University of South Carolina Regional Campuses - Garnet and Black Yearbook (Beaufort, SC)

 - Class of 1968

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University of South Carolina Regional Campuses - Garnet and Black Yearbook (Beaufort, SC) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Cover

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1 9 411- 1 2 EI T1 V, , 1?! Q ' .E . 1 1+ Hx 1 si K. ,. 11 'W il , X1 .. f. 1 X14 5.x Vg .iw vit' 1 Vw . V '4 '71 xi 1 EH 1 QE 1 E 1 ' I P Y Q" 1 1 r hh- I u .-1 1 1 -, L 1 E s Q E 91 A s 0 S ., 5. . L-.1 v N.. f. . 4 mf., If LA., . 1 -.Nr y 1 I :W .J ,IAN . . 4... .mv 11 .Ny 'f' .' v 51 3 g4f.' Q:!,'jl, U, 'f I ,v .. X . X I A-lm ns. Lg' S. ' 6552. .4 V I, 1 -'vw l. .lj '. -ffiifvw ..-'.,1.q. , I Il' ',dult'W,l I 1 x .N Q x IU .. .. -. . yr' ,UL ',. 4... I' . . 4- . , ' , . .-,- , I . 4. , ,. '11-' X u - Y , W .U - '.rA. 1.1 . . K , . N5 . V " N , 'V -' . '11 .. - '3 SAF ' ' ,K 1 I.. X -, . .-. . 0 445.4 'AN' A Liv' 'W' ..Y , 1 -'01 ,".'- ., ,.3 , .. . - X 1.,- , - ,im . . , , ' A i J ls .L . , ':,,f 1" . -I 'ff -,QV iff' li 'JA .ff .qw I J-IFN' ' Milf- f . L. xv' f . 1.41: SXXEQV w,-flgg : 'f,. ' .v ..-, A.. , . " sw -L. f. .g. , ,,j. V ,:.,: X , -Jr. X ., 3.5.1 Q,-J . F. 7 .21 - L, M 9,15 ',. ., ' ' 'f. -.',jf,3,11,, 5, . M5 ...ah up... .. y I,., . 1 ' . Lflfif- '? gn I -" " ' ' ., 1.7: H 14.55 .2233 , , qff! 31.5 X l f. 1'-..f. .-,,, 5 ,, J -. V7 -vp",-f V f ' 3 k-' 1 .. 7f.'.v .1 ... V. .. Q Hg, .37 'f p f 4 ',,1:.!Xf-,-if' ..-W-43. . J -- w 3 '-' .. J,-gl.4f I ' " -, v '. 1 4. 1 ' N,-'fp 'QQ xr' , sn ' ' .. 9 . H' ,, . . .... x . 1 W V U HA. J . , . A. L.. wid, is " ' fp , , V .,,,... . ,,,.A. ... ,. . ..-.-.-....f-Air .s.....,.,., ,.,. ---.--. ,......A,,, .---f, GAR ET BLACK 196 REGICNAL CAMPUS EDITION 46 :45 9 v S Qlzff: 2 ABQ ERSITAS MEIID 18 Q A x wa ff., 'ljx gg I Z. 4' .ibm ' Er: ' KV: 11" ,' .' o if 5 A ' 91 ...L , NT L. ox ' I- g Nl' B, te ,W ggg ,A 'pi 1 ,i 9 ? :S mi X 1 5 Q Q f 5' , 4 f A w 45 2 4 ,b.g:szQ., Q x X 1 54 i Q , 5 K f Q?" A ff? figs 'lf' - .4 'ws' , ' F ORE ORD The students of eight Regional Campuses whose activities are here recorded proudly present this Sixth Edition of their special Garnet And Black. Each individual campus community is devel- oping its own traditions as a part of the Greater University as this history of another important year will show. The aim of the Regional Campus System is to provide qualified students with the two first years of University training or terminal programs in such fields as Commercial Education and Nursing. The existence of Regional Campuses has made it possible for their stu- dents to enjoy a quality education at a reasonable price. Each cam- pus combines the personal attention of the small college and the re- sources of a large University. In the development of the Regional Campuses the University has been greatly assisted by Higher Education Commissions in each lo- cal area. Present Commission members are: AIKEN: Robert Penland, Aiken, Chairman, Elden jones, Salley, Charles'F. Kneece, Monetta, W. ' P. Overbeck, Aiken, George Parks, North Augusta, Eugene Sawyer, Bath, G. L. Toole, III, Ai- ken, Raymond Warner, Aiken. BEAUFORT: Marvin H. Dukes, Beaufort, Chairman, Mrs. Lee Bradbury, Beaufort, Marion D. jones, Beaufort, Dr. H. Parker jones, Beaufort, jerry H. Reeves III, Bluffton. FLORENCE: Howard Stokes, Florence, Chairman, Mrs. O. T. Finklea, Florence, C. Dewey Munn, Pamplico, R. Davis Thomp- son, Olanta, D. Whitehead, Lake City. HORRY: jessie M. Lee, Conway, Chairman, Thurman W. An- derson, Conway, R. Glen Ayers, Conway, Eugene H. Carmichael, Aynor, Lloyd Causey, Myrtle Beach, Mrs. Fulton Floyd, Conway' j. C. Hipp, Loris, W. G. Hucks, jr., Aynor, Rev. S. George Lovell, jr., Conway, john Massey, Conway, George I. Rentz, Loris, Car- lisle Shelley, Conway, E. A. Southern, Myrtle Beach, Collins A. Spivey, Conway, Charles Tilghman, Ocean Drive Beach. LANCASTER: julian S. Starr, jr., Lancaster, Chairman, Dr. William E. Sims, Lancaster, Vice-Chairman, Wyatt Benton, Lancaster, ex-officio, Ned Gregory, Lancaster, Treasurer, james F . Hinson, Heath Springs, Dr. W. L. McDow, Kershaw. SPARTANBURG: Dr. G. B. Hodge, Spartanburg, Chairman, Grady Brooks, Spartanburg, William Burroughs, Spartanburg, jack Cobb, Spartanburg, Dr. P. Coan, Spartanburg, Cleveland Har- ley, Spartanburg, Louis Howell, Spartanburg, Edwin S. Lake, Spartanburg. UNION: T. D. Truluck, Union Chairman, C. T. S. Wilburn, Union Treasurer, Mrs. Ellis From, Union, Gus Gilbert, Union, T. Claude jolly, Union, Warren H. Little, jonesville, Fred Tribbe, Lockhart. WESTERN CAROLINA: B. N. Daley, Allendale, Chairman, Charles E. Bell, Hampton, Marvin C. Gault, Bamberg, E. P. Mc- Elveen, Fairfax, William E. Myrick, Allendale, Robert Lee Richardson, Barnwell, William S. Ware, Hampton, Robert L. Zeigler, Bamberg. 4 THOMAS F. JONES, SC.D. President L- ------W -- ,Ma rf -A -1- - University Ceremony and the Mace The Mace is a symbolic object, representing in this in- stance the corporate entity and combined endeavors of the whole university community. Though adopted one hundred and sixty-six years after the University's founding, its im- port is timeless for it signifies equally the institutions past, present and future. Members of the Board of Trustees, stu- dents, alumni, faculty, administrative personnel-indeed ev- eryone whose good will and and service has contributed to the University's well-being, may see in the Mace concrete expression of their respect and affection for the institution. The Mace is present on occasions of outstanding impor- tance in the life of the University, such as degree-granting ceremonies. Placing the Mace on its stand is a signal that the proceedings are about to come to order, its retirement indicates that the exercises have been concluded. Because of what it symbolizes, the Mace will be carried at Carolina in a separate special procession by a Mace- bearer, appointed by the President. President jones, after consultation with the Board of Trustees, has delegated the honor of bearing the Mace to the President of the Student Body. Since the Mace, as previously noted, represents the total university community, the Mace-bearer is escorted by a member of the Faculty-in-Course CSecretary of the Fac- ultyj, of the Faculty Emeriti, of the Alumni fPresident of the Alumni Associationj, and of the Board of Tmstees. "University Ceremony and the Macef' from the pro- gram Specia Convocation, The University of South Caro- lina, April 9, 1967. The Making of a Mace The Mace for The University of South Carolina was made by the distinguished silversmith and macemaker, Leslie Durbin of London, England. . . . Mr. Durbinis own brief description of the University's Mace may be of some interest. "The head is made up of three concave doubleheaded hatchet shape wings which spring from a circular column. In the centers of t ese are mounted the seals of the Uni- versity of South Carolina and of the State of South Caroli- na, and the Great Seal of the United States. These are gilt, c'Above and below this group are two centrally mounted shallow conical platforms. Arising from the top one is the State Tree, the foliage of which is stylistically rendered by a group of thirteen five-pointed stars. This is also gilded. On the lower platform appears the University's device 'Faithful Index to the Ambitions and Fortunes of the State., "The shaft, smooth and tapering, is decorated with eight Union Starso and jessamine flowers and terminated by a flaring handle or base with the initials S.R.C. 1870-1955 inset in silver gilt. Length 4616 inches. Weight 170.50 troy ounces. London, 1967.7 'In 1788 the State of South Carolina was the eighth state to enter the Union. "The Making of a Mace," from a lecture in the Cuig- nard Memorial Series presented by Dr. George Curry. Ini- tial presentation, April 6, 1967. QHIAMIQHQE una-ullwlF"""""""""""""'-'F ff DR. IOHN DUFFY Assistant Provost, Regional Campuses 7 -L21 f . ..L:.,.r...v,,,,-,,.Q., ' ..,-.... , , 1- Y 5 M i.. N .X .Sfx 2,2 ' if X H ,A 4 ..:.:, , Q . . Q iff - 3.5, ,mw L: ,ws 1. fo ' , . ,, :wg .. ar - ' W7 ,, was QQC ist? fx, xx wp, 59' 3' " ' N . 'xx W , ' ,. K' A - 'f , I , , - , 4' . , K Q. My Q '47 ig?-34550-, D 1' -lffb, - T5 '1'1f.: r ,pwif it M Xa -' T flu' . wx Na' ,,.--WZ-Q Q: -'-. Q ,'1'2Qe,s' A. ,, yffgi ' '...x-3,-vi, K s sr' , 5 H O sw wr, HM ,J-'Q-1 - .U fx.. X X J' .-' .wf',I..'f.-"0-'.-'. -"n ' yd Q jx. , ,ug lub.-1.f',1.4 ,Q M y 1 .' .X ',y.0Vv ,,-'xwpx f - , . .',+ H , .v .v .A v -. lv .:. ,,s-...ff Y -1,-',-'.' N' 6.--' ora -XM! N: ,'-- , .. , . , . ,N .- Y X ' . . ,, ,: Q.'Qx,v,- .21 VI.51:f-Jjvwkfi -sfzmgp ,f ww - ' v " . xv 1 M, -X Q s -,',.w:j,. My M. iw. " Q v A ig. fwfviff X f , Q1 Q5 K I Xyfw ff' , 'Q VM, - f, Y -1 ff? mf M1 f ,9l,f5,,:-L, W W f x ,I w 'L"'rff,,fA X? x We 14' sr fs, 'wif VW E W A, AKAWQ? ff Z xx " N if V W? sfffsgy Sf' 52 , J A, A -5 V 4 1 f, X "Z Xe f 2 Qs. - f sw 2' 4, . , "13b'l'ff 'fs 4 ' in! K ft W N ms f' if I A 6 , ,, X f H121-P '.'e' nl' .-' x ,viii 'rZ,'j,j'4r-L' ' ' 'li''-libYlx"f:vi',X'.'1',',2' ,WM ,-we wwf- M. " - wg, ,,4:f1,,g.uv:fa.,,.gi ':'A.,.2-K.:QX,9hx,A1.,: Q , --'N as ,X ' ' X' M MMM ' ,X-l.N":snX ,4..,f-N "Ne 'xx ' .Q + ..,--1 'nf ' --.'1-..--wx ,Q-. -1- HUM ,X -Q5 ,-1. van, x ,s ,Sv .Vxsf 21,5 'n,"1, u,+ ,a " ,ww ,r'-. ,u-,, fp Minn ?v . ,' .,.,,,,,,.g-Li5,,1,Ab.umm. ,,M.,,.:-Q,-svn sg 0 M" . 'a 'Ns -Q Q-MWA gf x ,Mr-1: Nady s,'rg,'-s, ,.i,Rh.,L'iv!'q',f.'1 A -R ,n""'. W' - .1 A". ff J 1 iaf..f'fe-ZTNXQQ ski. William C. Casper Aiken mwws, -v X qw -gm gm ff af' M .r...1 . L, ,X Wy a n yr , ,ssxgew :WV ,Q be , A :was if we . Qgfvsi MW: 7 Larr Biddle Coastal I ' gmimlf - fsfmrn W.,-Y, RECIU Darwin B. Bashaw Beaufort David . Thomas Florence 8 CAMPUS DIRECTORS mx 1 u. w N' N n 51 on Francis A. Lord Lancaster R. Churchill Curtis Salkehatchie Norbert A. Stirzaker Spartanburg Gilbert S. Cuinn Union if T W uk 5 wi S .Jie Q , qrxgfea Q x ,L V. ff .,, f +1 .Q .M Iessie C. Lybrand AIKEN Beverly A. Richard REGIONAL CAMPUS SECRETARIES fm'-yr 'mm BEAUFORT Mildred Allen COASTAL ,ll V1.1 w' I' Mrs. Clyde Padgett FLORENCE r,- " 311 22 A - A ff Wt? ., if-v ' iy w' ' " l v .N N-Jlzifniwf A' l 'ff' ,ff 1' N er A1 , 5 - fibr- l 6 1 Barbara Trpwell SALKEHATCHIE Linda Melton LANCASTER 10 MiSS Murph julia Garner SPARTANBURG UNION FACULTY Acker, Halliert H.-M.A.g Historyg Coastal. Affinito, Emilie-M.A.g German, Coastal. Akins, john H.-M.A., Englishg Lancaster. Anderson, Urban-M.A.g Foreign Languages, Beaufort, Atkinson, jennifer-M.A.g Englishg Salkehatchie. Bashaw, Darwin-M.S.g Business Education, Beaufort. Bates, jack H.-M.A., M.Ed., Commerceg Florence. Beckwith, Eliza P.-M.A.g History, Florence. Belk, Thomas H.-M.A.g Englishg Beaufort!Salkehatchie. Beth, john L.-M.A.g Sociology, Aiken. Benson, Margaret B.-B.A.g Foreign Languages, Lancaster Biddle, Ann-B.A., Business Education, Beaufort. Biddle, Larry L.-M.A.g Spanish, Coastal. Biddle, Virginia M.-B.A., Spanish, Coastal. Boyce, john S.-Ph.D.g Biologyg Florence. Branham, james-M.S.g History, Political Scienceg Coastal. Bruton, Glenda-M.A.g English, Coastal. Burn, William A.-B.A., Engineering, Lancaster. Burney, Glenn A.-Ph.D.g Chemistryg Aiken. Carpenter, Timothy-M.A.g Englishg Coastal. Carpenter, Susan-M.A.g Sociology, Coastal. Clarke, Martha B.-M.Ed.g Commerce Educationg Aiken. Compton, Carl E.-Th.D.g Religiong Coastal. Cornetti, Albert-Litt.M., English, Aiken. Davis, john H.-M.A.g History, Political Science, Beaufort Dawson, Bill-M.S., Business Administration, Lancaster. Dean, Waid H.-Ph.D.g Psychology, Aiken. Edmunds, john-Ph.D.g Historyg Union!Spartanburg. Finch, Donald B.-Ph.D.g Physical Scienceg Aiken. Gardner, john N.-Sociology, Lancaster. C-ettys, I. Riley-M.S.g Chemistry, Beaufort!Salkehatcliie. Glenn, james W., Ir.-M.A.g Biologyg Lancaster. ACULTY Creenly. Samuel C.-lXl.L,g Psychology: Beaufort!Salkehatchie. Cuinn. Cilliert S.-M.A.g History: Union. Hall, james XV.flvl.A.g Englishg Union. Hallman. Samuel T.-NI.A.1 Psychology. Coastal. Hammock. Herman M.-MA.: English: Spartanburg. Harrllee, Iohn T.-M.Ecl.g Commercial Education: Florence. Hatcher, lean A.-M.B.A.g Business Administrationg Beaufort. Herrera-lXIier, Nlanuel-Ph.D.: Spanish: Aiken. Hill. Andrew A,fNI.A.: Psychology: Florence. Holliday. Nlargaret-NIA.: Commerce: Coastal. Holsliouser. jane-B.S.g Secretarial Scienceg Lancaster. Hopson. Rosa B.-M.A.q French: Coastal. john, loyce S.-NLS.: Biologyg Aiken. Kelly, Ceil-M.A.g English, Aiken. Kitt, Irving 'I'.-NLS.. Geology, Union. Kill. Shelln' C.-NIA.. Commerce: Union. Kirkman, Wlilliam A.-M.S.g Mathematics, Coastal. Kurtz, Nlargaret-Nl.M.g Mathematicsg Union!Spartanhurg. LaFaye. Neil-NI.F.A.. Fine Arts, Aiken. Laughlin, Phillip N.-MA.. Mathematics: Lancaster, Law, lirnestine-A.B.q journalismg Aiken. Lawton. Samuel-Ph.D.. Religiong Union!Spartanliurg. Lee, NVilton A.-lVl.A.g History, Aiken. Lessene, lN4argaret-M.A.g Commercial Education: Spartanburg. Lewis, Louis-B.S.g Engineeringg Aiken. Livingston, Fred H.-M.S.NV,g Sociologyg Beaufort. Lord, Francis A.-Ph.D.g Historyg Lancaster. Lyles, Nlildred BfB.S,g Technical Nursingg Spartanburg. Martino, john B.-D. Lettersg Foreign Languages: Florence. Mc-Charen. VVanda C.-M.B,E.g Commerceg Aiken. NlcCown. jean-Paul-Psychology1 Lancaster. NIL-Dow, Mary C.-B.A.g Foreign Languagesg Union. -maart tj, f f 'Vi c , , 4,7 f X 'Q ' Qy! 7 Ut A M f , sf i7 ., , sf, A 3 y , ' fa , if , ' , , S- lg wg, 1 ' 5' , I , 1 X 'Q Wi P ,Gs . sw V if .4 f"'V I L , ills t 51. : - 5 X FACULTY McKenney, Tom C.-Biology, Florence. McMillan, Cynthia-lVl.Iid.: Commerce, Salkeliatcliie. McMillan, Virginia-M.A., English: Aiken. McVVhorter, Stanley B.-MA., English: Florence. lvlajor, Bolierta-lVl.A., Music, Aiken!Union. Marine, I. Wendell-Ph.D., Ceology, Aiken. Miller, DianeHA.A.: Commerce, Coastal. Moliley, Berry L.-LLB., Commercial Law, Lancaster. Moore, Donald P.4M.A., Psychology, Union. Moore, Nancy P.-M.A., English, Spartanburg. Morrow, Lenna V.-M.A., English, Florence. Owen, Harding-M.S., Chemistry, Aiken. Parker, Charles E.-MA.: Mathematics: Florence. Parker, joyce B.-M.A., English, Coastal. Perry, Virginia C.-M.A., English, Florence. Phares, C. Kirk-MS., Biology, Coastal. Powers, Donna C.-A.B., Chemistry, Lancaster. Preacher, Marian-M.A., Sociology, Salkehatchie. Bedfearn, NV. Cerald-M.A., Economics, Lancaster. Rice, Matilda-B.S., Technical Nursing, Florence. Risinger, Larry D.-MS, Biology, Coastal. Robinson, Martha-B.S., Commerce, Union. Robison, Harry-B.S., Physics, Coastal!Florence. Romano, Anthony-M.S., Biology, Beaufort!Salkehatchie. Rudnick, Irene K.-LLB., Business Law, Aiken. Sanders, Louise-B.S., Technical Nursing, Aiken. Sanders. William C.-B.S., Business Administration, Aiken SH.1'lSlJlll'y, Olin-A.B., International Studies, Coastal. Shuman, Cerry F.-M.N.S., Biology, Florence. Sisk, Ieannine-B.S.N., Nursing, Aiken. Simmoiis, Delores-M.A., Commerce, Florence. Sloan, James-M.A., Commerce, Political Science, Union. Smiley, James VV.-M.S., Biology, Aiken. l T Ai' FACULTY Spivey. Jane T.-B.S.g Technical Nursing- Coastal!Florence. Stevenson Phillip-B.S.g Biology- Union. Stewart, Leland-Ph.Dm Chemistry- Union!Spartanburg. Stone, Myrtle F.-M.Ed.- English- Lancaster. Strader Ralph-M.B.A.g Business Administrationg Coastal. Stroud Mary B.-M.Edf Mathematics: Aiken. Surasky Ralph-M.A.g Mathematics- Aiken. Taylor David E.-M.A.g Biology- Spartanburg. Thomas David N.-Ph.D.g History- Florence. Thomas Martha B.-B.A.- Artg Coastal. Thome Charles D.-M.A.- English- Lancaster. Topp, Stephen V.-Ph.D.- Mathematics- Aiken. Towler Emilie A.-M.A.g Psychology- Aiken. . . . . . . . "MA , , . , . 1 u I Q , , , , . . ' ' X " mf gk 35,0 f ltr , i W? Towler, Oscar A.-Ph.D.g Mathematicsg Aiken. Vereen, Lindsey H.-M.L.1 Business Administrationg Coastal. Wallberg, Iohn C.-M.M.g Mathematicsg Beaufort!Salkehatchie. Whitacre. john-M.Ed.g Educationg Union. Wiggins. Lois Reeves-M.A.g Technical Nursingg Spartanburg. Wilson, Bay M., jr.-M.A.g Historyg Aiken. Woodward, Iohn C.-M.A.g Historyg Florence. TAFF Mrs. Mark Boatwright Wilhemina Couch Mrs. George E. Gilmer Linda Kunz Marianna Mabry Libby Norman Mrs. William Smith Librarian Librarian Secretary Librarian Librarian Secretary Staff r gi .,.. 2 w Aiken Lancaster Aiken Florence Coastal Lancaster Florence , 1 ze, f .sv - -1, fav- -Q, , fw A :af f , v fiffxv Q. X99 cf f f fe t I 9 4- as 4 it fl V f 1 I Q 1 , x A W A A 2 ,L ew L fd!! AF 14 w, 1 I 'P' Q W fs A ff 1, , xr 13 S K 1 -r KSN -w 3- , :ang K! Y I Hi 'Ph S. SNA IRM! num! va NGK!! Ev i Q 4 f s 1 rf f x' xr K x K S, I P A Q v 'L 'S If ' xi VK Q if x E ,rx :ii Q9 sf, x va 'DF ix c"PE8-'V J L la at A x E: eh, . , , .nl R. gi' .a Qu Ui if N IKE C 5' 9 472, 9 ,U gg O yi 2. ' fn navy , H NQl.!f1y we "' affix 12 w va .... -V - :1sQL.3 "f UNIVERSITAS - :-4 , MERID. 1801 Er X, gikfw gf, .N N' ' N Qi? QQ L4 M, , gf, vw 1-A f , N M4 ,M .X 'vaumx " V1 5 wi" X ' ' h W ,,,-N47 . -Q. N 5 'Ns , 1 fs Eg X 0' Q: Y '-X ' - 7' 213517,-E , ' K f'. U 4 W . N., f ff , ' 1 f Xf ' Sf, , - , A f-:V , Q, 1 vw gf 4 f V Q M. " .,f ' ea VY ,., M Sag: - N v X ff ' " "Ee: MQQXQIQ W nf Egg f W, V N . Z al 1 N. M 5 X . 45 1K1 K ,. X iq O , w. K. ,XV R ' ffm 'f RZ " 2 " Q . 5 '67 PHI K PPA ALPH . 'uni ' ' X ,wx Ex X gym Q- S 1 , 'Na P 17 ,Q - -.',?f" , 'VN A TUDE T COUNCIL .-I STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS: CINDY BAKER-SECRETARY. MIKE CRAYBILL-VICE CRAYBILL, IIMMY BRINKLEY-PRESIDENT, PATSY DANIELS-TREASURER. ,Anu- YU" -G35 if STUDENT COUNCIL FIRST ROW: CINDY BAKER-SECRETARY OF COUNCIL, MIKE GRAYBILL-VICE-PRESIDENT OF COUNCIL. JIMMY BRINKLEY-PRESIDENT OF STUDENT COUNCIL, PATSY DANIEL-TREASURER OF COUNCIL, SECOND ROW: STEWART HARRIS-PRESIDENT OF FRESHMEN CLASS, WAYNE JOHNSON- FRESHMEN REPRESENTATIVE AT LARGE, PATTI PURSER- SOPHOMORE REPRESENTATIVE AT LARGE, LIBBY CATO-VICE- PRESIDENT OF SOPHOMORE CLASS, IACK SNIPES-PRESIDENT OF SOPHOMORE CLASS, MARK ALLISON-VICE-PRESIDENT OF FRESHMEN CLASS. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICER .. I SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: Libby Cato-Vice President, Bonney Didgeon-treasurer, Barbara FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICER FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS: LYNN JOHNSON-SECRETARY, IOYE BROTHER- TON-TREASURER, STEWART HARRIS-PRESIDENT, MARK ALLISON-VICE PRESIDENT. 19 ' L :Spf-A. 'J""z-- . , ,. -,, , ,Q uv-E' I . ef-A bv x fd . MQ H . . 'll ? V I 5-L I nf' -I rilfi Nsvh 502, i 4 S S! I 1' .x f 1 I ,Y-wg-W: f---Q... , J . 1 CARNET D BLACK ,J . I, . M, . IM? CARNET AND BLACK EDITORSQ TONY CONNOUGH- CHERYL NODINE-EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, PAM JOHNSON TON-ASSISTANT EDITOR, IACK SNIPES-ORCANL -SOPHOMORE EDITOR, CINDY BAKER-PHOTOCRA- ZATIONAL EDITOR. KATHY COOK-ART EDITOR, PHY EDITOR, HELEN KELKER-FACULTY EDITOR. LAURA LYNN MARTIN-CIRCULATION EDITOR, SUSAN LEA CAMPBELL-FRESHMAN EDITOR. CARNET AND BLACK STAFF FIRST ROW: L. HART, P. DANIELS. L. COOK, B. HUDAK, T. WILSON, S. CAMPBELL, C. BAKER, S. JENKINS MARTIN. P. JOHNSON, B. BRAKEFIELD, D. BOOTLE, M. WARLICK, L. MORRELL, C. NODINE, GEORGE THIRD ROW: E. MANN, I K. ATKINSON, H. KELKNER, D. BUCHANAN: SECOND ROW: K. SNIPES, T. CONNOUCHTON, D. FLIPPO. -Q ii .fi f ' E. REBL IRE 1.4 I E A Wo 1 F 3 E . 5' -' V' si J . a.fl' L, ...F A it 5 n uf.-1 " REBLAIRE Editors are, Ed Mann-Business Manager, jimmy Boylston- Editor-in-Chief, and Greg Kilburn-Managing Editor ?"" REBELAIRE BOYLSTON . X .as-I-,K 115 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, JIM MY .L f-,Q REBLAIRE STAFF: FIRST ROW: K. COOK, P. JOHNSON, C. LEE, BOYLSTON, E. MANN, M. WARLICK, B. BRAKEFIELD, L. DAY, SECOND ROW: E. IOHNSON, AIICNKINS. C. KILHORN. D. FERRITER. PEP CLUB 3' wffkgl 72 L if V23 S' r 'iii 'i' PEP CLUB KNEELING: M. ALLISON, S. MOLLHAM, L PACE, 1. BURKHART, W. IOHNSON, C. LEBLANC, D CRECC. SECOND ROW: CSTANDINCQ C. NODINE, L. CATO, BROTHERTON, L. DAY. WALLACE, I SCHWERIN, D. FERRITER, BRINKLEY, SNIPES, T CONNOUCHTON, THIRD ROW: D. PRICE, S CLARKE, CETTYS, C. WARNER, B. WILLIAMS, D. 22 FLIPPO, STAIRCASE FIRST ROW: S. HARRIS, B. LEC RAND, H. KELKER, L. HART, K. ATKINSON, BANE L. MARTIN, S. MOORE, P. JOHNSON, P. DANIELS, D BOOTLE, SECOND ROW: P. PURSER, B. DIDCEON, S. IENKINS, R. RIDNEOUR, C. BAXTER, B. HEDAK, T WILSON, L. MORRELL, GEORGE, E. MANN, S CAMPBELL. OFFICE ASSISTANTS: Beth LeCRAND, TRINA WILSON, JUDY JUMPER, SHERRY JENKINS, AND BONNY DIDCEON. LIBRARY ASSISTANTS ALICE KIRKLAND. PAT- TY PURSER, AND LANNY DAY. NEVVMAN CLUB: SEATED: P. PURSICR. P. DONO VAN. ll. Kl5l,Kl'IR. K, ATKINSON. STANDING: D FElIIiI'I'lCR, D. XVALSII, Cl, KILBORN. Ii, MALIIO IT. S. JENKINS, M. IABOONIC. B. DIDQZICON. J SCHWICRIN, J. BUIIKIIAHT. FIRST YEAR NURSES: front row, Patsy Higginbottom, Marian Bramlett. Frances Har- ley, Elizabeth Gumbee, Lynn Goodwin, Marsha NVilliamsg second row, Mrs. Louise San- ders. instructorg Nancy Ross, Cynthia Murphy, Lynda Owens, Linda McPhensong back row, Belle Gray, jane B. Smith, Evelyn VValton, Evelyn Crowley, Ioan Goebel. Absent when picture was taken, Helen WVylds. gf, wh A X . .v,. 0 QA 7 2 2 .gif Y - Y Z i H 1 SECOND YEAR NURSES: Miss Jeannine Sisk, instructorg Lorraine Godla, Bettye Percle, Boo Kruger Sylvia Gibson, Mrs. Louise Sanders, instructor. 24 . Q Q . X J, K 35. x E E R r ' 5 X, ' : w, X . I . Q - C W V X, ,yfwv ,Q , .Wg , W ,. , Cv., 1--'Q , .. . l X, lv M X f g K W, , A lf , . If f"'9"'-Q . . 'LN 1 i 17 -zz , M W gf v1.1.5, ' ' ,. .ja fc 15 vislzw W,-4 , 9,1 ji up jg'ffifff1f .ll X M ,Q -11. 36 aj ' X I lv X Z 1 ,rf V In N K D X A gl S QE l X. 1 N x . W. , V , fi A Q A' ' ' X A X ,fx Q' ,xfr H Y. :ZX X ,, . K K ff-F' ... , 3.5, j X,.. , L X. A A N. F P W L- f' A ,. H f 5 -X 5 g x ,X .. A X . I 43. . 5 1 , fm 1 N L , 'N ' Zjx. . ,- V. ,a X 6 -li.. XRS.. A K H X, S 5 . Jw-552 'V 3 3' X .Q ' 1, K, 1' W E CX-bf M. X - ,Q W' "Wfm.,q-f-"vins""'ffA,,f T , "' . wi ,,, J , ff A I X-...LX 4, A... A . W , X :M ABQ-:we Q i QXQ- Q, ,fl f..f5X KX , Qw- MXV, ' 'wr' 3 4 Wim' li! Q SX X My US 1 M., H 1 QV ff,,L?A,, V .. I :M A S , . is ,RTW X . 4 2 'Q AXW2? A ' W4 - W Y fx ma. .Q-3 xv. V. - N 524 XJ as X, Nw. 1 - - , X ' ,I vw Q i NX' X- f 'P .X Q27 ,746 1 ,X 2 ' . 4 XWN ' A aa. XXX- 4.4 A . A , 1 W ykm A V , C g ., , Q ,C A . 3 .. 5, fy R N M Q .Q . fa 5 - l WN 57, - va 2 1 if f 'A f ff W V I . E: jA.,..ff f mx SB 5 1 ' , J "' il 1 X h 1 5 3 ig A 1 , a d v' , '- fi y Q 3. i is s X N X .,-' ,y . qs. 4 ,. . l. K X1 f fig 'v eg if, P 3 " wg ,. iff 3 . , , ., ,i, , ,f V.,, , ' x , ,Q gsyitz :W J .5 vp ffl W0 '1f,L:':,.2Ff3'2zH'I- r xr" if U fwlbfz- , ,., . ,, f f' L :iff ' wa. -' ,131 A 15. :f1 fwf2'f' z- -X217 ,amz . ' Q' '94fS'?'H- J ff. MfvX?Q.wwf,.4 my ' wx XY... v Nw '4-rv , , A , A TW in f. as w Q.: V. VM ,ggxf . , 5 . wr 9:2 5,1 J f ,L , V 3555 -' - , , 7 X -. , .1:., , , f :. ,- X- ,, ' A llg: K9 ,,,l3"'L V 2, 6 64 ' " wa 'l 'iw 3 41, ,.,.,5.L:. 9- , ,g,fQ: l 'if kr 13 A xg LW lf' ' rg 1 rg 32, x, 2, 'XV- Q f 1 XF' fs 4 '6 Ma, T 9 Q gf 4. 9 2 52, if A Wig gfy 9 bv , 9? 5 B4 5- , . , ,A 4 .X ,H .. xg l 1 EAS f , - A M X2 . w " A ' YM ff BASKETBALL TEAM: First row: R. Ridenour, Padgett, K. Burckhart, M. Campbell, XV. Snyder, Schwerin, Vlfallac-G W'hitson, L. Stallings, B. Sellw, C. Lowerv: second row, . C. Pressnell, C. VVarne1', Dr. NV. Carr, Coach Ab ...x COACH AND COC XPTAINS Iames Padgett Dr Carr wg?- YJ'-v..,s -av ab" X y a x X N HE' A ' 2 M K' X f f gf V I X Nw '24 Y X X wb H X Q. X R X A CRLQX M. ,X X ff XA N if X W5 if r x f 9 f VX N N1 X W 2X f f X Y 5 4 'J 1 SK X C X X X i X 5 7 5 QS X555 f Q fX Q, Q Sf, IVA A QQ , L , . I ' Y . 1 fit? f rl . M Y XC- . ,. , . . . Ak , . , . Charles Lowerv. ' -f 5 , . A l . A 5 Wm 1 l , l I , , ' W' N . ' y ,,,,J ,. X6 " 'Q X W j'Q'3f, H .4 Nga it.. , ,- my A f fl, CHEERLEADERS: Pam johnson, head cheerleaderg Mary Ann Herron, june George, Debby Bottle, Patsy Daniel. Susan-Lea Campbell, Eddie Mann. Absent-Susan Moore. HOMECOMINC QUEEN-Pam johnson 'rf-ff CANDY CANE QUEEN-Susan Moore fr .1 MARY CAROL MILLER Miss USCA 1 F 1 MORRIS POWELL Runner-Up MORRIS POVVELL Maid-of-Honor M 28 PAM JOHNSON May Queen MA COURT PAT ROPP JUNE GEORGE SUSAN-LEA CAMPBELL SUSAN MOORE Llgrmximnn HO ORS 1966-196 STUDENT OF THE YEAR-Frank Thomas A. 2232 STOKES SCHOLAR-Nick Ieancake. Mrs. C. P. Skokes ACADEMIC AWARD-Jackie Prior rf' 22, fi CITIZENSHIP AWARD-Donnie Martin Q MM 1 W BEAUFORT + 9 Q9 2 W fb 54 'li X! I km' UNIVERSITAS CAROL MBRID 1801 , w , 5 v A'-'fu !x r' -Q E3 w W JH N -m- iv' SGA new Officers -Q nl n , f , Vw,,-'f Van Pressley, Nancy Horstmann, Dennis We ' james Deer, Mike Rodgers, Richard Cool 1 Masse. seated: Dennis Masse, Pres.g Sallie Matthews, Sec.-Tre-as., Mimi, 61 james Bowers, Vice-Pres. er, james Bowers, Allen Edgar. STUDE T COVERNME T qi' Seated: Vikki Thompson, Donna Helms, Sallie Matthews, Elizabeth Hookstra, and Mary Spencer. Stand- ing are Delane Altman, Mary Lou Blagg, Van Pressley, Allen Edgar, Mike Rogers, and james Deer. 33 an-. - I' ' '. 2VPl"' ' V' ' , . -Q.-wfr"""'Wv 'W W, ,sw , Y , 'Ni W. - " -. I , 3.5 . ,5 kK , ,vw LJ' :isk!'L'+. AT WORK Dennis Masse, Donna Helms, Kris Collins, Van Pressley. -.1-.-7 -.- - Mr. A. Romano, Bill DeLoacli, 6: Gerry I "MEN GRIND AND GRIND IN THE MILL OF A TRUISM, AND NOTHING COMES OUT BUT WHAT WAS PUT IN . . Hutchinson 61 Mrs. Urban Anderson Rusty Stcwmt N Dr-nnis Musse- 33 Mr. ,'X. llmnamu Nancy Horstmann, Assistant Editor. Dennis Masse, Editor and Mrs. Hatcher, Advisor. Ann Savane, Lay-out Editor CARNET 81 BLACK H5369 5 2 , -: 1. viz- fi' 'Hui' 'Wi R X lf, Ann Savelle, Elizabeth Hookstra, Mary Lou Blagg, Mary Spencer, and Donna Helms. Mary Lou Blagg 34 Kris Collins, President Nancy Horstmann, Vice President CLASS OFFICER Mary Spencer, Mary Lou Blagg, Sec.-TreaQurer Sec.-Treasurer 0 A QOGQQQ wfiv Co 19,2 T DE TASSISTA T .l QD -...iid Mrs. Fickling, Librarian and Ieannie Snell. Donna Helms, President Van Pressley, Vice President Dennis Masse Donna Helms 35 GAMM BET PHI Seated: Deloris Anderson, Ann Savelle, Secretaryg Sallie Matthews. Standing: Peggy VVard, Mr. Anthgny NV- Romano, Lixdvisory and M Dutch Cordary, Alice Lawson, Vice President Ed Beasley, Robert Chapman, Treasurerg and Charlfi-5 A, Abbate, President. LITER RY AGAZINE Mary Lou Blagg, Van Pressley, Mr. Thomas H. Belk, Advisorg and Mrs. Edith B. Dowling. Advisorg Dennis Masse, Mary Spencer, Elizabeth Hookstra. 36 ve Pl.. I' ILO... , UQ S 1: K gl' f X Aw . ii W' QQ 6191 3 .uw I' si 'Q cfm lfkth .Hi rw-uw 1 PW.. . IZ., It .', ' ' IBS! X l"T'iq 'il TW 5 "15- Ji. Delune Altman Sk"-"1'2E"" ,,,: .HUM f , gn Jgpufx ev ,.., 3 if . ,kliiiffavffv fu . we 2 ' " jr. iTyr.xS:5X:?'!Q ' 1 f --k 8 ,. ,.k, ,li . ISIC? is in L,-vw Q, . . 3' - A. X , ' if ,"3"' RM'-"4n. tilfpagsiiwx Nj' X l4e'IYf""v sw-+ ' lmimw 1-'es ' 4'tQ'Wl UVUQZA iw,-sw , S ,gf i in 'lx ,Q K 5 'Wu ms., I Q w k,' ' if A CHQ? iv' ' GNN' ' V 4 W' , ' WKFSUI Ri muy' Ly J -f"""" wuaawink wiv . e W-,si V M , xx L+ ,gw - . in-+1-was QL .M , -2 I ' L X .z u X h ' fL.,-.,1 , ff fr bg Anna Wiles gr.. .ann e 1 lf?-igE1ff'Xi!kH Qu Vikki Thompson gf SCB c M, KW C 6 Peggy Ward, Captain YT! N725 '91-M '. uf, - .. - r bi . GW' J 3- " sxfibfv V Q' wmv 'ef , eight j - lx' Y gif? 'W fgf ' k . D 3, Q4 "Q Q Q. af 5 ' - S3414 , N 1, is '14 -1 'J ' . if 'Q , , K ., ' Mn 5fk3'?"?'F1r., ' H X ' NN-M iivlmexik x B A , ggi! 4 - Q tf , , wi 'igigqn 'Wwfx e - anew f +41 ' . N Y DWR Q :' n., mwg, in M M Q Nui av it 'wr M "" A saw ' 5 ' i fN'1'4 lun-if .lm-' M riff mm 8 tres.: QM - sk -me Donna Helms, Co-Captain e Eff! , 4-'vu jf' ' gg. ff nmzfmffx- NA A M + ,rdsjm f..,v?,, A M '-, 'I .xy A 1 N r Q t,g,iv t, Az HKWA , q Ma f Q ia5'4vu iv, 1 ith ,,, "' i .ww L Q A S we J' .-'TM' 'XWN ug ww V aw- UIQ Q .4 5 1 Sqgere WK : l .si"'.f,' K'3'llSQQ f .aw G ' Sri Q xi?" ' 1 nvv A 'W gn,-no .- Ukfiilvw' f 1 e ' "i i 2 New www: ,V '. QQ " Q Beth Compton xx :'ofg,,j--L,,1g,zn. fe -Fw f'.I2,fef' '- Aiizwwf sunk!! W- awww'-M -- 'Ql' PM :ze K 'af N, - N. hx . HK, wma :SQ fin Milf' i., Delane, Peggy, Vikki, Beth, Anna, 61 Donna. 37 I W USCB PIR TE Q MIKE SLEGER JOHN TAYLOR 2 Qs it 3 img, ALLEN EDGAR IOHN TAYLOR 61 BILL FLOWERS TERRY PANGBURN 38 R TE M IN ACTIO KZWQIQ5 1 F a 080 1 7K K Nc M' J ,X .. 'qw-.,, X me .," 11- ' xt Q ,F Qi vs W i , , LLL A g x x ,f XR if Q' 3 C N, 'figs . ' ' 'L x 25255, "- m V f K ' M-sswzazn 5.3 39 I I E,...,...,m..,..M. ...,v....... W... ,, ,,,,,,,,,, ,, it I I 1 ' I I . I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ! I I l 40 II l MAID OF HON CR Miss Peggy Ward :R 'Elf'Q-,In-b-'":9'r'2-,14,f'l, 1: 1? ,- Sr:-'T---S'-I'1'11v:N. 'I'rIf'.f 'f'JfV.3553",1'5l9'fLriivsijrf i:-N?,,F:3'5'Q'f"T5 ':'-fE:"I- ,-fivlftg'-'.I5,i'f"IK? '-:Fifi fi: xiii"-'-'wgf -:-31,1-1?-f:'f'f'2iPf.3 '-232.2.5-E:3'+f""':1-15:51-9 :F-'Eve' ' ,s 2:1 '- . 3' :-.:" . -' 7' 'N -1 ,c...'.J i - 35? Q91 H115 ' ' if ',1.5'w21 1-1"-WI: 41 HOMECOMINC QUEEN 1968 Miss Donna Helms It is . . . a small college, and yet there are those who love it , f ,,., I 42 JW QLD' 5 'vu QQ. is Z iUUUW'awllU!' W -N ff if dns 1 X v W . f ' ,af W M ' f ' H-is -JM fi 2 W . 9 f it Mui'-f ENGR? 'W' PM" an Dfw? aw as IN-NF as-131' cms itil 1u """-- i x . ,, ' , ,, b x we r' nr . -bi 19 x ' :af I .. A Wg' ,a.A.A11',,,,,hm ,.. , A X Q ,,. , 935, kumar. -A - ' a -uv 'I 5 . ,W 1 W A W .,.,, + A ,K f, ff f gk if ff 2-f .M . . ,A - . - 1 'I vp. " ' ' 0 -sf b f -rig' I .58 X I V rv - -. V x ff' f is ' V 1 ' ' . A qauu A I I . I S , 0 I , R A W Q Q ,, wx ::::' xx, A 4. S , ..,v at I ' n Y' V .7 ' A , V , f fi? W? . , f . Y - 5 iw 7 gm ' NP? M as 55 6 4 z . 9 Vx ' N' 'A ., . X I .V 1 V 1 ,W A. K , .. get -I I Ei ' 'W' .,,, , H fx . f 5 w 'Q 2 5. r S- mg! I .su E Q N Im? I 4 3 x , . ' I . . , ,Z ' Qu 3 1CO L C 8 11 '47, Q gp 9 N1 j Z-X '54 x A'3l,1?? x 5' L, yy' W0 74 . 'f 55 m :Q Q 5 W- -. :sf Mem. mam T DE T COUNCIL Standin : Ronald Stanton, Ronald Altman, Kenneth Allen, Renhen Hyman, Rodney Tapp. Larry Richarda g son, Larry Hyman. Seated: Sarah Morgan, jane Stowe, Nlr. Larry Biddle, Dixie Xlfoodward. LPHA MU CA , NATIO L F CREICN NCUAGE HO OR SOCIETY Janice Beverly, Kenny Steven, Carol Foxworth, Anne Blizzard, jane Larry Biddle-sponsor, Mrs. Rosa Hopson,-Sponsor, Knot picturedj: Stowe, Kenneth Hamilton, Mrs, Virginia Biddle, Gene Collins, Mr. Mrs. Emilie Affinito-sponsor. Linda Norman, Mrs. Dorothy Mclnnis. Campus Shop Assistants Connie Rickenbaker, Coke Floyd. Paul Peterson. Mr. Vereen, sponsor How io NND ,Q 900, Library Assistants Bill Mathis, Mary Grace Hendrick, Brenda Rich, Sara Morgan WSW Office and Lab Assistants Linda Singleton, Donna Durant, Reuben Hyman, Iane Stowe, Bill Mathis, Irby Koon, Janice 9' Beverly fseatedj. uma ,Lu if-si Annual Staff Mwmwmwwwmk V "M-h...,,,,m-Mm I i v , iw Str' """wf.... -N.,,m Lucvanne Sumner Mrs. oy ce Parker-sponsor, Anne Blizzard. Phyllis Crumpler Darlene ennings. 6-irllvzf black Staff members Darlene and Phyllis shine shoes to raise money for the yearbook. ' Editor Anne Blizzard and Mrs. Ioyce Parker sponsor. K HR? I I I' fi , F2 wx? FQ f f , 1 N V , 'A """' ms.. fb ff. X, M ...V W e i , I f i I l , 46 ' , S, T ' - , - M, s,- -,gh-1: -f.. xw'--WA, ,Aw IZ? Editorial Board Irby Koon: jane Stowe, editor: Herman i'Buz" Martin. CHA TICLEER EWSPAPER standing: Darlene jennings, Dixie Dugan, Anne Blizzard, Dixie Woodward, Koon, Danny Hewitt, Tony Blake, Kenneth Adams, Herman Martin, lane Lucyanne Sumner, Tom Tilton, Bill Mathis, Linda Singleton, Mary Grace Stowe, Hendrick, Wayne Faulk. seated: Mr. Timothy Carpenter, sponsor, Irby 47 . , ' . - by Mf -:-- I Q-ei www? -31455 '-i ix vs. ,-5.,-M, Qefat-f-' 3-1 fu-fw:f"f5fWl'f 'R X -A, "f1"" M -' , . 1 A-14 QP --Aa Q A .Q ny, -,fu , .- F- wr ' , f g P:z,'ka1gfg, A f 5 , , - ff ww-f,, fa: f.xg,. - 2 f 1 ,, :AV .MA . ,M -yx yywfm,-fy! Aywq, . ew, fi Q, if :As , ,- A W 4. -' , 'W Aim al, i iff firlkmi A :M fg:7,vSsk7wg,,i- R' A fwcng f M 4755-51:1 , vp, x . mm , M r, , ,sk 1 7,171 ' , f f' A . a fiif ' , A . ,Y J, 4 My A f-A Aff ,V ww 14' 'T ,77,L QS1xLf 1 7. 3 5 'A'!,'2'x'5 W 9, 1 'Sf CoA TAL CARQLI A MAY QUEE CONNIE RICKE BAKER 48 . .. ' Y Z fyifx L f 4 , , .JE If df gg ? , 4. Q if-Sggyffvf V ffgggagf I -Qnyxfg "MM jf'-KQV -is , - AE' gi ., ,AM ,,,, V :wif f: Cz, frf fl, f,4,.jQ35M,5 A. , . X ,Aft 4.1 Awfwrx., ,, , XZ A W, If f -gsm 1, K Y-an 2, gmfyv .H-gwgvf' , 1 AZWA A Q , favmifs 'Y ,xg X GSL .Kar 1""' 'TT' f 2 GN , X 3 3 Debora Van Wie Lucyanne Sumner Maid of Honor Rebecca Dixion Anne Blizzard fi A X1 49 ""N K 5 -Q x' c , , A sf, 1 , X555 Q' 3 ' ix "RK ZPL, . V 'Z " fri- , " Qzziwf MISS COASTAL CAROLINA Anne Blizzard 50 Mr. Coastal Circle K Sweetheart Donald Stanton Deborah Van Wie , . 4 S .. ,Q 51 vs S, 'M i ,i il if W, 14, li if i A i M1 V is il L A Wmnmg coach ii standing, Edward jackson, Managerg WVayne Willoughbyg Richard Perkinsg kneeling: Marc Ellisg Dennis Stalveyg jack Andersong Mike "Pud" McLau- ' Coach Larry Biddleg Bob Alexanderg Dale johnsong Reuben Hymang ring seated: Co-captains Rodney Tapp and Mike O'Donnell. '1 ii i? If ll fi W M 'i if lf av -fe. K f l ll E Q! I 1, l Rodney Tapp Co-Captain ug v li g .s14M Mike O'Donnell Co-Captain QV K Lynda Taylor, head cheerleader ' Y -: -X ,ri X 2 2- T 2 2' fn - T "" f A f A 155 1 X ik 'l , 4 f ' .f - ww as . - N -H , I If ill 5 45 we 1 My Q KE -AW an-van'-M 54 "Cino", Anne Blizzard X53 fe . MW ,-my mm., .-. v we -www me M HN ,.,,, ,.. ., vm - .. ,W-1 . ' 1 1- -ww,-naw-.W,,.,, K" " V'-f 'YK f 'HIMDIMO-hiv '-"iv - w-wwfforqv-nunssp-u ' " X new-mashup... A N vw- wwf gov M' N W 1 -H' as am,-if was Q A. N .,-we We 1- wa... annie X , um, HN! .. .1 gpw, vmewfw vw- A'w,,,nv . , X 'mf -i si Q fm wi , 44. ,- yn. ,A . 1-gg -.,,,, H: M-wif X me 0-ww, :WM W , N ww fond. ., 'S xx - www 1-wwe, X , iw., M wwf mm- mme ,ww 1 K W gi-35 v,..v.w Lk J My --my ,Q ff i ,A N f,,,,, ,, , M ,W ,WA ff is 6 ::. :il y ' AAAA Cheerleaders standing: Tanya Saleeby, Clardy Schwarz, Shaw Dargan. Cookie Pappas. Billy Ard, Lynda Taylor. kneel- ing: Darlene Jennings, Anne Blizzard, Pat O'Donnell. CHEERLEADER w - R 2 L Y id' l ti-55' 'X . ,fp 1.1, -- ,, ,,,, 2533 , Sf Q- .-ff--'- A Af-1, :xy , avg' gig: 'tl -- X.. .4 in WW, ,,.,. . 4- .,. an .1520 , ,,,,.,,r, M .LL a..j. 3,g,n-F .push 3 4 we ' s r l Q 'V I f 'L -ii , , iii S11 419, KW' my any , 1, ,W 35253753 Q ty . 3 ' , W ' , 3' 'LX .Q 2 Y' f ' X -2 Karate Club C-165g Todd, Clardy Schwarz Bllly Ard, Frank Beckham jackie Watts, Peter Hoffman Bull Cigham, Paul Peterson and IITIIHY Rlchaldson lnbtructor KARATE CLUB 56 mi The Karate Club, formed by black-belt holder james Richardson, is the only college chartered team on the east coast. At the present time it meets with private Karate schools, but hopes to further an interest in Karate: so that other colleges and universities Will charter teams. 5 i 4 gy .-M front: Mr. Biddle, sponsor, Mike O'Donnellg Clardy Schwarzg Billy Ardg Rodney Tappg Mr. Iames Bran- ham, Sponsor. second: Ronald Altman, NVarren Bane, Terry VVilliams, Larry Hyman, Mike Marlowe, Ceorge Singleton, Nlarc Ellis. third: Paul Peterson, XVayne Faulk, Bill Mathis, Reuben Hyman, Shaw Dargan, Harry Mr.-Knight, fourth: Coke Floyd, Ken Adams, Edward jackson, Paul Clifton, Butch Pastor, jack Anderson, Irhy Koon, l CIRCLE K 58 .NNN , 'Ml hx' ff! Y aw Xxx AQ M ,, M' MA Q1 ww-www.-wMqWMwM.M.xW.M..W,.N......, M, ,M ,M WNW -N wanna A xxx, .-.V -.., WN, A . - .xxx. M... V VVVVVY -- .x....y ,, W -H - -- ...MW ...WW0,W.v...-.WM an nu un an U J Q, as A.AA A ,. W! 1 ' Q., , . ,, .- W' ' 'fx . I I , X sw W S i :4Q XffJX ,WW msg A x ' X ' I 'Wil WSW X - X W X FLORENCE C sy f"Q,5"N 9. W2 'Q 5., V 4 'cf INHWHWMSCMWM IHERH 1801 e fb 5 ,xp JN. 'X . Q X ' A . .Vflx X x , . hu E 'Z f U' O X f" ri -' 3. -a 99? gl WA ' '-,. '. 17. 0 .H ... ,f HETY4l!'Fm' F ' EW!.gfWk:mmxf-.f:i.f 1,-3gA.,:'5g.1'.V if-fr. , aa... 4 W , l STUDE T COUNCIL my i L, N? af li er em , y x l I 1 I lil Ei l': lr l li l li 'A V517 l l l Il A l l l ,L l i 6 ll i i Seated: Diane Miller, Vice-Presidentg Brenda VVatts, Io Baker, Susan jordan Standing: Kathy Allen. Glen Odom, Wlilliur Vaughan, Tom Clriflin, Steve Mull, Presidentg David Hinson, Ann Degenhart. Sec.-Treasurer. l l HO OR BO RD :Q l l 1 l, l A l l Seated: Sharon Smith, Vice-Chairmang Sterling Parnell, Chairman Standing: Wilbur Vaughan, Mary ii Degenhart, Charles Dncker, Terry Wfright, VVayne Cameron. IQ 60 lj li if I i, CAR ET A D BLACK 'Q 1 Wgrw , Wifi!!! J Beth Blackman, Paul Shaw, Sandra VVindham, Sandy Anderson, Editor: Danny Lever, David Hinson Diane Miller, C0-Editor. Miss Lenna Morrow, Advisor Sandy Anderson: liditor 61 f wr X ff? Q LPHA ZETA CHI ' G W' , ' I J' ' , -Q, .- ,Q i F W 3 asa WR av' we 1 ,rw 'W nw-N A 2-fmt ,, , y- V -.-,Ka .., wa- , . S-,Sk Q5 ...,, ,,, ,, Q, W fy fa , , s rw Y wtfae fi 0 35 , S Q 5 .f ,, R753 .1 P Q, Seated: Michelle Hoylen, Margaret Rogers, Mary Alma Cutter, Carla Hud- jane Crigg, Linda Haltiwangera Ieanene Turner President, Sandra Windham son, Frances Marlowe, jane Bridges. Standing: Darlene Miller, Carol Doub, Dell Lee, Linda Odom, Donna Papittol PHI EP ILO DELTA Seated, Marsha Taft, Kathy Allen, Linda Evans, President, Iudith Filledge, Candy, Kathy Harwell, Joyce Reid, Elizabeth Reagin, Nancy Gibson, Rosine Diane Watts, Judy Turheville, Kalcie Willcox, Helen Rogers Standing: Kirkley. Linda Rogers, Priacilla Kirvin, Devonne Sauls, Deidre Richbourg, Claudia 62 B PTI T STUDE T U I0 wlsprh lax S? Seated: David Vaughan, VV. L. Bochette, President: Standing: jerry Grigqi, Alton Floyd, Sandra VVind ham, XVilhur Vaughan, John Steele. EWMAN CLUB fuk Seated: Ann Degenhart, Diane Miller Standing: Michelle Hoylen, Donna Papitto, Mary Dc-gvnlmrt. 63 mi, QSTQQ h:Qg..1l2g., E51-3-V-,., ,Tig-gs. 2, ...-...., ,M A, ,X .LV 1 , !?ihf,3., Q", 'L K- . ,. Q J r 5 ' Q15 iw, if, iw Q, Q I Q . ,Sys 4 A ' f SS USCF LI LTIWANCER 64 ijg' .I 3 2 if 'a 51 ,jd Wi: C gs 4 ' .3 f , . 's -- ':o:Oiv Wxfqiggx x -5,155 'V 6.5 'ff' M, ah 'Iain I f 0 ' QP' ' A 593 IQ v. is ln 1 gif? , A13 as .QM if ,, A 1 fiiguf? '.,,,.::s. f, 4' af 3 .Wm .s -1 KM ' :Q gif:'4.ww1 , - Q ve as 1 A if-1. 325 A ' ,nv 'Q MAY Q EE 55 ELAIN THERFURD 65 i 4 4 'i f ' ' ,. , K X , Q 'K Y 4 2 4 2 ' Q X' 4 5 4 Z g A 4 . , Peggy Allen Linda Haltiwanger Diane Miller Pat Dantzler Io Baker Mary Degenhart fail' 4 . 1 514 ,V 1 ,z Q 2 U " ff QQPQQ' 1' ff? If Jr e K! 4 1 53 ' 66 I QI ps 1, xzfil wg?" . X-,672 will , All 4 ' x ,gg xx. Susan jordan, I0 Baker, Captaing Kathy Allen, Beth Mc-Neill, Chrysta Hutchinson. Debbie Baggott, Co- Captaing lo Ann Kairis, Deborah Cainey. BA KETBALL WEETHEART Basketball Sweetheart Elaine Weatherford 67 ff, 'a GOLDE HAWK Paul Shaw, Ross Lewis, Wilbur Vaughan, Alan Thompson, Fred Miller, Allen Brasington, Fred Pridgeon, Herman Cool, Ronnie Summersett, Eddie Collins, Tom Griffin, Marvin Lynch, Coachg Bill Brown, Billy VVard. C0-Captainsg Wilbur Vaughan, Paul Shaw. C0aCh4 Marvin Lynch 49 up LARRY LEE. Rzshxvvw STwde1Nf'T" IN MEMURIAM james Hartwell Stafford Professor of Economics September, 1961-December 5, 1967 7 W V,,,.. , HHH- LANCASTER C Sz f"'1:i"X '31 Rf! 'ix E1 1 W g Mem. 1801 5 l 3-me Mr. james Glenn, Sponsor. Ellen Black, Vice-Presidentg Wfayne VVrape, President: Bill Bundy, Treasurer. TUDE T COVERN MEN T i'Gee! Where did I go wrong?" Standing: Wayne Wrape. First row: Ellen Black, Ianie Turner, Doda Bundy. Not pictured: Frances Blake, Danny Broadwater, Harry Ca Roddey, Melinda Nims. Second row: Mr. Glenn, Phil Neely, Bill son, Gloria Hance. 72 QQ Wir i W- w,,..f,,4v Richard Cranford, jerry Anderson, Bill Bundy, VVayne VVrape, Doda Yoder. Brenda Phillips, Charles Parker. Not Pictured: Lee Kelly. Roddey, Alton Cox, Ellen Black, Kathi Gardner, Janie Turner, Cathy GAR ET BLACK x xv, X ff X 'K ,. 'iff 1 . ? , ,ff . 'g 'I . 'hw Ellen Black, Sophomore Editor Miss Myrtle Stone, Sponsor janie Tumer, Freshman Editor 73 of f,1:A'f'fifff'?'1-'Q 3 f 3 03. Aviv aww "1 ' Qmmy 4, I J Seated: Pansy Bailey, Ann Hicklin, Patsy Player, Frances Blackmon, , , -Q, Marian Barton. Standing: Richard Cranford, Bill Bundy, Not pictured: wmmw Billy Boan, Lee Kelley, lulie I-Iagins, Linda McAteer, Alton Cox, Charles ' Parker, Filmore Gregory, Sue jones, Mary Truesdell, Phil Vincent. .I , ,. A' A - , ...,, , Patsy Player, Editor. P , nfs ' 'Nl-. 'W' . xwwgfv- 4 f. .'f,A.5,m, s. .Q VVW1 ll if , Mr. john Akins, Mr, Charles Thorne, Sponsors. Donald Ellis, Photographer for Lancer and Gamet and Black. 74 VX ng, 4 006 1,5 Hey, someone wake Dr. Lord! I' l if xml I 'E has uh "code." A little do will dab ya! You can shoot the next time. ' Freghmen, Welcome to USCL '3- O52 Should a gentleman offer a Tiparillo to a lady? igkifzaglie xy Q Ulf? 'PM lll 53' law 'H x ' ' ,,.,- . M., x :,,, "ja, A 1df'f-giinylgzllr K Alai ' Liu, 52-11 grip, ,F 264711, fi? 'DT-3 ,lf 5 ll lr . ffl - ,,??g,.n 31, - Alf- 'w'5iw!" f f'-.n Q A, whiff! I fix fqjanf Often 2 1 X 'X A X A' T 'X gk, g" 1 I You should see the home crowd! 75 Ak , X .Xxx X NS 1 xc' K V QV N0 LANCERS: Standing: VVarren Dutton, Ierry Flack, Phil Neely, Dew- Rick Porter, Asst. Coachg Billy K. Dawson, Coachg Barry Moore, Asst. ey Tobias, Frankie Drennan, Butch Small, Reggie Bray, Marty Coachg Stephen Williams, Manager. Crowder, Mickey Hatley, Ronald Caskey, Doug Freeman. Kneeling: Mr. Dawson, Coach BASKETBALL SWEETHEART Doda Roddey l li ll 4 f 'I I if l. i g , i l l 76 r 1 In if K 2' 1 , ,. x X A N s-NTQM Mtv R 4- .M avi, i " - '53 " ' I X W Q 4 'ULw.i.1,Ji' h , -. . V5-,:,:A+f' .., f,,.A...,-,.+m.'-:f,.,.wif-'.x.- fm H' l I f 'E , ,,: mfs- , W 33- M... 4 '- '7'T I " , J in V A ,X E - 14 E, . v "'5a'g'. Rid' 3 -.,, Butch Small Dewey Tobias Reggie Bray Mickey Hatley 1 12 .J .1"'.. -, Kr' 3 , WHERE THE ACTIO . . . Wmwyffi ,Qijvjf w n I , F 31 Sl M-mi JL - i--Z.. ,wx aa- :ll ,..,m0 Emil -A1 L. N 'F " 'lxwf'-.wwf wa ' . ' E :V I K' El' ,Q Q WM! M, ,, I Frankie Drennan Butch Oneppo ,.. , Q. ,A--Q-H-9,5-0 vu-sf N' ' if E rf ' N Marty Crowder Phil Neely .ll""iP' Fl1iClf 77 ,g l A i WW ,, M - ,,,5. Q 'M e we -N ,.,, . f " -.,. ',.:l I Li, w "-r. 4.--:' .1 K Miss Donna Poweri, Sponsor. CHEERLE DER Kneeling: Doda Roddey, Beth Parker, Sharon Maloney. Standing: Ellen Black, Gloria Hance, Frances Blake, Head Cheerleader. Not pictured: Ioan Henry, Gloria Ernanclez, Debbie White. 78 15.4 gow IQ' ,HI ,M J"' ZW: 5 555 PEP BAN I Alton Cox, Roddey Proctor, Richard Orr, Sheryl Reeves, Mary Truesrlell, Dale Cnutlwn, Brm-c Clark, Wendell Hinson. A Cloria Hance. May Queen xfrks Yiyxlf, 41 K 41 , 'QS Q W A Su, f X553 gif " Xi. rs me D ,,,7 , -5,33 N 1 1 2 P : 9 ' 'U f fX'32fff2NiQ:Whi 1 A HTFR " r S1565 - . f. f. of-ffsk , , TAS' ig-Q57 . ".,.z - . Jfff 1 X 1 s f oan Henrx 'vlald of Honor YD Cindy Dabney ww egg' yffzg, 1? 4, ' L. H , 7y 1 5 ' fl . G K Susan jackson Frances Blake 80 F5 X A ,X , f X Q Q sr- . X a , w vs 51 sis--' w .Q MISS! USCL 55 M M X 5 X Y Q X XX B 5 15. 1 .xl f gy fi x ,gs W Q N, if N b V Xck,?.w.::-,. ' Q,-NWA? lv ,..f1.M..4mMa A 5 Y H Nea 14 . is Q N G L5 . ff 4 Y 2 1 , mx 5. , x L 'W"'!,1,'4f . 'QE 4 ,,'g4'xkjgi2 M ft" 'uf ' Q-.Mx X Rebecca Reid, First Runner-Upg Cathy Yoder, Miss USCL: Cathy Yoder Doda Roddey, Second Runner-Up. 81 ,nf , fm-. 1 .11 sf- Y Sf? '1 USCL 411- lin .2 82 40 an-iQ fr x 4 S , ,. ,, ii :Q Q ' runs Q msn :num anna um mmm pm mann mm sam sun mn If was Km was KH 'SE ' W S1121 f :anna anus, :Um mums fig, , H4 'I 'F 1 nun: laughs: Kuff 4 age-ne SALKEHATCHIE c. s 4 '5- vx 4. z A s Y-AW xgx I AID UNIVERSITAS CAROL MERID 1801 4' 9 ' Q ,U 'Q ' gg O Rf j XX' Q A. . 'F go I 1' .' 0 153-NX F, il i '95 Vx' -.H . '51 T DE T COVER ME T Seated julie Wicker Vice Presldent Tommy Wllllams Pres Pictured Richard Chandler Gayle England Secretary Char Norment Rlchard Webb Cheryl Crapse Dixie Heaton Nlot l ident, jan Ferguson, Treasurer. Standingg Pat Raybon, Mary lege Bradshaw, V 84 Ian Ferguson, Treasurer julie Wicker, Vice-President, Tommy Williams, President ies J., as itli Yr X1-N FRE H E CLASS OFFICER Fesh. Dixie Heaton, Secretary, Pat Raylion, Treasurer. Not Pictured, Ri- chard Chandler, President, Charlene Bradshaw, Vice-President. 85 OPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS S W Soph. Richard Webb, President, Mary NOTIIICIH, Secretary, 2 Cheryl Crapse, Treasurer. Not Pictured, Breeze VVinn, Vice- Y President. X .2 5' r . ,rm '1 Q O X CA ET AND BLACK ,Wm 465.45 1-A: L, 1 t Z f Q. X L :ez 7, K A , 52: 'Z4i'9M'f4-5 , W f A 'f , ,. w. ' 4 .W 1 Vi I 2' , X we if , , . ' V254 ,,f, JT , ek :ts 1,425-f , iM,Q, A - ww ,fr H-'J , ggvfgy We ,, J J .V I-A whfw: , wr wigs 7 is -124252.-..:i5:-',-5,.,- 4 r,::t1at.p f- I 4,5 5 , il if .:- ,, ':1.:ftr'?i1s2sa:. 1 i , S Q , 'W' , l , A U5 I x .. , W , ZX 0 4 4 r ' N' 924 MN? 4 Q A 554 54 4 X fa, 9624 t 5 Ay ' "" aiu' V15 if We A f vyf f i ! X ' Q ,1 W S fy ,ff .M Q tha, H i , Editor Charlotte Hutchinson, Assistant Editor. W New Seatcdq julie Wicker, Editor, Mary Norment, jennifer Jones, Ian Ferguson. Standingg jerry Morris, John Rivers Bell. is -QSM . ,.. A Seated: Put Ruylinn, NILll'Qtll't'tI0l1t'S, Assistant Editor, Tommy NVillia-uns, jerry Morris, julie Criner, Sherry Joyce Butler, Editor, lirlene Tlioinas, Cheryl Crapse, Calhoun. Ian FCl'Q,'llSOll. Standingq .less Dannelly, Iohn Bell, I 4 A ,11- W? V ii itiii 'ffl' i fx I Mzwgaret jones, Assistant Editorg joyce Butlcr, Editor. 87 New 1 a cl Standing Coach Dewar Richard Webb, Danny jones Tommy Wllllams jess Dannelly Richard Chandler Kneeling: Alan Corell Bert Loadholt, jerry Morris, Hu h 'VlacNlillan. 88 A-"3 , Q, -N . X 13265, Ka 4 1 fm ,sf X 1 1 " . xi , Q K fx fu my 'X ' 1 uw 5 k 5 0 9, ,ig Z tx 1 A 'WW bn 1 X X K x ,N Mk . ,A , J , W2 ' W" 5 ? fA Q, w .Q if if , QW.. , M , 'Qt' 'I Qx 1? Wg is New -'I 1' " ',,, "fly, '15 I M3529 f 4, Qi 1 f , W ff " me N.. Kncclingg Angie Clriner, Cheryl Crapse. Head Cheer- 7 lcaclcr, julie NVickerg Standing, jan Ferguson, Larry Kin- urnl, Vlnlic Criner. A . x if. f ,-,: 1 Q9 ' is em ali 5 it K 5 if S33 3 .rm ,Q if 1 wgy X' 3 if 4 , xxx N y ,M 4+ .3 Q 5 1 . rr 3' . V , 4 .YQ-, . M, 2 E. f 1. ,Jig , r Q? f ,gwrsfl B "-'If' A .w Q 1521 YE 5 xx 53' ii u J: is M 5 tg' ,gi 3' rw I 4 Y 5 z U if x' X x 1. xl 32 25. Y w K A 24, 4' MAY QUEEN AND COURT Jennifer jones Maid of honor oyce Butler ennie Ann Morris Jenny Jones Pat Rabon Z V x,,, -1 V V F E A -r +39 if Q Y, 1-'QL LKEHATCHIE Carol Mlkell if X . B 5' 3 HER MAJESTYS LAD WAITING Cheryl Crapse And Lf z 2 cf L I WWW f 5 E 3 if 2 ' , flgwii? ,ff dI,,fEg: 1 Z F5 glfiiggsy if ' Y I , S si 1 F Q1 P E ,,,,...4rl F 9 if i F Hml, ky, fi Y 1' gg.. if- 2 ' 1:21-x, , .RUM ' 5 f ., ' K' A , , I ,, 1' A , ,afsivffi '-17 fwvwfaidfi 'W , E ., 4 . , ff ,H ' 1 K. XX f ', -' X F' z will 1 'f2f'4W5 . , 2.-B ....., .gn A ' W 'N' W Us. I af ' 1 -' 1 eh v A .,,W 1? 5 it MQ! HQ I 0 KJ' 91 A s 2 w .A 1 1 'A '1 if Q lr an ' i I K 4' ' W x1:.,N..-1-ffiigeffw -Wy, ,,f,,Ww L 5 U WX: Eid I5 2 .J SPARTANBURG Q t ii Wfalmpx, C S1 , Q Q M Q gy v k un i 'ink 'Q 1. I n My Mai UNIVBRSITAS CAROL ,, MERID Q- mm ? ii" X. fi lb E l I ll E I I l F' u :S 4? J 4 TDET K. X 3 N Avlgtffyy X , :Cf 4 fasiii Ol. ,Ei uwlllf SPXRTXNBURG REGlONil CAMPL , ,Eiga-., , L W ,-I V' 1 , aBILlWihQmg::g4f":.-:rqwe:x+a.,' - 3 min 'gf-41'-'3fy4z:+.gwwqQ,. - -Jfgiaf ,ff-,,,x ,,,f,,,,,,,ZU -ff, ,, ,z r f ,., , , mmf 'Y' p,Q,f-1'1Q,,f'34'- ,DQS fi Z' ' A' M- ,J -Mu 'X 1- GovER ME T audi" STUDENT GOVERNMENT PRESIDENTI OFFICERS: Lana Gardner, Secretaryg Perry Poole, Presidentg Marsha Hester, Trea Perry' P0OlG' surerg and Bruce Alverson, Vice President. ,,al" --"' SE,-XNTORS, Miriam Martin, Ioyce Henderson, Wanda Lawson, Bette Lands, Lucretia jones, Beth Lil- lard, Cheryl Campbell, Mike Smith, and Bill Alile. EU K X 5 .. P Co-Editors for Garnet and Black are Mary A1111 OQDOIIIIGII and Beth Allisong Advisor, Mr. Tony Hammock. STAFF Bnth Alllson 111L follghtlv D IIIIIL VVnst kllhw M msclcy, z111cl Mary Jxllll QYIDUIIIICH. 1 Xi' 4-1 Scanning the first printed edition of the CAROLINIAN are Mr. Tony Ham Q mock, Advisor and Beth Lillard, Editor. EDITORIAL STAFF: Lucretia jones, Assistant Editor, john Ready, Sports Editorg Lana Gardner, Feature Editorg and Beth Lillard, Editor- THE CAROLINIA in-Chief. ii ,fflp , as ' '4l1rn1.fx1., mi V mug ,Q STAFF. Standing: Beth Lillard, Wanda Lawson, George Lark, Lana Card- iighfiy, jim Condon, and Miriam Martin- Seated: LYTIH Galloway, Lucretia ner, Bette Lands, joyce Henderson, Marsha Hester, john Ready, jane Go- jones, and Nancy Ragan. 4 1 Q t X aw D x ,i I F5 2 ' ti.. y Q Q fin' 'D Y E r - -A T . t ,ff X , S ig f,yv l lf' . x V w nw 1 , 7, 32 ' .- il i ii 'QAV F, .,eW,s Qi f Egg. y ,Hy , it . ft 3 I I if . if ll i , ax J rrztll if jj 4 wg '- ' 1, 'Z ms N yr: it .. A- F V J, 4' .,,, . X, I N A J 1 sm X , 4 E Nt! M U 5 V -- ,ff 7 New ' Eff fi STUDENT NURSES. First Row: Beth Allison, julia Whitt, Darlene Smith, Tlll'l1Cl'. Doris Taylor. Judy Brown. Fourth Row: Mary Ann O'Donnell, Nancy Hagan. Second Row: Pat Burns. Linda Thompson, Annette Rice, Pan- Chelyl Campbell. Ioyce Sinclair. Angela Smith, Jean Hines, NanCy ROdgffl'S. la Lattimore, AIoAnne Poteat. Third Row: Libby NVilson, Claudia Morris, Io- Cathy Swindle, Elnora Vinson, jane Colightly, Dianne VVest, Harriette Anne McAhl1e, Kathy Moseley, Donna Hollifielcl. Connie Owens, Jeanette Smith. Wx FW' it ' 'ligw iheiiffgif v Q' 1. SSDCIATE DEGREE NUR ING ST DENTS K if-C ni INSTRUCTORS. Mrs. Lois Wiggins and Mrs. Mildred Lyles. lyk M ..-v"",lls"" www... STUDENT NURSES' ASSOCIATION. OFEICICRS. Donna llollificlcl, l it Nl 99 tlentg Cheryl tiumplwll, tiolicspomling SCCl't'lill'fL l'ul llurns, Svvom President: Cathy Swincllc, SCt'l't'llll'yQ.lL'tlIlCtll''l'IIl'llt'1', Fl'l'vns1li'c1'g Marx Xnn O'Donncll, First Vice Prvsiclcnt. Basketball Squad-Hrst row-Coach Eldrige, Robert Amiclx Blll Wdldrop Ken Harold eff DlLlxSOI1 George Lark, Wayne Bishop, Iermone Boyce, Manager, Coach Blaglu ood Second row 'Vhlxc Smlth Bill Vaughan, Larry Long, Smithy lVlCAlltl'lOl', and Bruce Alver on 1967-1968 BASKETBALL SCORES SPARTANBURG 52 FLORENCE SPARTANBURG 52 UNION SPARTANBURG 80 SALKEHATCHIE SPARTANBURG 51 LANCASTER SPARTANBURG 32 AIKEN SPARTANBURG 72 BEAUFORT SPARTANBURG 66 CONWAY SPARTANBURG 58 UNION SPARTANBURG 83 SALKEHATCHIE SPARTANBURG 51 LANCASTER SPARTANBURG 51 AIKEN SPARTANBURG 38 FLORENCE SPARTANBURG 54 BEAUFORT SPARTANBURG 55 COASTAL I S Q -S I Bruce Alverson wrestles for rebol nd Ill Spartanlmr Salkehatehle 0 o 0 o gam e Ifnm Cardner llead Cheerleader U S C S CHEERLE DER NVanda Lawson lovce Henderson Cheryl Campbell Io Anne Mc-Alwee M lISll 1 llulu Elsie Cildersleave ll' 'll l " 0 0 0 0 B-A-N-T-A-M-S-CREATY ll ' 2 ll ls 2-' W K W b ' 'I' wwf" , L 1968 CHRISTMAS QUEEN Miss Lana Gardner Y 109 1' ,..v' f' '7 , f af. i 104 wf A X f'.VA 1 M095 1, Raimi UNIO C 6' f' IJ Vx 5X sr. F40 -1 5 ff! , 'L UNIVERSITAS CAROL -ww WW M-ww -.H '- H """" Wm MERID QS W SW WS Q, ap is 35,3 22 62 M25 apwiis 1801 x. f Q Y , X 1 Y 1 K V W W as f :. 1,5 , ' ' V K:-gms N K ., f S Q E A , .X . jc . . , tx: X Q ' x A. N . X " I ' A X I N H - .ff 1" lu TY' X "' ' 'T 'I :fx Ekxce f . , W " I 2 V1 A I . . o A-Ha,','1 ' D x A n n ,X f , ,.. X ' 45" M, W.. V NWN ,,f.,,.,..,,g: f ,ah , k .V, mf ,QA X ' ,K O mf K . - . ' 'X 1 , f 4 !"N Q9 1 w x ,-I 1 7, xt Q- ff, ax .MZQ Q Vg X'-ffhs .f si Q w 030 ,S 4 .. ,Q X . :xg -f ff x, pw, x X T. wi " in E W . ' J 0 , M " 54145, fz-Amr.: 'ff ,xx f- A 1. V. N22 :3, .1'1rS. im . ' x 'X 'X ' ' ,. sn .,.,.,w.xig ., .. 90- ., . 4., J. . . , , , A x H Q, f ht, . X ,A vggv, n .9 . , , , TSW: .1-, l ik ..,. g y? ,aww iw, - W IN 4 , A K, A, ,ME , W,, V 4 S ,VMSXN K , , ,, A X k , m li . -:fag 2 Y ' Z Q 5 Le V. L B ir T r X R rm' K ' I S9 R' in x " B 4 , sf X ST an K eff .,, , , , M.. .Qs . I E Q ,,-. Sophomore Lynn Treadway-President Dwight N11Jnmdy-Vice-Presidciit Monty Him-s-Secretary Cc-nc Palincr-Treasurer Warren Chick-Student Heprcsentative Student Government Richard Baldwin-Secretary Tiin Harrison-President jeff Cossett-Treasurer Hope CarnerhVice-President DE T COVER ME ,w Freshman Randy Herald-Treasurer Terry VVilson-Secretary Robert Tyler-President Ricky Henderson-Vice-President 106 p fd Co edltor Monty Smxth and Kathy Beglev GAR ET A D BLACK Via "vnu- -ff.. Garnet and Black Staff: Lynn Treadway, Montv Hines, Kathv Beglev Montv Smuth Shulr Hfunpton Randy Herald, Susan Boyd, Warren Chick, jeff Cossett, and Bobby Tyler MAA' f , QQ, X R f W f f 4 2 1 . A 4, 1 1 A ' 12. Q L f 1991! ' ff 4 f X7 f .1 ..,:,, , .Q :fic ' 54'?,1il7'W IZ' ': ., .i... . 1. 1 .mf 4-A-14 3 ' 1 J' X W ff. V1 1 "1 r' " ' 2 ,fx e r' -1 , ' --5 'f x Amir .. ra- , ., P ap.,far1 , QQ, 'W v i4'w'Q A ,a""' ap Eaifail 1:1-J? 1:23-Q 5' ff' 'B' NH! .wwf M'-a Bantam Staff sitting Warren Chick Richard Baldwin Clmt Lawson Randy Herald Bolihx Tyler Standing Monty Smlth Sheila Hampton kathy Begley Lynn Treadway Evelyn Blanton Linda Hampton jeff Cossett Mike Whelchel and Susan Boyd flfltl lil .Ii aw-mm wfywsy vf aggaaaaa 5. i ,V ' i .Q t ,Q , , , f -Awww H an z""" "' 1. ' if ' 1 Ai X ue 1 Nil Editor iN Chief. Sheila Hampton- Editorial Staffg Penny Taylor, Warren Chick, Sheila Hampton, Linda Hampton, confers with Mr. James W. Hall, advisor. fl. ""- W1 ' I in QQ' l Q Zi my V- J-3 Q ni if l is gf H If 52 xl N. W ii 2 Q ' .if ,I The USC-U Carolina Cluh. Q W Susan Troy-Debbie Davis Award Winner, Library Staff-Seated, Diane Worthy, Susan Troy, Ieannette Black, and Lynn Treadwayq stand ing, jack Hanna and Clint Lawson. Language Club-Seated,Susan Troy, Lynn Treadway.Kuthyl3eg- ter, .luck Malloy. WVLIITGII Cliick. Pi-nuy Taylor, Randy llvrzilnl, ley, Sue Morgan, Diane Worthy, Jeannette Black, und Mrs. -luck llilllllll. lflllVVlll lylcclforcl. Mary MCDUW, sponsor. Standing, Riclmrcl Baldwin, Billy liuclics- 109 SPCRTS PRO IDE F FOR LL ,, .. F Ready-oh! Let's g ,,,, ,,.T,Z,,..,, -awww -V My if a VVhat did you say Ref! ol Larry attempts to block jacks shot. That's what we call basketball! Hustle team! The Bantams: Randy Herald, lack Teague, Tommy Henderson, Monty Hines, jack Hanna, Ray Wilson, Hope Gamer, Gene Palmer, Larry Lybrand, Tim Harrison, Larry Baines, Wilson Freeman, Mike Lybrand, 1 4 5L',. . , -4. , Q ' 5. - , , 55.4 ' -2' If , . 4 X g K X H a X , V l , X My XM A ,. Q if , 4 , ,ff 3 , J if:l.i..5 0 5 -l i, , ' 'f7:"Fq,b,t1': 1 , 1 T, 1 1 Z 2 14 rf f ,J M Cheerleaders: Kneeling-Donna Phillips, Reba .-Xlverson, Linda Calhoun, Evelyn Blantong Standng-Cathy Corley, Penny Taylor, Lynn Treadway, Phyllis Kirby. We 5 Q x A l 5 r ,MS Mg-I. ,- if ,- NW, , l, V V I f,,,,M x ' 1 'V fwggsw. 'KW Coach-Phil "Tweetie" WVilhurn. Varied entertainment on bus to games. f J' S X v , I ,,,, I gr- -,ffm -hm .5 , s A' N Q12 'Na Hippies? No! just our faculty at pep rally! Our firstll XVhat clicl you think of that? , Q" ff! 'if' 4, H n ', , 1 -rfvwmv . fy, ,J ,' -1 M Aw Q in , jf? ' . UG-an 1,-'mlm X' -I Q-,mfanxfx f Q .Nx,1s:5.,,, ,. Af. gf Y, AK!! :Mun The pyramids along the Nile . . . Deck the Hallfil we ifedlo X Sign here or in Viet Nam. We love you, Mr. Guinn Wake me when it's over. Food for thought. A toast for the Un-capa-fifth. 114 lf Wow! What a party at the Fraternity House! The ghost of USC-U. REGIONAL CAMPUS BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT March 7-9, 1968 Championship team-Lancaster 4 'L .. HSJ1 zf:,:' ,vs - 5.31 vi R431 X L."-S : 'N , :v:a,,:' 1' I8 li ll 'E' lv at V 1 if . fi 1 K I A I Runner-up team-Florence All conference team All-Cof t Ih T I B f t Nik onnie XVayne XX ll Lhl C t l I F L Dell. C t I N1 rt f d L I L gi ll 2, Aiken: Nl lx H tl L t H f lx Fl R S tl Fl R 1 T ll C t I I f a E 2 4 12 1 N n 1 , s a V 1 1 W Y? 5 P: af . ,X 'lf-w-.-.Nw ,-W, W ' Q X, ,f v . 1 ... . Q ---' im wx KW -f'.1f5E11', w Q. fwt. .2 1 U3 -. ,bawffm ., f, -:V + 4, , V, W, X4 V- ff .. I A We ,, X' Q, wggg' xf ' ' X 'f W5 .mfs I ff " .77 1 V N. ffx X I , ,.,-1-sy ,, , Eu--. N-.w . :,R,,4 :N vm w nx. Q ' A 1 , f. .yn - -1 A 1 . K REGIONAL CAMPUS BASKETBALL QUEEN CONNIE EICKENEAKER OPHOMORE Student Abbate, Charles Adams, Anne Adams, Freddie Daniel Adams. Jerry Adkins, Thomas VValker Aiken, Iohnny All, Barbara Allen, Cleo Allen, Peggy Altman, Ioyce Altman, Ronald Alverson, Reba Ameen, Lois Ann Anderson, David Anderson, Kenny Aubrey Anderson, Marion Anderson, Wayne Anthony, Eddie Ard, Billy Atkins, Charles Hampton Aull, Clifton Avant, Bill Bagwell, Richard Scott Baker, George Baker, Kenneth Larry Baker, Tommy Bane, joyce E. Barnhill, Iohn Barnes, Cecil Barrineau, William Barton, Jeanie Baucom, Michael Beard, Freda Beth Beaty, Shirley! Bechtler, Irene Beckham, Glenn Belcher, Cleaburne F. Bell, Dennis A. Bell, Ira Bellamy, Annice Campus Beaufort Union Lancaster Union Lancaster Florence Salkehatchie Aiken Florence Florence Coastal Union Lancaster Florence Coastal Florence Lancaster Florence Coastal Lancaster Aiken Florence Lancaster Florence Lancaster Coastal Aiken Coastal Florence Florence Lancaster Florence Salkehatchie Union Lancaster Florence Aiken Aiken Lancaster Coastal b.b' ,. J ,. .Q L., V .fs 2- sxgf, in wwf, -2 4 t vm 9 - wag g- ' Sjtiq- ' 'f T S ::..::ES:E:,'Ek ep Ek -' t 5 VL-'m,,S 94353 5ia',f':':::,.:,.. x .w r X' at f' - "ff , ,Q W ..,,., 5, sa . we-,I 'gawgg L. ,... Q , - Q- A '-sas-,::r-5:52211 ' . 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Billie Raye Burwell, Edward Langwo a , HD ORE Florence Coastal Coastal Lancaster Lancaster Aiken Florence Florence Lancaster Coastal Union Coastal Coastal Florence Union Florence Lancaster Beaufort Aiken Salkeliatchie Lancaster Aiken Lancaster Florence Coastal Florence Salkeliatcliie Lancaster Union , jr. Lancaster r S5 mf OPHO URES Butler, David B. Butler, .oyce Bntler, Leon Byrc. Alhert Calhoun. l inda Cavle Aiken Salkehatchie Coastal L nion Union .Haan-:,, .V N V. . .,, , 4 ffm, A as N 9- ff' ff S X HN at 1 'G' f ,. ff 4 e P fiat. L v , s t 2 fy , . x I V Q, if 1... A f- 4, 4 fr 'as X A ,, Q 1 t Y, ,- Y l ' T 6 mt' L 33333 s G 3 J , M wg can f X , t Cantnell. john NV. Carmichael. Sandra Carnes, Richard Larry Carter. james R, Caskey. Ronald Orr Cassels, Mike Cato. Olivia Canthen, Hazel Canthen, Henry Allen Cheatwood. joseph L. Cherry, Ronald D. Chewning, Ann Chick. NVarren Childers, Bennie Christian, Rick Christie. Tim Clark. Patricia Ann Clark, Ronnie Clifton, Paul Clinelielle. Ray L. Clyhnrn, lane Karen Coleman, Frances Collins, Clifton Collins, Cene Collins, Kris F' sax.- -.... . me Aiken Coastal Lancaster Aiken Lancaster Union Aiken Lancaster Lancaster Lancaster Aiken Florence Union Lancaster Florence Florence Lancaster Florence Coastal Lancaster Lancaster Florence Coastal Coastal Beaufort fv fy P M fi, 1' fw- ,gif . fi s, . vi "ff,-w::zsfs- ww 'za X 52 a 61 . -5-me .5 s Z ,M f N 4 4 V s Q or X 1 s g f fr-z X ff f We 4, if wilt. if 5 QB 1 we 4 .,-Y We l, K ik YE - 'wiiifaviff ' :N Va. 5 Q Wh.. , . .. .a f 4 ' A was U2 ' "tt - f 'EW N-. I S Qatar' 'Gad' :V azz... :Q W" f 4 'Q ifffvf 4 ff N f. Y 4 yt f ,j f 1 5 M W' 1 'Q Q ff? a , X W is fs- "5 'X H? X - 3 'f AQ:-f W X if t . ,VW i K WMM x f, L 2151.6 i" 'Q 4-21 f I Z6 3 Q.. me . , I . 2 t ff . oy ' f,.g9ggZ,fi,,.. ' ' f 4, ., . Qi: L. Wt' "1 1 . f.:::w- Tmfr iw . ?i L that ,N ii! 2 'itil -Nun xi X f N oaa L Nw ""1".l"" " W-wwf l 1 . wma K . f dxf if 4 1, X? 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Jr. Lancaster Aiken Aiken Beaufort Florence Lancaster Beaufort Florence Coastal Lancaster Salkehatchie Lancaster Coastal Coastal Lancaster Union Florence Aiken Lancaster Aiken Salkehatchie Salkehatchie Aiken Florence Lancaster Lancaster Lancaster Florence Aiken Coastal , l 'A ". A 1 Wa." Woe ' ,. 1 X sa M 'V Q S r ' Lxtf-'s' 1 'fn 5 K X x N 1-ag: 5 xy ' t w 'Sy' Q in wQ.u5g.'wr'f A . . my, 5 5 fs. 1 .1 s Sk? ' Qifg' , at . f ' ' "xH, .ll . -at sf bl , NJ' '. A- y A Q ZZ , ,. Q-fm' 5. ' OPHOMORE Dunlap, Malcolm Craig Durant, Donna Dusenberry, Al Dutton, Iames VVarren Eaddy. Riley Eargle, Kent R. Edgar, Allen Edmunds, Frank Ellis. Donald Fred Elvis, Larry Emanuel, limmy England, Gayle Evans, jerry Evans, Linda Faulk, Wayne Ferguson, Harold N. Ferguson, Ian Ferriter, R. Findlev, Richard D. Fleming, Bill Flowers, Howard Floyd, Coke Foxworth, Carol Freeman, Monty Freeman, Steve Gaddv. Sonya Gantt, Robert Gantt, Tommy Gardner, jennifer Garner, Everette Garner, Tommy Garner, Bill Gaskins, Robert Genoble, Richard George, Glenn Ghent, Linda Gibson, Sylvia Goff, Elizabeth Golio, Ioanne Gordon, julia Lancaster Coastal Coastal Lancaster Florence Aiken Beaufort Florence Lancaster Coastal Florence Salkehatchie Florence Florence Coastal Lancaster Salkehatchie Aiken Aiken Florence Lancaster Coastal Coastal Lancaster Florence Florence Lancaster Beaufort Lancaster Union Lancaster Lancaster Florence Union Union Lancaster Aiken Coastal Florence Florence E t. a bfi, , J bi E2 W . , s. ', X l ' ftmqfgax 1 ,1 J ea 1 away L at L. 14 2 If f ., ,,.V , Q, W , l sl if M fi? ' WM rl? x , sa-N., f "lf Num a .X 5 . 1,5 sy- Lf 'iv Q-aft asf? Q i t je' RQ X313 R n Q -V 1 N - .aaa-V-se: . .Af 'aa , -,. 122 - 2. 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Mac Aiken Aiken Lancaster Coastal Lancaster Beaufort Beaufort Lancaster Lancaster Coastal Coastal Aiken Florence Coastal Florence Coastal Lancaster Lancaster Aiken Lancaster Aiken Florence Lancaster Aiken Aiken Florence Aiken Coastal Coastal Aiken Florence Florence Florence Aiken Florence Florence Lancaster Coastal Aiken Florence - Vx. 7 fwscfxk-1, is -QSW2 .Q S 4. -XV :Qi ' Wa.. ,, . .Q , Vg F . E M sg. ,.,. . ,W IN ' i iz I .SA sy.: I"'EiC'i'3V,1 .2 4-fafif . 4 5' if Wi a aa? ..., ,.,, , -J .S ..-.-, ,,,,. - 1.-V.. .V1 Q! f t aw ' View sift . . td, QM, 4 ' 1 X 15413. X , V v sf sf y S. X zf " 3' 5 ly f w 7,1 N , ,m 7 C sf ,vf 'V ? V-.-. -M ff 4 2 1 V Y f f 2 I ., A 2 V ir f fe' Q Z sf 4 4 c s v ., V ax, f S L f We f f ss ff 91" f ,fav X M K f f , A X f 5-V f Qs 1 'i . -- V .,,, . .., . L ,X V , , Q A 4 gy, '.,. yd 3V , V , ff X X jg? L , 1473 S 5,,:,:,' .,..,, , m 3. j N Ny 1 or ,V V ' j .rf ix Q3 - ,..,' .I ':.3:- ' ' . 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Mary Norris, Learnan Odom, Buddy Union Aiken Lancaster Florence Florence Salkehatchie Coastal Coastal Aiken Beaufort Union Union Lancaster Florence Florence Aiken Union Florence Lancaster Florence Lancaster Lancaster Salkehatchie Salkehatchie Aiken Salkehatchie Florence Florence Salkehatchie Beaufort Salkehatchie Aiken Lancaster Aiken Coastal Lancaster Florence Salkehatchie Florence Florence cw- af 'IE' Pa 1--..... n 126 UW' 'ww UPHO ORES Odom. Linda 0'Donnell, Nlike O'Ncal, -lohn B. Page. Charles Page, Mary Page, jimmy Palmer, Cene Papitto, Donna Pappas, Cookie Parker, Beth Parnell. Sterling Pawley. Michael Peterson, Paul Pellarn, Phyllis Pitts, Kathie Porter. Sonia Powell, Nancy Powers, Mae Purser, Mary P. Rahon. Billy Ray. Glenn Reagin, Norma Reece, Clifford W. Reeves, Ricky Reid. Joyce Reid, Becky Reynolds. Dalthon Rich, Brenda Rich. Indy A. Richardson, Ernestine Flt mrcncc Coastal Salkehatchic Coastal Coastal Florence Union Florence Coastal Lancaster Florence Florence Coastal Aiken Florence Coastal Beaufort Florence Aiken Coastal Coastal Florence Lancaster Florence Florence Lancaster Florence Coastal Aiken Florence OPHOMORE Richardson, Larry Coastal I Richbourg, Deidra Roberts. Bill Robinson, David Roddey. Doda Rodgers, Dannye Rogers, Mike Rogers. Milton Roslnach, Phillip Ross, Cregory A. Rushing. C. F. Saleehy, Tanya Schulhofer. Francis L. Schwarz, Clarady Segars, Timmy Sexton, Llurah M. Shaw. Con stance R. Shaw, Paul Sheehan, Iames Sheldon. Verna H. Shelby. Kendall Shelley, Lucy Shuler, Ernest R. Sildall, Antoinette Simpson. joe Saye Sinclair. Melvin Singleton. Linda Small. Steve Smith, Ann Smith, Jayne Smith Larry R. Smith Mike Smith Ronald C. Snell, Ieannie Snipes. Frank Snipes, Stanley Snyder, james O. Sojourner, joanne Solomons, Eugenia Sorgee. Steve Florence Lancaster Florence Lancaster Coastal Beaufort Aiken Aiken Aiken Lancaster Coastal Aiken Coastal Salkehatchie Aiken Aiken Florence Aiken Aiken Coastal Coastal Aiken Aiken Lancaster Union Coastal Lancaster Coastal Florence Aiken Florence Aiken Beaufort Lancaster Aiken Aiken Florence Salkehatchie Lancaster .. .,,. V .f 'M , , V ,.. ..,.... Q I s,....v1-- A, :I qt ,f , - f -' ff - .gg f I rr.--c ":S.. , 1 -1 I , L. fs ff ss: ' " 'V " . ' l ,SEEEIJ52-I-'Q . swf? ,,,. . fr v if , VVA, .. ..,,. I A .. e ,i .,v. it ,mx-.Q . I ' f s Q fi .. , ,,w,,5gae3u V tiaw 1 , Y 94,4 ,M ff sf f X , aam'Vaf f 1. A 6 QQ gym, S 1 me IA J f Y f f 5 X 'sv i ' ea' f A X H Q za.-2 - If 4 I Sf"'7v 12 8 1 ,tw Nr.. f R . -.5 git B! 14, af: V .gsyfw vf ff. Vim? f U ' Sq: ' sw ad 'QTL' ., ., M 7 ' . 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Wally Long, Larry Long, Parks Long, Warren Loughlin, Margaret Loupo, Linda Loving, Gene Lucas, Mitch Luker, Alan Lybrand, Larry Aiken Union Beaufort Spartanburg Spartanburg Lancaster Florence Beaufort Spartanburg Spartanburg Florence Beaufort Union Spartanburg Aiken Aiken Aiken Florence Salkehatchie Spartanburg Aiken Florence Aiken Spartanburg Florence Beaufort Coastal Florence Aiken Florence Spartanburg Aiken Spartanburg Beaufort Lancaster Florence Salkehatchie Salkehatchie Florence Spartanburg Lancaster Aiken Coastal Coastal Lancaster Lancaster Spartanburg Un iw in ,W X Lybrand. Mike Lyles. Annie Lyles, Carolyn Mc-Abee, jo Anne N1cAninch, Henry McArthur, Smitty McAteer, Linda Carol McCain, Frank McCarthy, joe McCaskill, Martha McClure. Kerry McCord, Donald McCormick, Rodney M cCormick. Ronald Van n McCullogh, Gregory McCumber, Larry McCutchen. Robert fvlc-Cutchen. Roger McDowell. Phyllis McDowell. Tom McDutfie. George McElveen, Steve McGee, Mike McGee. Philip McGill. Thomas McCufHn, Donna Mclnnis. Don McIntyre, Clara Mclver, james Macliendree. Rhett Mclieown, Larry McKnight, Harry McManus, Charles L. Mc-Michael, john MacMillan, Bill McMillan. johnny McNeill, Beth McPherson. jay McPherson, Linda McQuinn, David P. Magee. William Magness. Brenda Maketansky, Michael Malloy. john Maloney, Frank D. Mann, Edwin M. Manness, David Marlowe, Frances Marsden, Bruce H. Marshall. Miller Martin, Danny Martin, Donald Wayne Martin, jean Marie Martin, Kenneth W. 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Oneppo, Butch Orr, Richard O'Shield, Eddie Oswald, Robert M. Outlaw, WVilliam Pack, Derrell Padgett, james R. Page, VVilliam L. Palmer. Beverly Palmer, jesse T. Palmer. Linda 1. Palmer, Richard Palmer, William Pardue, Chuck Parker, Benny Parker, Charles Parker, Dalton Parris, Chris Spartanburg Aiken Coastal Lancaster Aiken Spartanburg Florence Spartanburg Lancaster Florence Beaufort Aiken Beaufort Lancaster Lancaster Beaufort Lancaster Coastal Lancaster Florence Salkehatchie Salkehatchie Lancaster Florence Salkehatchie Aiken Florence Beaufort Aiken Florence Spartanburg Florence Florence Spartanburg Coastal Aiken Lancaster Lancaster Spartanburg Aiken Florence Union Aiken Aiken Union Beaufort Beaufort Florence Beaufort Lancaster Salkehatchie Lancaster Coastal Spartanburg V .,,,. Q... W BW ' 1 .wwf :L an 4 59 Q5 34 S 'i fi 1 'ix' ' y flier' .L , , 'v 1 ..., f A fffga' , 1 wie... f 5 ,.-- W "i r ':- 25' ' f .J "Bl 'V ', " avs A ' s 'X' A L.. 1 in 6 i s Ai, ,E ' 4 . wx te-, ,yt 5 .,.,. 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Roddey Pron, Sergi Putnam, Clyde Rabon, Jim Rachels, Harry Radford, Sherry Ragan, Nancy Coastal Aiken Union Aiken Beaufort Beaufort Aiken Aiken Aiken Spartanburg Lancaster Union Salkehatchie Aiken Aiken Aiken Spartanburg Coastal Lancaster Florence Coastal Lancaster Lancaster Lancaster Lancaster Beaufort Spartanburg Beaufort Spartanburg Coastal Spartanburg Aiken Florence Aiken Florence Beaufort Aiken Coastal Aiken Union Aiken Lancaster Beaufort Aiken Coastal Aiken Spartanburg Spartanburg Rainsford. Albert Randall. Dolly Ray. Polly Ray. Ronald Raybon, Pat Ready. john Rector. Marion Redding. Bmton Reed. Michael Lynn Reeves. Sheryl Reid. Wayne Revell. William Reyels. Linda Revels. Willard Reynolds. Dan Reynolds, Raymond Reynolds. Ronald Rhode. Florence Rhodes. jerry Rice. Annette Richardson. james Richardson. Sue Rickenbaker. Connie Riddle. Middle Ridenhour. jimmy Ridenour. Roger Rivers. Mildred Rivers, Tommy Roach. Lawrence Robbins, Albert Roberts. james Roberts. Roy Roberts, William Robinette. Eleanor Robinson. Dennis Robinson. George Robinson. james L. Robinson. Stanley Rochester. William Rodgers, Bnice Rodgers, Dianne Rodgers. Frankie Rodgers, Nancy Roets. Gerald Roets, jacqueline Rogers. Carroll Rogers. Charles Rogers. IL. P. Rogers, Helen Rogers. Linda Rogers. Margaret Rollins, jimmy Roper. Ray Ropp. Patricia Aiken Aiken Florence Lancaster Salkehatchie Spartanburg Aiken Spartanburg Union Lancaster Union Florence Union Spartanburg Spartanburg Lancaster Aiken Salkehatchie Florence Spartanburg Coastal Coastal Coastal Spartanburg Florence Aiken Salkehatchie Salkehatchie Lancaster Beaufort Beaufort Florence Aiken Spartanburg Lancaster Aiken Lancaster Lancaster Union Spartanburg Florence Coastal Spartanburg Beaufort Beaufort Florence Lancaster Florence Florence Florence Florence Lancaster Coastal Aiken N. . . X, f M My s Min 'f A -s. on g. i, 5 5 i - 4, , 4 , A in , .,.,. 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Beth Singleton. George Sinvleton, NVayne rw . Sistare, Myra Sizemore. Grady Skipper. Clete Skipper, Gerald Small. Rutch Small, Carl Small, Mildred Small. Wfayne Smith, Angela Smith. Angela Smith, Barbara nn Smith, Buddy Smith. Daniel Smith. Darlene Smith, lialtlie Smith. liarrictte Smith, Mike Smith, Robert Aiken Florence Coastal Aiken Aiken Beaufort Salkehatch ie Aiken Florence Union Aiken Spartanburg Spartanburg Florence Aiken Aiken Spartanburg Aiken Coastal Salkehatchie Aiken Florence Florence Florence Coastal Coastal Aiken Florence Aiken Florence Lancaster Lancaster Spartanburg Coastal Coastal Coastal Lancaster Aiken Florence Coastal Lancaster Coastal Lancaster Lancaster Salkehatchie Spartanburg Lancaster Salkehatchic Aiken Spartanburg Spartanburg Spartanburg Spartanburg Coastal Smith. Probert A. Snyder. Robert Solomon, Cale Spanski, Nancve Sparks, Deborah Spires, Linda Sprousc, Paul Sprouse. Robert Stallings. Leon Stallings, Paul Stalvey. Dennis Stalvey. Virginia Stanley. Ronald Stathakos. Pete Staubcs, Michael Steele. lohn Steere. Toni Steere. Vickie Stevens, Rav Stewart. lames Stewart. Pam Stokes. Hansil Strickland. XVilliam Stringer. Charlie Stuart. Bussell Stunder. XVilliam Stuyvenberg, layne Sugg, William Sullivan, Indy Summerford. Don Swindle. Cathy Swink. Thomas Swint, Laverne Taft. Vivian Tate. C. Taylor. Doris Tavlor, -lerry Taylor. lohn Tliomas. Erlene Thomas. Gene Thomas, Steve Thomasson, Cary Thompson. Alan Thompson. Brenda Thompson. Linda Thornton, Rickie Thurlow. Alline Tindal. Suzanne Tomberlin, Larry Truesdale. Hartsill Truesdell. Mary Tucker, Larry Tucker, Bobert Turbeville. ludv Aiken Aiken Aiken Lancaster Union Florence Lancaster Union Aiken Aiken Coastal Coastal Aiken Spartanburg Aiken Florence Coastal Coastal Aiken Beaufort Salkehatchie Lancaster Coastal Aiken Beaufort Beaufort Aiken Aiken Beaufort Florence Spartanburg Beaufort Beaufort Florence Spartanburg Spartanburg Florence Beaufort Salkehatchie Florence Lancaster Lancaster Florence Spartanburg Spartanburg Aiken Aiken Lancaster Lancaster Lancaster Lancaster Union Florence Florence ' Ki . . V Q, s , a , 1 A 1,-1,3 .5 s 9, f f ew' A , , au' i Q f sw. .0- '2E.-10-215 , , , s ,.,,,,..,sf , . -.,,.x,.,.N , ' 1 2 5, ' ff Q39 w e I sv' , Q r 1 tif W 1 1 V f fa 7 , E ,. F-to SY l 4 : vi F? 2 '-rf.. 19- , .. M , 'Aj 4? ,t fs ,Lg t sd ,.., s, Q , x Mmm, 1 L .-,. ww 'I ' ' - . A : . 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Alice- Union NVing0, Mary-Spartanburg XVint, Claude-Florence NVorfor VVolfe, XVolfe, cl. jimmy-Spartanlmurg, Bill-Spartanburg Danny- Lancaster Womack, Beth-Florence NVood, fvlary-Salkehatchie Woodward, Dixie-Coastal NVoody, Ha rold-Florence XVooley, Dwight-Aiken Wooten 1. Iohn Calvin-Aiken , 4 '06 5 . nr, V . 5, S -mf ,sh-t We G Ki'- X? Q "' 'G' ,ZNVH sgqgiv -: fe .. t1,. ,.,,. . , L 12? o my S- ri inf .3 Q x Q7 we f Q.. 4 j X1 0,-wr' - , .W 'f x S 9 4 1 We fw- 1 '0 1 . rf ' 4 W ' ' 3231 ' S , A . t . - ,, .A ,V ' , , S .- v 9 if ., ' , HH ""' f ' ' A r' . f 'Ii W -' .f ' X " . N, L, , , gl A 3,55 MW 1 154 -ax , r-.x FRESH NVortl1y. Dianne-Union xvfiglll, Terry-I7lurc-ncc Yundell, Tumlny-Lancustcl' Yzmcllc, lfhainc-lrurrcustcr' Y2ll'lN3I'UllQh, Fram'cs-Urnimn Ylil'lJ0l'0llgh. Cleorgc-Florcncc Yflllllg, CJefn'g,e-Spartannlmurg Young, NIarthan-Spul'ta11lmrg Young, Robert-Lzmcaster Youngblood, Pat-Bcuufurt Ze-igler. 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Clarence E , Clearuutcr Buster, Cxnthia L, Aiken Belcher, Clealrurne F., Aiken Bell, Dennis Alan, XYillistou Bell, Glenn V, Williston Bell. Kenneth S, YVilliston Bell, Susan Ruth. Aiken Berry, Leonard E, jr. Aiken Black. Oscar D.. johnston Blakenev, Roy K., Monetta Bledsoe, David XV, Aiken Blocker, Paul Roger. North Auigusta Boatwright. Dale A., Monetta Bonuette, Elizabeth A, Wagner Bootle, Deborah Ann, .Aiken Bowen, jimmy Michael, N. Augusta Bowen, Mary E , Aiken Boylston. james R., Blatkville Bradley, john W , jr. North Augusta Brady. Sandra L, Aiken Brakefield, Brenda S., North Augusta Brainlett, Marion S , jackson, S C Brxinth, Deborah L, jackson Brantley. james L, Aiken Brinkley, james C, New Ellentori Brotherton, jove. Aiken Brown, joseph C.. Belvedere Bruner. Douglas N . Batesburq Bryant, Herbert Ronald, Graniteville Buchanan, Donna C , Aiken Buchanan, john P, Charleston, S C. Burkhart, joseph j , Aiken Busch, Brenda joy, Aiken Butler. David Brian. Aiken Butler, james C., Aiken Butler, Nantv Carolyn. Aiken Caldwell, joanne S.. Aiken Callahan. Margaret Elmalieth, Aiken Campbell, Michael E, Aiken Campbell, Susan-Lea. Aiken Cantwell, john NV., Williston Carleton. jesse M , Aiken Carter. james R., Aiken Carter, atrick C. .Aiken Carter, Rickey L, Langley Carter, William Aiken Cartledge. Henry M., North Augusta Caryer,'Carolyn M , Batesburg Cassels, Don G , johnston Cato, Olivia june, Aiken Causev, Deborah A., Aiken Chapman. Billy. XVintlsor Chappell. Amelia, Cramteville Chase, Raymond E, Aiken Chavis, Doris, Aiken Cherry, Ronald Dean, Aiken Clark. Robert Denny. johnston Clark. Samuel A.. Wageuer Clark. Sandra P. johnston Clarke. Sonya Beech Island Cockrell, Glenn Edward. Aiken Ciufer, Linda Grace, Wagenvr Coleman, Archie XV., North Augusta Collins, Randi L. Williston Cullum, Cares L, Batesliurg Connaughton, Stephen A , Aiken Cook, Kathryn Y.. North Augusta Cook. Raymond Albert, Aiken Cooper. Beverly A.. Bluckville Cooper, kimes Edward, johnston Cooper, ichartl Hardy, Aiken Covar, David Michael, North Augusta Qgygrh Norman T, Belvedere Crowley. Evelyn S. Aiken Cumbee. Elizabeth, Ridge Spring Dailey, Gylcs B, Aiken Daniel, Patricia G , .Aiken Daniels, Richard Claude, Augusta Dawson, Samuel O., New Ellenton Day, Lanny G, Aiken Dt-Loach, john M , Columbia DeLof1er, Robert VV. Aiken Didgeon. Bonny S., Aiken Dillard. Kenneth A, Montmorenci Dixon. Thomas L, North Augusta Abbute, Charles A , Beaufort Alu-ruathy, Daiiny l.., Beaufort Adams, 'I" C., Beaufort Atlimrc. Trove, Beaufort Altman, Marie D, Beaufort Anderson, Deloris R., Beaufort stprile. john C., Beaufort Ba vlev. George A , Beaufort Baltius, Maris, Beaufort Barnes. Glenn, Beaufort Bitssi, David U, Beaufort Batf, Cynthia A., Beaufort Baxter, Thomas XV,, Laurel Bay Beasley. llzunpton E., Burton Boland, judith A., Beaufort Donova TUDE T DIRECTORY Aiken Regional Campus n, Patricia M , Aiken Dodgen, NViIli:im H,, Aiken Dowd, George, johnston Downing, Betty S., Aiken Drake, Charles D., .Aiken Driggers, james W., Aiken Drummontl, Richard A.. North Augusta DuBose, Theodore G,, Aiken Duncan, Allen E., Batesburg Duncan. Daniel L., Warrenville Duncan, Karen E., Aiken Durden Dutrein , Carl L., Langley ble, Lee A,, Cola, S. C, DuVall, Larry G., Belvedere Earigle, Kent R., Langley Edmonds. Larry M.. Belvedere Ellington, Richard D,, Aiken Rrnslie. judy L., Aiken Enevoldsen. Larry M.. Belvedere fiubanks. Samuel G.. Warrenville Farmer, james Hubert, Aiken Farmer, julian K . Bath Faggart, james C , Aiken Farrow, NVilliam P., N. Augusta Ferguson, Charles M , Belvedere Ferriter, john Richard. Aiken Findles, Richard D, Aiken Fisher. Viola. Aiken Flatlev, Robert YV., Belvedere Flippo, Richard -X., N. Augusta Freeman, Carl Richard. Aiken Freeman, Harry Lee, Bdgefield Friar. Dennis A., johnston Fulmer. NVade H, Craniteyille Geddes, james M , Aiken une M.. Aiken Gibson, Sylvia Delorees, Denmark Gilbert, james L., Augusta Codla, Betty L.. Aiken Godwin, Danny C , N. Augusta Goebel, Ruby j . Bladcvillc tuiodwin, Linn li, .-tiki.-n Grandi, Marian D, johnston Cray, Belle, Warrenville Crarliill, Michael A. N Augusta Crecu, Betty jean, Aiken Greene. Leman Edward, Aiiiueville Gregg, Donald S, Aiken Greig, Ronald C, Aiken flaggelston. james P, Aiken Hahn, Susan M., Aiken Hall, Brenda Cav, Wagener Harlei, Frances G.. N 'Augusta Harris. Stewart H., Aiken Hart, Linda F, Aiken Harvey, james S.. Aiken Hatcher, Elizabeth A., Aiken Hatcher, Elmer Ward, Aiken Heath, Shelvia Aiken Heilig, Robert VV, Aiken Hensley. Mary jo. jackson Herron, Marv Ann, Aiken Hewitt, Mary Ann, XVarrenville Hewitt. Robert E., Warrenville Higingbottom. Patsy Aiken llite, john A., johnston Hodges, jimmie E., Aiken Holmes, jose h L.. Trenton Hoover, Lvnga M., Blackville Hopes, Paula jeane, N. Augusta Howard, Rebecca A , Warrenville Howell, VVilbur C., Aiken Hudak, Elizabeth Mayo, Aiken Hudson, Ronald L., Aiken Huff, Thomas Ellis. N Augusta Hughev. Linda P. Aiken Hnfto, Bobby V., Blackville llutto. Conrad R. Batesburg Huiet. Margaret C.. .Aiken lsaacs, Susan V, .Aiken jackson, Barbara jean, YVilliston jackson. Kay A., X'Vagener jeancake. Charles V.f Aiken jenkins, Sherry A., Aiken johnson. Alice Elaine, Wagener johnson Brenda Fay NVa ener - . - ll johnson. Lenwood S.. .Aiken johnson, Marvin L., Aiken johnson, Marv Luanne, NVagener johnson, Nancy Leight, Aiken johnson, Pamela Carter, Aiken johnson, Shawnee E.. Clearwater johnson , Vemon Wayne, .Aiken jolley, Larry VVayne, Aiken ones, Douglas R., Aiken ones, Leslie E,, N. Augusta ones, Robert Ray, Aiken jones, Sherry Frances, Salley ovner. janice Marie, Bath umlper, juditvlj , New Ellenton Kee , Nicholas van, jackson Kelker. Helen Elaine. N Augusta Kelly, Larry D., NVarrenville Kendrick, Ronald Edwin, Aiken Kev. Larrv O., Aiken STUDENT DIRECTORY-SPRING 1968 Ki ht, Harry Reardon, Aiken Kilhlium, Gregory T., Aiken King, Gerald Lee, Aiken King, Willaim Logan, Harlem, Ga. Kirkland, Alice S., Craniteville Kniger, Mary Anne, Aiken LaBoone, Michael Lynn, Aiken Lamberth, joseph R., Augusta, Ga Lancaster, Sammy L., Aiken Lea Jhart, Terrell C., VVilliston Leflllanc, Clifton Aiken Lee, Carolina Melvin, N. Au sta Lee. Nancy Elizabeth, Belvcgejre LeCrand, Elizabeth L., Aiken Leitch,Sjohn Martin, Aiken Lewis, . tephen Craig. Aiken Lind, john B., Modoc Lockhart. Carl W , Graniteville Long. VVarren VV., Aiken Love. Tony Michael, Aiken Lowe, Sheena Yvonne, Aiken Lowery, Charles S., Aiken Macliendree, William R., Aiken Magee, Vtlilliam joseph, Aiken Magness, Brenda Aiken Ma tire. Molly S aron. N. Augusta Malbfioit, Barbara jo, .Aiken Maloney, Frank P., .Aiken Mane-ss, Coolidge P.. Aiken Mann, Edwin Morray, Aiken Martin, Danny C., Aiken Martin. Laura L., Aiken Marx, Gloria C,. Aiken Mashlium, james Garfield, Aiken McCants, Daniel Percy, Bamwell McCarthy, joe M.. Aiken McClure, Kerry Kent, .Aiken McCluskey, Douglas Foster, Aiken McCullough, Gregory K., Aiken McGee, Nancy L., Aiken McGill, Thomas C., Salley Mt-Iver, james W,, jackson Mt-Manawav, Patsy C., .Aiken McMichael. john Charles, jr., Aiken McPherson, Linda. North Augusta Mellon, Robert N., .Aiken Miller, Gwendolyn. .Aiken Miller, Marv Carol, .Aiken Miller. Robert William, Aiken Millham, Steven D.. Aiken Miner, Cary W , Aiken Misner, Russell G.. Attica, Ind Mitchell, Franklin E., johnston Milell, Frank M., jr., Windsor Moore, Paul T, Xtlarrenville, S C. Moore, Susan C.. Aiken. S C. Morgan, Donald L.. Aiken Morrell, jerrie L.. Aiken Morris. john E., N Augusta Morris, Kathryn E., johnston Moseley. Harold M., Aiken Murphy, Cynthia E., Aiken Murrell, Alvin L., Trenton Nallev, Harold C., New Ellenton Nicholas, Katherini P., Aiken Nodine, Cheryl M., Aiken Nunn, Roger B., NVindsor Odom, Ella. Aiken Oliver, Dennis B., VVilliston Osborn, joseph R., Aiken Oswald, Robert Meredith, jr., North Augusta Owens, Lynda N., Aiken Owen, VVilliarn D., NVest Columbia Padgett. james Robert, Edgefield Page, VVilliam L., Aiken Patrick, Edward C.. Aiken Peebles, Randy L., Bath Pellarin, Phyllis C., Aiken Percle, Bettye G., .Aiken Perry, Robert S.. jr,, Aiken Perrv, Royce K., johnston Peters, Beverly Dianne. Graniteville Phillips, Sharon K. Aiken Pickett. Steven W., Aiken Pierce. Billy Gene, Aiken Pound, Richard T, NVest Columbia Powell, Anne M., Aiken Powell, Constance S., Aiken Powell. 'joseph Ray, North Augusta Pressnel , Cary D., Aiken Price, Daniel F., New Ellenton Price, Stephan j., Aiken Priest, Rosemary S., Aiken Prim, Harold Lee, Belvedere Prince, Margaret H., Belvedere Purser, Mary Patricia, Aiken Putnam, Clyde C., Blackville Rachels, Harry S., Augusta, Ga. Rainsford, Albert E., Edgefield Randall, Dollv Ann, Warrenville Riley. Gerald Clyde, Graniteville Risingcr, Charles, Batesburg Roberts, William H., Bath Robinson, Ceor e E., Aiken Rogers, Milton Warrenville Ropp, Patricia Ann, Aiken Rosbach, Philip j., Aiken Ross, Gregory A., Aiken Ross, joyce P.. N. Augusta Rowland, james C., Aiken Roval, Brenda C., Belvedere Rudziak. Gre o N., Aiken Ruffin, jean Igzelvedere Sanders, Rohert L., Aiken Satcher, Don C., Craniteville Saum, Richard L., Aiken Schulhofer, Francis L.. Aiken Schwerin, jules A., Aiken Seamster, john R., Aiken Seiersen, Lohn E.. Aiken Selby, Ro ert D,, Aiken Servedio, Lawrence A., Aiken Sexton, Llurah M., Aiken Shannon. Robert L., N. Augusta Shaver, Michael D., N. Augusta Sheehan, james E.. Aiken Sheldon, Verna H., Aiken Shellhouse. Robert W., Aiken Shirley, Payton, Blackville Shuler. Ernest R., Aiken Siddall AutoinetteiQ.. Aiken Sizemore, Grady L., Aiken Smith, Daniel M,, Aiken Smith, jane B.. Aiken Smith, Larry R.. Aiken Smith, Robert A., Columbia Smith, Ronald C., Langley Smith, Willie R., Aiken Smoak, Rodney j., Aiken Snipes, Stanley j., Aiken Snyder, james O., Aiken Snyder Robert Wayne, Aiken Solomon, Cale P., Aiken Spradley, Cyrus L., Aiken Stallings, Leon E., Craniteville Stallings, Pauldj., Aiken Stanley, Ronal E., Williston Staubes, Michael S.. Aiken Stevens, Ray N,, Aiken Stringer, Charlie E., Aiken Stuwenberg, javne E., Aiken Suggs, William M., Aiken Thomas, Bobby L., Aiken Thompson, john L., Saluda Thomton. Rickie K., Aiken Thurlow, Alline NV., Aiken Toole, Earle B.. Williston Tumer. Ida L., Aiken Valentine, Guy T., Beech Island Verenes, Nancy j., Aiken Vinson, Michael G., Graniteville Wadford, james L., Belvedere Walker, Leon L., Charleston Walker, Margo C., Aiken Wallace. jxeffrey B., Aiken Wallace, ickey W., Williston Walsh, Dennis Michael, Aiken Walton, Evelyn H., Aiken NVarlick, Mary jo, N. Augusta Wamer, Charles O,. Aiken Warren, Milton Eugene, Clearwater Weed, james R., N. Augusta Westmoreland, Michael W., Aiken Whaley, Elizabeth, Williston Whitson, Kettry E., New Ellenton Widener, Betty Ann, Wagener Widener, Donald F,, Augusta, Ga. VVilkosz. john L., Aiken XVilkie, Charles L., Aiken Wilkie, Woodrow W., Aiken Wilkins. lrisrjl., Aiken Wilkinson, omas G., N, Augusta Williams, Maurice M., Aiken Williams Vtlilliams Williams Willis. E , Mildred M., Blackville , Robert P., Aiken , Thomas Faye, VVilliston llen Diane, Ridge Spring XVillis, Shirley Ann, Aiken Wilson, Allan G., VVest Columbia Wilson, Mary T.. Aiken Wilson, Robert NV., Aiken Wise. Be tty M., jackson Wood, joan L., Belvedere Wooley, Wooten. Dwight Rkdjohnston john C., E gefield Wright, George W., johnston Wright, Michael VV., Aiken Rector, Marion M., Aiken Revner, Betty Block, Aiken Reynolds, Ronald D.. New Ellenton Rich. judy Annf Belvedere Ridenour. Roger D., Aiken Beaufort Regional Campus Bennett, Helen E., Beaufort Blackwell, Albert F., Beaufort Riagg, MaryLou, Beaufort Blount, VVilliam R,. Beaufort Bodine, Grady. Beaufort Boech, VValter, G., Laurel Ray Bonini. juan, Beaufort Borgcs, john D.. Beaufort Bowers, james O., Seabrook Bowman, Susan, Beaufort Brant, Kathryn A.. Beaufort Brant, Margaret L., Beaufort Breen, joseph Beaufort Brewer, Richardson, Beaufort Brightshue, Merle, Beaufort Beauford Student Directory Brown, Van L., Beaufort Buch, Kenneth XV., Beaufort Bulter, Thomas M., Beaufort Bunko, Alex, Beaufort Burch, Kenneth Beaufort Bursey. Brett A., Beaufort Carter, john F., Burton Cawoski, Victor C., Laurel Bay Chapman, Robert E., Beaufort Chestnut, Gail B., Beaufort Cinader, Stephen D,, Charleston Clark. james Beaufort Clausen, Raymond C., Beaufort Clements. Nancy D., Beaufort Cnhea, Kathleen M., Beaufort Yarborough, Bessie R., Edgetvield Zeller, Myrtis Elizabeth, Aiken Zorn. Ronny M., Aiken Collins, William K., Burton Compton, Mary B., Seabrook Cooler, Richard A., Beaufort Corbett, Michael C., Beaufort Corbin, Russell B., Beaufort Cordary. Dorrell j., Grays Hill Cotter, Laurence, Beaufort Cotton, james B., Beaufort Crawford, Clyde W., Beaufort Creadich, Lyle P., Beaufort Croot, Susan C., Beaufort Crosby, Patricia A., Beaufort Cullen. Sister Agatha, Beaufort Dadisman, joyce M., Beaufort Davis. Robert S., Beaufort lturx li1-u.rl1I li. llerurtort lk-rl I.un1-s X, Ilrxiutort IN-I onli X1-Ile K . ll--.urtorl IN-I1-.11I1, It rllunn K. In-.iulort IN-ours li.nuI.1ll II--:tnlorl II1-N olt, I auuui. ltr-Qnrloil Ijillon, l1ll1.u1IW, l.nn4-l Ilax Dillon, Xtaltvr II, l.nni-I ll.iX I3o1Is1u1, I1-str-1 II , ll:-.urtolt lIolln-ron I nunr-tt II, lhxintort Dinh lain-t li, tteautort Dxals, Ili-u. lznnr-I Bax Ixtkr-rt, l..u'ri I. ltr-autor! lftlrluugs. llonaul Il, llc-aulorl l.1Iig.n, Xlli-n It . Ilestulort I-,tlqr-rtori, that-e .X. Illutltou I'.l.un, Daiul, Ilr-:iutorl I-',x.u1s. I .nu-rru-e, Beaufort Ivlquson joxre X . Beauitort lfreltls, I-'orturre Xl.. Beaufort lflu-tnr-I, Ulixiie, Beaufort Flouers, XYiIIr:nu, Burton For-lies, ,-Xnrra I., Sealuoolc Foster, jauu-s M , Beanlort Fox, George IC.. Beaufort Franlw, tiene NY, Beaufort Fraser, Nlaqrlolvn. Beaufort Fit-in-li, lolin I-1. Beaufort Frei: llerlvert, Be.u1I'or't Frie, ltonaltl, Beaufort Fuller, TI1on1.1s H.. Beautort L. , .autt, t-eoige T.. Beaufort Gannett, Lerox' A.. Beaufort t2:iskn1s, Mit-liael .-X, Beaufort Grllrnore. William, Beaufort L.oeIler, Bruce li. Beaufort L,oodu-ru, Catherine A. l.:n1rel Bai Gras. Iloward B- Beaufort Green, Lonnie F, Beaufort Green, Bonalrl K, Beaufort Hall, Gharlene, Beaufort Hall, Hunston, Beaufort Hanlon. Garv W . Beaufort llarpe. Lillnrnn L., Beaufort Harper, George M,. Beaufort Hart, Victor E., Beaufort Harvev. Roger M , Beaufort Heilker, Phillip I., Beaufort Helms, Donna D.. Beaufort Ilernirigwat, joseph E, Beaufort Heruandev, Ernest D., Beaufort Hrrlrlleson, john, Beaufort Hrddleson, Marshall, Beaufort Hilliard, Bennie L, Beaufort Ho ran, Michael, Beaufort Holiuein, Mari' E, Laurel Bax' Holhn, Melvin G., Beaufort Aiken, john M., Marion Aiken, Stephen M,, Florence Alderman, Robert H.. Florence Allen. Harrv S., Florence Allen. Pepgv jo, Florence Allen, Rhoda K., Florence Altman, joyee L., EfBnghar11 Ames, Herbert F., Flbrenee Ande rson, Anderson, Anderson. 1-Xnderson, Anderson, Anclreuccl. Corhett B., Mullins David O., Darlington joan VV., Florence Marion O,, Lake Crtv Sandra I., Florence john, Florence Androne, Linda S., Florence Anthony, Eddie j., Florence Arant, jane E., Florence Atkins, McTilden, Latta Auten, jinhn F., Hartsville Avant, lillram H.. Florence Baigott, Deborah E., Florence Ba er, Frances ., Columbia Baker, George ., Marion Baker, VVilliam R., Florence Barnes, Cecil B., Florence Baroody, Ronald B.. Florenee Barrineau, William. Olanto Barth, Mark K., Garden City, N, Y. Harwiek, Atha Mae, Florence Baucom, Olin M., Dillon Bazen, Maxie K., Florence Bazcn, I1VilIian1 E., Parnplien Beckham, Glen, Hartsville Beckham, Michael C., Darlington Bell, Ellen F., Florence Bell. Marion W., Florence Bellamy, N. Frank, Florence Bennett, Bruce M., Pamplico Benson, Sara L., Florence Bethea, ames L., Latta Bethea, ames P., Marion Billi, Daniel Darlington Black, William H., Florence Blackman, Blackman, Blzrckmon, Blaekmon, Marv B., Darlington Michael D., Darlington Alton L.. Florence Catherine, Florence Bohhett, Donna L.. Florence Bochette, William L., Florence Bonnoitt. Linda L., Darlington Boswell, Deborah E., Lake Citv Brasington, Bovcc A., Florence Bridges, Gloria j., Florence Brown, Franklin A., Mullins Brown, Harold D., Darlington Brown, Richard M., Florence Brown, William B., Lake City Bryant, Richard M., Darlington Bryant, Roy B., Darlington Bryant, William E., Darlington Burden, Daniel C., Latta Buchy, Richard T., Florence Byrd, Gene S., Marion Calhoun, Phillip C., Williston Cameron, Daniel W., Florence Campbell, George B., I-Iamer Campbell, Lisheth L.. Florence Camplxell, William D., Florence Gantcv, Samuel O., Marion Carlton, Bonnie L,, Mullins Carothcrs, Charlotte. Florence Carter, Emcst V., Hemingway Carey, Melvin T.. Florence Ching, Ronald W., Florence llolrnes, Daxnl, II1-aurlort lloukxtla, lflixarlu-Ili, Br-anlorl Iluopr-1, llol1lu M,. llt-11uI'ort Iloopt-1, I,iurla I... Ile-autor! llorn, l.ori-n It,, Bm-anlort llorsturanu, Nanci, Ili-autor! lI111'ton, t lnules III, lIar'tli-evillt- llailnurou, Dale, Beaufort llulr-Iiiusou, 4.1-uarrl, Beaufort lea-lsln, Kr-itli .X . ltr-.iulorl rI1l1, I..-.1 I., li.-.111r.11-1 Inerzuu, Mn-I1:u-I, W:1Iter'l1oro jar-Lson, William, Beaufort jaeeltel, Glen D., Ileaufort jarrells, lt.1Ipl1 I-Z.. Ileauforl jens1u1, ltolrert ll.. Beaufort johnson, t'Ia11-nee ,-X. Beaufort Kara, joseph F, IM-.rufort Kehoe, llennv NI . Beaufort Kenrlrieh, lfrlgar T., Beaufort Kent, .-tnthur L, Beaufort Kent, f'li:n'l1--. T., Beaufort Kevserlinig, XVrIlian1 K.. Beaulorl Kilgore, Boluert, Beaufort Klotv, Michael D, Beaufort Koth, jesse M , Beaufort Lam-arstvr, Linda, Beaufort L.nulrr-ruan, lilifahetli, Beaufort Lanier, Sliirlcv, Beaufort Lassiter, Barhara rt.. Harrleevrlle Lawreriee, Iilanor R, Laurel Bax Lawrerice. Llovd S., Laurel Bai' Lawson, Alice II , Beaufort Lawson, Ilolverl IV., Beaufort Lalenihy, Ogden, Port Itoval Leach, llavfunrl. Beaufort Lewis, Gordun .-X., Beaufort Liles, Kinand, Beaufort Lmxwrler. Vliarles W., Beaufort Loring, .-tldor B., Beaufort Lucas, jearrette B., Laurel Bay Lueas, Matthew VV., Laurel Bav Luddenr, ltoger R.. Beaufort Ludwig, Sharon, Laurel Bav Lumpkin, Ilohert L., Beaufort Malinev, Charles, Beaufort Maddox, Glaude T, Port Iloval Maketanski, Mir-hael Bw Beaufort Manning. XVilI1.n11 T., Beaufort Mansrlen, Bruce H, Port Royal Martin, Kenneth NV,, Beaufort Martin, Linda M., Beaufort Martinez. Bene, Beaufort Marvin, Suzanne B.. Beaufort Mashlvurn, Lester Beaufort Massa. Dnnns R , Beaufort Mastalskr, joseph. Beaufort I e F or nce Regional Chrnnes, Chrietine, Florence Christian, XViIlian1. Florence Christie, Tim P., Darlington Clark, Sherrv L.. Florence Clark, William R.. Hartsvrlle CockHeld,John W., Florence Co dill, I- rllram G., Lockhart GDB-, William R.. Hartsville Coleman. Frances E., Florence Collins, Alice T , Lake View Collins, William E., Florence Cooke, Herman D,, Florence Cooper, Andrea E., Florence Corressel, Ilohert H., Florenee Cousar, Harold, Latta Cox, Don O,, Florence Cox, Stephen A.. Florence Cries, jane D., Florence Culberson, john W., Florence Cutter, Marv Alma, Florence Dantzler, Patricia, Florence Davidson, Harry R., Florence Davis, jphnme M., Florence Davis, icki P., Darlington Deas, Tim M.. Florence Deese, Carlton M., Page-land Degenhart, Ann, Florence Degenhart, Mary E., Florence Demetrious, Nicky C., Darlington Dewitt, Charles T.. Darlington Dillingham, Mary L., Lake' Gitv Doroeiak, john j., Florence Douli, Carol A., Quinlrv Doudoukjran, Robert LA., Bergenfield, Douglass, Bohert L., Lake Grtv Dove, Rohr-rt C., Florence Downinv, Betty S., Aiken Drew, Flhran R., Mullins Ducker, Charles B,, Florence Duke. Melvin S, New Zion Duke, William R.. New Zion Dunivant, jir11r11ie L., Florence Dutton. Brenda D., Darlington Eacldv, Curtis M., Florence Eaddv, Ned M., Lake Citv Eaddv, William R.. Hemingway Edmunds, Frank S., Mullins Edwards, Fred G,, Hernir1Lway Elvington, William H., Florence Emanuel, james M.. Florence Evans, Carolvn S., Florence Evans, Iililalueth, Florence Evans, jerrv L., Pamplieo Evans, Linda K.. Florence Fielda, Daniel K.. Florence Fiteh, Lois P., Parnplieo Fleming, Gerald T., Latta Fleming, George A., Darlington Fleming, Howard Ii., Darlington Fleming, VViIIian1 L., Darlington Flovd, jack II., Olanto Flovd, olin IC., Florence Floyd, ohnnv l,,, Scranton Flovd, Iay A., Florence Fowler, Dean CI., Florenec Fran fakis, tihist I., Florence Franklin, Billie G., Florence Freeman, Stephen W., Darlington Gadrlv, Snnva C., Tirnrnonsville Gainev, Charles M., Darlington Cainev, Dr-horah A., Hartsvillr- Gallowav, jack S., Florence Candy, Aron Il., Pamplieo Gandy, joyce C., Lake ffitv N Directorv-USC'F l 5 7 Mattln-ws. Sallie A., II1-aulort Max, ltoy tf., Br-.ruto1't lvlzlvr-s, Ilorlalrl Bc-ainlorl Mai'n:1r'1l, lllietlv R. Br-autor! Meftllister. tilillon, Br-aulorl M1-t'ulel1en, Ilogr-r, Beaufort Ml-Krunev, llr-In-er-sr, Ba-aulort MeQuinn, David I'., Br-rnilort Melvin, jarnr-s li., Beaufort Mt-rlino, john A.. ltr-aulort Mr-sser'sel1r11r-mll, NIu'l1aeI, Beaufort Mt-llc, jan-Is L. llarnpton Meyer. Norn1.rrr XV., Beaufort Millis, Donne .-X., I.aur'4,-I Bay Itlootlv, liln-rie, B1-zrulort Moore, William O., Beaufort Mart. janrn,-s, Beaufort Mover, KL-nnelli, Bvznllort Mullins, Dennis M,. Beaufort Munch, I.. Brooks, Beaufort Mundoug ll, Norma, Beaufort MurI1 iv, Francis N., Beaufort Mnrpliv, Genaltl Beaufort Nash, Charlotte I.., Beaufort North, jol1r1 L., Beaufort O'Brvar1, Donald S., Beaufort Uslseck. Thomas K., Beaufort Padgett, Bieliard II., Port Itoval Palmer, jesse T., Beaufort Palmer, I1n1da j . Beaufort Palrner, William M , Beaufort Parrgluirn, Terrence L., Beaufort l':1trich, Willrarn, Beaufort l'avey, Patricia G., Burton I'earsor1, Kalhenrne L., Beaufort Peeples, Thonias O, l31'illll'0I'l l'er'ratta, Louis .-t., Beaufort llerrv, Deasttr-, Port ltoval Phillips, jinnes, Beaufort Phillips, 'ent W, Beaufort Polk, Donald B.,AIie,aufo1't Polk, George Beaufort Pollitzer, joI1n P,, Beaufort Potts. jor1, Beaufort Powell, Nanev B., Beaufort Pres-zlev, Van W , Beaufort Pron, Sirgei F,, Beaufort Quinn, Kathi' Laurel Bay Bapfr, judy T., Beaufort Redding, H, L., Beaufort Reese, Bolihx lf., Beaufort lIoI1I11ns, Alliert L., Beaufort I-lolxenalt, jeffrey, Beaufort Roherts, janies E , Beaufort Boets, Gerald E., Laurel Bay Boets, jacrprcline l., Laurel Bav Bogers, jarnes M,. Beaufort Campus Gardner, Harriet A., Darlington Garrow, Nliehael, Gharleroi, Penn Gaskin, Michael B., Lake Citv Gaskms, Linda K., Lake Citi' Gaskrns, Robert E , Greenville Geddings, Gerald L., Florence Gedclings, Shervl A , Florence Gerald, Michael C , Florence Gihlms, Christopher, Florence Gibson, Nancve C., Centenarv Cul rn, Harry W., Florence Gogfrex, jlarnes B., Florence Godwin, av H , EIIingham Colro, joanne T, Darlington Good, Gwen T, Union Gordon, julia Trrnrnonsville Gornto, ester Florence Gorton, Pamela Ii., Marion Graham. john P., Lake City Graham, Ray Darlington Grant, Carl E., Florence Grantham, Henry F, Florence Green, Nancy M., Florence Gregg. Anne Florence Gregg, Frunees M . Florence Grlce. Gwen A , Mullins Griffin, Gillmert T., Florence Griffin, Thomas C, Florence Griggs, jerry B., Hartsville Grimm, Patrieia A., Darlington Gullerlge, judith D, Lake Grtv Hull. Linda S., Florence Hall, Boliert Ii, Florence lIaItiwar1ger, Linda F., Florence Ham, Wade M , Florence Hancock, George W., Hartwille Hanna, Lillv j , cjolinsonville Hanna, Martha I., Parnplieo Harhin, Kenneth W., Florence Har frove, Ida V., Marmn Harhee, Bohr-rt jr., Florence Harrell, ltohert M.. Mullins Harrelson, Bohert M., Mullins Harris, Michael E, Gatfnev Harwell, Margaret K., Florence Haselden, Marv B., Florence Haakell, Marv l,., Darlington Hawley, Boherl M., IiIIingl1ani Hayes, Lacv I.1., Florence Heek, Steven, Darlington Hephurn, Lola IC., Florence Herhert, Frederick, Kingstree Herhert, Ilenrv, jr, Florence Herring, Iloger l., Florener- Hewett, Haniuel 'I'irnrnonsviIle Hewitt, YViIli:nn ll., Marion Hickey, Iirlward Florence Hicksi. Bolvt-rl fi., Florenre Hill. Franklin l.,, Florence Hill, jolm VV, Tininionxville Hinson, Davul li, Iflorencr- Ilodge, Bernard K, Ilarlsrille llodges, Fdilh W., I"lorr-r1r-r- llofIrncver, David, Florence Holliday, jann-w W , Kingstrec Hood, Daniel Ii., Blenhr-irn Howard, George IC., Darlington Howell, Dennis M., FIorer1r:e Ilowell, Dillon rt., 'I'in1n1onsvills- llou-le, Blanei II , Ifloreru-e Ilowle, jarnes V., Darlington Ilowlr-, Patrick K. IV, Florence llovlen, Laura M. Florenee Iluliluarrl, Mariannr- M.. lllio ru 1 1 1 s nr 1 I I I I YI H nt ll rr or S run Nnrcv nur 1 unts ru t lon itksrnt r 1 oll rn Sr uno 1 rs B1 rn ol t tr rehatl ru or t 1 Bt ui o Sprnur X4 irv Burton in rrt ts N 1 n S twirt It ssrll BL nrfort Stu r s Don ald Bt rutorl unrlrr Willrnn B1 in or 'sturqrn I eros Bt iult rt S 1 ts Brrin L Bt ru orl ri rn u i Bt ru or S rnrnt ral 4 l1r1 Bt ru ort Surnk Thomas I Bt rufort Swrnt I aw:-rne C harltston Tihrr Stuart M Bt urfort 'I relic Be rufort 'I xlor ohn H Sr rlirnok Thompson Barlnri lohrto 'lhornpson Vrttorrr Br iufort Tuniu whn BtruIort I rllt V II awic O Be iufort In dll arms I Bt rufort Trinimtl Nlaxrnt Bt nrfort Trrppr C harles H Bt nrfort Usher Arrnond R Bt urfort V rrn idore Wrlh un BL rufort W nd Margret l' Br rutort Vi :rd M1Ll1av.l K Beaufort W rrnxr Dtliorah N Beaufort VI rrrtlrnan rhn I Btanfort NX rshrngton Duke Stahrook Xt rtson Henri Beaufort Ihlmh Beehrnan I BL urfort We-hli Sarah Beaufort ells Karen L Beiufort elsh Kenneth H Bt rnfort s Hon M Strlvro It rsthroo Raleigh B Braufort W I1 iles Cordon BL rufort NX hrtL Daird K B1 rnfort Niles -Xnna Beaufort Wrllrimx Brant T Beaufort Winters Drchsv S Btiufort NVoIf Daniel C Beaufort Wolf Glenda -X Beaufort Vtoorls Steve B He rulurt VVru,ht joseph D Bt rufort Iounrghloocl Pat Btaufort Huber Larri Q Hrrtsvrllu Hudson Carla 'VI Florenu. Hudson Ronald D Dirln1ptor1 Hughes Roger l:. Huinrirpsax Humphries ack S Florence Hunexeutt Marion It Dirlrngton Hutchinson P C I'lorenet llvatt Thornas F Lheriu Hiler Susan -X Florenu Hvrnan ovee M Flortncr atltson Luther r Dill 1 cr1 Sarnutl X llutsx ohnxon Bill C' NI mon ohnson Brian It I'Ioru11.L ohnson Frednci B Mullins olinson C enerrl XI ohnsonirlle ohnson Marrlvn M M irron ohnson Ntlallau V Hirtsville ohnson xvtllllfll I MLBLC outs Huhtrt S Florentt onu larry X Florenu ones VI es ex F Nlullrns ordan juclrt Il Tnnnionsxrlle ordrn Susan D Florrnu ordin XV1dL Drrlrneton ordui William It Florrnct urn oann It Florence Karina iv Bw in L Floruiu Keeft rwc-rt C I lo Keefe MaInon1 C Plortnu Kelli Roliert NI I lortnu Kr-nip Min V Like I its Kinard arnes T Florenct Kin Michael L. Nic et Kirk ei er x B M uv 1 Krrklex R1su1r l u r Kirven Danni l DirIrnr,ton Knig,,ht C rx Il U i Knight Ro ut rt t Flortntt Knight Stephan N1 joI1r1soni1IIe ox Teri Nl Ilortnu Kornhanser arnes ,-tst 'ra Xen I on K Kings ru r 1 nn r ne . ston It lortr .1 ston. 'x 1 I., Ilarlsvr 1 ,a ston os-1I1 F 'I'in1n1onsx1 1 .aux C aio vn , , Dn'In1Llon .: rtntt Ilrrniin . I loru at . Duluie an 1 t i . L 1 u . xr tid . urs r Dirlnig, no . urs url N1 . non 1 ,r-wus wrnrni t ,r nu 1 . vt 1 .1 11 .1-o 'Q nrt run 1 oust 1 III' . r 1 1 on r ox 'r1, In-rula , ln' ine . S . u Nl iron , sie- - 11 -1 s 1 41 . I 1 I I 1 1 li ' UTI . r I : i, o s ' I Y, 'I I ' ' TI 1rlt lIolIins, l"ranl-t If., Be: fort II4 tl , jarnf D., Bea fart San fmrrl, joln tT, fir, Walt:-'I :ro Sa ' -Ile, An -, 1 t 1 fel " , 1 ' A., Be: f1l'l Scif . js - li., Ile: Iorl Sh -I ,jr -' 1 L., Br-an fort Src-l , lililalveth 'I'., Bez Iol'l .'n ,jzrn-, -1 Ir Sl . K' ' 1 B1-1 I 't Sn- I, jear -. I rt Ste -1 ', jarn- ., B -a fort .'t- 1 , n - , -1 ' .' 'kf , r , -J ' St - , ' ': 2: f t . l , .' ', 'r 1 .tit , 'Q ., -1 f Sull 't . d'C'., -1 I t 'rr - ,ji -1 I ' 'a- V j ,, fr: " 1 , Y . rv .4 '. 1 '1 ,j. 11 VV , " - ., 1 YV , ' - .. 'L We t. 1 ., . -1 o' 'w- 1 ., -- I 1 '. 1 , -. , , , V . j' -' , - j ,, or jess- . 7 - . , 1' 'rlle 1 1 Q 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1- . j , , I 1 '.,j A - j , ' ., A 1 1 ' - 1 . H ,- 1 1 jones, Howard L., Florence nj , V - ,,, A ., ,I . ' I ' . - j A ,t ' ,, ' - -- jp : , 1 a 1 ', Itet Q., ,ai 'J ffilv . 1 ll - li r' ., x-'i 11 ', 1' - ., II1 tsv Ile ' , Ia j' ., la nta K1 l 1. 51- . . .. Ku V - I l r ,. ,j , .11 , '. Lane, j - I., ' K' t -- I.: n -, Q lr ti, Flu -nee I ang , joe , I7 ' ree I ing jr ir Il - I ng . j r , "II- 1 1 11 l. . 1 I iw - f : II, l,:rkr' frtv I r-1-, Della li, " -1 -- I ee, I.arrx W , 1 rn I ve, llolier D. I1. tta I 1-gr-It ', Ci 1tI .l, l"Ir1r1-rife I e ' -1, Dai' I", lfl11u-rn-e Ir- '.l'vitl1ia W, 1 ,rn Ir- - , Da " 1 . Flon-111-e I eu-is, Ma' li, Flor -uu- I , Tr ', lflorvnr 1- l1l1-, joar ' Mar on I I -lv II vwarll. llartsirllr- II1x I, t' re- 'I IMI111 I orklz II - 'N , lin rn 'ills' I ot-kls' . l'aul Ytl , l-'lo11-u1-1- I o1-Itl.1i , XI'oo Irox I" Ifl '- nr' I x I j I I ton I ov. janre M , Florr-114-e Innr -v. Susan I', 1 : i 1 Ins 1,sr11111r It QI11 .ot lxl1-s,l1uolt11s II:ut 1iII1- Xl nn Itr1l.u1I If l"I11r1-rn-X XI1l'nsIt Il, Xl n1I 1 X, lil 11141,- NI t Iul ll Ir-rt j.lakr- I rlx Mrt lrr Dr innt II lglorr nr- McCullough, Fav C , Walters Mt-Cnrcl Donald E, Manning Mt-Cinnlier, Larrvll, Lake Citv Nl.icDun.ilcl, john , Florence hlclluflic, k.t-1:11541 A , llxunvr My-Dnlfiu, NYilliuln -X llalner Mel-Zlvuen, Ernest C, Flureiice Mt-Elvcen, George Flon-rice Mt-Gee, Miakel lV,, Scranton McGill, Lina R, King-.tree Nlclnnis, Donald L, llartsville McKnight, Archie, Kingstrce kit-Lend, Marshall K, Florence McMillan, liluaiieth, Mullins McNeill, Carolvn, Florence McNeill, Nancy ll, Florence McPherson, Borv Floreiicr: Slat-kev. Terrance L , Florence Magee, Ce-urge T, Florence Manning, llovmrtl B, Latta Manning, Robert H,, Latta Marlowe, Frames K, Marion Marshall, Miller M., Hartsville Martin, jean M , Mullins Martin, Rov L., Darlington Mathenv, james, Florence Matthews, Carl, Cuvvurd Matthews, George E , Darlington Matthews, john R, Wa Jping, ljunn Matthews, Hamilton Effingham Melton, Brilihle Mchlee Middleton, Cathv V, Hartsville Miles, Gertrude Lake Citv Miles, Helen M., Scranton Miles, Linda F, Laltc Citv Miles, Teresa L., Lake- Citv Miller, Charles -K , Warrcnton, N C Miller Darlene M , Florence Nliller, Ella 51. Florence Miller, Fred R., llichrnontl, Va Miller. Marx' D, Hartsville Mills, limes! L., Florence Minis, Charles H , Hartsville Mums, Rnliert E, Flurenu- Mmitly, David fl , Florence Moore, Charles L, Heminqwas Florence Neelv, launita N, Marion Netlles, Donald H , Sumter Newsome, Glen A., Hart-.ville Nissen, Allrert D., Timmnnsville Nolan, -lane E, Florence Norris, Lcaman j., Florence Nunnerv, Ann C., Florence Nimnerif, Larrv E., Florence Odom, ovce F, Lalte Citv Oclorn, l.,inda M., Marion Odom, Michael Florence Odom, Peggy L,, Florence Odom. Thomas P, Darlington O'Neal, Larry Alan, Florence Outlaw, VVilliam N , Florence Pace, Shelton, Gresham Page, Alton, Lake View Page, Deliorah S., Darlington Page, jimmy F, Nichols Palnn:r, Richard, Florence Papitto, Donna M., juhnsrinville Parker, Maria N, Florence Parker, Ralph W., Florence Parnell, Kathrvn S, Florence Parrish, lar,-I nclvn, Florence Pawlt-v, Mlclh.-iel, Darlington Pavlucld. Kenneth li, Mullins Pettit, Mary FH Sumter Phillips, L. Peter, Florence Phillips, Douglas E, Flurerice Pitts, Bourne H, Florence Pitts, Kathie L., Florence Platt, Lluytl W , Mullins Pustun. larnes Lake Citv Pound:-rs laines R, Carlncy Powell, Arthur B., Tirnnninsvillc Powers, D William, Effingham Powers, ll.ittn.- M., Marion Price, Priscilla, Sumter Pridgeon, Franklin, Florence Pritlgen, Frederick, Darlington Ras, Pauline li- Lake Citv lleagin, Norma E, Florence Reeves, Richard L., Florence Reid. lnvce L,, Charleston Revell, XVilliani, Florence Revnolds, Charles D, Lamar Moore. joy:-e B , Olanta Nlurns, Belts' T , Florence Moss, Monro Rnliert T, Florence unas, Vunla, Florence Rhodes, VVillian1 Florence Richardson, Linda li., Marion Kichbourg, Deidre li, Florence Mozingo, luck T, Florence Mull, Steven H., Florence hliillls Ruth D, Munme, NC -Xtltennari, lidtliu, Lantaslt-r nitlains, Earl. lsaiiitaslt-i' Aclains, Freddie, Larivaster Ridenhour, jirnmv, lirlinghain Roliertx, Hov li, Marion Holiilison, Dainl, Florence Regional Campus-continued Rodgers, Edwin P Rodgers, Helen lvlv, Rodgers, Linda D Rogers, E. Ca rroll-,I Mullins Kingstree Kingstret- Florence Fingers, times W , Marion Rogers, inda L., Mullins Rufers, Margaret D., Marion Roilins, Franlc E., Port Royal Ruppenthal, Elaine, Florence Russ, ohn NV., Hzirtsville linsse l, Thomas W., Quinlw Rustin, Mary H., Mullins Sanders, Alhert Florence Scott, Priscilla D., Mullins S1-urrv, james T., Florence Searle, Frederick R., Lamar Segars, Leon C., Darlington Sc-gars, Rnliert C., Florence Sv.-well, jo Anne, Little Rock . V l A I Seite l, Nlariun li, Little Rnclt Sliaw, Alton B,, Florence Shaw, nnmx L, Marion I bliaw, Michael R,, Florence Sham Paul A, Florence Shrnin Sills, X Skipslci' Snnti. Smith, V Shine, Daniel H, Latta Edward li., Florence lliani H, Florence . Ch-te. Florence Chersl L. Nichols Mxirilvnn, Mullins I , Sinitli. james 31, Darlington Smith, Sharon R., Florence Smith, Patricia A., Florence Smith-Winnus, Ct-urge, Florence Solnnrner, Joanne, Manun Sowell, Darrell R , Cheraw Spears, jalnus F, Dillon Speed, Vivien 5, Florence Spires, Lynda M , Sumter Stariton, Ernest, Florence Steele, lohn Scranton Sh-ele, ioliert C , Florence Stephenson, Kathy Florence Stewart, Bradlev K, Florence Strunk, Clark B., Florence Stulmer, George XV., Latta Sturtlivant, Iluhnnv, Florence Sninrncrfort , Dunalrl, Florence Zsunirnursett, Marion, Florence Sutton, Michael ll., Pam mlico Sweat. lloward D, Lvncliliurg Tait, Marsha L., Florence Tait, Vivien L, Florence Lancaster Regional Campus Lopelaml, Vitki, Lancaster Cm, Altun, Furt Mill Lramlford. Richard, Chester Mlams, I'l.il1ih, Lancaster .-Xtlarns Mlkins :Xiken . 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Nlaclicy, lfiriclt Hill Dunn, lnlia, Lancaster Dutton, XVarren, Lancaster Ellis, Donald, Lantaster Einlvry, Richard, Rock Hill English, Silvia, Lancaster Ern.inde.4, Gloria, Chester Faile, jerry, Kershaw Faulkenlierry, Andrew, Kershaw Faulkenlierrr, Hazel, Kershaw Faulkenlierrv, johnnv, Kershaw Fanlkenlierry, Kenneth, Kershaw Ferguson, Neal, Lancaster Ferguson, Rohert, Rock Hill Ferguson, Roy, Lancaster Flack, llerrv, Lancaster Flnwers, Howard, Lancaster Ferguson, Roy, Lancaster Flack. jerry, Lancaster Flowers, Howard, Lancaster Freeman, Dong, Chester Freeman, Monty, Lancaster Fudge, john, Edgt-muor Gantt, Robert, Rock Hill Gardner, jennifer, Kershaw Gardner, Kathy, Kershaw Garner, Tmnmv, Rock Hill Gamer, NVilliam, l'a'elund Gaston, flarv, Rock ilill Came, Carol, lint-lt Hill Klatuu, ltnliert, Lancaster Came, liulicrt ll , Kershaw Canthen, Allen, Lamaster Caullien, Dale, Lancaster Clanithen, llalul, Lancaster tfaiitlien, Miriam, llcatli Springs fauthen, Tilnlm, Lancaster V flhtuitwmitl, livnn, Lancaster flivclc, Turn, lloclt lllll Clit-ssvr, Iiosc, lmicastcr fihilrlers, lit-iiiw. llmqk llill Clark, Bruce, lamiister lflsirl-1, Pnl, Pagelaml Cflurlt, Paul, Paige-land t'linf-livllv, llsiv, Lancaster f,lYlnirn, lane, Kershaw fflvlinrn, Nuv.i lnnu, Kershaw Lulu, lcrrv, l..nic:islt:r Llullins, Freddie, lliick llill ollins, 'l'onnny, laimastrzr Conn, lnmnv, lim,-k Hill ffonnors, Carol, Lancaster L, Client, Cmnt, Lint.l'a, Great Falls james, Chester Cregorv, Frank, Chester Cm-r, Tomrnv, Lancaster llagins, julio. Lancaster Hagins, l.Villiarn, Lancaster Haire, Huck, Catawba Hammond, Sarah, Lancaster Hannniond, Steve, Fort Mill Hamce, Gloria, Lancaster Hartley, Mit-kv, Fort Mill Helms, Ronnie. Fort Mill Hendrix, john, Kershaw Hunrv, juan, Lancaster Henry, llnbert, Rock Hill llicklin, Ann, Edgernoor Hit-klin, Marion, Edgcmoor Hinson, Betlv Row, Heath Springs llinson Hinson Hoguc. , Earl, Lancaster , Wendell. Fort Lawn johnnv, York Holt, Sunnivl, Chester Hurgl, Gerald, Rock llill 158 lliirtun lrliirtun llurtun Elaine. Kershaw Marvin, jefferson Ronnie. Lantzister Hllntur, Inhn, Rock llill lvev, liudclv, Rock Hill lnmzin, Dasld. Rock Hill lacltsfm, Boliln, lint-lc Hill jackson, flura. jan-ksmi, Susan, Great Falls lint-kwin, Susan Rock Hill ones, Sue. Lancaster ordan. 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Lancaster Morris, jackie, Lancaster Morrison, David, Chester Mullis, Chuck, Lancaster Murphv, Bill, Rock Hill Mnrphv, john, Rock Hill Mvers, Kraeg, Rock Hill Neal, Indy, Lancaster Neal, W. E, Kershaw Neely, Phil, Lancaster Nims, Melinda, Lancaster Norman, live, Lancaster Oneppo, Tony, Edgemoor Orr, Richard, Edgenwor Parcluc, William, Lancaster Parker, Charles, Lancaster Parker, Beth, Kershaw Pe-rrv, Robert, Kershaw Phillips, Brenda, Heath S rings Pinson, Wayne, Rock HillJ Player, Patsv, Lancaster Plvlcr, Rolicrt, Lancaster Plyler, Sandra, Lancaster Plylcr, Tony, Lancaster Porter, Deborah, Lancaster Proctor, Roddey, Rock Hill Rav, lionnie, Lzmcasler lieebc, Clirlnrd, Lancaster Reeves, Sheryl, Heath Springs lleirl, Becky, Rlchbnr Y llevnolrls, llaylnond, sock Hill Taylor, Earl E., Marion Taylor, Elizabeth C., Florence Tavlor, jc-rrx' Lake Citv Thames, Roliert VV., Florence Tharp, james, Florence Tlioinzis, Edwin W., Florence Tlmlnas, ll. Gene, Florence Thoinas, Hugh B., Florence Thoiinis, janies C., Marion Thompson, Alan D., Florence Til hinan, ll. Lee, Marion Trilier, Harrv l , Florence Tniett, Thomas li., Florence Tucker, Leon H., Mullins Tucker, Rolxert H., Dillon Turlieville, luclith, Sumter Turner, Carol Florence Turner, Donnie, Creeleyville Turner, Ronald, Crecleyville Tvler, Helen P,, Marion Van Hook, David M . Florence Vaughan, David F., Darlington Vaughan, Wilbur H.. Darlington XVachowski, Theresa, Florence VVall, Leonard C.. Hxirtsville l.Vartl, Carole L , Quimby Ward, VVilliain Darlington Warren, Thninpson, Florence Wasson, flnhn K,, Laurens YVeather orcl, Marcia, Scranton NVehster, james R., Lake City VVelch, Larry L,. Florence NVetmore, Frank C , Florence VVhisnant, jackson C., Florence VVhite, George C., Mullins Vifhitc. William H., Florence Wiggins, Evan S., Florence NVig,ggins, llanis L., Florence NViilcm, llaruliene. Marion Williams, Arthur Kingstree XVilliams, George A., Florence Williams, Thomas Mullins VVilliarns, Tressie, Florence NVilsnn, Betty Lou, Florence Windham, Sandra C , Florence Wint, Claude H,, Hartsville VVoinack, Eliralxeth, Darlington Woutl, Elise C, Mullins Woudliurv. Pollv A, Mullins XVoody, Harold T., Florence VVright, Terry Florence Young, lack M., Effingham Zorgizis, Theodore, Florence Hichardsun, Ted, Rock Hill Rivers, Wendell, Kershaw Roach, Lawrence, Lancaster Roberts. NVillrani, Rock Hill Robinson, Carl, Bock Hill Robinson, Dennis, Lancaster Robinson, Eve, Lancaster Robinson, james, Kershaw Rodrlev, Doda, Lancaster Rullings, jimmv, Lancaster Rushing, Sonny, Lancaster Simpson, joe, Chester Simpson, Ronnie, Rock Hill Sims, Rebecca, Heath Springs Sistare, Mvra, Lancaster Y Small, Butch, Lancaster Small. Mildred, Lancaster Small, Steve. Lancaster Small, XVas'ne, Great Falls Smith, Barbara, Rock Hill Snipes, Frank, Lancaster Snyder, Mike, Rock Hill Surgec. Steve, Rock Hill Sowell, Michael, Lancaster Spanski, Nancy, Lancaster Sprouse, Paul, Rock Hill Steele, Dannv, Lancaster Steele, Shirley, Lancaster Stewart, VVayne, Rock Hill Stokes, Hansel, Fort Lawn Stringer, limmv, Rock Hill Tavlor, Furman, Rock Hill Taylor, Henry T., Rock Hill Threatt. james, Lancaster Thomas, Steve. Rock Hill Thomas-sun, Gary, Rock Hill Thurman, Sain, Lancaster Tindal, Suzanne, Lancaster Ti ton, Danny, Rock Hill Tuqiias, Dewcv, Lancaster Tornlwerlin, Larry V., Rock Hill Truesdale, Hartsill, Kershaw Trnesdell, Marv, Camden Tumer, janie, Lancaster Vick, Beukv. Kershaw Vincent, Phil, Kershaw Vllalker. lame-s E., Rock Hill NVall, Douglas, Edgemuor NV:-illace, Mike, Rock Hill Wallace, Siuanne, Lancaster Walsh,1lames, Lancaster XVard, homas NV, Rock Hill Watkins, Ierrv, Kershaw Nvatts, Doris, Lancaster Watts, Dale, Rock Hill VVhaley, Ric-ki, Lancaster NVheeler, Robert D., Lancaster VVhite, Billy, Rock Hill White, Debbie, Chester White, George H., Lancaster YVhite, jerry, Roclc Hill Williams, Andrea, Heath Springs VVilliams, Billy, Lancaster Williams, Calvin, Rock Hill Williams, Charles Richard, Rock Hill Williams, Charles Russell, Kershaw Williams, David, Rock Hill WVilliams, Diane, Lancaster Williams, immy, Lancaster VVilliams, oyce, Great Falls VVilliams, Ste hen, Kershaw Williamson, Igmes C., Fort Mill Wilson, Danny. Camden Wilson, Dennis, Kershaw Wilson, Curtis, Rock Hill Nl1l11111 ll111111l1l, k1111l11111 XN11ll1- IX111111, 11111-l1 ll1ll 11111111-, 11.11111-1 l,11111.1x11-1 Xl111.111111-, I1 , ll11l11-11 M:1111111111. 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Cooley, jones-Spaltanburg, S.C. Corbin, Pl1ilASpartanb11rg, S.C. Cox, Frank-Greer, S.C. Davis, Lester-Spartanb11rg, S.C. Davis, Walter-Greer. S.C. Dean, Dickie-Sp11rtanburg, S.C, Dew, Walter-Easley, S.C. Diamond, Helen-Snartanl111rg, S.C. Abrams, Rhonda, Union Adams, jerry, Union Adams, Robert Larry, Union Adams, Virginia, Union Allen, Rolverk T., Union Alvercon, Rebecca, Union Alman, jimmy, Union Babb, Donnon, Laurens Baines, Larry, Pav.-olet Bainw, MiCl111el, Pucolet Baker, Sharon, Union Baldwin, Riclmrd, Union Beatv, Shirley Ann, Union Bedford, W11rren, Blaclcwlmrg Belne, Lowell, Union Bagley, Kathy, Union Bi dix, jackie, C11l'fncy Bishop, Steven, Newberry Black, Belinda, Union Black, Ryan, Union Black, john T.Ulu11eSville Blakely, joan, nion Bl11nt1111, Evclyn, Caflnev Bugan, Reba, Buffalo Boyd, S11S1.1n, Union Bruolns, Marion, Rock Hill Brownlee, Kenneth, Laurens B11ndricl1, Clarence, Prnspcrily Bums, Billie Rae, I,0ckl1art Byrd. 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Aynor Best, Glenn L,, Myrtle Beach Best, john S., Galiyants Ferry Bever y, janice, Conway Bigham, XVilson L., Reidsville, NC Blake, NVilliam A., Myrtle Beach Blanton, Edwanda, Loris Blanton, Frances, Nichols Blanton, Glenda, Nichols Bleckley, T. Cole, Myrtle Beach Blizzard, Anne, Myrtle Beach Bostick, X'Villiam E., Myrtle Beach Bradley, Ronald, Myrtle Beach Brown, jerry C., Conway' Brown, Terry L.. Myrtle Beach Bruorton, Newell A., Charleston Bryan, Nettie C- Murrells Inlet Bryan, George NV., Myrtle Beach Bunn, Ruthie, Georgetown Butler, Keith. Conway Butler, Leon, Conway Cabaniss, Pamela, Conway Cameron, Patsy. Hemingway Carmichael, Saundra. Aynor Carroll, james, Conway Carroll, Raymond H., NVindy Hill Carter, judy. Longs Causey, Hunter A., Myrtle Beach Causey, john P., Conway Chestnut, Susan, Myrtle Beach Clemons. Robert, Andrews Clifton, Paul, Myrtle Beach Colby, M. Anthony, Myrtle Beach Collins, Bobby, Longs Collins, Clifton, Nichols Collins, Ernest B., Myrtle Beach Collins, Eugene, Conway Cook, Gloria jean, Nichols Cooper, Harry T., Hemingway Courtney, Martha, Crescent Beach Cox, Daphne, Conway Cox. Mimi, Myrtle Bcach Cox, Rebecca K., Loris Crews, Ceorgc, Myrtle Beach Cribb, Arnie, Hemingway Cribb, Larry, Conway if Cribb, Larry Keith, Hemingway Cribb, Roland, Georgetown Crosson, james A., Myrtle Beach Crumpler, Phyllis, Myrtle Beach Dargan, Shaw, Myrtle Beach Davis, NVilliam M., Laurens Coastal Carolina Regional Campus l Dawes, Maxine, Loris Dixon, Rebecca, Conway Dugan, Linda K., Myrtle Beach Dukes, Diane, Myrtle Beach Durant, Donna, Aynor Dusenbury, Earl, Conway Dusenberry, john, Myrtle Beach Eidem, jack, Myrtle Beach Eidem, Sharon, Myrtle Beach Elliott, Anne, Ocean Drive Elliot, Landis, Nichols Ellis, Marc, Myrtle Beach Elvington, Robert, Conway Elyis,CLarry, Myrtle Beach Engle, john, Myrtle Beach Faulk, XVay11e. Myrtle Beach Ferguson, james. Myrtle Beach Flanagan, Mary Ellen, Myrtle Beach Floydf Coke, Conway Floyd, Robert Conway Fowler, Betty, Marion Foxworth, Carol, Conway Frye, Keimeth. Galivants Ferry Fuller, Dianne, Myrtle Beach Gerald, Alice. Myrtle Beach Gerald, Ellen Ann, Loris Giles, Nelda. Longs Goff, Elizabeth, Loris Goodman, Robert, Myrtle Beach Core, Billy, Conway Graham, Evelyn, Conway Graham, Esther, Loris Graham, Carolyn, Nichols Grainger, Danny, Nichols Greene, Vance, Conway Grissett, Susan, Georgetown Gunter, Cheryl, Myrtle Beach Gunter, Anne, Conway Gunter, Mildred, Georgetown Halford, james, Columbia Hamer, Lawrence, Murrell's Inlet Hamilton. Kenneth, Ocean Drive Hanna, Alvin, Crescent Beach Hardee, john, Conway Hardee, Linda, Loris Hardwick, Ginny Leigh, Conway Harper, Burch, Conway Harper, Linda Sue, Conway Haws, David, Conway Hayes, jim M.. Myrtle Beach Heap, Martha, Myrtle Beach Helsel, Charles, Cherry Grove Hendrick, Mary Grace, Conway Hendrick, V. 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Suggestions in the University of South Carolina Regional Campuses - Garnet and Black Yearbook (Beaufort, SC) collection:

University of South Carolina Regional Campuses - Garnet and Black Yearbook (Beaufort, SC) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


University of South Carolina Regional Campuses - Garnet and Black Yearbook (Beaufort, SC) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


University of South Carolina Regional Campuses - Garnet and Black Yearbook (Beaufort, SC) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


University of South Carolina Regional Campuses - Garnet and Black Yearbook (Beaufort, SC) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


University of South Carolina Regional Campuses - Garnet and Black Yearbook (Beaufort, SC) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


University of South Carolina Regional Campuses - Garnet and Black Yearbook (Beaufort, SC) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


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