University of South Carolina Regional Campuses - Garnet and Black Yearbook (Beaufort, SC)

 - Class of 1965

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University of South Carolina Regional Campuses - Garnet and Black Yearbook (Beaufort, SC) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 120 of the 1965 volume:

QQ JY uf 3 at we by .,, A Y- .M .,. -J 'T' A-: 4.4. Q.. ,Q 'ff if .Q -,. .5 -m :Q ,ah w .-4. -V- 4-h -... , E N F3 ,I Pl' ly. 1 ex A ' all f' A the I96 f M W ,, 'Z ' I f f 11w,,,.4 centers edition . 1 w l , y V , Q- ,-mvj"' . X ' ,gf-'wziyfl 1 . .- , , x 'jx W Q L 5 ,wa y , l w , V I b r "1.S'f"iz"6X w , e , , j' X , j ' . Q -, 1 V F4 ."' V- A, K P PM A 1--45 . ,X " r M '- 9 Cl Het nd lack . '- i ff" , 'fxgaw-V - A. . f Lf v W f ef , h v KJ is Q E Axlw, 1, N r QP' 1 I f K Q f N x , ,EWS Si ,mv ,S -- V ,wi .ep vgxfif , - Q A -V T t P ' ' "ff, 22 4' 3' - -Ll: 'T :- A i A' :Pi xx, 11 . fx, .Q ,N x A if ' 4 f P' so A , , 0 ' , xl K x QQ lg H35 ' ,S x . ,H , -. ' , f 1 3 'UP Ji , L . . 5 V. 5, P Q, V .K 'W ff- ' f X , 4 . aj 55.97 ', rf W ffy 2 I ,, -Ci A ,. . f" '-1- ' ' ' ' r s ' - 'l ' 3 1 , , "' nv 3 'rf ' X xx v s ' v l"' 5 . ' A' .sw ' ' '01 y ' Q S P 256 0' sn. me T 1 1 f 'ur sr 'I ts f . 1' , N K s am X v k f? K 1 i 'f + A A il X 1. 3 e I N NX Q 'Q ef if' N' 1 ! . A, 00 KX ik ' in S' tts, 'Y K X yur, 1 Sir .f . B F,-.' .- 1 . 3353 ' ' Ni ri' 3 A 0 X . -. . 'x ' . ' 4 Q 5 N ld g IN' N x I' XX X - .. aft? Q 6 . t S s. N19 X , 3. . forewo d his third Centers Edition of the GARNET AND BLACK is proudly presented by the students of five University Centers whose activities the volume records. The Uni- versity Centers, while an integral part of the Carolina Com- munity, have and are developing individual lives of their own. This volume vividly depicts the history of another quite fruitful academic year. ' The University Centers System is designed to provide qualified students with the first two years of University training or terminal programs in several fields. Center stu- dents, for the most part, would have been found on other college campuses had this program not come into being. Its existence, however, has made it possible for them to begin their higher education in an atmosphere which com- bines the personal attention of the small college and the resources of the large University. By the fall of 1965, all the Centers will be housed on permanent campuses provided by the local communities. The Centers are staffed and administered by the University personnel. Since the beginning of the program in 1957, the Centers have played a role of ever-increasing significance in the educational life of South Carolina. In the development of the Centers System the University has been greatly aided by Higher Education Commissions in each local area. These Commissions have worked long and hard for the Centers. The Commission members for the Centers are: AIKEN: F. A. Townsend, Aiken, Chairman, Julian D. Ellett, Aiken, Elden Jones, Salley, Don D. Kennedy, New Ellenton, Charles F. Kneece, Monetta, George Parks, North Augusta, Eugene Sawyer, Bath, Raymond Warner, Aiken. BEAUFORT: Marvin H. Dukes, Beaufort, Chairman, Mrs. Lee Bradbury, Beaufort, Howard P. Cooper, Beaufort, H. Parker jones, Beaufort, Jerry Reeves, Bluffton. HORRY: S. Ceorge Lovell, jr., Conway, Chairman, T. W. Ander- son, Conway, james Blanton, Nichols, Mrs. W. E. Cameron, Myrtle Beach, E. H. Carmichael, Aynor, Lloyd Causey, Myrtle Beach, M. B. Cilbreath, Creen Sea, D. W. Creen, jr., Conway, 1. C. Hipp, Loris, joseph Holliday, Calivants Ferry, Eldred E. Prince, Loris, R. C. Smith, Conway, E. F. Southern, Myrtle Beach, C. A. Spivey, Conway, Charles Tilghman, Ocean Drive Beach, E. C. Wall, Conway. FLORENCE: J. Howard Stokes, Florence, Chairman, Mrs. O. T. Finklea, Florence, C. Dewey Munn, Pamplico, R. Davis Thompson, Olanta, Di. Whitehead, Lake City. LANCASTER: julian Starr, Ir., Lancaster. Chairman, William H. Ellis, Heath Springs, Ned Cregory, Lancaster, james F. Hinson, Heath Springs, W. L. McDow, Kershaw, William E. Sims, Lan- caster. 3 N .Cl .gi Q ' 1 -,J wr 'Lx-'-ag 1-1.51: Q4 'm-:vj Dr. Thomas F. Iones, Ir., Sc.D. D DICA IO 'Jn' "gf ,5, .eg Qs, in 4 f,-typ' igris '+ H 1 i':-3'W'w:i 315 M fm It is with great pleasure and deep appreciation '51 that We dedicate the 1965 GARNET AND BLACK, CENTERS EDITION to DR. THOMAS F. JONES, President of the University, and Friend of the Centers. WILLIAM H. PATTERSON, Ph.D Dean of the University ? Q ,izc NX r ',.Q. Q. X, Nr r lx X N NICHULAS . IT HELL, Ph.D. Director, School of General tudies HARRY W. DAVIS, Ph.D. Dean, College of Arts and Science I Q' TK .wr ,aww gsm Www .,. -r Haw-4.+pU'K? ww is ,1 rzdf wg-is ww sEw65V va 'VV rf , swab Aw ,AL 'Kim JAMES P. MAY, M.S. Staff Assistant in charge of Admission and Registration School of General Studies A'Q"?'f , Ai,. , , ,, ,KKK H. F. TROTTER, M.S. Associate Dean for the Lower Division School of Arts and Science Mi Nu' if LILLIAN MIXON PATRICIA VVORKMAN MARIE HALLMAN Secretary to Dr. Mitchell School of General Studies Bookkeeper Librarian 8 I I I I 1 Il +1 I I WILLIAM C. CASPER I Aiken County Center I I I I , asv is ,: Egg-55X -I gassi I S I I .1 DIR TOR UN VERSITY CENTE X 1 X I I I I I I I I I I EDWARD M. SINCLETON Coastal Carolina Center JOHN JOSEPH DUFFY Beaufort Center I E. DON HERD, IR. Lancaster Center I I I I I I I I I-1 J. C. MCCOLLISTER Florcnvv Center 9 P I I I r , I S ' I I - -B NVILMA JEAN ADAMS B.S., M.B.A. Business Administration Beaufort Center WILLIAM ALMONRODE B.A., M.S. History Lancaster Center ROBERT E. BALDWIN M.S. Biology Aiken County Center BEVERLY BECKHAM A.B., M.A. English Lancaster Center JAMES BRANHAM M.S. History and Politic Coastal Carolina Center R. J. BROWN M.A. Mathematics Florence Center JERRY L. BUNDY B.S., M.S. Geology Lancaster Center GLENN A. BURNEY Ph.D. Chemistry Aiken County Center MARK BUYCK LL.B. Commercial Law Florence Center WILLIAM C. CASPER M.A. Accounting Aiken County Center J. DOW COLET B.A. Economics Aiken County Center R. CHURCHILL CURTIS M.A. History and Political Science Aiken County and Beaufort Centers BILLY K. DAWSON B.S., M.S. Business Administration Lancaster Center WAID H. DEAN Ph.D. Psychology Aiken County Center EDITH B. DOWLINC M.A. English Beaufort Center G. C. DOWLING LL.B. Business Law Beaufort Center JOHN DUFFY Ph.D. History and Political Science Beaufort Center E. K. DUKES M.S. Lab Instructor Aiken County Center WILLEM DUYN M.A. Music .AJJJlI'l'l'lI1ff0ll' Lancaster and Florence Centers DONALD R. FINCH Ph.D. Physics Aiken County Center ERIKA FOCC-AMED B.A. Sociology Aiken County Center SALLY HARRISON M.A. Sociology Beaufort Center BEVERLY CLARK HERD B.A. Remedial Mathematics Lancaster Center E. DON HERD B.A., M.A. History Lancaster Center MANUEL HERRERA-MIER Ph.D. Foreign Languages Aiken County Center MARGARET P. HOLLIDAY M.A. Typing and Shorthand Coastal Carolina Center JANE N. HOLSHOUSER B.S. Secretarial Science Lancaster Center ROSA B. HOPSON M.A. French and Spanish Coastal Carolina Center DELORES HOWELL A.B. Secretarial Science Florence Center JACKSON REID INC-RAHAM M.A. Mathematics Beaufort Center DEAN CRAWFORD JONES M.A. History and Political Science Florence Center MARGARET R. KING B.A. Foreign Langauges Lancaster Center E. R. KIRKLAND M.A. Physics Coastal Carolina and Florence Centers DOROTHY C. LANE A.B., M.S. Chemistry Lancaster Center JOHN B. LANE B.A., M.A. Mathematics Lancaster and Florence Centers ERNESTINE B. LAW B.A. journalism Aiken County Center ..., -... , 5 s W raw FQ Tig? f x..X kk as N MX mr' ,ggi miggri :ew ., :,fmi.,sui. N VAX YVW , 1 'NX ,,,.n-'Maize' til H- i af", WW' - W ,Q , .J'l'sf 'ilfi . ,V ' ' -fre-::11w4,Z.... 4, 19-x....,f.-4" 3' , ,Iv-,,. . if ,V :Q 'M L' ' V- fast f .f , A 1 , - I VWR V, W L, . 9 4 2 ' fi f -WJ K fri- 1, x I, A X ,112 1 , se K , ll' to uit ' I in "NYS .ur LOUIS LEWIS B.S. Cioil Engineering Aiken County Center RUF US LEWIS B.S. Civil Engineering Florence Center WANDA Cv. MCCHAREN FACULTY M.B.A. Secretarial Science Aiken County Center J. C. MCCOLLISTER Ed.D. Education and Sociology Florence Center ALEXANDER B. MCFADDEN A.B., M.A. English Lancaster Center JAMES H. MCINTYRE M.A. Mathematics Coastal Carolina Center VIRGINIA MCMILLAN B.A. English Aiken County Center CALLIE F. MADDOX M.A. English I Coastal Carolina Center J. T. H. MIZE E.D.D. Music Coastal Carolina Center LENNA MORROW M.A. English Florence Center RICHARD M. MORTON M.A. English Beaufort Center I. HARDINC OWEN M.S. Chemistry Aiken County Center RUBYE S. PARNELL B.S. Secretarial Science Beaufort Center HANS PAWLEY B.F.A. Art Appreciation Florence and Coastal Carolina Centers C. K. PHARES M.S. Biology Coastal Carolina and Florence Centers W. G. REDFEARN B.A., M.A. Economics Lancaster Center LARRY K. RICHMAN A.B., M.A. English Florence Center IRENE K. RUDNICK LL.B. Commercial Law Aiken County Center GERALD L. RU N EY B.S., M.S. Biology Lunczistci' Ccntcr ROBERT A. RYAN M.A. Psychology Florence Ccnter R, C. SINCLETON LL.M. Business Law Coastal Carolina Center J. HARTWELL STAFFORD M.S. Business Administration and Economics Florence Center ROGER STILLINC B.A. English Aiken County Center RALPH B. STRADER M.B.A. Economics and Accounting Coastal Carolina Center MARY STROUD M.A. Mathematics Aiken County Center LINDA M. SUMMER M.S. Sociology Florence Center RALPH SURASKY M.A. Mathematics Aiken County Center WILLIAM SUTTON M.S. Chemistry Florence and Coastal Carolnia RICHARD N. THOMPSON Eng.D. Foreign Languages ' Florence Center STEPHEN V. TOPP Ph.D. Foreign Languages Aiken County Center RAY M. WILSON, IR. M.A. History Aiken County Center JOHN DEAN VVINESETT B.S. Engineering Coastal Carolina Center Centers mm.. , .. I' rl 7, ,tix ,X 1 'iw',"'. i , tl-, i i mv' 'U' ...- ak ft .17 W, J . X. - v ,tw , K2 'S 'ray' if 4' Qt. 1. ,R s I ,Y ., Vs. '- 'S x... I , , 4: , ees 3 ,W wr 2 ,K r, I' I f "'!QtWvl'D- V1 ,. , fs' I ' 31 , Z tg tk 1 Sf? -1 A ' gs , at 5 ' 2 I J 'I fb 'wr -'vw I3 ir - 1... FACULTY NOT PICTURED THOMAS F. BURNETT DAVID MORGAN B.S. Geology B.A., M.A. Psychology Aiken County Center Lancaster Center HARRY JACOBS JAMES A. TIMMERMAN, IR. M.S. Music Appreciation Ph.D. Biology Aiken County Center Beaufort Center - 'I A A M Q W-n.rf', fwfs., ' New Th , fr L ,ey l , ' -N vm -5 3 3, il QVN V' . -Z' PERSONNEL MILDRED H. ALLEN B.A. Secretary Coastal Carolina Center ALICE B. BEATY Librarian Florence Center BARBARA HANNON HAWKINS Secretary Lancaster Center BETTY L. IOHNSON Library Clerk Aiken County Center IESSIE C. LYBRAND Secretary Aiken County Center IEANNE CATHERINE MACNIDER Secretary Beaufort Center FRANCES S. PADCETT Secretary Florence Center EDNA H. SMITH Secretary Florence Center , . V , , ?,A..--Q--....Mv-. 1 ""f -5 7 . RE fe .H I5 5 CIS ....,.-...-...un,....--v-4-W..-0.14. r"i' ' mir' ' 'n-A Nlfii 5 ,pal 'Zur' ' ,ygafggfr fa gf EB: it .f u r ' ffmsis ., Y , , .7 'ffm ' if A ' nw 93:-W1 W " rzwff ,G . H ,f I mmg I I K2 . ,jf ,S , 4 ,, 1 1 aff ,yn f 1 I a s L, I e v 1 Q 1 , Ziffft f 'fr' ,mf ' f - :.'1' iff . 'W 5"' , ' , Yf ,", f . ,., I ,W -f I my , an , W 44- jf , ff ff .f 1. ' I X X G ' dv' L' " V nfl! pi ,1. ff fr '-I . 5: if f ,' iff: 'ri ' f Hi my . Wiiwa 1' .Y Q44 w ' gyeww , 3 ,S W -- , J, f , ' ' rf? kgiw 4- ff f If w.M,Mfa.M' A, ' g 4 4': W f - U, 1 L ,N " W 4 ' W A, 1: f ' Rf, - - af f V V, 14, I., .. iq 74, , L fin .-J VR 'V , :J gr, ,.,, , ,nil A V 71, WW ' 1, f Y A ff 1 f '. . I WF! I ,QQ f yy, ,, ,, fa-.f If , ,f L 1 1 J if , 6 4 f M , V Q X M? , W ff "awk X ff 1 , f f 4 f f 1' 'X Z ,tg , My-M A-ffm , 4, yf W! ' 'f ' .rtt 27' " JT 1 " 'mf' f ' .,ff' 'ff , ff M ',', , V ' QQ!! ff: fl. K y f W Z ,Q fV"54,Q1 if r .5 . ' ,t ,. ffy, f , s ' W ' - -I y...f- -,. J. - , Q---Nw, ,. - Z WW I - - W x V ,ff M -:,, W., J f Q of: -ff N f 196- '1 2 " M - f C ,.: , -4 , . ,, 'jf If I ' WW, '14, gy I ' omg Q- Vfvywr ,af , Rf, . I 'lf ,X V , I ' ggflg ' ' ,U , X 'f I .A A -V .Q 'cf ,' 'L .why A fi' X' ' A K . ,' , , , I . A . a s Aga 155,31 It ' fwtizfafq , Q Vt ak I I 6 REL! snide-has OPHO ORE ABRAMS, LARRY Lake City Florence Center ACER, JUANITA Florence Florence Center ALLEN, AUDREY E. Florence Florence Center ANDERSON, ELIZABETH JANE Myrtle Beach Coastal Carolina Center ANDERSON, LARRY Florence Florence Center APPLEWHITE, ROBERT Conway Coastal Carolina Center ATEYEH, ADNAN Florence Florence Center ATKINSON, DONALD RAY Florence Florence Center ATKINSON, GRACE Darlington Florence Center ATKINSON, WILLIAM Darlington Florence Center AUTRY, VIRCIL Conway Coastal Carolina Center BAILEY, BASIL W. Lancaster Lancaster Center BAILEY, DAVID W. Florence Florence Center BAKER, RHETT Florence Q Florence Center , BANE, LETCHIE Mullins Florence Center BARBEE, SHARYN Conway Coastal Carolina Center BARFIELD, LYNNE L. Kershaw Lancaster Center BARNETTE, ANGELA Beaufort Beaufort Center BARRETT, JOAN C. Florence Florence Center L. H. DEER BARTON, MARTHA JANE Lancaster Lancaster Center ll.-X'l'l'i5, DAN Florence l'llol'ClICC kTClllCl' BAUMRIND, BERTIIA Minion lflorencc Center BAXLEY, JOHN WV. Springfield Aiken County Center BEATY, ALICE Florence Florence Center BELL, CHARLES EDWARD Hannpton Beaufort Center BEST, GEORGE F. Mullins Florence Center BLACKWELL, IAMES D. Florence Florence Center BLAICH, JOHN M. Kershaw Lancaster Center BOSWELL, BELER ALLEN Hartsville Florence Center BOYD, EMMA C. Conway Coastal Carolina Center BRACHETT, CHARLES L. Aiken Aiken County Center BRAYBOY, BARBANA A. Aiken Aiken County Center BROCKINCTON, S. E., JR. Aiken Aiken County Center BRODIE, LETITA A. Aiken Aiken County Center BROWN, HAROLD D. Darlington Florence Center BRYANT, BARBARA I. Florence Florence Center BUFFINCTON, PATRICIA A. Belvedere Aiken County Center BUSH, JAMES EMMETT Walterboro Beaufort Center CALDWELL, NANCY Aiken Aiken County Center CAMPBELL, ARTHUR A., IR. Florence Florence Center f'iN 1 s 7 TT, GW M: I , ,i wsifqg. iw, 495' iw of . Q? ., M. f Q, Q , -, x W ' I R. Aisle, -f I . 'kip I O. ,,, ' 512 , few. 4 :dk 1. " X ,,,+f ' 4 ftz' ' 'Q 1 1,,f,:'.. 'WW 1 7 gas I WW im' 4+ ...iw f I A 56? X t L , f its X 1 ak my f 1 Q '1 N I l'7:,,ff?fl- 'SQ' 'ii ' . it f f f wjw Ein. K i Q frW3125g2,4mmumn ' t ga X5 I 9102, ,qfyybigna-xg: urn QQ ,Mkt 1 zglnilffrx in qw 3.1154 fu Q, gr- ug-1 gs, i :swf rm N -2:53312-ut .ilef 2? 1 1 .,f ,f ' ' ' ' mf 540122 f 5. ..., , G F. E., . s it s w t , , ye 'G "af W., ,..,, gg, s gi " 1 ,M Nm, 4' X H !'22,ff ' X 6 " A .-at 'W 'PZ 9 Zyafmw -gy le ,fe if f f f , ff te W .Q -. f rfb -- -.,s,.zf2.f 4 ya., KQZV Z ,EQ x K4 ff , f x ,f J f f ' fi I W W' '7' 2 M., Q, f fa ', ,ff J Z W ff Mfr" . ysgyfy. ' we W . 5050 . I dt X. A aw .XQ , P -- ju, W i -'L .ei ,Q 1' . g....., .i 4. VJ" Q, .6 1 9 - FSF! 'EEF -.,.l,,..mE!51L1..v,., rm.. , . A V, , Q ' V ,,A, .,,, , , ,,..,I I "..'., ,- -,, 'ew if My f I wwwmfw' , M 4 ,Q KX .211 ,fx ,y 'R VI Q V 1, Wwig f gg a 'Q f fs M, Q V , wwf , , :', fy WA' ,, fly! if? I ,f V I ,fi Vi lfyfwhf if .Z cd Z alfa f fly? Wu, My I ff, , Z.. ' -ig! IW e ,, 'far f rf' fire I , W, fs 5 I 5 4, Ms., ff A I I' f X f , I """ I f ! M, 7 'f-QQ fy, A f mia, aaa , , g .,,,w,3f ,I Ky, ,I ' V- , ff Mc' " , 151' ,of 7 ':- ,K ff ff 2' 'g ZZ' r I f X ,,, ff ' ,, , ff '4 if WW ywffaf ff 1 ff , ff! MW '- ff v,. ,,, f 1 f I f f W 1,45 ' iff' W' f af ,, MQW' , ' 77 'Q f ,H V, X J W ff. ,, ,,, A IL ' If - , 'Wg L , X ,fi fm- A If Q X , K, " if f- , vi z , fu . , ff V, f , W f , f fffkw' f X 7 I X 1 if W f , Z , ', W V ' 4 X Z, 7 Zf f I8 I OPHO ORE I CARNES, WALTER C., IR. Lancaster A Lancaster Center II In CARTER, ROBERT B. Hartsville 'II Florence Center Il CAUSEY, IESSIE L. Il Conway Coastal Carolina Center I CHEWNINC, JOSEPH Aiken Aiken County Center I I i I CLOWNEY, SHIRLEY L. J Port Royal Beaufort Center CLYBURN, STEVE B. Lancaster Lancaster Center COOK, GEORGE R. Aynor I Coastal Carolina Center I I COOPER, JOHN W. Aiken ,I Aiken County Center COUSAR, HAROLD I5 Latta I Florence Center II II COWARD, ALLEN Z. I I II :II Lancaster II I Lancaster Center 1 CROSBY, BENJAMIN ROBERT I Yemassee ,I Beaufort Center I I CROSLAND, RACHAEL A. 5 Aiken I Aiken County Center I I DARGAN, FRED I I Darlington Florence Center DARROW, ERIC L. I North Augusta I Aiken County Center I DAVIS, FRANK BURTS I Beaufort Beaufort Center DAVIS, LOUELLA P. Florence Florence Center I DEKETELEARE, EDMOND L. Graniteville Aiken County Center DIEBNER, WILLIAM E. Yacaville, California Beaufort Center DIGUILIAN, DONALD A. New York Beaufort Center DOZIER, JUNE E. Rains , Florence Center , DUDLEY, XYORTH B., JR. Calivants Ferry Coastal Carolina Center DUKES. JERRY C. Myrtle Beach Coastal Carolina Center DUNBAR, SUZANNA Aiken Aiken County Center ECKMAN, GINGER Graniteville Aiken County Center ELLIS, TONY R. Lancaster Lancaster Center EVANS, JAMES W. Lake City Florence Center EVANS, PATRICIA C. Florence Florence Center EVERETT, SAMUEL T. Hampton Beaufort Center FAILE, JANE E. Lancaster Lancaster Center FALLON, EUGENE Florence Florence Center FERRELL, WILLIAM R. III Rock Hill Lancaster Center FIELDS, JOHN W. Florence Florence Center FINLEY, JAMES H. Great Falls Lancaster Center FLOWERS, GARY D. Lancaster Lancaster Center FLOYD, RICHARD K. Olanta Florence Center FREE, FRANK E. Aiken Aiken County Center FURR, DANNY R. Rock Hill Lancaster Center GARRIS, RAYMOND EARL Lake View Florence Center CAUSE, ROBERT W. Coward Florence Center GERRALD, VANDA SUE Nichols Coastal Carolina Center .V -4 sw- t ,fp f - l t 3 . ii. 1 E 1 Gy R . .,,.,.,, F.. . ..,, T ff M0 It 1 'sw it wwf '79 I 9 fr uh W W 4 ZAZMW ,J ,V k I INQWL5 ,.,. N 9 mf' WWW -W ,,., sf? if . ji :Mt 9 . f fi Mgpy v' fm,--W .fe lf' ' "' ll if ff ,M .f fl -A-I' M9 M f X 'aa 'FI Iziilff .. ' A 1 ..-1. O " P 513- "' ' fs" ,L fa --.- 'si A 4 f' W.. "','- ' 'sf ,-'pf ij f - 4' .M .-. A . V WK. .uw . y . Y M , ' Q 2-gf - 7 gf ,f 'f'm+ff!f?wWk? .Q ? f K Y 7 , J li' QM xx . I f W f 1, AZ , X , , Q. ,I ,, Msgs, wzyygsgu' . 1' ,fe V, 'W 'WNJM fx? , ,W Z7 ffl , 1, . 52. .W 1 'f 12' 1 ' few , - vs rv . I A my A-,,2:53 ,lv,H'f , W , rf , 9 mia, ,QA--2-fi A V f I 1l1L,3.,i-?,.',fAirgg, ,,,- W f 71, , X, fu' f -,af-.f fy c 'pf , H . A 4 ' W I ' l he, 1. f I f f 1 W-W y . .7 . ,V .ff ,W ' ,Ma Hagar I ' - ,, X V, .. V, My 4 2 V0 'fl . J, R- ' f ,M ,,.,,, ,, 75 ' 7 4. 'rf' if ,f sw ' - H p ff 4 y V Y W - I 7 fn 1 Lf Wqsfff " f '- r 0 'f X ff' ' , Wye! . , f ,,f M 4 mf, - ,, iff JW, ,ff Q f,, 'aw W ,yfffg . , , Q M 1 5 f VW f ff ., I W-1.:f""i f'Zff7 . I 1 ' W5W X57 5' M7 7 f i" F , Wyffffvr . , ,C ' ff' , 4 rw' J' ff stfflzt ,ffm ' - fggvjf Mrsvfe-AM'+'.w 7 X wp, f X, X ji 5 564 v 1 r f law C X65 f 2 A fa f , ff ' , W 3 ff f 'f , ff 4 4 4' ff M4 f ff' 2 Z f M , M eau W k ,W iz aw 0 'ff' K , fha.. "if ' E? x7 . 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Conway Coastal Carolina Center GREENE, JOSEPH D. Rock Hill Lancaster Center GRIMMER, MARJORIE Myrtle Beach Coastal Carolina Center GRIMSLEY, PAUL S. Florence Florence Center GRISSETT, SHIRLEY Georgetown Coastal Carolina Center GWIN, JANET ADELE Beaufort Beaufort Center HAIR, HENRY E. New Ellenton Aiken County Center HALFORD, JOSEPH D. Aiken Aiken County Center HALL, BURNIE R. Kershaw Beaufort Center HAM HUGH 'PV i I J 1. I I. I ii 1. QI . l I 1 1 4 i J ,il ,J 'H ,,, li! J I li Q. J. .. s , . ,I I r .lp iq, J., li I J I J I 1 J. qi' .L V . J. k L gi li W ls Ii ,. It I i J I il T. in 7 w Florence Florence Center HAMILTON, ELI JASON Rock Hill Lancaster Center HAND, OWEN KENNETH Frogmore Beaufort Center HARDIN, JOHN F. Lancaster Lancaster Center HARLEY, FULTON L., JR. I Lancaster Lancaster Center 20 1 I HARRIS, BARBARA ELOISE Lancaster Lancaster Center HART. MICHAEL R. Aiken Aiken County Center HARTCRAVES, ALONZO L. Lancaster Lancaster Center HARVEY, JOHN H. Mt-Kinney, Texas Beaufort Center HARWVELL, JOSEPH D. Florence Florence Center HAWES, RICHARD Myrtle Beach Coastal Carolina Center HEATH, RICHARD W. Aiken Aiken County Center HECLER, LEE FOWLER Lancaster Lancaster Center HENDLEY, DONNA IO Lancaster Lancaster Center HERSEY, SANDRA Conway Coastal Carolina Center HILL, C. RAY Timmonsville Florence Center HILTON, PAMELA R. Aiken Aiken County Center HINSON, BRENDA K. Lancaster Lancaster Center HITCHCOX, TERRY WAYNE Beaufort Beaufort Center HOLLY, CHARLES M., JR. Aiken Aiken County Center HOPKINS, ERNEST Lake City Florence Center HORTON, WILLIAM DOUGLAS Kershaw Lancaster Center HOUDER, CHARLES, JR. Beaufort Beaufort Center HOUSER, DEWEY M. Lynchburg Florence Center HUDSON, ROBERT A. Aiken Aiken County Center for so . 1.x f -02 .- . is . , . ef i f -- 1 ,i I, W 1 I 1 i . It ' r A A M x Jw-. fe A" ' '. ,, Qi Q1 ,C ,M ,. .y u I 45 , 1 , W 'fa' , iifvrie-d qaflifs. Ts- .L F.. ,,., .75 tq a. f'Q9"?.:,. ,ft . zWMfZWf fff "s2f'fi'f:- 7 W W Y M ,, , ,J JV V, ff Wx ZIWMMEQI AN X X X 9' X ffm mf ff X fs .J QM f X s :- :C 5 --Q' ff' 22313 3' " Q' fm! s 'Wf Ing . I ff" ff! if 5' R" f if I ' ,, ff f X W X A f 1 ff 'Z +C ff f J, wwf fi X Q f W f' A , fm., jg., V 5. , , Wil' . ' 'Qw V a 5 fy f .f 'X ff w - z f 'I ff X IQ 3 , 2 , f f 5 My Z ff' ' WI fa! f f Y ., -if OPHO ORE HUC-CINS, CHARLES STEVE Florence Florence Center HULSEY, MYRA K. Lancaster Lancaster Center HUTCHINSON, RANDY Florence Florence Center HYMAN, JAMES E. Pamplico Florence Center JAMES, BENNETT Calivants Ferry Coastal Carolina Center JEFFERS, HUGH Florence Florence Center JOHNSON, MARJORIE F. Loris Coastal Carolina Center JOHNSTON, FREDRICK W. Frogmore Beaufort Center JONES, EMERSON J. Lancaster Lancaster Center JORDON, WILLIAM T. Timmonsville Florence Center KELBAUGH, JOHN R. Columbia Beaufort Center KILCORE, JOHN T. Myrtle Beach Coastal Carolina Center KIRKLAND, BILLIE Sumter Florence Center KIRVEN, ELIZABETH ANN Lancaster Lancaster Center KUNZ, LINDA J. Florence Florence Center LANCSTON, RAY A. Florence Florence Center LAVENDAR, JOSEPH Turbeville Florence Center LAWHON, RICHARD B. Florence Florence Center LEATH, LARRY D. Nichols Florence Center LEE, PETER R. Aiken Aiken County Center l .l'lNlNlONS. BLACK Darlington l"lorcncc Center LEYEIK, SANDRA B. North Augusta Aiken County Center LEVINEB, CARL Myrtle Beach Coastal Carolina Center LOCKLAIR, BRAINARD Darlington Florence Center LONDOS, GUS JUNE Beaufort Beaufort Center LONG, ERNEST A., JR. Latta Florence Center LYELL, DONALD W. Aiken Aiken County Center LYERLY, HENRY Lake City Florence Center MCBRIDE, GLENN E. Beaufort Beaufort Center MCCRACKIN, JOAN W. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Lancaster Center MCCUTCHEON, KENNETH Florence Florence Center MCGEE, ELIZABETH GAIL Lancaster Lancaster Center MCKELLAR, JOANN Dillon Florence Center MCKUHEN, ELIZABETH Crescent Beach Coastal Carolina Center MCLAURIN, JAMES Conway Coastal Carolina Center MCLEAN, ROBBIE M. Jackson Aiken County Center MCLEOD, CLAUDE R. Florence Florence Center MCMILLAN, JOHN L., JR. Florence Florence Center MCNAIR, SYLVIA Aiken Aiken County Center MACKLEN, JAMES B. Aiken Aiken County Center ,A , ff if Q 9 ,,: W 1 ff. 2 v ff fy iw lofi: aaa, 2, , L vu-H A- we ' , 1 I' xv ,. ' 'av V .f 3 V "Q -' 1 .1 'H . f 3, V 47 " , , ,a - 'Q - 1 ' :-a 1 ' 1 fa, 4' 1 . .7 1 ' N .W J .Viz 2" to I 'I ' , 4 -' M: , .. v. .. , X iwiilw t , ,!: y- ' dt? H, .7 -f -77-W nf 4 yr vZfWe ew? K ,W NVQ, Z 5 ? I f 5. V -.MW Z . if JQIWWWV ,f .4 ,, K ff f 'ffow z' gyQyZ ,W WWWW, eww W 2 W, at c 'A ff .W W, MMV Q 245.4 Zim f f X , yy if ,V ga if ff 'X ,f Y M461 0 3 Z i w fy, f, ,X I J 6. ff , 1 I ffm Af' ' ZZ! f 'W gs Ng ,L . We X 7 7? M Ma! ""Wa?'vnw 1, , X , ' 24 . 1- LA OPHO ORE MAGILL, ARTHUR Kershaw Lancaster Center MARSHALL, HELEN DIANE Lancaster Lancaster Center MARTIN, ALBERT D. Aiken Aiken County Center MATHIS, C. B. Lancaster Lancaster Center MATHIS, JOHN D. Aiken Aiken County Center MATTHEWS, HERBERT, IR. Florence Florence Center MATTOCKS, CHRISTINE E. New Ellenton Aiken County Center MERRITT, MARGARET ANN Conway Coastal Carolina Center METCALF, WALTER G. Lyons, Illinois Beaufort Center MILLER, PENELOPE Conway Coastal Carolina Center MILLS, CYNTHIA I. Shaker Heights, Ohio Lancaster Center MINOR, MARGARET A. Bamwell Aiken County Center MITCHELL, DAVID Florence Florence Center MOODY, Laura E. Lake City Florence Center MOODY, MICHAEL W. Dillon Florence Center MONTGOMERY, MARIOIN C Lancaster Lancaster Center MORELAND, IAMES L. Kershaw Lancaster Center MORRIS, SAM Florence Florence Center MULLINS, WILLIAM E. III Florence Florence Center I , MURDAUGH, NORMA WESSEL Beaufort Beaufort Center NALLEY, RICHARD L., JR. Florence Florence Center NEXVELL, SANDRA F. Hemingway Florence Center NEWTON, JOHN O. Aiken Aiken County Center NORRIS, BOBBY J. Florence Florence Center ODOM, BARBARA ELLEN Florence Florence Center OLIVER, D. L. Florence Florence Center ORR, JERRY C. Aiken Aiken County Center PAPE, FRANK FRANCIS Beaufort Beaufort Center PARKER, WILLIE JO Florence Florence Center PARROTT, WILLIAM PAUL Florence Florence Center PATE, JAMES R. Conway Coastal Carolina Center PATTIS, ELLEN Aiken Aiken County Center PERRY, LEON E. Joplin, Missouri Beaufort Center PIERCE, CHARLES ROBERT Lancaster Lancaster Center PITTMAN, DAVID Kershaw Lancaster Center PLATT, TROYE MATTHEWS Beaufort Beaufort Center PLYLER, LARRY W. Lancaster Lancaster Center POOLE, TILLISON Kershaw Lancaster Center PORTER, ELIZABETH V. Lancaster Lancaster Center PORTER, RICHARD E. Lancaster Lancaster Center UN r,m.,,,,9 A x , A' Q .-ar MMMw'm liltl ll lz..1w.X fa rf X. si ay, ' I XM B X. , f 1 A wx J 2' I ff y. . ,, z F I Q 'f 2 . ,. 1- v. L . Vx. I ,Z f ,.,.. . Zi, K, EQQQWI' I f ga if . , 1 .f "V QL . M,-.i L, .wi Q, dl 1 X! 1' Wm.l....u ' , ,mf ., fl ,X 7 , f ,ff 'X , 9' .1 972 1, , aw., ,fx !! hgh' 3,192 W, Q np., X l Y-.IQ CS A 1 -I as qxc A 6 2 2 5 Q Q 5 Q th ,, , N ff f I f Fixx, 1 I ,' X ff MQW ,I ' Wyman.. '. " '47 Q1 ,i f I x if I 0 X x . , . '34 1? , , M aaxf f W y , rw! ' ,gg .14 3573? V Xml' . Ju ' AVG' Q.. .1 , -1 if-.fa ,.W"' . VU' QQ ' if T' I . .A ,,w7f .ff 1 A 1 I ,f dw fx, , - ZZ::w,e I 5 fa :im .4 ,' I ' 45:-" ,. ' ., QQ:- - lr, tkxxhi I ',., ' 4 54, N f ff f f f f ,, C ,, M? O Q f it , f ,z .ff f 0 ff fl , .ff '4frf!?VefWWy My 3: 1' ,, ,f Z it f' . :. I i., ' ' I 'az . gf fel, - s- 10 'QQ Y . . 25 ,ff ., . A: N! W fl ,f Am: fv JW f . 'f' 'W' 7" X' X My - -f 1.-f .X ff f -WW ,VCV ' -ff. i V- f f, '," . 4. - V, " y ff: . f' X ,g if 73 j ' I' X ff , ' .1 Z' WMM ,,.W 56 f i , f .-.V .aff 14 em ' f , A K ' mf . ,f V 'fire .lf ein , ff--f' f , W 'Am .... 41" xii ,.. f '.- Q! . ' A , xi I f A N ,493 A15 f wr' ,. I if . D I... 1 X, f 4,' Z IV L, ' ' X 307 , Pwfwwr' f f ,Q .,,', , .1 ff f Q ,. , ff ' ,QW ,gf V? ,.y,,,, f, . WW X X 11 ff 'ff w f, ' .f 1 f, X V ,W MQW! W ffw f f f W I X I f ff M X Y X! f Q? , , , W f A ima.,- . 4 . ff, ,rZ4f'z',f', 'QQ YU " f Y Z i' f ,jf I -, j f.: ' X ., jjj .f f jf' ff X 57 ' L- 'ff . V f Q X , , x I , fnffzfi js f if ' J 0 59 , A f ff fa, , , 4,4 M, WW , ,V ' if , , f v X W X in f f YZ X if Q , , , 7 V. . ,X 1 A ' -1 4Z!f , j f fa f f 1 x i Z7 ff f POSTON, MICHAEL Lake City Florence Center POSTON, RONNIE Florence Florence Center POWELL, CURTIS L. Florence Florence Center PRESTON, RICHARD C Aiken Aiken County Center PRICE, IANE ELAINE Beaufort ' Beaufort Center RABON, BRATON Galivants Ferry Coastal Carolina Center RATCHFORD, DAVID M Aiken Aiken County Center RICE, BARBARA Hartsville Florence Center RICH, BRENDA L. Conway Coastal Carolina Center RICHARDSON, TED E. Rock Hill Lancaster Center RILEY, GERALD C. Graniteville Aiken County Center RIVERS, JAMES M. Florence Florence Center ROACH, LINDSEY Conway Coastal Carolina Center ROBERTS, RICHARD SHARP Beaufort Beaufort Center ROLLINS, JOHN D. Kershaw Lancaster Center ROSE, CHARLES M. Florence Florence Center ROWE, SIDNEY P. Florence Florence Center ROWELL, CHARLES THOMAS Lancaster Lancaster Center ROWNTREE, SUSAN Iohnsonville Florence Center ROYAL, MICHAEL F. Aiken Aiken County Center 2 6 I RUSHING, DON S. lauiciister Lancaster Center RUSS, EDXVARD C. Laurel Buy Beaufort Center SAUERBORN, MARGARET A. Aiken Aiken County Center SCHNVING, ARTHUR G. Rock Hill Lancaster Center SCOTT, IEANNETTE W. Florence Florence Center SCOTT, PATRICIA A. Williston Aiken County Center SCURRY, WILLIAM P. Bishopville Florence Center SELLERS, MANNING Georgetown Coastal Carolina Center SHELDON, VERNA H. Aiken Aiken County Center SHRUM, ROBERT D. Florence Florence Center SINGLETON, ETTIE Conway Coastal Carolina Center SMITH, TONY G. Lake View Florence Center SMYTHE, ALEXANDER R. II Florence Florence Center SNITKER, ORLAN WAYNE Aiken Aiken County Center SOIOURNER, MARY A. Marion Florence Center SOWELL, BONNIE S. Lancaster Lancaster Center STEEN, WILLARD E., IR. Bamwell Aiken County Center STEPHENS, GEORGE DAVID Chattanooga, Tennessee Beaufort Center STEVENSON, JAMES WARD Detroit, Michigan Beaufort Center STEWMAN, JULIA A. Lancaster Lancaster Center I ,. . . .5 ' V. . 7 if f if ' at I . A I , ' A I 'rv -nv. - ,. -'Q 1 We I i M4 . 1 'A' si Y, ,5 A 1 ' A " 9 4. f ' M f ,,,, , 4 -f ' 1 ' , l Y' 5... A i.. . if, , i 1 v. . if 1... .. it ff as 'Q Wa gg, a 'ffvaq' F .F .M ,.f4s-v- tx A 11' H: 3:41 , ,, 1 mf! 7? Lfjie 'ESLZJP' . ifkff' '. 541 1. 1 Wgifaf , J. w.,w V 'wfi ...J--1, vqgjgkhwh .10 M e ink' a ,am Q, I W la I ffj f , X fx. I 211, . V, E kay H ,V ,ff 4 f 9 f 'Q 7 1 - 4- , AQ., 'f A 1-'Mr I ', - ' W4 4 5, nys Y., 7 V, 7, ,VXA J f ffff x,,, ff , f . 4 .uf-H f 1.2 . f' .Q .. if f -, ,K , ..,., ' ' "fi V2.5 . 3 me ff? my vi, Q-u...w-f 1 for VF gal iiisiiig nniiiiiiilll 27 Z M Yfw 'egg-af I . . w9"-.1 ..2"'..." , ' . ,W . .. .. . yf , wa.: , .i ff ' 7 e ff . Z.. V - v'fyf'.,9 Zi a -1. if fi 1 I fx ,J w ic.: f' f 'Z if , ,J ,S ' 'Q W' fs if . , J- I t 1 I Y . I' 'W s 'Y f' 1 6' J, I V1 - ffcw ' ' f ,. 'Z' -041541-I, - f fr my 32521 I '- Ile? V '17 X in " ffl? 'I , . M47 Q .ffa . , .fag M.: , I .' f ,, ff ,- ,,, ' af e -, .1 .5 . , ,Z v V , fb . 3- rl, ,I N . A fpmay, Q ,f zi ,If ,Wig 1 W f I' g, ,d "1 ' X 4: 3- 'W A 'wx Q yy . , .34 . I 5'-M fo x, In 'I ' 'liz in I y I 4. A M' ffzvf y 4 I V, J ' if f W- . ww fr . yx f 1 f 4 ' 4 ,I ,P ,y,e.,,. , I .., , ,, fy . I ,, L,' 'ff , , ' f 7 W mp I tr -5, If X V ' ,, A X V3 M 1,7 46' "'ff,f? ,4 . ,Q ati 'K f ' ' M '1 f w 'Z R 22 M. y .I f ,Www I I M ,J .12'g f', A nm, of 'We .I , V, , V ,, I "M M ., f ft 2 I , f , 4 44' -' 5? jc V '74 If 'Q , .WH , 'wife W7 I , fi 1 ' 1 I . GW, f',,i7fs'Q, '7 ,,,' ' I If , f m ,fm . ,f ff V4 wwf, W VW' M71 . . 7V W y I ' ff! , 2 gif ' 1 I Z' 1' ' I V f 2 4 vw W awww if WV, Q f f, VZ , 6 ,, 10274 4 14 QI , , , 49,2 1, f f V4 W f , W f r ' 'W , 'Milf if I' fr -1' 1' ,ff If I , , .77 I 1, 2 1 X fy , f WM 'f f or ', M ' AA" ffl' -1ffCf X" Q If WQ' Q fc ff f I ' V n m, .AJ A, I fy , , . , V, V, 1, 1 ' f, I I , , ,I ,.gff 'FIX' X- V J' '- W MS ' Z ,, ,:, WY HI I I X v , . , I 1 U! f ' 92 'Z , f ,mf .ff v, f. v fl' I ,9 . 'ff A, . .-Q I J ' ' JW ff I . ' cy 'f . I 7' f Mr f 'fr I ff Iffhi 05.151 , f. , ', ,Q I , If ion V, fy rm., rl , jf ,r W 4 X U iw, , uf ' I - ff It 5 28 MBFV - .W fn ',-. If 'M 'VY' -1243 na' I ff 1 ff ff w X 41- 7 f Z4 f I if , ,, Wann ' , f ' 4' wif f f 1,4 I 1 417 A ' S QAQQY -. I ..- A I '22 Gen f If 'QQ M f 9 SQ if Z 5x 4 f 0 fr f I Q 9 2 Q I 1 X, f 2 at Q f A QA.. . M -fy 72 A A rf, .4 Na-W OPHOMORE STONER, KEN Florence Florence Center SULLIVAN, ALICE L. Aiken Aiken County Center SULLIVAN, ELIZABETH L. Aiken Aiken County Center SYMONDS, DEAN North Augusta Aiken County Center THOMAS, MARY S. Florence Florence Center THOMPSON, CLAUDIA A. Lancaster Lancaster Center THOMPSON, JUNE Conway Coastal Carolina Center TILGHMAN, PATRICIA Ocean Drive Beach Coastal Carolina Center TOLSON, RICHARD I. Timrnonsville Florence Center TOMBERLIN, BEDFORD C. Rock Hill Lancaster Center TRUAX, DOUGLAS W. Dillon Florence Center TURNER, ARBIE Florence Florence Center TUTTEROW, HENRY W., IR. Port Royal Beaufort Center ULMER, CHARLES A. Bluffton Beaufort Center VERENES, EUGENIA S. Aiken Aiken County Center WADE, EUGENE C. Great Falls Lancaster Center WALKER, MARK I. Aiken Aiken County Center WALKER, MARY ARDEN Myrtle Beach Coastal Carolina Center WALLACE, NOEL LYNN Lancaster Lancaster Center WALTERS, BILLY A. Iackson Aiken County Center 'I I I -I II 'I I 1, ' I I II It I I I I ii I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I i, I I I I I I NVARD, JOHN H., JR. Langley Aiken County Center XYARD, MARY LOUISE Beaufort Beaufort Center XVATSON, CHARLES E. Florence Florence Center WATSON, LYNN L. Florence Florence Center WEATHERSBEE, WILLIAM Lancaster Lancaster Center WEICLE, JOHN W. Aiken K Aiken County Center WELLS, SUSAN E. Aiken Aiken County Center WHALEY, KENNETH B. Aiken Aiken County Center WHITLOCK, LEE Lake City Florence Center WILCHER, JOHN W., JR. Rock Hill Lancaster Center WILLIAMS, ALLEN DALE Kershaw Lancaster Center WILLIAMS, JAMES R. Kershaw Lancaster Center WILLIAMS, JOAN Little River Coastal Carolina Center WILLIAMS, MARION J. Florence Florence Center WILSON, CLYDE Myrtle Beach Coastal Carolina Center WINGARD, CHARLES H. Craniteville Aiken County Center YARBOROUGH, HENRY Florence Florence Center YOUMANS, DONNA F. Florence Florence Center YOUMANS, MARY LOIS Florence Florence Center ZIMMERMAN, CAROL J. Aiken Aiken County Center W V' I I 1 fl? iff .r 'a . ,www ,, , ., ws G i , tv fi, A ,fm .-LAMP: v , . ,1 rt .,,.v .1-'fm ., .5 ,mf . ,, 45 - W -A fa' W. , ., ,sy J 1 1 V, . ,L-W ef W fi W mr I ' i ff:-Q I, "f f f ' 1' Sikw ff V' I .f aww., 1, ,,,,.MM'5f,, ' ' l , 1' v 1 , ,Z ,, Ayr, x , V , - V an ,ff f -'wi 5 E 0' f , "is, " Z 6 , i9 ,rw , I -5 4' gift-W ja ,pf . a .ff-f ripe Q-ffZ2'f+3ew:!1f'f.,iiif,f:f.2 .231 f-aw .rv ,-cw. 2I?5f.',fy 5' 42' P i Ama? 'I' .J 'wif W ff f yf f'1'fEf'fz F5 ' fm -, I . .Ayr ,. ' My X R ,,',"'i'-y' . ,W 1. 2 1' V-,M 9' -its S eg! 1 9 1, I 'Hx J I -,. .. A' I pl? my-V 2... XL ff W .www .dm ....,,,, 1094. f WM 'MY N Wal' 29 ' r , if ., A 'I X L , l lf fa. 4 ei-W 1 ku , A Kiaiux grills 5. , Q ' , www., A49 ' . ' I , , - 1-M, f , lf? '7 P277 . WY? f W , 7, W f , f f .. 'Z X , ? A 1, 4 pf 1 f if 'ff 7 Q f ff ff fa 4 ,VW if , W y 2, my 1. wa , if 7 W W f ,Z if Q if gy' Y W f ui 4 4 ., +3 f We f , 49 I f 5 I ,a ,4 ff ff! X 'I rm, M X: ff f ff X M ,112-ww f vf ll W ff : ' , inf! VV f ., ,, .7 if , ' if - Q - A . Qfyr, 1, V ff, 'jg If .' .fi J' fi.,- E A Q f ' ff ff i f fs. rf .. , ,4 ga, L. f- Zi . , li!! A , ,' uv, V ,, ', I J' :mf .. JF. iw Wfxfcfzo 1 - .ff .. ,. ,' , 4 f. fyw yf ,. few, f J' , f ! 5 I O 3 7 f W Mx AZ' , fr. ,Y I",- Qff , 'W ,f ,',, ,J . 2 J, f ffffwfff f - 777, ,ffff A if rW",ffvf f ff . 1 4 X A f , ,ff I f X , W 4 ,S LW li 2 "1 , My 4 ff X71 4, W f, fx Q 9 f f X ff? X X ll f A P' 5-'B v x.. ,, 'MPWPFY FRESHMEN ABEL, JANICE DIANE Myrtle Beach Coastal Carolina Center ADAMS, DONALD Florence Florence Center ADAMS, MARILYN Lancaster Lancaster Center ADDISON, MICHAEL H. Lancaster Lancaster Center ALBERTS, JOSEPH Lancaster Lancaster Center ALEXANDER, DAPHNE Florence Florence Center ALFORD, SHEILA ANN Conway Coastal Carolina Center ALLISON, JACQUELINE Aiken Aiken County Center ALTMAN, LINDA Marion Florence Center ANDERSON, CRENDA JOYCE Beaufort Beaufort Center ANDREVCCI, ELIABETH Florence Florence Center ARD, EMERSON Hemingway Florence Center ATKINSON, TRACY Florence Florence Center AUTRY, ANDREW G. Conway Coastal Carolina Center BAIDEN, FRANK E. Myrtle Beach Coastal Carolina Center BAKER, BETTY GENEVA Beaufort Beaufort Center BAKER, JAMES B. Lancaster Lancaster Center BALLARD, ROBERT SCOTT Belvedere Aiken County Center BANCROFT, BENJAMIN Aiken Aiken County Center BANCROFT, EDWARD Aiken Aiken County Center BARBER, EVAN s. Chester Lancaster Center BARFIELD, WALTER B. Lancaster Lancaster Center BARNETTE, RAY HAMER Beaufort Beaufort Center BAROODY, ALBERT Florence Florence Center BARRETT, FRANCES A. Aiken Aiken County Center BARTON, OLIS D. Aiken Aiken County Center BAYNAHAM, JAMES A. North Augusta Aiken County Center BAZEMORE, JIM R. Lancaster Lancaster Center BAZEMORE, SUSAN Beaufort Beaufort Center BEAL, BURGIN L. Lancaster Lancaster Center wr l l l 1 l ' 1 l 1. .W ii' if a l I l i 1 i l i l l I I l B i BEALE, ROBERT WV. "lo ei cv Flgreiicti Center BEAVER, MONTY G. Lancaster Lancaster Center BECKHAM, P. TOBY Lancaster Lancaster Center BECKMAN, DORN B. Myrtle Beach Coastal Carolina Center BEDINGFIELD, DEDORA North Augusta Aiken County Center BEECHER, DAVID V. Lancaster Lancaster Center BELL, N. DIANA Lancaster Lancaster Center BELL, MARGUERITE ELISE Hampton Beaufort Center BELL, RHEAFORD Houston, Texas Beaufort Center BELLAMY, SHERRIE Ocean Drive Beach Coastal Carolina Center BIGHAM, WILSON L. Myrtle Beach Coastal Carolina Center BLACKMON, ALTON Dillon Florence Center BLACKMON, LINDA G. Lancaster Lancaster Center BLACKWELL, GERALD M. Lancaster Lancaster Center BLAIR, CAROLINE T. Aiken Aiken County Center BLANTON, ALLARD L. Nichols Coastal Carolina Center BLANTON, FRANKIE Nichols Coastal Carolina Center BLEDSOE, MARGARET A. Aynor Coastal Carolina Center BOAN, RICHARD T. North Augusta Aiken County Center BOWEN, IO ANN Dillon Florence Center BRADLY, ROBERT W. Lancaster Lancaster Center BROCKINGTON, KENNETH F Aiken Aiken County Center BROGDON, W. B., IR. Mullins Florence Center BROOME, N. THOMAS Great Falls Lancaster Center BROWN, ARNOLD Hemingway Coastal Carolina Center BROWN, BOBBIE Florence Florence Center BROWN, DONALD Manning Florence Center BROWN, JAMES Darlington Florence Center BROWN, LINDA Aiken Aiken County Center BROWN, PAM Kingstree Florence Center 5 . QW : ' l 'X gl , Alie n 5 '7H.eefu"mi V, ,. , G i- , ' if 1 ,5 A is f i ' 'S 1,36 ye- . . if . icy: if - V Hi , nk .ft ff. f 4 W 3- ,322 egg me i 1 ,.., 4 7 X f 1 f Q ' ' f ,, in ,ya f mf 6 , Q M ff, f f " f A 1 f M A , . f 3 2 W JW 5:-A - iff' M' ,ft ,Mffl A . f it -'SIA ,,- we 1' l 'R ,gh ., f My . iff ' 1 Fi A wi' x.,,,z ' ff.: L- Wg. r ' ' .. 1 ' -A 4 J 1 ,J .+ , ,., Yagi? . -. fl J, ht . ' , C 5 , ,W ,p f ,V I' ' A A Q ' f ' My f y . .. - 9 2 4 'Q' 4.. ,QAM '- W 1 f W iff K 1 fw .1-eq, -fl' 1' an ar fi wt- i. 'BTI I L iff Ziff il U: , . ' gig . . , ,-..,.,f X -5,10 'W -: t-"' Q ? 2, .M ft-f . ' 4 N, .. 5 f , .f 2' W , N-. .X -1 X Z , , fi ,V A tr, 5 ,5 ,,qx X , K,. M fwe kwa We . 'N 1 1 ff , ' . . 3 i' "ww" f er Ng fl s. 66? 1 X 56 1 f 2 I f 9 ,M , f W ,A-, 'Nm 1,5 ' 4 27 If V 4 , rf: I are , . W' f ,fa . X rw yr F ' 'i Zi WW i 54.1 ,ef 1 Q 1 f fa ,. . 0 A jo! 1 ,gg 'Wa , 'VK P 1 '7 me, , ,, as, ..,..,g , f A . , X X, if 4 " 1, , 5' f -4 ' .. .pizif-fan 4' Zi' Ez my W X TW V W S A -.-. W,-,fr W 3, ,,, . '9 , W3 M I , . , . . , , at f 4 "' I ,A .ak M X ff!! WMWWP Wy W X W I ,. fy , , A yrit ' I f If ' Tl: "',. , 211' 9 :J 490 ff fi w ff, f ' . 32 FRESHM BROWN, RICHARD Myrtle Beach Coastal Carolina Center BRUCE, BILL Florence Florence Center BRYANT, PHIL Florence Florence Center BRYANT, NANCY Lancaster Lancaster Center BUNCH, JAMES A. Aiken Aiken County Center BURCH, LARRY Aiken Aiken County Center BURKHARDT, JAMES F. Aiken Aiken County Center BURNS, GLORIA Beaufort Beaufort Center BUSWELL, BARBARA ANN Beaufort Beaufort Center BUTCHER, RICHARD R. Williston Aiken County Center BYNUM, WILLIAM H. Chester Lancaster Center CADDEN, JUDY M. Aiken Aiken County Center CAIN, WILLIAM, JR. Darlington Florence Center CALDWELL, GARY LYNN Mableton, Ga. Beaufort Center CALDWELL, PATRICK H. Myrtle Beach Coastal Carolina Center CAMPBELL, DONALD G. Beaufort Beaufort Center CAMPBELL, MARGARET Florence Florence Center CAPOTASTI, THOMAS Florence Florence Center CARNES, LINDA Lancaster Lancaster Center CARTER, EARL E. Aiken Aiken County Center CATOE, H. WAYNE Kershaw Lancaster Center CATOE, JOHN G. Heath Springs Lancaster Center CAUTHEN, C. FARRIS Lancaster Lancaster Center CHANDLER, LANA JANE Hemingway Coastal Carolina Center CHARLES, RICHARD Wagener Aiken County Center CHESTNUT, RUTH ANN Myrtle Beach Coastal Carolina Center CHINNES, VIRGINIA Hemingway Florence Center CHITWOOD, KENNETH Surfside Beach Coastal Carolina Center CLAMP, TEDDY Salley Aiken County Center CLARDY, WILLIAM Loris Coastal Carolina Center CLARK. DEBBY Florence Florence Center CLYBURN, JANE K. Kcrslmw Lancaster Center CLYDE, BETSY Eliinghain Florence Center COATES, JACK Beaufort Beaufort Center COLALUCCI, BEVERLY Aiken Aiken County Center COLEY, MAVIS Q. Gloverville Aiken County Center COOK, BRUCE NVarrenville Aiken County Center COUICK, EVELYN 1. Lancaster Lancaster Center COX, EDWIN L. Florence Florence Center COX, JOHN MAC Aiken Aiken County Center COX, SARAH LYNN I Conway Coastal Carolina Center CRAWFORD, M. LYNN Lancaster Lancaster Center CREASEMAN, HOPE O. Aiken Aiken County Center CRIBB, ROBERT Hemingway Coastal Carolina Center CROMER, WILLIAM Darlington Florence Center CUMBEE, CHARLES Ridge Spring Aiken County Center CUNNINGHAM, NOMA J. Lancaster Lancaster Center DANIELS, JERRY L. Lake City Florence Center DAVIDSON, PHYLLIS Aiken Aiken County Center DAVIS, FRANK Aynor Coastal Carolina Center DAVIS, PAMELA DELL Aynor Coastal Carolina Center DAVIS, RICHARD Dillon Florence Center DAWKINS, MARSHA A. Great Falls Lancaster Center DAWSON, DALE A. Rock Hill Lancaster Center DAY, DANIEL R. III Trenton Aiken County Center DAY, RAYMOND DANIEL I BeaufgrtKCenter T3 A V , f , 4,4 1 , '94 i j lfvj ll Aiken County Center 1 7' , f , -ff-'U' G . .., NV 1 , . I X X K ,J V .A f , f Rid eland DEAN, MICHAEL H. Aiken DEAVER EDWARD Florence Florence Center DELLINCER CARL L. Cherryville Coastal Carolina Center DELOACH, NELLE C. Beaufort Beaufort Center . I f . 'V I A. Q: A ' M' ' " 'i' . Y- , . 1 , i 1 .9 ' " .rc .rms : -ff: .A A if . A m i sm , 4 1 . ,.., ,: , 1 "I, ' " ,1 'W' 'UW- l 1 lr S l fre -I . I JJ, Q... mn fn, -. 'Exe V65 if J gs ti f., . ae? gffe be 'ix s W 'N' 7 S J . M y f I Fixer, g 4 1. f in .ix ,Q W. ,-'. ,HIL z f gg? ,W Y, ew I ' Mg- m fr 1 3 1. fu my F , . , . ...N ., , A 1 , L, . W ig' CM' Wx! X 'wfrfv' ,I it wr, f rf' A f 1' , 4, " W" f" uwffqfi, A "? ,, ' 4 35, S fy' QWMK: J, 2 ,yf gl , ' :FWO ' 17,1 ik ff , 1 ..gY V- M , . ff , f , Q . Qff 2? , M fi - f f fi ,J ttf fg, - " 'Waffv 'alive-+ 7' 1 'Zi 'fr rr as , A' ,T f' m..,r.b R V jgyaffy I, 1 I I . ,f -Y gif' 'fj H V g A- VJ: fit. ,f,'!,76j, ,ft , .9125 V. ., 44 V 4 ? ' I .vyj , , ' f V , X, I , -4 , I f... 2 W, f, f f ' f . 1 f 'MM f . fwfr - ll ",, 'M' ' 7' fff , f 'W ., A Q' 'Y , Z, 'f, f 41, 1 i,. f ' , ', L , M , .,,. ,f 01,93 , - ' WZ V, . A . ' L' , L , f 'W fy? ' , 2 ' " ,, WW? A , ,, , , l X07 ' 1 , ,. .ff f MI' - 0 .-A , M ' Q "A Y 7' .. ' ff 'f f 1 M! f me W , ,, , A . , My is-f f f f y , i f 1 -q, .A , J I X X 1 f X W, 6 f , , ,, , 6 ,, ' , XQ j X .. . W .f ,f , fv Q V! , 7 W f IWW? gpm- W , ,iff V x , ' A 1 ' 'ff 5 f' v f 4. 1.' 2 ,A 1 'ff ,wx ,X W 1 - " , .,,,,,v 12, ' 4' I' 1 ,- 'X' ' I 7 1-4 .Q---.L-f--,V -Tj, 5- f . ,f ,r-:Z .nm ' A I f Z f ,f 4 W f 1 f f f 4" 44 2 L yt MMI., ,V ' ' ' , ff, X 1 I ZX Z 1 i at fy V1 , 2 "f 6 x Q1 ff: 34 FRESHM N DELOCHE, ROBERT H. Nashville, Tennessee Beaufort Center DEPACE, ALFRED N. Leesville Aiken County Center DIERICKS, JOHN V. Beaufort Beaufort Center DISILVESTRO, DONNA M Laurel Bay Beaufort Center DOBIE, ELIZABETH Barnwell Aiken County Center DODD, GREGORY K. Sullivan, Indiana Beaufort Center DONALDSON, DANA W. Beaufort Beaufort Center DONNELLY, STEPHANIE Denmark Lancaster Center DORE, STEPHEN Darlington Florence Center DUTTON, JAMES W. Lancaster Lancaster Center EADDY, MARIE Florence Florence Center ECKLEY, ERNEST R. III Bishopville Florence Center EDMUNDS, JOSEPH Myrtle Beach Coastal Carolina Center EDWARDS, MICHAEL C. Myrtle Beach Coastal Carolina Center ELLIOT, BARRY Hemingway Coastal Carolina Center ELLIOTT, EMERSON H. Nichols Coastal Carolina Center ELLIOTT, FRANCES Beaufort Beaufort Center ELLIOTT, LONNIE Hemingway Coastal Carolina Center EMERSON, TOMMY Florence Florence Center ETHRIDGE, FRITZ, JR. Florence Florence Center EVENS, JoHN c. New Ellenton Aiken County Center FABRICK, DAN M. Aiken Aiken County Center FAULKENBERRY, JOHN Heath Sprmings Lancaster Center FERGUESON, JAMES G. Rock Hill Lancaster Center FERRITER, DAVID Aiken Aiken County Center FLACK, EUGENE Lancaster Lancaster Center FLATLEY, ROBERT W. Belvedere Aiken County Center FLEMING, SARAH Georgetown Coastal Carolina Center FLETCHER, DOUGLAS Westville Lancaster Center FLETCHER, RONALD Kershaw Lancaster Center FLETCHER, THOMAS Beauitort Beaufort Center FLOWERS, PATSY Burton Beaufort Center FLOYD. HARRIETT Floyd Dale Florence Center FLOYD, JOEL Myrtle Beach Coastal Carolina Center F OLEY, JOHN Ridge Spring Aiken County Center FORD, HORAGE P. Florence Florence Center FOWLER, ELIZABETH Langley Aiken County Center FOXWORTH, MARON Conway Coastal Carolina Center FREELAND, JENNIFER Surfside Coastal Carolina Center FRIPP, HARRIET A. Ridge Spring Aiken County Center FRITZ, GORDON Myrtle Beach Coastal Carolina Center FULLER, JAMES W. Dallas, Texas Beaufort Center FUNDERBURG, DAVID J. Gloverville Aiken County Center FUNDERBURK, GAIL Florence Florence Center FUNDERBURK, JOHN B. Lancaster Lancaster Center FREEMAN, LINDA KAY Beaufort Beaufort Center GARDENER, DON Lancaster Lancaster Center GARDNER, FRANCIS Burton Beaufort Center GARDNER, HARRY Florence Florence Center GASPER, THEODORE H. Florence Florence Center GAUTIER, ROBERT Darlington Florence Center GERALD, WINFRED Loris Coastal Carolina Center GIBSON, MIKE Georgetown Coastal Carolina Center GILLEY, WILL Crescent Beach Coastal Carolina Center GODFREY, DOUGLAS Florence Florence Cehter GODFREY, JIMMY Florence Florence Center GOODING, CECIL ALLEN Hampton Beaufort Center GORNTO, JUDITH Ocean Drive Coastal Carolina Center GRAHAM, J. 'ELLEN Conway Coastal Carolina Center GRAVES, DONALD Lancaster Lancaster Center . .I .. r IN K 11 if Sw I ...f 4 . J all A lsilffagiaallllffdillililslttlal 'W 'Z' HT l sky' X I . .- if 'tie 6 is t 1 . . .ts JUN? --iw' Q. 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LMI' We 7 ,, , , , 4 , - fy H ffm ,Ziff , , , f I yffw, p . H i ,VA-We Wfw ' 4 .ffaffw 4, , , ga 4.f,f.,f, A " ' 7 .f . ,,V,V Y X ' if .3 A 'W af' " , f 1.9. , yi f ,, 1 iff, f 'M - ., - - vm f2,,f.Cf cf pw 1 if-if : ., I Hfwmrfnrrs -ff ,, I 1' H 72:LfSz'.1:E:r5fafy,f 5 'a7ff.i?iQa'i'l3K:' is iii J f few H 2' , yf' 4 nf'- !':, g,lf"..f. . ,, . l . . 'u.,,f 36 FRESHMEN GREENE, HAROLD P. Beaufort Beaufort Center GREGG, ELLEN Florence Florence Center GRIFFITH, MICHAEL Rock Hill Lancaster Center HALL, SUSANNE Florence Florence Center HAM, LYN Darlington Florence Center HAMMOND, DANNY Nichols Coastal Carolina Center HANCE, DANIEL T. Lancaster Lancaster Center HARDWICK, DOUGLAS Aynor Coastal Carolina Center HARMON, L. C., JR. Georgetown Coastal Carolina Center HARPER, CECIL Darlington Florence Center HARPER, ROBERT Conway Coastal Carolina Center HARPER, SAMUEL Florence Florence Center HARRELSON, BENIY Loris Coastal Carolina Center HARRINGTON, BILLY Florence Florence Center HARRIS, 1. GORDON Lancaster Lancaster Center HARRISON, DONNA Myrtle Beach Coastal Carolina Center HART, BRUCE P. Aiken Aiken County Center HARVEY, IO. ANN Myrtle Beach Coastal Carolina Center HARVEY, KATHERINE Beaufort Beaufort Center HASSELL, JUNE Easton, Pa. Beaufort Center HEATH, HUGER Aiken Aiken County Center HENSLEY, WELDON C., IR. Aiken Aiken County Center HELSEL, CHARLES Myrtle Beach Coastal Carolina Center HERRING, RICHARD Myrtle Beach Coastal Carolina Center HEWITT, DAVID I. Florence Florence Center HEYWARD, MARGARET D. Bluffton Beaufort Center HICKLIN, JAMES F. Edgemoor Lancaster Center HIGGENBOTTOM, KENNETH Aiken Aiken County Center HINSON, GERALD N. Edgemoor Lancaster Center HINSON, REBECCA, I. Lancaster Lancaster Center 4? 1 I 1 ll I eg, l in l N ix l l il I if ll r-x il: 1 3 la il 4 l l r l i, l l I f 1 I HINSON, RONALD D. Conway Coastal Carolina Center HO BART, RUTH ELLEN Conway Coastal Carolina Center HODGES, VICKI Aiken Aiken County Center HOEHL, GREGORY Pittsburgh, Pa. Coastal Carolina Center HOLLING, JAMES H. Folson, La. Beaufort Center HOLMES, DARLENE Conway Coastal Carolina Center HOLT, FRANKLIN Conway Coastal Carolina Center HOOKS, OLINS Nichols Coastal Carolina Center HOVERMAN, BRUCE Myrtle Beach Coastal Carolina Center HYDRICK, DENNIS F. Aiken Aiken County Center HYDRICK, HARRIET E. Salley Aiken County Center F' HYMAN, MICHAEL DAVID Conway Coastal Carolina Center JACKSON, LUTHER Dillon Florence Center JACOBS, DAIREN Georgetown Coastal Carolina Center JACOBS, SHERWYN Georgetown Coastal Carolina Center JEANCAKE, NICHOLAS Aiken Aiken County Center JENSEN, CHERYL D. Myrtle Beach Coastal Carolina Center JOHNSON, HARRY Florence Florence Center JOHNSON, EVERETT Aynor Coastal Carolina Center JOHNSON, JAMES Marion Florence Center JOHNSON, JOYCE Florence Florence Center JOHNSON, TRAVIS Aynor Coastal Carolina Center JOHNSON, WILLIAM Georgetown Coastal Carolina Center JONES, CLEAVIE A. North Augusta Aiken County Center JONES, CLEVELAND Timmonsville Florence Center JONES, JOHN Sullivan Island Coastal Carolina Center JONES, LEONARD K. North Augusta Aiken County Center JORDAN, ARTHUR Conway Coastal Carolina Center JOYE, STEVE Pamplico Florence Center KAREN, PATRICIA T. Lancaster Lancaster Center G. 'SJ , v ze , .. " O ffs -QQLQ. 4' A K' ' you 1 gn ' E , ,3 43, 'IJ' 'ff' WWF' 'Sf' . , V "u-4' ly --, , 'W ' ""'23J iff? g g J V r ' f , W' ' , 554 1 ff' ' 0 X 0 . JT K if. 'fx 5 W ' ' .5 Y . J I w ww. wwf' X .i. W v ' ww i KK , X Q f 1 ing 37 mana ' 'Sw sd"-1. .1-N u- m J. , W Eff yew ,,- Ye. ' W1 KSA . if -may .ef , I ' yf ,, , 'ff n f, .11 ., f 4 l f, , Q- 4- 1 ff H f " X f I, ,iw V Y M , ,Q 7 1 ' wx X' f fr ' f ., , M , ,ne 1 an , , ff If 1 4' V, ' , 1 297, Ig Mafia . , 1' A, 7 X i f A my ,ei 1 , , 'Xl . -' I if 'Veg ,1 zz, , . . ,J A , J --at-xy, A I : 1 lg". 1'l'24l 'six lfiiiw, 'fx ' 1'.ff9:i-lvlutxlklitq ,N If ,,.: ? 7 f-' ' f if fi gap., msnv ., , ,f , Q ' ' " . .b."31q.. - ff f I - f X f , 6 5 1 ff I ,, . ,. ,C I. IM fb , ,LK QE ox Y 4 yi wwf ', f , ,V W f A , , ' , 7U L 1' , fag, fm, , If w , , , . , "i2f A j!faf - , , f .1 f ff f , if 455, , 1 y L, . F ., 4, J vw 7 .1 1,-V f fe' J I Mf' V 'f A X' gf I, .2225 I I ' sr fu fl ww -4 IH 2 1 4 f, X N . IQ xaix N 1 ' ,w,wf,, f f f f0! 5 1 y ,f n, ' ,ff f J fyfff ff 'y W 4 , fr m A Mtiw I. ,ff fyfff z, 0 ,, f 9 t , ., ff .4 f f lg W W - . .ew 4 -ef QW . .. fir' m 5 Q ' 2. X Z 4 , Z Z KZ 'i f 1 f F I . s f 1 . f- :W , P, 7, A i , ,,. 101:- 1402 gg ' 'XR -to ' Q- ' L5 Q .eere A R- , A EN QSO" S9 ,S gtxg' - - A , P ' 55 ' . j sg , I l ! - fy , f- j L . f X WM 2 ff , 1 1 f f , f f ' f ,W If , , Q? 1 f X4 v ,L-, af ,, . l f? W f , X W f 1 7 Q Q 4 f 'jj X A , f ,f E , V, f f ?f ' f X f fy SM W X if X 1 1 W X 61 L M3222 f 38 FRE HM KAY, RICHARD C. Florence Florence Center KELGORE, JAMES Florence Florence Center KELLY, LINDA Camden Lancaster Center KENNEDY, PATRICK Laurel Bay Beaufort Center KINARD, DENNIS B. Williston Aiken County Center KINSAUL, JAMES Darlington Florence Center KIRBY, SAMMY Lake City Florence Center KIRKLAND, ELSIE Warrenville Aiken County Center KIZER, LARRY Beaufort Beaufort Center KNIGHT, CAROLYN Kershaw Lancaster Center KNIGHT, JERRY Kershaw Lancaster Center KNIGHT, JOSEPH W., JR. Graniteville Aiken County Center KOON, WAYNE Lancaster Lancaster Center KUNEMAN, CHRISTOPHER T Aik AikenerCounty Center LAM , BETSY Mullins Florence Center LANE, REMBERT Marion Florence Center LATTIMORE, ANNE Aiken Aiken County Center LAWHON, LINDA Florence Florence Center LEES, ANN Florence Florence Center LEE, PRISILLA Conway Coastal Carolina Center LEGETTE, EDWIN Florence Florence Center LEINART, JAMES Aiken Aiken County Center LEITCH, JOHN Aiken Aiken County Center LEONARD, BRIAN Florence Florence Center LEWIS, LYNN Darlington Florence Center LEWIS, JIM E. Shereveport, La. Beaufort Center LEWIS, JUNE Loris Coastal Carolina Center LOMAN, WILLIAM Lake City Florence Center LONG, BONNIE Florence Florence Center LONG, WILLIAM A. Lancaster Lancaster Center N LUNDY. LEANNE tTrnnx'ay Uoaistal Carolina Center LAZENBY, LUNSFORD S., JR. Fort Lawn Lam-:ister Center LYONS, PATRICIA D. XYaltcrhoro Beaufort Center MARONEY, J. PRESTON A'kei Aiken County Center MARTIN, CAROL L. Lancaster Lancaster Center MARTIN, LORRIN F. Myrtle Beach Coastal Carolina Center MARTIN, WALLACE W. Myrtle Beach Coastal Carolina Center MATKOVICH, JOHN Beaufort Beaufort Center MATTHEWS, TRAVIS Florence Florence Center MATTOCKS, WILLIAM N. New Ellenton Aiken County Center MAYES, DAVID W. Aiken Aiken County Center MCALISTER, J. PAULETTE Lancaster Lancaster Center MCCALL, LINDA Johnsonville Florence Center MCCALL, WILLIAM Florence Florence Center MCCASKELL, THOMAS H. Lancaster Lancaster Center MCCOLLISTER, MARY Florence Florence Center MCCORMICK, DIAN Beaufort Beaufort Center MCDADE, JOHN R. Fort Mill Lancaster Center MCEACHERN, MICHAEL J. Beaufort Beaufort Center MCELVEEN, FRITZ Lake City Florence Center MCELVEEN, HENLY, JR. Lake City Florence Center MCFARLAND, SANDRA Aiken Aiken County Center MCKEE, WILLIAM E. Fort Mill Lancaster Center MCKENNY, BARBARA L. Lancaster Lancaster Center MCKLVEEN, CHIC Florence Florence Center MCLEOD, ANGUS Scranton Florence Center MCMICHAEL, JOHN C. JR. Aiken Aiken County Center MCNEIL, JUDY Aiken Aiken County Center MCPHERSON, NANCY Florence Florence Center MELVIN, JAMES EDWIN, JR. Beaufort Beaufort Center ,dx rf-u. '1Z"""' ss fs 5153 w43gixIx W 'J l K Y ui 1 ffxkfi r 0 '--s I . 11,44 vu, 9 'H' H 1 i W J fif' A' 1, V . -.rj .3 A.. f gy. 'Wir' rw.. y ..f3fw. "'q:4tr5A'w1'?1.s. fr -' I' A 'txt' 7' -'-A JI? 5- l- 'WM-e"gf2" ,I , Hogg, , I S ., ,. 5 ,,: ,Q la 16 at LN T17, J ,.,x1'x. . x ' 'f :PY b-,' lf.. Q gs, Jil '13 fir? fi ., 1:11. ..ij.i'1 Qgg:E"2:,:3L-f'Q ,X ,W ,,, I -. J fl Q31 'L-agen. 1 .M-. . 1. YU gg, .JIL- " ' , :ff ' lt fe 5-fy L . Aan A - ' ' I 4 7 32 5 : ' . tx sh. I - I X my Final K .L ' W ,Q Q.. I . ' x ' , N, , Qc it ,v f , , K 4 . E I " , 'I I i' 'W , M- ' 3 - f 4:5 5 , if !':'7 ml we . 3 A nav ? I f f L X, Af ff f .. ,, M1 ' 1 'Q ' F 1 ' We-2' ez W , . -.',. 1 , .4 X dt I .. ' 1- ' - W a W 1 - ' . 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Aiken Aiken County Center MOODY, DOUGLAS Aiken Aiken County Center MOORE, CHARLES Hemingway Florence Center Moomz, JIMMY C. Conway Coastal Carolina Center MOORE, JOHN R. North Augusta Aiken County Center MOORE, IULIAN Lake City Florence Center MORRIS, BETTY Florence Florence Center MOSELEY, FRANK D. Aiken Aiken County Center MOTE, DAVID B. Ridge Spring Aiken County Center MULLIS, VANN S. Lancaster Lancaster Center MUNDELL, LEROY L. Myrtle Beach Coastal Carolina Center NEWSOM, DAVID Hartsville Florence Center NEWTON, MARGARET Aiken Aiken County Center NORRIS, LEAMAN Florence Florence Center NUNN, GARY DUANE Beaufort Beaufort Center ODOM, ARCHIE Florence Florence Center OHNESORGE, NANCY Myrtle Beach Coastal Carolina Center OPALKO, PATRICIA Myrtle Beach Coastal Carolina Center OPPERMAN, CARL E. Aiken Aiken County Center O'REAR, ROBERT Aiken Aiken County Center OWENS, JANET Florence Florence Center OWENS, LYNN Florence Florence Center OWINGS, SONIA Beaufort Beaufort Center PADGETT, MICHAEL Aiken Aiken County Center PAGE, GORDON Rock Hill Lancaster Center PARKER, DON Lancaster Lancaster Center PARKER, NANCY Lancaster Lancaster Center PARRISH, HELEN Florence Florence Center 40 , l'A'l"l'ERSON, SHARON LEICH " V 'W llvzllltort llcnntnrt Center PA'l"l'ILLO, RANDALL Darlington Florence Center PAUL, ELLEN Florence Florence Center PEARSON, LEO L. Aiken Aiken County Center PETEROCK, ANNETTE Beaufort Beaufort Center PETERSON, IOHN Myrtle Beach Coastal Carolina Center PHILLIPS, ALICE Conway Coastal Carolina Center PHILLIPS, DONALD Timmonsville Florence Center PIERCE, OLIVER CARYr Murrel's Inlet Coastal Carolina Center PLAYER, DOLLY D. Lancaster Lancaster Center PLYLER, CHARLES Lancaster Lancaster Center PLYLER, DAVID F. Aiken Aiken County Center PLYLER, DONALD Lancaster Lancaster Center PORTER, VIRGINIA Florence Florence Center POWELL, LONNIE Timmonsville Coastal Carolina Center PRICE, BILLY Aiken Aiken County Center RABON, PANSY Aynor Coastal Carolina Center RANKIN, ALVIN B., IR. Ridge Spring Aiken County Center RAY, RICHARD Lancaster Lancaster Center REEVES, GERALD Heath Springs Lancaster Center REEVES, HERMAN Aiken Aiken County Center RHEUARK, ELIZABETH Conway Coastal Carolina Center RHOOD, ROBERT McBee Florence Center RICE, THOMAS Conway Coastal Carolina Center RICHARD, BEVERLY Beaufort Beaufort Center RICHARDSON, BOIES H. Aiken Aiken County Center RICHARDSON, STEPHEN Belvedere Aiken County Center RIDENOUR, RONNIE G. Aiken Aiken County Center ROBBINS, CLAUDE C. Aiken Aiken County Center ROBERTS, TOBERT Florence Florence Center -N fv- W .-ir, ' Agni N Q -iw' AVR je -fig.. ff- ai, Q f.Ag:',.,' if.. , R ff 1:14, " :',,..1l'v f.a:'f:,Hi. 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CRAIG Lancaster Lancaster Center ROBINSON, DALE Aiken Aiken County Center ROBINSON, ERNEST Lancaster Lancaster Center ROBINSON, PEGGY Lancaster Lancaster Center ROGERS, TED Darlington Florence Center ROPP, WILLIAM HARRY, Florence Florence Center ROSE, HENRY Florence Florence Center ROSS, CHARLES Rock Hill Lancaster Center ROUSE, HELEN York Florence Center ROWELL, DELORES Lancaster Lancaster Center ROWELL, DIANE Lancaster Lancaster Center ROWELL, SARAH E. Lancaster Lancaster Center ROWLAND, DOUGLAS E. Aiken Aiken County Center ROYAL, THOMAS A. Utica, New York Beaufort Center ROZBITSKY, MICHAEL A Aiken Aiken County Center RUSHLOW, ROBERT D. Beaufort Beaufort Center RUSS, JOHN W. Hartsville Florence Center SANDERS, FREDDIE Ridge Spring Aiken County Center SANDERS, JOHN W. Bath Aiken County Center SAPP, ROBERT D. Myrtle Beach Coastal Carolina Center SAUNDERSON, LESLIE M Aiken Aiken County Center SAYE, JOSEPH M. Johnston Aiken County Center SCHILLER, RUTHIE Myrtle Beach Coastal Carolina Center SCHUYLER, JACK Florence Florence Center SCHWARTZ, LEO-NA Aiken Aiken County Center SEBRELL, RALPH Florence Florence Center SENDLER, CHARLES Ocean Drive Coastal Carolina Center SEVERANCE, LYNN Timmonsville Florence Center SHARPE, ERNESTINE Beaufort Beaufort Center Bcautort SHRESBURY, WILLIAM E. r 'SWF' Beaufort Center SHULER, CROVER Georgetown Coastal Carolina Center SIMMONS, JERRY Hemingway Coastal Carolina Center SIMPSON, JAMES J. Aiken Aiken County Center SINCLETON, MICKIE Myrtle Beach Coastal Carolina Center SKIPPER, JUDY Florence Florence Center SLOAN, JAMES Surfside Coastal Carolina Center SLOAN, PHILLIPS Williston Aiken County Center SMILEY, LYDIA R. Aiken Aiken County Center SMITH, BRUTON Conway Coastal Carolina Center SMITH, HUGH Beaufort Beaufort Center SMITH, JOE SAM Conway Coastal Carolina Center SMITH, JOHN R. Warrenville Aiken County Center SMITH, RICHARD Conway Coastal Carolina Center SMITH, ROBERT Florence Florence Center SMITH, WENDELL MYRON Port Royal Beaufort Center SMITH, WILLIAM Darlington Florence Center SMOAK, WALTER Florence Florence Center SMOOT, ANNETTE Aiken Aiken County Center SMYER, WILLIAM Rock Hill Lancaster Center SNEAD, HELEN M. Myrtle Beach Coastal Carolina Center SNOWDON, THOMAS Nichols Florence Center SOUTHARD, THOMAS N. Columbia Beaufort Center SPIVEY, TONY Conway Coastal Carolina Center SPRIDGEON, ALIVE L. Batesburg Aiken County Center SOUIRES, BEVERLY Conway Coastal Carolina Center STACK, JOHN Myrtle Beach Coastal Carolina Center STALVEY, MICHAEL Conway Coastal Carolina Center STALVEY, WAYNE C. Myrtle Beach Coastal Carolina Center STEELE, C. CARLISLE, JR. Lancaster Lancaster Center o v J.. .S M7 l I --1 . I E ,,. ,gi , I' - . ,..fl,QA ,K . - P A v ,f , , 5 In A 8 . 7, , x gb I A W A A A 1 we A ' - ' A z 1. SQ,-fb, 1 ,A J 5 4 2. JK.. , , A- -A 1-. 'I , 'Ti f , HF, ,S . sk ZA A "L ' . .. i -" ,,'i5l'A.n , f,,,'S:1w, , ,, A " A Pg f if I ff A law -W Ai 2 ft J A A A 2 A vr ,. X ' ' W iff f H .A X I C Elm : A A 'lv 7 I - ' Af! , X A A A 1 .I ,.... MJ L 4 .. , S, ' 1 7 -wi fl if 72,2 m .S f,.f NS. ,M AID 'ff .K L . ,am , f -Au, .' ., ,A ft . ,V , V ,,A..- , A r ,J X ,.' ' ,41 '- 1. gg , S- " I i :xv is 'ff x :I x Qi 5 i , ' Sgagt R Xe " I 'X . 9' X with xv' SQ, S in 1 ef . Def' , ,. Q , t ' y. " 1 W. ll .,,,,, ,. N., A- Y V f . iff, X X .ffw f f ! B!! Y f f f QQ A , W, X Z f I f, 2 to ri' A 47' . ww ffm? ' f 7... ,I f f,,f y ,f. , ,A W 5, , A f , f. f , . 1 f" , Wav X ' .A M - V T- X Q M' 7 MW I M grew- ji ' I 1..:,f f .- , , X W 31, ' Af. " 5' , .A , ,Af V Q , . . ,W 1 1, f 5 . an 1- 3 S 43 1, V Q , V r sf fl! .2 .sci 'L' , f f W my X , , "'4'hI. K me we ' 0 ' 'af if ' " f b- , , .V K Qljif , 1. il? -fm. ' if if f . ft 7 4 ' gf . . fa ' H ' '+V ,. -'f is Afgx A X W X . ' 'L 7 ' ., -ww,-i,,,. 55, .-, ew favs ff ,A f" i ' w.-317, f'f.L.gf1. ,. ' y y. '3 M1054 1. f74,' , fi ' 'L 5. ,' ' '1 f AW... , .. -' fi? , , M, I ' 0 vein ' A 'J ' ' i , if , ygffvf ff 5,91 Lf,.,5a',z5, , .. Y . YW, , gi., ,. . . .. :ff Aly f .f f - 4 If a 2f:Jf.",' , A .V . , 'ff' V j - J W, ,W . 'aff ,f 41 W, , Lf., g f , V 3: 'elf Nf I f , 1 f 'L ',ffZZA,fff. W W' -fm af f f f f 191- 'hyawaf , 3 .. .. ff ff wowj. jfs' -' V f 5 ! ff V its . 045wZiW?' 'WZQ is V f 'M-mage 7 ,, W .1 ff. ,Z .if Awgrx lr, , cf- ,.., Y W fe WW L x, ff , ,, ,W 14' rg .if If I 7zf gfajvfifw Welk- Z , ,, ',TQf7gff-emit, if , 1 W, , may .. ff , , M, 1 FRE HME STEELE, HERMAN E. Lancaster Lancaster Center STEELE, W. RICHARD Lancaster Lancaster Center STENHOUSE, ALLEN G. Aiken Aiken County Center STEPHENS, JOHN G. Aiken Aiken County Center STEVENS, REBECCA R. Aiken Aiken County Center ST. JOHN, MARY LOU Aiken Aiken County Center STOGNER, CHARLES O. Trenton Aiken County Center STOKES, CLAUDE F. Aiken Aiken County Center STRINGER, JAMES Rock Hill Lancaster Center SUMMERFORD, WEVERLY Florence Florence Center SULLIVAN, MARLA L. Lancaster Lancaster Center SWETNAM, WILLIAM E. Beaufort Beaufort Center TALBERT, MARGARET E. North Augusta Aiken County Center TALLON, ROBERT Dillon Florence Center TANNER, MIKE Florence Florence Center TARTE, ERNEST Lake City Florence Center TAYLOR, GEORGE Florence Florence Center TAYLOR, HARMON Florence Florence Center TAYLOR, HELEN E. Aiken Aiken County Center TAYLOR, JOSEPH Myrtle Beach Coastal Carolina Center THAMES, ROBERT Florence Florence Center THOMAS, JOHN J. Myrtle Beach Coastal Carolina Center THOMPSON, JOHN G. Myrtle Beach Coastal Carolina Center TILLMAN, DAVID E. Lancaster Lancaster Center TODD, DIANE Conway Coastal Carolina Center TRAUGHBER, DADRE D. Aiken Aiken County Center TRIMM, LEE H. Camillus, N. Y. Beaufort Center TRUESDALE, HARVEY C. Westville Lancaster Center TRUETT, TOMMY Florence Florence Center TURNER, CHARLES Vaucluse Aiken County Center TURNER, CLINTON Myrtle Bcawlx Coastal Carolina Center TURNER. MIKE Myrtle Benvll Coastal Carolina Center TURNER, RAY H. Conway Coastal Carolina Center TURNER. ROBERT L. Lancaster Lancaster Center TYLER, LEMYRA XVagener Aiken County Center TYLER, THERESA D. Myrtle Beach Coastal Carolina Center TYNER, JOEL D. Florence Florence Center VAN KE UREN, ROBERT Lancaster Lancaster Center VAN WIE, JEFF Conway Coastal Carolina Center VAN WIE, ROGER Conway Coastal Carolina Center VEREEN, GENE W. Conway Coastal Carolina Center VICK, PAULA J. Lancaster Lancaster Center WALKER, LLOYD Florence Florence Center WALLACE, BILL Florence Florence Center WALLACE, DAVID V. Aiken Aiken County Center WALSH, MARGARET A. Aiken Aiken County Center WARREN, FREDERICK Aiken Aiken County Center WATKINS, CATHERINE Florence Florence Center WATSON, MARY ELLEN Florence Florence Center WATSON, NANCY JO Conway Coastal Carolina Center WAY, RICHARD D., JR. Myrtle Beach Coastal Carolina Center WEATHERFORD, LARRY Florence Florence Center WEAVER, JAMES C. Beaufort Beaufort Center WEAVER, LULA Florence Florence Center WEBB, TOM Aiken Aiken County Center WEBSTER, JAMES B. Lake City Florence Center WEEKS, JOHNNY Florence Florence Center WEILAND, RICHARD Burton Beaufort Center WELLS, WILLIAM Rock Hill Lancaster Center WESSEL, ROBERT Florence Florence Center 9.7! '- 'Av' "s...J' . If-, Huh. E., JR. . F, 1,3 .3 ri' ' :, 5' 9.-: X X g N X Xt . ar ra fer. A"-:eff 5. lawn 'WZTJYP' f 1 yy, I , uf' fs R .,z .. ,PZ gg.. I W . x A 0 0. 5 4 -z re, 1- .,J:.,n-I ..,,iv:ig6,f., B , A f 'MX 7,9 , e Q, r . A f -t 'wi fag -A, ' It Y wi ,, rf55"1'-T29 :,. ,x2'11fQ-r. .. , ff Y. ,N-if if Killian, A -L -gr, Ji'-T VW' A N05-' K. ,. . , - V f'4"N Q if V, 1 l I f 'R , "iff -L , f A ,R u rl f gg , 15 M x as W K' as 5' X- is 3 , ,. f ' ' , . 1 uf' 2 -W.. . -.,- , ,.. X ' e K x fl QC' 1. 1 !"'Q NDN .gps J N-a .t:. :,.m-,gif w 1 5 Am? A, -5 A1 1 4 4' f f 1 ,A W 435 Q2 yt 3 Q f ffl x ll 'T n 1 ll sw! M x J. VK' i FFL . , +-ft-...JI , na Z, if f' -A 1 , , l, . im . Qgligiltlofls 45 , ,rf-1 TX 5 X K 1 utirjni X 1f2 21, K , jg, 5 ..,.. - .Q X 1 . .,. .A X X . , Y- -Q-J rn Q Y I if 'W -ax x 5 . .W fs , - fer? ,uf . r.w.?,':aiut'f 5 I 'if af V l X. JJ fx X A 1 I .XX, Q9 ,':, 1 s X f ' ' , .. K Q SL I" r l, X X N wx 'S 'V' Vx .ins N X I NK , ti X Ii ls 3 a. ax X N at 2 -S X Q 2 , L.. .. X N.. A-54.1 rf, we r Q--9. - I -.pegs Q X' fwxwgf--,stage dx ,Z X x . , we ef' rf- K Q ' 1w'fS,Lfb5,s2rNsti -,. -Sain .Lt 3 WN X ,..,., , . X ..fL,-Q A X 'xhk f me : - 1 r .: , f. - +-:VX ' rr- , x Ax x N t1.X-X A5-1 . Y P w X Y' gum., '-'m-135 ' to I x 'X 1 ri N sew A K I . U I ,I ,, 2 , Y 1 ' M Vg A ' N- S' X' an-Aww ,L of tix.. AI ,wry ff YT---'V N W , Q A a t A X X , , X V- V vfiii -L4 .A V' X N to ff. ,, , 'P I I l 2 ., HW X . Jw- . I , X 49 ,, 's -L , 2- 2 nr . A -- 'ttf' . A TfS1r.'ibi7 X T2 " 2 JS. " : ' G: .. , -I x I Xkkh XXX , ,gr 'F v X X 2 I.. ,, - A 'X 5 .5 Q , - gs my 1 ' N f 1 ,. X ff- v ,. 3 M I I 35. ' NXXQQA ir --vt , r . f x i f-X ' , 4 ,- - :I t U ,JLG . ,- ' -wt. r ,g ill 2 , U , 3 3:-2351, V G 555: flqfw, -x Wt, K 5 , , 'CVM Ai" ' '- -Ps-X. lf I 1 X - 'c ' X X ' f - ' -of .X X y 1-YJ fx ' ' f Q W., '. ,, Y , ,A X Q53 . W' ' I ,X -- fs SX ,, V , 'X x 5 if . .. rw" A A fx. ix-45 X -sin es j XL X, ' - .V gif: ,SQ ,l 'X "" . I X ,sg ,. .- -,,, ., ,, mf " ., WN, , A xm-h i , Q SX-Ez, - 2 1 - -- X ' X I iff ' A : I A ' A jf if :A J, 7 'gs 1 'ff Xb A R - A 'I 5 :f"""9lb f' 5. 5 . 5 X if .jfs , vi' ' ' I 'QW tis, 'Qi 4... 5 ' W X if . I X . X eww., , I X ,X , X. N W A, , A , ...XX. 1. 'w-vi 1 - my-wx... S X I it M 'ry 'T ug f YN X ,M ,ss if K- Nga. ,A Kes, 5 QSQN X 'Ns 3' V X! XX yy' ,, 'I a"W1'l llRs3?i?f,fkff.ra:E,:,, szessstkttrl 46 FRESHMEN WESTMORELAND, R. L. Rock Hill Lancaster Center WHITMIRE, EUGENE Rock Hill Lancaster Center WHITT, STEVE A. Belvedere Aiken County Center WIGHT, HELEN Beaufort Beaufort Center WILCOX, EARL H., Florence Florence Center WILDER, BENN Myrtle Beach Coastal Carolina Center WILLIAMS, IAMES R. Kershaw Lancaster Center WILLIAMS, MARGARET Myrtle Beach Coastal Carolina Center WILLIAMS, SETH Surfside Coastal Carolina Center WILLIAMSON, EARL, IR Cleveland, Tenn. Beaufort Center WILLIAMSON, MARY D. Aiken Aiken County Center WILLIFORD, CLYDE Rock Hill Lancaster Center WILLING, ANGELLE Aiken Aiken County Center WILSON, SIDNEY jackson Aiken County Center WOODY, BEBERLY Florence Florence Center WORDEN, MICHAEL Yemassee Beaufort Center WRIGHT, EDDIE Trenton Aiken County Center YOST, GARY Barnwell Aiken County Center YOUMANS, DAVID Beaufort Aiken County Center YOUNG, SAMUEL North Augusta Beaufort Center IB- SPECIAL STUDENTS ACANS, CAROLYN R. Aiken Aiken County ALDRIDCE, E. C. III North Augusta Aiken County ALEXANDER. KAY Aiken Aiken County ALFORD, DOROTHY L, Conway Coastal Carolina AMES, RICHAR L. III Florence Florence ANDERSON, BETTY LOU Conway Coastal Carolina AULL, JOHN W. Aiken Aiken County BAKER, SHIRLEY MAE Lancaster Lancaster BAILEY, RICHARD F. Aiken Aiken County BAC-WELL, LARRY C. Aiken Aiken County BASS, IRENE Conway Coastal Carolina BOAN, RONNIE W'illiston Aiken County BOYER, EDWIN BRUCE Beaufort Beaufort BRANTLEY, JOHN T. Aiken Aiken County BRIC-HAM, JEAN P. North Augusta Aiken County BRYANT, HERBERT, SR. Craniteville Aiken County BURCESS, CRAIG M. Aiken Aiken County BUTLER, WALTER E. Aiken Aiken County BYARS, WENDELL B. Windsor Aiken County Center Center Center Center Center Center Center Center Center Center Center Center Center Center Center Center Center Center Center BYRNE, WILLIAM ALBERT Ballston Lake, N. Y. Beaufort CALDWELL, JOANNE S. Aiken Aiken County Center Center CALORE, JOHN SAMPSON Hartsdale Beaufort CAUTHEN, LARRY C. Lancaster Lancaster CAUTHEN, MIRIAM H. Heath Springs Lancaster CHAPMAN, BASIL Aiken Aiken County Center Center Center Center CHRISTIE, ROBERT FALES Atlanta, Georgia Beaufort CLEMENTS, GERALD Center Lancaster Lancaster Center CONNOLLY, JOHN FRANCIS Battle Creek, Mich., Beaufort CONNS, FRANCES A. Center Aiken Aiken County Center CRADDOCK, JOSEPH M. Beaufort Beaufort Center CRAFT, SARA ANNE Swansea Beaufort Center CRAWFORD, PETER I. Heath Springs Lancaster Center CREASEMAN, WILLIAM E., JR. Aiken Aiken County Center CULP, CLAUDIA Lancaster Lancaster Center DAVIS, RALPH W. Hartsville Florence Center rv Jr s ts , ..,,,,,i r X J l Pig Y 1 7 ww . ,, . H ' A - f If wa-,,.f Mae .sz-an IS. asa A 1 . . , ..,. .V . -is. S It . - ' I 'N -ff if I V' . J .. - 'fr ... I +R . " vb. , X - IEDTJH Q I I rv - 4' E- f 4- W. ,R " uw, r . Q. . 1 it Q fi ' f u FI' A ' m I ,R .t J 5 I ,gt , R f at 'N' A "tl fi? ' ts .A .N tx 3 ,, ' 1 X-N N va, v I . 1 gg-.aswell if " M" lf xi 'QSZT'-Q. ' M S 'jf its I A ifs isv I A 'V ix .ff vw' Q I we A I 2 A is Sy New-ag.. with 'wwf' . Wi: I ' 'B . I ss : se N , K V .s I L , I A Rf' , 9, K I sg... 3' P4 " ' 5 X . . . we 1 J , Qt , N f','1?1f'- iw. . ,fi - t.-all L UC .Q s ts suaix mm if im .7-JN M f X. " ' is . 4 - 5 fi ' X Q 1 J " J A. Mi E if.. N C , R- R 'Q' gxx Q, A fi' Q.. Q f' ,X WC' 'R' f ,I ,L '- g W- I A-....... -1 - . . 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A -.X . . - N, ,ah A Aja: Q - ' F. fr: xx - 1 ,Ref Rfaif' 'S 'rmefrg.:v" 5 Nfym ,I I. I t f K QSQX pews If xi I , Q wk S 'SWS , as pr X , . cg- Q' - A V. f' s Q . ' Q. Q SSX a w 1 :sway X Q X M' 3 X A X s ' img ' - my .,,. 3 r , , We ,,g,. ,. V,s:::1z.'W.,fe,- g, QV Q X Y. 5 , 5' ' fir! 52511-951 X ' X .44 +5-. A, ,,':7g31g4-Q Q -, -, 9 few. -egfz-,aus ., ..,..,..-Q.. ..., v,,3x.':i'M--.M.x'+:sz- l 4 Y- ' J . ' Q 3? , -1 I T' , , 1 ' Q 42 2 5.7"-'57i'EYi3't . 'alfa . I , 2-2 - ., ::fg..:?2:e . ,,,. Q- ' it-fsfwf..i . " -1 f'?I4,f'igcT7'? 1 1. M55 Jr J ,I .-v . 'ww x- ' " J '-,f9v'M"'r .JM A .yy as -r -gr' we 4 'fr-.MJ fyf-'-2-3-'- - ' :mfg-rf ...v Q, of 112 J'21f4i?441'fi+.5 'f-'qafWwE2I 'W . I . vyefwgs, -' W. .,,xzxSM.'-341642 ' ,t ft tg-wg J,g,,, Ai, A' ,N W, y , 'Q 4 mn, ,M:a,'.m 'W S gf,-w ,. . fi XXL? . all I .- a-In me . as .- flryzga- si -- wif 'J' I " I ' rr W P K-.7 .. x 3 Wifi ' 4 f , c. ',..,.. I 3 c A f A W: A 'ferry ,Q ' we--af .X , I e K ' , V " nf ' E V, af" ,lf '. - , . Q . . vt X 'i , X J Y a , awfN fltdi 'H . 1, , , ., . , .. J R i X ,... . N, MXL A . Y :i?,,.".:.5:. A In , 4 tj'1 "'--- . f -at L, , 1 i X "" 'I A . . 1 , V- J . .QI " , sr. wiv M, 1 t J xy t 9 Q 'W 4- Y P t Q Q, ' f S T f5Rlw.r'r-Wt'lv' ffl 1 X, mr- 48 PECI L DELOZIER, ROBERT W. Aiken Aiken County Center DOBBINS, EMILY W. Myrtle Beach Coastal Carolina Center DUDLEY, HOWARD Florence Florence Center DUSENBURY, LEO ELLIS, JR. Conway Coastal Carolina Center ELLIOTT, NANCY Lancaster Lancaster Center ESAU, CHARLES G., JR. Lake City Florence Center EUBANKS, LOIS Aiken Aiken County Center FARRADY, JEAN G. Nichols Florence Center FOX, JOHN C., JR. Florence Florence Center FRONTROTH, LEONA V. Aiken Aiken County Center FULMER, BARRY ALLEN Florence Florence Center GEORGE, THOMAS Mullins Florence Center GREEN, JOHN A. Lancaster Lancaster Center HALL, LEWIS C. Aiken Aiken County Center HAND, LUCIUS D. Warrenville Aiken County Center HARDEE, BILLIE ANN Conway Coastal Carolina Center HARGREAVES, JAMES C. Burton Beaufort Center HARPER, DELDA R. Aiken Aiken County Center HARVEY, FURMAN V., JR. Beaufort Beaufort Center HAYDEN, JACQUELYN HIOTT VValterboro Beaufort Center HELMS, ERIC COURTLAND Florence Florence Center HERNDON, JAMES R. Aiken Aiken County Center HINSON, AUBREY D. Conway Coastal Carolina Center HINSON, SANDRA LOUISE Heath Springs Lancaster Center HOLLAND, ALEXANDER Florence Florence Center HOLLAND, WENDELL D. Mullins Florence Center HOOKER, HARRY W., JR. Charleston Florence Center HOLLINGSWORTH, THOMAS Lancaster Lancaster Center HORTON, CHARLES G. Bethune Lancaster Center HYATT, WILLIAM DONALD Lancaster Lancaster Center INMAN, LARRY Conway Coastal Carolina Center JACKSON, LOIS R. Wagener Aiken County Center JACOBUS, W. W. Georgetown Coastal Carolina Center JENKINS, CLARENCE L. Aiken Aiken County Center JOHNSON, BETTY L. Aiken Aiken County Center 1 r 1 STUDENTS JOHNSON, RUBY MAE Jctlcrsun Lancaster Center JOHNSON, SHIRLEY L. Myrtle Beach Coastal Carolina Center JONES, LENVIS C. North Augusta Aiken County Center KIRYEN, WVILLIAM E. Lancaster Coastal Carolina Center KNOLLER, PETER M. Jolinsonville Florence Center MACKENZIE, VIOLET M. Beaufort Beaufort Center MANCO, SALVOTORE JOSEPH XVashington, D. C. Beaufort Center MARTIN, OSCAR N. Aiken Aiken County Center MARVIN, J. DAVID Aiken Aiken County Center MAY, BETTY J. Aiken Aiken County Center MCATEER, JOHNSIE G. Lancaster Lancaster Center MCCALL, RUBY Aiken Aiken County Center MCCLUSKEY, DOUGLAS F. Aiken Aiken County Center MCCORD, ARLIN Cresent Beach, Coastal Carolina Center MCKENNEY, RICHARD H. Lancaster Lancaster Center MCKEOWN, BARBARA JOYCE Lancaster Lancaster Center MEDLIN, MARIE H. Conway Coastal Carolina Center MORGAN, CLYDE TOMMY Lancaster Lancaster Center MORTIMER, MARY ANN Aiken Aiken County Center MURPHY, MICHAEL G. Laural Bay Beaufort Center OSBON, JOSEPH R. Aiken Aiken County Center OULLA, PRICE M. Florence Florence Center PARDUE, CHARLES D. Lancaster Lancaster Center PARKER, JOHN Laurel Bay Beaufort Center PARRY, HENRY R. Aiken Aiken County Center PEARCE, FRANCES Florence Florence Center PLUNKETT, WAYNE I. Craniteville Aiken County Center POLK, XANTHAN WILLARD Beaufort Beaufort Center POSTHUMA, HENRY Randolph, Wisconsin Beaufort Center POWERS, KENNETH K. Johnsonville Florence Center PRICE, HENRY SHERWOOD Walterboro Beaufort Center PRINCE, WILLIAM V. Williston Aiken County Center RASH, NORMA JEAN Rock Hill Lancaster Center RATH, ARTHUR ROBERT Miami, Florida Beaufort Center RICHARDSON, DARREL L. Aiken Aiken County Center "U !"" re .zvrl -. .1 sc A-as .,.wr?s3y 9 rlf L! V5 -2. I-SCJ' sq . . ' ' ' iiii gwi - ii. 'J 1. . 1' , M . , W fi' I i i, ij, -,fy lax. ,fit -W , ,. ff' 'l"' .el 712: s ' ' 'Isa Ag' "fi ., , jr..- I R il Q ' ,J if . VV 'mv' X KEN 'INV 'N . ' a '13 ' x M A 'iifji u' 1' ., if fl N' ' 'r 1,1 , 4 O X wif ,g i ,,, 'Arif V I f I bi"t..r-ew r H H z ff? - ' "'-' .if L f . W Q -1' . mf 'QQJ ' 3 .NN V Qi . A I K, 3 Q f -,Nr 5 M, Nitv, X . t J f sl is xmt. H , ,. H' .X I . .RQ ' x , gl fi I 'kr :J '45, - as 'S 'E T . ' 1 wx! S, X tl .aw-Nw N s -as-me CT' s s . 1 was-., I fi 5 X A XX 1 'K Q .,....,, W , Sqn . V 7' K V 1. 'few 1, ff 'ty jf M 'Q AA Q, R , M, 1 Qt are A A . X se ,,,- x stain' f 'X ,Z-fit X MXN' 'Ji' A T "" k iw i .. f 1' .... ' yt vt ,X ix :TI X A X I X. t X I -Q .X X A s i if N35.'- I ri-ffgw 1' ' in asfa '., , V . 'I A-Nth -. WN.. V .ff-.A f. fe-A . ts Q ?- A ew 1 '41,---r 3, I., ,J 4 'ii 4. 'Wkf""W1' N--of ,. X. f-'.. .f 3 S-r. , , .ts I' , . A' rf-fifiii a . ..., Q-uv ,ITA ill 49 +6 , 4 W? ' Fi X X Ns N XX I N 'I I 9 K, , T . 3517.3 7,152 If .13-,,r, 5 4,15 I sw-5X . . 1 . " tl W I , J A "'Jdf'f ' W5 , I I 'f , 'X X S X , ' '. ' 'ww NX ,si va D ' -:1 fr, , X 5 -- Q SSX 'A I if, YA ...awww lbx Xe 5 Ag: fx XX . , j:. Xe A+' so Y XY X I I Xwxf, ,Jr fp-. , , f I tX 'N' 55X XY-Q, ,-,X . ,g ,QA , ,X, X S, 7 ,. N ..,, ., ..Vk .,..k , ., ,H - 1-""'W'f9h-X' ' ' J- x-A ,-Lelf 1" 2-"sf2'e'4'1-7 '5i.ffN J, iL,g? . S .A g51.X,:9Xsif,f,s,,.XA it "T ' 122' 2, - ' esfp 6flft.'C'.,:f' mga-5 f-fri, 1- 11' ., .',.,p .2--1 , 2 ' 1 J -' TEL" 'lla ,WWA ' Q' " A fl F :Q V J -.f " ,Q A i 7 . ,X w X .. fs . :xiii vf X 111.1 :,',,.,g?.:j N X . . ,.,,'. A I 4 ,.Q: , ,H ,M J . . , gif ,. :fl F- I gel , -' Q 'f '1.,'l1Q.,f I ' lil DTLISYES -, V N ,. , . . ' . X f 'ff-5 ' " ii ff T51 3 . ,X B, - 1 A A ,'f ,S ., . QX X, 1 mr Q Hi, NX. s.....+ Jr RX Y T'-if N. X- ,. X, - . .N ' Q lg N X . J. ' , fa V X SXXU, ,,.1r:-av'-H'-v, .VJ X ,ve , I ,a:f , , I' I ' W .if t ,-1 Xe .V 'O . .w ww , Q SX ' X S., 4 QNX X xg X EX WXQX-N 'SXX gk X i ' .X , - ..,,w1, I ', T X5 X if - X- F' M ,X,,, was X .Xe 4 . ,Af t X- " 4,1 ,-Cf. X .,,,, T, ,, . , . ,, , Q ici . K f i, . f M. ,W ss . ,I 5 X X' Q, ' , , 5 t .i- t -fwwfw? ,XX , X M tg I' X X5 03,3 wg.: 1 X ' A X 1 I ,X X - 1 X Q W , 1 'Q at r ei O, A 'Ki X. A . t "afszXze2a:..ts ss. SXX I , S 'XS X , XX . -I , 'XNQ-X if .Ss is ,X , f X 'f X X , X W X ii JQWX ,Q X XX X if fNX'QSX Q , N . XX SX V EX X E P 5. A A . a,sX . A P, X 5 Xwmw X X X . . N X . Xi' ' XX XXX' 1 1 PECIAL STUDENTS RILEY, MABEL Conway Coastal Carolina Center RITCHART, ELIZABETH W. Aiken Aiken County Center ROBERTS, DONALD E. Kershaw Lancaster Center ROGERS, MILTON F. Aiken Aiken County Center SANDERSON, PAUL M. Dillon Florence Center SATTERFIELD, MILDRED L. Aiken Aiken County Center SCHOFIELD, CHARLES M. Florence Florence Center SELF, GLEN Rock Hill Lancaster Center SEYMORE, SCOTT Florence Florence Center SFIKAS, REV. DANIEL Florence Florence Center SIDDAL, ANTOINETTE Aiken Aiken County Center SIMKINS, JOSEPH R. Laurel Bay Beaufort Center SMITH, FRANK Blackville Aiken County Center SMITH, GLENN R. Great Falls Lancaster Center SMITH, JACK WOOD Columbia Beaufort Center SMITH, JAMES DUDLEY Caledonia, Mississippi Beaufort Center SMITH, JOHN M. Myrtle Beach Coastal Carolina Center SMITH, PATRICIA Lancaster Lancaster Center SOWELL, BETH Lancaster Lancaster Center STEVENS, WILLIAM Loris Coastal Carolina Center STONE, CHARLES North Augusta Aiken County Center STRINGER, ELANOR M. Aiken Aiken County Center THOMPSON, DONALD Florence Florence Center TROUTMAN, GEORGE E. Harrisburg, Pa. Beaufort Center UNDERWOOD, ELMER Aiken Aiken County Center VELLA, CARL GORDON Beaufort Beaufort Center WALKER, JIMMY N. North Augusta Aiken County Center WILLIAMS, GUY G. Florence Florence Center ZIMMERMAN, BEATRIGE Aiken Aiken County Center ri I i f I fi 1, :, Hi' ' -M ,A , Q ' . f 'X-:' f .un , f1f 'y q fr -vw K -2 A 1 1 'f le? N . Q. . ,X ' . ' ,X ,. , n A 'Q 4 4 A NX f . . HM V , V. -v,. . . V+ V of N M- gl. p ,N . -. V "2 'w-'bm Ffa, BEA -fwiwn .lu 523 E L . In . 1 x, A fm? . ,, , Y 'A gr , Hz may - W .1 " ew 4, 1N'f4-f"'-12,3 k,Q,f'f . ' ' , fm egx -fi-1 -5,1 ' ,,' gf, ' .,- 'J wl.-z'f,igQ ,f ,- 4 : a+ , qw' w, ,.-,.,-x-,.,.f ' a Q ,gf L '5?:'5?i'f?3:T3mfs'328VL,HF1 51 G' ff-'r -' . ' "' ' . ..r1 11241121 '- ,, 1, ' .' .yqggnv , ' "- Q 'f3jZ,ff:g'imj:,.l:5 ,.-hh, -', -13 ',.,.3s',,f- Y , ,, , , . , , , ,, . IKE COUNTY C TER STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS. Left to Right: Preston Maroney, Treasurerg Frances Barrett, Secretaryg Frank Free, Presidentg Andy Smith, Vice-President. IKE COUNTY CE TER TUDE T STUDENT COUNCIL MEMBERS. Seated, left to right: Preston Maroney, Treasurerg Frances Barrett, Secretaryg Frank Free, Presiclentg Andy Smith, Vice-President. Standing: David Mayes, Freshman Class Vice-Presidentg Michael Rozbitsky, Freshman Class Member-at-Largeg Nick jeancake, Freshman Class Presidentg Divver Martin, Sophomore Class Member-at-Largeg Charles Holly, Sophomore Class Vice-President. Not Pictured: john Weigle, Sophomore Class President. 52 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS. Kneeling, left to right: Jule Young, Treasurerg David Hayes, Vice-President. Standing: Nick jeancake, Presidentg Dadre Traughber, Sec- retaryg Michael Rozbitsky, Council Member-at-Large. COER ET if SOPHOMORE CLASS O F F I C E R S. Left to right: john Weigle, Presidentg Suzanna D u n b a r, Treasurerg Jeannie Verenes, Secretaryg Divver Martin, Coun- cil Member-at-Largeg Ch a r 1 e s Holly, Vice-President. ,,,mllP' f X f 4 X ff 7 e X f A J f ' 117' X X CARNET AND BLACK STAFF. Left to right, seated: Leslie Saunderson, Circulation Assistant, Barbara Brayboy, Typist, Nicki Mitchell, Art, Charles Holly, Editor, Suzanna Dunbar, Sopho- more Class Assistant Editor, Cleavie Jones, Typist, Ieannie Verenes, Sophomore Class Editor. Standing: Peter Lee, Art Editor, Sherry Brown, Freshman Class Editor, Don Hensley, Photographer, Andy Smith, Circulation Manager, Pat Scott, Typ- ist, Michael Rozbitsky, Sports Editor, Frank Free, Organizations Editor. Not Pictured: Becky Stevens, Freshman Class Assistant Editor, Pam Hamilton, Features Editor, Anne Lattimore, Assistant Features Editor, Sylvia McNair, Business Manager, Finley Carvin, Copy Editor, Elsie Kirkland, Assistant Copy Editor, Claude Stokes, Assistant Sports Editor, Elizabeth Dobie, Social Editor, Bunny Spridgeon, Assistant Social Editor, john McMichael, Assistant Editor, Margie Walsh, Assistant Organizations Editor. REBEL IRE Aiken County Center Newspaper Editor: FINLEY CARVIN ARIEL STAFF. Left to right: Sherry Brown, Busi- ness Manager, Dadre Traughber, Prose Editor, Mary Williamson, Poetry Editor, Peter Lee, Editor, Charles Holly, Assistant Business Manager, Not Pictured: Anne Lattirnore, Art Editor, Elizabeth Dobie and Margie Walsh, Typists. A 5 'X rf f lb , . . . ,.,, , si, 5 ...J -.,-.zws . z' K AQ? 54 hz 'H I GARNE AND BLAC A Aiken County Center Editor CHARLES HGLLY STUD NT Tx X A P BLICATIUNS THE REBELAIRE STAFF. Left to Right, seat-ed: Nicki Mitchell, Reporter, Leslie Saunderson, Reporter, Jeannie Verenes, Reporter, Suzanna Dunbar, Re- porter, Cleavie jones, Reporter. Stand- ing: Divver Martin, Sports Editor, Sherry Brown, Reporter, Charles Holly, Business Manager, Frank Free, Reporter, Pat Scott, Reporter, Peter Lee, Art Editor. Not Pictured: Susan Wells, Circulation Manager, Ann Fowler, Assistant Editor, Sylvia McNair, Features Editor, Alice Sullivan, Reporter, Ann Minor, Reporter, John Foley, Reporter, Andy Smith, Re- porter, Becky Stevens, Reporter, Michael Rozbitsky, Reporter, Pat Hart, Reporter. Aiken County Literary Magazine Editor PETER LEE I,,A3I.?wf- ,ir TTTV' f Nerf HGMECOMINC QUEEN BASKETBALL COACH Miss SUZANNA DUNBAR DR. WILLIAM S. CARR BASKETB LL TE M Kneeling, left to right: Preston Maroney, Glen DeHart, Jimmy Roach, John Weigle, Billy Mobley, Teddy Clamp. Standing: David Mayes Tom Webb, Ronnie Ridenour, Finley Garvin, Billy Franklin, Kenny Kight, Coach Carr. 56 r l GIRLS' BOWLING TEAM Left to right: Harriett Fripp, Libby Sulli- van, Pat Scott, Ginger Eckman, Suzanna Dunbar, Pat Buffington. BOYS' BOWLING TEAM Left to right: Bmce Cook, joe Knight, Charles Wingard, Frank Free. CHEERLEADERS Kneeling, left to right: Alice Sullivan, Jeannie Verenes, Carol Z i m m e r m a n. Standing: Suzanna Dunbar, Pam Hilton, Libby Sullivan. wr A RQ ,lik ff' l I 0UNln IFHN IXIII I MISS AIKEN CQUNTY CENTER i Suzdnnd manga? AIKEN COUNTY CENTER MAY QUEEN WM Mila Wafiocka m WM pam JLMM MAY QUEENS ATTENDANTS 70434 ig f Z? l G lfLMl1gf0I'l BEAUFORT CENTER .Q ffsf Man, you gotta be kidding! We had 4023 more-- jim who? Qawbw Our two pacifists. Hey, this isn't Diet Rite! I told you popping those bottle caps And where is Mrs. Morton? There's going to be a party? would be bad for you! 62 . . ., , 1 . fi f 4 i f ' wr ' is Q if f ' wifi: wwf' gif'- MEMBERS: Wander Saunders, Annette Petorock, Sonja Owins, Terry I-litclicox, Patsy Flowers, Susan Bazemore, Owen Hand, Iune Londos, David Youmans, Mary Ward, jim Fuller, Nell DeLoacli, Mike McEacliern. BEAUFORT CE TER STUDE T GOVERNMENT This year, the student government has focused itself on the first objectives listed under Article 11 of its By-Laws: "to establish, to maintain, and to direct activities and all institutions of the stu- dent body in a representative mannerf' It has concentrated on enlarging the realm of extra- curricular activities for the study body. New ac- tivities and social events have been suggested and adopted. Among those activities are the newly formed Newman and Protestant Clubs. The members of the Student Government have been carefully selected to insure a council of competent leaders who will strive to execute the "institutions of the student bodyf' SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS. Left to Right: Chuck Bell, President, Wanda Saunders, Secretary, Terry Hitchcox, Vice- President. ?i1n W-141-f N67 STUDENT GOVERNMENT OFFICERS. Left to Flight: Susan Bazemore, Secretary, Owen Hand, Presidentg june Londos, Vice- President. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS. Left to Right: Mike Mc- Eachern, Vice-President, Patsy Flowers, Secretary, Jim Fuller, President. 97? . ' A AAQ' ff, M- - pd ., . ,Af ff 'D W.. , Vg, an an ,K ,Q ' , Dm-A I 'S A I inf 1 A A vt, X .. Is -x N A 1 -I I I I N A I lx ff 'Ja Rf . ' 1 . f wwf? W S55 X .- ,. . W A r I I E THE PINK ELEPHANT EDITORIAL STAFF. Left to Tight! June Londos, George Petersen, Iim Stevenson, George Stephens. CHIC-CHAT CO-EDITORS: Annette Peto- rock, Sonja Owings. CARNET AND BLACK EDITOR: Wanda Saunders. 19 CHIC-CHAT STAFF. Left to right: Wendell Smith, Patsy Lyons, Annette Petorock, Sonja Owings, Beverly Richard, jane Price. CARNET AND BLACK STAFF. Left to right: june Londos, Beverly Richard, Ioyce Anderson, Wanda Saunders, Owen Hand, Patsy Flowers. f, 64 BEAUFCRT CENTER N EWMAN CLUB The Newman Club is a Catholic organization in which all students may participate in religious activities. By promoting special drives with a different religious club, the Newmans are part of the communities effort to learn of and understand the responsi- bilities of our fellow citizens. K "- vu. r I , .1 .. 41:- MEMBERS: Donna DiSilvestor, Gloria Burns, Annette Petorock, Terry Weiland, Richard Dean, Iohn Diericks, Mike McEachern. MEMBERS: Lisa Bell, Wanda Saunders, Nelle DeLoach, Owen Hand, Hubert Johnson, Patsy Flowers, Carl Gooding, Fred Mercer, june Londos, Joyce Anderson, jane Price. Q 'fl it L ,, A ,.. 6 ' 'NSS' Xa h 65 BEAUECRT CENTER PROTESTANT CLUB A general Protestant Club was formed at Beaufort this year with hopes of establish- ing a better knowledge of our different Protestant beliefs. The meetings that we have had have proved very fruitful and we foresee a great future for this newly organized club. -N ,Realm V 'D Vw, X X 5 X 325, Q '31, 1 QQ u .Q 'QQ gy, bmw . 1' -K Ng , -Q . - . 'Q 3, :Kas ,Q ' 'Q Q. Q, ' 'Sxxqx-t' Q "1 '1-1 QQQFQ ,Q ' Q Q -. Q Q -SQ, Qi' 1 ,QNX A QQ KAN ' I '5'5Q3XiE Q, Q A - X Q Q Q QQ Q QQ. Q, , Q QXQQQ Q - Qkfw QQAKXNQT k -:Q f v, Q-,. X N , - QQXQ2 'Qafsi vw Q QS, . Q ww, QTQ1 Q . :Q x Miz," 'f 5 5 , Y MX v, ' Q47 Q ' k 1 A M, SS BEA FORT TER iM pam innear 66 Q' w w i I w E w V I 1 W sl 5 x, wi Q. N N Jl W MN W im , f w 1 l F fr N sz w 13. Qn i 4 fi li i Q, BEA FORT E TER M Y Q EE iw Skirzzy Kzzwneg i f 1 m y 1:'7 '3f , fgigf. 1, f-fy ' --A :wav ,, Q , f f , 4 f , W f I xfff Z ft ,K 7 f fy Q ff' f Q f 4 ,,,, f, 'fi K ,f ff., ff , M A if vu' " ff 5, AQ, , A I yilfffll .W ,V ,W wmv , , , , , 525,37 1 ff M ,X A A if Z ff , ff A X, f W , W, ff M fi ff f .J fl fm- f " ff WW ! 1 ff 6 'Vi 'f ,M F, M1 I . ffwkf , 1? 'X 5 BEA FORT CE TER AID OF HO OR iw igafrsy .gfowerzs 67 L MSX 1 NXLXXSSX W 1 NXXQS X5 fx NQXQXY X - Q. ye w-16 xSxmrx xox Q xx r o r , A , X rx A X , , -.,Nek..X.XNxx.Xi- xNN.-xi i-xX X X. xx. .X,. Xi, x 5 A Sw xx Q1 QX. Neko X XNXX QxXQN dSxQQ i wwe -f Sfa?fi5' L . WN Q, ,ir mf ,, ,.:3xQ.Q,t. I ,,. ,A 1 , ' e ' Q if ' ,. .k,, , i, Q "f:" M-5" ' 4 el""I 'F f -.1 :fi 5,5 i.,f.' 1' 1' 'ff Li Q yi 4 L .,.,a,S , ,N gf.,3N,.- :5.g1,f :h' V G' f A 'M- X.. if -W Juv? -2' W-5 if 4545- - Qibg6,,7,3Q gggQ,:Qp,v, M. :Q ,- . .x......, ,1- Q14 - wmv' F"-gffglzfii., . .' ' "J" , ' x "-ffl: Ciffi if 1: I. V gggqx-A2555 aw .Lg .i i- .-N..-.a,wiv1fs'.'-'2:"f:z:,g15,1-V,M -b-- 9 1 - X MEX ,...,v,.,.,1 , B v ,, W f ,S W' 5,55-v'..'z, i'7.3357,,,.,.b1.Q . 'X ?:.'w::v,,-:,.,. 'f ,Y N VQ . k:p,S:334E5I,,7fg5r 3,5 +"'49i:'i-v -1 f 51' 1' ' 5f?'?:ifSf3"" Q-.33:.""'3,"..'3"qW,'g"3fN9'-51 fr I4 -' I-2 X- ' A' f f 2 . N ,,. -b X X xx ' ' S" ' - 1 YW? T P7S"?QY 2539 .:f'L.1Qfl'S:3fsl gm ,fm-.1 we iw. X X XXXX X X XXX X - K if ' Z' -f if X - r f 4 ei W, 0' is 1 xx F .N , X ,U K . . x 1 if N c ,Sp 1 X X A ,1 , N E 4 'l rf, by Qwf, A fx I + Q , f 1 , 1 X , ,K i J , tl if r A N w ,Q X X , l Yr gif, rl, 55.5, ,ff i Ne , N' 1, zfxffm- .-'f X . " .-f..'U,,3.. . "Q, Ni .. L my ' ,Q My 1 fv ' lf, i 4:-V, Q'--pi! ,- fan-waxgi vw: -f 'ffl fodkfi X , X KWX ' if ff iii 5 J. 4 5, My iw X , 6 3 qu ,X S X PM ,fx 5wm2J'fl'g 9 Y! f Q xx B 'af Y i " X' 3 K 1 Q if Q ' ff " , N f Q, Q v ix , -' Q ' 9 V B W xx , 42 Q Q i 5 f ,N X Q.. Q Xp f J l X .1 K. ' Q r if 1 X g , S W J 'X R, f , 1 r X Q re ' are x , 4 fi 5 QQ, gwkfm if 12? Q M X J, f L A ggi? A, X 3, F X X 48 x Q 4' K gn h .. ,X ,fb-wxsM+w,.- W. K .-f., ew . fwrw-,fu Law, - .r LW 1 "X if . ' f:11,ff'1, iipJ1gw,-3' CHEERLEA ' , Left to right: Gloria Burns, Sonja Owings, Fran Elliott, Patsy Flowers, Susan Bazemore, Annette Petorock. S wer, D US D AWK I CN F l Q l Pi l il ,W Tl ,, 1, ll il ll r P I 1 l li 1 ii l V i i l l ' T Y it " ' ...V . V 'Wanpasf . w B ' l I 4 i '? ' " A .ix X W' 1 K . X E Q A i , X, ' Q .T Q. 'JESS ,Q-Y .,:' 5 ii. " 5 T25 -- Q2 -QW: ' .X - sf lf' f- X - t XX MEMBERS. Left to right: Roy Corum, Jimmy Melvin, Mac MacCloud, Ernie Cesell, "Dutch" Cordary, Mike Murphy, Cliff Weaver. BEA FORT CENTER KETBALL wr if s was ws. fred fi 's -di , 4 -atv :Y' f ,, we This year has been an encouraging one for us here at Beaufort. Under the appreciated efforts of "Player-Coachv Ca position not coveted by many? Iimmy Melvin, we organized a basketball team. Mr. Curtis was unoflicially declared "Dean of Basketball" and devoted a great deal of his personal time to travel with us on our out-of- town trips. After the games there were usually "get-togethersv put on by either the opposition or us. These are usually looked forward to with great anticipation, and we feel that better inter- Center relationships are sparked by these small and informal parties. l l 1 5 ,N Sf'-is MEMBERS. Left to right: Richard Weiland, Mike McEachern, Susan Bazemore, Pat Kennedy Rick Dean BEAUFORT CENTER TENNIS Because of the enthusiasm displayed, a tennis team was organized this year with hopes of be- ing able to set up matches next year. We think that Beaufort's athletic teams are just beginning to bud and that the following years will see more varied sports activities. 7- f -7-777714 I vga zz , 'nlrqlq wzqafwmigiw' G fd -H'-f-.mb g ----fn...-r .,,, ,cQ'- ' V V -fewvfif.. - TX , ff. W ..-WMWM ,,, ,Wt . . ff 'E A ,, at ' lin- COASTAL CAROLINA CENTER STU ENT C UNCIL X .NAM OFFICERS. Left to right: "Benjy" james, President, Ioan Williams, Secretary, jimmy Pate, Vice-President, Shirley Grissett, Treasurer. REPRESENTATIVES. Left to right: Roger VanWie, Robert Cook, Cheryl Jensen, Clyde Wilson. Seated: Jane Anderson, LeAnne Lundy, Ruth Ellen I Hobart, Pat Tilghman. l l l l l l STUDENT COUNCIL. Left to right: Robert Cook, Roger VanWie, Ruth Ellen Hobart, jimmy Pate, LeAnne Lundy, Pat Tilghman, "Benjy" James. Seated: Ioan Williams, Shirley Crissett, Clyde Wilson, Cheryl Jensen, ,lane Anderson. f 7xT'i.Rrs is 'rvl A , , A Qvll 'C ',,, , rrlc I 1 BA .7 M Y 27 ., I . 4 ,,,f'fw., 44 purel- V 1 l 1 l 1 l l , l 4 l l , l I I 4 il l I uh 'W ll l l l 1 i l lil l l l Q U -U Q7 'C-.. 'Wi 1 f , STU ENT X ASS STANTS STUDENT ASSISTANTS. Left to right: Sara Lynn Cox, Arnold Brown, LeAnne Lundy, Pat Tilghman, Shirley Grissett, Ioan Williams. Seated: jane Anderson, Clyde Wilson, Marjorie Grimmer. CIRCLE K CLUB 'F A Coastal Carolina's only service or fraternal or- ganization is the Circle Club, sponsored by the Conway Kiwanis Club. The Club operates on its own financial basis through projects such as cake sales, candy sales, or car washes. This money is used for two purposes. They are to maintain its international and state membership and to promote programs which are beneiicial to the community and the school. CIRCLE K CLUB. Left to right: Alex Todd, Virgil Autry, Jackie Thomas, Richard Hawes, Roger VanWie, Ronnie Hinson, john jones, Ioe Sam Smith, Arthur jordan, Worth Dudley, Lindsey Roach, Secretaryg jesse Causey, El H. Elliott, Clyde Wilson, Arnold Brown. Seated: john Rhodes, Morgan Gilreath, "Jimbo" McLaurin, Program Chairman, jimmy Pate, President, Jeff VanWie, Sergeant-at-Arms, Bennett james, Vice-President, Robert Cook, Treasurer. rl 'if ii-if 133623 f'X?37"'Y?5EiL."5lI'2W f' 'WM-' if 0 4 Q5i9ig1f' -'gh 'ik "9 1 fitidx' 'QM ii? 1 Ra W K. 'v T?fT w32a' 5 ibn 3 ri , ' f 7' Q K ? fr fr 11 Q 1 S Q , R. - 15. Si X r'., 1 rv -'ri 6' . . lf, Ak 1. 'Q ., W Q Left to right: LeAnne Lundy, Sports Editor, Sandra Hersey, Sarah Fleming, Cheryl Jensen, "Be-niy" james, Business Manager, Marjorie Crimmer, Feature Editor. Seated: Pat Tilghman, Editorials, Sara Lynn Cox, jane Anderson, News Editor, Ruth Ann Chestnut, Art Editor, Clyde Wilson, Editor. C ANTICL ER STAFF Ni .W,.,,Af- " " ji " X x Deadlines!" .qpg.M:"".:.-uw CLYDE WILSON, Editor 74 Y I l . l w l ui ll ll li ,I H ai' ll lf l y ll, ll 1 1 i 151 ll if i v! E 2 ls i 'l X, K fl ll in rl E i , 1 if lx. V 1 ' 1 I l r I I l I 1 l J i i V l i . i i Z i l 4 l l i l A l F 4 l l A l l w i , E X l V l l i X , i I L Q "Who's Missing?" . . "Nobodyl lv Shirley Crissett, Editorg Clyde Wilson, Organization Editorg Sharyn Barbee, Classes Editorg Wally Martin, Business Managerg Roger VanWie, Sports Editorg Ruth Ann Chestnut, Art Editor. X X S5 Q N Skis X X Q-sk fp.: -ww' ata. ' f -1 rr" , 'T " ?vi:Y5.1f"tf Tw 1 4, ir M Qs. ,. . r f 'M' ffm afuf.vEf,.yf,, ,w ir f f - -' ,. 'gl-H .big-t'r.2v wig, ' J 4,22 If , Av . if W'f,k'm, Y "yy '32 L vw . if 4 m t 95:22 .. ,W ,, 5. 45,11 H 5.5 1,2 ' N Ng ' fr ' Qi' '1,x5ff. ."-',i" bn':.y'-Jiffwiz' -, N 133, '7.2y -11:2 gig f' or fr ff ffzssef f fr 4 , Qf' : W gs W f i 3 'di 4. i f f S, wr ,' .1:f:1r. L SHIRLEY CRISSETT, Editor GAR ET A D BLACK STAFF 'X 1 is 5 Sr . :7 5 so R N Rr xs- r, M ' Q lx . g Xxgf 75 ,,,,n-7-.---....Y. V A "MIGHTY CHEERLEADERS." Standing, left to right: Richard Hawes, Danny Hammond, Seth Williams, Morgan Cilreath, Alex Todd, Larry Elliott, Worth Dudley. Kneeling: Donn Beckman, "Jimbo" McLaurin, Kenneth Foxworlh, John Rhodes, S. H. Elliott, and Roger VanWie. BASKETBALL , r r '83 ' 5 -Q Coastal . . 64 - Beaufort . . 36 I Coastal . . 96 - Lancaster . . 62 l I I 4 Coastal . . 84 - Florence . . 76 U I A Coastal . . 105 - Aiken . . 68 . n V ' Coastal . . 83 - Lancaster . . 74 " ' 'Ch 'fl - My name 15 amp Coastal . . 92 - Beaufort . . 58 Coastal . . 86 - Florence . . 84 Y il 54 ll U ll M W l ll l i il Ql l l . I i , , l l v I 76 ll .vu .I 'f .- 'W'-we 5 "Show him how to jump, Morgan." We got the pep. his rscoo n as d show, 'Jimbo . Left to right: Janice Abel, Diane Todd, Pat Opalko, jane Anderson, Sara Lynn Cox. Kneeling: LeAnne Lundy Head Cheerleader. Tj gp gf "if o pe' f , 5 1 k .., , f ri k I 4 in N, 2 Nl, an v,'. uf- Q ' - , iid Z" V 'V M' ' ' ' ' , ""Qfi f X .i LL, ,ff-" L 'if I: ll in , I ' Q 54. ' M L A -- , - ,. H 4.., r -.,,,x. Kv.H2l'Vlv"-1 ' I'-"iihLV'.JiiL.l.J. J- RWE, -.i ,-'UC FP' 'S 'Y I !1"lZ'L .N-V WL' if xU3'lDAn'lE1hGJN.!K.x.irSb...A. if I.. .QAMU I 'iwliikl' I. Cdr-'1l'2'!4! . www. is X' www t x f Mxx ,JN , x-"xg nw Qs X X X 1 X , , , ., X xx XR QWNN .-,-M, , Nmx - N X , X '- -I A : X 4' . - Q x --XSN 3K"3w-, Aw, N- , , ,, 44 'PW X Nm If N fx fm, xg K .x - X " Q2 Qxgs Qfiksk-4. X lx . , Qfyf, -A Sa - C5 A sy, Q - . . f V Q X X pkgw, A X , . , 6 , . 6- if S A ggi Q1 Ning" s. X X , . T ,- ,ff-"' fl' .. X Q A . is I XT K5 v wig 5215. I I V S X L ' 1 , f A55 V V Yr x 'Wx' . f QQK f it , X -, , Y, 1 x " w ',,, ,MQW k 'Y' 1 Y 1 M SS CGASTAL C ROLI CE TER iw pafricia jfghmam l 78 my 11 -RN ml .1 AI Y. X s Y x Ta if 4 N fr I V N w 1 M H 1 I I w i I i 1 1 W , I ., ,KV ni -eg CIRCLE K SWEETHEART IM arforie 904115017- -E ,z , , .ff,-1 , 1 ' f my 4 Qf, fx infix, MAY QUEEN mari ara gun 79 Coastal Presents: The Social Event of the Year Maid of Honor .., Bride's Mother . . , Attendants , . . lt ff 3 ' "Ce Ce, get me out of this thing!" ill' S 1 as X gl A 5 r Fi 3 Ei .,.. . a-, i lf ' , rn Sgnh ' ,lag Z !.l,, so ,V as I . lx tl.. A it L fvsiy ,L 5 S E1- .wf 5 fig L f .dl "Yes, Sir, I sho' doezl ll' 80 Groom's Mother .,., . . . "He,s mine, all minell' Preacher ,.t..A........... . , . . .BENJY JAMES Bride CMiss Costa Carolinaj , , , .... CLYDE WILSON Groom fMr. Clem Sunnj ..... ,s.... E . H. ELLIOTT Best Man .s,,......,s.... ,... B ENIY HARREIJSON . A . . ,"I1MBo', MCLAURIN . . .Mn E. M. SINGLETON , . . LMR. E. R. KIRKLAND IOEL FLOYD, JOHN JONES X. iff? f if KI W fm wen ,Q vt .K A ' Ma f P K F ,inf is if mh- 9 4 'M I2 V. I , .- '7 Q Egg. ,,,, f A' ' ' A' . 2 ,-Nm - ,vm ,. f .W f' W I , . .g m , ,wwf . T ' 2, ' :Aa 7,5 8 'ly' FLGRE CE E TER SI .WM ,WA gf, --f- v - WM- 1' if f" . 'fi'f'iL3i3 ,M .W ., ,,., ,JM H- , , ., 1,-'72 114141--:sa 1 ,... ., W ,.,,,...,.,.-f ,....- ....,M,,.... EEE? ,. . .. dz.,.:. X. f:v...:w:::z:::.1f ':4i:r:':,1n:-' " 'tr' W,,.,.,.,,.M.,. ,MW naw.. .W .,,A , ,M , - A ,W .X-W., .M f, . -V : anne 5335 EEE! AJ... .....- .4 AY Seated, left to right: Barbara Odom, Judy Skipper. Standing, left to right: Bill Cromer, Bobby Shrum, Xan Smythe, Tod Tyner. STUDE T CE TER HO OR BO RD Left to right: Don Phillips, Harriet Floyd, Larry Anderson, Bobby Shrum, Xan Smythe, George Taylor, Barbara Odom. ' Q, 'W rr 'V - 82 . ,. ,. i MSM ff?-il L54 i ivy-fvllw' F Q GAR ET A D BLACK -,Z 'JP-, 48- SAM MORRIS, Editor STAFF. Seated, left to right: Nancy Glover, Features Editor, Willie jo Parker, Sophomore Class Editor, Miss Lenna Morrow, Faculty Ad- oisorg Linda Lawhon, Freshman Class Editor, Barbara Odom, Co-Editor. Standing: left to right: Joanne McKellar, Business Manager, Sam Morris, Editor, Ernest Long, Photographer. usfg , r, ,fx 83 ,3 ' 5 .4 ' -i 'ff : : V t f ,. , .H .ff 'l ' f "A ' ' V q fgf itf f 5, 1 'i :Qf",5-tfsf K, ,,f,,ff i, I , - , ' r V ,, V V V ,, A A- , J ' V2 f ff V f y 5, f, , ,Vfwfy me mr kr f-di' KWH! go M fn M1 42 , , V H ff latin, ga ' : ' A A- , 'V Q l is w W fr s if " , '5 ' ite r 0 A M, ' was sf f , ,fs Va wi f ww ff? - 1 ea dv- it M V we V, r '-ii, ' 7 F MX- Y 7 . . - 'M' ff' XV: fl ' fy!! p eflf'g,f,:,,f':,1::'xV4-H-f.::'W',.-r-'w::5mf,:f:q::. 4 V A A ,si 1 ,fl fwfr fgggw-'.:.""g....MWfMff:::::,.., ,V .mV.V,,w, V I .ffxymffgfgyi ,V, ' 'ilk-tvs MH ,,,,,l.-if-35-s'73 373'-1"r3:f:,:',lT intl' LZ-wwf? .1 ' 'milf' A J- -- ' 1 ls A W I ' "" f -7 2 . f gkfr GY 1' -1 rf -fry:-fs' ew ' ' ,mi f' ' - :yi - V ,. fi' Vf ff 3X f I f - 61141 V 4' Z: - -,, .:- ,N gf - Z 1, if A 1-V , ,fi - ww r , ffj , ffl, 4 -1 4 .f.. , ,f,. ,V , , s. , ,f ., , ,V - .V wwffa ' fs? Z 'wwf fffvf I - f W gfffwv 14 ' f, 'N Aft zWWWf . , ,, ,, ,.,, .,.,, ,,,L ,, ,,,. .V , ,V , , ,, , , , , Y 41' ' Q '5" ' ' ff fr ?"" ' P Elf if M f ' Fff Vw 2 " f 'i S - l iff , ff Vfi ff mfs . ' ' 2-'Wi' r" f if 4 ,, .f ' ,V rf-2 ff . cy," - A ,V fr, 5 1 ,fiiewgf-'1 ,Vf f fam,-1, 55 ' KV V ff ,-,.5.n,V:,, MV, I wtf- an-. f if V , MJ' ,fw 4,-A ' 7 'ff L, f'4,f'.w' Ht' 55 .f. - is 4 Q g f, K, 0564, ,wtf .VM-,-,,,:fa5e2,. .,fWV,, Mm,-'-QVW-Vlsr ,,eV.V: Q.: at-:V A 9 f vw -maf ia eff, V Magix? TZQIK-ypf faiff gf .sfQgzf,:!4::: 'midi -f'- 1 -'.- 1f-mf,g3- 4 fi iffy-f 4, 1 if 4 jg:-1 mx, 4' f f g 4 VW? i ff - S 5 ., 'A 'l g ,. I V l 5 Q M A , .aff ,L .rw pw. -wi -'Aff'--fx-V 1-yy M5 + " nv- ,H:f'z.,, 'lvfff-4 114, f if ,V lf ' fn?-,fzffv ey, ff, X f ' V ,V . ,, . SUSANNE HALL, Editor STAFF. Seated, left to right: Henry Rose, Sports Editor, Linda Lawhon, Typist, Ellen Paul, Associate Editor, Susanne Hall, ing, left to right: Judy Skipper, Reporter, Bonnie Long, Reporter, David Senseney, Reporter, Miss Lenna Morrow, Faculty Ad Klveen, Reporter, Ricky Kay, Reporter, Harry Gardner, Reporter. X 1 X ' , . W tiff I 'V . " iff - I ,MZ . Wd A , , fe Zia ,Vf- , ff Q W 7 fur! of , 4577 Editor. Stand- visor, C hic Mc 84 1 ll Nu 01 Tl ,L .J N3 ai 'a Left to right: Willie Io Parker, Ellen Gregg, Linda Lawhon, Susan Rowntree, Linda Kunz, Patsy Evans, Joanne McKellar, Laura Moody. LPH CHI C EC CIRCLE K CL B Left to right: Xan Smythe, Bobby Shrum, Eddie Mullins, Larry Anderson, George Taylor, Richard Davis. QSATI n , J l l l r I I l 85 -X X, CHE l 'Tkfvj fjgurn c .' S'S all . ,Y , cm-2. .1 v Left to right: Linda Kunz, Barbara Odom, joe Harwell, Helen Parrish, jimmy Rivers, June Dozier, Dr. Richard N. Thompson. B PTI T STUDE T UNION Left to right: Wayne Cause, Larry Anderson, George Taylor, Barbara Odom, Xan Smythe, Joanne McKellar, Eddie Mullins, june Dozier, Bobby Shrum. 2..:"LfE ' "3-.:.. Q-M .x'.., i V ,,,,,, ,- ,, M .V rf, - ,, , ,, f, W W M !-f,, ,A l ,, , ,, 4 , , ,,, ,455 if Y ,' , vkgfzfzff 4 X W " ,nf 4, ,W ' Z 4 ff, M fr f , Hfww , f' M' in H ,iff , aww, 'f - .,, , ,, V , ,, f, ,,,f, 5, , V4 ,, V, ,, -i 3, ,, ,, f ,I , ' Z! ff , , , 7 , ' , ' WW ' .. X Q., V, ,, 7, , W, . , 1, .,, f f f mgfw X 1 .wi ,' 1 86 'T' , I A , ii if li it il' V 'r i l if I 1 1 I 1 l 1 1 l 1 l 4 ln X ll Left to right: Mr. B. J. Baroody, Baroody Biology Award, Mr. Matt Wallace, Dupont Science Award, Mr. james A. Rogers, The James A. Rogers Award, Dr. J. Howard Stokes, The Stokes Award. HO OR George Taylor, Best Speaker, South Carolina Model Security Council. SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENTS. Left to right: Daphne Alexander, Finklea Scholarship Award, Sam Morris, Pleiades Literary Club, Willie jo Parker, Ciuitan Scholarship, Lloyd Walker, Jefferson Standard Foundation, Barbara Bryant, Jefferson Standard Foundation. Not Pictured: Nancy Clover, Rotary International, Susanne Hall, Florence Kiwanis. E K, - put f . . fl 1 I 2 X 1 S 1 N x f :'l wi .55 is ii --or 'x 87 4 l l l l ll 1 l 5 sl i ii v l .X X -X XX XX XX X 1X XXX". X X N. XX X K XfXX -X XX' XXX -1 XX X XX' X X XX XQ .X X X XXX XX XX X. Q X Q kt X- k X XAXx XL V Q XXX-2. XX ,XX -XXL - XXQX XXX: -X XX X X 'XXX XXL X X -XX-X 1X X if X - XXX- K XQXQXX4 XXXQXXX X, X. X XX, iXXi5M--fXXXSXXMxXX- XXI- K XJXX XXX X XX 'X XX gg? XXX XX 'io x ?XiXX XXX NXXXXXX- ,f.XXf:XX. X X X XXXX X XX S X-.X -X, X Xf- Xff gr 'XF .HN X3 gXXgXX"X XXX H XX .X XM SX 219 XM X5 XXX Q W X X 5 X 7X ,XXV -X X XXXXSXQXXXXXXN 'fXX, XWXX-4 XX X ' XXJX g XC Xxx QV N53 XXXX QAX X NX, ,X-., Xl ff 4-WX: 'XXXQ NX X-,Xi X-, Lgw: XS .XEi'XXXXf?XX 2 XXX X ZAUX 'X X.3 'f':,. 2.2 '1f331', XX KX N X X XX X N S X X XX X 53 M 12 X -!.d',. N ' ZX X 5X S2155 w, XX f X 5 X X KX N i E X E f . X vc in f Y ' 4, fi' X X 2 ' 3. 4 X XX X XXMX-JXX: X x 2 .Xi 'vw 1 ,X , X.X.XMXXwm- X . SWF LXX. X 'X -XMXXM X fb .XX XXK X Q, XXX X XX fi G XX X XX: XX 3' XX M SS USCF izia gargara om 88 XXX XXX' X X X X XX 'Y Y 1 P 1 ' X 1 'L il 1, ii . I 1 W i ,M ff X, W Q, 1 1 '4 li M r u H 5 J W ,. A A i I x MYQEENAN CUT Seated lc t to ri ht Mir fxret Ann Cam el , ff g : . gt D pb l, Linda Lawlmn, Chic McKlveen, Bonme Long, May Queeng Iudy Skipper, Maid of Honor. Standing, Attendants: Ellen Paul, Linda Mc-Call Ellen Gregg. 'VR' Aywk WWW W W M-'W' W X 1 'Y I a l i 1 ll il l. 1, 'i l, 1 r l lr h l i ,l Standing, left to right: Henry Rose, Managerg Mike Poston, Mike Tanner, Mike Rose, Phil Bryant, Don Phillips, Mr. Marvin Lynch, Coach. Kneeling, left to right: Bobby Shrum, Iamie Hyman, Paul Mercuri, Lary Abrams, Tommy Capotosti. Seated: David Poston, Manager. l BA KETB LL TE i HEERLEADER Kneeling: Ellen Gregg. Standing, left to right: Bonnie Long, Susanne Hall, Linda Lawlion, Chic MCK1veen, Judy Skipper. i I X i 2 3 1 i l l I l l l v v :XP sf! 'Zn' .' P' ,. Q 'I qi, "WV, r i TV X' .. X qv' 1 X I Q Nr s 7 'bf' 4 3 NEW 1965 QA TER CENTER S IRISH? 0598 EUMSWI xl O Q90 UNIVER ITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA W 1 f OLD 1964 Front Row: E. Don Herd. Ir., Directorg Iane E. Faile and Michael R. Pinson. Back Row: Prof. Russell Benton, Prof Beverly Beckham Prof james May, Dr. Laura lean McAdams, Prof. Gerald Redfearn, Prof. Jane Holslrouser, Prof. Alex McFadden, Prof. Beverly Herd LAN ASTER CENTER ACADEMIC HONORS Clara Hammond Awards for Leadership Lancaster Center Scholastic Award , . Biology Proficiency Award , , Chemistry Proficiency Award . , , Economics Proyiciency Award , English Proficiency Award French Proficiency Award . . Geology Prohciency Award Mathematics Proficiency Award Political Science Proficiency Award . . , Shorthand Proficiency Award , . . Spanish Prohciency Award . . . Typing Proficiency Award . . . , , . . United States History Prohciency Award Western Civilization Proficiency Award 92 jANEE.FAILE MICHAEL B. PINSON . . . . .JANE E. FAILE , . .DONALD M. SNIPES . MICHAEL PI. PINSON , . .BURNIE R. HALL RICHARD H. MCKENNEY . . . BONNIE S. SOWELL . . DAVID E. PITTMAN . . lWICHAEL R. PINSON . , . .IIMMY B. CONNOR . . . .ANNETTE DICKERT ...JANE E. FAILE . . . .DONNA L. HALL , ,... ALTON L. EVERY ,WILLIAM E. FREEMAN yi -ii 4 .M s"d j. """ J, J STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS. Left to right: Martha Barton, Secretary, Lynn Wallace, Treasurer, Robert Pierce, Vice-President, Brenda Hinson, President. AND OFFICERS REPRESENTATIVES Prcsiclmlt . . . . . BRENDA PIINSON Vice-Prcsiflenl' . ROBERT PIERCE Secretary . . . .MARTHA BARTON Treasurer . , . E LYNN WALLACE Faculty Advisor , . . , . . .,..4 JOHN B. LANE Sophomore Representatives . . , . .IANE E. FAILE BONNIE S. SOWELL Freshman Representatives . . ,... VANN MULLIS DAVID TILLMAN BRENDA HINSON President LA CASTER CENTER STUDE T GG ERNMENT Seated, left to right: jane E. Faile, Sophomore Representative, BrendaHinson, President, Robert Pierce, Vice-President, Bonnie Sowell, Soph- omore Representative. Standing: David Tillman, Freshman Representativeg Martha Barton, Secretary, Lynn Wallace, Treasurerg Vann Mullis Freshman Representative. as E , , - Q N X X E TX . f xx ' A inf W s, A -in tffffw-ii: S. S X X ,Rx SN NX, ge N 4 Nt Xxekg E K XXX, X Pix CA TER CE TER GAR ET A D BLACK. I I ANN KIRVEN, Editor-in-Chief STAFF. First How, left to right: Diana Bell, Assistant Editorg Eloise Harris, Activities Editorg Ann Kirven, Editor-infCliief, jane Faile, Assist- ant Editor. Second How: Linda Kelly, Assistant Features Editor, Julia Stewman, Sophomore Editor, Lynn Crawford, Typist, Cindy Mills Features Editor. Third Row: Lanny Turner, Faculty and Special Students Editor, Diane Rowell, Co-Freshman Editor, Linda Blackman, As: sistant Activities Editor, Delores Rowell, Co-Freshman Editor, Nancy Parker, Typist, Mrs. Dorothy Lane, Faculty Advisor. Absent: Billy Long. 'TY I I I I I II I I, If II j I I IE I I It I I I II I ix I. II is I r I I I I I I I I I I I 1 . I I I , BOB VAN KEUREN WILLIAM WELLS Editor Seated, left to right: jane Fuile, Artist Eloxse Hams Feature Edztor Bob Vfm Ixeuren Edztor Mfmlyn Adams News Edztor Standing William Wells, Associate Editorg Mrs Dorothy Lane Faculty Adozsor Robext Bradley Sports Edztoi Pat Cmron Fashion Editor Absent Ivy Hulsey, Features Editor. Q r L - Agua L s its S A ss A , 1 t V N 6 4,0 X- I 5 X X N s WX X N Q X MANS In- V . X Xxx X il ,,X ws Q X X slN,E x g, xx lliii V ! xv ww-wxwNXN?ffk sv 'E , f , VA 6 Z A Q 2 W Z 1? J li ali 13715 XO, Y XX w X X 5 X W NXXJV Xi KX 1 XX f A N 5 V V55 X X 13, X S If HEX S 'T X X M nx Q, ,Q Q X X 5wGxNNw45fN . . SN N Q. vw , , A ff,, . '15 J.. v?wv4gxw,X3 X X . XSQ .. wx- ASX k W M SS LA CA TER CE TER izki ane jedi 96 NX LANCASTER CENTER MAY QUEEN md yuan 7Wc6racLin WWW? -K gg, ,. A A. N, .Q N mx . 'Q Wil, 1611 A. af, X, Wa f-arg X1 V' 1? Q5 I , xfvgg. Y A ' kmig.-?f A N ' fI'iET31s' " .ill va-'IQ-'Q-R , -Q, 5353 f I: ,J V X .. fl? ' Z A' - LANCASTER CENTER BASKETBALL SWEETHEART WMM Ggnfha yuan , an Glen Smith rounds a corner. CINDY MILLS Ball, Ball, whose got the ball? Basketball Sweetheart LANCASTER CENTER LANCER Kneeling, left to right: Ronald Fletcher, Bucky Hardin, Craig Robinson, Rick Porter, C0-Captain. Standing: Thomas Broome, jerry Hinson, Don Rushing, Co-Captain, Donald Graves, Bill Weathersbee, Glen Smith, C0- Captain. Q 98 Lancaster Lancaster Lancaster Lancaster Lancaster Lancaster Lancaster Lancaster 1964-1965 SCHEDULE . . 62 - Coastal Carolina . . 75 - Florence . . . . . 64 - Aiken . . . . 60 - Beaufort . . . . . 83 - Coastal Carolina . . 89 - Florence . . . . . . 991- Aiken . . . . 95-Beaufort . . COACH BILLY K. DAWSCN is is SX QSS1' . I i v mvN1uwmW..M, X-m, , .-XX . .,,,,s-- E - ,. ., . Center: Linda Kelly, Head Cheerleader. Left to Right: Ioan McCrackin, Ann Kirven, Brenda Hinson, Barbara Hawkins, Advisor, Cindy Mills, Diana Bell, Eloise Harris. LANCASTER CE TER HEERLEADER LANCASTER CENTER BC LINC TEAM TEAM. Left to Right: Lanny Turner, Cary Flowers, Barbara Hawkins, Advisor, Diana Bell, jane Faile, julia Stewrnan, Dianne Marshall, Eloise Harris. Absent: Larry Plyler, Donna Hendley, Bucky Hardin. l 99 I i E1 E , gf i, I 4 w Q 151' I EL 'uw A- we ""1f?l-T ,I 1 5 'me er Q 1 l I l W l il J """""1s ..,, 1-..-,--H I Z 5 , , Y Mu 1 5: Q " fa M ,-mvmsw 2 2 k , ,... Y, l 1' 'Q w., xmas CAD "But it's your hirthdayll' CBJ l'You see, girls, it's like this . . QCD "Whooppee! No psyc. class today!!" fDl "lust that much more and we'll be ready to tow you in!" QED "You wouldnlt . , . would you?" CFD "Two-gun Runey can lick anybodyll' CGD "Including you!" CHD See, Andy jackson was born in South Carolina!" KID "Cute proflv QI and LJ "See-we really do work in the oflicelu fKD Student Assistants jane, Diana, and Iulia. CMJ Bride of Dracula? CNJ "Who told me biology was a crip course?', fOl "After 48 hours of no-doze I'm still awakelu CPD "No, we aren't using Mr. Lane's picture for "Miss Lancaster Center." IO0 U WC CE TER TOURNAMENT Florence, S. C. March 5, 6, 1965 ,j""b- Xs.. J 5 KN I ie 1 av fy. an Q , ef it wwf' Q4 '-Q The Lancaster Lancer Co-Captains Rick Porter QNO. 131, Glen Smith CNO. 141, and Don Rushing receive the Nicholas P. Mitchell Carolina League Championship Trophy from Dr. Mitchell. The Lancaster Lancers have won the Carolina League Tournament two years running. IOI - This sez, Lf-sw: Q All Toumament team with Dr. Mitchell. Florence vs. Aiken Coastal Carolina vs. Lancaster Coastal vs. Lancaster , gr Florence vs. Aiken l . l "PAYING THE REFEREESU Left to Right: Mrs. Nicholas P. Mitchellg Dr. I. Howard Stokes, Chairman, Florence County Higher Edu- cation Commissiong Dr. Nicholas P. Mitchell, Director, School of General Studiesg Dr. I. C. McCollister, Ir., Resident Director, Florence Center. i. ' ' - f ' wr AIKEN COUNTY Agans, Carolyn R., Aiken Aldridge, E. C. Ill, Alexander, Kay F., Aiken Aiken Allison, Jacqueline, Armour, Charles M., Jr., Aiken Arthur, Donald C., Warrenville Aull, John W., Aiken Babb, Louise H., Aiken Bagwell, Larry G., Aiken Bailey, Richard F., Aiken Baise, Elizabeth F., Aiken Ballard, Robert S., Belvedere Bancroft, Benjamin, Aiken Bancroft, Edward, Aiken Barrett, Frances A., Aiken Barton, Olis, D., Aiken Baxley, John W., Springfield Baynham, James A., North Augusta Bedingfield, Deborah North Augusta Bergkamp, Jennie F., Saluda Blair, Caroline T., Aiken Blake, James A., Aiken Boan, Richard T., North Augusta Boan, Ronnie J., Williston Boatwright Nancy Elizabeth, Ridge Spring Bond, Aletha W., Aiken Brackett, Charles L., Jr., Aiken Brantley, John T., Aiken Brayboy, Barbara A., Aiken Bri ham ean P North Augusta E , J -, Brockington, Kenneth Franklin, Aiken Brockington, S. E., Jr., Aiken Brodie, Letitia A., Aiken Brown, Linda G., Aiken Bryant, Herbert P., Sr., Graniteville Buffin ton Patricia A. Belvedere g y 1 Bunch, James A., Aiken Burch, Larry K., Aiken Burgess, Craig M., Aiken Butcher, Richard R., Williston Butler, Walter E., Aiken Byars, Wendell B., Windsor Cadden, Judy M., Aiken Caldwell, Joanne S., Aiken Caldwell, Nancy L., Aiken Carter, Earl E., Aiken Delozier, Robert W., Aiken De Pace, Alfred N., Leesville de Treville, Lisa M., Aiken Dobie, Elizabeth G., Bamwell Dorman, Julius B., Aiken Dunbar, Suzana, Aiken Eskman, Lillian V., Graniteville Eubanks, Lois C., Aiken Evans, John C., Jr., New Ellenton Fabrick, Dan M., Aiken Ferriter, David M., Aiken Flatley, Robert W., Belvedere Foley, John R., Ridge Spring Foster, Cathleen W., Aiken Fowler, Elizabeth A., Langley Franklin, Billy Ray, Aiken Free, Frank E., Aiken Fripp, Harriet A. B., Ridge Spring North Augusta CENTER DIRECTORY Front roth, Leona V., Aiken Fuller, Eugene M., Aiken Funderburk, David J., Gloverville Garvi n, Finley J., Langley Graham, Charles M., New Ellenton Hair, Henry E., New Ellenton Halford, Eugene M., Aiken Halford, Joseph E., Aiken Hall, Joe L., Ward Hall, Lewis C., Aiken Hallman, Mack S., Aiken Hand, Lucius D., Warrenville Harper, Delda R., Aiken Hart, Hart, I-la Bruce Patrick, Aiken Michael R., Aiken William A Aiken Y: -9 Heath, Huger, Aiken Heath, Richard W., Aiken Hensley, Weldon C., Aiken Herndon, James R., Aiken Higgenbottom, Kenneth S., Aiken Hilton, Pamela R., Aiken Hite, Grady G., Johnston Hixon, Douglas R., North Augusta Hodges, Vickie E., Aiken Holly, Charles M., Jr., Aiken Homminga, James P., Aiken Hudson, Robert A., Aiken Hydrick, Dennis F., Aiken Hydrick, Harriet E., Salley Jackson, Lois R., Aiken Jeancake, Nicholas G., Aiken Jenkins, Clarence L., Aiken Johnson, Betty J., Aiken Jones, Cleavie A., North Augusta Jones, Hall Lewis, Aiken Jones, Ian L., Jr., Allendale Jones, Leonard K., North Augusta Jones, Lewis C., North Augusta Kight, Kenneth G., Aiken Kinard, Dennis B., Williston Kirkland, Elsie L., Warrenville Knight, Joseph W., Jr., Graniteville Kuneman, Christopher T., Aiken Lattimore, Elizabeth Ann, Aiken Lee, Peter R., Aiken Leinliart, James W., Jr., Aiken Leitch, John M., Aiken Lever, Sandra R., Aiken Lewis, Charles W., Trenton Lyell, Donald W., Aiken Macklen, Anna S., Aiken Macklen, James B., Aiken Maroney, John P., Aiken Marti Marti Marti n, Albert Divver, Aiken n, Oscar N., Aiken n, Thomas M., Aiken Marvin, Joseph D., Jr., Aiken Marx, Gloria C., Aiken Mathis, John D., Aiken Mattocks, Christine E., New Ellenton Mattocks, William N., Jr., Aiken May, May, Maye Betty J., Aiken Robert C., Aiken s, David W., Aiken McCall, Ruby H., Aiken McCluske Dou las F. Aiken y, g l McCorkle, Thomas D., Belvedere McFarland, Sandra E., Aiken McKenna, Peter J., Aiken McLane, Beverly R., Wagener McLean, Robbie M., Jackson McManaway, Patsy C., Aiken McMichael, John C., Jr., Aiken McMillan, James C., Ulmers McNair, Sylvia L., Aiken McNeil, Judith A., Aiken Mills, Roy A., Aiken Minor, Margarat A., Barnwell Mitchell, Nicki M., Aiken Moates, Marsha L., Aiken Mobley, William C., Aiken Moody, Douglas F., Aiken Moore, John R., North Augusta Morris, Mary M., Aiken Mortiner, M. Ann, Aiken Mosley, Frank D., Aiken Mote, David, Ridge Spring Newberry, Pamela VV., Aiken Newton, John O., Jr., Aiken Newton, Margaret E., Aiken Opperman, Carl E., Aiken O'rear, Robert S., Aiken Orr, Jerry C., Aiken Osborn, Joseph R., Aiken Pwen, Betty T., Aiken Padgett, Michael A., Aiken Parry, Henry R., Aiken Pattis, Ellen P., Aiken Pearson, Leo L. III, Aiken Plunkett, Wayne I., Graniteville Plyler, David F., Aiken Preston, Richard C., Aiken Price, Billy N., Aiken Prince, William V., Williston Randall, Fairey J., Aiken Rankin, Alvin B., Jr., Ridge Spring Ratchford, David M., Aiken Reeves, Herman A., Aiken Richardson, Boies H., Aiken Richardson, Darrell L., Aiken Richardson, Stephen A., Belvedere Ridenour, Ronnie G., Aiken Riley, Gerald C., Graniteville Ritchart, Elizabeth W., Aiken Roach, James A., Aiken Robbins, Claude C., Jr., Aiken Robinson, Dale C., Aiken Rogers, Milton L., Warrenville Rogers, Robert F., Aiken Rowland, Douglas E., Aiken Royal, Michael F., Aiken Rozbitsky, Michael A., Graniteville Salley, Helen H., Aiken Sanders, Freddie B., Ridge Spring Sanders, John W., Bath Satterfield, Mildred L., Aiken Sauerborn, Margaret A., Aiken Saunderson, Leslie M., Aiken Says, Joseph M., Johnston Scherflius, Joy C., Aiken Schwartz, Leona, Aiken Scott, Patricia A., Williston Sheldon, Verna H., Aiken Siddal, Antionette, Aiken Simpson, James J., Aiken Skeen, Kathryn C., Aiken Sloan, Phillip S., Williston Smiley, Lycia R., Aiken Smith, Frank L., Jr., Blackville Smith, John R., Warrenville Smith, William A., Jr., Aiken Smoot, Annette H., Aiken Snipes, Gene S., Aiken Snitker, Orlan Wayne, Aiken Spridgeon, Alice L., Batesburg Starr, Harold F., Jr., Williston Steen, Willard E., Jr., Barnwell Stenhouse, Allen G., Aiken Stephens, John C., Jr., Aiken Stevens, Rebecca R., Aiken St. John, Mary L., Aiken Stogner, Charles O., III, Aiken Stokes, Claude F., Aiken Stone, Charlie, North Augusta Stringer, Elanor M., Aiken Sullivan, Alice L., Aiken Sullivan, Elizabeth L., Aiken Symonds, Dean C., North Augusta Talbert, Margaret E., North Augusta Taylor, Helen E., Aiken Thomas, Cleo O., Aiken Thomas, Larry E., Aiken Thompson, Patricia A., North Augusta Thweatt, Gracie M., Aiken Traughber, Dadre D., Aiken Turner, Charles A., Clearwater Tyler, Lemyra, Wagner Tyler, Milton L., Aiken Underwood, Elmer B., Aiken Usry, Betty T., Aiken Verenes, Eugenia S., Aiken Voegeli, Ruth S., Augusta Walker, Jimmy N., North Augusta Walker, Mark J., Aiken Wallace, David V., Aiken Walsh, Margaret A., Aiken Walters, Billy A., Jackson Ward, John H., Jr., Langley Warren, Fredrick E., Aiken Webb, Thomas O., Aiken Weigle, John W., Aiken Wells, Susan E., Aiken Wells, Thomas G., Aiken Whaley, Kenneth B., Aiken Whatley, Olga G., Aiken Wheat, Mary A., Aiken Whitaker, Mildred C., Aiken Whitt, Steve A., Belvedere Whittes, Elizabeth, Williston Williamson, Mary D., Aiken Willing, Angelle, Aiken Wilson, Sidney F., Jackson Wingard, Charles H., Graniteville Wolf, Shrla K., Aiken Wright, Eddie W., Trenton Yonce, Robert D., Ridge Spring Yost, Gary E., Barnwell Young, Samuel E., North Augusta Zimmerman, Beatrice, Aiken Zimmerman, Carol J., Aiken I air? Ti psi... K 2. fr ft f .Legg if .qu Y ie' .,,, , ... Wg., . I , BEAUFORT COUNTY CENTER DIRECTORY Anderson, Brenda joycc, Beaufort Dicricks, john Vincent, Beaufort Avant, Sandra Kay, NValterboro Uiguilian, Donald Anthony, N. Y. Disilvestro, Donna M., Laurel Bay Lewis, jimmy Earle, Lavine, Dean Robert, Bullalo, Minn. Biiggcrly, Joyce Ann, Miami, Fla. Donaldson, Dana Wrench, Shreveport, La. Baker, Bt-tty Geneva Block, Beaufort Logan, Lois Sanders, Beaufort br-rrrrlorr Duggins, William Thomas, Londos, Gus june, Beaufort Barncttc, Angela Deer, Beaufort Be2luf0rt Lyons, Patricia Darlene, Baructtc, Roy Hamer, Beaufort Walterboro Barton. john Nvilliillll, Beaufort Elliott, Frances Rutledge, Beaufort Bazemore, Susan Marie, Beaufort Everett, Samuel T., Hampton MacKenzie, Violet Mae, Beaufort Beard, Gene Douglas, Mango, Salvotore joseph, Louisville, Ky. . . , ' Washington, D. C. Bell, Charles Edward, Hampton oogjmls Gilbert, Jr., McBride, Gleen Edwin, Beaufort Bell, lylarguerite Elise, Hampton Flowers Eva Patricia Bortorl McCormick, Dion Griffin, Beaufort Bell, Rheaford C., Houston, Texas lrroerrrao Linda Kay 'Beaufort McEachern, Michael joseph, Boulware, Douglas William, Fuller lames Woodrow lr- Beaufort Bluffton Dallas Texas i i McMahon, Talmadge Glenn, Boyer, Edwin Bruce, Beaufort i Burton Burns, Gloria Marie, Beaufort Melvin, james Edwin, Beaufort Gagre Armand Joseph, Burton, Lou L., Belmont, N. Y. J. ikts nba Mercer, Frederick Haynes, Bush, james Emmett, Walterboro Carilcn F Frxlcrs Xavier Burton Ridgeland Buswell, Barbara Ann, Beaufort Caste? 'David P Beaufort Metcalfe, Walter Geoffrey, Bygoii William Albert' Gesell, Ernest Emil, Beaufort Lyons' IH' C1 ston Lake, N, Y, G d. C .l All H t Mette, lack London, Yemassee oflfidifii' Hetfgh cfiii Hgflrigtold Milleff Donald Leroy, Cnt3:i,i2i.EnaFnn Gm. omg, M.Si:32?Sf::5SSr.22::, Calore, john'Sampson, Hartsdale Gwm' Janet A de' Beau Ort Mllfdallghi Norma W9SSel, Campbell, Donald Gilbert, Hand Owen Kenneth Frogmore MBeT1forlr!l. h I G L l B Caiiilifsrgllliam Taolbee, Hargreaves, James Chfistopher, mp y' IC ae W aure ay Mount Sterling, Ky. H Burfonrr V l Nunn, Gary Duane, Beaufort Christie, Robert Fales, Atlanta, Ga. algggirorfrman 3 more' - Clojzmtegoglillrley Louise, Iglafvey, gfilllthrgina R., Beaufort Owings, Sonja Lee, Beaufort Coates, Jack, Beaufort arveyz O n ar nn, P. F lr F - B f Connolly, Ionn Ffnncis, Haflfjlofjjg frexfgasrm, P, Piffef, iflim izifggiif Liiieiriaay Bnfflo Crook, Mlohy Ha doo Ja rr Hiotr Patterson, Sharon Leigh, Beaufort Craddock, joseph Marlon, Beaufort Vloqrtorb Cqu Y r Perry, Leon Edward, lopljrr, Mo. Craft' Sara Anno, Swansea Heyvlafcl flsrcargaret Dyarr Petorock, Annette, Beaufort Cr2,Sal?3l'aS13S:3am1n Roberto Blogroll ' Platt, Troye Matthews, Beaufort Hitolaooxr Terry Wayne, Beaufort Polk, Xanthan Willard, Beaufort . , H 11' l l m S H., F01 ml La. Posthuma, Henry, Randolph, Wis. ggglslprgxrgxngulgtsorgfagiggelarld Hguflnesr, Chiles Henri? Beaufort PfiCe, HCHTY Sherwood, Dean, Richard Maurice, Walterboro . Laurel Bay johnson, Hubert Charles,.Hampton PUCB, lane Elame, Beaufort DeBruhl, Melvin Lee, Beaufort Johnston, Frederick Willlamf , , Deer, Delores S., Beaufort Frogmore Rath, Arthur Robert, Miami, Fla. DeLoach, Nell Carter, Beaufort Riohafd, Bfwofly Ann, Beaufort DeLoche, Robert H., Kelbaugh, John Russell, Columbia R0bBTtS, R1Ch3fd Sharp, BeH11f0ft Nashville, Tenn. Kennedy, Patrick Florian, Robertson, IHIUCS GH'-gg, Diebner, William Earl, Laurel Bay Plainfield. N- l- Yacaville, Calif. Kizer, Larry Keith, Beaufort Rogal, Edward R., Laurel Bay Royal, Thomas Anthony, Utica, N. Y. Rushlow, Robert David, Beaufort Russ, Edward Clarence, Laurel Bay Saunders, Wanda Elaine, Beaufort Senter, Samuel Dwite, Beaufort Sharpe, Ernestine R., Beaufort Shresbury, William Everett, Beaufort Sirnkins, joseph Robbins, Laurel Bay Smith, Hugh B., Gaffney Smith, jack Wood, Columbia Smith, james Dudley, Caledonia, Miss. Smith, john Elm, Beaufort Soeder, William Paul, Louisville, Ky. Southard, Thomas N., Columbia Stephens, George David, Chattanooga, Tenn. Sweathnam, William Everett, Beaufort Trask, Fred Graham, Beaufort Trimm, Lee H., Camillus, N. Y. Trimm, Melanie A., Camillus, N. Y. Troutman, George Edwin, Harrisburg, Pa. Tutterow, Henry Wilson, Ir. Port Royal Ulmer, Charles Alexander, Bluffton Vella, Carl Gordon, Beaufort Ward, Mary Louise, Beaufort Weaver, james Clifton, River Drive Weiland, Richard Terence, Burton Weybright, Douglas Evans, Liberal, Kansas Wight, Helen Frances, Beaufort Williamson, Earl, Ir., Cleveland, Tenn. Worden, Michael Thomas, Yemassee Wylie, Samuel Rigby, Walterboro Youmans, David Samuel, Beaufort I I fr V. - H - .lf X. 1 COASTALKDUKHJNA CENTER D Abel, Janice Diane, Myrtle Beach Abrams, Eileen Roth, Conway Alford, Dorothy L., Conway Alford, Sheila Ann, Conway Ammons, Gene S., Myrtle Beach Anderson, Betty Lou, Conway Anderson, Elizabeth Jane, Myrtle Beach Applewhite, Robert S., Conway Asbury, Patricia Ruth, Conway Autry, Andrew G., Conway Autry, Virgil R., Conway Backman, Dorn B., Myrtle Beach Baiden, Frank E., Jr., Myrtle Beach Barbee, Sharyn H., Conway Bass, Irene L., Conway Beaty, Linda Dell, Crescent Beach Bellamy, Linda Ruth, Ocean Drive Beach Bigham, Wilson L., Myrtle Beach Bird, J. Stanley, Crescent Beach Blanton, Allard L., Surfside Beach Blanton, Franklin C., Nichols Bledsoe, Margaret Ann, Aynor Blum, Roberta M., Myrtle Beach Boyd, Emma C., Conway Brown, James Arnold, Hemingway Brown, Richard D., Myrtle Beach Caldwell, Patrick H., Conway Causey, Jessie L., Conway Chandler, Lana Jaye, Hemingway Cheezem, Clyde B., Aynor Chestnut, Ruth Ann, Myrtle Beach Chitwood, Kenneth M., Surfside Beach Clardy, William E., Loris Collins, Hugh G., Jr., Myrtle Beach Conboy, William F., Myrtle Beach Cook, George Robert, Aynor Cox, Sara Lynn, Conway Cribb, Robert P., Hemingway Davis, Pamela D., Galivants Ferry Davis, William F., Jr., Aynor Dellinger, Carl L., Cherryville Diminich, Tonia M., Myrtle Beach Dobbins, Emily W., Myrtle Beach Droese, Ann Lynn, Myrtle Beach Dudley, Worth B., Jr., Galivants Ferry Dukes, Jerry Glenn, Myrtle Beach Dusenbury, Leo Ellis, Jr., Conway Dusenbury, Maxie Wayne, Myrtle Beach Eckard, Oliver B., Conway Edmunds, Joseph B., Myrtle Beach Edwards, Michael C., Myrtle Beach Elliott, Ann A., Ocean Drive Beach Elliott, Barry L., Hemingway Elliott, Emerson H., Nichols Elliott, Lonnie E., Hemingway Ferguson, Gwendolyn, Myrtle Beach Fleming, Sarah F., Georgetown Floyd, Joel F., Myrtle Beach Foxworth, Marion K., Conway Freeland, Jennifer Lynn, Surfside Beach Fritz, Gordon C., Jr., Myrtle Beach Gasque, Wayne D., Myrtle Beach Gerrald, Vanda Sue, Nichols Gerrald, Winfred F., Loris Gibson, F. Michael, Georgetown Gilley, William C., Jr., Crescent Beach Gilreath, Morgan B., Jr., Green Sea Godbold, Donna Ann, Conway Gornto, Judith Lynn, Ocean Drive Beach Graham, Dorothy Joan, Galivants Ferry Graham, Jo Ellan, Conway Graham, Phillip T., Conway Grainger, Patricia Ann, Loris Grainger, Steve H., Bucksport Grimmer, Marjorie G., Myrtle Beach Grissett, Shirley J., Georgetown Hammond, Danny Kaye, Nichols Hardee, Billie Ann, Conway Hardwick, Douglas M., Galivants Ferry Harmon, Lewis C., Jr., Georgetown Harper, Robert E., Conway Harrelson, Benjy, Loris Harrison, Donna M., Myrtle Beach Harvey, Joanna, Myrtle Beach Hawes, Richard A., Myrtle Beach Hazelwood, James R., Myrtle Beach Helsel, Charles, Jr., Surfside Beach Herring, Richard S., Myrtle Beach Hersey, Sandra, Conway Hinson, Aubrey D., Conway Hinson, Ronald D., Conway Hobart, Ruth Ellen, Newberry Hoehl, Gregory S., Pittsburgh, Pa. Holmes, Darlene Y., Conway Holt, Franklin D., Conway Hooks, Olins V., Nichols Hoverman, Bruce J., Myrtle Beach Hursey, Sandra E., Conway Hyman, Michael D., Conway Inman, Larry L., Conway IRECTORY Jacobs, Dairon C., Georgetown Jacobs, William S., Georgetown Jacobus, W. W., Georgetown James, O. Bennett, Jr., Galivants Ferry Jensen, Cheryl Denise, Myrtle Beach Johnson, David O., Aynor Johnson, Everett T., Aynor Johnson, Marjorie F., Loris Johnson, Shirley L., Conway Johnson, Travis O., Aynor Johnson, William E., Loris Johnson, William V., Georgetown Jones, John C., Charleston Jordan, Arthur B., Jr., Conway Kilgore, John T., Myrtle Beach Kirven, William E., Lancaster Kitamura, Saburo, Tokyo, Japan Lee, Priscilla L., Conway Leviner, Carl J., Myrtle Beach Lewis, Juen Ellen, Loris Lundy, Marion LeAnne, Conway McCord, Arlin D., Crescent Beach Mclnnis, Dorothy McGraw, Ocean Drive Beach McKuhen, Elizabeth, Crescent Beach McLaurin, James E., Conway McMonicle, Scarlette E., Myrtle Beach Maginnis, Elsie, Surfside Beach Martin, Lorrin F., Myrtle Beach Martin, Wallace W., Jr., Myrtle Beach Medlin, Marie H., Conway Merritt, Margaret Ann, Conway Miller, Penelope W., Conway Mims, Stephen E., Myrtle Beach Moore, Jimmy C., Bucksport Morgan, Tony W., Windy Hill Beach Mundell, Leroy L., Myrtle Beach Neely, Nanette, Myrtle Beach Ohnesorge, Nancy J., Myrtle Beach Opalko, Particia, Myrtle Beach Pate, Robert James, Conway Paterson, John J., Myrtle Beach Phares, Jane, Myrtle Beach Phillips, Alice Earl, Conway Pierce, Gary, Murrell's Inlet Powell, Lonnie E., Timmonsville Rabon, Braton, Galivants Ferry Rabon, Pansy, Aynor Rheuark, Elizabeth, Conway Rhodes, John, Myrtle Beach Rice, Thomas, Conway Rich, Brenda, Conway Richardson, William, Myrtle Beach Riley, Mable, Conway Riley, Robert L., Conway Roach, Lindsey, Conway Ropp, John, Conway Salley, Jo H., Conway Sapp, Robert J., Myrtle Beach Schiller, Ruthie, Myrtle Beach Sellers, Robert, Georgetown Sendler, Charles, Ocean Drive Beach Shuler, Grover, Georgetown Simmons, Jerald F., Hemingway Singleton, Ettie, Conway Singleton, John, Conway Singleton, Mickie, Myrtle Beach Sloan, James D., Jr., Surfside Beach Smith, Joe Sam, Conway Smith, John M., Myrtle Beach Smith, J. Bruton, Conway Smith, Richard, Conway Snead, Helen, Myrtle Beach Spivey, Tony, Conway Squires, Jean, Conway Stack, John, Myrtle Beach Stalvey, Michael, Conway Stalvey, Wayne, Myrtle Beach Stevens, William D., Loris Stevens, Winnie Ruth, Myrtle Beach Taylor, Ronnie, Myrtle Beach Thomas, John J., Myrtle Beach Thompson, Barbara R., Conway Thompson, John G., Myrtle Beach Thompson, June, Conway Tilghman, Patricia, Ocean Drive Beach Todd, Alex, Conway Todd, Diane, Conway Turner, Clint, Myrtle Beach Turner, Michael, Myrtle Beach Turner, Ray, Conway Tyler, Theresa, Myrtle Beach Van Wie, Jeff, Conway Van Wie, Roger, Conway Vereen, Gene, Conway Walker, Arden, Murrell's Inlet Watson, Barbara, Conway Watson, Nancy Jo, Conway Way, Richard, Myrtle Beach Wessel, Jimmy, Andrews Wilder, Ben, Myrtle Beach Williams, Joan, Little River Williams, Margaret, Myrtle Beach Williams, Seth, Surfside Beach Wilson, Clyde, Myrtle Beach Young, James L., Georgetown ,,,..-v-"""T""' i' FLORENCE CENTER DIRECTORY Abrams. Richard. Lake City Adams, Donald, Florence Agee, juanita, Florence Alexander, Daphne, Timmonsville Allen, Audrey, Florence Altman, Linda, Marion Ames, Richard, Florence Anderson, Larry, Florence Andrcueci, Ann, Florence Ard, Emerson, Hemingway Ateych, Adnan. Florence Atkinson, Donald, Florence Atkinson, Grace, Darlington Atkinson, Tracy, Florence Atkinson, XVilliam, Darlington Bailey, David, Florence Baker, Rhett, Florence Bane, Letcher, Mullins Baroody, Albert, Florence Barrett, joan, Florence Bates, Daniel, Florence Baumrind, Bertha, Marion Beale, Robert, Florence Beaty, Alice, Florence Benson, Sara, Florence Best, George, Mullins Blackmon, Alton, Dillon Blackwell, james, Florence Boatwright, Ruby, Marion Boswell, Beler, Hartsville Bowen, jo Ann, Dillon Brenner, Harriet, Florence Brigman, Richard, Latta Brogdon, William, Mullins Brown, Brown, Bobbie, Florence Donald, Manning Brown, Harold, Darlington Brown, james, Darlington Brown Pam Kingstree 7 7 Bruce, William, Florence Bryant, Bryant, Byerly, Barbara, Florence Phil, Florence Andrew, Hartsville Walker, Lloyd, Florence Cain, William, Darlington Campbell, Arthur, Florence Campbell, Margaret Ann, Florence Capotosti, Thomas, Florence Carlson, Edwin, Florence Carter, Robert, Hartsville Cavey, joseph, Florence Childers, Elizabeth, Florence Chinnes, Virginia, Hemingway Clark, Debby, Florence Clyde, Ruth, Effingham Cousar, Harold, Latta Cox, Edwin, Florence Cromer, Thomas, Darlington Cromer, William, Darlington Daniels, jerry, Lake City Dargan, Frederick, Darlington Davis, Louella, Florence Davis, Ralph, Hartsville Davis, Richard, Dillon Deaver, Edward, Florence Dore, Stephen, Darlington Dozier, june, Rains Dudley, Harvard, Florence Eaddy, Lois, Florence Early, Thomas, Florence Eckley, Ernest, Bishopville Emerson, Thomas, Florence Esau, Charles, Lake City Etheridge, Fritz, Florence Evans, james, Lake City Evans, Patricia, Florence Fallon, Eugene, Florence Farrady, jean, Nichols Fields, john, Florence Flowers, jackie, Florence Floyd, Harriett, Floyd Dale Floyd, Richard, Olanta Ford, Horace, Florence Fox, john, Florence Fulmer, Barry, Florence Funderburk, Gail, Florence Gardner, Marion, Florence Garris, Raymond, Lake View Cause, Robert, Coward Gautier, Robert, Darlington George, Thomas, Mullins Glover, Nancy, Florence Godfrey, Douglas, Florence Godfrey, james, Florence Gregg, Ellen, Florence Grimsley, Paul, Florence Hackett, Stanley, Florence Hall, Susanne, Florence Ham, Henry, Florence Ham, Lyn, Darlington Harper, Cecil, Darlington Harper, Samuel, Florence Harrington, Leonard, Kingstree Harrington, William, Florence Harwell, joseph, Florence Helms, Eric, Florence Hewitt, David, Florence Hill, Cecil, Timmonsville Holland, Alexander, Florence Holland, Wendell, Mullins Hooker, Harry, Charleston Hopkins, Ernest, Lake City Houser, Dewey, Lynchburg Huggins, Charles, Florence Hunt, Calvin, Hartsville Hutchinson, Randolph, Florence Hyman, james, Pamplico jackson, Luther, Dillon jarrell, William, Florence johnson, Harry, Florence jeflers, Hugh, Florence johnson, james, Marion johnson, joyce, Florence jordan, William, Timmonsville jones, Cleveland, Timmonsville joye, Steve, Pamplico Kay, Richard, Florence Kesler, Bonnie, Florence Kilgore, james, Florence Kinsaul, james, Darlington Kirby, Sammy, Lake City Kirkland, Billie, Sumter Knoller, Peter, johnsonville Kunz, Linda, Florence Lam, Mary, Mullins Lane, Rembert, Marion Langston, Ray, Florence Lavender, joseph, Turbeville Lawhon, Linda, Florence Lawhon, Richard, Florence Leath, Larry, Nichols Lees, Constance, Florence Lf-Gette, Edwin, Florence Lemmons, Arthur, Darlington Leonard, Brain, Florence Lewis, Betty, Darlington Locklair, Brainard, Darlington Loman, William, Lake City Long, Bonnie, Florence Long, Ernest, Latta Lyerly, Henry, Lake City McCall, Linda, johnsonville McCall, William, Florence McCollister, Mary, Florence McCutcheon, Kenneth, Florence McElveen, Fritz, Lake City McElveen, Henly, Lake City McKellar, joann, Dillon McKlveen, Eve Renee, Florence McLeod, Angus, Scranton McLeod, Claude, Florence McLeod, Frank, Florence McMillan, john, Florence McPherson, Nancy, Florence Matthews, Travis, Florence Matthews, Charles, Florence Mercuri, Paul, Florence Mitchell, David, Florence Moody, Laura, Lake City Moody, Michael, Dillon Moore, Charles, Hemingway Moore, julian, Lake City Morris, Betty, Florence Morris, Samuel, Florence Mullins, William, Florence Nalley, Richard, Florence Newell, Sandra, Hemingway Newsom, David, Hartsville Norris, Bobby, Florence Norris, Leaman, Florence Odom, Archie, Florence Odom, Barbara, Florence Oliver, Mozelle, Florence Oulla, Price, Florence Owens, janet, Florence Owens, Lynn, Florence Parker, Willie jo, Florence Parrish, Helen, Florence Parrott, Paul, Florence Pattillo, Randall, Darlington Paul, Ellen, Florence Pearce, Frances, Florence Phillips, Donald, Timmonsville Porter, Virginia, Florence Poston, Michael, Lake City Poston, Ronnie, Florence Powell, Curtis, Florence Powers, Kenneth, johnsonville Ouantz, Robert, Timmonsville Revell, Steven, Florence Rhoad, Robert, McBee Rice, Barbara, Hartsville Rivers, james, Florence Roberts, julian, Florence Roberts, Robert, Florence Rogers, james, Lake View Rogers, Ted, Darlington Rupp, William, Florence Rose, Charles, Florence Rose, Henry, Florence Rouse, Helen, Fork Rowe, Sidney, Florence Rowntree, Eva, johnsonville Rowntree, Susan, johnsonville Russ, john, Hartsville Sanderson, Paul, Dillon Sansbury, Frederick, Florence Schofield, Charles, Florence Schuyler, jack, Florence Scott, jeannette, Florence Scurry, William, Bishopville Seaborn, William, Florence Sebrell, Ralph, Florence Senseney, David, Florence Severance, Lynn, Timmonsville Seymore, Scott, Florence Sfikas, Daniel, Florence Skipper, judy, Florence Shrum, Robert, Florence Smith, Sidney, Florence Smith, Tony, Lake View Smith, William, Darlington Smoak, Walter, Florence Smythe, Xan, Florence Snowden, Thomas, Nichols Sojourner, Mary, Marion Stoner, Kenneth, Florence Summerford, Waverly, Florence Tallon, Robert, Dillon Tanner, Mike, Florence Tarte, Ernest, Lake City Taylor, George, Florence Thames, Robert, Florence Taylor, Davis, Florence Thomas, Susie, Florence Thompson, Donald, Florence Tolson, Richard, Timmonsville Truax, Douglas, Dillon Truett, Thomas, Florence Turner, Arbie, Florence Tyner, joel, Florence Wallace, William, Florence Watkins, Catherine, Florence Watson, Charles, Florence Watson, Lynn, Florence Watson, Mary, Marion Weatherford, Larry, Darlington Weaver, Faye, Pamplico Webster, james, Lake City Weeks, john, Florence Wessel, Robert, Florence Whitlock, Lee, Lake City Wilcox, Earl, Florence Williams, Guy, Florence Williams, Marian, Florence Wilson, Randolph, Dillon Woodruff, Donald, Florence Woody, Beverly, Florence Yarborough, Henry, Florence Youmans, Ben, Florence Youmans, Donna, Florence Youmans, Mary, Florence Ll'?d' 5MkF il.-...W M , we ea- A :usa lx fi!" x LANCASTER CENTER DIRECTORY Adams, Marilyn Ruth, Lancaster Alberts, joseph Carlisle, Lancaster Atkins, Charles Hampton II, Lancaster Bailey, Basil Wilbur, Lancaster Barber, Evan Stover, Chester Barber, Robert Lee, Ir., Chester Barfield, Lynne Lawson, Kershaw Barfield, Walter Burney, Jr., Lancaster Barr, Kathleen 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james Gordon, Lancaster Hartgraves, Alonzo Lee, jr., Lancaster Hegler, Lee Fowler, Lancaster Headley, Donna Io, Lancaster james Frank, Edgemoor lliclilin, Hinson, Brenda Kay, Lancaster Hinson, Gerald Norman, Edgemoor Hivson, Rebecca Joyce, Lancaster Sandra Louise, Ilinson, Heath Springs Hollingsworth, Thomas Barker, Lancaster Horton, Charles Garland, Bethune Hulsey, Myra Kay, Lancaster Hunter, Jerald Albert, Rock Hill Hyatt, WVilliam Donald, Lancaster Kelly, Linda Sowell, Camden Kirven, Elizabeth Ann, Lancaster Knight, Carolyn Anne, Kershaw Knight, jerry Anne, Kershaw Long, NVilliam Anderson, Lancaster Mc-Alister, Iudy Paulette, Lancaster McAteer, johnsie G., Lancaster McCaskill, Thomas Henry, Lancaster Mc-Crackin, joan W., Pittsburgh, Pa. MclJade, john R., Fort Mill McGee, Elizabeth Gail, Lancaster Mc-Guirt, joseph David, Rock Hill McKee, William Ellis, Fort Mill McKenney, Barbara Louise, Lancaster McKenney, Richard H., Lancaster McKeown, Barbara McKeown, Lancaster McKinnon, Barbara Lemmond, Lancaster Marshall, Helen Diane, Lancaster Martin, Carol Lynn, Lancaster Mathis, Claude B., Heath Springs Mauney, Iudith Eleanor, Fort Lawn Miller, Martha Josephine, Lancaster Miller, Richard Thomas, Lancaster Mills, Cynthia joan, Lancaster Montgomery, Marion Crawford, Kershaw Moreland, james Lee, Kershaw Morgan, Clyde T., Lancaster Mullis, Vann Stephen, Lancaster Page, Gordon Moses, Ir., Rock Hill Pardue, Charles Dennis, Lancaster Parker, Donald Kay, Lancaster Parker, Nancy Elaine. Lancaster Robert Earl, Kershaw Perry, Pierce, Charles Robert, Lancaster Player, Dolly Dianne, Lancaster Plyler, Charles Oliver, Lancaster Plvler, Donald Bmce, Lancaster Plyler, Larry Warren, Lancaster Tillison, Kershaw Poole, Porter, Elizabeth Victoria, Lancaster Porter, Richard Elliott, Lancaster Rash, Norma jean, Rock Hill Ray, Richard Larry, Lancaster Reeves, Gerald Clayton, Heath Springs Richardson, Ted E., Rock Hill Roberts, Donald Eugene, Kershaw Robinson, Barto C., Lancaster Robinson, Peggy Anne, Lancaster Rollins, john Douglas, Kershaw Ross, Charles Michael, Rock Hill Rowell, Charles Thomas, Lancaster Rowell, Diane Usher, Lancaster Rowell, Delores Usher, Lancaster Rowell, Sarah Elliott, Lancaster Rushing, Don Stanley, Lancaster Schwing, Arthur Grantland, jr., Rock Hill Smith, Charles H., Camden Smith, Glen Ray, Great Falls Smyer, William Madison, Rock Hill Sowell, Bonnie S., Lancaster Steele, Curtis Carlyle, Ir., Lancaster Steele, Herman Ester, Ir., Lancaster Steele, Walter Ricky, Lancaster Stewman, julia Anne, Lancaster Sullivan, Marla Louise, Lancaster Thompson, Claudia Ann, Lancaster Tillman, David Erskine, Lancaster Tomberlin, Bedford Gerald, Rock Hill Turner, Robert Lander, Lancaster Van Keuren, Robert Eugene, jr., Lancaster Vick, Paula Janelle, Kershaw Wade, Eugene Claude, Great Falls Wallace, Noel Lynn, Lancaster Weathersbee, William Albert, Wells, William Harrison, Rock Hill Westmoreland, Robert Lee, Rock Hill Whitmire, Earl Eugene, Rock Hill Wilcher, john Wallace, jr., Rock Hill Williams, Allen Dale, Kershaw Williams, jimmy Rogers, Kershaw Williford, Clyde Lee, Rock Hill Woodward, Andrew Dixon, Ir., Chester ef, ' .1 . ,f lr' lv 1 is xl 1 0 r,,.., A r 111 'TW 451 , . . ,Q -i I .1 q Q .II ..4fr1v:,?3'2Jfl MM. 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Suggestions in the University of South Carolina Regional Campuses - Garnet and Black Yearbook (Beaufort, SC) collection:

University of South Carolina Regional Campuses - Garnet and Black Yearbook (Beaufort, SC) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


University of South Carolina Regional Campuses - Garnet and Black Yearbook (Beaufort, SC) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


University of South Carolina Regional Campuses - Garnet and Black Yearbook (Beaufort, SC) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


University of South Carolina Regional Campuses - Garnet and Black Yearbook (Beaufort, SC) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


University of South Carolina Regional Campuses - Garnet and Black Yearbook (Beaufort, SC) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


University of South Carolina Regional Campuses - Garnet and Black Yearbook (Beaufort, SC) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


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