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Text from Pages 1 - 72 of the 1973 volume:

THE 1973 SALVO University of South Carolina Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps CAPTAIN JOHN H. FITZGEREL, USN, COMMANDING COMMANDING OFFICER CAPTAIN JOHN H. FITZGEREL CAPTAIN JOHN H. FITZGEREL is now in his third year as Commanding Officer of the NROTC Unit of the University of South Carolina. During these years CAPTAIN FITZGEREL has accomplished much in the job of molding quality Naval and Marine Corps Officers. CAPTAIN FITZGEREL came to the Unit from his last tour as Executive Director of the Navy Department of Legislative Af- fairs. Other prior duty statians include the Chief of Staff, Naval Support Activity, Da- Nang, Republic of Vietnam and Commanding Officer of the destroyer, USS VOGELESANG. He has also served as Strategic Operations Officer, Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Congressional Liaison Officer in the Office of the Secretary of Defense. During his career which began in July, 1942, CAP- TAIN FITZGEREL has served in World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam conflict. CAPTAIN FITZGEREL received his baccalaureate degree from Muhlenberg Col- lege, Pennsylvania and the Masters Degree in International Affairs from George Washing- ton University. He was graduated from the Naval War College Senior Course. CAPTAIN FITZGEREL and his wife Jessanne have four children; a son, Hill, and daughters Nancy, Betsy, and Carol. We of the NROTC Battalion continually turn to CAPTAIN FITZGEREL for both timely encouTagement and motivation. We certainly get it. A sincere thank you goes out to CAPTAIN' FITZGEREL for the de- dicated work he has done, is doing, and will do on behalf of the NROTC Unit, University of South Carolina. "40 HOURS A WEEK, PETE!" COMMANDER OLOF M. CARLSON, USN COMMANDER CARLSON is com- pleting his first year as Executive Officer of the Unit. He came to us from his last assignment as Airwarfare Officer with the staff of the Commander, U. 5. Seventh Fleet. COMMANDER CARLSON was gradu- ated from Ohio State University in after being both a contract and scholar- ship midshipman. In addition, he has earned a Masters Degree in Management from the Naval Postgraduate School. During his naval career he has served with several iet attack organizations, including command of Attack Squadron 153 aboard the USS ORISANY iCVA-34i in the Gulf of Tonkin. Also, COM- MANDER CARLSON has earned the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Bronze Star. As a naval aviator and former NROTC student, COMMANDER CARLSON is a strong advocate of the Flight Indoctri- nation Program iFIPi. As a concerned educator, COMMANDER CARLSON is also interested in preparing midshipmen tor what life holds in store, emphasizing knowledge and sound personal integrity. All told he is oh outstanding officer and gentleman, and a most welcome addition to our staff. LT. GOLDFINCH reported to Carolina in January, 1972 after several years of experience in the Naval service. After enlisting into the submarine service in 1960 he was accepted into the NESEP program which culminated in his graduation from Vanderbilt University in June, 1968, with a baccalaureate de- gree in Mechanical Engineering. After service with the USS Forrest Royal iDD872i and the Naval Advisory Group in Vietnam, LT. GOLDFINCH assumed his duties here as Senior Instructor. As an officer with both professional knowiedge and sincere personal insight, LT. GOLDFINCH accomplishes much in pre- paring prospective Ensigns for their duties. LT. GOLDFINCH is also the advisor for the Compass and Chart Society and the Mermaid Fleet. LIEUTENANT ALBERT GOLDFINCH, USN MAJOR E. M. RINGLEY, USMC MAJOR RINGLEY is now in his second year as Marine Officer Instructor. Wearing another hot, , MAJOR RINGLEY directs the Mid- shipman Battalion organization. A more than capable educatort and administrator, his leadership and insight have served to guide the midshipmen officers in their duties within the battalion. MAJOR RINGLEY was com- missioned as a second lieutenant in January 1959, immediately after being graduated from Virginia Poly- technic Institute and the Officer Candidate Course at Quantico, Virginia. Some of MAJOR RINGLEY'S past duties include Combat Cargo Officer aboard the USS CHILTON iAPA-38i, Officer-in-Charge of recruiting for the State of West Virginia, Operations Officer of the ist Battalion, 9th Marines in Viet- nam, and Enlisted Budget Officer, Headquarters Marine Corps. In ad- dition, MAJOR RINGLEY received his Masters Degree in Business Administration from West Virginia in 1969. LIEUTENANT JAMES P. WOERNER, USN LT. WOERNER, the NROTC Junior Instructor, was commissioned in 1966 from the University of Ne- braska which he attended as an NROTC scholarship student. After graduation, and reception of a Fulbright Scholarship, LT. WOE RNEP. Spent his first year at the University of Antio- quia, Medellin, Colombia. Other duty stations during LT. WOERNER'S career include the USS GLENNON iDD840t, specialized training at the Naval Amphibious Intelligence School, Coronado, California, "Operation Sea- float" and "Operation Giant Sling- shot", as intelligence officer for Command, U. S. Naval Forces, Re- public of Vietnam, and his assign- ment to the NROTC Unit, University of South Carolina, in August, 1970. It is regrettable that LT. WOER- NER is leaving us after this semester for his navigation classes have had a profound impact on all 2k midship- men, utilizing their potential to the fuliest and instilling professionalism in the Naval Service. LIEUTENANT DAVID F. LINES, USN LT. DAVID F. LINES, the Sopho- more instructor, reported to the Unit in June, 1972, after completing a tour of duty at the Naval Support Facility, DaNang, Republic of Vietnam. LT. LINES received his bac- calaureate degree in Chemical Engi- neering trom.the University of Virginia in June, 1969, after being enrolled as an NROTC student. While in the Navy, LT. LINES has attended Nuclear Power School at Bainbridge, Maryland and served a tour of duty aboard the USS VITAL iMSO-474t. Last summer he also attended a Sea- power Seminar in Boulder, Colorado. At present, LT. LINES is utiliz- ing his NROTC and fleet experience to guide the third class midshipmen. In addition, he is fulfilling the re- quirements for a Masters Degree in Business Administration. LIEUTENANT FREDRIC G. ARNOW, USN After receiving his commission in the Navy at the University of Miami, LT. ARNOW attended flight training at NAS Pensacola, Florida. He received his wings ct NAS Glynco, Georgia. After attending two advanced schools, he spent two months in Operation Feedback prior to reporting to NAS Norfolk, Virginia. LT. ARNOW was then assigned to VAW 124 which was deployed as part of CVW 9 to Southeast Asia and CVW 8 to the Mediterranean. Both deployments were aboard the USS America tCVA 66X LT. ARNOW reported to the University of South Carolina on January of 1972 after spending 20 out of 24 months at see. He is now completing require ments for his MBA 05 well as teach- ing and advising the Freshman class. As of last May, LT. ARNOW married the former Miss Elizabeth "Betsy" Couch. Spring semester, LT. ARNOW spearheaded the "Bounce tor Beats" Heart Fund Drive at Dutch Square and helped to prove that the unit is a caring organization. He distinguished himself by staying with the drive for the full 29 hours. ln addition, LT. ARNOW is advisor for midshipmen in the Flight Instruction Program. S E R F F E J E N E G C N Y mz KRISTY MIRANDA g MRS QMC JOSEPH GEIGER, USN STAF F SGT USMC I GENE B. HOLLEY MRS. VERA DUNN "CHESTY" SKI JOE C. CARMICHAEL ink. rinks. S WURK w. A D A m II- III- A CLASSES ll DECEMBER SENIORS Carradean L. Brown Howard Coogler Harrie Copeland Stephen T. Cox James Meetze Edward W. Pinion Thomas E. Ritchie Michael L. Strong 12 MAY SENIORS David P. BurneHe Thomas B. Carter Steven B. Chesser "THOSE LOVABLE LEATHEBNECKS" Albert D. Dukes Peter S. Eltringham William E. Fraser Keith W. Funderburk William R.. Gibbes Harold J. Kearsley William E. Kiesling Edward D. Kosakoski Norman G.. LaPoinfe William McFarland Michael B. McKay 14 HI Eugene B. MitcheH Robert M. Riley Robert C. Scholes William L. Simpson Jacob F. Stone Paul J. TOWnsend Richard B. Twohey Joseph Yarborough 15 SECOND CLASS 16 J. R. Azud M. K. Babin K. M. Bbrnette W. T. Beck h . E. Blair L. Breazeale A. Carmen . F. Carr 13.55- F. Carver S. Dlinn 5. Elmer . J. Ewing m??? R. S. Fanning H. E. Fowler K. T. Guffey C. B. Goehring D. K. Hagood R. S. Hill R. L. Jones M. B. Kikfa mA m; . T. King . M. Koch . W. Lamb . W. Leinster JUZU'n . R. McIntyre . A. Mobley . S. Opsahl . M. Paglia PZZJS . S. Robertson . L. Shuford . O. Schuster . R. Singer ont-k- . P. Wilke M. Single .T. Smith .H. Stieglitz 090 Late Pictured: S. R. Burnefte P. T. Debien J. West W. T. Kennedy B. Stuart J. V. Sullivan Not Pictured: A', Prince D. T. Dodds 17 THIRD CLASS C. G. Anderson j J. E. Boyd ' R. D. BrOWning 1 M. A. Cagiuno J. Carlsen h J. R. Collier J. W. Huston . Ingram . Jackson ierner D.B N.E FK . L. Logsdon R. Luther . S. MacDonald . V. Marchene r-us-o J. D. McGuire R. M. McLean T. C. Pieluszczok R. M. Fresher . A. Rhoods . L. Roper . J. Schell . Schrunze UUUJ; . J. Smith . J. Spun ..A. S'l. Andre . C. Taylor ixhi . A. Woodcock . A. Wqu . L. Brown 1 210 Not Pictured: D. A. Cain W. A. Cregar C. Mansell T. G. McDermoH 19 FOURTH CLASS J. E. Adams J. A. Alexander D. M. Allan D. H. Arms F. E. Edwards R. D. Dowling J. S. Evans D. P. Faust R. J. Filler C. E. Girolamo "THE BABY GRUNT" R C. Hordee J S. Heide G. Hillard F G. Horne P J. Kovalchik J. M.L owe H. R. McAHister R. A McFee P. H. MeekIns J. w. Merin R. A. Morgan J. S. Morrow R. E. Mozo C. F. Nuns P. B. 0 Keefe H J. Osborne R. M. Reed T. R. Richards 21 r l x 1 t I v r i 1 1 I Q D. C. Rieck J. J. Ryan D. R. Schat'IIo D. G. Shermer H. E. Skirm R. S. Sooy D. D. Southern F. Stearns W. F. Sfanbridge R. Strickland A. W. Sumpter R. C. Taft D. Wade 5 P. Wood R. N. Woods . Not Pictured: R. T. Bradley 0. H. Cooper G. J. Darling J. R. Dillard K. 0. Fields L. A. Leonardi M. A. Reid R. D. Westmoreland 22 SGT., I WISH THOSE FRESHMEN WOULD STAND STILL! mannama-nlc- M;MmmlMU$CIOTCTbo Mil. Dorm drug policy: counsel and warn 1.3 $.11 1..MM1 1. 1: 1.1m- .mmzum Magnummmm $1 1; .11m 1 . mmu b u a mum mmqummmWr. 1mm m 1 E5111 .1; mm H1 111mm. 1.1.1 11111 1 ww M.M11 www.m.? .11 $1: Wm rm??? m... "1.1111111. aahrgwg. .111 m, SPA .D Tl SE NHNE ESIT DMDW UMEI. T VT.H SCLCA LTOA An nu "v mu URNF DNIOM I .IE NSRDM WSAA U IE MTmmm AAMMH R 0 E S 0 H .I U 0 Y G W R B O T SERVICE GAN I ZATI ONS, PROJECTS,AND ACTIVITI ES WHICH SHAPE THE LIFE OF A MIDSHIPMAN AT U. S. C. ACTIVITIES 23 Cockpit and Salvo Staff We have tried to give you an outstanding Salvo. The following people have made it possible: Jack Azud Photo Chief, Asst. Grouch Mark Cagiano The Ghost J. R. Collier Head Gopher, Dog Robber Extrodinaire Geoff Darling Photographer, "Merlin", the lab magician Pete Eltringhamnmmm Editor, Head Grouch Ken Gaffey Business Chief, Volunteer Masochisf, Typist Jerry Hillard Typist Randy Newcome Graphic Design and Editorial Conscience Harry Skirm Asst. Gopher, Typist Ken St. Andre Copywriter, lnsuITee Joe Carmichael, Tom Price, Joe Elmer, Debbie Jones - For puffing up with us. Maior Ringley For not putting up with us Bruce Stuart Cover sketch Left to Right: - K. St. Andre, J. R. Collier, J. Hillard, T. Pieluszczak, H. Skirm, K. Gaffey, P. Elfringham, J. Azud, M. Cagiano, Not Pictured: Geoff Darling and D. Woodcock. Flight Instruction Program FIP is set up to allow interested midshipmen to work towards their private pilots license while still in college. During Second Class Cruise, while of Corpus Christi, midshipmen take the AQT and FAR qualification exams, these coupIed with your physical examination and Battalion standing determine your eIigibility for the program. FIP pays for classroom instruction and up To 40 hours flying time. Below midshipmen were FIP students this year. Left to Right: - J. Carmen, R. Jones, H. Fowler, T. King, P. Debien, K. Coffey, M, Paglia, M. Babin, D. Singer, R. Lienster, S. Robertson, J. Brezeule, R. Hill. Drum and Bugle Corps and Color Guard Above: - D 8t B on line. Below Lett: - Showing the colors at Savannah. and cadences for the battalion on Thursdays. Besides Below: - Eyes "91'"! the weekly marches to the drill field and extra driHs on weeknights, the Drum and Bugle Corps participated in the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Savannah, Georgia. The relative youEgness of the D $ B points to a better sounding Corps next year. The Drum and Bugle Corps has provided music HWKIINK Ill'---------..n. Above: - Drill Team on parade at Savannah. Below: - On line at Clemson Drill Meet. The Drill Team has gone through a year of re- organization and improvement, scraping the fancy drill of the past and concentrating on the regular basic drill. This new start led the Drill Team to two first place finishes in the Clemson University Invitational Drill Competition and to a fine per- formance in the St. Patrick's Day Parade. The Scoreboard tells the story. INVH'ATIONAL DR TEAM AUBURN G"? u GEORGIA a- 4 1c STATE n4 M ETJu M GEORGIA COLLEGE f V'SC, NAVY DRILL YEAH 27 Rifle and Pistol Teams. The Rifle and Pistol Teams have been disbanded this Spring clue to construction; however, the pistol team is expected to reorganize again in the Fall of 1973. Costal matches are planned next year against such universities as R. P, I., University of Rochester, and 0. S. U. The Pistol Team fires slow, rapid, and timed rounds for a possible three hundred points. The Rifle Team fires timed rounds of kneeling, prone, and off-hund position for a perfect 300. The Rifle Team meets were held with such teams as O. S. U., Wofford, and the Citadel. SSgt. Holly's Fqllout Shelter Left to Right: - First row: W. Simpson, Second row: M. Lamb, c. Nuns, w. FmSM. Opsahl, M. McKay, R. Woods er, J. Breazeule, J. Blair, W. Smith 28 Middies March on Camp LeJeune Last week I could not even spell "Herocropter Pilit" and now I are one. Home, James! ! ! This year Major Ringley and Staff Sargant Holly, accompanied by twelve midshipmen, spent two nights and two days at Camp LeJeune. The first night was made special by an ex-Gamecock who provided steak dinners and two rounds of drinks for all the midshipmen. The following day was spent first at the headquarters building attending morning colors with the commanding general. Later we were given an explosives demonstration which consisted of various mines and satchel charges used by the Marine engineers. This was followed by a tearful visit to the gas chamber where all learned to love their gas masks. A ride on the new LVT'S and a chance to fire the M16, M60, and a .45 filled the rest of the afternoon. The second day started with a visit to the New River Air Station for a quick look at the heli- copter support group. Next the midshipmen were shOWn the various types of artillery and various pieces of connected equipment that help to make an infantry commander's life more pleasant. To wrap up the visit the Marine Recons displayed their radio, scuba, and parachute equipment and explained the procedure for becoming a Recon Marine. The trip reached it's most harrowing point on the bus ride from Columbia airport with SKl Car- michael at the wheel. In the words of S$gt. Holly, "The trip was a breath of fresh air." To the rest of us it was quite interesting. We shall miss the hot chow and cold drinks. What a gas! l l l Semper Fidelis Society The 72 - 73 year for the Semper Fidelis Society has been both eventful and successful. Under the leadership of Jake Stone, Bill Fraser and Tom King in the Full and Mike Lamb, Greg Eddy and John McGuire in the Spring the Society has continued to function with excellence. The nucleus of the society is made up of Marine-options but membership is open to any Midshipmm who is interested in learning more about the Marine Corps. The purpose of Semper Fidelis is to provide professionat service and social acti- vities intended to enhance the spirit of comradship among its Marine Corps-oriented membership. Activities of the society include the Marine. Corps Birthday Be" in the Fall and the orientationvisit to Camp Leieune, North Carolina, sponsorship of the Shipwreck Party and the Mo day field exercise in the Spring. The membership is growing rapidly with ap- proximately 22 members at this time. The 73 - 74 year promises ti: be the best ever - so make plans now to be a part of Semper Fidelis during the com- ing year. Above: - Presidents, Jake Stone and Mike Lamb A Few Good Men From Left to Right: - First Row: J. McGuire C. Girolamo. Second Row: G. Eddy, D. Schottle, M. Opshol, C. Anderson. Third Row: W. Simpson, J. Adams, H. McAllister, F. Horne, S. Heide. Forth Row: J. Lowe, C. Nans, D. Wade, R. Twohey, T. King, J. Blair, M. Lamb, W. Fraser, J. Stone. ,. ,4, yc t it - , at i" it Marine Corps Birthday Ball .31 Mermaid Fleet The Mermaid Fleet is an honorary service organization of women dedicated to actively re- presenting and supporting the NROTC. Mermaids are selected on the basis of scholar- ship, leadership, and willingness to serve, as well as poise and interest in the Naval service. Every month the Mermaid Fleet completes a service project, such as making Halloween tray pIace cards and Christmas wreaths for the State Hospital, and collecting food cans for a needy family at Thanksgiving. Some of these projects as well as their many social activities are done in coniunction with the Compass and Chart Society achor the Midshipman Battalion. Under the advisement of Lt. Albert Goldfinch, the Mermaids were led this past year by Fleet Commanders Rosanne McDowell and Beverly Byrd. Ruth's Smile is Worth a Pint of Blood A Necessary Part of Every Ceremony 32 Beauties Boost Battalion From Left to Right: - Beveriy Byrd, Lana McFarland, Porn Jackson, Mary Tice, Ruth Kennedy, Starr Nolan, Bonnie Cantlay, Carolyn Beck, Debbie Duffon, Dianne Lide. Not Pictured: - Gail Funderburk, Jan King, Randy Newcome, Kathy Ellis, Gerry Embler, Nancy Fitzgerel, Jun Murdock, Ginger Pender, B. J. Weldon, Cicely Williams, Jan Hunter, Darlene Prile, D. D. George, Debbie Thompson. Beverly Byrd, 1973 Fleet Commander Hi Jan! 33 Compass and Chart Society SERVING CAMPUS AND COMMUNITY Compass and Chart is an honortservice organi- zation within the NROTC Unit. Members 'are chosen 1 on the basis of academic achievement and willingness to work in a service organization. The purpose of the society is service to both the community and the but- talion. In the past the society has sponsored such community proiects as the Heart Fund Drive and Campus Blood Drive as well as participation in the Sertoma Club's Freedom Week. The society also works with boys from Carolina Children's Home. Compass and Chart also sponsors a cocktail re- ception before the Commissioning Ball and assists in decorating for the occasion. Many other social events are held in coniunction with the Mermaid Fleet. Leading the Society this year were semester presidents, Dean BrOWn and Keith Funderburk, under the advisement of L. Goldfinch. Advisers do all the work! Captain Fitzgerel. This 34 C 8: C Members Are: - Front Row: Bob Riley, Phil Luther, Steve BurneHe, Carl Schuster, Keith Funderburk, Jim Huston, Dave Woodcock. Back Row: Lf. Goldfinch, Mike Strong, Mike McKay, Bob Scholes, Jow EImer, Poul Debien, Mark Miklos, Mark Kikta, John Blair, Howard Coogler, Jim Carmen, Mark Cagiono, Dove Koch, Bill McFarland, Steve Cox, Pete Elfringham, Roland Hill. i'derel' ThIS is Some spread! during the Spring semesfer, 1973: Left to Right: - Midn. Lt. W. MgCFarland Midn. Lf. N. G. LaPointe Midn. Lt. Cdr. J. F. Stone Midn. Cdr. R. C. Scholes Midn. Lt. Cdr. R. M. Riley Midn. Lt. M. B. McKay Midn. Lt. K. W. Funderburk Mid. Lt. P. S. Elfringham Spring Staff The above midshipmen officers led the baftalion Supply Officer Personnel Officer Operations Officers Commanding Officer Executive Officer Training Officer Assistant Operations Officers Public-Affoirs Officer The chief petty officers below were staff assistants for The Spring semesfer, 1973: Left to Righf: - J. Shuford Operations CPO J. Elmer Personnel CPO C. Schusfer Training CPO K. Gaffey Public Affairs Business CPO J. AZUd Public Affairs Photo CPO J. Brezeale Supply CPO Fall Staff The picture of the fall, 1972 staff was destroyed. Listed below, however, are those midshipmen officers who led the battalion during the fall semester. Midn. Cdr. M. Strong Commanding Officer Midn. Lt. Cdr. 5. Cox Executive Officer Midn. Lt. Cdr. R. C. Scholes Operations Officer Midn. Lt. H. E. Copeland Personnel Officer Midn. Lt. D. U. LeCIair Training Officer Midn. Lt. R. M. Riley Public Affairs Officer Midn. Lt. J. M. Meetze Supply Officer Midn. Lt. J. Ri tchie Asst. Operations Officer Above: - Staff Leads Battalion Down to Drill Field. Above Left: - "1- 2 - 3 PUSH!" Left Cenfer: - Ritchie 8x Copeland Show Their Form. Left: - X0? . 37 PT Test Each semester the midshipmen have the privilege of displaying their physical prowess in the much awaited P. T. test. In this marathon event points are awarded for the number of pushups and situps done, their distance in the standing broad iump, and the time required to run the 300 yard shuttle run. The platoon with the highest cumutative number of points is recognized for its dedication. CARTER PUTS OUT THE WORD. l l l l 1 As it should be, our Marine Corps Birthday is cause for celebration; celebration in honor of another year of proud, dedicated and successful service to our Country. This occasion not only recalls a birth and the passing of another year of success and honor - but celebrates a rebirth of the spirit which binds all Marines. That spirit is embodied in the thousands of young Marines around the world who will celebrate their first Marine Corps Birth- day this year. They will provide the bridge between the proud traditions of our past and the exciting possibilities of the future. ' Ultimately, the character of the name "Marine" will be entrusted ' to their charge. At the end of the year ahead, when we transmit to those that follow the weIl-Iighted torch of special trust of the American l people, let us ensure the flow is brighter - through act and deed - ' in the knowledge that all Marines truly take care of their own. This is my charge. This is my message. Happy Birthday and best wishes to all members of our Marine Corps family on this 197th Anniversary. 088ng R. E. CUSHMAN, JR. General, U. 5. Marine Corps 40 Marine Corps Birthday '37:" 'VlVf f-le'n'y: v J-hi-Auin Whips Neg . "" K Navy Birthday CHIEF OF NAVAL OPERATIONS Navy Birthday 1972 This year, for the first time, the Navy formally honors the day on which the Continental Congress in 1775 authorized construction of ships for an American Navy -- and thus brought into being the United States Navy. October 13 is the 197th anniversary of the U. 5. Navy. Those of us who serve today have inherited a proud and honorable tradition from all those who have gone before us. They set the standards Of victory and excellence that we carry forward. 'Each of us has a duty and obligation to preserve these standards for future generations of Navymen. I ask all persons associated with the Navy to use the Navy Birthday as an occasion to honor the memory of our departed shipmates -- and to dedicate our very best efforts to the present and future defense of our homeland. 41 Heart Fund The USC NROTC, with the help of some of the USC coaches and athletes held a bounce for beats Heart Fun'd marathon for 29 hours at the Dutch Square 'shopping mall. One basketball was kept bouncing for the entire 29 hours by our own version of the Harlem Globetrotters. With morat support from the Mermaids and logistics supplied by area merchants, NROTC raised $4,500 for the Heart Fund. The project was brainstormed by Lt. Arnow who.stayed for the entire marathon. His plans for next year include a 48 hour marathon with more than $15,000 collected, "BOUNCE FOR BEATS": SUCCESSFUL PROJ ECT Blood Drive Returns to Armory After all drilling and studying the midshipmen has more to give -- blood. Each semester the Bat- talion comes out in force to assist the Red Cross in its Blood Drive. The midshipmen are encouraged to donate blood, to assist in the publicity for the drive and to aid the Red Cross in every possible way to make the Blood Drive a success. For donat- ing blood the midshipmen are guaranteed blood for themselves and their immediate families whenever they need it within the allowed period. Battalion Sports In spite of the scheduling difficulties which eliminated the intra-battalion football compe- tition, tha 72 - 73 academic year has been a rather successful one. The volleyball and basketball competition between platoons has been both intensa and enthusiastic lFirst Alpha, in fact, is favored to take it all in basketballl. Although we did not field an intramural football team this year, the Unit did manage to field a team to challenge the Air Force ROTC. The football game ended in a 6-6 tie this year and what a game it was too, as coach Joe Yarbrough and his boys struggled against the wind and a driving rain lwhich prevented our potent passing gamal to score early and hold onto the lead until the final moments. lt was at that point that a desperate Air Force team, with raferee assistance, managed to score and tie the game. Still, the brightest light of the year has been the aggressive and Spirited Nuvy-Marine Corps Basketball Team. Six-fcot-five inch John Hammarer, has led our team to a 7 - record and clinched a spot in the playoffs. Team Captain Pete Carr and Assistant Coach Steve Robertson provided the necessary leader- ship and guidance that has proven invaluable through-out the season. Able and trusted re- serves such as Bob Sooy and Harold Fowler come in and saved many a game during the season. In spite of all this, however, one must never loose sight of better things. Next year's line-up provides a bright horizon of promise for success in softball and football as well. So here is to a good year post, and here is to a good year up-coming. ; SHIP WRECK PARTIES Tell us a story, Sargent! Once a semester the NROTC Unit tries to prove that not only water floats the Navy. Pine island, the target for these parties, is situated in the wiles of the Lake Murray area and the residents are therefore conditioned to strahge noises and wild looking animals. Compass and Chart Society 1 sponsored the FaII party and Semper Fidelis the t 1 Spring. k e A special word goes out to the Semper Fidelis Society, for through their efforts and innovations the most successful Shipwreck party was held on March 3rd. Through the use of decorations and a iive band the party was lifted to a new level of enioyment. In addition, the artistic talent of John Blair was revealed through his excellent posters. Well clone Marines! MCKGY' IOying it thick. Jim, doing what he does best. wwaj'wvvhp .Aan-iva .l- . . Twice a year, near the end of each semester, the Commissioning Ball is held at the Fort Jackson Officer's Club. These serve as a formal farewell to all seniors being sent out to the fleet, or the Corps. The evening consists of a fine feed provided by the Clubs kitchen and then dancing. During intermission the Commanding Officer of the NROTC Unit recognizes the distinguished guests and announces the top three Midshipmen Officer billets tor the following semester. The ball serves a two fold role. It not only serves to give graduating seniors an outstanding send off, but it also gives underclassmen a chance to practice their social etiquette. E a ! l ', Strong Say 5 Goodtbye Awards Ceremony The most important purpose of the midshipman is to achieve success in his academic pursuits. Those midshipmen who excel in these necessary endeavors are authorized to wear certain decorations to recog- nize their success. The Academic Excellence Ribbon is awarded to those midshipmen who make the Dean's List or Honor Roll. The Academic Achievement Stars are awarded to midshipmen on the basis of their class standing, aptitude, conduct, and physical fitness. For extraordinary achievement midshipmen are awarded the Meritorious Achievement Ribbon and the Silver Star is awarded to those midshipmen who receive a 4.0 GPR during a given semester. FIRST CLASS First Class Cruise enables ,the midshipman to familiarize himself with the duties of a iunior officer aboard ship. Not only does he obtain a working knowledge of division officer responsi- bilities and collateral duties, he is also thoroughly initiated into all iunior officer watch stations. This past summer, individual USC middies visited such places as Copenhagen, Rome, Monaco, Turkey, Athens, Honolulu, and Tokyo as an integral part of their shipboard training. 50 ABOVE: McKay has the conn? LEFT: This guy should be a chief. BELOW LEFT: Jood Lapoinfe during UNREP BELOW: They turn to stone in Denmark. E N i e SECOND CLASS To give the midshipman a greater appreciation of the flying branch of the Navy, three weeks of 2nd class cruise is spent at NAS Corpus Christi, Texas. There a midshipman has three flights in a 11.34 trainer, the "Tenny Weeny", followed by one hour in a 5-2 "Tracker,' and the F-9 Cougar or T-2 Buckeye. In addition basics are given in the use of the 45 pistol and survival techniques for the midshipmen at the Welcoming Ball. The Ready Room also stands by to assure the midshipmen of something to do in the evening and regret in the morning. One thing is assured, any- body who is allergic to the sun should beware, it burns there for 25 hours a day. LEFT TOP: Ready-Room Art Work. LEFT MIDDLE: Waiting for a Chair. LEFT BOTTOM: The Wait is Over. ABOVE: Everything 0. K. back there? BELOW: On the road in Jaurez. 51 SECOND CLASS Atter having your head in the air at Corpus, the Marines at Little Creek bring you right back down to earth. At the "Creek" the midshipmon is given an overali view of the training and complexity that goes into preparing for and carrying out an amphibious operation. The Riverine Operation is a mock conflict run in conditions similar to those in South East Asia. Little Creek is situated near Virginia Beach, and once again, the midshipman is afforded a chance to tan himseif. Other pastimes included sleeping on your rock without putting wrinkles in it, keeping out of sight of anyone with the look of a man searching for voiunteers, and double timing across streets. Middies Hit the Beach. Liberty at Virginia Beach Marine Taxi. Return of the Swamp FOX hP' THIRD CLASS In order to learn how to properly give orders a midshipmun must first learn how to take orders; this is the purpose of the third class cruise. On this cruise the rising sophomore has a chance to see the life of the sailor. Living with the enlisted men and sharing in their work gives the midship- man a better understanding of shipboard operations, equipment, and living conditions. GOT youuuu.,.,g,7 szxv, cl: , t'h m .-. M t tt-t-"N amnV - "I ,1 ?df-TLmLouf'mBRIDGE, 77v 671, Zogdst-S- Don 5 ma" , 53 Senior Statistics BURNETTE, DAVID P.; Columbia, 5. C.; History: to be commissioned USN; Drill Team; Bravo Company Com- mander. CARTER, THOMAS B., JR.; Columbus, Ohio; International Studies; to be commissioned USNR; 1st Bravo Platoon Commander. CHESSER, STEVEN 3.; Hollywood, Fla.; Broadcast Journalism; to be commissipned USN; Drill Team, FIP,; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Alpha Epsilon Rho. DUKES, ALFRED D; Branchville, S. C.; Education; to be commissioned USNR; 2nd Bravo Platoon Commander. ELTRINGHAM, PETER 5; Newport News, Va.; Biology; to be commissioned USN; Compass and Chart, Salvo and Cockpit, Drum and Bugle Crps, SRF; Football, Basket- ball and Softball Intro-Murals; Alpha Phi Omega. Public Affairs Officer. FRASER, WlLLIAM 3.; Newport, New York; Geology; to be commissioned USMC; Semper Fidelis, Drum and Bugle Corps, Rifle and Pistol Team; Headquarters Company Commander. FUNDERBURK, KEITH W.; West Colo, S. C.; Chemical Engineering; to be commissioned USNR; Compass and Chart; Student Government; Assistant Operations Officer, GIBBES, WILLIAM R.; Columbia, 5. C.; Accounting; to be commi ssi onecl USN . KEARSLEY, HAROLD J.; Lynbrook, N. Y.; International Studies; to be commissioned USN; Salvo Cockpit, Drill Team; Executive Officer Charlie Company. KIESLING, WILLIAM E., St. Louis, Mo.; History; to be commissioned USN; FIP; Residence Hall Government, USC Parachute Club; 2nd Charlie Platoon Commander. KOSAKOSKI, EDWARD; Miami, Fla.; Biology; to be commissioned USN; 15? Alpha Plufoon Commander. LaPOINTE, NORMAN 0.; West Columbia, S. C.; Psy- chology; to be commissioned USN; FIP; IntranMuraI Swimming; Personnel Officer. MCFARLAND, WILLIAM C.; Loyull, Ky.; Business Administration; 1'0 be commissioned USN; Compass and Chart, Color Guard; Delta Sigma Pi; Supply Officer. MeKAY, MICHAEL B.; Or'ando, Fla.; English; to be commissioned USN; Compass and Chart, Drill Team, Rifle and Pistol Team; Training Officer. MITCHELL, BRIAN E.; Bethesda, Md.; Finance; to be commissioned USNR; Executive Officer Bravo Company. RILEY, ROBERT M.; Sumpfer, S. C.; Chemistry; to be commissioned USN; Compass and Chart, Salvo and Cock- pit, FIP, SRF; Battalion Executive Officer. SCHOLES, ROBERT C.; Wilmington, DeL; Psychology; to be commissioned USN; Compass and Chart, FIP, SRF; BattaHon Commander. SIMPSON, WILLIAM L.; Lyman, S. C.; Geology; to be commissioned USN; Compass and Chart, Semper Fidelis, Rifle Pistol Team; Maxcy Vagrant; Alpha Company Commander. STONE, JACOB; Chester, 5. C.; Chemistry; to be com- missioned USMC; Compass and Chart, Semper Fidelis; Operations Officer. TOWNSEND, PAUL J., III; Washington, D. C., Manage- ment; to be commissioned USNR; SalvoXCockpit, Color Guard, Drill Team; Kappa Alpha Psi; Charlie Company Commander. TWOHEY, RICHARD 3.; Quantico, Va.; History; 10 be commissioned USMCR; Semper Fidelis, Drill Team, Rifle Pistol Team; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Alpha COMPOHY Execufive Officer. YARBOROUGH, JOSEPH E.; Columbia, 5- C-i Smdu'a' Engineering; to be commissioned USN; Platoon Com- monder. m A E V. D O O G Y. R E V A S A W .H S, E V: ADVERTISEMENTS Mr. 8 Mrs. Roy M. Morgan Mr. 8 Mrs. Frank Miklos ML 8 Mrs. Granval L. Morrow Mr. 8 Mrs. James T. O'Keefe, Jr. "An Ole Sailor" Mr. 8 Mn. Harry J. Osborne Mr. 8 Mrs. Thomas Richards LL Col. 8 Ms. Dale Rieck Hen Mr. 8 Mrs. Robert A. Riley Mr. 8 Mrs. Cecil L. Roberts Mr. 8 Mrs. Robert L. Robertson Mrs. Clinton S. Scholes ML 8 Mrs. David Schranze Mr. 8 Mrs. Thomas E. Schuster Doctor Oswald F. Schuette Mr. 8 Mrs. John L. Shuford Mr. 8 Mrs. Lee Simpson Mr. 8 Mrs. Marvin G. Singer Mr. 8 Mrs. William F. Stanbridge Mr. 8 Mrs. John V. Sullivan Mr. 8 Mrs. Robert C. Taft Mr. 8 Mrs. Floyd E. Taylor Dean 8 Mrs. Charles H. Witten Mr. Colon Wilson Mr. 8 Mrs. William D. Wood Mr. 8 Mrs. John L. Woodcock Yokosuka Benefit and Charity Fund Mr. 8 Mrs. John Azud PATRON L8 Mrs. Valda L. Adams, Jr. Mr. 8 Mrs. David M. Allan Mr. 8 Mrs. Charles R. Allen Mr. 8 Mrs. Randall Hall Mr. Eugene Anderson Mr. 8 Mrs. Virnon W. Arms Mr. Charles Atkins Mr. 8 Mrs. John Azud Mr. 8 Mrs. William H. Beck Mr. 8 Mrs. Jack Boyd Capt. 8 Mrs. William J. Brandel, Jr. Mr. 8 Mrs. Carradeari R. BrOWn Commander Oiof M. Carlson Mr. 8 Mrs. R. Burnette Doctor Richard w. Bwnson, Jr. Mr. 8 Mrs. James A. Carman Mr. 8 Mrs. John E. Carr Colonel 8 Mrs. Thomas B. Carter Mr. 8 Mrs. Carl F. Carver, Jr. Mr. 8 Mrs. Gordon S. Chesser MI. 8 Mrs. Robert J. Clements Mr. 8 Mrs. William 0. Cregar Mr. 8 Mrs. Rolant T. Debien Mr. 8 Mrs. Edward F. Dieterle Mr. 8 Mrs. Albert Dukes Mr. 8 M15. John A Dwyer Mr. 8 Mrs. John A. Eltringham Lt. 001.8 Mrs. James R. Eddy Mr. 8 Mrs. Donald 0. Ernst. Mr. 8 Mrs. Keith R. Ewing Mr. 8 Mrs. Lonnie E. Faust Mr. 8 Mrs. Robert E. Filler Mr. 8 Mrs. James E. Findley Captain J. H. Fitzgerel Mr. 8 Mrs. J. Fraser MI. 8 Mrs. Thomas F. Gaffey Mr. 8 Mrs. Flank H. Gibbes Dr. Lawrence Giles Lt. Col. James A. Grigg USMC Geo Mr. 8 Mrs. John B. Goodwin Mr. 8 Mrs. John J. Hammerer Msgt. 8 Mrs. Charles M. Hardee Mr. James M. Hillard Mr. 8 Mrs. James A. Huston Mr. 8 Mrs. John E. Ingram Mr. 8 Mrs. James R. Jones Mr; 8 Mrs. Vincent W. Kitka Mr. 8 Mrs. Harry Koch Mr. 8 Mrs. Edward C. Kosakoski Mr. 8 Mrs. Paul F. Kovalchik Mr. 8 Mrs. Harry Leonardi Mr. 8 Mrs. B. L. McAllister Mr. 8 Mrs. W. McFarland, Jr. Mr. David B. Mcintyre Mrs. Josephine McIntyre Mr. Julius B. McKay, Jr. Captain Eugene B. Mitchell Mr. 8 Mrs. George T. Meyers Mr. 8 Mrs. Joseph A. Merit! 57 gnouclw's DELICATESSEN IMAGINE THE BIGGEST, BESTEST SANDWICH YOU CAN THINK OF! THEN COME TO GBOUCHO'S 6H Harden at 5 Points Phone 252-1963 1313 Bush River Road Phone772-7563 ASK THE ONES WHO DRIVE THEM LT. ALBERT L. GOLDFINCH USN S. SGT. GENE B. HOLLEY USMC MIDN 2XC JOSEPH ELMER MIDN 2XC MIKE LAMB MIDN WC BRYANT MITCH ELL MIDN WC JOHN BLAIR MIDN 29C BILL KENNEDY MIDN IVC HARRY SKIRM GIBBES VOLKSWAGEN CARS SINCE 1909; V. W. SINCE 1955 K-MART STORES 3 LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU: 4400 Jackson Blvd. Charleston Highway, W. Cola 1325 Two Notch Road ' 182-5042 194-9150 188-5919 VELLA'S ed DELICATESSEN WHERE CAROLINA STUDENTS MEET AND EAT 829 KNOX ABBOT DRIVE CAYCE, SOUTH CAROLINA Phone 794-9917 HARRY SCHRANZE, INC. 47 WALKER STREET NEW YORK, NEW YORK 10013 TELEPHONE: 92129 431-6425 59 CAROLINA The Book B O 0 K Conhr of fin E UniversHy S T O R I "00' Special'v BETWEEN THE RUSSELL HOUSE ls Counoous Service" AND COLISEUM COLUMBIA'S FINEST JEWELER'S SYLVAN BROS. ESTABLISHED 1897 1500 MAIN RICHLAND MALL DUTCH SQUARE We try to make life easier. f III III L$ Myvm gig-W, hmqo$z 5a ?Xalm AUTO 0 PERSONAL LIABILITY 0 HOUSEHOLD GOODS VALUABLE PERSONAL PROPERTY 0 LIFE ADVANCED ROTC STUDENTS ELIGIBLE USAA USAA BUILDING SAN ANTONIOTEXAS 78288 61 Compliments of PEARLMAN'S INC. South Carolina's largest, Oldest And Most complete Distributors of Naval and Marine Officers Uniforms and Equipment 349 King Street Phone Charleston. S. C. 29401 723-4842 62 COMPLIMENTS OF PATRONE'S CLEANERS THE CAMPUS SHOP Russell House Headquarters for NEW AND USED BOOKS SUPPLIES AND GIFTS Owned and Operated by The University of South Carolina CORNELL ARMS BARBER SHOP "LET'S USE YOUR HEAD IN OUR BUSINESS!" THAT'S 0. K. BOB WE UNDERSTAND LOVE 8 KISSES B. C. - H. M. $ B. A. 9; F.S. - B. B. MC - 1 wkossom Naval Uniform Shop 3rd Avenue and 29th Street Brooklyn, New York 11232 HARRY MYERS ALL UNIFORMS ARE CUSTOM FIT REPRESENTATIVE T0 INDIVIDUAL MEASUREMENTS 64 XV womnco CAROLINA .roon SERVICES, INC. w. BELTLINE BLVD.-COLUMBIA, s. c. 29204 - mom 256-0731 How A DIVISION OF WOMETCO ENTERPRISES, INC. do you know you've got your money in the right bank? There's only one way to be sure. Compare SCN with the others. You'll find there's no comparison. 4233 SouthCarollna NationalBank Member Federal Reselve System Insured by F.D,I.C. "EVERYWHERE IN COLUMBIA" CLEANERS 601 MAIN LAUNDRYS: FURRIERS ACROSS FROM THE HONEYCOMBS. lnAY 3:232:19" 256-8909 65 6.; Cessnak 256-1661 COLUMBIA'S DOWNTOWN AIRPORT COLUMBIA SOUTH CAROLINA SINGLE 0R TWIN ENGINE FAA APPROVED AIR TAXI -AI'R AMBULANCE AIR FREIGHT AVIONICS sues a. ssnwcs FAA a VA FLIGHT TRAINING nmu A"! WORLD WIDE SALES-MAINTENANCE-SERVICE NEW 8: PRE-OWNED AIRPLANES THE MWUBGDMJ NATIONAL MFE INSURANCE COMPANY TENTH LARGEST IN U. S. 38 BILLION IN INSURANCE IN FORCE 2700 MIDDLEBURG DR. SUITE 209 MIDDLEBURG MALL COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA 18031 256-7406 JOHN ROPER GEORGE MCCARTHY ZEIGLER-RAY PRINTING C0., INC. "CREATORS OF FINE PRINTING" 1412 2nd Ave. North Birmingham, Alabama 35203 328-4231 66 Ban ers COMPLIMENTS OF Tr st AMERICAN LEGION DEPARTMENT OF SOUTH CAROLINA RISH'S AUTO SERVICE 1117 LEPHART ST. WEST COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA GENERAL REPAIRS 5- 1155 BODY WORK WRECKER SERVICE 19 1 PAINTING COMPLIMENTS OF THE DRILLTEAM ANOTHER TOUGH EXTRA DRILL 67 - l4 , : ,iv.t2..a1uiril, Best from COLUMBIA COUNCIL of the NAVY LEAGUE .- .555 . . v 426 .W 1973 Salvo

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