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University of South Carolina Spartanburg - Carolana Yearbook (Spartanburg, SC) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 208 of the 1977 volume:

Archives LD 5038 ,C37 1977 c. 1 Ca rolana _ 77 -■■mm M}W ' ■ " -■■..J., ' -TV c ' . ' .V -4 " -■. ■ i. .• - ■ y:; - . 1 ■ V M ■ ' •:« ' .:. ■ " ' ■ ■ ' .■ ?f;■.■ ' i r■v ' ■ ' |p. ' ..v ' - ' .f -tV ' ' ■-•■ ' ■■•• ;-- ' iiv " ;r ■ ■ ■ . , ... ; ' ..::. . ••: ' .. ). " c- ' - ■;■ ' «.■■ ■ ' ■ . - ' ,w it-- ■.; ' 1-.- .,- ,■ ' .♦ J:e. ' ■ :- ■ ' ■■ : V .i B a mW rp ifO -V:?;,--. The 1976-77 Carolana is dedicated to the past and present administrations, faculties, and students of uses. For without the efforts of these, there would be no University of South Carolina at Spartanburg. ■J ¥ ' ■ ' - -- V ' r- ' - V m. N « « ' ,Al . ] use SPARTANBURG LIBRARY ARCHIVES Each of us has experienced his or her own perso- nal feelings of achievement. Be it a yes response to an anticipated job offer, the last stride of a cross- country run, or simply the completion of English 101, the sensations of accomplishment are the same. The University of South Carolina at Spartan- burg has enjoyed its share of accomplishments. The pride of these first students who in 1969 moved into the Administration Building after being taught in the basement of Spartanburg General Hospital ' s nurse ' s quarters, cannot be estimated. The completion of the G.B. Hodge Center only supplemented this pride. Achievement was over- come with feelings of victory when in 1974 USCS became a fully accredited four year institution. A decade filled with countless achievements has past, and the University of South Carolina at Spar- tanburg continues to progress. This progress is seen not only in its acreage, but in its graduates as well. For it is the goal of USCS to mold students into graduates who will be of service to their com- munities. " 1 Archives LD 5038 .C37 1977 r. 1 list SPARTANBURG LIBRARY ARCHIVES Larolana 77 Table of Contents Prologue 8 17 Administration 18 39 Faculty 40 49 Staff 50 53 Classes 54 121 Seniors 56 71 Juniors 72 85 Sophomores 86 99, Fresfimen S» « ii.Li. ' 100 12 ' Organizations ai»-. ?T. : . . ; V 122 151 Activities . .•88 ??! " . 152 177 Athlectics 178 198 Epilogue 200 Staff of Carolana 77 Editor Jane Abemathy Assistant Editor Melissa Hayes Division Editors: Activities Editor Gwen Turner Administration and Faculty Editor Stephen Groce Classes Editor Robin Hayes Organizations Editor Tommy Parks Sports Editor Cathy Conner Carolana Typists Cindy Ashford Lynn King Myra Underwood Photograpfiers .... " . ! Cindy Ashford Jan Dimsdale (Joel Hawkins i Lester Richards m % Fred Sergiacomi W :■ Scot Steinecke Lynn Clemmons Lynn King ; Livia Wilson Myra Underwood Carolana Advisor Becky Patterson Cover design by Alan Gray 013 09 8 93? 3 cl J 3 ;) i8 n -2 ij , : GLOBE !0C 5 8 a e e e e 8 e e e M 8 8 8 8 e e 8 e 8 9 20 21 22 K 2 ?!: 2G Ti 2S 2; 3? ;1 :; 3i 3j 3J On May 12, 1976 the state certified USCS Child Development Center was opened on our campus. The center, which has capac- ity for 40 children, is open from 7:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Transportation is provided and the children receive two snacks and two meals a day. There are three teachers at the center, each of whom is state certified in K-3. " We believe that parents are most influencial in shaping the children and we strive to help parents in developing indepen- dent and successful children. " The center is operated on the theory that it is through love, understanding, and patience that children develop to their ful- lest. " I learned something today at USCS Child Development Center. 12 14 On May 7, 1976 at 8:00 p.m. the University of South Carohna at Spartanburg held it ' s first Graduation exercises in the G.B. Hodge Cen- ter On hand for the commencement exercises were G. B. Hodge, Chairman of the Spartan- burg County Commission for Higher Educa- tion, Olin B. Sansburg, Jr., Vice President of theUniversity of South Carohna, Ron Eaghn, Dean of Academic Affairs, H. Willard Davis, Vice President of the University of South Car- olina, and guest speaker for the evening Lach- lan L. Hyatt, Chairman of the South Carolina Health and Environmental Control Commis- sion. One-hundred thirty five degrees were awarded. These included baccalaureate degrees in Science, Business Administration, Education, General Studies and Associate degrees irt Arts and Technical Nursing. 15 A-f .V. •.:•• ... -= ' ■• Don ' t worry ' bout the yesterdays Which have already gone. But plan about tomorrows which Are just beyond the dawn. Fred Toothaker Photo By Cindy Ashford 17 Take time to think . . . It is the source of power. lb ' ' •52©: m " 11 H M i DR. G. B. HODGE li Spartanburg Commission For Higher Education Members of the Commission are (I to r), Cleveland Harvey, John L. Cobb, Dr. G.B. Hodge, WiUiam ]. Burroughs, Louis P. Howell, Dr. J. P. Coan. 21 RIFLE REGIMENT OFFICERS David L. Parks President REGIMENT MEMBERS ENJOY SOCIAL EVENTS DURING THE SEASON SUPPORTING uses ATHLETICS OFFICERS Zerno E. Martin Vice-president Walda C. Wildman Secretary M " e. ' ... ;t Members of the Rifle Regiment are; (seated) Betty Baldwin, Gail Russell, Rebecca Chasteen, Walda Wildman, Steve Ashcraft, David Parks, (standing) Peggy Romine, David Alley, Bruce Rhinehart, John ]. Garrett, fames Smith. ALUMNI ASSOCIATION The officers of the Aiutnni Association are (L to R): foe Bowman, athletic director; George McDowell, member of the board; Cornelia Steele, Chairperson; James R. Smith, President; Mrs. Susan Brown, secretary , fames Brown, treasurer. CAROLINA-PIEDMONT FOUNDATION The Foundation President is Horace Smith (left) and Members of the Foundation ' s Board of Directors are (L to the treasurer ,s Ernest Kluttz (right). R); Walter Demopoulos, Robin E. Hood, Dr. John E. Foundation members include (Front row); Hubert Keith, and H. S. Clarke. Hendrix, and (right) Richard Tukey. In the back roiv are; Fred Moffitt and Joe King (right). 23 Peggy Rowe Secretary iStudent Affairs Al Gray Financial Aid Coordinator Becky Patterson, M.A. Audiovisuah Director Catherine Bacha, M.S.N. Nursing 24 Marion Murph Administration Assistant Charles Stavley, M.S. Science, and Mathematics jk jui i w n Hi Ann Carter Secretary IFinancial Aid Friedrich Wenz, Ph.D. Social and Behavioral Sciences Fay Riddle, M.S. Science and Mathematics : ..r. Emanuel Seko, Ph.D. Fine Arts, Language, Literature 25 Robert Connelly, M.A. Business AdministratwnlEconomics EET? Carol Smith, M.A. Education James P. Sloan, M.A. Social and Behavioral Sciences Glenda Sims, M.S.N. Nursing ; ' HV) Vergene Colloms, M.M. Fine Arts, Language, Literature 26 Linda Sloan, M.Ed. Eduation Carol Wilmont, M.N. Nursing Bryan Lindsay, Ph.D. Fine Arts, Language, Literature (J Mary Clowney Media Technician Jack Turner, Ph.D. Science, Mathematics Sandy Ulmer Counseling and Placement Susan Linker, Ph.D. Fine Arts, Language, Literature 27 Mary Taylor, M.S.N. Nursing Bert Menees, Ph. D. Business AdministrationlEconomics Gillian Newberry, Ph.D. Science and Mathematics I ' ' l ik Malcomb Sanders Secretary instructional Services •fc ' „ - ' ut CKM S cd Luberta Hunter SecretarylAdmissions and Records ATV; t Iss 28 Rut;: Moran. Ed.D. Nursing jm ll ' i 1 LP ih 1 " " © H ' : 1 K| ■ Tom Hawkins, Ph.D. Education Alice Henderson, Ph.D. Social and Behavioral Sciences Jimm Cox, M.A. Fine Arts, Language, and Literature Gordon Mapley, Ph.D. Social and Behavioral Sciences Jan Yost, Ed. S. Fine Arts, Language, and Literature Bob Harvey, M.S. Science and Mathematics Tom Allen, Ph.D. Social and Behavioral Sciences Bob Metger, Ph.D. Graduate Studies Michael Dressman, Ph.D. Fine Arts, Languages, and Literature Pat Hall Child Development Center Polly Cooley CooklChild Development Center Mike Allen, M.P.A.IC.P.A. Business Administrations and Economics Bob Simpkin, Ph.D. Science, Mathematics and Engineering Margaree Crosby, Ed.D. Education Melvin Dains, M.S. Social and Behavioral Sciences Andrew Crosland, Ph.D. Fine Arts, Language, and Literature Jane Davisson, M.Ed. Education Brian Donnelly, M.A. Social and Behavioral Sciences " " f ' Betty Howard, M.A.T. Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Stan Norton, M.Lib. Library Meyer Drucker, J.DJC.P.A. Business Administration and Economics Pa t Easley Child Development Center Leanne Hopkins, B.S. Nursing Eb Barnes, Ph.D. Science, Mathematics and Engineering :Jl£ Ronald Young. M.B.A.IM.D.S. Business Administration Lynn Lamoreux, Ph.D. Science, Mathematics and Engineering ._»«s!mi . am i r " 1 1 Charles Keuthan, M.B.A. Business Administration and Economics Guy Jacobsohn, M.A. Science, Mathematics and Engineering ]oyce Butler Secretary of Business Office William Kissell, M.B.A. Business Administration and Economics Marjorie Keller. M.S.N. Nu rsmg r Elaine Gilmore Secretary : Academic Dean Jon McAlhany, Ph.D. Business Administration, Economics Vernon Noll, Ph.D. Social and Behavioral Sciences Kathy Norman, B.A. Science, Mathematics Barry Parris, B.S. Science, Mathematics Michael ]ilUngs, Ph.D. Business Administralion, Economics Lou Hunley, Ph.D. Director Instructional Services ' ML Eric Jolly, B.S., M.A. Director Admissions, Records m i f Jean Jeames, M.Ed. Education William Reitmeier, M.S. Education, Health, Physical Education m Doyle Boggs, M.A. Sports Information Director !■ X • $ Linda Hicks Secretary IBusutess Administration Miriam Sheldon, Ph.D. Education, Health, Physical Education Millard Ulmer, Ph.D. Science, Mathematics Paul Mack, M.A. Education, Health, Physical Education Dave Taylor, M.A. Science, Mathematics Norma Hendra, M.Ed. Nursing ■K:3 Arthur George, B.A. Career Counselor Joan Harrell Admissions Officer Ted Eilenberg, M.B.A. Business Administration and Economics Lee Holcombe, Ph.D. Social and Behavioral Sciences Sylvia Morgan Secretary of Admissions and Records Lawrence Moore, Ph.D. Science Mathematics, and Engineering VT . O m Sanshury, Ph.D. Social and Behavioral Sciences Vice President of USCS Carl Brown. Ph.D. Graduate Studies Albertha Sistrunk, Ed.D. Fine Arts, Languages and Literature Valene Burme, M.S.L.S. Library Conway Henderson, Ph.D. Social and Behavioral Sciences Ronald Romine, M.A.M.P.A. Social and Behavioral Sciences Darlene Marlowe Secretary of Admissions and Records Elizabeth Sikes, Ph.D. Fine Arts, Languages, and Literature Beth Conrad Secretary of Admissions and Records Katie Hicks, M.F.A. Fine Arts, Languages, and Literature Deanne Ledford, B.S. Nursing Ed Babw, Ph.D. Sciences, Mathematics, and Engineering lyle Campbell, Ph.D. Science, Mathematics and Engineering Ruth Shipktt Personnel Officer Kathy Coleman Secretary of Admissions and Records Mike Bruce Security Joe Gardner, M.B.A. Business Administration and Economics Paula Waldrop Secretary of Nursing mm Mgm Barry Franklin, Ph.D. Education Dolly Dill Secretary of Nursing Jerry Lehman, Ed.D. Social and Behavioral Sciences Joan Campbell, B.S. Nursing Donald Knight, M.A. Fine Arts, Languages, and Literature Sally Munch, Ed.S. Education ]acki Sherbert SecretarylScience, Mathematics Sammie Bailey SecretaryiChild Development Center Joi Hawley Switchboard Operator Janis Blalock, B.S. Nursing Ann Bailey Technical Assist ant iLibrary Jane Bradley Secretary ' Audio Visuals Ailene Yarborough Secretary IGraduate Education Robert Pcmn Head Librarian Susan Gilmore Secretary Social, Behavioral Sciences Linda Hursh Social and Behavioral Sciences Frances Hackett Records Clerk Angell Pet tit Secretary Education ]aneUa Koob Secretary llnformational Seri ' ices Betty Baldwin Child Dei ' elopment Center Gail Dickerson Secretary lAdministrativeOff ice Betty Stevens Secretary fBusmess Office Betty Ebert Graduate Regional Studies Elizabeth Owens Secretary IContinuing Education Gretchen Worth Secretary IFinc Arts, Languages, Literature Brenda Weaver Secretary IBusiness Office J Lynette Burchhell, B.S. Nursing Pant Blackwood SecretarylAthletic Director Lindsay Wells Computer Analyst Mary Eaddy, M.A. Fine Arts, Language, Literature - - r Carol Goggins, B.S. Nursing James Brown, Ph.D. Social and Behaviorial Science Earl Cordon, M.A. Counselor John Edmunds, Ph.D. Social and Behavonal Science Joseph Bowman, M.S. Health, Education, Physical Ed. 46 . Thomas Davis HI, M.S. Education :Si Miss GwenTurner starts her one year reign as MissVoUeyballMere she is seen acceptmgher ■ ' beautiful ' roses from one of Sigma Khimembers(Hawkeye Mason). J " % - • . . .J Remember when Marion? Special thanks to Cindy Ashford for all her help this year! 49 - ww UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA AT SPARTANBURG Dl m " - " ' Our good friend Mary Johnson CarolanaiS.G.A. 50 ia l l r i ' " I wish to express a thank you to the following people for their invaluable help on this section of the Carolana: Becky Patterson, who always had a sympathetic ear; Lester Richards, who put up with me, and took most of my pictures; Lynn Clemmons, who helped me type and re-do my section; and last but not least, Marion Murph, who always found the time to help me identify all these people. Thanks again!! -- l Cc . 53 Take time to be friendly . . It is the road of happiness. T S f , Skip Frye Student Body President -?- F •i UUll Ml % L. Allen i ' I Elton Anthony General Studies ■ n «r Larry Ashley Business Economics Michael Atkins Management Butch Ayers General Studies iiikj- Henry Bailey Political Science James Baker General Studies William Bennett Chuck Beysiegel General Studies Steve Billings Marketing Gail Blackwell Nursing John Blackwell Psychology 57 Cynthia Bowers History Education John Bradey Accounting r Tressie Bradey Elementary Education P Brandy V David Brannon Marketing William Branyon Management James Brooks Physical Education Woodrow Brown General Studies B. Bruce Harold Burnette Management 58 Larry Bunvell Business Economics Glenna Bi ce Psychology Stanley Byrd James Campbell General Studies John Campbell Accounting Donna Cannon Elementary Education Cheri Carter Early Childhood Education Phillip Case Accounting Wilson Casey Physical Education Allen Chandler General Studies 59 George Chapman Dennis Coleman General Studies Janet Coleman Sociology Sarah Copeland Elementary Education ]oan Crain General Studies Kenneth Crocker Physical Education Lillie Dai ' is Early Childhood Education P. Dazvkins I IT Scoff Dickerson Management 60 Phil Dodd Azon Downs General Studies Thomas Easier General Studies Mark Edwards Manag ement Joel Elder General Studies Barbara Ellenbury Elementary Education Robert Evans Elementary Education Haskell Evatt General Studies Daniel Finley Management David Floyd Accounting Joe Floyd 61 Stei ' e Folio History David Forrester General Studies Lynn Fraser Skip Frye English Jennifer Fuller General Studies Wanda Golden Physical Education Debra Gosnell News Editonal Anthony Grant Management John Gwinn Journalism Jane Hall 62 nw Donme Hardin Patricia Harley Early Cliihiliciod Education Rhonda Harper Early Childhood Education Steven Harris General Studies William Harris Psychology Jack Hawkins Management David Helton General Studies Charles Henderson Psychology Derrick Herring Pharmacy . Hill 63 y . 1 nomas Hindman i f 1 p % ' V Tommy Hilt General Studies Wnia Mae Holbert Elementary Education Karen Holcombe Elementary Education Marion Honeycutt Accounting Renetta Hortori Business Eric Howard Chemistry Samuel Howard Education Administration Stan Huggms Management Bobby Humphries Management 64 r i - - if Carmen Huskamp Genral Studies Gerada Hyder Biology Billy Inman Marketing Edgar Ivester Management ]erry Johnson Finance Joseph Jones General Studies Julia Jones Secondary Education Katherine Key General Studies Don King Accounting T. Kirby 65 Joci Kohn Management Faye Ledford Elementari Education Sara Light Nursing Marilyn Lipscomb Management W. D. Littlefield James Mabry Biology ( fl i i i.i ! ' Anthony Martin English Steve Mason History losephme McBctb Early Childhood Education Stephen McGregor General Studies 66 Pamela Mclnti re Management Karen Michaud Accouniing William Middleton Liiann Miller K - 1 Randy Millwood Sociology Ricky Milhvood History Linda Moore Finance Robert Moore Management ii Ronald Morgan General Studies Johnny Morton Psychology 67 1 3 Rachael MuUinax Accounting Harrietie Owens Nursing James Padgett Management V ' ' - , Russell Painter Finance Billy Parris Physical Education Michael Pate Finance Daniel Patterson Accounting Vicki P la XI CO Social Study Education M. Randolph Nursing 68 Johnny Rinfro Biology Lester Richards Pharmacy Ducie Robinson Plii sical Education Vonnie Rogers M d P pp f ' K j .■: ' 4 ■ p ! si ' m ® ' 4 Tern Rollins Accounting Sherry Sanders Early Childhood Education K. Sepy Fred Sergiacomi Advertising Public Relations m7 Elizabeth Sharp Psychology B. Sheffler 69 Jackie Sloan Social Study Education Albert Smith Accounting B. Smith D. Smith Roy Smith Student Personel Services k Chester Snyder General Studies Susan Solesbee Elementary Education Dennis Stepp Deborah Steel Physical Education Marshall Stockman Market -■( Maureen Strange James Stringer William Swofford Debbie Tabbot Marion Thompson Advertising Public Accounting General Studies Elementary Education Elementary Education Relations 70 Chris Thore General Studies Kenneth Tuck Accounting S. Vaughn Herbert Walker Accounting Marie Wall Cleveland Watkins Political Science Pat Watson Larry Weaver Carol West Management Robert Weatly Ned Wilder Psychology Edward Wilson Quenton Wood Physical Education Morris Wynn Animal Justice Douglas Yarborough General Studies 71 Juniors y Gregg Knox junior Class President Danny Abraham Samuel Adams • Winston Adams John Allen Raymond Allen Joey Allison R. Arthur Herman Baco Steven Baer Dell Bagzi ' ell Susan Bagwell Kay Ballenger Larry Burnett Gary Barnett T. Barnette Richard Beeco 73 V. M. Beemer Thomas Benedict Cheryl Berry Robert Beville B. Black Stephen Blackzcell James Blackwood William Blum 1 M 1 Ronald Boggs Edicard Bowers Jane Brockman Julie Brooks Ernestine Brown Randall Brown Catharine Browning Malcom Bruce 74 Arthur C. Buci ner Barry Burke Freida Burchfield Vernon Burnett Mark Campbell John Cannon Kay Cantrell WilUam Carroll Ray Cash V. Chapman Marsha Clark Gay Clement 75 Jimmy Coggins Jill Co ley Nancy Comer jim Couch Phyllis Cox Robert Cox Gary Creswell James Crook John Cureton Eddie Davis David Dean Pam Defore Jan Dimsdale Derrell Dollar Kenneth Dover Mary Drake 76 Ric ' A:i Duerksen Jackie Earls Wanda Earnhardt Gary Edge Robert Eshleman Julie Fagan Susan Farmer James Faulkner John Finley Jane Ford Lynn Foster Ken Fowler Rob Fowler 77 ]ohnny Franklin Joe W. Callman Billie Garner Gary Gibson Linda Gibson Woodroic Gilbert Marcia Gilliland David Goodman Randy Gunnn Albert Haggarty Danny Hall Elaine Hall Kaije Hall James Hampton L. Hancock Johnny Harmon 78 Michael Goodu ' in Alan Gray Karen Greene L. Greene Ann Harris R. Hart Melissa Hayes Robin Hayes Michael Hester Laurie Hill joe Hill loan Hopkins tr .- i - i Minazali Hudant Jessie Hudgins Becky Hudson Keefer Humphries 79 Charles Johnson Kit Jordan Mary Keller Nancy Keller Bob Kenned] Gregg Knox loan Lail Ronald Lance Beth Landrum Molly Larsen Phillip Laurence lohn Lawson Lucy Lee Roger Lewis Vicki McCallum Sammy McElrath 80 Melajiie McGhee Vonme McMillan Yasmin Manji Vera Manning Daniel Marshall Hennan Massey Janet Masters Michael Mauney Jimmy Meadows Kathleen Mickels Shirley Millwood Richard Morrison 81 Donald Moss Lewis Newman Ann O ' Connell Billy Osborne James Osborne William Painter Ken Palmer Melvin Parker Tommy Parks Carla Patrick Eric Pettit Dale Petty Samuel Phipps Kay Phillips Lucius Pitts Samuel Poole 82 Slwny Poole Henry Price Emily Pruitt Trace y Pruitt Patrick Pruitt Murray Pursley S. Purvines C. Query Ann Ramsei Robert Redmond ]erry Reid James Richard Bobby Richardson Shirl Robbins Thomas Roberts Michael Rogers 83 David Roper James Rosemond R. Sanders Bobby Shropshire Cathy Simmons Athanasios T. Small H. Smith Gerald Smith Michele Smith Mary Sparks Marcia Spears Nan Stansell 84 Nancy Staton Kathryn Stillinger Marshall Stone B. Traxler Helen Thomas Cynthia Thompson E. A. Turner Ralph Verna Kenny Walden Jack Wagner M. Wells Ann West Bennette Wilson Cindy Wolfe Bobby Wrather Bobby Youngblood 85 RES lane Abernathy Celia Adair Charlyn Adair Margaret Ahem Janice Allen Lisa Allison Mark Anderson Candace Andrews Elizabeth Arms Cindy Ashford 11 T rJeS tZ .f AMB_a . 0 ;N t Br ]oey Atkins Sandy Auman J. Avinger Kathy Bagwell Janet Bailey Barbara Ballenger ]. Barnette Joseph Barry K. Beason Brenda Beason K. Blackwood Martha Blackwood Mary Blackwood Jimmy Bobo Kathy Bogan SL " , ?- ! 87 Brenda Boozer P. Bowman Phyllis Boyles Barry Bralley jerry Brewmgton Janet Brown Susan Brown Sally Brundage Donnie Burdette Barbara Burke Marjone Burnett Bethene Burrelt Debora Burroughes Dorothy Byrnes Loyd Calloway Lea Calmes B. Canfeild Amy Cannon Arleen Capen Kenneth Carpenter Cindy Carter Lynn Champion 88 Marcia Chastain Sherry Childers Munel Clarkm Louann Clary Charles Cole Debra Combee Patty Conrad Charles Copeland Wdla Copeland Wendy Costine Martha Cosner Donald Crook P. Crumley Pat Dampter Lynn Davis Betsy Davis Kathy Davis Pam Davis Robin Davis Alfred Dawkins Raymond Dawkins 89 Tommy Dawkins William Deaton Michael Dean Kathleen Demos Anita Dempsey Suanne Dempsey Betty Dill Pamela Dill Wanda Dillard j. Dimey B. Douglas Henrietta Dnimmond Kaye Dunnaway Ten Dye johnny Enghsh Robert Engley E. Ferguson Kathy Fleming Elaine Foster Elizabeth Forbes A. Forrest Tammy Forrest Harold Fowler Johnny Fowler 90 Robin Frye Randall Gabani P. Gallman Kathy Gardner Michael Gardner Peggy Gamer Deborah George Kathy Cihtrap R. Gtesen Nancy Godfrey Michael Goforth M. Goodwin Stephen Grace D. Grahm ]. Graves Andy Gunn ]eri Givinn Chris Hager Catherine Hagmann Laura Hahn Janice Harnmett Gail Harnmett Charles Hardy Evelyn Hartle Steve Harvey 91 Teddy Hayes Annette Haynie Karan Hiatt William G. High William R. High Pearlie Hill Wayne Holden Timothy Holland Tommy Holt James Home Deborah Horton Pamela Howard Johnny Hiickaby Harold Hunt johnita Hunter Cindy Hutchins Pamela Huteheson Patricia Israel Lou Ann James Deborah Jackson Carolyn Jackson S. Jeter 92 il Marty jett Kenneth Johnson John Joseph Itidy Kimhrell Lynn King P. Kirk Curtis Lancaster Dennis Lancaster Cynthia Landreth Steve Lee A. Leny Steven Leonard Wanda Lindsey ludy Link Janet Lipscomb Evelyn Lollis Mary Love Kathy Lowe Katherine Lucas Connie Lytes Mark Mahaffey Cheryl Martin 93 Patty Mason Roberta Mathis Diane Maybin Andreic McBee Debra McBeth Lisa McLure James McCredie Cleveland McGhee C. McKissick Phillip McKnight William McPherson Thomas McQueen L. C. Michael M. Minor Gregory Moore Frank Nichols Jennifer Nichols Rebecca Oalmann Dale Orr Carta Osborne Ken Owens Vickie Owens 94 Joel Pack Teresa Parris Deborah Peeler Graver Pepper Joanne Perry Gideon Peteri Bobby Pettit Jean Plumley Timothy Pollock B. B. Prashad William Price Charles Richards Steven Rice Thomas Ridings Calvin Robinson Nancy Rogers Lillie Reynolds Adonis Rhodes Teresa Rhymer Ellif Reimer Laura Qiiinn Susan Quarles 95 Louann Rouse} Beuford Sanders Mary Sarratt V. W. Satterfield Cherly Sayer Vickie Scruggs Arling Sewell Thomas Shell Sarah Shelton Susan Shirley Thomas Sherbert Larry Sikes Mary Skipper Camellia Smith C. Smith Lori Smith Sharon Smith T. Smith Brenda Sue Shirley Stewart Ken Stophel Janet Strawhorn 96 Kay league Ken Teasley Susan Theo Dale Thompson S. Thompson Richard Thorla Chuck Thorne John Tighe David Turner Gwen Turner R. Turner Myra Un derwood Patricia Vamer Thomas Vaughn Andrew Waldrop Marcia Wall Chuck Wallington Jeff Weaver T. Welchel Robin White Anthony Williams Clay WiUiamson 97 D. Williams Fran Williams K. Williams L. Williams Michael Williams Sally Wilson Cynthia Wofford Sandra Wofford Debbie Worrock S. Womick Joseph Workman Shirley Wright Mark Yaden Steve Young Len Zimmerman 98 99 Chris Monroe FreshmquJ ffSfrfreffSi i Cindy Adair Robert Alexander Calvin Alexander Robbie Alexander . Allen Mary Allison Diane Anderson Irrna Anderson Susan Anderson Vickie Andrews Robert Babb Rhonda Bacon Tim Bagwell John Bailey Franklin Ballard Carleen Banks Martha Barnhill James Baty Michael Beeco 101 Leroy Belcher Karen Bell Sheri Berka John Biedler Pam Biggerstaff Tammy Billings Melissa Bills Steve Bishop T. Bishop Judy Blanton Julie Boniface Dewey Bozven Ricky Bowlden Dana Box Deborah Boyter ]eff Bramlett Shaiin Brehany Janice Bright Elaine Brigman 102 Denise Brock Bunny Brown Gary Broivn Robert Browning Kenneth Browniee Tern Bn ant Billy Buffington Andrea Burgess Oren Burgess Barbara Burke Gregory Burkot Chen Burnette Linda Busbin Anita Butler Nancy Campbell Amy Cannon June Cannon Curtis Cantrell Karen Carey 103 James Carter Pamela Catledge Cynthia Cecil Reina Chappelear Rebecca Cheatham D. Christopher S. Clark Andrew Clary Joe Clary Katherine Clary Lynn Clemmons C. Clinkscales Donald Coggins Sandra Coggins W. Copeland Noel Copley Richard Corbin Linda Com Kenny Covington 104 D. Cox jay Craft D. Cromer Gill Davis Elmer Dailey C. Delisiodowns Cecilia Dennis Sylvester Dennis Dorothy Ellis Rhonda Ellison Teresa Elmore David Dougherty Cheryl Duckworth Ronald Duncan Mildred Eadie Thomas Easier Paul Eberhart Terry Edwards Michael Eller 105 Robert Eubanks Janice Everman R. Falls Carolyn Farr Cheryl Fisher lames Fitchett Melissa Flack Bill Fletcher Jennie Forrester Deb Forbis Donna Fortenberry Bill Foster Norma Foster Cheryl Fowler Ralph Frady Mike Friday Bill Galloway Louise Gardner Sharon Garlands 106 L. Garrett Lowell Garrett Cynthia Garrett Teresa Gaskins Tom Gates V. Gualt Beverly Gilbert Lynn Gilliam William Gilliam Florence Ginty Ray Ghssner Michael Goforth Jeffrey Goodwin Amy Gordon Cynthia Gordon Michael Gordon Barney Gosnell David Gosnell Ricky Gosnell 107 D. Grahm Roxanne Granger Barbara Gray William Green T. Guest Susan Hager Kenneth Hahn Deborah Hammett Mikell Hammett Sheena Hamilton Brenda Hardin Phyllis Harrelson Cynthia Harris Janet Harrison Charles Hart Roxie Hasting Bruce Hayes L. Hawkins George Hedgepath 108 Francis Henderson ]eff Henderson Sandra Henderson Call High Frank Hillard Vtctona Hiiitt Kenneth HoUtfield Charles Hope Frank Horick David Horton Judy Hovatter Cratidelt Howell Michael Huey Jeannette Huggms Jeffery Hughes Lee Inman Thomisina Jackson Herman Jackson •f.. Chip lohnson 109 Carolyn Johnson Margaret Johnson Susan Johnson Terry Johnsoti Terri Johnson Debbie Jolly Robin Jolley Cheryl Jusctice Brigette Karcher Drew Kennedy Edward Kirby Anwah Lalant Curtis Lancaster Beth Landrum Mary Lane Chnsti Lanford John Langston Betty Lawson Robbi Lawson 1 110 Mary Lawter Katy Lee Lucy Lee Vicki Lee Michael Leggett lohn Leuck James Lewis O. Lewis Monica Little D. Littlejohn Todd Long Mark Mabry Randy Martin Stei ' en Massey Paula McAbee Rex McAbee Sandra McBee Sondra McBee James McCredie 111 Penny McCutcheon Joyce McDowell Melanie McGhee Brenda McGinnis Carol McKelvey Jimmy McKinney Mark McKown Lisa McLay Marion McElmore Larry McMurray Patricia McMurtrie Brenda McDade Yi ' onne McNally Tami McNelly Thomas McQueen Eddie McSwain Mary Meadow Rebecca Melton Paul Millard 112 David Miller Wanda Miller Chal Mills Janice Millwood R. T. Milne r Chris Monroe Debbie Monaghan Anne Monroe Frankie Moore . Morgan Beryl Morris Denise Morris Janice Moss Albert Myers Shirley Myers Claude Nesbitt Alena N orris Cynthis Oates Cynthia O ' Brien 113 Brian O ' Dell Anita Oliver Clarence Osborne Tabia O ' Shields Susan Owens Martha Oivensby Tracy Ownby Joseph Owensby Pamela Pack Bobby Page Stephen Pans Flo Paris Pam Parker Theodore Parks Pam PattiUo Keith Payne Vif - x -m- -. ' ' William Pearson Carol Pettit Robert Petty K -, 114 Daniel Pierse Susan Plum lean Plumly Steven Plyer Randy Pollard Elaine Porter Lisa Porterfield John Pressley Darlene Price Sadie Price Terry Prit chard Pam Puckett Tim Pure ell Kathy Queen M. Randolph Ann Reed lane Reeves Marilyn Reid Ronald Reynolds 115 Pamila Rhodes libby Rice Butch Rice Annette Ridings K. Rike Karen Riley Debra Roach Viomas Roberts Kathenne Robbins Michael Robbins Brenda Rogers Nancy Rogers Sybil Rogers K. Ruehl Jane Sams Larry Scales Susan Schrader Zelinda Scipio Robert Searle 116 C. Searcy . Seay B. Shifflett Camellia Smith D. Smith Frank Smith Kathy Smith Kimberly Smith Karen Smith Lori Smith Mike Smith Nadine Smith Phillip Smith Rebecca Smith Robert Smith Susan Smith S. Smith S. Smith T. Smith Carole Snow 117 Barbara Solesbee Annie Sorter Susan Sosbee Christopher Stack Joseph Stack Gwen Stainback Scott Steinecke Donna Stephenson Ronald Stephenson Sandy Stepp Peter Stoltz Thalia Suddeth Michael Szrann Mason Taylor Terri Teaster David Terrell Georgia Thompson Robbie Thompson S. Thompson ikAfW- ' k 118 Charles Thornton Steve Thrasher John Throop Kim Tooke Connie Threadgill Cheryll Troutman Marsha Tuck Loran Tucker juHan Tunno Martin Tyner Michael Wilker Kenny Walden Elizabeth Wallace Charlton Watson Dorothy Watson joe Watkins Kereatha Webb Johnnie Weeks Lois West " ■ ' " mi y 119 Mark West Phillip West James West Tena West Willie Westley Martha White Edwin White Lynn Whiten Stephen Whittier Deloris Wieder Kenneth Wilhelm Rebecca Williams G. Williams Ralph Wilhamson G. Wilkins L. Wilkins L. Wilson L. Wilson Thomas Wilson 120 William Winkles lames Wood Donald Wyatt Robert Wyatt Robert Wynn Mary Varner Rebecca Varner Eddie Vess Graduate Studies Elsie Pike 121 Take time to love and be loved . . It is a God-given privilege. « ' - Student Government Association Sucl " ' " ' " " ' ° " " " ' " " ' " " ' ' " ' ' " ' ' " ' ' " ' ° " ' ° ' ' " " ' ' " ' ' ' ' ° " " " ' • " ' " ' ' G ' 8g Knox, Myra Underwood. Bob Kennedy, Jim 124 Universal Love » •- 1 A U.L. Officers ]oel (Moses) Elder, Emory Gaskins, Chuck Wallington, Chris Thore. Moses gets a pie in the face when 100 people attend U.L. meeting. U.L. members present entertainment at Fall Sports Day. Chris? 126 f f (J r-L; , ( ) ■ Jry 1 VJ The Carolinian Editor Molly Larsen and Assistant Editor PatWatson. Artist-Photographer Scott Steinecke and Feature Editor Don Forten- berry. 128 Staff-writer Steve Mason. Type-setter Cindy Ashford Molly and Pat? Staff-writers David Baker and Steve Mason. (Not pictured: Mark Cantrell and Mark Freeman). 129 The Carolana Editor-in-Chief Jane Abernathy, Faculty and Staff Editor Stephen Grace, Classes Editor Robin Hayes, Assistant Editor Melissa Hayes, Sports Editor Cathy Conner, Activities Editor Cwen Turner. (Not pictured: Organizations Editor Tommy Parks, Advisor Becky Patterson). 130 Psychology Club Members of the Psychology Chib are: Saudi McBee, Phylis Cox, Caren Carey (Treasurer), Mary Henderson (Secretary), Mike Hen- derson, Brenda Kay Smith, Butch Ayers, Lisa AlUson, Dale Bagwell, Doug Littlefield (Publicity Chairman), Chuck Henderson (Presi- dent), Gordon Mapley (Faculty Advisor), Will Harrison, Jean Kim- brell, and Fred Seigicomi (Vice-President) . Photo Club 133 University Choraleers 134 Student Nurses Association The purpose of the Student Nurses Association is to aid in the over-all development of the indi- vidual shident nurse, as future and present health professionals . Also to be aware and to contribute to the improvement of health care of all people. The functions of the Student Nurses ' Association pro- mote and encourage participation in community affairs and activities toward impr oved health care and the resolution of related social issues. Also to act as spokesman for nursing students to the pub- lic, institutions, organizations, and governmental bodies on legislation. Also to influence the devel- opment of relevant approaches to nursing educa- tion. Membership is open to all undergraduate students enrolled in the nursing program at USCS. Membership is also open to those Registered Nurses ' who are enrolled in the undergraduate program of nursing. Members of the SNA are: Candt Coleman, Brenda Harden, Anne Burnett. Candice Deliao-Doums (Treasurer), ]udi Unk, Mrs. Taylor (Advisor), Carletta Chastam (Secretary), Murel Charlen. Martha Barnfull, Amta Oliver. Cwm Stainback, Dale Orr (Parliamentarian), Deborah George (Public Relations), Ann Ramsey. Judy Waddell, Giom Williams, Martha Costner. Teresa Rhymer (President), Mary Boniiette, Barvara Selesbee, jo Ann Perry (Vice- President), Tami Billings, Pattie McMurtrie, Brenda Brannon. Pattie Mason, and Sharon Myers. 135 Take time to laugh . . . It is the music of the soul. Administrative Management Society Chess Club Members of the Chess Club include beginners as well as advanced players. The club is organized in an effort to promote a better understanding of the games and provide a competitive atmosphere among friends. 138 Bridge Club Members of the Bridge Club are Bobby Richardson, Jane Brockman, Brad Burnett, John Troop, Renee Benton, Karen Michaud, Pam Patilo. (Not pictured: Johnny Morton, Ron Morgan, Malcolm Bruce, Bruce Hayes, Lisa Prevost). Secretary-Treasurer Karen Michaud and Faculty Advisor Valarte Burnie. President John Troop. 139 Theatre Club Alta Snell, Cathy Conner, Renetta Horton, ]oel Hawkins, Jane Abernathy, Kaye Phillips, David Baker. Front: Kenny Covington, Jennifer Fuller, Martin 140 Shoe - String Players Officers Renetta Horton, Joel Hawkms, and Jennifer Fuller. Faculty Advisor jimm Cox. Joel Hawkins and Kaye Phillips m USCS production. 141 The Art League Scott brown-noses Art League advisor Katie Hicks. Members of the Art League discuss plans and projects. 142 Lettermens Club Outdoors Club Science Club ' ' s ' r fi !r rioht) Eric joH ' iJ. ]uUe Biooka, and Steele Billr ' ' Hick Bcusic ' cl). 147 Sigma Khi The Sigma Khi Fraternity of USCS was formed in January, 1977, by a group of students from the SGA and Carolana Yearbook. The purpose of the Fraternity is to give an extra social outlet to USCS students. From a beginning of five students, Sigma Khi has increased to twenty-three members. Faculty advisor is Jimm Cox. The Fraternity meets weekly at Hooleys ' Underground, and is made up of brothers and " little sisters " . jeannie McClure and Stephen Grace take a break from the routine of classes at a well-known place on campus. 148 Some of the members of Sigma Khi are (I to r), Steve Mason, Melissa Hayes, Lynn Whiten, and Ronda Hayes. 150 Black Student Union James Brooks, PmUanifntanan; Jennifer Fuller, SGA Representative; Ronald Boggs, President; Michael Hewey , Vice-President. Left to right, first row: Paul Bowman, Coreatha Webb. Jerry Brannon, Linda Tillotson, Sharee Smith. Wanda Miller, Yvonne McNally. Secondroiv: James Brooks, Carleen Banks, Deivey Bowman, Herman Johns, Mike Swann, Deucie Robinson. Third row: Ronald Boggs, Jennifer Fuller, Sylvester Dennis, Rick Pearson, Johnny Whiteside, Michael Hewey. 152 Who ' s Who These seventeen students from uses were chosen to appear in the 1977 edition of Who ' s Who in American College and Univer- sities. Selections are based upon par- ticipation in university organiza- tions as weU as academic achieve- ment and community service. Bryson Bailey Chuck Beysiegel Steve Billings David Brannon Wilson Casey Joel Elder Steve Folio Skip Frye Jennifer Fuller Stan Muggins Joey Kohn Steve Mason Robin Plaxico Fred Sergiacomi Tommy Small Pat Watson 154 Communications Fair - 76 April 6 and 7, 1976 brought an interesting feature to USCS: " People to People. " The Spring Communications Fair featured demonstrations from the departments of Art, Journalism, Theatre and Audio-Visuals. The pictures below and to the right show various demonstrations stu- dents and faculty members participated in. Jimm Cox demonstrates the art of Theatre make-up on " Spoon River Anthology " actor Joel Hawkins. Cyndi Hutchens looks on as students work on art project. Karen Kearse talks with student about Art Department activities. Drew Royster and Renee Smith demonstrate the Silk- Screening technique. 155 Honor ' s Day 1976 Coach Bill Rietmier presents athletic awards. Dr. Olin B. Sansbury opens awards ceremony. Vergene Colloms presents music awards. Jennifer Fuller presents Jimm Cox with an award from the cast of " Spoon River Anthology. " 156 Guy Jacobsohn announces Judo Team Awards. Halloween Celebration In October, Universal Love outdid themselves with a Halloween Party featuring . . . well, you try to decide from these pictures just what they did feature. Anyway, it was a most enjoyable event! The Carolana would like to com- mend U.L. for all the great activities they sponsor through- out the year! " Maybe he has a fixation. " I wouldn ' t drink that. " 157 d3r -. W v ' o Miss uses =S ' ii " i ' .M ' w ym l A, 1 V immi - " •A--r V s ■ p 1 K : Hf fll B B Renee Smith and escort, ]oel Elder. On Saturday, April 24, 1976, Renee Smith was crowned Miss uses. Renee was sponsored by the Art League, and escorted by Joel Elder. Renee is presently at- tending the University of South Carolina in Columbia where she is completing her studies in Art. Miss uses is chosen on the basis of school spirit and par- ticipation, personality, and be- auty. The contestants for the title are interviewed by a panel of faculty and staff members who make the final decision. Renee experiences the joy of winning as she greets friends after being crowned Miss USCS 1976. 159 Miss Junior Susan Harrison Miss Senior Jennifer Fuller KrTi B 1 J! r ' 160 Miss Freshman Vonnie McMillan Miss Sophomore Sandy Tbore 161 Jane Davisson 1976 Teacher of the 163 Registration Fall 76 Like at any other University, half the fun of beginning a semester at USCS is experiencing the trials and tribulations of registration. 1976 Fall Registration was no exception. Card packs, Social Security Numbers, and closed classes contribute to the confusion that makes registering for clas- ses such a joy. Promote that paper, Molly! Oh no, Tommy I forgot my number! Come on Moses, you ' re gonna make it. It ' s people like Mike that could use a higher table! 164 The Unusual Surrealistic Circus of Surprises This fall the USCS Shoe-string Players presented an improvisa- t ional review to music entitled " The Unusual Surrealistic Circus of Surprises, " directed and choreographed by Jimm Cox. All the music and dialogue was origi- nal. Musical arrangements were composed by Andy Moller. The cast included Joel Hawkins, Kenny Covington, Alta Snell, Kaye Phil- lips, Renetta Horton, Teri Dye, Andy Moller, Jane Abernathy, Lynn King and Chuck Thorne. Stage Manager for the Shoe-string Players is Cathy Conner. 1 Teri Dye , singer; Andy Moller, musician. Alta Snell Joel Hawkins in dance routine. USCS Shoe-String Players SGA Party " Buddy, are you believing who he ' s dating tonight? " On September 11, 1976 the SGA hosted the first of seven scheduled parties. Music was provided by Eastern Seaboard. " A good time was had by all. " Max Pierce and Lori Stevens enjoy the sounds of Eastern Seaboard. Why doesn ' t she speak to me? " Get off my case, potatoe-face. 166 Jim Couch on tap at beer terminal. K r B H 1 1 i fl " Moonlight Feels Right. Is Jack Patillo " sure " ? 167 Fall Sports Day - 76 One of the first events of the school season is Fall Sports Day and the 1976 celebration was no different. Food, music and lots of fun proved fun for all. Universal Love provides Fall Sports Day entertainment. Students and faculty enjoy food, beer, and entertainment. Beer relays really excite Pick Durham. ■ ' ; - 4 ■??r ' Students struggle in tug-of-war contests. 168 •»■ ' " •»■■ wr ' r ■ ■.«.« i - rl Smi e Kaye. ' « afternoon of music followed the games. Look what Andy gave Gwen! Nobody doesn ' t like Sarah Lee! 169 Christmas Dance 1976 One of the highlights of the SGA activities is the yearly Christmas Dance held at the National Guard Armory. The 1976 dance was definitely one of the best. Thanks SGA for a great Holiday get-together! " This must be the one they call MOOSE! ' ' . . . and then everyone was beat, except Mike Mathis, of course. ' 170 " No wonder those kids are so tired on Monday! Do it Steve! 171 Homecoming 77 Homecoming Queen for the 97b-77 school year was Melissa Hayes. Melissa was sponsored by the Carolana and escorted by Gregg Knox. Melissa is a Junior at uses and has been active for the past three years in the SGA as well as student organizations. She is currently Assistant Editor of the Carolana. Attendants to Melissa were Gwen Turner, a Sophomore Psychology major who was spon- sored by Universal Love and es corted by Andy Moller, and Jen- nifer Fuller. Jennifer is a Senior Journalism major. She was spon- sored by the Black Student Union and was escorted by James Brooks. Gwen and Jennifer are both active in school organizations have con- tributed to the growth and student participation at USCS. Jennifer Fuller and escort James Brooks Melissa Hayes Gwen Turner and escort Andy Moller Jennifer Fuller 173 This fall, the Sophomore class spon- sored an event that will be long remem- bered at uses. Headed by Vonnie McMillan and emceed by Steve McCoy, the event featured music, magic, pie throwing, and the famous Universal Love 50 ' s group. The Carolana would like to commend Vonnie and the Sophomore class for their efforts and congratulate them on raising over $300 for Cystic Fibrosis research. Unirersal Love Kid Chrysler (Andy Moller) 174 Follies Day 77 f Vicki McCallum entertains. Sponsored By Sophomore Class Teri Dye sings " Evergreen " . Tammy McNeely dances with U.L. 50 ' s group. 175 Let Am ' BOrC take you Mliere jott MBnt to go. While you ' re getting a good education in college. Get the training and experience you need to meet the challenge in any career you choose. To help you meet this challenge when you get out of school, Anny ROTC will help yi ai while you ' re in. Anny ROTC offers three, two and one year scholarships to cadets in addition to its full four-year scholarships. You don ' t have to be a scholai ' ship winner to take Army ROTC or to receive the $2500 paid to all cadets during the last two years. As a cadet you ' ll leam how to manage people, finances and materials. While you develop your con- fidence and your decision-making abilities. Upon gi ' aduati(jn as a commissioned . ' nTiy offi- cer and selection for active duty, you ' ll have an employ- ment option starting at $10,.500. And with that you ' ll ha e the Anny e.xperience that will be an asset to you in any career, militan ' or civilian. When you leam what it takes to lead, Army ROTC will take you where you want to go. AmiyROrC. Leam what it takes to lead! CaU: THE PROFESSOR OF MILITARY SCIENCE 585-7373 177 Take time to play . . . it is the secret to perpetual youth. J Assistant Coach Ducie Robinson, Coach Bill Reitmeier uses Rifles Fall 76 Bill Humphries, Rick Nesbitt, Jim Hanks, Alfred Dawkins, Dew cv Bowan, Lucius Pitts, Wayne Holden. Mark McKowan, Walt Pinson, Mike Pate, Sylvester Dennis, Ricky Pearson, Mike Swann, Herman Johns, Rick Scruggs. In front: Ducie Robinson, Bill Reitmeier, Lynn Whiten (Trainer). Left to right, Front Row: Deiuey Boiven, Herman lohns, Alfred Dawkms, Lucius Pitts, Bill Humphries. Second Row: jimmy Hanks, Mike Pate, Mike Swann, Mark McKown, Wayne Holden. Spring 77 First in the fall and again in the spring the 1976-77 Rifles were faced with great undertakings and periods of urgent readjustment as they strove continuously to build a stronger, better team. With only two players returning from last year, it was a constant effort on the part of each player to learn to work with and for his teammates. One of the highlights of this year ' s season was the Rifles 2nd place win in the Presbyterian College New Year ' s Clas- sic Tournament at P.C. on January 6-8. Two USCS players, Lucius Pitts and Mike Swann, were named to the All- Classic Team. The qualities instilled in these men as well as their athle- tic ability has made them a team we are proud of. Second semester Coach Paul Mack. 183 Dewey Bowen scrambles for the ball. The 76-77 season ma rks the end of Bill Humphries ' career as a uses Rifle. B l Hft»u ; u ;-.:, E ' g l n L r ' ' H V v Hi W 4 f S m Lucius Pitts races for the basket. Alfred Dawkins against Berry College. Jimmy Hanks makes a jump shot. Mike Swann drives toward home. Dewey strikes again! Dewey makes one against Berry College. Mike Swann shoots a freethrow. F easy ones for Mike Swann 1 i4|i Let go Mike, Lucius has the rebound. Herman Johns looks for the open man. Dewey Bowen looks for a shot. Mark McKnown puts one on the way. " T r i Womens Basketball L Left to Right: (Kneeling) Cheryl Fowler, Ernie Brown. (Standing) Becky Cheatham, Linda Com, Debbie Leonard, Charlene Martin, Julie Fagan, Janice Allen, Kathy Booker, Cindy Garrett, Pam Howard, Chris Monroe, Mary McDaniel, manager, and Coach Linda Sloan. Cheryl Fowler goes up with the ball. 186 Coach Linda Sloan. . ' s n Scenes in the Gym Pam Howard, Joanne Coffelt, Cathy Hogan, Cheryle Fowler, Chris Monroe. Second Row: Coach Miriam Sheldon, Julie Fagan, Cindy Garrett, Janice Allen, Lauren Murphy. 3ltpl 0 CROSS COUNTRY Captain Greg Alexander and Coach Henry Stewart Henry Stewart, Cornell Clinkscates. Skipi Frye, Ken Tuck, Zeke Oglesby, Steve Bishop, Greg Alexander. V. w i . ,.JSSmi w i ,fr Ken Tuck, Steve Bishop, and Cornell j. CUnkscales L. Zeke Oglesby, Greg Alexander, and Skip Frye c H E E R L E A D E R S Yvonne McNally. ]ohnny Whiteside Annette Ridings . Janet Harrison Go Rifles! A new routine! Jane Pruitt - ' ' n U4 A jl " " ■ 1 Linda Thompson, Ned Wilder and David Laivson Robbie Lawson Pick Durham 193 Golf Tim Teaster. Barry Black. Tommy Easier, Pat Pruitt, Joe Bowman, Tom Woodward, Dar ny Abraham, Steve Rice, Woody Brown, David Glenn. ..• « ■m „L 4 - » |(r vzi ' jSfelsi- - ' -- 194 Barry Black Coaches Joe Bowman and David Glenn Steve Deliso-Downs, John Troop, lames Richards, LeeSpeer, Wendell Bruce, Elizabeth Hammett, Cindy Taylor, Frank O ' Brien. Mike Leggett and Ciiy Jacobson. Jam up and jelly tight. You ain ' t going noivhere. Fly Myra and Debbie! Boy! That was some sneeze. » f ;34N 1 L_J K iiW I . D f 1 1 n ■ I-_f-l V v w Ib J X 4if Take time to work . . . It is the price of success. On behalf of the 1977 Carolana staff I would like to express our appreciation to all those patient people who bore with us while we constructed this yearbook. We are all truly proud of USCS and I hope we have captured a portion of this pride on the pages of this book. Jane Abernathy, Editor 1977 Carolana ■■4 r.vt-.«v ' t ' - ■ " ■ " ■ .T, V V » V -:, ' .f ». fe ■xi.-. :..-.•- ii. " ..v ' ■• .•, •. •■i , •-.■•y ' r.v- ■ ' • v. ' ,. s. ' iv ' ; tflfeS ' -t ' ' ' - v ' .-» - : ■ ' , ' ' ' ' ■ v - • " ■;- -:. ' ,.-it ■ ' .•■ .■ :■ ' .-. , ' r- vis ..--z Tl ty;4 ■.ir i « -.!■ -V ' lrv ■•: ' ■ ■•■ ' .; ;, 1 EDD DfiDESSfl3 II {j M Xy ' y- ' :: ' ( ■■■ »t ?T- ■■• ' ■r ' ;T ' :,--- vSr- i.Ji-- :. ' - ' -: ' , i ' ' ' ' '

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