University of South Dakota - Coyote Yearbook (Vermillion, SD)

 - Class of 1961

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Text from Pages 1 - 304 of the 1961 volume:

m u l ouot f 1960 C ditor-in-chiet- J a ren LjroAAe ..y A A is ta nt eailor uAan L oli in . rt ana lauout editor cJLowel t olstedt J- noloarapnerA lA aune U anderour and l .ouce oLih nes A ( opu editor f oAemaru J afner d uAineAA manaaer aUorotn ( oe ke irlovina 2J-inaer writes, and, having writ, If loves on- nor all tnu f- iet nor lAJit katl lure it oach to cancel naif a eJLine, rlor all tnu eard wash out a Wora of it. . Kubaiuat oj- Lyntar y hauua m ijei, the time, the moment id aone, but metnoru ii leM fleetinq. Z htJ L ouote has oeen compitea to preierve memories of the past uear. o iome, memories brinq Sweet fou ' , to Some, bitter tears ' , to still others, the memoru is bittersweet. J ' hope that most of vou will remember uour time at the l niversitu as happu ana well-Spent, J4appineSS comes from striving, aoina, achievina, conquerina; Such happiness is attained bu takina a avantaae of the moment , uch moments are cherished deariu bu some reqrettabtu , theu are irre- trievably tost 6y others, LJim.e moves Swiftlu ' , graduation mau be the end or a beginning , ..Jsaren L roSSe, C aitor Even the bench line joins the gome in spirit. Miss Dokoto receives homage. 1 Scabbard ond Blode members form an orch for Queen Mortho Clork, escorted by Drum Major, Chad Boese. Strollers provide diversion during the gome. Dakota Day, October 15, 1960, was one that will be remembered as especially successful, regardless of the game lost to the Coyote ' s traditional rivals, the State Jockrobbits. This disappointment was far out-weighed by a beautiful, brisk day, better- than-ever house decorotions, a near-spectacular parade and on aura of excitement and anticipation. A holf-time show, presented by the University Marching Band with the co-operation of the Physical Education Department, featured marching drill formations, square dancers, and a three-ring circus The simultaneous action in the three rings included boton twirling, modern dances, and a trampoline act. Having had no parade the previous Dakota Day because of bod weather, everyone put forth all the more energy to make this parade one to be re- membered. The one and a half hour long parade was the largest in USD history, as well as one of the most eloborate Most Originol Floot: Alpho Tou Omego Most Beautiful Sorority Floot: Chi Omego IPKR WARKKT | fcong IIg: The Four Preps add a spark to the fire of enthusiasm at the pre-gome Pep Rally. " These honored in their generotions were the g orY of the times " ... Apocrypha. Miss Mortha Clork of Speorfish is honored as she is crowned Miss Dakota of 1960 by Miss Ellen Hosse, Miss Dokota of 1959. Dedication and Tribute On behalf of the student body, we proudly dedicate the 1961 Coyote to you, Dr. Inez Hollingsworth, for loyal and unselfish service to the University and its students since 1946. During these fifteen years, Dr. Hollingsworth has been an inspiration, not only to her own students, but to all who have come in contact with her. She has given of herself through teaching, not only in the classroom, but in her own home during grave illness. Her students remember her for many years after their gradu- otion. We take this means of saying thank you for the many past and future years of loyalty and service to the University. Oft. m fto GS After twenty-six years of copoble leadership, President I. D. Weeks has estab- lished a record for service in colleges and universities across the country. Through his efforts in increasing the physical unit, student-foculty relationships, and intellectuol spirit, the standards of our university hove been raised immeasurably. lO Governor Archie Gubbrud Governor Archie Gubbrud and the South Dakota Board of Regents connect the University with the state government and, therefore, with the citizens of the state. It is through them that the people of South Dakota, the actual owners of the University, are able to direct the policies of their school. Appointed by the Governor, the Board of Regents performs many tasks which are vital in the governing of oil state-supported institutions. It selects all key personnel, lets all contracts, and performs innumerable essential duties. The South Dakota Board of Regents Boord of Regents: L. to R.: Horry Eggen; Lem Overpeck; Moylou Amunson; Byron Heigerson; Robert Doiley; Done Brown, Ralph Jones; Elgie Coacher; Executive Director. Newly appointed: Russ Molstod; Roland Huebner. H.W, FRANKENFELD, WILLIAM CURRAN, AND KENNETH E. RASCHKE hold the respective posi- tions of Registrar, Director of Admissions; Business Monoger; and Executive Assistant and Dean of Aca- demic Related Programs. IS Combining their efforts as Dean of Men and Director of Special Services, and Dean of V omen, HOV ARD CONNORS and ELEANOR NORTON provide capable guidance and counsel to the entire student body. 13 As Director of Student Person- nel Services, ROBERT H. KNAPP endlessly counsels the student body with regard to their abilities and interests. J. H. JULIAN, Director of Auxiliary Agencies, has served the University for many years by his capable guidance and counseling. ROBERT PATTERSON and E. W. HARRINGTON hold the respective positions of Dean of the School of Business Administration and Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, two of the University ' s largest branches. USHER ABELL, Head of the Department of Music, directs the University ' s music program and leods both students and towns- people to a greater appre- ciation of music. As Dean of the College of Fine Arts, WARREN E. LEE, oversees the field of drama, speech, art, and music. MARK W. DELZELL,Dean of the School of Education, and HERBERT S. SCHELL, Dean of the Graduate School, sucessfully fill two of the most important positions on campus. KENNETH SIMPSON and WALTER HARD, as Dean of the Law School and Dean of the Medico! School respectively, instill in their students the knowledge and ideals necessary for positions in their desired professions. Guiding her students in achieving their goal of becoming professional nurses is the duty of ANNE TAYLOR, Dean of the School of Nursing. RUTH BERGMAN, as Director of Libraries, is in charge of efficiently organ- izing the library, which is a necessary part of the University. One of the busiest men on campus, Dr. T. E. EYRES, Director of the Student Health service, administers to the sicknesses and injuries suffered by the students. WESLEY HURT as Director of the W. H. Over Museum has developed the displays of past civilizations into an acclaimed attraction. H. E. BROOKMAN helps graduates to secure the positions for which they have studied as Director of the University Placement Bureau. As Director of the Business Placement Bureau, BERNARD PERKINS fulfills the job demands of business students. They are seated v ith Dean Delzell, Director of Teacher Placement. The head football coach and the man most responsible for the University ' s athletic program is RALPH " BOOT " STEWART. LT, COL WILLIAM HORNBY guides the male population of the school in the fundamentals of military training as Director of Military Activities. STAN NELSON efficiently fills the position of Director of Union Activities. Many people off campus have the opportunity for higher education through the efforts of ROBERT FALK, Director of the Extension Division. FRED MUHMEL, VERN CADWELL, and DOUGLAS STECKLER contribute much time and energy to the University by holding the important positions of Housing Director, Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds, and Alumni Secretary, respectively. MARTIN BUSCH and BILL SLATTERY direct the University communication systems as respective Directors of Radio Station KUSD and the News Bureau. 21 acult o Know now to AuaaeAl id tne areat art of teacnina. . y enri Frederic . mlet C dilor Ibollie Sclxutl S2 ic-msTfiDf ZTacutl 1 - . P O.Q ANDERA, Leonard, Journaliim... B. A. South Dokoto. ARNAUD, Leonard, French Spanish... PH.D., Now York University. BARKLEY, Donold, Applied Science... B.S., Sooth Dakota. BEATY, Moriorie, Mothemolics... PH.D., Colorado. BENWELL, Frank, Spanish. ..M. A., Indiana. BILLINGTON, Monroe, Hi story. ..PH.D., Kentucky. BRADY, Claire, Art... B. F. A., Sooth Dakota. BUTTREY, Benton, Zoology. ..PH.D., Pennsylvania. CHAF- FEE, Carlton, Music Education. ..M. A., New York University. CHAMBRE, Morie-Therese, Nursing... M.A., Indiona. CHRIST, Edwin Soci- ology. ..PH.D., Missouri. CHRISTOL, Corl, History Government. ..PH.D., Berlin. CLARK, Chopin, Low...LL.M., Columbia. CLEM, Alan, Government.. .PH.D., Amer- icon University. DAVIS, Frederick Low... LL.B., Cornell. DAVIS, Roger, Psy- chology. ..PH.D., Wisconsin, DRISCOLL, Glen, History. ..PH.D., Minnesota. EHRENSPERGER, Edword, English... PH.D., Harvard. EKMAN, Wilhom Moth- emolics. ..M. A., South Dokoto. ELVIK, Kenneth, Accounting. ..M. A., Nebrosko. EVANS, John Economics. ..M. A., Teiat. FALK, Robert Extension Di rector. ..M. A., Colorodo. FOUR, Millard, Applied Science ...M.Ed., Pennsylvania Stote. GEARY, Thomas, Government. ..PH.D., Iowa. GRAY, Walter, Business Stofi sti cs... M.A., South Dakota. GUTZMAN, Woyne, Mathematics. ..PH.D. lov»o. HAEDER, Paul, Mathematics. ..M A., South Dakota. HAIN ES, Arthur, Chem istry...M.A., South Dakota. HARTMAN, Alexander, French.. . PH. D., Leipzig HORNBY, Lt. Col. William, Military Science, HOY, Carl, Physical Education ...B.A., South Dokoto. HUSEBOE, Arthur, English. ..M. A., South Dakota. JACKSON, Marion, Ass ' t Dean of Men; Athletic Ass ' t,...B.A., South Dokoto. JAREMKO, Michael, Russian German... PH.D., Vienna. JONES, John, Insurance Real Estate. ..M. A., Iowa. JORDAN, Harold, Speech. ..PH.D., Northwestern. KAVANAGH, James, Speech. .. M. S., Wis- consin. KIRKPATRICK, Copt. Travis, Military Science. KOENIG, Horry, French 8. Spanish. ..PH.D., Nat ' l University of Mexico. KRUEGER, Copt. Corl, Military Science. LARSON, Eva Home Economics, ...M.S., Iowa State. LEWIS, Frank, Government...PH.D., Texas. MEHAFFEY, Alexander, Mathematics. .. M. S., Iowa. NICHOLS, Alan, Economics. ..M. A., Wisconsin. OLESON, Quentin, Business Educotion, M.Ed., South Dokoto. EM, hx vi ' ' rtr v ' l ' I OLSON, Horold Accounting. ..M.B. A., Norlhweitern. OSTERBERG, Myron, Voice ...A.M., Colorado Slot . PERKINS, Bornard, Business Monogement.. .PH. D., lowo. PRITSCHOW, Arnold, Physiology Pharmacology., .PH.D., Oklahoma. RUCH, Richard, Chemistry. ..PH.D., Iowa State. SCHMULBACK, James, Zoology... PH.D., lowo. SELZ, William, Englis )...PH.D., Horvord. SHAW, Edwin, Biochemistry. ..PH.D., Johns Hopkins. SHOUSE, Wendell, B. Applied Science S.Ed., South Doko ' to. SPENCER, Joseph, Physiology and Phormocology. . . PH.D., Colorodo. STEENSMA, Robert, English... A.M., South Dakota. STERLING, E.W., History. ..PH.D., lowo. STILWELL, Wilber, Art.. .A.M., lowo. STORM, Richard, Applied Science... B.S., South Dakota. VAN BRUGGEN. Theodore. Botany. ..PH.D., Iowa. VAUGHN, Chorles, Zoology. ..PH.D., Wisconsin. WALTER, Robert, Malhemati cs...M. A., South Dakota. WHITE, Marvin, Business Slatislic$...M.A., South Dakota. 26 fflCOLiy Hoi PiClUftED ABELL, Mrs. Edith, Art. ..A.M., South Dakota. ABELL, Usher, stringed I n strument s. ..Mu s. M., Colorado. AGN EW, Allen, Geology... Ph.D., Stanford. AKELEY, Lewis, Phi losophy...D.Sc., South Dakota. ANNIS, Mrs. Alvera, Home Econom- ics. ..B.S., Detroit. A R T Z, Miss Delia, Home Economi cs... B.S., South Dakota. BAKER, Merrill, Speech... Ph.D., Iowa. BARRETT, Miss Barbara, Fngli sh..,M. A., South Dako- ta. BARRICK, Major Thomas, Mili- tary Science. 3EDWELL, Thomas, Physics. ..M.Ed., South Dakota. BEEDE, Mi ss Grace, Classics... Ph.D., Chicago. 3EHRFNDT, Erwin, German. ..Ph.D., Indiana. 3FS0M, ■Donold, Engli sh... A.M., South Dako- ta. 30ERINGER, James, Orgon... A.M., Columbia. B R K M A N, Harold, Applied Scien ce...M. E., South Dakota State. BUCKLEY, Thomas, H i story ...Ph.D., Indiono. BURGESS, Miss Grace, English... A.M., English, CAPE, William, Government. ..Ph.D., Kansas. CARL- SON, Hugh, Geology. ..Ph.D., Queens University. CHURCHILL, Edward, ■ ' oology. ..Ph.D., Johns Hopkins. CLODFELTER, Dwane, Head Basketball Coach... B.S., South Da- kota. COBB, Henry, Psycology... Ph.D., Yalel COLTON, Winfred, Stringed In struments...Mus.D., Morn- ingside. COLWFLL, Dell, Secondary Education. ..M.S., North Dakota Ag- ricultural College. DARSNEK, Sgt. Robert, Military Science. DEVI L Bl SS, Ray, Music Education. ..M. Ed ., Missouri. DELZELL, Mark, Dean, Education.. .Ph.D., Nebraska. DEW- EY, Ernest, Phi losophy... Ph.D., Texas. DR FY ER, Avon, Economics... Ph.D., Wisconsin. DUDLEY, Miss Marjory, Music Theory ...Mus.D., Toronto. DUNLAP, Donald, Zoolo- gy ... Ph.D., Washi ngton State College. DYKSTRA, Harry, School Adminis- trotion... Ed.D., Colorado State College. ESTEE, Charles, Chem- istry... Ph.D., Iowa. EWALD, Mrs. Hattie, Elementary Educat ion...M. A., South Dokota. FARBER, William, Government. ..Ph.D., Wisconsin. FISHER, Joseph, Educational Psy- cology and Gui dance... Ed.D., Nebra- ska. FOLTZ, Floyd, Anatomy... Ph.D., Kansas. FOSSLER, Harold, Psycology. ..Ph.D., lowo. GARVER, Richard, Journal i sm... Ph.D., Wiscon- sin. GEBER, William, Cardiovas- cular Phy s iology . .. Ph . D., Indiana, GRAF, Stephen, Applied Science... A.B., South Dakota, GRAY, Stanford, Film Production. ..M. A., Missouri. GUNDERSON, Clark, Law ond Legal Counsel. ..LL. 3., South Dakota. HABBE, Donald, Government... Ph.D., Iowa. HADD, Edwin, Law... LL.B., Louisville University. HAHN, Roger.Chemi stry...Ph.D., Ohio State. HAMPSHIRE, Alan, Chemistry... M.Ed., Colorodo. HANER, Miss Joan, Bible. ..A.M., Oberlin. HARD, Wolter, Dean, Med icine...P H. D., Duke. HARRELL, Byron, Zoology ...PH.D., Minnesota. HARRINGTON, Elbert, Dean, Arts and Sciences... PH.D., Iowa. HASSE, Mrs. Gladys, English. ..B. A., Carleton. HASSE, Merton, Mathematics... A.M., Carleton. HESS, Philip, Radio; Speech. ..M. A., Iowa. HOLLINGSWORTH, Miss Inez, Spon ish...PH. D., Washington Univer- sity. HOWE, Oscar, Creotive Arts; Resident Art i st. ..M. F. A ., Oklohoma. JOHNSON, Robert, Finance... A.M., Iowa. JOHNSON, Vandel, Educational Psychology and Gui dan ce.. .A.M., South Dakota. JORGENSEN, Miss La Vernia, Health and Physical Education. ..M.Ed., Minnesota. KA- BEISEMAN, William, Physics... A.M., South Dakota. KAUFMAN, Charles, Business Monagem en t...M.B. A., South Dakota. KIPLING, Cecil, Elementary Educat ion. .Ed.D., Nebraska . K N AB E, George, Pathology. . .M.D., Maryland. KNUTSON, Miss Esther, Secretarial Training. ..M. Ed., South Dakota. KNUTSON, Wayne, Dramatic Art... PH.D., Denver. K R U SEN ST J E R N A, Charles, Woodwind S...M.M., Eastman School of Music. KUCERA, Richard, Geology. ..M.S., Ohio State. LARSON, Alworth, Mi crobiology. .. PH. D., Iowa. LARSON, Carl, Secondary Education ...M.Ed., South Dakota. LARSON, Miss Effie, Nursing. ..B.S., South Dakota. LARSON, Irvin, Sociology... A.B., William Penn College. LAY- MAN, Oliver, Law. ..LL.B., Boston Univers ity. LE E, Warren, Dean, Fine Arts. ..PH.D., Iowa. LENNON, Don, Head Track Coach... Ed. M., South Dakota. LEONARD, Miss Gladys, Heolth and Physical Education... A. M., Columbio. LIPP, Robert, French German. ..M.Litt., Pitsburgh. LOK- KEN, Miss Ella, Piono...Mus.M., South Dakota. LUMAN, Richard, History. ..A.M., Iowa. LYON, Miss Bobby, Health and Physical Educa- tion... A.M., lowa.McDearmon, James, Speech. ..A.M., Collegeofthe Pacific. MAREK, Robert, Music Theory. ..PH. D., Eostman School of Music. MAR- SHALL, Joseph, English. ..A.M., South Dakota. MATHIS, Paul, Eco- nomics. ..PH.D., Iowa. MEYER, Miss Elaine, Library Sc ien ce. ..M. A ., Denver. MICKEY, Carrol, Sociology ...PH.D., Iowa. MILLER, Donald, KUSD; Speech. .. A. B., South Dokota. MITTELSTAEDT, Robert, Marketing ...B.S., South Dakota. MOLLER, Gottfried, Phy sics...A.M., South Dakota. NELSON, LeRoy, School A d m i n I s t r a t i o n...PH.D., lowo. NOBLE, Jack, Organ. ..Mus.M., Col- orado. AT EY, William, Physics. ..B. S., Dubuque University. OSTER, Mrs. Moe, Nursing.. .M. A., Columbia. OVESON.Miss Erno, Nurs ing...M. A., Chicago. PALMER, Neil, Sociology ...PH.D., Iowa. PARDEE, Arthur, Chemi stry...PH.D., Johns Hopkins. PATTERSON, Robert, Dean, Busi- ness. ..PH.D., Colorado. PECK, Miss Irmo, Nu rs i ng . . .M. A., Chicago. PETERSEN, Frederic, Secondary Education. .. Ed.D., Neb- raska. PETERSON, James, Business Law. ..LL.B., South Dakoto. PITTS, Ervin, Head Boseball Cooch. . . A.M., Missouri. POE, Thorr ■; , Law Librar- ian. ..LL.B., Pittsbur h. POWELL, Johnie, Eng li sh... A.M., South Dakota. PRUSHA, James, Speech. ..A. B. , South Dokota. READ, Willord, Phys- iology and Pharmacology ... PH.D., Missouri. REEDY, Jeremiah. Classics ...M.A., South Dakota. REID, Theo- dore, Chemistry. ..PH.D., I owa State. ROEDER, Merwin, Physical Educa- tion. ..A.M., Minnesoto. ROTHROCK, E. P., Geology. ..PH.D., Chicago. SCHELL, Herbert, Dean, Graduate School. ..PH.D., Wisconsin. SCHMUL- BACK, James, Zoo logy.. . PH.D., Iowa. SCHUTTER, Claude, Law... J.D., Chicogo. SCHWABAUER, Robert Mathematics. ..M.S., Nebraska. SCOTT, Earl, Anatomy. ..PH.D., Pittsburgh. SCOTT, George, Chem- istry.. .PH . D., Rochester. SELZ Mrs. Dorothy, Engli sh ...PH.D., Cornell. SELZ, William, English. ..PH.D., Harvord. SERIF, George, Biochem- istry. ..PH. D., McMoster University. SHAW, Edwin, Biochemistry. ..PH.D., Johns Hopkins. SHOEMAKER, Mrs. Gretchen, Engl i sh... A.M., South Dakota. SHOUSE, Wendell, Applied S c i e n c e...B.S., South Dokota. SHROEDER, Raymond, Elementary Educat ion... PH.D., Nebraska. SIMON, SFC Sgt. Donald, Military Science. SIMPSON, Kenneth, Dean, Law...LL. B., Northwestern. SKEEN, James, Psychology. ..PH.D., Illinois. SMITH, Leonard, B iochemi stry.. .PH.D., Ill- inois. SPICER, SFC Sgt. Herbie, Military Science. STEINBACH, Raleigh, Secondary E ducation. ..M. South Dokota. STEVENSON, Robert, Geology. ..PH.D., Lehigh University. STREIM, Francis, Voice... A.M., Wisconsin. TAYLOR, Miss Anne, Dean, Nurs ing... M.S., Western Re- serve University. TAYLOR, James, Marketing. ..A.M., Iowa. THOMAS, Miss Mary Jean, Speech. ..M. A., Kansas State. THORESON, Captoin Dale, Military Science. TINKER, M Sgt. Arnold, Military Science. TRANEL, Nathaniel, Psychology... M.A., Notre Dame. TROTZIG, E. G., Journali sm... A.M., South Dakota. TRURAN, Miss Genevieve, Piano... Mus.M., Oberlin. VAN WHY, John, Health and Physical Educotion... PH. D., Michigan. VOLK, Arthur, Ac- count ing.. .M.S., Colorado. WHITLOW, Claude, Economi sc. . .PH . D., Michi- gan. WILSON, Alvin, Voice. ..Mus.B., Knox College. WINTER, John Bot- any. ..PH.D., Nebraska. WOOD, Mrs. Tage, Health and Physical Educa- tion. ..B.S., Pennsylvonia State Teachers College. CL aAAeA _ man id but wital n e hnowetn. . . . Zrrancid vSacon C ailor Aoan Kaaent LC ' MSrfiDi O. |r f ' M ABILD, ARDEN., Wokondo, Applied Sci«nc«, Engineering Club« Rifle Team, Tennis Team. ALLEN, JAMES M., Sooth Sioux City, Nebraska, Educotion, Geology, Geology Club, SNEA, SDEA. ANDERSON, ED- WARD Remsen, lowo, Moth, Tbolo Xi, PWF, SNEA. ANDERSEN, KHRISTINE, Humbolt, Iowa, Educotion, WRA, Dolphins, Alpha Xi Delta President, Ponhellenie, AWS. ANDERST, JAMES, Plankmton, Moth, Alpho Tau Omega, Interfroternity Council, Student Senotor, Gamma Delta, Young Republicons, SNEA. ANDRESEN, JULIE, Bloomfield, Nebrosko, English, Low Wives. BARTHOLOMEW, ANN, Canton, English, Kappa Alpha Theta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Guidon, Mortar Boord, Bond, Toostmi stresses, YGOP, PWF, Who ' s Who. BERG, BURDETTE. Alvord, lowo, Education, History, Young Repuolicans, History Club, Political Science League, Dick Nixon Club, L SA, SNEA NEA, SDEA. BETTS, JAY, Spear- fish, Pre-Dentistry. BLISS, JOHN, Vermillion, Applied Science, Engineering Club. BODE, KEN, Howorden, Iowa, Government-Philosophy, ODK, Young Democrats President, Dokotans President, Forensic Union President, Student Senote, Student Associotion Vice President, Politicol Science League, Alpha Tau Omega, Who ' s Who. BOGUE, RICHARD, Pierre, Government, Young Republicans, Debate. BOLDT, DAVID, Carroll, lowo. Education, SNEA. BOWES, NEIL, DeSmet, Rodio-TV, LSA, Tau Koppo Epsilon, KUSD. BOYD, WARREN, Sioux City, lowo, Government. BRIGHT, JACK, Soc City, lowo, Chemistry, Tau Kappo Epsilon, IFC, Honors Seminor, Chemistry Club, A. L. Haines Chemistry Award. BRINGS, NYAL, White River, Education, Who ' s Who, NEA, Cross Coun- try Trock, Leitermen ' s Club, Wopoho Club. BRITTON, MARY, Sioux City, lov.o, Ed- ucotion, SNEA. BROST, DEE, Murdo, Mothemotics, Moth Club, Koppa Phi, Mortar Board, Honors Seminar, East Hall President Rodeo Club, Phi Mu Epsilon, SNEA, Who ' s Who. BURGES, MARY, Milbank, Govern- ment, Journolism, Alpha Lambda Delta, Guidon, Mortar Board, Volonte Editor, Bond, Miss Young Republicon, Alpha Phi Who ' s Who, Phi Beto Koppo. CAULKINS, CECIL, Trenton. Missouri, Government, Phi Eto Epsilon, Phi Alpha Theta, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonio, ODK, Honors Seminar, Bond, German Club, Tou Koppo Epsilon, Who ' s Who. CHRISTENSEN, DANIEL R., Vermillion, History. CHRISTENSEN, WILLIAM J., Beresford, Applied Science, Captain, Rifle Teom, 1958-1961, Engineering Club. CHRISTIANSON, PRISCILLA, Sioux City, lowo. Education, Chi Omega, WRA Vice President and President, Dolphins, AWS, Young Republ icons, Coyote, Vol ante 2nd Business Wanoger, Student Recruitment, SNEA Treasurer, PEMM. CLEMENS, MIKE, CHAMBERLAIN, Physical Ed- ucation, SNEA, Newman Club, Sportsman- ship Club. CONDON, SUSAN, Sioux City, lowo, Spanish. CONRADI, GARY, Sioux Falls, Government, Young Republicans, Politicol Science League, Delta Sigmo Pi. CONDON, SUSAN, Sioux City, Iowa, Spanish. CONRADI, GARY, Sioux Falls, Government, Young Republicans, Political Science League, Delta Sigma Pi. COOPER, NORMAN, Mondomin, Iowa, Education, Moth Club, SNEA. COOPER. THOMAS, Sturgis, History, PWF, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Alpha Theta, Omicron Del to Kappa, Hi story Club, Intromurol Basketbal I, Freshmen Bosketball. COVERDALE, CAROL, Spencer, lowo, Sponi sh, Chi Omega, Treasurer, Alpha Lamdo Delta, President of Guidon, Coyote Staff, Blast Stoff, Business Manager of Volante, SNEA, Young Republicans, Dakota Day Committee, Religious Emphasis Week Committee, PWF, WRA, Honors Seminor, Who ' s Who. COX, KENNETH M., Yankton, Industriol Engineering. CRANE, JANE, Carroll, Iowa, Math Education, Math Club, Home Economics Club, Junior Punhellenic, Alpha Xi Delta, AWS. DAUSEL, DENNIS, Bottle Creek, Iowa, Applied Science, Engineering Club. DOOHEN, JOHN, Hawarden, lowo, Russian -French, Theta Xi, Honor Seminar, DakotansVice President, Student Develop- ment Committee, Who ' s Who. EBERLE, MELDA, McConnelsville, Ohio, Education, MENC. SNEA. EICHMAN, MARY, SIBLEY, lowo, Education, Alpha Xi Delta, Pan- hellenic President, Coyote Staff, AWS, WRA, Young Republicons, Dakota Day Attendant, SNEA. ENGLUND, SALLY R., Vermillion. Zoology, ISA President, Student Senate, Union Board of Control, Convocations Committee, Hippocrates Club. EYRES, LINDA, Vermillion, English, Pi Beta Phi, AWS, lAWS Coordinator, Pan- he lien ic, Toostmi stresses President, Young Republicans, Guidon, Mortar Board, National Col legiate Players, Dramatic Workshop, Zeta Phi Eta, Honor Seminar, Miss Young Republican, Honorary Cadet Colonel, Miss Dakota Attendant, Block Hills Playhouse, English Club, Secretory REW, Who ' s Who. FARLEY, COLE EN, Alcester, Education, Choir, Nowmon Club, Musica s, MENS, SNEA, WRA, AWS. FEATHERS, PATRICK J.. Beresford, Industrial Engineering, Phi Delta Theta, Engineering Club. FENTON, J. WAYNE, Ni stand. Ad vert i sing Art. FERGUSON, WILLIAM K., Poullino, Iowa, Applied Science, Engineering Club. FLAMMING, BETTY J., Tyndall, History, History Club. FOWLER, DUANE K., Bottle Creek, lowo. Physics and Math- ematics, Phi Eto Sigma, Pi Mu Epsilon, Omicron Delta Kappo, Scabbard and Blade, Who ' s Who. GISKE, RAY, Gregory, Moth, Honors Seminar, Scabbard and Blade, Student Senote, Omicron Delta Kappa, Pi Mu Epsilon, PWF President, Moth Club, University Social Committee, Who ' s Who. Mi MtM CRAY, WILLI A t Varmillion, Physics Mathemotics, PWF, Tou Kappa Epsilon, Moth Club, Honors Seminor. GROSS, GEORGE, Bridge water, Math Education. Track, SNEA, Who ' s Who. GROSSE, KAREN, Vermtl lion, Sponi sh. Dolphin $, AWS. WRA, Church Choir, PWF, Ass ' t Editor Blast, Socrotic Club President, Coyote Editor, Political Science L eague. Vocation s and Activities Choi rm an Chi Omega, Cosmopolitan Club Vice President ond President, Young Democrats, Coed Code Advertising Choirmon, REW Commit- tee, History Club, Alpha Lambdo Delta, Honors Seminar, Mortor Board. GUS- TAFSON, JACQUELINE, Alto, lov o. Physical Education, WRS, AWS, Wesley Club. Koppa Phi, SNEA. HANE, JERALD, Hinton, lowo. Secondary Education, Sociol Studies, SNEA, Moth Club, Hi story Club, Young Democrats. HANSON, BURNELL, Vermillion, Applied Science, Engineering Club. HARRIS, GORDON, Plankinton, Physicol Education, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Wesley Club, Young Republicans, History Club. HARTMANN, RAYMOND, Akron, Iowa, Applied Science, Engineering Club, ASTM. Honors Seminar, Brookman Scholorship. HERROLD, JAMES, Lake Andes, Industrial Engineering, Engineering Club Vice Presi- dent. HILTON, MAYRE, Sioux City, Iowa, Elementary Educotion, Chi Omego, Young Republicans, WRA, SNEA Historion, Wesley Club, Coyote Section Editor, Blost Hi story Club, Pep Club, Student Recruit- ment. HOLMES, ROBERT, Aberdeen, Math- ematics. HULL, DENNIS, Sisseton, Sociol Science, Phi Alpha Theto. JANSSEN, LEROY, Hartford. Government, Political Science League, YGOP, Speech Club, Dorm Counselor, Intromurol Athletics. JENSEN, SIGURD. Loconia, N. H., Dro- motic Art, Notional Collegiote P layers, Theotre Work shop. Con vocotion s Commit- tee. JOHNSON, CHARLES, Webster, Moth- ematics, KUSD-TV. JONES, COLETA B., Gettysburg, Mathemotics, Mortar Board, Guidon, Young Democrats, SNEA, Band, Math Club, Pi Mu Epsilon, AWS Treasurer, Toastmi stresses, Newman Club, Who ' s Who. KAMBACK, MARVIN, Yankton, English- Psychology, English Club, Honors Seminar. KIRCH. SHARON, Mitchell, Education. KROEGER. GLENN, Sioux Foils, Physical Educotion, KUYKENDALL. MARLYNE, Deodwood, Business Education, Pi Omega Pi, Cosmopoli ton Club, Roger Wi II iams Club. LANGENFELD, MATT, Wotertown. Bacte- riology, Honors Seminar, Newman Club, Hippoc rotes Club Vice President, German Club, Society of American Bacteriologists. LILLIE, MAF VIN, Hornick, lowo. Math- ematics. Geology Club, Moth Club. LOGUE, TERRY, Ponco, Nebraska, Education, Band. Newman Club, SNEA. LONGE, ROBERT, Wayne, Nebraska. Applied Science, Sigma Alpho Epsilon, Scabbard ond Blode, Varsity Football. Lettermon ' s Club, Engineering Club, Mi I i tor y Boll Chairman. Intramural Basketbotl. LUND, VERDA, Yankton, Art Education, Chorus. LYNN, JUDY Ropid City, Journalsim, WRA, AWS, Pep Club, Coyote, Blast, Volante, History Club, Chi Omega Secretary PWF, Dromotics, Mac KENZIE, SUE, Milwaukee, Wiscon- sin, Educotion, Noteboom Hall Presi- dent, AWS Treasurer, Wesley Club, Koppa Phi, SNEA, REW Committee. McBRIDE, KAREN, Rock Rapids, Iowa, Physical Educotion, •Kappo Alpha Thefa, WRA. SNEA. McGregor, RALPH, Kimball, Com- bined Science, Newman Club President, Religious Council Vice President, SNEA. MANN, VINCE, Sioux City, Iowa, Applied Science, Engineering Club. MANSHEIM, THOMAS, Sioux City, Iowa, Mathematics-History, Honors Seminar. MAYNARD, ARNOLD, M ron, Iowa, Applied Science-Industrial Engineering, Engineering Club. WET7, GARY, Sioux City, Iowa, Ap- plied Science, Phi Delta Theta, Engi- neering Club. MILEY, GENE, Volin- Moth-Chemi stry. Student Senate, r ath Club. MITCHELL DEAN, Sioux Foils, Education, SNcA, History Club. MITCHELL, LA?RY, Deadwood, Music Education, Bond, Orchestra, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia President and Treasurer, Koppa Koppa Psi, Who ' s Who. MYRON, KAY, Vermillion, Applied Piono-Vocal Music Education, Pi 3eto Phi, Mu Phi Epsilon, Alpho Lambda Delta, Guidon, Mortar Board, Choir, AWS, Who ' s Who. NELSON, JANE, Watertown, Chemistry, Mortar Board, Guidon, Honors Seminar, Volante, Coyote, Blast, Student Senote, YGOP, Chi Omega President, WRA, AWS Legislotive Council, Who ' s Who. NELSON, KAREN, Huron, English, Alpha Lambda Delta, Choir, Volante, Student Recruitment, Coyote, YGOP, Union Soard of Control, Kappo Alpha Theto Rush Chairman, Ponhellenic Council, Toostmi stresses. NEPODAL, ROLAND, Yankton, Mathemotics, Math Club, S.NEA. NIELSEN, NORRIS, Arnolds Park, lowo. Math Education. NOLAN, JIM, Plankin- ton. Physical Education, Newman Club, Sigma Alpho Epsilon, History Club. OOLANO, LINDA, Canistoto, Elemen- tory Education, SNEA. PALMER, LYNN, Scotlond, Physicol Educotion, Basket- ball, YGOP, Wesley Foundation, Delta Tau Delto. PARKER, SHARON, Winner, Music Educotion, Marching Band, Pep Bond, Concert Band, Orchestra, Guidon Treas- urer, Mu Phi Epsilon President, MENC President, Band Secretary, PWF, Dakota Hall Secretory, Church Choir, Dakota HoM Song Leader, SNEA, WS, Who ' s Who. PATNAUD, ROBERT, Sioux City, lowo. Art Educotion, Con- vocotion Committee. PETERSON, LARRY, Ponca, Nebrosko, Zoology. RAASCH, BONNIE, Odebolt, lowo. Music Education, Chi Omega, Mu Phi Epsilon, Tau Beto Sigma, MENC, WRA, AWS, SNEA, Band, Choir. V ■V } 7 mMmMh Uj. ff f f - p t rv ««1 v V I « ■ iiM , ' -,J RAESLY, ROBERT. Carthage. Advortis- ing Art, Young Democr ols. Basketball. RANDALL. CHARLENE J.. Freemon, English, Mu Pht Epsilon, Honors Seminar. MENC, Dromotics. RANDALL, JAMES. Mi I bank. Political Science, ODK Presi- dent, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfoni o President, Tou Kappa Alpho Secretary ond Treasurer, Scabbard and Blade, Kappa Kappa Psi, Phi Eta Sigma President, Military Boll Ass t. General Chairman, Bond, Orchestra. Dramatics, Forensics, Debate, Extempo- raneous, Oratory, Discussion, Student Sociol Committee Chairman, Honors Semi- nar, Volonte Fine Arts Editor, Who ' s Who. RHOADES, MARC. Yankton, Zoology, Delto Tou Delta, Hippocrates Club Presi- dent, Honors Seminar, Who ' s Who. ROLAND, GENE, Inwood, Iowa, Mathe- matics, Tou Koppo Epsilon, LSA. RUDDY, ROBE RT, Aberdeen, Government, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Vice President, I FC Vice President, ODK, Y GOP, Honors Seminar, N ewmon Club, Political Science League, Who ' s Who. SENEM, LINDEN, Sioux City, Iowa, Mothemoti cs. Honors Seminar. SCHOLTEN, SHIRLEY, Lorchwood, Iowa, Elementary Education, Blast, Coyote, Alpha Lambda Delta, Gutdon, WRA, SNEA. Young Democrats, Miss Dakota Condidate, Chi Omega, History Club, Student Devel- opment Committee. SCHWARTZ, JOHN. Huron, History Delta Tau Del to. Hi story Club, Scobbord and Blode, Strollers. SKARO, DON, Sioux Fall s. Government, Delto Tou Delta, Political Science League, YGOP, Hi story Club, SMITH, JAMES, Vermillion, English Education, Engl i sh Club Presi dent. STERN, ROGE R, Freemon, Physical Science Edu- cotion, Student Senate, YGOP, Nixon Club, SNEA, CO-OP. STRATTON, JEANNINE, Hartford, Ele- ment ory Education, Head Cheerleader, Volonte, Choir, SNEA, Young Democrots, Koppo Alpha Theto, Student Recruitment. Toostmistresses, Who ' s Who. SWARTZ. CLIFFORD, Herrick, Applied Science. Engineering Club Treasurer. SYKORA. HAROLD, Tripp, Mothemoti cs, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Math Club, N ewmon Club. TESDELL, DAVID, Wolnut Grove, Minne- sota, Advertising Art, Theto Xi President, National Collegiate Players, Student Senate, IFC, YGOP. THIETJE JOHN, Mitchell. Govern. ment-Low. Beta Theto Pi, Young Demo- crats, Student Recruitment, IFC. TINAN, GLORIA, Mitchell, Radio-TV, Newmon Club, Forensics, Theatre Workshop, WRA, AWS. TOLSTEDT, LOWELL. Burke. Commercial Art, Scobbord and Blode, Coyote, Blost Ass ' t. Editor. TOWNE, ELIZABETH, Vermillion, Music Educa- tion, Alpha Xi Delta. Mortar Board. Alpha Lombdo Delta, Organ Gui Id, Choir, Roger Willisns Club, Mu Phi Epsilon, MENC. SNEA. TROTMAN. FRANK, Miller, Educotion. Lombdo Chi Alpha. UFFORD, WAYNE, Vermi II ion. Applied Sci ence, Lombda Chi Alpha, Engineering Club. U L M E R, VICTOR, Hosmer, Sociology. VANDER SCHAAF, DEREK, Hull, lowo, Govern- ment, ODK, Pi Sigma Alpho, Scobbord and Blade, Honors Seminar, Union Board of Control, Who ' s Who. VAN OMMEREN, ROGER, Orange City, Iowa, Journalism, Volante. VERSTEEG, LARRY, Vermillion, Music Education, Phi Mu Alpha, Sinfonia Vice President, Band President, Kappa Koppa Psi, MENC Vice President, SNEA, LSA Social Chairman. WAHL, ROBER, Pierson, Iowa. Speech Education, Roger Williams Club, University Religious Counci I. WALTH, GLENA, Fairfax, English Language Arts, IVCF Vice President, Dorm Vi ce Presi dent ond Student Ass ' t., Cosmopolitan Club, REW, University Rel Igious Council, Biology Club, English Club, Young Republicans, Choir, AWS,SNEA. WEINGARTNER, RUSSELL, Wakondo, Government, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, New- man Club, Young Democrots, Political Science League. WETROSKY, DONALD, Alcester, Hi story Educotion. WICK, ROBERT, Chamberloin, Instrumental Music, Band, Orchestra, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonto, Kappa Kappa Psi. WITTEN, WENDELL, Sioux City, Iowa, Applied Science, Engineering Club Presi dent. Delta Tou Delta. JONES, WAYNE, Huron, Fine Arts. POORE, CHARLES, Atlantic, Iowa, General Business Monagement, Who s Who, Publicotions Board, Dakoto Doy Committee and Porode Marshall, Scab- bard and Blade, Dakotans, Military Ball Committee, I FC Secretory and Treasurer, P resident. Delegate, Phi Del to Theta Pledge Trainer, Vice President, President, Delegate. Stniofts h PicMED AINSLIE, JAMES, Lorimor, lowo. AISTRUP, JEROME, Sioux Foils, BARRICK, THOMAS, Vermillion. BAR- STOW, MARY PAT, Vermillion. BAR- TEL5, CONSTANCE, Ft. Pierre. BAR- TELS, RONALD, Dakota City, Iowa. BLEECHER, RONALD, Rapid City- BOBELDYK, IRVIN, Vermillion. BO ESE, CHAD, Sioux Foils. BOERINGFR, GRACE, Sioux Falls. BORN, KERMIT, Wotertown. BRINK, JOAN, Lowton, lowo. BROOKS, SPENCER, Sisseton. CADIEUX, JOHN, Jamestown, North Dokoto. CASH, MARIAN, ■ Vermillion. CHARD, DANIEL, Woodbury, Ne w Jersey. CHRISTENSEN, CLEO, Love- land, Colorodo. CHRISTENSEN, JOSEPH, Loveland, Colorado. CLARK, ALLAN, Spearfish. CLARK, DONALD, Wotertown. CLARK, GRANT, Vermillion. CLARK, MARTHA, Speorfish. COE, DOROTHY, Custer. CROSON, SHARON, Mt. Vernon. DAUGHTERS, ROBERT, Winner. DAVIDSON, LUCILLE, Ver- million. EICHBAUER, RONALD, Detroit, Michigan. FINGER, MARY, Wotertown. FORNEY, FRED, Sioux City, lowo. FRITZ, DANIEL, Mitchell. GAMET, ROBIN R., Vermillion. GRACE, JAMES, Sioux Foils. GROTH, PATRICIA, Den- ison, lowo. GUSTAFSON, LA VERN, L eod. HAAR, DUANE; Freeman. H A A R, ROBERT, Morion. H A E R T E R, CHARLES, Hosmer. HALL, ALLEN, Wakondo. HALLIDAY, JAMES, Jeffer- son. HANSEN, MARLIN, Alcester. HAUKOOS, GERRY, Vermillion. HEATH, BURTON, Vivian. HENDRICKSON, GERRI, Vermillion. HOFER, EDNA, Freeman. HOHERZ, JANET, Deodwood. HOLLE, MARY, Modison. HOUTKOOP- ER, EDWIN, Mitchell. JENSEN, ALFRED, Gettysburg. JENSEN, LYLE, Sioux City, lowo. JOHNSON, THANE, Sioux Foils. JOYNT, SISTERM. JO- ELLE, Pierre. K I S T N E R, F A Y E, Sioux City, lowo. KLINGEBIEL, CHARLES, Hinton, lowo. KLUCK, GENE, Wotertown. KNAPP, MYRTLE, Vermillion. KRYGER, LYLE, Irene. LARSEN, GARY, Vermillion. LEISING, RICHARD, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. LEMKE, DANIEL, Brookings. LINDER, BRUCE, Brookings. LOKKEN, ELIZA- BETH, Yankton. L U N D Q U I S T, DOROTHY, Webster. McDANIEL, LINDA, Sturgis. McMURCHIE, BOYD, Billings, Montono. MASTERS, TOM, Humboldt. MOGCK, JUDITH, Yankton. NEBELSECK, RICHARD, Beresford. NELSON, EILENE, Goyville. NEP- STAD, MARCIA, Mitchell. OLSON, ROGER, Vermillion. OSBURN, LARY, Philip. PERSINGER, RICHARD, Hornick, lowo. PETERSON, DONALD, Aberdeen. PFEIFFER, WALTER, Yonkton. POLSE, JUDITH, Son Fron- cisco, California. PRESTON, ROBERT, Vermillion., ROHRABAUGH, SHARON, Huron. ROST, JUDITH, Sioux Foils. RYSDON, PHILLIP, Sioux Foils. SCHAIBLE, ROBERT, Leola. SCHMITT, GRETCHEN, Pierre. S C H U L T Z, RUSSELL, Flondreau. SCHWARZEN- BACH, ROBERT, Wayne, Nebroska. SCHWEIGERT, JERRY, Dollos. SENNER, LESLIE, Vermillion. SIMMONS, DUANE, Onowo, Iowa. SMITH, GERALD, Sioux Falls. SORENSON, LA MONTE, Flondreou. SOUHRADA, GARY, Vermillion. SOUR, JOAN, Grofon, SPIRY, PATRICIA, Mobridge. SYVERSON, PATRICK, Red- field. THOMPSON, JULIET, Huron. THOMPSON, RICHARD, Flondreou. TUTTLE, DOUGLAS, Canton. UFFORD, GEORGE, Vermillion. VAN BUSKIRK, DAVID, Alto, lowo. VANDERLINDEN, JAY, Sisseton. VON HOLDT, RICHARD, Loke Park, lowo. WAYMER, CLINTON, Brooklyn, Now York. WICKERSHAM, WILLIAM, Sioux City, lowo. WISE, KAREN, Gettysburg. YOUNG, DAYMON, Ookdole, Colifornlo. X Studies for Seniors? -- It ' s a dog ' s life se But why orange and chartreuse? A howling good time! ABBOTT, ARLENE, Sfurgis. ANDERSON, GENE, R«iit.o, lowo. ARNOLD, STEPHEN, Troverse City, Michigon. ATKINSON, JUDITH, Doven- port, lowo BASS, ELWOOO, ATKINSON, JUDITH, Doven- port, lowo. BASS, ELWOOD, Corsica. BARTLETT, RO- BERT, CentervilU. BAUDER, GEORGE, Huron. BAUMANN, Yonk tor). BLUE BIRD,NORMA, Allen. BOHLEN, KAREN, Boone, lowo. BROWN, PATRICIA, Sioux City, lowo. CAW THORNE, BURTON, Winner CHRISTY, KAY, Ropid City COLVIN, SUSAN, Vermillion CONNOR, CLARICE, Ar tesion. DAVIS, KEITH, On owo, lowo. DILLY, MAR JORIE, Aberdeen, DREWE LOW, WILLIAM, Sioux Foils DIVORAK, JOSEPH, Koylor EGGERS, CLIFF, Sioux Foils. EICHMAN, THOMAS, Sibley, lowo. EVANS, JAMES, Yankton. FABER, ROGER, Conistoto. FARGO, JAMES, Goyville. FELD, DONALD, Vermitlion. FRIEBERG, EVELYN, Beres- (ord. GARDNER, NANCY, Huron. GIBBS, RICHARD, Moville, lowo. GLOVER ALAN, Frederick. GRABER, MORRIS, Marion. GREENLEE, ANN, Yonkfon. HAEDER, ROSALIE, Ver- million. HAFNER, ROSE- MARY, Newell. HAISCH, SANDRA, Bonesteel. HALL, GREGG, Sioux Foils. HAL- LENBECK, JONE, Modison. HANK EN, SANDRA, Garden Grove, California. HANSEN, CATHLEEN, Huron HANSON, RUSSELL, Ver million. HAYLER, ROBERT Rockwell City, lowo. HER RBOLDT, ALLEN, Menno HEUER, KAREN, Howorden Iowa. HILLBERG, JOHN WousD, Nebraska. HOSMER, LARRY, Howard. HOUCHEN, LAVONNE, Rapid City. HOUDERSHELDT, GLENN, Wayne, Nebrasko. HOWARD, GARY, MitchelL HUETTMANN, RONALD, AW- ton, Iowa. JENSEN, ELLARD, Bottle Creek, Iowa. JOHANSEN, JAN, South Sioux City, Nebrasko. JOHN- SON, MARVIN, Wokondo. JOHNSTON, ALBERT, Hot Springs. JORDAN, CAROL, Fishkill, New York. JORDAN, DAVID, Vermillion. JORDAN, JEAN, Sturgis. KELSO, LARRY, Burke. KINGSBU ' Y, RICHARD, Ponca, Nebraska. KINGSTON, RICHARD, Carroll, Iowa. KINNEY, DONNA, Sioux City, lowo. KONRAD, HARLIN, Tripp. KROEGER, VICKY, Loke Pork, lowo. KRUSE, THOMAS, Aurelio, lowo. LABIDEE, JOYCE, Chamberlain. LEAFSTEDT, DOUG, Howarden, lowo. LOCHER, ROBERT, Burke. LUNDBERG, NEDRA, Dixon. McDERMOTT, MARK, Sioux Foils. McMEEN, JIM Gregory. MAR- TIN, LARRY, Onido. MARX, DANIEL, Sioux Foils. MAT- SON, JOHN Speorlish. MATTILA, MARIETTA, Pat- erson. New Jersey, Ml CHAEL, COLIN, Vermillion. MORROW, JUDY, Denison lowo. MOUL, FRANCIS, Gor don. MUNNEKE, KEITH Corsica. NAUMAN, DENNIS, Gettysburg. NELSON, SHA RON. Lead. NICKOLISEN JANE, Rodney, Iowa NOLAN, PATRICIA, Plank inton. NOLAND, WALDO, Corroll, lowo. NUNN, HEL MUT, Dell Rapids. OCHSNER, JANET, Herried. OLSEN DONNA, Hot Springs. OLSON GAR, Sioux Falls. OVERPECK, GRETCHEN, Belle Fourche, PARRY, LESTER, Conistolo. PHIL- LIPS, JON, Wouso, Nebrasko. POMERICO, NICHOLAS, Jefferson. PRATT, ROLAND, LeMars, lowo. RADEK E, JOAN, Ropid City. A r- ••■. 1 Q P O © 1 1 . f O Ik z Fi f MAt. RASCHKE, MARY JO, Wo- tertown. RAY, ROBERT, Sioux City, lowo. REUTER, DONALD, Hortford. RISTY, NORRIS. Brandon. RYMILL, ROY, Siou« City, lowo. SHOUSE,JAMES, V»rmillion SPILDE, JEANNE, Pi.fro. STINGER, RUTH, South SiouK City, Nebrosko. SVALSTAD. CARMEN, Ver- Million. SWEDEEN, DALE, Vermillion. TECH, LA VERNE, ST. Charles. TOWNE, CLAUDIA, Ver- million. ULLYOT, TAMARA, Clark. VOGT, CATHERINE, Dell Ropids. WAGNER, THOMAS, Sioux Foils. WASHINGTON, FRANKLIN, Chicogo, Ill- inois. WELTZ,LEIGHTON, Scotland. WENSEL. MARI- LYN, Eureko. WILLER, MARILYN, Le Mors, lowo. WILLIAMS, NELL, Sioux Falls. WIN- TERS, ALAN, Seneca. WOSEPKA, JAMES, Pierre. WRIEDT, LOUIS, Jelforson. WUTSCH, EDWARD, Iro- quoi s. YIRAK, LINDA, Rapid City. LAPORA, ALVERN, Remsen, lowo. BROST, DALLAS, Murdo. AIKEN S, MARGARET, Sioux City, Iowa. ARNOLD, PAUL, Lo Mesa, Califor- nia. ARNOLD, RICHARD, Vermillion. ASHBY, JAMES, Lincoln Pork, Michigon. AULD, MEREDITH, Yonk- ton. BABB, ODILE, Volin. JymoRS Hoi PiciORto BAILS, JOHN, Sloon, lowo. BAKER, GORDON, Sioux City, Iowa. BALSIGER, VERLIN, Wotertown.BERG, RL EN, Sioux Falls. BOLLUYT, ERWIN, Ha- worden, lowo. BRAMANTI, HENRY, Yonk- ton. BRAUNER, ROBERT, Oyster Boy, New York. BRENNAN, JOHN. Emmets- buro, Iowa. BREWSTER, WEBB, Watertown. BROEL, LARRY, Sturgis. 8RUGGER, BRUCE, Pre- sho. CASEY, SALLY, Bur- bonk. CASLER, SANDRA, Sioux City, lowo. CHAM- LEY, GENE, Wotertown. CHICOINE, DONALD, Elk Point. CHRISTENSEN, ALTON, Brookings. 40 CLEMENTS, DIANS, Deodwood. CLINE, JANET, Hardington. CLODFELTER, CAROL, Vermillion, COOPER, BEV- ERLY, Mondamin, lowo. CRANGLE, JOHN, Sioux Falls. CRONIN, ELLA MARIE, Presho. DE LOSS, ROBERT, Sioux City, Iowa. DE SCHEPPER. GERALD, Gorretson. DONEGAN, AN G- ELO, Chicogo, Illinois. DORWART, SALLY, Kimball. EFINGER, DONALD, Rapid City. EIDEM, MALYN, Elk Point. EMERY, ARLENE, Spencer, lowo. EVANS, RONALD, Barrington, Illinois. FEUERSTEIN, MELVIN, Sioux Falls. FISCHER, LOUIS, Porkston. FORNEY, JAMES, Pierre. GERMAN, DAN, Yankton. GEESER, DUANE, Sioux Falls. GLASER, HAROLD, Wakonda. GLEASON, MARY, Sioux Falls. GRAF, STEPHEN, Ver- million. GRUENWALD, JAMES, Corsico. HAAHR, JAMES, Storm Lake, lowo. HALE, NORMAGENE, Vermi llion. H AMM, CONNIE, Wogner. HANEY, ROBERT, Rapid City. HARNAGEL, JAMES, Hot Springs. HAUGE, GEORGE, Howard. HEACOCK, MARY LOU, Rapid City. HEDGES, LYNN, Spirit Lake, lowo. HEINEMAN, GARY, Alexandrio. HEUER, KAREN, Howarden, lowo. HEYD, MAR- LENE, Mitchell. HIGMAN, HARLEY, Sioux City, Iowa. HILL, RONALD, Chicago, Illinois. HOGAN, DANIEL, Yankton. HOLDSBERG, JACK, University City, Missouri. HOLGATE, SUE, Red- field. HOLMES, ROBERT, Vermillion. HUEWE, DOUGLAS, Ctell Ronids. HULL, DENNIS, Sisseton. HULT, EDWIN, Berssford. HUSTRULID, LEE, Beresford. JOHANNSEN, Rl CHARD, Hawarden Iowa. JOHANSEN, JAN, South Sioux City, Nebrosko. JOHNSON, DEANNA, Mt. Vernon. JOHNSON, GENE, Sioux City, lowo. JOHNSON, JOHN, Denison, Iowa. JOHNSON, WAYNE, Alcester. KEARNS, JOHN, Huron. KELLETT, DOROTHY, Vermillion. KIRKHAM, NANCY, Rapid City. KIRKHAM, SHIRLEY, Rapid City. KIRLEY, ELAINE, Pierre. KJELLSEN, KATHRYN, Vermillion. KNUTSON, WILLIAM, Vivian. KOCH, GARY, Sioux City, lowo. KONVOLIN, LEONARD, Winner. KOPRIVA, CHARLES, Edgemont. KRAMER, JAMES, McLoughlin. KRANHOLD, DEAN, Groton. KURTZ, JAMES, Avon. LAMPORT, JOE, Britton. LANG, DOROTHY, Wokondo. LANTIS, WILLIAM, McCook Loke. LARSON, ROBERT, Hawarden, Iowa. LAURITZEN, CARL, Vermillion. LEACH, JAMES, Yank- ton. LEGVOLD, ROBERT, Seattle, Wash- ington. LIBERT, MARLENE, Pierre. LINBERG, JERRY, Cherokee. LITTAU, OTTO, Gregory. LONG, SANDRA, Kimball LUFKIN, NAT, Cheyenne, Wyoming. LUMB, BARBARA, Huron. LUST, SHARON, Mitchell. MC DONALD, ART- HUR, Martin. MC DONALD, JOAN, Sioux City, lowo. MANAS, MARVIN, Lester- ville. MATSON, JAMES, Speorfish. MEADORS, LARRY, Alcester. MELCHER, MARK, CleorLoke, Iowa. MEYER, GLENN, Howard. MORO, KENNETH, Mitchell. MORTON, ROBERT, Rockwell City, Iowa, MUILENBURG, THOMAS, Sioux Falls. MULLALLY, EDWARD, Ropid City. MUNSCH, ALVIN, Yankton. MURPHY, JOSEPH, Atco, New Jersey. NAASZ, HARVEY, Mobridge. NELSON, MERLE, Sioux Falls. NELSON, STEVE, Yankton. NESLAND, DONALD, Sturgis. OIEN, HARLEY, Gorretson. OLSEN, KERMIT, Elm Springs. OPDAHL, JUDY, Brookings. OPHEIM, DONALD, Selby. OVERBERG, CLIFFORD, Sisseton. PASCOE, REVA K., Vermillion. PEHOVIACK, FRANK, Vermillion. PEN- ISKA, GRETCHEN, Niobrara, Nebrosko. PERM AN, DALE, Vermillion. PICKERING, KENNETH, Yankton, PRATT, GEORGE, FAULKTON, RENSINK, JOHN, Sioux City, lowo. ROBERTSON, GARY, Sioux Foils. ROLFS, CRAIG, Porkersburg, lowo. ROSS, ALLEN, Pine Ridge. RUFF, REBECCA, Nisland. SANDVICK, PAUL, Springfield. SAUER, ROBERT, Huron. SCHEMPP, SUSZANNE, Mitchell. SCHLAG, ROBERT, Elk Point. SCHMIDT, JOSEPH, Scotlond. SCHUELKE, LINDA, Groton. SLEEP, GERALD, Lead. SMITH, JAMES, Yankton. SMITH, J EROME, Sioux City, lowo. SPHON, ELM ER, Greensburg, Pennsylvania. STAFNE, JAMES, Ver- million. STEPHENS, EMMETT, Gettys- burg. STICKNEY, FRANK, Elk Point. STCDLL, MARJORIE, Piedmont. STRO- SCHEkN, LEANDER, Menno. STRUVER, DIANE, Huron. SWEDLUND, JERRY, Winner. SWE E, VERLYN, Burbank. SWENSON, ARLO, Vermillion. TAYLOR, ROBERT. Sioux City, lowo. THOMSON, SUSANNE, Presho. THOMPSON, MURIEL D., Flondreou. TIEDE, HARVEY, Porks- ton. TORKELSON, KEITH, Frankfort. TRIPP, DONALD, Howard. TSCHETTER, CONNIE, Spencer, Iowa. VAN BRAMER, EDWARD, Denison, lowo. VAN NESS, RICHARD,Canton.WALTNER, JEFFREY, Freeman. WALTNER, LONNIE, Hurley. WARN, DONNA, Solem. WARNESS, RICHARD, Canton. WEEKS, ROBERT, Vermillion. WEIGER, JEAN, Yankton. WILLIAMSON, EDWARD, Canton. WILLlA,MSON, GORDON, Mitchell. WING, RONALD, Edgemont. WOLFE, ALVIN, Mission Hill. WOLSKY, CHARLES, Aberdeen. Ybb, ROBERT, Son Francisco, California. Tonight--The Serenade, Tomorrow--The VOLANTE ' S " Socialite " The library is the center of the intelectual life of the University. That is o good book which is open- ed with expectation and closed with profit. . .Amos Bronson Alcott 4t That which takes effect by chance is not an art. . .Seneca 43 opltomor w -I J AALSETH, Betty, MeKord, lowo.AARHUS, Patricia, Lake Andes. ABRAHAMSON, Joyce. Belle Fourche. ACKERMAN, Robert, Aber- deen. AITKEN, Ann, Sioux City, Iowa. ALLEN, Kathryn, Utnneopoli s, Minnesota. AM AN, Gerald. Freeman. ANDERSEN, Niel, Hurley. ANDERSON, Thomos, Rapid City. ARNOLD, Williom, Ropid City. BADER, E d w o r d, TimborLoke. BARBER, Jonet, Britton. BARRETT, John, Chicago, Illinois. BART- LETT, K erry, Alcestor, BATHURST, Richord, North Sioux City. BEATON, Jomes, Morcus, lowo. BENNETT, Carol, Vermillion. BENSON, Carole, Clark. BERDAHL, Mary, Sioux Falls. BERCSTROM, Stanley, North Sioux City. BEST, Alma, Verdigre, Neb- raska. BEST, Harold, Sioux Foils. B E T T S, John, Speorfish. BILLMAN, Robert, Sioux Falls. Bl RN I E, Barbara, Beresford. BORCHERS, Pa- tricia, Akron, Iowa. BOR- DEAUX, Minerva, Murdo. BOTTOLFSON, Julie, Ver- million. BR AK SS, leva, Woter- town. BRAY, Richard, Rapid City. BRENNAN, John, Em- metsburg. BRISBINE, Rich- ard, Woon socket. BROWN, Richard, Rapid City. BUCKMAN, Robert, Goyville. BUEHLER, Karon, Emery. BURDINE, Lillian, Bison. BURK, Wolier, Scotlond. CAMPBELL, Bemice, Mil- bank. CAMPBELL, Ronald, Sioux Ci ty, Iowa. CASEY, Michael, Sioux City, Iowa. CLARE, Mary, Sioux Falls. COLLINS, Mory Lynn, Gettysburg. COOPER, Bever- ly, Mondamin, lowo. COOPER, Marcio, Sturgis. CORDIER, Dorrell, Mi ssion. GRAIN, Frances, Redfield. CRAMER, Woyne, Davis. CUTLER, Richard, Wessing- ton Springs. DEAN, Margoret, Mel vin, Iowa. D e H A A S, Harlan, Beresford. DEMLO, Linda, Huron. DERRIG, Philip, Pork Ridge, Illinois. DIAMOND, Betty, Rapid City. DONNELLY, Dennis, Elk Point. DRIES, Jomes, Sioux City. DuBOIS, Gary, Ook Forest, Illinois. DULANY, Tom, Tulare. DULGEROFF, Lee, Ann Arbor, Michigon. DURST Jeanette, Mi tchell . E ASTM AN Michael, Beardsley, Minne sota. EIESLAND, Rolle, Farwell, Minnesoto. EK LUN D, Jean, Vemiillion. ELLING SON, Gary, Canton. ELLWEIN, William, Mitchell. ERCK, Gary, Rapid City. EVANS, Mory, Sheldon, Iowa. PARIS, Lucindo, Dell Rapids. FAST, Cormie, Winner. FEN- SKE, Mildred, Arlington. FERLEY, George, Pierre. FERNEN, Dorothy, Mission. FLYNN, Jeanne, Sioux Foils. FORNEY, Sandra, Pierre. FORTHUM, Eldon, Battle Creek, Iowa. FOX, Thomas, Rapid City. FRANKLIN, George, Chicago, Illinois. FREDRICK SON Richard, Centerville FRENCH, Winston, Vermil lion. F Rl E S E, Marvelle, Huron. F Rl E SE, Richard Sioux Fall s. FRISCH, Lorry, O ' Neill, Nebrosko. FULLER, Daniel, Huron. GALUSHA, Nancy, Sioux City. GOEBEL, Judy, Sioux Falls. Grace, Rene, Wauby. GRADY, Dan, Mi tchell. GRAGE, Jens, Timber Loke. GRANT, Myrna, Meadow Grove, Nebraska. GREEN, Linda, Vermillion. GREGG, Jock, Yankton. GRIMES, Molinda, Pierre. GROTE- WOLD, Sharon, Larchwood, Iowa. mJa ' vP P P j P © p O P GRUENWALD, Jomoj. Girsico. GUBBRUD, John, Alcesier. G U T H M I L L E R, Dorrel, Menno. HAAN, Bolh, Raymond, Minnesoto. HAAR, James, Morion. HAINES, Dorlane, Gregory. HALDEMAN, Delbert, Aber- deen. HALE, James, Jeffer- sonvitle, Indiana. HAULA- WAY, Thomos, Woverly, Iowa. HALLER, Gory, Bowdle. HART, James, Miller. HART, Judy, SioOx City, Iowa. HASBROUCK, Judi , Mopel- ton, lowo. HATFIELD, Mary Jane, Orlando, Florida. HAUBER, Ronold, Huron. HAWKES, Allen, Armour. HEIDEBRECHT, Phillip, Beresford. HEINEMAN, Gory, Alexandria. HELGERSON, Karen, Elk Point. HENDRICKSON, Jill, Wayne, Nebraska. HERMAN, Morlys, Olivet. HERMSEN, Vernon, St. Charles. H E RZOG, Bemord, Sioux Foils. HIATT, Judy, Sioux Falls. HIGHT, Richard, Sioux Foils. MIL ORE TH, John, Sioux Fails. HILL, John, Sioux City.HOFER, Bonnie, Emery. HOFER, Dennis, Madison. HOFER, Ronald, Alexondrio. HOFFMAN, Gordon, Lennox. HOHM, Marilyn, Huron. HOLLAND, Marilyn, Sioux FoMs.HOLLISTER, Raymond, Mitchel I. HOY T, Irvin, Huron, IRELAND, Woyne, Scotlond. JACKSON, Robert, Aberdeen. JENCKS, Jerry, Sioux Falls. J ESSEN, Alyce, Bloomfield, Nebraska. JOHN, Pot, Proirie City. JOHNSON, Beverly, Castle Rock. JOHNSON, Crai9, Hot Springs. JOHNSON, Deaie, Alcester. JONES, Dennis, Huron. JORGENSEN, Brenda, Solem. JURRENS, Keith, Avon. KAEBERLE, Kothleen, Meek- ling. KERN, Maylon, Noper, Neb- roska. K I E RST E D, Joy Chicogo, Illinois. KIMMEL Eugene, Sioux Falls. KING, William, Sioux Falls KLEPPIN, Sandra, Sturgis KLEVETER, Audrey, Good win. KLUDT, Paul, Menno KONRAD, Lester, Tripp KOSTBOTH, Dovid, Cani sroto. KOUNAS, Donald, Sioux City. K PAUSE, Jerry Clear Lake. K RUMM, Rilla Huron. K Rl E R, Donna, Presho. KUTA, James, Sioux City, Iowa. LACEY, James, Trent. LACHICOTTE, Lillian, Watertown. L A PLANTE, Koy, Pierre. LARSEN, Audrey, Wokonda. LARSEN, Linda, Irene. LARSON, Ann, Paullina. LARSON, Terry, Faulkton. LATCH, Richard, Spencer, Iowa. LAWRENCE, Charles, Sioux Falls. LAZARIS, John, Sioux City. LEGAARD, Jan, Summit. LEMING, Ralph, Sioux City, Iowa. LEWIS, Thomos, Sioux City. LIESKE, Jerry, Sioux City.LIGTENBERY, Eugene, Corsica. LINK, Donna Jean, Sioux Ci ty. LINK, Donno Roy, Anoheim, Califomio. LOCKHART, Gene, Carroll, Iowa. LOGAN, David, Sac City, Iowa. LOOBY, Thomos, Murdo. LORENZ, Lee, Sioux City, Iowa. LOWNSBERRY, Lee, Sioux Ci ty, Iowa. LOWTHIAN, Genevieve, Mil bonk. McCAHREN, Linda, Sioux Falls. McLaughlin Jewell, Dokoto City, Neb rasko. MADSEN, Karen, Carpenter. MADSEN, Rich ard. Battle Creek, Iowa MARK, Thomas, Aberdeen MARTIN, Gerald, Mobridge. MARTIN, Lynne, Minneap- olis, Minnesoto. MEAD, James, Brunsville, Iowa. MEYERS, Elaine, Huron. MICHAEL, Philip, Vermillion. MICKELSON, George, Sioux Falls. i f M£ . T " 1 rrry r ££ $ (- f% MILLER, Larry, Sou Sioux City, Nebrosko. MILLER, Richord, Porker. MILLER, Vernon, Lennox. MITCHELL, John, Foulkton. MOQUIST, Poul, Wolertown. MORRIS, Robert, Sioux City, lowo. MORRISON, Richard, Wokondo. MOSES, Scott, Rapid City. MUILENBURG, Suson, Sioux Falls. MUNSCH, Alvin, Yankton. MURPHY, Joseph, Atco, New Jersey. MURPHY, Patricio, Elk Point. N El L ES, Peggy, Pierre. NEWSAM, Sara, Gregory. NIELSEN, Robert, Battle Creek, Iowa. NOLO, Lee, Madison. OLSON, Glenn, Burbonk. OSBORN, Gory, Tilden, Nebraska. PAGE, Kathy, Sisseton. PALMER, Evelyn, Amiour. PETERS, David, Ireton, Iowa. PETERSEN, Roger, Haworden, lowo. PILCHER, Judith, Lowton, lowo. PINARD, William, Hampton, Vi rgini a. PREY, Kathryn, Wotertown. PRICE, Janet, Sioux City. PROSCH, Terry, Bloomfield, Nebraska. RADERSCHADT, John, Wotertown. RAILSBACK, Beth, Elkworth, Minnesota. REINKING, Elaine, Peerson, Iowa. REINSCHMIDT, Helen, Clark. RHODES, Ann, Fresh o. RHODES, Jock, Lawton, Oklahoma. RILEY, Jeon, Wotertown. ROBERTS, Kay, Yankton. ROETHLER, Robert, Wecots. ROMEREIM, Patricia, Canton. RFSE, Jacqueline, Rapid City. RESENBAUM, Thomos, Rapid City. ROSS, Kenneth, Pine Ridge. ROSSOW, Morgo- ret, Sioux Foils. ROTHEN- BERGER, Ruth, Mitchell. RUKSTAD, Loren, Wessing- ton Springs. RUSSELL, Byron, Vermillion. RUSSELL, David, Edgemont. SCHELL, Linda, Conton. SCHEMPP, Marvin, Berosford. SCHMIDT, Koren, Delmont. SCHMIEG, George, Plain- view. SCHMITZ, Dianne, Elk Point. SCHOOLER, Jeonine, Pierre. SCHULT, Dottie, Flandreau. SCOTT, Luann, Vermillion. SERR, Morilyn, Armour. SERVIS, Calvin, Smithland, Iowa. SHELTON, Robert, Rapid City. SHERMAN, Lloyd, Belle Fourche. S I F R A R, Arlene, Sioux Fal I s. SIMMON S, James, Moville, Iowa. SMITH, James, Woonsocket. SMITHLIN, Jerilyn, Sioux Falls. SORUM, Loretta, Fair- view. SOULIER, Donald, Tilden, Nebraska. STOLTZ, Madeline, Madison. STRUNK, Rubye, Irene, SWAN SON, Gloria, Sioux City. SWOYER, Jacqueline, Elk Point. TAAK E, Roeanno, Petersburg, Nebraska. TAYLOR, Calvin, Jefferson. TAYLOR, Jo Ann, Hot Springs. THORGERSON, Joyce, Moorheod, Iowa. THOMPSON, Li nda. Modi son. THOMPSON, Lois, Elk Point. TICE, Charles, Mitchell. TISHER, Carol, Yankton. TU RN E R, Jon, Sheldon, lowa.ULMER, Milton, Hosmer. VALDAHL, Thomas, Spencer, Iowa. VAN DE VOORT, Charlene, Madison. VOYLES, Robert, Belle Fourche. WACHLIN, Judy, Oregon, Illinois. WALZ, Arden, Freeman. WERENICZ, Peter, Rapid City. WHER- LAND, Frederick, Sioux Falls. WHITE, Shirley, Sioux Foils WIDMER, Karen, Newell Iowa. WILLIAMS, Dennis Sioux City, Iowa. WILLIAMS, JoTTies, Rochester, New York WILLIAMSON, Dianne, Vale WILLSON, James, Yankton WINJUM, Constance, Pierre. WITT, Robert, Tindall, WRIGHT, Gory, Quimby, Iowa. WATSCH, Conrad, Iroquois. WYNJA, Verdean, Ireton, Iowa. YOCH, Duane, Porkston. NOT PICTURED: NYSTROM, Erik, Bethesdo, Moryland. PREY, Virginio, Woterto wn. Students have an opportunity to develop their abilities in speech through actual participation in discussions and debates. so Flow, flow, flow, the current of life is ever onward. . .Kobodoishi St Credit rednmen AASETH, Julio, Huron. ADAMS, George, Moville, lowo. AHRENDT, Polricio, Vermi II ion. s2 vw3- liiW ' f ci ' " f AISENBREY, Dennis, Menno. ALBRECHT, Dorvrn, Porks- ton. ALLDRITT, Shirley, Ipswich. ANDERSEN, Morcio, Irene. ANDERSEN, Richard, Yankton. ANDERSON, Corl, Aberdeen. ANDERSON, Charles, Onowo, ANTHONY, Gone, Couer d ' Alone, Idaho. ARMSTRONG, Bill, Beresford. ASHBAUGH, Margaret, Vormi II ion. BAK ER. Michael, White River. BAMSEY, Lyie, Howord. BARBER, Joon, Homer, Nob- rosko. BARTLETT, Lynne, Alcester. BATCHELDER, Gary, Rapid City. BATTEEN, Dennis, Cresbord. BAUER, Shoron, Sturgi s. BAUERLY, Richard, LeMars, Iowa. BECK, Ronald, Sioux Foils. BECKMAN, Sondro, Sioux City, lowo. BEDDOW. James. Woonsocket. BENDICK, Art- hur, Sioux Falls. BENSON, Gail, Clark. BERZINA, Jo- seph, Sioux City, lowo. BL AK I S, Mora, Pierre. BLASEG, Morcio, Porkston. BLENDERMAN, Robert, Sioux City, lowo. BOESE, Judith, PaH er. BOSSMAN, Morlene, Ponco, Nebroska. BREKHUS, Jomos Rapid City. BRENNAN, Robert, Zell. BREYER, Julius, Yonkton. BROWER, Karol.Rock Rapids, lowo. BROWER, Robert, Rock Rapids, lowo. BROWN, Julie, Sioux City, lowo. BROWN, Pamela, Mitchell. BRUEHLER, Charles, Beres- ford. BUCKLES, Richord, White River. BUECHLER, Ronold, Bowdlo. BULTENA, Roger, Lennox. BUTZ, Thomos, Mobridge. BYERS, Dovtd, Springfield, Pennsyl- vania. BYRNES, Stephen, Pierre. CALLAHAN, Colleen, Sioux City, lowo. CALLAHAN, Michael, Santo Monica, Cal- ifomio. CALLAHAN, Ray- mond, Chicogo, Illinois. CAMPBELL, Arlene, Milbonk. CARLSON, Roland, Alto, CARLSON, Rosonne, Vilas. CHAFFEE, Catherine, Ver- million. CHAMBERLAIN, Judith, Akron, Iowa. CHRIST- ENSEN, Karen, Rapid City. CHRISTENSEN, Phillip, Sioux City, Iowa. CLARK, Borboro, Vermillion. CLANCY, Michael, Ralston, Nebraska. COLEMAN, Mari- lou, Viborg. COLWILL, Sharon, Sioux Falls. CONNORS, Dorlene, Sioux City, lowo. CONNORS, Richard, Jefferson. COSTAIN, Richord, Sioux Foils. CRABB, Mory, Kings- ley, Iowa. CRAIG, John, Sioux City, lowo. CREW, Michael, Vermil lion. CROPLEY, Penny, Sioux City, lowo. CULPEP- PER, James, Brooklyn, New York. CUMMINS, Constance, Wofer- town. CURLEY. Dennis, Troy, New York. CURRIE, Mooreen, Sioux Foil s. CWACH, Bonnie, Yankton. DeBOLT, Carol, Huron. DEGHAND, Jomes, Rovinio. DeGROOTE, Shoron, Algono, lowo. DeROUCHEY, David, Miller. DEVRIES, Richard, Wotertown. DeWEERDT, Mor- lin. Little Rock, lowo. DIT- TM E R, Thomas, Sioux City, lowo. DODGE, John, Sch- leswig, Iowa. DONKERBROOK, Thomas, Sioux Falls. DRISCOLL, Dovid, Vermillion. DUKE, Roger, Deodwood. DYER, Jomes, Willowloke.DYKSTRA, Dennis, Pierre. EDSON, Dennis, Alcester. EDSON, Kent, Alcester. EGGERS, Carter, Huron. ELL- WANGER, Marilyn, Olivet. ELL WEIN, Mary, Mitchell. ELLWEIN, Veronica,Mitchell. ENGEL, Connie, South Sioux City, Nebrosko. Z v . ENGLISH, E. John, Yankton. ENSLOW, Di«ie, Boone, Iowa. ENSTROM, Sharon, Conton. EPPEI . Garald, Mitchell. ERICKSON, John, Vermillion. ERNST, Dovid, Dupree. ESCHENBAUM. Richard, Foulkton. E RES, Sara, Ver- million. FAIRBANKS, Bruce, Vermillion. PARIS, Janette, Dell Rapids. FARMER, Caro- lyn, Columbus, Georgia. F E EN E Y, Michoel, Pi-rre. FEIOCK, Virginia, Rapid City. FIELDS, Roberta, Igloo. FINNELL, John, Siou« Falls. FRANZ, James, Marion. FREDRICK, Janes, Huron. FREESE, Richard, Spencer, Iowa. FRICKEY, Max, Vemiillion. FRIESEN, Stonley, Emery. GANT, Robert, Sturgis. GARVIN, Thomas, Marcus, Iowa. GEMAR, Lindo. Winner. GIBSON, Marilyn, Sioux Falls. GLADSTONE, Cherril, Newell, GLASS, Lindo, Burbonk. GLAZIS, John, Sioux City, lowo. GLOOD, Gory, Viborg. GL Y E R, Allen, Whiting, lowo. GOODMAN, Donald, Deerfield, Iowa. GOWDY, Borbaro, Chomber- lain. G R A B E R, Robert, Porker. Sondro, Freeman. GRAUER, Barry, Marcus, Iowa. GRIFFITH, John, Gettysburg. GROSSENBURG, John, Winner. GROTEWOLD, Bonnie, Larch- wood, Iowa. GUNNARSON, Roosevelt, Veblan. GUTZ, Mary, Selby. HAAG, Joan, Vermillion. HAEDER, Allison, Vermillion. HAGENA, LeAnn, Dovi s. HALL, Richord, JetUrson. HALLENBECK, Joyne, Mad- ison. HANNAH, James, St. Louis, Missouri. HANSEN, Frank, Deadwood. HANSEN, Gory, Hurley. HANSEN, Joan, Poullino, Iowa. HANSON, James, Rapid City. HARBAUGH, Donald, Edgemont. HAR- MAN, Connie, Watertown. HARMDIERKS, Marvin, Lane. HARRIS, Gary, White River. HECKENLIVELY, Jane, Burbank. H E D R I C K, Bonny, Hudson. HENDER- SON, Trudy, Lodgepole. HERMAN, Carol, Deer- field, Illinois. HERMANN, Pat, Custer. HERMSEN, Norma, St. Charles. HERNANDEZ, Annie, Kyle. HEUER, Mildred, Summit. HI BBERT, Janice, Wanblee. H I L D R E T H, Irma, Sioux Fal I s.HI LTON, Sondra, Sioux City, Iowa. HOBLIT, Francis, Martin. HOFF, Jerome, Tripp. H F F, Sandra, Bison. HOFKAMP, Harlon, Sioux Falls. HOLMOE, Mavis, Sioux Falls. HORNER, Susan, Storm Lake, Iowa. HOWARD, James, Gran- ville, Iowa. HUBNER, Joy, Yankton. HUGHES, Patrick, Sioux Falls. HUMMEL, Janice, Sioux Falls. HURD, Maurice, Sturgis. HYLLE- STED, Sharon, Storm Lake, Iowa. INT VELDT, Jo Ellen, Orange City, Iowa. IVENER, Terry, Sioux City, lowo. IVEY, Betty, Mpbridge. J A C K L E Y, Michael, Sturgis. JACK- SON, Jerald, Burbank. JACOBS, David, Rapid City. JACOBSON, Ronald, Sioux Falls. JENSEN, Donna, Wakonda. JENSEN, Vicki, Madison. JEPSEN, Lois, Elk Point. JIPP, Kenneth, Hartley, Iowa. JOCHIMS, Jerry, Holstein, Iowa. JOHNSON, Charles, Gregory. JOHNSON, Colleen, Win- ner. JOHNSON, Diane, Peterson, Iowa. JOHNSON, Judith, Sturgis. JOHNSON, Katherine, Canton. JOHN- SON, Larry, Huron. JOHN- SON, Martin, South Sioux City, Nebraska. ■frrc Ap ' F--- c f f £f JOHNSON, Noncy, South Sioux City, Nebraska JOHNSON, Pomela, Ver million. JOHNSON, Robert, Rodney, Iowa. JURRENS Koy, Avon. KARL IN Agnes, White River KEEBLE, Richord, Sisse ton. KIESBY, James, Huron. KLEIN, Connie, Rapid City. KNUDSON, Beverly, Holstein, Iowa. KNUTSON, Carol, Spearfish.KOBERG, Janet, Sioux City, Iowa. KOCH, Koy, Sioux City, lowo. KOCH, Roger, Sioux Falls. KOCHER, Robert, Daven- port, lowo. KOERS, Wally, Ropid City. KOUGL, John, Timber Lake. KRAUSE, David, Rapid City. KROM- MENHOEK, Doug, Sioux City, lowo. KRUSE, Judy, Rapid City. KUBICEK, Jon, Sioux Falls. KUCERA, David, West Point, Nebraska. KUIPER, Gordon, Paul- lino, lowo. KUIPERS, Peter, Mitchell. KUNERT, Marilyn, Humboldt, Iowa. KUSTE " R, Dessie, Rapid City. LANE, Terry, Yank- ton. LARSON, Andre, Brookings. LARSON, Lorry, Midland. LAW, Dorrell, Sioux Foils. LE BEAU, Vetol, Mobridge. LETSCHE, Richard, Marcus, Iowa. LEWIS, Florence, Sioux City, lowo. LIKENS, Judith, Winner. LINDNER, Ronald, Sioux Falls. LONNEMAN, Irvin, Little Rock, lowo. LOOBY, Patricia, High- land Pork, lowo. LOUDEN, Judith, Martin. LOUNSBERY, Roger, Bonesteel. L W D E R, Melonie, Amarillo, Texas. LUMB, Raymond, Huron. LUNDBERG, Gary, Dixon. LUTZ, Edwin, Lemmon. LUYMES, Alan, Siou« Foils. LYNN, Kelso Rapid City. McBRIDE Charles, Battle Creek lowo. McBRIDE, Williom Sioux Foils. McCLEL LAND, Jane, Sioux City Iowa. McDonald, Roy Salix, lowo. McMillan, wiiiiom, sioux Foils. McNUTT, Donald, Ropid City. McTI GH E, Michael, Mitchell. MADSEN, Ronald, Ropid Ci ly. MAN GEL- SEN, Loretto, Hudson. MAROON, Patricio, Winfred. MAROUFKHANI, Shohroukh, Tehran, Iron. MARTIN, Larry, Onido. MESSER, Carole, Rapid City. M E T T L E R, Harlan, Huron. MEYER, Verlyn, Lennox. MIKUSKA, Joel, Tripp. MILLER, Douglas, Draper. MILLER, Joan, Sioux Falls. MILLER, Karia, Flondreou. MILLER, Loraine, South Sioux City, Nebraska. MILLER, Richard, Parker. MILLER, Roger, Huron. MILLER, Shorlene, Onowo, Iowa. MOELLER, John, Smithland, lowo. MOGEN, Conrad, Wouboy. MOLLER, Ruth, Vermillion. MOORE, Donna, Gl idden, lowo. MOO R E, Larry, Gilmore City, lowo. MORAN, Richard, Omaha, Neb- brasko. MORSE, Marian, Dell Rapids. MOSS, Vergie, Hudson. MUELLER, Lois, Pierre. MUIR, Colleen, Onowo, Iowa. MUNGER, Connie, Mitchell. NAASZ, Harry, Mobridge. NELSON, Clayton, Sioux Foils. NELSON, James, Len- nox. NELSON, Moriorie, Conterville. NESS, Richard, Sioux Foils. NEUROTH, Joseph, Granville, lowo. NORBECK, Jane, Redfield. NORRIS, Esther, Browning, Montono. NORTON, Ido, Ver- million. 0 " BRI EN, Jean, Ropid City. OAKES, Solly, Winner. OFFERDAHL, Robert, Ver- mi I lion. OGLE, Helen, Sioux Falls OHLSEN, Stephen, Wotertown OLDRE, Angela, Modison OLSEN, Meredith, Jewell lowo. OLSON, Edward, Ver million. OLSON, Jeffrey Rock Rapids, lowo. EmJ fc5 f OLSON, Vernon, Control City. 00 T E N, Lorry, Onawo, lowo. OURSLAND, Mory, Wokondo. PANERIO, Florence, Lead. PARLET, Gordon, Pierre. PATTER- SON, Pat, Sturgis. PAULSON, Glen, Pierre. PEKAS, Michael, Sioux Falls. PETERS, Ernest, O c h e y e d o n, Iowa. PETERS, Kenneth, Akron, Iowa. PETERSEN, Charles, Solix, lowo. PETERSEN, Roger, Schleswig, Iowa. PETERSON, Morgo, Ywik- ton. PETERSON, Roger, Howarden, lowo. PICK- ERING, Robert, Mitchell. PICKREL, LeRoy, Sioux City, Iowa. PIERSOL, Lindo, Vermillion. PIPE, Donna, Sioux Falls. PLUCKER, Loren, Len- nox. PORTER, Sharon, Minneapolis, Minnesota. POSZ, Richard, Sioux Falls. POTTER, Morvin, Rapid City. PTAK, Mel- vin. Tabor. QUALM, Ken- neth, Bonesteel. RABUSCH, Karen, Ver- million. RANDOLPH, Barbora, Pierre. RAPP, Glen, Marion. REED, Janet, Conistota. REGAN, Patricio, Sioux Falls. REIMAN, Marilyn, Butte, Nebrasko. REINKING, Roger, Schles- wig, Iowa. REMAS, Teresa, Hawthorne, Nevoda. REMPFER, Enoch, Rapid City. RICH, Dove, Sioux Foils. RICHTER, Morlys, Ortley. ROBBINS, Rita, Harlan, lowo. ROOT, James, Grif- fiss A F B, New York. ROWLEY, Poul, Sioux Falls. RUBENDALL, William, Artison. RUN- DELL, S om, Parker. SAKARISON, Morlene, Wotertown. SALL, Douglas, Sioux Falls. SCHAIBLE, Darrel, Leola. SCHEINOST, Tom, Winner. SCHEMPP, Dennis, Freeman, SCHIBER, Judith, Collinsville, lllmo.s. SCHIEFELBEIN, Rodney, CleorLake, Iowa. SCHILL, James, Sioux City, Iowa. SCHIMKAT, Jerrell, Pierre. SCHMID, Donno, Kingsley, Iowa. SCHNABEL, Mylo, Menno. SCHNEIDER, Donna, Mitchell. SCHOENFELD- ER, Robert, Yankton. SCHOLTEN, Lyie, Larch- wood, Iowa. SCHOOLEY, Duane, Vermillion. SCHOTT, Elizabeth, Mo- bridge. SCHRAG, Lois, Marion. S C H R E D E R, Bernodine, Bridgewoter. SCHUMACHER, Judy, Huron. SCHUYLER, Arlene Flondreou. SCOTT, Rich ard, Wotortown. SEEBACH Judy, Freeman. SEFCIK Susan, New Connon, Con necticut. SHABINO, Janet Rapid City. SHATTUCK Wesley, Smithland, Iowa SHOEMAKER, Sheridan, Wessington. SHORT, James, Sioux City, Iowa. SIEVERT, Robert, Ida Grove, Iowa. SIKORSKI, Steven, Sioux Falls. SIMPSON, Dorley, Sac City, Iowa. SKALLERUD, Roger, Clear Lake, Iowa. SKARO, Janet, Sioux Falls. SMEBAKKEN, Bruce, Hot Springs. SMITH, Lindo, Sioux Falls. SMOLIK, Clarence, Firesteel. Judy, Elk Point. SOLUM, Steve, Mitchell. SOMMERVOLD, Marilyn, Vermillion. SPEICHING- ER, Sondra, Sioux City, Iowa. STADHEIM, Coro- lyn, Sioux Falls. STECK, Goy le, SibI ey, Iowa. STED- RONSKY, Karen, Ver- million. STEINBORN, Carol, Madison. STENSETH, James, Vi- borg, STEPHENSON, Conrad, Aimes, Iowa. STEWART, Kathryn, Mont- erey, California. STOEC- KER, Diane, McLaughlin. STRAIT, Beverly, White River. STRAND, Korleen, Kimball. STUDENBERG, Jon, Greg- ory. STUTENROTH, Vir- ginia, Mobridge. SWEN- SON, Dennis, Fairview. TAKEIKA, Norman, K e a I a k e u k a, Hawaii. TERRELL, Glenda, Peter- son, Iowa. TERRY, Charles, Pierre. P 1 JP ' llki THOMPSON, Richord, Kingsloy.lowo. THOMP- SON, Richord E., Gor- retson. THOMSON, Loo, YonWton. THORSON, Morolto, Clark. TIE- MENS, Sharon, TOL- LEFSON, Horold, Bre»- ford. TOLLINGER, Peter, Canton. TOWNE, Del- ores, Vermillion. TRANKLE, Ray, Rapid City. T R U E L SON, Arnold, Emmetsburg, lowo. TRUMN, Robert, Sioux Falls. TUEL, Susan, Paullino, Iowa. TU T T L E, Ramono, Mitchell. TWEMEY, West, Hot Springs. TYMESON, Soro, Storm Loke, lowo. UHL, David, Sioux City, lo wo. VENTLING, Koren, Custer. VERSTEEG, LeMars, Vermillion. VLASAK, Joseph, Tabor. WALKER, Korin, Sterl- ing, Illinois. WALSH, Michael, Sioux City, lowo. WASSER, Marga- ret, Hawarden, Iowa. WASTLUND, Kenneth, Vermillion. WATKINS, George, SiouxCity, lowo. WEBER, James, Beres- ford. WEBER, Leo, Mitchell. WEISCHEDEL, Corine, Agar. WESCHE, Lloyd, Mitchell. WEST- PHALEN, Larry, Sch- leswig, Iowa. WHITE, Maureen, Rapid City. WHORLEY, Jock, Shel- don, Iowa. WICKENS, Donaldson, Avon. WIDHALM, Ted, Nor- folk, Nebraska. WIESE, Robert, Spencer, Iowa. Wl K ST ROM, Jeanett, Cleghorn, lowo. WILKIE, Linda, Cherokee, Iowa. WILL, Eileen, Wessing- ton Springs. WILLIAMS, Carolyn, Bronson, lowo. WILLIAMS, Don, Sioux Falls. WILLIAMS, Linda, C e n t e r V i I I e, WILLIAMS, Ronold, Valley Springs. WIL- LIAMS, Terrene e, Gettysburg. WILSON, Richord, Yank- ton. WITT, Ho word, Wayne, Nebrosko. WOLD, Steve, Sioux Foils. WONDER, George, Battle Creek, lowo. WOOD, Thomos, Whiting, Iowa. WUNDER, Jonico, Bison. ZARINS, Inara, Sioux Falls. ZEBILL, Sandra, Parker. Z ECH, Lawrence, Yankton. ZEIGLER, Richard, Sioux Falls. ZUERCHER. Larry, Laurens, lowo. NOT PIC- ROSS, Cloir, Sioux City, lowo. The Coop meons many things to many people-— a place to work, to ploy, to relax and to study. Above: Elections are held for AWS. Below: A necessity for every student--the buying o( book s, paper, pencil s. The armory is the scene of continuous physicol octivity, porticulorly of basket- ball games, which always draw the crowds whether the Coyotes be in first or a lower ploce in the conference. 62 The newest of the girl ' s dorm- atories, Burgess Hall, was completed at the end of the Fall of 1960, and a group of excited and appreciative girls and their housemother, Mrs. Ziegler, moved in December. On February 12 a reception was held, and the hall was dedicated to Miss Burgess, an English teacher long loved and respected at the University. 63 oo ZJne ousinedA of »-Xf merica uAintAA, ivin. L ooled ' ■»■■ ■: i. ' ..: m: : AHMANN, Thomas, Sioux City, Iowa, Accounting, Delta Sigma Pi, Invest- ment Club, Business Students Associo- tion President. ALBERT. Neil. Lake Preston. ANDER- SON, Ri chard, Spencer, Iowa, Account- ing. BAKER, Ronald, Rapid City, Busi- ness Administrotion, Beta Theto Pi, Interfroterni ty Council, Scabbard and Blade. BOWLES, Jane, Webster. Busi- ness Education, Mortar Board, Guidon, Alpha L ambdo Delta, Pi Omega Pi, Business Students Association. BRINK, Michael, Sioux City, Iowa, General Business Manogement, Invest- ment Club, Tau Kappo Epsilon. BRIS- BIN E, Tom, Wo on socket. Finance ond Banking, Delta Tau Delta, Scabbard trtd Blade, Investment Club. BROWN, Keith, Battle Creek, Iowa, Industrial Management, Basketball. BROWN, William, Sioux Falls, Bu siness Manage- ment, Sigma Alpha Epsilon President, Dak o tan s Treasurer, Interfratemity Council, Student Recruitment, Who ' s Who, Young Republicans, Business Students Association, Tennis Team, Newmon Club. BU RK H A R T, James, Vermillion. HALSTROM, Marilyn, Cherokee, Iowa, General Bu siness. Alpha Xi Del to. Student Senote, Bu sines s Students Association, AWS. HANNA. Donald, Spencer, Accounting, Business Students Association. HARRINGTON, Thomas, Rapid City, Generol Business Adminis- tration, Scabbard and Blode, Varsity Footbal I, Student Recrui tment, Beta Theta Pi. HEER, David, Doland, Accounting, Delta Si gma Pi, Bu sines s Students Association, Student Intramural Commit- tee, Intramural Athletics. HUBER, Marvin, Menno, General Business. JOHNSON, Thomas, Yankton, Generol Business, Lombda Chi Alpha, Corre- sponding Secretary, Dakota Day Pub- licity Committee. KERKHOVE, George, Valley Springs, Accounting, Delto Sigma Pi, Lutheron Students Associa- tion. LINDEMAN, Jerry, Spirit Lake, Iowa, Accounting, Del to Si gma Pi, Dak o ton s, Business Student Association, Student Government. LUNDQUIST, Lorry, Strand- burg, Accounting, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Investment Club, Lutheran Students Associotion, Intromurol Commi ttee, Baseball. McDOWELL. Gary, Business Administration, Dakotans, Beta Theta Pi, Freshman Football, Wrestling and Track, Newman Club, Young Democrats, Morketing Club Vice President, Student Recruitment, N FL, Business Students Associotion. McGLASHON, Hugh, Jr. Rochester, New York, Industrial Mon- ogement, Delta Sigma Pi, Engineering Club. rJ dr. ' t «i KkC k T ■S ' ni MOSS, Mor«l, Hull. lowo. NEDVED, RicKord, Yonkton, Morketing, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Secretary, Bu sin ess Students Association, Marketing Club. ODLAND, Lynn, Clofemont, Accounting. Business Students Associotion. Roy C- Davis Award, Young Republicans, Ameri can Accounting Associ ation. PETERSON, Palmer, SiouM FolU. POOL, Gregory, Rapid City, General Business Management , Beta THeto Pi, Business Students Associotion, Var- sity GoUTeom. RHODES, Glen. Presho, Accounting, Delto Si yno Pi, Young Republ icons, Toostmasters, Student Development Committee, Busines s Associotion. ROOT, Ri chord, Akron, lowo, Accounting, Track, Business Students Association, Football, Letter- mons Club. RU ESCH ENBE RG, Jomes, ' Dolond, Accounting, Business Students Association, Intramural Athletics. SCOVEL, Allen, Pierre, Economics, Beta Theto Pi, Young Republ icons Vice President, President Wesley Foundation. Ni xon Club President, University Choir, Business Students Association, Investment Club SECHSER Eugene, Sioux Falls, Business Mdmini st rot ion, Newman Club Member- ship Chairm n, Intramural, Alpho Tau Omega House Manager. Young Repub- licans, R EW Committee, Business Students Association. SI VESIND. David, Canton, Generol Business Management, Del ta Si gma Pi, Business Students Association, Convocation s Committee. SMITH, Don i el, Sioux City, lowo. Accounting, SORENSON, Marvin, Vole. Marketing, Marketing Club. Business Students Association. STOUT. Richard, Horting- ton, Nebraska, Accounting, Delta Sigma Pi, Investment Club, Business Students Association. SUDBECK. Rolph, Crofton, Nebrosko. Accounting. Delta Sigma Pi, Newman Club, Bu siness Students Association. THARES, Donold. Ipswich, Accounting, Delta Si gmo P i. Newman Club, Business Students Association. VICKERMAN, Thomos, Canton, Ac- counting, Del to Si gmo Pi, Bu siness Students Association, Young Re pub- licons. WALTNER, John, Freemon, Banking ond F in once. Tou K appo Epsilon Treo surer, Investment Club, Young Republi con s, Pol i ti col Science League, Intromurols. WENAND, Gerold, Alexandria, Accounting, Del to Si gmo Pi Treasurer, Scobbord and Blode. WESTRA, Verlyn, Inwood, lowo. AL B E R Y, Robert, Rapid City. ASHMORE, Gary, Verm illion. BEHREND, James, Parkston. BENNETT, Leo, Aberdeen. BERTELSON, Roger, Spencer, lowo. BILLIGMEIER, Jon, Sioux Falls. BLAIR, Law- rence, Vemiillion. BLOOM- QUIST, Bruce, Wausa, Neb- raska, BRINK, Richard, Spencer, Iowa, BUNKERS, Gerald, Dell Rapids. BUNKER, James, Aberdeen. BUTT, Duane, Reliance. CHARRLIN, Mary Ann, Vermillion. CHRISTIAN, Clifford, Vermillion. DICK- INSON, Richard, Martin. EHRMANN, Barbara, Aber- deen. EGAN, James, Chicago, Illinois. EKLUND, Arlene, Vermillion. ELKIN, Marshall, Spencer, Iowa. ELLISON, Donald, Watertown. FONDER, Lawrence, Sioux Falls. GRAV, Deane, Sioux Foils. GRITTERS, Lyie, Hull, Iowa. HAMMERBECK, Patricia, lona. HANSEN, James, Rapid City. HEISTERKAMP, Ken- neth, Breda, Iowa. HINES, Michel, Hibbing, Minnesota. HYLLAND, Daniel, Howard. IVERSON, Clark, Vermillion. JANSEN, Donna, Spirit Lake, Iowa. KIMBALL, Karen, Greg- ory. KLATT, Kenneth, Tripp. KNOX, Alex, Salem. KNUDSON, Craig, Leola. KNUDSON, Gary, McLaughlin. KOOIKER, Jerome, Rock Valley, Iowa. KROGMAN, Barbetta, White River. KRUSE, Leroy, Madison. KURLE, William, McLaughlin. LILLIBRIDGE, John, Burke. LUNDGREN, Richard, Ai- cester. McCOLLEY, Richard, Lead. McGURK, Connie, Brookings. MORGAN, LeRoy, Hot Springs. NAFZIGER, Orman, Cleghorn, Iowa. r6 1 B: f ' :- ' Pi f? . ■ ry f J f J ' ftr? NAIRN, Lonny, Ramsen, lowo. PALMER, Charlas, Rapid City. PERKINS, Judith, Vermillion. PHILLIPS, Jack, SiouK Falls. PORTER, Stsvan, Rock Rapids, lowo. RATHJE, Horry, Con ton. REAVES, Jeonnens, SiouK Foils. REED, Howord, Ropid City. SCHLIMGEN, Robert, Mitchell. SCHNEIDER, Loverne, Tyndoll. SCHUM- MER, Cotherine, Sturgis. SHULL, Dennis, Soc City, Iowa. SMALL, Jerome, Chicogo, Illinois. SMITH, Dollos, Cherokee, lowo. SMITH, Ronald, Lucas. SMITH, Thomas, Alexondrio. SPEAK- MAN, John, Galvo, lowo. TRUDELL, Richord, South Sioux City Nebraska. VANOERBUR, Wayne, Maple- ton, Iowa. VAN MEVEREN, Stuart, Sioux Falls. WALTERS, Norman, Huron. WELLER, Williom, Mitchell. WILKINSON, Gordon, Beres- ford. WUNDER, Margaret, 8i son. NOT PICTURED; ABSHER, Clark, Downers Grove, I Nino i s. ATKINSON, Horold, Ver- million. BAKER, Richord, Sioux Foils. BALDWIN, Gerald, Lead. BATCHELLER, Charles, Sioux City, lowo. BERTELSON, Jomes, Ho- warden, lowo. BRAKKE, Kay, Presho. BROWN, Dennis, Madison. CATLIN, Ronold, Plotie. FABER, Roger, Coni- stoto. FISCHER, Jomes, Aberdeen. FURCHNER, Thomos, Mitchell. GARRETT, Connie, Huron. GILES, Ronald, Yonklon. HAAG, Bruce, Vermillion. HALEY, Potrick, Wouso, Nebrosko. HALL, John, Burke. HARMS, Charles, George, Iowa. HARRINGTON, Williom, Colmon. HENNIES, John, Wagner. HOLMOE, Joyce, Sioux Falls. HOWES, Michool, Sioux Falls. JASPER, John, Sioux Foils. JONES, Nancy, Seattle, Washington. K AS TEN, Seattle, Washington. KASTEN, Chorles, Humbolt. LAKEMAKER, Gerald, Grolon. LEONARD. Wilmo, Ver- million. LEWIS, James, Miller. LUST, Ceroid, Aberdeen. MeCONKEY, Duone, Center- ville. MARGESON, Dale, Sioux Foils. MERTENS, Dovid, Kennebec. NOVAK, Jomes, Vermillion. PFEIF- FER, Cloudio, Vermillion. PIERCE, Brendo, Hot Springs. PIERCE, Leonard, Hot Springs. POSZ, Robert, Sioux Foils. REID, Donold, Sioux Falls. RIEMANN, John, Sioux Foils. RUSH, Ronold, Sioux Falls. SCHEINOST. Kobert, Winner. SL A B Y, James, Aberdeen. SO REN SON, John, Chamberlain. STEELE, Lorm, Ropid City. THOMP- SON, Byron, Wotertown. THOMPSON, Robert, Winfred. THURY, Linus, Porkston. WENDT, William, Sturgis. WILKINSON, Robert, Ver- million. WINTERS, Alon, Seneca. WOOD, Robert, Wotertown. The Business Building te cnoot i o p o 1- ' ALL EN, Roger, Mitchell. ANDERS6n, Allen, Newmvi Grove. Nebraska. ANDERSON, Maiel, Hitterdol, Minnesota. AU SL AN D, Herbert, Lily. BACH, Lloyd, Springfield. BECKWITH. Deon. Aberdeen. BLACK, Jincy, St. Charles. Illinois. DAHL. Donald. Laporte, Indiana. DAHL, Kenneth, Volley City, North Dokoto. DIEDTRICH. Gordon, Bowdle. H ARRIN G T N, Glenn, Baytown. Texas. HOFELDT, Lorry, Woyne. Nebraska. HORNED, Conni e. Spring- field, Missouri. HORNED. Morianne. Glenview. Illinois. JOHNSON. Potricio, Ray. mend. KONG, Sum Man, Hong Kong. Chino.LINDENMEYER. Duane, Salina, Kansas. MASTELLER, Edw.n. Blue Earth, Minnesota. MICK EL. Charles. White R.ver. MICKEL, Edword, White River. NELSON, Allm, Lone Rock, Wisconsin. NOSSAMAN, Robert. Isabel. K on SOS. RAO, Pi II ari setty, Madras, Indiano. SE ACAT, Pat, Al exandria. STANHOPE, Russell. Wor- Chester. Massachusetts. STONE. Goyne, Dell Rapids. THACORE. Harshad. Luck- man, Indio. VAN ROEK EL, Winerva, Corsica. WALKER, Judith, Vermillion. WANG, Jomes, Taipei, Taiwan, China. NOT PICTURED: AOAM Pol- nc««, VMMlllien. ALBERD. INC, Afihwt. Day C«tl f, N«W« k«. ALBRECHT Jwry. Ywtliton. ALLAN. Donald. r«th »n. ALLEN, JoKn, PUtt . ANDERSON. J»hn. Bf««d . M nn«Mt«. ANDER- SON. L«l»« Aural. •. loo . BACKHAUS, floronco. Modi- MA. BARTON, DwImio, Dwk «wo, lo-o. BEDWELL, ThoMOt, Vonnilhon. BEN. SON, Rokort. Sii«otof . BERG- HAN. W.llt««, Vofwttllion. BILLINOTON, Mofr, Vof- MilhoA. BLACEN, WtlhoM, Uod Mt. BL AK E. Robort, if . FolU BLUE, R«v, Rod- hold. BOCUE, Mtld od. Vor. ■till. on BOHNER. Dolo, Stowa C »r BRAKE. Robort, i««0IIOa« , Norih OAotO. BRUCE. Rtcha d, Kondoll. ••Ho, Indiono. BRUMAS, John. P«i«»« BRUUMEL. Clofw , Plono. BUEB, Jo- Mfh, S o( L oh o, lo a. BVINCTON, ■ •.•»., PIr-wvA. U-o. CAMERON, Conrad, bava C rr. la-o. CHAFf EC. Baatrxo. VonM.ll.ort CHAM. BRC. Mofio Tha««io. MA. , Naa Jaftay. CHEN. Umiifn. T .« , Chmo CHRISTOP- PCRSCN. Andro-.Vof-tlhan. CLYDE. JoKn, V au City. lo-o. COLWELL, Doll, Vannilltan. CUNNINGHAM, Da« d. Vannillion. DARROW, TKo o«i, Davtd City. Nabra». ha. DAVIS. Lo«onco. !«•«• 0 y. ■•««■ DAVIS, Fa««a« Pawl. Slaw • Ci tf, la a. DEGARMO. SyUlo, Poriih, Naw Yorii. DEISSLER, K» - nafh, Fra t«i. DOBBER- STCIN, Er«m, Alcoiiot. DOHERTY, John, Siow- FolU. DOORENBOS, Raymond, Pallo, la-a. DOUGLAS. EUar, Lannoa. OUNACAN, Dorold. Yofi.Nab ' otfaa. DUN- LAP, Coihorino. Vormillian. DUNN, David. Yvthlan. DUNSTAN. Baniamin, Colar- olno, MinnoMlo. EASTON, Ctadyt. Vamillion. EASTON, Jomot, Vonnilhan. EIDS- NESS. Wanan. L aPraiion. ESLICK, Rwdolph. Elk Peml. fINLEY, Pout. Vo m ll on. FINN,, Woyna. Nab- •o o. FOLEY. Ro«. And«o». WAanda. FOUSr Wofion, Vonnillian. FRASCH, Donald, Monno. FULLER. No.1, Vom.lhon. CASKINS, W.lha«n. Conlor- villa. GREEN Dola. Ho.of 4wn, lama. GRIMME. Dwvta. WAonda. GRIMME, Ffad, C«r«tlU. HAINEY, Baity, Uitchall. HAMM, HaiUn. Hiicholl. HANDSUCH. Joitn, Manlaamari), Mtnnoiato. HARA, Ed.oid. Siowa Folli. HARRJS, Volooo, Van .. II. on. HAUGE. Ototiof.Vaua Fall . HAU E. Glana. C«.«.o. HENORICKSON F.odofic, Vaf«ill on. HEUSINK VELO, Motion, nnflliold. HILCEN. BERG. Ranald, Parhttan. HOOVER, Haiald, S.owa Falli. HUGHES, Haiald. Va«- million. HUNTER. Ranald, Moikhall, Minnateta. tVEft- SON. Eugana, Lonnoi. JACK- SON, Choilat, Norlolk, V.r- a.nia. JACKSON, Jonot, Yanhton. JOHNSON, Jvnot, O ' Noill, Nobio ha. JOHNSON, LaRoy, WoilPomi, Nabroiko. JUF FER. fta ay, Siouk Caniar. lowo. KAVANAGH, Kalhrrn, Vamilllon. KERN, Pawl, Slaua City, Iowa. KISER, Rebarl. Sgi. Blull, Iowa. KLEIN, WHItam, Ho««t. KNOLL. Louit, Virginia, Mlnna»ola. KNUDSON, William, Sdialloi, Iowa. KRUEGER, Copt. Carl. Voi- millian. KRUEGER. Loon, Sioua Follt. LA BARGE, Mania, Vonn.llion. LANE, Donald, Elk LANGE, Al«t, Wooota. LARSON. Cail, VonT.ill.on. L ARSON, Mor.lyn. Yvtkion, LARSON, Pout, Mackltng. LEWIS, Rosa. Vt- million. LINDEM ANN, Chariot, Jonatvillo Wiieon- •In. LITTAU, Rwban, C ' oa- ary. LONCNE ' ckER. Moivin, Oio, tewa. LOVELACE, Wil- ll«n, Yonbien. LOWE. Phyl- lis Caltwnoni California. LOWE, Richord, Claiamonl. Calibmia. LUBACH, Hewaid. Siowa Conlor, lowo. McDON- ALD. Richard, Aurora, Calo- rade. McDOWALL, Goral FIvidraaw. M c I N T Y R E, Thomoi, SiouaFall . McMAN- US. Y« hlon. McM.L- LAN. Donald. Sprtn liold. McNABB, Jimmy. MwHohit. Tonnottaa. UAIERS. Sitlor Mary. Piofio. MAKINEN. K onnalh, Longviow. Waihing- ten. MANKE, Ama, Huichin- ■on. K«iia».MAREK. Laono. Vortn.U.oo. MARKOVETZ. AMon. Voimtllion. MARSH- ALL Rulh Varmillion. MER- EDITH. Loftlla, Toronto, Kanta . MICHAEL, Larry, Varmillian. MILES. Owonlin, Foratlburg. MILLER, Mol- vlllo, Vonn.llion, MITTEL- STAEOT, Vanilo. Varm.llion. MJOEN. Kannolh. Lawral. Nobrotko. UOLLER. Ma.901, Vorm.lhon. MONCAN Edilh. Sommorvtlla, Motiocnutolit. MOORE, Earl. Slow. C.ty. Iowa. NEARMAN, Duvio. Sioua Fall . NICKUM. John, Now Br.ghlon. Mmnoftalo. NIEMER. Don lhoa. Sioua City, lawa O ' HARE, Robari. Slawa Follk. AK E S, Irl, Lannoa. O A T E Y. J o y c o, Coorga, lowo. OKPARA, Paul Umuahio, Niaaria. OLSON. Mary. Irano. ORT- MEIER, Donny La Cro a W.taont.n. OSBURN. J no«. Ph. lip OTTO. Robori. Wotor- town. PALMOLEA, John. Siowa C.ty, lo-o. PARENTI. Robart, Wayno, NabroUo. PASCOE. Powl. Carroll, la-o. PAX TON, Morr.ll lo-a. PENICNAK Adow. Chicoffo. P E N I SK A, Jaa. Niobrara, Nabra»ka PETER- SEN, Roy. Vormillian. PI THAN. V.roil. Siawa Caniar, lo-a. P6lAI(, Clara, Sprtna- l.old. POLING, Emary. Siowa, Iowa. POMEROY. Cli - lord, Coapor, Wyoming. PRATT. Fronklm. La Mar . Iowa. RAMAKRISHN Pwf N I I a r a. India. RAUSCH, Woyno, S.owa Folia REYNOLDS. Jacti. Anihon. lo-a. RICE, Alan, Siou Fall . RICKS, Rudaar, Raa- bwrg, Idaho. R C E R S. Bavarly, Soulh Bond, Indiana. RODCERS, Horry. Sowlh Bond. Ind.vta. RODCERS. Lorioinno S.aua City, lawo. RUDD. Rebarl. Vormill.on. RUSH, Billy, Conni, Nob- rotko. RUSSELL, Oiorlaa. Sawdt S.owa C.ty, Nabrotho. SAGE. Ral« d, YOTktan SANDHOLM, Holloco. Nap- kin , Mtnnokola. SANDHU. Kwldip, India SANOHU, Rondhir, India. SCHENK, Robori, Siowa City, lo-a. SCHMITKE. Harold, Varmillion. SCHNEIDER, Jamoa. Scariwid. SEA. Dorold, Siowa City, lo-o SENSAN. BAUCH, Reboft. Siaw City. Iowa. SHAFFER. John, North Miami. Florida. SHAW. Cor- ifwda, Van»ill.on SIEBRASS. Harthol. Catad. Nabratfca. SIHOTANG, Kadimv. Indo- natia SIMONS, Milton. Siawa Fall SIMONS. Richard. Harriet. SMITH, O.Mard, Siowa Folia. SONNEMAN. L a-ionco. Slow a Fait a, SORENSEN, Jamoa. Siawa Folia. SPIERING. Alica. U« aan. STALHEIM. Hanry, VaMNillian. STCINBACH, R«l a. gh. Varmi II ion. STOLAAS. Raymond, Lannoa. STONE. 6on|om.n, Load. SUTTON, Da o, W anda. SWEENEY. Walioco. Lari- moro, Nordi D ala. SWEN. SON. Cawrtland, Alcaalar. TACG. Bartan, Siowa City, lo««. THORESON, Dolo. Piorra. THROCKMORTON, Corl, Lawp City. Nabraaka. TOLLER. Jorry, SiOwa Cly. lowo. TOP, WiHord, Mov.llo. lo-o. TYLER. Emaai. Rock Vollay. lo-a. U F F R D, Clanno, Varmill.on. VAN DOEST, Orval, Wayior. VAN WYHE. RanaU. Iroton. lo-o. VE RM E ER. Arnold. SiOwa Cvtior. lo-a. VIVIAtl, Zorl, Braak.nga. VOELKNER. Rwdalph, RaaKali, W.aeansm. VOLLRATH, Vic. S«an»Laka. lo-o. WALKER, Ion, Wooda- tonn. No- Joraay. WALKER, Robort, Siowa City, Iowa, WANSER. Bavarly, Homich, lo-o. WEBB, RoWt, Abor- doon. WEEKS. Mariana. Var- m.ll. an. WENDT, Roaat, Siawa City, la-a. WIE B. Jaeok Fart William, Ontaria, WIL SON. John. Elmhwrat. Illmoia. WILSON. Ranald. Cinc.nnaii, Oh. a. WITT. MAYCR. Eathar. Elk Paml. WOLD, Arnold. Rodhold. WOO D, Togo, Vormill.on, WOODWARD. Joaoph. Siowa City. lo-o. YOUNG. LoRoy. Rod Wint,Minnoaola. YOUNG, Timalhy, Danvar, Calar«4». tlLLCV. EUara, Slawa Falla. 70 The roots of education are bitter, But the fruit is sweet... Aristotle School ot (J aw homai rloon ZJalfourd ANDERST, Thomos, Plankinton. BANKS, Ronold, Sioux City, Iowa. BROWN, Allen, Dell Rapids. BUCKMEIER, Anthony, Bison. BURKE, John, Sioux City, Iowa. EBERLE, Donald, Ropid City. FORSETH, John, Aberdeen. FRIEBERG, Robert, Centerville. HANSON, Milton, Murdo. HAYES, Alvin, Sioux City, lowo. JONES, Troy, Gettysburg. K E L L E T, Eorl, Vermillion. KERN, Paul, Lake Andes. LAMMERS, Jerome, Madison. McCLURF, Donald, Belle Fourche. McNALLY, James, Sioux City, Iowa. MAULIS, Ruben, Witten. SIMMONS, Thomas, Vermillion. WALKER, Hermon, Sturgis. WALLAHAN, Franklin, Rapid City. NOT PICTURED: FINGERSON, Glenn, Aberdeen. 0 ' BO Y LE, Paul Sioux Falls. I Diiitd y, ear Second i ji ear p t MLlh. DUNCAN. Richard. Da Moinos, towa. GILES, William. Sioux City. Iowa. HARMENING, William, Sioux City. lowo. HOLDER, Don, Bloomington, Illinois. HOPE- WELL, Richard, Sioux Fall . JONES, Eugena. Whita Rivar. O ' KEEFE, Terrenco, Aber- deen. RICHARDS, Gory, Bella Fourche. STOCKDALE, Jome . Mission. WOLLMAN, Roger, Fronkforl. SECOND YEAR NOT PIC- TURED: ADAM, Thomas, Leod. BLEEKER, Douglos, Elk Point. BUBAK, Edword, Wilmot. CHRISTENSEN, Gory, Vermillion. COLE, Raymond, Sioux City, lowo. DONAHOE, Jomes, Vermillion. GREGER- SON, Richard, Sioux Falls. HANKS, Curtis, Lemmon. HUNT, Roger, Sioux Falls. JACOB, Gustove, DeSmet. JENSEN, Ronold, Wessington Springs. NAGEL, Clinton, Elk Point. O ' KEEFE, Mich- ael, Sioux City, lowo. SPIRY, Arthur, Mobridge. YEADO, Robert, Vaimillion. FIRST YEAR NOT PIC- TURED: DeVINNY, Robert, Mobridg e. DIRKS, Alfred, Harrisburg. DOBBERPUHL, Eugene, Groton. FISHER, Gofe, Redfield. HAUGO, Roger. Sioux Falls. KIRK- PATRICK, Trovis, Hillsboro, Texas. MILLER, Robert, Sioux Foils. MOCH, Dean, Owotonno, Minnesota. OW EN S, John, Vemiillion. PALMER, Horlon, Aberdeen. PARKER, Robert, Sioux Foils. PFEIF- FER, William, Aberdeen. RANNEY, Williom, Sioux Foils. WERNKE, Williom, Bonastaal. 3 lr5i year J ANDRESEN, Richard, Bloom- field, Nebra ka. BARNES, Jomes, Huron. E RICK SON, Lewoyne, Corlh- ega. HOGGATT, Ralph, Lead. JOHANSEN, Gory, South Sioux City, Nebrosko. McKEEVER, Patrick, Kenne- bec. O ' HARA, Nick. Madison. 74 cnooi of ilfleUlci ne ku hand ...2b. om 14.29 S opnomoreA rr IL 41 BRADSHAW, FREDERICK, Ft. Mead. BREVIK, ALAN, Wot.rtown. CR AR Y, ELY, Oiot»au, Montana. DAWLEY, JOHN, Ropid City. DUNN, JAMES Red Wing, Minnesota. EITZ MAN, DOUGLAS, Cedar Fall I, lowo. FAHRNI, JOHN, Seneco. GILBERT- SON, ROGER, Lake Poik, Minnesota, GUNNARSON, RICHARD, Sisseton. HERBERTSON, FLOYD, Boulder, Colorodo. HUNT ER, MARILYN, Sturgis JUDGE, DAVID, Miibonk KEMPER, CARLOS, Vi boro. KJELLSEN, DOUG LAS, Arlington. LEAF STEDT, STUART, Alcest LEHMAN, RICHARD, Seattle, Washington. POLSE, SAN FORD, San Froncisco, Colifornio. PORTER, RICHARD, Mitchell. RUD, PAUL, Sioux Falls. SCHULTZ, ALAN, Moprheod, Minne- sota. SEBESTA, DONALD, Larchwood, lowo. SKOGLUND, RAYBURN, Sioux Falls. STORMO, KENNETH, Lead. THOM- SON, PATE, Ooklond, California. WEIL AND, DENNIS, Fowler, Colo- rado. WOOD, JOHN, Solem, Oregon. Not Pictured: GIESSINGER, JAMES, Aurtara, Colorado. OTT, ELVIRA, Chomber- join. PERKINS, EDWIN, Sioux Foils. RONNING, ARVID, Bainville, Montana. SINGER, THOMAS, Elk Point. 7« ALVINE, FRANKLIN, Sioux Falls. ANDRE, CARL, Vermillion. DE WALD, ALLAN, Tripp. EKMAN, WILLIAM, Vermillion. GOLLIHER, WARREN, Hoover. HUBNER, DOUGLAS, Tacoma, Washington. JENSEN, ROBERT, Sioux Falls. JERDE, MYRON, Sorum. KAR- LAN, LOUIS, Vilas. PETERSON, DALE, Sioux Falls. RAMES, LINDA, Corona. ROBERTSON, WILLIAM. Mitchell. RYAN, JAMES, Onida. SEJVAR, JO- SEPH, Gregory. TWEET, FRED, Des Moines, Iowa. VOY, ROBERT, Vermi ! lion. WALTON, JERRY, Sioux Falls. WEST- BERG, VERNON, Broin- ard, Minnesota. WUND- ER, JAMES, Bison. : jr reihmen O. fTx C Q P4 ,p N«=- ' f " Not Pictured: ABBEN HAUS, JAMES, Burke ABBOTT, JOHN, Mitch ell. ALLEN, EDWARD Los Angeles, Calif ornia. ALLIN, ROBERT Glencoe, Illinois CHILES, ROSS, Aber deen. DAPPAN, GLEN Sioux Falls. ELKJER FLYNN, VINCENT Coronodo, California FRARY, LYNN, Ropi. City. GOERZ, ROYAL Freeman. HELDRIDGE ROBERT, Saint Paul Minnesota. HERBRAND SON, CLARENC E, Alcester, HOLTZMAN, STUART, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. HUGH ES, H. DEAN, Rock Ropids, Iowa. KANE, RONALD, Yonkers, New York. KRIGSTEN, ELI, Sioux City, Iowa. LESSER, ISAAC, Mitchell, LONG, RICHARD, El Sobrante, California. MARTENS, WERNER, Arcadio, California. NUMSEN, GENE, Alcester. POST, MICHAEL, Sioux Falls. SCHENK, DONALD, Tripp. YAUK, ROBERT, Windsor, Colorado. J ckool of rlurAin lAJnere pitu dwetlAy ZJne peace of jod is there. . . . oltn Cfreenieaf VUkitti er V ( ( I PETERSON, Jolene, Wakefield, Nebraska. WINKLER, Kathy, Sioux City, lowo. ZOBEL, Sherri, croft, Nebraska. Ban- eniotd CASEY, Wandalee, Fort Dodge, Iowa. GRISWOLD, Dorothy, Belle Fourche. utiLorA HEDGE, Kay, Spencer, Iowa. OTRADOVSKY, Betty, Creighton, Ne- braska. Y A ROE R, Jackie, Spencer, Iowa. 79 op ft om o BORDEAUX, Minerva, Mordo. BOTTOLFSON, Julia, Vermillion. F EN SK E, Mildred, Arlington. F R I E S E, Morvelle, Huron. HATFIELD, Mory Jone, Orlondo, Florida. REINSCHMIDT, Helen, Clark. STOLTZ, Made- line, Madison. THOGER- SEN, Joyce, Moorheod, Iowa. Not Pictured: MELBOURN, Jean, Highmore. 5 tedhmen •o HENDERSON, Trudy, Lodgepole. HERNAN- DEZ, Annie, Kyle. HIBBERT, Janice, Wanbleo. INT VELDT, JoEllen, Orange City, lowo. MILLER, Koria, Flandreau. NORBECK, Jone, Red- field. JENSEN, Vicki, Modison. R B B I N S, Rita, Harlan. SPEICH- INGER, Sondy, Sioux City, lowo. STRAND, Karleen, Kimball. Not Pictured: SMITH, Judy, Wotertown. StudenI Nurses Receive on-the- job froining ot Ft. Dodge, lowo. 81 amour nd iltaCl not tot el in eSA be loved forever i C uripideS (editor jon J4atlenbecb ■a fvllAA Uanitu ai 1961 m. a raate 9 I d end ,i - :n ■ ' ■ Va. ■ wm r m r 1 i 1 h A ! , i Miss Vonity Fair of 1961 and the three runner-ups are chosen. Jonah Jones makes the final decision. While appearing at Freddies in Minneapolis, the well-known Jonah Jones chose Miss Vanity Fair of 1961 - - a pleasant but difficult under- taking. While Mr. Jones, popular jozz singer and trumpeteer, and his combo entertained, Freddies was filled to capacity, not only by college stu- dents, but also by young socialites. Jonah Jones was pleased to have the privilege of choosing the winner, although he stated that he would rather have seen the candidates in person. The best wishes of Jonah Jones, the University of South Dakota, and Koren Grosse, Coyote editor, are extended to Margoret Aikens, Miss Vonity Fair of 1961. irsl rCunner-up tJLedleu u anion Second iKunner-Ui ..Jsarleen Tirana Ukird Kunner-up Jeen Wdt 87 ulie SSrown iflaru l Carg f ancu Ljaran ( nerrii Lj ia ailon i Aharon f- e i onnie J4arman udu mitn ff arao - eterdon 89 tannint Miration uau VUacniin udu Ulaiak Wlaureen lAJkiie •o inlAA Jahot a 1960 iVlartna L tarK oLinda C ur eS filaru dckman kirleu cholten Audith fflo ck 93 dJ ij nlverdlt 1960 3ii 6an ffluilenbu 9 ■■ W ' ; J ono tat K adet l oionei 1960 ama ta WLot •• t 4 i i m- ' ' ' « " iiift . " T (F Sv Meredith Auld, Pat Collan, Tamaro Ullyot, Jone Hollenbeck A United Nations Theme prevailed at the 37th Annual Military Boll held on Novetnber 8, 1960. Tamora Ullyot was chosen Honorary Cadet Colonel; Pat Callan, Adjutant Colonel; Jone Hollenbeck as First Battalion Sweetheart; and Meredith Auld as Second Battalion Sweetheart. Seventeen pledges of Scabbard and Blade, men ' s military honorary, were also introduced at the ball. •■ ..y Cpna au J nteqa 9 weelnearl ane VJou lei eJjelta Jau eJjett J weeln ea rt ffl arqaret ikeni a 99 esL amo da ( ni _y ipna weeln ea rt I ' larcia J4 erreid weetn ea rl iflonica Cunnin nai a lOO ianta . Ipna C psiio 9 n weelhearl ui za nne chi xpp J au ...J ap pa C pdilon ppa p weetnea rt ean iflelbourn ZJlteta Ai weetn ea rt Kooou ffloore ACo J e Of eJj ell a -3 iama f- " i i arot iski 1 02 I ' s.ep uolic an fnarilun lAJenzel I ft in ijoun eJjemocra I Aane rlichoilien I03 One, two, cho , cha, cha! All set. . .let ' s go! Coach " Boot " Stewart was the first runner in the relay race that was inaugurated to publicize Dakota Day activities this year. Twenty-five young men, including two representatives from the business fraternity and each social frater- nity, the Dakota Day Committee, and the Presi- dent and Vice-President of the Student Body Association ran the 130 miles between Vermillion and Brookings in seventeen hours, eighteen minutes. After arriving at State College, Ken Bode, USD Student Body President, officially challenged the Jackrabbit President for an arti- cle of clothing during Hobo Day half-time ceremonies. East Hall, oldest of the four women ' s dormitories, was built in 1886, one of the first buildings on the campus. It was completely remodeled in 1957-58. The Administration Building is the heart of Univer- sity activity. Noteboom Hall, built during 1952-53, is a sleek, modern contrast to the traditional East Hall. East Hall Admlnistrotion Building Noteboom Hall t08 These ore three of the buildings that have been a port of the University campus for many years. The stately architecture is appropriote for the Low Building. Old Main was one of the three buildings comprising the University in 1886 and is still in use, a " landmark " on the campus. The Old Science Hall is soon to be replaced by a modern building. Law Building The Wrecking of Old Science Hall Old Main I OS J4 onorarieA ..Arpplauie is tne Spur of- noole minds Une end and aim of- u eah onei . . C-.C-. K otlon fl I fl R fl fl fl One of the highest honors o woman can receive is to be " tapped " for Mortar Board in the spring of her junior year, at the annual woman ' s Swingout. A service organization, its high standards include scholarship, leadership in campus activities and service to the University. Known by their traditional red blazers, the members sponsor the Mother ' s Day Banquet and re- cognition teas for women students who are outstanding in their field. The women of f. ortar Board assist OKD in the Foreign Film Program and are active in many other cultural and academic activities. TOP TO BOTTOM: Martha Clark, Jane Bowles, Mary Burges, Kay Myron, Dorothy Lundquist, Jane Nelson, Eliiobeth Towne, Linda Eyres, Dee Brost, Karen Grosse, Ann Bartholomew. I OS TOP TO BOTTOM: Dick Leising, Lynn Frary, Duone Fowler, Bob Ruddy, Ken Bode, Ray Giske, Jim Vonder Schaaf, Jim Randall, Cecil Caulkins. A national honorary for senior men, Omicron Delta Kappa, stresses excellence of scholarship, leader- ship and service to the school. ODK provides leader- ship and assistance for various campus activities throughout the year. Along v ith .Mortar Board, ODK sponsors the f oreign Film Program; its members sponsored the Freshmen Orientation V eek dances, assisted as ushers for the Dakota Day grandstand and held a campus drive for United Fund Charities. c II fl t L I II H fl P P fl I09 FRONT ROW: Linda Eyres, Bob Ruddy, Ken Bode, Cecil Coulkins, Corol Coverdole. SECOND ROW: More Rhoodes, Coleto Jones, Connie D. Homm, Dorothy Lundquist, Mary Burges, Dee Brost. THIRD ROW: Leslie Senner, Morv Komback, James VanderSchoof, Jock Bright, Matt Longenfeld, Donald Clark, Karen Nelson. FOURTH ROW: Victor Ulmer, Raymond Hartmann, William Groy, Roy Giske, Glen Hond, Wayne Ufford, Duane Fowler. BACK ROW: Robin R. Gamet, Jane Nelson, Thane Johnson, Tom Cooper, John Doohen, Karen Grosse, Ann Bartholomew, Thomas Monsheim. NOT PICTURED: Lynn Frory, Ken Herfkins, Lindo McDoniel, Charlene H. Randall, Jim Randall, Fred Tweet. Wonofts kmm Phi (llu tpsiLOfi FRONT ROW: Dr. Beoty, Duane Fowler, Mr. Ekman, Mr. Mehoffey, Mr. Hasse. SECOND ROW: Mr. Schwobauer, Pot Johnson, Elaine Kurley, Dee Brost, Coleto Jones, Lorry Hofeldt. BACK ROW; Bob Walter, Dr. Gutzman, Ray Giske, Mr. Haeder, Mr. LeRoy Johnson. no FRONT ROW: Beth Haan, Pat Brochers, Donna Mennage, Marilyn Serf, Ruth Rotherberger. SECOND ROW: Carol Tisher, Judy Pilcher, Mary Lynn Collins, Sandra Smidt, Luann Scott. THIRD ROW: Judy Jordan, Kay LaPlante, Kathy Kelly, Mildred Fenske, Billie Lutterman, Sharon Grotewold, Charlene Van de Voort. BACK ROW: Joyce Thogersen, Linda Demlo, Berniece Campbell, Elaine Meyers, Beth Railsback, Raeanna Taake, Carol Bennett, Alyce Jessen. fliPHfl LflfUfiOfl Daifl h [ifl km FRONT ROW: Louis Fischer, Leander Stroschein, Dean Kranhold, Terry Prosch, Edward Wutsch, Tom Rosenbaum. SECOND ROW: Harley Oien, Jerry Krause, Charles Kopriva, Thomas Eichmon, Richard Warness, Gene Lockhart, Arnold Schilling. THIRD ROW: Roger Petersen, Doug Leafstedt, Glenn Olson, David Jordan. John Lushbough, Vernon Miller. BACK ROW: Jomes Randall, Richord Cutler, Duane Fowler, Murray Gibson, Thomos Cooper, Howard Connors. BACK ROW: Jeremiah Reedy, Richard Cutler, Richord Neftum, Robert Benson. FRONT ROW: Ro$«- mary Hefner, Jane Nicolisen, Dr. Grace Beede. [ifl km h finfl Gfldimn SiGfUfl FRONT ROW: Beffy Tieike, Gloria Raesly, SECOND ROW: Walter Buehlor, Merlin Foremon, Ray Dykeman. THIRD ROW: Kenneth Grover, Joy Wein, Alfred Ulvog. BACK ROW: Henry De Groot, Korl Kiiso, Grant Evonson. 112 I FRONT ROW: Charlene Randall, Beth Haan, Elaine Meyers, Sharon Parker, Raenna Taake. BACK ROW: Joan Radeke, Fjizabeth Towne, Melinda Grimes, Kay Myron, Pat Borchers, Bonnie Raasch, Mary Lynn Collins. fHu h [mm h (llU (iLPHfl FRONT ROW; Larry Versteeg, Dean Kranhold, Gene Lockhart, Tom Kruse, Ronn Huettmann, Larry MitchelL SECOND ROW; Lemars Versteeg, James Randall, Don Neslcnd, Tom Lewis, Richard Per- singer, Leighton V eltz. THIRD ROW: Lynn Seipp, Meredith Olsen, Cecil Caulkins, West Twomey, Jay Vanderl inden, Dave Mitchell, Corter Fggers. BACK ROW: Arnold Schilling, Jack Erickson, David Jordan, John Frickson, Gordon Linden, Lynn Huenemann, F. J. Streim. f 13 Gene Chambley Gory Fisher Irv Hoyt Marv Johnson Jim Krueger Dick McDerrmolt George Mickelson Winston French Gory Froolich SiftOLLtllS Under the sign of the big red " S " they plan, co-ordinate and supervise the annual Strollers Show, traditionally held in March of each year. One of the biggest events of the second semes- ter. Strollers owes its existence to this ener- getic, capable, grinning group of upperclass- men. Not only do they sponsor and organize the show, but they themselves provide a good portion of the entertainment. Chosen for talent, ability, and sense of humor, the Strollers are commonly referred to as the " campus cut-ups. " But in reference to their annual show, they ' re all business. And at heart, they ' re really not bad fellas. Merle Nelson Larry P ry rascoe Tom K earns President Lorry Piersol Chuclc Batcheller Treasurer Dick Leising Secretory Jim Haahr Jim Hoar George Hauge 1 IT - m ■ K - 1 - ' 4 ' »«ai r Clork Iverson Gary Knutson Bob Lorson Buzz Posz Milt Schwartz Loren Steele Larry Torkel son S - d Dan German Chip Horris Mike Howes Ken Bode President Bill Brown Treosurer John Doohen Vice President DflHOIflflS Dakotans is a senior men s society, loosely termed a service organ! zation--probably by some Stroller whose name escapes mention. This organization tra- ditionally sponsors the Miss University Contest in the spring and the Interfraternity Sing which is o part of the Mother ' s Day program. After issuing a formal challenge to the Strollers in the Volante, the Dakotans played, and beat. Blue Key which is a men s honorary from State College (an institution located somewhere North of us) in a game of touch football on Dakota Day. The Dakotans again won on the basketball court, so the Dakotans-Blue Key Keg will stay in Vermillion. In addition to these service functions, the blue- blozered group occasionally finds time for a little un-academic organizational activity. Morv Johnson r.-n KloK Jerry Lindemon Secretory lie i Dick McColley Gary McDowell John Ma t son Tom Muilenburg Joey Schm i dt Jim Stafne h f John Vanderboom Jack Phillips Chuck Poore Gordon Williomson 1 117 ■: t i iiimimMS Mary Pat Barstow Ann Bartholomew flmtfiOn COLLfGEE m UnivffisiiiK Those elected to Who ' s Who are the outstanding leaders on the University campus. Chosen from the senior class on the basis of high scholarship, service to their school, and unselfish participation and leadership in campus activities, they are named in a national directory, along with similarly quali- fied students from other campuses, as potential leaders of the future. Dee Brost Mary Surges Bill Brown Ceci I Cou I k in 5 119 Martha Clark Bob Daughters Carol Co verdal e John Dooh«n Duan e Fowler L inda Eyre s George Gro s s Ray Gi ske Thane John son Coleto Jones Dick L Dorothy Lundquist K ay Myron Lorry Mitchell Sharon Porkor Jane N el son Dick P ersi n ger Jim Rondol I Chuck P oore Marc Rhoodes Bob Ruddy Milt Schwartz J eon in e Stratton Jim Vander Schaaf T I!!! m f SSM! _ IAh pHl i - • . Hi |||. %9 2 j iitff ■■■■i B PI 1 - ' ' 1 Karen Grosse, Editor Multitudes of pictures, scraps of copy, innumerable forms, an incessantly ringing telephone, and always the deadline hanging overhead---this is the con- fusion of the Coyote office. Hard-working staff members have combined their efforts to produce this Coyote of 1961. In it may be found the most complete record available of University life, memories of triumphs and defects, of joys and regrets, all worthwhile. STAFF: Standing: Bonnie Grotewold, Sue Schempp, Linda Thompson, Corel Coverdole, Donna Link, Karen Stedronsky, Dottie Schult, Pris Christiansen, Moyre Hilton, Karen Robusch. Seated: Shirley Scholten, Jone Hallenbeck, Lindo Wilkie, Joon Rodeke, Froncis Moul, Sharon Grotewold, Dixie Fnslow, Rosemary Hofner. 126 Wayne Vanderbur, Bernie Herzog and Royce Likness, Photogrophers . Susan Colvin, Assistant Editor Lowell Toistedt, Art Editor Dottie Coe, First Business Manager; Gretchen Overpeck, Second Business Manager; Chorlene Van de Voort, Third Business Manager. 127 fi L (1 S I Steve Nelson, Editor Ruth Rothenberger, Art Lowell Tolstedt. Art t2« This humor magazine is eager- ly awaited twice during each school year, on Dakota Day and the nights of the Strollers Show. Famous, not only among the students and faculty, but in the much wider circles of alumni, parents, and students of other colleges, the Blast provokes emotions from laughter to gasps. It is chuck full of both nilorious and " sick " cartoons and jokes and of pin-ups of attractive co-eds. It is sure to delight all who read it. STAFF; Back row; Terry Larson, Francis Moul, Wayne Vanderbur, Joey Schmidt. Middle row: Steve Nelson, Dottie Schult, Ruth Rothenberger, Ann Herzog, Mary Burges, Kathy Page, Sharon Grotewojd, Shirley Scholten; Front row; Charlene Von de Voort. Shirley Scholten, Business Manager Joey Schmidt, Associate Editor 129 VOLflOIE Carol Coverdale, Business Manager The weekly campus newspaper is the Volante, avidly read by hundreds of students each Tuesday. Alert reporters gather news of every aspect of life in their I ' niversity com- munity from the educational aspect to the social and athletic. Other students select and arrange this variety of material into neat, compact, and well-organized publication so famil- iar to the student body and to its many outside readers. Mary Surges, First Semester Editor Molly Gleoson, Second Semester Editor ISO STAFF: Gene Kimmel, News Editpr; Lowell Tolstedt, Art; Kay La Plantc Lynne Martin, Steve Nelson. Francis Moul, News and Sports Fditor CIRCULATION STAFF: Joyce Thogersen, Beth Railsback, Judy Pilcher, Donna Menage, Linda Green, Jane Nicholisen, Corel Benson. BACK ROW: Odessa Long, Vance Kelley, Robert Mundt, Gene Bushnell, Allen Nelson, Paul Von Buren, LeRoy Johnson, Williom Harrison, Robert Benson, Russell Kappenman, Dr. Robert Mortin-odvi sor. FRONT ROW: Elizabeth Cummins, Loretto Dean, Karen Pool, Georgia Thielen, Patricio Johnson, Jo Blue. Phi finfl hm hmmm Mm BACK ROW: Leonard Andero, Bill Slottery, Dr. Ehrensper- ger. Dean Julian. FRONT ROW: Chuck Poore, Molly Gleoson, Dr. Trotiig, Steve Nelson. NOT PICTURED: Gory Conradi, Karen Grosse. Six faculty members, the editors of the three campus publications, and three stu- dents appointed by the Student Body Presi- dent comprise the Publications Board. 1anaging the financial matters of each publication is the primary concern of this group. Besides assisting whenever possible with various problems that confront the staffs of each publication, this group interviews and selects the students for the major positions on the three publications. Bill Sloltery Director [lis Mm Morlys Olson Secretary Under the capable direction of Bill Slattery, the University News Bureau Brings University activities to the attention of the general public through such outlets as nev s- papers and radio. Thus the Bureau serves the double function of helping to keep the public informed of newsworthy events at the University, and acts as a publicity agent for the school, bringing its qualities to the attention of prospective students. 133 M artin Bu sch Director W U S D Don Millar Progrom Suparvitor fS4 ANNOUNCERS: Tom Koarns, Larry Michael, Steve Arnold. Ars. Earl Kellett, Secretary Not only is Radio Station KUSD a fine station in its own right, but it provides excellent training opportunities for students in radioand television work. Here they learn from practical experiences both the tech- nical and communication aspects. The radio station is popular among University students and also has many other listeners in the Vermillion area. Perhaps the most note- worthy progress this year was in television; for the first time, the University boasts a regular channel, closed circuit this year, but to be expanded in the near future. FRONT ROW: Wolloce Sweeney, John Nickum, Arthur Alberding, Ronald Hunter, EdMasteller, Monte LoBarge, John Anderson, Kenneth Nioen. SECOND ROW: Carl Throckmorton, Worren Eidsness, Horold Schmitke, Benjamin Dunstan, Florence Back- hous, Bi lly Rush, Richord McDonald, Dean Beckwith. THIRD ROW: Hershel Siebross, Russell Stonhope, Duone Lindenmeyer, Richord Lowe, Derald Dunagan, Clifford Pomeroy, Allen Nelson. FOURTH ROW: John Handsuch, Merritt Poxton, Kenneth Dahl, Leroy Young, Robert Schenk, Roy Blue, Holloce Sandholm, Louis Knoll. FIFTH ROW: Neil Fuller, Glenn Harrington, Ronald Von Wyhe, V arren Fouse, Donold Dohl, Rudolph Voelkner, Rudger Ricks, Horry Rodgers. BACK ROW: Leslie Meredith, Bobby Nossamon, Ruben Littau, Joseph Bueb, John Shaffer, Raymond Doorenbos, Robert Rudd, Arno Manke, Kenneth Mokinen. flflL Scitfict IflSIIlUIt Another married student ' s housing unit goas up. A Mock convention held by the Young Republicans simulated both the structure and the aura of excite- ment of the real national convention. J ou l n 9 lA ilnout friends no one would chooAe to live, even it- ne nad ail other aoods. . . . ristotie bailor WaJJln. Slofi. FRONT ROW: Susan Howkins, Vergie Moss, Deanna Johnson, Joan Barber, Evelyn Palmer, Shoron Nelson, Joyne Hallenbeck, Vicki Jensen, Bonnie Grofewold, Arlene Abbott, Ann Hernondez, Barbara Anderson, Ann McDowell, Donna Schmid. SECOND ROW: Bernadine Schroeder, Audrey Lorsen, Marlyne Kuykendoll, Raeonna Taake, Dorothy Fernen, Francis Hoblit, Lois Thompson, Mrs. Ziegler, Marilyn Joan Wilier, Mory Evons, Moureen Currie, Donna Jensen, Kathleen Koeberle, Barbora Burrell, Sharon Porker, Mary Crobb, Lesley Swonson. THIRD ROW: Pat Romereim, Brenda Jorgensen, Ann Rhodes, Lois Jepson, Babette Thorson, Clarice Donnelly, Marlene Bossmon, Barbara Koye Randolph, Ramona Tuttle, Judith Louden, Janice Hibbert, Maro Blokis, Linda ' A ' illiams, Inaro Zorins, Barb Bierwirth, Marilyn Reiman, Corole Hattman, Peggy Schmidt, Judy Smith. BACK ROW: Loretto Mangelsen, Carol Hermon, Penny Orr, Jackie Gustofson, Cindy Paris, Myrna Grant, Minerva Bordeaux, Noncy Galusha, Florence Lewis, Roberta Fields, Sharon Porter, Mory Ellwein, Mortie Stilwell, Marcia Bloseg, Donna Schneider, Ginny Feiock, Pot Potterson, Arlene Campbell, Bonny Hedrick, Mary Anne Oursland, Dorothy Hatch, Margaret Dean, Berniece Campbell, Connie Klein, Peggy Oldre, FRONT ROW: Colleen Collohan, Pat Murphy, Glenonn Vickermon, Marge Bullington, Judy Schumacher, Eileen Will, Ronni Ellwein, Lynette Sondvcld. SECOND ROW: Nedra Lundberg, Joey Gowdy, Judy Atkinson, Kothy Kelly, Shirley Aldritt, Esther Norris, Susan Sefcik, Beth Hoon, Millie Heuer, Diane Stoecker, Joan Miller, Judy Schuyler, Linda Gemar. THIRD ROW: Dana Lang, Penny Ogle, Marcia Cooper, Marge Nelson, Pat Looby, Florence Panerio, Margo Peterson, Rosonne Carlson, Koren Ventling, Normo Bluebird, Sandy Beckman, Donna Worn, Sharon Hanna, Helen Giske, Donna Drier, Luonn Scott, Lindo Thompkins, Beverly Johnson, Marilyn Ellwogger, Judith Seeboch, Loretto Wyant. FOURTH ROW: Beth Collier, Pam Brown, Sharon Tiemens, Judy Johnson, LeAnn Hogeno, Jonette Foris, Sandy Graber, Karol Brower, Lois Schrogg, Bonnie Cwach, Carol Steinborn, Marilou Colemon,, Alma Best, Jean Jordan, Karen Schmidt, Dessie Kuster, Judy Likens, Betty Aolseth, Wilma Weideman, Barb Appelt, Normo Harmsen, Clarice Conner, Agnes Korlin. 2 m2d Ap. , I r -l Burgess Hall The new dormitory, Burgess Hall, was built in 1960 and completed in 1961. Mrs. Ziegler, who was the past housemother of Dakota Hall isnow residing in the new dorm- itory. The dormitory houses one hundred- sixty girls and has a beautiful lounge on first and second floors. The annual Faculty Tea and open house was held on February 12,1961; but the date for the dedication has not yet been released. Housemother Mrs. Ziegler President Sharon Nelson Burgess Hall f ffmNim FRONT ROW: Koron Lampy, Linda Wilkie, Shorlene Miller, Judy Chamberlain, Nancy Johnson, Jeon O ' Brien, Dee Brost, Mrs. Cavanaugh, Bev Cooper, Winerva Van Roekel, Jane Norbeck, Carolyn Knox, Connie Harmon. SECOND ROW: Sandy Hilton, Linda Larsen„ Cherril Gladstone, Susan Tuel, Lindo Glass, Pot Hermann, Sharon Enstrom, Normo Jenson, Mejindo Grimes, Carolyn Williams, Morlene Sokorison, Judy Solberg, Marlys, Richter, Janet Reed, Dixie Enslow, Patsy Regan, Lillian Burdine, Rubye Strunk, BACK ROW: Jane McClellond, Korlo Miller, Jo Ellen Int Veldt, Eloine Kirley, Alyce Jessen, Donna Moore, Beverly Knudsen, Mitzi Holmoe, Irmo Hildreth, Marilyn Holland, Koron Buehler, Helen Pontius, Lynne Bortlett, Marlys Herman, Elaine Reinking, Betty Lou Diamond, Janet Shobino, Judy Goebel. 142 East Hall East Hall, the first women ' s dormitory on the University campus, was built in 1886 along with Old Main and West Hall. In 1906 an addition was completed which included a new dining hall. In 1957-.58 the interior of East Hall was completely remodeled and occupied by students during the school year 1958-59. Housemother Mrs. Cavonough President Dee Brest East Hall . t tk " i li Am FRONT ROW: Kotie Johnson, Judy Kruse, Sora Tymeson, Pom Johnson, Gloria Tinon, Karin Walker, Jeon Jordan, Marilyn Hohm, Shoron Hyllested. SFCOND ROW: Sandy Long, Susie Condon, Mary Britton, Sue Mac Kenzie, Mrs. Bloom, Patricia Groth, Diane Clements, Mary F inger, Carmie Fast, Pot Johnson, Robby Moore. THIRD ROW: Corinne Weischedel, Darley Simpson, Glendo Ferrell, Sandy Cosier, Ella Marie Cronin, Sora Newsham, Rito Robbins, Clara Birnie, Judy Boese, Judy Schiber, Sandy Syseichinger, Penny Cropley, Jeanette Wikstrom. FOURTH ROW: Donno Boggoley, Carol Knufson, Lois Neol, Joyce Kellett, Trudy Henderson, Darlene Hoines, Jonice Wunder, Kaye A. Woodward, Beverly Strait, Pat Maroon, Colleen Muir, Colleen Johnson, Judy Jordan, Sandra Zebill, Darlene Connors, Janet Koberg, Marilyn Tunert. Noteboom Ha Noteboom Hall, named for Miss Charlotte Noteboom who was a professor and Dean of Education for twenty-eight years, was de- dicated on Mothers Day, May 8, 1955. The dorm was built during 1952-53 and occupied for the first time during the school year of 1954-55. The first housemother of Noteboom Hall was and still is Mrs. Florence Bloom. Housemother t. is. Bloom President Sue GcKenzie Noteboom Hal f j -uy ■t. .i»: Julian Hall The very first men ' s dormitory on the Uni- versity campus, was known as West Hall and was located approximately where Danforth Chapel now stands. In the early years it was one of the first three buildings on the campus. When it burned, plans for a new dormitory were begun. Julian Hall was constructed in 1949-50 and was first used by men students during the 1950-51 school year. An addition, completed in 1958, added to available facilities. Housemother Mrs. Born Presiden t Harvey Noosz " In Spring, a young man s fancy turns to. reehA Editor Jjianna lA ifiiamion - nd in the Aweetneii of j-riendAhip lei there be laughter, ana dharina of pleaAureA. . . . y ahiit L ioran Linda Eyres, Mory Eichman, Rosemary Hafner, Linda Yirok, Jeonne Spilde. COUNCIL NOT PICTURED: Mary Burges, Mortha Clark, Dottie Coe, Jone Hallenbeck, Peggy Kimboll, Jane Nelson, Karen Nelson, Muriel D. Thompson, Claudia Towne. Panhellenic Council The Panhellenic Council, representing all five sororities, serves as the gover- ning body for all these organizations. If not only makes up the rules concerning rush, but enforces them as well, working in association with the Panhellenic Advisory Board. Some of the other services of this council include publishing a rushees handbook, awarding a scholarship to a deserving sorority girl and a scholarship cup to the sorority with the highest rating each year. The Big-Little Sister Progrom is also sponsored by this group. BACK ROW: Don Nesland, Jack Bright, Jim Simmons, Albert Johnson, Jim Anderst, Jerry Baldwin, Jim Haohr, Jim Krueger, Clark Iverson. FRONT ROW: Buzz Posz, Chuck Poore, Bob Ruddy, Milt Swartz, Bill Brown, John Thetje. Interfraternity Council The main function of the Interfraternity Council is to improve relations among the fraternities on campus by providing a way to solve problems and difficulties which often arise during the yearly rush program. Composed of two representa- tives of each fraternity, the council offers efficient judicial arbitration as a compromise to all controversies. Besides this, the council sponsors the Inter- fraternity Sing each Spring. BAUMANN, Judy. SURGES, Mary. B A R T E L S, Connie. CHAFFEE, Cothorino. CLARE, Mary. FARMER, Carolyn. FLYNN, Jeanne. GARDNER, Nancy. GRIMES, Melinda. HARMON, Connie. HART, Judy. HELGERSEN, Karen. HERZOG, Anne. H E Y D, Darlene. JOHNSON, Noncy. KIRCH, Sharon. KNOX, Caro- lyn. LAPLANTE, Kay. LOWDER, Melonie. LUMB, Barbaro.LUNDQUIST, Dorothy. MARTIN, Lynne. MATTILA, Morietta. MELBOURN, Jean. MOGCK, Judy. MORROW, Judy. PREY, Kafhryn. PREY, Vir- ginia. PRICE, Jonet. REED, Janet. RICHTER, Marlys. SCHIBER, Judy. SCHMITT, Gretchenn. SCHOOLER, Jeanine. SPILDE, Jeanne. TISHER, Carol. THOMPSON, Muriel, WASSER, Morgaret. WENZEL, Marilyn. WINJUM, Connie. WOODWARD, Kaye. I 1 Alpha Phi The first chapter of Alpha Phi Inter- national Fraternity was founded at Syracuse University in New York on October 10, 1872. Alpha Phi was the first sorority to build and occupy a house on a campus, and Alpha ' hi called in 1902 the first national intersorority conference, which later became the National Ponhellenic Conference. Evanston, Illinois, is the headquarters of the 72 member chapter, and this is the home of the official sorority magazine, THE ALPHA PHI QUARTERLY. One of the biggest projects of Alpha Phi is the annual Cardiac Fund Drive on Heart Sunday. Outstanding Alpha Phi alumni include; Martha Foote Crow, founder of Alpha Phi; Betty Mac Donald, author of The Egg and I; and Mrs. Ruth Peale, religious figure and wife of Dr. Norman Vincent Peale. Housemother Mrs. Lous President Mary 3urges Alpho Phi House 153 ANDERSEN, Khristine. BART- LETT, Lynne. CRANE, Jane. CWACH, Bonni. EICHMAN, Mary. FIELDS, Roberta. HAISCH, Sandi. HAL-STOM, Marilyn. HASBROUCK, Judy. HAT- FIELD, Mary Jane. HOFER, Bonnie. HOUCHEN, La Vonne. JURRENS, Koy. KIMBALL, Peggy. KNUDSEN, Beverly. KROEGER, Vicky. KROGMAN, Barbefta. LABIDEE, Joyce. MESSER, Carole. MILLER, Sharlene. MUIR, Colleen. NEILES, Peggy. OCHSNER, Janet. PEER. Sharon. PORTER, Sharon. REAVES, Jeannene. ROBERTS, Kay. SCHUMMER, Cathy. STRAIT, Beverly. TOWNE, Claudio. TOWNE, Delores. TOWNE, Elizabeth. T U E L, Susan. VIETHE, Sandra. VLASAK, Judye. ' -A.l i Alpha Xi Delta Alpha Xi Delta was founded at Lombard College (now Knox College) in Galesburg, Illinois, in 1893. The local chapter, founded in 1903, is the fifth chapter of Alpha Xi Delta to be founded in the United States, and the first sorority to be founded on this campus. The national sorority sponsors rural schools in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Arkansas. In 1953 the sorority started Friendship Awards to recognize outstanding leadership and ability in college members. Executive offices are located in Evanston, Illinois, and there are 82 national chapters. THE ALPHA XI DELTA is the magazine. Famous Alpha Xi alums include: Carol Lawrence, Broadway star; Glenn Miller Wise, delegate to UNESCO; Nancy Sasser, Colum- nist; Mrs. Eleanor Andersen, wife of Minne- sota Governor; Mrs. Wesley Powell, wife of the Governor of Louisiana. Housemother Mrs. Koopman Presi dent Peggy Kimbo! Alpha Xi Delto House A AS ETH, Julie. B H L E N. Karen. BRAKSS, levo. CAL- LEN, Pot. CHRISTENSEN, Priscilla. CHRISTENSEN, Roselyn. CHRISTY, Koy. CLINE, Jon. COLVIN, Suson. COVERDALE, Corel. CUMMINS, Connie. DANIELS, Corolyn. ENSLOW, Dixie. GLADSTONE, Cherril. GRAB- ER, Sondro. GROSSE, Koren. GROTEWOLD, Bonnie. GROTE- WOLD, Shoron.HAFNER, Rose- mory. HALLENBECK, Joyne. HALL ENBECK,Jone. HILTON, Moyre. HILTON, Sandra. HEUER, Millie. INTVELDT. Jo Ellen. JANSEN, Donna. JENSEN, Vicki. KINNEY, Donna. KLEPPIN, Sandra. KOBERG,Jonef. KOCH, Koy. KRUSE, Judee. LINK, Donno. LOWTHIAN, Genny. LYNN, Judy. McCLELLAN, Jane. McDONALD, Joon. McDowell, Mary Gail. MAD- SEN, Koren. MILLER, Karlo. NELSON, Jone. Kofhy. RAEDKE, NOLAN, Pot. PAGE, RAASCH, Bonnie. Joan. R EM P F E R, Judy. SCHEMPP, Sue. SCHOLTEN, Shirley. SCHULTZ, Doftie. SHABINO, Jonet. SIFRAR, Arlene. SMITH- LIN, Sunnie. STEDRONSKY, Koren. S T L T Z, Moddie. SWANSON, Glorio. SWANSON, Lesley. THOMP- SON, Lindo. VAN de VOORT, Chorlene. WHITE, Moureen. WILKE, Lindo. WILLIAMSON, Dionne. Chi Omega The University of Arkansas in Fayette- ville is the founding place of Chi Omega. The date of the founding is 1895. The sorority gave an open air theatre (the Chi Omega Greek Theatre) to the University of Arkansas in 1930 in appreciation of the founding. In the sameyear an annual national offices are in Cincinnati, Ohio, and there are 127 chapters. The magazine, THE EL EUSIS, is published quarterly. The SUSD chapter of Chi Omega began in 1924. Notable Chi O ' s include: Marjorie Nicol- son, first woman president of Phi Beta Kappa; Anna Rose Phillips, who started the National Association for Deans of V omen; Irita Van Doren, book editor of the New York Herald Tribune; Mary Ann Mobley, Miss America of 1959; and Lynda L ee Mead, Miss America of 1960. Housemother Miss Gillette Presi dent Jane Nelson Chi Omega House fjQOf l 0 0 3 f ' . !) — ' Wi t ( ar Hf jQ ai?) ASHBAUGH, Margaret BARSTOW, Mory. BARTHOLO MEW, Ann. BENSON, Carole BERDAHL, Mary Ellen BLASEG, Morcio. BORCHERS, Potricio, BOWLES, Jono. CARLSON, Shoron. CASH, Morion. CHAMBERLAIN, Judy. CLARK, Martho. COOPER, Morcio. DEMLO, Lindo. E LLWEI N, Mory. EMERY, Arlene. FRIEBERG, Evelyn. FRIESE, Morvelle. GARRETT, Connie. GIBSON, Morilyn. GREEN, Linda. HAEDER, Allison. HANSEN, Cothleen. HOHM, Marilyn. HOLMOE, Joyce. HOLMOE, Mavis. JAMESON, Sharon. JOHNSON, Kotherine. JOHNSON, Pomelo. KIRKHAM, Nancy. KIRKHAM, Shirley, KRUMM, Rillo. KUSTER, Dessie.LACHICOTTE, Lillian. LINK, Donna Roy. LUSK, Vicki. McBRIDE, Koren. McLaughlin, jeweii. men- age, Donno. MEYERS, Elaine. MILLER, Loroine. MITCHELL, Kathleen. NELSON, Karen. NEPSTAD, DeDee. NICHOLISEN, Jone. OVERPECK, Gretchen. PILCHER, Judy. RABUSCH, Karen. RABUSCH, Robin. RAILSBACK, Beth. RASCHKE, Mory Jo. ROHRABAUGH, Sharon. ROSSOW, Morgoret. SCHELL, Linda. SCHUMACH- ER, Judy. SKARO, Janet. SOUR, Joon. Stodheim, Corolyn. STEWART, Kothryn. STIL- WELL, Martha. STINGER, Ruth. STRATTON, Jeonnine. STUTENROTH, Virginio. THOGERSON, Joyce. THOM- SON, Susanne. TYMESON, Soro. WACHLIN, Judy. WHITE, Shirley. YIRAK, Linda. Kappa Alpha Theta Kappa Alpha Theto was founded at DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana, in 1870. It was the first Greek letter society of women organized with principles and methods akin to those of men ' s fraternities. The sorority ' s international welfare work includes a Foster Parents Plan and large grants for scientific research. National offices are located in Evanston, Illinois. The magazine, KAPPA ALPHA THETA, appears four times a year. There are 80 active Theta chapters. Famous alums include: Mary Margaret McBride, columnist; Betty Betz, author, Irene Blanchard, first woman on the staff at the Mayo Clinic; Louise Brough, tennis star; Pearl Chase, member of several Presi- dents Conferences. Housemother Mrs. Cameron President Mortha Clark Koppo Alpha Theta House AIKENS, Marg oret. AULD, Meredith BARBER, Janet. BLAKIS, Mara. B R E K H U S, Barbara. BROWN Julie. BROWN, Pamela. COE, Dorothy. COLLINS, Mary Lynn. COL- WILL, Sharon. GRAIN, Francis. DeGROOTE, Sharon. DORWART, Solly. DURST, Jeonette. EHRMANN, Borboro. ELLWEIN, Veronica. EYRES, Lindo. EYRES, Soro. GILBERT, Marilyn. GLEASON, Molly. GOOD ELL, Sandra. HANKEN, Sandra. HANSEN, Froncene. HAWKS, Judith. HEACOCK, Mory Lou. HEN- DRICKSON, Jill. HERMANN, Patricio. HIATT, Judy. HOL- GATE, Sue. KIERSTAD, Joy. LAMPY, Koron. LARSON, Ann. LUTTERMAN, Billie. McCAHREN, Linda. MILLER, Joan. MORAN, Lindo. MUILENBURG, Sue. MYRON, Koy. NEILSON, Julio. NOR- BECK, Jane. OGLE, Helen. OPDAHL, Judy. PERKINS, Judith. PIERSOL, Lindo. REGAN, Patricio. ROTHENBERGER, Ruth. RUFF, Rebecca. SCHROEDER, Bernordine. SCHUELKE, Lindo. SMIDT, Sondro. SMITH, Lindo. SOM- MERVOLD, Morilyn. TAYLOR, Jo Ann. THORSON, Bobotte. ULLYOT, Tomoro. V G T, Cotherine. W E I G E R, Jeon Ann. WILL, Eileen. WILLIAMS, Nell. WISE, Karen. NOT PICTURED: GOWDY, Borboro. MACHEAK, Carol. PETERSON, REINSCHMIDT, Helen. Pi Beta Phi The first national women ' s fraternity, Pi Beta Phi, was founded in 1867 at Monmouth College in Monmouth, Illinois. THE ARROW, a quarterly, is the sorority magazine. Ex- ecutive offices are maintained in Decatur, Illinois. Pi Phi has 104 chapters, the latest of which is located at Portland State College in Oregon. National philanthropic projects include a Pi Phi settlement school in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, which is staffed and maintained as a memorial to the founders of the sorority. Pi Beta Phi alums include: the late Grace Coolidge, wife of the former President; Margaret Truman Daniels; Jane Wyman; Marilyn Van Derbur, Miss America of 1957; Mrs. Clare B. Williams, Assistant Chairman of the Republican National Committee; Dr. Leona Baumbartner, Comm issioner of Health for New York City. Housemother Mrs. Workman President Linda Eyres Pi Beta Phi House O j? O ©■ Q P). P 1 Q _ ¥ ifk (p |?5 O g p .f!!5 ,y-» rpc -n rTTp p. o , m ANDERST, Jomes. BAUDER, George. BETTS, Jock. BETTS, Joy. BODE, Ken. B E S E, Chodmon. BRENNAN, Robert. BROOKS, Spencer. BYERS, David. CATLIN, Ronald. CLANCY, Michael. DUKE, Roger. DULANY, Thomas. GRABER, Morris. GRACE, Jens. GREGG, Jack.HALLER, Gory. HANSEN, Fronk. HARNAGEL, James. HILL, John. LAMKE,Doniel. LARSON, Terry. LAWRENCE, Charles. LEVERING, Lorry. LINDNER, Ronald. MARSH, Lenny. MILLER, Richard. MILLER, Roger. MORSE, Marlon. MOUL, Francis. NAUMAN, Dennis. NELSON, Merle. NELSON, Steve. NY- STROM, Erik. PRATT, Donald. RUNDELL, Sam. SCHMIDT, Dennis. SCHMIDT, Joseph. SECHSER, Eugene. SERVISE, Calvin. SMOLIK, Clorence. TOLLINGER, Peter. VANDERBOOM, John. VAN- DERBUR, Wayne. VIGSNESS, Richord. VOYLES, Robert. WESCHE, Loyd. WHERLAND, Michoel. WILLIAMS, Jomes. WILLIAMS. Ronold. WOOD, Thomos. WUDEL, Leonard. Alpha Tau Omega Alpha Tau Omega was the ' Irst fraternity to be established after the Civil War. It was founded in 1865 at Richmond, Virginia. Its Alpha Chapter is located at Virginia Military Institute in Lexington. The first ♦wenty chapters of ATO were estoblished in the South. The local chapter was started in 1926 and there are 120 chapters throughout the country. THE PALM is published four times a year. National offices are in Cham- paign, Illinois. Alpha Tau Omega national, yearly recognizes an outstanding ATO senior chosen on the basis of scholarship, leader- ship and character. Prominent ATO ' s include: Art Linkletter, Tennessee Williams, and Se nator Mike Mansfield of Montana. Housemother Mrs. Dose President Jim Wudel Alpha Tau Omega House P Q Q A n| O d ca Ti f!i ir3 J J ,- «r ' •-J f - ' ' c! ' ;:i © p. e j6 ri ALLEN, Som. BAKER, Rich- ord. BAKER, Ronold. BEN- NETT, Leo. BOYD, Dovid. BRAMANTI, Henry. BRAY, Richord. BUSKERUD, Terronco. CH ANDL E Y, RusseH. CH AN E Y, Mortin. CLARK, Allen. E FINGER, Donold. E ISLAND, Rolfe. EVANS, Ronold. FAIRBANKS, Bruce. FLANAGAN, Timothy. FLYNN, Vincent. FORNEY, Jomes. FRENCH, Lorry. FRENCH, Winston. FULLER, Thad. GLOVER, Allen. HANSEN, James. HARRINGTON, Thomas. HARRINGTON, William. HILL- MAN, John. IVERSON, Clark. L AK EM AKER, Gerald. LESLIE, Bill. LUMB, Raymond. McDERMOTT, Richard. MASTERS, Thomas. MATSON, Jomes. MATSON, John. MITCHELL, Lorry. MORMAN, LeRoy. OLSEN, Kermit. PASHBY, Gory. POOL, Greg. QUIMBY, Da, id. REED, Howord. ROBERTSON, Gory. SAUER, Robert. SCHOLTEN, Monte. SCOVEL, Allen. SHULL, Dennis, STEELE, Loren. STONE, Gayne. SYVERSON, Potrick. THIETJE, John. VAN VLEET, Richard. WAGNER, Peter. WARNESS, Richord. WHIDDEN, Gory. WILL I AMSON, WOSEPKA, Jomes. Gordon. BetaTheta Pi Beta Theta Pi was founded in 18 9 at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. The first of three social fraternities founded on that campus, it was followed by Phi Delta Theta and sigma Chi. Together, the three have long been known as the Miami Triad. A pioneer fraternity. Seta was the first to hold yearly national conventions, the first to use the district system and the first to publish a magazine, THE BETA THETA PI, begun in 1872. There are 98 chapters in Beta Theta Fi, the local chapter. Gamma Alpha, joining the General Fraternity in 1912. Notable Betas include: Charles E. Wilson, former Secretary of Defense; Fred Seaton, former Secretary of the Interior; Jerry L.ucas, famous Ohio basketball star, ond Carl Norgren, a Gamma Alpha alumnus, who will receive an honorary degree from the Uni- versity this soring. Housemother Mrs. Grieger President Tom Masters ?,eta Theta Pt House r ,,; fT; (T) fii O ' n •. ' r ff5 o __ • l- -r ( .fTD f! l J f p p p o p 1 7 ,rr fzi I.-,- i« f« fT 1- r- ( p p ANDERSON, Thomos. ARNOLD, Stephen. BAUERLY, Richard. BEDDOW, Jomes. BENSON, Gail. BIDW EL L, Cli fford. BREKHUS, Jim. BRISBINE, Thomas. BROWN, B. BYRNES, Stephen. CLAY- TON, William. DAUGHTERS, Robert. DONNELLY, Dennis. DYKSTRA, Dennis. EGGERS, Carter. E H R E T, John. F AR R AN D, Larry. FULLER, Daniel. GERMAN, Dan.GLAZIS, John. GUBBRUD, John. HALL, Gregg. HANSON, Jomes. HARRIS, Gory. H A U B E R, Ronald. HAYS, Jon. HIRSH, Dovid. HOWES, Michael. HOYT, Irvin. HURD, Maurice. IRELAND, Woyne. JOHNSON, L., JOHNSON, M. KEARNS, Tom. KIMMEL, Eugene. KNOX, Alex. LEAFSTEAD, Douglas. LOOBY, Thomas. LYNN, Kelso. McMI LL AN, William. McNELLY, William. McNUTT, Donald. MADSEN, Ronold. MELCHER, Mark. MORRELL, Ben. MOR- RISON, Richord. NOLD, Lee. OS BU RN, Lory. PALMER, Lynn. POE, Henry. POPHAM, Doug. POSZ, Robert. R I E M A N N, John. ROOT, James. ROSEN- BAUM, Thomos. SCHERMER- HORN, William. SCHWARTZ, John. SHELDON, T. SHELTON, Robert. SKARO, Donold. SMEBAKKEN, Bruce. SMITH, David. TAYLOR, Thomas. TENNY, Richard. TRANKLE, Roy. VANDERLINDEN, Joy. ZEIGLER, Richord. Delta Tau Delta Bethany College, in Western Virginio, is the birthplace of Delta Tau Delta. It was founded in 1858. The local chapter, Delta Gamma, received its national charter in 1924. There are 89 active chapters. Indianapolis is the location of the national headquarters. The Delt publication, THE RAINBOW, is the third oldest college fraternity magazine. The fraternity holds biennial conventions, and each year the four sections of the organ- ization hold a regional conference. Prominent Delts include: Henry Wallace, former United States Vice President; James Milton, Metropolitan Opera star; Branch Rickey, of baseball fame; Quentin Reynolds, author, and Jon Whitcomb, artist. Housemoth er Mrs. Deeble President Milt Schwartz Delta Tau Delta House ?- J -IfW " ns V ' rfjij l " W? 1- " ■ ' ' • -rfW ■( ••p r f . f ' ' n C! ,o, : O ( ' f f r r k " !»,- ' ,f=»-.. jo,«] ■, ' ••. ;= 4 |» « A BSH E R, Clark. A DAM, Thomos. ADAMS, Robert. BALDWIN, Ceroid. BERTEL- SON, Roger. BEST, Horold. BROWN, Benjomin. BROWN, Dennis. CREW, Michoel. FINNEUL, John. GIENAPP, Dovid. HAETER, Chorles. HALE Y, Patrick. HARMENING, William. HART, James. JACOBS, Dovid. JOHNSON, Thomas. JORGENSEN, Lorry. KLATT, Kenneth. KNUDSON, Croig. KNUDSON, Gory. LAMMERS, Jerome. LARSON, Robert. LUYMES, Alan. McBRIDE, William. McCOLLEY, Richord. MEDECK, Michoel. MICKEL- SON, George. MILLER, Larry. MOORE, Lorry. MORRILL, John. NASS, Chorles. OFFER- DAHL, Robert. P I C K A R D, Thomas. PINARD, William. RAY, Robert SCHOOLEY, Duone.SCHULTZ. Russell. SCOTT, James. SLEEP, Gerold. SPEAKMAN, John. STEFFEN, Colin. SWENSON, Courtlond. T ROTM AN, Frank. VAN MEVEREN, Stuort. Lambda Chi Alph Lambda Chi Alpha was founded in 1909 at Boston University. The local chapter was started in 1916. It is the twenty-third chapter of the fraternity. National conventions are held every other year. Between conventions is n National Management Training Seminar for chapter offi cers always held on an Indiana campus. The 1959 Seminar was held at DePauw University in Greencastle. Execu- tive offices are maintained in Indianapolis. THE CROSS AND CRESCENT is published five times a year. Famous members of Lambda Chi include: former President Harry S. Truman; Jimmy Doolittle, World War II ace; Frankie Laine; and Mickey Cochrane, member of Baseball Hall of Fame. ' l. m V Housemcther Mrs. Pfister Presi dent Thane John son Lambda Chi Alpha House O O- A f ' f 1 " •! M£k4 m ..O {?5 .?5. .rTJ p f -ir I J. ' r j yf .f f • H - r , -. f ' : ,0 .-:: o ,jO ,f!rj .uj 1 ALDRICH, Jan. BADER, Edward. B U T Z, Thomas. CALLAHAN, Michael. CHAP- MAN, Larry. COLE, Williom. EIDEM, Moylyn. GUSTAFSON, LaVern. HAAHR, Jamej. HARRIS, Chip. HOGG ATT, Ralph. HOHERZ, Melvin. HOLLISTER, Raymond. IDEMA, Thomas. JOHNSON, David. KRUEGER, James. LAW, David. LIESKE, Jerry. LOUNSBERY, Lee. LUTZ, Edwin. MARTIN, Gerald. NAAZ, Harry. DATES, Ross. OLSON, OLSON, Edword. P I E R SOL, Lawrence. POORE, Charles. RASMUSSEN, William. REID, Thomos. SHERMAN, Lloyd. SIEBRECHT, Frank. SOREN- SON, Lynn. STEPHENSON, Conrad. S W E E D E N, Dale. THOMPSON, Richard. TICE, Charles. VENARD, Terry. WEBER, Leo. WEISZ, Dennis. WHORLEY, Jock. WOLSK Y, Charles. • Phi Delta Theta Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, is the birthplace of Phi Delta Theta. This Frater- nity is one of the members of the Miami Triad. Phi Delta Theta was founded in 1848. Executive offices are maintained in Oxford. The fraternity library there has over 3,000 books by or about famous Phi Delts. There are 1 19 chapters. The local group was founded in 1906. The SCROLL of Phi Delta Theta is the fraternity magazine. Phi Delt alums include: the late President Benjamin Harri son; Merton B. Tice, National Commander of the V.F.W.; Van Heflin, movie actor; and Randy Duncan, football star; Boyd Leedom, Chairman, National Labor Relations Board; Frank Lloyd Wright, architect; Wm. Randolph Hearst, Jr., Editor- in-Chief of Hearst Newspapers; Lou Gehrig, one of the baseball immortals. Housemother Mrs. Plautz President Chuck Poore Phi Delta Theta House f j ytTj f- ,Cl7 i - ( • I-- D p p o r?j o P c f r- Q Q i ' r r i , " f l» f f T vi w 1= - ' ' ' ' • ' " •• - J ffl P 0 ' fe ' ' ' Q V? © irw C p o o T. t::. ,p ,p ,o f-?. ,o ADAMS, Shenny. ANDERSON, Corl. BARTLETT, Kerry. BARTELS, Ronald. BILLIG- MEIER, Jon. BREWSTER, Webb. BROWN, William. CHALUS, Denny. CHAMLEY, Gene. CHICOINE, Donald. EGAN, James. EGGERS, Cliff. ENGLISH, John. F R A N T Z, James . FRIESS, Richard. FROLICH, Gary. GLOVER, George. GRANT, John. GRADY, Daniel. HARRIS, Gordon. HAUGE, George. HOSMER, Lorry. HOUTKOOP- ER, Edwin. HUBNER, Joy. JACKLEY, Michael. JACKSON, Robert. JOHN SON, Gory. JONES, Dennis. JORGENSEN, Steve. KASTEN, Charles. K U I P E R S, Peter. LEACH, James. LEGVOLD, Robert. LONGE, Robert. LUNDGREN, Richard. MARG E SON, Dole. MARK, Thomos. MATOUSEK, Robert. MATZ, David. MORO, Kenneth. MUILENBERG, Thomos. NEDVED, Richord. NOLAN, James. P E K A S, Michoel. PETERS, Kenneth. PETERSON, Polmer. PORTER, Steve. PRESSLER, Dennis. PROPS, Andrew. RATHJE, Harry. RICH, Dovid. RUDDY, Robert. R Y S D N, Phillip. SIKORSKI, Steve. SLABY, James. SMITH, Jerome. STAFNE, Jomes. SYKORA, Harold. SWEDLUND, Jerry. TAYLOR, Robert. TORKEL- SON, Lorry. TUTTLE, Doug- las. VAN BRAMER, Edward. WEEKS, Robert. WEINGART- NER, Russell. WELLE R, William. WILLIAMSON, Leroy. I Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Epsilon is a southern frater- nity being founded at the University of Alabama in 185 . This is the Golden Anni- versary of South Dakota Sigma. SAE is the largest national fraternity. This year the fraternity sold the house which it had occu- pied since 1927. A new chapter house will be completed within the next year. Outstanding SAE alums include: late President William McKinley; American Foot- ball League, Joe Foss; William Faulkner, author; Dick Powell; Robert Young; Lloyd Bridges, actor; George Gallup, Gallup Poll; and Bob Considine, author-commentator. Housemother Mrs. Klott President Bill Brown Sigma Alpha Epsilon House BAKER, Michoel, BOWES, Neil. BRIGHT, Jock, BUCKLES, Richord. (? CAULKINS, Cecil. DE ROUCH- EY, Dovid. DULGEROFF, Lee. FARGO, Jomes. GRAY, William. HILDRETH, John. JURRENS, Keith. KIM- BALL, John. ki .ink iSik LATCH, Richord. LOGAN, Dovid. LUNDOUIST, Lorry, MC DOWALL, Williom. MICKEL, Chorles. MORKIi, Robert. NESLAND, Donold. OIEN, Horley. ROLAND, Gene, TAKEOKA, Normon. WICKENS, Donaldson. WIESE, Robert. YOCH, Duone. HUGHES, Hol-sponsor. Tau Kappa Epsilon Tau Kappa Epsilon was founded at Ill- inois Wesleyan University at Bloomington, Illinois, in 1899. National offices are main- tained in Kansas City, Missouri, with 178 chapters located throughout the United States and Canada. National conventions are held biennially, and leadership schools are held each semester. Theta-Eta, TKE ' s 175th chapter, was chartered June 4, 1960. The fraternity magazine, THE TEKE, is issued quarterly. Tau Kappa Epsilon is a senior member of the National Interfraternity con- ference and a member of the College Frater- nity Editors and Secretaries Association. Prominent Tekes include: Ronald Reagan, Stan Kenton, the Four Freshmen, The Four Lads, Charlie Ventura, Alex Agase, Preston Ward, and George Halas. Parent Marianne Horned Parent Connie Horned President Jack Bright Tau Kappa Epsilon House ANDERSON, Edward. CURLEY, Dennis. DEGHAND, James. jllMBh Milk i GIBBS, Richord. GRACE, Rene. JENSEN, Ronald. JOHNSTON, Albert. QUALM, Kenneth. RHODES, Jock. SIMMONS, James. TESDELL, Theta Xi Theta Xi fraternity was founded at Rens- selaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York, on April 29, 1864. There are fifty chapters of Theta Xi throughout the United States; the local chapter having gained its charter in 1949. Theta Xi maintains its headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri where its national magazine, THE UNICORN, is published. Plans are currently under way for a new million dollar headquarters build- ing in St. Loui s. Prominent Theta Xi ' s throughout the United States include Senator Frank Church of Idaho, Democratic keynoter of the 1960 convention; Henry Heald, president of the Ford Foundation; Richard Boone, star of the Paladin television series; and Earl T. Luff, President of Lincoln Steel. Housemother Mrs. Andre President David Tesdell Theta Xi House 177 c til ill eA Jne two ninaA of people on earth m ea n . re people who lift and the people who lean. . . . ata WLJer Witco. C aiior Aharon Lj rolewala BACK ROW: Bill Weller, Bob Weeks, Jeonette Durst, Meredith Auld, Judy Perkins, Jeonnine Schooler, Judy Jordon, SECOND ROW; Rolfe Eieslond, Doug Leofstedt, Shirley White, Joon Rodeke, Dottie Schult, Lillian Burdine, Patricio Aorhus, Terry, Larson, John Gubbrud, Calvin Taylor. FRONT ROW: Bruce Brugger, Gene Miley, Keith Jurrens, Jo hn Hildreth, Tom Oulany, Jim Williams, Louis Fischer OFFICERS; President; Marilyn Wenzel, Vice-president; Billia Lutterman, Secretary-treasurer. SlUOEfll EtflfllE ISO LEFT TO RIGHT: Clark Absher, Terry Mack, Lillion Burdine, Mr. H. W. Frankenfeld, Jeanne Spilde, Stan Nelson. NOT PICTURED: Dean Julian, Mrs. Dorothy Choney, Mr. Morrison Barton, Ken Bode, UfllOfl fiOflftO Of COfllftOL Wm][ fioflfto Of CooiftOL Dr. McDearmon, Jim Randall, Dr. Jordon, Meredith Auld, Bob Legvold, Dr. Baker. BACK ROW: Richard Brink, Jerry Boldwin, Ken Bode, Tom Moilenburg. SECOND ROW: Donna Jeon Jonsen, Jock Phillips, Karen Bohlen. FRONT ROW: Bob Weeks, Gory McDowell, Bob Daughters. DflHOifl Diiy CofUfniiitt Social CodifniiiEt LEFT TO RIGHT: Richard Brink, Col Taylor, Karen Bohlen, Marietta Mattila, Jerry Baldwin, Ruth Rothenburger. (•a I s BACK ROW: Sharon Nelson, Mary Surges, Jeanne Flynn, Dee Brost, Patricia Maroon, Elaine Reinking, Linda Scheli. FRONT ROW: Sue Mac Kenzie, Tomara Ullyot, Mory Finger, Dean Norton, Carol Tisher, Lindo Eyres. BACK TOW: Jewell McLaughlin, Jockie Gustafson, Judy Vlasak, Beth Railsback, Cindy Faris, Jane McClelland, Noncy Golusha, Janet Price, Pris Chri sti on sen. Miss Jorgensen, FRONT ROW: Marcio Bloseg, Karen Heuer, Jill Hendrickson, Ann Larson, Myrna Grant, Carmie Fast. hmwi [Ducfliiofi (llflJORG flflD flllflORG I S3 BACK ROW: Bob Ackermon, Jim Root, Jerry Jochims, Roymond Lumb, Tom Rosenboum, Regg Antle, Russell Hanson, Bob Trumm. SECOND ROW: Morilyn Wonzel, Robert Yee, Chuck Koprivc, Don McNutt, Dick Broy, Thomas Looby, Dennis Dykstra, Gail Benson, Clifford Bidwell, Dick Tenney, Vernon Hermsen FIRST ROW: Robert Brauner, Henry Bramanti, Ron Lawerence, Dick Warness, Louis Fischer, More Rhoodes, Lonnie Woltner, Jeffery Waltner, Dennis Borteen. HlPPOCRflltS ClUfi POLIIICflL ScitflCt UflGUt BACK ROW: John Gubbrud, Burton Cowthorne, James Jensen, John Woltner, LeRoy Janssen, Russell Weingortner, Douglos Leofstedt, SECOND ROW: Don German, Dr. Thomas C. Geary, Dr. Fronk M. Lewis, Judith Atkinson, Nancy Kirkhom, Dr. Alan L. Clem, Dr. Wm. H. Capo, Ross Ootes, FIRST ROW: Dennis Dykstra, George Bouder, Ken Bode, Robert Morris, Lee Dulgeroff, Glenn Olson. Arden Wall. ■, •- = a: I y a. HisiORy Ciufi FRONT ROW: Dixie Enslow, Bonnie Grotewold, Mayre Hilton, Rosemary Hefner, Ginny Ferock, Con i Munger, Solly Oakes, Mary Crabb, Lillian Burdine, Dr. Carl ChristoL SECOND ROW: Sharon Grotewold, Donna Olsen, Jajel Anderson, Jackie Gustafson, Betty Flamming, Nancy Kirkhom, Jim Brekhus, Frank Siebrecht, L aVern Gustafson, Jim Leoch, THIRD ROW: John Lazaris, Calvin Hansen, Don K ounas, Jan Johonsen, Roy Rymill, Jerold Hone, Craig Johnson, John Gubbrud, Richard McDermott, Webb Brewster. BACK ROW: Prof, E. Sterling, Ron Williams, Prof. T. Buckley, Prof. M. Billington, John Schwartz, Burdette Berg, Tom Cooper, David Jordan. SiuDtoi flffitfticflfi UlEoicflL flscocifliion FRONT ROW: Richard Porter, John Wood, John Dawloy, Alan Brovik, James Herbertson, James Dunn, Pate Ihomson, Allan Dewold, Warren Golliher. SECOND ROW: Sanford Poise, David Judge, Stuart Leofstedt, Frederick Bradshow, Douglas Kjellsen, Richard Gunnarson, Edwin Perkins, Vincent Flynn, Bill Robertson, Don Sebesta, William Ekman. THIRD ROW: Werner Martens, Glen Dappen, Douglas Eitiman, R. Skoglund, Alan Schulti, Michael Rost, Marilyn Hunter, Carlos Kemper, James Abbenhaus, Ronald Kane, Dole Peterson, Arvid Ronning, J. Fahrni. FOURTH ROW: Lynn Frary, Williom Durick, Neil Elkjer, Douglas Hubner, Linda Rames, Edward Allen, Gene Numsen, Mike Lesser, Robert Allin. FIFT-H ROW: Eli Krigs ten, Richard Long, Frank Nichols, Dennis Weilond, Elvira Ott, Jerry Walton, Vern Westberg, Robert Jensen, Donald Schenk, Ely Crory. Roger Gilbertson, Robert Heldrldge, Robert Youk, Joe Sejvar. BACK ROW: Dean Hughes, Robert Voy Frank Alvine, Carl Andre, Paul Rud, Royol Georz, William Engel, James Wunder, Richard Lehman, James Geissinger, James Ryan, Ross Chiles, Alan Stormo. PP P o € A 9f ff f I BACK ROW: Marshall Elkin, Ralph Prather, Gordon Williamson, Dick Dickin- son, Tom Wogner, Bill King, Jim Beaton, Lanny Nairn, Duane Boft, Bob Scheinost, Lawrence Fonder, Charles Palmer, George Keil, Denny Willioms, Gerald Amon, Tom Smith, W, D. Wernke, Dennis Shull, Wayne Vanderbur. SECOND ROW: Thomos Vickerman, Gene Sechser, LeRoy Morgan, Bruce Hoog, Warren Luke, George Kerkhove, Richard Stout, Larry Kelso, Laverne Schneider, Jerry Lindeman, Robert Wood, Vernon Miller, Howard Reed, Dove Heer, Jock Phillips, Gerald Wenand. FRONT ROW: Dick Brink, Bob Miller, Morel Moss, Glen Rhodes, Dallas Smith, Ralph Sudbeck, Don Thores, Mr Robert L, Johnson, David Sivesind, Robert Albery, Ken Heisterkamp. Larry Blair, LeRoy Kruse, Byron Thompson, Norm Walters, Tom Ahmann. Daifl SiGdifl Pi fHflUHOifiG [m LEFT TO RIGHT: Wayne Vanderbur, Jock Phillips, Mr. Jomes Taylor, Mr. Robert M i ttel steaedt, Gordon Wilkinson, Jerry Albrecht, Richard Brink. 1S« Daifl h FRONT ROW: Jeff Giles, Jim McNolly, Prof. Gunderson, Bob Yeodo, John Forseth, Allen Brown. SECOND ROW: Earl Kellett, Ruben Moulis, Roger Wollmon, Ron Banks, Troy Jones, Jim Barnes. THIRD ROW: Tom Simmons, Tom Adam, Jerry Lammers, Curt Hanks, Ed Bubok, Bill Spiry. BACK ROW: Richord Gregerson, Bill Ranney, Robert Freiberg, Doug Bleeker, John Burke, Herm Walker. FRONT ROW: Dick Hopewell, Mike O ' Keefe, Dick Duncon, Gene Jones, Frank Wallahan. R T R SECOND ROW: Dan Holder, Ron Jensen, Fred Hendrickson, Tony Buckmeier. THIRD I Tl Tfl I lirTn I I ROW: Gary Christensen, Jim Stockdale, Mike McClure, Terry O ' Keefe, Tom Anderst, LJJ ULU -H p ' ' j ' 0 ' ' b " T ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ° = Prof. Loymon, Prof. Clark, Dean Simpson, Clinton Nogel, UlLITI ITIlITI I I I BACK ROW; Ann Herzog, Joyce Thogersen, Jeonette Hotch, Dottie Schult, Chorlene Von De Voort, Peggy Neiles, Alyce Jessen, Arlene Sifror, Sondro Forney, Genny Lowthion, Muriel Duncon, Judy Baumonn, Tom Ullyot, Romono Tuttle, Korlo Miller. THIRD ROW: Carol Tisher, Judy Pilcher, Melindo Grimes, Morietto Matilio, Morgoret Rossow, Mory Ellen Berdahl, Sandra Hoff, Frances Crain, Shirley White, Dionne Williamson, Dessie Kuster, Connie Winjum, Patricia Regan, Carolyn Daniels. SECOND ROW: Judy Hiatt, Lillian Lachicotte, Jone Hallenbeck, Rosemary Hofner, Jewel McLaughlin, Karen Bohlen, Barbara Barrett, leva Brokss, Barb Lumb, Ella Marie Cronin, Bev Cooper, Jill Hendrick- son. FRONT ROW: Jane Nickolisen, Janet Reed, Sharlene Miller, Donna Jean Jansen, Nell Williams, Sharon Grotewold, Sue Muilenburg, Nancy Johnson, Jane Norbeck, Marlys Richter. lOflSIftfSSES Ztifl h fifl BACK ROW: Alyce Jessen, Diane Struver, Meredith Auld. SECOND ROW: Ella Marie Cronin, Judy Pilcher, Linda Eyres, Sue Muilenburg. FIRST ROW: Linda Yirak, Mary Finger, Mary Pat Barstow. I I M lOflGIfUflGIWG BACK ROW; Jim Stockdale, Gien Rhodes, Jerry Lammers, I homos Adom, Earl Kellett, Chuck Palmer, Ralph Hoggatt, Glen Hand, Pat McKeever. FRONT ROW: LeRoy Kruse, William Wernke, Dove Johnson, Jock Phillips, Len Pierce, Mr. A. Guesf, Richard Brink. BACK ROW: Mr. Robert Brake, Dave Jordan, Dale Swedeen, Ralph McGregor, Chuck Lawrence, Jim Short, Bob Hoar, James Randall. THIRD ROW: Charles Bruehler, Roger Duke, Fred Wherland, Dennis Schmidt, Rolfe Eisland, Larry Kibbee, Dan Fuller, Tom Muilenburg, Bob Legvold, John Gubbrud. SECOND ROW: Normagene Hale, Majel Anderson, Judy Pilcher, Frances Crain, Cothy Vogt, Beth Railsback, Sharon Enstrom, Ella Marie Cronin, Katie Johnson, Dessie Kusi Penny Orr, Joy Kiersted, FRONT ROW; Roger Allen, Marsha Tonner, Evie Frieberg, Carol Steinborn, Arlene Sifrar, Linda Piersol, Donna Menage, Alyce Jessen, Marietta Mattila, Helen Giske, Sue Muilenburg, Glorio Tinon, James R. Mc- Dearmon. fOREOSICS OFFICERS STANDING: Tom Ahmann, president; Nick O ' Hara, vice-prosldenf. SEATED: Jane Bowles, treasurer; Judy Perkins, secretary. fiUSIflEGS SlUOtOIS (lESOClflllOfl FRONT ROW: Jane StuM, Morietta Mattila, Anne Greenlee, Mary Clare, Joan McDonald, May re Hilton, Pris Christiansen, Sharon Grotewold, Gretchen Overpeck, Rilla Krumm, Martie Stilwell, Marcio Bloseg. SECOND ROW: Kay LoPIante, Connie Winjum, Janet Price, Karen Helgerson, Kathy Prey, Janice Wunder, Rita Robbins, Virginia Prey, Jane Nickolisen, Jewell McLoughlin, Linda Green, Jone Hallenbeck, Sandy Kleppin. THIRD ROW: Pat Hermonn, Corolyn Daniels, Charlene Van de Voort, Donna Kinney, Karen Madsen, Arlene Sifrar, Sue Schempp, Ginny Lawthian, Kathy Page, Gloria Swan son, Dottie Schult. FOURTH ROW: Judy Chamberlain, Donna Ray Link, Nancy Galusha, Jill Hendrickson, Sunni Smithlin, Lindo Thompson, Jane McCoel land, Sandy Hilton, Jo Ellen IntVeldt, Linda Wilkie, Dorothy Hatch. FIFTH ROW: Cindy Paris, Ann Larson, Beth Railsbock, leva Brakss, Connie Cummins, Donna Jean Link, Barbara Birnie, Jacqueline Gustafson, Audrey Larsen, Carol Herman. FRONT ROW: Sharlene Miller, Joyce Thorgersen, Diane Johnson, Carmie Post, Bev Cooper, Kay Widmer, Carol Stein born, Vicki Jensen, Jayne Hallenbeck, Lesley Swanson. flfl GfOLOca Clob BACK ROW: Mr. Bruno Petsch, Dr. Robert Stevenson, Mr. Richard Kucero, Richord Bruce, LoMonte Sorenson, James McMeen, Jerry Schweigert. FRONT ROW: Cleo Christensen, Charles Mickel, Edward Mickel, Ian Walker, Roy Rymill. [flGlflttRlflG BACK ROW Bob Nielsen, Jim Herrold, Cormen Svalstad, Al Laporo, Woyne Ufford. FOURTH ROW: Bill Towner, Don Kerr, Bill Christensen, Dennis Dausel, Clifford Swortz, Bob Hayler. THIRD ROW: John Moeller, Raymond Hortmonn, Ronnie Bleecker, Burnell Honsen, Bill Ferguson. SECOND ROW: Potrick Feofhers, Kenneth Stanley, John Bliss, John Hillberg, Dick Kingston. FRONT ROW: Donald Borkley, Dr. Brookman, Millard Foor, Wendell Witten. FRONT ROW: Arlene Ekiund, Kathleen Kaeberle, Kathy Allen, Kathleen Mitchell, Mory Anne Ourslond, Joan Hansen. SECOND ROW: Marjorie Nelson, Rubye Strunk, Sally Casey, Jeon Ekiund, Patti Murphy, Ida Marie Norton, Karen Stedronsky. BACK ROW: Delia Arti, advisor, Alvera Annis, odvisor, Lynne Bartlett, Dianne Schmitz, Lois Thompson, Jean Jordan, Evelynn Palmer, Carol Olofson, Rosalie Haeder. £ EcOflOffllCS Ciufl 102 BACK ROW: Tom Mark, Tom Eichman, Russell Hanson, Norman Cooper, Duone Fowler, Edward Wutsch, William Gray, Gene Miley. FOURTH ROW: Coleto Jones, John Lush- bough, Ellard Jensen, George Schmieg, Jerold Hone, Leroy Williamson, Mr. Robert Schwabauer, Mr. Alex Mehaffey, Mr. Robert Walters. THIRD ROW: Allen Herrboldt, Darrell Guthmiller, Denny Schempp, Mike Eastman, Kenneth Wostlund, Elwood Boas, Jens Grage, James Williams, SECOND ROW: Allison Haeder, Sandra Haisch, Rillo Kfumm, Marilyn Serr, Jane NickoMsen, Linda Schueike, LaVonne Houchen, Judy Johnson, Elaine Reinking, Shirley Aldritt, Elaine Kirley, Pat Johnson. FIRST ROW: Mr. Paul Haeder, Dr. Marjorie Beaty, Dr. Wayne Gutzman, Roy Giske, Dee Brost, Beverly Cooper, Mr. Wm. Ekman, Mr. Merten Hasse, Norma Hermsen. LLUfi DOLPHIflS BACK ROW: Ann Larson, Sharon DeGroote, Jane McClelland, JoEllen Int Veldt, Jean Melbourn, Donna Pipe, Mortie Stilwell, Marilyn Gibson, Carol Herman, Barb Clark, Linda Green. SECOND ROW: Sue Holgate, Meredith Auld, Vergie Moss, Marilyn Gilbert, Carol Macheak, Peggy Kimball, Carol Steinborn, Nedro Lundberg, Linda Olofson, Carol DeBolt, Linda McCahren. THIRD ROW: Jeanne Flynn, Ann Greenlee, Virginia Prey, Judy Morrow, Janet Price, Jone Hollenbeck, Connie Cummins, Judy Vlasak, Joyce Labidee. FOURTH ROW: Judy Flynn, Lesley Swansori, Connie Winjum, Kay LaPlonte, Vickie Jensen, Pris Christiansen, Modie Stoltz, Beth Railsbock. « FRONT ROW: Billia Lutterman, Rosalie Haedar, Judy Schumacher, Pat Nolan, Trudy Henderson, Meredith Auld, Joy Kierstad, Janice Wunder, Donna Kinney. SECOND ROW: Margaret Ashbaugh, Judy Chamberlain, Allison Hoeder, Frances Crain, Karen Modsen, Marcio Bloseg, Lillian Burdine, Nancy Johnson, Lois Mueller. THIRD ROW: Koren Grosse, Linda Thompson, Borb Bierwirth, Jackie Rose, Potti Murphy, Marilu Coleman, Pot Aarhus, Mitzi Holmoo, Lillian Lochicotte, Clarice Connor, Sharon Nelson. FOURTH ROW: Dick Morrison, Francis Moul, Jane Nickolisen, Beth Railsbock, Cathy Hansen, Shirley White, Mory Finger, Judy Pilcher, Terry Larson, Clarence Smolik. FIFTH ROW: Russell Weingartner, Neal Mclntyre, Byron Russell, Ron Williams, Harlan Mettlor, Charles Bruehler, Erik Mystrom. BACK ROW: Lorry Piersol, Larry Hosmor, Dave Ernst, David DeRouchey, Joe Neuroth, Roosevelt Gunnorson, Ruben Maulis, Denny Schmidt. youfiG Dtmocftflis OFFICERS: Evelyn Frieberg, Republican Vice-president; Doug Leofstedt, Republican president, Don German, Democrot president; Lorry Piersol, Democrat vice-president. I i BACK ROW: Tom Dulany, Jock Gregg, John Gubbrud, Bob Ruddy, Mary Lou Heocock, Morv Johnson, Ben Morrell, Tom Anderson, Mory Lynn Collins, Judy Hiatt. SIXTH ROW: Morilyn Gilbert, Tom Rosenboum, Jim Williams, Bruce Hoog, Dove Johnson, Sharon Kirch, Rillo Krumm, Eileen Will, Patsy Regan, Penny Orr. FIFTH ROW: Bunny Aikens, Linda Smith, Jens Groge, Chuck Terry, Lynn Huenemann, John Hill, Ruth Stinger, Colleen Muir, Lois Schrag, Dixie Enslow, Peggy Ogle. FOURTH ROW: Jewell McLaughlen, Jone Norbeck, Koria Miller, Mike Wherlond, Linda Wilke, Jack Betts, Ruby Strunk, Ho rry Noosz, Maureen White, Bobby Thorson, Janet Koberg. THIRD ROW: Nell Williams, Carole Benson, Judy Wochlin, Darlene Heyd, Kay La Plonte, Marlyn Serr, Mary Jo Roschke, Judy Morrow, Judy Rempfer, Mary Ellen Ber- dahl, Helen Reinschmidt. SECOND ROW: Jill Hendrickson, Mary Burges, Virginia Prey, Lynne Martin, Connie Winjum, Ann Greenlee Donna Pipe, Margie Rossow, Pris Chri stain sen, Marilyn Gibson, Larry Johnson, Burdette Berg. FRONT ROW: Sharon Grotewold, Chuck Lawrence, Winston French, Dick Worness, Donna Olsen, Susie Colvin, Gretchen Overpeck, Richard Miller, Bob Voyles, Kathy Page, Jon Skaro, Corolyn Stodheim. U oufiG kmiim BACK ROW: KentLarson, Lorry Zuercher, J one McCIell and, Mory Evans, Jim Hoohr, Jeanette Durst, L indo McCahren, Jack Rhodes, LeRoy Janssen, John Rempfer, Calvin Taylor. NINTH ROW: Judy Solborg, Cothy Vogt, Ann Larson, JoAnn Taylor, David Tosdell, Jim Simmons, Albert Johnston, Ron Jensen, Gory Conradi. EIGHTH ROW: Janet Price, Lindo Lorsen, Sondy Hilton, Janice Hummel, JoEllen Int Veldt, Cherril Gladstone, Gloria Swonson. SEVENTH ROW; Steve Solum, Marlys Herman, Thomos Vickerman, Jeanette Wikstrom, Rita Robbins, Sandy Speichinger, James Wosepko, Don Lomke. SIXTH ROW: Connie Borteis, Judy Mogck, Kothy Prey, John Waltner, Lorry Fri sch, Jim Lacey, Lloyd Sherman. FIFTH ROW: Mary Clare, Jim Haar, E sther Norri s, Robert Bill man, Karen Chri s ten sen, Donno Jean Link. FOURTH ROW: Sandy Graber, Larry Jorgensen, Richard Hight, Arlene Sifrar, Sue Schempp, Roselyn Christensen, Genny Lowthion, Pat Hermann, Vicki Jensen. THIRD ROW: Bonnie Grotewold, leva Brakss, Deane Grov, Gene Sechser, Dole Swedeen, Howard Reed, Janet Shobino, Sara Eyres, Jayne HaMenbeck. SECOND ROW: Charlene Van de Voort, Linda Demlo, Linda Green, Linda Eyres, Judy Hart, Karen Helger- son, Roger Stem, LoVern Gustafson, Mayro Hilton, Diane Williomson, Koy Christy. FIRST ROW: Linda Schueike, Gieno Wolth, Al Scovel, Marilyn Wenzel, Jone HaMenbeck, Maddie Stoltz, Julio Nielson, Sue Muilenburg, George Bauder, Dottie Coe, Doug Leafstedt, Evio Frieberg, Tom Muilenburg, Chip Harris, Carol Tisher, Spencer Brooks. BACK ROW: Ken Ross, Gerald One Feather, Dee Brost, Judy Smith, Ed Bader, Susan Hawkins, Mary Lou Heacock, Gene Chamley. SECOND ROW: Sandy Vieth, Jeannene Reaves, Bev Strait, Peggy Kimboll, Barbetta Krogman, Elaine Kirley, Bill Lantis. FRONT ROW: Grant Coffin, Bob Lontis, Rog Skallerud, Webb Brewster, Jim Leach. Rooto Im mmmw CLUfi BACK ROW: Mr. M. Miller, James Wang, Helmut Nunn, John Lazaris, Don Kounos, P. J. Rao, Shahroukh Maroufkhani, Odera Odinge, Mrs. M. Arnaud, Gleno Walth, Dr. L. Arnaud, Sum-Man Kong, Randhir Sandhu, Poul Okporo, Harshad Thocore. FRONT ROW: Dr. Grace Beede, Mrs. M. Miller, Marilyn Chen, Adele Meyer, Koren Grosse, Judy Jordan, Carol Bennett, Marlyne Kuykendoll. NOT PICTURED: Kodimon Sihotong, Kuldip Sondu. KflPPfl km BACK ROW: Bob Wick, Larry Versteeg, Larry Mitchell, Gerald Sleep. SECOND ROW: Jay Vcnderlinden, Dick Thompson, John Sorensen, Leighton Weltz. FRONT ROW: Mr. Ray Devilbiss, Gregg Hall, Chad Boese. usic [oucflioRS HfliionflL [mmm BACK ROW: Larry Versteeg, Dove Mitchell, Lynn Hueneman, Lynn Seipp, Jim Smith, Dick Thompson, Gordon Linden, Jack Erickson, Andre Larson, Arnold Schilling. THIRD ROW: Richard Persinger, Donna Roe Link, Judith Hosbrouck, Sharon Porker, Elaine Meyers, Lois Schrag, Dorothy Hatch, Melindo Grimes, Mary Siemer, Meredith Olsen. SECOND ROW: Joan Radeke, Bonnie Raosch, Pot Borchers, Beth Haon, Judy Opdahl, Elizabeth Towne, Colleen Muir, Linda Gemar, Janet Oschner, Dr. Carlton Chaffee, advisor. FRONT ROW: Tom Kruse, Joy Vanderlinden, Larry Mitchell, John Erickson, Ronn Huettman, Gene Lockhart, Chad Boese, Leighton Welti. J i; ll " k iA L,!0l M " r JL ma ■ ■ i_. mm • I B B II H c H [ [ R L [ 11 t S CLOCKWISE: Kay La Plante, Barb Clark, Maureen Currie, Jeannie Stratfon, heod cheer- leader, Pat Callan, Mary Lou Heocock, Madie Sfolti. CENTER Bunny Aikens. CLOCKWISE: Jill Hendrikson, Margoret Wasser, Judy Schumacher, Beth Railsback, Linda Willioms, Carol Tisher. J fl vERGiiy Mmm The University Orchestra, conducted by Usher Abell, is composed of University students, faculty members, and other musicians from the surrounding area, A concert is given each January ond a special Children s Concert in March. This yeor the orchestra accompanied the University Choir in the production of " Annie Get Your Gun, which was performed at the Dakota Day Coro- nation, and agoin at the Sioux Empire Farm Show in Sioux Fails in February. !•• Under the direction of Myron Osterberg, the University Choir has played an active part in the life of the University. The group was accompanied by the University Orchestra in " Annie Get Your Gun, " presented both at the Dakota Day Coronation and at the Sioux Empire Farm Show in Sioux Foils. An annual Christmas Concert and a Spring Concert delighted students, faculty and townspeople. One of the high-lights of the year was the annual Spring tour through parts of South Dakota and neighboring states. UfllVERSIiy fiflflD Directed by Ray DeVilbiss, assisted by Charles Krusentsjerna, the University Bond is Divided into several units, according to function. The 100 piece Marching Band, noted for its fast- moving precision, provides half-time entertainmnet at home football games in the Fall, with complex formations and stirring music. Two Varsity Pep Bands perform alternately at all home basketball games, adding color and excitement to an already thrilling sport. Even more concerned with composition and artistry is the 70 piece Symphonic Concert Band, a select group which performs after football season has ended. These at-home concerts were given this year, one in January, one in February, and a Mother ' s Day Concert in May. Each spring sixty members of the concert band are selected to go on tour. 6 i National Ballet of Canada Williom L«wis, Baritone trtist6 e5 Symphonic Strings Morgaret Barthel, Pionlst 203 student l onuocutio nS MARSHALL IZEN, Pianist-Humorist THE CLEVELAND PLAYHOUSE presents Volpone JOHNNY WINDBURST Director of the " Riverboot Four ' Samuel Beckett ' s WAITING FOR GODOT Johnny Powel, Jack Rhodes Shakespeare ' s THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR Sharry H. Randall Jomes Randall It eat re j rod uc lion S Marsha Tonner, Diane Struver, Mort Miller, Ellen Hasse Wayne Knutson ' s DREAM VALLEY Dave Johnson, Mort Miller, George Welbesm DREAM VALLEY George Welbes, Linda Eyres 20S ANNI E GET YOUR GUN was produced in Slagle Auditorium October 14, just prior to the Dakota Day Coronation ceremonies. This musiccl. written by Irving Berlin and starring Bonnie Raasch as Annie and Dick Persinger as Frank, was again performed at the Sioux Empire Farm Show in Sioux Falls, January 31 and February 1 . Poul Arnold, Bonnie Raasch, Jim Johnson Dick Persinger, Jim Johnson, Bonnie Raasch, Paul Arnold Eugene O ' Neill ' s THE MOVIE MAN Charles Lindeman, Lorry Michael, Michoel Weilond, Helen Gi ske. Student VUorKinoi Started three years ago on a regular basis, The University Productions Workshop serves to help student directors, actors and playwrites gain experience by working on productions not of a major status, as are those presented by the University Theater. Here is a chonce, not only for new theater enthusiasts, but for experiments in acting and in production. Patrick Dennis ' AROUND THE WORLD WITH AUNTIE MAME Roger Miller, Jackie Rose, Saro Eyres, James Simmons, Duane Schooley, Majel Anderson, Coleen Forley, Julie Thompson. Eugene lonesco ' s THE LESSON Jock Rhodes, Donna Menage, Cathy Vogt. Block Hills Playhouse LcL JidL I la ultouAe During the summer months, the Univer- sity operates the Black Hills Playhouse at Custer State Pork. The theater, which gives six performances a week for at least six weeks, was organized in the summer of 1946. by Dr. Warren Lee, his wife and twelve others. The Playhouse offers a training program for students in acting, directing and stagecraft, with ten hours of credit for participants, and at the same time, provides high quality performances for its theater audiences. Performances last summer included THE LEGEND OF DEVILS GULCH, TIME OUT FOR GINGER, THE GAZEBO, OK- LAHOMA, THE DESPERATE HOURS, and MR. ROBERTS. Warren Lee ' s LEGEND OF DEVIL ' S GULCH Diane Struver, LeRoy " Hap " Habermon Rogers and Hammerstein ' s OKLAHOMA Cost 209 SiROLLtftS — % Chi OmECfl DtLifl Ifly DtLifl " Mostly Mocbeth, " on orig- inol satire bosed on Shoke- speor ' s famous trodgedy, delighted o neor-capocity audience, and took top honors in the 1960 Stroller ' s Show. Adaptations of such songs OS " Mac the Knife, " " I ' m Gonna Wash Thot Man Right Out of My Hair, " ond " The Lady is a Tramp " high-light- ed thi s production, which starred Morv Johnson as Macbeth, Noncy Mohloch as Lady Macbeth, and Dili Mueller as Duncan. SECOND PLACE " Mr. Clean goes to College City " Pi Beta Phi-Phi Delta Theta THIRD PLACE " East and West Meets the Test " Alpha Phi-Beta Theta Phi Kappa Alpha Theto-Sigmo Alpha Epsilon Between acts, the members of Stroller ' s performed for the audience by doing- satires on Jack Parr; the song ' El Paso ; and well-known newspaper. They also had a band and their own combo for audience enjoyment. Despite our many activities and organizations, a peek at Old Main through Slagle ' s balcony railing reminds us of books and lectures and of intellectual achievement, truly the most important activity of a University. Kelialon Ijour dallu life is uour tent pie and uour reliaion. lAJItenever uou enter into it take witit ou uour a it . ? « " S . J ah til w ' » ra n C dilor h i rteu S c ho ll en , . ' V ' © : Van Johnson Director of Religious Activities Keeping the students aware of the fact that they must educate their souls as well as their minds is the responsibility of Van Johnson, Director of Religious Activities. I ' . r. Johnson does this through many religious activities that are carried on during the year, the most widely publicised and all inclusive being Religious Emphasis Week. Through his amiable attitude and deep sincerity he serves as an inspiration to all who come in contact with him. Donforth Memoriol Chapel ReUGIOUS EfflPHflEIS UJhh [ma BACK ROW: Terry Larson, Rolfe Eisland, Ella Marie Cronin, Terry Prosch, David Jordan, Van Johnson, Alyce Jessen. FRONT ROW: Mary Jane Hatfield, Donna Menage, Marcia Cooper, Judy Pilcher, Dr. Grace Beede, Carol Bennett. BACK ROW: Frank Stickney, Fother Crawford, Sylvester Brings, Steve Byrnes, Richard Miller, Chuck Mickels. FRONT ROW: Donna Olsen, Oretchen Overpeck Pat Looby, Mary Jone Hatfield. CiKRfiyfiy Club 217 2IS HflPPfl h BACK ROW: Gtenda Terrell, Penny Ogle, Judy Perkins, Jonet Reed, Carol Bennett, Dee Brost, Ramona Tuttle, Kathy Mitchell, Morgo Peterson, Carol Steinborn, Kay Randolph, Donna Link, Arjene Abbott. SECOND ROW: Sharon Nelson, Joon Barber, Lois Schrog, Keren Stedronsky. FRONT ROW: Lois Thompson, Kathleen Kelly, Sue Mackenzie, Margaret Dean. BACK ROW: Louis Fisher, Russell Stanhope, Tom Cooper, Ed Van Bramer, Bob Nielsen, Duane Fowler, David Jordan, Wl lliom Gray, Ray Giske. SECOND ROW: Marcia Cooper, Judy Johnson, Sharon Grotewold, Carol Coverdale, Beth Railsback, Jane Norbeck, Karia Miller, Pot Hermonn, Kaye Woodward, Nancy Johnson. FRONT ROW: Sandra Nelson, Zerl Vivian, Kay Stewart, Joan Haner, Tamara Ullyot, Donno Jean Link, Marilyn Serr. D ftLLOWEHIP BACK TOW: Richord Eschenbaum, Irvin Lonneman, Larry Bloir, Jim Nolan, Robert Lynch, Terry Logue, Earl Bihimeyer, Paf McKeever, Conrad Wutsch. FOURTH ROW: Jerry " mall, Calvin Taylor, Gerald Bunkers, Charles Bruehler, Steve Fennel, Ed Wutsch, Gene Sechser, Burton Cawthorne, Patrick Syverson. THIRD ROW: Marlene Libert, Bev Cooper, Anne Herzog, Esther Norris, Gloria Tinon, Patricia Nolan, Shoron Rohrobaugh, Susan Sefcik, Clarice Connor, Patricia Maroon, Harold Sykoro, Louis Weber. SECOND ROW: Judy Schuyler, Rosemary Hafner, Ralph McGregor, Father Wolf, Arlene Campbell, Judye Vlosok. FIRST ROW: Judy Smith, Carolyn Knox, Janice Wunder, Lindo Williams, Bernardine Schroeder, Potti Murphy. tyjmi m W[m im BACK ROW: Rev. Jomes Fornham, Jerry Ruedebusch, Duone Linden- meyer, Tom Eichmon, Craig Knudson, Rev. Walter Forred. THIRD ROW: Francis Moul,Harshad Thocore, Neil Thomsen, Terry Larson, Dick Bray, David Russell. SECOND ROW: Mike Eastman, Ramona Tuttle, Donna Moore, Joon Barber, Judith Louden, Janice Hibbert, Scott Moses. FRONT ROW: Jim Reed, Jeanine Schooler, Koye Rondolph, Jo Intvelt, ludy Perkins, Carol Bennett, Ralph Hoggatt. 220 BACK ROW: Glena Walth, Valerie Harris, Dean Johnson, Gerry Haukoos, El lard Jensen, Phillip Heidebrecht, Harshad Thacore, Jerald Jackson, Glenn Olson, Daymon Young, Glen Dappen. FRONT ROW: Judy Schuyler, Pat Seocot, Norma Bluebird, Ann Hernandez, Evelyn Palmer, Marilyn Hunter, Deanna Johnson, Corol Knutson, Judith Likens. Trinity Lutheran Church Concordia Lutheran Church Bapti St Church Assembly of God Church Congregational Church I Missionary Alliance Church St Paul ' s Episcopal Church St. Agnes Cotholic Church Methodist Church il " You and I and all are children of one religion, for the varied paths of religion are but the fingers of the loving hand of the Supreme Being, extended to all, offering completeness of spirit to all, anxious to receive all. Kahlil Gibron .. Ik let I C6 , ■4 i A limb A were cuaI in mantu mould, Zror Itardu AportA or conleAl bold. . colt C dil or Francis if lout ary DuBc Doug Tuttle The Coyotes entered the 1960 footboll season with high hopes, a preseason rating of second place--behind the confident Augustano teom ...and four tough games to face before the hoped-for Dakoto Doy lift. After enqaging the top-ranked Colorado State squod (on expected loss), the Coyotes hoped to get into a winning step on a three game rood trip to Augustano, North Dakota and Morningside. But victories didn t materialize; even the homecoming gome was lost in the final quarter, and the sad season was finally faced. The season was finished at last, one of the worst in the University s history (indeed, only one win), and fans turned to new fields of sport and athletics. But " hope springs eternal, " and who knows what o new year will bri ng . Looking quite good in their opening gome, the Coyotes fought Colo- rado State the entire game, but could eke out only one touchdown, while losing 16 to 7. Last minute rallies almost upset the gome, however. The first real indication of a poor season came when South Dakota traveled to Augustano, and promptly lost by a shut-out 21 to score. The Vikings looked like potentiol conference winners while intercepting five Coyote passes. Strong defensive work when it counted cut down the score of the next road game, at North Dakota U, but the visiting Redshirts still wound up on the short end of the 27 to 7 tally. First holf action kept the Coyotes in the game, but they were left behind in the finol two quarters. Given o chance to redeem themselves and start a victory string, the USD team invaded Morningside ond almost pulled off their first win, only to be defeated 7 to 6 by o touchdown pass in the final minutes of play. This ended the " make or break " road trip for the Coyotes, and the outlook was bad. Staying at home for the Dakota Day tilt with S. D. State, the Red- shirts were still looking for their first win, and until the final quarter on that fateful afternoon, appeared to have found it at last. But, once again, a fourth quarter rally erased a leod, and the disasterous gome ended 27 to 7. On an afternoon that was noted os the first day of pheasant season, the winless Redshirts found the magic combination, and brought home a shut-out 7 to victory over the Washington University Bears of St. Louis. Scoring the first time they got hold of the boll, the Coyotes clung to their lead, ond staved off a rally in the finol seconds. A victory didn ' t seem to help the team however, as they suffered their worst loss of the season the next week, when the number one conference team, Iowa Teachers, gained a 40 to win at Vermillion, This gave the Tutors their longed-for conference crown. Final conference action tells the sad story of a winless loop season for the Coyotes, as North Dakoto State beat them in on afternoon gome at Inmon Field by a 40 to 7 score. This loss shoved the home teom into last place in the conference, o position seldom held by the South Dokotons. Final oction for the Coyotes showed a lift in spirits as the team traveled to Texas over Thanksgiving vacation, to meet Lamor Tech. Although losing 41 to 21, the squad showed its best game of the year and lost to lucky break-away runs. Tom Moron Bucky O ' Connor, speedy halfback, Most Voluoble Player at USD and second team choice of the AII-NCC backfield, breaks away from a S. D. State tackier as he plunges across the goal line for the only Coyote touchdown in the Dokota Day gome here. Jim Kramer Bob Longe George Mickelson Jack Holdsberg Carl Lourifien Ron Hill Jim Egan The orm of an unidentified Coyote player reaches out of a tangle of bodies to clutch at a scampering S. D. State halfback, as Jerry Lindberg, number 76, rushes in to help. Bob Schworzenbach Coyote Kicking Specialist Dick Lei sing Star Passer ond Team Captain Don Chicoinc Most Improved Player Award Winner A study in passive enthusiasm is this dog, pictured above, who seems to be unimpressed by the efforts of the University Cheerlaadars. Ken Janvrin Ron Battels A horde of Redshirt tacklers surround o S. D. State ball- carrier in Dakota Day action here, with number 28, Ron Bartels, leading the way. Denny Pelkofer. 11 Erv Pitts Backfield Coach Marion ' Jake " Jacksori Freshman Coach Bob Otto Line Coach Ralph " Boot " Stewart Athletic Director ond Head Football Cooch FRESHMAN FOOTBALL: STANDING: Jake Jackson, cooch; Dayton Larson (74); Mamon Keyes (28); Ron Kibble (68); Kirk Anderson (57); Dick Walsh (12); Roger Lounsbery (71); Bruce Smebakken (14); Denny Weisz (35). MIDDLE ROW: Don Wickens ' 82); Robert Grober IS6); Lyie Bamsey (75); Lovern Hines (76); James Hannah (81); Steve Gerow (58); Tom Donker- brook (84); Denny Pressler (85); Ed Schaaf (22). FRONT ROW: Dan Conway ' 25); Dick Scott (20); Denny Hanson (15); Brad Bonynge ' 37); Dick VanderWoerdt (55); Lorry Farrond (65); Herbie Glass (36); Ron Lawrence (44); Jerry Eppel (46 ). NOT PICTURED: Jim Morris, Barry Grouer and Don Bormann. Dan Lenon, assistant coach, also is not pictured. P f ■ ft . f f f: f John Borrett John Turner Clint Woymer Wayne Ellis Bob Roach Ron Wing i ' Dick Von Ness Harvey Naosz Bill Mueller Tom Harrington Al Vender Hoar Jerry Lindberg Woyne John son John K i wolo " Would somebody please open the door? " Hey, ump, get o poir of glasses, will ya? " South Dakota U ' s cage season started out with high hopes, and predictions of a first place in the conference, and a repeat chance at the NCAA tournament. Early non-conference games kept this hope alive, as the Coyotes played exceptional first-half ball against the number one national small college team, Tennessee A I, although losing the game; and the Coyotes looked good against other top teams. Boasting a 5 and 6 non-NCC record, the home team found wins over such strong teams as Mankato State, Colgate, Wartburg and S. W. Missouri ond fought a close but losing 89 to 87 bottle with Evansville, the notional defending champion. With conference foes, however, the story changed ond hope slowly died; the Coyotes could scratch out only four wins to eight losses in loop action. Arch rival S. D. State gained double victories from the Coyotes, as did football champs, Iowa Teachers. The Redshirts downed the two North Dakota teams, Augustano and Morningside at the USD Armory, in home games, but lost to these teams on the road. A new inovation during the cage season this year was an eastern trip by the Coyotes during the Christmas holidays, where they played in a tournament with Ohio University, Colgote and Wittenburg and also met other teams in regular action. The Coyotes beat Colgate for third -place in the tourney, while losing to Ohio U. the first night of action. I ISOUTlf J n i vriTA Fronklin Washington Keith Brown 1 e SOUTH M II «» fP fl Talmadge Mi Ian " We may not beat State, but we sound better than the band of cowbells! " Jim Hale Tom Hallaway Jerry Small Y »: " h I i- THE WORD is given to the o time out. Roger Fober Gory Howord Sporting a terrific season with eight straight wins before a loss, the freshmon squod lines up for o picture. They are: BACK ROW: Gory Hansen, Gary Harris, Terry Carlson, Wes Bray, Lyie Bomsey. SECOND ROW: Jim Dyer, Mike Moron, Joy Folvey, Coach Jackson. FRONT ROW: Dick Welsh, Don Walker, Denny Pressler, Gary Snow, Dave Munson. Luther Turner ' Is this how you do it, fellas? " The big EYE rooches oof to record oil mistakes, as KUSD films action of the cage games. John Lillibridge Angelo Donegan Lynn Polmer Dick Trudell Anxious faces turn up to see of the shot goes in or is blocked. Marv Bachmeier, N. D. State, assures " Cloddy " that the injured Coyote is all right. Bob Otto Marion Jackson Dwane Clodfelter 2SS A Turner-type shot attempted here. Inlroduclions over-ploy is reody to »tort, with another Coyote victory looming. ' Cloddy " gives a hand to o stalwart player. ' Oh please don ' t mist! " 240 fl s fl [ L Spectators view of an umpire at work. " And waiting for the first pitch is number 16. Marion Jackson Boseboll Coach • iwjg,- f. . . As the umpire and cotcher look on, another hit is recorded for the Coyote nine. " Put ' er right in there, pitcher. ' ftflCH Hold( Nyal frs of a new USD mile relay record timing, set last spring, ore Brings, Tom Masters, Gene Kluck and George Gross. KirrA Breaking a new shot put record almost every meet, Larry Hofeldt, above, shows the form that won so many matches. SDU ' s fastest miler, Nyal Brings, completes another winning performance. ■-■ if P " S Sitting all in a row is the 1961 indoor trock tean completing o winning season. Winnar of more points than any other conference trockster, is George Gross, pictured above, as he bursts out of a storting block. I « Dan Lennon Track Coach A record breaking frosh relay team line up for a photo. Wiiu a r f " J4. e i erveA me nt OS I wltt Ae rue A It I A c ount ru b eA t . • • • foL Pallor - i I will never forget that 1 am an American fighting man, responsible for my actions, and dedicated to the principles which made my country free. I will trust in my (jod and in the United States of America. I Lt. Col. William E. Hornby, Professor of Military Science Major Thomas M. Borrick Major Trovis M. Kirkpotrick a47 Copt. Corl L. Krueger Copf. Dole B. Thoreson M Sgf. Arnold E. Tinker The general objectives of the Reserve Officer Training Course of Instruction is to produce junior officers who by their educotion, training, and in- herent qualities are suitable for continued develop- ment as officers in the United Stated Army. Instruc- tion covers military fundamentals common to all branches of the service. The aim is to provide a basic military education, and in conjunction with other college discipline, to develop individual character and attributes essential to on officer. 248 SFC Donald Simon SFC Herbie D. Spicer Sgt. Robert C. Dorsnek ROTC-A path to professional advancement Army ROTC graduates on active duty include eight high ranking general officers. When General Herbert B. Powell, Commanding General, Continental Army Command was recently promoted to that rank, he became the fourth ROTC graduate on active duty to achieve the rank of full general. The others are General George H. Decker, Army Chief of Staff; General Issac D. White, Com- mander in Chief, U. S. Army, Pacific; and General Clork L. Ruffner, U. S. Representative to theMilitory Committee and Standing Group, NATO. c p fl fl y c Chuck Kasten, Company Commander: Jim Randall, Executive Officer; W. A. Weller, First Sgt. Jim Vonder Schoof, Company Commander; V illiam Gray, Executive Officer; L. Williamson, First Sgt. C m fl y D c ■fl fi Palmer Peterson, Company Commander; Norman Cooper, Executive Officer, Tom Smith, First Sgt. D. L. Wan Buskirk, Company Commander; Ron Baker, Executive Officer; Dave Smith, First Sqt. C m n y G c Q P (1 John Thietje, Company Commander; Ron Cartels, Executive Officer, Alan Glover, First Sgt. Bob Longe, Company Commander; Dean Mitchell, Executive Officer; Dick Kingston, First Sat. C y f [ I E R « a « Cand Master Larry Mitchell Commander Tom Clark H n R G fl fl D Ronald Caker Ron Portels Richard Brink Tom Crisbine Koy Giske Duone p wler Tom Harrington George Hauge mm kmm Chuck Kasten m Jerry LakemokW Dick Lei s ing Bob Longe Palmer Peterson 1 RiflOf Chuck Poore Jim Randall Milt Schwartz Lowell Toldstedt (Jim Vander Schoaf Gory VVenand I G fl D t S I 11 f f Cadet Lf. Col. Milf Schwartz, Cadet Capt. Dick Leising, Cadet Col. Burton Heoth, Codet Capt. Jerry Lakemaker, Cadet Capt. Tom Brisbine, Cadet Sgt. Major Jim Fargo. lET I I L P E G R S 1 II f f Lowell Tolstedt, Gory V. ' enand, Duone Fowler, Codet Lt. Col.; Dick Root, Cove Jordan. c L R G fl R Dick Wilson, Art Zigmigo, Ken Ross, Dennis Curly G R 3oo U P Fronk Trotrron, Charles Poore, Codet Lt. Col. Roy Giske, LoVerne Schneider fl I S 1 I L fl £ f f Susan Colvin dk Nancy Kirlcham Mary Gleason Rosemary Hafner Jane Nickolisen Joon Rodelce 288 mm Judy Perkins Linda Y irak Muriel C. Thompson k Marilyn Wenzel Tomoro Ul lyot Jk All Freshmen and transfer students received speech and hearing tests as o port of the orientation program. Here is the seemingly hopeless muddle of confusion and confused people that is typical of Registration Day ot the Univer- sity; but since everyone eventually does accomplish his task, it isn ' t so hopeless after all. B ' H Wm I HJ R H ■1 As if conscious of its opproaching doom. Old Science Hall seemed fo siroin its grotesque shell toword the sky, in a lost defiant gesture. Old Moin got o foce lifting in the Fall. • The final blow -- and all that remained was a pile of rubble to be cleared away. i i IA The TV tower, built just last summer, presents o striking contrastto the troditionol towers of Old Moin. " United Nations " was the theme of the 1960 Military Ball. TIN M Z vUilillLi- liMMfiaiiiii te-iiij- A spot of humming doyfime activity, night finds the compus in a snowy silence. This picture would suggest thot the University was, among other things, a flourishing art center during the summer session. The registrotion of this student marked the one thousondth entry of the 1960 summer session. 264 I A controst to the summer session is the snow oround the Women ' s Gymnasium, the scene of o great variety o« physical activity. Beta Theta Pi coptured the infromurol bosketboll championship by winning the playoff following the regulor league schedule. One of 32 rogulor intromural teoms, the Betas won .the champion- ship by defeating the Henpecks, a group of married student men, 66-34. Each USD intromural cage team ploys some 20 gomes. p 1 . j 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , ; 1 |; i A. n . il i As Honorary Chairman of Religious Emphasis Week, Dr. Groce Beede was presented o recognition plaque by Van Johnson and David Jordan. James McDeormon, acting director of the University ' s Speech and hear- ing Clinic, presented $1,500 in scholarships for speech Correction study to Mary Finger, Roger Wohl, Judy Flynn, and James Walter. The money was given to the University for this purpose by the Crippled Children ' s Society of South Dokoto. 2ee First-hond experience characterizes the radio-TV courses offered at the University. A speech correction student applies the principles she has learned in working with a youngster with a speech defect. A moonlight serenade by froternity men is enough to stir romontic impulses in any girl s heart. Dues — olwoys there ore dues! 2«S The night of a gome finds this library empty. The ROTC Deportment proved that even University students can display obsolute order in movement and appearance when the reputation of their compony is at stake. Another exomple of order in move- ment, exuberance and precision or« personified in Drum Major, Chad Boese. 4 I Two of the opposition vent all the energy they possess in a desperate attempt to block this Coyote pass. With a giant burst of flome, the traditional bonfire flared high, marking the official beginning of Dakota Day festivities. a7i After years of toil and struggle -- the reward. Expressions of the faces of waiting graduates range from joyous anticipation to pensive wistfuin ess. Behold, the dreomer cometh. Genesis 37:19 273 dvertl Ain BOOK STORE THE CO-OP STORE SERVING THE " U " SINCE 1911 FOUNTAIN th Coff ee Sbo i r, .- T Lk ' il a LET ' S ALL MEET AT THE MAJESTIC GARDENS NOW SERVING A LARGE VARIETY OF DELICIOUS HOMEMADE ITALIAN PIZZA Dancing Nightly YANKTON, SOUTH DAKOTA Compliments Oi AUSTIN DAIRY VeTmillion. South Dakota 277 (l ffii JACOBSEN BAKERY VERMILLION T» Wlb Wumt n " ' REA Clay-Union Electric Corp. VERMILLION The National Bank of South Dakota SIOUX FALLS Phillips at 9th HURON Minnesota at 33rd VERMILLION VERMILLION OFFICERS John T, Sanger Vice-President Vernell O. Holter Ass ' t Vice-President Robert Stark Assistant Cashier Robert K. Miller Mgr. Timepay Dept. ADVISORY BOARD Everett Bogue John H Litzetman Henry G. Moeller Serving this community since 1875 Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ♦ HECK ' S SERVICE VERMILLION i .n CHARCOAL BROILED STEAKS • CHICKEN ' SEA FOODS 11 PRIVATE BANQUET ROOM ■t V Wtti ' NGS - :IC1?T.0M5 rOMVfNTIONS FOR RESERVATION WRITE OR CALL NO 5-5771 I PINE Kenin)mef Wd B YANK10N THE STORE OF FINE FASHIONS FOR WOMEN 210 So. Phillips Sioux Falls Our Congratulat ions Ate Extended to the CLASS OF 1961 Homestake Mining Company A South Dakota Pioneer mudy VERMILLION rM t» i-«wM »an ANOTHER UNIVERSITY ACTIVITY added by The Vermillion Chamber of Commerce See You At The • HAPPY HOUR SIOUX FALLS BROADCASTER PRESS SIOUX CITY JOHN . " l. - Congratulations from these S U S D BOOSTERS VERMILLION BUZZ ' S SERVICE Buzz says, " Fly with Red Horse. " CHARLIE ' S PIZZA HOUSE DALLAS JEWELRY E. H. LEIN, Insurance EMCEE LANES FULLERTON LUMBER COMPANY HANNY ' S MEN ' S WEAR HEBELER MOTOR COMPANY JAQUITH AND JAQUITH, Lawyers J. C. PENNEY COMPANY J. J. NEWBERRY COMPANY MEISENHOLDER MOTOR PIGGLY WIGGLY TIESEN FURNITURE S. S. STUDIO V I K E N S ' SEARS, ROEBUCK, AND COMPANY WALPOLE DRUG SIMS BROTHERS HARDWARE WILLSON FLORIST YEADO JEWELRY YANKTON CONEY ISLAND CAFE 318 Douglas Subject Index Activities Association of Women Students 183 Bond 201 Business Students 190 Cheer leoders 198 Choir : 200 Community Artist Series 202 Cosmo po I i ton Club 196 Dokoto Day Committee 182 Delta Sigma Pi 186 Delto Theto Pi 187 Dolphins 192 Dramatics 206 Engineering Club 192 Forensics 189 Geology Club 191 Hippocrates Club 184 Hi story Club 185 Home Economics Club 192 Interfroternity Co unci I 151 Kappa Kappa Psi 197 Majorettes 198 Marketina Club 186 Math Club 193 Music Educators National Conference 197 Orchestra 199 Panhellenic Council 150 Phi Delta Phi 187 Physical Education 183 Political Science 184 Rodeo Club 196 Social Committee 182 Stroller 210 Student American Medical Association 185 Student Recruitment 190 Student Senate 180 Student Union 181 Toostmasters 189 Toostresses 188 Womens Recreationol Association 191 Young Democrats 194 Young Republicans 195 Zeto Phi Eto 188 Athletics Boseboll 241 Basketball 234 Footboll 228 Track 243 Clos Freshmen 52 Juniors 38 Seniors 30 Sophomores 44 Business School 65 Graduate School 70 Low School 73 Medicol School 76 Nursing School 79 Foculty . Glamour .23 Dakota Condidotes 93 Fraternity Sweethearts 99 Honorary Codet Colonel 97 Miss Dakota .92 Miss University 95 Miss Young Democrat 103 Greeks Alpha Phi 152 Alpha Tau Omega 162 Alpha Xi Delta 154 Beta Theto Pi 164 Chi Omego 156 Delta Tou Delta 166 Kappa Alpha Theta 158 Lombdo Chi Alpha 168 Phi Delta Theto 170 Pi Beta Phi 160 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 172 Tou Koppo Epsilon 174 Theto Xi 176 Honoraries Beto Gamma Sigma 112 Dokotons 116 Pta Sigma Phi 112 Mortar Boord ' 08 Mu Phi Epsilon 113 Omicron Delta Kappa 109 Phi Beta Kappa 110 Phi Eta Sigma HI Phi Mu Alpho 113 Publications Board 132 Strollers 114 Who ' s Who 118 Hou sing Burgess Hall 140 East Hall 142 Julian Hall 146 Noteboom Hall 144 Mi litary Bond 253 Color Guard 257 Guidon 258 Honor Guard 253 ROTC 250 Scabbard and Blode 254 Publi cations Blost 128 Coyote 126 KUSD 134 News Bureou 133 Volonte 130 Religion Cantebury Club 217 Gamma Delta 218 Kappa Phi 219 Lutheran Student Association 218 Newman Club jj Pilgrim Westminster Fellowship 219 Religious Emphasis Week Committe -217 Wesley Club 220 Faculty Index A Abell, Usher 15 Andera, Leonard 24, 132 Annis, Alvera 192 Arnoud, Leonard 24, 196 Arnoud, Martha 196 Arfi, Delia 192 B Boin, Lola 147 Baker, Merrill 181 Berkley, Donald 24 Barrick, Thomas 247 Beaty, Morjorie 24, 110, 193 Beede, Grace 112, 196, 217 Benwell, Frank 24 Bergman, Ruth 17 Billington, Monroe 24, 185 Bloom, Florence 145 Brady, Cloire 24 Brookmon, H. E 19, 192 Buckley, Thomas 185 Busch, Martin 21 Buttrey, Benton 24 c Codwell, Vern 21 Cape, William 184 Covonough, Irene 142, 143 Choffee, Carlton 24, 197 Chambre, Marie-Therese 24 Christ, Edwin 24 Christol, Carl 24, 185 Clark, Chopin 24, 187 Clem, Alan 24, 184 Clodfelter, Dwane 234, 239 Connors, Howard 13, 111 Curron, William 12 D Dorsnek, Sgt. Robert 249 Davis, Frederick 24 Davis, Roger 24 Deliell, Mark 16 DeVilbiss, Ray 197 Driscoll, Glen 24 E Ehrensperger, E. C 24, 132 Ekman, William 24, 110, 193 Elvik, Kenneth 24 Evans, John 24 Eyres, T. E 18 F Folk, R. D 20, 25 Foor, Millard 25, 192 Fronkenfeld, H. W 12, 181 G f Geary, Thomas _ 25, 184 Gray, Walter 25 Gunderson, Clork 187 Gutimon, Wayne 25, 110, 193 H Hoeder, Paul 25, 110, 193 Haines, A. L 25 Haner, Joan 219 Hard, Walter 16 Harrington, Elbert 15 Hortman, Alexander 25 Hossee, Merten 110, 193 Hornby, Lt. Col. Wi I Mom. .7, 20, 24,25 Hoy, C. B 25 Hurt, Wesley R. 18 Hoseboe, Arthur R 25 J Jockson, M. L. S. 25,231,236,239,241 Jaremko, Michael 25 Johnson, LeRoy 110 Johnson, Robert L 186 Johnson, Von C 216, 217 Jones, J. P 25 Jordan, Harold, M 25, 181 Jorgensen, LaVernio 183 Julian, J. H 14, 132 K Kovanogh, James F 25 Kirkpatrick, Copt. Travis M. 25, 247 Knopp, Robert H. Knopp, Robert H 14 Koenig, Horry C 25 Krueger, Copt. Carl L 25, 248 Kucero, Richord E 191 L Larson, Eva H 25 Laymon, Oliver 187 Lee, Warren 15 Lee, Warren 15 Lennon, Don 244 Lewis, Frank M 25, 184 M McDeormon, James R 181, 189 Martin, Robert 132 Mehoffey, Alexander 25, 110, 193 Miller, Mori 205, 206 Mittelsloedt, Robert A 186 Muhmel, Fred E 21 N Nelson, Stanley R 20, 181 Nichols, Allen 25 Norton, Eleanor 13, 183 Oleson, Ouentin G 25 Olson, Horry, E 26 Osterberg, Myron L 26, 200 Otto, Robert ..147, 231, 239 P Patterson, R. F. 15 Perkins, Bernard D 19, 26 Petsch, Bruno 191 Pitts, Ervin R 231 Powell, Johnnie W 205 Pritschow, Arnold L 26 R Raesly, Mrs. Gloria 112 Roschke, Kenneth E 12 Reedy, Jeremiah 112 Ruch, Richard J 26 S Schell, Herbert S 16 Schmulback, James C 26 Schwobouer, Robert 110, 193 Selz, William A 26 Shaw, Edwin H 26 Shouse, Wendell, E 26 Simon, Sfc. Donold, D 249 Simpson, Kenneth F 16, 187 Slottery, William W 21, 132 Spencer, Joseph N 26 Spicer, Sfc. H. D 249 Steckler, Douglas L 21 Steensma, Robert C 26 Sterling, E. W 26, 185 Stevenson, Robert E 191 Stewart, Ralph 19, 231 Stilwell, Wilber 26 Storm, Richard L 26 Streim, Francis, J 113 T Taylor, Anne 17 Taylor, James, D 186 Thoreson, Capt. Dale B 248 Tinker, M. Sgt. Arnold, E 248 Trotiig, E. G 132 V Van Bruggen, Theodore 26 Voughn, Charles M 26 W Wolter, Robert L 26, 110, 193 Weeks, I. D 10 White, Marvin L 26 z Zieglar, Genevieve M 141 Student Index Aalseth, Betty 44,140 Aarhus, Patricia 44,180,194,218 Aasefh, Julie 52,156 Abbenhaus, James 185 Abbott, Arlene 38,140,219 Abild, Arden 30 Abraham son, Joyce 44 Absher, Clark 168,181 Ackerman, Robert 44,184 Adam, Tom 168,187,189 Adams, George 52 Adams, Robert 168 Adams, Shenny 174 Ahmann, Thomas 65,186,190 Ahrendt, Patricia 52 Aikens, Margaret. 85,99,160,195,198 Aisenbrey, Dennis 52 Aitken, Ann 44 Albert, Neil 65,218 Albery, Robert 67,186 Albrecht, Dorvin 52 Albrecht, Jerry 186 Aldrich, Jan 170 Aldritt, Shirley 52,140,193 Allen, Edward 185 Allen, James... 30 Allen, Kathryn 44,192 Allen, Roger 70,189 Allen, Sam 164 Allin, Robert 185 Alvine, Franklin 77,185 Amon, Gerald 44,186 Andersen, Khristine 30,154 Andersen, Morcia 52,152 Andersen, Niel 44 Andersen, Richard 52 Anderson, Audrey 218 Anderson, Allen 70 Anderson, Barbara 140 Anderson, Carl 52,172 Anderson, Chorles 52 Anderson, G. Edward 30,176 Anderson, Gene 38 Anderson, Mojei 70,185,189,208 Anderson, Richard 65 Anderson, Tom 44,166,195 Andersf, James 30,162 Anderst, Tom 74,187 Andre, Carl 77,164,185 Andres en, Julio 30 Andresen, Richard 74 Anthony, Gene 52 Antle, Regg 184 Appelt, Borb 140 Armstrong, Bill 52 Arnold, Paul 207 Arnold, Stephen 38,166 Arnold, William 44 Ashbaugh, Margoret 52,158,194 Ashby, James 232 Ashmore, Gary 67 Atkinson, Judith 38,140,184 Aold, Meredith 98,160,180 181,188,193,194 Ausland, Herbert 70 B Baas, El wood 38,193 Bach, Lloyd 70 Boder, Edward 44,170,196 Baggaley, Donno 144 Baker, Dianne 158 Boker, Michoel 52,174 Baker, Richord 162 Baker, Ronold 65,164,254 Baldwin, Gerold 116,168,182 Bamsey, Lyie 52,236 Banks, Ronold 74,187 Barber, Janet 44,140,160 Barber, Joan 52,219,220 Barkley, Donald 192 Barnes, Jomes 74,164,187 Barrett, Barbara 188 Barrett, John 44,232 Barstow, Mory P 118,158,188 Bartels, Constance 152,195 Bortels, Ronald 174,230,254 Bortholomew, Ann 30,108 110,118,158 Bartlett, Kerry 44,172 Bortlett, Lynne 52,152,192 Bartlett, Robert 38 Botchelder, Gory 52 Batcheller, Charles 115 Bathurst, Richard 44 Batteen, Dennis 52,184 Bauder, George 38,162,184,195 Bauer, Sharon 52, 152 Bauerly, Richard 52,166 B a urn onn, Judith 38,152,188 Beaton, James 44,186 Beck, Ronold 52 Beckman, Sandra 52,140 Beck with. Dean 70 Beddow, James 52,166 Behrend, James 67 Bendick, Arthur 52 Bennett, Carol. . 44,196,217,219,220 Bennett, Leo 67,164 Benson, Corole.. 44,111,131,158,195 Benson, Gail 52,166,184 Benson, Robert 112,132 Berdahl, Mary 44,158,188,190,195 Berg, Burdett 30,185,195,218 Bergstrom, Stanley 44 Bertelson, Roger 67,168 Berzino, Joseph 52 Best, Alma 44,140 Best, Horold 44,168 Betts, Jay 162 Betts, John 30,44,162,195 Bidwell, Clifford 166,184 Bierwirth, Borbaro 140,194 Bihimeyer, Eorl 220 Billigmeier, Jon 67,172 Billmon, Robert 44,195 Birnie, Barbara 44,144,191,218 Block, Jincy 70 Blair, Lawrence 67,186,220 Blakis, Mora 52,140,160,218 Bloseg, Marcio 52,140,158 183,191,194 Bleecker, Ronald 192 Bleeker, Douglas 187 Blenderman, Robert 52 Bliss, John 30,192 Bloomquist, Bruce 67 Blue, Jo 132 Bluebird, Norma 38,140,221 Bode, Ken 30,109,110,116 118,162,180,181,184 Boese, Chadman 162,197 Boese, Judith 52,144 Bogue, Richard 30 Bohlen, Koren 38,156,182,188 Boldt, David 30 Borchers, Potrlcio 44,111,113 158,197,218 Bordeaux, Minerva 44,80, 140 Bossman, Morlene 52,140 BottoUson, Julie 44,80 Bowes, Neil 30,174 Bowles, Jane 65,99,108,158,190 Boyd, Chorles 164 Boyd, Warren 30 Brads how, Frederick 76,185 Broke, Robert 189 Brakss, levo 44,156,188,191,195 Bramanti, Henry 164, 184 Brauner, Robert 184 Broy, Richord 44,164,184,220 Bray, Wesley 236 Brekhus, Borbaro 160 Brekhus, James 52,166,185 Brennon, John 44 Brennon, Robert 52,162 Brevik, Alan 76,185 Brewster, Webb 172,185,196 Breyer, Julius 52 Bright, M. Jack 110,174 Brings, Nyol 30,243 Brings, Sylvester 217 Brink, Michael 65 Brink, Richard . 67,182,186,189,254 Brisbine, Tom 65,166,254 Brisbine, A. Richard 44 Britton, Mary 30,144 Brooks, Spencer 162,195 Brost, F. Dee 30,108,110,119 142,143,183,193,196,219 B rower, Karol 52, 140 Brower, Robert 52 Brown, Allen 74,187 Brown, Benjamin 166,168 Brown, Julie 52,88,160 Brown, Keith 65,235 Brown, Pomelo 52,140,160 Brown, Patricia 38 Brown, William. .65,116,119,172,190 Bruce, Richord 44,191 Bruehler, Charles 52,189,194,220 Brugger, Bruce 180 Bubok, Edward 187 Buckles, Richard 52,174 Buckmon, Robert 44 Buckmeier, Anthony 74,187 Buechler, Ronald 52 Bhehler, Koron 44 Bullington, Marjorie 140 Bultena, Roger 52 Bunker, James 67 Bunkers, Gerold 67,220 Burdine, Li I lion. .44, 180 ,181,185,194 Burges, Mory 30,108,110,119 129,130,152,183,195 Burk, Walter 44 Burke, John 74,187 Burkhort, James 65 Burrell, Barbara 140 Bushnell, Gene 132 Busker, Wi lliam 154 Buskerud, Terronce 154 Butt, Duane 67,186 Butz, Thomos 52,170 Byers, Dovid 52,162 Byrnes, Stephen 53,166,217 Callahan, Colleen M 53,140 Callohon, Michael A 53,170 Callahan, Raymond 53 Collon, Patricio 38,98,156,198 Compbell, Arlene 53,140,220 Campbell, Berniece 44,1 1 1,140 Campbell, Ronald 44 Carlson, Ronald 53 Carlson, Rosonn 53,140 Carlson, Shoron 38,158 Carlson, Terry 238 Cosey, Michael 44 Cosey, Sally 192 Casey, Wondolee 79 Cosh, Morion 158 Cosier, Sondro 144 Cotlin, Ronold 162 Coolkini. C»cil 30,109,110 113,119,174 Cawfhorne, Burton 38,184,220 Choffee, Catherine 53, 152 Chalus, Denny 172 Chamberlain, Judith 53,142 158,191,194 Chomley, Gen 115,164,172,196 Chaney, Martin 164 Chapman, Larry - 168 Charrlin, Mary Ann .•. 67 Chen, Marilyn 196 Chicoine, Donold 172,230 Chiles, Ross 185 Christen sen, Cleo 191 Christenson, Daniel 31 Christ ens en, Gary 187 Christen sen, Karen 53,156,195 Christensen, Roselyn 156,195 Christen sen, Williom 31,192 Christian, Clifford 67 Christiansen, Phillip 53 Christionsen, Priscilla. 31,126,156 183,191,193,195 Christians, Don 228 Christy, Kay 38,156,195 Clancey, Michael 53,162 Clore, Mory 44,88,152,191,195 Clark, Allan 164 Clark, Barbara 53,193,198 Clork, Donald 110 Clark, Martha 92,108,120,158 Clayton, William 166 Clemens, Mike 31 Clements, Diane 144 Cline, Janet 156 Coe, Dorothy 127,160,195 Coffin, Gront 196 Cole, Williom 170 Coleman, Morilou 53,140,194 Collier, Elizabeth 140 Collins, Mary Lynn 44,111 113,160,195 Colvin, Soson 38,156,195,258 Colwill, Sharon 53,160 Condon, Susan 31,144 Connor, Clarice 38,140,194,220 Connors, Dorlene 53,144 Connors, Richard 53 Conrodik, Gary 3 1,132,195 Cooper, Beverly 44,142,188 191,193,220 Cooper, Morcio .... 44, 1 40, 1 58, 2 1 7, 2 1 9 Cooper, Norman 31,193 Cooper, Thomos. 31,110,111,185,219 Cordier, Dorrell 44 Cos tain, Richard 53 Coverdale, Carol 31,110,120,126 130,156,219 Cox, Kenneth 31 Crobb, Mary 53,140,185 Craig, John 53 Croin, Frances. ...45, 160, 188, 189, 194 Cromer, Wayne 45 Crane, Jane 31,154 Crory, Ely Joy 76,185 Crew, Michael 53,168 Cronin, Ella Marie. 144,188,189,217 Cropley, Penny 53,144,218 Culpepper, James 53 Cummins, Cons t once .-53, 1 56, 1 91 , 193 Cummins, Elizobeth 132 Cunninghom, Monica 100 Cur ley, Dennis 53,176 Currie, Maureen 53,140,198 Cutler, Richord 45,1 11,112 Cwoch, Bonni 53,140,154 D Dohl, Donold 70 Dohl, Kenneth 70 Daniels, Carolyn 156,188,191 Doppen, Glen 185,221 Daughters, Robert 120,166,182 Dousel, Dennis 31,192 Davis, Keith 38 Dowley, John 76,185 Dean, Loretto 132 Dean, Margaret 45,140,219 DeBolt, Carol 53,152,193 Deghond, James 53,176 DeGroote, Sharon 53,160,193 DeHoas, H. Tony 45 Demlo, Linda 45,111,158,190,195 DoRouchey, Dovid 53,174,194 Derrig, Philip 45 Devries, Richard 53 Dewald, Allan 77,185 DeWeerdt, Morlin 53 Diamond, Betty 45 Dickinson, Dick 67,186 Diedtrich, Gordon 70 Di My, Morjorie 38 Dittmer, Thomos 53 Divorok, Joseph 38 Dodge, John 53 Don ego n, Angelo 238 Donkerbrook, Thomas 53 Donne 1 1 y, Dennis 45, 166 Doohen, John 31,110,116,120 Dorwort, Solly 160 Drewelow, William 38 Dries, James 45 Driscoll, Dovid 53 DuBois, Gory 45,227 Duke, Roger 53,162,189 Duiony, Tom 45,162,180,195 Dulgeroff, Les 45,174,184 Duncan, Richard 74,187 Dunn, James 76,185 Durick, William 185 Durst, Jeanette 45,160,180,195 Dyer, James 53,236 Dyksfro, Dennis 53,166,184 E Eastman, Mike F 45,193,220 Eberle, Donold E 74 Eberle, Meido A 31 Ed son, Dennis 53 Ed son, Kent 53 E finger. Dona Id Efinger, Donald 164,190 Egan, James P 67,172,228 Eggers, Carter 53,113,166 Eggers, Cliff 38,172 Ehret, John 166 Ehrmann, Barbara 67,160 Eichmon, Mary 31,93, 1 54 Eichman, Thomas 38,111,193,220 Eidem, Moylyn 170 Eisland, Rolfe 45,154,180 189,217,218 Eitzmon, Douglas 76, 185 Eklund, Arlene 67,192 Ekiund, Jeon 45,192 Ekmon, William 77,185 Flkin, Marshall 67,186 Elkjer, Neil 185 El ling son. Gory 45 Ellis, Franklin 232 Ellison, Donald 67 Ellw anger, Marilyn 53,140 Ellwein, Mary 53,140,158 Ellwein, Veronica 53,140,160 Ellwein, Williom 45 Emery, Arlene 158 Engel, Connie 53 Engel, William IBS English, John 54,172 Englund, Solly 31 Enslow, Dixie... 54,126,156,185,195 Enstrom, Sharon 54,142,189 Eppel, Gerald 54 Erck, Gory 45 Erickson, Jack 113,197 Erickson, John 54,113,197,218 Erickson, Lewayna 74 Ernst, David 54,194 Eschenboum, Richard 54,220 Evans, James 38 Evans, Mary 45,140,195 Evans, Ronald 164 Eyres, Lindo 31,93,108,110,121 160,183,188,195 Eyres, Soro 54,160,195,208 F Fober, Roger 38,236 Fohrni, John 76,185 Fairbanks, Bruc 54,164 Flavey, Joseph 236 Fargo, James 38,174 Paris, Jonefte 54,140 Paris, Lucinda 45,140,183,191 Farley, Coleen 31,208 Farmer, Corolyn 54,152 Forrond, Lorry 166 Fast, Cormie 45,144,183,191 Feathers, Patrick 31,192 Feeney, Michael 54 Feiock, Virginio 54,140,185 Feld, Dohn 38,218 Fennel, Steve 220 Fenske, Mildred 45,80,111 Fen ton, Woyne 31 Ferguson, William 31,192 Ferley, George 45 Fern en, Dorothy 45,140 Fields, Roberta 54,140,154 Finger, Mory 144,183,188,194 Finnell, John 54,168 Fisher, Gary 114 Fisher, Louis 111,180,184,219 Flamming, Betty 31,185 plonogon, Timothy 164 Flynn, Jeanne 45,152,183,193 Flynn, Judy 193 Flynn, Vincent 164,185 Fonder, Lowrence 67,186 Forney, Jomes 164 Forney, Sandra 45,188 Forseth, John 74,187 Forthum, Eldon 45 Fowler, Duane 31,109,110,111 121,193,219,254 Fox, Thomas 45 Franklin, George 45 Frontz, Jomes 172 Fronz, Jomes 54 Frory, Lynn 109,185 Fredrick, James 54 Fredrickson, Richard 54 Freese, Richord 54 French, Lorry 164 French, Winston 45,114,164,195 Freiberg, Evelyn 38,158 189,194,195 Freiberg, Robert 74,187 Frickey, Max 54 Friesen, Stanley 54 Friess, Richard 45,172 Friesse, Marvel le 45,80,158 Frisch, Lorry 45,195 Froehlich, Gory 172 Fuller, Daniel 45,166,189 Fuller, Thod 164 G Golusho, Nancy 45,140,183,191 Gomef, Robin R 110,158 Gont, Robert D. 54 Gardner, Nancy A 38,88,152,190 Garrett, Connie L 158 Garvin, Thomas 54 Geissinger, James D 185 Gemor, Linda K 54,140,197 German, Don B. 116,166,184,194 Gibbs, Richard J 38,176 Gibson, Marilyn 54,158,193,195 Gibson, Murry T Ill Gienapp, Dovid ■ 168 Gilbert, Marilyn L. 160,193,195 Gilbertson, Roger 76,185 Giles, Ronald C 116 Giles, William J. 74,187 Giske, Helen A 140,189,708 Giske, Roymond J 31,109,110 121,193,219,254 Gladstone, Cherril 54,88 142,156,195 Gloss, Linda 54,142 Glozis, John P 54,166 Gleoson, Mory 130,132,160,258 Glood, Gary 54 Glover, A Ion 38,164 Glover, George 172 Gloyer, A Hen 54 Georz, Royal 185 Goebel, Judy 45 Colli her, Worren 77,185 Goodell, Sandra 160 Goodmon, Donald 54 Gowdy, Barbara 54,140,160 Graber, Morris 38,162 Grober, Robert 54 Graber, Sandra 54,140,156,195 Groce, Rene 45,176 Grady, Daniel 45,172 Grage, Jens 45,162,193,195 Grant, John 172 Grant, Myrno 45,140,183 Grauer, Barry 54 Gray, Deone 67,195 Groy, William 32,110,174,193,219 Green, Linda 45,131,158 191,193,195 Greenlee, Ann... 38,152,191,193,195 Gregerson, Richard 187 Gregg, Jack 45,162,195 Griffith, John 54 Grimes, Melinda 45,113,142 Griswold, Dorothy 79 Gritters, Lyie 67 Gross, George 32,121,243,244 Grosse, Karen 32,86,108,110,126 132,156,194,196 Grossenburg, John 54 Grotewold, Bonnie 54,126,140 156,185,195 Grofev old, Sharon 45,111,126,129 156,185,188,191,195,219 Gruenwold, James 46 Gubbrud, John 46,166,180 184,185,189,195 Gunnorson, Richard 76,185 Gunnarson, Roosevelt 54, 194 Gustofson, Jacqueline 32,140 183,185,191 Gustofson, LaVern 170,185,195 Guthmiller, Darrel 46,193 Gutz, Mary 54,152 H Haog, Bruce 186,195 Hoog, Joan 54 Haahr, James 115,195 Haon, Beth 46,111,113,140,197 Hoar, Jomes 46,115,170,195 Hoar, Robert 189 Hoeder, Allison 54,158,193,194,218 Hoeder, Rosalie 38,192,194,218 Hafner, Rosemary 38,112,126,156 185,188,220,258 Haeter, Chorles 168 Hogena, LeAnn 54,140 Haines, Darlene 46,144 Haisch, Sandra 38,154,193 Haldemon, Delbert 46 Hole, James 46,235 Hole, Normogene 189 Haley, Potrick 168 Hall, Gregg 38,166,197 Hall, Lynn 232 Hall, Richard 54 Hallawoy, Thomos 46,235 Hallenbeck, Joyne 54,140 156,191,195 Hallenbeck, Jono 38,98,126,156 188,191,193,195 Holler, Gory 46,162 Holstrom, Marilyn 154 Homm, Connie 110 Hommerbeck, Pat 67 Hand, Glen 110,189 Hone, Jerald 32,185,193 Honken, Sandra 38,160 Honks, Curtis 187 Honno, Donold 65 Honno, Sharon 140 Hannah, James 54 Hansen, Allon 54 Hansen, Calvin 185 Hansen, Cathleen 38,158,194 Hansen, Froncene 160 Hansen, Fronk 54,162 Hansen, Gary 54,236 Hansen, James 67,164 Hansen, Joon 55,192 Hanson, Burnell 192 Hanson, James 55,166 Hanson, Milton 74 Hanson, Russell 38,184,193,218 Horbaugh, Donald 55 Harmon, Connie 55,89,142,152 Harmdierks, Marvin 55 Hormening, William 74,168 Hornogel, James 162 Harrington, Glenn 70 Horrington, Thomas 65,164,233 Harrington, William 164,254 Horris, Colin 116,170,195 Harris, Gory 55,166,236 Harris, Gordon 32,172 Harris, Valerie 221 Harrison, William 132 Hart, James 46,168 Hart, Judy 46,152,195 Hartmonn, Raymond 32,110,192 Hosbrouck, Judith 46,154,197 Hatch, Dorothy 140,191,197 Hatch, Jeonette 188 Hatfield, Mory Jane 46,80,154,217 Hattmon, Carole 140, 154 Houber, Rono Id 46, 166 Houge, George 115,172,254 Houkoos, Gerry 221 Hawkins, Susan 140,196 Hawks, Allen 46 Hayes, Alvin 74 Hoyer, Robert 38,192 Hoys, Jon 166 Heacock, Mary 160,195,196,198 Hecklenii vely, Jane 55 Hedge, Kathleen 79 Hedrick, Bonny 55,140 Heer, Dovid 65,186 Hiedebrecht, Phillip 46,221 Heineman, Gary 46 Heisterkamp, Kenneth 67,186 Heldridge, Robert 185 Helgerson, Karen 46,152,191,195 Henderson, Trudy 55,80,144,194 Hendrickson, Fredric 187 Hendrickson, Jill 46,160,183,188 191,195,198 Herbertsen, James 76,185 Hermon, Carol 55,140,191,193 Herman, Morlys 46,195 Hermann, Pot 55,142,160 191,195,219 Hermsen, Norma 55,140,193 Hermsen, Vernon 46,184 Hernondei, Ann 55,80,140,221 Herrboldt, Allen 38,193 Herreid, Morcio 100 Herrold, James 32,192 Heriog, Anne 46,129,152,188,220 Herzog, Bernard 46 Heuer, Koren 38,183 Heuer, Mildred 55,140,156 Heyd, Darlene 152,195 Heyd, Morlene 152 Hiatt, Judy 46,160,188,195 Hibbert, Janice 55,80,140,220 Hight, Ri chord 46,195 Hildreth, Irmo 55 Hildreth, John 46,174,180 Hill, John 46,162,195 Hill, Ron 228 Hillberg, John 38,192 Hillman, John 164 Hilton, Moyre 32,126,156 185,191,195 Hilton, Sondro 55,142,156,191,195 Hines, Michel 67 Hirsch, David 166 Hobilt, Francis 55,140 Hofeldt, Lorry 70,1 10,243 Hofer, Bonnie 46,154 Hofer, Dennis 46 Hofer, Ronold 46 Hoff, Jerome 55 Hoff, Sandro 55,188 Hoffman, Gordon 46 Hofkamp, Horlon 55 Hoggott, Rolph 74,170,186,220 Hoherz, Melvin 170 Hohm, Marilyn 46,144,158 Holder, Don 74,187 Holdsberg, Jack 228 Holgote, Sue 160,193 Hoi lond, Mori lyn 46 Hollister, Raymond 46,170 Holmes, Robert 32 Holmoe, Joyce 158 Holmoe, Mavis 55,158,190,194 Hopewell, Richard 74,187 Horned, Connie 70 Horned, Marianne 70 Horner, Susan 55 Hosmer, Larry 39,172,194 Houtkooper, Edwin 72 Houtkooper, Edwin 172 Houchen, LoVonne 39,154,193 Houdersheldt, Glen 39 Howard, Gory 39,236 Howard, James 55 Howes, Michael 116,166 Hoyt, Irvin 46,114,166 Huber, Marvin 65 Hubner, Douglas 77,185 Hubner, Joy 55,172 Huenemonn, Lynn 113,195,197 Huettmann, Ronald. . 39,113,197,218 Hughes, Deon 185 Hughes, Hoi 174 Hughes, Patrick 55 Hull, Dennis 32 Hummel, Janice 55,195 Hunter, Marilyn 76,185,221 Hurd, Mourice 55. 166 Hyllond, Daniel 67 Hyllested, Sharon 55,144 I jdemo, Thomas 170 IntVeldt, JoEllon 55,80,156,191 193,195,220 Ireland, Wayne 46,166 Ivener, Terry 55 Iverson, Clark 67,115,164 Ivey, Betty 55,152 Jockley, Michael 55,172 Jockson, Jerald 55,221 Jockson, Robert 46,172 Jacobs, Dovid 55,168 Jacobson, Ronald 55 Jameson, Sharon 158 Jansen, Donna 67, 1 56, 182, 188 Janssen, LeRoy 32,184,195 2S» Jonvrin, Kenneth 230 Jencks, Jerry 46 Jensen, Donna 55,140 Jensen, EHord 39,193,221 Jensen, James 184 Jensen, Norma 142 Jensen, Robert 77,185 Jensen, Ronald 176,187,195 Jensen, Digurd 32 Jensen, Vicki 55,80,140 156,191,193,195 Jepsen, Lois 55,140,152 Jerde, Myron 77 Je$»«n, Alyc 46, 1 1 1 , 1 88 189,217,218 Jipp, Kenneth 55 Jochims, Jerry 55,184 Johansen, Gory 74 Johansen, Jan 39,185 John, Pot 46 Johnson, Beverly 46,140 Johnson, Charles 55 Johnson, Charles R 32 Johnson, Colleen 55, 144 Johnson, Craig 46, 185 Johnson, Dean 46,221 Johnson, Deonno 140,218,221 Johnson, Diane 55,191 Johnson, Gory 172 Johnson, J. David ...170,189,195,206 Johnson, James L 207 Johnson, Judith 55,140,193,219 Johnson, Katherine....55,144,l 58, 189 Johnson, Larry 55,166,195 Johnson, LeRoy 132 Johnson, Martin 55 Johnson, Marvin 39,1 14 116,166,195 Johnson, Nancy 56,142,152 188,194,219 Johnson, Pamela 56,144,158 Johnson, Patricia 70,110 132,144,193 Johnson, Robert 56 Johnson, Thane 110,122,168 Johnson, Thomas T 65,168 Johnson, Wayhe N 233 Johnson, Wayne N 233 Johnston, Albert 39,176,195 Jones, Coleto 32,110,122,193 Jones, Dennis 46, 172 Jones, Eugene 74,187 Jones, Troy 74,164,187 Jones, Woyn« 164 Jordan, Carol Jean 39 Jordan, Dovid 39,111,113 185,189,217,219 Jordan, Jean 39,140 144,192,218 Jordan, Judith 111,144,180,196 J org en sen, Brenda 46, 140 Jorgensen, Steven 172 Jorgensen, Larry 168,195 Judge, David 76,185 Jurrens, Kay 56,1 54 Jurrens, Keith 46,174,180 K Koeberie, Kathleen. ...46,1 40, 192,218 Kombock, Marvin 32,110 Kane, Ronald 185 Kappenmon, Russell 132 Korlen, Louis 77 Karlin, Agnes 5 ,140,218 Kasten, Chorles 172,254 Kearns, John 114 Keeble, Richard 56 Keil, George 186 Kellett, Eorl 74,187,189 Kellett, Joyce 144 Kelley, Vonce 132 Kelly, Kathleen 111,140,219 Kelso, Lorry 39.186 Kemper, Carlos 76,185 Kerkhove, George 65,186,21 8 Kern, Maylon 47 Kern, Paul 74 Kern, Paul James 164 Kerr, Donald 192 Kibbee, Lorry 189 Kiersfed, Joy 47,160,189,194 Keisby, James 56 Kimball, Peggy 67,154,193,196 Kimball, John 174 Kimmel, Eugene 47,131,166 King, Williom 47,186 Kingsbury, Richard 39 Kingston, Richard 39,192 Kinney, Donna 39,156,191,194 Kirch, Sharon 32,152,195 Kirkham, Nancy 158,184,185,258 Kirkham, Shirley 158 Kirlev, Elaine 110,193,196 Kiwato, John 233 Kjellsen, Douglas 76,185 Klott, Kenneth 67,116,168 Klein, Connie 56,140 Kleppin, Sandra 47,156,191 Kleveter, Audrey 47 Kluck, Gene 243 Kludt, Paul 47 Knox, Alex 67,166 Knox, Carolyn 142,152,220 Knudsen, Beverly 56,154 Kundson, Craig 67,168,220 Knudsen, Gary 67,1 15 Knudson, Williom 168 Knutson, Corol 56,144,221 Koberg, Janet 56,144,156,195 Koch, Kay 56, 156 Koch, Roger 56 Kocher, Robert 56 Koers, Wolly 56 Kong, Sum-mon 70,196 K on rod, Harlin 39 Konrod, Lester 47 Kooiker, Jerome 67 Kopriva, Charles 111,184 Kostboth, David 47 Kougl, John 56 Kounos, Don 47,185,196 Kromer, James 228 Kronhold, Dean 111,113 Krouse, David 56 K rouse, Jerry 47, 1 1 1 Krier, Donna 47,140 Krigsfen, Eli 185 Kroeger, Glenn 32 Kroeger, Vicky 39,154 Krogman, Borbetta 67,154,196 Krommenhoek, Doug 56 Krueger, James 114,170 Krumm, Rillo 47,158,190 191,193,195 Kruse, Judith 56,144,156 Kruse, LeRoy 67,186,189 Kruse, Thomas 39,1 13,197 Kubicek, Jan 56 Kucero, David 56 Kuiper, Gordon 56 Kuipers, Peter 56,172 Kunert, Morilyn 56,144,152 Kurle, William 67 Kuster, Dessie . .. 56, 140, 1 58, 1 88, 189 Kuta, James 47 Kuykendall, Marlyne 32,140,196 L Labi dee, Joyce 39,154,193 Locey, James 47,195 Lochiotte, Lillian 47,158 188,190,194 Loggis, Don 154 Lakemaker, Gerald 164,195 Lomke, Daniel 162,195 Lommers, Jerome 74,168,186,187 Lompy, Karon 14,142,160 Lone, Terry 56 Long, Dona Roe 140 Long, Odessa 132 Langenfield, Matthew 32,110 Lontis, Robert 196 Lontis, William 196 LoPlonte, Kay 47,111,131,152 191,193,195,198 Loporo, Alvern 40,192 Lorsen, Audrey 47,140,191,218 Lorsen, Gory 218 Lorsen, Linda 47,142,195 Larson, Andre 56,197 Larson, Ann .47,160,183, 191, 193, 1 95 Lorson, Kent 195 Lorson, Lorry 56 Larson, Robert D 1 15, 168 Lorson, Terry 47,129,162 180,194,217,220 Latch, Richard 47,174 Louritzen, Carl 228 Loyir, Dorrell 56,170 Lawrence, Charles... 47,162,189,195 Lawrence, Ronald 184 Laioris, John 47,185,196 Leach, James 172,185,196 Leofstedf, Doug 39,1 1 1,116 180,184,194,195 Leafsfedt, Stuart 76,185 LeBeou, Vetal 56 Legoord, Jon 47 Legvold, Robert 174,181,189 Lehman, Richard 76,185 Leising, Richard 109,1 15 122,229,255 Leming, Ralph 47 Leslie, Bill 154 Lesser, Mike 185 Letsche, Richard 56 Levering, Lorry 162 Lewis, Florence 56,140 Lewis, Thomas 47,113 Libert, Marlene 220 Liesko, Jerry 47,170 Ligtenberry, Eugene 47 Likens, Judith 56,140,221 Likness, Royce 127 Lillibridge, John 67,238 Lillie, Marvin 32 Lindberg, Jerry 233 Lirjdemon, Jerry 65,1 16,186 Lindemonn, Charles 208 Linden, Gordon 113,197 Lindenmeyer, Duane 70,220 Lindner, Ronald 56,162 Link, Donna Jean 47,126,156 191,195,219 Link, Donna Roy 47,158 191,197,219 Locher, Robert 39 Lockhort, Gene 47,111,113,197 Logon, David 47, 174 Logue, Terry 30,220 Long, Richord D 185,228 Long, Sandra 144 Longe, Robert D 32,174,225 Lonnemon, Irvin 56,220 Looby, Patricio 56,140,217 Looby, Thomos 47, 166, 184 Lor en I, Lee 47 Louden, Judith 56,140,220 Lounsbery, Roger 56,170 Lowder, Melonie 56,152 Lownsberry, Lee 47 Lowthion, Genevieve 47,156 188,191,195 Luke, Warren 186 Lumb, Borbara 152,188 Lumb, Raymond 154,184 Lund, Verdo 33 Lundberg, Gory 56 Lundberg, Nedra 39,140,193 Lundgren, Ri chord 67,174 Lundquist, Dorothy 108,110,122,152 Lundquist, Larry 65,174,218 2eo Lushbough, John 111,193 Lusk, Victoria 158 Lutferman, Billie... 111,160,180,194 Lutz, Edwin 56,170 Luymes, Alan 56,168 Lynch, Robert J 220 Lynn, Judith S 33,156 Lynn, Kelso 56,166 M McBride, Charles 56 McBride, Koren 33,158 McBride, William 56,168 McCohren, Linda 47,160,193,195 McClelland, Jane 56,156,183 191,193,195 McClure, Mike 74,187 McColley, Richard 67,117,168 McDermott, Mark 39 McDermott, Richard 114,164,185 McDonald, Joan 156,191 McDonald, Ray 56 McDowall, Ann 140 McDowall, Gory 65,117,164,182 McDowall, William 174 McDowell, Mary Gayle 156 McGlashon, Hugh 65 McGregor, Ralph 33,189,220 McGurk, Connie 67 Mclntyre, Neal 194 McKeever, Patrick 74,186,187,220 McLaughlin, Jewell 47,158,183 188,191,195 McMeen, Jim 39,191 McMillan, William 57,166 McNolly, James 74,187 McNelly, William 166 McNuft, Donald 57,166,184 McTighe, Michael 57 Macheok, Carol 160,193 Mock, Terry 181 MacKenzie, Sue. 33,144,145,183,219 Modsen, Karen 47,156,191,194 Madsen, Richard 47 Modsen, Ronald 57,166 Mangelsen, Loretta 57,144 Mansheim, Thomas 33, 1 10 Margeson, Dale 172 Mark, Thomas 47,172,193 Maroon, Patricia 57,144,183,220 Maroufkhoni, Shahroukh 57,196 Marsh, Lenny 162 Martens, Werner 185 Martin, Gerald 47,170 Martin, Larry 39 Martin, Lorry Neil 57 Martin, Lynne 47,131,152,195 Marx, Daniel 39 Mos teller, Edwin 70 Masters, Tom 164,243 Motousek, Robert 172 Matson, James D 164 Matson, John 39,1 17,164 Mattila, Morietto 39,152,182 188,189,190,191 Motz, David 172 Maul is, Ruben 74,187,194 Maynard, Arnold 33 Mead, James 47 Medeck, Michael 168 Melbourn, J eon .101,152,193 Melcher, Mark 166 Menage, Donna 111,131,158 189,208,217 Messer, Carole 57, 1 54 Mettler, Horlan 57,194,218 Metz, Gory 33 Meyer, Verlyn 57 Meyers, Elaine... 47, 1 11, 1 1 3, 158, 197 Michael, Colin 39 Michael, Lorry 208 Michael, Philip 47 Mickel, Charles 70,174,191,217 Mickel, Edward 70,191 ckelson, George 47,114,168,228 kuska, Joel 57 Ion, Talmage 235 ley. Gene 33,180,193 Her, Douglas 57 Her, Joan K 57,i40 160 Her, Korlo 57,80,156,188,195,219 ller, Loroino 57,158 Her, Larry R 48 168 ller, Richard 48,57,162,195,217 ller, Robert A 186 Her, Roger 57,162,208 Shorlene. 57,142,154,188,191 Vernon 48,111,186 He. lie. tch tchell tchell tchell tchell tchell I. David H 1 13,197 Dean 33 Joan 48 Kathleen 158,192 Kathryn 219 Larry LaVern 33,113 123,164,197 Moeller, John 57 192 Mogck, Judith 93,152,193 Mogen, Conrad 57 MoHer, Ruth 57 Moore, Donna 57,220 Moore, Lorry 57,168 Moore, Robby 102,144 Moquist, Paul 48 Moron, Linda 160 Moron, Mike 236 Moron, Richard 57,227 Morgon, LeRoy 67,164,186 More, Kenneth 172 Morrell, Ben 166,195 Morrell, John 168 Morris, Robert 48,174,184 Morrison, Ri chord 48,166,194 Morrow, Judy 39,152,193,195 Morse, Marlon 57,162 Moses, Scott 48,220 Moss, Morel 66,186 Moss, Vergie 57,140,193 Moul, Francis 39,129,130 162,194,220 Mueller, Lois 57,194,218 Mueller, William 233 Muilenburg, Susan 48,95,160 188,189,195 Muilenburg, Tom 117,172,182 189,190,195 Muir, Colleen 57,144,154,195,197 MuHolly, Edward Michael 164 Mundt, Robert 132 Mun ger, Connie 57,185 Munneke, Keith 39 Munsch, Alvin 48 Munson, Dove 236 Murphy, Joseph 48 Mruphy, Patricio. 48,140,192,194,220 Myron, Koy 33,108,113,123,160 My Strom, Erik 194 N Naosz, Horry 57,170 Noasz, Horvey 195,223 Hon i ger, Ormon j67 Nogel, Clinton 187 Nairn, Lonny 68,186 Noss, Charles 168 Noumon, Dennis 39, 162 Neoi, Lois 144 Nedved, Richard 66,172 Neiles, Peggy 48,154,188 Nelson, Allen 70,132 Nelson, Clayton 57 Nelson, James 57 Nelson, Jane 33,108,110,123,156 Nelson, Koren Roe 33,110,158 Nelson, Morjorie 57,140,192 Nelson, Merle 114,162 ' Nelson, Sondro 219 Nelson, Shoron 39,140,141 183,194,219 Nelson, Steve 128,131,132,162 Nepodol, Rolond 33 Nepstod, Morcio Deanne 158 Neslond, Donald 113,174 Ness, Richard 57 Nettum, Richard 112 Neuroth, Joseph 57,194 News am, Soro 48,144 Nichols, Fronk 185 Nickolisen, Jone 39,103,112,131 158,188,191,193,194,258 Nielsen, Julio 160,195 Nielsen, Norris 33 Nielson, Robert 48,192,219 Nolon, Jomes 33,172,220 Nolon, Patricia 39,156,194,220 Nolond, Waldo 39 Nold, Lee 48,166 Norbeck, Jane 57,80,142,160 188,195,219 Norris, Esther 57,140,195,220 Norton, Ida 57,192 Nossomon, Bob 70 Numson, Gene 185,218 Nunn, Helmut 39,196 Nystrom, Erik 162 O ' Boyle, Paul 187 O ' Brien, Jean E 57,142 O ' Connor, Arthur K 226 O ' Horo, Nick 74,190 O ' Keefe, Michoel 187 O ' Keefe, Terrence 74,187 Ookes, Solly 57,185 Dates, Ross 170,184 Ochsner, Janet 39,154,197 Odinge, Odero 196 Odlond, Linda 33 Odiond, Lynn 66 Offerdohl, Robert 57,168 Ogle, Penny 140,160,195,219 Ohisen, Stephen 57 Oien, Horley 111,174,218 Okporo, Paul 196 Oldre, Angela 57,140 Olofson, Carol 192 Olofson, Linda 193 01 sen, Donna 39,185,195,217 Olsen, Kermit 164 Olsen, Meredith 57,113,197 Olson, Edward 57,170 Olson, Gor 39,170 Olson, Glenn 48, 1 1 1, 184,221 Olson, Jeffrey 57 Olson, Vernon 58 One Feother, Gerald 196 Ooten, Lorry 58 Opdohl, Judy 160,197 Orr, Mel i cent 140,189,195 Osborn, Gory 48 Osborn, Lory 166 Otrodousky, Betty 79 Ott, Elvira 185 Ourslond, Mory 58,140,192,218 Overberg, Clifford 218 OverpecJt, Gretchen 39,127,158 191,195,217 Poge, Kothy 48,129,156,191,195 Palmer, Chorles 68,186,189 Polmer, Evelyn.. 48,140,192,218,221 Palmer, Lynn 33,166,238 Ponerio, Florence 58,140 Parker, Sharon .. 33,113,123,140,197 Par let, Gordon 58 Parry, Lester 39 Poscoe, Paul 114 Poshby, Gary 164 Potnoud, Robert 33 Patterson, Pat 58,140 Poulson, Glen 58 a I Paulson, Joy 218 P««r, Shoron 89, 1 54 Pekos, Michael 58,172 Pelkofer, Dennii 230 Perkins, Edwin 185 Perkins, Judy 68,160,180 190,219,220,258 Persinger, Dick 113,117 124,197,207 Peters, Dave 46 Peters, Ernest 58 Peters, Kenneth 58,172 Petersen, CHarles 58 Petersen, Jolen 79,160 Petersen, Roger 58,218 Petersen, Roger A 48,218 Peterson, Dole 77,185 Peterson, Lorry 33 Peterson, Morgo 89,140,219 Peterson, Palmer 66,172,225 Peterson, Roger Ill Phillips, Jock... 68,117,182,186,189 Phillips, Jon 39 Pickord, Thomas 168 Pickering, Robert 58 Pickrel, LeRoy 58 Pierce, Leonard 189 Piersol, Lawrence 114,170,194 Piersol, Linda 58,160,189 Pilcher, Judith 48,111,131,158 188,189,194,217 Pinord, William 48,168 Pipe, Done 58,152,193,195 Plucker, Loren 58 Poe, Henry 166 Poise, Sonford 76,185 Pomerico, Nicholas 39 Pool, Greg 66,164 Pool, Karen 132 Poore, Charles. .117,124,132,170,255 Popham, Doug 166 Porter, Richard 76 Porter, Sharon 58,140,154 Porter, Steven 68,172,185 Posi, Richard 58 Posz, Robert 115,166 Potter, Marvin 58 Prother, Ralph 186 Pratt, Donald 162 Pratt, Roland 39 Pressler, Dennis 172,236 Prey, Kathryn 48,152,191,195 Prey, Virginio 152,191,193,195 Price, Janet 48,152,183 191,193,195 Props, Andrew 172 Prosch, Terry 48,111,217,218 Ptok, Melvin 58 Qualm, Kenneth 58,176 Ouimby, David 164 R Roasch, Bonnie 33,113,156,197,207 Rabusch, Keren 58,126,158 Rodeke, Joan 39,113,126 156,180,197,258 Roderschadt, John 48 Roesly, Robert 34 Railsbock, Beth 48,111,131,158 183,189,190,191,193,194,198,219 Rames, Lindo 77, 185 Randall, Chorlene 34,113,205 Randall, James 34,111,113,124 181,189,205,255 Randolph, Kaye 58,140,219,220 Ronney, William 187 Rao, Pilloriselty 70,196 Rapp, Glen 58 Roschke, Mary Jo 40,158,195 Rosmussen, Willlom 170 Rothje, Horry 68,172 Ray, Robert 39,168 Reoves, Jeonnene 68,154,196 Reed, Howard 68,164,186,190,195 Reed, Janet 58,152,188,219 Reed, James 220 Regan, Pottricio 58,160,188,195 Reid, Thomas 170 Reimon, Marilyn 58,140 Reinking, Elaine 48,183,193,218 Reinking, Roger 58 Reinschmidt, Helen... 48,80,160,195 Remas, Tereso 58 Rempfer, Enoch 58,195 Rempfer, Judith 58,156,195 Reutor, Donold 40 Rhoades, Marc 34,110,124,184 Rhodes, Ann 48,140 Rhodes, Glen 66,186,189 Rhodes, Jock 48,176,195,205,208 Rich, Dove 58,172 Richards, Gory 74 Richter, Morlys 58,152,188 Riemonn, John 166 Riley, Jean 48 Risfy, Norris 40 Roach, Robert 232 Robbins, Rito 58,80,144,191,195 Roberts, Kay 48,154 Robertson, Gary 164,190 Robertson, William 77,185 Roethler, Robert ' .. 48 Rohrobaugh, Sharon 158,220 Rolond, Gene 34,174 Romereim, Patricio 48,140 Ronning, Arvid 1 85, 21 8 Root, Jomes 58,166,184 Root, Richard 66 Rose, Jacqueline 48,194,208 Rosenbaum, T homos 48,1 1 1 166,184,195 Ross, Kenneth 48,196 Rossow, Margoret 48,158 188,190,195 Rosf, Michael 185 Rothenberger, Ruth 48, 1 1 1 128,160,182 Rowley, Paul 58 Rubendoll, William 58 Rud, Paul 76,185 Ruddy, Robert 34,109,110 125,172,195 Ruedebusch, Gerald 220 Rueschenberg, James 66 Ruff, Rebecca 160 Rukstad, Loren 48 Rundell, Sam 58,162 Russell, Byron 48,194,218 Russell, David 48,220 Ryan, James 77, 185 Rymill, Roy 40,185,191 Ryodon, Phillip 172 Sakorison, Morlene 58,1 42 So II, Douglas 58 Sandhu, Rondhir 196 Sondvold, Lynett 140 San em. Linden 34 Souer, Robert 164 Schoffer, Rebec Co 152 Schaible, Dorrel 58,218 Schoible, Robert 218 Scheinost, Robert 186 Scheinost, Thomos 58 Schell, Linda 48,158,183 Schempp, Dennis 58,193 Schempp, Marvin 48 Schempp, Suszonna 101,126 156,191,195 Schenk, Donald 185 Schermerhorn, William 166 Schiber, Judith 58,144,152 Schiefelbein, Rodney 58 Schill, Jamas 59 Schilling, Arnold 111,113,197 Schimkat, Jerrell 59 Schlimgen, Robert 68 Schmid, Donna 59,140 Schmidt, Dennis 162,189,194 Schmidt, Joseph 117,129,162 Schmidt, Koren 48,140,218 Schmidt, Peggy 140 Schmieg, George 49,193 Schmitt, Gretchenn 152 Schmiti, Dionne 49,192 Schnobel, Mylo 59 Schneider, Donna 59,140 Schnei der, Loverne 68,186 Schoenfelder, Robert 59 Scholten, Lyie „ 59 Scholten, Monte 164 Scholten, Shirley. 34,93,126,129,156 Schooler, Jeonine 49,152,180,220 Schooley, Duone 59,168,208 Schott, Fliiobeth 59 Schrog, Lois 59,140,195,197,219 Schroeder, Bernard! na 59, 140 160,220 Schueike, Lindo 160,193,195 Schult, Dottio 49,126,129 156,180,188,191 Schulti, Alon 76,185 Schulfz, Russell 168 Schumocher, Judith 59,140 158,194,198 Schummer, Catherine 68, 1 54 Schuyler, Arlene 59,140,220,221 Schwartz, John 34,115,125 166,185,225 Schworzenboch, Robert 229 Schweigert, Jerry 191 Scott, James 168 Scott, Luonn 49,111,140 Scott, Richard 59 Scovel, Allen 66,164,195 Seacot, Pot 70,221 Sebesto, Donald 76,185 Sechser, Eugen e .66,162, 186, 195,220 Seeboch, Judith 59,140,218 Sefcik, Susan 59,140,220 Seipp, Lynn 113,197 Sejvor, Joseph 77,185 Senner, Leslie 110 Serr, Marilyn 49,111,193,195,219 Servis, Colvin 49,162 Shobino, Jonet 59,195 Shattuck, Wesley 59 Sheldon, Millard 166 Sherman, Lloyd 49,170,195 Shoemaker, Sheridan 59 Short, James 59,189 Shouse, James — 40 Shull, Dennis 68,164,186 Siebrecht, Frank 170,185 Siemer, Mory Ann 197 Sievert, Robert 59 Sifror, Arlene 49,156,188 189,191,195 Siltorski, Steven 59,172 Simmons, James 49,176,195,208 Simmons, Thomos 74,187 Simpson, Dorley 59,144 Sivesind, Dovid 66,186 Skollerud, Roger 59,196 Skoro, Donald 34,166 Skoro, Jonet 59,158,195 Skoglund, Rayburn 76,185 Sloby, Jomes - 172 Sleep, Gerald 168,197 Small, Jerome 68,220,235 Smebokken, Bruce 59,166 Smidt, Sondro 11 1,160 Smith, Dolias 68,186 Smith, Daniel 66 Smith, David 166 Smith, James 34,49,197 Smith, Jerome 172 Smith, Judy 89,140,196,220 Smith, Lindo 59,160,195 Smith, Ronald 68 Smith, Thomas 68,186 Smithlin, Jerilyn 49,156,191 Smolik, Clarence 59,162,194 Snow, Gory 236 Solberg, Judith 59,142,195 Solum, Steve 59,195 Sommervold, Marilyn 59,160,218 Sorensen, John 197 Sorensen, Lynn 170 Sorensen, Marvin 66 Sorenson, LoMonte 191 So rum, Loretta 49 Soulier, Donald 49 Sour, Joan 158 Speakman, John 68, 168 Speichinger, Sondro 59,80,144,195 Spilde, Jeanne 40,152,181 Spiry, William 187 Stablein, Sondro 158 Stodheim, Coralyn 59,158,195 Stof ne, James 1 17,172 Stanhope, Russell 70,219 St on ley, Kenneth 192 Steck, Gayle 59,154 Stedronsky, Karen 59,126 156,192,219 Steele, Loren 1 15,164 Steffen, James 168 Steinborn, Carol 59,140,189 191,193,219 Stenseth, James 59 Stephenson, Conrad 59,170 Stern, Roger 34,195 Stewart, Kathryn 59,158,219 Stickney, Frank 217 Stilwell, Mortie 140,158,191,193 Stinger, Ruth 40,158,195 Stockdole, James 74,187,189 Stoecker, Diane 59,140 Stoltz, Madeline 49,80,156 193,195,198 Stone, Coyne 70,115,164 Stormoe, Allan 76,185 Stout, Richard 66,186 Strait, Beverly 59,144,154,196 Strond, Korleen 59,80,87 Strotton, J eonnine 34,90,125,158,198 Stroschein, Leonder 111,218 Strunk, Rubye 49,192,195 Struver, Diane 188,205,209 Stud en berg, Jon 59 Stull, Jane 191 S tut en roth, Virginia 59,158 Sudbeck, Ralph 66,186 Svalstad, German 40,192,218 Swanson, Gloria 49,156,191,195 Swonson, Les ley..87, 140, 156, 1 91 , 193 Swortz, Clifford 34,192 Swedeen, Dale 40,170,189,195 Swedlund, Jerry 172 Swenson, Courtlond 168 S wen son, Dennis 59 Swoyer, Jacqueline 49 Sykoro, Harold 34,172,220 Syverson, Patrick 164,220 T Tooke, Roeonna 49,111,113,140 Takeoka,Normon 59,174 Toylor, Calvin .49,180,182,195,220 Taylor, Jo Ann 49,160,195 Taylor, Robert 172 Toylor, Thomas 166 Tech, Lo Verne 40 Tenney, Richard 166,184 Terrell, Glendo 59,144,219 Terry, Chorles 59,195 Tesdell, David 34,176,195 Thocore, Horshod 70,196,220,221 Thores, Donold 66,186 Thielen, Georgia 132 Thietie, John 34,164,190 Thogersen, Joyce 49,80,111,131 158,188,190,191,218 Thompkins, Linda 140 Thompson, Juliet 208 Thompson, Lindo 49, 126 156,191,194 Thompson, Lois 49,140,192,219 Thompson, Muriel D 152,188,258 Thompson, Pichord D 60,197 Thompson, Richard E 60,170 Thompson, Robert 186 Thomsen, Neil 220 Thomson, Pate 76, 185 Thom son, Susonne 1 58 Thorson, Bobette 140,160,195 Thorson, Moretto 60 Tice, Chorles 49,170 Tiemens, Sharon 60,140 Tinan, Gloria 34,144,189,220 Tisher, Carol 49,102,111,152 183,188,195,198 Tollefson, Harold 60 Tol linger, Peter 60,162 Tolstedt, Lowell .34,127,128,131,255 Tonner, Marsha 189,205 Torkelson, Larry 1 15,172 Towne, Claudia 40,154 Towne, Delores 60,154 Towne, Elizabeth 34,108,154,197 Towner, William 192 Tronkle, Roy 60,166 Trotm an, Frank 34, 1 68 Trudell, Richard 68,238 Truelson, Arnold 60 Trumm, Robert 60,184 Tuel, Susan 60,142,154 Turner, Jon 49,232 Turner, Luther 236 Tuttle, Douglas 172,227 Tuttle, Ramona....60,140,188,219,220 Tweet, Fred 77 Twemey, West 60,113 Tymeson, Sara 60,144, 158 U Ufford, Wayne 34,1 10,192 Uhl, David 60 Ullyot, Tamara 40,97,98,160 183,188,219,258 Ulmer, Milton 49 Ulmer, Victor 34,110 Voldahl, Thomas 49 VonBramer, Edward 172,219 VonBuren, Paul 132 Vonderboom, John 1 17,162 Vanderbur, Wayne 68,127 129,162,186 Vander Hoar, James 233 anderlinden, Joy 113,168,197 Vander Schoof, James 34,109 110,125,255 Von de Voort, Chorlene 49,111 127,129,156,188 127,129,156,188,191,195 Von Meveren, Stuart 68 Van Ness, Richard 233 Von Ommeren, Roger 35 Von Roekel, Winervo 70,142 Van VIeet, Richard 164 Venord, Terry 170 Ventling, Karen 60,140 Versteeg, Lorry 35,113,197,218 Versteeg, LeMors 60,113 Vickerman, Glenonn 140 Vickermon, Thomas 66,186,195 Viefhe, Sandra ' 154,196 Vigsnoss, Ri chord 162 Vivion, Zerl 219 Vlasok, Joseph 60 Vlosok, Judith .... 90,154,183,193,220 Vogt, Cotherine. 40,160,189,195,208 Voy, Robert 77,185 Voyles, Robert 49,162,195 W Wochlin, Judy 49,90,158,190,195 Wagner, Thomas 40,164,186 Wohl, Roger 34 Wolker, Donald 236 Walker, Hermon 74,187 Walker, Ian 191 Walker, Judith 70 Wolker, Korin 60,144 Wollahan, Franklin 74,187 Walsh, Michael 60 Walsh, Richard 236 Walters, Norman 68,186 Walth, Glena 35,195,196,221 Waltner, Jeffrey 184 Woltner, John 66,184,195 Waltner, Lonnie.. " 184 Walton, Jerry 77,185 Wolz, Arden 49,184 Wong, James 70,196 Worn, Donna Jo 140 Worness, Richard 111,164 184,195,218 Washington, Franklin 40,235 Wosser, Margaret 60,152,198 Wostlund, Kenneth 60,193 Wotkins, George 60 Waymer, Clinton 232 Weber, Jomes 60,170 Weber, Leo 60 Weber, Louis 220 Weeks, Robert 172,180,182 Weiger, Jean 160 Wei land, Dennis 76,185 Weilond, Michael 208 Weingartner, Russell .35,172,184, 1 94 Weisz, Dennis 170 Weischedel, Corinne 60,144 Welbes, George 206 We 1 1 we, William 68,172,180 Weltz, Leighton 40,113,197 Wenond, Gerald 66,186,255 Wenzel, Morilyn 40,103,152 180,184,195,258 Werenicz, Peter 49 Wernke, William 186,189 Wesche, Lloyd 60,162 Westberg, Vernon 77,185 Westpholen, Lorry 60 Westro, Verlyn 66 Wetrosky, Donald 35 Wherlond, Fredrick.... 49,162,189,195 Whidden, Garry 164 White, Maureen 60,90,156,195 White, Shirley 49,158,180,188,194 Whorley, Jock 60,170 Wick, Robert 35,197 Wickens, Donaldson 60,174 Widholm, Ted 60 Widmer, Karon 49,191 Wiedeman, Wi Imo 140 Wiese, Robert 60,174 Wik Strom, Jeonette 60,144,195 Wilkie, Lindo 60,126,142 156,191,195 Wilkinson, Gordon 68,186 Will, Eileen 60,87,140,160,195 Wilier, Marilyn 40,140,218 Williams, Corolyn 60,142 Williams, Dennis 49,186 Williams, Donald 60 Williams, Jomes 49,162,180,193,195 Williams, Lindo 60,140,198,220 Willioms, Nell 40,160,188,195 Williams, Ronald 60,162,185,194 Williams, Terrenee 60 Williamson, Dionne 49,156,188,195 Williomson, Gordon 1 7,164,186 Williomson, Leroy 172,193 Wood, John 76,185 Y Willson, Jomes 49 Wood, Robert 186 Wilson, Richord 60 Wood, Thomas 60 162 Torgor, Jocquolin 79 Wing, Ronald 232 Woodward, Koye i44,152 ' 219 yank, Robert 185 Winjom, Constonee 49,152,188 Wosepko, James 40 164 Yeado, Robert 187 191,193,195 Wriedt, Louis ' 40 Yee, Robert 184 Winkler, Katherina 79,154 Wright, Gary 49 Yirak, Linda 40,158,188,258 Winters, Alan 40 Wudel, Leonard . ' . ' . 162 " foch, Duone 49,174 Wise, Karen 160 Wunder, James 77 185 Young, Daymen 221 Witt, Howard 60 Wunder, Janice 60,144,191,194 220 Z ::l;!; - „, 7vv87 2tg wutsch Edward 40.1 1 i,i93;22o i:ch ' ' L eZzz::; ' l. " ' ' ' Wo Ty Charles ' ' uO w " " " ' ' b° ! " ° M2 ' ' 9 " ' ' - ° " Mt Z±: ! :Z:::Z::Z:Z: M Wyn,a, Verdeon 49 Zobel Sherr, 79 " Zuercher, Lorry 61,195 a«4 And so, this is the last page of the 1961 COYOTE --- the lost page of a year ' s fun and hard work. Editing a yearbook is de- finitely not the easiest job in the world, and I could not have done the job without the excellent help that I have had. To several on my staff do I owe the retention of my sanity. I don ' t know of anyone who suffered more at the hands of a somewhat uneven tempered editor than the photographers. To Royce Likness and Wayne Vanderbur I extend my thanks; certain- ly, no yearbook could function without the product of their efforts. I take my hat off to Section Editors, Joan Radeke, Dionne Williamson, Judy Lynn, Sharon Grotewald, Dottie Schult, Pris Christianson and Francis Moul, who managed to schedule all their group pictures and even managed to have the photographers and the groups at the same place at the same time. Believe me, thi s is no small feat. Mayre Hilton is responsible for an excellent index, Rosemary Hafner spent many hours proofreading and writing much of the copy, and Lowell Tolsteadt outdid himself on the book ' s art work. I want especially to thank Susie Colvin, Assistant Editor, whose cheerful help and sunny disposition made things a little easier for me. To all the typists and errand-runners . . . the unsung heroes of the book ... go many thanks. I ' m sure you oil know that my greatest thanks go to those who accepted and accomplished their task without complaint. So, here it is. We do hope you liked it; we ' ve all done the best we know how. 20S A.

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