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University of South Carolina Columbia - Garnet and Black Yearbook (Columbia, SC) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Cover

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-lv I 1968 GARNET AND BLACK I THE UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA Things arerft as cold on the inside 011. J u 'X 'A ,, A . may 2' f' ..n. ,I ' ' 'n . . ,frm fi ff .-r ' - .N,f V W -qi .H+-I X- ,- s wi 5 s s 5 I s ,y L ,,"" sh' , 5 yy 11 N 5 , .V . " ..,,, I' 'i. 'qfx "' This is where we live on the inside. rw-e"ff",I." ,,,,, M,,,,,.,,m,,Am, ,A , A ,,,,... vm. ' ,, ,... ,.,,..... A x ww 21 " . """"N'N-- f' 1 '11 """""' " - " ' " K, ,Q E , W 5 r 1 l N li pl: .- At 'First we walk alone in groupsp We are alone. But things change . . ,1 H J' ,,w- ,WL . W. . 3 if fQf'3'f??? M Q .. H 1 U oPA!vAc-35 ' 'X Cfd i L 5.14 m-1-I "' mil. ...,v, 4 -..s3'U., xx ' rj H, Y 5... tuck' Y ,., j.1f:' .1 l 4' fini? j' -fmux' -f i A,.A ffff 12.53 ffff' ff: "'fi'Vl'f Q 'z N-Qtjzkt L mi s , ,.,..,A . , 'U' 's X Q ,rl V' h. Y 3 . ' 4 '- 'fs 1 f v s wg .- Q -A 1 tn w.' '4 'J' S wi w M H k A-gi 4 rf? i Yn- p G a V w 2 5 i 'I 1 i i i 1 x I gn- illus- L 55 Contronted with study, we react differently I0 jp 0. P 'E .UMW T'-1+ Q ll o ' 1 I e' 4. Nt 4 3 :S 1 ?' 1 X1 if K , 4 f fav Q .,--:v A x 1 3,- x 1-322 2 Q1 -A-r .' "" L:':'lLS"Ff J 1 - ar" .TA .T in H :HJ A "' ' 4.-' 1.: ,Q A , 1 Efg.-ge55'iQp.ff? 4- 4 A -L., - , ' T . .mg egg? , .n,,f5?Zi5fv13few'7Efff3 ' '7"W'5f4" 2' " gv - .21 mfs", -'- -455212, '-f-n,?,.'j1:g!- " n ik" 'i' fx ififgjxiij-1 3 ' FQVQI ' t ul ' b fi --, ., Y- f ug:- ' 'ff I.. , , ,H "1.g:'- X .4 4 Q A fm it-L AQILW +V , Q v Kms , . - v i A - 2 , 1 , 1 e 1 I v IM34. 1 1 .. v F4- 21 si '97 0000 There comes a time when we must let go And it feels good. I2 1 I - A ,, ?q':.-iij,f----,Hail .', v of X 7 Add' ' uw if - rf-' 'T' - .- -YTTTT -v ' - 1 4:5L'A5gF.f:'.'5f""f-1' -- A . .g,.:'K,,.x'Y:i,,,. .- - - , gf 1, ihfg- 31, gy: 'sl - f':J'l.7 N 'lf-H 4 . ll. ' if A ag a s E Q-. M E' E all We learn because it is a part of our lives, because we must learn and because, at times, we love learning. I5 ...M if 'J , , 1 , .. 44.3 . ' ' 'Wat' 1' 'ff'- -'J Ati H ,I mf. , .. ff' f . gy 1..'.mv-,. Q '- iz.. 71 f ' J 1 . 1 I I 4. nl' , -1,12 yu. ,W V, . 1 , .9--N - . , . w,1.',' , s ff Q V A .P..1?v4 ' . sL..:?f'?' .. , .3 , rv ., vr v 'B ' 1-V1-.-, :pg - 1 fi 6 Y f . - lil' 'I-bf' ' y 1 2 'Ein 'F vi f, ' 4 - ' -, 4' t- Q 1, ' T' v T315 7 5'f.3t.Q2N i cf, ,fr F514 5552. f my wr. -A ,Jw .'F'v f .'.i:1g,'2'- 141 n f V Q ' ' ,Z.:"'.fv- ",:1"' ,,+ ,ms-p -.f,,1Qf .',2'.J3J'-" J fa!-it vi. 1.29.5 , . Win, -v , -fig, Ffffvfffg. 'YL' -. :,.- ,-nf,'..'--: P' , f-v r h, . ,:,"', r, ',Z!'.:A? A f. :q'jfr21F,'c1?'H ..', 'Q . .f ' 3,.l75j,'Q'4 'fir " , ,ML LJ! L, 45-5-Lil? There is but one time-the love time, ancl all lite in this season that is so clitferent in the each ot us. -Martin Buxbaum. With our arrival at USC comes independence . . . , n -.-:. s. .iz ' Ax. om , ,s ve, ff U5 ,al .VA ' lfrafrfk lf' "fe , . ng,-' Quia i fy. V ,f.-lfiw-22 ,wwf E139 X ,V M., lwwfsii N A H wi- f My M. ,lf 'I g :.xU1.. Mk " W w..w'34i. if :. ,- vs , We find our new homes in different places We ponder the question ot which came first- Draft beer or the student. The BIG WEEKEND arrives! Special dinner dates, Blind dates, Parties, Et Cetera. can . -- ,Y I-I .nr-f-n -..Q me-eb ,,,, A ,wi 55 fe ,ga f-'ffl .f""- x 3 N ,A A L ...S L-X 5 5 A , 3 ' NX-. QQ" Q 'Y' Yi X. -XXKN-4-Q-N I, 5, .favs 5, ,D . - ..-,' .4 A 'NNN 'R f X. L-X xx . xxx xx XS-.V , X, 'N X X Xxx, -S A .4 441.gif 'Jw w 'xr M : , ' , -, fl 'H-Q, Q " Y ,A 1 l-w.4?- A lr. 24 ,gf l Tim I, G9 ff ps, v "M zz , , 4 x e b 3 ,Q 1 Y' , my fmt ' 'S I V I Exams threaten each of us. Some block out the reality by diversion-others meet 'che problem -'SQA , 'UQ Y Xl F' W I I 2. f wi... MW M! U1 KW! X .igcripw .-pl? M asses uneventfully 'W s 1 At Carolina, We find more of ourselves .r'f', Y' 'n.ou.,, . 'u-9 Ov . .I 7.5 "I .YV in ' ,, w v ,'.. I V nr.. . u ,, 4A ... s . .4- rr' u 5, '-I , f 'Nw .vw .' Ag.,-,'y1' 5, Fx:-fy -, b- .- .41p,:--V I. L.. . 1. 'HQYF-Q 1-'ffl f. -.. aff' '. 4 u ' - ' ,. Q' 1 .J Q, . u . .l' . ' -f ,, . 1 1 " ' P' r x U! 21: '.',l ' 7- If , L I' T' N L. .:- ' , .. A ,u' 1 ,, ,1 '- . SQ' , 1 ..,,, 1 '-1 Al Up, ,'.f I I.' fl 'I' S n I -, -. Q . J "'h'1C ' . .41-. i --'I , rl I ' 1 :I L A l' 6 f A C31 . ' I 'T I-5 Thi - , Q. .- A.-.r.' .J ' A ,- , , .. A-" " 32991 1 J w,. Y-1-Tvafkzufv-f A wa 14 f . 7 , ,, .4 f-1r"Cxf 7 , I,-, V, 9'-Q :.A,qfgy-fifjff , i',""'U4'l' . Q, 'f , . X up .1-:L Q.-2 L f ,eg .A.1,,., h 5Qf,:l- Q-In fum.. . W L ' 14. ff-f!--v..- 3 --,W-.. 2.44-. ...V I... . , , ,N - , J , -71 4 ...-":' , 1 gpm.. 5 9. 7- " ' 'i Q .j-3: ' .f K my " ' -' ' .Z .lmf ' - -Af' me 7' - - P ff gem' --'F':w'va+r'a"f f5 - ' I ' ,sw----""Yn1 4 -' "' . s '. '-1309 ' .F A f' A-+f"?"ntf,' . f .wr-fi., A 'zz ' -limi.. v ii- -344'"f?if"?!g'f'-"f2TZLMFA, ' A ' ,. . . E.,-.,,-5 1 Q::5--L-,.Vf."sl"'-,514-. A - '1f,if"m' ' 1. 2 - ' Tw I 7+ z gg1 z2?iff.' .. R 1 A xigxt-R: .. . , , Q " , ., 4 .- .. t 1f1-21-ff,fQ-1f,- -' X V gig lf' PV.. - 'H '-"- ...L' ' . ' F'Y'5-4'f' 'W' ' "' ' - .atsoaskxg v , . 3 .- - -' '. ll - ' i'r,n' .L v. vi! Nr, fl wily." 55 W.. . 5hL.1ff.'fJA.v',1r4-'LATEx'Q',',' G if 'A-:'Q.,:: lr' rw!! 9. 1 . .V ,N '! f Q 'A f ?'S4,,3g'1f ,j'wt"J-.7 '. .nh fQfj.a-nw vq I' Nkqfvfl X 'alugil TW, Q' ' 1 I ,l I 0 'a x x HH 'ri Lt, x Il. A . A 4 M u QI Q I v , x I4 Q r N In '51 A ' i4 -A .. ' si'l'4. I ff- .v Q ',-M . S . w 1 '. Y I' 1 F , - -. 4 , 'as4xAHVx.g' -4Q""' RFQ in ,. n--Q 1. - '- rift'-ln..1X-lgf..-' - '5s. - , -1-f. DEDICATION For his dedication and perseverance in seeking a better Carolinag for his warm and genuine interest in the students and sup- porters ot the Universityg tor his innumerable contributions to USC, the community and the statep and tor all the thousand little ways that he has brought an extra measure ot joy and satisfaction to all who come in contact with himp we dedicate the I968 GARNET AND BLACK to Frank Joseph McGuire. f'u,u'H ny' 'fm Seated in his otfice in the now-gutted Field House, Frank McGuire is sur- rounded by mementoes of a brilliant past. These will be shadowed by his future accomplishments at USC. 30 1' fe , x , ', 1-f .ff , Q..- .... - A ' 7' I .- 'I '..., H . .a La . Jr' K. if' 'I lim . H c 9 -,C . f O, STAFF ' -E-.T5i'QiNAucY FRANKLIN . . . Edna--in-chief :'9ts":',J'CARTER CREWE .... Business Managero U ""LARRY STEPHENS . . Asst. Business Manager MIKE BRuToN ..... Advertising Editgfr CHARLES BRANDENBURG . . Greeks Editor MARGARET CRAFT . Student Services Editor JIM CROSBY .... Communications Editor ELBIE CONARD .... Professionals Editor NICK BASHNAN ..... Military Editor SALLEY CARTER .... Honoraries Editor NENA FROST . . . . . Classes Editor PAT OUINN .... Administration Editor SHIRLEY GARRETT ..... Copy Editor JOHNNY JACOBS . . . . Sports Editor WENDELL SMITH . . . . Religion Editor ffxa Q . I . -' 1 . I lil ,.w. , , c ,lg a 1 . -I , n, . . -V' +1 I 3- L1 .."Q.- ,, , , is .1-A ' V R ., , l ,ig it ' W?" ' ' ' ' . 'l' - h . i- Y Y N .. vu M ' " 4 ' , nv- - 1 fe- ' 4 ' A,-535-vi 4 ' . 5 I 'lei S ' H ' ff'i"1"g.. A ,s 6 I : .: .-'::: ri' - '4 if-.' f - . "" W 5 QWMQ Q u is vc ,ggi-ae-,I l U ijt I "1" 1 - " ' I "' 1 I r a is ll 'U l'l I ' 1 n ' --S.. 2 4 gf- .. L- 2 4 -.1--1 r vnjg'Rx-L... 1 . I Q . x,-:Q ' tjrhtll fl' if o it xi 3 f f .y 3 ' 5 CONTENTS 1 . 4 Administration ' 34 Government ' 58 Greeks I' i 84 Military I68 Professionals I 86 Student Services 2IQ Religion 8 226 Beauties 244 Fighting Gamecocks 258 Communications 3 I 8 - Honoraries 338 Et Al 354 Classes 358 Our Year 484 za 1 Ms z nw T I 0 A M I I N I 5 S T R A N MR. ARPAD DARAZS received three of his numerous degrees from universities in Hungary. At present he is a USC Doctoral candidate with all work completed but his thesis. Mr. Darazs en'oys spending his leisure- time pidclling in the garden, target practicing or being with his family. To retreat from the busy hum of the Uni- versity, Mr. Darazs enjoys mountain hiking and an kind of water sports. He and his flamily make frequent visits to the mountains and the ocean. Before coming to Carolina Mr. Darazs held positions in Massa- chusetts, Connecticut and New York colleges and universities. Mr. Darazs and his wife Piri have three children. 'P I5 ld L ,- Jmf qgv h'N?!1 . ,gs V. I -llls IF XC 19" 45. ' nf X .bg I . ' A f- .gap . G Mn' 5.4 ii". + as'sa s 5-WH tt - ' B Mawr-,sms , ,sa 0 , OUTSTANDING DR. WILLIAM ECCLES can usually be found officiating USC track meets, swimming meets or keeping the statistics at the football games. An athlete at heart Dr. Eccles enjoys all sports, including flying. Besides his officiating duties he busies himself with keeping up with computer science develop- ments. His weekly reading list might consist of the following: Consumer Report, Life, Scientific America, and ReacIer's Digest. Dr. Eccles received his BA. and MA. from M.I.T. and he received his Ph.D. from Purdue. Dr. Eccles has been at Carolina since I965. He considers everything an individual challenge and meets each chal- lenge when it arises. . ss' f Rakim-iywfss ,zsagkv ...g 4 .fy MHA . N , ' .I . ' 14 1 .si . sw ,...if -wi., if ' A W y ' ':, '. " A. :fz " 1, fifll? Q ' .5 if IJ, '.' Qgiga na . - -. , - -, f.,.- I - af, J ,t'-im, ,, . FACULTY DR. WARREN GIESE received his B.S., B.A. 'From Central Michigan University, his M.A. from Ma - land, and his Ph.D. trom Florida State University. Dr. Giese is Head of the Department of Physical Edu- cation, taculty sponsor tor Kappa Sigma Kappa. This year Dr. Giese worked with the American Heart Association as its coordinator. Through Kappa Sigma Kappa and the Columbia High School athletes Mr. Giese helped the heart 'Fund attain its goal. In his little tree time Dr. Giese enjoys reading, and all sports, especially handball. Be- fore coming to Carolina Dr. Giese was Head Football Coach at the University ot Maryland. Dr. Giese has tour children: Alison, I4p Melanie, l3p Warren, I2: and King, 9. Dr. Giese has been at the Uni- versity since l956. MlSS ESTHER E. STARKEY, R.N., enjoys knitting, sewing and gar- dening along with collecting and refinishing antique furniture. She began her refinishing with an an- tique marble topped table which she now displays in her dining room. Her pet cat, Pumpkin, keeps her company. lt was through her interest in animals that Miss Starkey decided to become a nurse. She re- ceived her diploma from Bethesda Hospital School ot Nursing, and her B.S. and M.A. Degrees trom the University ot Pittsburgh. At present she is Associate Professor in the School ot Nursing here at the University. DOCTOR THOMAS F. JONES PRESIDENT or usc USC's President, Dr. Thomas F. Jones, is an industrious man both in his University position and in his private lite. A normal work week tor him consists ot seven, sixteen-hour days. ln his little spare time Dr. Jones tinds time to tinker with cars and to read the works ot William Faulkner, his tavorite author. A master ot electronics, President Jones enjoys tiddling with household gadgets. Dr. Jones is also the only university president who can tix his own color TV. A favorite boast ot President Jones is an old sea shore house which he rebuilt, converting it into a year-round resi- dence. As he looks back, Dr. Jones recalls that one ot the hardest decisions he ever had to make was whether or not to leave that house. Just recently he obtained a patent on a mine sweep, which until this year was under security measures. President Jones and his wite have tive children: Thomas lll, who is married, James who is attending "Ole Miss", and John who is attending Baylor Prep. At home is Sissy, a seventh grader and little Andrew. Dr. Jones received his Bachelor's degree at Mississippi State lI935l and he received his Master's ll94Ol, and his Doctoris ll952l trom Massachusetts Institute ot Technology. Prior to coming to the University, Dr. Jones taught at M.l.T., and was head ot the Electrical Engineering Depart- ment at Purdue. if A -:.,,mds?i...,..... i . tram I 1, SQ,-1 W wr 5 V Y M ,W SEM ' M. , GOV. McNAIR South CaroIina's governor, Robert E. McNair is a World War II veteran having served 22 months with the 7th Amphibian Force. He was a Lt. Ij.g.I USNR. Governor McNair received his AB. De- gree in I947 trom the University ot South Carolina, and he received his LL.B. in I948 trom the University ot South CaroIina's School ot Law. In I967 he received an honorary Doctorate ot Law Degree trom USC. Governor McNair has served as Lt. Gov- ernor, Member ot the State House, he was elected Vice-Chairman ot the National Democratic Governors' Caucus in IQ67. He also served on the Southern Governors, Board. In community lite Governor IVIcNair is an active member ot the Lions Club, the Ameri- can Legion, the Farm Bureau, Kappa Sigma Kappa, Blue Key, and is a Mason-Shriner. THE HQNQRABI-E RQBERT MCNAIR The governor is married to the tormer Governor of the State ot South Carolina Josephine Robinson. They have tour chil- dren: Robert E., Jr., Robin Lee, Corinne Calhoun and Claudia Crawtord. BOARD OF TRUSTEES FIRST ROW SITTING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Harold Breazeale. Dr. William Patterson. Rutledge L. Osborne, President Thomas Jones, James W. Cothran. FIRST ROW STANDING: T. Lulce Benson, William S. Brockington IM.D.I, James I... Moss, Jr.. T. Eston Marchant. James V. Poag. D. Glenn Yarborough. Dean Harold Brunton. SECOND ROW STANDING: J. Robert Peters, Jr.. Dan S. Henderson, R. Marlcley Dennis, Solomon Blatt. Jr.. Hugh H. Wells IM.D.I, Hugh L. Willcox. NOT PICTURED: Mr. Busbee. Sen. James P. Mozingo, III. R. Milo Smith. Edward Saluby. Governor Robert McNair. 40 T H msg Spin' 'TRP - ' 1 ' 1 F - :tr ' 1 1 - 4: H. . .. Q4 3-H H 1, 1i1.11 V 1 11 mv swrmsgw V 1 ., , , V, ,Li ,- ss, ,pn .A - - , 1-,wasp , 1 i - ' -'-1..f-"iii-12 ,531 -fir sl ii , , ' iii . fi . 2g.+1i1"ff15Sgg1ggfsfi1-ff' fi-Ui' , 925 3.9! Qggfkzgiws -' "ful :Z 1 4: si E' liii- 1 1, . S Ii, - ff ll ff, :-if 5 ssh.--. sie.. -5- -is W-,s.., sas? 111 -:Eff 1f1sis1fssn ua. -J: 1wf5:ffe,t 1: M11- ftfrwer1f2 531- 534551 i 'ar ,iggieigfsigfm swf? - X54-Fr fyitfs-s1.!L 13if4Bsiasa2f?fs21:es, if i , 3igs,9 igmsiig-1. 'singer- ' . . ,gtwxss Eff "si -me we W- mit ails GL:-:E . fa 1 ' 2 We at? U Z V .E lg I 4. 1 -,qty img: 1 L ii 1, 4 "M 1.1 1 ,Y as ' .smiiu EIC uv ii, Q. Ms 1.g':zx,1, sis? E1 . 11i-gears 1-fg":2zfw1,. 1 E ri: ' "4'i'o' nw is 1 1 , life., 1. ' 1 '- I ' . 4 1 l 3. W. i':' DEAN OF MEN USC's Dean ot Men, EUGENE COOPER is a senior master at bridge. He has earned a total ot 50 master points. ln his other tree time Dean Cooper enjoys swimming and horseback riding. He has two little girls, Beth, who is tour, and Stephanie, two. On week- ends he enjoys family outings, such as picnics. Betore coming to USC he was at the University ot Ala- bama, where he was Assistant Dean ot Men, Director ot lv1en's Activi- ties and Acting Housing Director. Dean Cooper received his A.B. from the University ot Alabama, and his lvlasteris from Florida State University, with additional post- graduate work in guidance and student personnel. DEAN OF WOMEN Travel is DEAN CLOTWORTHY'S favorite pastime, and when ever possible she likes to travel by car, so that she can tully appreciate the scenery. Some ot her boasts are trips to Europe, Canada, and Mexico. This summer, however, she has decided to "see America tirstf' In her momentary tree time Dean Clotworthy likes to read. Although she hates to admit it, she is an uescapist reader," and enjoys mys- tery novels, such as those by lvlary Stewart. She also attempts to keep up with the best seller list. Dean Clotworthy was also a member ot the tirst edition ot Women's Who's Who. Her civic activities member- ship in Altrusa International, which is the oldest civic service club in existence. She was also president ot the Greater Columbia Round- table Conterence. Dean Clot- worthy received her B.S. 'From Winthrop, and her Master's from Columbia University, where she has completed other postgraduate work in student personnel and administration. Vice-President, Harold Brunton, Head of Division of Business Affairs. Vice-President, George Curry, Head of Learning Resources Vice-President, Willard H. Davis, Head of Academic Affairs Vice-President, Wallace C. Martin, I-lead ot Development il Vice-President, James A. Morris, l-lead ot Advanced Studies and Research Vice-President, William Patterson, Senior Vice-President Vice-President, Charles I-I. Witten, Head of Student Atfairs 1 . Ti, A 'fs -.f iii? 1- ,' 1 ,Tnx A. :yu ,-.av 355 H PT 'iv l ir xii . , xxx , E' A 2.3- J v YY, J , "M .lu- 'x I I 1 . nr' .1- ' f4 J' . - Q1 'grim' ,Q-nl' , 1E? T E52 ll 5 ' 225.5 A .lv 1 , rw V0 I 5 I K :Jef .M-5 4 Nj 5, ,w 2 in W 1 KV , .. . .iv I' X 4 Q. 4 -w x L A A M :JUL v! .A , f " 531 5" .- , .1 FLW: , 'mg 2- ' gf ,L ia'-U ' "f-if ' 'J 'fu -Q -.xy 'ffl YF f :gl 3 is S' 'asf 1, 1, :ix 2, 1 pr is I ,.f, my gi.- . ff.i55Ht:::-ass J . , .-. 'Q' ' -dNinHv.e-avg-.4 gh, r - 1 , -ar': A x 4 r J' . '.r' l 1 j ,W A iff . 1 ' 1 , .. K . .f . . M dw , wma, . A Hfwa . Q 'Z .nqvaa--.ra M A 'BZ' A . Q - ' - - u f. x v 43,22 , 5 :Q ' A - L -P V 7 ,U K r V 3 ff . VW.-ef ..... A Q M, , Q MJ-:,,, r - ' YN .I K ' - 1' 'Sv-' 'F' Q . 111 E V ,V ,G iw 3? . 552 Aer I yi I L A' ' , 1 9 4 "sew qw? 1:35435 vjif Q I mi r Sm 4, ,L . ww as '35 W: wx U, . ,... N? , i few wx L zz, ag v :wr K 1.2 :mf Jaws, .'-3 .5 DR. DONALD T. SECOR. JR. Head of Geology ,px lwl DR. JOHN C. GUILDS Head of English Depf. DR. WILLIAM ECCLES, Head of Compufer Science Deparlmenf DR. JAMES LARSON Head of Polifical Science DR. LAUREN E. BRLIBAKER. JR. Head of Bible and Religion DR. ROBERT OCHS Head of Hislory Deparlmem' DR. DAVID SPEER. Head of Foreign Languages 3. of .-.iz Sir E , pn-in is DR. JULIAN J. PETTY Head of Geography DR. ARTHUR FRASER Head of Music Depf. DR. OSWALD SCHUETTE Head of Physics Deparlmenf DR. RICHARD WALKER Head of lniernaiional Sfudies ART AND SCIENCE DEPARTMENT HEADS CAPT. JOHN ADAMS, Head of Naval Science DR. JOHN BENZ Head of Deparimeni of Ari' DR. ROBERT L. STEWART Head of Sociology and Anfhropology LEU? ,.Q,.5...k..H Q New H me qw B2 -' L X KW A EFA l' bfi-Q31-na ssuygw sa ,,:wma.wfumQne -sawn-Iam!! N H wwe Q we XX on - gg -1rm,,m 53 ggo-M - Zigi six: BEAR .Mm M .ww We 5 gee mg. :Rf L .1 N wig L jade- Q- ggwgm " HB!! W - .Q 54- if 1 img H B SPE Q- A is Q. DR. KERSHAW WALSH Head of Psychology DR. OSCAR BONNER Head of Deparfmeni' of Chemisfry M .ig ae. -+- -, ,. COL. ROBERT FANCHER Head of AF Aerospace Sfudies 47 DR. THEODORE B. COLE Head of Biology Deparfmenf l l l l l l l i l l JAMES F. KANE, Dean of College of Business Administration COLLEGE OF BUSINESS The main aim ot the Business School is to continue expansion along existing lines, to provide excellent education in the tields ot business and economics, to serve the business community through educational seminars, and to stimulate and challenge our students. The immediate change this year was that Dean James F. Kane took over the position trom Acting Dean Olin S. Pugh. The tuture goals ot the school are to institute a system ot summer internships and to initiate the tormation ot a representative student organ- ization throughout the college at all class levels. f ' ' "H , V1'- -vw - W ' ' M if - -. ,li - 555' Q E W ' 'Q ' ' - s- H -T T Y ' "" "'f"'! - i 48 COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING DEAN RUFUS G. EELLERS, Dean of the School ot Engineering The College ot Engineering placed strong emphasis on mathematics, basic sciences, and engineering sciences, which are common to many areas ot engineering. The engineer- ing problems ot today and tomorrow cut across many boundaries and are poorly de- tined by designations such as, Chemical, Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering. The USC Engineering curriculum builds upon a strong common core ot material and pro- vides opportunity tor specialization in well detined and meaningful areas including, Chemical Systems, Electronics and Com- munications, Energy Conversion, Materials, and Structures and Mechanics. The new taculty additions this year were: Dr. A. J. Eggenberger, Dr. C. A. Rhodes, and Protes- sor W. l-l. l-loppmann, Ill. Professor Hopp- mann is instituting a major new research program in the tield ot biomechanics. Dr. B. L. Baker is the l-lead ot Chemical Engi- neering, Dr. Richard B. Pool is the Head ot Civil Engineering, l-lead ot Electrical Engi- neering is Dr. J. Taylor, and l-lead ot Me- chanical Engineering is Dr. E. C. Woodward, Jr. SCHOOL OF EDUCATION The school ot Education provides the basic training tor the teachers ot the future. The school administers a policy ot selective ad- mission to its professional programs of study. Admission is based on academic achieve- ment, physical and mental health, citizenship, professional interests and habits. The re- sources and present 'Facilities of the School of Education include a professional library, a counseling clinic, a Bureau of Research, a Bureau ot Field Service and a Reading Clinic. The School ot Education provides training for elementary, secondary and higher edu- cation teaching degrees. VA E,b, so ,, I . 1. DR. JOHN OTTS, Dean ot the School of Education DR. NICHOLAS P. MITCHELL, Dean ot the College of General Studies COLLEGE OF GENERAL STUDIES The College ot General Studies is a major area of experimentation at the University, and has accordingly become involved in many new Federally supported programs. This school also operates the Evening Division, which has approximately 500 students. In addition it provides correspondence courses and Associate Degree Programs in Educa- tion, Secretarial Science, Technical Nursing, and Pre-School Education. The college is the basic home ot continuing education pro- grams and stages non-credit conferences, institutes, and short courses in many fields, both in Columbia and throughout the state. The college also provides an extensive pack- age library service, and its Audio-Visual Di- vision is the home ot halt a million dollar's worth of tilms available to the campus and the general public on a rental basis. Y. . .-I. '- pu . I Lf 1.14 i 2" 'fl:! i --. vp has ' 1 1 ,P ' ,,.f J, 4519" I tl' SCHOOL OF JOURNALISM The School ot Journalism boasts three new members this year: Perry J. Ashley, Lee J. Duolelc, and Steve Yates. The School ot Journalism tries to promote interest among its students through seminars, conventions, and speakers. May l3th saw the installation ot the scholarship honorary, Kappa Tau Alpha, ot which USC is one ot torty member schools chosen by the board. The school also published a newspaper tirst semester ancl plans to malce it a semi-annual project. The biggest thrill tor the Journalism School is the coming ot their new quarters in the Coliseum, which they expect to occupy by January, 1969. This will be the most up to olate Journalism school in the Southeast. l .1 'iw 1 id- U-fvbi DR. ALBERT T. SCROGGINS, JR., Dean of the School of Journalism 3 4 i 3 i 5 SCHOOL OF LAW The main aim ot the School ot Law is teaching, as a branch ot education, by study in depth and stimulation of scholarship and research in order to equip students to meet the requirements ot the legal profession wherever they may wish to practice. The new faculty members are: Associate Protes- sor Robert L. Felix, Assistant Professor Wil- liam H. Ledbetter, Jr., Assistant Professor John E. Krahmer. The future goal ot the Law School is to expand the present build- ing and facilities to accommodate l,5OO students. MR. ROBERT M. FIG-G, JR., Dean of the School of Law 1 SCHOOL OF NURSING The School ot Nursing celebrated its Tenth Anniversary on April 5, I968, in conjunction with the Fitth Viana McCown Lectureship in Nursing. Plans are being made to add new modern tacilities to the school, such as a graduate school. In the Fall term ot i967 there were 300 nursing students enrolled in the baccalaureate program. This was the maximum number ot admissions with the present physical and other facilities. This year saw an acceleration in the program ot continuing education for nurse practitioners in the state. SCHOOL OF PHARMACY The School ot Pharmacy has an active research program in progress and is conduct- ing research on drug absorption and systhesis therapeutic agents. The school also has an active continuing education program 'lor the pharmacists ol the state. The B.S. degree is awarded upon completion of either a tive- year course in Pharmacy or a tive-year com- bined course in Pharmacy and Pre-Medicine. Graduate instruction is also otlered at the lv1aster's level in Pharmacy and Pharma- ceutical Chemistry. Ot the ZOO Pharmacy students and IOO Pre-Pharmacy students on campus 9070 are South Carolinians. About 801, ot its graduates practice their protes- sion in the state. ns..--i""" L. 'I A . Pl" , nf- PEW 1 ,N-. 'i 2.57. an .Q MR. R. W. MORRISON, Dean ot the School of Pharmacy M V ,VM ,, ,, ilu sell-nmlv su-car flu! 'flunill alridr hy llx Co-lr of' E1l'lfS al ll'c Jlmfrican Pbannncmllmll .Jlsxocimimv in my rrlnlian: with llvc pnliln, llir ollmfr lyeilllll prnlrm:-nw. .i-v-l jzllmv plmmmcisls, Q-" flll-ll will 050' -'ll ll" l-'W' aomrning ilu pmclicf afplv.irm.1rv .xml mlm! 7 u-ill mcouugf lb: mfurcmunf of Ulm: Liu-5 .xgmnil .ill pursvm pldgiisg ro :mist ilu proper -mllwnrfes in wrmrind any unlawful or unrtlficul clvmlucl rimung mcmlvcrx ol my prufusion, I2 Thu! fl will Jo' my lm! In slrvrlnp .wil mninmm profmioual :mum by leaping! ulfvwl vl Jenflapmnm in my vim and ulaml pnvlmions, un-I fl Tha! fl will bald Ib: :MMI lmlAl1anJ u'eUarr p.1mmuimi in all cmxsilrralimxsrrlalivr lo dx practice ol .-7' Yes, each ot us is an individual man unique unto ourselves. But each of us is an inquisitor awaiting common answers. Each of us has a gite to give, a precious gift for the world: A gift ot IGNORANCE and a hunger for KNOWLEDGE. Each of us at some enlightened moment will stumble upon truth, a meager stream to entrance man, And each of us will blaze a path, groping toward its dark origin . . The world of Knowledge is OURS. ma s s 7 Qin 1 .I 'Af ww Q f' 1 STUDENT BODY :Si OFFICERS -GE-r SAM DREW, President of Student Body .2-P??"" V 1 RAE HERRIN, Secretary CARL COWA RT, Treasurer DEN NY ROYAL, Vice-President A JE' -xg 4 V 4. vc '. 4. 60 EXECUTIVE BRANCH Tom Salane, First Secretary ot the Cabinet, ponders daily problems that arise. Other members not pictured are: Sarah Bryant Secretary tor Academic Affairs, Joe Hobson, Secretary for Public Atfairsg Barry Knobel, Secretary tor Cultural Attairsp Bill Mc- Dougall, Secretary tor General Welfare: and Don l-lult, Secretary for Athletic Affairs. bl JOINT JUDICIAL couNcIL. LEFT TO Rue-HT: may Cooper, craig Evans Pat Naylor. Kathy Leland, Graham Hill, Tom Salane. LEFT TO RIGHT: Craig Evans. Secretary: Pct Naylor. Chairman: Kathy Leland, Joint Judicial Council and Women's Judicial Council. 62' The Wednesday afternoon Senate session seated in their headquarters in Russell House 63 STUDENT-FACULTY RELATIONS Carolina is large but not so large that students lose contact with their professors. Despite their many commitments, the faculty takes time to listen to students. The office chats pro- vide some of the most meaningful dialogue to University life. As further evidence of the bond between student and faculty, many professors are actively engaged in student organiza- tions. Therefore, students not only learn from classroom lecture, lout also from associations with their professors out- side of class. 64- L25 W , H if f,gwg ww W" lg, .jmk .. ..,.. fm f Q 57- Nia ,. iw an w K5 ,ww Q' AV' -4 ,, vc! ' fs' .. 0 ,. 'Shu PW , ,ug 'ff if 2252 0 2 A ,J ii! W.. , 5 ,. 5. ' ie woe 1 if bs . 17' ilwig A! A M H N 7 , if wi? , I if, ,ig .gtw 1 ASSOCIATED WOMEN'S STUDENTS Associated Women's Students has been very etfective this year under expert leader- ship. Dorm mothers and hall counselors work in close collaboration in order to make the Carolina coed's lite more pleasant. Efforts are being made in the tields ot later hours and interdormitory activities. JANET SELMAN, Vice-President: RAYE JONES, Treasurer KAREN RUSSELL Second Vice President LEFT TO RIGHT: Eldon Armstrong, Clyde Livingston, Preston Murone. Wayne Roberts, Vernon Smith, Pat Callahan. John Gilden. Gary Goodman. INTERDORMITORY CGUNCIL IDC, as yet unchartered, is the policy- making body, as well as the coordinator tor all men's dormitories. Close cooperation is The key ot IDC's success. Ideas, plans and suggestions are exchanged and discussed in hopes ot producing reformation and revo- lution in dorm lite. LEFT TO RIGHT: Preston Marone, Secretary-Treasurer: Eldon Armstrong, Vicee President: and Clyde Livingston, President. LEFT TO RIGHT: Derriel Cato, Tim Bandylc. Doug Carter, Denny Royal. 67 SOUTH CAROLINA STATE STUDENT LEGISLATURE Students trom USC again played a lead- ing role this tall, when the South Carolina State Legislature convened tor its tenth an- nual session. Otticers tor I967-68 included Bill McDougall, Lieutenant, who has been elected Governor tor the upcoming year. In addition to McDougall, B. Brown ot USC was elected Speaker Pro Tempore, Mike Grier, Administrative Assistant, and Bill Britton, State Treasurer. Besides its impor- tance in giving students experience in gov- Susan Bond registers tor the state convention held here in Columbia. ernmental processes, the Legislature atiords an exceptional means ot presenting the views ot students throughout the state. lts Acts and Resolutions are published and dis- tributed to the General Assembly each spring. Able representation trom Carolina provided numerous bills dealing with matters as widely divergent as the need tor better lighting on campus and the elimination ot the Sunday "Blue Laws." Bill McDougall is applauded as the newly elected Governor of South Carolina State Student Legislature or l968-69. Delegates from the University of South Carolina attend the I967-68 convention. 1' if e Don Keplen moderates student Speak Out as interested bystanders listen attentively or contempuousy to those who speak, SPEAK OUT Student Speak Gut, held on various after- noons during the week, gives Carolina stu- dents an opportunity to voice their opinions on any topic which might arise tor discussion. 69 . " Q i f f I in , A 't.- , tiykisl-3 . I i A ' V ll f '!!5f1 ' " I , W Ill! Town Girls' Association Officers. JANE IVERSON, President of the Town Girls' Association. TOWN GIRLS' ASSOCIATION The Town Girls' Association holds a weekly meeting to gather intorma- tion on campus activities. This year they acquired a lounge on the third tloor in thesRusseII I-Iouse which serves as a gathering place between classes. The lounge is open to all town girls whether or not they are formal mem- Ioers ot the association. Town Girls relax in the leisure atmosphere of TWA lounge. FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS. LEFT TO RIGHT: Barry Ellison, Secretary: Mack Coble. President: and Reid Montgomery, Treasurer. TOWN MEN'S ASSOCIATION The Town Men's Association was tormed to further the communica- tion link among the town men and the campus. Meetings are held to discuss the problems ot commuters. The main concern this year is im- proving the parking facilities. It was suggested that a parking area be set up near the stadium and a bus would transport the townies to and from the parking community. SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS. LEFT TO RIGHT: Mike Karochmalny, Secretary: Mike Michaelski, Vice-President: Jim Corely, President: and Bob Chapman, Treasurer. 7I Senator Ernest E. I-lollings applauds as the Game- cock basketball team scores another two points. After his speech, Senator Brooke greets the attend- ant student body. DISTINGUISHED VISITGRS Every year numerous distinguished visitors tour USCS campus. Tours are conducted to explain and acquaint the visitors with the university and its facilities. Classrooms, dorms and the Russell I-louse are common points ot interest. rim- rs FQ. f .hw-fuszk : M :sri SEXVEHSHLT ' . 71 Jw. , it Ns: 1, is.. semi, i wir H.s,,s.hsW 4 ,y .. Emir, --gjkiszs., ,sei . .M if .,sw'WwrM ,A . " ,- I wmsrmrswms if s in 1 X .- amass 'fa' - 'A x H - ,Mm '-J New 1 ,- ms W 1 'I M ' .. M . f : .1 - I, 5 - r - 5 Q ar: :N -v . M t',gff7i,i3fQ.5? 73 W2 F, .W i 3 N- 'ne :wi : ' - i I- :-fi-mssfffgfifl S1 - 5 , 1, M M 'f Ages- . figs rf . A nufwit' L M ff - ,I M, A ml ' v n Senator Edward Brooke ID.-Mass.I addresses Carolina students. 73 'Y' L if Y . WL -. 7 A - v 9- Twin nn , . I 35, L. . 9 ?' .wgyismff f I : :V - 'nw f ' ' ,pi T . J WE! -a-.' 'ki ii gr -LW . -ELLEN WOCD-DEIDE, Pregiuienf , ii Q-2 lg tn, ' is Ya .TI X , , . if .E is .A ' . QQ, 'Ea fuk' gi i Lg ff! H- KK LEFT TO RIGHT: Sophie Georqiades, Vice-President: Diane Routolo, Secretary: and Julie ' T McCollum. Treasurer. in 1, .13 m nu L Vqi I , JUDICIAL COUNCIL, LEFT TO RIGHT: Sophie Georgicdbs, Penny Prout. Betty Lumpkin, Bernice Oberiander, Diane Routolo. Jodi lnabinet, and Ellen Rose. 74 HALL DELEGATES, LEFT TO RIGHT: Susan Armstrong, Cassandra Watkins, Loraine AIIen. Alice Seel, Linda Butler, Jane Adams, Linda Simpson, Kathy Walters, Nancy Davis, Kathy Leland, Kathy De-Lancey, and Susan Boys. ,MW LEFT TO RIGHT: Fam Dates. President: Cathy Leland, Vice-President: and Nancy Davis. Treasurer. 75 SIMS DORMITORY T H. M souTH DORMITORY YIIIIIII I IMT E If Al U IFgEFTdTO RIGHT: Peggy Harley, Treasurer: Becky Warren. Vice-President: and Pam Hutto, resi ent. fs H A H I as E ms me PM Q Q B y B EE sm me a-a a , ' '!. ,K 7 FQ 1-T-if -' .ysxiw ,, , . I 1.41 r I , I I if f 33' .ff I r:.,1'42M Kofi , 14Z.rf:Qty.f-1-, ' ,'..,'.' , ,- --Lil.,-,V '09 'x N .-.c - . I -. .,g,,,. X , .', , Ml , X , 4. ICA, 4 , A . A .., J, -- HALL COLINSELORS. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Resel Gosnell, Nancy Turner, Patty Davis. and Sally Zallcln. SECOND ROW: Peggy Harley. Grace Chastain. Janet Marshall, Sanclra Dutton, Polly Thacker, Lucia Petal, and Betty Buck. THIRD ROW: Polly Harriett. Ann Harrison, Pam Wofford. Pam Jones, Shelly ltelcl, Sandy Rowe. and Nanci Beale. JUDICIAL COUNCIL. LEFT TO RIGHT: Gail McAIister, Glenda Giles, Jean Winier- steen, Jan Gailbreath, Marge Humphries, and Georgianna Burns. I l WADE HAMPTON DORMITORY LEFT TO RIGHT: Karen Carr, Vice-President: and Marge Humphries. President. 77 u-.v-1 2 -4, , fi MU CAPSTONE DORMITORY ' - LEFT TO RIGHT: Roseanne Bernardini, Treasurer: Kay Rankin, Secretary: Betsy Emmons, Vice-President: and Angela Shahid, President. . ,R T 3, F N Ig L A W I2 15+ H TEH U ' I ,Q . ' I W I H ' . , W ,L HA fi " 5 1' A V , , , N. If Qt . . ,, ,1-:- F 5, 4:-5 . , t . I I T . Y' 1 + I I' - , A Z is .AI , W- N, nl ' z . 3 I K I ' ' fqx Z ,wg .ss Y 1? I B ma: ' - as ,- gf I, If 3 I- . v -I LI ,. JUDICIAL BOARD. LEFT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Suzanne OswaId, Cheryl Geer, and Betsy Emmons. RIGHT ROW: Susan Wells, Carole Bennetiz. and Virginia Ann Reeves. 78 H Y! Z U H i ss ss nf! a ss ms vu ml H x mv w mm ss ms wa as me ss an was an an an LEFT TO and Lulian RIGHT: Johnie Wooten, Secretary-Treasurer: Patsy Oliver, Vice-Presidentp Jones, President. DORMITORY m,.e num Wm ming me Mama If nw- .5 if-1.-1' --jr Q M H WHEN M M , , , .ML .il-4: , New Eiga M W. 3 .' - L l I . W sgggqm QW I. Q Ir bfn 1 - , Mm , me : 1 5 1 ss may 'EER ss ma V If, - g,,. ss mi A an . , 1,: ' H 5 E L' . 1 -3. , . . . I . nw I , 1 ,f - , H., HH M EW ir , -: . ,. . - was ag: .' ' - - Q rg , , 5 sun Q I . mmm nv S U :wg I - K ,z r-n: gr W E 55 S sf If ' m -mx- ,6 my Q , Q xswg E nm' J' ' X x .E E Z H 1 as mn gs U E . A 5 1 mm I 55-an : Q mx me xx Mn -mu so as a X mem K G. was 'fm- Q ss ss - ss ,S . ss : rx 5" -K E+, qw- -sang ss H rx we a ss ww sf ss ss Q - ss H Bi em H E a Q ss is gn igznvm E H- -.Usa is ss ss mm was :ss ss ss min Y? ss if me fi xr: sf is ms FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: PoIIy Farmer, WiIma Dukes. White, Courtney Drury, Patsy Oliver, and Leslie Cohen. 79 SOUTH TOWER s LEFT TO RIGHT: Jim Millg. Secreltaryg Rusiy Weatherford, Treasurer: Larry Robinson ' 5- Presldent and Ken Love Vnce Presudent fir wm:f MXfff'l HL llll...-.,-l-5:...14.,,i. .'L..-, r.,- 2 .. .Y -L V. ,rn ,-W.f- YP' wffffliaz:-L " if 80 j 'bb- -. O", ,.--, PRESTON DORMITORY I SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Wayne Roberis. President: and Clyde Livingston, Vice-President. STANDING: Robert Scharborough. Treasurer: and Ralph Hall, Secretary. W HALL GOVERNORS. SEATED. LEFT TO RIGI-IT:, Tom Roberison, Ronny Ridenour. Ernie Long. STANDING: Gary Goodman. Bruce Jerden. and Rob Whefmore. 8I I I! 5v'I N . H, , 1. ., .. , v, AJ! ,H ,J In . I V... " I.. 1, . - f f :,1Y:'p""'52, 4' '.,g5gg?G:',r5, 41 1 Q1 COLUMBIA HALL DORMITORY I LEFT TO RIGHT: Tim Bandyk, Vice-President: Doug Carter, President: PeI:e FIanagan. Treasurer: and David Lancaster, Secretary. ol JUDICIAL BOARD. LEFT TO RIGHT: Freddie Barnes. John Clarke, Adrian Bulman, David Brown, Bob Faries, and Tom Horne 82 2 MAXCY-COKER DORMITORY B x f -5... m Bm es nw B B H, E Y 5 Q , 9' D . .+f Q "T 3- E .S Sf + S V H -G K: ,X . W M - K EHR HW B 5 B B 2 M ' Hn ss m X sm an mg an Exm W x-x M Gin a Q m BEN sm- Ex nl ni - MM N E my-1 H ss-. 1, fm Y. W lk H 'Uh- amiga, fm ,la mm? B, , in ,Q wi Haifa was Y. nn ss W. NH Jaw Rm... N H awww"-"gm :is ni 1 ss iss -,mai-ss ni at H , Q4 Ma swf. aww Bm pa .mm miss SE? EBV K :E Q H may-5 nm M w f . . F' .. aw 1 .' K-A I i',h 25,3 , w O I :N H , f 9 5 ,jx 8, X i -,'-.- .- 7 - 4' '1 ' Q U . gg? Af, I . ' . 4, 4 , lr . , ' U " d W s - if D T in xx M Q-A X, . l , i Q Us ee" . A ' I 1 W fxfi H -' ' ' X-W 1 W Q 'Q ' if V 1 Xiu : jk ' x 91' ' 0 U' , - , W, ' I Q C -nm . 1 X N in X- 4 ...I I , 574: w e ,EAM W in I l 'l 5 W if 7 as-. www- , f?t?"M Q ' Q "Q, me f k , ,bv ,Six My In 5 I 74.1- we 4, - 4 I , , , lifv 1 rx' -di- -' I w V M .,f K V I 2 , Q93 r : J if gr 'Q 'if p :.. 3 Marflrkf Q1 ,5N,,jle--, --X .E f 3 I -uf H ' 4 , 1' F2235 A 3 4 I r ufi r ' ,,,:- r 1 , t , RA ' .ESQ H, ' P3 M " ,, '-.wi g f I NUT' Z -N ' V ,W A Ml fn, 1 qw new . , W , .-..., ' H V E ' Rrrnj 1 yin 1 :Q i" '. .Vi k rl . , If gm ,4 - 1 n. V p 'QT , , . k . ' , ' -'73 VM . Eg: f 'T 9 Q 35 -E-' '12, X . , NSE-L 1 2 ' Q H Q: Q y j Ex ' gl F 5 tl, I Z 1 I H , W .VJ 'f'l' N W '97, f Fig ' K f 15 AQ il W S H515 H 17.4 may 'QQ :Q f:f,'1- w ' I -'Egg ,Za 1 wi? f :Q?.,..7.f I i .v '-fa , O - . VH ,x 'afc'n: 1 X X 4 ' 1 ',E2eff?-iw : . elf ' - - 1 gig' 'ff' I, it ,, W 3 , U V s WL' 1 Q 5,4 K I an - Q, , ' -Q W w . -A 1,-L+, 1 ,ga -I f ,: ' ,X .E K SX wi ' YL 'Q " . A, :jf . H Q ,. 3 fag B ,P , -35 ,S Q fs: 1 w if z 1 ,- "" 1:1 r xxxxx xxx '3 -x xx 'xxx - fx ,H lxxx'-xx-.xx -xx xx, ,gxxxxx xx- 'x x xxx, x-:xx 9 xxx MLW Ez -x x xx' xx x EW xxxx -mx ,. x-xx ,. 2 xzxx ,ik xx xx fx xx xx :PE xx-. xfxx xxx xxx ,x x x x is-xxx xgm -x-xg: xx--xxxx -xx,.,,. xx -x-xx xxx x,- W .LEE xx xx . xx -Ex- -xxxwx ,NVE . if- -E H 'LBS WEE 2 .sg xHE W xx -xxx m xxx xx xxx x EE xxxxxx -x W' x .mxQg- x , xx xxxx x. xx xx x ,x xx xnxx EER xx' if -'xxx x-xxx EN? ,xx xxxx xxxxzxxx xxxx xxx- - 1 x x .wa xx , . x x -g .x W7 .x S4 xx HL xx xxx ,x xxx xxxx xxxxxx xx xsxsfmxxl Ya? ZSQSQE xx 1 xx xx xx xx xx H -xx xxxx - xx mn ,W xx xx ixxx SORORITY RUSH Where does it all begin? Perhaps, tirst, it all begins with the all women's meeting so that the girls can learn the rules ot all that is to tollow. And, then, the teas begin. Panhell sponsors an "open house" drop-in before the ice-water teas at which every rushee gets a chance to look at and be looked at by the sororities. Atter every rushee has been observed, invitations are given to the girls tor the preterential parties. During these nights, the rushees are given a close look at the intangible "something" that each sorority possesses through the always en- tertaining skits which are pertormed three or tour times a night. The last two nights are tor the "closed" parties at which each invited rushee pours out her heart and tears to the sorority ot her choice. On the last day, the girls are given their bids at the Russell l-louse. The excitement and screams can sometimes be heard all the way to the women's quadrangle as the girls open their envelopes to see that they have been invited into membership ot "the" sorority. But this is not an endg perhaps, now it all begins. l l f? 9 .4-""' 'T 1 A' , G I-9' f- 1- ,.c,A.: Q 'L tu E f .6 1 e - ,- , - ,w mag. I VA W 'H "W l m .1 'v um m 1 in 1 w 6 i f be - .Q - -1 3 L : A in ...1r"" x, 3 f R .W T Qi P L A cr L' ,. ,f if if H5 P 'f'!T'J'i 1 I. 6 f Nm Z- QF' gi 1' DEAN ELIZABETH CLOTWORTI-IY, Advisor al- fi: C, 1 l iii.. , if' LEFT TO RIGHT: Karen Russell, Vice-Presiclenl: Carole Bennelr, Secreraryg Lady Nicholson. Treasurer: Nancy Groover, Rush Chairman: Ella Reese Mayer, President 9l 1967 Sorority of the year Benjy and Judy admire their new iavaliers. BARBARA CLARK, President ALPHA DELTA PI Now as we look back: "lt was a very good yearn: with a second place in Intramurals we began our Year's tame, and won song test with "Ten Little Indians", the name. Our Angels and Mortar Boards we can't torget. Our Who's Who and tive KDE's we still see yet. Yes, tor ADPi "it was a very good yearn!! A Homecoming Queen made us so glad. And with a second place Float we couldn't be sad. We laughed and we cheered when we heard our Outstanding Senior's name. And with 3 awards trom our National Convention we came. "lt was a very good year." We packaged and wrapped all the day through, and sent Christmas to a Vietnam unit, too. At Awards Day our climax was "Sorority ot the Year." lt's been great, it's been grand, but so soon the end is near. As we remember and look back with a sigh, we'll honestly say its been the best tor ADPi. The major otticers are Barbara Clark, PresidentpMonnene Barber, Vice-President, Betsy Summer, Pledge Trainer, Ruth Ellen Hobart, Record- ing Secretaryg Nancy Vandeweghe, Corresponding Secretary, Kitty Murchison, Treasurer. Aronson. Carol Aronson. Rhetta Austin, Gayle Bennett, Barbara Bennett. Tracey Bowles. Judy Bozorth, Mary Brehmer, Pat Brinson, Beniie Bryan. Sarah Cardwell, Frances Chapman, Clare Clark, Barbara Clark, Wendy Clayton, Kathy Coleman, Harriet Davis, Pat Dean, Cathy Dickinson. Diane Futch, Margaret Gramling, Mary Gurley, Pam y Hall, Linda Hanahan, Caroline l Hixon, Sharon l Hobart, Ruth i Hudgens. Sharon Jackson, Sara King, Charlotte Lee, Mary Legare. Anita Lewis, Julianne Manuel, Williene Marsella, Jane McCaskill. Kitty McGrath. Dollie Moon, Karen Moore, Nancy Murchison, Mary Norris, Irene Owen, Jane Parmer, Martha Spring, Susan Summer, Betsy Tiedemann, Debra Tiemann, Elizabeth Turner, Claudia Vaudeweghe. Nancy Walker. Charlotte Warley. Susan Watson. Linda Williams, Kathy Williams, Lucy Banov, Caren Cohen. Leslie Green, Beverly Levin, Frances Rabinowifz, Joanne Rivlcin, Roseanne Schwarlz, Carolyn Smiih, Calherine Weinlraub, Blanche Aclopls Cottage of Girls I-Q...- 1-fflfftirrfp.. 31? LESLIE COHEN, President at Carolina Chlldren's Home ALPHA EPSILGN PHI Our national convention was held June, I967 in Pasadena, California. We were quite fortunate in having two girls attend. They learned so much and met girls from all over the United States. Besides, they were able to see Disneyland. Sorority lite is not all parties though. We have collected magazines tor the State Hospital and have worked tor the Heart Fund. For our special philan- thropic project, we adopted the cot- tage ot junior girls at the Carolina Childrens Home. Other highlights ot our tirst tull year at Carolina were regional conclave at the University ot Tennessee and our birthday ban- quet. AEPhi had members in Student Union, South Tower Judicial Council, Alpha Lambda Delta, Delta Phi Alpha, Mermaids, Greek Week Com- mittee, the Carolina Coquettes, the Model United Nations, and WRA. The otticers are Leslie Cohen, Presi- dent, Beverly Green, Vice-President and Rush Chairman, Rose Anne Riv- kin, Secretary, and Sandra Milner, Treasurer. 95 CHI OMEGA First in scholarship tor two straight semesters! The Eta Gamma's placed third in Song Fest and won the Sigmu Nu "Little 500." Ann McDonald reigned as Miss Aphrodite ot Greek Weelc. Chi O's also served as Secretary ot the Sophomore, Junior, and Senior classes and Treasurer ot the Freshman and Senior classes. Susan Wells served as President Mortar Board. The otticers are Anne Courtney Seigler, President, Martha Blaclc, Vice-President, Bonnie Truesdale, Secretary, Cynthia Zulc, Treas- urerg Grace l-laslcell, Rush Chairman, JoAnn Katlca, Alexander, Ann Anderson, Claudia Anderson, Lois Baker, Cecilia Bihari, Judy Black. Martha Bremner, Ebb Bridges, Helen Campbell, Julie Cassity, Nancy Cassity, Nancye Chatham, Linda Chisholm, Carol Cobb, Ann Corley, Susan DeVore, Dale Faris, Martha Gainer, Jeannie Gear, Cheryl Geraty, Marguerite Godwin, Jean Gomez, Sherry Hanlcins, Sharon Harritt, Pauline Hoyt, Louise Hunt, Diane Jones, Lindsey Kafka, Joanne King. Mary Ligon, Marsha MacNicol, Donna Maynard, Meredith McCutchen, Sandra McDonald, Ann Moody, Dianne Morgan, Mary Morrow, Melanie Oswald, Suzanne Phillips, Patricia Reeves, Virginia Ann Rhodes, Nancy Robinson, Connie Sadler, Mary Seigler, Anne Courtney Shields, Surget Slick. Patty Spann. Virginia St. John. Cheryl Stewart, Shirley Thorne, Lynda Truesdale. Bonnie Vaughn, Susan Wall. Betsy Wells, Susan Woodside. Ellen Zuk, Cynthia Wins First in Scholarship Pledge Trainer and Cheryl Geer, Corresponding Secretary. Chi Omega's participated in Angel Flight, Student Union, Senate, Beau Arts, Alpha Lambda Delta, AWS, Judicial Council, Kappa Delta Epsilon, Meditrina, and Euphrosynean. Chi O's were on the Dean's List, in Who's Who, on the Game- cock and GARNET AND BLACK statis, in the Homecoming Court, and served as treshman and varsity cheerleaders. Along with many other honors this was a great year tor the Chi O's. ANN COURTNEY SEIGLER, President Emmy-Q ,,., , all ,b gp Chi O's enjoy a game of ulimbon as Frankie Gwinn struggles under the cane. Sponsors PShoeshine" For Scholarship DELTA DELTA DELTA l967-68 marked the thirty-seventh anni- versary ot Delta Delta Delta on the University ot South Carolina campus and its seventy- ninth anniversary as a National Fraternity. Delta Delta Delta had members in Beaux Arts, Tri-Ep, Euphrosynean Literary Society, What's What, Student Union, Angel Flight, Kappa Delta Epsilon, Mermaid Fleet, WRA, Mortar Board, English Honor Society, AWS, Alpha Lambda Delta, Theta Sigma Phi, Senate, and Who's Who in American Col- leges and Universities. Some ot its members served as Hall Counselors, Class Otiicers, Dormitory Counselors, and Hall Chairmen. Delta Delta Delta sponsored a campus-wide "Shoeshine", its annual project for the Mar- garet Ashe Scholarship Award which is pre- sented to a USC girl each year. At Christ- mas the sorority gave a party tor the children at Logan Orthopedic School and donated clothes to needy children at the Wilkinson Home in Columbia. The major otficers are Jane Covington, President, Mar- shall Lipscomb, Vice-Presidentg Mary Lov- vorn, Secretary, Johnnie Hare, Treasurer, Ella Reese Mayer, Panhellenic Delegate. The Tri-Delts enjoyed a big rush. JANE COVINGTON, President 98 Allen. Mary Biggs. Sarah Boineau, Helen Bradley. Caroline Brooks, Elizabelh Bullman, Angela Clarkson. Margaref Coker. Helen Coleman, Anne Covinglon. Jane Craig. Palsy Cudd, Jayne Daniel. Jean Exum. Elizabefh Frair. Eva Lee Hamilion, Frances Hammond, Jane Hancock. Mary Mac Hare. Johnnie Heinilsh. Agnes Herrin, Rae Holler, Mary Horger. Elaine Humphreys, Margarel' Lalley, Lucy Lipscomb, Marshall Long. Marsha Lovvorn. Mary Marshall. Janer Maruro. Helen Mayer. Ella Reese McCaffrey, Jea.n McLaughlin. Pal' McMurray, Abigail McPherson, Elizabefh Moorer, Sabie Parsons, Monle Palal. Lucia Pearson, Holly Reynolds, Amelia Roberts. Josephine Smilh, Ellen Smilh, Kafharine Thomas. Judy Timmons. Tracy Todd, Debbie Unger, Ellen Van Doren, Elizabelh Walker, Anne Wannamalcer, Belly Waring. Ann Walfers, Bunny Weaver, Vickie Williams, Pafricia M The DZ's rushed without their new furni- ture but still did a good job. i3igEN DA SMITH, President DZ's Redecorate New Room DELTA ZETA Beta Delta is the only South Caro- lina chapter ot Delta Zeta, the largest national sorority. Delta Zeta otiicers tor I967-68 were Brenda Smith, Presi- dent, Anne Simms, First Vice-Presi- dent, Ginger Buchholz, Second Vice- President, Bess Walker Recording Secretary, and Mary Sipes, Treas- urer. Activities ot Delta Zeta include AIM, Alpha Lambda Delta, Angel Flight, AWS, The Crucible, Euphrosy- nean Literary Society, The Gamecock, l-lypatian Literary Society, Mer- maids, Student Union, Town Girls, WRA, Young Democrats, Young Republicans, and others. This year members ot DZ have held the otiices ot president and secretary ot Stu- dent Union, commander of Mermaid Fleet, founder ot AIM, and president ot l-lypatian. The Delta Zeta room was completely redecorated this past summer in the sorority colors, pink and green, with yellow as a comple- menting color. Delta Zeta pledges made Greek letter pillows tor a pledge project. The special local philanthrophy ot Delta Zeta is Wil- kinson l-lome tor Girls, where the sorority sponsors parties at various seasons ot the year. IIIGUCD U gi-ig, 0 gm-. 5 ago. -,I 0593 :1 05-2 LQ Fg- -.4 O05 Z Us-an ui -1'U' ' : 0 '4 3555 K 1 cn vi 'L o S 71 ni - cn 3 Z ZZ Buc Baker. Cynthia l Biolatta, Donna Blackmon. Earle 1 Boswell, Phyllis Brown, Bobbie l Brown, Gail hholz. Ginge t Mi' Burne te, arian Carlson, Janice Cheek. Sybil Coddington, He in a Dale, L d Davis, L clia oward, Virginia i utson, Teri gum, Linda tin, Cheryl organ, Pamela Ogletree, Jane Reid, Jeri Reynolds. Patrici Riddock. Anne Rubens. Joyce Santago. Consta Shannon. Betty Sitford. Amy Simms, Ann Sipes, Mary Sloan. Barbara Smith. Brenda Spann. Julia S5 Walker, Be Widmark. Claire Wilkinson. Mimi Wooclall, Donna Yongue. Paulette I' F1 KD Beauty Reigns as Miss Garnet and Black KAPPA DELTA With twenty-six new pledges Kappa Delta began the new school year. The chapter was honored to learn that it had been ranked third in scholarship tor the I967 spring se- mester. Three Kappa Deltas were elected to the Student Senate, and one was appointed to the President's Cabinet. This year the KD's had three members in Angel Flight and eight in Mermaids. Active on cam- pus, the KD's had two cheerleaders, two members selected tor Who's Who, and two chosen tor Beaux Arts. The two Maids ot Honor in the Homecoming Court were both KD's. Baker Angie Blanton. Susan Boatwright, Ellen Brissey, Tica Bryant. Sarah Cain, Sarah Clark. Angela Corley, Janice Demosthenes. Patti Dorman. Dianne Farmer. Polly Galbreaith. Jan Gray, Toni Hall. Susanne Hightower, Joan Hill, Nancy Hiller, Bette Hines, Cathe Holder, Susan Houseal, Ann Hubbard. Jan. Huitt, Barbara Johnston. Lutu Latfitte, Linda Lanlctord. Jerri Liner. Mary Loomis, Cynthia Lowe. Mariorie Mattox. Susan McAbee, Sheila McCollum. Julie McMillan. Paula Michael. Linda Molyneaux. Janet Muglia, Judy Nicholson, Lady Pitts, Wanda Powell. Suzanne Sharpe, Robin Sligh. Lucille Thacker, Polly Thomas. M-andy Todd, Nita Turner. Sandy Warren. Becky Wessel, Dorothy Wilson, Janet Woodard, Nancy Wright, Mariorie As tor beauty titles, Tica Brissey now reigns as Miss Columbia, and Lucille Sligh as Miss Garnet and Blaclr. Among KD's annual service projects were a Christmas party tor orphans and a Halloween booth at the Vet- erans Hospital. All in all, it has been a very successful year tor Kappa Delta. The otticers are Ellen Boat- wright, President, Sara Bryant, Vice- President, Dianne Dorman, Secretaryp Beclcy Warren, Treasurer, Lutu John- son, Assistant Treasurer, Jeanne Ben- net, Membership Chairmanp Angela Clarlc, Editor. I02 A happy Lucille Sligh was chosen as Miss Garnet and Black ELLEN BOATWRIGHT, President Holds First uReal" KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Highlighted by the tirst Halloween "Pumpkin Walk," the tirst Monmouth Duo, the tirst real rush, a Christmas party tor 50 girls at Pinelancl Custodial Home, the second consecutive victory in the Blood Drive, 3rd runner-up in the Miss GARNET and BLACK contest, one ot the tour state tinalists tor South Carolina College Queen, and a USC Kappa teatured in "Mademoiselle" maga- zine, KKG's second year at Carolina proved a busy but reward- ing one. Kappa's demonstrated their mettle with active partici- pation in Angel Flight, Mermaids, Euphrosynean Literary So- ciety, Student Union, Debate Society, University Choir, and AWS. Kappa's held ottices in dorm government lVice-President ot Capstone, hall chairmen and delegatesl and were both dorm and hall counselors. Academic honors laside trom the various scholarships, Dean's List, and Honor Rolll included membership in Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Delta Epsilon, and Delta Omi- cron. Otticers instrumental in getting Kappa going this year were: Betty Emmons, Presidentg Ist Vice-President, Nancy Grooverg 2nd Vice-President, Sharon Schoolarp Recording Secre- tary, Alyce Cook, Corresponding Secretary, Suzanne Strange, Treasurer, Candy Walker. Allen. Julia Boyan. Barbara Brown, Mary Duke, Deborah Emmons. Betsy Gough. Deborah Grittin. Gail Groover. Nancy Hewitt. Audrey Holloway. Linda Huston, Jean Jones. Beatrice Keen, Marilyn Mclzaddiri. Amelia Miller, Mary Perkerson, Judy Schoolar, Sharon Strange, Suzanne Walker. Candice Wheeler. Mary Wilshin. Mulie Wood. Stephanie Rus time , Aimee Mcizaddin becomes a "ham" as date David and Bob and Suzanne seem 'co be unaware. BETSY EMMONS, President . .. 1 ,X fa . 4 ' A ri? 5 Q12 ,xg V: 5 i.., , X ,K x 2 Q , 9 'fl iff' -L r .L qi f F-I ig- xx 4 H -5.1 f. 'E '1- f, ' Q, in .1 I .Q , rv? Jud 1. -L- , - ,.: Q K ul H, '- 1967 Sorority uWoman of the Year" Pi BETA PHI Spirit, participation, and suc- cess-targets of the Arrow are characteristic of South Carolina's Alpha Chapter of Pi Beta Phi. This year Pi Phi's boast: Six mem- bers of Angel Flight, a Miss GARNET AND BLACK finalist, Blue Key Darling, South Caro- linais College Oueen, USC,s May Oueen. Outstanding Sorority "Woman of the Year" and the Algernon Sidney Sullivan Award also went to Pi Phi's. Editor-im Chief and five section editors of the GARNET AND BLACK, as well as Gamecolc Advertising Manager, were Pi Phi's. Student Union Chairman, AWS-repre- sentatives and officers, Mermaids, and Tri-Ep's were among other Pi Phi leaders. Pi Phi's also pre- sided over the following Honor- aries: SNEA, Sigma Delta Pi, and Euphrosynean Literary Society. To cap the year, four Mortar Board members and Phi Beta Kappa's were selected. These are the traits of the girls who FOL- LOW the ARROW. Officers for the year were Pati Crosby, Presi- dent, Janet Selman, Vice-Presi- dent, Diane Wilson, Recording Secretary, Salley Carter, Corre- sponding Secretary, and Barbara Reese, Treasurer. The Pi Phi's are a bit weary after four performances of their stunt. PATI CROSBY, President Allabaugh. Nancy Boll, Judy Brown. Emily Buclc. Dianna Carr. Paula Chaslain, Grace Denny. Linda Duflon, Sandra Ellen. Cindy Felder. Ann George, Kaihryn Gosnell, Resel Haralson. Judy Harris. Carol Harrison, Ann Hendricks. Befh l-lu'Ho. Pam Iverson. Jane Jackson, Judy Johnson. PaH'i Johnson. Margarei' Jones, Mary Carol Jordan, Donna Jowers. Janice Knight Kaihleen Leland. Kaihy Lemon, Sheryl Malanos. Margo Medcalf. Barbara Meyer. Audrey Morse. Kafhy Mungall. Sluari' Ockoslcis. Sfephane Owen, Palricia Parkinson, Ann Peioroclc, Annelle Price. Shirley Pringle, Barbara Prouf, Penny Resirick, Ruihie Robuck, Elizabeih Russell. Karen Sanders, Barbara Searson. Charlene Self, Beverly Shuler, Donna Simpson, Miriam Smiih, Barbara Smifh, Candy Smiih. Deborah Sfephens. Anne Sierling, Dorofhy Tanner, Leigh Thomas. Debby Turner. Scohlie Vogel. Karen Wassung. Lynne Weaver, Lincla Wilson. Nancy Wood. Kafhy Zane. Judy Wins 1967 SPIRIT Award ZETA TAU ALPHA Zeta Tau Alpha-three Greek words that mean many things to many people. To the University campus they connote scholarship, leadership, beauty, and versatility. Zetas have won the "Sorority ot the Yeari' award twice in 3 years, the '67 SPIRIT trophy, and had the highest GPR ot all sororities tor the tall ot I967-68. Among individual honors are presidents ot AWS, Sims, Town Girls, and Medi- trinap vice-president ot South, AWS, Sims, WRA, and Panhellenic, I5 Angels including commander and Pledge Trainer, and 2 in the Mermaid Fleet, 4 in Who's Who, 3 members ot Mortar Boardg 2 varsity and I treshman cheerleader, solo twirler and national award winner ot the Gamecock Band, Ist runner-up in the Miss Garnet and Black contest, honor attendant in May Court, 4 traternity sweet- hearts, and IO beauty title holders plus many members and otticers ot campus honoraries. But to those within our circle, Zeta Tau Alpha means much more than recognition, and honors. These words symbolize friendships whose bonds are invincible, an intangible that make our eyes sparkle, our lips smile, our hearts tull, our minds and bodies alive. Officers are Diana Buck, President, Kathy Leland, Vice-President, Anne Stephens, Corresponding DIANA BUCK, President Secretary, Shirley Price, Recording Secretary, Mar- garet Watson, Treasurer, Pam I'Iutto, Rush Chair- man. The ZTA's entertained well at their drop-in tor alumni. 1 ,Q --X I Ygn 42'-. 4-f., . , U A4 K Q...-..-,--.-M ,A J H I2 . V m . 1, W3 -4 K' W' " 54 4 2.15. 9 - I --. f ' ' 41' 5' A , f if .1-Jalrf, ' vu' .- ' uf, Qiuywfgkg H' Jog?-Q,k: ., js. . 5 J mi 1 JA? Y, , - f,-3-gal 54, f ru JOOvx X o QGJCJQLJ.. 4 woooyf J'3J'QJ11,'j3yS vcyovyfw 2 'JOOCJWVE . V . ,V fQ 4 v I 6 6 I . V' 4 A r .iq Q' X 5 X s Q11 4:1555 vp 88-5 r al , .-'za E uf, 8' 'EF ,xg X -If N1 , si, A hx, .,,. 5 s . in K, , . Qi S' , 6 gig '...4 . Q, 7-1 ,gl ,L If f,,,,, my , :Q- Nf g gy fi-if 199. ,IQJ I 1 .s,,,. f" . 5 5 'i's WE Q ., iw W P -i W HN . it N ' SW- Q .,-JJ, -,. 4 r. 'N' 3 H . Q q.,, . 6. X 1952 . 43 ll wet I, ., ,ln X. L5-, -,.. -f' flifw H' - , , '. 'i-Ai JF 1 HN, 131 4,5 .E-.B-...f""""" 55' i ,K I guy Y '51 ,Vw 5 ,,, " 'C 'f " M' ',,b f H , -1 ' , ' WV 'yf .ng u. 11 ' '-1x -I ,E '29 ,325 f 51? 2 Q' ,Q , w. V qv N X 5' . Q3 . I A, W 'K I 7 . . 5 , w 2 1 1 K wx w - . -' up 1 if M. Wi I4 h,,.fN,.A:y X, A ,, Q ' ' 'Pg' , , ,Lx ix ,:,: , 1 , wig? .si if .. ,.,.,s- , . , A Q?4g.i,2ggE2k AH., ?,fF,,5k . -jz5,,g- -. 1'f.4gVm. la! y, "5-'z-' gm ' gpzs 5 . q , fffiiillsfif 13 f- 2455 Z lf -- fMfs,,,?- Q 1-f P wwf.. 4 1 1-,-f,1,.,m.,,u L ,.,.,,,,,i, V , Yi5,i h4!i 'R' rx 4iTLMF,ZQ.i Q, -f , I N '. . :fl I iff Qf , gp- '- rf Q 1' Q- 4 gr- , . 53, X , , , ,vf 5' 'ff gf f , '7-51 M Q L ,Y 'I L" K fa ..f ,L N h ,W 1 4 ' ., . ,W yi :,Az,,,:.-1 D 'Y 4 "..A .ab ' H . 5, 4 ' -v 1' -' A , . M' - f 1!j.q. 51- -1. - - I V -I ..f A INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL The Interfraternity Council functions as the Greek letter fraternity coordinating and governing body on the USC campus. Composed of the IFC Repre- sentatives and the Presidents from each fraternity, IFC contributes to the University in leadership and sounding board capacities. It contributes to the Community by heading up the Blood Drive and the United Fund Drive. It also serves the individual fraternities by serving as a policy maker and organ- izer of events such as the Faculty-IFC drop-in and Greek Week. The council strives to maintain a keen competitive spirit between fraternities and works for the mutual good of the "Greek Colony". One of the principal endeavors of the IFC this year, as every year, was the organization and implementa- tion of formal and informal rush during the fall and spring. Once again IFC presented the "Faculty Ivlan of the Yearn award to the faculty or administrative member who best exemplified the ideals of the fraternity world. During Ivlarch the fraternities are found working together toward "Greek Week", an extravaganza highlighted by workshops, convoca- tions, a concert, Grecian games, an awards banquet, and climaxed by individual fraternity parties. ?!?"fgw:'s"" I IFC. LEFT TO RIGHT, SITTING: Barry Knobel. Bobby Brownlee. Bo B ck Km STANDING Micldlelz Tom Belzel, John Goodwin. Don Gordon. Carter Crewe, La y S bl N d B k D cl B tt O I1 g STANDING Topl: Frank Caldwell. Roger Whaley, Phil Truluclc. David Brown. Ben e y e n gt H gh R t g TRIBUNAL. LEFT TO RIGHT, SITTING: Frank CaIdweII, David Meadow, Bruce Rosen. Kem' Hungerpiller. STANDING: Roger Whaley, Harry Goldberg. I Eff, IF? gg. , . ii? I , I DEAN EUGENE COOPER, Advisor P' ' ' . , . , ni ' 3 - :. '. , -f ,i ,. J-?Qg?4.L"' 55 . . u. . J ' ' "f I-X , " -xx A '- , ', h 'MS WX - - -L -' f. Q qi x M .ug .ml '..'g. 1 A . 'J Y-,iy , 4 V 4 ' mf -'w .U Q r , 3' ' ,,i f '-- " Kg. -V It -, 1 il., 1 I , N x 1 5 ,ah Y ig 0 , . Q-.Q ,, .' -' -r" ' Q 1 '- 3.51 may- , gt, , 4.. 'M Q. "1 -VJ 'lp A 'P' gf sLQ,,- -- W ff . s"i. Q U :Io- M 'Q'-. 2 r l, ,g'm x ,NuN f .. S QQ N V 1" ar - Q o S 'M 1 'fm' -,. - D, - Q WWE. ,II ,., , ' lf'd"P .nn S K - C1 .x EN , 1- dn ' 1 -5. ALPHA TAU OMEGA Alpha Tau Omega, the first fraternity founded after the Civil War, was begun by three cadets at Virginia Military Academy in i865 in an effort to reunite.the college men of the South and the North. Established at USC in l883, Alpha Tau Omega has remained in the forefront of Carolina's fraternities, being a leader in transforming l-lell Week into Help Week. The Carolina Alpha Phi Chapter of ATO has 65 brothers, with members in such honor-service groups as Blue Key, Kappa Sigma Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, and Circle K, and is known for sponsoring the annual Community Service Award which is given to the most deserving fraternity on campus. Roger Whaley is serving as Worthy Master, with Dick Ambrose as Worthy Chaplain, Bo Barwick as Worthy Scribe, Ronnie Dodson as Worthy Keeper of the Exchequer, and Craig Evans as Worthy Keeper of the Annals. The ATO Sweetheart, Miss Pat John- son, reigns over the fraternity's best known annual activities, the Germans Weekend and the BIOYA Party. With highly qualified leaders and a working spirit of brotherhood, Alpha Tau Omega includes Carolina and itself in enthusiastic plans for the future. Ambrose, Dick Bart, Bob Barwick, Bo. i Bass, Mike 3 Belous, Jim i l Bonnoitt, John Brown, Luke Brown, Bob Chappell, Tom Chase, John Crooks, Bob Dodson, Ronnie Dusenbury, Leo Evans. Craig Hardwick, Steve Hill, Richard Jackson, Mike Johnson, Bill Lawrimore. Gene Macaulay, Frank Martin, Don Mattox, Charles McKelvey, Ken Minnie, Bill Moore, Tom Palmer, Fayssoux Parker, Ted Perry, Fred Preston, Noel ' Rodwell, David Scruggs, Jack Smith, Mike Stewart, Mike Thompson, Richard Tisdale, Randy Wagers, Mike Watts, Jim Whaley, Roger Whitlock, Richard Williams, John Receives Thayer Trophy CHI PSI Alpha Beta of Chi Psi, after several years of hoping, was awarded the Thayer Trophy, significant of unsurpassed progress and over- all excellence within the national fraternity. A new office was instituted for the 67-68 year as James D. Dana, who visited Chi Psi occasionally during the fall semester, was named llf2 and accorded all due respect and deference. Chi Psi maintained its usual representation in Blue Key, KSK, CDK, Circle K, Student Union, and the USC stu- dent government. On an even more exalted plane Chi Psi watched its l-lomecoming Float win second place lbefore it was burnedl, our G8cB sponsor came in as Ist runner-up, and Buzzy crowned Garter Bowl Queen. Two very successful rushes gave us excellent pledge classes to carry on the tradition. At long last we were able to make good our promises and completely refurnish the lodge. It was an outstanding year for getting pinned, engaged, married, and reclassified l-A as we watched our brothers broaden their interests. Sliclcs weekends and the Addy. Heyward Adkins. Bill Bl kG g Bl L ac . eor e asi. awrence Broaddus. Ray Brown. Andre Cooper. Randy Fort. Tom Goodwin. John Goodwin. William Gulick, Craig Henderson. Bob Hicks, Jack Johnson. Stewart Knie. Pat Long, Barry Malone, Bill Marcus, Jerry Moss. Charlie Nystrom. Richard Owens, Larry Peake. Johnny Quay, Edward Shealey, Brian Shillatoa. James Shull, Ken Sizemore, Richard Stanford. Gene Thurmond, John Truluclc, Phil Welch. Lee Whitt, James ' Medallion Ball were highlights of our always outstanding social life. Officers are Kin Welch, President, Phil Truluck, Vice-Presi- dent, Heyward Addy, Secretary, and Gary lvlaurer, Treasurer. H8 KIM WELCH, President H . 1 Ye, 'V MISS SALLY BYNUM, Sweetheart A happy group enjoys "Old South." MISS BOOTSIE HOLLIDAY, Sweetheart PETER PERRILL, President vu.. it 4 YQ KAPPA ALPHA The past year has been one of great success tor Rho Chapter of Kappa Alpha Order in many aspects. Rush tor KA was outstanding in yielding 23 tine young men in the tall and 7 in the spring. Through IFC, the KA's participated in many worth- while projects ot service to the entire community. lndividually, KA's were elected into Blue Key, KSK, and Circle K. This year as well as last found Kappa Alpha near the top scholastically. Brother Tim Foster was awarded a Woodrow Wilson Fellowship tor graduate school. Some ot the more outstanding KA's lsociallyl were elected into EEE. On the trolic r , ,f side ot the coin, KA set new records in the party world beginning with Old South Ball ot last year at the Ocean Forest. The S ring Rush Party of last May at Heise's Pond was disastrous tor the Munster and Young Jaclc. During tall rush, the ABC's forced the KA's to serve champagne. Shaky dance tloors and cut rates on the "Five", thanlcs to "Ole Henry", were great tor spring rush. Without a doubt, Kappa Alpha had another phenomenal year. Otticers tor the year were Peter Perrill, Number lp Dicky Jones, Number llp Toney Lister, Number Ill, Ed Moore, Number lV.. Bailey. Jimmy Benton. George Berry. Larry Bridges. Roger Brown. B. Burgess. Jim Cantey, Jim Clarke. Arnold Crowley, Jim Darling, Steve Dennis. Mark Dennis, Randy Disher. Johnny Foster. Tim Gammagee, Henry Grimsley, Paul Hewitt. Batson Jameson. George Johnston, Otis Jones, Richard Kenney. Algie Knight, Jimmy Lister. Toney McCutchen, George McMaster. Henry Merritt. Bob Merriman. Chip Moore. Ed Moore. Whit Oehmig, Bill Oulla, Price Owens. Lynn Payne. Mike Pearson, J. Powers, Bob Robinson. Allen Ryan. Louis Smith, Bill Truluck. John Whitney, Bill Abclalla, Ray Bryan, Bill Capella. Roy Cash. Bill Cooler, Carl Cope, Larry Easferling. Jim Floyd, Ralph Fosfer. Mike Fuller. Chip Gibson. Sian Glenn. David Hough. Charles Jeff, Don Lewis. Bob Maness. Mike McCracken, Bill Mccuichen, Wilmol McDonald. Paul McElveen, Tom Mullis, Venn Nash. Ralph Pearson. Mike Penninglon, Carl Reardon. Johu Rivers, Bob Rollins, Tom Sealy. Bob Woolen, Jim MISS DONNA DAVIS, Sweetheart Co-sponsors Party for Orphans CARL PENNINGTON, President C K It-S 'Lib KAPPA SIGMA The Kappa Sigma traternity's ot- ticers tor this year are as tollows: Carl Pennington, Grand Master, Her- bert Cuthbertson, Grand Procurator, Mike Rearden, Grand Master ot Ceremonies, Ric Porter, Grand Scribe, and Kent Hungerpillar, Grand Treasurer. Kappa Sigma is proud ot its excellent record in rush this year, and ot its tine chapter here at South Carolina. Highlights this tall included a pledge-active football game, Homecoming, and Christmas parties at the Women's Club, and our excel- lent intramural tootball team. Kappa Sigma is proud to participate in Co- lumbia's annual United Fund Drive each tall, and to co-sponsor with Chi Omega sorority an Easter egg hunt and party tor a local children's home. This past summer, the Chi Omega chapter ot Kappa Sigma sent seven delegates to the Kappa Sigma Bi- ennial Conclave held in Atlanta, Georgia. Spring is highlighted by Easter at the beach, the Carolina Cup Races, and topped otf by a houseparty in the mountains ot North Carolina. Kappa Sigma is good times tempered with "fraternal spirit" and ubrotherhoodn. Vanny Mullis lost his hat during the excitement ot pledging. . ,Q-LA ,f ,..'. is U., .c.-...,. .LL . '. .. 1 asa.. ' V 1.u.'..' ,.a.J.Lkm,..a.. .41 'f.'1:',..:,"..,'.:.. , ' -' , -- ".4. 'lt-. LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Epsilon Psi Zeta of Lambda Chi Alpha began the year with a fine rush program, pledging twenty-two men. Football game parties filled the tall social calendar along with various other social events in- cluding the "l-lell's Angels" party. Lambda Chi's also helped the Greek image in the community by achieving l44fX, of their United Fund goal, first place in the blood drive, first place for homecoming float, worked for the Heart Fund, helped Carolina coeds move into their dorms, and other functions. Also the pledge class sponsored a Christmas party for orphan children. ln the Spring, social gatherings Social Events Include occur more often and are highlighted by the annual White Rose Formal where the new Crescent Girl is crowned. Members of Lambda Chi are active in many campus extracurricular activities such as: track, football, freshman basketball, Student Government, rugby, GARNET AND BLACK, Gamecock, ASCE, Delta Sigma Pi, Alpha Phi Omega, Advertising Club, Finance Club, and other organizations. Of- ficers for the year were Joe Calabrese, Presidentp Carter Crewe, Vice-Presidentp Robert Mancini, Treasurer, and Bill Cullum, Secretary. GFFISS. ORG Amick. Bill Ansley, David B D ld Bath, Joseph ertels, Whitey eves, Tim uchholz, Mike B B B Burkitt. John Byfield. Phil Calabrese. Joel Crewer, Carter Crewe, Coates Flynn. Lawrence Goodwin, Nicky Graham, Tim Green. Robert Hammond, Bill l-leis, Phil Laney. Joseph Layman. Greg Lemond, Robert Lynn, Robert Mancini. Robert 1 McCleerey, Jeff , McNeal, Randy Morris. Alan Peay. Robert Peck. Robert Pollard. Bill 1 Pridmore. Alex oyal, Larry alatia, Sebastian aylor, John reme. David Uphouse. Linwood R S Sehler, Larry Setzler, Niki T T y - l ,Q 7' ' I - riot B3 y iii' A nt i A A .4 1 JOE CALABRESE, President fi . if W. 2, 1 . .W nv K K ,, mv , -fr If Yissk ' 1, SL f 5.453 ff , - ,. ,,5g.,L- ,, , 15 -5 ' ,,i215?5i2at,k 1 '21 - ,mi .1 K 1 ' - gf ,yfwgsg Nfl .f , ' r '1f,vz1ief9fL1S2ii: I Y: A M 'klein 2 1-, be Q r wig, .-an V. S 4.5 X w A fp: .. M ,W . ' J .-W, 5,1141 1 ygtswn-W E,-F, f K yn ,WM ,Tsiglff VW! fggu -A 1 . 1 -Q Q . '25-ffiwk' 6 ,n Sim If V.: " 1. X ws. fig fu-.1 ..,,.. N,-5 23,2 wakglgfgqesl. Lziyaf wg-fe, ,r W, ,,,,,.,, x W ' il .'f""'E,xW .59 "si W 3 Y x5lZfi1wzx'fv.5Q3x 3 -1312.3 ex 2 ki? S my w Q., 3 .,1J7?i5Q?f. A if-.. 3 5555.11 Q-Q' . - ' 'wumv-w, - ,iii-' K , , X is F2 26,7 fUvR.i11uUg.f xi '-" -1. wr 8' N Z s 2 J F-. Y f Lu f .A -1 MQ A 2? ' - n T' ' ll 'FJ' 4, ' - f HW " ' "M H :?Y.,.f,' ,.J ., ' ..,.., Uvgzj, ,',,. .A , S 11, ' 1 4351. 'V . .Y J gy s if 51 m I ..-L t -.gilt , , - 2, f J 51- ve K if " . . Y .A .- s N - 0 - 'NG 'KT . , , 4115225 ' '- ' . 4, ' " ,',, , " " X Q.5i.i.Qk . ' TW 5 2 Q . E, . 53 gi?-5? 342- Egg 'Wg .. 4 Qu- 2 I f 7. ' ' 2 Q " .,., Sith. 'ii gf, f4W f q'f ,. gffzai 3 ' :ZUIIIIA ., r , f li H Q Mggfferjilbpbi A f 'A . - t' l Q X WMI .,.,4,.45 R41 4 ,,,,...,,fgiJM-f-'21 A -1 - . . ' , . Y 3- -'F , I lr f, -,V H 6 K, If , A X - 1 ,V K P, 'Rf Y U -X . Y lf., L fi '5 B 5 fi 54533, A ' 4 T Q it ' ww ? A b . ' v V ,Q , ,Q L 'J pfvw ' Q +5 ' Q E W I ' A j 7 if-f' ' ' 'ia-'S I W ' fi ' ' ,f ly - ' . fl lf 4, ng xm Wm? Q 51 I . " ' ' gy a .'i3'g n by fi? ' - X-L ' , ,' f ' 1 I -Q , ' - ri ., P1-n-1 4 Q Pl A .-1,1 1 5 N 1: V-:Q A- if 1 ll I 1 F- : Qu A -:. .:::-: , Hiisk-fa 3 H Yr? , ALE H , TQ' for Community Service PHI DELTA THETA The Beta Chapter of Phi Delta Theta was chartered on March 7, I'-764. ln the four short years since then, we have established a tradition of out- standing school and fraternity spirit, athletic excellence, and a well- rounded social life. ln the past, we have won such things as first place for our homecoming float, the Greek-Week trophy, the Sigma Nu Little Five Hundred, and various intramural athletic championships. This trend has continued this past year as we received national and Associate Press recognition for our community service. In addition, our football team won the campus championship. Our social life is highlighted by the Agure- Argent Formal, the Toga Party, the Roaring 20,5 Party, and capped by a fantastic Beach Weekend. Our present officers are Frank Caldwell, President, Ronnie Brooks, Vice-President, Bob Montondo, Secretary, and Marcus Renfroe, Treasurer. Also, Frank is the Treasurer of IFC, while last yearis president, Scott Grounsell, is a cheerleader. With this history of fast advancement, Phi Delta Theta looks forward to a bright future as a campus leader in all activities. Allen, Tom , Baber, Bennett Brooks, Ronnie Brown, Bennett Caldwell, Frank Chantron, Phil Crowley, Pat Davis, Jerome Day, Bob Finnegan, Jimmy Grounsell, Scott I-lager, Jimmy Harris, Bob Hobson, Joe Ingram, llill ,-.. . Joireries, Bill Kennedy, Pete Knapp. Jeff Knapp, Paul Monfonclo, Moot Parker, Michael Ramsey, John Reed. Marion Reeves, Butch Renfroe, Marcus Rosen, Burt Smith, Boyce Smith, Clay Sponseller. Harling Tudor, Charles West, Courtney Williams. Fred Wilson, Larry Woodside, Harris Wright, Fred 14 ,R s 3 1 F"n1 X I -I , il-y ' 1 Nj.. gil' Wk. ' 1 gh '. 1. X -. 14: '-4k ROBERT SCH N El DER, President PHI EPSILON PI Highlights ot the year included our tall rush party at the Woman's Club where there was plenty ot champagne tor all, the Homecoming Party at which Miss Lorraine Lourie was crowned Sweetheart, and the numerous drop-ins during the tall semester. The biggest and most exciting drop-in was the one at which the "Sandpipers" were our special guests ot honor atter their concert at Carolina. During Christmas we sponsored our annual Orphan's Party held in our lounge. Later in December, we held our annual Masquerade Costume Party to which a tew unusual people attended. Then there were the rigors ot spring rush, highlighted by our Rush Party held at the Syrian and Lebannon Club. The spring semester was jammed with a number ot activities but the biggest event ot the year was our 40th an- nual Spring Formal, on April 27, an event to be remembered by us all. The tollowing weekend we all headed down to Myrtle Beach tor our Beach Weekend, a titting tinale tor a year ot decided progress tor the ranks ot Phi Epsilon Pi. Otticers tor the year were Joe Wachter, Presidentp Jim Klugh, Vice-Presidentp Mike Galloway, Treasurer, David Grossman, Recording Secretary, Lou Dubowicz, Corresponding Secretaryp Harry Goldberg, Pledge- master. l Barshay. Gene Berry, Brian Bluestein. Steve Blum, David Dambrosi, Gerald Dubowicz, Louis Galloway, Mike Goldberg. Harry Galdring. Jett Gray. Sidney Grossman, David Heller. Steve Helmer. Leslie James, Bennett Kerrigan, Tom Klugh, Jimmy Larose, Harry Levlcotf. George Liplcin. Marlc Magner, Fred McKee, Bill Moss, Milese Mollot. Steve Patterson. Jim Rodin, Ira Rossen, Ken Rothman. Bruce Rouner, Jett Ruditiky. Arthur Schneider, Robert Shubin, Stuart Slotniclz. Ken Solomon. Steve Tice. Kenny Wachter, Joe Walka, Art Chardulcian, Rodne PHI KAPPA SIGMA Alpha Eta Chapter ot Phi Kap was tounded at the University ot South Carolina in I929 atter being known previously as the Arrow Club. Phi Kap sponsored their annual Christmas Orphans Party and held their annual Parents Weekend which has been highly successtul. The tall semester also saw Phi Kap win the Home- coming Float Competition, Intramural Bowling Competition, and win their league in the toot- ball competition. The brothers ot Phi Kappa Sigma also made an impression on campus by being active in various activities such as KSK, Blue Key, and ODK ot which Brother Rozbitsky was President. Ron Parker served as Greek Week Chairman and Don Gordon was Treas- urer ot the Junior Class. Brothers were also active in the senate, varsity tootball, varsity basketball, varsity track, and varsity baseball. The otficers are Tom Betzel, President, Don Gordon, First Vice-President, A. B. Good, Treasurer, Buddy Miller, Recording Secretaryp Harry Brooks, Corresponding Secretary, and Johnny Glass, Pledge Trainer. Brother Parker is l RON PARKER, President 1 if " ,. . -.,,...,--- ---..-.., - - . MISS Cl-IERI RAWL, Sweetheart I30 Chairman of Greek Week Bells, David Befzel, Tom Bishop. Alfon Bowers, Lee Brock Sieve Brooks, Harry Bullard, Tom Burns. Ray Clark. John Cleudining. Tom Craig. Michael Crowley, Jim Danfzler, Russ Darden, John Dearwenl, Sieve Diuard. Melvin Epps. Paul Fuge. Pere Gall, Roberf Glass. Johnny Good, A. B. Gordon, Don Green. Roy Gusfafson. Roberf Harley. Hal Hinson, Danny Hufchins. Buich Jennings. Jim Jones. Jim Langsfon, Bernard M'acDougall. Bruce McLenclon, Jim Meek. Nelson Micou, Paul Minich, Mark Parker, Ron Parfyka, Frank Powers.Ed Prarh Sam RiH'er, Richard Roberfs. Thomas Rosen. Bruce Rosen. Louise Rozbiisky, Mike Sanifi. Skip Smiih, David Smoak. Waller Spencer. Gene Sfroud, Bill Tinder. Alan Tourek, Bill While, Sieve WhiH'on, Frank Williams, Rolland PI KAPPA ALPHA l968 is a very special year tor Pi Kappa Alpha and its many chapters throughout the nation. It is this year that PiKA celebrates its Centennial which begins in March as the chapters celebrate the Centennial Founder's Day. Then, in August, the members ot Pi Kappa Alpha will converge in Rich- mond, Virginia tor the Centennial Con- vention. Just as on the National level, Xi Chapter here at South Carolina is also very active. This year members ot Xi have participated in varsity tootloall, baseball, and tennis, and have been active in ODK, KSK, as well as the intramural sports program. Pledges ot Xi could also be tound on the treshman tootball and tennis teams. The PiKA's at Carolina have enjoyed many and various social events during the year, including our Dream Girl tormal in May, and have taken great pride in the pre- sentation -ot our two annual awards given to "The Most Outstanding Player ot the Carolina-Clemson Game" and "The Most Outstanding Sorority." The otticers are Ned Burke, President, Lawrence Laval, Vice-President, David Williams, Secretary, and John Pratt, Treasurer. MISS ANNE STEPHENS, Sweetheart Celebrates N ED BURKE, President I32 Allen, Ken Black. Joe Burke, Ned Conaiy. Tom Craig. Demmis Denoon. James Eclclwardl. Nurman Farrell, Donald Pinocchio, William Godek, Mallluews l-less. Bill l-lorlon. Bill Hudson. Bill l-luglwes. Roll: Karelas. Millon King. Bill Laing, Lawrence Lipe. Sieve McCord. Tim McFadden, Charle McKee, Jim Meyer. Ray Miller. Keilh Miranda. Roberl Reid, Andy Sheer. David Smillw. Bill Spencer. Richard Slramiello, Harry Dieting Used for Finals PI KAPPA PHI Fall rush opened schoolp and the rush party at the Wade Hampton with the Melody Makers netted sixteen pledges, including Ralph the piranha. Parties at Lake Murray comple- mented a tine football season tor USC. Other chapters contributed to the decoration ot our lounge with three skins. A bus trip with dates to the Florida State game proved that although our team couldn't score, we couldp lt was LOADS of fun. The campus cutodian frowned on the hour and dress of our homecoming drop-in and asked a visitor from Coastal Carolina to "re-attire" herself. During exams Quite a tew Pi Kapps dieted to get into studying shape. The iets seemed to have worked well as evidenced by our high GPR standing. Spring brought parties at the Town and Cam- pus and also a strong intramural basketball team. The Rose Ball formal and Easter at the beach capped a fine spring semester. Appleby. Albert Brace, Rodney Brown. David Butler. Douglas Carroll, Bill Culbertson, John Davis. Robert Farkas, Rowland Gardner. Steve Jones. Frank Kennedy, James King. John Lee, Herbert Parks. Bradford Pruitt. Calhoun Rabon. Lynwood Reynolds, Danny Rhoads, Ronald Rhodes. David Richardson. William Robinson. Charles Stephens. Ben Tarrer. James Q 5? :SN R Q A S -ws? H W ?, , f X I l 1 .-, r E 1 wx. '55, .F M. 1 1 K my N , .S At. ZSZ, A S . r 1 I L. ..- Vm -xg ' 'x'2f:J R, . x X N L' HW H 7 3. ,V V 5 J , 5. ,ww , - x ', :J ,. ,Y n ' ,, '., , W , , , SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Brother is Governor of SCSSL Brothers ot Sigma Alpha Epsilon held membership in virtually every campus organ- ization this past year. The rosters ot Blue Key, ODK, KSK, Beaux Arts, Circle K, and Student Senate listed SAE's among their most active participants. Members also served Carolina by their election to several cheerleading positions, the Board ot Gov- ernors ot the Student Union, lFC ottices, and as Governor ot the State Student Legisla- ture. Likewise, many brothers engaged in a great variety ot sports as evidenced by their participation on the sailing, soccer, Asay, Don Barnes, Harold Blake, Jimmy Brightwell, Charles Britton, Bill Brunson, Ashley Burress, Rusty Butler, Ed Cave, Robert Colyer, Leigh Ellzey. Danny Foran, Barry Gantt. Alfred Gillenwater, Terry N. Gunter, Bob Hamer, Rykie Harper. George Harvey, Leon Harvey. Thomas Hill. Mike Irvin. Charles Jacobs. Johnny Johnson, James Jordan, Gary Kling. Tom Kunkle. Gerald Langdon, Mark Lanier, Lewis Mann, Ed McDougall, Bill McKay, Ben Miller, Bill Monteith. Walter Peyton, Dickie Rutledge, Hugh Smith. Walter Strickland, Johnny Temple, Robert Toohey, Richard Townsend, Scott Walker. Mark Wingfield, John Zeigler, Freddie rugby, baseball, and tootball teams. ln ad- dition to these accomplishments, the Delta Chapter brothers enjoyed a tull season ot social events highlighted by a Founders' Day Ball and a much awaited "French 75" Party. The "Yard and A l-lalt Party", the semester break, and Spring Beach weekend house- parties were notable successes and turther established themselves as worth annual at- tairs. Otticers are Mike l-lill, Eminent Archon, Jim Blake, Eminent Deputy Archon, Johnny Jacobs, Eminent Recorder, Tom Kling, Emi- nent Treasurer. K Aff!! ' fi In 14.45,-f MIKE I-IILL, President The SAE's celebrate the climax of a successfuI rush. MISS MARSHA SUE LONG, Swee'cI1ear'c X I.. 'fx "tg 1 lin .' 47,5 'IX ,G ' " .. - x N: Y s ' ' .w sf ' ' ft. ' ' 1 JW S! Qs I A,,.-s ' is .v', . Sponsors Derby Day Annually SIGMA CHI Gamma Nu has had a very good year. A busy tall saw, the pledging ot nineteen, a weekend at Ray Waite's summer home, a Champagne drop-in tor new sorority pledges, and our annual Christmas Formal in December. Spring rush brought us twelve new pledges. Derby Day, Sweetheart with Billy Stewart, and a weekend at High Hampton high- lighted our activities this spring. Achievements ot our mem- bers this year have been noteworthy. Barry Knobel served as Secretary tor Cultural Attairs and was a member ot KSK. Weasel and Nancy were married. Doc and Ethel had a baby. Knobel. Barry Lollis, Bill McNeil, Larry Rogers, James Scurlock, Greg Walker, Gill Watkins. Bill Wills, Bill Wingo. Jim Bass. Cornelius Brownlee. Robert Childers, Harry Guida, Steve Hall, Tom Harwood, Rocky Johnson, James Johnson, Nexson Jones, Milton I39 SIGMA NU Sigma Nu had brothers who held major othces in Blue Key, Kappa Sigma Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, and Circle K. The chapter also had brothers who were the presidents ot the Senior, Junior, and Freshman classes, and Treasurer ot the student body. There were tour brothers who were elected to "Who's Who" and three, to "Outstanding Seniors." Two brothers were on the GARNET AND BLACK stati, and brothers served on the Senate. Commander Johnston served as IFC President. Sigma Nu sponsors the "Little SOO" bicycle race every year with proceeds donated to a scholarship fund. The All Sports trophy was won again last year, making the record nine wins in the last eleven years. Brothers were members ot the varsity Football, varsity Baseball, varsity Golt, varsity Track, and Freshman tootball teams. The major event tor the traternity is the annual "White Star" tormal and mountain party to be held this year at I-Iigh I-Iampton Inn. Ivlajor ot- ticers are Robbie Johnston, Commander, David Meadow, Lt. Commander, Danny Fulmer, Re- corder, George Little, Treasurer, and Gedney I-Iowe, Pledge Marshal. Wins All Sports Fred and Courtney always make a ROBBIE JOHNSTON, Commander "lovely" couple. Trophy Again MISS TICA BRISSEY, Sweetheart Brothers Steve Cremer, Gedney l-lowe, and "Rook" Cordray lwith clatesl try to make the "singing" at parties a little more enjoyable. Best, Fred Bleakley Bob Brandenburg, Charles Bru, Jim Boxton, Cleby Cain, Bill Cowart, Carl Cremer, Steve Crosby, Eddie Crosby, Jim Cunning, Pat Davis, Buster Davis, J. W. Derrick, Jimmy Drake, Jeff Earhardt, Wayne Ellsworth, Carl Fair, Mike Fellers, Jim Fraser, Bob Fulmer, Danny Gardner, Harry Gregory, Johnny Harwell, Bo Helmly, Bill Howe, Gedney Howey, Julian Johnson, Bud Johnston, Robbie King, Wayne Land, Joe Little, George McCausland, Pete Meadow, David Metze, Sonny McNeal, Sac Moise, Dee Moody, David Naylor, Pat Parker, Mac Ringer, Jim Stevenson, Mack Stockman, Skip Tallent, Larry Thomas, Ricky Trammell, Chip Watson, Butch Wl-iisenhunt, Donnie Wilson, Kel Wingard, Tom i i Behind the Red Door SIGMA PHI EPSILON Growth was the key word of Sigma Phi Epsilon's activities in I967. The fraternity experienced physical growth, but more important, we at the "House with the Red Door" grew in our campus and outside activities. Members were active in ODK, Circle K, Pi Sigma Epsilon, Marketing Club, APG, freshman and varsity football, and the varsity soccer team. The "Brothers of the Heart" also filled the ranks of both AFROTC and NROTC. Members were also honored by election to membership in the Arnold Air Society. In keeping consistent with our principles of being a well-rounded fraternity, the social life was not neglected. Annual events such as our "Sweetheart Ball" and Roman Orgy as well as Beach Weekends and informal parties provided us with a means of "getting away from it all." The fraternity takes part in many community and campus service projects, such as Blood Drive and the United Fund. We carry this service a few steps farther on our own by our activities with the several orphanages in the Columbia area. First Semester officers were Bill Ayre, President, John Cousart, Vice-President, Geoff Golz, Comptroller, John Wharton, Recorder, Jay Hall, Secretary. Ayre, Calvert Bardis. Richard Brandt, Gary Cao Garcia. Brian Dawid, Andy Gantt, Carroll Gatch, Wendel Golz, George Hall, Jay Hardison, Robert Herrick, Doug Hoffman, Lawrence Hutson, David Kimball, Stuart Kinemond, George McCarthy, George Mclntyre, Fred Metger, Robert Miller, Joe Pantsari, Peter Tate, Joe Reynolds, Guy Samuelson, Gilbert Sandow. William Sqroi, Charles Shirey, William Siebl, Lawrence Skenes. Kenny Smith, John Smith, Pat Smith, Robert Swain, Tom Vargha, George N . 15525 ii' , sf g . EM, LQ Hum Q 1 fri? , -w ,um 95 7.1 ' 1 if a x Az?-'f 'N NJ :H 4,'s':f": rfb-. ' 2. , v', ,I - ,l I Pl' R, - 'ff ' ig ' U K . - Q r f -w S ,Q BEQQEZEY. ', f, N ,L K 1 A 1 N F ,if "A fa . A, ,, ,A EH 2, li 8. .-'-4 I V' V1 I' N Qgfw L 'Q ,Wy- Lygz L,L Ali A WL -ggs. V in ia. L X J. ,iw 7 Zu D, 3 swgfb -X-A .al E Q -?i5H,iN,- E 5E QL FQQHT iw , A Dfmpi ' L vou 1if Q' ' cw: A 2 W ,Mona WILL LIVE Y' 1 ,qi .f x l' ,Q -we z:z!:i3.5a5 if-1" r W" .J Q? .' T- v I 'fr V. 57:43 La, 'LW 2-su A .ca, Q, aa..-.,..!. ....,.... - ...,..........- 4 rv- Y 3 2' 1 R. ,VA 5 4. V 1 . ,N s ' H fi IX ki' n Lg. . 1 z h . .1 E 5 -.3a-i-- Donates Tiger for MAXCY BROTHERHOCD Maxcy Brotherhood enjoyed suc- cess in many realms ot student lite at USC during the I967-68 school year. President Dave Murray made his presence telt in the Student Government. Jay Gaskin was se- lected by Chi Omicron Pi, National Chemistry l-lonor Society. Bill Muller was named to the All- American Swimming Team, and Ali Najjar achieved high ranking in the Air Force ROTC Drill team. Our otlicers who led us throughout the year were Dave Murray, Presi- Bright David Cox, Bob Cox, Jerry Gresham. Carry Hawlcins, Paul Johnson. Dwight Knight. Roy Long. Steve Madden, Charles Mirando, Mike Muller. Bill Naiiar, Ali Warren. Joe Weeks. Alan Zodda, John dent, Bill Madden, Vice-President, Ali Najjar, Recording Secretary, Greg Stapert, Treasurer, and Pat Leardo, Social Chairman. The tall semester was once again high- lighted by the burning ot the Clemson Tiger. Although this year our "misguided" ledges built a slightly misshapeclb cat that ap- peared as it it might be about to produce a couple ot more tigers. For this achievement we saluted our Pledge President, Neil Rader, the Jewish Engineer. S DAVE MURRAY Preside gif s V4 Sl my mf ? '51 4 51-2 if '45 E, 7' -'em 5 .. , E1 H -xq I Ig f' if .,,,,,. x f n is is Exam -mu E msn ::: n A mm: Us - . ' 38 ' - EEE B Es ' 1: Q xl - A 1 J E 2 Qx 1. E N ', M x w 75 A m ' -K' ms " 's W wb rg ,.n ag, f 2'4 AL" . , 'P wt , 2 yn H'u.H H" Q -2 fx l ,I g ., f N , . P ig k F em ? 5 :H .H ,Q , . 1 ff 23? -fx ., 3:3 Ex, V V 8 W Q ' JE '- s v J . Q ,, 1 X w J 'Vx W3-H S ,fi ., 149- li 1 x fp H ' ' i ig., 3.1: - ' -Ma R A A I ' , , 1 1 - r . . M N I' 7 1 . -U l . 'J 2 - A INTRAMURALS Competition between the fraternities helps to establish a healthy atmosphere tor the Greeks. Even though the competition is tough, the fraternities tind unity through the intramural program. To determine the all- sports champion, the traternities are divided into leagues and points are awarded the runners-up, league, and over-all winner in each sport. At the end ot the year the total points are added tor each traternity in tootball, basketball, ping-pong, badminton, bowling, swimming, sottball, volleyball, track, golt, tennis, and putt putt. This year the winners were the following: tootball, Phi Delta Theta, swimming, Pi Kappa Alpha, ping-pong ldoublesi, Pi Kappa Alpha, lsinglesl Sigma Nu, badminton ldoubles and singlesl, Pi Kappa Alpha, bowling, Phi Kappa Sigma, and basketball, Pi Kappa Alpha. Last year the tollowing won these events which occur in the late spring: softball, Sigma Nu, volleyball, Sigma Nu, track, Sigma Nu, golt, Phi Kappa Sigma, tennis lsinglesl Pi Kappa Alpha, ldoublesl Alpha Tau Omega, and putt putt, Sigma Nu. .L ,Q - , A -A .j".4 , 1 , S .. "3 . I- 1 - X . - I' . -- N 'i In ' 's-' 1' ? ,n-1, .' ' T'-M -,.'-1 --was-gv..,,- - V ' . 1 -- ' - . ' - -.. ' Carl Ellsworth shows why he was chosen to the All-Star team I4-6 bw X ,A V YZ, f I ggi' -U1 A 'Q "Wie 1:33 ws w xi . 'H 5 ffm Q W, R, i S X ' Hunan, A A 'Wg A 3 '. sg. A ........,, V . : Viv' - Q 'f x 5 L' Q, ix lb 4 3 i i I :hh , . ,N I fvzfv l 4,4 ,B Q'- K . 25- ' 1 if , f'5QN"f 3 '5' 9 K -- was 1 fx. ,Mm H nf., K ,. V . " ip? kg m My-'Q , '55, 'K is jig-23 A - Swgefw , .: ' M5255 ' , TE' - sm 1 . ui.. ,r ,JL , 'rw 4 If! I r . v ' '. ' H . X 3-P 1 ---ff we-.v-4-vu.: X L ' ...J-in ' nm I K 4 V ' .'-' ' ,I , fsf ' ' A ,,, ,, -sfif1'!'7'! , " -,344 .. - - . ., , , A , W i g,, sw- Jfkfrf 'E Q' M 5 4 Li I ., ' Y A X ,M fi, 41 M., "wx X 13 1, 3.-3 . 1 P an '29 , QW '. r-17:35.-iii' urns. - Z. I-i -.!.z,, ik, ' , f 'J PTY X rw fx Wayne Earhardt, fraternity athlete of I967, shows his excellent body control between two Phi Kap players. X I , :- A W, Y . ,fs ' ., ' , 4 4 V I w ' A N f' I N' I sl Xxx 11, la, . -' I '. .1 . . ,,1.. . . ' I u I N Pilca's allow only one of a few rebounds to slip awa Y l l Butch Watson, always alert, prepares to help teammate Pat Cunning. The Chi Psi's also displayed superb body control. And sometimes, the Chi Psi's did not ,l 'r ,QW Q 13.1. A6 . , 'X 'Y' A A 'Q W - ' Q . . .. 'V ne' W 'P 2? . . J' - If F ' 4.1. if .' ll. A ., .' W Lx li .- . . ,Q i,,M,: L, 5. X 1 1 xt FJ rff 'N . H v.. .,,, ff' di -nv In W . Jr- ITL ' 'J fm" .3131 1 R, J I l 7 I F , 5 SQ Q - W2 -p SM . , f 3231 'k': fl' A ik 5 , 5.1. ww .ug,?,. .. j -., :A-Q ' Y Q .4-Z' 4 , K : -V 4, - isa- K., X-4' . Y M ,855 . , ., , .'Q'iH'U-f v 'fE:Ef3.',., " ' Dfw 1 1J ' : ' 1 "5'Q1.f.E.' X I H - w' .vi ,4 4,111 Z 1 l , V fi 3 ' K 25 H. .sys ,Rn . yfwfifa QQ .,.., 5, , 1 ,W 3 Xmgkgim V .s. N 1? f ij? , f, ww, x 4 51 J. 145 if Q4i, 43 ,,. x wjT,:,,4I.,W , ' 'N LN i -:FHM fl F- xx - Mug- 'J 1 . if , , iii! 11 gil. x 5-Fi, N ., H1 AM 4 wi! an I QQ .4 9' W 22315 fffwj' 1- "l-:wi vw. wx ff' .. :wan ,s ' ' --f '52 Q . N 'vs "4ai?" " 'EFL QA ' U ,ef .. S, '-s x WL., , ln. f, 45 W f xv 3 'S -I I ,W v . ' H3 Q 5 X :X K -x vi, fe. Q- LN .4 " viii 1, 1 P5 FN - -Gm' .1552 Q, 1, fm mm wuz mm, ulibi? nm, mm: my ei 'fs bf, M, x-62 L 1 1 Mg F .X .16 ia S 1" J' X 'A '. O Z u ,rf Q .ff ,Wil - HBH ' wx M V :eu DERBY DAY Derby Day is an annual event held by all chapters of Sigma Chi throughout the na- tion. This year, Derby Day was divided into two days ot events. On Wednesday, April 3, the various sororities participated in the Derby Snatch. The object was to collect the largest number ot derbies from the Sigma Chi brothers. On Thursday, April 4, the games tor the sororities were held. Also, a Spirit Trophy was awarded the sorority who exhibited the greatest amount ot enthusiasm during the week preceding Derby Day. Top- ping the day ot events was the selection ot a Miss Venus who was chosen trom a group ot one representative trom each sorority tor the best tigure. This year's events included Around the World, the Egg and l, Milk, Baby, Wipe Your Nose, Balloon Bust, Yard and a Halt, Costume Event, and the Mystery Event. Points were awarded the winners tor each event and the sorority which accumu- lated the largest number ot points was awarded the Derby Day Trophy. This year's winner was Kappa Delta and the Spirit Award went to Kappa Delta. Miss Venus l968 was Miss Mandy Thomas, sponsored by Kappa Delta. ,,. ,,..,T.l , H 1 rl H , . J. ,. we .- ' Y Steve Guida blows the whistle to start the Derby Snatch. 'ssl l52 lm -.., . wg1f.f'f1V ' iih- 'fr '45, I Q it A ..,,, xp , 1 T i 95 -E' N. sf R XX J A ,W i ff 5 H . ,A , f . 44.15 A 1 .- I I yi I 1 KQ13 ,., n .54 J xy. , '. ,np- ! .nit N- 16 5 Li? if ..'.,,-A l , Hur ... 5 pr, , :rg fx ,-1 A1 Nm "A 4-5.5 gn-1 .. H S .. 5-...JA V 437' -.fl K, 1 -y-A xx jgeflfff 1- ' 51 . :G bfi V ' 5 -I , N, , , wnqg W , I 5 .r-4' 3 "iw,- f ..- K .. , , 'lfimib " s.,- Gi- ' wmv'-1 . 1 Eff L 4 , 4 -fm f.f..,.4 .ww 4 ' , Q ,, mi ' Eli. A7 It 1 I 'X - , , ,bw gif 1 A-G f f , , .. W, .M 4 vw- wwf-ffl" " -' .si - ' Q. Tr' J 'lug "a43 .x af. X 5.1! ', 5 do A tiff' . .1,ch'.Ji "1 'g mf wx" 274552: IN - fb . . s',f..g2-'Sis pg'..,:f - ig -ff .,.f,u1,L fr' 1 T- . "-. f V 34-. .:?ih.g Q1 ' ,-win' Q ' , ?rLPgi:j-'N' L ' Y 'Q 5 . , r l 'L ,t '. , 5.0-'fitjzf ,,,,x -1 J , 14.. , , t,- xx W- i.,h,g . - A V , P K r ' lx -V: -1' 51 3 0 f ,- ' ' Y , x ,P ,, A J Q I Q, ax " I -Z if .71 ' 1' ,T f -M-fr.. jg , 1 - 3 sita fn f- s .1 .- r" A L' 9 X .N 13 X X j? 1 ,. ,. wg IRQ J K was K1 A W .W Y v N .F-M 9,9 .. ' l., ,Q r f' 1 I 5 ,tb -, . ii , is 4 1 K ... ceq X - ..., AW r Q vyqxgltiflg ,vw I 7 5 .,u,:. K I sf. F , A f uf W .. . .. ,, 21.1" f" . ' Q- ' ! -5+ 0 . JH! ' Y H .f a 1- . .5 ws , ,V . A W Qi .5 Y? -5 ff' ..,.- . , . vibtfff L-' .. .. .-,.-., .--...-.-.. ff' ' ' 'IN ii.-nvv , ...... ...v , , , X, -....-. . U.. -,.. ..-- -M G.--Q..-..m,. , -Liar-fx -,,, qarwrg, - - '.2,,.,,,,-'wmv is-wg M-1--1 . ,,.,fwm,, -- - 12.2 2' T' f nw, .97 ' -1 , L, W.-ff Q. .r fr- F' V . U ' 1 ",izV,,. ,, .-- .igi 1 l 'N A'F-575. '.- -vfnz. - ' f 1 ' ' -' X, . I I 1.7 . A ' I " A f F V ,E 'k g Ml, 1. , -,jgg g I , ff- ,N 7.,,, :-Eff ', .. , t gm. i V ai x . 5.11. . .f - is -ng, J ,, r 5- N ,.. -.-ati., W... .A fdvrm, .. 'mv Aw .ff "-,W if 1 H ':,. I . . Ti. ' ,x 1-K., -1 '11, "T ,. 1 r, "-.L Mm - f 'fm . " VA-.Cl - " 1 1. is . ' . 5:-if.-1 xt' , , f V , , :P ,iz .5 arg.:- '1',, F ,, 22" 1 , J LITTLE 500 "Little SOO" is an annual event spon- sored by Sigma Nu fraternity. It consists ot a beauty contest in which a Miss "Little 500" is chosen by a "penny vote," a tri- cycle race tor sororities, a bicycle race tor traternities, and various games such as the "Dunkezas." All proceeds go to a scholar- ship tund which Sigma Nu gives. This year the event was highlighted by the sparkling commentary ot John Davenport and Mac McLaurin, the arrival ot "Atlanta Frog" who started the bicycle race with a warm- up lap in his go-cart, and the appearance ot Miss Southern 500 who waved the tlags to start the races. The big atternoon tound the Chi O's victorious in the tricycle raceg the Phi Delt's, in the bicycle raceg and Miss Bunny Watters chosen as Miss "Little 500." Wally Orrel and 'che other scorers get ready for 'che bug race I ., , 4 I L The sparlclin A happy and victorious Phi Delt tea V m received the trophy tor winning the bicycle race. .pur- g commentary from the "eye in the sky" was dampened only a little by the showers. I58 Ki Miss Bunny Watters received her trophy as Miss "Little 500" 'From David Meadow, chairman of "Little 500." GREEK WEEK l-leritage and destiny-this year's theme ot Greek Week presented the fraternities and sororities with the responsibilities ot those who are truly concerned with the wel- tare ot themselves and ot others. The week ot lvlarch l I-I6 tound the Greeks busily in- volved with a convocation, guest receptions, panel discussions, a banquet tor visiting speakers, a concert with Jay and the Ameri- cans, the IEC-Panhellenic Awards Banquet, the Community Service Project, a Greek parade, Greek games with Eontella Bass in concert, and a chariot race. This year's visit- ing speakers were lvlr. William A. Mac- donough, member ot the National Board ot Directors ot Sigma Phi Epsilon, Mr. Richard R. Fletcher, National Executive Secretary ot Sigma Nup lvlrs. Betty Agler, National Presi- dent ot Delta Zeta, Mr. E. Garth Jenkins, National Executive Director ot Pi Kappa Alpha, Mrs. Dorothy Stuck, editor ot Pi Beta Phi's The Arrow: lvlr. Tom Dean, National Assistant Secretary ot Pi Kappa Phi, and Mrs. Jean McCarty, Secretary ol: the Chi Omega Governing Council. Ron Parker served as Greek Week Chairman. Mr. Richard R. Fletcher opened Greek Week as the Speaker at the Convocation. . L .. I I ii. W lj ig H 2 V as ,E H d I X a' nrt-Ox X 7' ' .A xgg G Ancl there were the Pika's at the parade. s"' Ellen Boatwright adjusts the marker to show that the Greeks coll Li' Jil' 2 ' wwf' X 5 . 2,I20 in the community service project tor the March ot D ected imes. Wi The spirit ot the Greek Games were only partially dampened by the first ot the spring slwowers. I6l 95:5 .gf ,- 1 X w -J U 'Q A 'O-vu u 2, x - -.,f -'1 A HP' 1 sf 'P -, .,f,5.,, if Riga. v ,ft : 9 . -NW if sw 35"- nag. -v . '.u1.4, LA .4 Y: 'rf -g 4 1 x " V K Q- ty . Q. . ,Q - , N , . W 'fy' . ,,.w,- ,E I 5 t - 1-.. E ff-Y .,' Q., Qv I4 .-. E , ,:. H xi K m ' -:EW rj: ei ' f .wwf ' v n,,.. I 'lf , , F g ., y , ,, . H 'H -' ' ' ,Lf Swinnff ,Wf-Kiwi , ., .Wa , V ff:-'. Av, K ' 'w 4' v .LW ag '-5.13" X ws' :JL 45-Q -Rf. F .... .. A 1 N Q W mfg' Q4 N 'dank ., A-A! . ., .. "5 5-fb, .2-XX .gg,m..f .. 3 ., rm 5 34 - 4 ' -1 v . . Q- eh 5 I' , ... Q- ' " ,5 .4 -H N Y 1 -" , X mv.. . f Z., 1' 3 'X P' "xl, " x X f 'S'-11 1 X 2 rx, Y ,X S ff -i. - ' - v K x 'ferr' , "7 Alu.. A," '.-,...f ' ,. "J '-L. ' 'WN -fqqfg 9 '2L.Zn. I' I' ,, 1 , A .ask N ,, I J-" - ffm 4 l 'if 4, - . I ,YUJFR f A I - f , , 5 M Q1 . 1 dx , V Ax Q V D Kfwdf' ' 1 Q. ,' . ,, W V Af Y. v-FV. 6, xlflrfxq . X' V,-r . 1-5.1 W - ,KA .Q . 1 - 'Af'-A '72 'G I ' Q ' F I ' B I avi, uh x f f J.. Wiz' 'Q' ' ' ' . X if :if tw xn M '. . 4 'A' ' - F, - " V4 A ' Y V L .1 5 . Q' 1 1 ' -H nm, , ' ' A ' - if MZ y .IQ 1 ,A 1 4 -N "asm, 9 . I ,- , ifqf-KM' M 5,-'J A by 7 A . , fg ' 5' -- ,www - ,MB P? . ' :fr Q " ,K . ,L , . gr .Z '51 A' if ,- .3 , 343, ii mms gg Ja-2. M ,A :SLT M wif'-M M 'nf N QE 2 ,sn www 1 gf V.:.:::, Aggie? VE, ,.,., ,,,,, .. E .,.x . .. ..: I .,., EQ ' ,sm 1 ef.3,s, if M 2 E fa-I fi? V9 V M, M, Lg, ffm EMQKQF ' , r Y. ,, , K fm W9 wg wx nxw , M xx 'ini :QE -2:3 . H :um Q is sm: 1 -.Jgawnm st Damn S2 U' mam M V Vim .E L Wg Q55 if Q SWS mms 'im Mm -Hgfgz QHEXL bw sa 1252 -,-:Eva 1 A .- Q 1' o A J., A jr ' .gk bH'::4'f1S'3W , Ek Q' R'-1' ' ' .X U , , --nf l' " 5-x :wtf X 5- FE- A M.-ly. f l A ggi' A 554 -4. -1 xv ' flu 4" gi' L-ggu . . 1. . g- ' :. My -1 ,, 'iw' ff? ' M 1- V,'L"??'H1 -gy., .4- , - ' , 1 '. af. I ,H ff ' . 1 W' ff sm H ,, ,iggw " ff 213 11 UA. ., w M4 A H 1 4 Wm : " xy , Q 4-' -f ny, , .., V .M fr? ' 4 - . ' f:",1u f ,M N Y '. ,,. . - . ' .x Q , 4 ,:-:-: I .' F. JN' 'lv I , ,. 5 44 ,, . A.. ,ti lim - . 'fir ' 'f 0 " :V 1, f N if - 'g2?:Mg"- M . si XA ga H 1: 4 HST",-'A , N M 4 V Y , 4 F: b MQ 359, is 'V A RA , f, k . .. ' gf 3'5" 'Q-4 5 fish. A. 'b.,,- if-.x Y ,4 U ,Q X + js 1 v ... Q . I X74 i 1 ,JP 'fl -. -,, .Q 1 we - 1 A! ,U I m .lr .Nix Isl: ..c , f, 'H Q f 1 A I .f 1 3 I .1 f' Q-.fsfg 'I 1 l. -,I w . rr v v r ' 1 I 1 , 1 ,.: ff. -,S ' . .54 qw ' uw' '- mf "qi . Nf 2, X ihvg: .J ,D vi, ,1.'q"Z ". iw i x ggi? ' ' . 3 , hiss x .I A ,W , I 1. . W ' 3- f I my 4.45, T .. .n .I ,,, Y 4 '5 :v ' 1 W. Haw W PL- W 1 'Q' mr x as IEC otlicers tor the I968-69 are David Meadow, President, Barry Knoble, Vice-President, Bo Barwick, Secretary, Frank Caldwell, Treasurer. I65 AWARDS BANQUET Excellence is rewarded at the annual Inter- Eraternity and Panhellenic Awards Banquet. Fraternities and sororities are honored tor their scholastic, athletic, and public relations ability while a member ot the taculty or administration is honored tor his assistance given to the Greeks tor improving relations. Also, the new otticers ot IEC and Panhell are installed, traternity men ot the year and tra- ternity man ot the year are presented, sorority women ot the year and sorority woman ot the year are presented, and a guest speaker is heard. This year, on March I4-, Dean Harold Brunton received the Ad- ministration lvian ot the Year, Zeta Tau Alpha and Chi Psi received the scholastic awards, Sigma Nu received the athletic award, Lambda Chi Alpha received the public relations award, sorority women ot the year were Barbara Clark, Betsy Emmons, Raye Jones, Lady Nicholson, and Karen Rus- sell, Ella Reese Mayer was sorority woman ot the year, traternity men ot the year were Bruce Rosen, Roger Whaley, Carter Crewe, Robbie Johnston was chosen traternity man ot the year, and Dean Cooper received a special award tor his excellent guidance as advisor. l William A. lviacDonough spoke to the Greeks as a finale to a big night. 1-als " .121 A ' ' - 1 .' , JL 1 1'-H +9 S if .'V U . I 35355 L: 'fx ag, qw 'N P 1 RN ,IH A if-: i Vfp :QI , Q! 52, H Jigs idx F3 1111 at lffgfx J V rtieggxggg, Q ,PJ-,I 3 U-.1 -3' is ' Q wb 5341 f'il:1,k, ' ' ,N v -1 X. fr '1 wk, ' Tiff' Qs X Y' 'A ff, fqiis Q' ..1..'.5, - - Q H , V, . df "- N1-A 3 e-N2 ,," .1 F? I a X f AAI-Y Q LJ If l Seated Lett to Right are Robbie Johnston, Fraternity Man of the Year, Dean Cooper who received a special award tor service to IFCJ and Carter Crewe, one of the Fraternity Men of the Year. Standing are Bruce Rosen and Roger Whaley, Fraternity Men of the year. Seated Lett to Right are Ella Reese Mayer, Sorority Woman l of the Year, Dean Clotworthy, Pan I-lell Advisor, and Raye Y Jones, one of the Sorority Women of the Year. Standing are i Barbara Clark, Betsy Emmons, Lady Nicholson, and Karen Russell, Sorority Women of the Year. L ' 'fu' ' ""-fax' -P Q41 Mg 9- H- if Y' P l 'fm 3' 3 3' '1,':iguvuQg?TFl,14 V . g . 3 . .,,-0" ff M' - ,'3! i-. ' ' 54M - A - -r ,W X ff . 'Q 'H NW-rim Ma. 2 " ,g 'Q' 4- I ,gi ..,,. - .a ,. Y, " 'u v 'l - 5- A -f f- ,- ..,,, X' ,X NJ- 1 ..., 1iI',f"1 I ' n 1,-, 4 W - ..4.u-5 rw :'5':.:,. .lv ,V ,- .' -N-.G af: l,,,4y.:'- , I I. .5 ., V ff" -' 4 4' ".1'lf"tf" f? r 'heb' 3- , Eta Q' K l 'wif i " 5 ' 1 , .1 A " " ' , ' 1-ff' . ,, 1 - -v . '- PM ' - ' M! ' '-':- 'fi'-, ' ' J ""'.1 . 4 . ' Y ' ' ' " 2 ' ' .' 1 - -' 'W " 1" "' Y 7 A ' " . UA .N -' P Q .hw , pg H. v V 'wvgff . A W W- - pf Q., .2 ' Ki- -"fb " .1 -.AQF -Q-tw-,-1, P--f' fl . Q ' ., ff '- M f : -P -Q .- 14 3.551321 A 1: gg . -f fi -' w':.fs '- Ty ' -QQEFQJ' 35- . f -f 1 A . f' 'L QQ 32 9 'life - - 1 E A X. -X ,W ly ' 11 ' KRX' ' ' f. I' 'Z I ' . 1 gt .g.. - XL ' ,- ' 1 731 '7 Ai T , , -' I ' J fx f Q v 'll u ' V , 3 X V : ' A. ' -4 I J A' ,1 uf. 1 N 'ti fl Q . 1 Q I S , f" n' . A ' 1 I 2 4 ' 3' - ' - X ? - 3 L if 4 Li . 1- l 'ijx W ' l Q r A 4 . f-ii, .I , V 141- ,A H l "gg ' 1 b -M., -'W ,, , ' .,...,-M '-" . . A A 'I , ' 'f' ' , , ' , Y i':,.:sv"" . .:- , W, , -'I ,Al H ,Y Lf i -.hgsvqf .NJ u,,1L-'Ml J A I-ft I' lf: '. ,G 14" . '.f,, L ,.,... . Q,,! 5 ,',L'J:,i, iaqy ,f "'4:4L',,,:,',ff v S' .,.-Z.:-ff:-' V f-aiu' I. . . V " .. A ' . gg ,, 3 f ,n - , 1 . - . . 4 Q...'r- A Y 11 ,I A ., ,. ' ---,. VV.. .-1,1 11-9.5--, ,M V -.,, -wx v S, U .Huw -y,,Ly.q., . II- V ,jj qu " ,T I ., , K, ,qi N f A . I . ' 5-,U 1102: A 1 .pw A 3,55- E -, Q 1, . s lx "' Y . - ,. Q M. . yn' X ,J . .L 'L LW 95 ,, P lr ,v ififi. V P , M, nillfy .I . I . I Y .-4' " 9. Y"-- U ,QL " x I X 5 I l f .1 2' ' , 1' s A y - ff W5 Hi gi if 2' if I 4"'g I lp ,Z lf! 4 af" 5 5 1 E 16? -fd.-LJ . . . f 4. '.':"', 1 - 1 .93 ml . , . Y 1 A " .....,.-.-- -L Q-" , , Y , rl m- .. :sf 1' 4 I . J 5, . fx. ,, A 3 if I69 -..,. .,:--ik i?':j2i-,f' , ar-1'3A.. 'q V04 CQ -A il- tv ,11',.,f. YY H V . 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L35 A -Q , Q A-1-A N . wx, X., x 4,-.Q , '32 , i xv iilxvxgrvw, - , QM MQ. , fl V- -Q-. ,. Qi 2- W ' lk .f,, Q. ,',,b !. W. w-I J., YA wk 14. , W W 1. wg' 3433" -Y -' M ' ' ' ' ,JL 4 1 wh . ' . ff, . . - 1 4. A , 4, - lt, , V f' 3- if . -- , , Ag W , A , , M1 4 wg, , . L 1.35 - 5:.1,2N . 4 , . if I fuk 7 Bl fax' - J . '1- ' mix - - Nj 5 ,pls ' y - 'X , .,. .' ' . s -w. - fx--K.. 4.- 4 J- Q , ,, A 1, M13 , ' - 'V '- ' A .f Xb. 4 xv. - ' ' -A ' - 4 h . K ' W 3 ,, , '. xi, . Lg- H.: A .f i ' " 7 - 1 f-an ' "'N.'-41 --0-3 . J v. f' R ' ,---. fx! 15- ' " -1 R -.1 " 4 ' x ' - -r Q iiggiwgd "2 fl? " ' ,1 m A -- m 1 ' if 4' 'ff fx ? V 'Q wa- A-Ing 'X -Yi' 2 -'ff' "fav 'X' N A Q eg ,,:., Q - ,gh 4,3355 , , .. 1 A ' 4 K E N WMM ' W g -ii ' -- -U. . . .- VV ' 'T ,M , , 'W M -9 - Riff' fag 44' X, 5? - wif J ,4 as I 4 as - M , 'W - V- 'I V . .4 ' ' ' l ' ' ' ' , M 4 iw, H 1 x ri xv f 'X 'A 4' 4i .JN ' x ' 7 - Y . ' " - , .' v 5? ,wr MH' Q ,M X ' .':. .Sy . W ' , . A 5 Q X .5 ' iissiixiigs if 'QE Q-5 N-LX N! M L. I ut-Q: 1 W fx 1 U. ,svasm X. 39 , -X 'F- r ., KN V x ,! 4 xi 4 W3 1 ' mi 1. .Jai -, .I V ' is I. -1 '4' 'Mi ' .4-V Q 3:5 iq, '9 5- gf- N. ga X! 'l9':p','H" ' L'-Q-EHS'-'z ff 53 , V, T , ,I-.JL .. LJ? V -Q QW-u .- "- ,wir 'ff- kk U rv o ug v 1xm,' 3. ,gf , Q I-J y . V , ' 4 vt . 3: 4 '. f, -n N.- 'Q il ll ll v. .. E l' , X 9 , -- r V? F. 1 r xl. i' , in V Q: .1 't' , wa ' , 1 . br r v ' A w. .v 1' r-- "7 'Q E . my A g , mx? 4 . 'X .wi Sv. I NN. A . b I, .. , ,-. A - 5 5 , J , M 't A 5 .41 ,, , xx ,uk ' - i N, jr, ki V ' 1 .3 ' v . ' - ' . Q N5 ' ' Q" july if .ql ' ig, I , 'H , 4-1 32:1 ,- . x I , ,I 1 .. - - Q ,. l - i. ,. .. jx Nwgi ' X1 M TL Wy x . . . I' - . N 1 V qs 1, A ' , , V- Yin, .X 13 ' -V 'L I , 1. N25 Ili-' ., X - . Q , - Q, 1 Nb ' ' " X ' s- -, A 1. , V-ht. " .v , ' 2' A- Q , ' R 3 Q 5 - 93 ' "fx 3' , N 4 V 'Q ' jx: Y ' 'N V Q . , M x L v A . ,,, N. xxxu , .. gr NK. 4 Y I k - A EK.. X 'S PQ, n- Q - . '. 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Q , Ar , K z 'U , x v V I A x I If R V, Z v Sf E Twelve cadet officers comprise the Wing Staff. These cadet officers coordinate and supervise the work of the various units of the Air Force program. Pictured is one of the regular staff meetings. Left to Right: L. Hammond, G. Roberts, W. Goodwin, G. Cox, and standing B. Long. CADET WING STAFF 6 AFROTC at the University continues to advance in meeting the challenge of training future Air Force Officers. The objective of the ROTC pro- gram is to produce junior officers who, by their education, training, and inherent qualities are suitable for continued development as officers in the Ll. S. Air Force. This program provides the opportunity for students to carry on their regular studies along with preparing them for leadership in one of the nation's defense forces. During summer programs, Air Force cadets gain prac- tical experience in the Air Force profession at summer camps throughout the U. S. KNEELING, LEFT TO RIGHT: C. A. Gritfin, R. Mabus, W. H. Goodwin, R. Harrelson. C. E. Henson, and R. H. Johnson. STANDING: J. E. Easterling. SSgt. N. Scriortino. B. J. Durham. P. H. Valentino, Col. R. E. Fancher, Mai. R. D. Mc- Creary. J. Anderson, J. W. Black, W. L. Phinizy, and G. P. Roberts. FLIGHT INSTRUCTION PROGRAM Two FIP cadets sit in the coclcpit ot a Piper Cherokee, the type plane used in flight training by the AFROTC at USC. Cadets in this program complete requirements needed tor a private pilots license. This training program is open to all qualified senior cadets interested in becoming Air Force pilots and includes ground school and 36If2 hours ot flight training at Columbia Airport. Ex-Air Force Fighter Pilot, Major Richard Creary is now Flight lndoctrination Program here at the University. Maj. lvlcCrerary has helped to establish an all-time high avera turning out successful Air Force Pilots. D. Mc- Otliicer greatly ge tor ptr "'1.. , , Y. , . .T Y, I Nw. g ' , x V A ,g,,f- -- Q J A lzl ,J V- Y L ., :,, w E5 ' fl :JW " tiff, M , f U-1.' T" Sw '3 5' WF' 4 --.'.nx "-' 'flrr 'H-' I e I , A. me jriffg, . , ,I 4:13, , ' Lag Y gzfivi' ' T- I . , , 1, 1 , K V1 I f I 13 -If if "'. L ,, ? 1.1041 U -,yr ,.,, I J' ,SL-J I, Q . V 2, , irq! F- vw -gr 1 ,Q . 'x , -f 1, 1. ,..A. ' lg " " -.yw Q, rl. f vw' 'V P""'L.' -V M' A' vu 'nw' nf, r,'VY. - ., -x . 1 'rW,gi.'F Mi. , , ... . , , , 7 - . ' - .' 1 I, 'f 'J ., . ,' - g' 5: .f'fgng'l..'- 4!.,.- A X 4 Y f 1' ' ,r fy W' gal: jg, I ' ' " an A - xg.g.: h .x :" li V I :Q X tj A 4 V , N-111 'ru if-l I? E -1 ,Q . s 1 ' ' "1 'ff' . .DAY 1 5 N ' if 12:3 K! ld-5 a? v x i Q ' .Jw , 4. - , Q' 1' ram? ,. I ,, -, 1 is 'I.',x,i.i-. - -Q ' - gl 1 sr. ,J-airy.. fi, 1 Q X1 H.,xg15vi ., H -U gli " ll' 5 r , , V ' Siggff'--Y , , ' 'Ili f ' , 1 QL, X 31 lfymi- 4 '5 1' f ma- ' V if "Angel Flight flies with after 5 fashions," Angel Marty Salley models a cocktail dress at a fashion show sponsored by the Angel Flight. The fashion show was held in the ballroom at the Capstone House, and was the first fashion show ever sponsored by the Angel Flight. ANGEL FLIGHT Angel Flight is a national honorary service organization of selected women sponsored by the Arnold Air Society, consisting of 47 angels land very attractive angels at thatl. The Angel Flight exists in order to advance and promote interest in the Air Force and Air Force ROTC, obtain information con- cerning the military services, and aid the progress of the Arnold Air Society, Air Force Cadet Corps, and the University. Members of Angel Flight must have a 2.5 overall grade-point average and possess poise, personality, and a willingness to par- ticipate actively in Angel Flight activities. Commended by Audrey Meyer, angels serve as hostesses at Air Force ROTC functions, act as delegates at area conclaves, partici- pate in many community charity projects and do their utmost to improve the morale and 'esprit de corps" ofthe Air Force Cadet Unit. The basic AFROTC program furnishes the student with a firm foundation for aerospace age citizenship by offering a challenging combination of ideas, ideals and practice. The extremely selective and competitive courses produce leaders capable of handling the tremendous compression of technology in time and space. . ,, ,. -g ..::,..7 NAVAL RCTC f le ., , . -we - g - ' I, 1 . 5 A Ll W -V ' M .Maw 1 fx sagggg ,,,,,, 1, , V , M Q3-ggixx mr ffm- 25-is ' ' s W n is D ll 4, NROTC unit consisting of approximately 220 midshipmen. The Regular Reserve Otficers Training Corps Program presents to the young men of the United States the opportunity to embark on a rewarding career as an otticer in t e U. S. Navy. I79 T' , 1 ,S 3. If 59,4 R-JQLL. I ,W , J -J fp. . ' j 5 T . 2 f . ' -fl Nvrvvf Y if Q ,J x N wf 5 v , Q 1 . 'Y ' ' fQ VJ f ! 5 P . ' if ' ' . Hs 5 L 1 u G ::5"f 73 q 4 'U 3 X . . 1 - - , , '1 .L v W- ad ' 1 I Ilfv zz f xr '?2' 13 'uf J' M Y ii 'P 1? 1, 4 V ,7 fy J -v - Aqfsslu - ' . 'K -fa, , J V. 1 JA , 'P' -i . .K Jr' 75 Y ,A V? aw " x fy . .g 5 , . "fi-.qlxfxx if SY V -. , mb 25 5 1 J ,, if nm' ,F f' 0 f I 9 Q , ' ,Q X r' f , 'F 1 J Y Q, ' , ,Aff , Q ,lwaxsi 'Yi W I V I, K.-E H i .3 ' L g .M-. N , ffqlw, ' 1 1 ' g1,5fgg,,1'ff'1,i w YQ, -Je, " gat 'ff .W J W 61' n 4? 6,275.55 gs' ' r' 'f " 7 H L -'4 ,Q 0 uf -- vf- I 1 , f,, I-if " ee' .w ' :HU "' .9 9 f 'f , 9 , ., 11 A A '4 N V a . ,, .N 4 E A -u 'w A V A -lx! TJ .A- .5 l K v 3 M! Z? V ff n - Q , L-, Ji ,J x. "A sagem -'dw' . .L ri 1' vu if A , , .x .fs 1' I vi 'iv U Y' A l 1 s msg.. GQ . 4' Q. ig IN FRONT: Midshipmen Battalion Commander J J Born FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT C A Johannes meyer. D. K. Howe. G L Green C P Minor E R Way A R I-Iudglns F E Freeman W Todd and J H Suddeth. COLOR GUARDIN REAR LEFT TO RIGHT J E Tindall G T Broadclus W T Shocker Y D Newton and J, R. McNeal BATTALION STAFF Students appointed to the Regular NROTC lead approximately the same lite as other students. They undertake normal studies leading to a bacheIor's degree, and may pursue any extracurricular activities that do not interfere with their Naval Science requirements. They do, however, take twenty-tour semester hours ot naval science courses, participate in the scheduled drills and summer cruises, and wear their uniforms when attending drills and other ceremonies. They are subject to Naval discipline and must conduct themselves in a military man- ner at all times whilesunder Naval jurisdiction. Upon graduation, a midshipman, although on reserve status in college, is commissioned as a regular otliicer in the naval service. ol if F' va f w x . I P l F , I . I 3 -ul 7 4 v 5. 'll 7 X? -il is-c 1 if-:. I r ., v H N F- F 456 5' ,.aes-5 dh l l 0 0 0 o 9 Q VL. ' "' Q I I " . J A . - H 1 ff! if .I L , "..'2 .-1, W 4 MERMAIDS eggs.. Organized as an honorary woman's aux- iliary tor the NROTC unit, the Mermaid Fleet began its tirst active semester on the USC campus this past tall semester. Mermaids act as otlicial hostesses tor the NROTC unit and as a service organization on campus. The good-looking young women in blue number about twenty-tive. Their qualitications call tor at least a second semester treshman gracle-point ratio ot 2.5 or better and they must have demonstrated leadership ability. - - we at -me L - V Wager age m .z ...saw -f-Leer. . 7. .........-.. M si .1 . W N f. ..- V- W M. s -- Es.. ,p its i file .S L , - H .. . . . . sf- -A . .. . .. .. . . .. M .W 2-iysegg -. Q ..-T W .T , m....n gm I A . Q we I 'Z . . a A H P ' Q 'S W 5 :REE .ea 2.3355 'i' .lit M if -' if L 'sig 1 ,gist 5 3 Q fs 5' 1-1 ' aw .2 xx IW !--- 1' E :- B1 N .:'-5:if:5:l H:':2::::Q'ViE5 5FEl:55.l:5:5: I -A V' 3 T ' T Vs A '- SS X - ' W -' SS ' ' itat'-4'-1-I 2 W A if : fu 'Il - I-I H sf :::. ....:2:-s-2-1-2-fe: ....E:: :E: H s - T M Q 2 . on 1 Q . - If f 2' L 5 .T is H f Q as T 555.2 2 S :fi-rf .7 W u . . . , if 2 HQ? .. e aft 5 . TT Q Q I S ' sis, ig 2515 Q S Q W1 in ,ii ..,. af wig E.. .- Q . E9 M is I W ei 3: 55' H I E . ' 5: E W i H ei- ag . 1 v M N 1 5 ,Eg . . .-.ff E s M rss- - - - 'f SEQ v W A 1 H , ,R ,FE-i . W - . 1 .. , .21-H , 'I .. Bi 1 . . gil 1.4.12 W , ifffsxtxgm E ' fear' ..: .:::- " .e'i::: ' m sgs? as s --L . JL 'K E at E Q A T E ' A -. is 1... W ' The Mermaid Fleet is under the instruction ot Lt. Commander B. L. Daley, USN. The tleet has regular class meetings every Thursday which acquaints the girls with the mission and goals ot the Naval Service. ...I-Q '25,-,'ii .atfft ,, , . ig G- 'N 'i SEATED. LEFT TO RIGHT: Suzanne J. Clark, Lucille L. Sligh. Peggy Ann Robbins, Beverly A. Green, Linda Louise Burton, Sandra M. Milner. Louise L. Johnston, and Bette K. Hiller. STANDING: Mary L. Sullivan. Victoria L. Eslinger. Grace G. Chastain, Elizabeth A. Robuclc, Shirley Ann Garrett, Marianne Burnette, Sharan K. Schoolar, Katherine E. Morrell, Jean Faye Jackson, Jamie A. Young, Patricia A. Reynolds, and Joan C. Hightower. IBS .. E Q . --sw' 'EE 1. 1.1 41 ,ff :lf , fra' ' P ,-,.-- , ,1 1 up 111141: lllll llll Ill llll Ill I I Q- A- ' gi nz-:-.z" ,fi .w j 5 3. . x 4 P R 0 F E s s I o N A L. s 2- 1 127 AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS The American Society ot Civil Engineers is open to undergraduate and graduate stu- dents majoring in civil engineering. The ASCE sponsors both protessional and social events. The social activities include several informal parties and the Engineer's Ball. The University ot South Carolina Walter E. Rowe Chapter conducts engineering projects and participates in the annual state conference. Each year an outstandingimemloer is honored with a cash award for his service rendered. E' A '3T '7',-,"5'T7" 5""7"".TT'f?i?"' ...V N-'Mt' '- ' ,AI H -.g:, -E ,A .. , -at wrywr- ' A 12,-M, ',v.'P'vfgfv-.f- V .fx - 5 . ,g is 4 ' I Ed I-Iobbs, a member ot the American Society ot Civil Engineers, shows how a computer card sorter operates. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: W. Vereen, E. I-Iobles, K. Rutland, J. Armbruster, M. Rozbitsky. SECOND ROW: S. Taylor. R. Wier, J. Price. J. Hurteau. D. Bruns, Dr. Humphries Ifaculty advisorl. I88 :XXL - 1 . - 'r' .ff A '- f' me--N - -X fi - . . 1 .. Ngm- I K -i Y V b XX-A--A A , .U Y ,xv Man field trips are taken throughout the year by AIChE. A recent trip was made to the Hercules Plant in Spartanburg, Soutli Carolina. , AMERICAN INSTITUTE I . , OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS The American Institute of Chemical Engi- neers is a professional organization for chemical engineering majors. Their purpose is to offer students an opportunity to be- come better acquainted with associates, the faculty, and engineering students. A scholarship is given each year to a junior member who has attained the highest scho- lastic average. The activities of AlChE con- sist of luncheon meetings, guest speakers, and field trips to industries. ' Frank Ivloreno presides at one of the monthly luncheons of AlChE as Dan Self nominates a fellow member for president. l89 INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERS The Institute ot Electrical and Electronic Engineers is an electrical engineering tra- ternity. Their main purpose is to turther the advancement ot theory and practice dealing with electrical engineering outside the class- room. The IEEE activities include lecture meet- ings, luncheons, technical movies, the Engi- neer's Ball, and a technical paper contest. They also award annually a certificate to the most outstanding member. l l OFFICERS. FIRST ROW. LEFT TO RIGHT: Rick Niclcells, Vice-Chairman Pro- gramming: Robert Wilson, Chairman. SECOND ROW: Richard Boswell. Cor- responding Secretary: Allan Johnson, Vice-Chairman Special Proiects: Wallace Key, Secretary-Treasurer. FIRST ROW. LEFT TO RIGHT: R. Boswell. G. Ebo, P. Wilkie, W. Key, M. Rogers. A. Johnson. R. Ewing. SECOND ROW: R. Whetmore, R. Hancock. R. Niclrells, A. Quick, J. Richardson, L. Ernst, J. Mench. THIRD ROW: R. Wilson. A. Hatch, J. Trotti. S. Jacobs, D. McNaase. R. Bowers. R. Griffin. FOURTH ROW: Dr. R. Hilborn. Faculty Advisor. I90 I ,FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: P. Bouchard. S. Jeter, W. Raybon, Dr. L. N. Connor, Faculty Advisor. SECOND ROW: L. Webb. T. Boyd. J. Greenough. THIRD ROW: J. Smoak, J. Buchanan, G. Labruyer. FOURTH ROW: S. Sweeney, P. Hoffman. A. Johannesmeyer, J. Blanton. FIFTH ROW: R. Hallman. E. Knisley. H. Thompson, N. Johnson. SIXTH ROW: W. Kaminer. F. Mack, A. Riebel, G. Harvey. SEVENTH ROW: B. Jones, B. Stilwell, R. Schwartz, R. Davis. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS In I949 the Carolina chapter ot the ASME became the Iiirst student chapter of its kind in the United States. Since its formation, the local chapter has been acknowledged as a leader in pertorming the service ot provid- ing a liaison between the engineering stu- dent, private industry, and the faculty ot the College ot Engineering. Realizing that the goal ot engineering is to improve manis dominance over his en- vironment and that the isolated engineer can accomplish little, the ASME strives to work as a team to develop the total indi- vidual. The local chapter seeks to achieve these ends by sponsoring and participation in various social events and civic projects in addition to traditional technical programs. 'ii. f . ' This year the annual Student-Faculty spaghetti dinner was held at Bell Camp. The main purpose ot this social activity was to get acquainted with the faculty. l9l . ,ECLZ-ah. . Y - ' I , X x SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT: B. Smith. D. Self. J. Massey. STANDING: SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: W. Kaminer, A. Kahlel. P. Bouchard ST D McNe se. A. Johnson. ING: D. Bruns. M. Meeks, Dr. Poole, Faculty Advisor. ENGINEERS JOINT COUNCIL The Engineers Joint CounciI is composed ot three members from each ot the Caro- Iina's Engineering Protessionalsp the AlChE, the ASCE, the ASME, and the IEEE. The engineer of today is part ot a team composed ot members with ditferent back- grounds. With this in mind, the Engineers Joint Council was formed. Cooperation among the societies while planning the Engi- neers Ball, and competition between them through the Engineers Joint Councils Intra- muraI Sports Program are a means ot attain- ing this aim. AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION The American Pharmaceutical Association is the national professional society of phar- macists. The American Pharmaceutical Asso- ciation was founded in l852 and has been in operation since then. The American Pharmaceutical Association is composed of all Pre-Pharmacy and phar- macy students in good standing with the University. The objectives of this organi- zation are to promote a better understand- OFFICERS. LEFT TO RIGHT: William Pitts, President: Charlene Sear- s+yRb+BldgvPaf hw ar 7 o er e in . ice- resi en : John Smit , easurer ing to the students of the profession and to perform services to the general public con- cerning drugs. Monthly meetings are held at which outstanding speakers present lec- tures on vital subjects. During the meetings social activities areialso planned and business of the chapter is discussed. Membership this year in the American Pharmaceutical Asso- ciation is I75. i .V 1 1' -'-v Brave New World. Pharmacy students remain after a business meeting for a social gathering. Dr. Richard E. Stanley, center: Bill Ayre, President: and various chapter members listen to Jack Graybill ot Robinson Humphries Stockbrokers in Columbia. Mr. Graybill presented an interesting program to the association on the subject of New York Stocks. AMERICAN MARKETING ASSOCIATION The aim ot the local chapter ot the Ameri- can Marketing Association is to support and to promote interest in marketing as a protes- sion. Informative and prominent individuals in allied tields are sponsored tor lectures by the Association in cooperation with the busi- ness faculty and other associations. Business surveys designed by the chapter or local businesses are carried out by the students. Annually the members participate in the Emory Marketing Business Game in Atlanta where members are tested on their ability to operate a large scale company. At the same meeting Bill Ayre, Iett, gestures and comments along with Dr. Stanley in answer to problems concerning the market. I94 SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: L. Lake, G. Woodbead, K. Davis. L. Hamilton, P. McKittricIc. SECOND ROW: Dr. Sanders. Professor Jones, C. Rhine. Dr. Herrin. L. Haselwood, D. Laurey. Dr. Beazley. Professor Herin. THIRD ROW: A. Hartgroves. W. Tourville, N. Crossley. F. White. V. Holden, B. Baber. W. Hammett. FOURTH ROW: D. Seibert, R. Mabus. C. Plyler, J. Kirkland, G. Mills, W. Jarrard. J. Tyler. J. Hegler. B. Earle. .RJ Gene Mills gives the treasurer report while Frank White, president, conducts the business meeting. l95 BETA ALPHA PSI Beta Alpha Psi is a national professional accounting fraternity. Students who are eligible to become members of the fraternity must have a cumulative 3.0 grade-point aver- age on all course work and must have twelve semester hours in accounting. The Beta Gamma Chapter of the Uni- versity of South Carolina is involved in such activities as conducting tutoring classes, in accounting and sponsoring a Christmas party and a banquet. DELTA OMICRCJN Deita Omicron, tounded in I909 at Cin- cinnati Conservatory ot Music, is an inter- national protessional music fraternity tor women. The purpose ot Delta Omicron is tellowship through music, high scholarship, development ot character and leadership, and growth in the pertormance and appreci- ation ot good music. Delta Omicron is open to music majors and minors who maintain a "B" average on music courses and an overall average ot "C" on all other course work. The Delta Mu Chapter at USC is involved in many activi- ties. These are an annual Founder's Day Banquet, ushering at concerts sponsored by both the Columbia Music Festival Associa- tion and the USC Department ot Music, and the presentation ot two musical programs. Delta Omicron presents two awards each year. The Star ot Delta Omicron is pre- sented to a chapter member in recognition ot outstanding service to the traternity, the school, or the community. The Senior l-lonor Pin is presented to a senior chapter member having the highest scholastic record. SEATED. LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Pettigrew, First Vice-President: J. Purvis. President: M. Mack, Second Vice-President. STANDING: N. Burkhalter. Treasurer: L. Servant, Secretary. Sara Vincent is entertaining the other members at the meeting. Each month a member ot Delta Omicron presents a musical program. I96 Dean Robert Figg, Protessor J. Dreher and I-Ieyward Belser, tormer members ot Phi Delta Phi, preside as justices on the initiation bench. Flip Walker, historian, announces initiates to be activated into the fraternity. PHI DELTA PHI The oldest legal fraternity in the School ot Law, Calhoun Inn Chapter ot Phi Delta Phi International Fraternity was established at USC in I927. Phi Delta Phi requires ot its members the highest standards ot ethical conduct, the highest standards ot academic attainment, and the strongest sense ot duty to his law protession. To its members Phi Delta Phi otfers a reference service which enables members to contact tellow members in other areas tor legal aid, a loan tund tor members who need tinancial help, and the important blessings ot a close trienolship that only a dedicated traternity is able to pro- vide tor its members. Members ot Phi Delta Phi have enjoyed a cocktail dance, a country and western party on Homecoming weekend and a Christmas party at the American Legion. Freshmen were entertained at an intormal party in the tall and the titty-six new brothers were welcomed at a reception immediately tollowing their initiation on October 30. Otticers of Phi Delta Phi discuss plans tor an intormal party to be given tor the new initiates. Officers are Ibaclcgroundl Flip Walker, historian, Ilett to rightl Spencer King, exchequer, Lloyd I-Iendriclcs, magister, and Miles Loadholt, clerk. I97 KAPPA PSI Kappa Psi is a national protessional tra- ternity tor men. Membership is limited to pharmacy students ot good character who have proven their scholastic ability by main- taining a "C" average or better. Founded in I879, Kappa Psi has titty-tour collegiate chapters and twenty-three gradu- ate chapters with a total membership ot over twenty-two thousand. The USC chap- ter ot Kappa Psi, Gamma Xi, was tounded in I96I and has grown steadily since. Kappa Psi combines protessional rograms and so- cial tunctions so that the brothers may get the most trom their protession. Every Monday night Kappa Psi holds their regular meeting. Tom Armstrong, secretary, calls the roll and reads the minutes, while Bill Brice, president, presides. FIRST ROW. LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Smith, B. Lee, B. Welch, T. Armstrong, S. Cook. K. Hardwick. Protessor L. Milne, M. Kelly. SECOND ROW: J. Foster. T. Bartley, D. Bushardt. E. Horton, Professor R. Stolces, R. Eddins, O. Hoolcs. THIRD ROW: B. Pitts. E. Criminger, M. Rest, T. Hughes. J. Seegars. J. Roper. C. Rivers. FOURTH ROW: B. Trice, T. Netherton, W. Davis, D. Calvert. R. Calvert, H. Harden. l9B OFFICERS. LEFT TO RIGHT: Dan Brailsford. Treasurer: Art Gregory. President: Mike Brown, Vice-President. NOT PICTURED: John Lumpkin, Secretary. STUDENT BAR ASSOCIATION The Student Bar Association, which is open tor all law students, governs and coordinates the activities ot the law school student body, coordinates the activities ot the law school with those ot the undergraduate student body, and maintains close ties between the law school student body and the South Car- olina Bar Association. The activities ot the Student Bar Associa- tion include an intra-mural program, a news- letter published in conjunction with the South Carolina Bar Association newspaper, main- tenance ot a law school lounge and T.V. room, sponsorship ot a delegate to the Na- tional Convention ot the Law Student Divi- sion ot the American Bar Association, various social activities including an orientation party, Christmas party and a spring party, and the Law Day program including a ban- quet, cocktail party, tormal dance, and pre- sentation ot a nationally lcnown speaker. SEATED, LEFT TO RIGI-IT: J. Wyatt, G. Hudson, B. Epps, S. Applebaum, A. Fisher. SECOND ROW: B. Robertson, D. Horne, M. Pulliam. I-I. Foster. J. Goode, B. Small, T. Sullivan, J. Townsend. B. Smith, M. Brown. I99 PHI MU ALPHA SINFONIA The Delta Sigma Chapter of the Phi Ivlu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity provides male stu- dents fraternal friendship in encouraging loyalty to the Alma Mater. In order to develop the truest fraternal spirit, members must be nominated. The local chapter spon- sors a scholarship to an outstanding music student each year. Various activities help the chapter in raising money for the scholar- ship. This music fraternity sponsors the Pep Band and also ushers for the Columbia Music Festival Series. The mutual welfare and brotherhood of students of music is the goal of our Delta Sigma Chapter. Phi Mu Alpha brothers chat informally at the finish of a business meeting. SEATED. LEFT TO RIGHT: A. Nelson. L. Lawson. H. Cobb, B. Prunty, R. Richardson. STANDING: C. Cooper. J. Mills, H. Wilson, P. Wiclces. E. Adamls, Cla Atwood S, Lee. L. Dean. J. Hudson. A. Fleshman, E. Davis. J. Hicks. R. Martin. B. McCoy, F. Thompkins, F. Putman. B. Munson. M. Pope, B. De occ . 200 SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Wright. Reporter: V. Lee, Recording Secretary: B. Medcalf, Corresponding Secretary: D. Shuler. President. STANDING: S. Christopher, Y. Rutli. C. Deets. Advisor: L. Covolo. S. Shuler, J. Crossland. L. Adams. :E 35:5 aw X Q f W5-,H , i A S l , l Vickie Lee reports to the executive board on the annual Red Cross project. l 20l MEDITRINA SCDCIETY The lvleditrina Society, organized in I946, is the pre-protessional organization tor nurs- ing students. By upholding the standards and high ideals ot the nursing profession, lvleditrina engages in activities such as Christmas caroling, assisting with the Red Cross Blood Mobile, and working with the South Carolina Cancer Society. Each year Meditrina sends delegates to the National Student Nurses' Convention and to the state convention. Through lvleditrina, students are members ot the Student Nurses' Association ot South Carolina and the National Student Nurses' Association. lvleditrina derives its name trom the Greek goddess, lvleditrina, Pre- server ot Health. PI EPSILON MU Pi Epsilon Mu attempts to organize the physical education majors into a working unit and to stimulate professional interest in physical education and related fields. Membership in Pi Epsilon Mu is open to all students majoring in physical education provided the designated requirements for the retention of membership are met. Pi Epsilon Mu was chartered on the Uni- versity of South Carolina campus in the fall semester of l96I. Since then the club has grown in size and activities. These activities include sponsoring the A.A.U. State Championship Swim Meet, gymnastic demonstrations, socials, guest speakers and fund raising projects. Coach Carr speaks to the physical education majors about drivers education at one of the mont ly meetings. SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Sherlock, G. Crosby. S. McCu'rchen. H. Coleman. J. St. Louis, M. Gischwend, S. Scruggs, N. Green. E. Beckman. E. Sturkey. G. Baker. E. Hook. STANDING: V. Meade. Advisor: H. Timmerman. Advisor: D. Charlton. S. Dearwent. B. Tourer. T. Webb. D. Smith, R. Falkenberry. J. Rockholz, D. Dyches. R. McCan'ts. R. Starr. 202 OFFICERS. LEFT TO RIGHT: Heyward Coker. President: Charles Brunson, Vice- Presidentg Jim Price, Treasurer: Melba Davis, Secretary lfxbsentl. Jim Price, treasurer, collects dues at a business meeting. PHI BETA LAMBDA Phi Beta Lambda has an active Lambda Omega Chapter on the University campus. Service, education, and progress are the principles stated in the charter. Formed here in l965, the Phi Beta Lambda protessional organization was chosen as a Gold Seal Chapter at the National Convention in June ot I967. Members must be enrolled in at least one business subject and must maintain a grade-point ratio ot 2.00. The Lambda Omega Chapter's main project is rewarding a deserving Commercial Education student with a scholarship. cg! I .g., w .l l-leyward Coker, president, conducts meeting while the secretary calls roll. Plans tor the candy sale and the national convention in Washington tor Phi Beta Lambda are discussed. 203 Presiding. R. Lytle. FIRST ROW. LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Lytle, V. Reeves, C. Adair, E. Kilpatrick, L. Chatham. SECOND ROW: P. Hoffmann, P. Pinson, D. Fabriclc, W. Jacobs. J. R. Bowers. THIRD ROW: L. Rabon, J. Smoalc, T. Boyde. FOURTH ROW: M. Hyman. W. Burn. G. LaBruyere, G. Fellcel. D. Frontz. Pl Mu EPSILON 'W' I Pi Mu Epsilon is a national honorary mathe- matics traternity incorporated in I9I4 under the laws ot the state ot New York, the sequel to an earlier lI903l mathematics club at Syracuse University. The chapter at the University ot South Carolina, which was es- tablished in I959, is the Alpha Chapter ot Pi Mu Epsilon. The purpose ot Pi Mu Epsilon is the pro- motion ot scholarly activity in mathematics among the students at Carolina. Under- graduate students who have had at least two years ot college mathematics including two semesters ot calculus, who have com- pleted their mathematical worlq with at least a "B" average, and who are in the top halt ot their class in their general college work are eligible tor membership in Pi lvlu Epsilon. Annually this chapter presents an award to a Carolina student tor high mathematics achievement. OFFICERS. LEFT TO RIGHT: Michael Hyman, Vice-President: Linda Chatham. Secretary-Treasurer: Raymond Lytle. President. 204 SEATED: Bobby Seawright. Stan Freeman, Bill Jarrand. STANDING: Hollis Garris John Wharton. PI SIGMA EPSILON Pi Sigma Epsilon is the national profes- sional fraternity whose purpose is to create a collegiate brotherhood of men who are interested in the advancement of marketing, sales management, and selling as a career and a profession. Sponsored by the Sales and Marketing Executives-International, PSE is composed of three groups-educators, professional sales execuUves,and prospechve udesexecuhves The Alpha Rho Chapter of the University of South Carolina was chartered January I6, I966. To be qualified for membership, a candi- date must possess an intention of entering the marketing and selling profession as a career, high moral character, and a "CH average. Activities of PSE include activation services held at the end of each semester, sales projects, service projects, and an an- nual Founder's Day banquet held in the spring. I I FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: S. Freeman. T. Graham. G. Golz, W. Muller, S. Long. W. Jerman. B. Ayre. SECOND ROW: R. Seawright, C. Nadel, H. Garris. B. Berry. THIRD ROW: B. Bennett, J. Hicklin. L. Jones. L. Siebl, R. Whitmire. FOURTH ROW: J. Wharton, G. Hinson. W. Jarrard, E. Webster. W. Hill, B. Haile. FIFTH ROW: W. Bauer. R. Easley. Dr. Stephen Shaw. Advisor. ZQ5 DELTA SIGMA PI Delta Sigma Pi is a protessional business traternity which promotes a closer relation- ship between the students ot business and the world ot business. Membership is based on leadership, scholarship, and character. The Beta Gamma Chapter at the Uni- versity ot South Carolina includes such ac- tivities as tours ot business tirms, lectures by speakers, and social functions. Each year Delta Sigma Pi awards a male graduate in the College ot Business Administration a scholarship key. To receive this key, the graduate must have the highest over-all average during his college career. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: R. Edwards. T. Gabriel, J. Balling. SECOND ROW: P. McCorlcIe, R. Brown. J. Cook, R. Scarborough. THIRD ROW: M. Chandler, J. Harris. K. Stewart, G. Hill. FOURTH ROW: R. Kraus, A. Sellers. C. Mustard, R. Tyler. FIFTH ROW: D. Brooks, L. Leslie, A. Ayass. J. Heqler, B. Deemer, M. Renew, B. Egenes. W. Jovanelly, C. Gibson, J. Osborne. fy xo! fii XJ , V. '-2 13 Committee Chairmen group. ' wg-if vzzav 206 Q A' " AA" " A ' T " ""' ri 'QE M - - T T gg. Q X' f fi H H , Ai -Az T yum. I .,, . J-Siva' - .".':.':.r42 ' .. I n R 1-11 -un?-1 Y , NE' fn. x OFFICERS. LEFT TO RIGHT: Ray Edwards. Chancellor: Tom Kelly, Presiclenfp Tom Gabriel, Secreiaryg and Reid Kraus, Treasurer. OFFICERS. LEFT TO RIGHT: Ralph Floyd, Treasurer: Wilson Nelson, Vice- Presidentg Frank Putnam. Secretary: Jim Turner, President. KAPPA PHI KAPPA The Alpha Pi Chapter ot Kappa Phi Kappa on the Carolina campus meets the protes- sional needs ot our male undergraduate students. In preparation tor teaching, this national traternity ot education provides encouragement and inspiration through a brotherhood. The chapter discovers those who will prepare tor and accept the responsi- bilities ot leadership. Character and a better than average scholastic average are the gen- eral requirements tor the national traternity. Jim Turner, President ot Phi Kappa Phi, leads a discussion on recent educational retorms. 208 f""'5 ALAS, ALIKE Though protessional organizations cover a wide tield ot activities- pharmacy, business, education, engi- neering, science, etc.-in the tinal analysis, they are alilce. Their pur- poses and aims are very similar. Each ot these organizations endeavors to help its individual members achieve the highest degree ot protessionalism in his own particular tield. A ,Y ,,,,,, ..,, ,...,,,, Q , W, ,, F ,WH s ,.f sifuriw ' 'iei '1 L? .LS- . ff: .4-- I , 5""j f , I ,4 !,AW-,- -ug . 41 S:-ff f 4 Z' I 4 1 2 I 4 .f., ' af i n C ills:- f . E R V I C E T u f D X E f N , T S S Barker, Barbara Bafes, Jeannie Beckman, Ellen Blaclcmon. Earle Chewninq, Connie Dukes, Wilma Gramelsbach, Karen Haas, Mary Hemphill, Forresf Howie, Cindy Oliver, Palsy Smiih. Brenda Smifh, Dianne Sfeele, Pam Tallon, Pai Verenes, Jeannie Wade, Jean Winn, Julie Wise. Suzanne i..,R,g:. .I gy 1 -fi G p iih W Q v x x s x -I H iii-11, N E la E., 45.4 W .ff 5 ,. ., 25 1.1-4 . V 5 'ak Q1 me 14 A .. X n mu, 1:1 , mr K ,W 15: - ' 532 1' an LP 'bk I nf E SQ. ma E 'V f, in I Q ,. K ff. - 1 Qi f K 1 N., E ,. wr Kp- f fi. , A . N W-ku? 5 4+ . .E fb -BK X r I ,., ' I 0 i 3 , ALPHA PHI OMEGA Alpha Phi Omega is a National Service Fra- ternity which provides its members rich oppor- tunity to gain leadership experience and the friendship ot brothers while participating in the tield ot service. lts many contributions to the Carolina Community include the building ot the Homecoming Oueen's tloat, serving as ushers for various University functions, and sponsoring work parties to improve the appearance ot the campus and its grounds. Outstanding and interested male students are elected to membership twice a year, at the beginning ot each semester. Bartlett, Tony Bogen, Jim Brant, Milne Brown, James Brown, Richard Bruce, Thomas Coker, Greg Edwards, Van Ernst, Larry Ford, Horace Holbrook, Russell Horton, Phil Hughes, John Hutchings, Louis Jones, John Jordan, Charles Leverette, Richard Little, Mark Lyon. Rob McKeown, Tim Miller, Alvin Moss, Randy Odom, Creigh Owens, Wayne Parlor, Thomas Pate, Joe Senseney, David Valentino, Marion Vik, Don Warlcaslce, Steve Weiland, Terry Wersinger, Rick White, Mike Willces, Tim Williams, Kenneth MILLER BARNES, President 215 " fl .2 mfg LOUISE KNIES, Secretary EARLE BLACKMON, President The week prior to tall registration, Student Union participated in a leadership conference. 2I6 J ELBI E CONARD, Vice-President STUDENT UNIGN Its home otiices lodged in the Russell House, the Student Union again made noteworthy advance- ments in provisions tor Carolina students. This year they supplied a cratt shop and a publicity room both turnished with excellent equipment. Not only did Student Union operate a nursery tor the mar- ried students, but it also managed Bell Camp, a place tor play and relaxation. Current tilrns, the game room, and artist series were provided by this competent group. The Student Union also turnished concerts and dances throughout the year plus oper- ating the student night club, The Golden Spur. EXECUTIVE BOARD. LEFT TO RIGHT: Elbie Conarcl, Earle Blaclcmon, Shirle Dulces. Donna Bilofta, Debbie Hutchinson, Meg McCarson. Tommy Fort. Y Jean Jackson, Zan Clark. Scottie Barnes, and Margaret Rains. 2I7 BELL CAMP 9 0 dx' -1 r qv . -r sg?" 'QQ 1 " ,'l,..:I.qA:.,MGw44M,fy gs-Q 3 qh Y. 5 : 'x fm. X F 5,- . rf x6 f n - M, , 4 . ,aaa Ati f V -Q 4, M 1- .:.Q!+ VQ y ii.. q 3sPv,g J , , fi' 4!l' ,1,. H ,'aff H-fp kg H S 1, I -,xy -, Fi L iii I 1 lm S wg 1 ,O .1-"J L 'P r I fl 11 2l8 D119- QQ- N' 4,8 , 1, Z' s - 431-5,395 u- , .. . ' '- wh, .1-A-.1 ,, ,. 4 Q : . Y ' .' : 5: 'ef'- p 12 iff. -Lgw..4,f-., 4' 117, o 1 . - 4 53' 1-W iwvt ,fnm .Y 1, ' 'J ,' .AQ x A 'L T: 3 X . 1 , ,, M . .I , 4. bv, MY, rin' .1 .J 'Fu-xx 7 'fn' ' ,. . hx A . A,-,. -'C ...N "P A 'Kok 00' ol' .QI 00' I Freshman were introduced to Carolina at the Fall Mixer. si' 00' 'F The Golden Spur Night Club often featured The Sounds Unlimited The Tams provided entertainment at the Fall Mixer. 221 Steve Wonder was the highlight at the Fall Dance "Wifi--.5' 1 'lb Brian Carney, a folk singer, appeared at The Golden Spur. 222 idx A cup ot cottee between classes, a game ot pool, a re- laxed hour ot listening to music-these are the spolces ot a student's lite, and the Russell House is the hub. Behind the scene which the student takes tor granted is the Student Union. lt seeks to develop the 'facilities ot the Russell l-louse to their capacity to enrich the educational and recreational activities ot the Carolina student. This source gives students a place in the center ot campus to come tor entertainment. Coloradan l967 i 'U ku' was i 225 -..: 1, " .. .J . , ,W.,.Hm..m-.vw---- Q , M . 4.. .W i .bi-.1 0 Y ' . ml f a,-..-" ll' -1 14-. 4-.4 'I' V r 3' Wk ,lvl ., gf' ' fs .. '-' v2fwe.Q1,n,u ' Y.,'f"' . fflg,-. AJ, I 'f ' , , . Ut! -F-' ' ' ' -:aff f If-aT' f' "pg , 5. ,W ,333-g3.:. '!ff3N:"'f:f'.'T? '3fnTf',"" ' , 7, 'Law V jr Q A - 'S..- 412. 4 '1" ' 'gg 1 'uugmvf AIM.,-,f,.. V . 'J-F: ,A 32':'f'+'.,mg it 1:2-iz fu J.:-f , ,, A 11,3 'n-A Aw . .Q ',a-9 ,,-re .' Vg,-,Q kwa, " ' fi: r- -' .., . . f at - AI' -V .ld ' A 1 13-, Q ' V ,il-v.,',......,g,' 'V+' L-ig Ml- Ji? 51 .-2 Tgllifff - . J , I V' .L Yj:p16A," ' 'lilgn 1-1 T, ffg'E'?. A ,k15.- -ff.. .. 1 . , V -7-5:1 A -ff W T .f: , ,- ' , Y .f V- - 'Q'a,!,j ,ZZ i,,4...Li: 'z ' wf -1 3- - 4 Fifi f an 9 , 1 .,A,q.i., . 4 ' 1 if ,Cf 519' ,fr ,Y 1 .Www-, ,...4. M1 3 -,dw f . NM--M., L1 , ' 3 " A f W5-mi WF!!! -.-.1-.., S gl.: 5 . .1 5,4 wnr" - 1 i 227 A 4 VISITING SCHOLARS s Q---fn ' -v--7 -1""""' ,.,....-.,.-, ,.,- , ,...,--v--" '-" N , -v, I . A il.,- Mr. CI1arIes Abrams, currently Chairman of the Division of Urban Planning of Columbia University, is considered the foremost housing consultant in this country. 13 .Ju li-I - I , I I I . U, . ' 1 f' 1, L' I' , -"f x i ,.. Visiting Scholars appeared on the campus ot the Lhnverdty the year under the spon- sorship ot the Student Religious Association, the University Chaplains and various aca- dennc deparhnents. The otnechve ot the progranihas been to expose the Lhuvergty conununky to the Esues ofthe nahon and the wodd through pronunent and quahhed spolcesmen. Each ot the visiting scholars, lvlr. Charles Abrams, lvlr. Harrison K. Simms, and Dr. Charles S. McCoy, spent one or more days on campus, presenting public addresses, classroom lectures, and partici- pating in seminars and intormal discussions. Dr. Charles McCoy, professor in the Graduate Theological Union and the Pacitic School of Religion in Berkeley, California, has been on a speaking tour as a Danforth Visiting Lecturer. YMCA YWCA Members ot the Young Men's lWomen'sl Christian Association seek to understand the will ot God through worship, study, and action. ln the fellowship ot the Christian Church, they strive to realize it both in per- sonal living and in working toward a new society. The YMCA and YWCA are non- denominational religious organizations open to all students at the University. Campus "YU activities include: Freshman Council and program, student-faculty evenings in Co- lumbia homes, World University Service ln- ternational Gift Bazaar, cooperative ettorts in the Visiting Scholars program, conter- ences and retreats throughout the year, seminar on Men and Women Relations with guest speakers, and open meetings on na- tional and world attairs. MR. THEODORE LEDEEN, Faculty Sponsor rin I V n V .ma 'W ,, mfg My -in. ., S, ry, I I 1 I W " - , i W 51 x, it ,W z 51 -Me' "' ' M 5' ,, - ' A--nf ,Q--kvffb., 1553-2 ' 4 if .,f1f" , ' I D ' T fsfifik.. - ' Li l, I - . PE, ,rr-.g X X1 A 'Y-' L5 4 1 'W Q ' .,,. g A -A.- ,, , - I fic' .- G1 , ,, L. -P U Q V : w k 1 . ss: fu, 1? ,HH-1, , MQ AWE? fm T aw' 1- is 3, .v- ,Q fm, ,3 f+...,4. it A ,M ,J ag ,J f N. 5? H L .4 ' 4 in f -A .F H ,J 'Q .ni ... 4' . ." I. - x 3 Hx .5 X. , XX V' .,, ,v , U- A A-.4 19- ,, Qi- s,,.f A 51 , . , F- ., 'M ,, af' 2 . ,. " 1, v 27' -.-Q yvwg 1. 1 1, 6 Q' ' mr f' 'V 1 "X P16 s ?'k. x :V - thy. J' . 'W Y as f I w ,X ,... I I ,V I a I W ,,,c f 5344.1 'qyjbfflj Q VITVYIL 1 1 1 3 P",-3"'ij7"'A'3 f .1 ,, 1. ,f , ,f I S' 'M . V ' 5 ff f! ,1 f. 4 .1 , ,.f.,X, VJ, 4 2 ,. -.rf ,J-"5 f- I ' '.f?.-T',f" ' fff' A V I ',! 1 ' ' , , . 'ff 'iff , . f V' , . .ff , ,-jfj,-1 I V , ,fbf 2- L, ffglfz -' f QW," ' .- J-"'E,f'T f ' L , ,ff L-irqfizm. , . I X .f I 4 . . ,. I f I ,,' , 'w, J ' ,-f f . ,." X . A, I , i., , . i -. ' 1 , W1 pf, ' ng... Q A, , ,- , f fi J.-.1 A . m f, wf,4f',f14ffg,30,y -I -V 1 f ' ' 'f 'y 'f , ' K A' ,f 1 , " . K1 f , -1 - 4 - . .- A, V .1 4 . 1 f - , 1 . , ,. ., ,-- X ,, , A f ,f , kyf r ,V y I .,' ,.. A 1 , 1 . ,- . I ,.f ,1,,- " f , .f I I 1 I X I x H ' .W . v ' 4 "' ,-.HR - ,. xr ., , , ,. . , -- .1 537.-1 , -Y lf'-' -,fj fx f ' ' ' . . A i.-ff" ' 'ff .f-"' '. ,.w" ' lj. , , I wJ,.,lf U ---Lk44,,,fU ,N,.Q'JA.aJ4r, 4 - "L - 1 -f , ' ' ,. ' I .- 1 4- VJ.--"T ,..--' K-2,1--" ' ' A 'N L,ff-" ' ' -fp" N N . it , . F.. m .. !',vFl-if-N 1,141-,J-,..H-'K l ' I K 'Y Y ' ' f-"" Z.. .- f ' . 'N 'i,.f liji,-'f-x"1" Q--"M ,.f"f1 1 k, ,' f' ,1,.f- 1 , 1 A'T,.,-ff" ' i ,, 'T' ,Jw f "' L,.,..flf"'Q I 'H , H 1 W nL-T,,.l 'V L,,JiAlLfiLT 1 ill.,-j, ?,.-rg: ...L-,-lil?-4. -V,.-f . . .-4 .- .lr-,,..--1" V -liar. 4 i . A' I ' 1'1'f.,jf""1iAf .JL-'."'-.""1 ,XV -fr", ' f' I CANTERBURY CLUB Sunday morning worship services inspire students. St. Patrick's Chapel brings to the Uni- versity community the advantage ot a true, healthful worship experience. The main thrust ot its mission is embodied in the chaplain's pastoral ministry to the faculty and students, and in the sacramental worship ot Almighty God at weekday Eucharist. In addition to religious services, there are din- ners each weelc, study classes concerning faith and worship, and discussions ot timely issues. All are welcome at the Chapel tor conversation, cottee, or bridge. The chap- lain is available tor consultation at any hour, either at St. Patriclc's or through the answer- ing service. 'W --in-xx ,gzip i 7 -A i e 1 ii' -J f i Wi 'J . i xi .II 'I W 1 i i r ,,- QQ? H. ' wdlkt .gi .wax 'fri' ' ' 'f. 145- , T.: 5 if? 592-'g 5 , Lutheran minister comments on previous meeting. LUTHERAN CENTER There is an unfortunate tendency to iso- late the religious aspect of lite from its other facets. The faith of many students has, in a sense, been handed down to them, not really having become alive. As time demon- strates its effects upon people and institu- tions, new concepts in the ministry of the Church are required. The intention of the Lutheran Center is to provide a place where students aid each other in seeing the relation between faith and all of the things going on in C5od's ever-changing world. Through wor- ship at the Center, study, service among underprivileged children, and other activi- ties it is hoped that the student will develop an awareness and concern for the freedom and love which are so much a part of Christianity. r,.. V, E. J. -qv. . A A . 2"-Q' -2- -. ,v- ' 1 G '1u. , ..'..f' 4' f..,.' "Ht , i 'TL .. ,.. . , U f ' Q 'X ' ' -'-'fn-f:.'!:"1z:4' J ,ga A - ff-eSM:fLE',. 5- pl-15113 3 1 H , V-, .'I". 1 j.3-.jr 1 .- .5 ' N.. . 4- 'K iw 1 '1-M--f a y 1 4 1 w..- W- yy H, , 1 3 I 5 F. ,A !S Y x... ,..-. 31 1. ..f-"i Questions are raised and some venture to answer. Sermon provokes numerous student reactions. lt is in assisting students to gain meaning and perspective in preparing tor the tuture, to realize the tull dimension ot their lives, that Thomas More Center directs its etiorts. Education, while an important part ot indi- vidual development, must be regarded as parallel and complementary to spiritual and physical improvement. All are means to an end: the emergence ot the whole man. In University parish, the Center otters spiritual, social, and educational opportunities. There are also activities to improve the common good ot man, such as the athletic-tutorial program at St. Martin de Porres School. The Center strives to conter upon the student the same ministry he would ordinarily have in his home parish. 239 .U ., ry A Ns. . fs.-. YI ' x R -ww-N.. -1 ,Q T- -Nix .. ..:2i'5:fri1fff g- ., - V. Im 5 1 , 4,3 foils E-.... iv , . .5 -, ., Fwy 1 W T55 .. , f QA' Y. . ru ..-.n.4f 4 ,-. .Av , s... -' 4.13" ' E 1 7 -vm-.j,., E Vx 4 J -:. Swv N u s ,W . 4 mf L www.-m...f as-A-.-.,.g. 'K v , Z 1 1 -- apr. iff., -5-1.1-r pf . 1 Q' wxx -'f.',!: -iss -.- J, "V' ' -..U e K--., Qi an W . Wt 2 l The Center tor Westminster Fellowship activities, with its lovely, homelike atmos- phere, otters to students a place in which to gather and people with whom to identity. Attention is channeled toward those who are interested in tormal projects as well as those who are not inclined toward regular partici- pation. An attempt is made to contact and communicate with students wherever they are, whether or not they have been to the Center. Thus, the ministry is as much one ot Christian presence as ot service. Visita- tion, worship, retreats, special studies, and services tor patients at the State Hospital are vital parts ot Westminster's program to bring to every member ot the University community a realization ot the importance ot the Church in the tormative, college years. E EERE gss ms 2 ,sm V Q V. 4 mx. ? 'H !".,:.: ' vii.. g ,::, UL B E A U T I E S 245 I- xv Q-- la . A , ii n N144 ,.i.. "" S' 9 4 -I' ' L fbff-Q-f 'V 7 '-"3.f'4 4 I.. abr MISS VENUS Mandy Thomas 245 MISS APHRODITE Frankie Gwinn .4 M 5. N 1 if 5 A N N 4. A , if f , V Q' M 4 1' K - , 1 Q H X54 1 W H 'V ' r .1 L' -WE' 7' Q 5 bf' Rl n- ,, ' . E A fr, ' ,. 1'-3 Kd H" 'WJ-. .4 :nl .win 'ff , I ' 'A 'Efg .41 FL P x- -. if S.. X ' 15.5 ' X ! W9 .if 5-.1 -.-W. X " , xv ., .-,J. .ey wif, 3. L asv: A-, ' ,. '55 . -, ,frpil 5- ' f. U 4r""'55'4i..5i, , , ' a '.- fa . - x fi N, 1 1? ' . vc: 'P' 1,1 x Q ' , -, ,Gm '. .F u "fLn1w.w'.i" - PL W ,Kr Q. 0 Qian, Q ' ' 1"-71-wf:1l1T"fC5:ig" ' ., eq , '.. 1 1 Q uv,-ng-g1f.fK'I?xZ3 '.'g,y':'i: g f ' ' N.: ' --1 W -L I: H'-,'1ik," kuwmf,-Lgx-.A .f.-p"",Q"ffE'gf,"'V . xi 1 ' 4- 1, Q, 91 fix ,, Vw frrg1Qf'g-1.-":5"'lGWTjf kgfizffq gigxf-' MVP,-F'.5 ,aw 7' " - w . ---'n Q ,, :Mm QL.. K n 7, , .. -' ,-1 ..,- -3 -, , 5 1- :QQXWP-.gifiigffl 1 -i.- .jliiffv .' gr 5,51 l-Y,"-fl-'A-1yE,yf 'J fly! 1 xx. " f 5 r A ' I ' , ' fig? Q M 5, I-' 1 '-'44 ' L " , Til'-'Q K all 7 ,gif :M , f X , - 2 , f n g.. fl 'ff " 'H 315' - 'vw , W .,, " '1 " 'Ti' ' 5.5, S? l 1 1-x ,,., U., .rfrerq -,, , ,X .. w.,Js,4"'H:m,r .AMA -.:',::1v'z -.-.L-.-X-N A . 413+ .Lw2" " -, . film. ,J ':--'- HA'-9'jf,j::w-'f' -lg , A . . . , - w'.,"-,will J- -wr m, 1 ,A w Y . by ugh. M., I Y rr' 1 un-P' r I' -, ,, my,uq -... 3, ,gg N4 -.. .:'ff4-QCVV' -il" .5 l --1-M..- 1. K 4 X.. , . A , , . i . , V , 1. F' . LJ., 1 'W LJ' .' ,-r.. .ri ni" .'. Y 'ilu 71 Y ffm? 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If T' cg Or W.. wr' V -' N' ,Q V ,I il 1 3 Qi' W , ' vi' i ' " f ' ' ' fr are 4" ' " ' fa viiilafffm! . f , ...L e ,, 1. , 3 . w li . , .4 . arg., ,f -f- f ."ef.xr..' - '1-avg,-a,,,' ' . F . T -' ww kia. H- 1 -ze V fre'-ei-e 1.2.9 -ffZ'f?1 T Wallwi?-w:.sxfr'fA3:'r.f'w 7'ifl"i-'T'R'.'il7?f"' k :N -Plfll-'-ai- 153i ', ,- c P' .ie , V5 .ff':1gi:.'g"-4-11-1. .'2.f"-:-' 'iff V . 'H -i 'Sify' 'gn -. ' - - , T'--','rV.w 1 z.:-...Ae 1." - Q, , A ' . U: fa- - V- '--.lf-1.1,-gya I 1, , J - y1Fgi5,3,4.,.i43g,-7,,,,,Q ,Agn V. i5f,i,l-:,..'. .A.3q..g,ri--,- - A .. .,, . -A... -.. W, Y , .A .vi gp. -q,.:,'. .U fn, ...4:,,1,1f,-W. wL,v-.555 l, muaayw . ln :Ji .,. .?,.,,:.s . . .l..-1, '-1.9.0 TK-.arm '.'Yn?"-4.2 -2 :'f""f.. -. , 4 ' 'If : . -4 . .- I' .:'.,.e2 we '!'73"P-."'7'r1l.'! ,?.,..-.ff.- -. -11 'M 'tf "' :ff . ' ., . Q ' A' '- ig,-,,,-ffffzij-:f. ' - -'fTS:RiQfi?22. .f"1kef mi. I4 ,i 3 -,tg-It-l1,'. ,,.,l:F5k' " A ':' hr' -AA..q,f-I yL.:.L 1'-1 -' " , g ,- - iz. 'J 'jl.'1?-qs!-5 rg.,-Iv, , 5 f'3:,1,,!1.-lil. "avg, 1 V719 .- ',-' , ':- In s: 'af-'elf'-451117-'im',.-SW-'Zi''fL:,wag5"'4fFf..f1:l'f'i?'af' -v --frzvr-.:.'.ffJ-A'-1'-Wai i A na- '.::.!iP.f:H1-H '-iv Mi..-V 1' J 1 'ui -- 1 ,f.4- . -. ', M, ,l lg., -.,-., in Y ft .1 . 1 A ,L A , ..',,. J L ,A A 1 . . 'V v 1.1. ,.. Wx nfl- A .5 .I w fy: VJ.!3g':'fsf,:.'l'f??v.'mmf1.,kQ: hr I WA A ',I.?fg.g - H.-cfaqyl 921:91 '.f'b?z3Ffs3a A P. ui-bi'uEQ'ff.4o-v.f6fi'fwb.-1.2.1 '-IE ,-- . ' WL 3gf.fr4...fu-5?'W1?' 5?f+wW-Hg? .K 1" T ,,mZ7'3ib.-.ra ...-f-New f -1' , af. .,, T 5J,gf..,..4,f.-:-.L,,f..,.-..K- 4, mg, J.--.. . '-..f-Wqu.- .-1 ...L4.,aQ, N ,J-W. mga"-X. .,, Q 'L-' if: n V ...F!'i1"--x24'A" -gs 2-?r"L4i'b.,.tf21-,,..,-wsig. P ' , . . - we -' .91-' --1. .xvp--R.-.2-:'fW -1- -1., .. vi- --mv.- . '- 'T..5.'.N..'I3' .1 Uf"1'QX!J'7.H Fits --' ' Sa: , d.1r..r.J.lmi'Qh:nM.v"sfE..t-A.'?'.mg-F! .ma -A-I ' '- ' - -- X -in -' - J- '---if "" ' " ' ' ' FIRST ROW: B. Garnto, B. Galloway. J. Mulvihill, J. Dyer, C. Williams, B. Cole, B. Wehrneyer, M. Fair. J. Gobble. J. Glass, D. Somma, J. Komoroslci, H. Pierce. S. Townsend, J. Poole. SECOND ROW: R. Edwards, B. White. B. Mauro, R. Reeves, G. Schwartinq. T. Bice, D. Grant. T. Winqard. J. Gregory. T. McCord, W. Orrel, W. Medlin, R. Bunch. J. James. C. Cowart. THIRD ROW: D. Buckner, R. Holloman, D. Harbison, A. Brown, L. Royal. r J. Tominaclc. R. Harrelson. F. Zeigler, J. Coleman. G. McCarthy, D. Lucas. G. Gibson. R. Palmer, W. Muir. FOURTH ROW: C. Smith. T. Fusaro. D. Brant, B. Morris, J. King, P. Watson, C. Boyd, B. Tharp, A. Chavous, F. Tetterton. F. Spigner. J. Ross, D. Dunning, A. Owen. TOP ROW: Coach Don Purvis, Coach Diclz Weldon. Coach Pride Ratterree. Coach Bill Shaloslxy, Head Coach Paul Dietzel. Coach Larry Jones. Coach Bill Rowe, Coach Johnny Menger, Coach Lou Holtz. Trainer Jim Price. HEAD COACH, PAUL DIETZEL Af' as-'. ff" dz. IOWA STATE 3 USC 34 Carolinas tootball Gamecocks kicked ott their i967 season against Big Eight Conter- ence toe lowa State. Many were skeptical about our chances tor a good season. With the smallest squad in its history, in both size and number, LlSC's tootball tuture didn't look the brightest. l-lead Coach Paul Dietzel was in his second year at Carolina and it was apparent trom the opening kick-ott that a lot ot changes had been made. ai Fighting Gamecocks grind out the season's first score. .J fa! ,QQ 1 I '- X C , I F fn - I . gf' ggi ' 5 vs J 1 fe Aa xlixew x Q 3 gin Mes S 4 A viz? , 4 ,E Q ,K 1 ' ' '-A gf,....,, W wsxiemv .gym - A ' ku M ss' . Q-1 ' x f Fw A vi - Y , I wa: B , Q1 - wa, Q1 , . Q, J ,. , an 5 QL, 1 - ff .- 3-wi :Z AL 4 Wy-X 1 . 4- 2' " 5211 'K 12 My, 1: if gN21g QD Q WM gk' in 4 QQ 3633535 A g MEP ,QQ fm 4 ,1 N5 .., W , .N X 'S . AW ff-A s,- T5-v JI V F .gs " P S I 4 if Q. A ive :' M 2 yi , -X . M Q-1,. X .F :p Awiai n wp -:'- 'S Qs K has A , A 4- EW' f El.-I ss " 1 W R ,W as-' ' n , - K df' """ 'ul 0 .- SL , 1 .-"E X ' .1 'M C N .v,x + 4 'im 7 4 ff I 4 I W I I -4 of, 4 :iauiio-. UNC 10 USC 16 Carolina next played host to the Tar Heels of UNC and 39,I36-the largest crowd to ever see a home game other than Clemson-were on hand to watch the action. North Carolina took the initi- ative late in the first quarter with a 21-yard scoring play to go ahead 7-O. The Gamecocks had their troubles in the early stages of the game and were behind 7-3 at the half. South Carolina began to move in the third period and, on the strength of bullish running by fullback Warren Muir and half- back Ben Garnto, roared back, scoring two touch- downs in the first eight minutes of the second half to take a commanding I6-7 lead. The Tar Heels were not to be counted out yet, though, and when they recovered a fumble on Carolina's 26-yard line, Gamecock fans began to worry. Dave Lucas, Caro- lina's Twiggy of a defensive end, didn't worry, how- ever, and proceeded to make four crucial tackles in the next few minutes to force the Tar Heels to settle for a field goal instead of a touchdown. Their momentum broken by Carolinas clutch defensive play, the Tar Heels could only manage a stalemate for the rest of the game and the Gamecocks made it two in a row before a pleased home audience. DUKE 17 USC 21 The Duke Blue Devils were tavored by almost everyone to hand Carolina its tirst loss ot the season as the two teams met at Durham to renew a long-standing conference rivalry. But Paul Dietzel's Gamecocks didn't read the predictions or, it they did, paid no attention to them, as Carolina rolled to its third straight victory, 2l-I7. The USC toot- ballers took a startling lead on the opening kick-otf when Gamecock linebacker Tim Bice lowered the boom on a Duke ball carrier, causing a tumble which end Dave Lucas scooped up and deposited in the end zone. The Blue Devils, however, got determined and put together a tenacious defense and brilliant running by fullback Jay Calabrese to rally to a IO-7 halttime lead. Carolina came back to execute a now-patented sec- ond halt drive which put Duke behind I4-IO. Y An elated crowd welcomes home their victorious Gamecocks L 5 sy' h Q? XXX K ,n ,W ,W J l' D: 'r1?'frgi2vf:'i'fs, i D ,DJ it 268 fee - W Q-w NM i .X , an-agua 55 B H wxmm m in H we rage-mm E. . . n W3 txsgggse-QLFHK-iQ rea se' 'mfxxiiz Ham My me s me "E . W ,Sas H W, . was -use Yegg -s- maine 5f'I ,Tax wma ai Q in N Arenal Not to be outdone, the Blue Devils matched our etiorts to regain the lead, I 7- I4, with time running out. As the scoreboard clock showed less than two minutes to play, the Gamecocks started another march down the tield. Quarterback Mike Fair and tull- back Warren Muir combined to put the tootball into the Blue Devils' end zone with less than a minute lett. Duke then mounted a heart-stopping aerial asault which carried them to the Carolina 22 before linebacker Bob Cole intercepted a Blue Devil pass and saved the game tor Carolina. It was the tirst time that Carolina had beaten Duke since I959, and the tirst win over the Blue Devils in Durham since I937. GEORGIA 21 USC O Fifth ranked Georgia was the Gamecocks' next challenge. Caro- lina went to Athens to play tootball- and play they did. Up against a team which had everything-size, speed, and experience, the gutsy Game- cocks didn't seem to realize how out- manned they were supposed to be. Carolina again showed that it had tremendous heart and gave the 58,l I8 on hand tor the game more than their money's worth tor a Satur- day atternoon. The tinal score read 2l-O but it didn't seem to tit the game. A real head-knocker trom the start, it seemed as it our Cocks would fight it out on even terms with the Bulldogs. Kirby Moore, the time Georgia quarterback, however, turned a broken play into 7 points tor the home team when he escaped trom a pile-up and raced 89 yards to score late in the tirst period. Punters Scott Townsend ot Carolina and Spike Jones ot Georgia exchanged long bombs tor what seemed torever and the Bulldogs still clung to a seven point lead at the halt. On the kick- ott atter intermission, little Toy Mc- Cord fought his way to the Georgia I8 betore being knocked out ot bounds and Carolina had a chance, but a tremendous Georgia detense kept the Gamecocks ott the score- board. Carolina got close to the Georgia goal again later in the game but couldnit overcome the Bulldogs' detensive muscle. Except tor a very tew minutes ot the game, Carolina fought admirably as an equal with a nationally ranked Georgia team. The Gamecocks lost but they had played like winners. l Pat Watson breaks up a Georgia pass 270 r Georgia receiver waits for a pass that never got there r f I r The Gamecock secondary forces a tumble. FLORIDA STATE 17 USC O Florida State University not too many years ago was a woman's college and Game- cock football tans, atter sutlering through a I7-O loss to the Seminoles, probably wish it were still only tor the weaker sex. The Gamecocks came to Tallahassee ex- pecting to meet a tine tootball team and that is exactly what they encountered. Florida State's high powered ottense, led by All- American tlanker Ron Sellers, scored when necessary and the Seminole defense hit when it counted, a combination the Gamecocks could not equal. l-lam ered by injuries to fullback Warren Muir, dzetensive signal caller Bob Cole, and satetyman Wally Orrell, Car- olina's depth problems was evident on an atternoon when lull strength was needed most. Dan l-larbison lowers the boom on a Florida State defender. FSU scored on their first series of downs and managed to keep the usually potent Gamecock offense contained. The Gamecocks mounted a drive early in the second quarter which, if success- ful, would have tied the game, but the Seminole defense rose to the occasion. Jimmy Poole's field goal attempt was off, and Florida State gained possession of the football. Carolina threatened again in the closing minutes of the half, but an alert FSU defender intercepted a Fair pass and the drive ended on the Seminole six-yard line. The performance in Florida State's Campbell Stadium was one of the sea- son's worst for Paul Dietzel's squad. Unable to keep a sustained drive going, the Gamecocks were repeatedly forced to give up the ball to the powerful Seminole offensive arsenal which proved too strong for Carolina's much called upon defense. ---: r -V ,. ., O 0 " " G ' f1-...' I ff? 'H I Q4 ff ig." 1 d,f,'f N I if x , Kffx -Y 1 f i , 'ww , - Q3 X es-x 1, , , 65 4. 'xqs 'EN X yi N X'-1 ,ww V A ' A ,. 't D W X sb . ,..: AEA A W E - Z V B .Xxx V "' ' , ra , ' 'TQ V .Q Tag? rf. -' I, ,A if I Q.-.JL Rfk ' -- . 2' vu I I 'Q af fix vi 1 I-77, - 1 91. 'li '74 L - 7 - X, .x - , AYXQ Jimmy Poole puts the finish on a brilliant Gamecock comeback. Carolinais satetyman Pat Watson gathered in the second halt kickoti and wormed his way through a maze ot tacklers, 67 yards, tor LlSC's tirst score. A tew minutes later Carolina had the ball again on the Virginia 2l atter a tumble recovery. A lviike Fair to Ben Garnto pass made it Carolina I4, Virginia I7 and the Gamecocks were back in the game. But then, Frank Quayle, Vir- ginia's All-ACC haltback, returned Carolina's kickott 90 yards to put the game seemingly out ot reach-23-l5. Again the Gamecocks stormed back with Warren Muir capping the march on a I4-yard dash up the middle. Carolina, in an ettort to tie the score, went tor two. Fair was stopped just short ot the goal line by a deter- mined Virginia line, and the Cavalier's still led, this time only 23-2I, with IO minutes to play. Dramatically the Cocks regained possession. The hysterical crowd became silent as, with 5:l4 to go, Jimmy Poole came in and knocked home a 45-yard kick that inched over the bar. Virginia wasn't through either, and carried their attack down to the Gamecock 35. With one remaining chance to salvage a great tirst halt ettort, the Cavaliers called on Braxton l-lill to match Poole's etiort. The kick was wide and the emotionally spent Gamecock supporters watched USC run the tinal seconds oti the clock. Coach Dietzel who underwent knee surgery the preceding Wednesday told a statewide audience on his television show the next afternoon that the win was the greatest comeback he had ever been associated with in tootball. With ten starters grading in the "championship" cate- gory and the eleventh classitied a "winner", the I967 Gamecocks demonstrated their desire to win, not just to play, tootball games. Thousands ot alumni, and students standing in the combined spectacle ot tireworks trom the state tair and the tinal strains ot "We Hail Thee Caro- lina" agreed to the courage ot their Gamecocks. MARYLAND 0 USC 31 South Carolina, apparently tinding ACC opponents more to their liking, next met winless Maryland. Not con- tent to gamble with second halt heroics two weeks in a row, the Gamecocks pushed the Terrapins all over the con- tines ot Carolina Stadium, as 33,427 partisan tans roared in appreciation ot the 3I-O triumph. Mounting a newly tound tirst halt otliense and a bone crushing detense to produce the tirst shut-out ot a Game- cock enemy in 67 games, USC ran their league mark to 4-O and their season record to 5-2 assuring Coach Dietzel's young team the only second .500 sea- son since l959. ff! 4 -ii gn ' if ,J " W'-JALML- 2 '7 .,- ' 'L 1.3754 'JI' , .-..- 276 e' Led by fullback Warren Muir, healthy for the first time in three weeks, the offensive unit picked up 287 yards rushing. Muir scored the game's first TD on an exciting II-yard scamper for his sixth scoring dash of the year. Curtis William, giving Muir a rest, capped a 67-yard drive by diving over from the one. ln the second quarter, Jimmy Poole's foot provided three more points and the Gamecocks took a I7-O lead to the dressing room at the half. USC, be- hind Quarterback Mike Fair who completed five of eight passes, added another marker in the third quarter to put the game out of reach. With the score 24-O and the luckless Terps in possession, the Gamecocks' second defensive unit decided to get into the scor- ing act. l-lit from behind by the hardcharging Carolina line, Maryland quarterback Chuck Drimal lost the ball. Sophomore defensive tackle George McCarthy snared it in the air and ran untouched into the end zone for the final talley of the evening. Maryland coach Bob Ward in summing up the Gamecocks' performance stated, "South Carolina is so aggressive. They're the kind of team l wish we had." WAKE FOREST 35 USC 21 The Gamecocks next embarked tor Winston- Salem to meet Wake Forest in the Demon Deacons' homecoming game. Carrying with them hopes ot an Atlantic Coast Conference Championship the sguad tound themselves involved in a situation tar removed from tootball. Racial disturbances had caused Winston-Salem to be placed under martial law and the possibility ot a cancellation ot the game was in the minds ot Deacon athletic otticials. Es- corted to the movies and tinally to outdated Bow- man Grey stadium by National Guard troops, the Gamecocks prepared to ruin Wake Forest's home- coming celebration. lvluir brkegks one tackle l . . . evades another . . . l2l and turns it on. l3l The Deac's, however were not in on the plan and unleased the powerful offensive attack that preseason prognosticators had predicted ot them. Wake Forest scored the first two times they had their hands on the ball and from there USC was torced to play catch-up football. As the second quarter began the Gamecocks started another one ot their comebacks, moving 55 yards in Il plays. Mike Fair scored from the tive and Jimmy Poole added the point making it I4-7. Later in the same quarter Ben Garnto leaped over from the one atter a 63-yard drive, highlighted by a 33-yard pass from Fair to tight end Johnny Gregory. The Deacs added another score ot their own, however, to make it 2I-I4 at the halt. Taking the second halt kickoti, South Carolina used I8 plays to march 80 yards. Fair plunged the tinal yard and the conversion by Poole dead- locked the game once more. The inspired Wake Forest otliense struck on a I7-yard dash by Fred Summers with 2:45 lett in the game to regain control. A tourth down gamble by USC which tailed gave the Deacs another scoring oppor- tunity with seconds remaining. Wake capitalized on it to win their homecoming game 35-2l and hand the Gamecocks their tirst ACC lost. lt was a bitterly dissapointing loss tor Coach Dietzel and his statt. Dietzel had predicted the struggle with Wake Forest to be one ot the Gamecocks' toughest and he was proven painfully correct. ALABAMA 17 usc o Carolina had thoughts ot an upset as they trav- eled to Tuscaloosa to meet Cotton Bowl-bound Alabama. l-lowever, the Crimson Tide's brilliant quarterback, Kenny Stabler, put to rest the Game- cock's notions ot a spoiler role with a clutch pass and magical option plays and handed South Caro- lina its tourth loss ot the season. The Gamecocks played great defense tor almost the entire tirst halt, allowing Bear Bryant's boys only a field goal and it looked as it there was a chance for the upset. But with seconds lett in the halt, Stabler tossed a pertect 38 yard strike to All-Ameri- can end Dennis Holman. Steve Davis added the point after and the Tide suddenly sported a IO-O lead over the bewildered Cocks. ir U' Stull In shock from Stablers bomb Carolina was helpless agalnst the tnred up Tide after intermission. Alabama drove 6l yards In I5 plays, all on the ground the tlrst time lt had the ball and increased Its lead to I7 Carolina had Its troubles on ottense. lvlilce Fair hut on only l ot I2 passes In the tlrst halt and total yardage for the afternoon was a mere l75 yards. The Gamecoclc defensive squad which had the large majority ot playing tlme just could not keep up with Stabler l-lolman and company torever. CLEMSON 23 USC 12 Carolina was back home tor the big one- the season's tinale against old toe Clemson. An ACC Championship was riding on this year's edition ot the annual contest with our rural rivals. 43,338 tans mobbed Carolina Stadium to get a look at the battle. Carolina's part ot the crowd watched in disbelief as Clemson proceeded to run up 23 points before the Gamecocks could put anything on the score- board. Arthur Craig started the Tigers' barrage with a 39-yard field goal. Buddy Gore then went in trom the two to give Frank Howard and his men a IO-O halftime lead. The Tigers got the rest atter intermission with two touchdowns within a minute and 25 seconds ot each other. Clemsonis stringbean quarterback, Jimmy Addison, passed to end Edgar McGee tor the tirst score and got the second himself with a I2-yard scamper around his right end. I 'ST X za-11 , l ' I ,X if 37 li? I . -f-N ' " " 01: ...- ,, f aL1.f,,v-,.. , , -ming -fr , , 'm -. x kt.,- U---' fi. ' .M-spa u.e....QJzil',f., f! 'Y .4 fs ss3 i E an sr.. may , hai, M wa casa: ara , 3 Sf-zz -- ,xr '- - A W HW ,IM 'mr -. - v M -1 -' swam,-M HAH -. . with mfs H in aa Save Lgk,-Q. 'Egg wi-mam S i . , M , A was Y s 6594"-' maggga ritfs wi-wssvgwituaf . ,.f is 5 mf' f -gist, Y-we is M L'-sgwi M was f vi if A' xiitit if i as E ,.g5.f, awww vain ' 's M 9532- H vs-We M-Bt New a sf -A .i?L:' AST? N 'A Si? is f, K fiat-5 MM. wa t W sfsszrxfzziissmssvtfa 1 i 7:Qiig?E?9"h3imMnl5wgsjvbisf5'f1Hi in U- a QQ , " 'a 2 rs M , mips-sammy, gays, ,qw 1 priest 5gHif5 h',s?N' 1' 1 . H Andy Chavous takes in a pass and heads uptield. Our determined Gamecocks didn't quit, though, and got two touchdowns in the tourth quarter on sheer guts. A high snap from center gave Carolina its tirst chance and lvlike Fair took it in from the one to make it 23-6 atter a two-point play had tailed. Pat Watson then recovered an on-side kick tor the Gamecocks at the Clemson 48. Eight plays later Fair took it in again, this time trom the two. Another two- point try tailed, and the score stood at 23-l2. The Cocks had played their hearts out, as they had done all season. "And although Clemson won," coach Dietzel said atter completing his second year at Caro- lina, "it was not an easy game." l-le summed up the team's performance tor the season when he added, "I don't think l ever had a better etlort from a team ot mine in twenty years of coaching." 283 i BME-W .ii M xv as -iw-.siimit ssl si S s .am .X 5 A-1 bmw we mst, , Ll., . ,Y-,O..i..'C1A,.. 1 ',' r -1. 'L' :- 'Jw .H --illnvr A ' 4. ' A-'-L- .,. Ir,--1 ELL .1 ,Af-3-rw .r-"1 V714-1.-v . Ulf .1 ,. ' - ' , : .gtfkyfa-K, ITMJ ' ' ' H" 1. -1'i:i5LEd A1 'iff-E23 Eff ' 'L ' "" -- ' , Li IL-1 ETL! Kelli BASKETBALL HEAD COACH FRANK MCGUIRE COACH BILL LOVING COACH DON WALSH 284 COACH JAMES A. lBuckj FREEMAN USC USC USC USC USC USC USC USC USC USC USC USC USC USC USC USC USC USC USC USC USC USC RESULTS Erskine . Maryland . Virginia . Furman . Cincinnati Kentucky . Maryland. Clemson . Wake Forest Virginia . Duke . . Wake Forest Clemson . Erskine . N. C. State North Carolina Furman . Duke . . North Carolina N. C. State ACC TOU RNAMENT Virginia . North Carolina KNEELING, LEFT TO RIGHT: H. Martin, B. C mins J Thompson T Terry S l-larlicka E P ell STANDING C Carnevale F Standard G. Gregor, S. Kickey. G. Spencer, C. Vacca. It was a wondertul, exciting season tor Carolina basketball-wonderful, with the etfort ot tour great seniors who gave Gamecock fans the best basketball ever to be seen in the old Carolina Field l-louse and exciting, with eleven games being decided by tive points or less. l-lead Coach Frank McGuire com- pleted his tourth season at USC with a I5-7 record. lt was with the feeling that his team had proven to everyone that they could beat some ot the best in the nation that coach McGuire said bood-bye to seniors Thompson, Harliclca, Standard and Gregor. 286 MARYLAND USC 68 But McGuire would always live with the painful knowledge that these boys very well could have been the best it Mike Grosso had been here. Memory ot the plot which declared the big center ineligible was very much with Carolinais coach as his team met Duke in regular season play tor the tirst time since the incident. The Blue Devils' two losses to the Gamecocks proved that the Irishman and his boys don't torget very easily. Erskine was tirst on the Gamecocks' schedule. Jack Thompson was out with a pulled muscle which slowed him down all season. Sophomore Bobby Cremins was introduced to varsity basketball at Carolina that night and proved himselt a great player, with I4 points, tour assists and tive steals. The Gamecocks rolled to an easy IO4-54 win with Gary Gregor hitting 30 points and pulling down I7 rebounds. Carolina made its ACC debut at Maryland and the Terps put on a remarkable second-halt comeback to win it, 66-65. The Cocks traveled next to Charlottesville, and still hampered by tlu, which had slowed them considerably at Maryland, and could not overcome an early Virginia lead. Down I8 at the halt, Carolina roared back to come within one point, but a questionable call by the reteree assured the Cavaliers ot an 84-82 win. During a timeout pro prospect Gary Gregor calls for a set offensive pattern. ,,. xl ,P - x" X -- X 7 QA 'I x , ' I I XR 90047. ffefdfg - bf i: xifflf' N I I gc Hn- , 4 ff? il' x ., 1 x l . .glgvdf ,., .r f r is 1.3: V Q' B. iii. . .. 5 1-sew Q LQ-gr f. 1 nf -iii.. , .. M, W., , if asf Alaska.: .-W. A Wt. .. . ....'. .. . .. , ., M. . ...e- ,lm 1 With Standard in the open, playmaker Jack Thompson prepares to move 'em out. Q Next it was Furman, back at the Field l-louse, and what Coach McGuire called "one ot the crucial games ot the season." The Gamecocks recovered from their disastrous trip north to breeze past the Paladins IO8-55. Christmas l-lolidays tound USC at the Kentucky Invitational Tournament. The Cocks met heavily tavored Cincinnati in the opener and showed the Bearcats the kind ot basketball that lvlcGuire's boys were capable ot playing. Gene Spencer wrapped the game up in the last tew minutes with tour clutch tree throws to make it Carolina 64, Cincinnati 6l. Kentucky on, its home court proved too much tor the Cocks in the Tournament tinals but not without a tight, as our boys matched baskets with the Wild- cats tor almost the entire game. Adolph Rupp's team pulled it out near the end, 76-66. Carolina started the I968 portion ot its season in Columbia with Maryland. The Gamecocks went eight minutes and sixteen seconds ot the tirst halt without making a basket but Corky Carnevale and Charlie Vacca came ott the bench to spark a rally which gave USC revenge on the Terps, 68-59. Next, the Cocks went up into the hills to take on Clemson. The Tigers' Butch Zatezalo had a hot hand in the tirst halt, putting in 27, but Hank Martin came in to put the stops on the Clemson guard and Carolina ran away with the game, 93-7I. It was USC's tirst win at Clemson in six years. Back at home, Carolina met Wake Forest and Jack Thompson returned to the line-up to sparkle in an 88-73 triumph. Clutch passes by the senior trom Brooklyn rallied the Gamecocks trom a slow start and Frank Standard pumped in 30 to lead the scoring as South Carolina won its sixth victory in nine starts. Virginia came to town next and it was revenge tor Carolina once again. Remem- bering their earlier Ioss to the Cavaliers, the Gamecocks played near-pertect basketball to win, 94-68. Semester break came and everybody went home except the team. Coach McGuire and his crew stayed and practiced tor the big one-the game which everyone had been waiting tor. Duke was coming to town tor the tirst time in two years and the Game- cocks prepared tor an appropriate welcome. Students were already standing in line to get into the Field I-louse by 3:00 the atternoon ot the game. The Blue Devils trotted onto CaroIina's tloor tavored to win a close one and main- tain its position as the number eight team in the nation. The plea to "Beat Duke", which had been heard atter every home game tor two years, was answered as USC took Vic Bubas and the big Blue Devils in a dream-come-true game. It was every bit the thriller that people had expected it to be as the lead changed hands time and again during the battle. Bubas had told his team to play Jack Thompson tor his passes, so the cratty play- maker turned scorer and pumped in 2 I. Skip Harlicka led Carolina with 23 that night and the old Field I-louse shook with joy when with I I seconds to go, Thompson stepped to the line and put in two tree throws to give Caro- lina the game, 83-80. Frank Standard slides past Blue Devil defenders on his way to the basket. Q ' ls r ' Q . l - ' V Ai" s 2:51 . 5 .. ' I,-I 3 L I , .c .s.i1 -nu. H 8 sss s 8 r ' '..'.'L.-'Jfz -rf Q, DUKE 80 USC 83 After the triumph, Coach McGuire re- flected, "This was one we wanted to win tor our student body and all Gamecock sup- porters. We got great team etliort from everyone. It was tremendous." South Carolina was on regional television as it took on Wake Forest next in Winston- Salem. The Cocks gave their home-state viewers a scare as they had trouble tor- getting the Duke game but tinally won it, 80-76, on the strength ot Skip l-larlicka's 30 points. Clemson came to Columbia for another meeting of the season with Carolina. Har- licka had his second straight 30-point game as the Gamecocks had no trouble at all with the Tigers, 89-74. lt was the first time since Coach McGuire had been at Carolina that his team had beaten the Tigers twice in one season. The Cocks met Erskine away from home and it was all too apparent that we were looking ahead as our boys barely got by a fired-up Fleet, 72-67. Maybe Carolina was still looking to the future when they met N. C. State in the North-South Doubleheader at Charlotte's Coliseum. The Gamecocks played sluggishly and Norman Sloan's Wolfpack managed a 72-59 win despite Bobby Cremins, I5 re- bounds and l'larlicka's 29 points. The loss ended Carolina's winning streak at eight. CLEMSON USC big x 5 Thomps p p t f Cl - lt was South Carolina-North Carolina in the tinal game ot the doubleheader and lv1cGuire's boys were ready once again to play the kind ot basketball which they had displayed so well earlier in the season. Caro- lina went out to get the third-ranked Tar Heels but they missed an upset in the last heart-breaking seconds. With great hustle from Gene Spencer, ten assists tor the night from Thompson and a 29 point performance from reliable Har- licka, USC led North Carolina by as much as nine, only to blow it at the last. It was a bitterly disappointing loss tor a team which had played its heart out. The Gamecocks' tine showing, though, had made believers ot many skeptics in the stands at Charlotte and Coach McGuire later called it "a moral victory". From Charlotte, the Cocks moved to Greenville. Meeting Furman in a rematch ot USC's earlier IO8-55 blitzing ot the Pala- dins, our boys never got very worked up over the game. Coach Frank Selvy's team was much better prepared than in the earlier contest at Columbia and gave Carolina a real tight. Bobby Cremins and Skip Harlicka sank some clutch tree throws at the last to give us the win, 66-64. pi is ai- E an as ic. H4 -W' l'lEsk: S Thompson puts the clincher on Duke in Durham. H signs Ee DUKE 50 USC 56 Duke Indoor Stadium isn't a very good place to play basketball, unless you happen to be Vic Bubas. The Blue Devils had a tantastic 77-4 record at home since l96I and Gamecock Coach Frank McGuire expected an icy recep- tion tor his team in their rematch with the Blue Devils in Durham. The 8,300 on hand weren't able to intimidate the Gamecocks, who kept their cool as they slowed the game's tempo. Blue Devil tans passed the time by counting the 51 Carolina passes without Duke tiring a shot, but atter it was all over the joke was on Duke. USC hypno- tized the Blue Devils with their tirst halt treeze and atter intermission went to a man-to-man defense and an opened-up ottense to run past the bewildered Blue Devils, winning it handily, 56-50. Halt-crippled Jack Thompson, in addi- tion to his playmaking, hit I0 out ot l2 shots, collecting 22 points tor the night, to lead the Carolina ottensive. It was the tirst time since I933 that South Carolina had beaten Duke twice in a season and it was the only time in USC history that we had beaten the Blue Devils in both football and basketball. Duke was the start ot a wonder- tul week at Carolina and North Carolina was the thrilling climax. A weary, but pleased McGuire meets the press. W -x 1 x. : f " w'f"'5'. .P - fr , --Y . -new Y .As '- y. ,uh .. ,, ,,..w.-s-I-94' 5, . ' 4 ' - -, ' , . :.'....i' ,, A V- ap ui,-1...-L-'H 'dwarf' H+-' ?:,LL.U:: E J 4:5-21" - -I F ,,.r. ,,, U' W-,v-.," n' .r I ,.' A U --41-,w ' 'Ed--.w -- . f 1' r, h "yd H ,..5',:4F?".. '.'.,::ff-, A' g..i'i'ff-" .. fq,..u. wg 1- l A' ,-Q-,430 , A , - , - ral- , r. V . ., n,.-, . 4 . , E., - paavsf. K' ,f ' KT.-+11 A. I A - I X. it--4 12 ' 'f 9:-H . 4 '- lies I E V ,-',. M- J--if 22:5 K1 51 -, . A C ' 5 asa ' ' pn 'X A0-mv... ,LJ X F -W mbqik- ,, 11 '45, ..,. Y lu 0'-.W N x QJT 1 .0 , ,.. r Y L -0 1 V 'I . ,fx f- " 54 sk ' ' X. I x, f 3 , f Y ?fI4:g1-Q..Q5fM-:- .1 - 1 - g.,,', , uv-' .', , Y-' ' N 1-' ,','r,if in ,- ii-:Q - TW ?4vf,,f:2 -Jr' J ' H .-1" - ,,- -M ,.-41'--.H 1 . -e: J u li " f ...fwaf -'f.':-.-..,,,,-Q-W, . 1 P-lj V N-. ff' "X 5:5 ,-:'3,ff.l""',q4-ck. XY.-J1g':Le.rf ,Y , LV J L-Lf: -3 ':1.L4?ir-F-Wx15ZIfj:--:f'T"q? ' :JF s dv, '-ffg 2.-gr' '4,,v ,nftfuy I, igg3,-'-,-'f.,,-f rJ-f?i5Lli'f- ' 31 4 rl? '5-f4f,vg'fif-ff" W 'f3 ' 'ifwsmel-1-" -Eff? e4J.3f"'1-"1 f' L Efff: .fs2"'f-"TWff1?',-1-f-'iil.Q-fi' Y- " f N.. -f' 3 1 ' Mya-.-14g,f-'f . -' ,, U '- ' . , 1 ,ltir -Lai?-,f L. '- ' , fl-,1 ' V 41M-5,4 ',1'fvif K f .fl , .1 5 a Qdwvvifi 5 M PP .' V f A, H , N .IA .. J Q' , ' , Y p, l"l'j,u'f' L I '- x 'A 1 , Aff wil' ' 5. , 1 HF 3 F' 5 I, .. X .f 'X 1 iv:5':"..K-g , A . . 4 '- . "S Cf- , K I s...a, gt, , eff- -iq jf, All-ACC selection Skip l-larlicka harasses UNC's Dick Grubar. UNC 86 USC 87 Coach McGuire returned to the school which he had lett tor the pros and got an ovation trom the North Carolina tans as he stepped onto the court. The cheering tor McGuire didn't last long, though, as his team proceeded to cut down third-ranked North Carolina tor their tirst ACC loss ot the season. Coach Dean Smith's Tar l-leels jumped ott to an early lead and hung on throughout the tirst halt ot play. But, McC5uire's boys waited tor the right time and with I3 minutes lett, went ahead 55-53. The lead see-sawed tor those last, breathless minutes and when Gary Gregor fouled out with 2:ll lett and Frank Standard followed a minute later, things didn't look so good. The Cocks, however, stood ott a desperate, last-minute, comeback by North Carolina when sophomore Bobby Cremins hit tive out ot six from the tree throw line in the last 45 seconds, to make it Carolina 87, UNC 86. Five thou- sand delirious tans waited in the rain to greet their Gamecocks when the team landed at Columbia Metropolitan Airport that night. Cx ,it 297 N. C. State was Carolina's last regular sea- son game and the last ever to be played in the nostalgic, old Field l-louse. The Wolf aclc used P a lot ot muscle and a tight zone defense to sur- prise the Coclcs, 55-54. The loss dropped Car- olina into a season's end tie with the fourth place State team and made a coin-toss neces- sary to determine the placements tor the ACC Tournament. Losing the tlip ot a coin which no USC repre- sentative ever saw, Carolina was assigned titth place in the standings and drew Virginia in the tirst round ot the Tournament at Charlotte's Coliseum. N. C. STATE 55 USC 54 Sophomore standout Bob Cremins concentrates on State's Eddie Biedenbach 299 E J '.L . ..,..UrC7,.2.2L-SLISQQL I ,,,q.,-, Gamecock fans crowd around Jack Thompson fol- lowing CaroIina's great effort in the semi-finals of the ACC Tournament. UNC 82 USC 79 The Gamecocks were the last to play on opening night and tor the tans who were able to sit through the other three games, Carolina put on quite a show. Complete with Thompson's behind-the-back passes and a season high ot 3I points tor Harlicka, USC rolled over the Cavaliers, IOI-78. The game set a Tournament record tor the most points scored by two teams. lt was North Carolina tor the third time this season in the semi-tinals. The Tar Heels led by as much as I2 early in the second halt, but our boys never got discouraged. A slick detense and great shooting gave the Cocks I7 points in the next seven minutes to UNC's tour. Harlicka tied it up at 74-all with 2:Ol lett and North Carolina got worried about their plans to repeat as ACC Champions. Dean Smith, atraid that his team would blow it, ordered the Tar Heels into their tour- corners otfense to play tor one shot. All- American Larry Miller took it with seconds left without even hitting the backboard. 'M ' F3 ,i ln overtime, the lead changed sides tor what seemed an eternity but, with time run- ning out, an obviously wrong call by one ot the otticials made it tinal-North Carolina 82, South Carolina 79. Backed up by game tilms which exposed the reteree's mistake, Coach McGuire tumed, "The kids broke their backs to beat North Carolina. l'd rather North Carolina beat them than losing by a callf' While the Tar Heels went on to eventually meet UCLA in the NCAA tinals, Coach McGuire came back to Columbia and bid farewell to his tour great seniors. This team had been a record breaker. Gary Gregor's .535 tield goal percentage was a new school mark as was the team's .488 average trom the tloor, which also was the best in the ACC. The Four Horsemen plus Bobby Cremins and the rest ot the team had given Carolina tans a great year ot basketball. Jack Thompson summed up his teammates' attitude atter it was all over, "lt we'd had a center, it'd have been no contest." 30I 6 FRESHMAN FOOTBALL v----gp... 4 . 37 V , . . - V . h .V . -1 ' I V I A v , ' v .-'Q ' -0 1 " av - .,, - J, I, , ' " I . -Q44 -, LA 'U' 5 ' 'l t L . ,. , - . . . ' . 4 X " .. 4. 15 1 -' 'Q z. 4' 1. . .f- ".,, . .mf .. ,. r .I v' '1. no ,,,, . i 0 ' Q' .1 ........"4..-eh .Qg 3- -.Lima , I Freshman defensive end Joe Wingard puts the clamps on a Baby Deaco Paul DietzeI's tirst recruiting venture at USC produced one ot the tinest treshman teams in the South. The Biddies rolled to a 4-O-I marlc including a smashing deteat ot Clemson. This squad should supply the next year's Varsity with its much needed depth and perhaps produce some stars ot national stature. RESULTS USC . . 28 Gordon Military . I4 USC . . I4 The Citadel . . . I4 USC . . 53 Furman . . 3 USC . . 28 Clemson . . . I3 USC . . 43 Walce Forest . 6 FIRST ROW: B. DuPre. T. Hellams, T. Suggs, R. Yoalcum, B. Parlcer. B. Caldwell. J. Cleclcler. S. DiCarIo, D. Montgomery. SECOND ROW: C. Bank B. Miranda. R. Williams. T. Trevillian. A. Usheer, K. Wallcup. T. Beans, F. Johnson. THIRD ROW: B. Padgett. M. Paine. J. Chandler, J. Johnson, K. Malone M. Mobley. K. Mooney. J. Regalis, R. Sistare. FOURTH ROW: D. Dyches, R. Ganas, D. Harrison. R. I-Iiplcins, B. Long, J. Poston, P. Unsworth D. Bailey. FIFTH ROW: E. Bolton. B. Duttie. D. Hamriclr, J. Pope, G. Scott, S. Vasgaard, J. Wingard. HKS. P , f 51 2 .uf mx 3-is , - ,lil wi Q- -cf - X. 325, 12 . 4 mam 12555, ,.,, , ws .4 k 1.4 . v .,1:- ., J . l, :NU M '- QQ i N I v if X 5ii" 1 ' Q f X934 'A dw." 7 ff fl Q' 3 , E S ffi , 'fy it . 3 re a q . PfiW!!Q 5 Jgwik' L Mwvfzq QW? I 'HM A llv. K , -4 J' X 5. . mfg, xx ,J X v 4 " 9 'WK AXHW: SWIMMING 'f sf- - ' 5 st A .-1' -- - - ,-. -,'-1"s- f 'sf .. TW? -V - . r. -H -. T 71.-,---f: --f-1-'Q-ae,--ra-' .. 'WSI . . , , .' 'W 4 g, A' " " 5 ' - .-. .rg-' -w--- -u an-'!"1f -- , xt'--'fir ' -1 H i- '. 2 ' --A . -' -fir islf',Z?'3J?2ff2ff'1. - - ,: '?3. If-'T-G-""" f "W" 'f --W '-- TY?-15 ' . ., ,ggi-f-cn.- ' ,sgsiqflf fw- N ... Q, fs.--W A ,i -P - , - ' v'..,:5-3 ,, Q. - -me., .gy -b 4, i x s V. ,J ,, - .,-.,..71.- v , ,Q .M 4,-.1 -,-s-, ..-'I' - -.1 ' f "--f. -e' '-- -,Y - ' -' 3.1 -if .' ,, ' gi- 4 .. C M, , V gf- - --"a"w"3t-"ik-f"'X ' 1 ,l ic ,. .Sgr --f ' ' r, , ' ' M K, twiki' .Af 11'jl',+":5L,'A. 13:1 "" ' ' f - N ', ' ""'k'i'i '?1'f:3.4,i'., ' - A V .. . 'V pil' ' V ' ' Y U , ,r I g V is 'J , 'A Ph, .,.- ,iw , -. i., 4 ,JV-Jln A . .tartan W . -. . . . - 5 t , Us . .. ,Uh I. - W . -wh . . f,..b W, gl -YQ ,I vs Q- ' ' ' V, 1315 I -1 V , '- - ,'. -I sr-v-ul., , rl I 1 'Y ..-ss - gf-1"" ff?-:""'f ' . T Q , 'fi-fv'9? ' J' . A-. Ilvvr G.-A i ,v-f - f-,'g7f"', i i I rs 'UN ' 1 , 9 ,M A.. 1. A 1. -QA--v-Jrqya. ,.,. . Ui, .- . T . V " . PTF" .Q " -, ,flu--J' V. .51 . .. .J 2-1-'Z-F A ' '51-'ft su- ,. 4 V.. -v f L. , ., V, , . Carolina's swimmers opened the I967-68 season against highly regarded North Caro- lina. Coach Jack Thompson's recruiting be- gan to pay oti as the Gamecocks took the Tar Heels down to the last event, losing by only 59-54. Following a string ot tour straight USC victories, Thompson resigned to be- come chiet tootball recruiter at Georgia Tech. Assistant Coach Pete Combes as- sumed the head spot with the team tacing its toughest dual meet opponent ot the sea- son, nationally ranked N. C. State. Although State and then Maryland deteated the Cocks, the tankmen came back to win the tinal tour meets ot the season including a 3-point victory over SEC power Alabama. Bill Muller, one ot the ACC's most versa- tile pertormers, turned in repeatedly good times in both individual medley and breast- stroke events. Covey Stanwick and fresh- man Jim Weinzettle also were consistent point getters in their specialties-distance treestyle and breaststroke. Freshman Trond Williams was one ot the big surprises ot the season, establishing himself as a potential sprint treestyle All-American. USC's divers deserve special recognition tor their role in the outstanding year, capped by a tremendous third-place finish in the 304 3' i Atlantic Coast Conference meet. Vic Laughlin was undefeated on the three-meter board and exchanged fhst pbce on one meter with freshman John Thoder. The div- ers of Coach John Candler, who was featured in an article in Sports Illustrated for his high dhdng and coacmng abHhy,contHbuted 97 of Carolina's 356 points in the ACC Championships. With every school record being broken in the final two weelcs of the season and the Gamecocks being represented by two divers and three swimmers in the NCAA's, Coach Clonwbes has every reason to expect to wdn South Carolina's first ACC Swimming title next year. RESULTS ' USC OPPONENTS 54 . . . North Carolina .... 59 72 . . East Carolina . . 4l 59 . . Georgia . . . 54 59 . . Va. Tech . . . 45 62 . . Old Dominion . 42 46 . . N. C. State . . 65 49 . . Maryland . . . 64 58 . . Alabama . . . 55 64 . . Georgia Tech . . 46 63 ..... Wake Forest ..... 50 69 ..,.. Clemson ...... 35 204 Southern Intercollegiate 4th place Gamecoclc swimmers turn in practice lap after practice lap. 356 Atlantic Coast Conference 3rd place fr Qs V Nag-5... A Emi E -as wad' 4' - -44: J. Covey Stanwick finishes the 5OO freestyle. BASEBALL The i967 basebaHseason wasthe bestin the history ot Carolina. Jackie Powers, NCAA District lll Coach ot the Year at Furman, took over the helm here and guided USC to a 2I-8 record. Led by All-ACC catcher, Dan Scarpa, third-baseman Frank Partyka, and outtielder Larry Womack, the Gamecocks made a run tor the ACC title only to lose out on a dis- astrous late-season road trip. uv 4- l . Wally Jones scores on Toy lv1cCord's double but ground rules called him back to third. USC USC USC USC USC USC USC USC USC USC USC USC USC USC USC USC USC USC USC USC USC USC USC USC USC USC USC USC USC RESULTS Kentucky. . Furman .... Bowling Green . . Bowling Green . . Shippenslourg State Shippensburg State Shi pensburg State ErsEne .... Georgia . . . Erskine . . . Brown . . . Belmont Abbey . N. C. State . . North Carolina Climson . . . Du e .... Wake Forest . Clemson . . . North Carolina The Citadel . Maryland . Maryland . Virginia . . Virginia . . . Wake Forest . Duke .... The Citadel . Georgia Southern Georgia Southern 5, . 2 K5 limb.. COACH JACKIE POWERS FIRST ROW: H. Rowan, Manager: W. Jones, H. Kohner, S. Townsend, T. McCord, D. Scarpa ICaptainI, E. Chester, D. Proctor, Manager. SECOND ROW: W. Medlin. B. Rolling, R. Evans, M. Fair, B. Cash, F. Partyka, H. Ward, D. Murphy, Trainer. THIRD ROW: B. Mauro, R. Boyd, B. Bryant, L. Womack. P. Ragland, P. Laing, B. Reitmeier, J. Stokes, J. Powers, Coach. 307 P Ouffielder Scott Townsend eludes the faq but is ruled out. X ! 308 f-5 M . , ,L Mg: Ax I ' 'Vg . 75- , ' . 31" V yi ' .4 ,M 251' Nftz. .',,, -QA .gn G w' my-1. . 4 S,-1-1. , 1 ,,.Q,L, 1 wg.: 4 Q 41 " V I- ' - 'dr' 'Ts MU. ,,,..,,,. .. HHN.. -, f4a,.1q,-gtk, my si, -'ff 'fasggegs 5 I., Z " W 5 ffl WEE Q2 "5 7? if ,fu My f'-ff 7 K, f. . H jf' I 5 ' QU -:ggi wr-53,4211 E xi, " M ,y A 1f,, , is -A X 351- fn- ww- , Mfylgf-X-I Q5 -- 1 QQ ,-' Spf 'ww H My .V,A.. :.-: ns, 3 :miifx ' QE .. ' A ' ,. LE.: " :,-ffm: 'UMA v FSM ' ,Q 1 , ' 5. 5 m l- 1' ' is 1 K -. 'i E il,7.q' W .j,V5' My" gg,,. S , 4,1 sffff ,l m K sf . g '1,?g :., ,jisew V Q Cf .Xl Q-ga?-F 5- ,. - LL 6- TRACK COACH WEEMS BASKIN Mike Eidson, Carolina State-Record Relays Outstanding Athlete, collapses after first-place finish in the two-mile relay. i i 1 , . 3 Coach Weems Baskin's fourteen member trackrteam, the smallest squad in the Atlantic Coast Conference but one of the most suc- cessful, established nine new school records during the 1967 season. Led by Canadian Bob Taylor, the team captain and top scorer with 70 and 3A points, and discus thrower Art Swarts, the Gamecocks took five of six dual meets. The lone loss, to N. C. State, came on the final event of the day, the mile relay, and was decided at the tape. Swarts, three times an ACC champ and a finalist in the NCAA meet each of his varsity years, turned in the top individual performance breaking the ACC all-compe- tition record with a toss of l92' VZ". The Carolina State-Record Relays finally encountered perfect weather and the Game- cocks responded with record-breaking per- formances in the mile and sprint medley relays. USC's Mike Eidson was chosen the meet's outstanding athlete on the basis of two sterling 880-yard legs on victorious Gamecocks relays. Coach Baskin, in his nineteenth year as Carolina head coach, gave area track fans another bonus, as the Gamecocks hosted the second annual ACC-SEC meet. This attrac- tion featured the best track and field ath- letes from each conference, including several Olympic hopefuls. R ES U l.TS USC . . . 80 North Carolina . . 65 USC . . . 79 Georgia .... 66 N. C. State . . . USC . . . 70 75 Clemson .... 59 6I 53 USC .... 82 USC .... 83 USC .... 9I Florida Relays, 7 points, Carolina State-Record Relays, 245 Penn Relays, 5, North Carolina Relays, 20: ACC Meet, 28. Georgia Tech . . Duke ..... . n.,, . The start - the race the finish FRONT ROW: D. Peddie, D. Gozenya, L. Chapman, M. Eiclson. B. Taylor fCaptainl. E. Sonnenfeld. BACK ROW: G. Zemel. D. Smifh, A. Swarfs, J. Wl1iH', B. Turner. B. Harris, D. Pasco. 3lI . 1. A - '19 it 1, iv 8.5.3 ff 'ish Hrgff. fy igkgsxbgzr-l,r'!.:pAg L... 1 I , .. iii... .3 I I lu' ig ii sinvr sa g. ,sv ,vi ,. asa. azz' in 'isa LF' , V ' .- an E1 wuts ?'i Q5 ex : 1: aww: 'Sie is ig 7 S. .13 , .L my Q., 'fi , ',".,f 2 , J . V KNEELING: N. Burke, H. Ragle, J. Schlosser. STANDING: B. Czwartacky, Manager: B. l-leald, L. Buhrman, S. Coach. -M. I USC USC USC USC USC USC USC USC USC USC USC USC USC USC USC USC USC USC USC USC USC Reynolds. B. McClain, RESULTS P. C. . . . Furman . . . The Citadel . . Clemson. . Wofford. . . Michigan State . M. I. T .... Newberry . . Toledo .... Georgia Southern . North Carolina . Erskine . . . Maryland . . Virginia Tech . . Virginia ..... Greenville Men's Team Dulce ...... Walce Forest . N. C. State . East Carolina . Davidson . . .ug W ,Q Q N 4 ' J, . ww V .. ,,,,-,..:--Agni? 1?-ffwf-1:5 1-' M . , .,,'7 1 -, , fx 'j ' ' 'mlli-e "- Y . if f 1 ig A452 Luka-eg-,fig Tam: I C11 Y ' 'Y fa wx 5 1 I 1 -' M Sv Q . n-1 . R A F .JM W . A ' Z., -.V Jf ,, , . E 1 ' , , 3.4.1-,P ff J W -eu-f W ,,G. . ...f - .AW , ..L.. -maxi, W , , V Ag. , M, Vg , G. ,V QW.. W 1 W V , V V - H X 'Y- N..-. x I L.-I N J' j' y 'T X ex. ' ,, - Q 'N ...- ,., , ,.. .NW - - --- , X S' m w H ,Q '1 A V Y . I N fn M mf? Q "' -Ffa.-H5 H. 91 ' H ' 'H' A ' 1 - , .gy 1 3- f " XY - 1 , 0 Q U W.. u 1,5 sf' If v - '-4'-?Wi'5f,'xffW' wifm,sQ.e7f' Rf 'Q E5 ' R ." " - V ",w. I - sf, ' ' , , ,H K , -fl .y 'hy ,Lk ,px fax-', Q wg' ,aw Y, an aw W ' .-Y ,V Ag MW'---,m.' fm- W ,ij ,W W J , ,N - , V1 -:-1 N Q- -' ": F" KN " 'fff Ya rf L: ,. ' x z ' sf A kb, - ' 5. -' ,ai m, xm .-... 5 'Q' 1 '- - ' . X , f My . Ev , - W J ,- N - W.. , . . . 4, ' A iwff"m'G1A'Amviffx? 1-H33 w 'ffm W My . ,vs 1 -- - -,o .y k ,qu J. A pf ,IA , . A as J ,W I I, A . ,dy .Q'-b"- ,I ' 41.1 N - ' H ' H' ' F: " "L , . .i. , I f - f 3 ' Lp, f. w. , , ,gr ' .,1, M - A 5 Q14-xgw ,wr rim , ,N-V J , L " Q ,4 , E - I- QxY. wf-5' fy B v:"' ,. 7' f , ff, .J ' '21, '-.L H . ' ,ff , ' '-.j WI. ' V J fi? f?fY5 -f 'fs H'-1 , 1: A f . A X X. ' 'E ' , ' N ' ,A I A-fx 4,11 , Q01 5 , an ' YV Ks PV . I 7, A. tj A 123' V .W-' :M , AL- , ,Q E f-up ' , ,' . , ,VN ,Q . 1 . 1, M- Aw . W2 5 F Mfg F ,V N, f.. A .1 ,,',, fe., ,,., - .xr M' , V 'AJ ' . - i- ,,,, 5. --- - .4 - 1 's ' :v N X is V X4 ,A Y' 4 'uhm' , Y ' 5 ' Tk - 1- x 'A , , 5 -, ' . , ,N - , - 1 .A YV n . K Q. - 4- 6'- ffvfix 1 ., , .. .Q in 9: Ji "1 A. .4 i.. ,uf .fc . , A.: pr. 'E - ' 1 ,V 1 ff , A: . s ' ,. ' r ,Z-., 4. 49' lvl ui' , . M A ww .X ,, Q, Jr, vsf, . f -.X V' ,. 1 . . I .,.1 1 '- A - ,Q . , , .4 x 'wi-fi' ,1..-,,, ', ,, r 1 , . ., 1, -L GOLF The Carolina Golters, under Coach Jimmy Pulliam, finished the I967 season with a IO-5 dual match record. The Gamecocks won the Palmetto Invita- tional tournament in Orangeburg, which teatured a number ot excellent college golt teams, and the State Intercollegi- ate tournament held at I-Iampton. Be- hind the play ot Allen Powers, the individual champion in the state tourna- ment, Bobby Foster and Danny Fulmer, the golters tinished third in the Atlantic Coast Conterence. KNEELING: D. Fulrner, B. Foster, R. Tinsley, M. Cely. STANDING: D. Yeates. I D. Johnson. A. Powers, E. Williams, B. Bleakley. N J ' 1 ai BAND AND CHEERLEADERS Pl r .I 'Q 'W V, A 'ix bag Qjf W- RUSTY BURRESS, Head Cheerleader 3l6 ,- ul u' A . lg.. , O f V , ' zu., D , T uv 2.4- F: .Q M ,SM ....,,:, ., I? .o,.," .'-3 0. oh ,fy A s , 4.-1. , 1180 MQW " , " ' Q aw.. , . o V. ly A N - . li! F' ' - ,. 1 5 . 0 , ' . I F 'I is . ' W .L V A 'N 4-'vm by W ,A ,: 1 F' 1 .LAIJ K w iggww f '51 If- '-f Q" law ., 1 .J Z - 1 '. , 1 W V n n ' nl J' ' . 4 ' 1 f I. il I A I r- - hfw- ff, 1- I" ligfwva, I .,Y V' ' " V . ... ' 5 'LJ' I ' ls -gh' " ' Q, ?'5""'6 M"'i:' """-'WU A Zi 'Q' ww QFEQQQA .-.H . ,W ' Lg L - ' . H . -.. -- L' Vg' T' ' ,Nairn ' t ffm-sz Q-E , . , V ,- .,.,.- -N A LA- f Ag:,,,-QM, ,I fail.: Q, L 5,157 V br,:..,i-I-1,638 2 -A V N - , . , 1-, 41L:.-,, ' 5 -W 5-. ,f 3,4 ' .e3, f1- ,A , Q, A-Wmfn. w1 f:.s?f -wg.-.,f,-kWL,-,L f ,, 1 ,v:-52, 1 'f f1'3Nf'f':1,1"g:f:f:n1f.'f11l1'. ,7'-Z.-r:""f:E1'f"N.'"-2.11-+'-f'-gf,-V. , Tj ' , " hr Q2 5 "ff"f -rlzvrf.-Q.1'3"?4Qt1T?',H'lhlg,-:fQ:'Z' 1-mg, , --- ,, ' 'W' lfggf . 5 wx-f""',"' V "5-fi -' -i?.,?:5e'fi'g:4.:' "if--ri' 555.5-,",:tt"!,"',?2gi: ' Biff X-Egffjfiglg L"'i1T1'2 -N .. ,, ,, 'i "'fi"4.-Q" "T fm ' "wif FY . It WH-' TA". 3'.1'-'EM'-Xj!3'P45f J". 3QS2f'm"Z1v T- W .hs3 f f 13'T?f"'?f:ffv4ff'f I Q?f"f'-Hn .'?"'3-I TN'ff"ff'fi2 ffmf1'f5f",fvlWf' -LK' 4? 1 '- Vxgw. 1'-L 593 "45,:1:45. en, ,f,,,1w14axf9gp:,-,:1'il4,.,'.-,aifwf in., Y .rl-.,M1f.gQP'bo+1mgq5 xg. fy-rv-1Lgqywrw,,ff ' Aug uagaiggig , Q. ' 1 '1- ..4- 4- hgh 1,-1. QQEVQ., ,J .vifgifgm-,.a? 4a',.-Ju ff ' " if 1kw.,Qc,Zffiuh,,g r". '-f'- ,, -f 'Q-?"f A-'li A "lx-1 4 ,,: 'init' '1i',!', kk. - ' g4:'a., Y.:f"L"f-lxfw ' .-,A ' ' QQ v -14" 1P'+1'u',,,, Hr- ' -if, V11 f vu.-'z ,419--.... 1 ' j'.',f'W 1 . T1 "'4"'---f-1-1.4.7-fl. "'4.4Z"'.a,ivf3a' ' " ' 73"-.1 A -.1 ' i - " "' Bxvln' ,, . 4,",. 'bf . , ' ' Zfv 5-An - A IH 'U' A A 1.x , u .L fi, 4749-431352. N v ..,-7,5 ,Q-s:!,t'4-LA.: J all-xhiih-f Iivyklf F, J AP 13,3 -Ng' k , . I .,, , Mr. , , , -We -.-nge, - ,. A-v2L'..'v.-Ulizfw 4 ' ,Q - ' S, if-1 Q ii 5 2 . .,.:, . fs 4 2 xg iss ? ,. gb, . Wm is gm? , if All . . -A -.wit A f . , ,, . J . ' X . f N ,, - F-' - F34 FS' , -vii, ' 'e jg ,vim-' ' Ui ,H X-445, -..b I' A 3155" 1 1.1 itkn " Ex J' 5 ,- S-1-yn' M . , , ,. , , A P . S7 Z ,Z-' '1 .11-Q -a-y4,,.,' ' ..-- ,K Att I., T i. . WN' . I' at I ,f1B:?55?lMwX ffm "f "'fi3iE'- in 3" E Q ...- " Q ,tl Y.A gf:-rx ' QW. , I 1 fi . ,xk if 'Mr 'T' 'Q' F 1 1 ii I 'F' .1 1 1-. 1 , X '- ,I . , A, :N lffif EH bf i. 3l8 Q, '.J, ' up I ' x x I Ei? I FTW 1:m'Li:.rStf2:5:f L .gf is ' in 4 CD20--IPC-ZCZZO0 - BOARD OF PUBLICATIONS AND COMMUNICATIONS FACULTY MEMBERS: Dr. Reid Montgomery, George Buchanan. George Crutchfield. The Board ot Publications and Communi- cations ot the University approves the stu- dent executives ot publications and assists business managers in handling sales, adver- tising, and other tinancial details. The Board is composed ot three taculty members who are appointed by the President ot USC, and tour student members who are student body presidential appointees and representatives ot the literary societies and medias. LAW REVIEW Now in its twentieth year, the South Caro- lina Law Review is a publication ot the stu- dents ot the University ot South Carolina Law School in cooperation with the University and the South Carolina Bar. The Law Review provides students with the challenging op- portunity ot malcing detailed legal analyses ot current trends ot the law which are then circulated throughout the country as well as the entire English-spealcing world. In addi- tion, the Law Review provides a valuable service to the South Carolina Bar by review- ing the latest developments in South Caro- lina law as well as by presenting the views ot the country's leading authorities and writers on law. The statt and editorial board ot the Law Review take great pride in their publication and are conscious ot the responsibility ot asserting the prestige ot the University and the Law School throughout the world. Thomas Williams. STUDENT MEMBERS: Virginia VanSeters. D R h g d T M y Ab I' BILL TOAL, EMIL WALD, Editors 320 PAUL PINSON, Editor THE CRUCIBLE The Crucible, the literary magazine ot the University ot South Carolina, is published by students and is scheduled tor publication twice during the school year. Its aim is to encourage by publication original collegiate talent. The organization is always open to those whose minds tollow the creative bent. The magazine publishes student art, prose, and poetry with appeal to all levels and tastes. ri? STAFF. SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Lawson, R. Johnson, M. Simpson A. Watson, P. Nevill. P. Pinson. STANDING: S. Gardner. D. Johnston M. Sault, A. Clamp. M. Byrd, S. Corley. B. Frank, L. Randall, D Davis B. Parlcs, S. Chu. Business manager Paul Nevill aids exchange editor Jasper Lawson. WUSC W. i' . l it r. i -J L TERRY WEILAND, Station Mnnag MUSIC STAFF. Richard Anderson, Sandra Morris, John Simpson, Patricia Winn. Second Semester WUSC-AM is the student-operated rela- tively closed-circuit radio station ot the University. Its studios are located on the third tloor ot the Russell House. WUSC broadcasts over the entire campus daily, re- porting news, weather, music and all major campus events. The Carolina Broadcasting Company broadcasts all home treshmen basketball games, treshmen football games and varsity baseball games. The engineering depart- ment is constantly improving the quality ot WUSC's signal. Students working with our tirst class engineer this year gained valuable as well as practical experience. The news and sports statt sent representatives to some ot the more important tootball and basketball games and some ot the major professional tournaments around the country. WUSC-AM radio station is not all work- we take two brealcs a year. A Christmas tormal and a beach party in May that leaves no pent up inhibitions. The Carolina Broad- casting Company otters much to the stu- dents: intormation, entertainment and to those who are interested, experience. TOM ORLICK, News Director and RICHARD LUTSK, Sports Director. 322 ANNOUNCING STAFF. SEATED. LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Taylor. C. Kabase, P. Winn, S. Warkaske, M. Garris. SECOND ROW: D. Brooks, M. Regan, S. Carpenfer, T. Weiland, J. Russ, M. Liffle, J. Simpson. B. Dunbar, F. Weeks. THIRD ROW: R. Anderson, L. Thomas. B. Koplen, C. Waiers, R. Ken- nedy, R. Luisk, M. Avery, G. Glenn. EXECUTIVES. LEFT TO RIGHT: John Russ, Program Direcjrorg Clara Kabase. Secre+ary: Terry Weiland. Siafion Manager: Marion Garris, Chief Announcerq John Rockholz, Treasurer: James EIIIOH. Chief Engineer. Y I STEVE WARKASKE H Station Manager First Semester Ley:-'Z ' - t I 1 f 4 N i 1 l GINNY CARROLL Editor-In-Chief First Semester MARGARET NICELEY, Editorial Assistant 11" -Tl ..7: ish -,-ad lr-'f ,.,-4 Uv! 3' sr- 3. I' MARY W. MCMILLAN, Business Manager MONA GAULT, Assistant News Editor T LA . i t r J L 0 r 6 is phi", UI 1 Woflfg s "-.N 'e E- '--, -. Xue- - .i -?.:5':,e, -- ': -rbxg , in -. x, . --J'-. ' NNN A -. ,'-- N ' fs -Qiggfii Q 1 I ,M .EI .n 4 - vs sg l iiiiflfi sir 2 E i l Iiisiiirree T 5 E i T LE SALLY ZALKIN, Assistant Managing Editor First Semester and Man- aging Editor Second Semester DON CAUGHMAN, Associate Editor THE GAMECCCK All-American in '67 The discipline ot a daily deadline, the agony ot debate between tact and humor, the disappointment ot a headline, a story that just didn't come out right, the tultill- ment ot a job well done-this is The Game- cock. To the University Community it is a chronicle ot weekly happenings to be picked up on Friday mornings, read and discarded. To its stati, it becomes a member ot the family-a child to be tended and loved. lt threshes through issues trom race rela- tions to satety on campus with hours ot discussion and interpretation which evolve into a written news article, an editorial. And it enters rivalry with the editors com- ing out on the short end ot tradition-de- vouring a coup ot the Clemson Tiger atter the tootball team's loss to the group from the hills. What does it mean to be a part ot The Gamecock? lt is unrealized hours ot work, disappointment and rewardp esprit de corps ot people who work daily tor a common goal, bantering and prodding, eagerly await- ing Friday morning when IO pages ot paper become satistaction or "try harder next time." ln the end, it is "hate it, love it, damn it, bless it." It is The Gamecock. 325 -if' fs? PEGGY SIMMS, Circulation Manager MARY JANE BENSTON, News Editor First Semester and Assistant Managing Editor Second Semester --.1-...,-.qv -- - it "fi r 'A " 1 3. 5 wwf 's 1 -5 'iir".i1i' HQHti"il!i,' MIKE KROCI-IMALNY, Social Atfairs Editor First Semester and Faculty Editor Second Semester Sl-IERRY BROWN, Exchange Editor First Semester and Assistant News Editor Second Semester if' HEYWARD ADDY, Assistant Sports Editor CARL STEPP, Sports Editor First Semester and News Editor Second Semester DIANNE WILSON, Advertising Manager 327 CAROL MULLINAX, Managing Editor First Semester and Editor-in-Chief Second Semester. LYN JOHNSON. Assf. News Edifor KATE SALLEY, Cartoonist CHIP GALLOWAY, Chief Photographer -I ' W4 NANCIE MEDDIN, Social Attairs Editor JAY BENDER, Assistant Sports Editor Second Semester " "" ll gf-f'Q'.-f f ' - , JIMMY WANNAMAKER, Faculty-Academic Editor First Semester and Sports Editor Second Semester. JOHN ROCKHOLZ, Ottice Manager 329 GARNET AND BLACK These students are responsible tor the i968 GARNET AND BLACK. They worked many hours during long days and nights to present this creation. They lost sleep, study- time, triends, and tempers to produce the best GARNET AND BLACK ot all. As the Llniversity's yearbook publication the GARNET AND BLACK is a member ot the Associated Collegiate Press and the South Carolina Collegiate Press Association. Statt members attended the Associated Collegiate Press convention at Chicago in October. Members were also represented at the SCCPA in Columbia. Pat Quinn was in Atlanta tor the American Yearbook Com- pany's convention. i CARTER CREWE, Business Manager P LARRY STEPHENS, Assistant Business Manager MIKE BURTON, Advertising Editor l wr 4 ,555 fm , -U V3.5 x F- ab 3 JH L M-E X U " 1 . '41 1i,w1aQ w -9 , 22-'ff-2,5 ,W V ,,. , 2 Q' gif' rpg, '15, . Q wfif- T11: wx 5 , ii :W ' ur I -,. MARGARET CRAFT, Student Services Editor Under all the work there existed the comracleship ot long association. A typical atternoon at the ottice would tind Brandenburg revising the decorations on his wallp Nancy and Salley modeling the latest tashions in yellow unitormsp Jacobs musing over sports picturesp and Stephens tlicking through IBM cards. 332 NICK BASI-INAN, Military Editor SHIRLEY GARRETT, Copy Editor PROFESSIONALS STAFF: Georgette Descheemaeker. Jane Owen, Xenia Brooker. 1,5 V: 45255 1 '15 lu 7:4 ka ' M , S fn-f I . fi 51. IU' I Q MW gh Sf ' , " ' R , Q? ' all if ELBIE CONARD, Professionals Editor SALLEY CARTER, Honoraries Ediior 333 GARNET AND BLACK I f'.'lQi23CFf QF. ART DOWNS, Photographer ..1. . NENA FROST, Classes Editor DEIDRA MCMILLAN, Assistant Classes Editor Margaret, Nancy, and Charlie seem to be amused by a photograph. 1., JOHNNY JACOBS, Sports Editor JIM CROSBY, communzcaiions Edit PAT QUINN, Administration Editor CHARLES BRANDENBUR6, Greeks Editor ,1..,.....-....-....,.......,.-..f .N w.,..s. ., . N V ""' 1-'T'h.4Z- C- W .,. -, -V we -L-v hilt?" ifkiiu 1v:fmA'P?9.f . - ,ff---L -N-if if, 115311112 ifu ":3"1f'?'i3 L7 J", Agp -if .1'-:,ga'- -1.1. ,M r-1 ,QM I A The spy who came into the cold G 8: B office. -awif?Q,s rf - 9 ig! 5 rm' L HAL BARNES, Assistant Sports Editor MR. ED TOAL, Portrait Photographer 336 Ji W, T QQ R 42 ,JE 5 . . Y Qawsx H SE 6534 A , 4 .55 Q Ji :5. I .- M W-W AV, f .XX H o N o R A R I E , s 339 PHI BETA KAPPA E l 1 ix. i if me-ff i A . . i -s OFFICERS: Samuel Litman. President: Devere Smith, Vice-President: Lillian Perkins. Secretary-Treasurer. GRADUATE MEMBERS: John Brant, Janice Coftey, Kirby Duncan. and Lowell Satre. MEMBERS-IN-COURSE: James Clark. Parks Coble, Jr., Christie Corley. Reuben Crim. Mary Culp, Van Edwards. Mary Eison, James Ellison. Robert Hatch, Katherine Hogan, Ruth Ann Huffman. Michael Hyman, Patricia Knight. David Laurey. Ann Lindsey, Mary Ann McConnell, William McKenney. Lawrence Mini-1, Marie Patrick, Francis Perry. Harriet Price, Annette Prince. John Rawl, Mary Ellen Roger- son. Anne Roggeveen, Linda Schmidt, Royce Smith, Edirh Smoalc. Deborah Spence. Grace Stabler. Janet Stedman, Larry Stephens, Richard Stewart. John Strebe. William Sumeral, Carol Ann Treacy. John Trexler. Paula Vick, and Joyce Woodward. The highest academic honor that a student ot Liberal Arts can attain is membership in the national honorary fraternity ot Phi Beta Kappa. To be eligible tor membership, a student must have earned a total ot ninety- three credit hours in several courses desig- nated by the chapter, and must have main- tained a 3.5 grade-point ratio tor seven consecutive semesters. Thus, Phi Beta Kappa recognizes the highest scholastic records ot senior students. 340 OMICRON DELTA KAPPA Omicron Delta Kappa is a national leader- ship honor society which recognizes junior, senior, and graduate men who have dis- played exemplary character, scholarship, and outstanding leadership in campus lite. To be considered tor membership, a student must have a minimum grade-point ratio ot 2.75. Each tall Omicron Delta Kappa spon- sors a Presidents' Banquet honoring presi- dents ot campus organizations, and each spring it sponsors the University Awards Day program. Distinction and honor as well as responsibility in citizenship are the marks ot - '-'f ' membership in Omicron Delta Kappa. PAT TRAYLOR, IQ67-68 Sweetheart umm in., L' H., M, ,. . ' W1 OFFICERS: D. Caughman. President: D. Clary, Executive Vice-President: B. Hudson, Membership Vice-President: M. Rozbitslty, Corresponding Secretary-Treasurer: V. Edwards, Recording Secretary: Mr. T. Ledeen, Faculty Secretary-Treasurer: Mr. C. H. Witten, Advisor. MEMBERS: A. Aldridge, M. Archer, R. Barrett, J. Born. R. Bowers, L. Buhrman. D. Caughman, J. Clark, D. Clary. R. Clary. M. Coble, W. Corley, G. Cox, D. Elliott, R. Elliott, L. Ernst, L. Fairman, A. Fleshman, P. Gartinkel. D. Goldie. A. Hatch, A. Hartzog, B. Hudson, T. Huguley, M. Hyman, S. Jeter, A. Johannesmeyer, A. Johnson, J. Jones, D. Laurey, C. Livingston, J. Marcotsis, H. Martin, F. Moreno. R. Morrell. R. Nichols, J. Pate. R. Phillips, D. Pressley, S. Reynolds, M. Rozbitslcy. B. Salane. T. Salane, R. Schucker, J. Shealy, K. Shull, B. Smith, C. Smith. J. Smith. A. Taylor, M. Valentino, M. Verdery, J. Vogt, B. Wilson, and R. Winter. 34-I KAPPA SIGMA KAPPA Kappa Sigma Kappa is an honor-service traternity recognizing the young men ot Carolina tor their outstanding service to the Carolina community. Kappa Sigma Kappa is an honor, then, but, also, service is performed in that Kappa Sigma Kappa sponsors the annual May Day Beauty Pageant and Coro- nation Ceremonies. Kappa Sigma Kappa brothers escort the contestants to the atter- noon tea where preliminary judging occurs before the contest that night. At the begin- ning ot each year, Kappa Sigma Kappa sells the rat hats which are becoming a fast di- minishing Custom. LINDA WEAVER, I967-68 Sweetheart -S3 -sw .Wier- OEFICERS AND MEMBERS FOR I967-68: Charles Bradenburg, President: John Chase, Vice-President: Danny Fulmer, Treasurer, Carl Cowart. Record- ing Secretary: Elden Armstrong, Corresponding Secretary: R. Belding, B. Bleakley, L. Brandt, A. Brown, R. Burress, B. Cain, J. Cantey. D. Cato, T Chappel. E. Conard, J. Crosby, S. Drew, M. Eidson, C. Ellsworth, C. Evans, R. Flynn, B. Fonan, T. Foster, D. Gordon, J. Gregory, R. Hamer, B. Hanna B. Hudson, D. Hult. J. Jacobs, R. Johnston, T. Kelly, B. Knobel, G. Lawrimore, T. Lister, C. Livingston, B. Long, B. McDougall, D. Meadow, R. Morrell P. Naylor, L. Owen, R. Parker. J. Pearson, P. Perrill, T. Player. D. Royal, B. Rosin M. Rozbitsky, H. Rutledge, B. Smith. M. Thomas, C. Trammell, T. Wingard A. Woodward, F. Ziegler. 342 i i MORTAR BoARD I i l .L-raox."'1.,, 1. ., , 7, xi- , X-1, . --,,,u ! , OFFICERS AND MEMBERS FOR i967-68: Susan Wells. President: Donna Shuler, Vice-President: Mary Culp, Secretary: Kitty Murchison, Treasurer: Virginia Ann VanSe'rers. Editor: Harriet Coleman, Historian: Barbara Clark, Christie Corley. Raye Jones. Ella Reese Mayer. Barbara Medcalf. Audrey Meyer. Lady Nicholson, Janet Selman, and Judy Schulz. The National Mortar Board Senior Honor Society tor Women was established on the University ot South Carolina campus on April I6, IQ67. New members are elected once a year upon the unanimous vote ot the members ot the chapter. Eligibility tor mem- bership requires that each girl must have completed enough courses to have second semester junior standing and must be within the top thirty-tive per cent of the entire junior class in scholarship. The promotion ot service, scholarship and leadership consti- tutes the purpose ot Mortar Board and also the criteria by which members are selected. 343 OFFICER? Kathy Williams. I-listo.rian:.GracekChas'rain. Treasurer: Donna Lowe. DELTA Secretary Debbie Smith Vice President and Ilene Nelson President Alpha Lambda Delta is a national honor- ary organization established to recognize academic excellence among treshman women who have completed at least fifteen se- mester hours with a minimum grade-point average ot 3.5. Active membership usually continues through the sophomore year. An- nually Alpha Lambda Delta presents the "Maria Leonard Book Awardi' to the out- standing tormer member with highest cumu- lative average, and senior certiticates to academically outstanding senior members. v - 1 . ' iy,. if , ' l' . , D . ii 3 , f. MEMBERS: Debbie Archer. Cecilia Ann Baker. lrene Bishop. Terresa Blaclr. Xenia Brooker. Bonnie Chauncey, Paula Eargle, Virginia Garland. Paula Gott. Frances Hamilton. Barbara Hasty. Julia Henderson. Dianne Hunter. Linda Faye Miles. Jennie Purvis. Lenore Randall. Page Stansbury. Marcia Ann Telford. Jane Carol Wilkins. and Barbara Lamprecht. 344 BETA GAMMA SIGMA Membership in Beta Gamma Sigma is the highest scholastic honor that a student in business administration can achieve. Mem- bership is limited to the top ten percent ot the junior class, and to twenty-tive percent ot the graduating graduate students. A 3.0 grade-point ratio is required for undergrad- uate members. The purpose ot the society is to reward scholarship and accomplishment among students ot commerce and business Bonham, Vice-President: and Merle Medhurst, Secretary-Treasurer. administration- OFFICERS FOR THE YEAR I967-l968: Clinton A. Baker. President: Thirwall W. MEMBERS ON CAMPUS: S. Applebaum. R. Archer, J. Athearn, C. Baker, J. Banlcs. T. Bonham, C. Boswell, G. Breger, J. Cloer, K. Davis. C. Edwards, lM. Elliott, J. Ellison, L. Fairman, A. C. Flora, Jr.. J. Foster, C. Gittinger, J. W. Griggs, Y. Hawkins, J. Herin, G. Herrin. E. Hickman, C. Honess, K. lnman, R Jones, J. Kane, T. Kindel, R. Lahm, D. Laurey, T. Lister, C. Lucado. M. Medhurst, F. Meeks, A. Mohn, Jr., R. Molten, J. Morris. C. Mueller, H. Norton, R. Poole, O. Pugh, R. Rosen, H. Sanders. J. Seibert, S. Shaw, M. Strange, A. Smith, F. Smith, T. Temple, G. Tomlin, J. Watkins, W. Wesson, F. White, M. Wingfield. S. Wise, O. Wood. G. Woodhead. 345 PHI ETA SIGMA Phi Eta Sigma is a national scholastic honorary whose purpose is to encourage and reward high scholastic attainment among the treshman men at the University ot South Carolina. Members consist ot all freshman men who atter having completed one regu- lar semester's worlc ot at least twelve hours, or two semesters' worlc, and have a cumu- lative grade-point ratio ot 3.5. A member usually remains active tor two years subse- quent to his initiation date. Phi Eta Sigma emphasizes the personal qualities which are essential to a successtul and happy lite, a vigorous and disciplined mindp a strong, health bod f 5 d I-1 , OFFICERS FOR THE YEAR I967-I968: Edward Caughman, President: Carl Stepp, t Y yi rl a no G' generous C ar Vice-President: Hal lnabinet, Secretary: Tom Silcorslci, Treasurer: and Dean H. ac er- Frank Trotter, Faculty Advisor. PHI ETA SIGMA BROTHERS: W. Alderman, M. Altman, M. Archer, N. Barrett, J. Bean, R. Belding, P. Bloom, C. Borowski, L. Bowen. T. Boyd, J. Breland, H. Brotherton, W. Brotherton, W. Brown, W. Bruce, A. Burner, W. Burns, W. Cain, R. Capri. J. Carnes. W. Chandler, J. Chase, G. Chitty. J. Clarke, P. Coble, J. Compton, T. Cooke, L. Cottle, W. Cross, F. Curran, R. Dantiler, F. Davis. D. Day, J. Detreville, W. Douglass, R. Ealsins, F. Evans, J. Evans, R. Faullcenberry, T. Fields, S. Ford, J. Foster, W. Foster, A. Gaines, S. Gardner, J. Gathinqs, G. Gibson, M. Glaze, S. Goldstein, R. Gritlen, R. Griffith, P. Gunter, W. Hammett, W. Hanna, W. Harleston, D. Harrison, M. Harvey. J. Huffman, G. Humphries, N. Johnson, R. Johnson. P. Karnazes, L. Kibler, J. King, H. Kirtz, M. Krochmalny, D. Laurey, E. Lawrimore, L. Lawson, W. Lee, G. Levkott, W. Lindler, H. Lindsey, T. Lister, G. Louthian, F. Lynn. S. McNeely, F. Mack, D. Marini, R. Marler, H. Martin, D. Meadow, R. Nance, E. Osborne, R. Overing, F. Perf . O. Powell, L. Rabon, R. Radcliffe, J. Rainstord, S. Reynolds, H. Richardson, T. Richardson, L. Ryan, R. Salane, T. Salane, J. Sallman, D. Scott, J. Seellce, G. Shealy. K. Shull. B. Smith, R. Spires, M. Sribniclc, L. Stephens, J. Strebe, S. Swicegood, M. Talcach, S. Thomson, L. B. Thomplcins, R. Tighe. R. Timpson, A. Tinder, R. Turner, M. Valentino, J. Vogt, J. Wallace, J. Wannamalcer, E. Webber, R. Weiland, E. Williams, W. Wilson, K. Wise, and N. Yurchiclc. 346 ETA KAPPA NU OFFICERS FOR THE YEAR I967-I968: Allen Hatch. President: Robert Wilson, Vice-President: Robert Griffin, Recording Secretary: Ronnie Bowers. Corresponding Secretaryz and Larry Ernst. Treasurer. MEMBERS: Ronald Bowers, Russ Dantzler, Larry Ernst, Robert L. Griffin, Allen Hatch, Larry Stephens, Robert Wilson, Edgar Aldridge, and Dan Fraley. Eta Kappa Nu is a national electrical engi- neering honor society established tor the recognition ot men who have distinguished themselves scholastically in the tield ot elec- trical engineering and who have shown through their service an earnest desire to improve their school and their profession. Members are selected trom the upper quarter ot the junior class and the upper third ot the senior class. ln addition to a high degree ot scholastic achievement, mem- bers must also possess and display outstand- ing character and principle. 347 BLUE T55 I967-68 BLUE KEY OFFICERS AND MEMBERS: Don Hult, President: Robert Belding, Vice-President, Bill Burns Treasurer Recording Secretary Charles Bradenburg, Corresponding Secretary: Larry Stephens, Merit Scholar Recruitment Chairman: Pat Naylor, Campus Bowl Chairman Dr Charles W Coolidge, Advisor: Nancy Franklin. Darling: S. Applebaum, C. Boswell, L. Brandt, A. Brown, M. Breeton, W Cain J Carbaugh D Cato J Chase R. Cooper, T. Cothran, C. Cowart, J. Culbertson, R. Dantzler, H. Davis, W. Edgar, M. Eidson, R. Flynn, T. Foster D Fulmer D Howard R Johnston R. Kinard, D. Koplen, T. Lister. B. Long, D. Meadow, E. Menzie, E. Moore, J. Person, P. Perrill, W. Pitts, T Rchardson H Rutledge D Royal D Selt, M. Stephenson, K. Welch, K. Wise, and F. Zeigler. Blue Key National Fraternity is a general honor society tor those outstanding upper- classmen who have displayed noteworthy ability in the tields ot scholarship, leadership, service, and character. New members are elected twice a year. The goals ot the tra- ternity are best expressed in its motto, "Serving, l live." Members ot Blue Key aid the university greatly in coordinating and improving student attairs and promoting intellectual stimulation through such pro- grams as National Merit Scholars Day. CIRCLE K CLUB Developing leadership tor tomorrow while creating a better college and university com- munity today is the goal and purpose ot Circle K Club. Membership is by invitation extended to male students ot good char- acter and scholastic standing. Circle K is toremost a service organization with its many activities channeled in that direction. lt assists the college and university adminis- trations in registration, orientation, open houses, and campus tours, and also provides scholarship programs to deserving students. Thus, Circle K, the largest college organiza- tion in existence, is an opportunity tor col- lege men because it provides a means ot exhibiting the type ot leadership in a college community which later proves ot great value in the business and professional world. OFFICERS AND MEMBERS: Denny Royal, President: David Meadow. Vice-President: Toney Lister, Recording Secretary: Carl Cowart, Corresponding Secretary: Chip Merriman, Treasurer: Greg Blatt, Jim Cantey. Carl Ellsworth, Tom Wingard, Directors: C. Belk, R. Boykin, C. Brandenburg, L. Brandt, B. Brown, R. Burress, B. Cain, D. Cato, J. Chandler, S. Cremer, J. Crowley, M. Dennis, W. Douglas, B. Easier, C. Evans, D. Fulmer. J. Gillarn.J.Godwin, J. Goodwin, B. l-larleston, G. Howe, D. l-lult, S. Johannesmeyer, R. Johnston. T. Kelly, G. Layman. T. Lister, G. Little, C. Livingston, R. Lyon, B. McDougall, H. McMaster, C. Martin. R. Moss, A. Nettles, B. Oehmig, P. Oulla. P. Perrill, S. Reynolds, S. Rogers, H. Rutledge, M. Ryan, R. Schneider, L. Seibl, J. Seigler. M. Stewart, B. Thurmond, J. Trotti, J. Wachter, G. Walter, R. Whaley. B. Whitney. 349 SIGMA THETA TAU Sigma Theta Tau, honor society ot nursing, was installed at this University on May 20, I966 with the purpose ot recognizing scho- lastic excellence, outstanding character, and leadership. To quality tor membership, stu- dents must have completed at least one-halt ot the required curriculum, have a cumulative grade-point ratio ot 3.0 and have demon- strated ability in nursing. ln addition to superior scholastic achievement, candidates . must demonstrate protessional leadership potential and possess desirable personal qualitications. Non-student candidates must hold a baccalaureate or higher degree and have shown marked achievement in the tield ot nursing. Sigma Theta Tau has national recognition as the only honor society tor T nurses in the United States. OFFlCERS: Blanche Urey, President: Lois Widing. Vice-President: Katherine Fisher. Treasurery Renatta Shadowen. Recording Secretary: Helen Woltorcl. Corresponding Secretaryq Betty Jo Phillips. Archivist: Esther Starkey, Faculty Counselor. MEMBERS: N. Warme, S. Altman, R. Arnette, J. Awtrey, M. Black. G. Bruce, B. Cotfey, P. Collins, M. Parsons, K. Fisher, D. Gaslcin. L. Hartley, V. Michaux, M. Kennedy, L. Klein. B. Phillips. C. Vartonslci, B. Schrimpt, R. Shadowen, S. Stilwell, T. Stout, A. Taylor. P. Thomas, R. Thomasson, A. Viqlione, B. Urey. C. Walker. J. Davis, L. Wicling, D. Willoughby, H. Woltord, L. Kummer. M. McCandless. E. Starkey. C. Deets. M. Josberger, S. Amick, M. Bailey. H. Bohlen, G. Brady. C. Dean, M. Eaddy, B.Hutto, E. Hyatt, E. Kulikowslci, B. Meclcalt. E. Medhurst. V. Phillips, R. Seigler, D. Shuler, M. Smoalc. B. Stabler, F. Ulmer, A. Yelton. Miss Urey, President, assists with registration. TAU BETA PI Tau Beta Pi is an engineering honor society which otters recognition to technical students and protessional persons tor their superior scholarship and exemplary character. Con- sideration tor membership is given to engi- neering students whose academic standing is in the upper eighth ot the junior class or the upper titth ot the senior class. Eligibility also requires that a student possess exem- plary character and personal integrity. Mem- bers are elected twice annually. Although Tau Beta Pi is an honor society, it engages in programs beneticial to the college and community. sf. --.Wim ..- , , at L .rj -T' OFFICERS AND MEMBERS: Allen Hatch. President: Larry Stephens, Vice-Presidentg Gene l-larvey, Corresponding Secretary: Bob Wilson, Recording Secretary: Larry Ernst, Treasurer: Bob Griffin, Catalogerg Alan Johannesmeyer, Sam Jeter, Lynwood Rabon, Robert Schucker, Cecil Rogers, Robert Johnson, John Vogt. John Evans, Francis Perry, William Hudson, Ronald Bowers, James Bradt, Dan Livingston, Leon Hammond, Roger Davis, Bruce Palmatier, John Born, Francisco Moreno. and Allan Quick. GRADUATE MEMBERS: Steven Turner, Edgar Aldridge. Donald Clary, Ronald Clary, Howard Eisenstein, Don Hayes, George Stump. 351 SIGMA DELTA PI -39 ,N 'Q fi . 3-v ix in I A . . . L 1 l -wi . - I OFFICERS AND MEMBERS: Nena Frost, President: Audrey Meyer. Vice-President: Lucy Williams. Secretary-Treasurer: Janet Fulmer, Corresponding Secretary: Farley Jordan, Sandra Dawkins. Ginger Edwards. Marie Fleming. Robert Geraldi, Ian Goldsbrough. Francisco Moreno, Nestor Moreno, Harriet Nichols, Camille Sharp, Carl Shirley, Georgia Tarver, Sandra Weber, Janet I-ludson, Paula Williams. and Rebecca Adams. Sigma Delta Pi, a national Spanish honor- ary, recognizes students who have displayed academic excellence and outstanding accom- plishment in the study ot the Spanish Ian- guage. Members are required to have had at least three college years of Spanish lor the equivalentl with a grade-point average . 0 s of 3.0. The student must rank in the upper thirty-tive percent ot his class and nnust have completed at least three semesters ot the Q ' college course. .I I 'I I I j , I I Dr. Issac Levy, Advisor, speaks at a meeting. 352 KAPPA DELTA EPSILON Kappa Delta Epsilon is a national honorary sorority established to recognize the out- standing women in the field of professional education. Kappa Delta Epsilon's aim is to unite women in an active and professional service to the campus and the community. Membership is restricted to those women education majors who have maintained a 3.0 average on all education courses and who have shown outstanding qualities of leader- ship, character, and service. - - --- rg fa .1141 . 1- -1 ,ln OFFICERS FOR i967-68: Lynda Trotter, President: Jane Morgan, Vice-President: Kitty Murchison, Publicity: Ellen Edens, Social Chairman: Kathy Burner, Correspondence Chairman: Jane Hammond and Henrietta Smith, Membership Chairmen: Jane Covington, Historian: Suzanne Wise, Secretary: Sarah Noyes, Treasurer: and Nile Rawls, Proiects Chairman. MEMBERS: C. Mole, H. Coleman, J. Dodson. J. Ellison, C. Fellers, H. Giannopoulos, C. Gibson, M. Kempson, D. Lassiter, T. Pynes, B. Perry, A. Prince, T. Schipman, M. Thomas, G. Allen, S. Biggs, P. Castey, R. Chestnut, A. Edwards, L. Stroman, B. Truesdale, L. Tate, J. Timmons, J. Belluscio, V. Causey, B. Clark, E. DeWitt, J. Fleming, C. Gassett, P. Gulledge, R. Hammond, M. Hipp, K. Hughey, A. Hutchinson, J. Iverson, J. Kafka, D. Kelley, M. Nichols, S. Oswald, B. Pearce, L. Seitz, V. Spann, J. Ussery, P. Vick, G. Wingard, D. Wise, M. Barber, T. Black, S. Bond, G. Buchholz, J. Buice, L. Chatham, C. Crosby, J, Davis, H. Detwiler, L. Fewox, M. Geraty, J. Green, C. Harris, J. Johnson, L. Dara, R. Kester, M. Lovvorn, D. Maner, M. Mungo, B. Patterson, L. Perkins, J. Ouesinberry, L. Rosetield, C. Shaughnessy, S. Shealy, D. Smith, F. Solomon. A. Stephens, S. Thurmond, B. Truesdale, L. Tucker, and J. Purvis. 353 ms lg: J Q ,--" . 4 5 .. U H , . 'H .f if --1 !- X.. 4 4 .mg P ff? . ' i , , .',' ' , ,- H ' 3 , egg .134 Q QW ,M ' A. - 1 . ' .gf Q' . ev .1 H .' , 1. , . f X ww' , ft . A I X. - . J ,yy :Q ,E .. f' a, , rg ' , q, x j-a?'4fx M Xgg' ' was '1 Q.. . f 'zu '.,' .-wx 'Rx ' 'J' ' - . : ' -1 f HL if 1 mf f Q . gn A .5 "JV .. . 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N . . f-J:-M - ..... .J-1..u:'!x.4:A.XL ! 354 gsm an W 3 m if m ,Y ss an s E K nm fm was wma mimi nm Ms ag!-az mam ,gsm msg gm sw m was ma gm Tw im ESQ 535 -m 5155 we 3?- mga WSH mam. was wsmss sm gum awww mn-gf swag ima? if-my ,- Q-1 xx mn mm ss ss ma skin E89 E mi! mm: E . a was mn mam was ss-m mms an We is a an uma mmm an m ZW my ss mam In w.nwL.E,,- Em in fs HM sis ms HH ss mwah Hsmxx- wana mn wx a snag , wgggsi Y wwgwzxmsw QHHQJQQ. sw mxfgx an mm ' BEE mm .JEH5H,... ss ammgn favgfim HQ, EEE gg mam .swam SEEKS Emil Ummm many, mai! 7 H355 mmguqs mfg-gm ma sigma ms as mam vm is ss ss a an ss an BEAUX ARTS Beaux Arts, elite consumption organiza- tion, boasts as its otficers: President, Tommy lv1illicanpVice-President, Warren Irving Secre- tary, Gibbey Cokerp and Treasurers, Bobby Temple and Jimmy Spann. Two tormal initi- ation banquets are held during the school year to welcome new members with open bottles. Spirited comradeship pervades the atmosphere created by old and new members. WOMEN S RECREATION ASSOCIATION The purpose of the WRA is to promote a varied and organized program of intra- murals and recreation. Membership is based upon participation in two different activities. The scheduled activities of the women's intramurals are under the leadership of WRA members. Sportsdays, Playdays, and camp- ing trips are some of the added features sponsored by this organization. The officers are: President, I-Iarriet Coleman, Vice-Presi- dent, Dianna Buck, Secretary, Julie Winng Treasurer, Marty Pressler. EPSILON EPSILON EPSILON Tri-Ep, renowned national co-educational fraternity once again completed a year filled with varied activities, among which were the Tri-Ep Easter Egg Hunt, Tri-Ep Winter Olympics, Tri-Ep Breakfast, and many im- portant business meetings. I-Iighly sought after invitations were extended and pledges were initiated upon their highly recom- mended attributes of slaclcness. Onward Tri-Ep Brothers foreverp Easy. 'ef' N up g. nm n mm 4 H 1+ rf' . E L , -MVS mn Em M Yami ms mm 8 an A I L. ' f L:'.",: ' I M-.,fg,,,--' - . t l C L A S S E S ' D' QQ: ' OUTSTANDING SENIORS MARY CULP SAM DREW GIN NY CARROLL MAC COBLE Tn M ,4 I , NANCY FRANKLIN ROBBIE JOHNSTON ELLA REESE MAYER SUSAN WELLS RAYE JONES CAROL MULLINAX 36I PAT NAYLOR EARLE BLACKMON ROBERT BELDING GINNY CARROLL CHARLES BRANDENBU RG DON CAUGHMAN JOHN CHASE Q . 362 BARBARA CLARK CHRISTIE CORLEY MARY CULP I VAN EDWARDS CRAIG EVANS NANCY FRANKLIN DANNY FULMER KAY HARDY 1. ,A ,' ' J Q39 DICK GOLDIE 354 WHO'S WHO DON HULT RAYE JONES BARBARA HUITI' I . ROBBIE JOHNSTON BARRY LONG 365 ELLA REESE MAYER BARBARA MEDCALF CAROL MULLI NAX 45 rf-V ANDREY MEYER PAT NAYLOR LADY NICHOLSON WHO'S WHO BOB SCHNEIDER DONNA SHULER S USAN WELLS A ,., SENIOR GFFICERS W A 4 1 J JOH N CHAS E, Vice-President AN N MCDONALD, Secreta ry 368 ,I , vw Kr P f sk, 3, 1 PAT NAYLOR President CHERYL GEER Treasurer ADAMS, ELIZABETH A. Spartanburg B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION ADAMS, MARILYN R. Lancaster B.S. IN BIOLOGY ADAMS, REBECCA A. San Antonio, Tex. B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION ADKINS, PERRY D. Swansea B.S. IN MARKETING ADKINS, WILLIAM W. Greenville B.A. IN HISTORY AIKEN, BEATRICE E. Columbia B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION AIKEN, JACOUELINE L. Wateree B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION ALBINIAK, BERNARD A., JR. N. Charleston B.s. IN PSYCHOLOGY ALEXANDER, ANN R. St. Matthews B.A. IN ENGLISH ALFORD, SHEILA A. Conway B.S. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION ALLABAUGH, NANCI B. Charlotte, N. C. B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION ALLBRITTON, PATRICIA A. Honea Path B.S. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION ALLEN, CAROL R. Arlington, Va. B,S. IN NURSING ALLEN, ERED D., JR. CI1eraw B.S. IN MANAGEMENT ALLEN, KENNETH E. Greer B.A. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE ALLEN, THOMAS lvl. Cherlotte, N. C. B.A. IN .IOURNALISM ALSBROOK, CHARLIE C. Warrenville B.s. IN MANAGEMENT AMBROSE, RAYMOND G., JR. Conway B.A. IN JOURNALISM AMICK, ROBERT L. Prosperity B.S. IN MARKETING ANDERSON, CECIL E. Beaufort B.S. IN BANKING AND FINANCE ANTLEY, HARRY S. Orangeburg B.S. IN BANKING AND FINANCE APPLEBY, ALBERT Sumter B.S. IN BANKING AND FINANCE ARANT, ROBERT C. N. Augusta B.S. IN PHARMACY ARMBRLISTER, JEFFREY T. Columbia B.S. IN CIVIL ENGINEERING ARMSTRONG, ERNEST E., JR. Rock Hill B.S. IN PHARMACY ARONSON, RHETTA Orangeburg B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION ATKINSON, VIRGINIA A. Columbia ASSOC. DEGREE IN GENERAL STUDIES AUSTIN, GAYLE Orangeburg B.S. IN OFFICE ADMINISTRATION AYASS, ARFAN Beirut, Lebanon B.S. IN ACCOUNTING AYRE, CALVERT W. Columbia B.S. IN MARKETING BABER, M. BENNETT, JR. Anderson B.S. IN ACCOUNTING BAGGS, LUCIA G. Winston-SaIem, N. C. B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION BAILEY, MAXINE C. Prosperity B.A. IN FINE ARTS BANKS, JUDITH D. Columbia B.S. IN OFFICE ADMINISTRATION BANKS, RONNIE R. SaIucIa B.S. IN BIOLOGY BARBER, EVAN S. Chester B.A. IN PSYCHOLOGY 0 BARFIELD, CARLYSLE, JR. Manning B.S. IN BIOLOGY BARGER, BETTY R. Charleston B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION BARKER, JOSEPH R. B.A. IN HISTORY 0 BARNARD, JAMES L. B.S. IN PSYCHOLOGY BARN ETT, MICHAEL S. B.S. IN MARKETING BARNETTE, ROY H. B.S. IN ACCOUNTING 0 BART, ROBERT L., JR. B.S. IN MARKETING Haroleeville Columbia W. CoIumbia Lenoir, N. C. Pikesville, Mol, BARTLEY, TONY C. Greenwood B.S. IN PHARMACY BAUER, SAUNDREA J. Charleston B.S. IN MARKETING 0 BAUER, WILLIAM R. Charleston B.S. IN BANKING AND FINANCE BAUKNIGHT, ESTHER A. Oswego B.S. IN NURSING BEATSON, SARA N. Sumter ASSOC. DEGREE IN NURSING 0 BECKMAN, INGRID I. Seaford, Del. B.A. IN FINE ARTS BECKMANN, ELLEN C. CharIeston B.A. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION BELDING, ROBERT H. B.S. IN PHARMACY 0 BELL, JUDITH S. B.S. IN BIOLOGY BELL, SELINA A. N. Augusta Americus, Ga. Lancaster B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION BELL, WILLIAM M. B.S. IN BIOLOGY Florence n I! l BELOUS, JAMES A. Mullins B.S. IN ACCOUNTING BENITEZ, RAEAEL G. San Juan, Puerto Rico B.A. IN JOLIRNALISM BENNETT, PAMELA S. Winnsboro ASSOC. DEGREE IN GENERAL STUDIES BENNETT, PATRICIA L. Manning B.A. IN FINE ARTS BERNARDINI, ROSEANNE Liverpool, N. Y. B.A. IN HISTORY BERRY, BRIAN D. Columbia B.S. IN MARKETING BERRY, LARRY W. B.S. IN MARKETING Morganton, N. C. BERRY, SANDRA G. B.A. IN FINE ARTS Crescent Beach BESKID, N. SUSAN Columbia B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION 0 BETZEL, THOMAS B. Atlanta, Ga. B.S. IN MARKETING BIGGS, SARAH E. Columbia B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION BILLINGS, WILLIAM E. Branclwville B.S. IN ACCOUNTING BILOTTA, DONNA L. Charleston B.A. IN HISTORY SING, WILLIAM R. Eastover B.A. IN JOURNALISM BLACK, JOE W. Johnston B.S. IN MANAGEMENT BLACK, JUDY D. Clover B.S. IN BIOLOGY BLACK, TERRENCE W. Lone Wolf, Olcla. B.S. IN ECONOMICS BLACKMON, LINDA G. Lancaster B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION 0 BOND, SUSAN G. Aiken B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION BONNETTE, THOMAS J. Orangeburg B.S. IN MARKETING BORN, JOHN J. Brigantine, N. J. B.S. IN CIVIL ENGINEERING 0 BOUCHARD, PAUL B. Columbia B.S. IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING BOWERS, JANIS E. Columbia B.S. IN OFFICE ADMINISTRATION BOWERS, LEE S. Es'ciII B.A. IN HISTORY 0 BOWERS, RONALD E. SiIvers'cree'c B.S. IN ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING BOYD, EDWARD L. AIIendaIe B.S. IN PSYCHOLOGY BOYD, TERRY W. Loris B.S. IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 0 BLACKMON, MARY EARLE Har'csviIIe B.A. IN INTERNATIONAL STUDIES BLACKWOOD, KATI-I RYN E. CI'IarIoiIe, N. C. B.A. IN SOCIOLOGY BLAKE, JAMES M., JR. Greenwood B.S. IN BIOLOGY 0 BLANTON, SUSAN W. Anderson B.S. IN PSYCHOLOGY BLUM, DAVID D. Sumter B.S. IN ACCOUNTING BOATWRIGHT, MARSHA E. Johnston B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION 0 BOGART, JAMES M. Chevy Chase, Md. B.S. IN BANKING AND FINANCE BOINEAU, HELEN G. Columbia BA. IN ENGLISH BOLDING, JUDITI-I L. ASSOC. DEGREE IN GENERAL STUDIES 0 BRADLEY, LARRY D. Waynesboro, Va. B.S. IN PHARMACY BRAMLETT, JANE P. Bishopville B.S. IN NURSING BRANIDENBURG, CHARLES H., JR. St. Matthews B.S. IN MANAGEMENT 0 BRANI-IAM, JAMES I-I. W. Columbia B.S. IN MANAGEMENT BRASINGTON, WILLIAM A. Columbia B.S. IN ACCOUNTING BRAWLEY, WILLIAM S. Rock Hill B.S. IN MARKETING 0 BREMNER, ELLEN B. Richmond, Va. B.A. IN MODERN LANGUAGES BRICE, WILLIAM L. Newberry B.S. IN PHARMACY BRIDGES, ROGER D. Shelby, N. C. B.S. IN BUSINESS ECONOMICS ' BROCK, STEPHEN G. Chesterfield B.A. IN JOURNALISM BROCKINGTON, SELVEST E. Aiken B.S. IN ACCOU NTI NG BROOKS, HOWARD D. Harrisburg, Pa. B.S. IN ACCOUNTING 0 BROOKS, SUZANNE Columbia B.S. IN BUSINESS ECONOMICS BROTHERS, JAMES A. Greenville B.S. IN MARKETING BROWN, BOBBIE S. Florence B.A. IN FINE ARTS 0 BROWN, ELIZABETH I. Hemingway ASSOC. DEGREE IN NURSING BROWN, J. ANDRE Selma, Ala. B.S. IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING BROWN, JOYCE C. Camden ASSOC. DEGREE IN GENERAL STUDIES BROWN, LINDA C. Aiken BA. IN JOURNALISM BROWN, MARY C. Columbia B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION BROWNLEE, ROBERT E. Orangeburg B.A. IN JOURNALISM BROXTON, JAMES C. Brunson B.S. IN PSYCHOLOGY BRU, JAIME J. Winston-Salem, N. C. B.S. IN ECONOMICS BRUNS, DAVID B. Melbourne, Fla. B,S. IN STRUCT. AND MECHANICAL ENG. BRYANT, NANCY C. Lancaster B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION BRYANT, PHIL W. Florence B.S. IN PSYCHOLOGY BUCHANAN, JAMES G. Toms River, N. J. B.S. IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING BUCK, DIANNA R. Arlington, Va. B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION BUICE, JEANETTE D. Andrews B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION BULLARD, THOMAS A. Taylors B.S. IN MARKETING BULTMAN, ANGELA C. Columbia B.A. IN ENGLISH BURCHFIELD, R. DAVID Walterboro B.S. IN ECONOMICS BURGESS, LYNN K. Ailien B.A. IN FINE ARTS Richmond, Va. BURKE, EDWARD J., III B.A. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE BURKHOLDER, LYNWOOD R. Singers Glen, Va. B.S. IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING BURNS, JUDITH M. Greenwood B.A. IN JOURNALISM 0 CALORE, JOHN S. Beaufort B.S. IN BIOLOGY CAMLIN, CHRISTINE N. Columbia B.S. IN MARKETING CANTEY, JAMES W., JR. Columbia B.S. IN BUSINESS ECONOMICS 0 CANTEY, PATRICIA L. N. Charleston B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION CARLTON, EARL M. W. Columbia B.A. IN ECONOMICS CARNES, LINDA J. Lancaster B.S. IN PSYCHOLOGY ' CARR, CHERYL C. Greenville B.S. IN MARKETING CARROLL, GINNY Greer B.A. IN JOURNALISM CARTER, JANIS A. Columbia B.S. IN BUSINESS EDUCATION 0 BURNS, MELVIN Florence B.S. IN MANAGEMENT BURNS, WILLIAM W. Rock Hill B.S. IN CHEMISTRY BUSH, ROBIN E. Columbia B.S. IN BANKING AND FINANCE 0 BUTLER, REATHA V. Ocean Drive B.A. IN ART EDUCATION BYNUM, WILLIAM H. Chester BA. IN HISTORY CALDWELL, CHARLES F. Virginia Beach, Va. B.A. IN ENGLISH 0 CALDWELL, ROBERT C. Wlwifmire B.S. IN ACCOUNTING CALLAHAN, RONALD W. Blaclcville B.S. IN MARKETING CALLAWAY, ROY E. Greenville B.S. IN BIOLOGY CARTER, JOSEPH L. Beech IsIand B.A. IN HISTORY CARTER, SALLEY R. Kingstree B.S. IN NURSING CATO, DERRIEL B. CharIeston B.S. IN ECONOMICS CATONE, MARILYN A. AtIanta, Ga. B.S. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION CAUSEY, JAMES C., JR. N. CharIeston B.S. IN PSYCHOLOGY CAUSEY, SAUNDRA J. Conway B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION CEDRONE, LINDA L. Washington, D. C. B.A. IN ENGLISH CHANCE, EVA N. Sumter B.S. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION CHANDLER, BENJAMIN M. Columbia B.S. IN ACCOUNTING I ' CHARRON, PAUL R. Hampstead, N. H. B.A. IN PSYCHOLOGY CHASE, JOHN A. Seneca B.A. IN HISTORY CHATHAM, LINDA M. Myrtle Beach B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION 0 CHEATHAM, JAMES E. Columbia B.A. IN MUSIC CHEWNING, CONSTANCE J. Doylestown, Pa. B.A. IN PSYCHOLOGY CHILDS, DAN L. GreenviIIe B.S. IN MARKETING 9 CHISHOLM, MARGARET C. GreenviIIe B.S. IN PSYCHOLOGY CHRISTOPHER, SARAH Landrum B.S. IN NURSING CLARK, BARBARA G. Orangeburg B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION CLARK, CAROL R. Rock Hill B.S. IN CHEMISTRY CLARKE, ARNOLD H. Camclen B.S. IN MANAGEMENT CLARKSON, DUMA H. Columbia B.A. IN MODERN LANGUAGES CLOER, JAMES T. Charleston B.S. IN MANAGEMENT COBLE, PARKS M. Columbia B.A. IN HISTORY COCHRAN, JENNIFER G. Clemson B.S. IN OFFICE ADMINISTRATION COFFEY, ELIZABETH J. W. Columbia B.S. IN NURSING COI-IEN, LESLIE J. W. Palm Beach, Fla. BA. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION COKER, HELEN F. Clemson B.A. IN ENGLISH COLEMAN, HARRIET Pamplico B.A. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION CONARD, W. ELBRIDGE Lockhart B.A. IN ENGLISH CONATY, THOMAS H. Fairfax, Va. B.A. IN MODERN LANGUAGES CONYERS, ROBERT J. Levittown, N. Y. B.S. IN MATHEMATICS COOKE, THOMAS R. Columbia B.S. IN MARKETING COOLER, CARL M. Beaufort B.S. IN MARKETING COOPER, RANDY W. N. Augusta B.S. IN BIOLOGY CORLEY, CHRISTIE E. Lexington B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION CORLEY, JANICE A. Columbia B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION COTTON, CAROL A. Rahway, N. J. B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION COLICH, KENNETH R. Spartanburg B.S. IN PHARMACY COLINTS, HENRY O. Springfield B.A. IN JOLIRNALISM COUSININ, ALEX Woodridge, N. Y. B.A. IN HISTORY COWAN, MARY M. Monterey, Calif. B.S. IN OFFICE ADMINISTRATION COVINGTON, JANE C. Orangeburg B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION COX, GERALD G. Sumter B.A. IN HISTORY COX, JANICE E. Columbia B.S. IN BIOLOGY CRABTREE, M. LOUISE Wytheville, Va. B.A. IN ENGLISH CRAWFORD, ANTONIA E. Leesville B.A. IN ARTS AND SCIENCE CREMER, STEVEN M. Columbia B.A. IN HISTORY CREWE, L. CARTER, III Baltimore, Md. B.S. IN MARKETING CREWZ, CAROLINE J. Camden B.S. IN BIOLOGY CRIBB, BOB P. Hemingway B.A. IN MANAGEMENT CROEEEAD, THOMAS G. Charleston B.S. IN PSYCHOLOGY CROMER, DAVID W. Inman B.S. IN BANKING AND FINANCE CROOK, CHARLES C. St. Matthews B.A. IN HISTORY CROSBY, PATRICIA Charleston B.A. IN FINE ARTS CROSLAND, DOROTHY W. Bennettsville B.S. IN OFFICE ADMINISTRATION CROSLAND, JUDITH D. Columbia B.S. IN MUSIC EDUCATION CROSSLEY, NEIL F. Hanalwan B.S. IN ACCOUNTING CROWE, MARVIN H. Greenville B.S. IN ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATIONS CROWLEY, TIMOTHY S. Charleston B.A. IN JOURNALISM CLILP, MARY E. Columbia B.A. IN ENGLISH CUMMINGS, CHARLES E., JR. Bishopville B.S. IN MARKETING CZECH, GROVER E. Pleasant Valley, N. Y. B.S. IN MANAGEMENT DABBAGH, USAMAH Damascus, Syria B.S. IN BUSINESS ECONOMICS DAILEY, JUDITH F. Aiken B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION D'ALTERIO, PATRICIA Havertown, Pa. B.S. IN NURSING DANIEL, JEAN A. Mullins B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION DANIELS, BARBARA A. Pamplico B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION DANTZLER, RUSS C. Florence B.S. IN ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATIONS DARNELL, SANDRA L. Columbia ASSOC. DEGREE IN GENERAL STUDIES DAVENPORT, LUNA Spartanburg B.S. DAVIS, BETTY Swansea B.S. IN NURSING DAVIS, CHARLES J. Manning B.S. IN BANKING AND FINANCE 0 DEAS, KAREN S. Charleston B.S. IN ENGLISH AND DRAMA DeCARON, BYRON B. Mooresville, N. C. B.S. IN PHARMACY DEESE, KATHRYN ANNE Bennettsville B.S. IN OFFICE ADMINISTRATION ' DeLOACH, JOHN M. Columbia B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION DENNY, BARBARA L. Aberdeen, Md. B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION DeSANTO, NANCY A. Columbia ASSOC. DEGREE IN GENERAL STUDIES U DeSHIELDS, PANDRA M. Greer I3.S. IN MARKETING DEVANEY, EDWARD E. Sumter B.S. IN ACCOUNTING DeVORE, DALE V. Greenville B.A. IN HISTORY 0 DAVIS, DIANNE M. W. Columbia B.s. IN MANAGEMENT DAVIS, DORSE G. Chester B.S. IN MANAGEMENT DAVIS, ELLEN L. Batesburg B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION io DAVIS, F. WAYNE earfney B.S. IN PHARMACY DAVIS, KAY R. Manning B.S. IN ACCOUNTING DAVIS, ROGER E. W. Columbia B.S, IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 0 DAVIS, SHERAN D. Orangeburg ASSOC. DEGREE IN GENERAL STUDIES DAWSON, ARCHIE D. Rock Hill B.S. IN ACCOUNTING DEAN, CATHERINE G. Sumter B.S. IN NURSING DEW, CAROLE Sumter B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION DEW, CECELIA B.S. IN PHARMACY Mullins DIAMOND, SI-IELA W. Georgetown, Ky. B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION DIAZ, JOSE M. Bogota, Colombia, S. A. B.S. IN ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING DIBIASE, GENE F. Georgetown B.S. IN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING DICKENS, ALLYSON B. Columbia B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION DICKINSON, DIANE J. B.A. IN HISTORY DILLARD, MELVIN R. B.A. IN MARKETING Baltimore, Mcl. Hickory Grove DODSON, RONALD C. Columbia B.S. IN MANAGEMENT DORROI-I, RITA J. Columbia B.S. IN BIOLOGY DOYLE, REBECCA C. Richmond, Va. B.A. IN ANTHRO. AND SOCIOLOGY DRAKE, JAMES C., III Columbia B.S. IN MARKETING DUKES, JERRY G. Myrtle BeacI'1 B.A. IN ANTI-IRO. AND SOCIOLOGY DUKES, WILMA C. Greenville B.S. IN BIOLOGY DUNLAP, TYLENE W. Sumter B.A. IN PSYCHOLOGY DUNN, WALLACE Rock Hill B.S. IN BUSINESS ECONOMICS DURANIA, SANDRA K. Columbia ASSOC. DEGREE IN GENERAL STUDIES DURANT, R. WILLIAM B.A. IN FINE ARTS Lynchburg EARHARDT, LEWIE W. Columbia B.S. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION EARLE, BOBBY F. B.S. IN ACCOUNTING EASLER, ADA K. B.S. IN CHEMISTRY Clover Columbia EASTERLING, JAMES E. Charlotte, N. C. B.S. IN MARKETING EBBERS, STEPHEN L. Charlotte, N. C. B.S. IN MANAGEMENT EBO, GERALD K. Ivlonclcs Corner B.S. IN ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATIONS EDENS, MARY ELLEN Bennettsville B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION EDWARDS, ANN C. Columbia B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION EDWARDS, MICHAEL E. 5.5. IN MARKETING EDWARDS, THOMAS W. B.A. IN ENGLISH EDWARDS, VAN E., III B.A. IN HISTORY EIDSON, LEWIS S. B.A. IN HISTORY ELKINS, JUDITH L. B.S. IN NURSING ELKO, THOMAS J. B.S, IN PSYCHOLOGY ELLIOT, BARRY L. 8.5. IN MANAGEMENT ELLIOTT, LONNIE E. B.S. IN MANAGEMENT ELLISOR, JOYCE R, Hartsville Columbia Johnston Atlanta, Ga. Columbia Carteret, N. J. Hemingway Hemingway Columbia B.A. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION ELLSWORTI-I, CARL A. B.A. IN ENGLISH Columbia 0 ELMORE, CORA B. Bishopville B.S. IN NURSING EMERSON, THOMAS H. Florence B.S. IN MARKETING EMMONS, BETSY L. Andrews AFB, Md. BA. IN ENGLISH 0 EMTIAZ, KHOSROW TeI'Ieran, Iran B.A. IN MODERN LANGUAGES ENGLAND, BRYAN B., JR. Bamberg B.A. IN ANTHRO. AND SOCIOLOGY ENTREKIN, H. ELAINE W. CoIumbia B.S. IN PHARMACY 0 ERNST, LARRY M. ESTIII B.S. IN ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING ESSOIAN, KATHLEEN Andover, Mass. B.A. IN ENGLISH EVANS, ERNEST C. Iva B.S. IN PHARMACY v FIFFICK, ANDREW T. Sumter BA. IN ENGLISH FINLEY, JAMES I-I. Great Falls B.S. IN PSYCHOLOGY FINNEGAN, JAMES E. Rye, N. Y. B.S. IN BLISINESS ECONOMICS 0 EINOCCI-IIO, WILLIAM F. Greenwich, Conn. B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION FISHER, FRANCES W. Columbia B.A. IN ENGLISH FITZHARRIS, JOHN E. Pittsburgh, Pa. B.S. IN MANAGEMENT 0 ELESHMAN, JAMES A. Columbia B.S. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION FLETCHER, EDWARD R. W. Columbia B.s. IN MARKETING FLOWERS, EVA P. Beaufort BA. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION FABRICK, DAN M. Aiken B.S. IN CHEMISTRY FAIR, MIKE L. Greenville B.S. IN MARKETING FAIREY, DANNY A. Rowesville B.A. IN GEOGRAPHY FARRELL, DONALD F. McLean, Va. B.S. IN MANAGEMENT FARRIS, MARVIN R. Clover B.S. IN ACCOUNTING FAULKENBERRY, JOHN R. Heath Springs B.S. IN BANKING AND FINANCE FAULKNER, ANDREW O. Greenville B.S. IN BIOLOGY FELKER, LONNIE S. Anchorage, Alaska B.A. IN INT. STUDIES FERGUSON, JAMES M. Fairliorest B.S. IN GEOLOGY 0 FLOYD, BERTINA A. Columbia B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION FLOYD, MARY JO Lake View B.S. IN PHAR MACY FLOYD, RALPH L., JR. Philadelphia, Pa. B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION ' FLOYD, TIMOTHY R. Cayce B.S. IN CIVIL ENGINEERING FORD, HORACE P. Florence B.S. IN ACCOUNTING FOREMAN, MARGARET J. Aiken B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION 0 FOSTER, J. TIMBERLAKE Summerville B.A. IN HISTORY FOSTER, MICHAEL W. Greer B.S. IN MARKETING FOWLER, HAROLD E. Union B.S. IN MARKETING FRANCE, JOAN E. 5.5. IN MANAGEMENT Arlington, Va. FRANKLIN, NANCY H. Columbia B.S. IN NURSING FULBRIGHT, THOMAS C. Greenville B.S. IN ECONOMICS FULLER, K. BRUCE Setaulcet, N. Y. B.A. IN HISTORY FULMER, DANIEL E. Columbia B.A. IN ENGLISH FLILMER, JANET L. Columbia B.A. IN MODERN LANGUAGES FUTCH, MARGARET A. Charleston B.A. IN JOURNALISM GABRIEL, MAVIS M. Columbia B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION GAINER, JEAN C. Coral Gables, Fla. B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION GALGANO, FRANCES M. Columbia ASSOC. DEGREE IN GENERAL STUDIES GALLOWAY, JOHN C., JR. Hemingway B.S. IN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING GAMMEL, JOHN E. Hampton, Va. B.S. IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING GANTT, ALFRED- W. Orangeburg B.S. IN MARKETING GARDNER, MARION H. Florence B.S. IN MANAGEMENT GARRETT, GWEN A. Lyman B.A. IN ENGLISH GARRIS, MARION R. Branclwville B.S. IN MANAGEMENT GARRIS, OLIVER H. Charleston B.S. IN MARKETING GARVIN, MARILYN L. Bislwopville B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION GEER, CHERYL A. Hampton, Va. B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION GE!-IMAN, KATHLEEN B.s. IN NURSING C. Alexandria, Va. GEIGER, CAROLINE K. St. Matthews B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION GENTRY, JOHN T. Charleston B.S. IN ACCOUNTING GEORGIADES, SOPHIA C. Greenville ASSOC. DEGREE IN GENERAL STUDIES GIBSON, WALTER E. Anderson B.S. IN MARKETING GLASS, JOHNNY K. Kingsport, Tenn. B.S. IN MANAGEMENT GOLDBERG, EDWARD A. Charleston B.S. IN BANKING AND FINANCE GOLZ, GEORGE G. Butler, N. J. B.S. IN MARKETING GOOD, ALLEN B., JR. Sharon B.S. IN ACCOUNTING GOODWIN, NICKY E. W. Columbia B.S. IN MANAGEMENT GOODWIN, WILLIAM H. Spartanburg B.S. IN ECONOMICS GORDON, JACK R. Cayce B.S. IN MANAGEMENT GORDON, LANEZ C. Columbia B.A. IN MODERN LANGUAGES GOULDSBROLIGH, J. IAN Marion B.A. IN INT. STUDIES GRAINGER, PATRICIA A. Loris B.A. IN PSYCHOLOGY GRAMLING, MARY T. CoIumbia B.A. IN MODERN LANGUAGES GRAY, SIDNEY C. Greensboro, N. C. B.A. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE GREEN, BEVERLY A. Fayetteville, N. C. B.A. IN PSYCHOLOGY GREEN, GERALD L. Coco Solo, Canal Zone B.S. IN CIVIL ENGINEERING GREEN, RICHARD A. Columbia B.S. IN PHARMACY GREEN, ROY L. Fairfax B.S. IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING GREENE, WILLIAM F. Hardeeville B.A. IN HISTORY GREGG, ELLEN L. Florence B.A. IN ENGLISH GREGORY, JOHN D. Aiken B.A. IN HISTORY GRICE, JOEL C. Columbia B.S. IN BIOLOGY GRIFFIN, BARBARA ANN Charleston B.S. IN NURSING GRIFFIN, GAIL G. New Canaan, Conn. B.A. IN ANTHRO. AND SOCIOLOGY GRIFFIN, MICHAEL P. Columbia B.S. IN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING GRIFFIN, ROBERT L. Columbia B.S. IN ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATIONS GRIMSLEY, PAUL S. Florence B.S. IN MARKETING GROUP, ROBERT J., JR. Sumter B.A. IN ENGLISH GRUNSKY, DALE M. ' St. Stephen B.S. IN ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING GULICK, R. CRAIG Belvidere, N. J. B.A. IN JOURNALISM HAAS, MARY E. Chester B.S. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION HAIR, BILLY B. Barnwe-II B.S. IN BANKING AND FINANCE HAMMOND, LEON F. W. Columbia BS. IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING HAMMOND, LINDA GRAY Heath Springs B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION HAMMOND, RUTH R. W. Columbia B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION HANCOCK, NORMA L. Chesterfield B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION HANCOCK, RAYMOND B. Timmonsville B.S. IN ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING HANKINS, THOMAS C., JR. Dillon B.A. IN ENGLISH HANSON, SHIRLEY A. Spartanburg B.S. IN NURSING HARDY, KAY E. Sumter B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION HARMON, SHIRLEY A. W. Columbia B.s. IN PHARMACY 0 HALL, CHARLES D. Laurens B.S. IN MARKETING HALL, LINDA L. GreenviIIe B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION HALL, SHERRILL J. Columbia B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION 0 HALL, TRUBY M. Eau Gallie, Fla. B.S. IN ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATIONS HAM, HENRY H., JR. Florence B.S. IN MARKETING HAMBLIRGER, MARTHA A. Columbia BS. IN NURSING v HAMILTON, GLORIA D. Dillon B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION HAMMETT, WILLIAM C., JR. Spartanburg B.S. IN ACCOUNTING HAMMOND, JANE G. Greenville B.A. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION HARRELSON, JESSIE C. Loris BA. IN ENGLISH HARRIS, CAROL L. Duncan B.S. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION HARRIS, ROBERT M., JR. Pt. Pleasant Beach, N. J. B.A. IN ENGLISH HARRISON, NELL E. Marianna, Fla. B.A. IN HISTORY HARVEY, JOHN H. Dallas, Tex. B.S. IN PSYCHOLOGY HARVEY, LAWRENCE M. Rockledge, Fla. B.S. IN MARKETING HARVEY, MICHAEL E. Columbia B.S. IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING HATLEY, JERRY D. Greenville B.S. IN MANAGEMENT HAUBER, ANNE MARIE S. Fallsburg, N. Y. B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION HAWKINS, PAUL RANDALL Charleston B.S. IN PHARMACY HAYDEN, MARVIN L. W. Columbia B.S. IN MANAGEMENT HAYES, LARRY W. Cayce B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION HAZELWOOD, WILLIAM B.S. IN BIOLOGY M. Camden HEAITLEY, NANDALYN S. ASSOC. DEGREE IN GENERAL STUDIES Lexington HEATH, HOWELL O., JR. Sumter B.S. IN MARKETING HECKEL, SUSAN L. Columbia B.A. IN MUSIC HEMPHILL, FORREST R. Chester B.A. IN PSYCHOLOGY HENDERSON, AMARINTHIA L. Columbia BA. IN HISTORY HENDERSON, ROBERT L. Pickens B.S. IN MANAGEMENT HENNIES, SANDRA E. Columbia B.A. IN ENGLISH HENRIKSEN, JOHN M. Charleston B.S. IN MANAGEMENT I-IENRIKSEN, PHALBE Wilmington, N. C. B.A. IN ENGLISH HERGERT, JOHN C., III Alexandria, Va. B.S. IN ECONOMICS HERRIN, JEAN RAE Charleston B.A. IN ENGLISH HICKLIN, JAMES F. Edgemoor B.S. IN MARKETING HICKMAN, GERALD A. Walterboro B.S. IN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING HILL, CHARLES H. Sumter B.S. IN BIOLOGY HILL, HENRY G., JR. Sumter B.S. IN ACCOUNTING HILL, MICHAEL A. Arlington, Va. B.A. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE HILL, WILLIAM A. Greenville B.S. IN MANAGEMENT HILTON, HELEN L. Charleston B.S. IN NURSING HINSON, GERALD N. Edgemoor B.S. IN MARKETING HINTON, NANCY J. Columbia B.S. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION HIPP, ALLEN H. Saluda B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION HIPP, MARGARETTA J. San Diego, Calif. B.S. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION HIXON, SHARON L. Hampton, Va. B.S. IN MATHEMATICS 0 HOOKS, OLINS V. NichoIs B.S. IN PHARMACY HORGER, M. ELAINE Orangeburg B.S. IN OFFICE ADMINISTRATION HORTON, WILLIAM D. Kershaw B.S. IN MARKETING 0 HOSTETTER, THEODORE L. Charleston B.A. IN INT. STUDIES HOUSE, DAVID A. Pickens B.S. IN MARKETING HOWARD, ELAINE SEAY Spartanburg B.S. IN OFFICE ADMINISTRATION 0 I-IOWARD, VIRGINIA A. Oradell, N. J. Im. IN ENGLISH HOWE, CARL E., JR. Spartanburg B.A. IN HISTORY I-IOWE, DENNIS K. I-IiIIcrest Heights, Md. B.S. IN ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING HOBART, RUTH E. Newberry B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION HOBBS, EDGAR H. Sumter B.S. IN STRUCTURES AND MECHANICS HODGE, JUDY T. Greenville ASSOC. DEGREE IN GENERAL STUDIES HOFFMAN, JOYE F. Swansea B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION HOFFMAN, LAWRENCE T. t Washington, D. C. B,A. IN PSYCHOLOGY HOLLAND, CAROLE A. Fountain Inn B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION HOLLER, MARY E. Columbia B.A. IN FINE ARTS I-IOLLINGSWORTI-I, WILLIAM R. RocIcHiII ILA. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE I-IOOD, I-IUGI-I L. Columbia B.S. IN BUSINESS ECONOMICS 0 HOWELL, WILLIAM J., JR. Charleston B.S. IN MANAGEMENT HUDGENS, AMBROSE W., JR. Spartanburg B.S. IN MATHEMATICS HUDSON, WILLIAM R. Graniteville B.S. IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING ' HUGGINS, SANDRA F. Kingstree B.A. IN HISTORY HUGHES, ROLFE E. Union B.S. IN PSYCHOLOGY HUGHES, TILLMAN H. Norway B.S. IN PHARMACY 0 HUGHEY, NANCY J. Easley B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION HUGULEY, JOHN T., JR. Columbia B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION HUHN, PHILIP D. Long Branch, N. J. B.S. IN MARKETING 0 I-IUITT, BARBARA C. Charlotte, N. C. B.S. IN NURSING HUNT, SANDRA E. Siler City, N. C. B.S. IN NURSING HUNTER, BARBARA L. Allendale ASSOC. DEGREE IN NURSING 0 HUNTER, NANCY G. Raleigh, N. C. B.S. IN NURSING HURD, DAVID A. Spartanburg B.S. IN MARKETING HUTCHINS, VIRGIL C., JR. Orangeburg B.S. IN MANAGEMENT 0 HUTCHINSON, C. ANN Columbia B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION HUTTO, VANA R. St. George B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION HUTTON, SUSAN V. Columbia B.S. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION HYMAN, MICHAEL D. Conway B.S. IN BIOLOGY INABINET, JODY L. St. Matthews ASSOC. DEGREE IN GENERAL STUDIES INABINET, L. GLEN Orangeburg B.A. IN MODERN LANGUAGES ISAAC, LINDA M. Georgetown B.A. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE JACKSON, JUDITH A. Clover B.A. IN ANTHRO. AND SOCIOLOGY JACKSON, SARA B. MyrtIe Beach B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION JACOBS, W. SHERWYN Georgetown B.S. IN ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING JAMES, O. BENNETT, JR. Galivants Ferry B.S. IN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JAMES, RALPH A. B.S. IN MATHEMATICS JAMESON, GEORGE W. B.S. IN MARKETING JARRARD, WILLIAM H. B.S. IN ACCOUNTING JEFFERIES, E. ANN B.S. IN NURSING JEFFERIES, WILLIAM L. B.S. IN PSYCHOLOGY JEFEORDS, MARIAN J. B.S. IN MARKETING JENNINGS, ELLEN W. B.S. IN PSYCHOLOGY JETER, SAMUEL A. GreenviIIe Norway Marietta Abbeville Mt. Pleasant FIorence Columbia Columbia B.S. IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING JOHANNESMEYER C. ALAN Columbia B.S. IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING JOHNSON, BERTEL R., JR. Rock Hill B.S. IN PSYCHOLOGY JOHNSON, CONNIE L. Shaw AFB B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION JOHNSON, DWIGHT R. Jefferson B.S. IN ACCOUNTING JOHNSON, JACOUELINE E. Columbia B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION JOHNSON, JAMES T. Batesburq B.S. IN MANAGEMENT JOHNSON, JAMES T. Columbia B.S. IN MARKETING JOHNSON, JEAN S. Conway B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION JOHNSON, JOE S. Columbia B.A. IN FINE ARTS JOHNSON, JOHN L. Morristown, Tenn. B.S. IN JOURNALISM JOHNSON, NANCY P. Columbia B.A. IN FINE ARTS JOHNSON, RONALD E. W. Columbia B.S. IN MARKETING JOHNSTON, ELIZABETH A. Lake City B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION JOHNSTON, ROBERT L. Aiken B.S. IN MANAGEMENT JONES, CHARLES W. B.S. IN BIOLOGY JONES, CLEVELAN D B. B.S. IN MANAGEM ENT JONES, D. RAYE B.A. IN ENGLISH JONES, GEORGE M. B.S. IN MANAGEMENT JONES, JOHN C. ASSOC. DEGREE IN JOU JONES, LEONARD K. B.S. IN MARKETING Columbia Timmonsville North Augusta Ware Shoals Charleston RNALISM North Augusta 0 JONES, LILLIAN F. Darlington B.A. IN PSYCHOLOGY JONES, LINDSEY Seneca B.A. IN MODERN LANGUAGES JONES, MARY C. Charlotte, N. C. B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION 0 JONES, MARY L. Columbia B.A. IN ENGLISH JONES, MILTON R. Franklin, Va. B.S. IN BANKING AND FINANCE JONES, RICHARD A., JR. Easley B.S. IN MARKETING 0 JONES, SANDRA J. Savannah, Ga. B.S. IN BIOLOGY JONES, WILLIAM S. Rock Hill B.S. IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING JORDAN, CHARLES B. Conway B.S. IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 0 JORDAN, WILLIAM T. Timmonsville B.S. IN MANAGEMENT JOYNER, KEITH A. Rock Hill B.S. IN PHYSICS JULIAN, LOU P. Anderson ASSOC. DEGREE IN GENERAL STUDIES 0 JUSTICE, CHARLES B., III Columbia B.A. IN PSYCHOLOGY KAFKA, JOANNE E. Columbia B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION KARA, LINDA G. Myrtle Beach B,A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION 0 KARNUTH, SUSAN J. Florence B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION KAY, CAROLE L. Columbia B.S. IN MATHEMATICS KEELS, OLIVER M. Columbia B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION ' KHALIL, ABDULRAHMAN Lebanon, Pa. B.S. IN CIVIL ENGINEERING KICKEY, ALFRED R. Union City, N. J. B.S. IN MANAGEMENT KIER, PAUL R. McKeesport, Pa. B.S. IN MANAGEMENT 0 KING, CHARLOTTE L. Baltimore, Md. B.S. IN MARKETING KING, MARY L. Orangeburg B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION KING, PATSI J. CI1arIeston ASSOC. DEGREE IN GENERAL STUDIES 0 KIRKLAND, M. C. Swansea B.S. IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING KIZER, JAMES E. Charleston B.S. IN PHARMACY KLING, THOMAS A. Arlington, Va. B.A. IN ENGLISH 0 KELLEY, C. MORRIS Greenville B.S. IN PHARMACY KELLEY, DIANA B. CoIumbia B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION KELLEY, THEODORE H. Pendleton B.A. IN HISTORY ' KELLY, BARBARA M. Georgetown B.A. IN MODERN LANGUAGES KENNEDY, EDWARD P. GreenviIIe B.S. IN MARKETING KENNERLY, JAN F. Swansea B.S. IN MARKETING 0 KESTER, ROSEMARIE E. Columbia B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION KEY, CATHERINE H. Columbia B.A. IN HISTORY KEY, FRED W. CoIumbia B.S. IN ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATIONS KLINKE, ROBERT J. Columbia B.S. IN ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATIONS KNAPP, PAUL A., JR. Fairfield, Conn. B.A. IN PSYCHOLOGY KNIGHT, CAROLYN A. Kershaw B.S. IN NURSING KNIGHT, JOSEPH W. Graniteville B.S. IN BANKING AND FINANCE KNIGHT, RAYMOND C., JR. Orangeburg B.A. IN HISTORY KNIGHT, STEVEN H. Charleston B.S. IN ACCOUNTING KNIGHT, SUSAN L. Hampton B.A. IN JOURNALISM KNIGHT, WADE G., JR. Greer B.S. IN ACCOUNTING KNISLEY, EDWARD L. Yonges Island B.S. IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING KOESTER, ALAN E. Charleston B.A. IN MUSIC KOGER, WAYNE W. Charleston ASSOC. DEGREE IN GENERAL STUDIES KOOB, THOMAS D. Inman B.S. IN MATHEMATICS KOPP, CAROLYN A. Charlotte, N. C. B.A. IN PSYCHOLOGY KORBER, JACK Greenville B.S. IN ACCOUNTING KRAAY, KENNETH W. Columbia B.S. IN BANKING AND FINANCE Briclctown, N. J. KRAUS, WALTER R. B.S. IN ACCOUNTING Sca rsdale, N. Y. FINANCE KREUTZ, PETER S. B.S. IN BANKING AND Bristol, Tenn. KRILL, SHARON K. B.S. IN PSYCHOLOGY KROPP, FRANCES H. Columbia B.A. IN ENGLISH KYZER, DOROTHY A. Lexington B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION LA BRUYERE, GARY D. Jackson B.S. IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING LADD, L. CAROLINE BIair B.S. IN PSYCHOLOGY LAKE, LINDA R. Newberry B.S. IN ACCOUNTING Ware SI'IoaIs LANDRETH, ROY B. B.A. IN ENGLISH LANGSTON, BERNARD L. W. Columbia B.S. IN PHARMACY LANKFORD, JEREMY E. Montgomery, AIa. B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION LaROSA, MARY E. CoIumbIa ASSOC. DEGREE IN GENERAL STUDIES LASH, FRED DenviIIe, N. J. B.S. IN ACCOUNTING LAUREY, DAVID G. CoIumbia B.S. IN ACCOUNTING LAWHON, LINDA L. Florence B.A. IN ANTHRO. AND SOCIOLOGY LAWRENCE, JAMES M. Chesterfield B.A. IN JOURNALISM LEAPHART, BONNIE C. CoIumbIa B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION LEE, ROBERT E. Denmark B.S. IN MANAGEMENT LEICHTLE, ROBERT A. CoIumbia B.S. IN ACCOUNTING LEITNER, ELIZABETH I. Winnsboro B.S. IN NURSING LELAND, MARY K. Chicago, III. B.S. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION 0 LITTLE, GEORGE R. Columbia B.S. IN MARKETING LITTLE, MARK A. Charleston B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION LIVINGSTON, CLYDE B. North B.S. IN ACCOUNTING 0 LIVINGSTON, DANNY K. Columbia B.S. IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING LOLLIS, WILLIAM J. Greenville B.S. IN BIOLOGY LOMAS, ALIDA G. CoIumbia ASSOC. DEGREE IN COMMERCIAL EDU. 0 LONG, BRENDA K. Charleston B.S. IN NURSING LONG, C. BARRY North Augusta B.S. IN BUSINESS ECONOMICS LONG, ERNEST A., JR. Latta B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION LEMON, SHERYL C. North Augusta B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION LEON, CARMAN J. Jackson, Mich. B.S. IN BIOLOGY LEON, RONALD S. Jackson, Mich. B.S. IN BIOLOGY LEONARD, JO E. Spartanburg B.S. IN PHARMACY LEWIS, ROBERT O. Sumter B.S. IN MATHEMATICS LIGON, MARSI-IA J. Columbia B.A. IN FINE ARTS LINDER, JAMES R. Petersburg, Va. B.A. IN ANTHRO. AND SOCIOLOGY LINDER, ROGER D. Smoaks B.S. IN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING LISTER, TONEY J. Spartanburg B.S. IN MANAGEMENT 0 LONG, MARSHA S. Columbia B.A. IN JOURNALISM LONG, STEPHEN D. Allentown, Pa. B.S. IN MARKETING LOOMIS, CYNTHIA E. Atlanta, Ga. B.A. IN JOURNALISM 0 LOVVORN, MARY C. Columbia B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION LOWDER, GEORGE W. Columbia B.S. IN BIOLOGY LYTCHFIELD, LINDA M. Walterboro B.S. IN MARKETING 0 LYTLE, RAYMOND A., JR. Columbia B.S. IN ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING MACK, SUSAN S. Greenville B.A. IN ENGLISH MACMILLAN, SUSAN W. Columbia B.A. IN EDUCATION I MADDEN, THOMAS G. Laurens B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION MAKSIN, JOSEPH A. Trenton, N. J. B.S. IN MATERIALS MALARZ, ROBERT J. Chamblee, Ga. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION MALLORY, DAVID H. Cowpens B.S. IN ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING MALONE, WILLIAM G., Jr. Arlington, Va. B.s. IN ACCOUNTING MANN, AMELIA M. Greenville B.A. IN ENGLISH MANN, MARCUS, JR. BisI'IopviIIe B.S. IN PSYCHOLOGY MARCOTSIS, JOI-IN C., JR. Summerville BA. IN HISTORY MARCUS, BASIL J. Charleston B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION MARTIN, LORRIN F. B.S. IN MATHEMATICS MASON, RONALD W. B.S. IN PHARMACY MATTHEWS, TRAVIS L. B.S. IN ACCOUNTING MATTHEWS, WAYNE H. B.S. IN ACCOUNTING MAURO, ROBERT J. BA. IN EDUCATION MAYER, ELLA REESE B.A. IN ENGLISH MCALISTER, JUDY P. B.S. IN PSYCHOLOGY MCCANTS, FRANCES G. B.S. IN ACCOUNTING MCCANTS, JOSEPH E. BA. IN SOCIOLOGY MQCANTS, ROGER H. B.S. IN MANAGEMENT MCCLARY, CECIL A., JR. B.S. IN PSYCHOLOGY MCCONNELL, DONADEAN BA. IN EDUCATION McCORD, T. PATTON B.S. IN MARKETING Myrtle Beach Greeleyville Florence La Fayette, Ga. Madison, N. J. Columbia Lancaster N. Charleston Moncks Corner N. Charleston CharIeston CoIumbIa CI'IarIeston MCCORKLE, PETER J. Wilmington, Del. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION MCCOY, HOWARD G. B.A. IN FINE ARTS Charleston MCCRACKEN, ROBERTA J. Franklin, N. C. B.S. IN NURSING MCCUTCHEN, GEORGE T. B.S. IN BIOLOGY MCDONALD, ANN S. Columbia CoIumbia B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION MCELVEEN, THOMAS L., JR. Hartsville B.S. IN MARKETING MCFADDEN, CHARLES B. Fort Mill B.S. IN BANKING AND FINANCE MCFADDIN, AMELIA A. Manning B.A. IN ENGLISH MCGOWAN, SUZETTE Union B.S. IN MARKETING MCKANE, ANN E. Ailcen B.S. IN BIOLOGY McKEE, JAMES A. Hattiesburg, Miss. B.A. IN PSYCHOLOGY MCKEOWN, THOMAS A. Chester B.S. IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING MCKINNEY, JAMES E. Chesnee B.S. IN BIOLOGY MCLAUGHLIN, PATRICIA Columbia B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION MCLELLAN, CAROL A. Darlington B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION MCLEOD, CLAUDE R. Florence B.S. IN MARKETING MCMILLAN, BARBARA A. Columbia ASSOC. DEGREE IN NURSING MCMILLAN, PAULA Aiken B.S. IN MARKETING MCMILLAN, ROBERT E. Columbia B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION MCNEACE, DWIGHT W. Greenville B.S. IN ENGINEERING MCPHERSON, ELIZABETH P. Columbia BA. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION MEDCALF, BARBARA A. North Augusta B.S. IN NURSING MEEK, NELSON W. Charleston B.S. IN STRUCTURE AND MECHANICS 0 MERCHANT, SANDRA A. Newberry B.S. IN PHARMACY MERRIMAN, HUGH G. Florence B.S. IN BIOLOGY MESSERVY, LUDER C., JR. Charleston B.S. IN MARKETING 0 MEYER, AUDREY A. Charleston B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION MEYER, RAY T. Wilkenrye, N. Y. B.A. IN HISTORY MILLER, EDWARD K. Brooksville, Fla. B.S. IN MATHEMATICS 0 MILLER, JAMES A. Greenville B.S. IN ACCOUNTING MILLS, WILLIAM R. Hampton B.S. IN ACCOUNTING MILLS, JAMES H. Sumter B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION MILLS, WESLEY E., JR. Page-land B.S. IN ACCOUNTING MINNIE, WILLIAM F. Myrtle Beach B.S. IN MARKETING MINOR, CHARLES P. Hopewell, Va. B.A. IN HISTORY MITCHELL, BARBARA J. Norfolk, Va. B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION MIZELL, PEGGY B. Pelion B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION MONROE, CAROLYN S. McLean, Va. B.A. IN JOURNALISM MONTEITH, WALTER S. Columbia B.S. IN MARKETING MONTGOMERY, DOROTHY A. W. Columbia B.S. IN OFFICE ADMINISTRATION MONTGOMERY, REID I-I., JR. Columbia B.S. IN PSYCHOLOGY MOSS, CHARLES A. York B.s. IN MARKETING MOSS, RODNEY J. York B.S. IN ACCOUNTING MULDROW, HARRY W., JR. Darlington B.S. IN PHARMACY MULLER, WILLIAM M. B.A. IN MARKETING Baltimore, Md. MULLIKIN, JOHN R., III Piedmont- B.S. IN BUSINESS ECONOMICS MULLINAX, CAROL J. Kershaw B.S. IN BIOLOGY MULLIS, VANN S. Lancaster B.A. IN MARKETING MULVIHILL, JAMES V. Atlanta, Ga. B.A. IN ENGLISH MUNGALL, M. STUART Clemson B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION MOORE, CHARLES W. Olanta 5.5. IN GEOGRAPHY MOORE, JULIAN D. Lake City B.s. IN MANAGEMENT MORENO, FRANCISCO 6. Habana,Cuba 5.5. IN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING MORGAN, CAROLE A. Columbia B.A. IN FINE ARTS MORGAN, JANE A. Walhalla B.A. IN ELEMENARY EDUCATION MORGAN, MARY T. Greenville B.A. IN OFFICE ADMINISTRATION MORGAN, PEGGY L. Columbia B.S. IN PSYCHOLOGY MORRIS, SANDRA E. Charleston B.S. IN NURSING MORTON, BRENDA L. W. Columbia B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION MUNDY, ROY E. Nichols B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION MURCHISON, MARY K. Dillon B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION MURPHY, BARRY A. Sumter B,A. IN ANTHRO. AND SOCIOLOGY MURRAY, MARIAN E. Edisto Island B.S. IN NURSING NASH, RALPH F. Bislwopville B.A. IN HISTORY NAYLOR, W. PATRICK Morristown, N.J. B.A. IN MODERN LANGUAGES NEELEY, CARL E. Columbia B.S. IN MANAGEMENT NELSON, HARVEY W. Elgin B.A. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION NETTLES, JOHN A. Orangeburg B.A. IN ENGLISH NETTLES, MARY M. Clinton B.S. IN NURSING NEWTON, MARGARET E. Aiken B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION NICELEY, MARGARET A. W. Columbia B.A. IN JouRNAusM NICHOLSON, RUTH W. Edgetielcl B.A. IN MODERN LANGUAGES NORMAN, PETER B. Greenville B.A. IN FINE ARTS NOEL, HELEN S. Columbia B.A. IN ANTHRO. AND SOCIOLOGY NOWOSACKI, GERALD E. Worcester, Mass. B.A. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION NYSTROM, RICHARD L. Fairfax, Va. B.S. IN JOURNALISM OCKOSKIS, STEPHANIE J. Columbia B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION O 9 O GDOM, ARC!-IIE C. B.S. IN ACCOUNTING ODOM, LYNN H. Florence Greenville B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION OLANOVICH, PAUL A. Betl1IeI1em, Pa. B.S. IN MANAGEM ENT OLIVER, PATSY Fort Mill B.A. IN ENGLISH OIMELIA, PATRICIA C. Columbia B.A. IN MUSIC ONEILL, PEGGY J. Columbia B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION OPALKO, PATRICIA F. Myrtle Beach B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION ORR, JERRY C. Aiken B.S. IN ACCOUNTING OSWALD, SUZANNE Allendale B. A. IN HISTORY OULLA, PRICE M. Florence B.S. IN BIOLOGY PARDEE, GLORIA D. Columbia ASSOC. DEGREE IN GENERAL STUDIES PARKER, RONALD G. Sumter B.S. IN MANAGEMENT PARKINSON, ANN Rock Hill B.A. IN JOURNALISM PARRISH, SUSAN Cayce B.S. IN PSYCHOLOGY PARSONS, MARGARET M. Stamford, Conn. B.A. IN ENGLISH PARTYKA, FRANK R. Trenton, N. J. B.A. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION PATE, ROBERT J. Florence B.S. IN MANAGEMENT PATTON, J. STEPHEN Woodruff B.S. IN PHARMACY 0 PICHARD, SUSANNE K. Charleston B.A. IN MARKETING PICKENS, ROBERT G., II Columbia B.A. IN ANTHRO. AND SOCIOLOGY PINSON, PAUL H., JR. Aiken B.S. IN MATHEMATICS 0 PITTS, WILLIAM P. Langley B.S. IN PHARMACY PLYLER, CHARLES O. Lancaster B.S. IN ACCOU NTI NG POLLARD, WILLIAM A. W. Columbia B.S. IN BANKING AND FINANCE 0 POPE, WAYNE Columbia B.A. IN HISTORY PORTER, GARY R. Easley B.S. IN MARKETING POST, BEVERLY S. South Eallsburg, N. Y. B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION 0 PAWLEY, WILLIAM C. Ia,s. IN ENGLISH PAGELS, GERRARD I.. Darlington Columbia B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION PEAKE, FRANK B.S. IN PSYCHOLOGY 0 PEAKE, JOHNNY M. Elgin Yorlc B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION PEAKE, MILTON L. B.S. IN MANAGEMENT PECK, MARY F. B.A. IN ENGLISH 0 PENNINGTON, CARL M. B.S. IN BIOLOGY PETOROCK, ANNETTE B.A. IN PSYCHOLOGY PI-IILLIPS, ROY F. B.A. IN ENGLISH Blyllfnewood Pa rlcsley, Va. Hartsville Beaufort Sa rasota, Fla. 0 POSTON, RONALD B. Florence B.S. IN PSYCHOLOGY POWELL, JOE S. Columbia B.S. IN MATHEMATICS POWELL, SUZANNE Charlotte, N. C. B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION 0 POWERS, PATRICIA E. Spartanburg B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION PRICE, MAROUERITE H. Wlwitmire B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION PRICE, H. LENORA Columbia B.A. IN ENGLISH 0 PRICE, SHIRLEY M. Columbia B.S. IN MATHEMATICS PROPST, HARVEY N. Winnsboro B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION PROPST, SUSAN M, Shrewsbury, N. J. B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION PUTNAM, FRANK W. McGraw, N. Y. B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION OUAYAT, NANCY J. Rye, N. Y. B.A. IN MODERN LANGUAGES OUESINBERRY, JENNIFER S. Columbia B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION QUICK, ALLAN M. Greenville B.S. IN ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATIONS RABON, LYNWOOD M., JR. Columbia I3.s. IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING RADIN, IRA J. Marion B.S. IN BIOLOGY RAGSDALE, GLENN E. Winnsboro B.S. IN MATHEMATICS RAMPEY, RUTH E. Piedmont B.S. IN NURSING RANEY, SHULA R. Columbia B.A. IN FINE ARTS RANKIN, KAY D. SaIuda B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION RALICH, B. DIANNE W. Columbia B.S. IN PHARMACY RAWLS, NILA A. Pelion B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION REED, MARION S. Charleston B.S. IN BIOLOGY REESE, BARBARA L. B.A. IN JOURNALISM Statesville, N. C. REEVES, GERALD C. B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION Heath Springs REEVES, ROY D. Americus, Ga. B.S. IN MARKETING REEVES, VIRGINIA A. AIIencIaIe B.S. IN MATHEMATICS REID, ANDREW A. Washington, D. C. B.S. IN MANAGEMENT RENTZ, CHARLES H. Beaufort B.S. IN MANAGEMENT RHODLIS, ROBERT E. Camden B.S. IN MANAGEMENT RICHARDSON, JAMES J. Roanoke, Va. B.S. IN ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATIONS RICHARDSON, WILLIAM I. CharIeston B.A. IN HISTORY RIDENOUR, RONNIE G. Aiken B.S. IN PSYCHOLOGY RIEDELL, SARAH M. Clifton, N. J. B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION RISHER, JAMES H. St. George B.S. IN BUSINESS ECONOMICS ROBERTS, ALBERT K. Lexington B.S. IN BIOLOGY ROBERTS, GLENN P. Rock Hill B.S. IN PSYCHOLOGY v ROBERTS, JOSEPHYNE Nashville, Term. B.A. IN JOURNALISM ROBERTSON, REBEKAH G. Columbia B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION ROBERTSON, THOMAS S. Woodruff B.S. IN MARKETING 0 ROBINSON, GERALD R. McCormick B.S. IN BIOLOGY ROBINSON, ALLEN, JR. Columbia B.A. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE ROGERS, GLENN M. Marion B.S. IN MANAGEMENT 0 ROGERS, MARION P. Marion B.S. IN ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATIONS ROLLINGS, ROBERT L. Lancaster B.A. IN HISTORY ROSEN, BRUCE T. Oil City, Pa. B.A. IN ENGLISH 0 ROWELL, SARAH E. Lancaster B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION ROZBITSKY, MICHAEL A. Graniteville B.S. IN STRUCTURE AND MECHANICS RUTLAND, DINAH C. Mullins B.S. IN PHARMACY 0 RUTLEDGE, HUGH A. Columbia B.S. IN BIOLOGY SALLEY, MARY K. Orangeburg B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION SALTIK, R. ERJAN Damascus, Syria B.S. IN ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING 0 SAMPLE, JANET B. Statesville, N. C. B.A. IN ENGLISH SANDERS, GLENN D. Graniteville B.S. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION SANTOS, RALPH G. Carmel, Calif. B.A. IN INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 0 SCHEIDER, JAMES P. Hilton Head B.A. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE SCHILLER, RUTH M. Myrtle Beach BA. IN FINE ARTS SCHNEIDER, ROBERT M. Georgetown B.S. IN PSYCI-IOLOOY U SCI-IUCKER, LAURA A. Columbia B.A. IN ENGLISI-I SCI-IULZ, JUDITI-I A. Westfield, N. J. B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION SCHLILZ, RICHARD T. Scotch Plains, N.J. B.S. IN MARKETING 0 SCOTT, MARVIN J. Ft. Lauclerdale, Fla. I5.A. IN HISTORY SCOTT, MARIA C. Danville, Va. BA. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION SCOTT, SHERILYN A. Asheville, N. C. BA. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION 0 SCRUGGS, ROBERT F. B.S. IN ECONOMICS SEALE, MARJORIE I'-I. B.S. IN NURSING SEALY, ROBERT N., JR. B.S. IN MATERIALS 0 SEARSON, CHARLENE B.S. IN PHARMACY SEASE, DAVID E. B.S. IN BIOLOGY SEAY, FRANCES D. BA. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION 0 SECSLII, EVELYN K. B.A. IN EDUCATION SEIBERT, JAMES D. B.S. IN ACCOUNTING SEIGLER, ANNE C. B.S. IN CHEMISTRY Chesnee Sumter Columbia Saluda Newberry Fort Mill Columbia Columbia Columbia 0 SHULER, DONNA G. Cameron B.S. IN NURSING SIMMONS, HARRY E. Charlotte, N. C. B.A. IN INTERNATIONAL STUDIES SIMMONS, MARGARET C. Clinton B.S. IN NURSING 0 SIMMS, ANN M. Charleston B.A. IN ENGLISH SIMMS, PEGGY Columbia B.A. IN MODERN LANGUAGES SIMON, CARY F. Charleston B.S. IN MANAGEMENT 0 SIMPSON, M. SCOTT North Augusta B.S. IN NURSING SIMPSON, ROBERT W. Haddonfield, N.J. B.S. IN STRUCTURE AND MECHANICS SIPES, MARY S. Fort Lawn B.A. IN ENGLISH SEITZ, LINDA M. Gastonia, N. C. B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION SELF, DANNY A. Columbia B.S. IN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING SELKINGHAUS, CHARLES W. Columbia B.S. IN MANAGEMENT SELMAN, JANET C. Charleston B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION SENSENEY, DAVID B. Florence B.S. IN BIOLOGY SETZLER, NIKKI G. W, Columbia B.A. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE SHEAD, HELEN M. Myrtle Beach B.A. IN ANTHRO. AND SOCIOLOGY SHEALY, ANNA A. lrmo B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION SHEPHERD, MARY ELLEN N. Little Rock, Arlc. B.S. IN OFFICE ADMINISTRATION SIRES, ELLEN R. B.A. IN HISTORY SKINNER, WILLIAM M. B.S. IN MATH EMATICS SMALL, RLITH E. B.S. IN BIOLOGY SMITH, BOYCE L. B.S. IN ECONOMICS SMITH, BRENDA B.A. IN ENGLISH SMITH, BRENDA J. HoIIywood Columbia WestIieId, N. J. CIfIesnee Cayce AIIencIaIe B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION SMITH, CHARLES R. B.A. IN ENGLISH SMITH, CLAYTON P. B.A. IN .IOURNALISM SMITH, DIXIE M. Lancaster Monroe, N . Y. Madison B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION SMITH, HENRIETTA CoIumbia B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION SMITH, JOHN C. B.S. IN PHARMACY SMITH, JOHN L. B.A. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE SMITH, KATHERINE E. B.S. IN BIOLOGY SMITH, THOMAS E. TraveIers Rest Union Cayce Columbia B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION SMITH, TONY G. B.A. IN JOURNALISM Lake View SMITH, WENDELL M. Leisure City, Fla. B.S. IN BUSINESS ECONOMICS SMITH, WILLIAM F. B.S. IN BIOLOGY SMITH, WILLIAM F. Beaufort Mt. Pleasant B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION SMOAK, E. TERRILLE B.S. IN MATHEMATICS SMOAK, B.A. IN EDITH H. SMOAK, B.S. IN SMOAK, MARGARET B.S. IN NURSING SMOAK, WALTER D. B.S. IN SN EAD, LOUISE S. CoIumI9ia Columbia SECONDARY EDUCATION JOHN J., JR. Orangeburg MECHANICAL ENGINEERING A. St. Matthews Florence CIVIL ENGINEERING Myrtle Beach B.A. IN MODERN LANGUAGES SNEED, KATHERINE S. Gastonia, N. C. B.A. IN MODERN LANGUAGES SNIPES, CHARLES S. B.A. IN ENGLISH SOLES, ONESTA L. B.A. IN ANTHRO. AND DiIIon Ba rnweII SOCIOLOGY SOLOMON, FRANCES S. St. Pauls, N. C. B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION SOLOMON, PAUL A. B.S. IN MARKETING SOMMA, DONALD T. Conway Middlesex, N. J. B.A. IN PHYSICAL SCIENCE SPANN, VIRGINIA E. Myrtle Beach B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION SPENCER, CARROLL M. Columbia B.S. IN NURSING ST. JOHN, CI-IERYL L. Aiken B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION STABLER, BARBARA F. B.S. IN NURSING STAFFORD, CHARLES B.A. IN ENGLISH STANFORD, EUGENE B.A. IN JOURNALISM Swansea E. Sumter M. Jacksonville, Fla. 0 STILWELL, WILLIAM E. W. CoIumbia B.S. IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING STOCK, GEORGE W., JR. Columbia B.S. IN PSYCHOLOGY STODDARD, MAUDIE A. Greer B.S. IN NURSING 0 STRAMIELLO, HARRY A. Greenwich, Conn. B.A. IN ECONOMICS STRAUSBAUGI-I, WAYNE L. Satellite BeacI'1, EIa. B.S. IN PSYCHOLOGY STREBB, HARRIETT E. Columbia B.A. IN EDUCATION ' STROMAN, KATHRYN L. Gaston B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION STURKEY, SANDRA M. Aiken B.A. IN PSYCHOLOGY SUBH, NAIF T. Beirut, Lebanon B.S. IN ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATIONS STANLEY, JOSEPI-IINE Lodge B.s. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION STAUB, RONALD E. Newberry B.S. IN PSYCHOLOGY STEELE, C. CARLYLE Lancaster B.A. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE STEPHENS, BENJAMIN R. N. Charleston 5.5. IN MARKETING STEPHENS, LARRY M. Columbia B.S, IN ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATIONS STERLING, DOROTHY A. Columbia B.A. IN MODERN LANGUAGES STEVENS, REBECCA R. Aiken B.S. IN OFFICE ADMINISTRATION STEVENSON, MACK B. N. Augusta B.S. IN PHARMACY STEWART, SHIRLEY S. CoIumbia B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION SUMMER, BETSY Newberry B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION SUMTER, HELEN G. Columbia ASSOC. DEGREE IN GENERAL STUDIES SUTTLE, SHIRLEY E. Great Falls B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION SWAIN, DAVID A. N. CharIeston B.S. IN MANAGEMENT SWANSON, MARGARET A. Columbia B.A. IN ENGLISH SWICORD, CHARLES E. Moncks Corner B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION SWINDLER, GWEN A. Charleston B.A. IN PSYCHOLOGY TALLON, WAYNE F. St. Matthews B.A. IN PSYCHOLOGY TARRER, JAMES W. Monterrey, Mexico B.S. IN ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATIONS TAYLOR, ALLEN G., JR. Camp Springs, Md. B.A. IN INTERNATIONAL STUDIES TAYLOR, EULALIE E. Coiumbia ASSOC. DEGREE IN GENERAL STUDIES TAYLOR, STEPHEN L. Spartanburg B.S. IN CIVIL ENGINEERING TAYLOR, JOSEPH R. Myrtle Beach B.S. IN MANAGEMENT TEAL, PATRICIA A. Chesterfield B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION THOMAS, AMANDA C. Beaufort B.A. IN ENGLISH THOMPSON, BARBARA J. Warrenville B.S. IN NURSING THOMPSON, CHARLES P. Orangeburg B,S. IN PHARMACY Tl-IORNLEY, GEORGE C. Holly Hill B.S. IN ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING THURMAN, KENNETH T. Ruby B.S. IN MARKETING TIDWELL, TOMMY D. Columbia B.S. IN ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATIONS TISDALE, MASON R. B.S. IN MARKETING TODD, E. DIANE B.A. IN ENGLISH TODD, RUSSELL K. B.S. IN MARKETING TOLSON, RICHARD J. B.S. IN MANAGEMENT TOOHEY, RICHARD M. B,A. IN ENGLISH TOURVILLE, WILLIAM E. B.S. IN ACCOUNTING TOWNSEND, SCOTT M. B.S. IN MARKETING Sumter Conway Greenville Timmonsville Greenville Plattsburgh, N. Y. Decatur, Ga. TRAMMELL, MARY R. Columbia B.S. IN OFFICE ADMINISTRATION TREUSCH, KENNETH H. Baldwin, N. Y. B.S. IN MANAGEMENT TROTTER, LYNDA A. Columbia B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION TROTTLER, KELA D. Ninety Six B.A. IN ENGLISH TRUESDALE, BONNIE R. Columbia B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION TRULUCK, JOHN M., III Lake City B.S. IN MARKETING TRLILUCK, WILMONT M., JR. Olanta B.S. IN CH EM ISTRY TUMBLESTON, BILL H. B.S. IN PHARMACY TLIRBEVILLE, ELBERT K. B.A. IN HISTORY Summerville Turbeville v TURNER, FRANCES S. Chesterfield BA. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION TURNER, HARRY A. Columbia B.S. IN ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING TURNER, RUTH T. Columbia B.A. IN FINE ARTS 0 TURNER, WILLIAM T. Columbia B.S. IN CIVIL ENGINEERING TYNER, KAY Columbia B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION UNGER, ELLEN E. Hampton, Va. B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION ' VALENTA, FRANK L. Columbia B.S. IN PHYSICS VALENTINO, MARION C. Isle of Palms BA IN ENGLISH VANDERWEGHE, NANCY S. Newport News, Va. B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION 0 VAN KEUREN, ROBERT E., JR. Lancaster B.A. IN HISTORY VAN PATTON, JOHN T., JR. Spartanburg B.S. IN MARKETING VAN SETERS, VIRGINIA A. Harrell l-lill BA. IN JOURNALISM 0 VAUGHN, BEVERLY E. Columbia ASSOC. DEGREE IN GENERAL STUDIES VAUGHN, SUSAN J. St. Petersburg, Fla. B.A. IN JOURNALISM VERDERY, THOMAS M. Columbia B.A. IN ENGLISH 0 VEREEN, ARTHUR W. Myrtle Beach B.S. IN CIVIL ENGINEERING VERENES, EUGENIA S. Aiken B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION VESTAL, MERRY A. Columbia B.A. IN PSYCHOLOGY 0 VICKERY, JAMES P. Isle ot Palms B.S. IN MARKETING VIK, DONALD R. Summerville B.A. IN INTERNATIONAL STUDIES WACHTER, JOSEPH H. Spartanburg B.A. IN HISTORY 0 WADE, IRIS J. Greenville B.A. IN HISTORY WALDEN, CHARLES H. Columbia B.S. IN ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING WALKER, GERALD W. Columbia B.S. IN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 0 WALKER, MARK J. Aiken B.S. IN MANAGEMENT WALSH, JOSEPH D. Allenlwurst, N. J. B.A. IN INTERNATIONAL STUDIES WAPINSKI, CAROL L. Columbia B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION WARD, DELORIS A. Myrtle Beach B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION WARING, ANN H. Summerville B.S. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION WARKASKE, M. JONELLE Charleston B.S. IN NURSING WARKASKE, STEVEN A. Penn Hills, Pa. B.S. IN BIOLOGY WARREN, FREDERICK E. Aiken BA. IN ENGLISH WARREN, JOSEPH R. W. Columbia B.S. IN MARKETING WATKINS, ETI-IEL E. I-Iartsville ASSOC. DEGREE IN NURSING WATKINS, WILLIAMS W. Spartanburg B.A. IN BUSINESS ECONOMICS WATSON, CHARLES L. Conway B.S. IN ACCOUNTING WELCH, LEE K. B.A. IN ENGLISH Spartanburg WELLMON, WILLIAM J. Shelby, N. C. B.S. IN MARKETING WELLS, MARTHA S. B.S. IN BIOLOGY WENGER, PATRICIA E. B.S. IN ACCOUNTING WEST, COURTNEY Bs. IN PSYCHOLOGY WEST, J. LEWIS B.S. IN PHARMACY WETMORE, WILLIAM R. Lake City Arlington, Va. Haverford, Pa. Columbia Florence B.S. IN ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING WI-IALEY, ROGER B. I-lartsville B.S. IN BANKING AND FINANCE WHEELER, FRANCES C. Columbia B.S. IN BIOLOGY 0 WATSON, DONAH E. North Augusta B.S. IN NURSING WEAVER, SUZY Holly Hill B.A. IN JOuRNALISM WEBB, THOMAS O. Aiken B.S. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION 0 WEEKS, ALAN R. Wilmington, Del. B.S. IN PHARMACY WEEKS, E. DICKSON Pinewood B.S. IN PHARMACY WEHLER, LAUREL A. Aiken B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION ' WEILAND, RICHARD T. Beaufort B.S. IN BIOLOGY WEINTRAUB, BLANCHE D. Charleston B.S. IN BIOLOGY WELCH, ANN STOKES Bethune B.S. IN NURSING WHITE, FRANK C., JR. Columbia B.S. IN ACCOUNTING WHITE, STEPHEN D. Winchester, Va. B.S. IN BANKING AND FINANCE WHITE, SYBIL V. Columbia B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION WHITMIRE, EARL EUGENE Rock Hill B.S. IN ACCOUNTING WHITT, JAMES R. Columbus, Ga. B.S. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION WHITTEMORE, SHARON F. Eclisio Island B.A. IN PSYCHOLOGY WIDMARK, CLAIRE B. Upper Montclair, N. J. B.A. IN PSYCHOLOGY WIETERS, M. ZENOBIA Franklin, Va. B.A. IN MODERN LANGUAGES WILKIE, PAUL B. Wooclrull B.S. IN ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATIONS WILKINSON, MARY ANN Fairfax B.A. IN JOURNALISM WILLARD, H. EUGENE Union B.A. IN JOURNALISM WILLIAMS, C. PATRICK Branclwville B.S. IN PSYCHOLOGY WILLIAMS, DONNA M. Mullins B.A. IN ENGLISH WILLIAMS, JOHN E., JR. Hartsville B.S. IN ACCOUNTING WILLIAMS, LINDA W. Monclcs Corner B.S. IN OFFICE ADMINISTRATION WILLIAMS, LUCY W. Atlanta, Ga. B.A. IN MODERN LANGUAGES WILLIAMS, SHARON J. Columbia ASSOC. DEGREE IN GENERAL STUDIES WILSON, CHARLES E. Orangeburg B.S. IN ELECTRICAL ENGINEERINB WILSON, DOROTHY J. Greenville B.A. IN PSYCHOLOGY WILSON, GEORGE D. Savannah, Ga. B.S. IN ECONOMICS WILSON, JEREMY G. Allendale B.S. IN BANKING AND FINANCE WILSON, G. LARRY Columbia B.S. IN MARKETING WILSON, ROBERT L. Hagerstown, Md. B.S. IN ELEC. AND COMM. WILSON, SANDRA D. Severna Park, Md. B.A. IN MODERN LANGUAGES WILSON, W. KEMPER Cades B.A. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE WINGARD, JAMES L. CoIumbia B.S. IN ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING WINGO, JAMES S. Anderson B.S. IN MARKETING WISE, DONNA E. Orangeburg B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION WISE, M. CAROLYN Pelion B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION WISE, M. SUZANNE SaIucIa B.A. IN SECONDARY EDUCATION WOMMACK, SARA M. Virginia Beach, Va. B.S. IN MATHEMATICS WOOD, DOUGLAS G. B.S. IN MANAGEMENT WGODHEAD, GRACE B.S. IN ACCOUNTING WOODWARD, ANDRE B.S. IN ECONOMICS WRIGHT, FRED P., JR. B.S. IN MANAGEMENT WYMAN, LEWIS D. B.S. IN PHARMACY L. W D., Columbia Aiken JR. Chester Aiken Aiken I ZUK, CYNTHIA C. Columbia BA. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION ZUREIK, M. NADIM Damascus, Syria B.S. IN CIVIL ENGINEERING DuBOSE, JAMES H., JR. W. Columbia B.S. IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING HATCH, ROBERT A. Columbia B.S. IN ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING HIGGENBOTTOM, KENNETH S. Aiken a.s, IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION LANGNEHS, CHIC Louisville, Ky. B.A. IN EDUCATION MARSHALL, DAVID W. Columbia B.S. IN ARTS AND SCIENCE MCKITIRICK, PALJLA L. Charlotte, N. C. B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION WHARTON, JOHN M., JR. Columbia B.S. IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 0 YELL, CAROL L. Dumas, Texas B.A. IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION YOUNG, JAMIE A. Charleston B.A. IN ENGLISH YOUNG, SAMUEL E. North Augusta B.S. IN GEOLOGY 0 YOUNG, SARAH G. Beaufort B.A. IN ENGLISH YONGUE, PAULETTE S. Fort Lawn B.S. IN CHEMISTRY YOUNGINER, LARRY B. Florence B.A. IN MANAGEMENT 0 YURCHlK,NICHOLAS B. Fairfax County, Va. B.S. IN ACCOUNTING ZOBEL, SUSAN I. Columbia ASSOC. DEGREE IN GENERAL STUDIES ZODDA, JOHN T. Tenafly, N. J. I , h 5' A IW JW 1 1 425 0 0 O O I 0 GRADUATES ASHMORE, NANCY VANCE Greenville M.A. IN HISTORY ASMATI, MOHAMMED W. Kandal1ar,Afg. M.A. IN EDUCATION BADEN, JOHN A., III Winchester, Va. M.S. IN BIOLOGY BERNTI-IAL, DAVID F. L. MSA. IN BUSINESS BLACKWELDER, BRENDA C. Ph.D. IN BIOLOGY BLAKELEY, JULIANNE IM. IN ENGLISH BOSWELL, CHARLES E. M.s.A. IN BUSINESS BOYLE, PETER J. PI1.D. IN PSYCHOLOGY Charleston CI1'Iotte, N. C. Andrews Columbia Peelcslcill, N. Y. BRUTON, C. MICHAEL, JR. Columbia M.B.A. IN BUSINESS BURNS, THOS. J., JR. Winston-Salem, N. C. M.A. IN SOCIOLOGY CAMMIN, WILLIAM B. Saginaw, Mich. Ph.D. IN PSYCHOLOGY CAMPBELL, ROBERT M. Columbia M.S. IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING CLARY, DONALD L. Columbia M.S. IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING CLARY, RONALD B. Columbia M.S. IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING CLAYTON, MICHAEL V. M.A. IN JOURNALISM COX, ROBERT E. M.A. IN ACCOUNTANCY CULLER, TINE B. M.A. IN HISTORY DAVIS, CHARLES S. Iv1.B.A. IN BUSINESS Greenville Myrtle Beach Orangeburg Greer O I 0 0 I GRADUATES DRYDEN, RICHARD L. PI'1.D. IN BIOLOGY ELLIOTT, RONALD T. MA. IN JOURNALISM EIVIANLIEL, CARLOS J. B.A. IN ECONOMICS Butler, Pa. Columbia Guayaquil, Ecuador EVANS, IAN Llanelli, England Iv1.S. IN GEOLOGY FACCHINETTI, ALDO J. Columbia M.B.A. IN BUSINESS FLYNN, C. RAY Charleston IvI.B.A. IN BUSINESS FORD, TERRANCE lvl. Beaver, Pa. M.A. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE EOUCHE, JAMES W., JR. Columbia M.B.A. IN BUSINESS GAMBLE, CHARLES F. Aileen M.A. IN HISTORY GASKIN, JOHN D. West Columbia IVI.B.A. IN BUSINESS GATCH, WENDEL I'I. Columbia M.Ed. IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION H GIBSON, CAROL E. Pickens Ivl.A. IN EDUCATION GRIGG, JOHN E. CircIeviIIe,Ol1io M.B.A. IN BUSINESS GUJER, BRUNO Zurich, Switzerland Pl'1.D. IN HISTORY HARDIN, RICHARD L. Pauline M.A. IN HISTORY HARTGRAVES, ALONZO L., JR. Lancaster M.A. IN ACCOUNTING I-IARTZOG, ARTHUR B. M.Ed. IN STUDENT PERSONNEL Blaclcville I-IAWKINS, YATES D. Wilmington, N. C. M.B.A. IN BUSINESS GRADUATES HAYES, DONALD R. Charleston M.S. IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING HITE, FRANCIS S., JR. West Columbia M.A. IN ENGLISH HOCKMAN, JAMES B. Winchester, Va. M.A. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE HOLLAND, M. GAYLE Cayce M.A. IN PSYCHOLOGY HOUSE, HERBERT W., JR. Cary, N. C. Ph.D. IN BIOLOGY JOHNSON, EUNICE V. M.ECI. IN EDUCATION Columbia KELLER, TEDDY M. Newport, Tenn. PI'I.D. IN CHEMISTRY KILPATRICK, EILEEN B. Portsmouth, Va. M.A. IN MATHEMATICS KINARD, RODNEY O. Orangeburg M.B.A. IN BUSINESS KNOX, HENRY H. Walterboro PI1.D. IN PHYSICS KWATRA, LALL G. New Delhi, India M.S. IN CIVIL ENGINEERING LUMPKIN, ARTHUR H. Rock HiII M.A. IN ENGLISH MAHON, M. ELLENOR Piedmont M.A. IN GUIDANCE MAJESKI, JAMES A. Union, N.J. M.S. IN BIOLOGY MARNER, WILBUR J. Kokomo, Ind. Pl1.D. IN ENERGY CONV. MASON, EORDYCE H., III Miami, Fla. M.A. IN PSYCHOLOGY MATHIS, JOE J., JR. Hampton, Va. M.S. IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING MCINTYRE, IAN C. Toronto, Canada M.A. IN INTERNATIONAL STUDIES GRADUATE S MCNEEL, HARRY L. Columbia M.B.A. IN BUSINESS OWEN, THOMAS G. Blacksburg Ph.D. IN ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING PHILPOTT, T. R. Sumter M.B.A. IN BUSINESS POOLE, ROGER C. Florence PI1.D. IN MARKETING PUTNAM, RUSSELL H., M.A. IN HISTORY REYES, JOSE A. M.B.A. IN BUSINESS ROGERS, DANEL T., JR M.B.A. IN BUSINESS ROSENMAN, MARTIN F. Ph.D. IN PSYCHOLOGY SENESE, DONALD J. Ph.D. IN HISTORY SMITH, RAL Z. M.S. IN BIOLOGY SMOAK, HARRY I-I. JR. Potomac, Md. Atlanta, Ga. . Dillon Daytona Bch., Fla. Chicago, III. Charleston Columbia M.S. IN ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING STAFFORD, JEFFREY N. Reed City, Mich. M.A. IN HISTORY STUMPF, GEORGE R. Aiken M.S. IN CIVIL ENGINEERING SUMMER, GAYLE R. Newberry M.A. IN ENGLISH TEDOFF, IRA L. Brooklyn, N. Y. Ph.D. IN PSYCHOLOGY THOMPSON, GEORGE M. Columbia M.S. IN GEOLOGY VAUGHN, BARBARA E. TuIsa,OkIa. M.A. IN HISTORY WALDMAN, DAVID M. Ph.D. IN PSYCHOLOGY Jamaica, N. Y. GRADUATES 0 WARD, JAMES X. Nm. IN ENGLISH WARD, JOHN E. Ph.D. IN BIOLOGY WHETSTONE, TOM M.B.A. IN BUSINESS 0 WHITTON, STEVEN J. MA. IN ENGLISH WOLFF, JOHN H. M.A. IN ENGLISH YELL, RAYMOND H. M.A. IN MATHEMATICS Chester Columbia Sullivans Island Columbia Columbia Dumas, Texas LAW SENIORS BALDWIN, JAMES J. Greenville J.D. BOWEN, MLIRREL J., JR. Columbia J.D. BRADFORD, JOHN F. Sumter J.D. BRITT, VVADE H., III Columbia J.D. BROWN, MICHAEL A. Greenville J.D. CARDILLO, JOHN P. Columbia J.D. DELOACH, G. ROBERT, JR. Columbia J.D. DOLIGLASS, CHARLES R. Greenwood J.D. ELDER, WILLIAM S. Columbia J.D. FORE, MARION W. Greenville J.D. GREGORY, ARTHUR Aiken J.D. HARRISON, JAMES C., JR. Columbia J.D. HENDRICKS, LLOYD I. Columbia J.D. I-IODGES, JOHN C. Columbia J.D. HOWELL, LADSON E. Walterboro J.D. JACKSON, MARVIN P., JR. Florence J.D. JAMES, ALBERT L. Darlington J.D. LEGARZA, RICHARD J. Columbia J.D. LAW sENloRs LOSAIIDHOLT, MILES Fairfax NAIUDFUL, ERNEST J., JR. Columbia O'ljEJLLEY, GEORGE H., JR. Bislwopville PAQSCSHAL, KAY E. Columbia PUNIIISAM, MICHAEL A. Columbia ROJBSRTS, C. PINCKNEY West Columbia ROIBENSON, KEN M. Greenville STEIVXART, LAWRENCE C. W'ter Haven, Fla. SULISVAN, CARL T. Columbia TIMIEERLAKE, THOMAS H., JR. Columbia TOAL, JEAN H. Columbia J.D. TOGL, WILLIAM T. Columbia WQED, EMIL W. Columbia .IUNIORS BELL, JAMES A. Harleyville J.D. COJVSIAN, WILLIAM S. Columbia FISI-ISR, ADAM Greenville KEIJLJ, BAXTER B., III Sumter MLIIRDPHY, THOMAS P. Trenton STORK, WILLIAM C. Columbia J.D. LAW FRESHMEN 0 CALVO, A. TALLEY, JR. Columbia J.D. CHEATHAM, JOHN E. Greenville J.D. CONGLEY, ROBERT O. Greer J.D. 0 DLIRST, JOHN K. Columbia J.D. FINKLEA, MARION Latta J.D. HANLEY, GEORGE Lindenhurst, N. Y. J.D. 0 HICKMAN, PHILLIP G. Florence J.D. HOMER, SPEROS D., JR. Charleston J.D. INFINGER, PAUL H. North Charleston J.D. ' PATE, ALLEN C. Florence J.D. QUINN, TIMOTHY G. Loris J.D. RICHARDSON, ROBERT N. Conway J.D. ' SKLAR, BARRY E. Charlotte, N. C. J.D. SMITH, CODY N., JR. Fort Mill J.D. STROBEI., RICHARD W. Givhans J.D. 0 TIMMERMAN, FRANK E., JR. Edgefield J.D. THORNTON, KENNETH W., JR. Andrews J.D. TURPIN, JOHN K. Mendham, N.J. J.D. fr .' - . ' . r" fv rv ' Y. DAVID MEADOW, President r JOAN N E KAFKA, Secretary JUNIOR OFFICERS TOM WINGARD, Vice-President DON GORDON, Treasurer Abdalla, Raymond Ables, Michael E. Adair, Celia L. Adair, William G., Jr. Adams, Jane Adams, Linda C. Aiken, Lawrence L. Alexander, Joe C., Jr. Alford, Levy S.. Jr. Allen, Joan L. Allen. Steve G. Ambrose, Richard K., Jr. Amiclc. Ruth M. Amick, William R. Anderson, Silvia E. Anderson, William W. Andrews. Jeannette T. Andrews, Lanie L. Antley. Martha Gail Armstrong, M. Susan Armstrong, Thomas B., J Columbia Long Creek Columbia Gray Court Charleston Seaford. Del. Columbia Charleston Rock Hill Myrtle Beach Vienna, Va. Columbia Columbia Columbia Coward Wa re Shoals Charleston Columbia Columbia Chester r. Spartanburg Asay, Donald E., Jr. Little Silver, N.J. Ashley. John B. Ashmore, William F. Atkinson. J. Cheryl Atkinson. William E. Bailey, James F. Baker, Angie L. Baker, Cynthia G. Baldor, Teresita M. Ballccum, Sharon K. Ballenger, Joyce C. Barbour. Richard E., Jr. Barnes, Freddie O., Barnes, Harold L. Barwiclc, Edward H. Jr. Bashnan, Nichodas R. Bass, Cornelius G. Bateman, Carol V. Bates, Norma J. Belle, R. Elaine Benitez, Ninette A. Bennett. Barbara A. Bennett, Carole F. Bennett, H. Denny Benston, Lyda Benton, George A. Berger, Paul A. Mou Berrios, Jose M. La Lima Berry, James C. Bertels, Claus E. Best. Fred B. Betts, David B. Bevis, Timothy G. Bice, Timothy J. Biclcler, Linda D. Biehl. Nanci A. Bishop, Alton B.. Bishop, Betty J. Blaclc, Martha C. Jr. Honea Path Aiken Greenville Orangeburg Columbia Chester Charlotte, N. C. Havana, Cuba Lancaster Walhalla Charleston Bishopville Richmond, Va. Winston-Salem, N. C. Seneca Kingstree Columbia Marietta Columbia Columbia Springfield, Va. Charleston Graniteville Greenville Walterboro ntain Lalce, N.J. , Honduras, C. A. Latta Jacksonville, Fla. Columbia Charlotte. N. C. Newark, N. Y. Atlanta, Ga. Columbia Norfolk, Va. Jamestown Columbia Charleston Black, Susan P. Black, Terresa A. Blanchard, Alfred T. Bland, Jo Blanton, Sherrell C. Blasi. Lawrence S. Bleakley, Robert L. Bledsoe, Stewart M. Blocker, Lucius B. Bluestein, Steven F. Bocliford, Linda Bodine, Bonnie M. Bogen, James S. Bollinger. Kathrin D. Boone. Janice K. Bouknight, Betty A. Boulcnight, Frank H. Bowers, Brenda J. Bowers, Johnney G. Bowles, Bonita Bowles, Judith A. Bozorth, Mary H. Florence Union Sullivans lsland Conway Nichols Highland Park, N.J. Palatka, Fla. Aynor Walterboro Columbia Barnwell Myrtle Beach Gaffney West Columbia Aiken Charleston Bishopville Columbia Leesville Rock Hill Columbia Richmond, Va. Bracegirdle, Raymond W.-- Bradley. Caroline P. Brady, Nancy A. Winnipeg, Manitoba Mt. Pleasant Springfield, Va. Brandt, Sarah T. Clemson Brant, George M. Allendale Bridges. David M. Heath Springs Bridges. William G. Columbia Bright, David E. Columbia Brightwell, Charles S. Charleston Brigman, Rebecca D. Lancaster Brinson, Mary B. Bethune Brissey, Martha J. Ware Shoals Brissey, Sherie T. Piedmont Britton, William D. Washington, D. C. Broadbent. John A. Union Broaddus, Girard T. Chatham.Va. Brodie. Kari B. Davisville, R. l. Brooks, Elizabeth B. Columbia Brooks, Harry Milledqeville. Ga. Brooks, Ronald L. Charleston Brotherton. Wills H., Jr Aiken Brown, Bennett E. Kingstree Brown, Betsy Greenville Brown. Cynthia D. Spartanburg Brown, Danny S. Bamberg Brown. James M. West Columbia Brown, Judy V. Beaufort Brown, Luke N., III Ridgeland Brown, Mary F. Winnsboro Brown. Robert E. Lake City Brown, Walter B.. Jr. Winnsboro Browning, William A. Ridgeville Bruce, Wendell A. Columbia Bruorton, Charles B. Georgetown Bryan, Beth A. North Augusta Bryan. William A. Columbia Bryant, Sarah O. Greenville Buchanan, Charlotte C. Fort Mill Buchholz. Ginger Buck. Elizabeth A. Bulman, Adrian F. Burgess, James H. Burkett. M. Dianne Burkitt. John D. Burley. Martha F. Burkhalter. Nancy A. Burner, Alpheus W. Burner. M. Kathryn Burns, W. Ray Burress, L. Russell Burton, Emory G. Burton. Malcolm C. Burton. Patricia D. Busbee. Arthur W. Bushardt. Joseph D. Buster, Vickie L. Butler. Edward K. Butler. Linda L. Byrd. S. Lee Cain. William Calabrese. Joel F. Caldwell. Frank L. Calhoun, Saundra E. Callahan. John P. Columbia Greenville Roebuck Orangeburg North Charleston Washington, D. C. Columbia Columbia Columbia Columbia Hickory. N. C. Greenville lva Inman Spartanburg North Lake City Latta Columbia Beaufort Chester Darlington Douglassville. Pa. Dallas. Texas Conway Allison Park, Pa. Camp, John F. Columbia Camp, Norma J. Inman Campbell. Linda L. Columbia Capici, Ronni A. Greenwood Carlson, Janice F. Rock Hill Carman, George W. Easley Carter. Douglas J. Shaw AFB Cash. William C. West Columbia Catalano. Jean F. Columbia Caughman, Edward O. Columbia Caughman. Nancy E. West Columbia Caughman, Wayne E. Columbia Caulder. N. Larry Rock Hill Chandler. Daniel F. Newberry Chantron. Philip K. Greenville Charlton. Charles D. Clio Cheek. Sybil N. Burlington. N. C. Childers. Max L. Mount Holly, N,C. Christian, Mary E. Columbia Christian, Sandra K. Greenville Clark. Bernard B.. Jr. Hampton Clark, Harriet A. Lexington Clark. John M. Batesburg Clarke, William J. Clarken. Margaret M. Atlanta. Ga. Montclair, N. J. Claytor, W. Rivers, Jr. Columbia Clendining. Thomas E. Moorestown, N.J. Clonts. Michael W. Columbia Cobb, Ann C. Spartanburg Cobb, Charles P. Gaffney Coker, Gregg Columbia Cole. Martha E. Cayce Coleman. William M.. lll Latta Collins. Douglas H. Aiken I Dennis, Randall G. Sumter Denny, Linda L. Columbia Denoon. James J. Richmond, Va. Derrick. James Walter, Jr. Columbia DeWitt, B. Elaine Greenville Dick, Carol C. Chillicothe, Ohio Dickson, M. Linda Rock Hill Dilceman. Ted L.- Falls Church,Va. Disher. John H. Charleston Doggette. Margaret L. Columbia Dolive. Marianne Atlanta, Ga. Dorman, C. Dianne Columbia Dorman, Sarah J. Conway Dorman. Thomas M. Silver Spring, Md. Dorn, Ann H. Johnston Dorn, Betty N. Anderson Douglass, Walter J. Whitmire Dreher, Anne Columbia Dreher, Margaret N. Orangeburg Drafts. Claude R., Jr. Lexington Driver, William S. Aileen DuBose, Lynda A. Sumter DuBose, Richard L. Mt. Pleasant DuBowitz, Louis P. N.Attleboro, Mass. Duclcett, Elaine Duncan, Doris E. Duncan, Sidney D., Jr. Dunning, William E. Durston. Thomas L. Dusenbury, Leo E., Jr. Dwelle. Mary M. Eargle, Beverly M. Eargle, Linda A. Earley, Susan K. Easley. Richard B. Eclchardt, Norman W. Elder, Karen L. Ellis. Mary Ann Enter, Evam Erdin, Robert A. Oklahoma City, Olcla. Conway Travelers Rest Blythewood Branchville Hilton Head Conway Charlotte, N. C. Sumter Columbia Orangeburg Spartanburg Maitland, Fla. Columbia Yorktown, Va. Charleston Eslinger. Victoria L. Columbia Evans, Early O. Greenville Evans, Paul L. New Ellenton Ewing. Robert K. Guantanomo Bay. Cuba Exum, Elizabeth P. Columbia Faller, Nenita G. Columbia Fanning, Mary C. Charleston Fanning, Ruby M. Charleston Farkas, Rowland H. Columbia Farmer, Polly Anderson Faullc, Sandra L. Sumter Faullcenberry, Ronnie J. Kershaw Faulkner, Darrell L. Greenwood Fellcel, Eugenia E. Orangeburg Ferrie, Daniel B. Columbia Ferox, Linda J. North Charleston Fish. James G. Lancaster Fisher. Anna H. Dublin, Ga. Fleming. Bonnie M. Inman Fleming. Dennis L. Pacolet Fleming. Janice E. Fleming, Linda B. China Grove, N. C. Alexandria, Va. Fleming, Sarah F. Georgetown Floyd, Benjamin K. Aynor Foran, Michael B. Columbia Ford, Steven J. Travelers Rest Forrester. Lynn H. Florence Forrester. Philip P. Columbia Fortner, Constance C. Greenville Foster. Jerry A. Inman Foushee, Rodney L. Crescent Beach Frady, C. Ray Columbia Frank, Theresa V. Spartanburg Fraser, Robert B. Georgetown Free, Donna S. Sumter Freeman, Henrietta T. Bennettsville Freeman. Robert P. Hampton Freudenberger. Robert J. Florence Friar, Ella Lee C. Fricks, Terrell Friday, Fonda M. Frontz. David J. Frost, Lanena Kay Fuge, Peter L. Fuller. Gene W. Funderburk, Glenn T. Gainers. Jeannine G. Gall, Robert L. Galloway, Julian Gambrell, James L. Gammage. Henry B. Gantt, Carroll A. Gardner, Ann Gardner, Don T. Garey. Robert Garren. Benjamin J Garrett, Shirley A. Gaslcins. Jane E. Gause, Robert W. Geiger. Emma J. Geraty. Margueriet Ghent. H. Diane Gibson, Stan F. Giel, Gretchen A. Gilford, Marion L. G. Gilmore, Ronald Gimbel, Charles R. Glenn, David W, Glenn, Joy P. Glennon, Philip, Jr Glover, Patricia R. Goddard, Gus Godelc, Mary Godelc, Matthew Godley, Kathryn A. Godwin, Jean Goings. George Goldberg, Harry L. Goldring, Jetirey S. Gordon, Donald T. Myrtle Beach Atlanta, Ga. Charleston Brownstown. lnd. Greenville Kensington, Md. Columbia Lancaster Charleston Charlotte, N . C. Lancaster Belton Atlanta, Ga. Columbia Florence Kershaw Toledo, Ohio Greer Palatlca, Fla. Lalce City Cowards Isle ot Palms C. Charleston Lancaster Union Myrtle Beach Ridgeway Cope Pensacola, Fla. Greenville Anderson Mystic, Conn. Black Mtn., N. C. Savannah, Ga. Alexandria, Va. Alexandria, Va. Clemson Columbia Janesville Silver Spring, Md. Great Neck. N.Y. Columbia Gordon, William B. Columbia Gosnell, Lewis W., Jr. Greer Gosnell, Resel A. Ailcen Gossett, Carolyn L. Spartanburg Graham. M. Rosalyn Rock Hill Graham, Thomas E. Columbia Graham, Timothy G. Columbia Gray, James W. Florence Gray, Thomas C. Laurens Green, Josephine Fairfax Green, Nancy L. Lynchburg Green, Robert L. Wayne. Pa. Greer, Brenda G. Batesburg Gregg. Nancy A. Cayce Gresham, Larry G. Lyman Grier, Rachel A. Lancaster Griffin, Daniel L. Mauldin Groover, Nancy J. Greenville Grossman, David F. Greeleyville Grounsell, Scott Greenville Gunter, Robert M. Greenville Gwinn, Frankie E. Fountain lnn Haile, Boyd H., Jr. Rock Hill Hall, Francis W. Lowrys Hall, Ralph E. Claremont, N. H. Hall, Susanne Florence Hall, Thomas C. Anderson Hallman, Richard A. Columbia Hamburger. Alice E. Columbia Hamm, Tommy J. Columbia Hammond, William M. Columbia Hanaham, Caroline M. Charleston Hancock, Mary Mac Columbia Hancock, William L. Rock Hill Handy, Martha B. Lynchburg Haralson, Judith A. West Point, Ga. Harden, Heyward H. Winnsboro Hardwick, Helen B. North Charleston Hardwick, Steven F. Myrtle Beach Hardwick, Susan W. Lons Hardwiclre, Dorothy L. Charleston Hare, Johnnie Columbia Harmon, Hattie Hopkins Harrell, John Columbia Harrelson, Barbara A. Myrtle Beach Harrie, Robert C. Jacksonville. Fla. Hatley, David W. Oalcboro, N. C. Hayes, Dwight, G. Aiken Head, Mary S. Syracuse, N.Y. Headley, Joann Port Gibson, Miss, Heaitley, William R., Jr. Lexington Heclcel, Jacqueline S. Decatur, lll. Heidt, Frances J. Greenville Heinitsh, Agnes W. Columbia Heise, Phillip K. Cayce Helmly, William H. Charleston Helms, Jane Darlington Heming, Linda G. Columbia Hendrick, Linda P. Conway Henkes, Harley G. Aiken Hicks, Jack H., Jr. Greenville Hicks, M. L. Jerry West Columbia Hiers, Marion Curry, Jr. Clinton Hightower, Joan Carolyn Bamberg Hill, Nancy Tampa, Fla. Hinson, Danny Lyle Rock Hill Hipp, Francoise Mary Beaufort Hipp, Patricia E. Columbia Hirsch, Nancee Laraine Charleston Hobson, Joseph W. Arlington,Va. Hockman, Roy Crisman Wincl1ester,Va. Hodges, Vickie Estell Aiken Hoffman, Peter D. Livingston, N.J. Hogue, David Alexander Blacksburg Holbrook, Russell Allen Greenville Holder, Susan Mauldin Pickens Holley, Linda Curry Aiken Holladay, Georgia Ann Lake Murray Holliday. Duncan DuBose, Jr. Aiken Holloway, Gloria J. Mount Holly, N.C. Hook, Norman B. West Columbia Horne, Martha Wade Spartanburg Hornsby, Benjamin F. Winnsboro Horton, Thomas Roger Kershaw Horton, William Elbert Greenville Hough, Charles E., Jr. Greensboro, N. C. Houseal, Ann Bennet Columbia Howard, Sam Peter, Jr. Greenville Howe, Gedney Main, lll Charleston Hribal, James E. Columbia Hubbard, Barbara J. Greenville Hudgens, Sharon Gayle Union Hudson, Alphie Marion Rutlin Hudson, Kenneth Roy Ridgeway Huey, Samuel C. Lancaster Hughes, John P., Jr. Spartanburg Hughes, Lewis A. Union Huhn, Gayle F. Long Branch, N.J. Humphries, George B., Jr. Johnston Hunt, B. Elizabeth Charleston, W. Va. Hunt, Peter Fonda North Augusta Hunter. Mary Lu Myrtle Beach Hutchinson, Deborah J. Pennsauken, N. J. Hutson, David N. Columbia Hutto, Pamela B, Harleyville Hutto, William S. Holly Hill lmmerso, Barbara Ann Orangeburg lnabinet, Kathleen Elise Orangeburg lngvarsson, Susie l. Clifton Park, N.Y. Irvin, Charles Warren, lll Columbia Iverson, Jane Haclden Columbia Jackson, Harriet Elaine Allendale Jackson, Ida Evangeline Charleston Jackson, Jean Columbia Jackson, Laurence R. Mt. Lakes, N.Y. Jackson, Michael B. Ocean City, Md. Jackson, Sandra Jean Eclgefielcl Jacobs. John Thomas Columbia Jansen, Patrick Sumter Jeancake. Nicholas G. Aiken Jerdan, Bruce Allen Philadelphia, Pa. Jervey, Nancey Middleion Columbia Johns, Ralph H., Jr. Yemassee Johnson, Andrew Eugene Lowrys Johnson, Barbara Marie Aiken Johnson, Dwighf Lancasler Columbia Johnson, Lyn D. Lexingion Johnson, Malcolm C. Columbia Johnson, Nexsen Burgess Hemingway Johnson, Richard G. Wilmingfon, N. C. Johnson, Roberi Alan Fall Branch, Tenn. Johnson, Ronald Harris Landrum Johnson, S. Bea Columbia Johnson, Siewarf Wise I'-lamp'ron,Va. Johnson, Yvonne Columbia Johnslon, Slephen W. Washingion, D. C. Jolly, Melinda Ann Cross Jones, Frank Blaclcwell Manning Jones, Waller D. Columbia Jones. William Greer W Jordan. Buford V., Jr. Jordan, Donna Lee Joye, Ellen Elizabeih Kaminer, Harvey W., Jr. Kareias, Milion A. Keaion, Roberi Eugene Kelley, Sara Lee Kemp, Kay Edwins Kemp, Walier E., ill Kennedy, James M., Jr Kennedy, Pairicia M. Kibler, Larry Earl King, John M., ll King, Mark Odell King. Pamela Gail Kirby, Janie Ruih Kirby, Wafus Cameo Kiiia, Caiherine Jean Klapman, Sue A. Knie, Pairiclc E. Knies, Louise M. Knighf, James E. Kohnen, Harvey Jay Kunlcle, Gerald Kerr, Jr. Lafiiffe, Linda L. Laing, Lawrence P. adesboro, N. C. Charlolfe, N. C. Columbia Columbia Myrile Beach Seneca Camden Ridgeville Purcellville, Va. Manning Charlesion Laurens Florence Clinion Columbia Spa rfanburg Columbia Columbia Wesi' Columbia Norih Augusia Charlesion Orangeburg Porlsville, Pa. Columbia Saluda Fairfax, Va. Lancasier, John L. Newion Abbot Eng. Lane, Richard M. Laney, Joseph Durand Langley, Joseph D. Laurens, John Danny Laurey, Jacqueline D. Lawrence. John F. Lawrimore, Eugene S. Lawion, Frances Asbury Leaphari, Malcolm W., Jr. Lee, Ernie Leon Lee, Herberir P. Lee, Mary Dozier Legare, Aniia L. Marion Columbia Lake Cily Columbia Columbia Landrum Georgeiown Esiill Hanahan Lake Ciiy Manning Sumier Charlesion Legare, William Ellioff Columbia Lemon. Susan F. Charlesfon Lemond, G. Franklin Columbia LeMond, Roberi A. Tallahassee, Fla. Leniz, Terry W. Easion. Pa. Lionard, Barbara L. Winsion-Salem, N. C. Leopard. Truman L. Clinion Leverelie, Richard L. Sparianburg Levin, Frances L. Greenville Levy, Carolyn Jean Charlesion Light, William, lll River Edge, N.J. Lindler, Roger E. Lexingion Lindsay, Barbara A. Charlesion Lindsay, Pairicia A. Charlesion Lipe. Sfephen H. Myrfle Beach Lipscomb, Margaref M. Columbia Li'Hle, Charles Eugene Charlesion Lockee, Jean Charlesfon Logue, James Douglas Columbia Long, James A. Ruiherford, N. C. Love, Kennefh Edward Clover Love, Linda Verona Columbia Lough, David Earl Waynesboro, Va. Lyles, Lu'l'her Willon Columbia Lyile, Cynihia S. Columbia Macaluso, Charles E. Columbia Maclnnes. Heafher Charlesion Mack, Melbe Haline Cayce Mackey, Paul G., Jr. Roclc Hill Madden, Charles W. Oradell, N.J. Maguire, Thomas J., lll Columbia Manchee, Pefer D. Glen Ridge, N.J. Maner, Erwina B. Allendale Mancini. Roberi' M. Aliquippa, Pa. Mangum, Linda Jo Columbia Mann. Edward Coke Orangeburg Marr, Cindy Lee Baih, Maine Marsella, Jane Horlon Kingsiree Marsh, Ted Leon Mariin, Barbara Jean Marlin. Donald Lewis Marlin, Donald A. Mariz, Shari A. Masi. Nicolas John Massey, Jerry K. Maiihews. Mary M. Mafihews. Sandra Lou Maiiox, Charles W. Mariox, Susan Ives Maurer, Anfonia Maria Maynard. Merediih Mann Mazurslcy. P. Vaughan McAbee. Sheila J. McCarson, Meg D. Georgefown Pifisburgh, Pa. Ailanla. Ga. Aiken Arlinglon, Va. Sum+er Mauldin Greai' Falls Darlingion Conway Salisbury. N. C. Sumfer Glen Ellyn, III. Barnwell Charleslon Laurens McCari'hy, Helen W. Washingion, D. C. McCasion, C. Ruih McCay, Gordon L. McCleerey. Jeffrey M. McCollum, Julie M. McConnell, Richard V. Beaufori' Charlesion Alexa ndria. Va. Marion Easley McCoy. Terry Alan Easley McCracken, William David Sumier McCrorey, Joseph Roberls Rock Hill McCu'lchen, Sandra Kingslree McDade, John R. Fori Mill McDonald, Paul Allan Greenville McDougall, William A. Columbia McDowell. Mary Dena Baih McGee, Ralph F. Granileville McGinn. Carol J. For? Mill McGowan. Mary Louise Columbia McGraih. Dollie Malrhews Columbia McGuirl. Joseph David Roclc Hill Mclniyre. Frederick L.. Jr. Marion McKay. Benfhan W. Columbia McKeown. Timoihy A. Columbia McLean, Roberl S. Charlesfon McLendon, James H. Charlesion McMasier. Henry D. Columbia McMaster, John Gregg Columbia McMillan, Sharon F. Wesl Columbia McMurray, Abigail Columbia McNeely, Olin E., Jr. Clemson Meadow. David Jackson Ailcen Meddin. Nancie K. Savannah, Ga. Meeize. J. Alexander Charlesion Merchani, Cheryl Ann Washinglon, D. C. Merrifi, Margarei Ann Conway Merrill, Roberi Johnsion Columbia Meiger. Roberl E.. ll Sumler Meiis. Charles Aubrey Chapin Michael, Linda Kay Columbia Michaelski, Michael A. Columbia Mikell, Richard B. Wesl Columbia Milan, Roberi A., lil Columbia Miles, Jimmie Sue Loris Miller, Alvin Thomas Chesferfield Miller, Howard R.. Jr. Florence Miller. Vernon H., Jr. Rockville. Md. Mink, Charles Edward Fair Haven, N.J. Minor, Roberi H. Roanoke. Va. Mirando, Michael F. Beihpage. N. Y. Missbach, Linda 'Ann Alcron. Ohio Mixon, John Andrew Harisville Moise, David D.. Jr. Sumier Mollol. Sieven R. Massapequa Plc.. N.Y. Moody. Ronnie T. Darling+on Moore, Carol Dianne Gray Couri' Moore. Edward E. Florence Moore. Linda Ann Chesnee Moore, Meredilh A. Bessemer Ci'l'y, N.C. Moore, Nancy Aiken Moore, Whif Columbia Morgan. Charles Coihran McCormick Morgan, Cherie Lynn Myrile Beach Morrell. Kaiherine E. Hopkins Morris. Alan David Windsor, Conn. Morris. Anihony A. Columbia Morrison, William D. Columbia Morrow, Melanie Greenville Winnsboro Pope, Marion Turner Potter, James R. Powell, Edward J. Powell, Lannis Faye Powers. Robert W. Pratt, Sam David Bennettsville Bronx, N. Y. Conway Bennettsville Statesville. N. C. Rock Hill Presler, Marty Hix Preston, John W., Jr. Previti, Matthew M. Atlantic City. N.J. Lexington Price, Jane Cole Columbia Pridmore, Alexander R. Virginia Bch., Va. Pruitt, William E., Jr. Columbia Purcell, Margaret W. Largo, Fla. Purvis, Jennie R. Cayce Quattlebaum, Dianne Kingstree Quay, Edward Lewis Rockville, Md. Radcliffe, Ronald Wayne Bishopville Rampey, Charles Allen, Jr. Columbia Raskis, Barbara Ann Bellmawr, N.J. Rast, Paul Michael Cameron Rauch, Diane Robin Charleston Rawls, James C. Charleston Ream, Jeffrey L. Sumter Rearden, John M. Graniteville Reese, Katherine Devorah Greenville Reeves, Maxine Greenville Renau, Kathryn M. Charleston Rentz. Ted M. Columbia Restrick, Ruth l. Haddonfield, N.J. Reynolds, Mildred Ann Owensboro, Ky. Reynolds, Patricia Ann Spartanburg Rhine, Charles M. Columbia Rhoad. Robert Dawson McBee Rhoads. Ronald V. Pottstown, Pa. Rhoden, Robert H. Aiken Richardson, Edwin Keith Lancaster Richey, Martha Moore Simpsonville Riley. Catherine Allen Darlington Ringer, James Elbert, Jr. Johnston Ritchie. Lucy Ellen China Grove, N.C. Ritter. Richard Lee Seneca Rivers, lngram Jackson Chesterfield Rivers James Clifford Chesterfield Rivers, Robert Earl Greenville Rivkin. Allen James Columbia Rivlcin, Rose Anne Columbia Roberts, Margaret Jo Lancaster Roberts, Thomas Jay Sumter Roberts, Wayne Thomas Beaufort Robertson, Robert Edward Aiken Robinson, Charles W. Virginia Bch., Va. Robinson, Connie J. Anderson Robinson, Franklin K. Florence Robinson, Lawrence M., Jr. Clover Robuclr, Elizabeth Anne Moncks Corner Roclcholz, John Lawrence Norwalk, Conn. Roddey, John Franklin Rock Hill Roddey, Clarence T. San Jose. Calif. Rodels, Michael S. Monticello, N.Y. Rodwell, David Watson Georgetown Roe, Richard T. Edqetield Rogers, Cecil R. Columbia Rogers, Morris Steven Columbia Root, Pamela Ann Columbia Rose, Ruth Carolina Columbia Ross, Robert Neil Sumter Rossen, Kenneth Howard Nortollc,Va. Rothman. Bruce M. Brooklyn, N.Y. ou h Jean Marie S artanbur R Q- P e Royal. Larry Walter Virginia Beach.Va. Rushton, Daphney Ann Saluda Russ, John Dawson Myrtle Beach Russell, Karen J. Georgetown Russo, Joseph Cipriano New York, N.Y. Rutland, Mary Marie Columbia Sacerio, Eloisa C. Columbia Salane, Thomas Charles Columbia Salane, Robert Edward Columbia Sanders, Linda Lee Ocala, Fla. Sanders. Mary Linda Barnwell Sanders. Robert Henry Columbia Santii, Slcip Virginia Beach.Va. Sawyer, William G. North Augusta Scarborough. Robert E. North Scheerer. Betty Raye Columbia Scholl, Donna E. Sumter Schnatz, Stephanie M.- Hendersonville, N. C. Scott, Elayne T. Scott. Kathy L. Seel, Alice Marie Segars. James Vernon Seigler. James Q. Self, Beverly June Servant, Linda Lee Shadid, Marie Angela Shannon, Betty A. Sharpe. Robin S. Shaughnessy, Cindy Shea, N. Jeanne Shealey, Bian R. Shealy. Mildred Sheryl Shealy. Stanley E. Shelton, Virginia L. Shepherd, Carol Ellen Sherlock, Mary A. Sherman, John Taft, Jr. Shillato. James Allen Shirey, William A., Jr. Shubin, Stuart Alan Shull, Kenneth C. Shumpert, Gerald W. Shumpert. Huley Glen Shull, Thomas Dwight Sgroi, Charles F. Siebl, Lawrence W. Slenlcer, Michael G. Sittord, Amelia Jane Silvers, Evelyn Riclcy Simmons, Nancy Carol Simons. Mary Locke Arlington. Va. Pageland Charleston Marion. N. C. Batesburg Greenville Myrtle Beach Charleston Wheaton, Md. Lexington Springtield, Va. Media, Pa. Columbia Columbia Chapin Columbia Atlanta, Ga. Marietta, Ga. North Augusta Arlington, Va. West Columbia Philadelphia, Pa. Columbia Pelion Pelion Columbia Somerset, N. J. Bayonne, N. J. Allentown, Pa. Clover Lancaster Williamston Clinton Weaiherlord, John R. Union Webb. Lewis Terry Asheville. N.C. Welch. Deborah J. Morganlon. N. C. Werner, Raymond T.. ll Greenville Wesf. Edward Marlin Bellon Wesl. Oliver J. Allanlic Cify, N.J. Wheeler. Charles T. Summerville Wheeler, Mary Kafhleen Belmonl. N. C. Whisenhunl. Donnie G. Orangeburg Whie. Connie Jo Columbia Whilmire. Margarei' Anne Myrlle Beach Whi'H'on. Joseph Frank Annandale. Va. Whifworlh. Mona Lynn Columbia Wilkins. Johnny T. Elgin Williams, Angeline A. Lancasler Williams, A. R. Siockion-on-Tees. England Williams. Carol Ann Surfside Beach Williams, Donald Charlesfon Williams, Edward B.. lll Columbia Williams. Geraldine S. Secreiary. Md. Williams . Jerry Millon Kershaw Williams. Lynne Marie Belleville. Ark. Williams. Roberi Cary Columbia Williams. Rolland Gray Peiersburg. Va. Williams. Thomas R. Greal Falls Willis, Carolyn M. Aiken Wilson. Darwin Jesse indian Land Wilson. Flora Riley Allendale Wilson. Herman Kelner Georgelown Wilson. James R. Charleslon Wilson. Janice Robin I-lillcres1"H1's..Md. Wilson. Maureen L. Charleslon Wilson. Nancy Nash Sumler Wimberly. Pairicia Ann Rock Hill Wingard. Thomas Davis Greenwood Wingfield. John R. Columbia Winn. Julie King Columbia Wofford, Azile P. Greenville Wolfe. A. Lorraine Columbia Wood. Wm. J.. Jr. Albuquerque. N. M. Woddarcl. Nancy Carol New Bern, N.C. Woodlief. Joan Carol Woolen. Woolen. Worrell. Wright James lra Johnie Rufh Mary Edna John, Ill Yeafes. Douglas T. Yarborough. Susan Elaine Young. Barbara McNair Young. Kalhryn Anne Young. William Keiih Zallcin. Sally B. Zeigler. Barbara Ann Greenville Chesler Si. Siephen Scranron McBee Columbia Rome. llaly Columbia Charleslon Lyman Charlesion Wallerboro Zemel. Gary A. N. Plainfield. N.J. GREGG BLATT President N TOM MOORE, Vice-President LUTU JOHNSON, Treasurer SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS , m n 5 gs H ss ss ui. .n Em B . -na ss ,na n a V f E nm 4 T' H .5 55: . ss JUDY BIHARI, Secretary 7 4 W 0 , 1 4 P ,,., 3, 2'-9... , -Q' 4 .5- Abernathy. Carolyn J. Columbia Adams, Carolyn S. Chester Adams, Susan D. Lancaster Addison, Carol A. St. Charles Addy, Heyward C. Lexington Aiken. Margaret E. Greenville Alberts, John C. Ramsey, N.J. Alexander, Patricia A. Columbia Allen, M. Lorraine Arlington,Va. Allen, Mary B. Augusta,Ga. Allen. William Birmingham, N.J. Allison, William R. Lake City Alperin, Claudia N. Petersburg,Va. Amick, Cecil M. Spartanburg Anderson, Claudia B. Charleston Ashley, Leonard E. Chester Aubrey. Katherine A. Aiken Ayers. P. Wayne Spartanburg Bachiller, Raytel M. Washington, D. C. Bagwell, Elizabeth J. Greenville Bailey, Rebekah G. Columbia Baker, Cecilia A. Estill Baker, Sandra E. Charleston Baker, Thomas R. Columbia Belling, John E. Bandyk, Timothy H Bane, Odell L. Banov, Caren R. Barbanel, Linda l. Bardes. Richard E. Barker. Barbara A. Barnard, Ronald G. Barnes, Donald S. Barnett. Kathryn A. Bass, Michael D. Bath, Joseph K. Ba ughman, Rose Marie Beacham, Frank S. Beard, Mary E. Beard, Michael R. Beckner. Jean R. Beggs, Ellen E. Beinbrink, Glenn L. Belk, David W. Bell, Robert J. Benedict. Dena A. Bennett, F. Cathy Bernstein. Ilene D. Berry, Bobbie L. Newa rk, Dei Springfield, Va. Mullins Charleston Charleston Orangeburg Atlanta, Ga. Beaufort Devon, Pa. Columbia Miami. Fla. York, Pa. West Columbia Honea Path Columbia Atlanta, Ga. North Augusta Columbia Manhasset, N. Y. Columbia Spartanburg Spartanburg Newberry Brooklyn, N. Y. Crescent Beach Berry. Peggy L. Sumter Bihari, Judi G. Columbia Bilton, Catherine M. Holly Hill Bintord. Amanda C. Oak Ridge. Tenn Bishop, Mary l. Bamberg Black. Wayne S. Lexington Blagg, Don H. North Augusta Bliss, Cynthia K. Bennettsville Bluestein, Steven M. Charleston Boland, Cynthia E. Columbia Bolding, Sherry E. Pickens I Cassity. Nancy L. Castles, John L. Caughman, Patricia L. Causey, Jeannie C. Cauthen, George B. Cecil, Merry Anne Chandler, William H. Chaney, Brenda G. Chapman, Clare Chappell, Thomas E., Jr. Chardukian, Rodney A. Chastain, Brace G. Chauncey, Bonnie L. Chavious, Paul W. Childers, Harry W. Cicchinelli, H. Kathleen Clair, Terry J. Clark, Larry T. Clark, Wendy Clarkson, Margaret J. Greenville Greenville Camden Statesville, N. C. Hartsville Spartanburg Hemingway Columbia Shaw AFB Jacksonville, Fla. Camden Williamston West Columbia Columbia Greenville Ardmore, Pa. Hunter, N. Y. Columbia Richmond, Va. Pickens Claypoole, Diane L. St. Albans, W. Va. Clinkscales, Mary Lynne Coffey, Jenny R. Coffey, William H. Coker, Heyward M. Coleman, Anne H. Coleman, Julie A. Collier, Covy D. Cook. Cheryl D. Cooksey. Diane L. Cordina, Joseph L. Cottle, Lawrence D. Cowan, Augustus B. Cox, Glenn L. Craft, Margaret J. Craig, Kathleen C. Creech, James W. Creel, Michael A. Crimaldi. Philip Cromer, Bonnie C. Croom, Margaret C. Crosland, James M. Crossland, Connie L. Crouch, Claudia L. Crowe, David L. Crowley, James F. Crowley. Patrick D. Anderson West Columbia Lake Placid, N. Y. Columbia Pamplico Charleston Columbia Nichols Charleston Charleston Mobile, Ala. Abbeville Anderson Columbia Brighton, Colo. Charleston Hemingway Brooklyn. N. Y. Lexington Columbia Bennettsville Columbia Columbia Greenville Longport, N. J. El Paso, Texas Csank, Linda D. Media, Pa. Cudd, Jayne B. Augusta,Ga. Culler, Robin Orangeburg Cunningham, Samuel M. Kingstree Curren, Wendy L. Atlanta. Ga. Dallara, Charles H, Spartanburg Dallas, David M. Paoli, Pa. Dambrosi, Gerald P. Oakhurst, N,J. Dargan, Frances S. Florence Davis, Jerome M. Columbia Davis, Lydia R. Columbia Davis, Marlene West Columbia Davis, Melody A. Columbia Davis, Patricia C. Davis, Robert L. Delancey, Kathy A. Dennis, R. Markley Depyssler, Stephanie Derrick. Sheron C. Derrick, Tina R. Detrick, J. Paul Dewyngaert, Tawes DiBiase. Matthew G. Dixon, Linda J. Dixon, Mary L. Dobbins, Al M. Dom brosk James D. Yi Dooley, Larry D. Dotson, Larry D. Dowling, Mary E. Dowson, Shirlee A. Driver, Wilbur D. Drogaris, Thomas J. Dugger, Jane A. Dukes, Joseph E. Durant, Sylvia A. Dutton, Sandra M. Eargle, Paula E. Early, Julian Edwards, Harriet L. Edwards, Mary E. Egenes, Berkley R. Ellen, Cindy A. Ellezey. George D. Elmgren, Cheri L. Elmore, Nina M. Emens, Patricia A. Epperly, Carolyn M. Epps, Paul C. Erwin, Nancy Evans, Claudia D. Evans, James L. Evans, Peter C. Fagan, Alice K. Fain, John H. Fallaw, Cynthia R. Faris, Martha A. Farley. Genevieve E. Faulkenberry. Russell Faunt, Emily B. Feagin, Julia G. Felder, L. Ann Fellers, James V. Fennell. John B. Field, Candyce J. Fletcher, Thomas A. Fling, Stella L. Floyd, Ruby E. Flynn, Lawrence E. Ford, Patricia S. Fort, Thomas M. Foster, William W. Fraley, John E. Dalzell Pennsville, N. J. Chester Moncks Corner G. Omaha, Neb. Cayce Columbia Hampton Edberon, N. J. Georgetown Columbia Lake City Anderson Greenville Lexington Fairfax Orangeburg Orangeburg Aiken Jersey City, N. J. Denmark Columbia Lake City Pageland Little Mountain Columbia Marion Chester Westfield, N. J. Bishopville Columbia Columbia Alcolu Columbia Ma rtinsville. Va. Myrtle Beach Rockingham, N. C. Rock Hill Columbia Marion Cleveland, Ohio Georgetown Cayce Cha rlotte, N. C. Columbia W. Kershaw Columbia Bonneau North Augusta Columbia Chester Charlotte, N. C. Lancaster Dillon Lake City lsle of Palms Columbia Columbia Anderson Columbia S+. Slephens Grunslcy, Alan J. S7 Fraser, Bruce M. Columbia Freshley, James S. Columbia Frey, David R. Sparlanburg Friend, Ellen R. Charlesfon Funderburlc, M. Gail Florence Gaillard, Linda Anderson Galloway, J. Michael Anderson Gambrell, Jo Anne Blackburg GanH, Teddy W. Aiken Gardner, Sfephen L. Columbia Garreil, Phillip M. Taylors Galhings, James C., lll Darlingion Genile, Judilh M. Convenl Sfaiion, N. J. George, Margarei' E. Lexinqron George, Margarel' E. Valley Sfream, N.Y. George, Niclzie Rock Hill Gilberl, Chrislie Rock Hill Gill. Diane E. Sparianburg Gillenwafer, Terry Girard, ScoH C. Gisherman, Siephe L. Falls Church. Va. Charloiie, N. C. n M. Fall River, Mass. Giflinger. Sandra Columbia Givens, Carolyn Charleslon Givens, Marilyn Charlesion Glasser. Jane? E. Columbia Glenn, Bobby Sparlanburg Golson, Charles O. Savannah,Ga. Gomez, Sherry Charlesion Goodlell, O. Mills, lll Williamsion GoodleH', Thomas M., Jr. Greenville Goodman, Gary L. Hollywood Goodwin, John W. Nor'l'h Augusla Gouda, Arlefha J. Hemingway Gough, Deborah A. Devon, Pa. Graham, Sarah L. Columbia Gramelsbach, Karen A. Sparfanburg Graves, Virginia L. Orangeburg Gay, Toni E. Columbia Griffin, Bonnie V. Cheraw Griffin, William E. Cayce Griffilh, Roberl C. Georgelown Grigg, Roger E. Clover Groves, Mary E. Greenville Guslafson, Roberl' A. Gusiafson, Russell C. Arlinglon, Va. Kimberlon, Pa. Hadden, Timofhy J. M Mooresfown. N.J. Hager, Jimmy N. Charlesfon Halfacre. Thomas R. Newberry Hall, Jay C. Pepper Pike, Ohio Ham, Jane C. Easlover Hamer, Ryan B. Greenville Hamilfon, Frances E. Charleslon Hamlefl, William C. Lumberfon, N.C. Hamm, Susan Prosperiiy Hammell, Michael T. Sparlanburg Hancock, Nancy J. Ml. Pleasanf Hanlcins, Sharong Richmond, Va. Hardison, Roberl M. Wilmingion, N. C. Harlcen, Margarei L. Charleslron Jeliicoaf, Ted A. Jenkins, Dianne H. Jennings. James R. W. Columbia Aflanla, Ga. Souih Bos'l'on, Va. Jennings. Sally J. Warrenville Johnson, Johnny M. Willision Johnson. Margaref Kay Loris Johnson, William S. Greensboro, N.C. Johnsion, Lulu Jones, Bealrice l. Jones, Dale J. Jones. Donald B. Jones, Freddie R. Jones, James R. Gary L. James W. Jorclan, Jordan, Joseph, Mary L. Jowers, Barbara A. Jowers, Janice D. Juslice, Shirley A. Sharon P. Karesh, Keen, Marilyn C. Keesee, Ellen Keller, Ted W. Kelly, Trudy A. Kemmerlin. Ray Kemp, Phyllis A. Kennedy, Sharon A. Kerwin, Thomas E. Kimball, Siuari' K. Kinemond, George H. King, Franlcye E. King, Wayne A. King. William A. Kirby, Marilyn E. KiH's, Kenneih R. Klugh, Jimmy C. Knighi, Kaihleen N. Knobel, Barry W. Koesfer, Larry L. Kolb. Janef M. Korycinslci, Anne L. Kovaly, Susan J. Kuhn. Diana K. Lakes, Danny E. Lalley, Lucy L. Lalor, Richard W. Lamb, Linda F. Lamb, William F. Lambert Kanclice E. Land. Lawrence J. Lane. Susan J. Laney, Annelfe J. Lalimer. Dianne E. Layman, L. Gregory Leaks. George D. Lemmon, Joseph R. Lennon. Jane? S. Leonard, Maudene E. Levkoff, George J. Levy, Jessie L. Raleigh. N. C. Columbia W. Columbia Ware Shoals Greenville Columbia Greenville Benne'H'sville Georgelown Hemingway Blaclcville Columbia Charlesfon Louisville, Ky. Belle Glade, Fla. Whifmire Sparfanburg Orangeburg Bamberg Columbia Falls Church.Va. Madison, N.J. Willingboro. N. J. N. Augusfa Florence Richmond. Va. Baiesburg N. Charlesfon Columbia Columbia Anderson Ailanfa, Ga. Columbia Newporr News. Va. Greenbroolt, N. J. Conway La Plala. Md. Wa1'chung,N.J. Syracuse. N. Y. Falls Church. Va. Columbia Columbia Bamberg Nepfune, N. J. Columbia Nashua, N. H. Columbia Chappells Columbia Anderson Greer Columbia Silver Springs, Md. Lineberry. William R. Sparianburg Liner, Mary L. Greenville Lineii, Richard M. Lipkin, Mark S. Lipscomb, Lenny A. Locklair. James M. Logan, Roger L. London. Jennie L. Si. Maifhews New York, N.Y. Norih Augusfa Charloife, N. C. Mooresfown. N. J. Cherryville, N. C. Loney. Minnig E. Dalzell Long. Roberi' E. Columbia Lorick, Brenda G. Columbia Loring. Aldor R. Beaufori' Lourie. Larraine Columbia Love, Roberi' C. Columbia Lovelace, Debbie A. Sparianburg Lowe. Donna R. Columbia Lowe, Mariorie J. Camden Lowry. Kalharine L. Charlesion Lunclgren, John A. York Lupo, Ronald C. Lake View Lyon. Carol Sue Sumfer Lyon, Roberi B. Baliimore. Md. MacAulay. J. Frank Lexingion MacDowell. Thomas B. Gaffney Mack, Francis M. Si. Maiihews Mackay. Ann C. Orangeburg Macrae. Sievend Malanos. Margo Malloy, William R. Barringion, R. I. Ailania, Ga. Lynchburg, Va. Maloney. Ralph J. Aiken Maness. Mike Union Mangum. Linda L. Columbia Manuel, Janice H. Swansea Manuel, Williene B. Fairfax Mason, George D. Ruiherfordion, N. C. Mason. Marion B. Charlesion Masierson. Deborah G. Summerville Maifson, Theresa A. Charlesfon Maiuro, Helen H. Charlesion Mayfield, W. Michael Fi. Lauderdale. Fla. McCaFire Jean B Nashville Tenn y, . , . McCari'hy. George M. Pascack Vall, N.J. McCaskill, Kifly McCaskill, Larry S. McCaughey. Janice L. McCauley. George W. McClellan, Terry A. McClendon, Joanne D McClenny. Gaye McConnell. Beiiy S. McCoy, Reay l.. McCoy. Roberi G. McCracken. Emily G McCrary. Charles H. McCulloch, Roy M. McFadden, Lillian R. McGeough, James M. McGinn, Leo F.. Jr. McGrai'h. Dennis G. Mclniosh. Lynda C. Columbia Siafesville, N. C. Columbia E. Savannah.Ga. Sparianburg Edgefield Columbia Charlesion Siaiesville. N. C. Hampion Hopkins Florence Columbia Clemson Myrile Beach Ranclallsiown, Md. Wesiiield. N. J. Lynchburg McKee, William Atlanta, Ga. McKelvey, Kenneth L. Pacolet McLean, James M. Columbia McLeod. Margaret R. Walterboro McMillin, Deidra Columbia McNeace, Martha E. Greenville McNeal. J. Randall Columbia McNeeIey. Susan B. Kingsport, Tenn. McNeil, Larry W. Greensboro, N. C. McNinch, James D. Honea Path McPherson, Alexandra R. Charleston McPherson, Judy A. Anderson McSorley, Lynne l. Atlanta.Ga. Melehes. James M. Greenville Mellon. Sylvia E. Allendale Messenger, Gary H. Charleston Metzger. Wayne T. Charleston Micou, Paul F., Jr. Chester, Va. Miller, Joanne Columbia Miller, William Greenville Minogue, Dorothy E. Columbia Mixon. Phillis A. Clinton Mobley, Gordon M. Columbia Molyneaux, Janet B. Columbia Montondo. Robert D. Alexandria. Va. Moody, David E. Columbia Moody. L. Dianne Columbia Moon, Karen D. Charleston Mooney. James S. Gaffney Moore, Diane S. Shaw AFB Moore, G. Thomas, Jr. Leesville Moore, N. Lifaye Springiield,Va. Morris, Dianne M. New Zion Morris, Glen G. Georgetown Morse, Kathryn H. Columbia Moseley, Hugh D., Jr. Winnsboro Mullilzin, Marilyn E. Greenville Myers, Karl B. Columbia Nantz, James R. Spartanburg Nash. Nancy L. Charleston Nautul, Nora E. Columbia Neely, Beverly A. North Augusta Neese, S. Karen Anderson Nelson, Ann P. Columbia Nelson, Betty l. Columbia Nelson. Ida P. Columbia Nesbit. David T. Columbia Newton, Younger D. Columbia Nicholson, Thomas W. Edgefield Norris, Diana P. Columbia Nunnery, Kenneth E. Rock Hill Nute, David R. Oberlancler, Bernice K. Oehmig, William B. Oesterlynd, Virginia S. Oettinger, Joanne C. Owens, Robert A. Oxley, Fred W. Palmer. Fayssoux P., Jr. Palmer, Hugh A. Valley Forge, Pa. Bradley Bch., N. J. Chattanooga, Tenn. Myrtle Beach Mt. Kisco. N. Y. Greenville Laurens Greenville Columbia W Rich, John C. Richardson, Kay l. Ricketts, Jean A. Riley, Darrell J. Riley, Julia L. Riley, Wallace T. Riser, Meredith A. Rish, Barbara J. Robbins, Peggy A. Roberts, Brenda K. Roberts, Roland L. Robertson, Bruce C. Robinson, Thomas W. Robinson. W. Dantzler Rodgers, Harry H.. Rogers, James K. Rollins, Thomas C. Roper, James C. Rosen, Burt E. Ross, Judi E. Roth, Marilyn J. Rowe. Sandie Ruditzlcy, Arthur M. Jr. Columbia Greenville Charleston Columbia Columbia Aiken Columbia Gaston Aiken Hopkins Columbia Edgeticld Columbia VVinnsboro Kingstree Anderson Greenville Easley Oil City, Pa. Greenville Columbia Raleigh, N. C. Brooklyn, N. Y. Russell, Jerry W. Sumter Ruotolo, Diane J. North Charleston Ruttonsha, Parvez J. Bombayflndia Ryan, Laurel S. Pompano Beach, Fla. Ryan, Louis M. Macon,Ga. Sadler, Mary M. Columbia Salatia, Sebastian S. E. Hartford, Conn. Salley. Robert M. North Charleston Salters, Barbara L. Sampson, Elizabeth D. Samuelson, Gilbert B. Sanders, Barbara A. Sanders, Donald C. Sargent, Myra J. Saturn, Robert E. Saussy, George S. Savidge, Robert T. Schoolar, Sharon K. Schwartz, Carolyn L. Schweitzer, Judith L. Scott, Donald E. Scurloclc, Gregory B. Sehon, Reed G. Semlcen, Susan R. Setzler, Larry W. Shackelford, Mary K. Shadowen, Jenyth l. Shapiro, Donald L. Shapiro, Rosalind J. Sheer, David H. Shelton, Judith B. Shields, C. Surget Shoclcley, Florence W. Shows, Nancy C. Shular, Flora S. Shuler, Barry L. Shuler, Susan Y. Columbia Alexandria, Va. Westtield, N. J. Greenville Pageland Greenville Bronx, N. Y. Litchfield Arlington, Va. Springfield, Va. Charleston Wayne, N. J. Greenwood North Augusta Mercersburg, Pa. Charleston Cayce Piedmont Columbia Columbia Atlanta, Ga. Richmond, Va. Simpsonville Memphis, Tenn. Grenville Charleston Columbia Holly Hill Raleigh, N. C. F Thaclcston, Kathryn M. Greenville Thomas, Brenda G. Ridgeland Thomas, Richard Columbia Thomplcins, Elizabeth Myrtle Beach Thomplcins, Lloyd B. North Charleston Thompson, Karen F. Sumter Thompson, Mary R. Laurens Thompson, Mona E. Columbia Thompson. Robert W. Columbia Thouret, Claude G. Thurmond, John W. Tinder, Toglio, Tollison, Talmadge Alan J. Jana R. A. Tomlinson, Sara C. Touchberry, Gregg T. Trakas, Cherie D. Trammell, Anna E. Tripp. Steven T. Truesdale, William E., Jr. Turner, Claudia T. Turner, Jaclc G. Turner. James R. Turner, Nancy L. N Turner, Robert H. Turner, Sandra L. Tuttle, Nelda S. Tyler. Edmund M.. Jr. Uphouse, Linwood C. Vanderley, James W. Paterson, N. J. North Augusta Columbia Columbia Greenville New Zion Summerton Greenwood Columbia Greenville Kershaw Columbia Aug usta, Ga. Yorlc orth Charleston Greenville Andrews Columbia Columbia Narberth Graniteville Vanderploeg, Richard Mt. Pleasant, N. J. Van Doren, Elizabeth H. Columbia Vogel, Karen Anne Silver Sprin'g, Md. Von Ohsen, Marie J. Summerville Voss, Julia A. Columbia Wade, Sharon J. North Augusta Walker, Candice J. Columbia Walker, Nancy A. Columbia Wallcer, Ronald D. Norway Wannamaker, Betty Ray Camden Wannamaker, Jimmy H. Cheraw Ward, Daniel B. Augusta,Ga. Ward, Jane C. West Memphis, Arlc. Ward, William L. Charleston Warnock, Marcia P. Anderson Warren, Martha L. Florence Waters, L. Layne, Jr. Charleston Watson, Robert E. Monclcs Corner Watson, Watters, Wallace M. Bunny Watts, James B. Augusta. Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Hampton, Va. Weathers, Angela A. Fountain lnn Weathers, Estelle B. Fountain lnn Weaver. Linda J. Holly Hill Weaver, Vickie L. Nashville, Tenn. Weeks. Donnie J. Barnwell Weisser, Lewis C. Miami Beach, Fla. Weldon, Jeannie E. Sumter Wersinger, Richard J.- South Bound Brook, N.J. Wesley, Thomas A. Myrtle Beach 1 Wessel. Dorothy A. Arlington. Va. Westberry, Beverly F. Florence White, Michael L. Gaffney Whitlock, Brenda J. Spartanburg Whitlock, Richard R. Lake City Whitmire, Laura E. Charleston Whitney, William E., Jr. Florence Whitt, M. Anne Seneca Whittle. Susan Charleston Whitton, Jack L. Columbia Wicklifie. John W. Greenville Wilbanlcs, Ralph L. lsle of Palms Wilder, Judy H. Barnwell Wilkerson, Gareth L. North Charleston Wilkes, Paul H. Chester Wilkes, Timothy C. Winnsboro Wilkins. Carol J. Gaffney Willard. Jo Carole Newberry Williams, Anne M. Charlotte, N.C. Williams, Douglas M. Orangeburg Williams, Helen D. Charlotte. N. C. Williams. Herbert O.. Jr. Rock Hill Williams. James B. Columbia Williams, Janice L. Camden william., Karen F. Greenville Williams, Kathy Columbia Williams Patricia L. Columbia Williamson, Barbara A. Kingstree Williamson. Bonnie J. Gaston Willis, Mary K. Cayce Wills, William L. North Augusta Wilshin, Julie K. Manassas, Va. Wilson, Jerry F. Rock Hill Winchester. Susan R. Greenville Wise, James O. Columbia Wise, Jamie Aiken Wise, Margaret F. Columbia Withrock, John W. Charleston Wood, Joe H. York Wood. Joel O. Spartanburg Woodlief. Gregory M. Columbia Woodside, Ellen W. Oak Ridge, Tenn. Woodside. Harris L. Charlotte, N. C. Wright, Marjorie S. Salisbury, N.C. Wright, Steven C. Clinton Wright. William C. Greenville Wyman, Evelyn H. Columbia Yates, Donna R. Columbia Yates. Jeter E. Greenville Young. Bruce R. Charleston Young. Donna J. Georgetown Young, Florence L. Sumter Young, John H. Columbia Zane, Judith D. Greensboro Zeigler, Fred M. Reevesville Zimmerman, Neil L. Spartanburg Zinn, George S. Boston, Mass. 1 Z' 'IQ5 mv: Y . ' S41 Eli " ' Y. B lQ k '.' u , aff' 1' xf XY! I- ' Q U H P Y' QI TI , A, I .,,., AV,. , fr ' , IB, I . I A A ' W , Q L FRESHMAN OFFICERS DUNCAN WILLIAMS, President JAY HODGE, Vice-President ,vfx M K. I KATHY WOOD, Secretary POLLY HARRITT, Treasurer 468 ,-In L' , Abernathy, Harry H., lll Great Falls Ackerman, Margaret E. Walterboro Adams, Mary E. Adams, Raymond N. Seaford, Del. Decatur, Ga. Adcock, Phillip W. Greer Alexander, Carol L. Columbia Alexander, Joseph P., lll Columbia Alexander, Karen S. Charlotte, N. C. Allawos, Barbara L. Columbia Allen. Julia N. York Allen, Sharon D. Columbia Allin, Robert W. San Juan, P. R. Amaker, William R. Columbia Anderson, Lois H. Charleston Anderson, Richard G. Goshen, N.Y. Anderson, Sybil L. Lake City Andrews, Brenda L. Columbia Andrews, May E. McBee Anglin, Martha L. Fort Mill Annese, Betsy J. Belton Ansley, David U. St. Simons lsle,Ga. Armstrong, Christine Georgetown Arneson, Robert A. Columbia Arnold, Carol R. Atlanta,Ga. Aronson, Carol L. Orangeburg Arrington, Linda S. West Columbia Ashmore, Diane E. Greenville Atkinson, Catherine E. Columbia Avery, Rosemary Columbia Bach, Mildred New York, N.Y. Bagnal, Charles E. Aynor Bailey, Hennye S. West Columbia Bailey Sam H., Jr. Columbia Bailey, Trudy S. Charleston Baker, Lois C. Columbia Banco Andrew J., Jr. Columbia Barbee, Robert M., Jr. Columbia Barnes, William S. Columbia Barsh, Carol M. Aiken Barshay, Eugene H. Ormond Beach, Fla. Bates, Richard W. Charleston Batton, Meral E. Charleston Baucom, Mary S. Charlotte. N.C. Beasley, Judy N. Cayce Becker, Mary C. Walterboro Bennett, Tracey E. Springfield,Va. Bennett, William D. Fort Mill Benson, Robert G. Columbia Benton, Clista C. Florence Berkeley, Louise W. Charlotte Berner, Linda J. Orangeburg Berry, Eleanor J. Columbia Berry, Judith E. Hartsville Best, Richard B. Orangeburg Bethea, George R., Jr. Spartanburg Bienert, Virginia A. Alexandria,Va. Bishop, Shirley V. Ehrhardt Bitner, Donald P. Carlisle, Pa. Black, George M. Columbia Black, Peggy A. Jackson Campbell. Doris R. Campbell, Julie M. Campbell, Terry M, Capps, Lois C. Cardwell, Frances L. Carnell, Delta J. Carr, Paula K. Carter, Amanda M. Lynchburg Anderson Greenville Cayce Columbia Florence Augusta, Ga. West Columbia Carter, Catherine A. Columbia Carter, James F. Georgetown Cashon, Earl E.. Jr. North Augusta Caswell, Phyllis G. Gadsden Caulton, Rhonda M. West Columbia Cave, Robert E. Walterboro Chandler, Linda G. Georgetown Chaney, Scott S. Richmond, Va, Chapman, Virginia A. Columbia Chappell, Charlene R. Columbia Chastain, Nancy L. Walterboro Cheezem, Margaret L. Marion Chesney, Delma J. Spartanburg Chesser, Viclcie L. Mt. Pleasant Clarlc, Charles W. Santee Clary, Frances Gaffney Clayman, Ronald H. Des Moines, Iowa Clayton, Katherine A. Greer Coates. William A. Columbia Cobb, Dottie J. Columbia Cochrane, Chester B. Columbia Coddington, Helen C. Butler, Pa. Cotiey, James P. North Charleston Cotlfman, Glenda M. Lugoft Coqsdill. Charles E. Laurens Cole, Rita K. Columbia Coleman, John F. Saluda Coleman, Karen M. Myrtle Beach Coleman, Thomas R. Saluda Collier, Anne C. Plum Branch Collins, Gerald D. Augusta,Ga. Compton, Betty L. Sumter Connolly, William M. Greenville Cook, Frances A. Clemson Cool: Judith P. Columbia Coolc, Larry J. Greenville Cook Mary J. Charlotte, N. C. Cook Philip D. Columbia Cook Rene J. Charleston Cook Shirley E. Prosperity Cooper, Francine E. St. Stephen Corder, Judith M. Cayce Cordina, Janet M. North Charleston Corkum, Sidni L. Westfield, N.J. Corley, Linda E. Columbia Cottingham, Mary E. Dillon Counts, Beverly A. Newberry Cox, Edward J. Clarkton, N. C. Cox, Everett C., Jr. Woodruff Creel, Martha N. Hemingway Crooks, Robert M. Anderson Crosby, Mary A. Yemassee Everngam. Betsy G. Fadool, Theodora A. Silver Spring, Md. Richmond, Va. Faris, Martha A. Columbia Farmer, James H. Aiken Farmer. James R. Charlotte. N. C. Faulkenberry, Dixie Lancaster Felder. Arthur M., Jr. Manning Felder, Susan S. Columbia Felkel, Reba C. Elloree Fellores, Joe R. Felsberg, Nancy L. Manila, Philippines Kennelon, N.J. Fenters, Kathy L. Hemingway Ferguson, Leona J. Orangeburg Fersner, Bryant D. Orangeburg Finger, Watson C., Jr. Charleston Fitzgerald, Barbara J. Charlotte, N. C. Flanders, Jane P. Aiken Flora. Raymond S. Clover Floyd, Danny L. Nichols Forbes. Susan A. Charleston Force, Terry C Saluda Fountain, Linda S. Princeton, N.J. Fowler, David G. Spartanburg Frank, Barbara J. Charlotte. N. C, Freeman, Lucy C. Columbia Freeman, Philip A. West Columbia Freeman, Rebecca L. Pickens Frick. Sharon D. Columbia Friedly, Kathleen A. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Frye, Roland D. Columbia Fryga, John H. Andrews Fullbright, Robert W. Columbia Fuller. David l. Charleston Gaddy, Sarah E. Dillon Galbreaith, Jan S. Annandale, Va. Galloway. Addie J. Latta Gantt, Charleen M. Greenwood Gardner, Angela G. Lancaster Gardner, Deborah A. Walterboro Garrett, Elizabeth A. Greenville Garrick. Francis L. Columbia Garrison, Jane C. Ocean Drive Beach Gaskins, Carmen R. Gaskins, Hollis L. Gear. Patricia E. Geddings, Dulcie M. George, Alan J. George, Kathryn Georgen. Thomas W. Gilbert, Charles R. Giles, Linda G. Gillam, Edward A. Gilmartin, John T. Gissendanner, Joel R. Given, Billie J. Gleaton. l. Elizabeth Glenn, Donna L. Godfrey, Mary E. Godowns, James S. Goldston, Weltord T., Lake City Pamplico Columbia Lane Aiken Latta Annandale. Va. Greenville Augusta. Ga. Orangeburg McLean, Va. West Columbia Rockville, Md. Columbia Greenville Arlington, Va. Orangeburg Jr. Leesville I Hoffman, Phil B. Cayce Hogan, Kevin M. Port Charlotte, Fla. Hogue, Cathy E. Blacksburg Holler, William S., Jr. Rock Hill Hollaway, Linda C. Annandale,Va. Holmes, Raymond W. Edgetield Holmes, Walter G., Jr. Spartanburg Holub, Karen B. Bamberg Hook, Sharon R. Stamford, Conn. Houck, Marcia L. Orangeburg Honeycutt. Margaret E. Columbia Houser, Carrie B. Orangeburg Howard, Murray M. Greenville Howell, Marguerite W. Charleston Hrabowy, Monika K. Columbia Huffman, Harry L. Greenville Hutfstetler, William S. Cayce Hughes, Gloria J. Hughes, Linda A. Mt. Pleasant West Columbia Humphreys, Margaret W. Charleston Hunclley, Joan T. Hunnicutt, Michael L. Hunt, Harold P. Hurloclrer, Virginia A. Hutchinson Dale G Hutchinson, Michael . Hutto, Carol A. Hutto. Curtis W. Hyatt, Johanna Huslcins, G. Kay , .6 Hyatt, Lois D. lannotti. Salvatore J., lnabinet, Mary E. lsaac. Karen G. Iteld, Rachelle G. Jackson, Lora B. Jr. James, Linda F. Jamison, Kathryn D. Janiclci. Mary J. Jarvis, Denise C. Jetfords, Milton K. Jenlcins, Richard F. Jenlcins, William A. Jennings, James W.. Jennings, Martha A. Jennings, William R. Johnson, Allie D. Johnson. Gary Johnson. James A. Johnson. Kathy L. Johnson. Martha R. Johnson, Rebecca A. Johnson Ronald P. Johnston, David D. Johnston, Otis C. Jones, Kathryn A. Jones, Marsha K. Jones, Robert D. Jones, Sandra L. Sedley, Va. Greenville Greenville Manning Summerville Summerville Seneca Batesburg Harleyville Chapin West Columbia Phila., Pa. St. Matthews Georgetown Miami Fla. Swansea Eastover Columbia Columbia Babylon, N. Y. Orangeburg Columbia Williamston Aileen Columbia Spartanburg Abbeville North Augusta Anderson Lancaster Columbia Aiken Clinton Columbia Columbia Florence Charleston La lceview Garnett Jordan, Deborah J. Coral Gables, Fla. Joye, James E. Jumper, Harriette L. Kabase. Clara J. Kasdort, Sally P. Kee. Sherry D. Keels. Candace C. Keller, Margaret A. Columbia Springfield Charleston Charleston Camden Columbia Greenville Kennedy. Algie H., Jr. Moncks Corner Kennerl Carol S Asheville N C y. . . . . Kerrigan. Thomas M. Massapequa, N.Y. Ketchens, Claudette V. Summerville Kilgore. Glenda R. Myrtle Beach King, Judith C. Wadmalaw lsland Kinghorn, Dorothy S. Beaufort Kirill. Langhorne Orange Park, Fla. Kirkwood. Katherine H. Columbia Kirtley. Margaret E. Columbia Klatz. Linda D. Newport News, Va. Knapp, Jeffrey L. Kneece, Colleen D. Knight, Frank E. Kolb. Wade S., Jr. Kordulak. Jerome R. Kresslov, Karen L. Fairfield, Conn. Aiken Orangeburg Sumter Englewood, N. J. Charlotte. N. C. Kyzer, Mary G. Cayce Lance. Gary D. Columbia Landt, Madelyn L. Raleigh, N.C. Lanford, Mary A. Greenville Langdon, Mark R. Columbia Lanier, Lewis C. Columbia Larmon, Robert C.. Ill Columbia LaRose, Harry W. Longmeadow, Mass. Lawkins, Francis A. E.Williston. N.Y. Lawrimore, Terry W. Hemingway Lawson. Frances D. Pauline Lawson. William H., Jr. North Augusta League, Paul S. Seneca Leaphart. Donna J. Lexington LeCour. Polly A. Demarest, N.J. Lee, Charles R. lrmo Lee, Victoria E. Spartanburg Left. Elaine Charleston Lengel. James H. Columbia Lewis, Julianne Orangeburg Lewis. Robert K. Eden, N. C. Little. Clay A. North Augusta Lockaby. James D. Pelzer Logan, Charlotte B. Franklin, Ky. Logan. Linda L. Columbia Long, Charles M. Kingsport, Tenn. Love, Nancy H. York Love, Velma E, York Lowder, Christa D. Belvedere Lewe, Robert L., II Martinsburg.W. Va. Lowman, Olin L. Connelly Springs, N.C. Lowry, Gail E. Pageland Lowry, Robert A. Alexandria,Va. Lumpkin, Elizabeth L. Rock Hill Luther, Susan M. lrmo MacDougall, Bruce Washington, D. C. MacLean. Roberf M. Augusia. Ga. MacNicol, Donna L. Shori Hills. N.J. Magner, Fredric M. Farmingdale, N.Y. Maguire, Mooly S. Mranigaull, Doroihy A. Marcus, Sandra M. Markey, Lawrence J. Marshall, Janei R. Marlin, Cheryl L. Marlin, Mary Frances Marlin, Peggy J. Marrin. Roberf C. Mayer. Nancy L. McAllis+er, Gayle F. McAr'rhur, Joyce A. McAskill. James A. McCarler, Nelda F. Norih Augusia Monclts Corner Orangeburg Sumfer Charlesfon Camden Sumler Surfside Beach Columbia Columbia Raleigh. N. C. Charlesion Vienna, Va. Greenville McCausland, Pefer P. Merion Siaiion, Pa. McClary. Alice M. McCoy. Cynihia G. McCravy, Ernesf E. McCullough, Lore'H'a D. McCul'chen. Wilmof E. McDonald. Marcus E. McElmurray, Lynda C. McFadden. John E. McGurn, James P. Mcllwaine, Parricia A. Mclnerny, Harrier Mclnerny, Rufh Mclfevlin, Teddy D. McKeown. Alberl' W., Jr. McKnigh'l', Rosalind E. McLellan, Marsha K. McLeod. Eugene B., Jr. Kingsiree Monroe. N. C. Columbia Tenafly, N. J. Kingsiree Greenville Charlesion Rock Hill Sumfer Wayne. N. J. Columbia Columbia Charlesion McConnells Kingsiree Darlingion Pinewood McMenamy, John H. Williamsville, N. Y. Meaders. Waller H. Greenville Mallard, Cynihia L. Norfh Charlesion Merrill, Pam F. Lake Ciiy Merger. Carol V. Sumrer MeH's, Jay D. Columbia Meiz, Georgia M. Columbia Meh, Janef E. Columbia Meyers, Cafherine Columbia Milam, Sharon K. Columbia Miller, Cynihia D. Alleniown, Pa. Miller, Joseph A., Ill Wesiiield. N.J. Miller, Mack D. Cross Miller, Mary L. Jamesrown, N. C. Miller. Ronald H. Charleslon Miller, Susan W. Wading River, N.Y. Millican, Colleen San Anfonio. Texas Minerva, Rosiia Columbia Minich, Mark A. Washingron, D. C. Minor, Thomas B. McCormick Miranda, Roberf G. Easi Haven, Conn. Miifenzwei, Michael Greenwood Moeschl. Jo Falls Church, Va. Moore, Judy D. Sumier Moore. Lois M. York r Polsfon, Peggy Dianne Pool. Carolyn Bernice Pooser, James Manning Porfh, Carl Michael Power, Cornelia Ruih Price. Seih Larry Price, Terry M. Price, Thomas Richard Prieslcorn, Donna L. Blenheim Columbia Charlesion Fori Moiie Saluda W. Columbia Lexingion Columbia Columbia Propsf, Nancy Carolyn Haiiiesburg, Miss. Pruiii, James Calhoun Purvis, Linda Jane Quinn, Michael W. Quinion, Virginia Lynn Raines, Judy Ann Ramos. Sara A. Ramsey, Darla Maureen Rawlinson, Nancy Sarah Reames, Pamela Anne Anderson Denmark Greenville Sparlanburg Easlover Newberry W. Columbia W. Columbia W. Columbia Reaves, James Edwin Loris Reaves, Thomas Wallon Conway Reid, Jeri Susanne Raleigh, N. C. Reilly, Kaihleen Jean Greenville Relyea, Mary C. Columbia Resia, Michael J. Long Island. N.Y. Reynolds, Guy Lee Ailania, Ga. Rhodes, Michael W. Harisville Rhue. Sandra D. Georgeiown Ricci, Mariorie Ann Columbia Richardson, David G. Kearney, Neb. Richardson, Frances King of Prussia, Pa. Riclcenbalcer, Sidney E. Riddle. R. Lynn Riddock, Anne M. Riggs, Edward W. Rikard, Linda C. Riley, Jacquelyn E. Ringer. James W. Ripley. William Y. Rivers. Debbie L. Rivers, Mary L. Roach, David R. Lalne Ciiy W. Columbia Mouni' Pleasanl Charlesion Bafesburg Columbia Pomaria Charlesion Columbia Chesieriield Hanahan Orangeburg Roberison, Jean C. Robin, Sherwin P. Robinson, Gerald D. Robinson. Mariha E. Robinson, Paisy S. Robinson, Sandra W. Rodwell, David C. Rogers, Karen P. Rogers, John W. Rohrer, Wayne L. Roland, Anihony F. New B Rollins. Choice L. Rosen, Louis L. Ross, Amber K. Ross, Shirley A. Rovner, Jeffrey E. Rowland. Pairicia D. Russ, George D. Arlingion, Va. Charlesion Clover Orangeburg Canlon. N. C. S+. Maflhews W. Columbia Cha rlesion Lancasier, Pa. runswick, N. J. Greenville Orangeburg Columbia Columbia Greenville Columbia Myrile Beach Rush Jacqueline C. LaGrange Farlc, III. Rubens, Joyce L. Raleigh, N. C. Rulland, Phyllis A. Columbia Sadler. Heaiher G. Charlolie, N. C. Sanders, D. Marliia Sparianburg Sanders. Jaclc L. Slamford, Conn. Sanclmann, Michael C. Lancasier, Pa. Sandow, William K. Columbia Saniago, Conslance A. Pelersburg, Va. Sapp, Cheryl A. Lancasier Sappingion, John O. Columbia Seale, Thomas W., Jr. Georgefown Scholl, Janice K. Sumler Szhudar, Lincla D. Charleslon Schumperl. Kalhryn L. Willislon Schnegman, Clefus W. Narberfh, Pa. Scogqins, Pairicia K. Lexingfon Scruggs, Jack T. Charleslon Scruggs, Sandra K. Chesnee Sease, Cynihia D. Columbia Sempsroll. Donna E. Berwyn, Pa. Senfell, Gene M. Charlesion Heighls Shannon, Susan K. Socieiy Hill Sharp, Joan W. Hardeeville Sheaff, Kenneih D. Shealy, Brenda F. Shealy, Dorolhy E. Shealy. Herberf F. Sheehan. Franci A. Shelburne, Brenda K. Shirley, Ellender H. Shores, Melba A. Shuler, Richard B. Shull, Jane S. Sicldall, Jane V. Sigmon, Daniel R. Silvers. Jacqueline Simpson, Miriam J. Skinner, Mariha Sloan, Anne D. Sloan, Barbara A. Sloan. Eleanor B. Slovinac, Elena L. Small, Sidney E. Smilh. Alice K. Smiih, Allison Y. Smiih, Beverly D. Smilh, Cafherine L. Smiih. Claudia J. Smilh, Danny R. Smiih, Delora A. Smilh, Consfance D. Smifh, Evelyn M. Smilh, Elizabelh L. Smiih, Mary D. Smifh, Pamela J. Smiih. Pafricia A. Smilh, Pafrick B. Smifh, Peggy A. Smilh, Roberl C. Quincy, Mass. Norih Augusla Camden Columbia Chillicoihe, Ohio Richmond, Va. Columbia Jackson Cameron Columbia Aiken Si. MaHhews Raleigh, N. C. Mullins Charleslon Myrlle Beach Taylors Dillon Sumier Davidson, N. C. Allendale Columbia Columbia Columbia Honolulu, Hawaii Pauline Norih Augusla Aflanla. C-Ba. Columbia Charlolie, N. C. Varnville Gaffney Myrlle Beach Cazenovia, N. Y. Chesnee Monclcs Corner Smith, Sandra Lutherville. Md. Smith Shirley Ann Beaufort Smith Sue L. Madison,Conn. Smith Walter Green Charleston Smith William Alan Chattanooga,Tenn. Smoak, Nellie Jolene Walterboro Snead, Roger Keith Pelion Snowden, Gail Evelyn Hemingway Snyder, Shayne L. West Columbia Spalding, Pamela Kay Columbia Spann, Julia Elizabeth Columbia Sparks, Leslie A. Fairfax, Va. Speight, Nedgelena E. Windsor, N. C. Springer, Sallie M. Southern Pines, N.C. Sta rnes, Thomas E. North Augusta Staub, Errol Carl Newberry Staub. Frances A. Columbia Steigner, Sally Jean Columbia Stephens, Margaret J. Loris Stevenson, Martha S. Bessemer City, N. C. Stewart, Betty Jane Orangeburg Stojanovic, Jellra Cowpens Stokes, Dorcas Anita Mullins Stowers, Roxy Pamela Columbia Stripling, Carolyn R. Gainesville, Fla. Strobel, Kathy Dianne Summerville Sturlcie, Elizabeth M. Columbia Sturtevant, John M. Red Creelc, N.Y. Strange, Robert Eugene Columbia Streater, James A., Jr. Cheraw Strickland, Derald W. Cayce Sudeclx, Glenn Moorestown, N. J. Summer, Brenda Loraine Columbia Summers, Judy Ann West Columbia Swanwiclc, Bruce S. U. Saddle River, N. J. Tate, Edward E., Jr. Taylor, Deborah J. Taylor, John Martin Taylor, Linda Diane Thackston, Patricia L. Tharpe. Lee McGowan Thaxton. Thomas Rawls Thomas, Debby Thomas, Sarah E. Thompson, Charles L. Thompson, Cindy Jane Atlanta, Ga. Aiken Greenville North Augusta Greenville Greenwood Spartanburg Myrtle Beach Ailzen Kingstree Waco, Texas Thompson. Herman Hugh Spartanburg Thorne, Lynda Anne Thrasher, Nancy V. Tice, Kenneth L. Tieclemann, Debra C. Till. Elizabeth C. Timmons, Tracy Ann Tinsley, Sharon Kay Todd, Nita Elizabeth Toole. Joyce Ann Tower, John Webster Tomaszewslci, Gayle M. Townsend, Elizabeth Bee Townsend. Mary Alice Charleston Anderson Riverside. N. J. Folly Beach Orangeburg Greenville Landrum Florence Salley Brandon, Vt. Charleston Walterboro Roanoke, Va. Trace, Lynne Diane Trexler. Laurie E. Trexler. Nancy Eileen Trotter, Beniamin R. Trotter, James Ray Turner. James E.. Jr. Turner. Jefferson A. Turner, John Michael Turney, William O.. Jr. Twilley. Sharon D. New York, N. Y. Barnwell Columbia Cayce Cayce Charleston Folly Beach Cross Hill Bethesda. Md. North Augusta Twiss. Cynthia L. Charleston Tyler, Mike Owens Orangeburg Usher. Alvin M., Jr. Pageland Vogel, Thomas C. Silver Spring, Md. Von Ohsen. Harold C. Summerville Vosburgh. Gail E. Cameron Waddington, Butch Pennsville, N.J. Waggett. Steven M. Columbia Wald, Joan Dianna Greenville Walka. Arthur E. Jackson Heights, N.Y. Walker, Charlotte Anne Spartanburg Walker. Nathaniel G. Spartanburg Walker, Mary Lu Charlotte. N. C. Walters. Emma Lou Lancaster Wasson, Carol Lynn Silver Spring. Md. Wassung. Lynne Ellen Clinton Waters, Kenneth L. Spartanburg Watford, Walter E.. Jr. Andrews Watkins. Teresa Anne Columbia Watson, Adair M. Columbia Watson, Elizabeth An Glen Ridge, N.J. Weathers, Larry Vernon N. Charleston Weisberg, Ruth Lee Columbia Welch. Albert West Columbia Werner. Tony Randall Greenville Wertz. Robert E.. lll Denmark Westmoreland, Colin M. Charlotte. N.C. Whisonhunt, John Erwin Rock Hill White, Dorothy Ann Ramsey. N.J. White. James R. Ft. L White. Lawrence T. eavenworth. Kan. Dallas, Texas White, Linda Dianne Sumter Whitmeyer, Robert C. Narberth, Pa. Wiederho d, Patricia L. Charleston Williams Bennie M.. Jr. Charleston Williams Barbara C. Rock Hill Williams Donna E. Spartanburg Williams. John Duncan Denmark Williams Charles F. Charleston Williams Kenneth H. Hartsville Williams Linda Gail Florence Williams. M. Gwendolyn Chesnee Williams, Mary Hugh Lancaster Wilson, Cornell A. Hartsville Wing. James Milton Charleston Winn. Patricia Lynn Huntington, N.Y. Wintersteen. Jean Ann Charleston Witt, Frances A. Saluda Wotiorcl. Richard Spartanburg Wolf, Jackie L. Virginia Beach,Va. Wolfe. Elizabelh K. Woller, Shalon Wood, Janel Sue Wood, Kaihleen G. Wood, Margarel V. Wood. Slephanie P. Wooclall, Donna Anne Woodside. Anne Mason Worrell, Linda lrene Worringer. Michael John Wright Deborah Gail Wrighl, Thomas Lynn Wright Pamela Louise Wulf, Judilh Ann Wyganl. Wendy M. Yarbordugh. Thomas W. Yelion. Danna Gayle Young. Alison C. Young. Belle Jean Mullins Charlolle. N. C. Leesville Livingslon, N. J. Edgelielcl Laurel. Mcl. Allanla, Ga. Columbia Marion Trenlon, N. J. Wal+erboro Walferboro Greenville Charles'l'on Fair Lawn, N.J. Jamison Aiken Columbia Greenville Zeigler. Donald C. Charlesion Heighls Zimmerman. Len Charles Sparlanburg ?'i' fs- EQ , - 'rgyffrzgyf-1 , I ,.. X X X l , .- v llliiyi 1 is , lllil i l L., DJ 1 Z5 gs! ,fr-s .J ,ws l is 1 Ls rv' la l ' 3 T111 f . . A ,1 ,, . ., .,1., W, A l ,,i i r-. . -. he H .4 my ii ., .l wr pg- . al F?- 4 I ' :ij if-Ea 1 ? J. H 4 v L , , ga . wJ l l 1 3 I - I-Pinwwi -. .. . ii gffy . i gy! i w ,, I lrld i , 8 X. "Q-GL,-, L. .Q-3" mia was-nl FN . I U AL M QQ gr, 3,'!-1,-5 'W Rf A 7" , G - A 'vi 1 . Fvk 4 . Q, 4 ,av I 1 . 4 f M lf" 0 to ei: ,. T.,. .q 'QI K-1Y4.' , .,. , A, 'xx Q M 4-Th, 9 ' M ? Av 0 Ab 1 ,R-gigd VI!! NQVM 4' 'W Y'qf','H x I 1 , , ,. f yi H. " N11 QJW bf' ra S! w 10 .- X - f O ,- su- ,, P 1 ii U Y--Liv 'A i my fd pr" PTH- -+ 9' ffl' xx jx, KJ Z ' Y-'ij , ' ' c ,"' ,nf V 4, .. I jX, f t ' I 1 ., "C M, M '5?- 'v' 5- '. sf' ' 4 Yfx. ' f Q H Q , ',,5w" I ...1-Y?---ff-1-f'.-1 ' -"W 7' - 1: -, .W ..., .. M A if . Q, LJ' 'W 0 V V 'f i 1 iv- . l V 1 Eg V QL- '., . ' s U . . rl ,, , ... ,-4 41g ' ' , I inlneq inf I 414-Li ' ' ' . ,:. ' - ' , I, K ,w 1 ' , ..-a1'ffa..v x - A -Fil", 1'.l1',i' rl. --,A Q I 1 ,J I ' - ' . 1 l Y x ' I ' . I 2 x J "sl""-Rv" ' W wg-wk , I , N ' -JK va 1. M ' I 5 My X L W ' :3j,l1:FsT+2 new.: IM! I "1 1 .4 A ,. , ... ,, 4 1 " f is 1 ,EJ ' I i 1 ' X t X xx W. 1 f L 1 ' x 'I ,' '. fwnlf .' 4' --.453 fi ' Ki, ,, fi' Wi I 3 kk 1 X :,,- XE:-f'-Ti" url' s A we-,,.4v Jlfk, .LQ I .L 5,11 ' ' r llzit dl Qin X 4 J! ' A sq' , . . g X I . 1 aa 'SVS V fwlgg Q tg mi 155' K 4. VX . -f ff- .QQ '- X ' " 1 " '1 -- Yr ,- 1 ' --44'-T. 4, 7: . v X' 'w X 1 ' A. I, 1- r -4. 5 - ,n ,1 . .Q wg, if , , .A X f'h?h .15 1 1. 1, 4 W . I ' , . , , w. : Q1-1. 'W '..,.,. .. w 1 4 1 as nw ' .' if ' sq . HJ! H1 J 5 tri -I sf,-Q . Lw g ' f, '- xx. if t BM, 4, 4. .' f Wir F rw - 4- 4 V A ix, it S- Jyxi Lite is beautiful anywhere there is a Carolina coecl-especially at the Miss GARNET AND BLACK Contest. It talces more than surtace beauty to reign with the crown-the contest involves teas, luncheons, ancl ot course, the final dramatic night of judging. .' '1' .1 N ff'if4'i' " fx -.., 515 A, -'A-fb ,.- If ' LET 4'-h " 1 . 1:14 ' ...V-fr .1 ,,.f3, 1' his -, 1 ii- ff! '7 M I. f U -.I ,,., r. .:, 1 ' , -. . , - W v. I sn-, .,.., L A CDUR YEAR Autumn Pumpkins, turkeys and Pilgrims occupied the minds ot the students with the ap- proach ot Thanksgiving and the tirst real holiday ot the year. 489 E355 ,Gas - J Autumn was here and so was the gridiron competi- tion. The game ot the year arrived-the Fighting Gamecocks vs the bird-eating telines. We turned out in thousands to witness this endless rivalry. The game started with a bang, a 23 point lead by Clemson. Never-say-die Carolina scrambled back and even the reterees rejoiced at the sight ot a Carolina score. We yelled, our throats ached and our spirits were high, but Carolina tell. 490 Laughter, clipping, and "inter- ceptions" characterized the an- nual Garter Bowl classic. And a classic it was with feminine ver- sions ot Warren Muir scram- bling, rushing and passing tor those 6 coveted points. Enthusi- asm was sparked by the appear- ance ot vivacious, vocalizing faculty cheerleaders personified by our own "Wonderwoman Betty." At long last the spirited season arrived. l-loll ine and mistletoe decked the halls Y' P and the dorms. "Spirited" Carolina stu- dents thronqecl to the Christmas dance in anticipation of the seasons joy, dancing to music by the Glenn Miller Orchestra. I I l fl ."Q ' Vo 1. I I R, .V fb 7 0 . o M fa lg, ff 5? HI Ps lv' AE akffw A ,- ' "' ,+ 1 E ' 51' 1.4, . :I I xef? -,Q ,,f::vf,vg4u'i : -:1+.yw.L,, , . 5 -4 -K fx f- 4 A . '-if .' f-'Jil 1- .l ' .f g 0 ' ,-X x L' -F' '51 ' fC" V ff ' if '41 .5 Y ,d-L , ,P 1 , - "n-fm:,'.f ' I N f Q :Wg nv ' f x, 5 .A 'p ' 'N 'W' A -"V '-' ,M M- MMM '-MM W J M 1 Wfvf F' T .via '-f"' H .cxflxfffh H r 1-s ? if U 1 -E , ' N V .-...A nm, - ra :Ni gi I - L A ' E vi , 7.14,-'tq,Yh L, I' ,s Q f .ma - ii'-fjfj. MW, -F ,-,fgjzfxi -2 1 -gi . --., fi ' -.-f-fffi I -5 .i"1g2Q:f.f'i if. Y i f '- "--ax. - A- Tw-, 'f-.:,u- - V-,"iL-:-.-':- 1 154 . i ,, ' L'-. . -'fx L.-'11-i::,t,3 11.3--L' rl: 4- ,fi ' , ' Q' - . ., ' iizgfi-IHiflif-.,a".f f5'f"mif?'ffl'1Tg- I ' .- -' .N ""J'f'5', -v-vw, Jig. 'f1"3,i'-,- j?v1'i,.N-' -'f 1 ,L . . .., Z.-4J4-H 139, f:'f.--'11 'YQ' 2 -'.- -I .r , fi- rt . 1 i f , . W. 'lHE?f4u'1'.-. 11' 631 ' lk ' 'Y --'T-gig' i ,112-V iivs,"'iw' 1 ' 'JP i .lm -! i .4 r. 'f-4., i i ::,y ai- iw- -. .. - 1, -' ,A - F- " P 53.57. fi'f1'..-f5E'f ,, ' "5 " Pi, 7 ' 'A ll ,il .. .. .x -1 was I-,auger 1, . , -, ri -- ., ic ,-f ,aim it ' r w..- ', 4--Wi 1-nn gixg'-it , - ' -' ff-3' ,jf-' ' . A ' gg-1 ' 'faq " ' i ' Q' 'lil 55 L-w ., 'f,'r,l'9,f lg 'Nw 'J 1 X Q V Y - 'I' - L4 -7 ,A tsl' V tiiiiii ' i ' it ' ""4ii- " A . i .lf Q. - s L , , .-vas..-f iii-0 ff :ig " "' L' ' - , , i H ' 31-"l, I, rl L- -, :""L"""' M A-X --5-,wg - f' K,J",!1'..i,gL: ie' is .V , -I ga Va' .tall --i----,:4.c,,,, 7 . .,,,.'l' - Q ,' '-gf ' ..:-- f , 1. "UT '. 5' f i. 1-1 , i, l ' -. tffna- Afiit ,if ..1.-iW1e l - -I ,:,y.,5 ng, V U, 1. K ii V ., f, ' ' pf f 7 im if' V' ' ' , blk. - -Q ,lzsljiiq 44:1- A I 41'-, b -mr ., A a .A . W fi The onset of semester break wit- nessed groups ot frenzied, elated students packing such wierd articles as boots, poles and slciis, and heading tor Gatlinburg. Parties, slci lifts and that rare substance, snow, added a Swiss-like atmosphere to the brief vacation. OUR YEAR i 1 , X r January 30 was here and so was Duke. The tield- house was packed to over-capacity, a sense ot anticipation and hope tilled the air, and Carolina was-out to smear the Blue Devils. Tension mounted as the end neared, with but one vital point ditter- ence on the board. Then cheers tilled the air, voices yelled, people gasped and a ROAR rang out, tor Carolina had beaten the Blue Devils, 83-80. 495 .E wn .- 1 . ' M, .Q V aj . , xy p, Ll ' ' F W : 1 ' .VM Y f' K 1 f,,' J ' 'gil . "jg "W ' x .r " - M-.-....... 'J ,,,,A Tj, ' A ,. I A , V -.WA . ..- o" . K V 1 ' H --Ifgf i g qi 1 . ' Z. , 'GA , , ' W, x L I n - , , K I1 Q t J . . 1 - I V .U Y S , X 5, X4 I I ii , 'TY . e Ml, 2 R A w ' gf, ,. '1 1 A U 'J ' . A ax '-4 1 - 1 iw- 'ff -ffl -pf , H . M' 'O 4 f f ' f "Qi f'9f""!?N A ' I l x ,,,.' ,. f , T QT K ' . Y 3 ' YA , pg . ff ' W' ' N V. ' N. -.:' Q n P V V' ' 'Y ' ' Q 'Ham A 'if 1 'I V A f""Y Q' A ,V 1 'f Y, if! , A 1 I 1 ' "l,-! I il " " - r 'L f::i5?' 2f Wggfk, ,E .1 '15 I ' ' - S 4 5. . N , , it 'ILM 1 1, f " ' Q" A E45 ' ff A J :ff : . 'lv 0 o I ' 1 V P I 1 I I I xt x r F Q w' T,. A R-V.-33'- i , I-E OUR YEAR Pancaces and syrup, pancakes and syrup, and more syrup were characteristic ot the Great Pancake Eat, sponsored by the Inter- national House ot Pancakes. Friends and trat brothers gathered to urge their favorite candidate to make a pig ot himselt and win the contest. Finally, with tull stomachs and sticky mouths the contest ended with a Chi Psi waddling away with the prize. 'L OUR YEAR May Day is a universal day, but each geo- graphical location has their own unique way of celebratingq Russia parades mis- sile ancl weapon, but Carolina parades beauties in their annual May Day Pageant. IN , ,N - -fivx xxx N58 TN ' ,-.143 R fv' -JN, ,yt 1 1- Mn! - i"4r' -is 'A4... f. P50 L I ad. F.. 3 J x IJIWVDQ 1 L qw V 1 .1 x x N . K' -'J gy, .N , 2 4' Y x m'4 'gk 5'm'-a la '- l H 1 5' :, 1 . - A -' lb s. , 6 L -' - Y 1' A -r. 5 4 Q 'fx f. I - A x . 1 5' y N. if X 4 , 'HT A :ww '- 'Kr "- " 'f ' I1 f A x - my -1 l LQ- it ,Fix 1.x P - 'KA 1 xx, -. .I vs, 'X 'Ir , if N , '-1 ' .' ' WY 4 'WW cv' ' ' W" 'P 'H N 4 ,ry Q- - W -1- Q , 4. 4, 'CK YJ: , AW , W , F 9 .. . :gr . , fl 9 - , I f J , , f V ." X . " 'f 1 N J ' I r' lin- ' ' v' f ' 'M f Y u fv'V'U 'Z 5 Y rf' L, r :Q ' li? Y' -- . ,L , '- - K X W f m ' -f , .x . ,H 23. Wm QM? W r n . J. . A' A . X' " lj' x ".. 9. X 14 . P-1, . , F -f A Y, A 1 Y I ' 7 'Y 4 , ' Ax Z , w h - V . ' . . K WM x -.Ei t 1 I A ,S A - 5 3 5 . ,- xxvx U M mm N 1 - ,. ' ,Q MQ-J, ' 'N K ' si N r - I ', k,,I 1 D., F ' ' ' - ZW' Mfw , 'Y ' Ai ' A - ' , c , - t . K , V Q :Rglxlkh ' 4' 1 5' ps -X .Y ,IN '7"' ,nf i 'Q , 511. , if-I -my I A I, nl' V! ' N' 1 lr, u ,A ' O- A ' J A -- -- ' ... f , j , 1 -I 4- ,f r. ,, , 5 , , ' f , 5 1 Nkmf "'55'. ' ' n 5 if " uv K ' ., x . X M ' A N, 1! v i x 'W 1 '4TT!l' .,.- 5'-' ..-.,--""""' 'mr- gli. if' Nia-nn. H's All Over Everything's tinished and the i968 6818 has gone to press. Right now we're all too pooped to think, but we're still anxious to see our results. Believe it or not, we worked hard. Guess we had to since only nine people quit and some ot the others may as well have. But all that is in the past and we're looking to the tuture. Ot course we won't torget the liun we've had. Our spirit promotion party in the Fall was a smashing success! Everybody got smashed. Cur weekly meetings turned into gossip sessions tor the most part with Jim leading all dis- cussions. We got concerned about taking pictures in November but Charlie protested, "lt's still early!" The Miss GRB contest went oti real well-except lvlargaret's bald- headed now. Christmas and semester break were nothing but work as was second se- mester. That was when Pat jumped in to save the Administration section with one month till the deadline. Larry comments about the classes picture- taking, "It was going to be so easy. Find the correct IBM card, collect the registration tee and assign a picture appointment. And it was easy as anyone who was there will tell you. Consequently I received only tive threats to my lite and was attacked only once by a mob ot girls. IS. A., ot coursell There was never a line longer than two blocks tor pictures and somehow Mr. Toal smiled through it all. This year we learned to crop pictures, write copy, finesse almost everything and smoke and drink two packs a day." Chip chimed in with, "Yes, we 'photogs' have enjoyed printing pictures in the Russell I-louse in the wee hours when the hot water's out and the air's ice cold. No, we'Il never torget the wonderful times trying to gloss dry pictures on equipment not designed tor our output. Do it again-I-IELL YES-but next year will be soon enough." Mr. "Cheertul Face", Gene Cline, and Bill Giles, "Mr, Typewriter Wonder Man" helped a great deal. This hectic year is finally over, but we'II never torget it, nor the people who provided the Uhectici' and the laughs. -NANCY FRANKLIN, Editor-in-Chiet. SENIOR STATISTIC ADAMS, MARILYN RUTH. Young Republicans: AWS Big Sister: International Student Big Sister: Dean Dean's List: Honor Roll: Hypatian Society. ADAMS, REBECCA AIDA. Kappa Delta Epsilon: Sigma Delta Pi: Sigma Tau Delta. ADKINS, WILLIAM WITTY. JR. Chi Psi. AIKEN, JACOUELINE LEE. Student Teaching Association: Womens Recreational Association. ALBINIAK, BERNARD ANTHONY. JR. Honor Roll. ALEXANDER, ANN RAMSAY. Chi Omega Sorority: AWS Repre- sentative: Dean's List: Honor Roll. ALFORD, SHEILA ANN. GARNET AND BLACK Coastal Carolina Regional Campus: Secretary of Student Council: Regional Campus Maid ot Honor in May Day. ALLABAUGI-I. NANCY BERTHEL. GARNET AND BLACK Business Statt: Freshman Orientation Counselor: Zeta Tau Alpha, Activities Chairman: Honor Roll: Dean's List: Freshman Y: What's What. ALLBRITTON, PATRICIA ANN. May Court. ALLEN. CAROL KAY. Meditrina Society: AWS Representative. ALLEN, KENNETH E. Pi Kappa Alpha, Scholarship Chairman. His- torian: United Fund Chairman: MTSG Judicial Council. ALLEN. THOMAS M. Phi Delta Theta: Ad Club: What's What. AMBROSE, RAYMOND GORDON, JR. Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity: The Gamecoclr: WUSC Radio Station. Broadcasters Guild: Sigma Delta Chi: Sophomore Honor Roll: Town Men's Association. ANDERSON. CECIL ESTUS. Dorm Judicial Board: Society tor Ad- vancement ot Management. ARANT. ROBERT CURTIS. Student APHA: Lawrence M. Keitt Oratory Award tor l966. ARMBRUSTER, JEFFREY THOMAS. American Society of Civil Engi- neers, Secretary, President: Engineers Joint Council. ARMSTRONG. ERNEST ELDON, JR. KSK. Corresponding Secretary: Inter-Dorm Vice-President: President Maxcy-Colcer Dorm: Senator: Elections Committee: Chairman ot Maxcy-Coker Constitutional Com- mittee: APhA. ARONSON, RHETTA. Alpha Delta Pi, social Chairman ot Pledge Class. Etticiency Chairman. Membership Chairman: Kappa Delta Epsilon. AUSTIN. B. GAYLE. Alpha Delta Pi Sorority. AYASS. ARFAN KHALIL. Delta Sigma Pi ISenior Guidel: Inter- national Student Association: Arab Student Organization in USA. AYRE, CALVERT WILLIAM. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Social Chairman, Controller. President: Marketing Club, President: Pi Sigma Epsilon. President ot Pledge Class. BABER. MARSHALL BENNETT, JR. Phi Delta Theta: Beta Alpha Psi. BAGGS, LUCIA GORDON. Student NEA: Transfer from Sullins College. BAILEY. MAXINE COOK. Freshman Coquette. BANKS, JUDITH DIANNE. Alpha Lambda Delta: Beta Gamma Sigma: Student Union, International Students Committee: International Stu- dents Club. Vice-President: Society tor the Advancement ot' Manage- ment: Town Girls' Association. BARFIELD, CARLYSLE. JR. Marching Band. BARGER, BETTY RAYE. Pi Beta Phi, Scholarship Chairman, Music Chairman: Student Union: Student Academic Responsibility Commit- tee: Freshman Honor Roll. BARKER. JOSEPH RANSOM. Dean's List. BARNARD, JAMES L. Psi-Chi. BARNETT, MICHAEL SCOTT. Marching Gamecoclz Band: Marketing Club: Baptist Student Union: USC Concert Band. BARNETTE, ROY HAMER. Delta Sigma Pi. Professional Chairman. BART, ROBERT LELAND, JR. Alpha Tau Omega: Elections Committee: United Fund Drive. BARTLEY, TONY CARROLL: Alpha Phi Omega, Membership Vice- President: Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity: USC Gamecocl: Band: American Pharmaceutical Association: President ot the Senior Pharmacy Class. BAUER. SAUNDREA JILL. Marketing Club: Student Wives Association. BAUER. WILLIAM RUDOLPH. Pi Sigma Epsilon: Banlcing and Finance Club. BECKMANN, ELLEN CECILE. Newman Club: Women Majors Division of Phi Epsilon Mu. Chairman. BELDING. ROBERT HENRY. Who's Who: Blue Key: Phi Eta Sigma: APLA. BELL, JUDITH S. Medical Technologist. BELL, SELINA ANNE. Transfer from Colxer College: Drama Club: Advertising Club: Advertising Statt of The Gamecoclr. BENITEZ, RAFAEL G. International Students Club, Secretary: Chair- man oi Publicity and Newsletter Committee: Advertising Club. BENNETT, PATRICIA LUCAS. Zeta Tau Alpha. BERNARDINI, ROSEANN. Dean's List: Honor Roll. BERRY, BRIAN DANIEL. Phi Epsilon Pi, Social Chairman. IFC Repre- sentative: Student Senate. BERRY. LARRY WESLEY. Kappa Alpha Order. BERRY, SANDRA GALE. Zeta Tau Alpha, Membership Chairman. BESKID, N. SUSAN. Transfer from Winthrop College: Town Girls' Association: SNEA. BETZEL. THOMAS BRIAN. Phi Kappa Sigma, Vice-President. Treasurer. BIGGS, SARAH ELIZABETH. Transfer trom Converse College: Delta Delta Delta Sorority, Vice-President, Social Chairman: Kappa Delta Epsilon: Town Girls' Association: Associated Women's Council Repre- sentative oi TGA: Dean's List: SNEA. BILLINGS, WILLIAM EDWARD. Beta Alpha Psi. BILOTTA, DONNA LOUISE. Delta Zeta: Mermaids: Hypatian Society: Student Union. Vice-Chairman ot Activities, Chairman ot Special Events. BING. WILLIAM RICHARD. Sigma Delta Chi. BLACK, JOE WILLIAM. Pi Kappa Alpha. Scholarship Chairman, Alumni Council: Wesley Foundation Student Board: YMCA, Freshman Presi- dent, Board ot Governors: Arnold Air Society, Chaplain: B.A. Aca- demic Responsibility Committee: AFROTC: Student Union, Vice- Chairman ot Lectures. BLACK, JUDY DARE. Marching Gamecoclc Band. Symphonic Band. BLACKMON. LINDA GAIL. GARNET AND BLACK Lancaster Regional Campus, Transfer from Lancaster Center. BLACKMON, MARY EARLE. Student Union. President, Vice-President, Administrative Assistant: Vice-Chairman ot Association ot College Unions International Region V: Alpha Iota Mu, President, First Vice- President: Student Atlairs Committee: Hypatian Literary Society: Orientation Counselor: Delta Zeta, Activities Chairman: Referendum Elections Committee. Chairman: Block Booking Conference: Chairman Senior Class Forman: Student Body President's Cabinet. BLACKWOOD, KATHRYN E. Chi Omega: Transfer trom Emory Uni- versity. BLAKE. JAMES MADISON, JR. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Recorder. Vice- President, Rush Chairman: Orientation Counselor. BLANTON. SUSAN WARE. Kappa Delta: Alpha Lambda Delta. Beaux Arts: Epsilon Epsilon Epsilon: The Gamecoch: Euphrosynean Literary Society. BLUM. DAVID D. Phi Epsilon Pi, Treasurer: Intramural Sports BOATWRIGHT, MARSHA ELLEN. Kappa Delta, Membership Chair- man. President: Student Senate: Panhellenic Council: Mermaid Fleet. Secretary-Treasurer. BOINEAU. HELEN GAYLE. Delta Delta Delta. BONNETTE. THOMAS J. Marketing Club. BORN, JOHN JULIUS. American Society ot Civil Engineers: NROTC Drill Team Platoon Commander: NROTC Bdffdlififl COf1'lr11Gf1CIer2 Pershing Ritles Society. SENIOR STATISTICS - Continued BOUCHARD, PAUL BLOUIN. American Society of Mechanical Engi- neers, Vice-President, Secretary: Engineers Joint Council, Vice-Presi- dent: Member of Society of Automotive Engineers. BOWERS, JANIS ELAINE. International Students' Club: Young Republicans: Lutheran Student Association: Student Union, Secretary of Secretarial Committee: Society for the Advancement of Manage- ment, Secretary, Treasurer: Town Girls' Association. BOWERS, LEE SHUMAN. Phi Kappa Sigma: Student Union. BOWERS, RONALD EVANS. IEEE. Vice-President: HKN, Recording Secretary: Married Students Association for Carolina Gardens, Presi- dent: Pi Mu Epsilon: Intramural Football and Softball: ODK: Tau Beta Pi. BOYD. TERRY WAYNE. American Society of Mechanical Engineers: Pi Mu Epsilon: Phi Eta Sigma. BRADLEY. LARRY DEAN. AlPhA. BRANDENBURG, CHARLES HAMPTON, JR. Sigma Nu, Historian, Alumni Contact: KSK, Recording Secretary, May Day Chairman, President: Blue Key, Corresponding Secretary: Circle K: GARNET AND BLACK, Assistant Greeks Editor, Greeks Editor: Student Union. Vice-Chairman of Recreation and Tournaments Committee, Chairman of Recreation and Tournaments Committee: Delegate to National Collegiate Press Association: Delegate to SCSSL: Graduation Marshal: Orientation Counselor: Cheerleader: Freshman Senator: Freshman Honor Roll: Dean's List: Tri-Ep: What's What: Chairman of the Elections Commission: Who's Who Among Students in American Col- leges and Universities. BRANHAM. JAMES H. Sailing Club. BRAWLEY, WILLIAM SCOTT: Marketing Club: Alpha Phi Omega. BREMNER, ELLEN BAIN. Beauty and Beast: May Court: Euphrosynean Society: Chi Omega: YAF: Freshman Y: Panhellenic Council: AGSL. BRICE, WILLIAM L. Kappa Psi, President: APhA. BRIDGES, Roesiz DALE. Kappa Alpha order. BROCK, STEPHEN GEORGE. Phi Kappa Sigma, Corresponding Secre- tary: Euphradian Society: Broadcasting Guild: AFROTC Drill Team: WUSC-AM Program Director. BROCKINGTON. SELVEST EDWARD, JR. Delta Sigma Pi. BROOKS, HOWARD D. Delta Sigma Pi: WUSC: Young Republicans: Intramurals: Intra-Carolina Bowling. BROOKS, CLARA SUZANNE. Town Girls' Association: Sailing Club: i965 and i966 Miss GARNET AND BLACK Semi-Finalist. BROVVN, BOBBIE SHARON. Delta Zeta, Activities Chairman, Spirit Chairman: Student Union, Executive Assistant of Publicity: Business Manager of USCF Newspaper: Girls Club. BROWN, ELIZABETH IRENE. Counselor of McClintock: Vice-President of Richland Hall: Vice-President of Phi Epsilon Delta: Judicial Council. BROWN, JOHN ANDRE. NROTC Rifle Team: NROTC Scholarshipi Chi Psi: Student Academic Responsibility Committee: Student Senate: American Society for Mechanical Engineers: Newman Club: Hall Counselor: State Student Legislature: NCO Wives Club Scholarship. BROWN, JOYCE CAROL. Phi Beta Lambda, Secretary: Freshman Counselor: Delegate to Phi Beta Lambda Convention. BROWN, LINDA CHERYL. Theta Sigma Phi, Secretary: The Game- cocli, Exchange Editor: Alpha Iota Mu: Associated Women Students. BROWN, MARY CAROLYN. Student Education Association: WRA. BROWNLEE, ROBERT EUGENE. Sigma Chi: Advertising Club. BROXTON, JAMES CLEBORN. Sigma Nu. BRU, JAMIE JOSE. Sigma Nu. BRUNS, DAVID BRIAN. ASCE: EJC. BUCHANAN, JAMES G. ASME. BUCK, DIANNA RAE. Zeta Tau Alpha, Intramural Representative, President: Women's Recreation Association, Vice-President: Student National Education Association: Freshman Y Council. BUICE, JEANETTE DUNN. Kappa Delta Epsilon: Dean's List. BULLARD, THOMAS ANDREW. Phi Kappa Sigma. BULTMAN, ANGELA COMERFORD. Honor Roll: Delta Delta Delta, Fraternity Education Chairman, Rush Chairman. BURGESS, LYNN KATHRYN. Crucible, Art Editor: Freshman Art Scholarship: Yagjian Summer School of the Arts Award: Member of J. B. Gantt's Flower Club: Modern Dance Club. BURKE, EDWARD JOSEPH Ill. Pi Kappa Alpha, Vice-President, Secre- tary, Pledge Master, Rush Chairman, IFC Representative, Delegate to National Convention, President: Freshman and Varsity Tennis: Block "C" Club. BURKHOLDER, LYNWOOD RAY. USC Basketball: Block "C" Club, President: ASME, Vice-President. BURNS, JUDlTH MUNDY. Pi Beta Phi: Student Union Art Com- mittee: Theta Sigma Phi: Law Wives, Miss GARNET AND BLACK Contest. BURNS, WILLIAM WALKER. Phi Eta Sigma, Senior Advisor: Blue Key: Donald Russell English Scholarship: Frosh Honor Roll, Sophomore Honor Roll: Dean's List: Chemical Rubber Co. Freshman Chemistry Award: Harper Award in Chemistry: Naval ROTC Captain's Scholar- ship Award: Orientation Counselor: Pi Mu Epsilon. BYNUM, WILLIAM HARLESTON. Baptist Student Union. CALDWELL, CHARLES F. NROTC: Pershing Rifles: Navy Drill Team: NROTC Pistol Team. CALDWELL, ROBERT CECIL. Intramurals: Sailing Club. CALLAHAN, RONALD WILLIAM. Marketing Club. CAMLIN, CHRISTINE NEWNAM. Dean's List: Marketing Club. CANTEY, JAMES W., JR. Kappa Alpha Order, President, IFC Repre- sentative, IFC Tribunal. Representative to National IFC: Residence Counselor: Freshman Counselor: Co-Chairman Halftime Ceremony- Homecoming: Fraternity Men ot the Year: USC Sailing Team: KSK, Secretary: Circle K: Beaux Arts. Vice-President: Epsilon Epsilon Epsilon. CANTEY, PATRICIA L. Transfer Student: Kappa Delta Epsilon: USC Oratorio Choir. CARR, CHERYL CHARLENE. Freshman and Sophomore Honor Roll: Marketing Club. CARROLL, GINNY. Editor-in-Chief, The Gamecock, Managing Editor, News Editor, Society Editor, Reporter: Associated Collegiate Press National Convention Delegate: Press Club, Vice-President, Secretary: Theta Sigma Phi, President, Vice-President, National Convention Dele- gate: Student Affairs Committee: Hypatian Literary Society, Vice- President: Student Union: Fine Arts Committee, Artist Series Com- mittee: Gamecock Party: Epsilon Epsilon Epsilon: What's What: Academic Responsibility Committee: Honor Roll: South Carolina Collegiate Press News Writing Award: Debate Team: Who's Who. CARTER, JOSEPH LOYD. Vice-President of Freshman Class '63: Fresh- man Representative Council. CARTER, SALLEY RUTH. Freshman YWCA President, YWCA Student, Faculty Relations Committee: Meditrina: Pi Beta Phi, Corresponding Secretary: GARNET AND BLACK Honoraries Editor. CATO, DERRIEL B. Student Senator: Vice-President Columbia Hall: Circle K: Delegate Inter-Dorm Council Member: Columbia Hall Con- stitution Committee: Blue Key. CAUSEY, SANDRA JEANNE. SNEA. CEDRONE, LINDA LUCRETIA. Sigma Tau Delta: Euphrosynean Liter- ary Society: Sailing Club. CHANCE, EVA NELL. Baptist Student Union: Council, YWA's. CHANDLER, BENJAMIN MARTIN. AFROTC: Delta Sigma Pi. CHASE, JOHN ANTHONY. Blue Key: Kappa Sigma Kappa, Vice- President: Phi Eta Sigma: Alpha Tau Omega: Epsilon Epsilon Epsilon: Orientation Counselor: Vice-President of Senior Class. CHATHAM, LINDA M. Chi Omega Sorority: Westminster Fellowship: Pi Mu Epsilon, Secretary-Treasurer. CHEATHAM, JAMES E. Sigma Alpha Lambda: Finalist, Concerto Aria Competition: President, Oratorio Choir. CHEWNING, CONSTANCE JEAN. Alpha Iota Mu, Pledge Publicity Chairman: Young Republicans: Euphrosynean Literary Society: Senior Residence Counselor, South Tower. CHILDS, DAN L. Governor of Dorm N: Marketing Club: Wesley Foundation. CHISHOLM, MARGARET CARROLL. AWS: Chi Omega Sorority! YAF: Freshman Y: WRA: Sailing Club: Honor Roll: AGSL. CORLEY, CHRISTIE EMILY. Pi Beta Phi Sorority, Arrow Correspondent, SENIOR STATISTICS - Continued CHRISTOPHER, SARAH. Student Senate '63: Secretary Sophomore Class '64-: Freshman Representatives Council '63: YWA: BSU: Medi- trina: Page, State Student Legislature '63: YWCA: Religious Em- phasis Week Committee. CLARK, BARBARA GRACE. President Alpha Delta Pi Pledge Class: Registrar and President ot Alpha Delta Pi: Co-Rush Chairman, Kappa Delta Epsilon: Pi Epsilon Mu: Secretary ot Angel Flight: Publicity Chairman of Pi Epsilon Mu: President WRA, Sports Manager: Dean's List: Mortar Board: Editor of PEM News: Who's Who. CLARK, CAROL ROBERTA. Hypatian Literary Society: Delta Chi Mu. CLARKE, ARNOLD HARVEY. Kappa Alpha. CLOER, JAMES THOMAS. Publicity Chairman tor Society of Ad- vancement tor Management: Honor Roll: Dean's List: Varsity Baseball: Inner-Carolina Bowling League. COBLE, PARKS McLENDON. Debate Team. President: Delta Sigma Rho Tau: Kappa Alpha, President: Wesley Foundation: Town Men's Association, President: Gamecock Party: Young Democrats: Student Senate: Phi Eta Sigma: Phi Beta Kappa. COCHRAN, JENNIFER G. Angel Flight: Executive Otlicer. COFFEY, ELIZABETH JANE. Meditrina Society: Community Service Committee of Meditrina. COHEN, LESLIE JOAN. Alpha Epsilon Phi Sorority, Secretary, Presi- dent: Student Union Hospitality Committee: Student Union Movie Committee: USC Concert Band: USC Coquettes: South Tower Judicial Board: Hillel: Miss GARNET and BLACK Contestant: May Day Contestant. COKER, HELEN FREEMAN. Delta Delta Delta: Beaux Arts. COLEMAN, HARRIET. Alpha Delta Pi, Best Pledge: Panhellenic Coun- cil: Women's Intramural Council, Sports Manager, Women's Recre- ation Association, President: Mortar Board, Historian: Physical Edu- cation Major's Club, Vice-President: Orientation Counselor: Dean's List: Who's Who. CONATY, THOMAS HUGHES. Pi Kappa Alpha, Pledge Vice-Presi- dent: Newman Club. CONYERS. ROBERT JOHN. Navy ROTC Drill Team: Bowling Team. COOKE, THOMAS RANDOLPH. Marketing Club. COOLER, CARL MARTIN: Kappa Sigma: Epsilon Epsilon Epsilon. COOPER, RANDY W. Chi Psi: Euphradian Society, Critic: Men's Judicial Board: Cafeteria Committee: Cultural Committee lGreat lssuesl. Membership Chairman. Executive Council: Kappa Delta Epsilon: Alpha Lambda Delta, Treasurer: Phi Beta Kappa: Euphrosynean Literary Society, President: Mortar Board: Committee on Academic Responsi- bility: Freshman Dormitory Counselor: Orientation Counselor: Pan- hellenic Council: Chairman of Homecoming Halttime Ceremonies: Greek Week Program Chairman: Winner ot Phi Beta Kappa Freshman Award: Preston Award in Education: Who's Who. CORLEY, JANICE ANDRENA. Kappa Delta Sorority: Young Republi- cans: WRA. COTTON, CAROL ANN. SNEA. COUCH, KENNETH RAMSEY. American Pharmaceutical Association. COUNTS, HENRY OZROE. Sigma Delta Chi, Vice-President: Dean's Advisory Council. COWAN, MARY M. Pi Beta Phi Sorority, Rush Chairman, Courier: Panhellenic Council: Newman Club: Angel Flight, Chaplain, Comp- troller: Greel: Week Committee Co-Chairman: Epsilon Epsilon Epsilon: What's What: Women's Intramural Council. COVINGTON, JANE CRUM. Delta Delta Delta, President: Angel Flight: Kappa Delta Epsilon, Historian. COX, GERALD GENE. Air Force ROTC Wing Statt, Cadet Lt. Col.: Arnold Air Society: Omicron Delta Kappa: Honor Roll: Dean's List. COX. JANICE E. Town Girls' Association: Honor Roll: Dean's List. CREMER, STEVEN MARC. President of Freshman Class: Freshman Cheerleader: Circle K: Sigma Nu. N CREWE. LEONARD CARTER III. Business Manager, GARNET AND BLACK: Business Manager. Advertising Manager, Circulation Man- ager, Otlice Manager, The Gamecock: President, Vice-President. Secretary-Treasurer, USC Finance Club: President of USC Advertising Club: Vice-President, Alumni Secretary. House Manager, Lambda Chi Alpha: Treasurer Sigma Delta Chi: Vice-President, Press Club: Residence Counselor: IFC Representative, Lambda Chi Alpha: IFC Housing Committee: IFC Man of the Year I968. Graduation Marshal: Frosh and Varsity Swimming Team: USC Varsity Rifle Team: AFROTC Rifle Team: Record Holder Intramural Swimming lBackstrokel: Out- standing Active ot Lambda Chi Alpha '67: Undergraduate Founder and Director of Lambda Chi Alpha Inc. of Columbia, S. C.: Project Chairman, Pi Sigma Epsilon. CROMER. DAVID W. Pi Kappa Phi. CROOK. CHARLES CONNER. Transfer from The Citadel. CROSBY, PATRICIA ANN. The Gamecock Statl: Newman Club: Euphrosynean literary Society: South Tower Judicial Council: Student Union, Movie Committee, Hospitality Committee: Pi Beta Phi, As- sistant Historian, Membership Chairman, President: Orientation Counselor: Epsilon Epsilon Epsilon. CROSLAND, JUDITH DIANNE. Delta Omicron, President, Music Activities Director: Student Union, Fine Arts: USC Concert Choir: USC Madrigal Choir: Mrs. Hubbard H. Harris Scholarship. CROSSLEY, NEIL F. Beta Alpha Psi: Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia: Dean's List: Transfer from Armstrong State College: Sports Editor Inlrwell: Secretary of Preston Dorm: Basketball Team. CROWE, MARVIN H. Wesley Council: NROTC: IEEE: Navy Drum and Bugle CULP, MARY ELIZABETH. Student Senate: Wesley Foundation. Pro- gram Chairman: Gamecock Party, Secretary: Alpha Lambda Delta: Mortar Board, Secretary: Phi Beta Kappa: Sigma Tau Delta: Dean's List: Town Girls' Association. CZECH, GROVER EDWARD. Transter from Dutchess Community College. DAILEY, JUDITH FAYE. Sigma Tau Delta: SWEA. D'ALTERIO, PATRICIA. Meditrina. DANIEL, JEAN ALMAND. Delta Delta Delta: Beaux Arts. DANTZLER. RUSS CARLISLE. Phi Kappa Sigma. Vice-President: Phi Eta Sigma, Secretary: Eta Kappa Nu: IEEE: Kappa Sigma Kappa: Blue Key: Honor Roll: Elections Committee: Orientation Counselor: Stu- dent Senate: Student Academic Responsibility Committee. DAVIS, CHARLES JOSEPH. Finance Club. DAVIS. DIANNE MAREE. SAM DAVIS, F. WAYNE. Kappa Psi, Chairman: American Pharmaceutical Association. DAVIS, KAY R. Transfer from Winthrop College: Honor Roll: Dean's List: Beta Alpha Psi: Honorary Accounting Fraternity: Beta Gamma Sigma: National Honor Business Fraternity. DAVIS, ROGER E. ASME: Honor Roll: Dean's List: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. DEAN, CATHERINE GWENDOLYN. Meditrina Society: Alpha Lambda Delta: Sigma Theta Tau: Alpha Delta Pi: May Court: Honor Roll: Dean's List. DEAS, KAREN SUZANNE. President and Vice-President of Newman Catholic Organization: Secretary-Treasurer of University Players: Busi- ness Manager Alpha Psi Omega: Orotorio Choir: Hypatian Literary Society: International Students Club. DECARON, BYRON BRUCE. American Pharmaceutical Association. DEESE, KATHRYN ANNE HUMPHRIES. Delegate South Tower Gov- ernment. DELOACI-I, JOHN MITCHELL. Honor Roll: Marching and Symphonic Band: Band Vice-President: USC Orchestra: All-State College Band. DENNY, BARBARA LOUISE. Kappa Delta Epsilon: Sigma Tau Delta. Secretary: Student NEA: Euphrosynean Literary Society. DeSHlELDS, PANDRA MARIE. Young Democrats. Secretary: Market- ing Club, Secretary. DeVANEY, EDWARD E. Sailing Club. DeVORE, DALE VERELLE. Chi Omega: Young Republicans: Student Union lFine Arts Committeel: Women's Recreation Association: Young Americans tor Freedom. DiBIASE, GENE PATRICK. NROTC Scholarship: Compass and Chart: Drum and Bugle Corps Commander: AIChE. " 'SENIOR STATISTICS - Continued DICKENS, ALLYSON BELL. Chi Omega, Pledge Trainer: Freshman Cheerleader: Varsity Cheerleader: Homecoming Court: Student Sen- ate: Angel Flight: Euphrosynean Literary Society: Dean's List: Artist Series Committee: Miss "Little 500": Runner-Up Miss GARNET AND BLACK. DICKINSON, DIANE JANE. Transter trom Queens College: Alpha Delta Pi Sorority: Oratorio Choir. DILLARD, MELVIN RUDOLPH. Phi Kappa Sigma: Executive Council MTSG: Marketing Club: Intramurals. DODSON, RONALD C. Alpha Tau Omega. DORROH, RITA JON. Town Girls' Association: WRA. DRAKE, JAMES F. III. Sigma Nu. DuBOSE, JAMES HARVEY, JR. NROTC, "A" Company CO, Platoon CO: ASME: Compass and Chart, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer DUKES, WILMA C. BSU: Hall President, South Tower: Alpha Iota Mu, Secretary: Young Republicans: South Tower Judicial Council: Transter trom Carson-Newman College. DUNLAP, TYLENE WILLIAMSON. Transter trom Limestone College: Secretary Freshman Class University ot Georgia: Kappa Delta Soror- ity: Psi Chi: Dean's List: Honor Roll. DURANT, RUFUS WILLIAM. Alpha Tau Omega. EARHARDT, LEWIE WAYNE. Sigma Nu, Historian. EARLE, BOBBY F. AFROTC: Arnold Air Society: Preston Judicial Board. EASLER, ADA KATHRYN. The Gamecock Circulation' Manager: Hy- pgqtian Literary Society, Secretary: German Club: Freshman Y: Delta C i Mu. EASTERLING. JAMES EDWIN lll. Kappa Sigma Pledge Class Presi- dent: Epsilon Epsilon Epsilon: AFROTC, Advanced Cadet. Flight Instruction Program: Marketing Club. EBO, GERALD KENNETH. IEEE. ' EDENS, MARY ELLEN. Student Union: Alpha Lambda Delta: Kappa Delta Epsilon, Social Chairman: Delta Zeta, Scholarship Chairman, Spirit Chairman: Hypatian Literary Society: Sigma Tau Delta, Vice- President: Miss Garnet and Black Contest: May Court: Honor Roll: Dean's List. ' CRAWFORD, MARTHA A. Alpha Lambda Delta: Kappa Delta Epsilon. EDWARDS. MICHAEL EMERSON. Marketing Club. EDWARDS, VAN EVERETTE lll. Freshman Class Vice-President: Fresh- ' man Class Vice-President: Freshman Council: Student Senate: State Student Legislature: Alpha Phi Omega, Alumnae Secretary, Recording Secretary: Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Eta Sigma: Omicron Delta Kappa, Recording Secretary: YMCA, President: Euphrosynean Literary So- ciety: Hampton History Award: Exchange Student to University ot Warwick: At Warwick: Folk Club: FiIm.Society: History Club: English Club: 'Orientation Counselor: Honor Roll: Dean's List: Freshman Y. EIDSON, LEWIS SHELTON, JR. Block "C" Club: The Gamecock: Blue Key: Varsity Track: Varsity Cross Country: Freshman Track: Freshman Cross Country: Foreign Exchange Program. ELLIOTT, BARRY LEWIS. Management Club. ELLISOR, JOYCE ROGERS. Pi Epsilon Mu: Kappa Delta Epsilon: Women's Recreation Association.. A ELLSWORTH, CARL ANTHONY. Circle K, Board ot Directors: LSA: ' Honors English: Sigma Nu: Honor Roll: Deans List: Elections Com- mittee: Senior 'Class' Project: Kappa Sigma Kappa, Program Com- mittee: Fraternity Football All Stars. ' 1 IELMORE: CORA B. Transter: Marching Band: Meditrina: Nominations Committee. ' . EMMONS, BETSY LOVE. Transfer trom Agnes Scdtt College: Kappa Kappa Gamma, President, Pledge Class President: Panhellenic Dele- gate, Nominee tor.','Outstanding, Sorority WoAman,,,ot the Year": Christian Association Cabinet Otticer: Judicial Council.: President ot Folio: May Court: Sophomore Advisory Council: Literary Magazine ' Statt:VCandidate :tor 'I-IhmeCo'min-g Queen: 'Miss' GARNET AND BLACK Contest: Mlss "Little 500" Contest: Greek Week, Co-Chairman , ot,Entertainment Committee, Panel Moderator: ,Garter Bowl Program " Chairman: Glee Club: State Finalist tor S. C. College Queen: Dean's List. EMTIAZ, KHOSROW. Der Faust Vereim, Pre's'i'dentt"""T'i' ' ' ERNST, LARRY MASON. Alpha Pi Omega. Secretary, Outstanding Active: Tau Beta Pi., Treasurer: Eta Kappa Nu, Treasurer: IEEE, President: Omicron Delta Kappa: Pi Mu Epsilon: Academic Responsi- bility Committee.. . I - EVANS, ERNEST CRAIG. Alpha Tau Omega, Worthy Keeper ot the Annals, Pledge MasterQ Pledge Class Vice-President: Kappa Sigma Kappa: Epsilon Epsilon Epsilon: Sophomore Class President: Student Senate, Elections Committee Chairman: Men's Judicial Council: Orientation Counselor: Student-Faculty Relations Committee: State Student Legislature: Freshman YMCA, President: AFROTC, Color Guard: SUSGA: APhA: Westminster Fellowship, President: Junior Pharmacy Class. EABRICK, DAN MAINLAND. Pi Mu Epsilon. FAIR, MICHAEL LARRY. Freshman Football, Basketball, Baseball: Varsity Football, Baseball: Block "C" Club: President Fellowship ot Christian Athletes: Sigma Nu. FARRELL, DONALD F. Delta Sigma Pi: Pi Kappa Alpha, Pledge Vice- President FELKER, LONNIE S. International Students Club: IRC: Delta Phi Alpha. FINNEGAN, JAMES E. Varsity Basketball: Varsity Club: Phi Delta Theta, Rush Chairman, Social Chairman. ' ' FINOCCHIO, WILLIAM FRANCIS. Pi Kappa Alpha, Executive Board and Board ot Pardons: SNEA. FITZHARRIS, JOHN EDWARD. SAM: International Student Club: Student Union: Intramural Soccer and Football. , FLESHMAN, JAMES ASHLEY. Phi Mu Alpha Sintonia Fraternity, President. Vice-President, Pledgemaster: USC Band. Band Council. FLETCHER, EDWARD RANDALL. Delta Sigma Pi: WUSC Radio Statl: Marketing Club. , FLOWERS, EVA PATRICIA. Dean's List: Orientation Counselor: Ora- torio Chorus. FLOYD, BERTINA ANN. Transfer trom Lander College, Town Girls' SNEA. FLOYD, MARY JO. Kappa Epsilon, Vice-Presidentj President: APhA. FLOYD, LEONARD RALPH, JR. Kappa Sigma: Kappa Phi Kappa, - Treasurer. V ' - ' FORD, HORACE PAUL. Florence Regional Campus: Preston Dormitory Government, Judicial Board: Alpha Phi Omega, Treasurer. FOREMAN, MARGARET JEANNETTE. Transter trom Converse College. FOSTER, JOSEPH TIMBERLAKE. Kappa Alpha? Blue Key: Phi Eta Sigma: Circle K: Hall Counselor: Exchange Student to University ot Warwick, Coventry, England: Honor Roll: Dean's List: Student Union Dance and Concert Committee: at Warwick: Rugby Club and Team: History Society: International Student Association. . FOSTER, MICHAEL WILLIAM. Kappa Sigma, Treasurer: Epsilon, Epsi- lon Epsilon: AFROTC: Arnold Air Society: Honor Roll: Dean's List. FRANKLIN, NANCY HOWIE. Pi Beta Phi, Assistant Pledge Trainer, Publicity Chairman: GARNET AND BLACK, Assistant Greeks, Greeks, Editor-in-Chiet: May Queen: Blue Key Darling: Epsilon Epsilon Epsilon: What's What: Meditrina: Who's Who. FULBRIGHT, THOMAS CLIFFORD. Intramural sports. FULLER, KENT BRUCE. Sailing Club. FULMER, DANIEL EUGENE. Sigma Nu, Secretary: Blue' Key: Fresh- man Golt Team.: Treasurer, Kappa Sigma Kappa Honor Service: Circle K: Epsilon Epsilon Epsilon: Varsity Golt, Captain: 'Head Fresh- man Cheerleader: Captain, Sigma Nu Campus Bowl Team: I964 Homecoming Committee: Who's Who. ' i FULMER, JANET LYNN. Alpha Lambda Delta: Sigma,DeIlta Pi, Cor- responding Secretary: Euphrosynean Literary'Society: Residence Hall Counselor: Chess CIub:,SaiIing Club. H W I FUTCH, MARGARET ANN. Alpha Delta Pi:!The Gamecock: Young Americans tor Freedom. ' H GABRIEL, MAVIS MARIE. siudeni NEA uSoi'chap+ef 'SSCFSTGFYI State Student NEA, President, Vice-President. I GAINER, JEAN CAROL. Junior Class Treasurer: Senate: Chi Omega Sorority: Freshman Council: Young Americans tor Freedom: Y' Fresh- man: Young Republicans. ' f I I - SENIOR STATISTICS - Continued GALLOWAY, JOHN CLIFTON, JR. The Gamecoct, Chiet Photogra- pher: GARNET AND BLACK, Chief Photographer: Student Union, Chief Photographer: AlChE: Press Club. GANTT, ALFRED WADE. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. GARDNER, MARION HARRIS. Sigma Nu. GARRIS, MARION RHOAD. WUSC Radio. GARRIS, OLIVER HOLLIS. Pi Sigma Epsilon: Marketing Club. GEER, CHERYL ANN. Chi Omega, Corresponding Secretary: Fresh- man Cheerleader: Student Senate: Junior Class Secretary: Senior Class Treasurer: Sims Judicial Board. GEHMAN, KATHLEEN CLAIRE. Managing Editor of GARNET AND BLACK, General Staff: Miss GARNET AND BLACK Finalist: Pi Beta Phi. President ot Pledge Class, Social Chairman, Activities Chairman: Angel Flight: AWS Delegate: Meclitrina: YWCA: Homecoming Court: Sweetheart ot Kappa Sigma. GEIGER, CAROLINE KATHERINE. Dean's List: Honor Roll. GEOGRIADES. SOPHIA C. Vice-President, McClintocI:: Head of Dorm Judicial: AWS: Maior Judicial Reporter of Phi Beta Lambda: ODK Leadership Conference. GIBSON, WALTER EDMUND, JR. Marketing Club. GLASS, JOHNNY KINLEY. Phi Kappa Sigma: Football Squad IUSCI: Lettersmen Club: Sailing Club: FCA. GOLDBERG, Edward A. Finance Club: Marketing Club: Residence Counselor: Intramurals: Young Democrats: WUSC: Hillel: Student Union: Hospitality Committee. GOLZ, GEORGE GEOFFREY. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Pledge Class Vice- President, Rush Chairman: Junior Marshal, Senior Marshal. Treasurer: Marketing Club: Pi Sigma Epsilon, Pledge Class Proiect Chairman: Sailing Club. GOOD. ALLEN B., JR. Phi Kappa Epsilon, Treasurer: Greel: Weelc Committee. GOODWIN, WILLIAM HOWARD. Circle K: Arnold Air Society: Chi Psi Fraternity, President of Pledge Class: AFROTC, Group ll Com- mander, FIP. GORDON. JACK RICHARD. YMCA. SAM. GOULDSBROUGH, JAMES IAN. IRC, President, Vice-President. Treasurer: International Student Club, Vice-President, Treasurer: Sigma Delta Pi, National Correspondent: AWARE, Vice-President: Student Senate. GRAY, SIDNEY CHARLES. Phi Epsilon Pi. Secretary, Plegemaster: IRC. GREEN. BEVERLY ANN. Hall Representative: Alpha Epsilon Phi, Vice- President, Rush Chairman, Pledge Trainer: Panhellenic Member: Stu- dent Food Committee: Chairman of Hospitality: Student Union Execu- tive Board: Artist Series Committee: ACU Arrangements Chairman: Alpha Pi, Vice President: Orientation Counselor. GREEN, GERALD L. ASCE: Freshman Orientation Counselor: Compass and Chart Society: Platoon Commander, Headquarters Company Commander, NROTC. GREEN, ROY LEE. Phi Kappa Sigma: ASME: Young Americans tor Freedom. GREGORY. JOHN DEMETRIUS. Varsity Football: Sigma Nu: Bloclc "C" Club, Vice-President: Fellowship ot Christian Athletes, Officer: South Carolina State Student Legislature Delegate: Kappa Sigma Kappa. GRIFFIN, BARBARA ANN. Meditrina: Hall Representative. GRIFFIN, GAIL GEORGIA. Kappa Kappa Gamma. GRIFFIN. MICHAEL PATRICK. AlChE. GRIFFIN, ROBERT LAVERNE. Phi Eta Sigma: Eta Kappa Nu: Tau Beta Pi, Cataloguer: Town Men's Association: IEEE. GRIMSLEY, PAUL STROUD. Kappa Alpha. GROUP, ROBERT JAMES, JR. AFROTC: Arnold Air Society. GRUNSKY. DALE MARTIN. IEEE. - GULICK, R. CRAIG. 'Chi Psi, Social Chairman: Artist Series Commit- tee: AFROTC Drill Team: Elections Committee: WUSC. HAAS, MARY EMMA. Alpha Iota Mu, Secretary: SNEA. HALL, CHARLES DEAN. Marlceting Club. HALL, LINDA LOUISE. Transfer from Winthrop College: Alpha Delta Pi, Etficiencey Chairman: Student Union: Westminster Fellowship: Student National Education Association: National Council for Social Studies. IRC. HALL, SHERRILL JANE. Student Education Association: University Concert Choir: Women's Recreation Association. HALL, TRUBY MacARTHUR. IEEE. HAM, HENRY HUGHES, JR. Marketing Club: Sailing Club. HAMMETT, WILLIAM CHARLES, JR. Phi Eta Sigma: Beta Alpha Psi: Freshman, Sophomore Honor Roll. HAMMOND, JANE GOWER. Vice-President of Student Section of S. C. Association for Health Physical Education and Recreation: Pi Epsilon Mu, President: Delta Delta Delta: Women's Intramural Coun- cil. Publicity Chairman, Sorority Representative: Representative tor Women's Recreation Association: Kappa Delta Epsilon, Membership Chairman: Epsilon Epsilon Epsilon. HAMMOND, LEON FAY, JR. ASME: Arnold Air Society: BSU: Wing Staft ot AFROTC. HAMMOND. LINDA GRAY. Transter trom North Greenville Junior College. HAMMOND. RUTH R. Kappa Delta Epsilon: SNEA. HANCOCK, NORMA L. SNEA. HANSON. SHIRLEY ANN. Meditrina Society. HARDY. KAY ELIZABETH. Zeta Tau Alpha, President: President ot South Dorm: Student Senate: House ot Representatives: Panhellenic Council: Women's Judicial Board: Vice-Commander Mermaid Fleet: Homecoming Committee: Orientation Counselor: Dean's List: Honor Roll: State Student Legislature. HARMON. SHIRLEY ANN. APhA.: Kappa Epsilon. HARRIS, CAROL LINDA. Zeta Tau Alpha: Hypatian Literary Society: Kappa Delta Epsilon: Westminster Fellowship. HARRIS, ROBERT M.. JR. Freshman. Varsity Football: Freshman. Var- sity Track: Student Senate: Phi Delta Theta, Warden. HARVEY. LAURENCE MARSHALL, Swimming Team. HARVEY, MICHAEL EUGENE. Phi Eta Sigma: Pi Mu Epsilon: Tau Beta Pi, Corresponding Secretary: Phi Beta Kappa. HATCH, ROBERT ALLEN. Carolina Christian Fellowship, President: Tau Beta Pi. President: Omicron Delta Kappa: IEEE. HAUBER, ANNEMARIE. Young Democrats: Student Union, Dance Committee: SNEA. HAWKINS, PAUL RANDALL. Maxcy Brotherhood: Executive Board of Men's Towers. HAZELWOOD. WILLIAM MADISON. Marching Band: Symphonic Band: Woodwind Section Leader: Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. Vice-Presi- dent, Alumni Secretary, Warden, Historian: Honor Roll: Dean's List. HEATH, HOWELL OUINTARD. JR. Kappa Sigma. l-IECKEL. SUSAN LYNN. USC Concert Choir: Delta Omicron: Town Girls' Association. HEMPHILL, FORREST R. Alpha Delta Pi: The Gamecock Statt, Re- porter: Student Union, Secretarial Committee, Activities Committee: Alpha Iota Mu: Miss GARNET AND BLACK Contest. HENDERSON, AMARINTHIA LOWNDES. Town Girls' Association: Hypatian Literary Society: Exchange Student to University of War- wiclc: Canterbury Club: Westminster Club: Winner of Blue Key College Bowl. HENDERSON. ROBERT LEE. USC Marching Band: Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Treasurer: Chi Psi. HENRIKSEN, JOHN MICHAEL. Region V Bowling Team: Phi Sigma Epsilon Fraternity: Student Union Activities Committee. HENRIKSEN, PHALBE. USC Sailing Club: Young Americans for Freedom. HERGERT. JOHN CHARLES, Ill. NROTC. Marine Option. Rifle Pistol Team Captain: Semper-Fidelis Society, President. HERRIN, JEAN RAE. Transfer from St. Mary's College: Delta Delta Delta, Pledge Class Secretary, Service Proiects Chairman: State Stu- dent Legislature: Student Faculty Relations Committee: Student Body Secretary: Whos Who. , SENIOR STATISTICS - Continued HICKLIN, JAMES F. American Markeiing Associalion. HICKMAN, GERALD ALLEN. AIChE. HIGGENBOTTOM, KENNETH S. Alpha Phi Omega. HILL, CHARLES H. USC Concerl Band. HILL, HENRY GRAHAM. JR. Men's Tower Sludenl' Governmenr Treasurer, Presidenl, Senaior: Sfudenl Union Fine Arl's Commiliee, Chairman: Delia Sigma Pi, Alumni Chairman, Hislorian, Vice-Presi- denf, Presidenl: Sludeni Union Board of Governors. HILL, MICHAEL A. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Social Chairman. Vice- Presidenl, Presidenl: Orienlalion Counselor: Residence Counselor. HILL, WILLIAM ALFRED. Pi Sigma Epsilon. HILTON, HELEN LOUISE. Medilrina Sociely. HINSON, GERALD NORMAN. Sludenl Governmenl: Markeling Club. HINTON, NANCY JEAN. Dean's Lisi. HIPP, MARGARETTA JANE. Secretary, Euphrosynean Lilzerary Society: Kappa Della Epsilon: Siudenl' Nalional Educaiion Associalion. HIXON, SHARON LYNN. Alpha Della Pi, Guard and Regislrar, Social Chairman of The Pledge Class: Pi Mu Epsilon: Euphrosynean Liierary Socieiy: Freshman Y. HOBART, RUTH ELLEN. Alpha Della Pi, Recording Secrelary. HOFFMAN, JOYE E. Sfudenl NEA member. HOFFMAN, LAWRENCE THOMAS. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Aihlelic Chairman. HOLLER, MARY EDITH. Della Delia Delia: Town Girls' Associaiion: YWCA: Sailing Club. HOLLINGSWORTH. WILLIAM RILEY, JR. Represenlalive Io MTSG: Clariosophic Sociely: Hall Counselor: Vice-Presidenl' Pi Sigma Alpha. HOOKS. OLINS V. Kappa Psi: APhA. HORGER, MAY ELAINE. Della Delia Della, Source Proiecl Chairman. HORTON, WILLIAM D. Markeling Club. HOSTETTER, THEODORE L. NROTC: Compass and Charl' Sociely. HOWARD, VIRGINIA A. Transfer from Converse College: Della Zela. HOWE, CARL E., JR. Phi Eia Sigma: BSU: I966 Exchange Siudenl' Io Universify of Warwick: AFROTC, Group I Adminisiraiive Officer: Arnold Air Sociefy. HOWE, DENNIS KEITH. NROTC Balfalion XO Flight Indoclrinalion Program: Semper-Ficlelis Sociely. HUDGENS, AMBROSE, JR. Sophomore Honor Roll: NROTC Scholar- ship: NROTC Drill Team: NROTC Bailalion Slalii. HUDSON, WILLIAM R. Omicron Delia Kappa, Corresponding Secre- Iary, Treasurer, Membership Vice-Presidenl: Pi Kappa Alpha, IFC Represenialive, House Manager: Sludenl Senale: Alpha Phi Omega: ASME: Freshman and Sophomore Honor Roll: Dean's Lisi: NROTC Freshman Year Drum and Bugle Corps. HUGGINS, SANDRA F. Transfer from Furman Universily: Freshman Honor Rall: Sophomore Honor Roll: Dean's Lisl: Exchange Sludenl Warwick Universily, Covenlry, England: Hypalian Lilerary Socieiy: The Gamecock Sialil. HUGHES ROLFE. E. Pi Kappa Alpha, House Manager, Alumni Secre Iary, Execulive Board: Inlramurals, Honor Roll. HUGHES, TILLMAN H. Kappa Psi, Firsl' Vice-Regenl, Treasurer: APhA Vice-Presideni. HUGULEY. JOHN T.. JR. Arnold Air Sociely Commander: Town Men's Associalion. HUHN, PHILIP D. Markefing Club: Young Republicans: Pi Delia Phi. HUITT, BARBARA C. Kappa Della. Chapier Secreiary, Chapier Edu- calion Chairman, Scholarship Chairman, "BesI Pledge": Sludenl Sen. alor: Varsily Cheerleader: Orienialion Counselor: Orienlalion Sleer- ing Commillee: Miss Garner and Black Finalisl: Homecoming Oueen Semi-Finalisl: May Courl: Mediirina Nursing Sociely: Sluclenl Union Dance and Concerl Commiflee: Who's Who. HUNT, SANDRA E. Freshman Y: Medilrina Nursing Sociely: Phi Bela Phi Public Relalions Chairman. HUNTER, BARBARA L. Phi Upsilon Della. I HUNTER, NANCY GRACE. Medilrina Socieiy HURD, DAVID ALLEN. Freshman Track: ROTC. HUTCHINS, VIRGIL C., JR. Phi Kappa Sigma. Vice-Presidenl. HUTCHINSON, C. ANN. American Library Associalion: Freshman and Sophomore Honor Roll: Dean's Lisl: Hubbard H. Harris Scholarship: William L. Oiis Scholarship: Kappa Delia Epsilon Educalion Sororily. HUTTO, VANA RUTH. May Couri: AWS: Miss GARNET AND BLACK Conieslz HUTTON, SUSAN V. Pi Befa Phi: Sludenl Union: SNEA. HYMAN, MICHAEL D. Phi Bela Kappa: Presideni of Siudenl Body al Coaslal Carolina Regional Campus: Vice-Presidenl ol Pi Mu Epsilon: Omicron Delia Kappa: Alpha Mu Gamma: Deans Lisi. INABINET. JODY LYNN. Phi Bela Lambda. INABINET, L. GLEN. Alpha Phi Omega, Corresponding Secrelary: 'AFROTC. ISAAC, LINDA MARIE. Hypalian Lilerary Sociely: Soulh Tower Judi- cial Council: Newman Club: Siudenl Union Publiciiy Commiiiee: Young Democrals. JACKSON, JUDITH A. Freshman Y: Sophomore Honor Roll: Zela Tau Alpha, Pledge Presidenl. JACKSON, SARA B. Alpha Delia Pi: Souih Judicial Council: USC Sailing Club: Epsilon Epsilon Epsilon. JACOBS, WILLIAM S. Pi Mu Epsilon: IEEE. JAMES, OLIVER B., JR. Coaslal Carolina Cenier: Circle K Club, Vice- Presidenl: Siudeni Council: Sludenl Body Presidenl: Honor Council Chairman: Campus Aciiviliesz Phi Epsilon Pi: Presion Judicial Board: Preslon Government Secrelary, Vice-President Preslon Area Gov- ernmenl: IDC Delegale, Social Chairman: Sludenl Senale: Sludenl' Union Concerl Commiliee Chairman: Siudenf Union Summer Execu- five Board: AIChE. JAMES, RALPH ALLEN. Pi Mu Epsilon: BSU. JAMESON, GEORGE W. Kappa Alpha: Markeling Club. JARRARD, WILLIAM HENRY. Pi Sigma Epsilon, Treasurer. JEFFERIES, WILLIAM. Phi Della Thela, Secrefary and Pledgemasier. JEFFORDS. MARIAN J. Markeling Club. JETER, SAMUEL A. Membership Commillee oi Ihe Town Men's Associ- alion: Chairman ol ASME: Pi Mu Epsilon: Tau Bela Pi: Consiilulion Commillee of lhe SAE. JOHANNESMEYER, C. A. Tau Beia Pi: Omicron Delia Kappa: Bai- Ialion Personnel Olhcer NROTC: ASME: Socieiy oi Auiomoiive Engi- neers: Pershing Rifles: Compass and Charl' Sociely: SAME Award: American Legion Medal lor Junior Academics: Professor ol Naval Science: Academic Excellence Award: Dean's Lisl: Sons ol Ihe Ameri- can Revolulion Award. JOHNSON, DWIGHT R. Maxcy Brolherhood: BSU: Alpha Bela Gamma: French Club. JOHNSON, JAMES T., JR. Della Epsilon Pi: Sludenl Union. JOHNSON, JAMES T. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. JOHNSON, JEAN S. Shorlhand Experl Award. JOHNSON, JOHN L. Universiiy Players: USC Radio TV Guild: Young Republicans. JOHSON, RONALD F. Della Sigma Pi: AFROTC: Arnold Air Socieiy: Markeling Club. JOHNSTON. ROBERT L. Sigma Nu. Presiclenl and Vice-Presiclen'I': Kappa Sigma Kappa, Presidenl and Vice-Presidenl: IFC Presidenf: Blue Key: Circle K: Arnold Air Socieiy: Men's Judicial Board: Sludenl Senaie: Who's Who. JONES, CHARLES W. Honor Roll. JONES, CLEVELAND B. Sociely for Advancemenl of Management JONES, DALLAS R. Weslminsier Fellowship. Vice-Presidenl, Presideni: Carolina Chrisfian Fellowship, Secrelary-Treasurer, Vice-Presidenl: Alpha Lambda Della, Hislorian: Pi Bela Phi. Vice-Presideni of Pledge Class: Panhellenic Delegaie Scholarship Chairman: Panhellenic Coun- cil Treasurer: Sororily Woman oi The Year: Freshman Hall Counselor: Residence Hall Counselor: Orienlalion Counselor: Honor Roll: Dean's Lisl: Sigma Tau Della: Associaled Women Sludenls Treasurer: Alpha Order, Morlar Board: Orieniaiion Commiifee: Sludenl-Facully Rela- lions Commiliee Secreiary: Euphrosyean Liierary Sociely, Crilic: Sludeni Academic Responsibiliiy Comrnillee Secrelary: Who's Who. SENIOR STATISTICS - Continued JONES, JOHN CARROLL. Alpha Phi Omega: Sigma Delta Chi: University Broadcasting Guild: WUSC-AM. JONES, LEONARD K. Assistant Editor ot the Yearbook at Aiken Regional Campus: Marketing Club: Student Government Statt. JONES, LILLIAN F. Student Senate: President ot South Tower: Execu- tive Council AWS Student Counselor: Oratorio Choir: Alpha Iota Mu: Board ot Governors ot the Student Union. JONES, MARY CAROL. Zeta Tau Alpha: Young Democrats: West- minster Fellowship. JONES, MILTON R. Transter trom Duke University, St. Andrew's College, and the University ot Virginia: Sigma Chi, Ouaestor, Parlia- mentarian, Historian, Finance Committee Chairman: lntertraternity Council: Finance Club, Vice-President: I966 Fraternity Leadership Workshop: Westphalian Society. JONES, RICHARD A., JR. Kappa Alpha, Vice-President: Marketing Club. JONES, WILLIAM S. Society ot Automotive Engineers: ASME: Swim Team. JORDAN, CHARLES B. ASME: Alpha Phi Omega: Judicial Board ot Preston Student Government. JOYNER, KEITH ALAN. Midnight Skulker. KARNUTH, SUSAN JANE. Student NEA: Euphrosynean Literary Society: WRA. KEELS, OLIVER M., JR. Kappa Phi Kappa. KELLEY, CHRISTOPHER. APhA: Kappa Psi, Gamma Xi Chapter. KELLEY, DIANA BLISS. Kappa Delta Epsilon: Town Girls' Association. KELLEY, THEODORE H. Transter from Clemson: Aware. KELLY, BARBARA M. President ot Der Wilhelm von Humboldt Zirkel, Program Chairman ot Der Faust Verein: Young Americans tor Free- dom: Young Republicans: Euphrosynean Literary Society. KENNEDY, EDWARD. JR. Phi Delta Theta, Otiicer: Senator: GARNET AND BLACK: Newman Club, Otiicer: What's What: Y: Marketing Club. KESTER, ROSEMARIE ELlZABETH. Margaret Ashe Memorial Scholar- ship: Guy L. Varn Scholarship: YWCA Scholarship: Dean's List: Town Girls' Association: SEA. KEY, CATHERINE HELENA. Newman Club: Young Republicans: Ger- man Club. KEY, WALLACE FRED. AFROTC: IEEE: Society ot Automotive Engi- needs: Town Men's Association. KHALIL, ABDUL RAHMAN. International Student Club: ASCE: President ot EJC. KICKEY, ALFRED R. Block "C" Club: Freshman and Varsity Basketball. KlER, PAUL RONALD. Delta Sigma Pi: Management Club. KING, CHARLOTTE LUDLOW. Alpha Delta Pi, Secretary ot Pledge Class: Sailing Club. Social Chairman, Secretary: Women's Recreation Association: Student Senate: Euphrosynean Literary Society. KING, MARY LOUISE. Chi Omega. KING, PATSI J. Phi Beta Lambda. KIRKLAND, M. C. ASME. KIZER, JAMES EDWARD. Student APhA: American Society ot Hospi- tal Pharmacists. KNAPP, PAUL ANDREW, JR. Phi Delta Theta: Swimming Team: Block "C" Club. KNIGHT, CAROLYN ANNE. Meditrina: BSU. KNIGHT. JOSEPH WILLIAM, JR. Delta Sigma Pi. KNIGHT, RAYMOND CLlFTON, JR. Maxcy Brotherhood Vice-Presi- dent. Recording Secretary. Scholarship Chairman, Best Pledge: Circle K, Corresponding Secretary, Membership Committee: AFROTC, Group I Executive Otticer, Cadet Lt. Col.: Preston Dorm Government, IDC Delegate: Student Counselor: Men's Towers Judicial Board. KNIGHT. SUSAN L. The Gamecock Statt, Exchange Editor, Assistant News Editor: Wesley Foundation Urganist: Student Religious Associa- tion: Theta Sigma Phi: English t' 'inors Program. KNIGHT, WADE GORDON, JR. lelta Sigma Pi. N 1 KINSLEY, EDWARD L. ASME: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. KOESTER, ALAN EDWARD. President ot USC Concert Choir. KORBER, JACK. Deta Sigma Pi: WUSC, Chiet Announcer. Manager: Student Union, Vice-Chairman lPublicityl. KRAUS, WALTER REED. Delia Sigma Pi, Historian: SAM: AFROTC. KREUTZ, PETER S. Finance Club. KRILL, SHARON KAY. Freshman Y. LABRUYERE, GARY DAVID. Pi Mu Epsilon: ASME. LAKE, LINDA RAE. LSA, Membership Chairman, Corresponding Sec- retary: Beta Alpha Psi: Honor Roll: Daan's List. LANGNEHS, CHIC, Swimming Team: Student National Educational Association. LANGSTON, BERNARD LEROY. Phi Kappa Sigma. Best Pledge, Pledge President, Otlicer: APhA: Married Students' Committee: Resident Manager. University Terrace: The Gamecock Stati. LANKFORD, JEREMY E. Freshman Y: Student Union: Student Senate: AWS, Ha.ll Chairman: Kappa Delta, Social Chairman. LASH, FRED. AFROTC, Wing Statt: Hall Counselor. LAUREY, DAVID GERALD. Phi Eta Sigma: Beta Alpha Psi, Vice- President: Beta Gamma Sigma: Phi Beta Kappa: Omicron Delta Kappa. LEAPHART, BONNIE CASTLES. Transter trom Winthrop College. LEITNER, ELIZABETH IRENE. Meditrina Society. LELAND, MARY K. Zeta Tau Alpha, Recording Secretary, Vice-Presi- dent, Secretary ot Pledge Class: The Gamecock Statl, Circulation Manager, Advertising Statt: Vice-President ot Sims Dorm: Chairman Judicial Council: AWS Representative. LEMON, SHERYL C. Zeta Tau Alpha, House Chairman: Miss GARNET AND BLACK Contest: Westminster Fellowship: Angel Flight: Young Republicans: Freshman Honor Roll. LEONARD, JO ELLEN. APhA: Kappa Epsilon: LSA, President: Alpha Lambda Delta. LEWIS, ROBERT OTIS. Kappa Sigma, Social Chairman, Brotherhood Chairman, Greek Week Chariot Builder: Phi Eta Sigma. LIGON, MARSHA JEAN. Chi Omega: Spring Art Auctions: Art Seminar: Freshman Y: Young Americans tor Freedom: Student Union. LINDER, JAMES ROBERT. Phi Kappa Sigma, Greek Week Committee. LINDER, ROGER DEAN. AlChE. LISTER, TONEY JOE. Honor Roll: Dean's List: Phi Eta Sigma: Kappa Alpha, Parliamentarian, Recording Secretary, Pledge Committee: Circle K, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Orientation Counselor: Blue Key: Student Senate: Epsilon Epsilon Epsilon: Kappa Sigma Kappa: Beta Gamma Sigma: S. C. State Student Legislature. LITTLE, GEORGE RICHARD. Sigma Nu, Treasurer, Vice-President ot Pledge Class: Circle K: Marketing Club: Intramural Football, Tennis, and Track. LITTLE, MARK ALLEN. WUSC, Business Manager, Treasurer, Music Director: Alpha Phi Omega: Student Union, Concert Committee: Finance Club: YMCA. LIVINGSTON, DANNY K. ASME: BSU, Executive Council, Junior- Senior Council. Summer Missionary: Dean's List. LOLLIS, WILLIAM JULIAN, JR. Sigma Chi, President, Pledge Trainer, Secretary. LONG, BRENDA K. Meditrina Society: Honor Roll. LONG, CHARLES BARRY. Chi Psi: Wing Commander AFROTC: Blue Key: Kappa Sigma Kappa: Circle K: Omicron Delta Epsilon: Arnold Air Society: Honor Roll: Student Senate: S. C. State Student Legislature Delegate. LONG, ERNEST ALEXANDRIA, JR. Marketing Club, Student Senate: Student Government, Preston. LONG, MARSHA SUE. Delta Delta DaIta:Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sweet- heart: Theta Sigma Phi, Treasurer: Advertising Club, Vice-President: Student Union Dance Committee. LONG, STEPHEN DOUGLAS. Maxcy Brotherhood: Pi Sigma Epsilon: Marketing Club: Swimming Team: Block "C" Club. LOOMIS, CYNTHIA F. Kappa Delta: Theta Sigma Phi: Epsilon Epsilon Epsilon: Euphrosynean Literary Society:.Adverti5ing Club. SENIOR STATISTICS - Continued LOVVORN, MARY COTESWORTH. Transfer from Oueen's College: Delta Delta Delta: SNEA Student Union: Town Girls' Association: Dean's List: Kappa Delta Epsilon. MARGE, LYTCHFIELD LINDA. Marketing Club, Membership Commit- tee: LSA. LYTLE, RAYMOND ALFRED, JR. Pi Mu Epsilon, President, Vice-Presi- dent: IEEE: Senior Council: BSU. MACK, SUSAN STOVALL. Freshman Y: Student Union. MacMlLLAN, SUSAN WALKER. Student Union: Town Girls' Assn. MADDEN. THOMAS GARY. Marketing Club. Transfer from Anderson College. MAKSIN, JOSEPH ANTHONY. Freshman Tennis: ASME. MALARZ, ROBERT JAMES. Marketing Club. Transfer from Wingate College. MALONE, WILLIAM GRADY. JR. Chi Psi. MANN, AMELIA M. Euphrosynean Literary Society, Treasurer: AWS: Sailing Club, Secretary. MARCOTSIS, JOHN COSTA, JR. Varsity Football: Omicron Delta Kappa: Transfer from Georgia Tech. MARCUS, BASIL JERRY. Chi Psi: Sailing Club. MARTIN, LORRIN FIDEL. Pi Mu Epsilon. MASON, RONALD W. APhA. MATTHEWS, WAYNE HARVEY. Freshman Football. MAURO, ROBERT JOHN. Varsity Football: Varsity Baseball: Black "C" Club. MAYER, ELLA REESE. Delta Delta Delta, Rush Chairman. Panhellenic Delegate: Board of Governors of Student Union: Panhellenic Council, Secretary, Vice-President, President: Mortar Board: Euphrosynean Lit- erary Society: Mermaid Fleet: Who's Who. MCCANTS, ROGER HEYWARD. Management Club: Marketing Club: Intramurals. MCCORD, TIM PATTON. Pi Kappa Alpha. President, Treasurer, Secre- tary, Homecoming Chairman, Executive Board: Intramural and Varsity Golf Team: Resident Counselor. MCCORKLE, PETER J. SAM: Freshman Track: Cross Country Team: Delta Sigma Pi, Junior Guide. MCCOY, HOWARD GROHMAN. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Warden, Historian: Marching Band. MCCRACKEN, ROBERTA JEWELL. Resident Hall Counselor. MCCUTCHEN, GEORGE THOMAS. Kappa Alpha. McDONALD, ANN STOKES. Transfer from Oueen's College: May Court: Freshman Advisory Board: Symposium: Chi Omega, Social Chairman, Special Events Committee: Kappa Sigma Kappa Sweet- heart: Secretary of Senior Class: Miss Garnet and Black Contest, 2nd Runner-Up: Miss Aphrodite. MCELVEEN, THOMAS L., JR. Kappa Sigma, Best Pledge: Junior IFC Representative. MCFADDEN, CHARLES B. Pi Kappa Alpha, Pledge Master: Finance Club: Student Senate. MCFADDIN, AMELIA ARTHUR. Transfer from Mariorie Webster Jr. College, Washington, D. C. McGOWAN, SUZETTE. Marching Band, Coquette: Marketing Club. McKEE, JAMES ANTHONY. Pi Kappa Alpha: Student Senate: YMCA. McKEOWN, THOMAS AIKEN. ASME. MCKITTRICK, PAULA L. Beta Alpha Psi, Recording Secretary: Student Union: The Gamecock. MCLAUGHLIN, PATRICIA. Delta Delta Delta. McLEOD, CLAUDE ROBERT. Sailing Club: Marketing Club. A I MCMILLAN, BARBARA ANN. Student Union, Special Events Com- mittee: National Student Nurses' Association: Phi Upsilon Delta. , 1 McMlLLAN. -PAUILA., -Kappa Delta: Student Senate. , McMILLAN, ROBERT EARL. "Finance'CIub.' MCNEACE, DWIGHT WILLIAM. Wesley Foundation, President: NROTC: Pi Mu Epsilon, President: IEEE: Engineers Joint Council, Treasurer: Compass and Chart: Drum and Bugle Corp.: Student Re- ligious Association, President: Gamma Beta Phi: Society of Automo- tive Engineers. MCPHERSON, ELIZABETH PAGAUD. Delta Delta Delta: Transfer from Converse College. MEDCALF, BARBARA ANN. Mortar Board: Zeta Tau Alpha, Scholar- ship Chairman: Meditrina Society. Corresponding Secretary: Sigma Theta Tau: Alpha Lambda Delta, Vice-President: Freshman Dormitory Counselor: Orientation Counselor: Westminster Fellowship, Secretary: Honor Roll: Who's Who. MEEK, NELSON WENDELL. ASCE: Engineers Joint Council. MERCHANT, SANDRA ANN. Alpha Lambda: Kappa Epsilon: Rho Chi: APhA: Honor Roll: Dean's List. MERRIMAN, HUGH G., Ill. Kappa Alpha. House Manager, Historian, Homecoming Float Chairman: Sailing Club: Circle K, Treasurer. MESSERVY, LUDER C., JR. Pi Sigma Epsilon: Marketing Club: Ad- vertising Club: Gamecock Party: Young Republicans: Sailing Club. MEYER, AUDREY ANN. Zeta Tau Alpha: Beauty and the Beast Win- ner: Blue Key Darling: Dean's List: Freshman Honor Roll: Mortar Board: Angel Flight, Pledge Trainer, Commander: Kappa Delta Epsilon: Sigma Delta Pi, Vice-President. MEYER, RAY T. WILKEN. Pi Kappa Alpha, House Manager, Secretary, Vice-President. MILLER, EDWARD KEITH. Pi Kappa Alpha: NROTC. Drill Team. Rifle and Pitol Team, Otficer: Semper Fidelis Society: Student Senate: Honor Roll. MILLER, JAMES ARTHUR. Intramural Sports: RSVP Program. MILLS. WILLIAM R. NROTC: Pershing Rifles: Compass and Chart Society. MILLS, JAMES H. Marching and Symphonic Bands, Vice-President, President: S. C All-State Collegiate Band: Music Educator's National Conference: Phi Mu Alpha: Pep Band, Director: University Brass Choir: Inter-Dorm Council: Constitution Drafting Committee: Men's Towers Student Government, Executive Council, Secretary. MILLS, WESLEY EUGENE, JR. Beta Alpha Psi, Treasurer: Married Students Government. MINNIE. WILLIAM FRANKLIN. Alpha Tau Omega: Marketing Club: Epsilon Epsilon Epsilon. MINOR, CHARLES PAUL, III. NROTC. Battalion Operations Officer: Drill Team, Platoon Leader: Compass and Chart Society, Athletic Chairman: Semper Fidelis Society, Vice-President. MONROE, CAROLYN SUE. Editor, N. C. Wesleyan "Decree": Leader- ship and Service Award for Women: Theta Sigma Phi: Advertising Club. MONTEITH, WALTER SHIELDS. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Social Chairman. MONTGOMERY, DOROTHY ANN. Sailing Club. MONTGOMERY, REID HOOD, JR. Town Men's Association, Treasurer: Circle K: Sailing Club. MORENO, FRANCISCO. American Institute of Chemical Engineers: International Students' Club: Sigma Delta Pi: Pi Mu Epsilon. MORGAN, CAROLE ANN. Honor Roll: Best Design Award: Town Women. MORGAN, JANE ARNOLD. Kappa Delta Epsilon, Vice-President: Student Union: Intramurals: South Tower Judicial Council: Honor Roll: Dean's List. MORGAN, MARY THERESA. Young Americans for Freedom: Chi Omega, -President of Pledge Class: Legislative Affairs: WRA: AGSL: Sophomore 'Y. MORRIS, SANDRA ELIZABETH. Meditrina: WUSC, Secretary, Music Director: Student Union. MORTON, BRENDA LEE. Marching Band: Concert Band: Honor Roll. MOSS, CHARLES ALVIN. Chi Psi: Delta Sigma Pi: Sailing Club: Marketing Club. MOSSQRODNEY JOHNSTON. Delta sigma Pi: westmznsief Fellow- -ship: YMCA. - MUILDROW, HARRY WILLIARD, JR. American Pharmaceutical Asso- ciation. SENIOR STATISTICS - Continued MULLER, WILLIAM MICHAEL. Swimming Team: Captain of Varsity Swim Team: Maxcy Brotherhood: Marketing Club: Black "C" Club. MULLINAX, CAROL JEAN. News Editor, Second Semester Editor-in- Chief, Managing Editor of The Gamecock: Vice-President of S. C. Collegiate Press Association: Euphrosynean Literary Society: WRA: Secretary of Press Club: German Club: Who's Who: Cafeteria Committee. MULLIS. VANN STEPHEN. Kappa Sigma: Epsilon Epsilon Epsilon: Grand Czar. MULVII-llLL, JAMES VINCENT. Football. MUNGALL, MARY STUART. Transfer from Clemson University: Zeta Tau Alpha, Activities Chairman, Greek Week Chairman: What's What: Epsilon Epsilon Epsilon: Miss Clemson University Court: Christian Science Organization, Secretary, Treasurer, Vice-President: Senior Class Project Committee Head. MURCHISON, MARY KATHLEEN. Alpha Delta Pi: Co-Editor of Newsletter: Mortar Board, Treasurer: Panhellenic Council: Co-Chair- man Homecoming Parade: Euphrosynean Literary Society: Kappa Delta Epsilon, Publicity Chairman: Student Education Association: Westminster Fellowship: Orientation Counselor: Honor Roll: Dean's List. MURPHY, BARRY ARTHUR. Transfer from Erskine College: Election Committee: Intramurals. MURRAY. MARIAN ELIZABETH. Carolina Christian Association, Secretary: Student Religious Association, Vice-President, President: Westminster Fellowship, Vice-President: Meditrina. NASH, RALPH FRANKLIN. Kappa Sigma: Epsilon. Epsilon, Epsilon. NAYLOR, WILLIAM PATRICK. President, Senior Class: President, Junior Class: Sigma Nu: Blue Key: Kappa Sigma Kappa: Men's Judicial Council, Secretary: Student Senate: State Student Legis- lature: Resident Hall Counselor: SUSGA: Language Laboratory Assistant: Orientation Counselor: Graduation Marshal, Elections Committee: Chairman Blue Key Campus Bowl: Sophomore Honor Roll: Dean's List: Who's Who: J. Rion McKissick Memorial Scholar- ship lI967l: Glenn Milhouse Scholarship Recipient ll967l: Epsilon Epsilon Epsilon: Chairman, Joint Judicial Council: Homecoming Com- mittee: Senior Class Project: Freshman Baseball. NEELEY. CARL EDWARD. Pi Kappa Phi: Society for Advancement ot Management. NELSON, HARVEY WILSON, JR. Kappa Phi Kappa, Vice-President. NEWTON, MARGARET EDDIE. BSU: USC Aiken Extension: Pep Bank Leader and Manager: Library Assistant. NICELEY. MARGARET ANN. The Gamecock, Editorial Assistant: Theta Sigma Phi. NICHOLSON. RUTH WALKER. Kappa Delta, Assistant Treasurer, T'easurer: Panhellenic Delegate, Council Member, Treasurer: Angel Flight: Alpha Order, Mortar Board: Euphrosynean Literary Society. Program Chairman. NORMAN, PETER BRIAN. NROTC. NOEL, HELEN SIDNEY. Town Girls' Association. NOWOSACKI. GERALD EDWARD. Phi Epsilon Mu: NEA: Freshman Basketball: Dean's List. NYSTROM, RICHARD LEE. Chi Psi, Secretary Alpha Editor, Pledge Trainer, Best Active Award. OCKOSKIS, STEPHANIE JULIA. Zeta Tau Alpha, Social Chairman: WRA Game Chairman. ODOM. ARCHIE CREIGH, JR. Alpha Phi Omega, Treasurer. ODOM, HELEN LYNN. Miss GARNET AND BLACK Contest. OLIVER, PATSY. Winthrop Transfer: Alpha Iota Mu, Second Vice- President: Wesley Student Council: South Tower Vice-President: Young Republicans: Theta Sigma Phi: AWS. OSWALD, SUZANNE. Chi Omega. OULLA, PRICE MULLINS. Kappa Alpha Order: Circle K. PARKER, RONALD GARDNER. Freshman Honor Roll: Treasurer, Freshman Class: Orientation Counselor: Kappa Sigma Kappa: Epsilon Epsilon Epsilon: Phi Kappa Sigma, President, Vice-President, Rush Chairman: IFC, Treasurer: Greek Week Treasurer, Chairman, NIC Delegate: SEIFC Delegate: lntertraternity Man of Year: Homecoming Parade Chairman: Student Senate: Elections Committee: Circle K. PARKINSON, ANN. Zeta Tau Alpha: Theta Sigma Phi, Treasurer: Advertising Club, Secretary-Treasurer: Hypatian Literary Society, Treasurer: Student Union, Publicity Committee: Freshman Hall Repre- sentative: South Tower Hall Delegate, Secretary of Dorm. PARRISH, SUSAN. Honor Roll, Dean's List, BSU. PARSONS, MARGARET MACK. Pi Beta Phi. PARTYKA. FRANK RICHARD. Phi Kappa Sigma. Baseball Team. PATE, ROBERT JAMES. Transfer lrom Conway Regional Campus. President of Student Body lConwayl: Circlo K, President: Delta Sigma Pi. PATTON, JOHN STEPHEN. AFROTC. PAWLEY, WILLIAM C, WUSC Announcer: Newman Club, The Game- cock Feature Writer. PEAKE, JOHNNY MILTON. Chi Psi: The Gamecock Staff. PECK, MARY FRANCES. Sailing Club, Social Chairman: Advertising Club. PENNINGTON, CARL M., Ill. Kappa Sigma, G'and Master, G'and Master of Ceremonies, Grand Treasurer, Delegate to National Con- clave: GARNET AND BLACK, Greeks Erlla-g IFC, Treasurer: SCCPA Delegate: AFROTC Color Guard: Epsilon Epsilon Epsilon. PETOROCK, ANNETTE. Transfer Student: Newman Club, Treasurer, President: Cheerleader: Student Government, President: GARNET AND BLACK, Co-Editor: Chit Chat Editor: Zeta Tau Alpha, Slci Club. PHILLIPS, ROY F. Compass and Chart Society, Prosfdont: Semper Fidelis Society, NROTC. PICHARD, SUSANNE KATHERINE. Pi Beta Phi: Young Republicans: Marketing Club: Epsilon Epsilon Epsilon: Miss GARNET AND BLACK Contest: May Day Court: Miss Aphrodite Contest, Homecoming Court. PICKENS, ROBERT G., Il. Transfer from Centralia College: Freshman Basketball Manager: Varsity Basketball Manager. PINSON, PAUL HAROLD, JR. WUSC: Non-Fiction Editor. Crucible, Editor-in-Chief: USC Honors Program. PITTS, WILLIAM PLUMMER. Student Senate: YMCA Vice-President: Kappa Psi: Blue Key: Westminster Fellowship: Religious Emphasis Week Coordinating Secretary: P.-esident, Junior Pharmacy Class: President, American Pharmaceutical Association: State Student Legis- lature: Orientation Counselor: Elections Committee. POLLARD, WILLIAM ALBERT. Lambda Chi Alpha. Treasurer, Social Chairman, Corresponding Secretary, Convention Delegate: Freshman Executive Committee: Student Union. POPE, EDWIN WAYNE. AFROTC, Arnold Air Society, Information Services Officer: Young Republicans: Young Americans for Freedom. PORTER, GARY RANDALL. Marketing Club. POST, BEVERLY SHARON. Student Union: National Teacher Education Association. POWELL, SUZANNE. Kappa Delta, Historian: YWCA: BSU: Presi- dent's Council for Religious Evaluation: The Gamecock: NEA. PRICE, MARGUERITE HELEN. Student Teachers Association. PRICE, HARRIET LENORA. Phi Beta Kappa: Sigma Tau Delta, Presi- dent: Town Girls' Association: Alpha Lambda Delta. PRICE, SHIRLEY MAE. Zeta Tau Alpha, Secretary. Treasurer, Assistant Rush Chairman: GARNET AND BLACK Staff: Student Union: Fresh- man Y, Publicity Chairman: Honor Roll, Pi Mu Epsilon. PUTNAM, FRANK WILLIAM. NROTC Scholarship, Platoon Com- mander, Drill Team: Kappa Phi Kappa, Secretary-Treasurer: Phi Mu Alpha: Concert Choir: Pep Band: Preston Treasurer: Inter-Dorm Council, Dean's List: Compass and Chart Society. QUICK, ALLAN MARSHALL. Treasurer, IEEE. RABON, LYNWOOD MASON, JR. Pi Mu Epsilon: Phi Eta Sigma: Tau Beta Pi: American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Treasurer: Society of Automotive Engineers: Pi Kappa Phi. President, Treasurer, Secretary. RADIN, IRA JOEL. Phi Epsilon Pi, Recording Secretary. RAGSDALE. GLENN EDWARD. BSU Band. RAMPEY, RUTH ELLEN. Meditrina Nursing Organization: Carolina Christian Fellowship, Secretary: Concert Choir: Oratorio Chorus. SENIOR STATISTICS - Continued RANEY, SHULA ROSE. Pi Beta Phi. RANKIN, KAY DIANNE. Alpha Iota Mu, Second Vice-President: The Gamecoct: Euphrosynean: SNEA. RAUCH, BETTE DIANNE. Kappa Epsilon: Rho Chi: Alpha: Honor Roll. RAWLS, NILA ANN. Kappa Delta Epsilon, Projects Chairman: Honor Roll. Dean's List. REED, MARION SEABROOK. Phi Delta Theta: Freshman Football. REESE, BARBARA LYNN. Pi Beta Phi, Treasurer, Historian, Executive Council: Theta Sigma Phi: Euphrosynean Literary Society: Advertising Club. REEVES, GERALD C. Oratoria Choir. REEVES, ROY D. Phi Delta Omicron: Varsity Football: Freshman Foot- ball: IFC Tribunal: Student Senator, FCA. REEVES, VIRGINIA ANN. Freshman Cheerleader: Varsity Cheerleader: Chi Omega: Panhellenic Representative: Pi Mu Epsilon: Angel Flight: Chairman Homecoming Alumni Association: Senate: Honor Roll. REID, ANDREW A., JR. Varsity Baseball: Pi Kappa Alpha: Bloclc "C". RENTZ, CHARLES H. Society for Advancement ot Management, Vice- President, Program Chairman: Registration Assistant. RICHARDSON, JAMES JULIAN, Ill. NROTC: IEEE. RICHARDSON, WILLIAM IVEY. Pi Kappa Phi, Secretary, Treasurer, Rush Chairman: Foreign Student Committee: Student Union, Publicity Committee: WUSC. RIDENOUR, RONNIE GENE. USC Aiken Branch, Basketball: Governor, Woodrow College. RIEDELL, SARAH MIDDLETON. Alpha Delta Pi. ROBERTS, ALBERT KEITH, JR. Freshman Honor Roll: University Marching Gamecocl: Band: Symphonic Band: USC Orchestra: Newman Club. .. ROBERTS, GLENN PAUL. AFROTC Cadet Wing Stott. ROBERTS, JOSEPHYNE WALTON. Delta Delta Delta, Publicity Chair- man: Theta Sigma Phi: Epsilon Epsilon Epsilon, Grand Czarina. ROBERTSON, REBEKAH GRACE. Kappa Delta Epsilon: Honor Roll. ROBERTSON, THOMAS S. Hall Governor, Preston: Marketing Club. ROBINSON, ALLEN J. B. Transfer trom University ot the South: Pre-Law Club: Sailing Club: Kappa Alpha: Student Union: Sewanee Review. ROGERS, GLENN M. Alpha Phi Omega. ROGERS, MARION PENDLETON. IEEE: APO. ROLLINGS, ROBERT L. Baseball: Bloclc "C" Club. ROSEN, BRUCE T. Phi Kappa Sigma: lntertraternity Council: IFC Tribunal: Inter-Dorm Council: Student Elections Committee: Young Republicans: Greelc Week Committee: United Fund Drive. ROZBITSKY, MICHAEL ALLEN. ODK, Organizations Liaison: Phi Kappa Sigma, Social Chairman: ASCE, Treasurer: Engineers Joint Council Representative. RUTLEDGE. HUGH ALEXANDER. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Social Chair- man: IFC Representative, Secretary: Circle K: Orientation Counselor: Beau Arts: Board ot Governors tor Student Union. SALLEY, MARY KATHERINE. Elections Commission Member: The Gamecoch Statt. SALTIK, ERJAN RAMAFAN. International Students Club. SAMPLE, JANET BARRY. AWX Hall Chairman: Resident Hall Coun- selor: Epsilon Epsilon Epsilon: Pi Beta Phi, Social Chairman: Young Democrats. SANDERS, GLENN DAVID. Pi Epsilon Mu: Kappa Phi Kappa: Student National Education Association. SCHEIDER., JAMES P. Elections Committee: Homecoming Committee: SUSGA Delegate Euphrosyean Society: Student Senate: Transfer from Georgia Military College. SCHILLER, RUTH MARY. Coastal Carolina Center, Chanticleer Stott. SCHNEIDER, ROBERT MARK. Phi Epsilon Pi, President, Vice-President. Treasurer, Delegate to National Convention, IFC Representative. Executive Committee Chairman, Rush Chairman, IFC Delegate to Southeastern IFC Convention, Tribunal: Student Senate: Student Representative on Discipline Committee: Delegate to SCSSL: Kappa Sigma Kappa: Circle K International: Who's Who: Hillel. SCHULZ. JUDITH ANN. Freshman YWCA, Social Chairman YWCA, Cabinet: Sophomore Y Counselor tor Freshmen: President South Tower, Executive Committee: AWS, Publicity Chairman AWS: Sec. Calendar Committee ot Student Union, Chairman ot Calendar Com- mittee Executive Board ot Student Union: Student Senate: Kappa Delta Epsilon: Alpha Iota Mu: Mortar Board: Dean's List, Honor Roll: Wesley Foundation, Publicity Chairman. SCHULZ, RICHARD THOMAS. Treasurer ot Freshman YMCA: New- man Club: Senate: ROTC: Pi Kappa Alpha: President ot Sophomore YMCA: Treasurer ot Religious Counsel: Marketing Club: President ot Senior YMCA: Sailing Club: Bowling Club: Southeastern Delegate to Chicago: National Convention ot YMCA College President. SCOTT, MARIA CATHERINE. Transter from Mary Washington Col- lege: Young Democrats Club. SEALE, MARJORIE H. Meditrina Nursing Society, Nominations Com- mittee. SEARSON, CHARLENE. Zeta Tau Alpha, Scholarship Chairman, House Chairman: APhA, Secretary: Kappa Epsilon, Social Chairman, Alum- nae Correspondent: YWCA, President, Membership Chairman, Fresh- man Camp Counselor, "Y" Council: USC Band, Carolina Coquettes: Freshman Orientation Counselor: Student Senate: Honor Roll, Secre- tary ot Sophomore Class: The Gamecocll Statt: AWX House ot Representatives, Library Committee Chairman: Sims Hall President: Wesley Foundation: WRA: Student Union, Hospitality Committee: Student Academic Responsibility Committee ot School Pharmacy: Dean's List. SEASE, DAVID EDMOND. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Historian. SEAY, FRANCES D. Transfer Winthrop College: Westminster Fellow- ship: Young Republicans. SEIBERT, JAMES DANIEL. Beta Gamma Sigma: Beta Alpha Psi, Vice- President and Chairman ot Membership Committee: Honor Roll. SEIGLER, ANNE COURTNEY. Chi Omega, President and Recom- mendation Chairman: Angel Flight, Treasurer: YWCA: Hypatian Literary Society: Honor Roll: Lectures Committee ot Student Union. SELF, DANNY ALLEN. AlChE: Town Men's Association: Intramurals: Engineer's Joint Council, Secretary, President: Blue Key. SELMAN, JANET CAROL. Pi Beta Phi, Vice-President: AWS, Vice- President: Angel Flight: Kappa Delta Epsilon: Mortar Board, Activities Chairman: S. C. College Queen: USC Orchestra. SENSENEY, DAVID BARTON. Pi Kappa Alpha, Pledge Class President: Alpha Phi Omega, Vice-President: YMCA: Transfer from Florence Center and Dulce University: Editor, "The Bantam", Florence Center. SETZLER, NIKKI GILES. Lambda Chi Alpha, Pledge Educator: Inter- national Studies Club. SNEAD. HELEN MARSH. International Students Club. SHEPHERD, MARY ELLEN. Transter from University ot North Dakota. SHULER. DONNA GAIL. Alpha Lambda Delta, Secretary: Meditrina Society, Treasury, Secretary, Vice-President, President: Delegate S. C. and National Student Nurse Conventions: Zeta Tau Alpha, Pledge Scholarship Award, Scholarship Chairman: Wesley Foundation: Mortar Board, Vice-President: Student Senate, AWS Hall Delegate: May Court: Graduation Marshal: Faculty Student Relations Committee lSchooI ot Nursingl. SIMMONS, HARRY EVANS. The Gamecoclt: International Relations Club, Secretary. SIMMONS, MARGARET CONSTANCE. Kappa Delta. SIMMS, ANN MAHER. Delta Zeta, Vice-President, Philanthropies Chairman: Euphrosynean Literary Society: The Crucible, Managing Editor, Exchange Editor: Alpha Iota Mu: Honor Roll: Dean's List: Young Americans tor Freedom. SIMMS, PEGGY. The Gamecoclt, Circulation Manager: Student Body President, Secretary: International Students Club. SIMON, CARY F. Intramural Basketball and Football. SIMPSON, MARY SCOTT. Freshman Representative tor Meditrina: Hall Counselor. ' i . SENIOR STATISTICS - Continued SIMPSON, ROBERT WYER. USC Marching Band: American Society ot Civil Engineering. SIPES, MARY S. Delta Zeta, Treasurer: Euphrosynean Literary Society: Freshman Honor Roll. SMALL, RUTH ELIZABETH. Transter trom Albright College, Reading, Pen nsylvan ia. SMITH, BOYCE L. Phi Delta Theta: Phi Eta Sigma: Omicron Delta Epsilon, President: Phi Beta Kappa. SMITH, BRENDA CAROL. Delta Zeta, Social Chairman, Membership Vice-President, President: Commander and Founder ot Mermaid Fleet: Alpha Iota Mu: Student Union Dance and Concert Committee: Secretary YWCA: Panhellenic Council, Greelr Weelc Spealcers Com- mittee. Scholarship Chairman: Student Assistant to Dean Clotworthy: Judicial Council, Standards Committee: Town Girls' Association. SMITH, BRENDA JANE. Alpha Iota Mu: Treasurer: Student Union Secretary Committee, Outstanding Member. SMITH, CLAYTON PAUL. NROTC: Pershing Ritles: Phi Delta Theta. SMITH, DIXIE MARIE. Baptist Student Union. SMITH, HENRIETTA. Hypatian Literary Society: Kappa Delta Epsilon, Membership Chairman: Freshman Honor Roll. SMITH, JOHN CHARLES. Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, Treas- urer: American Pharmaceutical Association. Treasurer, Preston Dorm Government Judicial Board. SMITH, JOHN LESLIE. Sigma Phi Epsilon. Corresponding Secretary. Public Relations Chairman, Scholarship Chairman, United Fund Chair- man, Executive Committee, Scott Key Award, Leadership Academy Delegate, Pledge Scholarship Award: Omicron Delta Kappa, Organi- zations Liaison Chairman: Advanced AFROTC, AFROTC Scholarship: Arnold Air Society: Honor Roll: Dean's List: WUSC Radio: Union County Carolina Club, Vice-President. SMITH KATHERINE E. Student Union: GARNET AND BLACK: Town Girls' Association: BSU. SMITH THOMAS EUGENE. National Student Education Association. SMITH, TONY GLENN. Transter from Clemson University: The Game- cock, Sports Statt. SMITH SMITH WILLIAM FLEETWOOD. Pi Kappa Alpha. WILLIAM FRANCIS Ill. Kappa Phi Kappa. SMOAK, EDITH HENNIES. Phi Beta Kappa: Sigma Tau Delta: Pi Mu Epsilon: Kappa Delta Epsilon, Membership Chairman: Honor Roll: Dean's List. SMOAK, JOHN JOSEPH. JR. Pi Mu Epsilon: ASME . SMOAK, MARGARET ANNE. Meditrina: Sigma Theta Tau: Alpha Lambda Delta. SMOAK, WALTER DEAN. Phi Kappa Sigma: AFROTC. Lt. Col.: ASCE: Society ot Automotive Engineers: Student Senate: Pep Club: YMCA: Married Students' Government Association. SNEED, KATHERINE ST. CLARE. Hypatian Literary Society: Student Union. Activities Committee, Membership Chairman, Executive Board, Fine Arts Commission: Newman Club. SNIPES, CHARLES SHERWOOD. Transter 'From Florence Extension GARNET AND BLACK Statt: Bantam Statt. SOLES, ONESTA LEE. Transter trom Anderson College: BSU: Oratorio Choir. . SOLOMON, FRANCES SUGAR. Transter trom UNC. SOMMA. DONALD THOMAS. Freshman and Varsity Football: Varsity Club. ' SPANN, VIRGINIA ERVIN. Chi Omega. Social Chairman: SNEA: Epsilon Epsilon Epsilon. ' ' SPENCER. CARROLL MANN. Transter trom Oueen's College: Medi- -trirna: May Court: GARNET AND BLACK, Business Manager: Resident Counselor, South Tower. ST. JOHN. CHERYL LYNN. Chi Omega: Beaux Arts: Student Union Epsilon Epsilon Epsilon. ' ff E ' STABLER, BARBARA FAIR. Alpha Lambda Delta: Sigma Theta Tau. STANFORD, EUGENE MALCOLM. Chi Psi. Vice-President. i STAUB, RONALD E. USC Marching Band: USC Symphonic-Band. 4' STEELE, CURTIS CARLYLE, JR. Young Democrats. STEPHENS, BENJAMIN ROBERT. Pi Kappa Phi, Chaplain, Warden- Pledge Master. STEPHENS. LARRY MARION. Blue Key: Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Eta Sigma, Vice-President: Eta Kappa Nu: Tau Beta Pi, Vice-President: Dean's List: Who's Who. STERLING, DOROTHY ANN. Zeta Tau Alpha: Freshman Honor Roll. STEVENSON, MACK BROWN. Sigma Nu, Pledge Class President: Blue Key: Dean's List: APhA: Dorm Counselor: Elections Committee: Intramural Football: Air Force ROTC: Health Professions Scholarship. STEWART, SHIRLEY SUZANNE. Chi Omega: Student Union, Legisla- tive Committee: Town Girls' Association: GARNET AND BLACK. STILWELL. WILLIAM EDWARD, JR. ASME: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Honor Roll. Dean's List. STODDARD, MAUDIE ANITA. Wesley Foundation, President: Medi- trina Society: Oratorio Chorus. STRAMIELLO, HARRY ANTHONY. Pi Kappa Alpha: USC Band. STRAUSBAUGH, WAYNE LEE. Sailing Club: NROTC, Platoon Com- mander: Maxcy-Colcer Dorm Government, Treasurer, Hall Counselor. STROMAN, KATHRYN LYNEE. Kappa Delta Epsilon: Honor Rall: Dean's List. SUBH, NAIF T. International Students Club: IEEE. SUMMER, BETSY. Alpha Delta Pi, Rush Chairman, Pledqetrainer, Best Pledge: What's What: SNEA: YWCA: GARNET AND BLACK. SUTTLE. SHIRLEY E. Transter trom St. Andrews Presbyterian College: Kappa Delta Epsilon. TARRER, JAMES WADE III. Pi Kappa Phi. TAYLOR. ALLEN GRIFFITH. NROTC, Drill Team, Compass and Chart Society. TAYLOR. EULALIE EVANS, Phi Beta Lambda. TAYLOR, STEPHEN LEE. American Society ot Civil Engineers. THOMAS, AMANDA CARLISLE. Transter trom Mary Washington: Student Senate: Homecoming Court: Kappa Delta, Activities Chair- man: AWS, Secretary: Dorm Judicial Council: Varsity Cheerleader: Euphrosynean Literary Society: Canterbury Club: Powderpuit Football: Miss GARNET AND BLACK Contest: Beauty and the Beast Contest: ODK Leadership Conference: Blue Key College Bowl. THOMPSON, BARBARA JEAN. WIC: Freshman Counselor: Meditrina. THORNLEY, GEORGE CLAUDE. Freshman Honor Roll: IEEE. THURMAN. KENNETH THOMAS. Dean's List. TIDWELL, TOMMY DANIEL. IEEE. TODD, EVELYN DIANE. Coastal Carolina Extension: Cheerleader: Runner-Up for Miss Coastal Carolina: Bowling Team. TODD, RUSSELL K. AFROTC Drill Team: The Gamecoclz. TOLSON, RICHARD JAMES. Society tor Advancement ot Manage- ment: Honor Roll: Dean's List. TOURVILLE, WILLIAM ERNEST. Delta Sigma Pi. TRENSCH, KENNETH H. Delta Sigma Pi: Society tor the Advance ment ot Management. TROTTER, LYNDA A. Kappa Delta Epsilon, President: Baptist Student Union: Student Education Association: Honor Roll: Dean's List: Fresh' man Orientation. TROTTIER, KELA DEBORAH. WUSC, Treasurer: Young Democrats. Secretary: International Relations Club, Vice-President: Sailing Club: Crucible: Concert Choir: Delta Omicron: Der Faust Verein. TRUESDALE, BONN-IE RUTH., Kappa Delta Epsilon: Student Union. TRULUCK, JOHN MOULTRIE. Kappa Alpha: Marlceting Clubf TUMBLESTON. BILL HENRY. Student Chapter ot APhA. - - . Turner, FRANCES scorr. Dean's Lia: zefs Tau Alpha, student Senate: Hypatian Literary Society: Angel Flight: Sola Twirler: USC Band: Choreographer tor USC Coquettes. , ' ' ' V' TURNER. HARRY ARTHUR. IEEE. 4- 'i - TURNERHKAY. 'Delta Zeta: Hypatian Literary Society. 1 SENIOR STATISTICS - Continued UNGER, ELLEN EUBANK. Delta Delta' Delta, Correspondent, Marshal: SNEA: Freshman YWCA: Honor Rall: Elections Committee: Fine Arts Committee. VALENTA, FRANK LOUIS. Transter trom Duke. VALENTINO, MARION CYR. Alpha Phi Omega, Sergeant-at-Arms: ODK: Sigma Delta Tau, Treasurer: Phi Eta Sigma: Crucible: Honor Roll: USC Scholarship. VANDEWEGHE. NANCY SUE. Alpha Delta Pi, Corresponding Secre- tary. VANKEUREN, ROBERT E., JR. Young Democrats. VANPATTON, JOHN TERRY, JR. Marketing Club. VANSETERS, VIRGINIA ANN. Mortar Board, Editor: Theta Sigma Phi, Vice-President: Board ot Publications and Communications: Alpha Lambda Delta: Hypatian Literary Society: Commencement Marshal: S. C. Press Association Scholarship: Beautort Watts Ball Scholarship: J. Rion McKissick Scholarship: Women's Division Scholarship, S. C. Press Association: J. Rion McKissick Award: Freshman and Sophomore Honor Rolls: Freshman Orientation Counselor: Panel Member Col- lege Press Conference: GARNET AND BLACK: BSU. VAUGHN, SUSAN JO. Chi Omega: Advertising Club: Theta Sigma Phi: IEEE: Euphrosynean Literary Society: Women's Standard Commit- tee: Judicial Council: Student Union. VERDERY, THOMAS MARK. ODK: President ot YMCA: Student Religious Association, Vice-President: RE Week Committee: Student Union Talent Show, First Place: Honor Roll: Dean's List: Freshman Camp Counselor. VEREEN, ARTHUR W. AFROTC: USC Marching Gamecocks: ASCE, Secretary. VERENES, EUGENIA STATHY. Transter 'From Aiken Center: AIM, Chairman ot Board ot Pardons: SNEA. VICKERY, JAMES PATRICK. Marketing Club. VIK, DONALD RAYMOND. German Club: Young Democrats, Presi- dent, Vice-President, Chairman to State Plattorm Convention: Alpha Phi Omega: International Students Club: International Relations Club: Student Congress: Student Union, International Committee, Executive Committee: Lutheran Students Association. WACHTER, JOSEPH HARRY. Phi Epsilon Pi, Historian, Community Service Chairman: Alpha Theta Data Editor, Vice-President, President, "Chapter Wit": Hall Counselor: AFROTC. WADE, IRIS JEAN. Alpha Iota Mu: USC Marching Band: Coquettes. WALDEN, CHARLES H. IEEE. WALKER, GERALD WAYNE. AlChE. WALKER, JONATHAN MARK. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. WALSH, JOSEPH D. NROTC: Compass and Chart Society. WARING, ANN HALL. Delta Delta Delta. WARKASKE. STEVEN A. WUSC, Treasurer, Manager: Carolina Broad- casting Company, President: Euphradian Society, Historian, Secretary, President: Alpha Phi Omega, Vice-President, Pledgemaster: AFROTC. Drill Team, Outstanding Service Award: President's Cabinet. WARREN, RICHARD JOSEPH. Marketing Club: Maxcy Brotherhood, Social Chairman. WATKINS, WILLIAMS WHORTON. Sigma Chi. WATSON. DONAH EUZ, Wesley Foundation Council: Meditrina: AWS, House ot Representatives. WEAVER, SUZY. Transfer trom Ohio University: Angel Flight: Theta Sigma Phi. WEBB. THOMAS OGDEN. PE Majors Club, President ot Men's Division: Co-Director ot Department ot Intramurals: State Physical Education Association: Statt Member, Student Union: President ot Student Body, Aiken Regional Campus: Regional Campus Basketball. WEEKS, ALAN ROBERT. GARNET AND BLACK, Classes Editor: American Pharmaceutical Association: Photographer Aiken Center Newspaper: Maxcy Brotherhood, Publicity Chairman, Corresponding Secretary. WEINTRAUB, BLANCHE D. Hillel, Vice-President, President: Alpha Sigma Phi, Activities Chairman. WELCH, ANN STOKES. Meditrina. WELCH, LEE KIMMELL. Chi Psi, Assistant Treasurer, Treasurer, Presi- dent: Blue Key: lntertraternity Council: NROTC Scholarship: Pershing Ritles Drill Team: Battalion Statt Otticer: Chi Psi Educational Trust Scholarship. WELLMON, WILLIAM JIMMY. Marketing Club. WELLS, MARTHA SUSAN. Chi Omega, President Pledge Class, Treas- urer: YWCA, Program Chairman: WIC Representative: Elections Committee: Artist Series: Women's Standards: Y President South Tower and Hall President: AWS Second Vice-President: Chairman Major Judicial: Angel Flight, Treasurer: Mortar Board, President: Presidential Committee Student Activities Committee: Counselor at Capstone. WENGER, PATRICIA ELIZABETH. AWS, House ot Representatives: USC Sailing Club, President: USC Sailing Team: South Atlantic Inter- collegiate Sailing Association, Vice-President: Student Union, Secre- tarial Committee: Women's Intramurals: May Court: Presbyterian Youth Fellowship. WETMORE, WILLIAM ROBARDS, JR. IEEE: Student Union Concert Committee. WHALEY, ROGER BAYNARD. Freshman Tennis Team: Orientation Counselor: Hall Counselor: Alpha Tau Omega, Treasurer, Pledge Trainer, President: Member ot "YH: IFC Representative: Student Union Movie Committee. WHARTON, JOHN M., JR. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Recording Secretary. Pledgemaster, Activities Chairman, Outstanding Active: Finance Club: Marketing Club: Pi Sigma Epsilon, Secretary. WHEELER, FRANCES C. Alpha Lambda Delta: Town Girls' Associ- ation: WRA. WHITE, FRANK CURTIS, JR. Omicron Delta Kappa: Beta Gamma Sigma: Omicron Delta Epsilon: Beta Alpha Psi, President, Beta Alpha Psi Married Student Committee, Vice-Chairman, USL Student Union Board ot Governors: American Accounting Association: Intramurals Athletics: Dean's List: Honor Roll: Thomas B. Pionce Memorial Scholarship. WHITE STEPHEN DECATUR. Phi Kappa Sigma. WHITT, JAMES ROBERT. USC Track. WHITTEMORE, SHARON FLEMING. Westminster Fellowship: USC Sailing Club, Executive Committee. Member-at-Large. WIDMARK, CLAIRE BOLIN. WIC: Hypatian Literary Society: Uni- versity Players: Alpha Psi Omega, President: Young Americans tor Freedom: Delta Zeta. WILKIE, PAUL B. IEEE. WILKINSON. MARY ANN. Delta Zeta, Activities Chairman: Hypatian Literary Society, President: Academic Responsibility Committee trom School ot Journalism: Student Union, Secretary: Theta Sigma Phi, Historian, University Players: Children's Theatre: Baptist Student Union: Press Club: Young Americans tor Freedom. WILLARD, H. EUGENE. Student Union, Lectures Committee Chair- man, Movies Committee Chairman, Activities Committee, Executive Board, ACU Delegate: Student Senate, Chairman Senate Forum Committee: SCSSL Delegate: Sigma Delta Chi, Secretary: The Game- cock, Columnist: Student Union Talent Show Winner ISecond Placel: Most Valuable Member, Student Union Activities Committee: Towers Talk, Editor: MTSG Newspaper: Dean's Advisory Council tor School ot Journalism: Treasurer ot University Players: Triumvirate Consti- tution Committee: Young Republicans Club: St. Patricks Episcopal Center. WILLIAMS, CHARLES PATRICK. Wesley Foundation. WILLIAMS, DONNA MARIE. May Court: University Players. WILLIAMS, JOHN EDWARD. Alpha Tau Omega, Worthy Chaplain. WILLIAMS, LUCY WINN. Transfer from Agnes Scott College: Alpha Delta Pi, Scholarship Chairman and Guard: Dean's List: Sigma Delta Pi, Secretary and Treasurer. WILLIAMS. SHARON JEAN. Phi Beta Lambda. WILSON. CHARLES EDWARD. IEEE. WILSON, GEORGE DONALD. NROTC Freshman Drill Team: NROTC Senior Drill Team: Platoon Leader NROTC. WILSON, JEREMY G. Sigma Chi: Honor Roll. WILSON, GEORGE LARRY. Phi Delta Theta: Marketing Club. SENIOR STATISTICS - Continued WILSON, ROBERT LEWIS, JR. Tau Bela Pi, Recording Secreiary: Era Kappa Nu, Vice-Presidenl: NROTC Drill Team: Compass and Charl Honor Sociefy: IEEE: Alhlelic Direcfor: Eleclronics and Communica- I'ion Major: Engineering Joinl' Council. WILSON, SANDRA DIANNE. Pi Bela Phi, Secrefaryg The Gamecoclr Adverlising Manager. WINGO, JAMES STEWART. Sigma Chi, Presideni ol Pledge Class, Pledge Trainer: Block "C" Club: Freshman Track: Varsily Track. WISE, DONNA ELAINE. Euphrosynean Lilerary Sociely: Kappa Della Epsilon: SNEA. WISE, MARTHA CAROLYN. Sludenl' Educalion Associa ion. WISE, M. SUZANNE. USC Conceri Choir: SNEA, Treasurer: KDS, Secrelary: Euphrosynean Lilerary Sociely: Alpha Iola Mu: Dean's Lisi. WOOD, DOUGLAS GUY. Socieiy for Advanccmenl of Management Town Men's Associafion. WOODI-IEAD. GRACE LILLIAN. ODE. W DIXON JR Ornicron Della E 'ilon' Elec WOODWARD, ANDRE , . p. . - lions Commiilee: lnier-Dormilory Council, Secrelary: Lancasler Exlen- sion: Sludenl Body Vice-Presidenl: GARNET AND BLACK Slafl. WRIGHT. FRED PITTS. JR. Phi Della Thela: Young Republicans WhaI"s Whal: LAGNAF. WYMAN. LEWIS DYE. APhA. YOUNG. JAMIE A. Pi Bela Phi: Young Republicans, Secreiary: Dean's LisI': Sailing Club: Mermaid Fleer: Epsilon Epsilon Epsilon. YOUNG. SAMUEL EUGENE. Transfer Aiken Cenler: Freshman Class Treasurer: Sophomore Sludenl Council Member-al-Large: Cheer- leader: GARNET AND BLACK Slafl: Rebellaire: Inlervarsily: Mosl' Versalile Sophomore. YOUNG, SARAH GOODWIN. Transler Ohio Stale: Della Zefa: Freshman Senale: Buckeye Polilical Parry: Dorm Council. YONGUE. PAULETTE SUSAN. Della Zara: AIChE. ZODDA, JOHN THOMAS. Maxcy Brolherhood. Membership Comrnil- lee: Sociely for Ihe Advancemenl of Management Inframuralsg Newman Club: Infer-Carolina Bowling League. ZUK, CYNTHIA CANNON. Chi Omega, Treasurer: Freshman Coun- ciI: Freshman Y: Sludenl Educalional Associalion. ASCE. ZUREIK, MOHAMED N. Secrelary ol Infernalional Sludenl Club: And here they are . . . Left to Right: SALLY, PAGE, NENA, ART DOWNS and NANCY . . . The Better-Looking Half of the GARNET AND BLACK Staff. CWith one exception, of eourselb Compliments of Sherwood Studios 707 SALUDA AVENUE PHONE 253-8805 COLUMBIA, S. C. 5l5 Ykzee Qkeeza 'Fez . . . l A X-'fz?fl7lfV6 6L4ME'6'06'A'.9' AIEUNIVEHSITYO' SOUTH BARULINA :ssc mmf rnumu GAMES I -D wg: .::'m's.:G.. 2? , M. Q mea nomm mn 1 0 Iluvli V P I ' -REX EIIIIIITITRIIIIC CEI!!! "lnsure with us - we invest with you." HOME OFFICE - COl1UMBlA,S. C. Anne Stephens, The Fighting Gamecocks, and VOLKSWAGEN Said ,7!ze Wazid Ocfez Gibbes Machinery Co. Columbia, S. C. . ' ' MJDHT ' : ..- , W... . ,L-,.- --- f-ff:-14.7. ' - E- ,. , ,- N--fi' If fr - El' YE'-':.:. 5- jj, - 'KM .. I Mai:-Jx 4?.E:+i::.,: : I ' 152. ,TI 4' me Ol ' AUM' b' ' ' I ' 'L 1.135 R 'X Z 'E I " 'LL T 7 M in 0 E E N S 2-afifg. ' -W7 l' 'f gf -Q .?35i 55E5?flE f2i3i? " , 4 " WZ? Eligiglgig -if f .i .J . R F A l T Y f ' N C - 'ifiss' f l'ZW73j, Q U 3353? e'. 1 O 'Aff' iff ,f hi.. 'gm V Ei.. 'viizi-lrffx' o SALES - 3 3 - DEVELOPER - 1 - :aw-:E Q TELEPHONE 787-5727 5219 TRENHOLM ROAD COLUMBIA, S. C. 5I6 cqlhoun Life INSURANCE COMPANY ln OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER TCOJAIUS STUDIO 'O ' THE IN THE 1968 GARNET and BLACK S IMAGINATION 0 IMPRESSION 0 IMAGE lx- M ltl,Ip.lll SCENIC SOUTH CAROLINA-By Eu- gene B. Sloan, is an attempt to present pictorially, a general im- pression of the state as a whole. Subject matter was chosen to be representative of the state's scenic, recreational, and historic resources. Price 36.00. THE BLACK BORDER, Gullah Stories ol the Carolina Coast-By Ambrose E. Gonzales. Rare and humorous tales of coastal South Carolina richly flavored with the gullah dia- lect as once spoken by the Negroes of the Low Country. Regular price 35.00. Book Mm1,ufactu1'e1's - Magazines, Periodicals AQSQIIIQQ, 252-3636 e '19, THE STATE PRINTING COMPANY AX" 'we SINCE 1891 COMPANY 1305 Sumter Street, Columbia, S. C. 29201 Lane, Taylor and Wolfe Realtors 1216 PIOKENS STREET P. O. BOX 11388 COLUMBIA, S. C. TELEPHONE 256-1541 Real Estate-Sales-Appraisals Property Management-Insurance THOMAS VV. LANE B. VVAL'1'If:u TAYLO'R OLIVER J. WOLFE 1 CORNELL ARMS PHARMACY? gy PHONE 253-64-QI SUMTER at PENol.EroN srs. coLuMalA.s.c. A Across from the Campus I PRESCRIPTIONS 0 COSMETICS SODA FOUNTAIN ROSE'S 631 HARDEN STREET FIVE POINTS TAILORING STORE BOYD -I OHN SON "Fine Tailoring Civilian and ROTC Men and Women Quality A lterationn C35 years experience! COLUMBIA ARCADE BUILDING PHONE 254-8972 COLUMBIA Make C 81 S your bank away from home! Locations nearest campus: 5 Points-Main at Washington See ...the action bank THE CITIZENS 8 SOUTHERN NATIONAL BANK OF SOUTH CAROLINA MEMBER F.D.l.c It was ay pleasure to give you the calendars these past years- and a bigger pleasure to know that you like them so well! C 8: S BANK 5l9 Q p 1 Q 1 , 1 l A H s Y BO0If STDRE "ACROSS FROM CORNELL ARMS" -EVERYTHING FOR THEbSTUDEN'I'- NEW AND USED BOOKS SCHOOL SUPPLIES ' ENGINEERING AND BIOLOGY EQUIPMENT ART SUPPLIES ' PAPERBACK NOVELS ' COLLEGE CLOTHING COINI PLIRIENTS OF flQkiwa1ztqer.3' James H. Hammond I -:- -:- -:- THE CITAJJEL '07 b1441V,Mai9z U.S.C. LAW SCIJIOSOIQ '10 Columbia 520 THE CAMPUS SHOP 0 Official Source For All Required Books and Supplies 0 Located on the Ground Floor of the New Addition to Russell House SCHOOL SUPPLIES SWEAT SHIRTS LARGE VARIETY or GIFTS TOILET ARTICLES CLASS RINGS STUDY AIDS DECALS WIDE SELECTION or PAPERBACKS PENNANTS NEWEST LP RECORDS AT STATIONERY DISCQUNT PRICES IEWELRY Owned and Operated by The n1'vers1'Qf 0 Outh Carolina 5 I , I , 4,. J L., .. E 1-' ' no 1 . : -Q, "Money makes money and m an . A ,. H561 'Qs 9:15 5 - if ' . -- f . it f the money that money makes, S' 3' E R 1 . 7 h f X f7f6 217 5 , - - - makes more money." ' ' EL. ffgff I if 55354551 45224 1 1 " 1 - filfif' f 6 . ' . K. -,"D H ""- -A-N Q CW 7"f , y s e, - ' 7'5" -' ' ' k: e-. V--2 -15 :1 Save and profil at Columbiafs Home of Thrift SwndaxQ.SanngsMy 1337 MAIN STREET COLUNIBIA, S. C. Fi Congratulations Class of '68 National Bank fi f lg . gg! y cw, V X V k A First in nnmmaviro swam anna Banking in HOME OFFICE: COLUMBIA. S. C. Qffzdwwzce Gwwy 522 'SwsI92O Nv Fm Find... AIWWL-EPEI' S55 A., I 13344 SUNITER ST. COLULMBIA, S. C. PHONE 254-8128 HELP WANTED- Good job . . . excellent future. U. S. currency only need apply. Placed in HOME FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN, hard working dollars earn top dividends for thrifty savers. Transportation provided free by our save-by-mail plan. Fringe benefits include insurance by FSLIC. Phone, write, or stop in. Put your .lazy dollars to work. l500 Hampton St. Phone 256-897i . HOME FEDERAL 3' 1' ,'.?.!'.!C.Q" oppa :unity izimnmll him EQAGMBJELQE . , J J L Y Emisuillmoa Eomxmm 1612 Marion Sf. Columbia, 5. C. 1 Convenient to USC Blossom St. at 5 Points CLEANERS 81 LAUNDRY LEON A. COOPER Plant: 1908 Blossom at 5 Points 1449 Sumter St. 4043 Trenholm Rd. 7000 Gcxrner's Ferry Rd. Cold Storage Vault on Premises Gig M M, B, COMPLIMENTS OI CONSTRUCTION l GENERAL iiwmqz CONTRACTORS gh ,Nj on mum 1113 BLOSSOM D wniown 0 Richland Mall COLUMBIA Colzlflzzfbiffs All-l7Il'l'll19'iZ'lf Specfially Shop SOUTH CAROLINA for VVol11,eAn mul Clzfilzlrmz. gg, to the, gra.duat1ng R class 8. ,f K Qi R QQ RRmf RRR R R things o S ARA O better QM CR "A , "IF 3 .,- ,- 1- ' 1953, Wlt L. -- f X - if HR 4"" - , zful :"' ,A - " I '45-IM: -- 4 . iw IUCN 'N - ' h. 0 ' WM 'lr' I .I --' 15,6 - .K S M7 Coke-i f? eww 'Q if ,R R xr 59249 WWWWWK ml' 74. - -- llvxul ,,:.,,,., . M m X R '4 X Q X BOTTLED unusn Aurunnnv or THE cocA COLA cuMPANv BY columbia Bgga-Bula BU- xii.-'rg ,.ARR O ..,. W F 43 R, , ew 524 ppo tunjty fo Kaul If your aim is high, Cone Mills has unlimited opportunity for you. We at Cone encourage young people to use initiative. We seek those Who are anxious to develop new skills and imagination. If your aim is high, We are interested in you! CONE MILLS CORPORATION - f: 1sw"'- 1:-'f -I's:'e-:-,.-s::a-' :-,imp-. f2" 5,4i:w ..4 .. ...- ,M s . .. . ,,...,. on coNE ' N C09 :E -1- ,.-..,--J,-:.,.:.91.-e :- -:,- 5- 5 H--,,..5:'j:5,.::,'-as - 'Q -. EXECUTIVE OFFICES Greensboro, N. C. An Equal Opportunity Employer wr MANUFACTURING PLANTS-Cliffside, Forest City, Gibsonville, Greens- boro, Haw River, Henrietta, Hillsborough, Pineville, Reidsville, Salisbury in North Carolina. Carlisle, Cheraw, Greenville, Walhalla, Whitmire in South Carolina. Houston in Texas. High school graduates apply to nearest Cone plant office. College graduates address inquiries to: Manpower Development Manager, Cone Mills Corporation, Greensboro, N. C. 27405 525 .z .5 I as 'Egg f SALES HEADQUARTERS Cone Mills, Inc., New York Hancock Buick YOUR BUICK-OPEL DEALER 'I' 'J' 1'- - 1 Clg s Vendors LAUREL AT BARNXVELL I n C- TELEPHONE 252-7271 2412 TWO NOTCH ROAD COLUMBIA, S. C. I mTWeIdome'Studenis Sunshme Laundry COMPLIIVIENTS OF . . . , and Cleaners J Three Locations Serving the University 1307 MAIN STREET 2000 BLOssoM STREET . . . , 1417 G1 S 4 4 Dzstznctwe Men s Wear 601 526 T? I V. 527 State Bank8tTrust Company we -M ?S WIN . - - ., Ti: 2 , ...,. w .,.,,.:4W,v,k, H .g:g:':g:3:Q:-:3151 4-252 5.5 ,4:fg?-'E W-3-'g.5.1 "1-3-' 9 F:s:2f:r:1-were : sz Ri??:'?7hfCf:s,fff as m x ... 5:-5:2:!:1i1f27.g:gfgr35:Q::7:" V,,,::gi,.,fg1,3'Z.1:Q:::5g::g.gqwg " "f1'2E4 21.35-53,14-:-S:-S151I22g2g:g:pg.g.f.5,.:.:::.:55:?t7F:f:fT4Rf-33:-f.,.:2:-. 1 1 ' 1:Z:::Ir,:,QQ::15:1135235g:Qzggsycalsf5:5:,:5:5:5g3,2gg55:::15:3:g:zggkgbu .g,, :, .-.'5fggg:,:5,:g,gp 15 :Qgrigg-5:g5,gg.,+f:,:::-3::,:::,q:?:g:,::: g.- 4, 1 " -5- , E5E555E5555231EIE15IE2E15fEi1Er?1525Er5EfZ1E5rf:1:iii:Izrsctigigrililsilij?iQ215E:3f:4.'12 fri-3?gf5fx351:f1:2:2EQ4,532V123:flfmrlfl.::fx:1:1?:2:kEE2?85f3ff: ,I g.5.3.g.g.3 31321:g:5:g:-::::g:3:g.'.:.-.5.55.:r::f:g:g:-:51g:5:.::, .I,I1:1:3551,g.-.-,tg.:.7:3::::,::5:::,g:: lg 5.4.-..,...1.,.., -.:+3.-.-:,5.7.5.'.:,-L-.V g.f :.:,4.:.::g:g:g. .5 ' f f fs:535:53123:25E:EE:SQ5:3:fa5:5151515355155111112:1s:r12E535:Ec5:5:5:5:55:53213545:Eg523255515:551gig:515:552:55:r:2:I:5:5:35:35:325:fE3if3:5:Qg:351r:aEff! 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' - X z 5:1151 gf? .'Q1:'45:-E-:5:f?M""" 'wgiiigigizfgigigigrg51512arE-3L'5'?51E55iE:5:5:,. . . : 1-1rf,fr11:ri'EEEliEEff5:15.,.gig,:lg..:qi.1rLr5:ErE:E-F13 ' i f ' V " " ""41'1'22:2E1E1Er51ErEE5:5:5:523Egi5i515E1E5555r:5E132Er?'EffFiri12:555E5E5E5E5E3E3E55355555551555 1 " ' " ' +++ 1317 Sumter Street Columbia. S. C. Be li OF COLUMBIA W here Exciting Things Are H11.ppcnti11,g! This is the bold, bright generation . . . and the vigorous youth is on the move! We move with it, caught up in the frantic fashions where there's something new every minute. Excitement! Wait till you see our two new floors . . . iull of kicky new clothes for the great, new breed of youthl 528 SYMBOL OF QUALITY 'Emu SERVING - ii 1.3 5 , 7 L ..f'-1,12 -'l ,hi JN? 1. r X: , ,ff bn s P A L 6,415 .k ii ,. 2. 4,3 vw umm .N 15+ ex r. st p?1lg5g,, 1 gm if ' wife .-'life 152 ll 'mm ' V gi" Jr A 1 JI .il-'f, Q' ,, , " ' Y 'fzf fi 4 ll an ,rw . 130, 21. , X 7 rf' " 'Kr .' i t :Eg bb' X r 'U -ch uh .. fr '-C . u.:.., .- rrsrmc:-1 ......1. ur-uwrdhfknr fpvvzzvzlrvfvlwzlmiq l str l ' 'Lllllwll A 'f v COLUMBIA - 0 ,md SOUTH CAROLINA Sm 1897 Maxwell Brothers Furniture Company Mm Q. JEWELERS 1500 MAIN STREET RICHLAND MALL MAIN STORE 1632 Main COLUIVIBIA, S. C. Ck. law rx X. its jr.:-::,::.:.::-gi' 1, : :PQQ :: .'.':j.. ' -wig?" M' .JJ.1e- "'-393 ' :,..,..f' ,qs-X... -3'-sz , f-435, -mfg S'-V A 633-1 '- -.y,. .r:rs"'4 Hs. fs -' a.-A, 5' . QQ ':- .Ef'Qs7 K-..,::1-ragga-f?"Wif':2.Rf' Q, " -43 9.-ZF 'rj G91 4f,::e-fa' ax, f-1"-E. -""?5.ssfs5sgg5,s V311 5 .,g1:V...:-..--s--fag,-A 5- 11" ""e , '+ f s - .-- : .- 'qzgcg-:A '-:3:3:::-AM :g.,:gg:g:g . .I iffg j f,5:,wfsgS'i :ssifgifisg Q1 za. V-...'E?4 :K 25551 :-'.-5:Pf rg-:. .09-" ,ga::1:,:5: M-. Aj ,: :IE-7 :ga ' 1ErE:I:. L..' f 55-' 41 ra 12:25:52 zrzrifi' fs. - Psi . - ,.: ::gi'5+.f:5.- . gg 1 W 11: si F:-fzl.-.Y U1 1 5:5:5211.l" - wiv". 2:1115-. : 2:55, Rent your formal wear at SHARPEQS t Latest styles l Lotest accessories I Low, economical cost! - Q Monrrrrr RENTAL srnvrcr V, B Sharpe's Formal Wear 707 HARDEN PHOVE 755 0-161 1637 MAIN I FIVE IOINTS COLUMBIA, S. C. COLUMBIA, S. C. 522 Anchor Continental Manufacturers of fine adhesive tapes and allied products for home and industry Foumlozl on H111 Unizrc1'.vifJl of Souflz. Caroliozn C'Il'IIIjI'1l'S 19352 A GOOD PLACE T0 VV OHK, VVITI-I MANX O BENEFITS AND UPPURTUNITIICS I f you wrmt to live iw Illflllllllfil' Colfzwnbia you .slzoulrl irzvcstigalro- frhe COMMERCIAL BANK , use TRUST COMPANY OF S. C. Anchor Contlental un-all num utmn mwlunrl wlrmxmx 2000 SOUTH 1gEL'1'l'.1N1D IKLVD. COLULIBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA PEPSI-COLA . . . "Iust one of the gang" me lgelaoi-gofa goffgng gomlaang of Cofumdia 530 When you are first in South Carolina there has to he a r e a S 0 n I I I 'lr Columbia X! GZ .S WW Gb THE CQLUMBIA RECORD 531 4 , ' ! Bob Russell Richland Mall . ,,.,:5:g::::1:g3:5:r3:::-:-:::.:::Q::51:,:4:1g:::::::5:5:g:g1r:r:-1:g.1:::,:::,:::5:r:.:::1:-:r.r:1:r11:-fr:rfr:r :': ' K Realty, Inc ' 1tfssgigfgsisisilm ' of535254if'+3023E5E525555gj5555s5252555522E15E52555g5g5g555gQ5f22:fSQ5215111:-2:gs,s5f55Ei5H .. '..-. Al-A l- i'2'L'2551:.F?"?11ff?-'Er .,...... 1.1.1:5E2555E555QiEQQ1QfQS''fE:f35in ,.,,::::gf S gf ,,,, .,,.l,,.. .:. .:. .:. lr 1,1 3' 15 ,,:fg::f5.,.,:5:5- 351- .V-5,-11,5 . r. f1.55fig5gEgf51j"Z,1.1...,-V 5 f J.. .,..,.........,.,l , 1 . .'.-,. i?1.Q15:2'2e1.5:1:::5e5Sift' - .. v ,...,.. .v.,.. : rl.: .,.,., 1.:.:.,,:,,- LVM - -so I ', V, it for 555555- 5 t S gif 'f " ,..... ill A :i,:.212i'i-Sei "-' iffy-25 -+-f :2:1'1a25zg:: j .'.'. '.',' . 2fisfs5si15f5f21gs,eggf::, 111,55 -' 1 'C ' 1931 IXSSEDIBLY S'1'1:1c1cT wvwo-wf""" ---- " jrdf in jaJAion COLUMBIA, SOUTH CA1:o11.1NA unc! QM, gf? WE'RE LOOKING FOR IMAGINEERS - CAN YOU QUALIFY? According to the dictionary, there is no such word as "lmagineer" but at S.C.E.8iG. it's a different storyp Imagi- neers are the backbone of our com- pany. We define "imagineer" as a creative engineer with an eye on the future. One who is an innovator. One who is adaptable to change, but yet practical and thorough in his evalua- tions. It takes more than a degree to be an imagineer . . . can you qualify? Con- tact our Personnel Department. . E1 A iHiiQfinVHc j' 1 - i Hlqlgl lxj ft ww -f f Q C"mlfl J -Y F-1'algl,',?f.l 5 M l'Ela.iQ,gX , , ip -S--4 Li liitxlxb- lf' ti i if of Q K SOUTH CAROLINA ELECTRIC 8 GAS C0 532 BOB "MOOSE" KAHLE General Agent E. f We Q7 A' 'if' ,gi 2. ff? ' vi ig f fiiii ... 2 Oo 45' , , l i W. C. "ED" BELFORD, JR. A ERICA DE E DER LIFE 1l1Sl1I'3I1CC COIIIPHIIY DONALD L' "MCE Home office-RALEIGH, N. C. serving you with the . 4 A coLLEeE DEFENDER 5 21 l. Deposits postponed until you have tinislwed college. Oo ! -53' 2. No war exclusion Clause. . 3. Entire plan paid up at age 65. 4. Full cash value guaranteed. write: P.O. Box I444 COLUMBIA, S. C. 29202 Tel.: 256-8997 W. M. "HOKE" FAIRCLOTH Tom Jenkins Realty, Inc. "Columbia's Largest and M ost Progressi'Ue Residential Realtorv Complete Coverage in the Greater Columbia Area Phone 253-3301 Town House Motor Inn All IVIem.bers of the Carolina C0f21Lm11,'n,ity are Ufelcome TELEPHONE 253-83241 1615 GERVAIS STREET 1711 GERVAIS STREET COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA Credit Cards 1Velc0me 533 lg INSURANCE FOR COLLEGE MEN ONLY! mf ' the LGA couf rim Ask Your Local College Lite Representatives KEN OSBORNE TOMMY HAZELWOOD 3240 DANFIELD 3300 MONTCREST ROAD COLUMBIA, S. C. COLUMBIA, S. C. Dial 787-89l8 Dial 772-3487 The College Life Insurance Company of America You Get It At Cost High dividends result in low cost lite insurance. Connecticut Mutual passes along to policy- holders all earnings over and above the cost of doing business. And Connecticut Mutual hasn't missed a dividend in over I22 years ot business. The Henry V. Chason Agency OF THE CONNECTICUT MUTUAL LIFE I2I3 Lady Street Columbia, S. C. We Wish You . . . SUCCESS in your endeavors ACHIEVEMENT of your goals HAPPINESS in the future Electronics Division SIMPSONVILLE, S. C. The Discovery Company H1 I O "I was wrong about IBM. You can get into the mainstream here with a liberal arts degree? "Ieused to think IBM was a place for engineers, scientists, and machines. "But not.for liberal arts graduates. And definitely not for Amer- ican History maj ors,' like me. CThis is John Robohm, an IBM Mar- keting Representative specializing in banking! -"Then I talked with an IBM interviewer. He explained that much of the work at IBM is solving problems. So if you have a logical mind, you could go into areas like programming or marketing. Both of which are in the heart of IBM's business. "My job is helping banks use computers. Which isn't nearly as tech- nical as it sounds. You deal with people a lot more than with ma- chines. "At first, the idea of sales appalled me. You know, you think of Willy Loman and so on. But marketing at IBM isentirely different. You're a problem solver. You have to come up with new solutions for every customer. "I guess that's what makes the job so interesting. That and the level of people you. deal with. I usually work directly with the president of thebank. You get a lot of responsibility in this job very soon after you start. And if you're good,.your income goes along with it." What John has said covers only a small part of the IBM story. For more facts, visit your campus placement office. Or send an outline of your career interests and educational background to College Recruiting Manager, IBM Corporation, Dept. BE2021, 1447 Peach- tree St., N.E., Room 810, Atlanta, Ga. 30309.'We're an equal opportunity employer. 535 2 0' 1 F U em 1 1 B .4 . 5 , ! Q sis Q 59 R.: Q a

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