University of South Dakota - Coyote Yearbook (Vermillion, SD)

 - Class of 1957

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University of South Dakota - Coyote Yearbook (Vermillion, SD) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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A A .- - 1 1.- 1 S, x-9 A1 11 ,. .1 A - . wmv- 1 . ,-.,,, 1. ,. ,, !,.'3eTfx"-1Qx'1Ni 1' Lim ' ,Q l"c "" 1-.ff . 12 - -' ' WW' Q " 1r 1 r 1,1,f. -1 .:':,-11,-31 F '- . ,,NUr K ,, . , 141' .1 -1-,'1' .9. . 115, ,,,,.-I, 1 'xt i ,., A, . 1 ' a ' ' 1 ,r1' 1 .. 5' 1 '1-'Af . ', ,AX . 3 ,. -1, ,, ,, A F v n 1 1 E V . . K xx. a N 1 1 ,-, 1. 5 X.. . 5 ' 1A fs, x 1 s Al -14: , ffkx v-.-.'-e..J.'-114. I V g ms, if ..'- .1145 . if ' -, 1 ,.,- -1. -N . f -1 '.."7'l' S 1, . fx if 1 1 5 x-x ,C , 1 s p N x ff- , , fp , f 1 My - Ev A792 +1 A, ,H l 1 Y r 3 5 H 1 W l f F i f i i I 5 , 5 1 i I , A In . YY fl , - , 'ig 4' U 1 I I4 V ,.hW'-.q.'f,,,a,,,x,,,.,.g.QQ..-V.. Q 1, k , . . A - . K . , A ., , , 1 mngg:meagw'KPf"""'?""' f . . . ., . ., . . 1 - -M,-,Q-mm-f me-al, m-mamif'ir'rselasrAev0a29'F'F7' Q- W ,-. ,. 1 m"f f?3T5f:::z:j:x:a.:.gsQ L' ,... . .-H,-A- 'f--b"-"' ""' ' K N W .- l 5ii.f',-if I M, ,W - , . 0 . I ., Q 4 0 I I r an ' . Milky ' ' sf ff ,f I - . 2 ' ' 'ff ,f ' ,V-x ., X 1 .W-'X , .X .X V . m RE Engl' 11 x , L - L 'x 11 E . X J I ' . 1 ff I I. 5 If . .j A Z 1 X . My 2 Qih . X v L W N Q , riff'-ff.ff..,5 -1 'f', 5""','vi. . , si X , I 4 X , X K 4 , E fill, 'A 43 1 s Q fx . f fx? 5 QRS, ry .P 5 I 1 x. '1 X-xii ' k-05' at fx riff , b S '90 U v Vg N X Q ' ' Y 2 igfki' 'L ' ' ' , " t A-.N gi? S A Ix K4 I1 ' , " Q ,Q A ' ' e 0 1 W 7 - A ' Q f in 1 gg 1 if . -n , ,, . 5 x 'Q - ' N "' af' , if - 4 S J , 1 x ' f 'I - r Q S 1' f' 4 0 f 4 A L. ' fu , i X . J ' u ' ',' Q i ' v I' ' 0, K 0 t f, f Q 5 ' 3 z V ' ' 'KE O 'fy qv l t f A E ,L ' Ja! If 4. ' H 5 'D' Q r ' 'K 2 "' x ig. u ,, , 1 M 5 I 'Q 1 ' KJ ca" s Q I ' 'I Q l ,, s ' ,yy ' W1 . " 3 ww . . ' A l O I X i 4 ui ' E ' ' ' 1 . v , Q -0 ' ! 6, l qs Yi 4 rf Z ' Q s f Z ' I 5 f TWT 5 3 'f ' , A T YYKQRF' " ,- , - A 4 I f -:tvs ,f Il 4 H ,,,. . I, x. s 3 NN Qu Q sw NSA mx X X xx EN f , W la' Anil' I AND TIME IS RUNNING OUT RF: ' Q J. Q5 S g. A S 2 , Q3 ivwfqlz W N Sm cf mf, uw 9.2 ?"'LvV' .qu ' 5 4 x, I -, ,Q , i' 1' -w w 1? f' "Cin, , I 1 1K . , . W ' - A Q. .v V If 4",,, 01,51 " ff ' XA, ' - ffw'Q',ffr,f , , ,, Y., X, A fi-"1 ,. KW,-xf.:7f L. ,V . -f , J X 1 s A N M .- .mags-,'A . ,- , 414.- , 'Z":,j, -f 2 "LJ K ., i..1,,l xiii., X W- X311 ,L X 3,18 A v uh ul N fkyffm 54,91 I If ' X., . 1 ,J 'V H K xx:-Qpff-Q ,- V -. Q, ,x , , , ,L "' A N.v..5,, ', wmv wi .1-J .. H .. ,1 mx., .'4 fl M- ,wk , f."u ", kli- With the close ot onother yeor, we odd to our memories mony, hoppyond worthwhile experiences. This hos been o tull yeor ond hos offered o fine toundotion toribuiiding memories, To preserve them? for you, the ort tolents ot Norm VonderPloots, the verbosity of Don Besom, ond thelobors ot the entire 1957 COYOTE stotthove been incor- poroted inthe coreful ond zeolous plon- ning ot this onnuol. It is o pictoriol ond written 'record of the hoppenings we hove encountered olong our chosen poth. To recoll the highlights, olong with mony lessimportont but very pleos- ont incidents, the 1957 CGYOTE tokes you torio stroll throuqh the yeor ot the Stote University of South Dokoto . . . ,jQrgft,. Aera, gyifoi f NX-'Q .QV Q W 4 1 1 N xv A.. x-1 'XY XX X xx XXKX 4.1-3'-yur:-...x.5,Nk, X Lnwmi W'fwws'9 WMS P-ww V k S X A' 1 K , v ,QS 1 5 Q. . , QI ' Wg:MW,,......,W fnrm X ' -fa' . 1 M -5 15 f ,' J .V sf' , ,.,. , - , x, 5 Q, EH 95 ,Q N , ' inf' ffm" f f 'W Ji K gl X fps? AiOXWQ2::x. :ki , ff 5 j?I X X JN y f .... , ,X 9 , F j S if x 25 ,K xg? 1 W x Mggfg., KZ :5 if Q-Q , f-,,w- Mx 2' H X 'ss fi NWN ' g Q M. 1 Q7 , 14 'J Lb -JFS www-gf f ' " X ' + VQ . ff! 1 . , , 47 9 if wt? f M 5 , f if 0 vfvfw ,W x W QNX 4 5, 21, N QW X ff w ,245 W 4 5 4 I f z 1 5 X ef if 2 mf A f 4 11 f Z ft ' , 7 f Y' -2 f f , ,Z '-,, i ,, lf .:-'rf W , f :If ,mfyv . gf fx 'f A Z I 'TH X f f .ff 4 , A Q W STRKLL ff 'msn gvfql-1-1 rf:-zrxr 1701 f .,a,. ly ii i 1 i V , , W , l ld l l Fl ,' l ' r,,Jcgii,,1:"'i fi ,ii i r-i F"-1--X '1 T i ,ll N , IMT ir' Rush week! And after the weeks ot planning and preparation, they walk tbrougb the door . . . the tall, gangling tresbmen, the sby, studious looking ones, the bappy go lucky type with tlfie quick, ner- vous smiles, the botsbots . . . ln a quiet moment between bandsbakes and introductions, one begins to wonder it it is really worth it all, but knows with easy assurance that it isl And suddenly it is all over . . . the smokers and the parties are ended tor a time, the votes are cast, the bewildered look ot rusbees turns into a radiance sbown only by a new pledge. jr C3 f we , 3 8.3: A ' b 3 . kf' ,MW it I x I-A . , X ex ,, Slowly, bit by bit, the line inches toword the desk ond os the lost person moves owoy, someone steps -eogerly torword, not knowing whot to expect but teeling sure thot here ot lost she will tinolly become enrolled in SUSD. "NomeP" "Uhl" She struggles, trying to remember the obvious, "Oh, lvl - - - ." "l'm sorry, this line is tor A through l.. You'll hove to go to thot toble over there." l-ler heort sinks os she looks ot the long line thot is overflowing down the holl . , . Registrotionl lt it is her tirst registrotion doy, she will begin to loothe ony single tile formotion ot people. ln time, however, the lines become ci "hos been," ond o vocotion to lvlexicolond often oppeols to senior students during the semester breok. -. -, pf 't Q?" xf"f.P1'Q"'7 'J f I " f 'V emmnmmfw-00""""" ' "V ., , - - -jg ,-jf, ,fri ffl, j.-1 " I A 1 ' . .4 p , . -.f T-ld" " 'ffrff' .'?-'f' Elf' ,, f ' f'4f'f14-f 'f. ' ' . ' Q 'vm 4 ' bvehu0-vr"PI'9'9"""'n"'u."" 0 . I' ' - . 1-1 7' " L' l lwqwwsrnumnnea - - , 1 bg? ,,bi?Q9f A tv Qtqff :WJ .M an -Msg 4, wr- 0 X :F K ' X , 1 X' :NN U 34 351-'gf ::?"f 'CFSJ':F',f'f'f1j'T'J",Q:"?Tff1',-if-5 !-q3:f:g'f:"w:-:'1".- 'Y fi"'f frgzfz-, zsjfm'-5jj1j4g,. 1,1531-fg:3g7,g,,j 1.,-.--rvsfaf :L-:-.:-:,.:p1,4:: , .... ,f.1,4,,1. .V 'fi' ' 51 4- ww-.1-m.fe3-u.'-PA,n'mQss3vnvQ-an-r :Hawk viii 37l33LRvl.Ni2vriem"vL.,Q ' ' 77,, A, A A, W A, . .. .,,, - A7 h , xm'fi.ica:.Ru.4K:.m:-liwa.Qea.w.X.'.w-.W..-ui .. 1' The largest crowd in the history of Dakota Day crowded the Vermillion streets to watch the many floats designed on the theme "De- partments on Parade" wend their way down the parade route. The last minute compli- cations on the float , . , a broken car hitch, a torn costume, a lost sign, indecision . . . all added up to the strain felt on that big day by SUSD students, The afternoon foot- ball game, the buzz of jet airplanes, regal beauty, the sea of bright yellow mums against dark furs, handshakes and hello's, open house, coffee . . . coffee . . . and even more coffee . . . an evening of dancing, a tight pair of slippers and a blister . . . Da- kota Day l956 ended! And so to sleep again - - - and no Monday classes! XX,- 5 1 wx. XX, .. X X my Xb X X X .-.Xt K 5 X ' ' it X. ,Xf . X .X , .X X ,7 X X X-X,fxX X' X f , X in KL S .I .4 X Q ww X X X, 4 ,, f f 'SX :iw X T X ,X 4 1 1 ,f X X . Xiwf X X X X f ww, 7,fsXffX- X f ' X "IN f' X f XX. I X X 4 J U, .5 3, , .X ,kpy , VMTN.-si, u ' 'gfjff gvwim 'NSUWQWAWMN5 'XXX-5l?'S?4?5:i"'7?fvQ XX , . wg.. X X, X. X . -X ,, , 1 , ' I X Q" . ' 5 4 , nw. .. .,, .IM Swv X ,, K,,Q,,Q..g,X A X ww , X. XX f xx N. XX ,ff Sym? XA .7wXXXWXwm.XX, NX. . WXXXXXXQQ ,XX X - Xf Wnwvswwyk. f 'SX XKWQ' XX, ,,. WX. Q XXXWXX X K NXQXV, X ,M ff XX ., , , --'qv - X- 5 X X ' ' , ' ,ZEXXQWXZZXXQXXXMX - . ,, , ff , XXXX -XX-W--W 2-fr-Q ' "N"M"Q"""xx"T' """M'N""""ww W , U k X.. XX Lf' S ff 1,45-fy . -vdfw , 4 9 . XX X, ., X X, fnmfff .X -, XX ' Q' .X MK 1 X - .iq 5-T C--57 , if X x Q7 ' X - X X, X jf X y 1 ' NX ' X I 5 XX ,ff X. . Vyf w X - W W X, 3 1 X, 2 W 1' - X ' N N 1 f ' N , 1 , 1 A X .1 , , 1-1 , X A X K - Y K f ---f, 7 X f -. L -Q f- f xiff ff -f d ff fff- iii 4 f gx W AK-X Kd 3 FX 7 ' fx Y X ,f X X , N ! Q! X: Nga' X X N . QXQL11, X . WW 4 f f X Af X, X 7 X w f ' Qui X f f ff ff , f X7 jf' ff ,, , , Y f Win f ff W' ,f 49, Of Z ,A 4 M 4, f XX A X Q 'WW 'f 'xr H. 7 f- ,. "-'.':'1'x Z A Mv7A4,'v .ff .X ' h.,,.N'54.2j,,vf ' 4 ,-ZfAv,'43,Q-..-Qi1i9W,wK'...,3 'V 1 . ,. if,-.S- 35 ' 3525 I X, Y .sig.S.+'5vvg, . if Y x - , 'Mfii' 1 we -fg.. an 'N -vw ,R , . .M wwf: , '-in S,lk. , 6 1 ': Q 1 6 , W, 45, 'un iii,- in 9 Q . A .1 ..- 1-4-,WL Y M, . A -g'vi..,"T. ' -1,'c.,Q n, mi. Q h 4--""":. 'sux mv. 4, ,, + . Q-wr .X 4 iwkxqn i ' I I S 'Tiff 1 Pxlg I- ND' i f You V1 Beto Theto Pi's winning house decorotions were obsolutely correct! -N hx XM M X W1 ...dff1xN' 44811: x i, ,- M HDMI! D II MU G WWC Q.- 1 I "Slough'rer in The Corrot Po'fch" vvos predicted by Pi Beto Phi. I 4 i 'NKAAN . k Nm xx 1 fnannnv- 5 1 If-ITXITT p1Xlf': J J LL: ffoch bf Mc ing 0 Ebook. geem yinue - or A feve gfollow Lum p negin Lrek 'r ink l 4 A I 1 T 1 1 ' --954 its aww, ,M- WE WORKED HARD .... Each year about the firstof January and the middle of May, term papers suddenly become due, and read- ing assignments include the last few pages in the book. What? Final exams already? SUSD students seem to shake off this ominous warning and con- tinue on their way only to meet up with the worst! - an English final at eight o'clock tomorrow? A feverish rush to gather up the semester's material follows . . . l-lours later as the rays of the morning sun penetrate the smoky haze of the room, books begin to close with a triumphant thud. The long trek to lvlike's , . . a coffee line, bluebooks, pen and ink - - - all the essentials for a perfect day. BUT CN WEEKENDS WE LIVED IT UP! Throughout the week compus lite tolqes on o sort ot subdued colm, out os Fridoy once ogoin rolls oround ond the weekend op- prooches, the stops ore pulled out ond the sociol colendor reploces the ossignment sheet, The Vorsity echoes with singing ond loughter- couples ond stogs flock to the Soturdoy night double teoture, porties opound, oosketboll ond toot- boll gomes drow cheering crowds. Some individuols desert the scene tor o "quiet" weekend ot home, but in their obsence the testive mood still prevoils. Sundoy night - O vvoetul look ot the pile ot books f o pouse - roll over ond bock tO sleepl E EKEND3 3 i ::":us life 1 Colm, rm rolls Afwd op- fed out ,Jv 44.4 e ..Jl f replaces ' VOFSITY 'S gmrer vro the - feature, 'jnjq foot- fi growds. 'fe scene ,' fzfne, buf m T A am ro vm' QV I i l 1 4 3 I l if Kia 1 Q 5 gif ' ' ima 0 WAYNE E I l - 1 I i I av. V XX5 yy, -emu. ,E .4 w 'Ml K unull""" 3 A! Q A ' 5 K X W e, - M wi' W ll I rw ....W,h,...,t,m ,fm i ja Q A A 1 ss is are si tt: Eaqwwfifgr I .-:.- ft ft t it E C r 7 ig f t f l W rf 'r M A e its Zi P t Merch, Strollers, ond the pulse ot the cjompus seems to quicken ot leost ten Counts os hoggord groups seurry here ond there moking lost minute odiust- ments tor the big night. The show ot WSC, sold to he the best ever, offered the oudienee o wide voriety ot themes. From the troternity scene ot the SAE's to the theme ot oncient Greece with the Alpho Xi's ond the Lomhclo Chils, ond the setting ot the southern hoyous of the ATO-Aloho Phi oct, the per- tormonce wos tops "How do they do it?" is the ott heord remorlq . . . they wonder olsol fl! vim Wm xN x xx XX XX 9 Kb, N xX X50 f 'Q x x 1 x ax , si ww . Wm n .6 Q . az' ' E. Z: - 'Ulf 7' ,iw vp fn M .4 Q Q f Ai. 'Y' 1 I X ...Q ,. hex X ,S Xi 4 Q Y 1 ,J l ,VW X if X In the spring when o young mon's toncy turns to thoughts ot the toirer sex the Dokotons sponsor o beouty pogeont vvhieh gives the Coeds of SUSD on opportunity to disploy their chorms ond tolents to on interested ond oppreciotive oudienee. This event, the Miss University Contest, is o well ottended ond much ontieipoted springtime octivity. Lost yeor's winner vvos Miss Noncy Hoy of Vermillion, shown here being crowned by the previous queen, Jeonice Anderson. 4 ' 0 .,,, all Q JU on .5 To CHOIRS OF PERF ECTION One of the traditional University activities is the Swingout event held each spring for the coeds on the campus, Part of this program is the singing contest between the different women's housing units, The top choral group last year was the Alpha Phi sorority directed by Marge Rogers. The special highlight of the evening, however, is the tapping of the new members of Mortar Board. 'Mm .1 'TS to swam, 3 and I years On lVlother's Day week- end, Morto r Boa rd F A 2 .owll ecnice sponsors the annual program for visiting parents. One of the most popular of all events planned is the lnterfraternity Sing. The winner last year was the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity directed by Craig Tisher. I I 1 I I H 'Q Vg:2:?f'l!""FFf5N,4,5'1'-'lj-5 ,7 "" 'v"'fi ' W Zh I K jx X ww nag... g--1... xv xx W0 1 . g5fg9,QK','Wf if fx f L ,f f wk.. G , X. U' I 4 4 ,- -xzvrmq , f 035517 Q Zim 1, Q ,J ,e .gf if mu 7,g.f? Z ' K M, .. . ' , 'Hof 45. S 7 'wifi S 1 -X, . ' N I' X , . -, . ,QZQA , fB 7 A X ' 'KX , 5 f ' -,MTM ., NNW .." ' ' x X X .ASN N wmxwma di X YM' W ff wxw f x X QU! x 'Qt , QW, Z .QL .L ' ' kg- xx . Xwdkr 7 ., . - - ., , .. - F,.,..,.., ,W -. , .L - ' J f Qfiurii-in44325:5:5-'rl-t-i1'Zf2f59VfHf:TA'3l'??.'kfi'2 ' Y E 7: ' f " , . ..., 'X A X ' 4W4"f5Y5fEA!?'bE5SL'F'if4'TfA?'i:i':viw113'tii1"AQ7.'f"' F- fk"" " -"0 --'- ' ' -K X X K, 1' , If nv-+'4xmN':f, -,9iYgnwef3eefQ':a:-ff:-Q uw'1'g'-3:-qqgg. ,Q wry, yi., 4 . r- , all over . .. asks back to 3 tour short r triumphs ond , remember- LS QS he lll'Sl new ond dil- ff ng was Gnd 5 Gnd scored A-gnly evefY0ne ,I the bustle of me MS and begori i0 be This hod be 'hge wel? the ,viii hovebeen JJ" t grid illal that WGS OI' 5 Those S0 . ' ll wvertlleless' but the F' i 5 1 V"' Mft 'I QI r",.rgL 1. -. x, M, ,, , Y lid!! Y! W-,lx Kprfs KX7 Vicjicijiirij ci vi :tru 'r 'ikix H1 mf" , VN- R 'liw lil ':' J 1' H N CJ N1 I-7"LltQQ, :,, Ney ,' l - -. x 'i ii l'l li i l, ' l r, - A u L-Il., ug r.1c.J J aj, C-1 LJLJLXJ gum r 21 Lg L3 Q Graduation! As each person leaves Slagle Auditorium tor the last time with the coveted diploma held firmly in hand, his mind is a confusion ot mixed emotions . . . glad that it is finally over, and a little sad that he is leaving - and not quite sure as to what will come next. A camera clicks and a relative shakes his hand. Ott come the cap and gown. A question as to just how much has been learned over the tour year period arises . . , and he realizes that his education has just begun. 'tx . "fue-P .W XX ,x, f 4 ,1-J, 5,1 .-.4 X ,Jr I 00,125 , 5 V 4 Q ' ff x Y 'f 4 ,-L .1 '. ' f "LL nfX!9l' "I 'N' . ' , a .".f.-.,. . 1 'ff 4-fl" ' . I . ' ug- f --af f-e ., V , . ' ' . If ui . ,-'Q' u:.,1- nl , ,, N, , ,- -' , I., -, ff. "uw .:f:"fA, ., " . Y-I ' I ' , Vp.. . - - J ., .--.1 ,W-' 4 f."37gj' N . , ' 112 . " ' . ga?" L"V...f-, , , .M L VJ.-Z.Xl.r1," Q ' H1 Q , - ,,,::,.1 ., 2 , 1 K --3,14 .-f . -412 ' -1'--gr 'iff - U L - , I -- . , . . fi" ,TC J.. . Q. .-1 I . 1 , , J . ' ' . u ,, , - .,,,l " - MQ., Ajf:-f 4 ,. .rv----f'i:'f. 4.-'A ' ' '..-'1. , , n , . . ' I 1 'Z .l,' 'QSAV 3 , ' ' 0 I , . ' LM.,- u V . . . , Q ' ' ff:-,f . ' '.i73'f'7Q:-.f.. . ' ' ' r . . , . ' ' - x-5.75 .- . ' If . .. . I , , ' f 2 ',14"'7Y?:T1"' , A 1 , 'l ' f f ' u'g.ff . ' ,... 4- V X , - L . HI ' Q . - 1 - -. Xu.: ' .,a. -, ' x U- AHL!" 1-M 4' , U """'b0-bi . M: 1 -. .-.Q- '-. ,,... .. --.f-,.. . .-, .Afvs 9:140- ' 1 X x f 'f""vg f .Lx X. . -.,., x ,uw Vx ', 'M 11. EY: X , , ' " vii' ,F 1 f -vw-e-F -7 . - - 14. , 1 4,-.-.- 1..1:-c-x., 3 LQ 1 ,J . f I V ,'A,,.,,.,.,.,',.f...... -. ' rm'4'RLIUPi1!.'Ft24F:4"l?i."95'F7'7""""""'A"' mr' . .M,.....-,.f...4..w,Mx-+wxi..ay1f1imegwzesu2ref"'FP"LF"ff' 'f A' " X,,,. V .AA-.. ,QA, . V . . A 1 - I. - ww .Ja W I P x A-'V' rival Vip n x w2145'f'f'inFW'fi-1"3GQ15"5-I-314'rWFC'?Q'f14ffi73ii4?i1f?naiWf:f'ff5!5Q-2m-.'i5-11521Sik,QG..1C" pf'-f5.a5I:y,wj' ,,:,,:' gg, , H-,p -V I -tuxlw-1-f-wus 1 JANE SHULL KAREN THORESON The Crowd Co-Editors ' v r I ! 4 Y B 4 4 1 3 i i + 4 1 1 11 1 1 J W I 1 lei 1 GQ g if I 1 sg by px J . wg 4 ix - i fxi 1 w . "Q ' A f +l f 'ff . +A f .-+ . - l - . 1kW'A .. , N:, I 1 . D. WEEKS-Being president ot a university, regard- ess ot. its size, is no small job tor anyone, lt requires the administrative ability of an entrepreneur as well as the scholarly perspective ot a protessor. Our own president, 1 D. Weeks, has these attributes. lt is through his tore- Sight and leadership that the University ot South Dakota was elevated its position in the national spotlight since jis becoming its head in V935 Rare among those hold- Ing a position such as his is the close contact that he ceeps with the students. l-le is a strong booster ot cam- pus activities, and his tamiliar figure and ready smile Can he seen at almost any tunction in which the Univer- sity participates, We teel proud and honored to have him as our head. its f ,X ' y is .,.,.w .. E TREPRENEURS RWM J. H. JLJLIAN-Business Manager of the Univer- sity and namesake for Julian Hall, J. H. Julian s duties have far reaching effects on every branch and department of the school, The smooth way in which they run is a credit to him as well as the department heads. - HOWARD CONNORS-As Dean of Men Howard W. Connors is often held responsible for the sometimes unusual actions of "his boys." When not answering for such antics, he lends a respon- sive ear to the problems and questions of the males of the University, lt is largely through his guidance that our men are so well adjusted. 'f Y' ,L as .Y . .aff -ff .4755 ROBERT KNARP-Withlhis infectious and spontaneous smile, Robert H. Knapp, the Director of Special Services, has made many an incoming student h h f I A, wet er freshman or transfer, ee welcome and at home in his new surroundings. emi FOG ELEANQR NQRTON-LGTG ClGlS nights, prgper clothes tor the right occosions, ond women's housing ore oll problems of Eleonor Ngrtgn. A5 Deon ot Women, she strives to keep the com- pus minority under the guided protection ot her wing, ond sote from the unscrupulous mojority, Through her groce ond chorm she hos become o titting model for her girls. E. VV. HARRINGTON-l-leoding the oldest ond lorgest school in the University is o very orduous tosk. For- tunotely tor us we hove in E. VV. l-lorrington o mon competent ond eoger for the heovy lood thot is ossigned to the job of Deon ot the College ot Arts ond Sciences. l-le must coordinote the octivities ot twenty-seven ditterent mojor fields, oll ot which toll Within the reolm of this deportment. MARK DELZELL-Teoching the teochers to teoch is the joh ot lvlork Delzell. As Deon ot the School ot Educotion he proys only thot his students will remember their educotionol principles ond thot his proctice teochers will retroin from using torce. With his quiet smile he is the shining 'exomple ot one ot the most desirohle ottrihutes ot o good teocher .... good humor. l l l l fl i l ll l i i w l i i l i l i l i l E l l l l l 35 F , ww, wy, S7+,,fg ff 'J f 2- f Biggs 5 'QWX " f5eiQ,M c ,Willie tl N V mmf? K fufm fhkw ,,u,i f f f,iEN2Qy, 23 Wefmxwmssmwwx cm ROBERT PATTERSON-Active in both University ond civic offoirs, Robert Rotterson -- Deon of the School of Business, Vermillion moyor, ond construction strowboss of the first degree, is o striking exomple to oll his stu- dents of the utility of college troining. His speoking obility is eouolly fomilior in the clossroom ond in front of community orgonizotions. KENNETH SIMPSON-Recently filling the vocont posi- tion of Deon of the School of Low is Kenneth Simpson. Coming to him for guidonce ond study ore the future govel swingers ond oil-tongued orotors of South Dokoto's courtrooms. It is up to him to instill in his students the theme song of the low profession: Hlgnoronce of the low just hosn't got it." HERBERT S. SCHELL-One of the key workers in the ottempt to boost the prominence of the University's groduote school is Herbert S. Schell, ond os Deon of thot school he hos much to soy obout its stondords, ln od- dition to his tosks with the odvonced scholors he is the heod of the History Deportment ond o noted historion. During the present semester, he is on o leove of obsence ond is doing reseorch on the history of South Dqkotg which he will compile into o book in the neor future. lf IlPeonhSchell con coptivote his reoding oudience og we os e con his listening oudience, it is sure to be o very populor publicotion, . l i I l l i s WALT Dfgn in ure 5 tht gro 3 ml hgyprc crJhc oflsoci l Ill tr tt l i i l l i i 1 DR. T. oiid pc lllrectc ohilmini sii:kne5 sluden lelcture hls hoL nlen o l l l i WESL each c civilizci 118 me tbr of llurt i layout cmd H dccuse l l l i l l WALTER HARD-Wolter Hord's job os Deon of the School of Medicine is to insure on offirmotive to the question, "ls there o doctor in the house?" Amid the rottle of unidentified skeletons ond the moon of hypochondriocol test tokers, he preoches to his students the Hippo- crotic ooth ond the eternol domnotion of sociolized medicine. DR. T. E. EYRES-With o soothing smile ond potient eor Dr. Thomos E, Eyres, Director of the Student I-leolth Service, odministers to the vorying degrees of sicknesses suffered by the University's students. Solk voccine shots, clossroom lectures, ond froctured bones tick ovvoy his hours, moking him one of the busiest men on the compus, WESLEY HURT-Being surrounded Gqch doy by the dusty remoins of post civilizotions must give full rein to even the most subtle imoginotion, As Direc- tOr of the W. l-l. Over Museum, Wesley Hurt is in such o situotion, Though the loyout of his disDloys shows ingenuity ond imginotion, he hos not yet been occused of being flighty. WILLIAM CURRAN-At the first ot every se- mester, when we reluctantly but silently watch the dwindling remnants of an ever-insufficient bank account pass unobstructed through the open window of the registrar's office, we Often wonder where itggoes and what lucky man gets to run his silky fingers through the smooth green bills that accumulate in the great catacembg Of the University's vaults, This man is Williqm iurtran, the Finance Secretary, and it seems likely ag at times he would be glad to relinquish this . along with the headaches that accom- 38 l-l. W. FRANKENFELD-lf you were to ask a stu- dent where you could find l-lerman Walter Franken,- feld he would be likely to answer, "Wherei WhoR? But trying again and asking this time for Frankie you would be sure to get a reply of recognition. l-le is known by all USD students from freshmen up, For many University neophytes his warm smile while overseeing freshman tests is the first im- pression that they get of the academic side of their new college, l-lis chief preoccupation, though that of Registrar, is not so well known, for the untangling of registration "red tape" takes place behind the facade of administration windows. ll ROBERT FALK-You too may have a college edu- cation. Just send in the engraved face from two ten dollar bills and .... lt is through the work of Robert Falk, the Director of the Extension Division, that the do-it-yourself-at-home enthusiasts can learn of the works of Picasso or the difference be- tween a participle and a gerund. It is through the economy of his courses that a little bit of the Uni- versity goes a long way. I-l, E. BROOKMAN-Wanted: Engineers - Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, Civil, anyone or anything that can run a slide rule. We need you desperately - now, Under this increasing but urgent pressure ot modern international competition and national mass production, l-larold E, Brookman, the head ot the Depart- ment ot Applied Science, calmly but etticiently works on this mammoth task laid betore him and the other engineering school heads ot our country. ,From the looks ot the competent men that emerge from under his wing each year, he is doing a wonderful job. CARL B. HOY-The unknowing passer-by, upon hearing a "l-ley, Rubel" coming trom The vicinity ot the athletic plant, is likely to be- come unnerved, expecting at any minute to be assaulted by a mob at svvarthy carnival talk, Little does he realize that he is only hearing addressed Carl B, l-loy, Director ot Athletics. Ever since he became basketball coach here in l927, Rube has become a symbol at all Uni- versity sports. EARL CHILDERS-To the "l-lup, hu, horee, hourel" ot his advanced students and the "pitter, patter, patter, pitter" ot the basic boys, Lt. Col. Earl Childers carries out the duties ot Director ot Military Activities at USD. l-lis is the task at tamiliarizing the male popu- lation ot the University with the tundamentals at military training and to those interested and aualitied individuals an opportunity tor rank and command in the regular army, An- other link in our system ot national detensel 4 . ww www EW? my L , ,Q V f tm f V bfi K ROBERT lvlcCULLAGl-l-As Director ot Religious Activ- ities, Robert McCullogh hos the lmpoflfml Vesponslblllly ot keeping the students ovvore ot' thegvitol need ot edu- coting their souls os well os their minds. l-le does this through the mony religious octivities thot ore corried On during the yeor, Religious Emphosis Week being prob- obly the most widely publicized ond oll-inclusive. Through his omioble ottitude ond deep sincerity he serves os on inspirotion to oll those who come in contoct with him. PAUL FLANAGAN-"Meet ygu gf the Coop."' Behind this tomilior phrose, os much of University lite os closses themselves, is Poul Flonogon, the Di- rector ot Union Activities. Under his oble monogement lies the Student UVTlQIj,. the home ot most ot the student octivities, 'From eorly morning until Igre ot night its vvolls incorporote vorying degrees of iournolists, disk jockeys Gnd just ploin loungers. ' WILLIAM SLATTERY-With the enthusiosm ot on undergroduote, Bill Slottery spreods throughout the region the lotest ochievement ot the University ond its students. Since toking over the News Bureou three yeors ogo, he hos been very instrumentol in brightening the spotlight thot is directed on the school. gf' ks wk N Rs i Q?ifNin 4. , 'N' 's ' bv few f -'sin J-Es My RD SU' rowii K., South D0 L' gr' in the Oreo: A ter'l0f TQ: rf Browers Of, l Station 'Qi f n teochif1Q Gif, TlirouQll Shy ' goin fTlUCll l-' " D..- LS' I hm - ui, M lm.- .Wi g , Oi fi' l Tum l s JA. fri, mCET WA: Wor- lE':- is: less SDC: M 1 x lee' l Q -L E i iw- txx EDWARD SLACK-"This is KUSD, Vermillion, South Dakota." Familiar to most radio owners in the area, this station acts as a training cen- ter'for the future Lowell Thomases and Ben Browers of the air waves, As Director of Radio Station KUSD, Jim Slack has charge of the teaching and encouraging of any such aspirants. Through-such on-the-spot practice the students gain much valuable and practical experience. get Nw 1? USl-lER ABELL-From the football field to the concert hall are seen proteges of Usher Abell and his staff, As head of the Department of Music he has under him some of the University's finest of representative groups .... Through their annual statewide tours they help to cor- relate. more closely our school with the people who are most interested in it - - - the citizens of the state. WARREN LEE-From the Black l-lills to Sioux Falls Warren lvl. Lee is known and admired by all those in- terested in the cultural side of life, As Dean of the Col- leQe of Fine Arts he oversees the diversified fields of SDSGCH, drama, art, music . . . any one of which would be a task in itself. As though to round out an active V902 Dr. Lee journeys in the summer to the western part Of The state where he spends three months directing the Black l-lills Summer Theater. MARION JACKSON-Newly oppointed to the job of Assistont to the Deon of Men is Morion Jockson. As oide to Deon Connors he will help hold the reins on USD's men ond hope thot too mony broncs do not toke the bit. 42 RUTH BERGMAN-As in ony note- worthy production mony little knovvn but importont figures odorn the bockstoge, Ruth Bergmon, l-leod Librorion, fits very well into-this Cotegory, for under her control folls one of the most importont props of our "theoter," l-lers is the world of books, the lond of the vicorious, ond within this sphere she reigns with o silent possion known only to the sincere. VERN CADWELI.-ln the scrotching rokes of the leof filled oir of outumn, the scroping blodes of the winter SHOW removers, ond the whirring propellers- of the lovvn borbers, reigns foremost the spirit of Vern Codvvell, Superintendent of Buildings ond Grounds. Under hIS leodership the University hos become not only o temple of leorning but 0 shrine of beouty. ,A Y E! BOARD C Heideprle wr -u A J 'ni x 'I C: fjgllln ','h59lGQe, '- A illg ,QI - lu ltll ' til her " lTl,f0flQm Wil'-Orld .sr CLAS, X A Ts iiithq ,- , l .4 ' 'Nez'--H'f, z vp .dfqfr-'AQ' 'iglgififtsiff-f ,ws ' JI hlflg 55016 i Culllllllll sr10"" nfff , ,orrgllels ,fir-ost 'le ,-l-'srldefll , hii LJ rldeloqle 3 OCC KQ lllll ll EXEC TORS Government is the essentiol force directin ll rn of our pursuits .... the "guiding power og the unseen hondf' Although its influence. mov not be immediotely visible to the posser-by, it never- theless is omnipresent, lt is this thot gives form ond structure, order ond bolonce to our lives our world, ond here, to our University, To Joe leoss Governor ot the stote ot South Dokoto d tl , on o the Stote Boord of Regents hove been delegoted the numerous duties ossocioted with the govern- ment ot this institution. We express our deep- est grotitude t th t duties well. o em, or they perform their . - E ' BOARD OF REGENT9 Frqnk Gellermon, l-lorry Eggen, Byron l-lelgerson, Lucille Dory, Lourence Robinson, ric: l-leidepriem, Lem OverpeCls. Q 43 SENIORS And these are the people, the endless conveyor belt of humanity, new faces to replace old ones that have moved on to new iobs and different lives, Seniors march off the graduation platform to the future as freshmen move in behind them, wrinkled, toothless, and silent faces pass into peaceful and eternal beyonds while wrinkled, toothless, and noisy faces take their places. Outstand- ing classmates thought immortal and spectacular events believed historical are soon forgotten, the newcomer's ac- tivities and record breakings soon tak- ing over the immediate spotlight. And in time, even buildings crumble, taking to their graves the ivy covered traditions of their generations, leaving but empty plots of ground from which the new and larger buildings will sprout. ln the end, after the devastating maelstrom of tick- ing hands, only the generalizations will remain, the particulars long since locked away in vaults of reminiscence. 44 Q X, ' 1 , 3 l if I X tg it ,--t it ABBENHAUS, NANCY, l-lelena, Montana, l-lome Economics. ANDER- SON, CARL, Vermillion, South Dakota, Applied Science, Theta Xi, Kappa Kappa Psi, Phi Mu Alpha, Scabbard and Blade, Engineering Club, Pilgrim Westminster Fellowship, lnterfraternity Council. ANDREWS, DON, Flandreau, South Dakota, Music Education, Alpha Tau Omega, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Music Educators National Con- ference. AUTHlER, LEAI-l, Chamberlain, South Dakota, Speech, Alpha Phi, Mortar Board, Guidon, Tau Kappa Alpha, Zeta Phi Eta, Speech Club Canterbury Club. AYERS, GAYLORD, Madison, South Dakota, Radio- Speech, Theta Xi, BARRETT, JAMES, Watertown, South Dakota History. BENTON, CAROL, Ipswich, South Dakota, Business Education, Kappa Alpha Theta, Pilgrim Westminster Fellowship, Young Republicans. BERKE, RICHARD, Vermillion, South Dakota, Government, lnter- national Relations Club, Political Science League. BESOM, DONALD, Bellevue, Nebraska, English I 1 V ,,,, , I BESOM, KAY, Bellevue, Nebraska, Mathematics. BORMANN, DENNIS, Stickney, South Dakota, Speech. BYRNES, WILLIAM, Pierre, South Dakota, Advertising Art, Theta Xi, Kappa Kappa Psi, Phi Mu Alpha, Band, Choir. CHANEY, CYNTI-IIA, Vermillion, South Dakota, I-lome Economics, Pi Beta Phi, Young Republicans, Pilgrim Westminster Fellowship, Bac- teriology Club, Toastmistress. Cl-IRISTENSEN, DONNA, Mitchell, South Dakota, Sociology, Alpha Xi Delta, Panhellenic Council, Asso- ciation of Women Students, Newman Club, Young Democrats Club, Home Economics Club. CONWAY, BILL, Sioux City, Iowa, Applied Science, Phi Delta Theta, Basketball. DENLINGER, PATRICIA, Pierson, Iowa, Piano, Independent Students Association, Wesley Club, Kappa Phi,'Mu Phi Epsilon, University Choir. DULY, LESLIE, East Amherst, New York, I-listory-Journalism, Alpha Tau Omega, Managing Editor Vol-ante, Strollers, Young Re- publicans, Political Science League, I-listory Club, Chairman Univer- sity Social Committee, O-Dakota-Ka I-Ionorary, Philosophy Club, Uni- versity Press Club, South Dakota College Press Association, i955 Blast Editor, l954 Coyote Copy Editor, News Bureau, l956 Dakota Day Committee, EKMAN, MARY, Vemillion, South Dakota, English, Kappa Alpha Theta, Mortar Board, Dolphins, Wesley Club, Women's Athletic Association, Association of Women Students, Young Re- Dublicans. EIESLAND, DAVID, Canton, South Da- kota, Art, Beta Theta Pi, O-Dakota-Ka, Lutheran Students Association, Univer- sity Choir. ELLIOTT, ROBERT, Battle Creek, Michigan, Zoology. ENGLUND, NANCY, Vermillion, South Dakota, I-lome Economics, Independent Students Association, Home Economics Club, Association of Women Students. FAHRENWALD, JOAN McWlLLlAM, Crandall, South Dakota, Music Education, Pi Kappa Sigma, Choir. FARRELL, Tl-IOMAS, Emmetsburg, Iowa, Biology, Theta Xi. FENNEL, MARY CLAIRE, Elk Point, South Dakota, English, Alpha Phi, Guidon, Mortar Board, Pan- hellenic, Student Senate, Newman Club, Young Republicans, Women's Athletic Association, Associ-ation of Women Stu- dents. SENIORS FREEBURN, PAUL, Sioux Falls, South Da- kota, Social Studies, Beta Theta Pi, Pep Club, Band, FRIEBERG, ROBERT, Beres- ford, South Dakota, Government, Delta Tau Delta, Speech Club, Tau Kappa Alpha, O-Dakota-Ka, Pilgrim Westmin- ster Fellowship, Political Science League, lnterfraternity Council. FRY, MAURINE, Westfield, lowa, Ele- mentary Education, Chi Omega, Women'5 Athletic Association, Young Republicans, Association of Women Students. FUNK, DEAN, Worthington, Minnesota, Radio- Speech, KUSD. GATES, JANET, Custer, South Dakota, Government, Kappa Alpha Theta, Young Republicans, Political Science League, Eta Sigma Phi, Zeta Phi Eta, Canterbury Club. GELLERMAN, FRED, Webster, South Dakota, Social Studies, Delta Tau Delta, Lettermen's Club, Strollers, Young Republicans, Canterbury Club. GlANNONATTl, DEAN, But- talo, South Dakota, Chemistry. GLOSSINGER, ANN, Sioux City, Iowa, Art Education, Independent Students Association, Newman Club, Association of Women Students. GOWAN, RICHARD, Cleghorn, lowa, English, Pilgrim Westminster Fellowship, Phi Eta Sigma, University Religious Council, KUSD, GREENOUGH, WILLIAM, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Mathematics, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. GRFENWOOD, JAMES, Akron, lowa, Design and Technology, Lambda CP' AlDl'l0, EV1QlV1GGring Club. l-lALE, DALE, Onawa, lowa, Commer- cial Art, Lambda Chi Alpha. HALVERSON, MARLYS, St. Paul, Minn- esomi ElemeVil0VY Educ-ation, Alpha Xi Delta, Young Republicans. 46 l HANSEN, CONNIE, Arlington, South Dakota, Social Work, HANSEN KAREN, Vermillion, South Dakota, English, Pi Beta Phi, Newmqrl Club, HASSE, ANN, Vermillion, South Dakota, Social Work, Kappa Alpha Theta, Wesley Club, Guidon, Mortar Board, Panhellenic, Asso- ciation of Women Students, Religious Emphasis Week, Volante Bus- iness Manager. HAUG, DOROTHY, Elk Point, South Dakota, Elementary Education, HOY, NANCY, Vermillion, South Dakota, English, Kappa Alpha Theta, Speech Club, Wesley Club, Zeta Phi Et-a, Phi Sigma Iota, Chapel Committee, Religious Emphasis Week, HUNTSINGER, JAMES Aberdeen, South Dakota, Applied Science, Lambda Chi Alpha, Da: kotans, Parade Marshal, Engineering Club, Canterbury Club. JOHNSON, LORIN, Gregoiy, South Da- kota, Science Education, Theta Xi, JOHNSON, WARREN, Vemillion, South- Dakota, Applied Science, Lambda Chi Alpha, Engineering Club, Wesley Club. JONES, EUGENE, White River, South Da- kota, Government, Newman Club, Young Democrats, JORDAHL, JOANN, Marcus, lowa, Mathematics, Chi Omega, Alpha Lambda Delta, Guidon, Mortar Board, Zeta Phi Eta, Tau Kappa Alpha, Student Senate, Phi Beta Kappa. JACOBY, RICHARD, Akron, lowa, Music, Alpha TaugOmega, Band, Phi Mu Alpha, Kappa Kappa Psi, O-Dakota-Ka, Orchestra, JENKINS, TERRY, Vermillion, South Dakota, Mathematics, Lambda Chi Alpha, lntertraternity Council, Pilgrim Westminster Fellowship, M-athe- matics Club, Student Chapel Committee. JOHNSON, CARL, LaBolt, South Dakota, Education, Football, All Conference. JORGENSEN, JANET, Salem, South Da- kota, Science 'Education, Alpha Xi Delta, Women's Athletic Association, Young Re- publicans, Kappa Phi, Student Recruit- ment, T-au Beta Sigma. KALB, WILBLJR, Lincoln, lllinois, English, Geology, Lambda Chi Alpha, Geology Club, Blast, News Bureau, Coyote, Volante. SENIOR KEARNS, MARY LOU, Aberdeen, South Da- kota, Elementary Education, Canterbury Club. KLEINJAN, LYLE, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Government, Sigma Tau Epsilon, Wesley Club, Young Republicans, .Political Science League, lnternational Relations Club. KRAI-lN, WAYNE, Arlington, South Dakota, Science Education, Theta Xi, Phi Delta Kappa, Dakotans. KREUTZFELDT, JANET, Baltic, South Dakota, Business Education, Alpha Xi Delta, Lutheran Students Associa- tion, Young Democrats, Panhellenic. KROON, STANTON, Sioux City, lowa, Physical Education, KUESTER, ROBERT, Waterbury, Connecticut. LEACH, DUANE, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, l-listory, Delta Tau Delta, Varsity Football. LEE, OLlVE,' Rapid City, South Dakota, Radio-Speech, Kappa Phi, Zeta Phi Eta, Wesley Club, Dramatics. LILLY, STANLEY, Westfield, Iowa, Applied Science, Theta Xi, Engineering Club. LIND, DOUG- LAS, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Industrial Management, Beta Theta Pi, Roger Williams Club, Engineering Club, Intramural Sports. LYSO, ORVlLLE, Vermillion, South Dakota, Applied Science, Engineer- ing Club, Lutheran Students Association. MADSON, ELSIE, Vermil- lion, South Dakota, Elementary Education. MADlGAN, JOHN, Mit- chell, South Dakota, Social Studies, Government Club, Newman Club, Stud-ent Senate. ,,,.L'. l-f T f,,. pr ,. 7 of J' , 1 Mi' Rv-f C51 ff- ,. Nlftilf:-tr, MTC-f' E-f 'f A W. . Q., Trcf. - f Enillf' MCDEPNOTT, . A Pi, Young Fei:-,it Eto Sigttc '-'iC- Educaticf, 3 5 Recruit:-ref? HE l Q gs QS SS . www N., 1 X 5 W-. it X ,,i SMH I l vC- -H. i--3 'Eif- 'nl- fw- ..-fl C' MAI-IAN JOl-lN Yankton South Dakota Social Studies Beta Theta Pi Speech Club Young Republicans MALONE LYLE Vermillion South Dakota Social Studies Theta Xi Young Democrats MARTIN ROBERT Custer South Dakota Geology Sigma Alpha Epsilon Geology Club Scabbard and Blade MASKER DON Sioux Falls South Dakota Education Beta Theta Pi MATOUSEK WILLIAM Carter South Dakota Geology Sigma Alpha Epsilon Geology Club Phi Eta Sigma Lettermens Club Rifle Team Track Scabbard and Blade. MILEI-IAM l-IOMER Emmetsburg Iowa English. MCDERMOTT, JACK, Redfield, South Dakota, I-listory, Beta Theta Pi, Young Republicans, History Club, Political Science League, Phi Eta Sigma. McLAUGl-ILIN, JAN, Sturgis, South Dakota, Elementary Education, Pi Beta Phi, Young Republicans, Toastmistress, Student Recruitment. NEE, YEU-TSU, Formosa, Wesley Club. R I building minds for tomorrow. I NV if I 'I , - ... ANY ' N c g? .MM f ,gg U SENIORS NELSON, VIRGIL, Canton, South Dakota, Government, International Relations Club, Political Science League. ODEEN, PI-IILIP, Canton, South Dakota, Government, Beta Theta Pi, Strollers, Speech Club, Tau Kappa Alpha, Scabbard and Blade, Political Science League, Student Body President. OLSEN, KAREN, Elm Springs, South Da- kota, Elementary Education, Chi Omega, Pilgrim Westminster Fellowship, Pan- hellenic, Alpha Lambda Delta, Mortar Board, Guidon, Coyote Editor. OLSON, CHARLOTTE, Vermillion, South Dakota, Elementary Education, Pi Beta Phi, Band, TCU BGTO SIQVTIO, Speech Club, Toast- mistress, Zeta Phi Eta, Rifle Club, Pilgrim Westminster Fellowship, Young Repub- licans. ' 3 .1 , .7 ,gf 3 l lx , . an . . , . .1 - PARSONS, WILLIAM, Sioux City, Iowa, Applied Science, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Sigma Theta Epsilon, 'Engineering Club, PESI-IEK, LARRY, Wagner, South Dakota, Mathematics. PIERSDORF, RAOUL, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Physical Education, Veterans Club. PORTER, PATRICK, Vermillion, South Dakota, Physical Education, Phi Delta Theta, Football, Baseball, Lettermen's Club, NGWFTHGVI Club- PROSTROLLO, PAT, Madison, South Dakota, Secondary Education, Alpha Phi, Toastmistress Club, Young Republicans, Wesley Club, Cam- munity Artist Series, Speech Club, Kappa Phi, Panhellenic, Association of Women Students. POLZIEN, I-IENRY, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Applied Science, Alpha Tau Omega. RABY, ALAN, Edgemont, South Dakota, Psychology, Theta Xi, Strol- Iers, Student Senate, Mixed Chorus, University Theater. REEDY, CAROL, Vermillion, South Dakota, Mathematics, Alpha Xi Delta, Newman Club, Religious Emphasis Week. RICI-IMOND, ROBERT, Long Beach, California, Advertising Art, Choir, Dramatics. , I I ! I I RIGGS, If Alpha TI ROBERT, Track, S: JAMES, I ROWAN, Roger W South DQ CITY, Sou' mistress, men Stud SCFlUMi ALDEN, Wesley I tary Ed, dents A, RIGGS, ISLEA, Mobridge, South Dakota, Elementary Education, Kappa Alpha Theta, Newman Club, Choir, Young Democrats. ROESLER, ROBERT, Lead, South Dakota, History, Beta Theta Pi, Football, Track, Scabbard and Blade, Lettermen's Club, History Club. ROSE, JAMES, Vermillion, South Dakota, Elementary Education, ROWAN, MARJORIE, Vermillion, South Dakota, Radio and Television, Roger Williams Club, Rifle Club, KLJSD, RYAN, PAT, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, History Club, Newman Club, SAXTON, JANE, Rapid City, South Dakota, Spanish, Pi Beta Phi, Young Republicans, Toast- mistress, Phi Sigma lota, Student Recruitment, Association of Wo- men Students, Panhellenic. SCHLJMACHER, ROBERT, Dol-and, South Dakota, Education. SCOTT ALDEN, Artesian, South Dakota, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Choir Wesley Club. SEILER, BARBARA, Vermillion, South Dakota, Elemen- tary Education, Newman Club, Young Democrats, lndependent Stu- dents Association. SIEGLAFF, HAROLD, Waterloo, lowa, Mathematics,, Chemistry Club. SMEBAK- KEN, SHARON, Hot Springs, South Da- kota, Elementary Education, Kappa Alpha Theta, Roger Williams Club, Chapel Committee, Young Democrats, University Religious Council. SMITH, CARL, Newell, South Dakota, Education, Pilgrim Westminster Fellow- ship, Sigma Theta Epsilon. STELZ- MILLER, JOHN, Sioux Falls, South Da- kota, General Business, Beta Theta Pi. STEPHENSON, ROBERT, Winterset, lowa, Music Education, Theta Xi, Kappa Kappa Psi, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Music Educa- tors National Conference. STEWART, SONJA, Rapid City, South Dakota, Radio- Television, Kappa Alpha Theta, Alpha Lambda Delta, National Collegiate Play- ers, Zeta Phi Eta, Toastmistress Club, KLJSD, Dramatics, Volante, Religious Em- phasis Week, Association of Women Stu- dents. SENIORS STIEGELMEYER, CAROL, Vermillion, South Dakota, Social Studies Alpha Xi Delta, Young Republicans Club, Pilgrim Westminster Fellow: ship, Association of Women Students. STOLLEY, DEWAYNE, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Social Sciences. SULLIVAN, 'MARY, Vermillion South Dakota, Elementary Education, Alpha Xi Delta, Newman Club, Young Democrats. ' TERWILLIGER, DON, Madison, South Dakota, Advertising Art, Beta Theta Pi. THARPE, DOUGLAS, Cherokee, Iowa, Radio-Speech, Band KUSD, Theater. THOMPSON, EMMETT, Emmetsburg, Iowa, Educa: tion, Theta Xi, Newman Club. rosctt , I Sicimof Af south W: Wonblee, J TSCHETTEF TCU Ornegi, O-Dal4OlG'F Dov Comm TUTTLE, A dependent 5 Women Stu: VermiIliOVl, S KGDDU KOPP 'cs iz' C5 THOMPSON, TED, Canistota, South Dakota, Government, Delta Tau Delta-, International Relations Club, Political Science League. TIE- SEN, GARY, Freeman, South Dakota, Zoology, Band. TIESZEN, ARDEN, Marion, South Dakota, Zoology. 52 VANDER KGDDG Kc Dakota, I mIDSTer l Social Q1 History C Club, PQ Fellowshii :ICI Sfudieg Sfff Feiiowf id PQE, Sioux Vermillion, .-.7YtCn Club, I Atl, Beta ISIN, 80nd, W, Educq- 1. Delza TCU - 9' iESZENi TOSCH, WILLIAM, Madison, South Dakota, Chemistry, Phi Eta Sigma, American Chemistry Society. TREICK, RONALD, Scotland, South Dakota, Bacteriology, Bacteriology Club, TRIMBLE, CHARLES, Wanblee, South Dakota, Advertising Art, Theta Xi. TSCHETTER, ROBERT A., Freeman, South Dakota, Government, Alpha Tau Omega, Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Sigma Alpha, Political Science League, O-Dakota-Ka, Student Body Vice-president, Student Senate, Dakota Day Committee, Scabbard and Blade, Student Directory Editor. TUTTLE, ARDIS, Fort Thompson, South Dakota, Social Work, In- dependent Students Association, Canterbury Club, Association ot Women Students, Home Economics Club, Twirler, UFFORD, KEITH, Vermillion, South Dakota, Applied Science, Lambda Chi Alpha, Band, Kappa Kappa Psi, Engineering Club, Scabbard and Blade. I WALSH, JIM, Armour, South Dakota, Med- ical Technology. WALTNER, DON L., Free- man, South Dakota, Geology, Geology Club VANDER PLAATS, NORMAN, Pierre, South Dakota, Advertising Art, Kappa Kappa Psi, Band, Coyote, VELLENGA, JOAN, Sisseton, South Dakota, Education-Government, Kappa Alpha Theta, Pilgrim West- minster Fellowship, Young Democrats, Coyote, Panhellenic Council, Social Committee, WALKER, HERMON Bt, Sturgis, South Dakota, History and Government, Delta Tau Delta, International Relations Club, Political Science League, Toastmasters, Pilgrim Westminster Fellowship. WALTNER, LYNETTE, Scotland, South Da- kota, Music Education, Kappa Alpha Theta, Community Artist Series, Women's Athletic Association, Tau Beta Sigma, Newman Club, Band. WARNER, BURDETTE, Vermillion, South Dakota, Applied Science, Delta Tau Delta, Station KUSD, 53 SENIORS WELLS, DENNIS, Martin, South Dakota, Combined Science. WER- LING, MARGARET, Richton Park, Illinois, History, Student Senate, ln- dependent Students Association, History Club, Newman Club. WHITE, CARL J., Salem, South Dakota, Government and Journalism, Alphq Tau Omega, Strollers, Young Republicans, Feature Editor Blast, Political Science League, Case-For-Senator Club, Pilgrim Westminster Fellowship, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Kappa Kappa Psi, Community Artist Series Committee, Parking Committee, News Bureau, Dakota Day Committee, President South Dakota Collegiate Press Association, University Press Club. WILLIAMSON, VIRGIE, Baltic, South Dakota, Journalism, Alpha Xi Delta, Association Women Students, Lutheran Students Association, Women's Athletic Association, Home Economics Club, University So- cial Committee, Coyote Statt, Volante Staff. WINJUM, JANICE, Pierre, South Dakota, Elementary Education, Alpha Phi, Toastmis- tress, Young Republicans, Kappa Phi. WOODLE, GARY, Sturgis, South Dakota, English, Delta Tau Delta, Phi Sigma Iota, Phi Eta Sigma. WOODWARD, JUNE, Brentford, South Dakota, Education, Kappa Alpha Theta, Pilgrim Westminster Fellowship, Young Republicans, Student Recruitment, YEADO, ROBERT J., Vermillion, South Dakota, Social Science, Alpha Tau Omega, Newman Club. YOUNG, MAR- Anderson, V Vermillion South Dckcf Ballhagen, L Beardsley Minnesota Barber, Ari: 54 LENE, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Art Education, Kappa Alpha Theta, Phi Sigma Iota, Pilgrim Westminster Fellowship, Young Republicans. 1 Xi Wessingt:-1 South Deke? I I Q lg . 4'-'R I fa S X I t W r. . L. kai Anderson, Howard Vermillion South Dakota Ballhagen, Lloyd Beardsley Minnesota Barber, Arlan Wessington Springs South Dakota Anderson, Marge Arm-our South Dakota Baltzer, Arnold Alpena South Dakota Bartlett, Ruth Chamberlain South Dakota UNIORS Spirit Lake Iowa Armstrong, Don Banek, Merlyn McLa ugh I i n South Dakota Beauregard, Sharyn ' Mitchell South Dukom Blaker, Elaine Sewell New Jersey Brown, Max Ve rmi I lion South Dakota Brennan, Bill Emmetsburg Iowa Bruce, David Yankton South Dakota I - 1 it ii Wm k .2 , ,f 2 gg' 4, . f', f,,,. ' WNXZQ., 55 ,....- .- ,Q-,f 11.1,-LA-xl,-9-gwieiiwiii I , UNIORS Cover, Anne Pickstown South Dakota I Dillavou, D, O. Soeortish South Dakota Loe, Craig Hudson South Dokoto Drey, Fran Scotland South Dakota Curnowf Jack Lead South Dakota Duitsmon, Henri Beresford Sou th Dakota Buhn, Beverly De Smet South Dakota Burton, Dorothy Vermillion South Dakota Clark, Myrl Burke, Shirley Newell South Dakota Carpenter, Bob ii i I e 's IN , ssh-4... x 5 i Tyndall South Dakota Emrnetsburg Iowa Cornmes, Jirn Sheldon Iowa Engel, Bill Plankinton South Dakota Frandsen, Marilyn Watertown South Dakota Fairbanks, Marjorie Foght, Lind-a Vermillion Kenosha South Dakota Wisconsin French, Tip Buffalo South Dakota Friedland, Douglas I Vermillion Sou th Dakota FUHU' Iliff, 'z Sioux FCI SOuTl'I Edu ' Gofdlrief, Jef SiOuX CITY IOWU nk' . Goetzmgf Sioux Ci: lowa GTOXQS' R Sibley IONIQ Fuller, Ann GOQGV, Jerry Sioux Falls SOD Diego South Dakota California GO,-dine,-I Jer,-y Geek, Sarah Jane 5,OUX Cm, Bismarck owa North Dakota Gallo, Edmund Stevens Paint Wisconsin Gillette, Janet Brookings South Dakota Goetzinger, John WJUQJOS Sibley Sioux City Iowa Graves, Robe rt Iowa Goodell, Barbara Rabid City South Dakota Grirnme, Duane Elk Point South Dakota Graff, John Clark South Dakota Gr-oon, Gerald Fairview South Dakota UNIORS Hansen, Donna Rapid City South Dakota Hasvold, Richard Flandreau South Dakota Hendrickson, Ken Sioux City lowa Harrington, Cl Colman South Dakota Heise, Roberta Jewell lowa Hoggatt, John Lead South Dakota eo Ann Holland, Ron lnvvood lowa Hutchison, Terry Igloo South Dakota Jensen, Ronald Wessington Springs South Dakota Johnson, Duane Lake Andes South Dakota A ' In ev uf fm A t, I 1 't to . . 4 s yi. C. f, it 5 E Hummel, Wesley Hurley South Dakota Hyde, Dean Wagner South Dakota Johansen, Zita Yankton South Dakota Jones, Judy Sioux Falls South Dakota 7 l J i Huetson, Penny Vermillion South Dakota Jaquith, Val Gene Vermillion South Dakota Johnson, Daniel Sioux Falls South Dakota Jorgensen, Don Jefferson South Dakota Jorgensen, R Vermillion South Dakgf Kirley, LCM, FT- Pierre South DQR-- Knutgon' E Vivian Sokllli Djx: Kruegg, ul Sioux rc,-. South D2 4 Jorgensen, Roene Vermillion South Dakota Kirley, Laurin Ft. Pierre South Dakota Knutson, Bill Vivian South Dakota Krueger, Jim Sioux Falls South Dakota 'QV' Karst, Kleo Rapid City South Dakota Klock, Joseph Vermillion South Dakota Kragness, Noel Sioux City lowa Latfey, Jerry Armstrong l-owa Kern, Paul Loke Andes South Dakota Knapp, Randall Westfield Iowa Krogman, Franklyn White River South Dakota Larson, Jon Gary Sioux City Iowa " ' K'-:iff N-.v,2,:.,,ay, JU IORS Michael, l.arry Mickelson, Roger Sioux Falls South Dakota Mickelson, Pat Sioux Falls South Dakota Lidel, Philip Pierpont South Dakota McFarland, Betty Armour South Dakota McMurray, Kenneth Sioux Center iowa 60 Lind, Willard Vermillion South Dakota McCahren, Kay Sioux Falls South Dakota Marple, Charles Sioux City Iowa Westfield lowa Milne, Mimi Sturgis South Dakota Olson, Bud Sioux Falls South Dakota Querna, Marylu l-luron South Dakota Moon, Ronald l-larlan iowa Powell, Perry Vermillion Sou th Dakota Redfield, Jean Sioux Falls South Dakota i I Nelson, Carl Beresford South Dakota Powell, Willard Vermillion South Dakota Renne, Maylou Sioux City Iowa Reynick, Eugene Philip South Dakota Rogers, Marge Yankton South Dakota Schliecher, Jerry Sioux Falls South Dakota Simantel, Larry Scotland South Dakota Richardson, Harold Downers Grove I il i nois Rossman, Lawrence Yankton South Dakota Schumacher, Marilyn Huron South Dakota Skinner, Edward Watertown South Dakota Robertson, Paul Sioux City Iowa Rossow, Lois Sioux Falls South Dakota Schroepfer, Dan Lake Andes South Dakota Snyder, Dianne Belle Fourche South Dakota f wx, , , y M UNIOR l Cf J, lon, somenfieid, John Spies, Chuck Spilde. Dwell Sioux Falls Emmelsbulq MOOVCVOH South Dakota l0W0 Wyoming Stedronsky, Virginia Stiles, Chuck Stoebner, Mike Wogner Cherokee TflDD South Dakota lOw0 South D0l40'f0 Story, Derna ree Vermillion South Dakota Terry, Richard Edgemont South Dakota Swennes, John Minneapolis Minnesota Tisher, Craig Yankton South Dakota 'Siting . R 1 S, Taylor, Bob Bonesteel South Dakota Tomas, Mary Hackettstown New Jersey L,f' fr To 1- ,fp ii-- f ir J veff Orcflf , '- fx, Q -Z 13 fx v f S Q., Wclxn Sioux South Wa rr' Xlelm Siuth Y? s,n p- VN- L x QV i l s IN LMI C, N lfrell ' Torbert, Kenneth Uhl, Donald VGlOfidI'Y, David Tulare Sioux City Martin South Dakota lowa South Dakota W Nike Veencgamp, Carole Vellek, Leonard Walish, Dave kggc Omnge City Sioux Falls South Sioux City Q 'OWU South Dakota Nebraska X? S Wubbena, Dorothy Young, Evelyn Ashton Vermillion lowa South Dakota 3 :ta IVY 'Nfl I Waltner, Newell Sioux Falls South Dakota Warner, Delbert Vermillion South Dakota 4,06 S X fxsf CSA f Wfyksp fs 1 W f W! I W 1 sv QQ! W 'PWS Q Q 2 ,Q 0, 4 XVNW fzfa WK, ft M .I W ,,, ' at .4 :N AS fm t...... ..,,..,,,: ii,,iii ,,..i I .,.,,. M, -1-.-. ,, .... f. I K A ut , gal-ww, " f f, 445 gif, Q W4 2 fi , f N - -ii jig ,N ff lhl ':-CW: 'W x ' ' Fi X qt 12 L gag 1 i i . ff Q! 7' Q sf I f 1. f srww. of if tx Walter, Robert Freeman South Dakota Weber, Cleone Madison South Dakota Waring, Bob Inwood lowa Wright, Don Rapid City South Dakota SAX? "" 5 W SOPHO ORES Baltzer, Thomas Alpena, S. D. Berry, John Groton, S. D. Bliyen, Bob Barnum, Euaene Mitchell, S. D. Bertrand, Marilyn Centerville, S. D. Berg, Len l-Yons, S. D. Birkholz, Bill Kadoka, S. D, l 5 X Sioux City, Ia. Bray, Thomas Sioux City, Ia. Bromberg, Sally Lake Andes, S. D. Q l, A i Xlll we 4 l Brennan, Joe Emmetsburg, la. Buckman, William Ft. Washakie, W YO. Bowden, Carl Rapid City, S. Brevik, Alan Watertown, S. Buell, Willis Holstein, la. D. D. N 5 'Gif' xr WC! Aasen, Ken Omaha, Nebr. Aistrope, Alan Sioux City, la. Andress, Robert Sioux City, la. Bahr, Jan Glen Ullin, N. D. Aberle, Kenneth Belle Fourche, S. D. Anderson, John Carthage, S. D. Arne, Donald Carpenter, S. D. Baker, Myrna Speartish, S. D. l i l i l l l i i i I t l i l Buff WGS if f' li kEn is .Sn 5052. Bill All S. 01 "ni Carl H Klfyl D S- Alan 'ffm 'l, Willis ti-fi, la "1 X Lys. W J L rt, S. D. Buus, Norma Wagner, S. D. Cheney, David Cahoy, Robert Bonesteel, S. D. Christensen, David l-luron, S, D. Valley Springs, S. D. Coomes, Larry Cowles, Janet Sheldon, la, Vermillion, S. D. Dahl, Jane Dailey, Leonard Vermillion, S. D. Storm Lake, la. Dierks, Lowell Disharoon, Robert Armour, S. D. Rapid City, S. D. Chamberlain, Marvin White River, S. D. Clinkenbeard, Agnes Sioux City, la. Cross, Larry Sioux Falls, S. D, DeLay, Patricia Norfolk, Nebr. Donahoe, Jim Vermillion, S. D, Nuova Dotson, Marilyn Spencer, la, Duncan, Patrick Yankton, S. D. Ekmon, William Vermillion, S. D. Emigh, Dennis Rapid City, S. D. Engel, Jean Aberdeen, S. D. 5 , .w Draine, LeRoy Sturgis, S. D. Dyer, Shirley Willow Lake, S. Elvin, Kathryn Spencer, lo. Emigh, Don- D. Rapid City, S. D. Ericsson, Roland Belle Eourche, S. D SOPHO ORES Eyres, David Vermillion, S. D. Fingerson, Glenn Huron, S. D. Forbes, Donna Sioux City, la. Fransco, Ellen Ruthven, la. 19 Y if i, il' P.. 6 l. t fi Fickbohm, Marian Volin, S. D. Flynn, Barbara Sioux Falls, S, D. Foss, Janet Lake Park, la. Freeburg, Wayne Hitchcock, S. D. l Frey, Marlene Tripp, S. D. Frinlq, Tom Pierre, S. D. Glazier, Norma Mitchell, S. D. Grant, Jim Watertown, S. D. Hagg, Gwendolyne Dell Rapids, S. D. Frey, Patti Sioux City, la. Gates, Patricia Custer, S. D. Gorman, Patricia Kadoka, S. D. Grim, Gary Tyndall, S. D. Haight, Sondra Watertown, S. D. xi K Friedland, Janice Wakonda, S. D. Gehler, Donald Hartford, S. D. Gough, Charles Canoya, S. D. Halnerer, Wyman Bowdle, S. D. Hale, Arnold Vermillion, S. D. Hall, John Madison, S. D. Hansen, Marla Vermillion, S. D. Harms, Dwayne George, Ia. Hausvik, James Turton, S, D. Heinz, Amaryllis Groton, S. D. Idema, John lngalls, Ken Sheldon, la. Sioux Falls, S. D. Jenniges, Shirley Hot Springs, S, D. Johnson, Dick Sioux City, IG. Haller, Phyllis Sioux City, la. Hansen, Robert Mitchell, S. D. Harms, Gerry Rapid City, S. D. Headley, l.arry Watertown, S. D. Henrich, Mary Sue Alton, Ia. 2 S e X if lx 4 Hammell, Jim Edgemont, S. D. Hormel, Donald Bryant, S. D. Harvey, Kenneth Emmetshurg, Ia. Heath, Burton Vivian, S. D. Huber, Gerald Herreid, S. D. Johnson, Georgianna Sioux Falls, S. D. Jordan, Barry Vermillion, S. D. Kaiser, Danny Sioux Falls, S. D. Jones, Troy Gettysburg, S. D. Joss, Chris Western Springs, lll Keiser, Loran Alcester, S. D. SOPHO ORES Lewison, Jeanette Vermillion, S. D. Manke, Frances Mach, Milo Tripp, S. D. McCain, John Rapid City, S. D. Malioney, Sharon Pipcstone, Minn. Meleen, Janice Pierre, S. D. Selby, S. D. Miller, Shirley Sibley, la. Moshier, Gwendolyn Sisseton, S. D. Nelson, Gary Carthage, S. D. Milne, John Mitchell, S. D. Moss, Jeannette Sioux City, la, Nelson, Janet Rapid City, S. D. Mitchell, Merrie Sibley, la, Mulliner, Clark Buffalo, S, D. Neville, Mary Moyille, la. Kielman, Roger Sioux Falls, S. D. Kroupa, Robert Kimball, S, D. Kutz, Myron l-lighrnore, S. D. Larsen, Jerelyn l-lurley, S. D. Klock, Richard Sioux Falls, S. D. Krurnm, Carolyn l-luron, S. D. Lammers, Jerry Madison, S. D. Teel, Donald Colome, S. D. Ness M t. X .. S x . 5 . it Q ssi- .... F ! X x Newlon, Kay Denison, la. Nyman, Gary l-larrisonville, Mo Ortmeier, Denny LaCrosse, Wis. Patterson, Paul Sioux City, la. Peterson, Dale Centerville, S. D. Novak, Ray Wagner, S. D. O'Connor, lylichalene Vermillion, S. D. Ostby, Ronald Britton, S. D. Pay, Douglas Sioux Falls, S. D. Petty, Arlene Rapid City, S. D. Nygaard, Jacqueline Alcester, S. D. Olsen, Roberta Elm Springs, S. D. Ott, Elvira Chamberlain, S. D. Piper, Dean Sioux City, la. Phillips, Jack Sioux Falls, S. D. Patch, Robert Sioux City, la. Rawlings, John Onawa, la. Regan, Patrick Madison, S. D. Rose, Fern Vermillion, S. D. Ruhr, Chuck Yankton, S. D. I Pratt, William Fairfax, S. D. Redfield, Robert Sioux Falls, S. D Roper, Sandra Yankton, S. D. Kriiger, Paul Corsica, S. D. Sartt, Jim Onawa, la. SOPHO ORES Soukup, Dove, Tobor, S. D. Schrowger, Shoroo Steubenville, Ohio Sherer, Clint Wotertown, S. D. Siu, Roso Eleno Schoenewe, Romon Vermillion, S. D, Schulz, John Bruce, S. D, Shull, lone Soc City, lo. Skillmon, Rodney Ponomo City, Ponomo Sioux Polls, S. D. P955 :'a1f',?i V. L1 ' f S-sg? r 2 iiisiz- 2 f .V ' ' 4 ' ,WFS 3 .5 -' , ll EAI' VI.. .51 ,f.. r . S " , 3. 51:22 'il .. i ' 4 5 2- ,,vg,., v'vv -, 4. ff . r . ' X ,' J. 1' .,f il RJ . melt Q im M. Smiley, Morilyn Belle Fourche, S. D. Stonek, Dwoyne Yonkton, S, D. Stern, Tim Aberdeen, S. D. Story, Borboro Vermillion, S. D, Sundstrom, Chorles Alcester, S. D. wr- fqfy 'C-T17 I Q Smith, Lolo Lemmon, S. D. Stongel, Robert Onowo, lo. Stevens, Sondro Sioux City, lo. Stonebock, George Sioux Folls, S. D. Szczurek, Jeoneone Sioux Folls, S. D. lr. Sborks, Mory Pierre, S. D. Steorns, Beverly Inwood, lo. Stivers, Williom Dimock, S. D. Strohmeier, Elizobeth Sioux City, lo. Terwilliger, Roy Ivlodison, S. D. ,X . X D 3 .,. l :',ffiY . fm I 1659 Thies, Mary Pipestone, Minn. Maisch, Garden Aberdeen, S. D. Vaughn, Donald Yanlcton, S. D. Volmer, Rosemarie Draper, S. D. Walsh, Philip Kimball, S. D. Thoreson, Laurel Flandreau, S. D. Tobin, Nancy Plankinton, S. D. Vellenga, Harvey Sioux Falls, S. D. Voorhees, Cla rice Pipestone, Minn. Waltner, Mariean Scotland, S. D. ix .E . Tichota, Lois Dell Rapids, S. D. Ulvog, Alfred Vermillion, S. D. Viehweg, l-larold Sioux Falls, S. D. Wagner, Gene Tyndall, S. D. Walz, Patricia Vermillion, S. D. Weaver, James Carpenter, S. D. Wermers, Donald Yankton, S. D. Wilson, Russell Sioux Falls, S. D. Woodward, Robe rt Rodney, la. Zaritis, Tony Huron, S. D. Wegner, Tony Pierre, S. D. Wheeler, William Montrose, S. D. Wolf, Leroy lpswich, S. D. Whang, Young B Seoul, Korea Zitka, Donald Yankton, S. D. Cl FRESHIVIEN Abbott, John Mitchell, S. D. Albrecht, Larry Hartley, la. Anderson, Chloe Vermillion, S. D. Abild, Arden Wakoncla, S. D. Alick, Joe Sioux Falls, S. D. Anderson, Darrel Parkersburg, la. i I I ,ff-. 41 O1 xygy rl f. en V, SSE Anderson, Karen Madison, S. D. Assman, Charles Winner, S. D. Baer, Mahlon Mobridge, S. D. Beck, Jim Chamberlain, S, D. Bennett, Richard Rainslield, N. J. tl uttii Xe. 5 xi arts Andre, Janice Meckling, S. D. Assman, Darlene Winner, S. D. Basauin, Bob lnwood, la. Bedford, Permella Sioux Falls, S. D. Berglund, Pete Vermillion, S. D. Armstrong, Jerry Rapid City, S. D. Bahr, Ralph Rapid City, S. D. Bauder, George Huron, S. D. Benjamin, Colleen Elk Point, S. D. Bieber, LeRoy Java, S. D. X t , A C BlalaS, Angg Pierre, S, D' Bowlqer, Lcrfc Cheyenne, XR. Bringelgn' E: Armour, 5, Q1 Brown, glen lvlartlnl S1 D. Brullerf Elalnz Vermillim, Q x J , . ,X ws ' S K. an CH K -NWN Bushnell, Gene Busm-an, Gloria Sioux Falls, S. D. Dell Rapids, S. D. Carlson, Robert Catan, Louise Clark, S. D. Newell, S. D. Blakis, Ansis Pierre, S. D. Bowker, Lorraine Cheyenne, Wyo. Bringelson, Darrell Armour, S. D. Brown, Glen Martin, S. D. Bruyer, Elaine Vermillion, S. D. Blaschke, Bonnie Wakonda, S. D. Boydston, Sally Rapid City, S. D. Brooks, Larry Sisseton, S. D. Brown, Karen l-linton, la. Buckmeier, Darrell Mitchell, S. D. Chamberlain, James White River, S. D. Christensen, Joe Blue, Jo Speartish, S. D. Bradshaw, Everett N. Sioux City, S. D. Brooks, Spencer Sisseton, S. D. Brubaker, Barbara Sioux City, la. Buschelman, Alyce Yankton, S. D. Spirit Lake, la. Coe, David Custer, S. D. R- . 'W 2-1"i13:31'Sii--:i5'.W . ..:i2.,',5:: l X .s ' 5' E iw' 3 " 'viii saw Y ,5 1 f ff :.:m..f:s sfsf s .i. X 1 , . A -N. Q- ,r . W Nl fs :i Jw V - r ' Aw' ' Wx 1 sf ga ...I . , X- f ,yy ,QQ f 1. 1 V ,QA ff ' 'Wm Chard, Dan Woodbury, N. J. Christensen, William Beresford, S. D. Cooley, Jim l-luron, S. D. FRESHM N Cooley, .lody Watertown, S. D. Crawford, Jack Merrill, la. Christol, Judy Ft. Monroe, Va. Cutler, Elizabeth Dailey, Murray Storm Lake, la. De Smedt, Connie Philadelphia, Penn. Dickinson, Gary Martin, S. D. Duly, Priscilla E, Amherst, N. J. Dyke, David Daughters, Bob Winner, S. D. Dewold, Allan Tripp, S. D. Dietrich, Elwood McLaughlin, S. D. Dvorak, Ronald Parker, S, D. Dryden, Jack Dean, Loretta Vermillion, S, D Dewnirst, Linda Aberdeen, S, D, Dulin, Duane Oral, S. D. Durkee, Louise Canton, S. D, Edington, Frank Cooper, Ronald Charter Oak, la. Croson, Sharon Mt. Vernon, S. D. Collins, Chuck Clark, S. D. Lake Park, la. 'Viv' S. Sioux City, Nebr. Mm if S" gm Z N-..., .Qi l L' . f Xt' El 'Magi I 2 Vermillion, S. D Wess. Springs, S. D. Danielson, Lynne Vermillion, S. D. 'RYAN Eggen, Arlo Alcester, S. D. Erickson, Lewayne Carthage, S. D. Feyereisen, Vance Iona, S. D. Foster, Diane Sioux Falls, S. D. Gibson, Mike Sioux Falls, S. D. Elcberg, Wanda Sloan, la. Ervin, Kay London, Eng. Field, Charles Primglwar, la, Gallup, Mary Rapid City, S. D. Gibson, Nancy Vermillion, S. D. ls. K 7, X 4 Ellis, Gary Sioux City, la. Evanson, Grant Hudson, S. D. Fluliarty, Kathy Ft. Pierre, S. D Gerken, Luana Kadoka, S. D. Giles, Jean Pierre, S. D. FRESHMEN 76 Gommer, Don Redfield, S. D. Greek, Peggy Gregory, S. D. Gurney, Dorothy Yonkton, S. D, l-loles, Noncy Flondreou, S, D. l-loryey, Bernord Clork, S. D. Grof, Jomes Winner, S. D. Gregg, Snoron Yonkton, S. D. Gustofson, LoVern Leod, S. D. l-loll, Borboro Cylinder, lo. I-losse, Ellen Vermillion, S. D. A Q 5' Z. R Grof, Stephen Vermillion, S. D. Gunderson, Dovid Centerville, S. D. l-logedorn, Robert Primghor, lo. Korgleder, Chorles Big Stone, S. D. l-lowley, Byron Armour, S. D. Yu. , I I l l ia. d . if i l l . i :ri 4-l f x J . :ry Cjfld 2. 5- Di 'bert F' r,,-Ha, J 1 ,I 1,0 1 J ' J , J Herrold, James Lake Andes, S. l-linsey, Sharon Pierre, S. D. Horton, Eugene Quinn, S. D, Huether, Ken Menn-o, S. D. l-luismon, Sharon Orange City, lo. D. l-lieb, Lillian Reliance, S. D. Hoteldt, Larry Wayne, Nebr. l-loudersheldt, Glen Wayne, Nebr. l-loft, Harlan Tripp, S. D. l-lull, Dennis Sisseton, S. D. ZX Ms " " X is ,ser . , MSA 4 4 . ,. .f z 4- f -vm ' ,grigtfw gk .sg .gap .,.- -.1 ., J. aff. 1' :se s 14. my vw 2-25321 K 4591. gf .- Qfuxfwi ' A f a sa' X! S 5 Ti? WY' Yfikib-ii" 9235. ww S-. Q a sf i- , - x -vfr. .,, s W ' Ti S X. .f X A Sf SSG! .f VK Sy, fxgigdiwrf J QV ,Sfrggoff 'SSWSWW N AJ f r SWV r .S J 41 2,25 .S S A l-lill, Gary Sioux Falls, S. D. l-lommel, Pot Webster, S. D. Howell, Eddie Brookings, S. D. l-lutt, John Watertown, S. D. l-lungate, Jeanne Yankto n, S. D. l-lyde, Marilyn Wagner, S. D. Ice, Vernelle Spearfish, S. D. Johansen, Sylvia Le Mars, Ia. Johnson, Burdette Wakonda, S. D. Johnson, Pat Raymond, S. D. l-lyllested, Sondra Storm Lake, la. Jarvis, Joan Alta, lo. Juhnke, Mildred Emery, S. D. Johnson, Orwin Sioux Falls, S. D. Jonas, Bill Gregory, S. D. 2 FRESHIVIEN Jones, Wayne Huron, S. D. Kaasch, Mike Columbus, Nebr. Kemerling, Charles Sioux Falls, S. D. Koeniguer, Paul Bristol, S. D. i Jorgensen, Larry Chamberlain, S. D. Kelly, Vance Hartley, la. Kemper, Laurence Viborg, S. D. Kostboth, Dick Canistota, S. D. Knutson, Mavis Inwood, la. Lane, Sharon Sioux City, la. Leafstedt, Stuart Alcester, S, D. Leonard, James Pierre, S. D. Looby, Mary Artesian, S. D. LoGoff, John New York, N. Y. Larson, Dennis Sioux Falls, S. D. Lehman, Carol Vermillion, S, D. Letellier, Beverly Onida, S. D. Lovell, Elwin Smithland, la. Langenfeld, James Watertown, S. D, Lauer, Richard Sioux Falls, S, D, Leonard, Don Lennox, S. D. Lietzke, Mory Beresford, S. D. Luck, JoAnn Martin, S. D. n X 'KV' K f Y' 'Z1. Sits .Slfg Lueck, Anna Denison, la. Manning, Don Ree l-leights, S. D Mason, Beverly Winner, S, D, McCartney, Dean Martin, S. D. Mcliarny, LeRoy Norfolk, Nebr. Luke, Warren Tyndall, S. D. Marshall, Lee Sioux Falls, S. D. Mathisen, Duane Lake Andes, S. D McCluslcey, Peg Rapid City, S. D. McKenzie, Donna Murdo, S. D. Mahlock, Nancy Onawa, la. Marx, Gary lroauois, S. D. Maxner, Sharon Rapid City, S, D. McFarland, Molly Onawa, la. Miller, Mary Pierre, S, D. Moeller, Donna Watertown, S. D Moorhead, Elizabeth . Lead, S. D, Morey, Irene Vermillion, S. D. Mortrude, Kay Sioux City, la. Mullaney, James Lyons, S. D. Nelson, Allan Dallas, S. D. Morgan, David Sioux City, la. Moser, Duane Alyord, la. Mundt, Robert Mobridge, S. D. Nelson, DeWayne l-luron, S. D. i ,Z, , FRESHMEN 'N'Q.' "' Nelson, Eileen Goyville, S. D. Nelson, Shirley Le Mors, lo. Noteboom, Gory Sioux Folls, S. D, Ootes, Ross Leod, S. D, Poulson, Dove Sioux Folls, S. D. Peterson, l-lorold Viborg, S. D. Peterson, Verlee Plainview, Nebr. Potter, Leonard Logon, lo. Pelliofer, Dennis Milwotikee, Wis. Petersen, Merlin Sioux City, lo. Porter, Allen l-lorrisonville, Mo Powell, Virgil Gregory, S. D. Roobe, Alvero Tripp, S. D. f -K fr-. l 'X- - x Q, Roish, Jomes Kimboll, S. D. 55 4 gx-.JA Nelson, Phyllis Vienno, S. D, Noble, Dove Mitchell, S. D. Ooklond, Vicki Sioux Folls, S. O'Rourke, Judy Sioux City, lo. D. in- t 4 l. E i L ,X Pembroke, Robert Turton, S, D, Peterson, Phyllis Vermillion, S. D. Potter, Audroe Pierre, S, D, Prestbo, Don Boltic, S. D. Rcntopoo, Dorothy Leod, S. D. xl' iff J pl E645 Rizfifi' 9 if gf.: lil , sw L tit, "' lufft , f Styx L J 1 t. Saw il 4' y,.l Rossmussen, DeWoyne Beresford, 5- D- Riemonn, Joanne Sioux Falls, S. D. Rol, Sharon Sioux Cirv. IO. Rush, Marilyn Sioux Falls, S. D. Runge, Karen Sioux Ciiy, lG. Reibsamen, Gary Le Mars, la. Robinson, Susan Sac City, la. Roland, Audrey Inwood, la. Russell, Byron Vermillion, S. D. Saathoff, Don Dallas, S. D. Richter, Barbara Parker, S. D, Rohmiller, Ronald Sioux City, la. Rueb, Mory Watertown, S. D. Ryan, Tom Oakland, Nebr. Scliempp, Keren Yankton, S. D, 1 lf liaise FRESHIVIE Schiefen, Jerome l-ludson, S. D. Schloefli, Almo Yonkton, S. D. Schult, Deonno Elkton, S. D. Scobell, Keith Olivet, S. D. Schimkot, Clinton Pierre, S. D. Schmid, Arnold Merrill, lo. Schwolm, Lorroini Midlond, S. D. Sclribner, Kent Sioux Folls, S. D. ir ' klfif' Nl 1 ii 'Lt V4.1 S l l N H , ii , Seiler, Lillion Vermillion, S. D. Severson, Joel lnwood, lo. Sholtonis, Dennis Freemon, S. D. Simeon, Lourence Akron, Io. Smith, Goil Sioux Folls, S. D. Seivor, Joe Gregory, S. D. Shout, Elton Twin Brooks, S. Sherord, Dorrell Hurley, S. D. Simons, Richord l-lerrick, S. D, Smith, Solly Jo Cleor Loke, lo. D. Semmler, Dorlene Miller, S. D. Shover, Arthur Cleor Loke, S. D. Shouse, Jeon l-loworden, lo. Simpson, Jonis Ft. Pierre, S. D. Sorensen, Eleonor Vermillion, S. D. "QW v f u ., A - Dcrlilf .,:I"'f1 gi, ,,, 5, D. f,, ,, Artltvl J l -,v- 4 flecf Like' ' .. :P Jean .r-,'.J,., 1 1" Afdjfni :aio MSD ,, pprris' ' Eigffl f:-'fn' M .,n S. 94 .ffri Sorensen, Norma Vermillion, S. D. Stedronsky, Joan Wagner, S. D. Stewart, Charlys Brookings, S, D. Swanson, Phil lylcl-lenry, lll. Texel, Eddie Yankton, S. D. Thomas, Jay Flandreau, S. D. Thompson, l-larold Kingsley, la. Thorson, Don Vermillion, S. D. Tollefson, Robert Hitchcock, S. D. Wahl, Roger Thompson, Bob Powel l, Wyo. Thorne, Jeanne Beresford, S, D. Todd, Audrey Oak Park, lll. Waddel, Jeanine Webster, S. D. Wallahan, Franklyn Pierson, la. Rapid City, S. D 6? Spaulding, Mary Ann Speigel, Dell Eureka, lll. Stetferud, Telmer Toronto, S. D. Stone, Gayne Dell Rapids, S. D. Swedberg, Bob Craig, Nebr. Thoelke, Carla Sioux Falls, S. D. Sioux Falls, S. II Stewart, Bob Yankton, S. D. Swander, Harry Rapid City, S. D. Taylor, Calvin Jefferson, S. D. Tholen, Jackie Clinton, la. fl. FRESHM M ft X K ac . L 'fn- X. QQ5 X . ,Y QQ 2X K X sf -1- 1- F .C C DY. E Weiger, Nancy Yankton, S. D. Wheeler, Terry Lake Andes, S. D Wiese, Vernida Watertown, S. D. Wright, Bill Sioux Folls, S. D. Zephier, Francine Pine Ridge, S, D. Weverstad, Terry Centerville, S. D. Whitehouse, Evelyn Soc City, la. Wightman, Bruce Mopleton, lo. Yanak, Betty Whiting, la. Zundel, Don Watertown, S. D. Westra, Georgia Sioux Falls, S. D. Wickham, Norma Huron, S, D. Wolf, Carl Woonsocket, S. D Yeager, Fred Whiting, Ia. Prolific, Paula Las Vegas, Nev. , 'i' I vsfig GMX FQ llB 1 M ' 'mil f' S D ".i X , x ' CCI lxrx-Cker S D Fifi Fred "1 la. . Puls J sf-SCSI Nev SEARCHERS Sometake to heart Alexander Pope's advice that "a little learning is a dangerous thing."l They tind that they cannot acquire nearly enough knowledge during tour years of college and thus set their sights on grieaterogoals . . . the aolortul hood at the Master otl,Arts or the letter PhD. behind their names. These are but thesyrnbols that identity a scholar and label hirn as one with a genuine desire tor knowledge. A never-ending search tor truth is the common bond at all in theGraduate School. gamma Mr fi A i. I-lubeflifa Mitchell 2' South DOKI Lgmbrecht, l Yonkton Anderberg, Lester Baird, James Bush, Roger Soulll Dollom Huron Vermillion Rapid City South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota Gulson, Cefll Francis, Carter Clawson, Richard Collins, Sam l'lUfl50" Piiiiip Sioux Falls Winner South DOW South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota Grabowski, Robert Grinnell, lra l-lagen, Ainsworth Mellgren,Mis Vermillion Cheyenne Agency Hot Springs Rapid City South Dakota South Dakota South Dakota South Dakctc X - . K , . i X ill R 5 X if , l vu. . . ,. . ,.,.,.,.,.C-...iffW..fir--,J-.-.-.4.-..nv.u144:wgp4f,,Amy-3 -F .5451 - ., , ,hMt,xv, ima' . P mga, yu I Qt -- Hubert, Earl Mitchell South Dakota Lombrecht, LeRoy Yankton South Dakota Gulson, Cecilia Hudson South Dakota Mellgren, Mina Pak, Hyo Bom Seoul Korea Landqrebe, John I-Iuntingburg Indiana Madson, Donald Vermillion South Dakota Schoenewe, Irene Lindstrom, Lester Centerville South Dakota Morteld, Roberta Vermillion South Dakota Sevon, William Rapid City South Dakota Everly Iowa Andover Ohio ii Sisko, Louis Fairfield Connecticut Sister Xavier Yankton South Dakota Stover, Robert Vermillion South Dakota Sister Esther Yankton South Dakota Steece, Fred Sioux Falls ' South Dakota Zaaver, William Sioux Falls South Dakota 87 i., EDICS ' A science is no cold, impersonal amalgamation of facts and the application thereof, No better evi- dence of this may be found than within the School at Medicine. True, the human body 'is a highly i complex machine subject to an untold number of ' mechanical failures, And true, it is the physician 4 who keeps these parts in running order and makes repairs when necessary. But he must be more than a healer' of the bodyg he often must heal the soul as well. Medicine is indeed a noble science. gi l ii li i i i i ' l i . QQ i l 'z qi fl, , .3 q 1- .1 1, X f , wi-' SSN avi'- i , s . l . , Z' t l Y ,f i if Q , yi , 5 . i S' ,ffl .3 fir e .4 i " '34 K. ll l Qs 1' ..'2,-,S-sq .. ,., . 5 X , t,.. s- - , -, wi R fps 1-,-5 V s , iv , l n . y 1 I , , .. gt 71 . I In Q M 2 Y K s - 3 51. i . P- X ' l i Na 7 I ' :N 1 " ' "' ' '- - l sri . ,M gl . X 1 . v , 1 i 1 . , , ,Hn - I 'E ,Q A 1 k yn Y t X? ' " ' f 1- N- L ' ' Y lk l""l i X l i this 'ai 35 .1 , 1 - - -, , - , 'x , 'z A- 'Q 'N,LN.'.'sif11x,H,3 WH N i '.. ll! -1 f 'X' K' X' K1 f ' W' ' 'N' - X v 'sis - . i 5? ' ' i 4 .N .kg , . I - N --M QQ.A.j-0 il-my My K.. U .lvl A tus . 4 5 "'x""i 1 wir .x i- i .i U, i .X - '- ,5 A F i, , bg f f 2921 . .. 1 ' . V. 9li'vls0UlW"i1xVl' W T'Jvi W w" l I ll l' g .i . ,K ...t.sN..1. lllg-Tfl1S.3i'E Q-duh-lux-Rl.N...X,,x,QlwxA Q he V W W slams myQ-iissw.-k-l.W,.if , , 'i t 'Q' U i'-f 'fr -:xx g' V y in. .M WVU fi'x1i'------ ,- ....-g - V i 1 it'il,,'3l his -+'lLili-' . 1 ' HKU! is lllttff-U95 l7"r1i11v1'd1' V14 iilfiiifg' l , ' ff . X , ,' 1' ' ,A - V. x . . ii . 1 Vshyfi . c Wk L.. ,lk ,N-ylu :Ox-U1h.xx:,,, Mvxl -vi , , , . wx i If L tx , ,3 f. I X . .X . , Hx kwaiv gud f0'cwtx- ,J-,xR,,,, MQ iv, QL. m, , do sly :My Mgmsy, ,Vx A 1 X A. N V-' - - .2 gt V, ,, ,,,L6H'.t i it 5' "cam" if r-1 T- i 1 A t ' ll ',g,gj,, i " 1 K ' 9--jt.i. tt1g3f:1 'is ' is H-, -,.. ..,..f, i ',,Nf'x1wwfl:.t- -.Wi N Q , .1 L M , i ' A tb JCM- MILEQ i " ' ' f- W K s l XX 11 11 ' s .. A, .... ,..,.. l 'lr-fl l " 'X VXUI-' K -Nl 21' Nt aC1?XN 2 l ', . . . . s Z i 41, ,x I - ii W 5 " Q- Q cfrnmiossiis i, 2 ' l . u t ., is M.-s,,C I A N , D 1 v r Xvyi -:V 'qfCr3xi-fuxxf-.-i. . H .I 5 1.x x. 5 i , .V ,KR A Q, K '-K - 'wfwl'-Y-2iO2'1xx.!OiL:ixX'A't:t!3'.2cl.:l2im'11i'f c + - t M KX "1x1'.11w:.'s 1'-.Q "."1vtv Aw... ,.....:.tT.,i, . A iq Q Ifwj X - - - . i is -, XN,1,McXq-Q ,5 gigLq-- Q X 4' 1-x"lfY1'Q,iv' xxx i- K is , , 4 t 1 ,, 2. ga , U fvU5cu:U4ix Mui- .+.. - i . li w. " 'HN L'.'i wi' 'Ag-W . X ,1 - , A . WV i 5 f ' If '-C ll -ww J. A :f..QQ1::'f3?'iY:-LEC!! comszscaii - 'ff-M AXE' Xvifxl 55 sr -,,..-X .4 '- K , A M is"t X -1 WVX-lil 1 'M S 'Vx Vzmxtazcs .15-ovtsaozf. ? i Q x X Hg, , i 1- , - i Mix riucl twirl- 1 up ,. fs . f ll t - ru.s:gXXX L plqq Mex in ,g UH W. N A w r g i t t.-.t , few Ari. ' x 'f s 51 Y u Of Qgwf' uf-,-,W N ,l - ' " t if is fx HNL1 Nowu-Inu l i .if r VY V ' ' V llll '1 'V is -rv -- it , ,iz l . . - . 1 t V. ., EW Vi ai 94, Q R ' ' Tl-K v-OWU. i. :ai uma alms Suits tloxlQ?i1g3?1fsgf H 'fwc . tg ft 'g x . A". - i , 1 R 'hh H553 Ol iltlb X'S'Oi'lQ . ' gi i' 5.1229 Well 3,,,,u,i , M 1 X Hu,tm.rgxg1'l3,xHq-..i., .,, -if . .X s s' N ffrzbliggytcsy- ..' Q A f 1 , ,, ,S 5 Q A isgsx. 5 M X " lu ul '9'lTf'l T0 'Wllt Tl1l'F2Cl4 .ami E will .mmsixtt ' ll' Ant tllivfitfrpwg il XX-VNU ,Vi N 1 i 1 - . ' X 'Nl-sk K i!ll'YAllCl i1.l!'ll1 C4 W W " vii ' T'--y t Im- -.., 1 x gig Ns" -- ' SWMX MAX W F A mx . -Pxstu .N exli't.iivLiLM:txxI1Ec xxxxxbk :Air x, Q3 ' I x . . fs M. fruit, Punt os'li'f'v, N .. ' 5? f ? Y -N . ' . 5 .. 'w.7us,'xg"vi3 eq, V . i,x..g,k HHr,C..ix,',!Xx.,.! - , . 4 SS y M 'f ' tl l lil ' N 'N ff- , N , 4 . Q ' .SQSQ vw-pi N., ' ' 3 3' l-lt lffflolml Fi,1c:1te.o:s:so? es: coitstcxfwft . i 'Hill'97'flai?li'!Et'nixl' M X ' - 1 l . r V U Q Ll? Nl-3 x 1 4 t J W, , ,si 1 w S 'L , cs i 2 1' lt r ' xg l"l'NW'WW1li1 UN-W 'V V5-fl'0l45l3 'xlllO3S'lE '- l M it -i M ml? Ol" KQV- , ' 5 5 s 3 ,Q . ' -f 1 Hs.irxO!it1tt.fftv-' . l if -i f 5 . .. r as 'Ai -Hi 5xly'l snoizlct lie v't'?'ScQz"e'C. 5 l ww! 'M W QL al' up Q Q. N ' . . 1 X 4' WK 'Af zxijiffl 'llX4,: X H-1 - V ' . Y 5 i ..fN Xsxiamv w s- , , 1- y 1, Y. . ' Q it., ,g X , .A X l mt WN 1-'l-15ul.1hi.x at of qtxmze-.1somerset!!-'gf ,img glut 1."i1flxf'l11t'g'Ql 'mrs UT huh. if ,I X E gtg . , ,-,.. ..i,k.x-cLtCK..?i Y gxsx- in nyc-t. . XE? NI. X 5Q,c.c. Q.i,,,6,,3..31RSs W f . V vw' -ff . 1 H- t .. its . fx ,ixq-556 vi. S ll S. K. K Amescn. l Gorretsin South Dzk Miller, BJ.: Chiccgo Illinois Munneke, Conico . . .i Scum Lacs ll lil f -J mn- 4 1-gen.-a.1:"4:n4'4,n. Sa't:fS.gfL'n?Ie?sn'-w'h:VsbuRYaSvgUlg-E+qs.qn4qqu-mq-1:--svypsv-ax-pa git Eli lg EXX7 ' i " 1.4. IJ -. uw' - its 1 .nn thi., f If llil i l r f"o.i 4.,..i,,f shi si 's x ll- - C i ,Tllllfflii ..f- vt ,xi- l.:- gl,-itilfl .3 ull lltllll mlieitl' E K.,-3011 A llwjluklfl 41,31 g'1ll':l .6 will SOPHOMORES Arneson, Leslie Gorretson South Dokoto Miller, Morton Chicogo Illinois Munneke, Lyle Corsica South Dokoto Jonos, Allen V Soeortish South Dokoto Monson, Chorles Sioux Folls South Dokoto -V M S A f' e E Q. A . ' x , ' 'l Qs it . s c W ,Q - -1 . ff . If Il il - . an 9' ., Q I Il. ., I Kiernon, Thomas 5 . Alton lowo Morfeld, Williom X 3, "'4 V Freemon X Ml South Dokoto Rossing, Williom Go rretson South Dokoto Schweinetus, Royrnond Sorensen, Lowell Wotertown Vermillion South Dokotci South Dokoto Von Hove, Eugene Wingert, Robert Parker Ccnlstolc South Dokoto Sou th Dokoto l i FRESHIVIEN Cribbs, Richard Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Edwards, Creighton Plankinton South Dakota l-lagg, Doyle Dell Rapids South Dakota l-lyden, Clark Sioux Falls South Dakota Darr, David Bruce South Dakota Fahrenwald, Myron C-onde South Dakota l-lusted, Rolf Los Angeles California Judge, John Milbank South Dakota gi Knudson, Delmar Sioux Falls South Dakota Moller, Chris Baltic South Dakota Pierson, William Cheney Washington Reid, Jack Sioux Falls South Dakota Messner, Milo Sioux Falls South Dakota Nichols, Wayne Long Beach California Politser, Elliott Wheaton lllinois Smiley, John Deadwood South Dakota Mittelpunkt, Allen Chicago Illinois Olson, Ross Sioux Falls South Dakota Powers, Don Canova South Dakota Stoebner, DarrOlCl Eureka South Dakota NURSING C DETS The youngest division of the University, the School of Nursing, hos o vitol duty to perform , . . to pre- pore young women for their chosen cjoreer os heolers ond comforters of the sick. The current need for nurses is immeosurobly greotg the volue of this school connot he overestimoted. We know thot the girls who enter this field will find thot the wolk dovvn o hospitol corridor is the poth to per- hops the most sotisfying, most revvording life o wo- mon con hope to hove. ' E ,SCHOOL 5552 Nr P X f BARRISTERS The bolonce scole of Justice is o frogile instrumentg only the wei.ght of o mon's logic ond orgument, cleor thought ond coreful odherence to prescribed low con keep it level, lt is the expressed intent ond purpose of the School of Low to produce such men. The low student strives to ocquire the vost store of knowledge necessoryr for his profession. And eoch doy, on o morble vvollhe reods the words thot hove become creed, "lgnorotium etc git SENIORS 'W' J -.E 3 2 5 BARNETT, JOSEPH, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Law, South Dakota Law Review Board, National Moot Court, Phi Delta Phi. CUNNINGHAM, GEORGE, Watertown, South Dakota, Law, Young Democrats. KUNSTLE HOWARD, Gettysburg, South Dakota, Law Beta Theta Pi, Phi Delta Phi, South Dakota Law Review. WEHDE JOHN Mitchell, South Dakota, Law. WEISENSEE GEORGE, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Law Phi Delta Theta. li it li ls GCTTTQQ WCRQ- Sbuth , l k-K1 "'G""" , 1 I ---..A-..--wuyui ewan-sus.cee5i.u-.wing . 12 '.4,g.fega,y9.1-,,1,Qim.4,.,3,,,,31f Dakota, Low, :tional Moot NA, GEORGE, g Democrats. mth Dakota, both Dokoto ckoto, Low. :Ulll Hare, James Miller South Dakota Koppenhoefer, Kenneth Vermillion South Dakota Lundberg, Orvel Strandburg South Dakota I-Iertz, Leo lvlenno South Dakota Krogstad, Robert Vermillion South Dakota Price, Warren Bison South Dakota UNIORS Kaufman, Denver Freeman South Dakota Kucera, James Tabor South Dakota Runge, Ronald Sioux City Iowa Gamage, Harry Wakonda South Dakota 95 , FRESHMEN 96 Austin, Douglas Watertown South Dakota Groseclose, Chester Ipswich South Dakota Liaht, Charles Huron Sou th Dakota Reade, Gerald Canton South Dakota Hill, Elmer Belle Fourche South Dakota Meidinger, Floyd Eureka South Dakota Redmond, Jack Sioux Falls South Dakota tilt , 4- f W ti t I ,Er fill l x .X Q9 lax Griebler, Louis Baltimore Maryland Kabeiseman, Johr Yankton South Dakota Nelson, Jim Soearfish South Dakota Reed, Donald Norfolk Nebraska . , -...- ..-.1144 E TERPRISERS Ours is an age of industry, gone is much of the prairie and in its place stand great factories with smokestacks exuding black clouds while inside, men and machines labor to produce the goods that the consumer awaits. Someone must keep the men and machines working, someone must bring the product to the consumer, and someone must convince him that he needs it. This is the important task ot the businessman . . . the manager, executive, sales- man, public relations expert . . . and he, in turn, is the product ot the School ot Business. 'M SENIORS A l l X i L5 3- gut. l LLLLL,gLL LLWL ' '-gi. l-sr L QW c, Q v , l CQ ll, , 98 """"7f2V7"" .z. M, ni ,4 1, , 6.4 ,,,,,,r. It mg ,- f., ,, , . , fi 'af ,2fj.,f,g "rf , 'Z I' ,Q 's sa , N, AMAN, TOM, Mobridge, South Dokoto, Generol Business, Lombdo Chi Alpho. BARTHOLOW, THOMAS E., Huron, South Dokoto, Generol Business, Bond. BAUER, GEORGE H., Both, South Dokoto, Accounting, Newmon Club, Veterons Club, BElTZEL, ROBERT H., Pierre, South Dokoto, Generol Business, Veterons Club, Vorsity Tennis, Lutheron Students Associotion. BENGSTON, DALE, Almono, Wisconsin, Accounting, Delto Sigmo Pi, BERNARD, RALPH, Elk Point, South Dokoto, Morlceting, Lombdo Chi Alpho, Newmon Club, Morketing Club. BIEBER, RONALD, Jovo, South Dokoto, Generol Business, Theto Xi, Young Republicons. BlGELOW, JAMES, Sioux Eolls, South Dokoto, Accounting, Alpho Tou Omego, Delto Sigrno Pi, Business Students Associotion, Lutheron Students Associotion. BOEVER, JOHN, Vermillion, South Dokoto, Accounting. Ol- Dfw foc htl Ru IC ielt EN elt IN Gil on NC i i l. FASBENDER, VERNON, Estelline, South Dakota, -4 s. 1 ew -ic -ttf!-,a.,: .cfs ,3L.n:2 1316-ia.-.d4--u..5+t.uD'.-W:.-vg-5ggg-'i-n.5-gQqg1fr5y:-- -gpg-g,-11 ,453 E-1g,,t,,,-ngypr - cm Aipii. mess, Bond. .1 Vetercns fercns Club, LE, Almcno, Pant, Sculh .1 5 Xi, Youll ning, Allllc rin Sfuffnll 1 s Q94 xf J I .,... X 1 35fffiiwi?- mf 7 5 X f , K' N:1Y x gg-K : X459 - J WEQ--I .Ne .2539 'f'-..:... , "t I f s X S ws QQQW Q N 0 N ff S Q 4 x X A X X f wx gi AES f 5 s Q s Q 2? if Q Q Us Q , 1: tt wx t S!-www, ' S.:1.:s..g,, V P A ss Q b k? S W .gy s f , X ' Q Q. N s? f N Q X VQ fi!! Ai 'Ny EQ W f 1 ' 'Q U S Z " .. kg -1 mit.. .. im: .X --PQ 1 .R t i : - .Wm BMW' 'K Tm It N3 six- Q XQW3 2 I 757, W qs it . . , X .iz si Syst, it N .1 A iv . I , ,su f -G I- ' S f i51f,ffs-+.,vQ BOHLKE, RICHARD, Sioux City, Iowa, Accounting, Lambda Chi Alpha. BOMGAARS, MARVIN D., Boyden, Iowa, Accounting. BROWN, SHIRLEY, Woonsocket, South Dakota, Business Education, Independent Students Asso- ciation, Pi Omega Pi. BRUFLAT, RICHARD, Toronto, South Dakota, Accounting, Marketing Club. DICKSON, JAMES, Sturgis, South Dakota, General Business, Delta Tau Delta, Speech Club, Debate, Student Senate, Dakota Day Chairman. DIE- FENDORF, JAMES E., Irene, South Dakota, General Business, Delta Tau Delta, Newman Club. DINGER, DARREL, Hecla, South Dakota, Accounting, Delta Sigma Pi, Lettermen's Club. DOLPHIN, GERALD S., Primghar, Iowa, Business Educa- tion, Independent Students Association, Marketing Club. DIJBOIS, CLAR- ENC'E J., Pierre, South Dakota, General Business. DUNN, DARYL, Watertown, South Dakota, General Business, Delta Sigma Pi. EDWARDS, ERNIE, Tyn- dall, South Dakota, Business Education, Beta Theta Pi, Football, Dakotans, Sigma Theta Epsilon. JOHNS, ELLIS, Menno, South Dakota, General Bus- iness, Marketing Club, lnvestments Club. FAIR- BANKS, RUTH, Vermillion, South Dakota, Business Education, Pi Beta Phi, Pi Omega Pi, Wesley Club. Marketing, Delta Sigma Pi, Marketing Club, Pilgrim Westminster Fellowship. FOLGER, JAMES J., De- Smet, South Dakota, General Business, Delta Sigma Pi. L-. E ' 'sf if ex fi N KW by tf .S X. IL ig! , . A 'A N Xi' X 1 -A , , I f lf y X W ff X M f STX 1' W . , f I 99 SENIORS GREENY, GORDON I-I., Sioux City, Iowa, General Business, Lambda Chi Alpha. GUNDERSON, KATHLEEN, Centenfille, South Dakota, Business Education, Kappa Alpha Theta, Newman Club, Young Democrats, Mortar Board, Pi Omega Pi, Guidon. HAMMERSTROM, ROBERT, Sioux City, Iowa, Gen- eral Business. I-IANSON,-HENRY, Webster, South Dakota, General Business, Independent Students Association, Young Democrats, Lutheran Students Association, Marketing Club, Business Students Asso- ciation. A HAUG, CLYDE, Milbank, South Dakota, Marketing, DSIIO 5IQma Pi, Toastmasters, Marketing Club, Veterans Club. I-IAUGE, MERLE A., I-loward, South Dakota, Accounting, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Market- IOO, HELLAND, NORMA FAE, Mt. Vernon, South Dakota, Business Education, Independent Students Association. KARST, MERLYN, Miller, South Dakota, Marketing, Lambda Chi Alpha, lntertraternity Council, Strollers, Student Development Committee. KLING, FRITZ, Belle Fourche, South Dakota, General Business, Delta Tau Delta, Lettermen's Club, Marketing Club. KOM, MARLOW, Mobridge, South Dakota, General Business. LARSON, ROBERT, Milbank, South Dakota, Marketing, Delta Sigma Pi, Business Stu- dents Association, Veterans Club, Marketing Club. McLAUGHLIN, JIM, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Marketing, Alpha T-au Omega, Delta Sigma Pi, Debate, Speech, Toastmasters, Newman Club, Marketing Club. MEHNER, DANIEL A., Dallas, South Dakota, Accounting, Delta Sigma Pi, Gamma Delta. MEMMER, RUSSELL, Vemillion, South Dakota, General Bus- iness, Delta Sigma Pi. MILBERG, JAMES, Newell, South Dakota, General Business, Lambda Chi Alph-a. 4. V--4 . Q ing Club. I I l MILLE Assoc Accoui tion, MOF Sigma Dakoti kata, I Delta public Bureau NIEL Pi. Sigma PAUL J I ,. x I xl . s Si. V 1 .1-y.-L. ..-auf..--...:-n.s-...-,....,..,.-s. ,ima I I A RILIQQHCH , 1 fu I Dalai .M 1 5' Smut Mil, L LD. LIRSON, S Ness Stu. -im itll, Q: J Qmu PI, Sgmo Pi, 'eral Bus- , General MILLER, LESTER, Sibley, Iowa, Economics, Delta Sigma Pi, Business Students Association, Toastmasters. MOEN, CLYDE, Dell Rapids, South Dakota, Accounting, Alpha Tau Omega, Veterans Club, Lutheran Students Associa- tion. MOMSEN, HAROLD, Everly, Iowa, General Business MORTENSEN, GEORGE A., Sturgis, South Dakota, General Business, Delta Sigma Pi. MUSOLF, WILLIAM, Huron, South Dakota, Business, Coyote, Dakotans, Marketing Club. NELSON, RICHARD A., Watertown, South Da- kota, Accounting, Theta Xi, Coyote Business Manager, Sigma Theta Epsilon, Delta Sigma Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, Volante, Intramural Sportsboard, Young Re- publicans, Case for Senator State Publicity Director, Wesley Club, News Bureau Reporter. NIELD, VICTOR, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, General Business, Delta Sigma Pi. OLSEN, DEAN, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Business Administration, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Intertraternity Council, University Social Committee. PAULSON, DAVID, Aberdeen, South Dakota, Marketing, Delta Tau Delta. I ,. LI POSEY, LORAN, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Business, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Marketing Club, Young Re- publicans. PRUITT, JOSEPH, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Gen- eral Business. RYSAVY, AUGUST, Winner, South Dakota, General Business, Delta Sigma Pi, NGWHWGH Club, Business Students Association. SCHAEFER, RAYMOND, Avon, South Dakota, Gen' eral Business, Delta Sigma PT. SCHATZ, WILLIAM, Scotland, South Dakota, Accounting, Alpha Tau Omega, Delta Sigma Pi. IOI siiixiians SCI-IENECKER, WILLIAM, Webster, South Dakota Marketing, Delta Tau Delta, Track, Marketing Club. SCI-IUMACI-IER, BILL, Sioux Falls, South Dakota Business, Beta Theta Pi, Business Students Associa- tion. SCHLIMGEN, LARRY, Parkston, South Dakota, Ac- counting. SISWICK, JOI-IN, Westerly, Rhode Island, Marketing, Delt-a Sigma Pi, Marketing Club, Canter- bury Club. SKINNER, DON, Watertown, South Dakota, Ac- counting, Delta Tau Delta. TORKELSON, ROBERT, Luverne, Minnesota, Accounting, O-Dakota-Ka, Scabbard and Blade, Lutheran Students Association, Student Senate, Pershing Rifles, Delta Sigma Pi Investments Club, Student Publications Board. I I O I L I lO2 I I I I ULVOG, JAMES, Vermillion, South Dakota, General Business. VANDEIT, F GRACE, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Business Education, Pi Beta Phi, Presi- 3 W dent of Association of Women Students, Student Board, Guidant, Pi Omega Pi. VAN SLOTEN, JOHN, Body Secretary, Mortar ' Doon, Iowa, Accounting. l 1 III Il I I 1 I I g I I i i I I I 'I Lg I- 'Qi X '5j. I VIEI-IWEG, RICI-IARD, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, General Business, Sigma I Alpha Epsilon, Delta Sigma Pi,,Parade Marshal. WAI-IL, ADIEL, Denver, Colorado, Business Administration, Alpha Tau Omega, Veterans Club. WEAR, JACK, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Accounting, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Marketing Club. I i WI-IITE, JACKSON, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, General Business, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Delta Sigma Pi. WINCKLER, LEWIS, Pierre, South Dakota, Accounting. ZIMMER, MONICA, Montrose, South Dakota, Business Educa- I tion, Newman Club, Pi Omega Pi. I I I i R Aasland Delton Balcom Charles Berg Clifford ml Wilmot Rapid City Alpena l south Dakota south Dakota south Dakota itll i ' r v- v-',x: ....,..-...-'..,:- - - Buckstead, Joe Yankton UNIORS Chamberlin, Thomas Sioux City ' Y Sou th Dakota Chicoine, Marc: Sioux City Iowa Eggers, Myron Corsica Sou th Dakota lowa Dais, Marvin Eureka South Dakota Eilders, Delbert Sibley lowa 'V Bickel, Murlyn Brown, Allen Brunsvold, Walter 3 ECW l-lerreid Dell Rapids Estherville ,er'.fr, South Dokoto South Dakota lOvvG Cb. ' I 'f Bucher, Elden Bunker, J, Buckmeier, Anthoi Worthington Cherokee Bison Minnesota lowg South DCll4OlCI .FA tam, '4 .-fi 5 E 103 1-' '. x...w.,.,,,, ,L una, -. Z x UNIORS Elshire, Wondfl Milesville South Dokoto Foley, Philip Sioux City lowo Fry, Don Sibley lowo Giedt, Wordell Flonery, Dick Milbonk South Dokoto Friese, John Huron South Dokoto Gehler, Robert Hertford South Dokoto Green, Tom l Q l X Bowd le South Dokoto Ve rm i I l ion South Dolcoto Gunderson, Bob Yonlqton South Dokoto l-lornois, John Vermillion South Dokoto l-leffernon, Don Dokoto City Nebrosko l-loutz, Jim Sioux Folls South Dokoto l-lonsen, l-lorley Redfield South Dokoto Heodrick, Norbert Ropid City South Dokoto l-lolrn, Verne Boltic South Dolcoto l-lorning, Russell Elmhurst Illinois l-lorgens, Bruce Estherville ' lowo Hedin, LeRoy Hudson South Dokoto l-lolt, Jock Newell South Dokoto l-lonson, Roger Conistoto South Dokoto K? XX 3 Kinney, George Sioux City Iowa Kluckman, Jerauld Mound City South Dakota Kruse, Marlin Alpena South Dakofq Linderman, Joan Vermillion South Dakota Kirkpatrick, Kenneth Aberdeen South Dakota Koth, Howard Veblen South Dakota Lassegard, Stanley Fulton South Dakota Morgan, Marshall Sioux Falls South Dakota l i Kittelson, Desmond Sioux Falls South Dakota Krueger, Ronald Worthington Minnesota Leiferrnan, Robert Bridgewater South Dakota Miller, LaVonne Custer South Dakota , , . . . .fiat-,2f-1.QGg1q.aig53:sv-f+'w'+'3.':e " W' "" JW V UNIORS Myers, Glenn Sioux City Iowo Pier, Bill Avon South Dokoto Nogoles, Luis Lo Pez Bolivio Port, Lloyd Akron lowo Reid, .lomes S. Sioux City Nebrosko Solmon, Annette Leod South Dolcoto l Rich, Tom Sioux Fells South Dokoto Sehumoeher, Dovid Columbus Nebrosko Petty, Delbert l-lot Springs South Dokoto Puhl, Keith Worthington Minnesota Rolond, Jerry Inwood Iowo Shull, George Soc City lowo Stengel, Jack Milbank South Dakota Sweeney, Darwin Sioux Falls South Dakota Tieszen, Rodney Vermillion South Dakota Veencamo, Willard Orange City Iowa Sumner, l-larvey Watertown South Dakota Tagtow, Gloria Reliance South Dakota Thoreson, Karen Clark South Dakota Ver l-loet, Lyle Rock Valley Iowa I f 1 1 1 h . Y N Q L. Vx -6- W . f X- b ilk. Q I , 1 J V t. ,,J,,,AlA! M' XV h f 1 ,, , ,,.,..,',,,,,, . 'I 4 I w 'K 5 'P .... i n M ,Jie I ,,:y,..p..L,,. 1 N fm. L -.- x . . . w . afsbwenr'-ling! """" ' ' v. ' ' .1 . ,- -V f ,l , f .11 - .f f A W V --1,--,-,M -,pw-.-A , - .4 -. 1, U- - -- gf ,, I ,- g I 1, -A -- - , 'W' ,V V - - V 4 -V f . . ,Q - V- -v K h -. I -5, V I - , , I t . 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"'7'L,':- 1 . :J ' , f ..I A' X X ,' ' '-'P - .. f "fd V .,,, '- "' ' M ' ' ' I . it ' rin- H, f I Y M i , ' 1 -jg , f Az Y Vyyaigrj, , i L - '., ,KKV , " Q ry-V ,. ., -. U I , f- f V V , Q, . 1 . ' Q- - . , w' ,, A ph, y-.,.' . V . ix- . V' - X -V .fr -,r , V .:.,-H, - V .V V ....-.,4 wx . ' HE- My f ggi' . ..,a1. h ' f X . -, . 1 , x . 7 Qs, 3 " 12' f -' i . W , . n if , I' v-,ry V F We ., f - ..,. 1. ' , 1 'Q ' 'f " ,f . jf- ,' "f"'I' I ' , .,.. - , V M L, - .M L ,,,,Y ,..,, 5 -, .. A. . 4 ,J , '. , . . -' yi ,fw ,' ' V -Qi Lf.. .' ,f x x ., M :gf 3' .g.A-aw' . 5 . -.fl "" ' ,' N.,-,i.. nl ' -' V' . lj' 'Qfffg-.Vx .4 X ' I Tj x.,,. N " ' '."z-iQ'vf",.' ' ""'15 4 L f ' Q ' J A ,, 'ff . flu .Q V, . . . . Lv ' 'g,1Qr. ':ffXfTfQX. 3 1- P:-'U "Cv P 3. 'J f F'fQ-'Kiff'--9' L 'fff"",ff5fh'f'7!-:Ef' '- ' , ' -:4 , ff 'swf '7 milf lui... ,An - '. f ' ' - "' M ,- ,Q , 4 "T ff? -2. . ' . , . V V. f -' .g :',',,.3' -4. -a .V f J ' 0 4 .f .p .yr , , -' , . .. .f. , 4...i.fLl .,Vi.., 7. . 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N ,.,,: w if ,SNS Ls ii Lgsx gftifd BACK ROW: Marilyn Bertrand, Gwen Moshier, Shirley Jenniges, LaVerne Olesen, Karen Schempp, Laurin Kirley, Nancy Torrey, Sondra Haight, Pat Mickelson, Mary Lietzke, Gloria Busman, Mary Miller, Marcia Herreid, Vernida Wiese, Marge Rogers, Mary McLaughlin. FOURTH ROW1Jeaneane Szczurek, Deanna Dennert, Priscilla Duly, Penny Huetson, Sharon Rol, Pat Hommel, Lee Marshall, Lillian Hieb, Audrae Potter, Jean Giles, Barbara Westre, Mary Looby, Sharon Hinsey, Marilyn Frandsen, Nancy Tobin. THIRD ROW: LaVonne Miller, Kay Noack, Leah Authier, Margaret Miller, Pat Prostrollo, Mrs. Kimmel, Connie Devers, Carole Simmons, Janice Winjum, Mickey Fennel, Beverly Stearns. SECOND ROW: Pat Lund, Mary Rueb, Shirley Nelin, Jody Cooley, Ruth Bartlett, Jane Fansler, Sara Danforth, Janice Simpson, Karen Runge. FRONT ROW: Joie Chamley, JoAnne Johnson, Connie Hellwig, Fran Manke, Charlys Stewart, Beverly Cannell, Mary Sue Henrich, Suzanne O'Connor, Patricia Henkins. l l l 5 l l l l i i l l. J i i i i I, l V i 4 1, llgwas r and the bjllian' pliaceh nnlring s irill vc bme c i 1 hom O about aijsweri ull knov pipe da and hm niiticec Qbaa 1 Cl fineli moved tiirtunc l-Op - again, fy, will .will Lgldff Mft fi. f 4 lt was morning when we passed the Phi house and the first rays of the sun were reflecting brilliantly off the white siding. lt was a peaceful sight, and we were reverently ad- miring the play of nature's lights when a shrill voice cried out from within, "Breal4fastl Come and get it just as you are." Startled from our moment of reverie we were just about to accept the invitation when the answering of a hoarse, sleep filled voice let us know that we weren't to be the guests, "Ah, pipe down and get out of here." Disappointed and hungry, we turned to leave when we noticed a row of worn out stockings hanging along the front of the building - above each a finely lettered card. Fearing foul play we moved closer to read the epitaph of the un- fortunate deceased. "Sock l-lop - l954. Sock HOP - l955. Sock l-lop - l956." Foiled 0Qain, we left in search of food. Pat Prostrol o, President, and Mrs. Kimmel, l-lousemO'fhGV . . . and that's not alll You can hear those banios nngin . . is Ewa, i W si llrrs if tif' 'Y-A M i f Yeah - Mom gave it to mel Maybe l should have bought that book after all. Mrs. Dose, l-lousemother, and Bob Tschetter, President ll2 Walking slowly by the modern facade of the ATO house, we were suddenly confronted by a large four legged beast that seemed to be eyeing, for the purposes of mastication, the fleshy muscles of our legs. Stopping to think the situation over we looked around at the surroundings and discovered to our amazement that the curb was lined with an assortment of cars all of a rather early date. Focusing in, we noticed a Stutz, a couple of Model A's, and even a Stanley Steamer gur- gling softly to itself at the end of the line. l-learing "Alexander's Rag Time Band" com- ing from the building we began to decide that we had somehow been transplanted into the roaring twentiesg we started for the door licking our lips and trying to think of the usual password. Our passage was blocked once again by the persistent .canine, who this time was vocally expressing his hunger. "l-le won't hurt you l" someone called out from the porch. "l-le's just a growing pup." Not being relieved by the consolation and afraid that he would nourish his growth on us, we continued on our way. -rs-1 t Ofi L"i' mrly date. J: : couple of V farmer gur- sf: 3? the line. -1 incl" com- to decide '::::e ol the --'rented by " zired to be ze' zetion, the Q5 Stopping 2 Ziikei around .sed to our 'ez with on . 4 1 :'3:':nted into fr: iz' the door i i Q " nk ol llie f 'v'i ' jjiini, who ,: hunger, .- r gut from 1 ': 31?-H Nlll ' yi olroid ,gf yt US, we i X55 L- vlx ' buf lil wx., 'fc l ""'ll""? 2 I it gi, i sg, ix fs Q 511 14 5 ' ' X xx AW sixty fi' C ,. cu mm ss st Ax ww :, pw .wi Q 31 2: Q W 2 .Mf,.wAd+:wK Q L ,gif X ri?-'Y mf -, ' FL' ' Q W ,V , ,Q S svwwww Us 'i .QQ1.-ggi. ' 'VJ ' S " f A ,f . ,l RVN A S ,fmt E A M.. sl. ROW: Thomas Anderst, Barrett Jones, John Idema, Adiel Wahl, Donald Duffy, David Armstrong, Carl White, Wilbur Dailey, Hugh HE I l, Allan Kromer, William Musolf, Kenneth Kirkpatrick, Larry Michael, Gary Larson, David Dyke, Dennis Hull, James Von Seggern. TH ROW: Gary Hill, Bernard Harvey, Marlin Olson, Gary Noteboom, Leon Marlow, Myron Stoebner, Jerry LeDuc, Len Berg, John Hark- Tn, l0fTieS Garrick, Thomas Bray, Mark Wilson, Chuck Liebe, Clyde Moen, Darwin Sweeney, Merlyn Way, Harry Swander, Daniel Kaiser, C2iTeNDI'ClfeY. FOURTH ROW: Ron Koplin, Kent Scribner, Ronald Ostby, Dennis Sorensen, Robert Tschetter, Mrs. Dose, Donald Andrews, Demi GESOH, Anthony' Buckmeier, Dick Jacoby, Daniel Lamke, THIRD ROW: Rick Johnson, John Holder, Richard Ferris, Robert Warder, S Orrnann, Daniel Johnson, William Schatz, Thomas Knutson, Peter Selover, Robert Yeado. SECOND ROW: Jack Stengel, James Illsrfllovg, Bill Pier, Darold Gieser, Donald Prestbo, Bob Dunn, Tom Lemonds, Joe Klock, Elton Shout. FRONT ROW: James McLaughlin, hover, George Bauder, Don Vaughn. H3 issywsw if R szx QC' ?"i'rt-1'-.S,,,.sc..c. . gf Q34 'J H A 1. f if 'S sggglg. Z' BACK ROW: Georgianna Johnson, Sally Smith, Janice Clancey, Carol Lehman, Carol Ayers, Louise Durkee Effie Larson Doroth , , V Rantapaa, Karen Anderson, Donna McKenzie, Judy O'Rourke, Sharon Schravvger. Tl-llRD ROW: Nancy Conway Betty Yanalc Vernelle lce, Mary Gallup, Sharon Maxner, Donna Moeller, Jackie Tholen Delores Johnson Elaine Bruyer Christine Joss Lyndon Loebe Mi l l , ,,,, c ia ene O'Connor. SECOND ROW: Kay l-lilton, Pat Gillam, Marlys l-lalverson, Virgie Williamson, Donna Christensen, Mrs, Bertleson, Anne Cover, Carol Reedy, Jo Bruyer, Janet Jorgensen, Carol Stiegelmeyer, Janet Kreutzfeldt, FRONT ROWi Janet Gillette, Clarice Engman, Arlene Petty, Kaaren Axne P t G R '- ' A ' ss, a orman, oene Jorgensen, Shirley Dyer, Sally Bromberg, Mary Clifton, Mary Sullivan. There Alpha girls daffoi and v strugg young middl them the vv the f quest middl she ri party have we a had j to tt vvoulc snowi D5rotl1Y j3m6ll6 jrCl6Vl9 Covef, Arlene There wos much octivity going on ot the Alpho Xi house os we wolked by. A group ot girls were trying to prop o Iorge poir ot dottodils up ogoinst the front of the building, ond we were so engrossed in wotching their struggle thot we olrnost ron down o foir young domsel thot wos stonding in the middle of the sidewolk,innpotiently woiting tor them to get through so thot she could odrnire the work from otor. "Whot in the world ore the flowers tor?" we osked, hoping thot the question wosn't too preposterous. "lt's the rniddle of the winter." "Yes, we know thot," she replied coyly, "but this is tor our spring porty. We're going to hove it now ond then hove our winter tormol next spring." "I see," we oll soid ot once, not seeing ot oll. We hod just storted on to tind some guiet ploce to think it over when she went on, "You wouldn't know where we could get sonne snowmen next April, would you?" IQ? R32 f s e,lf AZG Q 9 'xx sbsniw-Q.: '10I!'5' f, i r 1 l ' A 5 . X. li E I 4 I X A fy V ' i ff V ' .4 V Q H wa. 4 , ra - .:. "' Y A' ' I I 5: , .i ff , ' Deor Abbie: Did l do wrong? Mrs. Bertleson, l-lousemother Donno Christensen, President f H-uv i- N Mrs. Andre, l-lousemother, and Buzz Mooney, President Goodness me . . . Pierce, Fenner, and Beane are out of business?? More to be pitied than censored! H6 'Xs On the corner of North l-larvard and East Main the large, white, green shuttered barn stands, its size giving a hint of a mastodon proportioned animal that might be inhabiting it. And sure enough, just as vve had passed by we heard someone shout, "l-ley you guys, the stock is loose." As we turned around a thunderous "Moo--o-o" reverberated on our ear drums and romping across the lawn was a huge Elsie type cow keeping playfully out of the grasp of the mob that followed her. She could have easily eluded her chasers ex- cept for some udder carelessness on her part, which ended up in her being rather painfully tangled up. As she was standing there bawl- ing her troubles to the world one of the occu- pants ofthe building came sauntering out the front door carrying a large and well filled mug in his hands. Pausing to blow the foam from his beverage he contemptuously mut- tered, "l wish that those damn pledgeS would learn to close the front door when they leave." BACK ROM. A Johngt 'l D .W Ellmiie, B Buren, Dm ' ' Lf' a-,, isles' SM' in QQ Rlion' Rod 5921 D. vcasngl 'Cl Luefssei fi T 1 G., Elly x Dx X K Y' M X 4X hXf:9EsfkSk V" A - N DD A 4 QD- I . . X Q W X S tm X C+ X .wc ' S ' ' Y, , as in 5 X - 24Xtf?CQil.EyQ5Q,f fg,eewewem,,zzc ond Eost fred born vastodom nhabiting :j passed ,ou guys, .round 0 C on our lawn was Fully out J :ned her. :sets ex- ter part, :ainlully ve bowl- he occu- A out the ell tilled 'T he foam sly mUl' 1 ol-QCJQGS agfi they I ,,f': Skbffl. igfll , ,. p Q If , 1 rf, ggi A if BACK ROW: D. O. Dillavou, Bill Markey, Bob Dishoroon, John McCain, Dan Schroepfer, Gordon Scott, Darrell Buckmeier, Jim Donahoe, John Stelzmiller, Jim Senttner, Jack Enstrom, Gary Larsen, Don Masker, Buzz Mooney, Dennis Padrnos, Jim l-lerrold, John Graft, Paul Van Dave Christensen, Roy Terwilliger, Troy Jones, Ray Bahde. Tl'llRD ROW: Tom George, Desmond Kittelson, Jim Sheppard, Wayne Jones, Sandy Milne, Arlo Grass, Paul Ereeburn, Dan Kirlcham, Bob Murray, Bill Wright, Jim Poulos, John Kiehlbauch, Jack Phillips, Arthur Olson, Rod Egemo, Gayne Stone, Tony Wegner, John Berry, Bill Rieb, Bob Corcoran, Bill Donaldson, Paul Kern, Bill Miller. SECOND ROW: Gene Wagner, Ernie Edwards, Avery Long, Doug Lind, Jerry Morrissey, Don Tervvilliger, Mrs, Andre, Dale Cowman, Jack McDermott, Dick Luerssen, Galen Gillette, John Ewing, David Eiesland. FRONT ROW: Willie Seibel, Bob Stewart, Dick Welch, Vince Flynn, John Hood, Terry Trevillyan, Tom Rich, Gene Bushnell, Don Gommer, Daryl Witt, Bob Moore, John l-lall, Dick Bennett. Buren, ll7 i ms 5 ll ' ? AX 'SN RQ S Xf X , sN D' fx N F ts sg N . W, 1,3 Q z hx s. W g, 'MS' Q is ft 5 wx W' I-7 7 BACK ROW: Betty Link, Joa l-lansen, Julie Platt, Ela l C flll' ri Jarvis, Johnna George, Zita Johansen, Vicki Oakland Janet Cowles Johnette Crow Jean EHQG, O ' ' - I B bbi ine Blflker, Sharon l-luisrnan, Merrie Mitchell. Tl-llRD ROW: Darlene Assman, Mary Neville, NGNCY Hales' O Dor th B ' ' - Kay , o y urton, Deanna Schult, Shirley Miller, Judy Christol, Teresa Dailey, Kay Newlon, Margene Kinneyi2OmSrVYMrS' Wilbur, Pat DeLay, Roberta Olsen, Barbara Brubaker. SECOND ROW: Mimi Milne, Karen Brown, Maurine FFY, Joollne ' ,Jo A J d St GHS, nn or ahl, Margie Anderson Marsha Wolcott, Sarah Geck. FRONT ROW: Barbara Ceravolo, Smdm ev l-leise, Janice Lloyd Klock, Karen Olsen Joan Stedronsky Nancy Mahlock Peggy McCl k IB . ' Geek: , , us ey, everly Mason, Jackie Nygaard, Jane Shull, Elizabeth Strahrneler, PGQQV V : Karen l-lughes, Mary Lee Stroh. lt woe ce? " design or-i coulcln't hal cheese boxes The scene house so re smell the tr: mOl9 l'EC'SlTf heovens for snow it bro the large sparkling gf blue dligcr wus tilled i-, collected i-,, Green Stcrr U5 WGS the D0rch: Q5 . if i il Cathy 5, eoiibr QP! Kay gy lvlrs. . 1 Sl'EVeflS1 Greek, lt was definitely of the latest architectural design and certainly very attractive, but we couldn't help thinking that it resembled two cheese boxes laid perpendicular to each other. The scene was a very refreshing one, the house so new looking that one could almost smell the fresh paint and the yard being even more recent, just a muddy brown glob, thank heavens for the impending winter and the snow it brings, As a sort of finishing touch the large picture window was adorned with a sparkling silver Christmas tree with a definite blue decor . . . ah-h. Undoubtedly its base was filled with a bountiful supply of gifts - collected with the books and books of S 8 H Green Stamps. The only thing that bothered us was the broken floodlight on the front porch. Oh well, it was only new oncel 4: Q Y 1 ,A setting ,,,w4M,.f--""""""4g,A MQQQ mi W ,,,,....,-Wam- f Karen Olsen, President Mrs. Klock, l-lousemother But short shorts are just too-o-o short! f N W Robert Frieberg, President, ond lvlrs. Johnson, l-louse- mother ' l-leor no evil . . see no evil . . but, oh brother! Now you see it - - novv you don't . . . A4...nv'Q' lt wos o lorge brick oportment house type structure with o glossed-in oddition sprouting from its side. As vve drew neorer we sow three or four cors lined up ot the curb, their motors running os though they were vvoiting for something. Suddenly the front door vvos flung open ond on ovolonche of men come coscod- ing dovvn the steps. Leoping to the protection of o neorby tree, we wotched them pile into the idling outos, rev up the motors, ond screech off into the dusk. On the trunk of eoch vvos o lorge sign: "Wisconsin or Bust!" We felt sure thot the ploce wos obondoned but os vve crept coutiously out into the open vve were stortled once ogoin, this time by the hoo rse cry of o soxophone sounding very much like o cheop imitotion of o Conodion goose. "Whot to do? Should vve help whoever-it is thot is crying for help or just run for our lives?" All opprehensions were colmed, how- ever, vvhen we noticed the lettering over the door: "The Nomods Ploy Here." W gsm it Xi' m 2 l sw: .new fly l so f I Aw? 1 , 'I' l . .ss-'iii - ie X s Regs t- Sw? t BACK Row I Ms' mflnl Ron Gmkge Dm McClure, Hutchison G Mrs J QW VQ ii' Ohm cCohren L' EQ' 5 FRQNT Rbtteslf 5 Juse type sprouting sow three air motors iting tor ,vos flung ecoscod- rotection pile into ors, ond trunk of if BUSllH ondoned 'lie open 3 by the ry much i goose. fer it is for our j, how- ver the 4 4 B25-61? gf .f ,M 1. ,. 1, ,, .6-.f lil if X fwff W 2 Z 'k f' ' i rf 2 ff 1 S+ 1 M 4 .N , , . 0 , . .. f. 'dv , L - 3 - 2 ' ,gf fff N 1, 4 we it ., iwciy. iS' ,fd ' My 2 hw, ZW BACK ROW: Mike Gibson, Tom Simmons, Bob Ryan, Don Eberle, Jim Kennedy, Bill Dickson, Don Duncan, Charles Marple, Fred Geller- man, Ron Graham, Harry Schwartz, Jim Dickson, Gerry Harms, Willard Powell. FOURTH ROW: Tom German, Jack Pohlman, Don DeBolt, Don McClure, Harry Alspach, John Varvel, Daryle Roth, Richard Frieberg, David Paulson, John Friese, Jim Fravel, Bob Nason, Terry Hutchison, Gary Woodle, Jerry Armstrong. THIRD ROW: Norm Headrick, Kenny lngalls, Jim Riemann, Ted Thompson, Bob Frieberg, Mrs. Johnson, Bill Schenecker, Don Skinner, Jim Dietendorf, Pat Regan, Bill Duerre. SECOND ROW: Jack Sanford, Bill Stottt, Mick McCahren, Leonard Pier, Dick Smith, Bill Armstrong, LeRoy Hellwig, Mick Moran, Dick Middleton, Marston Holben, Paul Wegner. FRONT ROW: Ray Heyer, Glenn Fingerson, Jim Watson, Dawayne Rasmussen, John Wehde, Tony Zarifis, Hobart Nelson. l2l i i i y l ff, I, X N, J Q L 1 ,,f'giS J X -'1- it C, fr ,fy W Gag L- yy' 'E if f Y? V ,pair K5 ,, -is ,K :ff ' fx w ,H ,, X .s ' 5, ,QW l 'sh Q, 4 y , J 1 Q BACK ROW: Jean Redfield, Barbara Frieberg, Marilyn Rush, Karen Jensen, Renee Binder, Linda Foght, Jo Blue, Carolyn Krumm, Anne Fuller, Della Speigel, Sharon Lane, Fran Drey, Verla Attig, Marylu Qgemg, Permella Bedford, Diane Foster, Joan Linderman. FOUR-l'l'l ROW: Jane Dahl, Jerelyn Larsen, Connie l-lammitt, Janet Nelson, Myrna Baker, Nila Stadheim, Kathy Fluharty, Mary Flul1OFlY, Pfllflclfl Walz, Cheryl Pashby, Mary Sparks, Mary Schumacher, Jean Benson, Norma C-lazier, Marilyn Smiley, Elizabeth Crandall, AmarYlll5 l-leinz. THIRD ROW: Edice Blue, Janet Gates, June Woodward, Mary Elaman, Sonja Stewart, Ann l-lasse, Mrs, Ball, Sharon Smebalslsefl, Nancy l-lay, Lynette Waltner, lslea Riggs, Joan Vellenga, Carol Benton, SECOND ROW: Sandra Simpson, Norma Wickham, KGY EVWJI Sandra l-lyllested, Ellen l-lasse, Sharon Croson, Maylou Renne, Lois Rossow, Mariean Waltner, FRONT ROW: Carla Thoellce, ClGVlCe Christensen, Marge Polenz, Elaine Bryant, Pat Oates. l22 V lt was nchf "' house cr: :J ' opproachf- 'f -.4 - l We coul' f "f' to the Coz' :N have imcg T5 thot glare: E' the large sect' The lawn, Tre' our dreams, 3 sober and lei: marched by :-5 continuing ggi. our view: fig 4 Token 0 virgm- walk but cs of membered thi lllfll morning, without Q gg, . new elllCQQp-5 Gnd key. Nl' , Suddenly i-,LQ Lf QUlClcened C, Slfeetl ' Ville mi, A FOURTH PotriCi0 lAmgrylllS ,555dl4l4Gfli KCI' Ervln' ,I Qlorice fi lt wos night time when we possed the Theto house ond our first impression wos thot of opprooching on old foshioned woyside inn. We could olmost imogine o cooch pulling up to the door ond stoppingg thot is we could hove imogined it, except for the spotlights thot glored brilliontly upon the front door ond the lorge seorchlight thot continuolly swept the lown. Then os o sort of coup de groce to our dreoms, o sentry ormed with pistol ond sober ond leoding o steel groy police dog morched by the front of the house ond then continuing oround the side, disoppeored from our view. At first we thought thot we hod token o wrong turn somewhere during our wolk but os our thoughts begon to cleor we re- membered the worning thot we hod heord just thot morning, "Stoy owoy from this house without o permit." "But why?" "lt's just thot new efficiency trophy they hove under lock ond key, No one sholl get owoy with it!" Suddenly we heord the woil of o siren ond we quickened our steps ond hurried down the street. wg, Two different worlds Mrs. Boll, l-lousemother, ond Ann l-losse President Gin Rummy? lsn't thot o new drink? The house wos o quoint two toned building thot reminded us ot the old English cottoges thot one otten sees pictured in British litero- ture books. The resemhlonce wos so close thot we holt expected Shokespeore to come wolking out ot the tront door. lnsteod, how- ever, from oround the bock ot the house we heord the clopping ot horses' hoots ond then suddenly the onirnols burst into viewg twelve pure white rnounts, their riders oll dressed in identicol block cowboy outfits. We recog- nized the mon in the leod olmost imrnediotely. lt wos the Condy Kid, protector ot the Dokoto ploins. "So thot's why we couldn't tune in his usuol otternoon TV show. The Lombdo Chi's hod kidnopped him when he orrived tor their orphons' porty." The riders turned ond gol- loped ott into the distonce just os three oc- H' tives in buckskins ond tull heoddress come riding otter thern. BACK RQW, Comivbell, t-,L Bemqrd Lou' J , , Erry Flqnnem UODD Ter 1 I YS ey, VIC Ven lfljwj S' NJN ff J ,ei jslggltr 3:6155 5 f f? Af If fy Lb J 45578 x "AA J 4 If X, C Ye - - . UcsZi'7RZH,,2ff RSX B L 1 ,f YN lr . :fd R X-,' L , ,M R' . .ffmsfw .1 I 'R' Ki r " inen.n- fef--g.s-- -5,,b1,,,,,.. Hs aww, 'N building Cottages h litera- so close to come nd, how- OUSG WG :nd then , twelve eased in J recog- fdiately. Dakota ze in his fa Chl'S ar their rid gal- ree OC' 3 came Xl J 'ew 1-,ff-'5' I -4 . - Q1 I nkfxq hi .1, " fin. ,rl ,lv ', U? "I f it ,Tl W ,, . . cc. . S S - - ,,, .,., . .... : mr- fe BACK ROW: Corky Strawbridge, Don Akre, Warren Johnson, Boyd Mclvlurchie, Don Ericson, Dick Johnson, Gary Nelson, Skip Swenson, Ron C0mDbell, Wilbur Kalb, Bill Harrison, Larry Coomes. THIRD ROW: Gordon Greeny, Darrell Spilde, Tom Vick, Lonnie Cross, Ralph Bernard, Laurel Thoreson, Owen Hyde, Russ Schultz, Lowe-ll Jacobson, Mark Johnson, Jerry Lammers, Dave Williams, Jim Hausvik, Jerry Flannery, Jim Milberg, Bill Zaayer. SECOND ROW: Joe Lien, John Bartlett, John Mattson, Howard Koth, John Swennes, Mrs. KVJODD, Terry Jenkins, Keith Uttord, Gordon Maisch, Willie Buell, George Stoneback. FRONT ROW: Al Brown, Jack Holt, Larry Head- JSV, Vic Van Egmond, Jim Huntsinger, Jim Hilton, Paul Koeniguer, Jim Greenwood, Bob Mundt. We L 125 ,f JJ ." 4' , 1 ,, ,. ,Sf i I I i l ,, s ,M l kt if Q he sigk Q l Q ,msiuoss S'?FX ssc? sf X -,ws :sssfN.-.f N sqi l ' , ' x -ftfif Xffwoasxffc ' "N l , xxx Q: 157, , C Qc, ji C env sgxj Q X . ff s Q ot g 5 VX P PA' 1 9 . F Q EQQXRXF Xwqim f- l' . s fIZl'1o'Vxf 4 f . s. . ugx s X YA? N .WJ Q . y exgfiyshi 5 ffl F i w ' i I , , , i l ' The toll ogoirist lf windoi-.s 2 constant I sidewalk E his Eloht c of USD 5 where om x UD its bc: lovely mg lftq of the stont llc.- obouts X from the IJGDS Corr lootboll t Clmmplcg Uhlu the BACK ROW: Fred Smith, Tom Moore, Roul Vonden Berge, Don Hormel, Jim Scheurenbrond, John Kelley, Bill Conwoy, John Clyde, WOHV Erickson, Russ Ootes, Jim Erickson, B-ob McKee, Chorles Stiles. FOURTH ROW: Duone Stockburger, Jim Polmer, John HOQQQTT, ZOB Miller, Jerome Wolf, Col Compbell, Dove Volondry, Verle Duistermors, Gene Fick, Bill Jenkins, Roy Ernest, Bob Stongel, Jim le. THIRD ROW: Jim Burns, Hovvord Anderson, Clork Heinbough, Gory Richords, Dick Flonery, Mrs Ploutz, Allen Desmond, John Enright, Bill Gomet, Don V V ldh ' ' ' on e uizen, SECOND ROW. Chuck Ruhr, Loverne Gustotson, Rich Louer, John Rovvlings, Gory Corter, GOVY Elle, Dick Wood, Bob Ellis. FRONT ROW: Horvey Heltenstein, Bo Krogmon, Fronk Edingtori. A b Kroupo, Tom Pugh, Bob Chopmon, Doug Poy, Rolond Ericsson, Sonny v Z continue . l f fj::, gcff, ROD Jim ,,, Ellis, F Sonny The tall white colonnades stand prominently against the bricked background, the upper windows peering with halt closed lids at the constant tlow ot students passing daily on the sidewalk below - like an insomniac rising tor his eight o'clock classes, The lvlount Vernon at USD still stands. Inside, hidden some- where amid the great catacombs that make up its basement, is the shackled torm ot a lovely maiden, oblivious ot the continual ring- ing ot the telephone above her, and the con- stant tlow ot calls inauiring ot her where- abouts. What is her tate? Can she escape from the strong arms ot her captives, per- haps carrying with her the newly acquired football trophy and maybe even a tew at the championship plays?'s hope sol But alas, until the truth is revealed to all and her desiccated body recovered, the public will continue to pass by unaware. -WJ MP1 'QW Allen Desmond, President Mrs. Plautz, Housemother The company at one who understands 15.4 So sez Emily . . Chocolate cake? 250 at the very magtl Jane Saxton, President, and Mrs. Workman l-lousemofhgr l A., i l Q 'V i -ii t-1: 4 ? When we first looked at the Pi Phi house we thought for certain that we had found the lost arrow that Longfellow shot in the air, and thinking that we'd retrieve it for the old fellow, we started up the walk. About half way up to the door a female voice ordered us to "Quiet down and go back to sleep." Look- ing around we discovered that the front yard was filled with tents - about a dozen small pup size and one great big one, until it had the air of an army bivouac. "So that's their new addition, eh?" As we were standing there a small bloated looking mouse came running out of the large tent, Just as it got about half way to the street it gave a loud "l-lic" and flipped over dead. "And that must be the party room." Remembering that the girls must be pretty tired after working so hard on their prize winning float, we hastily retracedlour steps. "Henry Wadsworth prOlJOl3lY dmlnl have his bow with him anyway." WSSNQI 5: lllflficii G . . umflyr Demi, Ru. Fi lb-VG ni house we 3 tound the in the oir, for the old About hall ordered us ep." look- trorrtyord dozen smoll Jnti l it had thots their wjirig there me runrirrig obout hall 'lt-lid' ond Jst be the girls mugl fi on their traced, Olll ljly Cllflfll . oo...,A .f.fff'lW7" .offs 'Vliry I ' - sky 1 ffl i't'M PI BET PHI 5 w ' 1, - -- lg A.. .AL .sm ,mn BACK ROW: Cynthia Chaney, Kay Mortrude, Alyera Raabe, Jana Cotton, Cleo l-larrington, Karla Gunderson, Arlee Freier, Georgia Westra, Mary Ruth Lang, Joanne Riemann, Tl-lIRD ROW1 Judy Jones, Barbara l-lall, Nancy Gibson, Ada Epton, Gail Smith, Loretta Dean, Ruth Fairbanks, Mary Evans, Barbara Reedy, Mary Machealc, l.uAnn Wise, Dot Schroeder, Barbara Goodell, Dianne Snyder, Karen FV9'b9VQ. SECOND ROW: Kay McCahren, Charlotte Olson, Karen Thoreson, Deede Woods, Mrs, Workman, Jane Saxton, Grace Vondel, MGflOrie Fairbanks, Gail Gellerman, Sharon Dolan. FRONT ROW: Linda Devvhirst, Theo Rayburn, Sharon Gregg, Nancy Weiger, Dorothy GUVVWGY, Peggy Saunders, Jan McLaughlin, Patricia Frey, Diane l-levves. l29 sic A LPH Epsiio liifrffgi-P fi QU ,137 fi .', , .-f f i, 'if' GI' Y BACK ROW: Je , Y, rt en rickson, Vic Johnson, Dave Patilsogiiign lggiswisemonl Joe Al Mahaney, Jack Neuroth, Jack White, Dick Burns, Don Gehler, Al Boraen, ROQCV KlClm0'T L'3WO5"le l ' Bill Fkman FlFTH ROW' Tom G Al , . - Matousels, , . J b M rtin, Bill Q - . . reen, Brevik, Delton Aasland, Ron Nelson, Bill Greenoufllt, Tom Rolmel' BO O Case, l-lk Pete Holleman, Gene Kroger Jerry Gardiner Bill H ' Cl Clllc fl JeI'l'Y , , ogre, iff Wobken, Gene Kennedy, John Anderson, Jack Stewar . Grant, Newt Walters, Dick Viehwe J' R ' ' l , I OI en, Bill 509491 g, im eid. FOURTH ROW. Dee Dryden, Bill Berry, ROQCr Mickelson, Dean SW l3 ter Tim Groseclose, Mrs, Johnson, Merle Hauge Loran Posey Crai Tisl J Stern, , , Q ter, im Kraeaer. THIRD ROW: Dave Walish, MFQS Giihin, Carlos Don Heffernan, Bob Redfield, Rod Skillman, Dick Klock, Stan Filler, Ron Holland, Bob Taylor, SECOND R J el Severson, Bob Amon' Kemper, Jim Coomes, Byron Blackstone, Gene Hansen, Dave Coe, Al Aistrooe, Stuart Leafstedt, Bill Shumansky, 0 -ter' FRONT ROW: Jack Dryden George Courey H rold V - , bl , WallY KIOW' , , a iehweg, Ron Eichbauer, Dick Looby, JCVVY Smllllf Dole NO e Johnson, Marty Blackstone. l3O ll T r WeverstOCl, rry Roland, Robert Gehler Mike McNerne Ke H d Alicls, Dick As we die we encouri fixing his 5 "Whats ui contract ii they've got know, going know." Jul four large i ing out-of burst open erged from here! The tpe utmost t e stra chest de? was all abc oonted. "l VIOQG war lf0mSurr0t We let hii BUCK to QU Toke one," As we drew obreost ot the Sig Alph house we encountered o TV cornerornon diligently fixing his spotlights ond winding his comero. "Whot's up?" we inquired. "We've got o controct to cover oll their serenodes ond they've got one tonight. This is Monitor, you know, going ploces ond . . ." "Yes, yes, we know." Just os we storted to turn oround tour lorge cors pulled up out tront, oll beor- ing out-ot-stote license plotes. The doors burst open ond o sworm ot young men ern- erged trorn eoch, yelling, "We're here, we're here! The replocements ore here!" With the utrnost core we monoged to trip up one ot the strogglers ond perching on top ot his chest demonded to know whot the invosion wos oll obout. "We're the replocementsf' he ponted. "They lost so mony rnen to the mor- rioge wor thot they hod to recruit octives from surrounding schools. l'm trom Nebroskof' We let him up, ond still confused, turned book to our TV friend, " .... doing things. Toke one." .41-ae", Mrs. Weller, l-lousemother Let's tronsfer to Colorodo Women's College Woyne Krohn, President l32 D 1 Y ,f if 4 A lorge white frome structure stood solemnly in the eguolly white hockground of snow os though one wos the overflow of the other. The big, homey-like house wos dressed in o full hoop skirt of screened-in ivy, its chest odorned with o mystic-looking gold ond colored pin - the bodge of brotherhood. On the south side o steep stoirwoy oscended to the unknown heights like o hoxelder bug rising lethargic? olly from the con of whitewosh into which it hod follen. Around to the hock ci proud sign boosted of the offices within, ln the oir oround, os o sort of finol touch, stroins of Thonksgiving music throbbed from the throots of o ldrge ci coppello choir, Very impressivel With very little pull on the imoginotion we could trcinsplont this whole scene beforeus to olmost ony midwestern town .... soy like Emmetsburg, lowo. l-lmmmm-m, now l wonder why there? SACK Row: se enneth MSM , Comehter, Emnlie Roller Ame Curl -4- -. mm. NCS C " 4Z,,, . - 'I , ,Ck ,js ,yy , Ylisxffslf. Sq R , - 2 f MXN A NAM 4' X X xsssx cw, X K , s Q . X M 1 n xg , Q mx W X Q .s Xxx xg R N Cc fi X tc N ' fr Xwssstscg ff was .X X61 C, 4,93 s W l Vincent Gutierrez Joe Brennan, Gordon Goodier, Alan Roby, B . . ACK ROW. Stanley Lilly, Ronald Jensen, Ronald Bieber, Freeman a z, , d W'Iliams Richard Nelson Tl-llRD ROW: Robert Carlson, Robert meth AOS-en, Willard Lind, Ronald Cooper, Lorin Johnson, Richar i , . l William Byrnes James Truelson, l-l-arold Johnson, Frank Olson, Gary Harms, W Krahn, C Orpenter, Emmett Thompson, Robert Rowse, William Hart ey, , ' F ll Gaylord Ayers, Mrs. Weller, ayne ND ROW Chuck Spies Tom arre , R b t Ste henson er Andel'S0f1, Donald Arne Gary Dickinson. SECO 1 , ' ' A' orth Hagen, Lyle Malone, o er p . OW Cai Loe, David Soukup, insw Coll AV'd9fS0n, Fred Yeager, John Schulz. FRONT R 2 r g I l33 Q? ferr YTW7 ANHELLE IC COU CIL BACK R ' - I ionne nyd ,J V ll I Jone Soxton, Ann l-losse, Pot Prostrollo, er Om G emo' Janet Kreutzfeldt' 134 JOON Vel l9VlQo, President The governing body ot the sor- orny groups otlJSEDisthe Pon- heHenm Coundl lm membe- ship is mode up on on eciuol representotion bosis with eoch house contributing two girls. Working in close ollionce with the Ponhellenic Alumnoe Ad- visory Boord, the Council serves os ori overseer in superwsmg the over-oll sorority rushing progrorn, As on oid to their future Greek sisters the group publishes o rushee's hondbook, which octs os o guide tor the incoming girls. Not limiting its tunctions to motters ot rush- ing olone, Ponhellenic olso works in reolrns ot the oco- demic, eoch yeor owording G scholorship to o deserving sor- ority girl, ond, os rnotivotion for greoter scholostic ochieve- ment, presents the sorority with the highest grode point over- oge o scholorship trophy. , x X. ,X ssss k Rggreii QGHZC Inter? W' IV- prow which rusti r on 0 seritc bitroi prom dittic do cc equal Ori th ff f V '- .n e. NC 4 L, , ,.,. A -. lneti-.ef 6XlSir odde Ol pci. work clille eoclt Nucl A l -.. lC S i ' ' " " V ' Y - -' - A , ' ' t '-- -f- - F5 --2 .--rf., - -,C-gk ,W--F gyggxapgapzdmz-ex--1-1' fl' Ol the sor- FD is the Puri- Its member- On an equal Sis with eogh Q two girls. alliance with hlumnae Ad- -ouncil serves 1 supervising Jrity rushing aid to their ers the group 2's handbook, guide tor the it limiting its 'ers at rush- ellenic also ot the aca- awarding 0 eserving sor- s motivation stic achieve- sorority with point aver- trophy. it is Representing the traternal or- ganizations on the campus, the lntertraternity Council meets periodically to discuss the problems and controversies which otten arise in the yearly rushing program. Being based on a two men per house repre- sentation, it otters judicial ar- bitration and committee com- promise in solving any ot the ditticulties which may and otter do come up. Another task, o' equal importance, is their vvorlf on the improvement of relationf between each of the sever existing fraternities. For ar added attraction and as a sore ot payment tor a year ot harc work the councilmen target al ditterences and band together each spring to sponsor their cin- nual Miss University contest I TERFR TER ITY COUNCIL BACK ROW: Carl Anderson, Dennis Radrnos, Jerry Lammers, Don Terwilliger, Chick Groseclose, Newton Walters, Mick lVlcCahren, Ken Aasen, Bob Frieberg. FRONT RQW: Wgyne Krglqn, Terry Hutchison, Bob Tschetter, Anthony Buclcmeier, Allen Desmond, Bob Ellis, Marion Jackson. Robert Frieberg, President T35 '.'.lj',' 1- llluminated against a darkened sky - Julian Hall .... the constant stream of beaming headlights, icy sidewalks, the warm rush of air in an open doorway - an intercom system, bunk beds, and un- drawn drapes .... "the collegiate way' of life." cg , M Q ct, li lla ms X I V Z 'Q r l 2 The sign reads "Dakota HaIl." Within - a ringing telephone, the noisy buzz of conversation . . . bermudas and pin curls, spontan- eous jitterbugging - a cross SGC- tion of University co-edsr A castle teeming with teenage life . . . Elvis Presley pin-ups and rOCl4 and roll! Familiar message: "BOY called. Will call back." The swing- ing gates of East Hall open wide in welcome . . . I Z! y A . ami' I , l lltkflfylll tiiV+iil'f -itil' I . lu "I , 4 :gf K, ,I ,A -. ' 1 I , X F315 ll: - I-I3-1 - lwiil-A ',l'," ,. l .s EG Sky 'l ilffgm CHQ the UVWQY Hall. 19, the mmm' nw 9 M6 rw 11805, MQ' jg ifl S? QQ E ' M 4 M' 'Q FW' 'R W , yin' s f ' E 4 an 4 fQ43,cQ ' ,511 J 5:1 k . 2 1 1 5 f ' 5 ,W s, :IH f az ryan, o f.,. ,,.. z 1 f . I . I ff' ffff E QNfU9? ff' 53125 FS? Q 6 X fiffiufe W ii,Q5i Q Q FfYm gf Ei! lakfgmjf Egg 5' ZA ?i Y 1 Effie g :L l ,111 K 1 53? , gm 'UW .1 , 5 w 1? '25-F A Q S 6 Q Q! 9 if E K 'ff-"X ' 1 4 i, " '- X S i X X Q! I Q 'Wx 5' V VU-" 5 . Q5 1 ls 1 Q6 A iv? we Q u 1 my Q4 Q2 M552 9,5 'Q' 3535 5 f 4 mr Q, 'X' Q ,Q , : . - S 'W M ' " f"' ,f ' wwf Vwvi V , W, W1 I I ,df Q ,4 ,A . . ,, .. ,. .. .,,,, , -.., ,,,f..,.:- ,Q -F .f,, ,,. xv., f-..,.--.--- ... ,.-,. , , ,-'mg BACK ROW: Audrey Todd, Mary Tomas, Luana Gerken, Barbara Buckman, Barbara Waack, Mavis Knutson, Dorothy Wubbena, Betty Moorhead, Jackie Tholen, Sondra Haight, Verlee Peterson, Donna Moel- ler, Mary Gilbertson, Mary Lietzke, Mary Madden, MQW Flynn, Jeanette Moss, THlRD ROW: Mildred Juhnke, Deanna Dennert, Elvira Ott, Phyllis Nelson, Glo,-to Tngtow, Darlene Semmler, Joanne Nelson, Alma Schlaetli, Janice Kapfer, Dorothy Rantapaa, Karen Anderson, Betty Yanak, Wanda Ekberg, Ardis Le- Beau, Beverly Malthesen, Margaret Young. SECOND ROW: Shirley Nelson, Sally Smith, Barbara Richter, Mgrion Heupel, Rosemarie -Volmer, Margaret Werling, Mrs, Peterson, Annette Salmon, Carol Ayers, Betty Birkeland, Pat Johnson. FRONT ROW: Judy Christol, Donna McKenzie, Alyce Buschelman, Shirley Wein- rich, Sylvia Johansen, Maria Gray, Karen Brown, Shirley Nelin, Judy O'Rourke, Mary Rueb, Jody Cooley, Sharon Rol. BACK ROW: Vernida Wiese, Eu-nice'Arndt, Karen A5bleId, Pat Denlinger, Joan Jarvis, Delores Johnson, PGTTY McFarland, Zita Johansen, Beverly Buhn, Mar- Ilynn Miller, Mary Miller, Virginia Grosvenor, Johnette CrOW, Sharon Mahoney, Kathleen Fluharty, Lois Tichota, Carolyn Krumm, Georgia Westra. THIRD if-JW: Pat Gates, Ardith Oliver, Ardis Tuttle, Janice ancey, Dorothy Gurney, Monica Zimmer, Karen Jensen' MGVY Sparks, Effie Larson, Mary Lou Kearns, MQW FIUBOVTY, Agnes Clinkenbeard, Jean Benson, EXVQVIY Labbitt, Shirley Burke, Sharon Hinsey, Judy McKay, Sarah Geck, Shirley Brown. SECOND ROW: Vim Bckef, Sharon Gregg, Shirley Hanson, Marilyn Smiley, Norma Glazier, Nila Stadheim, Sharyn Beau- regard, Mrs, Bloom, Jerelyn Larsen, Joey Campbell, :jen GMES, Wanda Elshire, Karen Schempp, Renee mdef- FRONT ROW: Cleon Qsdrcie poflef, Nancy Mahlock, Barbara Brubaker, H very MOSOU, NODCY Gibson, Karen Hughes, Jeanne Urtgate Pat Hommel Pat Henkins Ma . ' , , ry Looby, Mar- lefln Waltner, e Weber, Nancy Weiger, Dorm Mothers: Mrs. Florence Bloom, Note- boom Hall, Mrs. Emalyne Peterson, East Hall, Mrs. Genevieve Ziegler, Dakota Hall, Mrs. Lola Bain, Julian Hall. Noteboom Hall . . . what's behind the Green Door? Dorm Presidents: Norma Helland, Dakota Hall, Sharyn Beauregard, Noteboom Hall, Alan Lange, Julian Hall, Annette Salmon, East Hall. 139 LAURELS 3--'?"5"? ""i.:I----- ' . i' E W x ll I i N F William Musolf Allen Desmond Chick Groseclose Mick McCahren Wayne Krahn DAKOTANS Ernie Edwards Jim l-luntsinger Jerome Martin "Mum's the Word." With this phrase as their byvvord the Dakotans set out each Dakota Day to decorate the female portion of the spectators with a little dab ot greenhouse sunshine tor their lapels. This senior men's group is found at the major University activities through- out the year. As a sort ot reward tor their salesmanship achievements they are given the responsibility ot mak- ing all the Skip Day arrangements. Under this year's president, Mick Mcffahren, their present goal is "a bud on every blouse." l4l ORTAR BOARD Dressed in red blazers and white cord skirts, the senior women ot Mortar Board strive to serve tor the betterment ot their school. Their activities, though many, often go un- publicized, tor among other things they attempt to aid stu- dents that need financial assistance. The members of this national honorary are tapped each spring by the members of the graduating group. lt is then up to each of the new- comers to uphold the ideals and traditions for the following year. Kathleen Gunderson, President NX s Q E 'jeg EO fight: Karen Olsen, Mickey Fennel, Mary Ekman, Jo Ann or a I, Kathleen Gunderson, Grace Vondel, Leah Authier, Ann HGSSG, Janet Gates. 0-U BACK FQ Friebfrg ROYH R333 rceEi21-3-5, One fit? The O-lj-L - Qulreg Q. Gnd GM xl DGV PTS? ltelpmt- . bgllirpxpui tx 'A X 0-D KOT -KA X l ' l t A L i E E i is ef V BACK ROW: Bob Torkelson, Dennis Bormonn, Kem Odeen, Robert Frieberg, Les Duly, Robert Tschetter, John Ewing, Dick Jocoby. FRONT ROW: Robert Mortin, Chuck Allen, Dovid Eieslond, Dr. Knopp, Mon- roe Billington. One of the newest ot orgonized groups on the ccimpus is the O-Dokoto-Ko. lt is o senior men's honorory thot re- quires ot its members leodership, chorocter, scholorship, ond octive porticipcition in extrocurriculor work. During Tl1iS post yeor it hos been seen lending o hond with Dokoto Day preporotions, instigoting the leodership school, ond helping with the orrongements for the newly formed film SOUQW. Serving os on inspirotion tor the extension ond betterment ot compus octivities, this Iotest orgonizotion is Certoin to hove o prolonged ond successful future. Chuck Allen President A Bob Ellis Bill Ekman Jack Neuroth Ken Ingalls TROLLER Each year the activities and events of the campus tall into two Merlyn Karst Bob Nason Kem Odeen We re in the dog house nowPDD distinct time headings -- BS. and ASA meaning betore and after the Strollers presentation which annually highlights the midwinter social calendar, After the return from Christmas vacation the excitement builds up, climaxes on show night, and then dwindles ott into a sort ot dissipated lethargy - tinally terminating with tinal exams in the spring. The promoters ot this theatrical ex- travaganza are all upperclassmen who, toiled in their youth at Monopoly winnings, have redirected a desire tor purchasing Board- walk towards producing a yearly stage hit, Their motto: "Strol- lers are better than everl'i Jim Reid Don Andrews Dean Olsen fir..-s 3 hio TWO : :nd I Qfier 5-m'QvViUfQf j'-QCD The i --iiridies -A. A rig with " xc' SX. ' ucuih Qi 'Q Mard- .. i, C21 ' Q K , 4. i Iwi sf' '1 E, ::g:, , '. Ani? X, R. . 1153 N7 o N sr 2 , Roy Terwilliger Fred Gellermon Chuck Stiies Gory Nelson ,:.,,. , 5, K . so mms! mm I me i f 'film X M 5 l Don Koiser Dennis Podrnos www 2.9-4 V. Simi. I Bring on your committees ' ' "'5l':z1f Dick Wold Corl White John Groff Les Duly Tom Moore fgvnfx W'-:ni X ii i I4 . 5 ? Hi, w 7 i 5 ALPHA AIVIBD DELT BACK ROW: Amaryllis Heinz, Betty Birkeland, Donna Forbes, Jean Enael, Kay Newlon, Jane Dahl, Karen Freiberg, Arlene Petty, FRONT ROW: Theo Rayburn, Carol Ayers, Elizabeth Strohmeier, Fran lvlanke, Miss Lyle, Janet Nelson, BACK ROW: Marion Jackson, Howard Connors, Bill Matousek, Dick Gowan, David Eyres, Craig Tisher, Jack McDermott, J. H. Julian, John McCain, Bill Tosch, Allen Delzell, Howard Allen, Bob Tschetter, Charles Gough, Bob Graves, Danny Johnson, FRONT ROW: John Graff, Chuck Allen, John Hoggatt, Jim Donahoe, Gerald Cleveland, Myron Fahrenwald, Paul Kriiger. PHI ETA SIGMA me C 553 5 r- ffdfwzaw 'Q PHI BACK RC gan, Jczk Willcra L Dewc la L fee, Nels i L , 2 , f Q W, ,. L -7S? 54- .1 gjffgli "J OFFlCERS: Bob Graves, Bob Stephenson, Courtland Swenson, Don Andrews. l ll PHI IVI U ALPHA kocmion J H H BACK ROW: Bill Ekman, Mark l-lansen, Dick Jacoby, Carl White, Tom Anderst, Gary l-lorms, Keith Pohl, Courtland Swenson, David Mor- ia 'FRONTk0WIuJg1ni gan, Jack Noble, William Byrnes, Ronald l-lolland, Bob Stephenson. SECOND ROW: Jay Thomas, David Eyres, Tom Ryan, John Swennes, F ' ll Willard Lind, Freeman Walz, Don Andrews, Eddie Texel, Tom Radack, Bob Graves, Allen Delzell, Demaree Story, Larry Albrecht, Allan Dewald, Usher Abell. FRONT ROW1 R-ay DeVilbiss, Allen Brown, Alden Scott, Tom Chaffee, Craig Loe, Richard l-leadley, Carlton Chaf- fee, Nels Leonard, Ron Moon, Robert Mundt, Dick Williams. li l i l I l l i W 147 gf: I , S From left to right: Theo Royburrw, Slworon Dolon, Beverly Connell, Cleo l-lorrinotorw, Donmo Forbes, l-lozel Jensen, Potricio Denlinger BET AIVIIVIA SIGMA l l iff l r l r 1 S xmfl? N f X Dsnliriger. ETA SIGMA PHI l l BACK ROW: Diane l-lewes, Mary Machealc, Casey Brandt, Dr. Grace Beede, Janet Gates. FRONT ROW: Clarice Voorhees, Lloyd Ballliagen, Mary Ruth Lang, Torn Moore. BACK ROW: Robert Wuertz, Darrell Johnson, Gary Outlaw, Darrell Doran, George Osborn. FRONT ROW: Dean l-lution, Melvin Simons, O. R. McArthur, Dean l-lolm, Bl-aine Sauder. l X , .ff .Z"XX .1 ' M- i x lint L... lvlark Ekman, Jo Ann Jordahl, Karen Olsen ' WHO'S vvHo IN AMERICAN C0 Carl Johnson, Deene Neilan, Jack Neuroth During the first semester ot their college careers most freshmen are searching tor certain goals that they can work towards to make a place tor themselves in campus lite. ln scanning old Volantes and former years' annuals, they look tor individuals that occupy the positions that they would like to strive tor, and in doing so they invariably stop at the section marked Who's Who . . . lt is here that the campus leaders are found. Each year a select group ot the senior class are lauded tor scholarship, service to their school, and active participation in campus activities. Their names are then placed in a national directory - USD'S tuture leaders ot tomorrow .... it Rh M - wc, un., RICA Ms' v Li' E Lv l ll it l N-5 E, X s l lack Neuroth sr freshmen towards to :inning old Individuals ie lorg and .'.i'ha's Vlllio :ali year a hip, service activities. f USD's COLLEGES AND U IVERSITIES sl Bill Motousek, Teriv Jenkins Edice Blue, Janet Gates, Nancy l-loy Bob Torkelson, John Ewing, Kem Odeen f,4,,,.--.Q..,...,,,,,,,,,,,..,Wm.,,o.,,,,.M.,... 'if' Bob Tsclwetter, Sonic Stewort ,mf Q 52 Ann Hosse, James Dickson Jcon Ve Corl yy DUN, D3 Ardis Tuttle, Mickey Fennel, Leah Authier Joan Vellenga, Kathleen Gunderson, Grace Vondel Carl White, Les Duly, Dick Jacoby X X will 'Q' . 1 ff , f ' QQ , '11 :s a Y 'E' ,, Q M, x, , 'ik ,MQ ,ahh lQ1uV49VNl"5""' F 'vi' v ,y-,,,Qh!3wIf'7'mUff?f?a Lge' Qlipafij- 1 u I r A 1 1 v v f I 1 at a 49 . 2 ' N I - 4 1 I I V Y1?7'5t I-w,Y,,,. .....--px.-1usQ.., 1-' 4 -- ":-Lf 7:-1-: :egg.4::.g:1.-'."..'1:45-xr.-.sfrw-1-111. -f--5' 'q.:nS"1 ' -.f 1.1, :,-:a:f---51:-g.f..-59-37.-:. ' 4? , "" . - A , X ' .1 greg. 4 2 .1 1 4 mf- ' -JL-fir, 'J-A4fT.'::.'cQiif-'i, .74-ii' f3,: -g2"T?,4.."- Q-,-I-gg: Lf .,-. ?'-3.312-H ' X.. X Q-'ft f.g:.f:1- ".x,.-.1'2aQi':a' 1 'fa-we -'94 - vu- ,g..4f--,-'-If.-515. -5'-' ,.-.- V .--., - H 5- 5 ..1, A --frx .-Ex.. ,gr i55,1.3v24'f--yf.',,.4'3S,.-1 j -. , . 1:-,-'kg 3- 21 X ' ' - - if ,-143-'fs-,fgf-'lxggvf .fp-gg 5.-5 1 ,1 -,,fV,g3,'5gA ' -- fxlfxag - -V V, gf:-'f'.i:-ff - " .' 9.1, ' 5:1--1 .-x' -"P ' V ,jail-1'-.Y VY" k '- A' '.1Qf'1f' --fi' D-.,,.' 1 - 14 ' - ,52- - "1 ff ' 7-:K '-'LZ - 2 '.'izL. 71" -: -, , 'J-'Peg ' - '- .1-.. 13 V1,f,.-g-1. :J V -1 . 5, . .-5 , ' - 'L 1? ,I V. K :,V.4.:f,,k,-, tl- .' .-, -,-,- ' , 4 1 -V X ll." So 1 ,J . C 711 K N 1 n X , 43 'NN-D gVQ0DERPLlgFiTS f x W 1 1 1 ' . 5 , -.lf f,P.,1, 'I V: , A ' 1 V 1 9' 1 - 1 f 1,. 1 .,,,N,- I 1 ,f X- lf? Tim. , L-' ' ' 1 ,- - .tw -,L - ' .-- .. L V, w J. f- ' 4 Lu , , , -5.3 1 M, ' - 'fy '+ 5 , 2, ., X 1 .W Jiri- V' A - '- r ' fig!! I ' f1,11' ,-' I ' ,I A 755, J L.,-bij -, . f - 7. -','-152-17.3 1 "- Lf. yy- gy ' r ' P , -f I ' W Q,-'fri' '1' - K .WTAE .1 ,- f .L , 11' I -'. -- "4:." lil'-T -L'17'3-7'-."4:"',f'3f 5' 'Jr 4""7' ' -""1-"5-f ' . :. 'lil'-' '-41, f'ifvg,,,V'f'-F126 '-f' iff 1-- TG1,-:,.f?2?rY4L.Q.4-,L-4gQ:42A..-J6-F:'a-s-7-1'CTq?iLb.5.1t ..-fit?-o...M l -. -5-uw ...- 1 Q ku -C I of v I Lo: th foj bri Orr th R5 Tl- Ko Th Ma BP Ne RC co ie? Marge Anderson, Head Cheerleader Long before the season starts these gals are thinking thoughts of football and the things that it brings with it, They are energetic, ambitious, and resourceful .... they are the cheerleaders. BACK ROW1 Betty Link, Peggy Riggs, Tl-llRD ROW: Margene Kinney, Kay Ervin, SECOND ROWZ Carla Thoelke, Jane Shull. FRONT ROW: Marge Anderson. BACK ROW: Bill Jenkins, Deene Neilan, John Baever. FRONT ROW: R. F. Patterson, Glen Dris- coll, Mark Delzell, Rube l-loy. ATHLETIC BOARD OF CONTROL SUSD CHEERLEADERS i gk? best or the ba k C the travel wea t University. i the University of South Dakota, After many ears ot ailing health, Taking his place was an Al Big I , E. "Boots" Stewart. Another new face tooppeor also a graduate at the University of, Missouri and Lincoln, Nebraska, to meet the Cornhuskersg lt i ploy otthe Cornhuskers. With play barely under, the Coyote ego. But themen ot Boots U Coyotes grabbed, ta touchdown ,ot their the Coyotefhooes' were again fbroughtf ryyli and yet another, The tinail- scoreiwas Q to talk about For one thing they werent llgame against tai good and much the boi lgome, Another pledsantfinote Sportswritersx covering the, ,gan3e,,ffiijsf,i,fthe heretofore tuntried, un- the' tirst Viking ltouchdowngaslit "just one the loyal followers, especiol,ly,fbecause the haltysaw the Coyotes comeback to score wtf, . Missed extrafooiintslhadjcost them at ifii tothe? road, this time tg, North Da kata te machine showedtor the first time the power that uchd u Dakota g he Coyotes ow l'lSO ata a by Both boys on J out a i3-6 win, Coyotes tookithe long rterback Jim Reldspicked auth S game mast tor the tirst three eachers nip a a l9 l4 the bal then that beaten 27-7. It was the season was November terback Bob Sieler threw a pass to Coyotes their one a ll threestouchdownsa so an the squad, Wayne the Detroit Lions and n scoring, Ailts was one at a ionally, Other outstanding at the l956seoson. Men like gglslauttee, Mark Johnson, Jack n wereindispensoble, but yet they theCoyotei attacklfteatured, Carl Johnson. and his best afternoon fot'thejseason, Final score , their key game ot thefseason. They T tensive mistake' A win over Morning- nce championship. Early in way. But the Maroon defense T ln the meantime the Maraons - Ve" T tes wanted to winfmore thonany other. First ld be complete without ay victory on the gridiron, enough said, At the day's end there wasn't a coach Boots Stewort's charges had out the its l9-l4, iAlfl atternoan it was Johnson on runacct 6l and 69 yardsrespectively. ington ting the c only touch- when the lowa f the Tutors that t F SUSD LETTERMEN , x.xx . ,xxx ..., ..x.Xx .,,....l .... . .,x.xx , ... .. , ...M liii N L .. -4. .. -1 1 " 1 W' "' """fL, ""F X ,W ,of ww e eww-.uf Q Y ef, ,::,,fZ-my -: Q - - xr: xonxwnun-awww .--.. he in f, awmnavwanmxxxvzfuzfmwlsxg "" Q nm ' , 'Wf i , sf 'ww 1 f ,,,, yr, i ff J i U' W hr. f 'f'! . ff ff , ,, ... , f f f f So, Z ' A' " " " " ' , ,,,,. ,,-- , , L W ,,f,,,, WW , K f K .WWW f ,mc U., .fx .Mio , WV, Q :Nagy :gg 3.31, , Wwwiuwff QMWMQ ' , 14 3... ',,Q,..r,,! 4, f, f 1' M, if in , Ma, ZW 'oi wwaw 7 U--hw frffffl' 2 I fg ,V'g,'g4::,Wf' iatfvzfeiwgn, Lx Qi... . Q ' i 4'!'7C?'f' mielz ,. ' , f ,,,,, f , ' r 'ff ,C , , ,fa ,, I.u,4M. , Q .. WW MM, f ,Q , gpg 33 , f , 1.1 ,MM ,V ,, .1 f fi ,nr , 1, 'fain 'i.21i,5,2Z . ,i ywqn 5427, .fog ...K .,.M7,.,.,,, ,J , Wm ,f 14 . , f, , , , . f x , ff .... , V '- My ,, W , Q WZ' MZ 4-W 04 ,WWW W X4 Awww , vf mf If 4 44 158 Jim Reid Tom Green Gene Reynick Cori Johnson Marty Blockstone Ernie Edwords Dick Burns Roy Tervvilliger Bob Sieler 'WW . . X f . 274' --1 , A, ,.,. M. .. R ,Y 2 FXN N , ., V V if N -N N-MMV W :V . VMKWNNA , V Nm X. Y X X u Xxx r . X X K N, bf 19 Above ing si skirts ing ir North to be 1 ore go itwos, doll lc 'HIST di Left if yeor e ot the GH Cor tion ! noi so Close blond iessior the Di Dloce greets footbq TPIOUQ YOU ss HWS Fig fensen Qernes See fot of the Above, Roy Schomber, the leod- ing scorer in the conference, skirts his ovvn right end. Clos- ing in ore tour Bison from North Dokoto Stote, Roy seems to be yelling, "l-lelo, tellos, they ore gonging up on me." A gong it wos, but the fleet tooted Tyn- doll lod mode his Woy for the tirst down. Lett is Corl Johnson who this yeor ended o lnrilliont Coreer ot the University. Three times oll conterence, honoroble men- tion All Americon Corl will not soon be forgotten. At the close ot the school yeor, the blond soeedster signed o pro- tessionol lootboll controct with the Detroit Lions to toke his oloce next to some ot the greots ond neor greots of the tootboll vvorld. A Though you don't see the gome, you see footboll written into the right hond photo. You see tenseness, concentrotion, eo- gerness, deep thought . . . you see tootboll written in the toces of the men who ploy it. SUSD .......... ,,,,,, SUSD .......... ,,,.,,.,.- SUSD ........... -- ,,,,A,- SUSD .......... .,,,,, 6 SUSD SUSD .......... .....-. 7 SUSD SUSD .......... ..... - ---I3 1956-57 SCORING RECORD NEBRASKA ------- ---. AUGUSTANA ------- ---- NDU ----------------------- ---- MORNINGSIDE ------- ---- SDSC ----------- - ------------------------------- WASHINGTON U lST. LOUlSl ISTC -------------------------------------------- NDSC --------- ---. sUsD LETTERMEN X , , L-I nxnlhmwl xx 5+ lim as ,N - W,f,w..fwwx., k N, f. - . , N N A, ' Q Q Xi-3' . I' S ll M 5 S ,. X. WN' as LN.. x . X s--XM "ff -ff X Y x 'fit K5 Axg.......-...- ' QQQQ-M 'vilf' MN. - Q Q -sux.: NX. - Awww r i, , ix VW..- b , X 'X QNNWM- v-xwigg S J- . lxsxxm xv um Q Q X. Eff' Q. - m 1 N . ' E b -,., 2,53 I. ,,,:, X x M- fe" ,ga i Q: -, Q w XF X 2:95 3 'Xffb .ff 7 'V -Nl '1 A ' - 5 4 ,,',,.. A Y . ,. Y Ep, V' , ,,Yy I nfs, A J ' , f ,Q ' ,T 1 5 .....l ff 3 , 2 Q an V, kW 7 fx , ,... v A j . , "Y X 'iw 5 M A ? , L ' ,Q L! 'W vmlmwwfww 4 , A Wa X -wwfN Y "f --M,.....w-1, K ' Q l WL ' 'U ' , r A I A 'rv f ,ll .' X '04QM'4 .. ' X ' Ai, 1 4 ll -. 4 ur 9' ,H ,fl Q M" J 4 ' ' 7 .,, vi ' A In , 4, "' 1- ' V it N 0 I . 1 Q ., Q gf 'lv 'v ,, vffyz. j, 0? ,Q .4-hr 4.15 ' ' 'alll ' Al' "' "M 1 W"n-51.451 -"rl, " if 1 4: jr' '2'a,,-nz. -5 " ' M' '17 1" 6 , s . " U, . , - . I --"4+a.x.:"f' lf-f4', l -f-.N-iff' 1 ' 47 - ,"' ,, ., 1 V "' ' h J Af -1, P A , 10 :mf 0' "" 'f ' ' 'Alfl' ' I "f sf' W Q 2' . ,4 I Il ,H 7 ,Q 1.2. Q 'b .B " 1, .' 52 va v I -0 ,X fd Q --- .M-ff-vs. 4 Willie Seibel Dove Wolish Mourice l-louglond Roy Sclwomber Duoine Greenlwogen Horry Houffee Mark Johnson -Wg l za 4 ,. f ' Im OD ,,. ,A-was-Mwmg,wmwnunuvffmn,,,, 2 ,,,,,, W I , W wwf-, ,,fff, ., ,f,, . ,,,,0 ,,,, .. 'f f " .6 WA.. ..,.,w,,,,,M..M ,W W... QUE, gy I f N ' ' My Q L O0 ff, f ' high W f.... jufflf V I . ,,,,M,,m,,.mmMmw,. wfwg Qzymp I 'lithium-qu. Vg W ww. , V W, , ,,,. W fy' Q2 ' l I Z yy W WMM, . , , , i , M ,, A if' 160 all Par: ldv Slcrj glri' of ll that feclf hear Hour this: Colo c p 'LVN V113 ' fi 4? is . . , hi 'il c 45? Q Here you see footboll os the ployers see it. The cornero tokes you out of your grond- stond seot ond puts you on the field next to the ployers, Footboll is o gonne of strength, speed, ond oboye oll - precision. Below you see the precision olignnnent of the ployers before the boll is snopped. Above is the tongled moss of hurnonity thot results only o split second loter. Hours of proctice ore spent eoch week per- fecting the precision it tokes to hove o good boll teom. Hours of olmost unbeoroble heot on foll ofternoons ond hours of biting cold os the seoson's end opprooches. Hours spent vvotching movies of lost weelc's gorne. Hours spent tolking-footboll. All this to put o teorn on the field thot we con be proud to soy ore "The South Dokoto Coyotes." l W"'-'NQNM--ffww .M . f ? T l l . X X L N H X 8 N: s t............ so :N s X ts Q. fi . ass : Q 1 3x ' i N- .Stix , X gqggpgmn-Nw-M ,N-M.-Q--W-Q-., nnmumnww-we N Q5-Q' M J: 1 2 9 K- .U f 1 u C C.. tl Xi-i' ,X C l l 'fix'-Q i it ' ... Q . "N 2 T Q.-A 2 T film it , my Deene Neilan 1 . ,,r21s1.1s,gt W' Qi gm M 1 T Q! 1-.I N f tv r L X Ls. m George McKean Jack Neuroth Tony l-loan T 1---M-......,,,mm.. 1. ,,..,,, ?9lFhll04uran-4...-..,., C ft'.w N-s-vqmu-va Uuusv 1 Q Y 1 , K , if ,ryfam yi-x' ,, fi iv, 9 4 ,ww ,i'yM., " Q pi X A., ,,h,,,,,, ,,., , -...- ...-.,,-.s , .-....,,. -mm..........,,,, Wayne Ailts l Duane Leach Floyd Rathburn Jim Busker 1..,,,mmW' Q , M WW., I ww, WW' ,lf ruff. II Mm ww-ai... 4. M ...,,,,WWm wg- -. W 1 . ,Z A M N""""""'vv-vvnw,.,,,,,,,M I , ,,! , M Q "W---if M . M-fm... - 34, Mp ' .fy ,M MMM 4 ffj! f ,WW ,fx ' Zhffz, 1 9 f, z... like 66o ln, C Q l62 4 - X 2 , Thousands of fans jammed lnman Field for South Dakota's biggest football fiesta, the Dakota Day classic between the Coyotes and the State College Jackrobbits. Except for six seniors who graduate this spring all of the lettermen will be back in the Red and White ot the University next season, Although the Coyotes lost two of the best backs in the conference, the out- look for next season is bright. lt will not be an easy task to replace all-conference hallback Carl Johnson and the natiort'S fourteenth ranked punter, Wayne AiltS, bUl coach Boots Stewart will have a fine CVGW of returning lettermen, Even though the trosh squad did not win any of their three games, there will be some outstanding ma- terial available for next year's varsih' squad. The Coyote "Pups" dropped three close ones - Morningside I2-O, AUQU5' tana l5-7, and South Dakota State l2-9- .1 uf I 'Q i l l l FRE l l BACK RC Q FOURTH Murray D Robert Hi Bill Shumq - ,W ew' ,gc-is.-. . V, f ig, ea-sag.. .Z .. ti, ""- : ,-, - kfimfhssg, v-1 . i 5 ,-1 sw f'Wff'?L1K 'j u m i 1 X li I Q I --Sffif-iT i- T . NM -?3tff'.:":1 2 .1-13-,af E. 4, . if V gl-f:g A T lg , h ' Q Qs . A lm :. 'TNA Q- L 2 , g . N i i e t, ,H i b x ' Ll , -N i : X i t were-r is es and the State College -gl Wayne l5tll'tS, lJUl i L.,i--- ...-K 1- i,,,,7 .s.,-l..-l-- W iv LJ !...:- L.-' N 7 gf vx'-4v -el 3' m fkieilwiww-ww WW' E har iq j Inman Field for South testo, the Dakota Day s i.-.ho graduate this rmen will be back in ' the University next Coyotes lost two ol ionterence, the out- 3 bright, lt will not :lace all-conteremt ri and the nation'S El have a time crew L Even thouQll llle 1 ony of their three 'ne outstandirt9 mg' 'ext YGOVIS v0fS'll aside l2'0i Augus- llakota State l2'9- J of E. ,f ifti J 21:12 J pwfs , we 5 J 1- ' . , ir r ai:,i16,f2i,4'xX -jgipglv sw, i x , as , K5 ' I yi 4 F4 x ,x l A Milk.. If , , V. I A , f A 2 V QI' S ,, xv 0 4 M , , y A shew, ,A ,q5g,,-' ' Q, . , ' A I x - FRESHMAN FOOTBALL BACK ROW: Phil Treick, Bob McKee, Gary lverson, Darrell Buckmeier, John Kiehlbauch, Glenn Kanack, Virgil Powell, Bob Otto. FOURTH ROW: John Brands, Elwin Lovell, Ray Dykman, Joe Potter, W-ayne Malcom, Glen l-loudersheldt. THIRD ROW: Don l-lenrich, Murray Dailey, James Moran, Al Brevilc, Bob Thompson, Dale Veenker, George Gourey. SECOND ROW: Ron Eichbauer, John ul-load, Robert l-lagedorn, Ed l-leathcote, James Graf, Elwood Dietrich. FRONT ROW: Gene lverson. Carlos Kemper, Jack Sanford, Larry Simeon, Bill Shumansky, Dennis Pelkofer. f www Sh-ul' X ll seosons in history," is the woy Coyote fons summed up the i956-57 seoson. A greoteri reoson why this yeor's teom should be coiled "the greatest." finest competitionovoilcible, the Coyote bosketbollers compiled o I9 won ond 4 lost Jment. C " T C rn ngside Mo roons 99 to 54. l thrills filled with color ond excitement plus the odded glow of of the most thrilling moments, one might remember how the win their lost two gomes in o row to tie for the conference them os theyhod to ploy two bollgomes in less thon, o week, o meet South Dokoto Stote in o ploy-off gome to see which determination thot olwoys morlcs o chompionship teom, the Coyotes mowed down olreody ossured itself of o shore of the North Centro! crown, The score, ofter ttle wos South Dokoto Uj 6l, South Dokoto Stote 56. Now the stoge show ever seen on the University hordcourt With o shore of the con- desire to get onother crock ot Stote College, the Coyotes were un- ingside turned the Stote of South Dokoto into o bosketboll frenzy os dll eyes turned Dreom Game of the Decode." l-lere were two teoms, eoch with only one conference t being to eoch other on home courts, bottling for the right' to enter first round ploy After the gome wos over critics pointed to the Coyotes ond coiled them bosketboll T ot they were, for they hod downed the lockrobbits 78 to 70 in one of the finest ll ever seen in South Dokoto. fo fever on the compus ond oround the stote grew even more intense os the ploy of the NCAA tourney. More thon one hundred enthusiostic fons journeyed the Coyotes ploy Monmouth College, chompion of the Midwest Conference. hod weory bones ond rospy voices, but eoch wore o smile becouse South Dokoto t to odvonce to the ouorter finols of the notionol tourney in Evonsville, lndiono. r reod like o foiry tole becouse the Coyotes hod finolly reoched the end of with o loss to Wheoton College of Illinois in their first quorter finol gome. The fons ond ployers olike, but it wos not os tough os it might hove been, There wos much thot Wheoton loter went on to win the tourney eosily offer coming from sixteen Coyotes 90-80. Wheoton won its other gomes by morgins of iS' ond 24 points s ff mfr! asa' 5, L LCHCX X 'Af X f ' 47' ff! WW 'irr if Club, they p mie Doniels, floshy high scoring guord of the Coyotes, wos chosen to the NCAA Jimmie wos the only member of the five mon teom to be chosen on the bosis of l-le wos olso second high scorer in the North Centrol Conference. memoroble moments of the T956-57 seoson one could not forget the first gome of the gfirstiogoinst the University of Wisconsin, The Coyotes were not given much of o L0 Wisconsin, but they weren't impressed by what the newspopers hod to soy. They bottled ond noil ond ot the end of the regulotion bollgome, much to the surprise of everyone Con- wos knotted ,ond the gome would hove to go into on overtime. ,South Dokoto come bock Wisconsin T58-56 for the biggest upset of the seosong A 9t o loss i5 ond the frth most digoppoirging gomes of the seoson the Coyotes ployecltheir poorest bollgome ond lost o . n ' O December l0, the Coyotes dropped the second of their three regulor bollgome but fell to the University of Missouri, 7l,to Sis. C CC December, . ,l s ome Cii9DeCQroince for the men iofCooch Duone Clod- the first home opposition ond the Teochers were olso the-Sfirstfof mony oppon- the Coyotes" with o better W0n-i0eesfeeOra thoniiitheygili f 1 h OD W 7 Do ko mochine during their 80 to 59, W iversity 86 to 6l. ofsecond holf leod 60 ond North with less were o twenty point leod ond come from to the co-chompionship of the North Centrol Conference ond loter, no e t wit os gt sei Coyotes Teachers 88 to 59, ty of Seqttle,gWoCshingCej ttrst soikseveirol seo reslf te power. 76 :Si tregkkedsto TuitorsT'55 C C l Exbreissffs os tliie continued merrily on its North Dokoto i s X A iv 'RQ I 1 'he 923-rg 5e0S0ri,i'A 1 ' D Q .lg ond IOS' Plug the Q T' 'enraged Qltvir 199 fOr the or how lhg 5 in legs Conference 'l some than 0 Wet to SEQ A . E.ilY"l'i,1'?OWfddr L Wll fthe Smge We C re OF the con- 0Y0tes were Un- 7- 3, gn' 5 all eyes turned Y one Conte iyter first roundrilsi 'hem basketball ' ' me of tne tinegg mf? intense os the jfSltfc fans journeyed Wiwest Conference, Scouse South Dakota 'T EV0flSville, Indiana, ' reached the end at 'Er final game, The en, There was much Taming from sixteen lf l8' and 24 points rasen to the NCAA :sen cn the basis oi 5 first game of the 31-.en much of 0 asa-.' They battled ige of evenione Dakota came back . bollggme and lost their three r9QUllll fcach Duane Clad: 5 f gf many TODPOH ,TL as me Cowles eoch9fS Seattle, , of Several power 76 trekked YO Tutors 55 Jakow slr .ea me"'lY Quiet spoken, admired, respected .... This is Duane "Cloddy" Clodfelter, head basketball coach Qt the "l-lome of the Coyotes." This bespectacled wizard of the hardcourts has done much to put the University of South Dakota high on the list of basketball powers in the midwest. Cloddy came to the University three years ago, and since that time has brought the Coyotes from a fourth place to second, and this year to the co-championship of the North Central Conference and quarter finalists of the NCAA National Tournament before finally losing to the team who eventually won the cham- pionship. Coaching three sports, including basket- ball, freshman football, and varsity baseball, Clod- felter has never failed to have a vvinning team. Certainly much of Cloddy's success is due to the talent he has for handling his "kids," Always busy, but never too busy for a short chat, Cloddy's future at the University looks very bright. VARSITY BASKETBALL BACK ROW: Athletic Director Rube Hoy, Bob Carpenter, Bill Wheeler Dick Hagerty Assistant Coach Erv Pitts Head Coach Duane Clodfelter. SECOND ROW: Ed l-leathcote, Brad Strong, Marv Chamberlain Al Mahoney Harold Johnson Dean Anderson FRONT ROW Jimmie Daniels, Clayton Kiewel, Jim Truelson, Roger Nelson, Cliff Daniels Maury l-laugland ,YA DAKQTPL SUTH , QQUU-1 5 MKUTA I V u WZ! .. I - fb f ghmwg MWWW MK x-32.8 Y Q2 . ' 8'- .W 4' S 4 Y .3 . ' Q nw :F X ? X X .3 3' uw' . s N . ,f Nutvfs 2 ROQH Nei Son Cloyton Kiewel Jim T,-Uelson -Qoshingionl mid Cnristmgs Cheer te Zogg Gnd pref Scenes such os these were common to Coyote tons who come in record numbers oll seoson long to vvotch their teom pertorm. The spirit shown by the student body hos been nothing short ot morvelous. Besides hoving the University Armory filled for every gome ot the seoson, more thon tour thous- ond people iommed the Armory to see the Coyotes beot Stote College. Neorly o thous- ond leother lunged students trekked to l-luron tor the ploy-ott gome to let the stote ot South Dokoto know they were proud ot the Coyotes. Enthusiosm reoched o higher peok when the Red ond White troveled to Mon- mouth, Illinois, tor the tirst round ot the NCAA tournoment. Over one hundred tons, olong with o six piece pep bond, followed the Coyotes to Monmouth ond put on o heoted exhibition ot school spirit os the Coyotes won 62 to 52. Despite Strollers, test week, ond o bod cose ot molnutrition ot the pocketbook, the Coyotes hod mony tons cheering them on os they ployed their tirst guorter tinol gome ot the NCAA ot Evonsville lndiono. -my .X B A Q 'V b ir- r 1 'T is N K - xv. ,x 1 X X , ' X f i Q, ' i 4' 1 cg 4 lfljll :pug I X, Q-. QV g 4 ny. I .W ,X Q by I X I , gif. 14,6 i Vis' x gf, hug X KX ., Dick Hagerty Harold Johnson Maury l-laugland Sprinkled liberally on these pages are the men who were the backbone of The V956-57 Coyotesg they are The reserves, Not always scoring, hardly ever in the limelight, and sometimes not even getting in The ballgame, These boys deserve a special Tribute. Theirs is not a job ot glamour but of hard work, not press clipping rewards but rather a sense at satisfaction in knowing that They are a very necessary part ot a great Team, For most at These boys Their day is still ahead, but until They arrive They will have accumulated many splinters, taken The good with The bad, victory with defeat, and in general learned one at The tirst rules at competitive sports . . . success never comes easily. l - V - 1..W,l X l3V0Cl STVODQ Bob Carpenter gig mf E . ll s 5 3 ,S Q S ixhwwsgg yhhyj 70215 S. s, 3 4-. 'ii , WXW 1 -1., wwf, lx I MW www If , WN X X ,,,gy,w4-nw mwwdif . X' 'NSWMWM ,f Hu.. M ,ff "",.,,..."'m .. ff fwmxlw ' wr- Q4. .p4 ,:.14..:.. 4- .- . ,- x -,SJ , K g A ?f1'IfFb:"""'l'V'Y"f'?' 1. 1 ,W .,.- V - ., .,,w .-f" was E I L F , i 1 E a a s E i 1 l l s i , 5 i 3 i 3 S 3 3 3 i 1 i i 2 E E i s e 3 z E z l i l f as 'r i 5 l ,l ai i l 3 3 INTO THE WILD BLUE YQNDER With Spring in the oir, every young mon's foncy turns to thougnts of love, but not for long, becouse trock cooch Don Lennon is the first to perish the thought. Lost yeor vvos not o porticulorly outstonding yeor for the University thinclods, moinly due to the foct thot over holf of the trock sguod vvere members of the Coyote vorsity footboll teom. This hurt the sguod considerobly, becouse the footbollers vvere working out in their spring drills under o nevv cooch, ond the usuol policy of possing up spring boll for trocls vvos not odhered to. There were severol outstonding events, hovvever. Probobly the highlight of the seoson wos the duol record smoshing effort of two boys, Jerry Gordiner ond Roy Schomber. Both boys estob- 'lished new school records. Gordiner ron the 440 in 49.7 seconds ond Schomber, the 220 in 2l 9. Une of the most consistent performers of the i956 compoign vvos high jumper Fred Gellermon, Except for one meet, Gellermon vvon or tied for first ploce in every meet he entered. l-lis best effort vvos ci 6'-3" leop in on eorly seoson indoor meet ot the University Armory. Reloy teoms, too, hod their brighter moments, the best of which vvos ot the l-loword Wood Dokoto Reloys in Sioux Polls, The 880 teom of Roy Schomber, Cori Johnson, Duone Leoch, ond Lorry Thompson defeoted Denver University, University of Wyoming, ond South Dokoto Stote College. 1 wif: MAN OF MANY IOBS Familiar to nearly everyone around the campus gf SUSD is the smiling face of Dan Lennon. Dan is head fmgkman. Nat only does he direct the efforts at the Coyote cindermen, but he is also co-ordinator ot SUSD's large intramural program, a job that keeps him busy during the tall and winter months. Sk. A graduate of the University, Dan coached at the South Dakota School at Mines before returning to his alma mater in i947 to become head track and assistant football coach. Since that time Lennon has turned out some top notch track teams plus being originator of the University of South Dakota Invitational Track Meet, which is annually one of the top meets ot the season. 5 LEFT TO RIGHT: Jerry Gardiner, Arlo Grass, Don Terwilliger, Dave Walish, Mark Johnson, Gene Reynick, Jim Hanson, Carl Johnson, Roger Nelson, Larry Thompson, John Stelzmiller, Bud Olson, Fred Gellerman, Bill Matousek, Bob Roesler, Dick Forbes, Ray Schamber, Duane Leach. 173 3 TRHEK CROSS COUNTRY TEAM: Gayne Stone, Roger Wahl, Nyal Brings, Don Heffernan, Marlin Kruse Record Breakers -- Gardiner and Schamber 4 'K R S g . . . Nx:sfs sXi?vsQ ,,XA :rx xxx hx kkixx JV x I am A f K Vi .W : Qi ,gi-Unfs ii...w4 ii ., M x ii , :XE s sm-.,,guF,gF., M ,A 9 -an ff : 3 D A - CX XM Wx S ,ff"'.k X.. 5 wpffax RN Q ff,-I, ,, K wwf, ff in . I W K HJ is J : 'Y f ' . iuf .. Xi '-fe SW ' ' QUILXQQJD .Til W' .43 .2 . snr if , i 1 : GU, fi x sa .: : XX if X ,xLL,xf- ,KK MW, ,ww Nxkk I I K t i i , VV LW? ,' . -1 Z V' VV Q J : f , W 1 . f , .N.Q M J If : "" , J f M : , J ,J W wfgilfi ' " 'ff dui! ' ff M 5 ,X S: A Lxsx. l K J . if If 5 2, M J 1 If-C JJ 0 J' I If ,,'N", J X. K K .C 3 , X XXX K if T - XX! K . I 7' 5 fx v : o 1 Q ' ,' f W5 Ulf' QSBUYJJJ savour JSUUTH J' Wifi :nexium ' D .x'. is X ...' Q J :- '. Ta! V J Qfiizr. , Q if ,gf 4 -.- K X X , ,i 1 fA-. ' ' ' , M A J J 4AQ ss : I 1 - -JM. , A: ,f, lm "'1V,.,, C Q V ' gl M F' QQ" , ., L: W f 5-3 'Q I 'Ne' . S BACK ROW: Judge Glonzer, Bill Jenkins, Don Evons, Deene Neilon, Ai Tnelen, Spence Brende. SECOND ROW: Dorrold Sto bner Bud Litscbewski, Bob Anton, Bloine Tborson, Pot Porter, Skip Pfister. FRONT ROW: Doug Selberg, Jock Stewort, AI Desmond Dwone J Jensen, Duoine Greenlwogen, Chico Gonzoies, Don Selberg: SUSD NETMEN Left 'co right: Bob Beirzei, Jerry LeDoc, Bob Whitmore. ' V16 C i i 1 J spa. 3 :. ? , . gm, WT 'lk K v M. YEA X ww ,CC ? 0 5' M X Joi fn T15 Q V - T ..ssX.wev--N 95' S : r -I .5 i'f11'f':1f!.'f:lj5-frilg ' 1 ' ' ' 1- M- ,, -Aun.L2..' ,..- . 1 ' ' j ' P 7 ' "A" +sf2.2'fl4f4-2-EM:fSf:f:?e": -- 17:17-- x'q5?7i:f-,,..A , - V, X .'cw.w.,wm,rLN ' "Wig--,, J , V -vvehkk . ' ' w"'f?-Kalglrv x lb: V :,.d- f B-'af . Q if vm, -wr..-, I'-Y X , N 3 . .'.:X 'sax I 1212K N' X 9 x :V ' 0. . fx , 1 xi 7 1 NV 7 wk 06-QQ? f Ny .- .wx K wk. ,fa 'V fa' - ff Za ix 'fi' lf K . , 13 A i gfyfqypw.- 49. -gzi- ,. V. , 2 ffhwefwwwrf V ' - 1-we MW' 1 ffm, ' ' mag , f ,f ,f f .ff f ,f ff f fy X115 X as all . .5 Q A X -i News A 'fr 0 T Q A l ff COMPANY COMMANDERS: Robert Tschetter, Mlliam Matousek, James Russell, David Eiesland. f Vx 1 , M W5 K- M- V23 -'Z' ' FIRST BATTALION STAFF: REGIMENTAL STAFF' Robert Torkelson, lfem Odeen Robert Martin, Darrell Din- ger I78 Q Q., F ,WN , n ,. W. V I 'Ur I ' in SECOND BATTALION STAFF: Jack Neuroth, James Kennedy .. 'gi L 'll 'hu ' 7 FQZQ f LT J '--,' , f: "-., , ' - - -- A I . .- 1 ,.-732'-V aff. J? F "fC"f"?r?'t':'l+-v- .V-.rg '- :.--.-f 5- .,7,1f-A--:vr3::,-- ..3igx,E:1 an T: 15:5 :7g5,glf'fff? L:::::w,:,-1, ,, ,J :Tig--fgtgcgyfrgqinrgfgnufgepiifjvpg. I- i f .5 r of 0 W fr-J L....,. Major Dean R. Jeffs lx 1 W Lt. Col. Stewart presents his command to Lt. Col. E. G. Childers who this year became the new PMSGT of the military department at SUSD. MILITARY BALL COMMITTEE: Left to right - William Musolf William Matousek, David Valandry, Carl White, Don Duffy Robert M - G-Ib J. R Martin, Tom Green, Bill Gamet, Robert Torkelson, Jim Reid Kem a or I ert omero I Odeen, Fred Gellerman. EX f a,, Lin' fi L, f fr V' 3 -1. fm . I A R WW? , ,f ' we Q I .11 X Q ,. 1 LLM Q, -, r x ,' fy- M j,q,a'g C 1 ' H 'si 'tw 41 ,gf . in I is x ' , , , 2 is I 2 X ,V t A f K' , 7 X Captain John L. Armstrong Ist Lt. Harold B. Riggs 4 It T A i ts. sw l' '-...nh S- i We I ZW .W , Summer camp! That nebulous phrase that some curse and, others praise. What is it really like? We soon found out, for, as the units began to arrive at Custers old stamping grounds at Fort Riley, the buildings lost their deserted look. Before very long the area was crowded - sixteen hundred be- wildered and khaki coated individuals. Almost before we knew it the program had begun and from then on we were BUSY! We began to wish that we had paid a little closer attention to those class lectures as some of our "book learning" was put to practical test. Night compass problems mme up' some of us were completely lost. A tank demonstration - we knew what war could really be ike. Our field trip with a pup tent for a dormitory - cleaning, cleaning, cleaning . . . But before we realized it, machine guns and artillery fire were silent and the final review was through. lt wqg all over and we were glad . . . and we had grown up Our khaki coated Dean of Men! --ff 2' gr X ! The main pur- pose ofthe ROTC Department at the University is to school the male portion of the student body in the basic fund- amentals of mili- tary training and to present to the most qualified in- dividuals the es- sentials of the routine and tac- tics of the Army. Through this four year program a student has the opportunity to become a com- missioned officer in the Regular Army. This is just a part of the over-all program to maintain na- tional prepared- ness by having t r a i n e d a n d qualified leaders in charge of the nation's service groups. I' 3 l I 4 'T Ulf These military cadets are re- ceiving final in- structions on the caliber machine gun before firing. This machine gun range at Fort Riley, Kan- sas, was a fa- miliar sight to many SUSD trainees during the six week training course. The long lines were also fa- miliar, and the waiting . . . waiting . waiting . , ' l8l i 2 l l s li i, l l l 1 l ga is F i is I2 il 1 E if 'l l E E i if If ii - he 4 . f i 1' il fx i li 1 ll Though not influenced by the yearly fluctuations of the Paris fashion houses, the Army nevertheless makes occasional changes in its uniforms. The latest of such innovations is the introduction of new green officers' uniforms to replace the original khaki uniform. Keep- ing at the spearhead of progress, SUSD is one of the few schools in the nation that have had such an early and complete changeover. - ,,, :F 2. VV " 8 i vu. , g. ' L 4 W XQY ri. 1"-3, Tm. 3 tzwffbgfiif - 'T'-fm.,-" rr' ' 'if' " " ' - ' --..4u.3.w1w, K V' ju, . Q , . ' 'f ' lY fluctuations of evertheless makes The latest of such ew green officers' ki uniform. Keep- JSD is one of the rad such an early b rj- '4fz'f4'-2 4 I' .. f - Taking to heart the old "all work and no play" adage, the military department also sponsors enter- tainment and recreational activ- ities for the benefit of the ROTC students. Their rifle team, while also being practical, offers the more skilled gunmen of the de- partment a chance to participate in competitive shooting while the newly formed amateur radio sta- tion presents practice and train- ing for technical enthusiasts. Even the social calendar feels the power of the Army, for the annual Mili- tary Ball is one of the biggest social events of the spring semes- ter. A well rounded program to produce well rounded officers will sum up SUSD's fine military train- ing. Ur' "This is radio station KWDQ calling . . . the world." Another original at SUSD - South Dakota's first radio station at a ROTC detachment was set up this spring in the University armory. Under the direction of Captain Armstrong, this new station is multipurposed, for besides giving the student much practical radio and electronics experience, it also serves as a vital link in South Dakota's defense network. I83 N i 5 l Ji iv Q1 tx, 'UQ Tom Green Keith Ufford Bill Jenkins Dick Hagerty Bill Matousek Mark Johnson Dave Valandry Jim Reid Dave Eiesland AVGVY Lona Bob Roesler SCABBARD AND BLADE Scabbard and Blade is an honorary organization composed at outstanding students in the advanced Reserve Officers Train- ing Corps. Its usual 'duties consist ot coordinating activities in the military department and sponsoring the Military Ball. This year, Scabbard and Blade undertook an extra project . . . renovating a historic cannon which was used in the Indian wars in Dakota Territory and was given to the University in i92l. The military organization repaired it and placed it on campus this spring. I I I :ffl N l I l 10 x C ' J 0 X 1 , 1, fff A . I ' s Bill Musolf Dee Dryden Bob Tschetter , g GL Navy are T meml bard ciatia oftici the Li each good actin lunct sg BLADE V ll 9OmP0SGCl of , CQVS l-Kiln- PQ Octivities in Military BGH, W0 DVOiect , H f ia the nclian ae University in ad placed it on .5 Tschetter ,ss 'qbjg Alan Lange Robert Torkelson James Kennedy GUIDON Navy blue Eisenhower jackets liberally trimmed with red braid are the familiar Monday attire of the junior women who are members of Guidon, Guidon is the national auxiliary of Scab- bard and Blade. Its purpose: officially to promote an appre- ciation of the military and of democratic principles' un- officially to add the woman s touch to RCTC affairs such as the planning of the Military Ball. New Guidons are chosen each spring from the girls in the sophomore class who possess good scholarship and leadership ability, Their duties include acting as hostesses and ushers and appearing at many military functions throughout the year. Anne Fuller Annette Salmon Julie Platt Wh. , W Kem Odeen Douglas Lind Robert Martin President X .0 Linda Foght Karen Thoreson MarQG AVUGVSOVW l-Ols ROSSOW M-'N-W 'WN Janice Lloyd, President Mary Ruth Lang Marge Rogers l Z , l i l f .3 musty, "1-e-ap Pat Mickelson t-ww! WWM, ,wk -, , . ,,. - .A 3 lik' . , ., xv .Gm 8 ,Y ,I . I X .1 . ., . . 'NZ' 'V ,, , f-'L , , . dyllr' . 1 .A x . arf, f .1-' i i i '. N' f B N V? fx L nf! " ., -,414 .-Q.,-nw g ,iw --,1- ' 'ra - , A , , - -X iff' .1 4-:N 'NL ,,, V, 2 A V ' ' ' 'v'fflL,, ,- '- 'x If " - J Q -Q , ' f '," yvf,fQ', wil" - " fx '- T' M 5-fl" .- ' , nfl if 'fi id, 1 ' 1. 2' N 5 131319 f'yfffQuf,,'1,Qtg,p'5fIQ,1, ' H335 Q3 X' ' Q. 'g 'Nfms xg F 5, .I .J A"'l""'k:i':i-1-iff.-'.'f+1eL1s:f1-'.i-1, - -V ww, V A 1 - , 211.5 -,:ExfsY9Q'j:I-f1Q1y,':.2 1-,fga-5123.1i1,jgg:ggfg't.r ,J5f1Ya'-., 1 . 24. . - -,- ., ., . . -vm... V. ws- -- -A-v-Vvff -.-4 22:2-f. Q. - -V., -..- Z.. x-.,, .- ... f' ff..-e--jQ'w 'ga f-'Q r' .:"-.1111 Q--'wjifl -'-"f.":'Q'1"Q .- . Q: ' " J i '- . -, ' 31g.:..'s13'1,.-N-,,.:.,f':Xf5-f.-x-:Q-1, ,- - - -- 4 - - - w - '- A V - '-Z-3.1, -.-e.5-11:-J-'--'-.-:-.:-u--' ' '-'-Q' -,L rf: - '-'-.'- :L-.-J . ,:--1' g -. 1 - - L ' ,,, . .,. ,,v, , ,. X-. .,,., , ,, ., .- ,-...Qf Q-- A,. F , ,. -Y -- - . V ,. '-.1-111' -. 'y,z,x- ' ,fr-102 r:...g,-+'.v-:15 .-: V, gt W I -' X.. ..--.K----1-. .,.-.s-3, -f,-.55 '?.'..., --Q 1-.-Q . ,.,':v' 3--....., ..-, - ., A - A ----, 221: 'A -'Veg A' "1 . ', I :., ,- -a- --an ' , xx 7? X xii 61 Ji fx 1. .577 X 4 1, xg I B Nb b . iff M AS N V if-A ,- .-'.l j jf, 1 K- .,-'f. 4 9.17 -:ji ' A :J 1 ,:k.,i,L:?,:g:', . gl. V., ,. . ..-4. -, .. ,-.1 , ,. 5-1 1 -, 1A.L,1'.QZ"':, ,, ,, ,,-A ., V. i 5-1 Ty- '45,-54' - -" .IR .4 9 , . -Q. ,, .vtr,. ,-1. N, 11: ,kin W iw J.. -f-2 a.. " " 1 -., f rf' uf: 'J'-I.. ..5. . V . . , if V, ' JH, , . ,. .7 7 ., vH"'56 A J,-,. 4. 'f Y 4 1 MM, '., an Q . A u,-, ,4- : 1.4 .Jw-. ' ,1-. 3, if -'J 'Fwy '- jf- .'-if . . 1, . :. 1,-,,,. ,K V. W' ',,r. H' ' J, ,v -'Gi'-2 .fi3,?gf- ' L I m, .rf 'f A' , 'f , - , '?"'."'xn.. ' - I 1,128 ffzff- 'V . vi-Q A ii r.LQ,,,-"ff.- T . .VV . fw ,,,p. ., -, ., .1 1.14. ,,,f.A. 7, fi f .V ! 1, I, X. f1.'4v ', ,,, ,, :LAK 1.-v- P'-'-n. HfW' Q5Vmm' 555-EWHUFHW' ff "5'f'5""4w""""' 5' 7 1 ' Mk " J 5 ' ' 1 f, -A A A. . -A 'J' AVAI v Q A sz! D' . 4 E " i , if 5' M - F ,ae-"1 A, v H, ' I -Xl in I QQ 1, Q? 5 u Q I ,I ,.4-- is T A f xl w CATHERINE HANSEN Christian Forces Editor JAN ET N ELSON LOIS ROSSOW Committees Co-Editors THE EDITORS Glamour Editors E A w -N f 1 i S i I I iq . 93 .a 5 V M I 1 I l 4 F 4 Qi - I f 1 9 4 E 5 i 1 N I '11 43 W W R0 BACK 3 Sham S' BACK ai Frcncs, S Mma,F Duffy, if Rush, R: Brenna. Abeda F SING Q" C x, .N Kenneth , O b I 1 N l l Qi: miebalskellf Wil' Bowan. FRONT rf Father Wolf E13 'ts 'E' N Y as ti , xr R, I ROGER WILLIAMS CL B BACK ROW: Jim Wartenhorst, Robert Schneider, Richard Meleen, Gene Jarman, Allen Delzell. FRONT ROW: Mrs, Eugene Todd, Sharon Smebakken, Rev. Eugene Todd, Donna Forbes, Janice Meleen. BACK ROW: Jim Mateicka, Cliff l-lillen, John Sonnenfield, Vonni Miller, Gene Jones, Sonny Krogman, Jim McLaughlin, Pat Francis, Jim Francis, Suzanne O'Connor, Nancy Tobin, LaVerne Olesen, George Bauer, Bob Mundt. FlFTl-l ROW: Calvin Taylor, Pat Gorman, Elaine Bruyer, Pat Walz, Chloe Anderson, Mary Gilbertson, Marge Werling, Mary Lietzke, Jim Donahoe, Bob Leiferman, Jim Kucera, Don Duffy, Jerry LeDuc, Willard Powell. FOURTH ROW: Ellen Fransco, Jo Bruyer, Darlene Assman, Colleen Benjamin, Jane Fansler, Mary Rueb, Rosemarie Volmer, Janice Bahr, Mary l-lenrich, Judy O'Rourl4e, Jane Dahl, Shirley Jenniges, Ruth Bartlett, John Kunkel, Bill Brennan. Tl-llRD ROW: Don l-leffernan, Father Wolf, JoAnn Anderson, Mickey O'Connor, Anthony Buckmeier, Marilyn Bertrand, Andy Aberle, Father Grab-owski, Tom Farrell, Joe Brennan. S'ECOND ROW1 Mary Flynn, Barbara Flynn, Monica Zimmer, Leonard Potter, Steve Graf, Vincent Flynn, Jack Goetzinger, David Darr, Dennis Gartner, Milo Messner, Larry Rossman. FRONT ROW: Dale Walsh, Kenneth Aberle, Ann Glossinger, Pat DeLay, John Enright, Jim Langenfeld. EWMAN CL B - Nxg-,Ji l L JH P PILGRI WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP BACK ROW: Carl Smith, Ron Jensen, Gary Marx, Carl White, Dick Frieberg, Charles Allen, Jim Von Seggern, Bob Frieberg, Terry Jenkins, David Eyres, Douglas Austin. SECOND ROW: Betty Birkeland, Carolyn Allen, Karen Olsen, Margaret Miller, Maylou Renne, Marilyn Frandsen, Evonne l-lansen, Karen Schempp, Janice Lloyd, Catherine l-lansen, Kay Noack, Cynthia Chaney, Merrie Mitchell, Shirley Burke, Mary Ruth Lang, Charlotte Olson, Nancy Gibson. FRONT ROW: Roberta Olsen, Janice Simpson, Jane Shull, Carol Lehman, Richard Gowan, Rey, Glenn Van Vactor, Mrs, Glenn Van Vactor, Carol Benton, Patricia Johnson, Sylvia Johansen, Patricia Gates. BACK ROW: Ken Aasen, Ira Grinnell, Freeman Walz, Gary Noteboom, John Siswick, Mark Wilson, Jack Curnow, Father Crawford. FRONT ROW: Leah Authier, Sara Danforth, Janet Gates, Marylu Querna, Kaaren Axness, Sally Smith, Ardis Tuttle. TERB RY CL B ,Wy 1. K-4 6' I BACK Mrs. C ROW1 BACK Chris i beta, E Catcn, Norma Ll if s 1" 5 5,1 rf ' ff: li h ,I tl A pl' H T' uf. , I - . Q 5 S J K v Frieberg, Terry , Maylou Renne, l Mitchell, Shirley , Carol Lehman, a Gates. father Crawford. T- AIVI A DELTA BACK ROW: Joanne Riemann, Alvera Raabe, Luana Gerken, Bill Musolt, Rev, Carl Stapt, Johnette Crow, Dan Mehner, Charles Nickel, Mrs. Carl Stabt. SECOND ROW: Ronald Eichbauer, Alan Lange, Dennis Shaltanis, Larry Albrecht, Tom Anderst, l-lerman l-lusan. FRONT ROW: Karen Anderson, Beverly Letellier, Cynthia Selchert, Nancy Mahlock, Anna Lueck, Mildred Juhnke, Audrey Todd. BACK ROW1 Duane Johnson, John Anderson, Bill Rossina, Robert Gehler, Oeorae Jensen, Les Arneson, Jirn l-lerrold, Pastor David Preus, Chris Moller, Pete Lundbera, David Eiesland, Bob Torkelson. SECOND ROWi Shirley Nelin, Theo Rayburn, Annette Salmon, Sally Brom- bera, Eileen Nelson, Brigita Pavlovics, Dick Luerssen, Chuck Collins, Earl Weidner, Ronald Ostby, Mark Hansen, Mariorie Burke, Louise Caton, Darlene Sernmler, Janet Kreutzteldt, Barbara Westre. FRONT ROW: JoAnne l-lagg, Phyllis l-laller, Loretta Dean, Arlene Petty, Norma Glazier, Beverly Stearns, Ettie Larson, Jo Ann Luck, Carol Ayers, Lynne Danielson, Gvvendolyne l-lagg, Marion l-leuoel. L THERAN STUDENTS ASSOCI TIO W Q 6 ef K PP PHI BACK ROW: Tom Green, James Palmer, Ross Oates, Gayne Stone, Paul Van Buren, Harlan Bos, Jay Ballhagen, Galen Olsberg, Merlyn Banek, Warren Johnson, Charles Hagen, Lloyd Ballhagen, Robert Parsons, John Hoggatt, Allen Jonas, FOURTH ROW: Bill Ekman, Arnold Hale, Allan Nelson, Duane Dulin, Gary Reibsamen, Lyle Kleinian, Galen Gillette, Kent Scribner, Arlan Barber, Delbert Eilders, Harold Knecht, Ed Heathcote, Vance Eeyereisen, Ainsworth Hagen, Dennis.Bormann, Gary Dickinson, Henry Eakins. THIRD ROW: Robert Kroupa, Laurin Kirley, Janice Winium, Janet Gillette, Karoline Soloman, Janet Cowles, Olive Lee, Pat Mickelson, Karen Thoreson, Elizabeth Moorhead, Donna Moeller, Verlee Peterson, Jean Engel, Mary Tomas, Phyllis Peterson, Carole Hammond. SECOND ROW: Norma Ball- hagen, Sally Boydston, Mary Alice Hampshire, Mary Ekman, Elizabeth Cutler, Ruben Maulis, Mrs, McCullagh, Ken Torbert, Danny John- son, Barbara Jones, Mary Thies, Jean Redfield, Sharon Hinsey. FRONT ROW: Rev. McCullagh, Yung Soo Shim, Ann Hasse, Coleen Ratlift, Ellen Hasse, 'Joan Jarvis, Patricia Denlinger, Amaryllis Heinz, Lorraine Schwalm, Jody McKenzie, Karen Brown, Clarice Christen- sen, Rev. Forred. ' WESLEY CL B .isifi Q, CK SPEVQ, Merlyn Elcman, Arnold ilders, Harold lobert Kroupa, On, Elizabeth Norma Ball- Danny John- -lasse, Coleen rice Christen- BACK ROW: Janice Winjum, Karoline Solomon, Verlee Peterson, Phyllis Peterson, Olive Lee, Janet Cowles, Mnry Tomas. SECOND ROW: Laurin Kirley, Donna Moeller, Janet Gillette, Carole l-lornrnond, Mrs. Mc- Cullagh, Norma Ballhagen, Karen Brown. FIRST ROW: Elizabeth Cutler, Patricia Denlinger, Mary Thies, Jody McKenzie, Lorraine Schwalm, Coleen Ratlift. SIGMA THETA EPSILO BACK ROW: Vance Feyereisen, Robert Parsons, I-larlan Bos, Lloyd Ballhagen, John l-loggatt, Galen Olsberg. SECOND ROW: Jay Ballhagen, Merlyn Banek, Arnold Hale, Ainsworth l-lagen, Gary Dickinson, Rev. lvlcCullagh. FIRST ROW: Rev. Forred, Allan Nelson, Robert Kroupa, Lyle Klein- ian, Ken Torbert, Ruben Maulis. Alone . . . . ? , is : kvsiatmwkwir-ieine955515-v.mwmArzm5,z5aAE1h2a-ieieafhe.eamLuE.sauapaa.m-aff.-mama-spawn. Q-ez! wnnviiu Lf.--an w'1dnsm:: -.-4...i5..i, . e 'I At the University we-work ond ploy . . . Systemotize ond froternize. From behind the closed doors of committee confobs' emerge time Ieoders of tomorrow - SUSD's contribution to o finer world. ' o R La. Q' ' . . t - ' '- ' l m Y mi.. . .... ., -...-1i................ .. N Pete ltloffmon, Photographer HE , Jn" V' Q 2. y' ooYoTE And time moves swiftly on - Even os this bublicdtion is dis- tributed to the woiting eompus, the yeor is olmost over ond soon it vvill be nothing but cherished highlights . . . o number ond o fevv stork fdces in d history book, As the stoff of the Coyote of l957, vve fondly hope thot in some vvoy we hove cop- tured for you some of these memories of the yeor gone by L IS dIS- er and wurnber Qf The ff News Editors Lloyd Bollnogen Fnrst Semesterg Anne Fuller- W, ELAX 1- .a John Ewing, Editor-First Semester . W' M-.-Y ,, R 4- Q Q X46 Mondoy night circulotion stoff I if E Ann Hosse, Business Monoger Roger Mickelson, Sports Editor First Semester Chuck Ruhr, Sports Editor-Second Semester l"t I i f , '5QfZf' ZW 7 .san i Q 5 . Si? 1 i i Q i I K 4 Q i i i '3 ,Ut ,fi g, li i ii i I i I i t i I i , i 1 f ii i 9 ii ii KJ 3 W-i Wifi LJ S i 1 1 w 1 i J a 4 1 3 1 I 1 I , 1 if 'F 1 f . X w 1 i ! L I L4 r J 2 F 2 i E v if 'x X "fx XA ' X - A 0.42 'V' i' fx XX ' Q, , V A 1 X X lx V N Q, , :ef XX ,, X N K, . X X my W' ' L X X X X. vsp X? X x X L , NWXXX Q X , I 1 ,X X . , X X0 X X X , Q1 , W X . X x X , XX N X H .Q " A V 7 XXX W wo, XWAXV ,X , X. X Q 9 ,. " X QV T we, , NW X,XX 1 D' WX W K X 4 -X XX .'-XX 1 A I , A , My XXXX 1 .X -M 'x X M 'A' ' VM , U x .' , X 4 X Q fl IX 1 ' XX X N r If .. X A X X MW' , ' M X X . I W X AEA X QS xxjufdt X , M A msbiiw X A N MX! N i x t X E t iw X WX , xxx ,f ' X N, R .W , X X ,, X0 X N, K , X 'Q L, ,K f ,M X 7 XX N N X X' X X ' V W VX .N K X X X X X, t Y , .X .x xml? L 3 Q?X,,,g'ffX4 ,, ,L 5 , x X' X X X X xf X XXXQ , Q f f ,, f, X X XXX A L r-QW., ,XX X X 1 f KQMXWR .5 Xi, Xt gg 4, , , X..k W YQ f X A Q X WX " x X " 'X ,, . I XANXW W X, X ,MX X. 4 ogg' XXX ax' X " X. ,LS 'T X . X ' Xw agua Q Z MX x I X - 'X' , WX! Q.X..'Q X AZ. . NX' 5' TQ. "1 X ,ggvyw v Xwfwvavfgwoyl XM, M f ' I - . ,S X L- XX X V 4 iff' Www? X 1 X X .X X SX 1- X Lug- X A XX v. 'ns X Xof Nmvm., ' X l,SWl'3 N A X ' u.z'w -X 'f X X XX Q. .X X X N , - XX, Xo X X X XXXXSZ ' X fr, .A V .XXX ' 4 'mf ' -X X' X XX V+' 'X X X 'X - " ' 'Xl yn , X X F X K f A A 5 X' ,,Xj X " wif" " f,, av., X , -X:-X X- K N X X 3 X 5 wi NS-Mm XXXX XX x Nw Hx X. - 4' '57 X-rf K , X X . ' I XXX f, X 1 XX XM ki Q X X .... P-M. . . X - -X. 1 S ' c, , X Mx bv XX M" ,Y XX-MQ' . .A W ,- .. X ' MX A X 'V X Q W.XXX.,,fX X X X' Y iw? Q is .X X . .1 X X . X , z Q 0 VA 70 gg Sir isggjxx 'Q-gif-m.W,,n: 1, ,IL - Q1-ei'S:fgi.X 4 X 1 ,ww ' ,Q H" 'X ' ,Vx Xi, N - I . . X : X J 'EX' Nw 'X , , -X 'T , , X ,X ' , , s1v2,43w'W?, ' X , X77Z22?WNfX-ww ! x V, Hof-in F, kits '.,,:jl.4-N ,L ff. yu ' . ' riff' ' , X X X Xf X, N :TX g , X.. GX .'f:7"""X3fQRX'i? 3-l"..L X z 'X ' "tw iv If x ,,,g3,,'X-.Wai X, X X, .X . ,Xi lx-X-gXXufgSQQ: -1, ' mph, X ,QQ X U' 'f7"".,+-www' XXQXXX XI "N , .'-. X,f.1" X X' X 4' is - Lf uf 1 MX X5 N by , ,XXXXX X , .X Mi: ,'-- , x if ,, ,, X o X XX. X A Q X X K . X- . -vX.,-fl . f X 1 X X 1 u WX v X XX-X MX vw., 4? rg.. . 4-, 'SIX f.Xg:v , '4 1 mm if .i 1' l .X Xl N, X My K, rf ,XX of X HN ' -XX X NWA , N ff XX we x XX w,,,f aw ,Q Q Q Q1 Xa ff' f 4, X Q5 fx How obout This pin-up on your BLAST cover? Meet Sioux Ci'fy's trim ond vivocious Johnette Crow. f S. m, ' '..' QQAQ ' K wg' s,- 5:-H' W XQX 'X '..v ,..'x- vs v' ' ' we XXg+f-Xvhy -- . 4 X XX ,Q 'X ,j:,X',mL1-f I J, , .xxx .. k x -.. F f Y 2 X e ,Xp lb , .sp X ig wx, '45 irff' is fa f -:S K 2, my in l s I l 1 L N i X P , w ,X W W 1 w 1 W4 fl The Student Senote is the governing body ot the politics ot the University. lts mem- bership is set up on on eciuol opportion- ment bosis between the Greek ond non- ottilioted students on the compus. The independent senotors ore chosen trom the zones which they represent, while eoch troternity ond sorority send one opiece. The heod ot the senote is the student body president who is elected by the en- tire school to preside ot oll meetings ot the Senote, This yeor's prexy is Kem Odeen with Bob Tschetter os yeep ond Grocie Vondel os secretory. The moin purpose ot the Senote is to oct os the legislotive bronch tor oll ot the student body in oll things thot hoye on ettect on students. Along this line they work tor better town-compus relotions. STUDENT SENATE Groce Vondel, Secretory, Kem Odeen, President, Bob Tschetter, Vice-president. BACK ROW: John Modigon, Robert Tschetter, Dennis Bormonn, Jerome Mortin, lro Grinnell, Chuck Light, Som Collins, Lorin Johnson, Ruben Littou, John Ewing. SECOND ROW1 Bill Slottery, l-lomer Kondoros, Cliff Doniels, Lloyd Bollhogen, Dick Bigelow, John Groft, Kem Odeen, Dick Flonery, Newt Wolter, Jim Dickson. FIRST ROW: Jeon Redfield, JoAnn Jordohl, Betty Mcliorlond, Jonet Gillette, Groce Vondel, Morgoret Werling, Koren Thoreson, Corole Hommond, Noncy Tobin, Ardis Tuttle. ' ... Al.. ll L u J Al l 202 , , cc Ste E I' F i SOi ,Nel ty Mcliorlond, pugl-IQATIONS BOARD .... BACK ROW: Bill Slottery, Mr. Trotzig, Dr, Ehrensperger, Deon J, I-I, I I Julian, Mr, Moxwell. FRONT ROW: Lindo Foght, Bob Torkelson, Bob Krouoo, John Ewing, Koren Olsen, I Julie Plott. I ... f I Lw I MQW X ARTIST SERIES COMMITTEE ..,. Corl White, Pot Prostrollo, Bob Stephenson, Lynette Woltner. Collins, Lorin Oick Bigelow I I CONVOCATION COMMITTEE BACK ROW: Kem Odeen, Dick Jocoby. FRONT ROW: Sonjo I I Stewort, Mr. Choffee, Don Andrews, Miss Vooler, Jon Lloyd. YZ? Q 4 iiiif i I , . I I do I SOCIAL COMMITTEE .... BACK ROW: oofoiiiy simon, viroie W'II'Om5O"" ICPIOVOCIG Om Vellefigo. FRoNT ROW: Roger Mickelson, owe Eiesiomd, Keiiii uffofd, Gary Ric of S, I 203 if ' lv i : ' l lv 1 - Q i YOUNG REPUBLICANS BACK ROW: Calvin Taylor, Henry Eakins, Des Kittelson, Tom Rich, Kent Scribner, Paul VariBuren, Dick Frieberg, Carl White, Ed Bubak, Herman Walker, Jim Cooley, Ran Bieber, Ron Jensen, Richard Nelson, THIRD ROW: Mary Ekman, Mary Ruth Lang, Mary Sparks, Cynthia Chaney, Kaaren Axness, Janice Winjum, Nancy Tobin, Kay Noack, Pat Mickelson Carolyn Krumm, Joanne Riemann, Jeanne Thorne, Audrey Roland, Laurin Kirley, Joan Jarvis, Loretta Dean. SECOND ROW: Carol Benton, Nancy Hoy, Jean Redfield, Mickey Fennel, LaVonne Miller, Janet Gates, Connie Hommitt, Pat Henkins, Elizabeth Crandall, Mary Fluharty, Kay Mortrude, Lois Rossow. FRONT ROW1 Nila Stadheim, Beverly Stearns, Pat Pros- trollo, Janice Bohr, Priscilla Duly, Sara Danforth, Sharon Hinsey, Charlotte Olson, Gail Smith, Pat Gates, Karen Freiberg 1 BACK ROW: Jane Shull, Marge Anderson, Rat Gorman, Merrie Mitchell, Glenn Fingerson, Pat Regan, Roger Peterson, George Cunningham, Bob Krogstad, Travis Lewin, Sally Bromberg, Marylu Querna, Amaryllis Heinz, FRONT ROW: Norma Glazier, Joan Vellenga, Connie DeSmedt, Jane Dahl, Fran Manke, lslea Riggs, Cheryl Pashby, Leah Authier. YOUNG DEMOCRATS SLICANS Dick Frieberg, Curl Mory Ekmon, lvlory Ik, Poi Mickelson, sn. SECOND ROW1 milf, Pot l-lenkins, ' Sreorns, Pot Pros- es, Koren Freiberg. r, Roger Peterson, FRONT ROW: Authier. POLITICAL SCIENCE LEAGUE BACK ROW: Dick Frieberg, Jim Cooley, Jerry Schliecher, D. O. Dillovou, Richord Berke, Arthur Olson, Roy Dickey, Colvin Toylor, Horner Kondorcis, Lyle Kleinjon, Myrl Clork. FRONT ROW: Bob Frieberg, Virgil Nelson, Robert Tscherter, Mr, Von Vorys, .loner Gates, Ted Thompson, Fronk Lewis, Mr. Geory. BACK ROW1 Dick Frieherg, Roy Dickey, Alfred Bondzo, Richord Berke, Colvin Toylor, Lyle Kleinjon, Ted Thompson. FRONT ROW: D. O. Dillovou, Jonet Gotes, Virgil Nelson, Mr, Von Vorys, Jerry Schliecher. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB 1 ,.,. ., i, l Airv ...L A+ ff? The Independent Students Associotion is the unitying force behind oll the nonottiliotes ot the University.. Through its work vorious oc- tivities ore promoted during the yeor such os o l-lollovveen porty, the onnuol ISA winter tormol ond mony other sociolizing events. The otticers ot this yeor's group include: president, Lloyd Bollhogen, vice-president, Connie l-love, secretory, Dick Bigelow, ond treosurer, Shirley Brown, The ISA strives to stimulote more octive porticipotion in com- pus octivities by oll the independent students. Lloyd Bollhogen, President I INDEPENDENT STUDENTS ASSOCIATION , BACK ROWi Delmor Veen, Jerome Mortin, lro Grinnel, Roger Tigert, l-lomer Kondoros, Pete l-lotfmon, Tom Ryon, Arlo Eggen Bruce , Horgens, Gerold Groon, George Jensen, Lloyd Bollhogen, John Sonnentield, Bob Svwedberg, Colvin Wholen, Dole Tromp, Dole Brovvn Eorl l Smith, George Brondsberg, Clork Conover, Roger Eggen, Bill Buckmon, Keith Puhl, SECOND ROW: Ardis Tuttle, Jeonette Lewison, Normo , S . , . , , , . y orensen, Arlis Sorensen, Ann Glossinger, Shirley Burke, Louise Coton, Moriorie Burke, Veriee Peterson, Gory Reibsomen, Duone Johnson , Colvin Toylor, Tom Chomberloin, Allon Devvold, Dorrell Sherord, Ansis Blokis, l-ldrlon l-loft, Conrod l-love, Phyllis Peterson, Mory Tomos Audrey Todd, Dorothy Wuboeno, Luono Cierken, Alyce Buschelmon, Borboro Jones, Noncy Englund, FRONT ROW: Corole l-lommond U ' Potricio Denlinger, Eleonor Sorensen, Koren Asbield, Shirley Brown, Lorroine Schwolm Beverly Letellier Ardis LeBeou Mildred Juhnke l i i l i i i l I i l i I l t l i i l i i i L l 5 i l l . l i i I i C l i i l i l Mory Thies, Lynne Donielson, Morilyn Hyde, Almo Schloefli, lvlovis Knutson, Pot Johnson, Lilly Seiler, Jonice Andre. t,..,, Ji.. m.-W.,,..c, s,,. .M L ,,,,,, ,,W,,m,,W I g l l l i l l 142 l i i --t hi GI i l me i t id Gi hi CLS mio ti l F i ,O ,r it ,Q l i 'i GliOn is The Jttilrqfes Q, varlgus GO YQQF Such I ISA Winter events, 'D lnqlude. 2-orestdem' lelowj and l Strlveg to ln in Com- l Sluden tg, mg Arlo Eggen, Bruce o, Dale Brown, Earl ette Lewison, Norma len, Duane Johnson, erson, Mary Tomas, Carole Hammond, nu, Mildred Juhnke, qva XT., I ASSOCIATION OF WOMEN STUDENTS BACK ROW: Karen Olsen Norma l-lelland Donna Christensen Norma Buus Mary Ruth Lang Pat Mickelson Deed W d G , , , , , , e oo s, race Vondel, Catherine Hansen, Beverl Malthese . FRONT ROW: A ' ' ' ' y n nn l-lasse, Jane Shull, Monica Zimmer, Lois Rassaw, Dean Eleanor Nor- ton, Ardis Tuttle, Virgie Williamson, Annette Salmon, .lane Saxton. The Association of Women Students is a rather inclusive group that has as its members all women that are registered in the University. Its purposes are to aid the women students ot the campus ,fy X622 ,xvmdy -'f4 W :j Q Z ,, C fn 41 WZWZK Z J X M by bringing all the women together into one large group, by promoting and maintaining a high standard ol Univer- sity lite, and by controlling all matters ol conduct that tall under its jurisdic- tion, Throughout the year they have mass meetings, one of which is their annual fashion show, Among the other activities that AWS promotes is the Elig-Little Sister program. le AWS OFFlCERS , . . Annette Salmon, Secretary, Ardis Tutt H Grace Vondel, President, Nona Larson l-lales, Treasurer! Pat Mickelson, IA Co ordinator. BACK ROW: Leah Authier, Pat Gorman, Janice Lloyd, Sharon Lane, Joanne Kahler, Carla Thoelke, Karen Freiberg. FRONT ROW: Marilyn Rush, Renee Binder, Jo Blue, Joan Jarvis, Mrs. Adkins, Karen Runge, Mary Hen- rich, Marilyn Frand- sen, Pat Prostrollo, LaVonne Miller, Sally Bromberg, Nancy To- bin, Charlotte Olson, Mary Ruth Lang, Permella Bedford, Sandra Simpson. BACK ROW: Pete Haggart, Jim Mc- Laughlin, Pete Lund- berg, l-lermon Walk- er, Douglas Austin, Frank Wallahan. FRONT ROW: Robert Allen, Travis Lewin, Ronald Olsen, Wil- liam Crompton, Andy Aberle, Carl Smith, Bob Mittelstaedt, l-lomer Kandaras, Willard Powell, Norm l-leodrick, Chick Groseclose, Bill May- rose, Glenn Finger- son, Jim Ward. l y,'5M?'l 3,1 blpljlgi E if, i'ff1,J ,uf li 4 D I SPEECH CLUB ,, . f- S A 2 -5 X - . i x i BACK ROW: Todd Willy, Dennis Borrnonn, Bob Frieberg, Dick Frieberg, John Groff, Bob Redfield, Kern Odeen, SECOND ROW3 Mr. Boker, Don l-leffernon, Glenn Fingerson, Tony Zorifis, i-lomer Kondoros, Leonord Andere, Elton Shouf. FRONT ROW: Lecih Authier, Jo Kohler, Cheryl Poshby, Morge Rogers, Lolo Smith, Cynthio Selchert, Koren Freilnerg, l Chorlotte Olson, Jock l-lolt. -'s --s A fl Z5 ,al g sewn- vm. W wif! mv A iwwiifiiii ii.-w.iit'i' iii SJ lem? PI OMEGA PI BACK ROW: Miss Vaaler, Monica Zimmer, Shirley Brown, Marlow Kom, Gelvin De Roos, lvon Krueger, Gerald Dol- phin, Delbert Eilders, Joan Linderman, Annette Salmon. FRONT ROW1 Mimi Milne, lrene Schoenewe, Ruth Fairbanks, Kay Noack, Edice Blue, Grace Vondel, Dorothy Schroeder, Kathleen Gunderson, Ardith Oliver. BACK ROW: Dan Mehner, Murlyn Bickel, Owen Emme, John Siswick, Jerauld Kluckman, Robert Vold, Robert Patch, Vernon Fasbender, Marvin Dais, Dale Bengston, Robert Steller. SECOND ROW: Wardell Giedt, Mr. Raschke, Orton Benson, Joe Pruitt, Bill Crompton, Roger l-lanson, Ray Schaefer, Lloyd Port, Robert Larson, Victor Nield, Charles Gough, Jim McLaughlin. FRONT ROW: Delbert Petty, Darrel Dinger, Clifford Berg, Robert Torkelson, George Mortensen, James Folger, Lester Miller, Bernard Born, James Bigelow, William Schatz, Lawrence Ackerman. DELTA SIGMA PI' 2l Og -. - 1'-fit. 2 via. .1 V. . I :-H4 ' fffqfg. , I ' ,I , , l L gh 5 V f iw, R115 -g .. , - Q X ii Jw--. , . W ,fsf 3- A rs ,J ..,,".,v.1-is - if g.,-.1 Q. sa I ,. A Lt. , ..,., 3, -:V ., F I S:-,vIi"'v,5 'R-M V. wwf'-a 5521.3 V is 5 :gmt-'ss ee - 4 -i . .fr- Q i N.. -. 4 . -,sk .VM '-:Rss-:Nr L., ...J . .-:Xe - Y' V QM.:,,,,.g-1-. as ig i . , 4.1 .xi 1. .,,. ' ' J-fix ' 1. , -as-2 71 iv ss QR' it X . if :,'ie. .:-e..... l it . . i f . S. 4. .. , .. A .SSC Q., , J- . .Gas .1 X Q wi , s A.. i sf 3 1 .. vt '...?"I .. 'ZZ' '. .S i ' " :w..-::5.",i. Slick: sa-.L if 'LB SNES?-:-if-R ' Yi KZ X ,X tf.fwf1:s..:- 2 vt-.Q :P- E ff. EHQSELU t1i."tf:. O ' - n., .".-:1',fS'fX? J- fgikfii iiifj SKY?-. ' s : 4, Og, mf s 5 Q rd Q 2 S -1 . iszss-f',:.Q. -v . X Tt A ' XS N , , wx SWA Q fl QP, Q V. , fi w ww.. . Q sg sr , Q l S 3'-225 1 .3 ' t i ' ,,,, N . si- ls. Q, 5.-. Y I X.. . ,.,a'k . QW llllfllfl. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ASSOCIATION Jim Bigelow, Vice-president, Kath- VUSQSV, Gerald Dol. Swine, Ruth Fairbanks, H r fI"'W I 'I '1 X PI N leen Gunderson, Secretary-treasurer, Robert Torkelson, President. 7-? BACK ROW: Clyde l-laug, Ralph Bernard, Jim Cooley, Anthony Buckmeier, Tom Bartholow, Vernon Fasbender, Bill Musolf, Gelvin De Roos, Clyde Moen, Jack Ste-ngel, Stanley Lassegard, LeRoy Lentz, Ruben Maulis. FRONT ROW: James Taylor, Jim McLaughlin, John O'Neill, Ellis Johns, Karen Thoreson, LaVonne Miller, Jack l-lolt. l its 2 S I E, lf ri F i r l l Ill .I f i i x X ,, 5 i 3 ' x ,vw E w Q, i A f Ll I I5 -s, 1 li. rw. I VE i Z i i ing yfl WN 1 1 w 1 ? U' W ,w .En ,7f ! 1 i 1? 3 P 5 Nl. KUSD Station Monoger, Jim Slack X :N- 'Y J' Radio station KUSD1s one ot the tinest broad casting outlets in the country The studios are located on the tourth tloor ot the Union build- ing and it takes an energetic soul to make the long climb, but every day many students do ascend the heights to take part in the numer- OU5 programs. Not only is KUSD the invaluable training ground tor Radio and Television majors, but it also keeps the campus, the city at Ver- million and the surrounding area intormed on the latest news, music, and sporting events. Educational features are the University ot the Air which broadcasts lectures right trom the classroom and the School ot the Air which sup- plements the curriculum in many elementary schools with its programs, New television eguip- ment has enabled KUSD to enlarge its coverage, and there are promises ot even better things to COFTIG. ...-----s"""" 'WD' 4nm,,,,qmf"r GGVlO'VCl Ayers reports the news at home and abroad. Work in the field of television is now ottered by this ever expanding department. .ar F" 'X MY! Shirley Burke delights radio land's youngsters with Candy Cane Lane Disc jockey Kent Slocum DVGDGVGS llls Gd like for the MBB' lin 2l3 l ...,, , , M The conductor walks rapidly to the podium, bows to the applauding audience, and turns to face the mu- sicians. All instruments are up, the baton pauses momentarily in the air, and then with a downward sweep the concert begins. Once again the listeners enjoy the privilege of hearing the ,flow- ing movements ot the great masters from the strings and horns ot the Uni- versity orchestra. Under the direction ot Usher Abell, this group adds musical accompaniment for various activities throughout the year as well as giving several concerts of its own. UNIVERSITY ORCHESTRA 6 RCHESTRA Director its f I W' 41 it -S gh! sw Fronk Streim, Director UNIVERSITY CHOIR Under the direction ot Fronk Streim the Univer- sity cnoir lends its combined tolents to mony scnool functions. Besides the role ot supporting octors the group olso odds to the music oppre- ciotion ot the compus by porticipoting in public concerts. Wnotever the occosion, whether dur- ing tne confusion of Dokoto Dov or the Decem- ber lfiolidoy seoson, this clfiorol contribution is eogerlv onticipoted ond received with over- vvnelming opplouse. E A l l l li li Tl E i E SQ wi? L Al'.A A' ls , ,' il L A'A f ' " ' V ' i Z - i . t "'v ,, ,.' 7 NiwM' r , A tt x ., V t' N -tl " t t l f ' W 1 N t MW t' '95- lhk f l wisp 5 MW? 153 l UNIVERSITY BAND To the less musicol ot the University students, the word "bond" brings to mind thoughts of color- ful outumn otternoons when, ot the holt-time of the tootboll gomes, this orgonizotion ot mu- sicions crisply steps out to the stoccoto beots ot the drum ond, otter o seemingly oimless won- dering, ossumes symbolic formotions to repre- sent the theme of the doy. To others, equolly sports-minded but just os equolly unmusicol, the bond is the tortunote group ot instrument- beoring students thot olwoys hove o seot ot the home bosketboll gomes ond who occosionolly Iitt these instruments to their lips, sending blor- ing notes reyerberoting through the gym. But these groups mcilce up only o smoll port of the student body ond tor the others, more musicolly inclined, the bond represents stirring convoco- tion music ond the refreshing pleosure of eve- ning concerts. Roy DeVilbiss, Bond Director i- . Y ...Q X Q 5 g, . V Ss S :kg : MUSIC EDUCATORS NATIONAL CONFERENCE ACK ROW: Len Vellek, Don Andrews, Bill Heyer, Gary Harms, Ron Holland, Tom Frink, Bob Stephenson, Court- Ezind Swenson, Ronald Moon, Richard Williams. THIRD ROW: David Morgan, Jay Thomas, Tom Ryan, Robert Graves, uane Grimrne, Jack Lyons, Harold Thompson, George Hueschen, Paul Robertson, Robert Kvidahl, Dick Jacoby, Craig Loe. S'ECOND ROW: Geegee Johnson, Joan Stedronsky, Pat DeLay, Liz Reynolds, Lynette Waltner, Sharon Mahoney, Clarice Voorhees, Glenis McLeod, Elizabeth Moorhead, Nancy Conway, Cleo Harrington, Mr. Chaffee. RONT ROW: Dorothy Gurney, Theo Rayburn, Donna Forbes, Liz Cutler, Carol Lehman, Nancy Gibson, Sylvia Johansen, Ruth Bartlett, Evelyn Young, Hazel Jensen, Joan Fahrenwald. CK ROW: Norm Vander Plaats, Dick Jacoby, Tom Bartholow, Keith Ufford, Tom Anderst, William Burns, Bob BA Stephenson. SECOND ROW: Mr. DeVilbiss, Mr. Leonard, Craig Loe, Arlan Barber, Bill Lind, Ron Moon. FRONT ROW: a ry Neville, Kay Newlon, Marge Fairbanks, Hazel Jensen, Sharon Mahoney, Arlee Freier, Lynette Waltner. TAU BETA SIGMA - KAPPA KAPPA PSI f 'L mwah-'wzvv--.-ul f-2--"',..'n:.5-'.--.wir-:Y,- -4- fAL.-,fr...1..,,w......:-,g..:A, . , , . . 1 W - i . Q XX ON.. xx Xxxx F X 1.?SNr!,,.:S f'xA - -NN Q THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE b Tl1AeIBeautifuI People, an interesting comedy . I, , y i iam Saroyan, was the Theatres lone humorous contribution this year. Under the direction of Jim Krueger and Gerald Mohrmann and through some impressive acting by Lane Nelson, Donna Grosso, Diane Foster, Ken Hen- drickson, Les Carlson, Dennis Gartner, James Coomes, Larry Coomes, and Stan Filler, Saroyan's remarkable family group, the Websters, was artfully resurrected on the stage. With Thor- eauvian freshness they romped with their friends through line after line of "friendship phil- osophyf' News .L .4qnn-. SUPPER FOR . THE DEAD The theatrical season, this Year, started off with a bang with the presentation ot a rather morbid but entertaining short play called Supper for the Dead. This one-act piece by Paul Green, which was more remin- iscent ot a wild seance than a stage drama, was just part at an evening's experiment in lyric theatre. The pro- gram, adapted and directed by Donna Grasso, included short sketches ot "poor Southern" lite, group and in- dividual dance numbers, and even solo musicals. All this was just a hint ot the versatility at the University workshop theatre group. KL 'll e"0 1 0' i l i 2 w .451 this l7Q'l9 withyeol' Clher . llte i 1 molbld feiiedsiilii ffm mofer ks Hmm r cfthan a stage .' O On evenings if-ffedbyooi "Gr 'vel Sketches of ELNQVOUD Gnd ln. iu'CfSI Gnd even ,S WGS iust Q him P the University cup, ' V 1 H 4 THE CRUCIBLE Topping the list of theatre hits this year was the theatre group's presentation of Arthur Miller's play The Crucible. Under the direction of Baird Miller, this story of seventeenth century Salem witchcraft unfolded swiftly and skillfully before the attentive audience. Starting with the incriminating lies of children, the plot gathers force until the whole town is "witch crazy" through superstition and misunderstanding. Set in the stark back- ground of prerevolutionary Salem, Massachusetts, the play gives us a brief glimpse into our nation's past and into the bigotry and perversion that is so often affiliated with the early years' organized groups but so seldom found in its historical annals. A I is l l i i I I i P l PRESS CLUB rl il lik L li il. i il 1. i ,...-MT? is 7 4 'XRSSBX , , 3 Z..- BACK ROW: Les Duly, George Brondsberg, Dick Meleen, Lloyd Bollhogen, Corl White, Wilbur Kolb, Ron Jensen, John Swennes, Mr. Moxwell. FRONT ROW: Shirley l-lonson, Morylu Querno, Jeonne Thorne, Lois l-luerson, Pris- cillo Duly, Beverly Steorns, Virgie Williomson, Micholene O'Connor, Pot Gormon, Geroldine Hendrickson. BACK ROW: Ardis Tuttle,'Clorice Engmon, Arlis Sorensen, Koroline Solomon, Noncy Englund, Ado Epton, Virgie Williomson, Mcirge Foirbonks, Mrs. Peppers, Mrs, Burnett. SECOND ROW: Cynthio Choney, Koren Jen- sen, Normo Buus, Mrs, Eostmon, Mrs. Abell, Sorci DeWitt, Mrs. Cooledge, FRONT ROW: Koy Ervin, Pot Cotes, Jonice Andre, Coleen Rotliff. Q!Si'N1 E '77 HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Q! f gif: Lp ff" , 3' , fm I Q 'IQ' i , Tix? ,4j' 1' A-5 0 , Iv. 'Iii' we 5 455- iff .15 Y 11,-L FM- ,AAZA , V e ,. 'Sf M A 'C Lifw Ju, 5 ' -'1 WOMEN'S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION BACK ROW: Norma Buus, Clarice Engman, Anne Cover, Bobbi Soilde, Jackie Tholen, Kay Noack, Karo- line Solornan, Jana Cotton, Betty Yanak. THIRD ROW: Sharon Schrawger, Mariean Waltner, Lu- Ann Wise, Pat Henkins, Jean Giles, Janice Simpson, Sandra Hyl- lested, Elaine Bryant, Judy O'Rourke. SECOND ROW: Arlene Petty, Sandra Simpson, Kathleen Fluharty, Jeanice Anderson, Donna McKenzie, Marilyn Frandsen, Kay Mortrude. FRONT ROW: Mary Neville, Lynette Waltner, Margaret Miller, Lois Rossow, Kay Hilton. DOLPHINS BACK ROW: Margaret Miller, Norma Buus, Anne Cover, Pat Mickelson, Agnes Clinkenbeard, Jana Cotton, Sally Bromberg, Kay Mortrude. THIRD ROW: Lois Rossow, Mary Ekman, Pat Walz, Barbara Flynn, Dianne Snyder, LaVerne Olesen, Mary Looby, Lois Huetson, Judy O'Rourke. SECOND ROW: Mary Macheak, Pat Henkins, Elizabeth Crandall, Joie Cham- ley, Shirley Nelin, Pat Miller. FRONT ROW: Kay McCahren, Marilyn Frandsen, Joey Camp- bell, Jody Cooley, Nancy Weigner. J 4 I 5 tssssss T , N 3 5 4 H. ,X-me MATHEMATICS CLUB BACK ROW: Gerold LeDuc, l-lorold Siegloft, Roy Jensen, Rolond Lentz, Roger Mickelson, Jock Curnow. SECOND ROW: Jerome Mortin, George Adoloh, Corl Smith, Jim Eoston, Cotherine l-lonsen, Moriorie Foirbonks, Corol Reedy, Jo Ann Jordohl: FRONT ROW: Mr. l-losse, Bill Oreenough, Mr. Gutzmon, Mory Mocheok, Terry Jenkins, Mr. Ekmon, Mrs. Beoty. BACK ROW: Don Wormon, Mr. Driscoll, Cosey Brondt, Mr. Cummins, Dr, Schell, l-lermon Wolker, Joie Chomley, Jonice Bohr, Tom Anderst. SECOND ROW: Richord Gowon, Kermit Smith, Froncis Smith, Duone Anderson, Corolyn Krumm, l-lenry Eokins, Robert Auger, Duone l-loor, Les Duly, Jim Motthews. FRONT ROW: Lloyd Bollhogen, Dr, Christol, Peter Ristuben, Mr. Billington, Chuck Stiles, Roy Smit, Cecilio Gulson, lvlory Ruth Long, Pot Gotes, Elizobeth Crondoll. HISTORY CLUB ,, X l J-A , xl ii l l l A l l A l i ,, 15. l l l l l Q t l l l t l l l S rl ii l t l l C 0 s hf xx:? l J ll, i ll l 'Dall' W 9" 5 I GEOLOGY CLUB BACK ROW: Jim Baird, Gene Kroger, Dave Valandry, Galen Olsberg, FlFTH ROW: Mr. Petsch, Bob Martin, Russell Wilson, Merlin Tipton, Ronald Hale. FOURTH ROW: Dr, Stevenson, Franklyn Krogman, Darrell Spilde, Ron Greenwood, Tip French, Jim Wyant, Bill Matousek. THlRD ROW: Richard Jetts, Bob Bliven, Don Waltner, Robert Hamill, Philip Lidel, Darrell Maunders, SECOND ROW: Don Jorgensen, Gary Larson, John Harksen, Ron Nelson, Richard VonHoldt, Bill Sevon, Fred Steece. FRONT ROW: Sam Collins, Bob Warder, Jim Hammell, Darrell Buckmeier, LeRoy Johnson. BACK ROW: Richard Jones, Keith Uftord, Warren Johnson, Richard D. Johnson, Burdette Warner, Bill Parsons, Noel Kragness, Jim Kennedy, Arnold Baltzer. SECOND ROW: Henry Polzien, Mel Carlson, Donald Uhl, James Jensen, Randall Knapp, Perry Powell, Dean Hyde, Douglas Friedland, Roger Treick, Demaree Story. FRONT ROW: Prof. Brookman, Bill Snoozy, Richard Ferris, Steve Graf, Stanley Lilly, Willard Lind, James Greenwood, Orville Lyson, Harold Richardson, Jacob Slulca, Frank Stout. ENGINEERING CLUB i i I l I :fi Ry i l 1 l l A il VG' f Wi A f- fi : Nxt f X Yr xx sw . ss- Xxx 1 s K ix X st be . w ASN XX: X-is is vs . Nt -fi XX fff-,,,.,g,,.4,lwM f f, , , fWWWMff XAXXXX 'XNWWN xmxbisfxxws 5S.Ni5?R9 QgN Wg' ,ff W.. ' ff' ,pf - X '63 ,' 'X Pert ond perky Corte Tboeike is one ot the tresnmon cbeeriegders greeting tons gt exciting SUSD sports events. Witb g ggl such os Cgrlg to Iegd 0 cheer, the crowd bubbles with enthusiasm. fi' yy I 1 IAP lg , 5 ' '- - ' f -- -- - -f A- --- , ,--'1:'.-r:1L -r- :.:L,p.---17.-'-1. T,-ziv.-Tu:-2:1-2: : 1':.f3-"53,Qg3.-- ..- E..i'!fJ11-f'4hrw:fF-sw MM '11 Q gr ml ' ' .gf . R' X N K L 3,145 ' up 'A q tx TI ll ff the lreslirflflll I 50 Pfllls S n SU gd 0 cheefi me X - rw ibn ' law? 'x f 1 n l X .eh X, - . '- V Ar 1 NY . 1 X q,,,d' Y ,, Xa- J? 4:- The University Pep Club was recently organized to create enthusiasm and spark in the Crowd spirit at home games. The line caaperatian at the cheerleaders has helped this group all ta a tine start. 229 A .,,'.,-an r- -' -xi' - .:,,.:,,:,1v .. f. , l,.,.5::,,L it mhz. .jf 5 Z, NEWS BUREAU l I Mrs Tony l-laan, News Bureau Secretary The News Bureau, under the direction ot Bill Slattery, serves as a liaison between the University and the general public. The activ- ities ot the University, ot the tac- ulty and the students, are "cov- ered" and taithtully reported, to the various news outlets across the state and in other states. The News Bureau statt is extremely active and treauently "scoops" the campus paper in getting the news. The splendid publicity the University receives in local South Dakota papers and the increasing numbers ot treshmen enrolling in the University each tall are largely a result ot the diligent ettorts ot the News Bureau, The Bureau excels in all phases ot public re- lations and the dissemination ot intormation. l i l i LEF' Hag l i i l l i i l i l l l l l l l i l i l l l l l l l l l i i l l . .., ,, ,rg ,, . ,...-pw ...faw..-er an-,',,,, ..,.., ,-...,.,,,,,- .,Nyb,s,Fi, ,K -my mx 'qu 'Y 91 7 ,va a xl' 9' 'tim-'ii' X . l x l 506 of lhe Hefflflencll KJ' LEFT TO RIGHT: Jane Dahl, Tom Rich, LaVonne Miller, John Graff, Nancy Tobin, Marilyn Frandsen, Chuck Hagen, Gary Richards, Mr. Steckler, Lois Rossow. ni- 1 , Y-I Q fkk Tom Rich, Student Recruitment President uni' lx .4 STUDENT RECRUITMENT As with any organization that must compete with other similar organizations for the purchasing power ot the public, our University has its salesmen, These in- dividuals, called as a group Student Re- cruitment, have as their job the selling at SUSD to high school students throughout the area. Under the direction ot their adviser, Howard Connors, they disseminate literature to interested people and also spend some time visiting various high schools during their career and college days. Annually, the group sponsors a Mid- West Youth Conference at which they honor some ot the outstanding high school seniors. Student Recruitment is another example ot one at our little publicized groups vvith a top achievement record. 'if :QM , M nz! 1 '99 If 4 QT? l 7 4 2' iiiy gy L . f..,.,f b A- x . 1 X Y' - uf x, gg Qi tri, . x S S ull 0 M 4' 1 , i' X i . gt. . 1 R ,., .A i .L, ., H 4 :, H " Q l ,it . 1, , 'f V I . T' politicos Qt Wcrk y . The versatility of a janitor . . Coffee for o nickel . . The Student Union is the center of all cam- pus crossroads, Within its confines the "first of the semester" book lines form and from then on it plays a major role in all student activities. Concealed in the many nooks and corners of its rooms, a television set brings to the campus the latest in outside enter- tainmentg organized clubs hold their per- iodical meetingsg dances are heldg classes go ong movies flit fitfully before their vievversg the University radio station KUSD sends out its musical beam to the local listenersg the campus publications are dreamed up, read, and discardedg and if nothing else is required to please you, there is even space within the din of activity for the everyday exchange of gossip. The mayor of this "little city" is Paul Flanagan. Z nigkel ' ' Tiff viewersg 9 sends out sreriersg the 5 up, reod, 2 as required 9 within the mchonge of Ziff" is Paul SOUTH DAKOTA STUDENT UNION Union Board of Control: Dennis Podrnos, Pool Flonogon, Anne Cover, Woyne Krohn Straight owoy . . . w - , X ,. . .. , . O u Q Y, ,i . n c u 1 - I n www-was-v ffvmm-mv'-wf ff' 1 4 . C 1 U 1 ' I , I I 1 W 4 . . l "1 ' ' ' , Y' ' -5 . , 1:-f'.-.,. -4 --.---'.,--- V--fvv. . , ' ' ' . , , . , .M-,, ., ., ,--A - .-,,-, ,- ,', - -.-,.x.-ffm .f Q-a .--,., .. - ,g,-.:.- 3,3--,.1. ,- - '..'-. -, -,-.. V.-. Ax-A 4 .,.Y -, . , - ,.. .. . f ' I , - -. 1.-: X , . - - -f-f3.-- -' .rig-' ,' 10,9 .ivy .J-' -3.-N-..-v ,-43, --.4-'Q-h--4,-s Y-: 'Q'-3:'Ly.fv1x..',.1 -4-4 ', JC. :Yah -'g , f - :.-.-.-.-1-Q-4--.rm .-1Liz.3"9V 4.'4X'CY'X'.Ls..-5"':.-'.-'fi.' zE!1:1fTw:'n.-:,Z'-iff.. -.-273.-T11-'-fT?'-fir:---L-TIE vrrif -'. ' I 412:23 ' . w Q "H a -1.'f,,,4 rd. , , , A -.ijaiix-girl .fi 9 .,,, 1 1 .,. -1 S! . 1 . . Q D 1 r K 2- !'.V .v. Q. ' -S1537 - --.-Nigga. ,. I 'wx ' .vu-,-.-.3-..' 5. , , ,V ,.. ' Q. 1 2-Q, . i ,, - -v ' I R a I o A 4 1. 1 Q I n .1 X I X 'fat -K' .4 , ' 11- '41-.:':L','Cg - :sy 'A - S.. .v , ,,, If 2, arf, Ei M79 MISS VANITY FAIR 1. -X Q X 1, 5 PAL V I .flclkk M A Xa ix NK' .X Q 1 Q A ,az- ww W.. ...A fl! , , , -V f 1 L'5f2i?'Z41.,"h ff, My ,W f I-tw f, 1 7 5, ff X ,,,Lwff,fwf ' 5 WI, f , f '54 f f 1 WW ' V 7 uf,,',?f?y , .www 7 MQW? 'V ,,4.fLv .-f-gay ,,,, N I-,x ,, i . K w A Fe 'w I 4 1 v I 1 2 5 1 Q 31 :S if FF x 2 i F 5 S 5 Q 5 Q 3 Q f 4,6 ,f f f if v M J- 'wi' , ' 1 wr 'f H151 . w ,' f M X ,M Q A Hy, 0, ,. wgyyimy gi f,Q,3i','f wr MEN ,ij K . WW: Ziff 1, mmm., 1 1:2 , . ,mf f , ' A,,,, vga 3 ,.f, ,, f .,,L,,g',' A30 "f. Atter some moments ot indecision, nationally renowned band Ieader, Sammy Kaye, Chose Miss Sandra Roper as IVIISS VANITY FAIR ot I957. Mr, Kaye made his decision trom among these Coyote beau- ties whiIe appearing in the Sioux Falls Auto Show during the Thanks- giving holidays. The best wishes ot the University ot South Dakota go to Sandra as the I957 Coyote queen . . . 238 4 gg ,ff W ,W ,M fu JW' wwf at . Q QAJWW Qcvwm CM-.Q f 1 I -0 'A Xaalgtg .9 I"-hz ,gf "'-I-Yvlfffzlf. W"-f"7fF1'f11"S:IiN'fif-fqa,.744L4:'-3fx?-'pwsaws'-?Hgsgfr211:ewf.v5-fgiavwfzysfsfi1z:4f'Z2'5?2:e2ra:v1esm.'4-clr9re1:t'.p::3'-:':bsaa-vff'q:-3-:my.n-:..-.1n5::s1-r:..r-..,.-.:A.,Q.,.45.h..,-.,,..-fb .V W , l .A ,, K P 'e E f Mn- f 1 I W?? if 'A Q I Y. i 9 . r. . ii' I 7. ' V X Lwgvii nun! BCEAE.. LD ooc5lS f 1-I 5-li' c-' V 5' H 'N V x ' f , fr -' , fi Y 4962 W 'E 3 I- ,f if fx 'sv xr' ' V! aw -x x XX xx 1: L I I ' Rf ,A . L fzvwwi-' ff f 4' 1, f , 51 Q--f -V ,, fav -- --1 . v -' . ' fa x 7 fp- " . - ' 'Wm 'owls' Q-324' 1 '- QwfWMmM, ,Wh,Nf wA ,Am I . , J V I 1 fl , ',- f g,,g ' 'X ' ' ,x Y , an W ., if 1 , . 3 Q in R -. yy: . J , ,, 4 f f" , , 1, ? 7 2 4, qgm, 7'.0+Jf.w-L w i ,Q ' I .ea f 0,1 if Www? ff fM I .ff i 1 1 e I W W I s W K V I r w 1 SU ef Q WPS 2 gas 4 A5 Zag S 6642? V v fi 2 Q 'i'3s.L.-1 J 5.4 . -' sf V532 -r -3, 9 k .1 it H 1- , 5, ' -X i,, r Sit N QQ.. igq FT -Q x ' x f ff? 'E i, 4 E f 9 v r 1 it 2 N 1 - Q I . ff Q ' ,,a- ' "' gr, 5 1 6 w a 1 ,, , .Q M n7f",:,r Mm , 5225? " wail . . K 'Ws?.,Z'X ' 5- 21 , fy r MISS DAKCTA fm A MISS UNIVERSITY ?:,22ffLc7, ,667- il I' F f I 2 Q-if im!! liiiii will 'Luig- 1 sir i H 2 . . ' ' ' 'fflfffiif-l3A 'KITLQ ' 'T 4'9'?'i'Nf?L'i! . . - . .- , - . .. . - iff-1-Tr-g1A:..---.1 -f -ff" " f 'X " avi nz,m'4e:1:f'i'4i:f1i'53'i'f2f?!f:?fiT"'?ff?f!5'?'?fff'?'1',. 'LT-fi-'ii' Qflff ?1:ff"?'7" "' ' 'L 'N' "' ' .. ,x ., J.. - S I . A 1 f I ,f 2 ' K X W , ,h f LZ ,, M ETHE1-KRT ETHEA Jwff RT fy Q is X E ' Y 1 v I 1 l ' W f , f x f"':f'sC Zzddxliff -N fY W SJW WV fc fx , , . m f ' ' x f k f gb ,mf f f X -isgyhzhhik xxmx - X A hymljx n, ' HONORARY CADET COLONEL xfgg' 06fA9Q9 J L Q ., . 4,---Q--1--.1-an 1,--I'-2 - 1: 1 Q, ,A -':Af.4r.g:h.p.fag:--fn 1: 2 f' , " . "- - - 1 , ... ,...,..,.,.-...,.. ...,.- Av.. 4- ALPHA TAU CMEGA SWEETHEART Mify Sdfd fQf7fQfe4f ALL THE THINGS You ARE To o few lovely fouls i gronled o double honor The e ore tht froternity weetheorts First hos Come thot treo iirecl little emblem of preeioug metol onrl icviel the froternity pin And with ymb I o friendship ever chonginq qrowinq into o love more permonent thon the symbol lhcn comes thot breothless moment when the music Ceose oncl o cleep voice onnounces her nome The exclomotions the opplouse the eonorotolotions the American Beouty roses thrust into her orms ond ot lost the sweetheort song -- sixtv voices singing just for her their chosen one, This is o moment she will keep ond treosure olwoys. DELTA TAU DELTA SWEETHEART i S YOU AH o double h 'TTTSGFTS Q onor, . FIfSt',l'1Q5 vnlern of precious 71 ty ptn And ' - wrth o friendship ever :re permonent thon breathless moment ep voice onnounces the opplouse, the Se-outy roses thrust he sweetheart song - her, their chosen keep ond treosure LU DELTA HEART 9 U3 I -.5 THETA IDBI-TA RT HA PHSWEETHEA ALP A CHI T LAMBD T1-IEAR SWEE My 6Mw?L5f-M9 g sw 17 ' 1 1 mm THETA XI SWEETHEART 48 fdwff QAM A ..... SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON SWEETHEART ,7fZa,u4,n.f , ,,. ,. ' A . , 2 . 'F A A vw., ff , . 'fm' -T, L ,X 1 ,. ,. fw ' f' , ' I P'-0-1 ls l s1L0 JM f M? EP LAHT N 1 RCSB OF DELTA SIGMA PI 0 at A , .rf rl ff fa' W 'I l I I My , 'H i, W? . INDEPENDENT STUDENTS' SWEETHEART '77?4,.7Q.f.,,,,Me,.z 249 III IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I I' IIIWIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Il'IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII. 'IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII II IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII' IIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIJIII' , I .IIIII IIIIIIII III'IIIIIIIIII . ,,,,,,,,I,f,,,, ',,,, I II'IIIIIIIIIIIIIII :umm IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII 'IIIIIIIIII -IIIIIIIIIIII III u IIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIII I'U1'I'IIIIIII unuu IIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIuII'l'1II IIIIWIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII , IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIQ I IIIIUIWI I . III II ,f M , IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII' 1, , X lf' I I 'I fI if IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I I I Imww f I QINWIUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII ff 'fx ,' IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIII 'XRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII f' X I 7 Xii5'IIIIIIWIII,'II1II ' ff XX X -I me I A R. 5 2 'I IIIIIIIIII1 W7 MVIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII X X If. I III! IIIIIIIIIIIII I M W, f' f,,gm,.g....4.Npw, we-wuvgw- nh. ,,,,,, -:Av-.--sn...-f.. 1... . . ' 1 .-... '."" -asa..-gg x w 1 5 i s v f 2 ' Q 2 X ! , , 4 AEQA , " Y Hfnwl , as I . L HIL iff- 4. wanna-my uw av my -. ff' ,, - , , W 4211 ,Y gf' , . 5 .' g K. N L? X .. , aw. . vu 5' I 2. ' s. gy ' -Y xlwf , -2, ,, ' , ... WW f 5 , ' ' fx. Qumran -lv . . -CM ff 1 . .. 'iv' Q ' . . 1 Q xi Q K ,L ' ? vf ' .np , , Wx-4, 5 M-Qnfgvw , fr m" ' ' f f w Q' W.,-W. . 2,4 , xx. ' ,gn X Amp-N -wx Q ,,,., f fn 4 4 uf w 3 , 4 . S1 f, ' 1 a 3 -1 , 1 - I ne W9 .'..,.. our F at the Blg I ma,eA tzc yard ' .6 - Entertainment Center for Over 80 l'S i qanlzton owls:-n' 517 Pierce Street au Telephone 8-1877 SIOUX CITY, IOWA maQa . 4 o I Fm WE ARE HERE! And You Can ALWAYS Find Us Here! Friendly . . Close fo home . . Neighbor fo every school in fhis qreaf four-sfafe area You can always find "somebody home" in 'rhe Midwesf-Beach Company Year- book Deparfmenf-any day of fhe year! Wifh our up-fo-dafe offices and prinfing planf locafed righf here in Sioux Falls, craffsmen are always available fo help fhe sfaff prepare a cusfom-made. award-winning annual. You never have need fo frack down an elusive salesman or wrife fo some sfranger af a prinfing planf in anofher parf of fhe counfry-one call fo our Yearbook Deparfmenf pufs you in fouch wifh fhe specialisf familiar wifh your book. lnformafion, supplies. and personal help are here-always here! Call or wrife foday and lef us help you gef sfarfed on your l958 yearbook. MIDWEST - BEACH COMPANY Yearbook Deparfmenf 233 Norfh Phillips Sioux Falls, S. D. IIIT NIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIII IIT EUIIIII IIIIIIIIIII SIOUX FALLS PHILLIPS AT QTI-I 0 MINNESOTA AT 33RD HURON VERMILLION OFFICERS John T. Sanger Vice-president Vernell O. I-Iolter Assistant Vice-president Robert Starlc Robert K. Miller Manager, Timepay Dept. Assistant Cashier ADVISORY BOARD G. K. Brosius D. W. Beatty J. H. Julian W. H. Jarmuth Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporati Quality RMI LLION WEGIVE 5 xi A T"-N, - Stationeirsr'-arPrif,tapS SUDDHGS, l?,9Iftfi21e Typewriters Ca11.s:1.1.e5.,..,.,.Napkins, Etc. ' -ff "n...,"N Visit the TIE SZEN FURNITURE The Friendly Store VERMILLION 3 Floors of Fine Furniture OUALITY BRANDS at MONEY-SAVING PRICES QUALITY supsn MARKET ,F from .108 VN ll Rfofls. I ii' "9-I 5 ,. .. ' +-JW" Ii '9'41,,.',l+iw-. , --I! pi In -,U If kk x , ' la - A A .I'.. A lxnufi M ' -'iritllii . ' +37 .W , .I"'wI ' .J , I I , wif- Q- 1 ER MA -il1....4 LNITURE UI 1' ON Umiillfe YDS ' ,fm f EHL Estate W! SSIOFFQ11.-5 gg? PVOIDCD-T1 Q Farm Proferfy ofnsura nee, EDFIELD Lmvn Compfmy 408 WW' ST- -Slvux Falls I REDFIEID DWIGHT Iagnpqgw R M A V 943 M-A Q I 1 4 ' I ' F. 1. ,-fddce 51466316 226 SO. Phillips SIOUX FALLS 'gnc 1 Nfl! sacsgvggek .Z mg!! 53595 win Sgwgggfg,-Jin ,gm-N2 Robert Peterson EA UE 81 Sons Qu Ifom SIOUX FALLS The Hotel CQQIKTES f um mn Charles Gurney uowAvmuaL zfmzum 55 W YANKTON featurlng e Round Up Room an Ploneer Room Avaxlable or Prlvate Partles Hterson PHS OM ALLS Congratulations To the USD Seniors i '1--,g , Q ZZ.. E! Pgm 2 --f :if -H we -' ,f Elgfgilgnp mn., eff-""lllllll' efi F- IH 'W lzsv me ---W ! elllllnuullllll'-4 - ' .- 4, F! 41.251522 iwgful nl, af 556.4550 LM FR' -4-Y -F'EF9ru-532959 ,i"-'-ifra 1-' 1.Ly:1Q,.:r'- 5 - :-':".'T'v.:- -, -- .,. ' , - ' '--' QQ "7 gp., -3, .. fa" 4gf 5-E 194 . , ,A -' :rr-i-1 51? 'G if "T, ' 'Z '5 14-fu! " 4' -1-.L. if 3,-I J.. 1 -"A-J -:::. '-n' ff ff. - - L12 IL' 7 -,J .apr Z " e- -E-F -4- -1-ff' 7 ' -- ' - w " " gllllll :il ' g'p 'il - f Q -5 Q Q1 ---2:34134 "Vi . ?- if - 517 . -:-- 1: N 'Lf"g'1'-'P!'L,' A- i1if"L 4 . . ' ' " L " " ' "A L ,Q - IOUX FALLS ARGUS LEADER "South Dakotaps Leading Newspaper" 1 H UW Ms 25,.','.f5 Rm -. sm ,130 af! 'ffso 541 IS Elf 5 THE 1' . 5li'VES25Y2?4AH co gf X7 1, COMPANY SIOUX CITY - ,,,., I . ,,. I -',- ' ,T rifinm Z VERMILLION 1'- gfal ifwafiea nom The Rapid City NATIONAL BANK and Rapid City TRUST CUIVIPANY X I 3R29 X 5 TT -' Y " ' ' Q A T54 111 EH Ib Ri MQ ef' TQ Q ' Q S0uH1 Dftkofcds leading Cleaners And LHUUJCTCTS PHONE 75' VERNITLION FORD AND MERCURY Soles C7 Service " 2 . g Q K---..4 . ' Vi, - ! 1 asnsnfqggn cn. T - gg -. .. I -Q-, y ' .. ' +- Qs- for w economy and style expert maintenance VERMILLION xx L Pom he pity L B I I I l . . .f , The ham thafs H 0' """ me"0W Ut a avor and aroma! I Y I I' e a cl y A L ! 'MPA aked i i 0 ' h"'Z'e ERCURY F Q Q s if Ivice ' 4 ,. 2,0 J . Style ,, I l' -I PRIDE E-Z-CUT I-I 91955, John Mo rell 8. Co IVICYTSII AM ' 1 ALLS, SOUTH DAKOTA BY JOHN MORRELL 8a CO., OTTUMWA, IOWA ' SIOUX F ESTHERVILLE, IOWA ' MADISON. SOUTH DAKOTA Sausa e Canned Meats Pork . .Beef . . .Lamb Q Processors of fine quality Ham . . . Bacon . . . g . . . . . . . 1 K i 5 1 i ! HIST NAHUNAL HINI4 UP IH? HUIEH HMS RAPID CITY LEAD -k--,-,-,-,-,-n, ,-m--d,, H OT SPRINGS SPEARFISH - ............ .....m. D EADWOOD BELLE FOURCHE ...........,..m..,.. NEWELL STURGIS -, .....,...... VILLA RANCHAERO AFFILIATED WITH NORTHWEST BANCORPORATION MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Olf1fLl05l0fL8lfLLLf5 of +I1e SIOUX CITY JOURNAL TRIBUNE Publishing Co. EW Sfwzm, QAM I I H P l Li, 5,,. fo YANKTON I For SPRING gf , NVY QA 0 I f of-f . , SAVINGS fs. LOAN I f IVY Lzneus ASSOCIATION .S Q "' ,X Us hew " SILKEN roucH L Vasu? Clay Counfyis' H E EDMUNDS.-- ....... VICE-PRESIDENT I-QPQCST Dcpcu-rmgnT 5I'or'8 LOUIS A BOYLES SECRETARY Ladw, Rcag fg Wea,- JAMES M LLOYD TREASURER e H 3 CMM' n 5 to e 5 LOUIS B FRENCH ATTORNEY P 'I E W BOYLES IL ASST SECY Mae Good G'f'I' 'secnon M YANKTON S DAK 'WED G IVIEISENHOLDER CO . . I IP" - -------------.-- Y Q P I . ......... - ....... 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N...-an-m ' .llil W ,www SCH, PORTRA A L. he I XI 'ff X , X7 pf t if XS? -X--Q :Dai N EX ff X 5,0 IVV 5 SCHAUPP STUDIO I . 1 PORTRAITS - APPLICATIONS -, I BABIES - GROUPS i 1 WEDDINGS Pnoto Finishing 8 Supplies Evenings by Appointment VERMILLICN IOS E. Moin Phone 39 SQOUX C' I C' -Wjgdm pm? vney IA and a e 4 318 Douglas W EEEE E YANKTON Hours 5:30 A.M. - 2:00 A.M. T Spgf EXTENDS Tl! STYLE CENTER Q lb S'PHlLLlPS AVE 'E f SOUX fAllS"S'D' ' C t I on gra u a 10ns ' i - e 0 MAKE YOUR HOME lg ' BEE' 5 U T MORE WWA . 0 . fx JUN! A Cen fel' T Q 1 . ' '-Ogg:35:3:5:5:i:f:'-E25riiuwgszizfi:E:EfE1E1E52L. ' I I H. ,f O 0 ' R ll 0 CD O O T y ,. ' IST: F 0 O O 0 ' x 3 .... sx uh, ' T - E 35? .... I In-5? .... ' ' ' H " , J "if2211'11321252:fEif2E1f':rirk13S11l31:1.:.... .. ' -. X- , Aiwa! 2 . . 'YT-W .'1.'E7:Sf.-rnii' :'R5fv.'RY , l.:-:7S2Y:1:-:iEiEffEI52r2-TEIEIEF:'WizI' NORTHERN STATES POWER COMPANY E 9th at Main 1 A Sioux Falls Sioux Falls hd CM CQNGRATULATIONS TO 1957 GRADUATES FROM SPGRTS INC. ,hu-, Q , X-f, . , A, A Ll Elas 1 WWE . , Cf ON Smuxland S ' Q Sf , Q9 CJTI? ,Q z:ooA.M. Largest and F mest NAymNfl 0 . BANK El Sportlng Goods Store I2 S I Tins gg A - i' I I Q? o .I ' V' Q 4I3 Nebraska Sfreelr 5.035 sloux CITY 5 ECONQS 4 57 IC OUTLETS 10 UR H ax ,... 4 lQ2 QQ1ff, M 'fxv 1 YAIUABIHQ Q5 Mew fee Zfrw .. . 'cjgg'--,Q,-3ii'2:gQv FS , rw . t, - ".'?'fC"' - 0 . ED 0 Aw f'rf,z:k Q Q " f ,. wg: .:g,:41f"'S.gYyf 1 . N' g-:- ffff 1,' -':,:'VsCz,Ti4vv:f-1: ,U -gf 1 fr, - . A' ' com M I 072, V , I g-,,,,,,,, A a f , V l b b' f ... , . , .,, . .. , Ol4fLl0Al4fL8lfLff5 AUSTIN DAIRY 4 AJQAWQQ5 f0LA8 Qngra LLM, X66 E86 Kfcm of 7957 OUR BEST WISHES ARE EXTENDED FOR A SUCCESSFUL FUTURE Homestake Mining Company Since 1877 a South Dakota Enterprise .i fT3.51,f,k ,. -, , A .- ,..-., . , , A -y ,,.., - l g y . 1, QVL I The Black Hills Passion Play Summer Home at Spearfish, South Dakota Performances from Mid-June Through Labor Day Every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday .jfffi CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES OF 1957 LOUISE DIXON SHOP 7 2-, if 0521, of Sioux Falls CONGRATULATES A THE sENloRs OF 1957 Pete Mad Q Www w"edha"d You ARE ENTITLED TO THE BEST E ff fi A 5 8 5, lNslsT ON fl X VME . REA ,Q .6 CLAY-UNION JMW7 ELECTRIC CORP. ' H ICE CREAM VERMILLION ay f'. E -at-K .4m.X IE I 'WH 1 ii L53 .4 """""m x 'k",,LsN. 'r"i3'3'f 'Q 6 DRIVE-IN CCC BUZZ5 8' ,O :-E" , DO' Tom HI Super ' Kemery Yolmer Shoe SU Cliffordg J. C, pe Ben Fran aflllith G T iw' ONS J FROM THESE USD BOOSTERS J VERMILLION Buzz's Service Buzz says, "Fly with Red Ho ' "Fresher by Far at" J Tom and Bud's W. Super Value i Kemery Plumbing M Volmer 66 Campbell Shoe Store Cliffords Market J. C. Penney Co. Ben Franklin J aquith EQ' J aquith Stamm's Al's Plumbing and Heating Meisenholder Motor Co. "'Vermi11ion's Automotive H Monogram News Arts Cafe Grier Motor Co. J. J. Newberry Co. Westside Cafe 015132 Qilotbing 45011710593 J 269 Firestone E. H. Lien Yeado Jewelry Insurance Jo Ellen Shop Slgrilige Station Artley Cleaners Dallas Jewelry Coyote Walpole Drug Barber Shop Citizens Bank Tip Top Cafe Chimes Cafe Fullerton Lumber Fashion Shoes Dflwsmfs Zlphouse Qden Implement Sims Brothers Hardware Sears Roebuck EQ' Co. Carter Texaco Station I " "iff 5' 5'q."'5',U' 1's1!.'5'1.'2 Tl'f": 'i 5-,TQ "5 :'-'f "K sfiffif' . 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Cen: i ffm?-,599 Tl Aim- 541-gg '?2,. 4 ALBUMS, 64. fj . PZ Lek' is Km' Q2 Aide! r C. " uf re Amy. li me iL:i:,..Lf'1q9g A,:'K5"!' A,,Qe,5f 92 W YES- GQ,-Ere I 5, , M53.'if: ff? Ye 1 8552. lk" N, gn 'Nu N221 - x . - iT?"-.msn--. fs- .-,nn W... I STUDENT INDEX Aasen. Ken 64. I33. l35. l75. l90 Aasland. Dellon I03. I30 Abboll, John 72 Aberle. Andrew l89. 208 Aberle. Kennelh 64. l89 Abild. Arden 72 Ackerman. Lawrence 2I0 Adolph. George 226 Aislrope. Alan 64. l30 Akre. Donald l25 Albrechl. Larry 72, l47. l9l Aliclc. Joseph 72. l30 ' Allen. Charles l43. I46. l5l Allen. Roberl 208 Allen. Wayne 225 Alspach. l-larold l2l Aman. Thomas 98 Andera. Leonard 209 Anderberg. Lesler 86 Anderson Anderson. Carl I33. l35 Anderson. Chesler 225 Anderson. Chloe 72. l89 Anderson 'Darrel 72 Anderson Dean l65. I69 Anderson Duane 226 Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson. Howard 55. l26 JoAnn l88. l89 John 64. l30. I88. l9l Karen 72. ll4. I39. l9l. 204 Marge 55. II8. l55. l85, 236. 244 . Roger I33 ' Andersl. Thomas ll3. I47. l9l, 2l7. 226 Andre, Janice 72. 206. 222 Andress. Roberl 64 Andrews. Don, II3. I44, I47. 203. 2l7 'Anlon. Roberl l30. I76 Archibald. Miles 225 Armslrong. David ll3, l2l Armslroyng. Jerry 72. l2l Arndl. Eunice 92. I39 Arne, Donald 64, I33 Arneson. Leslie 89, l9l, 225 Asloield, Karen 92. I39. 206 Assman. Charles 72 Assman. Darlene 72. ll8. I37, l89 Allig. Verla VI22 Auger. Roberl 226 'Auslin. Douglas 96. I90. 208 Aulhier. Leah '44. l l0. l42, .I90. 204. 208. 209 Axness. Kaaren ll4. I90. 204 Ayers. Carol 92. II4. I39. I46. l9l 7 Ayers. Gaylord 44. l33. 2l3 Bahde Ray ll7 hr' Janice 64 l89 204 226 Ba Bahr Ralph 72 Baird James 86 227 Baker. Myrna 64. I22, I39 Balcom, Charles l03 Ballhagen, Jay l92, l93 Ballhggin, Lloyd 55, I49. 192, 193, l98.202. 206.222 Ballhagen, Norma l92 Ballzer. Arnold 55. 227 ' Ballzer. Thomas 64 Bandza. Allred 205 Banelc.'Merlyn 55. l92. l93 Bar. Malcom 72 Barloer. Arlan 55. l92. 2l7 Barnell, Joseph 94 Barnum. Eugene 64 Barrell. James 44 Barlholow. Thomas 98, 2l I, 2l7 Barllell. John' l25 Barllell. Roene 59. ll4 Barllell. Rulh 55, ll0. I37, l89. 2l7 Basquin. Roloerl 72 . Bauder, George 72. ll3 Bauer. George 98. l89 Beally, Beverly 247 Beauregard. Sharyn 55. I39 Beck. Fredric 72. Bedlord. Permella 72. l22. l37. 208 Beilzel, Roberl 98. I76 4 Bengslon. Dale 98. 2l0 Beniamin. Colleen 72, I37. l89 Bennell. Richard 72. ll7 Benson. Jean I22, I39 Benson. Orlon 2l0 Benlon. Carol 44. I22, I90. 204 Berg. Clillord IO3. 2lO , Berg. Len 64, ll3 Berglund. Pele 72 Berke. Richard 44. 205 Bernard. Ralph 98. l25. 2ll Berry, Gerald l30 4 Berry. John 64, ll7, . Berlrand. Marilyn 64. ll0. l89 Besom. Donald 44 Besom. Kalherine 45 ' Biclcel. Murlyn IO3. 2l0 Bieber. LeRoy 72 V Bieoer. Ronald 98. I33. 204 Bigelow. James 98. 2l0. 2l l ' Bigelow. Richard II3. I97. 202. 206. 225 Binder. Renee I22, I39. 208 Birlceland. Belly 92. I39, I46. l90 Birkholz, William 64 2 Blake. John 95 ' Blalcer. Elaine 55. ll8 H' Blakis, Ansis 73. 206 P Blaclcslone. Byron l30 Blackslone. Marlin l30. l57. I58 Blaschlce Bonnie 73 Bliven Roloerl 64 227 e Edice l22 5 e Jo 73 I22 I37 Boever John 98 l55 Bohllce Richard 99 Bomgaars Marvin 99 ' Bi..." ,i 1,210 y Blu' , , .208 273 Bor en. Alfred I30 Boriiwann. Dennis 45. II3. I43. I92. 202. 209 Born. Bernard 2I0 Born. Kermil I75 Bos. Harlan I92. I93 Boilum. Michael 225 Bowden. Carl 64 Bowker. Loraine 73 Boydslon. Sally 73. I37. I92 Bradshaw. Evereil 73. I7I Brands. John I63 Brandsberg. George 206. 222. 225 Brandi. Casey I49. 226 Bray. Thomas 64. II3 Brennan. James 55. I89 Brennan. Maurice 64. I33. I89 Brevik. Alan 64. I30. I63 Bringelson. Darrell 73 Brings. Nyal I74 Bromberg. Sally 64. II4. I9I. 204. 208. 224 Brooks. Brooks. Brown. Brown. Brown. Brown. Brown. Brown. Larry 73 Spencer 73 Allen IO3. I47 Dale 206 Glen 73. I25 Karen 73. II8. I39. I92. I93 Max 55 Shirley 99. I39, 206. 209. 2I0 Brubaker. Barbara 73. II8. I39 Bruce. David 55 BruiIaI'. Richard 99 Brunsvold. Waller I03 Bruyer. Elaine 73, II4. I89 Bruyer. Joanne I I4, I89 Bryanl. Elaine I22. 224 Bubak, Edward 204 Bucher. Elden IO3 Buckman. Barbara I39 I Buckman. William 64. 206 Buckmeier, Anlhony I03, II3. I35. I88. I89. 2l Buckmeier. Darrell I I7. 227 Buckslead. Joe IO3 Buell. Willis 64. I25 Buhn. Beverly 56. I39 Bunker. Thomas l03. 225 Burke. Mariorie 92, I37. I9I. 206 Burke. Shirley 56. I39. I90. 206. 2I3 Burns. James I26. I30 Burns. Richard I30. l58 Burlon. DoroI'hy 56. II8. I34. 203 Buschelman. Alyce 73. I39. 206 Bush. Roger 86 Bushnell. Gene 73. II7 Busker. James I57. I62 Busman. Gloria 73. IIO. I37 Buus. Norma 65. I37. 207. 222. 224 Byrnes. William 45. I33. I47 C Cahoy. Roberl 65 Campbell. Calvin I26 Campbell. Joey I39. 224 Campbell. Ronald I 25 Carlson. Melvin 227 Carlson. Roberi 73. I33 Carpenler. Roberl 56. I33. I65. I68 Carier. Francis 86 Carler. Gary I26 Case. Jerry I30 Calon. Louise 73. I37. I9I. 206 Ceravolo, Barbara II8 Chaffee. Thomas I47 Chamberlain. James 73. I7I Chamberlain, Marvin 65. I65. I69 Chamberlin. Thomas IO3. 206 Chamley. Joie I IO. 224. 226 Chaney. Cynihia 45, I29. I90. 204. 222 Chapman. Roberl I26 Chard. Daniel 73 Cheney. David 65 Chicoine. Marc I03 Chrisiensen. Clarice I22. I37. I92 Chrislensen. David 65. II7 Chrislensen, Donna 45. I I4, I I5. 207. 240 Chrisiensen. Joseph 73 Chrislensen. William 73 Chrislol. Judy 74. II8. I39 Clancey. Janice II4. I39 Clark. Cynlhia I37 Clark. Myrl 56. 205 Clawson. Richard 86 Cliilon. Mary II4 Clinkenbeard. Agnes 65. I39. 224 Clyde. John I26 Coe. David 73. I30 Collins. Charles I9I Collins. Sam 86. 202. 227 Connell, Beverly Il0 Conover. Clark 206 Conway. Nancy II4. 2I7 Conway. William 45. I26 Cooley. James 74. 204. 205. 2ll Cooley. Jody 74. IIO. I39. 224 Coomes. James 56. I30 Coomes. Larry 65. I25 Cooper. Ronald 74. I33 Corcoran. Roberl I I7 Collon. Jana I29. 224 Courey. George I30. I63 Cover. Anne 56. II4. 224. 232. 248 Cowles, Janel 65. II8. I92. I93 Cowman. Dale II7 Crampion. William 208. 2I0 Crandall. Elizabelh I22. 204. 224. 226 Crawford. John 74 Cribbs. Richard 90. 225 Cronk. Marilyn I37 Croson. Sharon 74. I22 Cross. Lawrence 65. I25 Crow. Johneile I I8. I39. I9I. 20I. 238 Cunningham. George 94. 204 Curnow. John 56. I90, 226 Culler. Elizabelh 74. I37. I92. I93. 2I7 jc DQIICY- O Dailey. Q D51 CY' K Dailey'-I DNS: I' D5?32C'i' Dgnie 54 Danleii. Danie Dgrf. Daw! Dean. 0eI.dY- Delze' Den Ha Dem nge Dgnneff DeR:::.q Desrneil Desrn:'f Deve'S. Dewad Dewiffil DeWi??, Dickey, Dicliifsci Dickscr. Diclscr Dieferd: Dierks. L Dieirich, Dillavzu, Dinger. Dolan, S Dolphin, Donal-gg Donalds: Donovar Dofsca. Dow, W Draine, 2 Dfey, Fr DVYCien, Dfyderr. DuBois. 1 guerre, ull , lj Duigileq, DUIISU-ge. Dulirgl DUIY- Le Duly. P,' Duncan Duhqaqi Dunn' D Dunn. R Dllfkeel DYer. SI Dvofekv DYl1e, U Dylmen Dahl, Jane 65, I22, I46. I89, 204. 231 Dailey. Leonard 65 Dailey, Murray 74. I63 Dailey. Teresa I I8 Dailey, Wilbur I I3 Dais, Marvin I03, 2I0 Danlorlh. Sara IIO. I37. I90. 204 Daniels. Clillon I65, I66. I70, 202 Daniels. Jimmie I65. I66 Danielson. Lynne 74. I9I, 206 Darr, David 90. I89. 225 Daughlers. Rolnerl 74 Dean. Lorella 74, I29. I9I, 204 DeBoI+. Don I2I DeLay. Palricia 65. I89. 2l7 Delzell, Allen II8, I46. I47. I89 Den I-Iarlog. John 225 Denlinger. Palricia 45, I39. I47, I9 Dennerl, Deanna IIO, I39 DeRoos. Gelvin 2I0. 2I I DeSmed+, Conslance 74. 204 Desmond. Allen I26, I35. I4I, I76 Devers. Connie IIO Dewalcl. Allan 74. I47. 206 Dewhirsl, Linda 74, I29, I37 DeWi'rI', Sarah 222 Diclcey. Verne I I3. 205 Dickinson, Gary 74. I33, I92 Dickson, James 99, l2I. I5l, I93, 202 Dickson, William I2I Diefendorli. James 99, I2I Dierlcs. Lowell 65 Dielrich. Elwood 74, I63 Dillavou. D. O. 56, I I7. 227 Dinger. Darrel 99, I78, 2I0 Disharoon, Roberlr 65, II7 Dolan. Sharon I29, I47 Dolphin, Gerald 99, 2I0' Donahoe. James II7. I46. I89 Donaldson. William II7 Donovan. Dennis 65 Dolson, Marilyn 65. I37 Dow, Wallace 94 Draine. Louis 65 Drey, Frances 56. I22 Dryden, Dee I30. I57 Dryden. John 74, I30 DuBois, Clarence 99 Duerre, William I2I Duffy. Donald II3. I79, I89 Duislermars, Verle I26 Duilsman. Henry 56 Dulin. Duane 74, I92 I93. 206 Dul Leslie 45, I43 I45, I99 203.222, 226 yi , l Duly. Priscilla 74. IIO. I37. 204. 222 Duncan. Donald I2I Duncan. Pa'rricIc 65 Dunn. Daryl 99 Dunn, Roberl II3 Durlcee. Louise 74, II4 Dyer. Shirley 65. I I4 Dvoralc. Ronald 74 Dylce, David 74, II3 Dylcman, Ray I63 Ealcins, I-Ienry I92, 204, 226 Easlon, James 226 Elaerle, Donald I2I Edinglon, Franlc I26 Edinglon, Roberl 74 Edwards, Creighlon 90, 225 Edwards, Ernesl 99, II7, I4I, I57, l58 Egemo. Rodney II7 Eqgen. Arlo 75, 206 Eqgen. Roger 206 Eggers, Myron I03 Eichbauer, Ronald I30, I63. I9l Eiesland, David 45, II7, I43, I78. I84, I9I, Eilders, Delberl I03, I92. 2I0 Elcloerg. Wanda 75. I39 Elcman. Mary 45. I22, I30, I42. I50. I92. 204 224 Elcman, William 65. I44, I47, I75, I92 Ellioll, Roberl 45 Ellis. Gerald 75, I26 Ellis, Roliberl' I26, I35, I44 Elshire, Wanda I04. I39 Elvin, Kalhryn 65. I37 Emigh. Dennis 65 Emigh, Donald 65 Emme. Owen 2I0 Engel, Jean 65, II8, I46. I92 Engel, William 56, I30 Englund, Nancy 45. 206, 222 Engman, Clarice I I4. 222, 224 Enrighl, John I26, I89 Enslrom. John I I7 Eplon, Ada I29. 222 Ericlcson. James I26 Erickson. Lewayne 75. I30 Ericlcson, Wally I26 Ericson. Donald I25 Ericsson, Roland 65, I26 Ernesl. Raymond I26 Ervin, Kay 75, I22, I37, l55, 222 Evans, Don I76 Evans, Mary I29 Evanson, Granl 75 Ewing. John II7, I43, l5I. I98. 202 Eyres, David 66, I46. I47. I90 F Fahrenwald, Joan 45. I46. 2l7 Fahrenwald. Myron 90, 225 Fairloanlcs. Marjorie 56, I29. 2l7, 22 Fairbanks. Rulh 99, I29, 2I0 Fansler, Jane IIO, I37. I89 Farrell. Thomas 45, I33, I89 Fasbender, Vernon 99, 2I0, 2I I Fennel, Mary 45, I I0, I42. 204, 240 Ferris, Richard II3. 227 Feyereisen, Vance 75, I92, I93 Ficlc, Eugene I26 Ficlcbohm, Marian 66 Filler, Slanley I30 . 203 2. 226 Finqerson. Glenn 66, I2I. 204. 208. 209 Field, Charles 75 Flanery, Richard I04. I26, 202 Flannery, Gerald I25 Fluhariy, Kaihleen 75, I22, I39, 224 Fluharly, Mary I22, I39, 204 Flynn, Barbara 66, I89, 224 Flynn, Mary I39, l89 Flynn, Palrick 225 Flynn, Vincenl II7, I89 Foghl, Linda 56, I22, I85, I97, 203 Foley, Philip l04 Folger, James 99 Forbes, Dick I73 Forbes, Donna 66, I37, I47, I89, 217 Foss, Jane? 66, I37 Fosler, Diane 75, I22, I37 Francis, Carier I89 Frandsen, Marilyn 56, IIO, I90, 208, 224, 23I Fransco, Ellen 66, I37, I89 Fravel, James I2I Freeburg, Wayne 66 Freeburn, Paul 46, II7 Freiberg, Karen I29, I46, 204, 208, 209 Freier, Arlee 92, I29, 2I7 French, Lee 225 French, Tipperfon 56, 227 Frey, Marlene 66, I37 Frey, Palricia 66, I29 Frieberg, Barbara I22, I37 Frieberg, Richard I2l, I89, 204, 205, 209 Frieberg, Roberl 46, I2l, I35, I43, I5l, I90, 205, 209 Friedland, Douglas 56, 227 Friedland. Janice 66 Friese, John I04, I2I Frink, Thomas 66, 2I7 Fry, Donald I04 Fry, Maurine 46, II8 Fuller, Anne 57, I22, I85, I98 Funk, Dean 46 Gabriel, LeRoy I57 Gager, Jerry 57 Galla, Edmund 57 Gallup, Mary 75, II4, I37 Gamage, I-larry 95 Gamer, William I26, I79 Gardiner, Jerry 57, I30 Garnmeisler, Alberl 96 Garrick, James I I3 Garlner, Dennis I89 Gales, Janel' 46, I22, I42, I49, l5I, I88, 204, 205 Geck, Sarah 57, II8, I39 Gehler, Donald 66, I04, I30 Gehler, Rober'r I30, I9I Gellerman, Fred 46, I2I, I45, I79 Gellerman, Gail I29 George, Johnna I I8 George, Tommy I I7 Gerken, Luana 62, I39, I75, I9I, 206 German, Thomas I2l, 225 Gellman, Barry I7l GiannonaH'i, Dean 46 Gibson, Mike 75, I2I Gibson, Nancy 75, I29, I39, I90, 2I7 276 Giedl, Wardell I04, 2I0 Gieser. Darold II3 Gilberlson, Mary I39, I89 Giles, Jean 75, IIO, I39, 224 Gillam, Palricia II4 Gillelie, Galen II7, I92 Gillelie, Janei 57, II4, I92, I93, 202 Glan'rz, Gerald 225 Glazier, Norma 66, I22, I39, I9I, 204 Glossinger, Ann 46, I37, I89, 206 Goefzinger, John 57, I89 Gommer, Donald 76, II7 Goodell, Barbara 57, I29 Goodier, Gordon I33 Gorman, Palricia 66, I I4, I89, 204. 208, 222 Gough, Charles 66, I46, 2I0 Gowan, Richard 46, I46, I5I, I88, I90, 226 Grabowski, Roberf 86 Graf, James I63 Graf, Slephen 76, I89, 227 Graff, John 57, II7, I45, I46, 202, 208. 23I Graham. Ronald I2I Grani, James 66, I30 Grass, Arlo I I7, I73 Graves, Roberf 57, I46, I47, 2I7 Gray, Maria I39 Greek, Peggy 76, II8, I37 Green, Thomas IO4, I30, I57, I58, I79, I84, I92 Greenhagen, Duaine I57, I60, I76 Greenough, William 46, l30, 226 Greenwood. James 46, I25, 227 Greenwood, Ronald 227 Greeny, Gordon I00, I25 Gregg, Sharon 76, I29, I39 Griebler, Louis 96 Grim, Gary 66 Grimme, Duane 57, 2I7 Grinnel, Ira 86, I90, 202, 206 Groon, Gerald 57 Groseclose, Chesier 96, I30, l3I, I35, I4I, 208 Grosvenor, Virginia 57, I39 Guhin, Michael, I30 Gulson, Cecilia I37, 226 Gunderson, Karla I29 Gunderson, Kalhleen I00, I42. 2I0, 2II Gunderson, Ralph 76 Gunderson, Roberl l04 Gurney, Dorolhy 76, I29, I39, 2I7 Guslafson, LaVern 76, I26 Guiierrez, Vincenl I33 Haan, Tony I57, I62 I-Iaar, Duane 226 l'laberer, Wyman 66 I-Iagedorn. Roberr 76, I63 I-Iagen, Ainsworlh 86, I33, I92, I93 I-Iagen, Charles 57, I92, 23I l'IagerIy, Richard I65, I68, I84 I-lagg, Doyle 225 I'Iagg, Gwendolyne I37, I9I I-Iagg, JoAnne I37, I9I I-Iaggari. Peler 208 I'IaighJr, Sondra IIO, I39 Hale. Arnold 66. l92. I93 Hale. Dale 46 Hale. Nona 57 Hale. Ronald 227 Hales. Nancy 76. II8. I37 Hall. Barbara 76. l29 Hall. John 67. II7 Haller. Phyllis 67. I37. Halverson. Marlys 46. Hamill. Roberi 227 I9l H4 Hammell. Jim 67. 227 Hammersirom. Roloerl l00 HammiH'. Consiance 57. I22. 204 Hammond. Carole 57. I37. I92. I93. 202. 203.206 Hampshire. Mar I92 Hansen Hansen Hansen Hansen Hansen Hansen Hansen Hansen Hanson Hanson Hanson Hanson. Y .Caiherine I I8. l90. 207. 226 Connie 47 Donna 58 Gene l30 Harley I04 Karen 47 Marlc 67. l47. l9l Roberi 67 Henry l00 James l57. I60. I73 Roger l04. 2l0 Shirley I39. 222 Hare. James 95 A Hargens. Bruce IO4. 206 Harlcsen. John I I3. 227 Harmel. Donald 67. I26 Harms. Dwayne 67 Harms, Gary 67. I2I. l33. l47. l75. 2l7 Harnois. John l04 Harringion. Cleo 58, l29. I47. 2I7 Harrison, William I25 Hariley. William I33 Harvey. Bernard 76. ll3 Harvey, Kenneih 67 Hasse.'Ann 47. I22. I23. I34. l42. l5l. I92 24I Hasse. Ellen 76. l22 7 Hasse. Paul 76. I22. I92 Hasvold, Richard 58 Hauffe. Harry l57. l60 Haug, Clyde I00. 2I I Haug. Doroihy 47 Hauge. Merle I00. l30 f Haugland. Maurice l57. l60. l65. I68. l70 Hausvilc. James 67. I25 Hawley. Byron 76 . ' Heaolle Richard 67, I25 I47 y, . Headriclc. Norberl I04. l2I. 208 Heaih. Burion 67 Heaihcoie, Melvin I63. l65. l92. Hedin, Leroy IO4 Heffernan. Donald I04. I30. I74. I89. 209 Heinbaugh. Clarlc I26 Heinz. Amaryllis 67. I22. I46, l92. 204 Heise. Roberia 58. II8 Heliensiein. Harvey I26 Helland. Norma I00, I37. I39. 207 Hellwig. Connie I I0 Hellwig. LeRoy l2l Hendrickson. Geraldine 222 Hendrickson. Kenneih 58, 130 I99. 207, 277 Henkins. Pai 'c' 'IO 139 Hannah, Doriialda iss. 17: ' 204' 224 Henrich. Mary 67. Il0 I89 208 2 Henrie. Harold 225 I I 46 Hermanelc. Jerald l75 Herreid, Marcia lI0. I37 Herrold, James 77. II7. l9l Herlz. Leo 95 Heupel. Alden 225 Heupel. Marion I39, l9l Hewes. Diane I29, I49 Heyer. Raymond I2i Heyer. William 2I7 Hicks, Beniamin 225 Hieb. Lillian 77, iio. I37 Hill, Elmer 96 Hill. Gary 77, II3 Hillen. Cliiiord I89 Hillon. James l25 Hilion. Karen 57. I I4. 224 Hines. Thomas 225 Hinsey, Sharon ll0. I39. l92. 204 Hoieldl. Larry 77. l7l Hoff. Harlan 77. 206 Hoffman. Peler I96. 206 Hoggall. John 58. I26. I46. I92. I93 Hogie, William l30 Holben. Marslon l2l Holder. John I I3 Holland. Ronald 58. I30. l47, 2I7 Holleman, Peler l30 Holm. Verne IO4 Holi, John IO4. I25. 209. 2ll Hommel, Pairicia 77. ll0 Hood. John II7, I63 Horning. Russell l04 Horion. Eugene 77 Houdersheldi. Glen 77. I63, I7l Houlz. Jim I04 Hove. Conrad 206 Hovland. James 225 Howell. Edward 77 Hoy. Nancy 47, I22. I5l. 204. 242 Huber. Gerald 67 Huberi, Earl 87 Hueschen. George 2l7 Hueison, Lois 58. I IO. 222, 224 Huii. John 77 Hughes. Karen II8. I39 i Huisman. Sharon II8. I37 Hull. Dennis 77. ll3 Hummel. Wesley 58 Hungale. Jeanne 77, I39 Hunsalcer, William I7l Hunisinger, James 47, I25. l4I Husan, Herman l9I Husied, Rolf 90, 225 Hulchison. Terry 58. I2l. I35 Hyde, Dean 58. 227 Hyde. Marilyn 77. I37. 206 . Hyde. Gwen I25 Hyden. Andrew 90. 225 Hyllesled. Sandra 77, I22. I37, 224 Ice. Vernelle 77. II4. I37 Ide. James I26 Idema. Idema. Ingalls, John 67 William I I3 Kennelh 67. l2l. I44 Iverson. Gary I63. I7I Iverson. Gene I63. I7I Jacobsen. Lowell I25 Jacoby. Richard 47. II3. I43. I47. 203, 2I7 Janis. John 225 Jarman. Eugene I89 Jarvis. Joan 77. II8, I39. I92. 204. 208 Jaquilh. Val 58 Jeffs. Richard 227 Jenkins. Terry 47. I24. I25. I5I, I90. 226 Jenlcins. William I26. I55. I76. I84 Jenniges. Shirley 67. lI0 Jensen Jensen Jensen . George I9I. 206 .Gordon 67 . Harold 2I7 Jensen. Hazel I47. 2I7 Jensen. James 227 Jensen . Karen l22, I39. 222 Jensen. Ronald 58. I33. I89. 204. 222 Jensen Johans Johans Johns. Johnso Johnso Johnso Johnso Johnso Johnso Johnso Johnso Johnso Johnso Johnso Johnso . Roy 226 en, Sylvia 77. I39. I90. 2I7 en, Zila 58. II8, I39 Ellis 99. 2II n, Burdeffe 77 n. Carl 47. I50, I57. I58. I59. I73 n, Daniel 58. II3. I46. I92 n. Delores II4, I39 n. Duane 58. I9I. 206 n. Georgianna 67. 2I I, 2I7 n. Harold I33. I65. I68 n. JoAnne I I0 n. LeRoy 227 n. Lorin 47. I33. 202 n. Marla I25. I57. I60, I73. I84 n, Orwin 77 Johnson, Pa'rricia 77. I39. I90. 206 Johnso Johnso Johnso Johnso Jonas Jonas Jones Jones Jones Jones Jones Jones Jones, Jordah n. Richard l30 n. Roberl 90. 225 n. Viclor I30 n. Warren 47. I25. I92. 227 Allen 89. I92. 225 William 77 Barbara I37. I92. 206 Barre'r'r II3 Eugene 47. I89 Judilh 58. I29 Richard 227 Troy 67. II7 Wayne 78. II7 I, JoAnn 47. II8, I42. I50. 202. 226 Jordan. Barry 67 Jorgen Jorgen sen. Donald 58, 227 sen, Janel' 47. II4 Jorgensen. Larry 78 P Joss, Chrisline 67, II4. I37 Ili, F' Judge. John 90. 225 K':',. Juhnke. Mildred 77, 139, 191, 206 ,MQW ' .- I Kceif' K'-if , 4" K.,,'3 . 4-' Kaasch. Michael 78 .Q- Kabeiseman. John 96 Kahler, Joanne I I8, 208. 209 Y Kaiser, Daniel 67, II3 -3, Kalb, Wilbur 47, I25. 222 Kanaclc. Glenn I63 Kandaras, I-Iomer 202, 205. 206. 208. 209 Kapfer. Janice I39 Karsl. Kleo 59 Karsl. Merlyn I00, I49 Kaufman. Denver 95 Kearns. Mary 48, I39 Keiser. Loran 67 Kelley. John I26 Kelley, Vance 78 Kelsey, Kay I37 Kemerling, Charles 78 Kemper, Carlos 78. I30. I63 Kennedy, Eugene I30 5: - Kennedy. James I2I. I78, I85. 227 L5-5 Kern, Paul 59. II7 ir- - Kessler. Gerald 225 s-- nf L-. Kiehlbauch. John II9. I30. I63 L5-Q5 Kielman. Roger 68, I75 L ' ' Kiernan. Thomas 89. 225 ' .,u KV rl. ,. K n46 . I -g' K... . - A--5-. . -. I.. ... Kiewel, Claylon I65. I67. I70 Kinney, George I05 Kinney. Margene I I8. I55 Kirkham, Dan II7 , Kirlcpalriclc. Kennelh I05. II3 L11 Kifley. Laurin 59, iio, I92, 193. 204. 230 fj- Killelson, Desmond I05. I I7. 204 I-1- Klawiler. Wally I30 Liziegf Kleinian, Lyle 48, I92, 2:5 Q Kling. Fred I00 'eff' - Kloclc. Joseph 59. II8, 225 Ifff -- Kloclc. Richard I30, I75 lefff- Kluclcman. Jerauld I05. 2I0 le--I Knapp. Randall 59. 227 L99 f Knechl. I-Iarrold I92 lem:- Knudson. Delmar '90, 225 lite-- Knulson, Mavis 78. I39. 206 Lev-3-3 Knulson, Thomas I I3 ISM: , Knulson, William 59 le--I 2 Koeniguer. Paul 78, I25 le:-5.. Kom. Marlow l00. 2I0 le:-5,1 ' Koplin. Ronald II3 leg-5.1 I Koppenhoeler, Kennelh 95 leig 'ef Q Koslloolh, Richard 78 leg. - ' Kolh. I-Ioward I05. I25 leg., Kragness, Noel 59, 227 L' Krahn. Wayne 48. I32. I33. l35. l4I. 233 Lie 8 Kreulzleldl. Janel 48. II4. I34. I9I Le k 3 - -- q Q ef v. . K .A sE Kriiger. Paul I46 Lie. "iff Kriiger. Renee 69. 225 LTC., A I Kroger. Gene l30. 227 Ili, QW Krogman. Franklyn 59. I26. I89. 227 ff' - mfs I L. ux na I v xx uN"! :Arr 1 'fn -fum , ww : rw ' ,,Ir:gfAgfvg4- ,ge 1.11,-r N -nh ,,,,,,,A,w,L ww!! V - - . 2-.'.- ,.-, H fwf. - sz- ,..f.,1--:if-.1--:f:1::"f. -" - ,.i Krogslad, Roberl 204 Kromer, Allan l I3 Kroon, Slanlon 48 Kroupa, Roberl 68, I26, I92, I93, 200, 203 Krueger, Ivan 2l0 Krueger, James 59, I30 Krueger, Ronald 105 Krumm, Carolyn 68, I22. I39, 204, 226, 238 Kruse. Marlin I05, I74 Kucera, James 95, I89 Kuesler, Roberl 48 Kunlcel, John I89 Kunslle, Howard 94 Kulz, Myron 68 Kvidahl, Roberl 2l7 Labbill, Beverly I39 Lalley, Jerry 59 LaGoll, John 78, I7I Lambrechl, LeRoy 87 Lamlce, Daniel ll3 Lammers, Jerome 68, I22, I35 Landgrebe, John 87 Lane, Sharon 78, I22, I37, 208 Lang, Howard 225 Lang, Mary 129, 149, I85, 190, 204, Lange, Alan I39, I57, I85, I9l Langenleld, James 78, I89 Larsen, Gary II7, l7l Larsen, Jerelyn 68, I22. I39 Larson, Dennis 78 Larson, Ellie 92, I39, I9l Larson, Gary 59, I I3, 227 Larson, Roberl 100, 2l0 Larson, Valerie 92 Lassegard, Slanley IO5, 2II Lauer, Richard 78, I26 Leach, Duane 48, I57, I62, I73 Lealsledl, Sluarl 78, I30 LeBeau, Ardis I39, 206 LeDuc, Gerald II3, I76, I89 Lee, Olive 48, l37, I92, I93 Lehman, Carol 78, II4, l90, 2l7 Leilerman, Roloerl IO5, I89 Lemonds, Thomas I I3 Lenlz, LeRoy 2I I Lenlz, Roland 226 Leonard, Donald 78 Leonard, James 78 Leonard, Nels I47 Lelellier, Beverly 78, I37, I9l, 206 Lewin, Travis 204, 208 Lewison, Jeanelle 68, 206 Lidel, Philip so, 227 Liebe, Charles I I3 Lien, Joseph I25 Lielzlce, Mary 78, llO, l39, I89 Lighl Charles 96 202 Lilly Slanley 48 I33 227 L Douglas 48 II7 5 Ln Willard 60 I05 I33 207. 208, 226 7 2I7 7 Linderman, Joan l05, I22. 2IO Lmdslrom, Lesler 87 Linlc, Belly II8, I55 Lilschewslci, Gerald I76 Lillau, Reuben 202 Lloyd, Janice II8, l34, l85, l90, 203 208 Loe, Craig I33, I47, 2l7 Loeloe, Lyndon II4, I37 Long, Avery II7, I84 Looloy, Mary 78, IIO, I39, 224 Looby, Richard I30 Loomis, Larry l7I Lovell, Elwin 78, I63 Luck, JoAnn 78, I37, l9I Lueclr, Anna 79, I37, l9I Luerssen, Richard II7, I9I Lulce, Warren 79 Lund, Palricia I I0 Lundberg, Grvel 95, I9l, 208 Lyons, John 2I7 Lyso, Orville 48, 227 N1 VcArlhur. O. R. I49 McCahren, Kalherine 60, I29, 224 N4cCahren, Mick I2I, I35, l4l McCain, John 68, II7, I46 McCarlney, Dean 79 McClure, Donald I2l lVcCluslcey, Peggy 79. II8, I37 McDermoll, John 49, II7, I46 McFarland, Belly 60, I39, 202 Mcllarland, Molly 79 McGill, l-lugh lI3 lVcKamy, LeRoy 79 McKay, Judilh I39 McKee, Roberl I26, I63 McKenzie, Donna 79, II4, I39, I92, 202 24 McKeon, George I57, I62 McLaughlin, James I00, II3. I29, I89 208 2l0 2ll McLaughlin, Janel 49 McLaughlin, Mary I I0 1 McLeod. Glenis 2l7 McMurchie, Boyd I25 VcMurray, Kennelh 60 Mchlerney, Michael I30 Vach, Milo 68 hfacheali, Mary l29, I49, 224, 226 Madden, Mary I39 Madigan, John 48, 202 Madson, Donald 87 Madson, Elsie 48 Vahan, John 49 Vlahaney, Allen ,I30, I65, I69 Nahloch, Nancy 99, II8, l39. l9l Mahoney. Sharon 68, I39. 2l7 Maisch, Gorden 7I, l25 Malcom, Wayne I63 Valone, Lyle 49. l33 iallhesen Beverly l39 207 anlce Frances 68 IIO I46 04 anning Donald 79 1 - M ' , .dl ' A8 if H. ind. ' . . .141 -22 V ' 279 Marlcey, William II7 Marlow, Leon I I3 Marple, Charles 60, l2I Marshall, Leona 79, IIO, I37 Marlin, Jerome I4I, 206. 226, 227 Marlin, Rolaerl 49, I30, I43, I78, I79, I85 Marx, Gary 79, I90 Maslcer, Donald 49, II7 Nason, Beverly 79, II8, I39 Maleiclca, James I89 Malhisen, Duane 79 lvorrissey. Jerry I I7 Morlensen, George IOI, 2I0 Morlrude, Kay 79, I29, I37, 204, 224 Moser, Duane 79 Voshier, Gwendolyn 68, lI0 Moss, Jeanelle 68, I39 Mullaney, James 79 Vulliner, Myron 68 Mundorll, Mona 243 Vlundl, Roberl 79, I25, I47, I89 Vunnelqe, Lyle 89 lvalouselc, William 49, I30, I46, I5I, I73, I78, I79, Vurray. Roloerl II7 I84, 227 Mallhews, James 226 Mallhews, Juanila 92 Mallson, John I25 Maulis, Ruben I92, I93, 2lI Maunders, Darrell 227 Maxner, Sharon 79, II4 Mayrose, William 208 Vusoll, William IOI, ll3, I4I. I79, I84, I88, I9l,2II Myers, Glenn I06 Vlyron, Douglas l75 Nehner, Daniel l00, l9I, 2l0 Nason' Roberl I2I' I44 Meidinger, Floyd 96 Rei' YeU'I-Sli Neleen, Janice 68, I89 eprayan' 6' Neleenl Richard I89' 222 iNeilan, Deene I55, I57, I62, I76, I88 Meugren' Mina 87 lxein, Shirley iso, I39, 191, 224,249 Memmer, Russell I00 Messner, Milo 95, I89, 225 Michael, Larry 60, II3 Miclcelson, Palricia 60, IIO, I85, I92, 204, 207. 224 Mickelson, Roger 60, I30, I99, 200, 203, 226 Middlelon, Richard l2I Mi Ioerg, James I00, I25 Mieham, I-Iomer 49 Mi er, LaVOnne IO5, I l0, I89, 204, 208, 2l I Mi er, Lesler IOI, 2I0 Mi er, Margarel IIO, I90, 224 Mi er, Marilynn I39 Mi er, Mary 79, ll0, I39 Mi er, Morlon 89, 226 Mi er, Palricia I37, 224, 236 Mi er, Ronald I26 Mi er, Shirley 68, II8 Mi er, William II7 , Mi ne, John 68, II7, I75 M'riam 60, II8, 2 0 ' N iXeson, Allan 79, I92, I93 Xie son, Carl 60, II3 - eson, DeWayne 79 Neson, Eileen 80, I37, I9I iNeson, Gary 68, I25, I45, I75 Xe son, I-loloarl l2I Xeson, James 96 Ye son, Janel 68, l22, I46 Ye son, Joanne 92, I39 Xeson, Phyllis 80, I39 Ne son, Richard l0l, I33, I96 Xe son, Rodger 225 lx eson, Roger I65, I66, I73 Neson. Ronald I30, 227 Xe son, Shirley I39 Xe son, Slanley 225 IN eson, Virgil 50, 205 ' Neurolh, John I30, I44, I57, I62, I78, I88 I Neville, Mary 68, II8, 207, 224 lx ewlon, Kay 69, II8, I46, 2I7 Mine, i I , Milchell, Meme sa. ua, I90. 204 QCIWOIS- Wayne 90- 226 Millelpunkl, Allen 90, 225 Millelslaedl, Roberl 208 Mizerny, Ken I7I A Moeller, Donna 79, II4, I39, I92, I93 icliel, Charles l9I Xield, Viclor IOI, 2l0 Noaclc, Calherine I l0, I90, 204, 2I0, 224 Noble, David 80, I30 Moen, Clyde noi, ll3,2lI IYOQGISS- Luis '06 Moller, Chris I9I, 225 Momsen, I-larold IOI Monson, Charles 89, 225 Moon, Ronald 60, I47, 2l7 Mooney, Lee II6, II7 Moore, Roberl I I7 Moore, Thomas I26, I45, I49 Moorhead, Elizabelh 79, I39, I92, 2I7 Moran, James I63 Morey, Irene 79 Nolan, John 226 X oleboom, Gary 80, II3, I90 iXoval4, Raymond 69, 225 X, ygaard, Jacqueline 69, II8 Xyman, Gary 69 Oalcland, Viclci 80, II8, I37 Moffeldl ROFWIG 87 Oales, Ross ao, 126, I92 Moffe Cl- W'll'am 89- 225 o'cOnnOr, Michslene 69, II4, I89, 222 Mofqanf DGVICI 79' I47- 2I7 O'Connor, Suzanne IIO. I89 MOFQC-ln, Marshall IOS Odeen, Philip 50, I43, I44, I52, I78, I79, I85, 202. Morin, Michael I2I 203' 209 , wif Of""l,,.5-' fg5f:,', . ' P, ow ix' I. MY' Gwipf 25' , . , vjlfi are ,mis ' .l if-'ig' 77 ifrfll. GG' i' ' Ol:-, Ffa" ' OILS' Mei.. ,' 5-,,. Og! ..a" . -,pl 0Ne P Opr 'il -'I' lv" A Ofivfif 'ri OH- -- 5438 45" , 503.5 osx" 7 0 t rl no Cffr s .5 ' 015- r::+f" f' O4 xg Gil' , . . Nr, ,,.. Pe: -f - 2 rv- Pei, rc 2-:' Pal-e' 4:11 Fe's:'f 521-2" Pesscv Swv' Pefcl, ic:-e" Pe??e1-:' :ui Pe:.s:'.3:-3: Pauls? f : p,,.,i..f., :, U' uf -4 U 'Q 'X Pay. L-:.l: ez : pEiIC:E'. fr-I P C Pemcme nga PGP:-21 'Emi L2"'u Pefeit' Ce-e P9iE'S2', F-.M Pe?e'a:- ?'-,fr Fefe?" -avi Pear 5,4 i 'I P F, Y Amen!! 1 Ut:-ed, . P?E.5..h': l- . . L' . "w. 9 I Elk Levy leg' gif A.: V P56134 L. Piefg? im, 57' - ' is Pipe: Deg. L. 5 .,' 5' PQ! 7 3 'YK M -I CPA., PUI'Ifg,. .IDM 1 ' -iti- !l'Ar 5. 5, ' , v PQQM H9419 P022 Ke' Qfu' Per? Nj!" P ' kI,"! wg off, 'gr 4.4 PM 'Af-'P' P le' mv. Lmjg I esen LaVerne IIO I89 224 1ver Ard1Ih I39 2l0 sberg Galen I44 I92 I93 227 Dean IOI I30 Karen 50 I 8 I9 IQ7 207 240 OOOOOOO 5 Ro erla 69 II8 I90 5 Ronald 208 S A ur 60 II7 I73 05 s Charlolle 50 I29 I90 204 208, 209 son, Fran in I33 son, Marlin II3 son, Ross 90, 226 O'Ne1ll, John 2I I O'Rourlce,Jud1lh 80, II4, I39, I89, 224 Orlmeier, Denny 69 Osburn, George I49 Oslby, Ronald 69, II3, I9I 0ll',Elv1ra 69, I39 Ollo, Roberl I63 Oullaw, Gary I49 4' , Y 4,4 4,4, A -A A WM A ' 4-4 1:,f-4-.- ,- . ' , 2 -. . m u-1 - Q9 O O CD CD CD CD l 3 3 3 3 3 3 ,461 - - - - - - U A.,., . 1 - , 3' O- E ' .S+ - - I ' on ' , fi - .p. -P - ,Z 46 ' 3 N 5 E 90 if .ig Ji 20 :QQ .qi O :Yi LA, ,Pu - Iii 'ii 43 ,Ei - -- ,., - - - - - - - NJ Q rv 11 - U-1 on , l -, E no 5.5 - so 'O P Padrnos, Dennis II7, I35, I45, 233 Palc, l'lyo Bom 87 Palmer, James I26, I92 Parsons, Roberl 50, I92. I93. 227 Pashby, Cheryl I22, 204, 209 Palch, Roberl 2I0 Pallerson, Paul 69 Paulson, David D. 80, I2I, I30 Paulson, David L. IOI Pavlovics, Brigila I37, I9I Pay, Douglas 69, I26 Pellcoler, Dennis 80, I63, I7I Pembroke, Roberl 80 Peppers, Gerald 225 Peshelc, Larry 50 Pelersen Pelerson, Pelerson Pelerson Pelerson Pelerson Pelly, A Marlin 80 Dale 69 l-larold 80 Phyllis 80, I92, I93, 206 Roger 204 .v6r166 00, 139, 192, 193, 206 11666 69, 114, 146, I9I, 224 Pelly, Delberl I06, 2I0 Plisler, Faris I76 Phillips, Jaclc 69, I I7 Pier, Leonard I2I Pier, William I06, II3 Piersdorli, Raoul 50 Pierson, William 90, 225 Piper, Dean 69 Plall, Julie II8, I85, 200, 203 Poches, Charles IOI I Pohlman, John l2I Polenz, Marge I22 Polisler, Reuben 90, 225 Polzien, Henry 50, 227 Pool, Karen I37 Por'r, Lloyd I06, 2I0 Porler, Alberl 80 Porler, Palriclc 50, I76 Posey. Loran IOI, I30 Poller Audrae 80 IIO Poller Leonard 80 5 Poulos James II7 Powers Donald 90 Powell Perry 60 227 EOWSI Vlfgll 80 I63 owe Willard 60 I2l I89 Prall W1ll1am 69 208 Preslbo Donald II3 llir1ceL, Infarren 95 ros ro o, Palr 50, I I0 Frm' Joseph Zio , 111, I34, 203, 204, 208 Pugh. Roberl I26 Puhl. K6-1+14 106, 147, 206 Querna. 1v161y16 60, 122, I90, 204, 222 R Raabe, Alvera 80, I26, I37, I8I Raby, Alan 50, I33 Radaclc, Thomas I47 Raish, James 80 Ranney, Thomas I30 Ranlapaa, Dorolhy 80, II4, I39 Ralhburn, Floyd I57, I62 , Rasmussen, Dawayne 8I, I2I Rallilf, Coleen I92, I93, 222 Rawlings, John 69, I26 Rayburn, Theo I29, I46, I48, I9I, 2I7 Reade, Gerald 96 Redfield, Jean 60, I22, I92, 202, 204 Redfield, Roberl 69, I30, 209 Redmond, Jaclc 96 Reed, Donald 96 Reedy, Barbara I29 Reedy, Carol 50, II4, 226 Regan, Palriclc 69, I2I, 204 Reibsamen, Gary 8I, I92 Reid, Jaclc 90, 226 Reid, James I06, I30, I44, I57, I58, I79, l84 Renne, Maylou I22, I90 Reyniclc. Eugene 8I, I57, I58, I73 Reynolds, Elizabelh 2I7 Rich, Thomas I06, II7, 204, 23I Richards. Gary I26, 203, 23I Richardson, Harold 6I, 227 Richmond, Roberl 50 Richler, Barbara 8I, I39 Rieb, William II7, l75 Riemann, James I2I Riemann, Joanne 8l, I29, I37, I9I, 204 Riggs, lslea 5I, I22, 204 Riggs, Peggy I55 Risluben, Peler 226 Rillenhouse. JOhV1 225 Roberlson, Paul 6I, 2I7 Robinson'iSEsaJn gl. '84 o er . . 1216616116 61, 110, 134, 185, 209, 245 Rohmiller, Ronald 8I Smilh, Rol. Sharon 8l. ll0. I39 Roland. Audrey 8l. I37. 204 Roland. Jerry IO6. l30 Roper. Sandra 69. I37. 237 Rose. Fern 69 Rose. James 5l Rossing. William 89. l9l. 225 Rossman. Lawrence 6l. l89 Rossow. Lois 6l. l22. l85, 204. 246 Rolh. Daryle l2l Rowan. Marjorie 5l Rowse. Roberl l33 Rud. James 225 Rueb. Mary 8l, ll0. I39. I89 Ruhr. Charles 69. I26, I99 Runge. Karen 8l. ll0. l37. 208 Runge. Ronald 95 Rush. Marilyn 8l. l22. I37. 208 Russell. Byron 8l. l30 Russell. James I78 Ryan. Palriclc 5l Ryan, Roberl l2l Ryan, Thomas 8l. 206. 2l7 Rysavy. Augusl l0l Saalholf. Donald 8l 207. 224, 23I. 244. Salmon. Annelle I06. l39. l85. l9l, 207. 2l0 Sanford. Jaclc l2l. l63 Sarlf. Jim 69 Sauder. Blaine I49 Saunders. Mary l29 Saxlon. Jane 5l. l28. l29. l34. 207 Schaefer. Raymond l0l Schaffer. Dolores 92 Schamber. Ray l57. l59. l60. I73. I74 SCl1al'Z. William lOl. l l3. 2l0 Schempp. Karen ll0. I39. l90 Scheneclcer. William IO2. l2l Scheurenbrand. James I26 Schiefen. Jerome 82 Schimlcal, Clinlon 82 Schlaefli. Alma 82. I39. 206 Schliecher. Gerald 6l. 205 Schlimgen. Larry l02 Schmid. Arnold 82 Schneider. Roberl I89 Schoenewe, Irene 87. 2l0 Schoenewe. Ramon 70 Schrawger. Sharon 70, l I4. 224 Schroeder. Dorolhy I29. 2l0 Schroepler. Daniel 6l. II7. l57 Schull. Deanna 82. ll8. I37 Schullz. Cleon 225 Schullz. Russell l25 Schulz. John 70. I33 Schumacher, David l06. l57 Schumacher. Mary 6l. l22 Schumacher. Roberl 5l Schumacher. William l02 Schwalm. Lorraine 82. I37. I92. I93. 206 Schwarlz. Harry l2l Schweinefus. Raymond 89. 226 Scobell, Keilh 82 Scoll. Alden 5l, I47 Scoll. Gordon I I7 Scribner. Kenl 82. II3, I92, 204 Seibel. Willie II7, l57. l60 Seiler. Kafherine 5l seller, Lilly 82, 206 Seivar. Joseph 82 Selcherl, Cynlhia I37, l9l. 209 Selover. Peler ll3 Semmler, Darlene 82, l39, l9l Senllner. James l I7 Severson. Joel 82. l30 Sevon. William 87. 227 Shallanis. Dennis 82. l9l Shaul. Ellon 82, II3. 209 Shaver, Keilh 82. ll3 Sheppard, James II7 Sherard. Darrell 82, 206 Sherer, Clinlon 70 Shouse. Jean 82. I37 Shin. Yung Soo I92 Shull, George l06 Shull. Jane 70. ll8. l55. l90. 204, 207 Shumansliy. William l30, I63 Sieglall. l"larold 5l, 225. 226 Sieler. Roberl l57, l58 Simanlel. Larry 6l Simeon. Laurence 82, l63. l7l Simmons. Carole l I0 Simmons, Thomas l2l Simons. Melvin I49 Simons, Richard 82. I97 Simpson. Janice 82. ll0. I37, l90. 224 Simpson. Sandra I22. I37. 208. 224 Sislco, Louis 87 Siswiclq. John l02. 2l0 Siu. Rosa 70, I37 Siswiclc, John l90 Slcillman, Rodney 70. l30 Slcinner. Donald l02 Slcinner. Edward 6l Slocum, Kenlr 2l3 Slulca. Jacob 227 Smebalclren. Sharon 5l. I22. I88. l89 Smiley. John 90. 225 Smiley. Kay 247 Smiley. Marilyn 70. I22. I39 Smil, Roy 226 Smilh. Carl 5l. l90. 208. 226 Smilh. Earl 206 Smilh. Francis 226 Smilh. Fred I26 Smilh. Gail 89, l29. l37. 204 Smilh. Gerald l30 Smilh. Kermil 226 Smilh, Lola 70. I37. 209 Richard l2l Smilh. Sally 82. ll4. I39. l90 Snyder. Dianne 6I. I29. I34. 224 Soloman, Karoline 92. I37. l92. I93. 222, 224 Sonnenlield. John 62. I89. 206 Sorensen. Arlis 206. 222 Sorensen. Dennis I I3 Sorensen. Eleanor 82, 206 Sorensen. Lowell 89. 225 I ggrffsc ,L i r V Svafi 7, A lf Sch ,,,. Scif Z., AP uf' ,v Sp. A ,J SFLJ: Spli 7 s SfeC'f ' Sie'5f' SWG' lV:. Sur' s.,- lv .s ' ' a V ,wi ' 36. ' S'e:'S'i' S?e:'1'1" Siege Le.: Siege'-E Sfe 9'. ' Sfe. Sie'-:Ee , . S'e:if'11' ' - no "' Sfe. - S'e- e'f if' Siew-" U i .1 Sfeaen 1 S'ew:" Sie-e" S.e...-V. 5"e X 29"9eC ' A . f uv -E:L,-N ' x ZJ,JQ'f fn ,Af P 0 NJ... ' fCEC'9' -Ae.-.,. 5 fs... 1 'noob Xl Hy. ll . i 5 TC e'y' pf! 4-.., G, - S S S S S S, .. . S S... -. Sicrerezi Si-fhy Sf' Sig'-f " C5 Skye' :E 3 : Sirgug-A Sher, in S'lrQl--- ' 5 . ' n i7""" In s ,, B 3. SU -YQ" U-6 Sul'T1Fer Siiffs-vc, Swe-z Q:,A S""i'f'5e' kai. Swdfsc- Sweage.- s......j, SWQS-et T. Svve-53,12 E Szflwgir sie iiiff' si fi' Ce TQQA In lu" X:: ..- A' , .. A ,I -. Sorensen, Norma 83, 206 Soulcup, David 70. I33 Sparks. Mary 70, l22, I39, 204 Spaulding, Mary 83 Speigel, Della 83, I22, I37 Spies, Charles 62, l33 Spilde, Darrell 62. I25, 227 Spilde. Roloer+a 224 Spiry, Bill I57 Sladheim, Nila l22, I39, 204 Slander, Evelyn I37 Sfanelc, Dwayne 70 S'l'angel, Roberl 70, I26 Sfapf. Carl l9l Slearns, Beverly 70. IIO, l9I, 204. 222 Sledronslcy, Joan 83, II8, I37, 2l7 Sledronslcy, Virginia 62 Sleece, Fred 87, 227 Slefferud, Telmer 83 Sleller. Roberl 2l0 Slelzmiller, John 5I. ll7, I73 Slengel, John I07, I I3, 2l I Srephenson, Roberl 5I, I33, I47. 203, 2I7 Slern, Timolhy 70, l30 Slevens Slewa rl S'rewar1', S+ewar+, Slewa rl, S+ewar'r. Sandra 70, ll8 ,Charlys 83, Il0, I37 Jaclc l3O. I76 Janice 248 Roberl 83, ll7, l7l Sonia 5I, I22, l52, 203 Sliegelmeyer, Carol 52. II4 Sliles, Charles 62, I26, l45, 226 Slivers, William 70 Sloclzburger, Duane I26 Sloeloner, Darrold 90, I76. 225 Sloebner. Myron 62, II3 Sloffr, William l2I Slolley. DeWayne 52 Slone. Gayne 83. ll7, I74. I92 Sfonebaclc. George 70. I25 Slory, Demaree 62, I47, 227 Slory, Barbara 70 Slover, Roberl 87 ' Slrawbridge, Millon I25 Slroh, Mary II8, 137 Slrohmeier, Elizabelh 70, Il8, I46 Slrong, Brad I65, l68 Sludenberg, David 225 Sullivan, Mary 52, II4 Sumner, Harvey IO7 Sundslrom, Charles 70 Swan. Roberl 225 Swander, Harry 83, II3 Swanson, Phillip 83 Swedberg. Roberl 83, 206 Sweeney, Darwin IO7, II3 Swennes, John 62. I25. I47, 222 Swenson, Courlland I47, 2l7 Szczurek. Jeaneane 70. IIO, I37 Taglow, Gloria IO7, I39 Taylor, Calvin 83, l89, 204. 205. 205 Taylor, Roberl P. 62 ,u .i,1f 1 ff--T-ysnfzwlfrria-rfzefe-ara. -,,, L . .fi 'i':11L'-131 Taylor, Robe +T, l30 Terry, Richarii 62 Terwillig , D ld Terwnr er one 52.117.133,173 'gen ROY 70. II7, Texel, Eddie 83, I47 TTS' TS7' TS8' T75 Tharpe, Roloerl 52 Thelen, Al I76 WGS- Marv 71. 137 192 193 206 Tholk,CI 93' ' ' Thol2neJaara l' I l22' I37' TSS' 208' 228 . cqueine 83, I Thomas, Jay 83, I47, 2174. Tw' 224 Thompson, Emmell 52, I33 Tlwmpson. Harold 83, 217 Thompson. Larry l75 Thompson, Roberl 83, I63 Thompson, Theodore 52, l2I, 205 Thoreson, Karen I07, l29, l85. 192 202 21' Thoreson. Laurel 7I I ' Thorne, Jeanne 83, I37, 204, 222 Thorson, Blaine I76 Thorson, Donald 83 Tichola, Lois 7I. I39 Tiesen. Gary 52 Tieszen, Arden 52 Tieszen, Rodney IO7 Tigerl, Roger 206 Tincher, Mary I37 Tisher, Craig 62, l30, I46 Tobin. Nancy 7l, l I0, l89, 202, 204, 208, 23l Todd. Audrey 83, I39, l9I, 206 Tollefson, Roberl 83 Tomas, Mary I39, l92, I93. 206 Torberl, Kennelh 63. l92. I93 Torlcelson, Roberl I02. l43, I78. I79, l85, l88 203, 2lO, 2II Torrey. Nancy lI0 Tosch, William 53, I46 Tramp, Dale I57, I75, 206 Treiclc, Philip l63 Treiclc, Roger 227 Treiclc, Ronald 53 Trevillyan, Terry l I7 Trimble, Charles 53 Truelson, Jim l33, I65, l67 Tscheller, Roberl 53, II2, II3, I35, I43, I46. l52 I78. I84. 202. 205 Tullle, Ardis 53. l39. I90. 202, 206, 207, 222 Ullord, Keilh 53, l25, l84, 203, 2l7, 227 Uhl, Donald 62, 227 Ulvog, Allred 7l Ulvog, James l02 Valandry, David 63, I26, I79. l84, 227 B .P llI7,I92.204 Van ellreeraf: 102 129. 142.2021 207- 2'0- 240 Vangl 1 B P I' V erge, au Vggdgil Plaals, Norman 53. l97. 2l7 Van Egmond, Viclor I25 Van l-love, Eugene 89. 225 Van Slolen. John I02 Varvel. John l2l Vaughn. Donald 7l. II3 Veen. Delmar 206 Veencamp. Carole 63 Veencamp. Willard IO7 Veenker. Dale I63 Van Veldhuizen. Donald I26 Vellek. Leonard 63. 2l7 Vellenga. Joan 53. I22. I34. 203. 204 Vellinga. Harvey 7l VerI"loef. Lyle I07 Vick. Thomas I25 Viehweg. Richard l02. I3O Viehweg. William 7l. l30 Vogelgesang. Lloyd 225 Vohs. Pal' I37 Vald. Roberl 2l0 Volmer. Rosemarie 7l. I39. I89 Von I-Ioldl. Richard 227 Von Seggern. James II3. I90 Voorhees. Clarice 7l. I37. I49. 2l7 W Waack. Barbara I39 Waddel. Jeanine 83. I37 Wagner. Gene 7l. II7 Wahl. Adiel l02. II3 Wahl. Roger. 83. I74 Wa Wa Wa Wa Wa Wa Wa Wa Wa Wa Wa Wa ish. Dave 63. l30. I57. l6O. I73 ker. I-lermon 53. 204. 208. 226 Iahan. Franklin 83. 208 sh. Philip 7l. I89 ler. Newell 63. I3O. I35. 207 l'er. Roberl 63 lner. Don 53. 227 l'ner. Lynelle 53. I22. 203. 2l7. 224 lner. Mariean 7l. I22. I39. 224 z. Freeman I33. I47. I90 z. Palricia 7l. I22. I89. 224 rd. James 208. 209 Warder. Roberl' I I3. 227 WGFIHQ- Roberl 225 Wafman. Donald 225. 226 Warner. Delberl 63 Warner. Mervin 53. 227 Warlenhorsl. James I89 Walson. James I2I Way. Merlyn II3 Wear. Jack I02 Weaver. James 7l Weber. Cleone 63. I39 Websler. Jerri I3O Wegner. Tony 7l. II7 Wehde. John 94. I2I Weidner. Earl l9l Weigner. Nancy 84. I29. I39. 224 Weinrich, Shirley I39 Weisensee, George 94 Welch. Richard II7 Wells. Dennis 54 Werling. Margarel 54. I39. I89. 202 Wermers. Donald 7I Weslra. Georgia 84. I29. I39 Weslre. Barbara ll0. I9l Weverslad. Terry 84. l30 Whalen, Calvin 206 Whang. Young Bai 7l Wheeler. Terry 84 Wheeler. William 7I. I65. I69 While. Carl 54. II3. I45. I47. I79. I90. 203. 204, 222 While. Jackson l02. l30 While. Richard 225 Whilehouse. Evelyn 84. I37 Wickham. Norma 84. I22. I37 Wiese. Vernida 84. ll0. I39 Wighlman. Lowell 84 Wilbur. Mary II8 Williams. David I25 Williams. Richard I33 Williamson-. Virgie 54, I I4. 203. Wilson. Mark II3. I90 Wilson. Russell 7I. 227 Winckler. Lewis l02 Wingerl. Roberl 89, 225 207. 222 Winium. Janice 54. ll0. I92. I93. 204 Wise. LuAnn I29. 224 Wiseman. Roberl I30 Will. Daryl I I7 Wobken. Clifford l30 Wolcoll. Marsha II8. I37 Wold. Richard I45 Wold. Sylvesler 225 Wolf. Jerome I26 Woll. LeRoy 7l Wood, Richard I26 Woodle. Gary 54. l2l Woods. Deede I29. I34, 207 Woodward. June 54. I22 Woodward. Roberl 7l Wrighl. Donald 63 Wrighl. William 84. II7 Wubbena. Dorolhy 63. I39. 206 Wuerlz. Roloerl I49 Wyanl. James 227 Y Yanak. Belly 84, II4. I39. 224 Yeado. Roberl 54. II3 Yeager. Frederick 84. I33 Young. Evelyn 63. 2l7 Young. James 225 Young. Margarel I39 Young. Marlene 54 Z Zaayer. William 87. I25 Zarilis. Tony 7l. l2l. 209 Zephier. Francine 84. I37 Zimmer. Monica l02. I39. I89. Zilka. Donald 7l Zundel. Donald 84 SIOU 207. 2l0 uv, fm-1 'mm g-'fvwvmrm 'sv mx vfu ws- aw . wlnwvgcanuf. ,,f..1fw.,,'-4. vc fr -H, Q'-- -0.- xv - ' - - l, 285 I ri Q 1 1 I X , u F I V 5 Q1 if 9. 286 i Y Y 1 4 x 5 3 '1 9 1 Lg 1 H X X I 'U V. i V F if , I Y I' 4 P az f . I Q 5 ' 1 C 5' If Y 'A 1 V ' ' ff' 1 .3 1! , ,I I Q f 1 ' Ea: 5 1 3 Q iQ W ?F l I , I ir A : 1 I - 1 -U e i ' E 'N li' IE xl E i all 'G , wg' il? 4 Q 15 Q r e 288 5 my v. . qu.-4 'mm 1 wnxmfe an Q vs-'x MAMGNV. MkmfS!:svNQ-mama MGNIWM Q-,ch,,..v, ...P ,DW A ,Awww my wi . .L1fli13f1u.5F-L1:11,-gx fw:,.,:.4 mf 4- , - 3 .. -. .., - ....,... ..,. -. ., -X " 7 -. f'f'ffTi?' 1'"'fl7151'g-.l.t1"lff'?'f"'1 "2i"3f gf 1. fififfl"l'v'Q1'f?--5'-I-5i - 2+1155-.-rT15:'iff?'f'?7f1'c'Lf' '3 -159129 7?1':f7li'W" 'J ff31:iEi""":'L?1"'-'fF1'5""-i 9? '-:-" y 4 , , , ' V , ,-',f.--1-rf' V '- 'amy ' ' ' .L..2 " , r 'K ' Ee, 'fwsfif' N 1 u ' I ' n R 5 ' 0 S ' u mtl 'A' I V Q , ' - ' qefc J W 1 my , . I ' . s A G 1 t 1 Q ' ' n 4 . 4 . U ' U a X 5 C 1 A x 1 I ' A o ' . a n I 1, TY ' , A J .- . . X n ' I 4 Q . X .. ' l . , , . . I -, ' ' X nuke.. J lunge' V- I A l A l 0 1 " f ' ' ' ' .1 ' z -J ' A ' A ', , .- 4,Et V Zgn. ff' , , 1 l. ' rf, V f1,zL lf I 'Qhnnh 'f an-lin-rn' up .-'A-xx' xi . f J Q .3 W H vm 4 ..- - A y f.. .1 I

Suggestions in the University of South Dakota - Coyote Yearbook (Vermillion, SD) collection:

University of South Dakota - Coyote Yearbook (Vermillion, SD) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


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