University of South Carolina Regional Campuses - Garnet and Black Yearbook (Beaufort, SC)

 - Class of 1966

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University of South Carolina Regional Campuses - Garnet and Black Yearbook (Beaufort, SC) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 148 of the 1966 volume:

A 83?-3? Ai! 'ILJVQ VT? if it if 1742 15 Q 235 781 ' gf, THE JAMES A. ROGERS LIBRARY -.2 A FRANCIS MARION COLLEGE A A FLORENCE, SOUTH CAROLINA .-A A . if Oversize Q: z: Special F: l 3 Collections 1' E' LD -'E F 5038 gt lf: .G37X ft -'O 1966 C C. 2 " A.. 'wr Q- :ff FRANCIS MARION COLLEGE F 2 AQAAAAAQAAAAAAAAAAQIAAA AlAA A 'J E HP il li 42 if -it AI il il lk 4? 12 'EJ il A l A WA A A A, AA':AAA " ' L -' . T A ' A, ,AAA AC AA AA.,AA.A,AW.A,5XAAA,,A,,.AAAAAAA A52 AA , .AgSaAAA5EgAAAA5..AMW , A AW, , AAAA:RSLu"AAAAmgA!.'5AA-AWQAAA-.1AAgA5AAAA A- -Hymn AAA S . A A ,,,, ' AA 'A,AA -A AA A ARA H , A,,A AMGAAAAa1,,'AA ,EAAAAAAAA .RRE r AAAAAA ,.-- AA, ,AAA A ' w-A 1135 .HAMA-Am.vl J.A..,.AAAA-w"AAA,AA,4AAwAA'fA:A5AA':A,,AA, A AA A www A "'AA,AAAAA '4'-' A5"A'A.AA,AAA'fvA'1 'AAA A A "AA,,A A AAAS , 'A AWSWAA 1AveWA.'!Ae2bfAAwA:5'RAE2AASQSAAQAAAAQAA-XM! "'2' ' vfv"f'wmAAAA,-5 u5"Q,:yAA- 'AAAH3iF5Q"AWA',:N QQAAQQQAA AVXAAAAWAXAAAAA A Y 'A AAA -www32AAAzA,.gy.A2AIAEAauiumuf-'SA " "w3jAwA,g A'xAyjg,Q',A,A -A A.AA'AAA,'xxf.n AAAAN-XAA-,A 'A A", ' ' ' A A A A Aw, 'AIAA AA:A',z"f31f" A" .Wi AA .A A W A A , Q?" ' ' 'A AwAA,AuNA2I,' A ' "' ' X ' N A A A , A A Y win WSH IP, AI Q- 43 Alf HE A mf, A AA F Ag, A , ,A Lg A ' A ' A mf :Aa -' - ' 1 A A S J ' ,, A A , SEAA A 1A A,-AA NA , A ,A 'A , A 'T ' ' Adel ,. ' A ' " 2 YE- -A,c V 'ff N A "A WM. A Aye AAAAAAAAAAEMAAAA AASB' R1"A:2 . AA , l V A f f' A 7 C., ,, ,,,, im mfA,'AA,A' 7AnA A Qu? 45935, AA W sr A ' l S 5 A A A A 9 .ff AM AAA . AA.a2RA1W5zAMA" i'l?ER V H A v,.,S,,g- -Q Hwi. A1 A 'WA A Am K , AA A N AA 1 ' Ng 3 "WT A 1 "1 A ' wi e' A AA u,,.,, ,, A , " ' .AWA ' Av v AMAA ' ,, AA 'ale A ,A L , AAA, A A , ,A , , ' A '3A'.AA,4AA' A W' ' ' Mil' ' 'A . A A J , , , , , A, , "MW 4...3R2T7n 1 H 'w- ' EA J X' "VE 'C A A ' A, A ff? Al? A " ' ' FEBAAAAA BAAAAZQW ' A ' 'A A M i:".fA'Q ' Af-MWC-5" fb: H NAT- " A' Ami- AAA " r- 33251 ' U mil- ' , LU: AAA -AEA A " 1 A MAEAAAAAAA 1 A AR A . 'SA A- Ax- , 'A A, A AMAZKAAAM AA' A.-AAAAAEAA AAfff.?5fAAAA A AA: ,-.-- A, E gf AA A ,, A A Ai7'MAA"z2E5f?iww'wAJAMAM95f'1W' A A AA A H A' AA -A AAA:A A Aljlew AEAQEEQ55'?+9-fiwvfiil-'?5gf?AYA'xiigv 'A 1 AEAXZAGAGAJ' 4,l3'f"' , AAA ' A"AA l7"'L"i' A' A335923 gud Aw ' AQEAQAAA: iifl AH' 3, , 4'i?M?'vfffA 2'f'.FiTf:'FWl"'5?5'AP.Ah W? A M, ,A ,,L,im'M,A'5A l 5' Ai A " AAA, A'ArAA A- A.: A' 'A A - A , A A AAA A A A AAA AAAAAAM, ' A ' ,4AgAfA,,AfAiS5j?d, efvwAiARvAM A 41A,A,', 5AA, A n.Al3,.AAg ' A if-'A A A AMER 59,TA"LW f" A"1'A"AAA?'fvA.T,5Q,i A A Am A l K 1, AMA A H' "AAA AAAAA ' , ' " 'YQ N Ax' 3 A A ,iz-"zu-J'A,,AA" ' JA' A AA J' AAAAAEQFM-AA'A' "Aug gEAgqr4ggaQ,t2AiA MAAAQNR .AAAYAMQAAAA WA? HEAAA "T'l4HFQs2Efil-SAAAA A"Ae1AfEA'f R 'A , . ' A AARAAARAQAAA. sb Lp-n A .A , A A A A, A "1-Aw ANA 5 SP 'f 2' ,E AA , A JA Eiwewfi ,ig A A A AAAAA , AA F:,AA,A:A,' A, R 1 A .I 'S 1. S A A, AgA,LAA. ,M Raw, ,AWA ,A A AA 7 A A A A , A A , W ' V A AA Aff A SA AWA. , A , A. A 'L HA ,AS , A E1 AAAA A' , F ' A N ,gi JAH 'F 4 A,AA ' ' , AL A X if Af! 'fji 1 X V A X VrlRZZllE,l3l2fl2LfiA,h5QH4 ' '3 ' 1 1 . , Aff WFE7'W'W'?d'EW4f - 1 N we - ' V1 ' 'I ' n2gGA',1X.' 'I 'ki1ii1-LEKWV ' 431 M ,. ,fx .1 A wc " yr W wmv J? ,'. . ' , W W ,W-M ' 1, 'fiiul 'X ' 1 V' . 1 , .L w nfl' ., ,,,, W ,. f , N f 1 .,f"'v'f M ' ggi: x N N u Qlffs E f - i l1Qgs5+ GW X V . ,,' Q ist 254 ' ,ffm 1 -we REGIONAL CAMPUS EDITION 11 , 1? U Q SJ' 'fx "' s . A IQ? UNIVERSITAS CAROL MERID 1801 to MA 9. .xx ,IJ 'fxl x tn Q I' . X ' A I N K4 W ,. Z.. Q "' L7!I"I'I f"f J ' ru O 'Vs O If- IX 5 W pax" ...arm -2'5" . g PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA AT AIKEN ' BEAUFORT COASTAL CAROLINA FLORENCE ' LANCASTER SALKEHATCHIE AND UNION REGIONAL CAMPUSES 1966 Zfzewofm' The students ot seven Regional Campuses whose activities are here recorded proudly present this Fourth Edition ot their special Garnet and Black. Each individual campus community is developing its own traditions as a part ot the Greater University, and this volume depicts the history ot another im- portant year. The Regional Campus System is designed to pro- vide gualitied students with the tirst two years ot University training or terminal programs in several fields. These students, tor the most part, would have been tound on other college campuses had this program not come into being. Its existence, how- ever, has made it possible tor them to begin their higher education in an atmosphere which combines the personal attention ot the small college and the resources ot the large university. In the development ot the Regional Campuses the University has been greatly assisted by I-Iigher Education Commissions in each local area. Present Commission members are: AIKEN: Julian D. Ellett, Aiken, Vice-Chairman, Elden Jones, Salley, Don D. Kennedy, Aiken, Charles F. Kneece, Monetta, George Parks, North Augusta, Robert E. Penland, Aiken, Eugene Sawyer, Bath, Raymond Warner, Aiken. BEAUFORT: Marvin I-I. Dukes, Beautort, Chair- man, Mrs. Lee Bradbury, Beautort, I-I. Parker Jones, Beaufort, Marion deV. Jones, Beautort, Jerry I-I. Reeves, III, Bluttton. FLORENCE: J. Howard Stokes, Florence, Chair- man, Mrs. O. T. Finklea, Florence, C. Dewey Munn, Pamplico, R. David Thompson, Olanta, J. D. White- head, Lake City. I-IORRY: M. B. Gilreath, Green Sea, Chairman, T. W. Anderson, Conway, Mrs. W. E. Cameron, Myrtle Beach, E. I-'I. Carmichael, Aynor, Lloyd Causey, Myrtle Beach, J. C. I-lipp, Loris, W. G. I-Iucks, Jr., Aynor, Don L. Johnson, Nichols, Jesse M. Lee, Conway, S. George Lovell, Jr., Conway, John Massey, Conway, George I. Rentz, Loris, J. Carlisle Shelley, Conway, E. F. Southern, Myrtle Beach, C. A. Spivey, Conway, Charles Tilghman, Ocean Drive Beach. LANCASTER: Julian Starr, Jr., Lancaster, Chair- man, William I-I. Ellis, I-Ieath Springs, Ned Gregory, Lancaster, James F. I-Iinson, I'Ieath Springs, W. L. McDow, Kershaw, William E. Sims, Lancaster. UNION: T. Dewey Truluck, Union, Chairman, Mrs. Ellis Fromm, Union, Gus Gilbert, Union, T. Claude Jolly, Union, Warren I"I. Little, Jonesv-ille, Fred Tribble, Lockhart, C. T. S. Wilburn, Jr., Union. WESTERN CAROLINA: B. N. Daley, Allendale, Chairman, C. E. Bell, I-Iampton, M. G. Gault, Bam- berg, E. P. McEIveen, Fairtax, W. S. Ware, Varn- ville, R. L. Zeigler, Denmark. ' of 5,0105 Qzodim layman! 619066464 AIKEN BEAUFORT COASTAL t7?.lZ5Q bb. H M f ,, r , I BEER MIB MIR ff, iff. W , 7 fp , V Mi S N 'l' I' m Ill? W' - V at 5 .,... I - A .... WWW. ,M ,... .Q...f,xW,, ' W:--W ..,N,1mx-.-,,,..-.NN -W .mwxvwiwg iii FLCRENCE LANCASTER SALKEHATCHIE UNION , DEDICATIGN No man has shown greater loyalty and devotion to the development ot the University ot South Carolina and its Regional Campuses throughout his long and active career than Mr. Rutledge I.. Osborne, Chairman ot the Board ot Trustees. With deep appreciation this volume is dedicated to him. RUTLEDGE L. OSBORNE Chairman, Board Ot Trustees University Ot South Carolina 5 As does the acorn grow, a sapling becorne, a truit bear, and death endure through a seed, So it is with lite through the seed ot education 6 . l 1 1 '1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 :Y 111 I I 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 , 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 11 1 If 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 . 1 11 1 1 V 1 1 ' V . 4 -' W ' I M 7 ,Q DR. THOMAS F. JGNES, SCD President 8 N NK .,.mi"V , WILLIAM H. PATTERSON, PHD Dean of the University 9 ! 'ff :V k ik, . U, JU? 1, , ff, 571 V 1? 15? ..,f Y ' Y, Q! ,f f af V ,ff 'W 757, . f JQVX Z 4 L W QM , , 7 , , ZA , ,L 4 . NICHOLAS P. MITCHELL, Pl1.D. Dean, College of General Studies IO WW JV, Q, 7 ff, ' , lf X, X MK ' HARRY W. DAVIS, PHD. Dean, College of Arts and Science we K ...Mt 5 ic? .MMM- -s--nlvi' 'fl' S -1 X N I ,Jr-Qcx N,.W.K.wwN ws Qwfjgilgcf' W N6 'Nt X , 1 .S'i.1: yr s . me M, ,H "f9E:5f -' U ' X , Nm A lx, . V In X fav , rx X s 615 is 4 X 'g"'w.+....,xf RQLLIN E. GQDFREY, Ed.D. l-l. F. TROTTER, M.S. Director, Admissions and Registration Associate Dean tor tl'ie Lower Division DELORIS WHALEY MARIE l'lAl.l.MAN Secretary to Dr. Mitchell College ot General Studies ff' i ,, ,. mr, mf- f-.J , ., K H . wi' . ff is . '35 ,aa sf J "f i-Cam ' M-if . i H,-Ax-46A11.Nc ,-, 44.-,-. 'Q f ' X ...A ',dPf5L'lfW f V U K ' A i 12 f f Librarian 72 I2 N fy--' d ? st College ot Arts ancl Science LILLIAN MIXON Bookkeeper -. V' - QQ xc., 'css X UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA WILLIAM C. CASPER Aiken Campus EDWARD M. SINOLETON Coastal Campus REGIONAL CAMPUS DIRECTORS www .J K lr , X L K. ., 5 -. JOHN JOSEPI-I DUFFY Beaufort Campus ff Y , .... 1 f , .2 ' a 4 4 , 4 I Q C, V I 4 as m',, g fax 1 f If ff X ,Ml gf A 4 ' , .. X f f I USN "Ss XXX giy: J. C. MCCOLLISTER FRANCIS A, I-QRD Horence Campus Lancaster Campus my W WWMW 4 ww MMSWW' MW R. CHURCHILL CURTIS HALBERT H. ACKER Salkenatcnie Campus Union Campus I4 FACULTY ACMR, llALBtRT H, MA, iiaiaiy Lliiiaii Linmpus ADAMS, VVILINIA .I. lxI,B.A. Business Administration Beauloil Campus AFFINITO, EMILIE M.A. Eoreiqn Languages Coastal Campus ALMONRODE, WILLIAM M.S. Political Science Union Campus ILancasterl ANDERSON, JACK C. M.S. Mathematics Beautort Campus ISaIlcel'iatchiel BALLOU. MARTHA M.A. Business Administration Aiken Campus BASHAW, DARWIN M.S. Secretarial Science Beaulort Campus ISaIIceIwatcI'iiel BECKWITH, ELIZA PALMER M.A.T. History Florence Campus ICoastall BELK, THOMAS H., JR. M.A. English Beautort Campus ISaIlcet1atcI1iel BENSON, MARGARET K. B.A. Foreign Languages Lancaster Campus BRANHAM, JAMES M.S. History Coastal Campus BRIGGS, DAVID H. PI'i.D. Psychology Aiken Campus BURNEY,,GLEN A. PIw.D. Chemistry Aiken Campus BURN, WILLIAM M.A. Engineering Drawing Lancaster Campus BUYCK, MARK W., JR. LL.B. Commercial Law Florence Campus CANN, MARVIN L. M.A. History Ailcen Campus CASPER, WILLIAM C. M.A. Economics Ailwen Campus CHERRY, ROSA B.S. Secretarial Science Union Campus CORNETTI, ALBERT E. M.A. English Aileen Campus CURTIS, R. CHURCHILL M.A. History, Political Science Saiketiatclwie Campus DAVIS, JOHN H. M.A. History Beaufort Campus DAWSON, BILL K. M.S. Secretarial Science Lancaster Campus DEAN, WAID H. Pli.D. Psychology Ailcen Campus DIGBY, MARGUERITE A. M.A. EngIisI1 Lancaster Campus f Q, 1 I 1 f:'.-1ff"'?i v ...Q ,,,m , M,- yas. v ' I . ,f x -Y V' f x 9 '04, f, .,,, .. .V , Z 'f'Wi'3S12' 1 I 7, Q .X F A at .... I ,f6"'S h'p.,v If - ,nik , p...,.nnl4 'HEI -..,.,. , f at - 9, dxf, 'V . f ,. i-.fe V , . f -. di I W X 1 f 1 'X " X 4 X ES ,M We vga KV ls. ,' P ' ""W'-ua... , , .fy ,ff ,V y 1 .421 ' 'H' WIT I., i- .ff - s d? PM V v fi , f .ff 5 'fxx ,W .. , f' if "" 'X "' v f fi ff! f WW' 452 af , 'f S. af-W: 'ir fr- -'-V A f 4. 4 - w 'W gf' Y? fb" ffffft? J ,xx at wwf 5 I f A 1' 1 , M ,,,. ,, ..,,,, W, www, QNII si 9 4 I ig , '-.- X Mft, as - tx,.0l 4. 'Km g .mam 'Q ff ' IN, ,.,........-Q .uY""' .. 7, I f f' f f I' , I . 1. ' .Z kay? ,, ,Fa hx Q . I .nr 'W 7 7' ' if, .1 U ff A "i ,f .34 " S J .- AW ff.-, ,I .5 A , .9157 . -Q. ..f X y A' 'Tx MUN j W' fr or I i c E 3 , I I .I, a I I i I I il I I l 1- ,gef ff ff' L, . ...-.ff,,. I . - .,.,-,fS,Qw,1 -f , A- 4 w,,.' .25 f I 2 ., f Www f , f,,, ,WW f f 2 , 4 i 7,4 W W, ,A if . , ii., f2Af , Q , 7 ,ac ,fly If My , mfg ,, 7 f i, T W www 'mv ky ,J My 'W 4.9 "L: :JW fa 4 6 .,,. .. W 2 'uv Z M W' f Q, 2 ff! f ff f ' f4 4 f f ,577 1 f , s . 2 f 1 AA ,. W, Ly ff W. f ff .ff we ' 'D V y . ,K6"44:, , ' " ff 3 f 4, , ff A if s f Q 1 X X 3' is X W2 Nj!! , f V 6, ff , me f, X, fm. , WA. fyx '44 , i ff-g , KW f 7 ,X L! 1. 1 , f y 'f 'L 1 A 5, ff A ff ,I ' 3 W. f '- aff .. ,f of , , , "-1 3.1, A' I .5 ' VA- 'M ' . Y i. I 11, V, . -V 2 , , ..,, M W V ,ffl X 4 f linda 'Up M5408 if ,f W 04, ...W H-,,,.,,f W Q J ' 0 v f ff, 1 1 f Q5 f , 9 f , 1.1, ,. Z Q My W V , f ff X Of, , MX ,fi f wi W ,fi i,, 4 ff I W X4 T X .Vw ,Z T 'few f 1 if K Z 1 ,if AMW J FACULTY DOWLlNG,,EDlTH B. MA. English Beaufort Campus DUFFY, JOHN J. Ph.D. History, Political Science Beaufort Campus DUYN, WILLEM M.A. Music Florence Campus lLancasterl EDMONDS, BlLLlE O. B.A. Foreign Languages Union Campus FINCH, DONALD R. Ph.D. Physical Science Ailcen Campus GALLOWAY, KENNETH F. B.A. Physics Lancaster Campus GARNER, JULIA Secretary Union Campus GETTYS, JAMES RILEY M.S. Chemistry Beaufort Campus lSallcehatchi GLENN, JAMES W., JR. M.A. Biology Lancaster Campus GREENLY, SAMUEL C. M.L. Psychology Beaufort Campus HARRISON, SALLY M.A. Sociology Beaufort Campus HEAD. EMORY L. M.A. English Lancaster Campus HERD, BEVERLY C. B.A. Remedial Mathematics Lancaster Campus HERD, E. DON M.A. History Lancaster Campus HERRERA, MANUEL Ph.D. Foreign Languages Aiken Campus lSallcehatchiel HOLLIDAY, MARGARET M.A. Secretarial Science Coastal Campus HOLSHOUSER, JANE N. B.A. Secretarial Science Lancaster Campus HOPSON, ROSA M.A. Foreign Languages Coastal Campus HOWELL, DELORES B.A. Secretarial Science Florence Campus JONES, DEAN C. M.A. History Florence Campus Kl-lADHlRl. RlADl'l M.S. Business Administration Florence Campus KlRKl.AND, ELMO R. M.S. Physics Florence Campus lCoastall KlRKMAN, WILLIAM A. M.S. Mathematics Coastal Campus KURTZ, MARGARET G. M.M. Mathematics Union Campus G i 6 , ,- FACULTY I 'NNI , IIOROIIIY M S. Uliifiiiistix I.iiii.isIi'i Campus I AXNI, .IOIIN B. IXI A, IX1.itIii'iiieitics L.iiic.istoi Campus LAWN, ERNESIINE B. AB. Journalism Aiken Campus LEWIS, LOUIS B.S. Engineeiing Drawing Aiken Campus LORD, FRANCIS A. F'h.D. I-Iistory, Political Science Lancaster Campus LUNNEY, DAVID C. Ph.D. Chemistry Union Campus MADDOX, CALLIE F.. M.A. English Coastal Campus MAJOR, ROBERTA M.A. Music Aiken Campus MARINE, I. WENDALL Ph.D. Geology Aiken Campus MARTINO, JOI-IN B. D.Ltrs. Foreign Languages Florence Campus McCI-IAREN, WANDA G. M.B.A. Secretarial Science Aiken Campus McCOLLISTER, J. C. Ed.D. Education Florence Campus McMILLAN, VIRGINIA M.A. English Aiken Campus ISaIkeI'iatchiel MILLER, RONALD LEE B.S. Engineering Drawing Florence Campus MIZE, J. T. I-I. D.Ed. Music Coastal Campus MORROW, LENNA M.A. English Florence Campus MORTON, RICHARD M. M.A. English Beaufort Campus NIES, FREDERICK J. M.A. English Florence Campus OGLESBY, JERRY M.S. Mathematics Florence Campus OWEN, J. I-IARDING M.S. Chemistry Aiken Campus PARKER, JOYCE B. M.A. English Coastal Campus PAWLEY, I-IANS A. B.F.A. Fine Arts Coastal Campus IFIorenceI PI-IARES, C. KIRK M.S. Biology Coastal Campus PINGEL, ALLEN L. M.A.T. Biology Union Campus ,,.-. I 213' ' ,431 ' "Q'W'-4- 1 11-im an-ow 9, QQ Z I ' -Q' I A , . Q x A 51 7 ' 4 !.bf 'I X V 5. .c M - ox J.. 42.47, , wx jyrzvju .E 'fi fi W ., 7 iffy' f ' f4g 'HRW X ff W? ZW, 1,4 ,,' fwfr ,f f f' ' ,yi y!f,fyfy.fy V, y. h,wfC,,,4f .g , f , fgff IW" 7: . ff .. -,fff "- Aff, U4 .. , A f ,aww J N K. , ,. ,gy X f x i 1 1 A Q-'r' f 4 fy J., ,,. Mi, i F g .MQ , A ,. , M 1, I IU 1 if 7' ' ,ff at K ff ff W - . f fs 'i fk,A ,I ,Qt , fm' 5 1 ff f , if M , , .,.M..,.s I7 ' slim. YQ-' f F7' i f est V' ,""" 7 fi' vv f' .si 'M' .....,,.... I fvw. si I I 'il ,A , ,, yy A . Ah nw Ig- 3, I ' if 19 f W A X in 7 A ,Q .7 f f A Z if ,My WM' f f X A 7 '. L I .f 1 xv 'Q 1, C. .,i.,f3,,,,,,, y I V or -rw I I x ,. I A 'I I 'llfw-W f " f f X ff 2 , O y, ,V 2 .U K , f 7 f,VJ 1 , , A,,, F .Li ,f I . f - ' . .. M f f I A f fof'f W! f I f W1 1 if I 1 ,1l,5.?2,!Qi 1 f .Q , ..,!..,g4, eg yff ff jf! ,A ff f f f f 15704, X44 K zwfjf 'fi Q22 F . fe. Q f . . , 1 fafiwgfyg--f F 7 X 95' k- I Q:w' , :f sw f Y 9 ,Wf f mwaq, ff X X ,Y y i -vxfmzi-.Sw-i',h 'I -' 4: f, 1.5.-, f ff il A ,Q Q iv, I y Q x ?7 , gy fx fl , W I f -L W ft 7 gif 8 :1 fa f 01 f f f 'iffy I ,gn .3 aff' I , fy gif! ff f , ffm? M25 ff f ff, ,sw ,Q 'Wm 4' 3' ' I I aff' ..f .,g , , f ' 2 1 , W 5 " i ' f i . 'FQ ' . X2 ' f 7 gf 47 ' I ' A I' l A ff ., ,, L.. . . .Y V W X W , , .W A Am M Vw gm, .W . In M? . .i,. , A 5 " rv. ,f.f ft I ' ' C ' Z ,,sA .f ,.-- -fy, fl f . 'i, .fs i' ,7 ., f W 7 ' E 2 , X fmt' K 'ft f 'P I X W M f x ff ,,. X1 ' U 4, f V . f 5 W if ,, M77 y Wi, 4 ,Us 'Q.3,,4.vf saw' 37 .fu W, ff ,Q X. , . of is FACULTY PREACHER, MARION D. M,A. Sociology Aiken Campus lBeautort, Salkehatchie PRESSON, RUBY B.A. Secretarial Science Beaufort Campus PROCTOR, KENNETH RAY M.A. English Union Campus REDFEARN, WILLIAM G. M.A. Business Administration Lancaster Campus ROMANO, ANTHONY W. B.S. Biology Beautort Campus ISaIkehatchie RUDNICK, IRENE K. LL.B. Commercial Lew Aiken Campus RYAN, ROBERT M.A. Psychology Florence Campus SHUMAN, GERRY F. M.N.S. Biology Florence Campus SINGLETON, R. GRANT LL.M. Commercial Law Coastal Campus SMILEY, JAMES W. M.S. Biology Aiken Campus STAFFORD, J, HARTWELL M.S. Business Administration Florence Campus STRADER, RALPH B. M.B.A. Business Administration Coastal Campus STROUD, MARY M.Ed. Mathematics Aiken Campus SUMMER, LINDA M.S. Sociology Coastal Campus IFIorencel SUTTON, WILLIAM M.S. Chemistry Coastal Campus IFIorencel SURASKY, Ralph M.A. Mathematics Aiken Campus TOPP, STEPHEN V. F'h.D. Physics Aiken Campus TOWLER, EMILIE A. M.A. Psychology Aiken Campus WILSON, RAY M., JR. M.A. History Aiken Campus COMPTON, CARL Coastal Campus I 8 i .. HUBBARD, JAMES M 'X P-x'i'Ii-iI-wx' C.iinpii'- VX-"I NOIQLI R, DAVID Ph.D. PsycIii,wIoi1y Uiiimi Cnniptis IXIIANN, CAROLYN FACU F. MA Fwraiain Lan uaqes . , t L c ij Beaufort Campus PERSONNEL ALLEN, MILDRED Secretary CoastaI Campus BEATTY, ALICE Librarian Florence Campus FICKLINO, CAROLINE Librarian Beaufort Campus HAWKINS, BARBARA H. Secretary Lancaster Campus HERD, BEVERLY CLARKE Librarian Lancaster Campus JOHNSON, BETTY Librarian Aiken Campus LYBRAND, JESSIE C. Secretary Aiken Campus MELTON, LINDA W. Secretary Lancaster Campus PADGETT, FRANCES Secretary Florence Campus SMITH, EDNA H. Secretary Florence Campus STEELEY, JOAN Secretary Bea utort Campus TROWELL, BARBARA Secretary Salkehatchie Campus LTY NOT HENDRIX, LYNN M.A. Physics Lancaster Campus MARRS, ED B.A. Architecture Coastal Campus TOWELL, ROBERT M.A. Psychology Salkehatchie Campus PICTURED .fm . ' 0 HOLMES, GEORGE Ph,D. Psychology Lancaster Campus SMITH, DARCY M.A. PsychoIogy Lancaster Campus DLIRRELL, JOHN M.A. Encihsh Coastal Campus V K f Q 1 . . g . , , K '-1, ,, , 5 " I ma-Y. Q 'K ' X , I' I , I B 4' e fm if - f ., 2 4 . Aw fy I V K, , V 3, "4 W , ,if - 4, I f ' f ' 'J I my ff ww U7 W , f - J ' f ,..,s I . fi Ei fi ,, ,.. I9 . . ' .nav-' I , y' V -- A . Jai ,pu "1 "Ka -I '9"r's- 4' I I I ,fir f. an 'X il'v'x W- f I W I 6 iq 5 1 w 20 4 4 '-1- . 1 .x y lst F hx x 104. 9 -gh N x .gg-'Nr' E L 'E Xa.. 9 : 'ER .' " " s -..n K.: .xp-R 4.0 ,. X Aug' xkxx it ' 5' 511 1-:.-Y W .IW -'IL' "- 9 -" "" 'Ju-A' 1" ,-, I ' ' A-, .v A if' ,614 .-.gif .. -'fb -'Q ,qf .- -my vi xx 'k S 1 'Af .'.':'!s.W.5 ' 154771 ' 'fi I mx- - LJ, -- we ffmyl- ...a -wsu' 'f:'. ' PT' -- ' 11-"if I . 'Nm--Q sd ,.-1 11'I"'.---fr 1,4 " --- . - SKI' Qcfx XFN! Ffa.?ZW'nf .::f, f""-'A - , -. - czd - '-. P fri- ' ff' 9 1.1541 Y .Y .lv 0-,jmlll 1 'M- .,..,3 1,,5F .Quai 'J ,ggnlx l..m.-.---Jfqft QQSR A .NX . X. 41. l 'Hg'- F ' 'Ny' ws ,985- . ig, , s F 'Era w N l 1 N N 'ln Y I 30,3 1, L v h H553-2 ' N, 1 1 N 1. llll Qin" ,mn vsp' i . I - F tl ' Gi?" Ill u Y 1--1 HI I Ill I ffl ..-5 9 ' ln, .rl F'-3 n J A Q 1 5 Q I Q 'Lx X . 3 4 . ' "'9 " lr'7f4:6iN' ' 1 ' ' , ' v - .,-J , 1'-mv' nv- P5 ' .- , Q: ' A -'fn-4-.W fm' Y .., Q 1, . ,R wif -fl: ,AJ I -1 -9? ' ":.- N 2 :f A ll. v G- ,Ein I - 4 6 'Aug' ww, K.efz4f-1. - f ' '-U54 :Tub A' 1 nlll Yr. N , , 9 X fal IN! EA w' 'Q' ..-.....?q tk it ii 3 W f li WZ 1 X W A ii i 7 c 0 fi W l Q3 1 ,a fl: 1 'K g W X: 2 ff if . ' 1 ' 4h!V,'?' tu. J- ' --L' f ., , 1, ,. J f , f 4 -V ' 'Q-4, " E2 s fwgl f 2 'ZKWX W P Z '4'M""""'M""w""f"""'2 W,, ,, ww :fr STUDENT COUNCIL MEMBERS. Lett to Right: Ernie Compton, Freshman Class President: Donald Martin, Freshman Class Vice-President7Gunn Sawyer, Freshman Council Member-atlargeg Gwynn Willis, Council Treasurer: Preston Maroney, Council Vice-President: Torn Webb, Council President: Susan Bond, Council Secretaryg Jule Young. Sophomore Council Member-at-Large: Becky Stevens, Sophomore Class Vice-President: Claude Stolces, Sophomore Class AIKEN students elect officers W W iv, X J ' rg ' -wifi- 4 H I , , 1jffL.4', l 7 I h I , , 5 , . i SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS. Left to Right: Becky FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS. Left to Right: Ernie Compton, President, Judy Stevens, Vice-Presiclentg Mary Lou St. John, Treasurer: Dadre Brewer, Treasurerg Donald Martin, Vice-Presidentg Judy l-ledrick, Secretary. Trauqhber, Secretary: Claude Stokes, Presiclent. 22 4 1: ,Q , .. H i'.w . X fy ill - E---------' g , Qi , if 3 in -M 4 . STUDENT ASSISTANTS. Left to Right: Dadre Traughber, W. l-l. Brotherton, Jr., Mary RQDNEY ASHLEY and create organizations Chairman of Art Exhibits l . i INTER VARSITY. First Row, Lett to Right: Beth Bryan, Teresa McMahan, Caroline Blair. Second Row: hluger Heath, Ken Salley. Third Row: John Kelker, Terry Cobb. Not Pictured: Niclci Mitchell. 23 PEP BAND. First Row, Left to Right: Caroline Blair, Ginger Eclsman, Durana Farrar. Second Row: Margaret Newton, Bill Ashmore. Third Row: James Vanderley, Jerry Simpson. Fourth Row: Larry Harper, Jay Gross. Top: Steve Driver. Z Z ,wffzfr ,f rw! f VM , X' f Q J" 151 iw-" 1 CLAUDE STOKES GARNET AND BLACK STAFF. First Row, Lefi 'co Right: Niclci Mitchell, Angelle Willing, Editor ol Garnet and Black Becky Stevens, Susan Bond, Beth Bryan, Claude Stokes. Second Row: Ginger Eclrman, Caroline Blair, Judy Brewer, Sandra l-ludalc. Third Row: Rodney Ashley, John Kellrer, Don Hensley, Billy Jumper, Jule Young. yearbook AIKEN students plan the ww-ww Z ,1 ' , , f E 1-ww. ,yyvq Z .ff X I ff , ' .f ' "' ' "fvj f 'girl' M' r , ""' ' I . f 1 , Qllgd SW,- f Q f f X 4 ' V y M M W.,mW.,w,,ww74a4wW"? 'M' YU fl Z 2' " f A 2 7 , 'f -gy r Z ,f if Z ? GARNET AND BLACK EDITORIAL STAFF. Lefl lo Righfx Anqelle Willing, Orqanizalions Edilorg Rodney Ashley, Ari Eclilorq Caroline Blair, Circulalions Edilorg Claude Slolces, Edilory John Kellcer, Sophomore Class Edilorg Don Hensley, Phoioqraphy Edilorg Ginger Eclcman, Copy Edilor. 24 awww . . 9 Si -7 :AA 'H is 9' X 4' fo F " A fag.: 'Ax-A in Q 'Q si Wi if' o N I A 35 rn . .eu 'Ill' W UNIVEKSITAS CARGI. MERID 1801 QELIO -., wifi 43, 'W :xx NNY' . XX NNN X and publish a newspaper . bf Ar 5,-ff .4 .. DAVID WALLACE Editor of Rebelaire . V-W ,,f X f 7 ' w f, 4 I REBELAIRE STAFF. Lef+ +0 Righ+: Susan Bond, Toy Siddall, David Wallace, John Foley, Tony Recupido, Ginger Fckman, Rod A hlcy Noi Pucfured Nick Jeancake and Huger Heaih, Business Manager. 25 Kneeling. Lefi' +o Righ+: l-luqer Heailh, Manaqerg Chip Chrisiian, Ronnie Riclenour, Ken Oliver, Harold Gurley, Chris Chelfon. Ronnie Hudson. Torn Webb. Billy Frear, Manager. Sianding: Glen Dehlari. Assislanl Coach: Presion Maroney, Charles Rice, Kenny Kighl, Bruce Oliver, Ronnie Dyer, Wilber Yaun, Jimmy Malhis, Dr, William S. Carr, Coach. AIKEN has sports and spirit Firsl' Row: Debbie Si.John, Mascoi. Second Row: Judy Hedrick, Janyce Simpson, Nicki Milchell. Third Row: Daclre Trauqhloer, Mary Lou S+. John, Jule Young, Belh Bryan, Duffy Dobie. in 'ing .., .. . Y -' rm"-n'1, .. n win.. - -1 l JUDY HEDRICK BETH BRYAN and selects a May court . BECKY STEVENS JANYCE SIMPSON uw .,4 N, R y W 27 ,JN l 3 4 XX AIKEN REGIONAL CAMPUS MAY QUEEN WMM yeri Sue Muengali MISS AIKEN REGIONAL CAMPUS Woo gill Egan ,, W I JANYCE SIMPSON MARY LOU ST.JOl-lN Ailcen Regional Campus Candy Cane Queen Aiken Regional Campus Homecoming Queen BETH BRYAN DADRE TRAUGHBER Miss South Carolina Football Miss Aileen f A-MIA f f 0 Wg, GQ! I Vi 4 30 an Mm. 't?,,, Q QC' CUM. P Q Q XS KS ,,-1 ,rf ,,f-1'4- Zg,f,f"f"' -3:5-'fa ,..,' '-,,., l' ,X ,IN r l !'l' :Ig vp.',ll,' l' lun f"': " I " I ' I' -v ' 'It'-:' . ' ' 'f . . I "' ' :ll.g'l" 1 I' J Q 37" - ' ,,. ,r ' - ' 'ugh " :Hr y -- . . I 1 gf ' -' - 3 'll I ly, U' 1 ' I' I -.In ,IQ ' ' k 1':'l 'Q '-!.',l l',"".7,l,31','J'fL GYXDX l3A..,y D ' p 5 ' , I " ., I, 157' ' , gl ,blvln I i, :H ,f,.,l ' 'W' 1'J":'xUl' xjx . ,. , ' - , -' lui .lf :J 'I gn v, 'nY'Hw', ' 15. , ,g'x, I ul , - Q 4, 'I n . . 5 , I A". l'x Hx" ' . ' ' - 1 ' 'X I ' "I ' 1 'X . 'I X '1 , -.1 I v., , X1 I , I, - ' 1 .'l ' 'Ng' ' ' ' I.-s'1 ' - wi, ,If m lvl! - , , ' ,'1Iv "'. '1I- 0 ' . I 4 V 'X I K Nix' " 'Ax 'rg U Q I ! ' 1 nv' ' Jlt B 11 I J , 'V' u'lI'l ,V xy yy 2, 5 , ,, 1 v 1 Y Y. c 1 0 y,P 1 1 g' 'V I I" 9 y 9 " u 11 , W 'I l I vi x ' ' x x ' v " Y' s' 7 ' In 1 K X g ' P 1' K" f s y,f! 4 I I -.A j , 11 Y ' Q U' Q , . 1 "' "::'l" 1 ' V' 'yxy ,U li x,xxxu.' , , -gl K 1 X E IN N f f f 2 7 4 ' f I K? f . 4 f ff- - sf 1 A sf f if ,1 1 F x N .,. ' 9 . X. N yi r W W H ,f f ' C W, E , A W E W E V, 1: s 3 I L MISS BEAUFORT CENTER ifm ary ouifie warj x F I 32 E4 FIRST RUNNER-UP my WMA? Q-beolloacL 1 N 1 -.. N 1 uw ,651 1 1 4':'.'1if7 .4 u l .,5 ll Ii li h 1 1 N J L HOMECOMING QUEEN WM Slwon Z?afLW STUDENT GOVERNMENT ,I VN s... . Left to Right: Linda Connelly, Annette Petorock, Sharon Barker, Melody Graet, Scherra Nelle Deloach, Secretary-Treasurerg Robert Folk, Walla-ce, Sonia Owings, Francoise I-Iipp, Byrce Smith, Roger Pinckney, Linda Martin, Robert Vice-President: Annette Petorock, President. Folk, Wayne Roberts, Gregg Clark. STUDENT COUNCIL I THE GAMMA BETA PHI SOCIETY First Row: Beverly Richards, Secretary: Scherra Wale lace, President: Eryce Smith, Vice-President: Pat Sam- ual, Treasurer, Second Row: Francois I-Iipp, Nancy Biehl, Russel Kent, Mary Ward, Wayne Roberts, Robert Polk, Sharon Barker, Wendell Srnith, Nelle Deloach, Joseph Kreici. CLASS OFFICERS PRES'-IMAN, Roqer Pigkriey, President: Bryce Srnith, Vice-President' SOPHOMORE. Helen Wight, Secretary-Treasurer: Rick Dean, Vice- Scherra Wallace, Secretary-Treasurer. Hifi' Presidentg Mike Mclfachearn, President. X XX p-ABN NYM'-ifinf ,... Af CHEERLEADERS Annette Petoroclc. Sclwerra Wallace, Melody Grael, Sharon Barker, Pat Samuel and Sonja Owings, l-lead Cheerleader. ww N v f x X S wal Q X x xx Wx fw xxx X CATHY DU FFY PAT SAMUEL l rg ENT VL- L A . E ' X 'W EJB' .n.. L MELODY GRAEF I 6-dn""' ' -s--.....,,,,- SONJA OWINGS Caplain ,'b1' SCH ERRA WALLACE C0ACapfain 35 A SHARON BARKER ,Li A -A AN NETTE PETOROCK X 2 2, Z X f M2 BASKETBALL TEAM f, f f '- V, , V ' QW mf f f Qyf Z ' 17 ff-f f , fgfgff C, W., ' 9,2 KZ if a ,,,, 47,0 If ,Z 'WZ ,, 5 ,I I ,f SEN Y 5- 0 vi ' s 2, ' g 0 12 umm gmurnm 7 A3 V Q , i I ,yi f' 7fv so 5- C 13 Q AUFUHL MEMBERS. Lefi fo Righf: Rick Wolfe, Roy Comm, Don Pejrermen, Michael Anderson. Mac McCloud, Sieve Edwards. Jimmy Melvin, Dave Piumberq, and Jim Kuchenbeclrer, Coach. '-:- 1 1' ,few ' f , we Q-f M Q ffxcfmx cck, ,Qi ff,- A A X-L - x Y S X w N , .' I if I 1- ,M 1' V I MU 34? A41 M ,MXMM ,S X 3 36 N N N Homecoming Queen, Sharon Baker, is kissed by Jim Kuchen- becicer and Mr. Tim Belk. L.. TENNIS TEAM MEMBERS. Left to Right: Linda Connelly, Annette Petoroclt, Sclwerra Wallace, Linda Barrett, Robert Eollr, Jody Henson, and Bob Price. x R . we 5 X. X. E X. , ' .RN .M - , N get mm... .x X X AWN R . NX. M -x x ' K . swxfxkgg- . X . fx Nm B X . . yt . Skt XXX .Rx . f w X , XXX. A QB N t to we f :., 1,,N E E U, w2wmxm me E -RXN"'P- . X5'N, X ii n-vans-1------'--Y---, 'A' ' " fn" ' , ng .i .,: -.-- 5 1,3-1 f ' Q -f E l ,., r Ai .rgfi,.,,,. 1 , i . 'i P ' 1 , if ',, ,Q-' 'P f'yAffo,E',1 .. En f 7-1: "A .' ., f "ff Ti A I 4 W: xgzfji E W. " 'wi' it , ag .I 55. . ,.,. -irfgwv 'J . - A .- . - ' Lv' ' . r 1.1m 'i92W:?" , ,,,... an 'HBI 4., ,, Q A Q 5 ii. J 9,, 6 1 " V wa., f ..--4 f U f Y i I D ' 1 4 ' I" RA 3, Q W. . fp Q em. A 'if 'E i 4 " .E ig 'Mrvfp-"'1+W . - Q war W it 2 if Z , 4 if "? 2 5 ag N34 'W -,f if 1 GM Yay! 5 , 3 yr t 9-1 QA H 1 ' mf Q i i i if E E grae is W is .ff 05 f,,5,ff""' Q2 , . X f I An-Eff, I . , -3. Q? -'Jr ,Q-.Q L 2. ,si . fgljggigt X " xiii- . 'i+3f:i.'f1i- 1 s . -. - .3 .-.PIC . ,,- 2 .IQ T,---QL-Z :j 11-'tt , CHESS CLUB 'xml' MEMBERS, Left to Right: Roger Pinclcney, Robert Folk, Bryce Smith, Russell Kent, Mile McEacl'1r1rn, Wayne Roberts, Rick Dean, and Bob Price. STUDENT PUBLICATIONS ni" ffxw F I .f ,f LITERARY MAGAZINE: Fred Track, Editor XX Esi SSW A T .aw X we CFIIT CI-IAT: CofEditors, NeIIe De-Ioach and Scherra WaIIaCe Fred with taculty advisor, Mr. Morton, shaking hands tor a good job done. Qs. ANNUAL STAFF. Lett to Right: Bryce Smith, Linda Martin, Sharon Barker, Editorg Scherra Wallace, Miss Jean Adams, Faculty Advisor: and Annette Peterock. 38 L LIBRARY ASSISTANTS: Greg Clarlc, Wendell Smith, Fred Trask, and Robert Follc LIBRARIAN: Mrs. Ficlclinq NEWMAN CLUB U af fm x rf R Lefl fo Righ+: Riclc Dean, Bob Price, Donna DiSiIves+ro, Francoise l-lipp, Helen Wlfglwl, Anmelle Peleroclw, Milan McEachearm. 39 -wr "Does it need a little more vanilla?" Come into my den said tlwe spider to the fly. U S C Line-up "X9Y9Z9lv19!" ss t tl qi,:sQ ,a,ffQg S ha s, ts xii, t X W s Q :sun ,af Do college students really watch Batman? "And then we'll go to Disneyland 40 "Wag, 290' .Jw- 4 ,f '4 3 4 r 4 I 4 I I 4 A 3? I4 i 4 4 5 I malta'-2 I I has mwi 4 4 4 4 4 ,,,,.4-'4 'QQ 2 .4 ...e-5 we iii 4 .1 fo 'Gd' STUDENT COUNCIL. Seafed, Lefi' lo Righf: Miclrie Sinqleion, Treasurer: Tony Morgan, Vice-Presidenlg Michael Hyman, President Sheila Alford, Secrelary Mr. Sinqlelon, Sponsor. Sfanding: Connie While, Rulh Cheslnui, Sandra l-lursey, and Dannye Rodgers. We lead . .. STUDENT COUNCIL STUDENT ASSISTANTS 'Xi -f S' N fi WIN fx X .xx wks X xrk .MX sis ,s sxrrxso , xx, , 9 M Qffff-xxx. ,il .T , X S 'T V ' lv f'::.lixQZ,L,s f, YMX 1.- w 'az' ' "' is i X "f A -1-es.. 1 .is Q ""-f-,gg sy- i wg is S f' '-fs -.gwwga f- wfws., ' 2- sm. 5 NS X 1 in ' ' 1 STUDENT ASSISTANTS. Left to Right: Sheila Alford, Ruth Chestnut, l.orrin Martin, Marjorie Grirnmer, John Jones, Sandra l-lursey, Alice Earl Phillips, Carol Williams. Seated: f aw , Vllll, arf A29 .A X.!l'. ,A X 'NJ' ALPHA MU GAMMA. Searled: Rurh Che-srnur, Helen Snead, Nancy Warson, Mrs. I-lopson, Sponsor. Standing: Marqarel Williams, Jo Ellen Graham, Michael l-lyman, Judirh Gornlo, and Nicole l-lill. ALPHA MU GAMMA . we SGFVG . . CIRCLE K CLUB .yy CIRCLE K. Sealed, Lefi' fo Right Mr. Branham, Sponsorg AI Coales, Jael Floyd, Paul Clillon, Larry Grey, John Jones, John Thompson. Sfanding: Ralph Johnson, Ronnie Hinson, Jaclc McKinnon, Gene Powell, Bruion Smirh, Myron Creel. Jerry Mishoe, Maclcie Allman, Colne Floycl, Danny Brown, Jimmy Owens, and Jimbo McLaurin. 43 i li ,vw Sea+ecl: Mrs. Rosa Hopson, Sponsor: Lonnie Powell, Connie While, Palricia Tilghman, Sandia Hursey. lvlariorie Grimmer, John Jones, Edilor. Sland- ing: Rulh Schiller, Larry Grey, Al Coales, Margarel Williams, Paul Clillon, Jo Ellen Graham, Brulon Smilh. Sarah Fleming, Helen Hardwick, Ella Pearl Howard. CHANTICLEER XXX XGA .XXX 2X . XX QX X X 'XXX 'li X - jfXX -.X we accept ,- XX-v-j"j... X , " X l N ,X X ' cleat ' X XJA, v X -X. ,XXX . ,SX 3 XXg:,XXXX XXX- X-XXX' XXX in X,iX"X,X 1 X-H2-,X,XXX,X ,. , ,X Q., .XX XXXXXX X fl 1 , X . , X 7 Y - , X 5 ,I X X , X X X P' I X . X . , l XX X fa X X Z s l X XX . X f X X XXH5 -M. A .XXX L X 5 X7 XXX XXXXX X X X X XX X 2 XX XX ,if XXXXXX X XX QX X35 X NX X X XX fin XX XX XX X XE l K 4 XXX Am Q4 Q X XX X X X Q XX XXX X X X XX XX XX X X 5 X EXX XX X XX Q X X XX X XXXX 'a XX XXgXI. XX ,XXXNX 'NXXX .X X Joi-4 N Jon ES - ...XX f-XEX X. X , X. X - A X 1 F T XX' XX .X X XXX XXNX. Editor X X 'XMX' XX X i 1 . X X yt? f , , XX . X X e X ZX X X X f X - 'X 1 .EEXXIXXX . 44 , 'if GARNET AND BLACK. Seaiecl: Sheila Alford, Dannye Rodgers, Carol Williams, Mrs. Marshall Parlcer. Sfanding: John Jones, Rulh Cheslmil, and Miclxie Sinqlelon, responsibility GARNET AND BLACK Nw .ii Zi MlCKlE SINGLETON, Editor, with two sophomore members Sheila Allorcl and Ruth Chestnut. msgs., . N:- N ' J' ' 5 as i W 4 f Q , .a Z 4 'Omni M. hymn-our s Vw f A , ,. AW ix A -V?-in - wif? 4, U I ASTA f , ri-W .TAG ,f Q y gl If V A , . g J iw rp,RULlNl.y 1 ri 1541 5 T V ' W' QLTNSS A cnuuuml WR 7K ' Z 7 'l yy Q .. -ui f ' , ' I, f y , ' s , g' ' ll 'Ny Af ff U gp T I .72 yf 2 an r " iff!" y TA .. yi A' Z A 2 f T T v - f-1"Q ...I V, , V4. ,,.,.,, v V 2 ind, Z, ,MM 3 , E rf ,':' rw N' 5 T . .,,, Y ' "M" , ' Q ,,"'e' A V A www , "J W' "" "'7"'4"7 , " .,,,,.A T y ,V 'WZ I 'TMA' " ,ff V W , ' .W 'J ' V 7 5 'f we - "" f T' . f .T , ,T A T :,A . yrer T 'A 'q,, f BASKETBALL TEAM. Leff fo Righf: Glenn Bellamy, A Dorn Baclrmam, Terry Bradley, Jerry Sellars, Rusly Bass, John Plunlcell, Jack McKinnon, Jimbo McLaurin, William Huclrs, and Bruce Hoverman, Manager. Noi Piciuredz John Rhodes. ,, yas BASKETBALL TEAM . . . we show good 'f' COACH PRICE BUSH '- r '- rw '- E., FI:-'I' --. f n x. in '1 W A M, ld -R1 xml' 'ill f. , ' f-E xx 'XX ff QS 'f Lef+ +o Right lvlargaref Williams, Connie While. Sandra l-lursey, Jerry Mishoe, Susie Simonson, Head Cheerleader: Susan MacMeelrn Barbara Jo Johnson. sportsmanship . CHEERLEADERS Y N3 XX BASKETBALL SCHEDULE , J X X Coastal-Carolina Military . . December 4 Coastal-Florence . . . December IO Coastal-Ailcen . . . . . January 7 Coastal-Salkehatchie . . . . January I4 Coastal-Carolina Military . . February I8 Coastal-Beaufort . . . . February 25 Coastal-Lancaster . . March 4 """f...""' - ...vs vm-ru W ii L- , ? X I gpm JMX 4 Z 1 7 Z' ,fum V is" 2 f J f 7 W f ,S Z I Q ? 2 ? 4 X, X, ,, , ZV9,,,Vf I ff, , My v 7 ,ff-f 552. ' ff f-9 X fi ,f 4 M H ff f,,, M fiifqfn 2 ey may 4 f? 457 -5 V 4-X fffsf f, :wwf f Q" ,fu fy ff ff. ,, , 1 " mf-.fx 2 'ff :ff ll W G V Wftfi 4:4 9 Q , , 'J I may f-,Q my f, ,,, V f, I f ' if. 5' 'ff ' f f':":,'f, ' ' my ff ff 5 ff V f My Q., ff , w , 'fff' , ' ff OLINA MISS COASTAL CAR i545 Jerri 48 221185 -77. f f I l. 1 f gf CIRCLE K SWEETHEART L55 ewan me meehn ,.,,, 'i we recognize beauty . . . tlwus MAY QUEEN AND HER COURT. Lefl lo Riglwf: Janice Sullmer- land. Susie Simonson, Susan MacMeelcin, May Queen: Sheila Alford, Maid of Honor: Rulh Clieslnul. f 5 if 2? W ZZ ' 'i 1 , A., 22 'W f A se Vw " Q, .J 7 I f f X ,ir ' fn W , ,,,,,,, ,, I YQ? ,, f Av J ,' Q X eg ,, xwewwgw w Z f A Z. 5 f 1 -3 f , I 'X I E- jp, ,g .,f,1Q,, U ' ,, ,,, , . W ff? T ff 7 T: l fm'-,pi,L i, o.i, L fx 1 1?Pv,f 'YW J fy, - K reg, , , , W, if fe asf :Y , Q 49 Q5 x, 1, F Students discuss new multi-purpose building at Coastal 'A fy we grow Zf' rospectlve students vnsxt campus. k..,, ,.,, I ,, ,. yi VMH. 5 f , , s I if 74 M 4 J . , , ,twig f, ,MH , , I gk ,, tg. A , '- -W ff EV Vg! ni, V' y ' " fi 9 'tt' Z 5 'QE' fr MP 4 Y' . . 11' , ,, J, ,... 4, 2 7 gg I if V. ,V , his , vi I eibgm I J , . Q3 U , " ,,,,,g,A l 5' 2 SC dig x nitaries view a growing campus ff 4.. , , 522 mm as W f L' ' 0? I' AAW if g .w AU K -' 'vm NH ' ' fin' 7 A "Lv M 1 I5 i "H 'mi ' .. 44-ffm' Ha r W Ulf' ' M A6 I M vw xi. asm , M f 1 -w w' my, ,g , y X f v 11 4 an If Aa, mg' 41 1 0 f ' J fi 4? 1' X451 3 " Y- V' , X I X Z ,ff ,J ff3j22Zf L. 'M I Q if PQQ 2 Q I ... l 1 Y V2 yi, 7 it ' -I ' 4. vVt ,,fA D V 1 A Ki , f X ll A i X I L T i M f I ,, Q A . I H f- V ' . 5?g Q- A I. Z 'I' , X, 26 f ,f r I .I+ , ff V ---4 . ml-Q . X x i Q .W U 1 ' am ' Ink Y fgfggg Mita! .W ,QM .fs ,.. STUDENT COUNCIL If x I 4141! I I I 2 s Sealed, Lefi' 'Io Righf: Susan Black, Don Phillips, Vice-Presidenlg Harry Johnson, Presidenlq Bonny Long, Secrelary-Ireasurerg Joe Pale. Standing: Barry Wifherspoon, Susanne Hall, Genny Porfer, Bill Johnson. Lefi' Io Righf: Taylor Jones, Melba Hulchinson, Don Phillips, George Taylor, Sherry Dickinson, Barry Wilhe rspoon, Jane I I Helms. I rw vi 52 I I I I I Ii I I 1 . i r I '..:A gg' GARNET l AND F BLACK N' HELEN PARRISH, Ediror STAFF. Sealed, Lef+ +o Righf: l-larriell Fore, Assislanl Edilorg Helen Parrish, Ediforg Miss Lenna Morrow, Facully Advisor: Linda Lawhon, Typist Slandingz Judy Weaiherlord, Freshman Class Edilorp Dianne Chinnes, Sophomore Class Edilorq Will Posfon, Pholoqrapherg Bobby l-loplcins, Arlisf. V ,' an gunman gww:-w.,...v--- .,...-. . l,.lnU2Ki ii' FH?" ,www , 17.53, warmgw 4 ui ff ? .ar "'-n-pf 3. 53 YZIY' THE BANTAM 5 , , X A TNAJ Susanne l-lall, Miss Palmer Beclcwillw, Bobbie Brown. STAFF. Sealed, Leff io Right: Don Phillips, Sporls Eclilorg Lalond Biggs, Edilorg Miss Palmer Beckwilrh, Faculry Advisory Susanne Hall, Assislanr Eclilor Jo Clayman, Assislanl Sporls Edilor. Sfanding: Bobbie Brown, Adverlising Manager, Kallwy Compron, Typisrp Joe Pale, Reporrerg Mary Parrorl Reporrerg Dewey Bradberry, Plwolograpnerg Linda Lawlwon, Typist Joann McKellar, Reporler. i E 54 l r Q' fx 'Q ,M- ,QM rf Witt!! Sealed, Lefi' fo Righ+: Ellen Gregg, Secrelary-Treasurer: Linda Lawhon. Vice-Presidenl: Gail Funderburlr, Presidenr. Sfancling, Firsf Row: Joanne McKellar, Linda Arris, Sherry Dickinson, Jo Clayman, Harriell Fore. Second Row: Bobbie Brown, Jane Sansbury, Anne Gardner, Mary Parrorf, Dianne Chinnes Anne Chewning. ALPHA CHI OMEGA CIRCLE UK" CLUB V005 Seafed, Lef+ fo Right Kennerh Slolces, Vice-Presidenlg Melba Hulchinson, Swcelhearlg Larry Nunnery, President Slanding: F. A. Aulry, Don Seabrook, Joe Pale, Buddy Moose, David Shaw, Maclean King, Bill Johnson, Larry Hanna, Harry Johnson. 55 mr I BAPTIST STUDENT Sealed, Lefl 'Io Right Lloyd Wallcer, George Taylor lvlarqarel Ann Campbell Mr Dean Jones Eacully Sponsor Lalond Biggs Slandlng Taylor Jones PCDLITICAL SCIENCE I UNION Standing, Left to Right: Jane I-lelms, Dianne Clninnes, George Taylor, Barry Witherspoon, Mary Parrott. Second Row: JoAnne McKellar, Linda Lawlwon. Third Row: Barbara Webb, Genny Porter, Daphne Alexander, Fourth Row: Gloria Nettles, Francis Coleman, Mary Edna Worrell. l l l l I l l l l l l i l l l l l l i l l l lil- if J im ,A 4-ff! H, .si S ,.,, VA 1 Ww51"': ' W l?E ITU l ef - E K wQi l GEORGE TAYLOR Civifan Cilizenship Award presenled by Mr. Frank Robinson. awww RICHARD LAWHON The James A. Rogers Award presenled by Mr. James A. Rogers. BARBARA BRYANT DuPonl Science Award presenled by Mr. William Sullon. HONORS ' .4 Jw h 5'D9'xS'. SCHOLARSHIP REClPlENTS. Sealed, Lefl' +0 Right lvlelba hlulchinson, Civilan Scholar- ship: Susanne Hall, Kiwanis: Jane l-lelms. Soulhern Bell Telephone and Telegraph: Judy Miles. Coward Communily Fund: Lynda, Parroll. Coward Communily Eund. Sfandingz Bobby Rhoad, USCE Communilyg Mary Edna Worrell, Coward Communily and Memorial Educalion Fund: Ernie Lee. Bela Club. 57 T.: 1 6 . My gf' 2 V oksffl DAN BATES Baroody Biology Award presenled by Mr. B. J. Baroody. SUSANNE HALL and SAM MORRIS The Slolces Award presenled by Mr. J. Howard Slolces, Jr. lCen+e-rl. ff. ,. fix ,,,,., 5 .L L ., .. -' ,- Q f 1, W ,ff il", , gg, , 1 Q , Z LW if rv fry :W X f f , f ' f V, fl , W, M! mf 4 fm R 4 X My 4 V7 ff " , jf-'14 , f ,,, ,, ri f f! Q, ff , "1f'ifw1' iff,-I. ' f ry ' 7 22.1 f f?" , f ' 401- ' , f f' gf' .WV ,, " ,f y WW ,4 ' f, ,, , X F Q, f f m' m, :J 4,f if " 1 g MISS USCF irid Sherry iDicLin60n 58 l l 1 V I 4 l a N i i 1 1 W i V x f r r s 5 s new rf "Ph ' M ,X l F 1, ,i 1 , I lv 6 -fu fn f X. X . 1 X 1 X 1 3 1 2. . , .iz-E .: ,LQ . S4 X ' r. .wx 1 , 'K , -Mme SN EFX y Nh 6 I A X N, '51wag Q n -M ax I "L'3gQ NJ. x x X 'f N ,n 1 X'-er 3' v X n Y sw ' - ' 'f Xue . 1- gk , j- 5. xnx x 7 YE Qs f ' X 1, 0 1 ,, ' ' RX, NAV lg x V. X ' . v V ef- X .CN - X A 4 '? g Twf Y W ? QQ w W Q KXSSXQEX. i'k fw"J,,. ,bi XXX x A'Xx , 9 X-xif, K eyw 'wkQf-xx X is-1 X5 vi' XXV' XTSXXY jk? New -R. xw, ., M35 H Ni I xx gg X Y 'N 4' N' X 1 1 e Q e z, -X 2 xniue. L ,jiew X Wwe,-gxwgxxy , , . fx S"-., .-Qvxf' X 'N -s. , - f -AL --W 5 M--0 - 1' ' af. xfgilifg :M ., x"1':x . .fx N-Q:-f, N b 4,4 ge Qxxf Q 5 x x IAA Say!!! joclcl nzzzliea L45 mega .yufcAin5 MAY QUEEN MAY COURT ATTENDANTS. Lefi' fo Righi: Bonnie X Lon MAID OF HGNOR g, Ellen Gregg, HarrieH Fore, Sherry Dickinson, Judy Skipper. Susanne C C OIL Hall NX X X n X Xxx 'kxkxi N X AQ X X NX XSS. -QP K .se ' Qx QYNXXN2 x Q 'W-X k - N ix 59 .W A ,ik NWN Leff fo Right l-ienry Rose, Manager: Tommy Capolosli, Paul Mercuri, Phil Bryanl, Tommy Bryanl, Bobby Rhoad, Buddy Gilpin, Richie Lee, Mr. Lynch, Coach: David Poslon, lylascol. Kneeling. Leff 'lo Righ+: Susanne Hall, Bonnie Long. Ellen Gregg, Head Che-erleaderg Kalhy Cornpron, Judy Skipper. S+anding: Chic McElveen, Linda Lawhon. W -........n...-..1.......,,. W-m I If '!!'lfWf-- 5 i 1 1 Q . u , 1 1 1 ff! 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1511: ' ! E 695' 5117 1?XiLl4 757' 5 'N ' 1v11f-sf72c,'g,1'i' WJ. -Qjff- if-f ,, 1 J -igi Y -lj--gb-N. .:3f ,5rJ r ,."j'Zfff -Q 1,17 TY- N1 1 ,I 1 VVUVV I fQj?,f5 1mL,C6,! ,M 1,1 vm 1114, I X ' -T' XX m UWM VL I wma! 1x4 DEDICATICDN f Vrrc if? I yy To ELMER DON HERD, JR. The Lancaster Regional Campus and Garnet and Black Statl dedicate the tollowing pages. l-lis outstanding qualities ot leadership and his sincere interest in the tuture ot young people will be remembered by all. 62 1 JQSEHEYQ -I 1' 1 1 Ill I I Amkm N 1 OLD.. . NEWf... 1 1 LANCASTER 1 1 CAMPUS 1 1 1 I 1 , i I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 H 11 Sl xi UBRARY ... J I -+117 ' X , 1 1 X.-"I 1 Z ff Z ' 1 A A 1 f V72 'Lf5 VW TA ' I Q 1' 1 1 1 .1 ,A X ,IMI W I X ?f1 1ffilf'1'QJ'57"f '7,f"7" A Av-if--Af! 1 ,-un I 'rr , 1 ilgsbyy A fi ANTEEN . . , AA: i . FN we "" STUDENT GOVERNMENT CFFICERS PAT CARON ....... President ANDY WOODWARD . . . Vice-President JERRY ANNE KNIGHT .... Secretary WJ' STUDENT oovERNMENr A PAT CARON, Preside-n+ Eroni' Row: Chuck Cox, Jerry Hinson, Pafricia Caron. Second Row: Eddie Mifchell, Andy Woodward. Third Row: John B. Lane, Advisor: Jerry Anne Knight Absenf: Sarah Rowell. X 5 N cw XM f ef Z ' A 4' ,v V 1 ,, Z Z I T 1 .Km wg 11 ff W I, G.. 64 I K R E3 I yd' MARTHA BARTON. ROBERT PIERCE Clara Hammond Awards for Leadership JANE E. FAILE Lancasfer Cenfer ScI'IoIasIic Award MARILYN ADAMS BioIoqy Proficiency Award ROBERT L. TURNER I' Cfiemisfry Proficiency Award I I FRED C. BINGI-IAM P61 A I I ' , Economics Proficiency Award .".f I . V P is if-'F -I, ' IW. Q -fy V J PAIILA VICK, ANN eLovER , ,X English Proficiency Award 9 A, . ' w LYNN BARFIELD I , FrencI'I Proficiency Award I f so .I , 7 Roaeizr PIERCE - ' Geology Proficiency Award ' ,.. - p i Q I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I . LANCASTER CAMPUS ACADEMIC AWARDS . DONNA JO I-IENDLEY Maflwemafics Proficiency Award JAMES FINLEY Polifical Science Proficiency Award BETH SOWELL Sfiorffiand Proficiency Award PETER CRAWFORD Typing Proficiency Award JANE E. FAILE Spanish Proficiency Award CYNTHIA MILLS Unifed Sfafes Hisfory Award PAULA VICK Wesfern Civilizafion Award Leff fo Righf: Dr. NichoIas P. IvIifcI'1eII, Marfha Barfon, Roberf Pierce, Jane Faile, and E. Don I-Ierd 65 Ifwf? Back Row Lefl 'l'o Righf: Sharon Balkcum Assislanl Freshman Edilorg Linda Kelly Assislanl Sporls Edilorg Marquerile A. Digby Advisor' Delores Rowell Sophomore Edilor' Andy Woodward Assislanl Fealures Edilor' Diane Rowell Facully and Special Sludenls Edilor: Rachel Grier Freshman Edilor' Jerry Anne Kniqhl Typisl' Glenn Smilh Sporls Edilorg Linda Blaclcman Asislanl Edilorg D'ana Bell Edilor-in-Chief: Douo Burnell' Aclivilies Edilorg Angeline Williams Assislanl Acfivilies Edilorg David Tillman Fealures Edilor. Noi Piclured: Randy Williams. DIANA BELL 3 Edilor-in-Chief , 428 f ff, f if fi 7 Ny X X we X X XX XXX x N X XX N s N X X5 . 1' 1 'x .1 A 9 Aw' " Q 4 fi ' . . . . . Q . i . D if a X , S I , X A 21 gi s , F f B I9 XX " X ia ,.l' f f Ju. - , cw AX 1 AXA.: i xx X XNMXXS wife, f 1s' , 1' WQHQ - 4315K 'W A - XX .1 ' :fgfkui , ,V r iv V ' A V 1 -V o f - , ll Ni 'QW EMM' ff Fay, Keep fyplflql Get those layouts done! 66 1 .X KF' 'FP' SSW GEN' 'vig .,.-v-" LANCER BOB VAN KEUREN Edifor-in-Chief BILL WELLS I Assishanf Edi+or-in-Chief I, I I I LANCASTER ACTIVITIES ' I I rv' EMORY L. HEAD 7' f-.....-uV'UI 'QI I Leff +0 Righf: EveIyn Couick, Linda Kelly, Bill WeIIs, Bob Van Keuren 67 LANCERS. Sfanding, Leff fo Righf: Carroll Taylor, Chuck Cox, Cralq Robinson, Glenn Smilh. Kneeling: Billy K. Dawson, Coachg Thomas Broome Jerry Hlnson, Donald Graves, Kenny Bowers, Barry Moore, l-luqh l-lawleins, Pxssislanl Coach. mmm--W 68 Standing, Left to Right: Barbara l-lawkins, Advisor: Linda Kelly, Pat Caron, Mary Bowers, Marsha Dawkins. Kneeling: Jerry Anne Knight, Dia e Sylvia Melton, Janice Caskey, Lynn Hawkins, Mascot. LANCASTER BASKETBALL Lancaster Lancaster Lancaster Lancaster Lancaster Lancaster Lancaster Lancaster Lancaster I 965- I 966 SCHEDULE . . . 65 Florence.. . . 70 Aiken . . . 6l C. M. A. . . . II4 Salkehatchie . . . 95 C. M. A. . . . 62 Aiken . . . 76 Florence . . 84 Beautort . . Gaston College 'vitae BASKETBALL SWEETHEART WMA miana Z ,v Qmmxwmwfvm n X M ,E Z fy' W Zi" fy 71, ? f all V ' Q , W , 7, M ,Q , 1 MISS LANCASTER CENTER E idri anice gale? 70 TN? LINDA KELLY wmv' if Q MAY QUEEN A? w ,- JERRY ANNE KNIGHT AND COURT ' W f ' L55 ar a u wan gSwmQSNYNNS ExNgQfQS hw Rx A ' K , ,X Ugx X g, - xg- X Q- ,,,,XN,s A, I RW- .. X ,r EL gifmiw ,- 1, kql, ,. - ' ' 311- ,Y,, 'I . I I I Ev-ii X X XX? X X XX X N XX X X X XXX X X X xx N5 D N D R K , xx wk QM,VMX,X SKNYNWN X Z I EN f QQ I 'Q Q .- N x X A K x In N X X x N N X Q X A sa I ' X x M A X X Q X? N X N X s X x I N I rj R N R N it .1 E 'Ii I X S N,x LSYXX HQ,- I NN X x - I Mgfirgxxi . Q i.5NifQfNwwX. - Y NW NNSQ xx S5 LLLXL I W L - f fx TXNWSKQ Y .INA lf. X . . .SX -X,m. xig7 N i' . . Hwwxyx N Q X x x . . N'-f fWNwmwqNwW Qmf Q XSQQN 'J II-VT f A ,YRL fx . . 1 5,18 I" 'M , ,-'F I"Z1- I i f Wffiz A! Xx ' f ' x 4 N 4 , I LINDA CARNES JANICE CASKEY 7I KX X xx. QD i A is XX I XR D X N Q .QA X I SN xx ' - Q . N mx Q, QA X I Ns QE? S 92+ fi wafik? V' af X1 ii xx ,xy N Wie- "Candy 3 BA. 26, Leif 'lo Right Pal Caron, Diane Rowell, Delores Rowell, Glenn Smillw, Diana Bell, Nol' Picfuredz Jerry Hinson, Jimmy Hiclalin, Judy lvlauney. " isn't required for Mr. Almonrodes class on Monday Mr. Dawson! morning. STUDENT ASSISTANTS W Y Z SN ,717 5 V WW f V, 5 Wx 4 7 2 ff 7 7 I , 2 'x if , llly t . ff! fx ,y , , fl, ,. V 4 7 a i, fu fif Z ,, ,fi fWwzy - 4 , ,, , ,WAKV , gi f ,vff 1 W, . ,',,,. 1 yyll Biology I3 will be held in the auditorium today. ii iiii A Turn to 'flne lold-out in your The man from USCLE- "Playboy!" 5 I know it's lfiere 5 'W Omewherel Now, to fold a diaper 72 , . To the bat poles-Boy Wonder! f-ff! 1 'S .'NUau-.-.,v- ,..3""' l l 4nlunM' Qui 4j lug ,.: .wuui':!r - s-uns 'Fl' Mqwnbf' 1139" 'Cm ...zllvib A --vw-"'1"3ulr" Emi' I I l A -lg-1 --1, ,A -'nz mm! aa 1.5, r N r I r 1 1 r '4 1 4 A Wi' 1 'I W , lx V Y ll?- fri ln ry X 5, W www w i E I, Ai I 1 1 1 Top, Lefi' +0 Right Berry Davis, Secrefaryg Michael Brant Presidermfg Franklin I-larfzoq, Jr.. Treasurer: and Marion Albeclcer, Vice-President r r N 1 W, ,L Iv 74 1: J Qi 3 WSW www' ' ' ,Af Lefi 'lo Righh Marion Albecker, Picfuresg Beffy Davis. Secrefary To fhe Ediforq O'Neal Highfower, Assishanfg Franklin R. Harfzog. Jr., Ediforg Delaine Hill,S'ruden+s. GARNET AND BLACK STAFF If I f t fi 4, Z 74 4 4 4 v w M w 4 4 Y ? 4 . ,, ' , ' Vkld 'ku 4 i , ,Wy LM-' 4' 4 ,,.. 440,44 "',V 42' VZ? , 47- ' , K4 .5 ,f fa 'mf A g, y ,cl -' V ,K ,Q , 744,404 ,, W ' C:f'44f ff' of 1 ,' ,L 4,0 4 ,,,' yr, M' , Y 4127 ,, ' , YM ,W ly ,fu mf f ' 3 4 f , 4 4 44, 44 If ,, fy. . 4 ficfli ,fb Q , 7,4 4, X 0,fJ If jj i f f,,V , , fr V 4 f ,,,. - ,444 4 ffl - 4 f'fA -4 X ,f f ff ? 4, f, ,fy . 4 ' ,f My ' ",,' 743' dffwv X Q '4 'X 7 Z 4 L A - 4 ' if 4 44, - ' 7 I 2 , 4 ,, I V My 4. M ff ,V 41, V, f f jf, Iff' fy. 44.4. f f jk , f,, A 4 , 44 4 V ,,444,,,a X 47 ,,,,V 2 4 A03 Z 4 I 4 , ' -'fi 9 V i ff., "G 7,4 4 WM X 1 4 2 X4 4,1 4 2 V 4 4, 4 Q ' ,Q 4 f J 4' W M, 4 44.0, ,f I ,f ff 4 VA K- 4 4 If 2 ,44,ff45'ff5 f U74 , , X 1 ,af 4' 3 MISS S 0 l L66 ALKEHATC ugenia 76 HIE 1966 Sofa l'lfl0l'L6 ?, ,, 4 4 X, 4 .. . 44 1- QUEEN OF THE MAY 1966 my Eff? ibauin ul""""" INDIAN PRINCESS 1966 m'65 Zona ?M!L1'l'14J0l'1 SALKEHATCHIE INDIANS Rushing, Armslronq, Long. Mayo, Boyd, Brant Floyd, Jones. COACH KINARD "blue little greens lacle into clull yel- lows but a stem cloth grow slowly- yet spring has surely come -alas the flower has bloomed. . ' ,',l VV V VV V HUM' V l l if ,, J V 1 V- V L. . " .4 .V f f f . 1-ff A :7f,ff,-gf ' ,f ff , f V M! Via 1 , V , , A "" Vf " WV A M.. , .1 M y fx f f 5, 5 f f ' f V 1 1 1 ,,,, . . - uf- V yfgfw 1 ' W ' 1 V , if lf- V f f"' 0 f fff' Q,-.1 , M . .V ,, w Vf VM5 4 .Yin I 47f?ffk 'JL A I. , I m ,f Q, 5 . ' 4: , i' ' xg W ull? 4 Y, jf iQ 5 "' V if-N4 A-f f vnffwf-ffm! M V f .-.M 1+-i f I "W: Qffywf , M VV y V f V, ff VV gy, f , f P , V Q-21, AfgxfAA ., '4 , 6:91 1 K 1 , ?m'fffWV , Aff ff f -. :aff ,f V uf' fs ' ,V, sw W g . M Z , ,Vg4 , .f,,Af,f 2, A A 4 ' ' V TH VA ' f 1' .V , W , Q , ,X , , z. V! hfy ' 4' yjiqf fm .f- , .. " 'fe , rw- Jw' Qff fy ' W 4' 5 QQ!! " ,f Myksw ff' . - .- l M' ,f Z V, V , N, 1 ,,f,0,, uf. , . ,, 1 ................. L W 'J, wifi' 'wxfj H 'L ,' , I K ' ff '-fcvy - W " ,w'5'gHf -113, 145. W-gi, wg -Lpmif M539 Wzpflm, A ,L J, ' 1 X ' " "iff , 4 2' +,.vir9i5va'?5' w . I ' "m'mf"QE 1 ,4m- W' h'-4 HMw+wwmw1f+ Amwww 'A V ' ' MM 'A -W--A-..-, ,,,,,, " W A 5" . . ,S - hai W if if W W V LW 5, an 2 ll! Il' Ill ll Ill IU :Ill IU ,' ll ' wwf mm,g ,.wmWNuH ,df f,,J3"ek, ft, , .M V, iffkamm ix ' T54 I f' Q ivy ,- , ST L! 1' was Q 'WMI 7, , 1? ,ff ,ww . offw 4 ,X ,mf 2, Q, f , V. 'wif :ix . :sv M fr 'M zsmAMwfwWz df- fm.,-ef.-..wvlA.7',f cv, ,V-ff 'Q 7 "Jain - W ' Ani -iw, 5.1- f ,rm -. iffy" -Kay" ' WMEHWZQ M - 15 if , ' f f N , . - 44 0 ., . E9 9 ..., M5 'QQUWQZXWMWL 2 565 ?W94QWQ6M' Q - ,Q.,4., .X. if if v f y aw f A .,' P.-A ww - Qfmm ww wwMQk6Q4M-m Zz G . Y ,gin 'if . ,ffm A 5 full? Q Q x Qld, xii -X.. Ei W? i w Z! I Z7 V i 1 , " Hf! iV'v'f,f' f My f. f X f ,g g 1 M y f f f XZ. KW 'A WZ 1 f gf, , M J Z6 ,, f ,E fa Z if f Z 1 f , 'Z 49, ZZ 1 fy' f f 5 if Z M' ,W X W W Wilkinson, Davis, Halford, Minor, Benton, McDonald. For these girls, Sallcehatchie represents a new venture in voice education. To justity the taith ot the team, they must challenge complacency and mediocrity in all events. They seelc, without apology, to combine the love ot sport ancl the love ot learn- ing, the spiritual and the intellectual. Pinclcney Walter 80 l 7 WESTERN CAROLINA HIGHER EDUCATION COMMISSION l WE TAKE GREAT PLEASURE .IN EX- PRESSING OUR SINCERE APPRECIA- TION TO OUR TEACHER AND FRIEND MRS. A. B. PREACHER FOR FURNISHING THE SALKEHATCHIE STUDENT LOUNGE IN MEMORY OF HER LATE HUSBAND DR. A. B. PREACHER, M.D. IT IS WITH HUMILITY AND PRIDE THAT WE DEDICATE THIS PAGE TO A MAN WHOSE LIFE WAS DEDICATED TO OTHERS. GARNET AND BLACK STAFF, SALKEHATCHIE. I 966 'HRX . mit , nil' x, :IW . gi M ' .a ,K Xfuuu f ' . 'HK-11 ,, M MU' 7 . I .Uuuwd -1--- V ' Q A lrl ' "' A, Mmm , F' if ,1 . if ' A Aojikuatyl H x llQan gr' ln the spring ot l965 a group ot conscientious Union citizens recognized the need tor local oppor- tunities in higher education tor its people. Once these local leaders started broadcasting their ideas, enthusiasm tast grew among the citizenry. Standing behind this unanimous grass-roots endorsement, the Union County delegation dratted and passed a bill establishing the Union County l-ligher Education Commission. The Commission soon made adminis- trative contacts in Columbia and won approval to open a University regional campus in Union. The old Main Street Junior l-ligh School was acquired and a major renovation program was initiated to prepare the building tor its new duties. ln proot ot the ettectiveness ot the changes, we otter pictorial evidence. U E. l l"' ' ,. 0 .,. n V. Y' . , v ..l. i '- ,...... ll l ' . l W " " r -s T 'T ll til 'L' ill , 1 , 5 -1 fi ir! ri vi :fr x ' ' 1' Q 0 Ili' 7 9 , C Qi t -1 'rl i r t I tok v- F' i f l t l I HE 'tgfghsx 'Ili ' . '4""9 -,.,,. u . 1 im Pl' dnl I '1 an -. '- ' 1- . 1 as T 1 fl' X Ji ,F ji, 2 X '14 1, S 1 'vin' A ft ff? .malls STUDENT COUNCIL. Seated: Sid Lottis, Dennis Fleming, Jimmy l-lodge. Standing: Barry Ellison, Dennis Sprouse, end George Goings. UNION: tirst student body selects leaders I gi- gs, rnnusunuw-1 X . -Q bww- A -. l is , 'rfrffi is: "Q 'Q ws-zzf,fZf ,S X .U f ,ga 7 Z, .2 , ff, ,, A ,ff i 41 f 5 5: -L7 ff . ff W 2 f f Z .3 .!f' f 5 3 TWV T. , V' W ? as if -42 ff L.. ' 'Wifi V tl-5323121 v,,g.,,?Q,:s,f , , 4, ,gre ' rv ww D A 4 4 I vw 1 1 4 , 1 i I 1 x 4 , X ',,ff?wf' ' V f. 4' f 1 ' 17 xg, fp 1 STUDENT BODY OFFICERS. Jimmy Hodge, Secretary: Dennis Fleming, President: and Sid Loltis, Vice-President. 85 X 1 w 2 It Fings w a it. X Y - ' X X N T L ,NX X X Q N XE ,, M A wt' s ss ,ar t N Q FRESHMAN OTHCERS. Barry Ellison, Vice-Prosidcntg Dennis Sprouse President: and George Ooings. Secretary. .ir 7 Z w ff 1 uf ' y X Dfw? sf V41 wg WSW- V f f gf 4 W 15, 7 , J 47 .. . 'L' f "7 f -' 1-.J A i-fi , 1 f A ,ff l 1 f ff H f fx? 5 f 'Va 1 7 f Q Z il f A P f M if of fe ' 7 M ' , A M,- Q . 7 4 - f A N., K. ,Z-,,,, , W ,I y ' :QT ' 555 4, z f ffm? rf f ff ff rf ffyg wr f f X Q BANTAM STAFF. Sea'l'ed: Diane West Business Managerg Ed McCrary, Mary Garner, Assisfanf Edifor. Sfandingc Roberr Murphy, James "Bucky" Ward, Edirorg and Tommy Wafkins, Arfisf. UNION: Problems Of Organizing JAMES WARD Ednfor Words, words, words, words Q Rs Y J ,X 1 r We ,fuer-f ""'w ,,f,g,Sx.liI x Y' G GARNET AND BLACK STAFF. Tommy Warkins, Ann Black, Roioerf Murphy, Diane We-sf, and George Goinqs. Plague Our New Publications ia- mf. But do you think it'll pass the censor? ii d Qgg fx A N ' i gf ' sf 'ss . I x '. ,.ii 5 M ANN BLACK. Edi+or f ' ML! VW? QA' UNICDN: Students Become Z ,Z ' f an ff' J' 7,2 .-f: W- . We fy, Acquaintecl .V f f. f 4 QR I A x U 88 'f N: X C Y SS 1 x 4 ,,,. ..g!L ...1iL.w...W 5 ,, . X ' ' 1:1 1 ' -S 'JI - c,,.f-IP b- ' S ,1..1..5 W' -uf'-N F ...rf x, Nffigsffxay .- Q W ,, 'Q ' ,-.. , 3,4 lyg fsi xg'-" , V 1 yiflffifil an vi, Q, , yi! , M' . 'xiii ul' During Informal Moments al- H x fx C X 1 1 f v 89 f , .EW ww, X W. 1 W' , N X SZ?-flztffj-S' l --rw' eyia I1 5 I 3 -I Ia I ' 4 . . at I I 'II I I ri I Ii 1 I 1 I y . ,- Kr I I I I I COCKSPURS BOWLING LEAGUE. Kneeling: Larry Malpass, GIenda SturqiII, Betty Jones, Jean Tucker, Ann BIack, Robert Murphy. Standing: Steve fr BIackweII, Joe I'IaiIe, WiIson Freeman, Bucky Ward, Ed McCrary, and Ken Blackwell. I UNION: Students Gain SchooI Spirit I II MODERN LANGUAGE CLUB. First Row: Jean Tucker, Ann BIack, Margaret Boler, Betty Jones, Dorothy Giles. Second Row: Bucky Ward, David I Staton, Robert Murphy, Ken BIackweII, Bobby Hatchette. . . . .. - QMS ..... T ".. ::fi1f""f'-:':'r 't"t ' .. Nt I I I I I I I I t I V7 .. . , -- LIBRARY ASSISTANTS. Front: Diane West, Glenda Sturqill, Ann Black Robert Murphy and Martha Culbretti Back Mary Garner Ed McCrary David Staton, and Robert l-latctiette. As Activities Organize Students early learn their college career is to involve long hours ot study. ggkffy, ' my V fi ' X-7 'f 5 , ,Zn ,V f- X ,K A I Z , .,, f , X 1 ffwflgfzig V Z-W f 1 y , Z Q, f 'fb MISS USCU iad gcwofyn 92 ' P 1 Z W A l 93 A.. rl USC REGICDNAL CAMPUS BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT l i ll E ALLENDALE, s. c. MARCH iris, was F i Es , Nl l T i, ,il . ,T l E Ill if i UWTT li 2 i l i is 9 l l i El Tl-IE WINNERS-Lancaster Lancers The Nicholas P. Mitchell Carolina League Cham- pionship Trophy was won by the Lancaster Lancers tor the third consecutive year. The losers lbut happyl . . . Aiken Rebels. l l l l T l Mffyef T 2 , f af ,' 131, av ff' -' Q l A winning tap. ,li 94 X X I l You re on Candid Camera 1 1 A ,v.'w' 4 XXX X455 ' XXXXXXXXXXXXX XX X XX X..Q X XX, X XXXXX X, . ,Y X -I XXXXXXXS XXX XXXXXXXNXXXXN X X XX wsXXXNXXXXwxwgmwX X- XXXX XXXXXXSXX kv WXWXXXNNX X X XXX X XXXX XXXXXX XXXwXwgXmXXXw X X XXXXX-XXFXXSXXXXXNXXXXXX X X XX X ' X X XXXXXXNXNNXX XXMWmXwXX XX XXXXXSXXNSNXNXXXNXXXXNSXXXX X-X XXTXXXXQTTQF XXXXX X i X T' -khk' XWMPWSHwwwmwXX XLXXQXXXXW - XXX XX XXXMXXX ,,, -XXX XX X -XXXXXN XXX-XXXXX 'X - ' XXXX LXXX IEW YEFXXX X - X Xii X LLLX- X- XX . X X , . am? X X XXXXXXXXwXwNXmXXwXXXM ,' N' X XX fsXwwXmwXXXwkwNmXs W' X X XX A 'X XXXXWNXSXK M XWXWX NSWNN X -WNXXKMXXXNX X in X X XXX XX' Xyff- SXXXXXXXXXXXXNX -XX XX 'XX MX . XXX-Xxx xX R - k 'X 1 I .X b KX- K: x XX XXXXXXXXX X XX XX , X XX. 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I I II I 3 ',,, 44-L-gi: y fy, W7 y i Z 1 , QQ , , ,f wr vt W 7 Afflify X! f , " fr Why! ' 5 , 9.11411 , Aff, , X I f f J X ,W fm, I V, .,' 113 0 fi if 4 I ' ' M f 1. 7 5 1 , .., , j f I 1 W X ,, ,AVA Af If X, ef ff, f f ft I 6 f , Zi K? If ,Q . 2.1 ,ff 4- , If ,: ! - ,, , , ,, N 45 ff fl it I '4,, ' f V uf ,' 1 f :WI I 2 ff , 5 A 1' 7, c if 4 1, My , '- ff' X, Q if 4 sf? VV ff Y ty ff ,I ff 2 if C W if -., 5 165' X , Z f W A f a X xx X Z I . V, 4 ff 4 , f ' If , Maw wmv rf f 1 if f!! f X si , , my .Q We" ' sl Q f 4 f W 4 , , , ,V-,.q,, , , N, ,ez--,g P Zi' -2' ' I ' WT? wtf I ,K mf, . ef 3 M I ., A 'wa SOPHOMORES ABBATE, CHARLES Beaufort Center ADAMS, MARILYN RUTH Lancaster Center AGEE, J LIAN ITA Florence Center ALEXANDER, DAPHNE Florence Center ALFORD, LEVY Lancaster Center ALTMAN, LINDA Florence Center AMES, RICHARD Florence Center ANDERSON, CECIL Beaufort Center ANDERSON, RICHARD Coastal Carolina Center ATEYEI-I, ADNAN Florence Center ATKINS, CHARLES H., II Lancaster Center ATKINSON, DONNIE Florence Center BACKMAN, DORN Coastal Carolina Center BAREIELD, K. W. Lancaster Center BARN ETTE, ROY Beaufort Center BARTON, JOI-I N Beaufort Center BAUMRIND, BERTHA Florence Center BEALE, ROBERT Florence Center BECKHAM, PALI L Lancaster Center BEECI-I ER, DAVID Lancaster Center X BELL, NANCYE DIANA Lancaster Center BELL, WILLIAM Florence Center BELL, WILLIAM WAYNE Aiken Center BETHEA, SALLY TODD Florence Center l I I I I I I I l I I , I I I I I I I I I I I I I I , SOPHOMORES Lmistal Lnrulrrm Loritci Q BLAClxMON, LINDA GAIL Lancaster Center 'L BLACRVVELL, JAMES Florence Center BLAIR, CAROLINE Aiken Center ,f ,f , Q' BOZEMAN, LYN , fr af' ' .Ria Coastal Carolina Center f 'Q BRACKETT, CHARLES "ts Aiken Center BRAYBOY, BARBARA I Aiken Center BROOME, NORMAN THOMAS Lancaster Center Q' real L R P 7 f V rs, ff F 5. ,AY ff R ,f I. ,I F QS BRLICE, WILLIAM A Florence Center i , E, M A BRYANT, NANCY M, Lancaster Center "M BRYANT, PHIL 3 Florence Center BURNETTE, DOUGLAS Lancaster Center , rj T 4 ., , if , y I 1. ,, ,- BUTCHER, RICI-IARD I, Aiken Center Y I BUTLER, WALTER Aiken Center ,,,. ' ,rum fm N., .Lf CADDEN, JUDY Aiken Center CALOR E, JOI-I N Beaufort Center CAMPBELL, ARTHUR Florence Center CAMPBELL, DONALD Beaufort Center CAMPBELL, MARGARET Florence Center CA POTOSTI, THOMAS Florence Center CARNES, LINDA JOYCE Lancaster Center CARON, PATRICIA THERESA Lancaster Center , V fm CARROLL, NANCY Aiken Center M b f-II F ,A ff 'Fm an-M me I Ae ' kit I W HX.-.NJV X ' wp nc f ,W eff-Swv! ' f' qfal 'CNWH , ,I Q Lf , , , ,L . , rf- if J r, fy, ,L , 1" ,Q-yn Ama fffyffff if ii ,-,,,,, vi, ff 5 I, 7. Q ",413i,g Q 7 42 4-arm 4 ff :Xue ,A .iv 'ff-4 ' yfffw ,ff if If' 'J ..,, 'Univ , I , ii II A at J if-E IX! ff' X I , I E if. I"-7 ew 7, 'Frey -.- W N frllil A T ,R WS? R If 55:1 1, . . , . ,Casa 4 I2 7 A w e 1 fig -.yay QQ e 4.1 Q 'rg fy. 1 1 fy 64 ' f QI , 4725 9 ,4 6 X 7 Ax 'KN Af fic V. 'A f ,.,,,, ' I if W.: 4 Q I ,N 4 f L -Ri. A fm Aa I, ' xv fl' js , 1 'A I """' '- , 1 " ,C r, , "TI"T"'7 4 ' W 270 is , lt ' fi Y I I 'I 'X S-14--pf CARTER, EARL , Aiken Center I 99 , , A U' ' R 4 v I ar ff , aw w 1 3 ,l a is gif I I 5 -,fix I .Q ,Q A fi 4 ,ra 0 7 I I I I I I I Ill I ll ll Y" f ,fwfr ,off WW why, fr . . ff rf I W if 4 ff? Se I , f 'W 1 , f ff, f " ,V if . 41' M Q Z ' ff 52 J ? f f 1 , W f f 'gi' W2 ,W ,, -Wfi,'7 whiff IOO wiv ,, 'V X J, f' A , , 7 f X 1 4 Q ,fl 2 I! X X J , A A49 N f f , 4 , 0 X in 'M , , f i at QWZHP .Za SOPHOMORES CATOE, HAZEL WAYNE Lancaster Center CALITHEN, FARRIS Lancaster Center CHARLES, RICHARD Arken Center CHINNES, DIANNE Florence Center CLARK, DEBBIE LOU Florence Center CLARKE, ARNOLD Lancaster Center CLYBURN, JANE KAREN Lancaster Center CLYBLIRN, STEPHEN Lancaster Center CLYDE, BETSY Florence Center COLALUCCI, BEVERLY Aiken Center CORU M, ROY Beaufort Center COLIICK, EVELYN JANET Lancaster Center COUSAR, TAD Florence Center CROXTON, SYLVIA Lancaster Center CUNNINGI-IAM, NORMA JEAN Lancaster Center DAWKINS, IVIARSHA ANNE Lancaster Center DAWSON. ARCI-IIE DALE Lancaster Center DEAN, RICK Beaufort Center DOBIE, ELIZABETH Aiken Center DONNELLY, STEPHANIE RAYE Lancaster Center DUNCAN, WILLIAM Lancaster Center EDWARDS, JOHN Lancaster Center ELAM, MERRY Florence Center ELLIOTT, BARRY Coastal Carolina Center SOPHOMORES tLI.IOI, FRAN Bcaulort Center LLLIOI, LONNIE Coastal Carolina Center tVMERSLDN, THOMAS Florence Center FABRICK. DAN Arken Center FALILKENBERRY, JOHN R Lancaster Center Fl NLEY, JAMES Lancaster Center ELEMING, SARAH Coastal Carolina Center FLOWERS, GARY DENNIS Lancaster Center FLOYD, HARRI EIT Florence Center FOLEY, JOH N Aiken Center FORD, HORACE Florence Center FRIPP, HARRIET Aiken Center FUNDERBURK, GAIL Florence Center GARDNER, MARION Florence Center GARRIS, RAYMOND Florence Center GILLEY, BILL Coastal Carolina Center GORNTO, JLIDY Coastal Carolina Center GRAHAM, JOAN Coastal Carolina Center GRAVES, DONALD Lancaster Center GRAVES, SYLVIA Lancaster Center GREEN, AARON Aiken Center GREGG, ELLEN Florence Center GREGG, TED Coastal Carolina Center GU RLEY J I M Beaufort Center ir. A OWN AL.. ,.:,g,3t, Q. d1""'Qv 1'-A--. I. 245, , ilk Q.,- K ,. C. V ,t 'fx 3 tru. "yr . ISV GM f. ra r l? f itat 5 'I t wr-g Ixllkllllz X . It XX" I , Il li flllltl, ir? r r- S . -'C 'rw' I tsrgyrg? 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I fy fam if ' Al ,r ,, 1 fa I A as lr it x f X J 7 x -ffm i 'if . if Q-Qxxfeix X, r 4 1 ' uf' 4 , .,, X f Wx, I I N I A Q x E' I IMI ,ft 51,2 2375112155 I X fm f f 1' 1 7 f , X W , W 4 ff ff I' 1 f f , 7 0 I QA 9 -. We 7, 23 My Kev .M lO2 SOPHOMORES HALL, SUSANNE Florence Center HAM, HENRY Florence Center HAMILTON, DIANNE Florence Center HARMON, LEWIS Coastal Carolina Center HARPER, CECIL Florence Center HARPER, ROBERT Lancaster Center HAR PER, SAMUEL Florence Center HARRISON, DONNA Coastal Carolina Center HART, BRUCE Aiken Center H EATH, HUGER Aiken Center HENSLEY, WELDON Aiken Center HEWITT, DAVID Florence Center H ICKEY, BUD Florence Center HICKLIN, JAMES Lancaster Center HIGGEN BOTTOM, KENNETH Aiken Center H ILL, RAY Florence Center HINSON, GERALD Lancaster Center HINSON, REBECCA JOYCE Lancaster Center I-IODGES, VICKIE Aiken Center HOLT, FRANKLIN Coastal Carolina Center HORTON, BOB Florence Center HORTON, DOUGLAS Lancaster Center HOVERMAN, BRUCE Coastal Carolina Center HOWARD, JOH N Beaufort Center SOPHOMORES llOWARD, l'l'ARL Coastal Carolrna Center l'lLlClxS, RELlBlN Coastal Carolrna Center HLl MRHRlES, SHARON Lancaster Center HURSEY, SANDRA Coastal Carolina Center HYMAN, MIKE Coastal Carolina Center lNABlNET, REUEL Aiken Center JACOBS, DAIREN Coastal Carolina Center JACOBS, SHERWYN Coastal Carolina Center JEANCAKE, NICK Aiken Center JOHNSON, HARRY Florence Center JOHNSON, TRAVIS Coastal Carolina Center JOHNSON, WlLLlAM Coastal Carolina Center JON ES, BAKER Florence Center JONES, JOHN Coastal Carolina Center JONES, LEONARD Aiken Center JORDAN, TOMMY Florence Center KELKER, JOHN W., lll Aiken Center KELLEY, YVONNE Coastal Carolina Center KELLY, LINDA SOWELL Lancaster Center KIGHT, KENNETH Aiken Center KILG-ORE, JIMMY Florence Center KILGORE, JOHN Coastal Carolina Center KINSAUL, JAMES Florence Center KIRKLAND, BlLLlE Florence Center 'UW- 'W' Q-,V 'SS' 'SR M fr l"'+-J-,b3" Q f 31' l G x we 'tf lll A We 1312 tiatlfiw N 'ilvlffa ,,f ,Wi-PM f ' r f ff I Wf,,ff,V,. Z 'V C' f . fm r L W 4 4 , 2 ,,,ff"' X 9 f , f f f V!!! f I ra 1 l f ? ffl ' :,!ifV'VL2 'f .2Yfw" ' 1 , . 1 f W' l ' 42. of W , A tl f V +j.,,! , .. J - ff, 5 4. 3 K mf , f ,f or . r. 1 af NM delta., f"'s w. 5 ,f tts x w'5'1e-v X jj - ,K , L' I 5, 9: tl 'Ks 2 4, f 3, fill A Qf f fl f f W 1--vw, -'Q ., a K ,Zi m ,hs X 1 3, 9' if arg 1 , ar Q sf x Z' F, ,ai- a t IO3 'rv ft - ' l .J l yffis , , 1 f 2 f ' f J r , X ,C ti ? ee 9 141' Z " 4 1 , ! . ,M-.1 I . 3 f. 'ZW 7 Q If I 1 Q9 J ff? f I1 t fm, .I 1 uf A 9 Q 4 1-J, sf- X N, 7 Q Sew N 5 , j r ' f'U'N "-.. -1.-.,, .1--446 Q., R 0 .Q Kxtk-rv J r If e I ', 1' , A -te - A , WWA ' wx '19 qv, X l if 1 U Q l th ' ' 4 r I rf ffff . ' fig. f M -, 0 ""' 'A gf V " gf E , Q 7 F 4' W W F2 'T' fl - ,V f, wwf' I , A 1 A V 'I x ' , X k - 1 f Rf . Aw O 5? rw J 7053 f ,, A ff Z Q 1 ay QL, f ,V 'f , JVYM4' gpfr I gf f , fff ff 9 , r - - yo, f . ,M ff ff V 'r 7' ,WMA , , in f M ,I ff J f f f f f , ,z I sr , fff f Q f f ff, X A X X f f W ff! X f 'W X fQ fr , , XY fi W 7 is, V '- e 4 ,Q 'J' 4 4, 44 Q, 1 f ' f ' 4 ,Q , ,Q wc, If xg' f I .l:,,,,, ,aw 3 ff A ,A I 77 ng l 7 r Q i 6 4' , X f ywlvys 1. I . x, ,I x , f f M1 3 f I f 1 Z R Y! y 4 f 5 f f ,W-5 X - ff I ,Q Q' ' w as ff X i h , 7,7 Zu., fqgrmm ' ,r , ' ' AIP! 45' if W W M f 22 ' ' -W - f M Qff? f1g,,,' 1? f I , ffkffufw. If , V. , , , I f ' A ' ff fy ' 'f we ,' , ' 'AA f Z, iw fry, f 1, ' f , ' 'L I XI ff V ,I 'Fw cgi at ' ff ' ' 11 tg i ef fefefxf My I Hr wx ,faiaiim 'mia IO4 SCDPHOMGRES KNIGHT, JERRY ANNE Lancaster Center LATTIMORE, ELIZABETH ANNE Aiken Center LAWHON, LINDA Florence Center LEE, VADA ANN Florence Center LEONARD, BRIAN Florence Center LEWIS, LYN N Florence Center LONG, BONNIE Florence Center MARONEY, JOHN PRESTON All-:en Center MARTIN, LORRIN Coastal Carolina Center MASON, BRUCE Florence Center MATTH EWS, TRAVIS Florence Center lv1AUNEY,JLlDlTl-l Lancaster Center MCALISIER, PALILETTE Lancaster Center McCARNEY, JOHN Lancaster Center MCCLAM, MARY ANNE Florence Center McCOLLI5'IER, MARY Florence Center MCDADE, JOI-I N Lancaster Center McEACHERN, MICHAEL Beaufort Center MCEARLAND, SANDRA Aiken Center McKEE, WILLIAM Lancaster Center MCKELLAR. JOANN Florence Center McKENNEY, BARBARA Lancaster Center McKENZIE, MICHAEL Florence Center McKENZlE, VIOLET Beaufort Center SGPHCMCDRES MLRLVELN, CHIC Homme Center MtLLLLAN, CAROL ANN Florence Center M-QLEOD, CLAUDE Florence Center MCMAHAN, TERESA Aulcen Center MERCURI, PAUL Florence Center MITCHELL, DAVID Florence Center MITCHELL, NICKI Arken Center MOATES, MARSHA Arken Center MOORE, JAMES Beaufort Center MOORE, ROO KY Florence Center MORELAND, JAMES Lancaster Center MORGAN, TONY Coastal Carolina Center MOTE, DAVID Aiken Center N EWELL, SAN DRA Florence Center NEWTON, MARGARET Aiken Center OLIVER, KENNETH Aiken Center OLlVER, MOZELL Florence Center ORR, JERRY Aiken Center OU LLA, PRICE Florence Center OWI NGS. SONJA Beaufort Center PARRISH, HELEN Florence Center PARKER, NANCY ELAINE Lancaster Center PATTIS, ELLEN Aiken Center PEAKE, JOl-l N Lancaster Center 1-one qyufw' wtf ,f"' We i ...Z 'A 11.1 - f sf 4 . ' sr f ,1 ff ,Q M! '71 wr 1 4' 10,9 I 1. f sr 5 'W 7 fi X , 'ff f ' ff -,V Mg, ,www 1 Q15 .4 - : .. ,.. y ,V I -ws , gigs, Www X, fy 1 - 1 1 3 M , 1, WW ' . , Y gi ' J -wffmr 2 1 1, ,M KLM CV' 6 J, 11 ,, 13,1 A :WW W if. f f ' 1 ffw , ,,,, A,, , 11 -4 17 01 ww ,111 , 1 nr 1 f " 'fm' ., W if 1 J ,ff f,11 1x2 X 1 1 ff!! 4 "ef ,f 9 fwf vw , 4 a v: W f "i1,4'v'7W 1, f, W K' ' 1 11 1 ,"' v 1,2515 ,rx xc - - N, R 'vig X V X N xg ' Cr X 1, ix R X X X Iff 4 x . it Q R A'W4wg an ,,.. r X fis,,,..,, We-I f A ..1 s. ,,.,g , ,mg i f f 5 s 9 I '33 . 4 ,1 293121. 7 X V 1 'C . jig' ,wh ii ,fy -1' r cry., ..,1 , M. ft' if 1Q:-R 15 " " 151 ,i g W , we-w:v..:a . .. .J f ,yy Z ,j . I ,, l J W WW! 'fy X .. 1 J Q' Unk IWW: fy MW? n1?41fi',ff-lm IO6 SOPHOMORES PERRY, JOEL Florence Center PHILLIPS, DON Florence Center PLAYER, DOLLY DIANNE Lancaster Center PLYER, CHARLES OLIVER Florence Center PORTER, VIRGINIA Lancaster Center POWELL, LONNIE Coastal Carolina Center RASH, NOR MA Lancaster Center RAICHFORD, CLYDE Beaufort Center REEVES, GERALD Lancaster Center REEVES, I-IER MAN Aiken Center REID, REBECCA Lancaster Center RHELIARK, ELIZABETH Coastal Carolina Center R I-IOAD, BOBBY Florence Center RICE, TOMMY Coastal Carolina Center RICHARD, BEVERLY Beaufort Center RICHARDSON, BOIES Aiken Center RIDENOUR, RONNIE Aiken Center RILEY, GERALD Aiken Center RIVENBARK, JERI SUE Aiken Center ROBINSON, B. CRAIG Lancaster Center ROLLINS. GERALDINE Lancaster Center ROLLINS, SUSAN Florence Center ROPP, BILLY Florence Center ROSE, HENRY Florence Center SCDPHOMORES ROSI, lxlllxl: Hart-ntc Center RONNELI., DELORLS Lantastei Center ROWELL, DIANE Lancaster Center ROWELL, SARAH Lancaster Center ROYAL, DENNISON Aiken Center SANDERS, FREDDIE Aiken Center SALINDERS, WANDA Beaufort Center SAVERANCE, CHARLES Florence Center SAYE, MIKE Aiken Center SCHILLER, RUTHIE Coastal Carolina Center SCHWING, ARTHUR Lancaster Center SELLARS, MANNING Coastal Carolina Center SENSEN EY, DAVID Florence Center SEVERANCE, LYNN Florence Center SHAW, DONALD Lancaster Center SHAW, MARGARET Florence Center SIMPSON, JAMES Aiken Center SKIPPER, JUDY Florence Center SMILEY, LYDIA Aiken Center SMITH, BRUTON Coastal Carolina Center SMITH, GLEN RAY Lancaster Center SMITH, JOHN Aiken Center SMITH, RICHARD Coastal Carolina Center SM ITH, TONY Florence Center gg,-us. .er '-"' 1 'C Z? 15- 235 5 . fl fix! f ' I T, ....t, N, ,ON gg! M 16 mils 1 I W . .alum MF K, vfgg tl!"- I F 01lN'O"i 'K xK"f -1 in l IX 4, 'U' as I p-,V ..-. 'J ' 'xx an 'Pai ,. Q .C wx ' Q, -- MQ. , f It fffam, fn ,I Z, , if G' X 4: , I-if W fi A is ' A -'Miz' V Viz tc.. ' "fwfr: t f 1 ff. , -115. ' 4' H -1 " , - 9 .. f At, It MW N . 2 f "4 X, - 'vO"".f , ff .L r f ' f-J V , I , A J I " , I, f if rs-'ef , ' -, f 3 , L -TAMP-fr z 1 If I fi. f ,. :rr 4 ,few H4-M f ' L 42:1-' H . , '17'f5 4 MM I X 'Z X' 4 ww? 4' ., 9a4af.x'+Qceb:, f W., Mfffw.. m t , fff.vffi,rf1,f+- 1 t ful! V .5".f',4 . M I A 9 fr.: f I , fszfiripi' Wi 'fr' in , ?E . .f f- x . V ff, , 45 I fe' S, V259- '?,, - f 4-nv-"' ,Y , '44 if " I V H' ' Wie? 4.1 ' , if I I I f , . , f ,Vw Q ' Q Q R I M :,21a,' lt R I t -1 W al ... ,- 3 i t 'R XA 4 ir M -IX Alfa- 0--'--.... IO7 if V, 'f 0. CHS X . , St a. I ff 'f f Qi!! iff ., . . , 1 f ., flair! 3 -v'f,..,g K C: fi' , 72? Q V ,, -Mir V: . ,w,,. r X i70lf Y43 1 Y T '4 ,f 1 el f r 5 ' ff,-.,5. ,V ff tt V ,jim 2 ' 'A '7 1, V! L 1 I, r xx el .'. . ,'- f ' In t .fl - 1 by 'wr ri?- ue'--Y-V.. 'v"""'4s., fl' 1 .VI 1 fr V f ,V+ v ',M 'ing' ',,' 7 f i f ? Z5 X I f W f -f W4 f 'Qu E fa 7 f I I fi 4' I ,f . Q K - . ' X I we e V. -, in-.,...f . ww 4' wk V f .V I WM WDW yt ml I f, if ., aff , "' X 0. Q , If IV' 4 ,fr Z f Q f ,WV if 'T' x7 M ' , W I I z mu... , !5'Ai'X f 2 , , , f f f gy Zi X X ,W f if C 0 , 8h'v fog . ,Z , If Q!! tm' ? ,mama 'Y 1 l , ,J 'KX ,Q ,f 1-41" ,-1 .,f-ff r' SOPHOMORES SMITH, WENDELL Beaufort Center SMOOT, AN N ETTE Aiken Center SMYER, WILLIAM Lancaster Center SNEAD, HELEN Coastal Carolina Center SNEAD, LOUISE Coastal Carolina Center SN I PES, CHARLES Florence Center STARR, HAROLD Aiken Center STEELE, CURTIS CARLYLE, JR. Lancaster Center STEELE, H ER MAN Lancaster Center STEELE, JAM ES Florence Center STEELE, WALTER RICKY Lancaster Center STEVENS, REBECCA Aiken Center ST.JOHN, MARY LOU Aiken Center STOKES, CLAUDE Aiken Center SULLIVAN, MARLA LOUISE Lancaster Center TAYLOR, GEORGE Florence Center TAYLOR, WILLIAM Florence Center THOMPKINS, FRANCES Coastal Carolina Center TILLMAN, DAVID ERSKINE Lancaster Center TOLSON, RICHARD Florence Center TRAUGHBER, DADRE Aiken Center TURNER, CLINTON Coastal Carolina Center TURNER, SHARYN Aiken Center VAN KEUREN, ROBERT Lancaster Center SOPHOMORES VAN WIl,, JEFF Coastal Carolina Center VERENES, ELIGENIA Aiken Center VICK, PAULA Lancaster Center WALKER, LLOYD Florence Center WALLACE, DAVID Aiken Center WARD, MARY Beaufort Center WARREN, FREDERICK Aiken Center WATKINS, JO ANN Aiken Center WATSON, NANCY Coastal Carolina Center WEBB, THOMAS Aiken Center WELLS, WILLIAM Lancaster Center Wt-IITEHEAD, JOHN Union Center WHITMIRE, EARL EUGENE Lancaster Center WIGI-IT, HELEN Beaufort Center WILLIAMS, GUY Florence Center WILLIAMS, MARGARET Coastal Carolina Center WILLIN6, ANGELLE Aiken Center WOODWARD, ANDREW Lancaster Center YOUNG, SAMUEL Aiken Center FRESHMEN l.- Zia ..-Q, ,A ilk .r.. g f XV 'lm Q, I at f 1 f . file, y , , .lwwf Kg? .. ,JWWY z f ff M 4 , I K 1 I f fi H I M If ,I ,S ' , J II,, 7 vw, ,,,., f, 7 W -' gf' , X, . WZ h , f f fb " Q ' I A 7, ' ffm,-J ' ' .VTE , fl :Vffff ...ff 1 if w v aff . Qiqaaq., ,. X, -. My A W ,.:'4 M45 . .- f I , . A I - A ,U I . w -Q f 1 - -' I. .,,, W Z V4 W, V fe I, , "' '42 aw W 1 V A fm iz ' 0 team' Q 'WA 4 ,WL . ' UZ7 f "5 K V ,, ',,, ' In I Z1 If " ,. I fy as I 7 I A 7 ' x l I 'F l I I - A an .,, - 'I . if fi ' ' K' 55,424 ' f ,,. I 04 A. I S M gm 2 5.1 A ' ff fmrf Y 4, I' 4' W afftfffffffmffn Q ' " ' my me f f. if i I R , f 3' fff 1, f ,- sf. Q I U V45 6 XZ ' 7 I K " I YK' f , 1 ,,. av A W! if, 5 '. ,' 4 A f , 5,',,g N , , if . 5 ,, My , , W-7' mg. f I We 1 . -1. 'W .ff fi ' ,, 14, fo- f f fi, -M . ff? f I VA:-J' F I T! I 2 f 1' -1 , I A IIO ADAMS, TED Lancaster Center ADERHOLD, DWIGHT Beaufort Center AIKEN, STEPI-IEN M. Florence Center ALBECKER, MARION E. Salkehatchie Center ALEXANDER, KAY F. Aiken Center ALEXANDER, KENNELYN Aiken Center ALLEN, JOAN Coastal Carolina Center ANDERSON, H. GARY Aiken Center ANDERSON, JOI-IN M. Aiken Center ANDERSON, KEITH W. Aiken Center ANDERSON, MICHAEL Beaufort Center ANDREWS, PEGGY Florence Center APPLEBY, ALBERT J. Florence Center ARMSTRONG, EDWARD K Salkehatchie Center ARMSTRONG, LAWRENCE Salkehatchie Center ARRIS, LINDA Florence Center ASHMORE, WILLIAM F. Aiken Center AYER, MARY S. Salkehatchie Center BAILEY, KATI-IRYN E. Florence Center BAKER, ELIZABETH RHEA Lancaster Center BAKER, KENNETH LARRY Lancaster Center BALKCLIM, SHARON K. Lancaster Center BALLARD, STUART Coastal Carolina Center BANE, O'DELL LEWIS Florence Center BARFIELD, HENRY A., JR. Lancaster Center BARKER, SHARON Beaufort Center BARNES, JAMES S. Salkehatchie Center BARBEROUSSE, VIC Coastal Carolina Center BARRETT, JOI-IN D. Aiken Center BARRETT, LINDA Beaufort Center BATSON, CLAIRSE E. Aiken Center BAUGHMAN, DIANNE B. Aiken Center BAYSDEN, LARRY S. Florence Center BECKHAM, VICKY C. Lancaster Center BEI HL, NANCY Beaufort Center BELL, DENNIS Aiken Center BELLAMY, LENN Coastal arolina Center BENNETT, JOHN TERRY Salkehatchie Center BENTON, Cl-IERYL E. Salkehatchie Center BEST, GLENN Coastal Carolina Center BISHOP, FRED S. Union Center BISHOP, MARY E. Florence Center l l l I l I l I l I l l l I I l l l l l l l l BLACR, BILL X R FRESHMEN Coastal Carolina Center K If VL ,A ,AHAQ BLAQIL, TERRESA ANN 'X If A Union Center V' 1 . L ,N I , , , BLAcILwELL, KENNETH E. W L-1. , as . 9 'U S' M S f-wr I fe W Union Center -L K It I - ' N -JV L r BLAQILWELL, STEVE FLOYD ' M- 'T - ,P ' Union Center A 'Y A" E . T my BLACKWELL, MELVlN it ' A Lancaster Center 'J " tb . BLAKE, JAMES A., JR. - x Aiken Center Y l rj rc:-, k L., ,r,A J BLANOHARD, ELIOENE . L. Beaufort Center L yytt ,V K x A 'eg C'-' ' ' l n 'T K, BLEDSOE, MICHAEL S I V N95 2 it ' X S Coastal Carolina Center . Tl ff' .N - " fm, A 1' L BODIEORD, MARY L. r 'mi iss B. Buy me ,sv I A Salkehatchie Center jx AMVYS xx A 1 "WN , " A AVN BOGAN, REBA Li af A l ' T . ' Union Center I X' K ,A., L it X BOLEMAN, SUSAN S. ' R A A Salkehatchie Center it X it X ' A V BOLER, MARGARET O. . if Union Center N X X il ,B BOND, SUSAN O. x .M BOONE, JAN T S 2 It 5 Aiken Center . XE 2 ,D La-x A NL : i W1 fl ' Z. BOOTH, LORETTA .LL 'A ,. .,,S " MN if f ,,.. A f , Coastal Carolina Center S Vs f sw RN' B M 'Ri BOSTIC, DAVID ANTHONY K x , N "A S 'QQ' X ,-ff' it Union Center Y V 'XS fix "5-M " BOWERS, KENNETH W. N A M L Lancaster Center KN A 3 q C - M . L L L i kxk if in K swffL?,S5iR.f BOWERS, MARY E. X A g I Lancaster Center , . ' NK BOYD, EDWIN B. R L Salkehatchie Center x - '- BOYD, SHIRLEY J. . , . R Aiken Center b, -. . it MQ QCQN wt? . BOYLSTON, REID if RDESSL 3 S? . 'R " W R . ,,., I ' Salkehatchie Center SR 5 ' wc.. XB f' I M A, BRADBERRY, DEWEY, JR. L L - T' ' A Florence Center " L A -L t E BRADFORD, CLARENCE Lf ,,,, , I I I Florence Center R Qi N A ge? b 5 ' L X LLL ,,,. L L 15:-gi., , X BRADLEY, JANICE Lf g N I Lancaster Center S Y . .. ,. . L BRADLEY. TERRY , Coastal Carolina Center X A .,. BRAMLETT, GEORGE E. L L ii 7 M j f ' tf LQ4, Lancaster Center ' ' BRANTLEY, JAMES L. ' L L r f-1+ . L M fm Y Q l' L Aiken Center Sri- Q Q 'NL W W , Eff 'W QELLQ Q- BRASWELL, ALBERT NL L . ,,L L T 'f gs Nj, ' L Beaufort Center X MW A 'R' BRASWELL, JOSEPH W. Beaufort Center BRAYDEN, LAURA E. Florence Center BREWER, M. JUDY Aiken Center BRIDGERS, ROBERT Florence Center BROCKINGTON, KENNETH Aiken Center BROOKS, CAMILLE Coastal Carolina Center BROTHERTON, W. H., Jr. Aiken Center BROWN, ALBERT S., JR. Florence Center BROWN, DANNY S. Salkehatchie Center BROWN, JAMES D. Aiken Center BRUNSON. JAMES, lll Florence Center BRYAN, BETH A. Aiken Center BUNCH, GEORGE N. Aiken Center BUNCH, JOSEPH H. Aiken Center 1 N f LL .L RX-s A Lf'- K f..- L. - X R' LL I GBR S A . ...... I Rh ' Lex, U 9359 'mil' I ,. Jn' YL NN M L R' I Q N ri LN SWS I IR MF L. K K, L NMR . K ,LN ,..,, . X 'X B 'r tw- fr N X . 'L ......,,,., X-CS N, ,I '37, ' I L W' RL?" A 0 A Eawr X .gf , gr .,rn. J .L QR I' . fi? 4. 5 I a X. si: ' 5 A YL: I5 .Vl'A illri lx L. . . Q f,..1f. ,gf ka I '59 'X -,gg Q, .5 T' f 'R as S f B., I I -.Za . . ' tri , ., 1-. I 1 'C tn - 7 A -' -I 1, ' ' 5 B ,.' I f if Q X C l, 1 I ,f l A b l l A M EW M57 I FRESHMEN t. f is' -PX A -'1'-" L1 .... -.E f" "-. ag ' Y V X. igmxrl, X , at A X ff XX It 3 if 'W' in wr. . X Xsi t, .f,. X. 5. A X J? F X . - ,V Xt R.,- ., Xt i . - .. X X X, i N -X . X m X wk QS E R ' r ss. -SX.. X X. Xi, .So K Xgxx , rvet I I BURGESS, PAUL H. If Union Center i BURLESON, SANDRA Aiken Center BUSH, JOHN I. I Aiken Center BYRD, Pl-IELIX C. Florence Center iii BYRD, STANLEY LEE ' Lancaster Center ,I CADDEN, MARVIN W., JR. YQ' I I Aiken Center I I CAIN, SARAI'I I Florence Center CALLAW, WALTER I Salkehatchie Center CAMPBELL, FRANKLIN S. il Lancaster Center ii QAMPBELL, WILLIAM E. I Florence Center CAPOTOSTI, STEPHEN ' Florence Center , CARNES, ELLEN KAY Lancaster Center 4' I ' A .X , i W'-:' 1 S' . , Q X ' . .. XX? w,k , L 'Y ax S xv-c.,.. T X mg, I NN Q Q., ir. 6 ', 'Ra ' t- -I -4' N2-Q. T5 X A Q N A H 'Q . N A I' f ff' f' " . I Ft 'SS Xi SX sX-X5X'f"x3.' 5-.WTTY15 -S,.W.s'f ' ., .. x ,,.Q2' " 'F SQ , flu-" W Y - is Ki. we 1' .I XX E " A ,,,,, - " ' A - .Xi A W' I ,M ,Q . ss . P N . Q We , . ,X. 7 f-wr K I QGWKL . - ' ,NX -1 X X it is . - if i .,,, I . , , f . at I 1 , ' - A-Q Q .we C ,R as ew . ...X...,. P Q A X f If 1 K, 4 X .gy 5 .S f - I : w- Z' i Y '- . I. f I ' f W or ' .. .1 'R-. SA- 'Y A T i " Q ' GA. Vg K 7 X ..-gf Q ,. ,wb 5 gf , . ., 59, c. .,1ee'.. ' . .f f g. A f I 39- s' ' A as ...ww A ' EQ ' . X , Y , MX. .QU gk. x t Wt is . Kei' i ' X ,I -A ,X S M ,, A ,, X fe "R-V-'ff ' A X X Ni V, Q W v QQ RS . . 1 I. -M V ,-me , an 3 t i .ug , , Q53 K I ' J, eg gi ,L W Q ak t. Ma ' A 'Snr A XX ws- 0 VIE ww... Q 'f we Q W ar if Y 3,1 x H --my 5. we -Q.. 9 5 1 3, 4 , -- 'N , f . it 1 f f?"'ltsK 5. 'S f Xe -P A,,,,,N SX :S gk S ,vs F .X . . X dvxsxgfi as vw A 'B' N ' W' Xi? 11- w ,M Q ,, X N-era f' I f .. at IN XR IM . I F , 'X W A hiv X r-NX Qk I R- ,A . i , If ' Iv ,135 . .X , 45, x ,III I ,,.i xl Aix' flli , ini X. 'S A lI2 CARNES, WARREN RAY Salkehatchie Center CARTER, JEWELL Coastal Carolina Center CARTER, PATRICIA A. Aiken Center CARTER, ROBERT LL Aiken Center CARTER, Sl'IARYN Florence Center CARTER, Sl'IERRY 6. Florence Center CARTER, TIMOTHY Coastal Carolina Center CASEY, MICHAEL E. Aiken Center CASKEY, JANICE ANDREA Lancaster Center CHANDLER, LINDA J. Florence Center CHAPMAN, ELTING Florence Center CHELTON, CHRIS A. Aiken Center CHEWNING, ANN M. Florence Center CI-IINNERS, LOUISE Coastal Carolina Center CHRISTIAN, WILLIAM T. Aiken Center CLARK, GREG Beaufort Center CLARKE, ANDREA D, Aiken Center CLAY, RODERICK O., JR. Aiken Center CLAYMAN, ILMA JO Florence Center CLIFFORD, D. M., JR. Aiken Center CLYBURN, CHARLES T. Lancaster Center COBB, TERRY M. Aiken Center CODY, FRANK EVERETT Lancaster Center COLCLOUGH, BENNY Aiken Center COLE, MARY M. Florence Center COLEMAN, FRANCES E. Aiken Center COLEMAN, FRANCES E. Florence Center COLEMAN, FRANCES L. Florence Center COLLINS, ARTHUR G., JR Lancaster Center COLLINS, DOUGLAS H. Aiken Center I I I I I , I I , I I I I I I I I I I I I COLLINS, JAMES L. Florence Center COMER, JOHN S., Ill Lancaster Center COMPTON, CATHERINE Florence Center COMPTON, WILLARD E. Aiken Center CONNELLY, LINDA Beaufort Center COOK, BARBARA V. Salkehatchie Center COOK, JIMMY Coastal Carolina Center COOK, RACHEL ANNETTE Lancaster Center COOK, RAYMOND Coastal Carolina Center COOK. RONALD Salkehatchie Center COOLER, HERMAN Beaufort Center CORDRAY, BILLY Union Center COLIRTNEY, JOHN D. Salkehatchie Center COWART, HENRY H., JR. Lancaster Center COX, CHUCK SHERMAN Lancaster Center CRAPSE, LARRY Salkehatchie Center CRAWFORD, FLORA Florence Center CRAWFORD, S. DAVID Aiken Center CREED, LINDA A. Aiken Center CREEL, LAWRENCE, III Florence Center CREEL, MYRON Coastal Carolina Center CRIBB, PHIL Coastal Carolina Center CRISP, DWIGHT F. Union Center CROWLEY, EVELYN Aiken Center CULBRETH, MARTHA L. Union Center CUNNING, PATRICK O. Aiken Center DANIELS, R. E. Florence Center DAVID, JAMES C. Florence Center DAVIS, BETTY JANE Salkehatchie Center DAVIS, DEBORAH LINDA Union Center DAVIS, JOSEPH F. Florence Center DAWSEY, VONDA Coastal Carolina Center DEAVER, GWYN Florence Center DEER, J UDY Beaufort Center DELARBER, RICHARD M. Florence Center DELARBER, VIRGINIA Florence Center DICKINSON, SHERRY L. Florence Center DILLS, JUDY ANN Union Center Di SILVESTRO, DONNA Beaufort Center DOUGLAS, CHARLES L. Aiken Center DOWD, KATHRYN J. Aiken Center DREIER, CHARLES, III Aiken Center x 'xi t' ff g .X N i , . I A , Q I ' ecge, X 4 is ,f T "WK 2 Q -X vm ag. K 45 - I , n we r A K Y bt i WW, X T' . , S N' w--,, -, I .S T' QF RT N,-Sri' is rr S. F ig. -2 ,f,,. .5 V , -Q , ,f R run- it - X-' x If FRESHMEN , -fx ,s .X Q' Q QQ-L. 4- ' Nix ' ' ,- . 9, S I W 3 . ,, ig: U7 9 .ae Ne. we st- - Q. 1 rv T X Y .X ,....,. - I X is ft X we "1 Nt . H, ' N "" . Wwe' e..1,. I-fr I L. A ew WRX Nt . mtiratt. - bc 1 A ww, iwsx tt X Qt Q A C ge. A ef X V ' X X- . XXX X -Q . .X Q.. .Q A X est. 1 L x K. -3 gli., .ex -11 'X VTX :Y X' kiwi 1 2 r N X-.ies ' fb. fix J K h i rw ix , iT X H c X K X QTX RQR5 X X - X F ci F . F Si -f fxiakri XCRAN. C K ' -.1 it K. .bf . X .xt .. X e -. X - N X ,. A ai .N 1 X 4 ' f A "',ilh-A a fl Q 5 is .53 1 5 ,'Z,gf"M ' ar f . ab' wt. fu. is F 5 A 5 . :Q if S , I . 17 if ll3 1 if I x 'sis as 2- ,N X we 'NE .c.a A :FST 1 N , I "i' X is- K in T, ' " .I i rea ,F , "-""" .1 as X . 'WH' -rr 103595 . 'LWZWW 1 FRESHMEN x Q M ., A tw cult x X " XX:-.X is ', i Q ,J-Nw., ,R X Q X Xe 1:5311 .I -, -X es? , 3 . I . :X D- 552 -,nw 'I Q X x s 'T Laws Q! jzkg , , Xc Sy. , . RER f I ea V M8 xx Q V. 3 wx. A' NAELSV ..f"f. .,.,.,"f"75-''5.vsI?"f:h'h, Sk' . - 1 f ,Qi-Sf' . get X5 WX-gm, x VAX .X 'DS XX ' 'M 'Q 'ik f V-Ifjf 3 f LSE 52 'rw :X f3f,f-Q 'V ,mf reXx .fhfiii f,f2.-a' 1 .ff 4, v-- f.L, I Q MIM-Sv I I , ,. S DREW, JOHN R. Coastal Carolina Center DRIVER, W. STEVE Aiken Center DUCKETT, ELAINE Coastal Carolina Center A X 6 ,V 1 X X X-S QA , wf A f?e,.,.1. tw X J SX 'S 1 , Ns by X X i X 5 . 55 S55 7 Q -x.x. XXX. -2.5.1.-13 2, F' A . ' S 'W M -w'-f1QQWfe.s- f-'-.': - v""q..t I ,.XXX NQNXQQ-1: - N X.XX.. . V. V V -XXX. so .X M ,fs 'J-'ff " - .- S I X R X it " .- N r .f X . 1 5' ?-13' 1 , . S tt .-al X C Q qw! ,. -0-S... I NX ' .- ' 3 Q.. G'-' . WX- - . i -A K K Ar, h. A K , Q NX KX: X e - NA S i 5 Xkk- ig, X weaefeea S. .a+ . X ack ' S visa S .'X.. X X-' -1:5 s,-,S yi -X XRXX.. NXXXQ . ' 'P' -' . ago RQ. XE :Z .XA K X... gm X. . Y Q' ' . ,, 3.5 .2 'L K ,Q f .X ' a x XX X: X 2, gy Q F SGH 'ex-X k ,+A -vm.-N ,g:jf1a.a,QQ XX nw.. .SXS t55em'? -N W, c -- ,, DNR X 3. xg ,ack ...Q-.www RNXXW 'W . XXSSXXQ1 'SXTXNX ' " xi .f - SN "L, W . it X . Y , TS , N SK? I A 1 " A I ' H I " i I X ,K QNX. , , X X- X . R - -, . -X f, XXX X X' lg- X fl. . . ., 1 -A fwin A X ,, rr- -'nv A X4 X ' A Q X t I ' .ti ' i . Q-sg - , IB N. . ,ff A' M' ' .ew Xew 0 XXW .X . , X X I - . I I 'A 'EGR . , N, ri igaf .erin Mn ig X. ii is ma an es its 3- JE. , . A-AXXSQKXS . X " .I 4' . A ' XXX ..-JMDSWL MKXQQ, I I , , . QAFXXPRS 1 . w f A I K .... X A ' X I iv- 'Z ""' ' an-vw. . X I , , P K . -. ,- -A Xl il? - if Q f . I 'TEM' ' SQ WEEE .. I Q it Xe,tX W X A gi c ,X. I ix NX . Q. ,AAQKW N emmee gywi QQMQSl Q. 9, f . 1. i so A - A QXXXQ, -, XX ' , S . -. X, of -5-:I rg.. 1 4,34 - A Sex f'-Xg tw' QXg . X . . . XX Q" Sw - . QXXXNQNX X XXceg5Xg4Q E i k Xkxws-. X in Q k . jf .ef ff f X'- NX. X N - . X X - y ,',, , L. XXQ5 X-A X, y vwkck K 51 ' . X tx X A .T K ,TI X . X, , rv. f M , Q Q, f' r . " 1Xf ' ""'P. I A . A I W'f:s'. , P DQ ,..ffi'?f 5 , 5 . NS iii: "1 :N X PSX 5 wffew' 1. AFXWN . XX HNXX.. X .X .X X V NN K for X 5: W X-X... . NM ,, X , - X A f r L, ' , Q .X at " S -V, ,pil , 2 Q UX X. . 9 , . R .. . , gg. KX ,i .,, K .Q ,SRX , W: QQ? . ix WU' X y am - ' X- .1 I I I I -X' f. r . . : ' D S' " -S 4. .. Tx. X. Ri My .. X X. X W is , ,.., X X- 3 A ' . II4 DUNCAN, HORACE W.. Salkehatchie Center DUNCAN, WILLIAM H. Aiken Center DYER, RONNIE Aiken Center DYSON, SIDNEY Coastal Carolina Center ELLINGTON, RICHARD Aiken Center ELLIOTT, BILLY Lancaster Center ELLIOTT, DEVONA Coastal Carolina Center ELLIOTT, SARVIS, JR. Florence Center ELLIS. MIRIAM D. Florence Center ELLISON, JUDD BARRY Union Center EMERSON, GREG Beaufort Center ESKRIDGE, FRANBETH Florence Center EVANS. LONNIE EARL Lancaster Center EVANS, PAUL L. Aiken Center FARRAR, DURANA L. Aiken Center FERENBACH, JACOUELINE Union Center FERGUSON, JAMES G. Lancaster Center FICKLING. PHILIP Beaufort Center FIELDS, ANNE REMBERT Lancaster Center FINK, JAMES A., JR. Florence Center FISH, JAMES GORDON Lancaster Center FLEMING, DENNISS L. Union Center FLOWERS, SYDNEY H. Florence Center FLOYD, COKE Coastal Carolina Center FLOYD, KEITH Coastal Carolina Center FLOYD, LONIE D. Florence Center FLOYD, MILTON F., JR. Salkehatchie Center FOGLE, NANCY Salkehatchie Center FOLK, ROBERT Beaufort Center FORE, HARRIETT Florence Center FOWLER, MARY A. Florence Center FOWLER, NANCY Florence Center EREAR, WILMOT D. Aiken Center FREEMAN, ROBERT P. Salkehatchie Center FREEMAN, WILSON LEWIS Union Center FREUDENBERGER, B. J. Florence Center FRICKS, MARTIN B. Aiken Center FRIERSON, RICHARD N Florence Center FROMMER, PAUL R. Aiken Center D FRYE, RLIDY C. Florentc Center HINDERBURK, GLENN T. Larwcastcr Center GALLOWAY, JULIAN V. Lancaster Center GARDNER, ANN MARIE Florence Center GARDNER, BOBBY C. Lancaster Center GARDNER, DON THOMAS Lancaster Center GARDNER, WILLIAM Florence Center GARNER, MARY EMMETTE Union Center GARRISON, CHARLES M. Lancaster Center GARRISON, WILLIAM K. Lancaster Center GASKINS, JANE EVELYN Florence Center GENNETTE, EDWIN J. Florence Center GERMAUX, SUE CAROL Salkehatchie Center GILES, DOROTHY LEE Union Center GILPIN, HARRY W. Florence Center GIVENS, TIMOTHY Salkehatchie Center GODWIN, SAMMIE RAY Florence Center GOINGS, GEORGE R. Union Center GOULD, RALPH JAMES Florence Center GRAEF, MELODY J. Beaufort Center GRAHAM, ELIZABETH Coastal Carolina Center GRAHAM, HERMAN Coastal Carolina Center GRAINGER. MARGARET F. Florence Center GRANT, DONALD Lancaster Center GRAY, JAMES W. Florence Center GREGG, RONALD C. Aiken Center GREY, LARRY Coastal Carolina Center GRIER, RACHEL ANN Lancaster Center GRIFFIN, JOHN N. Aiken Center GRIFFIN, WILLIAM Florence Center GROOMS, BRUCE W. Florence Center GROOMS, LILLIAN E. Salkehatchie Center GROSS, JAY A. Aiken Center GULLION, DRUCILLA A. Aiken Center GUNDERSON, JEROME K. Lancaster Center GURLEY, ROBERT H. Aiken Center HAGINS, GEORGE Beaufort Center HAIGH, STEPHANIE F. Florence Center HAILE, BOYD HINSON, JR. Lancaster Center HAILE, JOE PERRIN Union Center HALFORD, DIANNE K. Salkehatclnie Center HAMBY, SHARON E. Florence Center FRESHMEN 14-A . 'E . . I I U . ,ll Tow it f' 9 6, S I ri -SL Q' A9535 'lsr .5 A, 0- tl rp gf s . if l e- --' A Q... rf' , X , ,N I L- . - , qs. - f 4' . ...J-A It 's n -:- I 'V' x , -me f- i , Y V -r xw I YW sim ll I ll! ww Y- TNQ' ANR, .4 1- r ,uf ""' ' , I 1 3 T. Riff ive? -f . if f ' Q ' 43k Ag, an A I :li ,Q ll ,M x wr s at we ,Y H V .ez ,s .. a s A ,E L., . I .. RQ X A R s R F Mm i . is X -Q v Ne vs . ' A , we . KS- Y ww X Q., X Tx XS X tie 5 Q X X R X ww C A-I c N ce X X -,-,n 1-2 '- Tl N s A A gtk - 'A 'flixa 5' ' YWYQ X' NY " xb ea s M gSNkqQt X . A T 1.5.1. S 'X , 5 -if s a Cwxqk .c - XQQ exe R . ,B X .T X :ETD x. 0, A w,,cs.,V 3' F VS x. ,N ic .hs s, my gs it as y f - . N sa... T R Y R ' R .S '- ' Q. .I WMXNN Nts N- eely sswc c ,ew , new New . Qs S' NNSNM .Z S NNQTRX .iss A Q . - DN X., - - V3 X Q I f .sw . - N T sez. , mx K, Ns .. , 5 """ Q -ksset .Q . . .31-lf' R XQXN -is f T ' 3-es 'ff c. '. Q-pew. j , Sree'-5 S so ,, c 'r - W2-Q.. -5 Tvs. f - , Q ' c. . 'W t ' '. -415, "vw SHG -QR X .Q xt vim -f -gxes -K X ss. K K Fixx e .K sim, X Y if I a f Xe X X .Q af-wet mem X I I X RW A I X R A Niece - six" S Q' . . ex T 3 E X - - A . Fix-S WTO TY KCC X H Sc K .3 .I A ' . :- ' R W K . ..,, X .R 5 j .Q ., f ix A.. Nag, A - c N ,fl , an , as , faq.. ' ' c ii' 'S f X Nl let ww, A X X xc ss fc XNKK - Dwi. X SSLQN ,Q . .X gs Q R- Q X. x X s . X . g- eats,-,rg . ' f Q. Sage, fs- ag assi'- Wf fl ' V ia., at ' A X :C Q X x f YN ,-,st H R' S QNQ.-::' QW-tl it Q Q2 X Sa" - ,f ., L9 51: an R AQHA Y -L R XM X -. N N Nw A N t ot , N -R - . - . X Q3 X 13- A .E 39 t 1,.- c ' - 'Q YN: wx xg, si .,.. . l T I ll r' . uw L gf J- 'Maile .L X M . T ,W A V , A Exist! 4 . is fl 'Nl T ' V, eip, T Mt""" . . R-N .. I ' E We-v Wm' K ' Y! . L jf l r. wx qv Q! NNN Il5 1 3 F QE 5 J- L4 I , l I I I I I I I I l I I ,i il ,fl ill, Ili: : K I l. l I L l, 2 E 4 s I I I I ii, rl FRESHMEN L S195 X N. N New X S so X we-Q K x XXX A R S IS S 51140 RQ A ,S Q N Q Q I I SN - -the R XXX? - - xx f 5 c A gi .f ,x xy R 199 x I XX xx. X . ss N rf Pile is A f' ..-A s I IIII if I I 5 I 7 ' +-.W 4 4 Q Q Q , I S " 5 , ,S . ,.., 511 xxx' X it if Rx, W N z S s ,W s Q N A so R in I , Q, 'I " Ig, I 4 s f . X ,X V YN 1. "Y " ' 'KE xr. ...Nr f txt xx R x , r A ' M3 sa I' . I ws. X X -Nu-- A X , X L to S to NX ' ' fAs,.,'1 L V1 3 Sky., Ie Ie at , 9 SMA- QUE' a . xrywv f .L . A , X F . Qi mi I. 1 '. K' L, F-l ia o ,F I3 I , .I 'CK 'I 'sts 5, " ' - ' .ef ,, Fi.. 17 S 4..M" I R : W' x 'I fl ev ' IKE A I avr 3 X. , I llb I st ii .-Q ,cc X S , ,ss X -I -- f 'A s ' ' .,,, . , a ' Q .eflsgtei-' NN M., ., - S+' tis- . . X RTX?-77 Q , -"NN I 'Y 'WSG R -2-11. HAMMOND, TED Florence Center HANNA, LARRY L. Florence Center HANNA, SANDRA KAY Florence Center HARDEE, JOHN Coastal Carolina Center HARDEE, ORILLA Coastal Carolina Center HARDWICK, HELEN Coastal Carolina Center HARGROVE, ALBERT W. Lancaster Center I-IARMON, DIANNE Coastal Carolina Center HARPER, LARRY A. Aiken Center HARPER, ROBERT Coastal Carolina Center HARRELL, DAVID C., JR. Florence Center HARRIS, GLENN Union Center HARRIS, JEFFERY L. Florence Center HARTZOG, FRANKLIN, JR. Salkehatctiie Center HARVEY, JAMES S. Aiken Center HATCHETTE, ROBERT Union Center HATCHER, DAVID RAY Florence Center HAWKINS, RAYE H. lMrs. Union Center HAWORTH, CHARLIE Coastal Carolina Center HAYS, EDWARD B. Salkehatchie Center HEATON, DANIEL J. Aiken Center HEDRICK, JUDY E. Aiken Center H ELM S, JAN E Florence Center HELTON, DAVID K. Lancaster Center HENDERSON, SUSAN Beaufort Center HENKES, HARLEY G. Aiken Center HENDRICK, JEAN Coastal Carolina Center l HENDRICKS, MARTHA ANN Florence Center H ENSON, JODY Beaufort Center HERBERT, F. S., JR. Florence Center HERRING, JAMES R. Florence Center HICKMAN, WILLIAM Coastal Carolina Center I-IICKS, CHARLES D. Aiken Center H I ERS, MARY Beaufort Center HIGHTOWER, TOMMY O. Salkehatchie Center HILL, DELAINE Salkehatchie Center HINES, JOHN L., JR. Union Center HIPP, FRANCOISE Beaufort Center HOBSON, DAVID Coastal Carolina Center HODGE, DONALD E. Florence Center HODGE, EDWARD JAMES Union Center I-IOLLIDAY, DANIEL, JR. Florence Center llOLLll7AY, JOHN, Ill llorentc Center HOLLIDAY, JLlLlAN S. Florence Center HOLMES, JOE Coastal Carolina Center HOLT, RICHARD Lancaster Center HOPKINS, LESTER Florence Center HOPKINS, ROBERT LEE Florence Center HORTON, BEECHER Lancaster Center HORTON, RONALD Lancaster Center HORTON, RONALD Salkehatchie Center l-IOWLE, BLANEY l-l., Ill Florence Center HOWLE, DAVID W. Florence Center l-l U BSTER, JAN ICE Florence Center HUCKABEE, NANCY Coastal Carolina Center l-lUCKS, OREGO Coastal Carolina Center HUCKS, RACHEL Coastal Carolina Center Sv Hx... Q- Ns., NX. X' . . qw-A I I rw- FNQQJSX XS- t sciiwwi iii . jx ,,.,,,,,:KX Yr A FRESHMEN rg NC-44 it --Tx Wi' L i we ,. , .sg-5, X Ut My ' N wvx 'K' , K Rf N X RN- Q gg. A . . X :SNR L l-lUCKS. WILLIAM t- S' Coastal Carolina Center H I , HUDAK. SANDRA J. R J Xt Aiken Center Sc., HUDSON, RONALD L. rf Aiken Center 4 ' .. Re xc Ness fx A Lrg Qrr ' l l-lUMPl-lRlES, JACK - . mxxx Q Florence Center , K RM N ,,.. cc-Ri Kwi I H U NTER, BARRY 1 X ' I K , Lancaster Center A fl A A Q E Ri NN? 'NCQ News . ' i' A . - i t HUNTER, JAlRY C. Y if ,T Rt, Q A" :sr N. .Qi 9' Q Lancaster Center ,SX in X' - 'fl 'b j K EILITOHINSON. NIELBA E. 51 'A' A A 9, Florence Center ' A ' K A Ye-A NT A 'v" 5 INMAN, DICK - L K , . Coastal Carolina Center I, L, A INMAN, LARRY X EK , ..,. Coastal Carolina Center Florence Center . ,933-5, ..,, ff: ARKf.FR N . IVEY, JUDITI-l E. 1 Aiken Center A .s.t F il ' . lVEY, THOMAS H. . A Kiwi M c i'- . Sk 1 L R , i tx sr Union Center . N. 5 X N i . X JACKSON, GLEN JOHN A 75" A T Lancaster Center X X , J., N Kr ' Kc A 'NLS R-' SNC U ' JACOBS, LOUIE L I' . " A se 'gl Coastal Carolina Center X Xi R .l JAYROE. ROBERT 'f .1 53, , Coastal Carolina Center L 3 A - JAMES, CHARLES H. A A A Florence Center 5 K. is .,,, ,jog JENKINS, ROBERT STANLEY is .Q Union Center V H A fwiff A , JENNINGS, CHARLES 5 "' gd' .-,U Kr - 'gr 'KF q I Coastal Carolina Center R ii' 0 ' it Q 'KR SQ I A JENSEN, CURT "gg A M Q" :QR ms f' Coastal Carolina Center 'ld ' -W I wwf- I fr ff I - ,. " f- 7f, . . I wc JETER, LITTLE BERRY, IV I 'iii X Union Center 1 N 1' A 7""'fi .. ' E . 1 ' Wi IOr.zI5.iz:r.Qm2RrW E , , . I ,, Rerieisfst. I ff I I- F JOHNSON. BARBARA A " A ' ' I V Coastal Carolina Center 0. ,, Qxxk , '-- I JOHNSON. BRIAN RElD , ' Florence Center ' ' it r I JOHNSON. CHARLES, JR. I - .A ' I IIS Florence Center K 5, ,V HF 1 L5 5 1' ' z 'FSC . JOHNSON, DAVID ' A ar W yrg Qt , E N Coastal Carolina Center Wkeff- le I," JOHNSON, GLEN ,A 1 f I- Coastal Carolina Center l A , JOHNSON, RALPH M A r L' K .mg ' Coastal Carolina Center KW 'n ll7 I I I I i . E 5. FRESHMEN m X . sg , :IE I X SX S XX X XX XX X X st K X .. X QX X ,VX 11521 ,. "" 2 Q 'WS S" . . ' 'X me , ,W 5- xi..- 5 X X I Xftessef Y A t .XE 1 X59 X . if W.. I x H - ' mu , 5 , - Q, -. 1. 's A Qi I-Y j f ,fi ' - A .X ,g m ' i YQ XM ai, tx ., Q K. X - yi? at X H, b.S'ivTiY?5f W 'i 'w -.,. - ,. gd, sc , Qt, t N451 - A kt -.. ig N. we-it we gf' ,.. Cc. F2 W fs. Qi i s 4990's- Us -if 'QNX Rfflt -Q X t ,I f ' 111 tx, X X 1 1 ' x X ...N J R , b i t we-X' 2 A X. ,qv , DXQW -'Mix i 'HK mum Q- -Q, ,ws W2 1 N XT - 1 A i D lf: s S , 5 -5 c Fgggw A -- 'is X 'I S.. -' Q 'f s ii. ' r X " X TXi f 1" ' f 'W cf V' . 5 Y . ---ii, -. A ' W V Q ' as- i57.' I -yes, X .x VI- Q I Y ff M s .- -cf f . ,Q gi Q at , t 6 , , A X . at X,.., J ' Eff'-i-T' - ww., 1. ts X 'X A S X QPF Q Q A Q ' - ls .M 'fi 9 A 13.525 'NW A I A ,V 5, . S ,Y 1 i . ' 1 '- 9 Y 1 A 5 . . ,ski A t W N . A wx 'gh 5 f' at -.. 4' ,Qs i 4 aa Q-W A r .Xt 1 X api, 1 N' 1 ey I H ta 0, V. Q-' 4-N... ,- - ft X. iw nv' ' "W "NX W' X anb40"'1 if if 2 a A .- 5 -, 5 N Qc, ':-921' i . ,Q 5 I3 .. is. 13. " I II8 G N .. K MVNJN 1 'iv' "' T' X E X X X. X .. R c X is SCS tt X X X R XX X we Rx JOHNSON, REBECCA Coastal Carolina Center JOHNSON, SANDRA Lancaster Center JOHNSON, THOMAS E. Aiken Center JOHNSON, WILLIAM G. Florence Center JOHNSON, WISE S. Salkehatchie Center JOHNSTON, TONY M. Aiken Center JONES, ALFRED FORREST Aiken Center JONES, BETTY MAE Union Center JONES, MARTHA Beaufort Center JONES, SIDNEY K. Salkehatchie Center JONES, THOMAS K. Salkehatchie Center JONES, WILLIAM Coastal Carolina Center JUMPER, BILLY C. Aiken Center KEITH, LORETTA C. Aiken Center KENNEDY, BILL Beaufort Center KENT, RUSSELL Beaufort Center KILLEN, GARY Florence Center KIMBREL, DIANE Salkehatchie Center KING, JOHN MACLEAN, ll Florence Center KING, KEITH L. Aiken Center KNOX, TERI M. Florence Center KREJEI, JOSEPH Beaufort Center KU H N, FRED Florence Center LAM, MARY ELIZABETH Florence Center LAMBERT, DAVID Coastal Carolina Center LAMBERT, REAVE Coastal Carolina Center LANE, ALAN Coastal Carolina Center LANE, MARSHALL Coastal Carolina Center LANGFORD, JOHN Salkehatchie Center LAWTON, PAUL Coastal Carolina Center LEE, ERNIE LEON Florence Center LEE, JEFFERY Florence Center LEE, KATIE JEAN Florence Center LEE, RITCHIE Florence Center LETT, WILLIAM T. Florence Center LEWIS, PAT Bea ufort Center LEWIS, THOMAS J., JR. Florence Center LIVINGSTON, JAMES M. Lancaster Center LOFTIS, SIDNEY E. Union Center LOGAN, TOMMY Beaufort Center LONG, GARY H. Salkehatchie Center LOUD. JOHN Coastal Carolina Center LONII., DOROTHY ALICE l.1nt,xstci Center LONIV, TONY M. Aiken Crsntvr LOWL, NAOMA N. Florcncv Center LYLE, VIRGINIA LOUISE Lantastor Center MACIQEY, RALIL GILBERT Lancaster Center MANDELL, DENNIS Beaufort Center MARSH, TED Coastal Carolina Center MARSHALL, BRYANT R, Lancaster Center MARTIN, DONALD R, Aiken Center MARTIN, DONNA Coastal Carolina Center MARTIN, JEANIE Coastal Carolina Center MARTIN, LINDA Beaufort Center MARTIN, SYLVIA SUSANNE Florence Center MARX, MARILYN C. Aiken Center MATHESON, MIKE Coastal Carolina Center MATH EWS, GEORGE Beaufort Center MATTHEWS, LESLIE Coastal Carolina Center MATTOCKS, HOMER H. Aiken Center MAYO, EDWARD L., JR. Salkehatchie Center MEADOWS, JAMES D. Florence Center MEDLIN, HAROLD Lancaster Center MEGG, ELIZABETH Florence Center MEISCHEN, SANDRA J. Aiken Center MELTON, SYLVIA GAY Lancaster Center MILES, JUDY VIVIAN Florence Center MILLER, HAROLD Coastal Carolina Center MILLER, HOWARD RALPH Florence Center MILLER, SHERRILL K. Salkehatchie Center MILLING, JOHN M. Florence Center MILLS, STEVEN Aiken Center MIMMS, ROBERT Florence Center MINOR, MARY E. Salkenatchie Center MITCHELL, JOHN M. Florence Center MONTS, LYNN LLICILLE Florence Center MOODY, LINDA FAYE Florence Center MOORE, CHARLES, JR. Florence Center MOORE, GEORGE BARRY Lancaster Center MOORE, PAMELA M Aiken Center MOORE, RUEUS R. Salkehatchie Center MOOSE, CLEVELAND D. Florence Center MORGAN, HARRY Lancaster Center MORTON, RICHARD R. Aiken Center ,I V qi. 'Rm . 'Q R51 . ' 'A .Jw 3 0' J' I' A gf O" we-"9 sv' if GNN: Q , -- -- ae. Mr'-mwwwszt-I N' f " mn ' ' wi ....... - . -A Q, .Nt X X X yy ' I N iii Xt , gt , tx x R N R X X R , RR N R' 5 K -R Ns . X N . E . R ' D, A Nl' D xc X. SX R DS S Q 'ii 5 A XS tv 'R . I .1 ,ms 1 Vxfak. S K we 1: '25 R X 9 of R . rr, are ' . 8 Gn- I I I X 1. i ' x Q t ' 1 Sars! Egg' ax WR cf ,.-an Nbr- ,I reg N X -4 X . Qc ARM R A St A R . ax . "' R KMA t .tx N X N rv I tr 'Ai-Q. - A 7 -it. W, . tie., Nwnxv' I I X .: li X X I S 5255 . ..a-fi T 52 E Are-f si c. -5- -, f . X X , ' I QQ sei ,,,, NN Rfnsx X Q its I L SCX x ,, MNX.,,tc eewxfcwk MXN r RING . xg st- c rw - r X X.,-,Q R ew A . 3 .SSNWNSS Q: -Sfiyr fe News - . .- keg' X ef .... A . X! A fi 1' -R A ' -.I r Q I , , X-.N M .if 3-J , as 2' r " YQgfa.,,, rt if r i f I ""11""f la II9 , tt- f""f'Brr' I I I X S' M ta I -ru. A F' t X . Xe my .X , Wt Nt A ,N FRESHMEN NN J YA me , 1 NN ,- A SNA ' .. SN .,' 'I or A 39 Pt X ff N X X S N V 'ls N wk A R t A Q X X c X A t S XR ce s N R X 5 x S' .t-me .... N 'N A Xxx - St . X XASNRRQ r 5-Sm. f.. ii' . A if . Ag. ...X A a t, . r I I :Z W ' ZW? F I-1 Rec, - 4 , F ' 9... X . , Rr' A . lm. 5"' x - D ,Veg , N ii ff Q... x I. ' ' M Q ' ' W- -K' . ,v K t-L P I -D I ll I I I E 15. l I ll i 1 ll FRESHMEN Why.,- "" all: - s xsss . . ,-P . S . x . X V Q R Xs X 5 I . Xkyf Af ...f NN 5' X A . X . H '!t'4y"' ss- i iw N ., . S S I 1 N T? I X' U 4 y. i. ,. st " was X was s s .. 5 Q 'aa 4 .aeasgrreggi Num... ly k . i if N' 3 f X P7 5X as i X .,,,,t..,..,,,, x . V X V . NNW Q 'sk 'QQKM , , 2134. ... . . M' are sf 'SRM -st N .wzyf F NI ,C . J, S . A .X S .5 S. E gn-ve fa 4 R s ...h yew' Q. W f si X Nt, ,,, .5 , .ss I t s ' fig. ,. 1 , -NE, . fe- r x yi 'K' W0 ss N, Q sew' W K s .. W. I 5. 5 I ' i ee ' Q KX Q so .J ' XL s R Ra W. Ye 'sn Q QRS 432. fi' ig Y ' yn ls.-f--W N- .,,. .-,. S f.-K sv -. . . A--has Q .- me : mms X Mr- NWPX ..:- 'z .. W ' -' s - .- X. I A NK- x T T 'arse-f . ,A .Q KAN ... - " XLLL f TSSQRANX I' W we ' X 'S' sms. is s - X Lhk- Q, A Xe, X 5. s 1... Q . 'et f A . X X'..ff2q ....- -1 . sf'-at S. , 'I . A 5 r . I , AA .sawn-v xx il f I ,wft i Mfr WR? .. ,B X ww. I fi aw-ms '..e2,,e:- i 1 - . Q :-V S T" ' -4:4 ' ' 5 .See ei N ft aff New gt r S QR A Q F5 SQ ev ta c " s is tx + s ws Sieve 5 ,, Be n l2O gl , P15 rxwkr I if! , . eg Wd, ,ec j tk MOTTE, BERTHA P. Florence Center MULLINEX, MIKE Salkehatchie Center MUNN, KEITH HAMMOND Lancaster Center MURPHY, ROBERT L. Union Center MYRICK, ROY KEITH Salkehatchie Center MacMEEKlN, SUSAN Coastal Carolina Center MCCAIN, JOHN M. Salkehatchie Center McCASKlLL, THOMAS H. Lancaster Center MCCORMICK, LARRY Coastal Carolina Center MCCRARY, EDWARD LEE Union Center MCCULLOLIGI-I, J. W., JR. Union Center McCULLOUGH, LILY G. Aiken Center McCUTCHEON, HUGH Florence Center McDONALD, GWENDOLYN Salkehatchie Center McDOWELL, CARL L. Florence Center McELVEEN, JAY Coastal Carolina Center McFADDEN, CYNTHIA ANN Lancaster Center McGEE, RALPH F. Aiken Center McGOVERN, LINDA Coastal Carolina Center McGUlRT, JOOSEPH DAVID Lancaster Center MCKAY, ARCHIE 6. Florence Center McKlNNON, JACK Coastal Carolina Center McMEEKlN, GARY Coastal Carolina Center McMlLLAN, THOMAS S. Salkehatchie Center McNAMEE, DOUGLAS Aiken Center N EAL, ROBERT Lancaster Center NETTLES, GLORIA N. Florence Center NEWELL, LOUISE A. Florence Center NEXSEN, WILLIAM D. Florence Center NIMS, BRADFORD W. Lancaster Center NOLES, ROBERT E. Aiken Center NORDEEN, PATRICIA S. Aiken Center NUNNERY, LARRY Florence Center ODOM, JOHNNY R. Florence Center ODOM, ZONNIE BOBBY Aiken Center O'FARRELL, KATHLEEN Florence Center OLIVER, BRUCE Aiken Center OLSEN, KAREN A. Aiken Center O'NElL, JOHN B. Salkehatchie Center ORR, DONALD E. Aiken Center OSBORNE, MARTHA Lancaster Center OWENS, JIMMY Coastal Carolina Center OVX ENS, LYNN lrloivmt' Cvntvr OWLNS, ROBERT WAYNE Hoienco Center PARDLIE, CHARLES D. Lancaster Center PARROTT LYNDA JEAN Florence Center PARROTT, MARY EMILY Florence Center PARSONS, DAVID Coastal Carolina Center RATE, JOSEPH HUGH Florence Center PATRICK, DWAIN Coastal Carolina Center PALILOS, CHRISTOPHER M. Aiken Center PAYTON, REBECCA J. Aiken Center PEARSON, JAMES MICHAEL Union Center PEIRELL, JOHN R. Lancaster Center PELLARIN, PHYLLIS G. Aiken Center PHILLIPS, JOSEPH B. Florence Center PINCKNEY, ELRIC S. JR. Aiken Center PINCKNEY, ROGER Beaufort Center PLAYER, WILLIAM ALAN Lancaster Center PLUNKETT, JOHN Coastal Carolina Center PLUNKETT, WAYNE I. Aiken Center PLYLER, DAVID F. Aiken Center POLK, NEDDIE LYLE Lancaster Center POSTON WILLIAM E. J . . R. Florence Center PRAITHER, CARMEN A. Aiken Center PRICE, BARBARA Coastal Carolina Center PRIOR, JACOLIELINE C. Aiken Center PROCTOR, BARBARA Florence Center RABON, CARL Coastal Carolina Center RAMSEY, LARRY E. Lancaster Center RANKIN, BENNY Aiken Center RAPE, PHYLLIS Lancaster Center RAY, JAMES Coastal Carolina Center RAY, JAMES ROBERT Salkehatchie Center REAGIN, NORMA E. Florence Center REAVES, JERRI Coastal Carolina Center RECUPIDO, ANTHONY E. Aiken Center REDISH, GEORGE E. Florence Center RENEW, DOUGLAS M. Aiken Center RENNER, RICHARD G. Lancaster Center R EXROAT, ROBERT Beaufort Center RHODEN, ROBERT H. Aiken Center RHODES, LANNY GENE Lancaster Center RICE, CHARLES E. Aiken Center Pav in-...e ZW . l ix' NN Y . N -X X csc E is Q, '-1 ' '. ft 1 N. In R GTV xx? 1 r Q W M' s I X , :Qs .. Nh . . mv bp 'QQ' ' tw' VU M0-va 'i ss I i. --:cr :fr X my xl. .s ..,. +- ,Q - . ex A . c A ' V FX A ....ce. R 'Nf""ftY' If 'RNS iiii l RRY' R -I .,,, . .t -t 1 I X i X, ...S Q. . gi 5 Rc X Q - . N., ' J-:Lf NLXNRX I NS 'R ak I Q X. 1 X FRESHMEN ."P Rae- r' S X P5 X Ax Q31 N XX X L. c Qc ,s Q X XX X xxx .L N xlrk R N f R g . s Q A cs gt ff wr . gmt- A 'tiff xc i -mr' T Q SN. QS 'Macaw QR Sid - A S R X X . ss M- B I .a, 1 V' ,x., , Y, , ,ws . X ,I Q A wtf rx Qi., X t f Y . It Nflxcff T' Ain ,, . " . c s, Q ' x ,ffm Q Mc lim V A ' ,. - I 4",,gQ,-7" ,Q ,E A saggy' X fs-V st, 'ST' I. . S 'ip N ' ' V 2 . R - , . ' ' 5 is 1 , :Q MW."',f' i I f rv' :K ,pq .-nv X ' . tts 2 N 33 . Rf- P t faxed mu Q' 9 'lskvv 1 I2I i I i I I i i I: BT' .I -X -wr, f- C.. Nt.- K. S .0 G ' fan! I I 3 I I il I I I I Q 3 x :I 9 .. k A , - 2 V A :Z I. C we H 'S 5 ff-15? M Vt 1. 'X f S . 1+ we , si A ':, , ' I 3 Ir sc "M S ,MW-: A -N E A S., ,. lie- t s. if . V SKK... Q X av'-sfwf xx V s it Q X , b get 'www by , I Q sc.. L CN, . rf X A Q V.-..'VV, .. . .,.,,., i A . 'x',,,,::-g:.,+a :qt . A - s I M . I ., .. , .fm -este. - ss . . --.-- - an I li -"'- at -A-- I .. , I : 3" ' Sz. A -mit es N ,5 ,fy WE . . R , , ...Q ...X rs N-' ' . .- A ' 1:1 s I ,Cs x 9 A 2 I: -' s' 1 Q9 I"F:Q5f.:,lQ.. R 'Yami - '. ,I S. VN .aa me-V X : -"- K Q Nx E . . Tl' il 5' .sig We ,tgfewyw lm 5 f A Venn- N.. ,CJ X. I tie Q 'Q-f TT .S ' ..,. ' K ff -. as T I I l f A . 3 . as.. ' . 'Z ' We B' wr A w g . X kj 3' W .. ' WI. s' I .-we Kas fi A fe . B D is , . , 41' .,, 15,4 I l . 1 A '- f-16 ,- .X .. e -. ts'-9, .,V. ,Q - H. ,feges - ' xx C V is - 'v e-s..,A ,X :X , ' i 1' 0, ,,,Q, y - ' , . ' ,f . es Q .fm vw X 1... L., A - fates-v H ' . tk A S. 3 1 I 2 ,CCM ' ' 9 , ff - , ,I f N VAVV, M4 3 a af' 1 'r 1 ' sc ' I f . it Q xi is A E . A "' fm? v Il ' , S . ' I - -xnxx S" .. I M fm ' A ' h"' W 'N V kv- --" , X A w ,gd J W r ' -fa .. ts W., W' 4 .-X' rs S55 V--f ' J l in 'A .WM 1 fi 'Q 1 . ' ...ff W 5 ,,., I my .,,. Q,,,t . V f . X . A Q f 's ui :J .au ..v '- A , tr ,- 1.11. . ,.... .M I I we A Wt me .ec ' 'M' A ls N- Ne' it - W. JE, wi ,.,, ,V 7 auf , .Q . . X S A. . .A 'qt ef ' -,wr Q Y we M I - -M ., ,.,.-f J -mv' A A. I X . v A 3 X y I I . - AAA. . , ft. - x . . KSXQQ.. ' -1 'lr ' ' . 4' : '4' ,. . f' ,s',.'Y ,Ne .. 1. ,Z 5.-EI "'- 'A ,""Mk.., ' ,HZ . I I , C. C I , ,V K .l: , .une , - S ' f X' ., S I V . il, ,aw rv' St. 5 ,Q XXV W' F eb, t fu , gi hw .. Q .. -'Wk kk 1 ti ' - P , MENS ' we -sw-P L ,W is I t ,- V1 ' QA t, . f T X, 'Nt . if .1 'ef' P 1 aww.. C X S 'N-T' I ' ' ' LY ..., . - S - .P -I 1 I ' 1 V B tl K Xkpsf S . .. ,I we ' tt 2 ftietwf' s ., xr' nf- , Vlib sf tyeeggtsgsaa, . Xt., kk .' I i-:if -gyfytyasw, . - 4, ii 1 kpvqwzi . f - S- we QM 3 I Q l22 RICH, FRANK Aiken Center RICHARDSON. EDWIN K. Lancaster Center RICHARDSON, ELIZABETH Florence Center RIMER, LINDA FAYE Florence Center ROBERTS, HERBERT Salkehatchie Center ROBERTS, JERRY E. Lancaster Center ROBERTS, MARGARET JO Lancaster Center ROBERTS, WAYNE Beaufort Center ROBERTS, WILLIAM Lancaster Center ROBINSON, DAVE S. Aiken Center ROBINSON, FRANKLIN Florence Center ROBINSON, JUDY Lancaster Center RODDEY, JOHN FRANKLIN Lancaster Center RODGERS, DANNYE Coastal Carolina Center ROGERS, ADELE Florence Center ROGERS, SHERRON D. Aiken Center ROSIER, MIRIAM J. Florence Center ROSS, MITCHELL W. Aiken Center ROWELL, GWEN E. Florence Center ROWLAND, BARRY L. Aiken Center RUSHING, JOSEPH S., lll Salkehatchie Center SALLEY, KENNETH B. Aiken Center SAMPSON, HENRY W. Aiken Center SAMUEL, PAT Beaufort Center SAWYER, WILLIAM G. Aiken Center SCHALL, JOHN P. Aiken Center SCI-IOEIELD, MARSHALL Florence Center SCHULHOFER, FRANCIS L. Aiken Center SEABROOK, DON Florence Center SEASE, STEVEN W. Salkehatchie Center SEIGLER, RONALD E. Aiken Center SELLERS, JERRY Coastal Carolina Center SHARPE, TOMMIE, JR. Aiken Center SHAW, DAVIDI Florence Center SHAW, RICHARD lvl. Lancaster Center SHELLEY, DOROTHY Coastal Carolina Center SHOOK, ROCKY Coastal Carolina Center SH U MATE, THOMAS Lancaster Center SIM MS, PH I L Lancaster Center SIMMONS, KENNETH M. Salkehatchie Center SIMONSON, SUSIE Coastal Carolina Center SIMPSON, JANYCE L. Aiken Center SINC-LI TARY, SAMUEL Ilorcntc Lonter SLNUGHTER, T. WAYNE Arkon Center SLOAN, PHILLIP Aiken Center SMALL, GILBERT C. Lancaster Center SMALL, STEVE Coastal Carolina Center SMILEY, KEITH O. Aiken Center SMITH, BRYCE Beaufort Center SMITH, CHARLES H. Lancaster Center SMITH, JOHN W., JR. Salkehatchie Center SMITH, ROBIN BRUCE Lancaster Center SMITH, ROGENIA A. Union Center SMITH, STEWART Florence Center SNIPES, FRANK Lancaster Center SNIPES, JOHN THOMAS Lancaster Center SN I PES, J Ll DY Lancaster Center SNYDER, JAMES O. Aiken Center soLoMoNs, CATHERINE E. Salkehatchie Center SORRELL, LARRY O. Aiken Center SPENCER, WILLIAM Aiken Center SPINKS, DAVID W. Aiken Center SPIVEY, DONALD Coastal Carolina Center SPROUSE, WILLIAM D. Union Center STATON, DAVID C. Union Center STEELE, RICHARD Florence Center STEVENSON, WILLIAM D. Salkehatchie Center STEWART, WILLIAM Florence Center STOKES, KENNETH E. Florence Center STRAITE, WILLIAM Lancaster Center STRICKLAND, DELORIS Coastal Carolina Center STRICKLAND, JAMES D. Florence Center STRICKLAND, RENE E. Florence Center STRICKLAND, ROBERT Coastal Carolina Center STURGILL, GLENDA J. Union Center SUGGS, CAROLYN Coastal Carolina Center SUGGS, EARL Florence Center SULLIVAN, DON C. Salkehatchie Center SUMMEREORD, WAVERl..Y Florence Center SUTHERLAND, JACK Beaufort Center TAYLOR, CAR ROLL Lancaster Center TAYLOR, ROBERT E. Aiken Center TAYLOR, THOMAS, JR. Beaufort Center TEPPER, SAMUEL Florence Center ,xx A 14, 7 f ,Mx 'li WT 413 Qs . 1' 1' Ts. ekx-, 'fx'-" N "'! " , 'mr 339. x I ' It Wt , at ' , 'JI' I 'X ,N - -Q V .TY ws c K ' A ss I . . . . fa X X X we sf I A g cw M- we cc U 12 -- ' .... ,X 'mf .361 h 'NN' ef ' X8 ' 945 , ,K X 19 21, -...MN .px e x 6 K Awgfs Sec ix. I., "" - Keir A - 1 A N Q X s X em f: ws-S . .:- .1 X Y c,.cc. we , 'SS' x war" .,.. mg 2 tc. ,fr -. 1.. ' of , Stes It V55 iww-S as vi' N J , IX,-' U a i. 1'g,r.,'n-:es H -, ,-.-wsu. K ' ,Q ...E lv :iw gg ' R SM , . -,, . I l. 'TV , lx 9 .. cffgga . is ..: Q I it -'Ani-K ' mv .Yu ww-.....,, FRESHMEN 1. ' "1 'HN vm 1 tis- -f ' A ' ' .sz . Vxfz wtwt itliztrk ..,,...,. .ASWKWQS ,QS et J X My-E . ,',. t' fffefkfge, cc ' IW: . we sr , A ss sew ffwex: 0- .wr Kscwlrig Q -A S. KOS. .Nc .. . ' c t,,. X , Se ESQQ - Sxaffsw c -A ..t. Q XXA- s .W I-'CM I ef' R ...M is . . I 4695 S ,., S. -. - .M - ESS nw we S 'Q Y 'N t c W ,.,. x . to KISNQ . s . -. . Q KK . cc---cxcg . -. . -SSLNSNSXXQS v i-1 I I . , V .. -.x K ' ' Ngicest-RSX .gig X .. A E h ,fi s 3 - Q V Y KX N , Ls. gf-2 - , A 'wr s ' 2 ff. 'Tgc 5 ,S so 1 i t ef. .Kc .KN XXX.. .N c . c... "'t . , . 1? 1 magn- C t. f J ! ...c c TT ,W It -K--M' ' sf I , wk I N i ef it ar X S f' 5 1' if f,.s,.,-we rex' E TNQ , K ia.:..L. X Q at A ,Q ere- es if Q' -fr' , Q I rw 2' no XS- MUN 'L 1 Q lf, t- V! .av-- Y :xl y ' ,fs-,fp ERR m fr I " A A Q M L l23 it S ! I F-H I r I I I I r i I I I I , I Ei i I I I i I I i I I I I l i. il IU I ,, I ir I I I I i. E , I I I rr 1 ll I l I I i I I ll Ii ,Ii I I I I I i.. FRESHMEN ,. f YZ. ,, , ,, ff 'ft--, -at 5 Q X I 2 - gfgifg ii X '17 I w X it f. Y we S., .c Mr ., X K f"swt, .X W X. s . .gen sl" rr W , S145 5 SEK NX -N: wr wc gi fsc K Q , . X xx S vie if Wea AR wx X S X .5 , em X D R .I I X' . Q- - rss- 'E .9 S 3 - . S - I S ' f D :sv . I ' I 'is W' -Q W -ES, . WSRKE' A Sk -"U . ' Ss 2 ' -.iqffffss - - fs. A Y 'Sv t we X D 4 . MF? li. ,Rigas iv :':'I:. ' we , ,. ... 'X' . -ra, . ff sa DRA 2 Si' rw' ' Y D xl - ,' 'CPA .E 15. fi .V s str' 54 i S X ,,, X ws -sz- " DQN K 'XXI T ia" F ifzf-SQ X 5 , . , ,-5... wiixrtrt. ,X if i , ,sbt it NSS? I ' a , if , .. gi D A t TQ .I .X'QE"""M x Rx t .. I tat .s g Q,-at -,Q , f FS i' f if 1 I l s xt. . , as 1 ss :S X. Q. . Newp- " x ' x X 2 ft' A ft' or get SA. X , N , Sx X ., In :sm .f .. , im asizeifi 42,:e:11,a,..:..: My ...K . "1.,,5 SX Ax T X Y Sr 1 ' X ,Y Q, S d',SK A, , jg I Q 'Sv ' '1 I r I .4im. 'lim-f A 1 I l24 as-.t.,... 1- ' Q- R - ts . ir X , L. 'fi x Rs ak . 'M 'ESV' ,,x. Swag.. 55:3 iiifllfflfr ., .K ., ,fn .. U ,.,. t .G l A 5 , K rr , . Ct xt 4 X wt X frm-. S 5 1 N wr I I- Q X X 5 Y xx X 9 NN K YZ tx R .N X '- D-. xi f 19155 ff S: 411 ' sei: 'i 5 K xc - Nm- ni, .-.a 5 .-GN K- -S X. s SX THOMAS, FRANCIS M. Aiken Center THOMAS, JAMES C. Florence Center Tl-IOMPKINS, WILLIAM M. Coastal Carolina Center THOMPSON, JAMES D. Union Center THOMPSON, ROBERT A. Florence Center THORPE. TOMMY Salkehatchie Center THURMOND, SAM Lancaster Center TOFTE, MARGARET E. Aiken Center TOOLE, MARK E. Aiken Center TOWNE, MARIE LEE Florence Center TR EZEVANT, DANIEL Beaufort Center TRUESDALE, CYNTHIA Salkehatchie Center TUCKER, LANA JEAN Union Center TURNER, DONALD GREY Lancaster Center TURNER, JAMES B., JR. Florence Center TURNER, JOHN E. Lancaster Center TURNER, RALPH DAVID Union Center TYLER, WALTER Florence Center TYSKEWICZ, JOSEPH Lancaster Center VANDERLEY, JAMES W. Aiken Center VAUGHAN, JO ANN Aiken Center VENDETELLI, ROSE MARIE Beaufort Center VERENE5, NANCY JANE Aiken Center WADE, RONALD WAYNE Union Center WALKER, JOHN Coastal Carolina Center WALKUP, TED D. Lancaster Center WALL, EMMET RAY Salkehatchie Center WALL, MARION Salkehatchie Center WALLACE, RU FUS Lancaster Center WALLACE, SCHERRA C. Beaufort Center WALTER, JULIA P. Salkehatchie Center WALTERS, RICHARD EDWIN Lancaster Center WARD, JAMES E. Union Center WARD, JOHN DAVID Florence Center WARD, RONALD D. Union Center WARNER, JOHN Florence Center WATFORD, HEYWARD, JR. Florence Center WATKINS, CATHERINE L. Florence Center WATKINS, LINWOOD E. Lancaster Center WATKINS, THOMAS K. Union Center WATSON, MARY ELLEN Florence Center WATSON, JAMES Coastal Carolina Center , XA AISON. TERRY Comttil Carolina Center XX ATTS, IDA ROSE Ltintastcr Center VVEATHEREORD, JLIDY DEW Florence Center VYEATHERINGTON, DAN Coastal Carolina Center WEBB, BARBARA Florence Center WEBB, BEEK Beaufort Center WEBB, RAYMOND C. Florence Center WEBB, RICHARD Salkehatchie Center WEEKS, ANN Aiken Center WELCH, LARRY L. Florence Center WELLON, CAROLINE Florence Center WELLS, JOANNE Beaufort Center WERNER, W. JOSEPH Lancaster Center WEST, MYRA ELLEN Lancaster Center WEST, NANCY DIANNE Union Center WHATLEY, ERBIN E., JR. Florence Center WI-IISENANT, JOHN E. Union Center WHITE, CONNIE Coastal Carolina Center WHITE, MICHAEL R. Salkehatchie Center Wl-IITEI-ILIRST, CINDY ANN Ai ken Center WIGGINS, JAMES PAUL Florence Center WILKINSON, ZONA Salkehatchie Center WILLIAMS, ANN Lancaster Center WILLIAMS, BILLY M. Lancaster Center WILLIAMS, CAROL Coastal Carolina Center WILLIAMS, COY Lancaster Center WI LLIAMS, FRED Lancaster Center WILLIAMS, JAMES M. Aiken Center WILLIAMS, RICHARD A. Aiken Center WILLIAMS, T. RANDY Lancaster Center WILLIS, CAROLYN Aiken Center WILLIS, GWYNN Aiken Center WILSON, BARBARA LYNN Florence Center WILSON, DARWIN JESSE Lancaster Center WILSON, ELORA Salkehatchie Center WILSON, JEREMY Salkehatchie Center WILSON, ROBERT W. Aiken Center WINN, JAMES RONALD Lancaster Center WINN, RONALD G. Salkehatchie Center WITI-IERSPOON, BARTLETTE WITHERSPOON, BAR RY Florence Center WITMER, JOHN CAREY Florence Center N - ,. I 0 yn ,vi 5 I ' .. 'Y Q I ',"t, f e 'F' sk Y A 'r . .t 1 A I Fwffcw a t V L rr-V rf- s at 1 Ute ... -If-' . ' ye r t M X I, . SS Q , X Q' 'nv t te QM ' P QQ XJ II , S A It , Sr N ' S 'Qu 'Y X. ,A 'ur F i I. , '--' n.. .I rw I .' . I i 1 , K. I f V I N.. ILS, 5 Q x ' ' """"'- I 3 We-ff 'A , , A , if t, fl X NW A Y, ' 1 Ai RAN I 2-K J Y N . A .5 .V M A 4 5 . . .Z R Q t .tp . - tr ,, X X w SX A -sr A AQ Nx N ,, xt -f WK!! r' RN A I 'Ki -CN. . ,K - r g , Q , . I Et on is 'Q ff I I 'Q X W-"S B s It Ilf, .vm Q5 JUN IX I .ff ,. E IX . 3 I Lancaster Center N' cm-' "T .... RNSSXQ 1 f sf S t 'S A - A .P xx at . , h lf., fee , it ' . -. 'xv , 5+ VM- ' . t -fit , 'Br igiirltii gr-: '- .guggtg j t. 'l a . 'W was l25 'r FRESHMEN .r""' . E I --ze: N Q -Ft Ni l .Q as 'x I R X X get .X ,X e Nile-me . X- A A ig W ,X ww- A f mr Fifa It ff W X K .A X 'Y xc AQ Rm xx . 'St X- X X Y 4' v 5 1 ' ., Q., p I ff' XL XXYX.. f .X - X Q Z, S Z N Q 54 X Jr' M ft, x 'Qi il t Qi Sf 425-wp Ss ,,,,,,.....Nm ' X ' x new W ms' NYM WOOD, l. F. Coastal Carolina Center WOODS, MICHAEL RAY Florence Center WOODWARD, EDWARD F Salkehatchie Center WOOTEN, JAMES - N Lancaster Center A, , 1 WORRELL. MARY EDNA Florence Center ' WRlGl-ll. GEORGE W. Q Aiken Center I A WRIGHT. WILLIAM J. I. Lancaster Center I YAUN, WlLBLlR A, QM X AIken Center ' xx aux 'F R SZ LX- , . ,s Nxffxf F AIken Center aw Yosr, GARY E. R Y S Aiken Center AN-xx 551-Qiw D' f ' Youne, SAMMY E. A-X DN Salkehatchie Center ZORGIASI THEODORE E' Florence Center BOZEMAN. SHERRY Coastal Carolina Center SUGGS. HERMAN Coastal CarolIna Center SUTHERLAND. JANICE Coastal Carolina Center f ,. fwfr?-I ',r' ,Q My ff-ff-of ,f,-f -' A wr W .aww I ,-- f ffl ZZ I if. 3 ,s'I ' f f V 5 I ,f ,, P I f' - A ff Miz I. Wim ? WZVQ I - I ItI,5II5f -5 ,9 , ,aw 2,,:4,fJ. EI, 4, I I ,N .5 WI! , .. if fn- J I WI - A I I ,, A . ' "t"':' lifff? I, I3 -, , 1 Ifffffg' - 51541 5 ff 'I -12+ :-.:, - I l ADAMS, PLRRY LEON SPECIAL STUDENTS Q, - FET Lantnstcr Center f , Q T QQ ' AnAk1s, SYLVIA f A ly . Q I I LanLLIstcI Center I fr rf, I -, A -fd AIXIEEN, LOIS Q fa "-P7 Tix a 1.9. . zzz' f-v 'Q 1- Lancaster Center 'tl N' l K ' 1 ff N Q an , Q AsHLEY, CHARLES RODNEY LQ ..,- Qi, 3' I ., A-:E Q Aiken Center ' "" f" 'T' M K ' . H. Q I AXELBERG. CECELIA 'V' Af A I Aiken Center f ' AYCOTI-IE, LINDA LUCY Lancaster Center 1 BAG-WELL, LARRY GENE Q , Q Aiken Center , , Q ,Q BAXLEY, JOHN WILLIS I L ' ' is Aiken Center Q gi A Q Q Ng Q ' fl: BEESEN, ROSALEEN J. , ..- Q S A?-Qt 'M ,wif , I Florence Center A 'Ar ' D 'Q' D N i t 55 n 7 Q Q ' Q We :L BIEHL, WILLIAM ' Q, few' . Beaufort Center - el., Q Q, S ' 4 BRANNON, JANE we tete A L ' Lancaster Center M I Q t X ' S - BRODIE, LITITIA A. X I Aiken Center ' E ' BROWN, MARILYN B. Aiken Center BURNS, BILLIE RAE Union Center BUTLER, LAN DON Beaufort Center CALDWELL, JOANNE S. Aiken Center CAUTI-IEN, MIRIAM I'I. Lancaster Center CHAVIS, DORIS Aiken Center CHESTNUT, SARAH Coastal Carolina Center CLONTZ. JACK M. Aiken Center COLEMAN, ARCHIE Aiken Center COM BS, DAVID Florence Center COTTON, CAROL A. Union Center CRAWFORD, PETER I. Lancaster Center CREECH, RICHARD L. Salkehatchie Center DAVIS, JANE C. Aiken Center DELOZIER, ROBERT W. Aiken Center DIDOEON, BONNY SUSAN Aiken Center DOBBINS. EMILY Coastal Carolina Center DYCHES, CHARLES Salkehatchie Center ECKMAN, GINGER Aiken Center ELLETT, JAMES W. Aiken Center ERGLE, HARVEY L. Aiken Center EALLAW, WAYNON D. Aiken Center FAWLEY, MICHAEL Beaufort Center FERRITER, JUDY Aiken Center FLOYD. MARTHA E. Aiken Center FRONTROTH. LEONA V. Aiken Center GAULT. SIDNEY W. Union Center GILBERT. ELIZABETH A. Aiken Center GODLA, BETTY L. Aiken Center GRIMMER. MARGE Coastal Carolina Center 'A'-b ..- Ave xrv y 9 Q Q K YS Y R L , it E M M . 5 N: "1 'A S V x i" I r .,. . .L -- k Y! QMQN, , X , ' an ,K V' Ls S QL , Esk x Q' A X as N Y L Q . ,QF ei LL XX x i X 1 X X NCQ .N-. N E I 'iii YB f K Q. . ,.'ft ,QQ ff, me L .,.. ,,'TJ.f A 'I X - get . A' , A ,L -.. QW Q Am L , A WL W S wLjLQ Q5 Q X D LQ LQC z' 'Y CL A. ' 'A f -, 'IX Tu, X Ae Q55 QQXQL J - A X50 L , -I ' ' N. we , L .Q Q 4, ,.' C N A Ns AX A . X A 4, v I ...Q X X X ew NT , X A 1 - 'Ye' I gg .L X ti I B t 1 K S A as 11 QW' X Q .... Q L.. f L A it t H' If ...L A , ee , A5 L ' E NL ,I .E L y :ar L7 me A jf Q QQ. Ii A ' 5. A L -r L, A "' Q H , ff W ,mf-, 5 ,,-.N X L Q L,-5,0 ww 1 jf 5 - f if 51' , ' 2-Q ,. ' . QQ -w if Y . as I - Q X ,L NA I ' ' ' , . . .Q iq 1 A M 'M A . ' 1' , , Q ,I K Q, Q L 1 L 'Ax X qi T 'I I I 1 . ,L , ia , ' . l27 Les - -A ,Left '. Qt, L L . E.. ,Ne , if QA 1 - X ew-A x,,Hx.v,t.E A Q Q Q 's Qs WL .- is '-Q' Lx - at I L . s -M X . ' gf iQ X A ,AQWL N X A Q Q gi X X X t 9' IS N I I X fix 1 I i I I I I I I I I I I E. I I I I I I I I , I Ii I I I I I I i I I i i I I I I I I I I I I ii I I I, I Q. SPECIAL STUDENTS . . . i , ,,,,, . X I -S 1" 'V Rr. 'Ss' s M.. 1 X T- A . . 1 Nts A A ' I I I h R A... x A any , I.. . , f x x"SX 0 A ' , M-W TT 1 I, tw .Wye A, Q Q Swv' x f 'A ,wily IN I W jg, J fi - ' f If I' I sri! mf ' . f .S I f ff V"-14 X Xfe.-few ,JW A - S I 'txt RA I . ,,. W.. I A,,,,, ,. X K ,NN N f 3 I 'rw fy. . 1.35 Y. We S 4 16151. -I-ws f ,, SSR I . . R. E' or . ,. X. .x-- f sf A ', J S Di. I T 'I S . ' sy I N J f a ta A Y., CY I :yi ,Q Rt IS 'M am. 2 j ,, , , I. Neg RA - . . ' Wlstwfe -xr N tx ,WA 'UM NTI' f-......m-' 5' K . - t ,. .A A 'S Xe . sc i , ' . fi - -N I A V 1 ' .S , I I I Rf . 2,-Q.,.EfgT: ,q .. A ' , ,,... S' :II sais IQ -t 4 - x,TT,4,g.:"S'. Y N ' I S as ' N Nw' S as fs . S,S . Ti: I BI S., .k'i' .INXS Y. . I T 1 qqq ..,,s...,.,,,, -A 4 9 X 'i'WEfQ'fbS1S'ff-. "Mn, f' Es?" 3 ..ReXXo.,X.., I KSA fav.: Q X E-NN . Rv I28 Wi i we xh... s R .ft I K KSSS - X Wx S . c ,X R W, .5 R at 5. I ' ' TQ K Y .Q 'Qs ss 5 ,L 3 i lb .Q h . S ss -xx.,-, - ,st SAC. . A SSSS tt Rh .N . A- . "'4f . .AA, . , . Vx Q x as .SW W X . t vga Xb R, 1 S . XS R x t .-... ...rg f I z ,, ,..,, a"i GRINER, MARY M. Salkehatchie Center HALL, LEWIS C. Aiken Center HANNA, MARION O. Union Center HECHT, TILLIE S. Union Center HENDRICK, LINDA Coastal Carolina Center HERNDON, JAMES R. Aiken Center HIGHTOWER, TED A. Salkehatchie Center HINSON, SANDRA L. Lancaster Center HUBBARD, CHARLES M. Salkehatchie Center HUDSON, FRED R. Aiken Center H U EY, SAM Lancaster Center INGRAM, ANNE Beaufort Center JENKINS. CLARENCE L. Aiken Center JOHNSON, BETTY J. Aiken Center KENDRICK, RONNIE Aiken Center KIRBY, CAROLYN PEGGY Union Center KIRKLAND, ELSIE L. Aiken Center KLING, ERIK R. Aiken Center KNIGHT, COY L., JR. Lancaster Center LANCASTER, PRISCILLA S Union Center LEGGETTE, MARIAN F. Florence Center LIVINGSTON, JOE T. Aiken Center LOGAN, NINA BETH Salkehatchie Center MCCLUSKEY, DOUGLAS F Aiken Center McMANAWAY, PATSY C. Aiken Center MEDLIN, BETTY Coastal Carolina Center MELLON, SYLVIA E. Salkehatchie Center MILLS, MELANIE S. Aiken Center MIXSON, TRAVIS Salkehatchie Center OSBORN, JOSEPH R. Aiken Center PERRY, DORIS N. Salkehatchie Center PI-IILLI PS. GLORIA Lancaster Center PLYLER, AARON W. Lancaster Center PRESSLEY, LARRY L. Salkehatchie Center PURVIS, LUCILLE B. Aiken Center RANDALL, FAIREY J. Aiken Center RIVERS, MILDRED B. Salkehatchie Center ROBINSON, PEGGY A. Lancaster Center ROGERS, MILTON L. Aiken Center SANSBURY, JANE E. Florence Center SHELDON, VERNA H. Aiken Center SIDDALL, ANTOINETTE Aiken Center SMITH, CHERYL Coastal C.uoIrn.1 Ccntcr SIXIITH, GLADYS D. Florence Center SNYDER, MIKE Langastcr Center TEAGLIE, JOE S. Unnon Center TOLLISON, HENRY E., JR. Unron Center TCDLSON, MARTHA Coastal Carolina Center TONGOUR, STELLA H. Salkehatchie Center TROWELL, BARBARA I-l. Salkehatchre Center TUTEN, RANDALL E. Aiken Center VAN NIEL, MARILYN E. Aiken Center VITELLO, PETER Beaufort Center WALLACE. RICHARD Coastal Carolina Center WINGO, ALICE L. , x t l Q. X Union Center A WOODHAM, FRANCIS L. ,' Aiken Center ' WOODY, GLENN it R 1' Coastal Carolina Center A I X W WRIGHT, ELIZABETH A Florence Center WRIGHT, LORRAINE C. Aiken Center M .,.,. r X' 1 JE fs 'L l' fi It 'VX A .51 'Q ,.,- 11' rw' t x T.- f X we .mt ix' N . I 1 . I W 3 TSR A 3 a"""'v I Q 1, C A ,, X xt! X ,..,....-. WATT' . 1 X if r Q I29 SPECIAL STUDENTS I D Mm. , ' 4 .- . , X x .ix A 'N Rt ' Qi Aix 1 . Ri N N ,pl R ' T? X 'A X 'BN .. X xg X X N I X N , x Rx Eg' Rs X 2 X I R 1 . S 'N Xe- .- .3 Us 5 t-.kwwx XX . .CNN .xx t y, Newt . IX XXRmRtXtf'aiN1NwR, k -E XW RR Newt' wee . N' XNNX AWA A eta: A S A NNSRSQXNSNNwf ' See A gf It Q N I A-Q Nt ...t 4 'T See. "RTN-ASXX E- S T get 'A iiw-Sf. M. . 1' X xt W RR N 5. XXX Fx 5 X X X Q xl N X X x X x XX : X x X X N P x X X et Rx t Q N X X , Q 'ex Q Nw -I ' S ek , tx A tt tk ,ew . eX.Q X RSM tj ,- Q ' , , ,tr ek r SQ? .45-F43 X ex lx F W t Q 0' ev . . 1 1 I x .- ,vmf . x an ewan. 4 I I-' . S 's T NN N , N' XR-A.. Q ,tu 'S a s N V 1 ri rs Bagwell, Busbee, 2 I i I in AIKEN REGIONAL Abbott, Patricia, Aiken Alexander, Kay, Aiken Alexander, Kennelyn, Aiken Allen, Cleo, Aiken Anderso Anderso Anderso n, H. Gary, Aiken n, Jean, Belvedere n, Mike, Wagener Anderson, Keith, Williston Ashley, Rodney, Aiken Ashmore. William, Aiken Aull, Ju lius C., Aiken Axelberg, Cecelia, Aiken Larry, Aiken Bandy, Harriet, McCormick Barrett, John, Aiken Baston, Clairse, Clearwater Baughman, Dianne, Wagener Baurle, Robert, Augusta,Ga. Baxley, John, Springfield Becker, Elizabeth, Aiken Bell, Dennis, Williston Bell, Wayne, Williston Blair, Caroline, Aiken Blake, James, Aiken Bond, Susan, Aiken Boone, Janice, Aiken Bowman, Jackson, Aiken Boyd, Shirley Jean, Graniteville Boyette. John, Aiken Brackett, Charles, Aiken Brantley, Lewis, Aiken Brayboy. Barbara, Aiken Brewer, Judy, Aiken Brockington, Kenneth, Warrenville Brockington, Selvest, Aiken Brodie, Letitia, Aiken Brotherton, W. H., Aiken Brown, James, Trenton Brown, Marilyn, Aiken Bruton, George, Aiken Bryan, Beth, North Augusta Bunch, George, Belvedere Bunch, Joseph, North Augusta Burleson, Sandra, Aiken Burns, Mary, Aiken Grace, Aiken Bush, John, Graniteville Butcher, Richard, Williston Butler, Carolynne, Aiken Butler, Walter, Aiken Cadden, Judy, Aiken Cadden, Marvin, Aiken Caldwell, Joanne, Aiken Callahan, James, Aiken Carroll, Nancy, Aiken Carter, Earl, Aiken Carter, Patricia, Aiken Carter, Robert, Aiken Carter, William, Aiken Casey, Michael, Johnston Charles, Richard, Wagener Chavis, Chelton, Doris, Aiken Chris, Aiken Chitty, George, North Augusta Christian, William, Aiken Clarke, Andrea, Aiken Clay, Roderick, Aubusta,Ga. Clittord, D. M., Aiken Clontz, Jack, North Aupusta Cobb, Terry, Williston Colalucci, Beverly, Aiken Colclough, Benny, Augusta,Ga. Coleman, Archie, Trenton Coleman, Frances, Aiken Coley, Mavis, Gloverville Collins, Douglas, Aiken Compton, Ernie, New Ellenton Crawtord, David, New Ellenton Creed, Crowley Cullinan Linda, Aiken , Evelyn, Aiken , Eleanor, Aiken Cumbee, Charles, Aiken Cunning Cunning Cunning , Patrick, Aiken ham, Anna, Aiken ham, William, Aiken STUDENT DIRECTORY CAMPUS Davidson, Phyllis, Aiken Davis, Jane, Aiken Delozier, Robert, Aiken Didgeon, Bonny, Aiken Dion, Susan, Aiken Dobie, Elizabeth, Barnwell Dorman, J. Bryan, Aiken Douglas, Charles, Augusta,Ga. Dowd, Kathye, Johnston Drier, Charles, Aiken Driver, Steve, Aiken Duncan, William, Aiken Dyer, Ronald, Aiken Eckman, Ginger, Aiken Edwards, Margaret, Johnston Ellet, James, Aiken Ellington, Richard, Aiken Ergle, Harvey, Aiken Evans, Larry, New Ellenton Fabrick, Dan, Aiken Fallaw, Waynon, Graniteville Farrar, Durana, Aiken Ferriter, Judy, Aiken Fickling, Eugene, Blackville Floyd, Martha, Aiken Foley, John, Ridge Spring Fowler, Elizabeth, Langley Frear, Wilmot, Aiken Free, James, Gloverville Fricks, Martin, Aiken Fripp, Harriet, Ridge Spring Frommer, Richard, Aiken Frontroth, Leona, Aiken Funderburg, David, Gloverville Gilbert, Elizabeth, Aiken Godla, Betty, Aiken Graham, Charles, New Ellenton Green, Aaron, North Augusta Gregg, Ronald, Aiken Grittin, John Neal, Blackville Groseclose, Michael, Aiken Gross, Jay, Aiken Grubb, Frank, Aiken Gullion, Drucilla, Aiken Gurley, Robert, Aiken Hall, Coy, Aiken Hall, Joe, Aiken Hall, Lewis, Aiken Harper, Larry, Belvedere Hart, Patrick, Aiken Harvey, James, Aiken Hayes, William, Aiken Heath, Huger, Aiken Heaton, Daniel, Aiken Hedrick, Judy, Aiken Henderson, Martin, Aiken Henkes, Harley, Aiken Hensley, Weldon, Aiken Herbert, Dorothy, Aiken Herndon, James, Aiken Hewitt, Robert, Warrenville Hicks, Charles, Bath Higgenbottom, Kenneth, Aiken Hodges, Vickie, Aiken Holston, Marion, Aiken Hudak, Sandra, Aiken Hudson, Fred, Aiken Hudson, Ronald, Augusta,Ga. lnabinet, Reuel, New Ellenton Ivey, Judy, North Augusta Jackson, James, Aiken Jackson, Lois, Aiken Jeancake, Nicholas, Aiken Johnson. Betty, Aiken Johnson, Claudia, Aiken Johnson, Thomas, Graniteville Johnston, Tony, Bath Jones, Forrest, Greenwood Jones, Leonard, North Augusta Jumper, Billy, New Ellenton Keith, Loretta, Aiken Kelker, John, North Augusta Kendrick, Ronald, Aiken Kenney, Charles, Graniteville Keyes, Lehmen, Aiken Kight, Kenneth, Aiken King, Keith, Augusta,Ga. Kirk, Shannon, Aiken Kirkland, Elsie, Warrenville Kling, Erik, Aiken Lattimore, Anne, Aiken Leitch, John Martin, Aiken Livingston, Joel, Aiken Lang, Robert, Aiken Lord, Thomas, Aiken Love, Tony, Aiken Manders, Joseph, North Augusta Maroney, Preston, Aiken Martin, Donald, Aiken Martin, Oscar, Aiken Marx, Marilyn, Aiken Mathis, James, Aiken Mattocks, Homer, New Ellenton Mattocks, William, New Ellenton McCarthy, Harold, Aiken McCluskey, Douglas, Aiken McCoIIaugh, Lily, Aiken McFarland, Sandra, Aiken McGee, Ralph, Aiken McMahan, Teresa, North Augusta McManaway, Patsy, Aiken McNamee, Douglas, Augusta,Ga. Meischen, Sandra, Aiken Miller, Gladys, Aiken Miller, Robert, Aiken Mills, Melanie, Williston Mills, Steven, Aiken Mitchell, Nicki, Aiken Mootes, Marsha, Aiken Moore, Pamela, Aiken Morton, Richard, Aiken Mote, David, Ridge Spring Murphy, Frank, Aiken Newton, Margaret, Aiken Noles, Robert, Athens, Ga. Nordeen, Patricia, New Ellenton Nuzum, John, Aiken Odom, Bobby, Elko Oliver, Dennis, Williston Oliver, Kenneth, Williston Olsen, Karen, Aiken Orr, Donald, Aiken Orr, Jerry, Aiken Osbon, Joseph, Aiken Padgett, Michael, Aiken Patterson, Robert, Aiken Pattis, Ellen, Aiken Paulos, Mark, Augusta,Ga. Payton, Becky, Aiken Pellarin, Phyllis, Aiken Pinkney, Ricky, Aiken Plunkett, Wayne, Graniteville Plyler, David, Aiken Prather, Carmen, Langley Prior, Jacqueline, Jackson Pearson, Leo, Aiken Purvis, Lucille, Aiken Randall, Fairey, North Augusta Rankin, Alvin, Ridge Spring Recupido, Tony, New Ellenton Reeves, Herman, Aiken Renew, Douglas. Blackville Rhoden, Bobby, Aiken Rice, Charles, Aiken Rich, Scott, Belvedere Richardson, Boies, Aiken Ridenour, Ronnie, Aiken Riley, Gerald, Graniteville Rivenbark, Jeri Sue, Aiken I30 Robinson, Dave, Aiken Roe. Richard, Edgetield Rogers, Barbara, Aiken Rogers, Milton, Warrenville Rogers, Sherron, Aiken Ross, Mitchell, Aiken Rowland, Barry, Williston Rowland, Douglas, Aiken Rowland, James, Aiken Royal, Dennison, Aiken Salley, Kenneth, Aiken Sampson, Harry, Aiken Sanders, Freddie, Ridge Spring Sattertield, David, Aiken Sawyer, Gunn, North Augusta Saye, Joseph, Johnston Schall, John, Aiken Scarpa, John, Aiken Schmitt, Joseph, Aiken Schulhoter, Louis, Aiken Seigler, Ronald, Warrenville Sharpe, Tommie, North Augusta Sheldon, Verna, Aiken Siddall, Antoinette, Aiken Simpson, Jerry, Aiken Simpson, Janyce, Aiken Slaughter, Wayne, Aiken Sloan, Philip, Williston Smiley, Keith, Aiken Smiley, Lydia, Aiken Smith, John, Warrenville Srnith, Wade, Aiken Smoot, Annette, Aiken Snipes, Gene, Aiken Snyder, James, Aiken Sorrell, Larry, Williston Spencer, William, New Ellenton Spinks, David, Belvedere Stanley, Arnold, Houston,Texas Starr, Harold Williston Steenerson, Edward, North Augusta Stevens, Rebecca, Aiken St.John, Mary Lou, Aiken Stokes, Claude, Aiken Stringer, Eleanor, Aiken Taylor, Robert, Graniteville Theodosis, Elias, Aiken Thomas, Francis, Aiken Totte, Margaret, Aiken Toole, Mark, Warrenville Traughber, Dadre, Aiken Turner, Sharyn, Aiken Tuten, Randall, New Ellenton Vanderley, James, Graniteville VanNieI, Marilyn, Aiken Vaughan, Jo Ann, Aiken Verenes. Eugenia, Aiken Verenes, Nancy, Aiken Wadtord. James, Belvedere Wallace, David, Aiken Warren, Fred, Aiken Watkins, Jo Ann, Williston Webb, Thomas, Aiken Weeks, Edith Ann, North Augusta West, Ida, Aiken Whitehurst, Cindy, Aiken Williams, James M., North Augusta Williams, Richard, Aiken Willing, Angelle, Aiken Willis, Carolyn, Aiken Willis, Gwynn, Aiken Wilson, Robert, Aiken Woodham, Francis, Aiken Worley, Robert, Aiken Wright, George, Johnston Wright, Lorraine, Aiken Yaun. Wilbur, Graniteville Yon, Benny, Aiken Yost, Gary, Barnwell Young, Samuel, North Augusta BEAUFORT REGIGNAL CAMPUS sktwtmto, Charles A., Beaufort Atull, Stove, Beaufort Adeihold, Dwight, Beaufort Alloniana, Franic N., Beaufort Allen, James T., Beaufort Anderson, Cecil E., Burton Anderson, James R., Beaufort Anderson, Lynden D., Beaufort Anderson, Michael, Beaufort Avant, William H., Beaufort Bailey, Connie F., Spartanburg Barker, Sharon, Beaufort Barnett, Linda Lee, Beaufort Barnette, Roy, Beaufort Barton, John, Beaufort Bass, Alyce, Ridgeland Bazemore, Susan, Beaufort Behr, Bertha, Beaufort Bell, Lisa, Beaufort Bell, Rheaford, Beaufort Biehl, Nancy, Beaufort Biehl, William, Beaufort Blanchard, Eugene, Beaufort Bodnar, James, Beaufort Boemerman, George, Beaufort Boyer, Edwin, Beaufort Braswell, Albert, Ridgeland Braswell, Wayne, Ridgeland Brown, Travis, Beaufort Brown, Vera, Beaufort Butler, Landon, Beaufort Byrne, Gregory, Beaufort Caldwell, Gary, Beaufort Caldwell, William, Beaufort Calore, John, Beaufort Campbell, Donald, Beaufort Carter, Ned, Beaufort Clark, Greg. Laurel Bay Coggins, John, Laurel Bay Coleman, Peter, Beaufort Collins, James, Beaufort Connelly, Linda, Beaufort Cooler, Herman, Burton Cooper, Eugene, Beaufort Cordary, Darrell, New York, N.Y. Corum, Roy, Bluffton Cubberley, Alice, Beaufort Dacus, Jerry, Beaufort Darnell, Maxine, Beaufort Davis, Charles, Beaufort Davis, Jacquelyne, Beaufort Dean, Richard, Laurel Bay Deer, Joel, Beaufort Deer, Judy, Beaufort DeLoach, Nelle, Beaufort Dent, Mary, Beaufort Diebner, William, Beaufort DiSilvestro, Donna, Beaufort Dodd, Gregory, Parris lsland Dominguez, Bob, Beaufort Donegan, Frederick, Beaufort Donley, Paul Judson, Beaufort Driskell, James Mayo, Beaufort DuPre, Samuel Raymond, Walterboro Dubrow, Richard M., New York, N.Y. Dunckley, Stephen John, New York, N.Y. Eddleman, John L., Beaufort Edwards, Stephen Charles, Wis. Elliott, Frances Ruthledge, Beaufort Emerson, Gregory Edward, Beaufort Favero, Kenneth E., New York, N.Y. Fawley, Michael E., Ga. Fesmire, Eva Nell, Beaufort Fickling, Philip Johnson, Beaufort Fifus, Daniel F. Beaufort Fisher, James Allen, Beaufort Folk, Robert H., Beaufort Gabriel, Thomas S., Beaufort Ganz, William Herman, Pa. Gerstler, David Paul, Beaufort Gcirstler, Janet E., Beaufort Garth, Albert J., Hilton Head Graaf, Melody J., Beaufort Griffin, Roxann Clair, Beaufort Gudgen, Richard Abbott, Beaufort Gump, Freda Louise, Beaufort Gurley, James C., North Carolina Hagins, George T., Beaufort Hall, Mary Ann, Beaufort Harmon, Larry Hugh, Beaufort Harvey, John H., Beaufort Hassell, June Rose, Beaufort Hayden, Jacquelyn H., Walterboro Henderson, Susan Rebecca, Beaufort Henson, Joseph B., Beaufort Hiers, Mary Frances, Beaufort Hipp, Francoise, Beaufort Houder, Charles H., Jr. Howard, John Gilbert, Washington lngram, Anne F. Jaeckel, Glen Dale, Beaufort Jones, Martha, Beaufort Kennedy, William J., Beaufort Kent, Russell Jean, Beaufort Kern, Richard J., Beaufort Khare, Frank Cornelius, Walterboro Krejci, Joseph A., Ill, Beaufort Krell, Roy, Jr., Frogmore Laliberte, Linda Joy, Burton Langdale, James William, Beaufort Lawless, Virginia Barker, Holly Hill Lewis, John Stephen, Beaufort Lewis. Dapathana Patricia, Calif. Lingenfelter, Theodore Paul, Beaufort Logan, Lois Sanders, Beaufort Logan, William Thomas, Beaufort Long, Sharon E., Beaufort Lytle, James Allen, Beaufort MacKenzie, Violet M., Beaufort McCauley, Jack Crawford, Beaufort McEachern, Michael Joseph, Beaufort Mandell, Dennis Leon, San Jose, Calif. Martin, Linda Mel, Beaufort Mathews, George Baxter, Ill, Fla. Mayes, Ronald Joseph, Beaufort Medlock, Thomas Perry, Aiken Melvin, James Edwin, Beaufort Metcalfe, Walter Geoffrey, Lyon, Ill. Mette, Jack London, Beaufort Miller, Donald L., Grand Rapids, O. Miller, Shirley H., Beaufort Moore, James E., Collingswood, N,J. Moore, Sally Agnes, Beaufort Morgan, James Arthur, Beaufort Morrow, Thomas Edward, Beaufort Nickerson, Kent W., Beaufort O'Byrne, Joseph W., Beaufort O'Byrne, Leona Eileen, Beaufort Owings, Sonia Lee, Beaufort Patterson, Sharon Leigh, Beaufort Perry, Leon Edward, Beaufort Peterman, Donald E., Springfield,O. Petorock, Annette, Beaufort Phillips, Alexander, Beaufort Pickney, Roger, Jr., Beaufort Piper, Harry Clifford, Beaufort Plumberg, David Michael, Beaufort Poplolek, Edward Boniface, Randalltown, Md. Price, Henry Sherwood, Jr., Walterboro Price, Robert Louis, Beaufort Pruitt, James Henry, Jr., Beaufort Rexrout, Robert Alan, Hampton,Va. Richard, Beverly Ann, Beaufort Roberts, Richard S., Beaufort Roberts, Wayne Thomas, Beaufort Rosplock, Jerome Donald Milwaukee, Wis. Salabay, Eric Edward, Beaufort Samuel, Patricia Ann, Beaufort Saunders, Wanda Elaine, Beaufort Shelton, Deward Everett Five Points, Tenn. Simkins, Joseph Robbins, Beaufort Slegar, Joseph, Jr., Beaufort Smith, Bryce Harold, Beaufort Smith, Hugh Brian, Beaufort Smith, Robert Madison, Beaufort Smith, Wendel Myron, Beaufort Stanley, Thomas Griffin, Jr., Hampton Stephens, George David, Beaufort Stilson, Frederick Carl, Beaufort Stup, Ronald Arthur, Beaufort Sunderland, Jesse Orman Jasper, Mo. Taylor, Thomas, Jr., Hilton Head Thompson, Curtis Robert Meridian, Miss. Trask, Frederick Graham, Beaufort Trezevant, Daniel Heyward lll Burton Turner Lee H. Beaufort Ulmer Allan Alvin Jr. Beaufort Vendittelli Rose Marie Beaufort Vitello Peter Michael Walterboro Walby Thomas F. Beaufort Wall, Thomas A. Chicago Ill. Wallace Scherra Casandra Beaufort Ward Mary Louise Beaufort Waring James Barry Beaufort Watson Henry L. Jr. Kennesaw Ga. Weaver James Clifton Beaufort Webb Beekman Lee Beaufort Wells Elsie Joanee Beaufort Wight Helen Frances Beaufort Williams Christopher Roberts Easton Md. Williamson Earl Jr. Cleveland Tenn. Wilson Mataus Gordon Jr. Ft. Smith Ark. Wolfe Patrick Andrew Memphis Ark. Woods Ronald Stafford Beaufort Young Alan Barry Beaufort Youmans David Samuel Beaufort R 'S K fi-4 was r s,.V gist, I ' F i T ' 1 ish, ls" . N . 1 I 'X SM' ' a t ID - tx. Ratchford, Clyde B., Jr., Beaufort - f' ' 'W ffl Rath, Arthur Robert, Miami, Fla. i .ggi .. . , i :- . ,., l - t.A,,':1,.g' , at vii? T fp-. 't 'J . Wil 1. V UB ' TF -Bk' A-L P 'Brin gg T iff , EELS' . . A -Q . ' ' T , 'f. -. - Y. - t H' ,... time , is I I I i I I i i I i , ii ,y i I ,I i 1 i I I i I I Q I y i i I 5. I yi yi COASTAL CAROLINA REGIONAL CAMPUS Abrams, Eileen Gaye, Conway Adams, Nat, Myrtle Beach Altord, Sheila, Conway Allen, Joan L., Myrtle Beach Altman, Mackie G., Pawley Island Anderson, Betty Lu, Conway Anderson, Richard P., Conway Anderson, Susan M., Conway Backman, Dorn B., Conway Baiden, Frank E., Little River Baiden, Myrtle M., Myrtle Beach Barberousse, Loris V., Ill, Loris Ballard, Gerald, Jr., Georgetown Barkalow, Robert W., Jr., Windy Hill Beach Bass, Edward E., Conway Bauer, Beverly Jean, Myrtle Beach Beaty, Linda D., Crescent Beach Bellamy, Glenn L., Myrtle Beach Best. Glenn L., Myrtle Beach Bigham, Wilson L., Myrtle Beach Bird, David C., Myrtle Beach Bird, Stanley, II, Myrtle Beach Black, Billy Ray, Surtside Blanton, Allard L., Surfside Beach Bledsoe, Stewart M., Aynor Bonnette, Henry, Jr., Myrtle Beach Booth, Loretta, Loris Bourne, Carlton R., Georgetown Bourne, Henry M., Conway Bozeman, Lynne, Myrtle Beach Boeman, Sherry, Myrtle Beach Bradley, Terry W., Myrtle Beach Brooks, Frances Camille. Myrtle Beach Brown, James Arnold, Conway Brown, Richard Danny, Myrtle Beach Bunn, John L., Jr., Georgetown Burke, Irene Claire, Myrtle Beach Burke, Kathleen Mary, Myrtle Beach Burnett, Norma G.. Conway Butler, Charlton A., Conway Carter, Alice Jewell, Loris Carter, Timothy Manning, Longs Chandler, Lana A., Hemingway Chestnut, Sarah F., Conway Chestnut, Ruth Ann, Myrtle Beach Chestnut, Wayne N., Conway Chin, Jane Diana, Brookline, Mass. Chinners, Louise R., Moncks Corner Clardy, William E., Loris Clitton, Paul, Jr., Myrtle Beach Coates, Alton Brooks, Myrtle Beach Conner, Patricia Carolyn, Myrtle Beach Cook, Jimmy Lloyd, Georgetown Cook, Raymond, Aynor Cox, Daphne Dixon, Conway Cox, Patsy Ann, Galivants Ferry Cratt, Robert E., Garden City Beach Creel, Myron E., Myrtle Beach Creel, Wilma Gaye, Conway Cribb, Bob Phillip, Hemingway Cribb, Phil, Hemingway Dawsey, Vonda I., Galivants Ferry Dawson, Harry Eaton, Georgetown Diminich, Tonia Maria, Myrtle Beach Dobbins, Emily White, Myrtle Beach Drew, John Randall, Loris Duckett, Elaine, Conway Dyson, Sidney, Aynor Eaddy, Denny M., Johnsonville Eckard, Oliver, Bruce, Conway Edmunds, Joseph Boyce, Myrtle Beach Elliott, Anne A. Elliott, Barry Lewis, Hemingway Elliott, Devona Cheryl, Nichols Elliott, Lonnie Edmond, Hemingway Enter, James Marion, Surtside Beach Finn, Michael, Myrtle Beach Fleming, Sarah Frances, Georgetown Floyd, Benjamin Keith, Galivants Ferry Floyd, Joel Francis, Myrtle Beach Floyd, Otis Coke, Conway Floyd, William Norman, Myrtle Beach Foxworth, Marion K., Myrtle Beach Freeland, Jenniler Lyn, Surtside Fulghum, Barbara Ann, Myrtle Beach Gibson, Frederick Michael, Georgetown Gilley, William Clyde, Jr., Myrtle Beach Gornto, Judith Lynn, Ocean Drive Beach Graham, Dorothy Joan, Galivants Ferry Graham, Herman Franklin, Galivants Ferry Graham, Susie E., Loris Graham, Walden, Galivants Ferry Graham, Meriam E., Galivants Ferry Graham, Jo Ellen. Conway Gragg, Ted, Conway Grainger, Steve Howard, Bucksport Gregory, William Foster, Myrtle Beach Grey, Robert Larry, Conway Grimmer, Marjorie G., Myrtle Beach Hadtield, Robert N., Myrtle Beach Hardee, Laura M., Loris Hardee, John Norton, Loris Hardee, Orilla Lee, Loris Hardwick, Helen Beverly, North Charleston Harmon, Lewis Chandler, Jr., Georgetown Harmon, Lydia Dianne, Georgetown Harper, Robert Edward, Bucksport Harrison, Donna, Myrtle Beach Haworth, Charlie Reed, Myrtle Beach Hazzard, James E., Georgetown Hendrick, Jean Anderson, Conway Hendrick, Linda P., Conway Hickman, William Thomas, Georgetown Hickman, Eunice V., Loris Hill, Nicole, Myrtle Beach I-Iinson, Ronald D., Conway Hobson, David Graham, Little River Holmes, Joseph Holt, Conway Holt, Franklin Delano, Conway Hoverman, Bruce J., Myrtle Beach Howard, Ella Pearl, Georgetown Huckabee, Nancy Leila, Conway Hucks, James Reubin, Conway Hucks, Rachel Frances, Conway Hucks, Roger Gregg, Aynor Hucks, William G., Aynor Hursey, Sandra Elizabeth, Conway Huggins, Amelia M., Myrtle Beach Hyman, Michael Daniel, Conway Inman, Lawrence John, Myrtle Beach Inman, Richard James, Myrtle Beach Jacobs, Dairen George, Georgetown Jacobs, Louie Arnold, Georgetown Jacobs, William Sherwyn, Georgetown Jayroe, Robert P., Geogetown Jennings, Charles Larry, Myrtle Beach Jensen, Curt H., Myrtle Beach Johnson, Barbara Jo, Conway Johnson, David O., Aynor Johnson, Edmund Glen, Myrtle Beach Johnson, Jean S., Conway Johnson, Ralph E., Conway Johnson, Rebecca Ann, Loris Johnson, Travis Oliver, Aynor Johnson, William Randolph, Georgetown Jones. John Carroll, Charleston Jones, Randy Lawrence, Murrells Inlet Jones, Ronald Keith, Myrtle Beach Jones, William Michael, Conway Jordan, Richard Laverne, Surtside Beach Kearns, Charles Wayne, Myrtle Beach Kelley, Yvonne G., Central Kenny, Theresa Love,,Myrtle Beach Kilgore, John Thomas, Myrtle Beach LaBruce, John P., Georgetown Lambert, David Brian, Conway Lambert, Reave Lynnwood, Conway Lane, Alan Scott, Emmett, Idaho Lane, Marshall Wesley, Myrtle Beach Lawton, Paul Smith, Myrtle Beach Loud, John Merrill, Garden City MacMeekin, Susan, Myrtle Beach McCormick, Larry Francis, Myrtle Beach McDaniels, Michael John, Conway McGovern, Linda Lee, Myrtle Beach Mclnnis, Dorothy McCraw, Ocean Drive Beach Mclnvaill, Talulah, Myrtle Beach McKinnon, John Lester, Hartsville McLaurin, James E., Conway McMeekin, Thomas Gary, Georgetown Maginnis, Elsie, Surfside Marsh, Ted Leon, Georgetown Martin, Donna Ann, Conway Martin, Lorrin Fidel, Myrtle Beach Martin, Velma Jean, Conway Matheson, Michael Charles, Myrtle Beach Matthews, Leslie Walter, Georgetown Medlin, Marie Hammond, Conway Miller, Harold McCracken, Hemingway Mills, Melanie S., Conway McEIveen, Milton F., Jr., Conway Mishoe, Jerry Norton, Conway Moody, William Cicero, Jr., Conway Morgan, Tony Wayne, Windy Hill Moyers, Sharon J., Myrtle Beach Nance, Donnie W., Myrtle Beach Nixon, Robert, Myrtle Beach Opalko, Patricia, Myrtle Beach Owen, Dabney, Winston-Salem, N.C. Owens, Alan W., Myrtle Beach Owens, Burnie Michael, Georgetown Owens, James Byrnes, Conway Parsons, David James, Myrtle Beach Patrick, Dwain Gerald, Myrtle Beach Phipps, Steven Wayne, Georgetown Plunkett, John Edward, Georgetown Poston, Betty Jean, Myrtle Beach Powell, Lonnie Eugene, Murrells Inlet Price, Barbara Jean, Andrews Rabon, Carl Edwin, Georgetown Rabon, Peggy Jo, Myrtle Beach Rankin, Marie H., Loris Ray, James Oliver, Hemingway Reaves. Jeri Ann, Myrtle Beach Rheuark, Elizabeth Ann, Conway Rhodes, John Travis, Raleigh, N.C. Rice, Thomas Lewis, Conway Rich, Brenda Louise, Conway Richardson, William C., Myrtle Beach Riddle, Patricia lnabinet. Conway Riley, Mabel Lewis, Conway Rodgers, Jamie Daniels, Conway Rodgers, Ruth P., Loris Rogers, Nana Ann, Conway Rowe, Thomas Aaron, Myrtle Beach Sanders, Marion Ray, Conway Schiller, Ruthie M., Myrtle Beach Seippel, Alvin James, Jr., Winston-Salem, N. C. Sellers, Raymond Jerry, Jr.. Conway I32 Sellers, Robert H., CharIotte,N.C. Sellers, Robert Manning, Jr., Georgetown Shelley, Dorothy Jane, Conway Shook, Rocky Ray, Myrtle Beach Simonson, Martha Susan, Myrtle Beach Singleton, Mickie Marie, Myrtle Beach Skinner, Virginia, Georgetown Sloan, James D., Jr., Surtside Small, Stephen Franklin, Myrtle Beach Smith, Julius Bruton, Conway Smith, Nancy Cheryl, Surtside Smith, Mike Todd, Conway Smith, Richard F., Conway Snead. Helen Marsh, Myrtle Beach Snead, Louise Stubbs, Myrtle Beach Spivey. Donald L., Loris Stack, John Russell, Myrtle Beach Stricklan Stricklan Sutherla d, Robert A., Murrells Inlet d, Deloris Vividnell, Nichols nd, Janice Paulette, Conway Suggs, Carolyn C., Loris Suggs, Herman G., Cheraw Suhrstedt, Frederick J., Jr., Myrtle Beach Tanner, William Arthur, Myrtle Beach Taylor, Joseph R., Myrtle Beach Thompson, Barbara, Conway Thompson, John Baugh, Myrtle Beach Thompki ns, William Michael, Galivants Ferry Thompki ns, Frances R., Georgetown Tilghman, Isabelle P., Ocean Drive Tolson, Turner, Beach Martha Ann, Conway Clinton Adam, Jr., Myrtle AFB Van Wie, Geottrey William, Conway Van Wie, Roger Henry, Conway Venson, Walker, Patricia Ann, Myrtle Beach John Leonard, Myrtle Beach Wallace, Richard Blaine, Georgetown Watson, James Pierce, Conway Watson, Nancy Jo. Conway Watson Terry William, Georgetown Weatheirington, Daniel Paul, Raleigh, N. C. West, Stephen H., Myrtle Beach White, Connie Audette, Myrtle Beach Williams, Carol Ann, Surfside Williams, Margaret, Myrtle Beach Williamson, Willa M., Myrtle Beach Wood, Ivey F., Jr., Georgetown Woody, Glenn Miller, Conway Wooten, Mary D., Loris FLORENCE REGIONAL CAMPUS Aimee, Juanifa, Florencc Aiken, Slephen, Florence Aiken, Thomas, Florence Alexander, Daphne E., Timmonsville Alfman, Linda, Marion Ames, Richard, Florence Andrews, Peggy, Florence Appleby, Alberf J., Sumfer Arris, Linda, Florence Afeyeh, Adnan, Florence Alkinson, Donald R., Florence Baily, Kafhryn E., Florence Bane, O'Dell Lewis, Mullins Baroody, Alberl B., Florence Baumrind, Berfha, Marion Baysend, Larry S., Florence Beale, Roberf, Florence Befhea, Sally Todd, Florence Beafy, Alice B., Florence Beeson, Rosaleen J., Mullins Bell, William McKinley, Florence Biggs, Lulher L., Florence Bishop, Mary E., Marion Black, Susan P., Florence Blackwell, James, Jr., Florence Bracey, Don Wayne, Florence Bradberry, Dewey, Jr., Florence Braddy, William W., Florence Bradford, Clarence, Florence Bravden, Laura E., Florence Bridgers, Roberf, Florence Brown, Alberf S., Jr., Mullins Brown, Bobbie S., Florence Bruce, William, Florence Brunson, James, lll, Darlingfon Bryanf, Phil W., Florence Byrd, Phelix C., Harfsville Cain, Sarah, Darlingfon Campbell, Arfhur A., Florence Campbell, Margaret Florence Campbell, William E., Florence Capofosfi, Sfephen, Florence Capofosfi, Thomas, Florence Carfer, Parker, Florence Carfer, Sharyn, Lake Cify Carfer, Sherry G., Florence Chandler, Linda Joanne, Florence Chapman, Eifing, Florence Chewing, Ann M., Florence y Chinnes, Dianne, Hemingway Clark, Debby Lou, Florence Clayman, llma Jo, Florence Clyde, Rufh, Effingham Cole, Mary M., Johnsonville Coleman, Frances E., Florence Coleman, Frances Linda, Scranfon Collins, James L., Lamar Combs, David, Florence Compfon, Cafherine, Florence Cousar, Tad, Dillon Crawford, Flora, Florence Creel, Lawrence, lll, Florence Daniels, R. E., Florence Dargan, Benfon D.S., Darlinglon David, James C., Florence Davis, Joseph F., Mullins Deaver, Gwyn, McColl Delarber, Richard M., Florence Delarber, Virginia, Florence Dickinslon, Sherry L., Mullins Eaddy, William R., Hemingway Elam, Merry, ll, Johnsonville Ellinglon, W. W., Jr., Mullins Elliof, Sarvis, Jr., Hemingway Ellis, Miriam D., Florence Elvinglon, Leo G., Jr., Dillon Emerson, Thomas Florence Eskridge, Franbefh, Marion Fink, James A., Jr., Hartsville Flowers, Sydney H., Florence Floyd, Harriet L., Floydale Floyd, Lonie D., Florence Ford, Horace Paul, Florence Fore, Harriefl, Florence Fowler, Mary A., Florence Fowler, Nancy, Florence Freudenberger, P. J., Florence Frierson, Richard N., Kingstree Frye, Rudy C., Timmonsville Funderburk, M. Gail, Florence Gardner, Ann Marie, Florence Gardner, Marion Harris, Florence Gardner, William, Marion Garris, Raymond E., Lake View Gaskins, Jane Evelyn, Lake Cify Gaufier, Roberf W., Jr., Darlinglon Genneffe, Edwin J., Florence Gill, Wendell, Florence Gilpin, Harry W., Florence Gould, Ralph James, Florence Godwin, Sammie Ray, Florence Grainger, Margaref F., Mullins Graham, James M., Olanfa Gray, James W., Florence Gregg, Ellen, Florence Griffin, William, Florence Grooms, Bruce W., Florence Haigh, Sfephanie F., Marion Hall, Susanne, Florence Ham, Henry, Florence Hamby, Sharon E., Florence Hamer, Carol Ann, Florence Hamilfon, Gloria, Florence Hammond, Ted, Florence Hanna, Larry L., Florence Hanna, Sandra Kay, Florence Harper, Cecil E., Jr., Darlingfon Harper, Samuel, Florence Harrell, David C., Jr., Florence Harrell, Ernesf S., Marion Harringfon, L. B., Jr., Kingsfree Harris, Jeffrey L., Dillon Hafcher, David Ray, Florence Helms, Elsie Jane F., Mechanicsville Hendricks, Marfha Ann, Marion Herberf, F. S., Jr., Kingsfree Herring, James R., Florence Hewiff, David S., Florence Hickey, William E., Jr., Florence Hill, Ray, Timmonsville Hodge, Donald E., Florence Holden, Morris E., Marion Holladay, Daniel, Jr., Florence Holliday, John, lll, Pamplico Holliday, Julian S., Kingsfree Hopkins, Lesfer, Timmonsville Hopkins, Roberf Lee, Dillon Horfon, Roberl' M., Dillon Howle, Blaney H., lll, Florence Howle, David W., Darlingfon Hubsfer, Janice, Florence Humphries, Jack, Florence Hufchinson, Melba, Florence lsgell, Andrew Ray, Florence James, Charles H., Marion Johnson, Brian Reid, Florence Johnson, Harry H., Florence Johnson, William G., Marion Johnson, Charles, Jr., Florence Jones, Cleveland B., Timmonsville Jones, Taylor B., Florence Jordan, David P., Florence Jordan, Lucy Anne, Florence Jordan, William T., Timmonsville Kilgore, James G., Florence Killen, Gary, Florence King, John Maclean, II, Florence Kinsaul, James R., Jr., Darlinglon Kirkland, Billie D., Sumler Knox, Teri M., Florence Kuhn, Carl M., Florence Lam, Mary Elizabefh, Mullins Lawhon, Linda, Florence Lee, Ernie Leon, Scranton Lee, Jeffrey, Laffa Lee, Kafie Jean, Laffa Lee, Rirchie, Coward Lee, Vada Ann, Coward Leggeffe, Marian F., Laffa Leonard, Brian A., Florence Leff, William T., Marion Lewis, Lynn, Darlingfon Lewis, Thomas J., Jr., Harfsville Long, Bonnie K., Florence Lowe, Naoma N., Florence McClam, Mary Anne, Lake Cify McCollisfer, Mary, Florence McCulcheon, Hugh T., Lake Cify McDowell, Carl L., Timmonsville McGill, John C., Kingsfree Mclnfvre, John B., Mullins McKay, Archie G., Timmonsville McKay, Frances Hill, Florence McKellar, Joann, Dillon McKenzie, Michael, Dillon McLellan, Carol Ann, Darlingfon McLeod, Claude, Florence McLeod, Frank H., IV, Florence McKlveen, Eve R., Florence Marfin, Sylvia Susanne, Florence Mason, Bruce, Darlingion Maffhews, Travis, Florence Meadows, James D., Florence Mercuri, Paul, Florence Meggs, Elizabefh, Florence Miles, Judy Vivian, Coward Miller, Darlene Mae, Florence Miller, Howard Ralph, Florence Milling, John M., Darlingfon Mimms, Roberf, Florence Mifchell, David Allen, Florence Mifchell, John M., Sumfer Monfs, Moody, Lynn Lucille, Florence Lydia Faye, Florence Moody, Michael W., Dillon Moore, Charles, Jr., Hemingway Moore, Thomas Ham, Olanfa Moore, Moose, Morris, Wesley, Darlingfon Cleveland Douglas, Florence Beffy Tharin, Florence Morfon, Bernice B., Florence Morfon, Marilyn, Florence Moffe, Mozing Berfha P., Florence 0, Efhan Allen, Florence Myers, Linda Joyce, Scranfon Neffles, Gloria N., Florence Newell, Sandra, Hemingway Nexsen, William D., Kingsfree Nunnery, Larry, Florence Odom, Johnny R., Darlingfon O'Farrell, Kafhleen, Florence Oliver, Mozelle D. L., Florence Oulla, Price M., Florence Owens, Lynn, Florence Owens, Roberf Wayne, Florence Parrish, Helen, Florence Parroff, Lynda Jean, Coward Parroff, Mary Emily, Florence Pafe, J Paul, E oseph Hugh, Marion llen Arden, Florence Perry, Joel Wilson, Chesferfield Phillips, Donald, Timmonsville Phillips, Joseph B., Florence Rogue, William W., Darlingfon Porfer, Virginia L., Florence Posfon, William E., Jr., Florence Powell, Ryan L., Florence Procfor, Barbara, Florence Reagin, Norma E., Florence Redish, George E., Florence Rhoad, Roberf, McBee Richardson, Elizabefh D., Marion Rimer, Linda Faye, Florence ' Roberfs, Kennefh, Florence Robinson, Franklin, Florence Rogers, Adele, Florence Rollins, Susan W., Florence Ropp, William H., Florence Rose, C. Michael, Florence Rose. Henry S., Jr., Florence Rouse, Helen, Fork Rowell, Gwen E., Marion Rozier, Miriam J., Dillon Sansbury, Jane E., Effingham Saverance, Charles, Pamplico Schofield, Marshall, Florence Seabrook, William, Florence Senseney, David B., Florence Severance, Daniel L., Timmonsville Shaw, David, Florence Shaw, Margaref E., Florence Shaw, Margaref O., Florence Sims, Margaref, Florence Singlefary, Samuel, Lake Cify Skipper, Judy, Florence Smilh, Gladys D., Mullins Smifh, Sfewarf M., Florence Smilh, Roberf Sidney, Florence Smifh, Tony, Lake View Snipes, Charles S., Dillon Sfeele, James D., Pamplico Sfeele, Richard, Pamplico Sfewarl, William, Lake Cify Sfokes, Kennefh E., Marion Sfrickland, James D., Mullins Sfrickland, Rene E., Darlingfon Suggs, Earl, Florence Summerford, Waverly, Florence Taylor, George E., Jr., Florence Taylor, William C., Florence Tepper, Samuel, Florence Thiem, Charles L., Florence Thomas, James C., Marion Thompson, Roberf A., Hemingway Timmons, Allen, Lake Cify Tolson, Richard J., Florence Tomlinson, Donna L., Olanfa Towne, Marie Lee, Florence Turner, James B., Jr., Florence Tyler, Walfer, Florence Walker, Lloyd, Florence Ward, John David, Florence Warner, John, Florence Wafford, Heyward, Jr., Florence Wafkins, Cafherine Liger, Florence Wafson, Mary Ellen, Marion Weafherford, Judy Dew, Dillon Webb, Barbara, Darlingfon Webb, Raymond C., Effingham Weeks, John P., Jr., Florence Welch, Larry L., Florence Wellon, Caroline, Florence Whalley, Urban E., Jr., Dillon Wiggins, Jaimes Paul, Florence William, Guy, Florence Wilson, Barbara Lynn, Florence Witherspoon, William Barry, Florence Wifmer, John Carey, Florence Woods, Michael Ray, Timmonsville Worrell, Mary Edna, Scranfon Wriohf, Elizaberh, Marion Zorgias, Theodore E., Florence 'T , flifli i ',.J - " WJ. l l E .i i l l i l l l K l i i ,i l i i l i l l ll ,, ll ,t l i l 1 l l li ll 'll hs.. LANCASTER REGIONAL CAMPUS Adams Adams, Adams, Aclams, Alford, Ameen Atkins, Marilyn, Lancaster Perry L., Richburg Sylvia, Richburg Ted, Heath Springs Levy, Rock Hill Lois, Great Falls Charles H., ll, Lancaster Aycothe, Linda L., Lancaster Baker, Elizabeth, Lancaster Baker, Larry, Lancaster Balkum, Sharon, Lancaster Bartield, H. A., Lancaster Bartield, K. W., Camden Beckham, Paul T., Lancaster Beckham, Vicky, Lancaster Beecher, David V., Lancaster Bell, Nancye Diana, Lancaster Blackmon, Linda G., Lancaster Blackwell, Melvin, York Bowers, Kenneth, Lancaster Bowers, Mary, Kershaw Bradley, Janice, Lancaster Bramlett, Frank, Chester Brannen, Jane, Edgemoor Broome, N. Thomas, Great Falls Bryant, Nancy C., Lancaster Burnette, Douglas C., Lancaster Byrd, Lee, Chester Campbell, Frank, Fort Mill Carnes, Kay, Lancaster Carnes, Linda, Lancaster Carnes, Ray, Lancaster Caron, Patricia T., Lancaster Caskey, Janice, Lancaster Catoe, Hazel Wayne, Kershaw Cauthen, Farris, Lancaster Cauthen, Miriam, Lancaster Clarke, Arnold H., Camden Clyburn, Charles, Kershaw Clyburn, Jane, Kershaw Clyburn, Stephen, Kershaw Cody, Frank, Lancaster Collins, Art, Lancaster Comer, John, Rock Hill Cook, Rachel, Lancaster Couick, Evelyn, Lancaster Cowart, Henry, Great Falls Cox, Chuck, Lancaster Crawtord, Peter l., Lancaster Croxton, Sylvia, Fort Mill Cunningham, Norma J., Lancaster Dawkins, Marsha Anne, Great Falls Dawson, A. Dale, Rock Hill Donnelly, Stephanie, Denmark Duncan, William F., Lancaster Edward, John, Lancaster Elliot, Billy, Edgemoor Evans, Lonnie, Lancaster Faulkenberry, John R., Heath Springs Ferguson, James, Rock Hill Fields, Anne, Bishopville Finley, James, Great Falls Fish, Jim, Lancaster Flowers, Gary D., Lancaster Funderburk, Tommy, Lancaster Galloway, Julian, Lancaster Gardner, Bobby, Lancaster Gardner, Don, Kershaw Garrison, Charles, Rock Hill Garrison, Kenny, Rock Hill Grant, Donald, Fort Mill Graves, Donald M., Lancaster Graves, Sylvia Anne, Lancaster Grier, Rachel, Lancaster Gunderson, Jerome, Rock Hill Haile, Boyd, Rock Hill Hargrove. Albert, Rock Hill Harper, Robert, Lancaster Helton, David, Rock Hill Hicklin, James F., Edgemoor Hinson, Gerald, Edgemoor Hinson, Rebecca, Lancaster Hinson, Sandra L., Lancaster Holt, Richard, Great Falls Horton. Beecher, Heath Springs Horton, Douglas, Kershaw Horton, Ronald, Lancaster Huey, Sam, Lancaster Humphries, Sharon, Fort Lawn Hunter, Barry, Lancaster Hunter, Jairy C., Lancaster Jackson, Glen, Rock Hill Johnson, Andrew, Lowreys Johnson, Sandra, Lancaster Kelly, Linda Sowell, Camden Knight, Coy L., Lancaster Knight, Jerry Anne, Kershaw Livingston, Jimmy, Lancaster Love, Dorothy, Kershaw Lyle, Virginia, Richburg Mackey, Gil, Rock Hill Marshall, Bryant, Lancaster Mauney, Judith, Fort Lawn McAllister, Paulette, Lancaster McCarney, John, Camden McCaskill, Thomas, Lancaster McDade, John, Fort Mill McFadden, Cynthia, Fort Lawn McGuirt, David, Rock Hill McKee, William, Fort Mill McKenny, Barbara, Lancaster Medlin, Harold, Lancaster Melton, Sylvia G., Lancaster Moore, Barry, Lancaster Moreland, James, Kershaw Morgan, Harry, Great Falls Munn, Keith, Rock Hill Neal, Lane, Rock Hill Nims, Bradford, Lancaster Osborne, Martha, Fort Mill Pardue, Charles, Lancaster Parker, Nancy, Lancaster Peake, John, York Perrill, John, Rock Hill Phillips, Gloria, Lancaster Player, Bill, Chester Player, Dolly, Lancaster Plyler, Aaron, Lancaster Plyler, Charles, Lancaster Polk, Nedclie, Rock Hill Ramsey, Larry, Chester Rape, Phyllis, Lancaster Rash, Norma J,, Rock Hill Reeves, Gerald C., Heath Springs Reid, Rebecca, Richburg Renner, Richard, Lancaster Rhodes, Lanny, Rock Hill Richardson, Keith, Lancaster Roberts, Jerry, Kershaw Roberts, Margaret, Lancaster Roberts, William, Rock Hill Robinson, B. Craig, Lancaster Robinson, Judy, Lancaster Robinson, Peggy, Lancaster Roddey, John, Rock Hill Rollins, Geraldine, Lancaster Rowell, Delores U., Lancaster Rowell, Diane U.. Lancaster Rowell, Sarah E., Lancaster Schwing, Arthur G., Jr., Rock Hill Shaw, Dicky, Fort Mill Shaw, Donald, Fort Mill Shumate, Thomas, Camden Sims, Philip L., Lancaster Small, Gill, Lancaster Smith, Bruce, Rock Hill Smith, Charles, Camden Smith, Glenn Ray, Great Falls Smyer, Snipes, Snipes, Snipes, Snyder, Steele, Steele, Steele, William M., Rock Hill Frank, Lancaster Judy, Lancaster Tommy, Lancaster Mike, Lancaster C. Carlyle, Jr., Lancaster Herman E., Lancaster W. Ricky, Lancaster Strait, William, Rock Hill Sullivan, Marla, Lancaster Taylor, Carroll, Kershaw Thurmond, Sam. Lancaster Tillman, David Erskine, Lancaster Turner, Turner, Donnie, Lancaster John, Lancaster Tyskewicz, Joseph, Lowell, Mass. Van Keuren, Robert E., Jr., Lancaster Vick, Paula, Kershaw Walkup, Ted, Lancaster Wallace, Rutus, Lancaster Walters, Ricky, Lancaster Watlins, Lin, Lugott Watts, lda Rose, Lancaster Wells, William H., Rock Hill Werner, Walter, Rock Hill West, Myra, Kershaw Whitmire, Eugene, Rock Hill Williams, Anne, Lancaster Williams, Billy, Lancaster Williams, Coy, Lancaster Williams, Fred, Kershaw Williams, Randy, Great Falls Wilson, Darwin, Fort Mill Winn, James, Lancaster Witherspoon, Bart, Lancaster Woodward, Andrew, Chester Wooten, James, Chester Wright, William, Chester N A , I34 SALKEHATCHIE REGIONAL CAMPUS Alkwcker, Marian, Brunson Aimslronq, Edward K., Hampfon Armslronq, Lawrence, Hampfon Ayers, Mary S., Olar Barnes, James S., Brunson Bennelf, John Terry, Fairfax Benfon, Cheryl Brunson Bodiford, Mary Linda, Barnwell Boleman, Susan S., Allendale Boyd, Edwin B., Hampfon Boylsfon, Reid, Allendale Branf, George M., Allendale Brown, Danny S., Bamberg Callau, Walfer, Varnville Cook, Barbara V., Denmark Cook, Ronald H., Esfill Cordray, William A., Ulmers Crapse, Larry M., Varnville Crouch, Scoffy, Barnwell Creech, Richard L., Kline Davis, Beffy Jane, Allendale Delk, George, Hilda Duncan, Horace W., Jr., Allendale Dyches, Charles H., Barnwell Floyd, Milfon F., Jr., Brunson Fogle, Nancy, Denmark Freeman, Caskell, Varnville Freeman, Roberl P., Hampfon Germaux, Sue Carol, Hampfon Givens, Timofhy, Willisfon Griner, Mary M., Barnwell Grooms, Lillian F., Bamberg Halford, Dianne K., Barnwell Haigler, Sally S., Varnville Hancock, A. Lynn, Hampfon Harfzog, Franklin R., Jr., Bamberg Hays, Edward B., Bamberg Hice, William A., Hampfon Highfower, Ted F., Barnwell Highfower, Tommy O., Denmark Hill, Delaine, Denmark Horlon, Ronald Hubbard, Charles, Barnwell Johnson, Wise S., Hampfon Jones, Mabel, Allendale Jones, Sidney K., Denmark Jones, Thomas K., Allendale Kimbrell, Rose D., Allendale LaFiffe, LaClaire. Hampfon Langford, John, Barnwell Lawson, John M., Jr., Allendale Logan, Nina Befh, Allendale Long, Gary H., Varnville Mayo, Ted, Barnwell McCain, John M., Ulmers McDonald, Gwendolyn C., Allendale McMillan, Eslher A., Ulmers McMillan, Thomas S., Barnwell Mellon, Sylvia E., Allendale Miller, Sherrill K., Fairfax Minor, Mary E., Barnwell Mixson, Travis, Jr., Fairfax Moore, Rufus R., Barnwell Mullenix, Michael B., Barnwell Myrick, Roy, Barnwell O'Neal, John B., lll, Fairfax Pendarvis, Lois G., Allendale Perry, Doris N., Allendale Phillips, Lonnie, Fairfax Pressley, Larry, Barnwell Rivers, Mildred B., Hampfon Roberfs, Herberf, Jr., Hampfon Rushing, Joseph S., Ill, Allendale Sease, Sfephen W., Barnwell Simmons, Kennefh M., Hampfon Smifh, John W., Jr., Ehrhardf Solomons, Cafherine E., Esrill Sfeadman, Jack, Bamberg Sfephenson, Billy, Allendale Sullivan, Don C., Fairfax Tharpe, Thomas, Varnville Tongour, Sfella, Barnwell Trowell, Barbara H., Fairfax Truesdale, Cyfhenia, Denmark Wall, Emmef Ray, Allendale Wall, Marion, Allendale Walfer, Alma, Bamberg Walfer, Pinckney, Bamberg Webb, Richard, Barnwell Whife, Michael R., Varnville Wilkinson, Zona G., Fairfax Wilson, Flora R., Allendale Wilson, Jeremy G., Allendale Winn, Ronald G., Esfill Woodward, Edward F., Barnwell Young, Sammy E., Brunson SY 'ig X. 1 f W ff ff if W f- f ali! ' 1 J 4? .V P ,. I 1 XE. y ' " ,r s -c ., , i, , Q . l 5 ff q rr -f -irq, i . ,. - . X f if r W .1 . x 'i W. 2' ' A , . I35 fi i l i l ii ll 1 l i 1 ,l ' i i l i I il l if tl ' i lp.. UNION REGIONAL CAMPUS Belue, Linda Lou, Union Bishop, Fred Switzer, Jr., Laurens Black, Terresa Ann, Union Blackwell, Kenneth Earle, Union Blackwell, Steve Floyd, Union Bogan, Reba G., Buttalo Boler, Margaret Glymph, Union Bostic, David Anthony, Whitmire Burgess, Paul Hayward, Union Burns, Billie Rae, Lockhart Cotton, Carol A., Clinton Courtney, John Donald, Pacolet Mills Crisp, Ronald P., Buttalo Crisp, Dwight F., Whitmire Culbreth, Martha Lowe, Whitmire Davis, Deborah Linda, Union Dills, Judy Ann, Union Ellison, Judd Barry, Pacolet Elrod, Bonnie Collins, Whitmire sw V. ., Fallow, Pearl Jean, Union Ferenbach, Jacqueline Potter, Union Fleming, Dennis Lamar, Pacolet Freeman, Wilson Lewis, Union Garner, Mary Emmette, Union Garner, Noel, Greer Garner, Ted McBeth, Lockhart Gault, Sidney Walton, Union George, Glenn Scott, Laurens Giles, Dorothy Lee, Belton Goings, George Richard, Jonesville Haile, Joe Perrin, Jonesville Hanna, Marion Oneida, Union Harmon, Donald Ray, Spartanburg Harris, Glenn Bryan, Jr., Gattney Hatchette. Robert Kenneth, Spartanburg Hawkins, Raye Horn, Union Hecht, Tellie Sanders, Union Hines, John L., Jr., Union Hodge, Edward James, Pacolet Mills' Hutson. Joe Benton, Spartanburg lvey, Thomas Hampton, Jonesville Jenkins, Robert Stanley, Buttalo Jeter, Little Berry, IV, Carlisle Jones, Betty Mae, Union Kendrick, Kenneth T., Union Kirby, Carolyn Peggy, Union Lancaster, Priscilla Shuler, Buttalo Lee, Robert E., Jr., Lockhart Lottis, Sidney Earl, Pacolet Mills Malpass, Talley Larry, Union McCrary, Edward Lee, Belton McCullough, J. W., Jr., Laurens Murphy, Robert Layton, Union Newton, James Edward, Union Pearson, James Michael, Union Seward, Fred Larry, Laurens Sharpe, Ray Allen, Whitmire Smith, Rogenia Ann, Union Sprouse, William Dennis, White Stone Staton, David Clinton, Cowpens Stevens, Michael Carl, Union Sturgill, Glenda Jeanne, Union Teague, Joe Stanley, Union Thompson, James Donald, Laurens Tollison, Henry Ernest, Union Tucker, Lana Jean, Union Turner, Ralph David, Union Wade, Ronald Wayne, Union Ward, James Edwin, Union Ward, Ronald Dennis, Union Watkins, Thomas Kent, Union West. Nancy Diane, Spartanburg Whisenant, John Edgar, Spartanburg Whitehead, John Daniel Jr., Jonesville Wingo, Alice Lorraine, Pacolet Mills S151 ' , ,ss 'S sy, B .. f 1 ' l .. . - " 12. P A-f r 1 "' f" FQ Q ' "- 'Q .1 . ' . v L N-1 - 'S psi f f ag., 3 A' V Nj? . A , ,.'sJtf, Clay 47 .L ,s xx K W , yi g 1+ W . ' fqgesg. " ' . T . -T . " t 2' 1. 2 v- ,. " -. ,f ' 'mtv V: -Ev v ' S X A We ,P- X sa.,,s.,. ,,.,,,,y.,,, .,., ., , '. 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Suggestions in the University of South Carolina Regional Campuses - Garnet and Black Yearbook (Beaufort, SC) collection:

University of South Carolina Regional Campuses - Garnet and Black Yearbook (Beaufort, SC) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


University of South Carolina Regional Campuses - Garnet and Black Yearbook (Beaufort, SC) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


University of South Carolina Regional Campuses - Garnet and Black Yearbook (Beaufort, SC) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


University of South Carolina Regional Campuses - Garnet and Black Yearbook (Beaufort, SC) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


University of South Carolina Regional Campuses - Garnet and Black Yearbook (Beaufort, SC) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


University of South Carolina Regional Campuses - Garnet and Black Yearbook (Beaufort, SC) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


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