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i ' ' M : ' . jn Engel ren Run ;(; iiidrcy Pixttr Mary F-iet ki ' Shar I iiH Shar-.n 1 Janet N Kay Kf. Sharon Cirtj j; Norma Jacobsen julaine idlinsdii janid Caroli I NiU. Lois Rosso w Coyote Staff iditors llJCl Linda Foght Assistant Jane Shull Copy Dick horhes Art - Norm VcHkU r PI dais Layout Al Aislro[H Diamond Jubilee ' m-m. lim - 1 no h4i- ,. v;-! ?:-, TSi : . ., . : : 4y ' " x! : ■ K BB ' ' J A -» £ VlP - r ' S V. V- ' Hp iS Lr . •: ; i P L Contents The Crowd Communities Contestants The Brass The Troops Cooperation Glamour Index Peggy Riggs Sharon Gregg Jean Engel Vicki Oakland Bob Woodward Bill Garnet Dorothy Lundquist Jack Hosking Jim Ward Shary Huisman Johnette Crow Nancy Tobin Audry Potter Lois Rossow Janet Nelson Chuck Ruhr Kay Ervin 1958 COYOTE Is Dedicated DEAN J. H JULIAN |[ i-, with a licL ' p sense of gratitude that we, editors of the I ' ' iS Coyote, dedicate this book, commemorating one of the most memorable of SLSD ' s 7S years to Dean J. H. Julian. As a permanent member of the Publications board, his advice and guidance were an integral part of this and many other Coyotes. This is our way of saying thanks to you. Dean |. H. Julian. J r:z: s -r ' u- • A Un iversity is a great many different things to a g rea many- different people. Onr . an not be pa rt of it unless he is within it. It is at ce a demanding master and a diligent se va nt. It is people, places, facts. " 14 «» ( The people, places, and facts by themselves. thouRh. are not unique. Rather, it is the degree and nature of their interaction that makes a Uni ersity — that sets it apart from other universities that are similar in title onlv. A college education might well be called a system of memories. Roughly, the mem- ories divide themselves into two classes. Those in the first group one has to work for. " Survey — question- — read — recite — re- peat — review. " The System flexes its muscles — begins to make light of darkness . . . Tht Classroom — ihe melting-pot within a melting-pot. Attitudes run the gamut from anticipation lo tolerance to antipathy — and perhaps to sleep. Duplication is the end. the cl4ss a means toward that end. Occasionally the System is forgotten and the mass of embryonic intellects known as the Student Body organizes, moves, chants. A basic principle of American economy is in action — the desire to compete, to excel, to be a part of the best. At this level, we call it " School Spirit. " ' r4.y m niJ And from somewhere in this complex we call " college life. " the second group of memories arises, different for each of us. Thev depend on our individual values, talents, goals, activities. Thev bcome a part of us, perhaps more indelibly than the repeated work of the constant study; they are functions of each of our Lives. i ' f H 4 % ; «( And M it goes. Our lives arc ours, and yet they are not; each of us is the same, arid yei each of us is different. This, we begin to discoser. is Life — a mystifying complex of confusion and pattern, conformity and individuality. Ve find. too. ihat we have at last become an integral part of our University ' . Its faces are ours, its events are ours, and its prob- lems and joys are ours. We are at home! The University machine grinds on. Each of us is caught up in its current — those who are not do not last. The breaks be- tween classes, the weekends, any oppor- tunity to get off the treadmill of duplica- tion for a moment — all are anticipated with an eagerness that approaches a fixation. F C slfe ' At ihe opposite end of the spectrum of tollcRe life arc the things — ihc people, the fun. the special times — that arc part of our individualir ' ' These can never be dupli- cated by any System. Spring comes — and with it tome hoth an end and a heginning. Frosh, senior, grad student — we all find ourselves a hig step closer to being part of the world that has been entrusted to us. And for many of us, a jumping-off point for Life has been reached. The word " commencement " takes on a new — and challengingly literal — connotation. Dormitories ' ' - Housemothers — Mrs. Bain, Mrs. Fetcrson, Mrs. Ziegler, Mrs. Bloom. Presidents— John Rawlings, Gwen Hagg, Betty McFarland. ,. v nr,wjT BACK ROW- Alyce Ouam, Joyce Oster, Vonda Tucker. Shirlee Lakemaker Fleeger. Judy Flynn, Pat Groth, Lorna Endersby. Rcna Gunnare, Cynthia Get., Marv Kichman. GUnda Terbell Pat Stringham, Mary Glassing THIRD ROW: Sandra Tucker, Carol |..nKc M.lknian, Phyll.s Tennaiit, Jack.e Gustafson .11 Anfinson, Sylvia Egebo, Mary Jo Koenig, C,l,.r,., 1., . ' -. N ' . " " - ' Lindbloom, Sylvia Sw.ft Carolyn Lilly. Jo Ann EastberK. Rose Mary Young, Cynth,., sddur. M 0 l) KOW. Mary Jeffs. Do r.s Swan son. Gladys Clark, Alma Conroy, Mrs. Ziegler, Shirley |oh.,ns,u,. l n,u Hukcns. Phyllis Nelson. FIRST RO X : Becky Brekke, Mary Gilbertson, Charlotte Schneider, Barbara Hall. Donna Schuyler, Barbara an Houtei nie Battels, Carolyn Byrne, Deanna Johnson, Con- A must, even for college lifel The break — most enjoyable part of studying. U i t f 4.|,t •• .» .• ' 9 T • ?fv-- BACK ROW: Janet Hohcrz, hrancine .cphier, Mary I oma», OeurKe Ann X itdnian. U«-i ' Moorhead, Judy Gilrcaih. Rosemary Salk. Dec Brost. Sharon Rohrabaugh. Norma Holzworth. Penny Hoffman, Gret- chen Schmitt Mavis Knutson. Carolyn Hillman FOIRIH ROW: Mary Halle. Ellen Fransto. Barbara Mor- ns Owen Hagg. Mary Finger. Lola Sumner. Irene .MtDonncll. Coleta Bcringtr. Marlene Marcsh. Dons Hrbek. Jolene Peterson. Shern Zobel Mary Thies. Gl..d Dierking. THIRD ROVt . Norma Shearon, Dar- lene Scmmler. Barbara Jurrcns. Barbara James. Pat Grover. Mrs Peterson. Margaret Stedwcll. Maroa Will fong. V.rgmia Shass. Esel n Whitehousc. SFX.OND ROVX : Jamie Kapfer. Jams Molstad, Mary Jaiobson. Sharon Thorson. Jo Ann Jaragin. Karen Mcisenholder, S lMa Johanson. Beverly Letellier, Karen Cole, Joan Aldrich. Anna Lueck. FIRST ROW: Karen Steinacher. Dcana Wuebbcn. Esther Johnson, Ellen Rice. Mar Jean Cloud. Janice Farrell, Sandra Merrill, Lorraine Schwalm. It ♦. I » I i ♦ BACK ROW: Joyce Midberry, Kay Wheeler, Myrna lohnson, June Frantz, Jackie Lalley. Maryann Murphy, Vivian McFarling, Mary Young. Sally Bovdston, Diana Bauman, Arlene Emery, Myrna Wheeler, Sandra Kjellsen, Carole Hammond. THIRD ROW: Marilyn Halstrom, Katherine Winkler, Dorothy, Kay Hermanson, Carol Foster. Carolyn Bryan, Wanda Ekberg, Eileen Nelson, Annette Salmon. Elizabeth Cut- ler Myrtle Larson. SECOND ROW: Phyllis Larson, Marci Johnson, Gretchen South, Karen Lmdquist, Jud- ith Mogck, Sandra Hubner, Janet Johnson, Martha Clark. FIRST ROW: Donna Sonne, Jean Lange, Jan- ice Nielsen, Karen Wise, Karen Nelson, Jeannine Stratton, Ann Holleman, Penny Stewart, Pat Efflmg. Dakota Hal ... a brick beehive, entwinecl in a buzzer system . . . check-out slips, ever-present bridge games, the under- tones of feminine voices in earnest (if not always intellectual) conversation . . . and Mrs. Ziegler. M -ywi! t ♦ f ft ft. t BACK ROW: Facnc Evans, Dc Dte OUon. Norma Buus, Carol Coverdalc, Adricnne Feldman, jane Bow- les. Carol Hermans. Judy McKa . THIRD ROVC ' : Pat Johnson, Carolyn Bodley, Lillian Klein, Mary Beth Allen. Pristilla Chrisicnscn, Karen McBridc. Pat Hommei. Mary Bur ;es. Virsinia Werth, Ardis Le Beau. Mary Lynn Campbell. SECOND ROW: Beverlv Buhn. Sharvn Beauregard, ita Johansen, Betty McFar- land. Mrs. Bloom, Lois Tichota, Wanda Elshire, Bev .Malthesen. FIRST ROVC: Virginia Grosvenor, Cleone Weber, Joey Capbell, Shirley Burke, Jane Nelson, Mary Madden, Peggy Boever. Who says chairs are made tor sittinj: i= ==€jtB[ir iii t?t i %f f f « t ftf 1 f f I f i , I i BACK ROW: Betsy Heemstra, Marilyn Kimball, Ann Bartholomew, Jo Riemann, Sharon Kirch. Lou Ann Caton, Marge Burke, Luana Gerken, Audrey Todd. THIRD ROW: Judy O ' Rourke, Charlys Stewart, Betty McLaughlin, Karen Campbell, Mary Lou Swedean, Mary Rueb, Janet Green, Jean Johnson, Marcia Herreid, Pat Henkins. SECOND ROW: Jeanean Szczurek. Mary Desmond, De Dee Nepstad, Barbara Sipple, Audrey Siders, Jean Hungate, Beverly Labbit. FIRST ROW: Carol Wells, Lynn Danielson, Sharon Berkner, Barbara Assman, Jan Moynihan, Ronalee Kelly, Muriel Pfister. Noteboom Hall ... a long, low silhouette against the northern sky . . . behind tightly drawn drapes, a phonograph yelps a rock ' n roll hit . . . study, study, study . . . and a de- spairing voice next door mourns, " But I haven ' t got a thing to wear. " BACK ROW; Bill Wilson. Melvin Jorgensen. Victor Ulmer. LcRoy Janssen. John Lee Rensink, D. James Vander Schaaf. Harlan Box. George Douma, Dean Mitchell, Jay vander Linden, Burdette Berg, Sigurd Jen- sen. Dick Kingsbury. SECOND ROW; Wayne Fenton. Alfred Denny. Bruce Mikuska, Ray Giske, David Van Buskirk. Don Manning, Jim Wunder, Tommy Lyon, Rich Hollander, Ralph Hollander, Jr.. Delbert Eilders, Stuart Flynn. Roger Klingman, Douglas Nelson. FRONT ROW; Dick Lynch, Derek Eaton, Steve Pearson, Dick Forbes, Lee Bess. Jack Crawford, Alan Lange, Larry Klingman, Bud Litschewski, Phillip Sieler. Julian Hall ... a Uiv. uuiiiop ut iiUMJiirv d,n.tinsi the sky . . . the home away from home for the University ' s fresh- men men. and a hantJful of grouchy counselors ... a coke bottle careens musically down an empty hallway . . . the chow line seems to stretch to infinity . . . the intercom blats an announcement ... a dormitory is more than a structure; it is a way of life. asca 1. And at play I ■ ' ViWiW to •»« ;■ ' ■ ti-.-n . ,: .ii ■■■-.- ' -.fiif. ' t- ' -.i f Alpha Phi 1 n wK ' . BH[ 1 m Do you think he ' ll like it? Pat Mickelson, President At our end of the line, we could hear the phone jangling in an imperative fashion. After five minutes or so, the receiver was lifted and our knees slowly turned to water as a low, sleepy, feminine voice greeted us, " Good evening, Alphi Phi. " Overcome by emotion, we were momen- tarily silent. It was not long, however, before we remembered our quest and asked for the party to whom we wished to speak. There was a moment of silence at the opposite end of the line, then the receiver trembled in our hands as we heard our message passed on: " Hey Guinivere — it ' s fer you! " Mrs. Kimmel, Housemother IS n 1 ill! 1 i 11 BACK RO« : Jjnct Johnson, fclinor Krcisthsmar. Barbara Fl nn. Mary Littzkc, Sondra Haij{h(, Grtcchcn Sihmijt, Barbara Morgan. Nant) Tobin. Karen Schempp, SyKia Swift. FOURTH ROW: Shirlec Lakcmakcr. Alycc Fayc Quam, Suzanne OCon- nor. Carol Hermans. Janice Bahr, Jean Giles. Sharon Hinsey. Vernida Wiese. Lola Smith, Margaret Stedwcll. Bc crly Connell. Mary Rueb THIRD ROW: Connie Hellwig. Mary .McLaughlin Ruth Bartlett. Marilyn Frandsen. Jeanice Anderson. Mrs. Kimmcl. Pai MickilM n. Marge Rogers. LaVonne Miller. .Marge Poppms. Shirley Nelin. SECOND ROVi : Mary Sue Henrith. Nanci Johnson. Audrey Potter. Janice Simpson. Mary Lynn ( anipbcll. Jeanne S c urek. Sara Danforth, Lillian Hieb. Karen Runge. Judy Flynn Beverly Stearns. Kaihy Elvin. FIRST ROW. Judy Swandcr. Donna Sonne. Karen Stcinocker. Mary McLane. Mary Burgess. Ronalec Kelley. Jean Lange, Judy Mogih. Sandra Kiellson. ( cinnie Bartels. BACK ROW: Jerry Amundson, Gary Noteboom, Jack Herkscn. Harrold Knc-chl, lorn Anderst, Dean Hughes, J, Pat Mavclin, Dick Cook, Bob Basquin, Don Duffy, Al Kromer, Ken Kirkpatrick, lorn Bray. David Dyke Larry L Jerry LeDuc, uther, Tony Rick Curran, Pat Mavclin, Dick Cook, Bob Basqu..., ,. . ;„, . r c n u n Buckmeier. THIRD ROW: Darold Geiser, Ron Koplin, Joe Klock, Bob Warder, Dentiis Sorcnsen Bob Uu Dar Sweeney, Len Berg, Bcrnie Harvey, Ron Ostby, Elton Shauf, Rick Johnson, John Zaylor, Bob Scott, J.m VC under Monte Kasuske, Bob Wick. SECOND ROW: Norm Schoch, Lynn Frary. V«ughn Thompson, Tom Knutson, B ' " P ' " - ' " , J " Mike Stoebner, Carl Nelson. Dan Lamke, Tom Mclntyre, Jack Stengel. FRONT RO 5 : John Holder, Kent Scr.bner Hol- lander, Ralph Hollander, Ron Bleecker, Tom Chaffee, Tick Loitwood, Tom Lyon, Steve Nelson, Gene Heil, Irv Ibsen. 48 Alpha Tau Omega Mike Siocbncr. Presidcni It was one of those quiet fall evenings when smoke hangs heavy in the air and the thought of studying is as remote as the fourth dimension. As we drew near the newly remodeled house at 520 East Main, we heard the unforgettable harmony of fine male voices raised in song. In front of the house, we found one lone brother fondling a huge animal which we soon es- tablished as a canine; the man seemed to be trying to teach it to hold a pencil. We investigated. " Well, " we were told, " since Toughie attends classes more regularly than I do, I figured if I could teach him how to take notes . . . " We wandered on. .Mrs Dose Housemiiihcr Alpha XI Delta 1 i Just thinkin ' things over Nice puddy From within the steep-roofed brick house came the sounds of weeping. Defauhing to that soft spot every man has for a woman in tears, we investigated. " It ' s the absolute end, " one of the girls sobbed. " We ' d planned to hold an all-University ski jump on our roof before Christmas, and now there ' s no snow. I just want to die! " And, completely undone, she dissolved into tears and flowed down the front steps, cascading pret- tily onto the lawn. As we followed, we noted a few snowflakes beginning to fall, and soon a rip-roaring blizzard was underway. Just as we passed out of ear- shot, a clear feminine voice fell on our ears: " Say, when do we start work on our spring formal? " Ann Cover, President and Mis. Bertleson, Hous mother. Vl« kk I ' %-M I »r feftS: f w V H.A( K KOVi hlainc HruM-r. i..r.,i loMcr, l ru]..n l.oihc-. M.irN Mur hit,.,,, jcn Jotuiv.n. mh,.. l,c( . Uonn.i Moeller. Jackie Tholen. Lorna FntliTsh , Martha Kt-ad. Adricnne fcldman, Mary hiihman. Uclorcs Johnson. Dorothy Rantapaa. Kathy Winkler. SECOND ROV( : Anna Sue Kawcll. Kay Hilton. Kaaren Axness. Vcrnelle Ice. Janet Gillette. Mrs BerieKon. Anne Cover. Geegec Johnson. ShirU-y Allen, Clarice Engman. Arlene Petty. FIRST ROW; Jane Crane. Lois Bruyer. Carol Haines. Pat Effling, Barbara Jurrens. Barbara James, VCallis Plummer. Pcnns Siessart, Khristine Andersen. Karen Anderson. Carolyn Byrne, Jody McKenzie. Carol Lehman. C c • • • C « • f ' , I • |..i f fir f.f Iff THIRD ROW Mathison, Darrell Buckmi-r. Milne, John Hall, Tom Doug Kelley, Troy Jonts, D Mrs. Christensen Unh Murra .r c: ,:: ' aS. ae :rjo " cSn 0 " n O -d KU Jon " . k Welch. FRONT ROW: Paul Kern Oan K,rkham, B.ll Donaldson. Ascry . Bob Hall, lom Rich, Jerry .Schlccher, W.U.c Sc-.bc Bill Donald: Arlo G Scftner. SECOND ROW: John cs lohn Graff. Bahdc- Beta Theta Pi Troy Jones. Prcsidtni The huge white frame house seemed to be deployed so as to trap the corner of North Harvard and East Main. It had taken us quite a while to find this station in our quest for information because of an air of mystery clouding the building ' s whereabouts — as nearly as we could determine from our questioning, it was " somewhere over there. " But at last persistence had paid off. As we approached the door, the potp ourri of TV, bull sessions, and hi-fi cascaded down the steps, followed by one of the residents. He picked himself up and eyed us suspiciously. Approaching him, we queried, " Are you a member of Beta Theta Pi? " " Could be, " he replied, stalking back into the house. .Mrs « hriMcnscn. I l.u. cm.Khi 53 Chi Omega Jan Lloyd, President and Mrs. Klock, House- mother. Push that mower! Water that lawn! Scraps of paper lay scattered profusely about on the floor of the beautiful new carpet. Occasionally, a muffled giggle permeated the buzz of feminine activ- ity, and as if by instinct, we knew that someone had come across another joke to be used in the next issue- of the Blast. In another part of the room, cartoons were being ogled and sorted into three piles — those to be discarded, those to be put in the Blast, and those to be sent to Playboy. It was in the wee, small hours of the morning before the last light was extinguished, but we felt our loss of sleep had been worthwhile. As we left, we turned to look at the attractive house, and one of my companions shook his head in doubt: " Never would dream it could come out of there, would you? " ■r 1 1 1 Q i! .? f f I f i I f f " . • • w - J 4 m ' Mif • • ■ - Mar Ucih Allti.. ■- u, .,,. n.,,, luK ,. ,.i,,i. .,,- .. . I.M.M.u. .,...,. -, ., . . .v. v, .u.,.,. Mifil n kiinball. Carol Coxcrdalc. Judy L nn. (olccn harlcy. J-OL K 1 M KUVk : Koicmary UI%on. Hrisiilla (.hriitianien. Merrie Mitchell. Diana Bauman. Facnc F. arn. Dcanna Johnson. Judy Christol. PaJ DcLav. Carolyn Lilly, Mary Nc illc. Jane Nelson. M Pfister. Shirley Scholien Janice Farrcll THIRD ROW: Elaine Ulaker. Barb ara Ceravolo. Johnna George. Caihv Hansen. .Mrs Klock. Jan Lloyd. Teresa Dailey. Marpe Anderson. Jane Shull. Doitic Olsen SECOND ROVC: Karen HuRhci. Dee JC ' ells. Jo Kocnig. Donna Kinnes. Mavre Hilton. Peg .Mc luskcy. Karen Gross. Barbara Van Houten. Lola Sumner. Nano- Hales. Sandy Siesens. Jackie Nsgaard. FIRST ROW: lanuc VChiiaker. Sylsia Egebo. Jincy Black. Nancy Mahloch. Joan Siedronsky. Karen Brown. Liz Sirohmeier. Mary Jean Cloud. DarUne Assman aMmuM — »-. ' .I ' m.:. ATA H ii ' r m ' §, " f • re BA( K ROW- Tonv arifis Bill Duerre, Larry Osborn, (ohn Varvel, Tom Simmons. Darylc Roth, Curt Hanks, Bob R n, CharL Mamie B 1 Dickson Harry Schwartz, Dick Paulson. F.v Comstock, Skip Peterson. Don Skaro Bob Georgeson. Ed Bu- Lk Jerry jols nseL URTH ROW: LeRoy Hellwig. Ken Ingalls, Glenn Carlis, Jesse Riddle. Bob Daughters. Jack Sanjord " " ■jyne Cogell, John Wiebe. Mike Gibson. Mike Flanagan, Ted Boyes, T spach. Chuck Collins Kearns, Don Eberlc. Jim Morton, Marion Hagg, Herman Walker. Jerry Arinstrong. Norm Headick. Lenny Pier. auch, Warren Paul Wegner. THIRD ROW: Harry ,_-.., Glenn Fingerson, Dean DcWalle, Pat Regan. Dick Mi dleton G.b Schwartz Jerry 56 Bill Jensen, Dave Wegner, Merlyn Bach, Ed Callahan, Lane Nelson. Dave Reeder. Bob Nason, Jack , I.te, James Graf, Delta Tau Delta Final week fracas Mri. Johnbon. Housemother It was rush week. All along the patio the choice specimens of the entire active chapter awaited the approaching rushees — - " Aren ' t they ever coming? I ' m starving! " Presently a group of rushees rounded the corner, faces shining and hands still shaking from their first rush that noon. The actives were seen to flex the muscles of their right arms, and the word was passed — " Here they come — smilel " Meanwhile, we had noted a rustling behind the bushes in front of the white-pil- lared front porch. Investigation disclosed that behind each bush lurked a second-semester pledge, armed to the teeth and sworn to kill on sight any dog venturing onto the premises. Bob Nason, President 57 Kappa Alpha Theta Marylou Renne, President He ' s just the neatest! From within the Kappa Alpha Theta house came the sounds of revelry, and we knew a rush party was in progress. Not wishing to disturb the merry-makers, we were about to pass on our way when we noticed a furtive, cigar-smoking figure lurking outside the din- ing room window. Immediately we apprehended the culprit. " Hey, wot is this. ' " demanded a high-pitched voice. " What ' s the idea of hiding here in the bushes? " we asked. " I ' m in a skit, " she replied, for indeed it was a female, " and if you ' ll let go of me, I ' m s ' posed to be going in through that window right now! " Stalling, we countered, " A likely story — with a cigar. " Then, from inside, " Hey, two guys are holding one of the girls outside — after ' em! " We departed hastily, after throwing our friend into the dining room through the window. Mrs. Ball. Housemother 58 V i " • : lg L " ■■■ ■ lJ _ 1 Jf I - 1 14 171 ii: nM I Lit BACK ROW: Wanda Horrell. Myrna Baker, Barb Friebcrg. Pat Miller, Gcorjjc Ann Weedman, Jackie Lalley, Barb Ricmann. Joan Sour. Dell Spiegel, Sherry Lane, Arlcne Emery, Jo Blue. Parmella Bedford, Sharon Rohrobaugh, Marion Cash. FOIRI II ROW; Kathy Fluhariy. Rtnce Binder, Diane Fosier. Ellen Masse. Jane Bowles, Marjean X ' al(ner, Sharon Crosen. Sharon Jamison, Norma X iikham. Carla Thoeike, Mary Ann Kling, Karen Cole, Sandy Simpson. Rufh Reulter, Nila Stadhcim, Dccde Olson. .Mars Fluharty. Mary Jeffs. THIRD RO X : Ann Fuller, Linda Foghi, Joni Lmdcrmann. Marylu Qucrna. Maylou Renne. Mrs. Ball. Jeanne Redfield. Elaine Bryant. Jean Benson, Verla Aitig, Fran Drey. SECOND ROVC ' : Kay Ervin Barbara Sippel. DcDce .Ntpstad. Janei Nelson, P«i Gales, Liz Crandall. Karen McBride, Amaryllis Heinz, Mary Pat Barstow, Jane Dahl. FIRST ROW : Robm Rabusch, Jcannine Stration. Sindra Hubner, Mary Desmond, Karen Nelson, Joan Barrick. Marearet Stahl. .Martha f lark. Linda Lecdnm jg w ri ■Sl ■iiCUBl 1 BACK ROW: (Jiu.k llacrtcr, Jack Crawford, Jim Granim, Don Johnson, Lowell Jacobson, Dean Nicden, Gary Nelson, Jim Gilliland, Bcrnie Benson, Warren Smyth, Tom Johnson, Gene Michaelson, Skip Swenson. FOURTH ROW: Doyle HaRg, Chuck Gant, John Mattson, Jim Mateicka, Russell Schultz. Denny Holse, Joe Lien, Ken Knudson, Paul Koenigner, Bob Mundt, George Stoneback, Larry Headley, Lonny Cross, Steve Pearson, Jim Weeks, LeRoy Jones, Laurel Thoreson. THIRD ROW: Al Brown, Dave Williams, Harvard Koth, John Swei nes, Mrs. Knapp, Jerry Lammers, Owen Hyde, Mark Johnson, Terry Schutz, Ralph Bernard, Henry Diutsman, SECOND R ' W: Walter Canney, Keith Tidhall, Boyd McMurthie. Clark Conover. Willis Buell, Bill lohin, Jim Hansvik, Darrcll Spilde, John Speakman, Greg Greenlee. FRONT ROW: Derek Eaton, Marv Wackendorf, Bob Fischer, Tom Keating, Dick Lynch, Larry Meadors, George Huettle, Bob Walser, John Reese. Lambda Chi Alpha Mr;.. Knapp. Houstmoihc-r A bunch of blowhards The colonial-type house stood stark and still against the backdrop of snow and slate-grey sky. In the chaf - ter room, the brothers, draped in dark coats and hats, listened to the house president. " Very well, men, " he was saying. " If there are no further questions, we will assume that each of us knows his assignment. Now, who goes first? " A tall, keen-eyed man detachetl him- self from the edge of the group and disappeared up- stairs bearing a powerful pair of binoculars. Stationing himself in one of the third-floor rooms, he faced west- ward through the window and settled himself, grimly watching, waiting . . . H ( K KOV lorn Moore, Wally Fritkson. Bob Odiaiui, Jim Brodcrscn. Ross Dates, Joe Bertsch, Bill Bre Jack Baiclielcr. Larry Kocer, Dennis Andersen, Chuck Hutchinson. FOURTH ROW: Tom Pugh, Gary C;huck Poore, Don Delzel, John Hoggatt, Denny Ortmeier, Bob Carter, Don Harmel, Chuck Ruhr, Rocky Quam, Ron Miller Rich Anderson, Jim Lancaster. THIRD ROW: Jim Burns, Frank Edington, Dick Wood. Dick Brown, Jim Ide, Bob Kroupa Roger Burkart, Forry Webb, Doug Pay, Niel Geirson, Jim Clark. Ralph Hoggatt, Dick Hosking. SECOND ROW: Clark Hein baugh, Gary Richards, Chuck Stiles, Bill Jenkins, Mrs. Plautz, Dick Flannery, Gary Carter, Ray Ernest, Bill Garnet, Jim Schcuraubrand. FRONT ROW: Ron Peterson, John Rawlings, Bob Stangel, Bob Chapman, Roland Ericsson, Rich Reimers, Jim Kelley, Morris Rasmussen, John Hosking. Phi Delta Theta Farewell to Jak. We called the Phi Delt house and explained to the voice that answered that we wanted to talk to a certain fella about getting some copy for the Coyote. " Just a moment, " he replied, " and I ' ll call him. " Soon The Voice returned. He couldn ' t call our friend, he ex- plained, because the intercommunication system was clogged with soot. " I ' d like to explain, " he continued, " but we ' re having an exchange and I ' m supposed to be standing on the hole that ' Jake ' dug in the carp et. Go id-bye. " VC ' e were a bit confused about the inter- com system, but we did know about " Jake " (itt pace retfuiescal) so we hung up and went to work with what material we had. 63 Pi Beta Phi Deede Woods, President The trail had been long and hard, but we had finally arrived. For the last few blocks we had been directed to our destination by a series of arrows pinned, strangely enough, to pledges ' sweaters. We noted the quality of the girls filling the sweaters and decided that, indeed, the Pi Phi ' s must be a very fashion-con- scious group. Looking into this matter further, we investigated the clothes line behind the house. It was festooned with a number of crisp white articles and we began taking copious notes. Our work was inter- rupted, however, by the cook, who smiled sweetly and said, " Sorry, but the houseboys are waiting for these dishtowels. " Mrs. Workman, Housemother HA( K ROU ' Karen Pool. Lorctia Dean. Nancy Gibson. Al Oi(. Mary Ruth I.ang. Al Raabc. Diane Forney. Cynthia Chanev. Lcshe Smith Jolenc Peter on. SK((iND ROW: julaine lohnson. Thco Rayhurn. Georgia Thiclen, Dorothy Gurncy. Marge Fairbanks. Linda Fyrcs. Ann Hollemnn. Janice Ncilscn. Linda Dewhirst. MariUn Tronk. Nancy Weigcr. FIRST ROVC: Sharon Gregg. Karen Freiberg. Kay Mi( ahren. Deede U ' oods, Mrs Vi ' orkman. Karia Gundtrsen. Gail Gellcrman. Peggy Riggs. Karen Thoreson. FOIRTH ROW: Susan Wilson, Jane Hogan. Louise Anderson. Karen Lindquisf, Dessa Lang. Coleta Beringer, Dotty Coe, Karen Wise, Audrey Siders, Nanr Posey. I Bm 1 9 -9 imi t . ♦ 1 l« BACK ROW; Larry Pascoe, Ron Bartels, George Donahoe, Tom Green, Paul Mahoney. Newt Noble, Jerry Hermanek. Rod Skillman, Wally Klawitter, Arlo Rottelle, Bill Eibert, Rog Mickelson, Dalian Hendrickson, Jack Dryden. Gary Conradi. FOURTH ROW: Jim Leach, Bill Brown, Jerry Huber, Ken Morrow, Joe Campbell, Jim Dunn, Gordy Holmes, Palmer Peter- son, Pete Schmidt, Clair Thieland, Dan Swain, Doug Tuttle. Phil Rysdon. THIRD ROW; Mike Gunin. Don Monroe, Art Birdseye, Bob Hammil, Gene Kennedy, Jerry Roland, Rob Gaylor, Tom Ryan, Delton Aasland, John Anderson, GeorRe Hauge, Mark Wilson, Rick Jeffs, SECOND ROW; Gene Chamley, Dick Klock, Harold Viehweg, Al Aistrope, Carlos Kem- per, Joel Scverson, Jim Grant, Jack Stewart, Al Brevick, Don Schwertly. Bob Taylor, Bob Matausek, Webb Brewster, Frank Laschicotte. FRONT ROW; Bob Redfield, Jerry Webster, lim Krueger, Jim Coomes, Newt Walters, Dick Burns, LeWayne Ericson, Henry Hawk, Marty Blackstone, Rog Kielman, Tim Sterns, Verles Miller, Sigma Alpha Epsilon [y Blackstone. President The man from the Army Engineers was irate. " Now listen, fellas, " he was saying, " it says right here in the ■Rules of Navigation of the Inland Waters of the United States " that . . . " He was interrupted by one of the brothers. " Hey. someone ' s going to have to go up and fix that light again — it keeps flickering. " His an- nouncement was punctuated by a stentorian fog-horn belching its way through the open door. " Now see here, ' the Army man went on . . . Another one of the boys popped in the door — " Hey fellas, you ' d better come on out here. Governor Foss is circling the house and he kecf s radioing for landing instructions. " BACK KOW [);,v„l H.,sk,ns„„, Jim Patnaud, David Cheney, Tom Mansheim. THIRD ROW: Roger Anderson Gordon Goddicr, Tun Krapfl, Gar; Ditkiiison, Gary Harms. SECOND ROW: Bernard Martin, Lee Storey, Mrs. Weller, Ron Jen- sen, Darrel Anderson, Fred Ycagcr. FRONT ROW: Davud Tesdell. Willard Lind, Dick Sillians, Craig Loe, Bill Byrnes, bod Rowse, Bob Tollefson. Theta XI and Ron Jensen, Studying stinks! From inside the whitewashed walls of the house there was the sound of instrumental music — all kinds of it. Jam, classical, semi-classical, and that indefinable sound any instrumental group seems to make as it runes up. There was a pause, then a progressive jazz theme seemed to draw the various parts of the combo into a strange unity. The ivy on the south side of the house rustled solemnly in approval as the parts of the theme diverged, rejoined, and embellished each other. There was one other lonely light burning in the con- fines of the Theta Xi house — yes, the housemother was really cracking the books. 69 Miss Vanitif Fair 1958 Muriel Pfister ,-»• $ Pee Wee Hunt Picks Miss Vanity Fair Nationally famous band leader Pee Wee Hunt kept dancers waiting quite a while as he took time out to select this year ' s Miss Vanity Fair Muriel Pfister. Above and at the left Pee Wee checks the beauties with Coyote editor Chuck Ruhr. Pee Wee was happy to pick Miss Vanity Fair, hut he had one complaint, he would rather have picked her in person than by pictures. LESLIE SMITH ROBIN RABUSCH A fNA SUE KAWELL 75 PATRICIA HENKINS SYLVIA SWIFT RONALEE KELLEY ALVERA RAABE v. CARI.A TIIOEI.KE VERNIDA WIESE MATTIE SCHIRBER ■ fe ' % ' :.M Miss Dakota 1957 Patricia Mickelson Al Miss Unioersitu Patricia Miller •ms ' • B mVl Im ' mJ r M Honorary Cadet Colonel Janet Nelson s •-r J ' i fc: DELTA TAU DELTA SWEETHEART Elizabeth Crandall LAMBDA CHI ALPHA SWEETHEART Sharon Smebakken PHI DFI.TA THITA SWFFTHFART S.indra Sona THETA XI SWEETHEART Dclores Johnson 85 SYLVIA SWIFT Rose of Delta Sigma Pi ARLEE FREIER Alpha Tau Omega MISS YOl ' NG RFPl ' BLICAN Jane Dahl MISS YOUNG DEMOCRAT Nancy Aikens 87 Mortar Board Annette Salmon, Karen Thorson, Ann Fuller, Mary Ruth Lang, Marge Anderson. Katherine Ha Fairbanks, Janet Gillette, Jan Lloyd, Jean Redfield, Marjorie Rogers, Deede Woods, Linda Foght The tapping of new members of Mortar Board takes place each spring during Swingout. From then on it is up to the new members to uphold the high ideals of leadership and service for the betterment of the university. The senior women of Mortar Board appear on campus lart red blazers and cord ski Omicron Delta Kappa Dean Knapp, Monroe Billington. Robert Mar m. Donald Duncan. Douglas, Lloyd BallhaRen, Bill Eng John Graff, Craig Tisher. " Scholarship, leadership, and character " is the motto for this newly formed group of senior men. This year their primary interest was in selling foreign film tickets, however, they also instigate school leadership and aid in Dakota Day preparations. 91 who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities Julie Plan, Craig Tisher " College leaders of today will be the nation ' s leaders of tomorrow " and the members of Who ' s Who will be numbered among them. These individuals have reached for a goal which includes high scholarship, service for their school, and participation in campus activities. They are an inspiration to others following behind as well as for themselves in the future. Their names are placed in a directory which is circulated throughout the nation. Jean Redfi Dick Flanncry, Patricia Mickelson Marge Anderson, Donald Duffy Decde Woods and Anthony Buckmcier Jeanice Anderson, Ann Fuller Marjorie Rogers, Mary Ruth Lang Mark Johnson, Ruth Bartlett Norm Hcadrick. Janet Gillet Karen Thorson, Jan Lloyd Kathern Hanson, Annette Salmon James Krueger, William Jenkins. Lois Rossow Merlyn Banck, Cliff Daniels i r " ! . ' • w Lloyd Ballhagen. Linda Foght Phi Beta Kappa STANDING: Dr. Vauhn, Robert Martin, Les Duly, Dick Gowen, Gary Woodlc, Myron Fahrenwald. John Smiley, Kern Odeen. Bill Tosch, Dennis Bormann, Dr. Eckman. SITTING: Mary Eckman, Sonja Stewart, Janet Gates, Carol Reedy, JoAnn Jordahl. Alpha Lambda Delta Ruth Fairbank ' ,, Elizabeth Cutler, Lorctta Dean, Joanne Johnson, Dtlores Johnson, Beverly Letellicr, Jo S)l ia Johannson. Karen Pool, Mrs. Murdy. 99 Phi Eta Sigma BACK ROW: Jim Donahoe, Lloyd Bellhagen, Dick Harvey, John Hoggatt, John McCain, Russel Kappenman, VancL- Ktllcy, Craig Tisher, Howard Connors. FRONT ROW: Bob Graves, Keith Scobell, Dick Gowan, Larry Sinianttl. Dave Eyres, Mick Weaver, Doug Pay, Bob Mundt. ,. .?...f J -« f ft ' mwimv - I s !i! i ii r Phi Mu Alpha Mu Phi Epsil on Mary Ann Murphy, Ruth Partio, Pa Wek. Elaine Lanp, Lorctta Stovillc. Bi Carol Lehman; piani ' it. Then Rhvburn. icia DcLay, Connell, Sy Elizabeth Cutlet Ivia Johanson. C. . Betty Moorehead, Hazel Jenson eo Ann Harrington. Ruth Banlett. 101 Eta Sigma Phi DR BEEDE, ROBERT BENSON, LLOYD BALLHAGEN, CLAYTON OFSTAD, DICK GOWAN, ODESSA LANG, CLARICE VOORHEES, TOM MOORE, MARY RUTH LANG. Dakotans This fine group under the direction t)f Norm Headrick have a professional eye for beauty, as was shown in their choice of Miss L ' niversity who became the first beauty for South Dakota. This senior men ' s group IS seen on campus wearing blazers with pocket crests. As beauty is their field they also see thai all coeds are adorned with " MUMS " for Dakota day. They are also endowed with the priv- ilege of picking spring Skip Day. Norm Hcadrkk U O. Dillarou Robert Rowse Mark Job M. 103 Strollers S 1 ( w] iak«.;, ' e ' ' « ' ' John Cr.iff 104 John H.1II Stroller organization consists of hare! working, industrious, young men whose two primar tlutics art organizing and putting through the annual Stroller show and checking ith the " weather bureau " to make sure the annual Stroller Blizzard is on scheilule. These young men can be readily identified for they are the only men on campus with money in their pockets the ear around. n.irr Sihwari Llovd Ballhasen Roy Terwilligcr Roptr Anderson 1 cm Moore Carlos Kemper Chuck Siilcs John Swcnnc 105 Student Senate The Student Senate is the legislative body of SUSD Its membership is equally divided between the Greek and non-affiliated factions on campus. The Univer sity ' s non-affiliates send a senator from each zone and each fraternity and sorority on campus is repre sented by a senator. The Senate ' s presiding officer is the Student Body President, this year Dick Flannery who is assisted by Norm Headrick, Vice President and Marilyn Frandsen, Secretary. Their goal — a better student body and better town-campus relations. BACK ROW: Dave William. Fred Yeafier, Bruce Hardens. Richard Bipclow. Russell Wilson. Bob Woodward. Dick Flancry, John McCain. Jerry Martin, Norm Headrick. SECOND ROW; Glenn A. Fingerson Lee Bess. Bob Redfield. Leonard E. Andrea, Tip French. Sam Collins, Elton Shauf. Henry Eakins Robert J. Maule, Dr. Frank M. Lewis. FIRST ROW: Marv Lictzke, Marilyn Frandsen, Karla Gunderson, Janet Nelson, Jeanette Lewison, Mary Tomas, Liz Sirohmcier, Shirley Burke, Mary Thies. Publications Board BA( K RO « : h C. Tr.Xiig. J II Juli..n. Bill Slatiery. THIRD ROW: 5iilliam J Maxwell, Bob Minclsiacd(. E C Hhrcnspcrgcr. SECOND RO X ' : Chuck Ruhr. Lloyd Ballhascn. Dec Drydcn. FIRST ROW: Julie Plait, Linda Foghc McKee, Janet Nelson. Social Committee STANDING: M.irlan Hoff. Flton Shauf, Merlyn Banek sl. TED: John Suenncs, Darlcne Scmmler. Norma Glazier, Hi%erly Letellier, Marjorie Burke, Bob Nason, Nancy Tobin, Harold Viehweg, Geegee Johnson, Carole Hammond, Ross Community Artists Committee Lois Tichoia. Beverly Buhn. Pit DeLay, Cleo Ann Harring- ton. Dick Flannery. Convocation Committee HACK ROW: Audrey Todd. Michael Weaver. Thco Rayburn FRONT ROW: r M Mickey. C. A. Chaffee. W, O. Farber. 107 Independent Student Association The Independent Students Association serves as the sounding board for SUSD ' s non-affiliated students. As well as playing an important part in campus politics, the ISA promotes social events such as the Orientation Week Mixer, Winter Formal, and many others. Officers for the first semester were Dick Bigelow, President, and Cliff Daniels, Vice-President. The second semester saw Cal Whalen and Barbara Morris in those two positions. BACK ROW: Barbara Morris. Merlyn Banek, Roger Eggen, Robert Pitts, Clifton Daniels, Sigurd Jensen, Russell Wilson. Keith Puhl, John E. Blake, George Jensen, Homer Kandaras, Cliff Neuroth, Shirley Burke, Audrey Todd. THIRD ROW; Dick Bigelow, Ardis LeBeau, Eleanor Sorensen, Mary E. Tomas, Madonna Chaussee, Sally Casey, Joyce Oster, Vonda Tucker, Norma Holzwarth, Normagene Hale, Dale H. Brown, John Goetzinger, Lou Ann Caton, Lyle Berge, Marjorie Burke. Darlene Semmler. SECOND ROW: Bev- erly Letellier, Lilly Seller, Carole Hammond, Alma Conroy, Mary Peterson, Joyce Medberry. Ja " ' Mol- stad, Phyllis Larson, Mary Thies, Lynne Danielson, Pat Johnson, Bev Labbitt, Maryann Murphy. FIRSI ROW; Monte Spinar, Hugh ' McGlashon, Jr., Duane L. Johnson. Marion D. Nichols, Walt Buhler, O. Gene Shirk, Jess Corrigan, Gary Reibsamen. Harlan G. Hoff. Thomas Chamberlain Association of Women Students BACK ROVi " ; Kath Fluhara, Mary Alice Clifton. Johneite Crow. Lois Tichota, Pat Mickelson, Jean En ;el, Marge Poppens, Bett McFarland, Deede Woods. FRONT ROW: Shary Huisman. Georgia Westra. Jan Lloyd. Maylou Renne. Anne Cover, Annette Salmon, Dean Eleanor Norton, Theo Rayburn, Ellen Hasse. Jean Engel. Nancy Tobin. Annette Salmon. TTieo Rayburn. Johnctte Crow. The Association of VC ' omen Students is the governing body for the University coeds. AWS is a representa- tive group with a membership composed of girls from all housing units and sororities. The r egulations set forth by AWS are compiled in a pamphlet, the Coed 0)de, which is published annually and is presented to each woman student. The officers for the past year were: President, Annette Salmon; Vice-President, Jean Engel; Secretary, Nancv Tobin; Treasurer, Theo Rayburn; lAWS Coordinator, Johnette Crow. Panhellenic Council The Panhellenic Council, working with the Panhell- enic Alumnae Advisory Board, serves as the governing body for the sorority groups at SUSD. Composed of two girls from each house, this group has charge of harmonizing and regulating the sorority rushing pro- gram. It also gives its support to new students through the Big-Little Sister Program and the publishing of a rushee ' s handbook. BACK ROW: Jan Gillette, Anne Cover, Pat Mickelson, Karen Fool. SECOND ROW: Jan Lloyd, Lois Rossow, Pat DeLay, Suzanne OConner. FIRST ROW: Maylou Rennc, Karen Freiberg, Jackie Nygaard, Marge Rogers. 110 Interfraternity Council The govorninj; group behind the University men ' s Greek-letter orgrtni ations is the Interfraternity Coun- cil. Under the leadership of this year ' s IFC president, the Council formulates and administers rushing rules and promotes better relations between the men ' s social organizations. It is no problem for each fraternity to find the two required representatives for the Council. One of the organization ' s principal functions is the sponsorship of the Miss University contest each spring! BACK ROW: Bob Nason. Jerry Lammers. Mike Stoebner. SECOND ROW: Darrcll Spiidt FRONT ROW: Tony Buckmeier. Gary Ellis. Stuart Leafstedi, Len Berg. Krucger Young Republicans As voters and voters-to-be, the Young Republicans are active in campus political and social activities. During the year prominent Republicans are invited to speak to this group and to all interested students. It is through the work of groups such as this that we in the University are kept in close touch with the problems of a nation in whose government we will soon have a voice. BACK ROW; Byran K. H.ixvlcv, Dan Lamke, GeorKc Ufford, Dn .. Kent Scribner, John 7,ii l..i Kuk Johnson, Jane Hogan, D.iiiiia Sen Mickelson, Sherry Lane, Cyndy (1 Anne Kawell, Dorothy Lundqu ' Geepee Donna Thielen, Linda Hyrcs, Dotty Cole ,nd lim Morgans. FOURTH RO X ' : Tim Stern. Bill Stottt n Rhodes Robert Soukup, Dick Parker, Tony Buckmeier, ,m Rich THIRD ROW: Myrna Baker, Leslie Smith, Nanci Schmitt, Cynthia Getz, Mary Surges, Georgia Westra. Pat ,.„, j c Foster, Janice Moynihan, Nancy Tobin, Dianne Forney, SFCOND ROW: Peggy Riggs, Patty Gates, Karen Axness, Judy Mogck, " johnson. Mary Lynne Campbell, Beverly ' Stearns, Audrey Potter, Judy Swander. FIRST ROW: Brooks, Susan Wilson, Sara Danforlh, Nancy Weiger. Louise Anderson, Karen Wise, Georgia Political Science League BACK RO X : Pat Regan. Jack Friese, Butch Wieb, Roger Barthelow, Tom Bray, Homer Kandaras, Sam Dicks. SECOND ROW: Glenn Fingerson, Paul Hasse, Jane Dahl, Virginia Tarver, Johnette Crow, Mar)- Fluharty, Amaryllis Heinz, Jim Donahoe, Vic Smith. FIRST ROW: Marylu Querna. Joan Sour. Norma Glazier, Kay Ervin, Karen Steinocker, Jincy Black, Betty McLaughlin. BACK ROW: Kent Scribner, Elton Shaut, td Bubak, Homer Kandaras, George Jensen, David Dyke, Jack Crawford, Don Skaro, Jerry Schleicher. SECOND ROW: Tony Zarifis, Don Bale, Jim Vander- Scharf, Tom Ranney, Dan Lamke, Bob Murray, Avery Long, Michael R. Weaver, Byron R. Hawley, Dr. Edv ard B. Richards. FIRST ROW: Dr. W. O. Farber, Dr. C:arl Christol, Peggy Riggs, Nancy Uecgcr, Cyndv Chaney. Norma Jacobsen. Jane Dahl, Dr. Frank M. Lewis, Mr. William Griffin. Young Democrats Coyote Just how fast time can go can hardly be impressed any deeper than when one is trying to meet a dead- line for the Coyote. Then, suddenly, the work is over for another year, only to start again the next fall under new management. So goes the activity in the Coyote office — and those connected with SUSD ' s yearbook love it! We hope that through this year ' s Coyote we have presented the University ' s Diamond Jubilee Year in an organized manner that pictures our yearbook ' s formative days. Editor Linda Foght Business Manager Jean Redficid ' ' Assistant Editor Jane Shull Section Editors BACK ROW; Vicki Oakland. Jean Engel, Lois Rossow, Janet Nelson, Sharon Huisman. SEC- OND ROW: Dorothy Lundquist, Kay Ervin. Bob Woodward, Johnette Crow. FIRST ROW: Audrey Potter, Nancy Tobin. Sharon Gregg, Peggy Riggs. Phoio rapntr ' . Pete Hoffman, Richard Simons, Dick Bigelow. Volante Editor Lloyd Ballhagen Managing Editor Anne Fuller The Volante, circulator of campus news, strives to keep our University students informed of current happenings in our community. During the week the ambitious reporters scurry here and there gathering news concerning the sports, social, and educational aspects of our college life. Editor Ballhagen keeps his able group of columnists, reporters, and circulation staff jumping to faithfully report each and every happening. On Tuesday morning of each week, the Volante is distributed and ready to be read. Monday night circulation Sporis Editor Bob Woodward 117 Blast Dakota Day, Strollers, Mothers Day . . . time for the Blast!! With Julie Piatt at the editor ' s seat. South Dakota ' s only campus humor magazine soared to record-breaking sales figures this year. With the able assistance of Pat Regan and business manager Bob Kroupa, Editor Julie produced three rib-tickling, campus-pleasing magazines. A smoke-filled room, empty Coke bottles, overflowing ashtrays and waste- paper baskets, occasional giggles and hearty guffaws, pin-ups and copy littered about . . . each and all an integral part of Our Own Blast! } The Blast staff hard at work. " S» Siution ManuKi- Located on the fourth floor of the Union building, radio station KUSD provides a training ground for Radio and Television majors. Besides keeping the campus informed, it also gives the city of Vermillion and the surrounding area the finest in news, music, and sporting events. The University of the Air broadcasts lectures from the classroom and the School of the Air supple- ments the curriculum in many elementary schools with its pro- grams. More and more is being done each year in the television field. News Bureau The University News Bureau, directed by Bill Slattery, is responsible for distributing material about the University and its students to news- papers throughout the state. Student reporters gather news and write the stories. These stories are mailed to the editors of the many South Dakota newspapers. This service insures favor- able publicity for the school and offers excellent experience for University journalists. Bill Slattery News Bureau Director Student Recruitment Stuilcnt Kccruitnicm is chu cjmpus orj anization de- sij»ncd for the purpose of attracting prosfxrctive fresh- men to the University. Members of this group visit high schiwl career and college days to promote in- terest in SL ' SD. They send out literature about the various opportunities available. In the spring, they sponsor the Mid- X ' est Youth Conference to honor the outstanding high sch(H)l seniors as determined by the Batson tests. Tom Rich is the president of the Student Recruitment Committee. BA(,K ROW: Tom Rich, Charles Gant. Karen Schtmpp. Lois Rossow. Audrey Potter. Dave (.hnslenscn. Lew.yne Erkk- son. John Berry. FIRS I ROVC Kay Er%in. Sherry Lane, Perm Bedford, Sandra Simpson. Hieh. DeDee Nepstad. 123 c H E S S c L U B Pete Lundberg, Gary Reibsamen, Marion Nichols, John Kourajian, Ansis Blakis. P E P C L U B BACK ROW: David Dyke, John Speakman, Gene Michaelson. Jim Morton, Jerry Bauch, Don Skaro, Roger Eggen, Lee Bess, Thomas Chamberlan. Gib Schwartz, Bob Walser, Thomas R. Knutson. SECOND ROW; Carol Foster, Karen Runge, Judith Swander, Gretchen Schmitt, Nanci Johnson, Jincy Black, Geegee Johnson. Norma Holzwarth, Mary Young, Darlene Semm- ler, Audrey Todd, Evelyn Whitehouse, Mary Tomas, Ardis LeBeau, Pat Johnson, Lorraine Schwalm, Pat Grover. FIRST ROW: Norman Schoch. Derek Eaton, Ted Boyes, Jeanice Anderson, Tom Rich, Rick Johnson, Ken Knudson. Marge Anderson, Bob Fischer, Vaughn Thompson, Tom Chaffee. .124 BACK ROW: Franklin J. Wallahan, Don Duffy. Jack Crawford, Lewayne Erickson, Tony Buckmcicr. Duanc Anerson. Jim Hare. FRONT ROW: David Sieler, Robert Gehler. Robert Hacdcr. lack Holi. Homer Kandaras, Bob Mittclstaedt. BACK ROW: Nancy Tobin. Karia Gunderson, Jo Blue. Georgia Westra Kay Wheeler. Donna Moellcr. Marge Poppens. Mary Jeffs. Lola Smith. Norma Jacobscn. Peggy Riggs. Roscmar Salk. Dorothy Rantapaa. SECOND ROW: Jackie Tholen. Carol Foster. Karen Freiberg. Lynn Loebe. Barbara James. Kathy Elvin. Mary Finger, Diane Foster. Coleta Bcringer. FIRST ROW: Amaryllis Heinz. Kay Ervin. Pat Effling. Shirley Nelin. Jane Dahl, Sandy Simpson. Nancy Weiger. Louise Anderson. Susan Wilson, Jody McKenzie. BACK ROW: Fred Yeager, Jim Randall, Tony Zarifis, Dick Frieberp, Tod Willy, Homer Kandaras,. I " Larry Luther, James Skaine, Dr. Merril Baker. FIRST ROW; Ralph Hoggatt, Marge Rogers, Donna ' ' Sonne, Mary Garvey, Lola Smith, Marge Poppens, Cynthia Selchert, Pat Effling, Alfred Denny, | Tom Rich. Shirley Burke, Dr. Merrill T. Baker, Todd Willy, Dick Frieberg, Dr. Harold M. Jordan. r E " " B F A r T o E N B 1 7 O R A O J R L J D BACK ROW: Delbert Eilders. Kaaren Axness, Janet Gillette, Mis: nette Salmon, Joan Ltnderman, Miriam Carrie k, Gloria Tagiow. aler. FIRST ROW: Ar BACK ROU ' : Delbert J. Petty, Robert M. Stellcr, Ralph J. Stin-,on. Jerry Shannon, Bruce Kammarmeyer, Harlan Bos, Delyle Baltzcr, Gerald Huber, Donald Gehler, Lylc Bockwoldt Jerauld Kluckman, Robert Void, James Bockelman, Robert Patch, Stanley Nelson, Gordon Kassel, George Douma, Murlyn Bickel, Lloyd Port. SECOND K X ' : William C. Crampton Keith L. Scobcll, Lawrence D. Atkcrman, Dale Walsh, Marvin D.tis, Roger Hanson, Harvey Gellinga, Boyd Bywater, Ramon Sthoenewe, Frederick Guyot, William Schlimgen, Earl Bull ington, Gary McMahon, Orion Benson. Delmar Veen, Ronald Ostby, James Cyvig. FIRST ROW: Bernard Born, Jr., Rodney Rieszen, Wardell Giedt, George Shull. Luis Nogales, Ver lis Miller. Jerry Roland. Harry Levene, Charles Gough, Wayne Freeburg, Richard Kostboth Clifford Berg. O n •,f lift " ; - A n M A B 1 S U N S s u 1 S c N E S S T R A T O N A T O N Jerry Roland, Larry Ackerman, Kaaren Axness, Joan Linderman. BACK ROW: H Greenlee, George Stengel, Stanley ion Aasland. L. Grathwohi, Douma, Gary Lassegard. Karer Ruben Nelson, There Maulis, Bob W Delyle Baltzer, son, James Wa seman. John Evans, Milo Mach, Greg LeRoy Lentz. FRONT ROW: Jack sh, Allen Brown, Glen Carlis, Del- 1 1 - 5| 19 ill 1 U!]jJ | PL 1 Ky 1 NU mUOkj 1 ' m[ HBbh 1 n nm ■ w L A V R fc V E W B O A R D BACK ROW: Pete Lundberp. Charles Pnchcs, Jr., Douglas Austin, James Nelson. Gerald L. Reade. FRONT ROW: Travis H. Lewin, Donald L. Heck. Denver Kaufman, Bruce Blake, Roger A. Peterson. BACK ROW: Al Heupel. Jim Young. Gil DcnHartog. Bill Norton. Jim Bodersen. Bill Engel. Delmar Knudson. Myron Fahrcnwald. Harry Nicholson. Earl Nelson. Jim VonSeggern. Don- ald J. Davis, James Hovland. Darrold Stoebner. Rolf Husted. FOURTH ROW: Everett C Koenig. Chris Moller. Milo Messner. Clark Hyden. James Garrick. Donald Nicholson. How- ard Otto. Miles Archibald. Constantine Flevares. Gerald Kessler. Allen Mittelpunkt. Ross Elson. Tom Bunker. Ronald Hastings. Peter J. Krupocki. C. Craig Tishcr. John Hoggatt. Bill Greenough, George Angelos. THIRD ROW: Daniel Johnson. Robert D. Johnson. Norman Olsen. Lee French, Natalie Jensen, Nita Allman. Joyce Byllesby. Howard L. Lang. Swid Ne- horavan. Peter M. Mark. Charles Kennedy. Lawrence Rossman. SECOND ROW: Robert Kel- ler. Creigbton Edwards. Bill Zaayer. Jim Monfore. Wayne Nichols. Doyle Hagg. Derald M. Reade Robert Swan. Don XX ' right. Thomas German. Terry McFarland. Don Powers. FIRST ROW: William E. Pierson. Jon Gates. Marco Batali. Jack Reid. John Judge, Dean Towie, John Hoskins. Tom Bairnson. John W. Smiley. 129 BACK ROW: Marilyn Frandsen. Diane Bauman, Janice Milk-man. Donna Moeller, Anne Cover, Norma Buus, George Anne Weedman. Jackie Lalley, Dee Brost, June Frantz, Faene Evans, Mary Young. Joan Sour. FOURTH ROW: Ruth Reutter, Norma Jacobsen, Kathy Winkler. Jackie Gustafson, Margaret Stedwell, Rena Gunnare, Ardis LeBeau. Janet John son, Zita Johansen, Judy Flynn, Dorothy Ranapaa, lo Blue. Kathy Fluharty, Audrey Todd. Jill Anfinson, Mary Tomas, Norma Shields, Irene McDonnell. THIRD ROW: Alyce Quam, Carol Foster, Jean Johnson, Pris Christiansen, Kay Hilton. Teresa Dailey, Marge Anderson. Jane Nelson, Joan Barrick, Sandy Simpson, Karen McBride, Liz Crandall, Mar jean Waltner Sandy Kjellsen, Pennie Stewart, Jody McKensie. SECOND ROW: Ronalee Kelley, Betty Mc- Laughlin, Pat Effling, Shirley Scholten, Janice Whitaker, Lola Sumner, Donna Kinney, Syl via Egebo, Barbara James, Lillian Hieb, Beverly Labbitt, Karen Steinocker, Barbara Van Houten, Connie Bartels. FIRST ROW: Karen Rungc, Connie Hellwig, Jean Giles. Judy O ' Rourke, Audrae Potter, Sharon Hinsey, Pat Henkins, Jeanice Anderson, Janice Simpson, Janet Nelson. w o M E N S A S S c A 1 T A H T L 1 E O T N BACK ROW- Diane Forney. Janet Cowles, Joan Sour, Vicki Oakland, Joyce Medberry, Kay Mor ' trude, Barb Freiberg. FIRST ROW: Barb Goodell. Pris Christiansen, Betty McLaughlin, LeeAnn Barnum, Nancy Weiger, Judy Christol, Pat Miller. 130 r 0 ' rn )f r O ' ' BACK ROW; Clarice Engman. Norma Buus. Joyce Oster. Carolyn Bodley. Lillian Kl Chaussee. Ann Liebe, Carolyn Lilly, Cyndy Chaney. Marjorie Fairbanks. Julaine John ROW: Connie Hcllwig. Susanne O ' Connor, Pat Gaces, Mrs. Eastman, tva Larson. Ma Amaryllis Heinz, Kay Ervin. Darlene As man. Klein, Madonna irjorie rairuiiiiivs. juiamt jOhnson. rKvJiV I Mrs. Eastman. Eva Larson. Mabel Bessemer. BACK ROW T Wm Maxwell, Tim Stern, Boh Kroupa, Lowell Johnson, Dave Wold, Dan Lamke. Keni Scribncr. Tom Rich, Rick Johnson. FRONT ROW: Jincy Black, Vicki Oakland. Judy Chris- tol, Bev Sterns. Mary Burges, Judy Swander. Shcrr Lane, Diane Foster. Nanci Johnson. BACK ROW: Harold Richardson, Gary Souhrada. Dean Hyde, Perry Powell, Mel Carlson, Jerry Gager, Willard Lind. SECOND ROW: Malvyn Bailey, Arnold Baltzer, Kermit Olsen, Edgar Resel, Robert Sandstedt, Noel Kragness, James Jensen, Donald Purvis, Richard Jones, Donald Barkley, Dave Eyres. FIRST ROW: Robert Hicks, Gordon Goodier, Demaree Story, Charles Balcom, Ran- dall Knapp, Donald Uhl, Dick Dunwiddie. BACK ROW: M. J. Tipton. Ron Nelson, W. H. Toft. FOURTH ROW: Dave Valandry, Kirk Barker, Darrell Maurder, Jim Hammell, Cecil Harris. THIRD ROW: Wayne Pettyjohn, Charles Mickcl, Franklyn Krogman, Philip Lidel, Tip French, Robert Benson. SECOND ROW: Donald Jorgenson, Edgar Naylor, Roy Alexander, Jr., Edward Mickel, William Sevon, Joan Sevon, Shirley Jorgensen. FIRST ROW: Dr. Robert Stevenson, H. D. Carrson, Gary Gesamar, James Allen, Wil- bur Kolb, Russell Wilson. J BACK ROW: Paul Hasse, Perry Powell, John Kourajia, Wm. Tobin, Mike Sorensen, Russ Kappenman. Ray Giske, Less Bess, George Couvey. SECOND ROW: Clinton Ludeman, Rob- ert Walter, Amaryllis Heinz, Pat Johnson. Georgia Thielcn, Joyce Mcdbery, Jill Anfinson, Liz Strohmeier, Barb Ceravolo. Allan Nelson, Jack Curnow. FIRST ROW; Merten Hasse, Catherine Hansen, Wayne Gutzman, George Adolph, Marjorie Fairbanks, Wm. E. Ekman, Marjorie Beaty, Paul A. Haeder, Jerome A. Martin. BACK ROW: Ivan Volgyes, Monroe Billington. Richard Har ev. B. Harrold Knecht, Jerry Armstrong. Bill Stofft, Pat Gates, Amaryllis Heinz. Donald 7.undcl, Duane Anderson, Mary Ruth Lang. Dick Parker, Martha Clark, Karla Gunderson, Dewey Leach, THIRD ROW: Bob Carpenter. Gordon Scott. Bill Brennan, Jan Bahr, Marge Poppcns. Chuck Spies. Jane Dahl, Karen Lindquist. Alyce Quam. SECOND ROW; Jim Kelley, Chuck Stiles, Michael R. Weaver, John Rawlings. Mary Desmond. Mary Fluharty. Ann Bartholomew, Nanci Johnson, Shirley Burke, Lou Ann Caton, Marv Jeffs. FIRST ROW: Herbert S. Schell. Cedrick Cum- mins. Edward B. Richards, Carl Christol, Everett W. Sterling, Glen R. Driscoll, Lloyd Ball- hagen, Sam Dicks, Dick Olsen, Rog Bartholow. Community Artists IndianapKjlis Symphony Robert Maxwell I[ BACK ROVi; ' ; Richard Viilliams, Robert Anderson. Robert Clraxes. Richard Pcrsinjter, Thuck Gant. R. D. Thompson. Das id Morgan. Bill Meyer. Skip Swenson. Paul Chord. Paul Robertson. Ron Moon, Mr. Chaffee. THIRD RO 0C; Don Paul. Frank Melmer. Gary Harms. Harold Thompson. Fohn Lyons, Tom Ryan, Larry Mitchell. Dick W. Bauman. Larry Versteeg, Jay VanderLinden, Rick Curran, Jim Randall. SECOND ROW: Cleo Ann Harrington. Lorna Endcrsby. Jean Lange. Sylvia- iean Johansen. Nancy Gibson. Mary Beth Allen. Kay Myron. Hazel Wek, Clarice Jansscn, Eliza- beth Cutler, Carol Lehman, Betty Moorhead. FIRST ROW: Geegee Johnson. Evelyn Young, Veria Attig, Nancy Conway, Theo Rayburn. Elaine F. Lang. Pat Stringham, Patricia Miller. Pat DeLay, Orctrhen South. BACK ROW: Karen Anderson, Marian Cash, Vicki Oakland, Jeanne Thorne, Shary Huisman. Mary Burges. Karen McBride. FIRST ROW: Sharon Berkner. Donna Davis. Karen Wise, Robin Ra- busih. Nancy Hales University Band BHHHHH 1 wm i It is generally agreed that music is an essential part of a cultured life, and those who have a deep appre- ciation of music are eager to give their rapt attention to the University ' s concert band. But those who tend more toward the light side of music are still appre- ciative when the band displays its versatility on the football field and at our basketball games. University Choir Whether it be providing background music or render- ing a full choral interpretation, the University choir, under the direction of Kdgar F.klof, is always a wel- come addition to any University function. X ' hatever the occasion, this artful and creative contribution is genuinely appreciated. 137 Orchestra The music of the great masters is brought to the University through the skillful and ptjlished perform- ances of the University orchestra. Besides giving their own concerts, the members of the orchestra add ac- companiment to the Dakota Day Coronation, dramatic presentations, and the annual musical production. Union Board of Control As anyone wlin ha stooil in the sccminfjly endless line for coffee can tell you, the Stuilent Union is to the University what the Commons is to Boston. School supplies, refreshments — the offices of the University ' s publications. Student Body President, KUSD, and the University ' s motion picture theater — all these and more are to be found in the Student Union. As any- one can see the management and control of this is no small matter and much of the credit goes to the Union Board of Control. Bob MunJt, Johneile Crow. Pcit Russell Wilson, Paul Flanagan. LunJbcrK. .Mr . Morns ( hj Barton. J. H H X ' Franktnfi 139 University Theater On November 20 and 22, the College of Fine Arts presented THE MARRIAGE OF FIGARO, an opera in four acts. LE MARIAGE DE FIGARO, originally written by Beaumarchais in 1788, was the second of a group of three plays about the same principal characters and proved a resounding success on its first public performance. Lorenzo da Ponte made a libretto out of the play which was translated into English by Ruth and Thomas Martin. The University Theater did a truly professional job of presenting it. Members of the cast included Martin Busch, Kay Myron, Patricia Miller, Edgar Eklof, Ruth Bartlett, Nancy Conway, Forrest Conrad, Orlando Reyes. Ivlerle Lentz, Charles Gant, and Mary Beth Allen. vcrlec Galli — Julia Shuttlethwaitt The University Theater ' s contribution to International Theater Month this year was the presentation of THE COCKTAIL PARTY by T. S. Kliot. This play is the story of some civilized, urbane, rather frivolous people who are characterized by a neurotic sense of frustra tion. The production was unusual in that it was pre sented in arena style on the stage of Slagle Auditorium Offering fine performances in especially difficuli roles were Jim Krueger, Beverlee Galli, Ellen Hasse Orlando Reyes, Rocky Stone, George Applegate, Anna Sue Kawell, Sylvia Swift, Vic Eetter. 1 Strollers Show First Place- Delt-Theta JM 3rd P H I D E L T A P H 2nd B E T A P I P H I University Religious Council SiAi K KDW: Annette Salmon, Jack Curnow, Dave Eyres. Allen Delzell. George Jensen, Gerald LeDuc, JoAnn Anderson. FKONl ROW; Rev. Borgwardt, Rev. Todd, Rev. Van Vaaor, Rev. Jones, Father Wolf. 148 Gamma Delta BACK ROV : Shcrri Zobel. Pastor Stapf, Mrs. Stapf, Johnette Crow, Cynthia Selchert, Bev Letellier, Nanc - Mahloch. FRONT ROW; Bob Odeland, Chuc k Nickel. Ron Eichbauer, Al Langc, Dale Brown. Gene C Barnum. BACK ROW: Duane Johnson, Robert Gehler, Jerry Roland, Mark Hansen, Chris Moller, George Jensen. Carlton Leikvold. Gary Larsen, Lester Johnson. Neil Bowes, Karl Kiisa, Bill Christensen, Burdette Berg. Lcwa ne Erickson. SECOND ROW: Arlenc Petty. Theo Rayburn, Gwen Hagg. Virginia Tarver, Gloria Tagtow. Annette Salmon. Barbara Westn. Bripita Pa levies. Audrey Todd. Mary Young. EiUen Nelson. Darlcnc Semmler, Barbara Morris. Barbara Buckman. Mar Peterson. Janis Molstad. Donna DaMs. FRONT ROW: Larry Versteeg. Lyie Berge. Dick Opptdahl. LtKo Bitbcr. Ronald Ostby. George Gross. Re . Carl Borgwardt. Lynne Danielson. Karen .Anderson. Luthern Students Association 1 flk ffi ' BfcJBfl B i - ' " z », 9 l? J P mBf nj V b p tin L " 1 ■ ' " - ■ ■iiimlHi i 1 in Canterbury Club BACK ROW: Gerald One Feather, Ralph Lunde, Robert Clifford, Robert Sandstedt, Edward Mickel, Rev. R. D. Crawford, Gary Noteboom, Ray Novak. FRONT ROW: Charles Mickel, Jack Curnow, Kaaren Ax- ness, Marylu Querna, Wandalee Schnaser, Judy Christol, Jay Vander Linden, Steve Pearson. 150 BACK ROW: Bill Stofft, Vonda Tucker, Joyce Oster, Ray Giske, Duane Fowler, David Morgan, Dean Hughes, Barbara Riemann, Carol Coverdale, Ann Bartholomew, Joyce Medbery, Jo Blue, Sharon Rohra- baugh. SECOND ROW: Floyd Meidinger, Douglas Austin, David Eyres, Stuart Flynn, Gary Dickinson, Dick Gowan, Mary Ruth Lang, Cynthia Chaney, Diana Bauman, Shirley Burke, Robert Graves, Gary Marx, Lynn Frary, Shary Huisman, Carolyn Lilly, Orlando Reyes, Derek Eaton, Jack Stengel, Rev. Glenn E. Van Vactor. FRONT ROW: Jane ShuU, Marylou Renne, Pat Gates, Joan Barrick. Karen Nelson, Ruth Reutter, Liz Strohmeier, Linda Eyres, Karen Grosse, Virginia Wtrth, Mary Burges. Pilgrim Westminster Fellowship H:S Sigma Theta Epsilon BACK ROVi ' : DaMd Holzwarth, Russell Wilson. Merlyn Banek. SECOND ROW: Kent Scribner, Ed Heath- cote. Larry Headley. Dean Hyde. FRONT ROW: Rev. Jones, Ralph Hoggatt, Ivan Volgyes, Ruben Mau- lis, Kenneth Torbert. BACK ROW: Liz Cutler. Mary Ann Thies, Mary Tomas. Jan Cowles, Jeanne Thorne. Doris Hirbek. FRONT ROW : . udrcv Sidcrs. (ilad s Clark, Gladys Dierking, Karen Brown. Lorraine Schwalm. Kappa Phi Wesley Club BACK ROW: Merlyn Banek, Kent Scribner, Arlan Barber, Rich Curran, Phil Solomon, Russell Wilson, Chuck Hagen, Harrold Knecht, Dean Hyde, Ed Heathcote. John Hoggatt. FOURTH ROW: Ralph Hog- gatt, Paul Hasse, Bob Kroupa, Duane Anderson. Tevis Mclntyre, Janet Cowles, Willard Lind, Tom Chaf- fee, Gary Reibsamen, Daniel Johnson. THIRD ROW: L. Walker, Larry Headley, Jeanne Ihorne, Karen Thoreson, Frank Pratt, Jill Anfinson, Mary E. Tomas, Jacqueline Gustafson, Carolyn Bodley, Howard Latwood, Jr. SECOND ROW: Mary Ann Murphy, Ivan Volgyes, Wally Buhler, Ruben Maulis, Phyllis Tennant, Ellen Hasse, Doris Hrbek, Jolene Petersen. FIRST ROW: Rev. Jones, Kenneth Torbert, Audrey Siders, Esther Johnson, Gladys Dierking, Mary Thies, Liz Cutler, Karen Brown, Sharon Hinsey, Lorraine Schwalm, Gladys Clark, Rev. Forred. BACK ROW: Al Delzell, Sandra Tucker. Rev. Todd, Sponsor, Don Delzell, Charles Frinkman, George Ufford, Myrtle Ann Larsen, Daymon Young. FRONT ROW: JoAnn Eastberg, Mary Finger, Marilyn Hal- strom, DeAnna Johnson. Mary Pat Barstow, Elizabeth Towne. Roger Willams ftip ■• ' Sl ' N I Newman Club BACK RO X : Michael L. Morin, James P. Ward, Walter L. McNamara, Barney Donahue, Lawrence Rossman, Donald Duffy, Jim Rueschenberg. Eugene Haberl, Jim Senftner. SEVENTH ROW: Bill Hauck. Robin Rabusch, Sharon Berkner, Ruth Bartlett, Connie Miller, Judith Swander, Coleta Ber- ingcr. Mary Jean Cloud. Mary Rueb, Mary Lou Swedean, Sandy Merrill, DeAnna Wuebben, Rose- mari Young, Lilly Ann Seiler. SIXTH ROW: iMary McLaughlin, Wanda Elshire. Jeanice Anderson. Mary Gilbertson, Sylvia Swift, Carol Hermans, Judy Flynn, Barbara Flynn, Gretchen Schmitt, Marian Cash, Jane Johnson, Willy Seibel. Lois Bruyer, Ronalee Kelley, JoAnn Anderson. Lillian Klein. Jean Shouse, Ellen Fransco, Norma Buus, Jeaneane Szczurek, Madonna Chaussee. FIFTH ROW: Nancy Tobin, Jim Morgans, Elaine Bruyer. Rev. Kenneth Kucin. Gerald I.eDuc, Father Wolf, Suzanne O ' Connor, Jim Donahoe, Jan Bahr, Jackie Lalley. Pat De Lay, Teresa Dailey. FOURTH ROW: Paul Koeniguer, Vincent Flynn. John M. Hosking. Bob Mundt. Bernie Harvey. Don Manning. John Goet- zinger. Tom Kemp. Harry Swander, Norm Headrick. THIRD ROW: Jim Wunder, Bill Stevens, Terry Logue. LeRoy Kamy, Cihuck Gant, Tom McCoy, Don Thares. SECOND ROW: Manson Gar- reaux. Jim Kocsis. Jim Stokes. Leonard Posusta. Dave Schumacher, Ralph McGregor, Dale Walsh, Dick Leising. Ken Aberle. FRONT ROW: Len Vellek. George HuettI, Leonard Potter, Jim Kucera, Jim Hare. John Simpson, Tony Buckmeier, Warren Smyth. 153 155 National 2gms3r 1r ■ ' W J JJIJ I J I UUL ' lom Collegej Dmsion Hatioml CoWeqlate odation BACK RO X ' ; Coaeh Clodfelter, HarolJ Johnson, Asst. Coaches, Dick Hagarty. George Birger, Trainer Barry Bonihoff, Jim Chamberlin, Athletic Director Boot " Stewart. SECOND ROW: Ken Mizerny, Al Mahaney. Jim Thorn, Cliff Hillen, Bill Conway, Larry Loomis. FIRST ROW: Jim Daniels, Roger Nelson, Clay Kiewel, Maury Haugland, Cliff Daniels. Builder of Champions In the fall of 1955, Coach Dwane " Cloddy " Clod- felter took a group of ordinarily good sophomore basketball players and in the course of three years molded one of the finest teams c tr to represent the University of South Dakota. During those three years. Cloddy and his Coyotes have won two i )rth Central Qinference crowns, two NCAA Regional (Champion- ships and the 1958 National Ctillege Championship. His NC Conference record since I95S reads V and i, the overall tabulation shows 53 wins and 19 losses. The material has been good; the coaching better. Little All-American— 1958— Jimmie Daniels A fitting tribute to a great player and a great team. Jim Daniels is named to the first five of the 1958 Little All-American basketball squad. Leading scorer of the North Central Conference, two year repeater on the NCAA All-Tourney team and captain of this year ' s National Champions. The wcll-deservcd climax to a nufiiorable career. Clayt Kiewel, Maury Haug- land. Rog Nelson, Cliff Dan- iels. South Dakotans knew them all as All-Ar A y f Thousands of words could not describe the tense moments in the NCAA tourney as well as these five faces. EVANSVILLE, INDIANA MARSH 12-14 NCAA COLLEGE FINALS The University of South Dakota, winner of the North Central Confer- ence and the NCAA Midwest Re- gional Tourney, invaded the city of Evansville and the national finals as one of the eight teams. The others may have already been forgotten, but Evansville will not soon forget the team and the 500 South Dakota root- ers who took over the 1958 tourna- ment. Not only on the scoreboard, but in the spirit of the occasion; the Coyotes would not be outdone. SOUTH DAKOTA— 63 SOUTHWEST MISSOURI— 58 SOUTH DAKOTA— 64 WHEATON— 60 SOUTH DAKOTA— 75 ST. MICHAELS— 53 Three games moved the Coyotes from the ranks of the many good college basket- ball teams to the top of the list. Tourney champions of the NCAA College Division and national title holders for the 1957-58 season. A year that will be long remem- bered. Rog Nelson outguesses the St. Michael defense and drops Capicalizing on one of the strongest defenses in the nation, the UniNcrsity G)yotes bottled up the scoring punch of three of the nation ' s top small college teams and walked off with the title. Trailing 44-. 5 shortlv after the half of the tour- ney opener with S.W. Missouri, South Dakota put on the pressure and allowed the Bears only 14 more points to insure a 6VS8 decision. The turning point of the tourney came in the semi- final round when the (Coyotes snapped a 22 game winning streak of defending champion VCheaton by grabbing a (yi-f () thriller. The handwriting was on the wall after the Wheaton upset and the championship game with St. Michaels of ' ermont seemed almost an anti- climax. South Dakota dominated the Purple Knights throughout the contest and pocketed the crown, 75-5. . 161 Voice of the Coyotes National Champs The loudest band in the world. Jim Chanih. rlain Larry Loomi; 163 North Central Conference for the second con- secutive year. During the last two conference seasons the Coyotes dropped only one decision while winning 23. They are the Champions . . . need we say more. Where the Coyotes were there was good basketball. Although hoine games were not close fans filled the Armory for the sheer thrill of see- ing excellent basketball. Above, Clayt Kiewel; below. Maury Haugland, two boys that gave the (Coyotes the rebounding, the fight and the team spirit it takes to make a champion. The clutch player, the thinker, the quarterback, that ' s Cliff Daniels honorable mention Ail- American and basketballer par excellent. SUSD 56 SUSD 62 SUSD 68 SUSD 62 SUSD 64 SUSD 62 SUSD 46 SUSD 87 SUSD 88 SUSD 78 SUSD 62 SUSD 56 SUSD 60 SUSD 62 SUSD 78 SUSD 84 SUSD 84 " SUSD 103 SUSD 85 SUSD 82 SUSD 60 SUSD 100 SUSD 67 SUSD 102 SUSD 63 SUSD 64 SUSD 75 WISCONSIN 63 MISSOURI 73 CREIGHTON 54 CREIGHTON 47 REGIS 74 PURDUE 74 NORTHWESTERN 64 WESTMAR .50 REGIS 72 MORNINGSIDE 47 NORTH DAKOTA 30 N.D. STATE 41 NORTH DAKOTA 43 IOWA TEACHERS 50 AUGUSTANA 60 N.D. STATE 70 IOWA TEACHERS 70 OMAHA 68 AUGUSTANA 52 S.D. STATE 45 S.D. STATE 51 MORNINGSIDE 76 WARTBURG 65 KNOX . -51 S.W. MISSOURI 58 WHEATON 60 ST. MICHAELS 53 Immediately upon the arrival home the Coyotes took on the air of celeb- rities, which indeed they were. Ban- quets were held in their honor at Yankton, Madison, Watertown and here on the SUSD campus. The theme was always the same, " Coyotes, South Dakota is proud of you. " Frosh provide hope for new NCAA title. The shoes of national champions will undoubtedly be hard to fill but within the ranks of Coach Birger ' s frosh lies the hope that one day in the near future the Coyotes will return to the national championship seat. This hope has much basis as the Pups completed a successful season, losing only three games, one of which was to the Coyote varsity. Milan on the dri B.ACK ROVt ' : Coach GcofKC Hcrh Goodman. Mike Clemens Ken MacLea . Jim Dunn irger. Jerry Lund. Jerry Small. Ron Nowak. Don Reddel. SECOND ROW: I uiher Turner. Tom Cix)rKr. FRONT ROW: Ditk Divich. Talmadge Milan. tf ' probiem of findings all-confer6hce hMfbacjS coach Ralph " " Boot " StiewM ift. ? ::fatfJtTw« ts for eleven lettermen; Iwcluding tKreg rime " Till-conference fullback Wayne Ailts, HH i pod. -5i| my-iGur_.; e Redshirts to a , ktjtermen ' Sti att afid his staff had to work jiie North Cejjtgti Conference, Ray guSfii ' iSJ fl and two im H nspWlBiSBHlury H fr , Coyote Foc bilt-- ( :ipn as Ray Schamber and George tory $ver Southwest issouri State, ' ine toiiowii 1 on a North Dakota State fumble to down the rgo,X-0, in their conference lid-lifter. )ved into town the following Saturday hoping to .vear iKe. row. But the Coyotes had ideas of their own; ' m, and, Jim Reid (who pulled off a beautiful statue of li ' :ts rollkl ov r the Vikings, 20-7, for their second coi ' if d passg e North Dakota University a 2t-27_cie with the r aturday nighty :6ta Day came and all the " otd-grads flocked back to Inman Field to ) and lio ller for thdteam. The Morningstde- iaroonvdefending c rence ipions, invaded Vermillion with plans to spoil thnromecomingjffir so 00 rabid SUSD boosters. But once again the Coyotes reached into their 1 .Hcks and rolled to an easy 27-6 victory. • j ? ' ■ ' ' ]Thei a Reason that hadi ' started so beautifully was ruined by illness : and " " ' " ■ i- fijtjries hit the squad for three weeks in a row. Dick Burns and Schamber jj :;,. d in the South Dakota State game. Jim Hanson was injured the ,| v eek in the Washington University encounter and John " ' Sandy " ' ; ? Se was sidelined in the Iowa State Teachers ' contest. And Willie Siebel was ' ?4 ' till hobbling from an early season injury. As if that weren ' t enough to plague | " " .v34i e squad, the Asian flu set in and took its toll. I . v Jl, ... i 5iSii_.-_ £Qyj and tying one, the CoyoteL lost four in a row— to i ' X : to W «ihi-n(rrnn TJniv " " - - - " ' " - -M - - - loWState t ilg lMKnd to . „.. , - . , ' r ' l Coach es. . . . . . the men behind the scenes in Coyote football arc putured from left to right: Dan Lennon. freshman coach; Ralph Stew- art, head football coach and athletic di- rector; Erv Pitts, backfield coach; and C ' icorge Birgcr, assistant coach. SUSD 21 SUSD 6 SUS(3 20 SUSD 27 SUSD 27 SUSD 13 SUSD 19 SUSD 7 SUSD 1957 SCORING RECORD SOUTHVC r.ST MISSOURI STATE NORTH DAKOTA STATE AUGUSTAN A 7 NORIH DAKOTA UNIVERSIT ' 27 MOKNINGMDE 6 SOUTH DAKOTA STATE 21 WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY 25 IOWA STATE TEACHERS 27 IOWA STATE 33 169 Maury Haugland, End A three-year letterman; Maury ' s bril- liant defensive play was a big factor in the tough SUSD line. A ll-Conference ' Ji ' ' ' W AvV W Jim Hanson, Center A great blocker and defensive star; Jim switched from end to center in 1956 and in two years became the leading center in tbe conference. Harry Hauffe, Tackle Harry ' s booming tackles made many a man wish they had run the other way. Ray Schamber, Halfback All-Conference for the second year; second in rushing, third in scoring, and fourth in total offense in the conference. An injury received in the State game hampered him for the rest of the year. I (. u « Dale Veenker Dick Burns George McKcon Larry Simeon Darrel Buckmeier Jim Reid Duaine Greenhagen Marty Blackstone LeRoy Gabriel Ron Eichbauer Willie Seibel Bob Sieler Gene Reynick Tom Green Don Henrich Mark Johnson S U S D Varsity 171 p. 6 r%. n Tony Haan Orris Mclnroy Ray Dykeman Bob Corcoran Kermit Born Doug Kelly S U S D Varsity Freshman Football % - g ..1 1 ; .„ ..iL-iii. ; -■.:.;. lA v. . ;_■_.._ Kluck. Bob W ilk.nbon. Un:k htiMnj;. Dude Fycmo. Jcrr) StaftorJ. Jim Ashby, Ron Bands. I-RONT ROV ' : Art Birdseye, Herb Goodman, John Burke. Viayne Ellis, Bob Longe. Clinton Waymer, Willard Foley, Dick Root, Ron Karsten, Joe Bertsch. A South Dakota State player unsuccess- fully stabs into the air to hliKk the de- flected oval from Coyote back John Milne as the pass escapes Maury Haugland ' s grasp. I . . . Coach ■Boot " Stewart displays grave concern as i«iter Jim Hanson lies on the turf in pain during the ' Vaihington University encounter. . . . Schamber leaves State Field after being injured in the Hobo Day encounter. mii- ' i . . . drama on the football field — and a moment of suspense for the Coyote bench and cheerleaders as the referee measures to see if the Redshirts have made that much- needed first down. Ramblin ' Ray Schamber, the leading Coyote ground-gainer, sprints around the Iowa State Teacher right end for a first down. Schamber, a two-time all-conference selection, was one of the finest broken-field runners in Coyote football history. „ Bson for " Boot " ur. Hobo Day and its c in flu ati thrill the crowd with his broken field_ lohnson ever " M JiiiiiK ys. Dakota Day e in the mud at If lyotes. No longer unning. Nor will Hauffe, i and White " again. But Its University City. LEFT TO RIGHT, BACK ROW ; lu k Luach Dan Lennon, Ray Schamber, Doug Myron, Kermit Born, Tom Green. Tony Haan, Fred Gellerman, Bob Roesler, Jim Hanson, Jerry Gardiner. FRONT ROW: Bill Eckman, John Milne, Jerry Hermanek, Arlo Grass, Jim Reid, Marlin Kruse, Dave Wallish, Al Brevick. A wink of approval from the Coyote 880 yard relay team, left to right, Jerry Hermanek, Al Brevick, Jerry Gardiner, and Ray Schamber as pretty Pat Miller presents them with the first- place trophy won at the SUSD invitational. O.- . Muscle men of the Coyote track squad, the .shot-putters, arc, left to right, Jim Hanson, Kermit Born, and Ton) Haan. i m. f " " - " TRACK j f , M U i 3 1 N 7 rack ( oach Dan l.ennon gives a few pointers to his cross-country team. FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Ernie Sioltze. Doug Myron. Nyal Brings. Dick Forbes and Marlin Kruse. The personable cinder coach is also freshman football coach and coordinator of the University intramural program. Time for a rest tor, left to right, Jerry Gardiner. Ray Schamber, John Milne, and Bill Eckman. This 1957 Coyote mile relay team broke a 26 year old record at the Howard Wood Relays in Sioux Falls. i r 1 •ui LEFT TO RIGHT BACK ROW: Ehiaine Greenhagen, Bob Carpenter, Jerry Jilek, Bill Wheeler, Bill Spiry, D Jensen SECOND ROW: Bud Litschewski, Don Schwertley, Larry Muehl, Leon Marlow, Bucky Heyer. FRONT ROW: Coach Joe Buckstead, Jack Stewart, Blaine Thorson, Deane Neilan, Al Desmond, Bill Jenkins. Baseball Lettermen ' s Club Officers S U S D C heerleaders LEFT TO RIGHT: Gene Reynick, Dave Walish, president Maury Haugland, and Toip Green. « « t t t Ht9 ' I.rFT TO RIGHT. BACK ROW; Nancy Aikcns, Kay Ervin. Jane ShuU, Jeannine Stratton. Carta Thoelkc. FRONT ROW: Teresa Dailcy. Ann Hollcman, Rij;gs, .irul lic.ul iliecrlcadcr M.irpc Anderson. 179 The time-worn joke goes, ' But 1 didn ' t raise my boy to be a soldier, " and the answer, " Don ' t worry, madam— if he ' s in ROTC, he isn ' t. " But somehow, Lt. Col. Earl G. Childers and his staff manage to bring a semblance of military order out of the civilian chaos of our male student body. HhI B H • II HMj lE ' ;. - m KgH f 1 1 cm ii»L c , , m HHH Professor of Military Science and Tactii Lt. Col. Earl G. Childers Major Dean R. Jeffs 1st. Lt. Herald B. Riggs Major Gilbert J. Romero 1st. Lt. Maples Inserts on the following pages trace various stages in the evolution of the Army uniform, from the days of Washington through our military history to the era of Explorer L Regimental Staff and Non-Commissioned Officers Morris Haucland Cadet Colonel A. Long A % %. Jack Cur M Sgt. Danks M Skc Tinkc Spi. 1st. Skutcvik Sgt. Ist. Fricke 181 And so, the squawks over demerits, brass, and drill sessions are finally metamorphosed into another brood of fledgling officers and another high rating at Federal Inspection. 182 During the cold winter days our time is spent in the classrooms. Here Lt. Col. Earl G. Childers lectures to us on map reading. Much of our time in the warm fall and spring days is spent out-of-doors learning the techniques of marching. 183 But, althoufih our Army ' s uniform may change, the core of the military is the same — men. At SUSD, the officers and noncoms of the staff do their best to see that there will be good men to come. Six weeks of our summer is spent for training that we are not able to f vt while in school. The new acquaintances, the hcac and the never-ending lines all make these weeks han! to forget. John Mark Johnson Jim Reid _,— ay, ° Woodward David Dryden Avery Long J B B ' " Jenkins Scabbard Blade Roy Terwilliger ■P ' » ' ' " Thorson ¥ David Valandry Franklyn Krogman SCABBARD BLADE John Rawlings fBT Chosen for their superior character and high scholarship, these men are the outstanding stu- dents in SUSD ' s advanced ROTC program. The duties of these honored few include sponsorship, in coofjeration with Guidon, of the Military - Ball, and coordination with the military depart- _M0k.t . Klk ment. One thing more — should we ever be in- vaded, the university ' s cannon will not misfire. The pledges of the Scabbard and Blade will see to that: Pictures missing Karen Freiberg Theo Ravburn Jack Curnow Marge Poppin As national auxilian ' to Scabbarcl and Blade, Guidon ' s members are selected from each sopho- more class on the basis of superior leadership and scholarship. As juniors and active Guidon members, the jjirls serve as ushers in the Dakota Day parade; and cooperate with Scabbard and Blade in sponsoring the Military Ball. The Navy-blue " Ike " jackets of Guidon have come to be synonymous with gracious and efficent work. s. 7 L S-: ' viN {RpLAATS 1. D. Weeks Since becoming the head of the University in 1935, President Weeks has shown his capability as an administrator and coordinator of student-faculty relationships. The best interests of the students have always been foremost in his mind, and through his efforts the standings of our 190 university have been raised immeasurably. He is, indeed, a credit to our school. " A PROFESSORS Allen Agnew Leonard Arnaud Miss Grace Beede H. E. Brookman Carl Christol E. P. Churchill Henry V. Cobb C. A. Cox Cedric Cummins Sherwood Cummings Avon Dreyer Glen Driscoll Miss Marjorie Dudley E. C. Ehrensperger William Ekman Charles R. Estee W. R. Fossler Thomas C. Geary Clark Y. Gunderson Wayne Gutzman A. L. Haines Alexander Hartman Miss Inez Hollingsworth Harold Jordan N. LeRoy Nelson F. E. Kelsey Miss Eva Larson Miss Gladys Leonard Paul C. Mathis J. William Maxwell Amos Michael Carrol Mickey Richard OConnell Harry E. Olson A. M. Pardee Bernard Perkins Theodore Reid Raymond Schroeder Claude W. Schurter Faculty Roll Earl ScoK George Scon Robert Stevenson NX ' ilber Stilwell E. W. Sterling Howard Thomas E. G. Trotzig Miss M. Genevieve Truran Miss Hulda Vaaler John B. Vanwhy Charles M. Vaughn A. A. Volk Vernon A. Vrooman Claude J. Whitlow John Winter A. L. Wilson Edwin Shaw J P. Jones W. O. Farber ASSOCIATE PROFESSORS Usher Abel Miss Hazel Batzer Miss Grace Burgess Benton W. Buttrey Carlton Chaffee Dwane Clodfelter Ray DeVilbiss Roger Davis Joseph T Fisher Millard S. Foor H. L. Grathwohl Edwin J. Hadd Carl B. Hoy Rollo Handy James Kavanagh Cecil Kipling Oliver Laymon Gottifried L. Moller Neil Palmer Frederic J. Petersen Willard Read L. C. Smith Miss Myrtle Spande Miss Lucille Vickers ASSISTANT PROFESSORS Mrs. Edith Abell Merrill Baker Donald C. Barkley Mrs. Marjorie Beaty Monroe Billington H. D. Carlson Edwin Christ Frederick Davis Harry Dykstra William M. Griffin, Jr. Byron Harrell Paul Haeder Merton Hasse Max Heinrich Oscar Howe Vandel Johnson Wayne Knutson Alworth Larson I. E. Larson Frank Lewis Miss Ella Lokken Robert Marek Robert Martin Joseph Marshall Donald MacCanon Miss Bett Murdock George Nelson Jack Noble John E. Oyler John Pirsch Eugene Pirtle TTiomas E. Poe, Jr. Edward Richards Miss Elaine Ruth Wendell Shouse Francis Streim James Underbill Lloyd Zabel Richard Zakarian INSTRUCTORS D. G. Anderson Mrs. Mabel Bessmer Claire Brady Gerald Cleveland Earl Cooper Mrs. Beverly Darnell Mrs. Amy Eastman Edgar Eklof Alan Hampshire Miss Virginia Humphrey William Kabeiseman Howard Jones Miss Esther Knutson Charles Krusenstjeroa Dan Lennon Miss Bobby Lyon Elmer Lammi Clayton Montgomery Mrs. Beverly Murdy W. L. Pinkston Irvin Pitts Johnnie Powell Lawrence Sonneman Robert Sienstrom Harlan Swanson Carlton Van Dorcn Mrs. Jean Walz Robert Weld Todd Willy Governor Joe Foss and the South Dakota Board of Regents connect the University with the state government and therefore with the citizens of South Dakota. It is through them that the University ' s real owners — the people of South Dakota — are able to direct the policies of their school. The Board of Regents, which is appointed by the Governor, performs many vital tasks in the governing of all state-supported institu- tions. It selects all key personnel, lets all con- tracts, and performs innumerable indispensable duties. The Governor of South Dakota Joe Foss The South Dakota Board of Regents HO X ARD CONNORS, HLhANOR NORTON, and J. H. JULIAN— Howard Connors. Dean of Men and Director of Special Services, Eleanor Norton. Dean of Women, and J. H. Julian. Director of Auxiliary Agencies combine their efforts to provide guidance, counsel, and cap- able assistance to each individual and to the student body as a whole. ROBERT PATTERSON AND E. W. HARRINGTON— As Deans of the School of Business Administration and the College of Arts and Sciences respectively, these men have compe- tently and diligently handled the many responsibilities of being the heads of two of the University ' s largest branches. H. E. BROOKMAN— As Director of the Placement Bureau and head of the Department of Applied Science, H. E. Brookman is one of those re- sponsible for satisfying our country ' s ever-increasing demand for engineers, be they mechanical, electrical, chemi- cal, or civil. 1 i KENNETH SIMPSON and WALTER HARD — Kenneth Simpson, Dean of the School of Law and Walter Hard, Dean of the School of Medicine, are faced with the task of guiding the University ' s legal and medical stu- dents toward their respective profes- sional goals. It is up to them to instil! in their students the knowledge and ideals associated with these pro- fessions. WESLEY HURT— As Director of the W. H. Over Museum, Dr. Hurt excels in both the pick and shovel work of field trips and the details of displaying his findings. TTirough his original- ity and imagination, he has molded the University ' s museum into a feature of which we may all be proud. i DR. T. E. EYRES— Administering to the sicknesses and injuries suffered by the Uni- versity ' s students makes Dr. Eyres, Direc- tor of the Student Health Service, one of the busiest men of campus. WARREN E. LEE, HERBERT S. SCHELL, MARK W. DELZELL— These able educa- tors successfully fill three of the most im- portant positions on campus, those of Dean of the College of Fine Arts, Dean of the Graduate School, and Dean of the School of Education respectively. H. Vi ' FRANKENFIFLU, W II.LIAM CLRRAN, and BILL bLA II tRV— These three men. familiar to all Lni%crsity scuJcnts, hoiil the respective positions of Registrar Director of Admissions, Business Nfanager. and Manager of the News Bureau. ROBERT KNAPP and KENNETH E. RASCHKE— Robert Knapp, Direc- tor of Student Personnel Services, and Kenneth Raschke, Executive Assistant and Dean of the Academic-Related Program, differ widely in time of service but show identical qualities of capability. 3W.,. I USHER ABELL— Head of tf Department of Music, Ush( Abell, and his staff, throug their diversified programs lea both students and townspeop to a greater appreciation music, whether it be on the foo ball field or at noon concert. Their anau state-wide tours take our schoc closer to its real owners — tt citizens of South Dakota. JOT met Ni l» _ H Sunday af te§ J Bergi lade EARL CHILDERS and RALPH STEVC ' ART— As Director of Military activities. Lt. Col. Childers guides the development of officers and gentlemen. " Boot " Stewart, Director of Athletics, leads his charges by the maxim, " The body is the servant of the soul. " RUTH BERGMAN— VC ' ithout books, an educated f erson would be hard to produce, and since the purpose of our I niversit is to prmluce educated [xople, the importance of a well- supplied and well-managed library cannot be stressed too much. Ruth Fkrgman, Director of Libraries, has made our library the efficiently or- ganized unit which the students have come to depend upon so greatly. 201 PAUL FLANAGAN— The " Coop " and the Student Union are under the skillful manage- ment of Paul Flanagan, Director of Union Activities. REV. HOWARD JONES— As Director ot Religious Activities, Rev. Jones not only teaches, but is personally responsible for the spiritual welfare of each student. ROBERT D. FALK— Extending the hand of high edu- cation into the home is the monumental task of Robert Falk, Director of the Extension Division. EDWARD JAMES SLACK— Director of Radio Siaiion KUSD Jim Slack is respon- sible for the radio voice of the University as well as the grooming of tomorrow ' s radio and television performers. a RALPH POLENZ— Maintaining order in Ju- lian Hall and sharing responsibility for the actions of the Universirv ' s students are only two of the jobs facing Ralph Polenz, Assist- ant to the Dean of Men. VERN CADWELL— The iob of the Superin- tendent of Buildings and Grounds is as large as the University itself, but Vern Cadwell meets each need with the same quiet effi- ciency, making the University- campus a truly anractive place. », « ' I ' ' f M A University is: to the freshman, the beginning of a new way of life — confusing, perhaps even a little fright- ening, until you become a part of it, and it a part of you; to the sophomore, the early dawn of learning; to the junior, a typhoon of activity, intellec- tual and otherwise, that often obscures the outside world; and, to the senior, a strange combination of the begin- ning and the end. But to the student body as a whole, the University is its people and their hopes, ambitions, problems — in fact, their very lives. Seniors r • k ANDIKSON. JI;AN1( 1. I ' h si,..l I J„,,,M .n. Alpha I ' hi. Hand. Head Twirlir. WAA. AW Yduiik Dimoiraiv. I ' P (Muh, Dolphins. Home Ikonomits (tub, Toastmistrtsv Cheerleader. Newman Cluh. ANOIRSON. MARC;i:. Siouv Falls, Adserlisinc An. Chi ()nie(4a. Mortar Hoard, (luidon. Head Cheerleader. Hometominn Queen Altendani, Honorar Adjutani Colonel, Coyoie. Hlasl. ISA, WAA. Young Demo irats. AV( ' S. ANDIRSON. ROHIiRT. Pierre. Music Kducalion. Hel.i Theta J ' i. I»hi Mu Alpha. Kappa Kappi Psi. Hanil. Orihisira AK.MMKONt,, HON, Spirit Lake, Iowa. Maihematits. ATIIG. VERLA. Sibley, la.. Music Kducalion. Kappa Alpha Theta. Tau Beta Sigma. Hand. Orchestra. Choir. M.E.N.C. X ' esley Club. « ' AA. Young Republicans. Mu Phi Epsilon. HAKER. i:)ARWIN. Fonda, la.. Zoology. HAIKIX CLARK, Canton, Elementary Education. BALL- HA{;EN. LLOYD. Beardsley, Minn.. History. Volante Editor. HARBER. ARLAN. Rapid City, Applied Science. Band. Engi- neering Club. Wesley Club. ISA. BARTHOLOW. ROGER. Huron. History, Delta Tau Delta, Choir. History Club. Young Democrats. BARTLETT. RUTH. Chamberlain. Music Education. Alpha Phi. Mu Phi Epsilon Tau Beta Sigma. Choir. Band. Young Republicans. Newman Club. A XS. Whos Who. Delta Psi Omega BENSON. JEAN. Huron. History, Kappa Alpha Theta. Young Democrats. BEAIRECARD. SHARY.N. Mitchell. Speech Correction. New man Club. AWS BE.SO.M KAY. Bellevue. Nebr . Maihi maiics BLATdlFOR. PATRICIA. Hot Springs, Psycholog HI AKER. ELAINE. Sewell. N J.. English BOEVER. DORO IHY. Vermillion, Elementary Education, Newman Club. Young Democrats. BRANDSBERG, GEORGE, Belle Fourchc, Philosophy. 205 Seniors BROWN, MAX, V. Sioux Falls, Chemis ment. Delta Tau Oe BRUCE, Wilmont, BRYANT, HLAINE, Canton, Elementary Educatio Alpha Theta, C;oyote, A X ' S, Wesley Club, WA ' Republicans. BUHN. BEVERLY, DeSmet, Elemeni cation, PWF, Clommunity Artist Series Committee. SHIRLEY, Newell, Radio-TV. DAVID, Govern- i, Kappa , Young iry Edu BURKE. n 4ih BRUKE, TOM, Sioux City, Art. McCAIN, ROGER, Sioux Falls. CARPENTER, BOB, Emmetsburg, Iowa, History, Phi Alpha Theta, Basketball. Baseball, History Club, Newman It n CARTER, GARY, Britton, Psychology. CHANEY, CYNTHIA, Vermillion Home Economics, Pi Beta Phi, Young Republi- cans, Home Economics Club, Toastmistress, PWF. CONWAY. NANCY, Sioux City, Iowa, Music Education. Alpha Xi Delta, Choir, AWS, WAA. COOMES, JIM, She don, low. Social Work. COVER, ANNE, Pickstown, Ph si .i 1 iliu .1111 ,1. Alpha Xi Delta, President; flL Chorus, Band W A AW s, 1) ilphins. Pep Club, PWF, Young Republicans, I ' .nih llcin, 1 I imc.l I.OE, tRIAG, Hudson, Mathematics, 1 l,ct.. i, H.i.kI Orchestra, Math Club, Phi Eta S7 Sigma, Phi Mu Al| h... Kapp i Kappa Psi. C:URN() 0( ' , JACK, Mathematics. DANIELS. JIMMIF. ing, B.iskeiball. DOMINA, KEN 206 Seniors DKI Y. HRAN. Si. .(land, llimcniary Idutation, Kappa Alpha lluta, Ni-wnian ( luh. Yiiung Kcpuhlkans. I oastmiMrcss OKYDIN. DAVID. South Simix :ii . Nihr.. Journalism. SiKma Alpha l-psilon. Volanic. looiball. Sc ahbard and HIadc. Student I ' uhliiaiions Hoard DUIRRl-, WII.I.IAM. Wchsttr. RadioTV. Delta lau Delta. Volante. YounK Demoiraiv Kl ' SD Dl GLi:. DAVID. Vermillion. Geolony. DUNCAN. DONALD. Webster. Government, Delta Tau Delta, Omicron Delia Kappa. Phi Hta Sigma, Pi Sijima Alpha. DUNWIDDLK. DICK. Rapid City. Applied Siience. Hnnineers Club. IINMGAN .MIKE. Ruthven, Iowa, Education. FOGHT. IINDA. Kenobha. Wisconsin. Elementary Education. Kappa Alpha Theta, Coyote — co-editor, Volante, Choir, Who ' s Who. Mortar Board. Guidon, Alpha Lambda Delta, Student Publi- cations Board. FRANDSEN, MARILYN. Watertown. Physical Education. r r- IREDLOVC. DOIGLAS. Vermillion. Applied Scieni. FRENCH, TIPPERTON, Buffalo. Radio-TV. FRIESE. JOHN. Huron. General Business. Delta Tau Delta, Younp Democrats. Fl LLER. ANNE. Siou Fheta, Volante — manaf:ii Republicans. Alpha La Mortar Board. Phi Beta Calif.. Applied Stiem. JERRY. Sioux (it . I Epsilon. Falls. Journalism. Kappa Alph.i M editor. Head Twirlcr. AWS. Yount ibtia Delta. Who s Who. Guid .n. •Cappa GA(,ER. JERRY. San Die»:o EnnincennK (luh GARDINFR. Aa. Applied Science. Si ma Alpha (.HLETl E. JANET. Brookings. Alpha Xi Delta. :ocd o t, Pi Omega Pi. AWS. WAA. Kappa Phi. Wesley Club. Mori..r Board. Whos Who. Student Senate. Panhellenic Council GOET INGER. JOHN Sioux City. Iowa. Physics. GRAVE.S. ROBERT. Sibley. Iowa. Music Education Seniors GRAFF, JOHN, Clark, Political Science, Beta Theta Pi. Coyote, Chorus, Strollers, Speech Club, Young Republicans, Political Science League, Foreign Relations Club, PWF, O-Dakota-Ka, Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Sigma Alpha, Scabbard and Blade, Senate. GROON. GERALD, Fairview, Sociology, ISA, Philosophy Club, Young Democrats, Senate. GROSSENOR, VIRGINIA, Pocahontas, la.. Sociology, Choir, Weslev Foundation. HAAN ANTHONY, Vermillion, Physical Education, Letter- man Club, Football, Track. HAGEN. CHARLES, Hot Springs, Chemistry. HAMMOND, CAROLE, Havarden, la.. Elemen- tary Education, Band, Wesley Club, Kappa Phi, ISA, Senate. HANKS, CURTIS, Lemmon, Government, Delta Tau Delta. Band. HANSEN, CATHERINE, South Sioux City, Nebr.. Elementary Education, Chi Omega, Coyote, Math Club, Phi Sigma Iota — president. Mortar Board, Student Recruitment. Alpha Lambda Delta, Whos Who, AWS, PWF. HAGG, GWENDOLYNE, Dell Rapids, Zoology. HAMMILL, ROBERT, Sioux City, la. HARRINGTON, CLEO ANN, Colman, Music Education, Pi Beta Phi, Mu Phi Epsilon, Band, Choir, Newman Club, Young Republicans. HASWOLD, RICHARD. Flandreau, Psychology. HAUFFY, HARRY, Leola, Physical Education. HICKS, ROB ERT, Ra pid City, Applied Science. HILLEN, CLIFF, Meppen, III., Applied Science. HILTON. JAMES, Vivian, Applied Science, Lambda Chi Alpha, Engineering Club. Intramural Sports. HILTON, KAY. Vivian, Social Work, Alpha Xi Delta, WAA, AWS, Pep Club, Young Republicans. HOFFMAN, PETER. Berlin, Ger- many, ( " oyote, Volante, Blast, ISA — president. Cosmopolitan Club — president. Honor Seminar. Political Science League, International Relations Club. Seniors IKK.AN. HERNADINi;. Sioux Ciiy. la., Social Work lH ' irn., CHORCt. Wcscporc. Applied Science. Lambda Chi Alpha. Fnpinccrs Club, Newman (lub. Inlermural Basketball HALL. ROBERT E., Madison, Beta Theta Pi. Newman Club. Speech, Young Republicans. Political Science League. Student Senate. HUTCHINSON. TERRY. Edgemont. Physical Edu cation. Delta Tau Delta, Inter-Fraternity Council. HYDl DEAN. X ' agner. Applied Science, Sigma Theta Epsilon. Engi neering Club, Wesley Club. JAKMAN, GENE, Early, la.. Physical Springs, Gove Seymor, Education. JENKINS, BILL. Education. JENSEN, RONALD, Wcss iL JOHNSON. DCANE L., Lake Andes, Bacteriology. JOHN- SON. HAROLD. Emmetsburg. la.. Physical Education. JOHN- SON. PHILLIP D., La Bolt, Physical Education. JOHANSEN, ZITA. Yankton, Physical Education. WAA. A XS JORGENSEN, DONALD. Jefferson, Geology. KALB. WILBUR J.. Lincoln. III.. English. LL KERN. PAUL. Lake Andes. English KIRKHAM. DAN. Rapid Ciiy. Economics. KLOCK. JOSEPH. Vermillion. Psy- chology, Alpha Tau Omega, Canterbury Club, Pep Club. 4ik r n . tW Ar Seniors KNAPP, RANDALL, Westfield, la.. Applied Science. KROG- MAN. FRANKLYN, White River, Geology. KRUEGER, JAMES, Sioux Falls, Dramatic Arts. KROGNESS, NOEL, Sioux City, la.. Applied Science, Engi- neering Club, ISA. LANDEGENT. JOHN, Rock Valley, la.. Biology. LANG, MARY RUTH, Vermillion, History. Pi Beta Phi. Mortar Board, PWF. Young Republicans, Toast mistress , History Club — president, Alpha Lambda Delta Guidon. Phi Alpha Theta, Eta Sigma Phi — president. LANGE ALAN, Wecota. Geology, Football. Phi Delta Theta. Rifle Team, Gamma Delta. Scabbard and Blade. Geolog ( lub lulian Hall-President. Lettermans Club. ZITKA. DON, Yankton. Physical Education. LLOYD. JANICE. Vermillion. Elementary Education. Chi Omega — president, Coyote, Toast- mistress Student Recruitment, Convocation Committee. Alpha Lambda Delta. Mortar Board. Guidon. Who ' s Who. AWS Council. Panhellenic CounciL REW Week Committee. Stu- dent De elopment Committee. PWF. LOE. CRAIG, Hudson, Mathematics, Theta Xi, Band, Orches- tra Math Club. LOOBY, RICHARD, Artesian, Accounting, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Marketing Club. LYONS, JACK. Yankton, Music Education. MALONE. DEAN. Vermillion. Physical Education. Beta Theta Pi. Tennis, Leitermans Club. MALTHESEN, BEVERLY, Yank- ton, Physical Education. McFARLAND, BETTY, Armour. Science Education Band, Student Senate, AWS, WAA, Stu- dent Recruitment. MICKELSON, ROGER, Sioux Falls, Mathematics. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Blast. MICKELSON, PAT, Sioux Falls, Speech Correction, Alpha Phi — president. Choir, Young Republi- cans — president. Dolphins, Guidon, Miss Dakota, AWS, Who ' s Who. Zeta Phi Eta, Panhellenic Council. MOON, RONALD, Harland, la.. Music Education, Lambda Chi Alpha, Phi Mu Alpha, Kappa Kappa Psi, Band, Choir. Seniors MDKKIS, HARBARA. R.ipid (i I RIDE. JOHN, Sioux Falls, G. KRT. Yankton. Govcrnmcni. int MURRAY MOR , ROB 4,4 NELSON, CARL, Bcrcsford. Radio-TV, Alpha Lau OmcKa. Press Club. Speech Club, KHSD. NEPSTED, DONALD. Mitchell, Pre-Dent. OLSON, PRANK, Wausa, Nebr., Math Jrot ' PENOR, JUNE. Webster. Elementary Educatioi JULIE, Rapid City. English. PROKOP, ROBER 1 Chemistry. PLATT. Midland. QUERNA. MARYLU. Huron. Journalism, Kappa Alpha Theta. Volante. Press Club. Canterbury Club. Language Club. Young Democrats REED. MART ' . Western Springs. 111. Sociology. REDFIELD. JEAN. Sioux Falls. Elementary Edu- cation. Kappa Alpha Theta. Coyote — business manager. Volante. Blast. AWS. VCesley Club. Young Republicans. Student Senate, Mortar Board — president; Student Develop- ment Committee. iL RENNE. MAYLOl ' . Sioux City. la.. Elementary Edt Kappa Alpha Theta — president. Volante. Coyote, AWS Council. Panhellenic Council. PWF, Young Republicans. RESEL, EDGAR, Vermillion. Applied Science. RICH. TOM. Sioux Falls, Journalism. Beta T°heia Pi. o SS ' RICHARDS, GARY, Belle Fourche, Government-Law. RICH ARDSON, HAROLD, Downers Grove. III., Applied Science ROGERS. MARGE. Yankton, Speech Correction. Alpha Phi Band. Choir. Speech Club. Dolphins, Mortar Board. Tju Kappa Alpha. Guidon Zcta Phi Eta. Panhellenic Council. Honorary Cadet (olonel, X ' ho ' s Who. 211 Seniors ROSSOW, LOIS, Sioux Falls, Elementary Education, Kappa Alpha Theta, Coyote, Volante — circulation manager. Toast- mistress, Young R epublicans, Student Recruitment, Dolphins, AWS Council, Panhellenic Council, Guidon, PWF. ROTHWILL, WILLIAM, Breckenridge, Minn., Psychology. SCHLIECKER, JERRY, Sioux Falls, Government, Beta Theta Pi, Political Science League, Phi Beta Kappa. SCHUTZ, TERENCE, Rock Valley. la.. Advertising Ar STEDRONSKY, VIRGINIA, Wagner, Elementary Educ; tion. SENFTENER, JIM. Herreid, Physical Edu SIEBEL, WILLIE, Herried, Physical Education. SIMANTEL, LARRY, Scotland, Chemistry. SKAINE, ROSEMARIE. Ver- million. Sociology. n SORENSON, MICHAEL, Sioux Falls, Math. SPILDE, DAR- RELL, Moorcroft, Wyo.. Geology, Lambda Chi Alpha, Geol- ogy Club, Newman Club. FORBES niCK Sihlev. la. STILFS, CHUCK, Cherokee, la.. History, Phi Delta Theta, History Club, Strollers, Track. STORY, DEMAREE, Miller, Applied Science. SWF.NNES, JOHN, Edina, Minn., Journalism, lambda Chi Alpha, Strollers, Phi Mu Alpha, Band, Volante, Press Club, Pep Club. ■;4 ,o n i. 4ih TARVER, VIRGINIA, Aberdeen, Social Work, Kappa Alpha Theta, Young Democrats, LSA. TERRY, RICHARD, Fdg- mont. Education. THOMPSON, JOE, York. Ncbr., Adver- tisine Art O a Ife 4.ife Seniors IKIIUIA. I.C)1.S, Dill R.ipids. FIcnuiKary liducaiion. AWS. Choir, Speech dub. Newman C;iub. TOBERT, KI-N. Pierre. ZooloKV. TOMAS. MARY. Haikcccstown. N. J.. Social Work r- ■( ' 4 w 0. n if.. UHL, DONALD. Sioux Ciiy. la., Applied Science, Engineer- inn Club. VALANDRY, DAVID, Martin, Geology, Phi Delta Theta, Geology Club, Scabbard and Blade. VEENCAMP. CAROLE. Orange City. la., English. VELLEK. LEONARD, Sioux Falls, Music Education. WALISH. DAVE, South Sioux City. Nebr.. Math WALTER. NEWT. Sioux Falls, Government. X ARING. ROBERT, Sioux Falls, Government. WARNER. DELBERT, Vermillion. Chemistry. WEBER. CLEONE. Madi son. Speech Correction, Band, Zeta Phi Eta. WEIDNER, EARL. Boncsteel. Zoology. WELD, BETTY. Spencer. Elementary Education. WOODS. DEEDE, Sioux Falls, French. Pi Beta Phi. President; Volante, YGOP Phi Sigma lota. Mortar Board. AWS Council. Panhell Council. Jr Panhell. Adsisor. Vi I BBENA. DOROTHY. Ashton, la. Bacteriology YOL ' NG. EVELYN. Vermillion. Music Education. YOL ' NG. MARY Gayville. Social Work. ISA, LSA, Pep Club, WAA. n O Juniors r C ' . £,h. BERLE, KENNETH ANDEKA, LEONARD i I 4.11 isa f ,, r- r n i I n ' Juniors T ttt £, £tk 4 W bk i lk OYER SHIRLFt ' LAKINS HENRY ikik £i ksM n IWB. DAVID L W 215 Juniors di r:, ' M 4t ' iTi vvu fe 4«. KUNKEl, JOHN CHARLES JOHNSON, GEORGIANNA JONES. Juniors lUDEMAN. ajNTON r ( a £ ik ftjk. 4; ' -- MORGAN. DAVID Smnh Ofy. U. itfe © 1 OUON. DONAIO ■ ' J Juniors P Sl t . £ lb r r- ( t •J SANDSTEDT, RODEBl Juniors r f n a 4 " . 4k i 4.h «I. HlX LIl WAUtML JACX i tb ▲ . a A «fei MIIKHOtZ. VtUIAH 4t n J ASSMAN. DAR1.ENE Ir 15 " 4i« La Aw BENNETT. DKt f BROO KS, DONNA Sophomores 4..W i.fe CHORD. PAia tHBISTENSEN. BlLl CHRISTlNStN Am 1 Sophomores a a a - 7 EKBURG. WANDA 4iii. i EBVIN. KAY OKHCK SHAKON FUNK. DONALD 9 B. GIRARDIN. JOIL tW GARRY. EUGENE f m- -.4 ,ILBERTSON. MARY GEERSON. NEIL k ik, f lf HAERTER. CHARLES ■ 4 h GOCKEL. EUGENE GOODIER. Sophomores c HUNCATI. JIANNk ■l ' iMk. : ' - HEKRID. MARCIA Ml IsMAN MIARON A-.k II 223 Sophomores iSON. JULAINE t ibJ lit r m m r i KOENIG. MARY JO KOSTBOTH, DICK Sophomores l rlte £, lACHICOTTt, FIANCI £ © £ 4..ii A Ciii. RSON DENNY LEAFSTtDT. STUART U8EAU. ARDIS AL I MAKk, ELIZABETH r ' 4tk Sophomores MOREY. IRENE -;1 .•i. r f:££ ONE FEATHER. GER. R. igc Sophomores £ai s K mR, AIDRFV ££££ £ d ' RICHARDS. CENI RIDDLE JtS »nior». DON Sophomores § SORENSEN, ELHANOR ( o CD HIT Sophomores niOLKl. CARLA VEMAN. ILTCE VAN HOIOT. RICHARD f .e f? r.- jp o c„ r r- g ( r- . £ , n I Sophomores ik ii 4i i: CROW. JOHNETTE ( B O 9 b ifc mb . IHH iiL« DUAM. ALYCE hPMiEh, ' FRSNTTnE JOHNSON. DELORES FOSTER. DIANE WEAVERSTEAD. TERRY 230 Freshmen ANDEXSON. JEltOME ANDERSON. I ££ (P » 4l Am L Freshmen i iyn ii ik k tbi 4 4 r? A 1 Q O 4ik ■ f? A rt ' f W ■ ' T I ALLAHAN, EDWARD Freshmen n 4. nr, 15 i i fe. ;w J|L, f t COCIIU TAVNl n Freshmen ■su ;; B L a s. DYER. DARRELL EASTBEKC, JO FAION, DIRFK f! iLk. iik w ENGLUND, SALLY ENRIGHT, GARY ERICKSON. CARL I- £;ri Freshmen IL«tAT«. IVDy ' P o £( HALSTBOM. MAHIIYN 235 Freshmen M a fa Sioux Ciiy, I.. SheiJo.,,!. 1 HOFFMAN, PENNY " °sforFjr HOLMES. GORDON r f c (? AMES. BARBAR JARNIGIN, JO I ( A (: ( w P JOHNSON. NANCl JOHNSON. L § L t ««i ( KOrUL LAL»tS ' J Freshmen Sf 1 i M Ak LANGENFELD. A ' : £iaf a LINDQUIST, KAREN JNDOUrST. DOROTHY LOGUE. TERRY LOITWOOD HOWARD LONOF, RALPH 1. Id £m Frcshmer 1 £ ' i e r.£ 1 4 1 e 4 . McCLUSHON. HVOn McKINNTT. HCIVIN ij MAOC T»IIY r? n I; Freshmen IlLLER. MARY MILLER. ROBEKl MlTCHtLL, UEAN fi r R, r f. £1§ At h. w r 4iw I O UEA. DENNIS i Siou Falls I I NELSON. JAMES Freshmen t " -. f r.£ C SIiii iL 1 A i bb 4 MARY PFTERSON. PALMER PFTtRSOS. RICHARD t c •-1 r © .Q .P i h. i l o M. ,.,.. " - " • ' • " • ' " " ' " " ■ ■ " " ' ■ 4tb Freshmen RENSINK, JOHN ft ROHRABAUCH. SHARON -, EDER, DAVID f J iiii 4i li i. 4i ( 1 (?5 n SCHWARTZ, ( 4.W f Freshmen i n .,„,.. ..... § e r n 4. ' " " ' " sJ]! ' " ' ' " ti r O 2 a 4. riNAII MONTt STEDWEU. MARCAHET •.niNlLKEB. KARtN t.-A ? n n n 4 k rk t«iiun« DICK a o r Freshmen ttin r 49. LINUS TOLSTEDT. Mi 4. 4«ii n GEURGF ANN WEIDMA !? fj Freshmen r • ' 1 f1 0( ' ?4G. ROSEMARY p f n ' RBRICIN MCK T ' 1 4sih »MSTIH NO OtOHC.I 245 the root of all wisdom. " The rcalizat the graduate student to continue that will eventually culminate in a (ors defjree. But more important. in of this truth compel is search for knowledj; .ovetcd Masters or Doc ;ven than the degree, i it It gi ' its ho n MUKAV. lUU £ KNLUMIN DELIA ■•lad tm LtKTZ. MEJUl , o a r I VON DON r5 i 1 r 4 :h. r L Kr GH AkK v S " • mmum Imetttiii i H LAW RJBViEW »)MI ' AIVAiiVt i BAKAS«;ig| p,,. Bv., r ' 4 _■ L m »-- M -- 1 H ' lSlox | | IlFORNIA REVIEW I RLY )! 1 H IM lltN 1 1. K M I V v 1{ l, ' 1 1 W IOWA Law Review pi LAW AND CONTEMPORARY PROBLEMS lO SI ATE OKLAIK mm I_i;m)riinci.i l.cj is Niniincni l-xtiis.ii ' — With ihc S hcritajjcof AiiKTiia ' s jusiiic resting on their shmililcrs, p thfSf lawycrsto-l-ic .ire priparinj- to i.irry their ahili- lics into tomorrow ' s toiiris. No matter if the case N tc .1 small ilamage claini, or a major corporation suit. I the law must be maintained, justice done — these are the men who will insure it. O R $ KfWPrxHOimL KFNNFni KLCERA. )AM»i IFJriN. TDAVIS fOOIli CMAHltl n «1 I. OTIIAIO .iJ: i. AtU Al 249 Freshmen i. DIILAVOU. D O. [T - ' - s AW HOLT, JOHN 155 n 4iii y». ■ s. ' c y° Sioux hiy 1.- W £ f; ilk ' iiittfrtcr. iounvclor. hut ihe hospital where- he vcr»cs hi« intcrn«hip — thctc hut l» ihi fSroundwork for the »tud of wfMtc to man lo »huh the din tor (ti»cs his life: » «:f»ice which hegint »hrr thr ,ii,.|.n. rcpcati, " I iwear hy A llo. ihc phyfiiian . eft Sophomores 4ik CHESTER BUNKER, THOMAS FAHRENWOLD, MYRON 4 ' KNUDSON. DELMAR MOLLLIl. CHRISTOPHE 4ii n O n 4 A. A h. A 4t i r 4i jfe C C C " 4.W il.«. A If aI FrLshmen 4 ii Wa V. HHOl.IKM.N MMl- BVLltSBV. JOVCt IN .H MlllIAM ulvim .. i.-, n,. ' Skkii F lli ei.nk.oio.. V ; 4 t 41 M 4w NEUON. EAm HA.mnCS. lONALO n.. A KXAUt lOHNWN DANin JOIISSON »0»I« . ' IT ' O O. NtCHOUON. DONAIU Freshmen TISHtR. CRAIC. Huron WILEY. DAVID Toledo. Oh.o Nursing Cadets of today, RN ' s of tomorrow; with this goal these girls pursue their field of study from the classrooms of the Medical Science Building to the corridors of the Bennett Clarkson Hospital in Rapid City. A RNs life is far from easy, but its hardships are balanced by the knowledge that her profession is one of the most important — and rewarding — that she could choose. s E N f N ' it - O R S LAKSON. VALERIE ' jj Juniors IT i 1 1 if - SilJMa KAHtN ' ' ' " uj. ' ,™ " " ' " ' " " " nJi " , " ' " ' Nursing Juniors ' - . if i Sophomores IJ 257 ANY JOB. MAN WHO HOLDS THE Seni lors I ntrcprcneurs — preparing themselves to fill p isitions in a country whose foundation is industry. Economics, Markciing, Business Law — all these impart to the student the basic facts iKVcssiiry for an insight into the life processes of our nation ' s commerce. From the kxal hardware store to huge corporations, liter years will find these graduates forming vital links in the chain of American economy. AASLAND. Markcling. HELTON. Wi AC.KF.RMAN. LAWRENCE. GcofRc la.. Accounting. BAHDE, RAV. Redficid, Business Indi BALCOM. CHARLES, Vermillion, Busines agement. BALTZER, DELYLE, Scotland, strial Management. Industrial Man- Marketing. 4 ' k 4. 4k BICKEL, MURLYN. Hcrried. General Business BORN, BERNARD, Waieriown, Accounting. BUCHER. ELDEN. X ' orihmglon, Minn., Accounting. lU CKMIER, ANTHONY. Bison, AccouniinR. BURNS, RICHARD. South Sioux City, Neb.. General Business. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Lettermens Club. Football CARLLS. GLEN. Webster, Marketing. ( MICOINE. .MARC. Vermillion, Ariouniing COOLFY I AMES, Huron, Marketing. CRAMPTON, WILLIAM. Sioux Kails. General Business. Ik Seniors DAIS. MARVIN, Hureka, Accounting. DANIELS, JIMMIE. Brooklyn. N. Y.. Accounting. DESMOND, ALLEN, Sioux City, Iowa, General Business. Phi Delta Theta — president, Dak ' otans. Lettcrmans Club, Baseball, IPC. DONALDSON. WILLIAM. Vermillion, General Business. DUFFY, DON, Yankton, Accounting. Alpha Tau Omega, Volante, Toastmasters. Speech Club, Newman Club, Who ' s Who, Student Recruitment, REW Chairman. DUITSMAN, HENRY, Sioux Falls, Accounting. EDWARDS, DONALD, Lake Andes, Accounting. EILDERS, DELBERT. Sibley, la.. Business Teacher Education, Pi Omega Pi. Band, Choir, Wesley Club. ELLIS, ROBERT, Sioux City, la.. General Business. HMMF. OWEN. Rapid City. General Business. ESGET. KEITH, Yankton. General Business. EVANS, JOHN, Dell Rapids, General Business. EWOLDT, CHARLES, Sioux City, la.. Accounting. FLANARY, RICHARD, Milbank, General Business. FOLEY, PHILIP, dl Sioux City, la.. Accounting. lOSTER, NORMAN. Sious Falls. Accounting. FRIESE, KMIN, luron. General Business. FRY. DONALD, Vermillion. Seniors Gli;nT. WARnill, Ho«aic. AdouminK GRI FN. lOM. Vermillion. Husincss .mil InduMrial Management. SiRma Alpha I psilon. Siabbard and Blade, liakoians. Football. I.elicrmcn s ( lub, HANSf.N. HARLKY. Rcdficld. General Bu%iness. HANSON. JAMFS. VCatcrtown. MarkciinK- FIARGFNS, HRICF. Fsthervillt. Iowa. General Business UFADRKK. NORBERT. Rapid City. Business and Industrial Management. Delta Tau Delta. Toastmastcrs, Newman (;iub. Dakotans — president; Student Body Vice-President, Dakota Day Com- mittee. HEINBALGH. CLARK. Belle Fourche. General Business HERIGS, EI.MFR. Parkston. Accounting, Freshman Football. Newman Club HORLOCKER. REX. Rapid City. General Business HOIT .. JI.M, Sioux Falls, General Business, Sigma Chi. Let- termans Club. HYDE, OWEN, Onida. Accounting. KINNEY, GEORGE, Sioux City, Iowa, General Business. n KRl ' F.GAR, RONALD, Worthingion, Minn.. Accounting. KRUSE. MARLIN. Alpena. Accounting LARSON. GLENN, Hudson. General Business. Business Student ' s Association. LASSGARD. STANLEY. Fulton, Marketing. LENT . LEBOY. Watertown. General Business. LEVENE. HARVEY. Poc honias. General Business. Seniors LINDERMAN, JOAN, Vermillion, Business Teacher Educa- tion, Kappa Alpha Theta, Volante, Business Students Associa- tion, Alpha Lambda Delta, Pi Omega Pi, PWF. LINDERMAN, WALTER, Herreid, Accounting. LUNDQUIST. LEMAR, Sioux City, Iowa, General Business. MAULIS, RUBEN, Witten, Marketing. MICKELSON, MAR- ION, Newell, General Business. MILLER, LAVONNE, Custer, Accounting, Alpha Phi, Marketing Club, Tau Beta Sigma, Newman Club. MILLER, VERLIS, Sibley, Iowa, Business and Industrial Man- agement, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Delta Sigma Pi, Business Stu- dents Association. MITTLESTEADT, ROBERT, Milbank, General Business, MYERS, GLENN, Sioux City, Iowa, Accounting. 4 NASON, ROBERT, Sioux Falls. Accounting, Delta Tau Delta — president; Band, University Social Committee — chairman; Strollers, IPC. NELSON, LARS, Vermillion, General Busi- ness. NEREN, KEITH, Forest City, Iowa, General Business. NOGALES, LUIS, LaPaz, Bolivia, General Business, Delta Sigma Pi, Cosmopolitan Club. PIER, LEONARD, Rapid City, Marketing. PORT, LLOYD, Vermillion, Accounting. PTAK, WILLIAM, Kendall, General Business. PUHL, KEITH, Worthington. Minn., Accounting. REID, JIM, South Sioux City, Neb., General Business, Strollers, Football. Seniors «r ' RIINART. VIRNON. Marius. Iowa. AccouniinR Rlh- MANN. JIM, Sioux Falls, Accouncing, Delta Tau Delia, Band. ROLAND. JERRY, Inwood. Iowa, AccountinR. SALMON, ANNETTE. Deadwood. Busincs Tcather Educa lion, Pi Omega Pi. Cosmopolitan Club, Alpha Lambda Delta Guidon, Mortar Board. Who ' s Who, Lutheran Students Asso ciation. University Religious Council — president. AWS — pres idcnt. East Hall President, REW — co-chairman. Student Sen- ate. Community- Artists Series Committee. SCHEUREN BRAND, JAMES, Armour, General Business. SCHUMACHER n.- VID. Columbus, Nebr.. General Business. SMULL. GEORGE. Vermillion, Accounting. STEVENS BILL, Demock, General Business. SUNDSTROM, CHARLES. Alcester. General Business. i ' TAGTO X ' . GLORIA, Reliance, Business Teacher Education. Pi Omega Pi. Cosmopolitan Club, Alpha Lambda Delta. LSA. THORESON. KAREN. Clark, Marketing, Pi Beta RJii, Mortar Board. Guidon. Zeta Phi Eta. Wesley Club. Marketing Club TORMANEN, ALVIN, Lake Norden, Accounting. p. VEEN CAMP, WILLARD, Vermillion, Accounting. VER- HOEF. LYLE, Sioux City, Iowa, Marketing. WALSH, JAMES. Sioux City, Iowa. Marketing. VtOBKEN, CLIFFORD, Sioux Cit . Iowa. General Bi jsine» . BRONX N. ALLEN. Dell Rapids. General Business. PETTY. DEI BtRT. Hot Springs. General BusireM. Seniors KAMMARMEYER, BRUCE, Vermillion, General Business. JENSEN, GORDON, South Sioux City, General Business. PIER, WILLIAM, Avon, General Business. Alpha Tau Omega. DUNN, BOB, Mitchell, Accounting, Alpha Tau Omega. SWEENEY, DAR, Sioux Falls, Accounting, Alpha Tau Omega, Marketing Club. 264 Juniors Aife e 1 ■OOEELMAK JAMIS Iff e ijiiiii ;otiN i w a: ih tfr O •OOCWOinT lYLI H BHAV TllIlM - ' ' ' V iiivMT mvin 4i 265 FAI.SOM. RALPH ' K Juniors m £t 4:iw £ EEBURG. WAYNE irts DOUMA. GEORGE Hk 41 ii GEESER. DAROLD Juniors k n ▲lk c h. KirrZ. MYKON -J . BEVEIILY LANGENFtLO JAMIS 4tw lik Sk. idtb l NDBt«. DO» Ai ' r y Juniors n kM It A RICKERMAN. GLENN ROETMAN. ROBERT 4 lb. JERRY SHER A t i Ai A T LOR, JOHN ZUNDEL, DON " ■ : - ■ • 1 1 ti- ll J A f ,1 .r - ' f ' -365, - lilfeW ' iS Vl = 5 K 271 f- ] ™ BOOK STORE THE CO-OP STORE SERVING THE " U " SINCE 1911 iV " -j - " ' m - ' ' 4 s. COFFEE SHOP © n- m -:r ' 5»3«.a VARSITY BROADCASTER Press Printers of the " Blast " Sorority and Fraternity Publications Dance Programs, Tickets, or what have you? Stationers School Supplies — Candles — Art Supplies Portable Typewriters — Gifts and Games Napkins (imprinted of you wish) Phones: 4-4429 — 4-4428 VERMILLION THE NATIONAL BANK OF SOUTH DAKOTA SIOUX FALLS Phillips at 9th Minnesota at 33rd Huron Vermillion VERMILLION OFFICERS John T. Sanger Vice-President Vernell O. Holter Ass ' t. Vice-President Robert Stark Assistant Cashier Robert K. Miller Mgr., Timepay Dept. ADVISORY BOARD G. K. Brosius D. W. Beaty J. H. Julian W. H. Jormuth Serving This Community Since 1875 Member of the „y , Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Q . U Rex Alleys Visit Tieszen Furniture The Friendly Store VERMILLION 3 Floors of Fine Furniture Quality Brands at Money-Saving Prices Jacobson ' s Bakery VERMILUON Congratulates Class of 1958 Heck ' s Service VERMILLION Benson Motor Company Ford and Mercury Sales Service VERMILLION BENStJN MOTOR CO. Compliments of Austin Dairy o C iie end ■ ' For Fino Things " " For Fine Thinga " ■sri-ir rii;-— QP " fe« IN BO The Chesferman Company SIOUX FALLS Cutler ' s Drive-ln SIOUX FALLS, SOUTH DAKOTA TS S3SIIb »»9aS)Q5X REA Clay-Union Electric Corp. VERMILLION OUR CONGRATULATIONS . . . Are Extended to the CLASS OF ' 58 Homestake Mining Company A South Dakota Pioneer MORRELL MEATS More of everything you want from Morrell JOHN MORftill A CO. •♦••r»l 0«lk«« CHICAGO, ILi fflW S Beat Wishes from J ' . , ' ; .iii H R MA ri The Rapid City National Bank W 1 1 V and ■ ■ E ( Rapid City Trust Company H ' . 1 R S 1 i 1 p Sioux Fall. .79 The Midwest ' s Finest Black Steer Steak House and Cocktail Lounge m Chic Charcoal Broiled Steaks Chicken — Sea Foods Air Conditioned for Your Dining Enjoyment Third and Pine Street Yankton, S. D. Banquet Room Available 226 So. Phillips SIOUX FALLS First National Bank of The Black Hills RAPID CITY Lead, Hot Springs, Spearfish, Deadwood Belle Fourche, Newell, Sturgis, Villa Ranchaero Affiliated with Northwest Bank Corporation Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Sharon Shop SIOUX CITY MORE ELECTRIC OUTLET! IliAKE YOUR HO i il MORI VALUABLEI NORTHERN STATES POWER COMPAN Sioux Falls The Louise Dixon Shop Th« LouU« Dixon Shop oJ Sioux Fall CONGRATULATES The Seniors of 1958 3 SvS Oux Fa S Oux Falls City Property • Farm Property • Insurance Redf ield Land Company Sioux Fallj Paul Redlield Dwight L Redii«kl .i 4.CIIf .,..di " i ' H I 1 M 1 ENTERTAIN YOUR FRIENDS B crt the Big " M " 3| H 1 Maj estic Gardens- IV Entertainment Center for Over 1 Tfears YANKTON Congratulations Seniors ol 1958 V ' 53 ' « ' ' ' -» Rink, Mgi. CONGRATULATIOH8 SUSD BOOSTERS Vermillion ARTLEY CLEANERS THE CLOTHING CUPBOARD AL ' S PLUMBING AND HATING COYOTE BARBER SHOP DALLAS JEWELRY E. H. LIEN. INSURANCE CITIZENS BANK FULLERTON LUMBER HOLSE ' S DELICATESSEN lAQUITH JAQUITH SIMS BROTHERS HARDWARE C. PENNEY CO. STAMM ' S FIRESTONE I. J. NEWBERRY CO. MEISENHOLDER MOTOR CO. ODEN IMPLEMENT CO. WALPOLE DRUG SCHAUPP STUDIO WESTSIDE CAFE rEADO JEWELRY AARONSON ' S Sioux City GREEN GABLES Sioux Falls Watertown NELSON HARDWARE Rapid City WESTERN STATIONERS Speariish BLUE DRUG AND JEWELRY lnd( iT ' - " ' . |Erpl SiJ ' IX l°.S: S " " •--«! l " l:s: ]s. z ig l;;T " K.r° " " ' ' ,.,.,,....,..,.. 1 t ' -S F«n, -• " ■ " s;i ,;s J27 pSob ' h B„Wd " ' f " ™!! j ' . ' n " . ;2 ' _. ». » F ' ™„ ' °V! " " r " ' " ' ■« [ix ' r ' v ' j ' lE: liE;!Sr " ' ™, ,„. ' :t». ' i IM. IjU? [ ;;■ ' " ' ' .,, ::h: ' !v| L VnH == ' ■ i ' ' •• " % ' ? I,; ' " v ' :; j° " " ' ' " j28 EirJl; licln - ' -- .. rll Fn " ' ' tSn.ld Fonk ' [ " " ' .« i ' oTb ' ; ' , " .,, ' " i;! ? ' !r. " c h. 1 " ;;«. 1 ;. ' -• ■■■ ' L " T ua ' ° " ; " • ' ;v olhlil Rota. " i,. ' i;Vii G...e. Rob. . 211.60.66 146. I» lEii ' loL ' " ■ " %!« ,s ' H It- Sa::: ■tt. s=s; SJrfcr as:. ititr ' srtfr. 1S?Ef== =.r._.zi]|| - ' " " - 1| ' 66 .■10, lib, !5 210 ffDloDd. B 21J oaJud. ' ' v ' °k, " ' 2,9 m, „s, 1,1, .50.|5? OU™; NorSL, " " 1 234 BiE°I,.. oS,, ' H " w„d, Aid " Ii Puck. P. ni [S|r 254, .J, H9, 60 pS " : iXr, ' 1 r ' -i? 2H 1, ' V| 2,4.,«.l| ?SE- iS ' " " ' 1 ?sr.: r r 242, IJ, ji ,Lr° r,-i iz? PhllUp jJi 52 SI- ' ' i A Jul.. 2,», n,. lo7 pi,ujh„ ' ' l.H ' i ' J, p " i: K " ' y llfTuiH ' " " " ' 25!, ' 127 Pacr. Nuc l° " il:v ,8,. ' " J ' o fSir " ■ ' IS gip 1 Kur.-,?™ " 2S5, ' lO« P.n.u. Don-ld 2,4 ' « 2H n2, ,„, S mm. 22o,,JU;| sirffi ' " ' " 211, 4» m, 62 «. ' i»,n. -n,™ 211, 14« lOT. in, «, ' lO« sis ' iL, ' 2;;,€; ' H J2I™ " ' ' ' " • ' ' ' " ■ " n lliT ' III m !is;:;,.Vv,;„, 2 ' .M " ' ,2rii; 551 j -- !(i 20,, ,4,: f«: ,,0. ,«.| SKi, ;, lot,, ip..,.l, D.fl yl.R„ „ irsr. Ubl, DonmU -—-,--. M. ' « «, ' ; ...d - - 2j;. } ;;:sdfrti ' - ' Sj! 1 2,2 1,0 il 222, ,15 " ' ■ ' l:ii Hy3;„„. 2,- .0 lii iisHS " " " ' " 2I? Hs ' fe.„ 20! W.ll.hM. Fr.all.n 261. 12S W-lmi, Jul, 212 Zii ' Si i-;4 60 wSlI: fCi!J ■ ' ' ' 26? " ' • ' 1 ESSE Wuoock. D on„ Wtbc,, Clrent „ iiS,... 222 2, ' . 1,0, » wSki M?,Tc.r» i: °F - ' ■ « w i r iisi, 212 Zm. " bSw ' m |I3e 222, 109, , If, " • kF ' " " ii3 ;i S ' " ' " " ■--■ " «rl,, ' v ' c„ " ,d 222: 4; 5 |[|;;;,» j " ;, ' ;.; ' iS 60 «. 1,,™,-. R„1,..J , ' .r 1 ' " |, ' .P ' ' ' " l!r ' S:|H sr ' kioid ' " " ii? iilrijb ' 2,f ' „n, | ;;: ' ;: ' j ' j; " ;;;, ' ;£ ' ;;., ' !? zll " l,r%n,. " jltk 288 H ■Pl l ' ..::. 1 BHK,f xv " - H H ' ' ■ IH l Tr ? 1 1 K] - ' ' ' ' ' V ' H K ' ' ' ' ' 1 1 1 K ' " V ' ' P l ■ 1 B- ' Bfi l ■ ' ' " H l kUIBI J jBfl 1 S IH H 1 H V i H ■ Kf ' m H

Suggestions in the University of South Dakota - Coyote Yearbook (Vermillion, SD) collection:

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