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CAROLANA 1975 umvEfisiTr OF south CAROL SPARTANBURG REGIONAL CAMP Archives LD 5038 .C37 1975 c. 1 The University of South Carolina Libraries Spartanburg Regional Campus Library Spartanburg. South Carolina ' ' fvivpi s Archives J[ 5038 S .037 i " dry 1 1 1975 r. 1 1 1 H 1 m AJi; 1 s P " « w-h AftTANBURG ARCHIVES 1 :i: S ■«% jrr « ?%T ;i??s The University of South Caro- lina-Spartanburg. A fully ac- credited, four-year institution of higher learning. But it wasn ' t always this way . . . USC-Spartanburg was begun in 1967 as a two-year regional campus aimed at filling the void left when the nursing instruction program of Spartanburg General Hospital was phased out. Its first home was the basement of the hospital ' s nursing quarters. Later it moved to the old County Health Building. That first year one hundred and seventy-seven undergraduates comprised the entire stu- dent body. Less than a year later it was evident that the enrollment was outgrowing the facility. Through the efforts of the Spartanburg County Commission for Higher Educa- tion, land was aquired for construction of the $1.2 mi llion Administration Building. Groundbreaking ceremonies were held in September of 1968. ■ 5 " 5r_n =w ' ri In September, 1969 the buildmg was completed and USC-S, with enrollment nearing five hundred, moved into its permanent home. The new facility provided many conveniences and a great deal of equipment which had been lacking at the hospital. A language lab, improved biology and chemistry labs and a spacious, modern library were all welcome additions to the institution. The move was important to everyone but was most special to those few who had been a part of USC-S since its inception . . . m John Edmunds is a Professor of History who serves as Chairman of the Division of Social and Be- havioral Sciences. " In the early days there was a very small nucleus of permanent faculty with several in- structors shared with other regional campuses. Since there were so few of us we were very close. I devel- oped some good friend- ships during this time which I sti II have. The equipment then was less than adequate. We had to borrow some things such as maps from use-Union. The micro- scopes we used belonged to the hospital. In the classroom the instructor ' s voice had to compete with the clanging of steam pipes. Despite all of this we developed a sense of pride in the school which still remains. The growth of USC- S has been incredibly fast. We are now a four-year institution which wi 1 1 con- tinue growing. My hope is that we will become more autonomous but will not lose our ties with the Uni- versity in Columbia. " Edmunds Hall Rivers Hall was Chief of Maintenance at Spar- tanburg General Hospital in 1967 when USC-S was begun. He joined USC-S in that same capacity in 1973. " When the school started it consisted of a bunch of boxes. There was no equipment at all and I spent a great deal of time improvising. We made blackboards from plywood and paint and put up partitions to provide office space. Something needed to be done quickly so we did the best we could. The whole thing was a pioneer concept. It be- gan with nothing and some people didn ' t think it would get off the ground. The growth has been out- standing to the point that we must begin to think of expansion in terms of more than one structure at a time. " USC-S has always been cramped for space but these hardships seem to project a feeling of oneness. When the time came to move into the new buildings, some of the best workers were members of the adminis- tration and students. The student body here is outstanding. They are remarkable people and I enjoy being as- sociated w ith them. " Margaret Lesene is an Assistant Professor of Business Education and Office Administration. " Early in 1967 when I heard that Spartanburg would have a USC region- al campus I contacted officials in Columbia and thus became one of the first faculty members of our school . That fall we opened on the ground floor of the Nurses Residence with fifteen full and part-time faculty members and one hundred and seventy-seven students. While we were crowded for space the first years, there was a cozy feeling of oneness that permeated our school — both faculty and students. We all had one desire — to make USC-S a big success! We have now grown into a four-year institution with more than thirteen hundred undergraduates and five hundred graduate students. Our faculty has expanded to seventy and the staff to seventeen. I am pleased with our phenomenal growth. I think there is a definite need in this community for a moderately priced educational facility. It is wonderful thatwehave at- tracted so many good stu- dents to our campus. Lithard Paul Lithard is a for- eign language instructor who teaches both German and French. " In those first days there were only eight or nine faculty members but they were very involved with students and school affairs. In addition to Ger- man and French, I also taught Spanish. In fact, I was the entire foreign language department. We had no language labs then but the students were well prepared. We made out the best we could under the circumstances. The students then made the school what it is today. I feel that it will continue its growth with the years. The young people simply need to look at the older students we have here to see that what they learn now will be useful in later life. " Lesesne Murph Marian Murph serves as the institution ' s Admin- istrative Assistant. " When I started to worl in April of 1967 there was no USC region- al campus. All I had was a telephone. My table and chair were borrowed from the hospital. Dr. Stirzaker, the school ' s first director, came in July. We did everything that was done, even putting the furniture together. During this time a new hospital wing was under construction and we had to work while listen- ing to jackhammers and bulldozers. Those of us who have been with USC-S since the beginning have a special feeling about the school. A certain spirit of coop- eration which arose from those hardships has made each accomplishment a great reward. " The greatest reward is to see former students return to the community and become leaders, some who may have been de- nied the chance to further their educations without USC-S. " James P. Sloan, As- sistant Professor of Polit- ical Science, served as USC-Spartanburg Assistant Directorfor Academic Af- fairs from 1970 through 1973 when he chose to return to full-time teach- ing. " In the beginning, there were only seven or eight faculty members. We were able to hold meetings with the entire group sitting around one table. We were on a first- name basis, a closely-knit group, and there was a great feeling of coopera- tion. Sloan, who became a university professor after a long career in industry and public relations, con- siders teaching " an oppor- tunity to make a contri- bution to the lives of young people while they are in their impression- able years. In commenting on the phenomenal growth of USC-S, he considers it good " because it provides many students who other- wise would be denied a college education an op- portunity to receive one at a reasonable cost. " Stirzaker Norbert Stirzaker, USC - Spartanburg ' s first director, served in that capacity until 1973. He is now an Associate Profes- sor of Educational Admin- istration. " When we first started there were only nine faculty members so we were closely knit. We met practically every day at coffee break. This is what is missed most as the school grows. There were close relationships with both the faculty and stu- dents. Problems could be solved quickly because good lines of communica- tion existed within the group. I used to enjoy taking cheerleaders and players to basketball games in my station wagon since the school had no cars of its own. " With growth things are less personal. But growth is inevitable in a metropolitan area the size of Spartanburg. We ' re in the largest single tax- paying district and de- serve a first class, four- year institution, USC-S can not help but continue to grow. DavidTaylor is an As- sistant Professor of Biolo- gy. He is also the Chair- man of the Division of Science, Engineering and Mathematics. " When we began in the basement of the nurses residence at the hospital, the faculty was so small we could sit around one table. The laboratory and classroom facilities were not ideal but were ade- quate for the time. Today we have grown tremendously. I would like to see expansion in the science, area but we must expand first in the areas of heaviest enrollment. We must support the re- quirements of the major- ity of our students. This is why the school exists. The growth of USC-S is evidence of the need for this type of institution in the community. We have been able to provide a reasonable priced edu- cation for many who may not have had the oppor- tunity to recieve it other- wise. " Sloan The G .B. Hodge Center was the second addition to the USC-S campus. Occupied in January of 1972, it provided a modern gymnasium, a more spacious student center, and lab facilities for nursing instruction. Fall ' 73 registration saw enrollment reach the seven hundred Full Time Equivalent level and the regional campus received the authority to offer junior-level courses for the first time. » ■- • »«i?PWt:r? " 10 The $1.5 million Hodge Center provided a great boost to the USC-S athletic program. Be- ginning in 1972 the basketball team, sporting the new name " Rifles, " was able to play its home games in a gymnasium it could be proud of. The seating capacity of more than twenty -one hundred and an excellent lighting system were quite an improve- ment over the small, poorly lit Evans Junior High School gym which had formerly been the Rifles ' home. 12 ifj ■ r 1 13 In the fall of 1974 an outstanding recruiting program culminated in the enrollment of nearly fourteen hun- dred undergraduates and over five hundred graduate students. More importantly, the one thousand Full Time Equivalent requirement was met and the University received official four-year status. The vast influx of students required more space than was available on the campus and arrangements were made to hold classes at the near- by Rodeway Inn. iri; ROADWAY m M ' r ' ' m .,.-7 ' 3? ,. ' V-; ' ,ir t ,: 2i FALL REGISTRATION On the second day of fall reg- istration the magic number of 1000 was reached. This number of Full Time Equivalent students allowed USC-S to begifi offering senior level courses. Except for this, registration was dull as usual. Lines were long, everyone wanted your money and signs were posted everywhere telling you to " do this " and " don ' t do that. " Obviously, some students just couldn ' t cope with the situation. I Rt isiraiipn Ouii Tht c rds ar necessary " r. ' ' j; ' i --- ' ' t f come " courses Time To V_ P ' for +L5 ' + ' na -Jloyit, 9 18 1000 FTE ' S W» Know You Hov« Hod (check on») - A vrtcked .—B not ioo wKked _X no at oil wicked — D none of +he obove Day, ond We j A opprecra+e jilB redly apprecw+e jdC Konesfly adore Your Patient Understanding P " " ' " ! I c wtion: ™ 1 ir, AT THIS , OINT, OU S minutts 1 DO NOT HMVE ML FORMS rO CHECK YOUH 1 COMPLETED, ML CODES PACKET CAM SAVE WU CODEV, ML CMRt S COMP- y 5 hours LETE WITH SOCML SECURITY ' IN THE RECORPS NUMBER — " OFFICE. CORRECriNG ER- RORS. GO back to bt finning j DO NOT pass qc Isni 4 hours 55 minuies worth a double check? DO NOT collect 200 i i t . usc-5 m-i CT . AaIU. L VU7l-u: -.oo 19 20 ; ;«»S « ' 9 W«W«BB 21 LABS . 22 23 After (or during) classes many find the student center a place of refuge. Whatever your pleasure, you can find it here. Cards, conversation and study (sometimes) abound in " The Roost. " ' . ' 24 ' .• V. % ' . t ■ - ' ■i , " ' . ■ • ■ r ' . . : V-. •, ' ■ ' . ' . ■••■: i ' : " • V. . ■ I . • _ • [• " ■■.r,- ' -.,- r • vj •.. ■ ■ . ;♦ ' ., I 25 26 27 28 m •V I « 29 LO MISS USC-S LINDA BURGESS f 30 31 Watergate, Ravenel ' s dis- qualification, the resignation of a president, and the el- ection of a Republican gov- ernor for the first time since Reconstruction were a few of the happenings in the po- litical world during the school year. Perhaps the most in- triguing event was the state gubernatorial race. Charles " Pug " Ravenel defeated Congressman Bryan Dorn in a run-off to win the Democratic Primary after a circuit judge ruled him eligible to run. In the state ' s first Re- publican Primary State Sen- ator Jim Edwards defeated retired Army Chief of Staff, General William Westmore- land, 32 :+he people ot skoold cUoo e our L " n C « j Initial indications pointed to a Ravenel win — but things began to change. A suit was brought against Ravenel charging that he did not meet the residency requirements stipulated in the State Con- stitution. The State Supreme Court ruled that Ravenel was ineligible. Another suit was taken to the U.S Supreme Court charging that the rights of the 187,000 persons who had voted for Ravenel in the primary had been violated. The court ruled that this was not the case, thus Ravenel and his many supporters abandoned their hopes. This was a bitter disappointment to many young people to whom Ravenel represented change and this, to them, was a tre- mendous letdown. 33 After Ravenel ' s disqual- ification. The Democratic Party nominated Bryan Dorn who had initially been beaten by Ravenel in the run-off primary. Dorn and Edwards began campaigning in what was to be- come one of the closest races in the state ' s history. Both candidates made appearances on campus and talked with students and faculty alike. Republican candidate Ed- wards visited USC-S on Sep- tember 4 and conducted a question and answer session with students in the student center. Edwards, in answering several questions posed by students, stated that he was behind President Ford in re- gards to the president ' s am- nesty program. The state sen- ator further stated that he was in favor of capital punishment and against the legalization of marijuana. Bryan Dorn, the Democratic Party ' s candidate, visited campus on October 24. Congressman Dorn spoke to James Sloan ' s Political Science 201 class noting that " One of the top priorities in South Car- olina today is education. " Dorn also spoke with sev- eral students in other classes as he toured the campus, Dorn stated that he would support the adoption of the Equal Rights Amendment and would continue to fight for increased educational benefits for veterans. Other candidates made appearances campaigning for other positions in the state government. On Sep- tember 19 Republican candidate for Attorney General Ken Powell spoke on campus. Powell called for change — a word that was heard more and more throughout the year ' s election. 34 1 1 On October 10 Democratic candidate Brantley Harvey vis- ited the student center and an- swered various questions posed from students. During the campaigning USC-S student ' s preferences were obvious. The cars in our overflowing parking lots were a mass of bumper-stickered ve- hicles — each proclaiming their owner ' s choice. Interested students began organizing clubs to aid their candidate ' s campaign. Through- out the campaigns USC-S stu- dents joined various band-wag- ons. Then the election came and resulted in the first Repub- lican governor in one-hundred years and then things quieted down. 35 FALL PARTY IS GIANT SUCCESS The fall party held in the student center was a huge success as an overflow crowd boogied to the sounds of " Mainstream " from Durham, North Carolina. An emergency trip for more beer combined with the ex- cellent band made this one of the year ' s most successful social events. ' MAINSTREAM " IS HIT WITH CROWD OCTOBER PARTY 38 39 %■ ' ■ ) -r-S 40 CHRISTMAS PARTY 41 42 « I ?•» •»■ " -■ 43 A STARTLING EXPOSE Some of our nurses live at the Nurses Residence. The General Hospital facility is the only dormitory housing available to USC-S students. Life at the residence is just like any other dorm. There are parties and card games, teddy bears and illegal pets, laundry to do and long lines at the telephone. Some students even find time to study. 44 THE NURSES RESIDENCE 45 RODEWAY 46 FIT - XoT " SB«_l INN , 4 THE FOXIE LADY LOUNGE OPEN 11:30 AN TO I AN SHORT ORDERS SCHOOL OR MOTEL? 47 48 STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION 74-75 The 1974-75 Student Government Association members are (L to R) Randy Sanders, Freshman Class President; Danny Wilson, Junior Class President; Alfred Sergiacomi, SGA Treasurer; Melissa Hayes, SGA Secretary; Susan Harrison, SGA Vice-President; Nick Small, SGA President; SECOIMD ROW: SGA Senators; Mike Snelgrove, Bob Kennedy, Sharon Herndon, Lester Richards Lee Speer, Susan Wood, STANDING: Mike Lukridge, Greg Knox, Terry Toney, Billy Inman, Buddy Timmons, Danny Abraham, Tommy Small, Randy Morrison. Not pictured: John Longo, Sophomore Class President; Brian Reeve, Senator; Lynn Weisner, Senator. 50 SGA OFFICERS The 1974-75 Student Government Association has been active this year. Many parties have been held. The freshman class sponsored a Thanksgiving dinner for the children at the Salvation Army, and The Film Committee had several movies brought to the campus. A concert was held in Spartanburg Auditorum, and Founders Day was held in the gym. One of the ways SGA is open to students is that all meetings are open to any student; however, few students took advantage to come to express their views. The officers are (L to R) Alfred Sergiacomi, SGA Treasurer; Susan Harrison, SGA Vice-President; Nick Small, SGA President SECOIMD ROW Randy Sanders, Freshman Class President; Danny Wilson, Junior Class President; and Melissa Hayes, SGA Secretary. Absent from picture: John Longo, Sophomore Class President. 51 SGA 74-75 Mike Snelgrove and Tommy Small sell Student Directories during Spring registration. 52 The Spartanburg Engineering Society consists of (L to R): FIRST ROW Percy Wimberly, Karen Greene, William Barnes, SECOMD ROW Tony Taylor, Rick Bryant, Mike East, Leslie Charles, Marcus Zollinger, Dennis Guest THIRD ROW Neil Gosnell, Richard Dean FOURTH ROW John Longo, Al Cantrell, Marvin Johnson, Robert Kingsmore, Chris Frantz, Frank Garrett, Brown Shelton, Larry Adams. cn men O " 2. " D oo m 1 2 :d — 1 EERI ANB " Z. c o - o The officers of the Spartanburg Engineering Society are (L to R): Mike East, President; Marvin Johnson, Vice- President; Rick Bryant, Secretary; Al Cantrell, Secretary; Marcus Zollinger, Treasurer. 53 VETRAN ' S STUDENT LEAGUE The Vetran ' s Student League this year consists of: (L to R) Kathy Harvey, Wayne Beard, Wade Bralley, Jill Gossett, David IMettles, Jack Treadgill SECOND ROW James Rosemond, Jack Giarratano, Len Carroll, Pauk Raines, John Graves. 54 VSL OFFICERS The Veteran ' s Student League was established in 1973 to promote fellowship among veterans and their families and to create a liaison between returning veterans and non-veteran students. It further serves to enrich and fulfill a veteran ' s college career and to represent USC-S in community affairs through its many projects. The organization realized a long-term objective this year when it was able to raise sufficient funds to establish the Veteran ' s Short-Term Loan Fund. This year also saw the first meeting of the Outside Veterans Advisory Committee, which consists of advisors from the business aid industrial world who are interested in the affairs of the USC-S vet. Led by Secretary Wayne Beard, Treasurer Len Carroll, President Jack Threadgill and Vice President Bill Lanford (not shown), the VSL participated in many worthwhile community projects such as a Children ' s Circus, the March of Dimes, Goodfellows and the American Cancer Society ' s " Send a Mouse to College " drive. Through these efforts the VSL has maintained its reputation as one of the most service oriented organizations on campus. 55 CAROLANA 75 The 1975 CARO LANA Staff consists of (L to R): Nancy Searle, Heather Taylor, Becky Patterson, advisor; Laurie Hill, Nick Small, Lee Speer, Lester Richards, assistant editor; Randy Morrison, editor; Siisan Henson, Alfred Sergiacomi, assistant; Susan Harrison. 56 The staff has had a lot of fun meeting deadlines, missing deadlines, and spending sleepless nights at school. There are so many things that could and should be said, but it can all be summed up in one word — thanks — to the dedicated people who saw it through. This year has seen many firsts at USC-S. We have reached one thousand full-time students had classes at a motel, and entered into four-year intercollegiate competition. Keeping pace, the CAROLANA has more pages than ever before, a color introduction, and a more in-depth look into student life at USC-S. Going through the pages of this book we encountered many problems, difficulties in film processing, and lack of cooperation among students. Special thanksgo to Lester Richards, Heather Taylor, Laurie Hill, Susan Harrison, Alden Hall, Mike Charles, Susan Henson, Alfred Sergiacomi, Susan Wood, Becky Patter- son, Charlie Winston, and Steve Bo iter. We hope students enjoy going through this book. This is more than an annual, it is memories — memories of haircuts fashions, cars, and school life. Apologies go to those who were not remembered because of deadline pressures 57 58 The Carolinian Editor Susan Harrison Sports Editor Alfred Sergiacomi Staff Writers Bryson Bailey, Susan Henson, Ann Parris, Nancy Searle Artist Donna Pettil Typist Doris Ann Johnson Photographers Randy Morrison, Lester Richards, Lee Speei Narrowly meeting dead-lines, cursing the typewriter, rushing still dripping prints to the printer and cutting classes in order to get the newspaper out in time. All of these are just a few of the memories the Carolinian Staff will have the ' 74-75 school year. There were weeks when copy was scarce and it was a miracle if enough could be set for a four-page paper. Then there were those weeks when an eight-page paper wasn ' t big enough for all the copy. But through it all a small but dedicated staff kept publishing the Carolinian each week. This year saw several changes in the newspaper including the addition of a new column, the Rifleman, and several nameplate changes. This year ' s staff consists of (OPPOSITE PAGE): FIRST ROW, Randy Morrison, Lee Speer, Lester Richards, Alfred Sergiacomi, SECOND ROW: Doris Ann Johnson, Susan Henson, Susan Harrison, editor, THIRD ROW: Nancy Searle, 59 SKEET CLUB The Skeet Club this year consists of (L to R): Steve Billings, Mike Snelgrove, Randy Sanders, Millard Ulmer, David McDaniel, and Jim Landan. 60 DRAMA CLUB " Cut down the lights! " " Once the stapler is fixed we can finish the flats. " " How can we nail the flats without a hammer? " " Room 209 is too small for a play to be held! " " We must be the only Drama Club in the world who builds sets outside. " " We ' ll have to tear the set down again. Nothing will go through the doors. " These were just a few of the statements one could hear if they walked into one of the Drama Club meetings. This was the first Drama Club chartered at USC-S in two years. Unfortunatley , the Drama Club had a rough year. The club started out with no flats and a limited supply of make-up. Early in the year the club decided to do a production of " Barefoot in the Park. " How- ever the rehearsal schedules were impossible to fit around the players ' classes coupled with problems in trying to reserve 209 for set construction led to the cancelling of the production. The same problem was encountered in taking the club picture. 61 BAPTIST STUDENT UNION The Baptist Student Union this year consists of (L to R): Patsy Smith, Robin Goldsmith, Susan Bagwell, Sandra McDowell, Shirley Godfrey, Lynn Weisner, Linda Truesdale, Virendra Patel, Susan West. Absent from picture Lee Speer. 62 The officers of the Baptist Student Union are (L to R): Linda Truesdale, President; Susan Bagwell, Represent- ative; Sandra McDowell, Social chairman; and Shirley Godfrey, Snack coordinator. Absent from picture Lee Speer, Outreach officer. 63 CHESS CLUB The Chess Club was organized to pro- mote interest and participation in chess. The club participated in several tournaments this year. The Chess Club consists of (L to R): Jim London, John Renfro, Mr. Spong, advisor; Mickey Bush, President; John Garrett Vice- President. 64 m 00 The Pep Band was organized to provide entertainment during home basketball games. The Pep Band consists of (L to R): FIRST ROW Kenny Littlefield, Al Gray, Advisor; SECOIMD ROW Dean Brown, Kim Mabury THIRD ROW Lee Kirby. 65 " U i b L.Ai 4 The Black Student Union was founded in January 1974 with the idea to improve and maintain good relations with all students. Last year the BSU in cooperation with Wofford and Spartanburg Tech, sponsored Black Week. Black Week activities included a gas raffle, guest speakers, and a fashion show sponsored by local merchants. At the end of the Black Week a dance was held and was open to the public. The BSU consists of ( L to R ) Linda Washington, Lucille Holloman, Linda Burgess, Donn Holloman SECOND ROW James Brooks, Ricky Dean, Dean Fowler, Nixon Allen 66 BLACK STUDENT UNION Black Student Union officers this year are ( L to R ) James Brooks, Parliamentarian; Linda Washington, President; Dean Fowler, Vice-President; Al Gray, Advisor; not pictured Diane Maykin, Secretary 67 i " Hie Letterman ' s club this year consists of (L to R) FIRST ROW Karen Taylor, Debby Smith, Susan Wood, Marie Tillotson, Bill Reitmeier, advisor, Sharon Herndon, Kaye Hall, IVlii e Wood, Will Walker SECOND ROW Danny Wilson, Leroy Rowe, Jim Elliott, Joe Elder, Kenny Tuck, Rick Robinson THIRD ROW Johnny Whiteside, James Brooks, Lee Speer, Skip Frye, Bill Humphries, David Bishop, Bill Phelps, James Meadows. 68 LETTERMANS CLUB 69 The Photography Club received a new enlarger for the darkroom. With the new enlarger better quality prints were possible. The meetings were held to help the photographer with problems en- countered. The club this year consists of (L to R): Alfred Sergiacomi, Becky Patterson, Susan Harrison, Nancy Searle, Randy Morrison, Mike Charles, Lester Richards, and Nick Small. 70 UNIVERSAL LOVE Universal Love this year consists of (L to R): FIRST ROW Joe Elder, Nick Small, Lester Richards, SECOND ROW Lynn Duckett, Sammy Bailey, Robin Lawson, Terry Kiser, Lee Speer, Judy Odom, Alfred Sergiacomi, and Beth Alexander. 71 STUDENT NURSES The Student Nurses Association this year consists of (L to R): FIRST ROW Frances Hamilton, Barbara Gaskins, Shirley Jackson, Ann Conrad, Kathy Harris, Lynne Weisner, Jill Plexico, Lynda Plexico, Mary Jane Hattala, Patsy Smith SECOND ROW Ruth Baker, Lynn Gunter, Patti Malone, Roberta Mathis, Clarie Frances, Doris Ann Johnson, Pam Copeland, Susan Henson, Pat Easier, Shirley Godfrey, Susan Bagwell, Dianne Blackwell. 72 The Student Nurses Association is an organization dedicated to helping the student in their lives as they pre- pare to be professional nurses. Membership is open to all student nurses. The officers this year are: Barbara Gaskins, Ruth Bai er, President; Doris Ann Johnson, Vice-President; Lynne Weisner, Treasurer; Patsy Smith SECOND ROW Shirley Godfrey, Roberta Mathis, Pat Easier, Clarie Frances, Susan Bagwell, IVIary Jane Hattala, Reporter. 73 The Choraleers this year sponsored two talent shows and put on a Christmas performance. Any interested student can join the Choraleers. 74 CHORALEERS The Choraleers this year consists of (L to R): Melissa Hayes, Emily Greene, Alice McBride, Bobby Shrop- shire, Mark Brown SECOND ROW Elizabeth Robinson, Debra Brown, Jennifer Fuller, Mark Brown, John Ware, Nixon Allen THIRD ROW Jane Brockman, and Hazel Wood. 75 ■s The Outdoor Club this year consists of (L to R): David IVlcDaniel, Percy Wimberly, Albert Smith, Herbert Howell, Billy Cannon, Wade Bralley, Guy Jacobsohn, Bruce Finland, Bob Metger. 76 - 77 fea i : fe Basketball Coach Bill Reitmeier and the 1974 Fall Basketball Team (L to R): Nixon Allen, Jimmy Elliot, Lavonda Sweenye, Matt Sanders, Bill Green, Dale Meadows, Robert Smith, James Brooks, Kerry Edmunds, Bill Phelps, Ducie Robinson, Johnny Whiteside, and Keith Taylor, 80 The Spring 1975 Basketball Team (L to R): Skip Frye, Jimmy Elliott, Bill Humphries, Lavanda Sweeney, James Brooks, Coach Reitmeier, Theodore Vernon, Patrick Still, Bill Phelps, David Bishop, Kieth Taylor, Gregg Alexander 81 82 83 84 85 On paper, the Spartan Rifles ex- perienced a rather disappointing sea- son, but we must realize that we en- tered four-year competition and nobody could expect miracles. This year the " new look " Rifle s wel- comed Bill Reitmeier as their new skip- per. Coach Reiteier knew he had a task to fulfill, and took it all in stride and gave us some exciting basketball. The team faced one of the tough- est schedules possible for a school in its freshman year of big-time basketball. They met two nationally- ranked teams in addition to other tough teams firmly established in four-year basketball. The Rifles proved they could keep up with the big boys, as they stayed in the game with most of them, including giving second-ranked Gardner-Webb a fight for their lives before the Bull- dogs finally won out. Before the season began. Coach Reitmeier said " we have to learn to crawl before we can walk. " We may have had a losing record this year, but with a coach like Bill Reitmeier, the basketball program at USC-S has a very optomistic future. 86 1gi ■■■ ■! 87 88 89 CHEERLEADERS!!! ' M The Cheerleaders have led the school teams this year with much spirit, and also they have been in- volved in many other activities. The squad consists of (L to R): FIRST ROW Sharon Herndon SECOND ROW Kaye Hall, Leroy Rowe, Tana Pierce, THIRD ROW Susan Wood, Larry Blosser, Karen Taylor, head cheerleader; and IVlarie Tillotson. . 1 -.. 92 93 Jill 1 if y? •« ' 1 M v. vV.Al WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL The Women ' s Basketball Team this yeai- consists of (L to R): Reajean King, Sylvia Easier, Kathy Fowler, Julie Hipp, Donna Ivey, Debbie Smith, Janet Hipp, Tweedie Nichols, Rhonda Henderson, Paulette Porter. 94 95 TENNIS I I The Tennis Team this year consists of (L to R): Lee Speer, John Kiser, Wilson Casey, Joe Elder, Sylvia Easier, Larry Kelly, and Coach Glenn. 96 • ♦ ♦ » —IT, 97 GOLF TEAM The Golf Team this year consists of (L to R): Thomas Easier, Bobby Pitts, Danny Abraham, Coach Bowman, Mark Gil mans, Roger Bean, Danny Wilson, Coach Glenn. 98 r r. ) .,x ' Brd ' " • »B fc. f i ' ' ; ' ■-ig } . ' - iv-,-: 99 7 ' fiifc ; 1 1 Jip, : iv •, ' ' . :.• i 100 BASEBALL I A Jt, ■■» ■; " .• At publication time, the 1975 version of the Rifles ' baseball team was not formally organized and the schedule was not completed. x •■ ' " tf : " - • : mmmi ' 101 WOMEN ' S SOFTBALL TEAM This year the Girls ' Softball Team consists of (L to R) FIRST ROW: Susan Harrison, Judy Odom, Marguerite Searle, Susan Wood and Carolyn Bailey. SECOND ROW: Virginia Smith, Coach; Susan Henson, Kit Jordan, Sylvia Easier, Pat Epps and Betty Jones. Under coach Virginia Smith, the girls launched their first season of inter-collegiate competition. 102 103 104 m ... 106 107 SPARTANBURG COUNTY COMMISSION FOR HIGHER EDUCATION fffppp«ti| 1 The members of the Spartanburg County Commission for Higher Education are (L to R)G.S. Brooks, Harold Davis, Bill Burroughs, Dr. G.B. Hodge, Louise Howell, Cleveland Harley. Not Pictured: Jack Cobb and Dr. J. P. Coan. RIFLE REGIMENT The 1974 officers of the Boosters Club are (L to R) Zerno Martin, secretary- treasurer; Steve Ashcraft, president; and David L. Parks, vice-president. The Booster Club Board of Directors for 1974 include (L to R) Arthur George, Norman Steider, John Vacek, Furman Babb, and Jack Tyner. Booster Club President Steve Ashcraft welcomed three new members to the club ' s Board of Directors, they are (L to R): George McDowell, Dr. Fred l l. Simmons and Gene Brown. 110 CAROLINA-PIEDMONT FOUNDATION i :«v . The Foundation President is Horace Smith (LEFT) and the Treasurer is £rnest Klutlz (RIGHT). Members of the Foundation ' s Board of Di- rectors are ( L to R ) Walter Demopoulos, Robin E. Hood, Dr, John E. Keith, and H.S. Clari e. Foundation members also include (FRONT ROW) Hubert Hendrix, vice-president; and (RIGHT) Richard Tukey, member of the Board. In the back row are Fred IVIoffitt (LEFT), member of the Board, and Joe King (RIGHT), secretary. ALUMNI ASSOCIATION The officers of the Alumni Associ- ation are (L to R) Joe Bowman, athletic director; George McDowell, member of the board; Cornelia Steele, Chairman of the Board; James R. Smith, President; Mrs. Susan Brown, secretary and James Brown, treasurer. Ill DR. OLIN SANSBURY DIRECTOR, USC-S DR. G. B. HODGE On February seventh Founders Day was held to hon- or Dr. G.B. Hodge for his ser- vice to USC-S. A portrait was presented to Dr. Hodge and will be hung in the lobby of the Administration Building. The portrait was presented in a student assembly. Several speakers were featured during the assembly and many of Dr. Hodges ' friends were present. ■ Dr. Hodge was the first Chair- man of The Spartanburg County Commission for Higher Edu- cation, and through his hard work USC-S received Its ' second building. 112 Helen Biehl Chairman, Nursing Thomas Davis Asst. Director of Student Affairs John Edmunds Chairman, Social and Behavioral Science Tom Hawkins Chairman Education and Graduate Regional Studies Paul Mack Admissions Officer m,.:- •X- ' Bob Connelly Business Manager Ronald Eaglin Assoc. Director for Academic Affairs Albert Gray Financial Aid Officer and Vet. Coordinator William Kissell Cord., Cont. Education and Placement Carolyn Wynn Chairman, Fine Arts, Languages and Literature Absent Administration: Don Knight Asst. Director for Educational Services Elbert Menees Chairman, Bus. Admin, and Economics David Taylor Chairman, Science, Engineering and Mathematics. ■ " ■y ' i-.r. ' .i? j; Nancy Babb Betty Baldwin James W. Brown Karen Brown Jane Davisson Susan K. Dent Barry Franklin David M. Glenn u - Alice Henderson Conway Henderson -X Paul Lithard Lois Marriott IMancy Moore Rebekah Patterson Katie Beysiegel Joseph Bowman Vergene Colloms Cheryl Dammon Michael Dressman Gwendolyn Felton Pamela Gray Robert Harvey Norma Hendra Marjorie Keller Robert Metger Lawrence Moore ii . Victoria Poole William Reitmeier Dane Russo Emmanuel Seko Elizabeth Sikes Glenda Sims James P. Sloan Virginia Smith h )Jf l Richard Spong Charles Stavely M.B. Ulmer Jessie Wall Dollie Weeks Percy Wimberly Charles Winston STAFF Susan Gil more Mary Johnson Glenn Landrum Anne Bradley Joyce Butler Charlene Carrigan Ann Carter Marian Murph Barbara Owens Elizabeth Owens Peggy Rowe Ruth Shiplett Jack! Sherbert 118 119 120 121 122 123 ,i2£» saw.!«w ' - »i : - i «i6» ' J-Slffr- -. _- _ " ' l lifi !i! . j Daniel Abraham Larry Adams Linda Adams Margaret Ahem Sharon Alderman Blanche Alexander Caprice Alexander Gregory Alexander Merrie Alexander Elizabeth Allen Larry Allen Nixon Allen Robert Allen Samuel Allen Thelma Allen Wally Alley Diane Allison Paulette Alverson Betty Anderson David Anderson Joy Anderson Earl Anderson Mary Andrews Stella Arce James Arrington Michael Atkins Camellia Ayers Ronald Babb Kathryn Bagwell Nancy Bagwell Susan Bagwell Carolyn Bailey Henry Bai ley Hope Bai ley Mildred Bailey Sammy Bailey W.C. Bailey Margaret Baker Ruth Baker Kim Baldwin LuAnn Baldwin Gloria Ballenger 126 Kay Ballenger Jack Barnes Paul Barron William Barron Johnny Barry Lynne Bates Helen Bean Wayne Beard Bill Beattie Terry Bennett William Bennett Joseph Bergmann Sandra Besnoy Robert Beviil Alice Bishop David Bishop Donna Bishop Marian Bishop Mark Bishop Roger Bishop Sara Bishop Bessie Black Daniel Blackwell Diane Blackwell Mark Blackwell Ted Blackwell Janice Blalock Teresa Blanchard Mary Jane Blanton Lawrence Blosser Michael BIythe Allen Bogan Nona Bolding Peggy Bolin James Bonds Dana Soulier Rachel Bowen Cynthia Bowers Sandra Bowers Beth Boyter Beth Bradley John Bradey 127 Judith Bradley Tressie Bradley Joyce Bragg Barry Bralley OIlie Bramlett David Brannon Marilyn Bremer Robbie Brewington Carol Brewton Charles Brian Katherine Bridges Patricia Bridges Errick Bridwell Benita Briggs Barbara Bright Janice Bright Irene Britton Jane Brockman James Brooks Jul ia Brooks Debra Brown Eartha Brown Mark Brown Jane Brown Kevin Brown Vicki Brown Fredda Bruce Malcolm Bruce Shei la Bryant Elizabeth Burgess Linda Burgess Wanda Burgess Freddy Burnett Harold Burnett Vernon Burnett Linda Burns Larry Burwell Sara Butler Judy Byars Peggy Byrd Sylvia Byrd Donna Camby Sandra Camby Dena Campbell Johnny Campbell Amanda Cannon Barbara Cannon Bruce Cannon John Cannon Martha Cannon Michael Cannon Al Cantrell Roy Carroll Cheri Carter Wi Ison Casey Karen Cavin Mark Chapman Mark Chapman Tom Chapman Leslie Charles Michael Charles Steve Chastain Rebecca Chasteen Marsha Clark Ben Clary Gay Clement 129 George Clements Mary Cleveland Sandra Clifton Stephen Cline Donna Clippard Melody Cody Denise Cogglns Harriet Cohen Jill Coley Bruce Coin Judy Coin Sherry Connor Patty Conrad Carmie Cook David Cook Judy Cook Walter Cook Pearson Cooper Douglas Copeland James Copeland Pamela Copeland Sally Costine James Couch David Cox Kaye Cox Leon Cox Phyllis Cox Joanne Covington Joan Grain John Crews 130 IV »f James Crocker Terry Crocker James Crook Harold Crossley Donna Crumpton Kristine Cudd John Cureton Candice Curry James Curry Barbara Dale Iris Dame Gwen Darby Paula Dave Edwin Davis Essie Davis Jackie Davis Kathy Davis Lawrence Davis Sylvia Davis Bernard Dawkins James Deal Anthony Dean Pamela DeFore Anita Dempsey Susanne Dempsey Carolyn DeShields Ida Dobbins Phillip Dodd Suzanne Dodds James Dogan Derrell Dollar Steve Douglas Deborah Dover Richard Dover Azon Downs Henrietta Drummond 131 Lynn Duckett Ruby Dumit Ellen Duncan Larry Duncan Ronald Duncan Carolyn Easier Deana Easier Kay Easier Patricia Easier Sylvia Easier Michael East Kenneth Eaves Barry Edge Kerry Edmunds Barbara Edwards Martha Edwards Mark Edwards Robert Edwards Sheila Edwards Terry Edwards Joe Elder Jimmy Elliott Michael Elliott Dorothy Ellis 132 Rhonda Ellison David Emory Patricia Epps Tyler Evans Janice Everman Robert Ezell Lucy Farmer Debbie Finch Susan Finch Cheryl Fisher David Floyd Wayne Floyd Nancy Ford Brenda Foster Celena Foster Mary Foster Bryan Fowler Gwendolyn Fowler Robert Fowler Kathy Fowler Kim Fowler Nellie Fowler Ronald Fowler Marie Fowler Claire Francis Johnny Franklin Christopher Frantz John Freeman Steven Frye Jennifer Fuller 133 Pam Gal I man Steven Galloway Elizabeth Gamboa Nando Garbarlne Carroll Gardner Carol Garner John Garrett Barbara Gaskins Debra Gaskins Roy Gauthier Ann George Ben George Christina George Robert Gibson Jane Gilbert Woodrow Gi Ibert Terry Gi Imer Shirley Godfrey Michael Goforth Jan Gosline Neil Gosnell Terry Gosnell Vicki Gosnell Ji 1 1 Gossett Martha Graham Wanda Granier Anthony Grant Elizabeth Grant John Graves Colin Gray Jacquelin Gray Carroll Green Vance Greene Emily Greene Iris Greene Joseph Greene Karen Greene Larry Greene Melanie Greene Joan Greenway Susan Greenway Sandy Greenwood 134 Alma Greer Roger Greer Martha Gregory Kent Gresham Diane Griffin Norman Groothedde Dennis Guest Andrew Gunn Lynn Gunter Jeri Gwinn John Gwinn Randall Gwinn Yvonne Gwinn Alden Hall Danny Hall Deborah Hall Jane Hall Kaye Hall Michael Hamilton Danny Hammett Deborah Hammett Beth Hammett JoAnn Hammett Larry Hammett 135 m0, ry ' jiss- , " )! L " ' : " £ ; ■■ Steven Hammett Terry Hammett William Hammett Edith Hammond Tlnomcis Hanley Ross Hanna Donald Hardin Willie Hardy Patricia Harley Donie Harper Debra Harris Jean Harris Kathy Harris Shirley Harris James Harrison Susan Harrison Evelyn Hartley Becky Harvey Kathy Harvey Larry Harvey Mary Hattala Jack Hawkins John Hayes Melissa Hayes rrwrr 136 Robin Hayes Roxanna Headlee Donald Heatherly Charles Henderson Kaja Henderson Rhonda Henderson Linda Hendrix Sharon Hendrix Sharon Herndon Susan Henson Martha Hibbard Dick Hiahf Laurie Hill Sheryl Hill Jimmy Hindman Mike Hines Paula Hines Rita Hines Janet Hipp Julie Hipp Elisabeth Hirsiger Danny Hix Mary Hodge Christine Hogan Michael Hogan David Holcombe Reginald Holden Lucile Holloman Debbie Holmes Judy Hood Margaret Hope Sandra Hopper Regina Home Rebecca Home Elleene Horton Judy Horton Eric Howard John Howard Robert Howard Sheila Howard Annette Huckaby Rebecca Hudson 137 Mike Hughey Keefer Humphries William Humphries Donald Hunt Sarah Hunt Patsy Huntley Susan Hursey Sam Hustin Danny Hyleman Robert Hyman Billy Inman Robert Irvin Albert Israel Angelia Israel Donna Ivey Linda Ivey Robert Jackson Shirley Jackson Shirley Jameson Jenny Jarvis Roman Jaskin Marty Jett Doris Ann Johnsor Dianne Johnson Debra Johnson Helen Johnson Johnny Johnson Sandie Johnson Wilma Johnson William Johnson Marvin Johnson Elizabeth Johnston Gerald Johnston Jerry Johnston Jack Jolley Buddy Jolley Reginia Jolley Betty Jones Carroll Jones Carolyn Jones Elizabeth Jones Susan Jones 138 Sara Jordan Nancy Kelly Bob Kennedy James Kerr Brenda Kimmons James Kimsey Donald King Joy King Richard King Deborah Kingsmore Robert Kingsmore Emma Kinsler Anthony Kirby Barbara Kirby Edward Kirby Martin Kirby Mary Kirl Teri Kiser Michael Kite George Knickerbocker Jorii Knight Barbara Knighton Wi Iliam Knox Joey Kohn Emily Koon Merry Lamancusa Donna Lamb Roger Lambert Gerald Lancaster Rodney Lancaster Ronald Lance James Landon Thomas Lanford Eleanor Lawhon Phillip Lawrence Sara Lawson Inger Lawter Tru Lawter Faye Ledford Harriette Lee Kleber Lee Steve Lee 139 Debra Leiplein Eleanor Leslie Randall Lewis Curtis Linder James Linder Ralpli Linder Rhonda Linder Eric Lindsay Sherrie Lindsey Judith Link Donna Lipscomb Kerry Littlefield Joseph Logan Paul Loizakes Vicki Loizakes Richard Lovelace Robert Lowe William Lowe Michael Lukridge Stephen Lyies Joelene Lynch Billy Mabry . Ruth Mahaffey Patti Malone Teresa Malone Kathleen Maness Yasmin Manji Patricia Manning Vera Manning Karen Marshall Anthony Martin Janet Martin John Martin Patricia Martin Patty Martin Stewart Martin Virginia Martin James Martin Karen Marvin Steve Mason Wayne Mason Kayron Mathis 140 Van Maxwell Diane Maybin Kim Maybury Josephine McBeth Alice McBrlde Mary Ann McBrlde Kathleen McCall David McCartha Vickl McCartha Jeanle McClure Sylvia McCollough Barbara McConnell Beverly McCravy Cynthia McCullen Dennis McCutcheon Joseph Mc Daniel Mary McDanlel Sandra McDowell Howard McElrath Dennis McEntire Stephen McGregor Patricia Mclntyre 141 Pamela Mclntyre Deborah McKelvey William McKinnon Christianna McKissick Gary McMullen Ray McPherson Karen McRacken Maria McSwain Renee McSwain James Meadows Randy Medlock Mickey Melton Linda Metcalf Patti Met 2 Ella Metze Karen Michaud Kathy Michels Mary Middleton Deborah Miller Frank Miller Jan Miller Thomas Miller William Miller Deborah Mills Randy Millwood George Mi ms Gayle Mitchem Dorothy Moffitt Shirley Moody Ann Moore Debra Moore Nancy Moore Walter Moore 142 Dorothy Moorefield James Morgan Randall Morrison John Morton Tommy Moss Donald Moss Jack Moyer Monte Mullen John Mullls Elizabeth Murff Hazel Wanney Thomas Nelson Belinda Nesbitt David Nettles Jane Newman Sandy Newman Tweedie Nichols Martha Noel Raymond 0 ' Brian Ann O ' Connell Paula O ' Del! Anne Odom Judy Odom Wendy Oglesby Curtis Oliver Caria Osborne Richard Oswald Gerald Owens Danny Owings Michael Pack Doris Padgett Phyllis Palmer M. L. Parham 143 Michael Pack Paula Paris Irene Parks Billy Parris Ann Parris Kathy Parris Robert Parris Robert Parris William Pascoe Virenda Patel Caria Patrick Robert Patterson Denise Patterson Robert Patterson Jack Patillo Steve Peahuff Carole Pearson Donna Peeler Wilma Perrion Ann Peteri Gedeon Peteri Patty Peteri Donna Pettit Cynthia Petty William Phelps Ralph Phillips Terry Pike Bobby Pitts Vicki Plaxico Jill Plexico Robin Plexico Buddy Poole Jill Poole Paulette Porter Helen Poston Carolyn Poteat Sherry Prevatte Henry Price Rhomeyn Pridgen Tracey Pruitt Johnny Parker Kathy Raines 144 Paul Raines Petra Ramantanin Linda Randolph Mary Randolph Mary Ratterree Gwendolyn Ray Janis Reese Brian Reeve Lou Ann Reeve Johnny Refro Ray Renfro David Reynolds Jennie Rhinehart James Richards Lester Richards Tommy Richardson Denise Riddle Larry Rising Chip Rivers Shirley Robbins Beverly Roberts Charles Robinson Ellisa Robinson Juanita Robinson Olga Rodriguez Cindi Rogers Elizabeth Rogers Joel Rogers Linda Rogers Joan Roper John Ross Wade Rost Luanne Rousey Leroy Rowe Ann Rush Bobbi Russell V.E. Ryles Matthew Sanders Randy Sanders M. Sanders Louise Sansbury Mary Sarratt Charlotte Scott Leila Scott Deana Scruggs Elizabeth Sharpe Joyce Shealy Tom Shealy Larry Sheard Freda Sheehan Brown Shelton Joseph Shelton Sarah Shelton Teresa Shelton J.D. Shockley Bobby Shopshire Lynn Shugart 146 Andy Skelton Beverly Skinner Tommy Smal I Nick Small Albert Smith Deborah Smith Gerald Smith Harold Smith Lynda Smith Michelle Smith Margaret Smith Myra Smith Mancy Smith Pamela Smith Robert Smith Robert Smith Steven Smith Susan Smith Sybil Smith Vernette Smith Walter Smith Wanda Smith Carol Smoak Michael Snelgrove Lewis Solesbee Susan Solesbee S. Sondov Katherine Spaw Jim Spearman Lee Speer James Splawn Jackie Staton Stephen Steadings Dennis Stepp Kim Stephens Kathryn Stillinger Camille Stockman Maureen Storr Richard Stroman Robert Sutherland Daniel Swad Lavanda Sweeney 147 Cynthia Swofford Debbie Tabbot Anthony Taylor Keith Taylor Heather Taylor Jeffrey Taylor John Taylor Karen Taylor Rachel Teague Raymond Teague Marian Teasley Ricky Theo Mary Thigpen Chuck Tho mason Cynthia Thompson Mike Thompson Marian Thompson Phillip Thompson Jack Threadgrill Elizabeth Tidwell Marie Ti llotson Larry Ti llotson Robert Ti llotson Patricia Timmons Duane Toney Terry Toney H.E. Toole Francis Traxler Gary Tripp Bill Trotter Linda Truesdale Kenny Tuck i . - ' J ■■- ; ' Don Turner Dixy Turner Irene Turner Jone Turner Linda Turner IVlartha Turner Mavis Turner Cindy Vaughan Phil Vehorn Jerrene Verdin Vicl i Vigneault Anita Vinson Grover Wall er Heather Walker Herbert Walker William Walker Edna Wall Marcia Wallace Andy Wallace Chuck Wallington Connie Ware Linda Washington Joe Watkins Thomas Watterson Donna Weathers Joanne Weathers Larry Weaver Richard Webb Ruth Ann Webb Lynne Weisner Virginia Wessinger Nancy West Phillip West 149 Raymond Westbrook Wayne Wheatley Alan Whelchel Marc Whisenant David White Rebecca White Reglna Williams Larry Willis Bennet Wilson Casey Wilson Fran Wilson Kathy Wilson Lisa Wilson Scott Wilson Timothy Wilson B, Wofford Robert Wofford Steve Womick Mike Wood Susan Wood D. Wood Shelly Wordon Susan Works Roy Worley 150 Janet Woy Shirley Wright Jack Wynn James Youmans Savolyn Youngblood Jeff Zaccari A. Valgne T p@y 11 III imiKi Chuck Allen Margie Avery Randy Ayers Dale Bagwell Robert Bisch Stephen Blackwell Pam Brown Robert Browning Alvin Burdette Kathy Burdette Boyce Bush D, Byce Dena Campbell Ann Canard Betty Chapman Diane Christopher Tomas Comer Barbara Dale 151 Barbara Davis Scott Dickerson Daisy Edwards Elizabeth Ferguson Fred Fowler Mary Jo Flowers Gordon Floyd Billie Jean Garner Crystal Gault Robin Goldsmith J. Goode Deborah Gregg Thomas Griffin Christy Guyton Cathy Hall Fances Hamilton Robert Haseldon Elizabeth Hirsiger Elizabeth Robinson Harry Royster Doris Sanders James Sarratt Shirley Seawright Anne Seay Cindy Seay Dale Sellars Dennis Settle Frank Sexton T. Sherbert 153 Connie Shoupe Cheryl Smith Debby Smith Dee Smith Dianne Smith Gail Smith Lewis Solesbee Mary Springer Thomas Tezza Madelin Thompson Michael Turner Ruth Varner George Ward Ginny Ward Joe Watson Daryl Welchel Susan West D. Wetmore David Wilkins Ted Williams David Wilson Kenneth Wiren Michael Woden Gail Wofford 154 155 156 157 t l 158 » V 6l f ' V v 159 t ' t m ..

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