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" Horse Dancer " by Oscar Howe »,,., On behalf of the s+udent body, we proudly dedicate the 1962 COYOTE to you, Dr. Herbert Schell, for loyal and efficient service to the University since 1925. HISTORY OF SOUTH DAKOTA, by Herbert S. Schell. what finer tribute to his University and his State than this book, just finished in Oc- tober of I960 after 30 years of research and published during the cen- tennial year of 1961. Typical of Dr. Schell ' s due recognition is this statement from a review by Elwyn B. Robinson: " Though a native of Penn- sylvania, Mr. Schell knows more South Dakota history than any other living person; he is a thorough scholar, and his new book is by far the best history of the State ever written. ... Its publication, celebrating the cen- tennial of Dakota Territory, is an important step in South Dakota ' s pro- gress toward cultural maturity. " We take this means of saying thank you for the many past and future years of loyalty and service to the University. IDk. -UenJbeHL Q. QdJL Dr. Schell willingly answers COYOTE reporter Bonnie Grotewold ' s numerous questions. DR. HERBERT S. SCHELL was born in Bernville. Pennsylvania. He attended Muhlenberg College in Allentown, Pennsylvania, the University of Wisconsin, Columbia University, and the Uni- versity of South Dakota. While doing graduate work at the University of Wisconsin, Dr. Schell met Mildred Senour, and they were married in 1926. Their two sons are graduates of the University of South Dakota. Dr. Schell has lived in South Dakota for 36 years, first as Director and then as Dean of the Grad- uate School here at the University. Although his work is primarily administrative now, he has been teaching courses in American history and South Dakota history for many years. In con- junction with his field of teaching, he has done extensive research in the history of South Dakota, and in 1942 published an elementary school book entitled SOUTH DAKOTA, ITS BEGINNINGS AND GROWTH, as well as various articles. But perhaps his greatest achievement is the writing of his latest book, HISTORY OF SOUTH DAKOTA. He began the book about six years ago when the Uni- versity of Nebraska Press, which is sponsoring a series of books on the histories of states in the Midwest, asked him to prepare a his- tory of South Dakota. The actual writing of the book took about 3I 2 years, all of which was done in his spare time. That it happened to be published in the State ' s centennial year, though only coincidence, is certainly appro- priate. After many years of hard work and research, Dr. Schell can now enjoy the fruits of his labor. - Wig Dr. and Mrs. Schell thoroughly enjoy their garden of beautiful multi-colored flowers. Close to the University campus is Dr. Schell ' s residence at 417 North Pine. In addition to collecting United States stamps, Dr. Schell makes gardening a full hobby. i I J " STT-ATT Editor-in-chief Susan Colvin Assistant editors Judy Kruse Karen Rabusch Art and layout editor Mitzi Holmoe Photographers Bill Christian Bernie Herzog Dick Bigelow Copy editor Rosemary Hafner Business manager Linda Green 6 Because the University was Incorporated 100 years ago by the first Dakota Territory Legislature, the 1962 COYOTE staff decided to take a backward glance at our school ' s humble beginnings by scattering reproductions of old photographs throughout the annual. The actual building and organization of the University was not under- taken until 1882 when Vermillion citizens sponsored an association which raised $10,000 to begin construction of Old Main. Until classes could be held on campus in 1883, sessions were started In the old courthouse and Rev. E. M. Epstein was selected as the first president. Symbolically, because many of South Dakota ' s governors have been SUSD graduates, the first student to enter that first class- room in 1882 was Carl Gunderson who later became gov- ernor. The Legislature of ' 83 accepted the gift of the partly completed Old Main structure and made a hand- some appropriation to continue the work of building a fine University. The State University of South Dakota has ex- panded rapidly in recent years and we think it is fitting to pause as we leaf through this record of the fast-moving 1961-1962 school year and consider the foresight of those early day pioneers who recognized that higher education is an integral part of an area ' s growth and progress. uian ( oli in, (Laifor Qowm V. ' f ' i- oljtAfitoAL I -44oijj AjojCmj tlwj 1. ' •1 iii ' i— ' - - iii. . .M dLi f i ii?iiyiR _ v -A. iT - A ' ■. v.- -v. 4 ' ; SS m i ■ 1 4- W- Qtieit; oiik KJumL 04C- .. k Kte, TS ut , ,«;■ 1 toUut uieit.. FACULrV SUSD First President Ephralm Epstein In Office from 1882 to 1883 Editor Kay Stewart 16 ' ' Jf V , . PRESIDENTS GREETING There are many facets comprising a University. Some of these are tangible and readily seen; others are intangible and unseen. Memories belong to the latter. Remembering old friends, teachers, students, classroom experiences, athletic events, plays, musicals and social events is a re-creating experience for graduates and former students. This COYOTE, while of immediate interest, will become priceless to you as the years pass. It will enable you to relive the years spent at SUSD. TTXUJuU. President I. D. Weeks was born in Scotia, Nebraska on September 5, 1901. Atter earning his B.A. degree from Nebraska State Teachers ' Col- lege in Kearney, Nebraska, he went on to earn his M.A. degree at the State University of Iowa. In 1926 he married Virginia Shawkey. Pres. Weeks did graduate work at the University of Minnesota and re- ceived the LL.D. degree from Da- kota Wesleyan University in 1935. After holding various offices in edu- cation, both in South Dakota and Nebraska, I. D. Weeks became Presi- dent of the State University of South Dakota in 1935. Among his many activities, he is President of the South Dakota Tuberculosis and Health Association and a director of the Crippled Children ' s Hospital and School in Sioux Falls. Governor Archie Gubbrud of South Dakota GOVERNOR GUBBRUD BOARD OF REGENTS The following people comprise the State Board of Regents: Robert Dailey, Jr., Flandreau; Harry J. Eggen, De Smet; Ralph Jones, Mid-, land; Mrs. Maylou R. Amunson, Mobridge; Miss Dona S. Brown, Huron; Dr. Roland F. Hubner, Yank- ton; Russell Molstad, Sturgis; and Elgie B. Coach er, the Executive Director of the State Poard in Pierre. Pictured are the members of the Board of Regents during their meeting at South Dakota State College. 20 William Curran, Business Man- ager, smiles as he looks through one of his many files. H. W. Frankenfeld, Registrar, Director of Admissions, takes time from his busy schedule to offer a friendly, and, as usual, humorous witticism. Kenneth E. Raschke, Executive Assistant to the President and Dean of Academic Related Programs, looks at our camera before resuming his numerous duties. 21 Miss Eleanor Norton, Dean of Women, is always ready to advise, console, or take action. •X- •X- The face of Howard Connors, Dean of Men, is familiar to coeds as well as to the young men with whom he deals. Dean Norton keeps up with current changes in the educa- tion of women. Oblivious of the COYOTE photographer, Dean Connors checks his files. 22 r MEM 4 a OMEM Md7T AxK(it " : Q.oh££K. Although the School of Business has long been part of the acadennlc program at the State University of South Dakota, the conn pletion of the new School of Business building in 1957 fulfilled the annbitions of the administration. Built at a cost of $650,000 to accommodate a double enrollment in future years, the distinctive feature of the building is its singular placement of all the business subjects, essentially ade- quate for effective business education. I ■■ ' iSsapSissw Dean Robert Patterson keeps abreast of the business world. Dean Patterson cultivates a studious environment. 23 Elbert W. Harrington, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, eagerly surveys the plans for the new Science Building. Usher Abeli, Head of the Department of Music, is busily engaged in his usual long hours of practice. Boo GeuJbuJL The Administration Building, familiar to all faculty and students, sturdily houses many departments and classrooms. 24 Robert H. Knapp, Director of Student Personnel Ser- vices, counsels students with regard to majors and re- lated minors. H " -- - ■c B 1 ■ w fe 9 IM J. H. Julian, Director of Auxiliary Agencies, is captured by our camera as he is diligently managing the pub- lication finances, just one of his varied tasks. Warren E. Lee, Dean of the College of Fine Arts, looks up from studying one of the numerous dramas he directs. 25 Established by an act of the South Dakota Legislature in 1 90 1 , the first law classe s met In Old Main until the present law building was erected in 1908. Then in 1 949 the South Dakota Legislature appro- priated $200,000 for the erection of a separate law library to adjoin the first building. The weight of the books in the library, located on the second floor of the original building, weakened the foundations, making the new library a necessity. The library was named McKusick Law Library in honor of Dean McKusick who had so faith- fully devoted his efforts to the advancement of legal education. The same Legisla- ture also appropriated $1 10,- 000 for the remodeling of the Law Building. The aim of the Law school is to give a thorough education in fundamental principles, thus enabling the students to engage in the practice of law in this or any other state. The School of Law is a member of the Association of Amer- ican Law Schools and has been approved by the Amer- ican Bar Association. The School of Law rests in silence after the day ' s trials. TlMOiL OJuJ Efi. % Dean Kenneth Simpson finds new challenges in law. McKusick Law Library Tomorrow ' s lawyers are hard at work in the Law Library. nil H n H H n II N H II If H HINUhH 26 Andrew E. Lee Memorial Medicine and Science Building KAedJuCMue UL Yeah. With the completion of the new wing added in June, 1961, to the Andrew Lee Mennorlal Medicine and Science Building, the departments of physiology, pharmacology, and biochemistry of the School of Medicine established residence. The funds providing the 10,000 square feet of the new addition were granted by the government on a matching fund basis. Caroline Spahn completes her first year at SUSD as Dean of Scnool of Nursing. W. L. Hard, Dean of School of Medicine, relaxes between sessions with pre-meds. 27 Contributing to the growth of the campus is the School of Education building. Mark Delzell, Dean of the School of Education, surveys the plans for the new building. The new School of Education building, to be completed in 1 962, should furnish adequate room for the school for some time and Is expected to enable the Univer- sity to eventually double the en- rollment in the School of Educa- tion. It replaces the " old Science building " which was condemned in 1958, and in addition, will house the classes held temporarily in various buildings on campus. This new, completely air- conditioned building will contain an audio-visual aids laboratory, a guidance and counseling center, a graduate study room, and an educational research and service center. 28 Within the walls of the Andrew Carnegie Library is -found the source of all knowledge. The Main Library, housed in University Hall, came into existence in October, 1882, when classes were first held at the State University of South Dakota. The fire in 1893 nearly destroyed the book collection, but it was quickly replaced, and in 1894 the library was designated the depository in South Dakota for United States documents. The present building was con- structed in 1912 by Andrew Carnegie ' s donation, and an addition was built, partly through a PWA grant, in 1940. An entirely new build- ing is being contemplated. Miss Ruth Bergman has been librarian since 1944, when she first acted as co-librarian with a contemporary. In 1948, Miss Bergman took over the job of maintaining and efficiently running the library. An estimated 1 85,000 books, constituting the largest li- brary In the state, are now under her care. Miss Rufh Bergman willingly contributes her efforts to the time-consuming, thankless job of maintaining the library. Knowledge comes through effort and hard work. o u a M S L 29 Lt. Col. Hornby explains a tactical situation — attacking an objective in a blackboard a SI4W74 S(MiiaL Beginning In 1954 as Program Director, Martin Busch became in I960 Director of KUSD Radio, Television, and Filming. As a native of South Dakota, Martin Busch began his services to the University secure in the knowledge of what people of this state expected in programs. Mr. Busch makes available to the area the high caliber of programming necessary in „ . . xl j x il . , . . J . J • I ' .• Pausing in the doorway ot the maintaining academic and social position Bureau,, Mr. Slattery lights on the campus. up. Striving for listeners ' satisfaction, Mr works in the world of KUSD. Military training has been part of the curriculum of the State University of South Dakota since 1895. The de- partment, contrary to pop- ular opinion, did not arise from a land grant institution. Infantry ROTC was estab- lished in " 1919, and it wasn ' t until 1954-55 that general military science replaced the infantry program. ROTC is voluntary as far as the state is concerned. This year ' s en- rollment hit a record high of .707. A new record has also been set for cadets entering Regular Army. Lt. Col. William Hornby, act- ing Professor of Military Science and Tactics, came to the University from the First Cavalry Division in Korea. Prior to his tour of duty there, he attended parachute school and did an assignment with the 501st Parachute Battalion and Airborne units. Lt. Col. Hornby is a graduate of Ne- braska University and holds a B.A. in education. During the major growth era of the State University of South Dakota, Bill Slattery established the indispensable services of the News Bureau. Due to the hundreds of pic- tures and stories sent annually to news outlets in the area, the University has become well known not only to those not associated with it, but to the students as well. Mr. Slat- tery ' s contributions further lie in his assistance in planning events and aiding publica- tions. 30 The Coyotes, under the supervision of John Roning, a+hleiic director, show good defensive efforts. Ministering to the needs of the students, Dr. Thomas E. Eyres gives protection from flu. 31 Caught relaxing between broken legs, sore throats, and downtown office hours. Dr. Eyres manages a smile for COYOTE photographers. " BcAiwA %£. QcBMJel- k " % 5 Vern Cadwell, Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds, checks on the missing key to Burgess Hall. Robert Falk finds enjoyment in his position as Director of the Extension Division. Fred Muhmel, Director of Housing, finds placement for college newlyweds. 32 COYOTE phofographer finds Alumni Secretary Douglas Steckler reviewing his pictures. Stanley Nelson smiles in spite of his busy day as Director of Union Activities. s CMMJ JU -R M! lUMi Construction on the nev Science building was begun In August I960. Built from an $850,000 appropriation by the Legislature, the Science building was an outgrowth of the condemnation of the old building. Physics, geology, freshman chemistry, psychology experimental labora- tories, and the State Geological Survey are housed in the new building. The auditorium, used second semester for the larger classes of the University, holds up to 292 students. 33 ARNAUD, Leonard. French i Spanish, PH.D., New York University. BAIN, Mrs. Lola, Julian Hall House- mother. BARKLEY, Donald, Applied Science, B.S., South Dakota. BARRETT. Barbara, English, M.A,, South Dakota. BEATY, Mrs. Marjorie, Mathematics, PH.D., Colorado. BEEDE, Grace, Classics, PH.D., Chicago. BEHRENDT, Erwin, German, PH.D., In- diana. BENWELL, Frank, Spanish, M.A., Indiana. BESOM, Donald, English, A.M., South Dakota. BILLINGTON, Monroe. History. PH.D., Kentucky. BOERINGER, James, Music Organ, A.M.. Columbia. BUSCH, Martin, Director KUSD Radio TV Film, Speech. CARLSON, H. D., Geology, PH.D., Queens University. CHAFFEE, Carlton, Music Education, M.A., New York University. CHRIST, Edwin, Sociology, PH.D., Missouri. CHRISTOL, Carl, History, PH.D., Berlin. CLARK, Chapin, Law, LL.M., Columbia. CLODFELTER, Dwane, Head Basketball Coach, B.S., South Dakota. COKER. E. Howard, Chemistry, B.A.. University of California. CUMMINS, Cedric, History, PH.D., Indiana. CUMMINGS, Sherwood, English, PH.D., Wisconsin. 34 DAVIS, Roger, Psychology, PH.D., Wis- consin. DEWEY, Ernest, Philosophy, PH.D., University of Texas. DREYER, A. M., Economics, PH.D., Wisconsin. DRISCOLL, Glen, History, PH.D., Min- nesota. DUNLAP, Donald, Zoology, PH.D.. Wash- ington State College. EHRENSPERGER, Edward, English, PH.D., Harvard. EK- MAN, William, Mathematics, M.A., South Dakota. EVANS, John, Economics, M.A.. University of Texas. FARBER, William, Government, PH.D., Wisconsin. POOR, Millard, Applied Science, M.Ed., Pennsylvania State. GEARY, Thomas, Government, PH.D., Iowa. GODLOVE, Lewis, Educational Psychology and Guidance, B.A., Illinois. GORMAN. Richard, English, M.A., South Dakota. GRAF, Stephen, Applied Science, A.B.. South Dakota. GRAY. Walter, Bus- iness Statistics, M.A., South Dakota. GUTZMAN, Wayne, Mathematics, PH.D., University of Iowa. HADD, Edwin, Law, LL.B., Louisville University. HAINES, A. L., Chemistry, M.A., South Dakota. HAEDER, Paul, Mathematics, M.A., South Dakota. HAHN, Roger, Chemistry, PH.D., Ohio State University. HAMPSHIRE. Alan. Chemistry, M.Ed., Colorado. HARRELL, Byron, Zoology, PH.D., Minnesota. HARTMAN, Alexan- der, French, PH.D., Leipzig. HASSE, M. M., Mathematics and Astronomy, M.A., Charleton. 35 HOY, Cart, Business Education, B.A., South Dakota. JACKSON, Marion, Assist ant Dean of Men Athletic Assistant, B.A., South Dakota. JOHNSON, Robert, Finance, A.M., Iowa. JONES, J. P., In- surance Real Estate, M.A., Iowa. KAUFMAN, Charles, Business Manage- ment, M.B.A., South Dakota. KNUDSON, Delia, English, M.A., South Dakota. KOENIG, Harry, French S. Spanish, PH.D., National University of Mexico. KRUSENSTJERNA, Charles, Music, M.M., Eastman School of Music. KUCERA, Richard, Geology, M.S., Ohio. LARSON, Eva, Home Economics, M.S., Iowa. LIPP, Robert, French i German, M.Litt., Pittsburgh. MATH IS, Paul, Eco- nomics, PH.D., Iowa. MEHAFFEY, Alexander, Mathematics, M.S., Texas. MILLER, Donald, KUSD, Speech, A.B., South Dakota. MONT- GOMERY, V. E., Business, A.M., South Dakota. NICHOLS, Alan, Economics, M.A., Wisconsin. OLSON, Harry, Business Administration, C.P.A., M.B.A., Northwestern. OLSON, Thelma, Secretarial Training, M.B.Ed., Colorado. OLSON, Quentin, Business Teacher Education, M.Ed., U.C.L.A. PAL- MER, Neil, Sociology, PH.D., Iowa. PEDERSON. Holly, Accounting, M.B.A., South Dakota. PERKINS. Bernard, Busi- ness, PH.D., Iowa. PETERSON, J. M., Business Law, LL.B., South Dakota. ROEDER, Merwin, Health £. Physical Education, A.M., Minnesota. ,iLj RUCH, Richard, Chemistry, PH.D., Iowa State University. RYGG, Paul, Mathe- matics. PH.D., Iowa State University. SCHMULBACH, James, Zoology. PH.D., Iowa. SCHROEDER, Raymond, Elemen- tary Education, PH.D., Nebraska. SCOTT. George, Chemistry, PH.D., Uni- versity of Rochester. SELZ, William, English. PH.D., Harvard. SERIF, George, Biochemistry, PH.D., McMaster Univer- sity. SEVY, Ruth, Health Physical Education, Colorado State College. SHAW, Edwin, Biochemistry, PH.D., Johns Hopkins. STEENSMA, Robert, English, PH.D., Kentucky. STERLING. E. W., History, PH.D., Iowa. STEVEN- SON, Robert, Geology, PH.D., Lehigh University, STILWELL, Wilber, Art, M.A., Iowa State University. STREIM, Francis, Voice, A.M., Wisconsin. TAYLOR, James, Marketing, A.M., Iowa. TROTZIG, E. G., Journalism, A.M., South Dakota. VANBRUGGEN, Theodore, Botany, PH.D., Iowa. VAUGHN, Charles, Zoology, PH.D., Wisconsin. VOLK, Arthur, Accounting, M.S., Colorado. WALTER, Robert, Mathe- matics, M.A., South Dakota. WOOD, Mrs. Tage, Health and Physical Education, B.S.. Pennsylvania State Teachers College. ' PW.-.- Faculty members who are camera-shy. 37 CLASSES SUSD First Graduating Class of 1886 Editor Sharon Grotewold 38 QejiMsM- ABBOTT, ARLENE, Sturgis, Library Science. Wesley Foundation Secretary and Recreation Chairman, Student Assistant. Honors Seminar. AIKENS, MARGARET, Sioux Falls. Ele- mentary Education, Young Republicans, Cheerleader, Toastmistresses, SNEA, Who ' s Who. Miss Vanity Fair, Pan- hellenic. Delt Sweetheart. ARMITAGE. GEORGE, San Francisco, California, His- tory, Art Club, History Club, Chemistry Club. ARNOLD, RICHARD. Britton, Physical Education, Baseball. ARNOLD, STEPHEN, Traverse City, Michigan, Speech, Delta Tau Delta. KVTV Scholar- ship. Young Democrats, KUSD Recording Engineer, Forensics. ASHBY, JAMES, Lincoln Park, Mich- igan, Physical Education, Football, Let- terman ' s Club. AULD, MEREDITH, Yank- ton, Speech, Pi Beta Phi, Who ' s Who, Student Senate, Young Democrats. Dol- phins. Mortar Board President. BAAS, ELWOOD, Corsica, Math Physics, Rifle Team. Honors Seminar, Math Club, Pi Mu Epsilon. BALStGER. VERLIN. Water- town, Speech, Freshman Football, Foren- sics, Debate. BARRICK, THOMAS, Vermillion, History. BAUMANN, JUDITH, Yankton, Elemen- tary Education, Young Republicans Executive Board, AWS Representative, Toastmistresses, Alpha Phi, SNEA, WRA. BIGELOW, MARY, Hackettstown, New Jersey, Sociology. BLUEBIRD. NORMA, Allen, Sociology, AWS, Canterbury Club, Sociology Club, Rodeo Club, Wapaha Club President. BOBELDYK, IRVIN, Vermillion, Applied Science, Engineering Club. BODE, JERRY, Chamberlain, Journalism, Honors Seminar, Volante, Student Senate. BOE- RINGER, GRACE, Vermillion, Violin. BOESE, CHADMAN, Sioux Falls, Music. Drum Major, Band, Orchestra, Kappa Kappa Psi. BOHLEN, KAREN, Boone, Iowa, Ele- mentary Education, Chi Omega Rush Chairman, Toastmistresses, Social Com- mittee Chairman. SNEA. BOLLUYT, ERWIN, Hawarden, Iowa, English His- tory, Phi Alpha Theta, English Club, His- tory Club. BREWSTER. WEBB, Water- town, Government, Sigma Alpha Ep- silon, Rodeo Club, Canterbury Club. B R U G G E R, BRUCE. Presho, Social Studies, Soccer. 40 CARLSON, SHARON, Sioux Falls, French, Phi Sigma iota, Young Demo- crats, Volante Fashion Editor, Student Recruitment, Kappa Alpha Theta. CAS- LER, SANDRA, Sioux City, Iowa, Ele- mentary Education, SNEA. CAWTHORNE, BURTON, Winner, Government, Student Senate, Political Science League, Newman Club, History Club, Young Democrats. CHANDLEY, MARGARET, Mitchell, Drama, Pasadena Playhouse, Black Hills Playhouse. CHICOINE, DONALD, Jefferson, Mathe- matics Education, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Football, Baseball. Letterman ' s Club, Who ' s Who. CHRISTENSEN, ALTON, Brookings, Zoology, PWF, Inter-Varsity, Honors S eminar, Hippocrates Club. CLABAUGH, RONALD, Humboldt, Iowa, Government. CLEMENTS, DIANE, Dead- wood, French, Band, Tau Beta Sigma, Canterbury Club. COLLINS, JAMES, Mobridge, Zoology. COLVIN, SUSAN, Vermillion, Mathe- matics, COYOTE Editor, Honors Seminar, Who ' s Who, Pi Mu Epsilon, Alpha Lamb- da Delta Treasurer, Guidon President, Mortar Board, Chi Omega Treasurer, Publications Board Secretary, Miss Da- kota Candidate, Miss University Can- didate, Convocations Committee, Math Club, Church Choir, PWF. CONNOR, CLARICE, Artesian, Sociology, Band, Orchestra, Newman Club, Sociology Club, Young Democrats, Eta Sigma Phi Secre- tary, Philocharmian Society. COOPER, BEVERLY, Mondamin, Iowa, Mathe- matics, Newman Club, Math Club, Pi Mu Epsilon, Toastmistresses, East Hall Presi- dent, Honors Seminar, Who ' s Who, Mortar Board, Alpha Lambda Delta, Miss Dakota Candidate. CRONIN, ELLAMARIE, Presno, English, Alpha Lambda Delta, Honors Seminar, Zeta Phi Eta, Tau Kappa Alpha, Assist- ant Housemother. DE LOSS. ROBERT, Sioux City, Iowa, Biology. DORR, LAW- RENCE, Baltimore, Maryland, Mathe- matics, Lambda Chi Alpha, Newman Club, Basketball, Omicron Delta Kappa, Mathe- matics Club. DVORAK, JOSEPH, Kaylor, Speech, Newman Cl|jb, Young Repub- licans, Forensics League. EFINGER, DONALD. Rapid City, So- ciology, Beta Theta Pi, Student Senate, IFC, Sociology Club, Young Republicans. EICHMAN, THOMAS, Sibley, Iowa, Ger- man and Mathematics, Math Club, Ger- man Club, Phi Eta Sigma, Wesley Club, Sigma Theta Epsilon. Honors Seminar, ROTC Band. Pi Mu Epsilon. EMERY, ARLENE, Spencer, Iowa, Elementary Education, Kappa Alpha Theta, SNEA. ENTRINGER, MARGARET, Sioux City, Iowa, Art Education. A new school year begins, and hundreds of students make endless trips from car to dorm. c ' ' - £££ 41 EVANS. JAMES, Armour, Social Studies. FARGO, JAMES, Gayville, Chemistry A, Mathematics, Chemistry Club, Scabbard Blade Treasurer, Omicron Delta Kappa, Tau Kappa Epsilon Chaplain and Presi- dent. FORNEY, JAMES. Pierre, History, Track Letter, Beta Theta Pi. FRED- RICKS, KATHRYN, Vermillion. Business Teacher Education. FRIEBERG, EVELYN. Beresford, Speech, Tau Kappa Alpha, Kappa Alpha Theta, Young Republicans, Publications Board. GARDNER, NANCY, Huron. Elementary Education, Miss University, Alpha Phi, Miss Vanity Fair Candidate, First Runner Up for Miss South Dakota and Most Talented Finalist. Alpha Phi Scholarship. GIESER, DUANE, Sioux Falls, Govern- ment. GLEASON, MOLLY, Sioux Falls, English, Volante Editor, Pi Beta Phi President, Publications Board Secretary, Alpha Lambda Delta, Guidon, Mortar Board Secretary, Who ' s Who. GODSPEED, DONALD, Aberdeen, Mathe- matics. GRABER, MORRIS, Marion, Ele- mentary Education, Choir, Baseball. GREENLEE, ANNE, Yankton. Social Work. Alpha Phi, Sociology Club, Psy- chology Club, Young Republicans, AWS, WRA, Dolphins. HAEDER. ROSALIE, Vermillion. Home Economics. Religious Council. Young Democrats, REW, Home Economics Club, Gamma Delta, Alpha Lambda Delta. HAGEN. ANNETTE, Orient. Speech Cor- rection. HAISCH, SANDRA. Bonesteel, Mathematics, Alpha Xi Delta, Young Democrats, Honors Seminar. AWS. Pi Mu Epsilon, M?th Club. HALL, GREG, Sioux Falls, Psychology, Delta Tau Delta, Kappa Kappa Psi, Band. Sociology Club, Psychology Club. HALLENBECK, JONE, Madison, Business Education, Chi Omega, Dolphins, AWS, Young Republicans, COYOTE, Toastmistresses, Blast. WRA. HANSON, RUSSELL, Vermillion. Mathe- matics, Math Club, Pi Mu Epsilon, Hippo- crates Club, LSA, Honors Seminar. HAR- NAGEL, JAMES, Hot Springs, German, Choir. HAUGE, GEORGE, Howard, Jour- nalism, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Strollers, Scabbard and Blade, Young Republicans. HAYLER. ROBERT, Rockvkreli City, Iowa, Applied Science. P ' f K Ct ' HEDGES. LYNN, Spirit Lake. Iowa, Geology Club. HEINEMAN, GARY. Alex- andria. Elementary Education. HEND- RICKSON, JILL, Wayne. Nebraska, Phys- ical Education, Pi Beta Phi, WRA, PEMM Club, Majorette, Young Republicans, Toastmistresses. HERRBOLDT, ALLEN, Menno, Mathematics Education. 42 Mixers give the students a chance to make new friends. HERZOG. BERNARD, Sioux Falls, Zo ology, COYOTE, Volante, Blast, Footbal Newman Club, Honors Seminar, Hippo- crates Club. HEYD, MARLENE, Mitchell, English, Alpha Phi, USD Choir Accom- panist, Young Republicans, Toastmis- tresses. Student Recruitment, AWS, WRA. HILL, RONALD, Chicago, Elementary Education, Football. HILLBERG, JOHN, Wausa, Nebraska, Industrial Engineering. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Engineering Club. HOLDSBERG, JACK, University City, Missouri, Physical Education, Football. HOLGATE, SUE, Redfield, Physical Edu- cation, Dolphins, Young Republicans, Choir, PEMM Club, Pi Beta Phi. HOS- MER, LARRY, Howard, Government, Sig- ma Alpha Epsilon, Political Science League, Young Democrats, Baseball. HOUCHEN, LAVONNE, Rapid City, Mathematics, Math Club, Newman Club, Student Senate, Young Democrats, Alpha Xi Delta. HOUDERSHELDT, GLEN, Wayne, Ne- braska, Physical Education. Intramural Athletics. HUETTMAN, RONALD, Akron, Iowa, Music Education, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, National Collegiate Players, University Theater, Guild Student Group of American Guild of Organists, Band, Chorus, Orchestra, Madrigal. HURA, JOSEPH, Howard, Biology, Alpha Pi Omega President, American Chemical So- ciety. HUSTRULID, LEE, Beresford, Ap- plied Science, Engineering Club, JENSEN, ELLARD, Battle Creek, Iowa, Mathematics. Math Club. JOHANNSEN, RICHARD, Hawarden, Iowa, Music Edu- cation, Band. JOHANSEN, JAN, South Sioux City, Nebraska, Mathematics and English, Math Club, History Club, Eng- lish Club, Forensic Squad. JOHNSON, DAVID, Denison, Iowa, Speech, Young Republicans, Phi Delta Theta, Dakotans Secretary, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Sigma lota President, Forensic Union, Who ' s Who. JOHNSON, DEANNA. Mt. Vernon, Ele- mentary Education, LSA, Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, One Act Play, Stu- dent Assistant, SNEA, University Re- ligious Council. JOHNSON, WAYNE, Alcester, Physical Education, Football, Letterman ' s Club. JORDAN, DAVID, Vermillion, Speech and History, Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Kappa Alpha, Phi Alpha Theta, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Band, PWF, Non-Affiliated Students ' League, History Club, Debate Board of Control, Student Senate, University Religious Council, Who ' s Who, Honors Seminar. JORDAN, JEAN, Sturgis, Library Science, Home Economics Club, NASL, LSA. iJ iY JVi - 43 fH) Q KEARNS, JOHN. Huron. Radio-TV. Delta Tau Delta. Strollers. ODK, Volante Sports Editor. KUSD. KINGSTON. RICHARD, Carroll. Iowa. Applied Science. Honors Seminar. Scabbard and Blade. Golf Team. KIRKHAM. NANCY. Rapid City. History, Kappa Alpha Theta. Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Alpha Theta, Pi Sigma Alpha, His- tory Club, Young Democrats, Political Science League, Guidon, Who ' s Who. KIRLEY, ELAINE, Pierre, Mathematics. Pi Mu Epsilon, Math Club, Honors Sem- inar, Alpha Lambda Delta, Rodeo Club. KLUCK, GENE, Watertown, Social Studies, Track, Letterman ' s Club, Foot- ball. KONRAD, HARLAN, Tripp, Mathe- matics Education, Math Club, Young Re- publicans. KONVALIN. LEE, Winner, Elementary Education. KRANHOLD. DEAN. Groton, Music Education, Concert Band, Orchestra, Chorus, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Mu Alpha, MENC. KRUMM, RILLA, Huron, Mathematics, Student Recruitment, Math Club, WRA, Young Republicans, Kappa Alpha Theta. KRUSE, THOMAS, Aurelia, Iowa, Music Education, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Band, USD Band President, MENC President, Choir, Orchestra. LANGE, JANICE, Den- ison, Iowa, Elementary Education. LA- " ORA, ALVERN, Remsen, Iowa, Applied Science, Engineering Club President, Rifle Team. LARSON. ROBERT, Hawarden. Iowa, English, . Lambda Chi Alpha. Strollers, Who ' s Who. LAWRENCE, RONALD, Dupree, Chemistry, Football, Honors Seminar, Hippocrates Club, Chemistry Club. LEACH, JAMES. Yankton, History, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, History Club, Rodeo Club. LEAFSTEDT, DOUGLAS, Alcester. Mathematics and Government, Brookman Scholarship. Political Science League, Freshman Chemistry Award, Young Republicans President. Phi Eta Sigma Vice-president. ODK. Delta Tau Delta, Who ' s Who, Students ' Association Vice-president. LEGVOLD. ROBERT. Sioux Falls. Gov- ernment, Students ' Association President, Forensic Union President, Pi Sigma Alpha President, Debate, Political Science League, Young Democrats, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. LIBERT. MARLENE. Pierre, Spanish, AWS, Young Republicans, New- man Club, Phi Sigma lota. Alpha Xi Delta, Honors Seminar. LITTAU, OTTO, Gregory, Mathematics. LOCKER, ROBERT, Burke. Mathematics and Ger- man, Track Letterman. LONG, SANDRA, Kimball, Elementary Education, SNEA. Dorm President. LUMB, BARBARA, Huron, English, Alpha Phi, Toastmistresses President, Young Republicans, Student Recruitment, AWS. WRA, Pep Club. LUNDBERG, NEDRA, Dixon, English and History, His- tory Club, English Club, Dorm Officer, Dolphins, Roger Williams Club, WRA, AWS, Who ' s Who. LUNDIN, JOHN, Stockholm, History Education. 44 Every moment of the warm Indian Summer Is taken advantage of for outdoor sports. LUST, SHARON, Mitchell, English, Pi Omega Pi. McCOLLEY, RICHARD, Lead Government, Lambda Chi Alpha, IFC Young Republicans, Newman Club, Da kotans. McDERMOTT, RICHARD, Red field. History, Beta Theta Pi, Strollers, Newman Club, History Club. McDER MOTT, SHIRLEY, Rapid City, English Kappa Alpha Theta, Press Club Secretary English Club, COYOTE, Volante. HALL, JOAN, Sioux City, Iowa, Ele- mentary Education, Chi Omega, AWS, WRA, Young Democrats, Newman Club. McMEEN, JAMES, Gregory, Geology. MARTIN, LARRY, Onida, Commercial Art. MATSON, JOHN. Spearfish, Mathe- matics, Beta Theta Pi, Dakotans Presi- dent, Social Committee, Who ' s Who. VATTILA, MARIETTA, Tucson, Arizona, Speech Education, Newman Club, Choir, Young Democrats. Toastmistresses, Alpha Phi, Forensics, History Club, Social Com- mittee. MEADORS, LARRY, Alcester, Physical Education, Track, Lambda Chi Alpha. MELCHER, MARK, Clear Lake, French and Spanish, Delta Tau Delta. MICHAEL, COLIN, Vermillion, Psy- chology. MORTON, ROBERT, Rockwell City, Iowa, Mathematics Education, Advanced ROTC. MUILENBURG, THOMAS, Sioux Falls, Government, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Da- kotans, Dakota Day Chairman, Omicron Delta Kappa, Debate, International De- bate Team, Student Senate, Political Science League President, Young Repub- licans, Toastmasters, Scabbard and Blade, Tau Kappa Alpha, Forensic Union, Re- ligious Emphasis Week Chairman. MUN- NEKE, KEITH, Corsica, Mathematics. MURPHY, JOSEPH, Atco, New Jersey, French. MYRICK, JOYCE, Harris, Iowa, Music, Band, Choir, Small musical groups. NAASZ, HARVEY, Mobridge, Physical Education, Football, SNEA Vice-president, Letterman ' s Club President, Phi Delta Theta. NAUMAN, DENNIS, Gettysburg, Psychology, Alpha Tau Omega President. NELSON, MERLE, Sioux Falls, Mathe- matics, Strollers, Alpha Tau Omega, Track. 45 iiil fe S f iM Itf T 1 , Ik NELSON, SHARON, Lead, Social Work. Dorm President, Wesley Club, Kappa Phi Club, Young Democrats, Sociology Club. NELSON, STEVE, Yankton, Journalism and English, Blast Editor, Pub. Board President, Alpha Tau Omega, COYOTE, Volante, Young Republicans, Press Club. NESLAND, DONALD, Sturgis, History, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Band, PWF, Tau Kappa Epsilon, IFC, Greek Day Chair- man, John H. Litzelman Scholar. NICK- ERSON, NANCY, Rapid City, French, Pi Beta Phi, Historian, Young Republicans, Guidon, Student Body Secretary, Dra- matics, AWS Co-ordinator, PWF, Blast, Toastmistresses. NICKOLISEN, JANE, Rodney, Iowa, Mathematics, Kappa Alpha Theta Presi- dent, Alpha Lambda Delta, Guidon, Mor- tar Board, Miss Young Democrat, Eta Sigma Phi, Toastmistresses, Math Club, WRA, AWS, PWF, Who ' s Who. NOLAND, WALDO, Carroll, Iowa, Mathematics. OCHSNER. JANET, Herreid, Music Edu- cation, Alpha Xi Delta, Tau Beta Sigma, Band, Choir, OIEN, HARLEY, Garretson, Chemistry and Mathematics, Phi Eta Sigma, A, L. Haines Chemistry Award, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Band, German Club, Honors Seminar, Akeley-E. O. Lawrence Scholarship. OLSEN, KERMIT, Elm Springs, Mathe- matics, Young Republicans, Beta Theta Pi, Student Recruitment, Blast, Math Club. OSBURN, LARRY, Philip, Ad- vanced Art. Delta Tau Delta. PALMER, JOYCE, Chamberlain, Mathematics, Band, Alpha Lambda Delta , Tau Beta Sigma, Newman Club. PALMER, LYNN, Scot- land, Physical Education, Basketball, Baseball, Delta Tau Delta. PARRY, LESTER, Canistota, History tdu- cation. PIERSOL, LAWRENCE, Wakonda, Philosophy, Scabbard and Blade, Strol- lers, Omicron Delta Kappa, Honors Sem- inar, Phi Delta Theta President, Young Democrats, Political Science League. POMERICO, NICHOLAS, Jefferson, Gov- ernment. PRATT, GEORGE, Faulkton, Mathematics Education, Newman Club, Advanced ROTO. PRATT, ROLAND. Hibbing, Minnesota, Pre-Med, Alpha Tau Omega, Newman Club President, Hippocrates Club, Re- ligious Council. QUIMBY, DAVID, Pierre, Zoology, Beta Theta Pi. RADEKE, JOAN, Rapid City, Music Education, Mortar Board, Guidon, Chi Omega President, MENC, Student Senate. Choir, Volante, COYOTE. RAESLY, ROBERT, Carthage, Industrial Arts, Baseball. RAY, ROBERT, Sioux City, Iowa. Mathe- matics and Psychology, Lambda Chi Alpha, Football, Psychology Club, Math Club, Student Senate. RENSINK, JOHN, Sioux City, Iowa, Government. REUTER, DONALD, Hartford, Psychology. REY- N ICK, GLENN, Philip, Biological Science. 46 RIDDLE, JAMES, Park Ridge, Illinois, Zoology. ROLFS, CRAIG, Parkersburg, Iowa, Government, Theta Xi. RYMILL, ROY, Sioux City, Iowa, Geology and Mathematics, Geology Club, History Club, Rodeo Club, Math Club. SANDVICK, PAUL, Springfield, Chemistry, Band, Honors Seminar. SCHLAG, ROBERT, Sioux City, Iowa, Mathematics. SCHLIEBE, DELBERT, Aberdeen, Journalism. SCHMIDT, JO- SEPH, Scotland, Journalism, Alpha Tau Omega, Dakotans, Press Club, Blast, Vo- lante, German Club. Newman Club. SCHOOLER, JEANNINE, Pierre, Ele- mentary Education, Wesley Club, Kappa Phi, Guidon, Alpha Phi President, SNEA State President, Student Senate, WRA, AWS, Young Republicans, Who ' s Who. SHEFFIELD, EVERETT, Avon, Industrial Arts, SUSD Rifle and Pistol Club, ROTC Rifle Team. SHELTON, AUSTIN, Ver- million, Speech, Forensics. SHOUSE, JAMES, Vermillion, Physics and Mathe- matics, Math Club, Newman Club, Honors Seminar, Honors Curriculum. Sl£- BRECHT, JUDY, Normal, Illinois, Music Education. Pi Beta Phi, Orchestra, Choir, Young Republicans. SMITH, JAMES, Yankton, Music Educa- tion. Band. Brass Ensemble, Orchestra, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. SMITH, JUDITH, Brookings, English Education. SPHON, ELMER, Bovard, Pennsylvania, Psy- chology. SPILDE, JEANNE, Pierre, Ele- mentary Education, Alpha Phi, Pan- hellenic Council Secretary. Young Re- publicans, Toastmistresses, Union Board of Control. SPIRY, PATRICIA, Mobridge, Applied Music, Mu Phi Epsilon, Kappa Alpha Theta, University Fine Arts Productions, Miss University. STABLEIN, SANDRA, Mobridge, Elementary Education, Choir, Kappa Alpha Theta, Young Republicans, SNEA. STAFNE, JAMES, Vermillion, Chemistry, Scabbard and Blade, IFC, Dakotans Secretary, Sigma Alpha Epsilon President. A thoughtful freshman contemplates a busy year. 47 iJl iiJi STRUVER. DIANE. Huron. Dramatic Arts. Speech Award, Guidon, Zeta Phi Eta, National Collegiate Players President. SWEDLUND, JERRY. Winner. English, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Volante, Scabbard and Blade. SWENSON, ARLO, Vermil. lion. Applied Science. TAYLOR, CAL- VIN, Jefferson. Social Studies, Independ- ent Students ' Association President, In- ternational Relations Club, Speech Club, Political Science League, Newman Club, Young Republicans, Student Senate. THOMPSON, LAURA, Iowa Falls, Iowa, French. THOMPSON, PERRY, Mitchell, Sociology. TIEDE, HARVEY, Parkston, Music Education. TORKELSON. KEITH, Frankfort. Music Education, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Strollers, Choir, Young Repub- licans. MENC. ULLYOT. TAMARA, Clark. English, Hon- orary Cadet Colonel, PWF, Guidon, Vo- lante Social Editor, AWS President. Pi Beta Phi Vice-president. Who ' s Who. VAN BUSKIRK, DAVID. Alta, Iowa, His- tory Education. VOGT, CATHERINE, Dell Rapids. Speech Therapy, Pi Beta Phi, Honors Seminar, Young Republicans, Newman Club. VOSSLER, ROBERT, Flandreau, Latin. Eta Sigma Phi. WASHINGTON, FRANKlIN. Chicago. Education. Varsity Basketball, Letter- man ' s Club. WEEKS. ROBERT, Vermil- lion, English. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Scabbard and Blade, English Club, History Club, Dakota Day Committee, REW Com- mittee, Student Senate. WEIGER. JEAN, Yankton, English. English Club, Pi Beta Phi. Young Republicans, PWF. Dolphins Secretary. WELCH. RICHARD, Madison, Social Studies, Beta Theta Pi. SNEA. Young Republicans. WELLER. SUSZANNE. Mitchell. Educa- tion, Chi Omega. COYOTE. Blast, SNEA, Young Republicans, WRA, SAE Sweet- heart. WELTZ. LEIGHTON, Scotland, Music Education. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. MENC. Band. Choir, Kappa Kappa Psi. WENZEL, MARILYN, Eureka. Micro- biology, Alpha Lambda Delta, Young Re- publicans, Miss Young Republican, Gut- don. Hippocrates Club, Student Senate. Student Association Vice-president, Alpha Phi President. Mortar Board. WILKIN- SON. ROBERT. Vermillion, Mathematics. Delta Sigma Pi. Scabbard and Blade. WILLIAMS. NELL. Sioux Falls, Elemen- tary Education. Young Republicans. AWS. Toastmistresses. SNEA. WILLIAMSON. LEROY. Yankton. Mathematics. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Math Club, Scabbard and Blade. WING, RONALD, Edgemont. Education, Football. WOLSKY. CHARLES, Aberdeen. History, Phi Delta Theta. 48 WUTSCH, EDWARD. Iroquois. Mathe- matics, Phi Eta Sigma. Newman Club. Honors Seminar. Intramural Athletics. Pi Mu Epsilon. YEE. ROBERT, San Fran- cisco. California. Chemistry. Hippocrates Club. YIRAK. LINDA. Rapid City, His- tory, Panhellenic President, Guidon, Mortar Board, Zeta Phi Eta, Phi Alpha Theta, Young Democrats, History Club, Who ' s Who, Kappa Alpha Theta. ERICK- SON, RICHARD. Mathematics. Math Club. ATO Social Affiliate. McGURK. CONNIE. Brookings, Business Teacher Education, AWS, LSA. REDING, THOMAS, Marion, Zoology, Hippocrates Club. Newman Club. GERMAN. DAN. Yankton. Young Democrats President, Political Science League, Dakotans. Delta Tau Delta. itfe " A world to be born under your footsteps " — St. John Perse. KjUMAOhA- l fii £ AALSETH, Betty, Milford, Iowa. ABRAHAM SON, Joyce, Belle Fourche. ACKERMAN, Robert Jr., Aberdeen. AITKEN, Ann, Sioux City. Iowa. AMAN, Gerald, Freeman. ANDERSON, David, Canton. ANDERSON, Merlowe, Akron, Iowa. ARTHUR, Daniel, Storm Lake, Iowa. BADER, Ed- ward, Timber Lake. BAGGS, Julia, Yank- ton. BAGLEY, Dearld, Madison. BAKEBERG, Wil- liam, Sioux Falls. BAKER, Dianne, Vermillion. B A R - RETT, John, Chicago, Illinois. BEACOM, Gerald, South Sioux City, Nebraska. BENNETT, Carol, Vermillion. BEN- SON, Carole, Clark. BERDAHL, Mary, Sioux Falls. BERG- QUIST, David, St. Paul, Minnesota. BERGSTROM, Stan- ley, North Sioux City, South Dakota. BEST, Harold, Sioux Falls. BETTS, John, Spear- fish. BIDWELL, Clif- ford, Kadoka. BLAIR, Lawrence, Vermillion. BLUME, Helen, H i tch coc k. BOESE, Jim, Sioux Falls. BORCHERS, Patricia, Akron, Iowa. BOTTOLFSON. Julie, Vermillion. BOYER, Sherwood, Austin, Minnesota. BRAKSS, leva, Watertown. BROEL. Larry, Stur- gis. BROWN, Rich- ard, Yankton. BUCK- MAN, Robert, Gay- ville. BULLINGTON, Mar- jorie, Le Mars, Iowa. BURDINE, Lillian, Bison. BURK, Wal- ter, Scotland. BUS- KER, William, Elk Point. CAMPBELL, Berniece, M i I ba n k . CARSTENS, Jerald, Huron. CM ISHOLM jorie, Sioux Mar- City, Iowa. CHRISTJANS, Don, Avon. CLARK, Daniel, Sioux City, Iowa. CLARK, Dean, Bison. COLE, Wil- liam, Sioux City, Iowa. CORDI ER, Darren, Mission. 50 Football games af+ract large crowds. ACTIVITY TICKETS ONLY COWMAN, Charles. Gayville. CRAIN Frances, Redfield CUNNINGHAM, Rod ger, Spirit Lake Iowa. CUTLER Richard, WessJngton Springs. DAY, Mar cia, Hudson. DEAN Dennis, Alcester. DE HAAN, Eugene, Platte. DE HASS, Herman, Beresford. D E M L O , Linda, Huron. DRIES, James, Sioux City, Iowa. DUICK, Dan- iel, Skokle, Illinois. DURST, Jeanette, Mitchell. EASTMAN, M ike, Beardsley, Minnesota. EDINGTON. Frank, Spencer, Iowa. EIES- LAND, John, Alex- andria, M i n nesota. EKLUND, Jean, Ver- million. ENGLUNO, Charles, Scottsbluff, Nebraska. ERICK, Gary, Rapid City. EVANS, Mary. Shel- don, Iowa. FARIS, Lucinda, Dell Rapids. FAST, Carmie, Win- ner. FLYNN, Jeanne, Sioux Falls. FOR- NEY, Sandra, Pierre. FREDRICKSON, Richard, Centerville. FRIESS, Richard, Sioux Falls. FUL- LER, Daniel, Huron. GALUSHA, Nancy, Sioux City, Iowa. GANGE, Gary, Chel- sea. GETZMIER, Karen. Schaller, Iowa. GOODELL, Sandra, Rapid City. GORMLEY, Judith, Rapid City. GRANT, Myrna, Meadow Grove, Nebraska. GREEN, Linda, Ver- million. G R O T E - WOLD, Sharon, Larchwood, Iowa. GUNNARE, Rena, Delmont. GUTH- MILLER, Darrel, Menno. 51 iAEM HAAN, Elizabeth. Sioux Falls. HAAR, James, Marion. HALE, James, Jet- fersonville, Indiana. H ALLAWAY, Thomas, Waverly, Iowa. HAULER, Gary, Eureka. HANKS, Margaret, Vermillion. HANSEN, Cathleen, H uron. HATCH, Jeanette, Miller. HAUBER, Ranald, Huron. HEBELER, Karen, Moville, Iowa. HELGERSON, Karen, Elk Point. HEYD, Darlene, Mit- chell. HI ATT, Judy, Sioux Falls. H I LL, John, Sioux City, " Iowa. HIMRICH, John, Selby. HOFER, Bon- nie, Emery. HOFER, Douglas, Freeman. HOFFMAN, Darrel, Spirit Lake, Iowa. HOHERZ, Melvin, Deadwood. HOHM, Marilyn, Huron. HOLLISTER, Ray- mond, Mitchell. HOOD, Jerry, Bay- ard, Nebraska. HOOD, John, Ver- million. IRELAND, Wayne, Scotland. JANVRIN, Kenneth, Hawarden, Iowa. JENSEN, Terryl, Madison. JEPSEN, Leslie. Elk Point. J E S S E N , Alyce, Bloomfield, Ne- braska. JILEK, Den- nis. Tyndall. JOHN- SON, Beverly, Castle Rock. JOHNSON, Fred, Elk Point. JOHNSON, Paul. Elk Point. JONES, Dennis, Huron. JORDAN, Judith, Fishkill, New York. JORGENSEN, Brenda, Salem. KAMBACK, Genny, Milbank. KASTEN, Bonnie, Vermillion. KAUF- MAN, Marian Marion. KEIL Geo rge, Nisland KELLY, Kathleen Sioux City. Iowa. KELSO. Larry Burke. KERN. Mey- Ion. Naper. Nebraska KIERSTED. Joy, Chicago. K I MM EL, Eugene, Sioux Falls. KING, William, Sioux Falls. Kl- WALA, Georgia, Ver- million. KIWALA, John, Vermillion. KLUDT, Paul, Men- no. 52 - . 4 Cheer up, Barb, the game ' s not over yet! 4 |f ..■« KOSTBOTH, David, Canistota. KRAUSE, Jerry, Clear Lake. KRUEGER, Robert James, Vermillion. LACHICOTTE, Lil- lian, Watertown. LAFFEY, Jerry, Armstrong, Iowa. LAMPERT, Arthur, Rapid City. LA PLANTE, Kay Pierre. LARRABEE Carol M., Water town. LATCH, Rich ard, Spencer, Iowa L A Z A R I S , John Sioux City, Iowa LEGVOLD, Gloria Vermillion. LESLIE Willis, Bonesteel. LIGHTENBERG, Eu- gene, Corsica. LINK, Donna Jean, Sioux City, Iowa. LINK, Donna Rae, Ana- heim, California. LITTAU, Delores, Gregory. L O C K - HART, Gene, Car- roll, Iowa. LOEWEN, Marvin, Alton, towa. LOOBY, Thomas, Murdo. LUSH- BOUGH, John, Stur- gis. LUTTERMAN, Billie, Lennox. Mc- CAHREN. Linda, Sioux Falls. Mc- laughlin, Jewell, Dakota City, Ne- braska. MADSEN, Richard, Battle Creek, Iowa. MALLOW, Jim, Rapid City, MARK, Thomas, Aberdeen. MEAD, James, Le- Mars, Iowa. MEN- AGE, Donna, Rock Rapids, Iowa. MEYERS, Elaine, Huron. MICHAEL, Philip, Vermillion. MILLER, Larry, South Sioux City. Nebraska. MILLER, Walter R., Plankin- ton. MONTGOMERY, Joseph, Aberdeen. MORRILL, John, Sturgis. M O U L , Francis, Gordon, Ne- braska. MUILEN- BURG, Susan, Sioux Falls. 53 f p - p c ft r- ' MURPHY, Patricia, Elk Point. NEAL, Lois, Lawton, Iowa. N E I L E S , Peggy, Pierre. NIELSEN, Julia, Rapid City. NOLO, Lee, Mad- ison. O D I N G E , Odera, Kenya, Africa. OLOFSON, Linda, Yankton. OLSON, Glenn, Burbank. PAGE, Kathryn, Sis- seton. PALMER, Evelyn, Armour. P A S H B Y , Gary, Pierre. PEROVICH, John, Wasta. PETERS, Dave. Ire ton, Iowa. PETER SON, Dave, Canton PICKERING, Ken neth, Yankton PIERCE, Zona, An thon, Iowa. P I L CHER, Judith, Law ton, Iowa. P I L LIARD, Nellene Howard. P L E T A N , Gayle, Canistota. PRATT, Donald, Faulkton. PREY, Kathryn, Watertown. PREY, Virginia, Watertown. PRICE, Janet, Sioux City, Iowa. RAILS- BACK, Beth, Man- hattan, Kansas. RASMUSSEN, Mar- ion, Mapleton. REC- TOR, Larry, Edge- mont. REINKING, Elaine, Pierson, Iowa. RHODES, Jack. Law- ton, Oklahoma. ROBERTSON, Gary, Sioux Falls. ROACH, Robert, Yankton. ROETHLER, Robert, Wecota. ROSE, Jac queline. Rapid City. ROSENBAUM Thomas, Rapid City ROSSOW, Margaret, Sioux Falls. RUS SELL, Byron, Ver million. SCHAMBER, Richard, Rapid City SCH EAFER, John, Colton. SCHMIDT, Karen, Delmont. SCHMIEG, George, Plainview. SCHMO- KER, Paul, Rapid City. SCHNEIDER, Catherine, Sioux Falls. SCHOLTEN, Monte, Hills, Min- nesota. SCHULT, Dottie, Flandreau. RUDOLPH, Stephen, Aberdeen. SCOTT, Charles, Jefferson- ville, Indiana. SCOTT, Luann, Ver- million. SEELY, Mary Jean, Spear- fish. SERR, Marilyn, Armour. 54 J t Btt BSSSSt S. 1 v 1 7 9PI Hil H i m g It ' s hard to imagine that this skeleton structure will become a beautiful float for the Dakota Day parade. SIMMONS, James Moville. Iowa. SIN KEY. Vernon. Ireton I owa. SKINNER James. Pautlina Iowa. SMITH, David Rapid City. SOREN SEN, Lynn, Flan dreau. SPICER. Ed ward, Yankton. STAMPER, Carolyn Gilmore City, Iowa STEWART, Noel Wayzata, Minnesota STRUNK, Rubye Irene. SWANSON Gloria, Sioux City Iowa. SWOYER. Jac queline. Elk Point TAAKE. Raeanna Petersburg, Ne braska. T H E I N , George. Sturgis. THOMPSON. Linda, Madison. THORSON, Kenneth, Canton. T I S H E R , Carol, Yankton. TRANDAL, David, Watertown. ULL. RICH, James, Wag- ner. VAN DE VOORT, Charlene, Madison. WACHLIN, Judy, Oregon, Illinois. VOYLES. Robert, Belle Fourche. WADE. Jerry, Have- lock, Iowa. WALISH, Mary, Artesian. WARNER. Stephen, Vermillion. WHIDDEN, Gary Bonesteel. WIESE LER. Mary Lou Sioux Falls. WIL DOVE, Howard, Al bany. New York WILLIAMS, James Rochester, New York WILSON, Ronald Ft. Wayne, Indiana WINJUM, Constance Pierre. WITT, Robert, Tyn- dall. ZETTERLUND, Rolland, Sioux Falls. BENSON, Cynthia, SiouxFal ls.FRANTZ, James, Watertown. (5 p P 55 So|b(u)iC«0 (£S ADAMS, George Moville, Iowa ADAMS, Robert Akron, Iowa AHRENDT, Patricia, Vermillion. ALBRECHT, Darvin, Tripp. ALLDRITT. Shirley, Ipswich. ALTMAN, Mary Jane, Yonkers, New York. ANDERSEN, Marcia, Irene. AN- DERSON, Barbara, Garden City, Kansas. ANDERSON, Carl, Aberdeen. ANDERSON, Charles, Onawa, Iowa. AN- DERSON, Paul, Sioux Falls. ANDER- SON, Richard, Ver- million. ANDRE, William, Gayville. ANTHONY, Gene, Coeurd ' Alene, Idaho. ARGETSINGER, Julianne, Sioux Falls. ARMIN, David, Iro- quois. ARMSTRONG, Billy, Beresford. ASHBAUGH, Mar- garet, Vermillion. BAGGALEY, Donna, Deadwood. BAKER, Gordon, Vermillion. BALVIN, Douglas, Wolsey. BARBER, Joan, Homer, Nebraska. BARGER, Edward, Sioux City, Iowa. BARTLETT, Lynne, Alcester. BATTEEN, Dennis, Cresbard. BAUER, Sharon, Sturgis. BAUERLY, Richard, Le Mars, Iowa. BEDDOW, James, Woonsocket. BEL FRAGE. Joan, Ser geant Bluff, Iowa BENSON, Gail Clark. BERGREN David. Sioux Falls B I E G L E R , Paul Aberdeen. BIER WIRTH, Barbara, Whiting, Iowa. BIHLMEYER, Earl Vermillion. BLAIR, Julia, Dearborn Michigan. BLAKIS Mara, Pierre. BLA SEG, Marcia, Parks ton. BLENDERMAN Robert, Sioux City I owa. B O E V E R Richard, Remsen Iowa. BONYNGE, Bradley Lester, Iowa. BOR MANN, Donald, Em metsburg, Iowa BRADSHAW, Mark Da kota City, Ne braska. BRAUNGER Tom, Sioux City Iowa. BRECK. James Mitchell. BREKHUS Cherril, Newell. Archery !s one of the women ' s favorite physical education courses. BREK H us, James Rapid City. BREN NAN, Robert, Red field. BROTHERS Charles. Des Moines, Iowa. BROW ER Dan, Sioux Falls BROWER, Karol Rock Rapids, Iowa BROWER, Robert Rock Rapids, Iowa. BRUEHLER, Charles, Beresford. B U C K - LES, Richard. White River. BUECHLER, Ronald, Bowdle. BULTENA, Roger. Lennox. BURG- H A R DT , Bruce, Watertown. BUT2, Thomas, Mobridge. BYINGTON, Nancy, Mason City, Iowa. BYRNES, Stephen, Pierre. CARLSON, Roland, Alta, Iowa. CARLSON, Rosanna, Howard. CARLSON, Terry, Humboldt, Iowa. CHAMBER- LAIN, Judith, Akron, Iowa. CHAPMAN, Larry, Sioux City, Iowa. CLANCY, Michael, Ralston, Nebraska. CLARE, Mary, Sioux Falls. CODY, Dale, Pierre. COLEMAN, Marilou, Viborg. CONWAY, Daniel, Sioux City, Iowa. COSTAIN, Richard, Sioux Falls. CREW, Michael, Vermillion. CROPLEY, Penny, Sioux City, Iowa. CURLEY, Dennis, Troy. New York. CURRIE, Maureen, Sioux Falls. CURRY, Gerald, Sioux City, Iowa. DANIELSON. James, Vermillion. DE BOLT, Carol, Huron. DE- LANEY, James, Ver- million. DE ROU- CHEY, David. Miller. OE VRIES, Richard, Watertown. DE WEERDT, Marlin, Little Rock, Iowa. X f .lu- ' yrst .Fn r BviiltiUft fp ' 57 DIAMOND. Betty Rapid City. DODGE, John, Schleswig Iowa. DON K ER BROOK, Thomas Sioux Falls. DON NELLY, Clarice, Elk Point. DON N EN WERTH, Gregor Hartley, Iowa. DOTY Charles, Hawarden lowa. DRI SCOLL, David, Vermillion. DUKE, Roger, Deadwood. DU LAN Y, Thomas, Tu lare. DUNN, David, Sioux Talis. EDSON, Kent, Al- cester. ELLW AN- GER, Marilyn, Olivet. ELLWEIN, Mary Mitchell. ELLWEIN Veronica, Mitchell E N S L O W , Dixie, Boone, lowa. EP PING, Ronald, Em metsburg, lowa ERICKSON, John Vermillion. ERIC SON, Robert, Can ton. ERNST, David, Du pree. ESCHENBAUM Richard, Faulkton, EVANS, Elvyn, Paul lina, lowa. EVAN SON, Darlene. Lem mon. EYRES, Sara, Vermillion. FAB R I C I U S , Richard Newell. F E R L E Y , George, Pierre. FINNELL, John, Sioux Falls. FITZPATRICK, James, Sioux City, lowa. FLEVARES, George, Yankton. FORSLUND, Gerald, Akron, lowa. FOX, Thomas, Rapid City. FRANZ, James, Marion. FREDRICK, James, Huron. FRE- KING, Donald, Rem- sen, lowa. FRENCH, Larry, Webster. FRIESEN, Stan ley, Emery. GRANT, Robert, Sturgis. GARVIN, Thomas, Marcus, lowa. GE- MAR, Linda, Win- ner. GEROW, Stephe n , G r osse Pointe, Michigan. GIENAPP, David, Chester. G I S K E , Helen, Gregory. GLASS, Linda, Bur- bank. GLOVER, George, M a r k h e m , Illinois. GRABER, Sandra, Freeman. GRANT, Melaine, Vermillion. GREGG, Johnny, Winner. GRIFFITH, John, Gettysburg. HAEDER, Allison, Vermillion. 58 Some classes even meef out of doors while the good weather lasts. H A G E N , Frances, Mobridge. HAG EN, Jerome, Sioux Falls HAGENA, Le Ann, Davis. H ALLEN BECK, Jayne, Mad ison. HALL, Richard Jefferson. HAM MERBECK, Barbara lona. H A M R O , David, Carthage. HANSEN, Calvin, Waterbury, Nebraska. HANSEN, Gary, Hurley. HAN- SON, Barbara. Ver- million. HANSON, Dennis, Canton. HANSON, Suzanne, Pierre. HARBAUGH, Don- ald, Edgemont. HARMDIERKS, Mar- vin, Lane. HATCH, Dorothy, Dell Rapids. HAUGO, Houston, Sioux Falls. HAW- KINS, Susan, Coates- ville. Pennsylvania. H EC KEN LI VELY, Jane, Vermillion. H EGG EN, Barbara, Garretson. HEIDE- B R E C H T , Phillip, Beresford. HEIDER, Conrad, Sioux City, Iowa. HENDERSON. Joyce, Chicago. HE NNINGSEN, James, Lawton, Iowa. HERMAN, Carol, Deerfield, Illinois. HERMANN, Patricia, Custer. HERMSEN, Norma, St. Charles. HERNANDEZ, Anne, Kyle. HILDRETH, Irma, Sioux Falls. HILTON, Sandra. Sioux City, I owa. HOFF, Jerome, Tripp. HOFFMANN, John, Watertown. HOF- KAMP, Harlan, Sioux Falls. HOGG, Charles, Aberdeen. H O L M O E , Mavis, Sioux Falls. HOPP, Charles, Sioux Falls. HOUTKOOPER, Ar- lin, Mitchell. 59 C P ' I J 5 C- A Tli HOUTKOOPER, Ed- win, Mitchell. HOW- ARD, James, Gran ville, Iowa. HUENE MANN, Lynn, Sibley Iowa. HURD, Rich ard, Sturgis. HYL L E ST E D , Sharon Storm Lake, Iowa I NT VELDT, Jo Ellen, Orange City, Iowa. IVEY, Betty, Mo- bridge. JACKLEY M i c h a e I , Sturgis. JACKSON, Jerald Vermillion. JACOBS, Barbara, Correction ville, Iowa. JACOBS, David, Rapid City JENSEN, Donna, Wa konda. JENSEN, Vicki, Madison. JEPSEN, Lois, Elk Point. JES- PERSEN, Mari Etta, Los Angeles, Califor- nia. JIPP, Kenneth, Hartley, Iowa. JOCH- I MS, Jerry, Hol- stein, Iowa. JOHN- SON, Charles, Greg- ory. JOHNSON, Gary, Elk Point. JOHN- SON, Judith, Sturgis. JOHNSON, Kather- ine, Canton. JOHN- SON, Larry, Huron. JOHNSON, Martin, South Sioux City, Nebraska. JOHN- SON, Nancy, South Sioux City, Nebraska. JOHNSON, Otto, Elk Point. JOHNSON, Pamela, Mad ison, Wisconsin. JOHN- SON, Robert, Rod- ney, Iowa. JORGEN- SON, Larry, Pierre. J U R R E N S , Kay, Avon. JURRENS, Keith, Avon. KAEBERLE, Kath leen, Meckling K A R L I N , Agnes, White River. KEN NEDY, Larry, Chero kee, Iowa. KENT Carole, Jefferson KEYS, Mamon, St Louis, Missouri KIBBLE, Ronald Yankton. K I ESBY, James, Huron. KIMBELL, John, Rapid City. KING, Richard, Sioux City, Iowa. KITTELSON, Arnold, Clark. KNOWLTON, Hugh, Sioux City, Iowa. KNOX, Caro- lyn, Canistota. KNUDSON, Thomas, McLaughlin. KNUT- SON, Carol, Spear- fish. KOBERG, Janet, Sioux City, Iowa. KOHOUTEK, William, Yankton. KORTAN, Donald, Pierre. K PAUSE, David, Rapid City, 60 The weeks fly by KRUSE, Judith, Rapid City. KU- CERA, David, West Point, Nebraska. KUIPER, Gordon, Paullina, Iowa. KUI- PERS, Peter, Mit- chell. K U N E RT , M ar i I yn, Humboldt. KUSTER, Dessie, Rapid City. LACHEL, Harold, Algonquin, Illinois. LAM KE, Judith. Huron. LAMPY, Karen, Watertown. LANTIS, William, Sioux City. Iowa. LAPOSKY, Robert, Iroquois. LARSON, Andre, Brookings. LARSON, Roger, Sioux Falls. LE BEAU. Vetal, Mo- bridge. LIKENS. Judith. Colome. LIL- Ll BRI DGE, Linda, Vermillion. LINDEN, Gordon, Fremont, Nebraska. LINDNER, Ronald, Sioux Falls. L I N Z E Y , Garney, National City, Cali- fornia. LONNEMAN, Irvin. Little Rock. Iowa. LOOBY. Pat- ricia, Highland Park, Illinois. LOUDEN, Judith, Martin. LOWTH I AN. John. Milbank. L U M B , Raymond, Huron. LUTZ, Edwin, Lem- mon. L U Y M E S , Alan, Sioux Falls. LYNN, Kelso, Rapid City. McBRIDE, Charles, Battle Creek, Iowa. McMillan, William, Sioux Falls. McNUTT, Donald, Rapid City. MALLOY, Mary Jo, Vermillion. MAN- GELSEN. Loretta. Hudson. MARLYST, Robert, Rapid City. MARTIN, Lynne, M i n n ea po I is, Min- nesota. MARTIN, Sharon, Rapid City. M ETC ALF, Nancy, Dickens, Iowa. 61 i - t5 - p mkdik ii i £i fe Ji MEYER, Verlyn, Lennox. MILLER, Douglas, Draper. MILLER, Leslie, Sioux Falls. MILLER, Richard, Parker. MILLER, Roger, Huron. MILLER, Sharlene, Onawa, Iowa. MITCHELL, Kath- leen, Vermillion. M OELLER, John, S m j t h I a n d , Iowa. M O G E N , Conrad, Waubay. MOLLER, Ruth. Vermillion. MOORE, Larry, Gil- more City, I owa. M O Q U I S T , Paul, Watertown. M O R A N , Linda, Rapid City. MOR- RIS, James, Chicago. MORSE. Marian, Dell Rapids. MOSS, Vergie, Hudson. M U I R , Colleen, Onawa, Iowa. MUN- RO, Gerald, Sioux City, Iowa. N A A SZ , Harvey, Mobridge. NESS, Richard, Sioux Falls. N ETTU M, Richard, Madison. NEUROTH, Joseph, Granville, Iowa. NORBECK, Jane, Redfield. NORDHAGEN, Dar- rel, Vermillion. N O R R I S , Esther, Browning, Montana. NORTON, Ida, Ver- million. NYBERG, James, Waubay. O ' CONNER, Rich- ard, Sioux Falls. O ' NEILL, David, Gregory. OHLSEN, Stephen, Watertown. O L D R E , Peggy, Madison. OLSEN, Kenneth, Rapid City. OLSEN, Meredith, Jewell, Iowa. OL- SON, Edward, Ver- million. OLSON, Jeffrey, Rock Rapids, Iowa. OLSON, Ver- non, Belle Fourche. O OT E N , Larry, Onawa, Iowa. OURS- LAND, Mary Anne, Wakonda. PANERIO. Florence, Lead. P E K A S , Michael, Sioux Falls. PETERS, Kenneth, Akron, Iowa. PETERSEN, Charles, Salix, Iowa. PETERSON, Margo, Yankton. PETER- SON, Roger, Ha - warden, Iowa. PICKARD, Thomas, Newell. PICKERING, Robert, Mitchell. PIPE, Dona, Sioux Falls. PLUCKER, Loren, Lennox. 62 and autumn becomes winfer. RAMEY. Samue Vermillion. RAN- DOLPH. Kaye, Pierre. R ATH JE. Harry. Canton. REED, James. Ver- million. REED, Janet, Can istota. REGAN, Patricia, Sioux Falls. REIMAN, Marilyn, Bu tte, Nebraska. REINKING, Roger, Sch I esw ig , Iowa. R E I N S CH M I DT, Helen, Clark. REI- SETTER, Linn, Jewell, Iowa. RICHTER, Marlys, Ortley. R I TT E R , Dennis, Rapid City. R O N I N G , Robert, Vermillion. ROSS, Clair, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. ROW- LEY, Paul, Sioux Falls. RUBENDALL, William, Mitchell. R U N D E L L , Sam, Parker. SCHAAF, Edward, St. Louis, Missouri. SCHAIBLE, Darrel, Leola. SCHEINOST, Thomas, Winner. S C H E W E , James, Marshalltown, Iowa. SCHIBER, Judith, Collinsville, Illinois. SC HIEFELBEIN, Rodney, Clear Lake. SCHMIDT, Gregory, Scotland. SCHOEN FELDER Robert, Yankton SCHOOLEY, Duane Vermillion. SCHRAG Lois, Marion SCHROEDER. Ber nadine, Bridgewater SCOTT, Richard Watertown. SEE BACH, Judith, Free man. t O..0 WIS ' SEFCIK, Susan, New Canaan, Connecticut. SEtPP, Lynn, Akron, Iowa. S E J V A R , James, Gregory. SH ABI NO. Janet, Rapid City. S H I P - LEY, Lawrence, Mit- chell. SHORT, James, Sioux City, Iowa. SIEBRECHT, Frank, Rapid City. SIKOR- SKI, Steven, Sioux Falls. SIMPSON, Darley, Sac City, Iowa. SKALLERUD, Roger, Clear Lake. SMEBAKKEN. Bruce, Hot Springs. SMITH, David, L u V e r n e , Minnesota. SMITH. Judy, Water- town. SMITH, Linda, Sioux Falls. SMITH, Marlon, Crotton, Ne- braska. SMOLIK, Clarence, Ti mber Lake. S O M M E R - VOLD, Marilyn, Ver- million. SPARKS, Dale, Rapid City. SPENCER, Joseph, Vermillion. STECK, Gayle, Sibley, Iowa. STEPHENSON, Con- rad, Ames, Iowa. STEWART, Kathryn, Arlington, Virginia. STILWELL, Martie, Spencer, I owa. STRAIN, Mickey, White River. STUKEL, Calvin, Gregory. STURGES, William, Winner. STUTENROTH, Vir- ginia, M o b r i d g e . SWAN SON, Leslie, Milbank. SWANTON, Michael, Mobridge. TAKEOKA, Norman, Hawaii. TAPPE, Lee, Dallas. TAYLOR. Jerry, Yankton. TERRELL, Glenda, Peterson, Iowa. TERRY, Charles, Pierre. TEST, Darren, Mit- chell. THAYER, John, Rock Valley, Iowa. THOMAS, Gary, Flandreau. THOMP- SON, Richard, Gar- retson. THORPE, Lynn, Hudson. TOU- LOUSE, Lanna, Mit- chell. TOWNE, Dolores, Vermillion. TOWNER, William, Vermillion. T R A N K L E , Ray, Rapid City. TRUMM, Robert, Sioux Falls. TUEL, Susan, Paul- lina, Iowa. TUR- CHEN, Michael, Sioux Falls. TUTTLE, Ra- mona, Mitchell. TWOMEY, West, Hot Springs. 64 U H L . David, Sioux City, Iowa. VISKER, Lee Roy, Ellsworth. Minnesota. VLASAK, Joseph, Tabor. WALKER, Donald, Rapid City. WALK ER, Karin, Sterling, Illinois. WALLISER, Douglas, Vermillion. WALSH. Michael, Sioux City, Iowa. WALSH, Richard, Sioux City, Iowa. WALTER, Gary, Freeman. W A S T - LUND, Kenneth, Vermillion. WEBER, James, Beresford. WEBER, Leo, Mit- chell. WEBER, Louis, Ver million. WEIS CHEDEL, Corinne Agar. WEISZ, Den nis, Beresford WESTPHALEN, Lar ry, Schleswig, Iowa WHORLEY, Jack Sheldon, Iowa WICKENS, Carolyn Vermillion. WICKENS, Donald son, Vermillion W I K S T R O M Jeanette, Cleghorn Iowa. WILKIE. Lin da, Cherokee, Iowa WILL, Eileen, Wes sington Springs WILLIAMS, Carolyn Bronson, Iowa. WIL LIAMS, Linda, Cen terville. WILLIAMS, Ronald Va lley Springs WITT, Howard Wayne, Nebraska WOOD, Thomas Whiting, Iowa WOODWARD, Kaye Denver. Colorado YOERGER. Leonard Merrill, Iowa ZARINS, Inara, Sioux Falls. ZEIGLER, Richard Sioux Falls. BOE Larry, Yankton. DE L A N Y , James, Ver million. DETERMAN Gary, Breda, Iowa DYER, James, Wil low Lake. EDMON SON, Charles, Dead wood. ESTES, Jerry, Storn Lake, Iowa. FRANK LIN, Charles, Mit chell. G A R N O S Gordon, Presho, H EN DR I CK, John Woonsocket. RABER Richard, Belle Fourche. S O R U M Loretta, Fairview. VAN DERSTOOP, Rac h ae I , Le Mars, Iowa. C? jC f 65 T MiWOiU r i fs a (? m iM l f £• A B I L D . Richard, Vermillion. ACKER- M A N . Lee Ann, Pierre. A D A IM S , Paul, Atkinson, Ne- braska. AGARD, Lyie, Mc- intosh. A L D A G , Ronald. Sc h I esw i g, Iowa. ALVINE. Ken- neth, Sioux Falls. AMUNDSON, Jon, Dell Rapids. AN- DERSEN, Linda, Gil- more City, Iowa. ANDERSEN, Stephen. Herrick. ANDERSON, Greg, Howard. ANDER- SON, Robert, Meek- ling. ANDERSON. Susan, Sioux City, Iowa. A P P E LT , Arnold, Brookfield, Wisconsin. ARENDS, Cheryl, Deadwood. A R M O L D , Fred, Sioux City, Iowa. ASHMORE. Shirley, Pierre. ASHWORTH, Donald, Viborg. ASSMAN, Donald, Winner. AVOTINS, Dagmar, Faulkton. BAILS. J u I i an ne, Sloan, Iowa. BAKER, Frederick, Manches- ter. Indiana. BALDWIN, Cheryl, Mitchell. BALFANY, James. Yankton. BANCROFT. Norris, Beresford. BARBER. Dennis, Rapid City. BARNES, Susanne. Sioux Falls. BAR- TUNEK, Ronald, Wagner. BAUER, Patricia, Sturgis. BAUMANN, Janet, Yankton. BEAVERS, Harvey. Jefferson. B E H M , Galen, Howard. BECK, Ronald. Sioux Falls. BELK, Gor- don, Watertown. BENDIXEN, Jean- ette, Sioux Falls. BENNETT, Diane. Sioux City, Iowa. BENNETT, Thomas, Manning, Iowa. BENTON, Annette, Ipswich. BERDAHL, Richard, Sioux Falls. BERGER. Donna, Ortley. B E R G A N . Paul, Lenox, Massachu- setts. B E R R E T H , Duane. Groton. BER- TRAND, Diane. Cen- terville. BERZI N A, James, Sioux City, Iowa. B I R G E R . Phyllis, Ravinia. BJORGE, Kenneth, Sioux Falls. 66 A lot of penf-up energy was released in an all-campus snake dance. ' BLACK, Shana, Cus ter. BLAIR, Colleen Vermillion. BLEE KER, Lin wood Emery. BLUM, Pen ny, Akron. BOH LANDER, Betty Glenview, Illinois BOLGER, Terence Sioux Falls. BOOM, Paul, Beaver Creek, Minnesota. BOTTOLFSON. Gary, Vermillion. BOYER, Cherianne, Sloan, I owa. BRAK K E, David, Presho. BRAKSS, John, Watertown. BRANDT, Gary, Hot Springs. BREYER, Lilla, Yankton. BRINKER, Carol, Fort Dodge, Iowa. BROWER, Betty Jo. Sioux Falls. BROWN. Gary. Rapid City. BROWN, Hu- bert. Racine, Wis- consin. BROWN, Lynette, Sioux Falls. BURNS, William, Sioux Falls. BRY- ANT, Carl, Plainfield, Illinois. B U D D E , Donald, Parker. B U L L E R , Robert, Parker. BURDETTE. James. Sioux Falls. BYRNE, Margaret, Mobridge. CADY. Merlynn, Hartington, Ne- braska. C A H O Y , Patsy, Winner. CAMERON, Can- dace. Pierre. CAMP- BELL, Sue, Milbank. C AN N EN, Victoria, Baltimore, Maryland. C A P E N , Donald, Sioux Falls. CARLSON, Gary Sioux Falls. CARL SON, James, Tyn dan. CARLSON Kathcrine, Sloan Iowa. CARPER, Bar bara, Rapid City C A S S E N S , John Schleswig, Iowa CATES, Janice Mae Lake View, Iowa. 1 p P I I !! 67 Jl| H € O 1 CHAMBERS. Dale, Sioux Falls. CHAP- MAN, Dennis, Mo- vile, Iowa. CHRIST, Loren, Vermillion. C H RISTI ANSON , Ethel, Sioux Falls. CH RISTOPHERSON, Patr ick. Woonsocket. CLARK, Connie, Sioux City, Iowa. CLARK, Jane. Spear fish. CLAUSEN, Ar lis, Schleswig, Iowa CLAUSEN, Robert Mission. CLAWSON Susan. Groton C DATES, Albert, Edgemont. COL LETT, Robert, Gay COLL I SON, Paul, Carroll, Iowa. COL- WELL, Gary, Ells- worth, Minnesota. COMPTON, Ladora, St. Francis. COM- STOC K, Suzanne, Milbank. CONKLIN, Gary, Rapid City. CONOVER, Mary Ann, Holstein, Iowa. COOK, Martin, Hot Springs. COOPER, Linda, Aberdeen. C O U L S O N, Ken- neth, Yankton. COX, William, Sioux City, Iowa. COY, Robert, Sioux Falls. CRITZ, Geraldine, Vermil- lion. CROMWELL, Bev eriy. Draper. CROS BY. Richard, Sioux Falls. CROWELL Hugh, Hot Springs CUMMINGS, Mau rice. Hartley, Iowa C U R R I E , Daryl S c h a i I e r , Iowa C W A C H , Bonni Yankton. DAVI DSON, Judy, Vermillion. DAVID SON, William, Dow ney, California DAVIS, Charles Onawa, Iowa DAVIS, Maureen Dell Rapids. DAVIS, Orvil, Rapid City DE BOE, Harold Merrill, Iowa. DELANEY, Joe, Ver- million. DEN BES- TEN, Glen, Corsica. DE VILLE, Dennis, Watertown. DE VINE. Myles. Brit- ton. DELZER, Dar- olyn, Arlington. DELZER, Diane, Ar- lington. DENNETT, Patricia Rapid City. O E R TIAN, James, Hart ington, Nebraska DETHLEFS, Marcia Mitchell. DEXTER Peter, Chicago, II linois. D O D S O N Kelly, Winner D O E R I N G , Dave Armour. 68 At noon men converge upon Julian Hall for lunch and a few minu+es of relaxation. DOLAN, Richard Mitchell. DOLPHIN Coriene, Sioux City Iowa. DONNELLY Glenn, Baldwinsvitle New York. DOG LITTLE. James. But falo. DUCHENEAUZ Karen. Eagle Butte DUFFY, Gary, Sioux Falls. DUFFY. Mary, Yank ton. DUNCAN, Ruth Hot Springs. DUN L E A V Y . Thomas, Brookf ield, I I I i n ois DUNN, Lee, Chicago Illinois. DUTC HER, Ronald, M ec k I i ng DUTLER, Roger, Ida Grove, Iowa. DYE. Orval, Sioux City, Iowa. DYKERS Janet, Battle Creek Iowa. EAVES, Mary Jane, Sioux Falls E BE RLE, Gerald Laurens, Iowa ECKERT, William Pierson, Iowa. ECO NOMOS, Patricia Mitchell. EDELMAN.Charlene Menno. EGEBO Hazel, Larchwood Iowa. E G G E R S Mary.Tyndall. EICH MAN, Patricia, Sib ley, Iowa. EKLUND Maxine, Wood. ELL WEIN, Pamala Huron. ELTON, Arthur, Sisseton. EM RY, Robert, Cactus Flats. ENGEL. Patricia, Avon. ER ICKSON , David, Vermillion. ERICKSON. Theo- dore, Vermillion. ERICSON, Betty, Elk Point. ERICSON, John, Elk Point. ESLICK, Gary, Elk Point. FAHREN- DORF, Dale, Sioux Falls. FALK, Leslie, Clear Lake, Iowa. FARBER, Donald, Pierson. Iowa. FARKE, Lawrence, Armour. jp « ' 69 till f! Cp ( C f FARLEY. Kathryn, Sisseton. FEJFAR, Karen, Vermillion. FERGUSON. Dell. Laurens, Iowa. FER- GUSON. Joan. Sioux City, Iowa. FERRIS, George, Vermillion. FERRIS. Glenn, Hudson. FICKBOHM. Duane, Alcester. FIELDS Douglas. Madison FITZGERALD, Don aid. Rapid C ity FITZGERALD, Rob ert, Beresford FLANAGAN, Kay Huron. FLANERY Edward, Milbank. FLATTUM, William, Menno. FLEMING, Vicki, Rapid City. F L I TT I E, Robert, Sioux Falls. FLYNN, Diane, Sioux Falls. FLYNN, William, Sioux City, Iowa. FORRED, Walter, Vermillion. FORSBERG, Dexter Watertown. FOR SYTH, John, North ville. FRANCIS Charles, Philip, FREDINBURG, Don Sioux City, Iowa. FRICS, Augustine, Emery. FRIES James, Sioux City, Iowa. FRIESEN, Charles, Emery. FRISLE. Jim, Sioux Falls. FROIS- TAD, Gary, Ludlov . GADEN, Victoria, Gettysburg. GAM- BERG, Marvin. Sioux Falls. GANGE, Bruce, Chelsea. GANSKE. Gerald, Yankton. GASKELL, Deanne. Sioux City, Iowa. GEMMELL, Ronald, Rapid City. GERING, Judy, Rapid City. GER- LOFF, Greg, Sioux Falls. GERLOFF, Jeffrey, Sioux Falls. Gl LLI LAN D, Gail, Rock Rapids, Iowa. GIRARD. Janis. Elk Point. GIRARD, Karen, Vermillion. GIST, Jacqualine, Madison. GLANZER, M i c h a e I, Kimball. GLYNN, Charlene, Scotland. GOOD BURN. Paul, Yankton.GOODELL. Harold, Rapid City. GOODWI N, Daniel, Winner. GORSUCH, Marilyn, Hot Springs. GOSSEN, Patrick, Rock Rapids, Iowa. GRAHAM, William, Sioux Falls. 70 Concentration is the key to studying. GRANT. Willeen Rosebud. GREEN Dennis. Rapid City GREEN. Patricia Rapid City. GREG SON. Tim. Hill City GRIENCEWIC, Wil liam, Sioux Falls GRILL. Larry Schleswig, Iowa. GRINDE. Glen. Col ton. G ROCS. Gene Beresford. GRIER Diane. Vermillion GRIMSTVEDT.Carol Madison. GROT JOHN. Dean. Scha ler. Iowa. G U E R I C K E , Luverne Freeman. GUNVARDAHL. Mi- chael. Burke. GUS- TAFSON. Sharon. Clear Lake. HAAG. Joan. Vermillion. H ABI NCK, Gale, Mapleton. Iowa. HAFNER. Jo. Newell. HAGBERG. Barbara, Schaller. Iowa. HALL. Carol. Dol- ton. Illinois. HAMP, Hildegarde. Rapid City. HANDEL. Den- nis. Freeman. HAN- KINS. Larry. Rapid City. H A N N U M . Sandra. Fort Pierre. HANSEN, Duane, Yankton. HANSEN. Jerald Viborg. HANSEN Lawrence, Sioux Falls. HANSEN. Lin da. Rapid City. HAN SON. Allen. Colum bia. HANSON, James, Rock Rapids. Iowa H A PPEL, Jerald Moville. Iowa. HARLOW. Mark Redf ield. HARM Sandra. Correction vine. Iowa. HAR RINGTON, William Sioux City, Iowa HARRIS, Patricia Plankinton. HAR RISON. John. Sioux City. Iowa. HART- MAN, Douglas, Sioux City, Iowa. 7i - i i - iRfl C HARTOOG, Leonard Milford. Iowa. HAR VEY. James, Pierson Iowa. H A S S E L STROM, Linda, Her mosa. HAUCK, Kim eron, Sioux Falls HAWKINS, Robert, K i n g s I e y , Iowa HAYDON, Marsha Sioux Falls, HAYWOOD, Harry, Watertown. HECK, Grace, Sturgis. HEEMSTRA, Janice, Sheldon, Iowa. HEI- DECKER, Alan, Graetti nger, Iowa. HEIDER, Jon, Akron, Iowa. HELLING, Larry, Mitchell. H E L L W I G , Law- rence, S I s s e t o n . HENDRICK, Bonnie, Hudson. H EN N I ES, Gerald, Wagner. HENRICKS, Barton, Ellsworth, Minnesota. HESS, Ann, Madison. H ETLAN D, Gloria, Lakewood, Colorado. HILL, Larry, Canton. HINCHLIFF, Doug- las, Vermillion. HINN, John, Laurens, I owa. H O B A RT , Margaret, Rapid City. H OLDORF, Landis, Madison. HOLLAND, Jo, Sioux Falls. H U B E R , Gerald, Yankton. H U B E R , Loren, Emery. HUEBNER, Marcella, Beresford. H U E- THER, Sandra, Huron. HUGH ES, Patricia, Kingsley, Iowa. HULCE, Clark, Vivian. HUTCHESON, Gail, Fort Pierre. IN MAN, David, Storm Lake, Iowa. ISAAK, Troy, Tripp. IVERSON, Carol, M e c k I i n g . IVERSON, Jeanne, Vermillion. JACOB- SEN, Jerry, Newell. J A N D E L , Jolene, Frankfort. JASS MANN, Sandra Pierre. JENNEWEIN John, Huron. JEN SEN , David, Gay vine. JENSEN, Jane Lake Andes. JEN SEN, Richard, Terril Iowa. JENSEN, Ronald Schaller, Iowa. JEN SON, Linda, Faulk ton. JESFJELD Janet, Prairie City JOHANNSEN,Myrna Battle Creek, Iowa JOHANSEN. Marilyn, LeMars, Iowa JOHNS, Joel, Mil bank. 72 Zoology lab is fasclnaflng, but a llffle grue- some for some of the women students. JOHNSON. Ursula Marshall, Minnesota JOHNSON. William Fairfax, Virginia JOHNSTON. Ralph Bradley. JORDAN Joyce, We 1 1 s V i I le Ohio. JUDD. Walter, Hot Springs. JUR GENS, Dave, Mil bank. KAEBERLE. Karen, Meckling. KAM- BACK, Karen, Yank- ton. KAMEN, Den- nis, Aberdeen. KAST- NER. Ronald. Schles- wig. Iowa. KECK, Michael, Rapid City. KEELER, Julie, Sioux Falls. KELLER, Henry, Sioux City, Iowa. KELLY, Celia, Ver- million. KENDALL, Robert, Columbia. KENNEDY. Barbara, Lead. K EN OYER, Robert, Sturgis. KINGSBURY, Betty, Rapid City. K I N Z E R , Harold. Colome. KLAWITER, Richard, Sioux Falls. KNAPP, Karen, Ver- million. KNOX, Carolyn, Salem. KIRK PATR I CK, David, Aberdeen. KOCH, Gary, Schles- wig, Iowa. KOEHNECKE, Roger. Hartley, Iowa. KOLTES, Richard, Mitchell. KOPRIVA, Emma, Edgemont. KORN. Gerhardt, Menno. KOSTEL, Laddy, Tabor. KOU- PAL, Ronald, Tabor. 73 C |B (? CT t - K R A G E R , Diane Paullina, Iowa KRAGER, Linda Peterson, Iowa KRAM ER. Karen Yankton. KRAUSS Victoria, Rapid City. KRIVANEK, Ros anne. Winner. KRS T I C E V I C , Joyce, Chicago. K R O E G E R , Terry, Carroll, Iowa. KRUE- GER, Gene, Climbing Hill, Iowa. KRUSE, De Wayne, Yankton. KRUSE, John, Little Rock, Iowa. KRUSE, Marilyn, Sioux Falls. K U D R N A , Don, Tabor. L A B E R , Gerald Parkston. LACEY Barbara, Trent. LA CROIX, Raymond Sioux City, 4owa L ALLEY, Sheila Mitchell. LANFER MAN, Gail, Hartland Wisconsin. LANG Richard, Yankton. LANGHOLDT, Mar- jorie, Ricketts, Iowa. LANTAFF, Ronald, Beresford. LA POINTE, Ronald, Rosebud. LARSEN, Diane, Yankton. LARSON, Larry, Onawa, Iowa. LAR- SON, Katherine, Sioux Falls. LARSON, Lennis, Wakonda. LARSON, Phillip, Sioux City, Iowa. LARSON, Robert, Sioux Falls. LASCUE, Lawrence, Degma, Sask., Canada. LEAVITT, Patricia, Chamberlain. LEE, Martha, Rapid City. L E P K E , Calvin, Rapid City. LESLIE, Bonnie, Bonesteel. LEWIS, James, Sioux Falls. LIEN, John, G a y V i I I e . LINO, Karen, Aberdeen. LINDEMANN, Bar- bara, Dundee, II- linois. LITTLE, Ronald, Ida Grove, Iowa. LLOYD Linda, Sioux City Iowa. L O C H E R Phyllis, Winner. LONE, Beverly Sioux Falls. LOOS Gerald, Huron LOUNSBERY, Rob ert, Marion. LUFT, Dennis, Ver million. LUFT, San dra, Vermillion. Mc CALL, Gary, Ute, Iowa. McCARTY Daniel, Pomeroy Iowa. McCLAIN Larry, Colome. Mc C O L L E Y , Frances, Chamberlain. 74 Mcdowell, Mark, Flandreau. McKAY, Kenneth, Canistota. Mckenzie, Jerry, Marion. McKIB- BEN, Barbara, Bowl- ing Green, Kentucky. McVAY, Mary, Akron, Iowa. MAD- DEN, Kenneth, In- dianola, Iowa. MAEDER, Cynthia, Rapid City. MAN- NING, Paul, Spen- cer, Iowa. M A N - SOUR. Michael. Waterford, Michigan. MARBACH, James, Sioux City, Iowa. MARIENAU, James, Hawarden, Iowa. MAROUFKHANI, Shahroukh, Tehran, Iran. MARSHALL, Jo Ann, Deadwood. MARSHALL, Jose- phine, Vermillion. M ARX , Gail, Iro- quois. MASOW, Jack. Philip. MATHESON, William, Sioux Falls. MATHIAS, John, Rapid City. MATSON. Ronald, Spearfish. MAXON, Patricia, McLaughlin. MAXWELL. Howard. Clear Lake. MEAD, Richard, Lake Andes. MEADORS. Darren, Pierre. MECHTEN- BERG, Gary, Mit- chell. MESSNER. Frank, Brookings. MEYER. Karen. Rapid City. MEYERS. Mark, Huron. MICHAELS, Robert, Watertown. MICKELSON, Julie. Aberdeen. MICHEL- SON, Sandra, Ames, Iowa. MILES, Robert, Flandreau. MILLER, Alyce, Meckling. MILLER, Joann, Custer. MILLER, Charles, Sioux Falls. MILLER, John, Hill City. MILLER, Larry, Schleswig. Iowa. Snow brings problems in navigation 75 ip O Jr. ri _ . mJ Mi f.r MILLER, Rebecca, Draper. MILLER, Ronald, Plankinton. M I TT E L ST ADT, Kimroi, Storm Lake, Iowa. MOCK, Rich- ard, Whiting, Iowa. MOE, Judith, Sioux City, Iowa. MOEL- LER, Theodore, Sioux City, Iowa. M O L I N E , Carol, Sioux city, Iowa. MOLZEN, Gary, Elk Point. MONTROSS, Gerald, Sioux City, Iowa. MORGAN, Lee, Rapid City. MOR- GAN, Robert, Stur- gis. MORRIS, Charles, Lead. MORTON, Glenn, Rockwell City, Iowa. MORTON, Mary Jane, Sioux Falls. MOSER, Van, Vermillion. MUCHMORE, Lynn, Parkston. MUILEN- BURG, Terril, Hart- ley, Iowa. MULDER, Delmar, Revillo. MULFRINGER, Rich- ard, Sioux City, Iowa. M U R P H Y , Joseph, Murdo. MYERS, Gerald, Canton. MYERS, Jim, Mitchell. MYERS, Richard, Elk Point. M Y H R E, Larry, Worthing. N A G L E , Richard, Ellsworth, Minnesota. NALE, Karen, Pierre. NEFF, Judy, Rapid City. NELSON, Jeff, Sioux Falls. NEL- SON, Lawrence, Mit- chell. NELSON, Marilyn, Scotland. NERISON, Barbara, Sioux Falls. NES- HEIM, Ronald, Sioux Falls. NEUHARTH, Dennis, Sioux Falls. NIELSEN, Carol, Storm Lake, Iowa. NIELSEN, Connie, Vermillion. NIKONT, Charlotte, Deadwood. NOLL, Stephen, Ver- million. NORSTROM, Madlynn, Chicago. NORTH, John, Mur- do. NURSE, Dennis, Hartley, Iowa. NUSZ, Veronica, Menno. OHLEN, Robert, Mit- chell. OHM, John, Struble, Iowa. OLEGMUEL- LER, Joyce, Saint Lawrence. OLSON, Carol, Evanston. Il- linois. OLSON, Don- ald, Vermillion. OL- SON, James, Sioux Falls. OLSON, Judith, Jefferson. 76 and also loh of fun. O R N E R , Suzanne Rapid City. O R R Cynthia, Vermillion ORTNER, Michael Danbury, Iowa, OS BORNE, Lucretia Anthon, Iowa. OUEL LETTE, Sharon, Ver million. OVERPECK Janifer, Belle Fourche, PARKER, Larry, Valentine, Nebraska. PAYNE, Michael, Watertown. PEDER- SON, Darren, Sioux Falls. PEDERSON, David, Gayville. PEKAS, Carol, Sioux Falls. PERRY, Ellen, Aberdeen. PESCH L, Terrence, DeSmet. PETERSEN, Brian, Graettinger, Iowa. PETERSON, Camille, Aberdeen. PETERSON, Edward, Alcester. PETERSON, Kendall, Northville. PETERSON, Linda, Arlington. PETRES, Veronika Salem. PETTEN GILL, Terryl, Rock Rapids, Iowa. PHIL LIPS, John, Paul lina, Iowa. PIERSON Robert, Aberdeen P I N N E Y, Delbert, Sioux City, Iowa POLLY, Gary, Sioux Falls. PRESLICKA. Dennis, Burke. PRESSLER, Larry, Humboldt. PRESZLER, Maxine, Springfield. QUEN- 2ER. Davis, Pierre. RAINBOLT, Linda, Huron. RAMES, Alan, Olivet. R A N N E Y , Bruce, Rapid City, R A Y - BURN, Carol, Ver- million. REDFISH, Amiel, Pierre. REH- DER, Larry, Sioux City, Iowa. RICH- TER, Julaine, Ortley. R I S C H E N , Jane, Pierson, Iowa, « JkJ f 11 LmMl RITER, Paula, Pierre. ROGNESS, David, IVIonona, Iowa. ROLFE, Diane, Sioux City, Iowa. ROSE, Virginia, Rapid City. ROSS, Bernardt, At- lanta, Georgia. ROTH, Sandra, Mitchell. RUPPERT, Gary, Mallard, Iowa. RUS- SEL, Richard, Edge- mont. RUTE, Thomas, Milford, Iowa. SAN- DERS, Charles, Spirit Lake, Iowa. SAND- MAN, Thomas, SIs- seton. SCHAFFER, Roger, Ramona. SCHEMMEL, Larry, Alvord, Iowa. SCHEMPP, Curtis, Freeman. SCHENK, Daniel, Rapid City. SCHIMKAT, Jerrell, Pierre. SCHLICHT, Jake, Woonsocket. SCHMIDT, Luana, Rapid City. SCHMIDT, Scott Sioux Falls. SCHNA BEL, Delmar, Menno SCHNEIDER, Arnold, Eagle Butte SCHNEIDER, Donna Mitchell. SCHOEN FISH, Delmar, Men no. SCHOON, Caro line, Vermillion. SCHOPPE, Jeanette, Warner. SCHOLTEN Harry, Vermillion S C H U L Z , Robert, H a V e I c k , Iowa SCHWARTZ, Wil liam. Winner. SCOTT, Donna, Miami, Flor Ida. SCOTT, Marilyn Sioux City, Iowa. SCOTT, Sa Sioux Falls. LEZKY, Dale, man. SEE WA Mathew, Fort North Dakota. VOSS, Marcus, son, Iowa. SE SON, Andrew, City. SHAN Ross, storm Iowa. n dra, SED- Free- LKER, Yates, SER- Deni- VER- Rapid NON, Lake, SHATTUK, Richard Sioux Falls. SHEA Karen, Chicago SHELBY, Thomas, Mitchell. SH EP PARD, Ross, Hut chinson, Minnesota SHREVE, RiU, Gay vine. SHULL, Doug las, Sac City, Iowa. S H U R R , George Ellsworth, Minnesota S I B E L L , Steve Deadwood. SIEDEN BURG, Lana, Dallas. SISK, Carl, Miller SJOMELING, Arne Deadwood. SLATER William, Hot Springs, 78 This may even be carrying things a bit too far. SLOAN, Diane Brookings. SMITH Christine. Lemmon SMITH, George Wagner. SMYTHE Michael, Elk Point. SNYDER, Angenette, Sturgis. SNYDER John, Belle Fourche SNYDER, Virginia Sioux Falls. SPIE GEL, Delbert, Harris, Iowa. S P I T 2 E N B E R G E R , Jerry Bonesteel. STEELE, Dennis, Winner STEELE, Kenneth Rapid City. ST EL 2ER, Patricia, Ar mour. STEPHENS, Warren, Pierre. STEVENSON, Larry, Watertown. STEWART, Mark, Wayzata, Minnesota. STEWART, Mary, Yankton. STEWART, Merritt, Ida Grove, Iowa. STOTTS, Rich- ard, Racine, Wiscon- sin. STRAND, Adrian, Kimball. STRAT- TON, Larry, Hart- ford. STUBSTEN, Dennis, Canton. STURM, Dennis, Presho. ST U E N , Kenneth, Hot Springs. SULGROVE, Barry, Rapid City. SUNDLING, Nancy, Canton. SVIHOVEC Ronald, Lemmon S W A R K , Lerry Sioux Falls. SWARD Jim, Sioux City Iowa. TALBOT, Pat rick. Armour THILL, Marvin Plankinton. THOMPSON. James, Onida. THOMPSON. Joel, Madison. THORPE, Linda, Sioux City, Iowa. TiCE. Merton. Mit- chell. TOWNER, Charles, Vermillion. TUFTE, Ralph, Sioux Falls. £i . £h l 79 . TURBIVILLE, Charles, Newell. TURNER, Donna, Storm Lake, Iowa. TURNER, Sharon, Mobridge. UHERKA, Norma, Val ley Springs. VAN AU- KEN, Dean, Maple- ton, Iowa. VAN BRIESEN, Larry, Rock Rapids, Iowa. VANCE, Connie, Mitchell. V ANDEN- BURGH, Lael, Sioux City, Iowa. VAN- ORNY, Patricia, Orient. VAN SICKLE, David, Henry. VAN ZEE, Conrad, Rock Valley, Iowa. VEEN, Oelores, Sheldon, Iowa. VELLEK, Dennis, Tabor. VICKERMAN, Paul, Canton. Vl- T A S K A , Daryll, Beecher, Illinois. V O E G E L I , Lester, Berestord. VOHS, David, H o I s t e i n , Iowa. VON W ALD, Jack, Groton. WALSH, James, Elk Point. WALSH, Ken- neth, Kimball. WAL- TER, Patricia, Free- man. WATSON, Danny, Sioux City, Iowa. W A Y M A N , Ronald, Sioux City, Iowa. WEBER. Rich- ard, Highmore. WELCH, Carole, Do- land. WELLENDORF, Theodore, Ellsworth, Minnesota. WELLS, Allan, Sioux City, Iowa. WELLS, Anne, Sioux City, Iowa. WENCK, David, Car- roll, Iowa. WEST. PHAL, Dennis, Peterson, Iowa. WHEELOCK, Rich- ard, Kentland, In- diana. WHITE, Fred, Wakonda. WHITE, William, Vol in. WHITE, Maureen, Rapid City. WIB- BEN, Gene, Yank- ton. W I B L E M O , Carol, Mitchell. WIERENGA. Cheryl, Sioux Falls. WIKA, Judith, De Smet. W I K N E R , Julie, Sioux Falls. WIL- KEN, Sharon. Akron, Iowa. WILLARO, William, Sioux Falls. Wl LLERT, Ronald, Sioux City, Iowa. WILLIAMS, James, Sioux City, Iowa. WILLIAMS. Ter- rence, Gettysburg. WILSON, Kay. Spen- cer, Iowa. WILSON, Robert, Rapid City. WILSON, Suzan, Hot Springs. WINDER- LIN, Patrick, Het- tinger. North Da- kota. «n 1 1 ■i » 1 ; ' lImo f ' : ' ' ■■■ ' • 391 Christmas is generally agreed to be the favorite season, defying the cold weather with personal warmth. WINTER, David, Morristown. WIN- TERS, Dennis, Sen- eca. W 1 TT R I G , Carolyn, Canton. W I X S O N , James, Sioux City, Iowa. WOHLMAN, Linda, Sioux Falls. WOOD, Kay, Hawarden, Iowa. WORRELL, Nancy, Hornick, Iowa. WRIGHT, Donald, S c h a M e r , Iowa. WYATT, Thomas, Spirit Lake, Iowa. WOODSEND, Ray, Hot Springs. WYCH, Ruby, Quimby, Iowa. YAM A MOTO, Lil- lian, Lahaina Maui, Hawaii. YARGER, Jo, Spen- cer, Iowa. YBACK, Arthur, Fort Yates, North Dakota. Y O C H , Richard, Parkston. YOUNG, Andrew, Pierre, YOUNGERS, Dan, Minneapolis, Min- nesota. Y O U N T , Frederick, Long Beach, California. ZAVORAL, Theresa, Colome. ZEPH I ER, Alvin, Pi ne Ridge. ZIMMERMAN, Dale, Yankton. ZIMMER- MAN, Dean, Yank- ton. KOLETZK Y, Robert, Tabor. E MJ 81 ALBERY. ROBERT, Rapid City, Account- ing, Business Students Association. Delta Sigma Pi. ASHMORE, GARY, VermiMion, Account- ing, LSA, Independent Students. Business Students Association. ATKINSON, HAR- OLD, Britton, Business Management. BATCHELLER, CHARLES, Sioux City, Iowa, General Business, Strollers, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Marketing Club. BENNETT, LEO, Aberdeen, Marketing, Beta Theta Pi, Newman Club. BERTELSON, JAMES, Hawarden, Iowa. Accounting, Phi Delta Theta, Investment Club, Intramural Sports. BILLI NGMEI ER, JON, Sioux Falls, General Business Management, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Scab- bard and Blade, Young Republicans, Marketing Club. BLOOMQUIST, BRUCE, Wausa, Nebraska, Finance and Banking, Investment Club. Business Students As- sociation. BRINK, RICHARD, Spencer, Iowa, General Business, Delta Sigma Pi, Scabbard and Blade, Dakota Day Com- mittee, Rifle Team, Investment Club, Marketing Club, Social Committee. BUNKERS, GERALD, Dell Rapids, Busi- ness, Delta Sigma Pi. Newman Club treasurer. BUTT, DUANE, Reliance, Ac- counting, Delta Sigma Pi, Business Stu- dents Association. CHARRLIN, MARY, Vermillion, Business Education. CHRIS- TENSEN, JAMES, Tempe, Arizona, Gen- eral Business, Lambda Chi Alpha, IFC. CHRISTIAN, WILLIAM, Norfolk, Ne- braska. Business Administration, Photog- rapher. DICKINSON, DICK, Martin, Ac- counting, Delta Sigma Pi, Business Stu- dents Association vice-president. EG AN, JAMES, Chicago, Marketing, Varsity Football, Student Senate, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. EHRMANN. BARBARA. Aber- deen, Business, Pi Beta Phi, Choir, Young Republicans, Wesley Foundation, Kappa Phi. EKLUND, ARLENE, Vermillion, Business Education, Business Students Association, Pi Omega Pi president, SNEA president. Home Economics Club. ELK IN, MAR- SHALL, Spencer, Iowa, Accounting, Delta Sigma Pi, Business Students Association. FISCHER, JAMES, Aberdeen, Accounting. FONDER, LAWRENCE, Sioux Falls, Delta Sigma Pi. 83 Spring fever in February? m i f d.Kt FURCHNER, THOMAS, Plankinton. Gen- eral Business. GARRETT. CONNIE, Huron, Business Education, Business Stu- dents Association, Kappa Alpha Theta secretary, AWS. Young Republicans. GILES, RONALD, Yankton, Business Ad- ministration, Dakotans. GRAV, DEANE, Sioux Falls. Economics, Investment Club, Wesley Club, Young Republicans, GRITTERS, LYLE, Hull, Iowa, General Business Management, Business Students Association. HALL, JOHN, Burke, Ac- counting. HALL, LYNN, Wagner, Busi- ness, Football. HANSEN, JAMES, Rapid City, General Business, Beta Theta Pi. HEDGES, DONNA, Spirit Lake, Iowa, Business Teacher Education, Investment Club, Business Student Association, WRA, Young Democrats, Chi Omega. HOLMOE, JOYCE, Sioux Falls, Business, Business Student Association, Young Republicans, Kappa Alpha Theta. AWS, WRA. HOWES. MICHAEL Sioux Falls, General Business. Delta Tau Delta president. Dakotans, Scabbard and Blade. HYLLAND, DAN- IEL, Howard, Accounting, Business Stu- dent Association. IVERSON, CLARK, Vermillion, Industrial Management, Strollers. Scabbard and Blade, IFC president. Beta Theta Pi, Who ' s Who. JAMESON. SHARON, Rapid City. General Business Management, Kappa Alpha Theta, Investment Club. KIMBALL. KAREN, Gregory. Business Education, Alpha Xi Delta, AWS. Busi- ness Students Association, Panhellenic Council, Dolphins. Young Democrats. KNUDSON. CRAIG, Leola. Finance and Banking. Lambda Chi Alpha. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Union Board of Control, Wesley Club. KNUDSON, GARY, McLaughlin, Busi ness, Lambda Chi Alpha social chairman Strollers. KOOIKER, JEROME, Rock Val ley, Iowa, Business. KROGMAN. BAR BETTA. White River. Business Education Newman Club, Alpha Xi Delta president Young Democrats. Rodeo Club. KURLE WILLIAM, McLaughlin, General Business Management, Freshman Basketball, Busi- ness Students Association, Baseball, Let- terman ' s Club. 84 LILLIBRIDGE, JOHN, Burke. Business, Basketball, Track, Student Senate, Phi Delta Theta, Delta Sigma Pi, Athletic Board of Control. LUST, JERRY, Finance and Banking, Delta Sigma Pi. Student Investment Club secretary. McCONKEY, DUANE, Storm Lake. Iowa. Accounting. Investment Club. MERTENS, DAVID. Kennebec. General Business. Business Students Association, Investment Club. MIERAS, ARLEN, Orange City, Iowa, Business. MORGAN, LE ROY, Hot Springs. Accounting. Phi Eta Sigma, Delta Sigma Pi. NAFZIGER. ORMAN, Cleg- horn, Iowa, General Business Manage- ment, Business Students Association. NAIRN, LANNY, Remsen, Iowa, Business, Business Students Association secretary. NESSEIM, CLIFFORD, Ida Grove, Iowa, General Business. NOVAK. JAMES, Tyn- dall. General Business Management, Delta Sigma Pi. O ' MEARA. JAMES, Sioux Falls. Business. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. PALMER. CHARLES. Rapid City, Busi- ness Administration, Delta Sigma Pi, Toastmasters, Investment Club, Business Students Association. PERKINS. JUDY, Vermillion, Business Education, Pi Beta Phi, Business Students Association secretary. Mortar Board, Guidon, Alpha Lambda Delta, Wesley Club, Pi Omega Pi, Kappa Phi, Student Senate. Who ' s Who. PIERCE. LEONARD, Hot Springs. General Business Manage- ment. Toastmasters secretary. Phi Alpha Theta. Alpha Tau Omega. Young Repub- licans. History Club. Rodeo Club. Invest- ment Club. PORTER. STEVE, Rock Rapids, Iowa, Accounting. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Delta Sigma Pi, ODK, Scabbard and Blade. Who ' s Who. POSZ. ROBERT, Huron. Business-Economics. Strollers sec- retary. IFC vice-pres.. Psychology Club secretary, Who ' s Who, Delta Tau Delta. PYLMAN, CAROL, Gregory, Business Teacher Education, Business Students As- sociation, Alpha Xi Delta. REED, HOW- ARD. Rapid City. Business. Beta Theta Pi, Scabbard and Blade, Student Recruit- ment, Delta Sigma Pi, Young Republicans. RUSH, RONALD, Sioux Falls, General Business, Track. SCHEINOST, ROBERT, Winner, Marketing, Delta Sigma Pi, Busi- ness Students Association. SCHNEIDER. LAVERNE, Tyndall, Gen- eral Business, Scabbard and Blade, Delta Sigma Pi, Investment Club. SHULL, DENNIS. Sac City. Iowa. Accounting, Beta Theta Pi, Delta Sigma Pi. SLABY, JAMES, Aberdeen, Business Administra- tion, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Marketing Club. SMALL. JEROME, Chicago, Gen- eral Business Administration, Varsity Basketball, Newman Club, Delta Sigma Pi. 85 SMITH, DALLAS, Cherokee, Iowa, Ac- counting, Business Students Association president. Delta Sigma Pi social chair- man. SMITH. RONALD. Lucas. General Business. SMITH, THOMAS. Alexandria. Accounting. Delta Sigma Pi treasurer. Scabbard and Blade, Business Students Association. SORENSEN. JOHN. Cham- berlain. Economics. Phi Mu Alpha, Band. mktisiet mM SPEAKMAN. JOHN. Galva. Iowa, Eco- nomics. Lambda Chi Alpha. Investment Club. STEELE. LOREN. Rapid City, Finance, Strollers. Scabbard and Blade. Beta Theta Pi. Investment Club. Who ' s Who. VAN MEVEREN, STUART. Sioux Falls. Business. Lambda Chi Alpha. Young Republicans. Business Students Associa- tion. WALTERS. NORMAN, Huron, Ac- counting, Delta Sigma Pi. WELLER. WILLIAM. Mitchell. Business. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Student Senate. Scabbard and Blade. Delta Sigma Pi. Investment Club. Business Students Asso- ciation. WINTERS. ALAN. Seneca. Busi- ness. WOOD. ROBERT. Watertown. Eco- nomics. Delta Sigma Pi, Roy C. Davis Award. WUNDER. MARGARET. Bison. Business Education. Newman Club. Home Economics Club, Alpha Phi. Bridge is a favorite every month of the year. 86 AC RHUS, Patricia. Lake Andes. AN - DERSEN, Niel, Hur- ley. ARNOLD, Wil- liam, Rapid City. BEST, Alma, Ver digre, Nebraska BOER, Clarence, Al vord, lowa.CHANEY, Martin, Vermillion, CHRISTENSEN, Cur tis. New Ulm, Min nesota. CHRIS TOPHERSON, Mar garet, Sioux Falls CUNNINGHAM, Pa tricia. Rapid City. DAVIS, Robert, Co- lumbia. DAWSON, Robert, C a n ist Ota . DEJAGER, Harold, Orange City, Iowa. DUCHENEAUX, Franklin, Cheyenne Agency. ELLING- SON, Gary, Canton. ELLIOTT, Dennis, Sioux City, Iowa. EVANS, Ronald, Sioux Falls. FEN- NEL, Steve, Elk Point. FREDRICKS, Frank, Vermillion. FREIDEL, Arnold, Yankton. GRAGE, Jens, Timber Lake. GRANT, John, Watertown, GRUENWALD James, Corsica. GUB BRUD. John, Pierre HARRINGTON. Wil Nam, Colman. HART James, Miller. JAYS Jon, Sioux Falls H I LLM AN, John Sioux City, Iowa. HOYT. Irvin, Huron. JACKSON, Robert, Aberdeen. JOHN- SON, Craig, Hot Springs. JOHNSON, Lonny, Spearfish. JOHNSON, Roger, Havelock, Iowa. KNOTT, John, Mo- bridge. K O N R A D , Lester Tripp. LAWRENCE Charles, Sioux Falls LE BEAU, Seymour Mobridge.LE GAARD, Jan, Sum mit. LI ND BERG Jerry, Cherokee Iowa. LORENZ, Lee Sioux City, Iowa. LOWNSBERRY, Lee Sioux City, Iowa M A S S A , Joseph Sturgis. METTLER Harlan, Huron. MIL LER, Vernon , Len nox. MITCHELL John, Montrose. MO BERLY, Robert Sioux Falls. 87 p i o r sf o ' tf i . MORRISON, Rich ard. W a k o n d a MOVER, Larry, Lu cas. O ' MEARA, Den nis, Sioux Falls GATES, Ross. Ver million. PETERSEN Roger, S c h 1 e s w i g I owa. R A D E R SCHADT, John Watertown. R I T E R . Charles, Pierre. SERVIS, Cal- vin. Smithland. Iowa. SEVERSON, Dennis, MarshaMtown, Iowa. STEVENS, Lee Roy, Vermillion. STAMM, Joyce, Vermillion. T A P P E , Darlene, Dallas. VANDERPOL, Don aid, Mitchell. VEN ARD, Terry, Vermil lion. W A G N E R Robert, Vermillion WHERLAND, Fred Sioux Falls WUTSCH, Conrad Iroquois. YOUNG James, Deadwood. ZYLSTRA, Ronald, Flandreau. Spring finally arrives, bringing with it excursions to the dunes. S»uulo«tcA W i Z PMm , ALLEN, John, Ver- million. ANDERSON, Audrey, Vermillion. ANDERSON, Dale- anne, Sioux Falls. ANDRESEN, Julia, Vermillion. AUNET, Gerald, Superior, Wisconsin. AUSTIN, Joseph, Madison. BARTELS, Ronald, South Sioux City, Nebraska. BAXTER, Robert, Hyrum, Utah. BIERSTEDT, Gerald, Lakota, Iowa. BIGELOW, Richard, Elk Point. BOS, Abraham, Hull, Iowa. BRUBAKER, James, Absarokee, Montana. BRUCE, Richard, Vermillion. BYING- TON, Keith, Ply- mouth, Iowa. CARDA, William, Miller. CARLBERG, Janet, Ames, Nebraska. CHARD, Daniel, Woodbury, New Jer- sey. CHEN, Marilyn, Hsinchn, Ta i wan, China. CHRISTEN- SEN, Cleo, Vermil- lion. CHRISTENSEN, Gordon, Tioga, North Dakota. CLAFLI N, Warren, Watertown. CLEVELAND, Wayne, Conde. CO- GELL, Wayne, Ken- osha, Wisconsin. COLLING, Robert, McCook, Nebraska. COOK, Cleland, Cameron, Wisconsin. CR ANG, Richard, Danville, Illinois. CUNNINGHAM, James, El Cerrito, California. DANCER, John. Arcadia, California. DODGE, Harold, St. Paul, Minnesota. E K L U N D , Gary, G i I I ett , Wisconsin. ELT2E, Ervin, Crete, Nebraska. ERNST, Charles, Princeton, Minnesota. ESHEL- MAN, Clarence, Cad- well, Idaho. ESLICK, Rudolph, Elk Point. FIALKO- WSKI, Paul, Sioux Falls. FROH LING, Eugene, Hecla. FROM MELT, Leo, Sioux City, Iowa. GATZ, Edward, O ' - Neill, Nebraska. GRAY, Grant, Star- buck, Minnesota. HAUFFE, Harry, Leola. HEEMSTRA, Betsy, Yankton. HEIMSTRA, Maria, Vermillion. HULL, Raymond, McPher- son, Kansas. JEN- SEN, Alan, Sioux Falls. JENSEN, Thomas, Waverly, Iowa. 90 Young fhoughfs turn to the future and romance. JONES, Richard, Salem, Oregon. KAMBACK, Marvin, Yankton. KEMNITZ, Ernest. Schuyler, Nebraska. KING, Bessie. Hong Kong. KITZMAN, Warren, Bonner Springs, Kansas. KLIENSAS- SER, Joseph, Bran- don. KNITTEL, Marvin, Vermillion. KOL- DENHOVEN, James, Hull, Iowa. KONG, Sum-Man, Hong Kong. K O P L I N , Ronald. Elk Point. LANGE, Alan, We- cota. LANGENFELD, Matthew, Watertown. LANZA, Anthony Strongsv i He. Ohio LARSON, Kent Waukon, Iowa. LAR SON, Paul, Sisseton, L E G E R , Arthur Marseilles, Illinois LEMMON, Robert, Fresno, California LIST, James, Ver million. L U K K E S , Carl, Springfield. Mc- CLEARY, William, New Ulm. Minnesota. McGEE, Boyd, Quimby, Iowa. MARKO, Paul, Cleveland, Ohio. MAST, Truman, Washington, Iowa. MENDEL, Donald, Doland. MICKEL, Charles, White River. MICK- EL S O N , James, Yankton. MILLER, Elinor, Brookings. MILLER, Niels, Ver- million. MONNICL, Michael, Sidney, Ne- braska. NELSON, Roger, Brookings. NEU, Donald, Bovey, Minnesota. OGDEN, Leo, Sioux City, Iowa. PARSONAGE, Wil- liam, Excelsior, Min- nesota. PAWLIKOW- SKI, Walter, Super- ior, Wisconsin. POL- ING, Emery, Sioux City, Iowa. P OWELL, Arthur, Oak Creek, Colorado. Q] ¥ f? Q o p t. ' ' ' iaA-tfe i i rfe r p P O ' " O POWELL, John, Cor- rect i on v i I le, Iowa. RAMAKRISHNA, Puligandia, Yankton. REYNOLDS, Sandra, Chariton, Iowa. RIS- TAU, Dennis, Gil- more City, Iowa. ROBERTSON, Ar- thur, Ash land, Ne- braska. RUSSELL, Rev. Harold, Sioux City, Iowa. SCHULKE, Byron, Aurelia, Iowa. SCHWAB, Robert, Nicollet, Minnesota. SCH Wl NGHAMER, James, New Rock- ford, North Dakota. SHE LDON, Jerry, Ellendale, North Da- kota. S H E N K L E , Robert, Livingston, Montana. SISTER, Mary Howe, Sturgis. S L ETTO , Arlo, Presho. SMITH, Har- old, Herreid. SMITH, James, Vermillion. SMITH, Thomas, Mason City, Iowa. STEFFE, Dirl, Mo- ville, Iowa. STERN, Roger, Freeman. SWIFT, Ralph, Bla- den, Nebraska. TAY- LOR, Robert, Tucson, Arizona. T E T E R , John, Bartley, Ne- braska. THU, Nor- man, Sutton, North Dakota. TORGER- SON, Gary, Vermil- lion. ULRICH, Fred- erick, Wagner. ULRICH, Merwyn, Le Mars, Iowa. VER HUEL, William, Sioux City, Iowa. VERSTEEG, Larry, Vermillion. VOSS, Robert, Storm Lake, Iowa. WEBER, James, Verona, Wis- consin. W E L B E S, George, Sioux Falls. WELTY, Joseph, Charles City, Iowa. WHITAKER, Ren, Rapid City. WHITE- S I DE, Lowell, Ver- million. WHITTEN- BAUGH, Robert, Wadena, Iowa. WOL- THOFF, Virgil, Mit- chell. 92 t ' ■ ' ' ■ I ! I . .. ■——.■.- ADAM, Thomas, Lead. BLEEKER, Douglas. Elk Point. CHRIS- TENSEN, Gary, Vermillion. COLE, Ray- mond, Sioux City, Iowa. DENHOLM, Frank, Webster. TtiicL Yca)o iiM DONHOE, James, Vermillion. DUNCAN, Richard, Des Moines, Iowa. GAUKEL, James, Onawa, Iowa. GREGERSON, Richard, Sioux Falls. HANKS, Curtis, Lemmon. HENDRICK- SON, Fred, Vermillion. HOPEWELL, Richard, Sioux Falls. HUNT, Roger, Sioux Falls. JACOB, Guttave, De Smet. JONES, Eugene, White River. McKEEVER, Pat- rick, Kennebec. NAGEL, Clinton, Scot- land. O ' KEEFE, Terence, Aberdeen. RICH- ARDS. Gary, Belle Fourche. SPIRY, Arthur, Mobridge. STOCKDALE, James, Mission. 95 r 11 ml fell ANDRESEN. Rich- ard, Bloomfield, Ne- braska. C O Y L E , Charles, Rapid City. DIRKS, Alfred, Har- risburg. DOBBERPUHL, Eu- gene, Groton. ERICK- SON, Lewayne, Car- thage. HOGGATT, Ralph, Lead. JOHAN- SEN, Gary, South Sioux City, Nebraska. MILLER, Robert, Sioux Falls. O ' HARA, Nick, Mad- ison. OWENS, John, Vermillion. PARKER, Robert, Sioux Falls. RANNEY, Thomas, RapidCity.WERNKE, William, BonesteeL Spring finals are for the birds! ATKINSON, Judy, Davenport, Iowa. BIBELHEIMER, Henry, Sioux Falls. BOYD, Warren, Ver- million. BOYD, Wayne, South Sioux City, Nebraska BROWN, Dennis, Madison. COLLING Rex, Laramie, Wyo ming. DOUGHERTY, James, Winner. GIB SON, Murray, Yank ton. GLOVER, Alan Frederick. GREEN, Thomas, Vermillion. HALEY, John, Sioux City, Iowa. K O L K E R , Richard, Le Mars, Iowa. LAMPORT, Joe, Britton. SHAY, John, Sioux City, I owa. S C O V E L , Allen, Pierre. SMITH, Richard, Lemmon. STICK- N E Y, Frank, Elk Point. TH U ROW, Duane, Aberdeen. WEAVER, Frank, Sioux Falls. WOSEP. KA, James, Pierre. T " WrYe.o L iT iifei A watermelon feed climaxes a busy year for Jeannlne Schooler. 97 i l«M«Mi HHk ABBENHAUS. James, Vermillion. ABBOTT, John, Mitchell. AL- LEN, Edward, Long Beach, California. A L L I N , Robert, Glencoe, Illinois. ALV I N E, Franklin, Sioux Falls. ANDRE, Carl, Vermillion. CHILES, Ross. Aber- deen. DEWALD. Al- lan, Tripp. DURICK, William, Clear Lake. EKMAN, William, Vermillion. ELKJER, Neil, Vermin ion. ENGEL, William, Mitchell. FLYNN, Vincent. Coronado, California. FRARY, Lynn, Hot Springs. GOLLIHER, Warren, Hoover. HERBRANDSON, Clarence, Alcester. HOLTZMAN, Stuart, Pittsburgh, Pennsyl- vania. H U B N E R , Douglas, Tacoma, Washingto n. HUGHES, Howard, Rock Rapids, Iowa. JENSEN, Robert, Hurley. JERDE, My- ron, Sorum. KRIGSTEN, Eli, Sioux City, Iowa. LESSER, Isaac, Mit- chell. MARTENS, Werner, Arcadia, California. NICHOLS, Frank, Casper, Wyo- ming. PETERSON, Dale, Sioux Falls. PRATT, Franklin, nibbing, Minnesota. RAMES, Linda, Am- herst. ROST, Mi- chael, Sioux Falls. RYAN, James. Onida. SCHENK, Donald, Tripp. SEJVAR, Jo- seph, Gregory. SINGER, Thomas, Elk Point. TWEET, Fredrick, Des Moines, Iowa. VOY, Robert. Dell Rapids. WALTON, Jerry, Sioux Falls. WESTBERG, Vernon, Brainerd, Minnesota. WUNDER, James, Bison. YAUK. Robert, Coronado, California. O ©■ t - Cj fc t» r s. I ' 4i p hr ' - fTl ■riHCTI 99 HbaImmjiaiu APODACA, Alfred, Albuquerque, New Mexico. ATKINSON, Janet, Rapid City. SOMAN, Peter, Duluth, Minnesota. BRAMANTI, Henry, Vermillion. CHI- GANGS, Taso, Omaha, Nebraska. CLARK, Grant, Ver- million. FINKEN- BINDER, Ann, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. FREE- MAN. John.Rockport, Texas. FRIEDMAN, Michail, San Fran- cisco, California. HAERTER, Charles, Hosmer. HELD, Gor- don, H i n t n , Iowa HELLER, Earl Helena, Montana HUEWE, Douglas, Dell Rapids. JANES, Robert, La Canada California. KO- P R I V A , Charles, Edgemont. LEE, James, Los Angeles, California. MONTGOMERY, Guy, Wash i ngton, Iowa. MORITZ, Ter- rell, Denver, Colo- rado. NELSON, Robert, Mankato, M i n nesota. NOR- MAN, Stanley, Ar- lington Heights, Il- linois. O ' NEILL, Cornelius, Casper, Wyoming. OHRT, Delwin, Len- nox. POPOJEFF, George, San Fran- cisco, California. POUNDS, Merle, Lincoln, Nebraska. REIN ERS, Gary, Dawson, Minnesota. ROUSSEAU, David, Watertown. S O L L , Donald, Minneapolis, Minnesota. SUMMERS, Roland, Billings, Montana. TAM, Guy, Panora, Iowa. VAN BRAMER, Edward, Denison, Iowa. WALTNER, Jeffrey, Freeman. WALTNER, Lonnie, Hurley. WERNER, Harold, Huron, WESTON, William, Richland, Washing- ton. WITT, Duane, Rochester, Minnesota. WOLPIN, Lawrence, Woodbridge, New Jersey. WYATT, Ronald, Sioux Falls. 100 -r V Qe4 uiDHA CASEY, Wandalee, Big Stone City. HEDGE. Kathleen, Spencer, Iowa. OTRADOVSKY, Betty, Creighton, Nebraska. YARGER, Jacqueline, Spencer, Iowa. kJUAAMHA- BORDEAUX, Minerva, Murdo. FENSKE, Mildred, Ar- lington. HATEFIELD, Jane, Or- lando, Florida. MELBOURNE, Jeanne, Highmore. STOLTZ, Madeline Madison. THOGERSEN, Joyce, Moorhead, Iowa. 103 T VU KAeMAJOHAaM TDa_.- L um E . -AWfiif- Dr. Lewis E. Akeley, who served the University as dean and teacher for 74 years, passed away on September 5, 1961, at 100 years of age. Dr. Akeley was born in Clarendon, N. Y., on February 22, 1861, the first year of the Civil War and the year in which Dakota Territory was organized. He was in high school when General George Custer met disaster at the battle of the Little Big Horn. He came to the University in 1887, just five years after the first classes had been held, and was appointed to the faculty as professor of natural science. He had received his B.S. and M.A. degrees from the University of Rochester and was granted an honorary degree of Doctor of Laws in 1912. From 1888 to 1904 he was professor of physics and chemistry and from 1904 to 1908, professor of physics at the University of South Dakota. In 1908 Dr. Akeley was appointed dean of the College of Engineerin g, and in 1933 he was appointed lecturer in philosophy on a part-time schedule where he remained until his death. He married Myra Thomas in 1892, and they have two children, two grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren. Dr. Akeley was among the first American scientists to speculate on the possibility of unleashing the forces inherent in the atom. In 1958 President Eisenhower cited him for his contributions to science and society. Dr. Ernest O. Lawrence, one of his former students, received the Nobel Prize for his invention of the cyclotron, or atom smasher. Certainly the University will long remember this man. 104 TDofeotoL l-XUp IQ6 ilUAM MtiU TDokoitoL TomoJiOL UllAuLoC 105 ' • TTfl r ane I (ickoliien, J appa ipha Ukela ill jar dun, lA enzei, y lpna f- li usan L oluin, L hi Lymeou XSei eriif L,ooper, J ndependent 107 Standing left to right, the candidates for Miss Dakota are Susan Colvin, Marilyn Wenzel, Tamara Ullyot, Beverly Cooper, and Jane Nickolisen. On the eve of Dakota Day, after a morning of un- usually dull classes and a hectic afternoon of putting finish- ing touches on floats and house decorations, the coronation of Miss Dakota drew nigh. To make the last few moments pass more quickly, a " Musical Revue in Miniature " was presented by the Fine Arts Department. As the University ' s orchestra and choir presented instrumental and vocal tribute to Miss Dakota, the curtains of Slagle were drawn revealing the candidates. Tension was mounting as the candidates were intro- duced: Miss Susan Colvin . . . Miss Marilyn Wenzel . . . Miss Tamara Ullyot . . . Miss Beverly Cooper . . . Miss Jane Nickolisen. " And now Miss Dakota for 1961 ... Tamara ULLYOT. " Homecoming activities began with a concert by Harry James on Thursday evening. Miss Dakota ' s Theta Xi Float courtesy of Most Beautiful Fraternity Float: Sigma Alpha Epsilon ' s " Pioneers in Space " Most Beautiful Sorority Float: Chi Omega ' s " Four Quarters of Pro- gress — Four Quarters of Victory " Sweepstakes Award: Delta Tau Delta ' s " First Steamboat up the Missouri " 109 On the morning of Dakota Day under sunny sicies, the University ' s Marching Band led the Dakota Day Parade down Vermillion ' s crowd-lined Main Street. The parade ' s theme, " A Century of Progress, " honored the celebration of the Dakota Territory Centennial. In the afternoon, the Coyotes valiantly struggled to defeat traditional Dakota Day rivals, the Maroon Chiefs of Morningside, on Inman Field; but lost 27-12. It ' s never too warm for fur jackets! Theta Xi fraternity proudly takes first place with its house decorations. ' Varsity, varsity, hail varsity! " ' We rally ' round thee, marching abreast! " 111. . -»L !• D iL 1 .1 Kappa Alpha Theta sorority It appears to me, Charlie Brown, that the i ll, w;nn«, wUU u, u 1 rr I I- I I . r II TaKes a winner with its hu- world IS merely an explicable cosmic force. . us decorations. Typical of the richly colored floats is this one of the Theta ' s. mzm SUSD Scene from Main Hall 1904 Editor Lesley Swanson 112 FRONT ROW: Inara Zarins, Linda Olofson. Rosanne Kri- vanek. Coriene Dolphin, Chris- tine Smith, Marjorie Ostapoff, Pat Patterson. SECOND ROW: Mary Stewart, Pat Green, Bev- erly Lone, Jolene Jandel, Bar- bara Nerison, Judith Louden, Gail Lanferman. THIRD ROW: Janice Winter, Ruby Wych, Mary Hollister. Nancy Galusha, Linda Lloyd, Kathleen Kelly, Joan Ferguson, Sandra Jass- mann, TOP ROW: Colleen Callahan, Patsy Cahoy, Marge Bullington, Carole Welch. Bonny Hedrick, Judy Neff, Kathleen Wright, Deanne Gas- kell. FRONT ROW: Diane Rolfe, Carol Moline, Kay Flanagan, Mrs. Zeigler. Barbara McKib- ben. Judy Liken, Myrna Grant. SECOND ROW: Julie Sturgis, Patty Bauer, Clarice Connor, Joan Barber, Angenette Snyder, Ramona Tuttle, Sandra Harm. Judy Johnson. THIRD ROW: Rosemary Hexberg, Suzan Wil- son, Berniece Campbell. Bev- erly Johnson, Shirley Alldritt, Pat Harris, Cindy Fans, Dar- lene Johnson, Pat Hughes. FOURTH ROW: Barbara Ham- merbeck. Lois Schrag. Nedra Lundberg. Marilyn Ellwanger, Karol Brower. Karan Schmidt. Carol Reemstma. Janice Cates. TOP ROW: Susan Hawkins, Jane Clark, Karen Ducheneaux, Victoria Cannen, Betty Aalseth, Sandra Roth, Marcia Dethlefs. Cheryl Baldwin, Janifer Over- peck. FRONT ROW: Kay McColley. Emma Kopriva, Cheryl Wier- enga. Patricia Leavrtt. Linda Wohlman, Ann Aitken, Pat Maxon. Sandra Beckman. SEC- OND ROW: Carole McGuire. Kay Wood. Marjorie Langhordt. Arlis Clausen. Barbara Linde- mann. Donna Berger. THIRD ROW: Candace Cameron. Jo Holland. Camille Peterson, Gini Rose. Carol Grimstvedt. Dag- mar Avotins. Ann Hess, Judy Moe. Lee Ann Ackerman. FOURTH ROW: Linda Thorpe, Patti Murphy. Linda Williams. Le Ann Hagena. Ruth Duncan. Bonnie Leslie. Mary Ann Conover, Pat Economos. FIFTH ROW: Kim Hauck. Jane Ris- chen. Janet Baumann. Vicki Fleming. Sonya Hoppe. Julie Keeler, Pat Kimball, Donna Jensen, Jacque Gist. TOP ROW: Sharon Nelson. Kathy Kaeberle. Karen Meyer, vicki Krauss. Connie Clark, Penny Blum, Pat Vanorny, LuAnn Scott. Judith Seeback, Linda Andersen. V The " hamburger man " is always a welcome sight after hours. Mrs. Ziegler, Housemother (L (L e J Burgess Hall has its share of campus queens. Burgess Hall Is the Newest and Largest Women ' s Dorm The new dormitory, Burgess Hall, was built in I960 and completed in 1961. It was named after Miss Grace Burgess of the English department. Mrs. Ziegler, who was the past house- mother of Dakota Hall is now residing in the new dormitory. The dormitory houses one hundred sixty girls and has a beautiful lounge on first and second floors. Raeanna Taake, President •i J -D u Q J d " o " : o a. " ;; " ° -■Do_. im™- - ,£ ,] ?■. ?° a £ »;5 t;ir C c -c ' [I 5 »; t o u «)l- " _- O) £ O 4, c c S « ' c " a 3 .!!«.. in " " 0. o ? « .-5 (flO «) S u « . E c " " J SjQS - ; 5s zm • c Q lTO ■-- " - fc o ' S il (J 01 . o O (Q E c o a " u , c — -, rol S£ - OJ ,S : t 3 re Si3 u S " CC -t: L =- ra o c _ aj 4j re L u 0) U. ± -oCQ OCO CQ ,1 J a; £C So Mrs. Morrison, Housemother This is relaxation? Dakota Hall Houses 120 Women Students Dakota Hall, one of the four women ' s dorms on campus, was completed in 1919 and was occupied in the fall of that year. At that time, Dakota Hall housed 90 women students. Since then, rooms have been added in the An- nex so that the capacity has been increased to approx- imately 120. The rooms that were first available were a large social room, a dining hall for 225 persons, and a recreation room. Since then, various additions have been made. A " menagerie " of stuffed animals is a dorm favorite. Deanna Johnson, President 117 1 ■ ■■ m HT Hi p i B ' A j sjH 9 li 9 Pt E m w : no: - o ■ - " £ 3 t- .s? E ' SoE j?ES £ - - T3 C - X " a. •i ' S -O o ■ c o J o o 4 z " ■;; a, " o RJ o c t CZ 3 c • O :•? ui E E.ES1 o re re ' ; c - re 3 « - y) p I. - 0. 5 J ' Oi UJ (Q z ' SC. li.CQOQ QC " - m s Q. u . 3 •■ ? qj ' 5=5re •0 „Z Q. .-£ «; o s - " IS Study break and a quick bridge game CL 0, Mrs. Cavanaugh, Housemother Beverly Cooper, President Picturesque East Hall Was the First Women ' s Dormitory East Hall, the first women ' s dormitory on the University Cam- pus, was built in 1886 along with Old Main and West Hall. In 1906 an addition was completed which included a new dining hall. In 1957-58 the interior of East Hall was entirely remodeled and it was occupied by students again during the school year 1958-59. 119 Z -T kX " o = ; Z »i i fi 120 -- - o •F ' ° t ) m [_ O) 3 . CD 0) CQ i « - ' . Z c c « u oh c ID O .u .- c c UJ ji o c .2 S iT T3 O 3 J! cm ■- C rt — O m O 0) « - E ' - " C v ( } L. V C V •O n-i;£ 4 ■— 2 ♦ ■- n «I " J t- o t. c -cJt " o ■ " ■ «-T « o T3 C ,0) I. M [_ V n 0) c » c ' -a. - " t " V -i re c S " ' - " ._52 .« o- -o i: ■- c c S ? j or ra rt t . o " °E 2 i? 4) .C O tf u - c re I £ Q. H re 03 oj . SiiSto U. Oti. 0.01 An elementary education major? Mrs. Bloom, Housemother It Noteboom Hall pleted in 1955 Was Com- Noteboom Hall, named for Miss Charlotte Noteboom who was a pro- fessor and Dean of Education for twenty-eight years, was dedicated on Mother ' s Day, May 8, 1955. The dorm was built during 1952-53 and occupied during the school year of 1954-55. The first housemother of Noteboom Hall was and still is Mrs. Florence Bloom. Sandra Long, President A birthday party! Rack time! Mrs. Bane, Housemother JJiojuuAioSL Ever tried to write a 10,000 word paper in one night? Julian Hall Is Men ' s Dormitory The first men ' s dormitory on the University campus was known as West Hall and was located approximately where Danforth Chapel now stands. In the early years of the University, it was one of the first three buildings on the cam- pus. When it burned down, plans were begun for a new men ' s dorm. Julian Hall was constructed in 1949-50 and was first used by men students during the 1950-51 school year. An addition was completed in 1958 to add to the available facilities. Julian Hall President, Jim Toohey, is not pic- tured. SHFfI I|l JfM J 123 • v l nm SUSD Three Rooms in the Men ' s Dormitory 1900 Editor Lesley Swanson 124 J ' OJud jJIhMC C OiiMJC SL The Panhellenic Council, repre- senting all five sororities, serves as the governing body for these or- ganizations. It not only makes up rules concerning rush, but enforces them as well, working in associa- tion with the Panhellenic Advisory Board. Some of the other services of this council include publishing a rushees ' handbook, awarding a scholarship to a deserving sorority girl and a scholarship cup to the sorority with the highest grade average each year. The Big-Little Sister Program is also sponsored by this group. Panhellenic Council Officers: Charlene Van de Voort, Bonnie Hofer, Linda Yirak, President, Jeanne Flynn, Sue Muilenburg. Totc Aflfc UMto- 0(MMi6tL The main function of the Inter- fraternity Council is to improve relations among the fraternities on campus by providing a way to solve problems and difficulties which often arise during the yearly rush program. Composed of two representatives of each fraternity, the council offers efficient judicial arbitration as a compromise to all controversies. Besides this, the council sponsors the Interfraternity Sing on Mother ' s Day. W f iE g. ,fl J J ■ K ' ' 1 1 kiBl l fl A ILw H k 126 Back row, left to right: Bill McMillan, Dick Vignes, Steve Porter, Don Efinger, Jon Hayes, Tom Pickard, Jim Simmons, Bill Nicholson, Ed Lutz, Jim Fargo, Craig Knudson, Roger Cunningham, Charles Lawrence, Sam Rundell. Front row: John English, Jim Krueger, John Matson. The Dean o-f Women -from fhe University of Nebraska, Madeline Girard, addresses sorority girls at the Panhellenic workshop breakfast. Cork Iverson, Interfraternity Council President, presents the IFC trophy to the presi- dent of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Jim Stafne. c g m »- £ £ « t ii :) £ Ip nil iL_ ft (f a ANDERSEN, Morcia. BAUER, Pat- ricia. BAUER, Sharon. BAUMANN, Janet. BAUMANN, Judy. BERT- RAND, Diane. BYRNE, Margaret. CHAFFEE, Catherine. CLARE, Mary. CLARK, Connie. COMSTOCK, Suz- anne. CONOVER, Mory Ann. De BOLT, CaroL DENNETT, Pot. DONNELLY, Clarice. FLYNN, Jeanne. GARDNER, Nancy, GERING, Judy. GREEN, Patricia. GREENLEE, Ann. GRIMES, Melinda. GUTZ, Mary. HAMP, Hildegorde. HEBLER, Karen. HECK, Grace. HEG- GEN, Barbara. HELGERSON, Karen. HENDERSON, Joyce. HERZOG, Anne. HEYD, Dorlene. HEYD, Marlene. IVEY, Betty. JEP- SEN, Lois. JOHNSON, Diane. JOHN- SON, Nancy. KRAMER, Karen. KRAUSS, Vicki. KNOX, Carolyn. KUNERT, Marilyn. LA PLANTE, Kay. LONE, Beverly. MARTIN, Lynn. MATTILA, Morietta. McCOLLEY, Kay. MELBOURNE, Jean. MICKEL- SON, Sandra. MILLER, Joanne. NALE, Karen. PETERSON, Margo. PIPE, Dona. PREY, Kathryn. PREY, Virginia. PRICE, Janet. REED, Janet. RICHTER, Julaine. RICHTER, Marlys. RITER, Paula. SCOTT, Donna. SCHMIDT, Luana. SCHMIDT, Peggy. SCHNEIDER, Catherine. SCHOOLER, Jeanine. SCHRIBER, Judy. SMITH, Christine. SPILDE, Jeanne. STEWART, Mary. STULL, Jane. TISHER, Carol. TURNER, Shoron. WENZEL, Marilyn. Mrs. Lous, Housemother Mrs. Santa Claus? Alpha Phi ' s Sponsor Heart Fund Drive The Alpha Phi sorority does much to contribute to the success of the Heart Fund drive in Vermillion each year by conducting a door-to-door campaign throughout the city. They also solicit contributions from Sioux Falls residents through the Alpha Phi alums there. Each year the girls enjoy an in- formal Christmas party and a spring formal. Jeanine Schooler, President WICKNER, Julie. WINJUM, Connie. WOODWARD, Koy. Bargain days! BARNES, Susannc. BARTLETT, Lynne. BOHLANDER, Betty. CHRISTOPHERSON, Margaret. EICHMAN, Patricio. HAISCH, Sandra. HOFER, Bonnie. HOUCHEN, LoVonne. HUTCHESON, Goil. JESFJELD, Janet. JURRENS, Kay, LIBERT, Morlene.. LUFT, Sandra. MILLER, Sharlene, MOR- TON, Mary Jane. MUIR, Colleen. NEILES, Peggy. OCHSNER, Janet. RAY- BURN, Corol. SCHNEIDER, Donna. SCHOPPE, Jeonette. STECK, Gaylc. TOWNE, Delores. WOHLMAN, Linda. 130 A gift exchange at the Christmas party k- . NOT PICTURED: Candace Cameron, Janice Cates, Mary Eggers, Mary Jane Hatfield, Kay Hedge, Kim Houck, Rosemary Hexberg, Joan Kep- hart, Peggy Kimball, Barbetta Krogman, Kim Lee, Nancy Met- calf, Maxine Preszler, Betty Otradovsky, Jeannene Reaves, An- genette Snyder, Kay Wilson. Mrs. Koopman, Housemother Alpha Xi ' s Place Third in Swingout This year the Alpha Xi Deltas placed third in Swingout, the annual women ' s sing. One of the group ' s biggest projects is to help counteract juvenile delinquency; one of the ways they do this is by inviting a group of elementary school children into their house at Christmas time for a party at which both children and Alpha Xi ' s have fun. Each spring the Alpha Xi ' s hold their Rose Formal, and they have a semi-formal party during the Christmas season. An Alpha Xi Delta alum, Mrs. Mabel Kingsley Richardson, wrote the University ALMA MATER. Mrs. Richardson passed away this winter. Barbetta Krogman, President 131 AVOTINS, Dogmar. BLAIR, Col- leen. BOHLEN, Karen. BRAKSS, leva. COLVIN, Sue. CUMMINS, Connie. DAVIDSON, Judy. EGEBO, Hazel. ENSLOW, Dixie. GRABER, Sandra. GRIER, Diane. GRIMSTVEDT, Carol. GROTE- WALD, Bonnie. GROTEWALD, Sharon. GUSTAFSON, Sharon. HAFNER, Jo Ann. HAFNER, Rosemory. HAL- LENBECK, Jayne. HILTON, Sandra. HOLLAND, Jo Rene. INT VELDT, Jo Ellen. ISTAS, Priscilla. JENSEN, Jane. JENSEN, Vicki. JOHNSON, Ursula. KAEBERLE, Karen. KAMBACK, Karen. KENNEDY, Barbara. KNAPP, Koren. KNOX, Corolyn. KOBERG, Janet. KRUSE, Judee. LINDEMANN, Barbara. LINK, Donna Jean. MADSEN, Karen. MARSHALL, Josephine. MILLER, Karla. NELSON, Marilyn. OLIG- MUELLER, Joyce. PAGE, Kothryn. RADEKE, Joan. REEMTSMA, Carol. ROSE, Gini. ROSE, Jackie. SCHULT, Dottie. SCOTT, Sandro. SHABINO, Janet. SIFRAR, Arlene. STELZER, Pat. SW ANSON, Gloria. SWANSON, Les- ley. THOMPSON, Linda. THORPE, Linda. VAN DE VOORT, Chorlene. WALTER, Patricia. WIESELER, Mary Lou. WILKIE, Linda. YARGER, Jo Ann. Three Chi O ' s entertain at the annual Faculty Bar- beque. Chi Omegas Take Most Beautiful Float Honors on Dakota Day it e CL Miss Gillette, Housemother It took a lot ot planning and hard work, but it was all worth an- other tirst place trophy on Dakota Day. The Chi Omegas also won second place in the 1961 Strollers ' Show. Each Christmas the Chi Omegas send gi ' fts to the mental hospital in Yankton, and in the spring they entertain one of the local kinder- garten classes at a party. For the past two years they have spon- sored a local Brownie troop. Perhaps the social highlight ot the year is the Christmas formal, the traditional Chi O Blue Christmas. And of course there ' s the Spring party, informal and fun. The Chi Omega Faculty Bar- beque is not only famous but popular with the faculty and their families; both the Chi O ' s and their guests have a good time at this annual fall get-together. " Southern Born " Chi Omegas respond to a serenade. Joan Radeke, President 133 ft f ft M 1 f .1 Kfc . J . . w ? 1 A ft ft n f f ARGETSINGER, Julie. ASHBAUGH, Margaret. BAKER, Dianne. BALD- WIN, Cheryl. BENSON, Carole. BENTON, Annette. BERDAHL, Mary Ellen. BLASEG, Marcia. BORCHERS, Pat. CARLSON, Sharon. CHAMBERLAIN, Judy. CLARK, Jane. DEMLO, Linda. ELLWEIN, Mary. EMERY, Arlene. EVANSON, Dorlene. FEJFAR, Karen. FRIEBERG, Evelyn. GARRETT, Connie. GILLILAND, Gail. GISKE, Helen. GORMLEY, Judy. GREEN, Linda. HAEDER, Allison. HAGEN, Fran, HANSEN, Kothy. HANSON, Sue. HASSELSTROM, Linda. HOHM, Marilyn. HOLMOE, Joyce. HOLMOE, Mitzi. JAMESON, Sharon. JOHNSON, Katherine. JOHNSON, Pam. KIRKHAM, Nancy. KRUMM, Rillo. KUSTER, Dessie. LACHICOTTE, Lillian. LALLEY, Sheila. LINK, Donna Ray. LUSK, vicki. McLaughlin, jewei. MENAGE, Donna. MEYERS, Elaine. MILLER, Leslie. MITCHELL, Kath- leen. NEFF, Judy. NERISON, Bar- bara. NICKOLISEN, Jane. NIELSEN, Connie. NORSTROM, Madlynn. OLSEN, Donna. OVER- PECK, Janifer. PEKAS, Carol. PIL- CHER, Judy. RABUSCH, Karen. RAILSBACK, Beth. ROSSOW, Mar- garet. SEELEY, Mary Jean. STAB- LEIN, Sandra. STEWART, Kay. STILWELL, Martie. STINGER, Ruth. STUTENROTH, Virginio. TURNER, Donna. WACHLIN, Judy. WIBLEMO, Carol. WIKA, Judy. WILKEN, Sharon. WILSON, Sue. It ' s fun to clown around at the piano. k ' -AT (K- (K- (K- Mrs. Cameron, Housemother Thetas Win Women ' s Scholarship Trophy The Thetas count among their highest hon- ors, the 1960-61 inter- sorority scholarship award ■for the highest house grade-point average. Kappa Alpha Theta proved outstanding in speech, winning first place among the sororities in an all Greek speech tour- nament, and by support- ing the Institute of Logo- pedics for speech hand- icap. Winning first place in Swingout, the women ' s choral contest, first in the sorority house decorations on Dakota Day, and the WRA trophy were other honors that could make the Thetas justly proud. YIRAK, Linda. Jane Nicholisen, President 135 Ira 1 Im r ' i m 0€ »(v) © AIKENS, Margaret. ALTMAN, Mary Jane. ANDERSON, Barbara. AULD, Meredith. BLAKIS, Mara. BROWN, Lynnette. BROWN, Pom. CAHOY, Patsy. CLAWSON, Sue. GRAIN, Fran. CURRIE, Maureen. DUFFY, Mory. DUNCAN, Ruth. DURST, Jeanette. ECONOMOS, Pat. EHRMANN, Bar- bara. EKLUND, Maxine. ELLWEIN, Pam. ELLWEIN, Veronico. EYRES, Sara. FLANAGAN, Kay. FORNEY, Sandra. GILBERT, Marilyn. GIST, Jacque. GLEASON, Molly. GOODELL, Sandra. HANNUM, San- dra. HARRIS, Pot. HENDRICKSON, Jill. HERMANN, Pot. HESS, Ann. HIATT, Judi. HUE- THER, Sandra. KIERSTED, Joy. KRIVANEK, Rosonne. KRSTICEVIC, Joyce. LAMPY, Karon. LARSON, Kothy. LEAVITT, Patricia. LESLIE, Bonnie. LIND, Karen. LUTTERMAN, Billie. McCAHREN, Linda. McKIBBEN, Barb. MEYER, Karen. MICKELSON, Julie. MILLER, Joan. MUILEN- BURG, Sue. NICKERSON, Nancy. NIELSEN, Julia. NORBECK, Jane. PERRY, Ellen. PETERSON, Camille. PETERSON, Linda. REGAN, Patsy. ROTH, Sandra. SCHROEDER, Berncrdine. SMIDT, Sandra. SMITH, Linda. SOMMER- VOLD, Marilyn. SWARK, Lerry. VANCE, Connie. VANDENBURGH, Lael. VOGT, CheryL Nell. Catherine. WIERENGA, WILL, Eileen. WILLIAMS, Nothing like a fire to show a girl ' s true colors (or should we say curlers), and the Pi Phi fire is no exception. Mrs. Workman, Housemorner Julie Mickelson, newly crowned Pledge Queen, reigns over the All- Pledge Dance, held in January. Pi Phi ' s win honors 1961 Strollers The Pi Beta Phi ' s teamed up with the Delts to win first place in the 1961 Strollers show. On Dakota Day they won second place for their clever house decorations. Besides the national Pi Phi project of a settlement school in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, the local Pi Phi chapter sponsors a Brownie Troop, No. 89. Molly Gleason, President 137 0m ARNOLD, Bob, BETTS, Jack. BOESE, Chad. CLANCY, Mike. CONKLIN, Gary. CROWELL, Hugh. DAVIS, Charles. DOOLITTLE, Jim. DUKE, Roger. DULANY, Tom. ERICKSON, Dove. ERICKSON, Richard. ' r ' " fe iP Q ii 2 Jlii hm P © Q. Q 0 . £ £ ERICKSON, Ted. GEMMELL, Ron. GLANZER, Mike. GRACE, Jens. GREEN, Dennis. HALLER, Gory. HAWKES, Allen. HULCE, Clork. HULT, Ed. KERN, Mey- lon. KOPLIN, Ron. LABER, Gerald. LARSON, Larry. LARSON, Terry. LAWRENCE, Chorles. LINDNER, Ron. MAXWELL, Howard. McCALL, Gary. IMILLER, Rich. MILLER, Ron. iMORSE, Marian. MOUL, Fron- jcis. MULDER, Del. NAUMAN, iDennis. •NYSTROM, Erik. PRATT, Don. RASMUSSEN, Marion. RUN- DELL, Sam. SCHIEFELBEIN, jRod. SCHMIDT, Gregg. SCHMIDT, Joe. SERVIS, Rich. SKALLERUD, Roger. VOYLES, Bob. WADE, Jerry. WELLS, Allan. WHERLAND, Fred. WILLIAMS, Jim. WILLIAMS, Ron. WOOD, Tom. YOCH, Dick. This takes concentration! r v» Dennis Nauman, President i a. Mrs. Dose, Housemother ATO ' s Win Annual Tug-of-War It was a mighty proud bunch of ATO ' s who walked away from the Tug-of-War auite dry, after thoroughly dampening their opponents, the Sig Alphs. Even rope- burned hands didn ' t bother the victors. The ATO bowlers have won or consistently placed high in the campus league for the past four years. Among the outstanding ATO ' s are Ken Bode, past student body president, who received the Province I I Thomas A. Clark Award for scholarship, and leadership on campus and in the fraternity, and Francis Moul who edited the VOLANTE the first semester. 139 O Q P 1 ' .s .; . .yT) . j a Lj J f? e i£L i - ' ' O ' P P v : Q J5 iiiiiiMiiii --■ -br n M h iiiiiiililJi (f Ai i .tii BAKER, Dick. BENNETT, Leo. BROWN, Gory. CHANEY, Mike. EFINGER, Don. EIES- LAND, John Rolfe. EVANS, Ron. FLANAGAN, Tim. FORNEY, Jim. FRENCH, Lorry. FRENCH, Winston. GANGE, Gory. GLOVER, Al. GREGSON, Tim. HANSEN, Jim. HARRINGTON, Bill. HINN, John. ISAAK, Troy. IVERSON, Clark. KOLTES, Dick. LESLIE, Bill. MATHIAS, John. MATSON, John. MAT- SON, Ron. McCARTY, Don. MILLER, Charles. MILLER, John. MIT- CHELL, Lorry. NEUHARTH, Dennis. OHLEN, Bob. OLSEN, Ken. OLSEN, Kermit. PASHBY, Gory. PEDERSON, Dorrell. QUIMBY, Dove. REED, Howard. ROBERTSON, Gory. ROGERS, John. RUTE, Tom. SANDERS, Chorles. SCHOLTEN, Monte. SEVERSON, Andy. SHULL, Dennis. SHULL, Kay. STEELE, Loren. STOTTS, Dick. SULGROVE, Barry. SWANTON, Mike. VANDERPOL, Don. VAN ZEE, Conrad. WHIDDEN, Gory. WIL- DOVE, Howord. WILLIAMSON, Gordon. WOSEPKA, Jim. It ' s been a long, hard day Mrs. Gregor, Housemother Betas Gain Reputation of Being the Most Secretive House on Campus The Betas have nrianaged to keep everyone guessing as to just exactly what are their honors and service projects, follov ing the old Beta tradition of secrecy. But some of their special honors and talents are so obvious as to be public knowledge. For instance, there ' s the famous Beta Trio, consisting of Winston French on drums, Larry French on the bass, and Troy Isaak at the piano. This group has earned a fine reputation, playing not only for small get- togethers, but also professionally for such programs as the University Jazz Concert. The Betas are also known for having fun parties, such as the traditional Beta Beans, the Bowery, and, of course, the spring formal. Loren Steele, President 141 »s «- i ' ii Jiii Jiiiii ' P ,0 O O O C!1 w ii ii ikm M i ' Q -.O P iTkn Q .• » , iliifiiiiiiiii fj . .; 1 ,0 O m ARNOLD, Steve. BARSTOW, John. BATTEEN, Dennis. BAUERLY, Rich. BEDDOW, Jim. BENNETT, Tom. BENSON, Gail. BIDWELL, Cliff. BJORGE, Ken. BRANDT, Gory. BURGHARDT, Bruce. BYRNES, Steve. COLLISON, Paul. DEXTER, Pete. DYER, Jim. EGGERS, Carter. FOR- SYTH, John. FRISLIE, Jim. FULLER, Dan. GERMAN, Dan. GOODELL, Duke. GROSSENBURG, Mick. GUBBRUD, John HALLAWAY, Tom HAUBER, Ron HAYS, Jon HENDRICK, John. HOFFMAN, Jay. HCPP, Charles. HOWES, Mike. HOYT, Irv. IRELAND, Wayne. JOHNSON, Bob. JOHNSON, Lorry. JUDD, Walt. KEARNS, Tom. KIMMEL, Gene. KORTAN, Don. LARSON, Phil. LEAFSTEDT, Doug LOOBY, Tom. LYNN, Mick. McMillan, Bin. mcNelly, Biii. McNUTT, Don. MATHESON, Bill. MEAD, Dick MELCHER, Mork. MESSNER, Frank. MICHAELS, Bob MORRISON, Dick. NORMAN, Quint. OSBURN, Lorry. PALMER, Lynn. PETERSON, Ken. POSZ, Robert. QUENZER, Dove REISHUS, Tom. RIEMANN, John. ROSENBAUM, Tom. SCHMIDT, Scott. SKINNER, Jim. SLATER, B.ll SMEBAKKEN, Bruce. SMITH, Dave STEPHENS, Warren. STRATTON, Larry. STUEN, Terry TAYLOR, Tom. TENNEY, Dick. The Great Pumpkin visits Delta Tau Delta. Mrs. Deeble, Housemother Delts Are Part of Winning Strollers Act for Second Year In March of 1961, the Delts re- peated their teat of the year before to win, with their Pi Phi partners, the coveted first place Strollers Trophy. The Delts went on to win the trophy for the most outstanding float in all divisions on Dakota Day, with their realistic replica of a steamship. Their other trophies included those for both golf and tennis. As a service project, the Delts sold benefit Christmas decorations and then gave a party for needy children. tt- ft. The Delts and Monk, their mascot Mike Howes, President TRANDAL, Dove. TRANKLE, Roy. TRUMM, Bob. VISKER, Lee. P C!t P , f m m i WEBER, Dick. WONG, Bernie. YOUNG, Andy. ZEIGLER, Dick. 143 ' A . i-i.f.-itXifj ' iaan I ' P- » x .H ' JvS ' : iiiiiiiiJi j .!r l? •,- I O I ! ABSHER, Clark. AMUNDSON, Jon. BERRETH, Duone. BEST, Harold. BRADSHAW, Mark. BROWN, Ben. BROWN, Dennis. CHRISTEN- SEN, Jim. CHRISTIANSEN, Phil. CREW, Mike. DONKER- BROOK, Tom. DORR, Larry. DRISCOLL, David. DUFFY, Gary. ENGLUND, Charles. FERGUSON, Dell. FINNELL, John. GIENAPP, David. HAERTER, Charles. HAMRO, David. HART, Jim. JACOBS, David. JACOBSON, Jerry. JORGENSON, Lorry. KIRKPATRICK, David. KLEIN- SASSER, Dennis. KNUDSON, Gary. LARSON, Bob. LUFT, Dennis. LUYMES, Alan. McCOLLEY, Richord. Mc- MARCHIE, Boyd. MATEICKA, Jim. MEDECK, Mike. MICKEL SON, George. MILLER, Larry. MOBERLY, Robert. MOCRE, Lorry. MORRILL, John. NASS, Charles. PETERSON, Brion. PICKARD, Tom. RAY, Robert. SCHEAFER, John. SCHCOLEY, Duone. SERVOSS, Marc. SMYTHE, Mike. SPEAK- MAN, John. SVIHOVEC, Ronald. THUROW, Duone. VAN MEVEREN, Stuort. Each year the fraternity men do their best to brighten the lives of underprivileged children. ■ 5 i; JJ mum SIB " " utk b I I f a. Mrs. Pfister, Housemother The Lambda Chi house gets a new coat of paint. It Lambda Chis Sponsor Orphans ' Christmas Party As in past years, the Lambda Chis made these orphan children ' s Christmas a happier one, by proving to them that there is a Santa Claus — or rather, about 52 of them. Honors over the past year include a second place trophy for the Lambda Chi- Chi Omega act in the Strollers Show, and third place in the Interfraternity Sing in the spring of 1961. Larry Dorr, President 145 » t) :-|-) ) - ,t|P. tY - i ' -,, ,-P, 1 ' ijWf " . -T j iM BADER, Ed. BISSON, Dale. BROTHERS, Charles. BUTZ, Tom. CHAPMAN, Lorry. CLARK, Dean. COLE, Bill. DAWSON, Bob. EDINGTON, Frank. EVANS, Elvyn. HARRIS, Colin. HEN- NINGSEN, Jim. HOHERZ, Mel. HOLLISTER, Ray. HUTCHINSON, Charles. JOHNSON, Dave. KONOPISOS, Jim. KRUGER, Jim. LILLIBRIDGE, John. LOWNS- BERRY, Lee. LUTZ, Ed. MAR- TIN, Jerry. MATHIASON, Tounce. MULLIN, Joe. NAASZ, Harvey. NICHOLSON, Bill. O ' CONNER, Dick. OL- SON, Ed. OLSON Gar B. PIERSOL, Larry. RABER, Richard. RAMEY, Sam. ROSS, Tom. SCOTT, Chorles. SNYDER, John. SORENSEN, Lynn. STEPHENSON, Conrad. THOMPSON, Richard. TICE, Merton. VENARD, Terry. WEBER, Leo. WHORLEY, Jack. WINTER, Dave. WOLSKY, Charles. ZYLSTRA, Ron. TOBY. Mrs. S+oneback, Housemother Togas are the order of the day at the Phi Delt Roman Party. Phi Delts Win Football Trophy The Phi Delta Thetas won first place in the inter- fraternity football tour- nament this year and also won the Phi Delt basketball tournament in Minneapolis. Another first place was won in the Marlboro contest. The Phi Delts had fun, at such parties as the Roman Party, but they proved they could work, too, by cleaning up Vermillion parks, painting houses, etc., on their Com- munity Service Day. Limbo — Limbo! Look at me! ' Chip " Harris, President M7 g Sk I? . : i: Om ' i Q 1 ? ' ADAMS, Shen. ANDERSON, Carl. BERDAHL, Rick. BILLIGMEIER, Jon. BOLGER, Terry. BRAKSS, John. BRECK, Jim. BREWSTER, Webb. CARLSON, Gary. CHALUS, Dennis. CHAMLEY, Gene. CHAPMAN, Dennis. CHICOINE, Don. DOLAN, Rick. iPm i O P P EGAN, Jim. ENGLISH, John. ESTES, Jerry. FIELDS, Doug. FLITTIE, Bob. FRANTZ, Jim. FRIESS, Dick. GOSSEN, Pat. HARLOW, Mark. HAPPEL, Jerry. HARRIS, Gordon. HARTMAN, Doug. HAUGE, George. HENNIES, Jay. HOGG, Charles. HOLDORF, Landis. HOSMER, Larry. HOUTKOOPER, Arlin. HOUTKOOPER, Ed. HUBNER, Jay. JACKLEY, Mike. JACKSON, Bob. JOHNSON, Roger. JONES, Dennis. JORGENSEN, Steve. KROEGER, Terry. KUIPERS, Pete. LARSON, Bob. LEGVOLD, Bob. LOWTHIAN, John. McDERMOTT, Mork. MADDEN, Ken. MARGESON, Dale. MARK, Tom. MUILENBURG, Tom. OLSON, Jim. O ' MEARA, Dennis. O ' MEARA, Jim. PEKAS, Mike. PETERS, Ken. PETTENGILL, Terry. PORTER, Steve. PRESSLER, Dennis. PROPS, Andy. RANNEY, Bruce. RANNEY, Tom. RATHJE, Harry. RICH, Dave. RON- ING, Bob. RUSSEL, Byron. SCHOLTEN, Harry. SHIPLEY, Lorry. SIKORSKI, Steve. SLABY, Jerry. SMITH, Rich. SPEN- CER, Joe. The SAE ' s seem pleased over the prospect of a new house. Sig Alphs Take Interfraternity Council Trophy The SAE ' s proudly accepted the trophy -for winning the Inter- ■fraternity Sing, held on Mother ' s Day, 1961, and for winning the Interfraternity Council Trophy. They followed up these honors by winning the first place trophy for the most beautiful float in the fraternity division on the succeed- ing Dakota Day. Of course there has to be time for fun, too, and the Sig Alphs highlighted their social season with the Western Party in the early fall, the Paddle Party during the holiday season and a formal in the spring. Members of Sigma Alpha Ep- s ' lon are looking forward to fall and to moving into their new house which was built during 1961-62. Jim Stafne, President o iiiftikiiii V - h: ' - . Q i iM iM iM Mrs. Hannon, Housemother f There comes a time when a little " booking " would seem necessary. STAFNE, Jim. SWEDLUND, Jerry, TORKELSON, Lorry. TURCHEN, Mike. VAN BRAMER, Ed. WEEKS, Bob. WILKE, Lyie. WILLIAMSON, Leroy. ZIM- MERMAN, Dole. ZIMMER- MAN, Dean. BUCKLES, Richard. CUNNINGHAM, Roger. DEROUCHEY, David. FARGO, Jim. FARKE, Larry. HANSON, Jim. HILD- RETH, John. JURRENS, Keith. KIMBELL, John. KRAUSE, Jerry. LATCH, Richard. McCLAIN, Larry. MARX, Dan. MEYER, Verlyn. MICKEL, Charles. MORTON, Glenn. NESLAND, Don. OIEN, Harley. SHAN- NON, Ross. TAKEOKA, Normon. TALBOT, Pot. WILLERT, Ron. ;mammsi tif!i» Ktw An engineering feat? o Jim Fargo, President Mrs. Levsen, Housemother ft TKE ' s Make Speedy Recovery After Near-Traaic Fire If was on a cold November night that a fire broke out in the tall brick TKE house and in a short time was raging through the building. The awakened occupants escaped, but not entirely without injury. Nevertheless, the men soon set to work planning for repairs to the house, and in a few months were able to move back into an entirely remodeled in- terior. dgo life won ' t last forever. BARBER, Dennis, BARRON, John. CLAUSEN, Robert. DEG- HAND, Jomes. GIBBS, Richard. GUNVAR- DAHL, Mike, RHODES, Jack. ROLFS, Croig. SIMMONS, James. STEWART, Mark. TESDELL, Dayid. VIG- NES, Richard. WIXSON, James. YOUNGERS, Dan. 152 Miss Dakota, Tarn Ullyof, ascends he TheiaXi float with the help of Jim Simmons and Guidon members. Mrs. Andre, Housemother Theta Xi ' s Win Interfraternity Scholarship Trophy for 1961 It was a proud day for the Theta Xi ' s when tney were presented with the coveted scholarship trophy at the freshman convocation last fall. The group was thus honored as the fraternity with the highest grade- point average. Among the busiest of the chap- ter ' s members is Jack Rhodes, who participated in several plays and other dramatic presentations. Jack Rhodes appears in the University pro- duction of the play HEDDA GABLER. Jim Simmons, President 153 imn SUSD COYOTE Advertisement 1903 Editor Kathy Page 154 ' 0V 155 TU. 0 Kptc i- o UMC, KAIal KJojuuXa Taiu kjOjCjQujS 156 -- - •FW- UJoJvuuM Chooses Miss Vanity Fair Two long hours Mr. Waring literally fussed over the pleasant but difficult task of selecting our queen when he appeared at the Coliseum in Sioux Falls last March. The editor regrets that she could not be there because of the long-remembered snowstorm, but wishes to express her appreciation to KSOO Radio and to Mr. and Mrs. Lyie Olson for their cooperation. Mr. Waring and the COYOTE extend their heartiest congratulations to Jacque Gist, Miss Vanity Fair of 1962! 158 Second r unnef ' - Up Connie f eiu ion .J au oLarlante Jklyd f unne - Ut T f- am oh nion 159 •2 nana V lack naton J uileited m. rUdeqarde —Ma KJaroetta J r roqman 160 •mem m nf tiin cJLeauilt ir arilun .J unert ■Jiandu f flick eld ion ,J aren llladi ien 161 rfladeUne rloritr 4ean.nelle S choppe 162 Ljinnie l oie oLerrif S warh oLinda mitk y onnie Ua anc KA jUr-Ui vjjjeHJuLi- 1Q61 MoitCAj C ohjMJ k % Candidates for Honorary Cadet Colonel are escorted across campus by Scabbard and Blade members on a brisk November afternoon. Left to right are Beth Railsback, Loren Steele, Sue Muilenburg, Jim Stafne, Linda Green, Jim Fargo, and Carol Tisher. Chosen at Annual Military Ball This year the Military Ball was decorated around a Civil War theme, with two large murals on opposite walls depicting a battle scene and the sea clash between the Monitor and the Merrimac, and a plantation scene featured just inside the door. Music was by Don Fejfar and his orchestra. Sponsored by Scabbard and Blade and the advanced military class, the Military Ball is an annual event, formerly held in the spring, but now held in November. At this time the new Scabbard and Blade pledges are introduced, and the new Honorary Cadet Colonel is announced. Romance always a affair. and excitement are part of this annual 166 Wins Top Honor The picture above shows Beth smiling happily for the COYOTE photographer. Beth Railsback is escorted by Don Effinger through an archway of swords after being crowned Honorary Cadet Colonel. The ROTC Choir directed by Loren Steele serenades the Honorary Cadet Colonel and her court. 167 J-Jetta Jan JjeiL S Lveetkeart Jjonna Frlei y ipka Jau Jmeaa J weetkeart (z Lainbda L ki yvipka f S iveetk ear t lilurial iJuncan Jkompso 168 l- ni .Jjeita keta S weetkeart .JHusan L onaon eatli en J iqma . ipka (Lpjuon S weetneart If ■pi I au appa C piilon iveetkeart L arofun farmer lAyichi em i W A m i 169 k •S weetkeayt Kj ' enda Terrell f o6e of Jjeiti 170 166 l ouna r epubui miAoucan 166 l ouna 2), ' etnocra t llancu .J irkhc. 171 s ue CltjOM) 5CHU Chosen Freshman Queen This year, for the first time, the freshman class organized, elected officers, and selected a fresh- man queen. Their first project was an all-freshmen darkce, held in the fall, in the women ' s gym with music provided by the Sinfonians. The thirty-six couples who attended voted for their choice for the new freshman queen from four candidates chosen by the four women ' s dormitories. The candidates were escorted to the platform by their dates, and Shah Maroufkhani, freshman class president, presented each with a dozen roses. Sue Clawson was then crowned queen. A freshman couple " swings " to the music of the Sinfonians. Miss Dakota, Tamara Ullyot, officially crowns Sue Freshman Queen. Pictured with Sue are the president of the freshman class, Shah Maroufkhani, and attendants Grace Heck, Janet Baumann, and Ursula Johnson. 172 ■« «» ' A, ♦ (, C f:- - V ' ' c )v Ci € v A- if !73 The Strollers themselves display their talent between acts. Directors of the three winning shows pose happily after the performance. Representatives are as follows: for Delta Tau Delta and Pi Beta Phi, Mark Melcher and Karen Wise; for Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Kappa Alpha Theta, Steve Porter and DeDee Nepstad; and for Lambda Chi Alpha and Chi Omega, Craig Knudson and Judy Lynn. Participants work on the set the night before the show. ' " gMPRONlE TlTl - TDSl Delta Tau Delta and Pi Beta Phi combined efforts to win first place in the 38th annual Strollers Show with a clever presentation of " Hobo " picnic where the annual check apron bail was held. Singers and dancers helped Celia (Joy Kiersted) who could never get a guy get the biggest bum of all. " Roll Yer Socks Up, " " The Check Apron Ball, " and " Once a Year Day " were some songs used in the performance. 175 Lambda Chi Alpha and Chi Omega placed second by showing what happened when " Cidel Fastro " came to a small village in search of a wife. A beautiful young Cuban girl wanted to marry him for money, but he cast her aside for her fairy godmother, J.F.K. Third place went to Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Kappa Alpha Theta. The setting for the show was New York City where Rip Van Winkle woke up and found three different classes of society to contend with. He fin- ally decided that mod- ern America is a pretty good place. 176 Also in the show were Beta The+a Pi and Alpha Phi. Through songs and dances occupants of a speak-e asy tried to con- vince " Senator Fogbound " to vote for repeal of pro- hibition. -A ' PUz- ' Beto. I« J[ei)e«dLc«Jl- The work that goes into the production of a Strollers Show was the theme for the Independent Students Asso- ciation act. Tab Hunter ap- peared on the scene and the production was explained to him by a series of songs and dances. Meet Tite QVuMeHJul " We ' re here with cheer and lots of beer; we ' re back just like we v ere last year! " The talented, hardworking Strol- lers, on cannpus since 1924, plan and produce the annual Strollers Show, traditionally held in March of each year. This group of guys, chosen for ability, sense of humor, and scholastic standing, also pro- vide much of the show ' s enter- tainment. The Strollers, under the sign of the big red " S, " not only sponsor the biggest event of the second semester, they also sponsor the SUSD annual Baton Twirling Scholarship and through the years have donated much of the back- stage equipment in Slagle Auditor- ium. " But dahling! " wails Stroller Larry Pas- coe. " Ugh! " returns Stroller Marvin Johnson. Back Row: John Scheafer, Monte Scholten, Jack Whorley, Bill Nicholson, Carl Anderson, Denny Chalus, Jim Bunker, Gene Kimmel. Third Row: Irvin Hoyt, Larry Torkelson, Loren Steele, Jim Haar. Second Row: Buzz Posz, Merle Nelson, George Mickelson, Bob Larson, Chuck Batcheller, Front Row: Dick McDermott, Gary Knudson, Clark Iverson, Jim Krueger, George Hauge, Winston French. Not pictured: Larry Piersol, Tom Kearns. Strollers George Mickelson and Gene Chamley have the grace of ballet down to a T. 179 KOtlonHlEO SUSD Coyote Staff 1903 Editor Margaret Ashbaugh 180 m X ;?: K o O CD S h4 ffi H u Q !?: i5 O OD Q M : a o do • o tf K • fe W f: ; H o S K H H ■ - s w s K w H t •-5 sf s s w 1— ' B, iJ o jJ E- . 1 s w o ; o Hi P To attain membership in Mortar Board, senior women ' s honorary, is the goal of every University woman. New members are tapped in the spring of their junior year at the annual Swing- out program. A service organization, Mortar Board ' s high standards include scholarship, leadership in campus activ- ities, and service to the University. Known by their traditional red blazers, this year ' s members meet every Wednesday noon. They sponsor the annual Mother ' s Day Banquet and recognition teas for women students who are outstanding in their fields, assist ODK in the Foreign Film pro- gram, and are active in many other cultural and academic activities. This year, the members of Mortar Board sponsored a trip for the foreign students. Piling into cars early in the morning, they took off for a week-end in Pierre where the students learned how the state government functions. Pictured below are Mortar Board mem- bers and foreign students ready to leave Vermillion. Back Row: Molly Gleason, Marilyn Wenzel, Judy Perkins. Third Row: Rosemary Hafner, Susie Colvin, Beverly Cooper. Second Row: Joan Radeke, Linda Virak, Jane Nickolisen. Front Row: Meredith Auld, President. Not pictured: Muriel Duncan Thompson. An Active Group SuRKjOUMxtl Every spring, the members of Mortar Board sponsor the traditional Swingout show. Members of the girls ' dormitories and the sorority houses compete in the annual song festival. The night of the program, a select group of thrilled girls is tapped for Mortar Board. M VVi4mk¥fi» V ' " Meredith Auld is tapped as the new Mortar Board President. Members of Kappa Alpha Theta smile happily for the photographer after winning 1st place in Swingout. Joan Radelce ' s expression shows what a thrill it is to be tapped for Mortar Board. Here are eleven proud new members of Mortar Board Back Row; James Fargo, Larry Piersol, Ron Giles, John Sorensen. Second Row: Bob Legvold, Doug Leafstedt Tom Kearns Steve Porter. Front Row: David Jordan, Louis Fisher, David Johnson. Not pictured: Lawrence Dorr, Tom Muilenburg. Omicron Delta Kappa recognizes and encourages fhe achievement of exemplary character and superior quality in scholarship and leadership. To be eligible tor membership, a senior student must rank in the highest 35% in scholarship among men students in his class ot the college or school in the institution in which he is enrolled. Special distinction is required in at least one of the following phases of col- legiate activity: scholarship, athletics, student government, social and religious affairs, publications, speech, music, drama, and other Arts. 184 Back Row: Pat Looby. Third Row: Carol Herman, Judy Chamberlain, Jane Norbeck, Mary Ellwein, Kathy Mitchell. Second Row: Ruth Moller, Dorothy Hatch-, Allison Haeder, Linda Wilkie. Front Row: Leslie Swanson, Joan Barber, Margaret Ashbaugh. Alpha Lambda Delta is a national scholastic honorary society tor treshman wonnen. To be eligible for membership, a girl must have a 3.5 average tor the first semester or a 3.5 grade average for the entire freshman year. Phi Eta Sigma is an honorary for freshman men who have a grade point average of 3.5 or above at the end of the first semester or an over-all grade of 3.5 for the first two semesters. The purpose of Phi Eta Sigma is to promote high scholarship. Back Row: Roger Reinking, Dave Rumelhart, Don Harbaugh, Brad Bonynge, Dr, A. M, Pardee. Fifth Row: Vernon Miller, Glen Olson, Harley Oien, Jerry Jochims, Terry Prosch. Fourth Row: Dave Jor- dan, Tom Rosenbaum, John English, Jim Beddow, Doug Leafstad, William Wernke. Third Row: Murray Gibson, Tom Brady, Gene Lockhart, Larry Johnson, Pete Kuipers. Second Row: Richard Nettum, Tom Eichman, Jerry Krause, Andre Larson, Roger Peterson. Front Row: Vern Olson. Tl S. iCUU t vJO C €3WJtJ u The Gary Thomas Sextet (minus one?) plays a number you wouldn ' t expect to hear at a jazz concert, entitled " The Preacher. " The " Big Band " directed by Gary Thomas opens the concert. Trumpetist Dean Kranhold is shown above as he adds his " two cents worth " to a number. Pianist Larry Torkelson and his trio perform the familiar tunes " September in the Rain " and " Over the Rainbow. " Guest soloist -Pat Whalen Veliek receives a large hand from the audience as she finishes singing " My Funny Valentine. " MC John Sorensen wel- comes a crowd of I 100 to the jazz concert, spon- sored by the University Band. Proceeds from the concert were used to send the band to Minneapolis for a National Band Direc- tors ' Convention. KAtjL r luL ' Fix Mic Back Row: Raeanna Taake. Lois Schrag, Elaine Meyers, Dorothy Hatch. Third Row: Melinda Grimes. Nellene Pilliard. Pat Spiry. Second Row: Pat Borchers, Beth Hahn, Helen Pontius. Front Row: Joan Radeke, Linda Gemar, Mary Lynn Collins. Mu Phi Epsilon and Phi Mu Alpha are +he professional music organizations for women and men, respectively, on the SUSD campus. Members of Mu Phi Epsilon must have a 3.0 grade average or better and must be music majors or minors. Through- out the year, the two groups have several joint recitals. Back Row: Jack Erickson, Gordon Linden, Tom Scheinost, David Jordan, John Sorensen, Courtland Swensen, Gene Krue- ger, Gary Colwell, Jerry Jochims, George Shurr. Third Row: Mr. Charles Krusenstjerna (Adviser), David Van Sickle, Charles Friesen, John Erickson, David Driscoll, Glenn Ferris, David Hansen. David Erickson, Linn Reisetter. Second Row: Carter Eggers. Rick Berdahl, Bernardt Ross, Mark Meyers, Adrian Strand, Don Nesland, Steve Sibell. Gene Gross. Front Row: Larry Versteeg. Lynn Seipp, Ron Huettmann, Tom Kruse, Gene Lockhart, Meredith Olsen, Dean Kranhotd, Leighton Weltz, David Mitchell. 187 Back Row: Jim Shouse, Martene Li- bert, Sand) Haisch, Donna Olsen. Third Row: Larry Piersol. Cathy Vogt, Edward Wutsch. Second Row: Robert Yee. Ron Lawrence, Jerry Bode, H ar ley Hig- man. Front Row: Nicholas Pomerico. -4404M)HA QeAMMAJOJt Back Row: Paul Sandvick, Gene Kim- mel. Fourth Row: Jane Nickoi- isen, Linda Yirak, Sharon Carlson. Third Row: Bernard Herzog, Elwood Baas, Ellard Jensen, Edwin Hult. Second Row: Joe Murphy, Jack Rhodes, Bob L e g V o I d , Rosemary Hafner. Front Row: Leroy Williamson, Dave Johnson, Ar- lene Abbott. Honors Seminar, part of the honors progrann in +he College of Arts and Sciences at the University, is open to Juniors or Seniors with a 3.0 grade average or better. Weekly meetings are held with guest speakers or group discussions on issues of particular interest to the students. standing: William Gray, Vermillion; Ken Bode, Hawarden, la.; Cecil Caulkins, Trenton, Mo.; Duane Fowler, Battle Creek, la.; John Doohen, Hawarden, la.; D. James Vander Schaaf, Hull, la.; Tom Cooper, Sturgis. Seated: Charlene Hofer Randall, Freeman; Fred Tweet, Des Moines, la.; Ann Bartholomew, Canton. Not pictured: Mary Burgess, Milbank; Dorothy Lundquist, Webster. ' PitL ' BdiL KottXL The purpose of Phi Beta Kappa is to recognize and encourage scholarship, friendship, and cultural interests. Members are chosen principally from undergraduates in colleges of liberal arts and sciences. The qualifications for membership are high scholarship, liberal culture, and good character. No one with an average grace of less than 3.25 is eligible for membership. Not more than one- eighth of the membership of the current senior class may be elected. The University of South Dakota is the only institution in the state that has a chapter of Phi Beta Kappa. 189 standing: Jerry Reedy, Adviser; Robert Vorsier, Richard Gowan, Walter Moeller, Don Kounas. Jack Rhodes. Seated: Brad Bonynge, Charles Johnson, Dick Nettum, Rosemary Hafner. Jane Nickolisen, Grace Beede, Sponsor. Not pictured: Clarice Connors, Oliver Irwin, Richard Cutler. Etft_ Q jOMAlLJ T lui standing: Dr, Beaty, Mr. Ryggs, Mr. Walter, Mr. Ekman. Mr. Hasse, Tom Eichman, John Lushbough, Beverly Cooper, Elaine Curley. Back Row: Russell Hanson, Sandi Haisch, Marilyn Serr. Front Row: Leander Stroschein, Edward Wutsch, Susie Colvin, Mr. Haeder. 190 H ■■|H r- , H Bl J B i W uF ' — ' - ., P I wL ' J |H « ! wKL Sk - ' 1 k 1-. 1£ l l MB Ib bm k! ' j B I Lai BB ■ fil aawni ' ,1 ■ 1 ' •■- ' 1 AiBtiK ' bbBB B B Back Row: William Bergman, Glen Hand, George Kerkhove, Second Row: topherson, Jane Bowles. Front Row: Ralph Prather, William Wernke. Robert South, Lee Chris- 0MMM4JL Q iCMiOL E+a Sigma Phi is a national classical society that has been on the University campus since 1938. its membership comprises honor s+uden+s in Latin and Greek who are interested in the history, art, and literature ot ancient Greece and Rome. Meet- ing once a month, the society members have guest speakers, social programs, and sponsor fund raising projects. Pi Mu Epsiion is a national organization whose purpose is the promotion ot scholarly activity in the -field of mathematics. This honorary fraternity, composed of second semester sophomores, juniors, seniors, and graduate students, requires a high grade point with respect to mathematics as well as a minimum over-all grade average. New members, having been approved by the local chapter and meeting both national and local requirements, are initiated in the spring. The purpose of Beta Gamma Sigma, national honorary scholastic fraternity in the School of Business, is to promote and recognize interest in scholarship in the field of business. Membership is cpen to seniors and graduate students who are in the top lOyo of their respective class. New members are initiated in April. 191 V- ;■ -i riT m ,,.!-f:: lK •8 ip l • N Tl afcoteiot- Sponsor Miss University Contest and IFC Sing The blue-blazered Dalcotans traditionally sponsor the IFC Sing on Mother ' s Day and the annual Miss University contest in the spring. Last year the contest was held on March 23rd, with Don Miller acting as Mas- ter of Ceremonies. The girls were judged on their appearance in formals and bathing suits, their display of talent, and a personal interview. Another traditional Dakotan activity is the annual football and basketball game with State ' s Blue Key. This year the Dakotans were successful in both games, and State will have to try again next year to reclaim their key. Winners of the 1961 IFC Sing are members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. Taking a favorite relaxed pose are the Dakotans. Back Row: Joseph Schmidt, Michael Howes, Ronald Hauber, Ronald Giles, Dan German, Vice-president, Ronald Zylstra, Stuart Van Meveren, James Stafne, Secretary, and Richard McColley. Third Row: Thomas Brokaw, Richard Miller, William Harrington, Gordon Williamson, and Thomas Hallaway. Second Row: Melvin Hoheri, Thomas Mark, David Johnson, Treasurer, Thomas Muilenburg, Leroy Williamson, and Gary Howard. Front Row: Colin Harris, and John Matson, President. A pretty group of smiles and roses mark the contestants. Left to right are Judy Vlasak, Sandra Kleppin, Sara Eyres, Runner-Up, Sue Muilenburg, Miss University of I960, Nancy Gardner, Miss University of 1961, Shirley White, Miss Congeniality, Judy Lamke, Cherrill Gladstone, and Sara Tymeson. U U This year thirty-two senior students were chosen as the outstanding leaders on the SUSD campus. These seniors are Meredith Auld; Speech, Radio and TV ihosen on the basis of hiqh scholarship, service to their school, and unselfish par- ticipation and leadership in cannpus activ- ities. As potential leaders of the future, these students are nanned in a national directory. Who ' s Who in American Col- leges and Universities. Susan Colvin; Mathematics Thomas Brokaw; Government 194 Beverly Cooper; Mathematics James Fargo; Chemistry David Johnson; Speech David Jordan; Speech, History John Thonnas Kearns; Speech, Radio Nancy Kirkham; History 196 Douglas Leafstedt; Mathematics. Government Robert Legvold; Government Nedra Lundberg; History, English John Matson; Mathematics Thomas Muilenburg; Government Tamara Ullyot; English Jane Nickolisen; Mathematics Marilyn Wenzel; Microbiology Margaret Aikens; Elementary Education Linda Yirak; History Gary Howard; Physical Education Donald Chicoine; Mathematics Education Robert Larson; English Educatron Jeanlne Schooler; Elementary Education 200 Judith Perkins; Business Education i: ,%., Robert Posz; Economics Steven Porter; Accounting Loren Steele; Finance and Banking Diane Struver; Drannatic Arts 201 As a part of the School of Edu- cation at the University, students are sent to surrounding towns to gain invaluable experience in actual classroom teaching. Under the block system, the students spend the entire day in the school and take on a full teaching load. Meredith Au!d finds teaching English and speech rewarding in Vermillion High School. Nell Williams creates classroom interest with her picture story. Karen Bohlen teaches her fifth graders in Vermillion the importance of good health. 202 t -P ' o ( " 203 CDacoK -44oai€x The State University of South Dakota is proud to acknowledge as one of its faculty this nationally acclaimed artist. A full blood Sioux Indian, Oscar Howe was born a+ Joe Creek on the Crow Indian Reservation of South Dakota on May 13, 1915. His pre-adolescent years were characterized by poverty, illness, and frustration. He attended Pierre Indian School until 1933 where it was a violation to speak in his native tongue. Able to speak only Sioux, Mr. Howe was subjected to punishments such as being shoved against heated radiators and having a rubber hose applied to his face and head. While at school, he developed a serious, supposedly incurable skin disease plus trachoma, a painful eye disease that almost blinded him. The social isolation that resulted caused him, as a boy of ten, to contemplate suicide by jumping out of the second story hospital window. Oscar Howe ' s own determination enabled him to rid himself of his ailments by using soap on his skin and allowing it to dry in re- peated processes continuing for months. His psychological wounds, however, forced him to find an avenue of success, and his art career began. Before graduating from high school at Sante Fe Indian School in 1938, Mr. Howe had exhibited his paintings across the nation from Brooklyn to San Francisco. During World War II, he spent three and one-half years in the U. S. Army with combat battalions in North Africa, Italy and Ger- many. In the latter he met Miss Heidi Hampel who, today, is his wife and a naturalized U. S. citizen. In addition, Mrs. Howe became a biographer, historian, business manager, and publicity agent for her husband. They have one child, a daughter, Inge Dawn, born in 1948. In 1947, Mr. Howe won the grand purchase prize at the second annual National Indian Painting exhibition at Philbrook Art Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Before receiving his undergraduate degree, he had won the Harvey Dunn Medal in Art, then continued at the University of Oklahoma for his Master of Fine Arts degree, received in 1954. In 1943 Oscar Howe became director of art at the high school in Pierre, South Dakota, and remained until he was appointed, in 1957, Assistant Professor of Fine Arts at the State University of South Dakota. He is the Artist-in-Residence at the University and also serves as Assistant Professor of Fine Arts. Of particular interest to South Dakota students and faculty, for the past ten years, Oscar Howe has yearly designed the decoration of the eleven panels at the Mitchell Corn Palace. Each of these panels depicts larger than life size scenes carried out with corn in its natural colors. Certainly Oscar Howe has made a tremendous contribution to the growth of culture in his University and his State. 204 " " « ' « ' «« ' Tjj||j a (•jjliiliyiiiiir;:; Oscar Howe is a neat, conserva- tively dressed, mild mannered and well-appreciated member of the faculty of the State University of South Dakota. His art career boasts numerous awards, mural paintings, book illustrations, ex- hibits and one man shows. iiiiiHiir IHIIUII 111111111 iiiNCiir I BIIII Oscar Howe is shown with his paintings at an art exhibit in Sioux Falls this past Fall. Oscar Nationally Programmed Oscar Howe is shown with Ralph Edwards on " This is Your Life. " Oscar Howe is pictured at his home. He is discuss- ing his paintings with members of the COYOTE staff. Oscar Howe ' s mod- ern Sioux Indian paintings that have evolved from the Sioux skin painting technique Right, " Origin of the Sioux " " The Last Buffalo Hunt " 206 " Evil Spirit of the Buffalo Dance " . : ll l 1 1 W HSHn ' .fi ' ■ .T, T W ™ ' i, V k Mr % Mw ' Br " - »» lJ t L ' - y P - m I Xife A: : ■PWfaj H J 207 Mr. Howe willingly answers COYOTE reporter Francis Moul ' s questions as staff mem- bers Judy Kruse, Susie Colvin, and Karen Rabusch look on. THE COYOTE STAFF received a warm reception from Mr. Howe when they interviewed him in his home last fall. He allowed them to look at some of his paintings and explained his ideas behind them . . . " The ideational quality of exact representation of the In- dian is stressed to reflect the true identity of man as an intellectual being. " The staff was deeply im- pressed, not only with his crea- tivity, but with his great intellect as well. Mr. Howe shows the COYOTE staff ho he begins each painting and illustrates with his latest painting, " Horse Dancer, " shown on the first page of the COYOTE. He begins each painting with a straight line construction " symbolizing unrelenting truth or righteousness, " and usually develops the idea of his painting after he begins. " A refined conception of man ' s perceptive qualities is conducive to intellectual insight and the abstrac- tion of true realism, realism meaning beauty in the ' ugly ' " . . . . COYOTE editor, Susie Colvin, looks a bit confused. 208 AcnviriEs SUSD Women ' s Physical Education Class 1900 Editor Jackie Rose 210 0 Kpte, Susan Colvln — Editor Karen Rabusch — Assistant Editor " IVHDi HHIHHIB " 7 ' 7| T H ( H I H H ■iJ S ij H • ■ bHT H K - ' Bl HK j SSC t ii 212 Left to right: Sharon Srotewold, Class Section; Jackie Rose, Activ- ities Section; Kathy Page, Glamour Section; Kay Stewart, Faculty Sec- tion; Glenn Olson, Athletic Sec- tion; Margaret Ashbaugh, Honor- aries; Allison Haeder, Religious Section. We want you to remember this year with its studying, its fun, its people, its worry, its achievements, its disappointments and its chartreuse cannon. We want you to look back and say " remember that? " , or " Oh yes, that was when . . . . " It has been an exciting year; we hope you will take it with you in the 1962 COYOTE. Linda Green — Business Manager Photographers, left to right: Dick Bigelow, Bill Christians, Loren Christ, Bernie Henog. 213 TU. ' hiSfZ 214 Campus humor magazine draws widespread attention. The Blast holds the distinction of being the only college humor magazine in the state ot South Dakota. Published three times a year on Dakota Day, Strollers, and Mother ' s Day by the members of Press Club, the magazine features college life in a humorous form, using material that has been created by the students. Its contents include both hilarious and " sick " cartoons and jokes. Pin-ups of attractive co-eds draw much attention, while the stories, poems, and features combine to produce a book that delights readers of all ages. Editor of the Blast is Gar Olson who believes in the old tradition of the editor ' s feet on the desk. Glenn Olson, the business manager, prefers to do things the easy way. Art editor Donna Menage experi- ments with an idea for a picture lay-out. Row I : Doug Hartman, Gar Olson. Row 2: Judy Kruse, Shirley McDermott, Gary Whidden. Row 3: Bonnie Grotewold, Sue Hanson, Donna Menage, Gini Rose. Row 4: Glenn Olson, Jerry Curtis, Jim Krueger, Terry Pet- tengill, Francis Moul. 215 Left to right: Francis Moul, Linda Smith, Rose Mary Hafner, Gene Kinnmel, Tony De Haas, Sharon Grotewold. Uohuik Francis Moul — First Semester Editor Gene Kimmel — Second Semester Editor Rose Mary Hafner — Business Manager Linda Smith — News Editor In its seventy-fourth year of publication, the Volante distributes some 3,000 copies weekly to students and subscribers. In addition to recording news events of the campus, the Volante also provides an excellent opportunity for all journalism students and for those interested in the publications field to gain valuable experience working on an actual news- paper. Tony De Haas — Sports Editor Martin Busch — Director KUSD Radio, Television, and Films Kay Sonnnnervoid — Secretary Penny Arnold — Secretary Steve Arnold, Radio Announcer, and Phil Hess, Production Director of Television a. I V i Sanford Gray, Television Cameraman V For the culture-minded individuals of the University, KUSD, one of the largest and oldest radio stations in the country, provides programs of serious music, foreign and domestic affairs, and informa- tion about the University of South Dakota. For added enjoyment, the listeners are invited to watch the recently established KUSD-TV which went on the air for the first time in July of 1961. This new television station will become af- filiated with the National Network for Education Broadcasters in July of 1962. NJeoM- Buh£acL- Under the capable direction of Bill Slattery, the University News Bureau brings University activities to the attention of the general public through such outlets as newspapers and radio. Thus the Bureau serves the double function of helping to keep the public informed of newsworthy events at the University, and acts as a publicity agent for the school, bringing its qualities to the atten- tion of prospective students. T li ()ft« atuM(A- (HXAxL The Publications Board consists of editors of the BLAST, the COYOTE, and the VOLANTE, faculty members, and three stu- dents appointed by the Student Body President. Members of this organization check the progress of the three student publications and maintain a firm grasp on the currency. Bill Slattery — Director of the News Bureau Row I, Left to right: Mr. Slattery, Mr. Andera, Mr. Trotiig. Row 2: Dr. Ehrensperger, Molly Gleason, Mr. Mabee. Row 3: Gene Kim- mel, Susie Coivin, Dean Julian. Row 4: Gar Olson, Evie Frieburg, Francis Moul. 220 Jl Ki " k OH ' IHII II H ■ " ' ' ' ' Si T ' I i fjsl p tm ' Ji r i t- i k ' • 7 1 ■ ' It » m it ' 1 • Row I, Left to right: Burton Cawthorne, Terry Prosch, Jim Beddow, Pete Kuipers, Donna Menage, Doug Leaf- stedt. Row 2: LaVonne Houchen, Linda McCahren, Ann Heriog, Pat Aarhus, Evelyn Palmer, Karen Schmidt, Bernice Campbell, Judith Likens, Judy Jordan, Bonnie Hofer, Terry Larson, Dave Jordan. Row 3: Harry Naasz, Chuck Terry, Bob Ray, Evie Frieburg, Bob Weeks, Dottie Schuit, Bill Cole, Gloria Swanson, Jean Jordan, Mike Crew. Stoici Ct. SeeurfL OFFICERS of Student Senate are Bill Cole, Vice-president, Doug Leafstedt, President, and Donna Menage, Secretary. Student Senate, the governing body of student activities. Is composed of thirty-two senators presided over by the Vice-president of the Student Asso- ciation. The Senate is responsible for student elections, student administra- tive committees, general legislative action according to constitutional prin- ciples, and general investigation body on matters pertaining to student activities. 221 -p t c a. c L t It L 0. Kow I, Left to right: Steve Byrnes, Jim Boese, Dan Fuller, Linda Demlo, Tom Muilenburg. Row 2: Deane Grav, Mike Swanton, Mike Jackley, Mike Turchen, Dr. W. O. Farber. Row 3: George Jan, John Morrill, Charles Bruehler, Dick Ness. Row 4: Joan Kephart, Doug Miller, Larry Pressler, Donald Mendel, Don Kounas, T. C. Geary, Sharon Carlson, Burton Cawthorne, Byron Russell. The Political Science League sponsors various on-campus lectures of prominent people in govern- ment, politics, and education. Besides membership in the CCUN, IRC, and AAUN, the League also publishes the Student Directory and plans the spring banquet for the League and the government department. Row I, Left to right: Carol Wiblemo, Sharon Grotewold, Professor Carl Christol, Pat Hermann, Sue Wilson, Madlynn Norstrom, Sharon Carlson. Row 2: Janet Reed, Nancy Kirkham, Jane Clark, Pat Vanorny, Linda Jenson, Dixie Enslow. Row 3: Jim Beddow, Thomas Buckley, Ron Nelson, Ken Vavra, Dick Shattuck, Ed Lutz, Webb Brewster, John Lazaris. Row 4: Don Kounas, Richard Cutler, Gerry Martin, Gregg Schmidt, Robert Voss, David Bergquist, Ray Rymill, Jerry Carstens, Byron Russell, Jim Johansen, James Hanson. -a A. i } 222 The History Club was formed in 1956 by students and faculty members who were interested in history. Since that time there has been a program of monthly meetings, culminating in the annual award banquet each spring. M Oi t a w Row I, Left +0 right: Marilyn Serr, Russell Hanson, President; Bev Cooper, Jackie Rose. Row 2: Darrel Guthmiller, Rilla Krunrim, Elaine Reinking, Allison Haeder, Sandi Haisch, Judy Chamberlain, LaVonne Houchen, Linda Wilkie, Dr. Marjorie Beaty. Row 3: James Shouse, James Fargo, Dr. Wayne Gu+zman, Elaine Kirley, Byron Schuike, Delores Veen, Paul Haeder, Jan Heems+ra, Robert Walter, William Ekman. Row 4: Paul Rygg, Ervin Eltie, Jan Johansen, Alexander Mehatfey, Lyie Lund, David Driscoll, Richard Madsen, Wayne Cramer, Roy Rymill, Edward Wutsch. The Mathematics Club is an organization composed of members who are interested in mathematics and related fields. There are about fifty members who meet every two weeks and discuss various aspects of mathematics. At the bi-weekly Chemistry Club meeting, scientists tell of recent progress at the frontiers of science. The club participates in the annual area Science Fair program; organizes trips to nearby laboratories and industries; holds various social events; and gives its members affiliation with American Chemical Society. Row I, Left to right: Jerry Jochims, K. Coulson, Bessie King, Robert Whittenbaugh. Row 2: Zona Pierce, S. M. Kong, Marilyn Chen, Chia Chu Soong, William Yen, Warren Kitzman. Row 3: John Allen, Dennis Manske, Jerry Krouse, Betty Aalseth, Carl Sandvik, Ernest Kemnitz, Kent Larson. Row 4: Helmut Nunn, President, Dr. Roger Hahn, Adviser, Bob Shenkle, Neils Miller. V s t e i b 223 Y a e ML C A. d t Row I, Left to right: Marilyn Nelson; Gail Marx; Gini Rose; Ann Hess. Row 2: Mary Anne Oursland; Pat Dennett; Nancy Kirkham, Vice-president; Jane Nickolisen; Mike Swanton, Program Chairman. Row 3: Terry Larson, President; Cal Lepke; Mitii Holmoe; Marcia Blaseg; Francis Moul, Publicity Chair- man; Tom Brokaw. Row 4: Jackie Rose, Secretary; Judy Pilcher; Margaret Ashbaugh; Allison Haeder; Jerry Carstens; Meredith Auld. " The torch has been passed to a new generation of Amer- icans . . . " As members of this new generation, the Univer- sity Young Democrats attempt to create interest in and serve their government through their party. They bear the torch with pride, looking with respect to the past and with hope to the future. Nancy Kirkham, Miss Young Democrat, and Evie Frieburg, Miss Young Re- publican. 224 Row I, Left fo right: Mel Hoherz, Ed Lutz, Larry Pressler, Barb Anderson, Rilla Krumm, Jane Norbeck, Sharon Grotewold, Donna Olsen, Janifer Overpeck. Row 2: Pam Johnson, Vicki Jensen, Carol Moline, Cheryl Baldwin, Susan Wilson, Ruth Duncan, Mary Lou Wieseler, Don Wickens. Row 3: Richard Zeigler, Steve Jorgensen, James Skinner, Jinn Beddow, Larry Johnson, Treasurer; Doug Leafstedt, Julia Nielsen, Vice-president; Margie Rossow, Secretary; Chip Harris, President. Row 4: Suzanne Hanson, Martie Stilwell, Stephen Byrnes, Katie Johnson, Michael Jackley, Ron Svihovec, John Morrill, David Gienapp, Bud Brown. Row 5: Mike Crew, Dick McColley, Charles Nass, Stu Van Meveren, Fred Wherland, Denny Green, Jim Krueger, Lynn Sorensen. Row 6: Ellen Perry, Jo Yarger, Dennis Severson, Ken Olsen, Cathy Schneider, Karen Hebeler, Grace Heck. Row I, Left to right: Camille Peterson, Sue Muilenburg, Deiores Veen. Row 2: Janet Shabino, Jeanette Durst, Cheryl Wierenga. Row 3: Sandy Graber, John Miller, Evie Frieburg. Row 4: Tim Greg- son, Joyce Hoimoe, Dagmar Avo- tins. Y f e a It Orienting students in regard to politics and en- couraging students to take as active a part as possible in their country ' s government are the goals of Young Republicans. To attain these ends, the group sponsors political speakers with interest and authority in the field of govern- ' ment and plans trips to national, district and state meetings. 225 -44 c Jl t s a Row 1, Left to right: John Barstow, Frank Messner, Michoel Ortner, John Hottman, Janet Jesfjeld. Row 2: Steve Rudolph, Dave Kostboth, Vern Hermsen, Mike Gunvordahl, Dan Youngers, Betty Bohlander, Robert Metcalf. Row 3: Dick Tenny, Paul Schmoker, Mary Lynn Collins, Jane Norbeck, John English, Bill Leslie, Shana Black, Jay Betts, Jane Rischen, Mary Jane Eaves. Row 4: Larry Nelson, Terry Lane, Ronald Gemmell, Richard Andersen, Agnes Karlin, Jerry Jochims, Gail Benson, Tom Rosenbaum, Dennis Batteen, Ken Bjorge. Row 5: Lilly Breyer, Sandy Jassmann, Le Ann Hagena, Alton Christensen, Russell Hanson, Jackie Swoyer, Dennis Stubsten. Row 6: Mara Blakis, Walter Forred, Ervin Dutt, Robert Buller, Donna Jensen. Row 7: John Betts, Robert Yee, Dave Krause, Dale Sparks, Dessie Kuster, Jim Mallow, Joe Hura, Tom Reding, Gerald Loos, Bob Ackerman, Troy Isaak. The Hippocra ' I ' es Club was ' formed five years ago by a group of pre-med students to help interested students learn more about the medical profession. This year the club has expanded to include stu- dents interested in pre-dentistry, pre-optometry, medical technology, and bacteriology. The Student American Medical Association is a service organization of medical students, interns, and residents. Acting as a student governing body, it is responsible for student activities and func- tions throughout the year. It provides its members with the means and incentives to keep abreast of both medical and national affairs. -A M Row 1, Left to right: William Ekman, Vincent Flynn, Robert Allen, Mike Lesser, David Rouseau, Grant Clark, Earl Heller, Ann Finkenbinder, Guy Tarn, Marc Rhoades, Lynn Frary. Row 2: Charles Kopriva, Dean Hughes, Linda Rames, Frank Nichols, Gene Numsen, John Freeman, William Weston, Guy Montgomery, Ronald Wyatt, Michael Rost, Warren Golliher. Row 3: Allan Dewald, Ross Chiles, William Engel, Gordon Held, Myron Jerde, Edward Allen, Donald Soil, Douglas Huewe, Werner Martens, Terrell Moritz, Robert Voy. Row 4: Jeffrey Woltner, Franklin Pratt, Joseph Sejvar, Peter Boman, Jerry Walton, Donald Schenk, Royal Goerz, Eli Krigsten, John Abbott, James Lee. Row 5: Robert Jensen, James Ryan, Roland Summers, Janet Atkinson, Virgil Riley, Merle Pounds, Richard Long, Neil Elkjer, Rex Colling, Lonnie Waltner. Row 6: Charles Haerter, Edward VanBramer, Delwin Ohrt, Matt Langenfeld, Harold Werner, Henry Bramanti, Robert Janes, Michael Friedman, George Popojeff. 226 Seated. Left to right: Dean Kenneth Simpson. Dr. Fred Davis, Dr. Chapin Clark, Jim Stoci(dale. Lewayne Erickson. Dan Holder. Bob Miller. Pat McKeever. Standing: Eugene Jones. Dick Andresen. Terry O ' Keefe, Gary Johansen. Dick Hopewell. Nick O ' Hara, Jack Owens. Bill Wernke, Harlan Pal- mer. Al Dirks. Fred Hendrickson. Bob Parker, Tom Ranney. Gary Christiansen, Dick Duncan. Clint Nagel. The Delta Theta Phi National Legal Fraternity was founded in 1913 as the result of a merger of three law fraternities. It is not an honorary or scholastic fraternity, but a professional brotherhood of law students and lawyers. The S. U. S. D. chapter of Delta Theta Phi is known as the Marshall-McKusick Senate and it takes great pride in its ranking second last year in the national Delta Theta Phi scholas- tic ratings. The members of the International Legal Fraternity of Phi Delta Phi are dedicated to furthering the ideals of the legal profession to insure integrity and impartiality of the administration of justice. " . . . The future of the Republic, to a great extent, depends upon our maintenance of Justice . . . " Seated. Left to right: Bill Ranney, Frank Denholm. Bill Spiry, Roger Wollman, Ed Bubak. Standing: Roger Hunt, Tom Adam. Curt Hanks. Doug Bleeker. Gary Richards. Ray Cole. Robert Yeado. t a e t a. i t a. 227 UJ -A -P M M L U Row I , Left to right: Jackie Rose, Vice-president; Vicki Jensen, Secretary; Jill Hendrickson, Sandy Hil- ton, LeAnn Davis. Row 2: Linda Wilkie, Carmie Fast, Colleen Muir, Donna Link, Treasurer; Cindy Paris, Rilla Krumm, Beth Railsback, President; Judy Wachjin, Historian. The Women ' s Recreational Association is an organization that promotes tun and fellowship for college women through active participation in intramural sports. To enhance the competitive spirit of these intramural tournaments, a traveling trophy is presented to the women ' s housing unit accumulating the most points throughout the school year. Seated, Left to right: Janice Cates, Beth Railsback, Jill Hendrickson, Carmie Past, Jo Holland, Judy Davidson. Standing: Virginia Snyder, Nancy Galusha, Cindy Paris, Carol Pekas, Janet Price, Diane Bertrand, Barb Nerison, Myrna Grant, Jewell McLaughlin, Miss Ruth Sevy, Adviser. Dedicated to the promotion of physical education for women, the Physical Education Majors and Minors Club, better known as PEMM Club, creates social fellowship and companionship among its members and a high standard of sportsmanship among all. 228 t L Left to right, Front: Colleen Callahan, Jeanette Bendixen, Betty Kingsbury, Gloria Hetland, Carol Pekas, Julie Argetsinger, President; Ginny Snyder, Ann Hess, Lillie Breyer, Barbara Lindemann, Jeanne Iverson. Back: Lesley Swanson, Secretary-Treasurer; Linda Olafson, Diane Flynn, Donna Schneider, Margy Hobart, Martie St iiwell, Kathy Mitchell, Marge Chishoim, Carol Herman, Leslie Miller. Center: Vicki Jensen. These girls are the members of Dolphins, the women ' s synchro- nized swimming group on campus. These sports-minded individuals use their knowledge of water skills to present two shows annually — a Christmas show entitled " Christmas Capers " and a pro- gram for the Crippled Children ' s Hospital in Sioux Falls. Diane Flynn 229 a + K e e Row I, Left to right: Charlene Van de Voort, President; Jo Ellen Int Veldt, Judy Neff, Sharon Wilken, Suzanne Hanson, Kaye Ann Woodward, Mary Anne Oursland, Patricia Walter, Dagnnar Avotins. Row 2: Jewell McLaughlin, Judy Pitcher, Vice-president; Cheryl Baldwin, Barb Nerison, Karen Hebeler, Marietta Mattila, Treasurer; Gloria Swanson, Connie Winjum, Carol Wiblemo. Row 3: Mary Lou Wieseler, Suzanne Barnes, Sharon Grotewold, Sharon Turner, Carol Moline, Diane Grier, Linda Thorpe, Dottie Schult, Secretary; Donna Turner, Sharon Bauer, Lesley Swanson, Peggy Neiles, Janet Jestjeld, Pat Eichman. Row 4: Gini Rose, Priscilla Istas, Arlene Sifrar, Karia Miller, Linda Hasselstrom, Kay Knox, Janet Koberg, Josie Marshall, Janet Shabino, Susie Wilson, Carol Reemtsma, Gail Marx, Bon- nie Hofer, Judee Kruse, Dixie Enslow. Toastresses is the women ' s after dinner-speaking group on campus. Each meeting is held in a different dormitory or sorority house, and begins with a dessert, aher which a short business meeting is held. Then a serious and a humorous speech are given by two of the members. Finally, a table topic which is of general interest to the group is introduced and discussed. 230 Seated, Left to right: Harold Atkinson, Charles Batcheller, William Wernke. President; J. M. Peter- son, Adviser; LeRoy Kruse, Treasurer; David Johnson, Robert Miller. Standing: Gustav Jacob, Charles Palmer, Secretary; Jim Stockdale, Vice-president. (V (V t t e H. Toastmasters is designed to give interested students a practical and realistic speech situation in the atmosphere of good fellowship and congeniality. Members are chosen on tne basis of their desire to improve their speaking ability and on their sociability. The Forensics Union is an organization for students interested in competing in collegiate speech activities such as debate, oratory, interpretive reading, after dinner speaking, and television speaking. Members travel throughout the nation par- ticipating in speech tournaments. Row I, Left to right: Mrs. Gerri Hendrickson, Rosanne Krivanek, Joyce Krsticevic, Sue Campbell, Mary Pat Barstow, Frances Crain, Kay Wilson. Row 2: Frank Edington, Paul Manning, Marietta Mattila, Linda Hasselstrom, Julie Mickelson, Jan Kubicek. Row 3: Karen Lampy, Joe Dvorak, David Jordan, Mike Jackley, Harold Kinier, Web Brewster, Jim Carlson, Bob Fitzgerald. Row 4: Dr. Jordan, Jan Johanson, Gordon Garnos, Richard Hurd, John Morrill, Larry Pressler, Miss Mary Jean Thomas, Jack Rhodes, Jim Short. T vu A 231 Row I , Left to right: Jim Bunker, Jerry Lust, Steve Fennel, Charles McBride, Connie Mack McCoy, Leroy Kruse. Row 2: Royce Likness, Bob Scheinost, Dick Dickinson, Jinn Graf, Tom Wagner, Ed Bader, La- Verne Schneider. Row 3: Joe Massa, Gerald Aman, Gary Ellingson, Max Frickey, Lanny Nairn, Marshall Elkin, Neil Andersen, Craig Johnson, John Gregg. Row 4: Dallas Smith, Arnold Kittelson, Steve Sikorski, Jack Knott, Dick Brink, Chuck Hogg, Duane Butt, Charlie Brothers, Jerry Bunkers. Row 5: Roger Peterson, Dr. Robert Johnson, Dennis Shull, Dennis Wil- liams, Larry Fonder. Row 6: Leroy Morgan, Lee Lounsberry, Vern Mil- ler, John Lillibridge, Ron Zylstra, Norm Walters, Tom Smith. TDefita. Q ' lAmou -pl A professional commerce and business administration fraternity. Delta Sigma Pi was organized in 108 universities and colleges throughout the United States to foster the study of business in these and other schools. Membership is open to students with majors or minors in the field of business administration. Some highlight activities sponsored by Delta Sigma Pi are the Rose Formal, the fall and spring professional trips, and the faculty-student picnic. oiuteiV QtJjJjt ' i Sji This organization is composed of junior and senior students enrolled in the Business School. Besides having a representative entry in the Dakota Day parade, the Business Students Association annually sponsors the Business School Banquet at Julian Hall for members, friends, faculty, and prominent business men of South Dakota. Left to right: Bob Scheinost, Treas- urer; Dallas Smith, President; Lanny Nairn, Secretary; Standing: Dick Dickinson, Vice-president. 232 Mo i etuca. OS«(i) Row I, Leff to right: Dr. Taylor, Robert Scheinosf, Lanny Nairn, Charles Palmer, Jim Bunker, Presi- dent. Row 2: Ronald Smith, Jerry Slaby, Lawrence Fonder, Barbara Schaefer. Row 3: Gerald Aman, Charles Batcheiler, Margaret Christopherson, Jon Billigmeier, Bill Weller. Row 4: Clarence Boer, Jerome Kooiker, Donna Baggaley, Gary Ashmore, Jack Jasper. The Marketing Club of the University is one of more than eighty clubs affiliated with the American Marketing Association. This Association attempts to encourage students to choose a career in the field of marketing, and to stimulate interest and encourage scholarship in students already interested in marketing. Ttui€ (tiMeMt Oftob The Investment Club of the Business School is concerned with educating the members in the fundamental techniques of sound investment; obtaining a satisfactory return on money invested; and bringing about closer business and social relationships among the members. Seated, Left to right: Harry Rathje, Bill Weller, Jack Jasper, President; Dave Mertens, Secre- tary; Harold Atkinson. Standing: Marshall Elkin, Stuart Van Mev- eren, Bruce Bloomquist, Bill Chris- tian, Deane Grav, John Speakman, Jerry Lust, Jay Betts, John Soren- sen. Dr. Robert Johnson. d () A. f i i - Seated, Left to right: Judy Pilcher, David Jordan, Mary Jean Thomas. Standing: Dr. Merrill Baker, Jack Rhodes, Dr. Harold Jordan. The Debate Board of Control is responsible for the supervision of the forensic program. If serves as an advisory board on all matters pertaining to forensics and is responsible for appor- tioning funds for the various forensic activities upon the recommendations of the director of forensics. Majors in Speech Education, Radio and TV, Dramatic Arts, and Speech Correction are eligible for the national professional speech arts fraternity for v omen, Zeta Phi Eta. This group works to promote speech activities on campus, limiting most of their projects to those of a professional nature, such as judging speech contests. e A: 0 -t 234 Far right, Sue Muilenburg. Row 2, Left to right: Judy Pilcher, Evelyn Frieberg. Row 3: Sara Eyres, Linda Yirak, Diane Struver. Row 4: Pam Johnson, Kathy Vogt, Karen Lampy, Alyce Jessen. Row 5: Meredith Auld, Ella Marie Cronin. Row 6: Diane Baker. Row I, Left to right: Jim Flynn, Matt Seewalker, Clarence Skye, Frank Ducheneaux, President; John Rogers, Denny Chapman. Row 2: Ed Barger, Roy Rymiil, Tom Anderson, Rog Skallerud, Webb Brewster, Karen Ducheneaux, Don Williams, Will Lantis, Jim Forney. Row 3: Patricia Maxon, Victoria Cannen, Beverly Johnson, Sharon Ouellette, Secretary; Darlene Johnson, Barbara Heggen, Treasurer; Sharon Turner. The Rodeo Club is an organization of sixty-seven members interested in furthering rodeo as a collegiate sport on campus and throughout the nation. By sponsoring rodeo teams. Western dances, and rodeos, the group strives to increase the popularity of Western activities on the college level. 0 " a a Jerry Olson — Professional Rodeo Clown Signing of the First USD Rodeo Contract — Ed Bader, Will Lantis, Bob Barnes, Bob Lantis, Webb Brewster, Grant Coffin. I Left to right: John Matson, Tom Mark, Sue Muilenburg, Bunny Aikens, Judy Wachlin. Left to right: Chip Harris, Ron Hauber, Billie Lutternnan, Terry Larson, Bob Weeks. Cosmopolitan Club is composed of both foreign students and those American students interested in other cultures. The purpose of the organization is to promote better understanding between our nation and the other nations repre- sented by students at the University. Members include students from Latvia, Hungary, Greece, China, Germany, England, Canada, Kenya, and India. Row I, Left to right: Judy Jordan, Secretary; Carol Bennett, Don Kounas, President; Diane Clements, Ursula Johnson, Donna Jean Link, Shahroukh Maroufkhani, Vice-president; Charlene Van de Voort. Row 2: Dr. George Jan, Dr. L. E. Arnaud, Adviser; Odera Odinge, Publicity Chairman; Larry Pressler, Lan Nam San, Larry Lascue, John Lazaris, Miria Ahmed. 236 Row I, Left to right: Dixie Enslow, Lesley Swanson, Janet Shabino, Sharon Gustafson. Row 2: Lois Jepson, Secretary; Jo Yarger, Barbara Kennedy, Jim Ullrich, Charles Bruehler. Row 3: Art Lampert, Susan Hawkins, Linda Thompson, Historian; leva Brakss, Bob Ray, President. Row 4: Don Reuter, Treasurer; Marv Kamback, Dr. Norman Heimstra, Dr. Ned Tranel, Paul Kludt, Jayne Hallenbeck, Vice- president. The Psychology Club is aimed at promoting interest in this area, both for psychology majors and stu- dents in the courses. Because of the great diversity within the field, it is important that beginning students become aware of its many areas and related vocational opportunities. Recognizing this fact, the Department of Psychology has been instrumental in bringing in many important figures in psychology to speak to the group. A. c L i a The University Rod and Rifle Club was organized to encourage rifle and pistol shooting among the students. With this as its main objective, it has promoted competition among its members and the students of other institutions, with the view always toward safe handling of firearms, as well as im- proved marksmanship. Row I, Left to right: Bill Slater, Augustine Fries, Charles Towner, Harry Rathje, Larry Meyer, Ralph Tufte. Row 2: Dennis Sturm, Andy Young, Don Olson, Lynn Muchmore, Tom Reishus, Dick Costain, Verlyn Meyer. Row 3: Terry Carlson, Harry Scholten, Bob Schuiz, Jim Berziner, Dick Crosby. Wes Twomey, Bruce Gange, Jim Breck. -p. I -A it I e a 237 eaCo4ij- Oftofc Row I, Left to right: Paul Marks, Cleo Christensen, Arthur Leger. Row 2: Tony Lanza, Gordon Baker, Jim McMeen, Dr. Robert Steven- son. Row 3: Alan Lange, Lynn Hedges, Lamar Baxter, Richard Bruce, Charles Mickel, Nat Lufkin. Row 4: George Shurr, Alan Wood, Robert Lemmon, Dr. Richard Kucera, Dr. Hugh Carlson. Geology Club is organized to promote a better understanding of geological principles and practices. The programs feature guest speakers and movies. In order to better acquaint the members with South Dakota geology, several field trips are taken throughout the year. M SL The Non-Affiliated Students ' League, an organization for students who are not members of any social fraternity or sorority, provides a medium through which the independent students may be represented in matters affecting their interests. Seated, Left to right: Robert Schoenfelder, Treasurer; Deanna Johnson, Evelyn Pal- mer, Susan Sefcik, Secretary; Berniece Campbell, Presi- dent; Marilyn Ellwanger, Pro- gram Chairman; David Jor- dan, Vice-president; Paul Manning, Membership Chair- man. Standing: Gary Ash- more, Maureen Davis, Pat Aarhus, Penny Cropley, Jean Jordan, Alma Best, Karen Schmidt, Social Chairman; Esther Norris, Larry Grill, Richard Madsen, Dave Ernst, Richard Eschenbaum. 238 Front, Left to right: Nancy Kirkham, Carol Bennett, Lois Neal, Dean Norton, Tarn Ul- lyot, Dottie Schult, Mary Jane Altman, Barbetta Krogman, Marilyn Gilbert, Jeanne Iver- son, Jeanine Schooler. Back: Sandy Long, Sandy Roth, Pat Murphy, Judy Johnson, Jane Nickolisen, Sharon Grotewold, Judy Pilcher, Molly Sleason, Jeanette Hatch, Judy Bau- mann, Bev C ooper, Carol Wil- liams, Kay Jurrens, Deanna Johnson, Joan Radeke. •AUJQ AWS is a group of all women students on campus. Their purposes are to maintain high standards of college life; to increase the sense of respon- sibility of young women toward one another; and perhaps, most of all, to further develop them into cap- able and gracious young women. AWS serves to unify women students; moreover, it provides oppor- tunities for leadership, regulates living conditions and matters of conduct, and enacts all rules for Univer- sity coeds. 4(HMe Ec4HMM«UC4 Oftu fc The Home Economics Club, affiliated with the Home Economics Asso- ciation, is organized to bring together all stu- dents enrolled in Home Economics courses. Each year, these students spon- sor a Christmas banquet and may attend the Con- vention of the South Da- kota Home Economics Association held in Spring. Row I, Left to right: Lynn Bartlett, Ida Marie Norton, Jo Ellen Int Veldt, Rosanna Carl- son, Kathy Kaeberle, Barb Lacey, Pattie Murphy, Ruby Strunk. Row 2: Mary Ann Conover, Pat Maxon, Gail Hutcheson, Pris Istas, Mary Ann Oursland, Jean Jordan, Jerri Criti, Kathy Mitchell, Kathy Allen, Miss Christy. Row 3: Jean Ekiund, Myrna Johannsen, Margaret Wasser. .f Hi i w fim t ... ■ ' i V ' i 4 ' f $m (»)» f-r®)t Ai 239 C ln£jUduuUM- 240 Clockwise -from center: Kay LaPlante, Camille Peterson, Katie Johnson, Cheryl Wierenga, Eileen Will, Betty Jo Brower, Barb Heggen. u OMhJtXtjiA- Left to right: Jill Hendrickson, Margaret Wasser, Carol TIsher, Lynette Brown, Marilyn Gorsuch, Linda Willianns, Beth Railsback. UivAAteMjuluL GIujhHj The University Choir, directed by Myron Osterberg, is composed of sixty voices. Membership is by audition, and represents a good cross section of University students. Its repertory consists of choral music of all the various eras. The choir per- formances for the past year included the coronation program during the Dakota Day weekend, the Christmas concert with the University Or- chestra, the oratorio ELIJAH in Feb- ruary, the spring concert in April, the fine arts festival in May, and stu- dent convocations throughout the year. An extensive tour is made In alternate years. (jl«Xu€ uitu- ' Boi uL The University Band, under the direction of Ray T. DeVilbiss and assistant Charles Krusenstjerna is well known throughout South Dakota and surrounding areas for its sharp marching and concert per- formances. It provides half time shows for foot- ball games in the fall as well as performing in various parades in the area. The concert band this year had the distinction of being picked to perform at the National Band Masters Conven ' rion in Min- neapolis, Minnesota. 242 (J[«tui€ t4ii(k C JtdueAbwu Under the direction of Usher Abell, the Uni- versity Orchestra composed of students, faculty members, and interested towns- people, is kept quite busy throughout the school year. The first of its performances is at the Dakota Day coronation ceremony. The annual December and January con- certs are held in conjunction with the choir and University Band respectively. The final project of the year is to participate in the Creative Arts Festival in May. 243 TOtOJttii SocA ' T iMUOL Swimming in the Black Sea and basking in a sub-tropical sun, riding 2,000 miles in four hours on a Soviet jetliner, seeing Premier Khrushchev at Moscow international airport, talking with hundreds of Russians, Poles, Czechs, and even Frenchmen . . . these memories come rushing back whenever I think back over the past summer. During three months of last summer, I was one of the luckiest persons in America ... at relatively little cost I was able to spend most of these months traveling behind the Iron Curtain, to see for myself what these areas, forever in the news, are like. I was able to see ail parts of European Russia, plus the al- most forgotten area of Central Asia; the capital city of Czechoslovakia, Prague; the capital of Poland, Warsaw . . . and to travel through East Germany and East and West Berlin very shortly after the infamous dividing wall had been raised. Not only that, but I was able to talk with people from all facets of life in each of these countries, to debate with them, and learn of their life, hopes and ambitions. I saw socialism at first hand . . . lived it, indeed, and heard widely conflicting views on the people ' s attitudes of it . . . conflicting between the official view and the student ' s and common man ' s views. Francis UJ. ff otil At a textile factory in Tashkent is readily seen the high mechanization inherent in Russian in- dustry. Horse-drawn carts were numerous in this area of Central Asia, and indeed, quite numerous on the main streets of Moscow. )«44 I am standing in front of perhaps the most famous Russian landmark, St. Basil ' s Cathedral, with its onion-type turrets, on Red Square. These giant cranes line the skyline of every city throughout the nation. Huge prefabricated apartment houses are constructed in large areas, with whole developments going up at once, rapidly but with very poor quality workmanship. 244 An available-light photo of a solemn service Inside a Russian Orthodox shrine, at Zagorszk Monastery, outside Moscow. The women are filing past a sacred casket, kissing it, and giving tapers to be lit in memory of deceased relatives and friends. This little Russian girl was at a Pioneer youth camp In Central Asia. She and other children at the summer camp performed native dances for us. Stan Kollar, a member of the American group I was with In Rus- sia, talks with a fellow waiting for a bus in Leningrad. Many such en- counters were seen every day. An aged Russian Orthodox monk is being presented a gift from one of the few religious people in Rus- sia at the ancient shrine of Russian Orthodoxism, Zagorsik Monastery. This was during a special feast day of the churcn, with twice-daily services and many pilgrims. Gives Students Responsible Positions " We try to do the most responsible job possible, absolutely the best we can do, " explained Dr. Wayne Knutson, Director. The University Theatre is one of the three main areas of production, each area with its own philosophy. The other areas are the student workshop, which gives students training in performing, directing, or playwriting, and the showcase, in which students may present novelty shows in a more informal atmosphere. A TALENTED GIRL . . . Diane Struver, senior student at the University, presented an acting re- cital at Slagle Auditorium in January. Four scenes were given to afford an examination of wide variety of acting styles. Creative Arts Festival Bri ngs Noted Guests " To inspire the students, we bring in experts from around the country. " This is the purpose of the annual Festival as explained by Dr. Knutson. Guests in 1961 were as follows: Francis J. Pyle, Composer, Drake University; William Holaday, Jr., Painter, Northern State Teachers College; Milton J. Kudlacek, Painter, Dakota Wesleyan University; Palmer Eide, Painter, Augustana College; Floyd McClain, Composer, Yankton College; Robert J. Aidern, Painter, Sioux Falls; Merritt Johnson, Composer, Northern State Teachers College; Robert Whitcomb, Composer, South Dakota State College; Adeline M. Jen- ney, Poet Laureate of South Dakota; Joseph Baldwin, Playwright, University of Nebraska; Paul H. Royer, Composer, Huron College; Erma Holaday, Painter, Aberdeen. «! Cast Hedda Tesman Diane Struver George Tesman .„ Jack Rhodes Eilert Lovborg George Welbes Thea Elvs+ed Melicent Arnold Judge Brack George Flevares Juliana Tesman Margo Chandley Ber+a Mar ilyn Gorsuch Hedda Gabler A character study smoldering with emotion, HEDDA GABLER was made even more intense by the device of the intimate " theater in the round. " Under the direction ot graduate student Sandra Reynolds, the drama played be- fore three packed nouses. Portraying the title role was Diane Struver, whose interpretation of the beautiful but heart- less Hedda was a memorable performance. Hedda loathes her scholarly husband George, played skillfully and amusingly by Jack Rhodes, and she brings grief not only to nim but to two others as well. These are Eilert Lovborg, a bril- liant writer and an old lover of Hedda ' s, and Thea Elvsted, his friend and the inspiration of his talent. But Hedda ' s dark plans go awry eventually, and her position as master-plotter for the entire circle that surrounds her is threatened by the libertine, cagey Judge Brack, played by George Flevares. Unable to cope with the situation, she takes her own life. 247 Cast Abbie Putnam Diane Struver Ephriam Caboy Les Senner Simeon George Flevares Peter Charles Lindemann Eben Michael Weiland Sheriff William Knutson Farmer Mike Crew Hi John Waltner Reub Dohn Feld Girl ._..Pam Johnson Woman Gayle Steck Fiddler Jack Abell Farmers and Wives Roger Miller, Bill Knutson, Penny Orr, Janice Wunder Desire Under the Elms A modern tragedy of a fam- ily and their passions, set in late 19th century New England, Desire Under the Elms presents a dark and sombre story of a man (Les Senner) and his son, Eben, and the conflict between them. In his attempt to " illum- inate the inner man " Eugene O ' Neill shows " humanism " in his characters, especially obvious in Eben ' s deep seated feeling that his father caused his mother ' s death. 248 Cast Ernest Woolley Bob Klassen Crichton Don Schulte Lady Agatha Jacque Gist Lady Catherine Marsha Tonner I Lady Mary Marge Chandley Rev. John Treherne Richard D. Gowan Lord Broclclehurst Roger A. Miller The Earl of Loam Michael Weiland Monsieur Fleury Dohn Fe!d Mr. Roileston Martin Cook Tompsett John Kimbell Miss Fisher Gerri Hendrickson Tweeny Rose Marie Klassen Kitchen Wench Linda Jensen Page Boy Mark McDowall Naval Officer Jim Wixson Countess Brocklehurst. Mary Jean Thomas The Admirable Crichton Written by Sir James Barrie is this satire on the class system in England set in the 17th century. It is the story of Lord Loam and his family and their butler, Crichton, who while on a trip become shipwrecked on an island. Dur- ing this time, Crichton becomes their leader and defender, but after they are rescued the situation returns to normal. Point? . . . Leaders are not born but created by circumstance. 249 Cast Geronte Charles Lindemann Sganarelle Jack Rhodes Leandre Michael Monnick M. Robert...... John Wal+ner Lucas Dohn Feld Valere Michael Weiland Thibaut. .....B. Paul Arnold Perrin Roger Miller Lucinde Milicent Orr Martine Marsha Tonner Jacqueline Diane Struver The Doctor in Spite of Himself Moliere, one of the world ' s greatest play- wrights, presents this farce, set in 1 7th century France. A peasant, convinced by two servants that he is a doctor, practices his " medicine " on a lovesick girl. In spite of his strange cures, all ends happily in love. 250 The Black Hills Playhouse is a nonprofit corporation organized under the laws of South Dakota. The staff is employed by the Uni- versity, and the Playhouse operates a sumnrier theatre giving six or more performances a week for ten weeks during the summer. The Playhouse was organized by Dr. Warren Lee and offers a training program for high caliber students in acting, directing, lighting, cos- tuming, stagecraft, and scene de- sign. It is located in scenic Custer State Park in the heart of the Black Hills. ' hek-U ' M " Fftujiukue. Top: " Time Out for Ginger " Bottom: " Oklahoma! " Top: " The Silver Whistle " Bottom: " The Legend of Devil ' s Gulch " Ci owMAJuwJij -jAietUbu Sc uet Homecoming for Pianist Arthur Whit+emore of the Whit+emore and Lowe duo-piano team received a warm welcome from nis alma mater when he and Mr. Lowe appeared in the Artists Series here in January. After graduating from SUSD, Mr. Whittemore met Mr. Lowe at Eastman School of Music. They now appear across the United States with great sym- phony orchestras as soloists, on radio, tele- vision, and recordings, and as recitalists. Arthur Whittemore and Jack Lowe are caught by our camera as they leave for their performance. Mr. Whittemore is shown below with his mother, Mrs. A. H. Whittemore (left) and his former piano teacher. Miss Genevieve Truran, professor of piano at the University .... three people of whom the University is most proud. Giorgio Tozzi, bass-barifone, presented a commanding performance in April. Jean Madeira, contralto, smiles after recognition of an excellent performance. With her is Beth Haan, president of Mu Phi Epsilon. The Netherlands Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Szymon Goldberg, is shown during the performance in Slagle Auditorium. 253 Staieuir The Limeliters Composed of string bass player, Lou Gottlieb, guitar and five-string banjo player, Alex Hassilev, and classical guitarist Glenn Yarbrough, the trio offers a refreshingly different blend of vocal and nstrumental folk music plus a rare breed of hilarity which they describe as " institutional satire. " iiftll] Andrew W. Cordier Executive Assistant to Secretary General of the United Nations Andrew Cordier spoke to an in- terested student assembly last November on the China problem, bomb testing, and Africa as a part of the 7th annual Charles H. Dil- lon lecture series. Mr. Cordier is responsible for coordinating United Nations activities and pro- grams and has been principal ad- viser to all presidents of the General Assembly since the be- ginning of the United Nations. 254 OoUiMMotuHii- Inman and Ira A new vocal team in folk music, this duo has, aside from the tra- ditional folk renditions, spirituals, street cries, chain gang songs, and blues, added a new dimension to the rapidly growing folk art in America. ' ' Arms and the Man " The Cleveland Playhouse pre- sented George Bernard Shaw ' s " anti-romantic " comedy of in- teresting characters placed in an idealistic war setting in Bulgaria. The play brought numerous and hearty laughs, bright color and eye-appealing sets. 255 mm ' SUSD Coyote Picture, 1913. St. Paul ' s Episcopal Church located on campus Editor Allison Haeder 256 ■ w :: :•:•:«« ::s%a •.•.•.•.•:• :•:■ x»o« , -- ii i fccJS K«»:«:. y ' ' S». •:•:•:•:•:•:. Mi: B:::::::::-:::.:.:.::%dj PK • • • • •! K. HP. " :v:-a ? :J o : ? A«: •.•.•.•.•• rJflftC: 1 %y::g • i •?i jivi S Q2j|vj Dr. Brookman was selected honorary chairman of Religious Emphasis Week, 1962. Professor Jack Noble is director of religious activities on campus. u The University Religious Council acts as a sounding board for the religious organizations on campus. Two representatives from each student religious youth group meet to discuss religious pro- grams, to plan a " get-acquainted " picnic in the fall, and to organize the annual Christmas convocation. Standing: Terry Larson, Jack Betts, Mara Blakis, Pat Looby, Judith Likens, David Jordan, Mr. Noble. Seated: Allison Haeder, Roland Pratt, President, Joyce Jordan. " K- y ' " Saying their " I do ' s " right on campus are Linda Yirak trom Rapid City and Ken Bode from Hawarden, Iowa. On a sunny afternoon in February Danrorth Chapel provided an atmosphere in accordance with the occasion, serene, simple, and beautiful. omLMu G luoJbeSj 259 Standing: Charles Mickel, Mary Jane Hatfield, Janifer Overpeck, Virginia S+utenroth, Lillian Lachicotte, Webb Brewster, Sue Hanson, Merton Tice, Patricia Leavitt, George Ferris, Kent Medson, Cynthia Maeder. Seated: Father Crawford, Donna Olsen, Frederick Davis. ( OMtsMhuMjuL OfciA St. Paul ' s Episcopal Church Canterbury Club is the Episco- palian church group for college students. Under the leadership of their president. Donna Olsen, they nfieet -every other Sunday at 5:30. The Episcopalian faculty members annually serve a dinner to the club for their kick-off meeting. Several fund-raising projects are planned each year. The group is sponsored by Professor Frederick Davis. Reverend Robert D. Crawford i , r i-i — .m ■ ,-- 1- J- jf jr M _. o H _n " 260 The Lutheran Students Association holds supper nneetings every Sunday evening at the Lutheran Student Center on the corner of Clark and Plum. The programs are aimed at questions that are of interest to college stu- dents. The Center is open for other informal activ- ities, relaxation, and study. Back row: Karen Kaeberle, Karen Hebeler, John Erickson, Rolfe Eiseland, Penny Crop- ley. Second row: Miss Audrey Anderson, Sonya Hoppe, Pat Dennett, Jean Jordan, Evelyn Palmer, Mara Blakis, Kathy Kaeberle. Front row: Deanna Johnson, Gary Ash- more, Ron Svihovec, Carol Moline. LS-A Trinity Lutheran Church Audrey Anderson 261 Back row: Harlan Met+ler, Dennis Sturm, Richard Jensen, Gene Numsen, Pastor Krue- ger. Second row: Sally Mettler, Leander Stroschein, Delbert Schliebe. Front row: Rosalie Haeder, Allison Haeder. omaamjOl C etto, Concordia Lutheran Church Gamma Delta is an international organization ot Lutheran students of the Missouri Synod. Beta Omega is the name of the chapter at the " University. Activities OT the group include Scripture-based dis- cussions, guest speakers, special interest trips, and recreation. Since Gamma Delta is an international organization, there is opportunity •for fellowship and worsnip with Lutheran students attending sur- rounding colleges. Reverend John A. Krueger 262 The Roger Williams Club, which meets every Sunday evening at +he First Baptist Church is headed by Judith Likens, President; Sandy Friesen, Vice-president; Roger Peterson, Secretary-treas- urer; and Charles Friesen, Religious Director. Its purpose is •fellowship and worship omong Baptist College youth. Advising their good will projects to Yankton State Hospital and caroling at Christmas are Reverend and Mrs. Wayne E. Christensen. Lett to right: John Freeman, Stanley Friesen, Pastor Christensen, Judith Likens, Ann Finkenbinder, Royal Goeri, Roger Peterson. Phillip Heidelbrecht, Mrs. Ruth Christen- sen, John Lundin, Charles Friesen. First Baptist Church Reverend Wayne E. Christensen 263 Back row: Rev. England, Arlen Mieras, John Sorenson, Larry Grill, Paul Manning, Nancy Kirkham. Second row: Sharon Bauer, Marilyn Johansen, Arnie Appelt, Marilyn Serr, David Jordan, Bob Yee, Pat Herman, Jack Bet+s. Front row: Helen Siske, Susie Colvin, Jane Nickolisen, Gar Olson, Beth Railsback, Kay Stewart. TUJ Pilgrim Westminster Fel- lowship is part of the United Campus Christian Fellowship movement. As such, it includes those preference students from the United Church of Christ (Congregational and Presbyterian), the United Pres- byterian Church in the U.S.A., the Disciples of Christ (Chris- tian), -ana the Evangelical and United Brethren. This year the PWF ' ers under the leadership of President Jack Betts are in- volved in two projects: mental health and retarded children. Congregational Church Reverend James Nelson and Reverend William England The Wesley Foundation is sponsored by the Methodist Church and is ■financially sup- ported by all the Methodist Churches in South Dakota. The purpose of the group is to provide opportunities for Methodist students to worship and study. The Sunday evening programs under the leadership of President Ralph Hoggatt cover many topics of current interest as well as religious subjects. The discussion groups this year included the fields of art, drama, and the meaning of campus living. Reverend Walter Forred and Reverend Back row: Dave Driscoll, Dave Rumelhart, Jim Reed, Chuck Terry, Fred Baker, Donna Rae Link, Donna Jensen, Kave Randolph, Joan Barber. Second row: Walter Forred, Scott Moses, Mike Eastman, Al Scovel, Le Ann Hagena. Front row: Jerry Curtis, Bob Pickering, Ralph Hoggatt, Lee Ann Ackerman, Janice Coates, Karen Hughes, Sandy Jassmann, Judy Perkins, Joyce Jordan. Seated: Deane Grav, Kay Knox. UU«A G-U Methodist Church Back row: Patrick Talbot, Louis Weber, Cathy Schneider, Mary Lou Wieseler, Joann Hafner, Susan Sefcik, Esther Norris, Anne Heriog, Clarice Connor, Patricia Cunning- ham, Richard Eschenbaum. Third row: Carl Sisk, Dennis Kamen, Burton Cawthorne, David DeRouchey, Irvin Lonneman, Amiel Redfish, Leonard Yoerger, Edward Wutsch, Jack Von Wald, Lawrence Farke, Don Freking, Richard Kolker. Second row: Joann Miller, Carol Kuchera, Father Paul Offerman, Roland Pratt, Father Hugh K. Wolf, Ann Hess, John Griffith, Emnna Kopriva, Myles DeVine. Front row: Larry Blair, Howard Connors, Jim Toohey, Jim Breck, Earl Bihimeyer, Patti Murphy, Colleen Blair, Charles Franklin, Jim Shouse, Arlin Houtkooper. M euMUM. cu The Newman Federation for Catholic students is the largest student body organization in the world. The University group is a member of this federation and is active in furthering religious, emphasis on the campus. Assisting Don Pratt, president, with the ad- ministrative duties is the Exe ' cutive Board composed of student members. The faculty advisers are Dean Howard Connors and Bob Walters. St. Agnes Catholic Church Reverend Hugh K. Wolf 266 Standing: John Morrill, Jerry Curtis, Marilyn Serr, Nancy Kirkham, Larry Blair, Betn Railsback, Chuck Lawrence. Seated: Ann Henog, Mr. Jack Noble, adviser, Terry Larson, chairman, Karon Lampy, Sharon Srotewold, Arlene Ab- bott. UJ do lMJciL The Religious Emphasis Week Council is responsible tor planning the activities and programs held during the annual Religious Emphasis Week. The group works in conjunction with the University Religious Council and the local ministers. Inter- Varsity Christian Fellowship is a national inter-denominational group which holds a service every Wednesday night in Danforth Chapel, and features different topics of discussion. Presiding at the 8:00 meetings are Bob Ericson, president; Ron Hofer, vice-president; and Carol Knutson, secretary-treasurer. Activities include parties with the two other groups in the state from Huron and Brookings and participation in Religious Emphasis Week and the Christmas convocations. The group is a member of the University Religious Council. Back row: Judith Likens, Mar- ilyn Kruse, Bob Ericson, John Lundin. Front row: Paul Man- ning, Deanna Johnson, Carol Knutson. Xixte ui MXHU uaxtuMt ArHLEncs SUSD Track Team 1902 Editor Gar Olson 268 r I i li ■ , jT " -r ' " V The coaching staff. (Left to right) REARrAssistant Coach Jim Brubaker, Assistant Coach Maury Haugland, Head Freshman Coach Jake Jackson. FRONT: Head Coach Ralph " Boot " Stewart, Line Coach Harry Hauffe. The Coyotes. 1961. (Left to right) FIRST ROW: Bob Roach. Ron Hill. Ron Wing, Lynn Hall. Jack Holdsberg, Jerry Lindberg, Don Chicoine, Wayne Johnson, Don Christjans. Jim Egan. SECOND ROW: Head Freshman Coach Jake Jackson. Don Bormann. Ken Janvrin, Harvey Naasz, Jim Morris. Dick Scott, Ed Schaaf, Steve Gerow. LaVerne Hines, Tom Donkerbrook, Ron Kibble, Dennis Pressler, Assistant Coach Jim Brubaker. LAST ROW: Head Coach Ralph Stewart, Mamon Keys, Dayton Larson. Tom Buti, Ron Lawrence, Dick Walsh. Dan Conway. Bruce Smebakken. Dennis Hanson. Brad Bonynge. Roger Lounsberry. Varsity Line Coach Harry Hauffe, Trainer Ron Bartels. Coyotes ' Defense Holds Until Last Five Minutes Getting off a nice one is sophomore quarterback Dennis Hanson. Center Ron Wing and quarterback Don Bormann. ) n i r m IS. M 1 mS pHj v ' B it» ' Hn lag Bili (IS A USD Cheerleader waits for the action to begin. " The Bench " 272 Don Chicoino and Ron Kibble rush In to help an unknown tackier In the Augustana game. Coyotes Unable to Overcome Early Viking Lead The Coyotes ' Jack Holdsberg finds running room In the game against Morningslde. Don Chlcolne, Bob Roach, Ed Schaaf, Ken Janvrin, Dick Scott. - , «• ' --■ ■£. ' t5(MiLdL USD ' s March Hundred provides a little pre-game entertainment. Coyote Drum Major Chad Boese is carried off the field on the shoulders of admiring fraternity brothers after his last performance for the University. Halfback Brad Bonynge, End Dennis Pressler, Fullback Ron Lawrence, Quarterback Dennis Hanson, End Tom Donkerbrook. Above: Sophomore Guard Roger Lounsberry. . ' B j ' ' : h)ro.u A Coyote runner finds a hole and goes for good yardage. Halfback Dan Conway End Wayne Johnson USD players take a few minutes of needed rest. ■«- » ' K ' A ' r • tf .- mur ' . - ' - m Fullback Jack Holdsberg Guard Harvey Naasz KAoHaaamAAaAl. Dick Walsh gets one off in the nick of time during the Dakota Day ganne with Morning- side. TDafcoto T An unidentified Coyote receiver lunges for fhe ball as Mamon Keys (22) furns to lend assistance. Guard Jerry Lindberg . - ' ? ■• j Tackle Lynn Hall SC- MoAij Quarterback Bruce Smebakken Guard Ron Kibble Center Steve Serow Quarterback Dick Walsh spots his receiver and pre- pares to throw during the game with St. Mary ' s ot the Plains, while Center Steve Gerow (55) covers. Mvt ' M J P ♦ f HH B Ijyi l S Coach Ralph " Boot " Stewart thoughf-fully observes the action. Coyote cheerleaders Eileen Will, Betty Jo Brower, and Barb Heg- gen are distracted by a handsome -passer-by. Hal-fback Jim Egan, Halfback Mamon Keys, Tackle Day- ton Larson, Halfback-Fullback Jim Morris, Halfback Don Christjans. Center Ron Hill V fl— ■ ' -- r. . The Co Roger Fa deadly j all-conference ace, jets away one of his hots against SDSC. Trainer Ron Bar+els Maury Haugland, head baseball coach and assistanf basket- ball and ' Football coach. Head Basketball Coach Dwane " Cloddy " Ciodtelter. ' BmkeilbJL Marion " Jake " Jack- son, -freshman grid and basketball coach. THE COYOTE CAGERS OF 1961-62. (Left to right) FRONT ROW: Jim Hale, Ron Wilson, Jerry Small, Gar Linzey, Roger Faber, Frank Washington, Gary Howard. BACK ROW: Coach Dwane Clodfelter, Dick Walsh, Jim Dyer, Richard Trudell, Gary Hanson, Dennis Presskr, Don Walker, Gary Snow, Assistant Coach Maury Haugland. Center Roger Faber Roger Faber connects for a fielder against Wartburg, as Coyote guard Don Walker looks on. Vetera n guard Gary Howard slips by a pair of North Dakota State defenders. Guard Gary Howard Jim Hale, Coyote guard. One of the standouts for the Coyotes in the last two seasons, 6 ' 2 " senior Frank Washing- ton, gets one away against Morningside. Frank Washington, forward. Coyotes Jim Hale (51), Jim Dyer (43), Gary Howard (2 I), and Rog Faber (53) ' ' set it up ' ' against Morning- side. . 5f 1 ' Frank Washlng+on, Coyote forward, gets off another of his uncanny shots against Morningside as Jim Hale (51) waits for a rebound, and Gary Howard watches from the backcourt. There is nothing like an enthusiastic crowd to keep a team " fired up, " and USD cheerleaders are always out there ready to direct the cheering. Jim Dyer, forward; Gary Hanson, forward; Gary Snow, guard; Jerry Small, center; Ron Wilson, forward. r Dakota; 43 bOUTJ 4 Wl A rod hot basketball? SDU ' s Jim Dyer and Frank Washington would seem o be engaged in a game of hot potato during the North Dakota State game. Coyo+e guard Jim Hale fights to keep control of the ball as both Coyotes and Chiefs look on. USD ' s Roger Faber appears to be holding hands with an opponent in the North Dakota State game. Dick Walsh, guard; Don Walker, guard; Richard Trudell, guard; Dennis Pressler, guard; Garney Linzey, center. iJKli 4 D A wide field of starters wait for the gun in the annual USD invitational. TWeL Gene DeHaan wins an- other first for USD in the 220 yard dash. Just a little further. bit - • Whew! It ' s a long way around , . there! USD ' s Dave Peterson holds down the number three spot in the rugged cross country meet. The tie-up (XAtMlEiM Wow ! Whose arms are whose? Getting in some riding time. 289 291 MiurAav SUSD Military Department Commissioned Officers 1904 Editors Mary Ellwein, Janet Reed 292 -« i IH» » x ' m m-. , Si: 4 l w r t V The general objective of the Reserve Officer Training Course of Insfrucfion is fo produce junior officers who by their education, training, and inherent qual- ities are suitable for continued develop- ment as officers in the United States Army. Instruction covers military funda- mentals common to all branches of the service. The aim is to provide a basic military education, and in conjunction with other college discipline, to develop individual character and attributes essential to an officer. Lt. Col. William E. Hornby, Professor of Military Science Major Thomas M. Barrick Major Travis M. Kirkpatrick 295 Captain Harvey L. Hanson Capfain Dale B. Thoreson Captain Carl L. Krueger Master Sgt. Edward R. Johnson 296 Sg+. Herbie D. Spicer Sgt. Alva D. Burshaw Sgt. Robert C. Darsnek Sgt. Marvin L. Roberts 297 0 HUi)a4U -A G 04Mh(U urS hm ' J CXo4M aujuG- Cj owhoAufL i;_:— - -w -?■•■-»- —.T " ■• ( , . G owhomJ ' " . Ci.owJbouuju ' 301 President of Scabbard Blade, Steve Porter, receives the Distinguished Military Stu- dent award from Colonel Hornby assisted by Bob Weeks. Scabbard and Blade is an honorary organization of men in advanced ROTC chosen for their superior character and high scholarship. The main function performed by this group is the sponsoring of the annual Military Ball. At this time the Honorary Cadet Colonel and her court are presented. President I. D. Weeks presents Scabbard Blade James Fargo with the award for the Outstanding Military and Scholastic Leadership Among Military Science III. Proudly watching is Lt. Col. William Hornby. .... Count! I... 2... 3... 4... Pledges of Scabbard Blade march through a sorority house at the " request " of a few Guidons. 3C2 Guidon President Elaine Meyers smiles happily as she is selected tor pledging. She is escorted by Guidon Marilyn Net through the arch formed by the swords of Scabbard Blade members. Each year the Guidons select their members in a marching ceremony to the living quarters of the girls to be pledged. Guidons step lively on Dakota Day, 1961, as they escort Miss Dakota and her four attendants along the parade route. Right, top and center: Immediately following pledging, the girls provide fun and " entertainment " during the noon hours on campus. Initiated Guidons have their chance for fun, too, w Scabbard and Blade selects its pledges. 303 hen iU Guidon is the national auxiliary of Scabbard and Blade. Sophomore women chosen on the basis of scholarship and leadership become active members of this honorary during their junior year. This year Guidon is working toward be- coming a two-year national organization with headquarters at the University. Jim Krueger Ouh+anding Cadet Ribbon Mr. Rollie French Military Custodian U.S.D. Rifle Team Federal Inspection By Lt. Col. Elliot The University ' s First Football Team, 1889 ' BoftL OUiu u... East Hall, 1904 Panoramic View ot the University, 1908 f Burning of Old Main, 1893 West Hall, 1888 Old Main After Reconstruction, 1895 Faculty and Student Body, 1887 i. ill i jH ■1 ■i-a. i ' tti m mm m Hi •■ ' " ™ «SW, ' - i?i:j:., ■ -. ■MiitHiiiHMHHaii iJijih ' - Looking Across the Campus Toward the City, 1900 (The house to the center left still stands across fronn the University Library.) 1904 Crosslnd tHe line Foo+ball Team in Action, 1904 New East Hall Dining Room, 1910 • ■ " s ,- » I- I . " »;- » ' :• t- X %1» J I A 1 J 0f ' » r ' h- ADVEnnome EAST SIDE GROCERY STAPLE AND FANCY GROCERIES Fruit and Confectioiiery Oysters in Season lUMtoctiKw of CORN MEAL D. E. DAMELSON ofposm FIRST BAPTIST CHtRCH TtLtPNOM K 9 " TOUCHES THE SPOT " M} A " WeU ' Rarebit " When you are a little hungry, is about aa palitable for a light lunch as anything imagined. Takes only 7 minutes to fix it just right, when you have a good Chafing Dish. 4 _ 1lt Copper. MicKte Tlaled ¥ a L Chafing " Dishes 5.50 1o 7.75 S HAtaK.IJ fS HA ' RDte A ' RE CO. CARACAS SWEET CHOCOLATE WALTER BAKER CO. Hf FtublittacU rb ' J MMtCHESTER. HASS. " XM in Kurspa and Antiiis P. F. GALLAGHER ' S LIVERY li !h Pl.ce lo Go lor Rig . B«t tr Accommodation. iMUT ST. VCRMIUION, S.D. HITCHINSONS UNIVERSITY PLACE ICE CIEAH mmA CAKCS tar PvUm « Cotrell Leonard ALBANY. N. Y. CAPS GOWNS and HOODS To the American Universities (rom the AtUntic to the Pacific. CUss C nir««i« ■ 5p c)slly vmm.% •! «■ I •( Stylt. WM. E. DAVIS 303 MCTnOPOLITAN SLK. • lOUX CiTV. IOWA 5ELL.S RENTS REPAIRS REBUILDS AI.1.MAKCSO YPCWRITEH WaLldorf Hotel Specla.1 a.ttention f tven to Student Ptt.nles (SO® ©G® ©e® PALACE BARBER SHOP A. o. cbcRmart. »ao»MiaTo « 9. £. Stin son CLOTHIJ C Geniy Ftimijhin j Men ' s Finm Shoej H you desire snap, ginger, go, d«sh and elegance combined, let us show you our line of " L " System Clothes. Models to suit the most critical college chap. Up-To [ te Styles in Furnishing Goods. 4 We handle the Famous Florsheio and Crawford Shoes, U. S. D. Pennants and Pillow Covers m stock. 4 A visit to our store will open your eyes to what fashion is now doing, and we cor- dially invite you to corw and see. " R. K. S ' tirt ' Ton flM« Ct«thi r and Out tttar GOO ' D TEJSfJ IS Depends Chiefly on Uhe " RACKET Perfection in Racket Making is attained in The Horjman, " Model A-X " (New for 1909) Don ' t buy until you see it. If your dealer hasn ' t it. write to us We are sole agent in the United States for the Celebrated Ayres Championship L.atvn Tennis Itall-r Send for 1909 Catalogue COLLINS HARRIS General Blacksmithing V oodwork and Lathing JE. . Hor man Co. AT THE WALDORF VERMILLION. S. D. WE WANT YOUR BUSINESS Youghiogheny Coal FOR STCAM CONTRACTS I ee i I rentts one price store StVv E cwry ill lia« of Dro Good.. Silk., Liniagi. TrimmiDp. Ribbon.. vlgAnr Hon«ry.UnderwMr, Glo e)iDd Putcy Good, bougtitof msnu cnir- ' " Sdi, wd Moort Shster teciorici. mAxtt of the highcK clan Jio«. For .lyle, fit ind wnriof (jnslidet Boot etjual them. Our Ckxhing DepBt- ment i. slwiy. complete, bou|fai Irom the lesdii manutacturen, up-to-date in wylc, baoM nude, tbr Children, Voutbi titd Men. Gene ' Faniiihia| Good , GIoYB. Miticni, Underwesr, Tnmk., Suit C»«. An «iMiv.l«! wock ot ' HsEi SDd Ctp . Our Grocerr, Crockery ud Pucy Chiu good, sad Lamp itock 11 the moK complne. Alwsyi treth. H ' t tffer thf trait ibt k st g»tJi im sll Imti ai Umfr frui! lb n 4»y b mii i» iJU Ifril ni frtri tur asitrtim LEE af PRENTIS, Vermillion, South Dakota WF, HAVE BEEN IN THE BUSINESS A LONG TIME AND WE KNOW WHAT WE SAV WHEN ' WE TEU, VOU THAT THE MMU Farm Mtthinrry i, all 0. K. Glad Eatugi Pin, a Sampit ttao lanl gmdea of co«I, either direct from the Thompson- Lewi ' s Company tSTA.LlSHIl) ,16, OLDEST IMPI.E.MENT DEALERS IN THE STATE docks or direct from the mine . Our Winifredc Splint and Hocking Valley, in preparation and PHONE US YOUR ORDERS FOR QUICK SERVICE .... BROWN COAL COMPANY SIOUX CITY, IOWA We can also handle vour Grain as we are in that business, too, and can furnish you coal and lumber any time. Em ii ' - m. BOOK STORE THE CO-OP STORE SERVING THE " U " SINCE 191 I FOUNTAIN Co-op untain th Coff ee Sho i . = VJ 317 o eir Our Congratulations Are Extended to the CLASS OF 1962 Homestake Mining Company Lead — Deadwood — Spearfish 318 SIOUX CITY Everyone ' s singing the praises for Midwest-Beach quality yearbooks MIDWEST-BEACH PRINTING CO. 7th and PHILLIPS • SIOUX FALLS, SO. DAKOTA Central South Dakota Readers follow UNIVERSITY EVENTS and Central South Dakota Students follow Their Home Events in The Daily Plainsman Huron, S. Dak. 319 The National Bank of South Dakota HURON VERMILLION SIOUX FALLS Phillips at 9th East 1 0th at Omaha Minnesota at 33rd VERMILLION OFFICERS Vermeil O. Holter Vice-President Robert K. Miller Ass ' t Vice-President Deverne Danburg Assistant Cashier Robert B. Stark Assistant Cashier and Mgr. Timepay Oept. ADVISORY BOARD Everett Bogue Henry G. Moeller John H. Litzeiman John T. Sanger Serving this community since 1875 Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation COMPLIMENTS OF AUSTIN DAIRY VERMILLION Courtesy of Vermillion Chamber of Commerce Aiding S. U. S. D. Through Promotion of University Activities ic Employment Service Area Promotion 320 BROADCASTER PRESS TJ Wi wimiEx i ' CHARCOAL BROILED STEAKS • CH OEM -SEA FOODS s 9 Recommended By PRIVATE BANQUET ROOM FOR MEETINGS — RECEPTIONS - - CONVENTIONS FOR RESERVATION WRITE OR CALL NO 5-5771 THIRD PINE YANKTON REA 321 CLAY-UNION ELECTRIC CORP. VERMILLION AKER ' S China and Gifts Minnesota at 27th Sioux Falls - ' ' .»„ • 1 ■ MtBBlllil g8i g r:-..- r t JACOBSEN BAKERY VERMILLION £F « ?» « VERMILLION VERMILLION mHH HIGHWAYS 50 AND 19, V ER MILLIO N SHRIVERS Famous for Famous Names We Give S H Green Stamps Sioux Falls, South Dakota THE STORE OF FINE FASHIONS FOR WOMEN 210 So. Phillips Sioux Fi loux i-aiis 323 TvUMrU JOHN MORRELL CO. Sioux Falls • Madison Since 1827 CONGRATULATIONS ■from these SUSD BOOSTERS VERMILLION Bartlett and Company Brunick Body Shop Berberick Ben Franklin Charlies Pizza House Bill ' s Standard Service Chimes Cafe Brady Implement Company Citizens Bank Buzz ' s Service Corner Drug Store 3uzz Says, " Fly With Red Horse " 325 Coyote Barber Shop Manny ' s Men ' s Wear Dallas Jewelry ' " dex Stationers Emcee Lanes Jo Ellen Shops Fabric Center E. H. Lien, Insurance Fullerton Lumber Co. Meisenholder Motors Grier Motor Company Modern Electric King Ko in Laundrette Save 75% with Coin-op Dry Cleaning 326 J. J. Newberry Company Tip Top Cafe J. C. Penney Company Vermillion Body Works Quality I G A Super Market Vikens Sears Roebuck and Company Willson Florist Sim ' s Hardware Wince Hardware S S Studio Yeado Jewelry Tieszen Furniture 327 FACULTY INDEX A Abell, Usher 24, 243 Andera, Leonard ' 770 Arnaud, Leonard 71fi Baker, Merrill B 7M Barrick, Major Thomas 79S Borstow, Mary 7 1 Beaty, Mrs. Marjorie 190, 77 Beede, Grace 190 Bloom, Mrs. Florence 170 Brookman, H. E 7S8 Buckley, Thomas 777 Busch, Martin 718 Bushaw, Sgt. Alva .. 797 Cadwell, Vern C 7 Carlson, H. D. 7 8 Cavanough, Irene 118 Chaffee, Carlton 740 Christol, Carl 777 Christy, Jeanette 739 Clark, Chopin 777 Clodfelter, Dwane .... 781 Connors, Howord • 22, 764 Critr, Jerri 739 Curran, William 71 Darsnek, Sgt. Robert D 797 Davis, Frederick 227, 760 Delzell, Mark 78 DeVilbiss, Ray 747 Ehrensperger, E. C. .. E 770 Ekmon, William 190, 223, 776 Eyres, T. E 31 Folk, R. D F 3? Forber, William 777 Fronkenfeld, H. W. .. 71 French, Rollie .306 G Geary, Thomas _ 222 Gray, Sanford 219 Gutzmon, Wayne 223 H Haeder, Paul 190, 223 Hohn, Roger 223 Hanson, Copt. Harvey 296 Hard, W. L _ 27 Harrington, Elbert _ 24 Hasse, M. M 190 Hauffe, Horry 271 Heimstra, Norman 237 Hendrickson, GerrI 231 Hess, Philip 219 Hornby, Lt. Col. Wllllom _ 30, 295 Howe, Oscar 205 J Jackson, Marion 271, 281 Jon, George ._ 222, 236 Johnson, M Sgt. Edward .. 296 Johnson, Robert 232, 233 Jordan, Harold 231, 234 Julian, J. H. 25, 220 K Kirkpatrick, Major Travis 295 Knopp, Robert 25 Krueger, Copt. Corl 297 Krusenstjerna, Charles _ 187 Kucero, Richard 238 L Loymon, Oliver 25 M Ma bee, Zell _ 220 Mehoffey, Alexander 223 Muhmel, Fred 32 N Nelson, Stonley 33 Noble, Jack 258, 267 Norton, Eleanor 22, 239 Osterberg, Myron 241 Patterson, R. F 23 Peterson, J. M 231 Roschke, Kenneth Reedy, Jeremiah .21 .190 Roberts, S.F.C. Marvin 297 Roning, John _ 31 Rygg, Poul 223 Schell, Herbert 3, 4, 5 Sevy, Ruth 228 Simpson, Kenneth _ 26, 227 Slottery, William 30, 220 Spahn, Mrs. Caroline _ 27 Spicer, S.F.C. H. D 297 Steckler, Douglas 33 Stevenson, Robert 238 Stewart, Ralph 271, 279 Taylor, James 233 Thomas, Mary Jean 231, 234 Thoreson, Copt. Dole 296 Tronel, Ned 237 Trotzig, E. G _ 220 Truron, Genevieve _ _ 252 w Walter, Robert 190, 223 Weeks, I. D 18, 19 Ziegler, Genevieve 114, 115 328 STUDENT INDEX A Aolseth, Betty 50. 114, 223 Aarhus, Patricia ..— 87, 118 Abbenhaus, James 99, 238 Abbott, Arlene 40. 188, 267 Abbott, John - 99, 226 Abild, Richard _ 66 Abrohomson, Joyce - 50 Absher, Clark - 144 Ackcrmon, Lee Ann - 66, 114, 265 Ackermon, Robert 50, 226 Adam, Thomas — 95, 227 Adorns, George - 56, 148 Adams, Paul _ 66 Adams, Robert 56 Agord, Lyie •- 66 Ahrendt, Patricia - 56 Aikens, Margaret 40. 136. 199, 236 Aitken, Ann — - 50, 114 Albery, Robert ...- - 83 Albrecht, Dorvin _ 56 Aldag, Ronald - -- 66 Alldritt, Shirley 56, 114 Allen, Edward .. .._ - 99, 226 Allen, John . 90, 236 Allen, Kathryn 239 Allin, Robert 226 Altman, Mary 56, 120, 136, 239 Alvine, Franklin _ 99 Alvlne, Kenneth . 66 Aman, Gerald 50, 232, 233 Amundson, Jon — 66, 144 Andersen, Linda 66, 114 Andersen, Marcia _ _. 56, 128 Andersen, Niel ._ 87, 232 Andersen, Richard 227 Andersen, Stephen 66 Anderson, Audrey — — 90 Anderson, Barbara 56, 136, 225 Anderson, Carl 56, 148, 178, 179 Anderson, Charles _ -- 56 Anderson, Doleonne - 90 Anderson, Doyid 50 Anderson, Gregg - - - 65 Anderson, Merlowe 50 Anderson, Paul 56 Anderson, Richard - 56, 226 Anderson, Robert 66 Anderson, Susan 66, 118 Anderson, Thomas - ...235 Andre, Carl 99 Andre, William 56 Andresen, Ju lia 90 Andresen, Richard -.- 96 Anthony, Gene 56 Apodaco, Alfred 100 Appelt, Arnold .- - 66, 265 Arends, Cheryl ._ 66, 120, 240 Argetsinger, Julianne 56. 134. 229 Armin, David - 56 Armitoge, George — 40 Armold, Fred 66 Armstrong, Billy -. 56 Arnold, Richard .- — 40 Arnold, Stephen 40, 142. 219 Arnold, William ...87. 138 Arthur, Daniel 50 Ashbaugh, Margaret 56. 134, 185, 213, 224 Ashby, James 40 Ashmore, Gary 83. 233, 238, 261 Ashmore, Shirley 66, 120 Ashworth, Donald -66 Assman, Donald 66 Atkinson, Harold 83. 231, 233 Atkinson, Jonet 100, 226 Atkinson. Judith 97 Auld, Meredith 40, 136. 182. 183. 194, 202, 224, 234 Aunet, Gerald 90 Austin, Joseph — 90 Avotins, Dagmar 66, 114, 132, 225. 230 B Boos, Elwood 40, 188 Bader, Edward 50. 146. 232, 235 Baggoley, Donno 56, 120, 233 Boggs, Julia 50 Bagley, Derold 50 Bails, Julianne 66. 120 Bokeberg, William 50 Boker, Dianne _ 50, 134, 234 Baker, Frederick 66, 265 Baker, Gordon 56, 238 Boker, Richard 140 Baldwin, Cheryl 66, 114, 134. 225. 230 Balfony, James 66 Bolsigcr, Verlin -.. 40 Bolvin, Douglas 56 Bancroft, Norris — 66 Barber, Dennis 66, 152 Barber, Joan .....56. 114, 185, 265 Borger, Edward - 56, 235 Barnes, Susonne 66, 120, 130, 230 Barrett, John 50 Borrick, Thomas 40 Barron, John — 152 Barstow, John 142, 226 Borstow, Mary _ 231 Bartels, Ronald 90, 271, 281 Bortlett, Lynne 56, 130, 239 Bartunek, Ronald 65 Botcheller, Charles 83. 178. 179, 231, 233 Batteen, Dennis 56, 142, 226 Bauer, Patricia 66, 114, 128 Bauer, Sharon 56, 128, 230, 265 Bouerly, Richard 56, 142 Boumonn, Janet ...66, 114, 128, 172 Boumonn, Judith 40, 128 Baxter, Robert 90. 238, 239 Beocom, Gerald 50 Beavers, Harvey - 66 Beck, Ronald — — 66 Beckmon, Sandra 114 Beddow, James 56, 142, 185, 222, 225 Behn, Galen 66 Belfroge, Joan 56, 120 Belk, Gordon 66 Bendixen, Jeannette 66, 229 Bennett, Carol 50, 236, 239 Bennett, Diane - 66 Bennett, Leo _.. 83, 140 Bennett, Thomas 66, 142 Benson, Carole - 50, 134 Benson, Cynthia 55 Benson, Gail 56, 142, 226 Benton, Annette 66, 120, 134 Berdahl, Mory ..-. 50, 134 Berdahl, Richard 66, 148, 187 Bergan, Paul .- - 66 Berger, Donna 66, 1 14 Bergman, William 191 Bergquist, David _ 50, 222 Bergren, David — 56 Bergstrom, Stanley _ 50 Berreth, Duane 66, 144 Bertelson, James 83 Bertrand, Diane 66, 128, 228 Berzino, James 66, 239 Best, Alma _ 87, 238 Best, Harold ..._ 50, 144 Betts, Joy 226, 233 Betts, John 50, 138, 226, 258, 265 Bibelheimer, Henry _ 97 Bidwell, Clifford 50. 142 Biegler, Paul 56 Bierstedt, Gerald _ 90 Bierwirth, Barbara 56 Bigelow, Mary _ 40 Bigelow, Richard 90, 213 Bihimeyer, Earl 56, 264 Billigmeier, Jon 83, 148, 233, 304 Birger, Phylis _.. 66 Bisson, Dole 146 Bjorge, Kenneth _ 66, 142, 226 Block, Shona 67, 120, 226, 160 Blair, Colleen 67. 132. 264 Blair, Julia 56 Blair, Lawrence 50, 264, 267 Blokis, Mora .....56, 136, 226, 258, 261 Bloseg, Morcio 56, 134, 224 Bleeker, Douglas 95. 227 Bleeker, Linwood _ 67 Blendermon, Robert 56 Bloomquist, Bruce 83, 233 Bluebird, Norma 40 Blum, Penny _.. 67, 114 Blume, Helen 50, 120 Bobeldyk, Irvin 40 Bode, Jerry 40, 188 Boe, Lorry 65 Boer, Clarence _ 87, 233 Boeringer, Grace 40 Boese, Chodman 40, 138, 240, 274 Boese, Jim 50, 222 Boever, Richard 56 Bohlonder, Betty 67, 130, 226 Bohlen, Karen 40, 132, 202 Bolger, Terry 67, 148 Bolluyt, Erwin .. 40 Boman, Peter 100, 226 Bonynge, Bradley 56, 185, 190, 271. 274 Boom, Paul 67 Borchers, Patricio 50, 134, 187, 240, 305 Bormonn, Donald 56, 271, 272 Bos, Abrohom 90 Bottolfson, Gory 67 Bottolfson, Julie 50 Bowles, Jane 191 Boyd, Wayne 97 Boyer, Cherianne 67, 120 Boyer, Sherwood 50, 100 Brodshow, Mark 56, 144 Brady, Thomas .185 Brakke, David 67 Brokss, levo 50, 132, 169, 237 Brakss, John _ 67, 148 Bromonti, Henry 100, 226 Brandt, Gary _ 67, 142 Braunger, Tom 56 Breck, James _.. 56, 148, 237, 264 Brekhus, Cherril 56, 193, 240 Brekhus, James 57 Brekhus, Milo 57 Brennon, Robert - - 57 Brewster, Webb .40, 148, 222, 231, 235, 260 Breyer, Lilla 67, 226, 229 Brink, Richard 83, 232 Brinker, Carol 67 Broel, Lorry 50 Brokaw, Thomas 184, 193, 224 Brothers, Charles 57, 146 B rower, Betty .._ 67. 240, 279 Brower, Don _ 57 Brower, Korol 57, 114 Brower, Robert 57 Brown, Benjamin 144, 225 Brown, Dennis 97, 144 Brown, Gary 67, 140 Brown, Hubert 67 Brown, Lynette . 67. 120, 136. 240 Y a 329 W Brown, Pamela 136 Brown, Richard 50 Brubaker, James - 90, 271 Bruce, Richard 90, 238 Bruehlcr, Charles 57, 222, 237 Brugger, Bruce ' 0 Bruns, William .. 67 Bryant, Carl ., 67 Bubok, Edward 227 Buckles, Richard , 57, 150 Buckman, Robert .50 Budde, Donald 67 Buechler, Ronald 57 Buller, Robert 67, 226 Bullington, Marjorie 50, 114 Bultena, Roger 57 Bunker, James 178, 179, 232, 233 Bunkers, Gerald 83, 232 Burdette, James 67 Burdine, Lillian -50, 118 Burghardt, Bruce 57, 142 Burk, Walter 50 Busker, William 50 Butt, Duane - 83, 232 Butz, Thomas 57, 146, 271 Byingfon, Keith 90 Byington, Nancy 57 Byrne, Margoret 67, 142 Byrnes, Stephen 57, 142, 222, 225 C Cody, Merlynn 67 Cahoy, Potsy 67, 114, 136 Callahan, Colleen „ 114, 229 Cameron, Condoce 67, 114 Campbell, Berniece 50, 114, 238 Campbell, Sue 67, 231 Connen, Victoria 67, 114, 235 Copen, Donald . - 67 Cardo, William ._ -90 Carlberg, Janet . 90 Carlson, Gory 67, 148 Carlson, James 67, 231 Carlson, Katherine - 67, 118 Carlson, Roland 57 Carlson, Rosonna 57, 239 Carlson, Sharon . 41, 134, 188, 222 Carlson, Terry 57, 237 Carper, Barbara - 67 Carstens, Gerald 50, 222, 224 Casey, Wondolee - - 103 Cosier, Sandra 41 Cossens, John 67 Cotes, Janice 67, 114, 228 Coulkins, Cecil 189 Cowthorne, Burton , 41, 222, 264 Chaffee, Catherine 128 Cholus, Dennis ._ 148, 178, 179 Chamberlain, Judith 57, 134, 185, 223 Chambers, Dole ... 68 Chamley, Gene 148, 179 Chondley, Margaret 41 Chaney, Martin . 87, 140 Chapman, Dennis 68, 148, 235 Chapman, Lorry 57, 146 Chard, Daniel 90 Charrlin, Mary 83 Chen, Marilyn 90, 223 Chicoine, Donald .41, 148, 199, 271, 273 Chigonos, Taso 100 Chiles, Ross 99, 229 Chisholm, Marjorie 50, 229 Christ, Loren 67, 213 Christensen, Alton 41, 226 Christensen, Cleo 90, 220 Christensen, Curtis 87 Christensen, Gary 95, 227 Christensen, Gordon 90 Christensen, James 83, 144 Christian, Clifford 83, 213, 233 Christiansen, Philip 144 Christionson, Ethel 68, 118 Christians, Don 50, 271, 279 Christopherson, Lee - 91 Christopherson, Margaret 87, 130, 233 Christopherson, Patrick 63 Clabough, Ronald 41 Claflin, Warren 90 Clancy, Michael 57, 138 Clare, Mary 57, 128 Clark, Connie 68, 114, 128 Clark, Daniel 50 Clark, Dean 50, 146 Clark, Grant _ 100, 226 Clark, Nancy 68, 114, 134, 222 Clausen, Arlis 68, 114 Clausen, Robert 68, 152 Clawson, Susan 68, 118, 136, 172 Clements, Diane 41, 120, 236 Cleveland, Wayne 90 Cootes, Albert 68 Cootes, Janice 265 Cody, Dole -.-. 57 Cogell, Wayne 90 Cole, Raymond _ 95, 227 Cole, William 50, 146, 221 Coleman, Morilou 57 Colleft, Robert 68 Colling, Rex _ .97, 226 Colling, Robert 90 Collins, James 41 Collins, Mary 187, 226 Collison, Paul 68, 142 Colvin, Susan 41, 107, 108, 132, 182, 190, 194, 208, 212, 220, 265 Colwell, Gary 68, 187 Comstock, Suzanne 68, 118, 128 Compton, Ladora 68 Conklin, Gary 68, 138 Connor, Clarice 41, 114, 264 Conover, Mary 68, 114, 128, 239 Conway, Daniel 57, 271, 275 Cook, Cleland 90 Cook, Martin 68 Cooper, Beverly 41, 107, 108, 118, 182, 190, 195, 223 Cooper, Linda 68 Cooper, Tom 189 Cordier, Dorrell 50 Costoin, Richard 57, 237 Coulson, Kenneth 68, 223 Cowman, Charles 51 Cox, William 68 Coy, Robert 63 Coyle, Charles 96 Croin, Frances 51, 136, 231 Cramer, Wayne 223 Crong, Richard 90 Crew, Michoel 57, 144, 225 Critz, Emma 68 Cromwell, Beverly 68 Cronin, Ella 41, 120, 234 Cropley, Penny 57, 120, 238, 261 Crosby, Richard 68, 237 Crowell, Hugh 68, 138 Cummings, Maurice 68 Cummins, Constance 132 Cunningham, James 90 Cunningham, Patricia 87, 264 Cunningham, Roger 51, 126, 150 Curley, Dennis 57 Curric, Daryl 68 Currie, Maureen 57, 136 Curry, Gerald 57 Curtis, Jerry ...215, 265, 267 Cutler, Richard 51, 222 Cwoch, Bonni 68 D Dancer, John 90 Danielson, James 57 Davidson, Judy 68, 132, 228 Davidson, William 68 Davis, Charles 68, 138 Davis, Maureen 68, 118 Davis, Orvil 68 Davis, Robert 87 Dawson, Robert 87, 146 Day, Marcio 51 Dean, Dennis 51 Deboe, Harold 68 DeBolt, Carol 57, 128 Deghond, James 152 DeHoon, Eugene 51, 287 DeHoas, Herman 51, 216, 217 Dejager, Harold ... 87 Deloney, James 57, 65 Deloney, Joseph 68 Deloss, Robert _ 41 Delzer, Dorolyn 68 Delzer, Diane _.. 68 Demlo, Linda 51, 134, 222 Den Besten, Glenn 68 Denholm, Frank 95, 227 Dennet, Patricia 68, 128, 224, 261 Derouchey, David 57, 150, 264 Dertian, James 68 Determon, Gory 65 Dethlefs, Marcia 68, 114 Deville, Dennis _ 68 Devinne, Myles 68, 264 Devries, Richard 57 Dewold, Allan 99, 226 DeWeerdt, Morlin 57 Dexter, Peter 68, 142 Diamond, Betty 58, 118 Dickinson, Dick 83, 232 Dirks, Alfred 96, 227 Dobberpuhl, Eugene .. 96 Dodge, Harold 90 Dodge, John . 58 Dodson, Kelly -.68 Doering, Dove 68 Dolon, Richard " 69, 148 Dolphin, Coriene 69, 114 Donahoe, James 95 Donkerbrook, Tom 58, 144, 271, 274 Donnelly, Clarice 58, 128 Donnelly, Glenn 69 Donnenwerth, Gregory 58 Doohen, John 189 Doolittle, James 69, 138 Dorr, Lawrence 41, 144 Doty, Charles 58 Dougherty, James 97 Dries, James 51 Driscoll, David 58, 144, 187, 223, 265 Ducheneaux, Franklin 87, 235 Ducheneaux, Karen 69, 114, 235 Duffy, Gory 69, 144 Duffy, Mary 69, 136 Duick, Daniel 51 Duke, Roger 58, 138 Dulony, Thomas 58, 138 Duncan, Richard .. 95, 227 Duncan, Ruth 69, 114, 136, 225 Dunleavy, Thomas — 69 Dunn, David 58 Dunn, Lee 69 Durick, William 99 Durst, Jeonette 51, 136, 225 Dutcher, Ronald 69 Dutler, Roger 69 Dutt, Ervin 226 Dvorak, Joseph 41, 231 Dye, Orvol 69 Dyer, Jomes 65, 142, 281, 283, 284, 285 Dykers, Jonet 69, 118 Dykstro, Dennis 300 330 Eostmon, Mike 51, 265 Eaves, Mary Jane 69, 226 Eberle, Gerald 69 Eckert, William 69 Economos, Patricia 69, 114, 136 Edelman, Chariene 69 Edington, Frank 51, 146, 231 Edmondson, Charles 65 Edson, Kent _.. 58 Efinger, Don 41, 126, 140, 167 Egan, James 83, 148, 271, 279 Egebo, Hazel 69, 132 Eggers, Carter 142, 187, 240 Eggers, Mary 69 Ehrmann, Barbara 83, 136 Eichman, Patricia 69, 130, 230 Eichman, Thomas _ 41, 185, 190 Eiesland, John 51, 140, 261 Ekiund, Arlene 83 Ekiund, Gary „ 90 Ekiund, Jean 51, 239 Ekiund, Maxine 69, 118, 136 Ekman, William 99 Elkin, Marshall 83, 232, 233 Elkjer, Neil 99, 226 Ellingson, Gary 87, 232 Elliott, Dennis _ 87 Ellwanger, Marilyn 58, 114, 238 Ellwein, Mary ._ 58, 185 Ellwein, Pomelo _ 69, 136 Ellwein, Veronica _ 58, 136 Elton, Arthur 69 Eltze, Ervin 90, 223 Emery, Arlene 41, 134 Emry, Robert 69 Engel, Patricia 69, 118 Engel, William 99, 226 English, John _ 126, 148, 185, 226 Englund, Charles 51, 144 Enslow, Dixie 58, 132, 222, 230, 237 Entringer, Margaret _ 41 Epping, Ronald _. _ 58 Erick, Gary 51 Erickson, Dovid 69, 138, 187 Erickson, Jock .187, 240 Erickson, John 56, 187, 261 Erickson, Lewoyne 96, 227 Erickson, Richard 138 Erickson, Theodore 69, 138 Ericson, Betty Lou 69 Ericson, John _. 69 Ericson, Richard ._ 49 Ericson, Robert 58, 238, 267 Ernst, Charles 90 Ernst, Dovid .. 58 Eschenboum, Richard 58, 238, 264 Eshelman, Clarence 90 Eslick, Gory 69 Eslick, Rudolph 90 Estes, Jerry 65, 148 Evans, Elvyn 58, 146 Evans, James _ _. 42 Evans, Mary 51 Evans, Ronald _ 87, 140 Evanson, Dorlene 58, 134 Eyres, Sara 58, 136, 193, 234 Fober, Roger 280, 281. 282, 283, 286 Fahrendorf, Dalen 69 Folk, Leslie 69 Forber, Donald 69 Forgo, James 42, 126, 150, 151, 166, 184, 195, 223, 304 Faris, Lucinda 51, 114, 228 Forke, Lawrence 69, 150, 264 Farley, Kothryn 70 Feothers, Suson 169 Fast, Cormie 51, 120, 228 Fejfar, Karen _ 70, 134 Fennel, Steve 87, 232 Ferguson, Dell 70, 144 Ferguson, Joan 70, 114 Ferley, George 58 Ferris, George 70, 260 Ferris, Glenn 70, 187 Fialkowski, Paul 90 Fickbohm, Duone 70 Fields, Douglas 70, 148 Finkenbinder, Ann 100, 226, 266 Finnell, John 58, 144 Fischer, James 83 Fitzgerald, Donald 70 Fitzgerold, Robert 70, 231 Fitzpotrick, James 58 Flanagan, Koy 70, 114, 136 Flanagan, Timothy 140 Flonery, Edward 70 Flattum, Williom 70 Fleming, Vicki 70, 114 Flevares, George 58 Flittie, Robert 70, 148 Flynn, Diane 70, 229 Flynn, Jeanne 51, 126, 128 Flynn, Vincent 99, 226 Flynn, William 70 Fonder, Lawrence 83, 232, 233 Forney, James 42, 140, 235 Forney, Sandra 51, 136 Forred, Wolter 70, 226 Forsberg, Dexter _. 70 Forslund, Gerald 58 Forsyth, John 70, 142 Fowler, Duone 189 Fox, Thomas 58 Froncis, Charles 70 Franklin, Charles 65, 264 Frontz, James 55, 148 Fronz, James 58 Frary, Lynn 99, 226 Fredinburg, Don 70 Fredrick, James 58 Fredricks, Frank 87 Fredricks, Kothryn 42 Fredrickson, Richard 51 Freeman, John 100, 226, 265 Freidel, Arnold 87 Freking, Donald 58, 264 French, Lorry ... 58, 140 French, Winston 140, 178, 179 Frickey, Max 232 Fries, Augustine 70, 237 Frieberg, Evelyn 42, 134, 171, 220, 224, 225, 234 Friedman, Michael 100 Fries, James 70 Friesen, Charles .70, 187, 240, 266 Friesen, Stanley 58, 265 Friess, Richard 51, 148 Frislie, Jim 70, 142 Frohling, Eugene 90 Froistod, Gory 70 Frommelt, Leo 90 Fuller, Daniel 51, 142, 222 Furchner, Thomas 84 Goden, Victoria 70, 120 Golusha, Nancy 51, 114, 228 Gomberg, Marvin _ 70 Gonge, Bruce 70, 237 Gonge, Gory 51, 143 Ganske, Gerald 70 Gardner, Nancy .42, 128, 165, 193 Garnos, Gordon 65, 231 Garrett, Connie _ 84, 134 Garvin, Thomas 58 Goskell, Deanne 70, 114 Gatz, Edward 90 Gaukel, James 95 Gemor, Linda 58, 187, 240 Gemmell, Ronald 70, 138, 226 Gering, Judy 70, 118, 128 Gerloff, Gregg 70 Gerloff, Jeffery 70 German, Dan 142, 193, 195 Gerow, Stephen 58, 271, 278 Getzmier, Karen 51 Gibbs, Richord 152 Gibson, Murray 97 Gienopp, David 58, 144, 225 Gieser, Duone 42 Gilbert, Marilyn 136, 239 Giles, Ronald 84, 184, 193 Gillilond, Gail 70, 120, 134 Girard, Jonis 70 Girard, Karen 70 Giske, Helen 58, 134, 265 Gist, Jocqualyn 70, 114, 136, 156 Glonzer, Michael 70, 138 Gloss, Linda 58, 118 Gleoson, Molly .42, 136, 137, 182, 195, 220, 239 Glover, Alan _ _.. 97, 140, 304 Glover, George 58 Glynn, Chariene _ 70 Godspeed, Donald 42 Goerz, Royal Don 226, 266 Golliher, Warren 99, 226 Goodburn, Paul 70 Goodell, Harold _ 70, 142 Goodell, Sandra .....51, 136 Goodwin, Daniel 70 Gormley, Judith 51, 134 Gorsuch, Marilyn 70, 240 Gossen, Patrick 70, 148 Grober, Morris 42 Graber, Sandra ..._ _.. 58, 132, 225 Graf, James 232 Grage, Jens 87, 138 Graham, William 70 Grant, John 87 Grant, Melanie _ 58, 240 Grant, Myrna 51, 114, 228 Grant, Robert _ 58 Grant, Willeen 71 Grov, Deone 84, 222, 233, 265 Groy, Grant _ 90 Gray, William 189 Green, Dennis 71, 138, 225 Green, Linda 51, 134, 166 Green, Patricio 71, 114, 128 Green, Thomas 97 Greenlee, Anne 42, 128 Gregerson, Richard 95 Gregg, Johnny ..._ 58, 232 Gregson, Tim _ _ 71, 140 Gresslin, Louis 225 Griencewic, Williom . 71 Grier, Diane 71, 132, 230 Griffith, John _ 58, 264 Grill, Lorry _ 71, 238, 265 Grimes, Melindo 128, 187, 240 Grimstvedt, Carol 71, 114, 132 Grinde, Glen 7 1 Gritters, Lyie 84 Gross, Gene . 71, 187, 240 Grossenburg, John 142 Grotewold, Bonnie 4, 132, 215 Grotewold, Sharon .51, 132, 213, 216, 222, 225, 230, 239, 267, 305 Grotjohn, Dean 71 Gruenwold, James 87 Gubbrud, John _ _. 87, 142 Guericke, Luverne 71 331 Gunmare, Rena 51 Gunvordahl, Michael 71, 152, 226 Gustofson, Sharon 71, 132, 237 Guthmiller, Darrel 51, 223 Gutz, Mary 128 H Hoag, Joan 71 Haan, Elizabeth 52, 187, 240, 253, 305 Hoar, James 52, 178, 179 Habinck, Gale 71 Hoeder, Allison 58, 134, 185, 213, 223, 224, 258, 262 Hoeder, Rosalie 42, 262 Haerter, Charles 100, 144 Hofner, Jo Ann 71, 118, 132, 226, 264 Hefner, Rosemary 132, 182, 188, 190, 195, 216 Hogberg, Barbora 71, 118,217 Hagen, Annette 42 Hogen, Frances 59, 134 Hogen, Jerome 59 Hogena, Le Ann 59, 114, 226, 265 Hoisch, Sondro 42, 130, 188, 190, 223 Hale, James 52, 281, 283, 284, 286 Haley, John 97 Hall, Carol 7 1 Hall, Greg 42 Hall, Joan 45 Hall, John _ 84 Hall, Lynn 84, 271, 277 Hall, Richard 59 Hollawoy, Thomas 52, 142 Hollenbeck, Joyne 59, 132, 237 Hollenbeck, Jone 42 Holler, Gory 52, 138 Hommerbeck, Barbara 59, 114, 170 Homp, Hildegorde 71, 128, 160 Homro, Dovid 59, 144 Hand, Glen 191 Handel, Dennis 71 Honkins, Lorry 71 Honks, Curtis . 95, 227 Honks, Margaret 52 Hannum, Sandra 71, 136 Hansen, Colvin 59 Hansen, Cothleen 52, 134 Honsen, Dovid 187, 240 Hansen, Duone 71 Hansen, Gory 59, 281, 284 Hansen, James 149 Hansen, Jerald 71 Hansen, Lowrence 71 Hansen, Linda 71 Hanson, Allen 71 Hanson, Barbara 59 Hanson, Dennis 59, 271, 272, 274 Hanson, James 71, 150, 222 Hanson, Russell 42, 190, 223, 226 Hanson, Suzanne 59, 118, 134, 215, 225, 230, 260 Hoppel, Jerald 71, 148 Horbough, Donald 59, 185 Harlow, Mark 71, 148 Harm, Sandra 71, 114 Hormdierks, Morvin 59 Harnogel, James 42 Harrington, William 71, 193 Horrington, William J. 87, 140 Harris, Colin 146, 147, 193, 225, 236 Harris, Gordon 148 Harris, Potricio 71, 114, 136 Harrison, John 71 Hort, James 87, 144 Hortmon, Douglas 71, 148, 215 Hartoog, Leonard 72 Harvey, James 72 Hasselstrom, Linda 72, 118, 134, 230, 231 Hatch, Dorothy 59, 185, 187, 240 Hatch, Jeonettc _ 52, 239 Hatfield, Mary . 260 Houber, Ronald _ 52, 142, 193, 236 Houck, Kimeron 72, 114 Houffe, Horry 90 Houge, George 42, 148, 178, 179 Hauglond, Maurice 271, 281 Haugo, Houston . 59 Howkes, Allen 138 Hawkins, Robert 72 Howkins, Susan 59, 114, 237 Haydon, Marsha 72 Hoyler, Robert 42 Hoys, Jon 126, 142 Haywood, Harry 72 Heath, Burten 225, 230 Hebeler, Karen 52, 128, 225, 230, 261 Heck, Grace 72, 128, 172 Heckenlively, Grant 225 Heckenlively, Jane 59 Hedge, Kothleen 103 Hedges, Donna Jean 84 Hedges, Lynn 42, 238 Hedrick, Bonny 114 Heemstra, Betsy 90 Heemstro, Janice 72, 120, 223 Heggen, Barbara 59, 128, 235, 240, 279 Heidebrecht, Phillip 59, 266 Heidecker, Allan 72 Heider, Conrod 59 Heider, Jon 72 Heimstro, Maria Stella 90 Heineman, Gary 42 Held, Gordon 100, 226 Helgerson, Karen 52, 128 Heller, Earl 100, 226 Helling, Lorry 72 Hellwig, Lawrence 72 Henderson, Joyce 59, 128 Hendrick, Bonnie 72 Hendrick, John 65, 142 Hendrickson, Fredrlc 95, 227 Hendrickson, GerrI 231 Hendrickson, Jill 42, 136, 228, 240 Hennies, Gerald 72, 148 Henningsen, James 59, 146 Henrichs, Barton 72 Herbrondson, Clarence 99 Herman, Carol 59, 118, 185, 229 Hermann, Patricia 59, 222, 265 Hermsen, Norma 59 Hermsen, Vernon 226 Hernandez, Anne 59 Herrboldt, Allen .... 42 Herzog, Anne 128, 264, 267 Herzog, Bernard 43, 183, 213 Hess, Ann 72, 114, 224, 229, 264 Hetlond, Gloria . 72, 229 Hexberg, Rosemary 114 Heyd, Dorlene 52, 128 Heyd, Morlene 43, 128 Hiott, Judy 52 Higmon, Horley 188 Hildreth, Irma 59 Hildreth, Johnnie 150 Hill, John 52 Hill, Larry 72 Hill, Ronald 43, 271, 279 Hillberg, John 43 Hillmon, John 87 Hilton, Sandra 59, 132, 228 Himrich, John 52 Hinchliff, Douglas . . 72 Hinn, John 72, 140 Hobart, Margaret 72, 229 Hcfer, Bonnie 52, 126, 130,230 Hofer, Diane 189 Hofer, Douglas 52 Hoff, Jerome . 59 Hoffman, Dorrell 52 Hoffmonn, John _ 59, 142, 226 Hofkomp, Harlan 59 Hogg, Charles 59, 148, 232 Hoggott, Ralph 96, 265 Hoherz, Melvin 52, 146, 193, 225 Hohm, Marilyn 52, 134 Holder, Dan 227 Holdorf, Landis 72, 148 Holdsberg, Jock 43, 271, 273, 276 Holgote, Sue 43 Holland, Jo 72, 114, 132, 228 Hollister, Mary 1 J4 Hollister, Raymond 52, 146 Holmoe, Joyce 84, 134, 225 Holmoe, Mavis 59, 134, 224 Holtzmon, Stuart 99 Hood, Jerry 52 Hood, John 52 Hopewell, Richard 95, 227 Hopp, Charles 59, 142 Hoppe, Sonya 114, 261 Hcsmer, Larry 43, 148 Houchen, LoVonne _ 43, 130, 223 Houdersheldt, Glen 43 Houtkooper, Arlin 59, 148, 264 Houtkooper, Edwin 50, 148 Howard, Gory 193, 199, 281, 282, 283, 284 Howard, James 60 Howes, Michael _ 84, 142, 193, 304 Hoyt, Irvin 87, 142, 178, 179 H uber, Gerald 72 H uber, Loren 72 Hubner, Douglas 99 Hubner, Joy 148 Huebner, Morcella 72 Hucnemonn, Lynn 60, 240 Huether, Sandra 72 Huettmon, Ronald .....43, 187, 240 Huewe, Douglas 100, 226 Hughes, Howard . 99, 226 Hughes, Karen 265 Hughes, Patricia _.-72, 114 Hulce, Clark .72, 138 Hull, Raymond . _ 90 Hult, Edwin 138, 188 Hunt, Roger 95, 227 Huro, Joseph 43, 226 Hurd, Richord 60, 231 Hustrulid, Lee 43 Hutcheson, Goil 72, 130, 239 Hutchinson, Charles 146 Hyllond, Daniel 84 Hyllested, Sharon 60, 118, 160 I Inmon, David 72 Int Veldt, Jo Ellen 60, 132, 230, 239 Ireland, Wayne 52, 142 Isaok, Troy 72, 140, 226 Istos, Priscillo 132, 230, 239 Iverson, Carol 72 Iverson, Clork 84, 140, 178, 179, 200, 304 Iverson, Jeanne 72, 229, 239 Ivey, Betty 60, 128 Jockley, Michael 60, 148, 222, 225, 231 Jackson, Jerald 60 Jackson, Robert 87, 148 Jacob, Gustov 95, 231 Jacobs, Barbara 60 Jacobs, David 60, 144 Jocobsen, Jerry 72, 144 Jameson, Sharon 84, 134 Jondel, Jolene 72, 114 Jones, Robert 100, 226 332 Jonvrin, Kenneth 52, 271, 273 Jasper, John 233 Jossmann, Sondra 72, 114, 226, 265 Joys, John 87 Jennewein, Leonard 72 Jensen, Alan 90 Jensen, David ■• 72 Jensen, Donno 60, 114, 226, 265 Jensen, Ellard 43, 188 Jensen, Jane 72, 132, 240 Jensen, Richard 72, 262 Jensen, Robert 99, 226 Jensen, Ronald 72 Jensen, Terryl 52 Jensen, Thomas 90 Jensen, Vicki 60, 132, 225, 228, 229 Jenson, Linda 72, 222 Jepsen, Leslie 52 Jepsen, Lois 60, 128, 237 Jerde, Ole 99, 226 Jesfjeld, Janet 72, 118, 130, 226, 230 Jespersen, Judie 60 Jessen, Alyce 52, 118, 234 Jilek, Dennis 52 Jipp, Kenneth „. 60 Jochims, Jerry 60, 185, 187, 223, 226 Johannsen, Myrna 72, 239 Johannsen, Richard 43 Johansen, Gary 96, 227 Johansen, Jan 43, 222, 223, 231 Johonsen, Morilyn 72, 265 Johns, Joel 72 Johnson, Beverly 52, 114, 235 Johnson, Charles 60, 190 Johnson, Cherry 73, 240 Johnson, Craig 87, 232 Johnson, Dorlene 73, 114, 235 Johnson, David 43, 146, 184, 188, 193, 196, 231 Johnson, Deanna 43, 238, 239, 261, 267 Johnson, Dennis 73 Jchnson, Diane 73, 118 Johnson, Fred 52 Johnson, Gary 60 Johnson, Judith 60, 114, 239 Johnson, Katherine 60, 134, 225, 240 Johnson, Larry 60, 142, 185, 225 Johnson, Lonny 87, 120 Johnson, Martin 60 Johnson, Nancy A 60 Johnson, Otto 60 Johnson, Pamela 60, 134, 159, 225, 234 Johnson, Paul 52 Johnson, Robert D 73, 142 Jchnson, Robert K 60 Johnson, Roger 73, 87, 148 Johnson, Ursula 73, 132, 172, 236 Johnson, Wayne 43, 52, 271, 275 Johnson, William 73 Johnston, Ralph 73 Jones, Dennis -- 52, 148 Jones, Eugene 95, 227 Jones, Richard 91 Jordan, Carol 120 Jordon, David 43, 184, 185, 187, 196, 231, 234, 238, 258, 265 Jordan, Jean _ 43, 238, 239, 261 Jordan, Joyce 73, 258, 265 Jordan, Judith 52, 236 Jorgensen, Brenda 52 Jorgensen, Steve 148, 225 Jorgenson, Lorry — 60, 144 Judd, Walter 73, 142 Jurgens, David 73 Jurrens, Kay 60, 130, 239 Jurrens, Keith - 60, 150 Kaeberle, Koren 73, 132, 261 Koeberle, Kathleen 60, 114, 261 Kombock, Genny 52 Kombock, Koren 73, 132 Kombock, Marvin 91, 237 Kamen, Dennis 73, 264 Korlin, Agnes 60, 120, 226 Kosten, Bonnie 52 Kastner, Ronald 73 Kaufman, Morion 52 Keorns, John T 44, 142, 184, 196 Keck, Michael 73 Keeler, Julie 73, 114 Keil, George 52 Keller, Henry 73 Kelley, Celia 73 Kelly, Kathleen 52, 114 Kelso, Lorry 52 Kemniti, Ernest 91, 223 Kendall, Robert 73 Kennedy, Barbara 73, 132, 237 Kennedy, Larry 60 Kenoyer, Robert 73 Kent, Carole 63 Kephort, Joan 118, 222 Kerkhove, George 191 Kern, Meylon 52, 138 Keys, Mamon 60, 271, 277, 279 Kibble, Ronald 60, 271, 273, 278 Kiersted, Joy , 52, 136, 175 Kiesby, James 60 Kimball, Koren _ 84 Kimboll, Patricia - 114 Kimbell, John _ 60, 150 Kimmel, Eugene 52, 142, 178, 179, 188, 216, 220 King, Bessie 91, 223 King, Richard - 60 King, Williom 52 Kingsbury, Betty 73, 229 Kingston, Richard 44, 304 Kinzer, Harold 73,231 Kirkham, Noncy 44, 134, 171, 196, 222, 224, 239, 265, 267 Kirkpotrick, David 73, 144 Kirley, Elaine 44, 118, 223 Kittelson, Arnold 60, 232 Kitzman, Warren _ 91, 223 Kiwolo, Georgia 52 Kiwola, John 52 Klowiter, Richord — - 73 Kleinsosser, Joseph 91 Kleinsosser, Lewis 144 Kleppin, Sandra 193 Kluck, Gene - 44 Kludt, Paul 52, 237 Knopp, Koren 73, 132 Knittel, Marvin 91 Knott, John 87, 232 Knowlton, Hugh _ 60 Knox, Carolyn 60, 118, 128 Knox, Carolyn K 73, 132, 230, 265 Knudson, Craig _ _ 84, 126, 174 Knudson, Gory 84, 144, 178, 179 Knudson, Thomas 60 Knutson, Carol . 60, 267 Koberg, Janet 60, 132, 230 Koch, Gary _ 73 Koehnecke, Roger 73 Kohcutek, William 60 Koldenhoven, Jomes — — 91 Koletzky, Robert 81 Kolker, Richard 97, 264 Koltes, Richord - 73, 140 Kong, Sum-man 91, 223 Konopisos, James 146 Konrad, Harlan 44 Konrad, Lester 87 Konvalin, Leonard 44 Kooiker, Jerome . 84, 233 Koplin, Ronald 91, 138 Kopriva, Charles 100, 226 Koprivo, Emmo 73, 114, 264 Korn, Gerhordt 73 Kortan, Donald 60, 142 Kostboth, David 53, 226 Kostel, Laddie 73 Kounas, Don 190, 222, 236 Koupol, Ronnie 73 Kroger, Diane 74, 120 Kroger, Linda 74, 120 Kromor, Koren 74, 120, 128 Kronhold, Dean 44, 186, 187, 240 Krause, David _ 60, 226 Krause, Jerry 53, 150, 185 Krauss, Victorio 74, 114, 128 Krigsten, Eli 99, 226 Krivanek, Rosonne 74, 114, 136, 231 Kroeger, Terry 74, 148 Krogman, Borbetto 84, 160, 239 Krsticevic, Joyce 74, 136, 231 Krueger, Gene . 74, 187, 240 Krueger, Robert 53, 126, 146, 178, 179, 225, 306 Krumm, Riila 44, 134, 215, 223, 225, 228 Kruse, Duwoyne 74 Kruse, John 74 Kruse, Judith 61, 132, 208, 215, 230 Kruse, LeRoy 231, 232 Kruse, Marilyn 74, 267 Kruse, Thomas 44, 187, 240 Kubicck, Jon 23 1 Kucero, David 61 Kuchero, Carol 264 Kudrno, Don 74 Kuiper, Gordon 61 Kuipers, Pete r 61, 148, 185 Kunert, Carol 120 Kunert, Marilyn 61, 128, 161, 168 Kurle, William 84 Kuster, Dessie 61, 134, 226 Lober, Gerald 74, 138 Locey, Borboro 74, 239 Lochel, Harold 61 Lochicotte, Lillian 53, 134, 260 Locroix, Raymond 74 Loffey, Jerry 53 Lalley, Sheila 74, 134 Lamke, Judith 60, 193 Lompert, Arthur 53, 237 Lamport, Joe 97 Lompy, Karon 61, 136, 231, 234, 267 Lone, Terry 226 Lonfermon, Gail 74, 114 Long, Richard 74 Longe, Alon 91, 238 Longe, Janice - 44 Longenfeld, Matthew 91, 226 Longholdt, Marjorie -.74, 114 Lontaff, Ronald 74 Lontis, William 61, 235 Lanza, Anthony 91, 238 LoPlonte, Kay 53, 128, 159, 240, 305 Lo Pointe, Ronald 74 Lapora, Alvern 44 Lopcsky, Robert 61 Lorrobee, Carol 53, 240 Lorsen, Diane 74 Larson, Andre 24, 61, 185 Larson, Dayton 271, 279 Larson, Katherine 74, 136 Larson, Kent 91, 223 Larson, Lorry 74, 138 Larson, Lennis 74 333 Larson, Paul 91 Larson, Phillip 74, 142 Larson, Robert C. - 74, 148 Larson, Robert D 44, 144, 178, 179, 200 Larson, Terry 138, 224, 236, 258, 267 Lascue, Lawrence 74, 235 Latch, Richard 53, 150 Lawrence, Charles 87, 126, 138, 267 Lawrence, Ronald 44, 188, 271, 274 Lazaris, John - 53, 222, 236 Leach, James _ 44 Leafstedt, Douglas .44, 142, 184, 185, 197, 221, 225 Leavitt, Patricia 74, 114, 136, 161, 260 Lebeau, Vetol 61, 87 Lee, Martha 74 Lee, Mun Yen James 100, 226 Legaard, Jan 87 Leger, Arthur 91, 238 Lcgvold, Gloria 53 Legvoid, Robert . 44, 148, 184, 188, 197 Lemmon, Robert 91, 238 Lepke, Calvin -. 74, 224 Leslie, Bonnie 74, 114, 136 Leslie, Willis 53, 140, 226 Lesser, Isaac 99, 226 Lewis, James - 74 Libert, Marlene 44, 130, 188 Lien, John 74 Lightenberg, Eugene 53 Likens, Judith 61, 114, 258, 266, 267 Likness, Royce „ 232 Lillibridge, John 85, 146, 232 Lillibridge, Linda 61 Lind, Karen 74, 118, 136 Lindberg, Jerry 87, 271, 277 Lindemann, Barbara 74, 114, 132, 229 Linden, Gordon 61, 187, 240 Lindner, Ronald 61, 138 Link, Donna J _ 53, 132, 228, 235 Link, Donno R - 53, 134, 240, 265 Linzey, Garnet - 61, 281, 286 List, James 91 Littau, Delores 53 Littau, Otto 44 Little, Ronald 74 Lloyd, Lindo . 74, 114 Locher, Phyllis ... 74 Locher, Robert 44 Lockhart, Gene 53, 185, 187, 240 Loewen, Marvin - 53 Lone, Beverly __ 74, 114, 128 Long, Richard 226 Long, Sandra _ 44, 120, 239 Lonneman, Irvin 61, 264 Looby, Patricia _ 61, 118, 185, 258 Looby, Thomas . - 53, 142 Loos, Gerald - 74, 226 Lorenz, Lee - 87 Louden, Judith 61, 114 Lounsbery, Robert 74 Lounsbery, Roger .271, 274 Lownsberry, Lee .87, 146, 232 Lowthian, John 61, 148 Lufkin, Nathaniel 238 Luft, Dennis 74, 144 Luft, Sandra 74, 130 Lukkes, Carl 91 Lumb, Barbara 44 Lumb, Raymond .61 Lund, Lyie . 223 Lundberg, Nedra 44, 114, 197 Lundin, John 44, 266, 267 Lushbough, John 53, 190 Lusk, Victoria 134 Lust, Jerry 85, 232 Lust, Sharon 45 Lutterman, Billie 53, 136, 236, 305 Lutz, Edwin 61, 126, 146, 222, 225 Luymes, Alan 61, 144 Lynn, Judy 174 Lynn, Kelso 61, 142 M McBride, Charles 61, 232 McCahren, Linda 53, 136 McCall, Gary 74, 138 McCarty, Daniel 74, 140 McClain, Larry 74, 150 McCleory, William 91 McColley, Frances ..,.74, 114, 128 McColley, Richard 45, 144, 193, 225 McCcnkey, Duone 85 McDermott, Mark 148 McDermott, Richard 45, 178, 179 McDermott, Shirley 45, 215 McDowell, Mark 75 McGee, Boyd 91 McGuire, Carole 1 14 McGurk, Connie 49 McKay, Kenneth 75 McKeever, Patrick 95, 227 McKenzie, Jerry 75 McKibben, Barbara 75, 114, 136 McLaughlin, Jewell ..... 53, 134, 228, 230, 233 McMeen, Jim 45, 238 McMillcn, Williom 61, 126, 142 McMarchie, Boyd 144 McNelly, William 142 McNutt, Donald 61, 142 McVoy, Mary 75, 120 Madden, Kenneth 75, 148 Madsen, Karen 132, 161 Madsen, Richard 53, 223, 238 Maeder, Cynthia .75, 118, 260 Mallow, James 53, 226 Molloy, Mary Jo 61 Mangelsen, Loretta 61 Manning, Paul 75, 231, 238, 265, 267 Monske, Dennis 223 Monsour, Michael 75 Marbach, James 75 Margeson, Dale - 148 Marienau, James — 75 Mark, Thomas 53, 148, 193, 235 Marko, Paul 91, 238 Marlyst, Robert 61 Moroufkhoni, Shahroukh 75, 172, 236 Marshall, JoAnn 75 Marshall, Josephine 75, 132, 230 Martens, Werner 99, 226 Martin, Gerald 146, 222 Martin, Larry 45 Martin, Lynne 61, 87, 128 Martin, Sharon 61 Marx, Daniel 150 Marx, Gail . 75, 118, 224, 230 Mosow, Jack 75 Mossa, Joseph 87, 232 Mast, Truman 91 Moteicka, James 144 Matheson, William 75, 142 Mathias, John 75, 140 Mathiason, Tounce 146 Motson, John 45, 126, 140, 193, 197, 236 Matson, Ronald 75, 140 Mottila, Marietta 45, 128, 230, 231 Maxon, Patricia 75, 114, 235, 239 Maxwell, Howard 75, 138 Mead, James 53 Mead, Richard 75, 142 Meadors, Dorrell 75 Meadors, Larry 45 Mechtenberg, Gary 75 Medeck, Michael 144 Medson, Kent 260 Melbourn, Jean 128 Melcher, Mark 45, 142, 174 Menage, Donna 53, 134, 168, 215, 305 Mendel, Donald 91, 222 Mertens, Dovid 85, 233 Messner, Fronk 75, 142, 226 Mctcalf, Nancy 61 Metcalf, Robert 226 Mettler, Harlan 87, 262 Meyer, Karen 75, 114, 136 Meyer, Lowell 237 Meyer, Verlyn 62, 150, 237 Meyers, Elaine 53, 134, 187, 240, 305 Meyers, Mark 75, 187, 240 Michael, Colin 45 Michael, Philip ... 53 Michaels, Robert 75, 142 Mickel, Charles 91, 150, 238, 260 Mickelson, George 144, 178, 179 Mickelson, Julie 75, 118, 136, 137, 231 Mickelson, Sandra 74, 128, 161 Mieras, Arlen 265 Miles, Robert 75 Miller, Alyce 75 Miller, Charles 75, 140 Miller, Douglas 62, 222 Miller, Elinor 91 Miller, Joan 136 Miller, Joann 75, 128, 264 Miller, John 75, 140, 225 Miller, Karia 132, 230 Miller, Larry L 75 Miller, Lorry R. 53, 144 Miller, Leslie 62, 134, 229 Miller, Niels 91, 223 Miller, Rebecca 76 Miller, Richord 62, 138, 193 Miller, Robert 96, 227, 231 Miller, Roger 62 Miller, Ronald 76, 138 Miller, Sharlene 62, 130 Miller, Vernon 87, 185, 232 Miller, Walter 53 Mitchell, David 187, 240 Mitchell, John .. 87 Mitchell, Kathleen 62, 134, 185, 229, 239 Mitchell, Larry 140 Mittelstodt, Kimroi -.. 76 Moberly, Robert 87, 144 Meek, Richard 76 Moe, Judith 76, 114 Moeller, John 62 Moeller, Theodore 76 Mogen, Conrad 62 Moline, Carol 76, 114, 225, 230, 261 Moller, Ruth 62, 185 Molzen, Gory 76 MonnicI, Michael 91 Montgomery, Guy 100, 226 Montgomery, Joseph 53 Montross, Gerald 76 Moore, Larry 62, 144 Moquist, Paul 62 Moron, Linda 62 Morgan, Lee 76 Morgan, LeRoy 85, 232 Morgan, Robert 76 Moritz, Terreir. 100, 226 Morrill, John 53, 144, 222, 225, 231, 267 Morris, Charles 76 Morris, James 62, 271, 279 Morrison, Richard . 88, 142 Morse, Marlon 62, 138 Morton, Glenn 76, 150 Morton, Mary 76, 130 Morton, Robert 45 Moser, Van 76 Moses, Scott - 265 Moss, Vergie - 62 Moul, Francis 53, 138, 208, 215, 216, 220, 224 Moyer, Larry — 88 Muchmore, Lynn 76, 237 Muilenburg, Susan 53, 126, 136, 166, 193, 225, 234, 236, 305 Muilenburg, Terril 76 Muilenburg, Thomas 45, 148, 193, 198, 222, 304 334 Muir, Colleen _ 62, 130, 228, 240 Mulder, Dclmor 76, 138 Mulfinger, Richard 76 Mullin, Joseph _ 146 Munneke, Keith 45 Munro, Gerald 62 Murphy, Joseph J 76 Murphy, Joseph M 45, 188 Murphy, Patricia 54, 114, 239, 264 Myers, Gerald 76 Myers, Jim „ 76 Myers, Richard 76 Myhre, Larry 76 Myrick, Joyce 45 N Noosr, Harvey 45, 62, 146, 271, 276 Nafziger, Ormon 85 Nogel, Clinton 95, 227 Nagle, Richard 76 Noirn, Lonny 85, 232, 233 Nole, Karen ...76, 118, 128 Mass, Charles 144, 225 Noumon, Dennis 45, 138 Neal, Lois 54, 120, 239 Neff, Judy 76, 114, 134, 230 Neiles, Peggy 54, 130, 230 Nelson, Jeff 76 Nelson, Lowrence 76, 226 Nelson, Marilyn .._ 76, 118, 132, 224 Nelson, Merle 45, 178, 179 Nelson, Robert 100 Nelson, Roger 9] Nelson, Ronold 222 Nelson, Sharon ...46, 1 14 Nelson, Steve 46 Nepstad, DeDee 174 Nerison, Barbara 76, 114, 134, 228, 230 Nesheim, Ronald 76 Nesland, Donold 46, 150, 187 Ness, Richard 62, 222 Nesseim, Clifford 85 Nettum, Richard 62, 185, 190 Neu, Donald . 91 Neuhorth, Dennis 76, 140 Neuroth, Joseph 62 Nichols, Frank 99, 226 Nicholson, William 126, 146, 178, 179 Nickerson, Nancy 46, 136 Nickolisen, Jane 46, 107, 108, 134, 135, 182, 188, 190, 198, 224, 239, 265 Nielsen, Corol 76 Nielsen, Connie 76, 134, 159 Nielsen, Julia 54, 136, 225 Nikont, Charlotte 76 Noland, Waldo _ 46 Nold, Lee 54 Noll, Stephen _ 76 Norbeck, Jane 62, 136, 185, 225, 226 Nordhagen, Dorrel ._ _ 62 Norman, Gilbert 142 Norman, Stanley 100 Norris, Esther 62, 120, 238, 264 Norstrom, Madlynn 76, 134, 162, 222 North, John 76 Norton, Ida 62, 239 Novak, James 85 Numsen, Gene 226, 262 Nunn, Helmut 223 Nurse, Dennis 76 Nusz, Veronica 76 Nyberg, James 62 Nystrom, Erik _ 138 o O ' Connor, Richard 62, 146 O ' Horo, Nick 96, 227 O ' Keefe, Terence 95, 227 O ' Mearo, Dennis 88, 148 O ' Meoro, James 85, 148 O ' Neill, Cornelius 100 O ' Neill, David 6Z Ootes, Ross . 88 Ochsner, Janet 46, 130, 240 Odinge, Odera 54, 236 Ogden, Leo 91 Ohien, Robert 76, 140 Ohisen, Stephen 62 Ohm, John 76 Chrt, Delwin 100, 226 Oicn, Horley 46, 150, 185 Oldre, Angela 62 Oligmueller, Joyce 76, 118, 132 Olofson, Linda .54, 114, 229 Olsen, Donna 134, 188, 225, 260 Olsen, Kenneth 62, 140, 225 Olsen, Kermit 46, 140 Olsen, Meredith 62, 187 Olson, Carol 1 18 Olson, Donald 237 Olson, Edward 62, 146 Olson, Gar ...146, 215, 220, 265 Olson, Glenn 54, 185, 213, 215 Olson, James 76, 148 Olson, Jeffrey 62 Olson, Judith 76 Olson, Vernon 62, 185 Ooten, Larry 62 Orner, Suzanne 77 Orr, Cynthia 77 Ortner, Michael 77, 226 Osborne, Lucretia .. 77 Osburn, Lorry 46, 142 Ostopoff, Morjorie _ 114 Otradovsky, Betty 103 Ouellefte, Sharon 77, 235 Ourslond, Mary 62, 224, 230, 239 Overpeck, Jenifer 77, 114, 134, 225, 260 Owens, John 96, 227 Page, Kothryn 54, 213 Palmer, Charles 85, 231, 233 Palmer, Evelyn 54, 120, 238, 261 Palmer, Harlan 227 Palmer, Joyce 46 Palmer, Lynn 46, 142 Ponerio, Florence 62, 120 Porker, Lorry 77 Parker, Robert 96, 227 Parry, Lester ._ 46 Parsonage, William 91 Poshby, Gary 54, 140 Patterson, Patricia 1 14 Pawlikowski, Walter 91 Payne, Michael 77 Pederson, Darrell 77, 140 Pekos, Corol 77, 134, 228, 229 Pekos, Michael 62, 148 Perkins, Judith _.. 85, 182, 200, 265 Perovich, John 54 Perry, Ellen 77, 118, 136, 225 PcschI, Terrence 77 Peters, Dove 54 Peters, Kenneth 62, 148 Petersen, Brian 77, 144 Petersen, Charles 62 Petersen, Roger 201 Peterson, Comille 77, 114. 136, 225, 240 Peterson, Dale 99 Peterson, Dove 54, 289 Peterson, Edward _ 77 Peterson, Kendall 77, 142 Peterson, Linda 77, 120, 136 Peterson, Morgo 62, 128 Peterson, Roger 62, 88, 185, 232, 266 Petres, Veronica 77, 118 Pettengill, Terryl 77, 148, 215 Phillips, John . 77 Pickard, Thomas 62, 126, 144 Pickering, Kenneth 54 Pickering, Robert 62, 265 Pierce, Leonard 85 Pierce, Zono 54, 223 Piersol, Lawrence 46, 146, 184, 188, 304 Pierson, Robert 77 Pilcher, Judith 54, 134, 224, 230, 234, 239, 305 Pilliard, Nellene 54, 118, 187, 240 Pinney, Delbert 77 Pipe, Dona _ 62, |28 Plcton, Gayle _ 54 Plucker, Loren 62 Popojeff, George ._ 100, 226 Poling, E. Gordon _ 91 Polly, Gary ...77 Pomerico, Nicholas 46, 188 Pontius, Helen 118, 187 Popham, Douglas 63 Porter, Steven 85, 126, 148, 174, 184, 304 Pcstmo, La Vaughn 63, 118 Posz, Robert 85, 142, 178, 179, 201 Poulos, James 63 Pounds, Merle lOO, 226 Powell, Arthur 91 Powell, John 92 Prather, Ralph 191 Pratt, Donald 54 Pratt, Franklin _.. 99, 226 Pratt, George 46 Pratt, Roland 46, 138, 258, 264 Preslicko, Dennis .. 77 Pressler, Dennis 63, 148, 271, 274, 281, 286 Pressler, Larry 77, 222, 225, 231, 236 Preszler, Moxine 77, 120 Prey, Kothryn 54, 128 Prey, Virginio 54, 128 Price, Janet 54, 128,228 Props, Andrew 148 Prosch, Terry 185 Ptok, Melvin 63 Pylman, Carol 85 Q Quenzer, Davis 77, 142 Quimby, David 46, 140 R Raber, Richard 65, 146 Rabusch, Karen 63, 134, 208, 212 Radeke, Joon 46, 132, 182, 183, 187, 239, 240 Roderschodt, John 88 Rocsly, Robert 46 Roilsbock, Beth 54, 132, 166, 167, 228, 240, 265, 267, 305 Roinbolt, Linda 77 Romakrishna, Puligandia .92 Romes, Alan 77 Romes, Linda _ 99, 226 Romey, Samuel 63, 146 Randolph, Barbara 63, 265 Ranney, Bruce _ 77, 148 Ronney, Thomas _ 96, 148, 227 Ranney, William 227 Rosmussen, Marion 54, 138 Rothje, Horry 63, 148, 233, 237 Roy, Robert . 46, 144, 237 Royburn, Carol 77, 130 335 Rector, Larry 54 Redfish, Amiel 77, 264 Reding, Thomas 49, 225 Reed, Howard 85, 140, 304 Reed, James 63, 265 Reed, Janet 63, 128, 222 Reemtsmo, Carol 114, 132, 230 Regan, Patricia 63, 136 Rehder, Larry 77 Reimon, Marilyn 63 Reiners, Gary 100 Reinking, Eloine 54, 118, 223 Reinking, Roger 63, 185 Reinschmidt, Helen 63 Reisetter, Linn 63, 187 Reishus, Thomas .. 142, 237 Rensink, John 46 Reuter, Donald 46, 237 Reynick, Glenn 46 Reynolds, Sandra 92 Rhoodes, Marques 226 Rhodes, Jack 54, 152, 153, 188, 190, 231, 234 Rich, David 148 Richards, Gory .. 95, 227 Richter, Julaine 77, 118, 128 Richter, Morlys 63, 128 Riddle, James . 47 Riemonn, John 142 Riley, Virgil 226 Rischen, Jane 77, 114, 226 Ristau, Dennis _ 92 Riter, Charles .. 88 Riter, Paula 78, 128 Ritter, Dennis 63 Roach, Robert 54, 271, 273 Robertson, Arthur 92 Robertson, Gory 54, 140 Roethler, Robert 54 Rogers, John 140, 235 Rogness, David 78 Rolfe, Judy 78, 114 Rolfs, Craig . 47, 152 Roning, Robert 63, 148 Rose, Jacqueline 54, 132, 213, 223, 224, 228 Rose, Virginia 78, 114, 132, 162, 215, 224, 230 Rcsenboum, Thomas 54, 142, 185, 226 Ross, Bernordt 87, 187 Ross, Cloir 63 Ross, Thomas 146 Rossow, Margaret 54, 134, 225 Rost, Michael _ 99, 226 Roth, Sandra 78, 114, 136, 239 Rousseau, David 100, 226 Rowley, Paul 63 Rubendall, William 63 Rudolph, Stephen 54, 226 Rumelhart, David 185, 265 Rundell, Sam 63, 126, 138 Ruppert, Gary 78 Rush, Ronald 85 Russell, Byron 54, 148, 222 Russell, Rev. Harold 94 Russell, Richard 78 Rute, Thomas 78, 140 Ryan, James 99, 226 Rymill, Roy 47, 222, 223, 235 Sanders, Charles 78, 140 Sandman, Thomas 78 Sondvick, Paul 47, 188 Schaof, Edward 63, 271, 272 Schoefer, Barbara 120, 233 Schaffer, Roger 78 Schaible, Darrel 63 Schomber, Richard 54 Scheafer, John 54, 144, 178, 179 Schelnost, Robert 85, 233 Scheinost, Thomas 63, 187 Schemmel, Lorry 78 Schempp, Curtis 78 Schenk, Daniel 78 Schenk, Donald 99, 226 Schewe, James 63 Schiber, Judith 63 Schiefelbein, Rodney 63, 138 Schilling, Arnold 240 Schimkot, Jerrell .. 78 Schlag, Robert 47 Schlicht, Joke 78 Schliebe, Delbert 47, 262 Schmidt, Gregg 63, 138, 222 Schmidt, Joseph 47, 138, 193 Schmidt, Karen .54, 114, 238 Schmidt, Luona 78, 118, 128 Schmidt, Margaret 128 Schmidt, Scott 78, 142 Schmieg, George . 54 Schmoker, Poul 54, 226 Schnabel, Delmar 78 Schneider, Arnold 78 Schneider, Catherine 54, 128, 225, 264 Schneider, Donna 78, 130, 229 Schneider, LoVerne 85, 232, 304 Schoenfelder, Robert 63, 238 Schoentlsh, Delmar 78 Scholten, Horry 78, 148, 237 Scholten, Monte 54, 140, 178, 179 Schooler, Jeanine 47, 128, 200, 239, 305 Schooley, Duone 63, 144 Schoon, Caroline 78 Schoppe, Jeonette 78, 130, 162 Schrog, Lois 63, 114, 187 Schriber, Judy 128 Schroeder, Bernardine 63, 136 Schuike, Byron 92, 223 Schult, Dottie .- 54, 132, 230, 239, 305 Schuiz, Robert 78, 237 Schwab, Robert 92 Schwartz, William . 78 Schwinghamer, James 92 Scott, Charles 54, 146 Scott, Donna 78, 128 Scott, Luann 54, 114 Scott, Marilyn 78 Scott, Richard 63, 271, 273 Scott, Sandra 78, 118, 132 Scovel, Allen 97, 265 Sedlezky, Dale 78 Seebach, Judith 63, 114 Seeley, Mary J 54, 134 Seewalker, Matthew 78, 235 Sefcik, Susan 64, 238, 264 Seipp, Lynn 63, 187, 240 Sejvor, James . 64 Sejvor, Joseph 99, 226 Serr, Marilyn 54, 190, 223, 265, 267 Servis, Calvin 8S, 138 Servoss, Marcus 78, 144 Severson, Andrew 78, 140 Severson, Dennis 88, 225 Shabino, Janet 64, 132, 150, 225, 230, 237 Shannon, Ross 78 Shottuck, Richard 78, 222 Shay, John 97 Shea, Karen 78 Sheffield, Everett 47 Shelby, Thomas 78 Sheldon, Jerry ., 92 Shelton, Austin 47 Shenkle, Robert 92, 223 Sheppard, Ross 78 Shipley, Lawrence 64, 148 Short, James 64, 231 Shouse, James 47, 188, 223, 264 Shreve, Rita 78 Shull, Dennis 85, 232 Shull, Douglas _ 78 Shurr, George 78, )87 Sibell, Steve 78, ' 187 Siebrecht, Frank g4 Siebrecht, Judy 47 Siedenburg, Lena 78, 120 Sifror, Arlene 132, ' 230 Sikorski, Steven 64, 148,232 Simmons, James .. 55, 126, 152, 153 Simpson, Dorlcy 64, 120 Singer, Thomas 99 Sinkey, Vernon 55 Sisk, Carl 78, 264 Sister Mary 92 Sjomeling, Arnie 78 Skollerud, Roger 64, 138, 235 Skinner, James 55, 142, 225 Skye, Clarence 235 Slaby, James 85, 148, 233 Slater, William 78, 142, 237 Sletto, Arlo 92 Sloan, Diane 79 Small, Jerome 85, 281, 284 Smebokken, Bruce 64, 142, 271, 278 Smidt, Sandra 136 Smith, Christine 79, 114, 128 Smith, Dallas 86, 232 Smith, David ' 55, 142 Smith, David 64 Smith, George 79, 148 Smith, Harold 92 Smith, James F 47 Smith, James P 92 Smith, Judith 47 Smith, Judy M 64 Smith, Linda 64, 136, 163, 2i6, 217 Smith, Marlon 64 Smith, Richard ■ 148 Smith, Richard L 97 Smith, Ronald 86,233 Smith, Thomas F. 92 Smith, Thomas G. 86, 232, 304 Smolik, Clarence 64 Smythe, Michael 79, 144 Snow, Gary 281, 284 Snyder, Angenette 79, 114 Snyder, John 79, 146 Snyder, Virginia 79, 228, 229 Soil, Donald 100, 226 Sommervold, Carolyn 218 Sommervold, Marilyn 64, 136 Sorensen, John 86, 184, 186, 187 Sorensen, Lynn 55, 146, 225 Sorum, Loretta 65 South, Robert 26, 191, 233 Sparks, Dale 64, 226 Speokman, John 86, 144, 233 Speichinger, Sandra 120 Spencer, Joseph 64, 148 Sphon, Elmer 47 Spicer, Edward 55 Spiegel, Delbert 79 Spilde, Jeanne 47, 128 Spiry, Arthur 95, 227 Spiry, Patricia 47, 187 Spitzenberger, Jerry 79, 239 Stoblein, Sandra 47, 134 Stofne, James 47, 149, 166, 193, 304 Stamm, Joyce 88 Stamper, Carolyn 55, 240 Stock, Gayle 64, 130 Steele, Dennis 79 Steele, Kenneth 79 Steele, Loren 86, 140, 141, 166, 167, 178, 179, 201, 304 Steffe, Dirl 92 Stelzer, Patricio 79, 120, 132 Stephens, Emmett 47 Stephens, Warren 79, 142 Stephenson, Conrad 64, 146 Stern, Roger 92 Stevens, LeeRoy 88 336 Stevenson, Larry 79 Stewart, Kathryn 64, 134, 213, 265 Stewart, Mark 79, 152 Stewart, Mory J. 79, 114, 128 Stewart, Merritt 79 Stewart, Noel 55, 118 Stickney, Fronk 97 Stilwell, Mortie 64, 134, 225, 229 Stinger, Ruth 134 Stockdole, James 95, 227, 231 Stotts, Richard 79, 140 Strain, Mickey _ 64 Strand, Adrian 79, 187 Stratton, Lorry 79, 142 Stroschein, Leonder _ 190, 262 Strunk, Rubye 55, 118 Struver, Diane 48, 201, 234 Stubsten, Dennis 79, 226 Stucn, Kenneth 79 Stukel, Calvin 64 Stull, Elmo 128 Sturges, Williom 64 Sturgis, Julie 114 Sturm, Dennis _ 79, 237, 262 Stutenroth, Virginia 64, 134, 260 Sulgrove, Barry 79, 140 Summers, Roland 100, 226 Sundling, Nancy 79 Svihovec, Ronald 79, 144, 225, 261 Swanson, Gloria 55, 132, 230 Swanson, Lesley 64, 132, 185, 229, 23o! 237 Swonton, Michael 40, 64, 222, 224 Sword, Jim 79 Swork, Lerry 79, 118, 136, 163 Swedlund, Jerry ._ .48, 149, 304 Swenson, Arlo 4g Swenson, Courtlond 187 Swift, Rolph 92 Swoyer, Jacqueline 55, 226 Tooke, Roeonna .55, 115, 187, 305 Takeoko, Norman 64, 150 Talbot, Potrick 79, 150 264 Tom, Guy iQoi 226 Toppe, Darlene 88 Toppe, Lee 64 Taylor, Calvin 48 Taylor, Jerry 64 Toylor, Robert 92 Taylor, Thomas .142 Tenney, Richard 142, 226 Terrell, Gienda 64, 12o ' , 170 Terry, Charles 64, ' 265 Tesdell, David _[ ] 52 Test, Darrell 64 Teter, John 92 Thoyer, John 64 Thein, George 55 Thill, Marvin 75 Thomas, Gary 54 I85 Thompson, James 79 Thompson, Joel 79 Thompson, Laura 4g Thompson, Linda 132, 237 Thompson, Muriel 168 Thompson, Perry _ 48 Thompson, Richard 64, 146 Thorpe, Linda 79, ii4, 132 ' , 230 Thorpe, Lynn 64 Thu, Norman 92 Thurow, Duane 97, 144 Tice, Merton _ 79, 146, 260 Ticde, Harvey 4g Tisher, Carol 55,128,166,240,305 Toohey, James 264 Torgerson, Gary 92 Torkelson, Keith 48, i49, i78, 18(5, 240 Toulouse, Lanno 64 Towne, Delores 64, 130 Towner, Charles 79 ' , 237 Towner, William ' 64 Trandol, David 55 142 Tranklo, Roy 64 ' 142 Trudell, Richard 281, ' 286 Trumm, Robert 64 142 Tuel, Susan . 64 Tufte, Ralph 79,239 Turbivelle, Charles ' 80 Turchen, Michael 64, 149, 222 Turner, Donna 80, 120, ' 134 230 Turner, Sharon 80, 128, 230, 235 Tuttle, Romono 64 114 Tweet, Fredrick 99 189 Twomey, West 64 ' 237 Tymeson, Saro ' 193 u Uherko, Norma 80 Uhl, David Z ' " 65 Ullrich, James 55 237 Ullyot, Tomora 48, 106, i08, 172, 198 ' , 239 Ulrich, Frederick 92 Ulrich, Merwyn 92 V Vanouken, Dean 80 VonBromer, Edward 100, 149, 226 VonBriesen, Lorry gg VanBuskirk, David 48 Vance, Connie 80, 136, 163 VondenBurgh, Loel 80, 136 Vonder Schaof, D. James 189 Vanderpol, Donald 88, 140 Vonderstoep, Rachel . 65, 118 Van de Voort, Charlene 55, 126 132 230 236, 305 Von Meveren, Stuart .86, 144, 193, 225, 233 Vonorny, Patricio .80, 114 222 Von Sickle, David 80] 187, 240 Von Zee, Conrad 80 140 Vovro, Kenneth ' 222 Veen, Delores 80, 120, 223, 225 Veliek, Dennis go Venord, Terry gg 145 VerHeul, William 92 Versteeg, Lorry 92_ igy Vickermon, Paul 80 Vigsnes, Richard 126, 152 Visker, Lee 65 ' , 142 Vitosko, Dorylj 80 Vlasok, Joseph 65 Vlosko, Judy _ 193 Vccgeli, Lester 80 Vogt, Catherine ...136, 148, 188, 234 Vohs, Dovid 80 VcnWold, Jack go, 264 Vcss, Robert 92 ' 222 Vossler, Robert 4g ' 190 Voy, Robert 99 ' 226 Voyles, Robert 55 ]3g w Wachlin, Judith 55, 134, 228, 236 Wade, Jerry 55 i3g Wagner, Robert . gg ' , 232 Walish, Mory ' 55 Walker, Donald 65, 28 J, 282, 286 Walker, Korin .65, 120 Wolliser, Douglas ' 65 Walsh, James go Wolsh, Kenneth go Wolsh, Michael 65 Walsh, Richard 65, 271, 276, 278, 281, 286 Walter, Gary 65 Welter, Potricio 80, 132 Wolters, Norman 86, 232 Woltner, Jeffrey iQo ' 226 Woltner, Lonnie lOo ' 226 Walton, Jerry 99 ' 226 Warner, Stephen 1 ' 55 Washington, Franklin 48, 281, 283, 284, 285 Wosser, Margaret 239 240 Wostlund, Kenneth ' 55 Watson, Danny ... JQ Woyman, Ronald go Weaver, Fronk 97 Weber, James F _ 55 Weber, James L 92 Weber, Leo .65, 146 Weber, Louis 65, 264 Weber, Richard _ 80 ' 142 Weeks, Robert 48, " i49, 236 304 Weiger, Jean .. 4g Weischedel, Corlnne 65, 120 Weisz, Dennis ' 55 Welbes, George 92 Welch, Carole 80 114 Welch, Richard ' . 4g Wellendorf, Ted 80 Weller, Suszonne 4g Weller, William 867233, 304 Wells, Allan go l3g Wells, Anne gQ, ng Welty, Joseph 92 Welti, Leighton -.48, 187, 240 Wenck, David gQ, 150 Wenzel, Marilyn 48, 107, 108, 128, 182, 198 Werner, Harold 100 226 Wernke, Williom ...96, 185, 191, 227 ' , 231 Westberg, Vernon 99 Weston, William 100, 226 Westphol, Dennis 80 Westphalen, Lorry 65 Wheelock, Richard . 80 Wherlond, Fred 88, 138, 225 Whidden, Gory 55, 140, 215 Whitaker, Ren . ' ...92 White, Fred 80 White, Maureen . 80 White, William ZZZ 80 Whiteside, Lowell 92 Whittenbaugh, Robert 92, 223 Whorley, Jack 65, 146, 178, 179 Wibben, Gene 80 240 Wiblemo, Carol 80, 120, 134, 222 ' , 230 Wickens, Carolyn 65, 169 Wickens, Donaldson 65 225 Wierenga, Cheryl 80, 114, 136, 225, 240 Wieselcr, Mary Lou 55, 132, 225, 230, 264 Wiko, Judith 80, 118, 134 Wikner, Julie 80 Wikstrom, Jeanette 65, 120 Wildove, Howard 55 ' 140 Wilke, Lyie I ' I49 Wilken, Sharon 80, 120, 134 230 Wilkie, Linda 65, 132, 185, ' 223 Wilkinson, Robert .... 48 305 Will, Eileen 65, 136, 240 ' , 279 Willard, William 80 Willert, Ronald 80 Williams, Carolyn 65, 118, 239 Williams, Dennis 232 Williams, Don 235 Willioms, Jomes C 80 Williams, James H. 55, 138 Williams, Linda 65, 114, 240 Williams, Nell 48, ' 136, ' 202 Williams, Ronald 65, 138 Willioms, Terrence _ 80 Williamson, Gordon 140, 193 Williamson, Leroy 48, 149, 188, 193, ' 305 Wilson, Kay 80, 120, 231 Wilson, Robert 80 Wilson, Ronald 55, 281, 284 Wilson, Suzon 80, 114, 134, 222, 225, 230 Winderlin, Patrick _ 80 337 Wing, Ronald 48, 272, 277 Winjum, Constance 55, 230 Winter, David 81, 146 Winter, Janice 114 Winters, Alan 86 Winters, Dennis 81 Witt, Duane - 100 Witt, Howard _ 65 Witt, Robert - 55 Wittrig, Mary 81 Wixson, James _ 81, 152 Wohlmon, Linda 81, 114, 130 Wollmon, Roger 227 Wolpin, Lawrence 100 Wolsky, Charles 48, 146 Wolthoff, Virgil 92 Wong, Bernard — 142 Wood, Allan 238 Wood, Kay 81, 114 Wood, Robert 86 Wood, Thomas 65, 138 Woodsend, Ray 81 Woodword, Kayc 65, 230 Worrell, Nancy 81 Wosepka, James 97, 140 Wright, Donold 81 Wright, Kathleen 114 Wunder, James 99 Wunder, Margaret 86 Wutsch, Conrad 88 Wutsch, Edward ..48, 188, 190, 223, 264 Wyott, Ronald 100 Wyatt, Thomas .. 81 Wych, Ruby 81, 114 Yamamoto, Lillian 81 Yarger, Jacqueline 103 Yarger, Jo Ann 81, 118, 132, 225, 237 Yauk, Robert 99 Yback, Arthur 81 Yeado, Robert 227 Yee, Robert 49, 188, 226, 265 Yen, William 223 Yirok, Linda 48, 126, 135, 138, 182, 188, 199, 234, 259 Yoerger, Leonard 65, 264 Young, Andrew 81, 142, 237 Youngers, Dan 81, 152, 226 Yount, Frederick 81 z Zarins, Inora 65, 114 Zavorol, Theresa 81 Zeigler, Richard 65, 142, 225 Zephier, Alvin 81 Zettcrlund, Rolland 55 Zimmerman, Dale 81, 149 Zimmerman, Dean 81, 149 Zylstra, Ronald 88, 146, 193, 232 MIDWEET-BEACH CO. SIOUX FALLS, S. D. 338

Suggestions in the University of South Dakota - Coyote Yearbook (Vermillion, SD) collection:

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