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I V m THE COYOIE 1949 UniVERSHY OF SOUTH DAKOTA Student Publications Board, Inc. Publishers sincere appreciation the 1949 Coyote is dedicated to Marshall McKusick, Dean of the School of Laic DEMI mRRSHRLL MUSICK A Marshall McKusck, Dean of the School of Law, is a man of many aptitudes. A professor of law, an ardent gardener, a singer, an outdoorsman, and an authority on athletics are several facets which form the makeup of this versatile gentleman. Dean McKus ' ck holds the distinction of being the oldest practicing Dean of Law in the United States, and his biographical sketch can be found m Who ' s Who In America. He developed an interest in law as a young man, while working in his father ' s law office; and upon graduating from high school, McKusick entered Boston University, where he received his law degree in 1901. In 1935 his Alma Mater called him back to bestow upon him the honorary degree, LL.D. Dean McKusick came to the University of South Dakota in 1902 as instructor in law, and although he had not planned to make teaching his profession, he found it to his liking He has been Dean of Law since 1912 and has been president of the State Bar Association. Because of an ardent love for the " outdoors, " the Dean ' s favorite pastime is gardening. And his garden, like many things in his life, is cultivated by an expert hand. I OLD FHILIBR PLACES Generations of students come and go but these well remembered scenes remain the same — solid symbols of happy days that lift the hearts of graying alumni and beardless sophomore alike when they return after a long or short absence. TABLE OF COnTEflTS I. MIND Page Administration : 1 1 Senior Class 28 Junior Class 46 Sophomore Class 58 Freshman Class 68 Graduate and Professional 79 (Law, Medicine, Business) Honor Societies 99 II BODY Sports 107 Mi 1 1 tary 1 23 III LIFE Dakota Day _ 1 35 Vanity Fair 145 Activities 165 Organizations 189 Greeks -204 Endlessly being prodded into action by the fateful hand of the " F " . . . absorbing the past and the present . . . memorizing . . . solving . . . creating . . . mulling . . . toiling . . . stumbling in confusion . . . quickening in delight . . . fading in daydream . . . grappling with a problem . . . governing the senses . . . completing a course only to find new unknown horizons ahead. FID STRHTIOn PRESIDED! I. D. WEEKS In his fourteen years of service as president of the University of South Dakota, Dr. I. D. Weeks has made an outstanding record. Always friendly and eager to make the acquaintance of students and parents, President Weeks is well known to thousands. Ever since his boyhood days in Scotia, Nebraska, President Weeks has been interested in horses. Riding remains as his principal hobby and he always has at least one saddle horse in his stable. 11 DERfl JULIflO One of the most beloved personalities on the campus is Dean of Student Affairs, J. H. Julian. " Cap, " as he is known by the students, is com- mencing his forty-second year at the University and recalls the early days when this institution boasted a student body of about 350. The only buildings on the campus then were East Hall, Old Mam, and the nearly finished Science Hall. Dean Julian ' s hobbies are definitely farming and fishing and he states emphatically that he loves people. " Cap " particularly enpys working with young people, because " they tell you what they think. " His pet peeve is people who say one thing and mean another. FRnnUERFELD The University registrar, examiner, and alumni secretary is a jovial, good-natured fellow, Herman W Frankenfeld. " Frankie ' s " wide circle of in- fluence envelops many interests, and because he himself once attended the University, his greatest concern is with the students. Until recently, Mr. Frankenfeld was Mayor of Vermilion. A fam ly man, " Frankie " is proud of his son, Robert, and his daughter, Patricia, both of whom are alumni of the University. Mrs. Frankenfeld is an irstructor of mathematics here. Two sweet little children call the jolly registrar " Gramps. " " Frankie " spends his lirrvted leisure hours in his fascinating hobby of raising ornamental hedge plants. BALL C. S. Ball, the smiling, amiable man known to many students as " Chet " Ball, isn ' t only the man to whom they write their checks. Among his duties are the care of all student finances and insurance, adviser of the housing program, and treasurer of many of the college activities. In his twenty-eight years at the University and twenty-two years as Financial Secretary, Mr. Ball has noticed innumer- able changes in student life. He stated that the student enrollment has more than doubled since he came to USD His employees number ten more than originally, and machines are now used for bookkeeping. DERn noRTon Perhaps because Dean Eleanor Norton at- tended both a girls ' school and a co-educa- tional institution she became acutely aware of the problems confronting university wo- men. At any rate her first job as dean was undertaken without the aid of specialized training. It was on a European tour that she met a school executive who offered her her first position as dean of woman. Becoming in- terested in the work, she returned to college for graduate work in that field. In the short while she has been at the University she has completely won the re- spect and confidence of students. 13 fW BOARD OF REGERT8 Directing all of the state- supported schools, the Board of Regents plays a little known but all-important role in South Dakota education. As well as being a governing body, the Board elects all faculty members, lets all con- tracts. Regents are appointed to six year terms by the Governor, and two men, Mr. E. M. Mumford, B.S., LL.B,, of Howard; and Mr. Frank Cundill of Isabel, have just been re-appointed. Also on the board are Lucille Hedrick Dory, B.S, Watertown; and E. Y. Berry, LL.B., McLaughlin, whose terms expire in 1951, and Eric Heide- priem, Custer, appointed until 1953. Scheduled to convene only twice a year the Regents have found it necessary to meet as often as once a month in order to take care of all of their business. 14 GOVERNOR miCKELSOn Because Governor George T. Mickelson is a graduate of South Dakota University Law School, students here feel that he has a special concern for this institution. Graduating from the University in 1928, Mickelson began his law practice in his home town of Selby, South Dakota. During his ten-year political career, he has been honored the title of " The Most Valuable Representative " in the legislature of South Dakota, Speaker of the House, Attorney General, and now is serving his second term as governor of South Dakota. He marr.ed Madge Turner, of Northern State Teachers ' College, in April, 1928. They have four children, Jan.ce, a sophomore at the University, Lavon, age 15, Patty, 12, and Speaker, 7. Speaker, their only son, was given his name when Governor Mickelson was Speaker of the House of Representatives. Mickelson has varied hobbies, including farming and hunting. He maintains a farm at Selby and visits it on Sunday afternoons. The Univers ' ty Students are proud of Governor Mickelson and are grateful for the support he has given to higher education during his term in office. ID WIAPP Dr Robert H. Knapp is now in his second year as Personnel Director here at the University. Basing his ideals on the principle that each student has certain unique capacities and abilities, Dr. Knapp has built a department that will appraise these " tools of know- ledge, " and try to put the students on the road to success. The magnitude of his job becomes apparent only when one realizes that no two students have the same problems. In addition to this full-time job, Dr. Knapp finds time to golf and take pictures of his five-year-old daughter. His favorite hobby is working with colored slides. Aided by his practical experience and three degrees, B.A , MA, Ph.D., Dr. Knapp has worked hard to de- velop the personnel department and has enjoyed watching it grow. joiies In July, 1947, a new department was established at the University — the Public Relations and Information Services, with S. W. Jones as director. This depart- ment is responsible for the University News Bureau, official publications of the University, and a well- rounded public relations program. Mr. Jones came here from the Greater South Dakota Association at Huron. He is a graduate of South Dakota State Col- lege and Iowa State College. Rodney F. Moulton is the student assistant in the bureau. BRICK The Office of Veterans Affairs acts as coordinator between the Veterans Administration and the Univer- sity. Mr. James Brick, director of Veterans Affairs, supervises and controls the registration, and issuance of all books, supplies and equipment to veterans. Mr. Brick graduated from the University in 1939 with a B.S. degree. He became director of this office in November, 1946. EYRES Thomas E. Eyres has completed his first year at the University in the newly inaugurated position of director of the Student Health Service and professor of Preventive Medicine and Public Health. When the practice of employing a full time physician to fill the student need was begun this year, half of North Hall was set aside as reception room, examination room and labora- tory. The program has been exceedingly suc- cessful Dr Eyres is a native of the Mid-West and received his A.B. degree at Westmar College, LeMars, Iowa, and his MD at the University of Iowa. He then enrolled at Johns Hopkins to obtain his M.P.H. degree. The doctor is married and the father of three children -- David, 12, Linda, 3, and Sara, 7. Medicine serves as his avocation as well as his vocation. FHLH " i ' SjJ Robert D. Falk has been the director of the Extension Division since 1946. He re- ceived his B.A. at Yankton College, took graduate work at the University of Wiscon- sin, and received his M.A. degree from the University of Colorado. The Extension Di- vision conducts correspondence courses, main- tains visual-aid library, and directs all off- campus activities of the University. Mr. Falk has two children, Mary Lee and Joedy. He enpys hunting and fishing as hobbies, " when he can sneak away from the department. " 17 BERGmnn OVER Genial Dr. Over has been Director of the Museum since 1913. For 35 years he has turned his attention to building and preserv- ing the Museum at the University. The Museum was started when J. E. Todd, geologist, collected and labelled many spec- imens of natural history. Dr. Over has col- lected specimens of all birds, mammals, rep- tiles, fishes, and plants in this area. Dr. Over has made three trips down the Missouri River where he mapped all Indian villages along the river and collected Indian relics. The Museum has one of the most complete collections of Indian relics in the United States. Entering the door of the Carnegie- donated library, one encounters the charm- ing, obliging smile of Ruth Bergman. Miss Bergman, whose title has been changed this year from Acting Librarian to Librarian, received her A.B. at the University and gained her Master ' s degree in Library Science at the University of Illinois. Through her counseling and directing, the library meets fully the needs of each and every student on the campus. COLLEGE OF ARTS ALID SCIENCES Divided into three major divisions, social science, natural science, and humanities, the College of Arts and Sciences offers instruction to those who desire a four year liberal arts degree or pre- professional work or other general training. Some 1,225 students are currently enrolled. The College of Arts and Sciences seeks to give the student, first of all, a liberal or general education in several areas of knowledge and, secondly, specialization in a chosen field. The many courses offered include such social sciences as economics, government, history, sociology and psychol- ogy, and such natural sciences as chemistry, geology, physics, zoology, and applied science. Hu- manities offered include languages, literature, journalism, and dramatic art. Dean Elbert W. Harrington re- ceived his Ph.D. from the Univer- sity of Iowa in 1938. He came to the University of South Dakota in 1945 as Professor of Speech and head of the department of speech, radio, and dramatic art. He be- came Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences in 1948. COLLEGE OF FIOE ARTS An efficient Fine Arts College is the boast of University of South Dakota. Student enthusiasm in the fields of music, art, and dramatic art have increased the interest in this college. Students who pursue a musical career find ex- cellent instruction in composition, theory, counter- point, voice, and many other musical phases. Music majors gain valuable experience by listening to and performing in weekly student recitals. The choir, orchestra, and band also provide valuable opportunities to the student with artistic interests. The dramatic art department has two types of students: future actors and future instructors. " Doc " Lee ably sees that the business of plays, sets, costumes, and all other details in connection with the theater proceed as scheduled. Students acquire a fuller knowledge of the theater by building sets and making costumes. Professor Wilber Stillwell is the " head man " of the art department which includes instruction in water colors and oils, sculpturing, and charcoal drawings. Art students have the opportunity to exhibit their fine work in campus publications, posters, and stage settings. Dean W. R. Colton, able director of the University ' s College of Fine Arts, is more than a figurehead to the students he has trained in the field of music. Aside from his duties, which include arranging recitals and acting as student adviser, Dean Colton enjoys his leisure by gardening and hiking. His profound interest in the violin and other phases of music brings him closer to the Fine Arts students through the mutual love for the classics. 20 SCHOOL OF BUSINESS HDminiSTRflTiOfl The School of Business Administration is the largest professional school in the University. So rapid has the growth of the department been that the enroll- ment is now two and one-half times larger than in 1946. A student who has completed the two years of pre- busmess training required for entrance has an oppor- tunity to ma|or in eight fields: accounting, general business, marketing, economics, secretarial training, business administration, business and law, and bus ' ness and industrial engineering. That there is a local need for business administration ma|ors is evidenced in the fact that over forty per cent of the graduates of the School of Business find jobs right in South Dakota Within the school, special departments such as the Business Research Bureau and the Student Placement Service have grown greatly in scope and importance to the University and to the State. ] Dean, R. F. Patterson, not only takes a sincere interest in the School of Business but gives his wholehearted support to community and civic affairs. In 1947, he officiated as President of the Verm I lion Chamber of Commerce. An excellent public speaker, he usually makes from fifty to one hundred speeches every year before civic, educational, or business groups. This way, " Pat, " has come to know almost everyone in the state. The Law School of the University of South Dakota places par- ticular stress on local statute law although its general aim is to en- able students to practice in any state. Emphasis is also placed on their sphere as a citizen with a view of making them more responsive to the needs of their state. The Law Library, comprised of over sixteen thousand volumes, is employing for the first time in the school ' s history a full time librarian, George E. Trowsdale of Leeds, England, who has served for thirty years as Leeds ' Town Hall Librarian. Prominent graduates are: Governor George T. Mickelson, former Governor M. Q. Sharpe, Lt. Governor A, C. Miller, Royal C. Johnson, deceased, and William Williamson who were elected to the House of Representatives in our National Congress at one time. The late Lloyd Harding, former Governor of Iowa, and Buell Jones, former Attorney General for Standard Oil, are among other successful graduates. Attendance in the law school has this year reached an all time high. Versatile Marshall McKusick, Dean of the School of Law, has been an outstanding figure on the University campus since 1 902. Mc- Kusick had not intended to make teaching his profession, but he found university life to his liking and remained to become the Dean of Law. Dean Marshall McKusick has been a member of the Athletic Board of Control since 1903, and has held many important positions in the South Dakota Bar Associa- tion. The Dean has written articles for law encyclopedias and has pub- lished pamphlets on case law, and law reviews. 22 Dr. Donald Slaughter, Dean of the Medical School and professor of Pharmacology, is a man well qualified to fill these positions. He has been a professor at the Universities of Iowa, Baylor, and Vermont, and acting dean at Southwestern Medical College. Dean Slaughter began his teach- ing at the University of South Da- kota in July, 1946. Under his able guidance the Medical School has expanded, and the teaching faculty has increased. Dean Slaughter is listed in Who ' s Who, Who ' s Who in Amer- ican Education, Who ' s Important in Medicine, American Men of Science, World Biography, and Leaders in Education. When Dean Slaughter is not busy wielding the scalpel over the future M.D. ' s, he can be found re- laxing with one of the many pipes from his collection. SCHOOL OF 01ED The Medical School was established in 1901. During this time and including this year 658 students have been transferred to four year medical schools. In the entire his- tory of the Medical School, only one student has not been transferred to a four year school. The students transfer to such schools as Northwestern, Colorado, Southwestern, Nebraska, Temple, and many more. This year ' s class is made up of 97 ' i South Dakota students, although 225 applied for admittance from out of state The medical faculty now consists of 17 full time members, 16 part-time instructors, and 25 clinical associates who are responsible for the clinical clerkship program. Until 1947 there were no hospitals in South Dakota which were approved for internship. The Medical School in conjunction with the hospitals succeeded in getting Sacred Heart, Mc- Kennan, and Sioux Valley approved for internship. An appropriation of $600,000 by the State Legislature this year has insured a new Medical and Science building for the School. It is hoped that this structure will be ready for occupancy in the fall of 1950. 23 Dr, William H. Batson, head of the School of Education at the University, is one of the most prominent educators in the state of South Dakota. His position in the educational field often requi res him to represent the University at various state educational meetings. Since he received his Ph.D. from the University of Michigan, he has been listed in Who ' s Who and was also elected president of the South Dakota Education Association in 1930. Though his administrative position keeps him well occupied, he also teaches Introductory Education, School Problems, Educational Statistics, Guidance Testing, Educational Psychology, and Seminar. SCHOOL OF EDUCflT Founded in 1927, the School of Education has become one of the most necessary and important divisions in the University. Since its establishment, approximately 100 teachers each year have been granted certificates. In 1935 a testing program, known as the High School Scholastic Contest, was sponsored by the School of Education When these tests were first given, only 250 students from 45 schools participated. This figure has increased yearly until it reached its present peak of 4,460 students from 209 schools. The purposes of the school are to train administrators and supervisors of education, to serve as a research base for the educational development problems of the state, to co- ordinate the many lines of teacher training work on the campus, and to train teachers for useful positions in colleges, teacher ' s colleges, high schools, and junior high schools. 24 Under the leadership of Dr. Herbert S. Schell, the Graduate School has progressed rapidly since its organization at the University in 1929. In the regular school year of 1948-1949, a record enrollment of sixty-seven students registered in graduate courses of education, psychology, chemistry, English, mathematics and dramatic art. Graduate work is placed under two classifications: training in administrative work and specialized study of subjects above the level of undergraduate work. The school is the only one of its kind in the state. An expert historian, author and pro- fessor is Dr. H S. Schell, director of the Graduate School and history instructor at the University Dr. Schell believes that if students are to apply themselves to the best of their ability, the instructor must take a per- sonal interest in each pupil Although he is busy with University work, Dr. Schell reserves time for com- panionship with his sons, James and Allen, and for his hobbies of gardening and stamp collecting. Schell obtained his B.A. at Muhlenberg College in Pennsylvania, his MA. from Columbia University, and his doctorate from the University of Wisconsin The local chapter of Phi Beta Kappa elected Dr. Schell os an honorary member of their organization in 1948. 25 The student body President is elected in the same spring elections as the senate. He is nominated in caucus by each party and presented on the ballot in the spring. The elections ore usually preceded by some hot political rallies and platform speeches, torchlight parades and soap- box oratory. In the Spring of 1948 the two nominees were Ted Dolney, Progressive, (pictured below) and Red Stangland, Commoner. As the elec- tion results poured in, the Progressive candidate was claimed winner. STUDEflT SEDATE The Student Body here at the University is governed by a Senate and an Executive Head. They are elected each spring to preside for the coming year. The nominees ore chosen in caucus by the political parties on the campus. At the present time, only two recognized politicol parties are represented, the Progressives, made up almost entirely of the Greek organizations, and the Commoners, made up of the Independent students. The outgoing senate takes care of oil the details of running an orderly and honest spring election, providing ballots, voting lists, and a place to vote in secret. They select the election judges who do the actual tallying from the ballots. Throughout the year the senate handles all the diplomatic relations between the University and other schools, providing for the reception of visit- ing dignitaries at special university celebrations. Another function of the senate is the apportionment of the funds from the sale of Student Activity Tickets to the various departments to which the activity ticket serves as admission. The Athletic Department, the Dramatic Art Department, Speech Department and the Coyote are recipients of the bulk of the funds. The balance is transferred to the student fund to help defray expenses of the artists who appear at con- vocations Members pictured above are, left to right, Back row Roland Buechler, Fronk Felt, Keith Sehnert, Jim Harvey, Gerald Krutsch, Dick Richards, Jim Kuehn, Loren Palmer, Dean Nolt, Tom Ries. Front row: Janet Wangsness, Delorez West, Ted Dolney, Joan Pearson, Pat Bauer. ASSOCIATED STDDEDTS The Association of Women Students con- sists of all women students on the campus. The general council is composed of the presi- dents from every woman ' s organization. The executive council is comprised of all the presidents of the organized houses and dormitories and the officers of AWS Big-Little Sister Week, sponsored by AWS, is an important part of freshman orientation at the beginning of the school year. The members of the executive council in- Norma Jean Westre, president, Shirley Van Ferney, vice-president; Shirley Ellis, treasurer; Caro ' yn Cowles, Mory Lee Folk, and Betty McNeely, secretaries, Ar- lette Wehde, Jane Buntley, Barbara Lam- bert, Dorothy Olson, Shei ' a Shannon, and Kay Siedschlag. Miss Eleanor Norton, Dean of Women, is adviser for the group. Members pictured are, left to right, Back row: Jean Van Arsdale, Barbara Lambert, Shirley Pmney, Jane Buntley. Front row: Dorothy Olson, Mary Lee Folk, Norma Jean Westre, Dean Norton, Arlette Wehde. 26 STUDENTS 27 GORDON AADLAND Los Angeles, Calif. English Wet Hen, Pi Delta Epsilon, File 13, Volante. WAYNE ANDERSON Rapid City Zoology Sigma Alpha Epsilon WILLIAM ANDERSON Rapid City Business Administration Phi Delta Theta, Strollers. FRANKLIN E. BENS Aberdeen Applied Science Lambda Chi Alpha. RALPH L. BETHKE Vermillion Chemistry HERBERT BOCHE Watertown Education -=- RUBEN BAEZ-GARCIA St. Mayaguez, Puerto Rico Liberal Arts BEVERLY BROOKS BENDER Vermillion Dramatic Art Zeta Phi Eta, Playcrafters, Kappa Phi. WILLIAM BOLENBAUGH Howard Geology Alpha Tau Omega, Geology Club. BARBARA BOLSTAD Vermillion English Radio Guild, Rifle Club, W. A. A. Jane Buntley, Sioux City, has de- cided on wedding bells. Plans have been made for a June ceremony for her and a Phi Delt, Bill " Bucky " Anderson. Jane, a music major, served as vice-president of Mu Phi Epsilon, and as President of Kappa Alpha Theta. Jane is a member of Mortar Board, A. W. S., Pan-Hel- lenic, and was student representa- tive on the Concert Course Com- mittee. She also sang for two consecutive years with the Univer- sity band as their only soloist. 28 MARGARET BONNES Wolsey Sociology Kappa Phi, Sociology Club, Choir DARRELL R. BOOTH Yankton Government Delta Tau Delta, Dakotans, International Relations Club. BARBARA BORMAN Sioux City, Iowa English Pi Beta Phi, International Relations Club, Coyote Staff. ERNEST BORMANN Stickney Speech Alpha Tau Omega, Forensics. PAUL BOUSFIELD Centerville Philosophy and History Pre-Theological, Delta Sigma Theta, Student Christian Association. SAMUEL H. BRENNEISE Greenway Psychology t-± ' i ELIZABETH BROOKS Sioux Falls Sociology Sociology Club. DONALD W. BROWN Aberdeen Journalism Lambda Chi Alpha, File 13. ROBERT BRUNKEN __ Tr ' PP Chemistry Lambda Chi Alpha. MADELON BRYAN White River Commercial Art Orchestra. ERWIN C. BUETTNER Ayrshire, Iowa Zoology Gamma Delta, RUSSELL D. BUHLER Armour Zoology ANN BRODIE Pickstown Spanish Alpha Phi, Phi Sigma lota, Newman Club, Spanish Club. JANE BUNTLEY Sioux City, Iowa Voice Kappa Alpha Theta Pres., Mortar Board, A. W. S., Mu Phi Epsilon, Choir, S C. A., Pan-Hellenic, Soloist with U. Band. 29 ROBERT CAMERON Sioux Falls Journalism Alpha Tau Omega, Pi Delta Epsilon, Tau Kappa Alpha, Wet Hen, File 13, Volante. GERTRUDE CAVANAUGH Agar Sociology Independent Association, Sociology Club. FLOYD W. CHAPMAN Salem Physical Education s. ADELE CLARK Vermillion Piano Alpha Xi Delta, Mu Phi Ep- silon, Roger Williams Club H Rifle Club. BONNIE CLARK V Vermillion =» «A Advertising Art Kappa Phi, Wesley Club. RALPH CHEDEL Rapid City Speech Phi Delta Theta. KENNETH CHRISTENSEN Viborg Zoology Sigma Alpha Epsilon ROSALIE CLELAND Gettysburg Public School Music Chi Omega, Mu Phi Epsilon, Choir, Orchestra. BOB CLOUGH Wakefield, Neb. Radio and Speech Beta Theta Pi, Strollers, Radio Guild, Playcrafters, National Collegiate Players, Cheerleader, Volante, KUSD, Scabbard and Blade. BARBARA CONNELL Burke History Kappa Phi, S.C.A., Wesley Club, W.A.A. Bob Cameron, Sioux Falls, friends say, is most famous for his parties, but he has earned merit in journal- istic and speech fields, too. A jour- nalism major, he edited the Wet Hen, worked on Volante, File 13, Tau Kappa Alpha and Pi Delta Ep- silon. He is affiliated with Alpha Tau Omega. Bob is now working for his M.A. degree at Stanford. 30 !¥• i( l i CONNIE CORCORAN Vermillion Physical Education W. A. A., Dolphins, Rack- eteers. CAROLYN COWLES Flandreau English Pi Beta Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Guidon, Mortar Board, French Club, Miss Dakota, Young Republican League. ROBERT E. CURTISS Colerame, Minnesota Geology Phi Eta Sigma, Geology Club. CHARLENE DOHERTY Pierre Sociology Pi Beta Phi, Newman Club, Coyote Business Manager. PHYLLIS DUITSMAN Beresford Psychology Alpha Phi, National Colonel of Guidon, Chairman of Greek Week, Pan-Hellenic Council, Spanish Club, French Club, Dolphins, Rifle Club, S. C. A. Cabinet, Sec- retary of Stadium Comm., Attendant to Miss Dakota. LOVIS EBERHARDT Irvington, New Jersey Economics LEONARD DAVIES Rapid City Spanish Phi Sigma lota. DERWOOD EISENBERG Humboldt Journalism Business Manager — Wet Hen, Radio Guild. MARLAN DAVIS Orient English LESLIE ELLIOTT Sioux City, Iowa Pre- Med. Bob Clough, speech major from Wakefield, Nebraska, has been viewed over the footlights on many a " U " Theater Firsr-Nighrer as a member of Playcrafters, Strollers, and National Collegiate Players. His voice is equally well known for its announcing qualities on KUSD, and on the sport field as cheer- leader. Bob is a member of New- man Club and of Scabbard and Blade. He hopes to continue his radio work in the near future. 31 LAVERNE ERICKSON Viborg Chemistry Chemistry Club. ALICE FLIGINGER Freeman Kappa Choir. English Phi, Wesley Club, ARNOLD E5BJORNSON Evanston, Illinois Radio-Speech Delta Sigma Theta, KUSD, Radio Guild, Wesley Club, Spanish Club, University Theatre. FRANCES FADGEN Flandreau Education r l FLOYD FLIGINGER Freeman Natural Science Weslev Club. JAMES H. FORD Sioux Falls Psychology (Graduate School ' FRANK FELT Sioux Falls Government Phi Delta Theta, Political Science League, Student Senate. VIRGINIA FOSNESS Onida Music Pi Beta Phi. NANCY FINCH Aberdeen Commercial Art Pi Beta Phi, Coyote. KAYE FOX Marshall, Minnesota History Kappa Alpha Theta, Volante, Coyote, Wet Hen, French Club, Spanish Club, Inter- national Relations Club, Newman Club. M Carolyn Cowles, Flandreau, Pi Beta Phi, English major, has won a good share of the honors given at U. S. D. Miss Dakota, Mortar Board, Guidon, Who ' s Who, and Mistletoe Queen rank high among them. During her college career she worked on Pan- Hellenic Council, A. W. S. and was president of her sorority and a mem- ber of Alpha Lambda Delta. 32 SHIRLEY GALL Herreid Art Alpha Xi Delta. ROBERT GALLOWAY Madison Government Phi Delta Theta, Political Science League. JAMES GARVIS Parkston Physical Education- Social Science Phi Delta Theta, Inter- national Relations Club. ROBERT GEIGER Huron Economics CLARENCE HAGGLUND Sioux Falls Zoology Beta Theta Pi. ARDATH HAKL Wood English Alpha Xi Delta, Roger Wil- liams Club, Radio Guild, Dramatics, Choir. RUTH HALLOCK Mission Music Alpha Xi Delta, Mu Phi Ep- silon, Canterbury Club. PETER HANSEN, JR. Frederick Journalism Pi Delta Epsilon, L S. A., Volante. ALVIN G. GLODERY Britton Business- Engineering LESLIE GRACE Woonsocket Mathematics Delta Sigma Theta, French Club. RICHARD GRASSER Howard Government- Law Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Delta Sigma Theta, French Club. J 5 W ' WAYNE HART Sioux City Pre- Law Sociology Club. DARRELL HAYE Vermillion Radio-Speech ROBERT E. HAZEL DeSmet Zoology-Pre-Med. Theta Xi, Camera Club, S.C.A. 33 VIRGIL HEIDBRINK Ireton, Iowa Government Phi Eta Sigma, French Club, Political Science League, Young Democrats CLARENCE HEIM De Smet Psychology Pilgrim Fellowship DONNA HOKENSTAD Fulda, Minn. English Chi Omega, Radio Guild. VIVIAN HOLE Winner Physical Education Independent Student Ass ' n, Rifle Club, W. A. A,, Dol- phins, Band. BETTY HOLLEMAN Avon Med. Tech. Band, L. S. A., Sociology Club. f DOROTHY HOLMES Sioux Falls English Kappa Alpha Theta, Coyote, Volante, W. A. A. DONALD ISAAK Elk Point Piano Phi Mu Alpha, Choir, Or- chestra, French Club. MARION JACKSON Canton Pre-Med. Beta Theta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma. CAROLINE JACKUS Pierre History Alpha Phi, Lutheran Stu- dents Ass ' n, Band, Religious Council. LORETTA WERNER JOHNSEN Lake Preston Education Sociology Club. Theodore Dolney, Vermillion law student, has made good use of his University training. Ted was in- fluential in school government as Student Body President and in the city as Police Magistrate. He plans upon graduation to put out his shingle in Vermillion. Dolney is affiliated with Lambda Chi, served as representative for the fraternity on the Inter-fraternity Council, and has been active in Strollers and Phi Delta Phi. 34 ROY JOHNSEN Mobndge Applied Science Lambda Chi Alpha, Sigma Pi Sigma, KUSD — Chief Con- trol Engineer, Radio Guild IVAN JOHNSON Mitchell Chemistry Beta Theta Pi. JIMMIE JOHNSON Dallas, Texas Art Lambda Chi Alpha. MONROE JOHNSON Vermillion Radio Lambda Chi Alpha, Radio Guild, KUSD— Sports Direc- tor. fc GERALD KAUFMAN Mission Education JACK KIDDER Vermillion Applied Science Dreamtimers Dance Band. D. G. KINDSCHI Columbia Government Choir, French Club, Spanish Club, Political Science Club. LAVERN KNOX Canistota History Alpha Phi, Choir. AUBREY C. JONES Havre, Montana Chemistry Chemistry Club AIMEE KNUTSON Vermillion English L. S. A., Home Economics Club. RAYMOND M JONES Lansing, Illinois History Alpha Tau Omega. ■ % a . ' u RAYMOND KOENIGS Mapleton, Iowa Advertising Art PHYLLIS JUDGE Milbank English Alpha Phi, Newman Club, Debate, Board of Controls. ELDON KOPLIN Akron, Iowa Zoology Alpha Tau Omega, Track 35 JOHN H. KRAMER, JR. Springfield Zoology Alpha Tau Omega, Spanish Club. LAWRENCE L. KREBER Tyndall Accounting GERALD KRUTSCH Hot Springs Physical Education Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Scab- bard and Blade, Student Senate JAMES KUEHN Mobridge Journalism Lambda Chi Alpha, Volante, Pi Delta Epsilon, Publications Board. DONALD KURVINK Canton Zoology Football. BARBARA LAMBERT Minneapolis, Minn. Psychology Alpha Phi, A. W. S. Council Pan-Hellenic Council DENNIS LANE Gayville Education Volante, Speech Club. JOE LANGSTON Nacogdoches, Texas Journalism The Hucksters, Alpha Tau Omega, Volante, Radio Guild, Wet Hen, Strollers, Pi Delta Epsilon. LLOYD LARSON Viborg Education IRC. EUNICE LEE Volga Art Climaxing Phyllis Duitsman ' s active career at USD was her selection as Honorary Colonel at the Military Ball. Phil, a psychology major from Beresford, has been active in A. W. S., Pan-Hellenic Council, Union Board of Control, Radio Guild, and was an attendant to Miss Dakota. She served as National Colonel of Guidon for the past year. Phil is a member of Alpha Phi sorority. 36 JEAN LEITHEISER Bridgewater Education GENE LEWALLEN Huron Chemistry KENNETH M LEWIS Hot Springs Vo:ce Phi Mu Alpha, Footbal Chorus. WILLIAM LOGAN Estherville, Iowa Physical Education BRUCE LOWE Vermillion History BILL LYNN Spearfish Radio-Speech Alpha Tau Omega, KUSD, Radio Guild. MARY ANN LYONS Madison English Kappa Alpha Theta, Pi Delta Epsilon V-Pres, Pan-Hel- lenic Treas, Eta Sigma Phi Pres., Mortar Board, Guidon, Newman Club, Stadium Committee. ROBERT McBRIDE Harnsburg History Eta Sigma Phi, Delta Sigma Theta, Student Christian Ass ' n. ROBERT F. McDERMOTT Huron Education Independent Student Ass ' n, Camera Club. JOE McKEEVER Hot Springs Education Sigma Alpha Epsilon DANIEL McNEIL Montrose Sociology Alpha Tau Omega, ROTC, Newman Club. WAYNE McNEIL Flandreau Pre-medicme TED MALLDER Chicago, Illinois Business Law Delta Tau Delta, Strollers. MORRIS MARCOTTE Vermillion Education 37 JOFFREE MARKEN Canton Mathematics MARIAN MARVICK South Pasadena, Calif. Social Science Pi Beta Phi, Coyote. BILL MATEER Sioux Falls Physical Education Phi Delta Theta, Newman Club. WILLIAM MICKELSON Watertown Zoology Tennis. BUSTER H. MILLER Viborg Chemistry Chemistry Club, L. S. A. ROBERT MYCUE Huron Journalism Radio Guild. DONALD MESSERLI Murdo Physical Education Alpha Tau Omega, Newman Club. ELYNOR BARKER NELSON Madison Education NORMAN MEYER Wolsey Chemistry Phi Eta Sigma, Chemistry Club. MARVIN NISSEN Orient Science Phi Mu Alpha, Band, Chorus. Don Isaak, Elk Point, unlike the usual music major, is training for concert piano. Although music in general and piano in particular has always been his prime interest, Don started college as a pre-med. The strain of working in both fields proved too difficult, however. He decided to concentrate on music. Don is a member of Eta Sigma Phi, Phi Mu Alpha, French Club, Orches- tra, and Choir. 38 SHIRLEY DORNBUSH OLANDER Mobndge Mathematics Alpha Lambda Delta DOROTHY OLSON Sioux City, Iowa Physical Education ii LEE OLSTAD Mott, North Dakota Pi Beta Phi. LEOTA OSTLUND Vermillion Home Economics Chi Omega, Pres Home Economics Club, Rifle Club, L S.A. GEORGE PARKE Canton Zoology Beta Theta Pi Vi- LOWELL W. PARKE Canton Chemistry Beta Theta Pi. WILLIAM PAY Sioux Falls Phi Delta Theta, Radio Guild, KUSD JULIETTE SCHUMACHER PHILLIPS Rapid City Physical Education Sociology Club, A. W. S., W A A., Dolphins. MARILYN PIEPER Sioux City, Iowa Sociology Pi Beta Phi, Sociology Club, Pan-Hellenic Council. DORCAS PILLAR Sioux City, Iowa History Newman Club. Gerald Krutsch, Hot Springs, a phys- ical education major, is best known for his work on the gridiron. This spring he will receive his fourth letter in both football and track. Jerry plans next year to get his master ' s in education and then find employment as a teacher and coach. Jerry serves as vice-president of Sigma Alpha Epsilon social frater- nity and as cadet colonel of the ROTC. 39 MARILYN POST Mitchell School Music Kappa Alpha Theta, Choir, Mu Phi Epsilon. PATRICIA POTTER Huron English Kappa Alpha Theta, Choir, Vanity Fair, Spanish Club, French Club, Coyote. WAYNE RAUSCH Sioux Falls Physical Education Phi Delta Theta, Basketball, Baseball. ROBERT REYNOLDS Mitchell Chemistry Beta Theta Pi. JAMES RICE Martin History SCA, Choir, Phi Eta Sigma, Delta Sigma Theta, Pilgrim Fellowship. BARBARA RUHLMAN Huron Mathematics Kappa Alpha Theta, Volante, SCA, Choir, Wet Hen, Coyote. DARLENE SAYLES Mitchell Art Education JAMES SCALLIN Redfield Zoology Beta Theta Pi. SHIRLEY SCHWENGLE Broken Bow, Neb. Spanish Alpha Xi Delta, Mortar Board, Rifle Club, Phi Sigma lota, Spanish Club, Newman Club MARY LOU SHANNESSY Muskegon, Michigan English Pi Beta Phi, Zeta Phi Eta, Radio Guild, Playcrafters. TMt »Ol» MI , ' , Jim Kuehn, whose name has ap- peared on the Volante masthead as managing editor, make-up editor, and Editor in Chief, has worked in journalism for seven years. He was employed at Fort Bellwille, Vir- ginia, as a printer, and on the Plain Talk staff. Jim is a member of Pi Delta Epsilon and Lambda Chi Alpha. He plans to continue in the field of journalism in South Dakota. 40 SHEILA SHANNON Mobridge English Pi Beta Phi, Pan-Hellenic Council, A. W. S. KAY SIEDSCHLAG Sioux City, la English Varsettes, Radio Guild, Presi- dent of Dakota Hall. LLOYD A. SIMMONS Rapid City Social Science JOYCE SIMPSON Sioux Falls French Pi Beta Phi, Phi Sigma lota, French Club, Rifle Club, Spanish Club NATHAN J. SIPPEL Vermillion Chemistry Delta Sigma Theta KENNETH SNYDER Gary Zoology LINCOLN E. SOLBERG Aberdeen Pre-Med. Lambda Chi Alpha. I J ' j a o BENNY STAEBNER Eureka Phi Delta Theta, Basketball, Baseball EIDER STANGLAND Sioux Falls Rad:o Radio Guild, The Hucksters. JOSEPH STARKEY Gary, Indiana Phys. Education Newman Club, Sociology Club, Baseball, ISA. JAMES K. STEWART De Smet Chemistry S A , Chemistry Club. GEORGE STIDWORTHY Wessington Springs Zoology CRAIG STOLZE Sioux City, la Journalism Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Delta Ep- silon, Volante Sports Editor, USD Sports Publicity. FRANK W. STOUT Elk Point Applied Science Sigma Pi Sigma. 41 BARBARA STUTENROTH Mobridge English Kappa Alpha Theta, Var- settes, W.A.A. FRED SWISHER Vermillion Radio Delta Tau Delta WILLIAM E. TAYLOR Vermillion Bacteriology MURIEL TOWNSEND Moorhead, Minn, Adv. Art Pi Beta Phi, W A A , Coyote. ROBERT TRANKLE Rapid City Bacteriology wm r UJ AUDREY TRAUTMAN Mitchell Sociology Spanish Club, Sociology Club. PHYLLIS TRAUTMAN Mitchell Sociology Spanish Club, So ciology Club. LOIS VAN DEMARK Hartford Radio-Speech W.AA, Dolphin Club, Radio Guild. SHIRLEY VAN FERNEY Scotland Pre-Med., Zoology Kappa Alpha Theta, A.W.S., Guidon, LSA, Alpha Lambda Delta, Band, Coyote, SCA. BEN VIEDT Winner Radio Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Strol- lers, Radio Guild, Play- crafters. Shirley Van Ferney, Scotland, is definitely a career girl, for medical school is her post-graduate aim. As a freshman Shirley was a president of Alpha Lambda Delta and is now senior adviser. She is a member of Kappa Alpha Theta fraternity, Guidon, vice-president of A.W.S., band, L.S.A., Student Christian As- sociation, Orchestra, and was out- standingly slated for Who ' s Who. 42 CLARICIE VISSER Canton Journalism Kappa Alpha Theta, Guidon, Radio Guild, Volante, Wet Hen, Eta Sigma Phi BRUCE WALLACE Britton Chemistry Beta Theta Pi. LAUREL N. WALLACE Flandreau English Pi Beta Phi, Board of Pub- lications. JAMES B. WALTER Beresford Physical Education I S.A., Delta Sigma Theta, International Relations. JANICE WALTER Beresford Bacteriology Kappa Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta. T» I ARLETTE WEHDE Mission Sociology Chi Omega, A.W S , So- ciology Club, Pan-Hellenic, Newman Club, Rifle Club. ROBERT WEHRKAMP Sioux Falls Psychology Phi Eta Sigma. SIDNEY WEISBROD Bronx, New York English Phi Sigma lota. VIVIAN WESSEL Mound City Art Alpha Xi Delta, Gamma Delta. DOLOREZ WEST Aberdeen Dramatic Art Alpha Xi Delta, N.C.P., Zeta Phi Eta, Playcrafters. Norma J. Westre, Vermillion, was active in almost every campus or- ganization. She served as President of Alpha Xi Delta, Tau Kappa Alpha, and A.W.S.; and was a member of Radio Guild, Guidon, Pi Delta Ep- silon, Pan-Hellenic, Zeta Phi Eta. She was manager of the debate team and editor of the Wet Hen. Norma Jean, by the way, is a radio major and plans to continue work in this field after graduation. 43 NORMA JEAN WESTRE Volm Radio-Speech Alpha Xi Delta, Zeta Phi Eta, Guidon, Tau Kappa Al- pha, File 13, Wet Hen, Board of Publications, Pi Delta Ep- silon, A, W, S , Forensics, Coffee Hour Chairman. CLAYTON WIEST Herreid English LOIS ANN WILSON Miller Medical Technology S.A. PAUL WOODS Pittsburgh, Pa. Accounting Delta Sigma Pi. DONALD WOOLRIDGE Vermillion Physical Education IS A, DONALD WORTMANN George, la. Zoology 44 c r j i£ WARREN ACKERMAN, Herreid, Zoology, Delta Tau Delto. RICHARD ADAMS, Canton, Missouri, Pre-Med. RICH- ARD AGGERGAARD, Sioux Falls, Business Administration, Phi Delta Theta. DALE ALLEN, Lake Preston, Business Administration, Alpha Tau Omega. HOWARD ALLEN, Plankmton, Journalism, Alpha Tau Omega. MARY AMACHER, Castlewood, Physical Edu- cation, WAA, AWS WILLIAM AMACHER, Castlewood, Physical Education. DONALD ANDERSON, Platte, Math- ematics, Lambda Chi Alpha, Delta Sigma Theta, Play- crafters DUANE ANDERSON, Tarkio, Missouri, Government. HAROLD D ANDERSON, White River, Applied Science, Alpha Tau Omega. ROBERT ARTHUR, Sioux City, Iowa, Business Administration, Beta Theta Pi, Football JAMES ATON, Sioux City, Iowa, English. THE JliniOR RUSSELL BAILEY, Winner, Journalism, Wet Hen, KUSD. JOHN BARKLEY, Rosebud, Advertising, Lambda Chi Alpha, Band. RAYMOND BARKLEY, Ardmore. Pre-Med., Lambda Chi Alpha. NORMAN BARTHOLOW, Sioux Falls, Physical Education, Delta Tau Delta, Football. PATRICIA BAUER, Mitchell, Speech-English, Pi Beta Phi, Zeta Phi Eta, Guidon, Playcrafters, Radio Guild, Vice- President of Pan-Hellenic, Student Senote. THOMAS BERBOS, Aberdeen, Pre-Dental, Phi Delta Theta, Play- crafters, Radio Guild. HILDA BERG, Lowry, Education. RALPH BICKNER, Kimball, Mathematics, Independent Students Association, Band. DONNA MAE BLESSING, Vermillion, Sociology, Chi Omega, Sociology Club, Kappa Phi, Choir, Alpha Lambda Delta. HOWARD BLUMHARDT, Bowdle, Social Work, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Football, Sociology Club, KENNETH BOYER, Dell Ropids, Sociology-Government, Lambda Chi Alpha, Young Republican League. JUNE BRANIN, Mt Holly, New Jersey, Social Work, Sociology Club, Political Science League. 46 CLASS OF 1950 GERALD BRANIN, Mount Holly, New Jersey, Chemistry, Chemistry Club. ARCHIE BRECHT, Harnsburg, Government, Young Republican League, Political Science League. HAROLD L. BREDBERG, Kidder, Pre-Med. BERNARD BROWN, Sioux City, Iowa, Bacteriology, Beta Theta Pi. THOMAS BRUENING, San Jose, California, Applied Science, Alpha Tau Omega JOANN BUCHANAN, Elk Point, Sociology, Sociology Club. THOMAS BUCKINGHAM, Rochester, Minnesota, Sociology, Phi Delta Theta, Sociology Club MERLE BUHLER, Armour, Applied Science. JOSEPH L BUSH, Flint, Michigan, Pre-Law, Phi Delta Theta. PHYLLIS BYRNES, Pierre, Social Work, French Club, Sociology Club, Vclante, Radio Guild, Choir, Coyote. LOIS BYRUM, Agar, Medical Technology, Alpha Lambda Delta, Independent Student Association. ROBERT CAREY, Mason City, Iowa, Government. HARRY CARLETON, Sioux Falls, Physical Education, Delta Tau Delta, S. D Club, Basketball, Golf, Football. CARL CARLSON, JR., Sioux City, Iowa, Geology, Theta Xi, Geology Club Treasurer JOY CARLSON, St. Petersburg, Florida, English, Pi Beto Phi, Varsettes, Coyote, WAA LOYD CARLSON, Crofton, Nebraska, Geology, Phi Eta Sigma, Geology Club. MILTON CARLSON, Rapid City, Radio, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Radio Guild, Hu ksti r: RONNI CHAMBERS, Clear Lake, Advertising Art. JACK CHRISTIAN, Arlington, Virginia, Chemistry. JAMES COLE, Huron, Pre-Med., French Club. JAMES COSTAR, Alcester, History. MARYLEE CRANSTON, Huron, Physical Education, Pi Beta Phi, WAA, Rifle Club, Spanish Club, Varsettes, Volante, University Drum Majorette. JOHN CROWLIE, Huron, Education. LLOYD CULLEN, Sioux Falls, Journalism-English, Alpha Tau Omega, Volante. 47 DAN DAHL, Sioux Foils, Accounting, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. MARILYN DAWSON, Vermillion, Home Economics, Home Economy Club, Spanish Club, Choir, Independent Students Association. JOHN DeVANY, Vermillion, Applied Science, Sigma Alpha Epsilon ROBERT DEVINNY, Mobridge, Business Engineering, Lambda Chi Alpha. LAWRENCE DICK, Toledo, Ohio, Dramatic Art, NCP, Playcrafters, File 13, Strollers JOHN DIEFENDORF, Irene, Physical Education, Delta Tau Delta, Basketball. PAUL DISTAD, Webster, Pre-Med , Theta Xi. REX DITTO, Sibley, Iowa, Liberal Arts JOE DONNELLY, Oyster Bay, New York, Zoology, Alpha Tau Omega. PAUL DORAN, Sioux City, Iowa, Geology, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. KATHLEEN DOUGHERTY, Sioux Cits, Iowa, Sociology, Alpha Xi Delta, Varsettes, Rifle Club ROGENE DUNN, Sioux City, Iowa, English, Pi Beta Phi, Covote, Newman Club. THE JUMOR MILTON F. EICKMAN, Salem, Pre-Med, Newman Club HILDEGARD ELGES, Lead, Spanish and German, Alpha Xi Delta, Phi Sigma lota, Band, Orchestra, Spanish Club, Var- settes SHIRLEY ELLIS, Deadwood, Physics and Math- ematics, Alpha Phi, Pi Delta Epsilon, Band, Guidon, Orchestra, Alpha Lambda Delta, AWS Treasurer, Pan- Hellenic Council, Coyote. SHIRLEE ENQUIST, Sioux Falls, English, Chi Omego, Radio Guild, KUSD DUAINE ERICKSON, Vermillion, Education, Independent Students Association, LSA, Coyote. GORMAN ERICKSON, Elk Point, Rodio, Alpha Tau Omega, Radio Guild, MEL- VIN ERICKSON, Vermillion, Social Science PHYLLIS ERICKSON, Hawarden, Iowa, Education. MARJCRIE ESTERGARD, Centerville, Secretarial Science, Chi Omego. BETTE JANE EVERHART, E:k Point, Edu- cation, Chi Omega, Radio Guild. ARDIS FAHRENWALD, Conde, Piano, Chi Omega, SCA MARY LEE FALK, Ver- million, Spanish, Alpha Phi, Assistant Editor Coyote, Pi Delta Epsilon Secretory, Phi Sigma lota, Guidon, Spanish Club, French Club, Radio Guild, Pilgrim Fellowship. 48 ' I I i ' " V_» CLASS OF 1950 GLORIA FECHTELKOTTER, Carpenter, Education, FTA, LSA. DONALD C. FEJFAR, Yankton, Public School Music, Phi Mu Alpha, Kappa Kappa Psi, ROBERT G. FELL, Vermillion, Radio-Speech, Strollers, Radio Guild, French Club. JANICE FELT, Sioux Fells, Education, Alpha Phi. ARNOLD FENSKE, Arlington, Pre-Med. MONA FIKSDAL, Webster, Physical Education, Alpha Xi Delta, Delta Gamma, WAA, Dolphin Club, Rifle Club. CLAYTON FILLOUS, Dante, Business Administration, Lambda Chi Alpha, Newman Club MARY ELLEN FOLEY, Gregory, English. CURTIS FOSTER, Sioux Falls, Business Administration, Delta Tau Delta WILLIAM FOX, Mitchell, Pre-Law, Independent Students Association, Newman Club JAMES FOY, Vienna, Pre-Low, Lambda Chi Alpho, Newman Club DONALD FRAZIER, Lower Brule, Sociology, Sociology Club President, Pilgrim Fellowship, American Veteran ' s Committee. ROB- ERT FRESCOLN, Winner, Theory of Music, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Orchestra, Phi Mu Alpha LLOYD FRITZEL. De Smet, Business Administration. JAMES GACKLE, Yankton, Chemistry, Delta Tou Delta, Band, Chemistry Club. LOWELL GAUGHAN, Watertown, Government, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Coyote Sports Editor, Newmon Club R05ERT GILBERTSON, Watertown, Marketing MARION GLASS, Kennebec, Geology, Geology Club ARTHUR GLYNN, Belvidere, Education, Alpha Tau Omega, Football CATHERINE GONTERO, Egg Harbor City, New Jersey, Pre-Med. JAMES GRIFFIN, Solem, Education. JEAN GROETHE, Rapid City, English, Choir, WAA, Dolphin Club, Spanish Club, Sociology Club. PAULINE GRYTNESS, Madison, Business Education, Pi Beto Phi. DONALD GULLICKSON, Sioux Falls, Art, Theta Xi. 49 ' •-- ' 1 m m ' J KENNETH GUTHRIE, Murdo, Sociology, Alpho Tou Omega, Sociology Club. ROSEMARY HACKETT, Rapid City, Journalism, Kappa Alpha Theta, Volante. WILLIAM HACKETT, Sioux Falls, Pre-Law, Phi Delta Theta GORDON HAFFEMAN, Mobridge, Government, Phi Delta Theta. MILTON HANDEL, Menno, Applied Science. JEAN HANSEN, Aberdeen, Mathematics, Radio Guild, Camera Club. YVONNE HANSEN, Vermillion, Mathematics, Chi Omega, Eta Sigma Phi, Dolphin Club, LSA. ALICE HAPPE, Webster, Home Economics, Alpha Phi, Cheer- leader, Dolphin Club, Home Economics Club Secretary, French Club, WAA ROBERT HARGES, Mitchell, Pre-Law, Dance Band. WARREN HARRIS, Vermillion, Applied Science, Beta Theta Pi JAMES HARVEY, Yankton, Mathematics, Beta Theta Pi, Football, .Track, Phi Eta Sigma, Canterbury Club. MAYNARD HATCH, McLaughlin, Mathematics, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. THE JUI1I0R THOMAS HEGERT, Vermillion, Pre-Medicine, Delta Tau Delta, Newman Club. THOMAS HEIBEL, Leola, Govern- ment, Sigma Alpha Epsilon DONALD HEIDEPRIEM, Custer, Public School Music, Lambda Chi Alpha, Phi Mu Alpha, Kappa Kappa Psi. MELBA HELLER, Ideal, Science. EVERETT HENDRICKSON, Custer, Business Administration, Theta Xi. DONALD JACOBSEN, Lemmon, Accounting, Lambda Chi Alpha. JACQUELINE JAQUITH, Vermillion, Pre-Law, Roger Williams Club. ROGER JERNSTROM, Rapid City, Zoology, Alpha Tau Omega. MARCIA JOB, Sioux City, Iowa, English, Pi Beta Phi, Coyote, French Club, Radio Guild. ROBERT JOHNSON, Sioux City, Iowa, Government. CLEO JOHNSON, Mont- rose, Business Administration, Independent Students Asso- ciation. HENRY JOHNSON, Irene, Physics, Delta Tau Delta, Band, Newman Club. 50 CLASS OF 1950 PHYLLIS JOHNSON, Sharon, Wisconsin, Speech, Kappa Alpha Theta, Wet Hen, Volante, Rifle Club, WAA, Coyote, Var- settes, Phi Sigma lota. SHIRLEY JOHNSON, Sioux City, Iowa, English, Pi Beta Phi, French Club, Radio Guild. WIL- LIAM JOHNSON, Webster, Medical Technology, Lambda Chi Alpha. ROBERT JONES, Kimball, Physical Education, Alpha Tau Omega. THOMAS JUDGE, Milbank, Pre-Medicine, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. KARL KABEISEMAN, Yankton, Speech, Delta Tau Delta, Coffee Hour Committee, Political Science League, Debate, Discussion. RUTH KALLEMEYN, Hayti, Journalism, Chi Omega, Radio Guild, Volante, Guidon, Pan-Hellenic President CLAYTON KAUFMAN, Freeman, Ad- vertising Art WESLEY N. KELLEY, St. Lawrence, Pre-Medicine. DELORES KEMPTER, Pierre, Psychology, Alpha Phi, Guidon, Varsettes, Coyote Business Manager, Radio Guild, Pilgrim Fellowship, Pi Delta Epsilon. GEORGE KNAPP, Westfield, Iowa, Govern- ment, Eta Sigma Phi, ANNETTE KOOPMAN, Sibley, Iowa, Advertising Art. CLAUDE KOSIER, Watertown, Business Administration, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. E. W. KOUPAL, Lesterville, Physical Education, Alpha Tau Omega, Choir, Baseball. LYLE KRALL, Sioux City, Iowa, Journalism, Delta Tau Delta, Radio Guild. QUENTIN KRIEGER, Bntton, Business Admin- istration, Alpha Tau Omega. THOMAS LA FOLLETTE, Prmgle, Pre-Medicine, Delta Tau Delta. LAWRENCE LARSON, Canton, Government, Alpha Tau Omega, Spanish Club, Political Science League. THOMAS LATSIS, Watertown, Economics, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Football, Boxing. RICHARD LIPPKE, Frederick, Speech-Dramatic Art. JOHN LLOYD, Highland Park, Illinois, Speech, Phi Delta Theta. JOHN H. LLOYD, Mitchell, Zoology, Lambda Chi Alpha, KUSD. ANNE LOCKE, Youngstown, Ohio, Physical Education, Dolphins, Dakota Hall Council. STANLEY G LOKKEN, Elk Point, History, Alpha Tau Omega, Inter- national Relations Club, Political Science League. 51 VIVIAN LOWE, Vermillion, English. WILLIAM LUBY, Huron, Pre-Law, Delta Tau Delta, International Relations Club, Political Science League MARJORIE LYNCH, Madison, English, Pi Beta Phi, Varsettes, Coyote, French Club. PHIL MAIERS, Kimball, Chemistry, Independent Students Association, Newman Club. JAMES MALONE, Carthage, Government, Phi Delta Theta, Football. MARGARET MALONE, Sioux City, Iowa, Home Economics and Education, Pi Beta Phi, Home Ec. Club Treasurer, Newman Club, Choir, University Drum Moior- ette, Miss Vanity Fair. RICHARD MANNING, Burbank, Pre-Med.. Delta Tau Delta, Newman Club. DORIS JEAN MARKS, Gettysburg, Radio, Radio Guild, Speech Club. NANE McCONNELL, Sioux City, Iowa, History, Pi Beta Phi, International Relations Club RAYMOND MEHNER, Dallas, Business Engineering, Gamma Delta ROBERT MEHNER, Dallas, Business Engineering, Gamma Delta. MILTON MEHLHAF, Menno, Physical Education, Inde- pendent Students Association, Basketball, Baseball. THE JUHIOR JAMES MEIER, White Lake, Sociology, Delta Sigma Theta, Spanish Club, Sociology Club, Choir. ALBERT MEILE, Beresford, Physical Education, Phi Delta Theta, Football, International Relations Club MARGARET MENKE, Sioux Falls, Commernal Education, Alpha Xi Delta, WAA, Wet Hen, Varsettes. STANLEY MEYER, Carthage, Advertis- ing Art, Coyote. DARYL MILLER, Tyndall, Medical Technology, Delta Sigma Theta. GEORGE MILLER, Spearfish, Zoology, Alpha Tau Omega. RALPH MILLER, Vermillion, Geology, Geology Club HELEN MOORE, Sioux Falls, Dramatic Art, Alpha Phi, Varsettes, Spanish Club. BEVERLEE MORGAN, Sioux City, Iowa, Speech, Kappa Alpha Theta, Volante, Wet Hen. PATRICIA MUTH, Sioux City, Iowa, Art, Chi Omega, WAA, Dolphin President, Pan- Hellenic Council, KUSD, Coyote. LOWELL NASH, Canton, Business Engineering, Beta Theta Pi. VIVIAN NEAR, Mitchell, Medical Technology, Alpha Phi, Kappa Phi Vice-President 52 CLASS OF 1950 DONALD E NEIL, Lead, Chemistry, Lambda Chi Alpha, Phi Eta Sigma, Chemistry Club WALTER NEILSON, Sioux Falls, Accounting. DALE NELSON, Vermillion, Music, Lambda Chi Alpha, Phi Mu Alpha, Kappa Kappa Psi, Band, Choir GARY NELSON, Dell Rapids, Business Administration, Alpha Tau Omega, ALLEN NEUHARTH, Alpena, Journalism, Volante Editor, KUSD ROGER NEWELL, Plankinton, Physical Education. BETTY NICHOLAS, Ree Heights, Psychology, Mu Phi Epsilon, Band, Oratory, French Club, SCA, Pilgrim Fellowship, Alpha Lambda Delta, Coyote, University Drum Majorette ARTHUR NICKERSON, Aberdeen, Pre-Medicine. fa nzp ,C f!i ft ■ O ,Q PATRICIA NISSEN, Reliance, History, Alpha Phi, Radio Guild Secretary, Playcrafters, Varsettes, Pilgrim Fellowship, Uni- versity Drum Moiorette. DAVID O ' CONNOR, Vermillion, Education, Beta Theta Pi MORLEY O ' CONNOR, Buffalo, New York, Pre-Law, Lambda Chi Alpha DUANE O ' DANIELS, Vermillion, Business Administration ROBERT O ' NEILL. Howard, Business Administration. WILLIAM O ' NEILL, Mitchell, Business Administration, Lambda Chi Alpha PHILIP OSTLUND, Vermillion, Pre-Medicine, Delta Sigma Theta, Phi Eta Sigma LUCILLE PALMQUIST, Wmfred, Public School Music, Mu Phi Epsilon, Choir, ROBERT PANGBURN; Miller, Pre-Medicine, Delta Tau Delta. THOMAS N PATTON, Elkhart, Indiana, Psychology, Beta Theta Pi ROBERT PAUL, Selby, Advertising Art, Pi Delta Epsilon President, Coyote Editor, Student Publications Board. WILLIAM PAUL, Selby, Mothematics. JOAN PEARSON, Webster, English, Kappa Alpho Theta, Student Senate Secretary, Choir Vice-President, Radio Guild, Canterbury Club, Guidon, Mu Phi Epsilon, Vanity Fair JANICE PEDERSON, Sioux Falls, Spanish, Chi Omega, Kappa Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Sigma lota, Spanish Club, French Club. ROBERT PENOR, Bison, Psychology, Lambda Chi Alpha, BILL PERRENCUD, Sioux Falls, Business Administration, Beta Theto Pi 53 WILLIAM R. PETERSON, Sioux Falls, Psychology, Young Republicans. BERNICE PFEIFER, Wood, Education, In- dependent Students Association, Kappa Phi. SHIRLEY PINNEY, Viborg, Commercial Education, Business. WIL- LIAM PLUNKETT, Sturgis, Radio, KUSD. WILLIAM PORTER, Madison, Government, Pi Delta Ep- silon President, Phi Delta Theta President, Strollers, Student Publications Board. RAY PRUNTY, Andover, Geology, Theta Xi. CAROL QUINN, Sioux Falls, Radio-Speech, Pi Beta Phi, Zeta Phi Eta, Guidon, Playcrafters, Radio Guild, Rifle Club, International Relations Club, Spanish Club BRUCE REED. Omaha, Nebraska, Advertising Art, Theta Xi, Coyote. MARJORIE RENSCH, Sioux City, Iowa, Education, Kappa Alpha Theta, Coyote. RICHARD RHINEHART, Sioux City, Iowa, Government-Law, Delta Tau Delta, Political Science Leogue. ROBERT RICE, Salem, Physical Educa- tion, Independent Students Association, Pilgrim Fellowship. . ROBERT RICHARDS, Bridgewater, Pre-Med., Delta Tau Delta. THE JUniOR DELORIS RHINEHART, Gettysburg, History, Alpha Xi Delta, Kappa Phi, Chemistry Club. VERNON RITTER, Mound City, Physical Education. DALE ROBERTS, Belle Fourche, Physical Education, Delta Tau Delta, Basketball. ELOISE RODGERS, Yankton, Speech, Alpha Phi, Radio Guild, Varsettes, Zeta Phi Eta, Guidon, Tau Kappa Alpha, Debate, Pilgrim Fellowship. MEAL RYAN, Kimball, Government, Alpha Tau Omega. HAROLD L. SACKREITER, Milbank, Accounting, Delta Sigma Pi. LEO W SAYLES, Mitchell, Bacteriology CHUCK SCHAEPPI, Watertown, Pre-Med., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Eto Sigma. THOMAS SCHAEPPI, Watertown, Pre-Med., Sigma Alpha Epsilon. ARNOLD SCHUKNECHT, Chancellor, Pre-Den- HARCLD SCHULER, Tripp, Government, Lambda pha, Young Republicans, LSA, Political Science. ORVILLE R. SEIERCE, Vale, Mathematics, Physics. 54 CLASS OF 1950 BEVERLY SEILER, Vermillion, Home Economics, SCA, Sociology Club. DALE SERGEANT, Iroquois, Advertising Art, Lambda Chi Alpha, Strollers. ROBERT SHEILD, Salem, Journalism, Delta Tau Delta, Student Publications Board, Volante Managing Editor, Radio Guild. DONALD SIVERTSON, Sioux Falls, Business Administration DORTHY SJOBERG, Aberdeen, Bacteriology, Pi Beta Phi, BOB SMEED, Sioux Falls, Business Administration, Beta Theta Pi PAUL SMITH, Mitchell, Pre-Dental. WOOD SMITH, Mitchell, Psychology, Beta Theta Pi. MIKE SOPOSKY, Cleveland, Ohio, Pre-Med. DON STEELE, Sioux City, Iowa, Government, Delta Tau Delta, Pin Eta Sigma, International Relations Club, Political Science League. JOHN R. STEELE, Leavenworth, Kansas, Applied Science. HARRY STEINBERG, Onawa, Iowa, Government, Phi Mu Alpha, Independent Students Association, Choir, Political Science. LAVERNE STEWART, Sturgis, Advertising Art, ISA. LANE STILLWELL, Sioux Falls, Business and Engineering, Delta Tau Delta. MERRIE SWANSON, Highmore, Journalism, Kappa Alpha Theta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Volante, Chemistry Club, Choir. JAMES J. SWIDEN, Sioux Falls, Business-Law, KUSD. MIRIAM S2PIRO, LaPaz, Bolivia, Chemistry, Chemistry Cljb, Independent. GLENN A TALLEY, Vermillion, PI Alpha Tau Omega. GEORGE TARVER, Bakersfield, Calif., Business Engineering, Phi Delta Theta, Football. ROBERT TEMMEY, Huron, English, Beta Theta Pi, Young Republican;, Newman Club, Wet Hen. GENEVA TIEMYER, Sioux Falls, Physical Education, W.A.A. JOAN TILLOTSON, Sioux City, Iowa, Spanish, Kappa Alpha Theta, Phi Sigma lota. Wet Hen, Volante, Coyote, Varsettes, Newman Club, Fren:h Clu ' ; , Spanish Club. WAYNE TOWNSEND, Sioux Falls, Market- ing, Lambda Chi Alpha, Radio Guild, The Hucksters. HELEN TRAVIS, Mobridge, Journalism, Kappa Alpha Theta, Volante 55 SHIRLEY TRAVIS, Mobridge, Home Economics, Kappa Alpha Theta, Home Economics Club, Volante, Radio Guild, Coyote, Pilgrim Fellowship, Varseftes. CLIFFORD TSCHETTER, Carpenter, Pre-Med, ALLAN TUFTELAND, Dell Rapids, Business Administration, Band, ELSIE TWEEDDALE, Vermillion, Home Economics, Alpha Xi Delta. JACK VAN ARSDALE, Huron, Physical Education, Delta Tau Delta, Football, USD Club. HELEN POPEJOY VANDERBOCM, Sioux City, Iowa, Advertising Art, Chi Omega, KUSD, Radio Guild, Coyote Staff, MARY ANN VOLMER, Draper, English, Alpha Xi Delta, Varsettes, Choir, WAA, Newman Club JANET WANGSNESS, Garretson, Journalism, Chi Omega, Student Senate, Radio Guild, Wet Hen, File 13. JANE WARKENTIN, Aberdeen, Zoology, Kappa Alpha Theta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Choir, Radio Guild. BOB WATSON, Huron, Pre-Med., Delta Tau Delta DON WEATHERILL, Huron, Pre-Med. RAY WEIDNER, Bone- steel, Pre-Med, Gamma Delta. THE JURIOR CLASS OF 1950 ROBERT WEINS, Sioux Falls, Government. JEAN WELDON, Hot Springs, Commercial Education. PHYLLIS WELLS, Sioux City, English, Pi Beta Phi, Coyote, French Club, Radio Guild DANIEL WERMERS, Dimock, Bus- iness Administration, Alpha Tau Omega, Newman Club, Scabbard Blade. JOYCE WHEAT, Watertown, Social Work, Band, Or- chestra, Wesley Club. JOHN WILLIAMSON, Fairview, Pennsylvania, Chemistry, Delta Tau Delta. MARLON WILLSON, Aberdeen, Marketing, Lambda Chi Alpha. GEORGE B. WILLY, Des Plames, Illinois, Mathematics, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. CLEMENT ZAMBON, Lead, Sociology, Sociology Club. GEORGE J. ZINK, Tilford, Geology, Theta Xi, Inter- Fraternity Council, Geology Club. 56 A Q » O Ski + fft THE SOPHOITIORE ANDREW ABERLE, Trail City, Foreign Languages. RAYMOND C. ALLMENDINGER, Selby, Business Administra- tion, Lambda Chi Alpha, Choir. BONNIE ANDERSON, Ravinia, Medical Technology. CARLIS ANDERSON, Luverne, Minnesota, Music, Pi Beta Phi, Choir, Radio Guild. HARLAN ANDERSON, Pierre, Chemistry, Chemistry Club, Theta Xi. MERLIN ANDERSON, Winnetoon, Nebraska, English. ROGER ANDERSON, Ida Grove, Iowa, Liberal Arts, Delta Tau Delta, Choir, Spanish Club. WAVRIN ANDERSON, Beresford, Business Administration, Delta Tau Delta. KENNETH ANDREE, Watertown, Physical Education, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Basketball, Track, Sociology Club. JOHN ARTICHOKER, Mission, Physical Education. MAUREEN BAILEY, Winner, Journalism, Rifle Club, Spanish Club. JOHN BAKER, Pierre, Business Administration. RAY BALCOM, Rapid City, Business Administration, Drill Squad, Track RICHARD BATTEY, Redfield, Pre-Law, Phi Delta Theta. GEORGE BEAL, Lemmon, Account- ing, Lambda Chi Alpha. VIRGINIA BENEDICT, Sioux City, Iowa, Business Administration, Pi Beta Phi, Play- crafters, Newman Club, Coyote, University Drum Majorette. GLENN BETHKE, Huron, Pre-Med. JAE W. BICHLER, Watertown, Business Administration, Sigma Alpha Ep- silon, Coyote. ANSON E BIGELOW, Ropid City, English, Alpha Tau Omega. TALITHA BIRNER, Lake Benton, Minnesota, English, Gamma Delta MARIE BOESE, Springfield, Business Education MARY BORGEN. Sioux Falls, Sociology, Alpha Phi. LeROY BORGHORST, Reliance, Business-Law, Alpha Tau Omega. JOHN BOTTERMAN, Sioux Falls, Business Administration, Beta Theta Pi. JIM BOWDEN, Beresford, Mathematics, Lambda Chi Alpha, Football, Track, Scabbard b Blade. COLLETTE BRADY, Sheldon, Iowa, Sociology, Pi Beta Phi, Sociology Club. JAMES BRICKLEY, Hermosa, Political Science, Lambda Chi Alpha, S D. Club, Track. WALTER BROUSARD, Sioux City, Iowa, Pre-Medical, Beta Theta Pi. MARY JANE BROWN, Armour, English, Pi Beta Phi, Radio Guild, Coyote, Pilgrim Fellowship, University Drum Mojorette. RONNIE BROWN, Vermillion, Physical Education, Phi Delta Theta, Football. PATTY BRYAN, White River, Mathematics. MARY BURGESON, Davis, English, Alpha Phi, Coyote, Volante, Radio Guild, Rifle Team, Pilgrim Fellowship, Spanish Club. 58 CLASS OF 1951 BARBARA BURKE, Sioux Fells, English, Kappa Alpha Theta, Volante, Coyote, Varsettes, Spanish Club, Newman Club. REX BURLINGTON, Hawarden, Iowa, Business Administration, Lambda Chi Alpha, Choir. MELVIN BUR- RELL, Elk Point, Business Administration WILLIAM D, BYWATER, Lemmon, Business Administration, Theta Xi, Choir. JEANNE CACAVAS, Aberdeen, English, Coyote, French Club. ANN CAMPBELL, Sioux Falls, Journalism, Alpha Phi, Volante, Varsettes, French Club, Wet Hen, Radio Guild, Coyote, Choir, File 13. DONALD CAMP- BELL, Selby, Accounting. LA VAUGHN CARTER, Platte, Accounting. FAYE L CARY, Scotland, Government and French, Kappa Alpha Theta, Band, Wet Hen, Coyote, S C A , French Club. RAYDON CHRISTIANSON, Andover, Marketing-Management, Lambda Chi Alpha. DONOVAN L. COLBY, Avon, Business Administration, Gamma Delta CATHERINE COLEMAN, Redfield, Music, Kappa Alpha Theta, French Club, Chorus, Archery Club. JOHN M COLOMBO, Mount Vernon, New York, Pre-Law, Independent Stu- dents Association. ED CONNORS, Sioux City, Iowa, Mathematics, Beta Theta Pi, Football. SAM COLLINS, Winner, Education, Rifle Club. KIM CONTOR, Alcester, Fine Arts, Phi Mu Alpha, Orchestra. CHARLES W. COOK, Yankton, Mathemotics, Beta Theta Pi, Football, Track. LARRY CORNELL, Huron, Business Administration, Delta Tau Delta, JOHN COTTINGHAM, Sioux City, Iowa, Business Administration, Delta Tau Delta CATHERINE COTTON, Sioux Falls, Journalism, Kappa Alpha Theta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Spanish Club, W A A, Coyote, Volante, Radio Guild, Dolphin Club, Rifle Club DONAFAYE COTTRELL, Sioux Falls, Medical Technology, Alpha Xi Delta, Chemistry Club, Rifle Team. DONALD COUTTS, Mobndge, Physical Education, Phi Delta Theta, Football, Track, MIRIAM CRAFT, Coatesville, Indiana, English, S. C. A., Spanish Club, Roger Wil- liams Club. INADOLL CRUICKSHANK, Sturgis, Speech-Radio, Aloha Phi, Spanish Club, Varsettes, Coyote, Volante, Radio Guild, Pilgrim Fellowship, Apprentice Players, Circulation Manager of Wet Hen, Rifle Club, Speech Club, Debate. ELMER CUMMINGS, Gettysburg, Accounting, MARY KAYE DAKE, Rapid City, Sociology, Kappa Alpha Theta, Coyote, Mardi Gras Queen. CHARLES DAVIS, Sioux Falls, Business Administration, Alpha Tau Omega, EARL DEAN, Sioux Falls, Accounting, Phi Delta Theta, Basketball, RICHARD DEWALD, Dimock, Business Administra- tion. BILL DIERKS, Winner, Business Administration. JOYCE DIXON, Volga, Journalism. RICHARD A. DOANE, Sioux Falls, Business Engineering, Phi Delta Theta, Scabbard and Blade. f fr m « o s,o 59 THE SOPHOfTlORE DELORES DRABEK, Winner, Education, Pi Beta Phi, Rifle Club, French Club, Home Economics Club, Newman Club. ANDREW DRENKHAHN, Danbury, Iowa, Pre-Law, Theta Xi. MARY LOU DREY, Scotland, English, Kappa Alpha Theta, Varsettes, Newman Club, French Club, Rifle Club. JO ANNE DUBES, Armour, Education, Pi Beta Phi, Radio Guild. MAURINE DULING, Sioux City, Iowa, Fine Arts, Kappa Alpha Theta, Spanish Club, Newman Club, Choir, Coyote. PETER J. DUMAS, Sioux City, Iowa, Business Administration, Wet Hen GEORGIA EGAN, Parker, English, Kappa Alpha Theta, Radio Guild, Volante, Newman Club, French Club. THOMAS EGAN, Sioux Falls, Business Administration, Delta Tau Delta. MARY JANE EGGEN, De Smet, History, Kappa Alpha Theta, Spanish Club, Wet Hen, Pilgrim Fellowship. DON EIBERT, Hot Springs, Business Administration, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. WILLIAM EILERS, Huron, Business Admin- istration, Beta Theta Pi. JOHN ELOTT, Sioux Falls, Radio. KIRBY L. EMLER, Mobridge, Pre-Law, Delta Tau Delta, Political Science Club, Debate. DANIEL G. ENGLE, Cabazon, California, Pre-Dentistry. ARLO ERICSON, Rock Rapids, Iowa, Business Administration, Lambda Chi Alpha FRANK L. FARRAR, Britton, Business Law, Alpha Tau Omega. DELWIN C. FECHTELKOTTER, Carpenter, Dramatic Arts, L S. A JAMES FEJFAR, Lesterville, Mathematics, KUSD, Radio Guild. DAVE FINDLEY, Sioux Falls, Business Administration, Track. EUGENE FINGERHUT, Watertown, Physical Education, Theta Xi. ARTHUR FISHER, Sioux City, Iowa, Physical Education COE FRANKHAUSER, Gettysburg, Pre-Law, Playcrafters, Political Science League, Republican League. RONALD FREEMOLE, Belle Fourche, Business Administration, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. HERBERT H FROST, Leola, Accounting. ROBERT FURLET, Chicago, Illinois, Advertising, Wet Hen, KUSD, Coyote. JEAN GEPPERT, Vermillion, English- Journalism, Kappa Alpha Theta, Volante, Wet Hen, Radio Guild, Coyote, Spanish Club, Varsettes, Newman Club EARL GIESE, Java, English. WESTON GILBRIDE, Chamberlain, Arts and Sciences, Lambda Chi Alpha. DONALD GOWAN, Cleghorn, Iowa, Mathematics. LOUIS L. GRESSLIN, Sioux Falls, Pre-Med., Spanish Club, Newman Club. GLEN GREVE, Aurora, Applied Science. LLOYD GRIFF.TH, Irene, X-Ray Technology. ffit ,o o O £ r ft ' ' ft JkilA til P ft, P D ft P. ft 60 P £) ft S T Q £ » Ctl ifc ft •«• .» r « tf ' . ' » ' ' j , i f_.? „_p, ,, | i j ,r j vj( fij CLASS OF 1951 PAULA GROSZ, Rapid City, English, Alpha Phi, Rifle CliO, Volante, Coyote, Spanish Club, Choir, W.A.A , Dolphins, Varsettes. DORIS GRUENEWALD, Corsica, Business Edu:ation, Chi Omega, Varsettes, Coyote. MARY ANN GUENTHNER, Bridgewater, Education, Alpha Xi, Band, LSA JEAN GUNVORDAHL, Burke, Business Education, Varsettes. PATRICIA GURNEY, Cincinnati, Ohio, Sociology. JIM HAGAN, Mitcheil, Phi Delta Theta, Radio. FRIEDA HALL, Malvern, Iowa, Journalism. KIETH HALSTEAD, Watertown, Pre-Dentistry, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. LARRY HAMBLIN, Belle Fourche, Pre-Law. JAMES HANSEN, Ft. Pierre, Journalism. WILLIAM HANSEN, Scotland, Pre-Law, Lambda Chi Alpha, Band. WAYNE B HANSON, Rapid City, Business Law, Alpha Tau Omega. CECIL HARRINGTON, Vermillion, Applied Science, Band, Kappa Kappa Psi. ELWOOD HAWKINS, Canton, Pre-Med. ROBERT HAYNES, Redfield, Business Administration, Kappa Kappa Psi, Band. ROBERT HECK, Kimball, Pre-Med,, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma, Delta Sigma Theta, Wesley Club. GERALD HEIBEL, Leola, Accounting. LOWDON HELLER, Ideal, Pre-Law, Young Democrats, Political Science. LOIS ANN HERTHER, Dupree, English. JAMES HEWETT, Winner, Business Administration, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. WESLEY HIRSCH, Sioux City, Iowa, Pre-Law, Sigma Alp ' ia Epsilon. JACK HOBERG, Sioux City, Iowa, Pre-Med., Sigma Alpha Epsilon. JOSEPH HODGES, Erwin, Marketing, Theta Xi, Pilgrim Fellowship. MARVIN HOFFMAN, Eureka, Pre-Med, Phi Delta Theta. HAROLD HOLLMANN, Hartford, Pre-Law HOWARD HOLST, Pierre, Lambda Chi Alpha, Band, Kappa Kappa Psi, Radio Guild, Phi Mu Alpha VERNELL HOLTER, Plotte, Business Administration, B eta Theta Pi, Football, Track, LSA. CURT HOPKINS, Huron, Accounting, Delta Tau Delta. DELOS HOPKINS, White Lake, Education, Band, Chorus, Rifle Team, Independent Students Association, MERLE HOUCK, Miller, Business Engineering, Delta Tau Delta, Football JAMES HUPTER, Monona, Iowa, Business Law WILLARD HURLEY, Sioux Falls, Pre-Law, Phi Delta Theta. 61 Mwkmm ' f ' Ife €V€I ° THE SOPHOmORE DOLORIS JACKUS, Pierre, Government, Alpha Phi, Political Science League, Pilgrim Fellowship, Volante, Coyote, Alpha Lambda Delta, Radio Guild, Spanish Club LORRAINE JENSEN, Viborg, Secretarial Training. ORDELL JENSEN, Lebanon, Commercial Art, Gamma Delta. R03ERTA BAUMAN JOCKHECK, Vermillion, History, Inde- pendent Students Association, Alpha Lambda Delta, Pilgrim Fellowship BURNELL JOHNSON, Viborg, Botany DOLORES JOHNSON, Irene, Business Administration, Newman Club, W.A.A., Pi Beta Phi. DONALD JOHNSON, Huron, Optometry, Delta Tau Delta. ELLIOTT JOHNSON, Hayti, History, ISA, Young Democrats. ROBERT L JOHNSON, Bristol, Business Administration. RONALD JOHNSON, Hayti, First Year Law. JOHN B. JONES, Presho, Business-Law, Lambda Chi Alpha. THOMAS KALTSULAS, Vermillion, Education, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. HOMER KANDARAS, Rapid City, Pre-Law, Drill Squad, Choir. CONNIE KAPONIN, Mitchell, Speech- Music, U Band Head Majorette, Radio Guild, Spanish Club, Choir, Newman Club. FRANK KAY, Iron Mountain, Michigan, History, Theta Xi. LAWRENCE KAYL, Redfield, Business Law. SALLY KENASTON, Arlington, Virginia, Journalism, Pi Beta Phi Treas , Varsettes, Coyote Class editor, Spanish Club, Radio Guild, Newman Club LOIS KOFMEHL, Lead, Business Administration, Alpha Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Spanish Club, Radio, Varsettes. HARRY KORTMEYER, Winner, Business Administration, Theta Xi, Delta Sigma Theta, S.C.A. WALTER F. KRALLMAN, Dallas, Applied Science, Gamma Delta. PAUL KRETSCHMAR, Eureka, Pre-Med, Phi Delta Theta. CARL KRUEGER, Sioux Falls, Chemistry, Alpha Tau Omega. JEANNE KRUEGER, Sioux City, Iowa, English, Kappa Alpha Theta, Coyote, French Club. KENNETH KUENY, Sioux City, Iowa, Business Law, Theta Xi, French Club, Newman Club. WILLIAM LALE, Belle Fourche, Pre-Law, Football. IRENA LANDKOF, Guild, Coyote, International Relations Club, French Clu ' j, Sociology Club, Lambda Delta. EDWIN LASSENGARD, Vermillion, English-Journalism. Kappa Alpha Theta, Coyote, Wet Hen. ARLENE LEADERS, Sioux Foils, settes, W.A.A., Greek Week Committee, Rifle Team, Coyote NANCY LEE, Wotertown, English-Journalism, Radio ndependent Students Association, Alpha PHYLLIS LAWTON, Vermillion, Art, Business Education, Chi Omega, Var- Parker, Pre-Med., Kappa Alpha Theta, Chemistry Club, Volante, Coyote. ROSEMARY DRUM LEWIS, Nebraska City, Alpho Phi, Rifle Club, Choir, Varsettes, Dolphin Club. JACK LIEFFORT, M.lbank, Nebraska, Physical Education, Business Administration. 62 CLASS OF 1951 CRAIG LIEN, Vermillion, Pre-Med, Beta Theta Pi, A. G LITTAN, Dallas, Business Engineering, Gamma Delta. ALAN LORD, Kadoka, Government - Pre-Law, Phi Delta Theta, Eta Sigma Phi, Phi Eta Sigma. WILLIAM LORENT- SON, Miller, General Business, Delta Tau Delta. RITA LORENZ, Belleville, Illinois, English, Kappa Alpha Theta, Spanish Club, Dolphin Club, WAA, Volante, Coyote. ROBERT LUCKEN, Akron, Iowa, Journalism, Lambda Chi Alpha. MARY McBRIDE, Sioux City, Iowa, Sociology and Social Work, Kappa Alpha Theta, Spanish Club, Cheerleader. JOHN McCULLEN, Rapid City, Journalism, Phi Delta Theta, Scabbard Blade. GLORIA RAE MclNTYRE, Sioux City, Iowa, Journalism, Alpha Xi Delta, Spanish Club. BUD McKEE, Sioux Falls, Accounting, Phi Delta Theta. BETTY McNEELY, Gettysburg, Music, Chi Omega, Choir, Varsettes. SARA Mc- ROBERT, Luverne, Minnesota, Secretarial, Kappa Alpha Theta, Band, Wet Hen, Coyote. KENNETH McRODEN, Sioux Falls, Business, Phi Delta Theta, Basketball. CORALIE MACHMILLER, Bristol, Science, Alpha Lambda Delta. BERNICE MARKOUETZ, Aberdeen, Business. JOAN MARPLE, Sioux City, Iowa, Pre-Nursing. EUGENE MARSO, Huron, Pre-Med., Theta Xi, American Veterans Committee, Notional Guard, LSA. LOR- RAYNE MAURSETH, Aberdeen, English, Pi Beta Phi. JAMES MELGAARD, Irene, Business Administration. WAYNE MERRIGAN, Vermillion, Business Administration, Delta Tau Delta, Newman Club, Football. JANICE MICKEL- SON, Pierre, English-Speech, Alpha Phi, Coyote, Volante, Radio Guild, Spanish Club, University Drum Majorette. WALTER MIKKELSON, Irene, General Business. LEWIS MILLER, Vermillion, Dramatic Arts. MARILYN MILLER, Pasadena, Texas, Secretarial Training, Chi Omega. LOIS MILLIKEN, Sioux Falls, Dramatic Art, Pi Beta Phi, Coyote, Pilgrim Fellowship, Playcrafters, Radio Guild, Spanish Club. GLENN MITCHELL, Miller, Government RUSSELL MOFFETT, Lynch, Nebraska, Business Administration. DALE MORMAN, Volin, Pre-Law. SILAS MORRISON, Eureka, California, Pre-Law, Delta Sigma Theta, Wesley Players. AUDREY MORTENSON, Pierre, Business Administration. EARL MUMFORD, Howard, Pre-Med., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Band. MAURI MYERS, Rapid City, Geology, Phi Delta Theta. £D f C) 4 €) © m ii I ' A e ffl o t ak 63 ■ THE SOPHOmORE MORRIS NELLERMOE, Watertown, French, Theta Xi, Phi Mu Alpha, LSA, French Club, Spanish Club. DAROLD NELSON, Alcester, Accounting. CURTIS NEUHARTH, Pierre, Business Administration, Gamma Delta. HILARY NEVILLE, Winfred, Art-Advertising, Theta Xi, Newman Club. ALICE NEYENS, Winner, Commercial, Archery Club, Newman Club. SPENCER NISSEN, Reliance, Pre-Law. WILLIAM NOBLE, Mitchell, General, Beta Theta Pi, Basketball MARY ANN NOREN, Ashton, Music, A ! pha Phi, Pilgrim Fellowship, DENNY O ' CONNOR, Beresford, Radio, Dramatics, KUSD. DONALD O ' CONNOR, Burbank, Delta Tail Delta. JAMES O ' ROURKE, Roseau, Minn, Applied Science, Lambda Chi Alpha. JOAN OSMAN, Huron, Business Admin- istration, Pi Beta Phi, Rifle Club, Varsettes. GENE CWENS, Vermillion, Government, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Volante, Coyote, Spanish Club. HELEN PACKARD, Mitchell, Business Law. TED PAPPAS, Sioux City, Iowa, Spanish, Spanish Club, French Club MARJORIE PAULSON, Clear Lake, Dramatic Art, Canterbury Club, Sociology Club, Coyote VIRGINIA PERMAN, Selby, Business Administration, Alphi Phi. VERNELL PE RY, Cherokee, Iowa, Business Administration. FRED PESCHEL, Sioux City, Iowa, Applied Science, Phi Delta Theta. KARLTON PETERS, Parker, Pre-Law, Sigma Alpha Epsilon DALE PETERSEN, Rapid City, Pre-Law, Theta Xi. RICHARD PETERSHAGEN, Castlewood, Radio, Radio Guild DUANE PETERSON, Sioux Falls, Bus.ness Administration, Scabbard Blade, Spanish Club MAVIS PETRIK, Tyndall, Education BOB PHILLIPS, S oux City, Iowa, Business Administration, Sigma Alpha Epsilon PATRICIA PILLAR, Scotland, Dramatic Art, Kappa Alpha Theta, Home Economics Club, Canterbury Club, French Club, Sociology Club. KENN PRATT, Sioux City, Iowa, Art, Phi Delta Theta, Coyote, Volonte. WILLIAM S. PRUNTY, Rapid City, Pre-Med., Alpha Tau Omega. CLARK QUINTAL, Mitchell, Pre-Med, Phi Delta Theta. BOB RABE, Sioux Falls, Business Administration, Delta Tau Delta, Dramatics DONALD RAMES, Watertown, Pre-Med., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Football. 64 trs c o o o mm a iM CLASS OF 1951 CHARLES RATHBUN, Webster, Business Administration, Lambda Chi Alpha, Kap pa Kappa Psi, Band- ALVERTA REIFEL, Mission, Pre-Nursmg, Varsettes, Rifle Club- ANTHONY REILLY, Sioux City, Iowa, French, French Club. DORIS RICE, Salem, English, Alpho Xi Delto, Radio Guild, Choir. MARVIN RIST, Centerville, Mathematics, Lambda Chi Alpha, Football, Track, Spanish Club ELFAYE RITTERSHAUS, Freeman, Home Economics. JAMES ROBERTS, Belle Fourche, Delta Tau Delta. LAWRENCE RYKEN, Gayville, Physics. LUCILLE SALTARELLI, River Forest, Illinois, Business, Alpha Xi Delta, Sociology Club, Rifle Club, Spanish Club, Newman Club, Band, Varsettes. CARROLL SAND, Dell Rapids, Journalism, ISA, French Club. JOHN SANDERS, Flandreau, Business Administration, Theta Xi. PATRICIA SCHWINN, Sioux City, Iowa, Spanish, Kappa Alpha Theta, Volante, Newman Club, French Club, Spanish Club. CYNTHIA SCOTT, Sioux City, Iowa, Education, Kappa Alpha Theta, Spanish Club, Coyote Staff, Volante. JAMES SEWRIGHT, Hot Springs, Pre-Med., Sigma Alpha Ep- silon, Rifle Club. GERALD SKONHOVD, Viborg, Art. ARTHUR SMITH, Mitchell, Business Administration, Beta Theta Pi, International Relations Club. WILLIAM SMITH, Rapid City, Government SHIRLEY SNORTELAND, Hettinger, North Dokota, Business Ad- ministration, LSA. PHIL SNYDER, Watertown, Business, Phi Delta Theta, Band. ROBERT SPENCER, Houghton, Pre-Law. LEO SPINAR, Colome, Mathematics, Theta Xi, Delta Sigma Theta HENRY SPORER, Roscoe, Physical Education. JOAN STARKEY, Sioux Falls, Journalism, Alpha Phi, Coyote, Volante, Radio Guild, Varsettes. CHARLES STARKSEN, Hetland, Business Administration JAMES STIVERS, Dimock, Business Administration, Alpha Tau Omega, JOANNE STOLTENBERG, Sioux City, Iowa, Sociology, Chi Omega, Rifle Club, Varsettes. KEITH STORM, Hawarden, Iowa, Accounting, Lambda Chi Alpha, Choir. ALAN STUVLAND, Lake Preston, Pre-Med., Theta Xi, Choir. JANET SWAB, Huron, Spanish, Pi Beta Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Volante, Coyote — Assistant Business Manager, Home Economics Club, Spanish Club BETTY SWEANY, Sioux City, lowo, Education, Alpha Xi Delta, Cheerleader. HARRIETTE THOMPSON, Sioux Falls, Psychology. 65 1HE SOPHOmORE 65 JOAN TISDALL, Mobridge, Education, Pi Beta Phi, Radio Guild. JUNE TJELLE, Webster, Spanish, Alpha Phi, French Club, Rifle Club, Spanish Club. BERT TOLLEFSON, Watertown, Pre-Law, Lambda Chi Alpha, WSSF, Tau Kappa Alpha. DONALD TORGERSON, Morris, Minnesoto, Pre-Dental, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Howling Hundred. PAUL TURNER, Kenosha, Wisconsin, Business Administration, Delta Tau Delta DEAN UBBEN, Presho, Electronic Engineering, Phi Eta Sigma, Kappa Kappa Psi, Band. JEAN VAN ARNSDALE, Huron, Business Education, Pi Beta Phi, Spanish Club, Varsettes. ROBERT VANDEVOORT, Milbank, Accounting, Theta Xi. RICHARD VENSAND, Aberdeen, Accounting, Phi Delta Theta. ANNE VICKERY, Ida Grove, Iowa, Elementary Education, Kappa Phi, Choir, Wet Hen. CHARLES VISSER, Canton, Journalism, Volante, Wet Hen. GEORGE WALKER, Sioux Falls, English-Journalism, Phi Delta Theta, Radio Guild, Volante, Coyote. DENNIS WALTER, Freeman, Pre-Med. MERLE WALTON, Webster, Business Law, Delta Sigma Theta, LSA. DOUGLAS WAT- LAND, Sioux City, Iowa, English, Beta Theta Pi. HARRY WEAVER, Wheaton, Illinois, Business Law. PHIL WELTER, Watertown, Advertising Art, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Track MARY WETMORE, Meckling, Secre- tarial Training JOE WHEELER, Montrose, Business Administration OLIVER WHITE, Canistota, Chemistry, Alpha Tau Omega. ERWIN WIEST, Herreid, Business Law, Kappa Kappa Psi, Concert Band, Pep Band, Kampus Koyotes. JEANNE WILLOUGHBY, Howard, Home EconDmics, Alpha Phi, Band, University Drum Majorette GOR- DON WOLD, Huron, Accounting, Delta Tau Delta, Band. BETTY LOU WOLKEN, Rapid City, Education, Chi Omega CLARK WRIGHT, Sioux City, Iowa, General, Beta Theta Pi, Band. Business Law. GEORGE YORK, Philadelphia, Mississippi, CLASS OF 1951 o m £ o, a ■ MH 67 dp5s ■ ( a »cf Slk $it life ft RICHARD ABSHER, Downers Grove, Illinois, Business Low, Lambda Chi Alpha, Coyote. CHARLES ADAMS, Akron, Iowa, Business Administration, Lambda Chi Alpha, Football. DAROLD ADAMSON, Centerville, Business Administration, Lambda Chi Alpha PAUL AMUNDSON, Deadwood, Pre- Med. AUDREY ANDERSON, Alcester, Advertising Art, Rifle Club. CLIFF ANDERSON, Sioux Falls, Business Administration, Lambda Chi Alpha, Volante. GERALD ASHMORE, Ver- million, Physical Education, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Football, Track DON AUSTIN, Michigantown, Indiana, Business, Beta Theta Pi. AVIS BAILEY, Rosebud, Secretarial Training, Alpha Xi Delta, Spanish Club EVELYNN BAILEY, Watertown, German, Alpha Phi, Rifle Club, Wet Hen. JEANETTE BAIRD, Frankfort, Business, Spanish Club, WAA, Rifle Club. WILLIAM BASOM, Vermillion, Physical Education, Sigma Alpho Epsilon DUANE BAUCH, Sioux Falls, Marketing, CHUCK BEAZLEY, Sioux City, Iowa, Business Administration, Beta Theta Pi ROBERT BECKER, Yankton, Business, Beta Theta Pi, Football. SHIRLEY BEGEMAN, Humboldt, Government, Archery Club, Political Science Club, Independent Students Association THE FRESHfTIHn BEVERLY BELL, Custer, Spanish, Choir, Spanish Club. ADELAIDE BENSON, Vermillion, Home Economics, Pi Beta Phi, Spanish Club, Home Economics Club, LSA, Choir NANCY BENTSON, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Medical Technology, Kappa Alpha Theta, AWS BETTY LOU BERG, McLaughlin, Commercial Art, SCA. WILLIAM BERGUIN, Sioux Falls, Business Administration, Beta Theta Pi. BEVERLY BERRY, Rapid City, Journalism ROBERT BERRY, McLaughlin, Pre-Law, Lambda Chi Alpha. ARVARD BERTRAND, Vermillion, Mathematics. VICTOR BIANCHINI, Sioux City, Iowa, Pre-Busmess, Phi Delta Theta, Football, Basketball JOANNE BIERWIRTH, Alcester, Secretarial Training JAMES BLAINE, Zanesville, Ohio, Business Engineering HELEN BLASHILL, Castlewood, General, Spanish Club. JAMES BLATHERWICK, Sioux Falls, Chemistry, Alpha Tau Omega, Debate BILL BLOEMENDAAL, Ipswich, Pre-Med., Sigma Alpha Epsilon. GWENYFRED BODE, Woyne, Michigan, Journalism, French Club, Rifle Club. GERALD BOLLINGER, Sioux Falls, Government, Alpha Tau Omega, Newman Club, Choir, Bosketball. JERRY BOUB, Redfield, Business. WILLIAM BOYD, Flond- reou, Pre-Med., Delta Tau Delta. WILLIAM BRANDEN- BUR G, Huron, Government and Law, Theta Xi, Political Science League. MARIANNE BRANDWEIN, Itasca, Illinois, Ger- man GENE BRANTNER, Turners Falls, Mass, Pre-Dentistry. TOM BRASEL, Sioux Falls, Accounting, Phi Delto Theta DALE BREKKE, Lake Preston, Business, Theta Xi SPENCER BRENDE, Sioux Falls, Physical Education, Phi Delta Theta, Football, Track, Basketball, Baseball. DICK BREDENBERG, Sioux Falls, Commercial Art, Phi Delta Theta, Coyote, Cheerleader. FAY BRENGLE, Buffa!o, Jour- nalism, Spanish Club. JOYCE BROSZ, Leola, Music. BARBARA BROWN, Sioux City, Iowa, Business, Chi Omega MAURICE BURG, Mitchell, Radio-Speech, Beta Theta Pi. DON BUTTON, Vermillion, Physical Education DEAN CADWELL, Vermillion, Pre-Dentistry, Delta Tau Delta, Basketball. ALVIN CAHOY, Bonesteel, Pre-Law. CLASS OF 1952 KENYON CALDWELL, Marion, Pre-Med ARNOLD CARL- SON, Sioux Foils, Pre-Dentol, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. ELAINE CARLSON, Crofton, Neb., Geology TOMM CARVER, Spirit Loke, Iowa, Arts and Sciences, Alpha Tau Omega MARY CAULEY, Anthon, Iowa, Pre-Nursmg, Pi Beta Phi, Spanish Club. JOANNE CHASE, Fau ' kton, General, Spanish Club, Wesley Club. JOAN CHAUSSEE, Vermillion, Educa- tion, Kappa Alpha Theta, Band. CAMERON CHESKEY, Selby, Mathematics. SHEILA CHINSKI, Jefferson, Wisconsin, Voice, Chi Omega, Choir ORCA CHRISTENSEN, Pierre, Alpha Phi, WAA, Geology Club, Volante, Band, Coyote SCHUYLER CLAPP, Lake Andes, Radio-Speech, Radio Guild BILL COACHER, Sturgis, Chemistry, Delta Tau Delta MARY JANE COLLINS, Rapid City, Business, Alpha Phi, Rifle Club, Outing Club. ROBERT COLVIN, Vermillion, Journalism, Delta Tau Delta, Volante. RICHARD COLWELL, Sioux Falls, Pre-Med. ROSS CONKLIN, Sturgis, General, Beta Theta Pi 69 DORIS DOKKEN, Lemmon, Business Administration, Spcnish Club. NORMA JEAN DONNELLY, Elk Point, Business Ad- ministration. WILLIAM DRY, Lead, Pre-Med. JIM DUN- HAM, Sioux Falls, Business Law, Phi Delta Theta, KUSD, Radio Guild, Declamation. JOHN EDWARDS, Rapid City, Physical Education, Phi Delta Theta, Basketball. VINCE EISELAND, Sioux Falls, Liberal Arts, Alpha Tau Omega. MARK EIXENBERGER, Belle Fourche, Liberal Arts, Delta Tau Delta, Football. NICK ELLIATT, Sioux City, Iowa, Business Administration, Beta Theta Pi. AILEEN ELLISON, Vermillion, French, Choir, French Club. MARIONE EMERSON, Sioux Falls, Alpha Xi Delta, Wet Hen, Rifle Club, Spanish Club, Newman Club, WAA. DEAN ENGLERT, Hartford, Law. DQNALD ENGSTROM, Andover, Pre-Dental, Lambda Chi Alpha, Gamma Delta. RICHARD ERICSON, Elk Point, Engineering, Alpho Tau Omega. ROGER ERICSON, Rock Rapids, Iowa, Business Ad- ministration, Lambda Chi Alpha, Band BERNADINE EVANS, Bloomfield, Nebraska, LSA, Rifle Club, Spanish Club. SHELDON ERJEN, Jefferson, Liberal Arts. FREDERIC COOK, Sioux City, Iowa, Business Administration, Beta Theta Pi. CARA LEE CORNELIUS, Sioux Falls, Med- ical Technology, Chi Omega, SCA, Varsettes. EUGENE CORNELIUS, Canton, Business Law. CHLOE CORRELL, Omaha, Nebraska, Chi Omega, Spanish Club. EARLE CRISSMAN, Ipswich, Pre-Med., Sigma Alpha Epsilon. SUSAN CUNNINGHAM, Camp Crook, History, French Club. WALTER DAGLE, Hawarden, Iowa, Psychology, Lambda Chi Alpha. HELEN DAHLMAN, Vermillion, Business Education, LSA, Band, Spanish Club. PATRICIA DALGAARD, Beresford, Medical Technology. MARY ANN DALMAN, Chicago, Illinois, Liberal Arts, Pi Bete Phi, Coyote, French Club, WAA. LOIS DAVIS, Sioux Falls, Liberal Arts, Kappa Alpha Theto, Choir, French Club. JOE DAWSON, Vermillion, Applied Science. DICK DAY, Sioux City, Iowa, Business Administration, Phi Delta Theta, Football, Basketball. JAMES DELANEY, Webster, Business Administration, Beta Theta Pi. JIM DELFS, Sioux City, Iowa, Business Administration, Phi Delta Theta, Football. MARLYN DESSEL, Ida Grove, Iowa, French Club, Choir. THE FRESMfl 70 :tSJ HARRY FABER, Mount Vernon, Pre-Dentol, Phi Delta Theto. JANIS FERGEN, Parkston, Advertising Art, Band, Independent Students Association. DONNA FERING, Lamberton, Minn- esota, Business Administration, Alpha Phi, WAA, Band. BEVERLY FILLBACH, Faulkton, Psychology, Wesley Club, Choir. MARRELYCE FILLBACH, Faulkton, Psycho ' ogy, Wesley Club, Alpha Lambda Delta ROBERT FLANNERY, Montrose, Bus- iness Administration RICHARD FOLEY, Spencer, Physical Education. FLOYD FORBORD, Igloo, Pre-Dental, Lambda Chi Alpha. RICHARD FORMAN, Primghar, Iowa, Pre-Med., Independent Students Association JOHN FOWLER, Ellk Point, Liberal Arts. ANNETTE FRAZIER, Vermillion, X-Ray Technology. SUE FREEMAN, Sioux Falls, Pre-Med, Alpha Xi Delta. JACK GALLOWAY, Madison, Business Administration, Phi Delta Theta SIDNEY GELFORD, Corsica, Business Ad- ministration. GINGER GECRGIADES, Huron, Secretarial Training. DICK GERE, Mitchell, Pre-Med, Beta Theta Pi. CLASS OF 1952 1 , ' - ' i ill M fa — 1ft £ C 1 f ft q DONA GIANNONATTI, Buffalo, Medical Technology. MAURINE GLASS, Kennebec, Home Economics. WILLARD GOODWIN, Sharon, Massachusetts, Radio Guild. DAVID GRAHAM, Custer, Engineering, Lambda Chi Alpha, Football, GERALDINE GRANBERG, Hot Springs, English, Pi Beta Phi, Choir, French Club, Rifle Club. DALLAS GREEN, Park- ston, Music, Choir, Band. FRANCY GREGG, Hawarden, Iowa, Secretarial EDWARD GRIBBIN, Watertcwn, Govern- ment. JACK GRIEVES, Winner, Pre-Law, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Choir. JOHN GROSETH, Centerville, Lambda Chi Alpha, Football PHIL GROSS, Freeman, Pre-Med, Delta Tau Delta, Band, Choir. NINA GUDATH, White River, Mathematics, French Club LEE GUNDERSON, Parker, Engineering, Beta Theta Pi. RUTH HAAR, Merino, Education. DOROTHY HAIGHT, Watertown, Liberal Arts, Kappa Alpha Theta, Varsettes. EDWARD HALL, Saint Lawrence, Business Administration. 71 HAROLD HALVORSON, Dell Rapids, Pre-Med. HARVEY HANSON, Webster, Physical Education, Lambda Chi Alpha, Football, Basketball. SHIRLEY HANSEN, Sioux Falls, Journalism, Pi Beta Phi, French Club. WILLIAM HARRIS.. Sioux Falls, Mathematics and Business Administration, Delta Tau Delta, Coyote, Rifle Club. RONALD HARRIS, Plankinton, Business Engineering, Delta Sigma. MARILYN HARVISON, Bndgewater, Music and Education, Pi Beta Phi, Band, Choir. WAYNE HATCH, Mc- Laughlin, Business Administration, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. DON HAWLEY, Bndgewater, Advertising, Delta Tau Delta, Volante. GENE HAY, Huron, Business Administration, Delta Tau Delta. MARILYN HECKER, Sioux City, Iowa, Mathematics, Chi Omega, Coyote. MARY HEDGES, Buffalo, Mathematics, Alpha Lambda Delta JIM HEIG, Clark, Pre-Med, Delta Tau Delta, Radio Guild, Choir SALLY HENDERSON, Beresford, Voice, Choir JIM HENTON, Sioux Falls, Pre-Law, Choir. ANNE HOFFMANN, Pierre, Pre-Med . Alpha Phi, Coyote, Volante, Rife Club, Alpha Lambda Delta GAYLORD HCFTIEZER, Castlewood, Govern- ment, Lambda Chi Alpha, Choir RICHARD HOGANCAMP, Larchwood, Iowa, Education. NEVA HOKENSTAD, Canton, History, Independent Students Associa- tion, French Club VERONA HOLE, Winner, Liberal Arts, Kappa Phi, Independent Students Association. DEON HOLLIDAY, Watertown, Home Economics, Kappa Alpha Theta. GORDON HOLM, Rapid City, Pre-Law, Alpha Tau Omega. MIKE HOOKER, Sioux Foils, Pre-Dental, Delta Tau Delta, Football. HERSCHUEL HOWELL, Wilmot, Physical Educa- tion. RAYMOND HOWFORD, Aberdeen, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta. PAUL HUSBY, Sioux Falls, Mathematics, Lambda Chi Alpha. RAYMOND HYDE, Huron, Accounting and Economics. ELIZABETH ISAAK, Elk Point, Voice, Pi Beta Phi, Radio Guild, Choir, Pilgrim Fellowship, GEORGE ISAAK, Free- mon, General, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. SHELDON JACOBS, Deadwcod, Chemistry, Bond ARNOLD JANTZEN, Watertown, Accounting JOANNE JENNINGS, Sioux Falls, Business Administration, Pi Beta Phi, Vorsettes, Coyote, Dramatics. JOHN JENNINGS, Bndgewater, Govern- ment. Bond. THE FRESH 72 ' j. M RALPH JENSEN, Viborg, Business Engineering. THOMAS JENSEN, Watertown, Zoology. ERNEST JOHNSON, Mt Vernon, Pre-Med HUGH JOHNSON, Sioux City, Iowa, Pre- Med , Lambda Chi Alpha MELVIN JOHNSON, Elk Point, Physical Education, Lombda Chi Alpha, LAWRENCE JOHNSON, Irene, Delta Tau Delta. WILBUR JOHNSON, Bridgewater, Business Administration, Band, Volante. LELAND JONES, Dupree, Business Adminis- tration. VERNON JONES, Huron, Business Law, Phi Delta Theta. MARGARET JORGENSEN, Vermillion, Med. Technology NANCY JUHL, Luverne, Minn, General ECLILA JUNDT, Leolo, Voice, Alpha Xi Delta, Choir, French Club, LSA, WAA MARILYN KAHL, Des Plames, III, Journalism, Chi Omega, Choir, Spanish Club GILBERT KAISER, Sioux Falls, Pre- Business. RUTH KEMPTER, Pierre, English-Speech, Alpha Phi, Choir, Volante, Coyote, Pilgrim Fellowship ROXCINE KENISON, Canton, Advertising Art, Spanish Club. CLASS OF 1952 A ( a 11 A DORIS KIBBLE, Avon, Music. DALE KIRCHENBAUER, Deadwood, Delta Tau Delta, Basketball, Track. KONNIE KLINGLER, Sioux City, Home Economics, Chi Omega MAR- LIN KLOSTERGARD, Beresford, Pre-Med, Delta Tau Delta, Football. JOAN KOLBERG, Sioux Falls, Art, Chi Omega, Spanish Club. DAN KOUPAL, Lesterville, Physical Education, Band, Choir JOANNE KRIEGER, Britton, Alpha Xi, Radio Guild, WAA, Rifle Club, Choir, Varsettes HOWARD KUNSTLE, Gettys- burg, Pre-Law, Beta Theta Pi. JOHN LANE, Gayville, Speech LETHA LOU LARSON, Beresford, English, Alpha Phi, Choir, Coyote, Volante. LOIS LARSON, Hot Springs, History DANIEL LASSEGARD, Alexandria, Engineering CHARLES LEDYARD, Lead, Accounting. RONALD LENAGH, Sioux City, Iowa, Art, Theta Xi. BURON LINDBLOOM, Pierre, Pre-Med., Beta Theta Pi, Band. ROBERT LIN- STROM, Sturgis, Music, Choir. 73 JANE LOCKE, Youngstown, Ohio, Mathematics, French Club, Choir, WAA. GEORGE LOWELL, Sioux Falls, Pre-Med, Lambda Chi Alpha JAMES LUNDEEN, Sioux City, History- English FRANCES LUNN, Bonesteel, Home Economics. EDWIN LUTZEN, Gayville, Geology, Geology Club JUDD MABEE, Mitchell, Pre-Med, Beta Theta Pi, Football CAROL MAIN, Keldron, Education, International Relations Club. SPENCER MALLDER, Chicago, Illinois, Physical Education, Delta Tdu Delta, Football. DONALD MALONE, Carthaae, Business Administration. JOSEPHINE MARION, Rapid City, Speech-English, Pi Beta Phi, Volante, Varsettes. TODD MARSH, Hartmgron, Ne- braska. FRED MASCOTT, Lowell, Massachusetts, Business Administration, Young Democrats, Independent Students Association. FRED MASEK, Geddes, Radio, Independent Students Associa- tion, Radio Guild, Spanish Club. CHARLES MATSON, Sioux Falls, Business Administration, JOHN MATTESON, High- more, Phi Delta Theta. GERALD McDONNELL, Montrose. ROBERT McDONOUGH, Sioux City, Iowa, Business Adminis- tration, Phi Delta Theta, Football. EILEEN McGEORGE, Hot Springs, Home Economics, Alpha Phi, Home Economics Club, French Club, Rifle Club, WAA, MARY McKIE, Hot Springs, Pre-Nursmg, Band. MARSHALL McKUSICK, Minn- eapolis, Minnesota, History. GEORGIA McNEILL, Salem, Business-Education DICK MEAD, Ipswich, Pre-Med, Sigma Alpha Epsilon JACK MEHLHAF, Menno, Physical Education WILLIS MEHL- HAFF, Eureka, Phi Delta Theta, Basketball. FLOYD MEIDINGER, Eureka, Pre-Low. BEVERLY MELCHER, Platte, Business Administration, Spanish Club, Band. DIANA MANFORE, Springfield, Medical Technology, Pi Beta Phi, French Club, Rifle Club. FRED MONICK, Sioux Falls, Applied Science, Beta Theta Pi. WILLIAM MORRILL, Huron, Music, Choir. CORNELL MUNKVOLD, Viborg, Business Administration, Band. THOMAS MURPHY, Sioux City, Iowa, Sigmo Alpha Epsilon, Mathematics. HOWARD NAASZ, Mobridge, Phi Delta Theta, General THE FRESHITllin 1) ' - i f n o. 7-1 ■ ■■H ROY NANCE, Mecklmg, Business Administration, Lambda Chi Alpha CARRIE NELSON, Vermillion, English, Chi Omega GLEN NELSON, Vermillion, Business Administration, Lambda Chi Alpha MARY NELSON, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Voice, Alpha Xi Delta, Radio Guild, Wet Hen, Coyote, Rifle Team, Choir. NEIL NELSON, Spirit Lake, Iowa, Applied Science. WIL- LIAM NELSON, Sioux City, Iowa, Business Law, Phi Delta Theta DUANE NICHOLS, Cheyenne Agency, Pre-Law, Rifle Team GENE NORDQUIST, Beresford, Business Ad- ministration, Newman Club, Independent Students Associa- tion, Band, Orchestra. JIM NORMAN, Spirit Lake, Iowa, General, Delta Tau Delta, Basketball, Spanish Club. ROBERT OAS, Woonsocket, Ac- counting, Lambda Chi Alpha IRENE O ' CONNOR, Bur- bank, Speech, Kappa Alpha Theta, Newman Club, Dramatics, Band. MICHAEL O ' CONNOR, Sioux Falls, Pre-Law, Beta Theta Pi. GUINEVERE ODEGAARD, Timber Lake, English, Alpha Phi, Spanish Club, Band, Coyote. WINSTON ODLAND, Groton, Pre-Med. JOAN OLSON, Sioux Foils, Psycho ' ogy, Radio Guild. JOY OLSON, Canton, English, Independent Stu- dents Association, French Club. CLASS OF 1952 r 4J ,0. Oi f$ EMIL RAY ORTH, Scotland, Physical Education, Lambda Chi Alpha. ARLENE OSTLUND, Vermillion, Education, Chi Omega, Lutheran Students Association, Spanish Club, Band. RAY OSWALD, Sioux Falls, Architecture RICHARD OWENS, Vermillion, Government, Sigma Alpha Epsilon JESUS PALACIAS, Saltilla, Mexico, Chemistry. JEAN PANGBURN, Miller, Medical Technology, Pi Beta Phi, French Club, Rifle Club KAY PARKS, Larchwood, Iowa, Education. JAMES PARMLEY, San Antonio, Texas, Pre-Med CAROL PATTON, Elkhart, Indiana, Psychology, Kappa Alpha Theta MARILYN PAYNTER, Plankinton, English. AWS, Pi Beta Phi. AUDREY PETERSON, Sioux Falls, General. DALE PETERSON, Vermillion, Business Administration. JOAN PETERSON, Ponca, Nebraska, English, Alpha Xi Delta, Lutheran Students Association. WILLIAM PETERSON, Ver- million, Economics, Choir, Young Republicans, Independent Students Association. PETER PETRAKIS, Sioux Falls, Pre- Med. GENE PETRIK, Scotland, Music, Radio Guild, Choir, Band. 75 GEORGE PHINNEY, Spirit Lake, Iowa, Business Administra- tion. HOWARD PHIPPS, Sioux City, Iowa, Education, Theta Xi. RANDOLPH QUAST, Menno, Applied Science. ORLEY RATH, Leola, Pre-Med JULIE ANN RAUK, Vermillion, Music, Alpha Phi, Band, Orchestra. MAURICE RAWLINGS, Sioux City, Iowa, Phys- ical Education, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. DEAN REANEY, Ver- million, Business Law, Delta Sigma Theta NORMA REEDER, Sioux City, Iowa, Music, Pi Beta Phi, Choir, French Club CAROL REES, Mitchell, Science, Pi Beta Phi, French Club, WAA, Varsettes, Rifle Club, ELAINE RESEL. Burbank, Pre-Nursing. STANLEY RHINEHART, Sioux City, Iowa, Physical Education, Delta Tau Delta, Football, Basketball. OSCAR RIEGER, Trail City, Business Administration STANLEY RIVIN, Scotland, Business Administration. DOLORES ROBERTS, Belle Fourche, General, Alpha Xi Delta, WAA. BETTE RODGERS, Cnawa, Iowa, Secretarial Train- ing, Independent Students Association. MARY ROGERS, Savanna, Illinois, Advertising Art, Independent Students As- sociation, Coyote, Rifle Club, Newman Club, WAA DWAYNE ROLLAG, Rock Rapids, Iowa, Music, Lambda Chi Alpha, Band, Orchestra MARVIN ROMSDAHL, Hayti, Lutheran Students Association, Pre-Med DOROTHY ROYCE, Sioux Falls, English, Alpha Phi, Spanish Club, Archery Club RUTH RYAN, Kimball, General, Independent Students As- sociation, Newman Club, Spanish Club. BERNARD RYDER, Sioux City, Iowa, Football, Physical Educa- tion, BETTY SABAG, Sioux City, Iowa, Advertising Art, Chi Omega, JAMES SCHELL, Vermillion, Government, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Basketball, Spanish Club JOAN SCHEUNE- MAN, St. Paul, Minnesota, General, Kappa Alpha Theta. MARION SCHLEDER, Plankmton, Phi Delta Theta FRED SCHLEGEMILCH, Yankton, Business Administration, Beta Theta Pi. DONALD SCHNEIDER, Hawarden, Iowa, Account- ing, Theta Xi. PAT SCHOLTEN, Canton, Dramatic Art, Independent Students Asociation, Band. TILMON SCHRANK, Hot Springs, Accounting CORRINE SCHROEDER, Rapid City, Business Law DORIS SCOTT, White Lake, Tra nmg. LARRY SCOTT, Mt Ver- non, Pre-Med , Phi Delta Theta. THE FRESHmflfl ? 9 9 i lit 76 iJ. ■B JOHN SEBESTA, Lake Andes, Business Engineering, Phi Delta Theta. MARY JO SEILER, Custer, Spanish, Spanish Club, Choir. DAVID SHANARD, Bridgewater, Business Administra- tion, Beta Theta Pi, Basketball. JOHN SHAW, Ida Grove, Iowa, Business Administration, Delta Tau Delta, Choir. DON SHEPPARD, Pierre, Government, ELAINE SHERMAN, Sturgis, Advertising Art, Chi Omega, Spanish Club. STAN SIEGEL, Sioux City, Iowa, Business Administration, Phi Delta Theta, Football, Basketball. LYLE SIMONS, Selby, Business Administration, Lambda Chi Alpha RICHARD SIMONSON, Hot Springs. FLORA SIPPEL, Ver- million, English. DOYLE SMITH, Pukwana, Journalism, Delta Sigma Theta, Rifle Team KENDALL SMITH, Beresford, Business Administration. SUSAN SMITH, Beresford, Home Economics, Alpha Phi, Coyote, Spanish Club, Home Ec Club MARTHA SNORTELAND, Het- tinger, N D, Business Administration. ARLO SOMMER- VOLD, Akron, Iowa, Pre-Dental, Lambda Chi Alpha, Choir BETTY JEAN SOUTAR, Luverne, Minnesota, Education, Kappa Alpha Theta, Band, AWS CLASS OF 1952 DON STARKEY, Gary, Indiana, Journalism, Lambda Chi Alpha, Spanish Club, Newman Club, Track. MARILYN STARR, Meadow, Business Administration. VERNON STAUM, Elk Point, General. SHIRLEE STEIN, Sioux Falls, General. JOANN STEPANEK, Tabor, Piano, Kappa Alpha Theta, Choir, WILLIAM STEVENSON, Beresford, Pr e-Med , Alpha Tau Omega. WALTER STOCKTON, Vermillion, Business Ad- ministration. PHYLLIS STONE, Sioux Falls, Chi Omega, French Club. GEORGIA STROHMAIER, Huron, Business Administration, Kappa Alpha Theta, Cheerleader. ROBERT SULLIVAN, Harrisburg, Physical Education, Basketball. WESGATE SWAFFORD, Pierre, Government, Beta Theta Pi, Band. JAMES SWENSON, Sioux Falls, Phi Delta Theta, Engineering. JEANNE THIESSE, Little Rock, Iowa, Business Law. MARIAN TITUS, Martin, Science. KERMIT TORVE, Hot Springs, Botany. JOANNE TOWNSEND, Sioux Falls, English, Spanish Club. 77 .4lfc CHARLES TRIBBY, Sturgis, Business Administration, Beta Theta Pi, Football, Choir ROYCE TRUMBOWER, Ver- million, Applied Science, Delta Sigma Theta. MARILYN TUFTELAND, Dell Rapids, Music, Band, Choir VIRGINIA TURNER, Glenhom, English, Alpha Phi, Coyote, Volante. THOMAS UNKER, Selby, Physical Education, Phi Delta Theta. MARGUERITE VENSAND, Aberdeen, Business Administration, Rifle Club. ADIEL WAHL, Rapid City, Business Administra- tion, Alpha Tau Omega. DELORES WAHL, Rapid City, Bus- iness Administration. LEONA WAHL, Leola, Home Economics. DIANE WALTER, Sioux Falls, Sociology, Pi Beta Phi, Radio Guild, Varsettes. JAMES WEAVER, Miller, Pre-Med, Phi Delta Theto PETER WEGNER, Pierre, Pre- Business, Theta Xi, Debate. DALE WEHRKAMP, Sioux Falls, Business Administration. VIOLET WEILAND, Scotland, Liberal Arts, Newman Club, Spanish Club JULIA WEISLEGEL, Fairview, Pennsylvania, Business Administration FRANK WELCH, Parker, Engineer- ing, Alpha Tau Omega. FRE5Mn CLASS OF 1952 FORESTINE WELLER, Vermillion, Pre-Med, Kappa Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Wesley Club. DELVIN WELTER, Woon- socket, Business-Law, Lambda Chi Alpha. JACK WEST, Mitchell, Pre-Med , Sigma Alpha Epsilon HOWARD WHITE, Osokis, Minnesota, Music, Band. JOHN WILDS, Sioux Falls, Pre-Med., Delta Tau Delta JULIE WILDS, Sioux Falls, Fine Arts, Alpha Xi, Young Democrats, Newman Club, Coyote, WAA EDWARD WILKINSON, Rapid City, Business Administration, Pershing Rifles JIM WILSON, Sioux City, lowo, Business Administration. LORRAINE WILSON, Rapid City, Secretarial Training. NADINE WILSON, Buffalo Gap, General. THEODORE J. WINE, Igloo, Government -Language, Lambda Chi Alpha. LYLE WRAGE, Parker, Business Administration, Alpha Tau Omega, TED WRAGE, Watertown, Pre-Med, Delta Tou Delta, Political Science Club RONALD WYANT, Larchwood, Iowa, Applied Science ELSIE 2ANTOW, Leola, Education, Alpha Xi Delta ■I GRRDURTE STUDEtlTS ' h A SPENCER ANDERSON, Wausau, Nebraska, Education. LORRAINE BLANCHARD, Miller, Mathematics. ADRIAN DALEN, Colton, Education. DON FABER, Mitchell, Medicine, Beta Theta Pi GILBERT GRAY, Quincy, Illinois, Economics, Lambda Chi Alpha. WILLIAM A KOPPE, Chicago, Illinois, Psycho ' oqy WANDA LANDRETH, Newark, English. GERALD LARSEN, Sioux Falls, Psychology. HAROLD C. LARSON, Beresford, Speech, Delta Tau Delta, Future Teachers of America, Forensics, International Relations Club. ELDIN LOUGEE, Council Bluffs, Iowa, Delta Tau Delta. BERNARD G. OLESON, Cresbard, Psychology. RICHARD N POLLARD, Hereford, English, Phi Sigma lota, Pi Epsilon Delta, File 13, Ex- perimental Theatre, French Club, Wet Hen. JAMES RUBY, Yankton, Chemistry, Chemistry Club. WALDEMAR SIPPEL, Vermillion, Physics, Delta Sigma Theta. WILLIS D. SrVERSON, Vermillion, Education. ROGER THOMAS, Murdo, History, Delta Sigma Theta, Chairman A.V.C. LINDSEY WALDORF, Redfield, Physics, Sigma Pi Sigma. 79 SERIOR GAROLD L. FABER Mitchell Med. JOSEPH B GRACE Huron Med. THEODORE JACOBSEN Beresford Med. CURTIS JAHRAUS Pierre Med. Delta Tau Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Beta Kappa, Union Board of Control. BEN JOHNSON Rapid City Med. VICTOR P. JOHNSON Rapid City Med. STEPHEN E. KAHLER Sioux Falls Med. Beta Theta Pi, Strollers, Union Board of Control. G A LANDMANN Vermillion Med. c a fas mEDicmE MELFORD B. LYSO Vermillion Med. ROBERT C McGEEHON Vermillion Med. EDWIN MOORE Sioux Falls Med. MILTON W PLUCKER Sioux Falls Med. WILLIS STANAGE Mission Hill Med. DUANE TWEEDDALE San Francisco, Calif. Med. GEORGE J WILLIAMS Midland Med. Kappa Sigma. KENT WILLIAMSON Menno Med. 80 STANLEY W ALLEN, Wotertown, Med- icine. JAMES D. ALWAY, Aberdeen, Medicine, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. THEO- DORE ANGELOS, Sioux Falls, Medicine. WILLIAM W ASHLEY, Canton, Med- icine. ROBERT BELL, Huron, Medicine. FRANK BOYD, Flandreau, Medicine. MAYNARD BROOKS, Harnsburg, Penn- sylvania, Medicine, Chemistry Club. EL- DON W. CHRISTMANN, Pekin, Illinois, Medicine. ROBERT DEWEESE, Aber- deen, Medicine VERLYN E ELLIOTT, Valley Springs, Medicine. MILTON D. FAUL, Vermillion, Medicine, Phi Eta Sigma. GENEVIEVE FAUST, Ver- million, Medicine VIRGINIUS GON- TERO, Egg Harbor City, New Jersey, Medicine. RAUL A. GUEVARA, Isabela, Puerto Rico, Medicine. JAMES HAGEN, Coeur dAlene, Idaho, Medicine RICHARD K HAWKINS, Kalamazoo, Michigan, Medicine. ROBERT LAWLER, Ipswich, Medicine, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, ROBERT LAWLER, Milbank, Medicine. SHERMAN LINDELL, Veblen, Medicine, L.S.A. TOM LUBY, Huron, Medicine, Delta Tau Delta. MELVIN MAROUSEK, Rapid City, Med- icine WILFRED MILES, Bristol, Medicine. J EDWARD NORRIS, Aberdeen, Med- RUSSELL ORR, Sioux Falls, Med- icine, Newman Club JAMES REAGAN, Sioux Falls, Medicine, Beta Theta Pi, L.S.A. GORDON ROGET, Vermillion, Medicine. EVERETH SALMON, Canova, Medicine ALVIN SCHEFFEL, Tyndall, Medicine. KEITH SEHNERT, Frederick, Medicine. W. R. SHAW, Tripp, Medicine. LARRY SIFFORD, Sioux City, Medicine, Sigma Chi, Debate, Radio. W. PIERCE SMITH, Beresford, Medicine, Lambda Chi Alpha LEWIS TURNER, Vermillion, Medicine, Delta Tau Delta RICHARD WALDORF, Redfield, Medicine, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. MARK D. WOOD, Salt Lake City, Utah, Medicine, Pres. of Freshman Medicine Class. O f$ 81 o n cv SEMOR DONALD COLEMAN Seneca Law Delta Theta Phi. EDWARD DEFFLEY Alameda, Calif Law JAMES ELLWEIN Bridgewater Law Delta Tau Delta, Phi Delta Phi, Young Republican ' s Club. LESTER HERBRANDSON Canton Law JACK H HOWE Sioux City Law Independent Students Ass ' n, Independent Law Students, International Relations Club, Political Science League, Tau Kappa Alpha, File 13, Coffee Hour Comm., Debate, Law Association. GEORGE JOHNSON Irene Law Phi Delta Phi ROLLAND G. JONES Flandreau Law Independent Law Students. NEWELL E. KRAUSE Java Law Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Delta Theta Phi. ™ ,(7i JAMES T. OLANDER Aberdeen Law Lambda Chi Alpha, Law As- sociation, Delta Theta Phi. LOREN PALMER Woonsocket Law Delta Theta Phi, Law As- socation, Student Senate. RAY ROSS Akron, Iowa Law Lambda Chi Alpha, Delta Theta Phi, Newman Club, Inter-Fraternity Council GUTH SHADE Vermillion Law ROBERT SLOCUM Mound City Law WILLIAM J. SRSTKA Woonsocket Law Law Association, Delta Theta Phi FRANK S. TAIT Milbank Law Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Delta Theta Phi, Inter-Fraternity Council. 82 « r b » ft , O O -O Mil fw-flfcf . fa»« " ' Tr STAN BAIRD, Belle Fourche, Law, Alpha Tau Omega, Phi Delta Phi. ROBERT K. BECKMAN, Redfield, Law, Phi Delta Phi, Band. DALE BRADSHAW, Bryant, Law, Lambda Chi Alpha, Delta Theta Phi, Lutheran Students Association. MILTON BUECHLER, Bowdle, Law, Phi Delta Phi. GERALD COLLINS, Vermillion, Law, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. BRUCE CRARY, Sioux City, Low, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Delta Theta Phi, Dakotans. DONALD L DAVIS, Sioux Falls, Low, Alpha Tau Omega, Phi Delta Phi, HERBERT DOLGOFF, Vermillion, Law, Independent Law Association. THEODORE J. DOLNEY, Vermillion, Law, Lambda Chi A!pha, Student Body Pres, Strollers, Phi Delta Phi. JIM DOYLE, Yankton, Law, Delta Tau Delta, Phi Delta Phi, Newman Club. HAROLD DOYLE, Yankton, Law, Delta Tau Delta, Phi Delta Phi, Campus Dance Band, Newman Club. D. G. DUNN, Madison, Law, Theta Xi. HARLAN EIESLAND, Sioux Falls, Law, Alpha Tau Omega, Delta Theta Phi, Strollers HENRY HAUGAN, Platte, Law, Alpha Tau Omega, Pres, Phi Delta Phi, Inter- Fraternity Council, Pres. HENRY HORSTMAN, Parks- ton, Law, Phi Delta Phi, Independent Students Association, Newman Club. RONALD HURLEY, Sioux Falls, Low, Phi Delta Theta, Phi Delta Phi, Inter-Fraternity Council. REED JENSEN, Sorum, Law, Lambda Chi Alpha, Delta Theta Phi, Dakotans. HIRAM I. KING, Aberdeen, Law, Lambda Chi Alpha, Delta Theta Phi, Newman Club, Young Democrats. L 83 ;« mf t3l FRANCIS LAWLESS, Huron, Law. LYNDEN LEVITT, Rapid City, Law, Alpha Tau Omega DONALD LOBITZ, Ray- mond, Law ROBERT LUNDWALL, Mobndge, Law, Lambda Chi Alpha, Phi Delta Phi. LLOYD J. MAHAN, Vermillion, Law, Delta Theta Phi. EUGENE MAYER, Yankton, Law, Delta Tau Delta, Phi Delta Phi. PHILIP MIRECKI, Vermillion, Law, Sigma Alpha Epsilon RUSSELL MOLSTAD, Wotertown, Law, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Delta Sigma Phi LLOYD MYRABO, Vermillion, Law, Beta Theta Pi. JOE H NEUMAYR, Parkston, Law, Independent Law Stu- dents. FRANCIS PEDERSEN, Sioux City, Iowa, Law, Beta Theta Pi, Phi Delta Phi, Golf. LAIRD RASMUSSEN, Clark, Law, Lambda Chi Alpha, Delta Theta Phi, Eta Sigma Phi, Phi Eta Sigma PALMER ROOT, Belden, Nebraska, Law, ISA, Independ- ent Law Association. PETER S RYKEN, Gayville, Law, Eta Pi Eta, Independent Law Student, I S.A. WILLIS J. SCHENK, Tripp, Law, Phi Delta Theta, Phi Delta Phi, Young Republican ' s League. HAROLD E. SHAW, Wessmgton, Law, Beta Theta Pi, Phi Delta Phi. GRACE STEINBERG, Onawa, Iowa, Law, Kappa Beta Pi, Zeta Phi Eta, Pi Epsilon Delta, Tau Kappa Alpha, Who ' s Who, Independent Students Association, Mortar Board, Guidon, Playcrafters, Forensics, Law Association MARTIN WEEKS, Jr., Vermillion, Law, Delta Tau Delta, Phi Delta Phi, Strollers 84 CECIL ANDERSON, Chicago Heights, Illinois, Law, Young Democrats. DEWAYNE ANDERSON, Sisseton, Law, Alpha Tou Omego, Boxing EDWARD BICKEL, Firesteel, Law, Theta Xi DON BIERLE, Yankton, Law, Delta Tau Delta FLOYD BORGHORST, Reliance, Law, Alpha Tau Omega, Delta Theta Phi, Newman Club. JOHN BRANTNER, Colton, Law. JARVIS BROWN, Rapid City, Law. ARTHUR CARTER, Dallas, Law, Gamma Delta. JOSEPH CASH, Bonesteel, Law, Phi Delta Theta. JAMES COPE, Yankton, Law, Beta Theta Pi, Radio Guild, Chief Engineer-KUSD JAMES CORCORAN, Vermillion, Law, Lambda Chi Alpha, Delta Theta Phi. FRANK DENES, Law, Elyna, Ohio, Lambda Chi Alpho, Basketball JAMES DOYLE, Pierre, Law, Delta Tau Delta, Basketball. WALLACE DUNKER, Aberdeen, Low. FRANK HENDER- SON, Rapid City, Law, Phi Delta Theta, Track. JEROME HOGUE, Aberdeen, Law GLEN JOHNSON, Hurley, Law, Alpha Tau Omega, Delta Theta Phi. RONALD JOHNSON, Hayti, Law. WALTER JOHNSON, Irene, Law, Delta Tau Delta, Newman Club. ROBERT JONES, Sioux Falls, Law fTiAn l •■ FRESHmnn law 85 ft £ ? ' O d O C Q D O THOMAS KIRBY, Sioux Falls, Law, Phi Delta Theta. EDGAR KOCH, Sioux City, Iowa, Law. JOHN LARSON, Beresford, Law, Delta Tau Delta. ROBERT LAW, Clear Lake, Law, Delta Theto Phi. GEORGE LENDECKER, Keystone, Law, Theta Xi, Inter- Fraternity Council. DAVID MacFARLANE, Montrose, Law, Phi Delta Phi, Newman Club, Young Republican Club, Independent Student Association. CLIFFORD MANLEY, Arlington, Law, Delta Theta Phi. DONALD MANLEY, Arlington, Law, Delta Theta Phi. ACIE MATTHEWS, Menno, Law. JIM PETERSON, Ponca, Nebr, Phi Eta Sigma, Law. THOMAS RIES, Watertown, Law, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Delta Theta Phi, Rho Chi Chi, Newman Club, Student Senate, Campus Bowling, Chess Club, Strollers. EUGENE SCHREIER, Vermillion, Law, Lambda Chi Alpha, Delta Theta Phi, Young Republicans. DAROLD SHANAHAN, Huron, Law STEPHEN SHER- WOOD, Clark, Law, Eta Sigma Phi, Phi Eta Sigma. JIM SMITH, Spencer, Iowa, Law, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. ROBERT STARK, Vermillion, Law, Sigma Phi. JOSEPH TEXEIRA, Hudson, Moss., Law, VIRGIL VAIL, Sioux Falls, Law, Delta Tau Delta, Delta Theta Pi, HARRY WEINSTEIN, Wagner, Law. OWEN RAY WIPF, Menno, Law Association, Independent Student Association. FRESHUIfln LRUJ 86 JLL . V t-.» ■ i3J SEnioR busjhess flominisTR nnon HOWARD AADLAND Los Angeles, Calif. Accounting Delta Sigma Pi. J. KELLY ALBERTSON Du Bois, Pa. Business Administration Beta Theta Pi, Newman Club. ELMER F. AMBLE Sioux Falls Accounting Delta Sigma Pi. ELTON ANDERSON Irene Accounting ROBERT A. ANDERSON Spencer, la. Business Administration Phi Delta Theta. ROBERT AUNGER Rockham Accounting Delta Sigma Theta, Phi Eta Sigma. JOHN C. BAILLY Webster Accounting Lambda Chi Alpha. n %•«- DELWIN W. BAUER Java Accounting Sigma Alpha Epsilon. WALTER BAUER Eureka Accounting Delta Sigma Pi. EDWARD BEEBE Roscoe Business Engineering KEITH BEEKLEY Sioux City, la. General Business Phi Delta Theta. DORIS BERGNER Chamberlain Business Education BEULAH BLAIR Volga Business Education ISA. ELMER BLAIR Geddes Accounting 87 ■ SEI1I0R BUSINESS R d m I n I S T R R T I o n GEORGE J. BLANDO Vermillion General Business Delta Sigma Pi. JOHN M BROOKS Sioux Falls Business Administration ROTC, Rifle Team. MURALL BRUFLAT Toronto Accounting ROBERT BUCKINGHAM Rochester, Minn. Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Delta Sigma Pi, Newman Club. ROLAND W BUECHLER Bowdle Accounting Delta Sigma Pi, Business Ad- ministration Club, Student Senate. DONALD BYE Bradley Business Engineering Theta Xi, LSA JOHN CARMODY Sioux Falls Business Administration Phi Delta Theta, Newman Club. k V I ! PHYLLIS CARMODY Sioux Falls Business Administration Alpha Phi, A.W.S , Newman Club, Honorary Adjutant ' 48, Varsettes. RAMON M. COLDWELL Rapid City Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Delta Sigma Pi. LOWELL COMER Rapid City Business Engineering JOAN DEROSIER Deadwood Accounting Alpha Phi. GEORGE DE RUYTER Sioux Center, la. Marketing Sigma Alpha Epsilon, KEITH DONOVAN Sioux Falls Economics Alpha Tau Omega, Newman Club, Dakotans. WILBUR W. EVANS Rapid City Business Administration Delta Sigma Pi. . ... . , —————— H| B.EDIOR BUSinESS HDdllOISTRflTIOI) LEONARD FEATHERS Be res ford Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Delta Sigma Pi. PHYLLIS FREDRICKSON Rushmore, Minn. Business Administration Kappa Phi DALE C. FRITZEL De Smet Business Law Independent Student Ass ' n, Dakotans. HUGH FULLERTON Huron Marketing Delta Tau Delta. JACK GANJE Eagle Butte Business Engineering Phi Delta Theta. VERNON GARRY Bridgewater Business Engineering Delta Sigma Pi, Kappa Kappa Psi. MARWYN LYTLE GILMORE Blooming ton Accounting Delta Sigma Pi. - fo WARREN GOETHEL Huron Business Administration CLIFFORD GRAESE Canova Accounting Delta Sigma Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, L.S.A. REID C. GRIFFITH Avon Accounting Kappa Kappa Psi. CHARLES S. HAIG, JR. Duluth Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Coyote, Tennis. ROBERT L HANLEY Huron Business Administration Lambda Chi Alpha, Delta Sigma Pi, Newman Club. WILLIAM HANSEN Alcester Business Administration Phi Delta Theta, Inter- Fraternity Council. LOWELL HANSEN Vermillion Accounting Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Delta Sigma Pi, L.S.A. 89 ■HfllU SEDIOR BUSinESS RDIMIIIGTRRTIOII RICHARD L. HANSEN Parker Business Administration Phi Delta Theta. WARREN HOBSON Sioux City, la. Marketing Delta Tau Delta, S.C.A., International Relations Club, Political Science League, Coffee Hour Committee. ROMAN HONNER Tabor Business and Engineering JAMES D JENSEN Wessington Springs Accounting Delta Sigma Pi HERBERT JOCKHECK Tulare Business and Engineering Sigma Pi Sigma, L.S.A., In- dependent Students Ass ' n. VERYL K. JOHNSON Sioux Falls Marketing Delta Sigma Phi, Kappa Kappa Psi. RICHARD KLINE Groton Accounting Delta Sigma Pi. MILES H. KRAMER Adrian, Minnesota Business Administration WAYNE L KRIEGER Britton Business Engineering Alpha Tau Omega, Student Senate, Inter-Fraternity Council. KARL B. KUNDERT Pittsburg, California General Business Delta Sigma Pi, Sec.-Treas. of Bus. Ad. ROBERT KVAM South Sioux, Neb. Accounting Delta Sigma Pi. LUELLA LAGENDYK Avon Business Education Chi Omega, W A A WALTER LAMPERT Rapid City Business Administrat on Alpha Tau Omega, Delta Sigma Pi, Delta Theta Phi, Union Building Director, Co- Chaifman WSSF, Stadium Committee. LOREN LAWRENCE Sioux Falls Business Administration 90 SEIUOH BUSinESS RDflllMSTRBTIOI) EDWARD LOSACKER Aberdeen Accounting Lambda Chi Alpha. JOHN MEISENHOLDER Vermillion Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon. VERNON MILLER Sioux Falls Accounting ROBERT H. MORGANS Frederick Accounting Lambda Chi Alpha, Band, Dance Band. HOWARD MUNGER De Smet Accounting Delta Sigma Pi. DONALD A. NELSON White Business Engineering Delta Sigma Pi. HARLAN M. NELSON Vermillion Marketing Delta Sigma Pi. f. A HAROLD NELSON Vermillion Accounting Lambda Chi Alpha, Delta Sigma Theta. DEAN D. NOLT Sioux Falls Business Administration Delta Sigma Pi, Independent Student Ass ' n, Student Senate, Political Science League. RICHARD NORD Elkton Marketing Delta Sigma Pi, L.S.A., In- dependent Student Ass ' n. LAURENCE ODLAND Groton Business Engineering Delta Sigma Pi. RICHARD OLSON Aberdeen Accounting Phi Delta Theta, IRC. LEO PALENSKY Vermillion Accounting JOSEPH PERKOVICH Lead Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 91 SEMOR BUSmESS fl D fTl I n I S T R RT 1 n CHARLES W. PETERSEN Irene Accounting Delta Sigma Pi. JOSEPH F. PILLAR Scotland Marketing Alpha Tau Omega. WILLIAM PLOTT Chamberlain Business Administration HOWARD PRESTON Mobndge Business Administration Delta Tau Delta. CLINTON R. RAINES Sioux Falls Industrial Engineering Phi Delta Theta. CHARLES D. RICHARDS Woonsocket Business Administration Delta Sigma Pi. JAMES RYAN Sioux Falls Business Administration Beta Theta Pi, Newman Club. MENNO R. SAUNDERS Beresford Accounting Q. £ DORWIN J. SCHMIDT Dell Rapids Business Administration Beta Theta Pi, Dakotans (Pres. ), Newman Club, Da- kota Day Committee. JOHN R. SCHORNACK Groton Accounting FRANK SHORT Harnsburg Accounting Bus. Ad. Ass ' n, Delta Sigma Theta. ROBERT SMITH Beresford Business Administration ROBERT STENGLE Vermillion Accounting Phi Eta Sigma. EUGENE STORTVEDT Mission Hill Accounting 92 SERIOR BUSinESS RDfTliniSTR HTion JASPER SUNDAL Col ton Business Administration Delta Sigma Pi RALPH TUTTLE Canton Accounting Phi Eta Sigma. WILLIAM A, UFhORD Vermillion Business Administration Playcrafters JEROME USTRUD Webster Business Administration ( r i L - ' ' PAUL WOLD Clear Lake Accounting Delta Sigma Pi, L. S. A. DALE YEOMAN Rapid City Accounting LEROY VOGT Marion Business Administration CARL P. WILLIAMS Akron, Ohio Business Engineering ' WILLARD WOERPEL Bonesteel Business Engineering 93 ?? a Iffy i WALTER ANDRE, Hot Springs, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. ROSS BABCOCK, Flandreau, Delta Tau Delta. DEAN BAILEY, Mobridge, Marketing, Delta Tau Delta, Newman Club, Inter-Fraternity Council, Greek Week Committee RICHARD BAILY, Parker, General Business, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. GLENN BAMMERLIN, Burton, Nebr , Accounting, Delta Sigma Pi. WILLIAM BATES, Aberdeen. DOROTHEA BENDER, Menno, Accounting, Chi Omega, Band, SCA, VICTOR BETTGER, Herreid, Marketing and Management. DELBERT BICKEL, Herreid, Marketing, Delta Sigma Pi, Kappa Kappa Psi, Band, Swing Band. ROBERT E. BROWN, Bradley, Accounting, Theta Xi, Phi Eta Sigma. EDWARD M. BRUNSTING, Hawarden, Iowa, Accounting, Alpha Tau Omega. NORMAN BUCK, Huron, Business and Engineer- ing. JUniOR BUSinESS rdimaistriitioi] ALVERN BUNJER, Lennox, Business Engineering. JOHN BURG, Mitchell, Marketing, Beta Theta Pi. ROBERT W. BURNETTE, Sioux Falls, Business Administration, Delta Tau Delta. HARRY J. BYER, Hot Springs, Business and Engineering. DONALD BYRNE, Deadwood, Marketing, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. HAROLD CHRISTENSEN, Dell Ropids, Business and Engineering, Delta Sigma Pi. RICHARD CHRISTIAN- SON, Andover, Marketing and Management, Lambda Chi Alpha. CLARENCE M COLEMAN, Pierre, Accounting. OREN P. COLER, Chamberlain, Business and Law. JOHN G. DALTON, Bremerton, Wash , Business Administration, Lambda Chi Alpha, Newman Club. KAY DANKER, White River, Business Education, Alpha Xi Delta, Varsettes, Rifle Club. RICHARD DAVIS, Castlewood, Business Adminis- tration, 94 [■ ■■■■■ ■IHii Hi JUNIOR BUSIF1ESS RDmi RISTRHTIOn HERBERT DE BEER, Corsica, Phi Delta Theta JOHN R. DRENTTEL, Sisseton, Accounting, Alpha Tgu Omega DONALD DWI6HT, Springfield, Business Administration, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Basketball. ROBERT EBERLE, Centerville, Bus- iness Engineering, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Kappa Kappa Psi, Band. GORDON ELLIS, Sioux City, Iowa, Business Administra- tion, Delta Tau Delta, College Golf. MERRILL ERICSON, Pierre, Business Administration, Beta Theta Pi MARGARET ESTERGARD, Centerville, Secretarial Training, Chi Omega. KENNETH FOSTER, Sioux Falls, Accounting, Phi Delta Theta. ROBERT GABRIEL, Sioux City, Iowa, Business Administration, Beta Theta Pi. CHARLES GAECKLE, Madison, Business Administration, Phi Delta Theta, NORMA GILCHRIST, Kadoka, Business Education, Chi Omega, Kappa Phi. ROBERT GLEICH, Yankton, Accounting. ROSS S. GRANGE, Mobridge, Business Engineering, Phi Delta Theta. GUY HARDING, Pierre, Accounting, Delta Sigma Pi. BURTON HATCH, McLaughlin, Business Engineering, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Band. JAMES HEGERT, Hartmgton, Nebraska, Business Administration, Delta Tau Delta. JAMES HEISER, Menno, Accounting, Delta Sigma Phi. CHARLES HOLE, Winner, Business-Law, Delta Sigma Theta, Wesley Club CARLETON HOY, Vermillion, Phi Delta Theta, Basketball. JOHN W. HUBER, Bonesteel, Accounting. MILTON HUSBY, Sioux Falls, Accounting, Lambda Chi Alpha. MARWOOD ISACKSON, Milbank, Accounting, Theta Xi. LEONARD JENSEN, Hurley, Accounting, Delta Sigma Pi. ROGER KECK, Rapid City, Business Engineering. 95 ROBERT KING, Vivian, Business Engineering. ELVIN F. KROMER, JR., Sisseton, Business Administration, Alpha Tau Omega. CURTISS KUEHN, Sioux Falls, Accounting, Delta Tau Delta JACK LARKIN, Sioux Falls, Business Administration, Beta Theta Pi. ELSIE MAE LARSEN, Akron, Iowa, Business Administration. DAN LEHAN, Vermillion, Business Administration, Sigma Alpha Epsilon MERYL LEIFERMAN, Chamberlain, Ac- counting. DENZEL LONG, Redfield, Business Adminis- tration, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. CLARENCE LOWE, Aberdeen, Business Engineering, Phi Delta Theta, Football. COLLEEN McKENNA, Sioux Falls, Business Administration, Chi Omego, SCA, LSA. DELBERT A.1ALLOY, Webster, Accounting KHEL O. MARKEN, Sioux Falls, General Business JUfllOR BUSINESS fiDfillfllSIRHIIOIl LAWRENCE MATEJKA, Gregory, Accounting. RAY- MOND MEDLIN, Albion, Nebraska, Business Administra- tion. LYLE MEOSKA, Plankinton, Business Administra- tion CHARLES MILLIKEN, Sioux Falls, Business Law, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Mu Alpha, Band, Orchestra BRUCE MITCHELL, Hecla, Accounting. PHILIP MOGEN, Waubay, Business Law, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Treasurer, Pilgrim Westminister Fellowship Pres., Choir. MARLYS MOLSTAD, Watertown, General Business, Alpha Phi. I. L. MOULTON, Onida, General Business. DEANE MUNRO, Norman, Oklahoma, Business Adminis- tration, Lombda Chi Alpha. ROBERT NEWBY, Rapid City, Phi Delta Theta. NELSON NIXON, Tarkio, Missouri, Business Law. IVOR H OCHSNER, Herreid, Business Administration, Delta Sigma Pi. 96 , . _.. . i . . . • 1 1 amammmmmam juniOR eusiriEss rdoiioistrhtioo CARL H OKSOL, Newell, Business Engineering ROBERT PALMER, Armour, Business Administration. KENDALL PERSON, Carthage, Accounting, Lambda Chi Alpha, LSA. RYLAND PHILLIPS, Rapid City, Business Administration, Alpha Tau Omega. CALVIN POTTRATZ, Pierre, Business Administration, Beta Theto Pi. WILBUR PRITZKAU, Belle Fourche, Accounting. DAVID QUAMMEN, Veblen, Business Administration. DONLEY RAINES, Flandreau, Account- ing. £ J» Q ii, Vi|- .tiii f% o lEkmh GEORGE RINDER, Sioux Falls, Business Administration, Delta Tau Delta. RICHARD ROHDE, Rock Rapids, la., Business Administration. JAMES RYAN, Kimball, Accounting. C L. SANDSTEDT, Vermillion, Accounting. DAYTON M. SANFORD, Vermillion, Accounting. THOMAS E SAUNDERS, Stratford, Business Law, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Newman Club. LESTER SCHERSCHLIGHT, Sioux Falls, Business Administration. DONALD H. SCHNECKLOTH, Vermillion, Business Engineering, Phi Delta Theta. HERBERT J. SCHUETZLE, Hitchcock, Accounting. STAN A. SEDLACEK, Tabor, Marketing. JOHN SHABOWSKI, Gary, Indiana, Business Administration. GEORGE SHANARD, Bridgewater, Business Administration, Beta Theta Pi. DONALD SIEKMEIER, Sioux Falls, Business Administration, Phi Delta Theta, Dakotans. ALVIN SMIT, Sioux Falls, Accounting, Theta Xi. GENE SMITH, Sioux City, la, Business Administration, Delta Tau Delta. DARREL SORENSON, Sioux City, la.. Business Administration, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 97 WAYNE STARR, Deadwood, Accounting, Sigma Alpho Ep- silon. FRANK D. STEWART, Rapid City, Business Ad- ministration, Phi Delta Theta. WILLIAM F, THOMAS, Belle Fourche, Business Administration, Delta Sigma Pi. JAMES THOMPSON, Sioux Falls, Accounting, Lambda Chi Alpha. JOHN THOMPSON, Arlington, Business Administration. JOHN THOMSON, Centerville, Accounting, Beta Theta Pi ARDIS TOKLE, Canton, Business Education, Choir, V.-P of Eost Hall GENE VANDERBOOM, Platte, Bus- iness Administration, Alpha Tau Omega, DONALD WAGNER, Burbank, General Business, Band. JOHN WEINGARTNER, Wakonda, Business Engineering. JEROME WEIS, Tea, Accounting, Theta Xi. EUGENE WERTMAN, Aberdeen, Business Administration, Phi Delta Theta. LEWIS LOYD WEST, Creighton, Nebraska, Accounting CHARLES WETZELER, Akron, Iowa, Accounting, Lambda Chi Alpha. DONALD WOOD, Putney, Accounting, Alpha Tau Omega. GORDON YOUNG, Sioux City, Iowa, Ac- counting. j u nioR BusmEss HominisTRHTion 98 ■ . ... . PHI BETA HflPPfl Phi Beta Kappa, founded in 1776 at William and Mary College, is the oldest national scholastic society in existence. The local chapter was founded in 1926. Membership in Phi Beta Kappa is the highest scholastic honor a college student can attain. In order to be eligible for membership, students must have maintained an average of at least eighty-eight percent for their four years in college; they must be enrolled as a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences, have broad cultural interests and good moral character. New members are elected in April, too late for inclusion in the Coyote. Each year a committee of local administrators and students selects from the senior class a number of students whose names will appear in Who ' s Who Among American Universities and Colleges. Choice is based on service to school, leadership, practical qualities, contributions to extra-curricular activities, scholarship, and potential usefulness to business and society. Nineteen students qualified for the honor in 1949. First row, left to right: Mary Ann Lyons, Madison, English; Ruth Hallock, Mission, Music; Carolyn Cowles, Flandreau, English. Second row: Norma Jean Westre, Volm, radio-speech; Delorez West, Aberdeen, dramatic art, Shirley Schwengle, Broken Bow, Nebraska, Spanish; Jane Buntley, Sioux City, music. Third row: Henry Haugen, Platte, law; Clifford Graese, Canova, account- ing; James Kuehn, Mobridge, journalism; Derwood Eisenberg, Humboldt, journalism; Rod Moulton, Can- ton, journalism. Fourth row: Jack Howe, Sioux City, law; Ted Dolney, Vermillion, law; James Rice, Martin, his- tory; Donald Barrett, Plankin- ton, law; Robert Cameron, Ver- million, journalism; Ben Viedt, Winner, radio. 99 ALPHA LflfllBDfl DELTA Bock row, left to right: Shirley Von Ferney, Catherine Cotton, Irene Landkof, Roberta Jockheck, Donna Mae Blessing, Jane Warkentin, Mer- rie Swanson. Front row: Dr. Beede, Janet Swab, Lois Kofmehl, Doloris Jackus, Coralie Machmiller. Other members include Anne Hoff- mann, Ruth Kempter, Betty Isaak, Joanne Stepanek, Cara Lee C ornelius, Forestine Weller, Joon Chase, Nancy Juhl, Morrelyce Fillbach, and Mary Hedges. A select group is Alpha Lambda Delta which has only a very few members. In order to qualify for membership in this freshmen women ' s honorary scholastic group, a co-ed must attain a grade average of 90.5 during her freshman year. Officers of the local chapter are Janet Swab, president; Doloris Jackus, vice-president; Lois Kof- mehl, secretary; and Coralie Machmiller, treasurer. PHI EIH SIGITIR The year 1930 brought the founding of the South Dakota chapter of Phi Eta Sigma, national men ' s freshmen scholastic fraternity. In the years which have followed, 1 76 men have been initiated. A 90.5 semester average qualifies any freshman male student for membership. Back row, left to right: James Cope, Dean Ubben, Walt Krallman, Ralph Tuttle, James Rice, Don Isaok, Virgil Heidbrink, Norman Meyer, Charles Schoeppi, Don Steele. Second row: Craig Schmidt, Clifford Graese, Ralph Bickner, Phil Maier, Philip Ostlund, Steven Sherwood, Don Vellek. Front row: Dean Julion, Robert Heck, Bob Curtlss, Jim Peterson, James Costar. 100 ■ •! ' wammm mm mORIHR BOARD Exemplification of scholarship, leadership and school service is the basis for membership in Mortar Board — ■ national honorary senior women ' s organization. To be selected is one of the most desired honors for a senior woman at the University. The girls, in their familiar red blazer jackets, sponsored the weekly no- date dances and also the annual Mothers ' Day cele- bration. Members are capped in their junior year at the Spring Swing-Out. The members this year in- cluded Carolyn Cowles, president; Mary Ann Lyons, vice-president; Marie Hallsted, secretary; Jane Bunt- ley, treasurer; Shirley Schwengle, historian and editor. Dakotans pictured are, seated, left to right: Bruce Crary Dorwin Schmidt Dale Fritzel Keith Donovan Reed Jensen Virgil Vail Standing: Darrell Booth Don Siekmeier DflHOTflflS Dakotans is an honorary organization of senior men whose members are chosen on the basis of scholarship and participation in school activities. There are eight members — one from each of the fraternities, one from the Independent Student Association and one from the law fraternities. They help with Dakota Day preparations and pep rally, Skip Day, and the Interfraternity Sing. Officers for the year were: Dorwin Schmidt, president; Dale Fritzel, vice-president; Donald Siekmeier, secretary-treasurer. 101 ZETfl PHI ETA were Eloise Rogers, president; Beverly Bender, vice-president; Pat Bauer Pictured are, left to right, Back row: Gladys Carlson, Beverly Bender, Mrs. Irving Carol Quinn. Zeta Phi Eta, national professional speech fraternity for women, was founded at Northwestern University in 1873. There are now 29 chapters throughout the United States, one of which is at the University of South Dakota. Membership in Zeta Phi Eta may be attained by any woman student who has shown her interest in speech, radio, or dramatic art, by her work in one of those fields. Zeta, on the University campus, sponsored candy sales and started a Children ' s Theater program in May, 1949. Distinguished women of this fra- ternity include Dame May Whitty, Fay Bainter, Madeline Carroll, Olivia de Haviland, Mary Martin, and Cor- nelia Otis Skinner. Officers of Zeta for the past year secretary; and Carol Quinn, treasurer. Merrill. Front row: Pat Bauer, Eloise Rogers, TflU KAPPA ALPHA Tau Kappa Alpha is the only national forensic fra- ternity which is a member of the association of college honorary societies. Eligibility for membership in TKA is open to both men and women who have experienced two years of participation in col- lege forensics or public speaking. There are 86 chapters of the fraternity in the United States. On the University campus, Tau Kappa Alpha sponsors all forensic activities and stresses high quality speaking. Those pictured are, Bock row, left to right: Robert Cameron, Dean Harrington, Jack Howe, Bert Tollefson, Ernest Bormonn, Mr. Jordan, Karl Kabeisman. Front row: Eloise Rogers, Norma Jean Westre, Grace Steinberg. 102 PI DELIA EPSlLOn Pi Delta Epsilon is a national honorary journalism fraternity To be elected to membership a student must be editor, assist- ant editor, business manager, or department head of any of the Un.versity publications Coyote, Wet Hen, and Volante. Present officers of the or- ganization are: Bob Paul, presi- dent; Bob Sheild, vice-presi- dent; and Mary Lee Falk, secretary; E. G. Trotzig is faculty adviser for the group. Members pictured are I left to right I , Bock row: Croig Stolze, Al Neuharth, Bob Cameron, Bill Porter, Bob Sheild. Second row: Derwood Eisenberg, Bob Paul, Jim Kuehn, Peter Hansen, Janet Wangsness. Front row: Mary Ann Lyons, Claricie Visser, Shirley Ellis, Mary Lee Falk, Norma Jean Westre, Delores Kempter. SIGfllf! SIGIT1 H Membership to Sigma Pi Sigma, honorary physics fra- ternity, is based on scholastic achievement and interest in the field of physics. Bock row: James Bender, Roman Honner, Carl Nelson, Sidney An- derson, Franklin Stout. Front row: Herbert Jockheck, Peter Ryken, Roy M. Johnson, Richard Beeninga. 103 FILE 13 Back row, left to right: Ernest Bormann, Larry Dick, Dave Good- man, Jack Howe, Dick Pollard. Front row: Dr. Hartman, Janet Wangsness, Ann Campbell, Deon Harrington. File 13, the campus creative writing and literary club, was or- ganized in the Fall of 1947 to promote and encourage literary activity of merit on the USD cam- pus. Promoted and organized com- pletely by students, File 13 en- listed Dr Elbert Harrington and Dr. Alex Hartman as faculty ad- visers. Membership is limited to 15 students. Present membership includes David Goodman, president; Jack Howe, vice-president; Dick Pol- lard, secretary and treasurer; Ernest Bormann, librarian; Gordon Aadland, Robert Cameron, Robert Crawford, Larry Dick, Donald Brown, Frank Schleuter, Norma Jean Westre, Janet Wangsness, Ann Campbell, Irene Landkof, and Robert Temmey. 104 I 105 Hot sweaty bodies . . . shout of defiance . . . flashes of red and white cavorting in enthusiasm . . . surging forth with a last burst of speed . . . dusting off first base in a long lunging slide . . . crashing the line . . . thrashing melee of arms and legs over a fumbled ball . . . army-clad mechanical men . . . crouching . . . sighting down the gleaming barrel of a rifle . . . monotonous pumping of the cartridge . . . 106 ,-te ' en . eJ 46, " »iv anc „ Reserves «.• o P ene r; n test • ' «»ub r age en £ S .loop c ° ,- , .«- M " »- ta »y W; n r . ° r e ' l " «»» ?%£ . SMC E ■ ir.e (Jiett • ' eld ,-,. ' . a 0,6 ' " ! " « ' tra ' ' ,n • " , e pun »« ■ o« " " » rf v- »;; v t .w °e d 7-ss U i " ' o,«» ,vA W h V " , re cr A " ; " « ,l, ? t »« r ft, T «» A ,4 ' W» l , tW ' III ft A l». J 8? ' ? b ?.JV th ' r,i - • t)W " w = °„ 4 «.» l tec «• en ' 0 c " " Ae " " vZ V ' , » 6J v j o ■«■- = 66 6 yu ' k tvt ' „« " -» c°v o1 ' «3W ' % ° ait . „ m- Jn %. ' j , ' ■ 3rd Nc£ d i Red T de Sa As Coyotes Score Third ' The South n»t » Bv BUI K, » ' « ' r| nff alman at win ... " ' 5 S § .W«d of L e « " « « .• - b " in th,. (lrsf r 0 3 E- F umble.s d o»-ns to set th. earned , « " « for a , f , " " uK » t A «nln the d 1 •■ full p.,J sj , ' " •(•■ ward. h„„ Q soal- " x-ed alo ▼ «4»h 0, e stout ' " •! by w ' « lejW f " the r, ' d (t„. ate cov. • " - " r,, J riluj to kicked [J Arthur bootit b l»«lnl to : e ' os. ' Kill, ' " SO le o -» w t;? .5) c " " ora; ' " 0e » , v c «or, " 2 » » e - ,o o FOOTBALL CORCHWG STAFF Completing his eleventh season at the helm of Coyote football destiny, Head Coach Harry Gamage placed his team second in the North Central Conference and won 7 of 10 games. Gamage is a araduate of Illinois where he played guard under the great Bob Zuppke. Serving as line coach for the second straight season, Dan Len- non is the man who produced the powerful Coyote line last fall Len- non is a graduate of USD who re- turned to his alma mater to coach after a very successful coaching career in South Dakota high schools. As backfield coach for his second season, Coach Dick Richards taught his pupils the many things he learned from Lynn Waldorf at Northwestern where he was captain of his team in his last year. FOOTBALL SQUAD First row: Holter, Connors, Brown, Rist, Dofnis, Glynn, Siegel, Delfs, Bianchinni, McDonough, Day, Hooker. Second row: Groseth, Kurvink, Lawrence, Eixenberger, Arthur, Andre, Brende, Ashmore, Malone, Naasz, Mallder, Conklin, Basom. Third row: Cook, Johnson, Coutts, Krutsch, Meile, Bowden, Harvey, Tribby, Klostergaard, Houck, Lane, Head Coach Harry Gamage, Line Coach Dan Lennon. Fourth row: Adams, Schleder, Nelson, Lale, Carniglia, Kane, Becker, Isaak, Ryder, Rhinchart, and Dick Richards, backtield coach. Fifth row: Blumhardt, Van Arsdale, Bartholow, Rames, Lewis, Lowe, Hanson, Merrigan, and Lorentson. 109 mmn m South Dakota University ' s 1948 football Coyotes finished their season with a record of 7 wins in 10 games and rolled up a total of 291 points to 1 30 for their opponents. The high-scoring Coyote eleven won seven of their first eight contests before drop- ping their last two games. USD, 52; Westmar, The Coyotes opened their 1948 season in the inauguration of night football to Inman field with an easy 52 to triumph over Westmar John Law- rence and Jack Van Arsdale led the Redshirts in the opener. USD, 26; Omaha, 6 Meeting a very tough Omaha University eleven here, the Redshirts got rolling in the final half to get their second straight victory 26-6. Jim Bowden, John Lawrence, Charlie Cook, and Ronnie Brown scored for the Redshirts. Lawrence ' s slashing run- ning helped to spe ll the difference between the two teams. HHBHHHEaBfinB USD, 54; Dakota Wesleyan, With reserves doing much of the playing for the University, the Coyotes romped to their third win with a 54-0 decision over Dakota Wesleyan. USD, 39; Augustana, 13 Showing power to spare, the Redshirts opened their title defense by rolling over the pass-happy Augustana Vikings 39-13 for their fourth straight victory. The Vikings presented an ever dangerous passing attack, but the Redshirts rolled up 481 yards from their running game 10 flu ¥a USD, 7; North Dakota U, 13 The Coyotes tasted defeat for the first time at the hands of the Sioux at Grand Forks, 13-7, on a cold, windy day. The Redshirts led in the statistical department, but the Nodaks were able to punch over an extra touchdown to upset the Coyotes. USD, 14; Morningside, 7 Back on the victory trail once again, the Gamagemen squeezed by the Maroons at the Sioux Cityans ' homecoming, 14-7. With both teams showing good running attacks, the Coyote forward wall spelled the difference as they threw the Maroons back in the last half. Half-time score was 7-7. USD, 33; South Dakota State, State College Jackrabbits were the Coyotes ' Dakota Day opponents before 9,000 fans, and the Gamagemen rolled over their up-state rivals 33-0 Relying heavily on passes, two good for touchdowns, and their deceptive running attack plus a stonewall defense which allowed the Bun- nies but one first down, the Redshirts won their sixth game in seven starts. Jim Harvey and Howie Blumhardt each scored twice and Jack Van Arsdale once, to lead the Coyotes to the top-heavy Homecoming victory. USD, 41 ; North Dakota State, 6 A cold, blustery day brought the Bison to town, and the Redshirts swamped them 41 -6 after the Staters had upset the North Dakota U team a week earlier. USD, 27; Bradley, 53 A highly keyed-up Bradley University Braves football team dealt the Coyotes their second loss of the season at Peoria, Illinois. The Braves broke a 14-14 half-time tie when they scored three times in the third period to romp to a 53-27 win. Jack Van Arsdale scored three times for the Red- shirts and played an outstanding game. Two fumbles and a poor punt were costly for the Coyotes in the fateful third period. USD, 0; Marquette, 32 Arriving late for the game because of a tram break-down, and minus Head Coach Gamage, fullback Howie Blumhardt, and halfback Jim Bowden, the Coyotes were defeated by a win- hungry Marquette University Hilltopper eleven 32-0 at Milwaukee, Wisconsin, A terrific second-half defensive battle put up by the Redshirts, who trailed at half-time 32-0, saved an even worse defeat. The Coyotes could never get rolling against their heavily favored opponents who hit pay-dirt five times during the first half, but could not muster the punch again against the fighting Redshirt eleven. Gerald Krutsch, a senior from Hot Springs and an All- Conference tackle this year was elected as captain of the 1948 Coyotes. Krutsch was outstanding in both his offen- sive and defensive playing. The Coyotes placed three men on the North Central All -Conference team: Howie Blumhardt, fullback; Jim Harvey, end; and Gerald Krutsch, tackle. Blumhardt won scoring honors with 44 points, closely followed by Jack Van Arsdale with 42. Van coupled his passing ability with his running to snare total offense laurels with 673 yards. 11 FRES HfTI Efl ERD SEHSOD UnDEFERTED Front row, left to right: Holter, Ryder, Day, Siegel, Delfs, B onchini, McDonough, Hooker. Middle row: Johnson, Eixen- berger, Nelson, Basom, Brende, Ashmore, Naasz, Klostergaard, Mallder. Back row: Coach Richards, Groseth, Becker, Tribby, Schleder, Hanson, Rhinehart, Isaak, Conklin, Coach Lennon. An undefeated season went into the books for Coach Dan Lennon ' s 1948 freshman football squad, which won 6 consecutive games. The Pups played a round-robin schedule with the State, Augus- tana, and Morningside " B " squads. The high scoring Pups chalked up a total of 132 points in 6 wins while holding their opponents to 44. Highest point total for the season was in the Augustana game when the yearlings won 47-0. The other wins were over State 44-0 and 12-6; Morningside 33-12 and 20-19; and Augustana 26-7. Leading the attack for the freshman team last fall were two speedy tailbacks, Bill Basom and Spence Brende. Up front, the Pups were tough with their 200 pound forward wall which held op- ponents to a minimum of yardage. Brende and Basom paced the scoring parade as Basom garnered seven touchdowns and Brende scored four while passing for two more. 112 MHBBBHB H ■■M BASKETBALL Although Howard Connors is a member of the mathematics department at the University, he assisted Coach Hoy with varsity basketball. He has served as track coach for the past two seasons where he has turned out outstanding teams. Dean of North Central coaches, Rube Hoy has been at the University for 23 years. Besides serving as Athletic Director, Rube also is head basketball coach. Hoy is a graduate of the Uni- versity. ?JffM P " l J$ . J?.; r Front row, left to right: Wayne Rausch, Benny Staebner, John Dietendorf, Dale Roberts, Phil Helgerson, Earl Dean. Back row: Assistant Cooch Howard Connors, Tex Hoy, Kenneth McRoden, Dick Day, Harvey Hanson, Harry Carleton, Don Dwight, Coach Rube Hoy. 113 Wayne Teachers opened the basketball season by falling to the Hoymen 59-43 in a very ragged and poorly played contest. Johnny Diefendorf and Tex Hoy paced the Redshirts to their victory with 15 and 1 1 points. In their annual invasion of Iowa, the Coyotes met the Drake University Bulldogs at Des Moines and Iowa State Teachers College at Cedar Falls. Drake became the first team to top the Hoymen, and the Bulldogs de- feated the Redshirts 52-39. The Hoymen trailed throughout the contest and threatened only once. Dick Day and Diefendorf led the way for the Coyotes with 9 and 8 points respectively. In the opening game of North Central play, the Hoymen dropped a 60-46 game to the future and defending champion Iowa State Teachers five at Cedar Falls. The Hoymen could not hold all-conference Walt Kochneff in check, and the burly center dropped in 24 points. Again on the road, the Coyotes traveled to St. Louis to meet the 1948 National Champions, the St. Louis Billikens. The Bills powered over the Hoymen 67-42 after the Hoymen had held them to a 27-20 half-time margin. The Coyotes moved on to Detroit to meet the Lawrence Tech Blue Devils, and they were dumped 55-51. Excessive fouling cost the Redshirts victory as each team hit for 21 field goals. Diefendorf scored 18 points for the Coyotes. The Hoymen got back on the victory trail with a 46-37 conquest of Dubuque University in their last game of the pre-holiday season The Coyotes trailed 16-14 at half-time as both teams were very cold, but the last half of the game warmed up considerably as the Redshirts outscored their opponents 32-21 to ice the game. 114 After the Christmas Holidays the Coyotes scored their second victory in a row by defeating Northern State Teachers 59-43. The Wolves kept close for three quarters, but in the final period the Redshirts spurted to victory. Diefendorf bucketed 15 points. In their second invasion into North Central play, the Hoymen again took it on the chin, this time by the Morningside Maroons, 60-49. Sixty fouls were called, 35 on the Coyotes. With Diefendorf having one of his unstoppable nights, scoring 29 points, the Coyotes blasted the Augustana Vikings 71-53 to score their first North Central win. In one of the best games on the Armory maples, the Redshirts beat a good North Dakota U team 56-51. Dief sparked the scoring with 18 counters. The Coyotes lost their last non-conference game to Nebraska, the Big Seven champs, 72-50. Trailing only 38-33 at the half, the Hoymen could not hold the blistering pace the final half. Dief garnered 17 points against the tall Cornhuskers. Dropping their only home game of the season on the Armory hardwoods, the Coyotes lost to the Bison from North Dakota State 56-51. Diefendorf hit 17 po:nts. The loop-leading Morningside Maroons were blasted out of first place by an inspired University quintet and fell before the Coyote attack 65-48. The Redshirts built on their lead in the last half and the Maroons were never in the game. Augustana Vikings gained ample revenge for their lacing in Vermillion as they dumped the Hoymen 62-58 in a thriller at the Coliseum in Sioux Falls The Vikings recovered from a 28-22 half-time deficit and raced by the Coyotes in the final half. The last game on the road again proved a snag for the Coyotes as their arch-rival, State College, squeezed out a 53-52 win at Brookings. The Hoymen probably asked, " Wuz we robbed? " after the game, as dubious officiating plagued them in the second half The return match with State proved to be as thrilling as the first game. But this time the University came through with a 58-54 win. After the Coyotes controlled the game for the first three quarters, a desperate last quarter rally brought the Rabbits to near victory. Leading by 15 to 20 points throughout the third quarter, the Hoymen ran into a blistering last ditch rally by the Jack Frost men. Outstanding individual performer for the season was Diefendorf who scored 239 points for the season for a 14 9 game average. He was also runner-up in North Central scoring with 153 points in nine games for a 17 point average. The only seniors lost to next year ' s squad are Wayne Rausch and Benny Staebner, both forwards. FRESHmnn basketball Front row, left to right: Bob Sullivan, Tom Unker, Ross Conklin, Jerry Ashmore, Spence Brende. Back row: Coach Dan Lennon, Bob Bauer, Larry Johnson, Charles Matson, Maurice Rowlings, Mel Heer, Gene Cassels, Assistant Coach John Rothbun. Coach Dan Lennon ' s Pups wrapped up their season by trouncing South Dakota State 58 to 42 for their ninth victory in 10 starts. The only club to defeat the Pups this season was the Western Battery quintet of Sioux City, Iowa. Single victories were chalked up over Wayne Teachers " B, " National Business Training of Sioux City, and the Lake Andes Indees. The Mormngside, Augustana, and State " B " teams were de- feated twice each. Bob Sullivan, Harnsburg, racked up 134 points in 10 games to top the Pups in scoring, and Mel Heer of Menno was second with 128. The rest of the scoring was qurte evenly distributed with Larry Johnson getting 44; Spence Brende, 41 ; Bud Matson, 37; Jerry Ashmore, 32; Harvey Hanson, 31 ; Tom Unker, 15; Bill Boyd, 12; Bob Bauer, 12; Vic Bianchmi, 11 ; Gene Cassels, 8; and Maurice Rawlings, 6. The team scored 51 1 points during the season to their opponents 396. Dan Lennon, a former great here at the University, did the fine coaching of the Pups, and was assisted by John Rathbun. The members of the team were Bob Sullivan, Larry Johnson, Mel Heer, Spence Brende, Bud Matson, Jerry Ashmore, Harvey Hanson, Tom Unker, Bill Boyd, Bob Bauer, Gene Cassels, and Maurice Rawlings. 117 1 TRflChS The sprint medley team has an equally impressive record, being undefeated in all starts. Running in the team were Fingerhut, Coutts, Bowden, and Holter. They lowered the old record at the Corn Palace 12 seconds, making the mark 3:37.4. The medley team swept on to two more victories at Sioux City and Dakota Relays with a 3:38 in both. The 440 relay team of Bowden, Welter, Patno, and Coutts also did some fast running, knocking down a first at the Corn Palace, but they fell behind at the Da- kota Relays for a third place. They turned in some very good times, all above average for a college team, ranging from 43 to 42. The mile relay boys, Fingerhut, Holter, Patno, and Bowden also had their share of gold medals, winning at Sioux City with a 3:29 and at the Dakota Relays with a fast 3:26.7. The University held its own in all the individual open events. Connors ' cmdermen dominated the sprints and hurdles. Coutts and Welter took turns winning the cen- tury with Coutts also placing in all 220 ' s. Krutsch represented the Coyotes in the weights, and Harvey and Welter ran the hurdles. 118 The South Dakota thinclads ran up another record breaking season with Howard Connors at the helm. The most impressive of the relay teams was the un- defeated 880 relay which broke records at every meet. Bowden, Welter, Patno, and Coutts comprised the team that took four seconds off the state record and turned in the fast time of 1 :38.8 at the Corn Palace Relays. They again broke the S:oux City Relay record. BRSEBRLL A N- — tO " ' - ■■- f) J ; iL, ' «™iJ; ' ' Kai, J Son, , ' • ' - gf. j£j Ijfc (S i ; , p ' - " - ' 1)61 - • itfi ' V fr % ; 0» " M ' , fr«- " tL Ll ' 1 i ; ' or . Front row, left to right: Wetzeler, Englehordt, Amocher, Dolan, Benson, Polensky, J. Starkey. Bock row: Boin, C. Staebner, Koupal, B. Staebner, Rausch, Steitzer, Doyle, Brown, and Student Manager Bob Wood. Coach Jack The Coyote Baseball Nine was under the tutelage of Jack Bain, a recent graduate of the University. Besides tending to his baseball duties he was also on instructor of speech. The Coyotes opened their season here in Vermillion by pushing across a marker in their half of the ninth to squeeze by Westmar Col ' ege 6-5. Don Benson and Leo Palensky shared the mound duties for the Coyotes, and, between them, allowed only three hits. The Coyotes got ten hits with a home run by Joe Starkey. Taking advantage of the South Dakota errors, Omaha U. defeated the Coyotes 1 1 -6. Staebner and Holstead were on the mound for the Coyotes but could not control the hard-hitting Omaha teom Jimmy Doyle, the Coyote second baseman, got three hits on four trips to the plate. Getting their second victory in three starts, the Coyote nine out-hit the Bueno Vista team to win 6-4 behind the excellent pitching of Staebner and Palensky. Doyle and Starkey were the big guns for the Coyotes, each getting three hits. Playing their first game away, (Jumped the Buena Vista nine 8-6. the Coyotes again Palensky started on the mound and was relieved by Staebner in the sixth. Rausch laid out a two-run homer to put the game on ice in the seventh. Invading the Morningside Bass Field, the Coyotes re- ceived their second setback of the season by losing to the Maroons 14-8. The Coyotes paraded four pitchers to the mcund in order to stop the hard hitting Moroons, but they were still unable to succeed. South Dakota State was next on the Coyotes ' win list when the Coyotes set back the Jackrabbits at Prentis Park by a score of 9-3. The battery was Palensky and Carlson. The last game with State wos rained out. Starkey, Rausch, M.olstad, and Doyle led the hitting column with Palensky, Benson ond Staebner carrying the mound duties. Carlson did a fine job of catching for the team. The team consisted of Doyle, 2b; Staebner, 2b, rf; Koupal, rf, Rausch, ss; Starkey, If; Wetzeler, rf, Englehardt, lb. Amacher, lb. Brown, 3b; Carlson, c, p; Stoebner, p; Leo Palensky, p; Benson, p; Dolan, c; Steitzer, If, c; Molsfad, cf; Bob Wood, Manager. 119 inTRnmuRRL sports Intra-mural sports got off to a great start this year with honors and trophies being well dis- tributed among the many fraternities and in- dependent teams Last spring it was the Phi Delts and Lambda Chi ' s playing in the championship game for the baseball title, with the Phi Delts winning a tight game. In the annual track meet, it was the Delts out in front with Van Arsdale setting the pace. The SAE ' s were second. In the boxing meet, which was the first staged here in many years, it was the SAE ' s edging out the Lambda Chi ' s. Jerry Conlon of the SAE ' s was given the sportsmanship trophy. The Beta ' s captured the swimming championship, taking top honors in most of the events. After winning the swimming meet, the Beta ' s teamed up and took the golf championship. In volleyball it was the SAE ' s taking first place and the trophy. Coming back to the University this fall it was " tough " football in the limelight. The champion- ship was never determined as the games were in- terrupted by cold weather, but the Phi Delts were yet to be defeated. The handball championship was won by Ken Andree of SAE after defeating Jack Van Arsdale of the Delts in the championship game. Basketball really took top honors of the year with the Phi Delts defeating the SAE ' s in the championship play-off two of three games. The Phi Delts and the Beta ' s were entered in the AAU tournament in Sioux City, Iowa. Jim Bowden of the Lambda Chi team was high point scorer of the year. The all intra-mural team picked by the coaches are as follows: " Turk " Tarver, Phi Delta Theta; Jim Bowden, Lambda Chi Alpha; Charlie Cook, Beta Theta Pi; Gerald Krutsch, Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Ken Andree, Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Jack Van Arsdale, Delta Tau Delta; Don Messerli, Alpha Tau Omega, and Vic Bianchini, Phikeia ' s. Bowling became a great intra-mural sport this year and had a great many participants. The champion- ship for the first session was taken by the " University Cleaners. " Intra-mural sports are swiftly becoming more and more popular as the teams become better and better. This year great crowds turned out for almost all the games in every sporting event. 120 . H. n. Bock row, left to right: Kay Danker, Hilde- gard Elges, Geneva Tiemeyer, Mary Amacher, Rita Lorenz, Maurine Duling, Miss Mary Peninger, Connie Corcoran, Juliette Phillips, Jean Groethe, Paula Groethe, Paula Grosz, Shirley Begeman. Second row: Miss Bobby Lyon, Marian Emerson, Joan Peterson, Sally Brown, Marilyn Hecker, Patricia Muth, Alice Happe, Loretta Budd, Ramona Fiksdal, Jac- queline Jaquith, Alice Neyens. Front row: Catherine Cotton, Norma Reeder, Mary Mc- Bride, Mary Lee Cranston, Barbara Bolstad, Miss Leonard, Vivian Hole, Anne Locke, Betty Lou Sweany, Phyllis Duitsman. The Women ' s Athletic Association of the University has completed their well-planned schedule for the 1948- 49 school year. Their activity program included a Dakota Day float, an archery contest, a tennis club, a hiking club, a " jeans party, " and baseball, volleyball, and basketball tournaments. The teams that entered the basketball tourney were the Alpha Phi ' s, Chi Omega ' s, Pi Phi ' s, Theta ' s, East Hall, Dakota Hall, and the physical education majors. The groups competed for the Roy C. Davis Basketball trophy presented to W.A.A. last spring. This year ' s trophy was won by the physical education majors. The officers of W A A. are Barbara Bolstad, president; Dorothy Holmes, vice-president; Dorothy Olson, secretary; Mary Lee Cranston, recording secretary; and Phyllis Johnson, editor. The Dolphins swimming club spon- sored the swimming hours for mixed groups and formed the Dolphmette Club. Plans are being made for a water carnival which will feature a water ballet routine and swim formations. Work in the Dolphmette Club serves as a prerequisite for member- ship in the Dolphin Club. Dolphin officers are Alice Happe, president; Jacqueline Jaquith, vice- president; Mona Fiksdal, secretary- treasurer. 121 Back row, left to right: Jean Groethe, Poula Grosz, Betty Lou Sweany, Sally Brown, Maurine Duling, Ramona Fiksdal, Alice Happe, Rita Lorenz, Catherine Cotton, Vivian Hole. Front row: Juliette Phillips, Jacqueline Jaquith, Miss Lyon, Anne Locke, Pat Muth, Connie Corcoran, Phyllis Duitsman. ■■ma VflRSETTES • i ilij-.i 1 111.1.9 Back row, left to right: Joby Tillotscn, Letha Lou Larson, Kathleen Dougherty, Susan Smith, Pat Nissen, Georgio Egan, Arlene Leaders, Jean Geppert, Helen Moore, Delores Roberts, Mono Fiksdal, Joanne Kriegcr, Alverta Reifel, Eclila Junc ' t, Sally Kenaston. Second row: Mary Lou Drey, Lois Kofmehl, Joanne Jennings, Joan Starkey, Diane Walter, Phyllis Johnson, Doris Gruenewald, Betty McNeely, Delores Kempter, Margaret Menke, Mary Ann Volmer, Mary Jane Collins, Jean Peterson. Front row: Dorothy Haight, Lois Davis, Jody Marion, Inadoll Cruickshank, Ann Campbell, Corol Rees, Joan Osman, Collett? Brady, Jean Van Arsda ' e, Mary Lee Cranston, Marjorie Lynch, Eloise Rogers. CHEERLEADERS Cheerleaders this year were chosen on a com- petitive basis. Those who served on the squad were: Capta ' n Alice Happe, Georgia Strohmaier, Betty Lou Sweany, Mary McBride, Robert Clough, and Dck Bredenberg These six, identified by their red and white uniforms and snappy yells, energetic- ally cheered the Coyotes at all athletic events. Those pictured are Dick Bredenberg, Mary Mc- Bride, and Robert Clough. 22 miLITHRY DEPflRTfTlEnT The ROTC detachment at the University was established in 1918 as a part of the nation ' s security program. Since that time it has been training reserve officers for the army, and during the past war it proved its value by readying thousands of young men throughout the nation for service as officers in the United States Army. The basic course, re- quired of all freshman and sophomore non-veteran males, consists of two hours of class work and one hour of drill weekly. If chosen, the cadet may continue for two additional years, taking four class hours plus the weekly drill. At the completion of four satisfactory academic years, including attendance at one six-week summer camp period, the cadet is commissioned a second lieutenant in the Army Reserve Corps. 123 Colonel Thomas W. Roane entered the army in 1918 after attending the Vir- ginia Military Institute, and worked his way from a lieutenant to his present rank which he attained in 1944. The colonel served in the Philippines as an armored officer during the recent war and was assigned to the University in October, 1948, as Professor of Military Science and Tactics. Colonel Roane is a staunch supporter of the ROTC program and is quoted as saying, " I think it is the big- gest asset for security we have, and it has proved its worth and value to the country. " Maior William F. Gleason, a graduate of West Point, has served eight years in the army. During the war Major Gleason saw action in France, Austria, and Germany, re- ceiving a citation for outstanding service in counter intelligence work. Following the war, Major Gleason served at Fort Leaven- worth, Kansas and with the 65th Infantry Division at 3rd Army Headquarters. The major, assigned here in October, 1947, is the executive officer for the Military De- partment at the University. Major Gleason also teaches military tactics and organiza- tion of the United States Army. Warrant Officer Ray A. Dixon ' s service record begins back in 1936, when he enlisted in the regular army, after attending business college. Since that time Mr. Dixon has served two tours of duty at the University. His first tour was from March, 1942, until April, 1944, returning here in November, 1945. Dur- ing his absence from the University he served at the Boston Port of Embarka- tion and at a separation center in Atter- bury, Indiana. Mr. Dixon was promoted to his present rank from that of master sergeant in December, 1948. 124 SERGEHnTS Enlisted personnel in the ROTC department ore: M Sgt. Paul V. Griffin, M Sgt. John J. McGrath and Sgt. George H. Carter. BflTTRLIOn STAFF Battalion staff officers in the ROTC department. Front row, left to right, Marlon Wilson, Aberdeen; John Brooks, Sioux Falls; and Dan McNeil, Mont- rose. Back row, left to right, Richard Doone, Sioux Falls; Duane Peterson, Sioux Falls; and Walter Johnson, Irene. 125 IBBHBB £sLr£f£r£s. t-r . A i 4 • ! fl Frcnt row, left to right: Bredenberg, Wyant, Schmidt, McDermott, Fowler, Glanzer. Seccnd row: Mottson, Coacher, Dobberpuhl, Nordquist, Cornell, Eilers, Kueny. Third row: Mclgaard, Oos, Col- vin, Brantner, Roy, Harris, Nelson. Front row, left to right: Lt. Botterman, Hopkins, Wherle, Peschel, Lossegard, Gel- ford, Mogck. Second row: Lt. Clough, Seemalker, Wold, Battey, Welch, Findley, Gunderson. Third row: Copt. Krueger, Lt. Anderson, Kandaris, Harris, Parmley, Lehan, Kortmeyer, Bliss. B Front row, left to right: Ericson, Durrick, Matson, Roberts, Bethke, Flannery, Andre, Hogencamp. Second row: Drenkhahn, Shaw, Green, Bauch, Lien, Wiest, Bloe- mendahl, Kurch, Turner, Horstman. Third row: Cook, Lokken, Ronsdahl, Bau- mann, Hawkins, Johnson. 126 I Front row, left to right: Thompson, But ton, H. Johnson, Gaman, McCoy, E. John son, Grieves, Cahoy, Diefendorf, Lt. Mc Cullen. Second row: Artichoker, Eibert C. Anderson, Cassels, Meidenger, Collins Dewald, W. Johnson, Copt. Peters, Lt Crowlie. Third row: Lorkin, Mehlhaf Boltzcr, Brandenbcrg, Allmendinger, Lar son, Tank, Linc ' strom, Lt. Buchanan, Lt Fingerhut. £s£m lifirfo C Frcnt row, left to right: Hottman, Carver, Scott, Macy, McKusick, Halverson, Brondt, Seaman. Second row: Hole, Fenske, Smidt, Cornelius, Wilson, Two Hawk, Phipps, Heck. Third row: Vellek, Bal com, Howell, Schuknecht, Clapp, Carey, Simonson, Brantner. «(: 1 jfaii Front row, left to right: Norman, Schlies- man, Eliott, Kunstle, Gribben, Lt. Penor. Second row: Bryant, Spinar, Poula, Ryken, Carlson, Lt. Hurley. Third row: Reaney, Staum, Walker, Hurley, Capt. McNeil. 127 1 Back row, left to right: Eloise Rogers, Joan Pearson, Carol Quinn, Shirley Van Ferney, Ruth Kallemeyn, Delores Kemp- ter, Mary Lee Folk, Pat Bauer. Front row: Phyllis Duitsman, Janet Wangsness, Shirley Ellis, Carolyn Cowles, Caroline Jack- us, Norma Jean Westre, Mary Ann Lyons, Cloricie Visser. Guidon, honorary auxiliary to Scabbard and Blade, was founded on the University campus in 1926 Since its found- ing, Guidon has spread to seven other colleges and has become o national organization. Selection for Guidon is one of the greatest thrills that can come to a sophomore girl. She is selected on a basis of scholarship, activities, leadership, character, general campus standing, and interest in military affairs. The purposes of Guidon are to foster a more active interest in military affairs, to provide on organization dedicated to campus service, and to develop a type of leadership that will help to guide the nation. National officers of Guidon are Colonel Phyllis Duitsman, Lt. Colonel Claricie Visser, Major Carolyn Cowles, and Na- tional Editor Norma Jeon Westre. Local officers include Captain Phyllis Duitsman, 1st Lt. Claricie Visser, 2nd Lt. Carolyn Cowles, 1st Sgt. Caroline Jackus, and Company Clerk Norma Jeon Westre. Girls pledged at this year ' s Military Ball are Ann Campbell, Inadoll Cruickshank, Jean Geppert, Doloris Jackus, Irene Landkof, Betty McNeeley, Lois Milliken, and Janet Swab. Scabbard and Blade, notional honorary military fraternity, was reactivated at the University on December 10, 1948. The local chapter did not function during the war and was reorganized by the chapter at South Dakota State College. The officers elected by the eleven fourth year military mem- bers are John Brooks, president ; Carl Krueger, vice-president; Bob Clough, secretary; and Jim Bowden, treasurer. The purpose of the organization is to better relations be- tween the military department and the rest of the stu- dent body. At the regular meetings plans are discussed for Front row, left to right: Bowden, Brooks, Krueger, Clough, Doane. Back row: Fingerhut, Peterson, Holter, Steele, Mc- Neil. SCABBARD BLADE the accomplishment of this purpose. Much of the work this year was in the setting up of by-laws for the local chapter and general reorganizing. Ten men were pledged on March 18 from the third year military class. These men were chosen on the basis of scholar- ship and activity in the military department. Scabbard and Blade members were active in planning and presenting the 25th annual Military Ball and also in the initiation of Guidon. Now that the chapter is reactivated their activities on campus will become more noticeable to the student body. 129 HOnORHRY COLOnEL PHYLLIS DUITSIDAI) 130 HORORnRY R DJ UTH HT - LOIS VRn DEmflRK 131 ■yHM The USD equivalent of Mardi Gras, when the winter social season reaches its climax, is the annual Military Ball This year the silver anniversary of the ball was observed. Ma|or Gleason and special student committees began plans for the big event early in the fall. The usual negotiations for a " name band " were made with the usual cancellations and offers of substitutions. Not to be pushed around, the committee stuck by their guns and successfully engaged Larry Clinton ' s well known " Dipsy Doodle " orchestra for the event. General committee chairman for the ball was Dan McNeil, and Don Steele, business manager. Other committee heads: Dan Wermers, decorations; James Bowden, ceremonies; Pat Chedel, orchestra; John Brooks, receiving; Bob Buchanan, invitations; Bob Clough, pub- licity; Karlton Peters, programs; and Vernal Holter, uniforms. miLITHRY BALL r Top: With pomp and ceremony the identity of the Honorary Colonel and Adjutant is revealed at the ball. Ball Chair- man Dan McNeil at right with Honorary Adjutant Lois Van Demork, and Cadet Colonel John Brooks with Phyllis Duits- man, Honorary Colonel. Right: At tea dance preceding the ball, ROTC cadets select candidates for honorary colonel. Bottom right: Hush of expectancy prevails as the identity of honorary colonel is about to be revealed. Bottom left: The ball is under way. I High-stepping majorette followed by waves of blaring chords . . . huddling on cold cement absorbed in the movements of tiny blotches of color . . . cramming over endless pages . . . relax- ing in a blue haze of smoke . . . bickering in a friendly bull- session . . . grabbing a quick cup of precipitated colored water at Mike ' s ... the sword and shield ... the kite .. . the arrow ... the cross ... the rusty dusty " two seaters " at the local cowboy haven ... the hazy forms of dancers and the meaning- less jumble of voices at the " Vars " . . . petty jealousies . . the pungent odor of delicate corsages ... the hoop-lah of Dakota Day ... the memory of a kiss that lingers . . . ' 134 Dakota Day of 1948 was one of the most memor- able days of the year to the students and alumni of the University. It was the day that Carolyn Cowles of Flandreau was crowned Miss Dakota; the day that the University beat State; the day that Kappa Alpha Theta had the most beautiful float, and Alpha Phi had the most original float; the day that Delta Tau Delta for the second straight year won first place in the house-decoration contest; and the day that all the organized houses held open house for alums and friends. Phyllis Duitsman, Claricie Visser, Arlette Wehde, and Norma Jean Westre were at- tendants to Miss Cowles. The thrill of the day was when the University beat its old rival, South Dakota State, by the overwhelming score of 33-0. Yes, Dakota Day, 1948, will be long remembered for having a fine parade, an exciting foot- ball game, and a beautiful coronation ceremony. 135 miSS DHHOTH - CHROLYn COUJLES 136 Adjudged as the most beautiful float in the Dakota Day parade was the entry by Kappa Alpha Theta sorority (top right). Depicting several large orchids in a completely enclosed cellophane box, the float carried the caption " Orchids to U " In contrast to the semi -balmy weather on Da- kota Day was the Alpha Phi sorority float (below right) with its wintry theme Complete with huge snowman and cotton snowballs, which two lovely coeds threw at the crowd lining the streets, the float won first prize as the most original in the parade. More than 20,000 visitors watched the annual parade with its 60 entries. Eight bands, including six visiting high schools in addition to the Univer- sity and State college groups, added to the color of the mile- long street event. Over 2,000 people witnessed the coronation cere- monies as Miss Cowles received the crown from Student Body president Ted Dolney, and ascended the throne to begin her 30-hour reign over Dakota Day. DAKOTA DAY HIGHLIGHTS Halftime festivities at the Dakota Day football game included the scene pictured at the right. Student Body president Ted Dolney and University president I. D Weeks are congratu- lating the beautiful Miss Cowles for winning the Miss Dakota title. Miss Cowles saw the end of a perfect reign when the Coyotes slashed the State college Jackrabbits 33-0. 137 irKl ItT " iSfi r LUNCHMCATs ing A AM ,4 tPfi i teL i mjg Delta Tau Delta ' s " Coyote Lunchmeat " won the Chamber of Commerce traveling trophy for the second consecutive year. Honor- able mentions went to the SAE ' s and the Beta ' s. The symbol of State College — the Bummobile — appeared on the University campus a few days be- fore Dakota Day — in the posses- sion of the SAE ' s ' Arrangements were made for the Hobo day royalty to parade in the thing on D-Day, but in the interests of law and order the plan was discarded. Later an exchange was made — the farmers from State got back their Bummobile and the SAE ' s re- ceived in return some long lost fraternity paraphernalia. 139 IHE GREER YEAR These pictures as arranged throughout the feature tell the story of the average freshman male animal at the University. He is pictured going through the ordeal of registration, which includes seeing his adviser, taking his medical exam, procur- ing his uniform for R.O.T.C, and receiving advice from the personnel director. After registration the yearling begins ad|ustmg himself to University life. This may include pledging a fraternity as our typical freshman has done. The first year student soon learns that study is placed above all other activities. But there is ample time for pleasant diversions. The freshman, as pictured here, attends the movies, and later em- ploys great boldness by getting a date for a week- end night. 141 FIRST DAYS In the spring of 1948 an eagerly awaited day finally arrived for high school seniors throughout the country On this day one senior, Harry Faber, tacked a diploma on h.s bedroom wall and with a minimum of ceremony pronounced the date as In- dependence Day. Yes, after four years Harry had graduated from high school. It was not long before Harry realized definite plans for the future must be made. He sought counsel from his parents and knowing friends. 142 WTO THE BREACH In a short while a conclusion was reached and with the honest belief that he was tak- ing the right step toward a more secure future, Harry began to prepare for college. But should he go to State college or the University? That was the question The problem was quickly settled: he v.sited toth campuses — and chose, naturally, the University. 143 ■■■■IM Summer passed and school doors ner- vously awaited the students who would climb the academic steps of intellectual curiosity and knowledge. Harry arrived filled with awe and ex- pectation, and a little apprehension. He sensed an entirely different atmosphere than that which he had experienced in high school. This new life had a loose- ness about it which strongly appealed to him. It produced his first feeling of in- dependence, and created within him the initiative and incentive to successfully formulate and further his education. Thousands of other students through- out the country felt the same as Harry. That fall day constituted the beginning of a new life, present and future, for the college freshmen. 1 144 miSS VRRITY FRIR - mHRGHRET ffl H L n E 145 _ .. , MARGARET " MARGY " MALONE " If eyes were mode for seeing, Then Beauty is its own excuse for being — Emerson Miss Vanity Fair is a little Irish gal from Sioux City, Iowa. So Irish, in fact, that the temptation is to coll her " Molly " instead of " Morgy. " She is 21 years old, five feet three inches tall and weighs 110 pounds. As for figures on the figure, she is a 33 -23-34. She has dark brown hair, rather disconcerting blue eyes, and an unusually fair complexion. Her skin is of a you-wanta-touch-it smoothness. When she speaks, one almost forgets to keep looking, for her voice is a low, vibrant contralto, the kind you feel as well as hear. When laughter comes, as it does frequently, it is in the same key. In foods she favors the unusual combination cf cream puffs and asparagus. She likes music, doncing, Peter Lawford, Humphrey Bogart, and tailored suits. She prefers men who are tall, medium slender, ond dark. Margy is majoring in home economics and hopes to teach it some day. If beauty is as beauty does, Margy will go far. 146 Beauty at its best was on review when the annual Vanity Fair contest was held in the fall. The event, sponsored by the Coyote, takes place each year to determine the four most beautiful co-eds on the University campus. Fourteen girls, nominated by their respective sororities and dormitories, competed for the honors. Margaret Malone, |unior from Sioux City, was named Miss Vanity Fair. Vanity Fairs selected in ad- dition to Miss Malone were Joan Pearson, Webster, junior; Geraldine Granberg, Hot Springs, freshman; and Patricia Potter, Huron, senior. Other contestants (pictured on these pages ' were Norma Reeder, Kay Siedschlag, Virginia Perman, Ruth Hallock, Marilyn Starr, Joan Marple, Janet Wangsness, Shirley Hansen, Delorez West, and Mary Borgen. Judges for the contest were the president and vice- president of the Independent Student association and the presidents of the various fraternities. y 147 " Her eyes as stars of twilight fair, Like twilight ' s, too, her dusky hair. " — Wordsworth Pot was not available for an interview, so much of this material is the result of concentrated staring, and is gleaned from memory. We won ' t try to give the vitol statistics for feor of the injustice the slightest error would cause. Pat, as she is, is striking. If memory serves, Pat is a slender gal with black hair, olive-tinted complexion, brown eyes, firm chin, and a delicate, graceful neck. Her smile is the thing. It flashes frequently. Pat, who is from Huron and is a member of the Kappa Alpha Thcta sorority, is now at o girl ' s school in Rockford, III. Seems a shame to waste all that chorm on women. VRR1TY FRIR PRTRIC1R POTTER 149 A lovely lody, garmented in light From her own beauty. " — Shelley One might call her " Geri, " " the sweet Swede from Hot Springs. " She is five feet six and cne-half inches tall, weighs 138 pounds, and was 19 years old on the rjoy of the Vanity Fair judging. She is a member of Pi Beta Phi sorority. Her eyes ore blue, and always seem to be crinkling with the promise of approaching laughter. She has the traditionally fair complexion of the Swede with skin soft and smooth and clear. " Geri " once wonted to be a lighthouse I not light-house I keeper, but now, in all honesty, she admits an interest in marriage. She likes music, fried shrimp, cherry pie a la mode, Van Johnson, and sentimental poetry. She would like her man of the future to be tall and fair. Her favorite clothes ore tailored suits and soft, vividly colored wools. Of college men, she soys, " Prefcroble. " 150 VRHITY FRIR GERRLDIRE GRflnBERG 151 JOAN PEARSON " Such beauty is the rarest gift Bestowed by God on few. " — Anon Joon is 21 years old, weighs 112 pounds, and is five feet ond five inches tall. For vital statistics, her measurements are 32-24-34. She is a Norwegian from Webster and is a member of Kappa Alpha Theta sorority. Starting at the top, her hair is a light shade — almost blond, eyes — blue with a pixyish gleom, skin — fair ond temptmg, nose — slightly pug, smile — whole- hearted and friendly, teeth — just irregular enough to be charming, and chin — lightly cleft. Her expressive features enable her to show the thoughts she is putting into words, but it is her voice that captures her mood. Light, best suited to express delight, it is also well-modulated ond pleasant. She got around to the question of men by naming such people as Lourence Olivier, Bob Hooe, Thomas Dewey, Li ' l Abner, and Jimmy Stewart. Her ideal would be easy to talk to and have a sense of humcr. She likes shrimp, steaks, sports, reading, tailored suits, music, and dancing. 152 VflniTY FR1R JOH n PEflRSOn 153 STROLLERS Among the eleven charter members are several names well known today — Governor of Mead, Director of Education, Pacific Area, U. S. Territory; Robert Dean, Manager of radio sta a prominent attorney in Belle Fourche. The Strollers of 1948-49 ore headed by Ben Viedt as president; Bob Fell, vice-president The active membership includes William " Bucky " Anderson, Bill Porter, Ted Mallder, Martin ' Steve Kahler, Mike O ' Connor, Hal Eisland, Joe Langston, Thomas " Torchy " Bies, Ted Dolney, ford ond Lorry Dick. Up through the year 1924, when Strollers was formed, the Athletic Vaudeville was put on each spring; the YWCA presented their annual " all girl show " ; and the " Mask Wig " gave their play of the year. But in April of 1924, eleven men, " in order to foster, maintain and promote the dramatic talent among the men students at the University of South Dakota, " formed themselves into the organization known as the Strollers. Eventually they took over the pro- duction of the shows of the three aforementioned groups. In 1925 the Strollers put the first " all male " show on the campus and gradually this de- veloped into the competitive group shows as we know Strollers now. In 1928 the Strollers decided they had to do something big so they hired a Broadway dance director, Busby Berkley, bought the rights to the stage play " Good News, " named it " JUST IMAGINE, " held tryouts, selected the talent, staged the show, and came off with a big success. " JUST IMAGINE " played not only several nights in Vermillion but was put on the road and played at Sioux Falls and Sioux City. Nothing of this sort has been attempted since then, mainly because of the tremendous cost. South Dakota George Mickelson; E A. tion KOTA, Rapid City; and J. C. Smiley, and Darrell Haye, secretary-treasurer. Prexy " Weeks, Jim Hegert, Bob Clough, Dale Sargeant, Don Jacobsen, Bob Craw- SIUDEOT " I ' ll meet you at the Coop " has become virtually a by- word on campus. As the focal point for nearly all campus activities, the South Dakota Union provides meeting rooms and recreation facilities for students and faculty alike. In addition to the Co-operative Store on the first floor, the Union building also houses the offices for University publications and studios of the University radio station KUSD. Following the remodeling of the Coop, including in- stallation of new fountain equipment, most important ad- dition to the Union during the past year was the opening of the new game room on fourth floor The second floor lounges provide suitable rooms for formal dances sponsored by various organized groups. In co- operation with A.W.S the Union directors plan an annual Mardi Gras, Pictured below are Milt Carlson and Mary Kay Dake who were elected by attending couples to reign over the 1949 Mardi Gras. 156 Pictures starting above and clockwise: The guiding force behind all Union build- ing activities, Rev. R. E. Larson and student director, Walt Lampert Don Barrett, Coop manager. Finalists in the annual faculty bridge tournament. Rush hour at the Coop fountain 3ton champions start young. Time out from the books for coffee and smokes. Hot card game in the Cove. 157 ARTISTS Pictures starting above and reading counter-clock- wise are: Eleanor Steber and Artists ' series officials; Whittemore and Lowe scribble autographs; Miss Steber smiles at the autograph seekers. Below: Mia Slavenska and admirers after her ballet performance. ■ ■ ■■■iB SERIES A concert by the Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Dimitn Metropolis ended the second season of the Vermillion Community Artists ' Series. Open- ing the 1948-49 series, duo-pianists Whittemore and Lowe charmed their attentive audience with exquisitely executed compositions for four hands. Lovely Eleanor Steber ' s recital was the second concert of the Series. This year in addition to the usual type of artist, the Series brought to Vermillion the Slavenska Ballet, the first ballet to perform on the stage of Slagle Auditorium for many years. The Vermillion Community Artists ' Series, built through the combined efforts of Whittemore and Lowe and other supporters, has supplemented the cultural activities of both the University and Vermillion. Arrangements for all con- certs are handled by a committee composed of University representatives and Vermillion residents headed by Mrs. Keith Wyman. Pictured from top to bottom: Whittemore and Lowe; Eleanor Steber; Dimitn Met- ropolis; and Mia Slavenska. 159 SOCIAL LIFE The social life at the University is never dull At the very beginning of the year there is a freshman mixer which includes a dance for all freshmen in the Union building. As the year progresses there are fra- ternity parties and mformals at the various chapter houses. There are formals at the Union building given by the numerous social organizations on campus, with gay decorations carrying out certain themes. There are Mortar Board dances every Wed- nesday night at the Union. These dances are informal, beginning at 8 o ' clock and end ' ng about 9:30. There is Dakota Day filled with activities - the coronation, the parade, the big game, and the dance climax at the Armory. There are the Christmas parties — exchanging of gifts and caroling. There is the Military Ball with a name band and the announcements of the honorary colonel and honorary adjutant, and the pledging of Guidons. There is the Greek Week dance sponsored by the fraternities and sororities And in the spring there are picnics and hikes and fishing — and best of all — Skip Day. All the year around there are movies, the Coop, and Mike ' s. As said before, there ' s never a dull moment. RFTER HOURS Organized house lights flick on and off The house mother turns her key in the lock. Sorority girls are home for the night. A crash on the stairs indicates that the girls are congregating in the kitchen to gripe about that hard exam, exclaim about the newest pinning, or rave about the exotic latest in fashion. Breadboxes are cleaned out, ice-boxes opened, and coffee made for the waistline watchers. On rare occasions two or more members offer to display their talents with anything from Shakes- peare to burlesque as the result. Group singing of college favorites is inevitable as all but the whisper- ing twosomes and test-crammers go to finish prep- arations for bed. The girls pictured are members of Alpha Phi sorority. 164 1 ACTIVITIES 165 BRAD v Pictured above: Ralph T. Fulghum, Professor of School Music and Wind Instruments, and Director of the Band. Below: The University of South Dakota ' s marching band. The University of South Dakota is justly proud of its fine bands The marching band made seven appearances this year, including one at Morningside in Sioux City, besides performing during the fall at the football games. Later in the year the pep band under student director, Bill Gleason, played at the basketball games This group made nine appearances, one of which was at State College. An added attraction this year was the eight-girl twirling team, directed by Connie Kaponm. The annual tour of the concert band, under the direction of Professor R. T. Fulghum, was made to the Black Hills late in the spring. Soloists for the sixteen concerts were Luella Cozad, clarinet; Keith Eide, trumpet; and Jane Buntley, soprano Another feature was the trumpet trio, which included Keith Eide, Don Fejfar, and Bill Gleason. 166 Right: Connie Kaponin, soph- omore from Mitchell, performs be- fore an overflowing crowd between halves of the Dakota Day football classic. In time with music provided by the University Band, Miss Kaponin and her twirling team of eight girls, delighted more than 6,000 fans as they went through com- plicated formations, twirling and tossing their batons. - , Right: University of South Dakota ' s Majorette squad, left to right: Connie Kaponin (leader), Mary Lee Cranston, Jeanne Willoughby, Betty Nicholas, Janice Mickelson, Pat Nissen, Mary Jane Brown, Margaret Malone, and Virginia Benedict, Below: Band members stretch their legs on one of their ex- tended tours throughout the state. 167 SOUTH DAKOTA VICTORY y - ( i , i ci. j i i? 0wz » ©- o- f 6 f 50UTH M - KQ -TA - YOU ' RE THE 3 Z I j »j Jlr J — 7 " n: LTT W£ OF THE W£SHRN RIMS i pjj J- J l cJ L - S Wf c 7? w Wf-70 -w - - - iiuMrr,j3 o zr EV - ER LOY-AL VW. OUR LWf fl£- 32 o; : q ffin h fn 3 Z2 MUW FOR YOU SOUTH DA- KO-TJ- Wr z£ri 3 £ zx xmem Gmri w-Ytf-s ' ry ± 3 50 Y P-P£ ' 0 m£W£GO ■MfJ fOR-wAtioro -my -sowm-ko-ta XT lyr - __ TV! j= 0£ - 717 - ? South Dakota students had two new songs to learn this year. Criticism mounted during the fall semester over the use of " We ' re Loyal to You, USD, " to the tune of the Illinois fight song The student Senate finally adopted " Get Along You Coyotes, " authored by Fred Waring several years ago, as the official school song. A few weeks later, Paul Yoder (above ' at the request of Kermit Nor- beck (below), wrote and sub- mitted for approval " South Da- kota Victory, " a song which will probably become official. !68 KAPPA KAPPA P8I After several fruitless attempts to install a chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi at the University, Direc- tor Ralph Fulghum successfully aroused the interest in twenty-two bandsmen who later petitioned and effected the installation of Beta Epsilon Chapter here on the campus. Kappa Kappa Psi is an hon- orary fraternity of college bandsmen. The initiation service for the charter members was to have been presented by Mu chapter located at the University of North Dakota, but because of various complica- tions, the installing officers were unable to make the trip. Instead, upon the recommendation from the Grand Council located at Oklahoma A M College, the chapter was duly installed by Ralph Fulghum, charter member of Nu chapter at the University of Michigan. The chapter was installed December 5, 1948, thus becoming the fifty- third chapter of the fraternity. Officers of the local group are Dale Nelson, president; Keith Eide, vice-president; Don Heide- priem, secretary; and Veryl Johnson, treasurer. Members pictured are left to right: Back, D. Ubben, D. Bickel, C. Rathbun, D. Schneckloth, V. Garry, D. Fejfar. Second: G. Harrington, Mr, Fulghum, V. Johnson, D Nelson, K Eide, D. Heide- priem, J. Barton. Front: L. Waldorf, R. Griffith, R Eberle, A. Durick, R. Haynes, D. Allen. 169 l iAA- 7 ORCHESTRA The University Orchestra under the direction of Usher Abell provides an outlet for students and townspeople interested in better music. Presenting a varied repertoire of sym- phonies and selections from contemporary musical comedy, the orchestra has won wide interest and support. In addition to regularly scheduled con- certs in Slagle auditorium, the orchestra has presented intermission recitals at per- formances of the University Theater. Members pictured ore, left to right: M. Jcnes, J. Smith, Mrs. L. Weed, L. Contor, J. Wheat, M. Dahl, G. Nordquist, H. Elges, G. Shaw, D. Fejfar, U. Abell iConductori, M. Shaw, R. Jones, J. Fowler, S. Ellis, C. Milliken, B. Frescoln, B. Gleoson, C. Nelson, D. Isaak. Front row: B. Brown, J. Block, L. Weed, D. Rubel, I. Merrill, N. Evans, J. Lloyd, K. Contor iCcncertmasterl, P. Sladek, B. Abell, C. Paulsen, E. Lokken, R. Anderson, L. Cozod, J. Rauk, L. Fulghum, E. Colton, L. Gibson, T. Ripper, S. Lawton. Left: Usher Abell, conductor of the University Orchestra Above: Between acts of a Univer- sity Theater production. 170 o r ■I.M.M- AM.MJ " Back row, left to right: Jack Grieves, Kieth Storm, Bob Lindstrom, Marlyn Dessel, Jim Henton, Phil Mogen, Gene Koupal, Phil Gross, Roger Anderson, Frank Streim, Dan Koupal. Second row: Joan Green, Delwin Fechtelkotter, Jim Heig, Gaylord Hoftiezer, Bill Norrill, Bill Peterson, Lee Shaw, Ray Allmendinger, James Rice, Allen Stuvland, Joan Pearson. Third row: Lucille Palmquist, Catherine Coleman, Norma Reeder, Beverly Bell, Barbara Ruhlman, Dorothy Olsen, Betty McNeeley, Betty Isaak, Sheila Chinski, Ardath Hokl, Ann Campbell, Merrie Swanson, Jane Warkentin, Carlis Anderson. Front row: Marilyn Tufteland, Lavern Knox, Margaret Bonnes, Jane Buntley, Ginger Georgiades, Marilyn Kahl, Mr. Wilson, Gloria Fechtelkotter, Ann Vickery, Eclila Jundt, Letha Larson, Ruth Kempter, Doris Rice, Sally Henderson. The choir of the University of South Dakota has had a busy year. The fall season saw the a cappella group off on an exciting tour, and the spring featured the presentation of the Messiah, bv Handel, on Palm Sunday. The choir has been directed by Professor A. L. Wil- son, and his assistant Frank Streim. Donald Isaak was choir accompanist. The officers for the year were: Ken Lewis, president; Lucille Palmquist, treasurer; James Rice, student manager; and Ann Campbell, publicity manager. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia is an ambitious new- comer to the University of South Dakota ' s campus. The national music fraternity re- ceived its charter and established itself here on March 13, 1948. Though it is comparatively new to the Uni- versity campus, the organization of men who pledge themselves to the furthering of good musical causes was first organized at Boston, Massachusetts, in The four purposes of the organization are: 1 To advance the cause of music in America, 2 To oster the mutual welfare and brother- hood of students of music, 3. To develop the truest fraternal spirit among its members, 4 To encourage loyalty to the Alma Mater. The organization officers on the USD cam- pus are: pres Kim Contor; vice-pres. Bill Gleason; sec. Charles Milliken; treas. Ken Lewis. Members pictured are, left to right, Back: K. Contor, W. Gleason, M. Nellermoe, H. Steinberg, C. Milliken, C. Paulsen, D. Heidepriem. Second: I. Merrill, D. Fejfar, M. Nissen, K. Lewis, D. Isaak, B. Frescoln, D. Allison. Front: T. Ripper, R. Fulghum, W. Colton, A. Wilson, U. Abell. Mu Phi Epsilon is a national sorority in the professional field, having as its purpose the recognition of scholar- ship and musicianship and the promotion of friendship. Election to Mu Phi Epsilon is based on the foregoing principles. The national chapter was estab- lished at the New England Con- servatory in Boston, Massachusetts in 1903. Mu Tau chapter was founded on the USD campus on May 30, 1924. The yearly program of Mu Phi Epsilon includes a formal spring recital, meetings, and national convention meetings, which are held biennially Members pictured are, left to right, stand- ing: Lucille Palmquist; Joan Pearson, corresponding secretory; Rosemary Cle- land, treasurer; Jane Buntley, vice-presi- dent; Ruth Hallock, recording secretary. Seated: Betty Nicholas; Adele Clark, president. PHI EPSILOn 172 At least four timas each V school year the curtain in Slagle Auditorium rises on a major production by the Uni- 1 « • ' Wj±H:-- versity Theater. Directed by K ' F l ' Dr Warren M Lee, dramatic i ' •; ' (: ' " ' art majors and other stu- n 1 - dents interested in dramatics present the best in con- temporary and class. cal JP5 theater rai I 1 ' O As the only institution in . South Dakota offering a j kZ B FA in Dramatic Art, the department provides prac- tical experience in all phases of play production. All sets for University Theater productions are de- signed and constructed by the staff and students. Student crews have charge of lighting, staging, and all back stage work. Among this year ' s activities of the dramatic art department was the Directing Recital, in which four one-act plays were presented by members of the directing class The University also presented several plays for student convocations UNIVERSITY THEATER 1 For the University theater, under the direction of " Doc " Lee, the year was packed full with activity and success. The four major productions were, " My Sister Eileen, " and " The Glass Menagerie " during the first semester; " The Petrified Forest, " and the Shakespearean farce, " The Comedy of Errors " dur- ing the Spring term. Gladys Carlson as Ruth Sherwood and Delorez West as " her sister Eileen " drew roars of laughter from the audience in the first production. It was Gladys Carlson again, who with the able assistance of Frank Harnish gave an unforgettable perfor- mance in " Glass Menagerie. " The third play of the season, " The Petrified Forest " starred Marie Hallstead as the dissatisfied daughter of an Arizona lunch room owner. In " The Comedy of Errors, " Larry Dick, Denny O ' Connor, Don Starkey, Cliff Anderson, Gladys Carlson, and Delorez West were seen in the principal roles. In the picture above, " Doc " Lee checks on a dramatic highpoint in " The Glass Menagerie. " Be- low, left: Gladys Carlson and Richard Lipke in a scene from " My Sister Eileen. " Below, " The Petri- fied Forest " cast portrays a tense moment in the gangster thriller. BLACK HILLS PLflY HOUSE On June 22, the Black Hills Play House opens its fourth summer season at Custer State Park. For the third successive summer the University will also conduct a school of the theater in con- nect on with the BHPH. The acting company, composed of twelve pro- fessional people augmented by students, pre- sents six performances weekly. A total of seven plays has been planned for the 1949 season. Outstanding production of the 1948 season was " The Legend of Devil ' s Gulch, " written by Dr Warren Lee, and based on historical data concerning the Black Hills area. Dr. Warren M. Lee, now in his eleventh year as director of the University Theater, is also prin- cipal promoter of the Black Hills Play House. Under his supervision, it has grown from an experimental private venture to its present well established standing. Dr. Lee re- ceived his Ph.D. at the University of Iowa. 175 1 The promotion of the University Theater production is the prin- cipal purpose of Playcrafters. Selection to membership is based on participation in plays, back stage work, and general interest in the theater. In addition to production and promotion duties, Play- crafters have charge of ushering for all U. Theater presentations. Playcrafters ' president is Carol Quinn. Other officers for the year have been Patricia Bauer, vice-president; Delorez West, secre- tary; and Bob Clough, treasurer. Members pictured ore, left to right, back row: Larry Dick, Delorez West, Lois Milliken, Virginia Benedict, Beverly Bender, Coe Frankhauser. Front row: Lou Shannessy, Pat Bauer, Bill Ufford, Carol Quinn, Bob Clough. PLflYCRflFTERS 176 PUBLICflTIOnS I5TOEHT PUBLICHTIOnS BOARD, IDC. Under the constitution of the Students Association, the supervision and control of all student publications is vested in the Student Publications Board which is incorporated under the laws of the state. The board is made up of the editors of the three major publications, three student members elected each year, and four faculty members. Members of the board are, left to right: Dean J. H. Julian, E. G. Trotzig, Laurel Wallace, Bob Sheild, E. C. Ehrensperger, Bruce Hoist, Bob Paul, Jim Kuehn, Bill Porter, Norma Jean Westre. Not pictured is Derwood Eisen- berg. 177 ■n VOLAME Under the direction of editors Jim Kuehn and Al Neuharth, first and second semester editors, respectively, the Volante gained more prestige this year by becoming the first photo-offset college newspaper in South Dakota. In February ex-editor-in-chief Jim Kuehn became make-up editor and supervisor of the composing room, while Neuharth be- came editor-in-chief. While the van-typists were busy typing copy, the advertising staff w as laying out and pasting ads and pictures on a master sheet. After the copy and headlines had been pasted in their proper positions the pages were taken to the Broadcaster print- ing plant downtown where a picture was made of each page. When the negatives had been retouched, a metal plate was made. From these plates the Volante was printed. During the year, Bill Porter, as business manager, made the Volante show a weekly profit with an increased volume of adver- tisements. One of the notable features of each edition was Gordon Aadland ' s " Tough All Over " column of cynical humor on campus happenings and those from other schools. The cartoons of Ray " Razor " Koenigs depicting campus problems were also fol- lowed closely by the students. Because of the cheaper production costs by using the photo-offset process of print- ing many students were paid for their work on ;he Volante. They received pay for setting copy as well as make-up, two items which were previously done by printers. The editorial and business staffs were also paid. Pictured above, right, are Jim Kuehn, first semester editor; Bill Porter, business manager; and Bob Sheild, managing editor. The Volante has just come off the " old- style " letter-press and the staff members, along with the printer, are giving it a quick once-over. P.ctured below, left, is Al Neuharth, second semester edjtor, who has |ust taken a Volante from the " newstyle " photo offset press. As in the above picture, the college publication gets a complete check before being d stnbuted, with the printer looking on. 178 fffV At the right are pictured Al Neuharth, second semester editor; Craig Stoltz, sports editor; and Jim Kuehn, first semester editor. Stoltz, a Phi Beta Kappa, headed the sports staff both semesters. His column, " The Mourning After, " was full of campus and conference sports gossip. Pictured below are members of the Vo- lante staff; reporters, copyreaders, editors, business managers, van-typists, composi- tors, artists, circulation workers — a large organization wh;ch successfully saw each edition to bed week after laborious week. Not pictured: Rodney Moulton, staff photographer. Because of Moulton the Volante had more " cuts " this year than ever before. Pictured at the left are members of the Volante circulation staff, headed by Rosemary Hackett (third from left 1 This group worked every Tuesday morning wrapping and addressing the papers so as to meet the noon deadline at the post- office All Volantes were mailed to the students. Members of the circulation staff were Rosemary Hackett, Phyllis Ecker, Deon Holiday, Lois Davis, Marilyn Post, Mary Lee Cranston, Doloris Jackus, and Jean Grothe. 179 WET HEfl South Dakota ' s only college humor magazine, the Wet Hen, made news this year by pioneering in the field of photo- offset lithography. Its Christmas issue was the first University publication produced by this method and it was a pronounced success. Editor Norma Jean Westre managed the publication for the first semester, covering such features as Dakota Day and Christ- mas. Derwood Eisenberg assumed the editorial chair for the second semester, moving up from the position of business manager. Robert Furlet took over the business managership where he was assis- ted by Jean Geppert and John McCullen. In an effort to give voice to writers of more serious literature, the Wet Hen spon- sored two short story contests with cash prizes being awarded the winners. A pic- Editor Derwood " Ike " Eisenberg and assistant editor Ann Campbell talk over the problems of a forthcoming issue. torial section was added to the magazine and it highlighted activities at KUSD, the University radio station, and life at Dakota Hall, one of the women ' s dormitories. This year ' s magazine was distinguished by the quality of art work submitted by University art students. The multi-colored covers of this twenty-fifth volume stand out among all other issues. A new circulation policy of the magazine included a subscription rate offered to the students and all other interested persons. General sales were still made on the cam- pus but they were on a restricted basis With its revamped format, increased use of photographs, illustrations and color, the twenty-five year old Wet Hen closed its doors on another highly successful year Writers Bob Lucken and Bob Temmey work over their manuscripts with editors Eisenberg and Campbell. 180 Left: Business Manager Bob Furlet and assistant business manager Jean Geppert begin the job of paste-up after having sold ads to business concerns from Sioux City, S:oux Falls, Yankton, and Vermillion. Right Make-up editor ,N fully lays out a page on the master sheet while Jean Geppert looks on. Bailey had Russ Bailey care- sheet responsibility of paste-up — a vital job in the photo-offset printing process. Right: Editor Derwood " Ike " Eisenberg and his make-up editor, Russ Bailey, stand by the offset press with their printer as the May issue of the Wet Hen begins to roll The magazine turned to the new printing process for the first time this year and allowed the editors to furnish subscribers with multi-colored covers. 181 COYOTE Work on this year ' s Coyote began early in September and continued until the dead- line on March 15. Bob Paul was editor of the yearbook, while Mary Lee Falk returned again as assistant editor Dolores Kempter, business manager, solicited business men from all over the state for the ever-essential advertising which helps to finance the undertaking of a college annual. In addition to the usual sports, class, or- ganization, and activity stories and pic- tures, new features were added to this year ' s Coyote. Stan Myers ' panels, intro- ducing the various sororities and frater- nities, also attracted much attention. The entire staff worked hard and long to make this annual a literary and pictorial history of the 1948-49 school year. May it serve as a memory book to the seniors and undergraduates of the Univer- sity of South Dakota. Bob Paul, Coyote editor, hands out in- structions and advice to three members of his staff. Paul is trying to pick the pictures which will appear in the annual — one of the biggest jobs confronting a yearbook editor. Mary Lee Falk (leftf gets help from two staff members as she begins prelimi- nary work of mounting pictures. Mounting is a delicate job and takes a woman ' s touch, as shown here. 182 ■■ ■■M There ' s always work to do in the Coyote office ' Above: Editor Paul gives instruc- tions to two of his copy readers. Right: Rodney Moulton had a busy year taking pictures for the Volante. Wet Hen, and the Coyote. Most of the pictures in this annual come from Moulton ' s talented camera. Without him there could not have been a yearbook. Below: Part of the hard-working Coyote staff. I S3 4 -■« ■ I 1 t S 1, ' gr J MBJ | " This is KUSD, 920 on your dial, the radio voice of the University of South Dakota in Vermillion. " For more than a decade, this station break has been a guide to three hours of afternoon listen- ing pleasure for residents of three states. KUSD, owned and operated by the University, is among the oldest pioneer educational rad o stations in the nation, having been founded in 1922. The aim of the station is two-fold. As well as holding a prominent role in the field of education, it serves to tram personnel for future work in the radio industry. RADIO -KUSD Only two members of the staff, the station manager and program director, are employed on a fulltime basis. The remainder of the staff are students maioring in radio courses or interested in radio work. Mr. I. R. Merrill, a graduate of Cornell, has been the station manager of KUSD since March of 1946. The program director, Keith Neighbert, came to the station in September, 1948, as a graduate of the Uni- versity of Minnesota Jim Cope was named chief engineer this year, and Roy Johnson has served as chief control engineer for the past two years. Depart- ment heads of the KUSD staff are: continuity, Bill Plunkett; news, Bob Fell; announcing, Gormann Enck- son; sports, Monk Johnson; women ' s editor, Lois Van Demark; records, Ben Veidt. Monk Johnson, sports announcer, became the first member of the KUSD staff to make an out-of-state remote broadcast, when he gave a play-by-play account of the Bradley-University of South Dakota football game last November from Peoria, Illinois. Pictured above are station director, Irv Merrill and pro- gram director, Keith Neighbert. At left, Monk Johnson and the sports staff cover a University football game. 185 HUCKSTERS The Hucksters, a new organiza- tion on campus, is a professional group whose prerequisite is actual profess ; onal experience in the field of radio. At present The Hucksters is composed of only six charter members and I. mi ted to mate students. They are: Eider (Red) Stangland, a senior maioring in radio-speech from S:oux Falls. Red now does a weekend stmt over KSOO, Sioux Falls. Also from Sioux Falls is Wayne (Pinky) Townsend, a junior with Marketing as his major. During the summer Pinky spent time with KIHO. Another Sioux Falls Huckster is Jim Dun- ham, whose claim to membership comes from the fact that he was a paid announcer on the staff of KSOO at fifteen. Joe Langston spent the past summer jockeying discs for KSFA, Nagadoches, Texas. The last two members come from Lead, South Dakota. Milt (Pappy) Carlson and Bob Fell are both seniors majoring in radio- speech. Pappy was a commercial salesman for KOTA, Rapid City. Bob sold time for KICD, Spencer, Iowa, and was also a newscaster in the army RADIO GUILD One of the campus organizations formed by students associated with radio work is the Radio Guild. The show, " Coyote Clambake, " which is heard weekly on Thursdays at 4:45, was born in this organization. The organization also sponsored a " Television Caravan " of talented University students, who appeared on a television show at radio station KSTP-TV at Minneapolis in April Monk Johnson has served as president of the group the past year. Members of Rodio Guild are: Active members: Pat Bauer, Carrol Mork, Shirlcc Enquist, Derwood Eisenberg, Pat Nissen, Carol Quinn, Jim Cope, Monk Johnson, Fred Masek, Lois Van Demark, Kay Siedschlag, Wayne Townsend, Ruth Kallemeyn, Bob Clough, Doloris Jackus, Bob Fell, Joan Olson, Bill Plunkett, James Taylor, Doris Marks, Ben Veidt, Richard Petershagen, Jim Dunham, Janet Wangsness, Gorman Erickson. Associate: Jean Geppert, Pete Clapp, Bill Goodwin, Phyl Byrnes, Jean Hanson, Inadoll Cruickshank. Apprentice: Shirley Travis, Ann Compbell, Larry Scott, B. J. Ever- hart, Joan Krieger, Mary Jane Brown, Joan Dubes, Doris Rice, Eclila Jundt, Mary Bergeson, Irena Landkoff, Catherine Cotton, Betty Isaak, John Lloyd, Jim Prusha, Denny O ' Connor, Pat Muth, Mary Lou Drey, Irene O ' Connor. Back row, left to right: Bi.l Plunkett, Carrol Mork, James Taylor, Gorman Erickson, Ben Veidt, Howard Hoist, Woyne Townsend, Arnold Esbjornson, Betty Isaak, Jim Heig, Dick Petershagen, Gene Petrik, Red Stangland, Doris Marks, Georgia Egan, Joan Olson, Lois Van Demark, Kay Siedschlag, Phyllis Burns, Pat Muth, Joan Pearson, Shirlee Enquist, Helen Vander- boom, Bette Everhart, Inadoll Cruickshank, Mary Lee Folk, Betty Nicholas, Delores Kempter, Shirley Travis, Mary Burgeson, Joanne Krieger, Ann Campbell, Eclila Jundt. Second row: Jean Hansen, Bob Fell, Keith Neighbert, Irving Merrill, Ruth Kallemeyn, Janet Wangsness, Monroe Johnson, Pat Nissen, Shirley Ellis, Eloise Rogers, Connie Kaponin, Donna Hokenstad, Doris Rice, Pat Bauer. First row: Carol Quinn, Shirley Johnson, Lois Milliken, Bob Clough, Lou Shannessy, Mary Jane Brown, Denny O ' Connor, Jean Geppert, Catherine Cotton, Joanne Dubes, Doloris Jackus. 187 THETfl-SRE comeo RETS DUCH DinnER Hunting trips each fall have become as familiar to University campus as the season ' s football games. At the height of the season this year a few of the S.A.E. ' s, having bagged their limit, followed typical procedure in prevailing upon some of their sorority friends to cook the game. After a frantic search for the necessary recipes, the Thetas agreed to attempt the task. Scorched meat and burned pie crust were not serious enough to keep the dinner from going through on schedule. ORGHniZHTIOnS NOTICE M OK ORGAHIZAT.ONS TMES 4 00 IH CORRAL TU COFFEE HOUR fED B 00. 2N0 FLOOR MORTAR BOARD NO DATE DANCE S CAMERA CLUB LAB THURS NATCH LOBBY BULLETIN BOARD UNION DIRECTOR 201 STUDENT DIRECTOR 207 HUSO 4TH FLOOR 189 POLITICAL SCIERCE LEAGUE The Political Science League is an organization composed portly of government students who are interested in an informal and practical approach to current governmental problems. The League hos enjoyed many valuable meetings with outside speakers. Advisers are: Dr. William Farber, Dr. Thomas Geary, and Mr. Chester Evans. Student officers are: Dick Rhinehart, president; Harold Schuler, vice-president; and Karl Kabeisman, secretary-treasurer. Members pictured are: back row, left to right: Boyer, Luby, Costar, Baily, Gallowoy, Heidbrink, Felt, Hobson, Frankhouser, Steele, Evans. Front row: Cary, Dr. Farber, Schuler, Rhinehart, Kabeisman, Geary, Begeman, Jackus, Emler, Larson. IDTERIlflTIOOflL RELATIONS CLUB The International Relations Club, under the sponsorship of Dr. Carl Christol, provides its members with information and possi- bilities of discussion of current political and economic world problems. The club ' s officers for 1948-49 are: Darrell Booth, president; Donald Steele, vice-president; Bob Jones, treasurer; and Al Miele, secretary. Members pictured are: back row, left to right: Larson, Quinn, Howe, Rice, Soutar, Harris, Parks, Wilds, Brown, Main, Hobson. Front row: Carlson, Shannessy, Jones, Booth, Dr. Christol, Drabek, Steele, Roberts, Dubes, Hay. 190 PHI DELTA PHI The Ames Chapter of Phi Delta Phi was founded in 1911. Moot court work, legal debates, legal aid projects, and alumni ad- dresses on practical subjects relating to law are constitutionally required as a supplement to the regular course of instruction in law schools The officers of Phi Delta Phi for the past year were Martin Weeks, president; George Johnson, vice-president; Robert W. Hirsch, treasurer; and Rodney Smith, historian. Members pictured ore, back row, left to right: Dick Richards, Harold Doyle, Henry Haugan, Francis Pederson, Ronald Hurley, Thomas Burke, Jack Hagan, Kenneth Hanson, Stanley Baird, Donald Horror, George Johnson. Second row: Robert Beckmon, James Peterson, Jack Costello, Herbert Norbeck, Paul Colestock, Harold Burnett, Dave MacFarlane, James Doyle, Rodney Smith, James Ellwein, Gene Mayer. Front row: Ted Dolney, Bob Lundwall, Milton Buechler, Philip Maul, Henry Horstmann, Robert Hirsch, Martin Weeks, Robert Kell, Charles Buzzell, Willis Schenk, Hogon Kallemeyn, Donald Bierle. The Harlan Chapter of Delta The ta Phi was originated in 1904. This professional law fraternity claims to be the first to establish a scholarship key within its own membership. The young lawyers have been active in this group and their meetings consist of dis- cussions concerning timely law topics. Officers of Delta Theta Phi for the past year were Loren Pol- mer, dean; Wallace Patton, vice-dean; Deloss Gurney, clerk of rolls; and John Davies, exchequer. Back row, left to right: Edgar Koch, Russel Mo!stad, Bob Morgan, Steve Sherwood, Joe Neumayr, Virgil Vail, Bob Law, Jerry Hogue, Jim Corcoran, Joe Rasmussen, Dee Carlson, Dale Bradshaw, James Moore, Bob Huc ' speth, Hiram King, Woldemar Zeitner. 2nd row: Lyle Sage, John Heye, Bill Srstka, Quentin McKillop, Peter Ryken, DELTA THETA PHI Floyd Borghorst, Hal Eiesland, Walt Lampert, Odin Thompson, Glen Johnson, Bruce Crary, Reed Jensen, Jim Glander, Fronk Tait. Front row: Den Manslcy, Pete Rankin, Thomas Ries, Lloyd Mohan, Robert Miller, Newell Krause, Mr. Simpson, Mr. Vroomon, Loren Palmer, Ray Ross, Frank Mullin, Dick Jandt, Donald Cole- man. 191 CHEfTllSTRY CLUB The Chemistry Club is composed of students drawn together by their mutual interest in Chemistry ond its many relationships. Once each month the club meets to hear lectures by different professors on the chemical aspects of their special courses. Officers of the Chemistry Club are Phillip Maiers, president; Dave Goodman, vice-president; Nancy Lee, secretary; and Nor- man Meyers, treasurer. Members pictured are, left to right; Front row — Dave Good- man, Nancy Lee, A. L. Haines, Huntington Jackson, C. Estee, Phil Maiers. Second row — Don Neil, Stanley Nelson, Robert Glaser, Buster Miller, Warren Timson, Harlan Anderson. Back row — William Lassegard, Otto Kudlocek, John Nadenicek, James Stewart, Louis Melstad, Orval Olson, Laverne Erickson. Not pictured: Maynard Brooks, Robert Brunken, Jack Christian, James Hasson, Ivan Johnson, Aubrey Jones, Lowell Parke, James Stewart, Earl Bennett, Ralph Bethke, James Gackle, Lowell Macy, Robert Reynolds, Jasper Ruby, Robert Anderson, John Williamson. GEOLOGY CLUB Members of the Geology Club pic- tured are: back row, left to right: Robert Wilson, William Bolenbaugh, Jesse Qualm, Ed Lutzen, Garner Wad- del, George Zink, Loyd Carlson. Front row: Bruno Petsch, Ralph Miller, Carl Carlson, Marion Glass, Robert Curtiss, Ray Prunty, Brewster Bald- win. Composed of fifteen members interested in all phases of geology, the Geology Club meets twice monthly. The purpose of the club is to provide its members with a series of lectures during the school year. The aspiring geologists take field trips to the various projects under construction in the state. The Fort Randall dam was inspected by the students this fall. Officers of Geology Club are Marion H. Glass, president; Robert Curtiss, secretary; and Carl Carlson, treasurer. 192 DELTR SIGflll) PI Back row, left to right — Don Wood, Clifford Groese, Richard Russell, Donald Nelson, Robert Kvam, Paul Woods, Elmer Able, Robert Morgans, Hugh Fullerton, Wilbur Evans, William Thomas, Laurence Odland, Herbert Jock heck, Leonard Feathers, Robert Honley, Larry Matejka, Marwood Isackson, Harold Sackreiter, Nor- man Buck. Third row, left to right — Vernon Garry, Delbert Bickel, Richard Kline, Harlan Nelson, Robert Buchanan, Veryl Johnson, Dale Yeoman, Robert Buckingham, Walter Lampert, Chorles Richards, Rodger Keck, Gerald Heibel, R. Coldwell, Lowell Hanson, Curt Hop- kins, Verne Nafziger, Charles Peterson, Richard Nord. Second row, left to right — Glenn Bammerlin, Guy Harding, Paul Wold, Dean Nolt, Howard Munger, Walter Bauer, Bruce Kundert, George Blando, James Jensen, Marwyn Gilmore, Roland Buechler, Ivor Ochsner, Howard Aadland, Robert Aunger. Front row, left to right — Law- rence Kreber, Jasper Sundahl, Robert Eberle, Harold Christensen, James Ryan, James Heiser, Herbert Frost, Leonard Jensen. Delta Sigma Pi is o business fraternity which serves as o go-between for the stu- dent, his schoolwork, and the practical business world. In this capacity, the group brings successful business executives as speakers and goes on field trips to industries in the area. One of the largest groups of its kind in the country, Delta Sigma Pi was founded on this campus in 1924. During the war, the fraternity was inactive, but it was re- activated by four pre-war actives in 1946. It now has sixty actives and nine honorary faculty members. Each spring Delta Sigma Pi sponsors its annual Rose formal. Present officers of Delta Sigma Pi are James Jensen, president; George Blando, senior warden; Marwyn Gilmore, scribe; and Walter Bauer, treasurer. Members pictured from left to right: Bock row: Delores Drobek, Eileen McGeorge, Frances Lunn, Connie Klinger, Mrs. Cooledge, Adelaide Benson, Azaeliz Rittershaus, Susan Smith, Hilda Berg. Front row: Miss Endley, Janet Swab, Alice Happe, Leota Ostlund, Jean Willoughby, Marilyn Dawson, Miss Wells. hooie Economics club Any student enrolled in the Home Economics Department is eligible tor membership in the Home Ec Club. The club is af- filiated with the State and Na- tonal Home Economics Associa- tion It meets once a month for the purpose of banding together young women who are interested in promoting advancement of the American home. The association sponsors an annual Christmas banquet and a pre-Easter style show in co-operation with Ver- million merchants. The officers for 1948-49 are: Leota Ostlund, president, Jeanne Willoughby, vice-president; Alice Happe, sec- retary; Margaret Malone, treas- urer; Marilyn Dawson, social chair- man; Katherine Anderson, pub- licity chairman; and Mrs. Helen Cooledge, faculty adviser. 193 1 fc f e — SPfl DISH CLUB To present Spanish culture, tor which there is not sufficient time in regular class periods, is the purpose of the Spanish Club. In the monthly meetings, Sponish students sing Spanish songs, learn native Mexican Dances, reconstruct religious and secular parts of South American Christmas celebrations, and get first hand impressions of the South American people from members of the student body and faculty who have traveled in Mexico and South America. Shirley Schwengle is president ond Hildegard Elges, treasurer. Dr. Inez Hollingsworth is the faculty adviser. Members pictured are: back row, left to right: Wolton, Arthur, Norman, Nellermoe, Brondenberg, Campbell, Meier, Amundsen, Hofteizer, Bowden, Gresholm, Cheskey , Weaver, Kramer, Lieffont, Larson, Starkey, Hoschler. Third row: Bringle, Baird, Cauley, Starr, Hecker, Sherman, Tribbey, Cranston, Swab, Ostlund, Weiland, Pederson, Dahlman, Nelson, Melcher, Hanson, Emerson, Peterson, Peterson, Willson. Second row: Odegaard, Smith, Whitmore, McNeil, Cruick- shank, Kofmehl, Elges, Dr. Hollingsworth, Schwengh, Simpson, Burgeson, Jockus, Pockard, Folk, Mickelson, Kahl, Tjelle, Van Arsdale. Front row: Hedges, Kolberg, Chase, Evans, Maurseth, Georg- iades, McBride, Brodie, Trautman, Btashill, Troutman, Bailey, Kenison. The Sociology Club meets the second Tuesday of every month and is the meeting place for all students interested in social work. This year the club has featured a series of prominent speakers who are active in the field of social work. The group has also presented a radio program on the educational needs of the South Dakota Indian. Officers for the past year have been Donald Frozier, president; Phyllis Byrnes, secretary-treas- urer; and Charles Erwin, program chairman. Irving Larson is adviser for the group. Members pictured are, left to right, back row: Elizabeth Brooks, Donna Blessing, Azela Rittershaus, Betty Holleman, Charles Erling, Clement Zambon. Second row: Annette Frazier, SOCIOLOGY CLUB Kathleen Dougherty, Beverly Seller, Gertrude Cavanaugh, Loretta Johnson, Morjorie McConnell, Phyllis Byrnes, Jacqueline Jacquith, Leo Skinner, Wayne Hart. Front row: Rosa Ala, Audrey Traut- man, Irena Landkof, Marjorie Paulson, Phyllis Trautman, Donald Frazier. IflDEPEnOEfll STUDEnTS RGGOEMTIOI) Members pictured are, left to right, front row: Bob Rice, Jim Costar, Al Olson, Palmer Root, Bill Fox, Raymond Oswald, Dale Wehrkamp, Cecil Anderson, Dale Fritzel, Bob McDermott, Ed Hole. Second row: Helen Dohlman, Leslie Elliott, Bill Morrill, Dick Forman, Jack Howe, Duaine Erickson, Philip Maiers, Ralph Bickner, Gertrude Cavonaugh, Grace Steinberg, Ray Medlin, Corinne Schroeder, Bill Peterson, Shirley Begemon, Shirley Hansen, Gwen Bode. Third row: Margaret Jorgensen, Fronces Lunn, Bernice Pfeifer, Alice Neyens, Verona Hole, Lois Byrum, Martha Snorte- land, Hilda Berg, Shirley Snorteland, Marian Titus, Mary Rogers, Betty Berg, Kay Parks, Janis Fergen, Neva Zoe Hoken- stad, Joy Olson, Julia Weislegel, Doris Kibble, Lois Larson, Ruth Ryan, Camilla Frozier, Marilyn Dawson, Gloria Fech- telkotter, Cora Lee Machmiller, Nina Lou Gudath, Ruth Hoar, Vivian Hole. Back row: Todd Marsh, Owen Wipf, Bill Spears, Delwin Fechtelkotter, James Fejfar, Jack Colombo, Fred Moscott, Fred Masek, Elmer Bloir, Norman Brown, Delos Hopkins, H. Nelson, Gene Harrington, Bill Tyken, Lloyd Griffith, Warren Timson, Don Woolridge, Ken Stein, Silas Morrison, Joyce Wheat, Elsie Zantow. The Independent Students Association is the fifty-first chapter of the National Association to be organized. The purpose of this group is to provide social life for students not affiliated with a social Greek Letter organiza- tion. Officers for the past year included Ralph Bickner, president; Phil Maier, vice-president; Gertrude Cavan- augh, secretary; and Duaine Erickson, treasurer. The officers are aided by a council consisting of Grace Steinberg, Jack Howe, Dave MacFarland, and Dick Forman. The Independent basketball team won the first tourney this year and the " Indees " have participated in many other campus activities. Social events included a watermelon feed in the fall, and formal parties in the fall and spring. This year, for the first time, a local ISA group attended the national Independent Convention, held at Ur- bana, Illinois, in April. 195 DELTA SIGAIA THETfl Delta Sigma Theta, Methodist men ' s fraternity, has been an active campus organization this year under the leadership of Frank Short, president; Robert McBnde, vice-president; Charles Hole, secretary; and James Meer, treasurer. Stressing Methodist ideals and good fellowship, freshmen men of this religion are rushed by the active members of Delta Sigma Theta. After a period of pledge training, during which time the pledges of the fraternity are taught cooperation and a deeper under- standing of the Methodist religion, an initiation cere- mony is held. Delta Sigma Theta works in cooperation with the Student Christian Association for better under- standing between the cam- pus religious groups. Members pictured are: Back row, left to right: Harris, McBride, Hole, Raines, Fullerton, Reany, Wall, Rice, Tschetter, Nichols, Fruen. Center row: Grace, Bousfield, Esbjornson, Spinar, Kortmeyer, Smith, Sheppard, Walter, Sippel, Seaman, Freesemon. Front row: Ostlund, Meier, Jant- ien, Heck, Short, Parmley, Trum- bower, Morrison. Kappi Phi, sorority for Methodist women, had as its officers this year Barbara Connell, president, Vivian Near, vice-president; Jean Weldon, secretary; and Deloris Rinehart, treasurer. The slogan of the organization is " Every Methodist girl of today, a leader of the church of tomorrow. " The Sorority has as its threefold aim to develop leadership and service in the church, to deepen spiritual life of the individual members, and to provide enioyable social activities. Members pictured are, left to right, back row: Beverly Fill- bach, Bernice Pfiefer, Joanne Chase, Marrelyce Fillbach, Jane Locke, Alverta Reifel, Azalia Rittcrshaus, Deloris Rinehart, Margaret Bonnes. Front row: Sally Henderson, Mavis Petrick, Barbara Connell, Patricia Dalgaard, Vivian Near, Jean Weldon. KAPPA PHI 196 STUDERT CHRISTIAN nSSOCIRTIOn Bottom row, left to right: Betty Berg, Rev. Larson, Dean Norton, Jim Rice, Frances Grisham, Don Gowan Second row, left to right: Paul Bousfield, Ardis Fahren- wald, Bert Tollefson, Beverly Seller, Bill Spears, Miriam Craft. The Student Christian Association is the Y. M. C. A. and the Y. W. C. A. combined at student level. President James Rice, Vice- president Shirley Von Ferney, Secretary Beverly Seiler, Treasurer Betty Berg, Publicity Chairman Marion Titus, W. S. S. F. Representative Frances Grisham, Chapel Chairman Bob McBride, Community Service Chairman Miriam Craft, and the Cabinet Officers, hold regular meetings os a group. They are divided into two commissions for study and work — the Commission on Christian Heritage and the Commission on Social Responsibility. The S C. A. is centered around the Circle of Faith and Action of National Student Y. M. C. A. and Y. W. C. A. with four sections dividing its area — Christian Heritoge, Personal and Campus Affairs, Social Responsibility, and World Relations. Among its numerous activities during the year are the opening freshmen mixer, freshmen hospitality program in church homes, weekly chapel services, annual marriage conferences, cooperotion with the World Student Service Fund Drive, University Religious Coun- cil, and Religious Emphasis Week. The advisers of the organization are Dr. and Mrs. Forrest Weller, Dean Norton, Professor and Mrs. Frank Wray, and Rev. R. E. Larson. . ; • . i Left to right: Talitha Birner, Eclila Jundt, Vivian Wessel. Second row: Raymond Mehner, Doris Littou, Eleanor Hawkins, Mono Fiksdal, Geneva Tiemyer, Robert Mehner, Walter Krallman. Third row: Anson Bigelow, Raymond Bigelow, Raymond Allmendinger, Dick Hawkins, Ordell Jensen, James Smidt, Donovan Colby. Bock row: Donald Eng- strom, Adolph Littau, Rev. Moellering, Arthur Carter, Orley Roth, Erwin Buettner. enmrnfi delta Gamma Delta, sponsored by the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, was organized in 1934 for Luth- eran men and women to encourage and maintain Lutheran fellowship. The officers for the year were Erwin Buettner, president; Art Carter, vice-president; Bob Mehner, recording-secretary; Doris Gruenwald, corresponding secre- tary; and Talitha Birner, treasurer. Activities included weekly Sun- day meetings, suppers, hay rides, picnics, and a formal banquet in the spring. 197 The Pilgrim Fellowship organ- ization is comprised of Congrega- tional and Presbyterian students who meet every Sunday evening in the Congregational church parlors. Under the leadership of Rev. Horace Parsons, the group dis- cusses religious problems, partici- pates in a social hour, and takes part in devotional programs Com- mittees are put in charge of lunches, and the program for each Sunday Members of Pilgrim Fellowship also participate in the regular Con- gregational church services, with one Sunday each year being set aside to be conducted by the students The young people pre- pare the sermon and plan the entire service- Officers of Piigrim Fellowship include Phillip Mogen, president, Delores Kempter, vice-president; Mary Burgeson, treasurer; Lois Milliken, secretary, and Charles Milliken, social chairman Members pictured are: back row, left to right: Chorles Milliken, Lowden Heller, Donald Gowan, Todd Heim, Phil Mogen, Rev. Horace Parsons, James Rice, Walt Andre, Bill Spears, Peter Wegner, Donald Frazier. Front row, left to right: Mary Jane Eggen, Mary Burgeson, Mary Lee Falk, Delores Kempter. PILGRim FELLOWSHIP i LUTHERHn SIUDEMS ASSOCIATION The Lutheran Students Association is composed of students of Notional Lutheran Council Churches. They meet together semi- monthly for devotional, study, and social activities. Special features include two banquets a year, inter-school program exchanges, caroling, inter-collegiate conferences, and open forum discussions. Members pictured ore: back row, left to right: Duaine Erickson, Leota Ostlund, Morris Nellermoe, Verne Holter, Bernard Brown, Sherman Lindell, Mel Lyso, Janet Lyso, Elliott Johnson, Dick Nord, Mr. Harold Hendrickson. Second row: Rev. R. E. Larson, Mrs. Larson, Shirley Snortelond, Mary Ann Guenthner, Yvonne Hansen, Horold Brandt, Marvin Romsdahl, Delwin Fechtelkotter, Peter Hansen. Front row: Carrie Nelson, Arlene Ostlund, Mrs. Harold Hendrickson and daughter, Gloria Fechtelkotter, Ade- laide Benson, Helen Dahlman, Norma Hoar, Elsie Zantow. 198 Vets Villa and University Park were again filled with former servicemen and their families. Life in a trailer proved very cozy, and neighbors were always close at hand. Even the large family of Mark Wood (pictured here) got along nicely m their temporary home. Upper left: Mark Wood reads one of the all- time best sellers as far as children are concerned to his four offspring: Helene, Julie, Diane, and Paul. Lower left: Mrs. Wood (Clare) gets her youngsters to assist in daily duties. Lower right: Mark, a medical student, takes time away from the children so he can study. But Helene has other ideas. 199 r ma Irei Qs Ira ( -if Bock row, left to right: Letho Larson, Ruth Kempter, Orca Christiansen, Jeon Willoughby, Janice Mickelson, Virginia Per- man, Margaret Estergard, Marjorie Estergard, Phylis Tribby, Donna Lou Fering, Joanne Bierwirth, Marilyn Paynter, Joan Peterson, Doris Scott, Merrie Swanson, Irena Landkof, Vivian Near, Marlis Fillbach, Lorraine Wilson, Betty Lou Wolken Third row: Mavis Petrik, Azela Rittershaus, Betty Hollemon, Elaine Sherman, Barbara Connell, Carol Rees, Ann Locke, Ann Hottmon, Joan Starkey, Jean Gunvordahl, Beverly Berry, Marilyn Hecker, Joanne Chase, Beverly Fillbach. Second row: Phyllis Byrnes, Shirley Pinney, Viola Ala, Mrs. Simons, Kay Siedschlag, Jean Weldon, Lois Van Demark, Mary McKie. Front row: Sally Henderson, Marge Paulson, Phyllis Troutmon, Audrey Trautman, Helen Packard. Back row, left to right: Avis Baily, Dona Giannonatte, Mary Hedges, Fay Brengle, Susan Cunningham, Joanne Townsend, Mary Ann Noren, Dorothy Royce, Lorrayne Maurseth, Bernice Markovetz, Ginger Georgiades, Collette Brady, Normo Reeder, Marion Marvick, Doris Dokken, Carol Main, Marilyn Harr, Sally Brown, Konstance Klingler, Betty Lou Sabag, Nadine Wilson. Third row: Dorlene Hansen, Martha Snortelond, Shirley Snorteland, Frieda Hall, Lorraine Jensen, Pat Dalgaard, Marion Emerson, Joan Kolberg, Bernadine Evans, Talitha Birner, Elsie Larsen, Mary Lou Drey, Betty Nicholas, Gwen Odegaard, Shirley Stein, Delores Wahl, Mary Jo Sieler, Gloria Fechtelkotter, Lois Larson. Second row: Lois Ann Herther, Leona Thiesse, Corinne Schroeder, Grace Steinberg, Jane Locke, Mary Wetmore, Doris Kibble, Julia Weislegel, Coralie MacMiller. Front row: Irene O ' Connor, Jeon Hansen, Kathleen Dougherty, Pat Scholten, Pat Gurney, Ronni Chambers. I 200 DRKOTH HALL One hundred and forty-four girls called Dakota Hall home at the beginning of the year, an all- time high for the dormitory, but that number dwindled to 120 by the second semester. Mrs. Roy Simonds, who has been " Mom " to the girls for six years, was again housemother, ably assisted in her duties by Viola Ala. All the traditional parties, of which Dakota Hall is justly proud, were held again, beginning with the annual Christmas Party on the night before vacation The dancing party in the spring and the Open House for faculty and students were highlights of the social season for the dorm. Sioux City ' s Kay Siedschlag took over the presidency first semester with Shirley Pinney and Jean Weldon as secretary and treasurer. Fresh- man Jane Locke of Youngstown, Ohio, picked up the reins of the presidency in January and Irena Landkof of Lodtz, Poland, and Ginger Georgiadis filled the offices of secretary and treasurer the rest of the year. Only seven seniors resided at the Hall this year. They were Madelon Bryan, Barbara Con- nell, Kay Siedschlag, Phyllis and Audrey Traut- man and Lois Van Demark. Pictured at left are, back row, left to right: Julie Wilds, Norma Jeon Donnelly, Francy Gregg, Geneva Tiemeyer, Madelon Bryan, Virginia Turner, Miriam Szpiro, Catherine Gontero, Shirley Trovis, Georgia Stroh- maier, Rogene Dunn. Front row, left to right: Roxine Kenison, Jo Ann Stepanek, Marianne Brandwein, Joan Green, Gerry Granberg, Eileen Mc- George, Bette Isaak. 201 Back row, left to right: Diana Monfore, Mary Cauley, Joyce Dixon, Audrey Mortenson, LaVaughn Carter, Sheila Chinski, Mory Ann Dalman, Bonnie Anderson, Helen Erickson, Marilyn Harvison, Josephine Marion. Third row: Ruth Ryon, Marilyn Tufteland, Joyce Brosz, Leona Wahl, Jeanne Cacavos, Betty Soutar, Nancy Juhl, Dorothy Haight, Mory Guenthner, Frances Grisham, Frances Lunn, Nina Gudath, Georgia McNeil. Second row: Betty Berg, Evelynn Boiley, Susan Smith, Mary Jane Collins, Lois Davis, Gwen Bode, Shirley Hansen, Annette Koopman, Helen B lash 1 1 1 First row: Joyce Wheat, Ruth Haar, Marian Titus, Cara Lee Cornelius, Paula Groz, Bette Rodgers, Katherine Coffey. 202 Mrs. Corine Aldrich was housemother to 85 girls throughout a successful year at East Hall. Mrs Aldrich has been housemother for five years. Hearts and cupids provided decorations for the informal Valentine party which was the Hall ' s high- light of the year. " USD Sails On " was the theme carried out in the Dakota Day float. At Christmas the girls held an informal party and sang carols to all the fraternities on campus. During the spring an open-house was held. Dorothy Olson and Lucille Palmquist were soloists while Mar.lyn Harviso.n was the pianist for the Hall. Gwen Bode, Shirley Hansen, Jody Marion, Lois Davis, and Dorothy Haight presented an Al Jolson act which provided the entertainment for a Mortar Board dance. Candidates for the Vanity Fair contest were Shirley Hansen and Joan Marple. Officers were Jean Groethe, president; Mary Rogers, vice-presiden t; Bonnie Anderson, secre- tary; and Gwen Bode, treasurer. Back row, left to right: Ardis Fahrenwald, Marguerite Vensand, Janet Baird, Audrey Anderson, Helen Moore, Verona Hole, Alice Neyens, Melba Heller, Lucille Palmquist, Phyllis Erickson, Shirley Begeman, Joan Scheuneman, Beverly Bell, Pauline Grytness. Third row: Marilyn Kahl, Suzanne Freeman, Mary Rogers, Kay Parks, Mary Amacher, Marilyn Post, Joan Marple, Janis Fergen, Joy Olson, Neva Zoe Hokenstad, Aileen Ellison, Chloe Correll. Second row: Lois Wilson, Beulah Blair, Vivian Hole, Dorothy Olson, Mrs. Aldrich, Ardis Tokle, Jean Groethe, Ann Vickery, Miriam Craft. Front row: Eunice Lee, Elsie Zantow, Dorothy Sjoberg, Deon Holliday. 203 GREEKS Pictured are, back row, left to right: Shirley Ellis, Jane Buntley, Helen Travis, Arlette Wehde, Sheila Shannon, Lynn Pieper, Norma Jean Westre, Barbara Lambert. Front row: Pat Muth, Mary Ann Lyons, Gloria Mclntyre, Ruth Kallemeyn, Pat Bauer, Phyllis Duitsman. The University Pan-Hellenic is a Greek letter organization which aims to cultivate - fine relationships among sororities, further in- tellectual accomplishments, and maintain sound scholarship. A national organization, Pan-Hellenic is found on all college campuses where social sororities are in existence. A Pan-Hellenic movement was begun in the early 1900 ' s by the Alpha Phi sorority, and other groups were quick to odd to the organization Pan-Hellenic at first consisted of national meetings of Greek letter women ' s groups and later became a campus organization. The purposes of Pan-Hellenic other than those mentioned above are to cooperate with the University administration in maintaining high social standards, to discuss questions of interest in the sorority world, and to compile all rules governing rushing, pledging, and initiation of women on the campus. Two representatives of each sorority on the campus comprise the Pan-Hellenic governing group. Officers are chosen from these representatives to govern the weekly meetings. Ruth Kallemeyn served as president; Pat Bauer, vice-president; Elsie Tweedale, sec- retary; and Mary Ann Lyons, treasurer. The Inter-fraternity council is an organization founded to create good will and promote cooperation among the social fraternities on the campus. Primarily, the work of the council is to link the administrative authorities with members of the fraternities. Although there are no rushing rules for men, the council draws up a code of ethics which each fraternity agrees to follow The council consists of two representatives from each organized house. Officers for this year were Henry Haugan, president; James Olander, secretary; and Francis Pederson, treasurer. Back row, left to right: Howard Allen, Marlon Jackson, George Zink, Wayne Townsend, George Lendecker, Jim Harvey, Frank Tait. Front row: Darrell Booth, Dean Bailey, Henry Haugan, Ray Ross, Ronald Hurley. 204 GREEK WEEK March 29 through April 1 was designated this year as annual Greek Week, a period during which Greeks and Independents strive to establish better relationship among themselves for the good of the University. The idea of Greek Week is to acquaint unaffiliated students with the members of organized houses and to foster cooperation between them. Greek Week this year consisted of a day to day inter-mingling of Greeks and Independents. On Monday evening, Greek Week officially began with all sororities and fraternities inviting their alumni as dinner guests. Tuesday was the day for exchange dinners between sororities and frater- nities. On Wednesday evening, Greeks and Independents visited all organized houses on a " Round Robm. " Open house was held and refreshments were served to v ' si tors On Thursday evening, an Independent exchange dinner was the highlight, with organized houses entertaining unaffiliated stu- dents. The climactic event of the week was a dance in the New Armory with a well-known orches- tra supplying the music. Greek Week Committee members pictured are, back row, left to right: Dean Bailey, Clarence Hagglund, Dick Hanson, Bob Lucken, Gene Vanderboom, Tom LaFollette, Earl Mumford. Front row: Janice Mickelson, Betty Lou Sweany, Phyllis Johnson, Phyllis Duitsman, chairman, Arlene Leaders, Lois Milliken. 205 Under the leadership of petite President Barbara Lam- bert, the Alpha Phis gained more than their share of Uni- versity honors. Phyllis Duitsman was elected Honorary Colonel of the Military Ball. She also served as National Colonel of Guidon and attendant to Miss Dakota and chairman of Greek Week. This fall saw the initiation of four girls — Shirley Ellis, Mary Lee Fa Ik, Delores Kempter, and Eloise Rogers — into Guidon. Caroline Jackus was National Major of Guidon. Another honor copped by Alpha Phi was first place for the most original float in the Dakota Day parade. Mary Lee Falk was assistant-editor of the Coyote; Delores Kempter was business-manager; Doloris Jackus, index editor; Ann Campbell, feature editor; and Shirley Ellis, lay-out editor. Ann Campbell was assistant-editor of the Wet Hen and Inadoll Cruickshank was circulation man- ager. Alpha Phis in other honorary organizations include Ann Brodie and Mary Lee Falk in Phi Sigma lota; Mary Lee Falk, Shirley Ellis, and Delores Kempter in Pi Delta Epsilon. Alpha Lambda Delta includes vice-president Doloris Jackus, sec- retary Lois Kofmehl, and Anne Hoffmann and Ruth Kemp- ter. Eloise Rogers was elected president of Zeta Phi Eta and was a member of Tau Kappa Alpha. Inadoll Cruickshank was also a Zeta Phi Eta and active in the University Theater. Radio Guild members were secretary Patricia Nissen, Eloise Rogers, Mary Lee Falk, Delores Kempter, Doloris Jackus, Mary Burgeson, Inadoll Cruickshank, and Ann Camp- bell. Alpha Phi and Phi Delta Theta combined their talents to win third place in the annual Strollers Show. Officers were Barbara Lambert, president; Caroline Jackus and Phyllis Judge, vice-presidents. Patricia Nissen, secretary; and Joan Derosier, treasurer. Y c Sw B M 206 IBM EVELYNN BAILEY MARY BORGEN ANN BRODIE MARY BURGESON ANN CAMPBELL PHYLLIS CARMODY ORCA CHRISTENSEN MARY JANE COLLINS INADOLL CRUICKSHANK JOAN DEROSIER PHYLLIS DUITSMAN SHIRLEY ELLIS MARY LEE FALK JANICE FELT DONNA LOU FERING PAULA GROZ ALICE HAPPE ANNE HOFFMANN CAROLINE JACKUS DOLORIS JACKUS PHYLLIS JUDGE DELORES KEMPTER RUTH KEMPTER LAVERN KNOX LOIS KOFMEHL BARBARA LAMBERT LETHA LOU LARSON EILEEN McGEORGE JANICE MICKELSON MARLYS MOLSTAD HELEN MOORE VIVIAN NEAR PATRICIA NISSEN MARY ANN NOREN GWEN ODEGAARD VIRGINIA PERMAN JULIE ANN RAUK ELOISE ROGERS DOROTHY ROYCE SUSAN SMITH JOAN STARKEY JUNE TJELLE VIRGINIA TURNER JEANNE WILLOUGHBY S ' € © ' © : 4 a _ i J 207 The school year of 1948-1949 has been an active one for South Dakota Delta Upsilon of Alpha Tau Omega. This year marks the first anniversary of ATO ' s re-entrance into activity on the campus. Having risen, since 1946, from three actives and three pledges to a total membership of seventy mem- bers, ATO has become increasingly active in all phases of extra-curricular activities. Henry Haugan, president of the chapter, is chairman of the Inter- fraternity Council and was elected to this year ' s Who ' s Who. Gorman Erick- son, besides being active in University theatrics, is also chief announcer at KUSD. Bill Lynn was director of Continuity for KUSD. Glenn Talley is assistant manager of the fountain in the Co-op Store, while Joe Donnelly is a member of the Union Board of Control, and Walter Lampert is director of the Union Building, Bob Cameron and Ernie Bormann are two other ATO ' s who were elected to Who ' s Who Lloyd Cullen is Assistant Business Manager of the Volante. In the field of athletics, Art Glynn lettered in football and was heavy- weight boxing champion of the campus. Eldon Koplin lettered in track. Officers for the past year were Henry Haugan, Gorman Erickson, Howard Allen, Eldon Koplin, Keith Donovan, and Wayne Hanson, I m: ' r. a o r a o i I iJi n ft p O C?i » O ft fa, O O £fc Q £ £ £ f f © O o ,© P O f?? cy !?5 II C-i. c £ r o o. o. £ ft ' i o fife it - ■ t ii i% ii HOWARD ALLEN, DeWAYNE ANDERSON, HAROLD ANDERSON, STANLEY BAIRD, ANSON BIGELOW, JAMES BLATHERWICK, WILLIAM BOLENBAUGH, GERALD BOLLINGER, FLOYD BORGHORST, LeROY BORGHORST. ERNEST BORMANN, THOMAS BRUENING, EDWARD BRUNSTING, ROBERT CAMERON, THOMAS CARVER, LLOYD CULLEN, CHARLES DAVIS, DONALD DAVIS, JOSEPH DONNELLY, KEITH DONOVAN. JOHN DRENTTEL, HARLAN EISELAND, VINCENT EISELAND, RICHARD E3ICSON, GORMAN ERICKSON, FRANK FARRAR, ARTHUR GLYNN, KENNETH GUTHRIE, WAYNE HANSON, HENRY HAUGAN, ROGER JERNSTROM. GLEN JOHNSON, ROBERT JONES, RAYMOND JONES, ELDON KOPLIN, EUGENE KOUPAL, JACK KRAMER, QUEN- TIN KR1EGER, WAYNE KRIEGER, ELVIN KROMER, CARL KRUEGER, ORLIN LAMPERT. JOSEPH LANGSTON, LAWRENCE LARSON, LYNDEN LEVITT, STANLEY LOKKEN, WILLIAM LYNN, DANIEL McNEIL, DONALD MESSERLI, GEORGE MILLER, GARNOLD NELSON, RYLAND PHILLIPS, JOSEPH PILLAR. WILLIAM PRUNTY, NEAL RYAN, WILLIAM STEVENSON, JAMES STIVERS, GLENN TALLEY, GENE VANDERBOOM, ADIEL WAHL, DANIEL WERMERS, OLIVER WHITE, LYLE WRAGE, GORDON YOUNG. 209 ■■H BBB HBB BB Alpha Xi Delta was founded in 1893 at Lombard College in j Galesburg, Illinois. Marking its 46th year on the campus of the University of South Dakota, Alpha Xi Delta is proud of its accomplish- ments during ' 48- ' 49. Highlighting the year was the election of four Alpha Xi Delta seniors to Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. They were Ruth Hallock, Shirley Schwengle, Norma Jean Westre and Delorez West. Active on the campus for three years, their senior year was a purposeful climax to their service to the school. Delorez will be remembered for her star performances in University Theater productions, last of which was the role of Eileen in " My Sister Eileen. " Dode was one of the five girls chosen to compete for the honor of Honorary Colonel. Ruth Hallock is recognized for her musical ability, and her accomplishments in that field. Shirley, an active member of Mortar Board, is known for high scholarship and leader- ship on the campus. " Normie J, " past president of Alpha Xi Delta, as well as president of the Association of Women Students, has been active in the fields of speech, radio, and journalism. Alpha Xi Deltas are well represented in honorary organizations on the campus Norma Jean Westre and Doris Marks are members of Zeta Phi Eta; Delorez West, a member of Playcrafters and National Collegiate Players; Shirley Schwengle, a member of Phi Sigma lota; Hildegarde Elges, a member of Phi Sigma lota; Norma Jean Westre, a member of Guidon, Tau Kappa Alpha, Pi Delta Epsilon; and Adele Clark, and Ruth Hallock, members of Mu Phi Epsilon. Serving in an official capacity were Norma Jean Westre as president of Tau Kappa Alpha, President of the Association of Women Students, Chairman of the University Forum; Shirley Schwengle as president of the Spanish Club; Kay Danker as Captain of the Rifle Team of the University Women; Margaret Menke as president of Junior Pan-Hellenic; and Adele Clark as president of Mu Phi Epsilon Officers of Alpha Xi Delta are Mona Fiksdal, president; Adele Clark, vice-president; Gloria Mclntyre, secretary; and Deloris Rinehart, treasurer. AVIS BAILEY ADELE CLARK DONAFAYE COTTRELL KATHLEEN DANKER KATHLEEN DOUGHERTY HILDEGARD ELGES FRANCES EMERSON MONA FIKSDAL SUE FREEMAN SHIRLEY GALL RUTH HALLOCK ECLILA JUNDT JOANNE KRIEGER GLORIA MclNTYRE DORIS MARKS MARGARET MENKE MARY NELSON JOAN PETERSON DORIS RICE DELORIS RINEHART DELORES ROBERTS LUCILLE SALTARELLI SHIRLEY SCHWENGLE BETTY SWEANY ELSIE TWEEDALE MARY ANN VOLMER VIVIAN WESSEL DELOREZ WEST NORMA JEAN WESTRE JULIANNE WILDS Q$i® 211 Beta Theta Pi was founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio in 1839. Gamma Alpha Chapter was established on the campus in 1912. Since then more than 400 men have been initiated. Betas have established themselves on campus through many activities and honors. Bob Arthur, Ed Connors, and Jim Harvey are varsity gridsters, and Harvey and Vernell Holter are both active in varsity track. During this last year, Betas added a first place golf trophy and a first place swimming trophy to the collection. In the ntermural track meet, Betas took second place, Donald Barret was selected this year for Who ' s Who. Bob Clough was chosen as one of the outstanding seniors while he and Mick O ' Connor have participated in intercollegiate speech activities. Clough is also a University cheerleader and a member of Univer- sity Theater Organizations. Steve Kahler, Mick O ' Connor and Bob Clough are Strollers. Dorwin Schmidt is president of the Dakotans and Jim Cope is chief engineer at KUSD Bob Temmey won first prize in the WET HEN story contest. Bud Wright, Buron Lindbloom, and Wesgate Swafford are members of the University band. Beta Theta Pi won honorable mention for house decorations on Dakota Day. Marion Jackson and Francis Peterson presided during the past year. f l i m Ilk f ill i P9 5no fe » © tfc. ■H P n. c o y f? O tPi p ft O Q P C !T O Q, O jp O. D D ft ; p a Q O Ki 3 P ft Cl KELLY ALBERTSON, ROBERT ARTHUR, DON AUSTIN, CHARLES BEAZLEY, GENE BECKER, WILLIAM BERGUIN, JOHN BOTTERMAN, WALTER BROUSARD, BERNARD BROWN, JOHN BURG. MAURICE BURG, ROBERT CLOUGH, ROSS CONKLIN, EDWARD CONNORS, CHARLES COOK, FREDERICK COOK, JAMES COPE, JAMES DELANEY, WILLIAM EILERS, NICK ELLIATT. MERRILL ERICSON, ROBERT GABRIEL, RICHARD GERE, LEE GUNDERSON, CLARENCE HAGGLUND, WARREN HARRIS, JAMES HARVEY, VERNELL HOLTER, MARION JACKSON, IVAN JOHNSON. STEVE KAHLER, HOWARD KUNSTLE, JACK LARKIN, CRAIG LIEN, BURON LINDBLOOM, JUDD MABEE, FRED MONICK, LLOYD MYRABO, LOWELL NASH, WILLIAM NOBLE. DAVID O ' CONNOR, MICHAEL O ' CONNOR, GEORGE PARKE, LOWELL PARKE, THOMAS PATTON, FRANCIS PEDER SEN, WILLIAM PERRENOUD, CALVIN POTTRATZ, ROBERT REYNOLDS, JAMES RYAN. JAMES SCALLIN, FREDERICK SCHLEGELMILCH, DORWIN SCHMIDT, DAVID SHANARD, GEORGE SHANARD, HAROLD SHAW, ROBERT SMEED, ARTHUR SMITH. WOOD SMITH, WESGATE SWAFFORD, ROBERT TEMMEY, JOHN THOMPSON, CHARLES TRIBBY, BRUCE WALLACE, DOUGLAS WATLAND, HAROLD WRIGHT. 213 ■ ■w Chi Omegas again took their place in campus work and activities during 1948-49. Chi Omega president, Arlette Wehde, was an attendant to Miss Dakota and a candidate for Honorary Cadet Colonel Janet Wangsness was a member of Pi Delta Epsilon, File 13, Student Senate, and a candidate for Miss Vanity Fair. She and Ruth Kallemeyn were initiated into Guidon. Ruth served as president of Pan-Hellenic and a member of the Union Board of Control Betty MacNeely was elected secretary of A.W.S., and she and Ardis Fahrenwald were pledged to Mu Phi Epsilon. Two new trophies were added when Chi O ' s placed first in Swingout and won the girls ' basketball tournament. Leota Ostlund was president of the Home Economics Club. Pat Muth held the same position in Dolphins. Shirlee Enquist and Helen Vanderboom were busy at KUSD. Janet Wangsness and Ruth Kallemeyn held the positions of vice- president and treasurer of Radio Guild. Chi Omega sorority was founded at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville on April 5, 1895, and Upsilon Gamma chapter was established at the University of South Dakota in 1925. Newly elected officers of Chi Omega were: Ruth Kallemeyn, president; Shirlee Enquist, vice-president; Colleen McKenna, secre- tary; and Dorothea Bender, treasurer. DOROTHY BENDER DONNA MAE BLESSING BARBARA BROWN SHEILA CHINSKI ROSALIE CLELAND CARA LEE CORNELIUS CHLOE CORRELL SHIRLEE ENQUIST MARJORIE ESTERGARD BETTY EVERHART ARDIS FAHRENWALD NORMA GILCHRIST DORIS GRUENWALD YVONNE HANSEN MARILYN HECKER DONNA HOKENSTAD MARILYN KAHL RUTH KALLEMEYN KONSTANCE KLINGLER JOAN KOLBERG LUELLA LAGENDYK ARLENE LEADERS COLLEEN McKENNA BETTY McNEELY PATRICIA MUTH CARRIE NELSON ARLENE OSTLUND LEOTA OSTLUND JANICE PEDERSON BETTY SABAG ELAINE SHERMAN JOANNE STOLTENBERG PHYLLIS STONE HELEN VANDERBOOM JANET WANGSNESS ARLETTE WEHDE , I ' I m 215 Delta Gamma of Delta Tau Delta this year celebrated its 25th year as a fraternity on the University of South Dakota cam- pus. Founded in 1924 by 22 men, Delta Gamma has grown to- day to a chapter of 80 men. The Delts again have shared a good part of the sports spot- light on campus. Jack Van Arsdale, Merle Houck, Norm Bar- tholow and Dave Lorentson won varsity letters in football. Adding spark and power to the freshman team were Mike Hooker, Stan Rhinehart, Mark Eixenberger, " Corky " Klostergard and Spence Mallder. John Diefendorf, Bud Carlton and Dale Roberts provided a great deal of power for the University ' s cage squad. " Diet ' s " scoring outburst against Augustana set a new record for USD. His 29 points are the most ever garnered in a conference game by a University basketball player. Larry Johnson and Bill Boyd played for the " B " team. For the second consecutive year, the Delts took first prize in the Dakota Day house decoration contest. Artist Jim Hegert led the work on the giant " Coyote Lunchmeat " mural which covered the entire front of the house and enabled Delta Gamma to keep the silver cup another year. Delta Tau Delta won the Strollers ' trophy for their produc- tion of " Minstrel Manor. " 1948-49 Chapter officers were Darrell Booth, president; Don Steele, vice-president; Gordon Ellis, secretary; and Ross Babcock, treasurer. 3 0+ f rrf ft 2% — 0P a ' » " r f (S £5} r " " at ' I j i 9 1st row: Worren Ackerman, Roger Anderson, Warvin Anderson, Ross Babcock, Dean Bailey, Donald Bierle, Darrell Booth, William Boyd. 2nd row: Bob Burnette, Dean Cad well, Harry Carleton, Bill Coacher, Bob Colvin, Larry Cornell, John Cottinghom, John Diefendorf. 3rd row: Harold Doyle, James Doyle, James Doyle, Tom Egan, Mark Eixenberger, Gordon Ellis, James Ellwein, Kirby Emler. 4th row: Curtis Foster, Hugh Ful- lerton, James Gackle, Bill Harris, Don Hawley, Gene Hay, James Hegert, Thomas Hegert. 1st row: Warren Hobson, Curt Hopkins, Merle Houck, Don Johnson, Henry Johnson, Lorry Johnson, Karl Kabeisman. 2nd row: Dale Kirchenbauer, Marlin Kloster- gaard, Lyle Krall, Curtis Kuehn, Tom La- Follette, Harold Larson, John Larson. 3rd row: William Lorentson, Bill Luby, Spen- cer Mallder, Ted Mallder, Dick Manning, Gene Mayer, Wayne Merrigan. 4th row: James Norman, Donald O ' Connor, Robert Pangburn, Howard Preston, Bob Robe, Dick Rhinehart. 5th row: Stanley Rhinehart, Dick Richards, George Rinder, Dale Roberts, James Roberts, Lee Shaw. 6th row: Robert Sheild, Gene Smith, Don Steele, Lane Stnlwell, Fred Swisher, Paul Turner. 7th row: Virgil Vail, Jack Van Arsdale, Bob Watson, Jack Wilds, Ted Wrage, Gordon Wold. O f £5 fTi. .£N F! Q f O.- O UVr -» ' »« ' • .«T i « • - J«»n J- t 5 ' , « « + f 15 ft o 1 9 217 The Thetas spent a busy year participating in campus and academic activities The Scholarship cup, which has been presented for 26 years to the organized house with, the highest scholastic average was won by Theta for the 18th time. " Orchids to U " was the theme of Theta ' s float judged most beautiful in the Dakota Day parade. Jane Buntley and Mary Ann Lyons were capped for Mortar Board and chosen, along with Shirley Van Ferney, for Who ' s Who. Shirley is vice-president of A.W.S. and winner of the Nelson Shield award. Vanity Fairs were Joan Pearson and Pat Potter. Mary Kay Dake was Mardi Gras queen and Phyllis Lawton, Sweetheart of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Joan Pearson was also Sweetheart of Delta Sigma Phi. Clancie Visser, Lt. Colonel, and Mary Ann Lyons, Executive Director, were active in Guidon. Shirley Van Ferney and Joan Pear- son were new initiates of the organization. Phyllis Johnson and Joby Tillotson were initiated in Phi Sigma lota. They were also Joke Editors of the Wet Hen of which Jean Geppert was assistant business manager Joby was society editor and Rosemary Hackett was circulation manager of the Volante. Catherine Coleman was made a member of Mu Phi Epsilon and Jean Geppert, associate member of Radio Guild. Georgia Strohmaier and Mary McBride were school cheerleaders. Betty Nicholas was a member of the newly organized majorettes. Alpha Lambda Delta members are Jo Anne Stepanek, Merne Swanson, Catherine Cotton, Jane Warkentin, and senior adviser Shirley Van Ferney. Clancie Visser was attendant to Miss Dakota and Jane Buntley was candidate for Honorary Colonel Officers were Jane Buntley, president; Joan Pearson, vice- president; Jane Warkentin, treasurer; and Barbara Ruhlman, secre- tary. oe 218 NANCY BENTSON JANE BUNTLEY BARBARA BURKE FAYE CARY JOAN CHAUSSEE CATHERINE COLEMAN CATHERINE COTTON MARY KAY DAKE LOIS DAVIS MARY LOU DREY MAURINE DULING GEORGIA EGAN MARY JANE EGGEN KAYE FOX JEAN GEPPERT ROSEMARY HACKETT DOROTHY HAIGHT DEON HOLLIDAY DOROTHY HOLMES PHYLLIS JOHNSON JEANNE KRUEGER PHYLLIS LAWTON NANCY LEE RITA LORENZ MARY ANN LYONS MARY McBRIDE SARA McROBERT BEVERLEE MORGAN BETTY NICHOLAS IRENE O ' CONNOR CAROL PATTON JOAN PEARSON PATRICIA PILLAR PATRICIA POTTER MARJORIE RENSCH BARBARA RUHLMAN JOAN SCHEUNEMAN PATRICIA SCHWINN CYNTHIA SCOTT BETTY SOUTAR JOANNE STEPANEK GEORGIA STROHMAIER BARBARA STUTENROTH MERRIE SWANSON JOAN TILLOTSON HELEN TRAVIS SHIRLEY TRAVIS SHIRLEY VAN FERNEY CLARICIE VISSER JANE WARKENTIN 219 The Lambda Chi house took on a new look during the sum- mer, wearing a new coat of paint for the fall season, and boasting complete new furnishings throughout the first floor. The chapter placed unusual stress on rushing activities this year, pledging 38 men, and bringing the total strength up to 103 men. Because of the marriage last Christmas of house president, Jim Olander, a mid-year election was held, naming Jim Foy of Vienna, S D., president. Marshall Miller of Pierre is vice-presi- dent, and John Jones of Presho is secretary. Three Lambda Chi ' s held spots on the varsity football squad this year. They are: Jim Bowden, Centerville, lanky, fleet-footed halfback; Marv Rist, also of Centerville, tough in the guard posi- tion, and Harvey Hanson, Webster, particularly strong on defense at right end. With the freshmen squad are: Chuck Adams, Akron, Iowa, diminutive, but shifty halfback; Dave Graham, Custer, whose season at end was cut short by a broken leg; Melvin John- son, Elk Point, quarterback; and John Groseth, Centerville, center. Active in publications this year were Jim Kuehn, Mobridge, who was editor of the Volante and is now make-up editor of that publication, and Bob Lucken, Akron, Iowa, Volante sports columnist and contributor to the Wet Hen. The social season opened this year with something new. Instead of the usual Bowery Costume Party, a new, outdoors theme was introduced, and the party was called " The Woodchopper ' s Ball. " The costumes were primarily plaid shirts, old trousers and boots. The programs were burned into shingles and the decora- tions were logs. The Winter Formal was held in the Chapter House on Saturday evening, Feb. 26. Lambda Chi housemother, Mrs. Louise B. Hunt of Sioux City, Iowa, is back for her third year. 1st row: Richard Absher, Charles Adams, Darold Adam son, Raymond Allmendinger, Clifford Anderson, Donald Anderson. 2nd row: John Ba illy, John Barkley, Raymond Barkley, George Beal, Franklin Bens, Robert Berry. O ' A ft ft :■(© ft ■ O ft 3 iL li 4tM i 4;t 1st row: Jim Bowdcn, Ken Boyer, Dale Brodshaw, James Brickley, Donald Brown, Bob Brunken, Rex Burnngton, Roy Christianson 2nd row: Richard Christianson, Richard Colwell, James Corcoran, Walter Dagle, John Dalton, Bob DeVinney, Ted Dolney, Donald Engstrom. 3rd row: Arlo Ericson, Roger Eric- son, Clayton Fillhaus, Floyd For- bord, Jim Foy, Weston Gilbride, David Graham, Gilbert Gray. 4th row: Robert Hanley, Bill Han- sen, Harvey Hanson, Donald Heide- priem, Gaylord Hoftiezer, Howard Hoist, Earl Husby, Paul Husby. 5th row: Don Jacobsen, Reed Jensen, Hugh Johnson, Jim John- son, Melvin Johnson, Monroe John- son, Roy Johnson, William John- son, John Jones. o ft o ift r »3 oft ' -■ w fei %£2 - v J - ■i £tisS:?i.%k.t t mrMmi 1st row: Hiram King, Jim Kuehn, John Lloyd, Edward Losacker, George Lowell, Bob Lucken, Bob Lundwall. 2nd row: Bob Morgans, Dean Munroe, Don Neil, Dale Nelson, Glen Nelson, Harold Nelson, Bob Oas. 3rd row: Morley O ' Connor, Jim Olander, Bill O ' Neill, James O ' Rourke, Emil Orth, Bob Penor, Kendall Person. 4th row: Laird Rasmussen, Charles Rathbun, Marvin Rist, Dwayne Rollag, Ray Ross, Gene Schrierer, Harold Schuler. 5th row: Dale Sergeant, Lyle Simons, Kendall Smith, Pierce Smith, Donald Starkey, Keith Storm, Arlo Summervold. 6th row: James Thompson, Bert Tolletson, Wayne Townsend, Delvin Welter, Charles Wetzeler, Marlon Willson, Ted Wine. «• " » «• ' -m «c r, -i fc 221 9 ® O ft p. D Oft.ft 411- h t tiik fft. ff (ft. (ft fft O d n o 9 o ..o ■l HB BBB J During the year 1948-49 South Dakota Alpha of Phi Delta Theta once again ntained its leading role in campus activities. Phi Delta Theta again supplied the varsity teams with outstanding per- rmers. Football letter-winners were Don Coutts, Jim Malone, Ronald Brown, rence Lowe, Dick Day, and Al Meile. The Phi Delt freshmen who earned r numerals were Spence Brende, Bill Nelson, Howard Naasz, Jim Delfs, non Schleder, Vic Bianchini, Stan Seigel, and Bob McDonough. The basketball court was frequently inhabited by a complete Phi Delt five. Dean, Ken McRoden, Tex Hoy, Dick Day, Benny Staebner, and Wayne sch all starred and colorfully represented Phi Delta Theta. Don Coutts and nk Henderson proved themselves qualified trackmen. Benny Staebner and Wayne Rausch genuinely displayed their talents on the varsity baseball team. In campus organizations Phi Delta Theta was again well represented. Don kmier was a Dakotan; Bucky Anderson and Bill Porter, Strollers; Don Ruble, Aeolian; Jim Dunham, KUSD announcer; Bill Porter, Volante business man- r and President of Student Publication Board; and George Walker, Volante Coyote staff worker. Social events during the year were the annual Pirate Party, the Miami Triad formal dance, the Western Party, and Spring formal. Officers for the second semester were Bill Porter, president; Dick Battey, retary; and Kenneth Foster, treasurer. 1st row: Dick Aggergaard, Robert Anderson, William Anderson, Dick Battey, Keith Beekley, Tom Berbos, Victor Bianchini, Jerry Boub. 2nd row: Thomas Brasel, Dick Brecienberg, Spence Brende, Ron- nie Brown, Thomas Buckingham, Joe Bush, Jack Carmody, Joe Cash. 3rd row: Ralph Chedel, Don Coutts, Dick Day, Earl Dean, Herb DeBeer, James Delts, Dick Doane, Jim Dun- ham. 4th row: John Edwards, Harry Faber, Fronk Felt, Kenneth Foster, Charles Gaeckle, Jack Galloway, Bob Galloway, Jack Ganje, Jim Gorvis. 5th row: Bill Hackett, Gordon Haffeman, Dick Hansen, Bill Hon- sen, Frank Henderson, Marvin Hoffman, Ray Howford, Carleton Hoy, Ronald Hurley. jSiQL ' v P 5 a a O t , 1 Gk £ ft. ] Mri 1 fci I di a , a . ' ■to O O O - A 9 C5 ;Jp __ fell £ © P) n c 1st row: Will Hurley, Vern Jones, Thomos Kirby, Paul Kretschmar, John Lloyd, Alan Lord, Clarence Lowe. 2nd row: Mike McCullen, Bob Mc- Donough, Trumon McKee, Ken McRoden, James Malone, William Mateer, Jack Matteson. 3rd row: Al Meile, Howard Naasz, Bill Nelson, Robert Newby, Richard Olson, William Pay, Fred Peschel. 4th row: Bill Porter, Kenn Pratt, Cork Quintal, Clinton Raines, Wayne Rausch, Willis Schenk, Donald Schneckloth. 5th row: Marion Schleder, Lorry Scott, Stan Siegal, Donald Siekmier, Philip Snyder, Benny Staebner, Frank Stewart. 6th row: James Swenson, George Tarver, Thomas linker, Richard Vensand, George Walker, James Weaver, Gene Wertman. if 223 i!l£4 Pi Beta Phi again captured many honors in 1948-49. Caro- lyn Cowles was chosen Miss Dakota. She was elected to Who ' s Who, and served as president of Mortar Board. She was an of- ficer of Guidon, and a member of Alpha Lambda Delta. Janet Swab and Betty Isaak were also members of Alpha Lambda Delta. Margy Malone was selected as Miss Vanity Fair, while Seraldine Granberg was selected as a Vanity Fair Pat Bauer and Carol Quinn were initiated into Guidon. Virginia Benedict, Lo:s Milliken and Lou Shannessy were mem- bers of Playcrafters and Joyce Simpson was a member of Phi Sigma lota. Mary Lee Cranston, Virginia Benedict, Margy Malone, and Mary Jane Brown were members of the newly or- Aganized University Majorettes. ' Many Pi Phis held offices in various organizations on cam- pus. Collette Brady was Dolphmette president. Pat Bauer served as president of Pan-Hellenic Council and vice-president of Play- crafters while Carol Quinn was president o f Playcrafters. Mar- jorie Lynch was Varsettes ' treasurer, Dolores Johnson, Newman Club treasurer, Sally Kenaston, Newman Club vice-president. Mary Lee Cranston was secretary of WAA and Margy Malone was Home Economics club treasurer. The Pi Phis teamed with the SAE ' s to take second place in the annual Strollers ' vaudeville show. Pi Phis were active in the field of publications. Janet Swab was assistant business manager and Sally Kenaston was class editor for the 1949 COYOTE. Janet was circulation manager and Sally was a columnist for the Volante. Many other Pi Phis worked on the staff of the COYOTE. South Dakota Alpha of Pi Beta Phi was established at the University in 1927. Officers for the year were Pat Bauer, Phyllis Wells, Marjorie Lynch and Sally Kenaston. CARLIS ANDERSON PATRICIA BAUER VIRGINIA BENEDICT ADELAIDE BENSON BARBARA BORMAN COLLETTE BRADY MARY JANE BROWN JOY CARLSON MARY CAULEY CAROLYN COWLES MARY LEE CRANSTON MARY ANN DALMAN CHARLENE DOHERTY DELORES DRABEK JOANNE DUBES ROGENE DUNN NANCY FINCH GERALDINE GRANBERG PAULINE GRYTNESS SHIRLEY HANSEN BETTY ISAAK JOANNE JENNINGS MARCIA JOB DELORES JOHNSON SHIRLEY JOHNSON SALLY KENASTON MARJORIE LYNCH NANE McCONNELL MARGARET MALONE JOSEPHINE MARION MARION MARVICK LORRAINE MAURSETH LOIS MILLIKEN DIANA MANFORE DONNA LEE OLSTAD JOAN OSMAN MARILYN PANGBURN MARILYN PAYNTER MARILYN PIEPER CAROL QUINN NORMA REEDER CAROL REES MARY LOU SHANNESSY SHEILA SHANNON JOYCE SIMPSON DOROTHY SJOBERG JANET SWAB JOAN TISDALL MURIEL TOWNSEND JEAN VAN ARSDALE DIANE WALTER PHYLLIS WELLS 225 Keeping up the fine traditions of South Dakota Sigma, the boys from the Sig Alph house completed another highly successful year. The social life was carried out by week-end open-houses and an assort- ment of four fine parties. Highlighting them were the annual " Spring Party Week-end " and the Sweetheart Ball Stand-outs on the gridiron were such men as Howard Blumhardt, two year all -conference fullback, and Jerry Krutsch, this year ' s captain and also a two year all -conference tackle. Others to make the football headlines were Carl Andre, David Dafnis, Don Rames, and freshman Jerry Ashmore. Spark- ing the " B " squad was Bill Basom, left halfback speed merchant. Veteran cinderman, Phil Welter, again performed well for the Red and White thinclads, as did Ken Andree, freshman hurdler. Jerry Krutsch was shot-put man for the University. On the basketball court Don Dwight held up the honors for the SAE ' s, while Bob Bauer and Jerry Ashmore performed for the " B " squad. Highlighting the rivalry with State College, the SAE ' s won another round by the capture of the coveted " Bum-mobile. " A plaque presented to the chapter by State College ' s president was given in exchange for the um-mobile, " Active in campus activities, several SAE ' s gained recognition in their different fields. Ben Veidt, president of Strollers, and announcer for the Musical Bulletin Board on KUSD, was selected to appear in " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. " Jerry Krutsch was Cadet Colonel for R. O T. C. Bruce Crary served as a member of Dakotans; " Torchy " Reis was a member of Strollers. Ably directing the SAE ' s through the year were: Walter Andre, presi- dent; Earl Mumford, vice-president; Phil Mogen, treasurer; Don Byrne, housemanager. 1st row: Kenneth Andree, Walter Andre, Wayne Anderson, Gerald Ashmore, Richard Baily, Bill Basom, Delwyn Bauer, Joe Bichler. 2nd row: Bill Bloemendahl, Howard Blumhordt, Robert Buckingham, Don Byrne, Arnold Carlson, Milt Carlson, Kenneth Christenson. 3rd row: Bruce Crary, Earle Criss- man, Dan Dahl, Jack DeVany, Paul Doran, Don Dwight, Bob Eberle, Don Eibert. 4th row: Leonard Feathers, Ron- nie Freemole, Bob Frescoln, Lowell Gaughn, Dick Grosser, Jack Grieves, Charles Haig, Keith Hal- stead. !v O ft. ft ft ft. O, ft Op. ft o. o o o ft .o. ft ft ft ft ft it ,p : Oi, ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft .Oft ftO ft ft ft, ft ft ft ft ft ft ft ft 4? ft O ft ft O O £ 1 1 tal ifeA 1, •■■ Mil IM ft o " »» «?7 ft ft ft . : £ iC , Afc i. rfiii 1st row: Lowell Hanson, Burton Hatch, Moynord Hatch, Wayne Hatch, Bob Heck, Tom Heibel, James Hewett. 2nd row: Wesley Hirsch, Jock Hoberg, Tom Judge, Tom Kaltsulas, Claude Kosier, Newell Krause, Gerald Krutsch. 3rd row: Tom Latsis, Dan Lehan, Denzel Long, Joe McKeever, Dick Mead, Charles Milliken, Philip Mirecki. 4th row: Philip Mogen, Russ Molstad, Earl Mumtord, Tom Murphy, Gene Owens, Dick Owens, Joe Perkovitch. 5th row: Karlton Peters, Bob Phillips, Don Rames, Thomas Ries, Tom Saunders, Charles Schoeppi, Tom Schaeppi. 6th row: James Schell, Keith Sehnert, Dick Sewright, Jim Smith, Darrel Soren- son, Wayne Starr, Frank Tait. 7th row: Don Torgerson, Ben Veidt, Richord Waldorf, Phil Welter, Jotk West, George Willy. 227 - The year 1948-49 found the University Colony of Theta Xi well on its way to obtaining a charter from the National Headquarters. With 19 actives and 5 pledges left from last year, Theta Xi pledged 1 5 new men during the rush season of the fall semester. Theta Xi won the coveted Roy C Davis Scholarship Plaque and the University of South Dakota Freshman Inter-Fraternity Plaque. In the field of athletics the Theta Xi ' s received recognition when Gene Fingerhut received his letter in track. Theta Xi held its first winter formal on November 19, 1948. Members of Theta Xi include Robert Brown, Donald Bye, Carl Carlson, Robert Crawford, Andrew Drenkhahn, Robert Hazel, Joseph Hodges, Frank Kay, Harry Kort- meyer, George Lendecker, Hilary Neville, Raymond Prunty, Bruce Reed, Leo Spinar, George Zink, Harlan Anderson, Kenneth Kueny, Robert Vandevoort, Dale Peterson, Eugene Fingerhut, William Brandenberg, Dale Brekke, William Bywater, Donald Gull ; ckson, Eugene Marso, Morris Nellermoe, Howard Phipps, Donald Schneider, Alvin Smit, Alan Stuvland, Jerome Weis, Peter Wegner, Louis Craig, Robert McDermott, and Robert Schmidt. HARLAN ANDERSON EDWARD BICKEL WILLIAM BRANDENBERG DALE BREKKE ROBERT BROWN DONALD BYE WILLIAM BYWATER CARL CARLSON PAUL DISTAD ANDREW DRENKHAHN DAROLD DUNN GENE FINGERHUT GEORGE ZINK DONALD GULLICKSON ROBERT HAZEL EVERETT HENDRICKSON JOSEPH HODGES MARWOOD ISACKSON FRANK KAY HARRY KORTMEYER KENNETH KUENY RONALD LENAGH GEORGE LENDECKER EUGENE MARSO MORRIS NELLERMOE HILARY NEVILLE DALE PETERSON HOWARD PHIPPS RAYMOND PRUNTY BRUCE REED JOHN SANDERS DONALD SCHNEIDER ALVIN SMIT LEO SPINAR ALAN STUVLAND ROBERT VANDEVOORT PETER WEGNER JEROME WEIS fc 229 s0.4 i f iatulcUia+t4, to. the Qtacbuatei oj the GlcUl jf GOVERNOR GEORGE T. MICKELSON LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR Rex Terry SUPREME COURT St. Clair Smith E. D. Roberts H B. Rudolph V. R. Sickel C. R. Hayes SECRETARY OF STATE Annamae Ruff STATE TREASURER Clarence E. Buehler STATE AUDITOR Steve Anderson ATTORNEY GENERAL Sigurd Anderson PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION William Williamson Fred Lindekugel C. L. (Roy) Doherty Chris A. Merkle STATE ENGINEER D. W. Loucks STATE HIGHWAY COMMISSION Frank W. Mitchell, Sec. DEPT. OF AUDITS AND ACCOUNTS John C. Penne DEPT. OF SCHOOL AND PUBLIC LANDS Bernard Linn STATE SUPT OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION Harold S. Freeman STATE BOARD OF HEALTH G. J. Van Heuvelen, M D. MOTOR VEHICLE DIVISION E. S. Goff S. D. AERONAUTICS COMMISSION L V. Hanson, Exec. Sec. NATURAL RESOURCES COMMISSION C. F Overton STATE FREE LIBRARY COMMISSION Mercedes B. MacKay, Sec. flDEX Aadland, Gordon 28 Aadland, Howard 87, 193 Aberle, Andrew 58 Absher, Richard 68, 182, 220 Ackerman, Warren 46, 217 Adams, Charles 68, 220 Adams, Richard 46, 109 Adamson, Darold 68, 220 Aggergaard, Richard 46, 223 Ala, Viola 194, 200 Albertson, Kelly 87, 213 Alderson, James Allen, Dale 46, 169 Allen, Howard 46, 204, 209 Allen, Stanley 81 Allmendinger, Raymond 58, 127, 171, 197, 220 Alway, James 81 Amacher, Mary 46, 121, 203 Amacher, William 46, 119 Amble, Elmer 87, 193 Amundson, Paul 68, 128, 194 Andersen, Elton 87 Anderson, Audrey 68, 203 Anderson, Bonnie 58, 202 Anderson, Carlis 58, 171, 225 Anderson, Cecil 85, 195 Anderson, Clifford 68, 220 Anderson, DeWayne 85, 209 Anderson, Donald 46, 220 Anderson, Duane 46 Anderson, Harlan 58, 192, 229 Anderson, Harold 46, 209 Anderson, Merlin 58 Anderson, Robert 87, 223 Anderson, Roger 58, 171, 217 Anderson, Spencer 79 Anderson, Wavrm 58, 217 Anderson, Wayne 28, 227 Anderson, William 28, 154, 223 Andre, Carl 109 Andre, Walter 94, 198, 227 Andree, Kenneth 58, 227 Angelos, Theodore 81 Arthur, Harry 194 Arthur, Robert 46, 109, 213 Artichocker, John 58, 127 Ashley, William 81 Ashmore, Gerald 68, 109, 112, 117, 227 Aton, James 46 Aunger, Robert 87, 193 Austin, Donald 68, 213 Babcock, Ross 94, 217 Baez-Garcia, Ruben 28 Bailey, Avis 68, 194, 200, 211 Bailey, Dean 94, 204, 205, 217 Bailey, Evelyn 68, 202, 207 Bailey, John 87, 220 Bailey, Maureen 58 Bailey, Russel 46 Baily, Richard 94, 190, 227 Baird, Jeanette 68, 194, 203 Baird, Stanley 83, 191, 209 Baker, John 58 Balcom, Ray 58, 127 Bammerlin, Glenn 94, 193 Bark ley, John 46, 220 Bark ley, Raymond 46, 220 Barrett, Donald 99 Bartholow, Norman 46, 109 Barton, John 169 Basom, William 68, 109, 112, 227 Bates, William 94 Battey, Richard 58, 126, 223 Bauch, Duane 68, 126 Bauer, Delwm 87, 227 Bauer, Patricia 26, 46, 102, 129, 176, 187, 204, 225 Bauer, Robert 117 Bauer, Walter 87, 193 Baumann, George 126 Beal, George 58, 220 Beazley, Charles 68, 128, 213 Becker, Robert 109, 213 Becker, William 68 Beckman, Robert 83, 191 Beebe, Edward 87 • Beekley, Keith 87, 223 Beeninga, Richard 103 Begeman, Shirley 68, 121, 190, 195, 203 Bell, Beverley 68, 171, 203 Bell, Robert 81 Bender, Beverly 28, 102, 176 Bender, Dorothea 94, 178, 215 ■■ ■■SH THE COFFEE SHOP — VERMILLION, S. D. Across the Street from the Campus CITIZENS ' BANK Your Friendly Home Bank Vermillion, South Dakota MEMBER VERMILLION CHAMBER OF COMMERCE GREATER SOUTH DAKOTA ASSOCIATION FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP. WYMAN MOTOR CO. AUTHORIZED SALES S SERVICE Chevrolet — Oldsmobile — Cadillac AAA Headquarters 24 Hour Wrecker Service Vermillion, S. Dak. Benedict, Virgin:a 58, 76, 225 Bens, Franklin 28, 220 Benson, Adelaide 68, 193, 198, 225 Bentson, Nancy 68, 219 Berbos, Thomas 46, 223 Berg, Betty 68, 195, 197, 202 Berg, Hilda 46, 193, 195 Bergner, Dons 87 Berqum, Will ' am 68, 213 Berry, Beverly 68, 200 Berry, Robert 68, 220 Bertrand, Arvard 68 Bethke, Glenn 58 Bethke, Ralph 28 Bettger, Victor 94 Biancchini, V.ctor 68, 109, 112, 223 Bichler, Joe 58, 227 Bickel, Delbert 94, 169, 193 B:ckle, Edward 85, 229 Bickle, Ralph 46, 100, 195 Bierle, Don 85, 191, 217 Bierwirth, Joanne 68, 200 Bigelow, Anson 58, 209 Birner, Talitha 58. 197, 200 Blaine, James 68 Blair, Beulah 87, 203 Blair, Elmer 87, 195 Blanchard, Lorraine 79 Blando, George 88, 193 Blashill, Helen 68, 194, 202 Blatherwick, James 68, 209 Blessing, Donna 46, 100, 194, 215 Bliss, James 126 Bloemendaal, John 68, 126, 227 Blumhardt, Howard 46, 109, 227 Boche, Herbert 28 Bode, Gwenyfred 68, 195, 202 Boese, Marie 68 Bolenbaugh, William 28, 192, 209 Bollinger, Gerald 68, 209 Bolstad, Barbara 28, 121 Bonnes, Margaret 29, 171, 196 Booth, Darrell 29, 101, 190, 204, 217 Borgen, Mary 58, 147, 148, 207 Borghorst, Floyd 85, 191, 209 Borghorst, Joseph 58, 209 Borman, Barbara 29, 225 Bormann, Ernest 29, 102, 104, 209 Botterman, John 58, 126, 213 Boub, Jerry 69, 223 Bousfield, Paul 29, 196, 197 Bowden, James 58, 109, 129, 194, 221 Boyd, Frank 81 Boyd, William 69, 217 Boyer, Kenneth 46, 190, 221 Bradshaw, Dale 83, 191, 221 Brady, Collette 58, 122, 200, 225 Brandenburg, William Brandt, Harold 127, 198 Brandwein, Marianne 69, 201 Branm, June 46 Branin, Theron 47 Brantner, Eugene 69, 126 Brantner, John 85 Brase!, Thomas 69, 233 Brecht, Archie 47 Bredberg, Harold 47 Bredenberg, Richard 69, 122, 1 Brekke, Dale 69, 229 Brende, Spencer 69, 109, 112, Brengle, N Fay 69, 194, 200 Brenneise, Samuel 29 Brxkley, Jamas 58, 221 Brodie, Catherine 29, 194, 207 Brooks, Elizabeth 29, Brooks, John 88, 129, Brooks, Maynard 81 Brosz, Joyce 69, 202 Brousard, Walter 58, 213 Brown, Barbara 69, 1 Brown, Bernard 47, 19 Brown, Donald 29, 221 Brown, Jarvis 85 Brown, Mary 58, 187, Brown, Norman 195 Brown, Robert 94, 229 Brown, Ronald 58, 109, 223 Bruening, Thomas 47, 209 Bruflat, Murrall 88 Brune, Robert 128 Brunken, Robert 29, 221 Brunsting, Edward 94, 209 Bryan, Madelon 29, 201 Bryan, Patty 58 Bryant, Bruce 127 Buchanan, JoAnn 47 Buchanan, Robert 193 Buck, Norman 94, 193 69, 127, 194, 229 26, 223 1 1 7, 223 94 125 21, 200, 215 98, 213 190, 225 Buckingham, Robert Buckingham, Thomas Budd, Loretta 121 Buechler, Milton 83, Buechler, Roland 26, 88, 193 Buettner, Erwm 29, 197 Buhler, Merle 47 Buhler, Russell 29 Bunjer, Alvern 94 Buntley, M. Jane 26, 28, 29, 99, 219 ;8, 193, 227 47, 223 191 101, 171, 172, 204, ARTLEY CLEANERS VARSITY • Vermillion FAVORITE STUDENT Good Clothes Deserve LEISURE SPOT Good Cleaning • Plain Talk at the cMatel Macy Good Food in Good Company Vermillion, South Dakota PRINTERS FOR THE UNIVERSITY Mr. and Mrs. Art Dahl MACY HOTEL I out cMa ne Autay a n cMame H. E. MACY VERMILLION, S. D. VERMILLION, S. DAK. I Burg, John 94, 213 Burg, Maurice 69, 213 Burgeson, Mary 58, 178, 187, 194, 198 Burke, Barbara 59, 219 Burke, Thomas 191 Burlington, Rex 59, 221 Burnett, Harold 191 Burnette, Robert 94, 217 Burrell, Melvm 59 Bush, Leo 47, 223 Button, Donald 69, 127 Buzzell, Charles 191 Bye, Donald 88, 229 Byer, Harry 94 Byrne, Donald 94, 227 Byrnes, Phyllis 47, 194, 187, 200 Byrum, Lois 47, 195 Bywater, William 59, 229 Cacavas, Alyce 59, 202 Cadwell, Dean 69, 217 Cahoy, Alvin 69 Caldwell, Kenyon 69 Cameron, Robert 30, 99, 102, 103, 209 Campbell, Ann 59, 104, 122, 171, 178, IE Campbell, D onald 59, 194 Carey, Robert 47 Carleton, Harry 47, 113, 217 Carlson, Arnold 69, 227 Carlson, Carl 47, 192, 229 Carlson, Elaine 69 Carlson, Joy 47, 190, 225 Carlson, Lloyd 47, 192 Carlson, Milton 47, 186, 227 Carmody, John 88, 223 Carmody, Phyllis 88, 207 Carniglia, Joseph 109 Carter, Arthur 85, 197 Carter, LaVaughn 59, 202 Carver, Tomm 69, 127, 209 Cary, Faye 59, 190, 219 Cash, Joseph 85, 223 Cassels, Eugene 117, 127 Cauley, Mary 69, 194, 202, 225 Cavanaugh, Gertrude 30, 194, 195 Chambers, Ronm 47, 200 Chapman, Floyd 30 Chase, Joanne 69, 194, 196, 200 Chaussee, Joan 69, 219 Chedel, Ralph 30, 223 Cheskey, Cameron 69, 194 1 87, 207 Chinski, Shelia 69, 171, 202, 215 Christensen, Orca 69, 200, 207 Christian, Jack 47 Christiansen, Harold 94, 193 Christiansen, Kenneth 30, 227 Christianson, Raydon 59, 221 Christianson, Richard 94, 221 Christmann, Eldon 81 Clapp, Schuyler 69, 127 Clark, Adele 30, 172, 211 Clark, Bonnie 30 Cleland, Rosalie 30, 172, 215 Clough, Leo 30, 31 , 1 22, 1 26, 1 29, 1 54, 1 76, 1 87, 21 3 Coacher, William 69, 126, 217 Coffey, Kathryn 202 Colby, Donovan 59, 197 Coldwell, Ramon 88, 193 Cole, James 47 Coleman, Catherine 59, 171, 219 Coleman, Clarence 94 Coleman, Donald 82, 191 Coler, Oren 94 Colestock, Paul 191 Collins, Gerald 83, 227 Collins, Mary 69, 122, 202, 207 Collins, Sam 59 Colombo, John 59, 195 Colvin, Robert 69, 126, 217 Colwell, Richard 69, 221 Comer, Lowell 88 Conklin, Ross 69, 109, 112, 117, 213 Connell, Barbara 30, 196, 200 Connors, Edward 59, 109, 213 Contor, Edward 59, 170, 172 Contor, Lucile 170 Cook, Charles 59, 109, 213 Cook, Frederic 70, 126, 213 Cope, James 85, 100, 213 Corcoran, Connie 31, 121 Corcoran, James 85, 191, 221 Cornelius, Cara 70, 202, 215 Cornelius, Eugene 70, 127 Cornell, Larry 59, 126, 127 Correll, Chloe 70, 203, 215 Costar, James 47, 100, 190, 195 Costello, John 191 Cottingham, John 59, 217 Cotton, Catherine 59, 100, 121, 178, 187, 219 Cottrell, Donafaye 59, 211 Coutts, Donald 59, 109, 223 Cowles, Carolyn 31, 32, 99, 101, 129, 136, 137, 225 Craft, Miriam 59, 197, 203 Cranston, Mary Lee 47, 121, 122, 194, 225 Crary, Bruce 83, 101, 191, 227 Crissman, Earle 70, 227 Crowhe, John 47 Cruickshank, Inadoll 59, 122, 187, 194, 207 Cullen, Lloyd 47, 209 Cummings, Elmer 59 Cunningham, Susan 70, 200 Curtiss, Robert 31, 100, 192 Dafnis, David 109 Dagle, Walter 70, 221 Dahl, Daniel 48, 227 Dahlman, Helen 70, 194, 195, 198 Dake, Mary 59, 219 Dalen, Adrian 79 Dalgaard, Patricia 70, 196, 200 Dalman, Mary 70, 202, 225 Da I ton, John 94, 221 Danker, Kathleen 94, 121, 211 Davies, Leonard 31 Davis, Charles 59, 209 Davis, Donald 83, 209 Davis, Lois 70, 122, 202, 219 Davis, Marian 31 Davis, R ; chard 94 Dawson, Joseph 70 Dawson, Marilyn 48, 193, 195 Day, Richard 70, 109, 112, 113, 223 Dean, Earl 59, 113, 223 DeBeer, Herbert 195, 223 Deffley, Edward 82 Delaney, James 70, 213 Delfs, Jimmy 70, 109, 112, 223 Denes, Frank 85 Derosier, Joan 88, 207 DeRuyter, George 88 Dessel, Marylyn 70, 171 DeVany, John 48, 227 DeVinny, Robert 48, 221 Dewald, Richard 59, 127 DeWeese, Robert 81 Dick, Lawrence 48, 104, 154, 176 Diefendorf, John 48, 113, 127, 217 Dierks, Wilkie 59 Distad, Paul 48, 229 Ditto, Rex 48 Dixon, Joyce 59, 202 Doane, Richard 59, 125, 129, 223 Dobberpuhl, Myron 126 Doherty, Charlene 31, 225 Dokken, Dons 70, 200 Dolan, Robert 119 Dolgoff, Herbert 83 Dolney, Theodore 26, 34, 83, 99, 154, 191, 221 Donnelly, Joseph 48, 209 Donnelly, Norma 70, 201 Donovan, Keith 88, 101, 209 Doran, Paul 48, 227 Dougherty, Kathleen 48, 122, 194, 200, 211 Doyle, James E. 85, 119, 217 Doyle, James 83, 191, 217 Doyle, Harold 83, 191, 217 Drabek, Delores 60, 190, 193, 225 Drenkhahn, Andrew 60, 126, 229 Drenttel, John 95, 209 Drey, Mary 60, 122, 200, 219 Dry, William 70 Dubes, Joanne 60, 187, 190, 225 Duitsman, Phyllis 31, 36, 121, 129, 130, 137, 204, 205, 207 Duhng, Maurine 60, 121, 178, 219 Dunham, James 70, 186, 223 Dunker, Wallace 85 Dunn, Darold 83, 229 Dunn, Rogene 48, 201, 225 Durick, Alan 60, 126, 169 Dw;ght, Donald 95, 113, 227 Eberhardt, Louis 31 Eberle, Robert 95, 169, 193, 227 Edwards, John 70, 223 Egan, Georgia 60, 122, 178, 187, 219 Egan, Thomas 60, 217 Eggen, Mary 60, 198, 219 Eibert, Don 60, 127, 227 Eickman, Milton 48 Eide, Keith 169 Eiesland, Harlan 83, 154, 191, 209 Eiesland, Vmce 70, 128, 209 Eilers, William 60, 126, 213 Eisenberg, Derwood 31, 99, 103, 190 Eixenberge, Mark 70, 109, 112, 217 Elges, Hildegard 48, 121, 170, 194, 211 Elhatt, Leslie 31, 195 Elliatt, Nick 70 Elliott, Calvin 213 Elliott, Verlyn 81 Ellis, Gordon 95, 217 Ellis, Shirley 48, 103, 129, 170, 187, 204, 207 Ellison, Aileen 70, 203 Ellwem, James 82, 191, 217 Elott, John 60 Emerson, Frances 70, 21 1 Compliments of a Friend 4_3 Majestic Ifankian fHflZIE ' 5 j£.m.ln ' u2£. cJjh.h.axs.1 -4P-- » 510 FOURTH STREET SIOUX CITY, IOWA Compliments of the Wilson Companies and their 600 Employees WILSON STORAGE AND TRANSFER CO. WILSON BARBER AUTO CO. WILSON TRUCK LINES WILSON OIL CO. WILSON AND WILSON WILSON AND CO. Emerson, Marian Emler, Kirby 60, Engelhard, Warren Engle, Daniel 60 Englert, Dean 70, Engstrom, Donald Enquist, Shirlee Encksen, Helen 121, 194, 200 90, 217 119 128 70, 197, 221 48, 187, 215 202 Enckson, Duaine Enckson, Gorman Enckson, Laverne Erickson, Melvin Erickson, Norris Erickson, Phyllis Ericson, Arlo 60 Ericson, Merrill Ericson, Richard 32, 195, 187, 192 209 100 48, 203 221 95, 213 70, 209 221 Ericson, Roger 70, Erjen, Sheldon 70 Erling, Charles 194 Esbjornson, Arnold 32, 187, 196 Estergard, Marjorie 48, 200, 215 Estergard, Margaret 95, 200 Evans, Bernadme 70, 194, 200 Evans, Wilbur 88, 193 Everhart, Bette 48, 187, 215 Faber, Donald 79 Faber, Gerald 80 Faber, Harry 71, 128, 140-144, 223 Fadgen, Dons 32 Fahrenwald, Ardis 48, 197, 203, 215 Fa Ik, Mary Lee 26, 48, 103, 129, 182, 187, 194, 207 Farrar, Frank 60, 209 Faue, Milton 81 Faust, Genevieve 81 Feathers, Leonard 89, 193, 227 Fechtelkotter, Delwin 60, 171, 195, 198 Fechtelkotter, Gloria 49, 171, 195, 198, 200 Fejfar, Donald 49, 169, 170, 172 Fejfar, James 60, 195 Fell, Robert 49, 154, 186 Felt, Franklin 26, 32, 190, 223 Felt, Janice 49, 207 Fenske, Arnold 49, 127 Fergen, Jams 71, 195, 203 Fenng, Donna 71, 200, 207 Fiksdal, Ramona 49, 121, 122, 197, 211 Fillbach, Beverly 71, 196, 200 Fillbach, Marrelyce 71, 196, 200 Fillous, Clayton 49, 221 Finch, Nancy 32, 225 Findley, David 60, 126 Fingerhut, Eugene 60, 125, 128, 129, 229 Fisher, Arthur 60, 128 Flannery, Robert 71, 126 Fliginger, Alice 32 Fliginger, Floyd 32 Foley, Mary 49 Foley, Richard 71 Forbord, Floyd 71, 221 Ford, James 32 Forman, Richard 71, 195 Fosness, Virginia 32 Foster, Curtis 49, 217 Foster, Ken 95, 223 Fowler, John 70, 126, 171 Fox, Kaye 32, 219 Fox, William 49, 195 Fov, James 49, 221 Frankhauser, Coe 60, 176, 190 Frazier, Camilla 71, 194, 195 Frazier, Donald 49, 194, 198 Frednckson, Phyllis 89 Freeman, Sue 71, 203, 211 Freemole, Ronald 60, 227 Freeseman, George 196 Frescoln, Robert 49, 170, 172, 227 Fritzel, Dale 89, 101, 195 Fntzel, Lloyd 49 Frost, Herbert 60, 193 Fruen, William 196 Fullerton, Dale 196 Fullerton, Hugh 89, 193, 217 Furlet, Robert 60, 190 Gabriel, Robert 95, 213 Gackle, James 49, 217 Gaeckle, Charles 95, 223 Gall, Shirley 33, 211 Galloway, Jack 71, 223 Gallowav, Robert 33, 190, 223 Gan )e , Jack 89, 223 Garry, Vernon 89, 169, 193 Garvis, James 33, 223 Gaugham, Lowell 49, 182, 227 Geppert, Jean 60, 122, 187, 190, 219 Geiger, Robert 33 Gelfand, Sidney 71, 126 Georgiades, Ginger 71, 171, 194, 200 Gere, Richard 71, 213 Giannonatte, Dona 71, 200 Giese, Earl 60 Gilbertson, Bob 49 G ' lbnde, Weston 60, 221 RITE MADE SHOP Tasty Meals Soups Sandwiches Confections PHONE 698 FUUERTON LUMBER CO. In S. D. Since 1882 In Vermillion 41 Years l i ttivLellUif, Cleaned PHONE 423 VERMILLION m ODEN IMPLEMENT Vermillion C. PENNEY CO. IT PAYS TO SHOP AT PENNEY ' S THE NATIONAL BANK OF SOUTH DAKOTA SIOUX FALLS Vermillion, South Dakota JOHN T. SANGER — VICE-PRES. MGR. OLE H. BONDHUS — ASSISTANT MGR. ADVISORY COMMITTEE D. W. BEATY G. K. BROSIUS J. H. JULIAN W. H. BEEDE W. H. JARMUTH MEMBER OF THE F. D. I. C. Gilchrist, Norma 95, 215 Gilmore, Marwyn 89, 193 Glanzer, Kenneth 126 Glaser, Robert 192 Glass, Marion 49, 192 Glass, Maunne 171 Gleason, William 170, 172 Gle:ch, Robert 95 Glodery, Alvin 33 Glynn, Arthur 49, 109, 209 Goethel, Warren 89 Gontero, Catherine 49, 201 Gontero, Virginius 81 Goodman, David 109, 192 Goodwin, Willard 71 Gowan, Donald 60, 197, 198 Grace, Joseph 80 Grace, Leslie 33, 196 Grasse, Clifford 89, 99, 100, 193 Graham, David 71, 221 Granberg, Geraldme 71, 150, 151, 201, 225 Grange, Ross 95 Grasser, Richard 33, 227 Gray, Gilbert 79, 221 Green, Joan 71, 171, 201 Gregg, Francy 71, 201 Gresholm, Robert 194 Gresslin, Louis 60 Greve, Glen 60 Gribbin, Edward 71, 127 Grieves, Jack 71, 127, 171, 227 Griffin, James 49 Griffith, Lloyd 60, 195 Griffith, Reid 89, 169 Grisham, Frances 197, 202 Groethe, Jean 49, 121, 203 Groseth, John 71, 109, 112 Gross, H. Phil 71, 171 Grosz, Paula 61, 121, 178, 202, 207 Gruenewald, Doris 61, 122, 215 Grytness, Pauline 49, 203, 225 Gudath, Nina Lou 71, 195, 202 Guenthner, Mary 61, 198, 202 Guevara, Raul 81 Gulhckson, Donald 49, 229 Gunderson, Lee 71, 126, 213 Gumey, Patricia 61, 200 Gunvordahl, Jean 61, 200 Guthrie, Kenneth 49, 209 Haar, Ruth 71, 195, 198, 202 Hackett, Rosemary 50, 219 Hackett, William 50, 223 Haffeman, Gordon 50, 223 Hagan, James 61 Hagan, Jack 191 Hagen, James 81 Haggar, Donald 191 Hagglund, Clarence 33, 205, 213 Haig, Charles 89, 227 Haight, Dorothy 71, 122, 202, 219 Hakl, Ardath 33, 171 Hall, Edward 71 Hall, Frieda 61, 200 Hallock, Ruth 33, 99, 147, 150, 172, 211 Halstead, Richard 61, 227 Halvorson, Harold 72, 127 Hamblin, Larry 61 Handel, Milton 50 Hanley, Robert 89, 193, 221 Hansen, Darlene 194, 200 Hansen, James 61 Hansen, Jean 50, 187, 200 Hansen, Lowell 89, 193, 227 Hansen, Peter 33, 103, 178, 198 Hansen, R ' chard 89, 205, 223 Hansen, Shirley 72, 147, 152, 195, 202, 225 Hansen, William 90, 223 Hansen, William 61, 221 Hansen, Yvonne 50, 198, 215 Hanson, Harvey 72, 109, 112, " 3, 221 Hanson, Kenneth 191 Hanson, Wayne 61, 209 Happe, Alice 50, 121, 193, 207 Harding, Guy 95, 193 Harges, Robert 50 Harr, Marilyn 200 Harrington, Gene 61, 169, 195 Harris, Ronald 72, 126, 196 Harris, Warren 50, 126, 213 Harris, William 72, 190, 217 Hart, Wayne 33, 94 Harvey, James 26, 50, 104, 109, 204, 213 Harvison, Marilyn 72, 202 Hatch, Burton 95, 227 Hatch, Maynard 50, 227 Hatch, Wayne 72, 227 Haugan, Henry 83, 99, 191, 204, 209 Hawkins, Richard 81, 197 Hawkins, W. Elwood 61 Hawley, Don 72, 217 Hay, Gene 72, 190, 217 Haye, Darrell 33, 154 Haynes, Dean 61, 169 Hazel, Robert 33, 229 Heck, Robert 61, 100, 127, 196, 227 Hecker, Marilyn 72, 121, 194, 200, 215 Hedges, Mary 72, 194, 200 THE DAVIS PHARMACY On Down Through The Years Magazines - Pocketbooks Tobaccos - Cigarettes - Cigars Pipes Student Owned and Operated MONOGRAM NEWS John Bailey — Bob Brunken —Buck Kelley Soft Drinks — Box Candy Candy Bars Smoking Accessories Center Street Vermillion, S. D. THOMPSON LUMBER CO. DEPENDABLE MERCHANTS SINCE 1869 Vermillion, S. Dak. But Wulted. foam J. C. MULLANEY GRAIN CO. VERMILLION THE BEST SANDWICHES IN THE WEST CAVALIER GRILL RONNIE ' S CAB Phone 757 E. H. LIEN INSURANCE SERVICE VERMILLION, S. D. ' ■i Heer, Melvin 1 17 Hegert, James 95, 178, 217 Hegert, Thomas 50, 217 Heibel, Gerald 61, 193 Heibel, Thomas 50, 227 Heidbrink, Virgil 34, 100, 190 Heidepnem, Donald 50, 169, 172, 221 Heig, James 72, 171. 1S7 Heim, Clarence 34, 198 Heiser, James 95, 193 Helgeson, Phillip 113 Heller, Lowdon 61, 198 Heller, Melba 50, 203 Henderson, Frank 85, 223 Henderson, Sally 72, 171, 196, 200 Hendnckson, Everett 50, 229 Henton, James 72, 171 Herbrandson, Lester 82 Herther, Lois 61, 200 Hewett, James 61, 128, 227 Heye, John 191 Hirsch, Robert 191 Hirsch, Wesley 61, 227 Hoberg, Jack 61, 227 Hobson, Warren 90, 190, 217 Hodges, Joseph 61, 127, 229 Hoffmann, Anne 72, 178, 200, 207 Hoffman, Marvin 61, 223 Hoftiezer, Gaylord 72, 128, 171, 194, 221 Hogancamp, Richard 72 Hogue, Jerome 85, 191 Hokenstad, Donna 34, 187, 215 Hokenstad, Neva 72, 195, 203 Hole, Charles 95, 127, 195, 196 Hole, Verona 72, 195, 203 Hole, Vivian 34, 121, 203 Holleman, Betty 34, 194, 200 Holhday, Deon 72, 203, 219 Hollmann, Harold 61 Holm, Gordon 72 Holmes, Dorothy 34, 219 Hoist, Howard 61, 128, 187, 221 Holter, Vernell 61, 109, 112, 129, 198, 213 Honner, Roman 90, 103 Hooker, Walter 72, 109, 112 Hopkins, Curt 61, 126, 193, 217 Hopkins, Delos 61, 195 Horstman, Henry 83, 126, 191 Hoschler, Lowell 194 Houck, Merle 61, 109, 217 Howe, Jack 82, 99, 102, 104, 190, 195 Howell, Herschuel 72, 127 Howford, Raymond 72, 223 Hoy, Carleton 95, 113, 223 Huber, John 95 Hudspeth, Robert 191 Hupter, James 61 Hurley, Ronald 83, 191, 204, 223 Hurley, Willard 61, 127, 223 Husby, Earl 95, 221 Husby, Paul 72, 221 Hyde, Raymond 72 Isaak, Donald 34, 38, 100, 170, 172 Isaak, Elizabeth 72, 171, 187, 201, 225 Isackson, Marwood 95, 193, 229 Issaak, George 72, 109, 112 Jackson, Marian 34, 204, 213 Jackus, Caroline 34, 129, 207 Jackus, Dolons 62, 100, 182, 187, 190, 194, 207 Jacobs, Sheldon 72 Jacobsen, Donald 50, 221 Jacobsen, Theodore 80 Jahraus, Curtis 80 Jandt, Richard 191 Jantzen, Arnold 72, 196 Jaquith, Jacqueline 50, 121, 194 Jennings, Joanne 72, 122, 225 Jennings, John 72 Jensen, James 90, 193 Jensen, Leonard 95, 193 Jensen, Lorraine 62, 200 Jensen, Ordell 62, 197 Jensen, Ralph 73 Jensen, Reed 83, 101, 191, 221 Jensen, Thomas 73 Jernstrom, Roger 50, 209 Job, Marcia 50, 225 Jockheck, Herbert 90, 103, 193 Jockheck, Roberta 62, 100 Johnsen, Loretta 34, 194 Johnsen, Roy 35, 103 Johnson, Benjamin 80 Johnson, Burnell 62 Johnson, Geo 50 Johnson, Dolores 62, 225 Johnson, Donald 62, 217 Johnson, Elliott 62, 198 Johnson, Ernest 73 Johnson, George 82, 191 Johnson, Glen 85, 191, 209 Johnson, Henry 50, 217 Johnson, Hugh 73, 126, 221 Johnson, Ivan 35, 213 Johnson, Jimmie 35, 221 Truesdell Studio Vermillion. S. Dak. DICK ' S SHOE REPAIR If We Please You, Tell Others; If Not, Tell Us. Vermillion, S. D. O. P. SKAGGS Vermillion, S. D. V u GOOD FOOD ALWAYS LtJ D MS J. u i JIM IMBODEN Al ' s Plumbing Vermillion, S. Dak. Johnson, Lawrence 73, 117, 217 Johnson, Melvin 73, 221 Johnson, Monroe 35, 187, 221 Johnson, Phi 1 1 is 51, 122, 205, 219 Johnson, Robert 62 Johnson, Robert P. 50 Johnson, Ronald 62, 85 Johnson, Roy 35, 103, 221 Johnson, Shirley 51, 187, 225 Johnson, Veryl 90, 169, 193 Johnson, Victor 80 Johnson, Walter 85 Johnson, Wilbur 73 Johnson, William 51, 221 Jones, Aubrey 35 Jones, John 62, 221 Jones, Leland 73 Jones, Mary 170 Jones, Raymond 35, 209 Jones, Robert 51, 170, 209 Jones, Robert 85, 190 Jones, Robert 81, 190 Jones, Rolland 82 Jones, Vernon 73, 223 Jorgensen, Margaret 73, 195 Judge, Phyllis 35, 207 Judge, Thomas 51, 227 Juhl, Nancy 73, 202 Jundt, Eclila 73,. 122, 171, 187, 197, 211 Kabeiseman, Karl 51, 102, 190, 217 Kahl, Marilyn 73, 171, 194, 203, 215 Kahler, Eugene 80, 213 Kaiser, Gilbert 73 Kallermeyn, Hogen- 191 Kallemeyn, Ruth 51, 129, 178, 187, 204, 215 Kaltsulas, Thomas 62, 227 Kandaras, Homer 62, 1 26 Kane, Stephen 109 Kaponin, Connie 62, 187 Kaufman, Clayton 51 Kaufman, Gerald 35 Kay, Frank 62, 229 Kayl, Lawrence 62 Keck, Roger 95, 193 Kell, Robert 191 Kelley, Wesley 51 Kempter, Delores 51, 103, 122, 129, 182, 187, 207 Kempter, Ruth 73, 171, 178, 200, 207 Kenaston, Sally 62, 122, 182, 225 Kemson, Roxcine 73, 194, 204 Kibble, Dons 73, 195, 200 198, Kidder, Jack 35 Kindschi, Del wood 35 King, Hiram 83, 191, 221 King, Robert 96 Kirby, Thomas 86, 223 Kirchenbauer, Francis 73, 217 Kline, Richard 90, 193 Klingler, Konstance 73, 193, 200, 215 Klostergaard, Marhn 73, 109, 112, 217 Knapp, George 51 Knox, Lavem 35, 171, 207 Knutson, Aimee 35 Koch, Edgar 86, 191 Koenigs, Raymond 35 Kofmehl, Lois 62, 100, 122, 194, 207 Kolberg, Joan 73, 194, 200, 215 Koopman, Annette 51, 202 Koplin, Eldon 35, 209 Koppe, William 79 Kortmeyer, Harry 62, 126, 196, 229 Kosier, Claude 51, 227 Koupal, Dan 73, 171 Koupal, Eugene 51, 119, 171, 209 Krall, Lyle 51, 217 Krallman, Walter 62, 100 Kramer, John 36, 194, 209 Kramer, Miles 90 Krause, Newell 82, 191, 227 Kreber, Lawrence 36, 193 Kretschmar, Paul 62, 223 Krieger, Joanne 73, 122, 187, 211 Krieger, Quentm 51, 209 Krieger, Wayne 90, 209 Kromer, Elvm 96, 209 Krueger, Jeanne 62, 219 Krueger, Carl 62, 126, 129, 209 Krutsch, Gerald 26, 36, 39, 109, 227 Kudlacek, Otto 192 Kuehn, Curtis 96, 217 Kuehn, James 26, 36, 40, 99, 103, 177, 221 Kueny, Kenneth 62, 126, 229 Kundert, Karl 90, 193 Kunstle, Howard 73, 127, 213 Kurch, Michael 126 Kurvink, Donald 36, 109 Kvam, Robert 90, 193 LaFollette, Thomas 51, 205, 217 Lagendyk, Luella 90, 215 Lale, William 62, 109 Lambert, Barbara 26, 36, 204, 207 Lampert, Walter 90, 191, 193, 209 Lemmer Standard n n r n nn nr n Service IB IS If ■ Ho QUAKER STATE PERMALUBE ISO -VIS MOTOR OILS IF YOU WANT THE BEST COME TO US THE COYOTE GUNDERSON HARDWARE CO. — A — Sims Brothers University Favorite • of An " Our Own Hardware " Long Standing • You Buy Better ' Cause We Buy Better " Dutch " S " Dutchess " Landkof, Irena 62, 100, 200, 194 Landmann, Gustave 80 Landreth, Wanda 79 Lane, Dennis 36 Lane, Howard 109 Lane, John 73 Langston, Joseph 36, 154, 186, 209 Larkm, John 96, 127, 213 Elsie Mae 96, 200 Gerald 79 Harold 79, 217 John 86, 217 Larsen Larsen Larson Larson Larson Larson Lawrence 51, 194, 209 . Letha 73, 122, 171, 200, 207 Larson, Lloyd 36, 190 Larson, Lois 73, 195, 200 Lassegard, Daniel 73 Lassegard, William 192 Lassengard, Edwin 62 Latsis, Thomas 51, 227 Law, Robert 86, 191 Lawler, Robert 81 Lawless, Francis 84 Lawrence, John 109 Lawrence, Loren 90 Lawton, Phyllis 62, 219 Leaders, Arlene 62, 122, 205, 215 Ledyard, Charles 73 Lee, Eunice 36, 203 Lee, Nancy 62, 192, 219 Lehan, Dan 96, 227 Leiferman, Meryl 96 Leitheiser, Jean 37 Lenagh, Ronald 73, 229 Lendecker, George 86, 204, 229 Levitt, Lynden 84, 209 Lewallen, Gene 37 Lewis, Kenneth 37, 109, 172 Lewis, Rosemary 62 Lief fort, John 62, 194 Lien, Craig 63, 125, 213 Lmdbloom, Buron 73, 128, 213 Lindell, Sherman 81, 198 Lindstrom, Glen 127 Lmdstrom, Robert 73, 171 Lippke, Richard 51 Littan, Adolph 63 Lloyd, John 51, 221 Lloyd, John Murison 51, 223 Lobitz, Donald 84 Locke, Ann 51, 121, 200 Locke, Jane 74, 196, 202 Logan, William 37 Loken, Gwenn 127 Lokken, Stanley 51, 126, 209 Long, Denzel 96, 227 Lord, Alan 63, 223 Lorentson, William 63, 109, 217 Lorenz, Rita 63, 121, 219 Losocker, Edward 91, 221 Lougee, Eldin 79 Lowe, Bruce 37 Lowe, Clarence 96, 109, 223 Lowe, Vivian 52 Lowell, James 74, 221 Luby, Thomas 31 Luby, William 52, 190, 217 Lucken, Robert 63, 205, 221 Lundeen, James 74 Lundwall, Robert 84, 191, 221 Lunn, Frances 74, 193, 195, 202 Lutzen, Edwin 74, 192 Lynch, Marine 52, 122, 225 Lynn, William 37, 209 Lyons, Mary 37, 99, 101, 103, 129, 219, 204 Lyso, Melford 80, 198 Lyso, Janet 198 Mabee, Judd 74 MacFarlane, David 86, 191 Machmiller, Cora lie 63, 100, 195, 200 Mahan, Lloyd 84, 191 Maiers, Ph.hp 52, 100, 192, 195 Main, Carol 74, 190, 200 Mallder, Charles 37, 154, 217 Mallder, Spencer 74, 109, 112, 217 Ma I Icy, Delbert 96 Ma lone, Donald 74 Ma lone, Jim 52, 109, 223 Ma lone, Margaret 52, 145, 152, 225 Manley, Clifford 86 Manley, Donald 86, 191 Manning, Richard 52, 217 Marcctte, Morris 37 Marion, Josephine 74, 122, 202, 225 Marken, Joffree 38 Marken, Khelo 96 Markouefz, Bernice 63, 200 Marks, Doris 52, 187, 211 Marousek, Melvin 81 Marple, Joan 63, 146, 150, 203 Marsh, Todd 74, 195 Marso, Eugene 63, 229 Marvick, Marian 38, 200, 225 Mascott, Frederick 74, 195 Masek, Fred 74, 195 Mateer, William 38, 223 Farm Management Property Management Insurance Securities THOMPSON COMPANY, INC VERMILLION, SOUTH DAKOTA Phone 122 SIOUX LOCKER CO. Jacobsen Bakery LAURITZEN CHRISTENSEN, PROP. Cookies Pies Cakes frozen Food Lockers VERMILLION MAID BREAD " Wedding and Birthday Cakes A Specialty — on Short Notice! " Wholesale Cuts of Meat Phone 105 Vermillion, S. Dak. BIG ENOUGH TO SERVE YOU— VERMILLION, S. DAK. YET SMALL ENOUGH TO KNOW YOU MBaMBAf H W t I I Matejka, Lawrence 96, 193 Matson, Charles 74, 117, 126 Matteson, John 74, 126, 223 Matthews, Acie 86 Maul, Filmore 191 Maurseth, Lorrayne 63, 194, 200, 225 Mayer, Eugene 84, 191, 217 McBnde, Mary 63, 121, 122, 194, 219 McBnde, Robert 37, 196 McConnell, Nane 52, 194, 225 McCoy, John 127 McCullen, John 63, 127, 128, 223 McDermott, Robert 37 McDermott, Robert W. 126, 195 McDonough, Robert 74, 109, 223 McDonnell, Gerald 74 McGeehon, Robert 80 McGeorge, Eileen 74, 193, 201, 207 Mclntyre, Gloria 63, 204, 211 McKee, Truman 63, 223 McKeever, Joseph 37, 227 McKenna, Myrtle 96, 215 McKie, Mary 74, 200 McKillop, Quenton 191 McKusick, Marshall 74, 127 McMeely, Betty 63, 122, 171, 215 McNeil, Daniel 37, 125, 129, 209 McNeil, Georgia 74, 194, 202 McNeil, Wayne 37 McRobert, Sara 63, 219 McRoden, Kenneth 63, 1 1 3, 223 Mead, John 74, 227 Med I in, Raymond 96, 195 Mehlhaf, Jack 74 Mehlhaff, Willis 74 Mehlhaff, Raymond 52 Mehner, Raymond 52 Mehner, Robert 52 Meidinger, Floyd 74, 127 Meier, James 52, 194, 196 Meile, Albert 52, 109, 223 Meisenholder, John 91 Melcher, Beverly 74, 194 Melgaard, James 63, 126 Melstad, Louis 192 Menke, Margaret 52, 122, 211 Meoska, Lyle 96 Merngan, Wayne 63, 109, 217 Messerli, Donald 38, 209 Meyer, Jim 172 Meyer, Norman 38, 100 Meyer, Stanley 52, 182 Mickelson, Janice 63, 194, 200, 205, 207 Mickelson, William 38 Mikkelson, Walter 63 Miles, Wilfred 81 Miller, Buster 38, 192 Miller, Daryl 52 Miller, George 52, 209 Miller, Lewis 63 Miller, Marilyn 63 Miller, Ralph 52, 192 Miller, Robert 191 Miller, Vernon 91 Milhken, Charles 96, 170, 172, 198, 227 Milliken, Lois 63, 176, 187, 205, 225 Mirecki, Philip 84, 227 Mitchell, Glenn 63 Mitchell, William 96 Moellering, Ralph 197 Moffett, Russell 63 Mogck, Donald 126 Mogen, Philip 96, 171, 198, 227 Molstad, Marlys 96, 207 Molstad, Russell 84, 191, 227 Monfore, Diana 76, 202, 225 Monick, Frederick 74, 213 Moore, Edwin 80 Moore, Helen 52, 122, 203, 207 Moore, James 191 Morgan, Beverlee 52, 219 Morgan, Robert 191 Morgans, Robert 91, 193, 221 Mork, Carroll 187 Morman, Dale 63 Morrill, William 74, 195 Morrison, Silas 63, 195, 196 Mortenson, Audrey 63, 202 Moulton, Irvin 96 Moulton, Rodney 99 Mulhn, Frank 191 Mumford, Earl 63, 205, 227 Munger, Howard 91, 193 Munkvold, Cornell 74 Munro, Deane 96, 221 Murphy, Thomas 74, 227 Muth, Patricia 52, 121, 182, 187, 204, 215 Mycue, Robert 38 Myers, Mauri 63 Myrabo, Lloyd 84, 213 Naasz, Howard 74, 109, 112, 223 Nadenicek, John 192 Nafziger, Verne 193 Nance, LeRoy 75 Nash, Lowell 52, 213 Mf n r u I VERML ] n y 1 u fl US _ OH S. D. Ab rahamson Superior Quality Excellent Brands Vermillion ' s Leading Grocery Store THE HOME PLATE CAFE Delicious Food Courteous Service Reasonable Prices MARKET STREET VERMILLION Austin Dairy Pasteurized Milk, Cream, Butter and Ice Cream Quality Service Vermillion, S. D. J-aaUi J s.aau to ( Wzai 321 S. PHILLIPS SIOUX FALLS ■Bear r i . " ' .-.. v. ■ Near, Vivian 52, 196, 200, 207 Neil, Donald 53, 192, 221 Neilson, Walter 53 Nellermoe, Morns 64, 172, 194, 198, 229 Nelson, Carl 103, 170 Nelson, Carrie 75, 194, 198, 215 Nelson, Dale 53, 169, 221 Nelson, Darold 64 Nelson, Donald Arthur 91, 193 Nelson, Elynor 38 Nelson, Garnold 53, 209 Nelson, Glen 75, 109, 112, 221 Nelson, Hadley 195 Nelson, Harland 91, 193 Nelson, Harold 91, 221 Nelson Mary 75, 211 Nelson, Neil 75 Nelson, Stanley 192 Nelson, William 75, 127, 223 Neuharth, Al 53, 103, 178 Neuharth, Curtis 64 Neumayr, Joe 84, 191 Neville, Hilary 64, 229 Newby, Robert 96, 223 Newell, Roger 53 Neyens, Alice 64, 121, Nicholas, Betty 53, 172, Nichols, Duane 75, 196 Nickerson, Arthur 53 Nissen, Marvin 38, 172 Nissen, Patricia 53, 122 Nissen, Spencer 64 Nixon, Nelson 96 Noble, William 64, 213 Nolt, Dean 26, 91, 193 Norbeck, Herbert 191 Nord, Richard 91, 193, 198 Nordquist, Eugene 75, 126, 170 Noren, Mary 64, 200, 207 Norman, James 75, 127, 194, 217 Norrill, Bill 171 Norns, Edward 81 Oas, Robert 75, 126, 221 Cchsner, Ivor 96, 193 O ' Connor, David 53, 213 O ' Connor, Denny 64, 187 O ' Connor, Donald 64, 217 O ' Connor, Irene 75, 200, 219 O ' Connor, Michael 75, 213 O ' Connor, Morley 53, 221 O ' Daniels, Duane 53 Odegaard, Gunevere 75, 194, 200, 207 95, 203 178, 187, 200, 219 187, 207 Odland, Laurence 91, 127, 193 Odland, Winston 75 Oksol, Carl 97 Olander, James 82, 191, 221 Oleson, Bernard 79 Olson, Al 195 Olson, Dorothy 26, 39, 171, 203 Olson, Joan 75, 187 Olson, Joy 75, 195, 203 Olson, Orval 192 Olson, Richard 91, 223 Olstad, Donna Lee 39, 225 O ' Neill, Robert 53 O ' Neill, William 53, 221 O ' Rourke, James 64, 221 Orr. Russell 81 Orth, Emil 75, 221 Osman, Joan 64, 122, 225 Ostlund, Arlene 75, 194, 198, 215 Ostlund, Leota 39, 193, 198, 215 Ostlund, Philip 53, 100, 196 Oswald, Raymond 75 " , 195 Owens, Eugene 64, 178, 227 Owens, Richard 75, 227 Packard, Helen 64, 194, 200 Packard, William 64 Palacios, Martinez Jesus 75 Palensky, Leo 91, 119 Palmer, Loren 26, 82, 191 Palmer, Robert 97 Palmqu;st, Lucille 53, 171, 172, 203 Pangburn, Jean 75, 225 Pangburn, Robert 53, 217 Pappas, Theodore 64, 127 Parke, George 39, 213 Parke, Lowell 39, 213 Parks, Kay 75, 190, 195, 203 Parmley, James W. 75, 126, 196 Patton, Thomas 53, 213 Patton, Carol 75, 219 Paul, Robert 53, 103, 177, 182 Paul, William 53 Paulsen, Curtis 170, 172 Paulson, Marione 64, 194, 200 Pay, William 39, 223 Paynter, Marilyn 75, 200, 225 Pearson, Joan 26, 53, 129, 150, 153, 171, 172, 187, 219 Pederson, Francis 84, 191, 213 Pederson, Janice 53, 194, 215 Penor, Robert 53, 127, 224 Perkov:ch, Joseph 91, 227 ■ Perman, Virginia 64, 146, 152, 200, 207 Perrenoud, William 53, 213 Perry, Vernell 64 Person, Kendall 97, 221 Peschel, Frederick 64, 126, 223 Peters, Karlton 64, 227 Petersen, Charles 92, 193 Petersen, Dale 64 Petershagen, Richard 64, 187 Peterson, Audrey 75 Peterson, Dale 75, 229 Peterson, Duane 64, 125, 129, 194 Peterson, Harold 127 Peterson, James 86, 100, 191 Peterson, Joan 75, 121,122, 194, 200, 211 Peterson, William 54 Peterson, William H. 75, 171, 195 Petrakis, Peter 75 Petri k, Gene 75, 187 Petri k, Mavis 64, 196, 200 Pfeifer, Bernice 54, 195, 196 Phillips, Julhette 39, 121 Phillips, Robert 64, 227 Phillips, Ryland 97, 209 Phinney, George 76 Phipps, Howard 229 Phipps, James 76 Pieper, Marilyn 29, 204, 225 Pillar, Dorcas 39 Pillar, Joseph 92, 209 Pillar, Patricia 64, 219 Pmney, Shirley 26, 54, 200 Plott, William 92 Plucker, Milton 80 Plunkett, William 54, 187 Pollard.. Richard 79, 104 Porter, William 54, 103, 154, 177, 178, 223 Post, Marilyn 40, 203 Potter, Patricia 40, 149, 152, 219 Pottratz, Calvin 197, 213 Puola, Raymond 127 Pratt, Kenneth 64, 223 Preston, Howard 92, 217 Price, Warren 128 Pritzkau, Wilbur 97 Prunty, Raymond 54, 192, 229 Prunty, William 64, 209 Qualm, Jesse 192 Quammen, Davis 97 Quast, Randolph 76 Quinn, Carol 54, 102, 129, 176, 187, 190, 225 Quintal, Clark 64, 223 Rabe, Robert 63, 217 Raines, Clinton 92, 223 Raines, Donley 97 Raines, Harry 196 Rames, Donald 64, 109, 227 Rasmussen, Laird 84, 191, 221 Rath, Or ley 76, 197 Rathbun, Charles 65, 169, 221 Rathbun, John 1 17 Rauk, Julie 76, 170, 207 Rausch, Wayne 40, 113, 119, 223 Rawlings, Maurice 76, 117 Ray, Carlton 126 Reagan, James 81 Reaney, Dean 76, 127, 196 Reed, Bruce 54, 229 Reeder, Norma 76, 121, 146, 148, 171, 200, 225 Rees, Carol 76, 112, 200, 225 Reifel, Alverta 65, 122, 196 Reilly, Anthony 65 Rensch, Marjone 54, 219 Resel, Elaine 76 Reynolds, Robert 40, 213 Rhinehart, Debris 54, 196, 211 Rhinehart, Richard 54, 190, 217 Rhinehart, Stanley 76, 109, 112, 217 Rice, Dons 65, 171, 187, 211 Rice, James 40, 99, 100, 171, 190, 196, 197, 198 Rice, Robert 54, 195 Richards, Charles 92, 193 Richards, Dick 26, 109, 181 Richard, Robert 54, 217 Rieger, Oscar 76 Ries, Thomas 26, 86, 154, 191, 227 Rinder, George 97, 217 Rist, Marvin 65, 109, 221 Ritter, Vernon 54 Rittershaus, Elfaye 65, 193, 194, 196, 200 Rivin, Stanley 76 Roberts, Dale 54, 113, 217 Roberts, Dolores 76, 122, 211 Roberts, James 65, 1.90, 217 Rodgers, Bette 76, 202 Rogers, Eloise 54, 102, 122, 129, 187, 207 Rogers, Mary 76, 195, 203 Roget, Gordon 81 Rohde, Richard 97 Rollag, Dwayne 76, 221 Romsdahl, Marvin 76, 126, 198 Le Mars Mutual Insurance Company, Inc. Sioux Falls, S. Dak. FARM wind AUTOMOBILE DWELLING wind MERCANTILE R J. HOFFMANN — SECY SIOUX FALLS, S. D You ' re Always Welcome Hotel Carpenter Sioux Falls The Cottage GOOD FOOD SIOUX FALLS EUEiman i li j Loux jaLL± d l£,LV£,it ana J oit Comfibtz y Eaau -to- cvsa % Compliments of the NAUSED COMPANIES Including Naused Truck Sales Co. Sioux Brake and Equipment Co. Hunting and Fishing Supply Co. SIOUX FALLS, S. D. ■M Root, Palmer 84, 195 Ross, Raymond, 82, 191, 204, 221 Royce, Dorothy 76, 200, 207 Rubel, Donald 170 Ruby, James 79 Ruhlman, Barbara 40, 171, 219 Russell, Richard 193 Ryan, James 97 Ryan, James W. 92, 193, 213 Ryan, Neil 54, 209 Ryan, Ruth 76, 195, 202 Ryder, Bernard 76, 109, 112 Ryken, Lawrence 65, 129, 195 Ryken, Peter 84, 103, 191 Sabag, Betty 76, 200, 215 Sachreiter, Harold 54, 193 Sage, Lyle 191 Salmon, Everett 81 Saltarelle, Lucille 65, 211 Sand, Carroll 65, 178 Sanders, John 65, 229 Sandstedt, Charles 97 San ford, Dayton 97 Saunders, Menno 92 Saunders, Thomas 97, 227 Sayles, Darlene 40 Sayles, Leo 54 Scallin, James 40, 213 Schaeppi, Charles 54, 100, 227 Schaeppi, Thomas 54, 227 Scheffel, Alvin 81 Schell, James 76, 227 Schenk, Willis 84, 191, 223 Scherschlight, Lester 97 Scheuneman, Joan 76, 203, 219 Schleder, Marion 76, 109, 112, 128, 223 Schlegelmilch, Fred 76, 213 Schhesman, Paul 127 Schmidt, Dorwm 92, 101, 213 Schmidt, Robert 126 Schneckloth, Donald 97, 169, 223 Schneider, Donald 76, 229 Schoiten, Patricia 76, 200 Schornack, John 92 Schrank, Timon 76 Schreier, Adam 86, 221 Schroeder, Connne 76, 195, 200 Schueltzle, Herbert 97 Schuknecht, Arnold 54, 127 Schuler, Harold 54, 190, 221 Schwengle, Shirley 40, 99, 101, 194, 221 Schwinn, Patricia 65, 219 Scott, Cynthia 65, 219 Scott, Doris 76, 200 Scott, Larry 76, 127, 223 Seaman, David 127, 196 Sehnert, Keith 26, 81, 227 Sebesta, John 77 Sedlacek, Stanley 97 Seewalker, Milton 126 Seieroe, Orvllle 54 Seller, Beverly 55, 77, 188, 194, 197 Seller, Mary 200, 77 Sergeant, Dale 55, 154, 221 Sewnght, James 65, 127, 227 Shabowski, John 97 Shade, Guth 82 Shanahan, Darold 86 Shanard, David 77, 213 Shanard, George 197, 213 Shannessey, Mary 40, 176, 187, 190, 225 Shannon, Sheila 41, 204, 225 Shaw, Harold 84, 213 Shaw, John 77, 171, 217 Shaw, Wayne 81 Sheild, Robert 55, 103, 177, 178, 217 Sheppard, Don 77, 196 Sherman, Elaine 77, 194, 200, 215 Sherwood, Stephen 86, 100, 191 Short, Frank 92, 196 Siedschlag, Kay 41, 146, 148, 187, 200 Siegel, Stanley 77, 109, 112, 223 Siekmeier, Donald 97, 101, 223 Sifford, Richard 81 Simmons, Lloyd 41 Simons, Lyle 77, 221 Simonson, Richard 77, 127 Simpson, Joyce 41, 194, 225 Sippel, Flora 77 Sippel, Nathan 41, 196 Sippel, Waldemar 79 Sivertson, Donald 55 Sjoberg, Dorothy 55, 203, 225 Skinner, Leo 194 Skonhovd, Gerald 65 Sladek, Patricia 170 Slocum, Robert 82 Smeed, James 55, 213 Smidt, James 127, 197 Smit, Alvin 97, 229 Smith, Arthur 65, 213 Smith, Doyle 77, 196 Smith, Gene 97, 217 Smith, James 86, 227 Smith, Kendall 65, 77, 221 Smith, Paul 55 For Nationally Known Brands I MEISENHOLDERS 9t Pgm£ ta limf- 2ualUu VERMILLION. S. DAK. KEMBRY PLUMBING SHOP 17 Market Telephone 626 Elmore - Wagner Vermillion, S. D Chesterman Company Sioux City, Iowa Hospitality in your hands • OTTLfD UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCa-COIA COmtaNV |y Smith, Pierce 81, 221 it II A 1 Smith, Robert 92 cffolluwiao-d £ fo04x Smith, Rodney 191 % r B m r WW wWrnrMrinmr Br mr F r w mw mw M r Smith, Susan 77, 122, 178, 193, 194, 202, 207 " A Store for Women Who Prefer Smith, William M. 65 Smith, William W. 55, 213 Quality " Snorteland, Martha 77, 195, 200 Snorteland, Shirley 65, 195, 198, 200 Downtown Snyder, Kenneth 41 Snyder, Philip 65, 223 Solberg, Lincoln 41 Pierre, South Dakota Sommervold, Arlo 77, 221 Soposky, Mike 55 c r i r n i 1 Sorenson, Darrel 97, 227 Comer Drug Store Soutar, Betty 77, 190, 202, 219 Spears, William 195, 197, 198 Spencer, Robert 65 G. A. THORESON, MGR. Spmar, Leo 65, 127, 196, 229 ' Sporer, Henry 65 Srstka, William 82, 191 Staebner, Benny 41, 113, 119, 223 Stanage, Willis 80 Stangland, Eider 41, 186 Stark, Robert 86 BERESFORD, SO. DAK. Starkey, Donald 77, 194, 221 Starkey, Joan 65, 122, 178, 200, 207 Starkey, Joseph 41, 119 Starkson, Charles 65 STOUDTS Starr, D. Wayne 98, 227 Starr, Marilyn 77, 146, 150, 194, 200 Staum, Vernon 77, 1 27 FOR Steele, Donald 55, 100, 129, 190, 217 Steele, John 55 EVERYTHING Stein, Kenneth 195 Stem, Shirley 77, 200 ELECTRICAL Steinberg, Grace 84, 102, 195, 200 Steinberg, Harry 55, 172 Steitzer, Paul 1 19 BERESFORD, S. D. Stengle, Robert 92 Stepanek, JoAnn 77, 201, 219 Stevenson, William 77, 209 REED SALES CO. Stewart, Frank 98, 223 Stewart, James 41, 192 Stewart, LaVerne 55 Stidworthy, George 41 Stillwell, Lane 55, 217 Wholesale Grocers Stivers, James 65, 209 Stockton, Walter 77 Stoltenberg, Joanne 65, 215 Stolze, Craig 41, 103, 178 Stone, Phyllis 77, 215 Beresford, S. D. Storm, Keith 65, 221, 171 Stortvedt, Eugene 92 Stout, Franklin 41, 103 For Smart New Apparel Its ANTLt famous for fashions!) YANKTON, S. D. SIOUX CITY, IA. Hotel Charles Gurney and Hotel Nancy YANKTON WALNUT TAVERN 7 4s p,in,tlma,M, ' 4. Bat 111 Go-nditio-ned YANKTON, S. D. Wkesie fyiiendt Meet lo tf-Ute lifitte a+id rs ' i v f ■ . BICKLER MOTOR COMPANY 15 SECOND STREET, N. E. TELEPHONE 4262 Watertown, South Dakota DODGE AND PLYMOUTH CARS DODGE JOB RATED TRUCKS MOPAR PARTS AND ACCESSORIES HEDBLOM THE CLOTHIER HOME OF HART, SCHAFFNER, MARX HURON, S. D. 77, 201, 219 42, 219 71, 229 117 93 82, 193, 194, 225 Strohmaier, Georgia Stutenroth, Barbara Stuvland, Alan 65, Sullivan, Robert 77 Sundal, Jasper 93, Swab, Janet 65, 100, Swafford, Wesgate 77, 213 Swanson, Merrie 55, 100, 171, 178, 200, 219 Sweany, Betty 65, 121, 205, 211 Swenson, James 77, 223 Swiden, James 55 Swisher, Frederick 42, 217 Syverson, Willis 79 Szpiro, Miriam 55, 201 Tait, Frank 82, 191, 204, 227 Talley, Glenn 55, 209 Tanck, John 1 27 Tarver, George 55, 223 Taylor, James 187 Taylor, William 42 Temmey, Robert 55, 178, 213 Texeira, Joseph 86 Thiesse, Jeanne 77, 200 Thomas, Roger 79 Thomas, William 98, 193 Thompson, Harnette 65 Thompson, James H. 98, 221 Thompson, Olin 191 Thomson, John 98, 213 Tiemyer, Geneva 55, 121, 201 Tillotson, Joan 55, 122, 178, 182, 219 Timson, Warren 192, 195 Tisdall, Joan 66, 225 Titus, Marian 77, 195, 202 Tjelle, June 66, 194, 207 Tokle, Ardis 98, 203 Tollefson, Bert 66, 102, 197, 221 Torgenson, Donald 66, 227 Torve, Kermit 77 Townsend, Joanne 77, 200 Towrsend, Muriel 42, 225 Townsend, Wayne 55, 186, 187, 204, 221 Trankle, Robert 42 Trautman, Audrey 42, 194, 200 Trautman, Phyllis 42, 194, 200 Travis, Shirley 56, 187, 201, 219 Travis, Helen 55, 204, 219 Tnbby, Charles 78, 109, 112, 127, 213 Tnbby, Phyllis 194, 200 Trumbower, Royce 78, 127, 196 Tschetter, Clifford 56, 196 Tufteland, Allan 56 Tufteland, Marilyn 78, 171, 200 Turner, Lewis 81 Turner, Paul 66, 217 S-D ENGRAVING CO MAKERS OF FINE PRINTING PLATES FOR BLACK COLOR, ARTISTS, PHOTO ENGRAVERS ENGRAVERS TO THE 1949 COYOTE COMPLIMENTS FROM FULLERTON FURNITURE CO. HURON, S. D. KIJV Mutual For Central South Dakota HURON, S. D. IN HURON for over 21 years Matter humeri cf mdfiMakcta from Coa±t to Coait cuitn 7U%± of J i±tbiation Turner, Virginia 78, 201, 207 Tuttle, Ralph 93, 100 Tweeddale, Duane 80 Tweeddale, Elsie 56, 211 Two Hawk, Webster 127 Ubben, Dean 66, 100, 169 Ufford, William 93, 176 Unker, Thomas 78, 117, 223 Ustrud, Jerome 93 Vail, Virgil 86, 101, 191, 217 Van Arsdale, John 56, 109, 217 Van Arsdale, Mane 26, 66, 122, 194, 225 Van Demark, Lois 42, 131, 187, 200 Vanderbloom, Gene 98, 205, 209 Vanderbloom, Helen 56, 187, 215 Vandervoort, Robert 66, 229 Van Ferney, Shirley 42, 100, 129, 219 Vellek, Donald 100, 127 Vensand, Marguerite 78, 203 Vensand, R ' chard 66, 223 Vetter, Curtis 128 Vickery, Anne 66, 171, 203 Vedt, Ben 42, 99, 154, 187, 227 Visser, Charles 66 Visser, Clarice 43, 103, 129, 137, 219 Vogt, LeRoy 93 Volmer, Mary 56, 122, 211 Waddle, Garner 192 Wagner, Donald 98 Wahl, Adiel 78, 209 Wahl, Dolores 78, 200 Wahl, Leona 78, 202 Waldorf, Lindsey 79, 169 Waldorf, Richard 81, 227 Walker, George 66, 127, 223 Wall, Gordon 196 Wallace, Bruce 43, 213 Wallace, Laurel 43, 177 Walter, Dennis 66 Walter, Diane 78, 122, 225 Walter, James 43, J 96 Walter, Janice 43 Walton, Merle 66, 194 Wangsness, Janet 26, 56, 103, 104, 129, 147, 148, 187, 215 Warkentm, Jane 56, 100, 171, 219 Watland, Douglas 66, 213 Watson, Victor 56, 217 ebonair bowknots, Carlye ' s own print. Soft rayon crepe accented with grosgrain ribbon, trimly buttoned for torso slimness. Sizes ' 7 to IS. $27.95 Carlye, St. Louis As featured in March GLAMOUR JO ELLEN " For Fine Things " Everything for the College Miss SOUTH DAKOTA ' S LARGEST LADIES ' READY-TO-WEAR SHOP 300 - 302 South Phillips Ave. Sioux Falls, S. D. FOR THE FINEST Diamonds, Watches, and Jewelry SEE ][p n J. . Dtul ULU? u Quality Jewelers Since 1902 325S.Phillips SiouxFalls,S.D. Weatheril!, Donald 56 Weaver, Harry 56, 194 Weaver, James Weeks, Martin Wegner, Peter Wehde, Arlette Wehrkamp, Dale 78, 223 84, 154, 191 78, 198, 229 26, 43, 137, 204, 215 78, 195 43 194 Wehrkamp, Robert Weidner, Ray 56 Wei land, Violet 78, Weingarten, John 98 We ins, Robert 56 Wemstein, Harry 86 Weis, Jerome 98, 229 Weislegel, Julia 78, 195, 200 Weisvrod, Sidney 43 Welch, Frank 78 Weldon, Eva J. 56, 196, 200 Weller, Forestine 78 Wells, Phyllis 56, 225 Welter, Delvin 78, 221 Welter, Philip 66, 227 Wermers, Daniel 56, 209 Wertman, Eugene 198, 223 Wessel, Vivian 43, 197, 211 West, Delorez 26, 43, 99, 146, 152, 176, 211 West, Jack 78, 227 West, Lloyd 98 Westre, Norma 26, 43, 44, 99, 102, 103, 129, 177, 204, 211 Wetmore, Mary 66, 194, 200 Wetzeler, Charles 98, 199, 221 Wheat, Joyce 56, 170, 195, 202 Wheeler, Joe 66 White, Howard 78 White, Oliver 66, 209 Wiest, Clayton 44 est, Erwin 66 Ids, John 78, 190, 217 Ids, Julianne 78, 201, 211 Ikinson, Edward 78 lliams, Carl 93 lliams, George 80 lliamson, John 56 lliamson, Kent 80 lloughby, Jeanne 66, 193, 200, 207 llson, Marlon 56, 194, 221 lly, George 56, 227 Ison, Jim 78 Ison, Lois 44, 203 Ison, Lorraine 78, 200 Ison, Nadme 78, 200 Ison, Robert 192 37, W W w w w w w w w w w w w w w w LrOniliLlmznti !Bu±uzs±i J l{zn of HBzizifotd, S. !2 Palmer Motor and Implement Co. Allis-Chalmers — Buick Lou Palmer — Owner Petersen Clothing Company CLOTHING, FURNISHINGS, AND SHOES DELAY AND DUERST OAKES OIL COMPANY Phillips 66 COAST-TO-COAST STORES Locally Owned Nationally Organized EARL WHITE -OWNER Cotton ' s Implement Co. CASE PONTIAC GOODYEAR TIRES Wass Furniture QUALITY MERCHANDISE Est. 1887 Dakota Territory " FLUNKY " SUNDSTROM GARAGE TELEPHONE 48 De Soto Plymouth Mel ' s Food Market — OWNER — M. A. Holm MAC ' S CAFE Good Food Always H BUS STOP Thompson Yards, Inc. Lumber Building Materials Coal r, u i.- ' TP " " I VI ] SIOUX FALLS, S. DAK. SnrfM Fine Food Sioux City Sioux Falls ODLAND MUSIC CO. SIOUX FALLS Wine, Theodore 78, 221 Wipf, Owen 86, 195 Woerpel, Willard 93 Wold, Gordon 66, 217 Wolken, Betty 66, 200 Wold, Paul 93, 193 Wood, Donald 98, 193 Wood, Mark 81 Woods, Paul 44, 193 Wool ridge, Donald 44, 195 Wortmann, Donald 44 Wrage, Lyle 78, 209 Wrage, Theodore 78, 217 Wright, Clark 66, 213 Wyant, Ronald 78, 126 Yeoman, Dale 93, 193 York, George 66 Young, Gordon 98, 209 Zanbon, Clement 56, 194 Zantow, Elsie 78, 195, 198, 203 Zeitner, Waldemar 191 Zmk, George 56, 192, 204, 229 SIOUX FALLS MOTOR TRADE ASSOCIATION — SIOUX FALLS L. A. McKean Auto Co. Buick Clemenls Auto Co. Studebaker Billion Motor Oldsmobile Lorin Packard Packard Andy C. Thompson Motor Co. Ford Quinn-Graham Co. De Soto — Plymouth Borgen Chev. Co. Chevrolet Hutton Tuffy Co. Dodge — Plymouth N L Motor Sales Kaiser — Frazer Rierden Motor Chrysler — Plymouth Soo Hudson Hudson Cumming Motor Co. Lincoln — Mercury Wold Nash Co. Nash Midwest Motors Willys Prather Motor Co. Pontiac — Cadillac SHANARD ELEVATOR COMPANY GRAIN COAL FEEDS " Results, Not Explanations " Elevators in Bndgewater Tabor Bovee Freeman Canistota Corsica Dolton Kaylor Emery Reliance Main Offices in Bridgewater, S. D. SUa LO-it Sltap, SIOUX FALLS, S. D. MORRELL PRIDE QUALITY MEATS SINCE 1827 John Morrell % Co. ESTABLISHED IN ENGLAND IN 1827 . . SINCE 1865 SIOUX FALLS, S. D. N AMERICA I Mdloi Studio. iJ- notoaxafiliLc £.%ulcz Pierre, S. D. PIERRE CLINIC PIERRE, SOUTH DAKOTA GEORGE KIENHOLZ ADMINISTRATION T. F. RIGGS, M.D. C. E. ROBBINS, M.D. J. T. COWAN, M.D. L. C. ASKWIG, M.D. C. F. GUTCH, M.D. THE REPUBLIC BERESFORD, S. D. " THE GOOD OLD HOME TOWN NEWSPAPER " Ford Sales § Service DUITSMAN MOTOR CO. Beresford, S. D. STROLL IN . . . CHUCK ' S RECREATION CENTER VERMILLION, S. D. Enjoy Lfe 7 Everything in Music at WILLIAMS PIANO CO. SIOUX FALLS SOUTH DAKOTA STEINWAY PIANOS — HAMMOND ORGANS — THE MAGNAVOX CONN BAND INSTRUMENTS — DEAGAN CARILLONS JACK RABBIT BUS LINE Sioux Falls For News Coverage of South Dakota and the University READ THE ARGUS -LEADER

Suggestions in the University of South Dakota - Coyote Yearbook (Vermillion, SD) collection:

University of South Dakota - Coyote Yearbook (Vermillion, SD) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


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University of South Dakota - Coyote Yearbook (Vermillion, SD) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


University of South Dakota - Coyote Yearbook (Vermillion, SD) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


University of South Dakota - Coyote Yearbook (Vermillion, SD) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


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