVQ iam' :-,X " NU 5? First Row: Sophomores-Clara Cole, Betty lean Clark, Helen Fenn, Bobbie Foster. Mary Hay, Diane Huntington, Mary Lou Lanni, Barbara Linck. Second Row: Marilyn McCarran, Carolyn McCarron, Dorothy Mabry, Nancy Mahoney, Ieanne O'Neill, Carmen Perez, Rae Ann Reynolds, Dwana Thomas. Third Row: Shari Trenham, Carol Troy, Patricia Tyler, Ieanne Wright, Peggy Weeks, Patricia Wykoff, Sheila Malone, Anne Timon. Not Pictured: Iunior-Ann Elser. Freshman-Dee Dee Wimmer. mflji I N 90, QS anwf' Knitting the ever-popular arqyles are Bobbie Foster, Ianet Brett, Pat Wycott, and Beverly Gibbens. Enioyinq an interesting telephone con- versation are Ioan DeGrass, Pat Tyler, and Katie Beatie. MD K Y Q Lt, PH "J 73? -if .Af it 5" .Q 9 - , : i. -232,5 .. .,, , ,:.., I, 5, .H jj ., 2'1:,529 "Y p f it . .,'.:g I.-:.:f' ' :" ' R Qt .i'?I" fat, . t 5:5 ' H fi is fr -f I H i: 'L W H is ,-Qmms' -aww a. KT E ,ff N ' ii: X Y I QIAQ l Delta Gamma spent a happy year which began with the new additions to the house . . . skiing enthusiasts took off during the holidays . . . won first place in the Barbershop Quartet con- test . . . Ann Dillon, Nancy Stearns and Camille Brick honored as Amazon members . . . always "borowing" the KA. Confederate flag . . . the beautiful Christmas formal . . . Spurs Sally Drews, Helen Daxer, Ioan Field and Ellagene Kennedy . . . the pillows never stopped flying on third floor . . . Dolores Dietrich busy as Assistant Editor of Bl Bodeo and D.T. staff member . . . Iudy Iohnson and her never-end- ing laugh . . . music minded Sally Bull and Bev Badharn . . . Evonne Berry was a Made- moiselle College Board member and D.T. assistant society editor . . . never to be for- gotten is loan Field's 3.0 grade average . . . the Anchor Ball in the Spring brought another out- standing year to a close. First Row: Seniors-Patricia Bailey, Evonne Berry. Anita Brain- erd. Carnille Brick. Second Row: Mary Busch, Betty Derharnmer. Dolores Dietrich, Iean Ann Dorr. Third row: Bonnie Geiselman. Meredith Graves. Marian McMasters, Mariorie Olson. Fourth Row: Sally Schaap, Susan Schaap. Nancy Steams. Lyla Tilston. Fifth Row: Barbara Wilgus. Iuniors-Ioann Clare. Ann Curtis. Carla DeVries. Sixth Row: Ann Dillon. Ioan Dudley, Gayle Edmondson. Cimmy Mathews. Seventh Row: Ieanette Mel- bourne, Gayle Penrose, Betty Quarles. Nancy Viault. 300 DELTA GAMMA Louis School 1873 78 Chapters Alpha Nu 1922 57 Members I " Iean Ann Door, President Catching up on their bridge game are Lyla Tilston. Ioan Dudley. Ann Curtis and Mavis Bonds in the new DG patio. .M . E Vt fghm W3 'J C' 4 L . . ti: I l -'-is ,, X 7 .N-'At ' H at J sr 4 'K 'E t H Q., X . ,ff , fr inf 4 'Pf , 'Tx 1',- 'VI V ,-2 A " ' ii :': gigigfi-5, 5 1' ,J 1' . ral Q 1 u. ' T A , f ' 1 J. I u 'ky 7" ' I , N I " is V I lf, 1 at W2 ...v . N. - , , Q A, .. H First Row: Iunior-Carol Wood. Sophomores-Beverly Badham, Mavis Bonds. Io Anne Bowles, Marilyn Bremer, Sally Bull, Maryanne Callanan. Barbara Chambers. Second Row: Helen Daxer. Sally Drews. Ioan Field. Terry Ginoux, Alice Grinnan. Halga Iohnson. Iudy Johnson Ellagene Kennedy. Third Row: Nancy Lang. Theresa Lawson. Iune M'Closkey. Nancy Nigg. Diane Shank. Ioann Smith. Suzanne Smith. Nancy Tilston. Not pictured: Seniors-Patty Berg, Ian Stubbs. Louise Havercourse. Iuniors-Pat Johnson. Ioan Warde. Sophomores-Leona Brownlie. Iere Lou Volland. 301 la we n we Donna Lee H su imating Ieaunine Siakovich. Marge Harris and loanne Gee their desiles at the gramaphone. brighten up house bric-a-brac during study hours. omaine and Ann Ianett bl ,, xx. all ll: DELTA ZETA Miami University 1904 75 Chapters Alpha Iota 1923 15 Members Entertaining 'gentlemen callers', Fran Schwartz and E51 .Pruitt have found a way to pay their house 302 I F X E if Peggy Stone, President L Ianett. Seniors-Ioanne Gee, Marge Harris, Pat Ringle, Molly Roche. Donna Lee Romain. Dare Jeannine Siakovich, Peggy Stone. Iuniors-Beverly Chilson, Myraleigh Farnsworth. Sophomores- Greta-Berg, Georgia Kunelis, Barbara Merrill and Carole Mercer. Delta Zeta came up with the most humorous house decoration during Home- coming Week . . . seems that the sisters never get tired of bridge, even after they received the Duplicate Bridge trophy during the Phi Sigma Kappa tour- nament . . . Ieannine Siakovich hailing from Fresno really loves her Western music . . . Anne Greta Berg was the Norwegian exchange student . . . the Christmas party at the Pasadena Athletic club was terrific . . . loanne Gee and Beverly Chilson Worked on the Daily Trojan . . . the house received the Bed Cross cup for outstanding Work done on afghan squares . . . Dare Bow- land was honored by Amazons and Blackstonian . . . the Valentine Open House honored Bow pledgesg the King and Queen of Hearts were chosen from those attending . . . the Boselight Ball Was the big outstanding social event of the year . . . much fun for the house in the middle of the Bow. 303 GAMMA PHI BETA Syracuse University 1 874 60 Chapters Beta Alpha 1938 43 Members The prize winning Gamma Phi house decoration for Home coming drew lots of attention from Row passers-by. 1,.J' as-21316 First Row: Seniors-Shirley Barkley. Dee Cooper, Virginia Garr, Bonnie Griifth, Betty Iames, Dorothy Iames. Francis Iohnson, Patricia McCaffrey. Second Row: Marilyn Muller, Iackie Ray, Rhodanne Ross. Patricia Springer. Mary Webb. Iuniors-Patricia Allen, Betty Anne Cumming, Diane Gauthier. ,fy P" ' 4 1' wh, Q 3 I . Welcoming company from the front porch are Joyce Canavan. Rae Olson, Sher S P" ry wanton, Gina Long, Dianne G r authier. Margaret Ann Futch, Ianet Hodqekinson. Ioan Warren and Marilyn Webb. 304 L .','cp.B. rfr Frances Iohnson, President fp f Y Row: Iuniors-Carolyn Ianet Hodginson, Mar- Martin, Ester Pearson, Schiess. Dorothy Suth- Ioan Warren, Marilyn Second Row: Sue Bald- Barbara Barnhouse, L'Cena Ioyce Canavan, Mary Carter, Anne Clements, French, Ann Futch. Row: Iackie Gould, Mary Hester, Virginia Hoffman, y Minton, Rae Olson, Sharon nton. Freshmen-lean Robi- Ioan Schoolmaster. The Gamma Phis had a newly redecorated, remodeled house to come back to in the Fall . . . the house really jumped after the Cal game with the "Fire House Five" entertaining . . . Margaret Ann Futch was made an honorary Lieutenant in the A.R.O.T.C. . . . it still shocks people when they see the "Henry I" parked out front . . . Shirley Barkley held the post of Panhellenic president . . . more embarrassing events on the pledge ditch, when Suzy misplaced her suitcase and Mary was the unlucky 13th person . . . some of the sisters were always on the lookout for mail from Camp Cooke . . . the Phi Delt-Gamma Phi orphan Christmas party was a big success . . . Spurs were represented by Anne Clements, loyce Canavan, L'Cena Brunskill and Rae Olson . . . the Orchid Ball was the big Spring formal with orchids from Hawaii . . . a good year. 305 as ,,' .- 1 " N -. 7' 'IV wif, QA N , 'Q , ' t . -at f-r' t -L . Life? ' 43, at aglnijggf -iff' 'S Engaging in a little horseplay on the Theta front lawn are Zanne Shaw. Ianette Vett and Ioan Winter. George Tirebiter was the theme oi the Theta house decoration which featured Notre Dame as his dog food. I V or I ' ' ,,,1 f 121, 5 . at ,iii yi 'Q ,S h r J' M .. ., :-:- 2 1. ,Q I A 3 ' 2 f f , I 'T -' ' -2't "fl:-1 , W ' . g ' " rt - ,y A ' L-fx, kj y X v , , V ,4 f , . I Q, ,-, fl t .:., g-,gil t u,:ig ,. e Q X , 1 . .,., .fgffifiz .,.:.:. , - -j'T,g..2. ' ' A . ff. t-tQ-tQ . P Qigxzigiiii H if . i t ' ' .iz 'tt ' " " 9' 55? if " -' l 1 ' fl La ' ' ' ' n 1 . 1 - ' ' 3 Li eu 'Q .. AVQH , 25 , - fl 1 1 ' r it .,. ,.,. A lfwffmlgt First row: Seniors-Kay Arena, Marion Atwood, Bonny Howes, Janet Lewis, Scott McDonald. Nancy McGrew. Second row: Letitia Ohmer, Elma Ralphs, Mariorie Robertson, Io Yates. Iuniors -Barbara Burns, Natalie Cooper. Ll- .,-qy., 1-1 Nancy McGrew, President Kappa Alpha Theta had a busy year led by thei popular president Nancy McGrew . . . the pledge had to fly kites on 28th street before going active . . proud of Homecoming Queen attendants Annabell Laugharn and Ieanette Vett . . . more fun watchin the goings-on of the Row from the "birdcage" . . Mimi Shepherd was Troed president . . . pledge were always reminded to act in a "Thetalike man ner" . . . I-lelen Parkinson was active as a Iudicia Court justice and Mortar Board member . . . Theta will always remember their beloved hashers . . . th high grade point average was a pleasant surprise . . the co-recreational volleyball team with the Sigm Chi's was loads of fun . . . Amazon workers wer Barbara l-lamman, Peggy Pryor and Carolee Count . . . the Theta-Kappa Sig annual Luau another org ans n , ' .iz :xg-if? 'i - ... , m H .., gn- ' , ,' ' " ' -Q' .- . V .,. 'ij jf.: a T 'M -, . H- '. V ' -:Lal ,' 1 X, . . K 1 A E a at 1 as fr l ff S , . 11' " al ' K .. N y B x S Y K. 2. ' a A, ,img FW rx an L' .uw a I I . 4- - ,. - eq mv -1 g,-n-.a......-n' ' ., ., , ' .-: -rg W ' ' ' -, . ' If'-5.31 M ., 1 ' ' . H ,.. , ,.,. , . K ., . 2' . H .,,. 1 J a f . H H ' W , ' A QQf":7.,:f:' 'fggj-I-P H . W A-3.11 Q. E as Z 11' A .T 5: H E - igiggig , W. ga .V 3. 5: . -5:55-5:5 . Q 5 I Q ' 2 gg B ff: i E 21. 1 222 Q e if G 2 - -f .. S ef " , -:- ' " " ... -..::::.": V: -: Q- -551' f, a a 1 V Q I :.:.: E E . t r. jj- E , H I I W-1 ar A . ,, .... I :" , ft Q assi . H.. . 1- if .... ff A 2- J Qfl E K ' ,lj ' ., E ' Ea W QQ 3 . if ' ff H ' B j " W EA' ag, I E 1 Jw we .I J.. Q . -:-rl-3-3-: 'j 3.5: .,. Q M- fr a. A E-2.5, ,X L3 gagifggggs ... Q L - E H- 5 .- r.-:L , .,. .,., .5 555- E ,. W., is .igmla H ma- if L, --mr! I X- H M ff V gl X 1 - First row: Sally Edgar. Suzanne Garratt. Barbara Hamman. Nancy Hazeltine, Iudy Iohnston. Anna- belle Laugharn, Ianet MacLeod. Second row: Ioyce Newcomer, Peggy Pryor. Nan Raine. Patricia Schell, Doryce Taylor. Donna Williams. Ioan Winter. 3:3251 KAPPA ALPHA THETA De Pauw University M' 1870 76 Chapters Omicron l 9 1 7 44 Members 1- - 0, a a " " A ,. xx xg 1' ' -1 ' if xx B x 1'fr1'41r-wfzf. Il . , P. , First row: Sophomores-Iane Brennan, Maureen Collinge. Marilyn Harter. Ioan Heineman. Aud- rey Hemphill, Marymar Newton. Zanne Shaw. Second row: Dianne Sherman, Mimi Shephard. Margaret Taylor, Nancy Taylor. Ieannette Vett. Mary Vidos, Ann Vierhus. 307 Lelt Seniors Pat Alsop Patricia Bercaw. Cannne Bumulian lane Carnllo Charlene Clark. R1ght Sally Dryer lean Hxghley, Velma Marsh, Iane Mayer and Helen McCallum. Kappa Delta, the house of sincere friendliness . . . the traditional first post-game open house was the kick-oft to the social season . . . Ginny Palmer always rewriting minutes in her job as ASSC Secretary . . . Mimi Wagner and her numerous meetings . . . rais- ing more money for the Crippled Childrens hospital . . . the volleyball tournament with the Phi Delta Thetas . . . Ann Fielder was forever humming "My Old Kentucky Home" . . . the bull sessions in the kitchen until 2 a. m. were climaxed with Myrna Bowers' famous sandwiches . . . Mrs. Moore was the best housemother imaginable . . . soft-spoken Nancy Stone keeping Monday night meetings in order . . . the glittering Diamond and Dagger Ball brought the year to a close for the House with the "Garden" Nancy Stone President 308 Enioying Mimi Wagner s pxano playing are lean Rothermel Nancy Stone and Iacque Brown O. Kam Awlllwu M W' w e . an nm was S1 KAPPA DELTA V1rg1r11a State Normal College 1897 79 Chapters Theta Sigma 1917 33 Members 1 ls 3' 'fig B HW v s. is , ,el 3? All H R 5 N E 'l if 5 9 1 .,. ., 2 5655 E, 2 3 5555. 'IEE 'fl I ,.,, , . -5 ': "R+: . ,lt 3' f., .2:" li H ,-- ...ez 'EIE H ,,... , ...g .: 5, ' Lelt: Seniors-lean Hothaen-nel. Ioyce Shride. Mildred Wag- ner. Juniors-Iacqueline Brown. Ellen Clark. Eileen Fontaine, Iean Goen, Betty Hippler. Jacqueline Moore, Ioann Schones. Q l Musi be funny as Virginia Palmer. Iacque Brown and Ann Fielder look like they're having a good time. A bridge game is more to the liking of Gwen Whitney. lean Highley. lane Carrillo and Margie Swanson. Righi: Juniors-Marilyn Smith. Nancy Stone. Louise Van Core, Gwen Whitney. Sophomores-Barbara Benson. Myrna Bowers, Nancy Friess, Patricia Paxton, Shirley Stolinslri, Margie Swanson. Not pictured: Anne Fielder, Virgina Pal- mer, lean Webster. -1 amp., - KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Monmouth College 1870 82 Chapters Delta Tau 1947 52 Members Chatting by the fireside are Marilyn Alexander. Audrey Slater. Molly Good- ' 'l R win. Anne Balleniine, Mari yn oney, Cathie Wickstrom. Marilyn Merkley. Mitzi Doll. 'and Barbara Bates. Patricia Zeiser. 310 art 1"5f'3 My W? KKI' KKCfee started the year with their new house- mother, Mrs. "R" . . . the kitchen was the most popular room in the house come 10:15 every night . . . the annual trips to the snow will never be forgotten by skiing enthusiasts . . . black sweaters of Amazons found on Molly Goodwin and Nancy Phelps . . . the "inter- com" was still the best place for dates to find out their ratings . . . the Christmas party was great, with the hashers presiding at the head ot the table . . . hours ot work on the house decoration for Homecoming paid off with a big first place . . . Bed Cross president was Sally Shatter, also an A.W.S. Cabinet member . . . the Spring and Summer trips to Laguna and Bal are recalled with pleasure . . . Spur presi- dent Marilyn Merkley was also honored as a Homecoming Queen princess . . . a great year was topped off by the Fleur-de-Lis Ball in the Spring. President -Zig E Q he t H F H ' ag Q H K kg E . H 3- if if 3 .W X95 H? 5 M ""' ' at "" 1 H .- Q H as W fr a . 4 E. 3 BN -:'- -.-v M ,,a.-Z' .v,.. A, 4 "3""' ' -V .,., 9 F is .Qgl-. l 2' 94 if X W X I Q' gf ff 5 5 il i ffl 5 ami sw 1 ., , - -- " e Eaiis.. ..: - , a ... -.ei . - if ,-1 .4 5 . .y,,Q.- .-5. Ev 3 E:: x ., . - - .1 41 2-: :---i v-., ,.,. g E... N " A M iz' -izftf 4 . - .4-3 . I 6 M Wg' . H A ' my 'A if zuz t' V. , , - . . f ' ' ' 'fl .:.g , N, f :Wm f f 1 5 zlz t?5 'gQf' .' : A N' , , . f .-A fE.gF'i9i?Z 5-ii t a 4, , 1-4 -. :Q in .if :': N W. .:., " ' - 5 Qiag zg. A -Q . ., ' A' - - ' '-'1 :Q ,rf 4,4 , " .155 , -:-1-: g ,,,, 3 .5 ii! ' ' H .,.,. I . . .: W , I ...... .,,, , . .,., nn., ur. -, H X as.-A. W M Y -,m-nw -Md- First row: Seniors-Virginia Dunn, Beverly Fortner, Rita Harris, Marilyn Hinsch and Nancy Hughes. Second row: Margaret Lincoln, lean Nichol, Frances Moon, Nancy Phelps, Rene Rochester, Helen Hollow, Sally Shaeifer. Mary Staunton. Third row: Shirley Wilmore. Marilyn Risser and Io Gleason. Iuniors-Marilyn Alexander, Ierry Ander- sen, Barbara Bates, Charlotte Bell and Hallie Bellah. Fourth row: Marilyn Boler. Pat Brackett. Denise Costello. Ioan Crockett. Molly Goodwyn. Ianet Higgins, Mary Lou Morris, Mary Lou Openshaw. Filth row: Virginia Reck. Ioey Roberts, Marilyn Roney, Ruth Scanlon, Nancy Scoles, Ianet Sheley, Lucy Sherrill, Lois Stone. Sixth row: Pat Zeiser. Sophomores-Anne Ballantine, Sue Henry, Mitzi Doll, Sue Fenton. lean Hessel, Shirley Littrel and Diane Maior. Seventh row: Marilyn Merkley. Marilyn Miles. Dennis Payer, Audrey Slater, Io Ann Sorey. Ioanne Stevenson, Kathryn Wickstrom and Marilyn Grocan. 311 f fi. xi if 4 5 N 1 1 n , . 1 m a - -.. W? Q f .Q f , H H X ..., . ,. , , M ' ' 351' ' -.. ' xi - R 1, is is ar t if as 1 I ,X 1 1' ' Q- ET . X x 4 JU A L J I ... . ,. H.. , fi. ' , W , Q I W Q X V it e 1 W' 'S' wr! N W f CLA' I .. 7 PHI SIGMA SIGMA Hunter College 1913 35 Chapters Beta Zeta 1945 18 Members gy'-er if -S. Bobbie Wallin and Bunny Sene- liclc relax around the house. Gloria Gainsboro, President Left: Top to bottom: Seniors-Gloria Gainsboro, Barbara Ioseph, Zelda Saul. Elaine Spitalny. Patricia Suskin. Nena Bein, Moshelle Kamper, Sharon Kranz, Edna Lipow. Leh to right: Iris Stern, Barbara Zuker. Sophomores-Comie Goodman, Esther Kantor Lorraine Shulman. Bobbie Wallin. Sophomores-Bunny Senelick. . 2: Patricia Suskin, Iris Stem and Nena Bein get ready to root for the football team at the Coliseum. Iris Stern. Bunny Senelick. and Nd-na Bein relax alter a hard day of cheering. Phi Sigma Sigma was invaded by Arizonians, with five girls from Phoenix in the house . . . Pat Suskin and Gloria Gainsboro Worked hard on the Greater University Committee . . . girls had fun Working in the Homecoming week activities . . . Bunny Seneliclc was always challenging someone to a debate . . . Nena Bein, Moshelle Kamper and Iris Stern were on several councils . . . the pledge formal at the Mocambo velly swanlc, even though they didn't know Where it was until that night . . . Bobbie Wallin and Edna Lipow did their part on the L.A.S. Council . . . the pledge-active South Sea lsland party was more than successful . . . Barbara Ioseph went in for the drama, as a member of the National Collegiate Players . . . big affair was the annual Founders' Day luncheon with the U.C.L.A. chapter and alumnae . . . IIB PI BETA PHI Monmouth College 1867 100 Chapters Gamma 1917 57 Members Pi Phi put their talents together and came up with a first place in Songiest . . . Mortar Board tapped Bingo Piver, Paula Hinckley and lane Aven Hall . . . red clothing was the order of the evening at the Sub- versive party, with the password being, "Comes der revolution" . . . honored by Amazons were loan Tanner, Pat Coghlan, Nancy Ridgeway and Carolyn Schiller . . . the Pi Phi Trojan Yell was the best during the contest . . . the Fathers' Banquet at Christ- mas, where fathers received Hopalong Cassidy badges and six-shooters . . . lots of laughs during the co-recreational volleyball tournament . . . lanet Ewart was a Spur and AWS treasurer . . . combining with the SAE in giving the Gamma Ball . . . and the top event of the season was the Golden Arrow joint dinner-dance with the UCLA chapter. 314 F ' I 1 f Z' FW Ian Ashford, President Looking over the Pi Phi glamour book are Diane King, Shirley Har- ris. lane Aylinq, Clarita Akerman and Anne Bennett. Clarita Stone turns dancer via Hawaiian style. fix '27 F . , I , '-R tn. S Term to R. down column: Iuniors-lane Womack. Sopho Rita Cobb, Ioan Cu Troutt, Io-Ann W Marlene Wessel Alesen, Merrill Braly, Sarane Burns, Doralee sack, Anne DeFreece, Ruth Ianet Ewart, Patricia Gary, Ioan Herscher, Ann Kelley, Tenita Mantz, Marnie Osthaus, wnbey, Marilyn Stuart, Patricia Tinkham, Gwen- bb N t ' tured: Seniors- e. opic Bennett, Shirley Harris, Paula Hinckley, Sally Mariorie Holmquist, Iean Olds, Penny Waters. Ackerman, Betty Cassidy. Suzanne Earle. ren Haight, Paula Turner. Gloria A :li V 1 X 'E 1 ' 4 1 U f P - .j if, ' ' N l r 1 fl : : Y- 1 1 -+' : : --:' y 522 ie'-ef-W 1 1 1: K . Q 1 1 s ZTA 1 1 ZETA TAU ALPHA Virginia State Normal College 1898 84 Chapters First Row: Seniors-Kathy Anderson, Patricia Xi Cunningham, Marilyn Graves. Second Row: 1910 Claudeen Ives, Barbara Kennedy, Mary Ann 35 Members Roddewig. Third Row: Betty Smiley. Iuniors- Madelene Barber, Gloria Charles. Finding it easy to study in the sun are Dorothy Ostrey. Marilyn Rotherum. lane Kresich. and Pat Cunningham. 316 SZ Zi AME' 5 T ri 3 Fill- asa lg 1 E H -.:.:.:V- EZES r.X fi W 1 First Row: Iuniors-Ginger Iones, Iane Kresich, Gloria Leean, Io Anne Mouren-Laurens. Patricia O'Brien. Dor- othy Ostrey. Ianet Ratley, Lucille Stewart. Second Row: Doris Sutter. Ianet Sweet, Wanda Lou Walters. Ila Weible, Elaine Wells. Sophomores- Ann Anderson, Betty Chapman. David Emerick. Third Row: Diana Gschi- vind. Darlene Hageman. Carolyn Lupfer, Nancy Rotherum. Anne Smith. Lois Tognazinni. Barbara Kennedy. President The Z'f'A's were continually attending a Wed- ding, with eight sisters joining the ranks . . . Barbara Kennedy tried hard to keep the house quiet on closed Monday nights . . . Daryl Emerick was active as a Spur and Alpha Lambda Delta president . . . everyone Won- dered if Nancy Nye knew her pinee after going with him for one Week . . . Elaine Wells and Gloria Charles doing a terrific routine in Trolios . . . campus Wheel on the ludicial Board and Chimes Was Virginia lones . . . the White Violet formal in the Fall couldn't have been better . . . Claudeen lves pitched in on lnter- national Relations Council Work . . . the sisters were minus several pints of blood during the blood drive, but Won a trophy for their efforts . . . keeping up with the men was Trovet secre- tary Mary Roddewig . . . quite a fun-packed year for the Zeta Tau Alphas. Alpha Kappa Alpha was the newest sorority on campus . . . had an active year under Geraldine Barnum . . . pledges had a "can-can" party to get canned goods for the needy . . . took over the X-ray unit on Vermont and letterson for a whole week . . . Lillian Butterfield worked as representative on the American Council on Human Rights . . . a big, new experience was attend- ing the National Conference during Christmas . . . a French Apache dance was held to raise money for a house on campus. ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA V- y y Howard University ':': .:.i Geraldine Barnum. President 1906 y ' ' Y :': , 82 Chapters A y I . Sigma 9 Q "ni li 1945 - V :-: 17 Members l :,:V' ' w X av its or r Top: Larue Anderson. First row: Nancy Bolch. Evelyn Baker. Geraldine Barnum, Billie Iean Barrett. Second row: Hermandine Boyd. Lillian Butterfield, Beverly Crump. Wanda Harris. row: Susie Hawkins. Gloria Hemphill. Dolores Ivory. Emaio Smith. Fourth row: Gloria Taylor, Gwendolyn Taylor. Lorry VV'hite. Fannie Williams. Harmonizing in a good old fashioned way are Billie lean Barrett. Wanda Harris. Evelyn Barker. Lillian Butterfield. and Beverly Crump. Delta Sigma Theta celebrated their suc- cessful second year on campus . . . Vernell I-Iunn was honored by being awarded her Phi Beta Kappa key . . . more work being done on the scholar- ship fund . . . Virginia Pillon made an --11-aff , ,,.:1- Ti efficient president . . . Danellen Mabry 1121 .fl H 'Frm busy as vice-president ot Phrateres . . . 1 ' ll1.,l,.,g-t'T :fi once again the "1abberWock" stage pro- l'i'f'ft -S KIM-if F, ,. . '.-' 3- 'Sf '. 'l . -.- V I 1 . ., - , - fn - - - -1 '1 'J-1 T. Z - I f':1K41'5'l.2 1 Jr- H- f.. 3. duction was a hit . . . the White Christ- 'haf . -V-e mas formal was the big social of the ' year . . . big plans for the Delta house, which will be built on campus soon. - if ., is - , , - na M ,pf J ' , it m B x x is - 5 -i. v 1- in - u it-51 if . ...Km 1. V r 1 V H wwe, I , .. . .I ..., -.MW W .si First Row: Mabel Bradford, Audrey Burrell, Vera Evans, Ianie Hansen, Signova Howard, Vervell Hunn, Ethel Iackson. Second Row: Vivian Iohnson, Danellen Mabry, Leonora Moore, Virginia Pillon, Ioyce Robenson and Thelma Price. DELTA SIGMA THET A Howard University VIRGINIA PILLON, President 1913 108 Chapters ' Upsilon 1945 19 Members A I a. 9 ' F si . . 52 If J X "Look this way and say 'cheese'. Thank you." in is it mst ACACIA Roger Stewart Donald Gibbs AEH Ioe Leopold Paul Gotstein l APX l Baa Lopez CAL scr-IMIDT Millard Gooch A President nterfraternity Am ouncll Robert Harvey Norm Vanderhyde BGH KA William Paynier Frank Mahoney Stan Tomlinson Bill De Briorr KAW Ronald Crawford Milton Smith lohn Kluq Charles Smith V Robert Marino Gene Royer ' lack Rider Bill Iohnstone A20 AXA H H Thomas Hall Ralph Drew Ioseph Darrow Stanley Glidden ATA fDAX Larr O'Neil Lo an Fox Z Y Q' Tracy St. Iohn Richard Tarlton a RICHARD L. BERG llnter-Fraternity Coordinator he Inter-fraternity Council achieved its yearly goals par- ularly in sponsoring a foreign student who, though ro- ting his meals at all the houses, managed to live. While is was in progress, conferees Fred Harper and Iohn Brad- y attended the Western Regional I.F.C. meet at Tuscon, 'scussing and solving problems unique to Far West l.F. .'s. The cosmopolitanitudeness of Calvin Schmit was user- l during the National Convention at New York Thanks- 'ving time, in solving rising national problems. ln sports, .C. coordinates inter-fraternity University recreational ac- ities. Late spring was the setting for l.F.C.'s Formal, all uses participating. QM-3 I-I KA n Bradley Franklin Miller red Baile Lloyd Cobb GFA HAO hn Noll Martin Green ert Barton Ronald Frank CDKII' EAR es Eddy Buster Bruce Hodges Dale Herwick fDKT EAM les Donnell Bud Greenbaurn Cappello Martin Kirshner KDEK EX Willwater Louis Ramirez ry Mann Phillip Ramser EN Sam Currey Terrence Taylor EQJA Robert Higgins Ray Erickson EQFE Standiord Case Frank Baffa TAQ5 Stan Minick Marvin Freeman TEQ Warren Ettinger Richard Capin TKE lohn Mclilderry David Oakley GX Thomas Iordan Fred Harper QE lohn Redfern Reid Bridges ZBT Robert Barnett Ronald Gordon Don Gibbs. President Only house on the row that doesn't Worry about painting the outside Walls of their Yale Chateau . . . a sure Way to get an Acacian mad is to ask him if his house is really supported by their famous ivy . . . dining room portrait still hangs up-side down . . . Knight-about-campus, Andy Ulrich, recognized by his friendly smile and the snowflakes around his ears . . . Squire Roger Stewart . . . next to 240 pound house character, Bob Kirkland, the weightiest land- mark is Pythagoras, prize-Winning English bull, house mascot, policeman, and social arbiter. . . music rates high with little competition in the Monday night serenading field . . . chess keeps most members busy . . . Fall president Don Gibbs . . . annual Black and Gold formal a big success. First row: Graduates-Ioe Block and Robert Lillivick. Seniors-Richard Allen. Richard Baerresen, Ernest Faser, Ronald Burbank. Kenneth Gavel. Donald Giggs. Gareth Hamlin and William Iuenger. Second row: Karl Klokke. Howard Macllloney. Howard Mills. Andrew Ulrich. Leonard Warren. Rex Warner. Richard Webb. Iuniors-Dennis Brake, Donald Brarnmer and Hugh Crais. Third row: David Dial. David Fisher. Donald Fraser. Sam Gandrud. Robert Gill. William Hathaway. Robert Kirkland. Iohn Lindgren. Herbert McGregor and William McColloch. Fourth row: Virgil Pinkley. Robert Ragsdale, Ray Richert. Danny Sapin. Gil SiegeL Vernon Simpson. William Stanhagen. Roger Stewart. Robert Velzy and William Walbert. Fifth row: Thomas Williams. Sophomores-William Bastron and Dale Iohnson. Freshmen-Donald Alworth, Girard Baker. David Davis. Ierry Eckel. Roy Forman. Ted Schayler. William Sweet and Walter Tate. 322 'T l l I tp la' Lp' 'ft if ' S'-ri. XX in AW' 'R - L D""'un:mY""' Universitlf of Michigan Roger Stewart and Don Gibbs welcome Pythagora 1904 38 Chapters 1946 54 Members back aiter a horsemeat and yoghurt party. Ted Schuyler, Bill McCulloch and Bob Velzy te their troubles to George at the Wailing Wall. f -of 523 - -P'-' E f1'r'-'Rf-we Em Ioe Leopold, President ALPHA EPSILON PI New York University 1 9 1 3 60 Chapters Upsilon 1931 35 Members loe Leopold, man oi many moods, ran the A E Pi house last fall . . . donning the cardinal and gold of Knights was Louis Pagter . . . Senator-at-large Milt Yusim never failed to either make good DT copy or keep the Scartf Street mansion rocking . . . semi- annual award dinner its usual success . . . equally successful but less popular were the monthly work "parties" . . . thespian Byron Appleton was a mem- ber of National Collegiate Players, while I-Iarv New- man added luster to his house by membership in Rho Pi Phi . . . those bi-monthly newspapers, each a journalistic pearl, eagerly awaited by all. Top to Bottom Seruors Lou Paqter. Top moBottom Seniors Byron George Pessxs Allen Rothenberg Gerald Stewart Barnett Emil Berger Lelan Stitch Sophomore-Irwin Rosenfeld kelslem Morton Golden Ice 324 l l I to Bottom: Freshmen-Howard Klaus- Herman Kronenberq, Victor Rosen Robert Papell. Leon Schwartz. I1 I 'P-' I I '-'J'-' 1 '- 7' W xv! 1... 16 4 .-gr' ,, I ,, . .4 , t. n 5, E . 39 vane:-f ' I , ..-wifi Reminiscing wistiully, Al Rothenberg tells Emil Berger. Mort Golden and Stu Barnett how he wowed the bartender at the Midnight Mission. Merle Zarow sings of his lost love to Marv Maslin and Lou Pagter. 325 Q53 AFX Architects gone social in this house . . . Millard Gooch found time between drafting Work and house parties to hold Fall prexy post . . . Knights George Bissell and lack Warner . . . how the boys love card games in the "Little Room" . . . how dishonest they all are . . . Kenny Wormhoudt made a good Squire, his sober judgment always an aid to the group . . . everyone looks with favor upon a A Rho Chi formal, a big event . . . andronicans burn the midnight oil in that familiar second-story Window every night . . . Weekly escapades with the Kappas made local history. Mal Gooch. President l rr- ALPHA RHO CHI University of Minnesota 1914 14 Chapters Andronicus 1922 28 Members n-l"""'d Some of the girls from the local houses on a Cam- pus cab. Len Ridder. Dale Brogg. Ray Larson. and Ken Wing study economics. Sometimes. First Row: Seniors-Robert Fields. Mal Gooch. Bill Laffin. Ernest Laduc. Bob Oifenhauser. Iuniors-Dale Bragg. Tom Butler. Iim Doolittle. Tom Kimble. Second Row: Ron Lopez. Bob Widman. Kenny Wing. Sophomores-A1 Aleves, Bob Knapp. Ray Larson, George Payne. Len Ridder. Ed Ripperdan. Third Row: Bob Skinner. Kenny Wormhoudt. Freshmen-Brent Alford. Guy Bartoli. lim Burns. Alvin Harker. Clifton Miller. Frank Wilcox. Not Pictured: Seniors-Jack Campbell. George Foy. Kenneth Norwood. Edward Reese. Hugh Wynn. Iunior-George Bissell. 327 ATS2 Graduate-Paul Brackenbury. First row: Seniors-Pat Caldwell, Henry Guilmette, Carl Miller, Robert Sheets, Norman VanderHyde. Iuniors-Edward Boden, Constantine Callas, Robert Cronshey. Second row: Bent Davis, Robert Harvey, Bruce Iohnson, Kenneth Kruger, Edward Huzman, Walter Mestre, Iohn Perme, Roy Smith. Third row: Fred Wehkinq. Sophomores-Donald Huqhlin, Robert Lindberg, Glenn Mann, William Myera, Iames Shi- puta. Freshmen-Laurence Grannis, Richard Moore. Not Pictured: Seniors-Walter Iensen. Iuniors-Iohn Upton. Sophomores-Richard Crevier, Iack Kirk, Robert Wiedenhamer. 328 ALPHA TAU OMEGA V.M.l. 1865 108 Chapters 1948 38 Members 4 Bob Sheelz, Dick Moore. and Don Huglin brush up ior the P.G.A. Scholarly Bob Harvey studies his much-thumbed text for 100a. Bob Sheetz. Ken Krueger. Bruce Iohnson, and Dick Moore hold their Ceramic incentives for harmonizing, Great big chateau on 30th . . . how the gals love it when a chorus of "l-lairy Chested Men" is rendered . . . those earth- shattering blasts from the air horn at football games were rendered by "Howling Bessie", ATO pride and joy . . . Fall president Bob Harvey . . . hustler Ben Krueger added archi- tecture veep, ball and chain, and Greater U to his over- loaded key chain . . . long, long poker games . . . Knights Norm Vanderhyde and Larry Pendroy . . . boys still can't figure out Where the AOPi pledges disappeared to during a certain exchange . . . Whenever sober, Bill Myers tugged on his Squire sweater . . . the big Spring formal. 329 Miami University 1839 96 Chapters Gamma Tau 1947 70 Members , 5 . . Bi11Payn1e1-, Presideni lust a-televiewing are Tom Tanner, Dick Hanson Penn Tudor, and Sian Tomlinson. Piedecorating throughout gave birth to the title "the Ocean- house ot Portland Street" . . . house walls bulged with wheels . . . Knights lim Williams, Stan Tomlinson, Fred Bogy . . . Squires Tom Tanner and Pen Tudor . . . Elections Commissioner Paul Parrish . . . Architecture President Bill Paynter, who was also Beta's lmperial Potentate tor two semesters . . . yodelin' Winter pledge Larry Stone and that personality ot his . . . the Conspiracy to chop down the palm tree in the middle of the driveway . . . athletes sparkled again with Mercer Barnes on the Trojan varsity Bud Doty and Don Underwood with varsity letters in basketball, and Dick Kiner as Frosh fullback . . . asking the Sigma Chis it they retrieved their picture of the Silver Fox from Doheny fountain . . . remember the bathtub, cobwebs, and laughs at the Halloween party . . . the Stan Kenton All-American honors in the national volleyball tourney . . . Fred Butler and Boyd Peterson, the two timid Tyrones ot the Bow. ,. 'x- 'J H k. . 4 ,H I-1 QQQ . 1- "PP E V, f fgrg al ' fo '51 . vt n ir' 1 it P9 Ti' l l W l 113' ll t ls ' 5, gg 5 i - 8 - I .Q . .. If .ig I f 'ha-.5 w u t s F First Row: Seniors-Donald Blurton, lim Conklin, Kenneth Devol, Charles Forbes, lames Grittin, William Has- brouck, Richard Kindelon, Frank King. Second Row: Stuart Lapp, Frank Meade, William Paynter, Richard Rob- bins, lay Stroh, Iames Williams. Iuniors--Iohn Brame, Fred Butler. Third Row: Charles Browne, Eugene Curzon. Gordon Douglass, George Elkins, Bruce Fleury, Ierry Halverson, Iames Halverson. Howard Hargrove, lames Holland. Fourth Row: Burt Hughes, William Hunt, Walter McCarthy, Wallace McCoy, Volney McCutchan, Donald McKibbon, Paul Parrish, Clayton Snow, Richard Thornburg. Fifth Row: Stan Tomlinson. Willard Tudor. Robert Vlfheeler. Sophomores-Lloyd Aubert, William Bacon. Edward Colburn, Robert Golden, Robert Grimes, Ierry Kirkwood. Sixth Row: Boyd Peterson, Stuart Parcher, Thomas Tanner, Hugh Warnock, Thomas Wells, Robert Wolii. Freshmen-Don Ayres, Robert Burnap, Henry Green. Seventh Row: Thomas Haldeman, Iohn King, Charles Murray, William Stevens, Larry Stone. William Tackaberry. Don Weber, Rod Wilger, Richard Kiner. Not pictures: Seniors-Fred Bogy, lack Byers, Dick Malm. Iuniors-lack Barnes, Iack Cameron, Richard Hanson, Richard Wortley. Sophomor-Iohn Marches. 331 fs w E First Row: Graduate-Robert Beaudette. Seniors -Art Anderson, Iohn Biggs. Second Row: Don Boyer. Charles Catterlin, Ronald Crawford. Third Row: Robert Dugan, Henry Knudson, Iohn Mc- Vey. Fourth Row: Dan Schiavone, Iames Schlei- mer, Robert Shaw. Fifth Row: Harold Smith, Larry Wolf, Iames Wright. Sixth Row: Iuniors- Iohn Albright, Harry Christensen, Robert Clark. Seventh Row: LeRoy Deise. Edwin Ducy, Rich- ard Kiley. Princeton University 1 824 34 Chapters Eta Delta 1934 60 Members Ron Crawford, President A few ot the boys trying to find out ii Iohn Van Dolah has any guts. Row: Iohn Klug, Albert Meniq, William Second Row: Robert Ploughe. Richard Savoie. Third Row: Gail Sims. Rich- Douglas Tipton. Fourth Row: Donald Fouts. Cecil Harris. Fifth Chve Iordan, Robert Smith, Herli Suhr. Row: Richard Venturini. Freshmen--Don Al Crawford. Seventh Row: Iames Good. Kaloper, Ken McFarren. Chi Phi's answer to Moto Polo was this disreputa- ble carpet sweeper entered in the Homecoming parade. Aviva, ,544 KK- r----i f ai- 'lv l .0 'W 'P L N New Chi Phi house additions were completed last winter, with enlarged dining room, kitchen, and a good-looking job of exterior face-lifting . . . Fall presi- dent Ron Crawford was active in Knights, Horne- coming, and smoking oi pencil-thin cigars Knew cam- pus vogueb . . . Dan Schiavone, genial Knight Presi- dent, who croaked out our half-time card stunts with gusto . . . lohn Klug, minuteman deluxe and butt of all jokes, was also a Knight and headed Flapper Day . . . Clive Iordan helped SC's water polo boys splash to fame . . . mighty fine Winter Formal, a Chi Phi tradition . . their downstairs bedroom door is still a mystery-it's always locked . . . Don Fouts and Dick Venturini wore the black and white of Trojan Squires. 333 AX DELTA CHI Cornell University 1890 38 Chapters 1910 59 Members "Dizzy" Marino led the house last fall with ac- cent on humor . . . they're still talking about Delta Chi's first place honors at Trolios . . . lack Colton's Charleston put the "Gentlemen Pre- fer Blondes" skit Way out in front . . . the house C?J ranks as a historic landmark, along with Mt. Vernon and the White House Cvintage 18931 . . . Knights Gordon and Dave Thomp- son, and Colton . . . Squires Bob Chappell, Don 1-lermen . . . "We Never Talk About That" Dept: how 18 pledges kidnapped every active in the house one Fall day . . . lack Rider, Chuck Kelly, and Stan Shafer kept the political pot boiling . . . Mike "Ajax" Cassidy keeping din- ner-time Delta Chi's in hysterics . . . a big event was the Orphan Christmas Party for Little Flower Mission. Bob Marino. President 1. lL... 1 rs Eze is tr all s st, 'H nz H Y . .jj ,Wk '4- 'f . 1' Colton and Dave Thompson show how it's at the It Club. Gail Forbes, Iack Rider and Iohn Mackel try out Dave Thompson-the new dinner bell vs ff' Lib 1' J L First Row: Seniors-Bob Booth, Gene Brochman. Michael Cassidy, Doty, Gail Forbes, Robert Hat- ton, Iohn Klock, Iames Kos- tas, Iohn La Monica, Robert Marino. Second Row: Rob- ert Meighan. Iuniors- Paige, Iack Rider, Stan Schafer, Gordan Thomp- son, Tod Anton, Chuck Billman, lack Colton, Don- ald Eisenberg, Robert Her- tel. Third Row: Dan Keel- ing, George Keeling. Charles Kelly, William Mace, Richard Porter, Alan Rowan, John Rowan, Paul Rowley, William Schfllet, Ernie Silva. Fourth Row: Don Snyder, Dave Thomp- son. Sophomores-Bob Chappell, Don Herman, Iohn Mackel, Angelo Mel- las, Albert Meiia, Manuel Ronquillo. Freshmen- Robert Cares, Bill Doyle. Fifth Row: George Ewens, Edward Farrell, Richard Hennessy, Leroy Kasper- ski, Tohn Love, Iohn Mc- Dougal, Herbert McKim, Alfred Otien, Ierry Parker, Ed Ripley. Not Pictured: Senior-Bill Sperry. First row: Graduates- Ioseph Darrow. Douglas Morgan. Seniors-Lee Albright. Second row: Martin Barr, Ronald Chase, Robert Chevront. Third row: Arthur Eaton. Iohn Forde. Thomas Hall Fourth row: Burell Iohn- son. Thomas Kelly. Rob- ert Kingman. Filth row: Gordan Mun- ford. Don Ratley. Iohn Sanborn. Sixth row: Iohn Spence. Dean Tibbott. Iuniors- Ierry Amo. Seventh row: Leo An- drade. Iames Barr. Iack Crawford. Eighth row: Glen Dee. Charles Iohnson, Charles Korman. Ninth row: Robert Lee. Ingard Martin. Thomas Moulton. w ' mls DELTA SIGMA PHI City College of New York 1 899 70 Chapters Alpha Phi 1925 80 Members Tom Hall, Presrdent .:. .:.EE,'h. . 'fr . fam . w ' Q' R ln! 3 Qt : - P f I ,K I iz' if 1 f-3 .4 W ts ' 'E First row: Iuniors-Ronald Muckenthaler. Paul O'Hare. Oscar Stevens. Iames Perez, Frank Rochex, Frank Sortino, Winston Taeger, Thomas Tancready. Second row: Lesley Traeger. Leland Warren. Sophomores-Burt Bockman. Kenneth Brown, Al Coleman, Donald Keltner. Robert McAlexander. Iames McDaniel. Third row: Ioe Wisner. Delwin Woock, lack Wood. Freshmen-Robert Decker. Neale Franson, Rodger Franson, Thomas Graham, Iohn Switzer. Not Pictured: Seniors-Robert Fox, Fred Lopresto, Robert Park, Richard Price. Edward Wachter. Iuniors -Iames Bockman. Iohn McDaniels, Thomas Wright. Sophomores-Richard Bartlett. Richard Genther, Rudy Bukich, Richard Layne, Robert Van Doren, Don Weston. Freshmen-Iohn Butler, Bud Dimock. Robert Dozier. Manuel Escalera, Marve Gelder. Ray Otto, Ronald Nordstrom. Charles Weeks. Yitbos. house mascot. eyes the leg of a passing pledge. Iohn Gillingham. Stan Monson, Tom Moulton. and Gordon Muntord prepare to welcome an errant pledge. F all president, active row man, and all-around good guy was Tom Hall . . . both the Sphinx and the Car- nation Ball lead the list of top social events . . . Yitbos, Great Dane and house mascot, woofs at the correct time during Trolios . . . complete redecoration during "Inspiration Week" Within the house very successful . . . Gordon Mumford elected Dee Gee "sweetheart" in gratitude for the Dee Gee songfest assistance C?l . . . Abalone Bake exchange with the Alpha Phis was quite the thing, they say . . . it just broke Squire lim Bockman's poor heart 'when they sold the 1924 Frank- lin for S5 to the junkman . . . Knights Doug Morgan and Hall . . . tops in football were Bob Van Doren and Dick Genther. V asv gg... ,-rg Xu 1" K HI r dl' Q . N. - .ff ,,... ,.:...5:.,' .. . ' . i 5 "ffW- 1 f' ii, , i First row: Seniors-Ray Adams. Robert Buchanan, Robert Chapman and Monroe Clark. Second row: George High. Sterling Hum. Edwin Illsley and Iames Large. Third row: Richard Mackaig. Robert Olson, Larry O'NeiIl and Gene Otsea. Fourth row: Robert Reynolds, William Ross, Newton Russell. Al Schinnerer and Richard Vaughn. Filth row: Iuniors-Alvin Ashley. Robert Brant. William Camp- bell. Iames Chew and Richard Davies. Sixth row: Ray Enter, Robert Flower, Virgil Galey, Jerry Hanniver and Larry Hunt. Seventh row: Ted Iohnston. Norman Lamoreaux. Alex Masarik. Armando Monaco and Harry Montgomery. Eighth row: Charles McMonigle. Robert Otto. Iames Roberts. Richard Soltys and Tracy St. Iohn. 338 1 'Y-ffl - -r 4 a.m. and Dick Finley. Bob Fowler and Dave Nev' bro decided to start studying. QW 2? Bethany College 1859 85 Chapters Delta Phi 1941 81 Members Larry O'Nei11. President arry O'Neil house president last se- ester . . . strong, silent type Tracy St. hn . . . Delta Mardi Gras always fabu- us . . . Don Tuftli thinks Wampus ould be dirtier . . . Squires Owen ichilieu, Virgil Galey, and Hugh Kel- y, house character . . . "Bones" Ross aking his splash with Fred Cady this is . . . Delta Queen funeral was very ad: someone needed to carry the orpse away . . . Flapper Day with the 'hi Psis featured cheap booze . . . ultra lining room table is the talk of the row . . I. C. Utterback's repertoire of jokes s superb . . . Knights Iirn Large, Dick flackaig, Al Schinnerer, and O'Neil . . . Delts and Trolios ran head-on, but all ved it . . . Halloween party with Pi his a big event. ,,,,, -1 .-V -- "W" First row: Iuniors-Hugh Stewart. Willaim Sturgeon. lack Tillar and Ted Todd. Second row: Don Tuftli. Sophomores-Allan Albright. Ray Bartee, Iim Beard. Third row: Dick Calhoun. Paul Calhoun. Cy Consani and Roger Dunn. Fourth row: Kenneth Flower. Dan Greene. Hoyle Hamilton and Donald Hamson. Filth row: Kit Hom. Eugene Hougham. Hugh Kelley and Dick Okerlund. Sixth row: Owen Richelieu. Don Stone, lim Utterbach and Don Ward. Seventh row: Freshmen- Franl: Brick. Frank Finger. Ierry Iohns and Dick Lee. Eighth row: David Newbro. Roger Riley, Warren Roberta and Frank Tanner. Not pictured: Seniors-lim Bow- ersox. Bill Saunders. Tom Wilson. Dean Dillingham and Dick Finlay. Iuniors-Al Casteu. Kevin Grant and Iohn Morgan. Sophomore-Dick Finlay. 339 w 5 ss U msgs 5 , P1 a , I ! nw: was ss - W 3 Frank Mahoney, President gms Ev 1 4. , 5 "Q, Y :.: .:. -: .M-0 " E .Q.:.:., ,., E ' .,:.:.:. . I '- 2a ..: if . -w Q- I if 'fl TLT IQ. ' H 'H H' ff QF: E , W -2- I E S r- - .::a.a-,iz ' llvll- Q B . " :.. ji- Q H if ms Knights well represented by KA this year, with red sweater lads including Bob Bowdle, Iirnmy Lewis, Dennis Murphy and president Frank Mahoney . . . their Confederate flag, which the DG's were always stealing, hung once a year during famous KA "secession" from the Union . . . Squires Bill Long and Wendell Casey . . . don't ever step on the crest in the floor of their busy entry hall . . . Dixie Ball another roaring success this year . . . famed athletes Ralph Pucci, Dean Schnei- der, Iohnny Pouch, Al Carmichael, Dan Zim- errnan . . . Norm Adams in track . . . "Boss weed" Murphy found time between jokes to ead important Homecoming Parade . . . Troy amp headed by "Iughead" Sutherland, with uccess . . . that beautiful green lawn trans- orrned into another Bovard Field every noon- ime by muscular KA's. ft? A groups ol Colonels aiter announcing KA's seces sion from the North. is-Mess KAPPA ALPHA Washington ci Lee University l 865 75 Chapters Beta Sigma 1926 65 Members First Row: Graduates-Volney Brown, Ted Clemmons, Crawford Sneddon. Seniors-Charles Bissonette, Robert Brown, Ron Brothers, David Capeluto, William DeBriere, Lowell Eastman, Iames Lewis, Frank Mahoney, Brennan McClelland. Don Patterson. Second Row: Ralph Pucci, Erwin Tuppan, William Worster. Iuniors-Paul Ander- son, lack Bessolo, William Byrne, Iohn Fouch, Vernon Iohnson, Ron Kennedy, Guy Levingston, Ierry Marsden, Robert Millsop. Third Row: Harold Musselle. David McEwen, Sam Nicholson, Bernard Pipkin, Ierry Saun- ders, Wayne Schafer, Dean Schneider, Donald Skeele. Carl Verheven, Dan Zimmerman. Sophomores-Fred Beliveau, Iames Beeks. Fourth Row: Wendell Casey. William Carter, lack Comell, Michael Gaqgs, Iohn Iones, Ray Kettle, Bill Long, Dick Mahoney, Ricardo Nicol, Edward Pucci, Frank Purcell, Fred Rainer. Fifth Row: Ben Sampson, Iohn Slauqh, Charles Taylor, Bayard Welch, Bob Wickem. Freshmen--Barret Iardine, Torn Lewis, Ron Lund, Graydon Oliver, lames Robertson, Bud Srnull, Tom Weber. Not Pictured: Senior-Nonn Adams. Iuniors-Len Laudenbach, Iim Thobe. Sophomores- Al Cannichael, Dick Smith. George Bozanic, Mal Bert, Warren Clendenninq and Dan McDonald in "Sl-:ivvy Scandals." 2 Y. . .r. 1 '- ,-1., KAPPA SIGMA University of Virginia 1869 107 Chapters Delta Eta 1925 85 Members lx r ap -yi A lil . ,gr-F' , Swv? KE Gene Royer, President Kappa Sig library recently redone into "card" room . . . Gene Boyer miraculously placed as Fall presi- dent . . . Knights Boyer and Tom l-lodgins . . . Erma, the Rolls-Royce of 28th Street made it to Palm Springs again . . . house full of characters, led by "Iames Cagney" I-Iockenberry and "Milton Berle" Sullivan . . . Squires Danny McDonald and lack Davis . . . bringing athletic glory to the house were Lou Welch and Bill lngrin in football, Dick Attlesey in track, and Tom Riach and Al Lamont in basketball . . . looking for big things from Fall pledges Dave Hunter, War- ren Clendinning, and Bruce Bennett . . . the White's Point annual luau was rated tops . . . remember the great Kappa Sig combo at Trolios? First Row: Seniors-Robert Viault. Ray Benson, Kenneth Colborn, Iames Cole. Ioseph Davis, Newell De Puy, Robert Gilbert, Robert Gruivell, Stanford Iolley. Donald Killiam, Robert Knox. Second Row: Gene McNicholas. Gene Boyer, Wesley Seastrom, Iohn Stayton, and Guy Wilson. Juniors-Bill Beals, Bruce Bennett. Delbert Bowman, Robert Campbell, T. Diamond. Third Row: De Witt Dimon, Donald Drazon. Iaclr Paul, David Hauser. William Hockenberry, Tom Hodgins, Ed Hoolrstratten, Paul Gibbons, Iack Goertzen. Bill Iohnstone. Fourth Row: George Koteles, Allan Lamont, Thomas McClure, Daniel McDonald, Ervin Males, Gordon Palmer, lack Samuels, Iohn Schrader, Ioe Tumer. Rollin Wallace. Fifth Row: Sophomores-Mal Bert, George Bozanic, Iohn Burkhead, Emest Cromar, lack Davis, Bill Fimpler, Ioe Greenway, Richard Higbie, Gary Killingsworth. Edward Raymund. Sixth Row: Floyd Sanger and Lou Welsh. Freshmen-Warren Clendeninq, Allan Hunter, Bill Ingram, William Keeie, William Meyer. Kenneth McCluster, Iohn Price and Thomas White. Not Pictured: Seniors-Dick Attlesey, Frank Anderson. Lee Mantel, Frank Martin, Iohn Outcoult, Tom Raich and Elmer Snell. luniors: Dick Crenna, Beck Kisselburgh, Frank Sullivan and Preston Thurtle. Freshman: Gary Conklin. i.q.1 as -1 343 First Row: Seniors-Thomas Bell. Frank Dotson, Leonard Grassi. Melvin Hawkes. Second Row: Douglas Hood. lack Kabateck, William Ketzbeck, Iohn Watson. Third Row: Iuniors--Phil Anza- lone, Robert Bair, Iim Banducci, Carl Buchholz. Fourth Row: Iames Cameron, Iames Dean. Iohn Demaree, Ralph Drew. Fifth Row: Iohn Devlinf William Eckles. Donald Hill. Robert Hunter. gixth Row: Ierome Iansen, Ken McCamish. Ralph Pegors. Robert otter. 344 iti l XA Repairing their mansion are Bob Hunter and Vic Reinhold. Lin., J. A5 ., . Actives initiated new house with forbodings: past owner went insane in one of the bed- rooms . . . Leonard de Grasse, a real character, waiting around for the other six of his father's eight titles . . . lack Kabatec claims the trouble with big Monte Carlo party was the wake money . . . pussy cat, "Lambda", was abducted . . . following month Bill Rogers got an A in Zoo . . . bruises around ankles oi lim and lack Arnold suggest that they may be chained up at night Cvery likely? . . . winners of non-float entry in Homecoming parade . . . Trolio's show "This ls the Army" swelled Navy enlistment 201, . . . Squires Tony Ward, also frustrated Soph president, and lack Lewis, a most out- standing pledge . . . Knight Ralph Drew also chief scribe for IFC . . . Iohn Dernaree looks like he is really going to earn two degrees at the same time . . . sweetest little artist colony in the Magenta Room. IN a-4 'f Qifafk-' HX 'Ky T Ralph Drew. President LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Boston College 1909 138 Chapters Zeta Delta Zeta 1948 54 Members 'D . I , Q I E c , LQ if 1 Ig A V? 'E ' 3: 4. 'Kg-1 1 V 1 :aria it X sms .., gs is af 'ht Qs as mi I w First Row: Iuniors-Don Schulke. Fred Schwartz, Vic Reinhold. Second Row: Ioe Vento, and Richard Weatherby. Sophomores- Iack Arnold. Third Row: Craig Carpenter. Robert Gerard. Stanley Glidden, Donald Ground. Fourth Row: Forest Riek, Robert Ross. Edward Snyder. Al Sutherland. Fifth Row: Ted Tate, Iohn Tylka. William Towles, and Tony Ward. Sixth Row: B. G. Williams. Freshmen-Robert Carpenter, lack Felder, and Iack Lewis. Not Pictured: Senior-Robert Morrison. Iuniors-Brad Bailey. Iack Blaha, Gene Cates. Harold Iensen, Dick Swan, Dick Zigrang. Sophomores-Iim Arnold. and Gary Rademacher. Freshmen- Bill Littell, and Mark Matlock. Bob Carpenter tried but couldn't get four more fo! Iohn Tylka. Craig Carpenter. lim Dean, and lack Lewis. 345 Pharmacy house at SC . . . two-time president Dean McCann really sparked the house, things grew under his able lead- ership . . . Spring's Hearts and Flowers Formal was terrific . . . Bob Parent, outstanding pledge last semester, is the pride and joy of the house . . . who doesn't still remember Homecoming Chairman Logan FOX, a great guy who di- rected one of the school's big events so well . . . Squire Dick Tarlton and Knight Danny Lucid, both hard workers . . . a new house this year which has been completely decorated . . . Phi Dex, a mongrel of illicit parentage, be- came unofficial mascot . . . All-U golf champ Bud Strom takes a lot of kidding. Phidex swears he was a gentleman the entire evening. Refreshing themselves with a dash of blackstrap, molasses. and wheat germ, Delta Sigs and Phi Delta Chi hosts really tied one on. .44 t r l 5 was 11420. 'ibfiiff za I PHI DELTA CHI Ann Arbor, Michigan l 883 22 Chapters Omicron 1 909 62 Members 346 1 . ti Q. f H tx I 'wr I is 4 51 ft., .. .Z-:V I A 1 ll- ' A , ., ka- t .,,. . , r' ' ,4,.:.z, ',: - 1 ' Q - i f 7. . t t. lf ,, ,,,,,,, .:.: , 'tl f.. . 'Q V, as 5 if , 9 1:- 4 ul 2 E E 1 1 'H A .st fe - - A- ' E ..., -2:'ii".j:. " X ' 1 . 'G' fr- rf. . Q, ju' lun 'x , 1.9 ff 1 ' ll 1 f .9 g i.. Eliss a -' ".l!'lIi1?' ' E "!,,2!I'!!'5!!'Q, 5 I 'i'f'.' ,ff x 1 LEE! Dean McCann, President 2 X . s - F First row: Seniors-Laurence Abbey, Iack Bilz, Madison Botts. Second row: Robert Crowe, Ralph Dashiian, Rich- ard Donley. Third row: Harold Drevno. Logan Fox, Robert Grow. Fourth row: Richard Guerra, Richard Hall, Dean McCann. Fifth row: Victor Nemechek, Robert Patterson, Iohn Polski, Charles Sevanson, Robert Talley, and Henry Wiencek. Iuniors--Fred Bailey, Iames Baxter, Fred Beard, Ronald Cole, and Iames Coleman. Sixth row: Dan Lucid, Craig Nigg, Richard Parent, Iames Riley, Charles Robertson, Thomas Scheib, Harold Schierholt, Duane Shelstad, Arthur Stretton, Beryl Strom, and Eugene Wallace. Seventh row: Sophomores-George Buell, Robert Christensen, Lee Colbert, Iames Cornwell, Richard Graig, Charles Riley, Iames Smith, and Richard Tarlton. Freshmen-Harry Boyaiian, Robert Collins. and Leroy Curry. Eighth row: Walter Hopkins, William Longfield, and William Mochlrnann. Ninth row: Thomas Morton, Laurence Pains, and Richard Robbins. Not Pictured: Seniors--Clarence Brauer, Ray McLaughlin, Ioe Melville, Ronald Olson, Barney Sousa, and Edward Wallike. Iunior-Iames Napier. Freshman-Richard Smith. 347 3 ri . 5 . "E, I 1' 1 S ,. fx .. , 1 5 . I l First row: Seniors-Henry Abts, Robert Anderson, Wilfrid Bailie, William Bowers, Donald Britt, Robert Burks, Rollin F Wilson Franklin. Second row: Robert Gehring, Lester Neblett, Harlan Pebley, William Putney, Iohn Rodgers, Orvill Iuniors-Charles Barnes, Thomas Barrett. Third row: Glenn Berry, Harry Bisbey, Iohn Bradley, George Brumfield, Robert Ted Endicott, Carl Howell, Gerald Kingsley. Fourth row: Paul Payne, Thomas Potter, Richard Olerick, Raymond Otto, Stewart. Sophomores-Ronald Batholomew, Robert Cooper, and Donald Daves. Standing upwind from Airwick are Ray Otto, Don Daves, Glen Barry, and Will Franklin. 35 R ' lack Russell. Dick Olerick, and Glenn Barry pre- pare to brand another one ot the herd. Dick Strahan. Mrs. O. T. lohnson, previous owner of the new house, finally surrendered to adamant Mother's Committee . . . what a place: "Orchid" rooms, "Egyptian" rooms, drapes of gold thread . . . mascot Phi Chi-thoroughly tumigated pet skunk . . . "our housemothern, chilly statue of Venus . . . Iohn Bradley kept the boys in order as house president . . . Knights Bill Adams Calso Senior class prexyl, Bob Gerhing, and Bradley . . . Squires Bon Bartholomew, Don Daves, and Don Kott . . . Delis stole the house flag, managed to smash garden brick Wall when paying return visit . . . Iohnny Boger's Well-known laugh, DG annual exchange Christmas formal, and shy guy Dave Ienkins so Well remembered. if AG few 51+ + .ku lx " Q. JEgXi 5 L1 Xz- LJ 75257 .., . amazes . ,ft . ' we K 1 wma ' -1 . rt, - , 5 1.5.1. , .,,',,',P st 3 , feat - Q, .. an E ,, f' 11 -:HQ at 'tw' Km: i 'f we Bt 5,51 gl:-i s , " A f' 1 1 ' :Q it za '- , , it TM . 5.4 if Q:- - .V 'V P 1524 13553, :-:fy ,V Miami University 1848 113 Chapters California Delta 1 948 91 Members First row: Sophomores-Richard Davis. Howard Dippellf Herbert Hoeplner. Second row: Robert Imerman, Donald Kolt, Iack Russell. Third row: lack Scholz, Wayne Shaffer, Donald Stewart. Fourth row: Dick Strahan and Tom Taylor. Freshman-Arthur Campbell. Fifth row: Allan Gallion, Iay Good- hew, Ray Henderson. Sixth row: Fred Hoar. Calvin Iohnsion, Iohn Kloppenburg. Seventh row: Iohn Eniqht. Ioe Murray, Stuart Neiieler. Eighth row: Rodger Nunemaker, Samuel Shirley. Thomas Stem- - urg and Harlan Striif. Not Pictured: Seniors-William Adams, George Braum. Robert Lenker. Edmund Iohn Bradley' President Neil and Dean Pic'L Iunior-Alfred Adams. Sophomore-William Riddle. Freshmen-Charles Cush- man, Wilard Gobbell, Craig Kauffmann and Donald Millikan. 349 1 s X W. vl vw V- ,.,. First row: Seniors-Charles Solesworthy. Iames Conlon, Richard Cooling. Second row: William Elles. Robert E1-hart. Raymond Garcia. Third row: Frank Hall. Keith Holaday, Robert Minot. Fourth row: William Moiiitt, Iohn Noll. George Schiess. Fifth row: Rod Walling. Iuniors-Iames Boreham, William Burby. Sixth row: Charles Colesworth, Kenneth Gardner, Ioe Iohnson. Seventh row: Clay Kellogg. Robert Lehman. Ray McCoy. Y I , xl.- ....... -- it 7' xx 0 1 B n Q 1 Trying to get their Indian head Nickel back are Ray Garcia. Bill Ellis and Clay Kellogg. Iohn Noll and Iim Strode house presidents . . . Knights Bill Burby and Bill Moffitt . . . Fiji Island Dance, an annual affair, rates among the top events of the year . . . house mascot, a Welch Bembacory CPD, new addition, along with famed 1917 Dodge "taxi" . . . Squire lim Strode, very popular member too . . . the big lot in the back of the big white house on Adams is tops for badminton, basketball, and sin . . . outstand- ing pledge Bill Ellis . . . original Charleston Party was really tops . . . five crew team mem- bers and track man Bob Lane are the Fiji's con- tributions to SC . . . how does Mike McGee manage to drink all other beer brewers under the table? Yi 9 li e 1, 1 I l E' t Q U me n:.:-:Qt Q , Ve 1a- - I Z W f pg First row: Iuniors-Mike McGee, William Reit- zell. Second row: Locke Thompson, David Van Name, Edward Willumsen. Third row: Sopho- mores-Winiston Bachelor, Robert Barton, Mich- ael Ianelera. Fourth row: Robert Lane, Ward Morris, Iames Strode. Fifth row: Freshmen- Robert Alexander, Chad Bowlen, Douglas Dalse. Sixth row: Iohn Devine, Donald Harper, Ted Hirdler. Seventh row: Donald Landwehr, Robert Noll, Homer Valentine. Not Pictured: Senior- Larry Wilson. Iunior-Edward Bach. Freshman -Mike Iavelero. mmm 5 s mn xw H E ' ' . - .- :.: ss R M .. Y 9 .MWH ?fww " :' 3: 'E WI sea Rf f :.:-.:.. I .:.:.:. xi vw -.: k A 5 . .Q Q X : E, ,, M 2 5 2 ., 2 .,.:.,. . ..,.. H E N ,Q 5 .. K .1 - ' v M. Q ., . E . - . K N H' - I - J L Z .. an uma mass 4 Lmw ss .4 ni WT UE w,-1 2 n ,Q mn -we mx um vnu I s - wa sm K Xu n ss -nm s-1 me 'w xx E. zagmim W ms ww- 4 A ss 1 mm we J, E Sit, w 55.53 E K, EQ an gn 1-,x Ugg if Q. N M mn mr as a wanna ga magma -Q - was V? my 3. vw ss ,ms Q nw Exam nm am ww Q 59 ww a fs nw was 352 nm w f 1 b7f'3"3N'5 g g i KAPPA ms a nm 1 ml B .. H J .J J- 1 1 :.: z.: :W , ...Q-1, .. Frank Wright chateau at end ot row . . . Pall president lerry Hodges . . . pledges Won the annual relays again . . . lim Eddy BMCC and Knight . . . Terry Pearson and Bill Inglis Were Squires . . . everyone looks toward annual Spring Formal at the Shadow Mountain Club . . . athletes Elmer Wilhoite and Pat and Dale Duff showed their stuff in foot- ball last fall . . . humiliation and little conversation concern- ing that last pajamarina with the Pi Phi's . . . Bob Reardan and Larry Monroe plucked by the draft . . . musically-in clined Phi Psi's tear the Walls down every Monday night. PHI KAPPA PSI Ieiferson College l 852 75 Chapters California Delta 1927 76 Members Ierry Hodges. President 'x i First row: Seniors-Art Barnard. Gerald Brewer. Earl Cecil. Morgan Cox. Hilton Green. Robert King. Richard Pearson. Robert Rakestraw. Iohn Prussell, Fred Talmage. Evan Whttworth. and Melvin Wilson. Second row: Iuniors-Thomas Bottaro. Leroy Cox. Iames Eddy. Frank Flores. Pete Hoyt. Ierry Hodges. David Homme. Iames Htmsaker, Douglas and Charles Morris. Third Glaser, Herman Groves, Richard Metzger. row: Malcolm McConnell, Keith McDonald. Nonnan Stocks. Leroy Tait. Bruce Wiker. Iames Wilhoite. and Fred Wolcott. Sophomores-Peter Akin. Fourth row: Everett Balzer. Ierry Cronin. Parker Dale. and Harold Downey. Filth row: Karl Dldriclrsen. Charles Graves. Robert Harrell. and Bill Inglis. Sixth row: Harry Iohnson. Robert Laughlin, Larry Mon- roe. and lack Palmer. Seventh row: Larry Pearson, Verle Sorgen. Dick Stever. and Elmer Willhoite. Freshmen-Sylvan Berrle, Parry 0'Brien. lay Briggs. and Dale Duff. Hghth row: Landon Exley. Desmond Koch. Iames Lea, lerry Leishman. Ronald Luther. Paul Marx. William Morten- sen. and Thomas McCarthy. Ninth row: Don Nice. George Ott. Donald Platz. David Price. Gene Ronald. Iacob Schneider. David Tompkins. and Richard Wineland. Not Pictured: Senior-William Pearson. Iunior-Russ Hughes. lack Poole. and Ken Reppe. Sophomore-Bob Reordan. Fresh- man-Fred Paul. 353 lndulging in a little horticulture are Harry Iohnson. Frank Flores, Hilton Green and Skip Taft. ' 1 First row: Seniors-Ch 1 ar es Donnell, Dick Ewing. Francis Fagan. William H 1 Maurice Holtby and Iohn Meikle. Second row: B Cappella, Charle H a ey. Orren Harris. Geo rown McPherson. V s ackett. Iohn Hoier. I h rge Hatchett ane Suter and Theodore Vass. Iuniors--Ierry o n Hull and Iohn Lundgren. Q1 f-A, 1 I X D l sw, ffl X Chuck Donnell. President iff, -JU Howard Mooney, Chuck Hackett. and Dick Ewing I 11-,,dhj,i,A. hold forth at the annual study session. ' 1 D 3 'K ' Bedecorating inside and out busied the boys this year . . . Leroy Mosher, Bud Templeton, Iohn Lundgren, and Iohn Pope made good DT copy With their ' political activities . Squires Ierry Cappello, Iim Lyon, and Chuck Hackett . . . second highest fraternity scholarship rating on the row . . . grades given a big boost, with each pledge having his own desk in the "Annex" . . . a nice guy was , Chuck Donnell, Fall gavel-swinger . . . house athletes Boyd Boyd, Bob Peviani, ,Lge Neil Colgrove, and Al Barry . . . that white piano-if it could only talk! . . . 7 rg, y "Griesie" may be temperamental, but what a cook . . . election of Mona Freeman ' as "Dream Girl" highlighted Winter formal at Bel A' ir country club. 354 it P1-ii IQALJPA ff A -Ei U Miami University 1906 71 Chapters Pi 1922 60 Members First row: Iuniors-Howard Mooney, Iohn Oliver, Iohn Robin son, Donald Scheppers, William Scheppers, William Sink and Bud Templeton. Sophomores-Neil Colgrove. Second row: Ron Getty, William Heim, Ierry Leach, lim Lyon, Iohn Murphy, Fred- erick Wallace, Don Leeny and Edwin Merwin. Third Moody Ed Sa l row: David , me son and Dick Zincan. Not pictured: Seniors- George Caufield, Hal Gage Arthur H L , ews, Charles Hicks, Ray ang, Leroy Mosier and Dick Welte. Iuniors-Wade Evans, Dudley Hosea, Annando Noel and Iohn Pope. Sophornores- Bob Boyd, Robert Peviani, Bob Iones, Torn Watson and Al B Freshmen-Bruce Bell Bill M arry. , eacham, Bill Sackett, Danny Web- ster and Ed Wilson. " A A WEE' LWQ TWD WEE-'Ti ,I lf I 1- 1 I L L LLJ Chuck Donnell presents Mona Freeman with frater- nity award at the Red Carnation Ball. 355 nil 'Yu I 1 . ,in xg Q Q A-1 K 1 ff" 'UQ -'UB 'k ,. ii: is .:,:,. V " g' '. Q11 Q! X .aim sm, VN! tcp N 1 A. W Dutch Willwater. President " WN. f ygn"V" u.,.f, , . Getting the facts ot Lite are Don Sutherland. Don Frances. lim Schlect. and Iohn Wolie. row: Seniors-Robert Allison, Ronald Beyl. William Busby. Donald Francis. Gwinn Larry Littrell. Charles Rankin. Iames Schlecht. Charles Tolrley. Donald Wallace. row: Harry Willwater, Edward Winlrenhower, Harry Wirtz. Iohn Wolfe. 1uniors- Alrnqutst. Iames Biby. Fred Biederrnan. Roy Biederrnan. Ben Bird. Herb Boelter. Third Ioe Comstock. Beryle Duce. William Eadie. Stephen Elmore. Norman Green. William Stanley Iulius, Iames Manos. Iohn Marcum. Fourth row: William Mattews. Moore. Arthur McDerrnoth. Iarnes McGregor. William Rowley. Francis Schima. Wells. Sophomores-Rudy Berger. I-'ltth row: Bud Hauslein. Fred Iahnlre. Glen Ted Iohnson. Richard Kappes, lack Kearney. Tom Kemp. Vick Knight. Sixth row: Leighton. Terry Mann. Charles Magnus. Louis Pizzo. Larry Ransdell. Rodger Rielter. Rowlin. Ernie Scott. Seventh row: Donald Sutherland. Ronald Thompson. Richard Freshmen-Charles Alford. Ronald Bland. Ian-tes Bowen, Donald Brown. Baxter Eighth row: Charles Charter. John Cuchna. Clark Darling. Don Goodrich. Thomas Richard Huston. Wayne Iarvis, Richard Lewis. Ninth row: Jim Lucostic. Perry Lyons. McCallum. Charles McClure. Daniel Shea. Albert Shonlr. Francis Williams, Willard Not pictured: Seniors-Robert Kimball Robert Omherg Cliff R tti I ' . . e g. unxor-Bill Sophomore-Frank Gilford. Freshmen-Allen Mann, Denny Palmer. Bill Sill. Donald 357 st""'fe EK PHI SIGMA KAPPA Amherst College 1 873 63 Chapters Omega Deuteron 1928 86 Members New 35105000 28th Street abode boasts 17 bedrooms, giving an "intimate" at- mosphere . . . fall pledges never had it so good with those upstairs accommo- dations . . . Bay Thompson still trying to blow up the house with cherry bombs . . . unique in Way of parties Was the Phi Sig 4-Way stretch with a Communist theme . . . Knights Bon Beyl, Bud House- lein, Bob Allison . . . Beryl Duca, Bill Rowley, and Art McDermott Wore the black and White ot Squires . . . house chef Connie outdid himself with those tamed Friday night fried shrimp bullets . . . president Dutch Willwater, a Very genial guy . . . great laughs over the annual pledge relays . . . politicos Gwenn Henry of Greater U fame, lim Schlecht, Vick Knight . . . anyone make mascot "Kap" bark? Frank Miller, President PI KAPPA ALPHA University of Virginia 1868 104 Chapters Gamma Eta 1926 3, 13 57 Members . . 'x , "..,M,.. re Jijitmaiirtr QR. 1- rg p I N :V I T 4 s. ei I J Bob Kagle, Don Male, Bill Eckart. and lack Balti- more birghten up Gaspinq Gussie, house antique. Bruce Fisher, Don Male, and Glen Hoier expect to see their reflections in their handiwork before Famous green awnings give interior of PJLKA house that opium den appearance . . . saga of rise and tall of their l923 Ahrens-Fox Fire Engine, a 7 ton "taxi" with the personality oi a boiler factory . . . ZOO hats donated by Texaco at the "l:'ireman's Ball" gave atmosphere . . . that "you-all" accent seems to have become a trademark, With all the actives from the Deep South . . . Frank Miller Was Fall house president . . . Eric Lundguist and Don von Geldern were Knights, with Dick Gilbert representing the house in Squires . . . that garnet and gold striped Wallpaper in the entry hall keeps PiKA optometry bills up . . . open-houses after the games Were -. memorable with the Dixieland combo . . . annual Spring Dream Girl l ,lg-i- formal. f 'w ,Xb y f lirst Row: Graduates-Fess Parker, Robert Kagel, Robert Windahm. Seniors-Walter Anderson. Second Row: Ed i Talkins, Le Roy Chapman, Edwin Couleur, Richard Crissman. Third Row: Roy Foote, Theodore Grady. Loren Iessup, P ' ' St l L' tner. Fifth Row: Wally Lynn, Frank lliller, lack Palmtay, Robert Taylor, Donald von Geldem, Roy Webb. Sixth Row. Donald Wendt, 1 s mt er un1or ,obert Amt, Iack Baltemore, George Burns, Iarnes Cadenhead, Frank Chandler, William Eckert. Seventh Row: Bruce nisher, Richard Germain, Robert Gogo, Arthur Griggs, Glen Hofer, Iames Iordan, Robert Lee. Eric Lundquist. Eighth ' ow: Donald Moore, Edward Olson, Donold Smyth, Irvin Taplin. Sophomores-Gordan Billhardt, Lloyd Cobb, Iames . kaok Linn Danks. Ninth Row: Dick Gilbert. Iames Knootz, Iames McDaniel, Donald Yahn. F reshmen-Iohn Cashin, F 'onald Foster, Donald Male, Loren Phillips. Not Pictured: Senior-Robert Van Zant. Q hn Hagen. Fourth Row: Robert Harnar, Iohn Hem, Donald Kerwm. an ey m l ' - N'1 W' h .I ' s- I I 4.l. 359 M41-. PI LAMBDA PHI Yale University l 895 37 Chapters California Kappa 1920 48 Members QYNP Marty Green, President Ronny Frank the P1 Lamb spark th1s year wlth h1s llttle protects . . . tall semester pledge d1tch a Joyful failure and hapless ones were marched to famed stretchlng rack loe Weinman headed up Troy Chest thls year everyone loves to rob the house on 27th St for some reason reputation tor fixmg llttle things tagged onto Dave MOSCOW1lZ Martm Green kept busy in Squires and spreading the news that leanle was back in c1r culation . Mel Schestack a real New York cowboy they say f,,.---'4"' ,,.fH' " K--A-,A,... ..f-'-""".' '44-,,.. v-'F,,,..,.-1 Loose: Goose. 1' 1 X , 1 A 4 ...A was fs ms First Row: Graduates-Robert Barowitz. Seniors-Roland Greenberg. Second Row: Allen Re- veles, and Melvin Vukovich. Iuniors-Earl Broidy, Craig Collins, Ronald Frank. and Martin Green. Third Row: Larry Greenberg. Mac Napthal, Arthur Schneider, and Ioe Weinman. Sopho- mores-Herbert Burstein, and Marvin Goldsmith. Fourth Row: Marvin Neit. Freshmen-William Allen, Leonard Alberts, Stan Baker, Terry Fiskin. and Martin Sternberg. Not Pictured: Graduates -Maurice Avins, Seymour Greitzer. and Bob Wolfe. Seniors-Sy Gam. Dave Moskowitz. Sam Leavitt. Irv Lipschultz. Iuniors-Dick Lamb. Don Stern. Bob Schneider. and Ned Vukovich. Sophomore-Mel Shestack. 361 Pi Lams have a deep affection for things ancient witness their carry-alls the Loose Goose and the Q i S92 gEr.D -rl'?z5gw-4 sees? 1 rfi tj jffir S ' , A 1. l l 2 tb 1 Q r is , 2 X f ,af H , 1 ffm A g xi i :J N fi. SQ elif l inifl i l. L o.lf2lf'ff Fl, F5l.Piff.?l 313' fifl, ,- University of Alabama 1856 128 Chapters California Gamma 1921 72 Members Big brown house with the bell tower . . . Buc Bruce led the boys last fall . . . Squire Pat Roq erson in and out of the Navy . . . Cal Schmidt IF C president, claims Stu U as second hom . . . they talk still about the lnsane Asylum Bal last semester-padded cell rooms, the "tun nel", etc .... Wilbur Robertson starred on th qridiron . . . annual Sorority volleyball tourne hosted by SAE's in their big back yard . . odors still emenate from the "Pit Room" . . Rick Myers swears he never heard the robber nor will he ever live the incident down . . Grant Cary, Elwood 1-louseman, and Schmid wore the Knights red sweater . . . everyon loves to sleep in the livinq room.. Another picture ior the house rogues gallery in process. This is art? There goes that Cad convertible driven by the blonde with the top down. First Row: Graduate-Dudley Haren. Seniors-Buster Bruce, Marvin Burns, Ronald Dunbar, Iohn Fleits, Richard Harper, Elwood Houseman, Carl Iacobson. Second Row: Robert Gruse, Richard Magee, Stan Mattoon, Albert McCune, Mottell Peek, Iohn Pesterre, Hap Pitkin, William Prince. Third Row: William Ramsey, Calvin Schmidt. Iuniors-Richard Arnold, Richard Carlson, Iohn Carroll, Grant Cary, William Cathriner, Richard Conlan. Fourth Row: Ronald Harrod, Cats Holmsen, Richard Ives, Frank I ohnson, George Iones, Richard Myers, Richard O'Brien. Herbert Oelke. Fifth Row: Harry Proodean, Iohn Russell, Richard Spears, Thomas Thompson, Allan Watson. Sophomores-Harry Astrom, Oscar Campbell, Rusty Gauld. Sixth Row: Dale Herwick, lack Kiesler, Richard Multinger, George Rogerson, Howard Speer, Robert Stone, Terry Taft. Freshmen-Robert Avakian. Seventh Row: Richard Bromback, Donald Busley, Iudd Cushing, Richard Gilkerson, Iames Mitchell. Not Pictured: Graduate- William Cartwright. Seniors-Ronald Craig, Ted Dersch, lack Hessin, Ward Lewis, King Parks, Gene Smith. Juniors-Charles Mallers, Richard Smith. Freshman-Robert Wilrnsen. 363 195- Q",-TW' EAM Tl! Ierry Adler, Stan Plaskoii and Mickey Hartman try out their new quart-size coiiee cups. Getting to the bottom oi things with head man Marv Solomon are Harry Hoffman. Ierry Roshwald and Art Mintz. 364 Bud Greenbaum, President SIGMA ALPHA MU City College of New York 1909 48 Chapters Mu Theta 1947 37 Members -eri--I-2-tr + + , . 4. ' .' lr .x ',4'KZ! UBB! 71 - . , .A if Fall president Bud Greenbaum made Knights. together with Marty Gray . . . toilet seat trophy for annual round-robin football battle with ZBT . . . hushed rumors over the "Thing" locked up in basement . . . Bud "Sunshine" Fishman always in the back yard soaking in fresh air Chmmml . . . tamed P all pledges "Fresno Fal- con" and "The Greek" kept things busy . . . gold reflector lamps in quantity suggest a wholesale deal . . . busy Squire Marty Kirshner also dabbled in Homecoming, Soph council . . . Ierry "Shoulders" Wish and Marty Gray still smell limberger cheese from certain ditch . . . Sammie's annual Fleur-de-Lis Spring For- mal, something new in names . . . Don Gott- leib's Hollywood High letterman's sweater. First row: Seniors-Martin Gray, Bud Greenbaum, Larry Harris. Ray Iacksen. Second row: Stan Plaskoii. Isaac Safdeye, Leonard Smith. Third row: Barry Watt. Iuniors-Bud Fishman. Irving Ginsberg. Fourth row: Harry Hoffman, Stan Rivin. Gerald Roshwald. Fifth row: Erwin Stark. Sophomores-Ierry Adler, Fred Feinblatt. Sixth row: Arthur Hartman. Martin Kirshner, Arthur Mintz. Seventh row: Howard Stern, Ierry Wish. Freshmen-Mel Baron. Eighth row: Don Gottlieb. Herbert Katz, Robert Kugler. Ninth row: Ioseph Levy. Howard Press and Marv Solomon. Not pictured: Iunior-Don Koening. Sophomore-Robert Cohan. 365 EX Bob "Balboa Blues" Pastore, all-around athlete of the big white hunting lodge . . . wall-sized Sig Chi All- Americans hung on second floor . . . SC's Chancellor a past alum and frequent visitor . . . Lou Ramirez, AMS president, and also a Knight, as was Bon Winger and Bob Hilton . . . Senator lim Goode . . . Phil "Two-faced" Ramser and Mel Richley both in Squires . . . how the boys all love a good water tight . . . athletes Bob Downs, Al Baldock, Hal Hatfield, Bill Iessup . . . Margaret Morrow made a cute Sweet- heart last semester . . . lim Wallace's group always insult or serenade the Theta's during Monday night -conclaves. The pledges entered something n the homecoming celebration. SIGMA CHI Miami University 1855 120 Chapters Alpha Upsilon 1889 90 Members . 17 'X- N if . W -. , J -' -ztii ' -i ffl , , ,, , .xr ,B Y 1 ,V . " , , ,.,, i.. , . -- -.-.-- ... . i fi . ' 19.5 .e 1 " fl iq ' " W' N 1 f 'First row: Graduates-Wallace Epolt and Iames Robbins. Seniors-Iames Bligh. Gordan Brown, Robert Downs Richard lish. Iames Good and Frank Gutierrez. Second row: Iames Huffman, William Leavenworth. Louis Ramirez. Duncan Shaw Wallace. Ronald Winger. Iuniors-Ron Carlson and Robert Caulfield. Third row: Pat Cunningham. Ierry Conde Gordon lou, Robert French, Raymond Hachten, Lamar Haslam. Richard Iohnson and Charles Lewis. 366 ,..- ,gf ' Lou Ramirez, President ,flir- Ice Brockman gets a rude awakening at the hands ol Chappie Morrison while Phil Ramser and lack Watson await the reaction. N L , ,, I E0 , G T 1' - f T R ff W Q i 4 I I s lf a p - .I 2': S-P ---- to A T. is n "xl lt 5' 1' Z A ' 'M B d A v ,,e,., r .an.,, . 4 ll X 5-4 if . v , .9 I Q S' I 4 wi i,,,, -'11 W .. A g l Y, X H 7: f vii V . , "Inf :LP 5. ,fm ' 0 t 1' N ' ,Lf ,f A. 'lv T' lf' A ' ' ft 5 'v - "MM - 'f ezfwf -'Z A' 7, Q I' l 'Wmivsis 1 ' -EM Yung, ' ' 1 - it , swim M 1 irst row: Iuniors-Douglas Gilmour, David Meyer. Iohn Morris, Fred Mason, Richard Ruh, Don Scott, Iim Sink and Thomas umer. Second row: Sophornores-William Blanks, Paul Burkes, Robert Carter, Gil Chabolla, Cosima Cutri, William Daly, harles Knettles and Robert Lee. Third row: Ronald Money, Phil Ramser, Melvin Richley, Ralph Richley, Eddie Simpson and 'ohn Watson. Freshmen-Henry D'Antonio and Tom Chathom. Fourth row: Lynn Kleinman, Arne Lindgrew, Iohn Longan, Allred Flash, Michael O'Connor, Patrick Ross, Mike Turnacliif and Iack Van Rossen. Not pictured: Seniors-Bill Bassham, Al Bea, Dick ibson, Harold Hatfield. Smiley Helflrich. Bob Hilton, Art Ienkins, Bill Iessup, Wellington Love, Bill Martin, Craig Nason, Pat 'Connor, Bob Pastore, Bill Phillips, lack Roelofson and Gail Shaulis. Iuniors-Al Baldock, Norman Bevan, Bob Charlton, Chuck . urley, lim Mchleer, Harold Musgrove, Dick Petty, Harold Ramser, Paul Roitsch, Mark Reque, Dick Taylor, Russ Twoney, Don arburton. Tom Whitelock and lim Wix. Sophomores-Frank Anthony, Bob Ellis, lim Griifen and Mort Kaer. Freshmen-Ioe rockman. Roger Braasch, George Castle, Iim Contratto, Fred King, Martell Montgomery, lim Reid, Leon Sellers, Ron Steward nd Bill Strickland. 367 f Sam Curry, President 44 i f Q 9 Swann -W I-..- - ,X ri lxwxl xi Vw Xi., I Y-1 lx-W XX ' Xxx l " ,fl 1 l "1 ,ff 'f , ' XR xx lf' ,X lv v l w U ,fl 'lf Fil in lx, t.....l 1--,J il 71? iv" Modeling the latest in coed fashions are Syd Lucas. Glen Cantley. Don Rheem. and lim Baumburqer. Beer-Bottle Point at the end of the Bow hosts the tamed "Brown Boom", a relic oi the Boaring Twenties, all the in- spiration ot "Blind Iohn" Grigsby . . . lim and Rick Ingersoll have engineered an awiul lot of "deals" at the Sig Nu club . . . athletes sparkle all over, and include Larry Goins in track, Bob Koli in basketball, Fred Andrews and Dick Sher- man in swimming, and tennis champ Whitney Beed, who is also an unconscious house character . . . Bob Sweet still called Doctor Poopsi Pi, alas . . . everyone booming golf and bridge with the boys . . . Trolios a big hit, as was their entry in the Mr. Trojanality contest . . . Sam Currey Fall president . . . Knights lack Ochell, Gregg Grable, Tony Taylor, Bob Hitchcock . . . lack Milligan was the Squire lad. 368 The Sigma Nus have assured pledges that kind and considerate treatment awaits them on entering ira- temity lite. NU' Virginia Military Institute 1869 106 Chapters Epsilon Omicron E 1931 S65 Members 5 ,,, jg 'Q f if .YB I.. U: hh. 'it 07' A , N il ,' E I ff . W 2 mi: First Row: Seniors - Alan Baybrooks, Thomas Craw- ford, Sam Currey, William Edwards, Peter Fleming, Greg Grable. Second Row: Iohn Grigsby, Bob Hitch- cock, James Ingersoll, Har- old Kvaas, Sydney Lucas, Craig Miller. Third Row: Larry McDowell, David Nielson, Iack Oechsel, Michael Ray, Earl Stone, Raymond Stock. Fourth Row: David Sweet, Ter- rence Taylor, Donald West. Iuniors-Richard Barnard, Henry Bergquist, Herbert Blasier, Fifth Row: Iames Baumberger, Shelton Dick- erson, Lank Felson, Lee Fogleson. Andrew Frick, lim Grigsby. Sixth Row: Karl Kaiser, Robert Kern, Iames Iohnson, Donald Peck, Donald Rehms, and Tony Taylor. Seventh Row: Sophornores-Fred An- drews, Bruce Bishop, Rob- ert Clark, Iohn Dale, Rich- ard Daniels, Thomas Ien- kins. Eighth Row: Ioe Lade- man, Robert McCory. Douglas Nielson, Wilk Perry, Pat Roney, Ben Schiewe. Ninth Row: Rob- ert Sweet. Freshmen-Iohn Blasier, Iohn Cosgrove, Terry Loy, Hal Messinger, and Whitney Reed. Not Pictured: Seniors-Robert Kolf, Richard Sherman and Charles Wright. Iuniors- Glen Cantlay and Larry Goins. Sophomores-Al DesWarteu, Charles Halls- man and Iaclc Milligan. Freshmen-Glen Shaelier and Greg Stewart. First row: Seniors-Gerald Aikman. William Fowler. Theodore Garrett Oley Giles Eugene Griffin Robert Higgins Hobbs. David Iohnson. Harold Knopp. Second row: Gordon Lugar Lawrence Momson Neville Radclrii Carl Shullanburger Iames Sublett. Iuniors-Iacl: Crenshaw. Ray Erickson. Phillip Field and Iohn Herceg Third row Iohn Khse Iohn Larson Robinson. Charles Ruiz. Donald Russel. Donald Stoker and Herb Twtss Sophomores-Dick Gray and Irwin Hargele Fourth row Lawrence Maxwell. Robert Morrell. Robert Nagy, Doyle Olson Nero Rodnquez and George Walker Freshmen Todd Mac prang. Hugh McLaughlin and Harold Parry. Not Pictured Sophomore--Robert Goldie SC's engineering fraternity . . . Bay Erickson piloted the group this semester . . . Biegler Memorial Dance sponsored again by the brothers, and very successful, too . . . Squires Bob Morrell and DickrGrey ordered about by Knights Gary Turner and Bay Erickson . . . Bowling honors taken by Carol Shullanberger at the last tourney . . . Gene Griffin, Engineer- ing prexy, making a name for himself on cam- pus . . . Bed Rose formal at the Bel Air Bay Club really tops . . . all agree Gary Turner is the biggest character any engineer has seen 'round these parts for quite some time. , ,", rc. 'rg' .1 nw," :fa , .U i 1 ll! I 'I ,Q 1 i ' - ll ! IS' 3' .'.. ,:'.jh..l .,-,fi W .. ' X if University of Southern California -" 1924 ff ' Y 7 Chapters L Alpha if" i'i' 1924 'i 5 'P - 1 38 Members li wi 'H ' i N X Ray Ericson. President 'lil Gene Griifen engineers a little fun ai ihe expense of Iim Subleti and Bob Higgins. Something new in wallpaper as presented by Ierry Klise, Don Stoker, and Bill Fowler. 371 J :S ' ' , .6 4, " .-:f'1- l 1: X- ss , an -ri Renewing the sparkle on the Sig Ep trophies are lack Garret. Dick Stenquist. Sparky I-'ai-ason, and ' Cl Inn ose. Homecoming float depicted George nibbling at a celestial version of a whitewall. 2-r ,X ,President Stan Case became Squire Sweet- heart this year, too . . . biggest bunch of gold trophies on the row is the Sig Ep claim . . . Bob lVIitchell's familiar air of sophistication helped him on the track field . . . Knights Case, Mitchell, Don DuBose, and Earl Olsen . . . who didn't get stuck for those Ford raffle tickets . . . I. Dewey Phelphs-l-lastings lll, house mas- cot, never uttered a guack when abducted- Who cooked him? . . . Bowers and Williams rated cheers on the football field . . . Oh, that Waterfront Party . . . famed shot-gun pinnings With the Pi Phi's . . . IFC sport trophy Winners last year . . . that deadly Chi O grapevine . . . never Without a laugh, and Bob Richmond wore Squire Black . . . how Tom Loughlin laughed when Bill Green was pantsed on the A O Pi front porch. of ,ri l n . l l 4 1 36? Z sm-lt Stan Case, President 'filffiili-'L' Lf. 'c7F'!:'T 'lITj':J?3f.,J 'Nl ..n,,,. ....... .. nu., f-,, W, k-v,. Richmond College 1 90 l 105 Chapters California Beta 1928 90 Members First Row: Seniors-Charles Adamson, Ed Crell, Glenn Grade, Bruce Green. Second Row: Donald Hensman, Willard Iohnson, Robert Miller, Robert Mitchell, Herb Reuter, Fred Revely. Thomas Rosso, Tom Wade. Third Row: Robert Wright. Iuniors: Paul Caerlton, Gorge Corey, Alan Duncan, William Green, Edward Hart, Elmer Haskin, Louis Haslwanter. Fourth Row: Kenneth Hoppe, Richard Linde, Lyle Loshbough, Glen Mitchell, Sam Mooradian, Mal Morris, Glenn Mowrey, Earle Olson. Fifth Row: Jerry Sullivan, Robert White, Don Winters, Bernard Wiss. Sophomores-Richard Allen, Roy Freeman, Torn Laughlin, Alden McKelvey. Sixth Row: Iames Mrmoud, Richard Smith. Freshmen-Tom Edwards, Howard Grifiin, Robert Hildenbrand, Robert Kelley, Dick Snyder. Iack Thompson. Not Pictured: Seniors-Fred Applegate, Frank Baffa, Bob Caldwell, Bob Campbell, Stanlord Case, William Crandall, Don DuBose, Harry F arason, Tom Fenwick, lack Garret, Curt Iackson, Ierry Iared, Robert Iones, lim Lowery, Vern Monroe, lack Osgood. Sterling Paden, Ed Waldman, Larry Sensiba, Iohn Williams, Ricki Spalla. Iuniors- Bill Bowers, lim Casteel, Ed Dafiin, Bill McDowell, Carl Breising, Ray Anderson, Art Dietrich, Ron Grey, Andy Dusseau, lim Ward. Sophomores-Iames Close, Dick Lee, Bob Richmond, Randy Springer, Hall Link. Meteor Stan Minick handled all presidential duties for the brothers this year . . . "The Chase" was, as usual, a great event in dances and boasted guest star Marie Blanchard . . . Tau Delt's claim to fame was Knight Marv Freeman, whose ample form was seen leaping into space frequently as yell leader . . . ama- teur football seems to be the big reason why the house lawn always looks so choppy . . . Squire and BMOC Ierry Lichtig, whose ability to tell the right joke at the wrong minute is famed . . . other prominent politicos included Bob Fox, Lenny Green, and lerry Bornstein. Plinlrinq out in pertect discord are Sweet Sue-ers Irv Lehrhoif. Marshall Fisher. Herb Kabrin. and Ierry Lichtiq. First Row: Graduates-Charles Aratow. Louis Galen. Irwm rofi, Marty Ostrow. Second Row: Seniors-Marvin Alan Furman. Irwin Kurtz, Stan 1VI.inick. Third Row Phillips, Bill Sands, David Silver, Donald Zola. Fourth funiors-David Feigenbaum, Eugene Felmar, Marshal Fishe es Formaker Fifth Row: Robert Fox. Daniel Genis, Bernan Iul . Grifman, Morton Iacobs. il'Li.'l'L' Pflfffl City College of New York 1910 32 Chapters Sigma 1927 43 Members 374 B Row: Iuniorsf-Herbert Kabrin. Norman Kaplan. Gerald Sophomores-Jerry Bernstem Norman Edelstezn Albert Solnit. Second Row: Eugene Tavris. Sheldon o ' ' I ' i R w: Al Fnednch. Leonard Goss, Leonard Green. Lewrs Fifth Row: Robert Keller. Howard Lehman. Howard emi . ' : ' . - A e Wasserman Frith Row Herbert Werner Fresh d . ' . ' : ler. Arthur Aratow Donald Muller Not prctured Weber. Iuniors-Bob Buckberg. Benett Hubsh- Phil Katzen. Sophomore-Lew Ingleson. Stan Minick. President 0 TA Paying loving care to house Wedgewood are Herb Weiner. Dave Feigenbaum. and Dan Gents. TAU EPSII.ON PHI New York University 19 1 0 40 Chapters Tau Gamma 1926 43 Members Q, -A' -'55 Lg 0 I on I - ff l' 5.9-A, wkbi TE First Row: Seniors-Stan Becker. Larry Cohen. Earle Coleman. Morton Gleisher. Ralph Grunauer. Irv Kaufman. Irwin Sattinger. Second Row: Iuniors-Richard Capin, Warren Ettinger, Robert Fried. Iack Futterman. Ronald Levine. Charles Merideth. Ives Nathan. and Richard Rosenberg. Third Row: Gary Schall. Stan Styne. Sopho- mores-Larry Deutsch. Irvina Fefter. Alan Feber. Mort Gilbert. and Don Slate. Freshmen-Richard Carter. Fourth Row: Ronald Ettinger, Arthur Frunkes. Melvin Klein. Melvin Penner. Cliff Rackohn. Stan Reichel. Frank Rosen. and Stan Weiner. Not Pictured: Seniors-Gerry Barron. Ierry Nathan. Don Simons. Freshman-Bruce Gelb. 376 I W ' wg H H -13 Q, 1 X , tl X - i Irv Kaufman. President l - I . ll Don Slate and Dick Capin apply a fresh coat of base to some barrel slaves as Elsie looks on. Cramminq for a ten minute quiz are Dick Capin. Harlan Capin, Ives Nathan. and Larry Cohen. Fall president lrv Kaufmans boys, the ones to print and distribute auto stickers for Frisco-bound Trojans . . . self-acknolwledged wheel Warren Ettinger, veep of YMCA, Great U, lunior Council . . . Don Slate, boy with a well-oiled jaw, made a goocil Squire, along with friendly Larry Deutsch . . . two front doors make things confusing for the mail man . . . nice collection of trophies in the Memorial Room . . . everyone heard about housekeeper and "some tat little boy" colliding at 5 a.m., boy clad only in birthday suit . . . Knights lrwin Sattinger and Dick Capin . . . leather piano, leather couches, leather cuisine . . . good and noisy sweetheart Dance at Palos Verdes. K 377 lohnny McElderry voted top potentate this last semester sing the r ' . . . p aises of Al Wiggins, student body president . . . DG Nancy Lang swooned to S I I 1 I guire lim Pipers trumpet serenades Roger Maloy can't sin an i . . . g y o his dirty songs lulled by anything less than l. W. Harper . . . chess is serious stuff in th T lc ' e e e house . . . does it really cost more to sleep in the room featuring DG movies every night? . . . Daddy George still around with his stove d ' ' ' an sage advice on all things graphic . . . Iohn Lathrop claims for his house the finest plaid Wallpaper on 28th street . . . lack Owens and Wig- gins both Knights . . . a madder bunch of characters were never assembled under one roof. Iohn McE1derry, President 'O Takes presented us with the Most Beautiful Float during the Homecoming celebration. First Row: Seniors.-Santiago Angarita, George Arauio, Donald Atkinson. Iohn Berguist, Filman Bucher. Robert Cameron. Rich- ard Hall. Second Row: Iohn McElderry. George Strella. Al Wig- gins. Iuniors-George Gongoles, Donald Hanson. Iohn Owen. William Owen, Gilbert Venable. Third Row: Frank Werner. Sophomores-Carl Baker, Iohn Chavers, David Hawery. Edward Lloyd. Roger Maloy. Raymond Morse. David Oakley. Fourth Row: George Sayre. Garald Singleton and Gene Fresh- men-William Duncan. Richard Du Par. Iames Falkinburg. lames Gilbert. Robert Ionassen. Filth Row: Channey Miller. William Minderhart. Ernest Schag, James Smith, Iohn Stephen. Dean Thie. Garry Yucker, William Wiles. Not Pictured: Sen- iors- Charles Cobb. Kaye Kerville. Edward Larson. George Woolery. Iuniors- Edward Apiell, Richard Caseleer. Burtraw Graves. Tudor Owen. Newton Serio. Sophomores-Jerry All- ward. Nick Apple, Maurice Sondzward. Iohn Lathrop. Iames Piper. Freshmen-Dean Cyr, Robert Huddleston. Robert Landier. Peter McDermott. lack Smith. 379 il . Ned Serrio. Dean Cyr and larry Singleton sob in ecstasy as Ed Lloyd tinkles out the latest ditty. XII- ,Q 215,29-,-Q Q13-'Rl Y flxr Illinois Wesleyan University 1899 85 Chapters Beta Sigma 1948 60 Members First Row: Housernother- Mrs. Clara Robinson. Grad- uate-Donald Cornelson. Sen- iors-William Clay. Robert Creber, Robert Barnhill. Shel- don Dizrud. Samuel Douglas and David Durst. Second Row: Robert Fletcher. Lynn Freet. Robert Huffman. Paul Ienican. Thomas Iordan. Robert Latas. Gerald Law and Iames Lloyd. Third Row: Richard Maney. Vernon Marlow. Richard Martz. Robert Melbourne, Ed- ward Niebuhr. Wallace Pem- broke. Don Reinnoldt and Peter Steme. Fourth Row: Alfredo Terrazas. Clark White and Rodney Will- cuts. Juniors - Kieth Brown. Merle Brown and Iohn Durst. Fifth Row: Charles Elerding. Fred Harper. Robert Hopkins. Hap Jones. Robert Krone and Ed Lucitt. Sixth Row: Iames Norcop. Ierry Pease, Gale Peck. Iack Peschonq. Iames Powell and Hubert Riley. Seventh Row: Ben Story. Wil- liam Struve. Donald Tarbell. Fred Topham. Bruce Ward and Edward Whelan. Soph- omores-Berry Boston and Iack Carpenter. Eighth Row: Aldon Clark. Philip Clark. Larry Foster. lack Marsh. Kenneth McDon- nell. Harry Merrill. David Small and Donald Thomas. Ninth Row: Robert Thompson and William Werner. Fresh- men--Ronald Bernheisel. Robert Gaugenmaier. Ronald Klingelhoier. Stuart McDon- ald. George Ott and Perry Snell. Not Pictured: Seniors-Chuck Downey. -Vincent Lanzetta and Donald Wolverton. Iun- iors-George Ferrier, Donald Montgomery and Iames Wat- kins. Sophomore-Richard Hunter. Portland Street Hunting Lodge . . . Fall president Tom Iordan kept things moving . . . "The Dreamgirl," Theta Chi's Spring Formal, was really tops . . . Knights Fred Harper, Dave Durst, Dick Martz, Bob Melbourne, Iohn Durst . . . Squire Bob Hopkins also U.B.A. chairman . . . no one will tell who wrote their Trolios' script, but Dr. Kinsey must have edited it . . . Senator-at-Large Ed Niebuhr enjoyed Senate proceedings no end . . . aquatic Harper, complete with tux, in Beverly Hills swimming pool . . . Theta Chi's combination talent-show, gin-mill party at the St. Francis Hotel after the Cal game was a real bust . . . men-about-campus Gale Peck, Ben Story, lack Marsh, Bill Clay managed to keep the "house of blue 1ights" always up in the social circles . . . Ierry Pease came through in style on the varsity basketball team, as did Bon Bernheisel on the Frosh club 7 irosh footballer, George Ott, was the rage ot the pledge class . . . all were proud of the nicest interior on the row. U ,te I .: sux I .2 l rg l 1 1 1 , 1 1 il?" Looking chipper after getting their leis at an Alpha Gam exchange are Bob Hopkins. lim Powell, Ken McDonnell and Gale Peck. University of Norwich , 1856 108 Chapters Beta Tau 1942 70 Members Tom Iordan. President ssl ,,4w ..owl'Di-'W topper. Reid Bridges of Wampus notoriety almost snafued his house's social bees with a particularly cutting "Roses and Razzesu column . . . boys still managed to take Most Original Float award at Home- coming, second in Pledge relays, and high standing in IFC casaba playoffs . . . Fall president Iohnny Redfern to all intent and pur- poses an awfully nice guy . . . everyone plastered as usual during annual Moscow Mule Party . . . Bill Daugherty still doesn't know who put the grass clippings in his car trunk . . . an impressive job of redecoration on the living room . . . Harvest Moon Formal rowdy as all get-out . . . Marc George, Vince Dundee, and lim Vial well represented their boarding house in campus politics . . . Ferde Grofe initiated honorary member after composing a new song for the house . . . elephant's foot still in need of a pedicure . . . sandpaper larynx of Yell King Iohnny Chapman kept Trojan rooters noisy during football season. First Row Graduates--Iohn Davis. Seniors-Henry Ballard, George Bardwil. Ried Bridges. Hal Clifford Douglas Close Vaughn Curtis, and Bill Daugherty. Second Row: Peter Dennenberq. Gilbert Dodge. Robert Fogel Marc George William Halbroak, lack Moran, Gene Prickett, and Iohn Redfern. 382 Theta Xis try to hold their own against Kappa chow hounds. Ease up woman you can get seconds George checks Iuniors lechnxque on the lnshman s s 1117 ,, Iohn Redfern. President 25 r f "X 1 ,V ,.....,L:.,Vx M. .S . --q,t',', ,-X . w'- Rennselar Polytechnic Institute 1 864 45 Chapters Alpha Nu 1940 55 Members irst Row: Seniors-Earl Shomaker, William Volkel. Juniors-Richard nderson, Iohn Broadbent. Second Row: Iohn Chapman, Pat Conray, est Daniels, Stanley Dow. Third Row: Vince Dundee, lack Harrison, ob Houston. Fourth Row: Iarnes Middleton, Robert Moore, Robert Quin- n. Fifth Row: Glen Schniepp, and Greg Zeeman. Sophomores-Richard 'chael. Sixth Row: Clyde Nason, Carlin Peterson. Freshmen-Iames lbeck. Seventh Row: Richard Bennett, Iohn Flandrick, Ben Hughes. ighth Row: Iames Lloreda, William McGinn, David Murray. Ninth Row: eorge Boot, Robert Warren, and Iohn Witt. Not Pictured: Seniors- obert Anderson, Iohn Cline, Iohn Karianis, Donald McWilliams, and oise Rickard. Iuniors-Paul Casselrnan, Roy Cunliife, Iack Cunning, onald Dewberry, Don James, and Richard Willis. Sophomores-Kam leason, Edgar Petty, and lim Vial. Freshmen-Ioe Mouren-Laurens, d Don Pellegrino. Jrf"5rt .V N WZ . 43 l 1 I tl First Row: Graduate-Lawrence Kaplan. Seniors-Robert Barnett. Herbert Colby. Harold Gibberman. Ron Gordan, William Gumpert. Ronald Lipstone, Charles Livingston. Second Row: Bob Rosenbaum, Arthur Sender. Harold Shapiro. Irwin Sklar, Barry Taper. Iuniors- Shelly Andelson. Ronald Freemond, Ronald Horowitz. Third Row: Edwin Isenberg. Chuck Kanner, Al Levi. Herm Sater. Eugene Schulman. Norm Sunshine. Sophomores-Fred Engel, Lynn Ephram. President of the house Bob Barnett, steered the big house with the built-in balcony through another successful year . . . annual ZBT- Sig Ep volleyball game cause of many an after-hours workout at the nets . . . friendly Ed lsenberg was Squire president last Fall, aided by brothers Norm Sunshine, George Gottesman, and Bill Bosensweig . . . big socials noted were ZBTahiti, Halloween brawl, and New Year's Eve Party . . . Knights Bon Preemond and Bon Gordon . . . house's beloved housemother cheerfully greeting all late arrivals at the door . . . the "room" where Bridge is king, and the "arbor" where booze is queen . . . LAS veep was Bill Gumpert . . . Don Appel's jazzed-up Ford claimed the hottest seat-covers on the row . . . Stan Biclcman and his nudity relay through the Alpha Gam house. dh 4 Y 112.1 Y Bob Barnett, President Val' iii? 41 Sins: 384 ZETA BETA TAU New York University 1898 47 Chapters Alpha Delta 1918 54 Members X Sam Solitaire gazes lovingly on newly pinned Bar- bara Chambers, DG. as Don Appel, Stew Cowan, and Stan Bickman check the sprinkler system. Marty Nudelman, Ron Lipstone, Irwin Sklar, Don Lee, and Ron Fremont waiting for someone to buy a coke. 1 '-W 3 Ad ,, If Q , Ygffl' It I ' . if. -"if" ' M' 1 - ,, zifjifigi' ' A 1-is 1 .4 ,R '44 ha MTI, l 2 2. "r .i -'Eff' 1, 555 ' . -. ' 1 ' S' 2 1. .1 a ,,.. :.:: 3 5:55, I E 'irst Row: Sophomores-Gerald Fields, Shelly Goldman, George Gottesrnan, Ronald Leif, Marty Nude1ma.n, William Rosen- veiq, Robert Rosenwald. William Selcer. Second Row Lou Shapiro, Samuel Solitare, Ierry Weinstein. Freshman-Robert Chess, Stuart Cowan. Morton Firestone, Lou Hyman. Alan Indictor. Third Row: Ioel Rapp, Robert Rogaif, Gerald Rose. Howard Schultz, llllan Shapiro. Iames Tenner, Harold Thaler, Hillard Torgan. Not Pictured: Graduates-Howard Kotler, Larry Spiegle. Sid Fel- aon, Stan Grinstein. Izzy Elster. Senior-Si Waitzman. Iuniors-Bob Henkin. Sophomores-Don Appel, Herb Gottesman. Fresh- nan: Stan Bickman. 385 f 2 B W , ski: 'I as I ns F H 'ZH a ma - 1 s -xl-mx .bn , A F 3 E Frank O'Su1livan, President Dave Krtsxs, Al Adams. Robert Buddecke and Norm check the balance sheet of the SC-N'D football series. -Manuel Avila, George Dell. Third row: Satya Dosai, Richard Hanson. Fourtl row: Frank O'Su11ivan, Charles Moore. Fifth row: Charles McArthur, Anthon, Sarinano. Sixth row: Juniors-A1 Adams, Mohinder Bedi. Seventh row: He bert Bracket. William Buschke. First now: Graduates-Omar Kureishi. Edward Stegman. Second row: Seniorl 1 386 Beta Sigma Tuu Eugene Wang, Iohn Little and Bob Bustos watch while Herb Bracken- uts low-ball English on the cue-ball. eta Slgrna 1S the youngest tratermty on campus avlng Just recelved 1lS charter last August pres ent house commander is Herb Bracken . . . Ed 'Stag ant Stegman and Omar lm from Paklstan Kure sh1 still teased about loosing their San Quentm lprison debate tourney-to a "hung jury", they claim sllk rose and gold tapestry cover the Walls and ce1l11'1gs ln the house Gene Wang scormg thls year l1'l soccer and on the r1fle club 39 Packard Old lronsldes lS everyone s prlde and Joy . . O - chld Formal at Balboa's Chr1st1an's Hut still talked about . back yard tenms court lS the latest luxury First row: Iuniors-Ted Inouye. David Kitsis. Second row: Iohn Little, Donald Steinhauser. Third row: Richard Stegman, Gilbert Suzuki. Fourth row: Eugene Wang, Edward Zeldin. Fifth row: Sophomores-Charles Martin, Ronald Wong. Sixth row: Freshmen-Robert Buddecke, Robert Bustos. Seventh row: Robert Imel, Masumi Nitta. Eighth row: Norman Niccoll. Samuel Vaught. 387 3 f G "' .2'f'g,,mm:,?5, President Charles Smith An international, inter-racial fraternity . . . established at SC in 1946 . . . chapters have grown throughout the nation to 168, the largest ot any fraternity, with 11,000 mem- bers . . . the acquisition of a house on cam- pus is now the prime objective . . . each year a "Guide Right Week" is sponsored . . . captaining the Kappa's this year was prexy 1 Milton Smith . . . Black and White Dawn Formal is annually the highlight of the year's social calendar . . . yearly scholar- ship is awarded to an outstanding and de- serving high school senior. Roland Curtis and Sylvester Lynche give the academic word to Sterling Wallace. First row: Earl Broady. Iulius Brown, Orville Diggs and Alfred Graham. Second row: Iames Iohn- son, Robert Moore, lack Shaffer. Charles Smith. Milton Smith and Sterling Wallace. 388 rs if 1 ss.. 5-H: 5. 1 D 74 sl ss 5Q I fiiliig , 'H .mike A Q S aka. "P:-1.'f'F'::s . - r- , A Q EE K 'M ' ..,N Q . ,. , -- xy.-' 1- rf-ffm Aggi e ' - 7' ix -mb X1 n:'r- 1- H" -f .R , - ' . tg ,gm ,. 2 K I w , . - ' w C EQ 5 L . hs 5 N2 A v 1 7 .,4 W HHH ' V JA' 4A, Q Ni . Y "r, v v w 1-:- . ss -1 1 w Bob Wilson President -N asia ln order to foster new and continue old friendships the Owls keep the social calendar hot throughout the year Among its activities, the local fraternal group, established in l945 sports 1lS annual Spring Formal, Anniversary Ban guet, and this year highlighted the summer with barbecues at Wilson s ranch in Mint Canyon The numerous sports nights, stags, and the annual Odd-Ball party are savory to all housers. Presiding over the gang on Thirtieth Street were Robert Wilson, Fall semester presidentg Don Clegg, Spring semester prexyg Norm Patrick, Vio Garapedian, Vice-Presidentsp Dave Muggee, Larry Clemence, Treasur- ersg and Roland Davis, Lee Berwest, Secretaries. . . , wt 'HWSJH N' H rf. ' . 191 3 T me ,gg H M- .. - :.. , . Piwaaw ,U 'fr , it Iffnxa .max. , -: , N I at .D ' V , . , ttf.. . E -- ' ' lim .HJ . F' E ' ' ' . , , 1 ' ' . -Qi , W L, vm, Q . if M it 'i' " ti ft. Iggy, is 1 x, at Q? 5--4 I Ps if 2: i l 1, 'Q K -:-"E:-J EE' W N' . ' la 'Ma Q. wt, , A .. L-:iz-1 'E , as Vit- -:- J' :' 'SS K-1 ,F E N E , H, Nj .: as an Q . 4 :.: -. E I ..,. , ,.: ,gr 1' ' at e-,isa af .- uv -'::,:m,, t H aft rj EE " fr , -.,., Q : 'I' ga: .,., ,., , ,W Alyan Clemence. Ian Van Druten. Don Clegg and Norman Patrick talk things over at the fountain near the library. First Row: Edwin Attiy. Roland Davis. Second Row: Donald Clegg. Alyan Clernence. Marvin Croutch. Third Row: Leo Garagedian. Louis Grabner, David Hayutin. Fourth Row: Charles Macon. George Marinez, Harry Mekiian. Fifth Row: Kent Milton. Horatio Moreno, F. D. Muggee. Sixth Row: Iohn Nystrom. Raul Ochoa. Norman Putrick. Seventh Row: Neil Priske, Robert Peterson. Iulian Rega- lade. Eighth Row: Iames Scofield. Robert Scott. Ian Van Druten. Ninth Row: Leon Verwest. Kenneth Wagner and Robert Wilson. -wr? R ttt -N V .. W E. , P Yr: A 1 ix Ali. V ' l N A, 1 I t W i lt xi it 1 v A, I II. t 91 V. ,Y l 3 I 1- ' I 'V ' -ff i X r K. ' l B la, 'Lt f f' MM if rt W ILT, ' - .' K t Q , "1 . 1 W ' 1... I "' ' f -Q55 '- ' ,. -, l"rJ ' la" " 63 gf Y. ,,, . 3' if EW mam , H AE, is sa z f if , xfisf N223 K fwws?2,H,gEw-u.i.,J ns na nm ,nik, as E ik X. A Q y SPH" f"W f 1-. 1 ,X mf 1 K 'TK' ' X 'vi an 1... lx., '-, s Q Mb W fm 'A X . an . 4 TQ ll b I UM, ,1 f 'gf wg I k, M -'wr-wiwwa. 5 - -wwq HI Y Q 1 . vi ww , Q T ..., -.-qv - ww ifw'-H v .,..m.Af rg Located a convenient half-block from University Ave- nue, Aeneas Hall is the home away from home for more than two-hundred Trojan men. Gerald Black- well, President ot the hall, instituted several new ideas for the benefit oi future residents. Off the Black- well desk came plans for annual Welcome and Fare- well Banquets. ln conjunction with Willard Hall, the men sponsored a dance for independent students. Aeneas residents are now formulating a program of judiciary guidance and control for members who have run aioul of house regulations. Housemother to the dormitory is Mrs. Elsie Thompson, a very pa- tient woman. Her encouragement was vitally needed during the period of the building of the Homecoming float-The Trojan Hoe-Down. A GERALD BLACKWELL President 392 ,Il If " .4 .E:H::! :.: :fi B, 7. 25. j.,f'ig:ii" , ' I 'E g:.s,i"'3 Q an 1 id., ., : E. F 3 A it 'j' "iii in ' E , ., ,,,, ,., ..., .N H , s j n I'-' H rl ' ,E , i y.. . X W fl . .,. ' H ' .. E . j V um r 1 Checking Pic's pecs are "Owl Eyes" Zitney, "Stu Berkholtz, and "Bottle Nose" Freet. Makes a nice view of the bigger things in life. First Row: Mrs. Elsie Thompson, House mother. Iames Beran, Stanley Bronstein Richard Fleming, Elbert Gann. Secon Row: Eliso Gutierrez, Fred Murray, Rob ert Nalley, Wilbur Redwine, Edwar Taylor. l im K can .im li l T "mu IOY MATTHEWS President One poor guy tries to ak h' Important among University Hall activities tor the opening semester was the Town and Gown dedica- tion of the building. The event took place in March ' h Wit guided tours oi the rooms as a feature. Co-ordi- nating the residents, each tlo sitting with the dormitory council. Presiding over the council and supervising the busy social calendar was Ioy Matthews. president of the dorm Facult - Y dinners, teas, and Sunday date parties were ar- ranged by Vice-President Ioyce Griffin Bett Ki . y nner handled the complex financial problems, which were forever being drawn upon by committee chair- t men or Monday night open houses, expenditures for Coed Capers, and many other events. or had a representative m e is own way through the dorm. University Hall f"'f First Row: Norma Avirons Vanessa Crosby Eloise F 1 , , ow er, Gloria Iannucci, Mavis Iones. Betty Kenner, Ioy Matthews. Ardell Nelson. Second Row: Betty Reeves, Shirley Rhode. Leigh Sills, Alice Somers, Elva Soper. Lillian Stevens. Charlotte Thompson. Nancy Welch. 393 M PH . v..-..uf- ., XM, 2 as 1 Ms ESS S M Y B , . - S Elisabeth von KleinSmic as n was -gsm: Q Memorial Hall W H it as - mm IEANNE DUNFORD President DVSI1 DU11 585510115 HBVB 1l1E11 1'X10UB1'1'1 BPPEBXBIICB. F all semester activities with the EVK'ers were paced when E.V.K.'s songfest group placed third. Right away, it was Homecoming, with the front of Town and Gown resembling all pandemonium. Throughout the semester the popular open houses were held at the Chase hotel. lt was a huge successp the most important social function of the semester. February sixth, the "big day"g all became residents of Elisabeth von KleinSmid Memorial Hall. First big function was the formal dedication of the building on March sixth. March twelfth, scene of the all-student open houseg everyone proud to show the new building to campus males. The parents and faculty feasted their eyes on March eighteenth. After these introductory functions, we settled down to a program of open houses, date dinners, faculty dinners and fund-raising activities. That's how it went in '5l. 394 l x l I 4 sf is 'X First Row: Geraldeen Acker, Iewel Aaronson. Mary Anderson, Beverly Bell, Pat Bell. Second Row: Nan Bonner, Susan Brown. Mary Ann Clements. Ruth Clement, Ronnie Cohen, Mary Croft. Third Row: Nancy Donaghue, Mary Engelhardt, Ann Gautier. Iewell Hood. Elizabeth Hunt. Betty Inge, Frances Irwin. Fourth Row: Barbara Iohnson, Nancy Kiederlin, Martha Knowlton, Elso Lee-Chang. Ioann Luck. Ioan Lutsko, Nancy Mason. Fifth Row: Iudy Mead, Debbe Michaels, Diana Mirkin, Leah Monkarsr, Sharon Mulcahy, Marilyn Myers, Ioann Peterson, Avalee Reck. Sixth Row: Marilyn Starr, lane Steinheimer, Valerie Tyler, Audrey Vail. Shirley Wallers, Margie Weigel. Ether Weinstock, Lucille White. 395 Bev Badham succumbs lo Dick Brombach's charms before the Chancellor and everybody. "Pack Your Bags" number. featuring mixed chorus of bags. bums and baggage. K H ' X., -Y Q , rs 1 W3 'V 3 , lr ,, , X . ,, v, K v . . -' 6 A ss- if l Mr. Trojanal 44. 'xx -J , w N I H we lx I , is 117 Comedian Wilbur Redwine cuddles CuddleslCandy Lovely Bobby Moore waits impatiently as Sey Allenl . . . WOW! Evans rechecks the guide book. before proceeding. Headline: I-'iii La Mer and her can-can girls. with supporters. 'oes To Paris Famine and Peslilence . . . another way ibing the mastennindsz Gordon Munlord. me, and lack Colton. Scene from opening ol the scintillating all-student musical revi ew. Iack Colton and Courina McMann find a new way oi dancing. in a bit of wanninq-up exercises. t Using a new switch on the old boy-meets-girl routine, "Mr. Trojanality Goes to Paris", hung out the SRO sign during its two-night run on campus, April 19th and 20th. Experienced as "Mr. T." in last year's pro- duction, Gordon Ewing skillfully handled the diffi- cult role of a fast-talking con-artist. Dick Bromback and Bev Badham romanced, while Candy Allen kept the yuks rolling in. This was the largest full-scale musical comedy ever seen at SC, and was entirely composed and staged by student talent. Peter Sterne wrote the story and selected the lyrics and music. Musical director, Gordon Munford, picked the best selections and arranged them to fit the orchestra, singer's voices, and dances. Produced by Iack Col- ton. who did the choreography, "Mr. T." had little chance of being equalled for some time to come. Highlight of the production was the announcement of the new Mr. and Miss Trojanality for the coming year. All proceeds went into the Trojan Chest coffers. 397 Chorines Shirley Hall and Gayle Penrose indulge an 1 gf naman L 1 . ,mx swung' HEY? 5 rg, . nn , m 'ww urn, , ly :NEW was 9' " , SS B I Q ,au as na .1 5 Z f N - Q . A in M mmm!! -1513, -x. we , jiggfr- .L ,- iii 1 . J- ., A.. fx L ' S8 K: wx v m- Q QE, msgs --sy x 1 l msg ,ka H -a mfs." ' , m m',,,,,,. 'Q -305' Q - 'M ,5'.,.f3i'.5a fii' f W ' w s-:. V. v 1 1-1 g :V . ' 'M ' r I' Q . ., , 1 ss mn km Q1 , lx J 1, ms sw me-, mg ms cds.-:sas -mf gs asm Mu vs a m ff Nw Fm mu 2 um mum ,mmf a wa lm A? 1 A kim: 5 MAH' -svn. M-Q iw- ., , . .nz , w " 1 J., dia? 5 m a ss nf ss w 1 1 w n as A 9 5 Q . 0 ,gh The Queens Were Kept Busy Present and past Homecoming Queens al Trolios were Charlene Hardy. Maxine Ewarl. Donna Ogier, and Virginia Tongue. Queen Donna receives trophy from Logan Fox. Sweepstakes Winner of the parade was ihe iloai entered by Delta Tau Delta. The Queen and her attendanis enioyed ihe one mile ride on Wilshire Boulevard. N , L 2 ' su , Q , lx W' if 'Q B J' ' - ' wg ss fafegz- w e , 4 A .:.g:5:e3:.:5:5 5 . V - , The Parade Was At least five people we know had good seats for the game. Cravath tells alums oi the need for more and better players. . . . . and then had coffee with Moose Krause and Hugh Willett. .. l i t - Q And So Were The Alumni Kappa Kappa Gamma took the house decorations Sweepstakes Award with this commercial gem. O First TV coverage of a parade on campus occurred I e this year with the arrival oi the KTTV crew. 401 - ,. M -wrrv..'-We f - ri W I -a-21 it E w . ,X a rx-aa 1-Se-1 at-1 Y FM- R W - e . fa- e we pf- 1 , " H aw aaa 511, H R eww. F M W ?ng,. p. The only mobile still at Flg Tech. Somebody messed up the tiles. How did this get in here? We even had talent from one ol the local houses. These dance. "Moiqatroid! Let loose that man's bottle. Youse gotcher own." Pat' has said that skirts will he shorter this year. ..v. gms' X -1 xr.7 Y ,aQ.gk,.,, lf ,f Thursday Was Flapper Day 402 . , 245 . ,A 5 ,, I -:J Ke' . X ' 'Q ' "Say did you get a load of that blonde?" mf L n, Those are honest-to-gosh dresses. They iust washed K e the flour labels out. This little item can be reclaimed at the Lost and 1 9 Found. At presents the comeliest pledges of the houses are presented tor masculine approval. Opening speeches at the Young Greeks Chowder and Choral Singing Society. em N We 'im it sa!! It .. -W fm' 2 2 if w . . . ,, 14 , 'Q I- EN Ylgsf vfl H is ':'A X ,X k .K B W, NME! U E W- Vxqbzfxv 'iii U W he fkfrvk K 'c S , , six' Us Si mt! Q H. s sm- X s SM s M as mgswv-ss Qtlnw ,X HHH SS nl Bel K' H - -X2-1 H -xp'-in E . nl Y, s wsxngfslm ss is may 'ig 11- And That Night Was Trolios Night 403 Classes Broke Up Early For A Bonfire Friday Night Local pollixcian promises iree beer io his conshtu enls after elections. Mickey Rooney sings the Alma Maier. It was chilly in the Coliseum so we built a lmle iire. Oi course the L.A.F.D. was handy. tiff, ,-A.T-. f lm!-rm... Seems that one of the Notre Dame men tried to stop an S.C. ball carrier. "I.eggo man. My qirl's watching me." Celebrating the game at the Dance. Queen Donna unleashes a royal hoo! and tries out the music. Saturday Was Game Time With The Dance Climaxing Homecoming 1950 STAN MIN ICK Street Dance TOM HALL Dance MULVEY WHITE Alumni Chairman BUD TEMPLETON Rally DENNIS MURPHY Procession BILL IOHNSTONE BUD DOTY Bonfire Public Relaiions l 4 f f IAN ET MC CLOUD I Publicity ffl lm X ' X Vl r D , P' X V 4 1,4 ,J l I ' . LOGAN FOX Chaimman lack Colton Trolios Carolyn Schiller Sireei Dance IIM EDDY Banquet TONY TAYLOR RON BARTHOLOMEW Hoau Queens 'PcJ44Z12" ' 4050 ' 06' af" .W O JZ' Z! Q5 . .5 LQ'f'S?QS av, fi4,3"Z'o H mw1.,,,f.. -Aviva?-'Y 49? 'Ig 41? f 45321 45122155 'Cs JP 2 1 vW""44h1115r 'Uh- af' 404' ' ff? 0 4- Wfkcllv v 'iw' Jfkfjyfq 122 QQ faiw zzz? 12102 'S6?15PJ' C'-5' . 'ff-QT 1, .ff 1v5'3gk?1,1jg1k+ Q f ,wgrgf ,Q W. JCQQ ff!! n 0 lzatl n Cl rg Iii' -af ffgq! I . 0 4' . C529 O00 A 'P' O fav QQ, 'pdf 5' 063:16 Of? i ,MQ , 'lkiw V O ky 40 '.. im- A Q' eq., 4, ' 'Tr 3 41 I 42,15 Zi '-5,33 H Q14 A V My V JS.: X , F, v,,,.f4Yn'7Tx 0 lg ' -1 04 - 0, gf 60. fig '15 44,0 1. ,,"'4f,. fm. 4411, , ff 44" . 'Lia' M QM 4'0"-vig. ffg my , V.-WW 7 . vm: . , r' kfx. - :H -tw -1 x . 521. fag -1 -- Nfffyzw. "Ms z X , . 0 , OM Q img R X. f 1 , ..., 5+ ' V 41' .,.,. SW n1 -lg . : 5 ::: M 'f'lf5Qi2iE2kiv,., h ,kk , 'Y ' -:::- : Fi: .2135 'V : l:-: 1:" --fiiiiigigv I:K5iii:..:-N"3fgjgg?g E ' ' . ' zzzzu ., :::: :::: ' 5' '3 ii zz' H if 4' V27 V :::':': "" 1 ff 4' 'nnunnn H HU? fi?i"32Q-2 M2255 ff- 00, ,. . .: ..... --Y , W, , A. f 4' Of' " Qlfff ::::: :-: 5 f Off, ' 444 Gf, ,M 5 I X ' fu IJ gh,-s5.s,s45,1:' zzz nw ff X- 4,1 . .,.,.,,,:.:.:.:.::: ' ",: fQwf5fs?f ' ff I M, ' --:- -:-: Itfieigw-' ' Q fm - M freel-ziffgirffilg ' If Wh, 'ff . -1 V -:"- ' ' - 3 f ' ' -3925: 7 Fffiiiii '0 ful 'ffl .k ,r '-"1'g. ij an in I U, ,fb J 1,5 6 X .x 'V "'I VW. f fr! , , ,, -4- -4 QM.. , fly, "f, .P 1 ' f' -1 4 'J 'Q " 11 3'-' 'Ae 'T fu-tm" ..,. ,Q F ?r 'Q ' ,-"' :.:, :': fH,' . i n 1 Wig ' f 395, " x,w'i b - .4 X W W it EW I E A IV ' I in l J! 2 Qfiiiiwiliik :': I Q ,- PHI . BETA KAPPA National Scholastic Honorary Adams, Maida Att. Harvey Ahlem. Grace Alford. Iack Anderson. Herbert Andrews. Kenneth Armlstead, Frederick Amold. Iuanita Art, Bernard Atkins. Davtd Baughman. Ursula Baxter. Lydia Beckett. Ralph Beller. Alvin Beringer. Beryl Bermant. George Bernstein. Edwin Bischke. Russell Borko. Harold Bricker, Seymour Brown, Iames Bumbarger. William Burdick, Charles Cameron. Iames Campbell. Bernard Canlield. Grant Caras. George Carhlll. Kenneth Carmichael, Howard Carter. Harold Case. George Cass. Martin Cassidy, Iames Chemin. Corinne Clark. Bessie Claypool. Iohn Clauser, Robert Clauser. William Cokas. George Collier, Courtney Colman, Iohn Comsky. Bernard Conover. Virginia Cooper, Kenneth Correa. Beverly Couron. 'l'homas Crolt. Iohn Cross. V. Gene Cross. Wendell Curtis. Thomas Darrow, Ioseph Davis. Hendryx Dean. Allan DeChel1is. George Denton, Robert DeVisser. Burton Diederich, Harvey Dixon, Thomas Deering. Robert Drummond. Evan Dzitzer, Max English. Iohn Evans, David Faucett, Paul Fasttus. William Fedderson. Richard Fiske. Kenneth Fraggiosa. Frank Franklin. Richard Gage. Bruce Galvan. Stella Gartinkel. Betty Gariss. lack Genlot, August Gillis, Marilyn Ginsberg. Marion Goedlnghaus. Carl Grandine, Ioseph Gray. F. William Guiou. Robert Haas. Rae Habenicht. Rudolph Iames Abe Maida Adams Harvey Att Ursula Baumann Lydia Baxter Ralph Beckett George Bermant Howard Block Don Breitinger Walter Brown Charles Burdick Kenneth Carhill Harold Carter George Case Stanley Cohen Courtney Collier Andrew Comrey Virginia Conover Kenneth Cooper Thomas Curtis. Ir. loseph Darrow Hoehly. Iohn Haines. Thomas Hamilton. Mary Hansen. Andrew Hara. Akira Harrington. Trent Harrison. Robert Hartzler. Lynn Hayes. Vera Helvy. Patricia Hertzka. Alfred Hiclrcox. Irma Hidden. Eleanor Hills. Tynette Hoffman, LaRue Holwerda. Iames Horton. Donald Hughbanks. William Hunn. Dora Huseboe. Diane Ienkins. Brian Iennings. Iames Iones. Annabelle Iordon, Harry Kaplan. Norman Kasern. Catherine Keene. Iean Kelly. lohn King. Edith Kinney, Kathryn Kortner, Chris Kreiziger. Rita Lauber, Donald Lazarowitz. Samuel LeVegue. Edward Lindberg. Charles Lowcher. Iohn Luitig. Murry Luhman. Robert Lung. John Hendryx Davis Harvey Diederich Ralph Dreger Ierome Duily David Evans Kenneth Fiske Betty Gartinkel lack Gariss Carl Goedinghaus Raymond Gonzalez Theodore Greider Rae Haas Altred Hertzka William Hindlemann Tynette Hills Herbert Hooper Dora Hunn Rita Kreizieger Donald Lauber Virginia Laurie Edward Le Vaque Luther. Richard McAnlis. Ruth McClelland. Iames McClure. Charles McCoy, Robert McNutt. lack Malamud, Gerald Mayer. Cliiiord Maynard. Arthur Mehring. William Meier. Florence Menagh, Harry Mendel. Iulius Merrick. Phillip Mings. Rowland Moberly, Bonnie Moore. Murvale Moore. Roger Moulton. Kay Murar, Francis Nelson. Averly Nelson. Warren O'Donnell. Robert Oh. George Ohno, Ioe Olson, Clarence Pereira. Donald Perkins. Robert Pierce. lim Quick. Iohn Racine. Iohn Ramm. Bernard Rice, Leslie Richmond. Paul Rider. Katherine Robinson. Forrest Ronk. Glenn Rosen. Sam Rousen. Edward Rudolf. Leonard 409 Irvin Liener Richard Luther Iames McAree Iames McClelland Charles McClue Douglas Maple William Mehring Phillip Merrick Ivan Mihail Eugene Mohr Roger Moore George Morros Key Moulton Sherman Muir Max Negri Stella Nelson Frank Pack Hugh Parry Donald Peters Iim Pierce Ardath Priddy Rutherford. Robert Ryan, Iames Ryan. Reta Sager, N. William Saltzman, Allen Samuels, Herbert Saunders. Walter Schmidt. Betty Schneider. Robert Scott. Iames Sellers. Walter Shapiro. Stewart Silverman, Ioseph Smith. Tom Spence. Samuel Starr. Walter Stem. Philip Stevens. Donald Stivers, Eugene Stoddard. Wilcox Strickland. Donald Stutsman. Naomi Tarwater. Beniamin Tay. Paul Tessman, Paul Therriault. Emerson Tomaszewski. Victor Tremblay. Theodore Turner. Forrest Vetter. William Vien. Leslie Wakamatsu. Ioseph Waller. Iohn Warner. Cromwell Warren. Clyde White. Larry Willey. Mona Winn. Boyd Wong. Stanley Young. Frank Young. Harvey Albert Raubenheimer Sam Rosen Iohn Rudd Frank Scherer Betty Schmidt Stewart Shapiro Charlotte Speer Walter Starr Iohn Stephens Philip Stern Barbara Stewart Charles Stiftler. Ir. Beniamin Tarwater Emerson Therriault Richard Trauger Theodore Tremblay Arthur Turner Christine Vogel Ioseph Wakamatsu Henry Weimer Ronald Winner Richard Wood PHI KAPPA PHI National Scholastic Honorary Mortar Board National Honor Society A national honorary sorority, Mortar Board confers membership annually on senior Women who are considered outstanding in student body life. Not only is emphasis placed on leadership but on service and scholarship as Well, a l.65 grade average being required of prospective members. New mem- bers are tapped each year at the an- nual AWS recognition assembly. This year, Mortar Board diligently met once a week with president Paula Hinckley presiding. First Row: Walter Brown. Second Row: Ioseph Capalbo, Iohn Collinqs. Fred Harper. Third Row: Iames Lewis, Douglas Morgan, Iohn McE1derry, Dan 'Chi- avone. Edwin Stegman. 410 'E-Ll'-X :.,,. .lighten L K V., , . S First Row: Ieanne Dunstord, Lavonne Gates. lane Hall. econd Row: Nicki Hastert, Paula Hinkley. Mary Iensen. Carol baker. Third Row: Wanda Lowry, Helen Parkinson. Florence Piver, Marcella Smith. Blue Key National Honor Society Blue Key, National Men's Servil Honorary, was first organized at t. University of Florida in 1924. lt no' has a chapter membership of se' enty-eight, and a total membersh of over 20,0UO. The SC chapter W granted its charter in 1930. Mernb ship is usually derived from men 1 the upper classes. Those tapped m have maintained a higher-than-av age scholastic record while devoti . time and energy in the service of tl University. The organization has 4 its objectives the fostering of frien ship and cordial relations among a student groups, and between tlf students and the faculty. Q? 1 1 .. . W-. First Row: Phyllis Anderson, Elsina Baker. Ann Dillon. Second Row: Ieanne Eaton. Helen Harker. Ginger Iones. Third Row: Carolyn Schiller. Dorothy Schultz. Lois Stone. Patricia Westhofi. Ba! Elin Athletic Managers Society Ball and Chain, an upper division men's honorary society, is com- prised of qualified junior and senior athletic managers. The members are responsible for the welfare of all the university's athletic teams, acting at times as valet, red-cap, ticket-agent, and the coach's right hand man. Under the aegis of Wil- lis O. Hunter, Ball and Chain inter- views prospective candidates for the manager positions, and makes the preliminary recommendations for their appointments. They train and supervise the novice man- agers, and endeavor to promote the recognition of their members and their work. Cdimea National Service Organization The SC women's honorary organization, Chimes, elects prominent prospective junior women as members. Formerly on an all-University basis, the organ- ization was once known as Spooks and Spokes. Now, however, Chimes is affiliated with other western chapters. Under the leadership of Pres. Phyllis .-.Z Anderson. new members are chosen in the spring of each year from high sophomore and low junior women who are interested in campus activities and have a 1.75 grade average the semester before pledging. Q s mrs First Row: Gerlad Ackman. Bob Allison. Donald Atkinson. Iohn Broadbent. Second Row: Robert Erburu. Robert Gibson. George Hatchett, William Hosar. Third Row: Ken Kruger. Iames Lewis. Floyd McCann. Iames Schlecht. Fourth Row: David Scruges. Ernest Silva. Charles Wallace. Edwin Winkenhower. 411 at Freshman Scholastic Fraternity First Row: Ben Ford. Albert Hansen. Donald Hanson. Second Row: Lester Minner. Bemard Peralta, Donald Sheri- dan. George Walker. ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA Freshman Scholastic Sorority First row: Barbara Chambers, Sally Drews. Daryl Emerich. Second row: Darleen Farrell. Ioan Field. Indy Iohn- sion. Marillyn Judd. Third row: Peggy Pryor. Evelyn Stolz, Jeanne Warnock. Ioyce Wilson. All-University Men's Honor Society Aihara. Henry Co-captain Track Team Attelsey. Richard 2nd N.C.A.A. Track Beaudry. Robert Pres. Commerce Betz. Bill B. Football Bird, I ames W. Captain of Football Team Bub. Larry Pres. of Senior Class Christie. Stanley All Coast-Basketball Comstock. Horace B. Pres. Law School Davis. Andrew I. Pres. I.F.C. Donaldson. Robert C. Pres. School of Education Drum. Dale Debate Durrett. Harold W. Outstanding student Naval ROTC Econome. Theodore Pres. Pharmacy College Frazier. Ronald 3rd N.C.A.A. Track Gray. William Ind. Rep. on Senate Healy. Otis Troy Camp King. Robert Corcaptain Swimming Team King. Theodore President School of Dentistry Kotler. Howard Pres. l.F.C. Lewis. Iames Sr. Football Manager McC1endon. Robert W. Pres. lnter. Relations Malamud. Ierry Sr. Basketball Manager Martin. William E. All-Coast Football Miller. Gordon B. Pres. Sr. Class-Medicine Nix. lack All-Coast Football Ortlieb. Robert Fine Arts Perry. Thomas L. Men's Council Peterson. Milton C. Pres. Engineering Powers. lim Football Pruitt. Robert 3rd N.C.A.A. Track Prussell. George Pres. Knights Reynolds. Robert Elections Commissioner Ryburn. lack Sr. Class Savan. Bruce Pres. Music College Stegman. Edwin Debate Stillwell. Robert All-Coast Football Tay. Paul Pres. Architecture College Todd. Ierry lst N.C.A.A. Gymnastics White. Ioseph Basketball Achievements Wolf. Wallace P. Olympic Swimming Team Woolery. George L.A.S. Pres. Zuber. Robert All-Coast Baseball Phi D Ita Phi National Professional Law Fraternity First row: Arthur Alarcon. Charles Bakaly. Richard Barger. William Bernie, Wiley Bunn. Iohn Bury. Donald Caifray. Sec- ond row: Andrew Davis. Frank DeMarco, lack Felthouse. Clar- ence Fleming. Robert Giles. B. Haile. William Harnevious. Don- ald Iohnstone. Third row: Her- bert Klambach. Kenneth Lae. Rex Link. Robert Mallicoat. Hazen Mathews. Noel Merithew. Ralph Mittan. Ioseph Mullender. Fourth row: Ioseph Novak. Iames O'Connor, Iohn Penney. Gerald Sheppard. Wilson Stod- dard. Iohn Tomlinson. Alvin Wiese. Bob Wilmsen. Phi lllphu Delta Professional Legal Fraternity First Row: Herbert Adden, R. Glenn Brewer. Davis Bridges, Donald Brown. Second Row: Dean Butler. Iohn Collings, Eddie Davenport. Iohn Davis. Wilbur Dettman. Third Row: Rob- ert Finch. Karl Frank, Dale Heinly. Alexander Keel. Ioseph Lewis. Fourth Row: Kenneth Lewis, George McCormick, Russ Mattier. Rob- ert Miles. Carl Nunneiser. Fifth Row: Iohn Paralieu, H. Ralph Snyder. lack Swafford. Richard Teege. lack Tyrell. ss rx . ss in a X ss x ir tw ' H , an ir tr w rx First Row: Paul Byer, Walter Carl. Richard Harrison. William Hettel. Second Row: Gerald King. Arthur O'Leary, William Painter, Bruce Sellery. 414 P it w 44.4. CL Cl, t W W 6l,l'l'U'l'L6l National Professional Dental Hygiene Sorority irst row: Nancy Appel. Mar- lyn Baker. Florean Bowden. oan Brarnan. Second row: dele Campbell, Flora Crast. eggy Egertson. Ianice reene. Iewell Hood. Mary ngraham. Ioan Iackson. Third ow: Helen Lingel. Mariorie cCord, Cherine McCune. oan McKinney. Elsie Mep- am, Carol Moorehouse. Shir- ey Neal. Fourth row: May obs. Mary Openshaw. Lois artridge. Elleted Perillos. Er- a Reinhardt, Charleen Rod- iclc. Iacqueline Shaw. Fifth ow: Beverly Sherwood. Vic- oria Slabik. Alice Somers. arie Spence. Grace Swee- ey. Anne Sutphin. Ruth einrich. ,nd re' J l , . . ... " ly I Hr' fa -' Q Q A ri? I f W' . ' - all 'd 1 QTL . B sl w .-H.: 1 , ' ti' y . n my . .st l" i n 1 .QV 'i mll ft- 1 .. E 'H " l k., It ' , 5 ,. :hit I 415 Ll Ei.. I 620166111 Professional Legal Fraternity First row: Harris Berger. Florian Boyd. Ierry Burton, George Dell. William Gillson. Second row: Gene Glushon. Stuart Hillman. Lewis Landis. Iack Lapin. Marvin Levin. Third row: Charles Lyons. Richard Oshman. Milton Relin. Gregory Rosenthal, Frank Rothman. Fourth row: Marvin Segal, Albert Seigel. Domenic Signorelli. Harold Wax, William Weigand. Alpha Omega National Professional Dental Fraternity First Row: left to right: Marvin Bramson, Leon Brown, Ellis Fields, Donald Glick. Second Row: Merle Glick, Morris Gluck, Paul Goldstein, Law- rence Kaplin, Eugene Manusov. Third Row: Irving Meislin, Donald Morris, Howard Pludow, Harold Rowe, and Irwin Soble. r i ,is :ag 1 ' ' ff "Ponzi 'Q QQ QI: .., -'ur - .: .:.:.:.:.:.,.,, -I ' "l -1142-2 55 M- ri if s 1f. fgfr.,Eg:f:v i?-f-:2i3- rr W ' ' !-Z'.f:f:,:5i2.! fr' 'L'1..I.i,1..: " . " .f ""' .51 f .,j . 1 'S tp: - -s. , .eff ' Hg :f,t1,zlzf, 3 'i :wig .-sway? EF' e,,g:j:,::',f, ' . 9 :S r gzmmsw If .:.,,g , fe t, E E Q I ,, 2 We H X, A -Q 525.4 325. -- 1 -.-,':.m.E:5.j.,52:'ZEI? 2 . ,g-5mf2g"s.1f -a-5.5 ' .:.: .,:-f'-5:5,":-5-5 V Je. Delta Theta Phi National Professional Law Fraternity First Row: Volney Brown, Walter Brown, Iames Cameron. Second Row: Vernon Fos- ter, Alden Fulkerson, Warran Henderson, Dick Huxtable. Third Row: Iames Kolts, Roy Mann, Martin Munson, Scott McCor- mac, Ned Nelson. Fourth Row: Ralph Nichols, Lyle Randolph, Lothan Schoen- keit, George Vinnedge, Frank Weiss. Pi0mga H National Dental Fraternity "ig, 1 ,Q 1 iid Q as it ....? 'gn as 3' t gil ,... .,., , f nr M,- l' 5' , 35 ' ,. if V Ph .L ms 9 Jul' 4 1 1 " , tk . 'argl' ,.., :.::. g : Ab b -ri A6 it f r I-mv? ' Fw - ' ,... '--:-:-: '2:':': . .. if ':-- ., 1 L mfs .3 , -Q ,, .. -., ., .,..,, H? .. gf is gf .sei fri Q su ly 'G . . ' X. Last First Row: Iohn Anderson. Glenn Baker, William Baker, Raimond Bartlett. Second Row: Raisley Bermett, Lealand Blair, Robert Borland, Karl Brimball, Buster Bruce, William Buckley, Robert Burnett, Iohn Camphouse, Thomas Cannon. Third Row: Theodore Clarke, Myrrh Cox, William Crawford, Douglas Croisette, Robert Cruse. Lloyd Davies, Richard Dobson, Philip Erdahl,,Silvio Filippelli. Fourth Row: Richard Free, lack Frost, Wayne Frost, Iames Garry, Manfred Gildner, Lee Groves, Lloyd Hall,'F ay Hall- berg, lack Hyde. Fifth Row: Ervin Iones, Irving Kotts, Alvin Knight, K. Le Cheminant. Howard Lee. Leon Leonard, Earl Lenckhoff, Armando Lopez, Richard Mashburn. Sixth Row: Richard Meckfessel, Donald Miller, Gordon Miner, Iohn Mol1er,'William Moniort, M. Montgomery, Carl McDonald. Edward Olivaren, William Oyler. Seventh Row: Marvin Payne, Alfonso Perez, Iames Perkins, Alfonso Ruiz, Iames Schuknecht, Robert Shirley, William Snow, Dick Swan, Charles Thompson. Eighth Row: lack Tulicki, Howard Tyrell, Duran Webster, William Weller. Robert West, Ralph Wilson, Wally Wilson, Gordon Wright, Richard:Zigrang. 417 First Row: Iohn Ankene Robert Avalian. Willia Babbe. Don Beckman. Sec ond Row: William Berry Howard Bonebrake. lame Brenner. Paul Burkhalter Robert Burley. Third Row Robert Caccialanza. Ala Clapp. Roland Davis. Irv ine Donaldson. Charle Evans. Robert Frank. Er nest F ritchy. Fourth Row Iames Givens. Willia Holmes, Bruce Hartley Smiley Heltfrich. Arthu Hielm. Allan Hotferber Dudley Hoien. Fifth Row Norman Howe. Fran Hutchinson. Robert Iensen Ronald Iones. Iohn Ken nedy. Scott Larson. Crai Leonard. Sixth Row: Ber nard Lueck. Guy Miner Allen Moiiitt. Grant Mc Adams. Iames McBride Robert McClain. Rober McKaiq. Seventh Row Walter Phillips. Victor Ri iey. Henry Ross. Ernes Rostlan. Danny Tannehill Donald Wild, Verno Wright. DELTA SIGMA DELTA ' National Professional Dental Fraternity ANTIDOTEf Women's Professional Pharmacy Organization Lett to Right-First Row: H. Hr lingworth. C. Yata. A. Sato. I Navarro. M. A. Parker. Secor Row: R. Walton, B. Cooper. lt Airston. K. Matsumoto. C. Kircf ner. Third Row: M. Cruden. Jimenez. G. Servin. D. Okahir G. Vidovich. irst Row: Edward Boyd. obert Boyd. Robert Cal- oun, Iames Curry, Robert akin, lack Francis. Sec- nd Row: Neal Garey, alter Haffner, Charles ammans. Leonard Hy- an. Sterling Iverson. Don- ld Iamison. Third row: arry Kalionzes. Allen inn. Kenneth Marshall, El- n Maxson, Omer Niel- on, Ralph Pearson. Fourth ow: Ioseph Rose, Ierome afarik, Norman Salisbury, ichard Sisley, Iohn Slu- hak. David Smiley. Fifth ow: Herbert Wallway, El- on Welty, Ted Wendorif, artin Wicarius, Robert illiamson. Iames Wilson. xl v Psi Phi National Professional Dental Fraternity E Kulnlflu Nu National Electrical Engineering Honorary Left to right, first row: R. Nourse A. Iarret, B. Norris. F. Coker I Capps. E. Iagger. Second row I Iimenes. N. Arrowsmith. W Gasio R. Iackson. E. Drummond. Left to Right: First Row: G. Tchillingarian, C. Yakubowitz, B. Kazarian, B. Evans, I. Iimenez. R. Baird, E. Drum mond, F. B. Coker, R. B. Nourse, S. Kurtz. Second Row: E. E. Royce, A. Asghar, B. Robinson, T. R. Hoskins, F Baker, E. Niebuhr, B. Ford, B. Capps, A. V. Balakrishnan, I. Drever, R. Schweiniest. Third Row: C. O. Boothe. R H. Wichman, E. Kannel, G. Yamada, I. C. Dodd. E. Singleton. R. Parelson, E. Iagger, D. Soden, E. N. Columbus, H Bigelow, D. Holcombe. Fourth Row: D. Anderson, K. Miller. W. L. Zaske, W. R. Hanson, C. R. Magadini, H. Meany C. H. Rumin, C. Gatlin, I. Hayes, F. Kornfeld, I. McMillan, R. Schneider. I. Hoch. National Engineering Scholastic Fraternity 61.14 0 GL L Z? f ' M.. IQ PA. National Professional Pharmacy Fraternity First row, left to right: Harry Paskell, Harvey Newman, Sol Halton, Bob Block. Leib Leiter, Sid Iafte, Ed Nahin. Second row: Gene Allen, Fred Himmelstein. Ed Popilsky, Roland Greenberg, Harvey Newman, Sheldon Kroop. Marty Sokolik. Third row: Leo Orenstein, Lee Sklar, Ernie Levy, Stan Greenberg. Bernie Novatt, Harry Eisenberg. Leonard Cooper. Fourth row: Ierry Weisberq. Iack Gale. Irv Sitkoit, Ken Lazan. 420 National Professional Advertising Fraternity it to right-First row: Prof. A. Terry, B. Edwards, A. Mack. R. Garcia, D. Lea, I. Voorhees, B. Buckisch. Prof. C. Johnson. econd row: A. Forbis, S. Garnett. M. Carb, D. Davenport, A. Arthur. Lynn Fairweather. Third row: T. O'Connor, I. Amster- am, R. Fox. R. Stewart. H. Agid, B. Thomas. Fourth row: H. Hazard, D. Abaiian. W. Lollich, L. Behrens, H. Craig. ,4 PA.. ata IQ... Professional Aviation Fraternity Left to right-First row: L. Freet, T. Vass, K. Shrinagesh, Prof. Goodwin, Prof. W. A. Lewis. B. Heaton. Second row: I. Warnbold, l'. H. Benson, I. Leopold, D. Neill, G. Renwek, R. Matdof. Third row: I. Hereeg, P. Kelgard, B. Iohnson, T. Hall, G. Henck, S. Angle. 421 Alpha Kappa Psi National Professional Commerce Fraternity Left to right-First row: A. O. Mahalchik. G. Berg. F. S. Kuric, R. M. Compton. E. R. Hare. D. E. Smith, R. A. Wrede, C. F. Duane. D. M. Van Name. H. L. Rodgers. B. F usner. G. E. Manguson. M. H. Dunn. M. Pigott. Second row: B. Speich. B. Mitchell. I. Scott. D. Cox, L. Gedaire, D. L. Sheridan. R. N. Sheridan. D. B. Keeling. B. McCallum. R. K. Decker. E. B. Post. D. N. Christen sen. W. H. Kelly. T. G. Williams. Third row: R. L. Shaw. I. M. Kelly. R. I. Schemer. I. E. Rogers. F. Rose. D. D. Beurman. R. S. Caldwell. G. T. McClure. R. Greenfield. G. Gamelay. C. Blasiar. R. Garret. H. Craig. L. Warren. Fourth row: R. F. Craig. N. R. Russell, F. L. Newsom. D. L. West. F. E. Dotson. I. K. Dorrington. I. L. Birkholz. W. R. Purves, I. T. Forgatch. E. G. Shulot. W. I. Beta Alpha Psi National Professional Accounting Fraternity Kepp. R. E. Cree. R. C. Baerrensen. Left to right-First row: I. R. Scke, C. Chan. D. L. Leak. E. M. Lamb. W. G. Allen Ir.. I. K. Yang. N. Arnleld. P. Berman. row: R. A. Williams. S. DeMatoH, I. O. Perez. W. R. Granewich. L. H. Brewer. D. L. Sheridan. L. W. Odell Ir. Third row: W. Wilson. D. D. Beuman. E. E. Billings. W. I. Nuttall. S. A. Clarke. R. C. Wallace. G. T. McClure. R. L. Iohnson. 422 Left to right-First row: R. I. Ellen, R. H. Poe Ir., I. L. Senn. G.M. Huggens, I. E. Mattias, L. F. Beck, W. '-T. Blume, V. P. Sethi Second row: L. S. Gold, W. T. Cartriqht, A. Curtis, M. Kelis, R. G. Keiier, K. Miura, I. Wilkinson, G. Alwan. Third row: C Nash. O. Harris. G. Pessis, G. Dodge, W. F. Lowdermilk, R. Krone, S. Gandrud. N. Champawat, H. Chaney. National Professional Cinema Fraternity Delta Kappa Alpha llglla Phi Epsilon iNational Foreign Service Fraternity . ' Vila 'as 'v . MJT . ' Left to right-First row: D. Veyna, M. Avila Ir., M. Butz, I. R. Halley, R. Hanson, E. Castano,, I. B. Morales, G. Y. Hanaiusa. W. P. Weiss, A. A. Walsh. Second row: I. McClure, S. Rinear, S. Byrne, F. B. Baker, E. Davy, D. D. Field. F. E. W. McCann, I. H. Kelley, I. Gonzalez, A. S. Ramirez, P. L. Greer. Third row: D. Ferguson, F. Rue, Y. Ogita, I. Hammond, E. Marr, H. Quinn, D. N. Hagen, B. Kelly, A. Amaya, P. Okada. Fourth row: B. Fox, C. I. Ruiz A., R. W. Richardson, R. I. Brynildsen, T. Hannason. A. I. Bcrdalampe, E. T. Rzyski, G. Law, T. F. Spilane, I. Hunter. 423 Gamma Alpha Chl National Professional Advertising Sorority Back row left to right: Dori Iames. Merilyn Simons, Iacquelyn Lassers. Mrs. Dakan, Ioyce Griffin. Middle row: lean Bledsoe Suzanne Montgomery, Leigh Sills, Iean Gibbons, Carol Hand, Ierry Wood. Front: Lois Iorgeson. lean Deutche. Katherine Stall Bonnie Griffith. Marilyn Beaudry. Norma Aveion. Nancy Brockon. Lambda Kappa Sigma National Pharmacy Sorority Left to right-First row: T. Lapic, M. Mendiola, G. Beleal. M. Navarro, G. Cervin, B. Cooper. Second row: R. Walton, M. Crydeu. D. Okahiro. I. Iimenez. G. Vidovich. 424 MU PHI EPSILCN National Professional Music Sorority I ,. First row. left to right: Oliver Pang. Yolanda Veloz, Billie Spencer, Ioy Kim, Eleanor McGookin. Donna Lou Mills, Emily Priest, Meg Seno. Second row: Dr. Alderman, Dorothy Bishop, Ioyce Canavan, Virgina Crosby, President Martha Spratt, Myra Walker, Evelyn Stalz. Nancy Welsh. Third row: Mary Landes, Iean Berg, Beverly Sieif, Ardel Nelson. Elaine Childs, Mariorie Bentley, Carol Hobart. National Professional Music Fraternity Left to right-First row: L. Reed, D. Sheldon, F. P. Brady, R. Weatherby, R. Munn, E. A. Beanes, H. R. Talkington, R. F. Kramer, I. W. Coon. Second row: I. Pratt. D. Eshoff, M. Whtie, I. A. Glover, D. Lyders, P. King, E. I. Bourquin. Third row: W. Mattis. T. Quinn, I. Iansen, E. Cooper, C. Reynolds, F. Erickson, H. McColloch. 425 Left to right-First row: Mr. A. Alois. A. Hairabedian. R. Earl, D. Burns. S. Freeman. R. DeLeon, R. Chambers. Second row: D. Ldkke. B. Caldwell. G. McCormick. G. Reiif. R. Will, I. Brideweiser. Third row: R. Hackler. S. Frank. B. Zuber. H. Springer. D. Bair, Dr. I. Cooper. Professional Physical Education Fraternity Phi Epsilon Kappa Scarab Professional Architecture Fraternity First row. left to right: Frank Mosher, Charles Mclieynolds. lack Bevash. Lyle Stewart. Peter Candreva, Treasurer Robert Tyler. len Lew. Iohn Edwards. Second row: Clinton Marr. Gerald King. lim Gardner. Kazuo Nomura. Victor Spotts. President Bill Hettel. Robert Grant. Third row: Richard Harrison. Vice President Iim Langenheim. William Mader, William Paynter. Secretary William Ecki. Oliver Sargent. Fred Dinger. .. A Left to right-First row: K. Chen, W. Haener, C. Laupritzen. D. Weimar. H. C. Yui. E. Snelling. Second row: D. Fisher, R. Hay- den. K. Brown. D. Porter, G. Dodge. National Professional Transportation Fraternity Sigma Beta Chi Sigma Delta Chi National Professional Iournalism Fraternity Left to right-First row: I. Digles, R. Mills, I. Liddy. A. Salisbury. B. Iones Ir., I. Kendal, L. Furlkatch. Second Row: P. Adamsak. B. Human. I. Kalivas, K. Devol. D. Wright. B. Erburn. Third row: I. Blake. T. Buchanan, B. Wells. R. Bridges, R. Ward. E. Grisi wold Ir. A 427 Lefl io right-First row: T. Milton, I. Hunter, D. Hibbott. W. P. Weiss. B. C. Iohnson, I. L. Goodwin. I. H. Munroe. Second row: R. C. Gross, H. E. Heller, T. Hall, I. Marsh, G. Law, H. Iaeger, R. Gibson. Third row: G. R. Iaque, P. H. Ernest, C. K. Anderle. E. K. Shaifer, F. L. Kinda, E. S. Edmark. National Professional Commerce Fraternity DELTA SIGMA PI SOCIETY FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF MANAGEMENT Left to right: First row: M. C. MacDonald, K. Koundouriotis, G. C. Wing, I. Elsen, L. Chapman, T. A. Faiz. H. W. Wat, A. H. Burton. D. H. Buschke. Second row: I. R. Waples. C. M. Hoyt. E. L. Knaus, R. D. Ligget, R. L. Wells. I. Beaman. V. L. Chapman, I. R. Robinson. D. L. Groves, O. T. Blaschko. Third row: R. I. Brouse. R. T. Underwood. R. Schwenfest. F. Revely, R. K. Wilson, N. Domain. I. W. Cline. Fourth row: G. Templeton, R. Brouse. R. M. Kops. W. U. Roche. 428 Left to Right: Arthur Stein. Dare Rowland, Bill Kennedy. Charles Cole. National Pre-Legal Honorary gfaclzifonian Mo ngzciefy National Pharmacy Honorary Left to right-First row: A. Saio, N. McLaughlin, M. Airston. G. DeWeese. K. Matsumoio. C. Yata, H. Knobb. Second row: F Seech. F. Himmelstein. F. Risher, R. Dashiian. B. Killion, T. Muranaka. Third row: B. Gardenhire, R. Bloecher. D. Bogard. N. Fares, P. Mudra. A. Harbison. 429 Left to right-First row: E. F eldman. D. Lewis. A. Antisdel. V. Rem, B. Brennan. P. Soohoo, I. Shotwell. Second row: D. Ander- son. D. Clark, B. Kuykendall, G. Rzyski, B. Hall. arketmg Club Chi Ep ilon National Civil Engineering Fraternity E I i Left to right-First row: M. M. Solanki, E. Royce. C. Magadini. M. Inoermill, P. Erb, E. Kannel. W. Babychuk, H. E. Lee. W. Ehinqer. Second row: I. H. Cortez. R. Wichman, K. Kurtz. I. S. Waugh. D. M. Wilson, D. Griffin, K. Miller. Third row: K. C. Reynolds. D. K. Diemer. M. C. Dorris, W. Procter, L. Minner, I. McConnick, V. Lobenstein. Fourth row: H. Reilich, G. Yamada. G. D. Cheak. M. E. Cessna. R. Smith, R. R. Gunny. 420 Left to right-First row: S. Weleba. L. Winter, D. L. Crane, R. A. Tangherlini. M. Harker. C. I. Troy. I. Schaite. D. Schultz. Second row: B. L. Fitch. K. Stewart. P. King. P. Davs. C. Hunter. F. Whitiield. G. Wada, W. Lowry. Third row: I. Pehl. S. Saraiian. F. Kruger. M. Lincoln. I. Cheney. D. Thomas. National Professional Music Sorority SIGMA ALPHA IOTA SIGMA ALPHA SIGMA Left to right-First row: B. Derhammer I. Lewis. Mrs. R. Toothaker. H. Hampton. L. Cory. D. Fucci. Second row: D. Warner. Dr. I. F. Henerson. D. Woolery. H. Arutunian. G. Vorbett. A. Bullock. Third row: I. Pidkowski. B. Cumming. R. Frates. S. Moscow. A. Herron. 431 Left to right-First row: R. Knight, I. Edwards, I. Fannucci, B. Lewis, W. Seastrom, I. Wong, R. Terry, B. Dill, D. Wozab row: R. Mead, B. White, W. E. Hockett, G. Bush, R. Wilson, O. Bandy, W. H. Easton. D. A. McNaughton. Third row: 'I'. B. Heiner, M. Freeman. D. Malloy, G. Brown, O. Seal, V. Suter, D. Moore. National Geology Fraternity Sigma Gamma Epsilon American Society of Civil Engineers Left to right-First row: M. M. Solanki, E. Royce. H. Talkington, I. H. Marquis, R. R. Gunny. M. L. Fistler. W. E. Nuanes. I. Matinez, R. H. Wichman,G. Yamada, G. S. Van Kirk, G. D. Cheak. Second row: I. Ripley, V. Lobenstein, K. Reynolds. C Magadini, M. Degles, C. H. Zeise, C. I. Lakey, I. Fledderiohn, G. H. Agnew, D. W. Wild, H. S. Lee, D. M. Wilson, K. R. Third row: I. Theys, P. Giras, R. C. Merz, M. E. Nosanov, H. L. Wallace, I. Broadbent, P. C. Erb. H. H. Hicks, E. I. McCormick, I. S. Waugh, I. H. Brown. Fourth row: R. C. Anderson, W. Procter, F. Bauer, S. Walsh, M. C. Dorris. I. E. R. W. Goers, R. E. Melbourne, P. A. Allard, K. F. Miller, D. F. Griffin, E. L. Simokins. 432 merican Society of Mechanical Engineers it to right. First row: R. Schweinfest. F. Mandaro. W. Henry. W. Haslam. S. Lintner. M. Mclntosh. S. Tobey, K. Bass. I. Cordoso. D. Button. W. Waldren. C. F loren. Second row: W. Franklin. W. Stauch. T. Preithis. W. Hekala. O. Eggert. I. Hoifman, S. O'Dell. L. Nordquist, B. Wells. R. Fortney. W. Seiber. N. Ray. Third row: R. Mannes. M. Goodhart, I. Kerr. L. Cavins. B. Robinson. E. Ohm. T. Hoskins. F. Clemence, E. Griffin, R. Kops. I. Doe. W. Zaske. Fourth row: C. Goodwin. L. Comer, H. Marshall. D. Trapp. R. Bennerr. E. Blue, R. Darch. N. Vaughn, T. Again. M. Price. L. Kell. Raclio Television Guild Left to right. First row: D. Taylor. C. Boliek. H. Bellah, Miss L. Wilson, F. Malin. I. Campbell. H. Reider. Second row: D. Attlesey. E. Ash. S. Iohnson. C. Stewart. D. MacA1eer. 433 Ski C lub Left to right-First row: R. Whaley. S. Raven. D. Price. D. Sutherland. N. Priske. G. Barron. L. Chu. I. Lasry. D. Ferguson. B. Ramey. D. Neill, L. Lang. A. Schreiber. R. Brouse. Second row: P. Smith. H. Ehrlich. I. Haeqele. G. Templeton. E. Kubota. D Scruggs. R. Dorsey. G. Morgan. K. Shrinagesh. L. Quon, I. Bohanan. V. Crosby. S. Saraiian. I. van Adelsberg. Third row: G. Gubser. I. Herceg. F. Overholt. D. D. Trent, O. C. Holecek. P. Arnold. N. Archer. D. Lipkinq. V. Crosby. C. Lupfer. H. Torn- quist. N. Avery. N. Pizzinat. Fourth row: R. Edgell, G. Cates. E. Boden. I. Kahn. K. Skramstad. B. Kuhnle. A. Berg. E. de Mosc- konyi. I. C. Gorman. I. Peyton. C. Kleinield, E. Gutierrez. C. Blaubach. M. Seaman. Trovets 'v "" , N v ' 4 ,, ' , . First row. leh to right: Hank Glaves. Iack McClure. Art Freier. Grant Magnuson. Dave Field. Floyd McCann. Manuel Arvilla. Martin Butz. Glenda Yothers. Ioan Brooks. Andy Weber, Geraldine Brooks. Marty Graber. Adrian Aruaia. 434 I I I to right-First row: M. Bowers. M. Rotherum, I. Lewis. I. Deutach. A. Ninfe. C. Ghika. Second row: B. Lawrence. D. Ostrey. Lupfer. E. Morehouse. S. Walhers. A. Irwin. L. Galindo. Third row: G. Webb. I. Matthews. B. Dowden, D. Mazzola. M. Smith. Moore. M. Anderson. Phruteres Troeds First row. left to right: Ioan Schoolmaster, Carolyn King. Mimi Sheppard. Ioanne Peterson. Shippy Tanaka. Lorraine Espinoza. Vivian Epolito, Beverly Gill. Elaine Reuder. Nancy Waters. Second row: Terry Von Der Ahe. Nancy Taylor. Ian Kirman. Carla Lee Conti. Dawn Shay, Sally Di Iullo. Carol Waters. Ioan Vassur. Marilyn Maxner. Third row: Connie Hines. Yvonne Barham. Nancy Kennedy. unidentified. Loma Foley, Beverly Alden. Pat Beard. M. Walters. Mary Lou Everson. Mariorie Mann. Fourth row: Nancy Watts, unidentified. Zoe Ann Mormon. Mary Ann Morey. Nadine Tyre. Nancy Mispiegle. unidentified. unidentified. Shirley Conroy. 435 ,. HAWAIIAN CLUB S w I I I x Iv Left to right. First row: H. Nozaki, O. Pang. D. Ching. I. Ong, H. Wasai, H. Foo. Second row: R. Logan. D. Pang. W. Yee, Wa Wat. Dr. L. Ellfeldt. Third row: A. Hee. B. Kravitz, G. Nozoe. H. Chock. Left to right: First row: D. Leung, I. Lee. O. Pang, B. Yee. D. Louie, R. Chow, L. Lee, F. Iung. Second row: I. Iung, R. Wing. E Kwong, A. Wong, P. T. Lee. G. Iing, H. Chuck. Third row: T. Wong. A. Hee. R. Wong. B. Tom, B. Wong. C. Chan. 435 Lett to right: First Row: B. Earnshaw, L. Spencer, B. Stanhagen, C. Thomas, B. McGuire, D. Morris, I. Kim. Second Row: R. Spears, D. Brake, H. Bucklin, B. Trankle, M. Stout, B. Wigge. Student Council of Religion All-University Religious Council lntervarsity Christian Fellowship Episcopal Denominational Group Lett to right-First row: P. L. Byer, E. Hobbs. M. McGookin, E. Carter, M. Phelps, M. Temma, N. Vatsala, I. Kim, E. McGookin, D. Wales. Second row: R. Nazarian, C. Lachona, G. Plentl, E. Kongttsich, I. Katok, A. Zeffer, I. Frederickson, A. Britton, D. Vonqunten. Third row: P. Kerr, T. Lapin, B. Smith, W. P. Gormley, R. Needham, G. E. Atwell, B. Runner, I. L. Chen, A. Bocke- mohle, B. Bunn. Fourth row: I. T. Reynolds, M. E. Scharer, E. R. Woodside, M. Sheldon, B. Trankle, P. Kennedy, B. Hind, H. Nahigian, I. Estridge. Fifth row: W. W. Montgomery Ir., I. O'Bryan, R. L. Willoughby, R. Malm, K. F. Miller, I. Atwell, D. Raun. I. Kerr. 437 B f l ll' Baptist Denominational Group Left to right-First row: Rabbi A. N. Winokur. F. Hoffman, B. Stein, S. Hirsh, E. Woolf. B. M. Williams, Ben Dwoskin. Secon row: S. Kroop. S. Moss, L. Bien, R. L. Schneider. I. Kleinbard. B. I. Stern. S. Howard. 438 Lett to right--First row: Rev. Fr. Kirschenheuter, I. O'Donne11, M. Reveles. E. Morehouse. L. McCann. I. Berry. P. Rabuzzi. Second row: D. McCann, S. Donovan, P. Wagner. L. Reische. A. Gauthier. E. Mazy. K. Leiss. M. Lopez. Third row: M. Fiorenza. S. Wood. B. Schneider, A. Hen-on, W. Nevins. I. Finton. A Catholic Center N wman Club Canterbury Club Episcopal Denominational Club Left to right. Fixst row: T. Owens, B. Wiggee, E. A. Wolter, B. Kirt1eY. I. Stockrnan. Second row: Dr. Davidson. B. Roach. I. Griner G. Peregoy. H. Bucklin. Father Satx-ang. 439 I QlllllIIIllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllIIIllIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll III E llllllllllll-I-llllllll.l1llllll.l'lllIllllll I IllllilllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllg E r-l---.-HllHIS-ll-IIHIH-I--I--I-III' EE gs Illlllll llll tis July 4th, 1776. Illlllll llmu "' At Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell rings with joy. o! the pealing of the bell is echoed bs metal ts pefaces throughout the land PYIHUIID presses resound Wlth hammer stroke words pioclamunt, life hbelty E Z: 5: ...: ...- -- -.- -- an 1- 1... 'E' 1 .- 1 .2- E -1. 1 l 1 3 and the pursuit of happinessi' . . . words written by Thomas Jefferson with the advice of a printer, Benjamin Franklin. With these words from the Declaratlon of Independence the foundln fathers staked their lives on prlntmo to cxeate and unify a flee nation 2 5 E E 1 G in IlllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllll 1 lllll 5- E E5 is E -E5 Es L .E E s'- E E E 'I 2 E e 2 . E E- ' 1' ' ' E E: 5 2 Ei ' E 2l I is . . . . U E ' ' E E E S 5 : E E 5 E E E ' gfllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllIll IllllglilllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIllIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllg lgudgcafiond 440 l w"'H 611 .1x1auxn E "'l E UNM ' .HL '1 -V wil A "12'af:!l'-.,Ws1eE.E2:11!!g.-!':1!1Q'.1 IIIIIllIlL.'2'.iHLllillHLiWliiiiiiiilllllllllllnllllllllni KENNETH STCNIER, Manager of Publications After qraduatinq from SC in the class oi '32 with a BA. in "either Commerce or Speech-I don't remember which", Kenneth Stonier decided that the university needed a manager of student publica- tions, created the job, and has held it ever since. Much revered as check-signer for all bills student publications run up, Stonier is also the budget-fixer for those journalistic endeavors, and handles the business end very Well While serving on the advisory Board of Publications. 441 BERNARD L. HYINK KENNETH STONIER ROY FRENCH IOHN MORLEY A Board of Pub icatians Whenever any of the student publica- tions loses a business manager or an editor, the Board of Publications con- venes to select a new man. The group is composed of Dean I-lyink, lohn Mor- ley, the El Rodeo advisory the business manager and editor oi each student publication: Roy French, head of the School of lournalismp and Kenneth Stonier, Manager of Publications. This assemblage also meets Whenever there is need to settle different policies of the publications. A solace to Weary editors, the Board advises and guides student publication policy. bw.-4? RUSS WARD REID BRIDGES FRED HARPER IACK HESSIN IOE WEINSTEIN 442 47 1? Q V .: Wy , , .' -. X -ht DOUG KILGOUR The Photo Department is one of the busiest places on campus. Keeping school publications well stocked with pictures is a full scale job, even though the underlying captions of the DT. are usually from a local paper. Managing things and keeping 'ern Rolitlexing is Doug Kilgour, always rushed, but every ready. Peggy Heck "greets" at the front desk, as head receptionist, with the help of Virginia Wilson and Edith Brown. Nelson Dacre shoots all the portraits, annually seeing more teeth than the dentist. Ted Rohde and Ed Kilpack photograph, work the lab, and do every thing else. Clyde Booth is the only student working in Photography. Cas Sermak is the ageless, balding Lothario, who daily spits up dry humor, but always of service with his Brownie. EDITH BROWN TED ROHDE ED KILPACK NELSON DACRE PEGGY HECK CLYDE BOOTH 443 4 RUSSELL W ARD, Editor The Pr s rnost unwiiiinq senator was Busseii E. Ward. Siyear-oid Daiiy' Troian Editor. This hard-woricinq senior became DT Editor tor the T950-Si schooi year with the heip oi oniy' his wite, his son, his triends, the iournaiisrn iacuity, iast years staii, and a iew srnaii bribes. No one has regretted his choice except his wite, his son, his triends, the iournai- isrn tacuity, iast years statt, and this years stait, who can't be bribed. etore Ward entered SC in T947 he was a carpenters heiper, a piurnb- er's heiper, a die-setter's heiper, and Uncie Sarnrn'y's heiper. Now he heips Ward. Russ is noted ior asiainq such questions as: When wiii stu- dent qov't strearniininq corne? Any douqh iett in the DT budqet? How ' serve Prrrny cornrnission? can T resiqn a re Dui Tr 0' un Bending the whip to the peasants under his control and aggravating their nerves by plying them with the Stoo Yoo brand of quick death, City Editor Bob Wells extracted every last ounce of the creative spirit from the editorial staff. Snatching the copy with hot, eager hands from his pop-eyed crew, Wells feverish- ly re-Wrote all to suit his prevailing mood. Caught up in this morass of journalism, Women's Editor Iane Mayer Worked fearlessly composing the material that only a woman could enjoy. With the inclusion of fashions, travel, social capers of the Coeds, and the inevitable Cupid's Column, lane assured the Trojan of a few steady readers during the week. Don Wright. the Managing Editor, was well-liked by his fellow writers. From his vantage point on the chandelier, Don was able to supervise the doings in the office. Wincing under the title of "The Blockheadn, he spent a great part of his time dropping Water-bombs out the window. E ,pax DON WRIGHT Managing Editor IANE MAYER Womens Editor BOB WELLS City Editor Olfflelfl if h ,LE y. -.,.,i Lb Q ' l-- LaVONNE Gzm-:s S. XR 'ig' JOANNE GEE The Assistant Editors who hoped all year that the shiny brass would be turned over to them next year were busy rubbing it to a glimmer. Always troubled with the wrong kind of copy or too little copy, they were always attempting to tix things. The three Coeds serving as Assistant Women's Editors were Lavonne Gates, Ioanne Gee. and Evonne Berry. Then there was Feature Editor Bascom Iones and his well-known "lndent! lndent!" Assisting him was Ed Balkan. the jokester who kept the office mildly amused with jokes old and new, mostly old. Ed's opposite was Earl O'Bar the calm, quiet Feature assistant. Everyone did a good job and can well say -3U- for this year. EVONNE BERRY ea fbife s BASCOM IONES ED BALKAN EARL O'BAR .41 's ' s. V. I ,mf . f i 1 II is B .2 s .. V ii E , ,af .. 1' ' is Tv -5188-E B1 . .. V emma 2 ZH I N E ' - if a ix - -Q4 1 H E E ,- new ,Jim 31-5 ., Q X ' --" X iii S . is a- . . rr " H l is-' i .- COLIN MCKINLAY AL SALISBURY News Editors This conglomeration of rather Vapid faces herein portrayed is representative of a breed of fourth iloor proletariat politely re- ferred to as-The News Editors. These gentle folk are entrusted with the task of gathering news to till the moribund columns ot their pride and joy. Leading off is Colin McKin1ay. Boy Iournalist. Al Salisbury can always be recognized by his sagging pantaloons, indicative of his extra-curricular propensities. Archie Teague is on a plane all his own. l-le writes Words. Fabrication specialist A1 Negri is customarily seen off in a corner consoling his alter- ego. Tom Buchanan. Now there's a man? Queen of the Roost Connie Crawford keeps a whip handy to control fellow-editors in the spring months. On occasion she does bang on a keyboard. 447 ARCHIE TEAGUE AL NEGRI TOM BUCHANAN CONNIE CRAWFORD ...r W . ,, 535 t 1 Q HM BLAKE Sports Editor Sanrio ,stay Events in the athletic World were faithfully recorded under the directic ot sports editor, lim Blake. Through full coverage ot all sports activitie on campus and ott, Iim succeeded in promoting pep and studet interest in school athletics. He Was assisted in this task by a squad 1 talented feature and column writers headed by Ioe Digles. When lc needed time in which to lick Wounds occasionally received in the lir of duty, he yielded the column inches to feature men Ken Devc Charlie Simms. or Fred Neil. These gentlemen all turned in masterfi jobs ot pleasing the public While still maintaining the accuracy tc which the DT sports page is known. KEN DEVOL if 4l N lima, ,, , H iq' . y it ss , in ' ,.v' 1" . Expo?e if V 2, wooing 1 ' ,- " .. .'a',- " .mg . .f . . 21 f ,S , a 5 sign - W. 'IT-1 - . , J- .uw mv T IOE DIGLES CHARLIE 448 Business ,tail ' V i 1 I at i , it . ,sss "W'anted-Gals", the DT. business staff ad read. "Good working conditions, ex- cellent recreation facilities, no experi- ence necessary, certified by WCTU". 5--r' TACK HESSIN Business Manager ,X The results, an all-girl staff, almost. Ioyce Newcomer handled the job of Classified Ad Manager, Sue Schaap penciled layouts, While Betty Io Allison kept national advertising coming in. Overseeing his harem was Iack Hessin. Business Manager. lack kept ad lines and dollars riding high for the D.T. Fif- teen alole assistants Were: Nancy Reid, Audry Hemphill, Doryce Taylor, lean- nette Vett, loan Winters, Lee Murphy, BB Burns, Diane Sherman, Zan Shaw, Dennis Payer, Ann Kelley, Marlene Wessel, Sarane Burns, Ioan I-lerscher, and Mary lacolous. -l?"'x .fi BETTY IO ALLISON I SUE SCHAAP IOYCE NEWCOMER TRCJAN DWL N cccc IIM KALIVAS Editor The mighty mite of campus newspapers is the Trojan Owl, official publication of University College students. This tour- page tabloid is a weekly publication. Though space is limited, each issue is packed with brief and accurate ac- counts oi the past week's happenings together with a comprehensive pros- pectus of future events. A paper de- pended on by more than 9,000 UC'ers, the Owl's news coverage has to be good. It hits the street each Monday evening. Staff members are recruited from the journalism department. At the helm this year was Editor Iim Kalivas. ably assisted by News Editor Iim Deitch and Sports Editor Ioe Digles. Deitch's news enterprise was legendary among journalism majors. Digles' genius for sports reporting was repeatedly picked up by the downtown dailies. HM DEITCH I OE DIGLES ....-+"-,Q ,fd Y AEK' ,I 1, , I r' x if ' , 'L , . l W Egg t X I V l I' l XR lt' S N I --., w ,,, X , r, l ' ., l fp, ,v,- l. ll l nl v , 1 , 1-,X V., b-7 , HHNDBIIUK 9 ALLEN. A. ARTHUR Editor Between the maroon covers of a shop-lifted Harvey Girls' menu lay this year's Student Handbook, a bulging, prece- dent-breaking assortment of high-brow information on Tro- jan services, facilities, government, organizations, traditions, and activities. Copy emphasis Was on the informal and use- ful side, With sharp cartoons by Carl and lohn Vidnick scat- tered throughout the pages to liven things up a bit. Annual project of the Greater University Committee, this year's scandal sheet was headed by Editor-in-chief Allan A. Ar- thur, with Larry Spector as Associate Editor. Spicy copy by Alice Katem. Deke Houlgate, Ronny Frank, and Iohn Lath- rop added to the friendly tones of the 96-page publication. GEORGE WOOLERY LARRY SPECTOR IOHN LATHROP K . -, x b X .' ' It ir A , . . ..,. , , 'swf' 'K' -asm A ..-.f ....,g...,f -1 , ,, I-fr -?,7.r-Y-1 1 f ,, -.,,..a-5-ve-- M l. 1 i v ,, 1 gl s v N N lg " T ' REID BRIDGES, Editor Chief jester and keeper of Willie the Wampus Bird, Reid Bridges reign supreme as editor of Wampus. As the head satirist Cor is it sadistl o the campus humor magazine, Reid, with his crew, maintains the laug level at a high enough pitch to satisfy his discriminating public, ye keeping it low enough to ulcerate the censor. Gagman Bridges has bee with the staff for two years. Prior to this, he pounded a typewriter fo the Daily Trojan, another smut sheet. Reid gains his inspiration fro the classic sculpture in the office-the Wampus Girl-a creatio designed to give the staff ideas. These gems are hashed around rathe haphazardly in the initial stages, and take their final form for publicatio at a local you-know-what. The Wampus is issued six times yearly an has now completed its thirty-second year on campus. 452 IOEL WEINSTEIN ARCHIE TEAGUE ERNIE DANIELS Whipping boy for Editor Bridges, Ioe Weinstein is the so-called business manager. No one else could be found for the job Cstandards are too lowl so Ioe was chosen. l-le is in his third year as head ernbezzler specializing in the mis-appropriation of funds, pad- ding expense accounts, and juggling budgets. Ernie "Ah take da pitchuz" Daniels operates the camera for the slander sheet. l-le selects the beauties that appear on the pages. This is his first year in this position Cpronel. Ernie insists his Work is art. Sex, sin and saloon editor is Archie Teague. I-lis copy is well acquainted with Dr. l-lyinlcs red pencil. As a letter- man-in lechery, Archie has a lasting friendship With bartenders, rnen's room attendants, and bouncers in the better bars in town. ,.:-1""Y,vW -,VF ,-fd?" ,..--fef"" ...,-v-" ""' ...-f 453 'N l l .. , Lia, Q 1 l i fs, 1 , .E:5-5-5 ,:l:--EQ!! 'I' -':':5, :ii V E - --"- - -- . .-.. 1 .-., 1 ,.,:5:, V gi 3 a is . The art staff of Wampus tries to live up to the ancient adage that "one picture is worth a thousand words." Headed by SC's Vip of the future, Hideo Sei. the men of the "academy" Mel Shestack, Bob Rogaif. Ron Frank. and Bob Griffin. design Witty cartoons that come out looking like Works of happy-go-luckly Dahli. Censor permitting, Wampus features hilarious slightly on the raw side cartoons and "futur- istic" art. Depositing his remains from one dark basement club to another keeps Tom Kelly well versed on Wine, Women, and song. For his sufferings, the Wamp has given Tom the title of "Saloon Editor". Covering the high- er forms of academic pursuits, Ioe Digles dab- bles in sports copy. To allow "more fortunate" students of other institutions a look at the Wampus, Fred French. exchange editor licks the stamps. X HIDEO SEI FRED FRENCH BOB ROGAFF IOE DIGLES MEL SHESTACK . -.L WAND X. - .-'XA VJ ,x f, X Xx 1 5 ' 7 ' " 3 TOM KELLY Z? BOB GRIFFIN 455 RON FRANK FRED HARPER. Editor ,Q M0480 456 TOHN MORLEY, The becoming gentleman pictured on the opposite page is Theta Chi's own, El Rod editor "I.W." Harper. lt is a yearly inevitability that the editor has his physiognomv splashed across a page. Something oi extolment has to be tabricated to give compensation tor truitless hours ot time spent rewriting, editing, changing, haggling, and rearranging the yearbook to meet the de- mands ot individuals, organizations, and all groups exerting pressure. Ot consideration are the demands oi printers, artists, lithographers, and ego- centric members oi the D.T. ln spite oi having been Freshman Class Presi- dent, Sguire President, Prosh baslcetb aller, a Knight, in Blue Key, Theta Chi President, El Rod Associate Editor, on the Sophomore and lunior Councils, Troian Chest, Greater University and Homecoming Committees, he some- how managed to produce what he hop es to be considered an Annual Cthanks to the pushing he received trom Iohn Morley. his advisori. Never without an authoritative note in his voice, Fred seldom suttered the etiects ot a locked- iaw tuntortunatelvl. More could be said, were it not tor the contines ot space. 457 Advisor ,. i t l l 1 tix l l il l t l l t l 1 fl l Unable to get high enough on University Ave., Dolores Dietrich. organizations editor, tripped daily to her third level Student Union nest, Where she greeted more males than a house mother at presents. She headed the or- ganizations, fraterntiy and soror- ity sections. Only God knows how old F rank Glockner, copy editor, is. "Wink" luxuriated in dyeing his snowy locks a light blond, and modeling tight T- shirts, to the disgust of staff. Paul Morley. art editor, could usually be heard muttering, "l don't understand art!" Everyone agreed. Al Crawford-the skinny DOLORES DIETRICH Organizations proletarian's ideal of Dan Duryea, played the role of an embittered sports editor. CraWford's copy reeked with sarcasm and dissen- sion. Harry Merrill. photo editor, spent most of his time pasting funnies and classical satire the thoughtl on the Wall, making en- emies in the process, keeping the picture schedule snafued. Cas Sermak got index-finger arthritis clicking his roliflex for El Rod candids. Dave Durst's Whisky hack added charm to the colorful office decor. When he Wasn't resigning, Dave handled the job of layout editor. Th Editors 3.-' '41 DAVE DURST Layout Editor FRANK GLOCKNER AL CRAWFORD COPY Editor Sports Editor JANE WOMACK Layout BOB GAUGENMAIER Copy I f 1, 3 V HAL sM1'rH Sports IOAN Copy BERRY BOB RO GAFF Art 460 DIANE KOCH Copy TENITA MAN TZ Layout .4- P. pr'-I., I IM WATKINS Photo w iiDvN"'s, --..,-.. IIM LASRY Copy 17 BILL HAMILTON Copy LARRY SPECTOR Organizations CATHY WICKSTROM Secretary LX The taff Around to absorb the wrath of deadbeat editors were the peons of the El Rod staff. Copy staffers pounding their poor little appendages to a frazzle were Iim Lasry. with his pal Steve Goff. "Hot fingers" Diane Koch burned up yards of typewriter ribbon, While Bill Hamilton and Ioan Berry chased down idents. Gloria Bailes and Iim Karayn were systematic in contribution, as was Carol Scott. Doodler of funnies was Bob Rogaff, cartoonist. Larry Spector was com- pilation manager for organizations and brillint copy staffer. Burning the midnight oils making layout deadlines were lane Womack and Tenita Mantz. with the aid of Cathy Wick- strom. Baited and lured With the promise of gratis staff par- ties, the poor peasants labored in contemplation of "mad living". The eager jolcers thought the orgy would never commence. My how the unsuspecting will Work for a free one, even Bob Gaugenmaier. -X A Beginning-464 Acacia-322-323 Administration-14-15 Aeneas Hall-392 Air R.O.T.C.-278-279 Alpha Chi-334-335 Alpha Chi Omega-284-285 Alpha Delta Pi-286-287 Alpha Delta Sigma-421 Alpha Epsilon Phi-288-289 Alpha Eta Rho-421 Alpha Gamma Delta-290-291 Alpha Kappa Alpha-318 Alpha Kappa Gamma-415 Alpha Kappa Psi-422 Alpha Lambda Delta-412 Alpha Omega-416 Alpha Omicron Pi-292-293 Alpha Phi-294-295 Alpha Phi Omega-154-155 Alpha Rho Chi-326-327 Alpha Tau Omega-328-329 Alumni Director-121 Alumni Staff-124 Amazons-148-149 American Society of Chemical Engineers-432 American Society of Mechanical Engineers-433 E Antidotes-420 Art Staff-461 Associated Men Students-138-139 Associated Students of Southern California-125 ASSC President-128- 1 29 ASSC Secretary-1 3 1 ASSC Vice-President-130 Associated Women Students-140-141 ' Athletics-1 60 Athletics News-1 64 Ball and Chain-41 1 Daily Trojan-444-449 Deans-22-23 Debate-264-267 Dedication-8 Delta Chi--334-335 Delta Delta Delta-298-299 Delta Gamma-200-201 Delta Kappa Alpha-423 Delta Phi Epsilon-423 Delta Sigma Delta-418 Delta Sigma Phi-336-337 Delta Sigma-428 Delta Tau Delta-338-339 Delta Theta Phi-416 Delta Zeta-302-303 Dentistry-34-39 Development, Department of-19 Directors-24-25 Dormitories-391-397 Drama-249-253 Eddy, Arnold-123 Elisabeth von KleinSmid Memorial Hall-394-395 El Rodeo-456 Eta Kappa Nu-419 Ewen, Alan D.-162 Faculty-26-32 F agg, Fred D.-12 Fencing-245 Fields, Iohn E.-18 Fisher, Robert D.-16 Football-165-188 Freshman Class-57-64 Freshman Council-58 Freshman Sports-227-236 Gamma Alpha Chi-424 Gamma Phi Beta-304-305 Band-262-263 Golf-244 Baptist Fellowship-438 Greeks-281 Barry, Sam-1 90 Gym Team-238-239 Baseball-203-210 B3Sk2tb3ll.-'189'202 h Hancgy, Carli21 Beta A113113 Psi-422 Hawaiian Club-436 Beta Sigma-388-389 Hillel-438 Beta Theta Pi-330-331 Blackstonian Society-429 Blue Key-410 Business Office-1 2 Cady, Fred-220 California Basketball Series-198- 1 99 California Football Game-1 74- 1 75 Canterbury Club-439 Cheer Leaders-1 45 Chimes-4 1 1 Chinese Club-436 Chi Epsilon-430 Chi Omega-296 Chi-Phi-332-333 Cinema-254-255 Classes-5 6- 1 1 9 Clubs-387 Contents--3 Cooke, Iohn D.-2 1 Cravath, jeff-1 66 Crew-2 47 Cross Country-242-243 Hill, Iess-212 Homecoming-398-407 Homecoming Queen-399 Hunter, Willis O.-1 61 Hyink, Bernard-126 Independents-142-143 Inter-Fraternity Council--320-321 Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship-437 Iowa Football Game-170 Iudiciary-1 44 Iuniors-75-84 Iunior Council-76 Kappa Alpha-340-341 Kappa Alpha Psi-386 Kappa Alpha Theta-306-307 Kappa Delta-308-309 Kappa Kappa Gamma-310-311 Kappa Sigma-342-343 Knights-146-147 Lambda Chi Alpha-344-345 Lambda Kappa Sigma-424 Law-40-45 Living Groups-280 Looking Back-4-5 Ill Marching Band-262-263 Marketing Club--430 Medicine-46-5 1 Mister Trojanalit Goes To Paris Moreland, Helen liIall-25- 1 27 Mortar Board-410 Mortensen, Iess-212 Mu Phi Epsilon-435 Music-256-259 Navy Football Game-176-177 Newman Club-437 396-397 Notre Dame Football Game-1 86- 187 N.R.O.T.C.-276-277 Nu Beta Epsilon-415 0 Opera-260-261 Oregon Football Game-1 78-179 Owls-390 Panhellenic--282-283 Pharmacy-52-55 Phi Alpha Delta-414 Phi Beta Kappa-409 Phi Delta Chi-346-34:7 Phi Delta Phi-413 Phi Delta Theta-348-349 Phi Epsilon Kappa-426 Phi Eta Sigma-412 Phi Gamma Delta-350-351 Phi Kappa Phi-409 Phi Kappa Psi-352-353 Phi Kappa Tau-354-355 Phi Mu Alpha-425 Phi Sigma Kappa--356-357 Phi Sigma Sigma-312-313 Photo Shop-443 Phrateres-435 Pi Beta Phi-314-315 Pi Kappa Alpha-358-359 Pi Lambda Phi-360-361 Presenting the Future-6-7 President-10 President, Alumni-122 Presidential A ointments-136-137 PP Professional Schools-33 Psi Omega-417 Publications-440-461 I' Radio-268-271 Radio Guild-433 Raubenheimer, Albert S.-20 Rho Chi-429 Ro Pi Phi-420 Scarab-426 School Affairs-248 Senate-132-133 Senators-At-Large-13+ 1 35 Sr 'iors-85-199 S ' . lr Council-86 ., a Alpha Epsilon-362-363 Sigma Alpha Iota-431 Sigma Alpha Mu-364-365 Sigma Alpha Sigma-431 Sigma Chi-366-367 Sigma Gamma Epsilon-432 Sigma Nu-368-369 Sigma Phi Delta-370-371 Sigma Phi Epsilon-372-373 Ski Club-434 Skull and Dagger-413 Society for the Advancement of Management-428 Sophomores-65-67 Sophomore Council-66 Sports, Minor-237 Spurs-152-153 Squires-150-151 Stanford Basketball Series-196-197 Stanford Football Game-188 Statistics, Basketball-202 Statistics, Football-188 Stonier, Kenneth-441 Student Council of Religion-439 Swimming-219-222 Swimming Freshman-236 l, Tau Beta Pi--420 Tau Delta Phi-37-1-375 Tau Epsilon Phi-376-377 Tau Kappa Epsilon-378-379 Tau Sigma Delta-414 Tennis-223-224 Theta Chi-380-381 Theta Xi-382-383 Track-2 1 1 Track, Freshman--232-233 Troeds-435 Trojan Owl-450 Trovets-434 Twogood, Forrest-192 u UCLA Basketball Series-200-201 UCLA Football Game-184-185 University, The-9 University Hall-393 University Recreation Association-272-275 V Volleyball-246 von KleinSmid, Rufus B.-11 WWampus-45 2-4:5 5 Washington Football Game-182-183 Washington State Football Game-172-173 Water Polo-240-24 1 Wheeler, Louis-224 Willett, Hugh C.-162 X Xi Psi Phi-419 V Y.M.C.A.-156-157 Q Y.M.C.A.-158-159 Z Zech, Albert--127 Zeta Beta Tau-384-385 Zeta Tatu Alpha-3 1 6-3 1 7 Eginning ,4na! nan come5 ina faaf io! - Mal af wrifing a concfudion. 'Mn unfi! nan, Min arficd Aan Lean aafkal a ligwan Song. 9.9: 5,9069 af aff :Aa friag ana! inilafaiiana ainiali ina ofa!! naffanaal :luring ina yearg af Ania lian! euef gone a,anLa! wLiA mofchng :La Look anafhnaffy, of Low aaa! euer gone wan Mal Me jog wan clone. jLia year, Aoweuer, Aince fde AWA Aan alaaaniaal iaaff away nom conformify, .9 wif! nananfaia if L, Aiiiina fhingd from a had afifhnani angaz. f7La ata!! agreea iniin mein naaina fkaf we Winn no nnaia! recognifion for our accomphakmenfg :Aa nay-aaiiifaniian af acfuaffy puffing ina 6004 iogefAer Ly ouraefuea more fhan giued ua a dense of a jog weff Jane. Sa Azauing fraclifion, tliia fadf Lit ia aaflnl 24 geginning. ',.9f ia nof a Jfrange ialaa fo aanaialan the ana! af a Laal a Leginning, Lecauae La naw aaaf gone wAo Lad afanaia! fdrougk :La payed, ahaafal anal Aa Lauing a had obfferenf ouffooL agouf SC .sgnce ina fAeme af flia Anal wad 'lfaalina ,4LaaaL wana! :Aa maigeup wad a ML on :Aa niaalann aiala, we Lupe fAaf af! ai!! carry on :Aa fheme La foohng a Emi aheaan fain,- fhing .9 Aaue righf now, .9 owe fo fLrougA aff fhe IMOIQA connecfez! wifk dckoof anal inf anan ia! in ,na f7Aa rezif af ilia alafffeeg :la dame way ina, anal Malia :La way we wanf ,aa ,ia fee! Una 67 l?aa!aa in a prime anamnfa af wlzaf ,naapki wAo are infer-elnfecl in SC aanala. .9i ,Lana :Lai if one aanin fo confrigufe .4omefAing fo alan! fkere ia afwayis a pface for Lim. So regaro!AA5 of wha! our fufure ,afana are, Ai! ua Aegin rigkf now fo give mmeflming Lael' fo lie acLoof wAicA Lua offereal ua ao rnuch. gi-anluafion ia coming np, alataninina fo confinue on an an afumnudg if tlia aanaiaa cafgi, gat the ja! alana ana! refurn. aaan, ana! if ,Jann are inaala fo La Lai.-A nexf fafl flzen alafannina fo confrigufe fo flia ,a anna naffeegng iliai Aan Leen ao much a ,nai-f af SC l?ananLan ina incenfiue iliaf Lan inaala ina ff l?aa!aa aiaffn-aalaia Mia 1951 eclifion for aaa. llfllz onfy receive Lam dcAoof what we ,auf info if. 3796! ,lll n Y -,Lan -H --v-. Y -.-.. .H --.- - ,.- H . ........g ... . - , .,....-...-- ..... -Y 1-4-,: -1--. -5- -gzip: Lpxfge :,,:ff',--.-Q 15-1. :Y:::.a.-Ia-1 N Vi - 1? Jw:-U,Q,f'f. : -av "' ' "1 ' Q.

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