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c o u o e 1951 unute iAA u of b uxh, ctctkotxt T . . . Jke I9SI Cci ote " kail Mutk Jakcta " MARY K. DAKE, Editor WILLIAM EILERS, Business Manager Published by the Student Publications Board of the University of South Dakota president i. 4. uveki president ' A greeting ... As the years pass, your memories of the University will be of priceless value to you. Much of what you learned in the classrooms will be forgotten, but the true friendships that were made while you were on the cam- pus will be eternal. With the passing of time, your ex- periences as a student will be gems of great price. The Coyote will have added significance for you with each passing year. You are one of the thousands of sons and daughters of U.S.D. It is a distinct privilege to be counted as one of this group. Like most privileges, it carries with it certain obligations and responsibilities, responsibilities of Christian leadership and good citizenship in home, community, state, nation, and world. May you always be worthy of the opportunity given you by the great State of South Dakota. I. D. Weeks kail, Jcut t Jaketa . . . v fc pride ctf the mM, A " ' I 4» t . ■ .4 . .: £« w L «fe 1 W A 11 I 1 M v -Vi «- -s, — " l» ' £? V » i« . i. ii n " - |W ' — £- " dk • ' .. . 1? ••. „,gfir Jyj % ■S. :•! ' . :• 3 r »-:. • •• v hail thee! hail thee! £ ! . -At ' L. 3 m r, , ' ■ P JP.lft. i IT«ri f r t . tt ' 4 Hf the cteJt JV hi at and true tc thee fctfSj$ K tiarMif, VarMij, - ? K !»: c A D I N S T R kail, Jeutk daketa P. T I N 18 .. ' ADMINISTRATION . ccntenU ... 18 HONORARIES . . . PUBLICATIONS . . ... 31 ... 43 RELIGION . . . . ... 55 ART AND CULTURE . ... 61 DORMITORIES . . . SORORITIES . . . ... 73 ... 83 FRATERNITIES . . . ... 97 MILITARY 115 CLASSES 125 LAW SCHOOL 171 MEDICAL SCHOOL 177 SCHOOL LIFE 185 FOOTBALL 219 BASKETBALL 231 TRACK 241 Cover and section pages by Bob Aldern, Sioux Falls 21 Itl Eric Heidepriem, E. Y. Berry, Lucille Hedrick Dory, Frank Cundill, E. M. Mumford. the hard erf regent The Board of Regents plays an important part in the South Dakota educational system. They are responsible for electing all faculty members; they act as a governing body and also let all contracts. The Regents attain these positions by being appointed by the Governor for six year terms. Lucille Hedrick Dory, Watertown, E. Y. Berry, McLaughlin, Eric Heidepriem, Custer, E. M. Mumford, Howard, and Frank Cundill, Isabel, are the Regents this year. Mr. Heidepriem, one of the five Regents, is a hardware and furniture dealer in Custer. At one time he was a student of the University and a member of the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity. He has had two sons graduate from the University. Mr. Berry received his LL.B. in law from the University in 1927. He is practicing law and is active in the newspaper business in McLaughlin. He was elected as Congressman for the second district and has been state ' s attorney and a member of the legislature. His son, Bob, is attending the University now. Mrs. Lucille Hedrick Dory of Watertown is a graduate of State College. She has been active in civic affairs. She has been in charge of the Cancer program in this state. She is the Secretary for the Board of Regents. Frank Cundill is a rancher with his residence at Isabel. Mr. Cundill was a former member of the legislature and served on the Fish and Game Commission. He attended school at State College. He is the Vice-President of the Board. E. M. Mumford, B.S., LL.B., is a graduate of the University of Michigan, now an attorney at Howard. All three of his children have attended the University, and his son, Earl, is now in medical school. 23 J. H. Julian Vice-President and Business Manager admnUttathn E. W. Harrington Dean of College of Arts and Sciences R. F. Patterson Dean of School of Business Administration 24 Eleanor Norton Dean of Women M. M. McKusick Dean of School of Law (Deceased) Dr. Robert H. Knapp Dean of Men and Student Personnel Services atfrnMAtrathH Dr. Donald Slaughter Dean of School of Medicine 25 W. R. Colton Dean of College of Fine Arts adwHtitratfon V. L. Cadwell Director of Housing Bureau and Veterans ' Affairs C. S, Ball Finance Secretary W. H. Batson Director of School of Education and Summer School 26 H. W. Frankenfeld Registrar-Examiner H. S. Schell Director of Graduate School Robert D. Falk Director of Extension R. E. Larson Director of Religious Activities • 27 Milton Carlson Director of Student Union a ttniHiAt?atfoh Wesley Hurt Director of University Museum Ruth E. Bergman Librarian S. W. Jones Director of Public Relations 28 Rube Hoy Director of Athletics Colonel Erickson Director of ROTC Detachment Dr. Thomas E. Eyres Director of Student Health Services Keith Nighbert Director of KUSD 29 is.- u e tall if round thee. H N R A R I £ S 30 ciyareeetA and . . . 33 jeta phi eta • • Front Row: Joyce Swason, Janice Mickelson, Mrs. Harold Jordon, Lois Milliken, Lois Larson, Irene O ' Connor, Jody Marion. Row 2: Sandra Stenson, Mary Ann Dahl, Mary Mumford, Evelyn Main, Shirley Lindley, Sally Win ter, Barbara Jones, Marilyn Lloyd, Joan Mandery, Delia Lang- ley, Vernita Wells, Joan Vaughn, Barbara Rouse, Mary Ellen Mart. Front Row: Carol Renner, F. N. Sever, Dr. Beede, Ted Pappas, Lois Jones. Row 2: Shirley Lindley, Bob Stark, James Vandiver, A. Frankhauser, Tali Birner. . . . eta Mama phi tau kappa alpha . • • Front Row: Lois Ann Stangl, Cecil Anderson, Norma Westre, Bert Tollefson, Joyce Swason, Harold Jordon, Dr. Harrington, Janice Mickelson, Jody Marion. Row 2: Earl Van Gerpen, Dwight Buus, Dxk Absher, Karl Kabeiseman, Todd Willy, Merle Johnson, Bob Stenstrom, Joe Laine, Lawrence Sonneman, Charles Inglis. Charles Cook, Robert McCollor, Akeley Miller, Carl Nelson, James Anderson. • • • Mq na pi Mama alpha lambda delta . . • Front Row: Ruth Kempter, Dorothy Severson, Carol Hotter, Eleanor Norton, Mrs. I. D. Weeks, Mary Lyle, adviser, Sally Nichols, Janet Swab. Row 2: Joan Hodgin, Penny Cacavas, Peggy Buck, Carol Clark, Joan Lyle, Carol McManis, Carol Witt, Dorothy Zeller, Joan Gilchrist, Mar- garet Halla, Maureen Sorenson, Anne Hotfman, Doloris Jackus. Front Row: Donald Bradley, Merle Houck, Jim Brickley. Row 2: Owen Wipf, Harlan Anderson, Frank Farrar, Jim Hewett. j - • . • dakctaHJ phi eta Aigtna . • • Front Row: Don Gowan, Charles Jones, James Schell, J. N. Julian, Bill Lass, Rod Harrington, Wil- liam Peterson. Row 2: Karl Kabeiseman, Keith Wrage, Sam Patterson, Donald Hall, James Van- diver, Herbert Larson, Robert Brown. Front Row: Howard Hoist, Buron Lindblom, Ken Kueny, Charles Milliken, Marlyn Dessel, Donald Craig. Row 2: Thomas Ries, Jim Robbins, Jerry Bollinger, Dick Colwell, Jim Dunham, Ted Mall- der. £ . • . Jtre lefJ Lois Milliken, Dodie Jackus, Janet Swab, Jean Geppert, Ann Campbell tncftat beard . . . Blazer jackets of brilliant red, skirts of dazzling white . . . campus tours during orientation week . . . the thrilling moments of " capping " at Senior Swingout . . . one of the greatest honors for senior women . . . the leader, the student, the worker on campus . . . she ' s a Mortar Board . . . Our South Dakota chapter of Mortar Board, installed in 1928, has five members this year. Our Mortar Boards are Ann Campbell, president; Jean Geppert, Doloris Jackus, Lois Milliken, and Janet Swab. Mortar Board-sponsored activities include the first freshman orientation convocation, cam- pus tours, no-date dances on Wednesday nights, the Mother ' s Day weekend with a mother- daughter banquet, and the interfraternity sing which we sponsor together with the Dakotans. To encourage scholarship among the students, we sponsored a " Smartie Party " in January. This was a dinner for the five people in each class with the highest averages. We also award a scholarship to the freshman girl with the highesr average. Some of our projects include donations and student services. We fill coke machines as a service to the campus and to raise money. We donate a book a month to the library to help them build up their section of good books. We also acted as the directors of the Dakota Day coronation. Mortar Board is a national women ' s honorary service organization, and members are chosen for their leadership, scholarship, and service to the school. Our Mortar Boards certainly are worthy of this great honor, and we ' re mighty proud of ' em! 38 Front Row: Norman Brown, Donald Long, Dick Absher, William Bergman, Don Dandy, Russell Craig, Darold Nel- son, Charles Starksen, Wayne Green. Row 2: Denver Kaufman, Richard Storm, Vernell Holter, Charles Ledyard, James Blaine, Jack Lieffort, Eugene Knox, Curt Hopkins, Jack Kirsch, Fred Peschel. Row 3: Donald Gates, Donald Barkley, Gerald Hoover, Walter Stockton, Vernett Lamp, Charles McKee, Robert Beckman, Sam Cul- bertson, Bill Packard, Robert Vande Voort. Row 4: Marvin Peterson, Leland Jones, Walter Mikkelson, Jerome Anderson, Revone Kluckman, Robert Hevle, Lloyd West, Stan Siegel, Robert McDonough, Donald Schneider, Robert Johnson. delta Mftna pi ... A dedication to the world of business ... a united effort of young men toward a goal . . . the betterment of the mind in its search for development and progress . . . symbolized by a group of men banded together in fraternity . . . One of the surest ways of becoming acquainted with people around the campus and the state is by joining our business fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi. We are a social organization as well as business. Business executives are asked to speak at our monthly meetings. In this way we have a closer contact with the business world, its problems and its pleasures. Our fraternity was founded on this campus in 1924 and has been active ever since, except for a short time during the second world war. At the present time we are proud of the fact that we are one of the largest business fraternities in this country. Membership in our group is honorary and we are organized to bring together all those interested in business administration. Several times a year we make special field trips to different cities in this area to visit their varying businesses. This brings us closer to the real life story than any book could ever do. Each year our fraternity holds several informal parties and an annual spring Rose formal at which the sweetheart of Delta Sigma Pi is selected. All of these and many others go toward making our fraternity one group that can and does mix business and pleasure. 39 Walt Andre James Brickley Ann Campbell utkcA tokc atnchy american They are selected by a committee composed of local administrators and students. Jean Geppert Janice Mickelson Denny O ' Connor L Charles Cook Mary Kay Dake cvllegeA and unttetMtkA They are chosen on the basis of service to school, leadership, and potential usefulness to business and society. Janet Swab Joyce Swason Frank Ferrar Bert Tollefson uliidf p u B L C A T I N S 42 h ffflO 0 ' (USD l urH om n 7 V II Front Row: Betty Adams, Pat Scholten, Carol Witt, Dona Olson, Dorothy Fix. Row 2: Bill Eilers, Joanne Jennings, Mary Kay Dake, Carol Patton, Joan Kolberg, Colleen Herrboldt. Row 3: Pat Derry, Peggy Buck, Trudy Hasse, Edna Egeland. Row 4: Dorothy Grundler, Mary Hedges, Anne Hoffman, Dana Blakkolb, Nancy Thomson, Mary Jean Whiting, Doris Gruenwald, Norma Erickson, Elaine Sherman, Joan Gilchrist, Rose Marie Smith, Mary Ann Boyles. the ccifote Jtatfff EDITOR MARY K. DAKE BUSINESS MANAGER BILL EILERS ASSISTANT EDITORS COLLEEN HERRBOLDT, KAYO PATTON ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGER ADELAIDE BENSON COPY EDITOR MARY JEAN WHITING CLASS EDITOR JOANNE JENNINGS SPORTS EDITOR LARRY SCOTT INDEX EDITOR ANNE HOFFMAN PUBLICITY MANAGER JOAN KOLBERG ART WORK BOB ALDERN STUDENT PHOTOGRAPHERS - ED JONES, BOB FRANKENFELD, TOMM CARVER, JIM CRAWFORD 46 c y o T E Mary Kay Dake, Editor Bill Eilers, Business Manager . . . The soft click of a shutter as it records the geography of a personality . . . the intricate patchwork of make-up . . . the decisive tap of a typewriter as it rips our black streaks of lead . . . We ' ve laid away our stories, pens, and pencils; it ' s time to relax and finger smugly the pages of our yearbook, the COYOTE. This year, we changed from the formal to the informal style in an attempt to give you enjoyable reading matter and campus life through the medium of photog- raphy. As pictures are indestructible records, this is the composite of memories of your days and years at the " U. " This is the story to date, 1951. 47 Front Row: Joan Gilchrist, Catherine Cotton, Maureen Sorenson, Joan Kolberg, Elaine Sherman, Marilyn Heclcer. Row 2: Carol Clark, Donna Jean Oliver, Edna Egeland, Marilyn Lloyd, Carol Witt, Margery Drey, Doloris Jackus. Row 3: Dean Belbas, Ken Caldwell, George Miller, Jim Hansen, Bill Killeen, Bob Lucken, Charles Inglis. the Hclante Ata EDITOR JIM HANSEN MANAGING EDITOR BOB LUCKEN BUSINESS MANAGER KEN CALDWELL MAKE-UP EDITOR GEORGE MILLER CIRCULATION MANAGER DOROTHY ZELLER SPORTS EDITOR LARRY SCOTT SOCIETY EDITOR CATHERINE COTTON STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER BOB FRANKENFELD ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGER MARILYN HECKER COLUMNISTS Kayo Patton, Bob Lucken, Joan Kolberg, Trudy Hasse FEATURE WRITERS Georgia Egan, Kayo Patton, George Miller ART AND MAKE-UP .... Marilyn Lloyd, Maureen Sorenson, Doloris Jackus, Joan Gilchrist CIRCULATION Sally Nichols, Margaret Ann Halla, Carol Witt, Joan Gilchrist, Marge Stuvland SPORTS REPORTERS Bruce Blake, Max Beyer, Dean Belbas REPORTERS - Peggy Smith, Mary Jean Whiting, Dean Reaney, Charles Inglis, Carol Clark, Barbara Jones, Maxine Gordon, Bob Colvin, Darrell Dibben, Tali Birner, Betty Adams, Dolores Twomey, Joyce Salkeld 48 1 L A N T E Jim Hansen, Editor Ken Caldwell, Business Manager . . . Pungent smell of printer ' s ink and rubber cement . . . clickety clack of Vari-Typers . . . constant jangling of the black monster . . . the never ending lines of words that are the prod- ucts of our campus . . . Yes, our VOLANTE is the first college paper in South Dakota to use the photo-offset method. We have no linotype operators, and no moveable type is used as the written story goes from the reporter to the vari-typist in our VOLANTE ' S own composing room where it is set in its final form. We combine the vari-typed body text with phototype headlines and large ad copy to make the large master layout sheet for each page. Our VOLANTE then rolls to the BROADCASTER, where each page is photographed and developed into a large negative; from this negative a replica of the sheet is made. We are proud of the University newspaper. It is OUR paper. 49 n o Front Row: Adelaide Benson, Doloris Jackus, Carol Witt, Marilyn Miller, Carol Clark. Row 2: Dick Ronald, Bill Porter, Bill Weigold, Bill Stevenson, Bill Killeen, George Walker. the ktn-m Ataffl EDITOR GEORGE WALKER BUSINESS MANAGER BILL PORTER ASSOCIATE EDITOR BILL WEIGOLD MISCELLANEOUS EDITOR DODIE JACKUS ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGER COLIN MONFORE SPORTS EDITOR LARRY SCOTT ILLUSTRATOR BOB ALDERN MAKE-UP EDITOR BILL KILLEEN EXCHANGE SECRETARIES CAROL WITT, CAROL CLARK COLUMNIST - BOB LUCKEN STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER BOB FRANKENFELD DISTRIBUTORS SCABBARD AND BLADE ADVERTISING STAFF - ADELAIDE BENSON, MIKE McCULLEN, MARILYN MILLER, FRED MASEK, PEG SMITH, CRAIG JOHNSON 50 h m George Walker, Editor Bill Porter, Business Manager . . . Dragging time as thoughts are punctuated by clanking coffee cups . . . creative talent parading in black and white . . . the scurrying of feet to rally for the cause of humor . . . The WET HEN has been defeathered. Now, we have an entirely new, completely different humor magazine. We ' ve cut her down to size. The magazine measures 8 ' 2 by I I inches instead of the Hen ' s 9 by 12. The hm-m has a modernistic appearance in letterheads, type faces, type- setting, and advertisements, and we trot to press three times a year. Our circulation and sales have been taken over by Scabbard and Blade, national honorary military fraternity, and its auxiliary, Guidon. One of the large magazine agencies has distributed the hm-m throughout eastern South Dakota. Yup — something new has been added. Hm-m? 51 Keith Nighbert, Station Manager Dick Thompson, Program Director u. J. 4 W ' i AtatbH Front Row: Howie Hoist, Gene Brantner, Joanne Jennings, John Elott, Joan Kolberg, Jack Hunt. Row 2: Denny O ' Connor, Dwight Buus, Bob Stenstrom, Dick Absher, Fred Masek, George Cunningham, Bob Wexler, Gordon Dodson, Darrell Dibben. 52 . . . Waves of sound flashing across miles of terrain . . . the blat of hot jazz or the grumble of a voice . . . millions of people, switching, dialing . . . comedy, pathos, adventure, romance at a fingertip . . . big, skilled, efficient ... a symbol of America . . . Radio . . . We ' ve taken a lot of steps toward a better radio station for the University this year. We have new directors, and in addition, our radio schedule is full of a variety of programs to in- terest students, graduates, and just people. Students and faculty both participate in these pro- grams. Big things . . . yes, and you ' ll be hearing of us again as we become, more and more, one of the most active parts of campus life. Jim Prusha, Chief Engineer at the mike . . . 53 R E L I G cur MH4 m4 4iufhteH I N 54 4r chapel time . . . 57 tutkeran JtudehU aJJcdatich . . . Front Row: Bonnie Olson, Dorothy Iverson, Marlene Rieb, Loren Amundson, Bert Tollefson, R. E. Larson, Shirley Snorteland, Edna Egeland, Carol Witt. Row 2: Joan Kolberg, Paul Jensen, Glenn Madsen, Don Sibbs, Paul Hauffe, Harvey Hanson, Allan Hammer, Maurice Lapp. Row 3: Jo Ryman, Maxine Berg, Joyce Swason, Jeanne Nygaard, Barbara Tollefson, Martha Snorteland, Adelaide Benson, Kitty Lauritzen, Mary Ann Myron, Betty Miller. Front Row: Virginia Milliken, Donna Lien, Don Gowan, Rev. Robert Midgley, Ray Barkley, Joan Vaughn, Sally Olson. Row 2: Lois Milliken, Pat Boysen, Marilyn Lloyd, Margaret Menke, Bob Mittelstaedt, Clifford Tschetter, Shirley Coe, Lois Sutton, Marilyn Bleecker, Dorothy Fix. Row 3: W. O. Farber, Frank Schoen, Robert Berry, Ira Mogen, Dick Absher, Earl Cook. • • • pilgrim follmAhip Herman club Front Row: Ruth Ryan, Pat Henley, Phyllis Sullivan, Betty Adams, Donna McGlone, Terry Devine, Marjorie Bruyer, La Vaune Yeado, Carol Carter, Jackie Plouf, Dorla Dries. Row 2: Mary Corey, Elaine Sherman, Jody Marion, Connie Taplett, John Kuni, Margaret Lang, Tom Jensen, Rev. Hugh Wolf, Julie Wilds, Joe Wiest, llah Mae Warner, Carol McManis, Alice Foltz, Marie Sanders. Row 3: Mickey McCay, Connie Dalton, Eileen Dolan, Jean Schuri, Helen Donnelly, Margery Drey, Carol Fennel Renner, Jo Ann Fennel, Joan Lyle, Evelyn Larson, Lucille Connaughton, Janet Wilds, Rose Marie Smith, Mary Assman, Yvonne Barry. Row 4: Mike Nagle, Bill Eilers, Ed Connors, Jim Fejfar, Jim Fitzgerald, Fran Henrich, Eugene Johnson, Tim Lange, Vincent Simpson. Row 5: Bill Lynch, Dan Koupal, Paul Schliesman, Ron Mork, Robert Carberry, Robert Dolan, Felipe Contreras, Joe Pusl, Hugh Johnson, Leo Bosch, Norman Brown, Henry Horstman, John Moran. Front Row: Elsie Zantow, Joyce Swason, R. E. Larson, Eleanor Norton, William Overholt, Don Gowan, Barbara Tollefson, Bert Tollefson. Row 2: Dorothy Fix, Mary Ann Fara, Margaret Menke, Charles Davis, Carl Johnson, Shirley Snorteland, Julia Weislogel, Donna Burnette. • . . AttufeHt chfUtian aJAcciatich T ricfihg the cnAt A R T A N C U I f R £ 60 ;; aoamiiflHi . . . Vibrating strings blended in a back ground of syncopated rhythm . . . turning pages in a soft whisper . . . charging attacks spurred on by the roll of drums and the clash of cymbals . . . commanding repeti- tion . . . swishing folds of electric blue . . . We remember the rehearsals under the direction of Usher Abell. We remember the long hours of hard work and the satis- faction of those hours. The forty-five of us from the University and from the city of Vermillion worked diligently and presented our first concert on November 19 and an- other in the spring. We tooted our way through others, too, traveling to surround- ing towns in the state to perform. We re- member it all in a retrospect of strings, basses, brass and reeds. the uHiiDetMtif wckeAtra Usher Abell, Director 63 Merton Utgaard, Director the uHfrerMif hand . . . The first bashful note followed by sharp staccato eighth notes ... a sprinkling of laughter for spice ... a red pencil line of uniforms drawing picture formations on the green canvas-like field . . . buses jammed with card games in the aisles . . . flutes arguing with a grouchy bassoon in an overture . . . the dull thud of feet tramping in unison . . . We ' re divided into many sections. Our University Band of seventy-five members, under the direction of Merton Utgaard, has completed another memorable year of stage concerts. Our marching band, led by drum major Jim Thompson and majorette Marlene Rieb, performed for us at football games, executing original musical shows. Our Pep Band played for the basketball games. We ' re sort of a tri-annual musical bloom. We take root in the fall and burst forth three times a year for concerts. 64 cz ttoitletA • • Marlene Rieb, Bev Bischoff, Carol Berg, Jo Ellen Pillar, Mary Jane Lee, Skeets Wells, Joan Vaughn, Joan Mandery, Marilyn Miller. . . . marching ba a4 - pjjrrf ' jJ|£. Jl S E — -!i — r ; 65 Henry Scott Don Cossacks CCHtfC 66 Sing Your Partner cathn 67 Dreamdusters V e r I I ♦ o n Ana Maria and her Spanish dancers 68 The Barber of Seville, with all-star cast and orchestra George London, Bass Baritone c n c e r t s e r » i e s Gladys Swarthout, Mezzo-Soprano Grace Castagnetta, Pianist University of South Dakota College of Fine Arts ON STAGE Pb(MfSia fi—A eiv4, off The UNIVERSITY THEATRE " Theatre at its best ' Department of Speech Radio, and Dramatic Art 1950-1951 8:30 P.M. Everyone Is Going to UNIVERSITY THEATRE About the Playhouse With the 1950 season, the Black Hills Playhouse and School of the Theatre celebrated its fifth consecu- tive season as a professional summer theatre group. Organized in 1947 as a non-profit organization, it has as its objectives to provide professional theatre and to provide a post-grad- uate or internship period for young people of proven talent who could benefit from experience in a pro- fessional association. Players from all over the country have been at- tracted to the beautiful hills and to the opportunities presented by the Theatre. Students may receive credits as the School of the Theatre is fully accredited by the extension center of the University of South Dakota. The Playhouse and School of the Theatre is located in Custer State Park but this year also introduced a full season of plays which were pre- sented at Baken Park Pavilion in Rapid City. Doctor Warren M. Lee is the direc- tor of the Black Hills Playhouse and the School of the Theatre. He is assisted by recognized teachers and directors from various parts of the country during the summer season. The Black Hills Playhouse has be- come well-known during its five years of existence and has improved with each successive year, thus draw- ing larger and larger audiences from among the local citizenry and from among the tourists. THEATRE STAFF WARREN M. l.i I I Hrector ANN Rl 1VEESTAD [nstructor B( IB WEHLING Instructor GE( IRGE STi ItJGHTON Business Manager Directed by Dr. Lee ORDER OF APPEARANCE ROOM SERVICE ------ Murray and Boretz ANDROCLES AND THE LION George Bernard Shaw THE HEIRESS - - - - Ruth and Augustus Goetz RICHARD II -------- Shakespeare Scene and Time Arena Style Nov. 6-11 Slagle Auditorium Jan. 17-18 Arena Style Mar. 5-10 Slagle Auditorium Apr. 12-13 About the Arena Manner Down the centuries plays have been performed in many ways and in many places. The ' Arena " style is not new, but in the last ten or fifteen years it has become in- creasingly popular. Some plays benefit by being viewed from a dis- tance, as in the picture-frame stag- ing; others have subtleties which ask a more intimate relationship be- tween spectator and actor. Last year ' s production of AN IN- SPECTOR CALLS was the initial experiment in the arena style of the University of South Dakota. The University theatre is happy to have been the first to initiate this style of production in this area. It has been found that many aud- iences like to change their seats and view the production from several angles; we invite you to do this. 70 Dr. Lee ' s own At the playhouse The arena style r marching aknaAt 72 V R M I T R I E S iulian hall . . . The modern monastery where " monks " can get away from it all, women ... a pattern of bricks mod- estly peering into space waiting for trees to hide behind ... a melting pot brewing with " Mr. T ' s " and " Mr. Un T ' s " with a dash of " college ■ 1 1 pes . . . This is Julian Hall, our new men ' s dormitory opened only this year, and housing one hundred and eighty men. Julian Hall is the first dormitory for men on campus since the original one burned fifty years ago. Jim Blaine is house manager, and there are three student counselors to help him hold us in line. On Dakota Day we had open house for our parents and friends, and we had a social dance each semester. We ' re really just getting up steam, but soon we ' ll be one of the biggest ships harbored on the campus. •£§1 rrrmm ST 5 6- tf 4hfv Front Row: Dale Forest, Deane Iverson, Lawrence Baltzer, Duane Newell, Oscar R. Loe, Tilmon Schrank, Vernon Staum, Denny Moir. Row 2: Ken Glanzer, Bob Lambert, Don Lyon, Don Baltzer, Bob Williams, Burton McDonald, Gordon Dodson, Roger Risty, Thomas J. Heibel, Norvan Roggen. Row 3: Darrell Dibben, Will Groeneveld, Gerald Heibel, Bob Mittelstaedt, Duane Nichols, Charles Jones, Carl Johnson, Roger Pederson, Henry Ochsner. Front Row: Dick Hockett, Carl Krueger, Bob Bi ssell, Leland Bottjen, Joe Reding, Keith Groethe, Kenneth Kight- linger, Floyd Meidinger, Gene Richards. Row 2: Jim Francis, David Bruce, Ralph Polenz, John Fowler, Dee Schmidt, Ira Mogen, Jerry Miller, Roger Eggen, Lyle Wood, Earl Cook. Row 3: Paul Flanagan, Dick Hoffman, Dalton Clements, Loren Stoakes, Dale Petersen, Roger Windle, Bob Otto, Revone Kluckman, Barrett Jones, Bruce Blake, Tomm Carver, Russ Moffett. Front Row: Jack Hamilton, Walt Leyse, Howard Fulweiler, Felipe Contreras, Raul Guinea, Max Beyer, Leo Bosch. Row 2: Joe Wiest, Gordon Packard, David Morrill, Derald Kern, James Jorgensen, Lawrence Helwig, Russell Craig, Walt Andre. Row 3: Charles Coyle, Richard Poulsen, Bob Houck, Donald Mogck, Charles Davis, Jim Tays, Jack Mayer, Craig Johnson, Jim Philp, Kaye Andrews. Front Row: Arlo Sommervold, Jack Lamoureux, Merle Johnson, Roger Ericson, Virgil Eisenbeise. Row 2: Gene Osman, Clifford Phipps, Roger Cheatham, Russ Memmer, Bruce Allen, Dick Kary, Dick Anderson. Row 3: Jim Schmidt, Dick Kallestad, Don Buxton, Ronny Olsen, Pat Fargen, Bob Hofer, Jerry Miles, Mike Marion, Grant New- man. eaJt hall . . . Ancient citadel of the " weaker sex " . . . high ceilings resting on the pennant and picture puzzle walls . . . the scurrying of tiny feet accompanied by a sgueak, followed by the thunder of bigger feet . . . the blink of a light that periods a goodnight sentence . . . This is East Hall, one of the first buildings on the University campus. But in 1951 as in 1887, the forty rooms in East Hall provide a home to approximately eighty-three girls. The corridors are always filled with activity and resound with typical " girl " sounds. Just as in every other organized house on campus, our busiest time was during the approach of Dakota Day. The " question of the weeks " was " who ' s your date? " And, as usual, some of us worked on, some of us worked at, building our float and pounding dorm decorations. Our president, Lois Olson, was also candidate for Miss Dakota. Before Christmas vacation, we had our traditional Christmas party, involving the presenta- tion of skits, singing carols, and eating our " diets to shreds. " This spring we held open house and entertained members of the faculty at a tea. As you can see, we ' re " at home " in the dorm. 78 Front Row: Margaret McCay, Virginia Milliken, Donna McGlone, Donna Jean Oliver. Row 2: Alverta Reifel, Marilyn Vesely, Gail Munson, Mrs. Aldrich, Lois Olson, Marge Rayman, Eunice Serck, Ardella Strobel. Row 3: Marcine Muckey, Marie Sanders, Carol McManis, Nancy Pritchard, Delia Langley, Lois Meinhardt, Shirley Lind- ley, Louann Menge, Alicia Thomas, Barbara Jones, Barbara Kirchner, Mary McRobert, Gloria Schlapkohl. Row 4: Donna Langley, Bernice Pfeifer, Jackie Plouf, lla Larson, Jo Ryman, Carleen Waugh, Ruth Ryan, Dorothy Schull, Frances Opheim, Billie Ann Peterson, Bonnie Jensen, Beth Pinkerton, Jean Powell. Front Row: Charlotte Axsell, Penny Cacavas, Pegg Gorder, Betty Due. Row 2: Lorna Adams, Alice Higa, Betty Jean Brune, Betty Jean Fideler, Viola Erickson, Mary Ann Boyles, Verona Hole. Row 3: Margaret Christiansen, Donna Burnette, Pat Gehrke, Margaret Halla, Connie Clark, Ruth Howalt, Marilyn Fisher, Mary Ann Fara, Betty Lou Berg, Janis Fergen, Neva Hokenstad, Yvonne Barry, Peggy Buck, Barbara Berguin. Row 4: Helen Blashill, Joan Hodgin, Dorothy Groethe, Carol Benson, Lucille Connaughton, Beth Henderson, Lyla Bieber, Melba Heller, Irene Cannon, Beverly Edson, Dorothy Grundler, Louise Hulsebus, Dorothy Hansen, Joy Crabtree. ttakcta halt . . . The privacy of the " grand central station " parlor . . . the tangy odor of coffee drifting down from a " smuggler ' s den " ... a sea of faces motivated by a swish of skirts ... a blue haze of smoke absorbing the sounds of who ' s who and what ' s what . . . " sheared " pines standing guard at the door . . . This is Dakota Hall. There are one hundred and eighteen of us who have this return mail address for the nine months of the school year. While eating, sleeping, playing and working, we make ourselves " at home " here. We are kept busy throughout the year with dorm activities along with the ever-present studying. Last year all our work and worry of pre-Dakota Day was forgotten when we learned that our float had won second prize. In December we raced home, happy with the laughter from our skits and of giving our annual dorm Christmas party. Another event was the preparation of a Christmas basket for a needy family. We ' re individuals, but we ' re also a group. We have weekly house meetings, committees, and teas. We may live alone, but we work together. 80 Front Row: Joan Fillbach, Marianne Baum, Nancy Lees, Joan Coff ie, Mary Holgate, Liz Kroeger, Shirley Coe, Pat Boysen. Row 2: Mary Assman, Eileen Dolon, Margery Drey, Joyce Swason, Norma Debs, Mrs. Simonds, Helen Schamber, Evelyn Petsche, Robin Coon, Terry Devine, Carole Carter, Donna Hawley, Helen Jensen. Row 3: JoEllen Pillar, Maxine Berg, Janet Johnson, JoAnn Fennel, Tali Birner, Frieda Hall, JoAnn Joslin, Martha Dengler, Joan Aves, Donna Green, Lorraine Cook, Dorothy Iverson, Marilyn Bleecker. Row 4: Ronni Chambers, Jerrie Koester, Rose Bertrand, Maxine Christensen, Bette Lou Cheley, Darlene Hansen, Pat Lavier, Lyn Carstens, Rilla Fullerton, Norma Gemar, Avalon Henrichsen, Dona Blakkolb, Konnie Klinger, Ruth Gruenewald, Verno Brown, Orpha Fahrenwald. Row 5: Margaret Dickson, Evelyn Larsen, Dorla Dries, Elinor Ewald, Margaret Lang, Jeanne Hegg, Connie Dickenson, Connie Dolton, Marie Hackett, Carol Berg, Alice Foltz, Marie Likness, Helen Donnelly, Norma Gehrts. Front Row: Rae Rhodes, Wanita Stewart, Mary Ellen Mart, Martha Snorteland, Julia Weislogel, Morlene Rieb, Jerry Matlick. Row 2: Jonet Reding, Kay Smiley, Lois Ann Stangl, Sandra Stenson, Joan Lyle, Harriette Thompson, Anne Locke, Phyllis Sullivan, Mary Mumford, Marilyn Miller, Shirley Snorteland. Row 3: Maureen Sisson, Joanne Stoel, Janet Wiksell, Gloria Thoelke, Ita Loe, Norma Vetter, Evelyn Main, Jeanne Nygaard, Donna Phelps, Corol Seacat, Karen Swanson, Barbara McCaughey, Maris Nelson, Coralie Machmiller, Dona Olson, Bonnie Olson, Betty Vopat, Jean Schurr. Row 4: Marion Rider, Pat Millard, Betty Ann Ward, Peggy Steckler, Joan Vaughn, Lonnie Max, Ann Paulsrud, Joan Mandery, Ruth Petersen, Lona Mills, Ann Whitmore, Mary Ellen Peterson, JoAnn Trenker, Betty Miller, Florence Meidinger, Lois Sutton. hail thee! s R R I T V E S 82 rafs «J» Front Row: Jean Geppert, Anne Hoffman, Elsie Zantow, Joan Kolberg, Maureen Sorenson. Row 2: Lorraine Bradley, Mary Burgeson, Irene O ' Connor, Doris Gruenwald, Mary Ann Guenthner, Carrie Nelson. pan-hellenic . . . Rushees shuffling to and fro among the fallen leaves . . . girls hurriedly getting ready to at- tend an exchange dinner at another sorority house . . . fellows and girls swaying to the rhythm of the music of the Greek Week dance ... a tri-combination of letters that designates . . . Ours is a national Greek letter organization found on all campuses where there are social sororities. We were first organized by Alpha Phi in the early nineteen hundreds. Pan-Hellenic, then, consisted of national meetings of Greek letter sororities, and we later became a campus group. Our University Pan-Hellenic is composed of one representative and the president of each sorority on the University of South Dakota campus. Our main purposes are to cooperate with the University authorities in maintaining high social standards, to encourage sound scholarship, and to compile regulations concerning rush- ing, pledging, and initiation of women on campus. 85 alpha phi J. Beckman E. Bailey M. Borgen M. Burgeson M. J. Collins M. Fisher M. Gordon P. Grosz A. Campbell O. Christensen M. Halla B. Westre 86 C2_ I V- p. -S3 r» ' Back Row: J. Aves, B. Brune, P. Steckler, L. Hulsebus, L Sufton, B. Due, M. Sisson, T. De- vine. Row 2: D. Blakkolb, S. Lindley, D. Dries, M. Miller, D. Phelps, R. Rhodes. Row 3: C. Taplett, M. Mumford, C. Dickenson. E. McGeorge J. Mickelson A. Hoffman D. Jackus R. Kempter L. Larson V. Perman D. Severson S. Nichols M. Noran G. Odegaard J. Rauk K. Snyder J. Starkey C. Waugh J. White 87 alpha xi delta O f) O J A. Bailey L Bradley P. Derry N. Erickson D. Fix M. Guenthner 88 L2. Front Row: B. Rouse, D. Green, I. Loe, B. Fideler, P. Sullivan. Row 2: M. Wilds, C. Car- ter, D. Oliver, L. Yeado. Row 3: C. Berg, M. Hackett, M. Likness, D. Langley, L. Con- naughton, J. Coffie, E. Petsche, D. Jaquith. Row 4: J. Wiksell, J. Trenker, J. Petersen, M. Bruyer, S. Welch. A. Reifel M. Schumacher J. Krieger R. Smith E. McBride H. Thompson M. Menke I. Warner D. Olson J. Wilds 89 chi wega B. Brown E. Egeland J. Gilchrist D. Gruenwald A. Hauck M. Hecker 90 ymUSiUBIHiflB tz Front Row: B. Jensen, S. Macy, H. Dahlman, B. Adams, M. Mart. Row 2: J. Ryman, L. Schlueter, M. Nelson, M. Lloyd, R. Gruenwald, O. Fahrenwald, N. Hyde. Row 3: V. Erickson, B. Vopat, C. Seacat, L Mills, N. Gemar, B. Edson, N. Pritchard, D. Han- son. J. Kolberg J. Locke M. Hedges P. Padrnos C. Hoffer P. Schollen M. Kahl E. Sherman 91 m W7 kappa alpha theta B. Burke M. Dake N. Lee B. Barrett L. Davis D. Lien F. Carey J. Chaussee C. Clark C. Cotton G. Egan T. Hasse C. Herrboldt J. Krueqer R. Lorenz L. Max M. McBride S. McRobert 92 MWHHMM| H HH Back Row: B. Berguin, M. Drey, D. Grundler, G. Schlapkohl, J. Nygaard, M. McRobert, E. Ewald, M. Schumacher. Row 2: S. Winter, L. Meinhardt, A. Paulsrud, J. Mandery, R. Howalt, A. Whitmore. Row 3: M. Holgate, L. Kroeger, K. Smiley, N. Lees. c. Patton V. Paulson P. Plooster M. PurinJ-un J. Orr 1. O ' Connor c. Scott N. Stakke L. Stringer N. Thomson R. M Schmidt Whiting P. Schwinn C. Witt 9 fc vji • t ' - .V m m beta phi B. Anderson C. Anderson M. Baker A. Benson M. Brown M. Collins J. Dubes H. Erickson G. Geyerman L Isaak J. Jennings K. Lauritzen 94 ■■ HHBHI HI H « • Front Row: V. Milliken, P. Henley, M. Lee, M. Quintal. Row 2: B. Jones, J. Vaughn, M. Boyles, A. McClenahan, M. Mollers, S. Olson. Row 3: E. Dolan, S. Coe, M. Muckey, B. Ward, M. Bleecker, B. Miller, D. Iverson, C. Clark, M. Rieb. f O r D. Monfore S. Montgomery M. Myron E. Roesler P. Smith M. Sorensen J. Osman J. Marion L Milliken J. Swab M. Paynter N. Pribble J. Van Arsdale S. Wells 95 V I WJ F R A T E R H I kail thee! ' . I E S 96 CJ? . ■ Front Row: Roger Banks, Mike Hooker, Jim Brickley, Bob Schmidt, Jim Schell. Row 2: Keith Zerschling, Jim Delaney, Bert Tollefson, Frank Farrar, Tom Burke, Merle Houck, Bruce Blake, Ed Connors. mteffratetnitif council . . . Air saturated with cigarette smoke ... a hearty laugh resounding from the walls ... a slap on the back . . . the friendship amonq good fellows ... an intangible product from a tangible source ... a promoter, a healer, a seller, an arbitrator . . . We are harbingers of peace, for our organization was founded to create good will and to promote cooperation among the social fraternities on the campus. Fourteen fellows form the nucleus of the Interfraternity Council, with each organized house on campus being represented by two members. We are the links between the administrative authorities and the members of the frater- nities. Although there aren ' t any definite rules governing rushing, pledging, and initiation for men, our council formulates a code of ethics which all fraternities aqree to follow. We sponsor the interfraternity athletic program, and in cooperation with Pan-Hellenic Council, we plan Greek Week. Our fraternities stress scholarship, the guarding of health, wholehearted cooperation with the college, ideals for student life, and service to the college community. Good college citizen- ship as a preparation for good citizenship in the larger world is the ideal that guides our frater- nity activities, and those of the other interfraternity groups like us that are found on every col- lege campus where there are social fraternities. 99 alpha tau owcja G. Bethke B. Blake P. Ecker G. Bollinger R. Ericson J. Brower F. Farrar D. Bruce J. Fejfar J. Colombo G. Garry J. Anderson W. Dale E. Hall 100 W. Hanson W. Lynch B. Ryder E. Johnson D. Koupal G. Miller L. Miller R. Schumacher C. Starksen C. Krueger J. Kuni W. Peterson D. Prindle D. Syvertson E. Van Gerpen W. Lass W. Prunty T. Willy Li v t v ' •• v ♦ k Front Row: E. Van Gerpen, C. Inman, P. Petersen, D. Kary, H. Ochsner, J. Anderson. Row 2: L. Johnston, B. Pederson, J. Wieseler, D. Clarke, B. Jones, R. Miller, L. Matte- son, R. Raasch, J. Harvey, J. Fitzgerald. Row 3: R. Craig, E. Cook, V. Eisenbeisz, B. Williams, F. Dowden, K. Iverson, L. Baltzer, D. Wait, F. Wemmering, H. Johnson. beta theta pi J. Barton B. Berguin J. Berry D. Bradley B. Brick P. Cacavas J. Callahan G. Campbell G. Carstens R. Conklin E. Connors J. Conway C. Cook J. Delaney W. Eilers B. Gunderson C. Hagglund G. Hagglund V. Holrer R. Jennings H. Kunstle 102 _ t r MM M P P i ik B. Lindblom T. Lotz J. Mabee D. Masker C. Matson M. Nagle L. Parke J. Robbins F. Schlegelmilch D. Shanard A. Smith J. Smith B. Smeed C. Stetson J. Stringer D. Watland B. Westgate C. Wright Front Row: D. Fuller, C. Geppert. Row 2: M. McDowell, D. Fairbanks, B. Allen, J. Con- way, J. Moeller, G. Horrell, M. Vickers. Row 3: D. Pittenger, P. Peckman, J. Tays, O. Braase, J. Lohre, D. Hutton, J. Prins, J. Murphy. 103 delta tau delta M. Anderson J. Doyle C. Hopkins 104 S. Bailey D. Baughn L. Cornell S. Culbertson M. Dessel B. Day J. Gackle H. Gamage P. Gross G. Hay T. Hegert W. Hooker M. Houck C. Jones K. Kabeiseman D. Kaufman J. Larson K. Linn —A. «-2. T. Maulder Ted Regge D. Simons D. Plooster R. Cheatham W. Leyse N. Johnson D. Hockett R. Gereau D. Sumner D. Graham A. Schanche P. Flanagan R. Poulsen J. Mayer L. Davis B. Anderson H. Fulweiler J. Schmidt D. Buxton J. Hamilton J. Woods J. Francis ' t E. Mayer C. Monfore H. Nicholas D. O ' Connor D. Ortman C. Quist R. Richard R. Richards J. Roberts D. Roberts R. Runge J. Sheild F. Spiecker M. Stenslund N. Trotman J. Wilds G. Wold K. Wrage T. Thompson + - ID r iatnitta chi alpha G. Boden D. Bauch G. Beal R. Absher D. Adamson L. Amundson C. Anderson R. Barkley R. Berry J. Bowden J. Brickley W. Brumley D. Colwell E. Dupper A. Ericson R. Ericson F. Forbord H. Goehle D. Graha J. Green P. Smith n 106 H. Hanson B. Hanson J. Lamoureux J. Lee M. Rist D. Rollag D. Derosier L. Peck F. Pfisrer D. Johnson M. Beyer J. Kalkman J. Baird D. Oakland C. Krall B. Srverak B. Tobin J. Rowe C. Johnson J. White P. Hauffe G. Miles H. Dalton W Ufford D. Gibbs J. Abild J. Lamoureux N Gordon R. Abild F. Sauer H. Hauffe J. Artichoker A. Hammer B. Bademan N. Cain H. Hoist R. Jensen H. Johnson M. Johnson J. Jones B. Luken G. Nelson S. Patterson B. Penor C. Rathbun D. Schwant K. Smith Sommervold K. Storm G. Tellifero D. Welter B. Tollefson K. LeVake pki delta theta T. Burke D. Doane V. Jones R. Bredenberg S. Brende E. Dean J. Delfs H. Delzer J. Edwards H. Fletcher B. Hackett F. Henderson M. Hoffman O. Kaiser P. Kretschmar D. Loucks J. Manning M. McCullen «-2 McDonough J. Roberts B. McKee K. McRoden F. Peschel B. Porter O. Rath S. Siegel L. Scott P. Snyder B. Stevenson T. tinker R. Vensand J. Weis B. Weigold D. Wehrkamp G. Walker Front Row: B. Hofer, D. Chaussee, F. Bailey, W. Walker. Row 2: J. Gardner, B. Thomp- son, J. Nichols, J. Weis, H. Fisher, D. Hoy, J. Freese, F. Schumacher, D. Lemberg. Row 3: B. Curry, B. Crampton, J. Pappas, B. Mosher, G. Graff, C. Feyder, O. Kaiser, B. Krueger. 109 Jtytna alpha epMlcu v W. Andre G. Carbon R. Heck K. Andree B. Coplan M. Heer G. Ashmore D. Crarey T. Heibel B. Basom W. Day F. Henrich J. Bidder J. DeVany J. Hewitt Bloemendaal R. Dolan E. Hooper J. Bottum B. Hatch H. Howell 110 J2- Mai. , T. Latsis R. Medlin C. Milliken P. Mogen E. Mumford D. Peterson C. Porter D. Rames M. Rawlings C. Schaeppi T. Schaeppi A. Schell J. Schell F. Schoen D. Schmidt S. Barnes G. Sundvold C. Vetter J. Walker Westergaard A. Wipf Front Row: D. Vrooman, D. Pospisil, L. Siessinger, B. Crampton, J. Baker, J. Schu- macher, B. Swanson, J. Waring, C. Coyle. Row 2: G. Andree, B. Brookens, B. Morfield, S. Courey, B. Russell, M. Nielsen, D. Heck, M. Marion, D. Umbreit, E. Kinsman, M. John- son. Row 3: B. Benda, J. Pusl, G. Osman, D. Koenig, B. Patrick, D. Hopkins, J. Ander- son, I. Mogen, R. Eggen, J. Redfield, B. Yirka. Ill theta xi H. Anderson E. Fingerhut 112 R. Banks Groeneveld N. Brown R. Hazel R. Brown J. Hodges D. Craig G. Kaiser L. Craig W. Killeen __ | HnMU|||IBMMnHHH «-? m mi mk H. Kortmeyer J. Morse R. Schmidt K. Kuen y H. Moulton R. Schoenewe G. Lendecker D. Nichols R. Spencer w ' , i A . " i L. Loken D. Long C. Morrison D. O ' Connor D. Petersen R. Pier L. Spencer L. Stoakes Vande Voort Webster Two Hawk, Charles Morrison, Harold Moulton, Wilbur Groeneveld 113 ridfof the creM M I I T A R y 114 ■ J - G01C E. Hall, W. Larson, R. Browning, J. Dalton military Majfff Row I: Major W. T. Gleason, Lt. Col. James L Erickson, Major H. B. Miller. Row 2: M Sgt. R. L French, M Sgt. F. E. Geslce, Sgt. George H. Carter, M Sgt. Paul V. Griffin. 17 M )l , tLi st i.} Jin i Ordell Jensen, Capt. P. R. Row I: R. Wexler, p Mimf MfteA ... D Le+hcoei D Smith D Nicho | Si H Brand+i W. Two Hawk, D. Cowles, E. Cook. Row 2: R. Kunkle, B. Fuller, C. Brandt, C. Jones, R. Chaussee, R. Oakland, C. Johnson, D. Steinbeck. Row 3: L. Mitchell, S. Heitgen, J. Kabeiseman, J. Miller, H. Price, J. Ulvog, H. Moulton, J. Gardner. Battalion Commander First Battalion, Sam Culbertson. Row 2: J. Slattery, J. Schell. Row I: G. Boden, S. Bailey, C. Vetter. . . prAt battalion Ata Ir¥ regimental Ataffl . Cadet Colonel, J. W. Bichler. Row I: H. Swe- deen, E. Connors, O. Stensland, O. Jensen, F. Farrar, J. Thomas. Row 2: D. Koupal, J. Thompson, H. Hanson, R. Wyant, J. Fowler, M. Walton. Row 3: M. Miller, K. Smith, E. Cornelius, H. Johnson. Cadet Lt. Col. Robert Penor. stle, K. Kabeiseman. Row I: J. Sluka, R. Brown, D. Nelson. Row 2: F. Peschel, H. Kun- . . . Mccn4 battalion Ata . ,L guicfch . . . Front Row: Jean Orr, Ann Campbell, Ruth Kempter, Jane Locks, Dodie Jackus. Row 2: Lois Milliken, Irene O ' Connor, Kayo Pattern, Anne Hoffman, Janet Swab. Row 1: Gordon Wold, Company Commander. Row 2: 1st Lieut. J. Green, M Sgt. P. Hauffe, 2nd Lieut. V. Lamp, Sgt. H. Howell. Row 3: First Platoon, Sgt Id. D. Nichols, S Sgt. B. Brumley, Sgt. D. Masker, Cpl. G. Hagglund, R. Mascott, J. Lohre, H. Hauffe, R. Curry, R. Mittelstaedt Row 4: Sgt. H. Gamage, J. Prins, D, Peterson, R. Swanson, H. Stoddard, R. Houck, R. Oursland, C. Quist, M. Brennan, Cpl. T. Willy. Row 5: Sgt. J, Rowe, R. Graham, H. Nicholas, E. Lietzke, T. Colwell, B, Jones, R. O ' Connor, Cpl. E. Rozman. Row 6: Second Platoon, Sgt. Id. S. Risk, S Sgt. D. Prindle, Sgt. S. Patterson, R. Cayce, R. Olson, P. Flanagan, L. Mewborne, D. Hutton, J. Jones. Row 7: Sgt. G. Carstens, G. Saarloos, J. Zimmerman, D. Morrill, R. Oakland, J. Philp, A. Schanche, R. Wagner, 0. Braase, Cpl. J. Fitzgerald. Row 8: Sgt. A. Wipf, L Dirksen, R. Miller, T. Lange, J Sorensen, P. Row 9: Cpl. D. Dnbben. Mundt, P. Hammer, Cpl. L. Amundson. ccmpanif a W v - -W. ' i . ° ■ ] 1 • ; • : ' ' 1 Acattbartt and blade R. Penor, D. Shonard, W. Hooker. Row ] : Ronnie Brown. Row 2: R. Absher, B. Eilers, H. Naasz, , , S. Culbertson, J. Bichler, G. Wold, M. Rowlings, F. Farrar, E. Connors. Row 3: D. Koupol, L Scott, G. Tellifero, G. Bollinger, H. Honson, Row 4; C. Adams, B. Coolan, J. Schell, H. Kunstle, O Jensen, Stensland. Row 1: A. Schreier. Row 2: J. Delaney, V. Henneberg, G. Campbell, C. Rathbun. Row 3: W. Johnson, J. Fitzgerald, H. Delzer, J. Wieseler, P. Beckman, H. Moulton, W. Crampton, D. Black, F. Henrich. Row 4: H, Brandt, G. Gerdes, J. Mayer, T. Tooey, J. Almgh, B. Hofer, D. Nepstad, R. Jennings, D. Simons, L. Scott. Row 5: G. Cleveland, A. Edwards, E Place, C. Krall, K. LeVake, B. Otto, E. Kins- man, K. Andrews, R. Bernard, J. Michels. Row 6: R. Ericson, J. Schmidt, J, Blake, H. Enckson, V. Mikkelson, J. Nichols, R. Crampton, W. Ufford, R Stverok, H. Rice, M. Rowlings. Row 7: D. Ortman, R. Banks, M, Vickers, J. Stringer, C. Johnson, D. Bruce, L. Ander- son, H. Bademan, G. Harvey, J Sheild. Row 8: G. Bollinger, M. Trot- man, J Gardner, R. Poulsen, L. Peshek, R. Bateman, L. Helwig, G. Dodson, F. Brooks, J. Pappas, R. Larson. V .. J J il IDUI I, L . Ul (JVC, l_. l IUC " . . cwpahij b 1 j » d Hub JKfefl - J o d If . ■■■•■ v.. - - - - — . _ cwpahif Row 1 : Jim Brickley Row 2: L. Parke, J. Lamoureux, G. Isaak. . , , Row 3: L. Johnson, C. Inman, D Lerhcoe, B. Dougdale, D. Aden, L. Mitchell, D. Copier, D. Mehner, J. Kuni, H. Naosz. Row 4: D. Shanard, R. Schoenewe, M. Berndt, D. Clements, W. Berry, J. Kobeiseman, E. Goodvoyce, T. Carver. Row 5 ' C. Stetson, C. Feyder, F Steece, J. Murphy, L. Hamre, R, Pederson, D, Moyer, G. Abild. Row 6: G. Tellifero, R. Runge, M Predoehl, B. Tobin, R. Lambert, N. Dessel, R. Williams, J. Hanson, A. Nissen, A. Eichinger, D. M ielke, V. Petnk, R. Cremer, R Hockett, R Memmer, B Diefendorf, C. Mor- rison, R. Stempreis. Row 7: K. Wrage, D. Kallestad, G. Miles, J. Jorgensen, R. Mitchell, J. Walter, R. Crowley, R. Bissell, B. Coplan, D. Westergaard, Guidon Bearer, Row 1: Marvin Rist, Company Commander. Row 2: M. McCullough, L. Koltsulas, G. Mitchell, S. Brende. Row 3: M. Dessel, J. Mehlhaf, W. Brick, G. Winter, J. Smith, R. Juhnke, D. Fairbanks, W. Walker, R. Eggen. Row 4: C. Bartlert, S. Heitgen, N. Nielsen, D. Ander- son, D. Heck, J. Schmidt, D. Kern, R. Polenz, Row 5: C Higgins, P. Jensen, R, Fuller, R. Abild, R. Risty, D. Umbreit, J. Manke, A. Rice, B. Ryder. Row 6: P. Ecker, 2nd Platoon leader; A. Schell, M. McDowell, B. Allen, B. Benda, C. Geppert, W. Peters, J. Lee, V. Rago. Row 7: W. Two Hawk, 2nd Platoon Guide; J. Chase, J. Ulvog, F. Schumacher, L. Bottjen, M. Ro ggen, R. Wexler, D. Arnold, D. Kory. Row 8: J. Callahan, Platoon Sergeant; R. Chaussee, Loe, A. G:ssel- J beck, D Hagg, R. Kunkle, J. Waring, G. Newman, S. Haugan, J. Asn- ... C0 t t2C(HU (f more, Platoon Sergeant, f 1 m 1 : 5l i W fir if • • • ■ ■ ■ _ ■ ■ ■ ■ i T If:, . o . - 1 ; -IK w. ' •V W -IK J . 1 1 9 ' fl . 1 1 1 1 ' " ' ■ ST B Row 1 : R. Allmendinger. Row 2. R. Sullivan, J Wilds, C. Small, CQtfttlitHU C , , , D. Bauch. Row 3: W Eilers, R Conklin, R. Hoy, C. Phipps, J. Red- f 7 field, R. Voito, B, Synng, D. Buxton, L. Shuck, J. Walker, J. Berry. Row 4: B. Gunderson, R. Pittenger, J. Moeller, R. Ruelle, M. Beyer, J. Murray, D. Belbas, D. Sieler, S. Hauff. Row 5: C. Johnson, C Franklin, N Cain, B, Lynch, R. Moe, D. Graham, M. Eixenberger, G. Adolph. Row 6: M. Lee, D. Smith, D. Cowles, R. Dunker, D. Ber- nard, D. Braunger, R. Thorpe, W. Leyse, B. Anderson. Row 7: R. Pier, R. Cheatham, G. Osman, R. Leach, D Vesely, D Chaussee, R Leiferman, J. Hamilton. Row 8: R. Berry, H. Fulweiler, J. Mueller, R. Wermers, F. Wemmering, G. Andree, R. Bergman, D. Cadwell, D. Button, Guidon Bearer. Row I: G. Hay Row 2: W. Lass, R. Foley, W. Hooker, F. Mosek. Row 3: C. Adams, W Bosom, J Reding, W. Morfeld, M. Lapp, B. Walter, D Pospisil, G. Cunningham. Row 4: W. Dale, D, Newell, B Brookens, D, Steinbeck, J Mengenhauser, L. Bates, R. Volden. Row 5: V Staum, W. Burgess, D. Moir, R Key, C. Francis, N. Tornson, D Forest, R. Absher Row 6 P. Schliesman, C. Sisk, R. Covin, L, Baltzer, C. Brandt, C Berglund, D. Derosier, C. Coyle, J. Baird. Row 7: D. Rollag, W Fuller, F. Fogel, F. Dowden, W. Schumacher, L. Chase, H. Dahlman, G Richords, R. Bonks. Row 8: C. Andersen, C. Inglis, B. Anderson, D Iverson, S Courey, G. Horrell, E. Cook, T, Thompson, A Morse, Guidon Bearer i . ' yci, i . l uwucii, vv. _ii_i lull i -it_i ic , w MHJ and daughter A c I A S S E S 124 M B BMK BIH _ AeniwA DAROLD ADAMSON, Centerville, Lambda Chi Alpha, Marketing Club, Newman Club. BONNIE ANDERSON, Ravinia, Pi Beta Phi, Chemistry Club, WAA. CARLIS ANDER- SON, Luverne, Minnesota, Pi Beta Phi, Radio Guild, Choir, Orchestra. CECIL ANDERSON, Chicago Heights, Ill- inois, Tau Kappa Alpha, Debate Sguad. HARLAN J. ANDERSON, Pierre, Theta Xi, Chemistry Club, Interfraternity Council, ACS, Dakotans, Young Republicans, Con- vocation Committee. WAVRIN ANDER- SON, Beresford, Delta Tau Delta. KENNETH ANDREE, Watertown, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, S. D. Club, Football, Track. DONALD C. BARKLEY, Sioux Falls, Delta Sigma Pi, Engineering Club. RAYMOND BARKLEY, Ardmore, Lambda Chi Alpha, Geology Club. JOHN BARTON, Vermillion, Beta Theta Pi, Kappa Kappa Psi. JEANNE BECKMAN, Howard, Alpha Phi, Home Economics Club. ROBERT BECKMAN, Redfield, Delta Sigma Pi. Vermillion WILLIAM BERGMAN, Sigma Pi, Engineering Club. BERRY, Sioux Falls. GLENN Huron, Alpha Tau Omega. Delta DWAINE BETHKE, JAE W. BICHLER, Watertown, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Delta Sigma Pi. MARY BORGEN, Sioux Falls, Alpha Phi. JIM BOWDEN, Beres- ford, Lambda Chi Alpha, Track, Scabbard and Blade. 127 AewiwA DONALD BRADLEY, Red-field, Beta Theta Pi, Dakotans. JAMES BRICKLEY, Hermosa, Lambda Chi Alpha, Dakotans, Scabbard and Blade, Interfratemity Council. MARY JANE BROWN, Armour, Pi Beta Phi, Choir. NORMAN BROWN, Aberdeen. ROBERT BROWN, Bradley, Theta Xi, Phi Eta Sigma. ROBERT BRUNE, Sioux Falls. LEROY BUCHELE, Sioux Falls, Marketing Club. MARY BURSESON, Davis, Alpha Phi. BARBARA BURKE, Sioux Falls, Kappa Alpha Theta, Newman Club. MELVIN BURRELL, Elk Point. DWIGHT BUUS, Tea, Radio Guild president, Forensics Club. KENYON CALDWELL, Vermillion, Volante business manager, Student Board of Publications. ANN CAMPBELL, Sioux Falls, Alpha Phi vice-president, Mortar Board president, Guidon, File 13, Choir, Canterbury Club. ROBERT CARBERRY, Fort Dodge, Iowa, Union Board of Control, ISA, Marketing Club, Newman Club, Political Science League. GEORGE CARBON, Vermillion, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Marketing Club, New- man Club. FAYE CARY, Scotland, Kappa Alpha Theta. MARALYN CARSTENS, Mitchell, ISA, Marketing Club, Gamma Delta, Young Democrats. RONNI CHAMBERS, Clear Lake, Kappa Phi, Dakota Dorm Council. 128 JehfwJ WARREN T. CHRISTENSEN, Viborg. JAMES COLE, Huron, Chemistry Club, ACS. CLARENCE M. COLEMAN, Pierre. RICHARD J. COMBS, De Smet, Phi Delta Kappa. LARRY CORNELL, Huron, Delta Tau Delta. EDWARD CONNORS, Sioux City, Iowa, Beta Theta Pi, Newman Club, Phi Delta Kappa, FTA, Varsity Football, In- terfraternity Council. EDWARD CONTOR, Vermillion, Orchestra, Band, Phi Mu Alpha, Kappa Kappa Psi. CHARLES COOK, Yankton, Beta Theta Pi. CATHERINE COTTON, Sioux Falls, Kappa Alpha Theta, Volante, Alpha Lambda Delta. LOUIS CRAIG, Huron, Theta Xi, Political Science League. MARY KAY DAKE, Rapid City, Kappa Alpha Theta, Miss Dakota, Coyote editor. DON DANDY, Storm Lake, Iowa, Delta Sigma Pi. CHARLES DAVIS, Sioux Falls. RICHARD DAVIS, Arlington. EARL DEAN, Sioux Falls, Phi Delta Theta. LAWRENCE DEBILZAN, Andover. JAMES DELANEY, Webster, Beta Theta Pi, Inter- fraternity Council. JOHN DEVANY, Ver- million, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Engineering Club. ; m , : 4 129 AehiwA RICHARD DEWALD, Dimock, Gamma Delta. REX DITTO, Sibley, Iowa. RICHARD DOANE, Sioux Falls, Phi Delta Theta, Scab- bard and Blade, Young Republicans League. MELVIN DRAKE, Vale. JOANNE DUBES, Armour, Pi Beta Phi, Radio Guild, Chorus, Rifle Club, WAA. GEORGIA EGAN, Parker, Kappa Alpha Theta. LORENTZ EIDE, Lead. WILLIAM EILERS, Huron, Beta Theta Pi, Coyote business man- aoer, Newman Club, Scabbard and Blade. JOHN ELOTT, Sioux Falls, KUSD, Radio Guild. HELEN ERICKSEN, Sioux Falls, KUSD, Radio Guild. ARLO ERICSON, Rock Rapids, Iowa, Lambda Chi Alpha. JAMES FEJFAR, Lesterville, Alpha Tau Omega. EUGENE FINGERHUT, Watertown, Theta Xi, S. D. Club, Track, Scabbard and Blade. WILLIAM FOX, Mitchell, History Club, ISA, Political Science League, Newman Club. DONALD GATES, Aberdeen, Delta Sigma Pi, Engineering Club, Marketing Club. JEAN GEPPERT ORR, Vermillion, Kappa Alpha Th eta president, Mortar Board treas- urer, Guidon vice-president. EARL GIESE, Mcintosh. HUGO GOEHLE, Luverne, Minn- esota, Lambda Chi Alpha, Football. 130 AeniwA DAVID GOODMAN, Vermillion. WAYNE GREEN, Huron, Delta Sigma Pi. LOUIS GRESSLIN, Sioux Falls. GLEN GREVE, Aurora, Engineering Club. PAULA GROSZ, Rapid City, Alpha Phi. DORIS GRUENWALD, Corsica, Chi Omega president, Association of Business Teachers president, Coyote, Pan-Hellenic Council, Varsettes, WAA. MARY ANN GUENTHNER, Bridgewater, Alpha Xi Delta, Speech Club, Young Re- publicans, Pan-Hellenic Council, Rifle Club, Choir. FRIEDA HALL, Malvern, Iowa, WAA, Rifle Club. DARLENE HANSEN, Gregory. WAYNE HANSON, Rapid City, Alpha Tau Omega, Marketing Club. CECIL HAR- RINGTON, Vermillion. BURTON HATCH, McLaughlin, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Market- ing Club. ELEANOR HATCH, Mansfield. ELWOOD HAWKINS, Canton, Missouri, Union Board of Control. MARY HEDGES, Buffalo, Chi Omega, AWS, WAA, Coyote, Rifle Club. GERALD HEIBEL, Leola. THOMAS HEIBEL, Leola, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. MELBA HEL- LER, Winner, ISA, FTA, Rifle Club. 131 MHiorA EVERETT HENDRICKSON, Custer. COL- LEEN HERRBOLDT, Aberdeen, Kappa Al- pha Theta, Coyote, Wet Hen, Modern Languages Club. JIM HEWETT, Winner, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. JOSEPH HODGES, Erwin, Theta Xi, Pilgrim Fellowship. ROBERT HODGMAN, Pied- mont. HOWIE HOLST, Pierre, Lambda Chi Alpha, Radio Guild, KUSD, Orchestra. CURT HOPKINS, Huron, Delta Tau Delta, Delta Sigma Pi. VERNEL HOLTER, Platte, Beta Theta Pi, Delta Sigma Pi. DELOS HOP- KINS, White Lake, Band. MERLE HOUCK, Miller, Delta Tau Delta president, Football, Dakotans president. DOLORIS JACKUS, Pierre, Alpha Phi, Gui- don president, Mortar Board, Volante, Hm-m, Alpha Lambda Delta, Political Science League. MALCOLM JAMESON, Sioux Falls. REED JENSEN, Sorum, Lambda Chi Alpha, Dakotans. ORDELL JENSEN, Lebanon. BOB JOHNSON, Sioux City, Iowa, Young Re- publicans, International Relations Club, Political Science League. ROBERT JOHNSON, Bristol. LOIS JONES, Dupree, FTA, Eta Sigma Pi. VERNON V. JONES, Vermillion, Phi Delta Theta. 132 AenforA GILBERT KAISER, Mitchell, Theta Xi. RICHARD KENT, Elk Point. WILLIAM KILLEEN, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Theta Xi, Hm-m, Volante, University Players. JACK KIRSCH, Sisterville, West Virginia, Delta Siqma Pi, Student Senate, Marketing Club. AMOS KLEIN, Howard, Geology Club. EUNICE KLEIN, Mobridge. JOHN KNOOP, Ionia, Missouri, Geology Club. EUGENE V. KNOX, Bonesteel, Delta Sigma Pi, Marketing Club, Engineering Club. ERNEST KOENIG, Yankton. HARRY KORTMEYER, Winner. WALTER KRALLMAN, Dallas, Engineering Club. CARL KRUEGER, Sioux Falls, Alpha Tau Omega, Scabbard and Blade. JEANNE KRUEGER, Sioux City, Iowa, Kappa Alpha Theta. ESTHER KUNDERT, Mound City. MURIEL LAMKEE, Omaha, Nebraska. VERNETT LAMP, Madison, Delta Sigma Pi. WILLIAM LASS, Beresford, Alpha Tau Omega, Phi Eta Sigma, Newman Club, Speech Club. CHARLES LEDYARD, Lead, Delta Sigma Pi. 133 MniwA JACK LIEFFORT, Milbank, Delta Sigma Pi, Student Senate. ADOLPH LITTAU, Dallas. DONALD LONG, Worthington, Minnesota, Theta Xi, Delta Sigma Pi, Marketing Club. RITA LORENZ, Belleville, Illinois, Kappa Alpha Theta, Newman Club, Dolphins. RICHARD LOUCKS, Aberdeen, Phi Delta Theta. ILSE LUBENIK, Vienna, Austria, In- ternational Relations Club. BOB LUCKEN, Akron, Iowa, Lambda Chi Alpha, Volante. MARY McBRIDE, Sioux City, Iowa, Kappa Alpha Theta. ROBERT McDERMOTT, Sioux Falls. CHARLES McKEE, Gregory, Delta Sigma Pi, Engineering Club, Newman Club. TRU- MAN McKEE, Sioux Falls, Phi Delta Theta, Newman Club, IRC. SARA McROBERT, Luverne, Minnesota, Kappa Alpha Theta, Dolphins. KENNETH McRODEN, Sioux Falls, Phi Delta Theta, Basketball. CORALIE MACH- MILLER, Bristol, LSA, SCA, Alpha Lambda Delta. ROBERT MAGNUSON, Sioux Falls, Marketing Club. TED MALLDER, Chicago, Illinois, Delta Tau Delta, Strollers. FRED MASCOTT, Lowell, Massachusetts, Marketing Club, ISA. FLOYD MEIDINGER, Eureka, Political Science League, Young Republicans. 134 ■ - JehJwd MARGARET MENKE, Sioux Falls, Alpha XI Delta, Rifle Club, WAA, SCA, AWS, Pil- grim Fellowship, Home Economics Club, IRC, Coyote. JANICE MICKELSON, Pierre, Alpha Phi, Zeta Phi Eta. WALTER C. MIKKELSON, Irene, Delta Sigma Pi. I au GEORGE MILLER, Spearfish, Alpha Omega, Vclante. LEWIS MILLER, Vermil- lion, Alpha Tau Omega, NCP, Strollers, Play- crafters. LOIS MILLIKEN, Sioux Falls, Pi Beta Phi, Zeta Phi Eta, Guidon, Mortar Board, Pilgrim Fellowship. THOMAS MOE, Vermillion. RUSSELL MOFFETT, Lynch, Nebraska, ISA, Market- ing Club. GAIL MUNSON, Annawan, Ill- inois, Kappa Phi. DAROLD NELSON, Alcester, Delta Sigma Pi, Marketing Club. MARY ANN NOREN, Ashton, Alpha Phi, Orchestra, Choir, FTA. DENNY OOONNOR, Beresford, Theta Xi, Radio Guild. DONALD O ' CONNOR, Burbank, Delta Tau Delta, Engineering Club, Newman Club. LOIS OLSON, Bijou Hills, AWS, East Hall president, Rifle Club. JOAN OSMAN, Huron, Pi Beta Phi president. WILLIAM PACKARD, Atwood, Kansas, Delta Sigma Pi, Marketing Club. TED PAP- PAS, Sioux City, Iowa, Eta Sigma Phi, Phi Sigma lota, Phi Delta Kappa, Modern Languages Club, Canterbury Club, FTA, Political Science League. 135 AenforA FORREST PAULSON, Hitchcock, Wesley Club, Siqma Theta Epsilon. GLORIA PECKENS, Groton. ROBERT PENOR, Bison, Lambda Chi Alpha, fountain manager Coop Store, Scabbard and Blade. MARVIN PETERSEN, Irene, Delta Sigma Pi. DALE PETERSEN, Rapid City, Theta Xi. RICHARD PETERSHAGEN, Castlewood, Radio Guild, Strollers. WILLIAM PETERSON, Vermillion, Alpha Tau Omega, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Mu Alpha, Young Republicans, Choir. PETER PET- RAKIS, Sioux Falls, Chemistry Club. CHARLES PORTER, Wilmot, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. WILLIAM PRUNTY, Rapid City, Alpha Tau Omega. VIRGINIA PERMAN, Selby, Alpha Phi. MARY JANE PURINTUN, De Smet, Kappa Alpha Theta, Modern Languages Club, International Relations Club, Young Republicans. CONSTANTINE RALLIS, Sioux Falls, Chem- istry Club. CHARLES RATHBUN, Webster, Lambda Chi Alpha, Choir. ROGER RAY- MOND, Sioux Falls. ARTHUR REETZ, Yankton, Phi Delta Kappa, FTA. ALVERTA REIFEL, Misson, Alpha Xi Delta, Canterbury Club. CAROL RENNER, Vermillion. 136 AenfotA MARION RIDER, Kansas City, Missouri. MARVIN RIST, Centerville, Lambda Chi Alpha, Scabbard and Blade, Football. DALE ROBERTS, Belle Fourche, Delta Tau Delta, Basketball. JAMES ROBERTS, Belle Fourche, Delta Tau Delta. DALLAS ROUNDS, Akron, Iowa. CHARLES SCHAEPPI, Watertown, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma. THOMAS SCHAEPPI, Watertown, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. ROBERT SC HMIDT, Sioux Falls, Theta Xi, Newman Club, Interfrater- nity Council. ARNOLD SCHUKNECHT, Chancellor. PATRICIA SCHWINN, Sioux City, Iowa, Kappa Alpha Theta, Newman Club, Spanish and French Club. CYNTHIA SCOTT, Sioux City, Iowa, Kappa Alpha Theta. F. NEAL SEVER, Vermillion, Political Science League, Eta Sigma Phi, Phi Eta Sigma. VINCENT SIMPSON, Madison, ISA, New- man Club, Political Science League. BOB SMEED, Sioux Falls, Beta Theta Pi. ARTHUR SMITH, Mitchell, Beta Theta Pi. SHIRLEY SNORTELAND, Hettinger, North Dakota, LSA, SCA, ISA, Modern Languages Club. PHYLLIS SOLBERG, Pierre. LEO SPINAR, Colome, Theta Xi, Chemistry Club, Wesley Foundation, Sigma Theta Epsilon. 137 Jehi ' wJ JOAN STARKEY, Sioux Falls, Alpha Phi. CHARLES STARKSEN, Hetland, Alpha Tau Omega, Delta Siqma Pi. LAVERNE STEWART, Sturgis, ISA. LOREN STOAKES, Worthington, Minn- esota, Theta Xi. WALTER STOCKTON, Elk Point. KEITH STORM, Hawarden, Iowa, Lambda Chi Alpha. RICHARD STORM, Fort Collins, Colorado, Delta Sigma Pi, Engineering Club. LOR- RAINE STRINGER, Sioux Falls, Kaopa Alpha Theta. ALAN STUVLAND, Vermillion. JANET SWAB, Huron, Pi Beta Phi, Mortar Board, Phi Sigma lota, Guidon, AWS. PAUL SWANSON, Sturgis. JOYCE SWASON, Sioux Falls, Zeta Phi Eta, Tau Kappa Alpha, LSA, SCA president, Dakota Hall president, Debate Board of Control, Forensics Club, Who ' s Who. DON SYVERTSON, Huron, Alpha Tau Omega, Phi Delta Phi. DON TALCOTT, Vermillion. HARRIETTE THOMPSON, Sioux Falls, Alpha Xi Delta, Canterbury Club, ISA. JUNIOR THOMSON, Vermillion. BAR- BARA TOLLEFSON, Watertown, LSA, SCA, ISA. BERT TOLLEFSON, Watertown, Lambda Chi Alpha, Tau Kappa Alpha, In- terfraternity Council, Student Senate, KUSD, Radio Guild, SCA, LSA president, WSSF chairman, Political Science League, Greek Week chairman. 138 Jeh ctJ JEAN VAN ARSDALE, Huron, Pi Beta Phi, Pan-Hellenic Council, Pi Omega Pi. RICHARD VENSAND, Aberdeen, Phi Delta Theta. GEORGE WALKER, Sioux Falls, Phi Delta Theta, Hm-m editor. LAWRENCE WASS, Worthinqton, Minn- esota. DOUGLAS WATLAND, Sioux City, Iowa, Beta Theta Pi. DALE WEHRKAMP, Sioux Falls, Phi Delta Theta. BILL WEIGOLD, Huron, Phi Delta Theta, Radio Guild, Debate Board of Control, KUSD, Hm-m. JULIA WEISLOGEL, Fair- view, Pennsylvania, Kappa Phi, ISA, Dakota Hall Council, Modern Languages Club. DEL WELTER, Stevens, Lambda Chi Alpha. HOWARD WHITE, New York City, New York, Kappa Kappa Psi, Chorus, Orchestra. JEANNE WHITE, Sioux Falls, Alpha Phi, Rifle Club, Radio Guild. ROBERT VANDER MEER, Sheldon, Iowa. RICHARD WILSON, Rochester, Minnesota, ISA, Marketing Club. THOMAS WILSON, Wagner, Sigma Theta Epsilon. GORDON WOLD, Huron, Delta Tau Delta, Band. CLARK WRIGHT, Sioux City, Iowa, Beta Theta Pi. 139 • » juhicrJ ft tit RICHARD ABSHER, Downers Grove, Illinois, Lambda Chi Alpha, Delta Sigma Pi, Speech Club, Radio Guild. LARRY AMUNDSON, Lake Andes. LOREN AMUNDSON, Colton, Lambda Chi Alpha, LSA. CLIFF ANDERSON, Sioux Falls, Lambda Chi Alpha, Choir. GERALD ASHMORE, Vermillion, S ' gma Alpha Epsilon, Track, Baseball. EVELYNN BAILEY, Waterrown, Alpha Phi. STEVEN BAILEY, Mobridge. EUGENE BAKER, Sioux City, Iowa. JAY BAKER, Pickstown, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. RAY BALCOM, Rapid City. DONALD BALTZER, Tripp. WESTGATE BARTON, Pierre, Beta Theta Pi. DUANE BAUCH, Sioux Foils, Lambda Chi Alpha. DICK BAUGHN, Boulder, Colorado, Delta Tau Delta SHIRLEY BEGEMAN, Humboldt, ISA vice-president, Kappa Phi ADELAIDE BENSON, Vermillion, Pi Beta Phi, LSA, WAA, Home Economics Club, AWS, Hm-m, Coyote. NANCY BENTSON, Minneapolis, Minnesota. BETTY BERG, McLaughlin, Kappa Phi, SCA. BILL BERGUIN, Sioux Falls, Beta Theta Pi. ROBERT BERRY, McLaughlin, Lambda Chi Alpha, Rifle Club. TALITHA BIRNER, Lake Benton, Minnesota, Gamma Delta, Eta Sigma Phi, WAA, Volante, Hm-m. HENRY BLACK ELK, Vermillion. JAMES BLAINE, Ma- 1 Delta Sigma Pi, Engineering Club. HELEN BL ASH ILL, Castlewood. 140 — • • juntwA GWEN BODE, Rapid City, Htn-m. LEO BOSCH, Wakpala. HAROLD BRANDT, Big Stone City, Pershing Rifles. GENE BRANTNER, Turners Foils, Massachusetts, KUSD, Rodio Guild, Gamma Delta. RICHARD BREDENBERG, Sioux Falls, Phi Delta Theta, Newman Club. SPENCE BRENDE, Sioux Falls, Phi Delta Theta, Football, Track. JACK BROUWER, Sioux City, Iowa, Alpha Tau Omega, YSS. BARBARA BROWN, Sioux City, Iowa, Chi Omega, Rifle Club, Dolphins, WAA. ROBERT BROWNING, Rapid City, National Collegiate Players, Sigma Theta Epsilon, Modern Languages Club, Wesley Players, Wesley Club WILLIAM BRUMLEY, Lemmon, Lambda Chi Alpha. RAYMOND BUSH, Flint, Michigan, Newman Club. JAMES CALLA- HAN, Sioux Fa ' Is, Beta Theta Pi, Newman Club, Marketing Club. DONALD CAMPBELL, Selby. SAM CULBERTSON, Sioux Falls, Delta Tau Delta. JO AN CHAUSSEE, Vermillion, Kappa Alpha Theta. ORCA CHRISTENSEN, Pierre, Alpha Phi, Pi Omega Pi, Dolphins, WAA, MARY JANE COLLINS, Rapid City, Alpha Phi, Varsettes. RICHARD COLWELL, Sioux Falls, Lambda Chi Alpha, Phi Mu Alpha president, Kappa Kappa Psi, Strollers, Band, Orchestra, Chorus. THOMAS COLWELL, Niobrara, Nebraska. ROSS CONKLIN, Sfurgis, Beta Theta Pi, Football. JIM CONWAY, Le Mars, Iowa, Beta Theta Pi. BURDELL COPLAN, Watertown, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Football. DONALD CRAIG, Huron, Theta Xi. 141 • • junior M til HELEN DAHLMAN, Vermillion, Chi Omega, LSA. LOIS DAVIS, Sioux Foils, Kappa Alpha Theta RICHARD DAY, Sioux City, Iowa, Phi Delta Theto. WILLIAM DAY, Dallas, Delta Tou Delta. JIM DELFS, Sioux City, Iowa, Phi Delto Theta. MARLYN DESSEL, Ida Grove, Iowa, Delta Tau Delta. GENE DOKTER, Andover. DON DORDT, Hospers, Iowa. GEORGE DYKSTRA, Oronge City, Iowa. JOHN EDWARDS, Hermcsa, Phi Delta Theta. ALLAN EICHINGER, Sioux Falls. DONALD EKDOM, Ireton, Iowa. RICHARD ERICSON, Elk Point, Alpha Tou Omega, Modern Languages Club. ROGER ERICSON, Rock Rapids, Iowa, Lambda Chi Alpha. JANIS FERGEN, Parkston, Kappa Phi, Band, Advertising Art, Wesley Club, Wesley Players. ELSIE ZANTOW McBRIDE, Leola, Alpho Xi Delta, WAA, Pan-Hellenic, SCA, Gamma Delta, Rifle Club. RICHARD FOLEY, Spencer. FLOYD FORBORD, Igloo, Lambda Chi Alpha. GERALD BOLLINGER, Sioux Falls, Alpha Tau Omego, Delta Sigma Phi, Strollers, Political Science League, Newman Club, Young Re- publicans. JOHN FOWLER, Elk Point BENJAMIN GEARY, Igloo. ROBERT WILSON, Vermillion. SIDNEY GELFAND, Corsica, Delta Sigma Pi. KENNETH GLANZER, Bridgewater, Baseball, Rifle Club, Track. 142 _ • • juniwA DAVID GRAHAM, Custer, Lambda Chi Alpha, Football, EDWARD HALL, St. Lawrence, Alpha Tau Omega, Delta Sigma Pi, Newman Club. BILL HANSON, Scotland, Lambda Chi Alpha, Band, Newman Club. HARVEY HANSON, Webster, Lambda Chi Alpha, Choir, Football, Basketball. PAUL HAUFFE, Leola. GENE HAY, Huron, Delta Tau Delta. MARILYN HECKER, Sioux City, Iowa, Chi Omega, WAA, Volante, Coyote. MEL HEER, Menno, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Basketball, Base- ball. JIM HEIG, Clark, File 13, Radio Guild. ROBERT HEVLE, Irene. S. ALICE HIGA, Hawaiian Islands, Koppo Phi, SCA, In- ternational Re ' ations Club. ANNE HOFFMAN, Pierre, Alpha Phi, Coyote index editor, Volante, Guidon, Alpha Lambda Delta, Pan- Hellenic, AWS vice-president NEVA HOKENSTAD, Canton, VERONA HOLE, Winner. WALTER HOOKER, Sioux Falls, Delta Tau Delta, Football, Interfraternity Council, Student Senate. MERLE HOUGH, Madison. HERSCHUEL HOWELL, Wilmot, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. RAYMOND HYDE, Huron. ELIZABETH ISAAK, Elk Point, Pi Beta Phi, Mu Phi Epsilon, Alpha Lambda Delta, Guidon, Radio Guild, Choir JOANNE JENNINGS, Sioux Falls, Pi Beta Phi, Coyote, KUSD, WSSF, Radio Guild. THOMAS JENSEN, Vermillion, Newman Club. ELLIOTT JOHNSON, Hayti, Alpha Tau Omega, Phi Eta Sigma, SCA, LSA. HUGH JOHNSON, Sioux City, Iowa, Lambda Chi Alpha. MERLE JOHNSON, Alcester, Lambda Chi Alpha, Forensics, Speech Club. JJ4 143 • • junior WILBUR JOHNSON, Bridgewater, Marketing Club, Young Republicans. JAMES JONES, Wagner. LELAND JONES, Dupree, Delta Sigma Pi. MARGARET JORGENSEN, Vermillion, LSA. MARILYN KAHL, Des Plaines, Illinois, Chi Omega, Modern Languages Club, Volante. OTTO KAISER, Sioux Falls, Phi Delta Theta. HOMER KANDARAS, Rapid City, Speech Club, ISA DENVER KAUFMAN, Freeman, Delta Tau Delta. RUTH KEMPTER, Pierre, Alpha Phi. REVONE KLUCKMAN, Mound City, Delta Sigma Pi. DONALD KOENIG, Tyndall, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. JOAN KOLBERG, Sioux Falls, Chi Omega, Pan-Hellenic Council, Radio Guild vice-president, Coyote, Volante, KUSD, WAA, Radio Workshop, AWS. ELLEN KORBITZ, Arbeia, Missouri, Home Economics Club, Koppa Phi. DAN KOUPAL, Vermillion, Alpha Tau Omega, Phi Mu Alpha, Newman Club, Baseball, Choir. JOANNE KRIEGER, Britton, Alpha Xi Delta, Rifle Club, WAA, Varsettes, Radio Guild, Radio Work- shop. OTTO KUNDERT, Mound City, Speech, Radio Workshop, Radio Guild, IRC president, Political Science League, Interna! Relotions Club. HOWARD KUNSTLE, Gettysburg, Beta Theta Pi. MAURICE LABRIE, Turton. JOHN LANE, Gayville, Radio News. MARGARET LANG, Modison. THEODORE WRAGE, Watertown, Delta Tau Delta. LETHA LARSON, Beresford, Alpha Phi. BURON LINDBLOM, Pierre, Beta Theta Pi, Strollers. JANE LOCKE, Youngstown, Ohio,, Chi Omega, Student Senate, Guidon, WAA, Varsettes, Dolphins, Wesley Club. 144 JUHIWA BILL LYNCH, Elk Point, Alpha Tau Omega, Newman Club. JUDD MABEE, Mitchell, Beta Theta Pi. ROBERT MacGREGOR, Madison, Speech Club. JODY MARION, Rapid City, Pi Beta Phi. ROBERT MASCOTT, Lowell, Massachusetts, Marketing Club, ISA. FRED MASEK, Geddes, Radio Guild, Speech Club, Volante KUSD News Editor. CHARLES MATSON, Sioux Falls, Beta Theta Pi MIKE McCULLEN, Rapid City, Phi Delta Theta. ROBERT McDONOUGH, Sioux City, Iowa, Phi Delta Theta. EILEEN McGEORGE, Hot Springs, Alpha Phi. LARRY McRAE, Mitchell. JACK MEHLHAF, Menno, Inter- national Relations Club. EDWIN MEHNER, Dallas, Gamma Delta. BEVERLY MELCHER, Platte, ISA DONALD MOGCK, Sioux Falls. DIANA MONFORE, Springfield, Pi Beta Phi. CARRIE NELSON, Vermillion, Chi Omega, Pan-Hellenic Council, LSA, WAA. GLEN NELSON, Vermillion, Lambda Chi Alpha, KEITH NEWCOMB, Andover, Speech Club. DUANE NICHOLS, Cheyenne Agency, Theta Xi, Pershing Rifles. IRENE O ' CONNOR, Burbank, Kappa Alpha Theta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Zeta Phi Etc, Guidon, Newman Club, Radio Guild, National Collegiate Plovers. GWEN ODEGAARD, Timber Lake, Alpha Phi, Pi Omega Pi, Rifle Club. EMIL ORTH, Scotland. CAROL PATTON, Elkhart, Indiana, Kappa Alpha Theta, Volante, Coyote, Guidon. 145 juniwA MARILYN PAYNTER, Plankinton, Pi Beta Phi. FRED PESCHEL, Sioux City, Iowa, Phi Delta Theto, Delta Sigma Pi, Engineering Club, Newman Club. ROBERT VANDE VOORT, Milbank, Delta Sigma Pi, Young Republicans. BERNICE PFEIFER, Wood, Kappa Phi, Wesley Players, FTA, Wesley Club, Home Economics Club. MARSHALL PRCHAL, Burke. DWAINE PRINDLE, Redfield, Alpha Tau Omega. ORLEY RATH, Leola, Phi Delta Theta. JULIE RAUK, Vermillion, Alpha Phi, Bond, Orchestra, Chorus. DEAN REANEY, Vermillion. ISA, Sigma Theta Epsilon. STAN RHINEHART, Sioux City, Iowa, Delta Tau Delta. RAE RHODES, Sioux Falls, Alpha Phi, Phi Sigma Iota, Canterbury Club. JAMES ROBBINS, Pierre, Beta Theta Pi, Phi Mu Alpha, Strollers, Radio Guild. JOHN ROBERTS, Aberdeen, Phi Delta Theta, Student Senate. EDITH ROESLER, Lead, Pi Beta Phi, WAA, Alpha Lambda Delta. DWAYNE ROLLAG, Rock Rapids, lowo, Lambda Chi Alpha, Kappa Kappa Psi president, Band, Choir, On hestra. MARVIN M, ROMS- DAHL, Hayti, LSA. RICHARD RONALD, Mitchell, Delta Tau Delta. RUTH RYAN, Kimball, WAA, ISA, Modern Languages I Newman Club. BERNARD RYDER, Sioux City, Iowa, Alpha Tau Omega, Newman Club. JOYCE SALKELD, Chicago, Illinois, Volante, ISA. MARIE SANDERS, Miller, ISA, FTA, Political Science League, Newman Club, Band, Choir, International Relations Club. FRANK SAUER, Chicago, Illinois. JAMES SCHELL, Vermillion, Sigma Alpha Epsilon president. FRED SCHLEGELMILCH, Yankton, Beta Theta Pi. 146 • • juhiwA RITA SCHMIDT, Watertown, Kappa Alpha Theta. PATRICIA SCHOLTEN, Canton, Chi Omega, WAA, Coyote, Kappa Phi, Rifle Club. TILMON SCHRANK, Hot Springs, Young Republicans. DONALD SCHWARTZ, Kenosho, Wisconsin, Football, Basketball. LARRY SCOTT, Mt. Vernon, Phi Delta Theta. MAYNARD SEAMAN, Onida. DAVID SHANARD, Bndgewater, Beta Theta Pi. DON SHEPPARD, P.erre ELAINE SHERMAN, Sturgis, Chi Omega, Phi Sigma lota, Coyote, Volante, KUSD, Radio Guild, Newman Club, WAA, Modern Languages Club, Rifle Club. STANLEY SIEGEL, Sioux City, Iowa, Phi Delta Theta DOYLE SMITH, Pukwana. KENDALL SMITH, Beresford, Lambda Chi Alpha. MARTHA SNORTELAND, Hettinger, North Dakota, ISA, LSA, Modern Languages Club PHILLIP SNYDER, Watertown, Phi Delta Theta. DOROTHY ANN SOLIDAY, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. ARLO SOMMERVOLD, Akron, Iowa, Lambda Chi Alpha. VERNE SORHEIM, Newcastle, Wyoming VERNON STAUM, Elk Point. OSMUND STENSLAND, Buffalo, Delta Tau Delto. ROBERT STENSTROM, Alce ster, KUSD, Radio Guild, Speech Club. WILLIAM STEVENSON, Beresford, Phi Delta Theta, Scabbard ond Blade. BOB SULLIVAN, Harnsburg, Alpha Tau Omega. HOLLIE SWEDEEN, Vermillion. GEORGE TELLIFERO, Martin, Lambda Chi Alpha, Political Science League, International Relations Club. 147 • • JUMWA LtAiM ALICIA THOMAS, Springfield, ISA, Alpha Gamma Mu, Wesley Players, Canterbury Club, WAA. NANCY THOMSON, Presho, Ka D pa Alpha Theta, Coyote. DOLORES TWOMEY, Rosholt, Volante, Rifle Club. THOMAS LINKER, Selby, Phi Delta Theta, Baseball. EDWARD WILKINSON, Rapid City. JAMES VANDIVER, El Paso, Texas, Phi Eta Sigma, Eta Sigma Phi, Marketing Club. CURTIS VETTER, Rockford, Illinois, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. VERNITA WELLS, Sioux City, Iowa, Pi Beta Phi, LLOYD WEST, Martin, Delta Sigma Pi. JOHN WILDS, Sioux Falls, Delta Tau Delta, Coop Board of Directors, Newman Club. JULIE WILDS, Sioux Falls, Alpha Xi Delta, Newman Club. 148 AcpkcwreA JEROME ANDERSON, Redfield, Alpha Tau Omega, Delta Sigma Pi, YSS. BILL BADEMAN, Sioux Falls, Lambda Chi Alpha, Young Republicans. AVIS BAILEY, Rosebud. Alpha Xi Delta. JAMES BAIRD, Hecla, Lambda Chi Alpha, Geology Club. MARILYNBAKER Beatrice, Nebraska, Pi Beta Phi. ROGER BANKS, Westfield, Iowa, Theta Xi, Interfraternity Council BARBARA BARRETT, Plankinton, Kappa Alpha Theta, Chorus, Young Republicans, Alpha Lambda Delta CONNIE BARTLETT, Castlewood, LSA, Modern Languages Club. WILLIAM BASOM, Vermillion, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. ROGER BATEMAN, Aberdeen, Alpha Tau Omega. ROBERT BERGMAN, Vermillion. RALPH BERNARD, Elk Point. JACK BERRY, Mitchell, Beta Theta Pi. ROSE MARIE BERTRAND, Centerville, Rifle Club, Chorus. BRUCE BLAKE, Sioux Falls, Alpha Tau Omega, Volante, Interfraternity Council. DANA BLAKKOLB, Bonesteel, Alpha Phi, Coyote, Chorus, Canterbury Club. GORDON BODEN, Akron, Iowa, Lambda Chi Alpha. JOE BOTTUM, Rapid City, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. MIKE BOTTUM, Rapid City, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. LORRAINE BRADLEY, Menno, Alpha Xi Delta, WAA, Rifle Club, Varsettes, Pan- Hellenic Council. BILL BRICK, Vermillion, Beta Theta Pi, Football, Newman Club. JOHN BRIGGS, White River. VERDA BROWN Yankton. PAUL CACAVAS, Aberdeen, Beta Theta Pi, Modern Languages Club. 149 Jcjt tcffiweJ timgm PENELOPE CACAVAS, Aberdeen, Alpho Lambda Delta, File 13, Debate. NEIL CAIN, Claremont, Lambda Chi Alpha. GORDON CAMPBELL, Aberdeen, Beta Theta Pi, Military Ball Chairman. MAXINE CHRISTENSEN, Oelrichs, Modern Languages Club, CAROL CLARK, Redfield, Kappa Alpha Theta. J. DALTON CLEMENTS, Gary, Indiana. GERALD CLEVELAND, Conde, Phi Eta Sigma. MARY PAT COLLINS, Sioux City, Iowa, Pi Beta Phi. GEORGE CARSTENS, Mitchell, Beta Theta Phi. MARY COREY, Beresford, Band, Newman Club. SAMMY COUREY, Lennox. RUSSELL CRAIG, Rapid City, Alpha Tau Omego, Delta Sigma Pi, Engineers Club. DAVID CRARY, Sioux City, Iowa, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. ROY CROWDER, Elk Point, Band. WILLIAM DALE, Rapid City, Alpha Tau Omega. GLEN DANIELSON, Vermillion. WILLIAM DAY, Vermillion, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. NORMA DECK, Racine, Wisconsin. FELIPE CONTRERAS, Lapaz, Bolivia. DEAN COPLER, Harrisburg, Alpha Tau Omega. HARVEY DELZER, Selby, Phi Delta Theta. MARTHA DENGLER,Rock Rapids, Iowa, LSA, Band. PATRICIA DERRY, Wood, Alpha Xi Delta, Coyote, Rifle Club, WAA, Varsettes. DARRELL DIBBEN, Flandreau. 150 _ _ Apphoi noteA MARGARET DICKSON, Wood, International Relations Club, Newman Club. GORDON DODSON, Sturgis, Radio Guild, Chorus. ROBERT DOLAN, Beresford, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. BURDETTE DUGDALE, Bntton. ROBERT DUNKER, Sioux Falls, Newman Club. JAMES DUNLAP, Vermillion, Engineers Club, Radio Club. JEROME FITZGERALD, Porkston, Bond, Orchestra. MARILOU ECONOMY, Yankton. ALVIN EDWARDS, Dallas. EDNA EGELAND, Canton, Chi Omega, Volante, Coyote, File 13, LSA, Modern Languages Club. VIRGIL EISENBEISE, Java, Alpha Tau Omega, Political Science League. DONALD ELI, North Hollywood, California, Delta Tau Delta. NORMA ERICKSO N, Newell, Alpha Xi Delta, WAA, Rifle Club, Radio Guild, Coyote. JOHN EVANS, Dell Rapids. PAUL FELIX, Carthage. CHARLES FEYDER, Sioux Falls, Phi Delta Theta. MARILYN FISHER, Aberdeen, Alpha Phi, Volante, Varsettes, Modern Languages Club, WAA. JAMES FITZGERALD, Yankton, Baseball. DOROTHY FIX, Porkston, Alpha Xi Delta, WAA, SCA, Rifle Club, Band, Coyote, Pilgrim Fellowship. HARLEY FLETCHER, Sioux Falls, Phi Delta Theta, Football. WILLIAM FULLER, Flandreau, Pershing Rifles. HARRY GAMAGE, Wokonda, Delta Tau Delta. HERBERT GFIGLE, Java. GARRY GERDES, Howarden, Iowa, Alpha Tau Omega. 151 Acpkcj nweA GINGER GEYERMAN, Mitchell, Pi Beta Phi. JOAN GILCHRIST, Kadoka, Chi Omega, Eta Sigma Phi, Volante, Coyote, Radio Guild, Alpha Lambda Delta. ALLEN GISSELBECK, Castlewood. PEGG GORDER, Aberdeen, Pi Beta Phi. MAX1NE GORDON, Alpha Phi, Volante. RONALD GRAHAM, Clark, Delta Tau Delta, Football. WILBUR GROENEVELD, Montrose, Theta Xi, Engineers Club. PHIL GROSS, Freeman, Delta Tau Delta, Phi Mu Alpha, Kappa Kappa Psi, Band, Phi Eta Sigma. DWIGHT GROTEWOLD, Larchwood, Iowa, Football. BROOKS GUNDERSON, Centerville, Beta Theta Pi. GEORGE HAGGLUND, Sioux Falls, Beta Theta Pi. MARGARET HALLA, Pierre, Alpha Phi. JIM HANSON, Watertown, Lambda Chi Alpha, Band, Choir. RODNEY HARRINGTON, Vermillion. GORDON HARVEY, Watertown, Track, Orchestra, Modern Longuages Club. TRUDY HASSE, Aberdeen, Kappa Alpha Theta, Volante. SYLVAN HAUFF, Pine Ridge, Modern Languages Club. SIDNEY HAUGUM, Vermillion. DONNA HAWLEY, Sioux Falls, Alpha Phi. PATRICIA HENLEY, Claremont, Pi Beta Phi, Newmon Club, Modern Languages Club. FRANCIS HENRICH, Lennox, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Newman Club, Speech Club. JOAN HODGIN, Reliance, Kappa Phi. CAROL HOFFER, Vermillion, Chi Omega, Alpha Lambda Delta president, Bond, Newman Club, Radio Guild, Orchestra, Modern Languages Club. WILLIAM HOOPER, Downers Grove, Illinois, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 152 AcpkwweA ALBERTA HOUCK, Gettysburg, Chi Omega. CHARLES INGLIS, S oux Falls, ISA, University Forum Club, Speech Club, Radio Workshop, Radio Guild, Intercollegiate Debate. ROBERT JENNINGS, Bridgewater, Beta Theta Pi, Newman Club, Football. KEVIN JOHNSON, Miller. CHARLES JONES, Canton, Delta Tau Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, Political Science League. JOHN JONES, Sioux Falls. JAMES JORGENSEN, Trent. JoANN JOSLIN, Lead, Koppa Phi, Wesley Club, Wesley Players, Modern Languages Club. DERALD KERN, Faulkton, Choir, Sigma Theta Epsilon, EARLE KINSMAN, Watertown, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. KENNETH KIGHTLINGER, Mound City. ELIZABETH KROEGER, Watertown, Kappa Alpha Theta, Coyote, Home Economics Club, Canterbury Club. JOHN KUNI, Aberdeen, Alpha Tau Omega, Newman Club. JACK LAMOUREUX, Akron, Iowa, Lambda Chi Alpha. EVELYN LAR- SEN, Elk Point, Newman Club. HERBERT LARSON, Pukwana, Phi Eta Sigma, Engineers Club. KITTY LAURITZEN, Vermillion, Pi Beta Phi. JOHN LEE, Watertown, Lambda Chi Alpha, DALE LETHCOE, Yankton, Pershing Rifles. KEITH LeVAKE, Watertown, Lambda Chi Alpha, Political Science League. DONNA LIEN, Vermillion, Kappa Alpha Theta, Coyote. SHIRLEY LINDLEY, Jefferson , Alpha Phi, Zeta Phi Eta, WAA, Speech Club, Eta Sigma Phi. KENNETH LINN, Delta Tau Delta. LOUIS LOKEN, Watertown, Theta Xi, Young Republicans. 153 MpkoihweA THEODORE LOTZ, Vermillion, Beta Theta Pi. JOAN LYLE, Elk Point. BILL LYNCH, Elk Point, Alpha Tau Omega, Newman Club. JOHN MANNING, Sioux City, Iowa, Phi Delta Theta. MARY ELLEN MART, Centerville, Chi Omega, Chorus, Modern Languages Club, Radio Guild, Newman Club. DONALD MASKER, Sioux Falls, Beta Theta Pi, Basketball. LAVONNE MAX, Scotland, Kappa Alpha Theta, Cheerleader. MARGARET McCAY, Salem, Rifle Club, Newman Club, ISA. ANN McCLENAHAN, Mitchell. DONNA McGLONE, Flandreau, Newman Club, Choir. DANIEL MEHNER, Dallas. CHARLES MEIER, White Lake. DONALD MIELKE, Sleepy Eye, Minnesota, COLIN MONFORE, Yankton, Delta Tau Delta. SONNA MONTGOMERY, Mitchell, Pi Beta Phi, Volante, Radio Guild, Canterbury Club, Modern Languages Club. CHARLES MORRISON, Twin Brooks, Theta Xi, Modern Languages Club, Political Science League, International Relations Club. ROBERT MOSHER, Sioux City, Iowa, Phi Delta Theta. HAROLD MOULTON, Reliance, Theta Xi, Young Republicans Club, Pershing Rifles, International Relations Club, Political Science League. MARY ANN MYRON, Vermillion, Pi Beta Phi. MICHAEL NAGLE, Sioux Falls, Beta Theta Pi. HOYT NICHOLAS, Ree Heights, Delta Tau Delta. SALLY NICHOLS, Sioux Falls, Alpha Phi. ARTHUR NISSEN, Vermillion. JEANNE NYGAARD, Watertown, Kappo Alpha Theta, Coyote. 154 _ _ MphcmweA MJX RICHARD OAKLAND, Vermillion, Lambda Chi Alpha. BETTE OLSON, Kimball, Modern Languages Club, Choir, Home Economics Club. DONA OLSON, Sioux Falls, Alpha Xi Delta, Varsettes, Gamma Delta, Coyote, Rifle Club, WAA, Young Democrats Club, International Relations Club. FRANCES OPHEIM, Mound City, Gamma Delta, Varsettes. DENNIS ORTMAN, Canistota, Delta Tau Delta, Football. RICHARD OWENS, Vermillion. ALDEN OYEN, Baltic. PAT PADRNOS, Lake Andes, Chi Omega, Newman Club, Choir. WILLIAM PATRICK, Salem, Oregon, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Canterbury Club SAM PATTERSON, Vermillion, Lambda Chi Alpha, Modern Languages Club, Phi Eta Sigma, Political Science League. VIRGINIA PAULSON, Evanston, Illinois, Varsettes, Kappa Alpha Theta, Canterbury Club. ANN PAULSRUD, Sioux City, Iowa, Kappa Alpha Theta. LOUIS PETERS, Mitchell, Newman Club. DARWIN PETERSEN, Ipswich, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. EVELYN PETSCHE, Sioux Falls, Alpha Xi Delta, Dakota Hall vice-president, Modern Languages Club, Newman Club, Young Democrats Club. FARIS PFISTER, Webster, Lambda Chi Alpha. RICHARD PIER, Avon, Theta Xi, Band. JO ELLEN PILLAR, Scotland, Alpha Phi, Newman Club, Radio Guild, Majorettes. DENNIS POSPISIL, Colome, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. NELL PRIBBLE, Sioux Falls, Pi Beta Phi. MARY QUINTAL, Mitchell, Pi Beta Phi, Varsettes, Home Economics Club. CARL QUIST, Madison, Delta Tau Delta. ARLYCE RATHBUN, Webster, Choir. MAURICE RAWLINGS, Sioux City, Iowa, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Football, Bosketball. 155 JCfthcinweJ Kftim MAURICE LAPP, Eureka. ALAN RICE, Tuthill, Band, Choir JAMES ROWE, Watertown, Lambda Chi Alpha. JEAN ROUSH, Ver- million, Cheerleader. EDWARD ROZMAN, Sioux City, Iowa, Alpha Tau Omega. RONALD RUNGE, Sioux City, Iowa. GEORGE SAARLOOS, Garretson, Modern Languages Club. HELEN SCHAMBER, Freeman. ALLAN SCHELL, Vermillion, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Football, Phi Eta Sigma. DEE SCHMIDT, Brandon, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. FRANK SCHOEN, Lead, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Mu Alpha, Choir, Pilgrim Fellowship. RONALD SCHOENEWE, Everly, Iowa, Theta Xi. DOROTHY SCHULL, Watertown, Varsettes. MARGARET SCHUMACHER, Dimock, Alpha Xi Delta, Varsettes, Marketing Club, WAA, Coyote. MARY SCHUMACHER, Sioux Falls, Kappa Alpha Theta. RICHARD SELLE, Aberdeen, Beta Theta Pi. DOROTHY SEVERSON, Vermillion, Alpha Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta. JOHN SHEILD, Salem, Delta Tau Delta, Track. DENNY SIELER, Bonesteel. RICHARD SIMONS, Sioux Falls, Delta Tau Delta. CHARLES SISK, Miller, Newman Club, Political Science League. ROSE MARIE SMITH, Lead, Alpha Xi Delta, Band, Coyote, Rifle Club, WAA, Radio Guild. JAMES SMITH, Mitchell, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. PEGGY SMITH, Mitchell, Pi Beta Phi. 156 if.f f® MpkwweA KATHRYN SNYDER, Mitchell, Alpha Phi. HENRY SOLEM, Bridgewater, Delta Tau Delta. MAUREEN SORENSON, Pierre, Pi Beta Phi. NANCY STAKKE, Woonsocket, Kappa Alpha Theta. LOIS STANGL, Java, Speech Club. FREDERICK STEECE, Sioux Falls. DONALD STEINBECK, Hartley, Iowa. CHARLES STETSON, Yankton, Beta Theta Pi. JOHN STRINGER, Sioux Falls, Beta Theta Pi. ARDELLA STROBEL, Eureka, SCA, Comma Delta, WAA. MARGE STUVLAND, Salem, Volante, Choir, Newman Club, vice-president East Hall. ROBERT STVERAK, St. Clair, Michigan, Lambda Chi Alpha, Newman Club. ROBERT SULLIVAN, Harrisburg, Alpha Tau Omega, Marketing Club, YSS, Basketball, Baseball. PHYLLIS SULLIVAN, Madison, Alpha Xi Delta, Newman Ciub, Radio Guild, Young Republicans Club. TED THOMPSON, Camstota, Delta Tau Delto. RALPH THORPE, Hudson. NEIL TROTMAN, Miller. BILL LYNCH, Elk Point, Aloha Tau Omega, Newman Club. EARL VAN GERPEN, Tyndall, Alpho Tau Omega, Political Science League, Speech Club, University Forum, Young Republicans Club. MARILYN VESELY, Mosher, Newmon Club, Varsettes, Rifle Club. NORMA VETTER, Gettysburg, Choir. ROBERT VOLDEN, Sioux Falls, Young Democrats Club. DAVID VROOMAN, St. Louis, Missouri, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. JOHN WALKER, Arlington, Virginia, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 157 AcpkcwnA ILAH MAE WARNER, Kimball, Alpho Xi Delta, Newman Club, Choir, IRC, Rifle Club, Targeteers. DENNIS WESTERGAARD, Viborg, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. BEVERLY WESTRE, Vermillion, Alpha Phi. MARY JEAN WHITING, Sioux Falls, Kappa Alpha Theta, Coyote, Volonte, Modern Languages Club, Canterbury Club. TODD WILLY, Madison, Alpha Tau Omega, Debate. ALBERT WIPF, Menno, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. CAROL WITT, Butler, Kappa Alpha Theta KEITH WRAGE, Warertown, Delta Tau Delta, Phi Eta Sigma. PEGGY BUCK PLOOSTER, Sioux Falls, Kappa Alpha Theta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Coyote. JOHN GREEN, Aberdeen, Lambda Chi Alpha. CARLEEN WAUGH, Sioux City, Iowa, Alpha Phi. 158 _ -n tfred tflteh RUDY ABILD, Wakonda, Lambda Chi Alpha. BETTY ADAMS, Chamberlain, Chi Omega, Radio Guild, Volante, Newman Club, WAA, Varsettes, Modern Languages Club. BRUCE ALLEN, Huron, Beta Theta Pi. JAMES ANDERSON, Rapid City, Sigmo Alpha Epsilon. WILLIAM ANDERSON, Deodwood, Delta Tau Delta. MARY ASSMAN, Winner. JOANNE AVES, Aberdeen, Alpha Phi. LAWRENCE BALTZER, Tripp, Band. YVONNE BARRY, Canton MARIANNE BAUM, Yonkton, Volante. LARRY BEAUDIN, Chamberlain, Alpha Tau Omega. DEAN BELBAS, Sioux Falls, Volante, Football. CAROL BENSON, Oral, ISA, Kappa Phi CAROL BERG, Lake Norden, Alpha Xi Delta, MAXINE BERG, Dell Rapids, LSA, Modern Languages Club. BARBARA BERGUIN, Sioux Falls, Kappa Alpha Thela, Choir. DAVE BERNARD, Elk Point. CHARLES BERRY, Deadwood, Delta Tau Delta. MAX BEYER, Chester, Lambda Chi Alpha, Volante. LYLA BIEBER, Trail City, ISA, Rifle Club. ROBERT BISSELL, Sioux Falls, Alpha Tau Omega. MARILYN BLEECKER, Pierre, Pi Beta Phi. LELAND BOTTJEN, Sioux City, Iowa, Football, Radio Guild. MARY ANN BOYLES, Yankton, Pi Beta Phi, Coyote, Canterbury Club. 159 tfreAftteh PATRICIA BOYSEN, Sioux City, lowo, WAA. CASEY BRANDT, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Pershing Rifles, Football, Choir. RICHARD BRAUNGER, Sioux City, Iowa, Alpha Tau Omega, Radio Guild, Newman Club. BILL BROOKENS, Gregory, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. FRANK BROOKS, Sioux Falls. VERNA BROWN, Bradley. DAVID BRUCE, Sioux Falls, Alpha Tau Omega BETTE BRUNE, Creighton, Nebraska, Alpha Phi. MARJORIE BRUGER, Vermillion, Alpha Xi Delta, Modern Languages Club, WAA, Newman Club, Coyote. LUCILLE CONNAUGHTON, Lemmon, ISA, Newman Club. WILLIAM BURGESS, Sturgis, Choir. DONNA BURNETTE, Selby, ISA, Modern Languages Club. CAROLE CARTER, Madison, Alpha Xi Delta, Varsettes, Newman Club, Coyote. CARTER FRANCIS, Philip, Delta Tau Delta, Choir. ROBERT CAVIN, Lennox. LARRY CHASE, Pukwana. RICHARD CHAUSSEE, Vermillion, Phi Delta Theta. CONSTANCE CLARK, Yankton, Pi Beta Phi, Radio Guild, PWF, Modern Languages Club. DEAN CLARKE, Sioux Falls, Alpha Tou Omega, Band. CLiNTON FRANKLIN, Lead. SHIRLEY COE, Custer, Pi Beta Phi, Band, Chorus, Modern Languages Club, Home Economics Club JOAN COFFIE, Sergeant Bluffs, Iowa, Alpha Xi Delta. EDWARD COLLINS, Vermillion. EARL COOK, Platte, Alpha Tau Omega, Pershing Rifles, Pilgrim Fellowship. 160 _ tfrej tmeH ROBIN COON, Sioux Foils. CHARLES COYLE, Ropid City, Sigma Alpho Epsilon. JOY CRABTREE, Wotertown. BARBARA CRO- SON, Mount Vernon, File 13. ROY CROWLEY, Lennox. DALE DAHL, Wotertown, Sigma Theta Epsilon, Wesley Club. MARY ANN DAHL, Vermillion, Alpha Xi Delta, Radio Guild, Radio Workshop, Orchestra, Zeta Phi Eta, Cheerleader, Modern Languages Club. CONNIE DALTON, Cleghorn, Iowa, Newman Club JOHN DALTON, Akron, Iowa, Lambda Chi Alpho. DON DEROSIER, Deadwood, Lambda Chi Alpha. TERRY DEVINE, Tripp, Alpha Phi, Cheerleader, Newman Club. CONNIE DICKENSON, Sioux Falls, Alpha Phi, Coyote. LOWELL DIRKSEN, Conde. EILEEN DOLAN, Beresford, Pi Beta Phi, Varsettes, Newman Club. HELEN DONNELLY, E:k Point FRED DOWDEN, Spirit Lake, Iowa, Alpha Tau Omega MARGERY DREY, Scotland. Kappa Alpha Theta, Volante, Coyote, Newman Club, International Relations Club. BETTY DUE, Sioux Foils, Alpha Phi. DORLA DRIES. Sturgis, Alpha Phi, Band, Orchestra, Chorus. BEVERLY EDSON, Sioux Falls, Chi Omega. VIOLA ERICKSON, Garret- son, Chi Omega. ELINOR EWALD, Lead, Kappo Alpha Theta. ORPHA FAHRENWALD, Conde, Chi Omego, Kappa Phi, Choir. DONALD FAIRBANKS, Vermillion, Beta Theta Pi. 161 tfredhnteh MARY ANN FARA, Akron, lowo, WAA, SCA. JoANN FENNEL, Elk Point, Band, Newman Club. JOAN FILLBACH, Sioux City, Iowa. PAUL FLANAGAN, Huron, Delta Tou Delta. ALICE FOLTZ, Winner, Radio Guild, Newman Club. MARILYN FOSS, Mitchell, Alpha Xi Delta, Radio Guild, Rifle Club, Varsettes, WAA, Newman Club, Home Economics Club, Choir, Coyote. HOWARD FULWEILER, Yankton, Delta Tau Delta. NORMA GEMAR, Winner, Chi Omega, Kappa Phi. GORDON GRAFF, Sioux Falls, Phi Delta Theta. DONNA GREEN, Southland, Iowa, Alpha Xi Delta. NORMA GEHRTS, Correctionville, Iowa. DOROTHY GROETHE, Rapid City, Chorus. RUTH GRUENEWALD, Corsica, Chi Omega, WAA, Varsettes, International Relations Club, Coyote DOROTHY GRUNDLER, Sioux Falls, Kappa Alpha Theta, Coyote. MARIE HACKETT, Chancellor, ISA, Chorus, Kappa Phi. JACK HAMILTON, Sioux Falls, Delta Tau Delta. ALLAN HAMMER, Sherman, Lambda Chi Alpha. LOREN HAMRE, Volga, LSA. DOROTHY HANSEN, Gayville, Chi Omega, Choir. HARRY HAUFFE, Leola, Lambda Chi Alpho, Football, Basketball, Track. DONALD HECK, Kimball, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. JANEANE HEGG, Woonsocket. BETH HENDERSON, Paullino, Iowa, Choir. AVALON HEN- RICHSEN, Clark, Band. 162 » ffreAftteh MARY HOLGATE, Mobndge, Kappo Alpha Theta, WAA. GENE HORRELL, Vermillion, Beta Theto Pi, Football. ROBERT HOUCK, Gettysburg, Beta Theto Pi. RUTH HOWALT, Sioux Falls, Kappa Alpha Theta, Orchestra, Varsettes, Coyote. LOUISE HULSEBUS, Watertown, Alpha Phi. NORAJEAN HYDE, Vermillion, Chi Omega, Home Economics Club. DOROTHY IVERSON, Canton, Pi Beta Phi. DOROTHY JAQUITH, Vermillion, Alpha Xi Delta, Band, Orchestra. BONNIE JENSEN, Arlington, Chi Omega. HELEN JENSEN, Sioux Falls, Roger Williams Club. CRAIG JOHNSON, Luverne, Minnesota, Lambda Chi Alpha, Hm-m staff. JANET JOHNSON, Alcester, Choir. MERVYN JOHNSON, Hot Springs, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. PAUL JENSEN, Arlington. BARBARA JONES, Rowena. BARRETT JONES, Sioux Falls, Alpha Tau Omega. RICHARD JUHNKE, Emery, Chemistry Club. ROBERT KEY, Winner. BARBARA KIRCHNER, Milbank. CHARLES KRALL, Mitchell. ROBERT KRUEGER, Sioux Falls, Phi Delta Theta. DELLA LANGLEY, Watertown, Zeta Phi Eto. ILA LARSON, Rosholt, Home Economics Club, Modern Languages Club. PATRICIA LAVIER, Deadwood, Kappa Phi, Dramatics Club. I c y. 163 tfrej tflteh ELAINE LIPELT, Freeman. MARIE LIKNESS, Longford, Alpho Xi Delta, Rifle Club TOM LIETZKE, Beresfo rd WALTER LEYSE, Sioux Falls, Delta Tau Delta. NANCY LEES, Aberdeen, Kappa Alpha Theta, Coyote. MARY JANE LEE, Vermillion, Pi Beta Phi, Majorettes, Modern Lcnguages Club, Newman Club. MARILYN LLOYD, Vermillion, Chi Omega, Modern Languages Club. ITA LOE, Hudson, Alpha Xi Delto, Band, Orchestra. OSCAR LOE, Hudson. JOHN LOHRE, Vermillion, Beta Theta Pi, Football, Basketball. SARA DONNA MACY, Vermillion, Chi Omega, Kappa Phi, Home Economics Club. SHIRLEY MACY, Vermillion, Home Economics Club, Wesley Club, Kappa Phi. EVELYN MAIN, Hartford, Zeta Phi Eta, Radio Guild, Radio Workshop, Chorus. JOAN MANDERY, Aberdeen, Kappa Alpha Theta, Zeta Phi Eto, Majorettes JACK MAYER, Yankton, Delta Tau Delta, Chemistry Club. BARBARA McCAUGHEY, Rock Rapids, Iowa BURTON McDONALD, Chamberlain, Alpha Tau Omega. CAROL McMANIS, Sioux City, Iowa, Alpha Lambda Delta, Newman Club, Bond, Orchestra, Choir. MARY McROBERT, Luverne, Minnesota, Kappo Alpha Theta, Modern Languages Club, Choir. FLORENCE MEIDINGER, Eureka, Choi-us. LOIS MEINHARDT, Sioux City, Iowa, Kappa Alpha Theta, Choir, Modern Languages Club. LOUANN MENGE, Wotertown. JAMES MENGENHAUSER, Parkston, Chemistry Club. LEO MEWBORNE, Madison, Delta Tou Delta. 164 _ 7 tfrej tftteh VAN MIKKELSON, Irene, Football, Basketball. BETTY MILLER, Moville, Iowa, Pi Beta Phi, Chorus. JERRY MILLER, Pierre, Alpha Tau Omega, Pershing Rifles. MARILYN MILLER, Verdon, Alpha Phi, Chorus, Hm-m staff, Majorettes. ROGER MILLER, Dovis, Radio Guild, Speech Club. VIRGINIA MILLIKEN, Sioux Falls, Pi Beta Phi, Orchestra, Pilgrim Fellowship. LONA MILLS, Winner, Chi Omega, Kappa Phi. GORDON MITCHELL, Brandt. LOUIS MITCHELL, Rapid City, Pershing Rifles ROBERT MITTELSTAEDT, Milbank, Band. IRA MOGEN, Waubay. DENTON MOIR, Sioux City, Iowa ' . WILLIAM MORFELD, Freeman, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Choir. DAVID MORRILL, Sturgis, Beta Thefa Pi, Speech Club. MARCINE MUCKEY, Yankton, Pi Beta Phi, Choir. JAMES MUELLER, Parkston, Chemistry Club. MARY MUMFORD, Howard, Alpha Phi, Zeta Phi Eta, WAA, Speech Club, Chorus. Band. MARY NELSON, Vermillion, Chi Ome ga, LSA. GRANT NEWMAN, Gettysburg, Band, Chorus. EDMOND NEUROTH, Beresford. DONNA OLIVER, Whiting, Iowa, Choir. RONNY OLSEN, Gettysburg, Football. BONNIE OLSON, Langford, Targeteers, Choir, LSA, Chemistry Club. SALLY OLSON, Vermillion, Pi Beta Phi, Band, Coyote, Pilgrim Fellowship, Modern Languages Club 165 tfrejhtneh AtA P 9 $ GENE OSMAN, Huron. NICOLA OSTROWSKY, Clark. JOHN PAPPAS, Sioux City, Iowa, Phi Delta Theta, Track. JOHN PEDER- SON, Elk Point, Alphc Tau Omega, Football. ROGER PEDERSON, Redfield, Alpha Tau Omega, MARY ELLEN PETERSON, Irene, Alpha Xi Delta, Home Economics Club, Varsettes, Chorus, Coyote. DONNA PHELPS, Aberdeen, Alpha Phi. JAMES PHILP, Watertown. BETH PINKERTON, Quimby, Iowa, WAA, Kappa Phi. EMER- SON PLACE, Randolph. DENNIS PLOOSTER, Sioux Falls, Delta Tau Delta, Cheerleader. TITUS PRATT, Martin, Band. JAMES PRINS, Vermillion, Beta Theta Pi, Football, Track, Baseball, Chemistry Club, Basketball. NANCY PRITCHARD, Watertown, Chi Omega, Speech Club RICHARD POULSEN, Yankton, Delta Tau Delta. JOSEPH PUSL, Dallas, Sigma Alpha Eps.lon. JAMES REDFIELD, Sioux Falls, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. JANET REDING, Algona, Iowa. JOSEPH REDING, Algona, Iowa. HAROLD RICE, Hudson, Pershing Rifles. MARLENE RIEB, Parkston, Pi Beta Phi. NORVAN ROGGEN, Boyden, Iowa, Alpha Tau Omega. BARBARA ROUSE, Rapid City, Alpha Xi Delta, Zeta Phi Eta, Newman Club, Rifle Club, Varsettes, Choir, Radio Guild. JOSEPHINE RYMAN, Aberdeen, Chi Omega. 166 _ » {freAnteh JAMES SAYER, Britton, Alpha Tau Omega, Choir ARTHUR SCHANCHE, Ames, Iowa, Delta Tau Delta. GLORIA SCHLAPKOHL, Luverne, Minnesota, Kappa Alpha Theta, Choir, International Relations Club LORRAINE SCHLUETER, Vermillion, Chi Omega, Band. JAMES SCHMIDT, Huron, Delta Tau Delta. WILLIAM SCHUMACHER, Doland. JEAN SCHURR, Roscoe, Newman Club. CAROL SEACAT, Alexandria, Chi Omega, File 13, Modem Languages Club. MAUREEN SISSON, Sioux Falls, Alpha Phi. CLINTON SMALL, Akron, Iowa. KAY SMILEY, Deadwood, Kappa Alpha Theta. MARILYN SMITH, Canby, Minnesota. LOIS SUTTON, Onida, Alpha Phi. WANITA STEWART, Centerville, Chorus, Rifle Club. SANDRA STENSON, Sioux Falls, Zeta Phi Eta, Kappa Phi, Varsettes, Modern Languages Club. PEGGY STECKLER, Avon, Alpha Phi, Band, Chorus, Coyote. FRANK SPIECKER, Sioux City, Iowa, Delta Tau Delta, Band. JAMES SORENSEN, Vermillion, Band. KAREN SWANSON, Highmore, WAA. ROBERT SWANSON, Rapid City, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. BRUCE SYRING, Alpena. CONSTANCE TAPLETT, Mitchell, Alpha Phi, Newman Club, Band. JAMES TAYS, Gettysburg, Beta Theta Pi. GLORIA THOELKE, White 167 tfreJktneh JoANN TRENKER, Irene, Alpha Xi Delta, Band, Chorus. WAYNE UFFORD, Vermillion, Lambda Chi Alpha, Band, Orchestra. JAMES ULVOG, Centerville, Forensic. JOAN VAUGHN, Wessington, Pi Beta Phi, Zeta Phi Eta, Choir, Majorettes, Speech Club, Pilgrim Fellowship, Modern Languages Club. DONALD VESELY, Mosher. BETTY VOPAT, Deadwood. DONALD WAIT, Sioux Falls. JAMES WALTER, Sioux Falls, Delta Tau Delta. ROBERT WALTER, Freeman, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Newman Club. BETTY WARD, Pine Ridge, Pi Beta Phi, Band, Modern Languages Club. JAMES WARING, Vermillion, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. RUTH PETERSEN, Rock Rapids, Iowa. SALLY WELCH, Vermillion, Alpha Xi Delta, Coyote, WAA, Newman Club. FRED WEMMERING, Holabird, Alpha Tau Omega. RONALD WERMERS, Dimock, Chorus. ROBERT WEXLER, Watertown. JAMES WHITE, Brooklyn, Michigan, Lambda Chi Alpha, Political Science League, International Relations Club, Young Republicans Club. ANN WHITMORE, Naperville, Illinois, Kappa Alpha Theta, Coyote, Modern Languages Club. JAMES WIESELER, Orient, Alpha Tau Omega. JANET WILDS, Sioux Falls, Alpha Xi Delta, Rifle Club, Varsetres, Newman Club, International Relations Club treasurer, Radio Guild. LESTER WILSON, Winner. LYLE WOOD, Hill City, SARAH WINTER, Ver- million, Kappa Alpha Theta, Zeta Phi Ela, File 13, Volante. ROBERT WILLIAMS, Langford, Alpha Tau Omega. 168 _ ft tfrej imeh LaVA UNE YEADO, Vermillion, Alpha Xi Delta, Newman Club, Band, WAA. ROBERT YIRKA, Rapid City, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. JERRY YOUNG, Deadwood. ROBERT OURSLAND, Wakonda. 169 L A W eHet it ill be s c H L 170 - _ Aenfor lau KEITH ANDERSON, Huron, president of Student Body, ISA president. Phi Delto Phi, Debate Board of Control. THOMAS BURKE. Sioux Falls, Phi Delta Theta. RAY JOHANSEN. Vermillion. JACK COLOMBO, Mount Vernon, New York, Alpho Tau Omega, Newman Club. JAMES DOYLE, Pierre, Delta Tau Delta, Baseball. ERVIN DUPPER, Mobridge, Lambda Chi Alpha, Delta Theta Phi, Young Republicans TRACY GITCHELL, Huron. FRANK HENDERSON, Rapid City, Phi Delta Theta, Basketball, Track, SD Club, Student Union Board of Control. HENRY HORSTMAN, Parkston, Phi Delta Phi, Newman Club. GLEN JOHNSON, Hurley. ROBERT JONES, Sioux Falls, Delta Theta Phi JOHN LARSON, Beres- ford, Delta Theta Phi, Delta Tau Delta. GEORGE LENDECKER, Keystone, Theta Xi, Delta Theta Phi. DAVID MarFAR- LANE, Montrose. AC IE MATTHEWS. Vermillion. FILMORE MAUL, Yankton, Phi Delta Phi. EUGENE MAYER, Yankton, Delta Tau Delta, Phi Delta Phi. JOE MAYNES Houghton, Sigma Chi THOMAS RIES, Watertown, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Strollers DAROLD SHANAHAN, Huron, Delta Theta Phi. S D SHERWOOD, Clark, Delta Theta Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, Eta Sigma Phi. ROBERT STARK, Vermillion, Eta Sigma Phi, HARRY WEINSTEIN, Wagner. OWEN RAY WIPF, Menno. 173 jmht tau WALTER ANDRE, Custer, Sigmo Alpha Epsilon, Delta Theta Phi. LOUIE BEIS- SER, Vermillion, Delta Theta Phi. ARTHUR FRANKHAUSER, Gettysburg, JOSEPH BUSH, Vermillion, Delta Theta Phi, Newman Club. OREN COLER, Chamberlain, Delta The ' o Phi FRANK GIBBS, Vermillion. KENNETH GRAVES, Edgemont, Phi Delta Phi. WIL- LIAM HACKETT, Sioux Falls, Phi Delta Theta. CLARENCE HAGGLUND, S ' oux Falls, Phi Delta Phi, Beta Theta Pi. ABRAHAM. HASSON, Sioux Falls, Dramatics. VAL HIGGINS, Minneapolis, Minnesota KARL KABEISEMAN, Yankton, Delta Tau Delta, Phi Delto Phi, Tau Kappa Alpha, Phi Eta Sigma, Eta Sigma Phi, Newman Club. GERALD KAUFMAN, Vermillion, Delta Theta Phi. KAYL LAWRENCE, Redfield, Phi Delta Phi. HENRY LOCKINGTON, Aberdeen, Delta Theta Phi. RAYMOND MEDLIN, Albion, Nebraska, Phi Delta Phi, Sigma Theta Epsilon. CHARLES MILLIKEN, Sioux Foils, Sigmo Alpha Epsilon, Delta Theta Phi, Strollers, Phi Mu Alpha. PHILIP MOGEN, Waubay, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Delta Theto Phi. WILLIAM PORTER, Madison, Phi Delta Theta, Pi Delta Epsilon, Strollers. C. DALE SCHWANT, Winner, Lambda Chi Alpha, Phi Delta Phi, Phi Mu Alpha. ROBERT SMITH, Brookings, Phi Delta Phi ROBERT QUINN, Piedmont LOREN CARLSON, Mitchell, Phi Delta Phi. ERWIN WIEST, Herreid, Delta Theta Phi, Delta Sigmo Pi, Kappa Koppa Psi, ISA, Young Republicans. 174 — mm t Acpkcj hcre tau SULLIVAN BARNES, Sioux Falls, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. LELAND BERNDT. Her- reid. Delta Theta Phi, ISA, Young Re- publicans. WILLIAM BOBERTZ. Hillside, New Jersey. FRANK FARRAR, Bntton, Alpha Tau Omega, Scabbard and Blade, Dakotans, Interfraternity Council, Who ' s Who. ARTHUR FISHER, Vermillion. ROBERT GILBERTSON, Waterrown, Young Repub- licans. LARRY HAMBLIN, Belle Fourche Phi Delta Phi. JOHN JONES, Presho, Lambda Chi Alpha. KENNETH KUENY, Sioux City, Iowa, Theta Xi, Newman Club, Strollers, Young Republicans. THOMAS LATSIS, Water- town, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Football, Heavyweight Boxing. JOE LESSER, Mit- chell. SPENCER NISSEN, Reliance, Delta Theta Phi. WILLIAM O ' CONNELL, Rapid City, Phi Delta Phi WILLIAM ORTMAN Marion JAMES PETERSON, Ponca, Nebraska, Phi Delta Phi, Phi Eta Sigma. ROBERT SCHU- MACHER, Rapid City, Alpha Tau Omega. RAYMOND SCHUTZ, Rock Valley, Iowa, Phi Delta Phi. WILLIAM SMITH, Rapid City, International Relations Club, Young Republicans. ROBERT SPENCER, Aber- deen, Theta Xi. GEORGE BEAL, Lem- mon. Lambda Chi Alpha. i , $ . : 175 At E I C A L S C loyal and true to thee ... . „ . . L 176 — » _ Mpkcwte medicine RICHARD ADAMS, Conlon, Missouri. ROBERT BELL, Huron. STERLING BERG, Custer. ROBERT BRUNKEN. Vermillion. DAVID BUCHANAN, Huron. KENNETH DREGSETH, Baltic. EDWARD GERBER, Aberdeen. BERNARD GERBER, Aberdeen SHIRLEY VAN FERNEY, Scotland, Kappa Alpha Theta. PHYLLIS HUFFMAN, Aber- deen, Pi Beta Phi ARTHUR LARSON, Mobndqe. GENE LEWALLEN, Huron. SHERMAN LINDELL, Vermillion JOHN MYERS, Onida. PHILIP OSTLUND, Ver- million. ALVIN PETERSON, Vermillion. LINCOLN SOLBERG, Aberdeen, Student Senate. JAMES SCALLIN, Redfield Beta Theta Pi. KEITH SEHNERT, Frederick JEWEL SEVERSON, Sioux Falls. GEORGE SHAW, Tripp. CLIFFORD TSCHETTER, Huron. KERMIT VANDER- BOS, Mitchell. DONALD WEATHERILL, Huron. 179 tfreAntah medicine ARLO BLUMER, Beresford. DEAN ERICK- SEN, Sioux Falls, Phi Delta Theta. MAR- GARET FAITHE, Gayville. ARNOLD FENSKE, Arlington. LESLIE GRACE, Woonsocket. KEITH HANSON, Huron. BOB HECK, Kimball, SAE, Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Theta Epsilon. THOMAS HEGERT, Vermillion, Delta Tau Delta. HARRI JANSSEN, Yankton. PAUL KRET- SCHMAR, Eureka, Phi Delta Theta, Phi Eta Sigma NANCY LEE, Parker, Kappa Alpha Theta. GEORGE LEIH, Vermillion WING MAR, Vermillion. WILLIAM MOON, Vayland. EARL MUMFORD, Howard, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma. ARTHUR NICKERSON, Aberdeen. LLOYD OLSON, Langford. DONALD RAMES, Watertown, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma. HARRY RAYMES, Andover. ROBERT RICHARDS, Bridgewater, Delta Tau Delta. LAWRENCE SAVAGE, Yankton. ALLEN SCALES, Pickstown DAVID SEAMAN, Faulkton, Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Theta Epsilon. 180 _ 71. {frej tfttah medicine RALPH TIESZEN, Marion. BOB WAT- SON, Vermillion. ROBERT WILLARD, Mitchell AMOS WIPF, Omda 181 cfraduateA 1 NEWELL OLSON, Howard. ROBERT ANDERSON, Salem, Chemistry Club. JAMES GACKLE, Beresford, Delta Tau Delta. DEAN GUENTHER, Sioux Falls. WILLIAM HANSON, Sioux Falls. ROBERT HAZEL Vermillion, Theta XI. EUGENE JOHNSON, Mason City, Iowa, Phi Delta Kappa, Newman Club. DON LYON, Sioux Falls, Phi Delta Kappa, Chemistry Club. AKELEY MILLER, Vermillion, Sigma Pi Sigma. JAMES MORSE, Rapid City, The ' .a Xi, Phi Delta Kappa, Phi Mu Alpha, Sigma Theta Epsilon. OLAF MILLERT, Sioux Falls. MORRIS NELLERMOE, Watertown. MILTON NELSON, Flandreau, Graduate History Club. LOWELL W. PARKE, Can- ton, Beta Theta Pi. DON ROBERTS, Great Falls, Montana, KUSD, Radio Guild GUNTER SCHNECK, Vienna, Austria, Political Science League, International Re- lations Ciub. PIERCE SMITH, Beresford, Lambda Chi Alpha, Chemistry Club. GLENN SUND- VOLD, Clark, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Sigma lota, National Collegiate Players, Modern Languages Club. ROLAND TROE- MEL, Sioux Falls. ULRICH WEISS, Bay- reuth, Germany, LSA, International Rela- tions Club. HORST WIEWESIEK, Wetter, Germany, Foreign Students Club, International Re- lations Club. MARIAN DREGSETH, Baltic. FRANKLIN CARRIER, Vermillion. 182 71. •c s c H L takl rak! rak! 184 L I F E _ _ja Tk Jtutfeht foifif president s Keith Anderson Jturfeht Mhate Front Row: Jane Locke, Bert Tollefson, John Roberts, Julie Rouk, Keith Anderson, Jim Brickley, Janet Swab, Loren Carlson Row 2 ' Van Mikkelson, John Lieffort, Larry Scott, Stan Siegel, Jim Honsen, George Lendecker, Lincoln Solberg, Keith Sehnert Mike Hooker Jack Kirsch, Kim Contor. 187 debate board o$ ccntrcl . . . Harold Jordan, Joe Laine, Joyce Swason, Janice Mickelson, Bill Weigold. . . . athletic I cat4 Thomas Geary, Gerald Ashmore, Robert Patterson, William Ekman, Sam Horner. 188 — Jtutfent union beard c$ centre . . . Willard Hawkins, Bob Carberry, Mary Kay Dake, Frank Henderson. . . . Student publications board Front Row: George Walker, Mary Kay Dake, Bob Lucken, Jim Hansen. Row 2: LaMar Mackay, E. G. Trotzig, Edward Ehrensperger, J. H. Julian. 189 Front Row: Larry Amundson, Carol Benson, Shirley Begeman, Julia Weislogel, Dolores Twomey, Ruth Ryan, Russ Moffett. Row 2: Homer Kandaras, Melba Heller, Shirley Snorteland, Dean Reaney, Charles Davis, Horst Wiewesiek, Florence Yarosh, Charles Inglis. 9. £■ A. . . . Independent minds gathering together en masse to form I.S.A active, advancing members building a place for their organized group on campus . . . fraternity spirit among non-fraternity students — a potential force in the college circle. Our chapter of I.S.A. was the fifty-first chapter to be organized in the national association. We are on this campus to provide a social life for students who are not affiliated with a Greek letter organization. We have taken an active part in campus affairs for many years. Annually we choose a sweetheart of I.S.A. at our Spring formal who competes for the national title. Last year our sweetheart was the lovely Pat Henley. Keith Anderson, another member of I.S.A., was elected to the position of president of the Student Body this year. Many other members of our group may be seen participating in Radio Guild, Choir, Band, and other organizations. Our officers this year were Shirley Begeman, president; Julie Weislogel, secretary; Russell Moffett, treasurer; Carol Benson, art chairman; Homer Kandaras, publicity; Larry Amundson, membership; Shirley Snorteland, historian; Neva Zoe Hokenstad and Shirley Macy, social chair- me n, and Ruth Ryan and Dick Petershagen, entertainment. 190 Front Row: E. J. Block, R. F. Patterson, H. E. Brookman, F. Stout, S. E. Anderson, Millard S. Foor. Row 2: Don O ' Connor, Herbert Larson, Wally Krallman, James Blaine, Glen Greve, Charles Mc- Kee, A. G. Littau, Donald R. Gates. Row 3: William Bergman, Eugene Knox, Richard L. Storm, Donald C. Barkley, R. A. Craig, Fred Peschel, Jack DeVany. eha hee ' J ' club ... A multitude of black notches fitted together on a background of white . . . pictures framed with T-squares and centered with transits . . . explained by a prominent engineer . . . field trips ... a piece of white paper that gives the prestige of a " national " organization . . . Our Engineers ' Club, organized in 1948, is a comparatively new organization on campus, but is a very active club and has a purpose. We organized because we wanted to further interest and activity in the field of engineer- ing and applied science. We want to obtain practical engineering knowledge which cannot be found in textbooks. This knowledge is being obtained through our field trips, professional speakers, and movies. Our field trips take us to manufacturing industries in surrounding towns. Here we investi- gate and become acquainted with the intricacies, problems, and construction of engineering pro- jects. Every year we make a trip to the Fort Randall Dam and observe all the phases of con- struction. We ' re visually building this dam each year, watching the pieces fall into the whole, until we too will have accomplished its completion. Our speakers are men established in various fields of engineering, and they give us accounts of their experiences and explain new theories in their profession. We are building toward an affiliation with a national engineering fraternity. 191 Front Row: Mary Jone Brown, Vickie Erickson, Mary Mart, Phyllis Sullivan, Maureen Sorenson, Betty Adams, Margaret Lang, Carol Clark, Barbara Rouse. Row 2: Joanne Krieger, Rose Marie Smith, Joan Kolberg, Denny O ' Connor, Dwight Buus, Richard Thompson, Mary Ann Dahl Janet Wilds, Alice Foltz. Row 3: Carlis Anderson, JoAnne Dubes, Sonna Montgomery, Liz Isaak, Marilyn Lloyd, Joan Gilchrist, Elaine Sherman Norma Erickson, Evelyn Main, Dorothy Clark, Donna Lien, Irene O ' Connor, Lynn Foss, llah Mae Warner, Jo Ryman, Carol Hoffer. Row 4: Charles Inglis, Lowdon Heller, Otto Kundert, Fred Masek, Jim Heig, Bert Tollefson, Darrell Dibben, Lewis Miller, Don Roberts, Jack Hunt, Roger Miller, Mike Nagle, Gordon Dodson, Gene Brantner, Howie Hoist, John Elott, Dick Absher, Keith Nigh- bert. ta4 ' w $uil4 . . . Flashes of black and white across the screen . . . chalking up the minute s into hours ... a symphony of personified air waves timed by needles and directed by sign language cues . . . talent of all types represented by one of the best known organizations on campus . . . Talent is not a requirement for membership in our group. Anyone may apply for member- ship to Radio Guild, and after having worked 120 hours, first as an apprentice, and then as an associate, may become an active member. Our number one project is the Radio Workshop, but we also participate in dramatic pro- duction work, sponsor two television shows annually, and entertain at various high schools and civic organizations to assist in the new student recruiting campaign. Actors for the radio health program entitled, " Fight for Life in the Atomic Age, " are pro- vided by the Radio Guild. In addition to this, we are making plans for a children ' s dramatic program. Our organization boasts of having the most talented people on campus as members, and our chance to prove it comes when we give our two television shows, which consist mainly of vaudeville acts. This year, one show is being given during December, over WOW in Omaha, and the other over KSTP-TV in Minneapolis. Our organization offers an opportunity for radio jammers and minors to obtain knowledge through practical experience. After a brief pause for station identification, we ' re on the air. 192 " »■———■— " dofothif Ackull si H ■ ' ' , pat kenteij m- a t teM fcMh i ft: tHH€ CCPHHW i . BH r %fe ■r tnanf am mhh adjutant cehnel ■1 to k+ — ' " " i ' " vickehcn UU ITi. • : 5 $ janet Au?alt U ' U »ilt ' keH 4ortt $rueneu al4 Utt dto jan fttickehcH I " mart) kaif 4ake And the band played on Looks like Luke 4akcta Chi O. accomplishments Devil may care day . . . Court in session The " State " of destiny Tradition trouble multiply by two " Une •i rea cV»ons campuA • • • This fe » stroWmg a ong A. Godfrey time, University style Aw, I know they have a confectionary We got rhythm, who could ask for anything more Ah, you ' re an alien — 1 1 V. Peace time " Over the hill Come now, I must be bid something T. for two: teeth and tongue What ' s " perlcin ' " here? .it " r i j tf 1 1 £ - -w Poker faces with a well-stacked deck Bewitched, bothered, and bewildered Shipwrecked in the cove 209 A If) C a-vnsui-nla sisuusil Row I : Lois Olson, Eleanor Norton, Janet Swab, fi. W. i . eXeCUUVe CCUnCU Mary Hedges. Row 2: Carol Hotter, Evelynn Bailey, Kathryn Snyder, Joan Lyle, Nell Pribble, Joan Kolberg, Nancy Thomson, Adelaide Ben- son, Neva Hokenstad, Julie Wilds, Marilynn Vesely, Margaret Schumacher. Front Row: Frank Farrar, Vernett Lamp, Jack Kirsch. Row 2: Don Dandy, Jack Lietfort, Walter Mikkelson . . . buJ heJJ AtuJenU a cciatich 210 delta theta phi Front Row: Leland Rempel, Ervin Dupper, Kenneth Simpson, Marshall , , McKusick, Vernon Vrooman, Robert Law, Robert Lockington, William Tomek. Row 2: Charles Milliken, Charles Harrington, Louie Beisser, Darold Shanahan, George Lendecker, Philip Mogen, Robert Jones, Walt Andre, Stephen Sherwood. Row 3: William Smith, Warren Dicks, Roy Johonsen, Erwin Wiest, Spencer Nissen, Coe Frankhauser, Leland Berndt, John Larson. Front Row: James Mengenhauser, Edwin Shaw, A. L. Haines, C. R. Eslee, A W, Pardee, Sue Beauregard, Pete Petrakis. Row 2: Bill Schwartz, R. E. Anderson, Bob Bissell, Jack Reid, Joe Pusl, F. Kingdon. Row 3: Pierce Smith, Martin Predoehl, Eldon Anderson, Don Lyon, James Cole, Maurice Lapp. Row 4: Tim Lange, Jack Mayer, Roy Crowder. Row 5: Lowell Parke, Constantine Rallis, Richard Juhnke, Duane Bertelson, Dale Tieszen. Row 6: Allen Gisselbeck, James Holleman, Glenn Mad- , t sen, Robert Elliott, Leo Spinar. ckem ' titti} club 211 V 5 • • • R ow I; Dr. Har+man, Edna Egeland, Georgia Egan, Jim Heig, Penny Cacavas, Richard Pollard. Row 2: Barbara Croson, Carol Seacat, Clark Wright, Sarah Winter, Pat Henley. Front Row: Barbara Tollefson, Adelaide Benson, Eileen McGeorge, Jeanne Beckman, Mrs. Cooledge, Carol Witt, Joan Lyle, Margaret Ann Halla. Row 2: Nora Jean Hyde, Shirley Coe, Mary Quintal, Jackie Plouf, Ha Larson, Elizabeth Kroeger, Elinor Ewald, Shirley Macy, Mary Ellen Peterson, Betty Vopat, Kay Smiley, Marilyn Foss, fo ecchm j c c u fr Betty Olson, Sara Donna Macy. fc rmf ; 212 phi ifeka kappa . . . Front Row: T. M. Risk, W. H. Batson, E. C. John- son, Millard Foor, M. W. Delzell, H. B. Ashbaugh, K E. Mclntyre. Row 2: Wayne Chris+ensen, Earl Sprung, Arthur Reetz, James Morse, Russell Christensen, John Remer, Don Lyon, Richard Combs, Arnold Pfeiffer. Front Row: Dorothy Fix, Ruth Gruenewald, Dona Olson, Janet Wilds, llah Warner. Row 2: Lloyd Crothers, O. Kundert, Gloria Schlapkohl, Margaret Menke, Prof. Carl Christol, Use Lubenik, Marge Stuvland, Bob Johnson, Nicola Ostrowsky. Row 3: Dr. Alan Smith, Georqe Tellifero Gunter Schneck, Olaf Millert, Jim White, Harold Moul- ton, Jack Mehlhaf, Charles Morrison, Herbert SuA ! .. : .- .! . I x . . II Geigle, Horst Wiewesiek. iHtetHatlCHai MatlCHA Club 213 HI I ' J It. L Front Row: J. M. Peterson, K. L. Emler, R. P. pHl qelta phi . . . Medlin, F. J. Maul, C. D. Schwant, L E. Kayl, R N. Quinn, E. D. Mayer, H. Horstman, R. C. Smith. Row 2: Jack Hunt, Ken Graves, C. E. Hagg- lund, Don Syvertson, Larry Hamblin, Ray Fosterling, Ray Schutz, Bob Schumacher, W. W. O ' Connell, Keith Zerschling, Karl Kabeiseman, Loren Carlson, Keith Anderson. Front Row: Marie Sanders, Otto Kundert, W. O. Farber, James Schell, Sam Patterson Charles Jones, Nicola Ostrowsky, Louis Craig, Ted Pappas. Row 2: Earl Van Gerpen, Paul Cacavas Charles Morrison, Gunter Schneck, James Whire, Fred Mascott, Harold Moulton, Donald Hal , Vincent Simpson, Bert Tollefson, Keith LeVake, Robert Carberry. Row 3: Herbert Geig e, Dick Kary, T. C. Geary, Virgil Eisenbeise, Floyd Meidinger, George Tellifero, Joe Wiest, Charles Sisk, Bob Johnson, Dick Gereau, F. Neal Sever. _ _ _ political JCJeHCe UctQUe Front Row: Gloria Thoeke, Robin Coon, Toll Birner, Donna Green, Lorraine Bradley, Ardella Strobel Betty Adams Marc Patty Clements, Rose Mane Smith Row 2: JoAnne Krieger, Bernice Pfeifer, Elsie Zontow, Edith Roesler, Frieda Hall Miss Gladys e ' Leonard, Miss Lyon Dorothy Fix, llah Mae Warner, Mary Holgate, Helen Donnelly, Dona Olson. Row 3: Marilyn Foss Mary Hedqes ' ManoneBruyer Elaine Sherman, Pat Scholten Marilyn Hecker, Benson, Karen Swanson, Norma Enckson, Doris Gruenewald Joan Kolberg, Alberta Houck, Ruth Gruenewald, Melba Heller, Alicia Thomas, Margaret Menke, Jane Locke Sally Welch Jody Marion ' La Vaune Yeado, rot Derry. ' ' W. A A . . . The echoing " thud " of a feathered shaft as it scores ... the grace of a lazy " crawl " ... an arch, followed by the eagerly awaited " swish " ... the command of strength surging through a perfectly attuned physical machine . . . Membership in our group isn ' t limited to experts. Everyone can ' t be a " Gorgeous Gussie Moran, " but we have the welcome mat out for any girl interested in sports. Our participants can become provisional members, and we may become active by acquiring 100 activity points. We earn these points by attending practice sessions and playing in tournaments. Each year, the W.A.A. sponsors a girls ' basketball tournament. The various groups on cam- pus form teams to compete for the trophy that has been presented to the winning team. This year, we added a new twist. The girls ' teams challenged some of the fraternity teams for a little foot- work under girls ' rules. Tournaments are also being planned in softball, bowling, and tennis. _ Dolphins, a branch of W.A.A. , is organized for the mermaids of the campus who enjoy being water babies. " Each year they put on a show by their favorite medium, a water ballet. We have several social activities in our organization. We throw a big " get-acquainted " picnic in the fall and a banquet in the spring. This year, we are making plans to send a repre- sentative to the National W.A.A. Convention. 215 . ., . Front Row: Janet Wilds, Dona Olson, Lorraine VataetteA . . . Bradley, Carole Carter, Marilyn Foss, Rilla Fuller- ton. Row 2: Barbara Rouse, Janet Wiksell, Margaret Schumacher, Letha Larson, Pat Derry, Mary Ellen Peterson, Ginny Milliken, Ruth Howalt. Row 3: Betty Adams, Mary Quintal, Eileen Dolan, Dorothy Schull, Marilyn Fisher, Ruth Gruenewald, Frances Opheim, Margaret Dickson, Marilynn Vesely, Ardella Strobel. Front Row: Joyce Swason, Mary Mumford, Joan Vaughn, Margaret Lang, Janice Mickelson, Jody Marion. Row 2: Lowdon Heller, Bert Tollefson, Todd Willy, Dick Oakland, Dwight Buus, Bob Stenstrom, Merle Johnson, Francis Henrich, Roger Miller. Row 3: Norma J. Westre, Elbert Har- rington, Edward Meyer, Harold Jordan, Homer Kandaras, David Morrill, William Hooper, Law- rence Sonneman, Otto Kundert, Charles Inglis. Row 4: Cecil Anderson, Merle Walton, Joe Laine, Bill Lass, Earl Van Gerpen, Fred Masek, Duane Bauch, Keith Newcomb, Robert MacGregor, AttCCck cldlf Dick Absher, James Ulvog. r r i ' h hop . Front Row: Carol Hoffer, Joan Kolberg, Howard Hoist, R. W. Thompson, Betty Adams, Norma Erickson, Gwen Bode. Row 2: Mary Mart, Hah Mae Warner, Alice Foltz, Gordon Dodson, Bill Weiqold, Roger Miller, Bob Stenstrom, Evelyn Main, Jo Ryman. Row 3: Charles Inglis, Mike Nagle, Richard Petershagen, Otto Kundert, Denny O ' Connor, Gene Brantner, John Elott, George Cunningham. Row I: Barbara Rouse, Janet Wilds, Margaret McCay, Robin Coon, Lois Olson, Pat Derry, Dona Olson, Rose Marie Smith, Lorraine Bradley, Norma Erickson, Trudy Hasse, Jo Anne Dubes. Row 2: Mary Hedges, Pat Scholten, Wanita Stewart, Jody Marion, Elaine Sherman, Rose Marie Bert- rand, Dolores Twomey, Eunice Serck, Margaret Menke, Alberta Houck, Melba Heller, Frieda Hall, Edith Roesler, Hah Warner, Marilyn Foss, ulila sink Dorothy Fix, Joanne Krieger. • • • " ' fl ' CtUV f T 8 fiarJitu, OatMtu n I L 210 n Rube Hoy coackiny Ata mm Harry Gamage George Deklotz, Rube Hoy, Harry Gamage, Dan Lennon 221 A.i J i ,, J Front Row: Rist, Brown, Connors, Conklin, Cook, (wwatt Aquaq Brendei Delf$i Wes+| Brick Row 2: George Dek . lotz, McDonough, Stetson, Andree, Ortman, Treick, Brunick, Rawlings, Naasz, Houck, Coplan, Schell. Row 3: Dan Lennon, Jennings, Hooker, Becker, Rhinehart, Eixenberger, Fletcher, Nelson, Coutts, Harry Gamage. Row 4: Isaak, Goehle, Risk, Schwartz, Hanson, D. Graham, R. Graham, Grotewold, Rube Hoy. St.nkL»,siu s,,i isi Front Row: Andrews, Olson, Crampton, Nichols, ftfieMjttah A Uaa Peterson, Dalton, Prins, Tooey, Horrel. Row 2: Peck, Andrews, Stoddard, Curry, Lohre, Carr, Hauffe, Hammer, Fisher. Row 3: Connors, Polenz, Murray, Beyers, Abild, Rago, Otto, Bartholow. 222 yard market . . . Well, the Coyotes have had better seasons by far than the 1950 season, but back in the books you will also discover that there have been much worse. The Red and White gridders ended their season ' s schedule with a not too impressive four and five record. With the Huron College Scalpers first on the list of opponents for the University, the season got underway in pretty fair shape. Spence Brende, Sioux Falls junior, led the way with two TD passes, and the rest of his gridiron companions joined in and set the Scalpers on their tails with a decisive 61-0 drubbing. A trip to Detroit wasn ' t to end in victory for the Coyotes, as the University of Wayne, of the automobile city, waited until the final quarter before downing the University men 14-19. The Coyotes had played an excellent brand of ball throughout the game and had a lead at half time and the third quarter mark, but the win just wasn ' t to be theirs. Johnny Bright and the rest of the Drake Bulldogs put on an offensive exhibition before 4,000 chilled spectators that also left the Coyotes out in the cold by a score of 41-13. Bright crossed the double markers three times himself and passed for two more in the scramble. It could have been a good game if it had been possible to exclude the first five minutes. Twenty-one points were garnered in the initial quarter of the fray by the Bulldogs. We won one when the Augustana Vikings came to Vermillion town, but it had to be the hard way. Augie jumped into the lead the first quarter and was still leading when the half gun sounded by a 14-7 score. After the second half got underway, it was a different program and the Vikings went home defeated 33-14. North Dakota Sioux held their homecoming the day the Coyotes went into the north coun- try and, except for a brief period in the first quarter of the ball game, had the entire day pretty well under control. The Coyotes led the first stanza but were soon set back on their heels when the Sioux scored enough times for 28 points. The Coyotes still had their primary seven points and no more when the game ended 7-28. It was another homecoming at Morningside, and it was another disappointing loss for the University eleven. By a 10-0 count the Maroons stopped the Coyotes cold, and, but for a brief final quarter rally, the Vermillion team just couldn ' t seem to get going. Dakota Day and the South Dakota State Jacks will long be remembered, and not too pleas- antly by the faithful Coyote fan, for the Rabbits from Brookings dropped us by the wayside as they marched on to their best season in history. It wasn ' t as easy as the 54-28 score indicates, however. Bill Gibbons scored for State on the opening kickoff, but before the jangle of the cow- bells had ceased, Don Schwartz came around on a semi-statue of liberty play and tossed to his right end counterpart, Hugo Goehle, for a TD. The ever reliable Charlie Cook booted the extra point. Charlie had another chance at another placement moments later when Brende dropped one in the waiting hands of Ron Graham for another touchdown. That was about it for the Coyotes, except for a last quarter surge when they scored twice more. After such a defeat one might expect a team to fold, but not the Coyotes. Traveling to the Iowa State Teachers football field, the Gamagemen victimized the Tutors 14-7, and it was a most heartening win. The finale came when the conference winless North Dakota State Bison were given a chance to break into the win column against the Coyotes. They didn ' t do it. The Coyotes, playing some of their best ball of the year, gave the North Dakotans the dirty end of the stick and a resound- ing 31-7 drubbing. Coach Gamage mixed his sophomore backfield into the lineup with good effect and gave hope to the faint-hearted University fan for years to come. 223 Ron Brown Duane Brunick Jim Delfs Mark Eixenberger Harley Fletcher Catch Lying down on the job Mike Hooker 227 I Merle Houck George Isaak Bob Jennings Bob McDonough Maurice Rawlings Stan Rhinehart - • Stewart Risk Stop him! tm -. I m Marv Rist Allen Sche Charles Stetson r- hail, tatMif B A S K E T B A I L 230 - x bucket bcifj It might be said that the Coyotes had just a fair season, a fair team, and a fair record Their win-loss record stood at 12 wins and 13 losses. This placed them in fourth position, with Iowa Teachers, Morningside, South Dakota State, and North Dakota University all in front. That ' s what the records show. It wasn ' t as bad as all that, however. The Coyotes of Coach George Deklotz started fast this year by dumping the Braves of Sioux Falls College 67-30. They then made the trip to Iowa State college at Ames, and although they played excellent ball, the Coyotes were turned back with a four point loss, 63 to 59. Followed then, wins over Yankton college, Northern Normal, and Creighton. Creighton was of course the biggest feather in the Red and White hat. The Blue Jays, led by their ail-American forward Ick Miller, gave the Coyotes a rough go for over three and a half quarters, but the ball-hawking Coyotes won the tilt 47-41 in one of the lowest scoring tilts of the year. The first annual NCC tourney at Sioux City was the big basketball attraction for the holi- day vacations The Morningside Maroons, acting as hosts for the affair, came out second best to the SDSC Jackrabbits. The Coyotes were dropped by the wayside after downing the North Dakota University quint in the opening round. SDSC took us out of championship play by an 80-70 count. In the final game, the Coyotes came against Grinnell college, a team invited to make out an eight team tourney. Grinnell stopped the Coyotes cold with a 57-68 defeat. It was a cold night for the Coyotes at Lincoln when the Redshirts made their trek to play the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers. They didn ' t toy with us for long, and after about I 2 minutes ot the first half had elapsed, proceeded to move away to a 74-49 win. The biggest score for the Coyotes for this year came at the expense of North Dakota Sioux It was almost a record breaker, 96-66. Lawrence Tech Iowa Teachers, and Morningside gave the Coyotes a three game losinq streak. They came back, though, against NDAC and beat the Northlanders, only to lose again on the weekend to the last place Augustana Vikings. Revenge was the word for two games to come, for the Coyotes put the skids under the Teachers and Augustana. The trip north, as usual, was bad. A " closey " was played with NDAC, and it all but ended in a big brawl. The score, 61-62, indicates it was a heart-breaker. NDU healed all wounds in- flicted by the Coyotes earlier in the year by a 41-62 count. The Brookings-Vermillion college tilts lived up to all expectations, the Jacks catching us on the run at Brookings, and the Coyotes returning the favor at Vermillion. Creighton took the Red and Whites into camp at Omaha and salvaged some revenge, since the Coyotes had dropped them earlier in the year. The final I game was a disappointment to University fans, who were positive that the Maroons ot Morningside could be stopped once we got them on the Armory floor. They were wrong The men from Sioux City would have nothing to do with it and went home with a 75-68 win. Special mention should be made concerning the two graduating seniors the Coyotes had on their team this year. These two men, Earl Dean and Dale Roberts, ran one-two all year long in the scoring race, with the Dean finally ending number one man. SDU Opp. Sioux Falls College at Vermillion 67 30 lowa State Teachers at Cedar Falls 48 61 v ix m + Ame t 59 63 Lawrence Tech. at Vermillion 56 68 Yankton College at Yankton 61 38 Morningside at Sioux City 57 67 Northern Normal at Vermillion 65 49 North Dakota State at Vermillion 67 55 Yankton College at Vermillion 63 53 Augustana College at Sioux Falls 54 74 Creighton at Vermillion 47 41 lowa State Teachers at Vermillion 55 51 Dubuque at Vermilion ...... 51 53 Augustana at Vermillion 60 56 North Central Conference Tourney ' North Dakota at Grand Forks 47 7 «.. at Sioux City " North Dakota State at Fargo 61 62 SDU 77 NDU 65 SDSC at Brookings 41 SDU 70 SDSC 80 SDSC at Vermillion 71 62 54 51 m? . , 57 Grinnell 68 Creighton at Omaha 44 Nebraska at Linco n 49 74 ' Morningside at Vermillion 75 68 North Dakota at Vermillion 96 66 r n „ nnmo conference game 233 - E 195 coyote Schedule r P «v Sullivan, Dean, Bruce, Johnsc George Deklo+z 234 Schwartz, Day, Hanson, Masker, Brunick, Roberts, Heer, Black, Brende HOME Dec. I — Sioux Falls College Dec. 6 — Northern Teachers Dec. 13 — Yankton College Dec. 15 — Creighton University Dec. 18 — Dubuque University Jan. 5 — North Dakota U. Jan. 19— North Dakota State Jan. 29 — Iowa Teachers Feb. 2 — Augustana College Feb. 23— South Dakota State Feb. 27 — Morningside College Dec. 2 Dec. 4 Dec. 28 Jan. 3- Jan. 8- Jan. 13- Jan. 16- Jan. 27- Feb. 9- Feb. 10- Feb. 16- Feb. 24- AWAY -Iowa State, Ames -Yankton College, Yankton 29, 30— N.C.C. Tournament Sioux City -Nebraska U., Lincoln -Iowa Teachers, Cedar Falls -Lawrence Tech., Detroit -Morningside, Sioux City -Augustana, Sioux Falls -North Dakota, Grand Forks -North Dakota State, Fargo -South Dakota State, Brookings -Creighton, Omaha at 235 Football? Spence Brende Don Bruce Duane Brunick 236 «r» i Shoot! 237 T Don Schwartz Bob Sullivan 239 W £! hi T R A C K 240 % A n Front Row: Georqe Isaak, Charles Cook, Vern Holter, Spence Brende. Row 2: Marv Rist, Harold Bachman, Jim Brickley, Webster Two Hawk, Bill Stevenson, Gene Fingerhut, Don Coutts, Ken Andree, Howard Blumhardt, Tim Holr, Jack Grieves. Row 3: Tom Manfull, Charles Tipton, Al Wipf, Neil Trotman, Don Gibbs, Duane Brunick, Dennis Ortman, Gordon Harvey, John Sheild, Marlin Merry, Coach Dan Lennon. 243 ■■ paCetnaketA . . . Sioux City Relays, Sioux City, April 8 Coyote Invitational, Vermillion, April 15 Corn Palace Relays, Mitchell, April 21 Triangular at Wayne, Wayne, Nebraska, April 25 Drake, Des Moines, April 28-29 Howard Wood Relays, Sioux Falls, May 6 Triangular at Vermillion, Vermillion, May 12 NCC, Brookings, May 20 Sioux City Relays was the first meet of the year for Coach Dan Lennon ' s track squad, and although the Coyotes didn ' t do quite as well as expected, they did come out a strong second in the college division of the meet. Ken Andree captured a second in the high hurdles, with Charlie Cook drawing third. Bill Stevenson, Don Coutts, Charlie Cook, and Jack Grieves ran a neat 1:35 half-mile relay to bring back the only Coyote first. Marv Rist took second in the discus toss. The second annual re-running of the Coyote Invitational was strictly an affair just for the host Coyotes. The Coyotes gathered in nine firsts by the time the day was out. Charlie Cook, timber topper terrific, was the only double winner for the day, as he smashed both hurdle rec- ords. Bill Stevenson in the 220, Don Coutts in the 100, Howie Blumhardt in the shot, Spence Brende in the 440, Marv Rist in the platter throw, and Tim Holt in the broad jump, all gathered first for the Coyote runaway cause. Brende, Holt, Gene Fingerhut, and Stevenson teamed up to latch on to the mile relay crown. Down in the Corn Palace City, the scanty cladders also did very well for the Red and White cause. Cook and Andree finished in the show and place positions in their respective events. Coutts and Stevenson captured fourth and second in the century run. These two men also teamed with Grieves and Cook to. take first in both the four-forty and eight-eighty baton events. The three biggest things that happened at the Wayne meet were the performances handed in by Don Coutts, Jim Brickley, and Bill Stevenson. Coutts and Stevenson clipped the hundred yard dash in 9.8 and 9.9. Brickley, always the very capable mile man, ran his favorite event in 4:36. The Drake Relays were run literally through rain, sleet, hail, and snow. The weather and the big-time competition of eighty other universities and colleges resulted in the Coyotes ' return with only a foursome win of a sixth place in the sprint medley. Dakota Relays, now called the Howard Wood Relays, was rather a dismal affair for the journeying Coyotes. All-around relay man Stevenson pulled a muscle in the early stages of the meet and crippled the relay teams ' efforts. A fourth in the quarter-mile relay, third in the half- mile baton event, and thirds in discus and shot by weight men Rist and Blumhardt were registered by the tracksters. Cook ' s and Andree ' s second and third in the hurdles and Brickley ' s fourth in the mile run was the last chapter of the story for the Coyote track team. We came out second best at the triangular affair here at Inman field with South Dakota State and Augustana. The State College Jacks ran away with the meet. After the totals had been tabulated, the Rabbits had 98 points, the Coyotes 51, and the Vikings from Augustana 9. Coutts and Cook garnered the only two firsts of the day for the host team, taking them in the 220 and the high hurdles. 244 practice 245 r « Varsity Track fe ,f % -J JJL j 246 Interfraternity Track ■ a » T? Place your bets 247 .1 1 £ectfon 249 HURQN, SOUTH DAKOTA HURON, SOUTH DAKOTA HURON, SOUTH DAKOTA ■ HUNTIN FISHING ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT SPORTING GOODS 1 as 1 bpj tnajeJtic gar f en A c g c ducks Soofer e PLYMOUTH, DODGE AND ALUS-CHALMERS FARM EQUIPMENT mamm 101 Third SU S. W. HURON. SOUTH DAKOTA THE VAXSITY VERMILUCTN ■so • HBP ' REALTORS MclLVAINE ' S INSURANCE HURON LOANS SRAEBURN PARK NURON 1 NEWEST AND FINEST RESIDENTIAL DISTh MclLVAINE ' S REALTORS . - The tterthureJt ' j leading fimual Prcjucete . • MIDWEST-BEACH CO 222 SOUTH PHILLIPS — SIOUX FALLS, S. DAK Dtf IGUT MUFF SPORTING. ? I. " ft ' . Ann WPW ; . 4R 5P| i.i •»■ WAN CO. CMA QLA - BOTTLING CO. S70W CITY, IOWA INTER-CITY BUS LINE SERVING RAPID CITY -MITCHELL -VERMILLION -SIOUX CITY wwtirfSSL MPS 1 e 3kE3 ?™ __ mma K ■■ mi i w DEPENDABLE MERCHANTS SINCE 186 VERMILLION, S. DAK. Wm I n . - .fan cfiutdtty, 1 " ! , ' " • .■ m j MORRELL MEATS JOHN MORRELL CO. -SIOUX FALLS, S.D. ♦ ' • l ■ ... . • fe(2_» a-fcji? « ■£ 5 WJT FALLS «m ?ct SEEDS TREES BABY CHICKS OUR YEAR en era I Outdoor Adv Co YANKTON DISTINCTIVE PAINTING AND DECORATING 1908 S. NORTON OLS PHONE 2-3341 SIOUX FALLS, SOAK tvtoP w ' l Jl 1 U 1 M - rf H " SIOUX FALLS AfatJ 14 ia VvufulUo } ff SB i VERMILLION rrrr twti ODEN IMPLEMENT COMPANi ■ .lit- •» ■ UNIVERSITY CLEANER VERMILLli HEDBLOM THE CLOTHIER HURON, S. D. PHI BETA PHI KAPPA ALPHA THETA ALPHA XI DELTA I DREAM HOME INTERIORSJY 1,1 I M NAHUE ' f SOUTH DAKOTA ' S LARGEST AND FINEST FURNITURE STORE SIOUX FALLS PIN-UP ALLEY® ATTL- :■ MCY A MOTOR CO. It Uen you tltink oj cleatutUf. .... tUirdz ol 7I4e Mea U Gampasuf VERMILLION AtUUiic Qasunettt Sesutice jbivUion SfLecialilti in Qleani+Uf . . Zefuututf. . . (lencwcUi+uj Alt lypal 0 Athletic ZquifxmeHt A 0. Bo , 2 - Phone 427- Ijanhton L B. ALBRIGHT CO. Pierre, South Dakota BLACK HILLS ALBRIGHT CO. Rapid City, South Dakota Wholesale Grocers of Distinction Established ISS6 S-D ENGRAVING CO. MAKERS OF FINE PRINTING PLATES FOR BLACK £r COLOR, ARTISTS, PHOTO ENGRAVERS ENGRAVERS TO THE 1 951 COYOTE - - indi ex Abild, Gerald 107, 122, 222 Abild, Rudy 107, 122, 159 Absher, Richard 35, 39, 52, 58, 106, 121, 123, Adams, Betty 46, 59, 159, 192, 193, 215 Adams, Charles 121, 123 Adams, Lorna 79 Adams, Richard 179 Adamson, Darold 106, 127 Aden, Duane 122 Adolph, George 123 Alingh, Jerry 121 Allen, Bruce 77, 107, 122, 159 Allmendmger, Raymond 123 Amundson, Larry 140 Amundson, Loren 58, 106, 120, 140 Anderson, Bonnie 94, 127 Anderson, Bruce 123 Anderson, Carlis 94, 127, 192 Anderson, Cecil 35, 127 Anderson, Cliff 106, 123, 140 Anderson, DeWayne 122 Anderson, Harlan 36, 112, 127 Anderson, James 35, 111, 159 Anderson, Jerome 39, 100, 149 Anderson, John 105 Anderson, Keith 173, 187, 198 Anderson, Leo 121 Anderson, Robert 127, 182 Anderson, Wavrin 104 Anderson, William 105, 159 Andne, Walter 77, 110, 174, 211 Andree, George 111, 123 Andree, Kenneth 110, 127, 224, 243 Andrews, Koye 77, 105, 121, 222 Arnold, DeVeryl 122 Artichoker, John 107 Ashmore, Gerald 110, 122, 140 Assman, Mary 59, 81, 159 Aves, Joanne 81, 87, 159 Axsell, Charlotte 79 Bachman, Harold 243 Bademan, Harold 121, 149 Bailey, Avis 88, 149 Bailey, Evelynn 86, 140, 210 Bailey, Steven 104, 118, 140 Baird, James 107, 123, 149 Baker, Eugene 140 Baker, Jay 111, 140 Baker, Marilyn 94, 149 Balcom, Ray 140 Baltzer, Donald 76, 140 Baltzer, Lawrence 76, 159 140, 192 Banks, Roger 99, 112, 149 Banks, Ronald 121, ' 23 Berkley, Donald 39, 127, 191 Barkley, Raymond 59, 106, 127 Barnes, Sullivan 111, 175 Barrett, Barbara 92, 149 Barry, Yvonne 59, 79, 159 Bartholow, Norman 222 Bartlett, Connie 122, 149 Barton, John 102, 127 Barton, Westgate 103, 140 Basom, William 107, 110, 123, 149 Bateman, Roger 101, 121, 149 Bates, Leland 123 Bauch, Dodge 106, 123, 140 Baughn, Richard 104, 140 Baum, Marianne 81, 159 Beal, George 106, 175 Beaudin, Larry 75, 101, 159 Becker, Robert 224 Beckmon, Jean Willoughby 86, 127 Beckman, Pete 103, 127 Beckman, Robert 39, 127 Begeman, Ruth 140, 190 Beisser, Louie 174 Belbas, Dean 48, 75, 123, 159 Bell, Robert 179 Benda, Robert 111, 122 Benson, Adelaide 46, 50, 58, 94, 140, 210, 212, 215 Benson, Carol 79, 159, 190 Bentson, Nancy 140 Berg, Betty Lou 79, 140 Berg, Carol 81, 89, 159 Berg, Maxine 58, 81, 159 Berg, Sterling 179 Berglund, Charles 123 Bergman, Robert 149 Bergman, William 39, 127, 191 Berguin, Barbara 79, 93, 159 Berguin, William 102, 140 Bernard, John 75, 123, 159 Bernard, Ralph 75, 121, 149 Berndt, Leland 175, 211 Berndt, Milton 122 Berrey, Robert 102, 123 Berry, Charles 105, 159 Berry, Dwaine 122, 127 Berry, Jack 123, 149 Berry, Robert 58, 140 Bertrand, Rose 81, 149, 193 Bethke, Glenn 100, 127 Beyer, Max 77, 107, 123, 159, 222 Bichler, Jae 110, 119, 121, 127 277 » " . ■ " » ' Bieber, Lyla 79, 159 Birner, Talitha 34, 81, 140, 215 Bissell, Robert 76, 101, 119, 122 Black, Richard 121, 235 Black Elk, Henry 140 Blaine, James 39, 75, 140, 191 Blake, James Bruce 76, 99, 100, 121, 149 Blakkolb, Dana 46, 87, 89, 149 Blashill, Helen 79 Bleecker, Marilyn 58, 81, 95, 159 Bloemendaal, John 110 Blumer, Arlo 180 Blumhardt, Howard 243 Bobertz, William 175 Bode, Gwenyfred 141, 193 Boden, Gordon 106, 118, 149 Bollinger, Gerald 37; 100, 121, 142 Borgen, Mary 86, 127 Bosch, Leo 59, 76, 141, 214 Bottjen, Leland 76, 159 Bottum, Joe 110, 149 Bottum, Michael 111, 149 Bowden, Jomes 106, 127 Boyles, Mary Ann 46, 79, 95, 159 Boysen, Patricia 59, 81, 160 Braase, Ordell 103, 120 Bradley, Donald 36, 102, 128 Bradley, Lorraine 85, 88, 149, 193, 215 Brandt, Casey 118, 123, 160 Brandt, Harold 118, 121, 141 Brantner, Eugene 12, 141, 192, 193 Braunger, Richard 101, 123, 160 Bredenberg, Richard 108, 141 Brende, Spencer 108, 122, 141, 224, 235, 236, 243 Brennan, Michael 120 Brick, William 102, 121, 149 Bnckley, James 36, 106, 122, 128, 187, 193, 243 Briggs, John 149 Brookens, Bill 123, 160 Brooks, Franklin 121, 160 Brouwer, Jack 100, 141 Brown, Barbara 90, 141 Brown, Mary Jane 94, 128, 192 Brown, Norman 39, 59, 75, 112, 128 Brown, Robert 37, 112, 128 Brown, Ronnie 119, 121, 224 Brown, Verda 149 Brown, Verno 81, 160 Browning, Robert 117, 141 Bruce, David 76, 100, 101, 121, 160 Bruce, Donald 234, 236 Bruger, Marjorie 59, 89, 160, 215 Brumley, Bill 106, 120, 141 Brune, Bette 79, 87, 160 Brune, Robert 127 Brunick, Duane 224, 235, 236, 243 278 Brunken, Robert 179 Buchanan, David 179 Buchele, LeRoy 128 Buck, Peggy 46, 79, 93, 158 Burgeson, Mary 85, 86, 128 Burgess, William 75, 123, 160 Burke, Barbara 92, 128 Burke, Thomas 99, 108, 173 Burnette, Donna 59, 79, 160 Burrell, Melvin 128 Bush, Leo 174 Bush, Raymond 59, 141 Button, Oonald 105 Buus, Dwight 32, 52, 128, 192 Buxton, Donald 77, 105, 123 Cacavas, Paul 102, 149, 214 Cacavas, Penelope 79, 150, 212 Codwell, Dean 123 Cain, Joseph 107, 123, 150 Caldwell, Kenyon 48, 128 Callahan, James 102, 122, 141 Campbell, Ann 86, 120, 128 Campbell, Donald 141 Campbell, Gordon 102, 121, 150 Cannon, Irene 79 Carberry, Robert 59, 128, 214 Carbon, George 110, 128 Carlson, Loren 75, 174, 187, 214 Carr, Ernest 222 Carrier, Franklin 182 Carstens, George 102, 120, 150 Carstens, Maralyn 81, 128 Carter, Carole 59, 81, 89, 160 Carver, Tomm 76, 122 Cary, Faye 92, 128 Covin, Robert 123, 160 Cayce, Richard 120 Chamber, Ronni 81, 128 Chase, Jerry 160 Chase, Leon 123 Chaussee, Joan 92, 141 Chaussee, Richard 109, 122, 123, 160 Chaussee, Roger 1 1 8 Cheatham, Roger 77, 105, 123 Cheley, Bette Lou 81 Chnstensen, Margaret 79 Chnstensen, Maxine 81, 150 Christensen, Orca 86, 141 Christensen, Warren 129 Christensen, Wayne 197 Clark, Carol 48, 50, 92, 150, 192 Clark, Constance 79, 95, 160 Clark, Dorothy 192 Clarke, Dean 101, 121, 160 Clements, J. Dalton 76, 122, 150 Clements, Patricia 199 Cleveland, Gerald 121, 150 Coe, Shirley 58, 81, 95, 160, 212 Coffie, Joan 81, 89, 160 Cole, Jomes 129 Coleman, Clarence 129 Coler, Oren 174 Collins, Edward 160 Collins, Mary Jane 86, 141 Collins, Mary Pat 94, 150 Colombo, John 100, 173 Colwell, Richard 37, 106, 141 Colwell, Thomas 120, 141 Combs, Richard 129, 213 Conklin, Ross 102, 123, 141, 224- Connaughton, Lucille 59, 79, 160 Connors, Edward 59, 99, 102, 119, 121, 129, 224 Contor, Edward 129, 187 Contreras, Felipe 59, 77 Conway, James 102, 103, 141 Cook, Charles 35, 102, 129, 225, 243 Cook, Earl 58, 76, 101, 118, 123, 160 Cook, Lorraine 81 Coon, Robin 81, 161, 199, 215 Coplan, Burdell 110, 121, 122, 141, 225 Copier, Robert 101, 122 Corey, Mary 59, 150 Cornelius, Eugene 1 19 Cornell, Larry 104, 129 Cotton, Catherine 48, 92, 129 Courey, Sammy, Jr. Ill, 123, 150 Coutts, Donald 225, 243 Cowles, David 118, 123 Coyle, Charles 77, 111, 123, 160 Crabtree, Jacquelynn 79, 161 Craig, Donald 37, 112, 141 Craig, Louis 112, 129, 214 Craig, Russell 39, 77, 101, 150, 191 Crompton, Robert 109, 121 Crompton, William 11 1, 121 Crary, David 110, 150 Cremer, Robert 122 Croson, Barbara 161, 212 Crothers, Lloyd 213 Crowder, Roy 75, 150 Crowley, Roy 122, 161 Culbertson, Sam 39, 104, 118, 121, 141 Cunningham, George 52, 53, 123, 193 Curry, Robert 120, 222 Dohl, Dole 75, 161 Dahl, Mary 89, 161, 192 Dahlman, Helen 91, 142 Dahlman, Herbert 123 Dake, Mary 46, 47, 92, 129 Dale, William, Jr. 100, 123. 150 Dalton, Constance 59, 81, 161 Dolton, John 107, 117, 161 Dandy, Don 39, 129, 210 Danielson, Glen 150 Davis, Charles 59, 77, 129, 190 Davis, Lois 92, 142 Davis, Richard 129 Day, Richard 142 Doy, William 50, 110, 141 Day, William Frank 104, 235 Dean, Earl 108, 129, 234, 237 Debilzan, Lawrence 129 Deck, Norma 81, 150 Delaney, James 99, 102, 121, 129 Delfs, Jim 108, 142, 225 Delzer, Harvey 108, 121, 150 Dengler, Martha 81, 150 Derosier, George 123, 161 Derry, Patricia 46, 88, 150, 193, 215 Dessel, Marlyn 37, 42, 104 Dessel, Norman 122 DeVany, John 110, 129, 191 Devine, Terry 39, 81, 87, 161 Dewald, Richard 130 Dibben, Darrell 52, 76, 150, 192 Dickenson, Connie 81, 87, 161 Dickson, Margaret 81, 151 Diefendorf, Robert 122 Dirks, Warren 211 Dirksen, Lowell 120, 161 Ditto, Rex 130 Doane, Richard 108, 130 Dodson, Gordon 52, 76, 121, 151, 192, 193 Dokter, Gene 142 Dolan, Eileen 59, 81, 95, 161 Dolan, Robert 59, 110, 151 Donnelly, Helen 59, 81, 161, 215 Dowden, Frederick 111, 123, 161 Doyle, Jim 104, 173 Drake, Melvin 130 Dregseth, Kenneth 179 Dregseth, Marian 182 Drey, Margery 48, 59, 81, 93, 161 Dribben, Davval 120 Dries, Dorla 59, 81, 87, 161 Dubes, JoAnne 94, 130, 192, 193 Due, Betty 79, 87, 161 Dugdale, Burdette 122, 151 Dunham, James 37 Dunker, Robert 123 Dupper, Erwm 73, 106, 211 Dykstra, George 142 Ecker, Peder K. 100, 122, Economy, Marilou 151 141 279 Edson, Beverly Ann 71, 91, 161 Edwards, Alvin John 121, 151 Edwards, John David 108, 142 Egan, Georgia 92, 130, 212 Egeland, Edna 46, 48, 58, 96, 151, 212 Eggen, Roger 76, 111, 122 Eichinger, Allan 122, 142 Eide, Lorentz 130 Eilers, William 46, 47, 59, 102, 121, 123, 130 Eisenbeise, Virgil 79, 101, 151, 214 Eixenberger, Mark 123, 225 Ekdom, Donald 142 Eli, Donald 105, 151 Elliott, Robert 101 Elott, John 52, 130, 192, 193 Emler, Kirby 214 Ericksen, Dean 180 Ericksen, Helen 94, 130 Erickson, Harold 121 Enckson, Norma 46, 88, 151, 192, 193, 215 Erickson, Viola 79, 91, 161 Er.cson, Arlo 106, 130 Ericson, Richard 100, 142 Ericson, Roger 99, 106, 121, 142 Evans, John 151 Ewald, Elinor 81, 93, 161, 212 Fahrenwald, Orpha 81, 91, 161 Fairbanks, Donald 103, 121, 161 Foithe, Mrs. Margaret 180 Fara, Mary 59, 79, 162 Fargen, Patrick 77 Farrar, Frank 36, 99, 100, 119, 121, 175, 210 Fejfar, James 59, 100, 130 Felix, Paul 151 Fennel, JoAnn 59, 81, 162 Fenske, Arnold 180 Fergen, Janis 79 Feyder, Charles 109, 122, 151 Fideler, Betty 79, 89 Fillbach, Joon 81, 162 Fingerhut, Eugene 112, 130, 243 Fisher, Arthur 175 Fisher, Harlan 109 Fisher, Marilyn 79, 86, 151 Fitzgerald, Jerome 151 Fix, Dorothy 46, 58, 59, 88, 151, 213, 215 Flanagan, Paul 76, 105, 120, 162 Fletcher, Harley 108, 151, 225 Fogel, Fronklyn 123 Foley, Richard 123, 142 Foltz, Alice 59, 81, 162, 192, 193 Forbord, Floyd 106, 142 Forest, Dale 76, 123 Foss, Marilyn 89, 162, 192, 193, 212, 215 Fosterlinq, Roymond 214 280 Fowler, John 96, 119, 142 Fox, Williom 130 Francis, Carter 76, 105, 123, 160 Frankhauser, Arthur 34, 174, 211 Franklin, Clinton 123, 160 Fraser, Jerry 109 Frost, Herbert 75 Fuller, Richard 103, 118, 122 Fuller, William 75, 123, 151 Fullerton, Rilla 81 Fulweiler, Howard 77, 105, 123, 162 Gackle, James 104, 182 Gamage, Harry 104, 120, 151 Gardner, James 109, 118, 121 Garry, Gerdis 100 Gates, Donald 39, 130, 191 Geary, Benjamin 142 Gehrke, Pat 79 Gehrts, Norma 81, 162 Geigle, Herbert 75, 151, 213, 214 Gelfand, Sidney 142 Gemar, Norma 81, 92, 162 Geppe ' rt, Charles 103, 122 Geppert, Jean 85, 93, 120, 130 Gerber, Bernard 179 Gerber, Edward 179 Gerdes, Garry 121, 151 Gereau, Richard 214 Geyerman, Virginia 94, 152 Gibbs, Donovan 58, 243 Gibbs, Franklin 174 Giese, Earl 130 Giessinger, Lambert 1 1 1 Gilbertson, Robert 175 Gilchrist, Joan 46, 48, 90, 152, 192 Gisselbeck, Allen 152 Gitchell, M Tracy 173 Glanzer, Kenneth 76, 142 Goehle, Hugo 106, 130, 225 Goodman, David 131 Goodvoyce, Edword 120 Gorder, Pegg 79, 95, 152 Gordon, Maxine 86, 152 Gordon, Neil 107 Gowan, Donald 37, 58, 59 Grace, Leslie 180 Graff, Gordon 109, 162 Graham, David 106, 143, 226 Graham, Donald 105, 123 Graham, Ronold 120, 152, 226 Graves, Kenneth 214 Green, Donna 81, 89, 162, 215 Green, John 106, 158, 162 Green, Wayne 39, 131 Gresslin, Louis 131 ,X Greve, Glen 13)- 191 Grieves, Jack 243 Groeneveld. Wilbur 76, 112, 113, 152 Groethe, Dorothy 79, 162 Groethe, Keith 76 Gross, Henry 104, 152 Grosz, Paula 86, 131 Grotewold, Allen 152 Gruenwald, Doris 46, 90, 131, 215 Gruenwold, Ruth 81, 92, 162, 213, 215 Grundler, Dorothy 46, 79, 93, 162 Guenther, Dean 182 Guenthner, Mary 85, 88, 131 Guinea, Raul 77 Gunderson, John 102, 123, 152 Hacket, Mane 81, 162 Hackett, William 108, 174 Hogg, Dallas 122 Hagglund, Clarence 102, 174, 214 Hagglund, George 102, 152 Hall, Donald 100, 117, 143 Hall, Frieda 81, 131, 193, 215 Hallo, Margaret 79, 86, 152, 212 Hamblm, Larry 115, 214 Hamilton, Jack 77, 105, 123. 162 Hammer, Allan 58, 107, 120, 162, 222 Hamre, Loren 162 Hansen, Dorlene 81, 131 Hansen, Dorothy 19, 79, 162 Hansen, James 46, 48, 49, 122, 187 Hansen, William 107, 143 Honson, Harvey 58, 75, 107, 119, 121, 173, 226, 235, 237 Hanson, Jimmy 152 Hanson, Keith 180 Hanson, Wayne 101, 131 Hanson, William 182 Harrington, Cecil 131 Harrington, Chorles 211 Harrington, Rodney 37, 152 Harvey, Gordon 121, 151, 243 Hasson, Abraham 174 Hasse, Trudy 46, 92, 152, 193 Hatch, Burton 110, 131 Hatch, Eleanor 131 Hauff, Sylvan 123, 152 Hauffe, Paul 58, 120, 143, 222 Haugum, Sidney 122, 152 Hawkins, Willard 131 Hawley, Donna 81, 152 Hay, Gene 104, 123, 143 Hozel, Robert 112, 182 Heck, Donald 111, 122, 162 Heck, Robert 110, 180 132 122 132 Hecker, Marilyn 48, 90, 143, 215 Hedges, Mary 91, 131, 193, 210, 215 Heer, Melvm 110, 135, 137, 143 Hegert, Thomas 104, 180 Hegg, Janeane 81, 162 Heibel, Gerald 76 Heibel, LeRoy 131 Heibel, Thomos 76, 110, 131 Heig, Jim 143, 192, 212 Heitgen, Stephen 118, 122 Heller, Lowdon 192 Heller, Melba 79, 131, 190, 199, 215 Helwig, Lawrence 77, 121 Henderson, Lora 79, 162 Hendnckson, Everett 132 Henley, Patricia 59, 95, 152, 212 Henneberg, Val 121 Hennch, Francis 59, 110, 121, 152 Hennchsen, Avalon 81, 162 Herrboldt, Colleen 46, 47, 92, 132 Hevle, Robert 39, 143 Hewett, Robert 36, 110, Higa, S. Alice 79, 143 Higgins, Charles 122 Higgins, V. M. 174 Hockett, Richard 76, 102, Hodges, Joseph 75, 1 12, Hodgin, Joan 79, 152 Hodgman, Robert 132 Hofer, Robert 77, 109, 121 Hoffer, Carol 91, 152, 192, 193, 210 Hoffman, Anne 46, 87, 120, 143 Hoffman, Marvin 108, 135 Hoffman, Richard 76 Hogan, Richard 105 Hokenstod, Neva Zoe 79, 143, 210 Hole, Verona 79, 143 Holgate, Mary 81, 93, 163, 215 Hoist, Howard 37, 52, 53, 107, 132, 193 Holt, Verlyn 243 Holter, Vernel 39, 102, 132, 243 Hooker, Walter 99, 104, 121, 123, 143, 187, 227 Hooper, William 110, 152 Hoover, Gerald 39 Hopkins, Curt 39, 104, 132 Hopkins, Delos 111, 132 Horrell, Eugene 103, 123, 163, 222 Horstman, Henry 59, 173, 214 Houck, Alberta 90, 153, 193, 215 Houck, Merle 36, 77, 104, 227 Houck, Robert 103, 120, 132, 163 Hough, Merle 99, 143 Howalt, Ruth 79, 93, 163 Howell, Herschuel 110, 143 Hoy, Richard 109, 123 Huffman, Phyllis 179 281 Hulsebus, Louise 79. 87, 163 Hunt, Jock 52, 192, 214 Hutton, Dean 103, 120 Hyde, Norajean 91, 163, 212 Hyde, Raymond 143 Inglis, Charles 35, 48, 123, 153, 190, 192, 193 lsaok, Elizabeth 94, 122, 143, 192 Isaak, George 227, 243 Iverson, Dorothy 58, 81, 95, 163 Iverson, Kermit Deane 76, 101, 123 Jackus, Doloris 48, 50, 51, 87, 120, 132 Jameson, George 132 Janssen, Harri 180 Jaquith, Dorothy 163 Jennings, Joanne 46, 47, 52, 94, 143 •Jennings, Robert 102, 121, 153, 228 Jensen, Bonnie 79, 92, 163 Jensen, Helen 81, 163 Jensen, Ordell 118, 119, 121, 132 Jensen, Paul 58, 107, 122, 163 Jensen, Reed 107, 122, 132 Jensen, Thomas 59, 143 Johansen, Ray 173, 195 Johnson, Carl 59, 76 Johnson, Charles 123 Johnson, Craig 77, 107, 163 Johnson, Glen 173 Johnson, Elliott 101, 143, 213 Johnson, Eugene 59, 182 Johnson, Hugh 59, 107, 119, 143 Johnson, Hugh 1 1 1 Johnson, Janet 81, 163 Johnson, Lawrence 120, 234, 239 Johnson, Merle 35, 107, 143 Johnson, Robert L. 39, 132 Johnson, Robert 132, 213, 214 Johnson, Wilbur 144 Johnson, William Danford 107, 121 Johnston, Larry 101 Jones, Barbara 79, 95, 163 Jones, Barrett 76, 101, 163 Jones, Charles 37, 104, 118, 122, 153, 214 Jones, James 144 Jones, John 175 Jones, John P. 107, 120, 153 Jones, Leland 39, 144 Jones, Lois Ann 34, 132 Jones, Robert 120, 173, 211 Jones, Vernon 108, 132 Jorgensen, James 122, 153 Jorgensen, Margaret 144 Joslm, JoAnn 81, 153 Juhnke, Richard 163 282 Kabeiseman, John 105, 118, 120 Kabeiseman, Karl 35, 37, 104, 119, 174, 214 Kahl, Marilyn 91, 144 Kaiser, Gilbert 112, 133 Kaiser, Otto 108, J 09, 144 Kallestad, Richard 77, 105, 122 Kaltsulas, Leon 122 Kandaras, Homer 144, 190 Kary, Richard 77, 105, 122 Kaufman, Denver 39, 104, 144 Kaufman, Gerold 174 Kayl, Lawrence 214 Kelly, William 101 Kempter, Ruth 87, 120, 144 Kent, Richard 133 Kern, Derald 122, 153, 177 Key, Robert 123, 163 Kightlinger,, Kenneth 76, 153 Killeen, William 48, 50, 112, 133 Kinsman, Eorle 101, 121, 153 Kirchner, Borbaro 79, 163 Kirsch, Jack 39, 133, 187, 210 Klein, Amos 133 Klein, Eunice 133 Klinger, Konstance 181 Kluckman,. Revone 39, 76, 144 Knoop, John 133 Knox, Eugene 39, 133, 191 Koenig, Donald 144 Koenig, Ernest 133 Koester, Jerrie 81 Kolberg, Joan 46, 47, ' 215 52, 53, 58, 85, 91, 144, 192, 193, 210, Korbitz. Ellen 144 Korlmeyer, Harry 75, 113, 133 Koupal, Dan 21, 59, 101, 119, 144 Krall, Chorles 107, 121, 163 Krallman, Walter 133, 191 Kretschmar, Paul 108, 180 Krieger, Joanne 89, 144, 192, 193 Kroeger, Elizabeth 81, 93, 153, 212 Krueger, Carl 76, 101, 133 Krueger, Jeanne 92, 133 Krueger, Robert 163 Kueny, Kenneth 37, 113, 175 Kundert, Esther 133 Kundert, Otto 144, 192, 193, 213, 214 Kuni, John 59, 101, 120, 153 Kunkle, Ronald 118, 122 Kunstle, Howard 102, 119, 121, 144 Labrie, Maurice 144 Lame, Joseph 35 Lambert, Robert 76 Lamkee, Muriel 133 Lamoureux, John 77, 107, 120, 153 , L Lamp, Vernett 39, 133, 210 Lone, John 144 Lang, Margaret 59, 81, 144, 192 Lange, Timothy 59, 120 Lang ley, Delia 79, 163 Langley, Donna 79 Lapp, Maurice 58, 123, 156 Larsen, Evelyn 59, 81, 153 Larson, Arthur 179 Larson, I la 79, 163, 212 Larson, John 104, 173, 211 Larson, Letha 87, 144 Lorson, Rodney 121 Larson, Warren 1 1 7 Lass, William 37, 101, 123, 133 Latsis, Thomas 111, 1 75 Launtzen, Kitty 58, 94, 153 Lavier, Patricia 18, 163 Law, Robert 211 Lawrence, Kayl 174 Leach, Robert 105, 123 Ledyard, Charles 39, 133 Lee, John 107, 122, 153 Lee, Mary Jane 95, 164 Lees, Nancy 93, 164 Leiferman, Robert 75, 101, 123 Leih, George 180 Lemburg, Dean 103 Lendecker, George 113, 173, 187, 211 Lesser, Joseph 175 Lethcoe, Dale 118, 153 LeVoke, Keith 107, 121, 153, 214 Lewallen, Gene 179 Leyse, Walter 77, 105, 123, 164 Lieffort, John 39, 75, 134, 187, 210 Lien, Donna 58, 92, 153, 192 Lietzke, Tom 120, 164 Likness, Marie 81, 164 Lindblom, Buron 37, 103, 144 Lindell, Sherman 179 Lindley, Shirley 37, 79, 87, 153 Linn, Kenneth 104, 153 Lipelt, Elaine 164 Littau, Adolph 134, 191 Lloyd, Marilyn 48, 58, 91, 164, 192 Locke, Anne 81 Locke, Jane 91, 120, 144, 187, 215 Lockmgton, Henry 174, 211 Loe, Oscor 76, 122, 164 Loe, Ita 81, 89, 164 Lohre, John 103, 164, 222 Loken, G. Louis 113, 153 Long, Donald 39, 113, 134 Lorenz, Rita 92, 134 Lotz, Theodore 103, 154 Loucks, Richard 108, 134 Lubenik, Use 134, 213 Lucken, Robert 46, 48, 49, 107, 134 Lyle, Joan 59, 81, 154, 210, 212 Lynch, Bill 59, 101, 123, 134, 157 Lyon, Don 76, 182, 213 Mabee, Jud 103, 145 MacFarlane, David 173 MocGregor, Robert 145 Machmiller, Coralie 81, 134 Macy, H. Shirley 164, 212 Macy, Sara 91, 164, 212 Madsen, Glenn 58 Magnuson, Robert 134 Main, Evelyn 81, 164, 192, 193 Mollder, Charles 37, 105, 134 Mandery., Joan 81, 164 Manfull, Thomas 46, 243 Manning, John 108, 154 Mar, Wing Y. 180 Morion, Josephine 35, 59, 95, 145, 193, 215 Marion, Michael 77, 111 Mart, Mary 81, 91, 154, 192, 193 Mascott, Frederick 134, 193 Mascott, Robert 120, 145 Masek, Fred 52, 123, 145, 192 Masker, Donald 103, 120, 154, 235, 239 Matlick, Geraldine 81 Matson, Charles 103, 145 Matthews, Acie 173 Maul, Filmore 173, 214 Max, Lavonne 81, 92, 154 Mayer, Eugene 105, 214 Mayer, Jack 77, 105, 120, 121, 164, 173 Mayer, Richard 75 Maynes, Joe 173 McBride, Mary 92, 134 McCaughey, Barbara 81, 164 McCoy, Margaret 59, 79, 134, 193 McClenahan, Ann 95, 154 McCollor, Robert 35 McCullen, John 108, 145 McDermott, Robert 134 McDonald, Burton 76, 101, 164 McDonough, Robert 39, 109, 145, 228 McDowell, Pierce 122, 103 McGeorge, Eileen 87, 145, 212 McGlone, Donna 59, 79, 154 McKee, Charles 39, 134, 191 McKee, Trumon 109, 134 McManis, Carol 59, 79, 164 McRae, Larry 144 McRobert, Mary 79, 93, 164 McRobert, Sara 92, 134 McRoden, Kenneth 109, 134 Mead, Robert 101 283 Medlin, Raymond 111, 174, 214 Mehlhaf, Jack 75, 122, 145, 213 Mehner, Daniel 120, 154 Mehner, Edwin 145 Meidinger, Florence 81, 164 Meidmger, Floyd 76, 134, 214 Meier, Charles 154 Meinhardt, Lois 79, 93, 164 Melcher, Beverly 145 Memmer, Russell 105, 122 Menge, Louann 79, 164 Mengenhauser, James 64, 123 Menke, Margaret 58, 59, 89, 135, 193, 213, 215 Merry. Marlin 243 Mewborne, Leo 105, 120, 164 Michels, James 121 Mickslson, Jomce 34, 35, 87, 135, 187 Mielke, Donald 122, 154 Mikkelson, Von 121, 165 Mikkelson, Walter 39, 135, 210 Miies, Gearold 77, 122 Millard, Patricia 81 Miller, Betty 58, 81, 95, 165 Miller, George 48, 101, 135 Miller, Jerry 76, 118, 165 Miller, Lewis 135, 192 Miller, Marilyn 50, 81, 87, 165 Miller, Melville A. 35, 182 Miller, Roger 120, 165, 193 Millert, Olof 182, 213 Milliken, Charles 37, 111, 174, 211 Milhken, Lois 34, 58, 95, 120, 135 Milliken, Virginia 58, 79, 95, 165 Mills, Lona 81, 91, 165 Mitchell, Gordon 122, 165 Mitchell, Louis 118, 120, 165 Mitchell, Robert 122 Mittelstaedt, Robert 58, 120, 165 Moe, Robert 123 Moe, Thomas 135 Moeller, James 103, 123 Moffett, Russell 76, 135, 190 Mogck, Donald 145 Mogen, Ira Charles 58, 76, 165 Mogen, Philip 74, 111, 211 Moir, Denton 76, 123, 165 Mollers, Margaret 95 Monfore, Colin 105, 154 Monfore, Diano 95, 145 Montgomery, Sonna 95, 154, 192 Moon, Perry 180 Moron, John 59 Morfeld, William 75, 111, 123, 165 Mork, Ronold 59, 101 Morrill, David 120, 165, 177 Morrison, Charles 75, 1 13, 122, 154, 213, 214 284 Morse, Alan 123 Morse, James 113, 182, 213 Mosher, Robert 109, 154 Moulton, Harold 113, 118, 121, 154, 213, 214 Muckey, Ma re me 79, 95, 165 Mueller, James- 123, 165 Mumford, Earl 111, 180 Mumford, Mary 81, 87, 165 Mundt, Paul 120 Munson, Goil 79, 135 Murphy, John 103, 120 Murroy, James 109, 123, 222 Myers, John 179 Myron, Mary 58, 95, 154 Naasz, Howard 120, 121 Nagle, Michael 59, 103, 154, 192, 193 Nellermoe, Morris 182 Nelson, Carl 35 Nelson, Come 85, 91, 145 Nelson, Darold 39, 135 Nelson, Donald 119 Nelson, Glen 107, 145, 228 Nelson, Maris 81 Nelson, Mary 91, 165 Nelson, Milton 182 Nepstad, Donald 103, 121 Neuroth, Edmond 165 Newcomb, Parker 105 Newell, Duane 76, 123 Newman, Grant 77, 122, 165 Nicholas, Hoyt 105, 120, 154 Nichols, Duane 76, 113, 120, 145 Nichols, James 109, 121, 222 Nichols, Sally 87, 154 Nickerson, Arthur 180 Nielsen, Niels 22 Nissen, Arthur 122, 154 Nissen, Spencer 175, 211 Noren, Mary Ann 87, 135 Nygaard, Jeanne 58, 81, 92, 154 Oakland, Richard 107, 118, 120, 155 O ' Connell, William 175, 214 O ' Connor, Denny 52, 59, 113, 135, 192, 193 O ' Connor, Donald 105, 135, 191 O ' Connor, Irene 34, 85, 93, 120, 145, 192 O ' Connor, Timothy 120 Odegaard, Guinevere 87, 145 Oliver, Donna 48, 79, 165 Olsen, Ronny 77, 120, 165, 222 Olson, Bette 155, 212 Olson, Bonnie 58, 81, 165 Olson, Dona 46, 81, 89, 155, 193, 212, 215 Olson, Lloyd 180 Olson, Lois 79, 135, 193, 210 n Olson, Newell 182 Olson, Solly 58, 95, 165 Oordt, Donald 142 Opheim, Frances 79, 155 Orth, Emil 145 • Ortman, Dennis 105, 155, 228, 243 Ortman, William 175 Osmon, Gene 77, 111, 123, 166 Osmon, Joan 95, 135 Ostlund, Philip 79 Ostrowsky, Nicola 166, 213, 214 Otto, Robert 121, 176 Oursland, Robert 120, 169 Owens, Richard 155 Oyen, Alden 155 Packard, Bruce, Jr. 77 Packard, William 39, 135 Padrnos, Pat 91, 155 Poppas, John 109, 121, 166 Pappas, Ted 34, 135, 193 Parke, Lowell 103, 122, 182 Potrick, William 101, 155 Patterson, John 120 Patterson, Samuel 37, 107, 155, 214 Patton, Carol 46, 49. 93, 120, 145 Paulsen, Richard 105, 121 Paulson, Forrest 136 Paulson, Virginia 93, 155 Paulsrud, Ann 81, 93, 155 Poynter, Marilyn 95, 146 Peck, Leonard 107, 222 Peckens, Gloria 136 Pederson, John 101, 166 Pederson, Roger 76, 101, 166 Penor, Robert 107, 119, 121, 136 Permon, Virginia 87, 136 Peschel, Frederick 39, 109, 119, 146, 191 Peshek, Larry 121 Peters, Louis 155 Peters, Wayne 122 Petersen, Dale 76, 113, 136 Petersen, Darwin 111, 155 Petersen, Marvin 39, 136 Petersen, Ruth 81, 168 Petershogen, Richard 136, 193 Peterson, Alvm 179 Peterson, Billie 79 Peterson, James 175, 214 Peterson, Mary Ellen 81, 89, 166, 212 Peterson, William 37, 101, 136 Petrakis, Peter 136 Petnk, Virgil 122 Petsche, Evelyn 81, 155 Pfeifer, Bemice 79, 146, 215 Pfeiffer, Arnold 213 Pfister, Faris 107, 155 Phelps, James 77, 120, 166 Phipps, Clifford 77, 123 Pier, Richard 113, 123, 155 Pillar, Mary Jo Ellen 55, 81 Pmkerton, Beth 79, 166 Pittenger, Richard 103, 123 Place, Emerson 121, 166 Plooster, Dennis 105, 166 Plouf, Jacqueline 59, 79, 212 Polenz, Ralph 76, 122, 222 Porter, Charles 111, 136 Porter, William 50, 109, 174 Pospisil, Dennis 111, 123, 155 Poulsen, Richard 77, 166 Powell, Eva 79 Prchal, Marshall 146 Predoehl, Martin 122 Pribble, Nell 95, 155, 210 Price, H. 118 Pnndle, Dwaine 101, 120, 146 Prms, Jim 103, 120, 166, 222 Pntchard, Nancy 79, 91, 166 Prunty, William 101, 136 Prusha, James 53 Purintun, Mary J. 93, 136 Pusl, Joseph, Jr. 59, 111, 166 Quinn, Robert 174, 214 Quintal, Mary 95, 155, 211 Quist, Carl 105, 120, 135 Rallis, Constantine 136 Rames, Donald 111, 180 Rath, Orley 109, 146 Rathbun, Arlyce 155 Rathbua Charles 107, 136 Rauk, Julie 87, 146, 187 Rowlings, Maurice 111, 121, 155, 229 Rayman, Moriorie 79, 157, 213 Raymond, Roger 136 Raynes, Harry 180 Reoney, David 146, 190 Redfield, James 111, 123, 166 Reding, Janet 81, 166 Reding, Joseph 76, 123, 166 Reetz, Arthur 136, 213 Reifel, Alverta 79, 89, 136 Rempel, Leland 21 1 Renner, Corol 34, 59, 136 Rhmehart, Stanley 146, 229 Rhodes, Rae 81, 87, 146 Rice, Alan 122, 156 Rice, Harold 121, 166 Richards, Gene 123, 176 Richards, Robert 105, 180 285 Rider, Morion 81, 137 Rieb, Morlene 58, 81, 95, 166 Ries, Thomas 37, 173 Risk, Stewart 120, 229 Rist, Marvin 107, 122, 137, 229, 243 Risry, Roger 76, 122 Robbins, James 37, 103, 146 Roberts, Dale 105, 137, 235, 239 Roberts, Donald 137, 182 Roberts, James 105 Roberts. John 109, 146, 187, 192 Roesler, Edith 95, 146, 193, 215 Roggen, Norvan 76, 101, 122, 166 Rollog, Dwayne 107, 123, 146 Romsdahl, Marvin 146 Ronald, Richard 50, 146 Rounds, Dallas 137 Rouse, Barbara 34, 166, 192, 193 Roush, Jean 156 Rowe, James 107, 120, 156 Rozman, Edward 101, 120, 156 Ruelle, Robert 123 Runge, Ronald 105, 122, 156 Ryan, H. Ruth 59, 79, 146, 190 Ryder, Bernard 101, 122, 146 Ryman, Josephine 58, 79, 91, 166, 193 Saartaos, George 120, 156 Salkeld, Joyce 146 Sanders, Mane 59, 79] 146, 214 Sauer, Frank 146 Savage, Lawrence 180 Sayer, James 101, 167 Scales. Allen 180 Scallm, James 179 Schaeppi, Charles 111, 137 Schaeppi, Thomas 111, 137 Schamber, Helen 81, 156 Schanche, Arthur 105, 120, 167 Schell, Allan 111, 122, 156, 229 Schell, James 37, 99, 111, 118, 121, 146, 214 Schlopkohl, Gloria 79, 93, 167 Schlegelmilch, Fred 103, 146 Schhesman, Paul 59, 123 Schlueter, Lorraine 91, 167 Schmidt, Ira 111, 156 Schmidt, James 77, 105, 121, 122, 167 Schmidt, Rita 93, 147 Schmidt, Robert 113, 137, 187 Schneck, Gunter 182, 213, 214 Schneider, Donald 39 Schoen, Frank 58, 111, 156 Schoenewe, Ronald 113, 122, 156 Scholten, Patricia 46, 91, 146, 193, 215 Schrank, Tilmon 47, 176 Schreier, Adam 121 286 Schuknechf, Arnold 137 Schull, Dorothy 79, 156 Schumacher, Frederick 109 Schumacher, James 111, 122 Schumacher, Margaret 89, 156, 210, 215 Schumacher, Mary Ann 93, 156 Schumacher, Robert 101, 175, 214 Schumacher, William 123, 167 Schurr, Jean 59, 81, 167 Schutz, Raymond 175, 214 Schwant, C Dale 107, 174, 214 Schwartz, Don 75, 147, 229, 239 Schwinn, Patricia 93, 137 Scott, Cynthia 93, 137 Scott, Larry 46, 109, 121, 147, 187 Seacat, Carol 81, 91, 167, 212 Seaman, David 180 Seaman, Maynard 147 Sehnert, Keith 179, 187 Selle, Richard 156 Serck, Eunice 74, 193 Sever, F. Neal 34, 214 Severson, Dorothy 87, 156 Severson, Jewel 179 Shanahon, Darold 173, 211 Shanard, David 103, 121, 122, 147 Shaw, George 179 Sheild, John 105, 121, 156, 243 Sheppard, Don 147 Sherman, Elaine 46, 48, 49, 59, 91, 147, 192, 193, 215 Sherwood, Stephen 173, 211 Shuck, Leon 123 Siegel, Stanley 39, 109, 147, 187 Sieler, Denny 123, 156 Simons, Richard 105, 121, 156 Simpson, Vincent 59, 137, 214 Sisk, Charles. 123, 156, 214 Sisson, Delia 81, 87, 167 Slattery, John 118 Sluka, Jacob 119 Small, Clinton 123, 167 Smeed, James 103, 137 Smiley, Kay 81, 93, 167, 212, 213 Smith, Arthur 103, 137 Smith, Doyle 118, 123, 147 Smith, James 103, 156 Smith, James 121 Smith, Kendall 107, 119, 147 Smith, Marilyn 167 Smith. Peggy 95, 156 Smith, Robert 75, 174 Smith, Rose Marie 46, 59, 89, 156, 191, 193, 215 Smith, W. Pierce 106, 182 Smith, William 175, 211 Snorteland, Martha 58, 81, 147 Snorteland, Shirley 58, 59, 81, 137, 190 Snyder, Kathryn 87, 157, 210 Snyder, Phillip 109, 147 Solberg, Lincoln 179, 187 Solberg, Phyllis 137 Solem, Henry 105, 157 Soliday, Dorothy 147 Sommervold, Arlo 77, 107, 147 Sonneman, Lawrence 35 Sorensen, James 111, 120, 167 Sorensen, Maureen 48, 85, 95, 157, 191 Sorheim, Verne 75, 147 Spencer, Robert 113, 175 Spiecker, Frank 105, 167 Spmar, Leo 113, 137 Sprung, Earl 213 Stokke, Nancy 93, 157 Stangl, Lois 35, 81, 157 Stark, Robert 34, 173 Starksen, Charles 39, 101, 138 Starky, Joan 87, 138 Staum, Vernon 76, 123, 147 Steckler, Peggy 81, 87, 167 Steece, Frederick 75, 122, 157 Steicken, Robert 147 Steinbeck, Donald 118, 123, 157 Steinpreis, Robert 122 Stenslond, Osmund, Jr. 105, 119, 121, 147 Stenson, Sondro 34, 81, 167 Stenstrom, Robert 35, 52, 147, 193 Stetson, Charles 103, 122, 157, 229 Stevenson, William 47, 50, 109, 243 Stewart, La Verne 138 Stewart, Wan. to 81, 162, 193 Stoakes, Loren 76, 113, 138 Stockton, Wolter 39, 138 Stoddard, Howard 120, 222 Stoel, Audrey 81 Storm, Keith 107, 138 Storm, Richard 39, 75, 138, 191 Stringer, John 103, 121, 157 Stringer, Lorraine 93, 138 Strobel, Ardella 79, 157, 215 Stuvland, Alan 138 Stverak, Robert 107, 121, 157 Sullivan, Phyllis 59, 81, 89, 157, 191 Sullivan, Robert 123, 147, 157, 234, 239 Sumner, Deon 105 Sundvold, Glenn 111, 182 Sutton, Lois 58, 81, 87, 167 Swab, Janet 95, 120, 138, 210 Swanson, Karen 81, 167, 215 Swanson, Paul 138 Swanson, Robert 120, 167 Swason, Joyce 34, 35, 58, 81, 138 Swedeen, Hollie, Jr. 119. 147 Syring, Bruce 123, 167 Syvertson, Donald 101, 138, 214 Talcott, Don 138 Taplett, Constance 59, 87, 167 Toys, James 77, 103, 167 Tellifero, George 107, 121, 122, 147, 213, 214 Thoelke, Gloria 81, 167, 215 Thomas, Alicia 79, 148, 215 Thomas, Jacob 1 19 Thompson, Harriette 81, 89, 138 Thompson, James 1 19 Thompson, Ted 105, 123, 157 Thomson, Junior 138 Thomson, Nancy 46, 93, 148, 210 Thorpe, Ralph 123, 157 Tieszen, Ralph 181 Tipton, Charles 243 Titus, Elden 166 Tobin, William 107, 122 Tollefson, Barbara 58, 59, 138, 212 Tollefson, Bert 35, 58, 59, 99, 107, 138, 187, 192, 214 Tomek, William 21 1 Torrison, Norman 103, 123 Trenker, JoAnn 81, 89, 168 Troemel, Roland 182 Trotman, Neil 105, 121, 157, 243 Tschetter, Clifford 58, 179 Two Hawk, Webster 113, 118, 122, 243 Twomey, Dolores 148, 190, 193 Ufford, Wayne 121, 168 Ulvog, James 118, 122, 163 Umbreit, Douglas 111, 122 Unker, Thomas 109, 148 Von Arsdale, Jeon 95, 139 Vanderbos, Kermit 179 Vonder Meer, Robert 139 Vonde Voort, Robert 39, 113, 146 Vondiver, James 34, 37, 48 Van Ferney, Shirley 179 Van Gerpen, Eorl 35, 101, 157, 214 Vaughn, Joan 34, 58, 81, 95, 168 Vellek, Donald 180 Vensand, Richard 109, 139 Vesely, Donald 123, 168 Vesely, Manlynn 79, 157, 210 Vetter, Curtis 111, 118, 148 Vetter, Norma 81, 157 Vickers, Michae l 103, 121 Vojto, Ramon 123 Volden, Robert 123, 157 Vopot, Ehzabeth 81, 91, 168, 212 Vrooman, David 111, 157 287 Wogner, Lyle 118, 120 Wait, Donald 168 Walker, George 46, 50, 51, 109, 139 Walker, John 111, 123, 157 Walker, William 109, 122 Walter, James 105, 122, 168 Walter, Robert 75, 123, 168 Walton, Merle 119 Ward, Betty 81, 95, 168 Waring, James 111, 122, 168 Warner, llah 59, 89, 158, 191, 193, 213, 215 Wass, Lawrence 139 Watland, Douglas 103, 139 Watson, Victor 180 Waugh, Waunita 79, 87, 158 Weatherhill, Donald 179 Wehrkamp, Dale 109, 139 Weigold, 50, 51, 109, 139, 199 Wemstein, Harry 173 Weis, Joseph 109 Weislogel, Julia 59, 81, 139, 190 Weiss, U I rich 75, 182 Welch, Sally 89, 168, 215 Wells, Vernita 34, 95, 148 Welter, Delvm 107, 139 Wemmering, Fred 101, 123, 168 Wermers, Ronald 123, 168 West, Lloyd 39, 148 Westergaard, Dennis 111, 122, 158 Westre, Beverly 86, 158 Wexler, Robert 52, 75, 118, 122, 168 White, Howard 139 White, James 168, 213, 214 White, Jeanne 87, 139 Whiting, Mary Jean 46, 47, 93, 158 Whitmore, Ann 81, 93, 168 Wieseler, James 101, 121, 168 Wiest, Erwin 174, 211 Wiest, Joe 59, 77, 214 Wiewesiek, Horst 75, 182, 190, 213 Wiksell, Janet 81, 87 Wilds, John 105, 123, 148 Wilds, Julie 59, 89, 148, 210 Wilds, M. Janet 59, 89, 168, 192, 193, 213 Yirka, Robert 111, 169 Young, Gerald 169 Zantow, Elsie 59, 85, 89, 142, 215 Zerschlmg, Keith 99, 214 Zimmerman, John 120 MIDWEST. BEACH CO. SIOUX FALLS. S D. ► V ■ J

Suggestions in the University of South Dakota - Coyote Yearbook (Vermillion, SD) collection:

University of South Dakota - Coyote Yearbook (Vermillion, SD) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


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