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University of South Carolina Regional Campuses - Garnet and Black Yearbook (Beaufort, SC) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Cover

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'J W W W W W W 7 , W ' W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W mxsl, , -LF. N' fy in ' a fs ff v-.,,.-' I I Qgggf .r",' - 1 x if 4. r :Z- ...f- Jil. .' rt f' fl A .-Q. q...V 'K-N" :xv L .' .4 - .'. "2".. . if 33'- Jv "L"'x- 4 'AX' IQ.. .V Tw. , 5. ' ri' 3 f' . uifffwy If I '1f"'.f3-A ,aff .. hcl.-. ,fx-1' ILA. r V-- Fx' .,,. 'm X.. as 1 1 5 N f rw' X N, 1 N ir' M 12' 53. .fg Vu at "-1, VJ' Vg 1-. Q . .fn 5 "Fl Q-La -. 1 ,-V' 5 J- ,f'iR2",nV f w'!,f,f " X..-ff. 1' -,L 1 ,'2 ,Y-..1x v. .H '4,.. 'tw V-ij 'V ' ."r'-1 1 'Sy-V , . ..-.J-'X' , A 2' . ,,w, ,.- . 1- , Q '-' 1 - V-- V '1 ' RX 1 . ., 1 H 'I I I ' " v- .., -I 1 0 -Q 1 - ' 1. Q vo' ,h ,f -. 'Q - - N 4 . V X I--" ov' . . I' Lf . .K J A , ..- 1 H , MJ N. f X 1 i N u ,M X Pl Q A -v-J t x,' .,, -,I N., -' .. . ,.fv" . 1 - ' lf. , -.3. . L x I 'KL Nu .' ' me . ,'s'1--0 ' Y' L ' ' . x f Lf- ,4'g"' -. , 5 -. .X 1 x N - I .J - ...--- Qu ,' l.-, -. x .1 M: ., 5.,-'---- ., 55. . R V n . '-h 1 1 , I cv - .wr wa UM' 4 1.- -I 'V 3 .U J Q 'T fo up , H .il 15. ,-5 blpvgr --17. , f 1- , . , if I .,,:l'.g J , -,H . 4, V' - -,K - .,. . -.v ,.,:Q 1,41 ' ..r5' '- n - 1 . 4' , sup -V V , w X A I ,N -xg, y wr . .- H---1 fi - s . . . Y '. I , ,- , T 1' 1- 3. 11. ,H ' .i-Ln., w.. S ,. '.... . F 'X gb- JI 1: .y'v "'. 3 -.-"Sv I x V Ly. T Wi' .- . ,I V '.,4 .. x , ,. K, 4. X, , f " ,Jug k ."p . . , QI. f, .Q v '--,-mfg' ,,'T'., . .di-f': A 4. T"1ff?'f 3 fl .I V ,I-4, . :bk ff. '- .A.f.V" 1,41 " w r 1 ff J, ...V 'g ,, '- ' ' Us rf " 4. . Aa . . ' "'4TK?!p"'. 3 ff ' ,I Q ' xx -'.f. ' aglirg L 'J A .luv-,C ' Wx . . A 'r.' ' 'el ,. ,N --,A ,. V' . ,. , ' a V if ' :+ ,Q . . 1 A 1 ., ., ff " ,.u nf v, 15' v 'TJ ' if "?,-7, ' DQR f A.. -w ""'w,,'., 's"'f"' "3 -. M' r I 2 :vw ' CENTERS EDITION 08' 4 :- xj gb. fx ii E-1 F210 0 'Ly ' A , ,, -X i' if 7- M . A1915 W wx' -car UNIVERSITAS CAROL MERID 1801 7764 l PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA CENTERS AT AIKEN BEAUFORT ' CONWAY FLORENCE ' LANCASTER l 1 l r 1 i l i i l I J This second Centers edition of GARNET AND BLACK is proudly and happily presented by the students of the five off-campus Centers whose activities the volume records. VVhile they are an integral part of the Carolina Community. the Centers are developing individual lives of their owng this is the pictorial history of another fruit- ful academic year. The five Centers are designed to provide the first two years of University training in most fields. Their students. for the most part. would have been found on other college campuses had this program not come into being. Its existence. however, has made it possible for them to began their higher education in an atmosphere which combines the personal attention of the small school and the resources of the large lvniversity. Housed in attractive buildings provided by the communities involved. staffed and administered by University personnel. the Centers play a role of ever-increasing significance in the educational life of South Carolina. Dr. William Patterson It g v if H+ w bla H ,. 9. "Il 1 0 3, E-X 'S 'I . : fj W 4 .-'X 1 Q .L 2 V4 754 7 " 7 ' num. ll0l I I VVe respectfully dedicate this yearbook to DR. VVILLIADI H. PATTER- SON, Dean of the University. For seven years as Dean of Administration and as Dean of the University he has given his full support and encouragement to the development of the University Centers, playing a vital role. In spite of his busy schedule he has given unsparingly of his time to advise and help those with administrative responsibilities whenever the welfare of the program re- quired such action. VVithout his support the Centers could not have achieved their great success in meeting the higher educational needs of South Carolina. As much as any man Dean Patterson has given substance to the University of South Carolinafs proud claim, our campus-the state! W ,1 rvh ' ' 7' w N THOMAS F. JONES, JR., Sc.D. President WILLIAM H. PATTERSON, Ph.D Dean of the University W H" WI ,f 41.5 E vi 2 3 -Y? 2 P 5, Q 7 W I ' Q, ,Q nav ra. ' was 1 NICHOLAS P. MITCHELL, Ph.D. Director, Division of General Studies and Extension 7 I 3 is 3 E T 3 4 I HARRY W. DAVIS, Ph.D. Dean, College of Arts and Sciences 8 ui K , as at ' Q I d Q Y 1. "".I-Wu ROLLIN E. GODFREY, Ed.D. Director of Admissions and Registration PATRICIA CONDER Secretary to Dr. Mitchell at ,A ' Hi- I 4 i 1 5 '-.-'dur' if 1 ' . I 1 6-f.Qts 1 ' 1 INA 41" ' .Q A+-J xx HENRY F. TROTTER, MS. Associate Dean for the Lower Diwlsiozz MARIE HALLMAN LILLIAN MIXON Extension Librafrian Bookkeeper l R as X Gigs :tiff-'L Aiken County Center's Main Entrance. AIKEN COUNTY CENTER WILLIAM CECIL CASPER Resilient Director la... The Aiken County Center of the University of South Carolina, established three years ago, has steadily pushed onward toward becoming an outstanding part of the University's OH-campus system. It has consistently maintained the Uni- versity's high standard of excellence and at the same time increased its enrollment. Housed in a handsome old Southern mansion on a four-acre lot with stately trees, twining ivy and camellias and azaleas of another era, the Center offers up-to-date, quality education in almost every field. A student may earn two years' credit in the fields of arts and sciences, education, business administration, engineering, journalism, law, pharmacy and medicine. A complete two- year secretarial program is offered, too, for per- sons interested in specializing in that field, and nursing courses are to be expanded as needed. In addition to freshman and sophomore resi- dent credit requirements, the Aiken County Center offers courses of special interest in the community. This year, classes in archaeology, real estate, insurance and industrial statistics at- tracted many adults from Aiken and surround- ing areas. Teachers in the area, too took advant- age of the graduate education courses offered to help them achieve or maintain their certification ratings. A up-to-date library has recently been com- pleted, and other improvements are planned soon. 'An interesting extra-curricular program gives 46" .z C A 5. A ,.,-,X M'WA,,,,,.5-suv South Portico, Adjacent to Library. students an opportunity to take part in other areas besides the classroom and laboratory. A well-organized student council promotes special holiday dances and other events during the school year, and the successful sports program is en- thusiastically backed by students and faculty alike. The campus paper, planned, written and made up by the students and printed on the presses of the local daily newspaper, attracts stu- dents interested in that field. Other activities are offered to suit the tastes and talents of all. As one Aiken County Center student ex- presses it: "lVe are proud to be a pa1't of such a fine institution, for here we have formed not only the basis for many lasting friendships but also we are receiving a solid foundation on which to build for the rest of our education and our lives." Aiken County Center students and their par- ents, alike, are grateful to the citizens of the county and the University officials who made the establishment of the center possible. A debt of gratitude is due Sen. Edward C. Cushman, J r. for his tremendous interest and efforts and to all other members of the county legislative delega- tion and to Mr. Francis A. Townsend, chairman of the county's higher education commission, and the other commissionmembers: Don D. Kennedy, Charles F. Kneece, Julian D. Ellett, Elden J ones, George Parks, Eugene Sawyer and Ray- mond VVarner. Sem i-Spiral Stairway Overlooking Back Campus. .55 .xe i . f -5.1 ls! . Rn Wine. BEAUFORT CENTER JOHN JOSEPH DUFFY Resident Director I2 In July, 1959, the University of South Caro- lina and Beaufort Higher Education Committee, which consists of Marvin H. Dukes, Chairmang T. Parker Jones, Vice Chairmang Mrs. Lee Bradburg, Secretaryg Howard P. Cooperg and Jerry Reeves, began operating the Beaufort Center. The first classes met in September in five rooms of historic Beaufort College Building. Since 1959 the student body has grown from seventy to one hundred thirty five, and the faculty has increased from six to fifteen. The Center offers a full two-year university program. The Center now occupies the entire ante-bel- lum college building. For the first time in more than a hundred years, this historic building is be- ing used for the purpose for which it was built. Extensive restoration of the building was begun this spring. When the 1964 Fall session opens the University students will attend an estheti- cally pleasing and functionally adequate build- ing. 'The convenient location of the Center enables these students to receive a quality education at i an economy price. To assure the maintenance of standards, all faculty members are chosen by department heads at the Columbia Campus. The University operates a complete day and evening session. In this way courses are available in the daytime to regular college age students and at night to military and adult students. Beau- fort, Colleton, Hampton, and Jasper Counties as well as the military bases in the area are rep- resented in the student body. The Center also attempts to serve the general educational needs of the area by furnishing facilities for extension courses in educational and non-academic courses, such as piloting, which are of general interest to adult students. The Center has continued to expand its activi- ties to meet the educational needs of the area. New courses have been added each school year. The two-year secretarial training course repre- sents the most recent addition. The Center has prospered and will continue to prosper because it meets a real need for higher educational op- portunity in one of South Carolina's most rapily developing regions. A- I N '-K x Z"' Trusfces of tht College rfBeaufuff.ff if 'Nl UDV? ofinmrparavion December 1.9m 17.95. ro iw uarep if me comeganre ofme College building and Fa,-,pm m me I-worm .snwol Syxrrm gyfgqr, June' 21111 1309. af me Counrg of Be 1 Cix.Joa-m Bumwcu Za:..Rcuea1EannwuL Wmmm Enron ,Patil Roaewf M. --N. Mus .PPts.s EAP' Jew- :' Q.w,s1.L WmmMHnz.xnaWn:c Rtv. Hun' Hmcom Tuonus Fauna. Tau: Jams M9 Pansies Jams A. Csmuuv Carr. Jam: Jenna: Vluunl Fam Cu. Jun hu. Jeux M.V:nmn.Tnux Wmuun E. Gunn Jann: Swan. M. D. Cm Envnml lunvrm Tn Cm. Tawau Tum ll Jn-an M CITRUS!! Juni E. lfosuv. Vienna -.Euvnn.Scc1v. u Numa huns Jun Camus J. Cu l Cl!! Svuuzu Eusnr1,S:crv. Wmm-4 SM.-.t-.i.L 1 A, us. M. uc NA-1. fauna Lawn Amman Barnum 1 M. B. JOHN M V -1 Ja alll' Jnvf-.L Elem-... Tun. Lrwis Rxiwi SAM: Taomns fuuw M D Yrurs. Jann A Sion' Wuuua JCnn sou Srolo Fi Pumv WILLIAM Jamaica JACOI Guin..-am D. Crane: Currm-Y RKYWKLLIAH R Busan. EDU100 avuin Munn M Svvnv Pauli. Nou. Conuua Run 'Cu Roar Wlnun-au Hill Trams Mums. M. D. . Mann' R. funn, M.D. Ru. Sv :nun lumen. '!.f.'.i il'.u.B:uu-un .Uouusnu Jeni f. Cvurun 1 .:. h,.ri.1-a..':n.Pass R Summit. 'MLN Jenn A.Jor-now, M. D CQ. WE Emox1.Slc.aTuzs Marvin M. Suas. M. D. Hnufv M. Swuu.!LZJ Pu: M.w.TnouAs0.BAnnwu4 hh.a.Jann C.BAluw:.. MAJ Funnuu F Suns MQDAETOI S. ExLI01'Y 'Cu' ljunnu Sun. Hill trans! Wunnnusm yilAJ.wlLLLAl Ptlounwooo AIYKI R Pnnuu. M. D. Jul J. Cunnan: Www R Onan Juan J. Mu CunonC.lscunnon.D.O.S. Cnuus Lhuunu Nmun J. Tuna: CAr1'.Tnmns hum! Nunn' Y. Dnuuu Iiu4lvsl.Sruuv Jn, nmol S.Cnns.M.B.hu1Wnuun I Vlnuuovu msrcm S. Rant . Original Com-gf lu wing. p .emu-one to Muse. Liar-Ny. If sfif wr. .Ama 42. 1802. 2 ls. 3-LMI, Sun, A Ygggg, --- '40, L5-:l ,303 ,Q f 1 fn 1 955521. ,f f W , A 1 I -. My Q S5-1 , ,1 ci- 'Q s, Q. '19 -5 fy ' r 7, A mmlxvqz Z M 1 A i r it , ,..., . , 0 ' . ' ' 9. - 7 I, V .,,l4 , ,. y If , -W A if , '49 J :f - 'W' y, we f 4- f 'r 9- I W .. . V, . at A I' K ,Vi 5 9 , . H . wx 4 . vv . .1 . f .1 lf...,f .0 .'Iv,! 7 V N Q H1 hmm ,H ,. If .,, A i' ff ' ,,,. Q fff'fff 4-Q 4' 14 1-w ' f I I V ' 4 6 1 A if ,zwffewif -----v f ff,-- V .,,. Z ,, .., Q7 Tm, .VJ Lg: ' 1 A 2 . , 1. if . -4 2' ' 5 "I f -:+""f 63 1. '9' I F 1 1 Q . " iff.. p I Y xi a Z2 llbll. Lllll, If '.' T4 IW.!."g2'f. 6 , f 4 ZW , ,,., F S "'X"'-W f ' ' iiee ye ' 'F if +1 A 25" Z f , . ,WA V ., .,,,,..g, . - - M I W ---f , W... .,,, Q- , V., ,., f it sl " Q 5 "-' ac' an up 11. Y , ff'-f i ' , ' T A 1' If U rf al 2 l wel 4 .0 Jw , 'j un? ll a ' ' .A A V ' 2, ,f if Q Il!! 1 .,,. 7.52 L :IIIQ nn N . 2 I i IIGII I V, nl. ne . , . Q J g. gps! ,Wu . 1 I if .1 ' ' ..f..fy' MM, , f l----- 5'-nr'-W 1 , , ' ' ' . .V ,H . ' f"' , . Y . W L, , 4, Q ' -f 1 9. H ' an ' g 9 W f v 'M COASTAL CAROLI A CENTER E. M. SINGLETON Resident Director es P- During the summer of 1954 a number of citi- zens of Horry County created the Coastal Edu- cational Foundation, an eleemosynary corpora- tion for the establishment of a junior college in Conway. To this end they enlisted the help of their own public school officials, secured the spon- sorship of the College of Charleston, and solicited their fellow citizens for financial support. The Coastal Carolina Junior College opened Septem- ber 20, 1954, with an initial enrollment of fifty- three students. From September, 19541, through June of 1958, the Coastal Carolina Junior College was an off- campus branch of the College of Charleston. During this period a thriving summer school was established which rivaled the regular session in registrants and enthusiasm. The summer school offerings were designed primarily for the teachers of the public school system. In September, 1958, Coastal Carolina Junior College became an independent institution and continued as such until the fall of 1960 when it became an integral part of the University system. The College was renamed as the University of South Carolina Coastal Carolina Center. In the Fall of 1963 Coastal Carolina moved into its new building. The two-storied, colonial- style building is located on a 128-acre campus between Myrtle Beach and Conway. The campus is presently being beautifully landscaped with trees, shrubbery, and grass. Plans are also made to construct a Student Union Building when funds are available, and an athletic stadium by 1964. At the present time, courses beingtaught in- clude: English, French, Spanish, history, politi- cal science, real estate, accounting, economics, typing, shorthand, business law, engineering drawing, sociology, algebra, trigonometry, analy- tical geometry, calculus, physics, education biol- ogy, botany, chemistry, physics, arts, and music appreciation. The Coastal Carolina Center has many and varied extra-curricular activities for students to participate in. This year they fielded a basket- ball and baseball team in the Carolina League and also has student organized softball and bowl- ing teams. The Circle K service fraternity is very active, and has several projects going at all times. The Student Council promotes many dances and activities during the year and serves to strengthen the bond between faculty and stu- dents. The center also has a very fine newspaper, The Chanticleerg a yearbook staff, and a 14- voice chorus. The new building that houses the Center could not have been built without the aid of the Horry County Higher Education Commission. The men worked long and hard for the Center. The Chairman is Rev. S. George Lovell, and other Commissioners include Collins A. Spivey, James P. Blanton, Ernest F. Southern, Joseph W. Holliday, Rev. Morgan B. Gilreath, J. C. Hipp, Thurman W. Anderson, Lloyd Causey, Eugene H. Carmichael, Eldred E. Prince, D. W. Green, Jr., E. Craig Wall, Charles Tilghman, Dr. R. C. Smith, and Mrs. W. C. Cameron. I 5 iv L nb A V ,av af f M f W ',,,,.....W.. 1 e Z' , 'lie Y K Q V, X ua 'ties 255251 Stokes Hall. F LCRENCE CENTER J. C. MCCOLLISTER Resident Director Located on a tree-shaded expanse of peaceful land, the University of South Carolina at Flor- ence is an impressive campus, it is an overt ex- pression of the faith of the citizens of the Pee Dee area in the young people of their region. Modern, well-equipped Stokes Hall affords the students a building for classes and activities. VVallace Hall has been renovated to give the collegiates an attractive student union building. The one hundred acres of land and Wallace Hall were deeded to the Pee Dee Educational Foun- dation by Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Wallace and Mr. Walter B. Wallace. The University Committee of the Florence Chamber of Commerce was orgi- nized in 1959 to raise funds with which to pro- vide the University with a permanent campus, in the same year the Pee Dee Educational Foun- dation was chartered. The University of South Carolina at Flor- ence offers a two-year course of study for anyone following a curriculum leading to a degree from the University of South Carolina. Electives broaden the scope of course offerings and give students an opportunity to become informed in a variety of subjects. An integral part of the University complex is its extra-curricular activities, and USCF offers its student body a variety of opportunities for self expression, service, and social gatherings. The Circle K, a service fraternity, is an active body assisting in University and community projects. There is a student publication, Cock- Tales, through which the students may express their views on important campus matters. A 'A ' 'fab M1 v fr :Am Wallace Hall, Florence Center Student Activities Building. girls' service sorority is being organized. The student council serves as a line of communication between the faculty and the student body. The main purpose of the Center-to provide the opportunity for the youth of this area to receive a higher education-has been accomp- lished. However, the college will not now cease to improve and enlarge itself. Among the hopes of the Center is the desire for an expanded li- brary in a new, separate building. It is the wish of the students and the administration and faculty to have a gymnasium which would give USCF a complete athletic program. Course offerings have been greatly expanded in the last few years, and it is hoped that noncredit work- shops, conferences, and short courses for adults will soon be initiated. This curricular expansion would meet immediate educational needs of the community and give area adults an opportunity to increase their knowledge. The Florence County Higher Education Commission, a legally constituted body estab- lished by the Florence County Delegation, has been instrumental in the success of the Florence Center. Dr. J. Howard Stokes, Mr. R. Davis Thompson, Mrs. O. T. Finklea, Dr. J. D. VVhite- head, and Mr. C. Dewey Munn make up the commission whose responsibility is to provide finances for building and campus maintenance and to furnish educational material. The com- mission also serves as a representative body from the community to the higher education officials of the state. Florence Center Library. wk Q - dl'- 'Q' if 5 5 , ,, y ,ff , . . ,, 5- My 2 Architects drawing of the proposed Lancaster Center building to be completed in the Spring of 1965. LANCASTER CENTER E. DON HERD, JR. Resident Director The Lancaster Center of the University of South Carolina opened its doors on September 21. 1959, with a student body of 51 students. Since that date the student body has doubled and tripled. Besides the normal freshman-sophomore course offerings the Lancaster Center has an active adult education program handled through its University Community College. The Lan- caster Center, in conjunction with the Division of General Studies and Extension, also makes available special graduate courses for public school teachers of' the area. The programs of the Lancaster Center served 514 students and adults during 1963-641. Classes are continually scheduled from 9 a. m. to 10 p. m. thus affording university education at a time that would be convenient for all segments of the Lancaster Community. At present the Lancaster Center is housed in three buildings in downtown Lancaster. The Center building, Willialns Hall, is a three-story former residence that has been converted from University use. Located in VVilliams Hall are: the administration offices, the Center Library, three classrooms, student lounge, student canteen, biology laboratories, microfilm reading room, series of' faculty offices and several storage rooms. Adjacent to VVilliams Hall is a small laboratory building which contains the chemistry labora- tories. In a nearby commercial building the grow- ing Center has recently acquired some 5,000 sq. feet of' floor space that now houses the Secretarial ' nf, r ia? li' 1-f get f New campus with proposed library and student activities building Training Department, Art Studio and Ceramics Department. In the spring of 1965 the Lancaster Center will move to its new permanent campus, two miles north of Lancaster. The first building on the new campus will house the administrative ofhces, library, classrooms, laboratories and audi- torium. Two buildings are now on the drawing board to meet the future growth of the Center- a student activities center and a library. The actual operation and maintenance of the Lancaster Center is a joint project of the Divi- sion of General Studies and Extension of the University and the Lancaster County Educa- tional Commission. This Commission is composed of seven important Lancaster County citizens: Julian E. Starr, Jr., chairman, Dr. VVilliam E. Sims, Jr., vice-chairmang Ned Gregory, treas- urerg VVilliam Heath Ellis, secretaryg James F. Hinsong Dr. 'VVilliam L. McDowg and Ray Faulkenberry, County Superintendent of Educa- tion. Since its establishment in 1959, the Lancaster Center has been under the direction of E. Don Herd, Jr. Besides Mr. Herd's administrative duties, he is also assistant professor of Ainerican History. Like the student body, the faculty has constantly grown since the inception of the Center. The faculty now numbers 15 full or part- time instructors representing ten academic dis- ciplines. The Lancaster Center is proud it is able to offer the finest educational opportunities for the students of the Lancaster area. FACULTY A Y, , S QM X t .J l i if: - T.. 1-Q. as N 'X I x KE X .5 s s 1 . 1 'gk gums New f WPWWX. X Y xi X C 4 o WILMA JEAN ADAMS B.S., M.B.A. Business Administration Beaufort Center BEVERLY SPEARS BECKHAM M.A. English Lancaster Center RUSSELL EARL BENTON M.A. History and Political Science Lancaster Center DONALD E. BOWERS M.S. Biology Coastal Carolina Center and Florence Center JAMES BRANHAM M.A. History and Political Science Coastal Carolina Center GLENN A. BURNEY Ph.D. Chemistry Aiken County Center WILLIAM C. CASPER B.S. Economics and Accounting Aiken County Center HOWARD PRESTON COOPER B.S. Journalism Beaufort Center R. CHURCHILL CURTIS M.A. Political Science Aiken, Beaufort Centers VIRGINIA DANNER B.A. Art Coastal Carolina Center WAID H. DEAN Ph.D. Psychology Aiken County Center EDITH B. DOWLING B.H. Hons., B.Litt., M.A. English Beaufort Center JOHN J. DUFFY B.A., M.A., Ph.D. History and Political Science Beaufort Center WILLEM DUYN M.A. Music Appreciation Florence Center DONALD R. FINCH Ph.D. Physics Aiken County Center JOHN T. FRYE B.A., M.A. Journalism Beaufort Center DONALD J. GEHRI M.A. Accounting Beaufort Center JERRY LEE HENDERSON B.S. Biology Aiken County Center BEVERLY CLARK HERD B.A. Remedial, Mathematics Lancaster Center ELMER DON HERD, JR. M.A. History Lancaster Center MANUEL HERRERA-MIER Ph.D. Foreign Languages Aiken County Center MARGARET HOLLIDAY M.A. Secretarial Training Coastal Carolina Center JANE N. HOLSHOUSER B.S. Secretarial Science Lancaster Center MAJOR WM. S. HUMMERS, JR. B.S., Ph.D. Chemistry Beaufort Center JACKSON REID INGRAHAM A.B., M.A. Mathematics Beaufort Center DEAN CRAWFORD JONES M.A. History and Political Science Florence Center E. R. KIRKLAND M.S. Physical Science and Physics Coastal Carolina and Florence Centers DOROTHY CURTIS LANE M.S. Chemistry Lancaster Center JOHN B. LANE M.A. Matlzematics Lancaster Center ERNESTINE B. LAW A.B. Journalism Aiken County Center FACULTY fs!" t'-'-'V ff 'fax --.2 'G Q-4, "Ci" AS'-7 5101 1""""""iii ii CALLIE F. MADDOX M.A. English Coastal Carolina Center CAROLYN LUCILE MANN A.B. Languages Beaufort Center JAMES P. MAY M.S. Secretarial Science Lancaster Center LAURA JEAN MCADAMS Ph.D. Foreign Languages Lancaster Center WANDA G. MCCHAREN M.B.A. Secretarial Training Aiken County Center JOHN C. MCCOLLISTER Ed.D. Education Florence Center ALEXANDER B. MCFADDEN M.A. English Lancaster Center VIRGINIA MCMILLAN B.A. English Aiken County Center LENNA V. MORROW M.A. English Florence Center RICHARD MASON MORTON B.A., M.A. English Beaufort Center JAMES FREDERICK NIES M.A. English Florence Center HARDING OWEN M.S. Chemistry Aiken County Center WILLIAM GERALD REDFEARN M.S. Business Administration and Economics Lancaster Center GLENDA G. ROCKAFELLOW M.B.A. Economics and Accounting Aiken County Center IRENE K. RUDNICK LL.B. Secretarial Training Aiken County Center GERALD RUNEY M.S. Biology Lancaster Center PAUL THOMAS SAYERS A.B., M.A. Psychology Beaufort Center CHRISTOPHER S. SHARP M.E. Education Aiken County Center RICHARD G. SINGLETON LL.B. Commercial Law Coastal Carolina Center J. HARTWELL STAFFORD M.S. Business Administration and Economics Florence and Coastal Carolina Centers ROGER STILLIN G B.A. English Aiken County Center MARY STROUD M.A. Mathematics Aiken County Center RALPH SURASKY M.A. Mathematics Aiken County Center WILLIAM SUTTON M.S. Chemistry Florence and Coastal Carolina Centers RICHARD N. THOMPSON Dr-Ing. Foreign Languages Florence Center STEPHEN V. TOPP Ph.D. Physics Aiken County Center COL. JOE HENRY WATKINS B.A., M.S., Ph.D. Biology Beaufort Center RAY M. WILSON, JR. M.A. History Aiken County Center - A r fs FACULTY 1'- R- Q Q' XA 1, L 4 ,X 5 Rf' A A . X iff PERSONNEL MILDRED H. ALLEN B.A. Secretary Coastal Carolina Center x li N "'N'NmQ1'ls . .X NW, ,. x 49 ALICE B. BEATY BARBARA H. HAWKINS Librarian Secretary Florence Center Lancaster Center V- .-.: J : , 5 KJ ' x ' - S' Q e 'r' - is V . - , .5 --ee. ," , C 'X JESSIE C. LYBRAND JEANNE CATHARINE FRANCES S. PADGETT EDNA H. SMITH Secretary MACNIDER Secretary Secretary Aiken County Center Secretary Florence Center Florence Center Beaufort Center FACULTY NOT PICTURED R. JACK BROWN M.A. Mathematics Florence and Coastal Carolina JERRY LOWELL BUNDY M.S. Geology Lancaster Center MARK BUYCK LL.B. Commercial Law Florence Center G. G. DOWLING B.S., LL.B. Business Law Beaufort Center ROSA BROOKS HOPSON M.A. Foreign Languages Coastal Carolina Center LOUIS LEWIS B.S. Civil Engineering Aiken County Center Centers JOHN T. H. MIZE Ph.D. Music Appreciation Coastal Carolina Center HANS PAWLEY B.F.A. Art Appreciation Florence Center ROBERT A. RYAN M.A. Psychology Florence Center H. ROSALIND SHERK M.A. English Aiken County Center LINDA M. SUMMER M.S. Sociology Florence and Coastal Carolina Centers C. ALBERT VERNON B.T., B.D., M.E., B.A., M.A. Sociology Beaufort Center CENTER S I ' 7 4 , 5 - 4 1 -S hi: - Tiiiff 'X-... ,M 516' . wg.? 1- Lili 1 .Egg ,Qi . 7 , , 5 'x , 1 A Q Q u...h WTI 664 SOPHOMORE ABRAMS, RICHARD L. Lake City Florence Center ADAMS, JAMES LEE Rock Hill Lancaster Center AVANT, SANDRA K. Walterboro Beaufort Center AUTRY, VIRGIL Conway Coastal Carolina. Center BANE, LETCHER H. Mullins Florence Center BATTLE, CAROL ANN Belvedere Aiken County Center BAUMERIND, BERTHA E. Marion Florence Center BELT, JAMES L. Greenville Beaufort Center BLAICH, JOHN MCLANE Kershaw Lancaster Center BLANTON, JANICE Nichols Coastal Carolina Center BLOUNT, GIRARD M. Myrtle Beach Coastal Carolina. Center BOATWRIGHT, ANTHONY Aiken Aiken County Center BROWN, CARL H., JR. Florence Florence Center BROWN, JOHN P. Springfield Aiken County Center 26 'WITH' gnu? A 2 D ,ww-"""'M' PN "WN X QdN'?sNUl" S '- 4 '5 ::: . NAA ' Neg SOPHOMORE CLASS BROWN, PAUL J. Great Falls Lancaster Center BRUNSON, HUGH S., JR. Darlington Florence Center CARTER, MEREDITH Conway Coastal Carolina, Center CARTER, STEVE , .wi Salley 5 "" tg- v Aiken County Center 5 r " 'r ,A CARTER, ROBERT B. I Hartsville Florence Center K CHECKLOU, HENRY A. Parris Island Beaufort Center CLARK, CARROLL ANN 'N ,, Johnston Aiken County Center -af .,.-.rf COOL, WILLIAM B. Aiken Aiken County Center COPE, WAYNE K. Jackson Aiken County Center COURTNEY, JUDITH 1' Aiken , Aiken County Center -.1 1 v 'xv I COURTNEY, SAMUEL L. Lancaster Lancaster Center CROMER, ROY B. Lake City Florence Center CROSS, HARVEY D., JR. Myrtle Beach Coastal Carolina Center gym 'UN Q9 CUMMINGS. TRISHA A. V Conway X! Coastal Carolina Center 27 SOPHOMORE CUNNING, JOHN J. Aiken Aiken County Center DANIELS, JAMES M. Conway Coastal Carolina. Center DAVIDSON, WINSTON T. Grays Hill Beaufort Center DAVIS, DIANA C. Marion Florence Center DAVIS, HELEN H. Florence Florence Center DAVIS, RALPH P. Lancaster Lancaster Center DEKETELEARE, EDMOND Graniteville Aiken County Center DICKERT, RUTH A. Lancaster Lancaster Center EARGLE, JOHNNY L. Lancaster Lancaster Center ELLIOTT, HAZEL, I. Loris Coastal Carolina Center EVERETT, SAMUEL T. Hampton Beaufort Center EVERY, ALTON L. Rock Hilll Lancaster Center FALLON, EUGENE A. X Florence wx X Florence Center X X FEAGIN, GEORGE A. XX XX Lancaster XX Lancaster Center X 28 X X. M snug--f WMF' SOPHOMORE CLASS FERRELL, WILLIAM R., III Rock Hill Lancaster Center FLEMING, LEMOINE D. Florence Florence Center FLOYD, DALE Conway Coastal Carolina Center FLOYD, DOROTHY V. Floydale Florence Center FLOYD, RONALD D. Aynor Coastal Carolina Center FOGLE, ELGIVA SUSAN Orangeburg Florence Center FOUNTAIN, RICHARD E. -. Lynchburg Florence Center IVV- 'iid' 'isnt' FOWLER, HOWARD W. Tabor City, North Carolina Coastal Carolina Center FREEMAN, WILLIAM Z Rock Hill Lancaster Center GAGNE, ARMAND J., JR. Q en. Z9 A J acksonboro 4 " Beaufort X ,.... f- ri' " GARVIN, FINLEY J. Langley Aiken County Center E . GATES, JOE D. I Great Falls Lancaster Center GORDON, GARY S. cs, North Augusta. "" Aiken County Center GREEN, JOHN A. Lancaster Lancaster Center 29 SOPHOMORE CLASS ""'0Mr'. ways-Nl w,..l'ff,'I1'f ,t X 4 ' . t. , .. Q52 ie . Q ., " .J Af' A 4 NGS. -vm Y :T If T!! I fa 'V ---v.-clay' X , . e 4,734.2 - ' .fa-' fX-55 .5 :bafiff., csfQ2z .pe li W . 1.1 , W... GURLEY, JAMES C. Durham, North Carolina Beaufort Center HALE, JOYCE O. Myrtle Beach Coastal Carolina Center HAMBY, WILLIAM W. Florence Florence Center HARDE, ELLEN Myrtle Beach Coastal Carolina Center HARMAN, MAXWELL Ward Aiken County Center HARPER, ETTA C. Lancaster Lancaster Center HARPER, JUDY L. Conway Coastal Carolina Center HARPER, WILLIAM G. Conway Coastal Carolina Center HARRISON, INEZ W. Walterboro Beaufort Center HARRISON, JOSEPH L. Florence Florence Center HARTGRAVES, ALONZO LEE Lancaster Lancaster Center HARVEY, JOHN H. McKinney, Texas Beaufort Center HEILIG, NANCY L. Aiken Aiken County Center HELMS, LARRY Aiken Aiken County Center 30 E' in ' H 'Q-59' ...,. ' X'-Xu si ,VU-..1 , at x .. 1 x. X.. Lfwf qgnli vi SOPHOMORE HELMS, LOUIS Aiken Aiken County Center HENSON, BETTY A. Aiken Aiken County Center HEYWARD, THOMAS G. Bluffton Beaufort Center HOLLIDAY, STEPHEN Lancaster Lancaster Center HOPKINS, ERNEST B. Lake City Florence Center CLASS A4 HOUDER, CHARLES H., JR. Beaufort Beaufort Center HOWINGTON, MILLARD New Ellenton Aiken County Center HUCKS, RICHARD C. Aynor Coastal Carolina Center INABINETT, JAMES K. Beaufort Beaufort Center INMAN, KENNETH C. Conway Coastal Carolina Center JOHNSON, BETTY New Ellenton Aiken County Center JOHNSON, MARJORIE F. Loris Coastal Carolina Center JOHNSON, U. CURTIS Ocean Drive Coastal Carolina Center JOHNSTON, FREDRICK IV. Frogmore Beaufort Center 31 dl' '-4 '35 dc.: .l"' SOPHO ORE JONES, EMERSON J. Lancaster Lancaster Center JONES, JOHN MAYO Charleston Florence Center JONES, ROBERT M. Rock Hill Lancaster Center JORDAN, JANE D. Conway Coastal Carolina Center KIRBY, BOBBY JOE Cades Florence Center LONG, GREGG S. Conway Coastal Carolina Center MATHIS, CLAUDE B. Heath Springs Lancaster Center MATHEWS, CHARLES H. Florence Florence Center MATTOX, RICHARD T. Florence Florence Center MCCLAM, MARY ANNE Lake City Florence Center MCCUTCHEON, KENNETH Florence Florence Center MCILWAIN, EDWARD L. Lancaster Lancaster Center MCINTOSH, HENRY L. Aiken Aiken County Center MCKENNEY, RICHARD H. Lancaster Lancaster Center 32 I 2 Y Y 1 Q E V n 1 1 1: 1 if E W l 1. v J 5 l 4 A ! . .4 - f as f I , 1 4 ji: P .r-5 ,f V .: I F, ku. . if 1 K i ,A ,r 'f f X sf' l Q. E 'Q ."'v4' SOPHOMORE MCMAHON, TALMADGE G. Burton Beaufort MCNAIR, SILVIA L. Aiken Aiken County Center CLASS M F MCWHITE, ROY Rock Hill Lancaster Center y ij METCALF WALTER G. gl Lyons, Ill,inois 1 ' Beaufort Center " , S METTE JACK L sw., ., ,A Yemassee Beaufort Center l .1 ,fr J :J .74 F ' MILLER, DONALD L. Grand Rapids, Ohio Beaufort Center A: . MORAN JAMES J. if - ' , 'LS ' A Waterbury, Conn. fi. ' A 57' Beaufort Center ff. 5 .5 t ig V ::.- iss, ' " H. MURPHY, THOMAS P. I Trenton Aiken County Center . .:" NORTON, JERRY W. ' A . Beaufort 4 - 1 Beaufort Center fix Q . . A PAPITTO, EILEEN V. - - , L g i f Johnsonville ' "lf Florence Center C' 4 N- " X A . .. ",,e1 i Qg1, ' . ,W .IIJ X V :,. we PERRY, LEON E. S' 'i ' ' " Xia ::., E- N -,'QQ Y ' ' iq. zl- fe' - Beaufort . 'N :" Beaufort Cente JN PINSON, MICHAEL R. Rock Hill Lancaster Center gr' 413' '59 -armani' av' PLUNKETT, NED Georgetown Coastal Carolina Center q ' 33 POLLAC-K, WVILLIAM J. Lake City Florence Center 1 Q 11 , I ,4 iha, SOPHOMORE POOLE, TILLISON Kershaw Lancaster Center POST, THOMAS Parris Island Beaufort Center PRICE, WILLIAM H. Florence Florence Center RANKIN, ARTHUR, E., JR. Lancaster Lancaster Center RATCHFORD, DAVID Aiken Aiken County Center REVELL, VVILLIAM C., JR. Lancaster Lancaster Center RHODEN, JACK Aiken Aiken County Center ROBERTS, DONALD E. Kershaw Lancaster Center ROBERTS, RICHARD S. Beaufort Beaufort Center ROGERS, BELMONT Williston Aiken County Center ROGERS, MARY L. Lake City Florence Center ROBINSON, GEORGE A. Arlington, Mass. Beaufort Center ROWELL, RICHARD E. Lancaster Lancaster Center RUSHING, DON S. Lancaster Lancaster Center 34 It USS, EDWAR Laurel Bay Beaufort Center SACCO, RO I5 E I Florence Florence Center SANSBURY, RICHARD B Effingham Florence Center SATTERFIELD MILDRED Aiken Aiken County Center SCHVIIDI' NIANCY I' Coastal Carolina Center SCOTT, JEANNLT FF W Florence Florence Center SINGLETARY, ALBERTA Lake City Florence Center SINGLETONI ETTIE L Coastal Carolina. Center SINGLETON, JACKIE Conway Coastal Carolina Center SLAUGHTER, GLENN Aiken Aiken County Center SNIPES. DON AI D NI Imneaster I.unczlster Centt r SPIVEY. RAYNIOXD Clearwater Aiken County Canter 35 SOPHO CLASS Q X X wi ss, X NN X f : 5 Uvlwnh ORE N STEPHENS, GEORGE D. Chattanooga, Tenn. Beaufort Center STRAWN, DAVE G. Efiiingham Florence Center STRIBLING, JOHN Johnston Aiken County Center STRICKLAND, BERNICE Nichols Coastal Carolina Center STRICKLAND, HEBERT N. Nichols Coastal Carolina Center SYMONDS, DEAN North Augusta Aiken County Center TATE, WILLIAM E. Florence Florence Center THOMAS, JEANENE Graniteville Aiken County Center THOMAS, LARRY Aiken Aiken County Center THOMAS, ROBERT J. Lancaster Lancaster Center THOMAS, WILLIAM J., JR. Conway Coastal Carolina Center THOMAS, ZEB Myrtle Beach Coastal Carolina Center - TOWERS, MICHAEL G. Des Moines, Iowa Beaufort Center TURNER, JOHN P. Belvedere Aiken County Center 36 X -.iw-4' ,... -, SOPHOMORE in Nb... tm! w...,.,...f .V 'Qwwr' .. 551. sxx , Q TUTEN, DENNIS M. Grays Hill Beaufort Center TUTTEROW, HENRY W., JR. Port Royal Beaufort Center TWELKEMEIER, GARY North Augusta Aiken County Center TWELKEMEIER, WALTER North Augusta. Aiken County Center ULMER, CHARLES A. Bluifton Beaufort Center UTLEY, DELAINE A. Ocean Drive Coastal Carolina Center VAN HOOK, ROBERT I. Florence Florence Center VINCENT, RALPH G. Lancaster Lancaster Center WALL, NELL B. Florence Florence Center WEBSTER, VICTOR C. Lake City Florence Center WILCHER, JOHN W., JR. Rock Hill Lancaster Center WILLIAMS, ALLEN D. Kershaw Lancaster Center WILLOUGHBY, CAROL A. Myrtle Beach Coastal Carolina Center NVILSON CLYDE L.. III Myrtle Beach Coastal Carolina Center 37 CLASS F' . Q, -s .Wy 6.1 I V.. H,-x'1'-"'2'f' 1: it-' '26- Quo ls- F RESHMAN CLASS . 'W'WW"5' ' www.-.siiyv 2 x XX K News X Nm,-pf S K Iiv We , 5 W we-I 38 SUS' I S ABRAMSON, MURRAY S. Charleston Beaufort Center ADAMS, JUDY K. Little River Coastal Carolina Center ADDISON, MICHAEL HUESTON Heath Springs Lancaster Center AGEE, JUANITA Florence Florence Center ALEXANDER, OSCAR ALLAN Darlington Florence Center ALLEN, AUDREY E. Florence Florence Center ALLEN, SAMUEL LANHAM, III Charleston Florence Center ANDERSON, BETTY LOU Conway Coastal Carolina Center ANDERSON, ELIZABETH Myrtle Beach Coastal Carolina Center ANDERSON, LARRY M. Florence Florence Center ANDERSON, WILLIAM JOHN Roseburg, Oregon Beaufort Center APPLEWHITE, ROBERT Conway Coastal Carolina Center ARNETT, ROGER M. Aiken Aiken County Center ASKINS, SUZANNE Lake City Florence Center ATKINSON, DONALD R. Timmonsville Florence Center ATKINSON, JAMES E. Darlington Florence Center ATKINSON, RICHARD Myrtle Beach Coastal Carolina. Center BAILEY, BASIL WILBUR Lancaster Lancaster Center BAKER, HOWARD CLINTON Florence Florence Center BARBIERI, ROBERT Aiken Aiken County Center BARTLEY, LEWIS O. Liverpool, Ohio Beaufort Center BARTON, MARTHA JANE Lancaster Lancaster Center BEATY, LINDA DELL Crescent Beach Coastal Carolina Center BECKHAM, ROBERT MARION Lancaster Lancaster Center BELL, CHARLES EDWARD Hampton Beaufort Center BEST, GEORGE FRANKLIN Mullins Florence Center BLACKWELL, JAMES D. Florence Florence Center BLANKENSHIP, JOHN EARL Florence Florence Center BLODGETT, JOSEPH CLARENCE Laurel Bay Beaufort Center BOWERS, JERRY TYLER Florence Florence Center BRACKETT, CHARLES L., JR. Aiken Aiken County Center BRAND, HARVEY N. Brooklyn, N. Y. Beaufort Center BRONSON, BILLIE RALPH Chester Lancaster Center BROWN, HAROLD DOUGLAS Darlington Florence Center BROWN, JOEL LAWRENCE Bellevue, Kentucky Beaufort Center BROWN, PRESTON E. Florence Florence Center BRUNSON, HENRY ROY Florence Florence Center BRYANT, BARBARA JEAN Florence Florence Center BUFFINGTON, PAT Belvedere Aiken County Center BUSH, JAMES EMMETT Walterboro Beaufort Center W, Hr -:ang ff' GH 5, Q3 an in as X 5 .ga i'-' ' c e X x iii: iw 5 Q wgxguunv-+ x f X X 1 Q xv N 3 A a Xu me X X I W .X X S S e X-'E FRESHMAN CLASS X -... 3 xx gslgx - X X s sp X' st E www: 'A I Q J X Ki ,N WT, . M X X N s , 'QM X N.-.Y X xx ,- , X I X x K Q xx f 50 In irq' ix v ,gh C iw s 'Q , N .iju X99 QQ-x or ' Cixi:-is :'-It I it wa. I -' X f ggfgq115g.e,,Qf,,5 .3-I N Qaxx we 'RK as 'Xe ' , 1 XV-,exi Ng., s SX .- 5 vt N? ' 1 is- I l x. ,. w xr Q ,W .N ,,,a-,. W A ..., , .Lf Xljt X , Yibahnp 539' Wi! QPF' Mv,,,,,.w-.- X A,,., "" 4 K ,Q I X V219 WX BYRD, KAREN NEWELL Florence Florence Center CALDWELL, C. JOHN D. III Frogmore Beaufort Center CALDWELL, CAROL Socastee Coastal Carolina Center CALDWELL, NANCY Aiken Aiken County Center CALORE, JOHN SAMPSON Hartsdale Beaufort Center CARNES, WALTER CECIL, J Lancaster Lancaster Center CARPENTER, ROBERT B. Aiken Aiken County Center CAUSEY, JESSE Conway Conway Center CAUTHEN, LARRY GENE Lancaster Lancaster Center CHILDERS, ELIZABETH Florence Florence Center CLECKLEY, RONALD Langley Aiken County Center CLIFFORD, WALTER A. III Aiken Aiken County Center CODY, JAMES LLOYD Richburg Lancaster Center COLLINS, ARVIE CECIL Latta Florence Center CONNOR, JIMMY BOYD Lancaster Lancaster Center CONRAD, BETTY Warrenville Aiken County Center COOK, ROBERT Aynor Coastal Carolina Center CORDER, TIMOTHY Aiken Aiken County Center COUSAR, HAROLD NELSON III Latta, Florence Center COWARD, ALLEN ZONNIE Lancaster Lancaster Center CRAIG, THOMAS LEE III Lancaster Lancaster Center CREASMAN, HOPE O. Aiken Aiken County Center CROSBY, BENJAMIN ROBERT Yemassee Beaufort Center DARROW, ERIC North Augusta Aiken County Center DAVIS, CHARLES DAVID Norwich, Conn. Beaufort Center DAVIS, LOUELLA P. Florence Florence Center DAWSON, WILLIAM CARL Rock Hill Lancaster Center DEAN, JACK OSBORN Beaufort Beaufort Center DELOACH, NELLE CARTER Beaufort Beaufort Center DIERICKX, JOHN VINCENT Beaufort Beaufort Center DOZIER, JUNE ELLEN Rains Florence Center DRAYTON, HARRY V. Manning Florence Center DRECHSLER, LYNN E. Beaufort Beaufort Center DUDLEY, WORTH Aynor Coastal Carolina Center DUKES, JERRY Myrtle Beach Coastal Carolina Center DUNBAR, SUZZANA Conway Coastal Carolina Center DUNLAP, JOSEPH W. Darlington Florence Center DURDEN, JAMES M. Williston Aiken County Center EARLY, THOMAS PATRICK III Florence Florence Center EATMAN, THOMAS W. II Jackson Aiken County Center -nv,-.,.-.,.,.. FRESHMAN CLASS ing! , ALJ 1 'K if e films it S ' w. I faeilfsiellf W ' 'fx 1,-m 4 9,0 . I fififilll 1 ' I ws' ,M ' EX I ,,,e, ,M ki fx sei: it iv 'arty' I W,,,,,,,g F, I lfi 3, NA 'sl'-dy za 65" ,px- wal-"T .1 ...S -ea' Q sv l ,Q. fax ION 1- "bf are Q-v -gif 223 T"'Y'Y FRESHMAN CLASS at N' x , N X 26 K1 xx FQ Q X X is D -. JV EATON, RICHARD ALLEN Florence Florence Center ECKMAN, GINGER Graniteville Aiken County Center ELLIOTT, E. H. Nichols Coastal Carolina Center ELLIS, TONY RAY Lancaster Lancaster Center EPPS, EDISTO ALONZA Lake City Florence Center ERWIN, TILLMAN ARTHUR Beaufort Beaufort Center ESLINGER, LOUIS S. Florence Florence Center EVANS, PATRICIA CLAIRE Florence Florence Center FAILE, JANE EVELYN Lancaster Lancaster Center FARIN, DONNA FRANCES Florence Florence Center FELICETTI, ROBERT NATALE Beaufort Beaufort Center FIELDS, JOHN WALTER Florence Florence Center FLOWER, GARY DENNIS Lancaster Lancaster Center FLOYD, OLIVIA JANE Conway Coastal Carolina Center FLOWD, RICHARD KENT Olanta Florence Center FRAZIER, CHARLES MARTIN Sarasota, Fla. Beaufort Center FREE, FRANK Aiken Aiken County Center FRITZ, GORDON C. Myrtle Beach Coastal Carolina Center FULLER, JAMES W., JR. Dallas Beaufort Center FUNDERBURK, HAPPY E. Florence Florence Center i l r ' 1 I ? 4 I .V l i 5 1 I E 1 I l . 4 1 1 I l 42 5 i L. FURR, DANNY RAY Rock Hill Lancaster Center FUSCH, LARRY WILLIAM Florence Florence Center GALLOWAY, LUTHER HARVEY Florence Florence Center GASQUE, GENE FRANCIS Mullins Florence Center GAUSE, ROBERT WAYNE Coward Florence Center GERRALD, VANDA SUE Nichols Coastal Carolina Center GLOVER, NANCY LOU Florence Florence Center GLOVER, SARAH ANN Lancaster Lancaster Center GODBOLD, DONNA Conway Coastal Carolina Center GOODING, HUGH CARL Hampton Beaufort Center GRAHAM, JOAN Galivants Ferry Coastal Carolina Center GRAHAM, PHILIP Loris Coastal Carolina Center GRAHAM, SANDRA Aiken Aiken County Center GRAINGER, PATRICIA Loris Coastal Carolina. Center GRAVES, JAMES BUNDY Lancaster Lancaster Center GREENE, CARL FROST Timmonsville Florence Center GREENE, JOSEPH DALE Rock Hill Lancaster Center GREENE, NINA Belvedere Aiken County Center GREY, WILDA JENKINS Darlington Florence Center GRISSETT, SHIRLEY Georgetown Coastal Carolina Center FRESHMAN CLASS w--or 9' V-23' F' lilo ,-4 X 1 KU' 'Ii' 'wmv KJ ,riff 4 C- xr ' , . ai 0095 1 . ,-'- .1 'vt L 1 ' T iqI1'l1.!'QQU'- :gif my-91. 'af 1? s A 1 A A lj ' .rx ,I . , 5 w .V f -5, 1. . - .,,' fx n- SIL, .1 .., fur ...mike . . , rr mr. w!:'.' -may 'W we X " ' A Q. . MQ J Vi L4 'A 1: C- ,,,. i as -,..L , 16-"1!P' 43 'V' '-'I. 7X f -'Y' 43 in-7 fi :UH 5-I ' x T? . r H Q., l. ly. x A X K . 27' K' ,fgffg R . iii- ' llg 'Q-ni' 'QE' Nm --4 FRESHMAN CLASS fi ' KN 7 HRA I C N . 1 xi Q rl 'N ' Q 4, ? ' S' ' L Q g fy , 1 K As Marti? fx 054 s 5 GROOMS, WAYNE Aiken Aiken County Center GUY, LARRY ALAN Beaufort Beaufort Center HAGAN, WILLIAM ROBERT, JR Beaufort Beaufort Center HAIR, HENRY EDWARD Aiken Aiken County Center HALL, BURNIE RECEL Kershaw Lancaster Center HALL, SANDRA KAY Darlington Florence Center HAM, HENRY HUGHES Florence Florence Center HAMMOND, FRANCES MARIE Nichols Coastal Carolina Center HANCOCK, RAYMOND BENOIT Timmonsville Florence Center HAND, OWEN KENNETH Frogmore Beaufort Center HARDIN, JOHN FRANKLIN Lancaster Lancaster Center HARLEY, FULTON LEROY, JR. Lancaster Lancaster Center HARRELL, ROBERT MICHAEL Florence Florence Center HARRELSON, HARRY A. Mullins Florence Center HARWELL, JOSEPH DOW Florence Florence Center HAYNES, JERRY ALLARD Florence Florence Center HEATH, RICHARD W. Aiken Aiken County Center HEGLER, LEE FOWLER Lancaster Lancaster Center HENDLEY, DONNA JO Lancaster Lancaster Center HEROD, SYLVIA DIANE Kershaw Lancaster Center 44 1 HILTON, PAM Aiken Aiken County Center HINSON, BRENDA KAY Lancaster Lancaster Center HITCHCOX, TERRY WAYNE Beaufort Beaufort Center HIXON, DOUGLAS R. North Augusta Aiken County Center HOLLIDAY, NORMAN MICHAEI Lancaster Lancaster Center HOLLINS, JAMES H. Folsom, La. Beaufort Center HOLLY, CHARLES, JR. Aiken Aiken County Center HOPES, ROBERTA North Augusta Aiken County Center HORTON, WILLIAM DOUGLAS Kershaw Lancaster Center HOUSER, DEWEY M. Lynchburg Florence Center HUCKS, REUBIN Conway Coastal Carolina Center HUFFSTETLER, WILLIAM D Rock Hill Lancaster Center HUGGINS, CHARLES S. Florence Florence Center HULSEY, MYRA KAY Lancaster Lancaster Center HURSEY, FRANK X. Dillon Florence Center HUTCHINSON, R. EUGENE Florence Florence Center HYLAND, JERE EUGENE Beaufort Beaufort Center HYMAN, JAMES EUGENE Pamplico Florence Center JAMES, ELLEN SALLEY Darlington Florence Center JAMES, JOHN JAY Darlington Florence Center .6 JAMES, BENNETT Aynor Coastal Carolina Center JARRELL, WILLIAM TARLTON Florence Florence Center JEFFERS, HUGH ERVIN Florence Florence Center JEFFORDS, MARION JEAN Florence Florence Center JOHNSON, PAT Conway Coastal Carolina Center JORDAN, MURRAY EMMETT Florence Florence Center JORDAN, CHARLES Conway Coastal Carolina Center JORDAN, WILLIAM THOMAS Timmonsville Florence Center KILGORE, JOHN Conway Coastal Carolina Center KILPATRICK, EILEEN B. Beaufort Beaufort Center KIRKPATRICK, JAMES TERRY Barnwell Aiken County Center KIRVEN, ELIZABETH ANN Lancaster Lancaster Center KNIGHT, THOMAS M. Florence Florence Center KUNZ, LINDA JOYCE Florence Florence Center KURTZ, PATTIE LYNN Florence Florence Center LANGSTON, RAY ALLEN Florence Florence Center LAW, MIC-KEY North Augusta Aiken County Center LEE, PETER Aiken Aiken County Center LEMMONS ARTH R MACK , U Darlington Florence Center LEVER, SANDRA North Augusta Aiken County Center LEVINER, CARL Conway Coastal Carolina Center LINKOUS, ROGER LEE Thorpe, W. Va. Beaufort Center LOCKLEAR, BRAINARD Darlington Florence Center LONDOS, GUS JUNE Beaufort Beaufort Center LONG, ERNEST A. Latta Florence Center LUNDY, LEANNE Conway Coastal Carolina Center LYERLY, HENRY LEROY Lake City Florence Center MARTIN, ALBERT DIVVER III Aiken Aiken County Center MARSHALL, HELEN DIANE Lancaster Lancaster Center MATTOCKS, WILLIAM N. Aiken Aiken County Center MCATEER, JOHNSIE G. Lancaster Lancaster Center MCCULLOUGH, JOHN Q. Kingstree Florence Center MCCUTCHEON, DAVID E. Kingstree Florence Center McKAY, FRANCIS HILL Timmonsville Florence Center MCKELLAR, JOANN Dillon Florence Center MCLANE, CONSTANCE E. Kershaw Lancaster Center MCLAURIN, CHARLES E. Dillon Florence Center MCLAURIN, JAMES E. Conway Coastal Carolina Center MCLEAN, ROBBIE M. Jackson Aiken County Center MCLEOD, CLAUDE ROBERT Florence Florence Center F RESHMAN CLASS .w,,,. 'EFS' RQ FSE X :sa -fw- ' 1. .- MEISCHEN, SANDRA Aiken Aiken County Center MEKLER, JOHN TUCKER Florence Florence Center MERRITT, MARGARET A. Conway Coastal Carolina Center MITCHELL, DAVID ALLEN Florence Florence Center MONTGOMERY, MARION C. Kershaw Lancaster Center MOODY, LAURA ELLEN Lake City Florence Center MORRIS, SAMUEL FAISON Florence Florence Center MULDROW, HARRY WILLARD Darlington Florence Center MULLINS, WILLIAM E. III Florence Florence Center NALLEY, RICHARD LEE, JR. Florence Florence Center NELSON, DAVID HONOUR Florence Florence Center NELSON, WILLIAM LOUIS Boulder, Colorado Beaufort Center NEWTON, JOHN O., JR. Aiken Aiken County Center NUCKOLLS, JOHN S. Rock Hill Lancaster Center ODOM, BARBARA ELLEN Florence Florence Center OLSEN, THOMAS, JR. Aiken Aiken County Center ORR, JERRY C. Aiken Aiken County Center PARKER, DANIEL HARRELL Florence Florence Center PARKER, WILLIE JO Florence Florence Center PARROTT, PAUL WILLIAM Florence Florence Center 48 1 I i I I l I ,l If 1. il 5 E 1, 'V l u i 4 i I . PATE, ROBERT Conway Coastal Carolina Center PAULK, RILEY C. Ocilla, Georgia Beaufort Center PEARCE, FRANCIS Florence Florence Center PERRY, CHARLES WARREN Parris Island Beaufort Center PETERMAN, DON EUGENE Springfield, Ohio Beaufort Center PETERSEN, GEORGE POWELL Beaufort Beaufort Center PHILLIPS, MICHAEL THOMAS Florence Florence Center PHIPPS, WAYNE Georgetown Coastal Carolina Center PIERCE, CHARLES ROBERT Lancaster Lancaster Center PIERCE, JERRY WAYNE Timmonsville Florence Center PLYLER, DONALD B. Lancaster Lancaster Center PLYLER, LARRY WARREN Lancaster Lancaster Center PORTER, ELIZABETH VICTORIS Lancaster Lancaster Center PORTER, RICHARD ELLIOT Lancaster Lancaster Center POSTON, ANTHONY D. Florence Florence Center POSTON, MICHAEL WILSON Lake City Florence Center POSTON, RONALD B. Florence Florence Center POWELL, CURTIS L., JR. Florence Florence Center PRESTON, RICHARD C. Aiken Aiken County Center PRICE, JANE ELAINE Guays Hille Beaufort Center FRESHMAN CLASS -'sl ,Wg E lk 1 41' 9 4-I . 'TZ' I ,. l '-Q. H, v ...1' 51. ,Mum ,WU 'QQ' N vm el wa .Minx 'Q w.J 'TPNL 1 F? ""f 49 ri, IC' -1 'TY rf' Y--v N .1 Q wmwnm e5..w-Q N if X 5 9, 4 g jay, , Qi' as 1 X si. fi ' X J PRIVETTE, JOSEPH Florence Florence Center PROFFITT, DAVID Aiken Aiken County Center QUATTLEBAUM,RoBERT Florence Florence Center RABON, B. G. Conway Coastal Carolina Center RATCHFORD, CLYDE R. Aiken Aiken County Center RICH, BRENDA Conway Coastal Carolina Center RICHARDSON, EDMOND T. Florence Florence Center RIDGE, FRED T. Florence Florence Center RILEY, GERALD CLYDE Graniteville Aiken County Center RIVERS, JAMES MARION Florence Florence Center ROACH, R. L. Conway Coastal Carolina Center ROLLINS, JOHN DOUGLAS Kershaw Lancaster Center ROWE, H. J. Conway Coastal Carolina Center ROWELL, CHARLES THOMAS Lancaster Lancaster Center ROWNTREE, SUSAN A. Johnsonville Florence Center ROYAL, THOMAS A. Laurel Bay Beaufort Center RUSHTON, DAN C. North Augusta Aiken County Center SANSBURY, FREDERICK H. Florence Florence Center SAUNDERS, CHARLES Aiken Aiken County Center SAYE, JOSEPH Johnston Aiken County Center 50 l SCHIPMAN, THERESA FAYE Florence Florence Center SCHWING, ARTHUR G., JR. Rock Hill Lancaster Center SCOTT, PATRICIA Williston Aiken County Center SEYMOUR, JAMES PAUL Graniteville Aiken County Center SHERRILL, CHARLES W. Louisville, Kentucky Beaufort Center SHRUM, ROBERT DALE Florence Florence Center SMITH, GLEN RAY Great Falls Lancaster Center SMITH, JACK WOOD Columbia. Beaufort Center SMITH, STEPHEN A. Florence Florence Center SMITH, WILLIAM ANDREW Aiken Aiken County Center SMYTHE, ALEXANDER R., JR Florence Florence Center SNELL, JANIS LYN Aiken Aiken County Center SNITKER, WAYNE Aiken Aiken County Center SONEN, WALTER STEWART Arlington, Virginia Beaufort Center SOWELL, BONNIE S. Lancaster Lancaster Center STANTON, SAMUEL Florence Florence Center STEWMAN, JULIA ANNE Lancaster Lancaster Center STOKES, CLARA C. Mullins Florence Center STOKES, WILLIAM JORDAN Mullins Florence Center SULLIVAN, LIBBY Aiken Aiken County Center L A. FRESHMAN CLASS w- X -d""'W X x X XXX Ss X xx X 'QQ X We V X , A BW , ' , 516.-. . 1 X vom, Q a gp A . N 2 as M is if 3 - X fwf Q Q - , N t' MTV is ,R -. 1 X X X SW 5 . R4 ss ,Q "'Yl:::w" Y"..."'-tw, -ua'-fzv' SUMNER, JERRY G. Hartsville Florence Center TARTE, LINDA Aynor Coastal Carolina Center THAMES, DUNCAN ALLEN, JR Florence Florence Center THIEME, R. L. Georgetown Coastal Carolina Center THIGPEN, BARTON, JR. Florence Florence Center THOMAS, MARY SUSANNAH Florence Florence Center THOMPSON, CLAUDIA ANN Lancaster Lancaster Center THOMPSON, SUE Ocean Drive Coastal Carolina Center TILGHMAN, PATRICIA Ocean Drive Coastal Carolina Center TIMMONS, RAYMOND E. Florence Florence Center TODD, ALEX Conway Coastal Carolina Center TOLLISON, CHARLES AUSTIN Atlanta, Georgia Beaufort Center TOLSON, EMMETT W., JR. Florence Florence Center TRUETT, SAM RICHARD Darlington Florence Center TRULUCK, DONALD W. Olanta Florence Center TURNER, ARBIE, JR. Florence Florence Center TURNER, CHARLES A. Vaucluse Aiken County Center TURNER, LOUIE MACK Edgemoor Lancaster Center VANEE, DAUN ROELL Parris Island Beaufort Center VAN WIE, G. W. Conway Coastal Carolina Center l I P, U 7 r x i T l F L i . l i i w x 1 VERENES, JEANNIE S. Aiken Aiken County Center VIED, B. J. Myrtle Beach Coastal Carolina Center WALLACE, NOEL LYNN Lancaster Lancaster Center WALTERS, BILLY A. Jackson Aiken County Center WEATHERSBEE, WILLIAM A. Lancaster Lancaster Center WELLS, SUSAN Aiken Aiken County Center WELTER, BETTY JO Greenville Coastal Carolina Center WETMORE, WILLIAM R., JR. Florence Florence Center WHITE, SALLY Aiken Aiken County Center WHITLOCK, LESLIE LEE Lake City Florence Center WIGGINS, JOEY ALLEN Florence Florence Center WILLIAMS, JOAN Little River Coastal Carolina Center WILLIAMS, WILLIAM W., JR. Darlington Florence Center WILLIAMSON, KEITH S. Darlington Florence Center WILSON, RANDOLPH MAYBIN Dillon Florence Center WRIGHT, FRED PITTS, JR. Aiken Aiken County Center WRIGHT, JOHN LEWIS Burton Beaufort Center YOUMANS, BENJAMIN H. Florence Florence Center YOUMANS, MARY Florence Florence Center ZIMMERMAN, CAROL Aiken Aiken County Center J.. ff' FRESHMAN CLASS .4 ' I-'W -,gr cad' 5,1 KX we aff? 'rr t. 'ref' 1-uf., :C ITN we Silt at .. as . G X R wg 'X -2': 1 .1 ,,1.,., i 3 - N-'N .1 K 5 2 ' I ., ex wx .Ee-we . X X . I by X555 x N X N xN X x N Q X ' 5 N xxx X N X CCQ XQQN Ayn v Xlskx xxx?-lol x N 'fel' XXL? P ex-, '17 fbi Ei NJ' X: "-237 Q-.4 iz ,319-" ,, f". f 'ul -,V W'-1' ABRAMS, SAMUEL Conway Coastal Carolina Center ALDRIDGE, E. C. III North Augusta Aiken County Center BURNETT, NORMA GRACE Conway Coastal Carolina Center BARNHILL, LAFYETTE J. Conway Coastal Carolina Center BARTLEY, ROBERT M. Milwaukee, Wisconsin Beaufort Center BASELICE, DANA JANE Laurel Bay Beaufort Center BASELICE, FRANCIS I. Laurel Bay Beaufort Center BAXLEY, JOHN W. Springfield Aiken County Center BIGGERS, LAUDUS M. York Lancaster Center BLAKELY, JESSE EUGENE Jackson Aiken County Center ff 5 ,Q y . ,.,. t :fi . se X-or .kk :iN.g54g,.i '52 Wiiwwvw s W.,-v ..yA,.f-Q-. K emi f X i s 2 Az, Ns . . Nz' ' X X 3. . . t 1 a, it X .:- N S- X 9 X SPECIA BOYER, EDWIN B., JR Beaufort Beaufort Center BRADLEY, CAROLE JEAN Lancaster Lancaster Center BRIGHAM, JEAN P. North Augusta Aiken County Center BRODIE, LETITIA Aiken Aiken County Center BROWN, JACK Myrtle Beach Coastal Carolina Center BYARS, WENDELL B. Windsor Aiken County Center BYRNE, WILLIAM A. Laurel Bay Beaufort Center CALDWELL, JOANNE Aiken Aiken County Center CARDINAL, JAMES J. Santa Ana, California Beaufort Center CASKEY, JUNE T. Aiken Aiken County Center CAUTHEN, CECIL W. Lancaster Lancaster Center CHAPMAN, BASIL A. Aiken Aiken County Center CLEMENTS, GERALD Lancaster Lancaster Center COLLINS, ROBERT E. Wagner Aiken County Center CRADDOCK, JOSEPH M Beaufort Beaufort Center COX, ISAAC GERALD Kershaw Lancaster Center rl' , v ,W ' ., i J dl 'L ' .... . DENTS FAIRWEAT'HER, W. N. New Milford, New Jersey Beaufort Center FERGUSON, JAMES D. Warrenville Aiken County Center FERRITER, JOHN R. Aiken Beaufort Center FOUGHNER, JOSEPH E. Savannah, Georgia Beaufort Center FRONTROTH, LEONA R. Aiken Aiken County Center FUNDERBURK, JUDI D. Lancaster Lancaster Center GIROLAMO, ANDREW J. Aiken Aiken County Center GREGORY, SYLVIA ANN Lancaster Lancaster Center DOBBINS, EMILY Myrtle Beach Coastal Carolina Center GUTT, WILLIAM A., JR. Glastanbury, Connecticut Beaufort Center HAGINS, REBECCA Kershaw Lancaster Center HALL, DONNA LERAY Kershaw Lancaster Center HALL, LEWIS C. Aiken Aiken County Center HARMAN, CHARLES W. Warrenville Aiken County Center HARVEY, FURMAN V., JR. Beaufort Beaufort Center HAYES, LEROY CONRAD South Bend, Indiana Beaufort Center .. .47 .-J I CRAWFORD, PETER I., -IR Heath Spring, I.anr:a-.ter Center CItl'lASfVlAN, XV. Ii., Jlt. Aiken Aiken County Venter CULP, CLAUDIA URI'.XI'I l.anf-a-,ter I,z1nr-:ister Center DAVIS, THOMAS HUYTII lielveriere Aiken County Center DEI-IART, GLEN E. Aiken Aiken County Center DELOZIER, ROBERT VV. Aiken Aiken County Center DENNIS, .I. M. Beaufort Beaufort Center DUNCAN, DANIEL L. Warrenville Aiken County Center ELLIOT, PAUL Loris Coastal Carolina Center EUBANKS, LOIS C. Aiken Aiken County Center V 1 Nw yy.. 4VP Q5 fa ff? W r 45.1 Y .1 .X LSA, f ,. , .si R6' ?v.lm isitll J - X X I, 2' '15, W A 'I i 5 HITE, GRADY G. North Augusta Aiken County Center HOBART, RUTH ELLEN Conway Coastal Carolina Center HUDSON, ROBERT K. Aiken Aiken County Center HUSKEY, ROBERT K. Aiken Aiken County Center JACKSON, LOIS R. Wagner Aiken County Center JACOBUS, WILLIAM W. Georgetown Coastal Carolina Center JENKINS, CLARENCE L Aiken Aiken County Center JOHNSON, EVELYN V. Aiken Aiken County Center JONES, HALL LEWIS Aiken Aiken County Center JONES, LEWIS C. North Augusta Aiken County Center I QQ ,, - 4 fs S.fx .gk1.w 1 as . x 's s pf N sk X Q X is Qs SPECIAL KELLEY, THOMAS H. Aiken Aiken County Center KELLY, GERALD NEAL Kansas City, Kansas Beaufort Center KENNEY, CHARLES M., JR. Graniteville Aiken County Center KILPATRICK, PATRICIA M. Beaufort Beaufort Center MACKENZIE, VIOLET MAE Beaufort Beaufort Center MAGINNIS, ELSIE L. C. Surfside Beach Coastal Carolina Center MAHAFFEY, PAUL E. Lancaster Lancaster Center MARSHALL, MARGARET Conway Coastal Carolina Center MARTIN, O. N. Aiken Aiken County Center MARVIN, JOSEPH Aiken Aiken County Center MASON, JOHN Aiken Aiken County Center MCALLISTER, ROBERT Aiken Aiken County Center MCCALL, CYNTHIA Aiken Aiken County Center MCCONNELL, H. E., JR. Lancaster Lancaster Center MCKINNEY, JAMES Langley Aiken County Center MCMANAWAY, PATSY Aiken Aiken County Center 'Q "W 'bv' .411- 'Mehr 'WFT STUDENTS RANDALL, FAIREY J. ' Aiken ll Aiken County Center l RAYE, JOAN CAROLYN 1 Kershaw I, Lancaster RICHWINE, WILLIAM J. Red Bank, New Jersey e Beaufort Center SCARBOROUGH, LEE Conway Coastal Carolina Center SEIFERT, RALPH E. Chesterton, Indiana A Beaufort Center i SELF, GLEN EDWARD Rock Hill Lancaster Center I SHELDON, VERNA H. l Aiken 1 Aiken County Center SHOVAR, BEVERLY M. Beaufort Beaufort Center SIDDALL, ANTIONETTE Q. A l Aiken Aiken County Center SIMKINS, JOSEPH R. i Laurel Bay I Beaufort Center SIMS, RUTH HAZEL I1 Lancaster j Lancaster Center : SKEEN, KATHRYN f Aiken Aiken County Center SMITH, HAROLD W. Beaufort Beaufort Center I SMITH, LIONEL V. Aiken Aiken County Center SMITH, PATRICIA NELL Lancaster Lancaster Center SMOAK, RODNEY J. Aiken Aiken County Center WN? W 130 vzfv' MINCI'1Y,SAI.I.Ii'L I,IjCll,LIi l,orIs Coastal Carolina Center MlSllUl'l, ltl,"l'H GALIALS Conway Coastal Carolina Center Ml.'I,LINNIX, DONALD Aiken Aiken County Center NERDPIN, JUSFLPH A., Jlt. Burton Beaufort Center PARDUE, DUDLIHLY Aiken Aiken County Center PEAVLHR, DALPL Beaufort Beaufort Center PETERSON, ROBERT L. Laurel Bay Beaufort Center PHAII., COLBURN F., JR. Beech Island Aiken County Center PRINCE, JAMES Belvedere Aiken County Center RAMSAY, CHARLES J. Laurel Bay Beaufort Center '1 F5 4"F ' K' 'vfyi U! "NP T77 '75 127' 9' 3:1 QE-.S 1l,:,,G5ZW -55 . "V we SNIPES, GENE S Aiken "I ,. Aiken County Center Q, zx. X 4 ,V SORENSEN, RALPH J. ' - 5 5' 'IVI Belali1lt:oEtIC::ter 3 , q',V SPRADLEY, CYRUS L. N Y AiAItel:1eIC0unty Center 5 I STENGLE, WILBERT F. ' eee ., . Aiken ' iff! Aiken County Center 3 8 9 ' Q ' STENHOUSE, ALLEN Aiken Aiken County Center JE- STONE, CHARLIE S North Augusta Aiken County Center STOVER, DONALD GRADY lxershaw Lancaster Center ze - STRINGER, ELEANOR ' 1 " Aiken n g . SV may 'BUS Aiken County Center .. THOMAS, LEONARD R. Aiken Aiken County Center TURNER, LILLIAN B. Jackson Aiken County Center SPECIAL STUDENTS X A A ' M we .kan-... 'VM we A g ., A . Y by 1 . X . .. . , g ilt A YR-S' - ,,o. J . y, V b 'nee ' , A 4. E v l -..- -. X'CLN.t X My E S X ,---' 'UW we 4 Nasa. f""'W INR RYE .Q . - fi ,lik ww' m' f il 58 2 . WALKER, JIMMY NEAL Belvedere Aiken County Center WARD, JOHN H., JR. Langley Aiken County Center . WARD, JOHN JOSEPH, JR. Beaufort Beaufort Center WARNER, RUSSELL W. Laurel Bay Beaufort Center WATKINS, SHIRLEY ANN Kershaw Lancaster Center WATTS, SAMUEL L., JR. Lancaster Lancaster Center WESTBROOK, DAN Laurel Bay Beaufort Center WHALEY, KENNETH B. Aiken Aiken County Center WHITAKER, MILDRED C. Aiken Aiken County Center WILAND, JEANNE Aiken Aiken County Center WILLIAMS, INEZ C. Great Falls Lancaster Center WILLIAMS, SARAH M. Aiken Aiken County Center WOODY, GLENN Conway Coastal Carolina Center WRAPE, PATRICIA ANN Lancaster Lancaster Center YODER, JUDITH WILSON Beaufort Beaufort Center YOUNG, PHYLLIS JOYCE Angelus Lancaster Center I it ll V. N I Q ,- ye 1 I 4 W l - I . I V 1 vu u L A 'C 9. l Y S X v x 1 '98 E.. E 4 L A W 1 V a 6 1 I i E I 1 'Gia L - S4 5 Ye Ev ll .1 E' R' 1 E I x"xsjf 'E' Q-W N . 9' 'is-'K AIKEN COUNTY CENTER STUDENT COUNCIL. Left to Right: Pam Hilton, Council Secretary, Jeanene Thomas, Sophomore Coun- cil Member-at-Largeg Nancy Caldwell, Freshman Council Member-at-Large, Larry Helms, Council President, Divver Martin, Freshman Class President, Betty Henson, Council Vice-President, Doug Hixon, Council Treasurerg Tim Corder, Freshman Class Vice-President. Not Pictured: Johnny Turner, Sophomore Class Vice-President. AIKEN CENTER STUDE T CCUNCIL Members of the Student Council of the Aiken County Center are elected by the students to serve as a median between the students and the administration. All stu- dent functions are regulated by Council with the ap- proval of the faculty advisor. All major elections, dances, and contests are spon- sored by Student Council. Each class is represented on Council. The president, vice president, and student council member-at-large from each class, plus the four Council officers compose the student governing body. The Aiken Student Council meets every first and third Thursday of each month. These meetings serve as an open forum for any student who wishes to express his opinion on Student Government of campus activi- ties. In order for a person to be eligible for a Student Council office he must be a full-time student and main- tain a 2.0 grade point ratio. Student Council is important to our school because it regulates and coordinates student activities and pro- motes school spirit and welfare. x u 1 , i f 5 kWh G' AIKEN COUNTY CENTER FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS. Left to Right: Divver Martin, President, Tim Corder, Vice-Presi- dent, Charles Holly, Secretary-Trecwurerg Nancy Caldwell, Fresh- man Council Member-at-Large. AIKEN COUNTY CENTER SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFI- CERS. Left to Right: Jeanene Thomas, Sophomore Council Mem- ber-at-Largeg Carroll Ann Clark, Secretary, Betty Henon, Presi- dent, Carol Ann Battle, Treasurer. Not Pictured: Johnny Turner, Vice-President. STUDENT GOVERNMENT OFFICERS. Left to Right: Mike Robinson, Vice-President, Inez Harrison, Presidentg George Petersen, Secretary-Treasurer. In providing and establishing extra-curricular ac- tivities, we, of the Beaufort Center, attempt to meet the intellectual, athletic and social needs of the students. For the athletic we have baseball and bowling. Our baseball team, complete with cheerleaders, is very prom- ising. The bowling team, with people who average as high as 175, has been organized for the first time this year. We also boast a chess team and a bridge team. Each of these teams will participate in intra-and inter- Center competition. We also have the Chic-Chat, our weekly newspaper, to inform the students of events on and around campus. The Chic-Chat is sponsored by the Student Government of the Beaufort Center, and its editor is Dennis Tuten. Another innovation this year is the literary maga- zine, "The Pink Elephant." Contributions to this maga- zine come from the student body. The selections in the magazine have been of high literary calibre. The editor of this magazine is George Petersen. BEA FORT CENTER SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS. Left to Right: Fred John- ston, Secretary-Treu.-mrer,' Dennis Tuten, President, Jerry Norton, Vice-President. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS. Left to Right: Lynn Drechs- ler, VicePresid1fnt,' Robert Crosby, Pre.9ident,' VVanda Saunders, Secretary-Trerwizrer. STUDE T GOVERNM NT STUDENT GOVERNMENT. Left to Right: Jane Price, J. K. Inabinet, Eileen Kilpatrick, Fred Johnston, Owen Hand, Inez Harrison, George Petersen, Mike Robinson, Robert Bartley, Dennis Tuten. Ui guin- i. COASTAL CAROLINA STUDENT COUNCIL. Left to Right: Richard Hucks, President, Ned Plunkett, Vice-Presidentj Trisha Cum- mings, Trea.9urer,' Gordon Harper, Secretary. Standing: Robert Cook, Bennett James, Jr., Ronnie Floyd, Bert Strickland, Jimmy McLaurin. COASTAL CAROLINA The Student Council of Coastal Carolina works the entire school year to promote activities for the students and to promote the name of the center. The council works hand in hand with the faculty in all of its pro- jects. The council starts the year off by having a small informal party so that the students will get to know each other. They also have other dances and parties during the year, including a Christmas Dance, a May Dance, and a beach party in the Spring. The Student Council is in charge of the May Queen and Miss Coastal Carolina beauty contests and stages coronations com- COASTAL CAROLINA CENTER OFFICERS. Left to Right: Richard Hucks, President, Ned Plunkett, Vice-President, Trisha Cummings, Treasurer, Gordon Harper, Secretary. STUDE T COUNCIL plete with pomp and pageantry. Elections are held in April for Student Council positions and there is always a lot of competition and campaigning for these posi- tions. The President of the Student Council makes many speeches during the year to many different groups in an effort to promote better community relations and to generate more interest in the center. The council makes sure that all parties and dances are well-chape- roned and well-planned. This presents a good picture of the center to the public and future students. COASTAL CAROLINA CENTER REPRESENTATIVES. Left to Right: Robert Cook, Bennett James, Jr., Bert Strickland, Ronnie Floyd, Jimmy McLaurin. an Q A Ax ' V sl A 4211 V i 5 ,Ig-'S 4 fu CW 4 l 5 '45 lf ' 1 W?4A:,l2Q1,3v2 s 's-. f" 4 ..f ' -9-e J fzfflf' ' SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS. Left to Right: Lemoine Fleming, Secretary-Treasurerg Eugene Fallon, Presidentg Susan Fogle, Vice-President. FLORENCE CENTER in , - J 1 V -f.. an 2744341 ,ng X 1 f., -. , , ,.' FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS. First Row, Left to Right Karen Byrd, Secretary-Treasurerg Xan Smythe, Preszklent. Sec and Row: Tuck Meckler, Vice-President. STUDE T GO ERNME The Student Government is at the present time serv- ing zz dual purpose at USCFQ it serves as the Honor Court and as a representative of the student body. The student council is working with the faculty to formulate a Constitution which provides for an Honor Court that will eventually assume the honor duties now performed by the student government. The student Council is in charge of the elections and social eventsq it also represents the student body to the community, to the faculty, and to the other centers. STUDENT COUNCIL. First Row, Left to Right: Eugene Fallon, Presidentg Xan Sm the. Second Row: Tuck Meekler Karen B 'rd y 1 F Third Row: Lemoine Fleming, Secretary-Treaszcrerg Susan Fogle, Vice-President. I 15 I sf Q slr- ' X I liters'-fr' 'N Ir ester we T is LANCASTER CENTER STUDENT GOVERNMENT. Seated: Toby Craig, Freshman Representative, Brenda Hinson, Secretaryj Donna. Jo Hendley, Treasurerg Cornelia Harper, Sophomore Representative. Standing: Mr. John B. Lane, Faculty Advisorj Donald Roberts, Presi- dentg Mr. Russ Benton, Faculty Ad'v'L-lor. NCAST ER CE TER STUDE T This is the Lancaster Center's first year to have a full-fledged and active Student Council. Officers elected by the student body in October to serve on the Student Council for 1963-641 were as follows: President, Ralph Davisg Vice-President, Kerry Fossettg Secretary, Don Robertsg Treasurer, Donna Jo Hendley, Sophomore Representatives, Cornelia Harper and Joe Gatesg Freshmen Representatives, Brenda Hinson and Toby Craig. Because of personal reasons and dropouts, several members found it necessary to resign their posts on the council. Elected to fill these vacancies were Donald Roberts as President and Brenda Hinson as secretary. The Student Council has sponsored several fin- formalj parties for the students, the Miss Lancaster Center Beauty Pageant, and organized a committee to draw up a constitution for the Center. Faculty advisors are Russell Benton and John Lane. ff , I1 ,5 2 5 72,2 if 7 ' Ii GOVERNM NT I I 1 I I I 1 .I 1 1 f I 1 I I 1 I I I ' 1 I I I I 1 1 I I I I 1 I 1 I I 1 I I I 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 I I 1 I 1 I 1 I I 1 I 1 I I I I I 1 I I I I! -' , "7 COASTAL CAROLINA CENTER CHORUS COASTAL CAROLINA CENTER CIRCLE K SERVICE CLUB. Seated, Left! to Right: Richard Hucks, Trmsrurerg Dale Floyd, Vive-P'resirIw1t,: Bill Thomas, President: Gregg Long, Secretary. Stamling: Robert Cook, Bert Strickland, Lindsay Roach, Jimmy McI,aurin, Jackie Singleton, Bennett James, Charles Jordan, Ned Plunkett, Ronny Floyd, Virgil Autry, Jimmy Pate, Gordon Harper, Jeff Van Wie. - an -v- Lrfff to Right: Patsy Johnson, Jane Anderson, Suzanna Dunbar. Ham-l Elliot, Trisha Cummings, Judy Harper, Mr. .loss-hp Hester, Dire'cIor,' Jane Jordan, Farol VVilloughby, Bennett Scott, Gordon Fritz, Lindsay Roach, Bobby Thicme, Jackie Singleton, Virgil Autry. COASTAL CAROLINA CIRCLE K SERVICE CLUB H 12 ' P15 ig 'irr 1 4- I FLORENCE CENTER STUDENT ASSISTANTS sr Q: . K 5 5 The student assistant program is an integral part of the University of South Carolina at Florence, provid- ing a great deal of work and effort in behalf of both the students and the faculty. In their various capacities the students are entrusted With special responsibilities in operating the library, office, and science laboratories. These assistants do many jobs which are time-consum- ing, thus leaving the professors free to perform more important tasks. First Row, Left to Right: Virginia Floyd, Mrs. Louella Davis, Linda Kunz, Nancy Glover, Lernoine Fleming. Second Row: Billy Tate, Larry Fusch, Eugene Fallon. The Circle K is a service fraternity whose members are chosen on the basis of character, leadership, and service. It assists the University and community organi- K zations in worthwhile fund-raising projects. Improve- ment and beautification of the campus and campus buildings are also aims of this organization. First Row, Left to Right: Eddie Epps, Eugene Fallon, Larry Anderson, Bobby Shrum. Second Row: Carl Brown, Presidentg Howard Baker, Caroll Webster, Professor William Sutton, Faculty Advisorg Lynn Rogers, Circle K Sweetheartg Lee Whitlock. Third Row: Larry Fusch, Bobby Van Hook, Larry Abrams, Joe Harrison. X df, x Q . N 'V E . I I i F A . 1 VA, I - I-is v s y 1 f 5 - 2 ,wr i . ff - - im-it , -'f i "' -:.- f. ,,,,. .' 1' 3 , ' 'NA""A "u""fi? '?7""'t"'F'1"'lW""!'! , AQ .4- 66 ,swf ,K we, i , . ,trfggxgw ff f" f I , ww., if I My? We I I W ' 1.,,.., fs., ' 49: , '?v""'t Seated, Left to Right: John F. Hardin, President, Donald M. Snipes, Vice-Prexiden.t,' Lynn VVallace, Secretaryg Thomas Lee Craig III, Treasurer. Standing: Mr. Russell E. Benton, Faculty Advisor, Tony Harley, Jimmy Connor, Donald Roberts, Sam Courtney, Bobby Beckham, Gary Flowers, Harvey McConnell, Jr. Not Pictured: Michael Pinson, Arthur Sehwing, William Revell, Tillison Poole. The Circle K Club is not a social fraternity: it is a service organization for college men operating on the campus and is similar to other service clubs. Mem- bers are selected by the faculty advisors on the basis K of character, leadership, and dependability' The Circle K Club provides an opportunity for def velopment of leadership, good citizenship, education, and self-expression, as well as giving members a chance to participate in civic programs. The Circle K main- tains an important tie with the community and en- hances the campus-community relationship. Officers this year areg President, Bucky Hardin: Vice-President, Donnie Snipesg Secretary, Lynn YYal- laceg Treasurer, Toby Craig: also the Board of Di- rectors: lVIac McConnell, Gary Flowers, Jim Conner, and Mike Pinson. ANCASTER CENTER STUDE T ASSISTANTS Y' E!!! Q fi CN Left to Right: Donald Roberts, Becky Hagins, Jane Faile. M I ',,. 1 T w . X .. T 4.5. x -wg 'fd' RXXX Y I it N S '- Q ' E I -1 or as -I .s - ,r""" H ,. M I 'Q' ef -fg-.Xl Elks, Ei? : ,XZ X kk 7 K - 5 - E ' hx' 'wats v i fa 9 -X .X Jai g: 1-I I mise . , ,t X X: I ss aI '. -sa A N Q I ,mask -NIQN X ix X X X N, I X I wx X i ax I .N A I Xt ww. t I R - It 'sf faftxlfrtzx : Yr is II 1 wx, SM: w as-1 .wszwwf Iss -rirgssx. I ,si s g.s.2s:,K5q v3g:i,ksgcI .x ,, itz vxg b g ? .xswpf .N.3,.xyigS 43-W5 ' I Q., :,,s1.,,:s-,,g1': sr- f wv: 32x If-fi A h m . ey, NI -N115 Q Wxl It A ,AIX- tf us' AIKEN COU TY CENTER GAR T A BLACK BETTY HENSON, Editor. STAFF. First Row, Left to Right: Pam Hilton, Assistant Classes Editorg Charles Holly, Business Managerqg Betty Henson, Editor, Judy Courtney, Features Editor: Betty Johnson, Classes Assista'nt,' Jeannie VViland, Asswtant Organizations Editor. Sta,nd1.n-g. Dlvver Martin, Athletics Editorg Carol Ann Battle, Organizations Editorg Jeannie Verenes, Ulasses Editor: Finley Garvin, Assistant Athletics Editor, Tim Corder, Art Editor, Thomas Olsen, Photographer. Not Pictured: Sylvia McNair, Copy Editor. I T I I I I I I I I f I I ' I EI N .Q4'f'g'f.'f I- gift if ,fi funn E-N.. I.. I in , s, IW- If f rf f I I "-.I'!'c,- -om 68 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 1 I I YI . I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ,Z .Q ...--.---f---' 9 A Ci "1-Q-ai, ll E ,QL STAFF. Seated, Left to Right: Steve Carter, Betty Henson, Assvktrmt Editor, Divver Martin, Bonnie Stec, Carol Ann Battle, Sandra Meischen, Sylvia McNair, Tim Corder. Standing: Charles Holly, B'll,8lIH'KS Manager: Terry Kirkpatrick, Ronald Cleckley, Finley Garvin. Editorg Millard Howington, Tom Olsen, Photographer. AIKEN COU TY CENTER REBELAIRE Bonnie Stec, First Semester Editor: Finley Garvin, Second FINLEY GARVIN, Editor Semester Editor. Ig. sl! Y 3' 112:-22 l' CG-.5 'X ..L'ax. 69 fi' r A------4. Ze STAFF. Left to Right: Jane Price, Eileen Kilpatrick, Dennis Tuten, Inez Harrison, Terry Hitchcox, Lynn Drechsler BEAUFORT CENTER GAR T A BLACK INEZ HARRISON, Editor 70 f yqff ' K Z Ziff ff! ff! fyf XC fn 1 f wg ry, ', ff BEAUFORT CENTER CHIC-CHAT DENNIS TUTEN, Editor STAFF. Left to Right: Daun van Ee, Inez Harrison, George Petersen, Dennis Tuten. 7 I STAFF. Left to Right: Fred Johnston, Inez Harr Owen K. SOD. BEAUFORT CENTER 9 LITERARY MAGAZINE GEORGE PETERSEN, Editor. Hand, Lynn Drechsler, George Petersen, Daun van Ee, Jane Price, Dennis Tuten, Eileen Kilpatrick, Lg.z,c.L.12 f, 72 N I ' , 1 Y f i STAFF. Ned Plunkett, Editorg Bert Strickland, Business Man-wgerg Bennett James, Jr., Organfizartion Editcrrj Gregg Long, Eports Editor Shirley Grissett, Typist. COASTAL CAROLINA CENTER GARNETN A BLACK fin NED PLUNKETT. Edifor. 73 I TC TC '?T NYSE XXI? QSM N A 3? refs, I Q Ql-Ti '-5'5I:1 Fi :" 'IIQZINS I , X'-,L 'ad' 'X I EQIN1 I., ns I 550554. I STAFF. Left to Right, Seated: Gordon Harper, Editor-fin-Chief, Dale Floyd, Business Manager, Clyde Wilson, Assistant Editor, Delaine Utley, Feature Editor, Meredith Carter, News Editor, Ned Plunkett, Sports Editor, Callie F. Maddox, Advisor, Suzanna Dunbar, Bobby Thieme, Trisha Cummings, Patsy Johnson, Jane Anderson, Jeanne Thompson, Gordon Fritz, Ph.otographer,' Gregg Long, News Editor, Pat Tilghman, Carol Willoughby, LeAnne Lundy, Jane Jordon, Janis Blanton, Joyce Hale. I-v W III-.WI if-1 wf f, , f , , f f' 1' y',,fffff"myfjz -Mew ff COASTAL CAROLI A CENTER CHA TICLEER GORDON HARPER, Editor. 74 I, I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I , I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I . I gi FLGRENCE CENTER A GAR T AND BLACK . X I ' v VIRGINIA FLOYD, Editor. STAFF. First Row: Larry Fusch, Features Editor: Virginia Floyd, Editorg Mrs. Lenna Morrow, Faculty Adz'1lmr,' Barbara Odom Assistant Business Manager. Second Row: Eugene Fallon, Business Managerg Steve Smith, As.-nlwtant Cla.-fs Editorg Billy Tate, Cla.vs Editor -'I 2 u 2 , 4 4 lj 1 fl A:G52':k'w'Xff:.sSS X ...,, g 75 FLORENCE CENTER COCK-TALES ',f4 fx Imax t VIRGINIA FLOYD, Editor. I STAFF. First Row: Barbara Odom, Current Events Editorg Virginia Floyd, Editorg Mrs. Lenna Morrow, Faculty Advisory' Mrs. Bertha Baumerind, Typzlvtg Lynn Rogers, Literary Editor. Second Row: Larry Fusch, Associate Editorj Hugh Jeffers, Sports Editor. ,M I mi f ti W,--,mf , ' X! . Fei A 1 1. Q f I Q . ,Wf..w F ali ""'l F 'rss 251553 Y 7b I I I 'v 'YQW 4' I , ' ,,. W , 1 , I A L 22,9 'gffji' 'W I W9 I " , v ' 4 I I I , ' ' I AAAI -A - y I I I , 1 5? I I 5 I 5 I JU' W I I I I I I I V I 1, I I STAFF. Julia Stewman, Beauty-Hmzors Co-Editorg Ashton Feagin, Sports Editorg Jane Failo, Editorg Donald Roberts, 1-1ssista.1zt Editor Sam Courtney, Sophomore Editofrg Jim Conner, Freshman Editorg Becky Hagins, Bea-uty-Ilonors Co-Editor. Not Pictured: Ann Kirvcn Faculty Editorj Bucky Hardin, Activitws Editor. I K . I II LANCASTER CENTER I GAR T A BLACK I 5 I S I 11 I I I I I NSR I W I we S JANE FA11,n, rifffrnr. x , . , o I 5 XT- A RSS. is so E K ST Ni iw www is 77 - 'S ixvfi , L X MJKQ "R-N N W -za N R X v. x STAFF: Seated: Bobby Beckham, Co-Sports Editorj Phyllis Young, Editorg Jane Faile, Artist. Standing: Toby Craig, Reporterg Donald Roberts, Reporterj Robert Jones, Asszlvtant Editorg Bobby Ferrell, Artistg Larry Plyler, Co-Sports Editorj Mrs. Beverly Beckham, Faculty Advisory Cornelia Harper, Reporterg Eddie Mclllwain, Photographer. LANCASTER CENTER MAGAZINE PHYLLIS YOUNG, Editor. 78 5 V 9 E E F Ye' 5 I I n nr,-' ,. ,-frh' AIJQB I 79 Li Ps New -5X 4X X .E X E X xxx N ,J X x 7 V ,,,, - X ' ' Q., W. f, ' xx- . 154 - Ai X X 'w ., QQ, Q Q, M ,V - ? x.,. 3 ., by 2 Xf- i MISS AIKEN COU TY CENTER 5 yur! C0lll'fl'l0y 80 1 2 1 H?-Q' . 'Q in Y 1 .. :.... -A 1, f 15, gym, e f.f.,g.X,. ,, 5 ,X Q X F 1 . .M : ff? LN W t f ' :eta x 'isig 3:54 ,A- S512 ", 'wy- uf q g.:,-SR EX . ,, i A,X. MISS COASTAL CAROLINA CENTER M55 Jane Jordan ez MISS FLORENCE CENTER MAY QUEEN BASKETBALL SWEET HEART WMM olzmoine jdming J T? 'ii r Q. X ' K X me ,fzgxx MISS LANCASTER CENTER f Ann JGFUQH AIKEN COUNTY CENTER MAY QUEEN ma Caro! .xdnn guild MVB .f ,S - A , - 2 f ..1. ' f,, J 4--. 4.4.1. AIKEN COUNTY CENTER HOMECOMING QUEEN WM pam JMM -Q' MISS BEAUFORT man ane gyaine rice BEAUFORT CENTER MAY QUEEN md Jaureffa .Narfzeff , 2 5 , E X? f ,W 5:74 ,, ' , " ,f 7, Y 'fi'-5' f f few. Af f ,, ,- .gfxfic L ' T A "" 9432, ryava fgg f ' U 1' W- .. ,ff f' 0. FLORENCE CENTER MAY COURT MAID OF HONOR mu Sudie jkomaa COASTAL CAROLINA MAY QUEEN md jri5Aa Cumming: LANCASTER CENTER CIRCLE K SWEET HEART 5 jllgfe ymlllg LANCASTER CENTER MAY QUEEN mu .Narrief lzzgecca ,ilagina , 1 N I l I ,W Il M V ,a .1 iw 11 AIKEN COUNTY CENTER BASKETBALL TEAM. Kneeling, Left to Right: Finley Garvin, John Weigle, Steve Carter, Glenn Slaughter. Standing: John Stribling, Divver Martin, "Mac" McIntosh, Tom Olsen, "Buck" Cleckley, Dr. Wm. S. Carr, Coach. BASKETB LL AT THE COASTAL CAROLINA BASKETBALL TEAM. Kneeling: Coach Dick Singleton. Standing, Left to Right: Dale Floyd, Gregg Long, Worth Dudley, Seth Williams, Charles Jordan, Alex Todd, Jimmy McLaurin, Ned Plunkett, Lindsey Roach, Ronny Floyd. 90 T I I I I I II I I .I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I . I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I . I .l .vs 4-an. up 't' FLORENCE CENTER BASKETBALL TEAM. First Row, Left to Right: Happy Fundcrlmurk, Arbie Turner, Bill Pollack, Robert Shrurn. Larry Anderson, Bill Price. Second Row: Xan Smythe, Bill Hamby, Billy Atkinson, Larry Abrams, C',' Steve Smith, Jamie Hyman Roy Cromer, Marvin Lynch, Coach. CE T ERS LANCASTER CENTER LANCER BASKET- BALL TEAM. Mac McConnell, Rick Porter, Joe Gates, Bobby Beckham. Kneeling: Bill Weathers- bee, Larry Plyler, Glenn Smith, Don Rushing. Coach Russell Benton, Standing. 1-n-ia-1-nSl . ' i' X-Vi" CAROLINA LEAGUE ALL TOURNAMENT TEAM Seated Left to Right: Glenn Smith, Finley Garvin, Steve Carter, Joe Gates, Rick Porter Standmg Dr Mitchell Bill Price Jamie Hyman, Jimmy McLaurin, Seth Williams. BASKETBALL 1 Q xg, i4 s 1 FX 4 , x ' I 1 l if X .ax IW . T The Nicholas P. Mitchell Carolina League Champion- ship trophy is proudly displayed by the Lancaster Cente-r's Lancer co-captains Joe Gates and Rick Porter. - Dr. Mitchell presents the trophy in his honor to Lan- caster Co-Captains Rick Porter and Joe Gates. '-fa OURNAME T I f 4 X X af-A: v 1 i I " I ' J, -s-':f!-' . vi' , i , s- Q 3 e ,V i lr ,. ff.--f f X. i As N .A A " ,QL '- I . .1 ' Q - A I 1 - w . A ",Q ' z S A 'N--4 1-J' .,,.- V M W .QT ffm -M if 1- t V' Cl gl L, i 5" 4 .fl l fa' i ff' 1, 'gf' 1 ,X i is N 1 i n Q ' Ei 1, 3 5 , 5 : 4 i ,W i K I ,sq . V f K ex Z fn s 0 N5 59 fc , . i, gi ,f 3. X "N :Q K- A - ti Pi Q fl , , J . X, . -tux, 8, gp' so fa ' 2 25 --Q., . f ., TR. 5 . Q. fx 5 LL 7 -: -1 4, - X X 49 BEAUFORT CENTER BASEBALL TEAM. First Row, Left to Right: Winston Davidson, Fred Johnson, Bruce Boyer. Second Row: Charles Tollison, J. K. Inabinet, Mike Robinson, Joe Gagne. BASEB LL AT THE CENTERS rr 4 o L GJ4 l k, x C 55500 ABE- 59560 'Sf' 5 Q f m , ,s. 3 Q A Vs,,:,q V ,,:V gb. K lu J' Zf: A fco QV R, 65500 is Q00 5 C .Q-ASQ?-' , " ly' K V 5, 1 5767 V "5 ,I J x x is 5 94 COASTAL CAROLINA C E N T E R BASEBALL TEAM. Kneeling, Left to Right: Seth Williams, Jesse Causey, Lindsay Roach, Ronnie Floyd. Standing, Left to Right: Bobby Thieme, Alex Todd, Robert Cook, Junior Barnhill, Virgil Autrey. FLORENCE CENTER BASEBALL TEAM. Billy Atkinson, Bill Stokes, Roy Cromer, Alexander Smythe, Randy Hutchinson, Letcher Bane, Eugene Fallon, Dick Sansbury, Freddy Sans- bury, Joe Privette, Steve Smith, Sam Allen, Billy Parrott, Allen Thames. LANCASTER CENTER BASEBALL TEAM. Seated, First Row: Rick Porter, Larry Plyler, Don Rushing, Bucky Hardin, Mac McConnell, Tillison Poole. Second Row: Bobby Beckham, Tommy Rowell, Arthur Rankin, Ralph Davis, Joel Evans. Sta'ndi1zg.' Coach Gerald Redfearn, managers Dale Williams and Mac Blaich. if Aim f 1 .Q 24 WZZWZ Weil W sz 9 ,vw K J snug .wif V, gs, F.,- as '5- am- 'L :- 1- 15 ,. 1 , an mf 'U ' ' in we 1 of Q 5 y, F 1 X Awww' R? if .. , ' fl . I 1-f f ' PW' ' 11lfl1i1ll - , Slim iiituii iiihcin iiiii ,Q liuulnu ,-in 121 3 ' iii! " as 1111 av- - iii: - iii Y-IlI1l 1111 1ii21 1111 xiii! 3131 .,,- -limi: 11111 xiii- Q5 F 41-gn 5 L:-.1 T U 'HZQ 'fs-..... WY' 95 up-v 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 ,I 1 1 1 AIKEN COUNTY CENTER CHEERLEADERS. Left to Right: Judith Courtney, Carol Ann Battle, Betty Henson, Jeannie Verenes Carol Zimmerman, Jeanne Wiland, and Pam Hilton. , BEAUFORT CENTER CHEERLEADERS Left to Right, First Row: Jane Price, Lynn Drechsler. Second Row: Wanda Saunders Inez Harrison, Nell DeLoach 96 1 1 1 1 CENTERS i 1 TT' S- ,HT- l l 1 Q ' 1 I I X l -I li- l 3 ,ll I COASTAL CAROLINA CENTERS CHEERLEADERS Left to Rzght Sumnna Dunbar Iam lord in lrnshd Cummmgs Hazel Elliot. BOWLING BEAUFORT CENTER BOWLING TEAM. First Row, Left to Right: Eileen Kilpatrick, Wanda Saunders, Jane Price, Lynn Drechsler, Inez Harrison. Second Row: Butch Schro- der, Chuch Bell, Carl Gooding, J. K. Inabinet, George Petersen, Robert Crosby, Paul Coffman, Winston David- son, Owen Hand. 'ISP' AIKEN COUNTY CENTER BOWL- ING TEAM. Left to Right: Ginger Eck- man, Nancy Caldwell, Wayne Cope, Robbie McLean, John Stribling, Pat Buifington, Nina Greene, fnot pictured: Bobby Hallj. LANCASTER CENTER BOWLING TEAM. Seated: Ann Kirven, Gary Flowers. Standing .' Russ Benton, Faculty Advisor, Don Rushing, Lloyd Cody, Bucky Hardin, Rick Porter. Not Pic- tured: Team captain Vicki Porter. TE IS i 'r ii? 3 P 1,-1 ig. WEQZC:-. 1,1 x . TSE , I ' VA Sf- A Mo ,v S18 ' 4 env'-'-'. 0 0 f"'4 I , v.-PP 'Q'-52 '32 1 ..H . .. f.- "Wifi-i2'2?f:"t4R3'-'S' 9 v .5 .,-dim, I fv r, fi ,,+ +1-, Q , .-4Y. . . , I 44,,f.4+ 44.2, , ifpvp 444 AQ. Jnn J v FLORENCE CENTER T E N N I S TEAM. Johnny Fields, Sammy Stanton, N. VV. Rosenfeld, cmmhg Hugh .IfAfff4r5, Allvn Thamrs. LANCASTER CENTER TENNIS TEAM. Svntefd: Eddie Mcllwain. Donnie Snipes. Sfmiding: Bucky Hardin. Rick Portvr. Mac Mcfonncll. lang' 1 666 Z2 David Ratchford and Finley Garvin. In Background: John Stribling, PI G - PONG 3 , 5 5 S S . li w-IMI "Qi R vis- Tom Murphy, Mickey Law. BRIDGE TEAM Around the Table, Left to Right: J. K. Inabinet, George Petersen, Jerry Norton, Fred Johnston. Standing, Left to Right: Eileen Kilpatrick, Jane Price, Inez Harrison. CHESS CLUB Seated, Left to Right: Jerry Norton, George Petersen, J. K. Inabinet, Robert Crosby. Standing: Robert Bartley, Thomas Royal, Inez Harrison, Dennis Tuten. ICO ? I 1 1 ,M .. 4+ I ' 5 ' nf S ' 'h "-sq 4,3 A , 'E igffkx X' 'Q , F' .ff , i , A 1 I xg X , Q X I . ixxxx Hd' "-- V N f ., , 'X ' ,'iH ,,,, ,' A 1 .A -M., ,ar r , s as 2 'In M , X A X' 6 Ad, I V 'sv D W q L, 1 t A ,H I . , ,, 4 C EN ' 1 ' 5 O 'iv lei ,A., S Nb '--Ns. 13 DR. J. HOWARD STOKES Stokes Service Award. Mr. James A. Rogers presents the JAMES A. ROGERS AWARD FOR CREATIVE WRITING to Mary Lynn Rogers. in Mrs. Marian M. Bailey is presentcfri The HIGHICST AfTADI'lMIf' AVVARD for 1963 by Resident Director IC. Don Herd of the I,anf':Ls'fer Center. Miss Phyllis Young receives the LANCASTER CHAPTER, UNITED DAUGHTERS OF THE CONFEDERACY SCHOLARSHIP AWARD from Resident Director Don Herd. 3,1 f 7 I X VP X KX ix Q, " . I' "ia ,, N I - " if 110 53 fx Q 1' - lj 4 . 'Xf- K h Z N. 5 ' X X Q Q SSX 'Xe X S ,MW R5 X K way sv, Rn: :Q 'f T K Q. Q In Sf I , , 1 I S: ak Q Z' ,.-Q: xvx is Q xX X 483' 1, NAD. 1 I x .vp , , - ,xvwf v , 2 sr? My . I 3 1 M K .. LQ 1 , 2 w cyk jfi. ff xx .gif :V ef X X i X -4:-:fy X X rx- - .wmv - - Q sf' X M . . '- 2: -1 , x. ' -XS-:T sry x,,:g..:,.Q- .a 41 -mv, , A 1 -fl QXX XXX ,Q X Q - 'f:..,..s,,- ,Wg N- f x ' ' X FW1 '1f?7'I5: 'K 'liz T7 Xcvxk' ' , X... ,- .T 2 4 ,xii - dy R .lx X ' i 9 ' 'gbiy5Z?'f!w 'Vim' i Q 4, A ' fast , QF .f,, Nw K , , 5 A f i H.. M ,SA ,QW -M 1 Q7 r 'X Q 5 N kms . ..., - ' 'B fin. QNX Q5 ll ll!! ,-z .NN 5 A QP-- X NN .nf w .fix 4,f'Y 4-u-44x .-n '-' 'lf' 7 I ff 1 Www if 4.6 ,1 .Jo 1 .. Q M1 XS info! Kawai Y 0 sg. 1. rw fig. Mi ,J ne" - ,g"A..fW.zz X rx h '1 'x I , 5 Q We x ' h"-if-.Q E ,, ,V 9 C , + s V 4 V ,L J F , .L , 5 L vf ., .V 'gf . Mi. ' 'iv : 4 QR fIp...3,.Rg.! Q I ,:- lvqlx . , A -- - "1 - -vf---K...-. . I K'-H 1, 'l N r, - ' 4 F If ,, , 3 ' pd! I"'!n 2 X ww' wx 6,3 age mai Q-RI vm f ,v W yxfff, ,f ,fx X S: X X ,NMQQMQ zmvx K SY XXX Q5 X in -31 Q .Wx ig, -. Wg 4? WC! ,xxx K +51 xx L NX. -, K, X , X.X.5,. X X SX N+XTXXi'F1" N' Qwxgxillk X f v ,. . 1 ,af ,v:v:'-on '- -:-.5 . QA XA ww-" 5, ,S S N.: ff K 4, w e X Q xxx NR?f.mSEf SR ' XR 5 X XRXX 1 .XNXN gwnx And ,au "N, -u., , . Af., - w A 1 A V ' -, W.. X , X S If '43 xxx--fist ' f x ,: 1 ,, ,,.,.-., 1-, - W, 'iii ,213 1' 1 N ., 'Y .. "Q 1 wr 4 f: yy , I ' 1, ,Y me Q? J4 Q, I 'L " 2, ,K . y ,wi ff' if Em ..A. ' 911 'iilxfi .m W -..-- M- i 5 s S IKEN COU TY CENTER DIRECTORY Aldridge, Edmund C., N. Augusta Arant, Curtis, North Augusta Arnett, Roger M., Aiken Babb, Louise H., Aiken Barbieri, Robert, Aiken Barrett, John D., Aiken Battle, Carol Ann, Belvedere Baugham, James R., Aiken Baugham, Leonard F., Aiken Baxley, John W., Springfield Baynham, Nancy F., Belvedere Black, Donna S., North Augusta Blakely, Jesse E., Jackson Boatwright, David A., Aiken Bobo, Beatrice C., Belvedere Bond, Aletha W., Aiken Bowen, Rosland, Aiken Brackett, Charles F., Jr., Aiken Brigham, Jean P., North Augusta Brockington, S. E., Jr., Aiken Brodie, Letitia A., Aiken Brown, John R., Springfield Brown, Olney L., III, Aiken Bryant, H. R., Sr., Graniteville Bryant, Stanley, Belvedere Buifington, Patricia A., Belvedere Burger, Stephen A., Aiken Burke, Robert L., Aiken Burkhardt, James F., Aiken Byars, Wendell B., Windsor Caldwell, Joanne S., Aiken Caldwell, Nancy Aiken Carpenter, Blease, Aiken Carter, Steve, Salley Caskey, June T., Aiken Chafee, Leona G., Aiken Chapman, Basil A., Aiken Chewning, Joseph, Jr., Aiken Clark, Carroll A., Johnston Cleckley, Ronald H., Jr., Langley Clifford, Walter A., III, Aiken Collins, Robert E., Wagner Conrad, Betty L., Warrenville Cool, William B., Aiken Coons, Francis A., Aiken Cooper, John W., Jr., Aiken Cope, Wayne K., Jackson Corder, J. Timothy, Aiken Courtney, Judith, Aiken Creasman, Hope O., Aiken Cullinan, Tom, Aiken Cunningham, John J., Aiken Darrow, Eric L., North Augusta Davis, Thomas H., Belvedere DeHart, Glen E., Aiken Deketeleare, Edmond, Graniteville Delozier, Robert W., Aiken Derriso, Gladys, Aiken Dorman, J. Bryan, III, Aiken Duncan, Daniel, Warrenville Durden, James M., Williston Eatmon, Thomas W., III, Jackson Eckman, Ginger, Graniteville Ehrhart, Wayne S., Aiken Ergle, Steve, Aiken Eubanks, Lois C., Aiken Evans, Karl, Jr., Aiken Feguson, James D., Warrenville Folk, J. C., III, Williston Ford, Joseph W., Jr., Belvedere Foster, Cathleen W., Aiken Free, Frank E., Aiken Frontroth, Leona V., Aiken Gardner, Arthur, Aiken Garvin, Finley, Langley Girolamo, Andred J., Aiken Gordon, Gary S., North Augusta Goshorn, Bonnie W., Aiken Graham, Sandra L., Aiken Greene, Nina C., Belvedere Griilin, Margean R., Aiken Griliin, Steve, North Augusta Grooms, Wayne M., Aiken Groves, June, Aiken Hair, Henry E., Aiken Hall, Bobby S., Vaucluse Hall, Lewis C., Aiken Hanna, Sheila C., Aiken Harman, Charles W., Warrenville Harmon, Mack, Ward Harville, William H., N. Augusta Heady, Lucille, Aiken Heath, Richard W., Aiken Heilig, Nancy L., Aiken Helms, Larry H., Aiken Helms, Louis O., Aiken Helms, Patricia, Aiken Henson, Betty A., Aiken Henson, Betty S., Aiken Hicks, Dale A., Aiken Higbee, T. D., Saluda Hilton, Pamela R., Aiken Hite, Grady G., North Augusta Hixon, Douglas, North Augusta Holly, Charles M., Jr., Aiken Hootman, Harry E., Aiken Hopes, Roberta W., N. Augusta Howington, M. R., N. Ellenton Hudson, Robert K., Aiken Huskey, Bobby K., Aiken Jackson, Lois R., Wagner Jenkins, Clarence L., Aiken Johnson, Betty L., New Ellenton Johnson, Evelyn V., Aiken Jones, Hall Lewis, Aiken Jones, Lewis C., North Augusta Kelly, Thomas H., Aiken Kenney, C. M., Jr., Graniteville Kilbourne, Dixon R., Aiken King, James C., Aiken Kirkland, Billie D., Wagner Kirkpatrick, James T., Barnwell Lamar, Craig, North Augusta Laughbridge, Howard R., Aiken Law, Mickey, North Augusta Lawson, Holland J., Bath Lee, Peter R., Aiken Lever, Sandra, North Augusta Lewis, William B., Aiken Lyell, Donald W., Aiken Martin, Albert D., III, Aiken Martin, Anne R., Aiken Martin, Elizabeth C., Aiken Martin, Marvin, Joseph D., Jr., Aiken Mason, John E., Jr., Aiken Massey, Catherine C., Aiken Mattlocks, William N., Jr., Aiken May, Betty J., Aiken Mayo, Pamela M., Aiken McAllister, H. D., Jr., Barnwell McCall, Cynthia E., Aiken McGee, Larry D., Aiken McGee, Roger, Vaucluse McIntosh, Henry L., III, Aiken McKellar, Frances M. N. Augusta McKinney, James M., Langley McLean, Robbie M., Jackson McManaway, Patsy C., Aiken McNair, Sylvia L., Aiken Meischen, Sandra J., Aiken Minor, Margaret A., Barnwell Mock, James E., Jr., Warrenville Mullinnix, Donald B., Aiken Murphey, Frank E., Jr., Aiken Murphey, Thomas P., Trenton Oscar Nyle, Aiken Newton, John, Jr., Aiken Olsen, Lloyd T., Jr., Aiken Olson, Robert L., Aiken Orr, Eloise, Aiken Orr, Jerry C., Aiken Pardue, Joseph D., Aiken Penix, Richard, Aiken Phail, Colburn F., Jr., Beech Island Philbeck, Thomas E., III, Aiken Phillips, Betty B., Jackson Plyler, David F., Aiken Poston, Gary W., Aiken Preston, Richard C., Aiken Prince, James L., Belvedere Prince, William V., Williston Profitt, David C., Aiken Ram, Miles, Aiken Randall, Fairey J., Aiken Ratchford, Clyde B., Jr., Aiken Ratchford, David C., Aiken Ray, Brenda, North Augusta Rector, Marion M., Aiken Reeve, Harold R., Aiken Rhoden, Jack B., Aiken Riley, Gerald C., Graniteville Rogers, Belmont, Jr., Aiken Rushton, Dan C., North Augusta Ryan, E. Barry, Aiken Salley, Helen H., Aiken Satterfield, Louise, Aiken Saul, Jimmy, ltidge Spring Saunders, Charles 'I'., Ill, Aiken Saye, Joseph Nl., Johnston Scott, Patricia, Williston Seymour, James IJ., Craniteville Shawn, Douglas lt., Aiken Sheldon, Vera H., Aiken Siddall, Antoinette, Aiken Skeen, Kathryn C., Aiken Slaughter, Glenn, Aiken Smith, Gay IS., Aiken Smith, Lionel V., Aiken Smith, VVilliam A., Aiken Smoak, Rodney J., Aiken Snell, Janis L., Aiken Snipes, Gene S., Aiken Snitker, Urlan VV., Aiken Spivey, Raymond, Clearwater Spradley, Cyrus L., Aiken Stawney, Keith M., New Ellenton Stee, Bonnie, New Ellenton Stengle, VV. Fred, Aiken Stenhouse, Allen G., Aiken Stephens, John, Jr., Aiken Stiefel, Elmira E., Aiken Stone, Charlie, North Augusta Stribling, John, Johnston Stringer, Eleanor M., Aiken Stuckey, Kenneth F., Aiken Sullivan, Alice, Aiken Sullivan, Elizabeth, Aiken Symonds, Dean, North Augusta Taylor, VVilliam D., Aiken Thomas, Jeanene, G1-aniteville Thomas, Jeanne M., Aiken Thomas, Larry, Aiken Thomas, Leonard R., Aiken Tucker, Jane L., Johnston Turner, Charles, Vaucluse Turner, Johnny, Belvedere Turner, Lillian B., Jackson Twelkemeier, Gary, N. Augusta Twelkemeier, VValter, N. Augusta Verenes, Jeannie, Aiken VValker, Jimmy, Belvedere XValters, Billy A., Jackson Ward, John H., Jr., Langley VVeigle, John WV., Aiken VVells, Susan E., Aiken VVhaley, Kenneth B., Aiken YVhitaker, Mildred C., Aiken VVhite, Sara A., Aiken IViland, Jeanne, Aiken VVilliams, Robert M.. Aiken VVilling, Angelle, Aiken Xvingard. Charles. Jr.. Graniteville XVingard, Donnie A.. Aiken YVright, Fred P.. Jr., Aiken IVright, Ronald, Aiken Zimmerman, Carol, Aiken 'FEE - E , . I. 1' LP if 5 1 ' E 1 i i J Q s . . J BEAUFORT CENTER DIRECTORY Abramson, Murray Sylvester Allard, Gerald Robert Anderson, William John Avant, Sandra Kay Avants, Ronald Robert Bartley, Lewis Oliver Bartley, Robert Michael Baselice, Dana Jane Baselice, Francis Joseph Beany, Richard Andrew Bell, Charles Edward Belt, James Luther Berry, Fred Harrison Black, Laura Jean Blitch, Joseph R. Blodgett, Joseph Clarence Boyer, Edwin Bruce Brakus, Josephine D. Brand, Harvey N. Brown, Joel Lawrence ' Burgess, Karen Cooper Burton, Lou LaGrange Bush, James Emmett Bush, Millie C. Byrne, William Albert Caldwell, C. John D. Calore, John Sampson Cardinal, James Joseph Carpenter, William Henry Cason, Henry Holt Checklou, Henry Anthony Coffman, Paul Vernon Coledanchise, Miriam R. Craddock, Joseph Marion Critchley, Margaret Crosby, Benjamin Robert Davidson, Winston Terry Davis, Charles David Davis, Lowry Lynn Day, Raymond Daniel Dean, Jack Osbon DeLoach, Nelle Carter Dennis, J. M. Dent, Mary Taber Dewey, William Andrews Diericks, John Vincent Drechsler, Lynn Elizabeth Duffy, Marcia Tinkham Erwin, Tillman Arthur Everett, Samuel Thomas Fairweather, William N. ' Felicetti, Robert Natale Ferriter, John Richard Finney, Esther Boozer Fisher, James Allen Floyd, John Fleming Foughner, Joseph Emmette Frazier, Charles Martin Fuller, James Woodrow Furman, Caroline Spiegel Gagne, Armand Joseph Gardner, Harvey Lee Gooding, Hugh Carl Guinn, Kenneth Stephen Gurley, James Charles Gutt, William Andrew Guy, Larry Alan Gwin, Janet Adele Hagan, William Robert Hand, Owen Kenneth Hargreaves, James Christopher Harrison, Inez Wingard Hartman, David Paul Hartzell, Lauretta Davis Harvey, Furman Valmore Harvey, John Harlan Hassell, June Rose Hayden, Jacquelyn Hiott Hayes, Leroy Conrad Heck, Kenneth Charles Hennessy, Donald Jay Heyward, Thomas Gaillard Hirschmann, Harold N. Hitchcox, Terry Wayne Hollins, James H. Hookstra, Bessie S. Houder, Charles Henry Hubbard, Douglas Wikle Hubbard, Joye Freeman Hudson, Daniel L. Hyland, Jere Eugene Inabinet, James Kirkland Johnson, James Everett Johnston, Frederick William Joiner, Donald Ray Kelly, Gerald Neal Kerwin, John Joseph Kilpatrick, Eileen Bernadette Kilpatrick, Patricia Ellen Kimbrel, Sam Clarence Klatt, Alice Battelle Koss, Lawrence N. Langham, Jack Edwin Lavine, Dean Robert Ledford, Sybil Marie Ligman, Thomas Casimir Linkous, Roger Lee Logan, Lois Sanders Londos, Gus June MacKenzie, Violet Mae Malach, John Daniel Mango, Salvatore Joseph Marvin, William Ralph McBride, Glenn Edwin McLeod, Jessie McMahon, Talmadge Glenn Mette, Jack London Metcalfe, Walter Geoffrey Miller, Donald Leroy Mitch, Ernest A. Moralez, Larry Joe Moran, James Joseph Murdaugh, Norma Wessel Neal, Lynn Tarro Nelson, William Louis Nerden, Joseph Alexander Noblitt, Olive Barker Noggle, Carol Joyce Norton, Jerry William Parker, John Burton Patten, Andrew Lloyd Paul, Willard Ivory Paulk, Riley C. Pearson, Charles Richard Peek, David Erastus Perry, Charles Warren Perry, Leon Edward Peterman, Don Eugene Petersen, George Powell Peterson, David A. Peterson, Robert L. Phillips, Kent Wade Phillips, William Ray Pollitzer, Richard G. Post, Thomas Edward Price, Henry Sherwood Price, Homer Cleon Price, Jane Elaine Pulliam, Frances May Purkey, Robert Jefferson Ramsay, Charles J. Rath, Arthur Robert Richwine, William James Roberts, Richard Sharp Robinson, George Albert Royal, Thomas Anthony Ruggles, Edward Ray Rushlow, Ray Donald Rus.s, Edward Clarence Ryan, Timothy Steven Saunders, Wanda Elaine Scheuermann, Richard Faye Schroder, Vernon, Walter Sciple, James Horace Seifert, Ralph E. Sherill, Charles W. Shovar, Beverly Matilde Shovar, John Fredrick Silvear, Thomas Albert Simkins, Joseph Robbins Simmons, Harry Alfred Smith, Alvie Edward Smith, Harold William Smith, Jack Wood Smith, John Elm Smith, Michael Thomas Sonen, Walter Stewart Sorensen, Ralph James Steele, James Lyle Stephens, George David Stevenson, James Ward Thomas, Dudley Edwin Thomas, Mary Dickman Thomas, Rossana M. Tollison, Charles Austin Towers, Michael Carlin Tuten, Dennis Marion Tutterow, Henry Wilson Ulmer, Charles Alexander VanEe, Daun Roell Ward, Jack Barry Ward, John Joseph Warner, Russell Wayne Watson, John James Westbrook, Dan Wheeler, Gordon Dean Wright, John Lewis Wright, Lester Leroy Wyatt, Ronnie Lew Yoder, Judith Wilson Youmans, Marian B. fi I II 1 H , L- II I I I I I I I I I I I -I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I - I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I -I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I . I fail COASTAL CAROLINA CENTER DIRECTORY Abrams, Samuel L. Allsbrook, W. R., Jr. Anderson, Elizabeth Anderson, Eugene Applewhite, Robert Atkinson, Richard B. Autry, Virgil Ray Beaty, Linda Dell Bird, J. Stanley Bissell, Susan Jane Blanton, Janis Blount, Girard M. Boyd, Jack, Jr. Boyd, Thomas Gibson Burnett, Norma G. Caldwell, Carol C. Carter, Meredith Causey, Dennis E. Causey, Jesse L. Causey, Royce R. Cheezem, Clyde B. Clayton, E. Lynne Cook, George Robert Cross, Harvey D., Jr. Crowson, Charles, Jr. Cummings, Trisha A. Daniels, James M. Dobbins, Emily W. Dorman, Billy G. Dudley, Worth B., Jr. Dukes, Jerry Glenn Dunbar, Suzanna Elliott, Allard P. Elliott, Emerson H. Elliott, Hazel I. Floyd, Malcolm Dale Floyd, Olivia Jane Floyd, Ronald David Fritz, Gordon C. Gerrald, Vanda Sue Godbolt, Donna Anne Graham, Dorothy J. Graham, Phillip I.. Grainger, Patricia Grantham, Fredia B. Grantham, Jesse E. Grimmer, Marjorie G. Gri.ssett, Shirley J. Hale, Joyce Olivia Hamilton, Legare, Jr. Hammond, Frances M. Hamp, Conrad Wilson Hardwick, Celia L. Harper, Judy Leigh Harper, William, Jr. Hawa, Paul Michael Hobart, Ruth Ellen Hucks, James Reubin Hucks, Richard C. Inman, Kenneth C. Inman, Larry L. Jacobus, William W. James, Oliver B., Jr. Johnson, Curtis U. Johnson, .Iohnson, Johnson Jordan, J ordan, Jordan, Kilgore, David Samuel Marjorie F. Patricia L. Arthur B., Jr. Charles B. Jane Dianne John T. 5-VF if ' Leviner, Carl .I. Long, Gregg Stanley McI.aurin, James E. McMonigle, Dennis E. Maginnis, Elsie Magruder, H. E., III Marshall, Margaret Matheson, Charles F. Merritt, Margaret A. Miller, Penelope W. Mims, Stephen E. Mincey, Sallie L. Neely, Nanette Pate, Robert James Phipps, Steven W. Plunkett, Ned E., Jr. Rabon, Braton Grant Rich, Brenda Louise Richardson, William Roach, Raymond L. Rowe, Henry James Sanders, Jerry Hoyt Sarvis, Franklin W. Scarborough, Lef- Schmidt, Nancy I". Scott, Bennett I.. Shoptaw, Sherry W, Singleton, little I.. Singleton, John XV. Singleton, Robert E. Smith, Iillen I.. Strickland, II. N., Jr. Strickland, Nancy Ii. Styers, Michael G. Tart, Linda Ann Taylor, Joseph R. Thieme, Robert I.. Thomas, Vlfilliam, Jr. Thomas, Zeb M., Jr. Thompkins, Robert C. Thompson, Jeanne Tilghman, Isabelle Turbeville, Bryan R. Utlcy, Delaine A. Van YVie, Geoffrey YV. Vied, Billy Joe Welter, Betty Jo lNilliams, Joan I.. VVilliams, Seth YV. Yvilloughly, Carol A. VVilson, Clyde L., III Vlfinburn, Elaine A. VVoody, Glenn M. . .A Q '-in . ...M H- - l -Q.. 437, 5 ,mt -. ig i mg. A A . ' 1 'S , l at s. J , ,NM 3? . ia Q' FLORENCE CENTER DIRECTORY Abrams, Larry, Lake City Agee, Juanita, Florence Allen, Audrey, Florence Allen, Samuel, Charleston Alexander, Oscar, Darlington Askins, Suzanne, Lake City Atkinson, Donald, Timmonsville Atkinson, James, Darlington Atkinson, William, Darlington Ateyeh, Adnan, Florence Aiken, Thomas, Florence Bacot, Theodore, Florence Baggett, Jennings, Jr., Florence Bane, Letcher, Mullins Baumerind, Bertha, Marion Baumerind, Vernon, Marion Baker, Howard, Florence Bailey, David Wayne, Florence Best, Franklin, Mullins Berry, W. C., Latta Best, Franklin, Mullins Bessinger, E. D., Timmonsville Blum, Maxine, Florence ' Blackwell, James, Florence Blankenship, John, Florence Bowers, Jerry, Florence Brown, Carl, Florence Brown, Harold, Darlington Brown, Preston, Florence Brunson, Henry, Florence Brunson, Swint, Darlington Bryant, Barbara, Florence Burns, Sarah, Dillon Byrd, Karen, Florence Butler, Theodore, Brenner, Harriet, Florence Carter, Robert, Hartsville Childers, Elizabeth, Florence Collins, Cecil, Latta Cousar, Harold, Latta Cromer, Roy, Lake City Cromer, Thomas, Florence Davis, Diana, Marion Davis, Helen, Florence Davis, Louelle, Florence De Maurice, Wallace, Florence Dozier, Wallace, Florence Drayton, Harold, Manning Dunlap, J. W., Darlington Dowling, Jeanne, Florence Early, Thomas, Florence Eaton, Richard, Florence Epps, Eddie, Lake City Eslinger, Louis, Florence Evans, Michael, Florence Evans, Patricia, Florence Evans, Thomas, Florence Fallon, Eugene, Florence Farin, Donna, Florence Fields, John, Florence F inklea, J unius D., Florence Finklea, Tracy, Latta Fleming, Lemoine, Florence Floyd, Richard, Olanta Floyd, Virginia, Floyd Dale Fogle, Susan, Orangeburg Fischbein, David, Florence Fountain, Richard, Lynchburg Funderburke, Happy, Florence Fusch, Larry, Florence Galloway, Luther, Florence Galloway, Robert, Mullins Ganin, Antoinette, Florence Gamble, Richard, Florence Gamble, William, Florence Gasque, Gene, Mullins Gause, Robert, Cowards Glover, Nancy, Florence Goodman, Lucy, Florence Gray, Wilda, Lake City Green, Carl, Timmonsville Hall, Sandra, Hartsville Ham, Henry, Florence Hamby, William, Florence Harrison, Joseph, Florence Hancock, Ray, Timmonsville Harrell, Michael, Florence Harrell, Robert, Florence Harrellson, Harry, Mullins Harwell, Joseph, Florence Haynes, Jerry, Florence Hopkins, Ernest, Lake City Houser, Dewey, Lynchburg Huggins, Steve Florence Hutchinson, Randolph, Florence Hursey, Frank, Dillon Hughes, S. C., Florence Hyman, James, Pamplico James, Ellen, Darlington James, John J., Darlington Jarrell, William, Florence Jeffords, Jean, Florence Jeffords, Thomas, Florence Jeffers, Hugh, Florence Jordan, Murray, Florence Jordan, William, Timmonsville Jones, John Mayo, Charleston Kieller, Edwin, Florence Keefe, William, Florence Kirby, Bobby Joe, Cades Knight, Thomas, Florence Kunz, Linda, Florence Kurtz, Pattie, Florence Kesler, Bonnie, Florence Langston, Ray, Florence Lemmons, Arthur, Darlington Lee, William, Florence Lewis, John C., Florence Locklear, Brainard, Darlington Long, Ernest, Latta Lyerly, Henry, Lake City Mattox, Richard, Florence Mathews, Charles, Florence Meckler, John, Florence Miles, Sam, Florence Mitchell, David, Kingstree McCullough, John, Kingstree McCutcheon, David, Florence McCutcheon, Kenneth, Florence McClam, Mary Ann, Lake City McKay, Francis, Timmonsville McKellar, Joanne, Dillon McLaurin, Charles, Dillon McLeod, Claude, Florence McLeod, Frank, Florence Moody, Laura, Lake City Morri.s, Samuel, Florence Muldrow, Harold, Darlington Mullins, W. E., Florence Mellette, Bonnie, Florence Phillips, Michael, Florence Pawley, Richard, Florence Pierce, Jerry, Timmonsville Papitto, Eileen, Johnsonville Parker, Daniel, Florence Parker, Willie Jo, Florence Parrott, Paul W., Florence Poston, Anthony, Florence Poston, Ronald, Florence Poston, Michael, Florence Powell, Curtis, Florence Privette, Joseph, Lake City Pollack, William, Lake City Poole, Larry, Florence Price, William, Florence Quattlebaum, Robert, Florence Rentz, Wallace, Florence Richardson, A. A., Florence Richardson, Edmond, Florence Ridge, Fred, Florence Rivers, James, Florence Rogers, Mary Lynn, Lake City Rose, Michael, Florence Rountree, Susan, Johnsonville Sacco, Robert, Florence Sansbury, Richard, Etlingham Sansbury, Frederick, Florence Scott, Jeanette, Florence Singletary, Alberta, Lake City Strawn, Dave Glenn, Effingham Schipman, Faye, Florence Shrum, Robert, Florence Smith, Steve, Florence Smith, Herbert, Florence Smythe, Alexander, Florence Stanton, Samuel, Florence Stokes, Clara, Mullins Stokes, William, Hartsville Schofield, Vincent, Florence Sumner, Jeremiah, Florence Spruill, Mary Gail, Florence Sullivan, Pamela, Florence Tate, William, Florence Thames, Allan, Florence Thigpen, Barton, Dillon Timmons, Raymond, Florence Tolson, Emmett, Florence Truett, Samuel, Darlington Truluck, Donald, Olanta Turner, Arbie, Florence Thomas, Mary S., Florence Thomas, Michael, Florence Van Hook, Robert, Florence Ward, Shirley, Florence Watson, Charles, Mullins Webb, Gloria, Florence Webster, Caroll, Lake City Wetmore, Robards, Florence Whitlock, Lee, Lake City Wiggins, Joey, Florence Williams, Franklin, Marion Williams, Henry, Florence Williams, Wesley, Darlington Williamson, Keith, Darlington Wilson, Randolph, Dillon Youmans, Benjamin, Florence Youmans, Mary Lois, Florence W , fe , rr., , X, My I X, ,f,, n .ii' X6 Wf Ne- Q? LANCASTER CENTER DIRECTORY Abercrombie, C. Faile, Lancaster Adams, James Lee, Rock Hill Addison, Michael H., Heath Sps. Bailey, Basil Wilbur, Lancaster Barr, Kathleen B., Lancaster Barotta, Selana Roy, Lancaster Barton, Martha Jane, Lancaster Beckham, Robert M., Lancaster Biggers, Laudus M., York Blaich, John McLane, Kershaw Bradley, Carole Jean, Lancaster Bronson, Billie Ralph, Chester Brown, Paul Julian, Great Falls Carnes, Walter C., Jr., Lancaster Carroll, Jane Boyce, Lancaster Catoe, Alvin Randolph, Kershaw Cauthen, Cecil Waddell, Lancaster Cauthen, Larry Gene, Lancaster Cauthen, Miriam P., Heath Spgs. Clark, Gene Lee, Jr., Rock Hill Clements, Dennis G., Lancaster Clyburn, Stephen B., Kershaw Cody, James Lloyd, Richburg Cody, Veronica N., Lancaster Conner, Jimmy Boyd, Lancaster Courtney, Samuel L., Lancaster Coward, Allen Zonnie, Lancaster Cox, Isaac Gerald, Kershaw Craig, Thomas L., III, Lancaster Crawford, Peter Irby, Jr., Heath Springs Culp, Claudia Orpah, Lancaster Davis, Ralph Plyler, Lancaster Dawson, William Carl, Rock Hill Dickert, Ruth Annette, Lancaster Eargle, ohnny Lynn, Lancaster Ellis, Tony Ray, Heath Springs Evans, Joel Allen, Lancaster Every, Alton Lyon, Rock Hill Faile, Jane Evelyn, Lancaster Feagin, George Ashton, Lancaster Feagin, Tommy R., Lancaster Ferrell, Barron Monroe, Rock Hill Ferrell, William R., III, Rock Hill Finley, James H., Lancaster Flowers, Gary Dennis, Lancaster Fossctt, Kerry Lee, Lancaster Freeman, William E., Rock Hill Funderburk, Judi D., Lancaster Furr, Danny Ray, Rock Hill Gates, Joe Douglas, Lancaster Glover, Sara Ann, Lancaster Graves, James Bundy, Lancaster Green, John Albert, Lancaster Greene, Joseph Dale, Rock Hill Gregory, Sylvia Ann, Lancaster Hagins, Harriet Rebecca, Kershaw Hall, Burnie Recel, Kershaw Hall, Donna LeRay, Kershaw Hardin, John Franklin, Lancaster Harley, Fulton Leroy, Lancaster Harper, Etta Cornelia, Lancaster Hartgraves, Alonzo Lee, Jr., Lancaster Harris, Barbara Eloise, Lancaster Hauss, Betty Jean, Lancaster Hegler, Carolyn Ann Catoe, Lancaster Hegler, Julian Eugene, Lancaster Hegler, Lee Fowler, Lancaster Hendley, Donna Jo, Lancaster Herod, Sylvia Dianne, Kershaw Hinson, Brenda Kaye, Lancaster Holliday, Michael Norman, Lancaster Holliday, Stephen C., Lancaster Horne, Carolyn F., Lancaster Huliistetler, William D., Rock Husley, Myra Kay, Lancaster Hill Johnson, Johnny T., Lancaster .Iones, Bobby T., Lancaster Jones, Emerson T., Lancaster Jones, Mary E., Lancaster Jones, Robert M., Rock Hill Jordan, David C., Rock Hill Kelley, Mildred, Kershaw Kirven, Elizabeth Ann, Lancaster McAteer, Johnsie, Lancaster McConnell, Harvey Edward, Jr., Lancaster Mcllwain, Edward L., Lancaster McKenny, Richard, Lancaster McLane, Constance E., Kershaw McManus, James D., Lancaster McWhite, Roy C., Lancaster Magill, Arthur Ralph, Kershaw Mahaffy, Paul Edward, Lancaster Marshall, Helen Diane, Lancaster Mathis, Claude B., Heath Springs Miller, James Rhett, Lancaster Mitchell, Walter W., Rock Hill Montgomery, Marion Crawford, Kershaw Morton, Nancy Joan, Lancaster Nuckolls, John S., Rock Hill Pardue, Charles Dennis, Lancaster Parker, Rance Ben, Lancaster Pierce, Charles Robert, Lancaster Pinson, Michael R., Rock Hill Pittman, David Earl, Westville Plyler, Donald B., Lancaster Plyler, Larry Warren, Lancaster Poole, Tillison, Kershaw Porter, Elizabeth V., Lancaster Porter, Richard Elliott, Lancaster Rankin, Arthur E., Lancaster Raye, Joan Carolyn, Kershaw' Revell, VVilliam C., Jr., l.anf'aetf-r Rhyner, James lidwin. lioei-c llill Rohf-rts, Donald liuyr-ne, K'-rahaw Roh:-rts, Joan Lancaster Rollins, John Douglas. Kr'-r'-.l1a'J.' Rowell, Vharles T., l.H.I1Y'"l' Rowell, Richard, Jr., I.anca-,ter Rushing, Don S., Lancaster Sehwing, Arthur flrantland, Jr., Rock Hill Self, Glen Edward, Rock Hill Shull, Atwell Converse Rock llill Sims, Ruth Hazel, Lancaster Smith, Glen Ray, Great Falls Smith, Patricia Nell, Lancaster Snipes, Donald Ni., Lancaster Sowell, Bonnie S., Lancaster Steele, James M., Lancaster Stewman, Julia Anne, Lancaster Stover, Donald Grady, Kershaw Taylor, VValter C, Lancaster Thomas, Robert James, Lancaster Thompson, Claudia Ann, Lancaster Turner, Louie M., Edge-more Vincent, Ralph XV., Lancaster YVallace, Noel Lynn, Lancaster YVatkins, Shirley Ann, Kershaw YVatts, Samuel L., Jr., Lancaster XVeathersbee, XVilliam Albert, Lancaster 'Wilcher. John XVallace. Rock Hill Vlfilliams, Allen Dale, Kershaw NNilliams, Inez C.. Great Falls VVolfe, Larry L., Kershaw YVrape, Patricia Ann, Lancaster Young, Phyllis Joyce, Angelus Q ,J X . U LF ia., ' I X idol Q 3 l 1 1 1 T s K 3 2 Q I l r 6 E l V i 5 1 Q N i l x Xf- ,X ws' fi ?x sw., L' .K ,Qi J: I R Ill fu ,gl W1 .' fs. .,. QI, ,- .4'4.... 'ff

Suggestions in the University of South Carolina Regional Campuses - Garnet and Black Yearbook (Beaufort, SC) collection:

University of South Carolina Regional Campuses - Garnet and Black Yearbook (Beaufort, SC) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


University of South Carolina Regional Campuses - Garnet and Black Yearbook (Beaufort, SC) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


University of South Carolina Regional Campuses - Garnet and Black Yearbook (Beaufort, SC) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


University of South Carolina Regional Campuses - Garnet and Black Yearbook (Beaufort, SC) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


University of South Carolina Regional Campuses - Garnet and Black Yearbook (Beaufort, SC) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


University of South Carolina Regional Campuses - Garnet and Black Yearbook (Beaufort, SC) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


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