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. fgw.Q-1 ' f' ' 3 'ff :l'?2f,.f'f:1.5 , fi. ff A-1 . -1 -' 1 ' : --. , 224 Q aff' ,,.,. -V - QQ J- P ' -0 fi wyctvv A 7 J f . ft .- Y! X' f , 1 Y I . .- 1 1 xc .. ' jf, - . , :f 'WH " f' ' .' , " ' 211: wff . '- ' ' 'U' . E fu, .' -f- Q : V - -, . L. - ' . ff, . 1' Y ' 4 ' 0 ' .-' 1' - , 'f ' ' 'AM ' , " f - 'fa in Y 4 Q ,, - 24, 1.-g - ' 'A ' ,-.'v"'2 . ' ' 3 4. . ,I 'N I I 1 X 5 i Copyright 1945 by the Associated Stu dents, The University of Southern California Clarice Thurman, Editor. Robert Tapp, Business Tvfawager. DEDICATIO '6Man of Progress" would be a term in appropriate sequence to the name of Robert Evans Vivian, Dean of the Col lege of Engineering. Inspired by his keen insight into the future, our University has undergone vast expansion to meet the demands of a war-converted world. It was through his tireless effort and devotion to our cause and that of future Trojans that the tremendous increase in size and facilities of the Engineering School came about. This same energy was largely responsible for the establish- ment of the Military Training Program at USC. Dean Vivian, s sincerity, his straightforward and deeply human philosophy of life have placed his friendship at highest value among fellow associates and students. . With genuine appreciation for the many contributions to the advance of wartime education we are honored to dedicate our wartime El Rodeo to Dean Robert Evans Vivian, and inscribe upon this page a small measure of our respect and admiration. 2 ROBERT E. VIVIAN Dean of College of Engineering A TROJAN,S TRIBUTE Alma Mater, thou guiding mother, Symbol of all that's just and free, Sovereign citadel of knowledge, That overlooks the western sea. i Down 'thy shrouded paths of learning, Pass the myriad breeds of earthg Oft thy ivy-mantled halls Inspiration to mankind have given birth. Written deep within the annals Of Science, Literature, and the Arts, Are bold endeavors of your children, Q - That endless joy have brought to human hearts, - , And oft in times of struggle, ' The world has been locked in snarling strife, Your sons have gone from you to battle, For a cleaner, freer way of life. Above all you've taught.your offspring, That worldly gain is not their goal, But rather a full-fledged understanding Of the workings of the soul. So, Alma Mater, we salute thee For the knowledge that you give, For well you've taught Life's greatest lesson, Alma Mater, how to live. -FRANKLIN, C. A 5 sv If 2 s 5 2 2 it i 25 5 A 5 5 3 ig 5 5 5 As we enrich our conscience with learning, Peer into Lifeis struggle and strive for the right, In spite of the desire inside of us burning, Our endless pathways of venture are oft crossed with blight. We all go forth thru the day with a vengeance to gain, To procure for ourselves the respect of the men of this And we learn in our journey that life can be pain, That all is not pomp, not all is beauty and mirth. As we dive o'er the waters that lead to our goal, earth, And strive past each barrier that in our path has been thrown, As we come to each bridge and there pay the toll, We cast the blemished thoughts aside and keep the pure But e'en as no product of man can be perfect, And our hearts are corrupted by faults we can't see, The world would be lost without its true teachers, ones for our We owe all our deeds, thoughts, and culture to thee. N -FRA KLIN, c. A. OWU RUFUS B. VON KLEINSMID President of the University A.M.,' SCD., Juris Doctor, Doctor en Filosofia y Letras, LL.D., F.R.G.S., F.R.S.L., Ph.D., L.H.D., Doctor en Derecho, Doctor en Filosofia, Humanidades, y Bellas Artes, Doctor en Medicina, Cirugia, y Fai-macia, Docter en Derecho y Politicas Scieucias. ALLAN HANCOCK, D.B.A. Director Allan Hancock Foundation DEAN L. FISK, B.S. in B.A., O. M. CHATBURN, B.S. in B.A., Purchasing Aggnt Assistant Comptroller HUGH C. WILLETT, A.M., Sc.D., Admissions and Registration HOWARD W. PATMORE, A.B Registrar FRANCIS M. BACON, A.B., D.D.s., Counselor of Men HELEN HALL MORELAND, A.M., Dean of Women ARTHUR ALWORTH, B.S. in B.A., University Press FRANKLIN SKEELE, A.B., DANIEL MCNAMARA, B.S. in B.A University News Bureau University Book Store C ollege Heads ALBERT S. RAUBENHEIMER, LESTER B. ROGERS, A.M., Ph.D. B.S., A.M., Ph.D. Letters, Arts, Sciences Education ' if 2 ROBERT E. VIVIAN REID L. MCCLUNG CLAYTON M. BALDWIN, A.M., Ph.D. A,B,, Ph,D,, L,L,D, B.S. in Arch., NLA.-in Arch. Engineering College of Commerce College of Architecture and Fine Arts i sl l MAX VAN LEWEN SWARTHOUT, ROBERT J. TAYLOR, RALPH T. FLEVVELLING D. Mus. A.M., D.D. S.T.B., Ph.D., L.L.D. Music Religion School of Philosophy ROCKWELL D. HUNT, A.M., Ph.D., L.L.D., Litt.D. Graduate School ADAMANTIUS TH. POLYZOIDES ROY C. FRENCH, A.M., International Relations School of Journalism ARLIEN JOHNSON, EMERY E. OLSON, A.M., j.D., MARY D- CARTER A.M., Ph.D. Social Work Public Administration Ph-B-, B-L-S-, Ph-D- Library Science ALVAH G. HALL, Ph.G., NLS., College of Pharmacy R.R.G. WATT, A.M., Ed.D. ERNEST W. TIEGS, A.M., Ph.D Junior College University College 5 The greatest good to be had from the trials of these years Is not learning alone and its ensuing might, For if we can't govern the lives that we lead, We're lost on the plains of the fathomless night. Then not to struggle forward slowly, Praying that with each problem we may amply cope, But rather face each task with understanding, With a heartfelt confidence and an inborn hope. How then better shall we prosper, How better ease lifelong journey on our way, No better scheme to secure our future Than to successfully commit the tasks of this bright day. If you can conquer life about you, Administer your days along their chosen course, Worry not when some men doubt you, Youill not be stopped by form or force. HFRANKLIN, C. A Lee Scott, SAE, as president of ASSC did everything possible to make SC an out- standing example of student government. With sincere effort he worked hard to bring about a closer feeling between the students and their government. Jackie Willianms, Alpha Gam, served as official hostess for Troy. She also acted as chief justice for the judicial court and wore the black of the Amazons before becoming vice-president of the associated student body. Margaret del Bondio, pride and joy of the Dee Geeis, was kept busy as secretary of the ASSC. No matter how heavy her work may have been "Midge" was never too busy to take on something new. One of her extra jobs was advisor and captain of Freshman Orientation. Helen Ianet Sims, Alpha Gam, became the head of the social committee upon jackie Williams' resignation. The committee is pri' marily concerned with supervision and co' ordination of the various social functions of y the associated students. SENATE-Seated: Lewis, B. Bernard, V. Hage, P. Gardner, V. Miller, A. Nelson, R. Tapp, Wfilliams, L. Scott, M. delBondio, T. Smith, W. Camm, B. Reed, I-I. Bennett, M. L. Royce, B. Fullerton. Standing: H. Sims, M. Carman, M. Ashley, M. Elkin, C. Phipps, P. Parke, F. McMahon, R. Thompson, K. Mac- Leod, Dean Moreland, Dean Bacon, E. Donnell, F. Crowhurst, E. Barthold, C. Gehhart, Hardy, M. Blake, M. Hackney, H. Taylor. THE SENATE The student senate discusses and acts upon the laws pertaining to all student functions for the entire student body. It has the ultimate control over the recognition, activities, and functions of the associated students. Coordination of the many organizations on campus and aiding the war eff fort comprised the major part of the senatorial du' ties. The legislative body is composed of the assof ciated student officers, two faculty advisors, the presidents of the various colleges, the president of the Trojan Knights, head of the Blue Key, presif dent of the Amazons, Interfraternity Council Asf sociated Women Students, Women's Athletic Asf sociation, Y.W.C.A., and the leader of the Morf tar Board. The senate is headed by the president of the Associated Students. Major highlight of the year for the senate was the suspension of its powers during the purging of Theta Nu Epsilon by the Administration, This was the first time a senate body had been dissolved in the history of the school. The senate was returned to its former status as supreme control after a short period of inactivity and the regular schedule of meetings was resumed. ART NELSON Rally BOB THOMPSON Elections KEN MacLEOD PAT PARKE Student Union Greater University ARNOLD EDDY Director of Student and Alumni Affairs FRAZEE BURKE Homecoming Chairman A UMN ASSCCIATIO The work of the Alumni Association is to keep in touch with the Alumni of the Uni' versity of which there are more than 30,000 on the Alumni Files. Recently the duties of the Executive Director of the General Alum' ni Association were turned over to Arnold Eddy who will direct both Student and Alum' ni Affairs in the oflice of the Director of Stu' dent and Alumni Affairs. The oflices have been merged to correlate the interests and activities of undergraduate days with those that continue into the period after graduaf tion. Alumni Review with its circulation of 14,000 for ten monthly issues, carries thirty to thirtyfsix pages of live news regarding Trof jan Alumni, and articles of educational inf terest to Alumni. Editor is Dr. Vernon Van Zandt '21, and Managing Editor, Peg Kraus '30. HCMECOMING BANQUET-in lieu of the Home Coming Week, Alumni gathf ered on the eve of the final game with UC. L.A. for the 17th annual Football Banquet held in the Foyer of the Town and Gown. The meeting was presided over by Chairman Frazee Burke, Law '19, The football team of 1919 and the members of the class of 1895 were honored guests. Entertainment was prof vided by Tommy Dorsey and his orchestra. Lyle Thayer was Chairman of Entertainment and the Trojan Knights assisted with banquet arrangements. Past President, ELMER HOWLETT, Law '17, Theta Xi, Skull and Dagger, and local attorney, has been active in affairs of the Alumni Association for many years. HOWARD L. BYRAM, PresidentfElect, '15, County Treasurer. ELMER P. BROMLEY, Law ,l5, served in the past year as President of Los Angeles ELMER HOWLETT Trojan Club. President, Alumni Association ALUMNI ASSOCIATION-Seated: P. Kraus, A. Eddy. Standing: L. Hegness, K. Stonier, B. Blanch- ard, E. Lagergren, N. Lieberman. BETTY REED Music BOB TAPP Commerce 45 4 x 1 1 'V COLLEGE PRESIDENTS 7 V I .' in A xx A MARTA ELKIN Architecture and Fine Arts -4,'. H f 'vi 2- 1 'W-4' E TED SMITH BILL MCP1-IEE L.A.S., Fall L.A.S., Spring 18 t A I . , r Q l X , ,xg I JOHN LEWIS DICK HAMILTON BARBARA KENNEDY Dentistry, Fall Dentistry, Spring International Relations HOWARD BENNETT Pharmacy w JACK SORENSON AL GRAVES Engineering, Fall Engineering, Spring Thompson and Assistants Cole and Nelson BOB THOMPSON Yell Kin g YELL LE DERS A morale booster for this year's football champions was the Trojan rooters. Leading the team's backers were Bob Thompson and his two backers, Don Cole and Terry Nelf son. ln byfgone days Darrell Arnold and George Wilson added their weight to Bob's to send the team on to victory. Long to be remembered will be that hilarious performance of "bumps" by Bob and those colorful card stunts that brightened up half time. Tribute to the Navy The Trojan Horse 20 TRo1AN BA D Whenever and wherever Trojans meet, from the football field to All U rallies the SC Band is there to provide a musical background. Cn the playing field the band livened halfftime with its intricate forma' tions and martial airs. ln the auditorium Dr. Lucien Cailliet combined swing with symphony in his novel arrangements for student listening. Some of the prof grams most enjoyed were the Easter Concert and Christmas Cratorio featuring Dr. Cailliet's arrangef ment of "Christmas Fantasyw. DR. LUCIEN CAILLIET Director Alma Mater Stars and Stripes TRo1AN oRc1-IESTRA Dr. Lucien Calliet, who mas become renowned for his classical arrangements and com' positions, has been responsible for the prominence attained for the SC Orchestra. In their concerts and other public appearances this unit has demonstrated a wellfrounded musical repertoire. The orchestra is always on hand to provide the musical touch to the commencement exercises. One, Two, Three . . ." String Section DEB TE Under the able tutelage of Dr. Alan Nichols the 1944f4'5 debate squad carried on a well planned program of debate. Mildred Carman was named captain, the first woman to receive this honor in many years. While no outstanding rec' ' ords were set, this year's team laid the ground' work for a very strong contender next year. DR. ALAN NICHOLS 4' D ' x CHARLES FORD ANITA NORCOP MILDRED CARMAN WILLIAM C. DE MILLE Head of Drama Department DRAMA William C. de Mille, head of the drama department for the past four years, has sucf ceeded in organizing and building that def partment into an integral part of the Univerf sity. Mr. de Mille directed "Broken Dishes," and his assistant, Frieda I. Meblin, directed 'LYoung Man of Today," "Holiday," and "Junior Miss." Evadna Blackburn, newcomf er to the faculty, was technical director for the plays and supervised the building of sets. Mary Ashly was student play production manager. "Young Man of Today" was a humorous modern vvar play. "Broken Dishesn was a comical story of a henpecked husband. "Holiday" was the story of a upoor little rich girl" with a love triangle. "junior Miss" was a comedy. "The Adrnirable Crichton" was one of the most technically diiiicult plays ever presented in Bovard Auditorium. It featured four changes of scenery and cos' 'Broken Dishesv .., W V W- . ffH01iaay', A l uluniof Missv "Young Man of Today" tumes. Cecil B. de Mille, brother of William C., endowed the University with a de Mille Memorial Theater and Library in memory of the service of the de Mille family, contributed by them for the past 35 years. Plans for the Theater have been made and construction will begin as soon as building materials are available. "The Admirable Crichton" "The Admirable Crichtonv MEN'S GLEE CLUB-1st row: C. Hirt, C. Caccano, Burley, Nash, E. Gebhart, Canto, M. Kerr. 2nd row: W. Reynolds, W. Wiley, R. MacPherson, E. Sc-ott, W. Terback, L. Scott, D. Confer, W. Hyman, C. Parker, R. Smithey, N. jones. 3rd row: W. Richards, R. Downing, R. Baxter, V. Hugo, W. Vernon, J. Patton, Calachis, R. Chandler, D. Parrish, R. Larson. 4th row: S. Zacklon, M. Kosturick, R. Howell, R. Carver, R. Jones, Schoenherr, Harlan, D. Burnight, R. Thorpe, B. Smith, N. Benner. GLEE CLUBS Under the direction of Charles Hirt, the Trojan Glee Clubs expanded, and now inf clude classical and popular music. Mr. Hirt directed "Moods in Music," a program com' posed of six moods: Mood Serene, Mood Classique, Mood Sans Couci, Mood Roman' tique, Mood Populaire, and the Mood a la Russe. Vocal solos were given by Clarice Young, contralto, and Bob Carver, baritone. CHARLES HIRT Director Men's Quartet Glee Club Officers WOMEN'S GLEE CLUB-lst row: A. Lopez, C. Kam, P. Woodward, P. Cook, Jorgenson, L. Elwell B. Smith, B. Dunn, E. Asmussen, P. Cole, B. Bianchetto, P. Blume, V. Harutunian, B. Marsh, P. Lamb, M Moellendick. 2nd row: N. Atwood, P. Ruber, P. Parker, B. Reed, S. Chaloupka, Reeves, B. Rettally, A. Kraker, B. Graves, V. Grgurich, P. Kelley, Sharp, F. Landvatter, E. Powers, B. Johnson. 3rd row. M. Medler, M. Newhouse, G. Anderson, N. Nilson, C. Dominguez, G. Burdick, E. Wilson, C. McNamee M. Reetz, Boice, M. Hibbard, L. Parson, Chuba, M. Jenson, L. Seiler. 4th row: C. Hirt, D. Reed B. Fullerton, E. Hickman, B. Keats, M. Sacalis, Gage, E. Johnson, G. Carson, S. Schumacher, Krone: K. Vanclale, M. Stapp, L. Harlamert. Instrumental numbers included a solo by Gloria Chappell, violinist, and a duet by harp' ists Paula Schertzinger and Stanley Chaloupka. Two oratorio selections by Bach were sung by the Trojan Glee Clubs combined with the University Chorus and the Choir of the Hollywood First Presbyterian Church at the Easter Sunrise Service. The combined glee clubs Wound up the assembly schedule with a unique program featf uring a South American theme, under the direction of Jose Brandao. Members of the modern dance classes under the direction of Lois Ellfeldt, took part in the native dancf ing scenes. '4Moods in Music" 9 7 RELIGICDUS CQUNCIL The Council of Religion began the fall semester with a planning conference at Bal' boa. Members discussed various activities and projects for the term. Cutstanding function of the year was the Religious Emphasis week conducted by Dr. Louis Evans, of the Holf lywood Presbyterian Church. The Week also was climaxed by a series of assemblies. Jacob Van Berkel, Dutch underground agent, de' scribed his activities in occupied Europe. Lady Darby, wife of the famous general, also spoke at one of the assemblies. Another planf ' ning council at the Pacific Palisades ended BETTY FULLERTON the term with plans for entertainment of President trainees on the campus. RELIGIOUS COUNCIL-lst row: D. Barber, K. MacLeod, R. White, V. Harutunian, B. Jany, L. Scott, B. Fullerton, F. Miller, D. Gibbs, R. Patterson, Royer, E. Asmussen, H. Sims. 2nd row: L. Jackson, C. Specht, S. Goodwin, E. Bydal, E. Mittman, L. Parsons, M. Cain, Creighton, M. Erickson, A. Free- man, V. Owens, O. Peterson. 3rd row: A. Priddy, H. Ballwanz, A. Casey, M. Booker, Millikan, K. Emig, J. Smith, S. James, P. Poss, N. Lloyd, S. Lovell. 4th row: Randolph Sasnett, F. Fox, M. Ketchem, B. Terbeck, D. Burnight, Spalding, D. Confer, R. Kessel, B. Smith. WRBO RD The War Board was set up as a temporary war' time organization to coordinate activities by the University students with regard to prosecution of the War. Mary Blake, Theta, served as Chairman, and her aides were: jo Neal, who arranged for interviews and recruiting by the Women's Service Units, Mary Kirschner, ADPi, in charge of sales of bonds and stamps, engineering the successful bond drives, Eleanor Valentine, ChiO, who schedf uled the Victory Hut's program, Mary Kay Damson, head of the SC Red Cross Unit, Doyle Confer, representing the service men on campus, Sallie Unmack, DG, who promoted giving Blood Plasma for Americas fighting men, and Ginny Brumfield, Alpha Gam and Robinette Bailey, pub' licity and poster committee heads, respectively. Highlight of the year was the AllfU War work day, when students donoted services to working in victory gardens, bandage making, and other such duties. MARY BLAKE Chairman l l i WAR BOARD-J. Neal, B. Farley, E. Valentine, M. Blake, M. Kirschner, M. Damson, R Bailey T Wfeeks. WGMEN Peggy Ann Gardner, Kappa Alpha Theta led the Associated Womeii Students through a highly successful year of social events. Among her personal achievements was the Town and Gown award given her at the recognition assembly as outsanding senior woman of the year. She served on the Mortar Board, and was an Amazon. PAT PARKE ELIZABETH VAN VRANKEN Vice President HENRIETTA MCLEAN Treasurer Secretary .W. S. The responsibility of AWS is the coordination of women's activities, and fulfilling the task this year was Peggy Gardner, chief executive, and her able staff . The feminine portion of the student body elect the President, Vicefpresident, Secretary and Treasf urerg the other girls in the cabinet are heads of varif ous service and honorary organizations and appointed members. The traditional recognition assembly hon' oring the accomplishments of Trojan women brought to a close an eventful year. A.W.S. CABINET-C. Smith, M. Cowin, H. Taylor, H. Simms, C. Phipps, H. McLean, E. Van Vran- ken, P. Parke, M. del Bondio-, P. Gardner, P. Muller, Willianis, V. Miller, M. L. Royce, M. Carman, M. Blake, H. Blakely, V. Hage, M. Goldman. W.A.A. CABINET-Seated: B. Bianchetto, C. Elder, H. Ballwanz, M. Hackney, B. Fiske, B Biggs H McLean. Standing: M. Davis, A. Marquess, P. Cook, D. Schaarman, Campbell, Mrs. Minas R Mad sen, Boice, V. Adair, Gwen Carle. .A.A. Sportsfminded women are provided a competitive and teaching program through the Women's Athf letic Association. Margaret Hackney, President, and the cabinet, composed of chairmen of the various sports, carried out an interesting and wellfhalanced curriculum of interfsorority and interfschool recreaf tional events. Climax of the term was presentation of awards to outstanding women in sports at the A.W.S. recognition assembly. MARGARET HACKNEY President Volleyball Champs Dance Workshop Mary Lo-u Royce, red-haired ZTA, made the "Y" house one of the most important places on campus this year. Her own ability of leadership and friendliness was an inspiration for those who came to her for aid and advice. Y.W.C.A. CABINET-Seated: B. Bianchetto, A. Couse, O. Peterson, R. Madsen, H. Blakely, H. Mc Leon, R. Grant, M. L. Royce, M. Carman, P. Cornell, B. Fullerton, M. Brick, L. Stephenson. Standing J. Boice, E. Garcia, B. Miller, D. Bennett. .W. C. A. The Young Womenis Christian Association provides a meeting place for Trojan women. With its nine clubs it offers a varied field of activity inf terest and is thus a center of campus activity. The organization is governed by a cabinet, an executive body composed of the committee chairmen and a council consisting of the cabinet members, togethf er with the chairmen of various groups, assisted by a faculty advisor. lVlRS. GRANT, Friend and Adviser Time Out for a Cake Harmonizing n R.C. CABINET-Seated: Greenburg, Boice. Standing, First Row: Dr. Matheney, A. Pierce, C. Brown, A. Norcop, M. Shores, M. K. Damson, L. Stephenson, C. Wfhite. Second Row, Standing: M. Dowling, S. Unmack, M. McClellan, D. Bennett, N. Harris. MARY KAY DAMSON JACKIE BOICE Spring Chairman Fall Chairman RED CRGSS Worlqing with the National Headf quarters, the Campus Chapter of the Red Cross gave Trojans an opportunf ity to back the war by conducting Blood Bank and Fund Drives. jackie Boice, Theta, served as chairman in the fall, succeeded by Mary Kay Damson, Tri'Delt, chairman for the spring term. The Misses Santa Claus Pulse Normal? IUDICIAL CoURT The women's Judicial Court regulates and enforces the rules governing Trojan women. It acts in the same capacity as the men's court in meting out justice to female offenders of University regulations. The chief function of the council is to uphold the traditions of the university and help freshmen women in adjusting themselves to the campus. Mem' bers of the court are chosen from outstanding women of the university. HELEN JANET SIMS Chief justice JUDICIAL COURT -- Left to Right: H. Sims, P. Muller, M. Cowin, B. Fullerton, R. Madsen B Griffiths. HELEN TAYLOR Chairman PRESI-IME GRIE TATIO Headed by Helen Taylor, Delta Gamma, the Freshmen Women's Qrientation program is to help acquaint new women of the cam' pus with university life. The program is unf der the guidance of twelve cabinet members and sixty advisors, who are responsible for the freshmen women, counseling them on studies, activities, and social functions. At the beginning of each semester a party is held to enable "big sisters" and their "little sisters" to become acquainted and to introduce lead' ing women students. FRESHIVIAN ORIENTATION-Seated: B. Allen, B. Reinhart, Krueger, H. Taylor, B. Stowell, A Norcop, V. Steitz. Standing: B. Hoskins, P. Brambila, C. Willianis, E. Van Vranken, V. Stranlund, V Kasper, C. Smith. Take a Letter Please Victory Garden Specialists SC's Red Cross Birthday Celebration Time out for a Cooler MENS CGQRDINATIG BO RD The men's coordination board was instif tuted this year to provide a clearing house for men's activities and organizations. Its basic function was formulating plans for freshman orientation for new men students. The board was made up of the presidents of the classes, representatives of publications, a representative from the interfraternity counf cil, a delegate from the religious council and music organizations and various other mem' bers of campus organizations for men. The board was headed by the president of the asf sociated student body. It also acted as a place for complaints, discussion and suggestions from the men students. LELAND SCOTT Chairman MEN,S COORDINATION BOARD-D. Burnight, T. Abbott, H. Affley, A. Peters, F. McMahon R Eagan, D. Soderberg, Dean Bacon, L. Scott, D. Gibbs, D. Confer, A. Nelson, D. Stubbs, P Burton R. Tapp, R. Brekke. GEORGE CALLANAN, fall DICK SODERBERG, Spring Chairmen MENS CGUNCIL The men's council, composed of three sen' iors and two juniors, acts as the disciplinary body investigating infringements of the Troy code of ethics for men students. Their def cisions are held as final by the administration, and verdicts and sentences are meted out twice monthly by the council. Among the things stressed by the council is advisory as well as disciplinary activities. The group for the past year was presided over by George Callanan and Dick Soderf berg, with Dean Bacon as an exfoflicio mem' ber. lVIEN,S COUNCIL-B. Hubble, R. Smith, G. Callanan, Dean Bacon, S. Moody, R. Soderberg. THLETIC CGUNCIL The athletic council handled the affairs of the various sports departments and had conf trol over allocation of equipment used in the various departments. It also filled the posif tions in the athletic department. The council was made up of managers of the major sports, the president of the student body, the man' ager of athletics, and representatives of the athletes. Chairman of the council was jim Hardy who held a seat in the senate and made reports to that body on the functions of the athletic department. The council is also conf cerned with setting the policies to be followed by the athletic department. ,,.,1s'P' JAMES HARDY Chairman ATHLETIC COUNCIL-Seated: L. Scott, A. Eddy, E. Pierce. Standing: L. Bateen, T Manning PUBLICATIGNS BCD RD Governing body for the many student pub' lications is the publications board, a group of editors, business managers and faculty advis' ors. The board handles the problems of the Trojan, Wampus and the El Rodeo. Selecf tion and approval of candidates recommend' ed by incumbent heads of thepublication rests in the hands of the publications board. The board offers its selections to the student senate for Hnal approval. KENNETH K. STONIER Manager of Publications PUBLICATIONS BOARD: Left to Right: C. Brambila, H. Meyers, C. Thurman, M. F. Touton R. Tapp, R. Peters, K. Stonier, R. French. EL RQDEQ Clarice Thurman, Alpha Delta Pi, capable, friendly, and hard-working editor of El Rodeo for 1945, produced this third war-time edition with efficiency in spite of many obstacles. She is a member of Amazons and active in the College of Commerce. i 3 Jo Neal, ADPI, devoting her fourth year to the E1 Rodeo staff, was assistant editor of the '45 edition. Among her various duties were the rounding up of office help and makf ing photographic appointments. JO NEAL Assistant Editor PAT TOWNSEND Honoraries DIANE LOCKHART ED. VIKUPITZ Women's Activities Military JAMES POWELL COPY CHUCK FRANKLIN Poetry SHEILA CONNOLLY GLEN HELLWARTH and Military B. 3. CONLAN Copy Getting off to a very late start - at the close of the first semester in January - the 1945 El Rodeo staff was hailed repeatedly with the same trite remark, "When's the yearbook coming out?" Passersfhy could see the light in 226 Student Union burning into the small hours of the night. Putting togethf er this year's memory hook was Clarice Thur' man, Editor, and her staff. Pat Townsend, Alpha Chi, proved her faithfulness to the production by spending countless hours help' ing in pasting panels, getting picture appoint' MARY JANE CURREN BOB BRISTOW Ceramic Artwork Photographer f' BOB THOMPSON Dentistry Vikupitz, Phi Tau, headed the diihcult Milif tary section, lining up writers Phil Latasa, Keith Robinett, and others, and getting the pictures taken of the military phase of the SC campus. Jim Powell wrote reams of copy for the Activities section, and Sheila Conf molly and B. Conlon produced the stories for the fraternities and sororities. Chuck Franklin added a classic note to the book by writing poems introducing each section, and PAT WELCH PHIL SIMON Lists Classes Mary lane Curren modeled the ceramic Tom' LUCIEN GANDOLFO SYLVIA LOVELL Sports Professionals PHIL LATASA Military copy PAT BARR Typist PHIL SMITH Sports GILDA LEVY Publications my Trojan which holds the spotlight along with Chuck's poems. Bob Bristow flashed his camera here and there to gather interesting and timely pictures. Bud Hellvvarth gave Ed Vikupitz his muchfneeded assistance, and also found time to lend a hand on other work of the book. Bob Thompson handled the Den' tal section efficiently, while Phil Simon set up the senior panels. Lucien Gandolfo and Phil Smith took over the Sports section and rounded it out to tell the history made by this year's athletes. Sylvia Lovell secured the lists for professional organizations, and Patty Welch spent time typing up such lists, as did Pat Barr. Gilda Levy arranged for the Daily Trojan and Wampus staff pictures. A11 credit is due these people, and only those who spent long hours - until they reached the slapfhappy stage- can know the efforts and problems met in the production of a yearbook. Bob Tapp, Business Manager, found this job old stuff, as he had served in that capacf ity for the '44 yearbook. Through his efforts the book was "sold," and organizations sub' scribed for representation. Assisting him were Ray Carpenter and Gene Fruhling, who sought ads, and Patti Webb, who handled the correspondence duties of the book. BOB TAPP Business Manager RAY CARPENTER GENE FRUHLING Advertising Advertising PATTI WEBB Secretary ILY TRDIAN Mary Frances Touton, Alpha Chi Omega, became the third woman editor of the Daily Trojan. In her impressive record was the 'fAl1 American" award given the Daily Trojan by the Associated Collegiate Press. Ralph Peters, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, busif ness manager, handled the important prob' lems of hnances. His novel layfouts of ad' vertising matter influenced students in makf ing purchases and in deciding "where to go." Under his capable direction, the red ink dis' appeared from the books. Frank MacMahon, Delta Tau Delta, asf sistant editor and right hand man of Mary Touton, proved invaluable in making the transition to daily publication. As feature editor he made friends and influenced enef mies in his small columns of wit and satire. RALPH PETERS Business Manager FRANK lVIclVIAI-ION Assistant Editor LOIS STEPHENSON JACK ESTES GINN Y BRUMFIELD Desk Editor Reporter and Desk Editior Desk Editor The tri-weekly Trojan, SC's answer to war restrictions on paper, shifted back to daily publication in November, 1944. The fourth floor of the Student Union again operated on full schedule and was called "Home" by journalism students. Five different desk editors cracked the whip on the neophyte reporters. Highlight of the Daily Trojan year was the appointment of Lois Stephenson and B. J. Garf DOREE GREENTHAL Desk Editor retson of the San Francisco conference. The girls wangled coveted press credentials from Washington and journeyed to the Golden Gate l RUTH MADSEN MARGIE DOLAN Desk Editor Desk Editor PHIL SMITH CARL GEBHART Sports and Desk Editor Sports Editor where they mingled with the foremost personalities of the world and watched the making of a postfwar plan for a lasting peace. Their unique method of writing the news had a somewhat Ernie Pyle style that meandered from political intrigue to women's fashions. Com' SID I-IOSKINS Sports Page Editor plete coverage of official news from the president's office and campus political proceedings, drama and fraternities and sororities gave stu' dents first hand knowledge of campus activities. Monday and Wednesf day the Daily Trojan was invaded by the feminine members of its BETTY JEAN CONLON AVONNE MOORE Reporter Trojan Owl Editor TIM SULLIVAN Sports Page and Desk Editor . ,rx W V BETH CHANDLER MARIAN GOLDMAN PHIL LATASA Co-Editor of Woman's Page V C0-woman's Page Editor War Horse Head staff who produced the Women's page, covered everything from women's fashions to pin hangings. Best liked were the articles written JUNE SCHWARTZ Woman's Page on the activities of BWOC's. In an attempt to prove their superiority, the male staff members took over publication for a day in the fall and produced a twofpage local Esquire in which they offered their opinions of WO1T1CI1,S fashions. Sid Hoskins, Delt, sports editor, handled every' thing from football to baseball until he was called to join Uncle Sanfs Victory team. Sid edited the star issue of the year when SC's cham' P f'Reporting to Copy Editors" SHIRLEY BARDEN PAT SHERIDAN GILDA LEVY Wonien's Page Reporter Reporter and Copyreader pionship team romped to victory over the Tennessee Vols. Carl Cebf hart, Ci Phi, replaced Sid as editor. Tim Sullivan, Jack Estes, Bill Griffith, Phil Smith, and Monroe Clark were star members on the sports staff. Tuesday's editions of the Trojan were dedicated to cam' pus trainees. Complete coverage of military news was insured by Phil Latasa, Sig Ep, who edited the War Horse edition. Other staff memf bers included Wally Dale, Bob MacPherson, Pat O'Kelly, Tom Riddle and Harris Frank. Blackie Pierson was also on the staff until he was called into the fleet for duty aboard ship. Dreaming up a Story DONNA KNOX Reporter WAMPUS E HELEN JEAN MEYERS, took over the reins as editor of Wampus in November, and through her untiring eiforts and keen sense of humor, Trojans found many chuckles within the pages of that monthly publication. Chuck Brambila took over as business man' ager in midfmagazine. With a minimum of effort and result, Chuck, always carefree, radiated personality to prospective advertisf ers during the months of March-June. If for nothing else, he was always good for a laugh. CHARLES BRAMBILA Business Manager w Lucien Gandolfo was already a fixture on the staff when the year started. "Lucy" was one of the rare few-who could be depended upon in the last frantic moments before the deadline, doing everything from writing copy to running errands. LUCIEN ' GANDOLFO Assistant Editor ACK BODIN JACKIE KREUGER RAYMOND RHODE J Art Editor Exchange Advertising jack Bodin worked on the first three Wampi of the year in the capacity of art edif tor. He had an individualistic cartoonfstyle and contributed not only his talent but also a bevy of his Sigma Nu brothers to add to the general merry confusion of the "second floor luncheon club." jack Collis was a valuable member of the art staff. He dropped into the office on an average of twice a month: once to get his BARNETT SUSSMAN Publicity assignment, the next time to turn in his hand' iwork. Lee Ingham, whose time was pretty much taken up with other capacities, contributed several clever cartoons. Sumner Saul and Dawn Burke were also art staff members. Most frequent contributor was Pat Baylis, RUTH RASDALL SPENCER CRILLY Distribution Writer HARRIS FRANK JO NEAL CHARLES MAC KENZIE Military whose fullfpage cartoon layout became a reg' ular feature of the Wampus. One of the most valuable members of the staff was Bob Beck, he of the red hair and excellent photographic technique. Many times did Hfs heart overflow with gratitude to Bob when he managed, on an hour's no' tice, to shoot several pictures and then stay up until all hours getting them printed. Bob Harbeson, with his pleasing SAE per' Wfriter Advertising sonality and trusty candid camera, contrib' uted much on the photography staff, special' izing in photo quizzes and such. Lloyd Abernathy's camera aim was good -that is, when he chose to aim his camera! "Tuesday at noon" was any Tuesday to Lloyd, but that bland southern drawl helped to cover a multitude of sins! V BILL FISHER Military DON COLE PAT BAYLIS Writer Artis: MARK COSBY BEEBE MOSBY LEE INGHAM Wfriter Advertising Artist .qs :mi :sr -- r :Emu 14 X ,,,s,,,,,.,f,w1 , 2 ..L. ,- ,U A -.wr f i M31 ,exssm-5 ,f .s as t k K f'rvgsg11ii5 . , gg V., tlrtit ' if fi it"i 2 V L'L' i'-L -.-" if six., any -X 5 ' ft f itir A , a rr-tt A ,fx A A if Arri A L H ai ,liiiixi "i' A- . he ' 4 um -1 . trrr A Advertising The editorial staff boasted much talent, much inertia. Best contributors were Bar' bara Slate, who could write a hysterical script on almost any given subject, Spencer Crilly, whose wit knew no bounds fand, us' ually no censorlg Ray Carpenter, who was hep to the step and Zoot to bootg and others. There were also the anonymous workers who contributed time, talent, and organization- such as Jo Neal, Flo Harris, Pat Sheridan, Merle Mayer, and many more. Bob Carlsen, Beebe Mosby, Alice Fuller' ton, and Jo Hankins worked diligently and with a certain amount of reliance on the bus' iness staff. Their efforts helped the Wampus to reach, and often go over, the quota many times. Ersatz Conference FLO HARRIS ALICE FULLERTON JACK COLLIS Writer Advertising Artist Chuck MacKenzie, and his "heir," Harris Frank, were the most reliable members of the military staff. I. P. O'Ke1ly dropped in every now and then, usually to announce that he couldn't get his column ready in time- which was always received with regret, for Pat's writing was of an excellently humorous nature. Ruth Rasdall, a Wampus veteran of long standing, managed the sales staff with dexterf ity-and O'Kelly. Ruth's job was to imbue the sales staff with a certain responsibility to the Wampus till, which she did. Barnett Sussman served as a jackfoffallf trades on the staff, and could be found in the ofhce at nearly any time of the day, munching a sandwich or huddled over the typewriter. The Military Situation LLOYD ABERNATHY Photography Prexy Scott Tllfl1S over Gavel to Successor Armbruster El Rod Staff Exercises Voting Right TU101' f0 Bass "All Hail to Alma Mater" , 31 wwww All the worries of man's fleeting lifetime Are not cares of the mind sublime, Oft the weakness of human structure come into play, Weaknesses brought about by the merry jests of time. The limit of our conquests Nature set at birth, The wear and tear of the years will inevitably take We can climb our mount no higher, its toll, Once the infirmity of our body has dulled the longing of our soul. Society's illness does exist, Life so complex brings forth its problems great, As we must have doctors and dentists to care lest we list, Lawyers must doctor the structure of state. If then we shall ascend the goals of the day, Pierce the veil of unknown and lighten the night, Doctors, Dentists, and Lawyers must strengthen ou r way, We'll better the world thru our new, inborn might. FRANKLIN, c. A DE TISTRY DR. JULIO ENDELMAN was named Dean of the College of Dentistry upon the resignation of Dean Lewis E. Ford and carried on the outstanding academic program for which SC's dental school has become reknowned. The many hours spent by Dr. Jones on the clinic floor, giving friendly instruction and advice here and helping a student to make a correct analysis there, has increased his now large circle of friends and admirers. DR. E. M. JONES JOHN LEWIS Fall Student Body President LON DENISON Senior Class President DENTAL SENIORS Robert K, Anderson Robert G. Backstrom William E. Ballard Leon Benveniste Robert D. Blackman Robert L. Borland II Robert F. Bresee Warren G. Brown Robert R. Campbell Munn D. Cannon Melvin H. Carlson Joseph A. Casey Leo L, Cogen Raymond M. Contino Lloyd L. Cottingham john E. Craddock. Ir. Roland B. Davis Lon Denison l Theodore I. Fields George L. Fleming Cyril D, B. Foutz Charles E. Gail Gaylord G. Goble Charles S. Gray Jack Henselmeier Spencer W. Hess Euphra C. Hubbs. jr. G. Warren johnson NV. Kent Johnson Harold W. Kincannon 67 RICHARD HAMBLETON Spring Student Body President, talks it over with Dr. Endleman To bring students in closer bond with the faculty has been the aim of the Dental staff this year. Many of the traditions that had been foregone because of the war were ref turned, such as student organization, special events, etc. Q :-ff:- ata v"Qv" "-' I dl ROBERT THOMPSON El Rodeo Dental Editor DR. I-IIXON gives Warren Brown some Pointers DENTAL SENIORS John H. Kinkade, Ir. William S. Kirk Loran W. Kitch, lr. Neill W. Kohlhase Dean R. Krause .lolxn F. Kunatlm Paul Lade Carl E. Laine William A. Larson John A. Lewis Orlin C. Marble Burton G. McHatton William B. McMahon Pierino N. Mocciaro Arlo N. Mueller Max B. Musicer McKay Neilson Fenn E. Nelson Herman Ostrowsky Edward H. Pampeyan Wilmer E. Parker Harold Pessin Charles W. Peterson Edwin L. Potts William Potts Eugene Pratte, Ir. jack A. Rampton Ernest C. Reeves, Ir. Robert G. Robb Alfred F. Saltzman 69 5 Dr. Ingraham gives Elwood Laine Pointers Dr. Rabinowitz Watches Operations . L ax - QP-T31 h, VL ' ,A , i m V . ,,,, Check the X-Rays Dr. Ecke makes an Examination a fa, ? DENTAL SENIORS Melville M. Schwartz Park C. Scott Robert L. Sorbonne Robert L. Taylor Clement Y. F. Tenn Robert W. Thompson Paul E. Trinkeller Newell M. Washburn Howard Whitehead Howard M. Willis Robert G. Wilton Seymour Winarsky Gerald P. Winkler Charles G. Wood lack H. Wooding Nicolaus H. Zrinyi Mary Ann Kelly R. jane McClure June Wright 71 EDICINE DR. BURRELL O. RAULSTON is now serving his third year as Dean of the School of Medicine. Graduates of this school have taken their places in the armed services and civilian roles of "doctor". DR. H. J. DEUEL DR. ANSON HOYT MEDICAL SENIORS Melvin A. Brenner Elizabeth L. Brown Thomas A. Burch Lewis Danielson Raul Frnide Marshall G. Henry Morris L. Johnston Paul Kahn, Ir. Dean M. Kennedy John M. Langton III Lorraine W. Moore D. Mortensen 73 MEDICAL SENIORS Wendell L. Ogden Stanley Olson Benjamin R. Packer Allan L. Pinkerton Marsh E. Robinson John M. Selxlund Robert N. Shelton Heiman Van Dam Glenn A. Young s if Sorting Instruments 74 That Optical Check-up Among the Test Tubes Operating Table LAW DR. WILLIAM G. HALE, Dean of the S.C. Law School overcame obstacles beset by a war depleted student body, and is now resuming the pre-war plans to meet the expanding enrollment. K Paul W. Jones Dr. Robert Kingsley Sheldon D. Elliott Legal Tips- LAW SENIQRS Helen Boye Frank I, Breslin Anne F. Faries Edward I. Gorman Marilyn C. Lazar Florence E. Ostrom Ioseph Passin Stephen K. Patterson Gerald F, Smith '4On Trial" 78 X M3332 Y As we advance from stage to stage, Groping for knowledge to strengthen our hull, We go forth thru the venture with men of our age, With our brothers, our partners we share each level and lull. We,re grouped in accord with ability we share That we better may master the job near at hand. There's a spirit of unit and a feeling of pride, That molds as a team each succeeding band. W'l1en, later in life, we look back on these years, And think of the joys and knowledge we gained, The spirit of classmates, their hopes and their fears, Will ne,er in our presence e'er be profaned. So work now ye classes, work on with a will. Let no struggle blemish your plan for success. Some may achieve more than others, but still You'll always be classmates, that's true, nonetheless. ' RFRANKLIN, C. A SENICRS This year's Senior Class was headed by Frank Crowhurst, Kappa Sig. Graduation in February hampered activity as Frank found his council pretty Well depleted. and had to make new appointments to H11 vacancies left by the new alumni. Things finally got roll' ing, and, with the junior Class, gave the Can' dlelight Ball which was eminently successful. FRANK CRQWHURST President SENIOR CLASS COUNCIL-1st row: A. McCann, C. Phipps, C. Thurman, M. Elkin, Neal, B. Byram P. Chailin, Schwartz. 2nd row: F. Crowhurst, N. Wonhy, P. Thatcher, P. O'Kelly, R. Tapp, C. John son. 3rd row: R. Power, A. Nelson, C. Pierose, R. Thompson, K. MacLeod, D. Burnight. SENIORS Janet A. Alexander Shirli C. Allen Don R. D. Andree Alyce L. Ansell Tolhert V. Anthony ll Russell H. Antles LAS Engineering Engineering Arch. E? Fine Arts Arch. E? Eine Arts Commerce Lisle T. Argo Roberta Armstrong Aimee A. Arthur Lucy Asadoorian Gerald L. Atkinson Charles T. Aylesbury Engineering LAS LAS LAS Engineering Commerce Theresa A. Bailey Ellen T. Ballard Sherma H. Bafos Betty B. Banks William L. Barker William P. Barlow Merchandising Education Commerce LAS Commerce Commerce Harriet M. Bartholomew Virginia E, Bates Marguerite C. Beatty john V. Beaver Stanley A. Beck Charles E. Belt LAS Pharmacy Education Commerce Engineering Speech 80 SENIORS Neil W. Benner Robert S, Benner Howard G. Bennett Frederick A. Benson B. Brooks Bernard Marvin R. Bigelow Engineering LAS Pharmacy Engineering LAS Engineering Mary H. Blake Hclenjo Blakely Iohn R. Bodin Barbara A. Boggs Gordon S. Bogusch Marilyn L Borchard Education Commer C ' ' ' ce ommcice LAS Engineering LAS Newell E. Boughton Josephine M. Bray Richard S. Bray Marjorie Brinkley Irene R. Brody Alden H. Brown Engineering Education Engineering Education LAS LAS Betty M. Brown Jean P. Bruce Benjamin E. Bryans Marie V. Buccola Mary E. BuonfChristiani Donald W. Burbeck Education Commerce Engineering Education Education Engineering 81 SENIORS Helen Burchell Jack W. Burnham William T. Burris. Ir. Frank S. Burroughs Gloria Buscaglia Beverly Byram Engineering Pharmacy Engineering Engineering Education Commerce Katherine Cagle George T. Callanan James F. Callanan James R. Cannon Marilee Carlson Marilyn L. Carlson LAS Commerce Naval Science Engineering journalism LAS Hugh Carr Lymona Lee Castleberry Carlos A. Cervera Mary P. Chafhn Beth Chandler Edith Chapralis Engineering LAS LAS LAS journalism LAS Margaret Chevalier johnson Chinn Harry O. Christensen Lorna M. Christie Vkfarren M. Christopher Guy K. Claire Arch. E? Fine Arts Commerce Commerce LAS Naval Science Engineering 82 SENIORS i Barbara G. Clark Alice B. Clay Robert W. Cloud Norman A. Cohen Eleanor Colbert Eleanor R. Collins Journalism LAS Pharmacy Engineering LAS LAS Patricia L. Colvin Wilburta Combe Edward L. Compton Carter B. Conlin Robert E. Conner Sylvia L. Conrad LAS Education Commerce Engineering Engineering LAS Ralph V. Core Margaret K. Cowin Ellen W. Crabtree Alma M. Creager James C. Creswell Ruth M. Crippen Engineering Education LAS Commerce Engineering journalism Constance E, Crockett Betty Curtis Genevieve M. Curtis Norman M. Dahl Marjorie H. Darby Floragene Davis LAS LAS Commerce Commerce Education Commerce 83 SENIORS Alfred C. DeFlon Margaret M. del Bondio Jackie F. Dent Betty F. Dexlieimer Roger A. DeYoung Phyllis Dixon Engineering LAS LAS Commerce Commerce LAS Richard T. Dixon Marjorie J. Dolan Jean Donaghu john F. Donan Ellsworth Donnell Minchen Doweling Engineering LAS LAS Engineering Commerce LAS Dorothy G. Drought Robert A. Drueke Paul R. Duckworth lane H. Earl james W. Economidis Claire L. Eder Education Engineering Naval Science Arch. 53 Fine Arts Engineering Education John L. Edwards June L. Edwards Mildred C. Elerding Mary E. Elich Dorothy L. Erbe Virginia A. Erickson LAS LAS LAS LAS Education k LAS 84 SENIORS Beryl M. Ernsberger Edward F. Escalle Alvaro Escallon Fred R. Ewald Ronald A. Ewen Marilyn L. Faris Education Engineering LAS Engineering Engineering Education -D Ruth P. Feldman Octavio C. Ferrari, Ir. Iohn Ferraro Morris I. Fiksdal John P. Finch George I. Fischer LAS LAS Commerce LAS Naval Science Engineering Kathleen A. Fisher Charles P. Flanagan Iacquelyn L. Ford John W. Forror Fred Foster Miriam L. Franz LAS Engineering Education Pharmacy Engineering LAS Audrie L. Freeman Elaine Freeman Charles W. Fuller Barbara Gage Ricardo Galvis Tom Ganganelli LAS LAS Engineering LAS Engineering Commerce 85 SENIORS Joseph I. Garafalo Peggy A. Gardner Patricia R. Garrett Birdene E. Gates Constance W. Geiser Dorothy A. Gibbons Engineering LAS LAS Commerce LAS Commerce Ernestine D. Gilbert Burton I. Gilson Maruth Gloeckler Muriel C. Gotthold James E. Grant Leonora Green Education Naval Science Commerce Arch. E3 Fine Arts Engineering Education Joan Greenlees Albert D. Griilin Betty F. Griffith Marian Griffth Ted E. Guilliams Retta L. Hackett Education Engineering LAS LAS LAS LAS Virginia Hage Norman R. Hall Wayne G. Hall Helen E. Hammond Alice A. Hamner Sadi T. Hanef LAS Commerce Engineering Commerce Commerce LAS 86 SENIORS Katherine H. Hanson William R. Hanson James F. Hardy Russell D. Hardy Mildred L. Harrell Florine G. Harris LAS Commerce LAS LAS Commerce LAS Harney Harris Nancy Harris Jerry D. Harshman Paul I. Hartley Patricia A. Heil Janis L. Hendsch Commerce Commerce Engineering Naval Science LAS Education Lois I. Henshaw Vkfilliam L. Herron Betty L. Hildreth Stanley A. Hill Mona C. Hite R. Blossom Hodes LAS Engineering Education Engineering Education LAS Marjorie L. Hodges Allene L. Hoeven Peggy I. Hollis Brownlee M. Hubble John B. Huggins George B. Hull, Ir. LAS Education LAS Commerce Engineering Engineering 87 SENIORS Bert W. Huls Ralph H. Hum Gladys Hunnicutt Shirley A. Inlow Alice Irvin Wanda C. Jenkins LAS LAS Journalism LAS Music Arch. 5? Fine Arts Bernice C. Johnson Meribali L. Johnson Robert W. Johnson Virginia Johnson EllenfBelle Johnston Sarah M. Kadis Pharmacy LAS Engineering LAS Education LAS Constance K. C. Kam Lena Kanellos Ralph J. Kaplan Standlce H. Kautz Barbara E. Kennedy YVilliam C. Kiele, Jr. LAS Music LAS Commerce LAS Commerce Douglas G. Kilgour Clara E. King Mary P. King Russell L. King Ethel M. Kinsey Philip P. Kirst LAS Pharmacy Education LAS LAS Commerce 88 SENIORS Kenneth F. Klein Barbara I. Knapp Mary Sherman Knapp Therese C. Kolar Evan M. Koppe Jacqueline Kruger Engineering LAS LAS LAS Engineering LAS Dorothy S. Kumer Melha Lacayo Mary L. Lacey Pat T. LaPlante Carl M. Lau Kathleen Lau Education LAS Education LAS Engineering Commerce Xenia M. Lavell David Lavelle James S. Lavvshe May S. Lee Marvin H. Levand Celia Lopezfzayas LAS Engineering Engineering LAS LAS Education 89 SENIORS Willie H. Louie O. Louise Lowrey Lucille C. Lucy Virginia E. Luff Mary G. Lyon Kenneth G. MacLeod Engineering LAS LAS LAS LAS Engineering Charles A. MacKenzie Ted C. Madison Marjorie B. Malcom Robert G. Male Virginia A. Mankins Lee S. Mardesich Commerce Naval Science LAS Commerce LAS Education Frank G. Marshall Jean A. Marshall Charles K. Martin Charles R. Martin William H. Martin Helen M. Mashler Commerce LAS LAS LAS LAS LAS 90 SENIORS Samuel G. Mathews III Marjorie I. Mauer Barbara M. McBride Alyce M. McCann Suzanne C. McCarl Franklin S. McMahon Arch. fe? Fine Arts LAS Commerce LAS LAS Journalism Nancy B. McManis Constance M. McNamee Howard R. Medici Efrem B. Melnick Helen I. Meyers Carl J. Miller LAS Music LAS Pharmacy Journalism LAS Georgia E. Miller Raymond Miller Virginia B. Miller Walter K. Mink Louise E. Mintcy Reba G. Montgomery Education Engineering Commerce Commerce LAS LAS 91 SENIORS Robert N. Moodey Sharon C. Moody Elizabeth Moore Lawrence D. Moore Rosemary Morrison Gordon W. Moses Commerce Engineering LAS Engineering LAS Engineering Marilyn A. Moses Maud M, Moulton Patricia A. Muller Barbara G. Murchison Evelyn L. Murrin Gladys V. Nahigan Education Arch. E99 Fine Arts LAS LAS LAS LAS Bette Io Neal Coleen Neblett Peggy Neily Arthur E. Nelson. Ir. Earl C. Nelson Signe E. Newbury LAS Commerce Education LAS Commerce Education 92 SENIORS Patricia M. Newton Art C. Nickloflf Norma D. Nilson Eileen D. Nilsson Mary Nitti Marge E. Nordheim LAS LAS LAS Music LAS Government Edgar A. Oberwager Apolinario P. Obrero Lucille S. O'Brien Philip F. O'Brien Richard R. L. Ogden Betty R, Olson Engineering Commerce LAS Engineering Engineering Education Catharine B. Orena Larry P. Osterdock Renee K. Overell Phyllis R. Overton Doris E. Pabst Basil L Panzer LAS LAS LAS LAS LAS LAS 93 SENIORS Ruth Parks Lois M. Parsons Carolyn A. Patterson Dorothy Patterson William G. Pearlman Ted S. Penfold Education LAS LAS LAS Engineering Engineering Patricia R. Pettcy William A. Pettit, Jr. Kenneth Pfirrmann Cnrnillc G. Phillipp Colleen Phipps Carle E. Pierose LAS LAS Engineering LAS LAS Engineering Charles R. Pierson William A. Pierson Diogenes A. Pino Rolf M. Pitts Lucille G. Podmore Edwin D. Porter Engineering Arch. Es? Fine Arts Engineering Engineering Education Speech 94 SENIORS l Katherine Poulter Lucille E. Pound Frances C. Powe Merrick Pratt W'illiam Purdy. Ir. Raymond L. Quigley Arch. 5? Fine Arts LAS Commerce Engineering Commerce Engineering Ernesto A. Quintero Ray E. Raley, Ir. William P. Rands John F. Rawie Emil V. Real Harold K. Redd Engineering Engineering Engineering Pharmacy Engineering Engineering Betty M. Reed Marjorie E. Reetz Arlette F. Renauld Charles L. Repp Eugene M. Respini Henri M. Riese Music Education Music Engineering Commerce Commerce E95 SENIORS Betty M. Rinehart Robert W. Ritzel Robert L. Rivera Robert E. Roehl Ruth E. Rolin Gerald D. Rollins Education Engineering LAS Engineering LAS LAS Bev I. Roose Harry A. Roscoe Mary Lou Royce Myvanwy M. Russell Alberto Saldarriaga Orlando D. Sanche LAS Engineering LAS Speech Engineering LAS Dorothy M. Schaarmann Ben A. Schlegel. Jr. Ruth M.'Schrnidt Ruth M. Schreiber Helen Schultz Jack E. Selover LAS LAS Education LAS Commerce Engineering 96 SENIORS I l L Nevin L. Shade Homer L. Sherwood Helen Sims Mladen M. Skoro Betty M. Slater Jean S. Smith Engineering Engineering Education Commerce Education LAS Joan Y. Smith Nancy L. Smith Rohert F. Smith Rohert S. Smith Robert Snetsingei' Helen A. Sofiel LAS Education 'LAS LAS Naval Science LAS Doris G. Spaugh Richard W. Sprinkel Robert E. Steen Warren J. Steibel Patricia Stephens Florence M. Stevenson Education Commerce Engineering LAS Commerce LAS 97 SENIORS james W. Stocker Shirley K. Stonier Elizabeth A. Stowell Virginia K. Stranlund Robert J. Streff Charles M. Struthers Commerce LAS Commerce Music Arch. Es? Fine Arts LAS Allan H. Stuhhs Roxanne Summerhays Barham Summers Helen L. Taylor Naomi l. Taylor Ernest Tennes Engineering LAS Commerce LAS Pharmacy Commerce Ethelyn M. Tharp Peter Thatcher Alfred R. Theal A. Virginia Thomas George C. Thompson Margaret C. Thompson LAS Engineering Engineering Commerce Engineering LAS 98 SENIORS Rohert P. Thompson Wendell A. Thompson. Ir. Lorraine W. Throp John E. Tice Robert F. Timpson Barbara Tinker Engineering Engineering Commerce LAS Engineering LAS june I. Tognazzini Edgar L. Tong Lorrine Torrez Mary F. Touton Knight Travis Helen Turner LAS Commerce LAS journalism Engineering LAS Sallie N. Unmaclc Grace V. Ushler V. Helen Vanderbeck Howard T. Vaum Walter W. Vickers Edward L. Vikupitz. LAS LAS LAS Engineering Engineering Engineering 99 SENIORS Virginia E. Virgilio Beverly R. Vollmer Lillian E. Wagenheim Carl R. Waldeck Jean A. Walker Ted Walker Commerce LAS LAS LAS LAS LAS Fred W. Wall Aphia Wallan Donald V. Wance Don F. Warren Nancy Lee Wclwlw Virginia L. Wcld LAS LAS Engineering Engineering LAS LAS Donald E. Welton I Charles B. Weseloh Grace E. Wessell Margaret Wheeler Ralph H. Wight William M. Wilder Engineering Commerce LAS Commerce LAS LAS 100 SENIORS S. Patricia Wilhoit Harold I. Wilkins Marilyn Cox Williams Virginia G. Williams Ernest C. Wilson, Jr. Jacqueline A. Wilson LAS LAS LAS LAS Arch. E? Fine Arts LAS Mary H. Wilson Barbara Jean Wong Edwin Woo June Woodward Neil M. Worthy Clarissa Wright LAS LAS Engineering Education Engineering LAS Robert E. Young Rafael E. Zubieta Anita Zuboff Engineering Education Commerce 101 102 U IORS The junior Class, led by Phi Psi Ellsworth Donnell, had a vvellfrepresentecl council. Though having a rather quiet year, the counf cil combined with the Seniors to give the All' U Candlelight Ball at the BeverlyfWilshire Hotel on June 2, thus climaxing the social calendar with one of the "big" events of the year. ELLSWORTH DON N ELL President JUNIOR CLASS COUNCIL-1st row: C. Mockenhaupt, R. Harbeson, E. Van Vrankin, E. Donnell, S. Unmack, W. Armbruster. 2nd row: C. O'Brien, B. Zimmerman, Myers, Callanan, K. Klein, R. Wylde, Holmlund. 3rd row: P. Brambila, L. Curtis, M. Thompson, D. Whitehead, R. Peters, D. Stone. SCPHCDMCRES Carl Cebhart, Chi Phi, led the sophomore class through a successful year of social events. Among the affairs sponsored were the A11fU Dig in the gym following the pref Rosebowl game rally, and the AllfU dance at the Riviera Country Club. The Sophof mores won the FreshmanfSophomore brawl by a 4f0 score in the traditional pushfball conf test. The final score for the week's activities ended 3f2 in favor of the Sophomores. Sponf sored by the Squires the Sophomore service honorary brawl week ended with a dance at the Theta Xi house. Outstanding Sophomore leaders included: Chuck Franklin, Kappa Sig, and Don Stubbs, Sigma Nu, as Squires. Clif maxing the year's activities the Sophomores sojourned to Hermosa beach for a party on the sands. CARL GEBHART President SOPHOMORE CLASS COUNCIL-1st row: P. Webb, C. Gebhart, B. McBride, D. Cole, B. Olerich G. Mix. 2nd row: V. Whitehead, B. Allen, H. Fitzgerald, Schillinger, R. Gilson, V. Chambers V Owens. 3rd row: M. Campbell, Lutz, C. Tannenbaum, B. Conlin, P. Latasa, N. Watson, R. Reed D Stubbs. 4th row: T. Partridge, E. McIntosh, K. Emig, C. Selvage, Hervey, G. Crum. 04 EDWARD BARTHOLD President FRESHMEN ln an attempt at something original, Ed Barthold, SAE, freshman president, arranged an allffreshman dance in the student lounge. Meeting and knowing one another as fellow class Councilors and as loyal Trojans was the chief aim of the Council. A men's orientaf tion program was organized during the year to help new students in becoming acquainted with the campus. The new class members quickly learned the SC traditions of corner time, Tommy Trojan, and the do's and dont's of university life. Highlight of the year was the annual freshmanfsophomore brawl, with the freshmen winning in the volley ball and softball events. FRESHMAN CLASS COUNCIL-lst row: A. Luber, S. DeYoung, P. Bellrose. 2nd row: E. Barthold, T. Bunn, S, Trope, R. Henning. , .J RM vas! fm +1 Sri? Mmm ff .,,. . 35213 . 1 :,?f:f5g'wM XM ,M Thru the myriad ages men have made war To gain for themselves false ends they hold dear. Without thought of the terror the fight holds in store, Yes, a fine way to prosper, thru intimidation and fear. The blight of the tyrants is once more upon us, Cnce again we must defend the right and justice we buildg Till we're rid of the last of they who would scorn us, The goal of our nation will not be fulfilled. We here in these bright pastures Are doing what we may towards the ends that we seek, Preparing ourselves to help in the struggle To return the reins of venture to not the strong, but the meek. All about you are seen youths making ready to fight, To give their lives and their treasures if the need may arise, So that from all the earth may be lifted the blanket of night, So that we may no longer live under care-laden skies. -FRANKLIN, C 106 NAV Captain Reed M. Fawell, U.S.N. fRet.j, inaugurated the Naval R.O.T.C. Unit on this campus 12 September, 1940, as Professor of Naval Sciences and Tactics. He has been Commanding Officer of the Navy V-12 Unit since 1 July, 1943. Captain A. Randall, U.S.N. fRet.j, Senior Officer of the Medical Dispensary, has been in charge since the beginning of the Naval Training Program. It is under his su' i pervision that the Medical Department has reached the efficiency which it now main' tains. I , E tram.: ir s E is COMMANDER H. NI. WEBER, U.S.N. fRet.j LIEUTENANT C. V. SCHUTZ, U.S.N.R. Medical Officer Dental Officer 10 0 8 The Navy Dispensary, more commonly called "SickfBay," boasts an excellent record for the treatment and care of the Naval and Marine trainees. Through its capable staff of officers and enlisted personnel, this unit takes care of all med' ical and dental ailments of trainees. Working in cooperation with the Long Beach Naval Hospital, the staff diagnoses the various cases, and sends the more serious for treatment at that hospital. H. A. RONCO, U.S.N.R Chief Pharmacists Mate PHARMACISTS MATES: G. Cronk, lfcg E. Paul, Sfcg L. W. Blismeiter, lfcg C. E. Lane, lfc. A. R. STRINGER YEOMAN T. SCHAFHOUSER, llc. Chief Storekeeper Mail Clerk PHYSICAL FITNESS STAFF: Chiefs M. T. Malone, O. W. Banks, T. Kincannon, A. Lundberg, C. Benson, E. M. Anderson 0 R. O. T. C. 0 Commander R. E. Kerr, U.S.N. fRet.D, executive oflicer of the Naval R.O.T.C. since 3 April, 1942, retired on 1 March, 1945, and was relieved hy Commander C. E. Palmer, U.S.N. CRet.j, Commander Kerr was the guide who steered the R.C.T.C. men through all their personal troubles during his three years on duty at U.S.C. .A COMMANDER G. E. PALMER, U.S.N. fRet.j LIEUTENANT COMMANDER Commander NROTC Unit, Spring D. CASHMAN, U.S.N. fRet.j Professor Naval Science and Tactics . LIEUTENANT COMMANDER LIEUTENANT coLMSMXAI121DER R. E. COAN, A' B. BUTTREY, USN. met., Professor Naval Science and Tactics Professor Naval Sclence and Tactics LIEUTENANTJ-0-PAYNE,U-S-N-PM COMMANDER A. BRES, U.s.N. QRet.J Regimental Clothing Office Professor in Navigation 2 CHIEF M. T. MALONE In Charge of N.R.O.T.C. Unit The Color Guard COMPANY C.P.O.'s and GUIDE-ON BEARERS - B. Hubble, E. Compton, M. Morrison, B. Roose, Lawshe, P. LaPlante. N.R.O.T.C. STAFF OFFICERS -- G. Callanan. T. Madison, R. Sprinkel, M. Pratt J. Cortwright COMPANY COMMANDERS - N. Dahl, C. Fuller, G. Bogusch 4 First Row: R. M. Graham, R. Moore, G. Marcel, R. M. Crump, G. Marshall, W. A. Pierson, W. P. Barlow. Second Row: B. Huggins, Ferraro, R. H. Antles, W. L. Barker, R. T. Whitman, F. E. Holmberg, E. Brent. Third Row: R. D. Gowdy, W. Finch, P. R. Duckworth, W. D. Lloyd, D. R. Watson, R. Morley, E. M. Respini. Fourth Row: R. S. Bray, R. B. Turner, C. S. W'right, P. S. Clarke, G. E. Allison, R. R. Peterman, R. S. Dyer. Completing its second year of vvarftime operation this june, the Naval Reserve Cflicers Training Corps has quickly established itself in a prominent position on campus, and both the ofiicers and men of this unit have done much toward giving USC the reputation for turning out outstanding commissioned men. With Captain Reed M. Fawell serving as Commanding Officer and Commanders R. E. Kerr and Phillip R. Baker acting as Execuf tive Cfiicers for separate periods, plus many other Naval Academy men working in teach' Close Quarters. Sixteen-thirty. ' First Row: C. A. Nickloff, M. M. Skoro, L. W. Comer, M. H. Levand, R. W. Vivian, E. Donnell, F. F. Marshall. Second Row: A. R. Theal, R. H. Butler, F. A. Elias, R. G. Luebben, R. B. Brown, R. W. Morris. Third Row: R. Streff, P. P. Kirst, M. R. Bigelow, D. E. Welton, C. H. Higgins, F. Hardy, E. Tice. Fourth Row: F. Haigler, T. H. McKinney, G. R. Bandy, S. N. Willer, D. Harshman, K. Travis. ing roles, the khakifclad cadets have been assured of the finest instruction and supervision in their quest for commissions. With the unexpected commissioning of the junior class in February, 1944, the unit, which is run internally entirely by the trainees themselves, was left without any experif enced men to take over. The position of Battalion Staff Adjutant, highest job in the or' ganization, was given to Sharon Moody, while the duties of Battalion Commander were thrust on the shoulders of Richard Sprinkel. Allan Stubbs, Jim Hardy, and Ben Schlegal Wonderful air. Future Officers in conference. I 115 First Row: R. S. Smith, W. H. Martin, D. B. Whitehead, L. L. Curtis, E. C. Wilson, R. B. Tapp, C. Mix, E. M. Koppe Second Row: H. C. Krisel, R. D. Eagan, D. Sowers, D. M. Adler, D. M. Pickett, D. L. Byram, B. Gilson. Third Row H. T. Vaum, W. M. Christopher, T. A. Graham, B. W. Huls, S. M. Ketcham, H. K. Jones, G. P. Costello. Fourth Row: H. I Wilkins, W. H. Oldknow, F. Callanan, R. Huntley, D. K. Speer, C. D. Scroggins, S. Green. were other top officers on the staff, the company and platoon commanders also being comf posed of upper classmen. After two terms in this setfup, most of the cadet commissions were given up by the old men, who moved from von KleinSmid Hall to Owens Hall and "green pastures". Robert Young was named the new Battalion Staff Adjutant, and although Sprinkel remained in his old position, the rest of the staff was now filled by George Callanan, Merrick Pratt, Ted Madison, and Jack Cortwright. In this semester, the unit was divided into three 6 Late for class? Out of step fellows? First Row: A. H. Stubbs, R. Filance, S. May, R. M. Riese, H. Harris. Second Row: E. L. Lowther, G. D. Kleist E. C. Willianis, C. G. Magee, W. E. Fryer, M. C. Glarr. Third Row: P. M. Weickert, H. L. Sherwood, M. P. Clark, O Shenck, W. Taft, R. Watt. Fourth Row: C. B. Weseloh, D. Harshman, Gorski, A. M. McMahon, E. T. Wiggins H. L. Holmes. companies instead of the usual two as a result of many new additions with no graduation of older men. In February, 1945, however, 92 seniors were given commissions, and with the exception of 13 of the "old guard", the unit was now composed of entirely different men than had been present in the first term of active duty. With the retirement of Commander Kerr in March, Commander Baker took over the job of Executive Officer of the NRQTC unit as well as that of the V42 unit. lack Cort' Hydraulics lab. Sighting the ,,,,.,,,,,,,,. First Row F. W. Wall, W. G. Pearlman, W. Boller, D. A. Titsworth, A. Gayle, P. Mathews, R. Fairhead R A De Young Second Row: E. Tennes, T. E. Riddle, D. G. Gardner, A. R. Abrams, D. M. Miller, R. A. Odom, R E Moore Third Row R. A. Drueke, A. H. Brown, H. Frank, R. L. Richardson, R. J. Weimer, C. E. Thompson, R H Collins wright was made Battalion Stall Adjutant, Daane Whitehead succeeded Sprinkel as Bat' talion Commander, while Rex Eagan, Robert Tapp, Ellsworth Donnell, and jim Callanan were named to the staff. For the first time in the existence of the unit a Chief Specialist was put in charge of the barracks. In the Helds of athletics and extra curricular activities, the men of the NROTC unit have achieved a prominent place on campus in the past year. jell Cravath's Rose Bowl Plotting their course. Japs beware. First Row: H. O. Christenson, R. L. King, K. C. Kelly, R. Cannon, I. Lyons, K. C. Kelly, S. H. Kautz. Second Roiw: C. A. MacKenzie, R. L. Roemer, A. A. Selkin, W. R. Witmeyer, P. Hartley, W. Anderson, W. C. Kiele. Third Row: A. E. Stone, D. D. Stone, H. Carr, W. F. Gilles, R. Bickell, H. Howard, R. Miller. Fourth Row: H. K. Redd, C. H. Fritz, K. H. Ruecker, D. R. Howery, R. Blauser, R. F. O,Donnel, E. D. Hugo. football eleven was flooded with RUE, eight men being in the starting linefup against Tennessee. Allffxmerican Iohn Ferraro and Captain jim Hardy were among the most out' standing gridderftrainees, while Russ Antles, Don Hardy, George and jim Callanan, Duane Whitehead, Clark Higgins, Willard Wall, and many others were among the pigskin lumf inaries. Basketball, Baseball, Track, Tennis, and Golf were also manned in the most part by trainees residing in von KleinSmid Hall. W wi! -E Gas drill. Let him out. 1 20 First Row: R. F. MacMillan, C. L. Repp, J. H. Collins, D. Mintz, F. G. Borch, L. P. Osterdock, B. B. Bernard, B. Canton W. T. Burris. Second Row: W. M. Wilder, H. C. Hostetter, W. E. Ecki, R. G. Tilbury, Ferlin, W. D. Schubert, N Schmidt. Third Row: C. K. Martin, R. S. Benner, D. V. Wanee, R. Snetsinger, R. E. Rohl, G. N. Anderson. Many top offices in school were also held by RC's, with Phil Kirst acting as Knight president, Roger DeYoung as Squire prexy, Robert Tapp as President of the College of Commerce, and Brownlee Hubble acting as Elections Commissioner, being the more not' able positions held on campus. Rex Eagan and Bill Camm were other trainees holding down responsible positions. In all respects, the RCTC took pride in the fact that its men were well represented in every field of campus activities. Range 1,000 feet. Keith on the quarterdeck. Cadet officers checking the gun. Bogusch receives the sentimental decoration H. Christensen - Award for Winning Platoon. V42 22 Commander P. R. Baker, U.S.N. fRet.j has been on the Captain's staff since 25 Cc' tober, 1942. With the establishment of the V42 Unit 1 July, 1943, Commander Baker was assigned to the office of Executive Officer of that Unit. LIEUTENANT L. BOLENBAUGH, U.S.N.R. LIEUTENANT H. J. SCELAND, U.S.N.R. Supply Oillcer Professor Naval Science and Tactics LIEUTENANT L. E. SOLOMON, U.S.N.R. LIEUTENANT COMMANDER Instructor Naval Oragnization W. C. RUSSELL, U.S.N. fRet.Q Instructor Naval Ordnance WAVE YEOMAN B. EDWARDS, llc, and HARRIS, Zfc. Navy Personnel Office 24 HE DERSON H LL C. P. O., 0. W. Banks took over charge of the men stationed in Henderson Hall from C. P. O. Phillips, and maintained his barracks efficiently until it was discontinued in March, 1945 . When the Henderson men moved to Owens Hall, he was again called upon to render his usual helpful guidf Q ance. 1 DOYLE 'CONFER DON PAULLIN Battalion Commander Company Commander DAVE LAVELLE JOHN BEAZLEY Master at Arms Company Commander First Row: W. Armbruster, L. Margolies, A. Cook, E. Lohn, W. Kouns, W. Riley, R. Osterbauer. Second Row: jones, D. Perry, S. Wallis, O. Rogers, D. Macleod, L. Carrillo, Fiebig r. Third Row: T. Seawall, Hogg, H. Bjork, A. Seacliff, R. Wood, A. jenkins, E. Norberg, R. Williams. Fourth Row V. Chambers, James, S. Sargent, E. Barthold, D. Reese, B. Banks, D. Smith. Under the leadership of Battallion Commander Doyle Confer, Henderson Hall, the wedgefshaped building across from Harris Hall, experienced two terms of work, study, and recreation served military style. Noted for its outstanding campus leaders, Henderf son also produced many topfnotch athletes and a large group of ordinary, downftofearth good fellows. Logging in. Good gag? 2 First Row: H. Nixon, R. Nelson, B. Taylor, C. Phelps, W. McCabe, S. Faskin, W. Stephenson, Brinley. Second Row: T. Jenson, R. Breldenour, W. McFarlane, E. Klein, B. Lee, Stocker, T. Nelson. Third Row: E. Iverson, T. Carter, B. Overly, B. McAfee, L. Erwin, B. Kolar, D. Rochlen. Fourth Row: Harlan, A. Defcon, Short, Whiteman, W. Fisher, E. Slo- man, R. Homan. Company Commanders assisting Confer were Don Paullin of the First Company, and Bob Beazley of the Second. Platoon leaders from the first to the mighty sixth respectively Were: Bill Armbruster, Howard Nixon, Easy Ezell, Fred May, Bob Anderson, and Bill Camm. Politically speaking, Henderson had more than its share of BMOC's. In the key posif 26 Knock-out blow. Ye olde strength test 5 X 1 N, ' a K 1? gi I was X PM x I' X Q. X QW 'M V ' ' ' J X VA X vc Fx ' f 5 ,,.. X 5 gi ig pi 45 ,,M,, .Wigwam ,,Au,,,, , .W , W 1 gy.-Q, l Hgwq, ,,.,A Qs ,, 28 First Row: F. Moy, S. Hesse, K. Irwin, T. Laser, M. Gould, J Jacobs, Smith. Ford. Second Row: Culp, D. Ross, H Baroni, Benny, S. Carter, S. Snorf, R. Chadwick, T. I-leger. Third Row: D. Dentoni, B. Peck, Murrey, Fleming, H Albert, R. Schwantz, D. Cooper. Fourth Row: R. Clemons, H. Storrow, V. Kornhagen, K. Roberts, C. Lane, A. Morrison. for that bit of gold braid when the season was half over. joe Stall, in the same category as Gray, was the star tackle who left at the SHCI of the SUIDIIICY RFID- Wally Cfiff2I1Cl0D, first string guard, and Bob lLMLlSCl6S1, Anderson, who was reputedly the strongest man in the Eleventh Naval District, were also among the number of boys who left at this inopf portune time. Inspection. Delicious! First Row: R. Anderson, B. Mix, R. Klient, A. Checka, D. Blank, Craig, H. Tyrrell, G. Horan, D. Billings. Second Row: R. Baumer, E. Ruzicka, Dickinson, W. Hannibal, D. Gibbs, K. Premo, B. Smith, F. Bone. Third Row: C. Parker, S. Zak- lan, M. Burley, M. Kohn, G. Nevin. Fenton. S. Doney, T. Mlgnuson, B. Terbeck. Fourth Row: Levergne, E. Yapp, Campbell, D. Klugh, R. McPhee, R. Steinheider, D. Downin 1, Leahy, R. Crooksanks. Henderson walked away with the Trainee Intermural Softball Championship in the spring of 1944. Paul Henry, fireball pitcher, was a fleet man who hailed from Bakers' field, California. As king pin of the team, Henry pitched three consecutive nofhit games to lead the "Masterfswatters" to their championship. The Pearson twins, Dick and Pep, Oh what you said! Between classes. 29 First Row: R. Murdock, Smith, P. Carter, A. Griifen, G. Haley, Billings, K. Klein, M. Graham, P. Anderson, B. Pichard D. Newman, L. Scott. Second Row: L. Lorbeer, W. Kerr, Driscoll, P. Brooks, H. Joyton, W. Clark, K. Keyon, F. An- derson, L. Bunting, R. Snell, N. Benner. Third Row: M. Kohn, H. Lanouette, R. Wilson, P. Williams, A. jurgens, G. Burns, D. Dawson, L. Batteen, R. Ogden. D. Cole. Fourth Row: McNichols, Hall, D. Burnight, D. Wahl, R. Auker- man, L. Sandahl, N. Hawes, E. Stein, C. Conlin, T. Prince. many naval officers will undoubtedly rise to the hall of fame. Henderson fades into the past, once more returning to "civvie" life after contributing its bit to the war effort.Gone but not forgotten are the bellfbottom trousers and gleaming white hats that invaded its corridors and rooms when the naval unit was first established at SC. For the boys who wore that navy blue, Henderson will always hold a full store of pleasant memories. Step it out! Navy maneuvers. 32 EWKIRK HALL Chief A. T. Lundberg has been in charge of Newkirk Hall since its origin on 1 July, 1943. Through the two years of its existence, this forf mer University of Illinois star tackle has guided w the men most helpfully and skillfully. f, i DONALD QUINN BERT MOST Battalion Commander Master at Arms DICK SODERBERG ROBERT CLARK SAM HOWARD Company Commander Platoon Commander Platoon Leader nnvwm . OMF! 127821 Q' 2.7: ffm? .5"3F2" +1205 379559 22:2- ak HH QUUFEZ' DOQH ' mmm mi' 'W -' ca 0211" D' N099 ESES- V5 55-bb ' g. . QU'-1 . igglm Z of? mgfa LTS EFQ' C1590 M9 'EQ sa? P-3135 E52 Qs? mU'1' 5:3 35? 'PU smash 222' Shas- FUN amp 520 -.HUF 9332 Lge? 923.9 D' m 0,-is SE-E Q5-2 7:1 Cog Ein: 3 2 cr-G52 uv.-aw, , , 'F Newkirk Hall, the one remaining stronghold of the Naval Vf12 Training Unit, is be' ginning its third year as a barracks on the University of Southern California campus. Quite true, the number of the men in Nevvkirk Hall has been severely diminished by the passing of the senior students and the rapid transfer of a great number of the lower classf men to the Naval R.O.T.C. Though the size of the roster is down, the spirit is as high as ever. ifrdrfi EQ? l 3 ft gil Isn't love grand? Oh, those grades! 134 First Row: R. Ritzel, E. Rigby, H. Lanouette, K. Klein, Nash, D. Hirst, A. Lockwood, B. Carle. Second Row D Moore N. Nichols, R. Peters, L. Leech, P. MaGee, P. O,Kelley, R. Mueller. Third Row: Murrey, O. King, Kerr, R Pardee A. Graves, W. Nollac, R. Nickles. Fourth Row: G. Walther, R. Jordan, H. Roscoe, H. Jacobs, Hyatt, A. Roth I Galla Way. For the second consecutive year the trophy for the winner of the tournament between the various halls in sports has found its place to the trophy shelf in the lobby of New' kirk Hall. The swimming team, with Crowhurst, Bistritsky, and Burnett to lead them copped the swimming meet for their second straight time. The basketball and track teams both figured strongly in the final averaging of the points for victory. Their total, along with the baseball, did the trick. Toss the bum out. Future Electricians. First Row: B. Bryans, E. Stein, C. Yantiss, R. Carpenter, B. Wilkinson, V. Weeks. Second Row: W. Woodey, D. Prince, E. Stone, H. Williams, N. Worthy, H. Willis. Third Row: B. Anderson, G. Wright, B. Smith, D. Wallace, F. Benson, C. Wells. Fourth Row: C. Selvage, P. Thatcher, S. Hill, C. Conlan, R. Thompson, W. Thompson. The only achievements of the men are not at athletics entirely. Fastened to the bulkf head in the lobby of the hall are plaques that laud the trainees for their contributions to the Los Angeles War Chest and the regional Red Cross Drive. Whenever the mobile unit arrives on the scene the men flock to give their blood. Under the amiable guidance of Chief Lundberg, 120 Engineering Specialists and Pre' Medical students eat, sleep, work, and most important of all, study and learn together to complete their specialties. C0mll1g ........................ ...,.,........ and going. 3 First Row: A. Griifen, R. Pincock, P. Hixson, C. Lau, Cohan, L. Lorbeer, H. Hertzog. Second Row: W. Kerr, G. Kinkle, , H. Graessle, D. Jackson, Green, L. Fortney, N. Benner. Third Row: R. Foster, H. LeSieur, R. Hegewald, B. Hazelton, J. Holmlund, T. Jonas, S. Hazelton. Fourth Row: R. jordan, Kennedy, Hall, H. Hall, E. Johnson, G. Dutra, R. Prochnow. Last summer the detachment was led by Fred Benson, then in the fall Don Quinn took over the reins and performed his duties in a manner that gained him efficiency along with popularity. In the Spring, Quinn again carried the job until the position was assumed by Dick Soderberg. Besides displaying the leadership essential to such a position, these men kept the battalion moving smoothly through the navy routine, and carried the full enf Sun worshippers. Newkirkls mascot. 1 First Row: B. Most, R. Showalter, Taylor, L. Stone, G. Lorenzi, T. Brown, M. Dreblow, T. Penfold. Second Row: M. Schmidt, R. Maxwell, N. Skandalis, B. Reinwald, K. Robinette, J. Pritchard, D. McNichols. Third Row: E. Scott, H. Mabry, F. O'Bryan, Selover, C. Pierose, H. Sorenson, R. Rother. Fourth Row: B. Rands, R. Core, W. Swears, E. Oberwager, G. Scheley, C. Pierson, N. Shade. gineering curricula prescribed by the program. With the passing of each semester there have been parties for the graduating seniors and each has been a singular success. Along with the studies the trainees have found time for many forms of healthful recreation. All in all the past year goes into history smarting of great success. 2. , . A 1 Mfr news --2 age- v..:- 5.4121 ' ' . , . ,pr-xt. .- , M ef f' - E: me-,f,.,: '- 3 gn. '- 7 ,, - r ,-. ' . x , ga, 2,-if? 2. ' ' 'V It Q , I A !2'l,.,.'L!,,,-4,f.,, fgggzf-if i, ,fifidg gg N .y 'ig R . ..... . .. as A, t l . r V ' 4 .Q . Q 12:1 f . ag x 'Wi-T.-,xr ,,'.i,M4,.M...-,,, , ,,,. -5 . ' M -- 'V , .- , 3 -- -. -1 fa.-, ' .swag , M ,V ,sw vi-f .1 ' ."-f,1!ffa1ris'ff:' ' mf?" 'L 'QW iii! T352 H2 i'54.'lA eS2'l2 m XY W 54' xi - ' ni ' 'F' 5"-1 ,Wi " 'J --F' ' N5 L , "-555155. ,ht ,fig M. .f.ggi,q-,Ltx,g,3,. ., L.,-f at . -I S M Age, A . .. ,i3E5,. 5 .W 1.,,f..i,s.,, ,f -- .-X . he . c a ' . if 1 P f 1 . e ff: w A sa as v 'sw ' .E -new - :z . - fy . 1-. f ...U W pig' 1. - spir, , ,fy -,,,g..1,,,w.-- Q52-z,Jg,.v Mn . , . Zim - .. , ' . fu In ' .- fl' - . . N. -aw: iw. , H. --W . 4 .,-bf' 4 1- M' -Pi 4 - we-J .r"1.- fra.. iw -251.4 1 4-kv" 1 ' - Wim .f , ,r Q., . f. L 4, iv-.av f , 4 , 4 ,....m.,,A s' , ya , i ,- , pm-,.-'fi5,, -X. ..,-wr-1. if e Aa?-f 1 -' 1- . A .f -.,... ,..f.afv.5.f'.i:,, .-Q eff. A V A .Z 'M . ,i 1 1 - , -af.-Q . -. . . . ,, ,,.. , .. , ,, , , ' h r f fs ' 'Q F x it '. ,. Q' wg ,'1w,,.:f" ,aa-53f,fv..: ',. 'figs Q-I 1 4-In J ' - 'f 'W if., .ji Hg... .,.f. . M . ' .. . i, - . -f . - riifttfi 3' , . Q ,V I: . ,- , L, , , . P .gg-arg I . g, .x,:,,.-..f . , .zz , VS .1 M, K I I 3 e g N, ' . 'V -' fff ga m ia ' .- A f f e '--w -..' ' 1 -' " f 5.1 -,."- .. ' . ., TI 1 ' Q t. " . -A saw ata it i' L ' 1- Vlql V 1 A K" ' , '-- ' ' fe I H , . - ' ' 4. N 'lifts' 'MQ .""f, " ig 'z-Life' . ' '. ll' 1' 1. ' ' lf?" "'x.'11""-1'3"""'iff, , ' ,,....-UM ,. . Msaffs . . . H.. ,,,, W , .f.- fa ...eff-n.1wzmt:5f ,.... rf.. iv..- . . ww ff.,,,,:.f . f f . . ..- zz kw ., - .. . . , . . . Q Q Q miv,2rfje'W1,,, U ' mizs:i:fw22aig5,'-.:,gsa3f..,....M rw...-ggaikm-:' .f . it -ft tt S r 1 e . -f'- a ' , ' W .iff - H f ' , . x. ,-awe V . K., M. as . ws.-,.-a ir,aiSfi5......,.. . . ., ,. fy! sfr41Ffi,ff1:WQj'ri,gf: ts-S .iw f - f-Wiffgwff wtf .QQW "w-'iimf1,. N ,,,, M,,,,,W M r r, N , ,A W , ,.., ,,F-W,-,.-..- Pre-game drill. Passing in review. 138 AWARDS L. Scott - Award for Leadership. lj. Quixrril - Award for Leadership. 9 40 MARINES The Marine commanding officer for the first two years of the Marine Detachment's stay at the University of Southern California was Captain Rueben M. Welsh, USMCR. Captain Welsh was in charge of the Marines under the direction of the Navy office. His leadership is amply attested by the fine show' ing his men have made in advanced training and combat. NORMAN BRUNELLE HAROLD KNUPP Battalion Commander, Fall Battalion Commander, Spring PXSGTS. C. E. FELIX and R. H. TURPIN, 1stfSGT. H. W. RUSK PISGT. F. W. CUTLER, and SXSGT. A. A. MAC INNES First Row: H. Knupp, R. MacPherson, R. Ward, A. Wade, B McConatha, ll. Morgan, H. Walters, Willey, R. McNerney. Second Row: S. Clark, T. Smith, R. Simmons, E. Michael, V. Mullis, D. Sliter, D. McOmber, K. Wheeler, G. Pauly C Longfield. Third Row: C. Mayers, V. Neshyba, G. Mattson. C. Miller, I. Peebles, A. Rockwell, M. Zeter, S. Such, F. Tho: mann. Fourth Row: C. Sharta, W'alsh, Stebbins, K. Mitchell, R. Marshall, C. Togni, M. Martin, D. MacLachlan, H Murphy. Fifth Row: P. Terrazas, W. Olney, R. McMurran, Miller, Nugent, T. McCarthy, R. Powers, L. Webb, J Snook, Nichols. The University of Southern California has been fortunate in being chosen as one of the colleges to serve its country and also to serve as an integral part of the country's fighting force. The Marine detachment on the Trojan campus was established as a por' tion of the V42 unit in july, 1943. Since that time the detachment has sustained a dis' tinctly superior record in its support of athletics, scholarship and military training. Capt. R. M. Welsh was assigned to duty as officer in charge of the Marine unit. Under the O. D. Higher literature. 4 42 First Row: W. Wolf, E. Barber, R. Francis, H. Hadley, W. Hedge, R. Henderson, D. Drake, C. Boswell, R. Law, M. Curtis Second Row: L. White, H. Husser, R. Kotter, H. Brown, L. Bentley, S. Bereny, Cavnar, F. Guzowski, P. Bruce, E. Flana gan. Third Row: A. Leidy, L. Green, K. DeTilla, C. Jennings, E. Kelley, Evans, W. Ellison, E. Lecher, W. Lourien, K Howell. Fourth Row: D. Feeley, Hanlon, L. Davis, D. Griffith, A. Iratcabal, F. Johnson, W. Dale, R. Lowrey, R. Brehm Fifth Row: R. Dillon, W. Jones, G. Arnett, R. Dischner, B. Hecht, Leer, H. Burgess, P. Kuntz, M. Aaron, D. Kraus. accomplished leadership of Capt. Welsh the Marine trainee from SC have succeeded in attaining the highest qualification record in Officers Candidate School in Quantico. The Marine is trained in a basic course that leans toward the engineering aspect of edu' cation. He is disciplined as a potential oflicer While serving in college, and upon complef tion of academic training is sent to Quantico for the final phase of officers' training. Un' Ah, Juliet! Physicists. R .av-'JF ..L.,,,,,,.... . :uwuswnsxn ..,-41. 131:41 sl'.u ., f.,f""7 ' Q- r First Row: W. Gibson, Sells, Bridenstine, M. Third Row: lan, H. Henry, VV. Lindelien. L. Edwards, R. Dryer, L. Willoughby. Second Row: M. Doornbos, F. Pickel, R. Dearing, R. Bramwell, D. Miller, B. G. Sniva, H. Shaklee, T. Burgess, R. McDaniel, E. Strock, F. Frost, W. Holmes, G. Ferguson. der the command of Capt. Welsh the SC detachment can boast the fact that it has quali' fied a higher percentage of men in the top 10? of each graduating officers Candidate Class. The Marine detachment is governed and disciplined by the student oflicers. The unit has been led by such stalwart Trojans as Norm Brunelle, Loren Green and Hal Knupp. Scuttlebutt. The pause ..,......,.,....r. Nelson, A. Randell, L. Reid, V. Brady, F. Bruner, K. Davidson, K. Krause, D. Crawford, MacGregor, B. Davis, Covington, F. Thomas, R. Whitlock, D. Brown, Bryant, P. Riley, Stent, H. Lowe, Cogh- 4 44 DE TISTRY 86 EDICINE C. P. C. Carl Benson was drill chief for the Navy Medical and Dental trainees. As the ref sult of his eforts, this unit has turned out many capable and wellftrained Navy doctors. H. PARKER R. FRAIDE R. HAMBLETON Platoon Leader Platoon Leader Platoon Leader First Row: H. Ford, E. Brown, R. Fraide, W. Ogden. Second Row: S. Olson, Langton, M. Mortoxi, B. Willianis, W. Van Valin. Third Row: B. Packer, A. Anderson, R. Shaver, Seblund, W. Schafer. To Chief Benson the task of handling the Navy Medical students and the Navy Den' tal students was given. Under the oyerfall direction of Captain Reed Fawell this unit was formed with a twoffold purpose: First to make a doctor from the man. Secondly, to pref pare a man that would be useful to the Navy These two requirements were being met by a strenuous program that includes as well as the regular medical school course, drill per' if Observing. Operation fable. 1 4 ,W , N First Row: Parker, Kirk, Laine, Wfoocl, Mocciaro, Krause, Foutz, Trinkeller. Second Row: Potts, Casey, Mueller, Contino, John- son, Henselmeier, Thompson, Denison. Third Row: Sorbonne, Brown, Kitch, Lade, Borland, Kohlhase, Lewis, Cannon. Fourth Row: Carlson, Peterson, Craddock, Morris, Goble, Gray, Winkler. iods and physical fitness periods to ensure that the student will remain in tipftop condif tion. The unit is divided into four platoons each with platoon leader and squad leaders. These platoons meet once a Week for instructions in the secrets of close order drill, navy habits and customs. All of this training is in preparation for the finished product which is the IG. in the Navy Medical or Dental Corps. After the extensive four year course, In the Clinic. Molar inspection. 146 First Row: Hambleton, Watrous, Larson, Coale, Bott. Second Row: Ingwerson, Felix, Pierce, Lutz. Third Row: Huntley, Brox, Ellis, Anderson, Stohl. the men are made the j.G.'s after which they are usually put on the inactive list during which time they learn more about the Navy from the practical point of view of their work in a Navy hospital. After a period of about six months these men are called into acf tive duty once again. They are now fullffledged Navy lieutenants. They can now be transferred to the Marine Corps or any other branch in which they would be needed. Practical experience. Outnumbered. 4 First Row: D. Martyn, S. Murasky, M. Barnes, Stehly, K. Spaulding. Second Row: H. Campbell, E. Skolil, R. Hoxsey Roberts, F. Miller. Third Row: P. Klein, E. Moraii, H. Henderson, C. Fry, R. Waltei's, D. Polhemus. Thus the program consists of training which will result in a gradual transformation from the raw inexperienced man to a highly specialized efhcient man that will he of much use to the Navy and our country. These boys are being put through school at the expense of the Government. In this way many who could never pay the numerous expenses incurred in a professional school are given the opportunity of their ambitions. The course that is Y, f l 148 ..6 ' V Before .,.,.......,....,. after. First Row: D. Firestone, W. Reimann, W. Crockett, W. Ungricht, C. Petty, C. Merrill, D. Mayse, D. Garner, R. Kinsman, M. Miner. Second Row: B. Fletcher, A. Maxwell, A. Ashby, E. Jones, W. Morton, F. Mills, M. Topper, V. Danno, E. Broffman. Third Row: H. Mark, W. Seims, W. Bogart, N. Sheranian, K. Hobson, G. Sagehorn, S. MacArthur, R. Ingle, R. Brockway. Fourth Row: R. Moifat, H. Fetter, A. MacKenzie, W. Tully, T. McNeer, C. Lundgren, G. Boone, G. Phillips. taken is the same offered to the civilians in the professional schools with the before menf tioned special periods in which the extra instructions are given to orientate the man in the Navy manner. This program is a hard and difficult one. Not all will make the final goal. However, if the boys show that they have the stuff, they will make the grade. The Navy men are also given the opportunity of joining one of the medical and dental Plastic dentures. Painless dentist. 149 First Row: E. Downs, H. Wood, F. Murrieta, W. Adams, D. Johnston, E. Skinner. Second Row: R. Mueller, Lucas, R. Worth man, S. Baker, R. Kasper. Third Row: G. Benson, E. Carlson, Watsxoix, Nleehan, C. Werner. Fourth Row: P. Klassen, O Lindsey, A. Reite, V. Lowery, R. Rand. fraternities. This will give the men a much needed place to live as Well as location in which they will be in a group of men of the same ambition. In this way, their interest will be stimulated, and problems and difliculties can be discussed and solved. Then, too, fraternity life will open up a varied number of interests that are always essential. The men are also represented in the field of sports. "Stubbs" Harvey and big Joe Bradf l Thump, thump. The Doctor's ready. 50 First Row: McGinn, A. Schwartz, S. Worrow, R. Block, F. Edwards, D. Hyde, N. Gallanes, D. Hinds, P. Oettel, M. Hatton. Second Row: R. Daniel, L. Temple, W. Anderson, D. Ablin, Lawler, L. Burton, D. Snedaker, Murphy, P. Reitz. Third Row: R. Bowen, B. Gannell, W. Riedel, T. Johnson, W. Becker, Washburn, R. McKenna, A. Hansel, K. Johnson. Fourth Row: S. Judd, R. Carter, W. Gerds, Givens, G. Juergens, R. Clemons, T. Ellsworth, M. Harris. ford are trying for quarterback and guard. Cther men are interested in swimming, golf, and baseball. Thus, it is seen that these men are not just restricted to one course, but are also given the opportunity to indulge in their favorite sport. The entire course of the three years is broken by a weekftoftwofweeks period fat the end of each semesterj, in which time the men are allowed to visit their respective homes. Dental surgery. Dental school. 2 First Row: Bradford, M. Lincoln, D. McLeod, C. Harvey, G. Gagnon, R. Ludwick. Second Row: R. Bangle, P. Carlson, F Badgley, R. Button, L. Wallace. Third Row: C. Chambers, D. Pascoe, C. Engel, R. Zimmerman, H. Sparks. Those that live in the East have a much more diflicult time getting home than those that live in this vicinity. However, through extra days and quick traveling they can make the trip. This entire course can then he visualized as one that includes not just work for the men, but one that is sprinkled with vacations, relaxation, and extra activities that will provide a well balanced mental diet. All for the making of the better man. Med lab. Strolling thru campus. L M. Wilder -- Award for Proficiency in The Nlanual at Arms. A W A R D S E. Ecke - Award for Ordnance and Gunnery. ARM Captain I. O. Holter, U.S.A., became comf manding officer of the Army Specialized Training Unit on 9 January, 1945, succeed' ing Captain M. C. Windsor, U.S.A. Previf ously he had served as adjutant and executive officer of the unit. His capable guidance and genial personality won the respect of all his associates. FIRST LIEUTENANT H. S. WHISTLER MXSGT. S. SILVER SXSGT. R. AUSTIN 154 Organization and Drill Commander Master Sergeant Army Unit Personnel Sergeant First Row: D. Hamm, A. Silipo, R. Solari, St. John jr., V. Hogen, M. Schwartz, T. Ray, N. Stahevitch, R. Weed, W. Jacoby. Second Row: H. Bliss, N. Caldwell, R. Lawshe, L. Wise, D. Wilhite, Walsh, D. Ballard, Deuel. Third Rolw: C. Engler, H. Banoif, H. Silver, H. Gamble, K. Ditman, N. Nichols, R. Van Scoyoc, P. Beigelman, C. Form, W. Belknap Ir. Fourth Row: C. Franz, W. Lindgren, R. Crawford, D. Wilson, P. Manning Jr., Hudson, P. Francis, K. Chapman. Fifth Row: H. Beye, E. Brezina, C. Brass, K. Glesne, Burns, R. Bolstad, R. Williams, M. Ellenhorn, R. Putnam jr. A.S.T.U. 3930 is composed of a detachment of Pfc's who are attending medical school. The course is the same as for the civilian medical students. However, at one time, there was a shortage of medical students, so Uncle Sam stepped in to save the situation by sending those who qualified from the troops to school. The morning drill periods are taken by the men on the campus and those men who have progressed to the county hos' pital. Each group has its own organization with a company commander, first sergeant, Footfalls. Army inspection. 1 5 First Row: H. Irwin, V. Arklin, S. Lee, C. Crowl, R. Fisher, W. Ralston, R. Watson Jr., Zaro jr., G. Snyder, W. Bed well. Second Row: T. Callister, G. Cantrell, H. Huddleson, A. Kornbluth, Rhee, S. Perry, W. Friend, I. Harris, R. Hui T. Montgomery. Third Row: Peacock, C. Blake, R. Rails, W. Nerlich, M. Weiss, W. Marriott, Bowns, E. Temkin, K Artiss. Fourth Row: R. Lewis, E. Thee Jr., P. Weaver, L. Osgood, Shelton, C. Coman, A. Hendy, F. Linthicum, A. Mun son, platoon leader and squad leaders. These positions are not held continually by any one man, for at the end of a short period of time the men rotate, eventually giving everyone a chance for the experience of commanding a group and the training in leadership that is necessary for the Army officer. Yes, I said officer, for at the end of the four years of medical school the Army men will receive their reserve commissions as first lieutenants of the Medical Corps. The Medical ofhcers are then put on inactive duty to complete their Leisure hours. Future Army medicos. 56 3 my w 1 Rf -qv if J ij, x - L V Y f ww w ei' is f . :mfs -1 'nr x M, . av Y , 2 X' 'A K-mf., if SQ: 3 .P A- . gg Qi 'M in Nw V. G 1. ,fi Q92 ff? W : fl- f L W ' Qxj U . .V ,. J ! ' lg: ss my , lo, ,f .-Jw .W , ., gg, 4 .f My W if . - f 1 fd- gr VA ki. .U 'fklfa K 4 W " . 1,5351-'. . 0 5 YQ 'iff '1 MN ' NH . Q, C' . i Af' , -gf 1- Q H ,wg mi Q ,, - 'sw ' L We Q ' ' ' S My Q X . q v,.k my ww ,,,,1.f- x WMM NX SQ-T2 f HWS 5 ix 1 ' Q Iv V ,NW . 5,-ff - f 4 7. . 45 ,, .V V , V , . . s TX , , fa , , J V' "" , K -xhwfiai A sk, , ax Q J. ,K a , 5 ,, , 2 5, ji f -- my ,U , W' A Q fy 1 v.,,, , 5711. M ' . f' Agp' A gy? 1 4: V, HMV? ,fi QW- , ' Q ,F Lfeml fi 5 J A j 'F' k 1 4Q? we L,., Zi an 1' ,Q s -A . tg a ' 4 ,., - '12, ' Q' , , V "' 1 3 if -2 M . 1 Q 'L ' Nwkf 3' -f K, V. 4 6 K V ' 1 J "N4.T' Sli in 5 ' Q ,, 5 5" 1. 1 4 K ' We f , f ' iQ wfM 'hhy QQ? www f'f . M Q k , Ai -K ' 4"-lfLQQ:vi?fqQv Y 215 A V ff21.."'- " Q N , ' "if 1 E' ' ji --jjff -if , . uf f f f' ' Kf 4' Hhs, , .W . Y , qw F " o S 9 , ., 'Q I Q Q 3. W5 'U , ' ' 2 2 T E? V gm' W' , 1 has K m Y 7 'E ' f-ff 'fb f if 2 l sa, asf , M A .ma-.L 1. W l 1- A' . ,K "Fs3'7'x 'N Q' gf i f 3, " 1 ...... ff ,fw- a A+r1 ,i 158 R. Young and S. Moody - Award for Organization and Morale. AWARDS R. Young - Award for Manuel of the Sword. DUANE WHITEHEAD - Award for Outstanding Leadership. JACK CORTWRIGHT - Award for Outstanding Leadership. AWARDS 159 Q rgmggffzw L' The greatest gift that God to man In these many Heeting centuries ere gave, Is the art of enjoyment and how to relax, Far from the workaday worldis incessant rave. To put your knowledge to something Other than the unceasing betterment of your worldly stead, To just play for the sake of the playing, To trust Man here on earth, and God o'erhead. Remember that it really matters not The score of the contest through, But more that inward satisfaction that you got, And what the working with your brothers means to you. So let's go forth through our lives With a vengeance to work and bring true to life each fanciful dream, For when Judgment does come, welre all the same lot, All hard-working brothers, all on the same team. -FRANKLIN, C. A. ' LLAMERICAN -1944 JOHN FERRARO All-American Tackle 1926, Morton Kaer, quarterback 1930, Erny Pinckert, halfback 1927, Morley Drury, quarterback 1931, johnny Baker, guard 1927, lesse Hlbbs, tackle 1929, Francis Tappaan, end 1931, Caius Shaver, fullback 1932, Ernie Smith, tackle 1933 1933 1943 , Aaron Rosenberg, guard , Cotton Warburton, quarterback 1 938- 39, Harry Smith, guard , Ralph Heywood, end 161 2 SPGRTS ADMINISTRATIO ARNOLD EDDY-SC's genial graduate manager has kept Trojan athletics on an even keel and usually at the top of the heap despite wartime travel restrictions, reduced schedules, and loss of coaches and players to the armed forces. Much of the credit for putting Troy on the nation's sports map is due to the work behind the scenes. Dr. Packard Thurber Eddie Himbury Dick Nash PACKARD THURBER - "Old Saw- bones," SC's Medical Athletic Director, is a mainstay of the football squad and an ardent rooter for Trojan gridiron victor- ies as well. EDDIE HIMBURY-Team Trainer Him- bury kept the varsity, jayvees, and frosh grid squads in top shape for the entire season with strenuous regimentation his motto. A DICK NASH-"Nose for News" Nash, boss of the Athletic News Service, makes a hobby out of his job getting publicity in downtown newspapers and other period- icals. 164 FOOTB LL JEFF CRAVATH-For the second successive season, Jeif guided his SC outfit to a Pacific Coast Conference championship and a Rose Bowl win over Tennessee. As usual, the Trojan eleven was one of the nation's best coached teams, and many experts said Cravath,s crew was the top T-formation using unit in the cotmtry. , Assistant Coaches SHELBY CALHOUN - The "gentleman GUS SHAVER-The former Trojan back from the South" moulded the Trojan line was responsible for drilling SC ballpackers into the Pacific Coastis smoothest and with the complexities of the model T. In- hardest hitting unit despite injuries and juries and transfers made his tougher transfers. as the season progressed. GLEN GALVIN-Again the junior var- BOB WINSLOW-An ex-SC great pig- sity functioned under the capable hand- Skinner, he developed the SC Hankmen ling of Galvin, Many of the IV Players into a terrific blocking and pass-snagging he developed were promoted to the var- threat. Jim Callanan and Don Hardy sity squad. made the All-Coast. 166 JIM HARDY-Reputed by sports writers to be the nation,s stand-out driver of the T . . . the far west's outstanding quarter . . . played a daring brand of ball . . . Capt. Jim was BIG reason why Troy couldn't be stopped . . . completed better than half his passes . . . fooled the oppo- sition with his bootleg Vplay. . . . SE B0 L CHUCK MACKENZIE - Short, blond- headed Chuck managed the Cardinal and Gold eleven to another coast champion- ship . . . Chuck made the trips north with the team and kept tab on things . . . he had a thousand and one things to do, but he always managed to do his duties .... a good man .... CHAMPICNS -1945 - FRONT ROW: Mgr. Charles MacKenzie, Wil- lard Wall, Ernie Wilson, Bud Curtis, Duane Whitehead, Capt. jim Hardy, Bob Morris, Travis Manning, George Davis, Pat West, Trainer Eddie Himbury, Chief. Spec. Don Hill. SECOND ROW: Asst. Coach Bob Winslow, Asst. Coach Shelby Calhoun, Coach jeff Cravath, jackie Musick, jim Lund, Clark Higgins, john Pehar, john Ferraro, Russ Antles, George Pauly, Harry McKinney, Don Hardy, Capt.-elect jim Callanan, Asst. Coach Glen Galvin, Asst. Coach Gaius Shaver. BACK ROW: George Murphy, Bob Fortney, Dave Gardner, Bob Barone, George Bandy, Fran johnson, Paul Salata, jim Schwabenland, Doug MacLachlan. This wasn't a touchdown. Salata was ruled out of bounds. Whiadda you think? ROSE BCWL The undefeated Trojans, Pacific Coast Conference football champions of 1944, turned on the heat in the second half of the 1945' Pasadena Rose Bowl game against likewise unbeaten Tennessee to win, going away, 2530. It was SC's eighth Rose Bowl game win in as many starts-to maintain Trojan New Year's Day tradition-and like' wise was SC's second triumph over Tennessee in the Pasadena saucer, packed to its 91,5 00 capacity. In 1940 another unbeaten Southern California team had blanked the Vols, 14f0. 168 Don Burnside on the loose: Vols close in. Another view of disallowed TD pass l Doug MacLachlan tucks in Hardy's pass for last-second touchdown. SC. 25 - Tennessee O Capt. Jim Hardy, passftossing star of the Rose Bowl win over Washington a year before, threw two touchdown passes and personally scored a third time for SC. Jim Callanan rushed through to block a kick, scoop up the ball and score before the game was two minutes old. Hardy passed to Paul Salata for a second touchdown just before the half ended. Hardy pulled a "bootleg play" to score standing up in the fourth quarter and on the last play of the game he rifled a pass to Doug MacLachlan for the final points. Blake Headley trying to elude Vol. A Two against one: Burnside with ball. 6 170 The first touchdown of a championship season. Gordon Gray scores. S.C. 13 - U.C.L.A. 13 SC opened its 1944 football campaign in spectacular fashion against U.C.L.A., with Gordon Gray, Troy's "galloping ghost," and Freshman Don Burnside each scoring in the Hrst half to give Southern Cal a 13f0 lead. However, the Bruins were not to be def nied, and two last minute touchdowns by johnny Roesch, one on a punt return, catapulted them into a l3f1 3 final deadlock. JOHN FERRARO -- made All- American . . . big factor in Trojan victories . . . End zone interference on Gray ruled here. GEORGE CALLANAN - always good for yardage . . . snagged T.D. passes . . . X Herald-Express magic eye: Gordon Craybursts into clear for touchdown. GORDON GRAY - sensational sideline runner . . . constant threat. SC. 18 - Pacific 6 The "grand old man of football," Amos Alonzo Stagg, went home with an 18f6 defeat as the Trojans tamed the College of Pa' cific Tigers. Gordon Gray scored two of SC's three touchdowns, one on a long run. Milford Dreblow tallied the other on a pass. The undermanned but fighting Tigers threatened throughout the game because of their alert playing. DON HARDY - played bang-up game at end . . . won coast honors. Capt. lim fries to finesse Pacific man. 172 l JIM CALLANAN - all Coast . . . M H d f ' I . . . . Californian bursts through for vital yardage. tops on e enswe P ay SC. 6 - California 6 Trojan fans nearly had heartffailure as California came Within onefinch of defeatingiSC. The game was tied 6f6, when it looked like the Bears had scored their second T.D. Oiiicials ruled it was "no go" and SC had another tie in the record book. The locals scored on an aerial from Jim Hardy to "Gordo" Gray. Muir carried . the hmm of Ca1's attack. MILFORD DREBLOW - injuries kept him out . . . ground gainer. . . ' , V V: K V K K K' - 5 - Y ' i " ' - - 1 - a . . ' Ky K' . izfpifgfll hw A., A I .,..k K: A V ,. . V V . - ,lox i This is no adagio: lt's Hardy to the rescue in tackling amidships. 1 K A night photo: Hardy intercepts ball lwhite sphere! to halt Navy drive. SC. - Prefflight O In Troy's first varsity night football game in history, under the arcs at Fresno, the SC gridders played their top defensive game to thwart rugged St. Maryls Preflight, 6fO. Gordon Gray once again came to the rescue by rallying the lone touchdown late in the sec' I ond quarter. The Trojans had their backs to the Wall for the entire l last half, but managed to blank the Airdevils. WALLY CRITTENDEN-another lineman . . . left too soon. . . . MARSHALL ROMER-hold over WILLARD WALL-handled guard PAUL SALATA - pass catching from last year . . . transferred .... assignment effectively .... wingman . . . only a freshman. . . . 173 17 4 , . RUSS ANTLES-passed ball back Hardy blasts through on sneak for six points. P9ff9CtlY ' ' ' eliminated fumbles. - ' SC. 38 - Washington 7 Repeating their '44 Rose Bowl performance against the same opponent, the Trojan pigskinners slaughtered the Washington Huskies, 38f7 in their second night game, played before 70,000 fans. Both teams entered the game undefeated, but SC scored in every quarter to win handily. Gray ran a punt back 5 0 yards for a TD. and Burnside returned a kickoff 5 6 yards. s DUANE WHITEHEAD - unsung v hero . . . blocked, ran, tackled. . . . Galloping Cordon Cray getting up steam on punt return for first touchdown. BUD CURTIS - in on plenty of Plays from his guard spot "" Cray has the ball: but didn't get far. SC. 34 - St. lVlary's 7 SC's superior power buried the game but gridironfgreen lads from St. Mary's under a five touchdown avalanche, 34f7. Gray, Burnside, Morris ftwicej and Schwabenland tallied for Troy. The underdog Gaels were able to hold their own against SC subs, and McGoldrick brought the spectators to their feet when he scored e for the Moragans in the closing minutes. JOHNNY PEHAR-immovable ob- stacle . . . 285 lbs. of concrete. . . 1 Burnside edges over for initial points against Moragans on end run. A Navy pass play fails. George Callanan C385 , Don Hardy 1817 busf it up. SC. 28 - SD. avy 21 ' With the score tied 21f21 and five minutes left to play between SC and San Diego Navy, Capt. jim Hardy passed on fourth down with six yards to go from the Trojans' 49fyard line. The gamble was good-Burnside caught the pigskin and ranl it to the Navy 11. He scored next play. Earlier, the Bluejackets' Gus White ran 105 yds. for a T.D. Troy won 28f21 in the most thrilling game of year. DON BURNSIDE - Hashy fl-Osh . . . service interrupted career. . . . s 1 1 PAT WEST - did the conversion Burnside cuts sharp but is trapped. and kickoff duties -'.. 176 JOHN MCGINN - tooth-pulling lineman . . . injuries put him on shelf Garlin Tears off the Yardage . . . HARRY MCKINNEY - did relief work at end . . . and good, too. SC. 32 CAL. O George Callanan, who had learned but a few hours earlier that his brother Howard was missing in action, was the star as the Trof jans rolled to an easy 32fO win over California at Berkeley. It was the most points ever scored by SC at Memorial Stadium. The 'T' formation really clicked as the Trojans marched for touchdowns. Callanan ftwicej, jim Hardy, Salata, Schwabenland tallied. Fortney and Callanan Stop joe Stuart Cold . . . 177 17 SC. 46, . .U.C.L. . 13 8 77,903 screaming fans saw the Trojans block, tackle, and run their way to a final 40'13 victory over their traditional crossftown rivals. So superior were the Cardinal and Gold gridders over the hapless Bruins that the score was 2OfO at halfftime and many of the regulars saw but scanty action. Whitehead, Murphy, jim Hardy ftwicej, and Garlin ftwicej scored for SC. West converted four. BOB FORTNEY - capable reserve center . . . was on jayvees. . . CLARK HIGGINS-nice job on forward wall . . . good blocker. . . . DAVE LLOYD-fresh out of high DON GARLIN - another back GEORGE DAVIS-wore red socks school to SC varsity .... called to country's colors .... for luck . . . center and back. TROJAN VARSITY FOOTBALL, 1944 SEASON Date Result Place Sept. 23 13, U.C.L.A. 13 ftiej ....... ............. C oliseum Sept. 30 18, Coll. of Pacific 6 ............. ..... ......,.. C o liseum Oct. 7 6, California 6 ftiej ............................ ............. C oliseum Oct. 14 6, Pre-Flight 0 fnight game, ............ ............... F resno Oct. 23 38, Washington 7 fnight game, ........................ Coliseum Oct. 28 S.C. 34, St. Mary,s 7 ...............................,.......... ...- ........ Coliseum Nov 4 S.C. 28, San Diego Navy 21 ............. ............. C oliseum Nov. 18 S.C. 32, California 0 ..................... . .......... Berkeley Nov. 25 S.C. 40, U.C.L.A. 13 ............. ......... ............. C o liseum Jan. 1,'45 S.C. 25, Tennessee 0 ...,............. - ...................................... Rose Bowl Won 8, Lost 0, Tied 2. 240 pts. to 73. 1 Pacihc Coast Conference Champions, 19445 Rose Bowl Cham- pions, 1945- . , GEORGE MURPHY - ran the center . . . was on jaycees BOB MORRIS - trackman tumed JACKIE MUSICK-another one of BLAKE I-IEADLEY-debut in Rose gridder . . . hard to stop .... famed Santa Ana clan . . . was end. Bowl . . . Fit into backfield. . . . 179 BASKETBALL 80 BOBBY MUTH, himself a fomxer Trojan cager, took over the basketball coaching reins when the late Ernie Holbrook entered the armed forces. Likeable Bobby was a favorite with his players and cage fans. Front row: Batteen, Moy, Morley, Nichols, Bowman, Jones, and Muth. Second row: Lanouette, Sherwood, Ryan, Graham, Nickloif, Webster, Econ, and Anderson. Inability to win conference games on for' eign courts cost the Trojans their chance for a southern division title as the U.C.L.A. Bruins forged ahead to win their first chamf pionship. Coach Bobby Muth's team, prefseason fav' orites, went right up to the last game with a chance for the title, but just fell short. Top individual honors were snared for Troy, however, by ,lack Nichols, who topped the scoring list with 48 points in four games. Nichols was unanimous allfdivision choice at center. At the close of the season the lettermen voted honorary captaincy honors for Bob Graham, dependable first string guard. BOB GRAHAM . . . dependable guard . . . selected captain . . . LESTER BATTEN . . . faithful man- ager-...a great guy... Moy leaps high for ball . . . Graham, Bowman, and Nichols just watch . . . 181 182 Nicho-Is lays in a set-up . . . arid it's two more points against UCLA . . . U.C.L. . On the record books, the Trojans gained an even break in their fourfgame series with U.C.L.A., although the Uclans vvon the allfimportant contest. The first and final encounters of the big series were played at the PanfPacific Auditorium, and with the two "jumping lacks" leading the way, the Muthmen were easy victories by 'S 325 and 370.0 counts. The initial engagement was especially impressive as Troy won by a 28 margin. JACK NICHOLS . . . loop's best Cen ter . . . top scorer . . . Graham stretches . . . but its Bruins' ball. . . FRED MOY . . . flashy forward . . consistent point-maker . . . Graham and Morley wait for pass . . . as Nichcls 'takes a rebound . . . FRANK BGWMAN . . . UCLA's gift to Troy . . . helped beat them . . . U.C.L, . Dame Fortune frowned on Southern California, hovvf ever, in the second and third clashes played on the West' wood courtq Bob Arnold and Bill Rankin were thorns in the Trojans' sides in these games which gave U.C.L.A. the conference title. Once again Jack Nichols sparked the Carf dinal and Gold cagers, but the foreign court jinx prevailed by scores of 4166 and 3428. The second game, which set' tled the title, found SC. vvilting after a 2925 tie. JACK MORLEY . i I 3 Crackerzlack Econ and Bruin's Witt chase runaway casaba . . . . . . bang-up forward . . . JIM ECON . . . hard-luck kid . . . illness K -shelved him . . . Big Nick flips melon . . . opposition moves in fast for kill . . . I CALIFORNIA The initial encounter against the California Bears saw the Trojans establish themselves as the number one power in the Southern Division on the strength of their 52f25 win. lack Nichols once more paced his team with 15 markers, while Gus Mota kept Cal's hopes alive with 10. In the sec' ond contest, however, when the chips were really down Coach Nibs Price's boys turned the tables at Berkeley with a 5 0f34 upset victory. Mota was again the big gun with 20. 5 BOB WEBSTER . . . frosh forward . . . sunk plenty shots . . . Trojans leap for ball. . . Bears look on . . . JOHN RYAN . l l fasbmoving guard . . . good defensively . . . 184 ART NICKLCFF . . . fiery guard . . . was a hold'Over ' ' ' Morley passes to Graham . . . while Bowman sits play out . . . CTHER GAMES In other games, the Muthmen met the top local AAU and service iives, SC registered wins over Los Alamitos QQ, Birmingham Hospital QZQ, Camp Ross, Sixth Ferrying Group, Caltech QD, City College, SWNAS, Carrolls, and Cliftons. Troy lost to Salt Lake City Eckers, Fuller, Fox in an overtime, SAAAB, and San Diego Navy HOMER SHERWOOD . . . shot-sink- ing specialist . . . forward . . . f P FRANK JONES . . . Center . . . tip-in Bear closes in as Morley eyes Nichols . . . artist de luxe . . . 185 186 BASEB LL A swell coach and a great guy . . . that's what his players and Bovard fans think of Raoul "Rod" Dedeaux, SC diamond mentor. Not too many years ago, Rod himself was a star Trojan ball player. First Row: Phelps, Comer, Steele, Mazmanian, Dedeaux, Higgins, Wolochow, Fiedler, and Davidson. Bat- boy-"George". Second Row: McGinnis, Patterson, Winograd, Shephard, Baugh, Gorski, Travis, Nichols, Headley, Whitman, Gardner, Huxtable, and Anderson. I c no From what seemed destined to be a very unsuccessful season - only one returning let' terman and eight losses out of the first IO games - Mentor Rod Dedeaux built his inf experienced baseball crew which wound up behind Caltech in the SCIBA loop, and sec' ond to California in CIBA play. The Trojans aided by the hurling of Lew Comer and Bob Webster, and the timely hit' ting of Blake Headley, Ray Wolochow, Tom Phelps and Bill Steele, lifted themselves from the bottom of the conference ladders to the second place position. The Troy nine split the series with Calf tech, UCLA and Pepperdine in SCIBA. SC won two from Oxy in the CIBA race, dropped four to California and won three from the crosstown Bruins. CLARK HIGGINS . . . outfielder- pitcher letter-man . . . led CIBA at bat . . . TOM PHELPS . . . his play at sec- ond nabbed him ECIBA laurels . . . A cloud of dust-and Steele slides into second safely . . . 8 88 Phelps gets back in time . . S.C.I.B.L. PLAY . . . SC divided a twofgame series against the Leaguefwinning Caltech nine. The Engineers came from behind to win the first game 1Of9. The Trojans did the same thing by a six run rally in a single inning, to beat Tech 11f9. Troy was victorious over Occidental by the lopfsided scores of 16f2 and 16f4. With Steele connecting for the cycle, SC poundf i ed Pepperdine in one, 16f9. The Waves took the other 5f4, l despite the threefhit pitching of Webster. ART MAZMANIAN . . . peppery shortstop . . . made both all-league , teams . . . N . l 3 x 1 l g , c,,, LEW CQMER , , , pitched his Way LEE WINOGRAD . . . banged out to berth on Star tgafn . l I fflally 3. PinCh-hit biflgle . . . Olltaeld' Cl' . . . Dedeaux and his ace, Comer . . CAL. SERIES California hurlers Ken Gustafson and Jack Leonard had the old Indian sign on the Troy batters, as SC was unable to notch a single win in four games with the Berkeley Bears. Cn Bovard, the Dedeauxmen dropped two close ones, 1Of8 and 9f8. In these freefhitting games, SC jumped into the lead but lost to the Bears in the last few innings. At Berkef ley, minus the coaching services of Dedeaux, SC lost two more, 7f4 and 4f3. RAY WOLOCHOW . . . played first base . . . led league in home runs p I JACK NICHOLS , , , pitched, field- BOB WEBSTER . . . bullet ball ar- ed . . . and coached on the bases . . . fist - - - his f3Sf 01165 f00l6d - . . 8 90 BILL STEELE . . . Operated in the . KEN DAVIDSON u Could er- . . P outfield ' ' L :SELF-fh.W't" many form behind plate and at third base DICK FIEDLER . . . catcher . . . went into service early in season . . . U. C. LA, SERIES Combining the effective chucking of Webster and Comer with the heavy stick work of Higgins, Wolochow, Phelps, Winograd, and Mazmanian, the Trojans teed off on the offerings of Freriks and Mormon to take a decisive 11f3 and 16f6 double header from the Bruins. This clinched the No. 2 spot in both the SCIBA and CIBA loops for SC. Earlier in the season, Comer pitched SC to an ll'3 win over the Westwooders, and Freriks tossed the Bruins to a 5f2 victory. DICK BAUGH . . . was CIBA loop's best third-baseman . . . steady . . . 1 BOB WHITMAN . . . another de- pendable backstop . . . talked things up . . . Q 4 Bears' Baessler leaps but Baugh beats the throw into second . . . OTHER G MES The Troy club split with the Bruins, 5f2 and 11f3. In practice games, SC niet the top service teams of this locale -Winning over Mather Field, the Santa Ana Flyers, Cataf lina, and San Diego Navy air station. Troy deacllocked with the San Pedro Navy nine and the Ontario Airmen. The Bovarders lost to Crovvley's allfstars, San Diego Navy, LA Police, El Centro and El Toro Marines, Victorville Flyers, and the Hueneme'Seabees. SC took San Diego State 12f4. JOE GORSKI . . . traded off between the mound and outfield . . . . 'Al i W .- 46-'Fd BLAKE HEADLEY . . . slugging FRANK SHEPHARD . . . a pretty- fielder . . . won SCIBA honors . . . hit fair little Chlllikel' - - - well . . . TENNIS 2 ARNOLD EDDY took time out from his graduate manager duties to coach the Trojan netters. His 1945 team dropped conference matches only to UCLA. First Row: Cochrane, Donnell, Willner, Moore. Second Row: Coach Eddy, Broburg, Camm, Anderson, Peters, Manager. The Eddymen were undefeated in Southern California intercollegiate play. SC took two straight matches from the Occidental Tigers by identical 8f1 scores. Both times the Bengals were victorious in first singles only. Caltech went down by 7f2 and 6f3. The Tech ace, Stan Clark, won his matches. Highlight of the second contest was the first doubles with Clark and Cardall sweating out a' win over BurtfCochrane. Nick Buzolich, Pepperdine's seeded star, took the only match for the Waves against the locals, with the Trojans winning Sfl. Against the Cal Bears SC took two, 6f3 and ifl. The first match was hardffought with ten sets being decided by narrow onefpoint margins, the second was called by Nibs Price after his boys had apparently taken enough. ELLSWORTH DON NELL Keith Burt comes in for the kill .... Championship form displayed by Donnell .... 94 BOB WILLNER UCLA took the fourth and fifth wins in history over the Trojan netters in rather easy fashion, 534 and 6f3. In nonfleague competition SC had an even record of 1 and 1, winning over College of Pacific 8fl in a nearfrout, and losing to the olderfmore experienced Olympic Park net' ters 7f1. BURT COCI-IRAN . . . DICK MOORE . . . Ace Ells aces the opposition .... The Trojan tennis team took second in the conference standings as they broke even in four loop matches to finish up with .SOO for the season. Arnold Eddy's netters were beaten out by UCLA for the first time in 13 years when the crosstown Bruins defeated SC 5f4 and 6f3. The local racquetmen downed the Califorf nia Bears twice to come out evenfstephen in league play. SC's doubles combine of Keith Burt and NRC Ellsworth Donnell were undefeated in dual meet competition. The pair represented Troy at the June NCAA tennis champion' ship matches at Northwestern University. JACK BROBURG BILL CAMM . . . BOB ANDERSON . . 195 96 A near institution on the SC campus is Dean Cromwell, who for more than three decades has bossed the Trojan thinclads. His current Crew was not up to par with the championship teams he has consistently turned out. First Row: Winograd, Halling, Beaman, Campbell, Durckel, Tackett, Anderson, Thompson, McPhee, juergens. Second Row: Coach Cromwell, Ryan, Eagle, Rogers, Robinson, Audet, Moore, Abbott, Jones, Morrison, Morris. Although the Trojans copped the Pacific Coast conference dual meet championship, SC's long reign as the coast's cinder kingpins was halted. The seemingly unending dominf ation of the track Held by Cromwellfcoached crews ended with Caltech taking top honors by virtue of their wins over the locals in multifcompetition meets. Cldftimers tabbed Cromwell's 1945 edif tion as one of the weakest squads in the vetf eran mentor's entire coaching career. Five lettermen greeted the, Dean at the start of the season, and the available new talent on hand was expected to give SC another top' flight aggregation. However, only Earl Audet in the shotfput and Bobby Morris in the hurdles lived up to prefseason hopes. After the campaign's mid' way mark the team failed to show any spark. EARL AUDET . . . Troy's never- beaten shot-putter . . . champion who performed like champion . . . his 53 ft. 71f2 in. toss-nationis best . . . It's Morris Coming Up Fast on the Outside to take First 9 98 jones wins in a breeze for the Cromwellmen . . . SC dropped the season opener to Occidental in the an' nual handicap feature, but nobody was too worried consid' ering the handicaps handed the Tigers. Troy nosed out Caltech by a slim onefthird point margin in the closest dual meet victory in SC history. Every man on the team played a winning and invaluable role in the vicf tory as each point was important in the scoring, but it was Arno Elias who paced the locals. DICK WOOLSEY . . . middle-dis- tance man . . . steady . . . speedy . . . JOHN ANDERSON . . . holdover BOB MORRIS . . . SC's top hurdle from the 1944 crew . . . half-miler . . topper . . . cinch point copper . . . I Tackett finishes fast to take honors for Troy . . . The defending champion Trojans lost the team titles they had previously won in the Fresno, Modesto, and Pasadena Relays. Troy finished second in the Crown City carnival but were among the "also rans" in the other meets windingfup behind Tech. Audet broke his own record at Pasadena by pushing the shot 52 ft. 8314 in. t - JOHN MOORE . . . topped the tall timbers for the Dean . . . fast . . . BILL EAGLE , , , turned in top Per. ARNO ELIAS . . . miler . . . his mid formances in the Sprints , , , season loss handicapped locals . . . 200 FRANK JONES . . . long-legged ex- tra-lapman . . . rn the long ones . . . TED ROBINSON . . . javelin tosser . . . a pleasant present from Cal . . . SC's inexperienced but fighting teenagers rolled to vicf tories over both UCLA and California in homefandfhome series to capture the conference dual title, which they have won every year but one since 1933, The locals easily disposed of both foes, winning over the Bruins 82f49 and 83f48, and downing the Bears 736 8 and 745 7. TOM TACKETT . .- . veteran half- miler . . . made many Troy markers N Moore clears the obstacles . . . WARREN HALLING . . . pole- vaulted and high jumped . . . In Berkeley with Beaman taking the clashes, and Morris, Audet, Benjamin and Carlsen each winning their favorite events-SC took a double win. The home team repeated at the Coliseum later. Collecting points in every event except one the Cromwell' men coastecl to an easy win over the Metropolitan Jaycee allfstars. GEORGE BEAMAN . . . a compe- tant dashman . . . won in the 100 and 220 . . . Eagle all by himself . . . GEORGE CRUM . . . letterman . . . jumps his specialty . . . both broad and high. . . 2 IAYVEE Foote LL 202 GENN GALVIN . . . Bossed Lightweights . . . Lacking the fire and strength of the varsity, the jayvee football squad had an in and out season, winning two games, losing three, and tying one. The season started with a 7f7 tie against the Bruin Bees. Travis Manning scored SCls only touchdown. The following Saturday the jayvees met the Caltech varsity. The Engineers won, 2Of0. Redlands' Bull' dogs, the most scored on team in the nation, lost to the Troy Bees, 3297. Wilson made two T.D.'s for SC, while the others were scored by Roberts, McAfee, and McMahon. I Top Row: Struthers, MacBride, Roberts, Willey, Strong, Keene, Mitchell, Brekke, Drake. Second Row. MacMahon, Hessin, Howard, Wilson, Hanson, Barlow, Deppe, Gardner, james, Coach Galvin. Third Row: Barthold, McAfee, Selvage, Venn, Armbruster, Cook, Wildanger, Owen, Carr. Front Row: Wit- meyer, Whitman, White, Barone, Sandahl, Mix. IAYVEE BASKETBALL Exhibiting one of the strongest and most well rounded junior varsity quintets on the West Coast, the SC Trojans passed, dribbled and shot their way to an impressive cage sea' son record of ll wins and three setbacks. The squad, coached by football mentor Shelby Calhoun and Navy Chief Andy Anderson suffered defeats only at the hands of UCLA and Caltech, while managing to trounce many other potent service and college aggregations. The Trojans presented an outstanding linefup which featured two separate teams, almost equal in ability. Burton, Kautz, Cow' an, and Dale saw a great deal of service at the forward spots, while D. Travis and Higf gins divided duty in the center slot. K. Travf is, Ritzel, Patterson, and Callanan played guard positions. Top Row: Peterman, Patterson, D. Travis, Dale, McKinney, Burton, K. Travis, Coach Calhoun. Bottom Row: Higgins, Callanan, Ritzel, Cowan, McMahon, Kautz, Greene, mgr. 203 204 SWIMMI FRED CADY . . . Mernian shared top honors with Caltech . . . lost only to Tech. . .. . The Caltech Engineers and the Troy swim' ming team were top dogs in the Southern California intercollegiate competition. The SC splashers started the season with a tough win over the Bruins, 4Of35 . Troy again emerged victorious over Cccidental by a score of 48f27. A clash of the two unbeaten teams ended wtih Troy's first loss to Caltech, 41' 34. A rematch with UCLA proved to be an easy triumph for Troy, 5748. The follow' ing week SC was revenged for its previous loss to Caltech by downing the Engineers, 4264. SC triumphed again with a 5946 win over Occidental. The swimming season endf ed with an impressive fourfteam meet. Calf tech placed first, SC second, UCLA third, and Cxy fourth. 1 First Row: Broughton, Johnson, Compere, Fenton, Hall, Simpson. Second Row: Yantiss, manager, Bellak, Ruecker, Diaz, Burnett, Billings, Crowhurst, Rice, Coach Cady. Winning every game in a walk, the Trof jan water polo squad took first place in the Southern California Intercollegiate league. Starting the season, the local waterdogs downed Caltech, 186. Occidental was the next victim, falling before Coach Fred Cady's men, 126. ln the third game of the cam' paign, Troy swamped UCLA, l1f6. ln a replay with Caltech, the Engineers lost, 16f8. The Occidental Tigers did no better in their second clash with SC, losing 146. A final game against UCLA was cancelled. The Troy team made 71 goals to the opposition's 29. Capt. Neil Kohlhase chalked up 35 of these. He was generally recognized as the top player of the league. W TER POLO FRED CADY ...his agua polo men coulCln't be stopped .... First Row: Spasser, McKenna, N. Kohlhase, johnson. Second Row: Ward, McBride, Roscoe, Godshall, Viku- pitz, Ferrari, Compere, Coach Cady. 20 206 GOLF ARNOLD EDDY . . . Golfers beat all college com- ers under his direction. . . . Coming through with a perfect record in College competition during the 1945 season, the SC golf team enjoyed one of its best rec' ords in many years. By virtue of impressive twin victories over UCLA and Caltech, the mashie wielders walked off with the match play from their nearest rival, Caltech, in the medalfplay championships. The only defeat of the year came at the hands of a prof packed Santa Ana Army squad. The top four men on the team were: Wil' lie Hunter, Ir., Wally Dale, Skip McMahon, and Bob Rosenfeld - winner of the medal play tourney. Travis Manning, Milt Dref blow, Dave Gardner, and Harris Frank rounded out the squad. Dreblow, Frank, Dale, McMahon, Manning, Gardner, Rosenfeld. Eleven lettermen paced by Chuck Repp, Carter Conlin, Norm Cohen, Leon Leech, Frank Knobby, and jerry Hoytt led the USC gym team to an undefeated season. The squad blasted UCLA, 70f19 and 5167, in home and home meets, and then went on to take the Junior A.A.U. Championship with a total of 25 points. Tutored by Coach Charles Graves, the gymnasts had power in every phase of com' petition. The sidefhorse event, in which Cohen and Leech participated, was the most consistent point getter. USC, represented by three men, placed second in the Metropolif tan A.A.U. meet. Conlin scored 11 of the 15 points made by the USC team. GYMNASTICS CHARLES GRAVES . . . coached team to AAU championship., . . . First Row: Leech, Griffith, Hoytt, Hyam, Nobbe, Hirst. Second Row: Coach Graves, Carter, Repp, Leverenz, Thorpe, Conlin, Cohen, MacKenzie. 207 208 TROIAN ATHLETIC SEASO 'Ir FOOTBALL Conference Standings . . . W L T SC 3 0 2 WASHINGTON 1 1 0 UCLA 1 2 1 CALIFORNIA 1 2 1 Individual Scoring Gray 42 Schwabenland Burnside 30 Garlin G. Callanan 30 Salata 1. Hardy so Whitehead West 24 Murphy Morris 12 Callanan Dreblow 12 Maclachlan 'Ir BASEBALL CIBA Standings . . W L CALIFORNIA 7 1 SC 3 5 UCLA 2 6 SCIBL Standings . . . W L CALTECH 7 1 SC 5 3 UCLA 4 4 OCCIDENTAL 2 6 PEPPERDINE 2 6 Pct. .600 .500 .250 .250 12 12 12 6 6 6 6 Pct. 875 375 250 Pct. .875 625 .500 .250 .250 -A' BASKETBALL Conference Standings . . . W L Pct. UCLA 3 I .750 SC 2 2 .500 CALIFORNIA 1 3 .250 Individual Scoring . . . CONFERENCE GAMES Nichols 48 Sherwood 5 Morley 35 Bowman 5 Moy 19 Webster 4 Graham 19 Ryan 4 Niclcloff 17 Econ 2 Jones 9 Total Pehrrr by sc 167 By Opponents 134 ir TRACK Dual Meet Scores . . . SC 82-83 UCLA 49-48 SC 73-73 CAL. 58-58 'A' TENNIS Conference Standings . . . W L Pct. UCLA 4 0 1.000 SC 2 2 .500 CALIFORNIA 1 I A za :Aw L Amr k . . ,. X' Ralf' 'I' V if 35' As the ages march on down the narrow aisles of pain, And we go down through the darkness and through the light, Leaders arise who have no hope to gain, None but to better serve us and work for the right. The greatest nation would be lost without its true leaders, And left to a hopeless, obliterate fate. They are the guiding force that leads us true, They hold the course of our oft-tottering ship of state. Those who now lead toward the goals that are small Do not work to flourish always unseen. For they who now lead only here will one day lead us all, By the virtue of knowledge that they this day glean. At times dismay may set upon them, At times there may seem no joy or mirth, Raise up your heads, our chosen guidance, Yours are truly God's fairest blossoms here on earth. -FRANKLIN, C. A CHARM, CAPABILITY, LEADERSHIP AND IN- NUMERABLE CONTRIBUTIONS TO UNIVERSITY LIFEIDISTINGUISH THESE SIX SENIOR WOMEN, CHOSEN BY THE KNIGHTS AS THE HELENS OF TROY FOR 1945. 209 210 15 Photo by John Reed, Hollywood MARY BLAKE HELENJO BLAKELY Photo by john Reed, Hollywood 211 212 MURIEL GOTTHOLD Photo by John Reed, Hollywood VIRGINIA MILLER Ph-oto by John Reed, Hollywood 2 214 Photo by John Reed, Hollywood HELEN TAYLOR MARY FRANCES TOUTON I Photo by John Reed, Hollywood 215 CAMPUS PERSONALITIES These are our campus personalities. Some are known for their beauty, some for their activities, others for their athletic prowess. You know them all, -- you've heard their names time and again . . . LELAND SCOTT - truly a gifted leader. ART NELSON -4 Knight's booming 216 president. PEGGY GARDNER - Theta's com- HELEN JANET SIMS - directed her petent AWS head. activities in many fields. JACKIE WILLIAMS - Troyis part- time first lady- KEN MAC LEOD --. his motto, "Hello and Smile." MIDGE DEL BONDIO-ASSC sec- REX EAGAN - Phi Psi's prexy with retary with the Winsome smile. Theta interest. L VIRGINIA HAGE - "Let's have a coke in the Union." 217 ,BILL ARMBRUSTER - possessor of ' magnetic leadership and quiet charm. JACKIE BOICE - her cordial man- FRANK McMAHON - renowned for ner won her countless friends. ' his editorials in the D,T, PAT PARKE - found women's activ- BILL CAMM - Sig Ep's friendly and CLARICE THURMAN - El Rod's 218 ities intriguing. accomplished BMOC. chief, and aviation enthusiast. ED VIKUPITZ - easy-going man MARY KAY DAMSON - potential about campus. radio playwright. 1 HANK MCLEAN - exuberant Pi Phi JIM COX -- Sigma Nu's suave "Dad." HELEN JEAN MEYERS - always and Hardy enthusiast. eager for 3 good gag, BUD CURTIS and DUANE WHITE- HEAD - a double portion of laughs. 219 CONNIE SMITH - ADPi and leader ELLS DONNEL - wields a mean ANITA NORCOP - excels in for- in women's activities. , tennis racket. ensics. I-IARLAN HERZBERG - ZBT's big man. 220 LOIS STEPHENSON - reporter who RALPH PETERS - we're still wait finds humor in news items. ing for the fountain, Pete. av, xg 'Q N ff ' ' W3'51: ii? ,fame W ' N .K , 7'1" 7fW':'f'Af' -if 553 at ffl? 'f'-'f5L!':gff'.ffSL9'!: ' "'L ' i ff i it 1!xmu....,., , , , 30-16-1ae53ara??W1i:Mxff2'-'V TED JONAS - quiet, and very JACK SORENSON - the kilowatt efficient. engineer. BEVERLY GRIFFITHS - combines DAVE BURNIGI-IT - Kappa Al- scholarship and activities. pha's songster. MARTA ELKIN - AEPhi's artist. 22 GEORGE CALLANAN - fleet half- 5 ,sf A back and NRO leader. l PAT TOWNSEND - Alpha Chi ERNIE WILSON - future architect, with potentialiries. hope he rebuilds Old College. 222 l x JIM ENGLISH - good clothes his JO NEAL -- ADPi's prexy, and TERRY NELSON - the punch line pride, popularity his right. diminutive dynamo. ln the SAE house- , V xnxx. W 1 21. f 2 BETTY FULLERTON -- ZTA and genial Religious Council head. - i-if BOB TAPP - one of the "interested COLLEEN PHIPPS - gave mandate DICK THORPE - 1116 Singing S3il0l'- studentsf' of "Stop" week. 223 224 CHUCK BRAMBILA - "Where's PEGGY CORNELL - Y.W.C.A. P1-is?" devotee. .BOB THOMPSON - victim of elec- tion woes. JACK NICHOLS - Tr0y's most po tential all-around athlete. CHUCK FRANKLIN - Kappa Sig's RUBY ANN I-IARBESON - Gamma BOB BREKKE-Sigma Chi stalwart. Poet Laureate. Phi and Sigma Nu favorite. GINNY LEE STEITZ - Alpha Chi's CARL GEBHART-Sports copy his blonde beauty with brains. Spegialty, ANNE PEARCE - Known for raven tresses and fashionable attire. 225 CANDIDS Here are seen the moments when SC's Trojans and Trojanes take time out from their studies, - the "corners", the dances, digs, and "just Troy." Registration - and Madness 226 How Long can a Line be? Restricted Classes give us Trouble All Over - but the Waiting Tommy and the Bell get a Cleaning Squires make a Project out of it Victory Bell -Complete With Guard 2 228 Victory Queen Royce and Entourage Trimming the Goal Posts for the Big Game Where's that Gold Card Two of SC's Most Ardent Fans The Vol Takes Another Slap Rose Bowl Victory Fire The World,s Most Rabid Fan Troy's and Vol's Prexys Vie 29 Ski Club Show-offs Sigma Nu Brothers Chat 230 All-U Digs went over Big The Long and Short of it ,fix May I Present - What's the Name? His Name WAS Peters Smiles and Aching Feet were the Features of the Evening Is Zanzowich Really Your Name? 231 P311 Hel P1'0m911ad9 Prexy Scott and His Date 232 Soft Lights and Sweet Music The Navy was Well Represented l Dr. Von KleinSmid and Queens Highlight 'll-Iello and Smile" Week Dr. Evans and Dennis Morgan given "Hello and Smilel' Greeting it . I? A 1 ..w.,,. . .1 lg., N "Big johnv takes on Fodder Religion Emphasized 2 Enjoying the Cigarette Shortage What's so Interesting N 234 Vince's - and Ice Cream Don't Bite my Fingers too Marking the Fatal "X,' Skull and Dagger Initiates Sans Trousers l Why the clark Glasses, Tapp? Those Pepsodent Smiles 235 SC's President bestows honor on its out- Two reasons for Tennessee's doom in the Rose Bowl, Grenny Lansdell and jim standing alum of 1945, Frank Kurtz Hardy, signal callers for ,40 and ,45 games, respectively. 236 Commencement The pansy ring Candidate for ASSC prexy, Armbruster makes his plea v Q 4 X x V,-as f4w.mww,wW,mmWNW,gmmmwwWMwWW,fwWw,WA,vwmww,,,fwff- ff frf, , WL, V H 0 My f f f When men and women of one thought and mind Band together to banish the wrongs of the day, The difference of fortune and background are soon left behind, The barriers of all other nature soon melt away. There's a certain joy when they come together, And a certain contentment with the merry ways of life. Their aims and goals can be blocked by no turmoil, Their journey halted by no earthly strife. Over every fellow worker comes that feeling of brotherhood, And a confident sense of desire to share, No matter how trying the ways of the struggle, Each can count on the other to always be there. If we can fill with the doctrine of sharing the burden, The many peoples and races that inhabit this land, We can count on the presence of peaceful endeavor, We can count on the presence of Godis helping hand. -FRANKLIN, C. A I'TERFRATER TTY Harry Affley Charles Brambila James Callanan William Camm Ray Carpenter Richard Cleasby James Cox Rexford Eagan Alvaro Escallon George Fox Carl Gebhart James Hardy Harlan Herzberg John Huggins Robert Huntley Edwin Lowther Charles Martin Arthur Nelson Robert Packard Ralph Peters Carle Pierose COUNCH Leland Scott Jack Sorenson Theodore Stuart Duane Whitehead Roger Williams William Witmeyer Robert Wylde 238 Afiley. Bramhila f'all1nan Camm. Carpenter Cleashy, Cox Eagan Escallon Fox Gebhart. Hardy Herzberg Hug gins, Huntley Lowthel Mz11'tin, Nelson Pickud Peters Pierose, Scott Sorenson, Stua1t Wh1tehead Vlfillianls, Witmeyer Wylde l l 5 Ahrens, Allen, Beliveau, Brink' ley, Buscaglia Carlson, Carrona, Gordon. Hage, Harbeson Hatteroth. Hensey, Hubbard, Latham, Luer Luft. Lutz., Mancusi, Martin, McBride Neal. O'Brien, Olerich, Overton, Robinson Smith, Street, Thalheimer, Thomas, Tibbs ANI-IELLENIC CCDUNCIL Jane Lutz Katherine Mancusi Julia Martin Barbara McBride Jo Neal Corrine O'Brien Betty Olerich Phyllis Overton Theresa Robinson Betty Shakely Janice Smith Jean Smith Marjorie Street Norma Thalheimer Katherine Thomas Nancy Tibbs L ' Ah e 5 Virginia Hage Jgfr?AIlenn Ruby Harbeson Mary Beliveau Sally Hatteroth Margery Brinkley Janice Hensey Gloria Buscaglia Darlene Hubbard Marilyn Carlson D0f0ThY JaC0bY Merle Carrona Ufefla I-afham Lenora Cytron Patricia Luer Carol Gordon Virgin'-3 Luff i l z 239 240 LPH Cl-II OMEGA Knitting and Gossiping H- and he Said" PRESIDENT-VIRGINIA LUFF Celebrating their 50th year on the SC Campus Trojan Alpha Chis headed into their second halffcentury at full tilt both academf ically and socially. Besides boasting the spring scholarship cup they had a right to be proud of such women as Mary Frances Touf ton, who was editor of the Daily Trojan, Amazon, Mortar Board, and a Queen of Troyg Anita Norcop, Freshman Orientation Head, Amazon, President of Phi Beta and Alpha Lambda Deltag and Mary Ashley, Amazon and Play Productions Head. Other Amazons included Patches Quaintance, Ju' dicial Board judge, and Ginny Lee Steitz. Spooks and Spokes also claimed these Alpha Chis as intellectual "hotdogs". The Her' mosa home of Nan Watson, Sophomore Class secretary was the scene of many Sunday afternoon beach parties, and ACHlO's still remember the pledgefdinnerfdance at the Bevf erly Hills Hotel. Monday Night-and Candy Passing Ashley. Barber, Baugh. Bridgef man, Brown, Carle, Clapp Conlan. Deardorff, Erhart, Erick' son, Faris, Farrar. Fraser Garrett. Gatewood, Hage. Han' kins, Haymore, Hayward, Herod Hogan, Hugenott, Kumer, Latham, Luff, Lyon, Martin McAlpin, Meserve, G. Miller, V. Miller. Murphy. Norcop Pitzer, Powell, Quaintance, Staub, Steitz, Stuart Tappscott, Terry, Touton, Townsend, Tuttle, Watson Willcox, Wilde, Willman, Wood, Wycoff, Zerman ACTIVES Mary Ashley Doris Barber Julian Bates Jacquelin Baugh Betty Booker Mary Anna Bridgeman Corinne Brown Mary Jane Clapp Betty Jean Conlan Jo Ann Erhart Rue Ann Erickson Marilyn Faris Uretta Latham Virginia Tiegs Marjorie Farrar Virginia Luft Mary Frances Touton Mary Jane Fraser Mary Grace Lyon Patricia Townsend Patricia Garrett Christine McAlpin Jean Tuttle Joan Gatewood Georgia Miller Nan Watson Bernice Hage Anita Norcop Marilyn Wengeert Shirley Ann Haymore Mary1EIIa Powell Lucile Wild Sheila Hayward Patc es Quaintance Barbara Willcox Mariorie Hogan Betty Staub Jacqueline Willman Mary Joleene Hugenott Virginia Lee Steitz Katherine Wood Virginia Jackson Virginia Guttridge Stewart Doris Wycoff Dorothy Kumer Lucile Terry Virginia Zerman PLEDGES Gwen Carle Arvetta Jo Hankins Barbara Herod Nancy Martin Doris Jeanne Merserve Virginia Miller Patsy Murphy Betty Pitzer Patricia Tappscott 24 ALPHA DELT PI 242 Writiiig a Letter Home Play "Caledonia" next PRESIDENT-JO NEAL The ultimate aim of Alpha Delta Pi dur' ing the past year seems to have been repref sentation in every branch of campus activity. Making up a large group of BWCC's which have beauty as well as brains at their disposal, were Elizabeth Van Vranken, who served as Amazon and Secretary of AWSg El Rodeo Queen and Amazon. Muriel Cotthold, who was also Chairman of the Westminister Cab' inet, and Connie Smith, Amazon, who was AWS Assembly Chairman. With Mary Kirschner in charge of War Bonds and Stamps, SC swept over the top to double its quota for the Sixth War Loan Drive. Clarice Thurman did a sterling job of editing the El Rodeo, and Io Neal, Vice' President of the Senior Class, acted as assist' ant editor. Dorothy Patterson was an Ama' Zon and member of the Red Cross Cabinet, and Ruth Rasdell was circulation Manager of the Wampus. Charming Joanne Proppe was selected Blue Key Queen and Wampus Girl of the month. The most outstanding event of the social year was the Al1fU SigmafNu'ADPi Cabaret Party. That Ever Loving Sugar Report Allen. Arnold. Arvidson, Bar' nett, Barr, Bixby, Butler Carlson, Colvin, Curren, Dex' heimer, Dorset, Farley, Franz Garbett, Gibson, Gotthold, Has' quet, Hensey, Kirschner, Kruger Loudon, Lucy, Malone. Mc' Dowell, Menzies, Middleton, Miller Moen, Neal, C. Patterson, D. Patterson, Pearson, Pena, Proope Rankin, Rasdall. B. Robinson, P. Robinson, Schlesinger, Scott, Sheady Shores, Smith. Sparling. Strom' well, Summerton, Sutlitt, Tevis Thurman. Van Vrankin, Wil' liams, Wilson, Yoder, Zimmer' man ACTIVES Carlota Allen Sally Arnold Ruth Arvidson Letitia Barnett Patricia Barr Marion Bixby Marilee Carlson Patricia Colvin Mary Jane Curren Betty Dexheimer Eileen Dorset Phyllis Drake Barbara Farley Barbara Ferric Miriam Franz Jane Gibson Muriel Gotthold Josephine Hasquet Janice Hensey Mary Kirschner Jacqueline Kruger Lucille Lucy Mary Jane Malone Patricia Menzies Aneal McDowell Barbara Miller Mary Moen Bette Jo Neal Jean O'Daley Carolyn Patterson Dorothy Patterson Dorothy Pearson Henrianne Phelan Maxine Pringle Ruth Rasdall Dorothy Richartz Betty Robinson Patricia Robinson Carol Scott Helen Schlesinger Mary Shores Constance Smith Marion Stromwell Patricia Summerton Mary Sutliff Beverly Tannehill Clarice Thurman Elizabeth Van Vrankin Charlotte Williams Betty Lou Wilson Betty Zimmerman PLEDGES Claudia Garbett Lois Loudon Joanne Middleton Margaret Milburn Pauline Pena Joanne Proope Evelyn Rankin Patricia Sheady Patricia Sheridan Marlorie Smith Pauline Tevis Virginia Tharaldson Roberta Yoder 24 LPI-IA EPSILO PHI 244 Pledges Brush up on the Songs A Lefty, but Good PRESIDENTS-I-IELENE TURNER LENORE CYTRON Tuning up an antique tinfpan piano for their "Night in the Bowery" party, the AEPhi fall pledge class gave the actives a gay whirl of the gay nineties. Returning the fa' vor, the actives entertained royally at the din' ner dance at the Beverly Hills Hotel later in the season. Marta Elkin, President of the House, was an energetic Amazon, President of the College of Architecture, and a mem' ber of the Senior Council. Jane Lutz, anoth' er member of Amazons, handled the various duties of Vicefpresident of PanfHellenic be' sides her Work on the Daily Trojan and Junior Council. Joyce Creenburg, one of the Daily Trojan's star reporters, was a member of Theta Sigma Phi, and also wore the black and white regalia of Amazons. Cratorially speaking, Harriet Kubby represented AEPhi on the SC Debate team. "Thank You. Don't Mind if I do" Balos, Bernstein, Bloom, Bows, Cohen, Cohen Cohn, Coleman, Collins, Cytron Elkin, Feldman Felixson, Friedman, Gordon Green, Greenbaum, Hodes Katz, Kornblurh, Kubby, Living ston, Lutz, Michaels Moss, Niamon, Publin, F. Rosen J. Rosen, Rosenbaum Roth,Scl'1neider, Schreiber Simon, Simon, Smith Turk, Wager, Wallach, Walter Weisman, Zuboff ACTIVES Sherma Balos Evelyn Bernstein Lee Cohen Anita Cohn Dorothy Coleman Eleanor Collins Lenora Cytron Marta Elkin Ruth Feldman Flora Felixson Harriet Green Joyce Greenberg Carol Gordon Evelyn Haft Blossom Hodes Louise Katz Millie Kornbluth Harriet Kubby Jane Lutz Adrienne Moss Barbara Niaman Janet Publin Frances Rosen Dorothy Rosenbaum Q Shirley Roth Barbara Satan Arlene Schneider Ruth Schreiber Estelle Simon Ruth Smith Jerry Stein Elaine Turk Patsy Wallach Natalie Walter Anita Zuboff PLEDGES Beverly Bloom June Bows Gerre Cohn Sue Friedman Marlon Livingston Arlene Simon Jeanne Stein Barbara Wager Jean Weisman Charlotte Wolner 245 LPI-I GAMMA DELT Glamour Poses, you say Brum Tries to Finess PRESIDENT-NORMA THALHEIMER Praises and prizes went to the Alpha Cams this year for their bevy of BWCC's and hon' ors. Amazons in the house were Iackie Wil' liams, ASSC VicefPresident, H. Simms, variety specialist, who was Chief Justice of judicial Court and Social Chairman of the ASSC, Betty Hoskins, Freshman Crientation Captain, and Ginny Kaspar. Ginny Brumf field was also an Amazon, and Vicefpresident of Spooks and Spokes, and Amazon Doral Bennet was YWCA Secretary, and Fresh' man Orientation Captain. With their melodious presentation of the Theta Xi sweetheart song, The Alpha Cams captured first prize in the annual songfest. Their interest in athletics also paid dividends with the Hrst prize in the interfsorority vol' leyball tournament. Stuffed Teddyfbears and pandas adorned the Alpha Cram house at the pledge Christ' masftree party. The Quartet Makes with a Little Harmony Bailey, Barden, Bennett, Berg, Biggs, Brandstetter, Bray Brumfield, Carlson, Carnes, Christianson, E. Cleland, P. Cleland, Clement Colvin, Cruise, Elerding, Fincke, Fredrickson, Grillis, Griffiths Hafner, Hebert, Hickman, Hopf ley, Howland, lbbetson, Kaspar Kelso, Kirchner, Koontz, Litschi Lloyd, Long, Loudon Loughboro, Lund, McBride, Mc' Cabe, Rau, Searcy, Silzer H. Sims. V. Sims, Stahl, Stiles Stocking, Stoddard, Stranlund Sweeney Thalheimer, Webb, Weeks, Wells, Wickersham, I. Williams, M, Williams, Woodward 1 ACTIVES Robinette Bailey Shirley Barden Doral Bennett Virginia Berg Beverly Biggs Josephine Bray Virginia Brumfield Frances Burton Virginia Carnes Elizabeth Cleland Florence Colvin Jane Cruise Mildred Elerding Eleanor Fincke Naomi Fredrickson Mynna Gregory Glenda Griffis Betty Griffiths Carol Hamer Betty Hebert Helen Hickman Beverly Hopley Bette Hoskins Adele lbbetson Virginia Kaspar Eleanor Kelso Eleanor Kirchner Florence Koontz Marie Litschi Alice Lloyd Janice Long Irene Loudon Ethel Lund Barbara McBride Barbara McCabe Mollie McClellan Betty Murphy Eloise Silzer Helen Janet Sims Virgene Sims Beverly Stahl Phyllis Stiles Patricia Stocking Phyllis Stoddard Virginia Stranlund Norma Thalheimer Patricia Webb Terry Weeks Winifred Wickersham Jacqueline Williams Marilyn Williams Nathelee Woodward PLEDGES Arletta Brandstetter Vivian Christianson Patricia Cleland Phyllis Clement Ardis Howland Barbara Loughboro Lois Rau Jean Searcy Patricia Sweeney Adele Wells 24 LPI-IA PHI "Life', Comes to the Alpha Phi House Grace Ann has Roving Eyes PRESIDENT-THERESA ROBINSON So little time was had by the Alpha Phi's to catch up with all the activities that had a twofsemester start on them. Despite this dis' ad-vantage, the new chapter, organized in April, crammed enough action into the two remaining months of school, to start them well on their way to campus prominence. Taking over the house between the DG's and Pi Phi's, the Alpha Phi's are doing a com' plete renovation job, inside and out. Their first competitive undertaking was the WNCA Carnival, where the Alph Phi Root Beer Garden with its candlelight and checkered tablecloths pulled in the most bus' iness. Charter members of this newly formed group are Colleen Phipps, Amazon, President of Mortar Board, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, and AWS Cabif net, and Katie Poulter, Secretary of Ama' zons, and Vicefpresident of Phrateres. "Sure, I'd Love to -" Baker, Donaldson, Hatterotlm Hutson jay, Larson, LeSieur, Menard Patton Phipps, Pilling, Poulter, Robbins, Robinson Ruffcorn, Scott, Slater, Spielman, Stockton ACTIVES Marjorie Hutson Elizabeth LeSieur Katherine Poulter Glenrose Spiel-man Grace Ann Baker Betty Jay Lois Menard Ina Robbins Peggy Stockton Mary Donaldson Jane Knox Virginia Patton Theresa Robinson Wanda Germain Elizabeth Koenig Colleen Phipps Barbara Jo Scott Sally Hatteroth Bonnie Larson Jeanne Pilling Joy Slater 249 LPI-l Rl-IC CI-II 250 Talking Shop The Hot Foot Artist PRESIDENT-THEODORE STUART Chief engineer of the winter term Blue Key Queen selection was jack Collis, Alpha Rho Chi's BMCC, who was recognized by Skull and Dagger in the spring. Lawrence Herlow was President of the College of Architecture, and managed the stage show put on in that school by members of the fraternity. Theme for this musical was the "Gay Cabellerosf' cleverly portrayed by Ted Stuart, jack Col' lis, and Ken Schwartz. More dramatic talent was featured by the pledges who made many noontime pilgrimages to various sorority houses to entertain the girls at lunch with their version of a real old "Pat the Rent" melodrama. From under a formidable look' ing red wig, Jack Collis starred in this prof duction also. Adorning more than one page of the Wampus, was the art work of Don Wiese and lack Collis. An Alumni banquet, held at the Mayfair Hotel in May, brought to' gether members of Alpha Rho Chi, old and new. l A "The Wamp" Publicity Alvarez, Collis, Croul, Douglas Gray, Harlow, Mathius, Padgett Petursson, Schwartz, Serrano, Stuart Ward, XViese, York ACTIVES Jack Collis Jack Gray Dalli Johnesen Larry Padgett Ken Schwartz Ed Croul Larry Harlow Bob Mathius Kolbeinn Petursson Efrer Serrano 251 CHI C EGA 252 Cards and Letters Admiring Their Trophies PRESIDENT-CORINNE O'BRIEN Taking hrst prize in all brands of Campus contests seemed to become a habit with the Chi Omegas, who are in their sixth year on campus. They rolled up the top score in the Bowling Tournament and were recognized as the most original and entertaining both for their Y Carnival booth, and their Open House Dig. Virginia Whitehead, petite, brunette Amaf Zon, was an active member of the Sophomore Council and Phrateres, and Elynor Rae Val' entine was the enthusiastic Victory Hut Chairman. Pete Lavelle was another ChiO member of Amazons. Sylvia Lovell served on both the LAS and Religious Councils, and was a member of Alpha Lambda Delta. The Blue Book Ball, which followed the midfyear finals, allowed testfweary Chi O's and their dates some entertaining relaxation before digging into the new term. Sinatra Disc Coming up Aldrich, Allen, Bachelor, Bar' tholomew, Beebe, Beisert Campbell, Chafiin, Chevalier, Covey, Curran, Farr Fleming, Galimard, Gates. Gill, Goutschi, Heil Henshaw, Hileman. Hilvert, Hoar, Lamb, Lavell Lord. Lovell, MacGrath, Mac' Gregor, MacMurray, McDougall Nilsson, O'Brien, O'Dell, Olson, Roberts, Ruther Sbicca, Schupbach, Scott, Shir' ley, Slaughter, Thompson Valentine, Warnock, Whitehead, Wilcox, Williams, Yost ACTIVES Betty Aldrich Gera dine Allen Helen Jo Bartholomew Dorothy Beebe Katherine Belsert Beverly Burger Gloria Buscaglia Ann Casey, Patricia C affin Margaret Chevalier Jean Curran Joanne Farr Betty Galimard Mary Louise Goutshi Ann Guthrie Patricia Heil Lois Henshaw Jane Hiss Margaret Hoar Eunice Johnson Mary Louise Lord Xenla Lavell Sylvia Lovell Charleen MacGregor Lila McDougall Kathryn McGrath Jean Meaglia Eileen Nilsson Corinne O'Brien Louise Odell Betty Olson Georginne Richards Charleen Roberts Patricia Schuler Dorothy scoff Lenore Shirley Betty Lou Slaughter Elynor Valentine Virginia Whitehead Shari Wilcox Joan Warnock Cathryn Yost PLEDGE5 Donna Campbell Margaret Covey Ruth Dunsmore Hazelle Fleming Viola Mary Hileman Patricia Lamb Estheranne MacMurray Junetta Roberts Marty Ruther Flora Sbicca Mildred Schupbach Jewel Thompson Audrey Williams CHI PHI 254 Slide Rules and Scrap Books A Sports Yarn, Carl? PRESIDENT-CA RL GEBHART That enterprising group of Chi Phi broth' ers proved themselves really "on the beam" when they installed a radio sending and ref ceiving set on the third floor of their house. Another distinctive Chi Phi asset was the "Blue Beetle", that miniature auto driven by Benbow Thompson, which always managed to avoid the Knights' tralhc tickets unless they tracked it down with a microscope. Carl Cebhart, House Prexy, Squire, served as Sophomore Class President, and engineered the Bunny Hop, Easter dance at the Riviera. Jim Hodges was also a Squire, and Chi Phi Knights included Carl'Gehhart and jim Cannon. A ton of refreshments in the literal sense of the word were furnished by the Chi Phis at their A1lfU street dance when Troy def voured scores of juicy watermelons. , Beat That Hand if you can Cannon, Capolunga. H. Davis, R. Davis, Ecki Farmer, Gebhart, Gerhart. Hodges, D. jackson G. jackson, Lauterback, Lindop, McBride, Meek Murphy, Nairn, Reed, Riddle, Roca Russell, Salvador. Shepard, Sho' walter. Smith Tackett. Thompson, Vivian, Wilkins. Williams ACTIVES James Cannon Ralph Capolunga Hugh Cover Howard Davis Richard Davis William Ecki George Farmer Carl Gebhart William Gilespi Jack Halgler James Hodges Donald Jackson Gordon Jackson Walter Lauterback Edward Lindop Robert McBride Minor Meek Richard Parr David Reed William Riddle John Roca Jerome Russell Anthony Salvador Jack Shepard David Smith Thomas Tackett Richard Vivian Harold Wilkins Roger Williams PLEDGES Sidney Adair Lee Mitchell Merle Murphy Donald Nairn Daniel Pope Robert Showalt GI' 255 DELT DELTA DELTA 256 Who's the "Dummy"? Smiles of Approval -- PRESIDENTS-LUCIA AHRENS MARJORIE STREET More than a triple dose of merit was pref sented to Troy by the peppy TrifDelts dur' ing these past semesters. Besides heading PanfHellenic Council, Virginia Hage was an Amazon and member of Mortar Board, as was Helenjo Blakeley, whose grade point was also recognized by Phi Kappa Phi, and who was rated as Blue Key Queen. TrifDelt activity women were M. K. Damson, Amazon, and Red Cross Chairman, and Amazon Arline Couse. Lois Stephenson's coronet braids were a familiar sight in and out of the Daily Trojan office where she served as Desk Editor and general inspiration. Stephie was another Amazon and member of Spooks and Spokes. In a different sphere of journalism, Avonne Moore edited the Trof jan Owl. Breakfasting in the spacious TrifDelt Din' ing Room at the traditional Pansy Breakfast, senior women stepped through the pansy ring to announce past or future marriage plans. 1 or are They Laughing Ahrens, Alcorn, Alguire, Beau' dine, Belcher, Biyen, Blakely Brain, Brick, Brooks. Calhoun, Christensen, Colbert, Couse Crawford, Crosby, Curtis, Dam' son, Erickson. Fagg. Fielder Fitzgerald, Gibson, Glasco. Cray, Hagc, Harpst. Heinz Hellekson, Hight, HirSl1, John' son, Jones, Kaems. Kernaghen Lippiat, Lloyd, Martin, McCarf tier, McLaughlin, McNeal Moore Page, Patterson. Putnam, Satterf white, Schupp. Shaw Starbeck,,Stephenson, Street. Ulery, Williford, Wyman a ACTIVES Lucia Ahrens Lucile Beaudine Ruth Belcher Peggy Biven Helenjo Blakely Marilyn Brick Nancy Calhoun Nancy Brooks Barbara Curtis Mary Kay Damso Virginia Erickson I'1 Gloria Fielder Helen Fitzgerald Justine Gibson Jean Glasco Doris Gray Polly Hanson Jacqueline Harpst Mary Ellen Heinz Suzanne Hight Dorothy Hirsch Meriban Johnson Travis Jones Martha Kaems Alice Lippiatt Julia Martin Katherine McNeal Patricia Patterson Barbara Putnam Gwen Shaw Dorothy Smith Lois Stephenson Ethel Stevenson Marjorie Street Janet Ulery Joanne Warner Mary Wyman PLEDGES Joyce Alcorn Mary Christensen Beverlee Colbert Arline Couse Margaret Crawford Miriam Crosby Betty Dunne Marcia Fagg Katherine Hertzog Sherle Kernaghen Nancy Loyd Patricia Mathison Betsy McCarrier Avonne Moore Jane Moore Artie Lee Page Martha Satterwhite Gloria Schupp Cleo Starbeck Joanna Williford Z5 DELTA GAMMA 1 258 The Boogie-Wfoogie Beat Solitaire and Snap Shots PRESIDENT-MARILYN CARLSON The friendly DC's added athletics to their list of activities when they waded into the annual swimming meet and emerged dripping with honors. Pert Midge del Bondio busied herself about the duties of Secretary of the ASSC, while Patty Parke was an Amazon, Vicefpresident of AWS, and Chairman of the Greater University Committee. Beverly Grifhths was an Amazon and member of Mortar Board, as was Helen Taylor, who al' so served as Freshman Orientation Chairman and National YWCA Representative. Other Amazons were Iackie Ford, Vicefpresident of the YWCA. On the A11fU War Work Day, Sally Unmack supervised the agricultural atf tempts of SC cofeds. The Phi PsifDG Champagne formal and the DGfKappa Sig Seashore Shuffle were high lights on the social calendar. l Must've Been a Good Joke Annabil, Baylis, Beach, Bell, Bellrose, Bering, Blakeslee, Bren' inger, Carlson Clark, Cornegys, Cook, Crane, Crider, Darrow, Dean, del Bon' dio, Devlin Earl, Ford, Gorman, Griffith, Griffiths, Hamilton, Haney, Hay- ward, Heidman Hildreth, Hoerner, Hunt. Hy' mer, Johnson, Iones, Kettenburg, Knoop, Kruse Leahy, Lockhart, Lombard, Luer, Lush, Lynn, Millikan, Mintier, Morton Moses, Myers, Nall, Olson, E. Owens, V. Owens, Parke, Park' er, Parr Pastore, Piver, Reagan, Ri6V2S, Robarts, Rohn, Samuel, Schuref men, Simank Simpson, Slater, Smith, Stapp, Summerhays, Taylor, Tenny, Thompson, Unmack Valentine, Watkins, Weisel, Wheaton, Wiese, Wilson, Wix, Youhill ACTIVES Eleanore Althouse Mary Helen Annabil Patricia Baylis Marion Beach Margery Bell Patricia Bellrose Joyce Breninger Marilyn Carlson Barbara Clark Lynn Comegys Mary Condon Joy Crane Jeanne Crider Adelyn Dean Margaret del Bondio Patricia Devlin Jane Earl Gail Fisk Jacqueline Ford Marion Griffith Beverly Griffiths Betty Hamilton Patricia Haney Betty Hildreth Elaine Hunt Marion Johnston Dorothy Jones Charlotte Kirby Marguerita Knoo Letitia Leahy Claire Lombard Patricia Luer Dorothy Morton Marilyn Moses Frances Nall Virginia Olson Virginia Owens D Patricia Parke Patricia Piver Rosalie Reagan Nancy Samuel Kay Schuremen Anne Simpson Betty Slater Jane Smith Shirley Stonier Patricia Story Roxanne Summerhays Barbara Taft . Helen Taylor Sally Unmack Shirley Watkins Frances Youhill PLEDGES Mary Helen Bering Lois Blakeslee Jeanne Cook Jeanne Darrow Patricia Gorman Judith Hayward Patricia Heidman Marjorie Hoerner Barbara Hymer Libby Jefferies Shirley Johnson Jean Kettenburgh Jane Kruze Diane Lockhart Janet Lush Peggy Lynn Julia Millikan Daisy Mintier Patricia Myers Beverly Normanly Betsy Owens Patricia Parker Patricia Parr - Helen Pastore ' Jeanne Reeves Marilyn Roberts Nadyne Rohn Eileen Simank Marcia Stapp Jean Ann Stronach Helen Tenny Sharon Thompson Virginia Valentine Polly Weisel Isabel Wiese Ruth Wheaton Jane Wilson Joanne Wix K W W- f 259 V, DELTA SIGMA PHI 1 What's her Phone Number? Chess Experts PRESIDENTS-CHARLES AYLESBURY HARRY AFFLEY With their house fortifying the far east end of the row, the Delta Sigs had an event' ful year under the guidance of Harry Aiiley, Knight, and member of the Senior Class Council and Interfraternity Council. True to their social reputation, the brothers sponf sored a Fantasia house party, a South Sea Luau, and a number of beach parties, hay rides and desserts. Representing Delta Sig in activities, were Knights Ray Prochnow, Mel Morrison, and Chuck Aylesbury, While Squires were Keith Hegewald, secretary of the group, Roy Bat' cheller, and Bob Ray. In Blue Key were Ted Jonas, who was President of Beta Pi, honor' ary engineering fraternity, and Bob Male. In the fall semester Dusty Rhodes made an eiiicient Business Manager for the Wampus, and Chuck Lester donated his services as treasurer of the Sophomore Class. 260 Hardly Crowded Enough Alfley, Argo, Aylesbury, Batchelf lor, Best Bockman, Estes, Gex, Gummig Hall Hegewalcl, Hubert, Jonas, Iones, Kirwan Lesh, Lester, Lint, Male, Max' well Minos, Morrison, Myers, New' man, Potter Premo, Prochnow, Rhode, Ulf bricht, Von Breslow, Williams ACTIVES Harry Affley Thomas Argo Charles Aylesbury Roy Batcheller Robert Bering Hollis Best Robert Gex Edward Gummig Wayne Hall Keith Hegewald Conrad Hubert Ted Jonas Charles Jones Lawrence Kirwan Olin Lesh Charles Lester Robert Lint Robert Male Robert Maxwell Robert Melanson James Minus Mel Morrison Ralph Myers David Newman Raymond Prochnow Robert Ray Raymond Rhode Carl Von Buelow Bruce Tannatt Kenneth Williams PLEDGES Jim Bockman Bob Carlson Richard Estes Dorman Potter Skip Premo John Sas Jim Ulbricht 2 61 DELTA TAU DELT l 262 How's This James' Platter Behind the 8 Ball PRESIDENTS-WILLIAM HERRON WILLIAM WITMEYER There was a hot time at the old Delt House last semester which was attended closely by the whole row and several repref sentative fire engines from the L. A. Fire De' partment. Among chief Delt Hrecrackers in campus activities were Frank MacMahon, Knight, and Skull and Dagger initiate, who had his headquarters on the fourth floor of the Stu' dent Union where he was Assistant Editor of the Daily Trojan. Also haunting the fourth floor "inner sanctum" was Sid Hos' kins, Sports Editor. Bill Witmeyer was a Knight, member of Men's Council, and Pres' ident of the Canterbury Club, while Roger Howell was almost snowed under by his work as Ski Club Prexy. Blue Key members were George Andrews, Ierry Harshman, Bill Her' ron, and Cece Magee, while Squires were George Allison and Bill Witmeyer. The most outstanding social function was the DeltfTrifDelt Pandemonium. Piano Duet? Allison, Anderson, Blauser Bunn, Carr, Collins Danno, Finch, Gorski, Gowdy, Green, Harris Harshman, Herron, Hoskins, Howell, Jones, Kistner Magee, Marshall, McMahon lvlix, Nahigan, Nixon J. O'Donnell, R. O'Donnell. Perf rin, Power, Reid Smith, Stewart, Stone, Wagner. Witmeyer George Anderson Thomas Bunn Albert Burkhardt Hugh Carr Robert Collins Arthur Cook Vincent Danno Walter Finch James Harris Robert Mix Jerry Harshman Warren Morton William Herron Edward Nahigan Sidney Hoskins Carl Nixon Theodore Kistner James O'Donnell James Lyons Robert Power Cecil Magee Steve Stewart Frank McMahon Albert Stone Roger Tilbury William Witmeyer James Wood PLEDGES George Allison George Bandy Rodney Blauser John Frazee Joe Gorski Rex Gowdy James Green Michael Harris Joe Marshall Ray O' Donnell Jay Parrin John Frazee 263 DELTA ZETA 264 And I bid no Trump! A Letter - for me? PRESIDENT-GLORIA BUSCAGLIA Bowling over all competition in the WAA Bowling Events, Delta Zeta hit high score and walked away with the Tournament Cup. Known for their ready participation in all forms of WAA activities, were Helen Ball' wanz and Margaret Cowin. This energetic pair were also members of Amazons, and add' ed their interest and ideas to the functions of Religious Council. Margaret Cowins' work was valuable to judicial Board and the AWS Cabinet. The part of her time which was not devoted to Phrateres, Ardith Priddy spent in the YWCA Public Affairs Club. House President, Gloria Buscaglia, was in charge of many successful social functions throughout the semesters. Several Alumnae parties, and two formal teas honoring the Mothers' Club, were added to the usual round of desserts, formal and informal par' ties. We're All Ears Ballwanz, Benso n, Bontecou, Brinkley, BuonfChristiani Buscaglia, Carson, Casey. Chris' tie, Cole Cowin, Gerhart. Harlamert, Hite, Hodges Jensen, Iohnson, Lawler, Meaglia, Pizzo, Pound Priddy, Rupp, Schaarman, Schaefer, Smith, Torrez ACTIVES Helen Ballwanz Betty Ann Bontecou Marjorie Brinkley Mary Buon Christiani Gloria Buscaglia Gaile Carson Ann Casey Lorna Christie Patty Lou Cole Margaret Cowin Grace Dixon Mona Hite Marjorie Hodges Mildred Jensen Eunice Johnson Alice Lawler Jean Meaglia Harriett Payne PLEDGES Lucille Pound Ginger Anderson Ardith Priddy Dorothy Benson Jean Rupp Janet Gerhart Dorothy Schaarman Leita Mae Harlamert Elna Schaefer Gloria Klimmer Margaret Rizzo 265 GAMMA PHI BET 1 w 266 Shall I Play the Ace? Tea Time PRESIDENT-RUBY ANN HARBESON Former President Pat Muller, who is known for her airy interests in aviation, was proud of her Gamma Phi sisters when their bond sale contributions went into the purchasing of two Black Widow Hghter planes. Pat was also an Amazon, AWS Elections Head, and received the University Women's Award. Another outstanding Gamma Phi Amazon was Ruby Ann Harbeson who headed the Women's Residents Council, and participatf ed in Freshman Orientation. Cn the YWCA Cabinet were Louise Conrad and Phyllis Warren. The Sigma Nus joined ranks with the Gamma Phis in March to put on a gala party at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. Reminiscent of the good old days was the allfday Spring Formal which took place at the Pacilic Coast Club in June. This Letter Brought Smiles P. Anderson, V. Anderson, An' sell, Banks, Bischoff, Bowman Brock, Champ, L. Coffman, M. Coffman, Conrad, DeSarra Donaghu, Dunton, Farrar, Han sen, Harbeson, Harris Hohl, Johnson, Kepple, Klein' schmidt, Kroft, Mahn Mattice, McHenry. Miles. More Mortimer, Moss Muller, Neale, Nell, Newton, Northrop, Sasine, Shaeffer Sigler, Tibbs, Tscharner. War' rall, Warren. Williams, Wilson m ACTIVES Jean Aehle Patricia Anderson Virginia Anderson Alyce Ansell Betty Banks Betty Brock Louise Coffman Louise Conrad Jean Donaghu Dorothy Dunton June Edwards Audrey Farrar Anne Frank Renette Hansen Ruby Ann Harbeson Nancy Harris Frances Hervey Marian Hohl Marybell Kepple Phyllis Johnson Mary Maher Katherine Mattice Lucille McHenry Elaine Mclntosh Susanne More Marian Mortimer Carol Moss Patricia Muller Muriel Nell Patricia Newton Ynez Northrup Lucerne Sasine Dorothy Sigler Nancy Tibbs Phyllis Tscharner Phyllis Warren Bee Webster PLEDGES Elizabeth Bischoff Phyllis Bowman Mary Champ Mariorie Coffman Aida DiSarra Jean Kleinschmidt Pat Kraft Virginia Miles Susanne More Patricia Neale Betty Shaeffer Sharon Williams Mignon Wilson Joan Warrall 26 KAPPA ALPH r 268 One 7-Up Going Down The Chips are Down PRESIDENTS-JAMES HARDY JAMES CALLANAN "KA Open House" became a welcome cry on the row during the past semesters as Trof jans viewed the ingeniously converted play' room that was once an insignificant garage behind the former KA house. Running true to form the KA's invaded the gridiron en masse with such outstanding athletes as the brother combinations of lim and Don Hardy and George and jim Calla' nan, and also "Big John" Ferraro and lim Lund. ,lim Hardy saw service as House Pres' ident, Captain of the football team, and mem' ber of Skull and Dagger before receiving his commission in February. Stepping into all three of these positions, Jim Gallanan was also a Knight and member of Men's'Council. The spring initiation of Skull and Dagger added the names of nine KA's to its roster: George and Jim Gallanan, John Ferraro, Bob Graham, jim and Don Hardy, Bill Hansen, Neil Kohlhase, and Dick Sprinkel. f Think Thereis a Likeness? Amsden. Baird. Barlow. Brown, Burnight, E. Callanan G, Callanan. I. Callanan. Claris' tensen, Crawford. Ferraro, Fesf mire Gardner. Godshall. Graham, Hanson. D. Hardy. J. Hardy Hartley, Hellwarth. Higgins, Holmberg. Howard, Huls Hurt, James. Kctcham, Kohllrase Koppe, Lanning. Liebec Lohn. l.und.Nlayber1'y. McBride, Parker. Partridge. Paullin Phelps. Rauen. Sprinkle. Stan ton, Stockwell. Stoll, Titsworth ACTIVES Thomas Baird William Barlow Donald Brown David Burnight George Callanan James Callanan Harry Christensen Louis Comer Samuel Crawford John Ferraro John Fesmire David Gardner Harry Godshall Robert Graham William Hanson Donald Hardy James Hardy Otis Healy Clark Higgins Frank Holmberg William Hurt Joseph James Richard Kohlhase Evan Koppe Joseph Lanning Ellsworth Lohn Gordon Lloyd-Jones James Lund Douglas MacLachlan Lawrence McBride Ted Partridge Donald Paullin James Peterson William Quint Patrick Rauen Richard Smith Richard Sprinkle Harry Stanton PLEDGES Neil Amsden Edward Callanan William Freyer Glen Hellwarth Hugh Howard Bert Huls Stewart Ketchum Kenneth Leibec John Mayberry Olney Patterson Clarence Parker Thomas Phelps Kenneth Reuker Earle Stockwell David Titsworth 269 KAPPA LPI-IA TI-IETA 270 Scrap Book Gazers The Second Censors PRESIDENT-BEVERLY BYRAM Theta kites soared skyward over Troy this year with crowning heights being achieved by two outstanding Trojan womeng Peggy Gard' ner, Amazon and Mortar Board Member, carried through the duties of AWS president, topping olf her term with the coveted Town and Gown award, and Mary Blake, Amazon and Mortar Board, who made a gracious and capable Red Cross and War Board Chair' man, received the War Work Award. Other Amazons were Jackie Boice, Red Cross Chairman, and Betty Allen. A call for blood was sounded by Bev Byram, Blood Bank Chairman, and was answered copiously by loyal Trojans when the mobile unit visited SC in May. Thetas displayed more note' worthy talent when they warbled away with second prize in the annual Songfest and the same term recaptured the Scholarship Cup. House activities during the spring semester were directed by Darlene Hubbard and the most memorable social events were the ThetafSAE Formal at the Oakmont, and the allfday Swim 'n Eat affair with the Phi Psi's and SAE's in the Beverly Hills Hotel. Hearts and Music Allen, Anderson, Ayres, Beckett, Blake, Boice, Boice, Bowman, Brainard Brasier, Byram, Clarke, Colburn, Combe, Connolly, Crabtree. Creahan, Crockett DeYoung, Dorner, Downey. Duke, Fagan, Foster, Gardner, Gastlin, Goodman Grainger, Gregerson, Hastings, Hawley, Hendrie, Hoeft, Hub' bard, Hulbert, Ienkins King, Koster, Lancaster, Lewis, Lloyd, Macy, Magor, Mayer, McCarey lvIcCausland, McNamee, Miller, Mockenhaupt, Murphy, Myers, Neily. Overell, Owen Pace, Pettey, Quaintance, Ran- kin, B. Reed, D. Reed, Remy, Rinehart, Robb Schmitz, Servais, Sieman, Smith, Steel, Summers, Teuscher, Thomas Viault, White, Whitten, Wilkin' son, Williams, Willsie, C. Wright, I. Wright ACTIVES Bette Allen Virginia Anderson Nancy Lou Ayres Suzann Beckett Mary Blake Jacqueline Boice Harriet Bowman Clara Brainard Dolores Brasier Beverly Byram Wilburta Combe Shiela Connolly Ellen Crabtree Helen Creahan Connie Crockett Dolores Duke Kathleen Fagan Peggy Gardner Virginia Gastlin Mary Hackett Herrica Harding Jean Hastings Patricia Hawley Marilyn Hoeft Darlene Hubbard Wanda Jenkins Dorothy Koster Joan McCausland Connie McNamee Patricia Macy Laura Magor Betty Miller Celeste Mockenhaupt Dee Murphy Jane Myers Peggy Neily Renee Overell Lorraine Pace Patricia Reltey Eleanor Rankin Nancy Remy Betty Reed Dorothy Reed Betty May Rinehart Adele Schmitz Peggy Servais Dorothy Sheldon Suzanne Siemon Joan Smith Barbara Steel Barbara Summers Martha Viault Carmelita White Rosemary Whitten Janet Wilkinson Charlotte Willsie Marilyn Williams Claire Wright Carol Ray Yates PLEDGE5 Joanne Boice Ada Marie Clark Jane Colburn Shirley DeYoung Ann Dorner Frances Downey Betty Goodman Olive Granger Patricia Gregorson Patricia Grey Janis Hendrie Gail Hulbert Patricia King Juliet Lammerson Mildred Lancaster Nancy Lewis Peggy Lloyd Merle Mayer Mary McCarey Bette Owen Shiela Schirm Evelyn Teuscher June Wright 2 K PPA DELT 272 In the Patio Polishing up the Cup PRESIDENT-VIRGINIA HOOSE Cutdoor entertainment was featured by the KD pledges as they feted their actives at a weinerfroast beach party with the Phi Taus, and a Hayseed Hayride which left from the RidefafWhile stables. Valentine's day brought the Kappa Delts inside for their Hearts and Flowers Formal, which turned out to be the redfletter dance on their social calendar. jewel Creighton was in charge of the Can' cer Control Drive in which the Kappa Delts hnished with the most contributions. jour' nalist June Schwartz divided her time be' tween pounding a typewriter in the Daily Trojan office where she worked on The Woman's Page of the Daily Trojan, and her activities as a newly elected Amazon. In charge of donut dispersing in the serv' icemen's canteen was Pat Lemmon who was also an active member of War Board. Just Relaxing, Thank You Alexander, Asaclorian, Atter' bury, Bailey. Barcroft. Bianf chetto Butts. Byrnes. Campbell, Collins, Creighton. Fockens Gibbons, Gloecl-rer. Grey, Hen' nen, Hoose, Horwath Huddleston. Kimball. Kleeschult Knapp, Lemmon. Lowery Malcom, Mancusi. McCaffery, McKinley. Neil. O'Brien Ostrom, Paterson. Patterson Poss. Rushforcl. Schwartz. Smart. Trevett, Wanee. Watson. XVe par, Weiss. Wells, Vwlestman ACTIVES Marie Amyett Lucy Asadorian June Barcroft Betty Biancbetto Ruth Byrnes Mildred Campbell Terry Coman Jewel Creighton Dorothy Gibbons Teresa Gillis Maruth Gloeckler Bury Harwath Barbara Hennen Virginia Hoose Frances Kimball Gloria Kleeschult Barbara Knapp Patricia Lemmon Joan Lowery Marjorie Malcom Betty Shakley Kay Mancusi Patricia Smart Barbara McKinley Alonna Stannard Stella Neil June Trevett Lucile O'Brien Lois Trevett Florence Ostrom Lois Wanee Robbie Patterson Jean Watson Pat Poss Frances Weiss Georgiana Rushford Mary Jane Westman June Schwartz PLEDGES Mildred Alexander Dorothy Atterbury Lucretia Butts Elaine Fockens Joei Horwath D. D. Huddleston Shirley McCaffery Marilyn Moss Patricia Paterson Alice Wegar 273 K PPA SIGMA Laying Down the Law We're Ready for Jive PRESIDENTS-JACK SORENSON DUANE WHITEHEAD From various nooks and crannies in the Student Union, Kappa Sigma carried on in the wartime manner to which its compact, merry brotherhood has become accustomed. Representative BMCC's on campus branched out in many different directions with D. B. Whitehead and Bud Curtis as NRC Bat' talion and Company Commanders, respecf tively, Chuck Franklin, poet laureate of the Fl Rodeo, Squire Prexyg and Phil Kirst, President of Knights. Art Ferry and George Crum Squires, while other Knights were Bud Curtis, jim Hervey, and Chuck Franklin. That irrepressible combination of White' head and Curtis gained more fame on the gridiron where they became chief "team sparkersv for the best morale of the season. Pledged to Skull and Dagger in the spring were Phil Kirst, .lack Sorenson and D. B. Whitehead. 274 They Can,t be too Studious Adler, Billings, Bistritsky, Blayf ney, Broberg, Burt, Bryans Crowhurst, Crum, Curry, Curtis, Eaton, Ferry, Ford Franklin, Gibbs, Giles, Gilsenan Green, Hayes, Hervey B. Hubble. T. Hubble, Jones Kirst, Kraus, Lanouette, Mac' Kenzie Marshall, Mills, Mitchell. Mor' ris, Raison, Schlaegel Snell, Snyder, Sorenson, Stevenf son, Wells. Whitehead ACTIVES Donald Adler Carl Arnold Thomas Batten Boris Bistritsky Earnest Bryans Earl Corin Frank Crowhurst George Crum Louis Curtis William Eagle Robert Eaton Arthur Ferry Charles Ford Charles Franklin Donald Gibbs Charles Giles Collin Gilmett Robert Good Gerald Green Richard Guiol Thomas Hayes James Hervey Brownlee Hubble Lee Hyde Frank Jones Philip Kirst Donald Kraus Clayton Lane Harry Lassen William Lee Cameron MacKenzie Frank Marshall Frank Mills James Mitchell Frank Morris Robert Morris Peter Mussati Robert Raison Lee Schneider Pat Sheedy Ray Snell LeRoy Snyder Jack Sorenson William Stevenson Russell Torrey Duane Whitehead PLEDGES Ray Arnett Jack Billings John Blayney Ray Bramwell Mac Broberg Keith Burt Robert Curry Peter Gilsenan Thomas Hubbl 9 Herbert Lanouette Carter Wells Larry White 275 Pl-II K PPA PSI 276 Phi Psi Mascot? Why so Serious, Ted? PRESIDENT-REX EAGAN Rex Eaganis genuine leadership qualities made him a credit to the Phi Psis as House President, President of lnterfraternity Counf cil, Knight, and member of Skull and Dagger. Cther topfranking positions were filled by Ted Smith, President of LAS, and Al Graves, Engineering College President, and Skull and Dagger member. Two more electees to Skull and Dagger were Ells Donnell, tennis star, and Blue Key member, and Dick Hambleton, Knight, and President of the Dental College. Jim Econ and Jack Morley were other Knights, While Vic Harris, Jean Mix, and Ted Smith were Squires, and Jack Gearlings and Daryl Arnold were Blue Key men. Don Cole and Daryl Arnold stirred up the Trof jan spirit at games and rallies as Assistant Yell Leaders. The Phi Psi Champagne Ball was a gala occasion, and the "fish for trout" party stood out as one of the most unique social functions of the year. Midst Our Trophies Batteen, Bushman, Cole, Cradf dock, Donnell, Eagan Earp, Economidis, Felch, Geer- lings, Graves, Hambleton Holmlund, Jones, Kautz, Kelly, F. King, R. King. LaPlante, Livingston, Lorenzi, Mix, Morley, Owen Pierose, Pratt, Roose, Salm, Sei' del, Smith Stephens, Stone, Togni, Walker, Walters ACTIVES William Anderson Theodore Armitage Roland Batteen Severence Bushman Donald Cole Roy Cole Ellsworth Donnell Graham Jones Jean Mix PLEDGES Rexford Eagan Frank Kelly Jack Morley Ward Baker Jack Earp Russell King Albert Owen Eugene Hogue Frank Felch Richard Livingston Carle Pierose William Salm Albert Graves Joseph Lorenzi David Seidel Theodore Tannehill Victor Harris Jack McCabe Gordon Stephens James Walker John Holmlund Drew McConnell Dave Stone l 277 PHI K PPA TAU 278 Taking it Easy Vikupitz Tells a Tall One PRESIDENTS-ROBERT ALCORN ROBERT HUNTLEY Big guns in the Phi Tau house were Neil Worthy, Knight, and notorious uticketfdealf er" who was in charge of the drive to keep Troy's trailic under rule and regulation. Vicefpresident of Knights was Ed Vickupitz, who handed out a large number of laughs to both his Knight and Phi Tau buddies. In the service of Squires about campus were Bob Aiken and Ray Suttles. Hal LeSieur was se' lected as President of the nevvlyfformed Y.M.C.A. in addition to his activities on Blue Key. That cheerful face worn by Stan Carter was seen daily in the Trojan office, where he concentrated his social as well as journalistic interests. The Deauville Beach Club opened its doors to Phi Taus and their dates in December at the annual Christmas Formal. The Dreamers U Aiken, Alcorn, Anderson, An' dree, Baker Blau, Chastian. Cline. Cowles, Craig Cramer, Crosby, Donan, Gilson, Huntley jones, Kerr, LeSieur, Ord. Reed Scroggins, Speer: Suttles, Thompson, Turrell Vikupitz, Wahl, Weeks, Willis. Worthy ACTIVES Robert Aiken Robert Alcorn Fred' Anderson Donald Andree Larry Blau Gorden Cowles Harold Craig bordon Deppe Jack Donan John Doster Perry Duncan Richard Gilson Bert Hickman Robert Huntley Willis Kerr Harold LeSieur Martin Paquette Robert Reed Jack Riegal Clifton Scroggins David Speer Raymond Suttles George Thompson Howard Tyrrell Donald Wahl Ed Vikupifz Neil Worthy PLEDGES Henry Chastian Robert Cramer Jack Klein Jack Foley Bill Reece 279 PHI MU 280 Turning your Back on the Photog? Postman Call ! PRESIDENTS-JEAN SMITH DOROTHY JACOBY Phi Mu girls shone brightly in W.A.A. activities during this past year. Starring on the volleyball team were Ruth Broxholme, also on Junior Class Council, Dorothy Erbe and jean Smith. Extending their talents into the bowling alley, Dorothy Erbe and Jean Smith piled up top scores on the bowling teams, and Toni Todd showed her expert marksmanship on the rifle team. Pursuit of the intellect was carried on by Norma Nilson, Amazon, Dorothy Klinepeter, and Betty Wilson, all of whom were mem' bers of Phi Beta. In the hazy atmosphere of a Las Vegas night club, complete with rouf lette wheels, gambling tables, and juke box musicgwche Phi' Mu actives and pledges en' tertained the Trovets at their annual house dance. Setting the Words to Music Beckwith, Broxholme, Davis, Diamond Erbe, Fabling, Gano, Hill Hill, Jacoby, Klinepeter, Klop' Stine Meridith, Munn, Nilson, Rob- bins, Schillinger Smith, Stringfield, Taylor, Weld, Wilson ACTIVES Maxine Gano Dora Meridith Ruth Broxholme Beverly Hill Norma Nilson Floragene Davis Lucinda Hill Jane Schillinger Ruth Diamond Dorothy Jacoby Jean Smith Dorothy Erb'e Dorothy Klinepeter Dorothy Stringfield Patricia Fabling DeAun Klopfenstine Colleen Tamplin Becky Taylor Patricia Todd Virginia Weld Betty Wilson PLEDGES Justyna Beckwith Gloria Gane Mary Lou Munn Brauer Robbins 28 PHI SIGMA KAPPA I 282 From Cover to Cover "Our Future Homel' PRESIDENT-RAY CARPENTER Not live but six phases of student activif ty were familiar with the capable leadership of Bob "Berg" Tapp. An alphabetical list of "Berg's" accomplishments includes: Business Manager of the El Rodeo, Cadet NRCTC officer, Knight, President of the College of Commerce, Member of Skull and Dagger, and Vicefpresident of the lnterfraternity Counf cil. Fellow Knights were Blackie Pierson, who was also a columnist on the Daily Tro' jan, and Don Byram. Blue Key boys were the two Kens, Golding and Klein, and Bob Ritzel. Ray Carpenter contributed to the Wampus, and handled the advertising for the El Rodeo. Holding up for Phi Sig in athletics were Dick Baugh, baseball booster, while Ken Klein and Bob Ritzel were both on the bas' ketball squad. "Sweet Adeline" Baugh. Belt. Byram, Carpenter Clemons, Cosgrove, Dalton, Golding Klein. Kurpakus, Maxwell, Moody Nash. Pierson. Redd. Reinwald Royer, Snetzinger. Spriggs, Tapp, Ritzell ACTIVES Kenneth Klein Charles Belt Matt Maxwell Donald Byram Robert Moody Ray Carpenter William Nash Raynor Clemons William Oldknow Kenneth Golding Richard Parker Gerald Spriggs Robert Sybrindt Robert Tapp William Pierson Hal Redd John Reinwald Robert Ritzell PLEDGES James Royer Richard Baugh Robert Snetzinger Samuel Caramelli Robert Christopher Emmett Conn Thomas Cosgrove Richard Dalton Tony Kurpakus Howard Nixon 283 PI BE PHI 284 Cafeteria Style Bing or Frankie? PRESIDENT-PHYLLIS OVERTON Skillful management of pulsebeats and thermometers helped to make vivacious Anne Pearce an able Nurse's Aide Chairman dur' ing the past semester. Besides her war work, 'LPearcie" was also an Amazon, as were Hank McLean, Peggy Cornell, and Madalyn Hale. Earning more recognition for their scholastic achievement, were Madalyn Hale, Anne Pearce, and Hank McLean. Wedding bells in June climaxed one of those ideal schoolday romances as Hank McLean became the bride of Ensign Jim Hardy, KA's gridiron king. That bit of dreamyfeyed Pi Phi glamour, Jean McCullough, was acclaimed Wampus Girl of the Month when the NRCTC boys selected her for their Queen. Cutstanding in the Pi Phi memory book is the smooth pledge supperfdance last Ian' uary. i Study Table Alber, Arthur, Barker. Barnett, Bartosh, Blackman. Borchard Brack, Brambila, Callahan, I. Campbell. M. Campbell, Chris' tian, Cole Cornell, Curtis. Garcia, Hale, Hassett, Hillman. Lauck Luckey, Lynn, Martin, McCul' lough, McDonald, McGibbon, B. McLaughlin M. McLaughlin, McLean, Mor' gan, Murchison, Netzoe, Nor' mandin, Olerich Oshier, Oster. Overton, D, Payne, S. Payne. Pearce, Peter' son Pitzer, Ross. Simonson. C. Smith, J. Smith, P. Smith Sweet, B. Thompson. M. Thompf son, Walker. Wells. Woollscott ACTIVES Beverly Alber Peaches Arthur Phyllis Barnett Barbara Bartosh Shirley Blackman Marilyn Borchard Priscilla Brambila Marjorie Campbell Helen Christian Peggy Cornell Lenore Curtis Barbara Dickason Catherine Forrest Ernestine Garcia Shirley Gray Madelyn Hale Patricia Hefferman Eileen Holland Joanne Lestoe Julia Luckey Betty Lynn Jean McCullough Catherine McDonald Beverly McLaughlin Marie McLaughlin Henrietta McLean Lillas Morgan Audrey Normandin Bette Olerich Lois Oshier Phyllis Overton Sylvia Payne Anne Pearce Gladys Peterson Margaret Ross Trudy Simonson Caroline Smith Barbara Thompson Mary Jane Thompson Beverly Walker hvelyn Wells PLEDGES Terry Barker Dorothy Bogdanovic Sue Brack Jean Callahan Janice Campbell Joyce Cole Marilyn Hassett Joan Hillman Shirley Lauck Donna McGibbon Joanne Murchison Carol Netzoe Betty Oster Dorsey Payne Barbara Pitzer Jacqueline Sweet Marie Woollacott 28 PI K PP ALPHA l 286 We Won this One Evening "At Home" 73 PRESIDENT--RICHARD CLEASBY The catacombs beneath the "Red Castle" on Figueroa Street furnished the PiKA's with the ideal ghoulish setting for their famed Dick Tracy party which wound up with a scavenger hunt in a local cemetery. Another gala occasion on their program was the pledge barbecuefdance which met with as much suc' cess as did the gangster brawl. PiKA Knights were Guy Claire, Auggie Cole, and jack Creeneg John Ferlin and Bill Schubert were Squires, and Fred Foster was a member of Blue Key. Miss Shirley Temple became the Bond Queen of PiKA when she bought the first bond from their chapter in the drive, and was presented with a sweetheart pin by house President, Chuck Nick. This ceremony came close on the heels of a crossftown tilt with UCLA which was attended by representaf tives from all the houses and dorms on camf pus. Gathered in our Castle Bridge, Borch, Budd, Chadwell, Claire, Clements Cleasby, Cosgrove. Escalle, Ferf lin, Fisher. Foster Fruhling, Gardner, Green. Guil' lent. Hall. Hernandez Hull. Hyde, Jones. Leahy. Mc' Cann, McMullan Nick, Ness. Niles. Norberg. Rochlen, Nichols Schmidt. Schubert, Tudor. Waters, Wilson. Zankich ACTIVES Udell Bridges Guy Claire Richard Cleasby Robert Clements Thomas Cosgrove William Cudd William Duffield William Edson Edward Escalle John Ferlin Gene Fruhling Jack Green Norman Hall Cesar Hernandez Vincent Holmand Dale Hyde Robert Jeffries Devereaux Leahy Edward Leason James McDonald James McKelligot Robert Nichols Charles Nick Kenneth Niles Robert Poillard William Waters George Wilson Louis Zankich PLEDGES Gerald Borch Ogborn Coale Fred Foster Charles Jones Robert Rocco William Schubert 28 SIGMA ALPH EPSILO 288 "Violet', Another of Nelsoifs Stories i ,,,,,, PRESIDENTS-LELAND SCOTT RALPH PETERS Doing double duty as president of ASSC and his house, Lee Scott proved a friendly and capable leader for SAE as well as Troy itself. ln the spring, Ralph Peters added the house presidency to his jobs of Business Manf ager of the Daily Trojan and Secretary of Knights. Besides receiving the interfraternity scholf arship award, the brothers held many other key campus positions, with Bob Thompson serving as Elections Commissioner and vice' president of Blue Key, Ed Barthold as Fresh' man Class President and Vicefpresident of Squires, Knights, Roger deYoung and Heber Hertzogg and Blue Key men, A1 Griffin, John More, and Bob Rivera. Everfprominent in the social held, the SAE's had many desserts and a number of Sunday beach parties. The formal dinner' dance held in January with the Theta's was the outstanding social event of the year. Smiles for the Camera Barthold, Baumer. Blake, Bough' 3011, Brinkley. Chambers, Clark, Cooper Croft, DeY0ung, Dodge. Dyer, Edmonson, Elias, Finch, Fortney Grant. Griffin. Harlan. Harhison. Hertzog. Holmes, Hughes, Kilf gout Lawshe, Leer, Leidy, Longfield, Matyas, McFarland, McOmber, Medlin More, Nelson. Nicolotf. Norman, Ogden, Parrish, A. Peters R. Peters. Pfirrman. Planteen, Rands, Rinkle, Rivera, Ruzicka Scott. Smith. Stone. C. Thompf son. R. Thompson, W. Thomp' son. Tolstead Tupper, Weverka, Wheeler, Wilkens, Willis, Wooding, Wright ACTIVES Edward Barthold Thomas Blake Newell Boughton Joseph Brinley Robert Carter Van Chambers Donald Cooper Gene Croft Roger DeYoung Evert Dodge Arno Elias William Fields John Finch Robert Fortney John Givens James Grant Albert Griffin Robert Griffin John Harlan Heber Hertzog Harry Holmes Brit Johnson George Kinkle Douglas Kilgour James Lawshe John Leer Alfred Leidy Charles Longfield Darrel McOmber Emil Matyas Gordon Medlin John More Terry Nelson Richard Ogden Donald Parrish Art Peters Ralph Peters Kenneth Pfirrmann William Rands William Reiman Theodore Robinson Leland Scott David Smith George Stone Robert Thompson Charles Thompson Wendell Thompson Harry Tupper Keene Wheeler Frederick Wilkins Herman Willis Bruce Wirth Robert Wood John Wooding Clyde Zulch PLEDGES Robert Baumer Peter Clark Richard Dyer John Edmonson Robert Harbison John Hessin Lloyd Hughs William McFarland Thomas Nicoloff Kenneth Norman Richard Planteen Robert Rivera Elmer Ruzicka Sandy Squires Robert Tolstead Whitey Wright Robert Wverka 289 SIGMA CI-II 290 May I Join You? Une, Two, Three, Kick PRESIDENTS-WILLARD WALL CHARLES MARTIN With the passing of three more warftime terms, Sigma Chi lost some outstanding men and gained a number of boys who are continf ually proving their merit. john Archer estab' lished his reputation as a true Thespian by taking leading roles in three of the year's draf matic productions. Wally Dale and Doug Drake kept up with the Marine Trainees in their "Gizmo Snafun column in the Daily Trojan. Sig members of Knights were Bob Brekke, and carrotftopped Skip McMahon. In Blue Key was Wally Dale, and members of Squires were Norm Brunelle, Doug Drake and Bob Huxtable. Blake Headley gained reknown as star athf lete on the football, baseball, and track teams, and other pigskin experts were Marsh Romer, Russ Antles, and Willard Wall. Bob I-Iuxtaf ble's unique pitching Won for the Sigma Chis the Interfraternity Softball Championship. This Game Has an Audience Antles, Archer, Brekke, Brunelle, Dale Drake, Dutra. Flanagan, Francis, Fredericks Gayle, Halajean, Hart, Headley, Huxtable johnson, Knupp, LaFollette, La' velle, Lestmann MacPherson. Martin, McCona' tha, McMahon, McMillian, Pierce Real. Riley, Romain, Struthers, l Wall, Whitman ACTIVES Russ Antles John Archer Sherm Baker Jeff Bickle Bob Brekke Norm Brunelle Bob Conradi Max Curtis Wally Dale Doug Drake Jerry Dufra Wally Flanagan Chuck Forest Roger Francis Bob Fredricks Jim Gayle Norm Halaiein Blake Headley Ken Holm Bob Huxiable Don Kaylor Hal Knupp John Lafollete Gene Lestman Bob MacPherson Buff McConatha Al !SkipJ McMahon Frazier McMillian Chuck Martin Bob Pickard Elmer Pierce Emil Real Bill Riley Hal Romain Al Romer Don Ross Chuck Sfruthers Jack Vivian Willard Wall Bud Weiser Bob Whitman PLEDGES Hank Bowman Lou Breer Don Crawford Ken Davidson Dave Lavelle Ed Hugo Andre lraclable Jack Jennings Steve LaBurge Ken Matson Doug Miller Mike Natwick Don Richardz John Ryan 2 SIGMA NU l 292 Y0u,ll Miss Your Turn, Lennie Sorry We Don't Like That Program PRESIDENT-JAMES COX 'Combining forces to present the tradition' al White Rose Ball at the Riviera Country Club, the Sigma Nu Chapters from USC and UCLA proved themselves a topfnotch com' bination for merryfmaking. r Leading house activities for a threefsemes' ter stretch, Jim Cox was also a Knight and member of the lnterfraternity Council. Fel' lovv Knights Were jim English, Bill Armbrusf ter, Norm Dahl, and John Huggins. Don Stubbs was Squire Prexy and was assisted in that organization by Jack Nichols. Answer' ing rollcall for Blue Key were Milford Dre' blow, Walter Mink, Bill Parker, John Bodin, Fred Bone, and Bill McPhee-who was also President of LAS. jack Nichols came out of basketball season as the teams high point man, and Chuck Car' der and lack Nichols both were on the first' string baseball team. Jim, Tell Us, too - Anderson, Armbruster, Barker. Bodin, Bone, Carder, Cox Cramer, Dahl, Derus, Dreblow, English, Ewen, Ezell Flanagan, Henning, Henning. Howard, Huggins, Lowell, Lehf IDBI' Madison, McPhee, Mink, Nichols, Pierson, Powell, Quilico Recabaren, Repp, Stebbins, Steen, Stocker, Stubbs Swartz, Thatcher, Travis, Vornf hagen, Wilson, Young ACTIVES William Armbruster William Barker John Bodin James E. Cox Charles Cramer Norman Dahl Richard Derus Milford Dreblow James English Ronald Ewen Labron Ezell Charles Flanagan Robert Henning Richard Henning Paul Howard John Huggins Phillip Lehmer Thomas Madison William McPhee Walter Mink John Nichols Charles Pierson John Quilico Thomas Ray Leonard Recabaren Charles Repo James Stebbins James Stocker Donald Stubbs Clarence Swartz Peter Thatcher Knight Travis Maurice Wilson PLEDGES Robert Anderson Frederick Bone John Brent Charles Carder Mark Cosby Lowell Irwin Owen Lancit John Nugent John Posman James Powell Robert Steen Vincent Vornhagen Scott Ward 29 SIGMA PHI DELTA 294 Calculus Problem, no Doubt Clmon, Ring the Dinner Bell PRESIDENT-KENNETH MACLEOD After almost a year of inactivity, Sigma Phi Delta returned to SC to dive into cam' pus affairs with much vim and vigor, and come up with a goodly collection of both ac' tivity men and honors. Top position on the NRCTC staff of stu' dent officers was held by Jack Cortwright, who was also president of the house and member of Blue Key. Before his commission' ing in june, Cortwright added membership in Skull and Dagger to his list of accomplish' ments. Qther Blue Key men were Ken Mac' leod, Bob Johnson and Maurice Schmidt. Ed Lowther, Harry Roscoe and Dale Perry were Knights, and members of Squires were Al Barry, Dale Perry, and Chuck Pages. Even bigger and better things are expected of the Sigma Phi Deltas when they are estabf lished in their new chapter house just one jump from the row on 30th street. Guitar Artist Barry, Beal, Bealessio, Benton, Bonquet, Burbeck Chadwick, Cortwright, Donovan, Fazio, Freeburg, Gearhart Hill, Hirst, Hurt, Johnson, John' son, Lorbeer Lowther, McGee, Mcllvenna McKeller, MacLeod, Moreno Nash, Ohrien, Olney, Pages, Palmer, Perry, Price Rice, Roscoe, Schmidt, Waimee, Watt, Winkler, Zublin ACTIVES Donald R. Andree Lyle Armstrong Michael Bealessio Joseph Bensinger Eugene Benton Alfred Barry Donald Burbeck Stanley Carter Ralph Chadwick John Cortwright John P. Dorian Perry Duncan Joseph Fazio Eugene Gerhart Stanley Hill Daniel Hirst Nathan Hurt Robert Johnson Edwin Lowther Kenneth MacLeod William McKeller Phillip Magee Robert Mcllvenna Henry Moreno John Nash William Olney Frank O'Brien Charles Pages Martin Paquette Richard Palmer Dale Perry Harry Roscoe Maurice Schmidt Clifford Scroggins Walter Swanson Donald Wanee Robert Watt PLEDGES Paul Beale George Beck Thomas Binford John Bonquet James Colachis Samuel Colachis Donald Donovan James Duffy Dwain Freeburg John Gideon Norman Herley Phillip Holland Patrick McGinnis George Price Casper Zublin 295 29 SIGM PHI EPSILO No Poker Face Here Polishing them up PRESIDENTS-ERNEST WILSON WILLIAM CAMM Still operating from their illustrious strongf hold on the row, the merry Sig Eps remained true to their Hngerfinfevery pie tradition and went into all Helds of campus activities, After completing his term as lnterfraternity Counf cil President, Bill Camm took over the house presidency from Knight Ernie Wilson. As Vicefpresident of Blue Key, Earl Nelson or' ganized the annual L'Hello and Smile" weekg other Blue Key men were Chuck Newton and Trovie Lyons. Squire members were Dave Billings, Chuck Brambila, Keith Robif nett, and Bob Turner. In the journalistic Held, genial Phil Latasa exercised his literary powers as Military Editor of the Daily Trof ian, and Chuck Brambila served as Wampus Business Manager. A long and eventful so' cial season included barn dances, beach par' ties and desserts, and was climaxed by the formal dinnerfdance at the Cakmont Country Club. 6 The "Canoe Songn? Anderson, Billings, Brambila. Burns, Camm, Carrillo Compton, Davis, Earnshaw, Fair' head, Gleason, Haley Horsley, Irwin, Latasa, Lyons, Martin, McAfee McLeod, McCrysra1, Miller, Mui" ray, E. Nelson, R. Nelson Newton, O5Kelly, Paden, Reese, Reitz, Robinett, Selvage Simpson, Smith, Taylor, Wes' son, Westlake, Wilkiiisoii. Wil' son ACTIVE5 John Abdun-Nur George Anderson Dave Billings Charles Brambila Phillip Burton William Camm Larry Carrillo William Earnshaw Robert Fairhead Jack l-ilanc John Gibson Geoffrey Gleason George Haley William Horsley Phillip Latasa Trovie Lyons William Martin William McAfee William McCrystal Dave McLeod Donald Miller Dick Nelson Earl Nelson Charles Newton James Patrick O'Kelly Phillip Reitz Keith Robinett William Saba Clifford Selvage William Smith Robert Taylor Robert Turner Robert Wilkinson Ernie Wilson Frank Zinc PLEDGES William Burns Robert Clark John Davis Emil Dovan Robert Farren Jim Fenton Gilbert Ferguson Bryan Edgar Gibson Warren Lee Halling Jack Murray Kenneth Irwin Donald Reese Luther Shaw Hugh Simpson Elliot Stein Stirling Paden Allen Wesson Howard Westlake 29 Tl-IETA CHI 298 The Jive Five Topsy Turvy PRESIDENT-ARTHUR NELSON "Let's all sing the Alma Mater" was the famous warfcry heralding the approach of Art Nelson, Theta Chi's congenial House President, President of Knights, President of Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Rally Chairman, and member of Skull and Dagger. Also representing Theta Chi in campus ac' tivities were Alvaro Escallon, Knight and President of the Pan American Club, Chuck McKenzie, Treasurer of Blue Key, Art Nick' loff, Knight, and Verna Gaede, Squire. Versality in the field of athletics was demonstrated by such men as Pat West, Golden Gloves contender and extra point kicker on the football team, Earl Audet, holder of the A.A.U. shotfput record, and Leon Leech and Chuck McKenzie, both letf termen in Gymnastics. Showing a flair for organization, Earl Anderson was responsible for the Council of Pledge Presidents, and jack Stewart organized the interfraternity baseball league. l l No, Al, Not That One Anderson, Biedebach, Co re, Escallon, Gaede Hunter, Hutt, Ivy, Jacobson, johnson Lake, MacKei1zie, Maize, Mc- Leod, Morrill Navarro, Nelson, Niclclofl, Pan' lzer, Place. Siegmund Simpson, Stewart, Tully, Voor' lmees, VVest, Wight ACTIVES James Aiken Earl Audet Robert Barnes Gerald Berryhlll William Biedebach Walter Broadwell Ralph Core Richard Cunningham Alvaro Escallon Verne Gaede Ried Hughes Eugene Johnson Harold Jacobson William McLeod Tony Navarro Arthur Nelson Arthur Nickloff William O'Donnel Leon Leech Melvin Ott Richard Loop Basil Panzer Charles MacKenzie Augustine Pesquiera Jack Maize Danial Place Charles Sparkhole Russell Siegmund Jack Stewart Wilbur Tully Patrick West Ralph Wight Robert Wyckoff PLEDGES Earl Anderson Willis Hunter Herbert Hutt Felix lvy Raymond Lake Frank Morrell Duane Simpson William Voorhees 299 Tl-IETA XI 300 Pledges Brush up on Songs Takes a Lot of Hot Air PRESIDENTS-ROBERT WYLDE JERRY JEURGENS Gutdoor boys were the Theta Xi's this year as they entertained in the wide open spaces of their garden with a series of steak barbecues, turkey dinners, and brunches. At an A1lfU dig, Troy tramped over to Adams en masse to takepart in one of the best digs of. the year on the spacious grounds of the Theta Xi house., Another social event which met .with great success was the suppressed desire dance. ' Chuck Fuller was Blue Key President, and was assisted by other Blue Key men, Ted Penfold 'and Jerry jeurgens. Members of Knights were Walt Forward and Bob Wilde, and Squiring for Theta Xi were Charles Weseloh, and Norm Hawes. Was it Steak? Abernathy. Ashton. Baxter. Bil' Els. Bolton, Bristow, Broadbent Broom, Clark, Coovcr, Criswell, Downing. Faul, Fuller Gabriel. Ganganelli. Guilliams, Hawley, Hawes, Jackson, Iuerf gens Kelly, Kenyon, Kluss, Littlefield, MacClendon, Medici, Moore Nichols. Odom. Owens. Packard, Penfold, Powers, Prince Reinhard. Roussellot. Schwartz, Sisley. Theal, Timpson Tudor, Vokal. Waldeck, Wei' mer, Weseloh, Wylde ACTIVES Lloyd Abernathy Edward Alters Wesley Ashton Kick Baxter Edward Beard Tarwin Biltils William Bolton Robert Bristow John Broadbent Ralph Brown Lawrence Clarke Spurge Cochran Lee Coover Robert Faul Walter Forward John Franklin Charles Fuller Edward Gabriel Thomas Hammond Norman Hawes William Jackson Paul Johnson Jerry Juergens Kenneth Kelly Virgil Kluss John Littlefield Thomas Ganganelli Robert MacClendon Milton Glatt Charles Martin Theodore Guilliarns Howard Medici Raymond Moore James Nichols Ralph Odom Robert Packard Theodore Penfold Rex Pirkle James Powers David Prince Merle Roussellot Robert Schwartz Norman Stevton Robert Timpson Richard Tudor Donald Vokal Carl Waldeck Charles Weseloh Robert Wylde PLEDGES Robert Downing Robert Hughes Reid Owens Frank Reinhard 0 ZET BETA AU 302 Monday Morning Quarterbacks Rhythm Makers PRESIDENTS-GEORGE GAREL GEORGE FOX Back into their Spanish manse on 28th street went the ZBT's who are now enjoying the reconversion of their house after its sesf sion as girls' dormitory. Livewire jerry Holt was a Knight and member of the Interfraternity Council, and other ZB representatives in Knights were Stu Willner, and Harlan Herzberg. Seen around campus performing the jobs assigned to Squires were Maynard Breslow and Stu Willner, while Allen Morton and Bob Rosenf feld were members of Blue Key. jerry Hoytt's interests also made them' selves apparent in Gymnastics, while Leon Spasser and Bob Rosenfeld distinguished themselves in Water Polo and golf respecf tively. Under the direction of House president, George Fox, several beach parties and hay rides, and a party given in conjunction with the Chi Phi's were featured on the social calf endar. On the Steps Adelson, Berglas, Breslow, Cohen, Epsten Fox, Gorden.,Harris, Herzberg. Hoytt Kaplan, Kornberg, Kornluth. Le' vand, Levee Lewis, Morrow, Newman, Reed, Rosenfeld Roth. Savan, Schonberg, Shea. Singer Spasser, Trope, Weiss, Wilder, VVillner ACTIVES Leonard Adelson Robert Alexander John Berglas Maynard Breslow Robert Epsten George Fox George Garel Robert Goldfarb Harvey Harris Harlan Herzberg Gerald Hoytt Alfred Kornbluth Marvin Kornburg Sidney Lazar Marvin Levand Gordon Levee Bernard Lewis Seymour Marrow Allan Morton John Reed Robert Rosenfeld Harry Roth Robert Rousso Bruce Savan Sheldon Schoenberg Irwin Shea Julian Singer Lee Spasser Sorrell Trope William Wilder Stuart Wilner PLEDGES Lawrence Cohen Ronald Gordon Aubrey Kaplan Richard Kornberg Charles Newman Larry Weiss Robert Willner ZETA TAU ALPHA K w l 304 Double Decker Memory Book PRESIDENT-MERLE CARRONA Top honors in the Bond Drive went to the Zetas and set the theme for their many conf tributions to the war effort throughout the year, including Red Cross and U.S.C. work. Amazon President, Virginia Miller, and Mary Lou Royce, Y.W.C.A. President, both achieved membership in Mortar Board, and Mary Lou was chosen as Helen of Troy. Milf lie Carman brought more glory to ZTA as President of Spooks and Spokes, Captain of the Debate Team, and Amazon. Also an Amazon and member of Spooks and Spokes, Betty Fullerton presided over the Council of Religion and was a member of judicial Court. Merle Carrona held down two presidencies, both as leader of the Sophof moreflunior Club, and as president of the ZTA house. Will You Make Game? Arutunian, Barber, Barnett, Bea man, Bebek, J. Beliveau, M Beliveau Bradford, Brown, Butler, Cam eron, Cargill, Carman, Carrona Christenson, Coon. Dolan. Emiq Evans, Freeman, Fullerton M. Hansen, K. Hanson, Jany, jenkins, Iohnson. Kessel, Knaut B. Krause, M. Krause, Mankins, Marcy, Markell, McCann, Med ler Miller, Minot, Mintey, B. Mjel lem, V. Mjellem, Murrin, Ncl son O'Reilley, Praytor, Royce, Small Smith, Sutton, Swift, Thomas Van Baars, Walker, Wallace Wells, White, Woodward Young, Young ACTIVES Helen Arutunian Carol Barber Virginia Barnett Nancy Beaman Margaret Bebek Mary Beliveau Katherine Bradfo Betty Brown Joy Cameron Virginia Cargill Mildred Carman Merle Carrona rd Chris Christensen Helen Coon Phyllis Dixon Katherine Emig Betty Evans Dorothy Freeman Betty Fullerton Margaret Hansen Katherine Hanson Betty Jany Patricia Jenkins Virginia Johnson Ruth Kessel Therese Kolar Marian Krause Virginia Mankins Betsy Markell Alyce McCann Virginia Miller Peggy Minot Louise Mintey Betty Lou Mjellem Virginia Miellem Evelyn Murrin Betty Nelson Agnes O'Reilly Ellen Ray Praytor Mary Lou Royce Genevieve Small Jean Smith Evelyn Sutton Robin Thomas Anne Van Baars Jean Walker Mickey Wallace Patricia Wells Marion White Patricia Woodward Clarice Young Virginia Young PLEDGES Jeanne Bellveau Margaret Butler Patricia Howard Margaret Knauf Barbara Krause Patricia Marcy Mary Ellen Medler Jeanne Swift 30 0 LGUIT I-ILL Around the Fountain Harmonizing PRESIDENT-MARGERY NORDI-IEIM Showing a great deal of enthusiasm and cooperation under the direction of Marge Nordheim, Lagunitites were busy this year with Red- Cross work, Bond Drives and so' cial events. Hospitality was the keynote at several open houses held for the Trovets and Navy boys on campus. 6 Keeping up with the News Adair, Baker, Beliveau, Curtis Gerard. Inglehart, Johnson. Lees Lewis. Mardesich, Nordheim. Schupbach Smart, Viera, Vaile, Woodward Val Adair Grace Ann Baker Jean Beliveau Betty Britt Dolores Claman Betty Curtis Winifred Gerard Peggy Harding Phyllis Inglehart Meribah Johnson Janet Lees Nancy Lewis Lee Mardesich Margery Nordheim Geraldine Rusconi Mildred Schupbach Helen Smart Dorothea Vaile Irene Viera Elizabeth Watts Nathelle Woodward 0 M DRG A HALL 08 All Good News? Life and Man and Civ PRESIDENT-PATRICIA STOCKING Casa Madrona's homey living room with its Wide Hreplace and amazing library was the setting for more than one festive party time this year. Under the direction of Hall Presif dent Agnes 0'Reilly, Madrona opened her doors several times for Open House to cam' pus servicemen. At Christmas time, Winter term Prexy, Pat Stocking instructed Madrof nites to hang up their own stockings in prep' aration for the arrival of a jinglefbelled Santa Claus as enacted by Addie Artalien. X, A Crowded Together Eichler, Friedman, Glebe, Hib' bard, Hoff Iorgenson, Kettenberg, Krauss, Lyman, Mankins McCrum, O'Reilly, Orgell, Par' lapiano, Place Roberts, Slater, Stocking, Wil' kinson Adeline Arkelian Norma Brewster Colleen Campbell Dorothy Eichler Joyce Fanning Betty Ann Fox Marian Friedman Rose Marie Frisina Joyce Griffin Marian Hibbard Elouise Hoff Jeanne Jorgensen Barbara Kaatz Margaret Kelso Jean Kettenburg Gloria Kline Helen Krauss Marilyn Loyd Patricia Lyman Barbara Mandich Virginia Mankins Audrey McCrum Mary Pat Newhouse Jacqueline Orgel Agnes O'Reilly Marion Parlapiano Camille Place Marilyn Roberts Betty Shefts Joy Slater Pat Stocking Dorothy Tompkins Barbara Walling Janet Wilkinson 1 lf .Z 309 SEQ OIA HALL l 310 10 O'clock Check In! Isnit He a Pretty Panda? PRESIDENT-FLORENCE STRAND Zealous war workers were Sequoia girls this year, spending long hours in the producf tion room of the Red Cross House, and tak' ing over the Bond Booth in front of the Ad building for top sale days. Elo Strand Hlled the position of Hall President, and under her supervision, Sequoia's entry in the Y Carnif val competition was as successful as her work for the Qpen House Prom weekend during the spring. The Get-together Allen, Angstman. Coffman, Daniel, Deardorff Evans, Fraser, Kroft. Lee, Lough' boro Marcy, Marshall, Miller, Rankin Schultz, Strand, Sutherland, Tognazzini Shirley Allen Dorothy Angstman Dorinda Barnes Geraldine Beaumont Judith Beckman Barbara Benton Frances Brooks Barbara Bulgey Susan Cardoza Marjorie Coffman Mildred Covey Virginia Lee Covey Janice Cuneo Mildred Daniel Jane Deardorff lllona lsley Jacelyn Nave Hope Duveneck Viola Kalmocoff Jo Oliver Lucy Ann Elwell Louise Ketcham Thelma Patchell Pearl Evans Eleanore Kirehner Barbara Peileu Jane Fifield Pat Kraft Margaret Perry Susan Fischer Carry Krampert Geraldine Pokrandt Sue Fraser Ghena Lee Evelyn Rankin Nancy Gage Barbara Loughboro Dorothy Reece Roxy Gamoian Jereann MacDougall Elizabeth Rodriquez Edna Glei-m Martha Mac Master Mary Sanders De Etta Griekenburg Elvetia Marchese Jane Schultz Florence Halliday Pat Marcy Jeanne Schumacker Helen Henry Ellen Marshall Jeanette Schumacher Dorothy Hunt Shirlee Miller Helen Soffel Laura Stickney Florence Strand Jean Sutherland Suzanne Thiery Helen Thomas Phoebe Titus June Tognazzini Betty Jane Tomajan Elizabeth Vogel Elizabeth Winstead Ethel Wulff Helen Yahr Helen Young TOY0 LODGE 2 Easy on the Pillow C'mon Ouija! PRESIDENT-DOROTHY MESERVE After two years of conversion, Toyon Hall, that big, white, 28th Street abode that once housed the Kappa Alphas, has adjusted its personality to its present cofed inhabitants. Serving as a central dining room for several of the other dorms, Toyon served as a conf stant to and fro thoroughfare, even after the shortfcut from 30th to 28th Street was blocked off by an ignominious fence. Hall activities were directed by D. I. Meserve. Z 4 r Bed Time Stories Barnett, Etchart, Fisher, Fuller' IOI1 Hankins, Henderson, Hollis, Huddleston Huff, johnson, Loucks, Lush Meserve, Mosby, Reeves, Sea' grave Sims, Snider, Thompson, Van' Llerburg Iris Anderson Arlette Etchart Virginia Barnett Kathleen Fisher Janet Benson Janet Freeman Jacqueline Chapman Alice Fullerton Marjorie Cofer Arvetta Jo Hankins Loraine Currie Anne Henderson Dell Davis Peggy Jo Hollis Barbara Holt Loralee Huff Barbara Johnson Donna Loucks Janet Lush Jane McClure Doris Meserve Leona Smith Beebe Mosby Betty Snider Jeanne Reeves Charlotte Sydnor Margery Ross Jewel Thompson Shiela Seagrave Helen Vanderburg Virgene Sims Barbara Zickert 313 WILL RD H LL 314 What, No Hershey Bars! Play Time PRESIDENTS-HOLLY LOU JOLLY OLIVE GRAINGER A reverse of the usual procedure which converts dorms and fraternity houses into lodgings for servicemen on campus, Willard ,Hall found itself evacuated by boys from the Marine V42 Unit, and turned into a dormif tory inhabited by a crew of SC cofeds. A large number of the residents of Wilf lard being Freshman women, study lamps burned late into the night while Man and Civ collaborationists compared notes and ate potato chips. Olive Granger wielded the gavel at Hall meetings, and Willard entered into Red Cross work, Bond Sale drives, and Songfest with enthusiasm. What Goes On Here? Arnell, Barcroft, Bashkow, Beck with, Boynton, Bray, Brynholf- sen, Byrnes Caputo, Clark, Conlon, Cook Decker, Enbrysk, Fagg, Fisher Gauld, Gautschi, Grainger, C Hadrias, P. Hadrias, Harlamert Harris, Jolly Julian, Kaprielian, Karen, King Kleopfer, Larson, Lazar, Lustgar ten MacMurray, McKee, Miles Mohl, Moulton, Nielson, Phipps? Pierse Pilling. Pinsky, Pitzer, Porter, Potter, Satterwhite, Shea Shelton, Smith, Solomon, Stokes, Stoneham, Tapscott, Tenney Tevis, Vandale, White, Willif ford, Wilson, Wix, Yoder Dolores Arnell June Barcroft Sonia Bashkow Justyne Beckwith Arline Bletz Ruth Boynton Josephine Bray Beverly Brynholfsen Ruth Byrnes Margaret Caputo Ada Marie Clark Lorna Christie Peggy Conlon Jeanne Cook Mary Jane Crist Anne Crook Shirley Decker Emile Enbrysk Marcia Fagg Virginia Fisher Maxine Gano Dorothy Gauld Mary Louise Gautschi Olive Grainger Georgette Hadreas Patricia Hadrias Leita Mae Harlamert Benone Harris Catherine Harris Elnita Harrison Lorraine Hausrnan Judy Hayward 'Joanna Hibbert Elinor Jackson Hollie Jolly Doris Jones Francelle Julian Peggy Kaplan Darline Kaprielian Joan Karen Amalia Katsigeonis Patricia King Gloria Kleopfer Lorraine Lakritz Dorothy LaPuma Alice Larson Harriette Lavin Marilyn Lazar Marcia Leason Ina Lee Lustgarten Patricia Lyman Estheranne MacMu Audrey McCrum Nancy McKee Virginia Miles Jacqueline Mohl Avonne Moore rray Maude Moulton Patricia Murphy Jean Nielson Doris Pabst Muriel Parish Jean Peters Colleen Phipps Edwina Pierse Beverly Pinsky Betty Pitzer Camille Place Pearyl Porter Berna Potter Mary Rouse Martha Satterwhite Mary Sewell Jeanne Shea Betty Shelton Elaine Simank Barbara Smith Delta Sneddon Elizabeth Solomon Shirley Stokes Jean Stoneham Jean Stronarch Patricia Tapscott Helen Tenney Pauline Tevis Virginia Thomas Kathleen Vandale Lenore White Patricia Wilhoit Joanna Willitord Jane Wilson Joanne Wix Marie Woollacott Roberta Yoder 315 STRAY GREEKS Donald I. Blank Alden H. Brown ....... Paul Bruce .... Charles Caffrey. Alfred De Flon. John Gosom . . . GAX OAG ATO AXFI GAG GJFA 'William Hedge .... ... Henry Hillard ......... Howard Holz ...,....., James R. Hughes ..... James W. Kerr... ... Rodman Kotter. . . . . . BGFI KDEFI ATO . AXA .ZH OTA John Longworth. ..... . Carl Mayers ...... . . . Cliff Miller ,.... .. John R, Moore ........ William Purdy . AXA ATO . KDFA BGFI KDKZ Robert L. Richardson. . . Ken K. Rueter ...., Seymour Siegel ..... Warren Taft .... .. Lynn Wray . . . . OAG .XVI IAM BGVI GPZE 316 Blank, Bruce, Hilliard Holz, Hughes, Kerr Longworth, Miller Moore Reuter, Richardson, Taft, Wray Blume, Boice, Crockett Davis, Farman, Hoeptner Camillo, Clay. Frazerg Harris, Klemschmidt. Lancaster, Lopez. Nolze, Nowell O'Brien, Orgel, Shaver Palmer, Sacalis. Starbeck, Stockton, Tomlinson, Vallejo, Wedner Jeanne Alexander Jean Ayres Patti Blume Joanne Boice Joanne Camillo Bea Canterbury Shirley Casterton Stella Chaloupka Mary Champ Alice Clag Patricia ollins Rosemary Comrey Donna Crockett Carolyn Daniels Marilyn Davis Minchen Doweling Josephine Dufau Dorothy Dunker Betty Ann Dunn Dorothy, Eichler Sattara Farman Jene Foote Jean Fraser Audrie Freeman Carol Gordon Roberta Hale Norma Hammer Helene Hanbury Florine Harris Trulie Hauerwass CASA DE ROSAS Julia Hilts Gwendolyn Hoeptner Sue Ann Horn Jody Hutson Jean Isaacson Libby Jeffery Jane Joughin Jean Kleinschmidt Jane Knox Jane Kruse Bette-Lou Konig Jean Lancaster Pegge Lynn Gloria Masterson Jean McCarthy Rosemary McCoy Marvelle McGill Phyllis Menne Marina Mirales Pat Neale Pegge Nolze Jacqueline Nowell Gertrude O'Brien Paula Palmer Patricia Parker Phoebe Pavanne Patricia Pickering Harriet Root Mary Sacalis Barbara Shaver Cleo Starbeck Jerry Stein Peggy Stockton Doris Stoerle Doris Stransky Dorothy Tauss Frances Tomlinson Polly Ann Torrey Phylis Vallejo Valerie Vetter Maxine Walker Glenna Deane Wallace Bunnye Wedner Jeanne Weisman Joan Worrall ORELAND HALL Tania Bogomoletz June Carson Virginia Crampton Mary Elich Betty Fiske Gloria Gallinatti Patricia Stephens Edith Haas Margot Terrazas Mary McNamee Grace Ushler Reba Gail Montgomery Mercedes Zapata 318 Elich. Fiske. Gallinatti Haas, Stephens, Terrazas Ushler, Zapata 1 4 Brandstetter, H i 1 v c rt, K elle r, Liechty Moss, Short, Warren, Weeks Arletta Brandstetter Dorothy Davis Donnabelle Gerhart Phyllis Hilvert Dorothy Keller Beverly Liechty NICI-IQLS I-I LL Carol Moss Marie Snell Stephanie Novjtchy Dorothy Sorenson Susan Perkins Charlotte Sydnor Frances Schultze Helen Van der Beck Norma Short Phyllis Warren 3 President: Dr. Frank C. Baxter ARCHITECTURE Zuka Omalev COMMERCE Helenjo Blakely Vera Davidoff John Grech Alice Hamner Lorraine Throp Virginia Virgilio EDUCATION Marguerite Beatty Mary Blake Wilburta Combe Marjorie Darby Betty Louise Granger Mary Joan Greenlees Luella Hill Mary King Marjorie Reetz Florence Stratton Dorothy Jane Wilson ENGINEERING Stanley Beck Ralph Brown Ralph Core John Donan Donald Eckdahl George Fischer Sharon Moody Edward Scott Harry Schmidt Jack Selover Walter W. Vickers Clinton Yantiss GOVERNMENT Margaret Cassidy Evelyn Corby LETTERS, ARTS 86 SCIENCES Beatrice Aberle Gerald Austin Nladeline Blackmore Lila Brier Mary Burchell Ruth Byers Mary Cochran Eleanor Colbert Michen Doweling Elaine Freeman Peggy Ann Gardner Jean Holwerda Shirley Anne Inlow Carrie Immell Marjorie Kawin Mary Sherman Knapp Helen Louise Larrabee Marvin Lasher Virginia Luff Nancy McManis Reba Montgomery Melvin Nadell Eugene Newman Doris Pabst Lois Parsons Camille Phillipp Colleen Phipps Jula Robinson Mary Louise Royce Leland Scott Jean Smith Esther Thompson John Tice Mary Frances Touton Marilyn Walker Grace W' alla Patricia Wfiese National All-University Scholastic Honorarv Marlyn Cox Williams Virginia Williams MUSIC Barbara Jean Gage Alice Jean Irvin Lena Kanellos Arlette Renauld Fredda Trowl OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY Alice Barbara Clay NAVY Warren Christopher James Lawshe Jr. Theodore Madison Harold Redd Robert Smith Howard Vaum INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS Capt. Vic Alberty PHARMACY Eleanor Bates DENTISTRY Lon Denison Charles Gail Kent Johnson Burton McHatton Wilmer Parker Alfred Saltzman Robert Sorbonne George Whitehead MEDICINE H. S. Aigian E. B. Brown Thomas Gamble Jr. Robert Harrington Dean Kennedy Morton Kritzer Richard Meyers F. D. Mortensen Gilbert Nunez Sam Rapaport Le Roy Smale GRADUATES M.A. W'alton Brown Madelle Herron Charles Marshall Sister Magdalen Mary Martin Ella Blance Penny Gladys Bivens Prescott Frances Torbert M. MUSIC Alfred Service Jr. National Scholastic Honorary, Letters, Arts 86 Sciences SENIORS Beatrice Dorothy Aberle Capt. Vic Alberty Lila L. Brier Ruth Augusta Byers Carrie Barnard Immel Shirley Anne Inlow Marjorie Ruth Kawin Marvin Albert Lasher Virginia Esther Luff Nancy Breese McManis Colleen Phipps Mary Louise Royce Leland Howard Scott Mary Frances Touton Marilyn Elizabeth Walker Carolyn G. Wellborn Patricia M. Wiese Marilyn Cox Williams Vice-president: Dr. Bessie McClenahan Secretary: H. C. W'illett Treasurer: H. VV. Patmore GRADUATE Walter Berkeley Meigs Harland Ray Moss Hazel Adele Pulling JUNIORS Gerald John Austin Patricia Connor Charles Edward Hamilton Beverly Jane McFarland MOR1' R BOARD Mary Blake Virginia Hage Helenjo Blakely Shirley lnlow Peggy Gardner Coiieen Phipps Virginia Miller Mary Lou Royce Helen Taylor Mary Francis Touton 322 Blake, Blakely, Gardner Huge, Inlow, Iwiiller Phipps. Royce, Taylor, Touton G, Callanan. Callanan, Collis, Cortwright, Donnell Eagan, Ferraro, Graham, Graves. Hambleton Hanson. D. Hardy, Hardy, Kirst, Kohlhase Lewis, MacLeod. McMahon, Nel' son, Peters Scott, Sorenson, Sprinkle. Tapp. Thompson, Whitehezld George Callanan James Callanan Jack Collis Jack Cortright Lon Denison John Ferraro Robert Graham Albert Graves Gordon Gray Richard Hambleton Ellsworth Donnell William Hanson Rexford Eagan Donald Hardy SKULL D GGER James Hardy Philip Kirst Neil Kohlhase Justin Kramer John Lewis Kenneth MacLeod Travis Manning Franklin McMahon Arthur Nelson James Peacock Ralph Peters Leland Scott Jack Sorenson Richard Sprinkel Robert Tapp Robert Thompson Duane Whitehead Loyd Wright 3 2 AMAZONS Mary Ashley Mary Blake Helenjo Blakely Jackie Boice Virginia Brumfield Mildred Carman Margaret Cowin Marta Elkin Jackie Ford Betty Fullerton Peggy Gardner Marian Goldman Muriel Gotthold Beverly Griffiths Virginia Hage Ruth Holley Virginia Kaspar Jack'e Kruger Pete Lavell Henrietta McLean Virginia Miller Pat Muller Norma Nilson Pat Parke Dorothy Patterson Colleen Phipps Katie Poulter Mary Lou Royce Helen Janet Sims Connie Smith Lois Stephenson Betty Stowell He'en Taylor Mary Frances Touton Barbara Jean Wong i i E 5 324 Ashley, Blake, Blakely Boxce, Brumield, Carman Cowin, Elkin, Ford Fullerton Gardner, Goldman Gotthold. Griffiths Hage Holley Kaspar, Kruger Lavell, McLean Mrller Muller Nilson, Parke Patterson.Phipps Poulter Royce Sims, Smith Stephenson, Stovyell Taylor Touton, Wong Affley, Armbruster, Aylesbury, Bigelow, Brekke, Callanan, Camm Cannon, Christensen, Claire, Cox, Curtis, Dahl, DeYoung Eagan, Econoinidis, English, Fields. Hambleton, Hanson, Har' ns Hertzog, Hervey, Herzberg, Hoytt, Huggins, Kirst, Lowther Lund, A. McMal1on, F. McMaf hon, Morley. Morrison. Nelson. Nickloif Peters, Pierson, Prochnow, Redd Roscoe, Scott, Sorenson Tapp, Thompson, Thorpe, Vikuf pitz, Witmeyer, Wylde, Wil' son, Worthy Harry Affley Bill Armbruster Charles Aylesbury M. Ross Bigelow Bob Brekke Jim Callahan Bill Camm Jim Cannon Harry Christensen Guy Claire Ogburn Coale Jim Cox Jeff Cravath Bud Curtis Norm Dahl Roger De Young J m Economldis Jlm English Ted Fields Capt. R. M, Fawell D'ck Hambleton Bill Hanson Jim Harris Heber Hertzog Jim Hervey Harlan Herzberg Jerry Hoytt John Huggins Phil Kirst Ed Lowther Jim Lund Al McMahon Frank McMahon Men' Jack Morley Mel Morrison Dick Nash Art Nelson Art Nlckloff Ralph Peters Bill Pie-son Ray Prochnow Hal Redd Harry Roscoe Lee Scott IGI-ITS S Service Honorary Jack Sorenson Bob Tapp Bob Thompson Dick Thorpe Phil Weaver Bill Witmeyer Ernie Wilson Neil Worthy Bob Wylde Ed Vikupitz l 325 National Men's Service Honorary Daryl Arnold William Barker Jack Bodin Alden Brown David Burnight Jack Collis Doyle Confer Robert Conner Ralph Core Jack Cortwright Jack Donan Ellsworth Donnell Milford Dreblow William Driggs John Fichter Charles Ford Fred Foster Harris Frank Chuck Fuller David Gardner Jack Geerlings Kenneth Goldng Gordon Gray Albert Griffin Jerry Harshntan William Herron Gordon Jackson Ted Jonas Robert Johnson Gerald Juergens Kenneth Klein Herbert Lanouette Pat LaPlante Harold Le Sieur Trovie Lyons Charles MacKenzie Kenneth Mac Cecil Magee Robert Male John May Bill McPhee Walter Mink Leod Donald Quinn Jack Risk Robert Ritzell Robert Rivera Ben Schlegel Maurice Schmidt John More Leland Scott Earl Nelson Homer Sherwood Charles Newton Robert Smith Ted Penfold Robert Thompson Randall Philips Danold Warren Robert Power 326 Barker. Bodin. Brown. Burnight. Collis. Conner. Core Cortwright. Donan. Donnell. Dreblow. Ford. Foster. Frank Fuller. Gardner. Geerlings. Gold' ing. Griffin. Harshman, Herron jackson. Iohnson, Jonas. juerf gens. Klein. Lanouette, La Plante Le Sieur, Lyons. MacKenzie. MacLeod, Magee. Male. May. McPhee Mink, More. Nelson, Newton. Penfold. Power. Quinn, Ritzell Rivera. Schlegel. Schmidt. Scott. Sherwood. Smith. Thompson. Warren 4 l Aiker, Allison. Barthold. Batcliel' ler, Berry, Billings. Brambila Breslow. Brunellc, Byram, Camm. Craig, Crumm. Drake Ferlin, Ferry. Franklin. Gaedc, Gardner, Gelahart. Hawes Hegewald. Hellwzirth. Hertzog. Hervey. Hodges. Hoytt. Huxf table Lowther. Lund. Mix. Nelson, Nichols, Perry. Robinett Schubert. Smith. Stevenson. Stubbs. Suttles. Swartz. Wit' meyer Robert Aiken George Allison Edward Barthold Roy Batcheller Al Berry David Billings Charles Brambila Maynard Breslow Norman Brunelle Donald Byram William Camm Harold Craig George Crumm Douglas Drake Johr. . erirn Arthur Ferry Charles Frankli Verne Gaede David Gardner Carl Gebhart I1 V'c Harris Alfred Harrison Norman Hawes Keith Hegcwald Glen Hellwarlh Heber l-lertzog James Herwcy James Hodges Gerald Hoytt Robert Huxtable Sophomore Men's Service Honorary Edwin Lowther James Lund Jean Mix Terry Nelson Jack Nichols Richard Parker Dale Perry Robert Ray Keith Robinett Billy Schubert Ted Smith William Stevenson Donald Stubbs Raymond Suttles Clarence Swartz Robert Turner Stuart Wilner William Witmeyer 32 SPOQKS AND SPOKES Mary Ashley Jackie Boice Mildred Carman Beth Chandler Betty Fullerton junior Women's Honorary Marian Goldman Joyce Greenburg Beverly Griffiths Ruth Holley Ruth Madsen Henrietta McLean Patches Quaintance Lois Stephenson Helen Taylor 328 Ashley, Boice, Carman Chandler, Fullerton, Goldman Griffiths, Holley, Madsen McLean, Quaintance, Stephen son, Taylor Armbruster, Byram, Crum, Davf enport Ferlin, Frank, Gebhart, Gilson Green, Hawley. Lindop, Moody Morrison. Nelson, Redd, Russell Schubert, Scott. Storrow, Trope, VN7itmeyer W. Armbruster P. Burton R. Burton D. Byrarn W. Clarke E. Cleveland G. Crum G, Davenport J. Ferlin H. Ford H. Frank C. Gebhart R. Gilson M. Gould J. A. E F S, PHI ETA SIGMA Green Harrison Hawley A. S. Hesse Lindop .Miller Moody G. Moore E. Rubin E, Morrison J. Russell R. Nelson W. Schubert R. Peck L. Scott R. Rausch H. Storrow H. Redd S. Trope R. Roetner R. Willingham E. Rofh W. Wifmeyer 329 LPHA LAMBDA DELTA Eleanor Asmussen Doris Barber Shirley Barden Dorothy Bickel Patricia Connor Joyce Cot cy Freshman Women's Scholastic Honorary Lenore Curtis Darlene Hubbard Francis Marini Dorothy Elkin Naomi Jackson Henrietta McLean Eleanor Fincke Lorie Kirsch Celeste Mockenhaupt Dorothy Freeman Fanny Kyriax Anita Norcop Beverly Griffiths Sylvia Lovell Patches Quaintance Virginia l-moose ...Jin iviaosen Theresa Robinson Virginia Lee :ieitz Jewel Wilde Lucile Wilde Janet Wilkinson BET GA MA SIGM National Commerce Scholastic Honorary Helenjo Blakely E Darlene Hubbard David Parker V Loraine Throp Jean Bruce William Marcus Elizabeth Stowell Virginia Virgilio Maruth Gloeckler Celeste Mockenhaupt Robert Tapp Marilyn Cox Williams Norman Hall . 5 J 330 Asmussen, Barber, Barden. Bickel. Connor, Covey Curtis, Fincke, Freeman, Griff fiths, Hoose, Hubbard Jackson, Kyriax, Lovell, Madsen, McLean, Mockenhaupt Norcop. Quaintance, Robinson Steitz. Wilde, Wilkinson a Blakely, Bruce. Gloeckler, Hall Hubbard Mockenhaupt. Stowell. Tapp Virgilio. Williams Aimee Arthur Walter Baker Joe Bensinger John Bodin Beverly Byram Hugh Cover Robert F. Craig Jeanne Crider Jean Curran Wallace Dale LPI-IA ET, n RHO Ruth DeLong Joseph Fazio Peggy Gardner Thomas Goodwin Virg'nia Haley Bernard Hecht William Heusser George Hoffman Robert Huxtable Kae Jansen Lawrence Kirwan Robert Lint Charles MacKenzie Leo Malamuth Mary Marush Samuel G. Mathews Josephine McGuire Lucille McHenry Robert McNerney Betty Monkman Patricia Muller Ralph Myers Virginia Neblett Ynez Northrop Catherine Orena Carol Scott Peggy Servais Robert Showalter Dorothe Sigler Clarice Thurman Nancy Tibbs Robert Tolstad Valerie Vetter Eleanor Watterud Patricia Welch Margaret Wheeler 332 Arthur, Baker, Bodin, Byram, Crider Curran, Dale, Fazio, Gardner, Huxtable Jansen, Kirwan, Lint, MacKenf Zie, Mathews McHenry, Muller, Ivfyers, Neb' lett. Northrop Orena, Scott, Servais, Showalter Sigler Thurman, Tibbs, Tolstad, Wat' terud, Welch Benveniste, Cohen, Epsten, Fields Fox, Frank, Hcrzberg, Krause Kurtzman. Lewis, Morirow, Musicer, Nadell Ostrowsky, Pcssin, Saltzman, Schwartz, Winarsky Leon Benveniste Robert Birnkraz it Edward Black Saul Chazin Lawrence Cohen Samuel Cordova William Eisman Robert Epstein Theodore Fields George Fox Jack Fraider Alfred Frank Howard Goldberg Harlan Herzberg LPI-I QMEGA Dadie Hirsch Robert Keller Dean Krause Myron Kurfzman Merton Kusmark Mae Levenfhal Bernard Lewis National Dental Richard Luban Howard Ma k Seymour Morrow Max Muster Perry Nadell Herman Osfrowsky Harold Pessin Albert Rubel Alfred Salfzman Melville Schwartz Norman Shann William Sfomel Seymour Winarsky Henry Weiss l l 333 LPI-IA TAU EPSILO Warren Brown Donald De Long Robert Felix Theodore Fields Alfred Frank Gaylord Goble National Dental Richard Hambleron Kent Johnson Paul Johnson John Kinkade Elwood Laine William Kirk William Larson John Lewis A. Cameron MacKenzie Harold Pessin Charles Pierce Robert W. Thompson Howard Whitehead Seymour Winarsky Charles Wood Jack Wooding l 334 Brown, Delxmng, Felix, Fields Frank. Goble. Humhleton, john' S011 Ulolinson, Kinkade, Kirk. Laine Larson. Lewis. MacKenzie. Pear sin. Pierce Thompson, Vv'h1cel1ead. W'inarf sky. Vifoosl, XVw.Jdin?j Biedebach, Budd, Conlin, Crow- hurst de Flon, Fischer, Geerlings, Jonas Le Sieur, Lutz, Norman, Pon- ciano Saldarriaga, Spaulding. Vivian, Wright William Alvarez E. J. Andrews William Biedebach William Budd Frank C. Burroughs Carter B. Conlin Frank C. Crowhurst David deAryan Alfred deFlon John L. Fichfer Richard Fiedler George Fischer Thomas Gaines John Geerlings Geoffrey E. Gleason Norman E. Herley Oswaldo Hernandez Waldo S. Hunter William lnhelder Theodore A. Jonas Marvin Kidder A. I. C . E. Chemical Engineers Harold A. LeSieur John R. Lufz Patrick McGinnis Kenneth Norman William Oldknow Rafael Ponciano Richard Rasmussen Rex Sachs Alberto Saldarriaga James Spaulding Walter Swanson Richard Vivian Gordon P. Wright 335 A. I. E. E. Electrical Engineers Donald Andree Gerald Afkinson Donald Burbeck Helen Burchell William Burris Robert Chandler Norman Cohen Russell Howard James Creswell Joseph Harlow Marion Dilliham Joseph Hyatt John Duncan George Kenkle Ronald Ewen James Lawshe Joseph Garafolo Lowell Lorbeer Theodore Madison Gordon Moses Ralf Pitts George Reynolds Robert Roehl Jaok Selover Homer Sherwood Jack Sorenson Richard Thorpe Neil Worthy 336 Andree, Burchell, Burbeck Chandler Atkinson, Cohen, Creswell Ewen Howard, Lawshe, Lorbeer, Madif son Moses, Pitts, Rochlc, Selovcr Sherwood, Sorenson, Thorpe Worthy Anctil, Attariari. Ball. Barnum. Bates, Beavis Behne, H. Bennett. Bennett, Burnham. Chamberlain, Chew Cloud, Crockett. Dellarowe. For' ror, Kink. Krauss Liechty, Martin. Massion, Meaf gher. Melnick. Mohl O'Reilly, Phillips. Pulley. Rawie, Schenkman Spalinger. C. Taylor, N. Taylor. Terrazas, Vifithrow Vivian Anctil Jeanette Attarian Elinor Bates , Florice Barnum Howard Bennett James Bennett Hildegafd Behne Donald Beavis Norma Brewster Jack Burnham Homer Ball Thelma Chamberlain Ruby Chew Laurence Clark Robert Cloud 4 Donna Crockett Dorothy Dellarowe Jene Foote John Forror John Herndon Vincent Homand William Gaugh Pete Grande Harold Hendricks Christine Hirschler Hurd Jones" N Donald Kaylor Clara King ' r Helen Krauss Catherine LaRue Beverly Liechty Sylvia Martin Nathan Massion .Ph.A Pharmaceutical Association William McElroy Phylsis Meagher Efrem Melnick Jacqueline Mohl Irvin Oliner Agnes O'Reilley Robert Patterson Jane Phillips Betty Ann Pulley Phyllis Rapaport Frank Rawie Bernice Ringwald Helen Smart Marilyn Spalinger Rosella Schenkman Doris Stransky Catherine Taylor Naomi Taylor Margo Terrazas Robert Truxaw Isabel Williams Elizabeth Withrow P77 JJ A.S.C.E. Civil Engineers R. L. Alexander T. L. Argo J. T. Ator G. 5. Bogusch N. E. Boughton J. R. Cannon R. M. Carter R. E. Conner R. Y. Core N. H. Dickman N. W. Doane M. B. B, Dreblow L. Dunn E. F. Escalle F, R. Ewald C P C. F. H. A. . Flanagan W. Ford G. Frericks D. Graessle D. Griffin W. C. Hall C. M. Hazelton D. L. Hirst J. P. Kennedy J. W. Kerr B W. Kuhn K W. Lanouette T L. Manning W. R. Mcllverma L. D. Moore B B. Most R L. Nichols J. Pick C. R. Pierson D. A. Pino E. A. Quintero W. R. Racine B . W. Riley R. W. Roether H. A. Roscoe H. Redd E. S. Scott R. S. Scott R. R, Soderberg S.H R. Theal C Thompson L. Vikupitz E. Waggoner . Wallis L. Ward F. Warren C. Williams K Williams E. Young 338 Argo, Bogusch, Boughron, Can' non Conner, Core. Dreblow, Griffin Hirst. Lanouetme, Nicilvenna Moore Pierson. Pino, Quintero, Redd i Roscoe, Thompson. Vikupit: Warreri Allen, Bealessio, Benson, Cort' wright, Fortney, Fuller Grant, Graves, Kieth, Hill, Holmlund, Holtz Jackson, Kerr, Klein, Lau, Mac' leod, McCann, McNichols Moody, Nash, Oberwager. O'Brien, Pfirrman, Prochnow. Quinn Raley. Rands, Reinwald, Ritzell, Scroggins, Shade, Shea Smith, Thatcher, Thompson, Timpson, Vickers, Wray, Yan' Liss Shirli A. Allen Michael Bealessio Frederick A. Benson Ralph J. Capolungo Ephraim K. Cohen Jack A. Cortwright Frank E. Faris Robert E. Fortney Joseph F. Foster Charles W. Fuller Richardo Galvis James E. Grant Albert E. Graves Wendall B. Haas Keith R. Hegewald Stanley A. Hall John C. Holmlund Howard B. Holz Donald V. Jackson Bette M. Jordan Seymour Kalicka Willis Kerr Kenneth Klein Gerald P. McCann Carl M. Lau Kenneth MacLeod Dean Nichols Sharon Moody Donald Nack John R. Nash A.S.M. . Mechanical Engineers Edgar A. Oberwager Philip F. O'Brien Kenneth Pfirrman Raymond E. Prochnow Donald A. Quinn Raymond Raley William P. Rands Rene J. Reinwald Robert W. Ritzel Clifton W. Scroggins Nevin L. Shade Irwin D. Shea Jack M. Slough William F. Smith Peter Thatcher Robert P. Thompson Robert Timpson Walter W. Vickers Lynn H. Wray Clinton J. Yantiss 339 A TIDCDTES Vivian Anctil 'Ruby Chew Beverly Liechty Phyllis Rapaport Naomi Taylor Jeanette Attarian Donna Crockett Jean Markwich Bernice Ringwald Margot Terrazas Florice Barnum Dorothy Dellarowe Sylvia Martin Rosella Schenkman Isabel Williams Eleanor Bates Jene Foote Jacqueline Mohl Helen Smart Elizabeth Withrow Hildegard Behne Clara King Agnes O'ReilIey Marilyn Spalinger Mercedes Zapata Norma Brewster Helen Krauss Jane Phillips Doris Stransky Sylvia Zebrack Thelma Chamberlan Caiherire LaRue Betty Ann Pulley Catherine Taylor i 343 Anctil. Attarian, Barnum. Bates Behne Chamberlain, Chew, Crockett King, Krauss Lichtey, Markwich, Martin Mohl, O'Reilley Phillips, Pulley. Schenkman Smart, Spalinger C. Taylor. N, Taylor, Terrazas Withrow, Zapata Anderson, Barden. Carlson. Cowin Crippen, Davis, Goldman, Hale Inlow. Levy, Lloyd, Madsen McLean, Meyers. Moore, Owens, Schwartz' Smith, Stephenson, Thompson. Todd, Wilson Janice Anderson Shirley Barden Marilee Carlson Margaret Cowin Ruth Crippen Floragene Davis Marion Goldman Francis Griffin Madelyn Hale Shirley Inlow Mildred Jensen Peggy Kaplan Gilda Levy Alice Lloyd Ruth Madsen Dora Meredith Helen Jean Myers Hank McLean Avonne Moore Won1en's Literary Stephanie Novicky Virginia Owens Mary Carmen Ross lune Schwartz Pat Sheridan Jean Smith N Lois Stephenson Carrol Tannenbaum Margaret Thompson Toni Todd Betty Wilson A June Wilson 3 4 National Engineering Shirley Allen Carter Conlin Stanley Beck Ralph Core Helen Burchell Robert Daigh Frank Burroughs Donald de Aryan Donald Eckdahl George Fischer Theodore Jonas James Lawshe Sharon Moody Robert Morton R0bert Selin Jack Selover Walter Vickers George Wilson 42 Allen, Beck, Burclmell Burroughs, Conlin, Core Fischer, Jonas, Lawshe Moody, Selover, Vickers Chew, Chime. Chow King, Lau. Tom Tong, Toy, B. Vs70ng. W. Wong Joseph Chan Theodore Chen Benjamin Chew Ruby Chew Johnson Chin Yvonne Ching CHINESE CLUB Dale Chow Cheno Lee Richard Hui May Lee Constance Kam N. Sun Clara King Phyllis Tam Kathleen Lau Clement Tenn Annie Lee Richard Tom Edgar Tong Florence Toy Pauline Wing Barbara Jean Wong Frank Wong Warren Wong K 343 CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORGANIZATIO Lucille Beaudine F. Gerald Borch Beverlie Colbert Frank Crcwhurst Ruth Connell Jewel Creighton Mary Emma Day Roger Downing Emily Enleysk Don Farquhar Doris Gray Janis Hendrie ' Frank Jones is Dorothy Keller Nancy Lloyd Rufh Kessel Pat Piver Willis Kerr Pat Richard Powers Eleanor L. Kuntz Davis Reed Betty Jo LeSieur Mildred Schupbacln Norma Jean Lieberman Kay Schureman Barbara Jeanne Smith Pnyllis Ts:l'a.ner Phyllis Vallejo Pat Waite Mignon Wilson Pai Woodward 344 Burch. Connell. Creighton. Crow hurst Davis, Farquliar. Gray. Hendrie Keller. Kessel. B. I.eSieur, H LeSieur Lieberman. Lloyd. Piver, Schup' lunch Smith. Tscharner, Waite, Wil' son, Woodxvard Bennett, Eder. Elich, Fiske Ford. Hackney. Kamboor. Kumar Marqoeas. Mitclm ell. Thalheimer Jean Bennett Beatrice Cohan Clare Eder Mary Elich Betty Fiske DELTA PSI K PPA Women's Physical Education Jacqueline Ford Margaret Hackney Beatrice Kamboor Dorothy Kumer May Lee Ann Marquess Allene Mitchel! Gene Spaugh Norma Thalheimer Billie Watson 345 Dale Ablin Gerald Berryhill Clarence J. Blank Robert Borland Henry Bowman William Brashears DELTA SIGMA DELT Robert M. Brockway Warren Brown William Busby Ray Confino John Craddock Jr. Steve Dale Donald DeLong Barnet? A. Edelbrock Howard Erickson Robert Felix George Fleming Donald Garner Gaylord Goble Charles Gray Richard Hambleton Wesley Hatter Dean Huchel Russell lngle Jr. William lngwerson George Jones Robert Kinsman Jack Kinkade Loren Kifch Neill Kohlhase 346 Ablin, Borland, Brockway, Brown Busby Contino, Craddock, DeLong, Edelbrock, Erickson Felix, Fleming, Goble, Gray, Hambleton Hatter, lngle, Ingwerson, Kin' kade Kitclm. Kohlhase, Kunath, Late Laine, Larson. Lewis. Lunogrcn. MacKenzie Maxwell, Nansell. Parker. Pierce, Reece Reitz, Robb. Rodgers. Seims. Sikes Taylor, 'Tl'lOIl'lPlSUD , Ungricht, Watrolls Willis, 'Vs7ir1kler, Wogan. Vylood Jack Kunath Paul Lade Elwood Laine Robert Larson John Lewis Carl Lundgren Cameron MacKenzie Vance Maxwell Arlo Nansell William Parker Charles Pierce Herman Reece Phill Reitz William Seims Robert Robb Charles Sparkuhl Bob Rogers Walter Sullivan Rudy Ryan Robert Taylor Park Scott Robert Thompson William Sikes William Ungricht Ansel Wafrous Howard Willis Gerald Winkler Joe Wogan Charles Wood Bob Zellhaefer 34 AMMA ALPHA CI-II Letitia Barnett Doral Lee Bennett Jean Bruce Marjorie Chodzko rloregene Davis National Women's Advertising Betty Dexheimer Mary Maruch Dorothy Reed Naomi Fredrickson Peggy Minot Phyllis Stiles Viola Hileman Celeste Mockenhaupt Barbara Summers Bette Hoskins Betty Murphy Dorothea Vaile Darlene Hubbard Verdine Myers 348 Barnett, Bennett, Bruce. Chodzko Davis, Dexlmeimer. Fredrickson, Hileman Hubbard, Minot. Mockenhaupt. Reed Stiles, Summers, Vaile I TER ATIQNAL REL TICDNS CLUB Alexander. Belt. Eorg. Brooks Chinn. Crow. Farman. Haas Kenncdv. Madsen. Malluexvs. Newbury Obrero. Royc1'.Thompsr,:n. Tong. Zapata Jeanne Alexander Charles Belt Brooks Bernard Irene Borg Johnson Chinn Dale Dai-aoh Chow Ed'1h Haas Samuel G Mathews Ill Carroll Thompson Janeff Doddle Jr. Barbara Kennedy Signe Newbury Edgar L. Tong Sattarah Farman Pantelis Lambros Apollnario P. Obrero KaThe'ine Turner Theresa Gillis Ruth Madsen. James Royer Mercedes Zapata 34 9 TERTULIA Dorothy Bnckel Winifred Guillent Marie Marple America Noriega Floria Sbicca Arthur Boyd ' Ward O. Kellar Carman Masens Stephanie Novisky John Simon .loan Eshom Alexander Kosloff Gloria Masterson Maruja Rabago Jewel White Elain Fockens Melba Lacayo Dorothy McMahon Nena Ruiz Lymon York Joyce Greenberg Margaret Marple Dioniclo Moraks 350 Biclcel, Fockens, Guillen: Keller. Kosl-arf, 13.31510 Marple, McMahon, Rabago Sbicca, Sinmu, York Atkinson, Barber, Benner, Chandler, Christopherson, Craig Earnshaw, Farr, Foutz, Harris. Hausser, Jolley Larson, Lee, Miner, Moffatt, Mortensen, Moses Pettit, Petty, Filling, Pincock. Rands, Redd D. Sheranian, P. Sheranian, Valentyn, Wilcox, Wright Dee Anderson Wynn Anderson Lewis T. Arnold Richard Atkinson Doris Barber Niel Warren Benner Maxine Burgoyne Beth Chandler Eldon Christopherson Geraldine Clark Harold Craige Jr. Muriel Du Mond William Earnshaw Ragnar Engebretsen Joanne Farr Cyril Dee Buster Foutz Hal B. Foutz Junius W. Gibbons Benon Harris i . , L MBD DELTA SIGMA Joyce Heusser Everett Jenks Richard Jones Hollie Lou Jolley David S. Judd Alvin Larson Ghena Lee Harold E, Lloyd Mark Miner R'chard Moffat J. D. Mortensen Gordon W. Moses Garth G. Myres Marylin Palmer William Pettit Jr. Charles Petty Jean Pilling William K. Pincock Robert Prince William P. Rands Harold K. Redd Darleen Sheranian Pauline Sheranian Nishon Sheranian Anna Louise Stewart Elynor Rae Valentine Ramon S. Wilcox Shari Wilcox Myrle Wooley Gordon Paul Wright Shirley L. Zabriski LAMBD PPA SIGMA Vivian Anclil Florence Barnum Hildegard Behne Norma Brewster 352 Women's National Pharmacy Thelma Chamberlain Beverly Liechty Jane Phillips Catherine Taylor Dorothy Dellarowe Jane Markwich Betty Ann Pulley Naomi Taylor Helen Krauss Jacqueline Mohl Bernice Ringwald Margot Terrazas Catherine La Rue Agnes O'Reilley Marilyn Spalinger lsabel Williams ' so - . 1 J 2 .3 Anctil, Barnum, Behne, Cham' berlain Dellarowe. Krauss, Lichtey. Markwich Mohl, O'Reilley. Phillips, Pulley Spalinger, C. Taylor. N. Taylor, Terrazas Arutunian, Bachelor, Blakely, Casey Clement. Griilis, Hammond, Har' rell Kleeschulte, Knouf, Konzelman, Lippiatt Neblett. Nuno, Parlapiano, Pet' arson Rettally, Stowell, Virgilio, White' head, Wilson Helen Arutunian Helen Bachelor Helenjo Blakely Barbara Bulgey Ann Casey PI-II CHI THET Phyllis Clement Gloria Kleeschulte Coleen Neblett Betty Rettally Glenda Griffis Jeanne Konzelman Frances Nuno Elizabeth Stowell Helen Hammond Margaret Knouf Marian Parlapiano Virginia Virgilio Lucille Harrell Alice L:ppiatt Opal Peterson Elizabeth Wilson Ilona Isley 353 EWMAN John Achatz Fred Anderson Pat Anderson Marilyn Bachmeyer Lillian Barrett Elizabeth Bebeck Margaret Bebeck Jean Beliveau Howard Bennett John Berney Alfred Berry Arletta Brandstetter Betty Brandt Patricia Brealin Joseph Brinley Catholic Students Dorothy Brock Dawn Burke Phyllis Burke Margaret Butler Edward Callanan George Callanan James Callanan Betty Capel lo Margaret Caputo Hugh Carr Mary Casey Andrew Cecka Mary Christenson. Helen Christenson CLUB Margaret Clemen James Colaches Margaret Conlon Catherine Connolly Sam Crawford Constance Crockett Ann Crook Elizabeth Crook Mary Cunningham Margaret Dolan Matthew Doran Winifred Diallent Josephine Dufav Dolores Duke Margaret Esonme Joan Eshom Genevieve Etchart Patricia Fabllng Nan Farrand Jeanne Fisher Elaine Fockens Peggy Gardner Anne Gustafson Donald Hardy James Hardy Josephine Hasquet Betty Ann Hebert Barbara Hilton Patricia Hodapp Louise Horwath Robert B. Huntley Gordon Jackson Naomi Jackson Mary Ann Joncich Mary Kearns William Keller Ma'garet Knouf Margaret Knoop Melba Lacayo Norah Lacayo Patricia Lamb Marie Litschi 354 F. Anderson, P. Xnduson Bu rett, Berry. Beheelc Belivelu Bennett, Bl'Z1llCl5El.fE3l Bmnt D Burke. P.. Burke, Butler E, Callanun. G. CdlldI1lll Cal lanan. Caputo. Conlin Clmsren SCH Connolly, Crockett Dohn Duke Fabling, Gardner Hardy. Hasquet. Heoeit Hilton Hodapp Huntley, G. jackson N ack Eon, loncich, Keller Knouf, Knoop, M, Lacayo, N. Lacayo, Lamb, Litschi Lopez, Lovell, Lyons. MacGrarh. Marchetti, Miramontes Moorman, Morrel, Muller, Nell, Ni ck, Nitti Normandin, Northrop, Nowell. Obrero, Quinn Pizzo, Rettally, Thomann Sbicca, Stone, Ushler, Vikupitz, Vivian, Wat' ' son, Wager Alice Lopez Sylvia Lovell Mary Lyon Jack Madigan Mary Maher Lucia Marchetti Shirley Marquardt Barbara McDonald Bernard McDonald Katherine McGrath Beverly McLaughlin Phyllis Menne Patricia Meyers Daisy Mintier Velia Miramontes Carol Mooreman Henry Morena Frank Morrell Patricia Muller Philip Musco Patricia Myers Muriel Nell Charles Nick Mary Nitti Audree Normandi Ynez Northrop Jacqueline Nowell Frances Nuno Fl Apolenario Obrero William O'Donnell Agnes O'ReiIley Roseanne Otis Charles Page Mary Pansini John Pehar Peggy Pizzo Donald Quinn Betty Rettally Orlando Sanchez Flora Sbicca Jane Schillinger PaulIne Siemanko Claire Sinnatt Joan Smith Philip Spano Al Stone David Stone Mary Sullivan Jean Swift Bettie Taylor Francis Thomann Elma Urrea Grace Ushler Edward Vikupitz John Vivian George Walther Nan Watson Alice Weger Patricia Welch Virginia Weld Elizabeth White Francis White Pat Willik Ardita Williams Sam Wood Joan Woodman Virginia Young Louis Zankich Mercedes Zapata Elaine Zuerlin l i l 355 National Speech and Music Adeline Arkelian Alene Babich Barbara Behymer Jean Bennett Babette Bishinger Marion Bixby Nancy Calhoun Gloria Chappell Patti Colvin Peggy Cook Loraine Curie Mary Kay Damson Virginia Erickson Joan Farr Gloria Gallinati Patricia Garrett Patricia Heil Ruth Holley Betty Irwin Mary Kirschner x Dorothy Klinepeter Juliet Kohlbush Kay Marshall Katherine McColloch Aneal McDowell l 316 'Babicl1, Bennett, Bishinger, Bix- by Calhoun, Colvin, Cook, Damson Erickson, Farr, Gallinati, Garf rett, Heil Holley, Kirschner, Klinepeter McDowell, McNamee Meserve, Newton. Nilson, Nill- son Norcop, Nordheim, C. O' Brien, G. O'Brien Putnam, Reetz, Reisa, Rupp, Seagrave Summerton, Wells, Williams, XVilsor1, Woodward Constance McNamee Beverly McFarland Doris J. Meserve Eleanor Neal Patricia Newton Norma Nilson Gertrude O'Brien Jean Rupp Marilyn S. Williams Eileen Nilsson Barbara Putnam Patricia Schuyler Adele Wills Anita N-orcop Marjorie Reetz Shiela Seagrave Betty Wilson Margery Nordheim Harriet Reise Patricia Summerton Patricia Woodward Corrine O'Brien Mary Carmen Ross Elma Urrea rg 357 Pl-IR' TERES Janice Anderson Ruth Baessler June Barcroft Shirley Barden Florice Barnum Betty Bianchetto Helenjo Blakely Patti Blume Marilyn Brick Ann Van Baars Eleanor Byers Ruth Byrnes Barbara Campbell Mildred Campbell Mildred Carman Lois Champeon Edith Chapralis. Louise Conrad Arline Couse Mary Emma Davis Yvonne De Silva Doris Dietrich Margaret Dolan Marian Fernald Betty Fiske Lois Henshaw Patricia Garrett Ruth Holley Dorothy Gibbons Betty Hoskins Frances Griffen Violet lbelle Joyce Greenbaurn Barbara Kennedy Joan Greenlees Jean Konzelman Margaret Hackney Gilda Levy Virginia Harutunian Joan Lowery 358 Anderson, Barcroft, Bard en, Bianchetto, Blakely, Blume Brick, Byers, Byrnes, B. Camp' bell, M. Campbell, Champion Ghapralis, Conrad, Couse, Davis, DelBondio. Dietrich Dolan, Fiske, Fullerton, Garrerr, Gibbons, Goldman Greenlees, Grey, Griffiths, Hack' ney. Harutunian, Henshaw Hickman, Holley, lbelle. Ken' nedy, Konzelman, Levy, Lowery Madsen, McDowell, Miller, Mitt' man, Muller, Nilson Nitti, Nordheim, Nuno, Olson, Owens, Parke Peterson, Phipps. Poulter, Prid' dy, Rankin, Reetz Rettally, Robinson, Rohn, Royce, Schupbach, Schwartz Scott, Slaughter. Smith. Taylor, Thurman. Touton. Valentine Van Baars. Weil. Whitehead, Wight, Wilhoit, Wilson, Wong Ruth Maclson Kay Mancusi Aneal McDowell Mary Mitti Eleanor Nitti Norma Nilson Marjorie Nilson Frances Nuno Betty Olsen Shirley Rankin June Slingerland Virginia Owens Marjorie Reetz June Smith Patricia Parke Nadine Rohn Florence Stomal Opal Peterson Mildred Schupbach Helen Taylor Colleen Phipps June Schwartz Clarice Thurman Kathryn Poulter Patricia Schwary Mary F. Touton Ardith Priddy Carol Scott Eleanor Valentine Betty Rattally Betty Slaughter Ann Van Baars Virginia Weil Virginia Whitehead Barbara Wight Patricia Wilhoit Betty Wilson Barbara Jean Wong Ida Wong June Adams Eleanor Althouse Helen Arutunian Helen Bachelor Nancy Beaman Harriet Bowman, Eleanor Brain Barbara Brown Beverly Byram Ann Casey Dorothy Clay Phyllis Clement Marilyn Davis SECRETI Ri L CLUB Margaret del Bondio Pat Devlin Muriel Dumond Arlette Etchart Mari-orie Farrar Marjorie Gilmore Maruth Gloeckler Doris Gray June Gregson Patricia Haney Renette Hansen Shirley Haymore Barbara Hilton .Lorlyn Hofferber Margaret Kelso Grace Kauserud Barbara Kirwan Jeanne Konzelman Margaret Knauf Ann Lee Myra Kockyer Janet Lush Laura Magor Barbara Mandich Lucia Marchetti Julia Martin Mary Marush Barbara Marx Barbara McKinley Betty Miller Virginia Miller Suzanne More Louise Odell Virginia Olson Muriel Parrish Sylvia Payne Dorothy Pearson Opal Peterson Frances Powe June Power Janet Pudlin Dorothy Redd Norma Short Florence Smith Mary Jane Smith Charlotte Sydnor Phyllis Stoddard Terry Weeks Estherine Webster Marilyn C. Williams Georgette Zorb 360 Arutunian, Bachelor. Beaman, Bowman, Brain, Byram. Casey Clay, Clement, Davis, del Bon dio, Devlin. Etchart, Farrar Gilmore, Cloeckler. Cray, Haney, Hanson. Haymore. Hilton Kauserud, Knauf, Konzelman Lush, Magor, Marchetti. Martin McKinley. B. Miller, V. Miller' More, Odell. Olson s 1 Parrish, Payne. Pearson, Peter' son, Powe. Pudlin Redd, Short. Smith, Stoddard Weeks, Williams s l' Bartholomew, Covey. Frisina. Fullerton, Harutunian Hibbard. Hurst. Irwin. Jany. jorgansen . Juhl, Kelley. Kessel. Lewis. Mat' tison Medler, Patton, Reed. Seller Sichi, Stewart. Wells. Young Vernette Anderson Mildred Aronson Gloria Arthur Beatrice Bell Harriet Bartholomew Win-ona Collirige Joyce Covey Beatrice Freidin SIGMA LPHA IOTA Rosemary Frisina Betty Fullerton Virginia Harutunian Shirley Hayman Marian Hibbard Joy May Hill Claudia Hurst Alice J. lrvin Betty Jany' Vera Jeffrey Jean M. Jorgensen Marian Jersild Lenore Juhl Patricia Kelley Ruth Kessel National Music Barbara Kirsch Marjorie Lew.s Margaret Mattison Mary Ellen Medler Blanche Patton Gloria Ramsay Betty Reed Arlette Renauld Loreen Seiler Jeanne Sichi Norma Sochat Lois Stewart Patricia Wells Clarice Young TI-IETA SIGM PHI Shirley Barden Gladys Jean Hunnicutt June Schwartz Virginia Brumfield Ruth Madsen Lois Stephenson Beth Chandier Helen Jean Meyers Mary Frances Touton Marion Goldman Avonne Moore 362 Barden. Brumfield, Chandler Goldman Hunnicutt, Madsen, Meyers Moore Schwartz. Stephenson, Touton Ashton. Benson. Burnight. Emig, Garbett Grace, Henshavc. Hodges, john' son, M. Jones R. Jones, Kerr. Konzclman. liar' tin, Olson Parker, Payne. Richardson. Sims Smith, Staub. Vwlhitehead, Wood' FOW Wesley Ashton Joe Bensinger Dorothy Benson David Burnight Ruth Dunsmore Kay Emig Claudia Garbett Virginia Grace Lois J. Henshaw Margery Hodges Roger Howell Eunice Johnson Miriam Jones Robert Jones WESTMINSTER CLUB Willis Kerr Jeanne Konzelman Nancy Martin Jean Murphy Ruth Nonogman Betty Olson Patricia Parker Dorsey Payne Lois Richardson Mary Frances Sewell Helen Janet Sims Constance Smith Marjorie Smith Betty Staub Virginia Thomas Barbara Wharfield Virginia Whitehead Mary Jane Woodrow 363 TROEDS Freshmen Women's Club Kathryne Algyer Shirley Allen Barbara Ann Arcs Grace Ann Baker Frances Bateman Nancy Battersby Claire Bartlett Dorothy Bickle Joanne Boice Joyce Boltz Gloria Bonham Margaret Booker Constance Brooks Marilyn Buckley Betty Bukowski Jean Callahan Shirley Calvin Betty Cappelle Astrid Carlson Ada Marie Clarke Joyce Cole Jeanne Cook Carolyn Daniels Lois Denaple Ann Dorner Mary Louise Earle Dorothy Eichler Betty Florence Barbara French Donna Frandsen Mary Ann Gallade Claudia Garbett Doris Graham Patricia Gregerson Norma Hammer Marilyn Hassett Judy Hayward Ophelia Hazley Patricia Heatherington Phyllis Higginson Elouise Hoff Patricia Holser Patricia Howard Constance Hug Gail Alice Hulbert Joanne Kostka Donna Jean Kresich Gloria Lamme Carrie Lou Lamson Shirley Lauck Marcia Leeson Barbara Linbery Mary Virginia Llewellyn Diane Lockhart June Loprich Estheranne MacMurray Marie Marple Nancy Martin ' Patricia Mattes Virginia Miles 364 Algyer, Allen, Baker Beltz, Bonham, Brooks Barkowski, Callahan Carlson Clarke. Cole, Cook Denaple, Dorner Eichler Gal lade, Garbett. Graham Gregerson, Hassett Hammer Hayward. Hazley Hoff Heatherington. Holser Howard Hug, King, Kostka Lauck, Llewellyn Lockhart Mac Murray, Marple Martin, Miles. Miramontes, Moore, Nelson, Nolze Nowell, Normanly, O'Brien. Or' gel, Payne. Pirzer Pitzer, Place. Richardson. Rickli. Sacalis, Satterwluite Schlesinger. See. Seiler. Starbeck, Sullivan, Tevis Thomas. Thorncss. Travers, Vallejo, Wagner, XVeaver Weisel, Wilde, Wix, Woodrow, Woollacott Mary Jane Miller Val Miramontes Mae Louise Moore Barbara Morgan Patricia Murphy Selma Nelson Nancy Jean Newton Peggy Nolze Karen Emily Nordstrand Beverly Normanly Jacqueline Nowell Gertrude O'Brien Jacqueline Orgel Dorsey Payne Barbara Pitzer Betty Pitzer Camille Place Regina Poger Berna Potter Mary Lou Ramlose Lois Richardson Dorothy Rickli Mary Sacalis Pauline Salz Martha Satterwhite Helen Sawers Helen Schlesinger Polly See Anne Seiler Joanne Selin Lorelea Sockett Edith Spafford Nancy Spence Patricia Spencer Cleo Starbeck Kay Sullivan Patricia Tapscott Helen Tenny Pauline Tevis Geraldine Thomas Betty Thorness Barbara Travers Phyllis Vallejo Valerie Vetter Ruth Volz Jean Wagner Marilyn Lou Walters Sally Weaver Polly Weisel Jean White Joanne Wicks Lucille Wilde Jan Winchell Mary Jane Woodrow Marie Louise Woollacott 365 TRQJAN SKI CLUB Charles Alien Nancy Baker Barbara Bartosh Mike Bealessio Robert Benner Grace Baker Lillian Barrett Betty Bowser Ann Brinson Dale Bridges Cla 'ice Broiddus Nicki Brown Dolores Burnett Thelma Chamberlain Stan Carter Dale Chow Louise Conrad Virginia Crampton Dorothy Crane Shirley Decker Ruth DeLong Ann Dorner Josephine Dufau Anne Dunn Frances Ellison Carol Emmerling Morris Fiksdal Donna Frandsen Sue Fraser Winifred Gerard Carl Grafossle Olive Granger Pat Gregorson Hank Hadley Evelyn Haft Helen Hammond Jean Hastings Janis Hendrie Laverne Himm Danny Hirst Lois Hollingsworth Floy Hopkins Roger Howell Gail Hulliert Nathan Hurt Joan Hynes Lee Ingham Phyllis lngleheart Betty Jany Shirley Johnson Albert Johnson Joy Johnson Robert Jones Joan Karen Keith Kenyon 366 Baker. Barrett. Bai o h Beales sio, Benner Bridges. Cliambe li ri Chow Conrad, Decker Dormer, Fraser. Givmgex Gerard Gregerson Hammond. Hastings Hendrie Himm, Hirst. Howell HUl'f.IIlQi6i163fL any ohnson Jones, Karen Kenyon, Kernaghan. Kistner, B Krause, M. Krause Lewis, Marcy, Martin, McOm- ber, Nash Newton, Overton. Painter, Pan' zer. Patton, Rankin Rettally, Robbins. Schroeder, Seidel, Servais, Simonson Smith, Storrow, Vernon, Vivian, Waite, White Shirley Kernaghan Tony Keys Ted Kistner Barbara Krause Marian Krause Bonnie Krause Nancy Lewis Pat Malcolm Pat Marcy Frances Marini Ann Martin Billie McCullock Paul McCuskey Darrel McOmber J. R. Meigs Bill Moffett John Nash Charles Newton Bob Nogler Phyllis Overton Peggy Painter Basil Panzer Richard Parr Virginia Patton John Perry Fred Petler Anita Pick Jan Pick Helen Flummer Evelyn Rankin Edith Reithman Betty Rettally Ina Robbins Roger Sachs Gloria Schroeder Arnold Seidel Peggy Servais Pat Sheridan Frances Simonson Carolyn Smith Robert Steinherder Hugh Storrow Doris Stansky Florence Thomasian Mary Jane Thompson Juanita Vernon Dick Vivian Arthur Wade Pat Waite Beverly Walker Leonore White Barbara Williams Craig Woolman l 36 XI PSI PI-II ' lational Dee Anderson Robert Anderson Robert Backston William Ballard Roger Block Vincent Bonfiglio Robert Breese Clark Brunson Melvin Carlson Jack Clane Lloyd Cottingham William Crockett Dental Roland Davis Jay Edward Phillip Ferrara Burton Fletcher Grant Harrison Ross Huntley William Jackson William Kirk Walter Kinter Frederick Landis William Larson George Lawlar Conrad Lindner Seth MacArthur Richard MacKenna Auston Mackey Harold McCarthay William McMahon Mark Miner Pierno Maccinaro Penn Nelson Edmond Oettel John Ostoich Charles Petty Gene Pratt Earnest Reeves Robert Reeves William Reimonn Bruce Rice William Riedel Gilbert Rossie John Ryan Eldor Sagehorn Richard Saucheck Arnold Schlenning Nishon Sheranian Jack Smith Harry Stanton Eliot Stall Leonard Temple Robert Thompson Paul Trinkeller Wilbur Trilley Delbert Van Voorhees Bruce Warninger Edwin Williams er Keith Williams Robert Wilton Jack Wooding 63 Anderson. Ballard Bonfiglio Bresee. Carlson. Cottingham Davis. Ferrara. Fletcher Hunt ley. Kirk. Landis Larson, Lawler. McMahcii1 Min er. Nelson. Petty Pratte. E. Reeves R een Rice. Stanton Temple, Thompson Wirningei Wilton. Wotwding Ashley. Brcninger, Carman, Castleberry Hackett, Hollis, Howard, Hud' dleston Lees, Lceson, Patton. Shaver Teuscher, Thomas. Vollncr. White ZETA PHI ET Mary Alden Elaine Glddings Carrie Immel Mauian Andrews Retta Hackett Janet Lees Mary Ashley Roberta Hale Marcia Leeson Joyce Breninger Hertzog Mary Munday Mildred Carman Peggy Jo Hollis Virginia Patton Lymona Castleberry Patricia Howard Berna Potter Dolores Claman Dorothy Huddleston National Speech Evelyn Teuscher Helen Thomas Beverly Vollner Naomi Riordan Louise Shahan Barbara Shaver Barbara Slate Helen Soffel Shirley Spaulding Barbara Willcox Mary Jane Wallace Carmelita White o E vu A l 369 ALPHA DELTA SIGMA Raymond Carpenter Samuel Mathews Ralph Peters Robert Tapp Thomas Ganganelli Frank McMahon Robert Power Theodore Walker Robert Jones R. W. Millican Raymond Rhode Wilbur L. Warden Richard Knerr Howard Medici Kenneth Rom Raymond Wolochow LPH KAPP GAMM Professional Dental Joann Erhart Shirley Strother Beverly Hill Evelyn Evans Nancy Taylor Priscilla Pott Carol Harner 370 Carpenter, Gzmganelli, Jones Kuerr. Mathews lVICMahon, Medici, Peters Power, Rhode Rom, Tapp, Walke1', Warden Wolochow Erhart, Evans, Hamer, Hill Port, Strocher, Taylor Davis. Drueke, Foster, Gaede. Hixson Huggins, Johnson, Nelson, Pen' fold, Thompson Elkin. Harwood, Jenkins. Nlatlxews Nloulton, Summerhays, Viault, W'ong . . .M.E. Mining and Metalliurgical Engineering Richard Davis Pat Hixson Arthur Nelson Robert Drueke John Huggins Theodore Penfold Fredrick Foster Robert Johnson Wendell Thompson Verne Gaede Walter Moody DELT PI-II DELT National Art Kathryn Baker Samuel Mathews Pat Swartz Marta R. Elkin Maud Moulton Martha Viault Stanley J. French Jane Meyers Marilyn Wengerf Dawn Harwood Roxye Summerhays Warren Wong Wanda Jenkins 371 DELT PHI EPSILO Brooks Bernard James Economidis Robert Lawton Fredrick Borch Gordon Jackson Walter Mink Gaylord Cowan Thomas La Plante Donald Rochlin Ralph Drummond Ralph Wight l ET NU Donald Burbeck Ronnie Ewen George Reynolds Robert B. Chandler Joseph Garafalo Jack Selover John Donan Joseph Hyatt Ne'l Worthy John R. Duncan Ted Madison l 372 Bernard, Borch, Economidis, Jackson La Plante, Mink, Rochlin, Vs7ight Burbeck, Chandler. Donan. Ewen Garafalo, Madison, Selovcr, Worthy Benton, Huber, Reynolds Thomas, Thompson, Weil Ball, Beavis, H. Bennett, J. Ben' HBCU Cloud, Forror, Grande, Hend' ricks K PPA PHI ZET Professional Library Jean Benton Robin Thomas Barbara Huber Margaret Cruse Thompson Charlotte Reynolds Virginia Weil PHI DELTA CHI Homer Ball Robert Cloud Donald Beavis John Forror Howard Bennett William Gaugh James Bennett Pete Grande Professional Pharmacy Harold Hendricks Donald Kaylor William McElroy Robert Patterson 373 RI-I0 CI-II Pharmacy Honorary Eleanor Bates . Dorothy Dellarowe Nathan Massion Howard Bennett Jene Foote Frank Rawie Robert W. Cloud John Forror Sylvia Zebrack SIGMA DELTA CHI 374 Men's Journalism Bob Barnes Jack Estes Bill Griflith Frank MclVIahon Philip Smith Tim Sullivan Bates, Bennett, Cloud Dellarowe, Forror, Massian Rawie Drueke,.Foster, Hixscn. Hug' gins johnson. Nelson. Pcnfold, Thompson Ball, Bennett, Cloud Forror, Massiazx. Melnick, Rawie SIGM GAMM EPSILO Geology and Petroleum Engineering Robert Drueke Myron Holburt Fredrick Foster John Huggins Patrick Hixson Robert Johnson Walter Moody Arthur Nelson Theodore Penfold Wendell Thompson SK LL AND MURTAR Pharmacy Honorary Homer W. Ball William Gough Howard C. Bennett William McElroy Robert W. Cloud Nathan S. Massion John W. Fcrror Ephram B. Melnick Robert Patterson Frank Rawie Robert Truxaw F. Donald Webster 375 WESLEY CLUB June Barcroff Betty Fiske Eleanor Mittman Eileen Rasmussen June Tognazzini Warren Brown Francelle Julian Clarence Parker Jean Stoneham Pal Townsend Mildred Daniel Lowell Lorbeer Lois Parsons Flo Strand Fred Wilkin Barcroft, Brown. Daniel. Fiske Julian Lorbeer, Mittiilaix, Parker, Par sons. Rasmussen Stoneham, Strand, Tognazzini Townsend. Wilkixm EDCCKEPATIQNA HER PHY CL B MEMCDRI M May the anthems sing the praises of the man in the crowd ignored, The little man who does the job as best he can, ever fearsome of his Lord. Not the boisterous, airy sovereign, or the overbearing prince, But just the little fellow from whom no task can bring a wince. Let his name re-echo on the everlasting winds of fame, Let no man the simple virtue of his humble path declaim, For who are we, earth's lowly workers, who pass on roughly shod To raise our voice in murmur against the final word of God. He may be a grim fighting man, or just a hand by the old mill race, Yet the determination of centuries is hewn in the granite lines of his face. He passes on from day to day, giving his all to the job at hand, Encumbered not by splendor, just the back-bone of the land. Let no one ask an alm for him, or breathe pity on his way, For happiness will come to him as long as night precedes the day. His soul is rich with courage, born of purpose and will to gain, A And as the Maker has decreed his rightness, who are we then to pro- fane. FRANKLIN, C. A. DR. HENRY W. BRUCE Vice-President and Comptroller DR. RAY K. IMMEL Director of School of Speech ERNEST I-IOLBROOK Head Basketball Coach ERNEST FABREGA NAOMI REIFMAN DOLORES DUKE ROBERT BERING 377 378 FROM THE EDITOR . . . It's finished, and with a sigh of relief after watching the last form go to press, one cannot help recalling this last year in 226 Student Union. The late start - and the consequential late finish - with the endless quotation, "When's the El Rodeo coming out?" But only to those who spent countless hours of drawing up a dummy, arranging photograph appointments, past' ing panels, and getting copy ready for the printer and engraver, can the full meaning be understood. Never to be forgotten are the friendships, the times we'd steal off for a coke, and the real pleasure of doing the job despite its seeming endlessness. A few worked late at night, and to the last dayg it is to these few go my deepest gratitude. It's hard to write appreciation to that swell bunch who spent so much time working to produce this 1945 EL RODEO. Patti Townsend, who did anything and everything from making picture appointments to pasting panels and writing copy. Diane Lockhart, who headed the Women's Section, but gave many an hour to pasting panels, sorting pictures, or whatever there was to be done. jo Neal, assistant editor, who rounded up activityfpoint seekers for office girls. Ed Vikupitz, who handled the Military Section-and the diiliculty he had in getting film for candids. Bud Hellwarth, who helped Ed, and also worked on sorting pictures for panels. Sheila Connolly and B. J. Conlan, who poured out the copy for the sororities and fraternities. Lucien Gandolfo, who took the Sports Section into hand, and made it one of my lightest burf dens, and his aide, Phil Smith. Chuck Franklin, poet laureate, whose poems head each section. Mary jane Curren, for her ceramic Tommy Trojan that shares honors with Chuck's poems at the beginning of each section. Jim Powell, who wrote copy on the various activities in the Student Activities section. Bob Bristow, photographer of the sorority and fraternity informals, and some of the personal' ity and candid shots. Phil Latasa, Keith Robinett, Tommy Ray, and the others who took care of the Military copy. Sylvia Lovell, who secured the lists for the Professional groups. Phil Simon, who sorted and marked the senior pictures for cutting to panel size. Cathy Gotthold, for printing section introduction cards and helping on panels. Marilyn Williams, Bette Olerich, Pat Sheridan, Pat Welch, and others who did various tasks. To those friends who dropped by for a hello and a word of encouragement - for this proved a great morale booster. Then there were those to whom we looked for guidance and advice:--- Ken Stonier, always willing to help the staff over obstacles. Joe Mingo and his aides, Margaret and Mr. Nelson, in helping us with our many photographic problems. Jack Conlan and Mr. Jessup, engraver and printer, respectively, patiently cooperative in makf ing the book's pages into typographical realities. Mrs. Ruth Gray and Mrs. Mabel Jessup, who came in and helped a puzzled editor complete pages. Dick Nash for his splendid help on the Sports section, and suggestions for the book's betterf ment. Art Alworth for getting the hundreds of pictures cut for the panels, and for his interest and advice. Roy French, Arnold Eddy, Dean Fisk, for their friendly interest and suggestions. All of these people together made the book possible, and to them I wish to again express my sincere thanks. CLARICE THURMAN, Editor. r P. VVALKER COMPANY feels proud of the part it was chosen to play in the building and expanding of Troy. The sounds that echo along the corridors of Doheny mark the ever-growing strength of the University and an ever-deepening bond of friendship and trust. W'e are appreciative of this trust and know that the future will bring an even greater success to an already time-honored campus. 1 , K I ,x. Qgx Q Q Q Q Q .,, A gf' f , karegwgaz K Z ffkq' 4 'fell I 5, was 1 A ,fl . 'iw' fx! ,AQ 155 my S gfw ff 5 ii., K iitwfi Ax if-zfffgg ' , ,fifgf y H 5, L v A Q r : S . 'mgyw wkuiw Y, X fm? Fr f 4'f'f Q, 3? , Q 1 t 11 W gfk . N. if Af , si. "s-Q E? ,gmfx -v 1. , Q 1 " Tm! .IW 7. ' hi . 'km .K J . . E A f ff' ' X ,fsf ' if ' ,4+z, ,gms ui 'S W B 'S S NX RB, HpWgS'K mv 'v fi mm W ' ,MN xi lv W 53,9 yi gi, ww, 382 1228 SOUTH FLOWER has a familiar ring to students and faculty alike, who have ever had any part in the production of 562 In taking over the Carl A. Bundy will 599 Press and this traditional location, we were 'pleased that the production of El Radio was entrusted to us. It is our hope that with the pattern of quality and production which we have provided in this issue, in spite of Wartime help problems and processing restric- tion, together with the modern equipment and highly skilled personnel which we have added to the organiza- tion, we will continue to merit and receive the confi- dence of the officials, faculty and Student Body of the UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA COLE - HOLMQUIST PRESS 1228 soUrH FLOWER, 'Sf Los ANGELES 15, scAL1FoRN1A '33 '33 TELEPHONE PROSPECT 0347 Y? 'Ei vw 'i is M ,aw .Wag Qtr MX .W VP A L nw wx' ' I A N""'5S , N N sf ' -Ax H w www A gn ,1- 384 fllcfbannelli "LOS ANGELES' MOST POPULAR CHAIN OF RESTAURANTS AND DRIVEfINS" 440 West Pico Street 828 West 6th Sheet McDonnell's Monterey McDonnell's Farmhouse McDonnell's Plantation McDonnell's ....... Beverly and Western Sunset and LaBrea 4700 Huntington Drive LaBrea fr Beverly 413 West 8th Street 4012 So. Figueroa Street 2626 So. Figueroa Street . . . . . . . . .7312 Beverly Blvd. . . . .4700 Huntington Drive So. . . .... Long Beach Blvd. at Firestone . . . .San Fernando Blvd. at Sonora Wilshire and Robertson Olympic and Western 2828 East Firestone 6345 San Fernado Blvd., Glendale for the student body . . . BROOKS HAS LONG UNDERSTOOD THE FASHION DEMANDS PLACED ON UNIVERSITY LIFE...MEETING THEM WITH CASUAL EASE, RIGHTNESS AND THAT EXTRA 'TOUCH' OF CALIFORNIA COLOR AND SPIRIT. bl.'0UkS cnuronnm 644 SOUTH BROADWAY ' HOLLYWOOD AT VINE I WILSHIRE AT COCHRAN IN THE MIRACLE MILE - SAN DIEGO 0 LONG BEACH - EAST LOS ANGELES POMONA ' SANTA ANA v SAN BERNARDINO ' HUNTINGTON PARK ' SANTA BARBARA ' GLENDALE - SANTA MONICA ' SAN .IOSE . PASADENA 385 AU IN QNYCAMPUS Silo? Q 5 .I ENE FZ A Q I J A , 5,71 Y N Q X' il QQ ' 55 E A.. - V -..... If . 5 ' SA X A ,f mf !! XT f ' eg 5 r' XX-f . E,-261 N f DOWNTOWN AND WILSHIRE bv OUR PLEASURE for many years has been to furnish SC men with the finest clothing. Today we maintain the same PHELPS-TERKEL quality uniforms and accessories. ln peace time, we will still be leaders in campus-designed styles 'lfldobr Eldor Contender' A N 0 T H E R HE'S just a young bull calf- but at the recent Western Guernsey R E C 0 R D I Classic he brought the highest price o ever paid for a Guernsey bull west of the Mississippi. His sire is the famous Adohr show bull, Eldor of Adohr. His dam is Adohr Supreme Calico who holds a world's record for milk production. No wonder Adohr Eldor Contender brought a record price. This event is further evidence that Adohr is the home of Blue Ribbon Cattle. Calibre of Cattle, and standards of production, are the reasons why Adohr Certified Milk is unexcelled in wholesome goodness and nutritive value-and why it is so widely recommended by the profession. BLUE RIBBON CATTLE . . . GOLD MEDAL MILK 38 ASK A TROKHAN why he likes the coffee served at the Student Union. Could it be the rich, tangy, full-bodied taste of Ben Hur? Why, sure! . . . the same extra flavored Ben Hur Red Label Coffee that so many Trojan families use at home. 88 Rows of shining metal instrumentsg the deft hands of adoctor, these mean the margin between life and death. For years we of the A. S. ALOE COMPANY have supplied SC with the medical, laboratory, and hospital equipment to train medical men of the future. Our branches at St.. Louis, Mo., Los Angeles, Calif., and San Francisco, Calif., are moving with full speed to continue meeting both civilian and Army needs. GOOD HUMOR. The most popular sight on campus for any Trojan is the little white truck of the Good Humor man Sundaes, cups, and famous Good Humor bars in many flavors . . . they all tickle the palate of every student sg ffl Wwe Sloane's ability to do in- spired decorating has not been dimmed by war. On the contrary, it takes greater ability, with the limitations of merchan- dise in war time, to make homes more cheerful and inviting. We are proud of our war time home-front record. cwcam Our factory at Oneida, N Y has won the highest awards oi the Maritime Commission for excellence in the production of wood fitments, bunks and van ous accessories for our fleet of Liberty Ships W M S LO 9536 WILSHIRE BLVD s BEVERLY HILLS PAPER keeps the wheels of war rolling. Paper has helped keep Trojans fighting. Now, it is more important than ever before to conserve this vital material. PARKER AND COMPANY -iE:tablirhea' 1898 241 EAST FOURTH STREET LOS ANGELES 13, CALIF. 'l' TRINITY 5206 if PRINTERS ' PUBLISHERS ' ENGRAVERS GC Ir has been our pleasure to serve the University of Southern Cali- fornia for many years as printers of the Soutliem California Law Review and other publications. . 390 DEAR TROIANS: Wheels spin both in war and peace time as we continue to meet the food demands of the people. Our part is an important one in the all out war effort and we are proud to be able to do it-PAUL RYDELL PRODUCE COM- PANY, l3l9 East 8th Street. WE APPRECIATE the fine cooperative spirit extended to us by the officials and staff of USC, officers, and personnel of the Navy V-I2 Training Unit in our effort to render the best possible service during these trying times of manpower shortage. CALEDONIA LAUNDRY SERVICE COMPANY. FOR ALL OCCASIONS 0 Dance Corsages 0 Wedding Corsages 0 Funeral Sprays WILLIAMS FLORIST SHOP A-me--f-eFTff f' ' ' anananea Q nI,a A ,r'r N. . ltak V xi ftxev .kv. .. ga N I ar He A IIIP I I T hxtiiizl QQ I , ' I'n' A so I N624-ie ? Zi551i33?i S eQe'vaQ1V1Sr gil I 5 S' e U W 5 'T S . 75? rimlwlwgiliikg g 5 K, J A . Z ,.., , ,,,Lyim.pkl Mtv .V ,115 , ,VVL ,L-- kj'm.4Qg-Mfg? . NNI, ap X,Af TS ' QI 4y.,k, 3 I7i1'eff5 iff' Qi w II'A ffifi I .fyk ' 5 Snnaf - 'fre , w effsfifs z f' X fer' -' 1 Y F i at-:fi ,ate Qjgk VT: A . KAIKVW K 2 A L a,,a gg a-,A f :rg f 11 Dey Z. A 5 "EE-I :,fwi1eheft.'2 ' I ' XXSL 5 F iil'fw??K':r:QfhlfreS.3i' fi H595 . - jen .gge.gFT ',Sw IILIT II.' Jgflf I 0 Bo uets nana ' or x X I e'f"i""j Y"i55g?b T sage 2':?2f I ,-iff' I Lie? P im? 14, A ,.A" is g,!f"?fi"r..iN3I' gL ' F ' 'ff-Tux if ' 21 flf 57' W.9oe-fP"'-QQ-, A , - A s V-eff Y Q A Oo, S Mm K."'-L--.-'-, wig . 10"'j,Q ,I fx . . fa .3-Lvg 2,-1 1' Il A 'f 'I ' TTA . ij fi' 9 .Wag -if I 3 'IFINNFI-L. W " . .EI S . f .fqjya 'L I I H 'LVSI FOOTBALL TICKETS are one of our specialties. For many years, we of "Troy's Favorite Florist" IEFFRIES BANKNOTE COMPANY have printed me ducats for me cheering 2620 SO. FIGUEROA PR-9701 fans of the Thqndering Herd. We also do all kinds of printing, lithograph- ing, and engraving. ASLO PRINTING C0 PA Y Printers to the University for Twenty-Five Years 540 SOUTH SAN PEDRO STREET Telephone VAndike 4257 MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY 14. Bmqeleff 5613 Hollywood Boulevard CLadstone I706 Hollywood 28, California 391 GOOD EATING. Our trainee's chow is the best . . . so naturally Weber's Bread is an important part of every meal. It is our pleasure to keep BARRIS HARDWARE Compliments Of the Student Union Book Store well-stocked with the latest text-books and 3100 So. Vermont RO-H32 CO. We carry a complete line For many years we have had the finest flcl-lon' of hardware' tools' and pleasure to serve as the l'hangout" LA. Co. appliances. for all Trojans. Your wish is our 305 Boyd TR-3751 Command- I I O PARK IT inside at MACK Cr MACK'S. 24 hour service, pick-up and delivery BA'-F0UR5"""fl12 favorite lewelef of -.fhese are buf a few gf the Mackls SCS Creek men and women, as well many Services, PROSDQC1' A BS the l:8VOFll'G of the al'l'T1GCl Services. 92 1 4 . is N 4 1 1 l 3 . f i 'X J 5 v 1 I

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