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f979 ftoieuta Archives • LD 5038 .C37 1979 c. 1 PROPERTY OF USC-S LIBRARY use SPARTANBURG LIBRARY APOHIVES . ' W-i ., Table of Contents: S B Page: Campus Entertainment K Sports B Administration ' m Ht H 12 32 48 Faculty . H Classes H 55 92 Seniors B r 95 K ■ 105 Sophomores B Freshman ' K 113 120 Organizations l H Honors ' K f 134 I, 176 Graduate Letterhead B 194 Epilogue B Index B 198 i- 202 K- jgiimiig H iiigigigm Archives :8 .C37 1979 r. 1 ' S ' " ' The future belongs to those who have faith in it. r ( inia£ z ta Sta EDITOR-IN-CHIEF . .Greg Rowland ASSISTANT EDITOR . .Cathv Keuthan PRODUCTION ASSISTANTS: Robert Brown . .Writer Resa EUenbur . .Classes Division Skip Frye . .Sports Division Kim McCoy . .Organizations Division FACULTY ADVISOR i CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS: B B Studio Marcia Hopkins Brian Kelly Brian Lindsay Skip Marsh Duane Paris Becky Patterson Fred Sergiacomi Susan Smith Cecil Snipes Ken Stophel Terrell Photography Sherwood Thompson Pat Wechter Art is man ' s nature; nature is God ' s art. Philip James Bailey (1816-1902) EFi S SSS S SEZKaSE SS l When love and skill work together expect a masterpiece. John Ruskin (1819-1900) •Sfym- ' TmiaftBtyx:;j5yr li m M c te4- ' o A£c t " paM ' e c tn4itc M- AS USUAL, this year got off to a great starti Long Lines: filling in miniscule ovals with No. 2 pencils: trying to locate what line Badm, Gint, Psyc. Gstd, or Crju would fall under; trying to find an advisor whom everyone assumes you have; and, especial- ly trying to fight your way through the maze of people and stations which are numbered in the wrong sequence — or so they seemi Yes, registration is the one event old and new students get to tackle at least twice a year. Why, college would not be the same without the heart-wrenching, teeth-clenching ordeal to start off a new semester! %. oxitcA . aicCen pto Nothing will ever be attempted if all possible ob- jections must first be overcome. Samuel Johnson (1709-1784) Some men look at things that are and say. " why? " I look at things that aren ' t and say. " why not? " John F. Kennedy 10 11 ( A itfiu S ten Ca uttc t wm mm TEAM CAPTAIN, Wayne Holden, is up for a rebound. 16 caiv null ' Balloons and beautiful girls highlight Homecoming for 1978-79. Dr. Lindsay and the Pep Band start at half- time with a soft but emotional melody of " Somewhere Over the Rainbow " and " Up, Up, and Away. " The six girls who were chosen as fmalists at the previous Thurs- day game are escorted out to the center of the gym floor under a halo of rainbow-colored balloons. The girls are Kathy Booker, Clary Olgesby, Wendy Nelson, Robyn Newton, Karen Miles, and Bren Bell. SGA President Cathy Keuthan presents each finalist with a memorable carnation in the school colors. After that sixth girl is in- troduced, silence falls . . . then, Clary Olgesby escorted by Darrell McDowell and representing the Near Misses is announced as the Maid-of-Honor. Chancellor Olin B. Sansbury presents her with a bouquet of roses as she takes her place to his left . . . Silence again falls . . . then . . . the Homecoming Queen of 1978-79 . . . Kathy Booker escorted by Lucius Pitts and representing the Girl ' s Basketball team receives a bouquet of roses by the Chancellor and is crowned. Immediately after the game the SGA has a big bash in celebration of the USCS Homecoming and the victory game that night! SGA members distribute chicken dinners to a large crowd of hungry students, faculty, and guests. 1 ' VI fn;: ■ ■■m r ■-S, Greenville Mayor Max Heller enjoys " Southern Fried Chicken. " A day of Fun, Food and Friendship. 18 Real southern fried chicken?! Two great bands?! Free Beer?! Sure enough, the SGA Fall Concert was a little of something and a lot of everything! Chicken from Famous Recipe was trucked in by the hundreds and Beacon tea complimented the meal. During the early lunch, nippy weather and overcast skies forc- ed the first band " Shatteract " in- doors . . . but as the weather warmed (as well as many bodies) the events moved to the grass and " Jericho " started their act . . . with the free beer flowing! There was a tug-o-war on the field, nut- ty games on the sidewalk and chug-a-lugging contests at the front tables . . . faculty as well as students sprawled on the lawn enjoying the blue grass music and even some loose individuals try- ing their hand at dancing (or were they swaying?) Yep, there was plenty of fun for everyone . . . plenty-o-brew and ohhh ya . . . plenty of good ol ' fried chickuni 19 20 The first annual CAROLANA Photo Contest produced three winning photographs and two CAROLANA staff photographers. All entries were required to be candid black and white photos of the SGA Fall Concert. Judged by a faculty-student committee, Fred Sergiacomi captured first place honors which entitled him to dinner for two at Mr. Sam ' s and movie tickets from Royal Twin. Cecil Snipes and " Doc " Lindsay won second and third place, respec- tively. Cecil enjoyed lunch for two at Jed ' s while Dr. Lindsay con- sumed a case of Bud. Later Fred and Cecil joined the CAROLANA staff and con- tinued to produce great photographs. 3rd Place — Dr. Bryan Lindsay 2nd Place — Cecil Snipes Steve ifi K Steve Gipson brought a combination of music and art to the USCS cam- pus on a November afternoon. The zany cartoonist and comedian draws caricatures of famous popular and not so popular people; such as the Beatles, Walter Cronkite, Richard M. Nixon and even Jimmy Carter. Steve Gipson ' s show consists of crazy cartoons drawn to the rhythm of favorite music and tales that produced many a chuckle. In an interview Steve Gipson said " I want to proceed with my comedy and become a big star. I only use my drawing as a prop for the comedy. It ' s a gimmick. Every comedian has a gimmick. " After the show, Steve obliged the avalanche of students and proceeded to draw caricatures for those patient enough to wait. 21 u n The Comedy Store visited USCS while on a college tour of the area and brought a unique brand of entertainment. After tidying up the " Store " , with paraphernalia the show began. Fred Raher (left) emceed the show with a variety of crazy jokes and hilarious stories. The Hodge Center was packed and the place really roared with each new quip. Following Fred, we had im- pressionist Jeff Dehart (right) who gave us im- pressions from old movies, to Presidents, to singers, to stereotyped characters. Then follow- ing Jeff we had Bob Saget (below) and his weep- ing guitar. Bob gave us a dehghtful blend of jokes, stories, and songs. The trio was greatl The crowd was one of the biggest at noon and everyone got a laugh that October afternoon. r . ' ' ' 7fUden4tte ( nau 4tteHd4 aU Vautee WHAT: SGA Fall Dance WHEN: October 14, 1978 WHERE: National Guard Armory MUSIC: Symbol 8 (ArtUt: Cindy Esaler) »»i s S S. J it ( « ■u. % Q i Composed of three talented young men — Bounce, Flip, and Cyrus — the Loco-Motion Circus entertained students and faculty in a unique presentation of human body performance. Taking you back to the Vaudeville-Slapstick era, their high velocity show provides 90 minutes of super excitement. 25 -• - Where do you get the best entertainment? Where do you get concerts and discos and comedians and acrobats?! USCS, of course! This year we ' ve had everything! At the Armory, we ' ve had Symbol 8, Mainstream, and Omni! They all supplied us with the finest funk, disco, and top 40. Mainstream played for the Homecoming, and free beer and snow made it a night to remember! One of the big attractions of the year were the noon- time events. Steve Gibson and Chris Bliss showed us what fun was all about! While the Comedy Store and the Loco-Motion Circus merely boggled the mind with their hilarious antics! Afternoon concerts were another fan- tastic additionl Jericho and Shatter Act opened up the year with top 40 and southern rock! In the spring, Beresford Creek and Ayers, Copley, and Cash brought us back from the winter with bluegrass and country! The Big Event was a sen- sation this year with the unique blend of music supplied by the Putman County Pickers! Live music has been the greatest this year! The list of events goes on! Park Avenue Disco coupl- ed with free refreshments meant parties after three home basketball games! And a fantastic Pep Rally got the people to the games! In the Hodge Center everyone from the Beatles to Muhammad Ali have appeared for our enjoyment ... in video cassettes, that is! A year of excitement and fun! Where do you get the best enter- tainment? USCS!!!! t The 2nd annual Big Event was attended by an estimated 400 students and faculty. A team from the bookstore won first place honors in the organizational team competition. This competition consisted of various sporting events, tug-of-war, and pie eating contests. Points were awarded at each particular event with the greatest amount at the end of the day being the overall winner. Second place went to the Universal Love team and The Spartan Club won third place. The Judo Club received $26 for taking fourth place while the other winners received $100, $75, and $50, respectively. After the competition ended everyone relaxed to the music of the " Putnam County Pickers, " who play a unique blend of bluegrass, country, and rock. 300 boxes of chicken were served and three kegs of beer were consumed during the late afternoon concert. The overly intoxicated students, running out of chicken, and the white line around the Hodge Center parking lot oval will long be a remembrance of The 1979 Big Event. w m 27 SV c e S i tet iat 2B on. 6«e t d 29 an ( wcu d 4tteHcU Susan Theo, Miss Senior; Cecilia Hood. Miss Junior; Paula Henderson, Miss USCS; Clary Olgesby, Miss Sophomore; and Christine Wilson, Miss Freshman with their escorts. A member of the band enjoys himself during a break from his playing to more than 350 students. And now the students enjoy themselves as Omni plays a variety of music. 30 Mc ' ZCS( S Z a ice Beautiful girls, tuxedos, long dresses, corsages, good music . . . these are the sights that typify the Miss uses Dance April twenty-eighth. The local band " Omni " supplied the Top 40 music and the USCS students provided the packed Armory. The estimated figrure on attendance was 350-450 people at any one time! All the tables were full and SGA members had to haul out extra chairs for the people standing around the perpheries. When 10:00 pm rolled around, all the contestants immediately became nervous. Associate Chancellor Tom Davis emceed the occasion while Cathy Keuthan, Miss USCS 1978-79 presented each class winner with the roses and a trophy. Finally .... Miss USCS 1979-80 is announced. Paula Henderson is the chosen girl! She is immediately presented a half-dozen roses, a trophy, and then crowned by Chancellor Olin B. Sansbury. The girls were beautiful; this will definitely be a night to remember! Paula Henderson (left), soon to be crowned Miss DSCS for 1979-80. waits in anticipation with her escort Jim Couch, Cathy Keuthan, Miss USCS 1978-79; and Greg Rowland. See pages 182 and 183 for additional pictures. 31 •-t, ' ■, ■ -0 ■■ M 5tt ' - f ' TZt:.-,,w Sfr( tA USCSs OPPONENT ' S SCORE OPPONENT SCORE 86 Morris 77 69 Wofford 71 70 Wofford 71 60 Erskine 54 72 Newberry 74 90 Limestone 77 74 USC-Aiken 80 74 Oglethorpe 86 67 Citadel 99 82 Central Wesleyan 63 62 Central Wesleyan 70 85 Claflin 69 54 Lander 68 60 Mars Hill 64 64 Appalachian State 71 66 Winthrop 69 80 Presbyterian 81 62 Francis Marion 71 105 USC-Aiken 93 68 Erskine 55 82 Limestone 76 80 Newberry 76 70 Mars Hill 78 72 Central Wesleyan 86 87 Winthrop 90 71 Presbyterian 66 74 Lander 77 69 Francis Marion 66 54 Newberry 72 73 Lander (Playoff) 84 Notice the tremendous concentration of L. A. Hill (SO) as he scores in the Rifles opener against Morris " Ri ee ScM t aM Rifle cheerleaders and the largest crowd ever, cheer the team on. 34 Front: L. A. Hill, Dwight Gabbard. Lee Cutshall. Wayne Holden, Bill Weathers, Oscar Mooney, James Holland; Back: Don Sullivan, Wendell Gibson, Carroll Wells, Stuart Ross, Michael Gibson, Paul Small, Tim Page, Jeff Stamps, Mark Hinson. Not Pictured: Brack Home, Paul Shaw, and Michael Swann. ' e t 4e f4 « eo€n 9te - ' -»B«a»?s«« " - Looks like trouble for this Limestone player as Carroll Wells (31) and Mike Swann (42) have cut all alleys off. 35 c HtlHued. BILL HINSON Head Men ' s Basketball Coach Holds an overall record of 313-154 with six con- ference championships and seven tournament titles. " Our goal this year is to play one game at a time with only one thought— ■VICTORY ' " . Wendell Qibson (28) sails for an easy bucket against Claflin in the Wofford doubleheader. 36 L.A. Hill ' s (20) version of the Nureyev leap as he blocks a Warrior ' s shot. Coach Bill Hinson ' s 1978-79 basketball squad had many first time achievements this year. Finishing 11-19, it was the first Rifle team to win ten games in NAIA competition. Their 11-12 District record was also good enough to qualify them for the District playoffs; another first in Rifle basketball history. The season started on a winning note as the Rifles took a decisive 86-77 win over district foe Morris College. The ' 78-79 season marked the first time USCS has played cross-town rival, Wofford. Although USCS dropped two games 71-69 and 71-70, both on last shots. Terrier fans think of USCS as much more than the " branch " nowl The Rifles topped first semester action with a victory over district leading and eventual champion, Central Weslyan. The 82-63 margin was a fitting sign that Rifle Roundball is on the move. In the second half of the season USCS kept on rolling un- til a late season slump brought their ratings down. One of the highlights was a 71-64 loss to Southern Conference Champion, Appalachain State, whom the Rifles led for most of the game. Another was 80-76 victory over Newberry on the Indians home-court. This brought the Rifles to the Playoffs against top- seeded Lander. Although USCS lost the hard fought 84-73 decision. Rifle basketball had made its mark and should continue upward in the future! ■ uses J.K Managers — L-R — Mike Fer son, Leo Speer, Gordon Brown. Jerry Baker (left), Assistant Basketball Coach. Mark McKown. Student Assistant Coach. 37 JlcuUf, ' Rc ' Pmc f3-6 Kim Watkins. Susan Christian. Michelle Murphy, Mahalia Byrd. Susan Jones. Sharon Rice. Kathy Booker. Julie Pridgeon. Cheryl Fowler. Vanessa Hardin, and Coach Emily Meyers. Not pictured: Kathy Ervin. Katherine Parks COACH EMILY MEYERS Formerly the coach at Byrnes High School, Emily Meyers has a combined coaching record of 205- 56. She has won four state cham- pionships, directed three basket- ball camps and had a 12-7 record last year in her first year as head women ' s basketball coach at uses. 38 USCS ' s SCORE OPPONENT OPPONENT ' S SCORE 104 use Sumter 30 39 Presbyterian 53 54 Mercer Univ. 81 47 Benedict 45 87 use Aiken 76 73 use Sumter 48 67 Newberry 53 69 Morris 56 62 Columbia 65 53 use Aiken 78 76 Furman Univ. 49 63 Benedict 58 71 Converse 57 75 Lander 60 78 Winthrop 58 62 Presbyterian 60 51 Lander 57 73 Newberry 57 12 Lander (Playoff) 58 A Lady Rifle puts another two points on the scoreboard. 39 Kathy Booker Mahalia Byrd Susan Christian Julie Fagan Cheryl Fowler Sandra Gault Vanessa Hardin ♦ ♦ 1 use; 23 fcs m % !k Pam Howard Susan Jones Chris Monroe Michelle Murphy Miranda Poulos Sharon Rice 70(Mte ' (Me fAiU The women ' s volleyball team got off to a good start, winning 7 of their first 10 matches. Coach Bowman wasn ' t completely pleased however; " We have played well but not up to our potential. The talent is there it just needs refining. " Their final outcome this season was 22 wins and 12 losses. The girls seem to have done a good deal of refining! All eyes are on the ball as USCS prepares to return their opponent ' s volley. 40 ji.n y« r _ i - Rookie of the Year, Dave King, practices his swing before a golf match. Finishing the year with a match play record of 12-2, the Golf Team brought several sports honors to uses. Chuck Cowery captured se- cond place individual honors in the PING Tournament, while the team also placed fourth in the NAIA District 6 Cham- pionship with Tom Easier making the All-District Team. A new school record for team score was made this year when the team obtained a score of 287. Golf Team members are Ray Briggs, Chuck Lowery, Tal Henry, Dave King, Bill Karplak, Kris Weaver, Scott Womble, Woody Woods, and Coach Joe Bowman. Not pictured: Tom Eawler. 41 Continuing success highlights the USCS Judo Team. Coach Guy Jacobsohn, an AAU national champion, has maintained a highly competitive winning team for the last couple of years. Tournament results for this year were as follows: Mark Lewis won the National U.S. Judo Association Championship in the 106-pound class. This Championship was held in Dayton, Ohio in October. In the South Carolina State Championship the USCS team received five first places out of a possible eight awards. John Thomas won first place in the U.S. Judo Association East Coast Championship in the 132-pound class; and Gunner Vandersteur won third place in the same class. John Thomas went to the Quarter-finals in the National Collegiate Judo Championship held at Long Beach, California; and Frank Barry went to the Semi-finals. The members of the USCS Judo Team for this year are: Frank Barry, John Klinck, Mary Lewis, Jerry New- man, Billy Poteat, James Richard, Kenneth Stophel, John Thomas, and Gunner Vandersteur. Faster than a speeding bullet, able to leap six men in a single bound Coach Guy Jacobsohn looks on as Jerry Rice and F. A. Barry attempt a Judo exercise. 43 Kptcu$€una£4 ' Pt i ide ecneati K €utcC ' 4 Lonnie McAlister lays a crunching block and Tommy Sherbert bites his tongue as he completes a pass to Bruce Wilson during Intramural Action. " Z ( iS " ( tune ' Peci ' x yt6 i££ (?A impoM Acfr TOUCHDOWNI Dr. Bowman has found a new step for his dance class. S ci n StudcKt €utd aeciCUf ' Hank Aaron ? ' Xo o % W i ■M- auMfm- ' )6j S arUiH cd U S it6 iU g x ttpi H4. 45 na a utPuf 7e e IR cut t i a it Sea xc Mark Thompson, Skip Frye, David Clary, and Johnny Mathis. Not pictured: Reggie Miller. These were the team members of the U8CS Cross-Country team for 1978-79. The 1978-79 USCS Cross-Country started the season on a rebuilding note. Losing six runners of last year ' s District Championship team, the Rifles had only five runners this year. The small number did not discourage the harriers as they worked hard and cap- tured District runner-up honors, thus finishing second only to Francis Marion College. " I ' m as proud of this team as last year ' s championship squad, " said player-coach Skip Frye. Our team worked very hard this year and its a shame that there will not be a team next year. The season closed at the District Meet in Florence, Skip Frye captured second place, Mike Massey captured third place and David Clary captured fourth. They all made the All-District Team. Mark Thomp- son, captured the Most Valuable Runner award for his contributions. Reggie Miller rounded out the squad. Player Coach Skip Frye has his legs stretched by David " Pod " Clary. 46 1. G.B. Hodge, M.D Chairman 2. Louis P. Howell Vice ChEiirman 8. Orady S. Brooks 4. WUliam J. Burroughs 5. J. P. Coan, M.D. 6. Jack L. Cobb 7. Harold C. Davis 8. Cleveland Harley ( cin Ufi€i ' cedfnc4it tMclaUo t Sen. Horace Smith Qeorge Mitchell Hubert HehdiFix Fred Moffitt Ernest Kluttz Marion Qramling ' John Rogers John E. Keith, M.D. Richard Tukey NOT PICTURED: Qary Blanton Randolph Burnette Robin Hood Oene Hutsell Cody Sossamon Carolyn Taylor Nick Theodore md ;■-,■■- ' (i M jjsa i i " ' ' -ffts a , „tliB!U f l£ffffff SS 50 J. Tom Davis, III DEAN OF STUDENT AFFAIRS Dr. Ron Q. Eaglin DEAN OF ACADEMIC AFFAIRS Ted R. Eilenberg DEAN OF ADMINISTRATION 51 Robert Connelly COMPTROLLER f " Doyle Bo gs DIRECTOR OF INFORMATION SERVICES Joan Harrell ASSISTANT DIRECTOR OF ADMISSIONS Eric Jolly DIRECTOR OF ADMISSIONS AND RECORDS 52 Jerry Baker ASSISTANT DIRECTOR OF STUDENT ACTIVITIES Marian Murph ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT Al Gray DIRECTOR, FINANCIAL AID VETERANS AFFAIRS 53 Kathy Norman CAMPUS NURSE ) Mike Oatavall PROGRAMMER ANALYST Francis Hackett CHIEF RECORDS CLERK 54 acuCUf «W St ii The University of South Carolina at Spartanburg consists of approximately 155 faculty and administrative staff. Approximately one-half have their doctorates while two have their law degrees. Nearly every state and five nationalities are represented. Korea, South Africa, France and Germany are the nationalities. The activities and interests of the faculty are varied. It goes without saying that th« majority of them are academic, but some are rather unique. Members of the faculty have been with the Peace Corps and Vista. Others have served in the armed forces in Vietnam. Army reservists. Conscientious Objectors, the list goes on . . . Jogging, biking, backpack- ing, and camping; the pursuits of the faculty are many. Geologists, historians, lawyers, ac- tors, nurses, biologists, psychologists, mathematicians, and private businessmen are in- cluded as the careers of USCS faculty. Although the faculty of USCS is not large, it is cer- tainly activel cc fte cUptuU tn U M David Glenn M.B.A. University of South Carolina 56 Mike JilUng Ph.D. University of South Carolina William Kissell M.B.A George Washington University Oeorg« jEicobs Ph.D. Georgia State University 57 Roger Luttrell M.B.A. Grand Valley State University iKMi VTUi N ; John McAlhany Ph.D. Clemson University Ron Young M.B.A. Georgia State University 58 Jerry Baker M.E.D. University of South Carolina Arthur Justice, Chairman Ed. D. Duke University William C. Bruce Ed.D Auburn University I M Joe Bowman — " Ed. D University of South Carolina 60 Evelyn Cohens M.E.D. University of South Carolina Jane Davisson M.E. Clemson University Becky Edwards M.Ed. South Dakota State University 61 Heidi From B.A. University of North Carolina Chappel Hill J. Tom Davis, III M.S. Florida State University Earl Gordon M.A. North Carolina A T State University 62 Mike Qoree M.E.D. Mississippi State University Tom Hawkins Ph.D. University of Nebraska Betty Howard M.A.T. Converse College Bill Hinson M.A.T. Converse College 63 Marilyn Lipscomb B.S. uses Elenor Ladd Ed.D. Florida State University Tony Pappas Ph.D. University of Mississippi Gregory Mikota B.A. Limestone College 64 Bill Reiteiemer M.S. California State University Miriam Sheldon Ph.D. University of Southern California Carol Smith M.A. Appalachain State University 65 dm 1 Bruce Wilson M.S. University of South Carolina Kay Topley A.B.D. University of South Carolina Lou Hunley Ph. D. University of South Carolina 66 i nofuf and S A tone ( H4iHe to Pn wlde StudcKU cUtA. S ' ui d and Supfa£ie4. Robert Perrin, Library Director (top right) Valerie Burnie, Public Services (top left) Ellenor McCaughrin, References A V Services, (middle left) Judy Dye, Technical Services (bottom left) Bryant Reeves. Bookstore Manager (above) Chuck Beysiegel. Assistant Bookstore Manager 67 Andy Crosland PH.D. University of South Carolina Jimm Cox M.A. University of South Carolina John Dean Volunteer — Language Lab Elizabeth Sikes Davidson - 1 PH.D University of South Carolina 68 Mike Dressman Ph.D. University of North Carolina Katie Hicks M.F.A. University of Georgia Don Knight Ph.D. University of South Carolina Bryan Lindsay Ph.D. Peabody College 69 Harriet McDuffie M.A. Florida State University Nancy Moore Ph.D. University of South Carolina Richard Predmore Ph.D. University of Florida ' i Vergene Colloms ' M M.M. Northwestern University a 70 Regis Robe Ph.D. University of North Carolina Emmanuel Seko Ph.D. University of Wisconsin 3k,. " I ' ll I • ' II i • ' " lAPAN I Elmer Thomas MSJ Columbia University Jan Yost Ph.D. University of Georgia 71 Felix Turner, right, is presented the J. P. Strom award by Public Safety Director Mike Bruce during graduation exercises at the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy in Columbia. This honor is presented to the officer scoring highest in academic and perfor- mance skills during a ten week basic law enforcement training class. CUSTODIAL STAFF Front: Daniel Schoolcraft. Madison Landrum. Glen Landrum. Oscar Gist Jr.. Clifford Black, James Schoolcraft: Back: Cathay Jones and Ronnie Green. Not pictured: Mattie Booker. Donald Browning, Eugene Copeland, Mary Johnson, Betty Manigan, James McGinn. Maxine Miller, and Charles Smith. 72 MAINTENANCE STAFF Rivers Hall, Director of Physical Plant (upper right) Ray Dowis, David McKinney, Buddy Nance, James McAurthur, Dean Willard. and Ron Brown. Not pictured: Paul Bishop, Frank Cannon, Steve Heflin, Hiley Mahaffey, Booker Martin, and George Martin. Tfccn U Ruth Moran — Chairman ED.D Columbia University Nancy Babb M.S.N. Medical College of Georgia Cathy Bacha M.S.N. Medical College of Georgia 73 Joan Campbell B.S.N. Montana State University Betty Chalgren M.N. University of South Carolina Cecilia Cogdell M.N. University of South Carolina Carol Coggins M.S. Medical College of Georgia 74 Jan Dimsdale B.S. University of South Carolina at Spartanburg Teresa Eg-gars M.S. University of Alabama — Birmingham Norma Hendra M.Ed. Furman University Marty Harker M.P.H. University of North Carolina 75 Marge Keller M.S. Medical College Georgia Addie Kloepper M.S.N. St. Louis University Kim Ledford M.S.N. Medical College of Georgia 76 Chong Lee M.A. University of Georgia Juanita Patrick B.S.N. University of South Carolina Mary Ann Sawicki B.S.N. Alfred University Carol Schwartz M.S.N. Clemson University 77 Helen Quinn M.N. University of South Carolina Mary Taylor M.S.N. Medical College of Georgia Glenda Sims M.S.N. Medical College of Georgia 78 OS it Sharon Seawell Admissions Counselor Becky Patterson Director Evelyn Allen Secretary Alan Gray Graphic Artist 79 ScccKce David Taylor Chairman MA. Appalachian State University James Barnes Ph.D. Clemson University Lynn Lamoreux Ph.D University of Maine Lyle Campbell Ph.D. University of South Carolina 80 V Guy Jacobsohn M.A. California State University ) ' V Oillian Newberry Ph.D. University of Wisconsin Lawrence Moore Ph.D. University of Tennessee 81 Barry P arris B.S. University of South Carolina -Ay . y ' Fay Riddle Ph.D. University of Florida Robert Simpkin Ph.D. University of Maryland .• i- Charles Stavely M.S. Memphis State University 82 Jeanne Stuart PH.D Auburn University Ron Sobczak PH.D University of Arizona IFF " M.B. Ulmer PH.D University of Alabama ' l Jack Turner " PH.D University of Oklahoma 83 Saccai Scce tce John Edmunds — Chairman PH.D University of South Carolina Tom Allen PH.D University of Georgia i v fe- ' Judy Belzer PH.D University of Florida . Edward Babin PH.D University of Georgia 84 James Brown Ph.D. University of Wisconsin Brian Donnelly Ph.D. University of Georgia X Alice Henderson Ph.D. University of Michigan 85 Conway Henderson Ph.D. University of Iowa Dick Gilman Ph.D. University of Chicago ¥ 1 V H Dwight Lambert Ph.D. University of Florida Lee Holcombe Ph.D. Columbia University 86 Evan Krauter Ph. D. University of Rochester Jerry Lehman Ed. D. University of Tennessee Vern Noll Ph. D. Indiana University Gordon Mapley Ph. D. Wayne State University 87 Ron Romine M.A. University of South Carolina James P. Sloan M.A. Tulane University Charles M. Quinnelly J.D. University of Alabama 88 Fred Wenz Ph.D. Wayne State University John Wilson Ph.D. Emory University Jan Yehl Ph.D. Northern Illinois University 89 SeencUifUe : ct C to Jarmle Dodd Secretary. Financial Aid Anne Bailey Library Technical Assistant Cindy Easier Secretary, Athletic Dept. Sammy Bailey Clerk-Steno. CDC Wanda Gibson Secretary, Development Office Joy Ballenger Secretary. Bookstore Susan Gilmore Secretary. Social Behavioral Sciences Cindy Belmont Secretary. Continuing Education Betty Graves Secretary, School of Nursing Pam Blackwood Secretary. Public Safety Jo Anne Greer Secretary, Education Linda Bowen Secretary. Word Processing Mary Hanna Library Technical Assistant Jeme Bradley Secretary. Audio-Visuals Judy Hawkins Secretary, Admissions Beth Burgess Secretary. Student Records Myra Hindman Secretary, Maintenance Joyce Butler Secretary, Business Office Elaine Johnson Secretary, Athletic Dept. Sue Cannon Secretary, B.A. Economic8 Jane! Koob Clerk, Information Services Linda Cantrell Secretary, Academic Affairs Toni McKissick Secretary, Administrative Office Beth Conrad Secretary, Admissions Records Martha Manley Secretary, Administrative Computer Ann Crain Secretary, School of Nursing Pat Mitchell Secretary, Maintenance Mary Crawley Secretary, Bookstore 1 Sylvia Morgan Secretary. Admissions Barbara Daniels Secretary, Admissions 90 t 4ii !Ufu o ' US( S Teresa Pappas Patricia Rock Peggy Rowe Jacki Sherbert Brenda Smith Uollie Smith Susan Smith Betty Stevens Rebecca Thurmond Sandra Ulmer Paula Waldrop Vivian Watson Brenda Weaver Elaine Westmoreland Ailene Yarborough Secretary, Library Library Technical Assistant Accounting Clerk, Student Affairs Secretary, Science M athematics Accounting Clerk, Business Office Secretary, Education Secretary, Student Affairs Accounting Clerk, Business Office Copying Duplicating, Word Processing Secretary, Counseling Placement Secretary to Dean, School of Nursing Secretary, Coop Education Accounting Clerk, Business Office Secretary. Developmental Services Secretary, Qraduate Regionals 91 ■m. m ' ■! i a4 e4 . .1 N -?. J ' .iMc 1 . 1i ii ,. II ' »««im ■0 ilisss ■■■» Sw S t B »_ ItuiUf V,, A - - ' -X ' ' Allen, Michael D. Allen, Robert T. Allen, Rosemary M. Allison, Lisa R. Anderson, Larry J. Auman, Sandra K. :A. Babb, Debra Page Bagwell, Dell Bailey, Janet Q. Barnard, Gary K. Barnette, Barbara B. Benson, Brenda F. f ' m ' m ' ' M_ 96 Black, Peggy C. Blackwood, Martha H. -« Blackwood, Mary E. Bradley, Brenda Ann Bruce, Wendell K., Jr. Campbell, Mark R. Campbell, W. Dewitt Carter, Alonzo J. Caruso, Christy M. Cassels, Linda M. Combee, Deborah C. Corn, Larry Allen 97 Cox, Phyllis Ellen Crook, Everette Donald Denny, Lynda S. Dunnaway, Kaye Dean Farmer, Andrew J. Fisher, Karen A. N r Foote, Kim Forrest, Donald R. Forrest, Martha C. r it) ' h Fowler, Robert G., Jr. Fraser, Lynn C. Prye, Steven V. 98 Oaines, Melinda K. Gaskins. Kathy Ann Green, James C. Hammett, Gail Maria Hartle, Evelyn S. Hayes, Robin J. Henderson, Mary W. Henderson, Paula J. Holden, Emery Wayne Jett, Marty B. Jolley, Michael S. Jones, Jan K. 99 Keuthan, Catherine Ann Kirk, Ronald R. Landrum, Jerry B. Lawson, Mary W. Little, Ruth Ann Loyd, Barney S., Jr. Mabry, James A. Mahaffee, Phyllis C. Mahaffey, Mark K. Maynor, Martha L. McCallister, James McConnell, Katherine K. 100 •-• F McElrath, Sammy W. McKelvey, Carol N. McPherson, William Mitchell, Patricia Nichols, Frank A. Oconnell, Ann R. Parks, Mary Jane Phillips, Michael J. Pittman, David C. - - Poole, Samuel J. Pruitt, Emily Jane Puryear, Sara Ann 101 Rice, Jerry E. Rinehart, Donilee N. Scarborough, Russell Sergiacomi, Fred Sherlock, James R. Smith, Anthony C. Smith, Keith Snipes, Cecil E. Sprang, Pamela S. Stone, Marshall C. Ill Stroup, William Bruce Switzer, Paul K. Ill 102 lit r. fi.i Theo, Susan E. Thigpen, Timothy A. Traynum, Bobby J. Turner, Edward W. Turner, Frances B. Turner, Olenda L. Turner, Gwendolyn D. Turner, Margaret A. Turner, Vivian A. Turney, Richard K. Underwood, Myra E. West, Nadine 103 Winburn, Patricia B. Wofford, Kathy A. Wofford, Cynthia D. Woods, John W. LOVE? 104 CC4tC n After serving less than a month of the fall semester, Hal Leslie resigned as Junior Class President. Leslie stated that " a conflict of interests " was the reason for his action. Anderson, Diane Anders. Steve Barry, Anna Bates, Lori Beard. William Bennett, Jeff Boulware. Richard D. Bowman. Susan Bramlett, Martin Brawley, George Britt. Beverly Britt, Gina Broderick. Jessie Brooks, Bruce Brown, Joe Brownlee. Kenneth Burgess. Warren Campbell. Deborah Chadwich. Sara Childers. Lynn Christian. Susan Clemmons, Lynn Cline. Shirley Copeland. Darline 106 Cox. Dick Cox, Gary Crocker, Terry Cutshall, Lee Davis, Pamela Deaton, William Dennis, Ronnie Dickey, John Doolittle, Kella Douglas, William Downs, Azon Jr. Duff. Carolyn EUenburg. Resa Easier. Toy Elmore, John Ezell, Donna Fink, Laurie Franklin, Maxine Fulmer. Cynthia Fulmer. Ricky Oambrell, Ruth Garrett, Carole Gibson, Charles Gilliam, Lyn 107 Goforth, Mike Goodman, Diane Graham, David Graham, Elizabeth Hall, Brian Hall, Toni Hammond, Vickie Haney, Cathy S. Haney, David Hanna, Candy Harvey, Steve Haynes, Ted Henderson, Lydia Henson, Daniel Herbert, Alfonso Hiatt, Karen Hollifield, Karen Hood, Cecelia Hopkins, Tim Horeth, Mike Horton, Dean Irwin, Andrew Israel, Albert Ivester, Lynn 108 § 4 Jeffries, Daphna Jeter, Gladys Johns, Herbert Johnson, Claire Johnson, Terri Jones. Lisa Jones. Sandra Jones, Susan Justice, Scott Laico, Mike Lancaster, Dennis Lancaster, Martha Lawson, Betty Lee, Donald Lesslie. Wylie Lowe. Katherine Lyda, Curtis McBee, Sandra McDaris, David McDowell, Nancy McKitrick, John McKown, Mark McLeod, Scott McLeod, Tina 109 McSwain, Richard Miller, Maxie Mills, Chal Millwood, Ann Millwood. Diane Mitchell, C.W., Jr. Mitchell, Elizabeth Moore, Margaret Ann Murphy, Ken Nelson, Cheryl Nesbit, Christiana Nesbit, Claude Newman, Jerry Newton, Pat Nix, David Oakes, Cindy Pack, Kathy Parris, Johnny Pettit, Bobby Pollard. Randy Porter, Charles Pritchard, Terry Revis, Randy Rice, Debbie no Ridgeway, Anthony Robinson, Deborah Rochester. Melvin Roden. Ed Rudasill. Lyn Shaleuly, Mike Shirley, Bobby Sims, James Sirmons. Rebecca Smith. Debbie Smith, Debra Smith, Mike Snipes. Gerald Solesby, Wesly Sosbee. Betty Stainback, Gwinn Stevens. Gary Stokes, Jan Stone. Jerry Stophel, Kenneth Stoker, Joann Stout, Tina Sudduth. Thalia Surratt, Vicki 111 Tate. Jack Teague. Kay Thomason, Donna Turner. David Varner. Becky Vinson. Rita Walker. Michael Watson. Judith Watts. Ann Wells. Dennis West. Myra Whelchel. Paige White. Robin Whitmire, Sandra Wilbanks, Darrel Williams. Curtis Williams. Cynthia Wilson. Suzanne Wilson. Livia Wyatt. Donald Zaleski. Susane ' k 112 m Adams, Nancy Aiken, James Alexander, Robert Arms. Beth Avery, David Bagwell. Susan Bagwell, Treasure Barras. Susan ' mrv ' y A Bazemore. K.M. Belcher. Mike Bell. Brenda Beville, Steve Bishop. Rita Blacliwood. Bridget Blanton, Deb Bonds. Tonya Brady. Nancy Brady. Paula Brooks. Elizabeth Brown. Mary Burnett. Myra Byrom. Tony Cannon. Karen Carver. Kim 114 Cash. Robin Chappell, Willie Chare8t. Roy Childers, Debra Christian. Susan Clary. Joe Cline. Christopher Cogdill. Jeff Coggins. Denise Compton, Anne Conner. Robert Corbin, Jimmy Craven. Wesley Cromer. Chip Dalton, Glenette Davis. Kenneth Day. Joseph Dixon, Sheryl Drum. Carol Duke, Connie Earnhart, Dell Edwards, Anne Elder. Elizabeth Ferguson. Simon Finch, Lisa Fletcher. Harvey Foley, Tara Foster, Gary Fowler, Carol Fowler, Debra Fowler, Mike Fritz, Carole Gallman, Donna Goodwin, Jeff Gosnell. Rita Hardy, Jane Harris, Anna Henderson, Mike Hill, Lewis Hinson, Mark Holland. Birdie Johnson. Barry Johnson, Margaret JoUey, Debbie Jones, Kelly Kelly, Keith Lancaster. David Lanford. Terry 116 Landrum. Brenda Lesley, Jerry Leuck. Tom Levi, Jimmy Lipscomb, Connie Littlejohn. Debbie Locltman. Suzanne Lundberg, Susan Lyons-Turner, Laura McBride, Wesley McLay, Lisa Misner, Donald Moller, Dianne Moore, Karen Morton, Debbie Moss, Patti Mullis, James Neely, Mike Nichols, Rosemary Oglesby. Clary Owensby, Martha Parks, Katharine Parlor, English Peake, Marvin 117 Peeler. Marilyn Pierce, Dan Pogue, Terry Pollard, Randy Poison. Jeannie Poole. Rosie Poteat, Billy Poteat, Teresa Pritehard. Allen Raff. Catherine Rhinehart. Wade Rice, Sharon Riddle, Brenda Robbins. Cynthia Robbins. Kathy Robertson, Marc Routzong. Deborah Rowland. Greg Sewel l. Arling Smith. Lisa Smith. Tommy Smith, Wanda Stepp. Rick Stoley, Sheila 118 i Thompson, Sonya Tipton. Brent Tucker, Bonnie Turner, Steve Waldroup, Marlene Walker, Becky Waters. Cindy Watkins, Dale Weathers, Bill Webb, Kereatha West, Phil White, Janet Wilson. Jeff Winkles. Billy Wolfe, Melissa Yarborough, Dean Yavorsky. Joy 119 Adams. Jeff Anderson, Hank Askew, Julia Atkins, Sharon Aycoth, Gena Bailey, Ellen Baker, Stella Banks, Cheryl Harnett, Kathy Barnett, William Barnett, Ted Baughome, Anna Baughome, Hannelore Beaty. Penny Becknell, Mike Beiers, Gaye Bell, Micky Bell. Rosemary Benner, Bob Biddix. Benny Biggerstaff. Gary Black, Shirley Blankenship, Marie Blanton. Kathy 121 Bobo. Chuck Bonner. Jody Bookter. John Bradley, Leisa Breshears. Scott Brown. Martin Bruce. Sam Bryant. Chris BuUman. Jane Burnett, Amanda Burns, Eric Burrell. Ricky Butler, Susan Butner. Glenda Byrnes, Elizabeth Caley, Marie Candler. Teresa Cantrell. Cathy Carter, Jacqueline Caruso. Ray Cash, Linda Champion. David Chapman, James Childs, Theresa 122 Chilson, Jeff Christopher. Robert Church, Robert Clippard. Wanda Clowney, Belinda Coggins, Anna Cohen, Angela Collins, Steve Cook, Debbie Cope, Catherine Cox, Jill Coyie, Denise Craft, Tony Crow. Teresa Daniel, Laura Davidson, Danny Davis, Charlene Davis, Claudia Doss, David Driver, Robert Dunn, Beth Eaker, Jane Easier, Tracey Elmore. Teresa 123 Estes. Kenneth Eubanks, Bobby Faile. Elizabeth Ferguson, Chip Ferguson, Jackie Fink, Laurie Fisher, John Foster, Terri Foster, William Fowler, Tammie Foy, Julie Gagnon, Kathy Gahagan, JoAnn Garland, Howard Garner, John Gelardi, Concetta Gibson, Glenda Gibson, Wendell Gilbert, Wanda Glaser, Susan Godfry, Susan Goforth, Mae Graham, Vicky Grant. Donna 124 Gregory. Ralph Gutierrez. Teresa Gwinn. Via Anne Haithcock. Gregg Hamby. Mike Hannes. Roy Hanning. John Hardigree, Jay Harmon. Connie Harper. Jenny Harris. Al Harris. J. R. Harvey, Susan Hatley. Nancy Hawkins, Bethany Hawkins. Shannon Hayes. Anne Hayes. Janyce Hazel. James Hembree. Joyce Hembree. Mary Hendrix. Lee Hiatt. Evans Hicks. Angelia 125 Hicks. Donna Holden, Beth Holland, Charles Holland. Greg Hopkins, Walter Houser. Sherri Hughey. Phil Humphries, Lisa Hyatt, Frank Hyatt, Todd James. Blain Jeters, Harold Johnson, David Johnson, Marian Ann Johnson, Steve Karpiak, William Kennedy. Lynn Kercher, Susan King, Dave King, Janice King, Mitchell King. Xavier Kirby. Preston Laico, Paul 126 Lamb, Paul Lancaster, Ricky Lando, Janice Landrum. Carl Lanning, Patsy Leagonn, Shirley Ledford, Anita Lee. Donna Littlejohn, Julius Lockman, Laura Long, Julius Longbottom, Daniel Love, Brenda Mack, Theresa Marlowe. Barbara Martin, Pat Mathis, John Maurer, Don McBeth, Frances McCluney, Deborah McClure. Sherri McCoy, Kim McDowell, Elizabeth McDonald, Kathleen 127 McGaha. Denise McNinch. Edith McSwain. Caroleen Miles, Karen Miller. Reggiel Miller, Tony Minton, Trina Mitchell, Elizabeth Mobley. Ed Monaghan. Debbie Mooney, Oscar Moore. Johnny Moore. Larry Moore. Robert Morgan. Ronald Morris. Robert Mullins, Teri MuUis. Kimberly Murray, Barry Murray. Terry Nanney, Rex Nelson, Wendy Newman, Alexia Newton, Darin 28 Onorato, Carmelina Owensby. Deborah Owings. Patricia Padgett. Susan Page. Tim Parker, Lee Parris. Dewey Parris. Paralalia Patel. Tushar Peters, Barbara Pettit. John Petty. Charlene Phillips. Donna Phillips, Patti Plumley, Lisa Poore. Deborah Poulos. Miranda Pridmore. Elizabeth Quinn. Susan Rice. Cheryl Riley, Jimmy Robinson. Ida Rochester. Melvin Rogers. Debbie 129 Rogers, Sharon Ross. Stuart Royals, Janet Sanders, Laura V " % ' Sandrock, Tammy Seay, Jan Seay. Ken Sellars. Reeda Sexton. Pam Seymour, William Sharpe. Linda Shaw. Paul Sheham, Debbie Sherwood, Richard Sisk, Carrie Skelton. Eugene Sloan, Sindy Small, Paul Smith, Carmon Smith, Debbie Smith, Johnny Smith. Sandy Smith. Valerie Spanos, Mary V f 4es4 i Uib. 130 Stack, Judy Stakes. Stewart Stumps, Jeff Steadman. Sheila Steur, Rudy Stophel, Steven Stowe. Dennis Strickland. Kelly Styles, Sylvia Sullivan. Don Sutton. Tinker Swanger, Bobby Sweat, Richard Tate. Daisy Taylor, Cindi Teaster, Steve Templeton, Tammy Teseniar. Teresa Thackston, Jan o Tilley, Tana Timmons, Debbie Trail. Barbara Tuck. Marsha Turner, Catherine 131 Turner, Pam Tyus, Tracy Vess, Karen Vess, Mary Waddell, Anita Waddell, Kim Walker, David Wall, Rhonda Wallace, Dana Ware. Denise Ware, Katherine Waters, Jimmy Watts, Garelyne Wells, Carroll White. Melodie Williams. Catherine Williams. Donna Williams. Ralph Williams. Terri Williford. Andrew Williford. Deb Willis. Mark Wilson. Christine Wojeck, Joe ni k.- 132 133 NOTE In an attempt to offer each campus organization extensive coverage in the 1979 CAROLANA, a new policy was established. This policy asked each organization to submit photographs and copy of their events and activities to the CAROLANA. The CAROLANA would provide film, camera, and developing, but could not send a photographer on their trips. Several memos were sent concerning this new policy but many organizations still did not submit any photographs. The number of photographs submitted became the determining factor in the number of pages given to each organization. On €Utc ti u€A MB g a Paula Henderson, SQA Treasurer Cecilia Hood. SGA Secretary After attacks and resignations early in the year, the Student Government Association emerged as a cohesive group. The SGA has seats for 38 represen- tatives but this year, as in the past, many seats were not filled. The lack of bodies was not a liability however; the SGA was able to produce all the schedul- ed dances, discos, and entertainment, even adding several special events. Several of the non-entertainment issues were accomplished. The most notible are the new Campus Calendar sign in front of the Hodge Center and the bulletin boards in all the buildings for better club publicity. In April, the SGA held its installation dinner at Quincy ' s and swore in the new officers. The SGA member of the year was chosen and announced. Former SGA member, Wendell Bruce, was elected. (Pictured to the right.) The 1978-79 members were: Presi- dent . . . Cathy Keuthan, Vice President . . . Chip Clary, Secretary . . . Cecilia Hood, Treasurer . . . Paula Henderson, Senior Class President . . . Andy Farmer, Freshman Class President . . . Robert Brown, and the Senators: Gary Barnard, David Champion, Daniel Henson, Donna Hicks. Lisa McClure, Paul Small, and Christine Wilson. This years ' SOA President, Cathy Keuthan swears in the newly elected President, Associate Chancellor of Student Affairs. Tom Davis and SQA Advisor. Andy MoUer at the SGA installation. Hon Romine enjoy the dinner at Quincy ' s. 136 c The South Caiohna State Student Legisla- ture (SCSSL) is twenty-two years old this year. Each fall, usually in November, the organiza- tion has its three day session. This fall session involves a Friday of committee meetings where all proposed bills are introduced, read, discussed, and voted on for passage. Needless to say, an author must do alot of research to be prepared for the fall session! After committees, there is a disco and a wel- come reception by the Governor. The next morning promptly at 8 a.m. the legislative session begins. Here, every bill that has passed committee must be read and voted on. That night there is a banquet. Sunday ' s session starts at 8 a.m. and goes until 12 noon, with election of the officers taking place before lunch. This year the fall session was attended by over 250 delegates of some twenty-six schools. The USCS delegation had six of its possible eleven delegates represented. Our delegation submitted two pieces of legislation. Robert Brown EHthored a bill on Nuclear Waste which was tabled in com- mittee and Greg Rowland and Cathy Keuthan authored a bill on Mopeds which passed the legislature favorable. All Bills that pass the legislature and are not vetoed by % uses Delegation Chairman Cathy Keuthan and Co-Chairman Greg Rowland study proposed legislation in the State House Chambers. the Governor are put into a Bill Book which is given to all legislators in South Carolina. Several Bills passed by the State have originated in SCSSL. 138 ncmMoi fcc Uce 4 ccatc(M. (Artist: Alan Gray) The Criminal Justice Association is an organization that is open to all students interested in the field of criminal justice. While it exists mainly as a social club, it also seeks to encourage the growth of professionalism in the field. Projects include: field trips to state correctional facilities, the Criminal Justice Academy, and to other institutions. An annual Career Program is sponsored and each semester the club either sponsors a barbecue or fish fry. Club members serve as active recruiters in the junior colleges to encourage students to continue their educational goals. Although less than a year old, the club has a very good membership and seems to be expanding each semester. 139 B okston .-• recent attempt by li. ;ni 1 of uses to manipulate liniai imjng its own personal shee is time to warn the )ody 01 LiC- ■ e pseudopower !S the title SG.-- — - is merely an " Ego . ,.,, :ake simply by signing their a piece of paper when election time ind. The majority of the members are few so that this few might 1 ' matter how selfish. Un- !g members are oblivious going on around them. By Caroliniai I of the iedom o upreme the ideal aen i rpnn The school newspaper — Carolinian — started the year off breathing fire and accusations down the necks of every authoritative body on campus. By Christmas however, after losing the Assistant Editor and many staff members, the Carolinian settled down. In the South Carolina Press Association ' s Collegiate Division, the Caroli- nian won recognition as the " Top Small College Newspaper in South Carolina " for its December Christmas issue. The Carolinian staff consists of: Hal Leslie, Editor; Jim Fair. Editor for the Fall; Marcia Hopkins, Editor for the Spring; Lynn Clemmons, Copy Editor; and Writers — Daniel Hinson, Sherwood Thomp- son, Nina Ledford, and Marvin Peake. Rv roTT McCLELLAN : Cultural Affai rs Editor arg book store can be under sc most cases is, according to a limited survey coi v,w prices at USCS against those at Daltoi at Westgate Mall and Pic-A-Book at Hillcn nter. A student opinion poll also indicai ; are not satisfied with USCS book stc ut comparable, prices on s ' aries. Cliff Notes and mc student is likely to pay si he five textbooks used UD to 45 cer: uo ma ins ative tii chi " ' ■ ' ' We lir court :: upon a time, in a land far away, tiiere liversitv. Like manv institutions of hialier his student newspaper slieel was devuicJ lo " uiilcial ' iicvvs, liul ontortainiiiont, ; newspaper, " said ;nc i a; ' " " ' " ' ' ' ' ' " )urt. " ' It is .. releases, and the editors are must coopei- n nrnioctinp the pooil iinaae of our irisiitii- ..,. t:,.. .,,. V.., ............ Long liV-, .:l editors, " cried another member of the king ' s ■r Roget ' s Thesaurus in pap at the stores. 3l! three book sti Men ' ur tale develops, we find that the editi ost beloved publication hud decided lelocaic m a neigii ' oon a n team of editors v. , . jnlike th predecessors, these editors had their own ide Titey saw things in the kingdom which tiiey Tiot like, and they wrote aboui them. ' Soon, they had mac - of many of t king ' s men, and no lo, tlie royal coi praise tiie newspaper for its cooperation. T ■ ™ -- 1 ■-•- " .—I -.11 --■ n,, 1-0, nati Tui liic royal subjects, llic editors made it th business to let the kingdom know what vi going on. The r " ' " ealized what the paper w doing for ' • once again the cry rang ou ' Maggies Drawers % f« W: 1 I ■• ' ■ ' A- r- i ■. ■ ■ f ev •! ■v . • (Artlat: Pierrette Enrllog) For those not acquainted with the term " Maggie ' s Drawers, " it signifies a complete miss of the target on the rifle range. Maggie ' s Drawers is the uses literary magazine composed of poems, short stories, art, and photographs. Published twice a year by a student editor, Maggie ' s Drawers is available to students and faculty free of charge. The 1978-79 Editor is Trish Edgerton (below) who coordinates collection, editing, and publishing of all literary pieces. Andy Crosland, Donald Knight, and Bryan Lindsay serve as faculty ad- neai Outdoors Club members could be found anywhere from the top of a snowy Mount Mitchel, to the raging rapids of the Chat- tooga River. The Outdoors Club par- ticipates in such sports as rockclimbing, rafting, backpacking, caving, and snowshoeing. The Club stresses safety and participation, but the main objective is to have fun the natural wayl 142 143 144 Wk The Spartan Rifles Qun Club concerns itself with teaching firearms safety, marksmanship, knowledge of firearms and loading, and sportsmanship. Several clay pigeon shoots were held this year. Membership is open to any student who is willing to accept the responsibility that nust accompany firearm use. Reloading ammunition with newly acquired equipment is club members AIeui Pritchard, Terry Prichard, (club president), and Mark Tate. WEMSERSHIP OPEN 0 ALL STUDENTS ' Veterans S Won- Veterans) FELLOWSHIP SOnai Q COMMUN TV PROJECTS it one time a very active cam- pus organization, the Veterans Student League experienced leadership problems this year. Hopefully next year they will reorganize and bring back to the campus a much needed organiza- tion. BbAEK STUDENT QNIQN The Black Student Union was busy with both civic and cultural events this year. Mrs. Millicent Felder of the Medical University of South Carolina addressed the club on minority recruitment and special programs at the MUSC. During Black History Week several prominent local Black citizens were part of the program sponsored by the Black Student Union. Pictured at right is Oscar Mooney, alias " Easter Bunny, " during an Easter Egg Hunt for the children at the Child Development Center. Other activities included spon- soring a disco at the Big Event and ushering at the Fay Hauser recital. OFFICERS; John Woods . . . . James Lewis . ■ ■ Jackie Carter . . Peggie Black . . . William Barnett Oscar Mooney . . President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Parliamentarian Public Relations BSU President John Woods welcomes Mrs. Felder of the MUSC to uses. 146 umymmi lom " Memories, like the colors of my mind, misty water-colored memories of the way we were ... " — Barbara Streisand 147 There were so many good memories, such as Gordon Mapley ' s directing traffic dressed as a pregnant woman; Wendell ' s livening-up of our Green River trip by falling through a hole in the rocks; Donna Smalley jumping off a horse in mid-gallop; volleyball morning, noon, and night; the ice skating trips with Gary Barnard, Mr. Winter Sports, leaping over the guard rail and falling on his face; and the Monday afternoon meetings. Second semester saw David Lawson decorating the school with " Think Snow " signs and the city of Spartanburg had snow regularly. On the trip to Valle Crucis, Universal Love was snowed in with g uests from Atlanta. February saw Wendell Bruce and Donna Crawford united in marriage and amidst tears and smiles the group prayed for the best for them. When April came the Universal Love group and friends from Atlanta took off for their beach retreat. There UL saw an old " Movie Skit " and said good-bye to our favorite pencil- selling Moron. Universal Love had its rough spots this year. Complaints arose and the Student Af- fairs committee decided that because it is primarily a religous fellowship that it is not eligible for student activity fees. However, this did not harm the organization and it was able to find financial help from local churches and private individuals. " Our unity is held in a bond by the promise of our Master, made so long ago. " 148 Oiddy-up horseysll UL members enjoy the outdoors on their fall retreat to Awalnita Valley. Universal Love Leaders: tomMy sherbert kathY fleming myra Underwood saNdy auman pam patlllo daVid lawson bEnny pike gary baRnard hank anderSon elizAbeth byrnes wendeLl bruce cheryL nelson wendy cOstine wesley craVen jolmny fowlEr ie T in fi 1 ■ ' i]awnfi! ift[iW?ig WW!B Crows and Cranes?! 149 (gaiiwna Pctca nar Jesse Turner. President Elizabeth Silies D avidson, Advisor Gamma Beta Phi is a nationally recognized organization that honors scholastic achievement. The organization is the decendant of the Spartan Society. On April 8, 1978 the USCS club was offically accepted into the national Qamma Beta Phi. The pioneer officers are: Jesse Turner, Joan Lavender, Yvonne Elder, Lisa Clayton, Cathy Keuthan. The Induction Ceremony pictured above was the second to take place at USCS and grossed a membership of 40-60 students. 150 Approximately one hundred students eligible for membership in the Qamma Beta Phi attended the luncheon held in January of this year. A special guest speaker. Dr. Jim Bostick, officiated the event. Dr. Bostick is a member of the S.C. Commision of Higher Education, and he stressed the growing importance that education now plays in our society. The luncheon also had Chancellor Sansbury, the Deans, and the Division Chairpersons in attendance. Students in the top 1 5% of their class are eligible for membership in the Qamma Beta Phi and upon payment of membership dues the student becomes an official member of the national organization. At the conclu- sion of the luncheon a business meeting was held and new members were elected. These officers are: Rosemary Nichols, Ann Moore, Cathe Emmerth, Brenda Riddle, and Gary Stamper. 151 (BMX 0£ Bcma Mmw ODK Members for Fall are, Front: Kathy Demos, Lisa McClure. Robyn Newton. Pam Howard, Cathy Keuthan, Paula Henderson; Middle: Mr. J. P. Sloan. Bryson Bailey. Steve Billings. Dr. Jim Brown, Dr. Mike Dressman. Ms. Cecilia Cogdell; Back: Skip Frye. Wayne Holden, Joey Kohn, Jesse Turner, Gary Barnard, Tom Davis; and not pictured: Dr. Alice Henderson. Omicron Delta Kappa is a newly recognized national honor society. In fact, this spring they were inducted into the national circle. The club had previously been chartered in 1977 as a local club — Delta Kappa. From its inception, the group has sought to recognize and encourage leadership and scholarship. Members are selected from juniors and seniors who are in the upper 35 percent of their class. They must have achieved special distinction in two of the following areas: scholarship; athletics; social, ser- vice, religious activities, and campus government; journalism, speech, and the mass media; and creative and performing arts. Alumni members and Faculty are also eligible for membership. Each semester the club taps new members. This fall Cathy Keuthan, Robyn Newton and Jesse Turner were tapped. This spring Vickie Hammond, Cecilia Hood, Andrew Irwin, Chris Monroe, and Ann Moore were tapped at Awards Day. This Year the Chapter recognized an outstanding Freshman or Sophomore Leader. Du- veen Lysaght was chosen for her leadership in Nur- sing on a national, state and local level. Officers of ODK are President, Wayne Holden; Vice-President. Pam Howard; and Secretary- Treasurer, Lisa McClure. 152 153 74e The Shoestring Players have brought a welcomed touch of drama and art to the USCS campus in the previous years and this year was no exception. Under the direction of Jimm Cox, the Shoestring Players have managed to present some very notable plays. The program ' s presented this year include: Edward Albee ' s " Seascape, " Samuel Becket ' s " Endgame, " Edward Albee ' s " Who ' s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, " Leonard Gershe ' s " Butterflies Are Free, " and two original musical comedy revues — " Where Do We Go From Here?, " and " Graf- fitti — An off the Wall Revue. " The Shoestring Players constr uct all their own costumes and props. The actors and actresses are members of the club, students, and people from the community. 154 Aya Zvaigrzne receives the 1979 Curtain Call Award from President Chris CUne. 155 " Pefr S i«tcC, 7U in, TfU cA, cuicC c diKd4 Bryan ' Doc ' Lindsay conducts the USCS Pep Band. 156 uses RlfLE?OW£R-FlfiHT Sowfi mm m i . iCU SAV OU CM£ TO m SeE 50M6 te-K£;T - MLL- YOU COU tlT _ -CfWSt WCVefiW RlF-L£ Am P POW-eRyWe 6tT5IWWI6 £R 6y tve H0-UK.«»C1« CW3WP K£CT5 yen. 60, Rir-t£S,60f fiO.WE KCAL-Lf nOMn. tHe CfaCMP K££P5 y£c.L- IM ' so. RIF - L£5. so! VEIWF When Rifle Spirit is discussed, almost always Dr. Bryan Lindsay is mentioned. WHY? Two very important ingredients of our successful spirit program are the Near Misses and the Pep Band. Both are directed by " Doc " Lindsay. In the fall of the year the USCS dance team, the Near Misses, was organized to provide entertainment during half- time at all home basketball games. A fantastic Pep Band, long hours of practice, and pretty girls have made USCS proud of the Near Misses. 5 P 158 e % e e e Student Members visit Mountainview Nursing- Home to express Christmas wishes. Circle-K President Paula Henderson cleans up the tunnel. Mall patron has his blood pressure checkec by Greg Row land. 160 During the 1978 school year, the USCS chapter of the Circie-K International has been one of the most active groups on campus. In September, the club held a cook-out social and two tunnel clean-ups. In October, the group sponsored a campus-wide drop-in and hosted a district-wide conference, with delegates from over 50 colleges in North and South Carolina. In November, the group visited patients at Mountain- view Nursing Home and held a campus beautification project. In December, Circle-K sponsored yet another drop-in, ushered at several events, and held a Christmas social. During January and February, Circle-K took gifts to- and visited- with the girls at the Spartanburg Girls ' Home; sponsored a Faculty Appreciation drop-in, and did their share to add to the school spirit by putting up two huge posters for the Homecoming game. In March, the chapter held a spaghetti dinner, ushered at a literary event, presented a program at the local Kwaniis club meeting, and helped raise revenue for the Spartanburg Girls ' Home. They also held a cook-out and attended the District Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. At this Convention, USCS Club President, Paula Henderson was selected as an Outstanding Club President; the only district award won by a South Carolina club this year. Also, USCS Club Treasurer Greg Rowland was elected to the District Office of Lt . Governor . Rowland is the first from USCS to be elected to a district of- fice, and the only dis- trict officer from South Carolina. 161 Busy brooms keep the tunnel clean. Circle Ker ' s Paula Henderson and Cathy Keuthan enjoy a ride over Westgate Mall. VELffimiOWEnilDfl ' l Greg Rowland is sworn in as District Lt. Governor at the 1979 District Convention Fruit baskets are gladly accepted at the Mountainview Nursing Home during the Christmas season. CIRCLE K OFFICERS: Paula Henderson — President Hal Leslie — Vice President Cindy Carbaugh — Secretary Greg Rowland — Treasurer Lisa Smith — Publicity Chairman 162 N 3TRATIVE MAN4 AMS; BAi % T SOCIETY AMS is an organization concerned with learning more about the real world of business and applying the prin- ciples of management through actual campus community activities. Fund-raising activities were conducted throughout the year to establish an Endowment Fund. Pictured below are Dr. Sansbury, Thalia Sudduth (receiv- ing a full one semester scholarship). Cecil Hutcherson (Senior AMS President). Dr. Hutsell. and Pat Mitchell (AMS club President). OFFICERS 1978-79 Pat Mit chell . . . President Thalia Sudduth Vice President Becky Washburn Secretary Brenda Miller . Treasurer Ron Young .... Advisor 163 Sfo i tcut £ce Operating the concession stand at basketball games is a major function of the Spartan Club. Profits from con- cession sales go toward Physical Education scholarships. Other activities of the Spartan Club include sponsoring physical education workshops and participating in intramural games. The Spartan Club won the Softball In- tramural Championship for 1979. 164 7 £ te t in €uAi H Front: Bryan O ' Sheilds, Mary Beth Vess, Frank Nichols, Sharon Shaw, and Cecil Snipes, Jr. Back: Denise Chapman, Sandra Pendarvis, Jacqueline Carter, Laura Quinn. Deborah McCluney, Libby Faile, Lisa Mar- tin, Elizabeth Dunn. Dale Watkins, Barbara Williams, and Bud Foster. The Fashion club is a new organization on the USCS campus this year and it has definitely proved that such a club can be appreciated on our campus. The Fashion club attempts to help students to develop their fashion knowledge and ability. The club has been engaged in a wide variety of activities since its inception. Several such activities include: make-up and styling workshops, stage modeling and photographic modeling workshops, photo contests, fashion modeling, and attendance at modeling conventions and workshops held in the regional area. The club make-up includes future model hopefuls as well as students interested in photography and the fashion subject in general. The club has contributed its services to several of the other organizations on cam- pus; including a spring fashion section for the Caroli- 165 Officers of the Fashion Club for this year are: President — Cecil Snipes Vice-President — Lisa Martin Secretary — Mary Beth Vess Treasurer — Frank Nichols Fashion Coordinator — Dale Watkins 166 167 The Political Science Club is a relatively new club on campus. Started in 1978, the club now has approximately twenty members. This club is by no means restricted solely to political science majors. Anyone with an interest in government is welcome to be a member. The major event for the club this year was a trip to Washington D.C. eight students and the faculty advisor drove up to Washington for four days during the spring break. Highlights of the trip were: sitting in on a committee meeting in the House of Representatives, sitting in on a Supreme Court case, attending a ballet at the Kennedy Center for the Preforming Arts, and touring the monuments and museums throughout Washington. Linda Mahaffey and Jerry Rice admire the scenery on the eight hour drive to Washin on D.C. 168 in Wes Hope, Jerry Rice, Cathy Keuthan, Ron Romine, and Chip Clary pose for Greg Rowland in front of the National Archives Building. The Lincoln Memorial 169 ? Id ' Under the leadership of Tony English, Jeff Hix, and Brian Kelly, the Photo Club continued to be an integral part of the USCS campus this year. Trips to Walnut Grove, Pearson ' s Falls, and other excursions allowed members to use the skills they learned during club sponsored seminars. Facul- ty advisors Becky Patterson and Alan Gray conducted many of the seminars, but club members and outsiders were also given the opportunity to share their knowledge with other enthusiasts. Front Row: Becky Pallt-iaoa. Toii En -lish, and David Campbell. Back Row: Alan Gray, Fred Sergiacomi. Dr. Lyle Campbell. Susan Smith. Phil Hughey. Susan Kercher. Ed Coffee, and Brian Kelly. 170 171 p €fc ecud y ■c ' rV s V .O , , ° o " c . - :s i ' .c?. v o5 .N i ' ' ' ' ' S -V - 2. c - c9 o ' x . .v . s . " . " " V ' , ° . ' ' ' ' ' H ' ' . y . V N ' ' o r v " ' ' 0 . ,, v o ., S " . . " . f . - XT CT " ? - 0 v- . .c .,,- .f CO o ' . A ■ ' 9- o ..- . .0 o - rf? P . K° ' ' - 0 ' ' ° - 4f C? ' ( 4e44 ( i Stude tt navteC to- SUcdcf Scie tee The Science Club is composed of students interested in the study of science and nature. The Outdoors Club and the Science Club often join together for a weekend trip to the mountains, thus combining the excitement of camping with the study of the great outdoors! Other activities included a trip to Carolina Biological Supply, a visit to Milliken to see the electron microscope, and an Ice skating trip. V-«tj " i Ak »«« 173 This year the USCS cheerleaders did a remarkable job. Only retaining three old members, the squad gained five new freshman and two sophomores. The squad members are: Charlene Petty, Carmelina Onorato, Dana Wallace, Teresa Knighton, Tammy Hall, Robyn Newton (Head Cheerleader — pictured at right), Yvonne McNally, Debbie Morton, Rhonda Nesbitt, and Wanda Crocker. More and more the cheerleaders are working on new and exciting cheers to get up the ol ' school spirit! The squad has Spring try-outs and sends several members to Summer camp. Fall try-outs are also held to round-out the squad. At this time, there are no males on the squad but, this problem should be alleviated by next yearl Wm Cheerleader try-outs are interrupted to watch the guys below. jfp liHa;. i;; i| (Ut( n4 ' i Ao (4t MC StucCec ti GARY BARNARD Transfer from Northshore Community College SQA Sophomore Class President 1976-77 Universal Love Officer 1976-79 SGA Junior Senator 1977-78 SQA Senior Senator 1978-79 Contemporary Music Workshop Member 1978-79 Omicron Delta Kappa Member 1978-79 LYNN CLEMMONS SGA Freshman Senator 1976-77 Sigma Tau Secretary 1976-77 Sigma Pi Mu Vice-President 1976-77 President 78 Member of Choraleers 1976-78 Assistant Copy Editor for Carolana 1976-77 Miss Freshman 1976-77 Writer Typist for Carolinian 1977-78 South Carolina State Student Legislature 1977-78 Universal Love 1976-79 SGA Sophomore Senator 1977-78 SGA Junior Senator 1978 Assistant Editor of the Carolana 1977-78 Shoestring Players Member 1977-78 Contemporary Music Workshop Member 1977-78 - ' Jiff- » w A i.ji KATHLEEN E. DEMOS Transfer from Greenville Technical College 1976 Carolinian Staff Writer 1976-77 Member of the Spartan Society 1976-77 Member of the Teacher of the Year Committee 1977 Member of Delta Kappa 1977-78 Represented the " Mature Student of USCS " on the Nancy Welch Show Outstanding English Major Award Commencement Marshall Contributor to Maggies Drawers 178 c imencc i die e4 xtcC Ti tcotcfUctce STEVEN V. FRYE Cross Country Team since 1973 Men ' s Basketball Team 1973-74 1975-76 Men ' s Baseball Team 1973-74 Member of Lettermen ' s Club since 1973: Vice-President 1975-76 1976-77 SGA President 1976-77 Member of Student Affairs Committee 1976-77 Sports Editor— Carolana 1978-79 Who ' s Who Award 1977-78 PAULA J. HENDERSON Transfer from USC-Aiken in 1978 Organized Circle-K Club 1978 Circle-K District Lt. Governor 1978 SGA Senator 1978 SGA Treasurer 1978-79 President of Circle-K 1978-79 Member of USCS Pep Band since 1978 Member of USCS Choraleers 1978-79 Member of Omicron Delta Kappa 1978-79 Member of Academic Affairs Committee 1978-79 Index Editor for Carolana 1978-79 . WAYNE HOLDEN Men ' s Basketball Team for four years Co-Captain 1976-77, Captain 1978-79 Cross Country Team 1975-76 Lettermen ' s club member since 1975 Member of the Psychology Club 1976-78 President of Omicron Delta Kappa 1978-79 Who ' s Who Award 1977-78 179 PAM R. HOWARD Women ' s Volleyball Team for Four years Team captain 1978-79 Women ' s Basketball Team for Two Years President of Kappa Delta Pi 1977-78 1978-79 Member of Omicron Delta Kappa for two years Vice-President 1978-79 Lettermen ' s Club Member since 1976 Secretary 1977-78 1978-79 Who ' s Who Award 1977-78 CATHERINE A. KEUTHAN Freshman Class President 1977-78 SGA President 1978-79 South Carolina State Student Legislature Vice-chairman 1977-78, Chairman 1978-79 Chief Justice 1978-79 South Carolina Association of Student Governments Delegate 1977-78. Chairman 1978-79 Student Affairs Committee Member 1977-79 Special Features Editor of Carolinian 1977-78 Organizations Editor for Carolana 1977-78 Faculty Staff Editor for Carolana 1978-79 Assistant Editor-in-Chief for Carolana 1978-79 Miss uses 1978 G amma Beta Phi Public Relations Director 1978-79 Member of Circle-K 1978-79 Member of Omicron Delta Kappa 1978-79 LISA G. McCLURE Member of Universal Love for four years SGA Senator for four years Member of Tennis Team 1975-76 Financial Aid Committee Member 1975,77 Secretary-Treasurer of Omicron Delta Kappa 1978-79 180 ROBIN F. NEWTON uses Cheerleader for three years Head Cheerleader in 1978-79 Lettermen ' s Club Member for four years Member of Kappa Delta Pi 1978-79 Member of Omicron Delta Kappa 1978-79 THOMAS E. SHERBERT Cheerleader 1975-76 Lettermen ' s Club Member 1975-77 Universal Love Member 1977-79, Officer 1978-79 President of Spartan Club 1977-79 Athletic Advisory Committee Member 1978-79 RICKY L. VINSON Member of Spartan Society 1976-78 Member of Tennis Team 1976-78 Captain 1977 78 Lettermen ' s Club Member 1076-78 Member of Delta Kappa 1978-79 Most Improved Tennis Player Award 1976-77 STEVEN K. RICE Member of USCS Golf Team for four years Lettermen ' s Club Member 181 ' Pcm£4Z ' e tde tA M, 1 ei «U«tf ' THc ' US( S Paula Henderson was chosen as the 1979-80 Miss USCS on the twenty-eighth of April. This dis- tinguishing title is bestowed on a young lady that is representative of the students at USCS and has contributed much time and effort to our school. Girls are nominated by fellow students and screened by a committee of students and faculty. Four outstanding girls from each class are selected to go before a panel of three faculty judges. The judges use the following criteria to rate each girl and thus chose the overall outstanding one among them: 40% Participation; 25% Leadership; 25% Academic; and 10% beauty and personality. Paula Henderson definitely fulfilled the criteria. Although a transfer student from USC-Aiken in 1978, Paula was remarkably active on our campus. She organized the new Circle-K club and served as that organization ' s President and Lt. Governor. She served in the Student Government as a Senator and Treasurer and she was a member of Omicron Delta Kappa, a leadership honor society. Paula also participated in the Choraleers and the USCS Pep Band. She served on various committees and helped at numerous campus events. All in all, Paula is definitely Miss USCS. 182 TfU S( S ( £ci 7{fc«Men Susan Theo Miss Senior Cecilia Hood Miss Junior Clary Oglesby Miss Sophomore i Christine Wilson Miss Freshman 183 tAiete OHoned at Spcxt a u uct Most Valuable Player awards go to Mark Thompson, Frank Barry, Cheryl Fowler. Carroll Wells, Tom Easier, and Pam Howard. uses athletes were honored with a steak dinner May 2 at Quincey ' s. The following awards were presented by the coaches. Outstanding Senior Athletes Skip Frye Pam Howard Cross Country Most Valuable Player Mark Thompson Women ' s Volleyball Most Valuable Player Pam Howard Golf Most Valuable Player Tom Easier Judo Most Valuable Player Frank Barry Women ' s Basketball: Most Valuable Player Cheryl Fowler Sportsmanship Award Susan Jones Most Improved Sharon Rice Best Defensive Player Michelle Murphy Men ' s Basketball: Most Valuable Player Carroll Wells Most Improved Michael Gibson Best Defensive Player James Holland Coach ' s Award Paul Small 184 Mr. Ronald H. Romine is a remarkably active individual. His academic background consists of a M.A. in International Studies and a Masters in Public Administration. He also expects to have his Ph.D. by next year in Political Science. Ron Romine has been at USCS since 1975. In addition to his class teaching, Mr. Romine has served as coordinator of the Truman Scholarship, Student Government Association faculty ad- visor. Political Science Club advisor, member of the successful faculty " Bat- tle of the Brains " team on WSPA radio, coordinator for Distinguished Visiting Professor William Jennings Bryan Dorn, member of the faculty Senate, and member of the Library Committee. Ron Romine has also been active in the community. He has been a member of the citizen committee to study the office of Supervisor in Spartanburg County, a member of the citizens committee to study transportation problems of the elderly in the Spartanburg area, chair- man of the committee to evaluate coun- ty expenditures for health and social services, a Little League baseball coach, and a soccer coach in the American Youth Soccer Organization. In the past, Ron Romine has receiv- ed the honor of Distinguished Military Student at the University of North Alabama, graduated Cum Laude from the University of North Alabama, received the Bronze Star Medal for Vietnam Service and the Army Commendation Medal in 1971. Mr. Romine is very interested in USCS and its ' continuous growth. Ac- tive in the Army Reserve, Mr. Romine is very knowledgeable in South Carolina politics. Honored as the 1979 USCS Teacher of the Year, Ron Romine is very dedicated to higher education. Although he is rumored to be a difficult professor, most students leave his class with a great feeling, ... a feeling of having learned something new. 185 The " Teacher of the Year " Award is selected from nominations by students and faculty. A committee reviews vitas of prospective candidates and must nar row down those eligible. This year the Committee narrowed down twenty- five nominees to eleven, and then had these individuals conduct a presentation on " My Role in Education at USCS " for approximately five to seven minutes. From these presentations the Committee again narrowed the candidates to six outstanding USCS Professors. Out of these six, one individual was chosen as the " Teacher of the Year " , and he then went on to compete with the Professors chosen from the other four campuses in the USC System. We are proud to recognize Dr. Ron Romine as the Teacher of the Year on our campus and winner of the Amoco Award for Teacher of the Year of the USC four year cam- puses. DR. JOHN B. EDMUNDS, Professor of Social and Behavioral Sciences Dr. John B. Edmunds is one of the University ' s original faculty members. He has been a member of the University of South Carolina for the past fourteen years — twelve of those on the Spartanburg campus. Dr. Edmunds has been Chairman of the Palmetto Athletic Conference and was President of the Regional Campus Senate. He has written several publications, the most recent being " Confederate Governors of South Carolina " , L.S.U. Press, 1979-1980. Dr. Edmunds has been active in community affairs, giving numerous talks, ser- ving on the Board of Directors of the Men ' s Garden Club, past President of the Ballet Guild, member of the Spartanburg Kiwanis Club, and past member of the Spartanburg Human Af- fairs Commission. He is also a resource person for the Spartanburg Art Gallery, a Sunday School teacher, and a member of the Emergency Treatment and Transportation Commission. Dr. Edmunds, in addition to his class teaching, is Chairman of the Social and Behavioral Sciences Division and also the Fine Arts, Language, and Literature Division. DR. MICHAEL JILLING, Associate Professor of Business and Economics Dr. Jilling is considered a specialist in multinational business organization and finance. Having joined the USCS faculty in 1975, Dr. Jilling received his Ph.D. from USC in 1976. He is a member of the National Honor Society in Economics, Omicron Delta Epsilon, and has been a USCS Teacher of the Year nominee for four years. Dr. Jilling has authored or co-authored eleven publications in his past. Presently he is working on two projects and conduc- ting economic education workshops for local public school teachers. These are just a few examples of Dr. Jilling ' s concern for upgrading business education at USCS and the Spartanburg community. Dr. Jilling is fluent in German also. 186 S DR. BRYAN LINDSAY, Associate Professor of Fine Arts and Humanities A graduate of George Peabody College with a Ph.D. in Fine Arts and Humanities, Dr. Lindsay is a very well known individual on campus. He has founded and organized the Pep Band, the Contemporary Music Workshop, and the Near Misses dance team since joining the faculty of uses in 1976. He serves as a poet in residence and has assisted in ad- vising the production of Maggie ' s Drawers, the USCS literary magazine. " Doc " Lindsay has served on the Publications Board as Chairman, the Cultural Affairs Committee and the Faculty Advisory Committee. In the community Dr. Lindsay serves on the Advisory Board of the Spartanburg Arts Council and the Steering Committee for the 1979 Spartanburg Spring Fling. He has spoken to various groups in the com- munity and works with teachers of gifted and talented children in District 7. He serves on the state Board of Directors of the South Carolina Association for Talented and Gifted and works with the State Depart- ment of Education as a consultant in art education. Dr. Lindsay has several publications and is currently working on several projects in leadership giftedness, humanities and the future school, and future studies and gifted students. DR. GILLIAN NEWBERRY, Assistant Professor of Biology Dr. Newberry received her Ph.D. in Botany from the University of Wisconsin in August 1976. Shortly thereafter she joined the faculty of USCS. She is very active in both the Science Club and the Outdoors Club, using both as a means for educating students about nature. Dr. Newberry is active in several organizations that aid in her professional development as a biology professor. Active in campus affairs. Dr. Newberry has served on several ad hoc faculty com- mittees, and currently is on the Promotion and Tenure Committee. She is currently in- volved in establishing a herbarium of flowering plants native to Spartanburg County. This will provide a natural library for identifying plants formerly unavailable in Spartanburg County. With three publications to her credit, Dr. Gillian Newberry typifies the qualities of an outstanding professor. ■ 4 m MR. RON YOUNG, Assistant Professor of Business and Economics Currently doing course work for two Ph.D. ' s from Georgia State University, one in Management and one in Decision Sciences, Mr. Young has been on the faculty of USCS since 1976. He has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and holds two Master ' s degrees, one in Management and one in Decision Sciences. Mr. Young is a member of five honorary societies. Beta Gamma Sigma, Alpha Iota Delta, Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, and Pi Mu Epsilon. He also is the author of three publications and is active in five professional societies. By serving as faculty advisor to the Administrative Management Society, Mr. Young is able to relate " real-world " experiences to class topics. Other campus activities include many committee assignments over the past several years. In community involvement Mr. Young provides free consulting to two minority owned businesses in the state and also gives miscellaneous talks to community organizations. 187 OttUenoit eCta " Kci i Wall Street Journal Student Achievement Award Jesse Turner Biology Award Penny Travis Science Division Scholarship Awards Ron Dennis and Louise Gardner Curtain Call Award Aya Zvaigzne Freshman English Awards Gail Sanders and Debbie Timmons English Major Award Trish Edgerton School of Nursing Awards Robin Middleton and Kristin Taylor S.C. Lung Association Awards Joan Lavender and Diane Carson Chemical Rubber Company Award Jan G. Campbell Mathematics Award Joan Campbell and Billy Poteat Political Science Award Skip Goldsmith History Award Martha C. Forrest Psychology Awards Joan B. Hopkins, Emery W. Holden, Toni L. Gates, Anne A. Shepard, Carol N. McKelvey, and Steve Bailey. Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies Award of Ex- cellence Rita Chag and Rufus Kellam Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities Gary Barnard Lynn Clemmons Kathleen E. Demos Steven V. Frye Paula Henderson Wayne Holden Pamela Rae Howard Catherine Ann Keuthan Lisa Gail McClure Robyn Frye Newton Steven K. Rice Thomas Earl Sherbert Ricky L. Vinson 138 f?W w T i«f f979 Omicron Delta Kappa Leadership Award Duveen Lysaght Outstanding Teachers John Edmunds Mike Jilhng Doc Lindsay Gillian Newberry Ron Romine Ron Young New Omicron Delta Kappa Members Vicki Hammond Cecilia Hood Andrew Irwin Chris Monroe Ann Moore Omicron Delta Kappa Members Gary Barnard Dr. James Brown Mrs. Cecilia Cogdell Mr. Tom Davis Kathy Demos Dr. Micheal Dressman Skip Frye Dr. Alice Henderson Paula Henderson Wayne Holden Pam Howard Cathy Keuthan Lisa McClure Robyn Newton Jesse Turner 189 ODK OfTicers for 1979-1980 and Faculty Ad- visor, Tom Davis, are sworn into office. Dr. Dan Beeman. ODK National Vice President, reads the membership requirements as Faculty Advisor, Tom Davis, and National President, Dr. Olenn Hilburn, watch. Omicron Delta Kappa, a national honor society, accepted the USCS chapter into its organization on Satur- day, May 12. The formal, candlelit ceremony, held in Tukey Theatre, was conducted by the National President, Dr. Olenn Hilburn, and the National Vice-President, Dr. Dan Beeman. 190 ODK member Tommy Small sl s the charter membership roll. 191 MuitCKce te t ' 7 Under threatening skies, Dr. Olin Sansbury presented diplomas to 278 degree candidates. Qaylord Donnelley and Richard Tukey were presented honorary degrees at the afternoon commencement exercises held on the quadrangle. Mr. Donnelley, chairman of R. R. Donnelley and Sons Executive Committee, was presented the honorary Doctor of Laws degree, while Spartanburg Chamber of Commerce Vice- President Richard Tukey was presented the honorary Doctor of Public Service degree. Ac- tress Helen Hayes delivered the commencement address to a very attentive and excited crowd. Miss Hayes ' speech was continually interrupted by thunder and lightning, but the rain held off until the last degree was presented. 193 In an effort to further serve the students of USC8. the CAROLANA has provided the following list of 1979 Graduates and their current addresses. Shr I Jon Bachelor of Science Bailey. Steve Alexander Rt. 3, Box 88. Wellford. S.C. 29386 Crook. Everette Donald. Jr. Rt. 6, Box 356. Spartanburg. S.C. 29303 Denny, Lynda Susan Kt. 12, Fontana Dr., Greenville, S,C. 29609 Fowler, Karen 184 Clark Ave., Greer, S.C. 29651 Holden. Emery Wayne 324 Valcour Rd.. Columbia, S.C. 29810 Switzer, Paul Kent. Ill 305 East South Street. Union. S.C. 29379 •Allison. Lisa Caryl Robertson P.O. Box 332. Gaffney. S.C. 29340 Dailey, Elmer Randy Rt. 1. Box 228 AB. Spartanburg, S.C. 89308 Mangum. David Lawrence 643 Mawood Street. Spartanburg, S.C. 29303 McPherson. William Ray Rt. 2. Oasis Tailor Park. Roebuck. S.C. 29376 Sergiacomi, Alfred Hugh, Jr. Rt. 13. Spartanburg. S.C. 29303 Bachelor of Arts Allen, Rosemary Mertia 4803 Mattingly Ct.. Spartanburg, S.C. 89301 Barnard, Gary Kevin 18 Cedar St., Lynn, Mass. 01906 Blackwood. James Arthur Rt. 8. Box 46, Inman, S.C. 89349 Caruso. Christy Madalyn Lanford Rt. 6. Box 453, Spartanburg, S.C. 89301 Copeland, James Calvin Rt. 2. Box 12, Inman, S.C. 29349 Edgerton, Patricia Ann Rt. 1, Box 175, Inman, S.C. 29349 Gabany. Randall Medford 221 Yorkshire Dr., Spartanburg, S.C. 89801 Gates. Toni Hodges 633 Leadmine Rd., Gaifhey S.C. 89340 Henderson. Paula Jean 835 St. Matthews Ln., Spartanburg. S.C. 29301 Keuthan. Catherine Ann 801 SW East Krin Ct. Palm Bay. Fla. 38905 McCallister. James Ricky 112 Edgewood Ave. Landrum, S.C. 29356 McClure. Lisa Gail Rt. 2 Box 445 Landrum, S.C. 89356 McCraw, Rodney Lee 2236 Country Club Rd. Spartanburg, S.C. 89302 McKelvey, Carol Nan 608 W. Cherokee St. Chesnee. S.C. 29323 Phillips. Frankie Alan 7 McMillen Cr. Inman, S.C. 29349 Roden, Ed Dudiel P.O. Box 333 Inman, S.C. 29349 Shropshire, Donna Lynn P.O. Box 463 Una, S,C. 29378 Jones, William Martin 1408 Hampton Ave. Ext.. Greenville, S.C. 89601 Kellam, Rufus Dowling 109 Wren Ln.. Inman S.C. 89349 Lancaster. Carol Lynn 2144 Chesnee HWY.. Spartanburg, S.C. 29303 Lister, Danny Ballew 500 Elmwood Dr., Spartanburg. S.C. 29302 Marshall. Daniel White 217 Beechwood Dr. Spartanburg. S.C. 89308 MuUinax, Christie Jenkins 17 Hiawatha Dr., Greenville, S.C. 29618 Page, Nancy Ann 119 Brickling Rd.. Irmo. S.C. 29063 Pruitt, Patrick Randall Rt. 3, Spartanburg. S.C. 29301 Richardson, Bobby Fisher 215 Yorkshire Dr. Spartanburg. S.C. 29301 Riley. Andria Burns 9 Vicksburg Dr. Greenville, S.C. 29609 Ayers, John Randolph P.O. Box 194 Lyman. S.C. 29365 Brady. Phillip Russell 111 Shadecrest Dr. Mauldin, S.C. 80668 Charles. Timothy B. Rt. 11. Hester Ave. Spartanburg, S.C. 29308 Clary, Marilyn B. Rt. 2 Box 14 Blacksburg, S.C. 89702 Demos. Kathleen Elliott 705 Kenilworth Dr. Greenville, S.C. 29618 Hopkins, Joan Bacchini Diamond Point Campobello, S.C. 89388 Howell. Robert Scotty 119 Wood Dr. Greer, S.C. 89651 Newbold, Stevan Peter 4711 Worden Dr. Oak Forest Spartanburg, S.C. 29301 Pruitt, Emily Jane 106 Cannon Ave. Greer, S.C. 29651 Shook, jEuiet B. 278 West Wood St., Ext. Spartanburg, S.C. 89303 Smith, John Steven P.O. Box 2285 Spartanburg, S,C, 29304 Smith, Milton Alfred, Jr. 70 Montgomery Dr. Spartanburg, S.C. 89308 West, Nadlne 146 Phyllis Golns Spartanburg, S.C. 29301 Whitmore, Robert Gerald 103 Pine Bark Court, Slmpsonville, S.C. 29681 Woods. John Wilkcon, Jr. 828 Pineoreek Dr., Greenville, S.C. 29605 Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies ' Anderson, Leury Joe 601 Taylors Rd., Taylors, S.C. 29687 Ayooth, Walter Eugene Drawer 6279, Spartanburg, S,C, 29304 Barcomb, Leon Reginald 8 Annadale Dr., Inman, S.C. 29349 Boatman. William Eugene 3435 Friar Tuck Rd., Spartanburg, S.C. Buckner. Arthur Chris P.O. Box 189, Fairforost, S.C. 29386 89302 194 Burke, George Barry Rt. 1 Pine Manor, Moore, S.C. 29369 Coley, Jill Marie Rt. 2. Campobello, S.C. 29322 Cox, Robert Lee 510 Hemlock Dr., Inman S.C. 29349 Crooke, Timothy Wayne Rt. 1, Moore, S.C. 29369 DuBose, Barbara Anne Brock 530 Royal Oak Dr., Spartanburg, S.C. 29302 Grant, Donald Raymond 10 Birnam Court, Greenville, S.C. 29615 Holt, William Ernest Rt. 3 Box 50. Spartanburg, S.C. 29301 Bachelor of Arts In Interdisciplinary Studies Arthur, Jason Mark 111 Baldwin Or., Mauldin, S.C. 29662 Auman, Sandra Kay 318 Holly Dr., Spartanburg, S.C. 89301 Campbell, Mark Reginald Apt. F6, Georgetown VIU,, Spartanburg, S.C. 29301 Cannon, Paul Marion Rt. 2, Box 410, Wellford, S.C. 29385 Chag, Rita Vrajlal 1216 Lawson St., Spartanburg, S.C. 29302 Combee, Deborah Charlyne Rt. 8, Box 681, Gafftiey, S.C. 29340 Drake, Kenneth Price Rt. 8, Box 298, Inman, S.C. 29349 Goldsmith, James Lee, Jr. 10 Chickasaw Dr., GreenviUe, S.C. 29611 Good, Daniel John P.O. Box 181, Spi ndale, N.C. 28160 Harrelson, Christopher Franklin 719 Hollywood Ave., Spartanburg, S.C. 29302 Hughes, James Roy Rt. 6, Box 238, QaTfney, S.C. 29340 Meeks, James Richard Rt. 1, Box 29S, Inman, S.C. 29349 Nash, Curtis Rt. 1, Pauline, S.C. 29374 Robinson, Ewart Charles, III P,0. Box 6702 Spartanburg, S.C. 29304 Whitmire, Robert Gerald 103 Pine Bark Court, Slmpsonville, S.C. 89681 December graduates Woods, John Wllkcon, Jr, 828 Pinecreek Dr., GreenviUe, S.C. 89606 Anderson, Larry Joe 601 Taylors Rd., Taylors. S.C. 29687 •Aycoth, Walter Eugene Drawer 6279, Spartanburg, S.C. 29804 ' Barcomb, Leon Reginald 8 Annandale Dr., Imnan, S.C. 29349 Boatman, William Eugene 3436 Friar Tuck Rd., Spartanburg, S.C. 29308 •Buckner, Arthur Ciirls P.O. Box 189, Fairforest, S.C. 29336 •Burke, George Barry Rt. 1, Pine Manor, Moore, S.C. 29369 Coley, Jill Marie Rt. 2, Campobello, S.C. 89388 Cox, Robert Lee 610 Hemlock Dr., Inman, S.C. 89349 Crooke, Timothy Wayne Rt. 1, Moore, S.C. 29369 DuBose, Barbara Anne Brock 630 Royal Oak Dr., Spartanburg, S.C. 29302 Grant, Donald Raymond 10 Birnam Court, Greenville, S.C. 29616 Holt, William Ernest Rt. 3, Box 60, Spartanburg, S.C. 29301 Jones, William Martin 1408 Hampton Ave. Ext., Greenville, S.C. 29601 " Kellam, Rufus Dowling 109 Wren Lane, Inman, S.C. 29349 •Lancaster. CsLrol Lynn 2144 Chesnee Hwy., Spartanburg, S.C. 29303 •Lister, Danny Ballew 600 Elmwood Dr., Spsu anburg. S.C. 29302 •Marshall, Daniel White 217 Beechwood Dr., Spartanburg, S.C. 29308 •Mullinax, Christie Jenkins 17 Hiawatha Dr., Greenville, S.C. 29616 •Page, Nancy Ann 119 Brickling Rd., Irmo, S.C. 29063 •Pruitt, Patrick Randall Rt. 3, Spartanburg, S.C. 29301 •Richardson, Bobby Fisher 216 Yorkshire Dr.. Spartanburg, S.C. 89301 •Riley. Andria Burns 9 Vickburg Dr.. Greenville, S.C. 29609 •Rowe, Leroy, Jr. 438 Brawley St., Spartanburg, S.C. 29303 •Sayer, Cheryl Ann 1026 E. 23rd St., Newton, N.C. 28668 •Scarborough, Russell Lee 300 Farmington Rd.. Greenville, S.C. 29606 •Stone, Connie Marie Taylor 121 Dover Rd., Spartanburg, S.C. 89301 •Thompson, Ray Earl 308 Holly Dr., Spartanburg, S.C. 29301 •Tinsley, Dennis Tony Parker Dr., Spartanburg, S.C. 29303 •Turner, Felix Leifayette 126 W. Main St., Duncan, S.C. 29334 •Turney, Richard Kenneth Rt. 6, Spartanburg, S.C. 29303 •Walckner, James Richard 619 Pine HUl Dr., Inman, S.C. 29349 •WiUis, Stephen Paul Rt. 2, Box 146, Spartanburg, S.C. 29302 Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies Browning, Catharine Shirk 107 Ridgeway Rd., Spartanburg, S.C. 29301 Bryson, Ronald Len 123 Hickory HUl Dr., Inman, S.C. 89349 Carter, Alonzo Landau Apts. 38, Clinton, S.C. 29326 Cote, Bernadette Marie 616 Perrin Dr., Spartanburg, S.C. 29308 Fisher, Eloise Bland P.O. Box 600. Anderson. S.C. 89688 Foster. Donna Lynn 133 StribUng Clr., Spartanburg. S.C. 89301 JoUey, David Hughston Rt. 18, Putnam Rd., Speuiianburg, S.C. 89308 Keller, Margaret Susan 17 A WedgeHeld Dr., Inman, S.C. 89349 195 McElrath. Sam William 814 Westfield Ave., Greer, S.C. 29651 Mitchell, Patricia Thomas Box 384, Route 6, Inman. S.C. 29349 Stroupe, William Bruce Rt. 1, Idlewood Dr., Spartanburg, S.C. 29308 Turner, Edward William 13 Gray Ave., Taylors, S.C. 29687 Bachelor of Science In Nursing Carson, Coy Dianne 212 Cureton St., Greenville, S.C. 29606 Lanzafame, Maryellen Brosnihan Rt. 1, Mustang Cr., Simpsonville, S.C. 29681 Sprang Pamela Sue 103 Redwood Cr.. Spartanburg, S.C. 29301 Taylor, Kristine Erickson 748 Springdale, Spartanburg, S.C. 29302 Traynum, B.J. Rt. 9, Anderson, S.C. 29621 Associate of Art Babb, Mary Martin Rt. 5, Box 110, Gaflney, S.C. 29340 Associate In Science In Technical Nursing Agnew, Pamela Lois Lipski 101 Pineville Rd., Spartanburg, S.C. 29302 Anderson, Diane Elizabeth 17 Carter St., Inman, S.C. 89349 Bagwell. Susan Elaine 1220 Maryland Ave., Spartanburg, S.C. 89302 Bell, Vickie Anne 115 Lakewood Cr., Greer, S.C. 89651 Bell, Wanda Bren 2806 Edgefield Rd., Box 2773, Spartanburg, S.C. 29304 Benson, Brenda Fay 16 Carter St., Inman, S.C. 29349 Bulter, Sadie Ledbetter Rt. 6, Box 615D, Gaffney, S.C. 89340 Cannon, June Sweezy Rt. 5, Box 369, Union, S.C. 89379 Carver, Kimberly Ann 304 Virginia Ave., Greenwood. S.C. 89646 Chalker, Cynthia Ann 839 Greenville St., Box 6, Pendleton, S.C. 29670 Charest, Roy Joseph Leo. Jr. 1504 Femwood Qlendale A2, Spartanburg, S.C. 29308 Cooksey, Helen Jorgensen Rt. 3, Belvue Dr., Union, S.C. 89379 Cooper, Linda Marie Covil Rt. 10, Twin Creek Dr., Spartanburg, S.C. 89303 Farmer, Andrew Jackson, Jr. Rt. 9, Box 98, Spartanburg, S.C. 29301 Fowler, Abby Carter 205 Crestline Dr., Spartanburg, S.C. 89301 Goforth, Betty Earle Sloan Rt. 8, Box 39, Chesnee. S.C. 29323 Gooch, Mary Elizabeth 300 Fairforest Rd., Spartanburg. S.C. 89301 Gregory, Eugenia Carolyn P.O. Box 515, Jonesville, S.C. 89353 Hall, Toni Lynette 740 Kenmore Dr., Spartanburg, S.C. 89303 HammiU, Carol Schermer 108 Fembrook Cir., Spartanburg, S.C. 29308 Hautamaki, Kim Dowis Rt. 2, Box 59, Duncan, S.C. 29334 Howell, Debra Lynne SGH Nurses Residence, Spartanburg, S.C, 29303 Jenkins, Debra Lynn Rt. 3, Chesnee, S.C. 89323 Jennings, Mary Nell P.O. Box 475, Union, S.C. 89379 Johnson, Lauren Crosland P.O. Box 561, Union, S.C. 29379 Johnson, Margaret Donahoo Rt. 8, McDowell Dr., Spartanburg, S.C. 29303 Jolley, Carolyn Frances 703 Pickens St., Chesnee, S.C. 89383 Jolley, Debra Ann Rt. 2, Box 436, Gaffney, S.C. 29340 Josey, Brenda Greene Rt. 2, Box 837, Inman. S.C. 89349 Kennedy, Margaret Willis SGH Nurses Residence, Spartanburg, S.C. 29304 Lamb, Debbie Ann Rt. 8, Inman, S.C. 29349 Lancaster, David Patrick 240 Mills Ave., Spartanburg, S.C. 29302 Lavender, Joan Annette Puckett P.O. Box 2, Fairforest, S.C. 29336 Lee, Joy Michele 206 Lakeside Dr., Spartanburg, S.C. 89308 Leuck, Thomas Allen 1091 Maryland Ave., Spartanburg, S.C. 29340 Lewis, Kay Carol Rt. 9, Box 544, Spartanburg, S.C. 29301 McAbee, Paula Robin Rt. 6, Box 317, Gaffney, S.C. 29340 McAbee. Rex AIeui Rt. 6, Box 317, Gaffney, S.C. 29340 McLeod, Tina Dixon 213 Seven Oaks Ln., Spartanburg, S.C. 29301 McNamara, Winifred Gail Rt. 5, Box 50, Inman, S.C. 29349 Middleton, Robin Nave 15 Hampton Ct., Greenville, S.C. 29609 Miller, Betty Stephens Rt. 8, Costner Rd., Spartanburg, S.C. 29303 Moore, Karen Lee 604 GreenhUl Rd., Spartanburg, S.C. 29308 Nix. Rosa Marlene Rt. 1, Box 357, Union, S.C. 29379 Oliver, Anita Rose Blanton P.O. Box 513, Duncan, S.C. 89334 Page. Debra Fowler 6 Orchard Ln., Inman, S.C. 29349 Porter. Evelyn Danette P.O. Box 305, Pacolet, S.C. 29378 Putnam, Rebecca Dallas 145 Huxley St., Spartanburg, S.C. 29303 Queen, Kathy Lynn P.O. Box 8008, Sta. B, Spartanburg, S.C. 89303 Robbins, Cynthia Bailey Rt. 7, Box 381AA, Spartanburg, S.C. 29303 Robbins, Kathryn Rae Rt. 8, Belview Dr., Spartanburg, S.C. 29303 Routzong, Deborah Joy Rt. 8, Box 67-1, Cowpens, S.C. 29330 Smith, Deborah Ann Strevel Rt. 1. Box 801, Pauline, S.C. 29374 196 Smith, Donna Lynette 125 Floy St.. Spartanburg, S.C. 29301 Smith, Elizabeth O ' Shields 201 Midway Dr., Spartanburg, S.C. 29301 Smith. Patricia Tobey P.O. Box 729, Cowpens, S.C. 29330 Stainbeck, Gwendolyn Ann 140 Pne Grove Manor, Spartanburg, S.C. 29303 Slover, Roberta Hartman 610 Andre Ct., Spartanburg, S.C. 29301 Toaster, Marcia Ellen Rt. 4, Box 208 E, Spartanburg, S.C. 29302 White, Robin Elaine Rt. 1, Paoolet, S.C. 29372 Williams, Barbara Gray 15 Cedar Springs Apts., Spartanburg, S.C. 29302 Parks, Dennis Michael Rt. 10, Len Ct., Spartanburg, S.C. 29303 Tucker, Debra Price Rt. 1, Box 720-A, Cowpens, S.C. 29330 Vess, Susan Elaine 44 Main St., Buffalo, SC 29321 Watson, Dorothy Ann 134 Edwards Ave., Spartanburg, S.C. 29301 Webb, Kereatha Ann 116 Lincoln Dr., Spartanburg, S.C. S9301 Willaims, Kay Gilbert 23B WedgeHeld Dr„ Inman, S.C. 29349 Winkles, William Judson 502 Vernon St., Gaffiiey, S.C. 29340 Bachelor of Science in Education Babb. Debra Page 314 Meredith Circle, Spartanburg, S.C. 29301 Burgess, Elizabeth Jane 686 Boyd St., Spartanburg, S.C. 29302 Foote, Kim Naomi 3419 Creola Rd,. Charleston, S.C. 29406 Howcu ' d, Pamela Rae 7716 Burnett St., Spartanburg, S.C. 29303 Jett, Marty Bryan 128 Highland St., Glendale, S.C. 29346 Newton, Robin Lynn Frye P.O. Box 428, Duncan S.C. 29334 Sherbert, Thomas Earl 661 North Main St., Woodruff, S.C, 29388 Tuck, Marsha Ann Box 200, Fairforest, S,C. 29336 " Forrest, Martha Cobb Rt. 1. Box 166, Buffalo, S.C. 29321 Fagan, Julie Yvonne lie Sharon Dr., Spartanburg, S.C. 2930S McGill, Cynthia Jane Bonner Box 106 BB, Rt. 1, Kingstree, S.C. 29666 Wofford, Kathy Ann 388 Wannamaker Ct., Spartanburg, S.C, 29302 Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Bailey, Janet Qulnn Rt. 1, Box 34A, Dimcan. SC 29334 Campbell, W. Dewltt 3 Havenhurst Dr., Taylors, S.C. 29687 Duerksen, Ricky Steven A-6 Huntington Woods, Apts., Spartanburg, S.C. 29302 Gaines, Mellnda Kay 218 Gregory St., Union, S,C. 29379 Oosnell, Barney Gene 17 Third St., Inman, S.C. 89349 Gray, Collin Peter 851 Championship Dr., Florence, S.C, 29501 Greene, Karen Vee Rt. 1, Landrum, S.C. 29366 Hammett, Gail Karen Rt. 2. Box 464, Oaffney, S.C. 29340 Hardie, Sandra Lucita 327 Briarcliff Rd., Spartanburg. S.C. 29301 Hill. Hayden Eligah Rt. 4, Box 206, Longstreet Dr., Greer. S.C. 29661 Jeffries, Daphne Ann Wood Rt. 1, E. Lakeshore Dr., Landrum, S.C. 29350 Kelly, J. Brian 165 C Fernwood, Dr., Spartanburg, S.C. 29302 Lancaster, Jackie Cleveland Rt. 1, Woodruff, S.C. 29388 Lawson, Mary Wallace Rt. 1, Box 128, Buffalo, S.C. 29321 LoUis, Larry Dean Rt. l,d Box 612, Easley, S.C. 29640 Mahaffey, Mark Keith Rt. 11, Anderson Dr.. Spartanburg, S,C. 29308 Maynor, Martha Lou Morgan P.O. Box 662, Gaffney, S.C. 29340 McKinney, Wilson Lawrence Rt. 3, Box 4654, Travelers Rest, S.C. 29690 McNeally, CoUene Marie 119 Dover Rd. Spartanburg, S.C. 29301 Parks, Mary Jane Rt, 4, Box 648, Union, S.C. 29379 Pittman, David Charles Rt. 1, Landrum, S.C. 29356 Ramsey, Charles Norman Rt. 6, Rosecrest Rd. Box 386A, Spartanburg, S.C. Rice. Steven Keith 306 Westwood Ext., Spartanburg, S.C. 89303 Robinette, David Michael A6 Huntington Woods Apt., Spartanburg, S.C. 89802 Sherlock, James Robert 1402 Springfield Rd., Inman, S.C. 29349 Shoemaker, Richard Wayne Rt. 1. Box 39 A, Campobello, S.C. 29322 Simmons, Joe M. 819 Marietta St., Gaffney, S.C. 29340 Snipes, Cecil Eugene, Jr. 130 Nature Trail, Greenville, S.C. 29609 Theo, Susem Elaine 866 Foxhall Rd., Spartanburg, S.C. 29301 Thigpen, Timothy Allen P.O. Box 1646, Brevard, N.C. 28712 Thomas, Wayne Clifton 16 Westbrook Ln., Greenville, S.C. 29606 Walker, Ricky Kent Rt. 1, Tryon, N.C. 28782 Wilkinson, Susan Smith 360 Bryant Rd., Apt. E 26, Spartanburg, S.C. 29303 Wilkinson. William McAllister, II 360 Bryant Rd., Apt E 26, Spartanburg. S.C. 89303 Byrd. Stanley David 1606 Dover Rd., Spartanburg, S.C. 89801 Com, Larry Allen 690 East Georgia St., Woodruff, S.C, 89888 ' Fleming, Josie Atkinson Rt. 1, Box 262, Bailey Rd., Buffalo, S.C. 29381 197 Andrew8, Patricia Vincent 591 E. Walnut St.. WesterviUe, Ohio 43081 •Hester, Michael Steven Rt. 4, New Cut Rd., Inman, 8.C. 29349 Inmein, James Prldmore 181 Brittany Ed., Qaffney, B.C. 29340 Klng. Richard Leroy. Jr. 421 Fairmont Dr., Greenville, S.C. 29608 0 ' Connell, Ann Reddrick 205 Bentway Lane, Spartanburg, S.C, 29302 Semones, James David Rt. 2, Hwy. 11, Landrura, S.C. 29356 Walden. Kenneth Augustus 190 Walden Circle, Spartanburg, S.C. 29301 Bachelor of Arts In Education Black, Peggy Christine Rt. 2, Bethlehem Rd., Moore, S.C. 29369 Blackwood, Martha Helen P.O. Box 248, Qaffney, S.C. 29340 Blackwood, Mary Ellen P.O. Box 248, Qaffney, S.C. 29340 Bland. Julie Coe 360 Bryant Rd., C-28, Spartanburg, S.C. 89303 Bradley, Brenda Ann 452 Zellen Dr., Spartanburg, S.C. 29303 Carter, Cindy Leah 5 Spartanburg Rd., Lyman, S.C. 29365 Cassels, Linda Melton 124 Highland Dr., Union, SC29379 Crowder, Linda Q. 103 Ashley St., Spartanburg, S.C. 29302 Davis, Kathy Ann Rt. 4, Box 232, Inman, S.C. 89349 Duncan, Evelyn B. Rt. 6, Box 867-6 Dnion, S.C. 89379 Eubanks, Martha Home 188 Pernridge Dr., Spartanburg, S.C. 29308 Farmer, Sandra Stepp Rt. 2, Box 141 A, PauUne S.C. 89374 Fleming, Kathy Diane Rt. 8, Nlghtingdale Ct., Spartanburg, S.C. 29303 Frye, Steven Vance P.O. Box 428 Duncan, S.C. 29334 Qambrell, Elizabeth Areuit Rt. 9, Box 489, Qreer, S.C. 29661 Harmon, Johnny 106 Lawnfleld St., Mauldln, S.C. 29668 Hartle, Evelyn Sowder 638 Spencer Cr., Spartanburg, S.C. 29308 Henderson, Lydia Anne P.O. Box 441, Simpsonville, S.C. 29681 Hunnioutt. Patricia Cloninger Rt. 3, 110 Nottingham Ct.. Easley, S.C. 29640 JoUey, Sherry Lynn 213 Alabama Ave., Chesnee, S.C. 29323 Pruitt, Tracey Tony Ave., Wellford, S.C. 29385 I Smith, Gail Evans P.O. Box 357, 103 Woodvale Ct., Greer, S.C. 29651 Thompson, Marjorie Mills 145 Henson St.. Spartanburg, S.C. 29302 Turner, Vivian Ann Rt. 3, Box 39 IC, Gaffney, S.C. 29340 Underwood, Myra Elizabeth 2074 Evergreen Dr., Inman, S.C. 29349 Williams, Phyllis Elizabeth 325 Webber Rd., Spartanburg, S.C. 29302 Winburn, June Patricia Berry 108 Douglas Hgts., Union, S.C. 29379 Calvert, Martha R. P.O. Box 45, Fingervllle, S.C. 29388 Collyer, Rosemary " Dee " 8 Echols Dr., Greenville, S.C. 89605 •Gardner, Laura Sims A4 Stratford Villas, Greenville, S.C. 89690 •Qilliland, Marcia Garris 1456F Dover Rd., Spartanburg, S.C. 29301 Good. Jerry Wayne Rt. 1, Lyman, S.C. 29365 •Fine, Susan Pinch Rt. 1, Budd Arthur Bridge Rd.. Spartanburg, S.C. 29302 •Gunter, Elizabeth Kay Kirkland 1106 Edisto Dr., Spartanburg, S.C. 29302 •Hayes, Robin Jayne 623 Webb Dr., Spartanburg. S.C. 29303 •Hinkle, Lynn McKenzie Rt. 4, Bellamy Ct., Taylors, S.C. 29687 •Johnson, Doris Burrell Rt. 2. Box 436, Campobello, S.C. 29328 •Jones, Kay Crenshaw 18 Alabama Ave., QreenviUe, S.C. 29611 •Jones, Susan Ranae Rt. 1, Box 74, Lyman. S.C. 29365 •Mahaffee, Phyllis Coley Rt. 4, Box 67, Inman, S.C. 29349 •McKinney, Betty Ann Rt. 1, Box 96, Mt. Pleasant Rd., Spartanburg, S.C. 29303 •Morrow, Karen Darby 4112 Stoneview Dr., Apt 4., Louisville, Ky. 40207 •Murphy, Barbara Nell 205 E. Snow St., Greer, S.C. 29651 •Owens, Shirley F. 108 Rickert Ave., Landrum, S.C. 29356 •Phillips, Rose Meu-ie Rt. 1, Wellford, S.C. 29385 •Sanders, Rhonda Kay Rt. 1, Roebuck, S.C. 29376 •Thompson, Margaret Monaghan 105 Burton St., Spartanburg, S.C. 89301 •Turner, Margaret Ann 411 New Perry Rd., Greenville, S.C. 89609 •Weatherford, Linda J. 507 Shearin St., Darlington, S.C. 29532 198 Sp f O fr i After the Administrative staff section of this annual was sent in the CAROLANA was informed of several title changes. We would like to correct these now. J. Tom Davis Associate Chancellor for Student Affairs Ron Eaglin Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs Ted Eilenburg Associate Chancellor for Administration Gene Hutsell Associate Chancellor for University Relations Also, we would like to apologize to Dr. Hutsell for leav- ing his picture out of the Administrative Staff Section. He is now pictured at the right. At this time, the CAROLANA would like to apologize for any errors this annual may contain. ;5 ' " v :, 200 Now that the 1978-79 school term is over, I can look back over the months and reminisce. There were many dis- appointments, joys, and memories that have gone into the production of this edition of the Carolana. I hope to use this year as a learning experience and to put this knowledge to use in the future. There were many people who were not staff, but without their assistance the 1979 Carolana could not have been produced. At this time, I would like to recognize them and offer my most sincere thanks and appreciation for their help. Also, I must give special thanks to Cathy Keuthan who inspired me to accept the position of Editor in the beginning and who has continued to be a strong supporter of my undertakings. Cathy worked much more than an Assistant Editor is required to, even while someone else held the title of Assis- tant Editor. In April, the Publications Board became aware of this situation and appointed Cathy to the position in the remaining weeks. The Carolana and USCS will miss Cathy next year while she furthers her education at law school. Once again thanks to everyone who helped this year, and the best of luck in the future! Greg V. Rowland Editor-in-Chief Special Thanks goes to the following: Jerry Baker Doyle Boggs Mr. Black Andy Crosland Tom Davis Cindy Easier Ted Eilenburg Gary French Alan Gray Jane Fred Hardy Steve Harvey Paula Henderson Cecilia Hood Mike Jilling Janella Koob Glenn Landrum EUenor McCaughrin Duane Paris Becky Patterson Public Safety Office Records Office Peggy Rowe My Father, Vernon L. Rowland Fred Sergiacomi Susan Smith Be everything that you can be Reach out to touch the bizarre Step through the mirrors of magic To be who you really are Don ' t listen if anyone tells you That this time you ' ve gone too far Let the endless essence of enchantment Expand your repertoire. Pamela Moquin Chris Bliss 1974 201 ptdc ' Adams, Z Kve j 181 Adams, Nsuicy 114 Administrative Managrement Society 163 Aiken, James 114 Alexander, Robert 114 ALLEN, EVELYN 79 AUen, Michael 96,164 Allen, Robert 96 Allen, Rosemary 96 ALLEN, DR. TOM 84 AUison, Lisa 96 Anderson, Hank 121 Anderson, Larry 96 Arms, Beth 114 Art Lea e 153 Askew, Julia 121 Atkins, Sharon 121 Aumem, Sandy 96 Avery, David 114 Aycoth, Oena 121 Babb, Debra 96 BABB, NANCY 73 BABIN, DR. ED 84 BACHA, CATHY 73 Bagwell, Dell 96 Bagwell, SusEui 114 Bagrwell, Treasure 114 Bailey, Janet 96 Bailey, Ellen 121 BAKER, JERRY 63,60 Baker, SteUa 121 Banks, Cheryl 121 Barnard, Gary 96,178 BARNES, DR. JAMES 80 Bamette, Barbara 96 Barnette, Kathy 121 BarneUe, Ted 121 BarneUe, WiUiam 121 Barnhill, Mike 164 Barras, Suseui 114 Barry, Fremk 43 Baughcome, Anna 121 Baughcome, Hennelore 121 Bazemore, K. M. 114 Beaty, Penny 121 Becknell, Mike 121 Beiers, Gaye 121 Belcher, Mike 114 Bell, Micky 121 Bell, Rosemary 121 Bell, Wanda 114 BELSER, JUDY 84 Benner, Bob 121 Benson, Brenda 96 Beville, Steve 114 BEYSIEGEL, CHUCK 67 Biddix, Benny 121 Big Event 27,28,29 Biggerstaff, Gary 121 Bishop, Rita 114 BLACK, CLIFFORD 72 Black, Peggy 97 Black, Shirley 121 Black Student Union 146 Blackwood, Bridget 114 Blackwood, Martha 97 Blackwood, Mary 97 Blankenship, Meurie 121 Blanton, Debra 114 BLANTON, GARY 47 Blanton, Kathy 121 Bobo, Chuck 122 BOGGS, DR. DOYLE 62 Bonds, Tonya 114 Bonner, Jody 121 Booker, Kathy 38,40 Bookter, John 121 BOWMAN, DR. JOE 41,44,60,164 Bradley, Brenda 97 Breulley, Lisa 122 Brady, Nancy 114 Brady, Paula 114 Bresheeu-s, Scott 122 Briggs, Ray 41 Brooks, Elizabeth 114 BROOKS, GRADY 47 BROWN, DR. JAMES 86 Brown, Martin 122 Brown, Mary 114 Brown, Robert 120 Brown, Bon 72 BRUCE, MIKE 72 Bruce, Samuel 122 Bruce, Wendell 97,136 BRUCE, DR. WILLIAM 60 Bryant, Chris 122 Bullman, Jane 122 Burnett, Amanda 122 Burnett, Myra 114 BURNETTE, RANDOLPH 47 BURNIE, VALERIE 67 Burns, Eric 122 Burrell, Ricky 122 BURROUGHS, WILLIAM 47 Butler, Susan 122 Butner, Glenda 122 Byrd, Mahalia 38,40 Byrnes, Elizabeth 122 Byrom, Tony 114 Caley, Marie 122 Campbell, David 170 Campbell, Donna 164 Campbell, Joan 74 CAMPBELL, DR. LYLE 80,170 Campbell, Mark 97 Campbell, Dewitt 97 Candler, Teresa 122 Cannon, Karen 114 Cantrell, Cathy 122 Carbaugh, Cindy 162 Csu-olinian 140 Carter, Alonzo 97 Carter, Jacqueline 122,166 Caruso, Christy 97 Caruso, Ray 122 Carver, Kim 114 This is the first edition of the CAROLANA to contain an index. The C AROLANA staff hopes it will be an aid in locating a par- ticular student, faculty member, or event within the book. The following people spent many long hours working on the index and deserve a big thank you! They are: Dr. Andy Crosland, and Jane Hardy. 202 Cash, David 122 Cash. Robin 115 Cassels, Linda 97 CHALQREN. BETTY 74 Chapman, Denise 166 Chapman, Teresa 122 ChappeU, Willie 116 Charest, Roy 116 Cheerleaders 174 Chess Club 172 Childers, Debra 116 Chilson, Jeffrey 123 Christian, Suseui 38,40,115 Christopher, Robert 123 Church, Robert 123 Circle K 160,161,162 Clary, Chip 169 Clary, David 46 Clary, Joe 115 Clemmons, Lynn 178 Cline, Christopher 116,156 Clippard, Wanda 123 Clowney, Belinda 123 COAN, DR. J. P. 47 COBB, JACK 47 Coffey, Ed 170 CogdiU, Jeff 115 COQDELL, CECILIA 74 Coggrins, Anna 128 COGGINS, CAROL 74 Cogrgins, Denise 115 Cohen, Angela 123 COHENS, EVELYN 61 Collins, Steve 123 COLLUMS, VERQENE 70 Combee, Deborah 97 Comeay Store 22 Commencement 192,193 Compton, Anne 116 Conner, Robert 115 CONNELLY, ROBERT 52 Cook, Debbie 123 Cope, Catherine 123 Corbin, Jimmy 116 Com, Larry 97 Couch, Jim 31 Cox, Jill 123 COX, JIMM 68 Cox, PylUs 98 Coyle, Denise 123 Craft, Tony 123 Craven, Wesley 116 Cromer, Chip 115 Crook, Everette 98 CROSLAND, DR. ANDY Cross Country Teeun 46 Crow, Teresa 123 CutshaU, Lee 35 %» 6b Dalton, Qlennette 115 Daniel, Laura 123 Davidson, Danny 123 DAVIDSON, DR. ELIZABETH 68,150 Davis, Charlene 123 DAVIS, HAROLD 47 Davis, Kenneth 115 DAVIS, TOM 51,62,136,190 DAVISSON, JANE 61 Day, Joseph 116 Demos, Kathleen 178 Denny, Lynda 98 DIMSDALE, JAN 75 Dixon, Sheryl 115 DONNELLY, DR. BRIAN 86 Doss, David 123 DOWIS, RAY 72 DRESSMAN, DR. MIKE 69 Driver, Robert 123 DllUCKER, DR. MEYER 56 Drum, Carol 116 Duke, Connie 116 Dunn, Elizabeth 123,165 Dunnaway, Kaye 98 DYE, JUDY 63 EAGLIN, DR. RON 61 Eaker, Jane 123 Earnhart, Dell 116 Easier, Tracey 123 Edgerton, Trish 141 EDMUNDS, DR. JOHN 84,186 Edwards, Anne 116 EDWARDS, BECKY 61 EQGARS, TERESA 76 EILENBURG, TED 51 Elder, Elizabeth 116 Elmore, Teresa 123 English, Tony 170 Estes, Kenneth 123 Eubanks, Bobby 123 Fagen, Julie 40 Faile, Libby 124,165 Fall Concert 18,19,20 Fall Dance 23 Fall Registration 9 Feu-mer, Andy 96,98 Fashion Club 166,166,167 FENDLEY, BILL 72 Ferguson, Chip 124 Fergruson, Jackie 124 Ferguson, Simon 115 Finch, Lisa 116 Fink, Laurie 124 Fisher, John 124 Fisher, Karen 98 Fletcher, Harvey 116 Foley, Tara 116 Foote, Kim 98 Forrest, Donald 98 Forrest, Martha 98 Foster, Bud 165 Foster, Gary 116 Foster, Terri 124 Foster, William 124 Fowler, Carol 116 Fowler, Cheryl 38,40 203 Fowler, Debra 116 Fowler, Mike 116 Fowler, Robert 98 Fowler, Tammie 124 Foy, Julie 124 Fraser, Ljmn 98 Fritz, Carol 116 Fromm, Heidi 62 Frye, Skip 46,98,164,179 Qabbard, Dwight 86 Gagnon, Kathy 124 Oahagan, JoAnn 124 Oaines, Melinda 99 Gallman, Donna 116 Oamma Beta Phi 150,151 Garland, Howard 124 Garner, John 124 Gaskins, Kathy 99 Gault, Sandra 40 Gelardi, Concetta 124 Gibson, Glenda 124 Gibson, Michael 35 Gibson, Wendell 35,86 Gilbert, Wanda 124 GILMAN, DR. DICK 86 Steve Gipson 21 GIST, OSCAR 72 Glaser, Susan 124 GLENN, DAVID 56 Godfrey, Susan 124 Goforth, Mae 124 Goforth, Mike 108 Goodman, Diane 108 Goodwin, Jeff 116 GORDON, EARL 62 QOREE, MIKE 62 Gosnell, Rita 116 Gretham, David 108 Graham, Elizabeth 108 Graham, Vicki 124 GRAMLING, MARION 47 GRAY, AL 53 GRAY. ALAN 79,170 GREEN, RONNIE 72 Green, James 99 Gregory, Ralph 125 Gun Club 145 Gutierrez, Teresa 125 Gwinn, Anne 125 HACKET, FRANCIS 54 Haithcock, Gregg 125 Hall, Brian 108 HALL, RIVERS 72 Hall, Toni 108 Hamby, Mike 125 Hammett, Gail 99 Hammond, Vickie 108 Haney, David 108 Hcuina, Candy 108 Hannes, Roy 125 Hanning, John 125 Hardigree, Jay 125 Hardin, Vanessa 38,40,164 Hardy, Jane 116 HARKER, MARTY 76 HARLEY, CLEVELAND 47 Harmon, Connie 125 Harper, Jenny 125 HARRELL, JOAN 62 Harris, Al 125 Harris, Anna 116 Harris, J. R. 126 Hartle, Evelyn 99 Harvey, Steve 108 Harvey, Susan 126 Hatley, Nancy 125 Hawkins, Bethany 125 Hawkins, Shannon 125 HAWKINS, DR. TOM 63 Hayes, Anne 126 Hayes, Janyce 125 Haynes. Ted 108 Hazel, James 125 HELLER, MAYOR MAX 18 Hembree, Mary 126 HENDERSON, DR. ALICE 85 HENDERSON, DR. CONWAY 86 Henderson, Lydia 108 Henderson, Mary 99 Henderson, Mike 116 Henderson, Paula 30,31,99,136,162, 179 HENDRA, NORMA 75 HENDRIX, HUBERT 47 Hendrix, Lee 125 Henry, Tal 41 Henson, Daniel 108 Herbert, Alfonso 108 Hiatt, Evans 125 Hiatt, Karan 108 Hicks, Angelia 125 HICKS, KATIE 69 HiU, Lewis 34,35,116 HINSON, COACH BILL 36.63 Hinson, Mark 35,116 Hix, Jeff 171 HODGE, DAVID 72 HODGE, DR. G. B. 47 HOLCOMBE, DR. LEE 86 Holden, Wayne 16,35,99,179 HOLDERMAN, DR. JAMES B. 10 Holland, Birdie 116 Holland, James 36 HoUifield, Karen 108 Homecoming 16,16,17 Honors Day 188,189 Hood, Cecilia 30,108,136,183 HOOD, ROBIN 47 Hope, Wes 168 Hopkins, Marcia 140 Hopkins, Tim 108 Horeth, Mike 108 Horton, Dean 108 HOWARD, BETTY 63 Howard, Pam 40,180,191 HOWELL, LOUIS 47 Hughey, Phil 170 HUNLEY, LOU 66 HUTSELL, DR. GENE 47,163,200 Intramural Football 44 Intramural Softball 45 Israel, Albert 108 204 Ivester, Lynn 108 KNIGHT, DR. DON 69 KRAUTER, DR. EVAN 87 JACOBS, DR. GEORGE 67 JACOBSOHN, DR. GUY 43,81 Jeffries, Daphne 109 JENKINS, DAVID 72 Jeter, Gladys 109 Jett, Marty 99 JILLING, DR. MIKE 67,186 Johns, Herbert 109 Johnson, Barry 116 Johnson, Claire 109 Johnson, Margaret 116 Johnson, Terri 109 Jolley, Debbie 116 Jolly, Michael 99 JOLLY. ERIC 52 JONES, CATHY 72 Jones, Janice 99 Jones, Kelly 116 Jones, Lisa 109 Jones, Sandra 109 Jones, Susan 38,40,109 Judo 42,43 JUSTICE, DR. ARTHUR 60 Justice, Scotty 109,164 Karpiak, BUI 41 KEITH, DR. JOHN 47 KELLER MARGE 76 Kelly, Brian 6,170 Kelly, Keith 116 Kercher, Susan 170,171 Keuthan, Catherine 4,31,94,100,136, 138,162,169,180 King, Dave 41 King, Mitchell 126 King, Xavier 126 Kirk, Ronald 100 KISSELL, WILLIAM 57 KLOEPPER, ADDIE 76 KLUTZ, ERNEST 47 LADD, ELENOR 64 Laico, Mike 109 Laico, Paul 126 LAMOREAUX, DR. LYNN 80 Lamb, Paul 127 LAMBERT, DR. DWIGHT 86 Lancaster, David 116 Lancaster, Dennis 109 Lancaster, Martha 109 Lancaster, Ricky 127 Landford, Terry 116 Lando, Janice 127 Landrum, Brenda 117 Landrum, Carl 127 LANDRUM, GLEN 72 Landrum, Jerry 100 Landrum, Madison 72 Lanning, Patsy 127 Lawson, Betty 109 Lawson, Mary 100 Leagonn, Shirley 127 Ledford, Anita 127 LEDFORD, KIM 76 LEE, CHONG 77 Lee, Donald 109 Lee, Donna 127 LEHMAN, DR. JE RRY 87 Lesley, Jerry 117 Leslie, Hal 105,140,162 Lesslie, Wylie 109 Leuck, Tom 117 Levi, Jimmy 117 LINDSAY, DR. BRYAN 69,156,187 Lipscomb, Connie 117 LIPSCOMB, MARILYN 64 Little, Ruth Ann 100 Littlejohn. Debbie 117 Littlejohn, JuUus 127 Lockman, Suzanne 117,127 Loco-motion Circus 26 Long, Julius 127 Longbottom, Daniel 127 Love, Brenda 127 Lowe, Katherine 109 Lowery, Chuck 41 Loyd, Barney 100 Lundberg, Susan 1 17 LUTTRELL. ROGER 58 Lyda, Curtis 109 Lyons-Turner, Laura 117 Mabry, James 100 Mack, Teresa 127 Maggies Drawers 141 Mahaffee, Phyllis 100 Mahaffey, Linda 168 Mahaffey, Mark 100 MAPLEY, GORDON 87 Marlowe, Barbara 127 Martin, Lisa 165 Martin, Pat 127 Massey, Michael 164 Mathis, Johnny 46,127 Maurer, Don 127 Maynor, Martha 100 McALHANY, DR. JOHN 58 McAlister, Lonnie 44 McArthur, Jajnes 72 McBeth, Francis 127 McBride, Wesley 117 McCallister, James 100 McCAUGHRIN, ELLENOR 67 McChiney, Deborah 127,165 McClure, Lisa 180 McClure, Sherrie 127 McConnell, Katherine 100 McCoy, Kim 127 McDonald, Kathleen 127 McDowell, Elizabeth 127 McDUFFIE, HARRIET 70 McElrath, Sammy 100 McKelvey, Carol 101 McKINNEY, DAVID 72 McLay, Lisa 117 McNinch, Edith 128 McPherson, William 101 McSwedn, Caroleen 128 205 McSwain, Richard 1 10 MENEES, DR. BURT 56 Men ' s Basketball 34,35,36.37 MEYERS. COACH EMILY 38 Miles, Karen 128 Miller, Maxie 110 Miller, Reggiel 128 Miller, Tony 128 Mills, Chal 110 Millwood, Ann 110 Millwood, Dianne 110 Minton, Trina 128 Misner, Donald 117 Miss uses 30,31,182,183 Mitchell, C. W. 110 Mitchell, Elizabeth 110,128 MITCHELL, GEORGE 47 Mithcell, Pat 101,163 Mobley, Ed 128 MOFFITT, FRED 47 Moller, Andy 136 Moller, Diane 117 Monaghan, Debbie 128 Monroe, Chris 40,164 Mooney, Oscar 35,128,146 Moore, Johnny 128 Moore, Karen 117 MOORE, DR. LAWRENCE 81 Moore, Margaret 110 MOORE, DR. NANCY 70 Moore, Robert 128 MORAN, DR. RUTH 73 Morgan, Ronald 128 Morris, Robert 128 Morton, Debbie 117 Moss, Patti 117 MulUns, Teri 128 Mullis, James 117 MuUis, Kimberly 128 MURPH, MARIAN 53 Murphy, Michelle 88 Murphy, Kenn 110 Murphy, Michelle 40 Murray, Barry 128 Murray, Terry 128 NANCE, BUDDY 72 Nanney, Rex Allen 128 Near Misses 156,157 Neeley, Mike 117 Nelson, Cheryl 110 ' Nelson, Wendy 128 Nesbit, Christiema 110 Nesbit, Claude 110 NEWBERRY, DR. GILLIAN 81,187 Newman, Alexia 128 Newman, Jerry 110 Newton, Darin 128 Newton, Pat 110 Newton, Robyn 174,181 Nichols, Frank 101,165 Nichols, Rosemary 117 Nix, David 110 NOLL, DR. VERN 87 NORMAN, KATHY 54 Oakes, Cindy 110 OATSVALL, MIKE 54 O ' Connell, Ann 101 Oglesby, Clary 30,117,183 Onorato, Carmelina 129 Omicron Delta Kappa 152,190 Outdoors Club 142,143,144 O ' Shields, Bryan 165 Owensby, Deborah 129 Owensby, Martha 117 Owings, Patricia 129 Pack, Kathy IIC Padgett, Susan 129 Page, Tim 35,129 Pague, Terry 118 PAPPAS, DR. TONY 64 Parker, Bob 164 Parker, Lee 129 Parks, Katherine 117 Parks. Mary 101 Parlor, English 117 P ARRIS, BARRY 82 Parris, Dewwy 129 Parris, Johnny 110 Parris, Parmalla 129 Patel, Tushar 129 PATRICK, JUANITA 77 PATTERSON, BECKY 79,170 Peake, Marvin 117,171 Peeler, Marilyn 118 Pendarvis, Sandra 166 Pep Band 156,157 PERRIN, BOB 67 Peters, Barbara 129 Pettit, Bobby 110 Pettit, John 129 Petty, Charlene 129 Phillips, Donna 129 Phillips, Micheal 101 Phillips, Patti 129 Phipps, Sam 164 Pittman, David 101 Photo Club 170,171 Pierce, Deui 118 Plumby, Lisa 129 Political Science Club 168,169 Pollard, Randy 110,118 Poison, Jeannie 118 Poole, Rosie 118 Poole, Samuel 101 Poore, Deborah 129 Porter, Charles 110 Poteat, Billy 118 Poteat, Teresa 118 Poulos, Miranda 40,129 PREDMORE, DR. RICHARD 70 Pridgeon, Julie 38 Pridmore, Elizabeth 129 Pritchard, Alan 118,145 Pritchard, Terry 110,145 Pruitt, Emily 101 Psyc Club 172 Puryear, Sara Ann 101 QUINN, HELEN 78 Quinn, Laura 165 Quinn, Susan 129 QUINNELLY, DR. CHARLES 88 Raff, Catherine 118 REEVES, BRYANT 67 REITEIMER, BILL 65 Revis, Randy 110 Rhlnehart, Wade 118 Rice, Cheryl 129 Rice, Debbie 110 Rice, Jerry 102,168,169 Rice, Sharon 38,40,118 Rice, Stephen 181 Riddle, Brenda 118 RIDDLE, DR. FAY 82 Ridgeway, Anthony 111 Riley, James 129 Rinehart, Donilee 102 Robbins, Cynthia 118 Robbins, Kathy 118 ROBE, DR. REGIS 71 Robertson, Marc 118 Robinson, Deborah 111 Robinson, Id a 129 Rochester, Melvin 111,129 Roden, Ed 1 1 1 Rogers, Debbie 129 ROGERS, JOHN 47 Rogers, Sharon 130 ROMINE, RON 88,136,169,185 Ross, Stuart 35,130 Routzong, Deborah 118 Rowland, Greg 4,31,113,118,138,160, 162,165 Royals, Janet 130 Rudasill, Lynn 111 Sanders, Laura 130 Sandrock, Tammy 130 SANSBURY, DR. OLIN 50,163 SAWICKI, MARY ANN 77 S. C. State Student Legislature 138 Scarbourgh, Russ 102 SCHOOLCRAFT, DANIEL 72 SCHOOLCRAFT, JAMES 72 SCHWARTZ, CAROL 77 Seawell, Arline 118 SEAWELL, SHARON 79 Seay, Jan 130 Seay, Ken 130 SEKO, DR. EMMANUEL 71 Sellars, Reeda 130 Sergiacomi, Fred 5,102,170,191 Sexton, Pam 130 Seymour, William 130 Shaleuly, Mike 111 Sharpe, Linda 130 Shaw, Paul 130 Shaw, Sharon 165 Shehan, Debbie 130 SHELDON, DR. MIRIAM 65 Sherbert, Tommy 44,181 Sherlock, James 102 Sherwood, Richard 130 Shirley, Bobby 111 Sigma Pi Mu 158 SIMPKIN, DR. ROBERT 82 SIMS, GLENDA 78 Sims, James 111 Sirmons, Rebecca 111 Sisk, Carrie 130 Skelton, Eugene 130 SLOAN, JAMES P. 88 Sloan, Sindy 130 Small, Paul 35,130 Smith, Anthony 102 Smith, Cannon 130 SMITH, CAROL 65 Smith, Debbie 130 SMITH, SENATOR HORACE 47 Smith, Johnny 130 Smith, Keith 102 Smith, Lisa 118,162 Smith, Mike 1 1 1 Smith, Sandy 130 Smith, Susan 170 Smith, Tommy 118 Smith, Valerie 130 Smith, Wanda 118 Snipes, Cecil 102,165 Snipes, Gerald 111 Spanos, Mary 130 Spartan Club 164 SOBCZAK, DR. RON 83 Solesby, Wesley 111 Sosbee, Betty 111 SOSSAMON, CODY 47 Sprang, Pamela 102 Stack, Judy 131 Stainback, Gwinn 111 Stakes, Stewart 131 Stamps, Jeff 35,131 STAVELY, CHARLES 82 Steadman, Sheila 131 Stepp, Rick 118 Steur, Rudy 131 Stevens, Gary 111 Stoker, Joann 111 Stokes, Jan 111 Stoley, Brenda 118 Stone, Jerry 111 Stone, Marshall 102 Stophel, Ken 111 Stophel, Steven 131 Stout, Tina 111 Stowe, Dennis 131 Strickland, Kelly 131 Stroup, William 102 STUART, DR. JEANNE 83 Student Government Association 136 Styles, Sylvia 131 Sudduth, Thalia 111,163 Sullivan, Don 131 Surratt, Vicki 111 Sutton, Tinker 131 Swanger, Bobby 131 Swann, Mike 35 Sweat, Richard 131 Switzer, Paul 102 Tate, Daisy 181 Tate, Jack 112 Tate, Mark 146 207 TAYLOR, CAROLYN 47 Taylor, Cindi 131 TAYLOR, DAVID 80 TAYLOR, MARY 78 Teagrue, Kay 112 Teaster, Steve 131 Templeton, Tammy 131 Teseniar, Teresa 131 Thackston, Jan 131 Theo, Susan 103,149,183 THEODORE, REPRESENTATIVE NICK 47 Thigpen, Timothy 103 THOMA S, ELMER 71 Thomason, Donna 118 Thompson, Mark 46 Thompson, Sonya 119 Tilley, Tana 131 Timmons, Debbie 131 Tipton, Brent 119 TOPLEY, KAY 66 Trail, Barbara 131 Traynum, Bobby 103 Tuck, Marsha 131 Tucker, Bonnie 119 TUKEY, RICHARD 47 Turner, Catherine 131 Turner, David 112 Turner, Edward 103 TURNER, FELIX 72 Turner, Francis 103 Turner, Glenda 103 Turner, Gwendolyn 103 TURNER, DR. JACK 83 Turner, Jesse 150 Turner, Margaret 103 Turner, Pam 132 Tiirner, Steve 119 Turner, Vivian 103 Turney, Richard 103 Tyns, Tracy 132 Varner, Becky 112 Vess, Mary Beth 132,165 Vess, Karen 132 Veteran ' s Student League 145 Vinson, Ricky 181 Vinson, Rita 112 WaddeU, Anita 132 Waddell, Kim 132,134 Waldroup, Marlene 119 Walker, Cindy 119 Walker, David 182 Walker, Michael 112 Wall, Rhonda 132 Wallace, Dana 132 Ware, Denise 132 Ware, Katherine 132 Waters, Cindy 119 Waters, Jimmy 132 Watkins, Dale 119,165 Watkins, Kim 38 Watson, Judith 112 Watts, Ann 112 Watts, Garelyne 132 Weathers, BiU 119,35 Weaver, Kris 41 Webb, Kereatha 119 Wells, Carroll 35,132 WENZ, DR. FRED 89 West, Myra 112 West, Nadine 103 West, Phil 119 Whechel, Paige 112 White, Janet 119 White, Melodie 132 White, Robin 112 Whitmire, Semdra 112 Wilbanks. Darrel 112 WiUard, Dean 72 Willaims, Barbara 165 Williams, Catherine 132 Williams, Curtis 112 Williams, Cynthia 112 Williams, Donna 132 Williams, Ralph 132 Williams, Terri 188 Williford, Andrew 132 WiUiford, Deb 132 Willis, Mark 132 WILSON, DR. BRUCE 44,66 Wilson, Christine 30,182,183 Wilson, Jack 164 Wilson, Jeff 119 WILSON, DR. JOHN 89 Wilson, Livia 112 WUson, Suzanne 112 Winbum, Patricia 104 Winkles, BiUy 119 Wofford, Cynthia 104 Wofford, Kathy 104 Wojeck, Joe 132 Wolfe, MeUssa 119 Womble, Scott 41 Women ' s Basketball 38,39 Women ' s Volleyball 40 Wood, Shelby 133 Woods, John 104,146 Woods, Woody 41 Wyatt, Donald 112 Wynn, Dave 133 Yarborough, Dean 119 Yarborough, Denada 133 Yavorsky, Joy 119 YEHL, DR. JAN 89 YOST, DR. JAN 71 YOUNG, RON 58,187 Zaieski, Susane 112 Zvaigzne, Aya 165 Underwood, Myra 103 Universal Love 147,148,149 ULMER, DR. M. B. 83 Unlversitv.ol Sout] .ystemUt ffir|ftS 1 EDO DfiDHSSfi

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