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University of South Carolina Spartanburg - Carolana Yearbook (Spartanburg, SC) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Cover

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wmMmUm IX ...vcrsity of South Carolm at Spartanburg Spartanburg South Carolina 1978 Volume X Prologue Student Cife Enter tainment Honors . . . Administration faculty Organizations Sports Classes Epilogue CCNTCNTS Do M Mow Where Zhe Path jCeads. Rather. Qo Where Zhere Js J o Path And Ceave A Zrail. We Meet Mere Me fly . . . ust 7or the Moment . . . Zhen We Will Saeh Pursue Our Qoals and J deals. v BBIH f 1 i □ y 11 i 1 tl |j j|i Our Paths Have Ced Us Mere 7rom Md y Places in Cife, Sack of Us Seeks to Conquer Different Horizons, Cet Us Sack Seek tkePatkto Our Own Horizon Jf Zkere Js J o Patk, Zken Cet Us 7orge Akead and Ceave a ZraiL On the colored pages of yesterday Silver visions changed into the perfumed And slow walk along the rocky path. Together, we touched the spring In that sheltered bower beneath A Myriad of falling, white petals; While the unending stream Blossomed with promises of Unheard melodies, We discovered our inner self and the infinite. ■41- In the crisp, steel-blue night We have arrived at some point And await tomorrow ' s undiscovered songs and unseen colors . . . Who shall we be? In the far-off melodies we shall dream Our visions and sing our songs . . . But for now, we know it is truly . . . The educated student that knows That the mere acquisition of masses Of facts and figures is useless unless The knowledge we have obtained Is critically examined and Used in a logical scheme of thought. These two— thought and knowledge- Are but fine complements to each other; Thought makes knowledge useful; Knowledge makes wise thought possible. Remember this as you forge your trail. , . .f ■ •r..H , . ESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS3SSSS3SS3£SS3£d Sntertainment CLOSE ENCXDUNTERS • ' 1 Where ' Do We 4 K Qo ?rom Mere u H 1 H A flV ' ' i r B ' |||1 s ■ H WKKr « H Sifc- P W m " •. ' .■.V. ' ,: ' , ' .!!!Mil ' 4:i r f Ma w r « ■ 1 ■ 1 HF iii P ai BHI Hm HR ' ' ' ' ' .• ' -S Sm- ' .- ' ' ' Mv- ' jV ' . m ff " ' ' ' B m ' ' ' --:sk dpHMPi Fl ..J Characters— Alta Snell Chris Cline Carol Clippard Aya Zvaigzne Teri Dye Kay Phillips Kenny Covington Michele Hart Music Composed by Andy Moller Set Design by Chris Cline Lighting by Simon Ferguson, Clay Francis Set Construction by Arty Har- mon, Sherrie Harris, Chris Cline, Linda Long. Directed by Jimm Cox Assistant Director Cathy Conner Stage Manager Cathy Conner Characters— Clark Gregory Aya Zvaigzne Alta Snell Chris Cline Director— Jim m Cox Assistant Director— Chris Cline Stage Manager— Chris Cline Make Up— Chris Cline Lighting— Clay Francis Publicity— Kay Phillips, Cathy Conner, Alta Snell, Chris Cline Box Office— Cathy Conner, Linda Long, Lynn Clemmons, Chris Cline House Manager— Cathy Conner } J o S it J o S it J 0 S it J o 6 cit J o S it J o Bee Gee ' s Soap Dolly Poet on the Porch. Richie Lecea and Nina Kale were presented by the Convocation Series. Nick Theodore— one of the many political candidates who visited the campus. Stan Waterman lectured on the underwater photography used in " Jaws " . 1977-1978, The Year Of Events at USCS And the World Fleetwood Mac " Rumours " Debby Boone . . . " You Light Up My Life " John Travoha Taught Us to Dance " Saturday Night Fever " Charlie Lost an Angel . . . Farrah Fawcett Turned to Movies The Deaths of Elvis Presley, Groucho Marx And Bing Crosby Stunned The World A moving story. A romantic story. A story of envy, hatred, friendship, triumph, and love. ANNE BANCRC T I TheljimngpcMit SHIRLEY MacLAINE . i l_l i m EHJ H THE BIG EVENT hOMCPS J ' ll walk with gentle pace, And choose the smoothest place, And careful dip the oar, And shun the winding shore. And gently steer my boat Where water-lilies float, And cardinal flowers Stand in their sylvan bowers. TO THE MAIDEN IN THE EAST voNNiE McMillan l WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES ANDUNIYERSITIES .?vT Cathy Keuthan . . . Miss USCS 1978 Miss Junior Melissa Hayes Miss Senior Kit Jordan Miss USCS 31 Miss Freshman Clary Oglesby Miss Sophomore Kella Doolittle 32 MlsS uses Shirley Myres . . . Homecoming Queen Friday, April 28 — Honors Day Awards Art Award Billy Bufflngton Music Award Andy Moller Wall Street Journal Student Achievement Award Jimmy Meadows Biology Award Ed Riley Curtain Call Award Christopher Cline Freshman English Award Rebecca Simpson English Major Award Kathy Demos School of Nursing Award Rose Gidaro South Carolina Lung Association Community Service Award Candace DelisioDowr Chemical Rubber Company Award ,, : Louise Gardner Mathematics Award Richard Colgate Political Science Award Donna Pierce History Award Ann Harris Psychology Award Susan Leonard Science Fair Larsen, Couch Receive Sullivan Awards Professor Emeritus . . . James Sloan JACK TURNER USCS ' S 1978 TEACHER OF THE YEAR aaJimiiinii§lbipalcuoin S iFacuiUlc went to the woods because J wished to I we deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if J could not learn what it had to teach, and not. when J came to die, discover that J had not lived. .. ' {MM UPp- partanburg County Commission for Higher Education mJ SMf St i - -: Admimstratioft Mlends Campus Policies with Zkose of the University System 1. DR. OLIN SANSBURY, JR. Vice-President; Pli.D., University of South Carolina. 2. DR. DOYLE BOGGS Director of Informational Services; Ph.D., University of South Carolina. 3. JOE GARDNER Director of Development; M.B.A., University of Miami. 4. MARIAN MURPH Administrative Assistant to the Vice-President. 46 administratlon ■I I 1. TED EILENBURG Dean for Administration; M.B.A., Dartmouth College. 2. BOB CONNELLY Controller. 3. JOHN CAMPBELL Accountant. 4. RUTH SHIPLETT Personnel Assistant. 5. BUSINESS OFFICE Brenda Weaver, Joyce Butler, Brenda Smith, Betty Stevens. admlnistration 47 2. LIBRARY STAFF Teresa Pappas, Anne Bailey, Not pictured— Gwen Gaither. 3. JAN YOST Director of Institutional Research and Grants; Ed.D., University of Georgia. 4. LIBRARIANS Valerie Burnie, M.LS., Florida State University; Judith Dye, M.S.L.S., Atlanta University; Bob Perrin, M.L.S., University of Washington; Ellenor McCaughrin; M.L., Univer- sity of South Carolina. 48 administration I budgets, Admissions, Kecords, Student 3ees — All a Part of uses Administration 2. ERIC JOLLY Director of Admissions and Records; M.A., Ohio University. 1. ADMISSION AND RECORDS Beth Conrad, Barbara Daniels, Darlene Marlowe, Judy Hawl ins, Sylvia Morgan. 1 1 L B 1 f -m 1 Vftv i il |V L. 1 1- ? w »« " f ' -- ' " 1 3. MIKE OATSVALL Programmer 4. FRANCES HACKETT Chief Records Clerk. 5. JOAN HARRELL Admissions Of- Analyst. ficer. admJnistration 49 COUNSELLI Arthur Geo Benedict Collec NG rge ]pT STAFF -B.S., ony Pap- rsity of Carol alachian ; Mike ssissippi arl Gor- pas-Ph.D., L Mississippi Smith— M. A., State Unive Goree— M.Ed. State Universi Jnive App rsit Mi y F don-M.A., No T State Univ thC ersiti arolina A 1. 50 administration DR. TONY PAPPAS Chairperson for Continuing Education: MARILYN LIPSCOMB Administrative Assistant for B.C. S. Ph.D.. University of Mississippi. AUDIOVISUALS Alan Gray, Graphics; Becky Patterson, Director, M.A., Appalachian State University: Jane Bradley, Secretary Technician. administration 51 UaiHtenance, Security, bookstore— All Vital 7or Campus Junctions M ■ ' W 1 1 1 1 1 M ■ RIVERS HALL Chief of Maintenance. BOOKSTORE Chuck Beyseigel, Joy Ballenger, Bryant Reeves- IVIanager. FRONT ROW— Clifford Black, Mattie Booker, Mary Johnson, Betty Manigan, Oscar Gist Jr., Madison Landrum. BACK ROW— S. T. Dandy, Jimmie Fluker, James McArthur, Frank Cannon, Glenn Landrum, Ceroy Leath. SEATED— Joi Hawley— Switchboard Operator, Pam Blackwood— Security Secretary. STANDING— Bennett Wilson, Bill Fendley, Bill Blum, David Hodge, Mike Bruce— Director of Transportation and Security. 52 administration Admimstratwe Offices — Where Students Seek hfomation Vital for Academic Success STUDENT AFFAIRS AND FINANCIAL AID FRONT ROW— Peggy Rowe — Secretary Student Affairs, Tor Davis— Dean for Student Affairs, Kathy Norman— Campus Nurse. BACK ROW— Bill Reitmeier— Director of In- tramurals and Recreation, M.S., California State Universi- ty; Al Gray— Director of Financial Aid Veterans Affairs. TOM DAVIS Dean for Student Affairs; M.A., Florida State University. ATHLETICS Guy Jacobsohn— Judo Coach, Joe Bow- man—Golf Coach, Richard Predmore— Tennis Coach, Bill Hinson— Men ' s Basketball Coach, Emily Meyers— Girls ' Basketball Coach, Paul Mack— Athletic Director. iinJstration 53 Secretaries and Kesearch Per so met Reduce Meavy Worktoad of Chairpersons DIVISION SECRETARIES FRONT ROW— Angell Pettit, Education; Elaine Johnson, Director of Development; Susan Gilmore, Fine Arts and Social and Behavioral Sciences; Ann Grain, Nursing. SECOND ROW— Jacki Sherbert, Science and Mathematics; Sue Cannon, Business Administration. NOT PICTURED— Sandy Ulmer, Continuing Education Academic Services. KATIE MURPHY School of Nursing: Admission Counselor. CHOONG LEE School of Nursing; Research Director. 54 admtnistration admJnistralion 55 1. RUTH MORAN Dean of School of Nursing; Ed.D., Columbia University. 2. JOHN EDMUNDS Chairman of Social Sciences and Fine Arts; Ph.D., University of South Carolina. 3. BERT MENEES Chairman of Business Adminstra- tion; Ph.D., University of South Carolina. Chairpersons Chairpersons 1. DAVID TAYLOR Chairman of Science and MatJiematics; M.A., Ap- palacliian State University. 2. ARTHUR JUSTICE Chairman of Education; Ph.D., Duke University. 3. Faculty members awaiting results of " Battle of Brains " at Westgate Mall. 1. ALLEN, TOM Social and Behavioral Sciences; Ph.D., University of Georgia. 2. BABB, NANCY Nursing; M.S.N., Medical College of Georgia. 3. BABIN, ED Social and Behavioral Sciences; Ph.D., University of Georgia. 4. BACHA, CATHY Nursing; M.S.N., Medical College of Georgia. 5. BARNES, JAMES Science and Mathematics; Ph.D., Clemson Universi- ty. 1. BELSER, JUDY Social and Behavioral Sciences; Ph.D., University of Florida. 2. BLALOCK, JANIS Nursing; B.S.N., University of South Carolina. 3. BOWMAN, JOE Education; Ed.D., University of South Carolina. 4. BROWN, JAMES Social and Behavioral Sciences; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin. 5. CAMPBELL, JOAN Nursing; B.S.N. , Montana State University. 6. CAMPBELL, LYLE Science and Mathematics; Ph.D., University of South Carolina. ' ■■J 2. COGDELL, CECILIA Nursing; M.N., University Of South Carolina. 3. COGGINS, CAROL Nursing; Medical College of Georgia. 4. COHENS, EVELYN Education; M.Ed., University of South Carolina. 5. COLLOMS, VERGENE Fine Arts; M.M., Northwestern University. 1. cox, JIMM Fine Arts; M.A., University of South Carolina. 2. CROSLAND, ANDY Fine Arts; Ph.D., University of South Carolina. 3. DAVIS, ANGIE Nursing; M.N., Emory University. 4. DAVIS, MELVIN Social and Behavioral Sciences; M.S., University of South Carolina. 5. DAVISSON, JANE Education; M.Ed., Clemson University. 6. DENT, SUSAN Nursing; M.N., Universi- ty of South Carolina. 1. DONNELLY, BRIAN Social and Behavioral Sciences; Ph.D., University of Georgia. 2. DRESSMAN, MICHAEL Fine Arts; Ph.D., University of North Carolina. 3. DRUCKER, MEYER Business Ad- ministration; J.D., University of South Carolina. 4. FOUCHE, CLARENCE Science and Mathematics; Ph.D., University of South Carolina. 5. OILMAN, RICHARD Social and Behavioral Sciences; Ph.D., University of Chicago. 1. GLENN, DAVID Business Administra- tion; M.B.A., University of South Carolina. 2. HARVEY, BOB Science and Mathematics; M.S., Oregon State Univer- sity. 3. HAWKINS, TOM Education; Ph.D., University of Nebraska. 4. HENDERSON, ALICE Social and Behavioral Sciences; Ph.D., University of Michigan. 5. HENDERSON, CONWAY Social and Behavioral Sciences; Ph.D., University of Iowa. 2. HOLCOMBE, LEE Social and Behavioral Sciences; Ph.D., Columbia University. 3. HOWARD, BETTY Education; M.A.T., Converse College. 4. HUNLEY, LOU Education; Ph.D., University of South Carolina. 5. JACOBSOHN, GUY Science and Mathematics; M.A., California State University. 1. JAMES, JEAN Education; M.Ed., University of South Carolina. 2. JILLING, MICHAEL Business Ad- ministration; Ph.D., University of South Carolina. 3. KELLER, MARJORIE Nursing; M.S.N., Medical College of Georgia. 4. KEUTHAN, CHARLES Business Ad- ministration; M.B.A., Mississippi State University. 5. KISSELL, WILLIAM Business Ad- ministration; M.B.A., George Washington University. 2. NOLL, VERN Social and Behaviora Sciences; Ph.D., Indiana University. 3. PARRIS, BARRY Science and Mathematics: B.S., University of South Carolina. 4. PATRICK, JUANITA Nursing; B.S.N., University of South Carolina. 5. PREDMORE, RICHARD Fine Arts; Ph.D., University of Florida. 2. SHELDON, MIM Education; Ph.D., University of Southern California. 3. DAVIDSON, ELIZABETH SIKES Fine Arts; Ph.D., University of South Carolina. 4. SIMPKIN, ROBERT Science and Mathematics; Ph.D., University of Maryland. 5. SIMS, GLENDA Nursing; M.S.N., Medical College of Georgia. 1. SINGH, BALWANT Education; Ph.D., University of Mississippi. 2. SISTRUNK, ALBERTHA Fine Arts; E.Ed., Boston University. 3. SLOAN, JAMES Social and Behavioral Sciences; M.A., Tulane University. 4. SLOAN, LINDA Education; M.Ed.. University of South Carolina. 5. STAVELY. CHARLES Sciences and Mathematics; M.S., Memphis State University. 6. TAYLOR, MARY Nursing; M.S.N., Medical College of Georgia. 1 WILLMOT, CAROLE Nursing; M.N., Emory University. 2 YOUNG, RON Business Administration; M.B.A., Georgia State University. 3 Joe Soman instructing health class. 4 Jan Yost explaining the basics of public address. 5. Faculty and Staff discuss previous meeting in Tukey. 6. SCEA conference draws interest of the audience. Ml - Z 1 ?r CLUBS 8e ORGANIZATION ' S s ' - -. c ' -l - r- ..--7T 5r - • ' ' - ' r " »(■•. ' ■ K M Zhe man who goes alone can start to- day; but he who travels with another must wait till that other Is ready. Office 2H: dor Some, a Place to Mate, for Others, a Place to Call Home Clemmons has locked me out again. . . Becky wants everyone to nneet in her office at 11:16. . . that stuff is malodorous, fetted, and skuntified. . lule I ' ll scream. . .tell them it ' s for their I.D.. . .1 cringe whenever I see her coming. . .the key is locked in the office. . .there ' s only 37 more cartons left. . .Tommy ' s moving that furniture again. . .ya ' ll get out of here, I need to talk to him ALONE . . . TR7? Celica!. . .get that tinsel off the ceiling. . .Gary came and found her sleeping. . .% of a can?. . .spring in the tank, YES, we mind. . .Susan, you ' re perfect, did you knc that?. . .1 hope I rot. . .Love that black. . .stop the car, it just flew out the window!. . .do you need a ride to your car?. . .lock the door. . .Good Night. k r the Cawlana Staff: Staff Pictures Were Made oh the Mlowing Dates, Where Were you? Seat. 29 J n. 27 Mu MflHgtOH Don ' t touch that entertainment page!. . . .where is the cut line for the picture of Lee Holcombe?. . .Essie, you goin ' to the temple or what. . .did you see " Soap " last night? I thought I ' d die when Jessica raped the District Attourney. . .the deadline was two hours ago. . .Grin, Baby!. . .but I thought Cathy was doing that story. . .the hips go first, and the body follows aftah. . .that ' s the rattiest looking coat she ' s worn yet. . .call Janella and see if she has time to set it. . .this IS true. . .could I have the WATTS line, please?. . .fight broke. . .do you mean Tom Davis can hear everything we say through that wall?. . .where ' s Scott?. . .what is David doing at Westgate during his chemistry class? 1. DAVID BAKER Editor-in Chief 2. SCOTT STEINECKE Assistant Editor Carolinian Provides Both J ews And entertainment for USCS Students LOb CAROLINIAN STANDING— Skip Frye, Cathy Keuthan, David Baker, Lynn Clemmons. FRONT— Susan Wilson, Molly Larsen, Nancy Rosenberg. Nancy is driving me crazy. . .1 can ' t believe that Linda Ronstadt record is in the top ten and Olivia is barely in the top thirty. . .and if Ethel IS Madame X, she ' ll shoot me. . .Guy Jacobsohn wants to know where the judo story is this week. . .can you believe that Gourmet Franz ' l is STILL out of turkey?. . .No, lusan that page is already finished. . .if I don ' t go to Atlanta soon, I ' ll go crazy. . .you old dah- lin ' . . .where did you get that poster of " Satur- day Night Fever? " . . .there are thirty-seven typographical errors in this issue. . .Uncle Elmer passed on and Ruth has gone into mourning. . .1 quit! South Carol im State Student Cegislature S. C. STATE STUDENT LEGISLATURE Mary Tibbetts, Jack Rhymer, Lynn Clemmons, Barney Blackwell, Susan Wilson, Cathy Keuthan. Nancy Cannpbell, Jim Couch, Myra Underwood, Fred Lockman. SQA Qivcs Students a Cegislative Voice in Campus Affairs Parliamentary what?. . .Where ' s the Lecea concert?. . .1 want a roll call vote on that. . . " The Last Great Jive Ass Band " . . .point of order, Mr. Chairman. . .who ' s complain- ing about too much publicity?. . .1 move there be no smol ing in the SGA meetings. . .who ' s turn is it to put up the signs. . .would you accept a friendly amendment to that motion. . .do we serve beer at the dance or not. . .how many voted in the election. . .1 move we table this till next week. . .1 move that we adjourn. . .second!. . .meeting adjourned! EXECUTIVE COUNCIL STANDING— Bobby Richardson, Jim Couch, Chip Clary, Gary Barnard, Fred Sergiacomi. SEATED— Vonnie McMillan, Vicki McCallum. Molly Larsen, Cathy Keuthan, STUDENTGOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION STANDING— Jim Keuthan, Gary Barnard, Nancy Campbell. SEATED— Lynn Couch, Paula Henderson, Fred Lockman, Ronnie Knorr, Clemmons, Wanda Earnhardt, Lisa McClure, Mary John Throop, Bobby Richardson, Mike Smith, Susan Tibbetts, Molly Larsen, Vonnie McMillan, Vicki McCallum, Wilson, Wendell Bruce, Chip Clary, Fred Sergiacomi, Cathy Myra Underwood. UNIVERSAL LOVE FIRST ROW— Susan Hill, Tim Charles. Debbie Jolley. John Throop, Donna Crawford, Cheri Burnett, Kim Foote, Kella Doolittle, Gwen Stainback, San- dra Tubb, Lynn Childers, Lisa McClure, Gwen Turner, Chuck Wallington, Kathy Fleming, Alan Wingo, Gary Bar- nard. SECOND ROW— Betty Tiszai. Wendy Costine, Toy Easier, Bobby Wrather, Wendell Bruce, Joel Elder, Julie Brooks, Sandy Auman. THIRD ROW— Wesley Craven, Terry Pritchard. Russell Rhodes, Tommy Sherbert, Johnny Fowler, Eddie Vess, Chuck Hart, David Lawson, Bennie Pike, Myra Underwood. Unimsal Cove Combines fellowship, KeeteatioH, and Spiritual Awareness OFF Walli Bruc FROf ford, CERS BACK ROW-Gary Barnard, Chuck ngton, Tommy Comer, John Throop, Wendell B, Tommy Sherbert. ACROSS— Bobby Wrather. vlT— Sandy Auman, Kathy Fleming, Donna Craw- Julie Brooks, Myra Underwood, Wendy Costine. universal love 83 Society for Advancemmt of Psychological Precepts A) Sl Left to right, Judy Belser, Jackie Sullivan, Frank Nichols, Gordan Mapley, Patty Conrad, Bridget Karcher, Joe Charping, Lisa Dunagin, Sandra Chitwood, Susan Leonard, Sandy Adams, Elizabeth Forbes, Bill Garren, Dean Yarborough, Greg Rowland, Tom Seymour, Joan Hopkins, Carmen Huskamp. Administrative Management Soeiei Provides S perienee for Managerial Positions ' Sit ions 1 ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGEMENT SOCIETY STANDING— Tom Stockdale, Richard Morrison, William Carroll, Fred Lockman, Meyer Drucker, Harry Russell. KNEELING— Susan Wilson, Pat Mitchell. SEATED— Christine Gossett, Betty Hunt, Robin Gossett, Edward Gee. OFFICERS Richard Morrison, William Carroll, Christine Norris, Tom Stockdale, Fred Lockman. bridge Club Z caches Students Zhc Slcmcnts of the Qame BRIDGE CLUB CLOCKWISE— Diane Moller, John Throop, DeWitt Campbell, Rhonda Dob- son, Colin Gray, Lisa Prevost, Renee Benton, Penny Travis. OFFICERS Renee Benton, Vice-President; John Throop, President; Valerie Burnie, Advisor. Chess Club Ceams the htricacies Of the Qame CHESS CLUB Leila Burnett, Don Cromer, Chip Clary, Phyllis Cox, Collin Gray. OFFICERS Chip Clary, President; Phyllis Cox, Vice-President. » Outdoors Club hvolves Students in Mature Search for J ew Morizons, J ew Candmarks OUTDOORS CLUB Guy Jacob- sohn, Dan Pierce, Jim Graves, Gillian Newberry, Ken Stophel, Henry Price, Dean Yarborough, Greg Rowland, Bob Harvey, Barry Parris. OFFICERS Ken Stophel, Presi- dent; Henry Price, Vice- President. 88 outdoors club S hoes t ting Players Promote Variety and Creativity in Season ' s Performances OFFICERS Sara Kay Phillips, President; Chris Cline, Vice-President; Carol Clippard, Secretary; Aya Zvaigzne, Treasurer. Don ' t you dare smile or I will kill. . .where is that @(t; lipstick. . .Cora Lee, now that ain ' t funny. . .don ' t you touch me with them rats. . .the cows is gettin ' out. . . ' em dryers just wring ' um to death. . .Poly Ester. . .Ya ' ss O. . .trying to sell pancels to a Great Dane. . .tuner fish, tomaters, choclit, and waderchesnuts. . .1 know the bags under my eyes are ugly, that is why I had them removed. . .that old black magic. . .Kate Smith trying to get her moon over the mountains. . .she used to dress up like Dolly Parton. . .damned it all they might have left me my toothbrush. . .buried with her bowling trophies. . .1 won ' t clap. . .wanniller wafers. . .yaller haired, donkey breathed. . .SETC here we come. . .call Kentucky. . .that was really nice. shoestring olayers 89 Cetteman—A Symbol of Smllancy in Sports OFFICERS Mike Allen, Vice-President; Pam Howard, Secretary-Treasurer; Skip Frye, President. LETTERMEN ' S CLUB KNEELING— Linda Sloan— Advisor, Yvonne McNally, Marty Jett, Skip Frye, Kim Foote, Cindy McGill, Robyn Frye, Kym Laney. FIRST ROW— Mark Hinson, Kaye Hall, Lisa Shockley, Pam Davis, Ernie Brown, Chris Monroe, Pam Howard, Vanessa Hardin, Marie Cruel. SECOND ROW— Wanda Crocker, Becky Frye, Zeke Oglesby, Julie Fagan, Mary McDaniel, Steve Arrowood, David Clary, Linda Corn, Diane DeKoyer, Julie Pridgeon. THIRD ROW— Chris Harris, Nate Gagum, Curtis Williams, Rob Williams, L.A. Hill, Sylvester Dennis, Oscar Mooney, Herman Johns, Mike Barnhill, Bobby Youngblood, Mike Allen, Dr. Joe Bowman— Advisor. Mlaek Student UnioH Serves to further Ulack Merest OFFICERS Jimmi Lewis, President; Thomasena Jackson, Secretary; Peggy Black, Treasurer; Her- man Johns, President; Lucius Pitts, Historian. BLACK STUDENT UNION FIRST ROW— Jackie Carter, Rhonda Nesbitt, Zeke Oglesby, Sandra Jones, Dale Robinson, Joanne Gary, Rona Dwkins, Zavier King, Frank Nicolas, Earl Copeland, Ralph Mason, Angela Sims. SECOND ROW— L.A. Hill, Thomasena Jackson, Peggy Black, Tonya Bonds, Kathy Booker, Dewey Bowen, Ronald Boggs, Robert Williams. THIRD ROW— Alfred Dawkins, Michael Burnett, Chris Harris, Oscar Mooney, Nate Gagum. FOURTH ROW— Lucius Pitts, Jimmi Lewis, Herman Johns. Sylvester Dennis, Mike Swann. NOT PICTURED— Lib Stevens, Denise Robinson, Nessey Walker, Curtis Williams. Jrt Ceague Stresses hdividual Creativity Photo Club focuses oh Accurate Exposures and Perfect Prints PHOTO CLUB STANDING— Lester Richards, Tony English. SEATED— Alan Gray, Becky Patterson, Brian Kelly. Judo and Mdrtial Arts T)emoH$trate$ Self-Defense JUDO CLUB Jerry Newman, John Throop, Craig Alcott, Cindy Taylor, Mike Flanagan, Guy Jacob- sohn— Advisor. Martial Arts MARTIAL ARTS CLUB Ron Lance— Instructor, Cornell Clinkscales— Assistant Instruc- tor, Marc Robertson, Jinnmy Drummond. NOT PICTURED— George Lark, Carl Landrum, Mike Leggett— Treasurer. M r i ' r . " r i Delta Kappa and Spartan Society Contain Students of Outstanding Ceadership and Academic Qualities Spartan Society OFFICERS Elizabeth Sikes Davidson, Advisor; Kit Jordon, Vice-President; Molly Larsen, President; Thalia Sudduth, Secretary. T)elta Kappa DELTA KAPPA STANDING— Steve Billings, Jim Sloan, James Brown, Julie Brooks, Tommy Small, Steve Mason, Pam Howard, Wayne Holden, Susan Wilson, Vonnie McMillan, Jim Couch, Molly Larsen, Tom Davis. SEATED— Alice Henderson, Kathleen Demos, Kit Jordon. delta kappa spartan society 95 Contemporary Music Workshop CONTEMPORARY MUSIC WORKSHOP LEFT UP— Debbie Robinson, Cynthia Hall, Donna Crawford, Carol Lancaster, Scott McClellan, Andy Moller, Bary Bar- nard, Teresa Crowe. RIGHT DOWN— Mark Freeman, Johnny Fowler, Susan Flippen, Janet White, Denise Burnett, Cindy Abisso, Linda Gibson. 96 contemporary music workshop Pep Band Enter tains Students, Kallies Spirit at Athletic Events T — r - -___ -- ™ pa,.. © 1 1 a ... V Hi _ - Lj •%-:■ ' ' ia l m ig ' ' m PEP BAND FIRST ROW— Judy Brock, Janet White, Keith Moller. THIRD ROW— Al Gray, David Lee, Hal Leslie, Mark Robbins, Jason Lindsay, Bryan Lindsay. SECOND Roddy, Jeff Noland, Anthony Williams. ROW— Paul Fitzgerald, Mary McDaniel, Don Knight, Andy Political Science— A Jorum for S cchange of Jdeas Circle K Serves School and CommuHity POLITICAL SCIENCE CLUB STANDING— Ken Stophel, E Henderson, Ron Romine, Keith Kelly, Dennis Tinsley. SEATED— Vonnie McMillan, Cathy Keuthan, Tim Charles— Vice-President, Kay Millard— President, Dawn Rucker. CIRCLE K Cindy Carbough, Jim Couch, Paula Henderson, Pc Rhonda Atkins. Maggie JCets Poets Show Zheir Stuff Sigma Pi Mu Sntertain Area Civic Clubs VIAGGIES DRAWERS Andy Crosland, Bryan Lindsay, Daniel Henson, Caria Rood, Molly -arsen, Michele Bazemore, Marilyn Clary. SIGMA PI MU— KNEELING— Diane Millwood, Lynn Clemmons, Dale Petty. STANDING— Dave Williams, Cynthia Hall, Gay Gettys, Williams Jones, Johnny Fowler, Deborah Robinson, Beverly Bratton, Clay Williamson. OFFICERS B Bratton, Historian; Johnny Fowler, Vice-President; Lynn Clemmons, President, u-cu- bie Robinson, Secretary. Students hvolved in J cw Qoals — Sings Veteran Student Ceague SINGS Sue Perrin, Fred Sergiacomi, Carol Smith, Joan Hopkins, Mike Goree, Shirley Carroll, Elizabeth Babbs. VETERAN STUDENTS LEAGUE Jim Smith, Paul Fitzgerald, Joe Simmons, Debbie Blanton, Mary Ann Tripp, Barney Blackwell, Harvey Fletcher. Ski Club Zravd to Mountains to Snjoy Snow Qun Club Stresses S cpertise in Handling of Tireams SKI CLUB William Carroll, Chuck Beyseigel, Tom Stockdale, Tina Stout, Becky Washburn. GUN CLUB KNEELING— Dr. M. B. Ulmer, Gene Liscomb, Alan Pritchard, Tom Stockdale. STANDING— Joey Jolley, Marty Jett, Don Pierce, William Carroll, Mark Tate, Hubert Tomlinson, Terry Pritchard. SJ A Provides Occupatioml and Social S petiemes ?or J ursing Students NURSING FIRST ROW— Katherine Clary, Candice Delisio-Downs, Susan Schrader, Bunny Brown, Peggy Byrd. SECOND ROW —Mary Taylor— Advisor, Nancy Campbell, Tobie Smith, Peggy Crumley, Debbie Jolly. THIRD ROW— Debbie Fowler, Ann Burnett, Beth Zuercher, Bren- da Hardin. FOURTH ROW— Cindy Rob- bins, Kim Carver, Kathy Robbins, Duveen Lysaght. FIFTH ROW— Andy Farmer, Susan Bagwell, Betty Coffelt, Jimmy Ferrell. ISaptist Student Union Affiliates Students With City -Wide Organization OFFICERS Lloyd Calloway. B.J. Calloway, Sherry Jolly, Kim Foote, Tim Welchel, Hugh Burlington. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION FIRST ROW— Debbie Robin- son, Teresa Crowe. SECOND ROW— Sherry Jolly, Harriette Belue, Sandy Henderson. THIRD ROW— Al Mabry, B.J. Calloway, Lloyd Calloway, Wesley Craven. FOURTH ROW — Tim Welchel, Kim Foote, Hugh Burlington, David Lawson. PORTS Kmember thy creator in the days of thy youth. Rise free from care before the dawn, and seek adventures. Cet the noon find thee by other lakes, and the night overtake thee everywhere at home. Zhere are no larger fields than these, no worthier games than may here be played. Qrow wild according to thy nature, like these sedges and brakes . . . Cet not to get a living be thy trade, but thy sport. Snjoy the land, but own it not. Through want of enterprise and faith men are where they are. buying and selling, and spending their lives like serfs. Zhe year in Sports— Basketball NATmANiEl GAGuM HERMAN JOHNS MARK McKOWN V DEWEY BOWEN COACH BILL HINSON NIEL SIMMONS g uses BASKETBALL SCHEDULES November 18 Men vs. Coastal Carolina Away Men vs. Francis Marion Away Home November 19 November 23 Men vs. College of Charleston Rifle Regiment Night November 25 Men vs. Limestone November 26 Men vs. Lander Away Away November 30 Women vs. Benedict (scrimmage) Home Men vs. UNCat Asheville Home High School Night December 3 Men vs. Belmont Abbey Away December 7 Women vs. Newberry Away Men vs. Erskine Home uses Club Recognition Night December 10 Women vs. USC at Aiken Away Men vs. USC at Aiken Away December 12 Women vs. Coker Home ' January 5 Men vs. Armstrong State Away January 7 Women vs. Erskine Home Men vs. Baptist College Away January 9 Women vs. Converse Home Men vs. Coastal Carolina Home Grade School Night January 14 Women vs. Winthrop Home Men vs. Belmont Abbey Home Shriner ' s Night January 16 Women vs. Erskine Away Men vs. Erskine Away January 19 Women vs. Coker Away Men vs. College of Charleston Away January 21 Women vs. Presbyterian Home Men vs. Presbyterian Hom e Parents Night January 23 January 25 January 26 January 28 January 30 February 2 February 4 February 6 February 9 February 11 February 13 February 15 February 20 February 22 February 23-25 February 25 February 28 Women vs. Lander Men vs. UNC at Asheville Men vs. Francis Marion Senior Citizen Night Men vs. Central Wesleyan Women vs. Benedict Women vs. Converse Men vs. USC at Aiken University Night Men vs. Limestone Women vs. Newberry Women vs. USC at Aiken Men vs. Newberry TEC Night Women vs. Lander Men vs. Lander Men vs. Limestone Homecoming Women vs. Furman Men vs. Central Wesleyan Sweetheart Night Women vs. Columbia College Women vs. Presbyterian Men vs. Presbyterian Men vs. Lander Scout Night Fan Appreciation Night Women at State Tournament Men vs. Francis Mario n Men vs. Newberry 12 Tennis . . . Tennis . . . Tennis . . . II ii wjfc. jck Marler, Rick Vinson. Tim Smith, Brad Tate, Tennis . . . Tennis . . . Tennis . . . ' Tim Thigpen, Jerry Lesley, Coach Richard Predmore f W%., j 116 cross country Cross Country Judo W«i f Judo IT -a- ( L ■ -i fv J . ' :. •V Frank Smith, Robin Harrill, Ken Stophel, Stan Wentz, Coach Guy Jacobsohn Womens Basketball women ' s basketball; 121 122 women ' A1( ' ' h, uses Cheerleaders WANDA CROCKER KAY HALL LISA SHOCKLY KIM LANEY BECKY FRYE ROBIN NEWTON GOLF GOLF GOLF GOLF GOLF G Yollevball Attention: These Two Pages Are Not Sports, the Sports Section Ended on the Previous Page. For Some Reason These Two Pages Were Blank So on Them You Will Find Highlights of the Year Gone by in Candids . . . Sorry Sports Fans . . . ERA Elvis Patty Hearst Bert Lance Scandals Marston Anita Bryant Gay or Bi? Jaws 2 Olivia Travolta Sadat Zaire Funerals Moro California Floods Will Geer Nikon Laverne Shirley Family Frost 60 Minutes Princess Margaret Harvey Dorn Riley Finch Young Holderman Rhodesia Hubert Humphrey Koreagate Betty Ford Mike Dolly Parton Rod Stewart Night Fever Rosalynn Carter Jackie O. The Greek Tycoon Goodbye Girl Elaine Powers Basic Black Juanita Kreps Holocaust Lime Green Daiquiris Linda Bea and Ruth Thanks Cathy Thanks Joel Thank All CLASSES J know of but one or two persons with whom J can afford to walk. With most the walk degenerates into a more vigorous use of your legs, ludricrously purposeless, while you are discussing some mighty argument, each one having his say. spoiling each other ' s day. worrying one another with conversation, hustling one another with our conversation. J know of no use in the walking part in this case, empt that we may se€m to be getting on together towards some goal, but of course we keep our original distance all the way. jumping every wall and ditch with vigor in the vain hope of shaking your companion off Zrying to kill two birds with one stone, though they sit at opposite points of compass, to see nature and do the honors to one who does not. tpGshmGn sopnomopes juniors scniops Mary Abernathy Ann Adair Carol Adams George H. Adams Laura Aenchbacher Linda Alexander Vicki Amick Rita Anderson Bonnie Anthony Steve Arrowood Leesa Bainbridge Dianne Bagwell Susan Bagwell Janet Bailey Nancy Baily Karen Baker Joy Ballenger John Michael Barnhill James D. Barrett Tara Barry Lori Bates Hannelore Baughcome Michael Belcher Vikie Bell Harriette Belue Ruth Ann Benedict Ronnie Benstead Gary Biggerstaff Mark Bishop Pat Blackwell Bridget Blackwood John Blackwood Debra Blanton Tonya Bonds Cindy Bost Pamela Bost Randy Bowers Ricky Bowlden Nancy Brady Jeff Bramlett Kim Bridges " Robin Briciges - Gina Britt Judy Brock Elizabeth Brooks Bunny Brown Johnny Buchanan Wanda Burch Mike Burdick John Burgess Donna Burnett Eric Burns Donald Burroughs Eileen Burton Linda Busbin Anthony Byron Debbie Cabiness Lynne Caldwell Mary Katherine Cameron Amy Cannon Ivy Caud Cindy Ceci Doug Cecil Rita Chag Texanne Chappelear Roy Charest Gary Chastain Keith Cheesman Debra Childers Roger Childers Cherie Clark David Clary Chris Cline Betty C of felt Jeff Cogdill Richard Colgate Doug Collin Arthur Compton Doug Connor Tamara Cope Earl Copeland Cassandra Courtney Bill Crawford Robert Crawford Catherine Cruel Lisa Downs Jimmie Drummond Philip Durham Teresa Edwards Yvette Edwards Yvonne Elder Lisa Ferguson Simon Ferguson Mary Finch Harvey Fletcher David Ford Bobby Fore Julia Foster Norma Foster Robin Foster Carol Fowler Debra J. Fowler Debra L. Fowler Bruce Fox Clay Francis Rebecca Frye William Gagum Joseph R. Gainey Donna Gallman Louise Gardner Lowell Garrett Nancy Garrett Gay Gettys David E. Gibbs Susan Glaser Patti Goforth Mary Gooch Carolyn Gossett Robin Gossett Genie Grant Clark Gregory Via Gwinn Cathy T. Hadden Mike Hadder Richard Hall Terry Hall Carol Hammill Rosemary Hanley Vanessa Hardin Debra Harmon 0Wm Cindy Hembree Donna Henderson Kathy Henderson Mike Henderson Craig Hendrix Mark Hendrix Henry Hess Bill Hiers Steve High Brenda Hill Becky Hines Lori Hines Scott Hines Robert Hix Cheryl Hixson Penny Hoffman Birdie Holland Brian Holmes James Hope Arthur Hopper Kim Hopper Patti Hopper Joan Horton Rita Houston Elizabeth Hughston Tom Humphrey Alice Hunter Ricky Huder Terry Ingram Dorothy Jackson Brian James Lynn James Barry Johnson Chester Johnson Eddie Johnson Mary Johnson Joey Jolley Phil Jolley Brent Jones Maryadena Jones Rudy Jones Thomas Jones William Jones Brenda Josey Anisha Juma Marsha Justice Nancy Justice Katherine Kellett Charlotte Kelley Keith Kelley Eartha Kelly Jeannine Kelly Gary Kennedy Catherine Keuthan Bennie King P0Pr» W m Joanne Lanford Terry Lanford Brad Lawrence Ruby Leath David Lee Shirley Leggon Carol Leverette Jimmy Levi Harold Leslie Tom Leuck Kay Lewis Alicia Locl iear Suzanne Lockman Linda Long Sybil Marlave Josepti Marler Darlene Marlow Charlene Martin Ken Martin Mike Massey Rex McAbee Robin McAbee Lisa McClure Nona McClure Elizabeth McDowell Darrell McDowell JoAnn McDowell Joyce McDowell Nancy McDowell Terry McFarland Dana McKinney Lisa McClay Tina McLeod Mary Meadow Steve Michaels Mike Mikelonis Debbie Miller Debbie Monaghan Bonita Moore Joseph Moore Karen Moore Larry Moore Mary Moore Mickey Moore Sharon Moore Becky Morgan Ronald Morgan Debbie iV. rton Debra Moses David Moss i- ' I V ' ' ' t3P Chris Norris Tom Norris Cindy Cakes Clary Oglesby Judy Oglesby Brian O ' Shields Samuel Ctwell Lee Owens Eric Paris Robert Parl er Dennis Parks Dan Paterek Pam Pattillo Marilyn Peeler Mary Peeler Deborah Phillips Ricky Phillips Jeannie Poison Billy Poteat Cecil Poteat Teresa Poteat Alan Pritchard Susan Pruitt Ann Reed Michael Remir Wade Rhinehart Russell Rhodes Sharon Rice Gwen Richardson Brenda Riddle Cynthia Robbins Marc Robertson Deborah Rogers Dennis Rogers Kyle Rogers Nancy Rogers Tim Rollins Debi Routzong Will Salon Leroy Sanders Dianne Sartor Tim Satterfield Jo Anne Scott Chip Scruggs Scott Scruggs Caria Seabolt Jimmy Seay Kim Seay Tina Seay Burt Senn Kim Sexton Ted Shaw Sonny Shipwash Debbie Shoaf Lisa Shockley OPP Eddie Simmons Freida Simpson Sliirley Sims Sue Sl inner William Slater Roberta Slover James Smith Jay Smith Lisa Smith Patricia Smith Paulette Smith Susan Smith Tim Smith Wanda Smith Annie Sorter Robert Soule Jill Spoone Cynthia Spruhan Sheila Staley Marlene Stephens Donald Stepp Rick Stepp Ronald Stepp Betsy Stewart Gwen Stisser Scott Stopp Linda Strange Robert Strickler Earleen Stricklln Teresa Stuart Alice Sutherland Rich Sweat Daisy Tate Cindy Taylor Marcia Teaster Harold Thomas Reginald Thomas Georgia Thompson Mark Thompson Sonya Thompson Steve Thrasher Janice Threatt Mary Tibbetts Judith Tinsley Velvaly Tinsley John Tipton Markylena Tolbert Huber Tomlinson Kim Tooke Laura Trainer Susan Treadwell John Trippe Sandra Tubb Dianne Upton Rita Vinson Wanda Waddell Robert Wade Richard Waldrop Marlene ' waldroup Becky Walker IIUhi ' P Bobbin Ward Cindy Waters Donnie Waters Dale Watkins Chip Watson Sammy Watson Garelyne Watts Bill Weather Marvin Weather Chuck Weber Stan Wentz Steve Westmoreland Steve Whaley Debra White Elizabeth White Janet White Janeen Whiteside Steve Whittier Thomas Williamson Sammy Willis Carolyn Wilson Jeff Wilson Linda Wilson Pam Wilson Melissa Ann Wolfe Rhonda Wooten Dean Yarborough Kathy Young Virginia Young Jakie Allen Calvin Alexander Welly Alley Diane Anderson Susan Anderson Mary Arnold Deborah Babb Judy Bailey Frank Ballard Gary Barnard W. D. Barnard Martha Barnhill Samuel Bass Nancy Batchelor Michele Bazemore Judy Blanton Susan Blume Michael Bond Susan Bowman David Boyd Claudia Brantley Earle Brehany Gina Britt iTi jVRr Denise Brock Kenneth Brov- ' Billy Bufflngton Randy Bunker Cheri Burnett Nancy Campbell Curtis Cantrell Debbie Carter Christy Caruso Dale Chambers Evelyn Chulik Debbie Church Andy Clary Joe Clary Lynn Cler Cornell Clinks Steve Cogdill sophomore 147 Donna Crr- Chip Cromer Don Cromer Pat Dampier Paula Dave Raymond Dawkins Sylvester Dennis Kella Doom Dennis Easier Harold Ellis John Elmore Robert Eubanks Howard Fernander Alisa Finch I ma ruiinopouios Michael Gates 148 sophomore James Gilliam Florence Ginty Mike Goforth Anne Goodson kip Goldsm Amy Margaret Gordon David Graham Melanie Green Donald Greene Teresa Guest Sally Yale Dannv Hall Jackie Harmon Janet Harrison Chuck Hart Roxie Hasting Ronda Haves sophomore 149 anda Haynie Mary Henderson Sandra Henderson Daniel Henson Karen Hiatt Gail High Glenda High Gasina Holliday Betty Hopkins Tim HoDkins Tammy Hucks Elizabeth Hughstc Marthina Jacks Daphne Jeffries Carolyn Johnson Terri Johnsor Debbie Jolley Carolyn Jolly William Jones Cheryl Justic Briaitte Karche fWm 150 sophomore Ed Kirby Johnny Kleitches Robert Laboon Dennis Lancaster Raymond Lancaster Beth Landrum David Lawson Robbie Lawson Rita Lee Mike Leggett Stephen Lerch Jerry Lesley James Le John Littlejohr Altonia Long Todd Long Connie Lytes IVIark Mabrv Joan IVIartinell Sherri IVIason sophomore 151 William McAlister Brenda McGinnis Carol McKelvey Stanley McKinnt Mark McKown Judith McManus Les McMillan III Yvonne McNally Don Melaragno Rebecca Melton Kay Millard Betty Miller Brenda Miller David Miller Chal Mills Roy Mills Steve Minton Donald Misner Cindy Oakes Brian O ' Dell Joseph 0 Laurie Overmar Gail Owensby Richard Padgett Bobby Page Eric Paris English Parler Randy Pollard Lisa Porterfield Beth Powell John Pressley Terry Pritchard Kathy Queen Diane Rainw- ' - Susan Recto. Marilyn Reid Ronald Reynolds Carmen Rhodes Gerry Rhodes Jack Rhymer II Frankie Rice sophomore 153 Jim Sleemar David Smith Debbie Smith Gerald Smith Kathy Smith Mil e Smith Phillip Smith Robert Smit.. Sharree Smith Thomas Sr Barbara Solesbee 154 sophomore sophomore 1 55 Michael Walker Tina Walker Deborah Water: Bryan Watson Dorothy Watsor Kereatha Webb Ken Wilhelm Don Williams Helaine Wolff Jim Wood Shirley Wright Robert Wyatt Leslie Wylie Kw)ra -f I ' f W our Chambers. A ntan thinking or working is always alone, let him be where he will. ■c:;;f " . " v. ' Kaye Dunnaway Thomas Easier Resa Ellenburg John Enalish Pam Evans Carol Faulk Tony Fernandez Jimmy Ferrell Hal Fisher Karen FisI Kathy Flemi Kim Foote Alexis Forrest Vandora Helton Donice Henderson Terrie Henderson Danne Shuping Rice Smith Susan Smith Terry Smith Pamela Sprj ■V— - pi ' ! pi Ti i 1 4% " " w Tj " f x ' Tr ' ' ] -yr R tz % T0 w K 1 f __ mti k " LA kL ' I fif-- i;;j yi tZ- FoB 1 9 ■A.1 I a : r ' A - ' v ' u m . -vi y ma does not keep pace with his compamoHS, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. jCet him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away. :- Ak% y-f ' . .. -rixyi-L : . .rv ..: cr .J ALLEN. RAYMOND ANDERSON, JOANNE ANDERSON, LARRY ANTHONY, ELTON lACO, HERMAN BACON. DARLENE BAGWELL, DALE BARNHILL, MARTHA BEECO, RICHARD BEEMAN, MIKE BENEDICT, THOMAS BLACK, BESSIE BLACKWELL, BARNES BLACKWELL. DANIEL 30B0, MICHAEL BRADY. CHARLES BRATTON, BEVERl BROWN, BRENDA BROWN, JAYNE BRUCE, MA LCOLM BURGESS, VARREN BYRD, F ' EGGY BYRD, J 5TANLEY CALDW ELL, EDWARD CASH, RAY CHARRING JOSEPH CHILDE IRS, LARRY CHUMLEY, JOHN E. CLARY MA RILYN COLEM AN, DALE COREL AND , JAMES ' if DAVIS, WAYNE DIMSD kLE, JAN DOWNS , AZON DUERKv SON, RICK DURHA VI, MARIE EARNHARDT, WANE DA ERWIN, ALBERT FAGAN JULIE FITZGE RALD, PAUL FOSTEF , JERRY FRYE. S GALLM 5TEVEN AN, WAYNE GARDNER, KATHY GIBSON, GARY GIBSON, LINDA GILLILAND, MARCIA GRAHAM, DAVID HAMMOND, GRE( HAMPTON, JAIV HANNA, MARY 1ARDIN, BRENDA LINGER, 1 RICHARD LIPSCOM B, WILLIAM LOWE, Bl ILL MABRY, , JAMES A. MANJI, Y ASMIN MASON, STEVE MASSEY, . JEFF MASSEY, , KAREN MATHIS, JOHNNIE MATTHEW WS, CATHERINE McBETH, JOSEPHINE McCALLl JM, VICTORIA :KINNEY, MIKE ORGAN, JERRY NEWMAN, ALLEN seniors 181 PRUITT. JANE lAMOS, ALICE ROECKEl RAY, RICHARD RICHARD. JAMES ICHARDS. FRED RICHARDSON, RILEY, EDWARD 184 seniors WOFFO RD, SANDRA WOLF, CYNTHIA WRATH ER, BOBBY WYATT , RAY YARBOROUGH, DENNIS Associate Degrees- -1977-1978 ASSOCIATE DEGREE IN SCIENCE Carolyn S. Johnson IN TECHNICAL NURSING Cheryl Ann Justice Mary Estes Arnold Patricia Kinard Susan C. Rector Marilyn A. Ried Nancy Elizabeth Batchelor Nancy Ruth Kitchens Tammy R. Billings Belh Bradey Landrum Claudia P. Brantley Altonia Davis Levy Brenda Greene Rogers Susan Denise Schrader Benny Joe Shifflett hH Margaret E. Brown Connie Cladwell Lytes Ann Champion Burnett Jaon Croker Marlinell Peggy Ann Byrd Patty Carole Mason Nancy Mae Campbell Sondra Wilson McBee Susanne Plum Skinner Nancy Hines Smiley Kathy B. Smith Barbara Sprouse Solesbee H Evelyn Marie Chulik Sandra Kay McDowell Deborah Dickey Church Dorothy Mae McKinney Katharine G. Clary Jane Ramsey Miller Judy Daniel Collins Denise Garrett Morris Donna Kay Craig Janice A. Moss Peggy Leigh Crumley Shirley B. Myers Patricia Luvela Dampier Denise Ann Noel Candace J. Delisio-Downs Pamela Ruth Osment Jimmy Arthur Ferrell William Kenneth Palmer Rose Marie Gidaro Beth H. Parris Florence Christene Ginty Flo Eleanor Paris Doris Elaine Golightly Cheryl Taylor Pigate Katharine M. Spaw Mary B. Tibbetts Connie C. Threadgill Gloria June Ulmer Mary Manley Varner Deborah Sue Waters Donna Sue Wells Donna June West Ginger Craig Wilkins Shirley J. Wright Kerry Lynn Young 1 Amy Sentell Gordon Karen Ann Pike Brenda Joyce Hardin Susan Antoinette Quaries floxie Ann Hasting Diane Kelly Rainwater Deborah Day Horton Gwendolyn Fuller Ray i ASSOCIATE IN SCIENCE James Robert Sherlock ■■ ' ■ Qraduating Seniors J 977 --J 978 BACHELOR OF ARTS Raymond Phillip Allen Robert Darrili Bevill Ginger Kay BlackweM Hazel Jayne Brown Janet Lee Coleman James Dennis Couch James Edward Crook Jessie David Dean Le©39 Green Dunagin Elizabeth Brown Forbes Anna Converse Harris James Alton Norton Eric Bruce Howard lings Johnny Jay Huffsletier Robert Glenn Ivey Sara Kathryn Jordon Mary Groves Keller John Kenneth Lawson Susan Tally Leonard Anthony Gene Martin Stephen Elliott Mason Allison Yvonne Ford McMillan Rick L. Robinson Henry Pearson Cooper Curtis Stephen Durham Tyler Bretton Evans William Eugene Lipscomb Yasmin J, Menji Janet EHzabelh Masters Robert Allen Patterson. Jr. George Nicholas Paitis Henry Lee Price Johnny Elbert Renfro Kenneth Hoyt Sanders Athanaslos Tom Small Mary Alice Corn Whitt BACHELOR OF ARTS iN EDUCATION Donnle Earl Barnette Cheryl Guyton Berry Brenda Cohen Brown Paula Weaver BucKner Carrie Watklns Campbell Mary Miller Dempsey Wanda Haynes Earnhardt Constance L. Foster Jewell Ann Fowler Nancy Hovis Fox Steven Vance Frye Kathy Diane Gardner Cathy Rebecca Littleiohn Linda Thompson Gibson Karen Massey Johnnte Smith Mathls Victoria Lane Bowen McCallum Elizabeth Jones McElduft Carol Mathews McGrath Kathleen Patricia Fuller Michels Sharon Madden Millwood Shirley Alien Millwood Dale Leslie Petty Jeanette Plumley Price Mark Spencer Smith Mary Stewart Clyburn Sparks Harriet Ann Snyder West BACHELOR OF GENERAL STUDIES Etton Mark Anthony James Ronald Baker Thomas Howard Benedict Bessie Lee Johnson Black Beverly Ann Bratton James Harold Campbell Charles Michael Casey Steven William Chastain Joan Befue Grain John Charles Cureton Gail Rlzer Dahm James Ray Dowis Mary Malinda Drake Gladys E. Edwards Lonnte Lamar Fleming Nelson Edward Floyd Sandra Christine Foster Harold Bert Fowler Joe Wayne Gallman, Jr, Gary Ray Gardner Marcla Garns Gilliland Wayne Osborne Gwinn Gregory Gene Hammond Charles Lee Hardy Steven Wayne Harris Joseph Lee Hill Betty Ahnew Hopkins Carmen Robinson Huscamp Frank Winston King Gary Edward King John R, Marro Herman Jelfrey Massey Catherine Law Matthews Josephine Reid McBeth Cathy Corne Millwood Thomas Fioyd Parks Donna Lynne Pierce Alice Helen Roeckel Ramos James Russell Richard James Waller Richard Thomas Edward Roberts Jo Ann Schilling Nan Melinda Stanseil Jacqueline Fowler Sutllvan Dennis Michael Stepp Steve Burnette Vaughn Debbra Ann Wallace Carol M. West Douglas Charles Yarborough BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Vivienne Bailey Adams Richard Davis Beeco Vernon Michael Beemer Stephen James Billings Daniel Woodrow Blackwell John Charles Bradey Leo Malcolm Bruce. Jr Joseph John Catolla. Ill William E Carroll Thomas C. Calo John E, Chumley Betsy Lee Davis Roland Wayne Davis Janice Housley Oimsdale David Charles Durbin Lawrence A. Ervin, M- Robert Theodore Eshleman Paul R. Fitzgerald Edward Naive Gee Gary Daniel Gibson Neil Melvin Gosnell Colin P, Gray Albert Lee Haggerty. Jr. Danny Wayne Hall James Baxter Hampton Mary Grace Hanna Keefer Hugh Humphries Elizabeth K. Hunt Jerry Carrol Johnson Steven Ray King Danny S. Knight William Gregory Knox Ronald Wilson Lance William Patterson Lowe Claude Timothy Mayfield Hal David McGinnis James W. Meadows Richard Miller Morrison, Jr, Christine Petersen Norrls James Robert Osborne Jim Merrell Padgett William N. Phelps Robert T. Pitts, Jr. Ron Riddley James Tfmothy Turner John Duane Toney Bennette Earle Wilson, II John Edward Wilson Joseph Alvtn Wilson, 111 Susan Diane Sherrill Wtl; Kenneth Edmond Wiren Sandra Allen Wofford Cynthia Anne Wolfe Robert Neal Wrather David Wasly Bishop Ernestine Irene Cato Bro Fred William Burnett, Jr. Charles Michael Johnson Kaye Co.x O ' Sullivan Kathryn Anne Stillinger - JP ■ " " VIVI 9 WM FSERVED POP R ' ANDICAPPED S! - ) w . _ . .ix-r m- " ' - ., - " fllli N ' JK. ; p . ' m . . 1 i - -- --- - 1 The Library The Media Building 136 library medla The Hodge Center ... a Place to Congregate, Colloborate, Communicate hodge center 189 r Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue,, He Had His Problems Same As You,, For Forty Days He Drove His Ark Before HE Found a Place to Park ' ' 1 f 1 ± • i HHB ' L KK ' ' ' ' ' " ' - r M ii pBBp BI B tfStfe f- ■• 1 ■• ' ' ■ ' ' ' ■■mtk 1 If we ' ve got to pay ten dollars for a parking sticker the least they could do is pave the lots . . . That ' s not a parking sticker, that ' s a hunting license . . . Who designed those tacky parking stickers anyway . . . Well, sir, the reason I ' m twenty minutes late is I couldn ' t find a parking place . . . If luck is with me, I might find a place in the gravel pit . . . Call security my car won ' t start again ... If they can reserve a place for the faculty they can reserve a place for me— I ' m a senior . . . There is one solution to the park- ing situation (You can come to school at 6:30 A.M.) Graduation . . . Leaving Behind Friends, Times Both Good and Bad and a Lot of Memories ' .fSfiK H Bjr 1- ,m • w ' ¥ii " ,yv ' Sy m 7 % Note to 78-79 Carolana Editor . Inside office 214 you will find your home tor ttie next year. Learn to love it this very day because you ' ll be seeing it more times than you want. Learn to talk to the walls, the desk, the ceiling, for there will be times when no one else will talk to you. Learn to be patient, not everything will come to you on a silver platter. Learn to accept respon- sibility, for when something goes wrong it will always be your fault, no matter what. Learn to accept criticism, it comes often. Learn to ap- preciate those who offer you their help, for they are few, but they are sincere and should be prais- ed. Learn to stay ahead, deadlines shouldn ' t be missed. Love all photographers as if they were your mother, remember, pictures make the book. Don ' t be alarmed if you wake in the wee hours of the night and want to draw layouts or write copy, it comes natural. You ' ll meet many, many people during the year, some you ' ll like, some you ' ll love, some you can do without. Accept them as they are and don ' t try to change them. Above all, be yourself and mold the book the way you want it and you ' ll do fine. I ' ll leave with memories always to be treasured— memories of classes and professors, of fights and cussing outs, of CAROLANA and ' 78 in general— and of those people who made this year com- plete by just being there and for just being them- selves . . . Take Care my Friend, (Whoever you may be) Tommy Parks, ed. ' 78 . . . A d so there ain ' t nothing more to write about and J am rotten glad of it because if Td a knowed what a trouble it was to make a book J wouldn ' t a tackled it and J ain Y agoing to no more, ut J reckon J got to light out for the Zerritory ahead of the rest, because Aunt Sally she ' s going to adopt me and sivilize me and J can ' t stand it J been there before. — Mark Zwain — m Qt ldlow wmi the path Ceads, Uathcr, go wkeit ther is Ho pM and leave a trail.

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