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u I ■rr. iiJKLSKTj ' vfiH wtfJm SK m isM jg J B m o! w ' o ]» il ■ - CM ■: ' z p ' . ' A. " r - V i ■ M-- V f ; |k H feNI 1-.5 ' i - ' ff :j;a f m " » r.- : -i j- " J» » »??w- .i.. ■■• ■ ' ' jL x: - ' r: " .. , ,- 5 — --t,— 1962 GARNET AND BLACK f! THE 1962 GARNET AND BLACK VOLUME 64 Published by the STUDENT BODY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA FRAN RASKIN Editor SARA K. KRERS Managing Editor FRANKIE LEE Rusiness Manager NED SELF Advertising Manager WALTER RULL Expansion Editor CARL McCLENDON Organization Editor JOAN HOLLEMAN ReUgious Editor STEVE WALTER . Honoraries and Militaries Editor KERRY WOFFORD SororiHes Editor GUY MEARES Fraternities Editor HARRIETTE MOREHEAD . . Special Social Editor JOANNA PRAYTOR . Administration-Faculty Editor RARRARA CLARKE Classes Editor RETTY MASTERS .... Assistant Classes Editor CARROLL GRAY Sports Editor LINDA WERR Features Editor NORAH TEAGUE Copy Editor tm X It is with great pleasure and deep appreciation that we dedicate the 1962 Garnet and Black DR. ROBERT L. SUMWALT We knew so much when we landed on the campus with our shiny new suitcases filled with what we hoped were very collegiate clothes And we got sort of homesick while the Untouchables taught us how to yell, how to cuss, and how to stand in line. Then we paid dearly for some books . . . and when we learned that you can V buy knowledge . . . we had to do some choosing . . . and some of us chose to earn the right to be here ??f!? KS %! V V «MM5 Aftifii SKSa KKSS y V V " i V V V " if A A c V V V " i - k •.♦ 2 and learned to keep in step. We found our place or made one. We had our fun and drank our beer and . . . learned to give and take it We observed the art of partying in the Carolina tradition, and united to uphold her reputation. is % It was terribly- lonely when we ran with the ball We were the stars, and the cast, and the crew. We carried the ball, or cheered from the sidelines, or sat in the stands . . . » ll w It was our victory or the team ' s defeat, but we were behind them all the way. . . We entered in with fervent gusto . . . joiners they called us... until we ' d proven we had it and could take it We were all part and parcel of life and campus. We strove and stomped. . . there was always someone ahead until we were there and then we wondered where the people were... TABLE OF CONTENTS EXPANSION 17 ORGANIZATIONS 41 Student Government 43 Religion 49 Publications 61 Professionals 69 Honoraries 73 Military 89 Activities 99 SOCIALS 105 Sororities 107 Fraternities 125 Casuals 159 TABLE OF CONTENTS ACADEMICS 167 Administration 169 Undergraduate 181 Faculty 183 Seniors 201 Juniors 261 Sophomores 275 Freshmen 291 Graduate 309 Law 315 SPORTS 331 Review 333 Major Sports 341 Minor Sports 375 Intramurals 381 FEATURES 387 Highlights 389 Beauties 409 We grew in all directions. . . upward and outward. . . internally and externally. . . Women ' s Dorm . . . Work quickened when shades were closed. . . Our own atomic reactor. . . more honey-combs paint and plaster all over campus . . . a proud new face for a grand old lady . f Animal Penthouse Tops Life Science Building The Department of Biology and the School of Pharmacy will be housed in tlie Life Science Building jointly. A MAJOK new feature of the Columhia skyline - - is the new ten-story women ' s residence hall between Pickens and Devine Streets. Despite much bad weather the construction remained on schedule and completion in the late summer is expected. This $2,26(),()()() residence hall will house si.x hundred and eight upperclass women. There will be a staff resident on each floor. Com- pletely air conditioned, telephones in exery room, a stud ' on each floor, and tliree elevators high- light this building. There will be complete cafe- teria facilities for three himdred people, as well as two recreation rooms for music and television. To be completed in June, the new Life Science Building will be occupied jointly b the Depart- ment of Biology and the School of Pharmacy. The building will contain 52,000 square feet wuth a penthouse for animals. These animals will be used by both departments for experimentation and study. Each facultx ' member will have a private office with research facilities. The new Life Science Building on the corners of Sumter and Green Streets will he completed in September of 1962. This progression shot illustrates the progress which was made on the new ten-story girls ' residence hall at USC. McMustcr School, located on the corners of Senate and Pickens Streets, is the center of our fine arts at USC This new apiirtment building will provide housing for the ever-increasing number of married students at USC. Hi ' iMnF iT ' Much work was involved in constructing the two, seven- story men ' s dormitories behind the existing H and J. r P i 11 P 11 P g 11 g P 11 11 p p 11 g 11 ii p ii 11 The annex to the En iiutring College, the Engineers ' machine shop, and the Physics ' neutron generator are shown. Kendall Room Contains Historical Collection NE of the outstanding and beautiful places is the Kendall Room in the Caroliniana Li- brary. The A. P. Kendall Estates of Camden donated a most valuable collection of documents, maps, and other historical items. The two new men ' s residence halls will be exact replicas of the present H and J buildings. Seven stories high, with room to accommodate three hundred and fifty students each, these buildings will help relieve some of the problems of housing. Two additional men ' s residence halls are planned to be built adjacent to H and J and the present buildings under construction. The addition to Currell College this year will include twenty offices for English and History professors and a lecture hall. The College of Engineering addition which extended the building to encompass the entire south side of the block between Sumter and Main Streets was completed in the Fall of 1961. This addition includes a large classroom, laboratories, and faculty offices. Another small addition houses additional offices for civil and electrical engineer- ing faculty, a 150-seat lecture hall, and a meeting ro om for the student engineering society. The H. P. Kendall Room in the Carolinian; many valuable documents pertaining to S. Library has C. ' s History. Ml oi tlic iifw slriictiiic ' s will liave a(l(i|n.ilr Ihating because of the recent expansion of the physical facilities. The old makes way for the new as Carolina ' s exciting program of growth readies all corners of the campus. Painter works in solitude to complete the renovation of Leiber College, one small part of USCs new look. Renovation Of Buildings Is Initiated At USC The iiround breaking lor tlif " Episcopal Cihurch on tlu ' Canipns was a step forward for a greater University. A MAJOR building rcnovrttion program was - - undertaken in the Fall of 1961. Preston and Burney College (a men ' s dorm), the entire Horse- shoe, and the gymnasium, received a green-gray coat of paint in part of a $167,000 spruce up job. Renoxations for 1962 will include expansion of the Political Science Department in Harper Col- lege, expansion of the Foreign Language Depart- ment in DeSaussure College, expansion of the De- partments of Chemistry and Geology-Geography and relocation of the Physical Plant (maintenance) Department. The Wesley Foundation composed of Method- ist students at USC occupied their new building in the Fall of 1961. Episcopal students will occupy their new chapel in the summer of 1962, and the Lutheran students have purchased a new house on Pendleton Street. The expansion of the re- ligious centers mark a mile stone in religious work on the Carolina campus in theological education. The completion of the Wesley Foundation this Fall marked a new development in relitjions acti iti( ' s at (Carolina. . ' " • " »--«.u Lni ersit students il llic- Aikin (Joimt) Branch enjoy an elegant former winter estate as their new campus. Professor Ray M. NN ' ilson, Ucsiikiit I ' roles.sor lectures while liis Political Science class busily takes notes. " Rebelaire, " USCA newspaper, edited by Nancy Hester, reports student news with candid camjius iihotot raphs. Students enjoy relaxing in the student lounge where the en(ling machines offer refreshments between classes. AIKEN Supplies Greatly Needed Facilities To Fill The Need T?OR years, Aiken students dreamed of attending - ' - the University of South Carohna. However, for many, financial reasons made this impossible. Today, the realization of that dream lies within the ivy-covered wall of Aiken ' s own Universit) ' of South Carolina which stands as a momunent to the dedicated work of many people who shared that same dream. Classes are Monday through Thursday from 9 to 1 in the morning and from 2 to 9:15 at night. Two well-equipped laboratories for chemistry and biology, a library, and a student center are only a few of the attractive rooms of the campus. Resident professor, Ray M. Wilson of Virginia, and school director, Christopher Sharp, help stu- dents with school organizations such as the Stu- dent Council and the student newspaper. A well-planned athletic program which includes tennis, bowling, basketball, track and baseball helps make college life a happy reality. Mr. C:iirist()plH ' i- Sliaip, Director of the Aiken Branch, also lectures students in the Department of Biology. STUDENT COUNCIL. John Knox, Jr., President; C. Copley, G. Alexander, J. Saundcrson, J. Hamilton, P. Hyer, G. Harmstead, B. Langley, Members. 27 BEAUFORT Expansion, Unification Mark Branches Growth STUDENT COr ( II Sccrctarij-Trcaxun I: 1 i ■ , I ' ri-sifU ' iit; Karen Cooper, ui-rrcnidcnt. T XPAN ' SION was thv tlieinc of this year at the Beaufort Branch with emphasis on the area of scholastic achievement. Otlier types of expan- sion were In-prodncts of academic achievement. Tlie enrolhnent donl)led and the facnlt - and the number of courses offered was increased. One of the remarkable facts about Beaufort ' s expansion was the close teacher-student relationsliiii whieli fostered academic achievement. The student body at Beaufort is di ersified xet unified. Among the students are militar - person- nel, business men, and regular college students. The ' not only study together but also devote man hours to working on student committees. The sent a delegation to State Student Legis- lature and have produced a weekK newspaper, a library staff, a student lounge and well organized social activities. Their classes are held in the his- torically prominent Beaufort College building, which was built in 1852. This night photo of tht- cohimmcl main liuiltliiig of the Beaufort Branch txpifies tlie charm this branch possesses. -i " Resident Director of the Beaufort Branch, Jolin Duffy, Jr., gives some helpful advice to Miriam Taylor, a student. A class in English composition is being conducted by The students at the Beaufort Branch often gather for Mr. Larry Richman, professor at the Beaufort Branch. get togethers after their last class in the evening. » W ILI.IAM C. CASPER, Rc.mleiit Director COASTAL CAROLINA BRANCH This new clussroom and administration building at the Horry County Branch of USC is now under construction. North -Eastern Tip Of State Served By Branch THHE Coastal Carolina Branch of the University - - was established in 1960 when it replaced the Coastal Carolina Junior College which had oper- ated in Conway since 1954. There has been con- siderable growth in student enrollment and inter- est during the three semesters of operation, and it is estimated that there will be a student bodv of between 250 and 300 students within the next three to five years. Classes are presently held during the late after- noon and early evening hours in the Conway High School. This arrangement is expected to end by the fall semester of 1962. At that time the Branch will move to its new 185-acre campus located between Myrtle Beach and Conway. The new campus is located to serve best the northeastern tip of the State which covers IIorr ' County and parts of Ceorgetown, Williamsburg, and Marion Counties. It is general]) ' felt that the presence of the Brancli will be a major factor in the educational, cultural, and industrial develop- ment of the area. Coastal Carolina Branch instructor, Joal) l.isc.siu ' , Jr., lectures to one ot his sections oi Political Science. STUDENT COUNCIL. Seated: G. Williams, Secretary; R. Eldridge, Vice-President; I. Young, Treasurer. Staiuling: W. Hughes, Soplto- more Representative; E. Elliott. Jr., Sophomore Representative; B. Clontz, President; R. Co.x, Freshman Representative; R. McGinty, Freshman Representative. These students are shown smoking, idly chatting, and helping one another with assignments between their classes. —I—— Mr. Fred C. Perry, Resident Director of tlie Florence Branch of USC, gives advice to two girl students. Two students take advantage of the excellent librar facilities at the Florence Branch of the University of S. C. FLORENCE BRANCH Florence Extension Shows A Faster Pace Of Growth TN 1957, a new concept in education was seen - ■ ill actuality, when the University of South Carohna est abHshed the Florence Branch. This center of higher education offers the curriculum of a basic two-year course of study. Located three miles west of Florence, the cam- pus consists of a new building completed in the spring of 1961 and the old Wallace home. The Wallace home is the center of extra curricular activities which consist of student government and Circle K. The new building houses class- rooms, faculty offices, laboratories, a library, and a student lounge. The money for the new campus was raised in cooperation with the residents of Pee Dee County and the Pee Dee Foundation. The centers which have been established at Aiken, Beaufort, Lancaster, and Coastal Carolina were patterned after the Florence institution. The new colonial building serves the Florence Branch with classrooms, labs, offices and a student lounge. 32 Enjoying their new lounge, the pupils at the Florence Center prove that all students relish a ten-minute break. In this relaxed atmosphere students at the 1 1 ixiin Extension discuss many interesting topics with their professors. y M 1 1 r i 1 L i lijii 3 ' ' ii! !1 1 1 fl ® . ' P a " I 5 " 11. ifL ' ni lll ■£3IB.O T ?? P T " rmm : " ■9-T :-■ — - - mr W -.- jH m m • .. . ;■ - Tr:r.-.. All of the activities of the Lancaster Brancli are lield in this building which was forniallv a pri ate residence. LANCASTER BRANCH Enrollment Triples Since The 1959 Initiation E. UON HKHI) JH Rfsi,lrnt Director ' T ' HE University of South Carolina Extension -■- Center at Lancaster, which is under the di- rection of Elmer Don Herd, Jr., was opened for its first semester in the fall of 1959. The Lancaster branch accommodates students from Lancaster, York, Chester, and surrounding counties. In the three years it has been in oper- ation, the student body has tripled, the enrollment now being 103. The course curriculum is planned to pro ide courses needed in a two-year liberal arts stud ' . Classes are offered both in the morning and in late afternoon and evening. The Extension Cen- ter is located in the T. Y. Williams Estate Home, which () er the years has ser ' ed Lancaster (]ount ' in luimerous capacities such as a hospital and a civic center. All classes, including a biology lab, are held in the main building with the exception of the Chemistry 11 and 12 lab which is held in an adjacent building. As c.xtra-curricular acti ities the Lancaster stu- dents have organized a Student Council, class officers, and a newspaper. Ele ctions are held each fall to fill these offices. STUDENT COUNCIL. R. Freeman, Secretary; D. Grant, Presi- Students at the Lancaster Branch use the canteen for dent: J. Clough, Vice-President; J. Dabney, Treasurer. place to studv as well as a place to get together. Professor McFadden of the Lancaster Branch discusses course enrollment for the fall semester after registration. n r d-lJoC ZD C tl. . -. -. J ,a i ° 01, LONG RANGE DEVELOPMENT OF THE UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA MASTER PLAN I1 i0-iqt2 iita-iiTo EXISTIUG LDas lu Mi The Development Advisory Council to the President investigates all proposed overall expansion of the University. Long Range Building Plan Increases Academic Power pONSTRUCTION next year of a Physics - Building and of a Physical Education Build- ing will cost approximately $1,600,000. Dr. Sumwalt has reported that long-range plans for the University call for a building to house the School of Journalism, another for the School of Nursing, additional residence facilities for women, a general classroom building, and an addition to the School of Law. In addition to expanding its physical plant, the University raised the academic standards. Ac- cording to the administration, a student will be placed on academic probation unless he has a semester grade point ratio of 2.000 (C) and a cumulative grade point of 2.000 ( C ) . The inauguration of a special chair of Banking in the School of Business Administration at Caro- lina was another step forward in the efforts of the University to provide a broader range of services to the people of the community and the State. A National Science Foundation grant of $84,- 400 will support the mathematics institute which will be held at Carolina this summer. m L . This arboretum will be transformed to make available room for construction of a proposed girls ' dormitory. The section below Blossom Street will be completely demolished to make way for the expansion of the University. Green Street, one of Columbia ' s busiest, runs through The Wallace Thompson Infirmary will hi- demolished in ' S( ' pnsiiv a traffic problem and hazard to students. the near future to provide room for a new infirmary. Rutledge College, which houses the University chapel, reflects the fine architecture of the Carolina Horeshoe. Community Growth Is Aim Of Expanding University ' T ' HE foregoing section briefly summarizes the - - activities now taking place and th ose which will take place in our Carolina Community. We are called upon to rise as students, faculty and administrators to face the future with zeal and courage. We must have insight into our needs and desires and try to find a way to accomplish our goals. Our physical facilities are being ex- panded greatly and the Greater University Fund Campaign is successful. Many problems still pre- vail. We need parking facilities for off-campus students; we need a play area for the children of married students; we need an increase in the number of courses offered and more adequate professors to teach them. Above all, we need a challenge to learn. If we rise up together, faculty, students and administrators, we can work together to sol e our problems and our reward will be the fulfillment of our goals— we shall be a community. An addition to tlie Russell House is proposed and it will reflect the architecture of the modern campus at USC. The student phase as well as all other phases of the Greater University Fund have met with great success. ORGANIZATIONS tjtizX -j- . tuesd - 7.00 P( Srd floor Harp ciriin OWSiMf iifi ciefcuti-fiwrU AptaA , nterm ' tiODal Relations Club PRESENTS Br, Molten TOPIC THF COMMON MAEKLT Thureda 500 Roon V)?} " Russell House The organi::ed men and women of Carolina . . . growing in social polish while we juggle fifteen meetings. Glad to find out for ourselves that the Deans were generous with their reassurance. I £? »%»■ STUDENT GOVERNMENT HHIADA WILLIAMS. Snrctdnj JOE MAJOR, VUc-rrcsidcnt HOWAKD HELLAMS. Treasurer STUDENT COUNCIL Council Forms The Student Faculty Committee W m 1 WB mWr ' " A H H vx The Student Council officers listen very attentively as a pertinent question facing the Carolina pupils is raised. OTUDENT Council is composed ol rcpresenta- tives from the seven schools, graduate and law students, the president of each class and three non-voting freshman members. This group pro- vides the official organ tor the airing of student views to the faculty and administration and pre- sents projects of interest to the Student Body. The Artists ' Series is such a project. This year the Council arranged a program consisting of the Netherlands " String Quartette, the Columbus Boys ' Choir, the National Symphony Orchestra and the Don Cossack Choir. This program was, as always, received and supported enthusiastically by the students. This year the Council formed the Student Faculty Committee to project the ideas of the stu- dents to the administration clearly but informally. The Student Council also sponsors student dances and an annual Clemson-Carolina project. First Row: G. Leventis, B. St. John, C. Bradshaw, B. Plimkett, J. Chappell, H. Hellams, B. Williams, J. Major, B. Wilson, K. Holland, F. Hanibriglit, J. Carroll. Secund Row: P. Crawford, M, Armstrong, S. Swink, A. Soltis, G. Gunter, J. Boyce, M. Slifhct-n, K. Wofford, F, Baskin, S. McLaurin, L, Timberlake, B. Stiickey, J. Adams, A. O ' Dell, C. Jones. Third Row: C. O. Warren, H. Platts, H. Kirkpatriek, E. Willis, C. Beliling, H. Adams, M. Daniel, W. Bull, B. Herring, T. Quinn, H. Jordan, B. .Mnllis. Fourth Row: J. Matliis. T. Gov, B. Gooding, P. Byrd, H. Bradley, J. Glenn, J. Wilson, B. Gastine, B. Wood, B. Jones, C. Cotliran. W. Shehecn, P. Collins, L. Orr, B. Boyd. r " 7 " " " hirst How: J. E. Riddle, Jr., M. Khain. , M. Slu-het-ii, B. St. Tohn, Jr., T. Li ' cIlch, M. Cokor. S«oik Row: V. Ikiil. Bcliliiifi, J. Cothran, A. Hand, rhird Row: L. Rasliid, K. Withlock, J. Harficld. K. Kixles, L. Mood, L. Orr. Jr., C. STUDENT UNION Lineup Of Successful Dances Highlights Year Hl ' .HUY .SI. JOHN, CIminnan T HE Student Union endeavors to provide the - ' - men and women of Carolina services and actixities wliicli serve to make college life more enjo al)le. Through several committees, the Union touches every phase of student life. All Union functions are available free of charge to every member of the Carolina Communit) ' . Within the Russell House, cards, records, mov- ies, and television are a few of the aried services. The Dance Committee ' s Fall Mixer in the Main Cafeteria was a great, if overcrowded, success. November brought the aimual tomnament for our man bridge enthusiasts, followed shortly by an ( ' (lually well-received Chess Tourney. The Union and Student Government Dance C onunittee joined forces in December to offer Roy Ihxmilton. This effective combination scored successes again with its dances in February and May. Three dances were held during the year for the enjoyment of the married students. HONOR BOARD Honor Board Responsible For Honor Principle T HE Honor Board, which was set up at the - - University of South CaroHna in 1941, is made up of twenty-four students. These memhers, elected by the student body, represent all schools on campus. The main purposes of the Board are to take responsibility for the punishment of dis- honest students, maintain the reputation of the college, and through an atmosphere of honor, in- sure fair competition for all students. The principles of the Honor Board are intro- duced to the incoming freshmen each vear in a speech given by the chairman of the Board. The importance of the honor principle is always stressed throughout the year by professors, re- ligious centers, fraternities, and sororities. Honor Council, made up of six Board mem- bers, tries cases involving violation of the honor principle. MIKE SHEHEEN, Chairman First Row: P. Adair, C. Dudley, K. WoflFord, A. Soltis. Second Row: L. Mood, H. Hellams, B. Shirley, M. Shelieen, S. McLaurin. 47 First Ron: S. Suiiilv, C. Wall, I,. C ai. l.iml, i:. Umiok. Second Rote: P. Foster, P. Lynn, Dt-aii ClohNortlu-, B. C:intc -. Town Girl Is Now Chosen Enforces The Discipline For Standards Committee Of Our Expanding Campus WOMEN ' S Standard Committee is made up of each dorm president and an elected town girl. It deals with social regulations, coeds ' prob- lems, and tries to make town girls a more integral part of campus. CONSISTING of seven appointed faculty members and a representative from the stu- dent body, the Disciplinary Committee hears cases pertaining to students, enforces the disci- pline policy of the University and examines the administration of discipline. First Row: C. .Mnrnathy, T. D. Ti-mplc, H. A. VVcbcr, G. V. Bonknij;lit. St ' coiul Row: T. H. Wilson, G. S. King, D. S. Watson, L. L. SmitI ' I? RELIGION The reading of the Torah scriptures is done by Rabbi Gruber during the worship services in the Synagogue. When the Christian cainnuinity is gatliered, God ' s love is again revealed to us tlirough the gift of Himself. With WORSHIP as their main goal, Carolina ' s Religious Organizations strive to meet the spirit- ual needs of each student 1) - providing regular services in which all can participate. To begin with, Carolina Religious Council, the coordinating body for the religious activities on campus which consists of a campus chaplain and three representatives from each group, sponsors interdenominational services during the school year. These include the Vesper Service held on the horseshoe during orientation week and the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter programs in Rutledge Chapel. The denominational groups either hold services A time exposure caught and dramatically illustrates the exit of the congregation after the inspiring Feast of Lights. -m- k In response to what God has done for us we offer to Him our Hves in service, our gifts and our possessions. according to their particular traditions in theii " own chapels or they provide opportunities for students to worship in the churches in Columbia. The pictures indicate the variety of some of the forms and settings for worship which are represented on the campus. Each denomination welcomes visitors to share in the services and to grow in deeper imderstanding of the particular tradition. Academic education alone cannot offer us com- plete understanding of ourselves and of those around us. To help with this understanding, the Religious Groups of the University of South Caro- lina stand with programs rooted in worship. Carolina Religious Council sponsored vesper services on the horseshoe for students attending the orientation. Attending worship services in the chapels on campus is as inspirational as going out to the community, ' churches. SERVICE is a word having many meanings; however, in the hght of Ijrotherly love, it stands for tile many ways in which we as individuals or groups can offer a part of ourselves to the service of Ciod, to others, and to the communities in which we live. The Religious Organizations on campus, com- prised of the Baptist Student Union, the Epis- copal (Jhureh on campus, Ilillel Foundation, the Lutheran Student Association, the Newman Club, Westminster Fellowship, Wesley Foundation, and the combined YMCA and YWCA groups carry out service projects ending in two-fold results. While wc are able to find one result in the good accomplished by our deeds, the other rests in a clearer and deeper understanding of the meaning of service to our fellow man. Many of our students manage to find places for themselves in churches throughout Columbia soon after they arrive on the Carolina campus. There, as well as in student center services, they serve God by assisting in various ways in the services, directing choirs or singing in them, or - »-■ - ■ Many students f ivc imich time to fulfilling duties of service to God, the university, and to the community. Setting up displays and posters was an important job connected with preparing for Intelligent Faith Week. 52 acting as organists. Also, many of ovu- stndents, men and women alike, find joy in teaching their own Snnday School classes each Sunday morning. As organizations, the groups offer themselves in service to the community through programs for this purpose. Students from the " Y " go out to the State Mental Hospital on occasions to assist with various activities. Wesley Foundation mem- hers work at Carolina Children ' s Home and at Bethlehem Center where they assist with pro- grams. This is illustrated by the picture of a stu- dent helping with a group of Negro brownie scouts on the preceding page. In addition, the Newman ( luh sponsors programs for imdcrprivi- ledgcd children at St. Euphrasia ' s Orphanage. Members of Westminster Foimdation visit with aged folks in the Columbia community which they have elected to sponsor. On " Orphan ' s Day, " members of the " Y " each take the responsibility of taking care of one or two children on Sunday. With the idea in mind of giving these children a real treat, they offer them a da ' of entertainment by taking them to church and perhaps an after- noon picnic. Members of the Episcopal Church on campus thoroughly enjoyed giving a part)- in honor of orphans Halloween night. " Y " members entertain initiates of the new women and men ' s Freshman Honorary Scholastic Fraternities at a banquet. PASTORAL and EVANGELISTIC work is as important on college campuses as it is in com- munit) churches. Here the chaplain has the added responsihilitx- of correlating the conflicting demands of the religions, academic, and social phases of college life, so that the experiences an indi idual has in school may tend to strengthen the ties he has with Clod instead of either having them become stagnant or perhaps even dissolving altogether. Every chaplain is always more than willing to give of his time or w hatever is necessary to help a student who may need assistance, advice on personal or religions problems, or who may want only a friendly, sympathetic ear. Taking time out Pastor Cline enjoys talking to a few students during a coffee lircak in tiic Gamecock room. Don Bundy provides counseling and friendship to one of Carolina ' s students who has come to him for help. These coeds enjoy having Connie Newall spend some of her time visiting with them in their dormitory room. Saying Mass is oni ' one part of the many duties that Father Malone performs, which aids Catholic students. I One means b ' whicli religious news and intormatioa is distributed is tlirough personal visits to the dormitories. Chaplains endeavor to cheer up the students who have to stav a few da s in the infirmary bv their friendly visits. Before each game of the season, the football team is led in prayer by ministers, whether at home or awav. By receiving notices tluough the campus postoffice our students are kept informed of the many varied activities. The chaplains and their assistants make regular visitations to the campus infirmar ' to make their services availa ble to those who are temporarily imahle to seek them by themselves. Man ' stu- dents are first made aware of the church ' s interest in them through such contacts made in the in- firmary. Informal visits to women ' s and men ' s dormitories are also helpful means b ' which the students can realize the desire of our religious leaders to be of even greater assistance than they have been in the past. The ministry on the campus is directed not onK- to those students who actively participate in the religious programs, but is constantb ' seeking to reach those in need who are not in the habit of availing themselves of the services of the church. Dr. Brubaker offers his students a sounder knowledge of thcolog - and the related affairs through his classes. STUDY is one of the most important aspects of religious as well as academic life on a college campus. The Department of Religion, headed by Dr. Lauren Brubaker, gives excellent opportuni- ties for students who wish to undertake concen- trated studies in theology or related subjects. However, this type of study is not confined to our classrooms. Each week, the denominational centers offer various study groups which cover areas ranging from the more involved aspects of theology to the problems which relate to our own personal lives. These study groups are very bene- ficial to those seeking a better imderstanding of life and of the ideas and concepts behind the beliefs of others. In addition to the denominational groups, four Faith and Learning Committees have been organ- ized on campus. These, through a concentrated program of study, worship, and fcllowshiii help students deepen their understanding of and com- mitment to the Christian faith. C]arolina Religious Council strives to eoDnliiiate the activities and objectives of the denominational groups. Each week the chaplains and Dean Toinlin meet to discuss coordiiiatimi between groups and administration. The IF committee makes preparations for tlie upcoming activities during the Carolina ' s Intelligent Faith Week. Students met in Rutledge cliapel for before breakfast worsliip services lieing conducted liy student leaders. Tilis year the theme of Rehgious Emphasis Week was ■ ' Intelligent Faith. " Intellectual curi- osity in the lorni of questioning, doubting, and se( kiiig describes the purpose Ix ' hiiul the chosen tiieme. The varied activities during the week inchidcd early morning services led by students; broadcasts over ' 1S-T ' ; daiK ' convocations for each of the three major religions groups; and a multitude of coffee conversations held in dormitories, religious centers, and fraternity and sorority- lounges at which the guest speakers were bombarded with numerous questions. Panel discussions at which the conflicting beliefs of several of the visiting speakers were brcnight out provided another op- portunit - for this type of mental probing. The distinguished team of speakers leading the convocations were the Rev. Mathews, Rabbi Padoll, and the Rev. Dovle. Student interest ran er ' high in morning con ocations when Mr. Joe Nhithews challenged tlii ' ir rights to security. vn i IF Week speaker. Mr. Joe Nhitliews, expounds some of his religious viewpoints to ittintive group of students. Stiidents enjoy tcllowship with oiu- anotlier while they wash (lisliis aittr the rare treat of good liome cooking. Before attending the final services of IF Week, these Hillel members jxiiise for several minutes of talking. The FELLOWSHIP provided from working with the various ReHgioiis Organizations on the Caro- Hna campus is ahnost immeasurable. Many stu- dents spend much of their time between or after classes in the lounges listening to records, watch- ing television or perhaps studxing. Even students who would like to produce their own versions of " home-cooked food " are welcome to tr - their luck in the kitchens. There are many ways in which students enjoy being a part of organizations of this type. In addition to the informal manner of finding fellowship with one another, there are functions which include the groups as a whole. For in- stance, there are picnics, participation in sports, and luncheons or breakfast meetings. Some groups sponsor delegations to other miiversity campuses which promote new friendships. Re- treats to camp sites are made periodicalb- b - the " Y " and by denominational groups. Socials are held out at the " Y " -camp. Junior-Senior " Y " Cabinet members are caught relaxing for awhile before starting the week-long work session. L 1 h ¥1. II Jl . ' H 1 mSif lU rrriJ m « 1 ? Excited over thoughts of moving into the new center, students busily prepare Wesley for their occupation. There are other suitable locations where stu- dents may have access to canoeing, swimming, and fireplaces for roasting weiners. At Cliristmas time, many members enjoy singing carols beneath the windows of dormitories in the Carolina Com- munity as well as beneath those of Columbia residences. One of the most important activities that the " Y ' undertakes is the planning and participation in Orientation Week for new students each fall. Its members are responsible for helping those who are new to adjust in the best possible way to college life. During the Christmas season, students enjoy trimming the tree and going caroling with the various groups. They are briefed in such subjects as campus history, campus organizations of every type, as well as given advice on such problems as register- ing for classes. They are also introduced to the campus officials, leaders, and traditions through this program. But of primary importance is the opportunity they are given to become acquainted with many of their future classmates before rou- tine classes begin. These are only several ways in which students are able to work together toward the common goal of creating a greater unity with one another — and with God. " Father, thank Thee for the opportunities Thou hast given us to work together for the fulfillment of Th - Word. ' " ' SWW Tlie religious organizations on a university campus sucli as this one should give each student the opportunity to become fully aware of the relationship he has with God. Aside from the facts that students are given chances for worship, service, pastoral contacts, study, and fellowship, they are also given a chance to openly seek out the answers to questions and doubts which they may have. It is true that there are man ' who have dis- covered enjoyment and much benefit from be- coming active members of the churches on cam- pus. Some give of their time and ability to the fullest extent possible, and some are not able to give as much as others. But, to find a place in a particular group does not entail such an active membership. The chaplains and groups are al- wa ' s pleased when friends drop in for a while at an ' time. However, we are aware of the challenge we have in attempting to reach those who for reasons unknown still try to cut themscKes off from the love of God. ever-present reach influences of Cod. Rejiardlcss of the close relationship that the church has with many, some still refuse to accept his lo -e and care. ,v I " K PUBLICATIOP First Row: H. Morehead, J. Praytor, M. Richter, H. Hellams, B. James, J. Wasson, J. McDowel C. McClendon, D, Fitch, G. Meares, K. Wofford, VV. Bull. Second Row: G. Durdeii, M. Wilder, GARNET AND BLACK Expansion And Religious Sections Introduced T¥70RK, work, and more work . . . please let nie meet my deadline . . . has anybody seen that picture . . . who is the third girl from the left on the front row . . . oh, wonderful, a helper . . . will you type 50,000 words for me ... I only have twenty-four hours to meet my deadline. " These were some of the thoughts that the 1962 Garnet and Black staff members had to cope with as they assembled into this yearbook the thoughts, traditions, and activities of the Men and Women of Carolina. The 1962 Garnet and Black made two im- portant innovations this year. The first gives an insight not only into the present facilities, but also into the plan of expansion. Another change was made in trying to ma ke the Religion Section more applicable to life in the growing Carolina Commanity. As the 1962 Garnet and Black is distributed, the staff hopes that their rewarding enture will prov to be a successful one. Harriett LaBorde looks eagerly over the annual dummy as the section editor offers assistance on its planning. Garnet And Black Staff FR N BASKIN Editor KELLY KRP:BS Mmia in i Editor FRANK LEE liusiiicss Mtnut ' ivr NED SELF Adivrtisiii ' Manu i,er JOANNA PRAYTOH Academics Editor CARL McCLENDON ... Organizations Editor WALTER BULL Expansion Editor LINDA WEBB Features Editor STEVE WALTER . Ilouorarie.s and Mililartj Editor JOAN HOLLEMAN Religion Editor KERRY WOFFORD Sorority Editor C,V M FARES Fraternity Editor IIARRIETTE MOREHEAD . . Special Social Editor HAlUiARA CLARKE Classes Editor BETTY L STERS .... Assistant Cdasses Editor NOR. H TEAGUE Copy Editor CARROLL CRAY Athletics Editor Fliotoj raplier . rt Do vn.s prt ' parc.s to take tlie portrait ot till ' Nla Quot ' ii, while Linda plays lady-iii-waiting. Madame Editor sen ' os a.s an information bureau, wliilc two staff nicmliers race to boat the Hearing deadline. Carl McCIendon enii)l()ys every possible method to find his section diunmy, copy sheets, heads, and captions. 64 StafF members watch the parade of beauty contestants Annual workers JiuK MeUowell and Britt Rogeburg are compete before the judges for the tide of Miss G B. attentively applying themselves to the appearing candid. BUSINESS STAFF: Carol Jones, Del Dutrow, Barbara Seigler, Glenn Milsap, Judy Stokes. HOWARD HELLAMS. Firxt Semester Editor GAMECOCK Keeps Carolina Students Informed On Campus News " DEGINNING its 54tli year of publication, this ■■- year ' s Gamecock endeavored each week to present a concise picture of what was ahead for the Carolina students. Realizing that its predecessor had been judged " Best Paper in the State, " the Gamecock staff had its work ready for it when the year began. It was the intent of the staff to provide a more interesting and attracti " e paper for the student body while simultaneously promoting good public relations for the University of South Carolina and the state. It accomplished this through the use of more and better pictures, color sequences in special issues, improved coverage of the Student Government of the University, and earlier distribution of the paper. For the ninth consecutive year, the editor, man- aging editor, and business manager of the Game- cock attended the annual Associated Press Con- N ' cntion in Miami, Florida. From this Convention came many ideas for making a better newspaper for the Carolina Community. Each semesters staff has strived to represent the long-standing tradition of presenting the Gamecock as " Crowing for a Greater Carolina. " (;ENE DYSOX, Busmess Manager First Row: M. Sheen, M. Newman. Second Row: J. Pressley, C. Derrick, D. Gray. 66 BOB HILL, Business Manager DOUG GRAY, Second Semester Editor First Row: G. Hoyle, J. Wolcott. Second Row: M. Coker, B. Clarkson, B. Hill. Gamecock Staff First Semester Staff HOWARD HELLAMS Editor DOUG GRAY Managing Editor GENE DYSON Business Manager BOB HILL Advertising Manager LEVONA PAGE News Editor CARROLL GRAY Sports Editor JOAN WOLCOTT Feature Editor MARTY SHEHEEN Society Editor MARY ANN NEWMAN Campus Editor MURRAY COKER Circulation Manager PAT PEDEN Exchange Editor EMILY REDDING Business Secretary JOE VAN DYKE Chief Photographer Second Semester Staff DOUG GRAY Editor JOAN WOLCOTT Managing Editor BOB HILL Business Editor MURRAY COKER Advertising Manager P. PEDEN AND J. COKER News Editors B. CLARKSON AND F. SCHUMPERT . Sports Editors ROSEMARY HANKINS Feature Editor CLOUDY HARDY Society Editor GAIL BROUGHTON Campus Editor JIMMY PRESSLEY Circulation Editor SHERRY ROTTMAN Exchange Editor JOE VAN DYKE Chief Photographer EMILY REDDING Business Secretary tit BILL SAVAGE, Editor CRUCIBLE Fosters New Interest In Art And Expresses New Ideas ' T ' HE Crucible, a literary magazine published -■- three times a ear, is a relatively new publi- eatioii on the Carolina eampiis. P ' irst published in the spring of 1960, it replaees the Sandhpper. Its purpose is to further student interest in litera- ture and art and to publish the outstanding works of students in these fields. It publishes articles written on a variety of subjects, both fictional and non-fictional ones. Emphasis this year has been placed on student art work, both cartoons and paintings. Profiles on exceptional students in the art department were also added to the Crucible ' s format. The faculty advisor for the magazine is Dr. Harrison Jenkins of the School of JournaUsm. All work on the magazine is done by the staff, and anyone enrolled in the University may contribute to it. First Row: B. Garrett, W. Savage, Jr., R. Spencer, E. Hightower. A. Wengrow. Sccotul Ruw: C. Farriss, 111, J. Zillt-nssen, H. .SuUnau, F. Clayton, PROFESSIONALS First Row: C. Senn, S. Torrence, D. Wade, W. Stroman, R. Locke, G. Stockman, B. Shirley. Second Roic: Dr. B. I.. Hakcr, Dr. T. H. Wilson, T. Kosciw, G. Goodman, J. Jones, Dr. E. R. Conway, L. Winn, C. Nichols. J. Madden. Gives Scholastic Awards To Engineering Students ' T ' HE American Institute of Chemical Engi- - ' - neers, for chemical engineering majors, aims to create interest in the profession and to pro- mote friendship between these students and their faculty. In doing this, they take field trips, hold annual junior-senior football and softball games, have monthly meetings, and present the AIChE Scholastic Award at Award ' s Dav. Is Active In Furthering The Interest In Engineering ' T ' HE American Institute of Electrical Engineers -■- and Institute of Radio Engineers seeks to foster qualities needed b an engineer which are not fully cultivated in the classroom. The program includes guest speakers from in- dustry and education, supper meetings, and foot- ball competition. Membership is open to full time or part time luidergraduate engineering students. Firxt Rmc: R. Ash, R. .Andes, T. Lee, H. Teller. S. Jones, J. Williams, W. Branson, M. Ear gle, S. Moseley. Second Row: B. Moultrie, S. Kniyht. K. Bitar, P. .Ahrams, P. Watson, .M. Pace, C. Cockrell. F. Beck. J. Brifjlit. A. Urbanvi. Third Row: C. Hall, R. Malpass, J. Wallace, 1). Lee, 1). Church, W. Hcadley, L. Rogers, W. Hulon, R. Eman, D. Huth. 9 L QJLJ I » f t » f « •» i» V « ' ' .■. " ..•) • AlrniUiti ' First Row: J. Seymour, K. Mobarak, W. Pettis, R. Morrison, R. Beamco, J. Plaxco, R. Stokes, D. Galgano, S. Draisen, G. Michau, G. Epting, A. Stuck, D. Preacher, R. Wogon, A. Fish, M. Nelson, S. MuUis, C. Evans. Second Roiv: B. Myers, L. Coward, C. Blakely, C. Clifton, R. MuUis, L. Moore, P. Butters, P. Hubbard, L, Cassidy, J. Swartz, M. Richter, M. Sunshine, L, Cordrll, L. Rogers, S. Hiatt, M. Wessinger, J. Huskins, S. Bullock, J. Glenn, C. Lowe. Third Row: D. Waldrop, A. Leonard, J. Ham, E. Bagwell, S. Lovelace, D. Buchanan, C. Baumgardner, R. Benstroni, R. Boulware, J. Collins, D. Stone, R. Hickman, J. Foster, G. Steele, N. Griffin, K. McVey, L. Epstein. Fourth Row: E. Skinner, J. Wolfe, C. Kannaday, J. Sitterson, E. Bristol, J. Dunovant, L. Inabinet, F. Parkman, T. Chapman, R. Jaye, D. Clarv, J. Curry, L. Hutto, D. Odom, R. Padgett, W. Lewis. Fifth Row: C. Rowland, T. Kraus, T. Barnes, W. Boyne, F. Hart, F. Sox, G. Bradley, R. Abbott, L. Waters, M. Connelly, L. Amick, E. Hightower, F. Morris, J. Ginany, P. Purcell, C. Howard. Promotes Closer Contact With Students And Staff T HE American Pharmaceutical Association is a - - professional and social organization to pro- mote a closer relationship between students and faculty. It furthers a pharmaceutical education b ' having interesting lectures by prominent men in the profession at its meetings. Its activities include varied social events. Offers First Aid Courses To Organization Members 1% TEDITRINA is a student nursing organization - ' • ' -■- to uphold the high ideals and standards of the nursing profession. This year it sponsored an American Red Cross first-aid course for members. Their social activities include a tea for new nursing students in September, the annual Christ- mas tea, and a dance. First Row: M. McLemore, D. Hotinger. O. Neese. J. Wilkinson. F. Parsons, F. Kennedy, R. Godley, M. Albers, J. Tomlinson. Second Row: E. Lee, J. Bovce, B. Reardon P. Crump. E. Hnuck, R. Alford, R. Shuler, S. Crouch, A. Farmer, M. Bradley. Third Rmv: L. Mood, S. Bradley, B. Moore, W. Dimock, M. Jantzen, G. Millsap, S. Wood, M. Murray, E. Senn, P. Flynn. A f Q f Expressions from hunger to apprehension are mirrored on the faces of these possible customers of Slater System. 72 ■■ HONORAR u PHI BETA KAPPA Recognizes The Superior Intellectual Capacities T)in Beta Kappa, the first society to have a - - Clreek letter name, was founded at William and Mar ' College on Decenilx-r 15, 1776. In its initial period. Phi Ik ' ta Kappa was similar in its membership requirements to the present da ' fra- ternity and the character of its meetings was similar to that of today ' s literar ' or debating so- cieties. Membership in Phi Beta Kappa is recog- nition of well employed intellectual capacities. In addition to the re(|uiied overall B average, mem- bers installed postgraduately must be voted in. Dr. W. D. Aiulrrson D. C. Brown G.W.B rown M. R. Canady E. H. Crown I.W. Dillard R. M. Fellers P. L, Furr H. T. Getty s M. M. Hendrix H. D. Herring. |r. J. L. Hoagland M. C. Holliday J. L. Huffman A, S. Kirven H. M. Light.sey, Jr. V. A. Little T. B. Prince N. C. Roberson E. C. Ro.sson E. I. S. Rountree J. H. Ryon M. B. Spears V. H. Smitk B. L. Strother M. J. S. Walkup M. M. Willioit 74 ALPHA KAPPA GAMMA Sponsors Sorority Songs For Students ' Loans T TONORARY leadership sorority for women at - - • - tlie University of South Carolina, the Flor- enee Nightingale Circle of Alpha Kappa Gamma has been on the campus since 1928. AKG contributes in many ways to the life of the Carolina Community. Among its activities and services, AKG sponsors the Sorority Song Fest each fall, the proceeds of which go to its loan fund. It also serves at various functions on campus and provides ushers for the Jime Gradu- ation exercises. Alpha Kappa Gamma taps new members bi- annually, in the fall at Song Fest, and in the spring at the May Queen Contest. Its members are selected on an all around basis. Scholastically, new AKG members are required to have a C+ average or better and must be either a second semester sophomore, a junior, or a senior. The leadership ability of the girls is considered in many fields including athletics, campus life, social aflFairs, and religious activities. SARA KELLY KREBS, President First Row: N. Ariail, P. Adair, S. Krebs, H. Morehead, M. Sheheen. Second Row: Mrs. A. Thomas, A. Soltis, P. Whitlock, T. Holman, G. Gunter, G. Leventis, A. O ' Dell, C. Getsinger, L, Baldwin, Miss B. Clotworthy. Third Row: K. Wofford, B. Williams, S. McLaurin, L. Mood, L Oesterlund, C. Wates, J. Hart, A. Shirley, L. Bell. E. Houck. 75 OMICRON DELTA KAPPA Gives Largest Pledge For Greater University WILLIE GRIGGS, President ' T ' HE national leadership honor ,societ ' for men, ■ - Oniicron Delta Kappa, was fonnded Decem- ber 3, 1914 at Washington and Lee University. Eligibility requires a junior standing, overall 3.5 a erage, and qualification on a point system wliich includes scholarship, student government, athletic, social, publication, speech, music, drama, and other art achievements. The new members are inducted bi-annually by a tapping ceremony. The services of ODK include presentation of a plaque to the senior class at Awards Day, usher- ing at the Artist Series, and an amuial Presidents Baiujuet held in Noxember which recognizes the heads of all organizations at the Universit)-. ODK presented this year, at the opening banquet, a donation of $1,300, which was its entire scholar- ship foimdation, to the Greater Universit ' Fimd. This contribution, accumulated over the past } ' ears, was the largest one given by any student organization. First Rem: Dr. Cliristopheson, Dr. Trotter. Dr. Brauer, R. Osborne, Dr. Siimwilt, G. Tomliii, Dr. Walker. Second Row: Dr. Brubaker, Dr. . olan, C. Gray, J. Johnson, J. Leventis, W. Griggs, K. Chance, B. Hall, Dr. Ochs. 74 BLUE KEY Provides Leadership, Service For University A NATIONAL honor service fraternity at the ■ - University of South Carolina, Blue Key, founded at Carolina in 1924, is of great assistance to the many deans and directors at the University. It supplies them with leaders and workers for a ariety of important activities of campus-wide interest. Eligibility for membership in Blue Key is based on the outstanding ability the male students have shown in the fields of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. New members are elected twice a year. Blue Key activities include the sponsoring of the Red Cross Blood Drive, two formal banquets each year, and the Blue Key Scholarship Fund. Blue Key also sponsors the Carolina Annual High School Day, when the University is host to over 2,000 liigh school students from over the state, and entertains the Carolina Merit Scholarship semi-finahsts for a weekend. BENNIE PENDARVIS, President Pint Ruw: Dr. Coolidge, R. Brown, B. Pendarvis, R. Lucas, B. St. Jolm. Second Row: O. Self, J. Orr, J. Williams, K. Holland, D. Preacher. m- ' i A ' hirst Hou: Dr. Nolaiul, Dr. Woodward, . 1. Earylr, Dr. Fellers, Dr. Da i.s, J. Jones. Second Row: D. Cluircli, I. Hendricks, D. Wade, W. Lcacli, M. Wililer, W. Ileadh. 77ii ( Row: J. Shirlu , S. Jones, J. Xeely, R. Allbritton, M. I ' aee, G. Goodman. TAU BETA PI Assists In The University Academic Registration A N honorary engineering society founded at - - Lehigh University by Edward H. WilUams in 1885 and installed on the University of South Carolina in 1958, Tau Beta Pi honors scholarship and e.xeniplary character. It is composed of the top twenty per cent of the engineering seniors and the top eight per cent of the engineering juniors. The sponsorship of slide rule classes for South C ' arolina freshmen and the assistance of Tau Beta Pi in academic registration are typical of its many activities. Also included in its projects are main- tenance of the engineering lounge and the Engi- neers ' Ball, held each spring. Dinner meetings featuring prominent speakers from the various fields of engineering are given periodically for the members. Tau Beta Pi also presents a Scholastic Achieve- ment Award to the senior engineering student graduating with the highest grade-point ratio. Each semester, the societx ' presents a one hundred and thirty-five dollar scholarship to the outstand- ing junior member. Recognition is gi en to the senior engineering student contributing highly to the University as well as the School of Engi- MARVIN EARCLE, President uecriug. First Row: D. Watson, M. Coker, H. Bradley, B. Wilson, T. Walter, J. Shirle , J. Truesdale, B. Singleton. Sccmu! Ihiu:: B. St, John, E. Harter, R. Brown, G. Meares, L. Rice, H. Adams, C. Simons, L. Hendricks, W. Duffie, D. Gray, B. Hill. Tliird Row: B. Boyd, J. Chappell, A. Jackson, T. Quinn, B. Pendarvis, J. Jackson, J. Jones, B. Fuller, D. Preacher, M. Daniel, T. Pruitt, H. Hellams, M. Sheheen. KAPPA SIGMA KAPPA Presents Professors Honorary Service Awards TPO develop character and citizenship and pro- - ■ mote the general welfare of the University of South Carolina through the practice of a trinity of principles— Honor, Service, and Loyalty— is the purpose of Kappa Sigma Kappa, founded at Car- olina in 1926. The membership is composed of upperclass male students who have given out- standing service to their Alma Mater. Each year Kappa Sigma Kappa undertakes various projects which it feels will benefit the University. Included in its yearly activities are ushering at home games, selling Rat Caps, and helping with May Day preparations. At Awards Day, Kappa Sigma Kappa presents an Honorary Service Award to the professor who has made the greatest contribution to the improvement of Car- olina during the past year. This year the organi- zation gave a sizable donation to the National Defense Loan Scholarship program and made a pledge of $1,000 to the Greater University Fund. Kappa Sigma Kappa put a bookcase in the Russell House so that the works of University professors may be appropriately displayed. BEX BOYD, President 79 EUPHROSYNEAN Encourages Participation In The Literary Fields NANCY ARIAIL, President T UPHROSYNEAN Literary Society was organ- - izcd on the University of South CaroHna campus in 1924 l)y Mrs. Irene Dillard Elliott, the Dean of Women at that time. It is an honorary organization composed of girls who have attained a B average in the four Ijasic English courses. The piupose of the society is to improve the members in self expression, oratory, and all forms of parlia- mentary procedures as well as to encourage citi- zenship, scholarship, and activity. Each semester, every member submits an original literary com- position, poem, short story, or essay to encourage participation in the literary arts and give valuable experience to members. Several prominent Co- lumbians are numbered among those who have served as guest speakers at the bi-weekly meet- ings. Euphrosynean sponsors a poetry contest in the spring and awards to the winner a gold medal, presented on Awards Day. First Rou: P. Adair, P. Whitlock, G. Newbury, N. Ariail, G. Gunter, J. Carroll, B. Sealy. Second Row: S. Mullis, B. Williams, ' . Derrick, J. Willis, L. Skidmore, L. Bell, F. Lloyd. 80 HYPATIAN Provides Members A Philosophical Background ' T ' HE Hyp)atian Literary Society, founded in - ' - 1915, was the first literary society for women on the University of South Carohna campus. The motto and aim of the society is " Culture, Friend- ship, and Oratory. " The society attempts to base its programs on these areas and to provide an artistic and philosophical background for its members. The activities of Hypatian Society include de- bates, programs of a cultural nature, and having various speakers at monthly meetings. At the beginning of each semester several teas are given to entertain the prospective new members, and each semester are installed. In the spring of each year on Awards Day, the Hypatian Society pre- sents a silver cup to tlie outstanding senior who has contributed the most to the society during the year. ABIGAIL McKINNEY, President First Row: J. Zillessen, G. Richardson, K. Phillips, A. McKinney, E. Sleeper. Second Row: K. Hotinger, B. Kelly, C. Honeycutt, L. Timberlake, P. Thomas, P. Butters. Third Row: M. Taylor, P. Hamburger, A. Frick, A. GoUar, D. Abdalla, M. Leavitt. itiiS... CLARIOSOPHIC Clariosophic Society Born Of Historical Background T L ' RINC; tlu ' past 156 t ' ars, the Clariosophic ■ Socictx has had in its memhership a host of leaders iiieliidirig eight go eriiors, thirteen U. S. Senators, five U. S. presidential cabinet members, and Confederate cabinet member. The society ' s famous roster also lists the author and first signer of the Southern Declaration of Independence and at least thirteen generals of the Confederacy. The Society Hall was given to the society by the legislature and upon the walls hang many por- traits of former members. The society erected the Maxcy Monument and founded the student newspaper, the Gamecock. All male matriculants of the University are eli- gible for membership after attending three meet- ings and making an acceptable initiatory address. With emphasis upon loreusics the society at- tempts to de elop each member into a forceful speaker and a keen debater. EUGENE GRIFFITH, President hirst Row: T. Ingrain, J. Dunn, N. Tucker. Second Row: F. Hawkins, E. Jacobs, G. Dyson. Tliird Row: W. Hudson, J. Root, W. McLeod. Fourth Row: T. Sinitli, E. Griffith, G. Piatt. 82 EUPHRADIAN Stresses Forensics With A Presentation Of Plaques T OUNDED in 1806, the Euphradiaii Societ ■ encourages its members to strive to improve their minds through forensic activities. The mem- bership is composed of male students who have abihty and interest in forensics. One of the outstanding organizations on the CaroHna campus, the Euphradian Society has fostered many of the great men in South CaroHna and national history. To gain membership, male matriculants must attend three consecutive meetings and then be voted upon by the society, after which they must deliver an initiatory address. Only a select few are chosen. Plaques are awarded by the society on Awards Day to the winners of a debate, a declamation, and an oratorical contest. A banquet highlights the spring semester and stimulating debates en- liven the weekly meetings, in which all members participate. JIMMY MANN, President First Row: L. Lineburger, F. Furr, T. Johnson, J. Haltivvanger, P. Moses, D. Blackliurst, J. Bradhani, H. Robertson. Secoiul Row: F. Bouknight, E. Willis, C. Felton, R. Young, B. Woods, C. Hendricks, D. Elmore, A, York, N. Atkinson, J. Wilson, B. Ashbv. TlUrd Row: T. Hendley, M. Kibler, H. Beale, H. Henible, S. Bullock, A. Dunn, Dr. Williamson, J. Williams. Blazer Sale And Ugly Man Alpha Phi Omega Projects A NATIONAL college service fraternity, Alpha ■ - Phi Omega consists of students willing to serve the Carolina Community. Among its pro jects is the annual blazer sale. The Iota Mu Chap- ter also sponsors the annual Ugly Man Contest. Annual Freshman Award Is Project Of Delta Omicron " PVELTA Omicron, a professional music fra- - ternity for women, is active in Carolina music societies. It awards a scholarship annually to an incoming freshman. Membership require- ments include a " B " average in music and an overall " C " . First Row: S. Mangum, B. Blitchington, L. Stith, M. Nesbit, N. Hall. Sccoml Rou : Mme. Baker, M. Bryant, ,S. Croft, B. Coleman, V. Derrick, E. Wilkins. First Row: B. Davis, B. Eargle, R. Abemathy, G. Mathis, J. McElveen, P. Lathan, M. Stewart, A. Stevens, W. Corn. Second Row: P. Masen D. Marchant, B. Biegman, L. Taylor, G. Matlock, L. Younce, L. Ray, J. Tobias, E. Markendorf, K. Lester, K. Baker, G. Gore. Third Row: B. Armstrong, J. Griffin, A. Mohn, T. Roe, H. Lee, E. Riddle, S. Davis, T. Ray, A, Craig, T. Bailey, B. DaNas, R. Hook, A. Palmer, G. Shirley. Delta Sigma Pi Promotes Uniting Of USC Women Is Closer Student Relation The Aim Of Carolina KDE A PROFESSIONAL business fraternity, Delta ■ - Sigma Pi is composed of business adminis- tration students maintaining a C+ average. Its purpose is to promote closer affiliation between students and the commercial world. Its projects include industrial tours. T APPA Delta Epsilon, national professional - ' - honorary sorority, consists of students main- taisisg a B average, who plan to teach. The chap- ter ' s aim is to unite women in an active profes- sional organization for campus and community service. First Row: Strachan, Ruckman, Peach, Grimball, Quarles, Loewe, Michelsen, Williamson, Crum, Refo, Prescott, Loewe, Howie, Dimbar. Second Row: Mcintosh, Kronrad, Carroll, Hall, Coleman, George, Anders, Kearns, Aaron, Snipes, Dodd, Latlirop, Shirley, Moore, Patter- son. Third Rmv: Denney, Talbert, Stnckey, Allen, Carsten, Ledford, Sealy, Doggette, Strange, Kaminer, Gamble, Henley, Scott, Blitch- ington, Newberry, Rundbaken. Fourth Rotv Durham, Stoltz, Parnell, Bell, Blatt, Stilwell, Timberlake, Hankins, Causey, Hirschmann, Rundbaken, Coleman, LaMotte, Rush, Hall. onOO o f • %5 -it ' ir First Row: J. Wyndliam, ]. Barr, C. Gatch, L. Macintosh. Second Row: A. High, S. Patterson, C. Jones, W. Wilson. Phi Mu Alpha Fosters The Growing Musical Interest OMPOSED of Carolina music majors, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, a national professional music fraterity, maintains an active interest in promoting appreciation of good music. Pi Mu Epsilon Recognizes Mathematical Achievement A NATIONAL college honorary mathematics - - fraternity, Pi Mu Epsilon draws its member- ship from South Carolina undergraduates having two years of college mathematics including calculus. First Row: D. Husa, C. Fritz, J. Hagood, P. Pavlis, W. Headley. Second Row: J. Brooker, S. McMillan, M. Eargle, T. Savctta. K. Bitar, Dr. Lytic. First Row: B. Howe, M. Cullen, L. Page, J. W ' ukdtt, B. Hill, S. Reed. Second Row: B. Clarkson, M. Gilchrist, C, H.ikK, J. Walter, L. Skidniore, D. Russell, B. Williams, J. Coker, C. Hoylc. Third Roic: J. Simons, C. Behling, E. Lankford, S. Elliott, D. .Myers, A. Perra, R. Baker, N. Ariail, K. Blevin, R. Glymph, M. Coker. Fosters USC Interest In The Field Of Journalism ' T ' HE Press Club at the University of South -■- CaroHna brings together students who foster a common interest in journahsm and other related fields. SAS Promotes Commercial Background For Carolina OlGMA Alpha Sigma, an honorary professional secretarial fraternity, is composed of students having a B average in secretarial courses, with an overall C average. First Row: E. O ' Dell, F. Hambright, G. Herlong, S. McLaurin, K. Harper, H. Bartell, A. Thomas. Second Row: J. Crouch, K. Derrick, B. James, K. Hicks, B. Peach, S. Wise, E. Weeks, G. Gunter, A. Reigle, E. Quarles. Third Rcm N. Whitnew, B. Gribbs, C. Waites, D. Brannon, J. Huneycutt, M. Taylor, B. Young, N. Frye. Displays such as this hehcopter, designed to heighten interest toward a iiiilitar career, niteii isit Caroli na eainpi The shortened Hnes in tin ariiinr ' evidence the big success of this year ' s controversial pre-repstration procedure. T Carolina ' s platoon of the Pershing Rifles practices one of its more intricate maneuvers during regular Thursday drill. 88 STN I iSk AFROTC Prepares Cadets To Take Military Responsibilities ' I MIE largest male organization on the Uni- - versitN of South Carolina campus, the Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps gives its members the training necessary for tliem to take their places as second lieutenants in the Air Force. The AFROTC is an ever growing organization, the enrollment this year nearing six hundred men. The training course consists of two years basic Air Science, covering the history and development of aerial warfare, and the advance courses which prepare the cadets for active duty. All of the courses the cadets are required to take are de- signed to develop the leadership potential in them. Much of Major Arthur ' s biis ' day is taken up with the duties concerning the efficiency of the AFROTC unit. versation of several members of the AFROTC cadet corps.Taking advantage of a break, Gail Newbury enjoys the con During a regular officers ' conference Captain Witten covers matters concerning an NROTC battalion policy. NROTC Pershing Rifles Addition To 1962 NROTC Activities nPHE men in the Naval Reserve Officers Train- - ing Corps are being trained for service in the United States Nav ' and Marine Corps. These men are drilled in military leadership in order to prepare them to become officers in their chosen liranch of the service. Students in this program are required to take courses in Naval or Marine Science and, in the summer, to take special cruises isiting military bases around the world. These cruises are an integral part of naval training. Such activities as the Compass and Chart So- ciety, the Drum and Bugle Corps, the Freshman and Senior Drill Teams, and the Freshman and Senior Rifle Teams provide the midshipmen with instruction in areas not covered in the regular drill period. 92 - y- [ ' i I ill w iiiji ' i-riii i ' ' 1 bl IF ' W ' b " r ' 1 ■JOBBgig These members of the Naval ROTC Rifle Teams practice the various firing positions assumed during competition. Carolina midshipmen learn about ship handling during na al science lali sessions held just prior to drill period. First How: C. Waites, L. Bell, A. Digby, G. Moort-, G. Leventis, P. Ricliardson, B. Humble, T. Hollman, B. King. Secoiul Rote: B. Sattcrtiokl, A. Hand, T. Gregory, S. Haltiwanger, S. Heed, N. Greer, B. Betluine, B. Rogeburg, P. Moses, C. Wall, A. Voungblood, K. Auld, M. Church. Thinl Rcnv: C. Causey, C. Hardy, B. Meeks, A. Thomas, S. Sanders, P. Fretwell, G. Duncan, G. Newbury, J. King, J. Verdery. Coed Angels Of Carolina Act As AFROTC Hostesses A NGEL Flight, the coed auxiliary of Arnold - ■ Air Society, performs many services during the year including acting as hostesses at the an- nual Military Ball, at which the Angels are pre- sented to the corps. Society Increases Cadet Potential In Leadership pi ONSISTING of advanced Air Force ROTC members, Arnold Air Societ ' demands a 3.5 overall grade point ratio for membership. The society does much to increase the cadets ' pro- ficiency in leadership and scholastic areas. First Row: J. Jones, A. Pate, I Webb, M. Leaeh, J. Sliealv, R. Glympb, T. Ratteree. Second Row: T. Johnson, H. Steadnian, S. Davis, M. Stewart, S. Moorer. D. Lavender, A. Altman, l. Tiylir. Third How: |. lindand, D. Ornian, L. Grube. j. Wallace, T. Ashe, P. Gissendanner. w First Row: E. Law, K. Payton, J. Masen, F. Wilson, H. Winslow, A. Biggs, G. Barnett. Secuiul Row: U. Bush, J. Harrison, B. Hutchison, G. Sykes, B. Dukes, P. Crocker, T. Howell, R. Jackson. Drill Team Perfects New s Of Precision Drill Way! lyiHE AFROTC Drill Team, now in its fifth year -■- at the University of South Carolina, has ac- complished much during the past few years. Its members receive training in drill fundamentals and precision maneuvers. Presents ROTC Flight Head To Air Force Cadet Wing TPHE annual AFROTC Military Ball, held at -■- Legion Lake Officers Club, was the highlight of the military year. At the ball the new Angel Flight commander and the new cadet colonel were presented. These Air Force cadets entertain themselves and their dates with music and dancing at the annual Military Ball. 95 First Roic: J. illiaiu.- . C. W.ilt.s. i:. NkUuucil, J. UiIUji , A. liiu,.k.s. J. Cciiaiv, W . Cl.iuMii, 1;. M-iviuiiJ, 1. Il.,g.iilli. Second Row: A. Tollison. J. Talbot, R. McLaughlin, H. Ballinger, V. Smitli, T. Merchant, J. Sanders, T. Henly. Navy Drill Team Performs Maneuvers With Precision I ' HE NROTC drill team, a voluntary organi- - - zation, acquaints its members with the funda- mentals of precision maneuvering which they display at the many events at which they perform. Safety In Firearms Given By Midshipman Rifle Team lyHE Naval ROTC Rifle Team, composed of - - six upperclass midshipmen, gives participants instruction in safety with firearms as well as experience in national and intercollegiate rifle competition. First Rinc: F. Howatt, J. Spencer, G. Adams, J. McCloud, J. Gwin. Second Row: Sgt. Wendolowski, H. Robertson, D. Roth, J. Thomas, G. Brock. First Row: H. Griilin, B. Shirk-y, B. Burriss, J. Williams, J. Hulings, J. Getklie, D. McPherson, C. Allen, B. McDowell, T. Quinn. Second Row: Lt. Mann, L. Hartley, A. Tollison, R. McLaughlin, G. Watts, E. Hutcliinson, J. Saunders, C. Fulton, R. Taylor, S. Brooks, M. Davis, D. Roth, R. BalUnger, B. Wood, T. Tindall, E. Smith. Third Row: J. Steel, E. Stevdel, A. Darden, J. Spencer, L. Jones, S. Niver, J. Brown, B. Hill, J. Bass, B. Cowan, S. Abrams, B. Kubitz, H. Heleig, J. White. Begins Navy ROTC Annual For The Benefit Of Unit NROTC Winter Ball Heads Social Calendar Of Unit ' T ' HE Compass and Chart Society, an honorary - ' - organization, was estabhshed for the benefit of Naval ROTC Units and to further interest in the Navv as a career. THHE Naval ROTC Winter Ball is the highlight -■- of the battalion ' s social year. It is sponsored by the Compass and Chart Society and is one of the several dances and parties held each year The Officers Club at Fort Jackson swings as the midshipmen and their dates enjoy the Navy version of the twist. The NROTC Drum and Bugk- CJorps seems read ' to inarch o cr to Davis Field just prior to regular Thursday drill. Concentrating on their scores, these AFROTC handsuien practice to perfect the marches played during drill. Caroh ' na ' s Pershing HiHes platoon performs the best in precision drill as it tlirills the excited gamecock crowd. 98 V ACTIVITIES First Ihiu: C. Comiillv, C, Patrick, M. Jones, C. Welch, N. Cooper, K. Hayes, 15. Chestnut, J. C.laser. R. Conipton, P. Hamilton, J. Aiulerson, H. St. John, A. WcKlon, M. Dent, N. Haves, H. VVooten, M. Nisbet. Second Row: I. Oesterluncl, S. Ott, A. Marshall, R. Hollv, P. Canipln-U, K. Boomer, H. Price, VV. Mcintosh, R. Miller, ]. Turner, H. Kendall, P. Prescott, J. Refo, B. And erson. Thinl Roiv: K. Grimball, S. J. Garrison, B. Sherer, T. Rivkin, H. Franklin, E. Culkin, Jr., W. Reid, M. Hartley, M. Bryant, K. Callison, B. Cromer. Fourth Row: P. Latlirop, B. Coleman, J. Harley, L. Estrldge, S. Kelly, R. Smitli, K. Fallaw, N. Rogers, W. Kleckley, R. Boette, E. Hancock, C. Richards, L. Clark. UNIVERSITY CHORUS Chorus Provides Music For Campus Activities ' T ' HE University Chorus performs a valuable - - service as an outstanding organization on the South Carolina campus. It is made up of students of the Carolina Community who are interested in singing the finest of choral literature. Students interested in joining the chorus are given a per- sonal audition. Membership is not limited to stu- dents in the School of Music. Concerts are presented on the campus at vari- ous times and in many commimity organizations and schools in the state throughout the year. It is customary for the chorus to sing one major choral work each season. In the spring of 1961, a performance of the Faure Requiem was pre- sented in Trinity Episcopal Church for the citi- zens of Columbia. The performance of this difficult piece won high praise for the chorus. Currently in preparation for the coming season is the St. Matthew Passion by Bach. The chorus also provides music for campus functions. The University Chorus is under the direction of Mr. David G. Phillips. MAUEOX BUVAM, Vrcdcnt First R(yic: T. Metcalf, Dr. M. G. Christophersen, P. Martin, E. C. Roberts, Dr. C, Coolidge. Second Rott: B. L. Kelly, C. DeLoache, J. Cutts, Dr. G. C. Brauer, Jr., C. Honeycutt. DEBATE TEAM Is A Guest Of National Forensic Association p CACHED by Dr. M. G. Christophersen, the use Debate Team has proven itself out- standing in the nation. The team sponsors an- nually two tournaments— the Carolina Forensics and the girls ' Camellia Tournament. USC won first place in the Forensic Tournament this year. The negative team won first place in the ACC Tournament at Duke and second place in the Agnes Scott Tournament. In the novice division of beginning debaters, the negatixe team won in the Appalachian Tournament and both affirmative and negative no ' ice teams won first place in the Forensics. The Debate Team helps with high school de- bate tournaments by coaching and judging. USC also sends teams to put on exhibition debates at various colleges. Jimmy Mann and Eddie Roberts represented USC in New York Cit ' in a series sponsored by NBC-TV and the National Forensic Association. They competed in a televised debate with Baylor DR. M. G. CHRISTOPHERSEN, Coach University and sixteen other colleges. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB Develops More Knowledge Of Foreign Policies ' T ' HE International Relations Club provides ■ students with an opportunity to develop an interest in the international scene, socially and culturally as well as politically. The IRC offers students a source of information by contact with foreign students, local professors, and visiting lecturers. IRC works in close cooperation with the Poli- tical Science and International Studies Depart- ments. The organization meets once a week with a program each time. The program usually con- sists of an address followed b ' either a question and answer period or a panel discussion. The International Relations Club sends dele- gates to outstanding conferences throughout the country such as: the annual Student Conference on United States Affairs at West Point, the Naval Academy Foreign Affairs Conference, the Col- legiate Council for the United Nations, the Model General Assembly in North Carolina for which the IRC represented Eg ' pt this year, and the National Association of IRC Conference. First Ron): M. Ervin, L. Thomas, L. Rashid, P. Hamburger, E. Boyd. Secnml Row: G. Piatt, Dr. J. McConaughy, E. Siilli an, P. Butters, E. Marion, W. Bilbro. ANN BUliClXJlir, President wusc Night Owl Show Is Feature Of Campus Special CTUDENT operated station WUSC which broadcasts from the Russell House operates ten hours daily with all types of music— popular, jazz, and classical. A newly enlarged department of student affairs provides coverage for outstanding speakers on campus, special events such as May Day and Derby Day, registration, basketball games, and campus politics. The traditional " Night Owl " remains the late campus favorite, featuring four hours of taped music played after the Russell House closes at night. Among the many services provided by this station are news on the hour and weather reports on the half hour. The station ' s technical staff with the coopera- tion of the University ' s Electrical Engineering Department has attempted to provide adequate coverage to the new buildings on campus. An active staff of twenty student workers and announcers strives to bring more and better sounds to the voice of the Carolina campus. First Row: L. Kolb, C. Farmer, H. Bloom, C. Eaton, H. Faris, M. Jackson. Second Row: V. Glymph. T. Love. R. Jarrells, R. Glymph, T. Dopity, T. Owen, M. C. O ' Neal. ROBERT GLYMPH, Manager SOCIALS Fun and games, but sometimes just games. We pulled each other off the curtain and proceeded with the party. We either passed or flunked. . . some of these courses were harder than the academic . . . no cuts. Frantic weekends. We were eminent in this domain . . . SORORITIES PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL Unites Sororities In Stunt Night; Scholarship COORDINATING the sororities on campus, Pan-Hellenic Council is composed of three delegates from each sororit) ' . Although the presi- dent is elected from the membership at large, the other offices are rotated among the sororities. IIandl)ooks explaining the sorority system are sent b ' Pan-Hcl to freshmen prior to their arrival. Kules are formulated, part schedules are ar- ranged, a coke party to orient girls to rush is given and bids are distributed by the council. When rush is over, reports are made and prob- lems discussed so that rush ma ' be improved the following year. During Greek Week, the sororities compete in Stunt Night which is sponsored by Pan-Hel. The top three skits are awarded silver trophies. Profits derived from the ticket sale are used for a scholar- ship which is presented each year to an outstand- ing foreign student on the basis of her participa- tion and contribution to the sorority system. The Sororit) Woman of the Year and four other outstanding Sorority Women of the Year are elected and given a silver tray. Pan-Hel also encourages scholarship by presenting a rotating tropin to the sororit ' with the highest average grade point ratio each semester. First Row: A. O ' Dell, J. Davis, N. Ariail, A. Hand, C. Foster, N. Tcaguc, M. Sunshine, M. Dickerson, L. Webb. Second Row: J. Hart, L. Mood, C. Gctsingcr, M. Alderman, N. Allen, C. Waites, L. Leifemian. Third Row: J. Wolcott, L. Hirschmann, A. Shirley, F. LaMotte, D. W,,tMin. A. MrCaitTKA. II. Ciluii. Nancy Ariail, Patt - ' hitlock, Claudia Waites, and Connie CJctsingcr (not pictured) are outstanding sorority women. The tenseness that Harriett feels at receiving her bid is Ann Shirley, President of Alpha Delta Pi, is elected overcome as she finds Pi Phi ' s invitation to pledge. this year ' s outstanding " Sorority Woman of the Year. " ALPHA DELTA PI Cop Sigma Chi Derby; Win 2nd Grade Point Average A FTEK climaxing the Spring Senu ' stcr h ' win- - - ning the coveted derby at the annual Sigma Chi Derby Day, the ADPis continued by . . . serving as president of Pan-Hellenic Council, Euphrosxnean Literary Society, Women ' s Ath- letic Association, and Sophomore " Y " . . . fra- ternit) ' sweethearts . . . Kit Quattlebaum home- coming queen honor attendant . . . second place in scholarship competition . . . Pawley ' s Island Houseparty. Maxine and Gail join Bett ' aiul Gcrda in a quick game of bridge before tlie bell rings for sciiool to begin. ANN SHIRLEY, President It is absolutclv unbelievable tiiat Claire Officers ANN SHIRLEY President NANCY ARIAIL Vice-President JEAN WILLIS Treasurer ANN ROBINSON Secretary really be that hilarious as she plays the drunk traffic judge in the stunt. Anderson, Innis Ariail, Nancy Blatt, Nancy Bowen, Jane Bradford, Nellie Callaway, Hibby Clark, Farley Clark, Patty Corbett, Karolee Digby, Anne Dixon, Beth Dunbar, Mary Fitch, Duchess Fitzgerald, Judy Foster, Clare Frye, Nancy Gunter, Carol Howe, Belle Lengnick, Eniilie Lynn, Mary Lynn, Pat McMillan, Eloisc Maron, Elke Moody, Rosemary Moore, Gerda Moseley, Judi Newbury, Gayle Pope, LeConte Quarles, Jean Richardson, Pattv Rogers, Libby Shirley, Ann Taylor, Tanya Wall, Connie Willis, Jean Wynian, Betty LILL MOOD, President vSSE? Officers LILL MOOD President SUSAN McLAURIN Vice-President GWYNNE SANDERS Secretary CAROLYN DUDLEY Treasurer CHI OMEGA Zooms Ahead With Second Place For AKG Song Fest A FTER a successful fall rush, sisters were - - proud to capture the secoud-place Song Fest tropin . . . Saw two members tapped into AKG . . . Danced to jazz music by Swinging Shepherds at Melman ' s . . . Assisted a need ' famiK ' Thanks- gi iug . . . Laughed at Christmas skit by the ])ledges . . . Awarded two scholarships to deserv- ing women on Awards Day. By " Doinj; What Coiiics Naturally, " Carol Jones, Carol DuBosc, and Kaki Eccoles add entertainment to party. . ctives discuss the returns from second semester bids while pledges clean up tlie sororit} ' room for new rushees. Armstrong, Mary Huston Boyd, Ellen Byrd, Margaret Casey, Beclde Cooper, Nancy Cox, Ann Dudley, Carolyn Duncan, Gelene Estridge, Lettie Frampton, D«ne Godwin, Judy Hall, Eleanor Hart, Judy Hock, Ann Johnson, Jo Leventis, Georgianna Love, Maryanne Martin, Nancy McLaurin, Susan Mood, Lill Morehead, Harriett Rosen, Bonnie Sanders, Gwynne Seigler, Barbara Singletary, Donna Spencer, Rosallen Stokes, Judy Sturkie, Charme Tolbert, Kay Wilkinson, Janet Wofford, Kerry Wolcott, Joan 113 DELTA DELTA DELTA Captures Top Award In Pan Hel ' s Annual Stunt Night RETURNING witli proud iiK ' mories of lui iiig a sister win the Miss Gahnet and Black Contest, Tri Dclts began rush preparations . . . Pledged twenty-one outstanding girls . . . Spon- sored the annual Founders ' Day banquet . . . Enjo ed a Pine Party for l)ig and little sisters in the room Christmas . . . Iliglilighted year with a formal dance . . . Presented the Margaret Ashe Scholarship. C;LAUDIA WAITES, President Pledges hand out refreshments and provide the laughs during their annual gala Christmas Pine Party activities. Officers CLAUDIA WAITES President FRAN RASKIN Vice-President TERRY HOLMAN Secretary BARBARA CLARKE Treasurer Sisters, underprivileged children, botli enjoy Christmas tree. Santa, ri ' freshmeiits, and presents at recreation center. Barron, Henrietta Baskin, Frances Boyd, Marion Boyd, Mary Bultman, Patricia Cantey, Barbara Clarke, Barbara Coleman, Marianna DeLoach, Liicretia Drayton, Molly Espedahl, Karen Espedalil, Martha Finlay, Caroline Fugiel, Lucy Grayson, Mary Ann Haltiwanger, Susie Harrell, Kathryn Holland, Penelope Holnian, Terry Inman, Susan Jackson, Jane Kennedy, Elizabeth King, Shields LaMotte, Frances Lemon, Mary Mackey, Molly Mayer, Cornelia Myers, Mary Nelson, Carolyn Robson, Lucy Roe, Ann Russell, Mimi Speth, Claire Spruill, Eleanor Teague, Norah Tranimell, L ' nn Waites, Claudia Woodward, Susu CONNIE GETSINGER, President DELTA ZETA Are Proud Of Having Two Sisters Tapped Into AKG TTAMNG won the Intcifratt ' inity Council -■- -■- trophy for outstanding connnunity service h)r third consecutixe year, the Delta Zetas con- tinue to distinguish themselves through campus service and activities . . . Ingrid Oesterlund and Lanie Baldwin— Alpha Kappa Gamma . . . Geraldine C authen graduated Phi Beta Kappa . . . Entertained girls from (Carolina Children ' s Home. From the expressions on these rushees ' faces, one can see that they were very excited about their DZ bids. Officers CONNIE GETSINGER President CAROL SOWERS Vice-President KAY PHILLIPS Secretary BETTY JEAN PEACH Treasurer Pushing furniture and rugs back, sisters and escorts enjoy twisting in the room before Christmas hohdays. Baldwin, Lanie Brandt, Gayle Cole, Patti Deer, Angela Frick, Abbie Gefsinger, Connie Gregg, Patty Huffstetler, Marianne Huggins, Jan Leggett, Patricia Mann, Janean Moore, Cheri Oesterlund, Ingrid Page, Susie Peach, Betty Jean Phillips, Kay Proctor, Lynne Reigle, Anne Sealy, Barbara Sleeper, Lisa Sowers, Carol Steuben, Jan Stewart, Ann Stocks, Andrea Taylor, Mary Elizabeth Timberlake, Leah Valtouse, Patricia Winter, Patty 117 .,m LINDA LEIFERMANX, rnsUlmt Officers LINDA LEIFERMANN President HARVIE BEATTIE Vice-President FRANCES HAMBRIGHT Secretary VIRGINIA CROUCH Treasurer KAPPA DELTA Captures Third Place In AKG ' s Sorority Song Fest TY7ITII the coming of fall rush highlighted by White Rose Tea at the Governor ' s mansion, the Kappa Deltas launched another successful year . . . Garnette Doggette in beauty section and first runner-up to homecoming queen . . . Sara Krebs, president of Alpha Kappa Gamma . . . Third place in Song Fest . . . Assisting staff at State Hospital . . . Financial aid to therapeutic hospital. The jubilant girls greet song director Linda Clark after taking the thud place trophy in the annual Song Fest. During an informal fall party at ' T " Camp, sisters circle-up to sing some sororit) ' songs as the band gets intermission. Arrovvsmith, Rhoda Beattie, Harvie Butters, Pat Capers, Mary Clark, Linda Coleman, Katie Crouch, Virginia Doggette, Garnette Easterling, Mary Ann Elling, Kay Fretwell, Peggy Giboney, Terry Greer, Nan Hambright, Frances Haskell, Ann Hewett, Joan James, Betty King, Betty Krebs, Sara LaBorde, Harriett Leifermann, Linda McCall, Alice McMaster, Kitty Montgomery, Jeanette Neal, Nancy Plowden, Betty Jane Praytor, Joanna Pritchard, Julie Scoville, Martha Van Wagner, Mary Wands, Jane Watson, Dot Wingard, Becky PI BETA PHI Win First Place In Song Fest; WAA Swimming Meet CTARTING the year by (illiiig their quota of tweiit) ' pledges, the Pi Phis began tlieir honor winning . . . First place in WAA swimming . . . Glenda Gunter a Garnet and Black beauty . . . Senior class historian and secretary . . . First place in Song Fest . . . Visit from Province Presi- dent . . . Derl y Da " second place . . . Visit to the settlement School for underprivileged children. PAT ADAIR, President vj iJiS H I Vi H R V Officers " ' " " PAT ADAIR President PATTY WHITLOCK Vice-President , , ,. . . -.I , A .u ■. lEAN CARROLL Secretan llt trl and I i an wait patiently outside the sorority room with tlicir sisters for a weekly active meeting. MARY WALLACE HILTON Treasurer While waiting for the Grand March, two sisters take the opportunit - to make sure all is read ' for the gala occasion. 120 Abrams, Ann Adair, Pat Barrett, Beverly Bell, Lana Bolt, Ann Boyce, Jane Broughton, Gail Carroll, Jean Caswell, Sharon Derrick, Val Jean Etter, Harriett Fishbnrne, Lynn Fowler, Jackie Gray, Ann Giinter, Glcnda Hankins, Rosemary Henderson, Ruth Hilton, Mary Wallace Holleman, Joan Howie, Genie Howie, Claudia Jones, Beth Lloyd, Fran Madden, Faye Mangum, Sara McCartney, Anita McGraw, Sue Mills, Beth Montgomery, Carole Moseley, Laurie Moss, Lynell MuUis, Sis Orr, Charlotte Peden, Pat Russell, Donna Sanders, Ann Skidmore, Lee Soltis, Anita Stoltz, Catherine Timmons, Ann Wasson, Jane Whitener, Nancy Whitlock, Kathy Whitlock, Patty Williams, Brenda Wise, Linda ZETA TAU ALPHA Sister Wins Miss Venus; Redecorate Chapter Room BEGINNING the year in a newly deeorated ehapter room, the Zetas also deeorated their tropin ease . . . Seeond plaee in seholarship . . . capped third at Derby Day . . . Joyce Adams selected Miss Venus . . . Amelia Sue O ' Dell chosen a sorority woman of the year . . . first place in WAA golf tournament . . . Virginia Green Garnet and Black beauty section. Opening big sister and little sister gifts, adds much joy and a lot of surprises to the holi(la spiiit for the (.Iiaptcr. AMELIA SUE O DELL, President ° W » - ffil H Officers AMELIA SUE O ' DELL President BETH STUCKEY Vice-President JEANELL CONRAD Secretary JANE MATTINGLY Treasurer The useful, eoineiiient room beeoincs a temporary stage for two weeks during the inevitable stunt night practice. Arant, Judy Baker, Rheatha Breedin, Alice Burns, Robin Cluistmus, Bonnie Church, Marian Crawley, Carolyn Crawley, Peggy Crosby, Joyce Darling, Kathie Davis, Judy C. Dutton, Catliie Edwards, Bobbye Ervin, Mary Gregory, Troy Hand, Audrey Harper, Tilly Hopkins, Sandy Houston, Ann Hughes, AUen Hunter, Betty Faye Kennedy, Pat McDowell, Judy Mack, Patsy Matthews, Susan R. Mathis, Mozell Morris, Pat Neal, Dot O ' Dell, Amelia Sue Parsons, Bootsie Patton, Rachel Rashid, Louise Richardson, Gayle Rigby, Lynn Sanders, Luanne Smoak, Gay Thomas, Lou ElKn Truett, Brenda Wallace, Jean Walter, Jane Wray, Dottie Young, Florence Sororities Compete In Song Fest; Stunt Night Smiling and crying at the same time, Val Jean receives the first place trophy tor the I i Pliis in AKO Song Fest. With their original stunt, " Dexadream, " the Tri Delta sororit ' won the first place trophy in Pan-Hel Stunt Night. FRATERNITIES INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL Strives For A More Unified Fraternity System UNITED ill the lu-Iief tluit among social fra- ternities there are eommon problems be ond the scope of individual action; that asolute freedom from control pro ides not freedom but chaos, " the fourteen fraternities organized the Interfratemity Council for their government and to adxance the interests of the Universit ' within the scope of these social groups. Each fraternity is represented on the tribunal by its President, who is a voting member, and an elected junior representative. The IFC seeks to better harmoni- ous relations among its member fraternities and attempts to promote scholarship, leadership, and other (jualities which define men as true educated gentlemen. Each ear IFC sponsors homecoming displays, which are built by the individual fraternities and judged on a competiti e basis; Creek Week which includes the Awards Banquet when the Outstand- ing Fraternity Man of the Year is announced; and organizes rush. When infractions of either IFC or Universit)- rules occur, the members of the Tribunal provide the necessary disciplinary ac- tion, thereby strengthening the self government of fraternities. First How: Jim Burke, Hay Lucas, Kalpli Zlotnick, Leo Marsden, Honnic Fair, Carl Hendricks. Second How: Bill Planer, Robin Gaylor, Herb Adams, Martin Scluvartzman, Bill Tlionias, Danny Mackcy, Monty Osteen, Kent Anderson. Third Row: Spencer Moore, Dickie Preacher, Osce Self, John Orr, Morty Cohn, Eddy Brown, Rick Taylor, Jerome Tribblc. Outstanding Fraternity Men of the Year: Ralph Zlotnik, Leo Nhirsden, Dong Gray, Eddy Brown. IFC Fraternity Man of the Year: John Orr. IFC Faculty Man of the Year: Dr. WilHam H. Patterson. 127 KRANKIE BUNTING, Sponsor Officers EDDY BROWN Worthy Master W. T. MAYTON Worthy Chaplain BOB SANDERS Worthy Scribe DANA McLENDON Treasurer ALPHA TAU OMEGA Receives First Place In Frat Scholarship Rating ' T ' llE Alpha Phi chapter of Alpha Tau Omega - - was pivsc ' iitc ' cl a set of encyclopedias for out- staiidiiig scholarship . . . won Red (Jross blood drive . . . remodeled lounge . . . ATO men are found in religious groups, Garnet and Black, Camccock, KSK, ODK, student government, ath- letics, and " Y " . Social events included . . . Christ- mas dance . . . spring dance . . . beach trips . . . other theme parties. EDDY BROWN, Worthy Master ATOs enjoy infonnal discussions with Fatlier Doyle of Loyola Univi ' isity during Intelligent Faith Week services. Addison Anderson Bennett Boyle Brown Clarkson Davis Derrick Dukes Goodson Hartley Hendricks Hicks Kelbaiigh Lyall Marett Mayton Moss Myers Norton Shelley Small Soiitter St. John WaUIrop Young Zepke 7- . LA 129 CHI PSI Awards Two Scholarships To Adept Undergraduates " ppRESHMAN pledges of Chi Psi were taught a - - course by Dr. Coolidge . . . emphasizecl stiidv ' habits . . . scholarships given to two outstanding juniors and one to a promising senior for gradu- ate work . . . enjoyed busy year . . . part ' ing . . . Faculty Drop-in . . . Annual Alumni Birthday Part - . . . members in ODK, KSK, Tan Beta Pi, Euphradian Societ - . . . golfing, swimming, ten- nis teams. BOB GERRING, No. 1 FRAN LLOYD, Sponsor Officers HOB GERRING No. J PAUL COLLINS No. 2 BOB FAUCETTE No. 3 BILL SHIRLEY No. 4 In Chi Psi Lodge, Mary Myers and Boh Plunkott entertain friends durintj a lively conversation on readinsr matter. 130 Allen Collins Davis DuBose Faucette Gaylor Gerring Hatch Henibel Johnson Meadowcroft McPherson Miller Plunkett Roberts Shirley Woods The Rotten Onion or an old tenant shack was the scene of an unusual beer bust for the Chi Psis and their dates. BUNNY MONTGOMEHY, Spomor Officers DELLENEY RUFF No. 1 BOB FULLER No. 2 SANLMY ORR No. 3 STUART HALL No. 6 KAPPA ALPHA Football Champions Seek IFC ' s All -Sports Trophy T APPA Alpha enjo cd another big ear after - " - sucxessful fall and spring nish programs . . . in sports KA top contender for All-Sports trophy winning intramnral football and golf champion- ships . . . ODK, KSK, Blue Key, student g{) ern- ment, IFC, all occupied b its actiNC members . . . full social year with Carolina-Clemson Tea Dance, Orphans ' Christmas Party, Awards Ban- quet, and informal parties. DELLENEY RUFF, No. 1 The KAs make good use of their modern lounge facilities by having a leisure conversation before going to class. Alderman Anders Buchanan Capers Coggeshall Dickson Evans Hall Haynie Jones Keller Lowrancc Orr Parrott, R. Parrott, L. Stanton Tnller Vaughn The brothers of KA celebrate the yuletide season by demonstrating their singing ability at the Christmas Party. KAPPA SIGMA Active In Political And Many Other Campus Clubs CHI Omega chapter of Kappa Sigma pledged sixteen new members . . . fifth largest fra- ternity on campus . . . participated in Clariosophic Society . . . political organizations . . . Block " C ' . . . YMCA arsity track and tennis teams . . . made good showing in Intramural sports . . . won the bowling championship . . . fully supported Greater University Fund . . . partied ... in the mountains ... at the beach. LEWIS ARGOE, Grand Master BERYL KRAMER, Sponsor Officers LEWIS ARGOE Grand Master JOHN GODBOLD Grand Procurator EDDIE ROBERTS Grand Treasurer TOM LAVVSON Grand Secretary The Kappa Si ' umas are very busy discussing a proposal at their weekly meeting which is conducted by Lewis Argoe. Argoe Asplen Bailey Bilbro Brown Burgess Culler Davis Godbold Grube Hayden Hook Lawson Lide Lindsay Nash Parris Piatt Rankin Richey Roberts Sherrill Smith Tiirbeville Valentine Wrenn MARTHA JO LAiN ' GFOlUJ, Hpunsor Officers JOHN ORR President KEN OSBORNE Vice-President BENNY HUGINS Secretary GUY SHEALY Treasurer LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Holiday Christmas Party Given At Children ' s Home " PLEDGES gave Christmas part at Epwortli -■- Children ' s Home . . . activities iiKliided stu- dent ,t!;() ernment, Bkie Key, Debate Team, Psi Chi . . . arsity football and golf teams ... a nuinl)er of social events . . . Parisian Ball with beatnik theme . . . the Sweetheart Ball in honor of Sweetheart and pinned couples . . . Crescent Girl Ball . . . alumni honored at Founders ' Day Banquet and dance. JOHN ORR, President Larry Orr shows his twisting abihty to the Lambda Chis and their dates at an informal party at tlie Melil-Rujan. Barrett Carter Chastain Collins Fields Gamble Hodges Jewell Kaufman Kirkland Lancaster Langley Mancini Murphy Murray Nash Orr, J. Orr, L. Perakis Rush Sires Shealy Wilson A well-balanced fraternity provides excellent facilities for individual relaxation as ell as for group fellowship. PHI EPSILON PI Sponsors Pie-Throwing To Raise Money For Library PHI Epsiloii Pi FrateniitN was active in IFC (Ralph Zlotnik, President), Gamecock, Hillel, and KSK . . . Entire membership participated in intramnral acti ities. Homecoming and Greek Week . . . Proceeds of Pie-tlirowing contest and Nhn Da held on Rnssell House Patio were do- nated to Undergradnate Librar Book Fnnd . . . Social acti ities reached highlights with spring rnsh and a fomial. KALPH ZLOTNIK, Superior M l.VW BLUM, Sponsor Officers RALPH ZLOTNIK Superior PAUL RUNDBAKEN Vice-Superior DEAN JARMEL Corresponding, Secretary ROBERT WANT Treasurer PlayiiiR ping-pong gives tlu- Phi Kps I Ik ik k ssar recreation as cold winter weather forces them to come inside. Cohen Hellman Jamiel Lipman Rundbaken Winter Zatcoff Zlotnik fi An exciting hand of bridge is enjoyed by the Phi Eps during an afternoon game in the fraternity ' s lounge. Some pros and cons ol an important iraternity pohcy are being discussed by two Phi Eps before a meeting. KIT Ql ' ATTLEBAUM, Sinmsor Officers LEO MARSDEN Alpha RON FAIR Beta JERRY KILLEN Pi NEAL RESCH Tati PHI KAPPA SIGMA Phi Kaps Outstanding On Varsity Athletic Squads T)HI Kappa Sigma Fraternit ' ranked in top fixe - - fraternities for seventeenth year seholastieallx . . . had key men in Student Government, IFC . . . aetive in KSK, Bloek " C " , APO, DDK . . . won Ilomeeoming Displa . . . sports-minded Phi Kaps pla ed arsity footl)alI ( Dave Adam, eo-eaptain foothall team) . . . SocialK Phi Kaps enjoyed Founders ' Day Banquet, Spring P ' ormal, Alpine, Gross Reed Parties. LEO MARSDEN, Alpha Some Phi Kap brothers are eagerl ' awaiting pledging, as another rather iiectic spring week finally comes to an end. Adam Bradley Byrne Caughnian Ellsworth Everett Fair Fitts Garick Garris Harter Hendrix Kite James, B. James, W. KiUen Kirkhind Kirkpatrick Leach Magan Mansell Marsden Moses NeSmith Preston Potter Trisler Warren Wiley Wowra PHI SIGMA KAPPA Diverse Social Calendar Sparks An Exciting Year CONTINUING its acti c interest in campus life. Phi Sigma Kai pa had another hus ' ear . . . could be found in intramural sports. Home- coming events, Greek W eek, CJreater University Fund . . . fun and relaxation found in lake parties, house parties, theme dances. Annual Founders ' Day Banquet . . . representatives from fraternity found in Newman Club, ASME, WUSC, AFROTC Drill Team, varsitv athletics. 1 D|n i MOLLIE COLLINS, Sponsor NICK MILLER, President Officers NICK MILLER President BILL PLANER Vice-PresidetU CHARLES McLEAN Secretary JIM BURKE Treasurer The fraternity ' s chapter room proviclcs tlie space and facilities for a few moments of recreation and fellowship. 142 Deaton Epting Flitter Hanim Kibbler McLean Planer Prevoznik Ramsey Richards Rickenbacker Shealy Woods Some of the Phi Sigs take a few moments out of their True fraternity spirit is shown by Nick Miller as he busv lives to enjoy some enlightening conversations. helps Allen Shealy find the solution to his problem. ELEANOU IIAl.l., Sponsor PI KAPPA ALPHA PiKA Muscular Dystrophy Drive Receives Citation T)ll A opened the year with very successful -■- rush . . . nienihers held key positions in Block " C " , Blue Key, Student Government . . . con- tributed greatl) ' to varsity football . . . cited for the contribution to muscular dystrophx . . . Bar- bara King, Homecoming Queen . . . social life highlighted b ' Bo ' er Ball, CJreek Week . . . National officers address state convention of PiKA . . . climax . . . Dream Girl Ball. Officers RODDY MIM.KH President JOHN ZlMMl ' .HMAN Vice-Premlent DAVID WATSON Treasurer RICHARD COPI ' .LAND Secrclary hoDDV MILLER, President As sprinj; approaches tlii ' PiKAs hrinii ' " t ((luipmcnt for a fraternit - row crsion of stickball when time permits. Armstrong Barrington Belk Blair Brown, M. Brown, R. Bnrnettc Bnrris Cole Copeland Fitzpatrick Harrell Hendricks Howell Hussev Hutchinson Knight Lnmpkin . h)rtin Mauer Meng Moore Pilcher Rast Rice Shores St. John Tindall Watson Wilson Wyndham Zimmerman PI KAPPA PHI Homecoming Display Gets Place In Annual Contest " pi Kappa Phi started tlic vcar with one of the - ' - finest pledge classes on record . . . leading off with pledge party, they enjoyed a big social year . . . I oheniian Ball . . . Fonnders ' Day Dance . . . Easter House Party . . . campus activities . . . third place in Homecoming Display for fourth ear . . . active in Blue Key, KSK, Student Senate, Game- cock, arsity athletics. DOUG GHAY, Arc ion ■1 1 Kr ' v P " SANDUA BANKS. S xni.sor Officers DOUG GRAY Archon FRED SMITH Secretary DON BRYANT Treasurer DICKIE PREACHER Warden Pi Kappa Phis make good use of the comfortable lounge facilities to kill some spare time after long studying hours. Ambrose Baiicom Bradley Curran Gray Jolmson Preacher Richardson Smith Taylor j ikiMtk The brothers of Pi Kappa Phi make use of their fraternity chapter room as a place to gather and exchange ideas. SM f -.i -.i .---... LINDA WEST, Sponsor Officers KENT ANDERSON Archon MIKE ADAIR Deputy Archon WILL SULLIVAN Recorder JOHN MELTON Treasurer SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Pledges Assist In Three Local Charitable Drives OIGMA Alpha Epsiloii ends ear in fiiii ' st le ... active pledges help in Heart Fund, " Flag Brag , Boys ' Club, second in Homecoming dis- pla - . . . Chappell and Major head Student Body. Memhers in ODK, Blue Key, KSK, debate team, Who s Who . . . spring and semester break parties at Fawleys, Anmuil Founders ' Da ' , and others . . . brothers on football, basketball, golf teams. KENT ANDERSON, Archon Roger Rowe is emphasizint liis point as In- cNplains the inner workings of SAE fraternit ' to an interested rushee. Benton Bryan Cave Chappell Clyatt Cowan Dixon, J. Dixon, R. Epps Harrington Hertwig Hunter McCalluni McElveen Melton Muzekari Osteen Robinson The happy expression on this rushee ' s face makes the fast pace of rush week very worthwhile for the SAEs. These SAEs show that an interest in national affairs is a necessary part of a fraternity man ' s education. . SL- SIGMA CHI Provides Leaders In All Phases Of Carolina Life GAMMA Nil chapter of Sigma Chi has com- pleted another successful year on the Caro- lina campus. The Sigs have provided leadership in all phases of student life . . . editor of the C.aniccoch, student body treasurer, ODK, Blue Key, KSK, Tau Beta Pi, two men in Who ' s Who, Block " C " . Socially . . . remodeled house . . . successful nish . . . Derby Day . . . Sweetheart Weekend. BILL SINGLETON, Consul MARTHA DAB13S, Sponsor Officers BILL SINGLETON Cotmtl BOB ARRINGTON Pro-Consttl TOMMY PRUITT Quaestor TOWNSEND PRICE Aimotator These Sigina Chis and their dates appear to be very exhauste d as a typical rush (hup-in finally comes to an end. Behling Bradbury Crafts GranililinK Hall Hellams Holman JefFcoat Jordan, J. Jordan, H. McKinzie Pruitt Quinn .Singleton Zimmerman The Sigma Chis - linw tliat teamwork is a vital and necessary part of a fraternitx ' as they work hard to redecorate. 151 SIGMA NU Little 500 Raises Money While Providing Thrills 01(;MA u I ' latcniit) anain actixc in nimicroiis top tanipus olfkc ' S, Blue Kc ' ODK, KSK, Who s Who . . . ( ' aptiircd All-Sports tropin tourth time in six years , varsity foothall, hasehall, track, basketball . . . Parties topped b White Star com- pleted social xcar . . . " Little 500 " successful in its second ear . . . Sigma Nu came through sj ' jring and fall rush with Hying colors. NORAH TEAGUE, Sponsor Officers OSCE SELF Commander JIM JOHNSON Lf. Commamler - MIKE DANIEL Recorder BILLY LIPSCOMB Treasurer osCE SELF, Commander Sigma Nus enjoy a relaxing moment between dances at tlnir ofT-eampus part - at tlie Mehl-Rujan Room during Rnsii. Adams Ballard Ballentine Barksdale Boyd Bradshaw Brooker Bniner Bryson Bull Burns Collins Cothran Daniel Davis Douglas Duffie Dunn Glenn Gray Griffin Harrison, J. Harrison, P. Howard Howell James Johnson Lee Lewis Lipscomb Lucansky Meares Mincey Moore, J. C. Moore, J. E. Morrow McNeil McPherson Pendar -is Pfalzgraf Rentz Richards Ridenhour Roman Schumpert Schwab Simons Sef Smarr Sweatman Tomlin Truesdale Walter. S. Walter, T. Wright Wunder HH 153 SIGMA PHI EPSILON Queen Of Hearts Ball Is Peak Of The Social Year C IC;MA Phi Epsilon, which is one of the largest • Creek letter societies in the world, enjoyed a lull yvdv . . . members were active in religious groups . . . honorary fraternities . . . varsity sports . . . major campus publications . . . some of major social events of the season included the Founders ' Da Bancjuet . . . Queen of Hearts Ball . . . Roman Banquet . . . Senior Party. BRUCE SHAW, President K 4 SHKHl SNYDER, Sponsor Officers BRUCE SHAW President BENJAMIN RISINGER Vice-PresiderU CHARLES FELTON Secretanj JERRY TRIBBLE Comptroller A wonderful e eiiiiig was i-njoycd l y the SPEs and dates at the annual Queen of Hearts Ball at the Cnhimbia Hotel. Ayre Collins Corley Drost Edwards Felton Gooding Hamrick Huth Hiitto Jones Laitala Latlian Leonard McClendon McNeely Monette Moore Newton Player Powell,.!. Powell, W. Qiiattlebaum Risinger Sagun Seals Shaw Smith Tribble Urbanyi Webster 155 KATHV WEATHERS, Stumsur Officers KEN BAKER . . DICK INGRAM JOHN STEVENSON CHARLES JONES . MAXCY BROTHERHOOD Features Both Community And Campus Aid Projects INDEPENDENT iiu-n of Carolina toutiimed - - good work . . . under eye of Waldo, Maxcy ' s giant Clamecock, Blue De il and " Cougar " burned at pep rallies . . . Easter party at Carolina Chil- dren s Home . . . Placed telephone pads in each dorm . . . .Social activities included the Halloween C ostume Part , Christmas Dance, Barbecue, Blanket Parties, and annual In-and-Out formal dance. KEN BAKER, President . . President Vice-President . . Secretary Treasurer The intermission ivcs an oiipoitiiiiitv Ini cvcrxonc to have rc-frcshincnts at MiLxcv Brotiicrlioocrs Cliristinas dance. Baker Bennett Brooks Bryant Davis Dent Destedano Dunn Farrow Hayes Ingram James Jonse Moore, S. Moore, V. Morningstar Pack Richdale Sease Seehusen Shirley Warren Wilkie 157 Arthur Serves Gamecocks From Dusk Until Morning TN tlu ' late liouis as stuclt ' iits migrate toward the ■ - CJoocK ' Shoppc for cheese grits, pecan waffles, and other midnight dehcacies, for a stndy break, after a date or after a party for that mnch needed cup of coffee, the ' encounter the amicable Arthur Koosa. Each customer is treated to his special brand of philosophy, sports analysis, and humor which can only be expressed by Arthur. The University will never be able to find a more devoted friend and loyal fan. Though students come and go, Arthur will remain to lo ally serve them as he did their predecessors. .Arthur of tho Coo hopp. Men and wonu-ii of Carolina uatlicr after a night on the town to enjoy a mithiiulit with thiir lieloved Arthur. ; w ' CASUAL Hoy Hamilton ' s many C ' arolina fans cnnvd about the stage to get a cIosit look at him duiiiiu tln ' C;liiistnias dance. Student Union Helps With Many Social Events OTUDENT Union and Student government co- sponsored many social exents at Carolina. Charlie Bradshaw, head of the Dance Committee, and Berr ' St. John, chairman of Student Union, organized these affairs. In the fall a campus-wide bridge tournament was held as well as several dances. The climax of the semester was the Roy Hamilton concert- dance at the Township Auditorium. First rate movies were shown every week in the Russell House on Thursdays and Saturdays, and several dances for married students were An exciting round of bridge is made possible at the sponsored. annual Bridge Tournament sponsored by Student Union. " Heaven Knows, Mr. . llison " attracts a crowd at one of the bi-weeklv Student Union movies in the Russell House. , ... Coleinaii, L. Watts, A. Edmonds, F. Wilcox, T. Miller, First Row: C. Finlay, D. Brunson, L. West, L. Leifernian, J. Jackson, M. Lemon, M. Espudahl, S. Inman, K. Long, F. LaMotte, A. Thomas. Second Row: B. Boyd, F. Melton, L. Rousselle, D. Upton, J. Major, T. Edmon B. Fuller, F. Robinson, D. Keller, S. Snead, J. Patrick. Beaux Arts Sponsors Varied Social Functions " D EAUX Arts is a social group which encourages • appreciation of the fine arts and gracious living. The group elects new members bi-annually. To qualify one must have been at the University for one semester and also must be at least of sopho- more standing. The initiation banquet is the outstanding event of each season. This fonnal evening includes a social hour, dinner, and initiation. For entertain- ment each new member must display his talent. Informal gatherings also are held several times during each year. Beaux Arts members appreciate the beauties of nature at one of their annual get-togethers in the country. First Rou-: C. Finla -. Secretary; M. Espedahl, Treasurer. Second Row: B. Boyd, President; D. Upton, Vice-President. 161 Tlie Twist, tlic llullv (;ull , and tin- Stomp arc perfoinii-cl 1) tlic " Carolina Bandstand " at tlu ' (, ' liristnias Cotillion. " Two slcopy dates can ' t spoil my fun, " sa s tliis widi ' -e ed Joe Coik ' m ' sitting one out at the annual (iotillion dance. Cotillion Club Sponsors Two Informal Dances T HE Cotillion Club, founded in 1945, selects - - its members from each of Carolina ' s fourteen fraternities. The number allowed from each fra- ternity is determined by its size. Membership lasts as long as the student is enrolled at Carolina. Two Cotillion dances are sponsored each year, one in the fall and one in the spring. This year an informal dance was held a few da s before the Christmas holidays. Anothe r was held at the close of school in Mav. r • ' 1 II Westphalian officers and their dates take time out from partying to congratulate themselves on a job well done. The KAs, SAEs, Sigma Chis, and Sigma Nus bring in the holidays witli the Westi halian held at the Columbia Hotel. Westphalian Quite Active In Its Fourth Year ' T ' HE Westphalian Club is a relatively new - - dance group composed of Kappa Alpha, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sigma Chi, and Sigma Nu mem- bers. Founded in 1958, Westphalian has become an integral part of Carolina social life. The group sponsors two dances a year, one being held each semester. This year a Christmas dance and a spring dance were held. The highlight of the Christmas dance was Charles ( Gus ) Osborne ' s rendition of " The Frog " in his own inimitable style. GREEK WEEK Intermission time Knds thf Four Lads backstage with some Ciarolina Greeks, Jolin Orr and Charlie Bradshaw. The Sigma Chis and their dates have a great time in their sideline seats at the Greek Week formal dance. Five Grand Nights Mark Traditional Greek Week pREEK WEEK 1962 was opc-ncd with a han- Vjr quet sponsored by the Intt ' ifrateniity Coun- cil at Swain ' s Steak House. At this time Ann Shirley and John Orr were named the Outstand- ing Greeks of the year. Tuesda ' night saw Tri Delta win the amiual sorority Stunt Night sponsored 1) Pan-Hellenic Council. The Four Lads began the gala weekend with a concert on Thursda night at Township. The week was ended ith dances Frida - and Saturday nights. Clyde McPhatter was featured at the formal dance Frida ' night. The Crests and The Olympics played for the informal dance Saturday night. Kerry Wofford talks to " Big Daddy " at his oil well in the Chi Omega ' s salute to Uncle Sam and the U. S. A. iM A round of applause greets the Four Lads as they are finishing their second round of the all-time great hits. The telephone never rings for those despondent coeds in the Tri Delta ' s award winning stunt, " Dexadream " . Ruthie Henderson and Billy Rentz enjoy the rhythm of Clyde McPhatter and Louis Jordan at the first dance. When viewed from the first balcony, the dancers seem to be extremely interested in improving their twist. V I ' ACADEMIC feoJ Did you ever wonder why you had to learn the synthesis of bromobensene? French was easier because we read between the lines . . . Black night, red pills, blue books . . . Then we found out why, with a piece of sheepskin that proved we knew how much we didnt know. 168 % I ADMINISTRATE n DR. ROBERT L. SUMWALT President of the University 170 Seated: J. D. Kerr, J. L. Moss, Jr., F. F. Welbourne, Secretary-Treasurer; A. C. Todd, V ice-Chairman; R. L. Osborne, Chairman; R. L. Sumwalt, President; R. D. Miller, W. H. Callcotf, J. D. Poag, J. P. Mozingo, III. Standing: D. McKay, W. H. Patterson, Dean of Administration; J. W. Cotliran, E. C. Cushman, R. M. Dennis, W. H. Welborn, R. M. Smith. President Sumwalt Leads Expansion Of University To THE Students of Carolina: ' T ' HIS is a wonderful age in which to acquire an education and begin a career. The student body of 1961-1962 will leave a lasting imprint on the University. You have contributed greatly to Carolina ' s academic growth through intellectual achievements. The year 1961-1962 may be described as one of the most eventful in the history of Carolina. Your studies since last fall have been accom- panied by the sights and sounds of building construction. These physical changes are visible evidence of the growth of our University, but more important than this is our progress toward the realization of our high academic goals. This year ' s graduates will be remembered with admiration and affection. We are proud of you, and we pledge that we shall exert our best efforts to merit your pride in Carolina. Sincerely yours, Robert L. Sumwalt, President. The University Policies Are Established By Trustees ' T ' HE Board of Trustees is composed of fourteen - - members, one from each judicial circuit in the State, and four e. -ofRcio members which include the Governor, the State superintendent of edu- cation, and the Chairman of the committees on education of the Senate and the House of Repre- sentatives. The Board, either directly or through its authorized committees, establishes the general policies of the University. It meets twice a ear and is indirectly responsible for the coordination of the University ' s activities. At its fall meeting, the Board fixes and approves the University ' s application for appropriation to the Board of Budget and Control for the succeeding fiscal year and at its spring meeting, it checks and appro es the budget for the next fiscal year. The Board is responsible for the election of a President and a Treasurer of the University to serve at the will of the Board. Dean Tomlin ah ' a ' s has time to listen to a student ' s prnl)liiiis and to help him to find the best solutions. GEORGE V. TOMLIN DEAN OF STUDENTS AND ACTIVITIES Tomlin Aids Students In Solving Varied Problems piU)FESSOR George W. Tomlin has been a - ' - member of the faculty of the University of South Carolina since 1946. He has been the Dean of Men and Director of Student Activities for three years. During these years his office has become the headquarters through which a great deal of sup- port for student organizations has come. His belief that the more responsibility the st idents are given, the more the ' will take has caused him to support the expansion of the powers of the Student Council and the Honor Board. The Men ' s Judicial Council has become a working court of appeal for male students, largeK ' through Dean Tomlins efforts. His olnious desire to help stu- dents with any problem has brought him the respect and admiration of the entire Carolina student body. Dean Tomlin is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Mu Delta, and Omicron Delta Kappa. Dean Tomlin pauses for a moment to discuss the day ' s schedule of appointments ith his secretary. S lvia. DEAN OF WOMEN AND ACTIVITIES Miss Clotworthy Capably Serves As Dean Of Women A CORDIAL atmosphere permeates the office • - of Dean Clotworthy as she acts as guidance counselor for the female student body. She is alwa s willing to help the students in any way possible. Dean Clotworthy ' s capabilities and influence ha ' e been recognized outside the Carolina com- munity as well as on our campus. She was listed in the first two editions of Who ' s Who in Ameri- can Women. On campus this year Miss Clot- worthy has served as chairman of the President ' s Committee of Student Affairs. She has also worked on the Women ' s Standards Committee, striving to include the many days students in more cam- pus activities. Her deep interest in every student is clearly evident by her attitude as she advises and con- verses with those who seek her aid. One can truthfully say that she is sincere in her devotion to the academic, social, and cultural betterment of Carolina. Polly Richardson finds Dean Clotworthy ready to help her find a solution to a problem concerning housing. MISS ELIZABETH CLOTWOR ' ITIV On her way across campus. Dean Clotworthy pauses for a few minutes to chat with these t o Carolina coeds. CAUL M. UEVNOLDS, AilmiiiKtratice AssKtimt Mr. C. Wallace Martin ' s Aim Is Growth Of School A S Director of Development, Mr. C. Wallace ■ ' ■ Martin establishes and maintains strong and prodnctive relationships between the Universit and its varions constituencies in order that Caro- lina ' s growth and progress ma ' be fostered. Pub- lice relations, alumni relations. University Press, and publications are among his responsibilities. Fund raising from private and other sources which does not involve State appropriations is one of the primary fimctions of development. The ONcrall objective of de elopment is the active encouragement of understanding and support of the University. This is accomplished through public news media and personal visits to indi- viduals and groups which could be expected to support all phases of the University ' s objectives. Dr. Sumwalt ' s Assistant Is Mr. Carl M. Reynolds IX TR. Carl M. Reynolds, former acting director - ' -- ' - of Alumni Activities and acting director of the Educational Foundation, was appointed to ser e as Administrative Assistant to President Robert Sumwalt in September, 1960. Serving in this capacity, Mr. Reynolds efficiently coordinates the actixities of the Presidents office. Mr. Rey- nolds ' responsibilities, which include general office duties, consist of the scheduling of President Sumwalt ' s appointments and inter iews, the classi- ! ing and sorting of the daily mail, the answering of the telephone, and the serving as the official host for President Sumwalt. C. WALL. CE MARTIN. Director for Deteloftment ROBERT A. DOBSOX, Assi- taiit In Dean of Stinlcnts Dobson Is Coordinator Of Student Activities Mary Alva Hornsby, Bobby Dobson ' s secretary, assists Herb Adams in the registering of a fraternity party. T) OBERT A. Dobson has been serving as as- - ' - ' - sistant to the Dean of Students since Septem- ber, 1960. His pri ncipal objective is to coordinate the relations between the fraternity system and the University administration. He is always avail- able to the individual fraternities for counseling and advising. Any fraternity problems which come to the Dean ' s office are first cleared through the assistant ' s office. Mr. Dobson keeps records on all the fraternities and registers all parties sponsored by students and organizations. He is responsible for maintaining and revising files on all student activities at Carolina. These files include lists of members of all organizations, their faculty adxisors and their activities. Mr. Dobson also handles the recording of the expenditures of student activities. He handles the billing, collecting, and record keeping for such organizations as the Gamecock and the Garnet AND Black. i William H. Patterson Is Made Dean Of University DR. William H. Patterson, Dean ot tlie Uni- versity, is the President ' s prineipal offieer for academic matters. Mis responsibilities inclnde the development of policies concerning edncational matters and sponsored research. Dean Patterson consnlts with tlie academic deans to determine facvilt) needs, inter ie vs applicants for profes- sional positions, reviews their (jnalifications, and concludes agreements with them. The Univer- sity ' s libraries, the extension division, the Exten- sion-operated centers are under his jurisdiction. CAUL L. BH. ZELL, Director, Alumni Relations WILLIAM H. PATTERSON, Dean of the University The Alumni Are Kept Up To Date By Carl Brazell IX TR. Carl L. Brazell as director of alumni - ' -■- relations is in charge of maintaining and fostering alumni liaison with the Unixersity. This is accomplished by a two-way communication whereby alumni are kept up-to-date with the Uni- versity and are in turn encouraged to participate in the University ' s alimmi program. The office maintains an active file on all alumni and former students l)y a machine records system. Mr. Bra- zell organizes and coordinates the actixities of local alumni clubs which includes planning peri- odical meetings, class reunions, Homecoming actixities, and Alumni Day. He also edits the alumni nionthl - newsletter, USC Perspective. As administrative Director of the USC Educational Foundation Mr. Brazell plans and directs fund- raising campaigns for the Foundation. MARION W. DANTZLER, Comptroller ROLLIN E. GODFREY, Registrar FRANK WELBOURNE, University Secretary-Treasurer NICHOLAS P. MITCHELL, Director, Extension Division Mr. Ledcen Directs YMCA And Russell House Aptly A S a iiKiiilnr ot Diaii rouiliii ' s staff, Theodore ■ - Lcck ' t ' ii sc ' iNcs as diit ' ctor of tlie Russell House aud the YMCA. As direetor, his responsi- bilities iuelude inaiiagenient of the information service, publication of the Russell House calen- dar, and direction of the maintenance of the building. He also serves as an advisor to the Stu- dent Union Committee. Mr. Ledeen, an invalu- able figure on campus, al va s welcomes the opportunity to aid each and every student in any w a he possibly can. DR. ROBERT B. McNULTY, University Physician m BBPV r- c j ' m i 1 f v ' 1 fa mI THEODORE J. LEDEEN, Director of Russell House Dr. McNulty Head Of The Facilities In The Infirmary nnilE University Health Service includes the -■- Wallace Thompson Memorial Infirmary for students who are suffering from illness or injury and to post-operative patients and an out-patient clinic for consultation. Commonly used medi- cations are free of charge, but other medicines prescribed by the University ph sician, Dr. Robert McNulty, are made available at wholesale l rices. The infirmar has a er - competent and well-trained stall. Board, which includes the iiecessar special diets, and 24-hour nursing duty is provided. A television set is located in each ward. Students who require more extensive treat- ment than is a ailable at the infirmary are referred to consulting physicians. For convenience the infirmary is located near the Russell House, a central campus location. DAVID E. ABEEL, Director, Public Relations MRS. LUCILLE VON KOLNITZ, Testing Assistant ALFRED H. RAWLINSON, Head Librarian WILLIAM C. McCALL, Director, Student Placement 179 MRS. LOUISE J. DuBOSE, Director, University Press JOSEPH A. BARNES, Director of Housing COLIE B. BUNDRICK, Chief of Police EDWARD M. HENDERSON, Director, Physical Plant 180 UNDERGRADUATE Late afternoon finds tliese two professors discussing Dr. Craven relates an amusing incident to Dr. Mollis the lecture heard at a recent Faculty Club luncheon. and Dr. Rogers as the ' stop for a mid-morning break. Dean Patterson and other faculty members appear deeply interested in the outcome of the annual USC-Clemson game. After enjoying a coffee break in the Faculty Lounge, Mr. Bodie, Dr. Carlisle, and Dr. Nolan return to their work. FACULTY DEAN OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Offers A Liberal Arts Education To Students ' T ' lIE College of Arts and Sciences, headed by ■ - Dean H. W. Da is, is the largest school at Carolina. This school offers a liberal education to the students and assists them in developing their best qualities of mind and character. In it are included the departments of Anthropolog -, Bi- ology, Cheniistr ' , English, Fine Arts, Foreign Languages, Geolog) , History, International Stud- ies, Mathematics, Music, Philosophy, Ph sics, Political Science, Psychology, and Religion. To (lualify for graduation from the College of Arts and Sciences, a student must ha e completed not less than 124 semester hours of which 120 se- mester hours must be in academic subjects. He must also have a grade-point ratio of not less than 2.00. A student may enroll be ' ond the sophomore level in his major field onl ' if he has successfully completed the requirements of his freshman year. H. WILLARD DAVIS AIR SCIENCE Students Acquainted With Use Of Aerospace Defense ' T ' HE Department of Air Science offers basic - - Air Science courses which are designed to acquaint the student with both the Air Force and its various aerospace weapons. Advanced Air Science courses are prepared to acquaint tlie AFROTC Cadet with the responsibilities and duties that he will have upon being commissioned. These include courses in the Air Force Staff Of- fices, Military Justice, Weather, and Navigation. The Department gives awards on both Awards Day and the combined Navy-Air Force ROTC Awards day. Included in these awards are the Outstanding Arnold Air Society and Angel Flight Member, American Legion, Reserve Officers ' As- sociation, Convair, Sears, and Rex Enright awards. JOHNSTON, J. E., BE. ARTHUR, H. T., B.S. FERREE, D. F., B.S. GERALD, W. L., B.S. RAST, F. M., A.B. SAYRE, ]. D. JAMES E. JOHNSTON ANTHROPOLOGY AND SOCIOLOGY Offers Courses In The Social Aspects Of Man A NTHROPOLOGY and Sociology is a study - - which is of importance to those who consider human beings and their actions significant. The social and physical aspects of man from the Mesozoic Era through the present Cenoqoic Era, the relationships between human beings of the present day, and the functions and the environ- ment of the many different culture groups in the social systems of the world today are studied by students in this department. These courses are helpful in aiding the student to recognize his Xilace in society and the position of his fellowman in this same society. TURNEY-HIGH, H., Ph.D. CALVERT, M. B., M.S. EDWARDS, W. E., Ph.D. HATCH, D. L., Ph.D. MALOOF, L. J., Ph.D. HARRY TURNEY-HIGH LAUREN E. BRUBAKER, JR. RELIGION " Problem Courses " Act As Catalysts To Campus Life OFFERING courses on an elective basis, the Department of Religion seeks to stimulate growth in religious knowledge and understanding in order to motivate growth in all areas of college life. In addition to providing courses on the Bible, the department offers " problem courses " which gives the students an opportunity to discuss basic religious and ethical questions. The Junior and and Senior courses explore the religious basis of western culture and study various religions of the world. The department also offers academic counseling for all the students who are consider- ing professional church vocations. During the past year Dr. Brubaker conducted research con- cerning the college ministry. This research cul- minated in a paper, concerning the changing image of the university chaplain, which was read at the Institute of ReHgion. BRUBAKER, L. E., JR., Th.D. Its jAMKs I. i ' t:. M-:v PENNEY, J. T., Ph.D. BATSON, W. T., Ph.D. CLAYTOR, M., M.S. COLE, B. T., Ph.D. HERR, J. M., Ph.D. HUGGINS, C, M.S. LOVELACE, R., Ph.D. SMITH, B., Ph.D. SVVAILS, L., M.S. THOMPSON, E. F., Ph.D. WINCHESTER, A. M., Ph.D. BIOLOGY Department To Be Housed In New Science Building T the ari()us fields of Biology, this department offers t vi ' iit -sevcn undergraduate courses, i.oolsiiig to expansion, the department will occupy appr() iniatel - three-fiftlis of the new Life Science i uilding whicli i.s under construction on the cor- ner of Sumter and Green Streets. This building is well equipped In ' state funds supplemented by a grant from tlie National Science Foundation. Several members of the staff are engaged in re- search projects. Dr. Wade T. Batson ' s work is sponsored by the South Carolina Water Pollution agency, and the National Institute of health is sponsoring research by Miss Cecile Huggins. Dr. John M. Herr, Dr. B. T. Cole, and Dr. J. T. Pen- ney are working on projects sponsored by the National Science Foundation. CHEMISTRY Will Enlarge Quarters In LeConte In 1962-63 TPHE Department of Chemistry offers programs - ' - leading to the B.S., M.S., and PhD. degrees. Recent expansion has enabled it to offer the Ph.D. degree in inorganic chemistry to supplement well- established programs in the fields of organic and physical. Members of the department, all of whom have tlieir Ph.D. degrees, are engaged in extensive research much of which is supported by grants from stich sources as N.S.F., Atomic Energy Com- mission, and many others. New acquisitions include the equipment for X-ra ' defraction studies and a high pressure catalytic h ' drogenator. The department, now occupxing the fourth and part of the third floors of LeConte College will expand next ear dou- bling its square footage and leaving the fourth floor for research. BONNER, O. D., Ph.D. BLY, R. S., Ph.D. BOUKNIGHT, J. W.. Ph.D. DAVIS, H. W., Ph.D. Cn KERSON, W. R., Ph.D. GOLDBERG, S. L, Ph.D. L.WTON, R., Ph.D. MERCER, E. E., Ph.D. TE.AGUE. P. C, Ph.D. WHITESELL, W. A., Ph.D. I8 ENGLISH Carolina Authors Produce Numerous Printed Volumes % V 7 " ITH an enrollment of nearly four thousand ' students the English Department offers a varied curriculum ranging from English 11 to courses designed exclusively for Ph.D candidates. During recent years members of the English staff have written a total of twelve books. These in- clude books by Dr. Ennis Rees, Dr. John Russell, and Dr. Claude Neuffer. The Education of Pretty Boy by Dr. Havilah Babcock has been published as a " Talking Book " by the Library of Congress. The department also publishes a nationally known magazine of explication and a widely distributed journal in onomastics. The University ' s debating team, which is sponsored by the department and coached by Dr. M. G. Christophersen is con- sidered among the best in the country. HAVILAH BABCOCK BABCOCK, H., Ph.D. BODIE, E. H., M.A. BRAUER, G. C, Ph.D. BROWN, A., Ph.D. BYRON. J. E., M.A. CARLISLE, C. J., Ph.D. CHRISTOPHERSEN, M. G, Ph.D. DESJARDINS, R. D., B.A. ELLIOTT, I. D., Ph.D. FORD, T. W., Ph.D. GIBBS, L. G., Ph.D. JOHNSON, G. v., M.Ed. KIMMEY, J. L., Ph.D. NEUFFER, C. H., M.A. NOLAN, E. F., Ph.D. REES, E. S., Ph.D. REEVES, G. M., Ph.D. ROSS, E. G., Ph.D. RUSSELL, J., Ph.D. SEIGLER, M. B., Ph.D. SMITH, G. W.. Ph.D. SPIGNER, H. W., M.A. SULLIVAN, H. R., Ph.D. WAGENER, W. Y., Ph.D. WELSH, J. R., Ph.D. WHITESELL, J. E., Ph.D. FINE ARTS Includes Courses In Commercial And Fine Art ' T ' HE Fine Arts Department, formerly located -■- in Barnwell College, has recently had its loca- tion changed to McMaster School. The depart- ment, established by Dr. WiUiam D. Melton in 1925, was first headed by Miss Katherine Hey- ward, who served until 1945. Any student interested in the courses oflFered by this department may enroll, and approximately four hundred students do so each semester. To enter such fields as commercial art, interior deco- rating, designing, and painting, an art major must have the essential background which this depart- ment provides. Public art films, lectures, and exhibitions are sponsored by the department. For the past five ears the department has been awarding a full-year scholarship to the winner of high school competition. YAGHJIAN, E., B.F.A. MAXWELL, J., B.A. MOORE, H. M., M.A. REMBERT, C, B.A. WITTOWSKY, A., Cebt. EDMUND YAGHJIAN RENE MAURICE STEPHAN STEPHAN, R. M., M.A. ACKERMAN, S. H., Ph.D. . DAMS, S. B., MA. BUB, D. F., Ph.D. CARTER, A. E., Ph.D. deGRAVELINES, K. L. F., M.A. FAIREY, G. M., M.A. LrJ HASSELL. J. W., Ph.D HODGE, A. S., Ph.D. MACE, C. E., M.A. MEEKS, W. C., M.A. OTT, R. M., M.A. RUIZ-FORNELIS, E Ph.D. ZEIGLER, W. C, D.M.L. FOREIGN LANGUAGES Laboratory Lets Students Participate Individually ' T ' llK iiiiinediate purpose of the Department of ■ ' - Foreign Language is to train students in the three general areas of communication, linguistic analysis, and appreciation of literature of a given foreign language. Courses on the elementary level in French, German, and Spanish are aimed at helping the student acquire an initial skill in comprehending and speaking the foreign lan- giiage. Later courses seek to develop skills in the written language and translation. These courses give students the opportunity to become familiar with the literature of the country. In the study of classical languages the main emphasis is placed on reading and translating; little attempt is made to develop speaking or writing skills. The depart- ment offers well-equipped labs which enable stu- dents to listen to various materials in foreign tongues and to participate actively by using indi- vidual tape recordings. GEOLOGY Staff Members Engage In Geological Research LAWRENCE L. SMITH TN 1819, the first complete course in Geology was taught at the South Carolina College, making this department one of the oldest in the United States. During the past year many members of the staff have been actively working on one or more projects and have published results of their find- ings. Some of these undertakings include geo- logical field studies, geological gas and oil surveys of Montana, and location of minerals. The department strives to offer courses giving a better understanding of our earth, courses which complement the programs of other departments, and curriculum for those who wish to major either in geologA ' or geography. SMITH, L. L., Ph.D. BUSHMAN, D. O.. Ph.D. COLQULHOUN, D. .T., Ph.D. GRAHAM, G. R., M.S. KORGEN, M., M.S. McCAULEY, J. F., Ph.D. PERRY, E. S., Ph.D. PETTi ' , J. J., Ph.D. HISTORY American Studies Meeting Is On Campus During 1961 T Y the rigorous application of high standards, -■- ' the History Department contributes to the development of the quality education upon which the prestige of the University depends. The de- partment offers freshmen courses on the history of civilization, sophomore courses on the history of the United States, and thirty-six courses at the junior, senior, and graduate levels. In the sum- mer of 1961, the department presented its fifth American Studies Institute supported by the Coe Institute and Mr. Donald Russell. The South Carolina Historical Association meeting was held on campus in April 1962. During the past year the department ' s visiting professors were Dr. A. O. Craven, leading historian in the field of the com- ing of the Civil War, and Mr. J. S. Watson, an outstanding author on English constitutional his- tory. On Awards Day the department presents the Second Hampton in History. ROBERT D. OCHS OCHS, R. D., Ph.D. BARGAR, B. D., Ph.D. BEHRENDS, F. O., M.A. CALLCOTT, W. H., Ph.D. CHOWEN, R. H., Ph.D. COOLIDGE, C. W., Ph.D. CRAVEN, A. O., Ph.D. CURRY, G., Ph.D. FERRELL, C. M., Ph.D. FORAN, W. A., M.A. HOLLIS, D. W., Ph.D. ROGERS, G. C, Ph.D. SOKOL, E. D., Ph.D. WATSON, J. S., M.A. WIENEFELD, R. H., Ph.D. INTERNATIONAL STUDIES Publishes Articles In South Carolina Papers ALTHOUGH the Department of International Studies is the most recent addition to USC, it offers an outstanding curriculum of Interna- tional Relations which leads to a B.A. degree. It is headed by Dr. Richard L. Walker who was the keynote speaker for the U. S. Delegation at the SEATO Seminar on countering Communist sub- version. The faculty consists of specialists on many aspects of International Studies: The Near and Far East, Psychological Warfare, Russia, U. S. Foreign Policy, and Pohtical Theory. " The United States and World Affairs, " a col- umn which appears in the Columbia Record and other South Carolina newspapers, is put out b the department twice a week. WALKER, R. L., Ph.D. BLACKSTOCK, P. W., Ph.D. TULLOCK, G., D.J, ZARTMAN, I. W., Ph.D. RICHARD L. WALKER WVMAN L. WILLIAMS WILLIAMS, W. L., Ph.D. BOAL, J. L., Ph.D. CUO.XTON, R. H., M.Ed. KNOCHS, E. E., Ph.D. HEDBEHG, M. Z., Ph.D. LaBORDE, H. T., Ph.D. LEE. T. H., Ph.D. LYTLE, R. A., Ph.D. -MARTIN, C. F., LL.B. MATTHIES, K., Ph.D. NICOL, C. A., Ph.D. NISSAN, A., M.A. NOVAK, J. D., Ph.D. PERKINS. L., M.A. SIIULER, E., Ph.D. SMITH, H. W., Ph.D. SMITH, P. K., Ph.D. SONNER, J., Ph.D. STREBE, D. D., Ph.D. TUCKER, L. D., M.S. WEBER, W. W., M.A. WILLIAM, L. H., B.A. MATH Science Foundation Grant Sponsors Math Institutes FFEHINCi twenty-one eourses on the under- - graduate level and thirt ' -three courses on the graduate level, the Math Department offers courses in the fields of algebra, analysis, applied mathematics, mathematical statistics, and the thcor of numbers. Two staff members. Dr. Johann Sonner and Dr. Charles A. Nicol, have grants for research projects at the present time. This past summer the Math Department held a Summer Institute for teachers of high school mathematics and has in session at the present time an Academic Year Institute for the same group. These institutes were made possible by a grant of $261,000 from the National Science Founda- tion. The department offers both the Master ' s and Doctor ' s degrees, maintains an undergraduate fraternity in mathematics, Pi Mu Epsilon, and has a mathematics colloquium series of lectures on a more advanced level. MUSIC Offers Degrees In Music And Music Education HUGH P. WILLL MSOX ' T ' HE Music Department is made up of an out- - - standing faculty of American and European trained specialists with extensive teaching experi- ence and concert performances. The curriculum is designed to give each student a broad academic backgroimd with intensive training in his field of specialization. Any imiversity student is eligible to participate in the Marching Band, the Concert Band, the " Coquettes, " the University Chorus, the Uni- versity Orchestra, the Wind Ensemble, and the Military Bands. The Department, an Institutional member of the National As.sociation of Schools of Music, offers a B.A. degree with a major in music and a B.A. degree in Education with a major in music education. WILLIAMSON, H. P., Ln-r.D. BAKER. MME., G.T. BE. ' UER, G. A., S.M.M. 1 HILL1PS, D. G., JR., M.A. PRITCHARD, J. D., M.S. SWIET, A. G., JR., M.M. VANDOREN, R. L., M.A. WILLIAMSON, E. P., F.N.A.T.S. NAVAL SCIENCE Navy Battalion Advances In Drill And Rifle Training ryiHE NROTC Unit, the academic and adniinis- -■- trative organization of Carolina ' s department of Naval Science, has advanced rapidly during the past few years. The NROTC program has an efficient system of training selected young men to qualify as commissioned officers in the Navy, Marine Corps, and their reserve components. In order that these young men may qualify as com- missioned officers th ey must be trained and in- structed in essential Naval and related subjects. The Battalion participates in campus and com- munity affairs, such as half-time performances given by the two drill teams, and it participates as a unit in marine parades. Socially the Compass and Chart society sponsors a Winter Ball under the auspices of the unit commander. The Battalion drills every Thursday on Davis Field where the Midshipmen receive instruction in the rifle manual and drill procedures. CHARLES H. WITTEN WITTEN, C. H., M.A. FIDLER, P. P., B.A. GOEHRING, B. E., B.S. JETER, R. B., B.A. KERNAN, W. H., B.S, MANN, H. D., IR., M.Ed. SLOAN, J. A., B.S. PHYSICS Presents The Thornwell Honorary Scholarship TN addition to providing courses which allow its - - its own students to proceed to the Bachelor ' s, Master ' s and Ph.D. degrees, the physics depart- ment offers courses for engineering and science majors, and a general physics course primarily for pharmacy and pre-medical students. Among the awards given by the physics department are the Thornwell Honorary Scholarship and the Chemi- cal Rubber Company Handbook. Activities of the department include a local chapter of Sigma Pi Sigma and regularly scheduled colloquia to which outstanding men of science from other institutions are invited as guest speakers. The department has administered fellowships under the National Defense Fellowship Program during the past three years and has also participated in the National Science Foundation Cooperative program. LERNER, E. C, Ph.D. MEMORY, I. D., Ph.D. MERCER, C. F., M.A. TOMPKINS, D. H., M.S. TROTTER, H. F., M.S. FRENCH, A. P., Ph.D. BARRE, L. G., M.S. BREITENBERGER, E., Ph.D. EDGE, R. D., Ph.D. GILES, F. H., JR., Ph.D. ANTHONY P. FRENCH CHESTER W. BAIN POLITICAL SCIENCE Acquaints Students With Processes Of Government ' T ' llE department of Political Science offers - - conrses in the description and processes of government, political theor ' , comparative govern- ment, and international relations. The depart- ment maintains the Bureau of Public Administra- tion which is a service and research agenc - in the field of State and local government. Depart- mental fnnctions include general research, con- sultative ser ices, in-service training, and quarterly publication of the South Carolina Governmental Review. Individual staff members pursue their own re- search interests and are active in University and communitv ' projects, clubs, and other organiza- tions. Among recent books written by members of the Department is The Right of Assembly ami Association by Glenn Aliernathy, published by University of South Carolina Press, 1961. The staff also has articles published in a large number of journals. At each Awards Day, the Political Science honorary fraternity. Pi Sigma Alpha, makes a presentation. PSYCHOLOGY AND PHILOSOPHY Obtains New Research Center And Animal Room T HIS department oflFers the A.B. and M.A. de- -■- grees in Philosophy and Ps ' chology and the B.S. in Psychology. In addition to preparing stu- dents for ad ' anced degrees or for careers in the major fields, the Department services other Arts and Science Departments as well as those in other schools, especially Business Administration, Engi- neering, and Education. Close attention is gi ' en to training in the scientific method as well as to factual knowledge and clear thinking. The De- partment has recentK ' acquired a temperature- controlled research center and animal room which will make possible better experiments by students and facultv. BAIN, C. W., Ph.D. ABERNATHY, M. G., Ph.D. BLITZ, L. F., JR., Ph.D. CARLISLE, D., Ph.D. LONGWORTH, J. G., M.A. McCONAUGHTY, J. B., Ph.D. STOUDEMIRE, R. H., M.A. WEASMER, C. B., M.A. M. KERSHAW WALSH WAISIl, M. K.. Ph.D. HOIiASK). G„ Ph.D. BUAMLKIT, G. A., Ph.D. BROWN, J. A., M.A. FIELD, A„ M.A. GFRTZ, B., Ph.D. HAND, ].. Ph.D. LAFFKH TY, T. T., Ph.D. . LUniN, E. A.. Ph.D. NELSON, E. P., Ph.D. NICKER.SON, K., Ph.D. SCOTT, T. R., Ph.D. SHAWAKER, R. E., M.A. SHOPER. C, Ph.D. SIM.MONS, J. R., Ph.D. STOCKIN, B., Ph.D. TROTTER, R. L., M.A. 192 Martha Scoville improves her French pronunciation by using the tapes supplied in the language laboratory. Chemistry students work diligently during lab period in order to complete their experiments more successfully. Dr. Whitesell listens thoughtfully as two sophomores answer some questions on Bronte ' s Wuthering Heights. Advanced history students hurriedly take notes while Dr. Sokol lectures on the Russian Civil War of 1918. BUSINESS Publishes Periodicals On National Economics JAMES A. MORRIS COURSES designed to give u toundation of broad, general culture as well as those de- oted to special subjects of technical character constitute the program of study offered l)y the School of Business Administration. The Bureau of Business and Economic Re- search, an integral part of the school, promotes the study of business and economic conditions of significance to South Carolina and its business interests. The Bureau publishes two periodicals concerning local, national, and international eco- nomics. During the sunnner of 1961 the school held its second Executive Development Program to assist in raising the levels of managerial knowledge. Three scholarships and two honor citations which are sponsored by business and professional organizations are awarded annually in the school. In the H. A. Huiidinj; I ' rolcssor Iakin I ' liaiip is caught candidh speaking to liis class I, lie liisuiaiict MORRIS, J. A., I ' li.D. ARMSTRONG, R. L., MBA. BAKER, C. A., D.B.A. Cl.AliK, M. H., M.Ed. DERHICK, S, M., Ph.D. DUPRE, D. M., M.B.A., C.P.A. EDWARDS, C. E., Ph.D. FLORA, A. C, Ph.D. FUNDERBURKE, A., M.A. CITTSINGER, C. M., M.S. HARVEY, E. F., M.Ed. IIEKIN, J. S., M.S., C.P.A. HILTON, J. G., Ph.D. HUDSON, S. M., B.A. JONES, W. E., M.S., C.P.A. KEMMERLIN, T.. I. LB. KING, R. L., Ph.D. MacDONALD, J. II., MA. McGOWAN, E. L., M.S. LL.B., C.P.A. MEDHUR.ST, M., M.A. MEEKS, F. T., A.M. MOLTEN, R. W., M.A. O ' DELL, E., M.S. PENDER, D. R., M.B.A. PHAUP, L. L., B.A. PUGH, O. S., Ph.D. PUTNAM, W. F., M.A. ROSEN, H. W., Ph.D. SAVAGE, L. A., M.B.A. SHAMSEDIN, E. M., Ph.D. SHAW, S. J., Ph.D. SMITH, A. G., Ph.D. SMITH, F. D., Ph.D. STOBBE, A. C., B.S. SWANSON, D. F., Ph.D. TEMPLE, T. D., M.B.A. THOMAS, A. B., B.S., C. TOMLIN, G., A.M. TUTHILL, W. C, Ph.D. WEBB, W. G., M.S. WESSON, W. H., Ph.D. WILLIAMSON, G. G., Ph.D. WINN, E. L., M.A. EDUCATION Conducts Field Service And Research Bureaus TN addition to its instructional functions the • • School of Education conducts various research projects and an extensive program of activities. These activities include the publication of the University of South Carolina Education Report which reports research findings of the school, consultative services to public schools, and read- ing conferences. National leaders in the field of guidance speak at Carolina Counselor ' s Confer- ence which is held annually for high school coun- selors and principals. During July, the first South Carolina Education Week was held on campus. This conference was attended by 800 persons. The School of Education has been expanded to include the Department of Physical Education. WILLIAM W. SAVAGE In Art Ed. 29 the girls do not seem to mind the classroom work, for they are busy making Christmas decorations. Education students have opportunities to observe the diagnoses of reading problems in the Reading Clinic. SAVAGE, W. W., Ph.D. BERG, P. C., Ph.D. BURGE, N. T., M.A. DANIEL, J. McT., Ed.D. GILES, L. E., Ph.D. JOYNER, J. R,. Ph.D. McCALL, W. C., M.A. MOORE, H. M., M.A. MORRISON, R. L., Ph.D. NELSON, F. A., M.A. NIXON, W. D., Ed.D. ROUSE, S. T., M.A. SO. R, R. S., Ph.D. TUCKER, C. I., Ed.D. WEBER, R. A., Ed.D. WILLIAMSON, E. D., Ed.D. CRAIG, V. P., M.Ed. DECK, J. M., P.E. Dir. DEMARS, F. A. FARR, v., B.S. GIESE, W., M.Ed. GRUGAN, J. D., M.Ed. HAMBRICK, W. R., M.A. KULCINSKI, L. E., Ph.D. MOSES, M., M.A. RATLIFF, J. W., M.Ed. STAUFFER, G., M.A. ENGINEERING Departmental Research Aids National Defense lU ' i-rs (;. i-ia.i.EHs ' T ' HE School of Engineering consists of the - - departments of chemical, civil, electrical and mechanical engineering. In addition to the basic engineering courses, students in this school re- ceive a strong program in humanities, basic sciences, and mathematics which give them an ()p}5()rtunit - for broad cultural training as well as a thorough knowledge of their major field. At present the Department of Mechanical Engi- neering is engaged in two research projects spon- sored 1) the Office of Ordnance Research ( US Arm ) and the National Science Foundation. Additional research in the fields of metallurgy and combustion are sponsored by the University ' s Committee on Research and Producti e Sc holar- ship. The student chapter of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers presents earl - the ASME Award to the Mechanical Engineering stu- dent who has contriliuted most in service during the year. The Department of Chemical Engineering has conducted research for the Atomic Energy Com- mission in the area of waste disposal from fission reactors. All students in the department are eli- gible to belong to the Student Chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. [• " ELLERS, R. C. Ph.D. BAKER, B. L., Ph.D. CONWAY, E. R., Sc.D. WILSON, T, H., Ph.D. ANDERSON, W. L., M.S. FARLEY, J. C. B.S. FLINSCH, H., Ph.D. Fl ' L.MER, W. O., B.S. HUMPHRIES, W. K., B.S. IR ' TTO, W. C, M.S. KING, G. K., B.S. LOVE, H. G., B.S. MILLER, R. A., B.S. SHAND, J. B.. B.S. TINDAL, R. T., M.S. VAUC;H, J. D„ B.S. GRAVER, L. W., B.S. FERRIS, W. R., Ph.D. MOSELEY, S. T., M.S. NOLAND, J. H.. M.S. RAMM, G. G., M.S. SEES. J. E., M.S. TAYLOR. J., Ph.D. TUTTLE, C. R.. Ph.D. AMMINGER. O. M., D..Sc. BEGG, J., B.E. BEST, W. H., B.S. HERTY, F. B., M.E. HEYSE. H. W.. M.S. M.uCONOCHIE. I. O., B.S. WOODWARD, B. S., Ph.D. An example of the fine ((juipiiKiit found in tlu ' School of Engineering is the oscillograph used by students. I ' )6 JOURNALISM Offers Master ' s Degree To Graduate Students ' T ' HE School of Journalism was established in -■- 1923 with the purjoose of training Carolina men and women for various careers in the news- paper profession and other related fields. Grad- uates of the school may go into newspaper or radio work with a better understanding of com- munication media in our modern society. Many graduates have entered the fields of government information, commercial and public relations, press association, retail and national advertising, trade publications, magazines, and photograph} . The School of Journalism was accredited by the American Council of Journalism and is rated one of the forty-plus in the nation. The school is asso- ciated with the South Carolina Press Association and the South Carolina Scholastic Press Associa- tion. It offers its journalism students a graduate program for a Master of Arts degree in journalism. In the activities field, the School of Journalism is continuing its series of journalistic lectures and is strengthening its ties with the South Carolina Press Association and the South Carolina Scho- lastic Press Association. The basic concept of the School of Journalism is " experience by learning and learning by doing " . This professional school is still small enough in its enrollment to offer intensified, personal instruction. GEORGE A. BUCHANAN BUCHANAN, G. A., A.B. CULLEN, M. R., M.S. HUNTINGTON, L. L., A.l JENKINS, H. H., Ph.D. McGRAIL, J. H. McINTYRE, E. A., M.S. MITCHELL, N., Ph.D. WINTER, W. E., Ph.D. Future journalists listen attentively as Dean Buchanan lectures on the main principles of newspaper management. NURSING As part of her course in public health nursing, Lill Mood enjoys very much visiting this ' oinig patient in his home. School Of Nursing Mixes Classes And Actual Duty nPllE School of Nursing was csta -■- full autonomous school in snrinu; ( )lishcd as a g of 1957. Prior to this time nursing had been a department of the College of Arts and Sciences. The first class to participate in the new nursing program entered the school in 1958, and will graduate this June. AMY E. lCLIONR Degree requirements include a total of 130 se- mester hours, 64 of which must be in nursing courses. Students gain valuable experience work- ing in Columbia ' s various hospitals. VIGLIONE, A. E., M.A. DEZSERAN, H. M., M.S. FISCHER, C, B.S. LEE, M. E., .M.S. LUFKIN, S., M.S. PARNELL, A. K., B.S. PHILLIPS, v., M.Ph. PUTNAM, C. S., B.S. RAMSEY, C. C, M.A. STARKEY, E., M.A. WIDING, L. J., M.A. Brenda Moore and Dolores Neese conduct group therapy with a group of patients at the S. C. State Hospital. I9S PHARMACY Pharmacy School Expands By 75% In New Structure ' T ' HE students enrolled in the five-year phar- - niacy course will find themselves next year in the new Life Science Building to be completed during the summer of 1962. This building will increase the school ' s floor space seventy-five per cent. HI ' ? Margaret Nelson, Fliyllis Huhliard, and others observe tlif plant tissue as it is seen under the microscope. This pharmacy student studies tlie effect of dru s in the blood ])y experimenting with a rabbit during lab. ROBERT W. MORRISON The Pharmac) ' School has an active student branch of the Americaa Pharmaceutical Associa- tion and a chapter of Rho Chi, a national pharma- ceutical honor society, which presents the Rho Chi award. The chapter of Kappa Psi, a profes- sional pharmaceutical fraternity strives to develop industry and fellowship and to inspire in its mem- bers a lasting pride in the profession. MORRISON, R. W., M.S. BEAMER, R. L., Ph.D. BOLICK, C, B.S. GALGANO, D. A., M.A. HUNTER, J. E., Ph.D. PLAXCO, J. M., JR., Ph.D. STOKES, R. C., M.S. 199 Mary and Marty search through tlu ' files to find some necessary information concerning; a Carohna student. W ' liile working at the Information Desk, Eula Mozingo, secretary to Mr. Ledeen, aids the students and visitors. Mrs. Mary Burkett, secretary to Dean Clotworthy, has a ready smile for all tlie visitors to the Dean ' s office. Another day finds Mrs. Sylvia Castles, Dean Tomlin ' s secretar ' , writing requisitions for various school supples. 200 SENIORS Adair, Gunter, Boyd, Shebeen. MIKE SHEHEEN President BEN BOYD Vice-President GLENDA GUNTER . . Secretary-Treasurer PAT ADAIR Historian SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS 202 • AARON, ELIZABETH A. Columbia, S. C. ADAIR, BARBARA P. Greenville, S. C. A.B. IN Education B.S. IN Secretarial Science Kappa Delta Epsilon; SEA; Carolina Christian Fellowship, Program Chair- man: Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Kiwanis Club Scholarship; University Scholarship. ABBOTT, RICHARD W. Darlington, S. C. Pi Beta Phi, Activities Chairman, President; Pan-Hellenic Council; Alpha Kappa Gamma, Secretary; Epsilon Epsilon Epsilon; Sophomore " Y " , Vice- Presiilent; Pri-sidi-nt; Jimior-Senior " Y " , Secretary; Wesley Council, OriontMtinii r.iiiii .lnr; •■V Camp Counselor; Carolina Relicions Cmincil Serr.■ ..l , Mini, nl (.Munil: Junior Class, Vice-Pnsiil. iil; Siiuor ri;u,s Hislm.iii. si,,i, si„, l. i;islature; Honor Board. S.I ri-liir ; lloiiiir Court Sccr t.[i . 111 S|.. .ilvirs Bureau; Artist Series Committer; IIiMi..r U.ili; Wlios Wild. B.S. IN Pharmacy ABERNETHY, RICHARD K. Columbia, S. C. B.S. IN Business Administration ADAIR, LYLES C. Clinton, S. C. Delta Sigma Pi; YMCA Cabinet. B.S. IN Electrical Engineering Aaron Abbott Abernethy Adair, B. Adair, L. Adam Adams, C. • ADAM, DAVID E. Millburn, N. J. A.B. IN Physical Education Phi Kappa Sigma; Football; Block " C " Club, President; YMCA. ALCORDO, CRISPO D. Ormoc City, Leyte. P. I. B.S. IN Management ADAMS, CARL W., JR. Columbia, S. C. A.B. IN Physical Education Sigma Nu; Pi Epsilon Mu, Treasurer; Westphalian Club. ALEXANDER, WILLIAM J., JR. Mauldin, S. C. B.S. IN Mechanical Encineerinc ADAMS, WILMA J. B.S. IN Management Transfer from Limestone College; BSU. Greenville, S. G. 62 SENIORS SENIORS ' 62 ALLEN, JOHN B., JR. A.B. IN SocioLcx;v Columbia, S. C. ALFORD, RENA L. Dillon, S. C. B.S. IN Ni ' nsiNC Transfer from Columbia CoIU ' Kc; Mt ' ditriiKi Society; Westniinslcr Fellow- ship; State Nurses Association. ALLEN, LARRY V. B.S. IN Banking and F ' inance Kingstree, S. C. ALLBRITTON, RICHARD Charleston, S. C. ALLEN, MAHTI lA JO B.S. IN Civil Encineerinc A.B. in Education Charleston, S. C. Alford Allbritton Allen, J. Allen. L. Allen, M. Alien, H. Allread AUmiin . niick Anderson ALLEN, ROBERT J. A.B. IN Education Latta, S. C. AMICK, VERN F. B.S. IN Accounting Delta Sigma I ' i. Prosperity, S. C. ALLREAD, IRIS A. A.B. IN PSYCHOLOCY Columbia, S. C. ALTMAN, EDGAR A., JR. North Charleston, S. C. ANDERSON, ALLAN C. Greensboro, N. C. B.S. IN Mathematics B.S. in Meciianic:al Engineering • ANDERSON, ILENE C. Calhoun Falls, S. C. A.B. IN Element.vry Education Transfer from Erskine College; Delta Zcta; SEA. ARMSTRONG, HENRY C. B.S. IN Mechanical Encineebinc Coliiinhia, S. C. Bennettsville, S. C. ANDERSON, JACQUELINE A.B. IN Elemkntary Education Transfer from Lander College; Kappa Delta Epsilon; Hypatian Literary Society; SEA. Greenville, S. C. ARIAIL, NANCY L. A.B. IN JOUKNALISM Alpha Delta Pi, Rush Chaimian, Vice-President; Pan-Hellenic Council; Alpha Kapiia Ganuna, Historian; Euphrosynean Literary ' Society, Presi- dent; Gamecock, News Editor; Sophomore " Y " , Vice-President; Wesley Foundation; Press Club, Treasurer. ARNOLD, LLOYD H. B.S. IN Geology Lexington, S. C. Anderson, I. Anderson, J Ash Ayre Bailey, R. Bailev, T. Baker • ASH, ROBERT F. B.S. in Electrical Engineering Glen Rock, N. J. BAILEY, THOMAS H. B.S. I.N BusiNEs.s Administration Delta Sigma Pi, Historian; Student Union. Charleston, S. C. AYRE, CALVERT W. B.S. IN Biology Jackson, S. C. BAKER, KENNETH H. Cmaden, S. C. B.S. IN Accounting Maxcy Brotherhood, Treasurer, President; Delta Sigma Pi, Chancellor. BAILEY, ROBERT K. B.S. IN Journalism Charlotte, N. C. 62 SENIORS A k k SENIORS ' 62 BALDWIN, MARY E. Crescent B ' ch, S. C. B.S. IN NUHSINC Dt ' Ka Zfta. ' ice- President, Song Director, Stunt Night Director; Pan-IIellcnic Council; Alpha Kappa Gamma; Medithna Society, Social Chairman; WAA, President, Vice- President; Wesley Foundation; May Court; Dean ' s List. BALLENTINE, ANN N. Imio, S. C. A.B. IN Kl.KMKNTAHY EDUCATION K;i| p;i H.lla Epsilon; SEA; Gamecock Staff; YWCA; WUSC; Honor Roll; Dean ' s Lisl. BARKER, LEWIS C, JR. Cliark-ston, S. C. B.S. IN Business Administhation Transfer from Anderson Jvinior College, BARRS, MARSHALL Brancln illi ' , S. C. U.S. IN Kl.K( THICAL ENC.INEEniNG BARTELL, SARAH H. Indiantown. S. C. 15. .S. IN Secretarial Science BASKIN, FRANCES H. Columbia, S. C. B ..S. in Biology I). :i , Dilla Di-lla, Eesl PledRc, Pledge Chaplain, Chaplain, I. . Pre sident; Epsilon Epsilon Epsilon; YWCA, Sopho- i ' Helper " Y " Camp, Counselor Freshman " Y " Camp, ( I Jr.-Sr. " Y " , Co-Director Freshman " Y " Camp. I ' resident Sophomore " Y " , Treasurer ]r.-Sr. " Y " ; National YWC A Leadership Training School; Episcopal Church on Campus, Canterhur - Club, Vice-President; Gaiinet anu Black, ( ' lasses Editor, Copy Editor, Editor; Euphrosyiiean Literary Society, Poetry Award; Angel Flight; Freshman Honor Roll; Freshman Advisor; R. E. Week Executive Committee; Student Council, Orientation Counselor; Who ' s Who. o BASS, CAROLYN J. Greenville, S. C. B.S. IN BusiNES.s Administhation Transfer from Anderson Junior College; Sigma Alpha Sigma; YWCA; BSU; Pep Club. BEALE, STERLING E. Columbia, S. C. B.S. IN Business Administration Dean ' s List. BEATTIE. HARVIE H. Wisacky. S. C. A.B. IN Eli:ment. ry Educa iion Iransfer from C:nnverse College; Kappa Delta, Pledge President, Historian, Vice-President; NEA; Garnet and Black Staff; YWCA; Westminster Fellowship. o BECK, p-RED B. Spartanburg, S. C. B.S. IN Electrical Engineering AlEE-IRE. BECKHAM, THEO A, A.B. IN Mathematics BEERS, RONALD C. A.B. IN Gkhman NROTC Rattalicm Staff; De Columbia, S. C. Palmerton, Fa. List; Freshman Honor Roll. liEHLlNG, CHARLES F. St. George, S. C. .• B. in Siu ' iti.i Chi. R(-cnrdinc Secretarv . Corresponding Secretar ' ; ( !ni ri ' ii Dill. I riii; Delta Kappa, Secretary " ; Kappa Sigma K.ipp.i, ( iirr.-.pinnlnii; Secrelarv; Epsilon Epsilon Epsilon; i;,ui„ ,,,•■! . F.ibtc.r, M.maging Editor. News Editor, Campus iMlitur; S, C C ollegiate Press Association, President, Re- turilnig Secretary-; R. E. Week Executive Committee; Stu- ili 111 Council; Student Union; Orientation Committee; rr. ' .s C:liib, President; Slate Student Legislatiire; Freshman Mathematics Award; Honor Roll; Who ' s Tin. BELK, HYBERT, M., JR. B.S. Lake City, S. C. HELL, DONALD J. Rock Hill, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Pi Kappa Alpha. • BELL, LANA K. Columbia. S. C. A.B. IN Education Pi Beta Phi; Kappa Delta Epsilon; Eiiphrosyean Literary Society; Freshmiiii " Y " Secretary; Sophomore " Y " Vice- President; " Y " ' Cabinet; Sophomore " Y " Camp; Angel Flight, Secretary; Dean ' s List. BENNETT, PAUL Z. B.S. IN ACCOUNTINO Columbia, S. C. BENNETT, WILLIAM C. Lockhart, S. C. B.S. IN Marketing Maxcy Brotherhood. • BENSON, RAYMOND S. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering BERNAT, PHOEBE E. Gr. du. te in Geology Clio, S. C. BERRY, WILLIE MAE Simpsonville, S. C. B.S. IN Nursing BICKLEY, JUDITH C. W. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Nursing BLACKWOOD, VIRGINIA Chlotte, N. C. A.B. IN Anthropology and Sociology Transfer from Furman University; Pi Sigma Alpha; YWCA; Weslev Foundation; Philosophy Club; IFC: Dean ' s Ust, BLATT, NANCY R. Columbia, S. C. A.B. IN Elementary Education Alpha Delta Pi. » BLAZE, LOUIE J. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Newman Club. BLEDSOE, MARTHA D. P. Colbia, S. C. A.B. IN Element. ry Education Delta Delta Delta. BOLAND, ALFRED S. B.S. in Management Pomaria, S. C. • BONNETTE, CECILE V. Neeses, S. C. B.S. IN Nursing Meditrina Society, Vice-President, Treasurer; S. C. State Student Nurses Association; Delegate to National Student Nurses ' Association. BOOMER, KATHRYN J. Cbarleston, S. C. A.B. IN Education BOOTH, ANN B. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Secondary Education Alpha Delta Pi; Episcopal Church on Campus; YWCA. ' 62 SENIORS Shidcnts natlicr on tlic steps of tlu ' Riissill House to read letters and converse witli tlieir friends before class. BOOTH, DONALD R. B.S. IN Electrical Engineering Pi Mu Epsilon; AIEE-IRE; Philosophy Club. Trenton, S. C. SENIORS ' 62 Lake Citv, S. C. BOWEN, JANE R. A.B. IN Education Transfer friim Quw-ns Colli-Rp; Alpha Deltn Pi; YWCA; SEA. President; South Carolina Education Association. Parliamentarian; MLss Garnet and Black Contest; Orientation Counselor. o BOWERS. REBEC;CA A. H.S. IN Accounting BOWN. S. FRANCINE A.B. IN Sociology BOYCE, JANE W. B.S. IN NUKSINC Scotia. S. C. Tacoma, Wash. Lancaster. S. C. Pi Beta Phi; Meditrina Society, President; Westminster Fellowship; YWCA; National Student Nurses ' Association; State Student Nurses Association; Student Council. BOROM, MARJORIE E. B.S. IN Biology Transfer from Coker College; BSU; YWCA. BUTTORFF, GARALD L. B.S. IN Business Administration Kappa Sigma. Columbia. S. C. Clarkville. Ind. Columbia, S. C. BOYD, BENJAMIN B. B.S. IN Business Administration Sigma Nu; Kappa Sigma Kappa, President, Secretary; ODK; Euphradian Society, Corresponding Secretary ; Westminster Fellowship, Executive Committee; Freshman " V " ; Freshman " Y " Camp Counselor; Orientation Counselor; Sophomore " Y " , President; Jr.-Sr. " Y " Cabinet, Senior Class, Vice-President; Pep Club; Student Council; State Student Legislature; Traffic and Safety Committee, Chairman; Elections Committee; Speakers Bureau Committee; Codification Committee; USC Scholarship; Freshman Honor Roll. BOUKNIGHT. FRANK C, JR. A.B. IN Sociology Alpha Pi Omega; LSA. Columbia, S. C. BOYD, ELLEN J. Florence. S. C. A.B. IN Sec()Nd. hv Education Transfer from Winthrop College; Chi Omega; SEA; IRC; YWCA; Episcopal Church on Campus; Dean ' s List. 62 SENIORS • BOYD, WILLIAM C, III A.B. IN History Sitliuii Alpha Epsilon. BOYKIN, JAMES E., JR. A.B. IN Education BOYNE, WILLIAM A. B.S. IN Phahm. c:y AFhA. BRADFORD, NELLIE C. B.S. IN Biology Alpha Delta Pi. BRADLEY, GRADY F. B.S. IN Pharmacy APhA; Kappa Psi; BSU. Columbia, S. C. C;liurlotte, N. C. Williston, S. C. Columbia, S. C. Camden, S. C. The ground floor of the Russell House proves to be a center ot aetivit ' for the students on Registration Day. BRADSHAW, CHARLIE E. Society Hill, S. C. B.S. IN Bu.siNEss Administration Sigma Nu; Cotillion Club; Westphalian Club; Track Team. Captain; Block " C " Club, Secretary-Treasurer; St ident Council; State Student Legislature; Chairman Dance Committee; Orientation Counselor; Who ' s Who. o BRADLEY, HERBERT, JR. A.B. IN History Columbia, S. C. Transfer from University of North Carolina; Phi Kappa Sigma, Cor- responding Secretary, Vice-President; Kappa Sigma Kappa; Cotillion Club; Gamecock Staff; Garnet and Black Staff; YMCA, Cabinet, President; Freshman " Y " Camp Counselor; Co-Chairman Orientation Committee; R. E. Week Committee; Orientation Counselor; Carolina Religious Coun- cil; Student Council; State Student Legislature; Pep Club; National YMCA Leadership Training School; Who ' s Who. BRANDON, BETTY J. Columbia, S. C. A.B. IN History Freshman Honor Roll; Sophomore Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Norman Murray Smith Scholarship; Second Hampton in History Award. BRADLEY, SANDRA J. B.S. IN NtnRsiNG Gaffney, S. C. BRANDT, LAUNA G. Spartanburg, S. C. A.B. IN Elementary Education Transfer from Cnker College; Delta Zeta; Hypatian Literary Society; SEA, Treasurer; YWCA. Boyd Bradley, H. SENIORS ' 62 BRANTON, WILLIAMS S., JR. Summcrville, S. C. B.S. IN Bi ' siNESs Administration BRANNON, DIANA R. Greer, S. C. B.S. IN Business Aoministhation Transfer from Queens College; Sigma Alpha Sigma; Westminster Fellowship. BRAY, WILLIAM F. Hertford, N. C. B.S. IN Accounting Transfer from Chowan Junior College; Euphradian Societ ' , Correspond- ing Secretary; Wesley Foundation, Treasurer. BRANSON. WILLIAM A. B.S. in Electrical Engineering Coliiinbia, S. C. BREWER, DERRELL E. B.S. IN Accounting Greenville, S. C. Branton Bray Bristol Broadfoot Brooker Broughton • BRISTOL, EUGENE L. B.S. IN Pharmacy Columbia, S. C. BROUGHTON, MARION D., JR. Mt. Pleasant, S. C. B.S. IN Marketing BROADFOOT, WILLL M J. Columbia, S. C. B.S. IN Mechanical Engineering BROOKER, JEFFREY Z. Denmark, S. C. B.S. in Chemistry Sigma Nu; Pi Mu EpsiJon; Sophomore Pi Mu Epsilon Math Award; YMCA; Dean ' s List; Honor Roll; Harper Chemistry Award; NSF Fellow- ship in Chemistry. BROWN, REGINALD, JR. A.B. IN History Pi Kappa Alpha, Pledge Master: Blue Key, Vice-President; Pi Sigma Alpha; Kappa Sigma Kappa; Dean ' s List. • BROWNE, MARTHA H. Savannah, Ga. A.B. IN English Transfer from Randolph-Macon Woman ' s College; Kappa Delta; Garnet AND Black Staff. BRYANT, GARY L. B.S. Williamston, S. C. BRYAN, FLORENCE M. A.B. IN Education Kappa Delta Epsilon. Wagener, S. C. BRYAN, FRANK J. Sumter, S. C. BRYSON, WALTER B. Ill A.B. IN Sociology Columbia, S. C. Browne Brvan, F. M. Bryan, F. J. Bryant Bryson Buff Bunting Burg Burgdorf Burger • BUFF, DONALD P. Columbia, S. C. B.S. IN Electrical Engineering BURGDORF, CAROL A. Ocean Dri e Beach, S. C. A.B. IN International Studies Hypatian Literar Society; WUSC, Treasurer; IRC, Vice-President, Presi- dent, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary; International Students Club; Southeast Region, AIRC, Secretary. BUNTING, JAMES R. B.S. IN Business AD NISTRATION Columbia, S. C. BURGER, LEWIS J. Columbia, S. C. B.S. IN Biology Euphradian Society; Hillel Foundation; Pep Club; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. BURG, GLORIA K. A.B. IN French Columbia, S. C. 62 SENIORS SENIORS ' 62 BURNS, DOUGLAS M. B.S. IN Mahketing Dillon, S. C. BYRD, ELLIS C, JR. Columbia, S. C. B.S. IN Che.mical Enoinekhinc: C.ALDWELL, JOSEPH E. Lauri ' ns, S. C. B.S. IN Journalism • CALMES, ALAN R. Greenville, S. C. CANTEY, PATRICIA L. Hemingway, S. C. B.S. IN Secretahial Science CARLSON, STANLEY E. Elherton, Ga. B.S. • CARMICHAEL, CHARLES Aynor, S. C. A.B. IN Education CARR, MELVIN VV., JR. Colinnbia, S. C. B.S. IN Marketing CARR, PATRICIA A. Joanna. S. C:. A.B. IN English American Phannaceutical Association; Newman CIuI). • CARROLL, DEBORAH J. A.B. IN Education Sumter. S. C. Chester, S. C. CARROLL, JEAN •■V.B. IN Education Pi Beta Phi. Recording Secretary; Kappa Delta Epsilon: Eviphrosyean Literary Society; YVVCA; Student Council; Artist Series Committee; Pep Club; Ntay Court. CARSON, JUANITA E. Ridge Spring. S. C:. B.S. IN Biology Transfer from North Greenville Junior ColleRe; BSV; Dean ' s List. • CARTER, DAN T. Florence, S. C. .■ .B. IN History Transfer from USC Extension at Florence; Vice-President " f Student Body; Wesley Foundation; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. CASEY, REBECCA B. A.B. IN Education Transfer from Lake Erie ColleKc Gamma; YWCA; Pep Club. CJolumhia, S. C. Clii (ImcEa; Pi Omega CASSIDY, EUGENE F. Ridge Sprg, S. C. B.S. • CAUGHMAN, HENRY W. VV. Cola., S. C. B.S. IN Mechanical Encineehing ASME, Treasurer; AFROTC. CAUSEY, MARIAN C. Columbia, S. C. B.S. IN Education Tr.insfer from Coker College; Kappa Delta Epsilon; BSU; . ngel Flight; Dean ' s List. CAUTHEN, HENRY F. Columbia, S. C. B.S. IN JOURNAUSM Phi Kappa Sigma. CHANDLER, JOSEPH R. Grnwood, S. C. B.S. CHAPPELL, JOHN W. Newberry, S. C. A.B. IN History Student Body President; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Kappa Sigma Kappa; Omicron Delta Kappa; Debate Team; Euphradian Societ ' . CHESTNUT, BARBARA L. Conway, S. C. A.B. IN Elementary Education • CHEWNING, C. C. Walterboro, S. C. B.S. IN Civil Engineering CHRISTOPHER, JAMES Mauldin, S. C. B.S. IN Accounting CLARK, BETTi ' E JANE Columbia, S. C. B.S. IN Pharmacy Amer ican Pharmacetitical Association; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Norman M. Smith Award. CLARK, LINDA A. Atlanta, Ga. B.S. IN BU.S-NESS AD nNISTRATION Transfer from Sa ' em College;; Kapqa Delta. Activities Chairman; BSU. Executive Co.mcil; YWCA; R. E. Week Committee; Chorus; University Players. CLARKE, BARBARA M. Columbia, S. C. A.B. IN English Transfer from St. Marys Junior College; Delta Delta Delta, Treasurer: Garnet and Black, Class Editor; YWCA; Dean ' s List. CLAYTON, JAMES P. Greer, S. C. B.S. IN Business Administration Transfer from Duke University; Cr«ci() p. Managing Editor, Business Manager; Gamecock Staff; Y ' MCA; Young Demo- crats Club; IRC. • COBB, DAVID D. Winston-Salem, N. C. A.B. IN English COBB, DAVID H. Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Education Student National Education Association; Student Council. COHEN, LEROY ELLIS Columbia, S. C. P S. in Biology Phi Epsilon Pi. Secretary, Social Chairman; IFC; Dean ' s List; Ho Roll. 62 SENIORS ' " Mriri A gathering of men students is seen from the passage formed by the roofs of the two men ' s dorms, H and J. SENIORS ' 62 COLEMAN, SAMUEL S. Columbia, S. C. B.S. IN Mechanical Encineehing Sicma Clii. • COLLINS, PAUL W. Greenville, S. C. B.S. IN Phabmacv Chi Psi, Sccretar ' , Treasurer, Vice-President; Kappa Psi, Secretary; Rho Chi, President; Stwdent Senate. COLLINS, RICHARD II. B.S. IN Mahketing Florence, S. C. • COKER, MURRAY S. Greenville, S. C. B.S. IN Marketing Kappa Si lma Kappa; Gamecock Exchange Editor, Circulation Manager; Elections Committee; R. E. Weelc Committee; Student Union Committee; YMCA; BSU; AFROTC; Epsilon Epsilon Epsilon; Orientation Counselor; Press Club; Young Democrats Club. CONNER, ALMA L. B.S. IN Nursing Florence, S. C. COLE, EDWARD N. B.S. IN Business Administration COLEMAN, EDWARD T. B.S. IN Accounting Charlotte, N. C. FoUv Beach, S. C. CONNOR, JUDSON M., JR. Lancaster, S. C. B.S. IN Accounting COLEMAN, KATHERINE Columbia, S. C. A.B. IN Education YWCA; Freshman Cheerleader; Pep Club; Euphrosyean Literary Society; Kappa Delta Epsilon; WAA; Chi Sigma Alpha; Kappa Delta; Beaux Aits. COOKE, THOMAS R. B.S. IN Marketing Columbia, S. C. Coker Collins, P. ' 62 SENIORS • COPELAND, RICHARD B.A. IN International STUiiiKh Pi Kappa Alpha. Mavesville, S. C. CORLEY, GAIL B.S. IN Business Administration Transfer from Fumian University; Honor Roll; Chori Coluinhia, S. C. COTHRAN, MARY R. B.S. IN Secretarial Science Cliarlotte, N. C. When classes are over, students flock to the Russell House to get their mail, grab a bite to eat, and to relax. COVINGTON, GEORGIA B.S. COX, CHARLES W., JR. Pi Kappa Alpha. Bennettsville, S. C. Charlotte, N. C. Spartanburg, S. C. CRAWLEY, CAROLYN P. B.S. IN Mathematics Transfer from Salem College; Zeta Tau Alpha, Scholarship Chairm Wesley Foundation; Pi Mu Epsilon. CRAWLEY, PEGGY A. Spartanburg, S. C. B.S. IN Mathematics Zeta Tau Alpha, Standards Chairman; Wesley Foundation; Pi Mu Epsilon. CRAYFORD, FORREST J. B.S. IN Chemical Engineering Columbia, S. C. CRAFTS, GEORGE III B.S. IN Management Sigma Chi. Savannah, Ga. CROMER, BRENDA C. Spartanburg, S. C. A.B. IN Sociology Transfer from Coker College; YWCA, Cabinet; Pep Club; Chorus; BSU. SENIORS ' 62 GULP, FRANCIS B.. JR. B.S. IN ClIKMISTKY Cliark ' ston, S. C. CROSLAND, LUCY S. B.A. IN Education Bennpttsvillo, S. C. Hull; Proidciil Miixty Di.miitoo ' ; CUMBUS. MARY SUE Greenville, S. G. B.S. IN Administration Transfer from Queens College; Westminster Fellowship. CRUM, MARY LOU Columbia. S. G. B.A. IN Education Kappa Delta Epsilon, Seeretary; Canterbury Club; Garnet and Black Staff; Gamecock Staff; Pep Club; Dean ' s List; Elections Committee; H. E. Week Committee; S. C. Student Christian Association, Publicity Chaimian. GURRY, CHARLES E. B.S. IN BusiNK,ss .Administration MuUins, S. C. Crosland Cnini Culp Cunibiis Curry, C. Curry, II. Curry, J. Daiiiul UantzlLT Dii CURRY, HAGOOD LEE B.S. IN Accounting GURRY, JOHN B. B.S. IN Pharmacy Kappa Chi; APhA. Mullins, S. C. Greenville, S. C. DANTZLER, RUBY K. Holly Hill. S. G. B.S. IN Nursing Mrtlitriii.i Six icty; Wesley Foundation Council, Executive Council; Caro- liii:( Clirish.iii Service Club, Secretar ' » President; YWCA; S. C. Student Cliristi.iii Association. Vice-President; CRS; I. F. Week Executive Council; Orieiitatiun Counselor. DANIEL, MICHAEL R, Gaffney, S. C. A.B. IN Journalism Sigma Nu, Recorder; Kappa Sisma Kappa; Sij a Delta Chi, Vice- President, Secretary; Euphrnditin Society; Gamecock Staff; Governor of S. C. Slate Student LeRislaturc; Student Council; Pep Club; Orientation Counselor; Press Club, President. DAVIDSON, PAUL B.S. Ebensburg, Pa. • DAVIDSON, S. JAMES Greenville, S. C. B.S. IN Mathematics Euphradiiin Society; IRE, Prrsicienfs Scholarsliii); Iloniir Roll. DAVIS, JIMMY A. B.S. Camden, S. C. DAVIS, HAROLD F. B.S. IN Education C:iover, S. C. DAVIS, JAMES E., JR. . .B. Saluda. S. C. DAVIS, JUDITH C. Florence, S. C. A.B. in Elementary Education Transfer from Winthrop College; Zela Tau Alpha, Pledge President, Rush Chairman, Scholarship Award, Co-Director Stunt Night; Hypatian Literary Society; Council; IRC; YWCA; Orientation Coun- selor; Dean ' s List. Davidson Davis, H. Davis, J. E. Davis, J. A. Davis, J. C. Davis, W. DeLoach DAVIS, WILLIAM M. B.S. in Business Administration Maxcy Brotherhood; Delta Sigma Pi. Columbia, S. C. DENT, AUBREY L. B.S. IN Pharmacy Maxcv Brotherhood. Abbeville. S. C DE. TON, CHARLES W. B.S. IN Pharmacy Phi Sigma Kappa. Siimmerton, S. C. DERRICK, ' AL JEAN Columbia, S. C. . .B. IN Spanish Pi Beta Phi, Scholarship Chairman. Son Fest Director, Publicity Chair- man; Delta Omicron, First Vice-President. Pledge Trainer; Euphrosyean Literary Society; Chorus; YWCA; Pep Club; Honor Boll; Winner of First Hampton in Romance Langiulges; Dean ' s List; Who ' s Who. Spartanburg, S. C. DELOACH, LUCRETIA D. A.B. in English Transfer from St. Marv ' s Junior College; Delta Delta Delta; YWCA; IRC; Episcopal Church on Campus. 62 SENIORS SENIORS ' 62 • DESTEFANO, PATRICK Charleston, S. C. B.S. IN Mechanical Engineering Muxcy Brotherhood; ASME. DICKEHSON, MARGARET S. Aiken, S. C. A.B. IN IllSTOKV P. B l;i Hii. Social Chiiimian; Gahnkt and Black Staff; l•;l i c .pal Church on Campus; YWCA; Pep Club; Honor KoU. DICKSON, ALEX A., JR. Columbia, S. C;. B.S. IN BrsiNESs Administration Iransfer from Clemson College; Kappa Alpha; Wesphalion Society; Dean ' s List; Honor Roll. • DICKSON, JAMES H. Fort Mill, S. C. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering ASME; NROTC; Honor Roll. DIMOCK, WYNNE C. Marietta, Ga. B.S. IN Nursing Meditrina Societ ' , President; Hypatian Literary Society; S. C. State Student Norses Association, Treasurer. DIXON, L. ELIZABETH Marion, S. C. B.S. IN BlOLOCY Alpha Delta Pi. • DIXON, ROBERT L. Sumter, S. C. B.S. IN Physics Sicina Alpha Epsilon, Treasurer; Blue Ke -; Sigma Pi SiEma; Cotillion Club; NROTC. DODD, SANDRA C. B.S. IN Education Columbia, S. C. DOMINY, EUGENE L. Winnsboro, S. C. B.S. IN Mathematics Pi Mu Epsilon. DOWD, FRANKIE H. Z. Columbia, S. C. B.S. IN Nursing Meditrina Society. DROST, ROBERT C. Uniondalc, N. Y. B.S. IN Business Administration SiKma Phi Epsilon; Varsilv Footli.ill; Varsity Track, Co- Captain; Block -C " Club. DUDLEY, CAROLYN J. Bennettsv " lc. S. C. . .B. IN ' Education TranstiT from Columbia ColleKc; Chi Omega, Treasurer; Euphrosvnean Literary Society; SEA. ice-President; Honor Board; YWCA. DUFFIE, WALTER C. Greenwood, S. C. A.B. IN English Sigma Nu. President. Marshal; IRC, Secretary; Kappa Sigma Kappa. President; Wesohalian Society; Cotillion Club; Orientation Counselor; Elections Committee. DUNBAR. MARY C. .■ .B. IN English Spaitanhiirij. S. C. EARGLE, MARVIN H. Ciolumbia. S. C. B.S. IN Electric:al Enginekring Tan Beta Pi, President; Pi Mu Epsilon; Sigma Pi Sigma; AIEE-IHE, President; Engineering Scholarships; Honor Roll. • EARGLE, ROBERT C. Parr, S. C. B.S. IN Business Administration Delta Sigma Pi. EBERT, WILLIAM S. Kappa Alpha. Greenville, S. C EBNER, BARBARA J. Ft. Pierce, Fla. B.S. IN Business Administration Transfer from Sullins College; Coquettes; YWCA; YounK Democrats Club. EDWARDS, JOSEPH B. Sigma Nu. Mullins, S. C. EDWARDS, LESLIE W., JR. Colbia, S. C. ELLERBE, JOSEPHINE A. Colbia, S. C. A.B. IN Education Transfer from Queens College; Chorus; NEA Club. ELLIOTT, SUE C. A.B. IN English Camden, S. C. Charleston, S. C. EPSTEIN, LOWELL B.S. IN Pharmacy Phi Kappa Sigma, Best Pledge; Sigma Nu; Hillel Founda- tion; APhA. ERVIN, GLORIA L. Myrtle Beach, S. C. B.A. in Education • ERVIN, MARY H. Florence, S. C. B.A. in Secondary Education Transfer from Columbia College; Zeta Tau Alpha; YWCA; IRC. ESTRIDGE, LETTIE Lancaster, S. C. B.A. IN Secretari. l Science Chi Omega; YWCA; Chorus; Young Democrats Club; Republicans Club. FAIR, RONNIE L. Thomasville, N. C. B.S. IN Marketing Transfer from U. N. C; Phi Kappa Sigma, Vice-President, Rush Chairman. Social Chairman; Alpha Phi Omega; Weslev Foundation; YMCA. FAIREY, JOHN E. Ill Rowesville, S. C. B.S. IN Biology Wesley Foundation; Y ' MCA; Beiser Award for Botany. FARMER, ROBERT E. Memphis, Tenn. B.S. IN Chemical Engineering AlChE; AFROTC. FIELDS, CRAIG F. B.A. IN History Lambda Chi Alpha. Florence, S. C. 62 SENIORS Davis Field is tin seme of much activitx as tlu ' j, classes work out e ( ryda ' in order to keep in shape. SENIORS ' 62 FOSTER, JOHN F. B.S. IN PHAllMACV West (lolmnliia, S. C. • FOWLER, GRADY B. Simpsoin iUe, S. C. B.S. IN ClIEMICAI. ENClNEEBlNt; FOX, NEIL R. Columbia, S. C. B.. . IN International Stvdies Fl FIELD. .ANN B. B-.-V. IN Education Transfer from Tokyo Univtrsily of the Sacred He.irl; Sfi. Moncks ( " orner, S. C. FREEMAN, JESSE C. B.A. IK History Patrick, S. C. FLETCHER. ROBERT W. Charleston, S. C. FLOYD, HARLAN T. B.S. IN Education Nichols, S. C. FREY, ELEANOR K. B.S. IN Nursing Spartanhurii. S. C. FLYNN, NORMAN L. B.S. IN Management Chester, S. C. FULCHER, CHARLES T. B.S. in Electrical Engineering Charleston, S. C. Fifiekl Fowler Fletcher Fox ' 62 SENIORS • FULLER, JULIA A. A.B. IN Education FULTON, CLARK W., JR. B.S. IN Naval Science Mt. Hollv, N. C Sarasota, Fl; Transfer from Universit} ' of Michigan; NROTC Scholarship; NROTC. Company Executive Officer, Company Commander; Cockpit, Business Manager; Compass and Chart. Ship ' s Writer, Executive Officer. GAEDKE, CAROLYN E. Houston, Texas ' " A.B. IN Elementary Education SEA. ( GALANTE, ROBERT Arlington, Va. B.S. IN Civil Engineebinc ( GAMBLE, ROBBIE E. Columbia, S. C. ( A.B. IN Education Kappa Delta Epsilon. • GANN, SANDRA J. ( Hopkins, S. C. Fuller Gann Fulton Gantt Gaedke Gamer In his Russell House studio Mr. Toal poses a stiidcnt before snapping his ]5icture for the Carolina annual. GANTT, LINDA Q. Lexington, S. C. A.B. IN Elementary Education GARNER, ODELL H. GARRISON, SARA J. GASKINS, LAURENS, JR. B.S. IN Business Administration Transfer from Campliell Junior College. Galantc Garrison Woodruff, S. C. Columbia, S. C. Charleston, S. C. Gamble Gaskins SENIORS ' 62 CAUSE, DAVID A., JR. A.B. IN Education Coward, S. C. • CATCH, CHARLES E. B.S. IN Education Phi Mu Alpha. North Charleston, S. C. CEORCE, MARY E. A.B. IN Education Washington, D. C. GAULT, BENJAMIN H. A.B. IN HiSTOHY Fountain Inn, S. C. CEORCE, WALLACE, JR. B.S. IN Marketing Columbia, S. C. Catch Gaulf Gause George. M. George, W. Gerring Cttsinger Gibb Gibbs Glyinpli CERRING, ROBERT E. A.B. IN Histobv Chi Psi, PresideDt; USC Varsity Golf Team, Letter. Union, S. C. GIBBS, BOBBIE A. B.S. IN Business Auministr. tion Sigma Alpha Sigma; Honor Roll. Lexintjton, S. C. CETSINGER, CONSTANCE M. Ridgeland, S. C. B.S. IN Nursing Transfer from Limestone College; Delta Zeta, Song Director, Pledge Class President, President; Pan-Hellenic Council; Hypatian Literary Society; Meditrina Society; Alpha Kappa Gamma; May Court; Honor Roll. GIBB, ELIZABETH A. B.S. IN Education Rock Hill, S. C. nd Winthrop College; SEA; Wesley GLYMPH, ROBERT P. Pomaria, S. C. A.B. IN JOURNAUSM Sigma Delta Chi, Secretar ' . National Convention Delegate; Gamecock, Editorial Assistant; WUSC-AM, Business Mimager, Program Director, Announcer, Engineer, Manager, Chairman Board of Directors; IHC. Treasurer. Second Vice-President, First Vict Pn-sidint; Press Club; Arnold Air Society, Information Officer; AFROTC, Cadet Major Information Officer. • COINS, KENNETH M. McColl, S. C. Hollywood, S. C. GOODMAN, GRAYSON A. B.S. IN Chemical Engineering AICliE, Vitc-Prtsident; Tau Beta Pi; Compass and Chart; NROTC, Scholarship, Outstanding Junior Award; Fresnnian English Scholanhip; Honor Roll. GOLD, RUTH H. A.B. IN Education Georgetown, S. C. GOODING, WILLIAM B., JR. Oriental, N. C. B.S. IN Mechanical Engineering Sigma Phi Epsilon, Corresponding Secretary; ASME, Secretary; Student Council; Cafeteria Committee; Carolina Flying Club. GOODRICH, JOEL D., JR. Fayetteville, N. C. B.S. IN Business Administration Sigma Chi; Block " C " Club. Gold Gooding Goodn Goodrich Gragg Gray Griffin, H. C. Griffin, H. Grugaii • GRAGG, LINDA K. A.B. IN Psychology Charlotte, N. C. GRIFFIN, HAROLD, JR. B.S. in Marketing Orangeburg, S. C. GRAY, CARROLL D., JR. A.B. IN English Sigma Nu. Gray Court, S. C. GRUGAN, THOMAS E. Columbia, S. C. GRIFFIN, H. COWAN, JR. B.S. IN Marketing Sigma Nu. Gaffney, S. C. ' 62 SENIORS 223 SENIORS ' 62 o CUNTKR, BOB N. BaUsl)ur.4, S. C. A.B. IN Political Science CUNTER, CAROLINE S. Columbia, S. C. A.H. IN Elementahy Education Trnnsfi-r from Convene College; Alpliii Delta I ' i; N ' EA; Weshninsler Fellowship; YWCA. CUNTER, CLENDA Langley, S. C. U.S. IN Business Auministhation I ' i Iklu Plii, Pledge Supervisor, Stunl Nisht Director; Alpha Kappa Gamma; Sigma Alpha Sigma; Epsilon Epsilon Ei siluii; Euphrosynean Literary Society, Vice-President; YWCA; Student Council, Secretary, Sergeant-at-Anns; llnusiTii; C:nnimittee: Artist Series Committee; Speakers lliir..iii, Dil.LMl. Ill State Student I,l•l;l lalll l I ' lp Club; ( 1,1 ( MiniM liir; Historian of Jiiincir CLivs. Si-eretary 1,1 .S.iiii.r ( . . liis Garnet iuul lii.iik tin.ilisl. Ilcme- loinnik; yium, 1 nshnian Honor Roll; Diaus List; BSU. « GWINN, PAUL J., JR. H ADDON, HENRY L. Laurens, S. C. Andi ' ison, S. C. UALU CH AS. H., JR. Orangeburg, S. C. B.S. IN Electrical Encineeiunc Sigma Chi, ice-President, Pledge Trainer, Scholarship Chairman; IPC; Omicron Delta Kappa; Kappa Sigma Kappa; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Mu Epsilon; AIEE-IKE, Secretary; IRE; Honor Board; Honor Court, HALL, ELEANOR N. Batosburg, S. C. A.B. in Eiwcation HAM, JAMES O. B.S. IN Pharmacy HAM, JERRY T. B.S. IN Civil Encineerinc. New Zion. S. C. Florence, S. C. • HAM BRIGHT, FRANCES Clover, S. C. . .B. IN Business Administration Kuppa Dtll.!, Secretarv ' , Pledge Class Vice-President; Sigma Alph.i Sigma, Reporter; Gaiinkt ami Black Staff; YWCA; WVstininster I ' l-lliuvsliip; Ori.ntation Counselor; Student llniiin; lliinuci.miug Conunittee; Student Council; Pep Chili; Mnjorelte; .May Court; .Miss Garnet and Bhuk l-inalisl; Hiinuconimg Court; Dean ' s List. HAMMOND, ALBERT V. W. Cola., S. C. B.S. IN Banking and Finance HANHUCK, JAS. G. Boiling Spring.s, N. C. . .B. in Economics Sigjua Phi Epsilon; Band. ° HARLEY, JEANC. B.S. in MAIlKElINf; n i{Li:v, joK L. B S. YMC.A; liasilKi ' l. Columbia, S. C. ilarlcwillc, S.C. HARRINGTON, DORIS P. Cola.. S. C. .• .B. IN El.EMFNTARY EDUCATION Kappa Delta Epsilon. • HARRIS, SHIRLEY L. A.B. IN Education Columbia, S. C. HARRISON, PHILIP T. Denmark, S. C. B.S. IN Business Administration Sigma Nu; Cotillion Club, President; Wesphalian. HART, JUDITH A. Columbia, S. C. A.B. IN English Chi Omega, Rush Chairman; Pan-Hellenic Council, Hand- book Editor; Euphrosyean Literary Society; Kappa Delta Epsilon; Alpha Kappa Gamma; Garnet and Black Staff; Gamecock Staff; YWCA, Sophomore President, Junior-Senior Treasurer, " Y " Cabinet; " Y " Camp Sophomore Helper; Orientation Counselor; BSU; Freshman Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. HARTER, JIMMY N. B.S. IN Marketing HARVIN, JO HN C. B.S. in Biology Fairfax, S. C. Sumter, S. C. HASKELL, ELNATHAN Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Electrical Engineering » HAULBROOK, KINCH S. Greenville, S. C. B.S. in Management HAYDEN, ROBERT J. B.S. in Geology Kappa Siffnia. HAYNIE, DAVID V. B.S. IN Geography Kappa Sigma. North, S. C. Reedville, Va. o HEADLEY, WILLIAM E. Florence, S. C. B.S. IN Electrical Engineering Tau Beta Pi, President, Corresponding Secretary; Pi Mu Epsilon, Vice-President; Sigma Pi Sigma; Philosophy Club International Students Club; AIEE-IRE, Vice-Chairman Student Council; Stein Club; Norman Murray Smith Award Engineering Scholarship Awards; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List HEARN, ROBERT L. A.B. IN Education Columbia, S. C. HENDRICKS, IRVINE H. Columbia, S. C. B.S. IN Mechanical Engineering Pi Kappa Alpha; Tau Beta Pi; ASME; Dean ' s List; National Science Foundation. HENDRIX, MIMI H. A.B. Bamberg, S. C. HENNECY, FRANK M., JR. Mullins, S. C. B.S. IN ACCOUNTINC HICKMAN, J. R., JR. Surfside Beach, S. C. B.S. IN Pharmacy American Pharmaceutical Association. ' 62 SENIORS An eager crowd of students, preparing for a luigc pep ralh ' , forces the Green Street traffic to a stand still. SENIORS ' 62 HILL, ROBKHTH. 13. S. IN Maukktinc. Transfir from Wolford Ci.lleKe; Sigma Ch Laurens, S. C. phaliuii Club: Hpsili] Advertising Niananer sclor; Orii-ntation Cii H. E. Week Commit Kappa Sigma Kappa; Wcst- Epsiion Epsilon; Gamecock, Business Manager, Circulation Manager; Freshman " Y " Camp Coun- riselor; YMCA, Sophomore Secretary, Cabinet; BSU; e; Press Chib, Treasurer; Band; Elections Committee. illLL, RONALD D. • HILTON, MARY W. B.S. IN Phahmacy Lamar, S. C. Manning, S. C. Pi Beta Phi, Treasurer; APhA, Secretary; Rho Chi, Secretar ' ; Majorette; YWCA, Secretary; Student Council; May Court; Honor Roll. • HICKS, MARY K. A.B. IN Secondahv Education Columbia, S. C. Sigma Alpha Sigma; SEA; BSU, Stewardship Chairman, Social Chairman, City-Wide BSU Publicity Chainnan; CRC; Margaret Ashe Scholarship Award. HINES, LUCY K. A.B. IN English Delta Delta Delta. HINNANT, CLAIRE J. A.B. IN Education Garnet and Black Sta£F; BSU; YWCA. Columbia, S. C. Columbia, S. C. HIERS, S. CELESTE B.S. in Education Bamberg, S. C. HIOTT, SARA V. B.S. IN Pharmacy APhA; Band; University Players; Freshman Debater Club; Westminster Fellowship, Council; Honor Roll. Lancaster, S. C. Carolina Flying HIGH, ANDREW F. B.S. IN Geology Phi Mu Alpha; Band. Spartanburg, S. C. HIRSCHMANN, LINDA A. B.S. IN Elementary Education Sigma Alpha Theta. Charleston, S. C. 62 SENIORS • HIXSON, EVELYN P. Columbia, S. C BPI Hr ' 1 B.S. IN Nursing r v l l Meditrina Society; Student Council; Hypatia Canterbury Club; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. in Literary Society; YWCA; HOGAN, MARY E. Hamlet, N. C. ■[ HBJMflfll H A.B. IN English ■riH H R| H|H H Kappa Delta. B I HOLLADAY, THOMAS E. Hollywood, S. C. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering ASME. The burning of the tiger before the Carolina-Clemson game arouses enthusiastic support from the students. HOLLER, ROBERT C, JR. Columbia, S. C. HONEY, JERRY S. Chrlotte, N. C. B.S. IN Markettng HOLMAN, JANE T. Batesburg, S. C. A.B. in Elementary Education Transfer from Columbia College; Delta Delta Delta, Recording Secretary, Outstanding Pledge; Jr.-Sr. YWCA, Cabinet; Angel Flight, Outstanding Angel Award; IRC, Second Vice-President, Recording Secre tary; Kappa Delta EpsUon; Euphrosyean Literary Society; Canterbury Club; R. E. Week; Honor Roll. HOOKS, MARSHALL L. Aynor, S. C. A.B. IN Education • HOLMES, LUCIEN R. Columbia, S. C. A.B. IN Spanish HOTINGER, DORIS K. Columbia, S. C. HOLT, SONDRA B. A.B. in Elementary Education Olanta, S. C. B.S. IN NtlRSING Meditrina Society, President; HypaHan Literary Society, Chaplain; LSA; S. C. State Student Nurses Association. Hixson Hogan Holmes Holt Holladay Holler Holman Honey Hooks Hotinger SENIORS ' 62 HOWELL, JOHN M. A.B. IN English Columbia, S. C. • HOWATT, FRANK Mt. Pleasant, S. C. B.S. IN Naval Science NROTC, Battalion Commander; Student Judicial Council, Cliainnan; Student Union Committee; USC Riflle Team, Captain; Student Counselor; Compass and Chart; Semper-Fidelis. HUDSON, CLYDE E. B.S. IN Mathematics AKHOTC. Sumter, S. C. HOWELL, JAMES P. Columbia, S. C. B.S. IN Mechanical Engineering Sigma Nu; Cotillion Club; Westphalian Club; ASME; NROTC; Varsity Golf; Varsity Basketball. HUGGINS, JUDITH A. A.B. IN Education SEA. Laks Citv, S. C. HoweU, J. P. Howell, J. M. Huds IIuK«ins Flulon Ihiniphries Hunter Huskins • HULON, WADE A. B.S. IN Electrical Engineering JKE. Spartanburg, S. C. Latta, S. C. HUSA, DONALD L. B.S. IN Physics Sigma Pi Sigma, President; Pi Mu Epsilon. President; Wesle Foundation; Kuphradian Society; BeRinning Physics Achie ' ement Award; Thomwell Scholarship in Physics; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. HUMPHRIES, SYLVIA L. A.B. IN Education SEA. Gaffney, S. C. HUNTER, MILDRED L. A.B. in Education llnion, S. C. HUSKINS, JOHN G. B.S. IN Pharmacy Kappa Psi. Chester, S. C. • HUSSEY, JOHN F., JR. A.B. IN JOUBNAUSM Florence, S. C. INGRAM, RICHARD T. B.S. IN Business Administration Maxcy Brotherhood, Vice-President; Track. Rixeyville, Va. HUTH, DONALD W. Buffalo, N. Y. B.S. in Electrical Engineering Signia Phi Epsilon, Corresponding Secretary; Cotillion Club; AIEE-IRE; Newman Club; NROTC. HUTTO, RONALD C. B.S. IN Civil Engineering Lexington, S. C. JACKSON, ALLAN O. Batesburg, S. C. A.B. IN International Stltdies Transfer from GeorRia Institute of Technology; Kappa Alpha; Omicron Delta Kappa; Kappa Sigma Kappa; AFROTC, Outstanding Sophomore Cadet Chicago Tribune Award; Arnold Air Society, Pledge Officer; IRC; Honor Roll; Academic Scholarship. Hussey Huth Hutto Ingram Jackson, A. Jackson, J. James, B. James, E. Jameson Jarnul JACKSON, JANE M. A.B. in English Delta Delta Delta. Cheraw, S. C. JAMESON, GEORGE P. A.B. IN History Chi Psi, Best Pledge YMCA. W ' alterboro, S. C. JAMES, BENJAMIN, JR. B.S. :n Marketing Phi Kappa Sigma. Eastover, S. C. JARMEL, DEAN R. B.S. in Marketing Phi Epsilon Pi. Brookhn, N. Y. Mvrtlc Beach, S. C. JAMES, ELIZABETH P. B.S. in Business Administration Transfer from Salem College; Kappa Delta, Press Chairman; Sigma Alpha Sigma; Psi Chi; IRC; Canterbury Club; Garnet and Black Staff; YWCA; R. E. Week Committee; Honor Roll. 62 SENIORS SENIORS ' 62 JEFFCOAT, SIDNEY, JH. Orgeburg, S. C. B.S. IN Mahketinc Sigma Chi. JEFFORDS, FRANKIE R. Florence, S. C. B.S. IN Mahkeiing l.anihda Clii Alpha. JENKINS, WILLARD D. B.S. IN Business Economics Union, S. C. • JOHNSON, CAROLINE Mt. Plsant, S. C. A.B. IN Psychology Trnn.sfer frnni Acnes Scott; Rsi Chi; Westminster Fellow- ship. Vice-President; Honor Holl. JOHNSON, JIMMY L. Raleigh, N. C. B.S. in M I 111 i I II s SiRma Nil. S. i ' l,(r , Smial Chairman, Vice-President; Omicron Uill.. k..ip.. MIOTC. Lieutenant. Department .Scholarship; Simp. i-luU lis .Society, Chaplain; YMCA. JOHNSON, JO ANN Abbeville, S. C. B.S. IN Business Administration Transfer from Columbia College; Chi Omega; Eiiphrosynean Literary Society; Westminster Fellowship; YWCA; Orienta- tion Counselor. JOHNSON, JOYCE E. A.B. IN Education SEA; Chorus. Charleston, S. C. JOHNSON, THOMAS, JR. Landnim, S. C. B.S. in Business Ai)Ministb. tion Alpha Phi Omega. Treasurer; AFROTC; Arnold Air Society; Student Counselor. JONES, RESSIE F. A.B. IN English JONES, BOBBY W. A.B. IN Enc:limi Aiken, S. C. Conserse, S. C. JONES, JOHN F., JR. Florence, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Kappa Alpha; Cotillion Club. President; AFHOTC. JONES, JULIAN W., JR. Columbia, S. C. B.S. IN Chemical Engineering Omicron Delt;i K.ippa; K;ippa Siema Kappa; Tau Beta Pi. CataloRuer. in I ' r, sl.l, nl: AlChE. President; AFROTC, Lt. Col., DistiiiLMiisliia Militar - Cadet; Arnold Air Society. Commander. l)i-l(i:.i(c to National Conclave; Enpineerinn School Scholarship; Honor Roll; Deim ' s List; Freshman Chemistry Achievement Award; AIChE Scholarship Award; AFROTC Scholarship Awards. JONES, MARTHA R. Darlington, S. C. A.B. IN Elementary Education Transfer fiBm Meredith CoIleRe; SEA; Hypatian Literary Society; Westminster Fellowship; I ' WCA . JONES, SAMUEL C. Columbia, S. C. B.S. IN Electrical Engineering Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Pi Sigma; AIEE-IRE; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. JORDAN, JOHN D. B.S. IN Management Great Falls. S. C. JORDAN, JOSEPH T. Charleston, S. C. B.A. IN Journalism Phi Kappa Sigiiia, Corresponding Secretary; WUSC AM Staff, Chief Announcer, Program Director; University Play- er?; Clariosophic Literary Society; McCready Society; Gamecock Stiiif; NROTC; Compass and Chart Society; Press Club. JOSEY, MENDAL S. B.S. IN Management Bishopville, S. C. KAUFMAN, CARL L. Brunswick, Ga. B.S. IN Management Lambda Chi Alpha, Social Chairman; AFROTC. KELBAUGH, JOHN R. Columbia, S. C. A.B. IN Political Science Alpha Tau Omega, Rush Chairman; R. E. Week Steering Committee; Westminster Fellowship; IRC. KELL, SANDRA J. B.S. in Nubsing KEMP, M. D., JR. B.A. in History Alpha Phi Omega. N. Charleston, S. C. Southern Pines, N. C. KENNEDY, JEAN C. A.B. IN Education Dean ' s List. KERR. RICHARD E. New Zion, S. C. Columbia, S. C KIBLER, KEMPER S. Chapin, S. C. B.S. IN Electrical Engineering • KIGHT, WILLIAM D. Williston, S. C. A.B. IN English Football. KING, ANN S. Columbia, S. C. B.A. in Art Transfer from Weslevan College; Delta Delta Delta House Chairman; IFC; YWCA. KING, LOWELL J. Swansea, S. C. B.S. IN Nursing BSU; Angel Flight; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Meditrina Society; Freshman ' y " . • KING, WILLIAM W. Charleston, S. C. B.S. in Civil Engineering ASCE, Secretary; Sigma Pi Sigma; Dean ' s List. KIRKLAND, ALTON S. Florence, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Lambda Chi . lpha. Correspondent, Secretary; YMCA. KIRKLAND, JAMES B. B.S. IN Mathematics Williston, S. C. ' 62 SENIORS The Pi Phis, dressed in their Mickey Mouse costumes, strut in front of the judges on Sigma Chi Derby Day. KIRKLAND, STANCEL E. West Cokimbia, S. C. B.S. IN Business Administration SENIORS ' 62 Springfield, Mass. KOSCIW, THOMAS L. B.S. IN CllEMIC:. L Encineeiiin{; AIC;hE, TriiiMir.r; Ni-«-mon Club; Orientation Counselor; NROTC, Rifle Roll. -Kidelis, S - Co ntl Chart, Secretary; Ho York, F.i. • KOrrC. ' AMF. FRANKLIN D. B.S. IN Mechanical Engineebing Phi Kappa Siitma. Pledgemaster; ASME, Presidml, Vice-President; Intra- mural Athhiie Council; Dean ' s List. KREBS, SARA K. Arlington, ' a A.B. IN Journalism Kappa Delta, Treasurer, Social Chairman, President; .Mpha Kappa Gamma, Song Fest Co-Chairman, President; Pan-Hellenic Council. Rush Rules Committee, Outstanding Sorority Woman, 1960-61, Co- Editor Handbook; YWCA, Sophomore Secretary, Cabinet, Camp Counselor; Orientation Counselor; Garnet and Black, Faculty and Administration Editor, Managing Editor; Camccock Staff; Newman Club; Press Qub; WTio ' s Who. KIRKPATRICK, HASKELL M., JR. Great Falls, S. C. B.S. IN Mechanical Engineering LAITALA, ELLIS E. B.S. in Business Economics Clemson, S. C. KLUGH, JAMES E. A.B. IN Political Science Columbia, S. C. LAMOTTE, FRANCIS G. Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Education isfer from St. Mary ' s Junior College; Delta Delta Delta, Rush Chair- Kappa Delta Epsilo YWCA; Episcopal Church Beaux Arts; Euphros ' nean Literary Society; n Campus; Dean ' s List; Honor Roll. KNOX, JANET M. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Garxet and Black Staff; YWCA; Dean ' s List. LANCASTER, WALTER C. Hol ' .y Hill, S. C. B.S. IN Electrical Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha, Pledge Trainer; AIEE-IRE; NROTC; Honor Roll. Kirkland Kottcamp Kirkpatrick ' 62 SENIORS • LANEY, CLYDE K., JR. A.B. IN Political Science LANFORD, DICKY L. B.S. IN Accounting LANGSTON, CHRISTA A. B.S. IN Secretarial Science Transfer from Columbia College; Sigma Alpha Sigm; Cheraw, S. C. Green, S. C. Hartsvillo, S. C. LATHAM, PHILLIP L. B.S. Delta Sigma Pi. LAWSON, CAROLYN V. A.B. IN Education Pi Epsilon Mu, President; LSA; WAA. Columbia, S. C. Hempstead, N. Y. Every week the girls of Ma.xcy Dormitory take laundry to the truck of the company which offers deliveries. LEDFORD, VIVIAN A.B. in Education SEA; Kappa Delta Epsilon; YWCA; Honor Roll. Greenville, S. C. LEACH, WILLIAM M. B.S. IN Electrical Engineering Phi Kappa Sigma. Abbeville, S. C. LEE, FRANK M. Bennettsville, S. C. B.S. IN Business Administration Sigma Nu, Treasurer; Cotillion Club; Westphalian Club; Gar.-jet and Black, Business Manager. LEAVITT, MARY M. Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Education Hypatian Literary Society; Student National Education Association; YWCA; Wesley Foundation. LEE, HOWARD K. B.S. in Accounting Delta Sigma Pi. Tokyo, Japan Laney Leach SENIORS ' 62 Aiken, S. C. • LEIFERMANN, LINDA M. A.B. IN English TransfiT from Randolph-Macon WomanS College; Kappa Delta, President; I ' an-Helleiiic Council; Beaux Arts; YWCA. ' icc-President, Cabinet, Freshmiui Advisor; H. E. Week Stccriiig Committee: " V " Camp Coun- selor; Orientation Counselor; Episcopal Church on Campus; Artist Series Committee. LEMON, MARY C. Barnwell, S. C. A.B. IN English Delta Delta Delta; Euphrosynean Literary Society; Beaux Arts; IKC. LEVENTIS. CEORGL NNA C. Clolinnbia. S. C. A.B. IN Bisim:ss .Admin isthation Chi Omena, Social Chaimian; Sigma Alpha Sigma; Pep Club; IRC; Angel Flight; Student Council, Honor Board; Honor Council; State Student Legislature; Disciplinary Committee. LILES, WILLL M P. B.S. IN Che.nhstby LINDLER, CARL R. B.S. IN Mechanical ENCiNEEniNC ASME. Aiken, S. C. Cliapin, S. C. Lcifcriiiiinn Leventis Liles Lindler, C. Jblit fe Jkdlk Lindler, J . Lindsay Lipinan jipst ' oml) Lofgriii LINDLER, JAMES M. B.S. IN Mechanical Encineehinc ASME; Dean ' s List Lc.xintrton, S. C. LINDSAY, ROGER J. Spartanburg, S. C. B.S. IN Psychology Kappa Sigma; Track Team; Block " C " Club; AFROTC. LIPSCOMB, WILLIAM O., JR. Hartsville, S. C. B.S. IN Business AD nNisTnATioN Sigma Nu, Treasurer; Westphalian Club; Cotillion Club; Pep Club; Freshman Baseball; Varsity Baseball; AFROTC, Cadet Major. LIPMAN, MEYER B.S. TN Mechanical Engineering Hii Epsilon Pi. Charleston. S. C. LOFGREN, ROBERT E. Coliimhia, S. C. 234 • LONG, ANNETTE VValhalla, S. C. B.S. IN Biology Transfer from Erskine College; Psi Chi; Garnet and Black Staff; yWCA; Westminster Fellowship. MABRY, HOWARD P. B.S. IN Banking and Finance Greenwood, S. C. LOWERY, JESSE N. B.S. IN Electrical Engineering Pineview, Ga. LYONS, LOUIE B. B.S. in Accounting MADDEN, FAYE J. Clearwater, S. C. Yemassee, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Pi Bet,a Phi; Gaknet and Black Staff; Ti WCA; BSU; Pep Club; iiing Court. Long Lowery Lyons Mabry Madden Magan ManscU Marschitz Marsden Marsha • MAGAN, BILLIE G. A.B. IN Education Hammond, Ind. Phi Kappa Sigma, Pledge Master, Athletic Chairman; Varsity Football, Track, Baseball; Freshman Basketball; Block " C " Club; Intramural Athlete of the Year. MARSDEN, LEO J. A.B. IN International Studies Jacksonville, Fla. Grants Pass, Ore. NL NSELL, PHILIP L. A.B. IN Internation. l Studies Phi Kappa Sigma, President, Vice-President, Secretary; IFC; NKOTC; Varsity Tennis. MARSHA, STEPHEN E. B.S. IN Marketing Columbia, S. C. MARSCHITZ, JOANN S. B.S. in Business Administration Columbia, S. C. ' 62 SENIORS 235 SENIORS ' 62 • MARTIN, DOUGLAS D. Chester, S. C. A.B. IN Makketinc MARTIN, JAMES H. Greenville, S. C. A.B. IN Journalism MARTIN, JAMES O. Blackville, S. C. A.B. IN Psychology MARTIN, L. ANNE Arlington, Va. . .B. IN Elementary Education MARTIN, LEOLA B.S. IN Nursing O.shonie, S. C. MARTIN, NANCY FAY Columbia, S. C. B.S. IN Business . i)Minisih. tion Chi Omegn. • MASEM, PAUL W. Woodhaven, N. Y. B.S. IN Business Economics Delta Sigma Pi. MATHIS, EUGENE C. Trenton, S. C. B.S. IN Business Administration Delta Sigma i i. MATHIS, JOE |. B.S. Columbia, S. C. MATLOCK, GORDON W. Tampa, Fla. B.S. IN Mathematics MATTHEWS, GRADY L. Charleston, S. C. B.S. in . ' ccounting MATTOX, GARY E. B.S. in Man. cement Columbia, S. C. • MAYS, LINDA N. Yemassee, S. C. B.S. IN Business Administration SiKitia Alpha Signm; Gamecock Staff; BSU; Pep Club; Dean ' s List. McCALLUM. CHAS. L. Columbia, S. C. B.S. IN Business Administr. tion Sicma Alpha Epsilon; Cotillion Club; Wcsphalian Society; N ' ROTC. McCartney, ANITA L. Laurens, S. C. . .H. IN Journalism I ' i Beta Phi, Treasurer. Rush Chairman; Pan-Hellenic Counril. ice-President; Phi Epsilon Nu; Euphrosyean Literar ' Socielv; Epsilon Epsilon Epsilon; Gamecock News Editor; ' Press Club. Secretary; YWCA; BSU; CRC; Orien- tation Counselor; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. • McCARTT, JUDY A.B. IN Education SEA; IRC. McCLENDON, C. T. A.B. IN JOUHNALISM Greenville, S. C Edgefield, S. C. Sigma Phi Epsilon, Pledge Secretary; IRC; Signia Delta Chi; Cotillion Club; University Players; Gamecock StaH; Garnet and Black, Religion Editor, Organizations Editor; YMCA; Freshman ' Y " Camp Counselor; " Y " Cabinet; Wesley Foundation, Council; Press Club, Treasurer, Editor; ma McCRIGHT, MARY C. B.S. IN Pharmacy Rho Chi, Secretary- Treasurer. Winnsboro, S. C. • McDonald, C. E. N. Augusta, S. C. B.S. IN Management McDonald, w. l. Charleston, S. C. McELVEEN, A. J. Ill Columbia, S. C. B.S. IN Business Administration Transfer from Clemson College; Delta Sigma Pi; LSA. McKENZIE, J. E., JR. B.S. IN Marketing Sigma Chi, Rush Chairman; Freshn Cheerleader. Ridgeland, S. C. Chester, S. C. McKEOWN, LUCIUS D A.B. in Journalism Transfer from Clemson College; Press Club McKINNEY, ABIGAIL B. Denmark, S. C. A.B. IN English Zeta Tau Alpha; Tau Kappa Alpha, Secretar ' , President; Hypatian Literary Society, President, Critic, Marshal; Debate Team; IRC; International Students Club, Cha WUSC, Secretary. McKINNON, JAMES E. Columbia, S. C. B.S. IN Banking and Finance Sigma Nu. Mcknight, Margaret n. chas., s. c. A.B. IN History McLAMB, POLLIE Little River, S. C. A.B. in Secondary Education • McLAURIN, SUSAN A. Myrtle B ' ch, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Chi Omega, Vice-President; Sigma Alpha Sigma, President; Alpha Kappa Gamma; Freshman YWCA, Secretary; West- minster FeUowship; Student Council; Orientation Counselor; Pep Club; Coquettes; Student Council; Honor Board; Honor Roll. McLean, charles e. A.B. IN Education Phi Sigma Kappa, Secretary; Newman Club McLEMORE, melinda m. B.S. in Nursing Sussex, N. J. Cola., S. C. 62 SENIORS A student liappily packs her car to head for home and the gala parties of the short Thanksgiving hohda s. SENIORS ' 62 McNEELY, THOMAS A. A.B. IN Pdutical Science Sit na Phi Epsilon. McNeill, daniel b. A.B. IN Education • Mcpherson, g. b., jr. B.S. Kappa Alpha. McA ' EY, KYLE L B.S. IN Pharmacy APhA; Kappa Psi. Charlotte, N. C. Laiirinburg, N. C. Greenville, S. C. Columbia, S. C. Winnsboro, S. C. McMASTER, KlTTi ' R. B.S. IN NUBSINC Kappa Delta, Corresponding Secretary; Euphrosyean Literary Society; Meditrina Society; YVVCA; May Day Court; Freshman Honor Roll. Charleston, S. C. MEADOWCROFT, JEFFRY A.B. IN History Transfer from Georgia Tech; Chi Psi, Historian, Vice-President; Euphrad- ian Society; Episcopal Church on Campus, Vestry; R. E. Week Executive Committee; YMCA, Secretary, Vice-President, Cabinet, Board of Directora, Secretary; ' Y " Camp Counselor; Freshman Orientation Counselor; Presi- dent S. C. Student Christian Association; Pep Club. McMICHAEL, G. WILLIAM, JR. Orangeburg, S. C. B.S. IN Marketing Columbia, S. C. M FARES, GUY NL, JR. B.S. IN Biology Sigma Nu; Kappa Sigma Kappa; Euphradian Society, Recorder, Reporter; Alpha Phi Omega; Westphalian Club: Cotillion Club; YMCA, " Y " Cabi- net, Vic President Sophomore " Y " , Secretary Junior-Senior " Y " ; Gahnet AND Black, Fraternity Editor; Student Dance Committee; Freshman Orientation Committee; Orientation Counselor. McMillan, Stephen a. Lake city, s. c. B.S. in Mathematics Pi Mu Epsilon; Freshman and Sophomore Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. MENG, BERNARD B. Ill B.S. IN Business Administration Pi Kappa Alpha, President, Rush Chairman; IFC, Winnsboro, S. C. McNeely McNeill ' 62 SENIORS m IB™ t ' BT B K W , 1 IBi ' , ' ' H • MERRITT, ADELAIDE R. Easley, S. C. Ul —a A.B. IN Journalism Jt " - jk K rtri H Press Chib, Secretar -; Euphrosyean Literary- Society; Honor Roll; Dean ' s LiM. tUC fl ESS i MH 1 f%j§,l Dp Sm MICHELSEN, KATHLEEN Columbia, S. C. ' t • ■ — " " - H A.B. Kappa Delta Epsilon, President; Sigma Omicron Beta, Treasurer; Student Education Association, Vice-President; National Education Association; Representative to S. C. Education Convention; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. — p P 1 MILLARD, EDGAR R. Andrews, S. C. Girls, so anxious to got on home, eagerly pack a car behind Wade Hampton while planning a lively holiday. Lambda Chi Alpha. MOBLEY, PATRICIA I. Augusta, Ga. B.S. IN Che ostby MILLER, JAMES R. Lancaster, S. C. A.B. IN PouTicAL Science Chi Psi. MOELLER, PAUL A., JR. B.S. IN Makkettnc Syracuse, N. Y. MINCEY, WILLARD K. Loris, S. C. B.S. IN Business Administration Sigma Nu; AFROTC. MONETTE, NEAL E. B.S. IN Psychology Sigma Phi Epsilon. Falls Church, Va. • MOBARAK, KAMAL A. Jerusalem, Jordan B.S. IN PHARilACY MONTGOMERY, MARY J. Statesville, N. C. Kappa Psi; APhA; IRC. A.B. IN Elementary Education Merritt Michelsen Millard Miller Mobarak Mobley Moeller Monette Mincey Montgomery SENIORS ' 62 MOORE, BETTY L. B.A. IN I ' SY IIOI.OCY (Columbia, S. C. MOOD, LILLIAN H. Siiinimiton, S. C. U.S. IN Nl ' llSINC Chi Omi-Kii, Modi-1 Plitlui-, Trrnsurer; Honor Board, I ' residnit; Studnit Union; Krrshninn YWCA Vici--I ' ri-sidi-nt, Sophomore Helper " Y " Ciimp; Pan-Hellenic Council; AKG; Euphros nican Literar - Society; Mi ditrina Sociel ' ; Speakers Bureau; Orientalion Counselor; Delegate to Stale Student Legislature; Garnet imd Black finalist; HomecominR Court; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Recipient of Dr. George W. Dick Scholarship. MOONEY, HAHUY B., JH. B.S. IN Bi()u r.Y West Ci)liiinl)ia, S. C. IOOHE, FRED W., JR. U.S. IN Hl ' SlNKSS Adminimhation Latta, S. C. MOORE, BRENDA C. Manning, S. C. B.S. in NuH.siNi; Meditriiia Society; S. C. State Student Nurses Association; Westminster Fellowship. Mood Mooney Moore, B. L. Moore, F. Moore, B. C. Moore, H. Moore, L. Muore, T. Moore, V. Morehead MOORE, HOWARD E., JR. B.S. IN Mathematics Phi Kappa Sigma. ( ' olumbia, S. C. MOORE, VICTOR L. B.S. IN Management Maxcy Brotherhood. Bennetts ' ille, S. C. MOORE, LINDA G. A.B. IN Education Kappa Delta Epsilon; Dean ' s List. MOORE, THOMAS A. B.S. IN Civil Enoineehinc: Sigma Phi Epsilon, Vice-President; ASCE. Coliimljia, S. C. Kini .s Creek, S. C. MOREHEAD, HARRIETTE Newberry, S. C. A.B. IN Hlstohy and Journalism Chi Omega, Rush Chairman, Pledge Trainer; Alpha Kappa Gamma, Treas- Vict-lV-sid.nt; Newman Club, Secretar ' ; R. E. Week Executive Committee; Euplirns iu an Literar ' Society; GAn.vKT an d Black, Feature Editor, AssociM.- Kdilur; SliidenI Council; Pan-Hellenic Council; Orien- tation Counselnr; IViss Cliili, Seeretary-Treastirer, ' ice President; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Student Speakers Bureau, Secretary; Phi Epsilon Nu; Who ' s Who. • MORRELL, ROBERT F. A.B. IN Journalism Bennettsville, S. C. MORROW, JOHN B. Greenville, S. C. B.S. IN Business Administration Sigma Nu; Westphaliim Club; Cotillion Club; YMCA. MORRIS, JACK A., JR. Macon, Ga. A.B. IN Art Football. Memphis, Tenn. MORRIS, PATICIA A. A.B. in Secondary Education Zetii Tau Alpha. Charleston, S. C. MOSS, DAVID L. B.S. in Psycholocy Alpha Tau Omesa, President, Treasurer. National Officer; IFC, President; OutstandinK Greek; Kappa Sigma Kappa; Omicron Delta Kappa; Epis- copal Church on Campus; YMCA; Freshman Orientation Committee; Who ' s Who. Morrell Morris, J. Morrow Moultrie Murphy Murray Myers, D. Myers, W. • MOULTRIE, BENNIE R. B.S. IN Electric. l Engineering Columbia, S. C. MYERS, DEE B. Tampa, Fla. A.B. IN Elementary Education Transfer from Sullins College; SEA, Historian, Chapter Room Chairman; YWCA; BSU; Judicial Council. MURPHY, RICHARD J. Columbia, S. C. A.B. IN History Lambda Chi Alpha; AFROTC. MURRAY, NICHOLAS D. Beaufort, S. C. B.S. IN Electrical Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha. President, Vice-President; Alpha Phi Omega; IRC; Cotillion Club; AIEE-IRE; Carolina Veterans Association; Clariosophio Literary Society; BSU. MYERS, WILTON P., JR. B.S. in Pharmacy Kappa Psi. Spartanburg, S. C. 62 SENIORS SENIORS ' 62 o NASH, ROBERT E. JR. B.S. IN JOUHNALISM (ujlKOIcl, X. C. NEAL, DOROTHY L. Travelers Rest, S. C. B.S. IN BlOL-OGY Zita Tail Alplia, Historian; Hypatiim Literary Society; Psi Chi; YWCA; Orimtalion Counselor; Dean ' s List; Fresh- man H inor Holl; Donald Hiissell Scholarship; James F. Hymes University Scholax hip, NEAL, NANCY F. Danville, Va. B.S. IN BisiNKSS Administhation Iransfer from Mary Baldwin OilleRe; Kappa Delta, Cor- responding Secretary; Gahnet a.nd Black Stall; YWCA; Westminster Fellowship; R. E. Week. o NEAL, ROY B. U.S. IN Acxx)untinc Lancaster, S. C. NEELY, JOSEPH F. Clinton. S. C. B.S. IN Electhkal Engineering SiKina Alpha Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Mu Epsilon; Sigma Pi Sigma; AIEE-IRE. NEESE, DELORIS A. B.S. in Nursing o NELSON, JAMES K. Swansea, S. C. Columbia, S. C. B.S. IN Administration Transfer from Tlie Citadel. NESMITH, VANCE H. B.S. IN Journalism IMii Kai pa Sigma. Nesniitli, S. C NEWBURY, FRANCES G. Sptburg., S. C. . .B. in Education Transfer from Winthrop College; Alpha Delta Pi; SEA; Euphrosynean Literarv Society, Secretary; Wesley Founda- tion; YWCA; Angel Flight; Dean ' s List. » NEWTON. JOSEPH T. Charleston, S. C. B.S. IN Business Administration Sigma Phi Epsilon, Hush Chairman. NOBLES, BETTY L. A.B. in Education Georgetown. S. C. NOHE, RICHARD E. Columbia, S. C. B.S. IN Civil Engineering • ODELL, AMELL S. Bisbopville, S. C. A.B. IN Education Zeta Tan Alpha. President, Corresponding Secretary ' ; Alpha Kappa Gamma; Kappa Delta Epsilon; Ilvpatian Literar - Soeietv; I ' .in-ll.ll, Council, Rush Chairman; Outstand- ing Sornritv Won.. in; Gahnet and Black. Faculty and Admiuislr.iliiai Kdilor; YWCA. Sophomore Treasurer, Jr.- Sr. Cahinel; ' Y " Camp Counselor; Freshman Orientation Counselor; Student Council; Elections Committee; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. OESTERLUND, INGRID Mtle BVli, S. C. . .B. IN Education n.lla Zila. i,. I ' r.M.l. 111. Ilvpatian Literary Society; k.ipiKi Dill.i l|.,iKn I liuirsitv Players. Secretary; Pan- llill.-iiir Gniiii, il ' iWf , Vice-President; Orientation C.iiins.lor; W, vIrN f Mniul.iliiin; CRC; Pep Club. ORR. JOHN D. Florence, S. C. B.S. IN Mathematics mhda Chi Alpha, President; IRC. Tribunal, Treasurer; le Key; Alplia Phi Omega; Compass and Chart; Golf. • OSBORNE, CHARLES A. Greenville, S. C. A.B. IN History Signia Alpha Epsilon. OTIS, WILLIAM L. A.B. IN Economics Columbia, S. C Bowman, S. C. OTT, KENNETH S. B.S. IN Marketing Sigma Phi Epsilon, Pledge Secretary ' ; Wesley Foundation. • PAGE, SUSIE Spartanburg, S. C. A.B. IN Elementary Education Transfer from Limestone College; Delta Zeta; SEA, Vice- President; Hypatian Literary Society; YWCA. PARKER, ELIZABETH Bumettown, S. C. A.B. IN Education PARKER, LLOYD B. A.B. IN Journalism • PARKMAN, FRED M. B.S. IN Pharmacy Kappa Psi; APhA. PARNELL, RUBY S. A.B. IN Education Kappa Delta Epsilon; Honor Roll; D( Sumter, S. C. Saluda, S. C. Columbia, S. C. List. PARRIS, DONALD M. Gaffney, S. C. A.B. IN Political Science Kappa Sigma. • PARROTT, LAUREN A. Columbia, S. C. B.S. IN Biology Kappa Alpha; Euphradian Society; IRC; Carolina Religious Council, President; Episcopal Church on Campus, Presi- dent; YMCA; Orientation Counselor; R. E. Week Guide. PATE, ALLEN C. B.S. in Accounting Delta Sigma Pi. Florence, S. C. PATTERSON, HENRY S. Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Music Phi Mu Alpha; Band; Block " C " Club; Brass Ensemble. PAVLIS, PAULINE V. Charleston, S. C. B.S. IN Mathematics Pi Mu Epsilon; Hypatian Literary Society; YWCA. PEAK, ROBERT W. B.S. in Management VVinnsboro, S. C. PENDARVIS, BENNIE C. Allendale, S. C, B.S. in Biology Sigma Nu; Blue Key; Kappa Sigma Kappa; Wesley Foimda- tion; Who ' s Who. ' 62 SENIORS lUaTil SENIORS ' 62 Davis I ' ii ' Id is tlu snnr ol aitioii as tlic liatcriiit l) ) s iv liir tile (.■oNC ' tt ' tl iiitrainural footliall tropin. IMKHCE, JAMES E., JR. Lancaster, S. C. U.S. IN El.tCTHICAL EnCINEEIUNC .MKK-IHE. PLANER, CHARLES WM. Jolmston, S. C. A.h. IN English Fhi Sisma Kappa. PLASKY, LORRAINE M. Whiteville, N. C. A.B. IN Marketing FFALZGKAF, JOHN R. Parkcr.sburg, VV. Va. B.S. IN M. THEMATICS Signia Nu; NROTC, Battalion Commander; Track, Co-Captain; Cross Country; Block " C " Club, Vice-President; Freshman Basketball; Orienta- tion Counselor. PLATTS, FRANCIS H. B.,S. IN Chemical Engineering POPE, SARAH L. Estill, S. C. Columbia, S. C. A.B. IN PsV HOLOGY Alpha Delta Pi; Euphrosyean Literary Society; Psi Chi; Canterl)iir - Club. PHILLIPS, DAVID D. B.A. IN Management Sijnna Phi Epsilon, Charleston, S. C. PORTH, VIVIAN M. B.S. IN Nursing Columbia, S. C. PHILLIPS, SANDRA K. B.S. IN Biology Gaffnev, S. C. Delta Zilii, Historian, Recording Secretary; Kappa Delta Epsilon; Hypatiai Literary Society, Secretary; SEA; BSU. POWELL, WILLIAM III A.B. IN Management Sigma Phi Epsilon, Social Cha Society, Cotillion Club. Columbia, S. C nan. Pledge Class Sccretao ' ; Euphradii Pfalzgraf Plasky 62 SENIORS • POWER, JOHN R. A.B. IN Journalism Press Club; Dean ' s List. PRAYTOR, M. JOANNA A.B. IN English Saluda, S. C Columbia, S. C. Transfer from Agnes Scott College; Kappa Delta, Outstanding Pledge, Scholarship Award, Chaplain; Euphrosynean Literary Society; Garnet AND Black, Faculty and Administration Editor; Secretary of Wade Hampton Dormitory; Hall Council; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. PRESCOTT, PATSY M. Sumter, S. C. A.B. IN Education Kappa Delta Epsilon; Hypatian Literar ' Society; Wesley Foundation. Entertainment is provided on fall atttrnoous tor the many interested spectators of the intramural sports. PRESTON, JAMES T., JR. Saint Albans, W. Va. A.B. in Journalism Phi Kappa Sigma; Freshman Basketball; Basketball Manager. PRUITT, THOMAS H. B.S. IN Management Sigma Chi. Ware Shoals, S. C. PRICE, VANEATON B.S. in Geology Columbia, S. C. • PRITCHER, JO B. Bonneau, S. C. B.S. IN Nursing Meditrina Society; National Student Nurses Association; S. C. Student Nurses Association; LSA; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. PUGH, RICHARD G. B.S. IN Psychology Euphrosynean Literary Society Poetry Award. Charleston, S. C. PRIVETT, DONALD R. B.S. IN Geology Great Falls, S. C. QUARLES, RUBY E. A.B. IN Education Columbia, S. C. Pritcher SENIORS ' 62 RANKIN, ANNIS S. M. A.B. IN Elementary Education Columbia, S. C. QUICK, BARBARA A. B.A. IN Fine Arts BSU; YWCA; Chonu. Columbia, S. C. RAST, MARY E. A.B. IN Accounting Cameron, S. C. RANDALL. FRANCIS M. B.S. IN Management Charleston, S. C. RATLIFF, SUE C. A.B. IN Elementary Education Transfer from Coker College; SEAj IRC. Wadesboro, N. C. Quick Randall Rankin Ratliff Ray, L. Ray, T. Rcblian RATTERREE, THOMAS W. Rock Hill, S. C. REBHAN, ROBERT P. Parkcishnr.j;, W. a. B.S. IN Business Administration B.S. in Biology AFROTC, Wing Commander; Arnold Air Society; Dean ' s List. Newman Club; Varsity Baskelliiill; Frishmaii B.askitball; Bluik ■C " Club. RAY, LEE A. Verona, N. Y. A.B. IN Management DelU Sigma Pi. RAY, THOMAS O. Verona, N. Y. RENTZ, VVILLLIAM H. C;()hmibia, S. C. B.S. IN Accounting B.S. I.N Biology Delta Sigma Pi. Sigma Nu; Wcstphalian Club; Cotillion Club. 246 T • RHAME, MIRIAM V. B.S. IN Business Administration Hollv Hill, S. C. Epsilon Epsilon Epsilon; Student Union; WAA; BSU; YWCA; Carolii Christian Scr icc Club; Orientation Counselor; Student Council. RICHARDSON, SUSAN G. Greer, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Transfer from Stephens College; Zeta Tau Alpha; Hypatian Literary Society, Secretary; YWCA. RICHARDSON, LARRY V. B.S. IN Mechanical Engineering AS ME. Irmo, S.C. RICHARDSON, LAWRENCE L. II Sinipnville, S. C. RICHARDSON, WILLIAM Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Biology A.B. in English Rhame Richardson, L. V. Richardson, L. L. Ricliardson, S. Richardson, W. RicheK Richter Rickenbacker Riddle, J. E. Riddle, ]. R. » RICHEY, L. MICHAEL B.S. Kappa Sigma. Columbia, S. C. RIDDLE, J. EARNEST, JR. Charleston, S. C. B.S. IN Business Administration Delta Sisma Pi, Vice-President, President; Student Union Committee, Treasiirt r. Married Students Representative; Banking and Accounting Scholarship. RICHTER, W. DA ID A.B. in Economics Haddonfield, N. J. RIDDLE. JOHN R. A.B. IN Management Columbia, S. C. RICKENBACKER, ROBERT Holly Hill, S. C. A.B. in Journalism ' 62 SENIORS SENIORS ' 62 o HllXJEWAY, NANCY H. Columhia, S. C. A, 11. IN Fhen( M RILKY, lULIAN I. St. Mattlicw.s. S. C. B S. IN HI(lI()(; HlSINCiEH, KILLIAN B. Lexington, S. C. U.S. IN Hli)i.(i(;v S " ' -iii I lii EpsilDii, ' icf-Prrsidtiit, Chaplain; Freshman " Y " . • HISTKH, WILLIAM L. Gaston, S. C. H S. IN . li; II ANK .M. KN .I.NKKHINr. ASME. HI ' KIN, TAMA D. Columbia, S. C. A.B. IN Education (Lihhahy Science) .SiKina lOcltii Tail, Historian. Corresponding Secretay; Hillel ' ' -rt . Hi-cording Secrclao ' ; Chorus; Sophomore Honor BoU. ROBERTS, JERRY R. York. S. C. 15. .S. IN Business Ai)MINIsth. ti )n o ROBERTS, RONALD E. Lockhart. S. C. B.S. in Accounting Kappa Sigma. ROBERTS, SYLVIA . Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Secondahy Education Secretary-Treasurer nf Freshman Class; Cheerleader; Pep Chih; YWCA; . ' jgVrs; Dean ' s List. ROBINSON, FRANK E. Columbia, S. C. B.S. IN Marketing Sinnn Alpha F.psilon; Cotillion Club; Wesphalian Society; NROTC. • ROBINSON, GEO. D. A.B. IN Accounting W ' innsboro. S. C. ROE, THOMAS S.. JR. Floionue, S. C. B.S. in Business Administhation Oelta Sigma Pi, Senior Vice-President; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List 1U)(;ERS. FLEETWOOD F. Marion, S. C. B.S. IN Business Adminisi ration • lUKJERS, JAMES D. Colnmhia. S. C. A.B. IN Psychology ROCERSON, PHILIP C. Kingstreo, S. C. B.S. IN Ki.EciRicAi. Engineering ROMAN, GORDON G. Babylon, N. Y. , .B. IN Internaiionai. Sri ' DiKs Sigma Nu. • ROSE, EDWARD A., JR. Columbia, S. C. B.S. IN Elec:tric:al Encineehinc AIEE-IRE. ROUNTREE, JUDITH A. Union, S. C. B.S. IN BlOLOGV RUNDBAKEN, BARBARA Charlton, S. C. A.B. IN Secondary Education • RUNDBAKEN, PHYLLIS Charlton, S. C. A.B. IN Elementary Education Sigma Delta Tau. RUSSELL, RICHARD A. W. Cola., S. C. B.S. IN Mechanical Engineering SANDERS, GYWNNE L. Columbia, S. C. A.B. IN Educ. tion Chi Omega, Secretary; H ' patjan Literary Society, Vice- President, Historian; Kappa Delta Epsilon; BSU; YWCA; Freshman Honor Roll; Sophomore Honor Roll; Dean ' s U-.t. • SANDERS, LUANNE H. B.S. IN Biology Aiken, S. C. SANDERS, MARCUS B. Walhalla, S. C:. B.S. in Business Administration SARRATT, CARLTON L. ' g, S. C:. A.B. IN Accounting • SARVIS, BILLY S. A.B. IN Accounting SAYLOR, JAMES T. B.S. in Mathem. tics Nichols, S. C. Swansea, S. C. SCHRAIBMAN, ARNOLD Charlton, S. C A.B. in Accounting SENN, CHARLES A. Cayce, S. C. B.S. IN Chemic al Engineering Phi Kappa Sigma. SENN, EDNA L. Laurens, S. C. B.S. IN Nursing Meditrina Society, Treasurer; Hypatian Literary Society. Vice-President; Westminster Fellowship, Secretary; S. C. State Student Nurses Association. SETZER, DONALD P. A.B. IN Accounting Rock Hill, S. C. 62 SENIORS Aniiisint; i |)ji ioll sliowii on the faci ' s in this crowd guarantee that this gathering is a fabulous success. SENIORS ' 62 SHAW, R. BRUCE Charleston, S. C. A.B. IN Poi.iiiCAL Science Si niii Hlii Kpsjli Outsandine Active Society; YMCA. esidcnt, RecordinK Secretary; IFC, Treasurer, iitivc Committee, Social Committee Euphradian • SHEALY, JOEL VV. Lecsville, S. C. B.S. IN Civil. Engineehing ASCE, Trf.isiinr; AFHOTC; Arnold Air Society, Chaplain. SHEELY, LOUIS A. B.S. IN Ei,ec:trical Engineering AIEE-IRE, Trca.surcr. Ncwberrv, S. C. SEVERANCE, CHARLES A.B. IN Accounting Timmonsville, S. C. SHEHEEN, EMMET M. A.B. IN Management Camden, S. C. SEXTON, HEYWARD E. B.S. IN Business Administration Delta Sigma Pi. SEYMOUR, JAMES D. B.S. IN Pn. HMACY Kappa Psi; APliA. Columbia, S. C. Whitmire. S. C. SHEHEEN, MARTHA A. Columbia, S. C. A.B. IN Education Alpha Kappa Gamma, Treasurer; SEA; Gamecock, Society Editor, Col- umnist. Business Staff; Ne% Tnan Club, Secretary, State Secretary-TreasurCT ; R. E. Week Committee; Orientation Counselor; Stndent Council; Student Union, Secretar ' : Delegate to State Student LeRislature, Seeretar ' to State Student Legislature; Press Club; Who ' s WTio. SHAW, MARY C. Sumter, S. C. A.B. IN Elementary Education Transfer from Limestone College; State National Education Association, Vice-President; SEA; Garnet and Black Staff; YWCA; Westminster Fellowship. SHIRLEY, CECILIA A. . nclerson, S. C. A.B. IN Education Alpha Delta Pi, President, Vice-President; Alpha Kappa Gamma; Kappa Delta Epsilon; Euphrosyean Literary Society; Pan-Hellenic Council, President; YWCA; VVeslev Foundation, Council; Orientation Counselor; WAA. Vice-President; Dean ' s List. Severance Shealv 62 SENIORS SHIRLEY, JERRY L. B.S. IN Accounting Maxey Brotherhood; Delta Sigma Pi; AFROTC. SHOCKLEY, RICHARD G. B.S. IN Management SHUFORD, WALTER R. A.B. IN Political Science Pi Kappa Phi. Camden, S. C. Taylors, S. C. Aiken, S. C. SIEGEL, BARBARA M. Anderson, S. C. A.B. in Elementary Education Transfer from University of Alabama; Sigma Delta Tau, Vice-President; Pan-Hellenic Council; Psi Chi; Hillel Foundation, Vice-President; R. E. Week Executive Committee; IRC; Dean ' s List. The Gamecock Room provides rela.xing atmosphere for a card game, rather than the ordinary task with books. SINGLETON, WILLIAM Myrtle Beach, S. C . B.S. IN Business Administration Sigma Chi, President, Treasurer, Scholarship Chairman; IRC; Kappa Sigma Kappa; Orientation Counselor; Student Council; Student Speakers Bureau; S. C. Student Legislature. SIGMAN, WALTER, JR. B.S. IN Accounting Johnston, S. C. SIMONS, JAMES B. Chi Psi. Columbia, S. C. SITTERSON, JAMES B. B.S. IN Pharmacy Aiken, S. C. SIMPSON, GEORGE M. B.S. IN Chemical Engineering AIChE. Jefferson, S. C. SKEWS, JAMES A. B.S. in Accounting Mvrtle Beach, S. C. SENIORS ' 62 SMARR, ALBERT C. Clharlotto. N. C B.S. IN Business Administhation SiRnin Nu, Historiuil; Westphalian Club; Cotillion Cluli V.•slnliIl l.■ Frllowship; Socc-r; Ti-niiis. • SKIDMORE, LEILA B. C4)!uml)ia. S. C. A.B. IN Journalism Pi Beta Phi, Pledge Class President; Euphrosyncan Literar ' Society; Phi Epsilon Nu; Pan-Hellenic Council; Canu-cock Staff; YWCA; Wesley Foundation; WAA; Press Club; Freshman Honor Roll; Sophomore Honor Boll; Dean ' s List. SMITH. CHARLES A. A.B. IN Histohy Dciiinark. S. C SLAV. JO ANNE Charleston Hciglits, S. C. A.M. IN Business Education SMITH, CHARLES A., JR. .V.B. IN UlSTOllY Chester, S. C. .Skidn Slav Smarr Smith. C. Smith, C, Jr. o SMITH, DONALD C. B..S. IN Business Administration Aiken, S. C. SMITH. HAROLD T. B.S. IN Accounting ReEistralion Assistant; Ue.m ' s List. York, S. C. SMITH. FREDERICK A. Orangeburg, S. C. B.S. IN Business Administration Pi Knppa Phi. Warden, Secretary. SMITH. GRAHAM M. A.B. IN International Studies Wilmington, N. C. S.NUTll. RAY M. Florence, S. C, 252 SMITH, ROBERT P.. JR. Junior in Geology SMITHER, VIRGINIA L. B.S. IN Education Pi EpsUon Mu; NEA; BSU. Florence, S. C. Wiiiston-Saleni, N. C. SOLTIS, ANITA J. Laurens, S. C:. A.B. IN Education Pi Beta Phi, Corresponding Secretary; Alpha Kappa Gamma; Epsilon Epsilon Eijsilop; SEA; Garnet and Staff; Newman Club, Vice- President; R. E. Week Executive Committee, Chairman Catholic Convoca- tions; Orientation Counselor; Artist Series; Honor Board; Student Council. Columbia, S. C. SNIPES, MARY A. A.B. in Education Kappa Delta Epsilon; Hypatian Literary ' Society; BSU, Program Cha Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Phi Beta Kappa Freshman Award; Burlington Industries Scholarship; Preston Award in Education. SOWERS, CAROL B. Toledo, Ohio A.B. IN Elementaky Education Delta Zeta; Kappa Delta Epsilon; Hypatian Literary Society; SEA; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. Smith Sniither Snipes Soltis Sowers Spearman Spencer Spurlock • SOX, FREDDY K. B.S. IN Pharmacy Kappa Psi, Founding Chaplain; APhA; Band West Columbia, S. C. SPURLOCK, BARRY L. Columbia, S. C. B.S. IN Mechanical Engineering SPEARMAN, EUGENE, JR. B.S. in Pharmacy Columbia, S. C. STARR, MARTHA L. Walterboro, S. C. A.B. IN Education Transfer from Wesleyan College; SNEA; Wesley Foundation; Chorus. SPENCER, RASALLEN W. Columbia, S. C. A.B. IN Education Transfer from Queens College; Chi Omega; NEA; Crucible. Poetry Editor; Gahnet and Black Staff; YWCA; Westminster Fellowship; IRC. 62 SENIORS SENIORS ' 62 STEDMAN, RAYMOND, JR. Cola., S. C. B.S. IN Mechanical Encineebinc ASME; AFROTC; Arnold Air Society. STEELE, HAROLD C, JR. K.S. IN ACXOL ' NTINC STEELE, ROBERT G. B.S. IN Pharmacy Cola.. S. C. Lancaster, S. C. o STILL, MARION J. B.S. IN Marketing Harnw ell. S. C. Sanford, Fla. ST. JOHN, J. BERRY, JR. A.B. IN English Pi Kappa Alpha. ' ice-President; Blue K y; Kappa Sigma Kappa; Cotillion Club; IRC, Tribunal; Student Union, Chairman; State Student Legislature; Student Senate; NHOTC. Drill Team, Platoon Commander. BaHalion Adjut- ant; Compass and Chart Society, Treasurer; Dean ' s List. STONE, DONALD N. Batesbiirg, S. C. B.S. IN Business Admini.sthation Varsity Swimmer and Diver; Block " C " Club Honor Boll. o STONE, HARRY D. B.S. IN Pharmacy Kappa Psi, APhA. Mullins, S. C. STORY, MARTHA F. Columbia, S. C. A.B. IN Sechetabial Science STOVER, GERALD W. B.S. in Management Kershaw, S. C. • STROMAN, A. W. Ill Orangeburg, S. C. B.S. IN Chemical Engineering AlChE; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. Treasurer; Sigma Pi Sigma; Wesley Foimdation; Band, Marching and Concert, Vice-President; National Science Fotuidation Grants. STUCK, ION W. Little Mountain, S. C. A.B. IN Accounting Gaffney, S. C. SVVINK, THERESA L. A.B. IN Education Ilypatiun Litrrarv- Society; Wesley Foundation, President; Carolina Religious Council. • TARLTON, NED V. Great Falls, S. C. B.S. IN Education TATE, ROLAND E. Hickory Grove, N. C. B.S. IN Pharmacy TAYLOR, EDW. P., JR. Batesbiirg, S. C. B.S. IN Psychology • TAYLOR, LLOYD A. W. Columbia. S. C:. B.S. IN Management TAYLOR, MYRTLE T. St. Mattliews, S. C. A.B. IN Elementary Education LSA. TAYLOR, RICHARD S. Fort Roval, Va. • TELLER, H. S., JR. Mt. Pleasant, S. C. B.S. in Elec:thical Enc.ineehing AIEE-IRE; Sigma Pi Sigma; Philosophy Club. THEOS, HELEN P. B.S. IN Biology Charleston, S. C. THOMAS, LARRY C. St. Matthews, S. C. B.S. IN Accounting o THOMAS LOU E. A.B. I.N Sociology Zeta Tail . lpha; BSU; Student Assistantship in Department of Anthropology and Sociology; Honor Roll; De THOMASSON, DAVID E B.S. IN Accounting Cottageville, S. C. rnent List. York, S. C. THOMPSON, BETTY J. Jacksonville, Fla. A.B. in Education Transfer from Jacksonville University; YWCA; Westminster Fellowship. • THOMPSON, R. L., JR. Columbia, S. C. B.S. IN Accounting . lpha Tau Omega, Pledge President, Treasurer; Gennaii Club; BSU; Soccer Team; Dean ' s List; Honor Roll. TIMMERMAN, HENRY Greenwood, S. C. B.S. IN Civil Engineemng TIMMERMAN, JOHN P. N. Augusta, S. C. B.S. !N Banking and Finance Sigma Alpha Epsilon. TIMMONS, CLAUDIA W. Columbia, S. C. B.S. IN Biology Transfer from Erskine College; Pi Beta Phi; Euphros Tiean Literary Society; YWCA; Dean ' s List; Honor Roll. TIMMONS, J. A., JR. Winnsboro, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Pi Kappa Alpha; AFROTC. TINDALL, HENRY E. B.S. IN Geography Columbia, S. C. ' 62 SENIORS SENIORS ' 62 Mrs. Cash represents tlie capable nursing staff which the students can always rely upon for the best care. ' iOHRKNCE, SAMUEL L. Hopewell, Va. B.S. IN C llKMK Al, KN MNt:i:HINC laii Hilil I ' i; AlChK. • TR.WIMELL. HAHHIET L. Darlington, S. C. B.S. IN Skchkiakiai. .S( iknce Delia Drita Delia. TRIBHLE, JEROME S. Charleston, S. C. B.S. IN Accounting Sigiiia Phi Epsilon. • TISDALE, ROBERT J. A.B. IN Aht Alcolu, S. C. TRIMMIER, THOMAS L North Augusta, S. C. TOBIAS, JAMES C. Columbia, S. C. B.S. IN Bl ' SINHNS Ad.minisihaiion Translir inim C;i.niis m College; Phi Kappa Sigma. Pledge Class President; Colillion C:lul), Vice-Preside nl; Delia Sigiiui Pi; Gnmecock Staff; Newman Chih. President; R. E. Week Comniitlee; Carolina Religious Council. TOMPKINS, CHARLES B. B.S. IN Mechanic:al Encineerinc ASME; WUSC Columbia, S. C. TRUESDALE, JA.MES Columbia, S. C. A.B. IN HiSTOUY Sigma Nu; IFC; Westpluiliau Cluli. Tr.-a-surir; Cotillion Club; Kappa Signla Kappa; Camrcack, Cir;-iihiti m .M.inager; Caiinktt and Black, Business Staff; Student Siii.ile; Student Union Commillee; Student Affairs C;omniittee; 59 er ' s Comniiltie; Dilegale to Regional . SA Convention; State Student Legislature. Delegation Chairman; Orientation Counselor; Secretary of Freshman " Y " ; Vice-President of Sophomore " Y " ; Pep Club, President; Who ' s Who. Charleston, S. C. TOPOREK, HASKELL D. B.S. IN Biology Transfer fniin Collcgt of Cluirlestou; Artist Series Committee; Carolina Religious Council; Hillel Foundation, President; Independent Intramural Golf Champion; Intramural Baseball, Football, Basketball. TUCKER, NED J, JR. B.S. IN Biology ' a nes ille. S. C. 62 SENIORS • TURNER, ALTON T. B.S. IN Business Administkation TURNER, ROBERT J. B.S. IN Management BSU. VAN LEWEN, ALAN A.B. IN Psychology Dean ' s List; Honor Roll. WADE, ALLEN B. B.S. IN Business Administration Pamplifo, S. (] Columbia, S. C. Columbia, S. C. Chester, S. C. A Carolina student tlioiiiilitfulix- picks out a birtliday card found in the popular, well-stocked Campus .Shop. WADE, CECIL A. Great Falls, S. C. B.S. IN Business Administration WALLACE, JAMES W. B.S. IN Secondary Education Track; Physical Education Club. York, S. C. WADE, DAVID T. Easley, S. C. B.S. in Chemical Engineering WAITES, CLAUDIA G. Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Education Delta Delta Delta, Marshal, President; Pan-Hellenic Council, Handbook Editor; Sigma Alpha Sigma; Kappa Delta Epsilon; Euphrosyean Literary Society; Alpha Kappa Gamma; Cahnet and Black, Business Staff; YVVCA, Secretary, Cabinet; Vice-President Sophomore " Y " ; Sophomore " Y " Camp Helper; Orientation Counselor; Angel Flight, Commander; Homecoming Court; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. WALTER, CORNELIUS T. Bamberg, S. C. A.B. in Political Science Sigma Nu, Marshal, Chaplain; Kappa Sigma Kappa; Orientation Coun- selor; R. E. Week; IF Week; YMCA, Cabinet; Student Senate, Chaplain. WALTERS, GEORGE E. B.S. IN Physics Columbia, S. C. SENIORS ' 62 Freshman Cheerleader; Cheerlcrader; Pep Chib. President; DiscipHnary Cnmminee; Stale Student LeRislatiire; Honor Hall; Dean ' s List; Who ' s Who. • WALTERS, NANCY L. A.B. IN Education Transfer from Western Michigan Un WATSON, DAVID S. B.S. IN Maiiikmatics Cllit ' atio, 111. iit ' ; SEA; Newman Club. Bisliopvillc, S. C. Pi Kappa . lpha. thitstandinK Pliilu. . Tl.., ,,l. . Pr, v,,l, ui .1 l.x,,uti Committee; Omicnm Delta Kiipp.i. ( lia .m .,1 u,,i(ls I i.i , k.q. SiRiiia Kappu; Pi Mu Epsilon; c:..lilliMr, llul. W . slnun-.!. , l,ll,,uvl Council; CHC; R. E. Week Cominill. . , i, . I ' hmiI, nl Sopl -I " Y " Cabinet; Freshman Camp Counseli.r: Krcslnnaii; .5ye W ATSON, DONALD C. Ware Shoals, S. C. B.S. IN AlXUONTINC WATSON, DOROTHY J. ( lolmiibia, S. C. A.B. IN Political Science Transfer from Handolph-Maion Woman ' s College; Kappa Delta. Hush Chaimian; Pan-Hellenic Council; Pi Sigma Alpha; YWCA. WATSON. TUKODORK. JR. Moiick.s Ctxiu-r, S. C. B.S. IN Education Walters Wat.son, D. S V;itson, T. Weill) Week Welddll Wester elt • WEBB, ROY G. Norfolk, ' a B.S. IN Business Management Rex EnriKht Award; AFROTC; Arnold Air Society; Dean ' s List. WELLS, DONALD R. Albany, Ga. B.S. IN Civil Encineehing ASCE. President, Treasurer; .N ' ROTC; Compass and Chiirt, President. WEEKS, ELIZABETH W. St. George, S. C. A.B. in Business Education Sigma Alpha Sigma; S. C. Business Education Association; YWCA; Coquette. WELDON, A. KOGA Manning, S. C. A.B. IN Elementary Education Transfer from Columbia College; NEA; YWCA; Westminster Fellowship; Chorus; Coquette. WESTERVELT, ROSAMEY Colmnhia, S. C. B.S. in Secondary Education • WHETSELL, HAMPTON A. B.S. IN Business Administration Sigma Phi Epsilon. _ Bowiiian, S. C. WHITE, MELVIN E. B.S. IN Business Administration Columbia, S. C. WHISNANT, ARTHUR H. B.S. IN Secondary Education Icard, N. C. WHITE, JOHN E. B.S. IN Marketing Sigma Chi. Augusta, Ga. Hickory, N. C. WHITENER, NANCY K. B.S. IN Secretarial Science Transfer from SuIIins Junior College; Pi Beta Phi; Sigma Alpha Sigma; YWCA; Westminster Fellowship. Whetsell Whisnant White, J. White, M. Wlutcner Whitlock, J • WHITLOCK, JOSEPH A. Columbia, S. C. A.B. IN Journalism Sigma Delta Chi, President; Cnicibli; Editor; Press Club. WILKENLOH, WILLIAM C. B.S. in Marketing Delta Sigma Pi. Greensboro, N. C. WHITLOCK, PATTi ' A. Lake Citv, S. C. A.B. IN Mathematics Transfer from Winthrop College; Pi Beta Phi, Pledge President, Best Pledge Award, Vice-President; Euphrosynean Literary Society, Critic; Pi Mu Epsilon; Alpha Kappa Gamma; Epsilon Epsilon Epsilon; YWCA, President; CRC; Orientation Co-Chairman; Dean ' s List; Who ' s Who. WILKIE, R. C. Clinton, S. C. B.S. IN Business Administration Maxcy Brotherhood, President of Pledge Class, Outstanding Pledge; Alpha Psi Omega. Director; University Players, Treasurer, Vice-President, Presi- dent; Garnet and Black Staff; BSU; Young Democrats Club; Student Council; UMOC Winner; McReady Society; Freshman Honor Roll; Dean ' s IJst. WICKER, MELVIN L. B.S. in Accoxtnting Columbia, S. C. 62 SENIORS SENIORS ' 62 • II.LIS, KHNEST L. Sumim-n illc, S. C. lis. IN Civil Encinkkhin ; i i Mil Kpsiliini Alphu I ' lii Uiiu-Ka; ASCE, Si-crctary; SliiiU ' iil Council; Student St-nuti-i Stale Student Legislatuif; W ILLIS. KENNETH ' . A.B. IN Fine Abts Aikon, S. C. WILSON, CHARLES E. Masontown, Pa. U.S. IN Electhicai. Encineekinc; WILSON, WILLIAM D. Kinjistrc-i-, S. C. U.S. IN UlslSlss li IINISTHATION Kuppa SiKina k .ii.i I uphradian Society, President Pro- Tcmpore, Fiii.iin 1..I s, . 1. cry. Hecorder, He| orter; Alpha Phi ()nieKa, Prcsuiriit i ' m-l i-iupore. Secretary ' , Distinguished Senice Award; Literary Society. President; Student Council; SImli nl Senate; Cafeteria Committee. Chairman, TruHic ;iiid S;ifcly Committee; S. C. State Student Legislature; IHC. WINGATE, FURMAN D. Columbia, S. C. A.B. IN JOUHNALISM WINN, LARRY R. Columbia, S. C. U.S. IN Chemical ENCiNEEniNc; Pi K;ipp;i Alpha; AlChE; Kreshman Honor KoU; University Siholarship; Civilan Scholarship. WISE, SARAH B. IVlion, S. C. B.S. IN Business Administhation Sigma Alpha Sigma, ' ice-Prcsident, SAS Award; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List; Nomian Murray Smith Awar i. WOODS, WILLIAM B. A.B. IN English WOODS, WILLIAM I. A.B. IN English Maiiiiinii, S. C. Columbia, S. C. • WOOLSEY, AURELIA S. Columbia, S. C. . " .B. IN Intehnaiidnal Studies WYNDHAM, JOHN G. Orangeburg, S. C. B.S. IN Business Administration Pi Kappii Alpha; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia; Wesley Kounda. tion; AFROTC, Outstanding Cadet Award, Freshman and Sophomore; Band; Dean ' s List; Honor Roll. Johnston, S. C. YONCE, JOE B. B.S. in Education YONCE, WILLIAM L., J R. Saluda, S. C. B.S. IN Business Administhation n.Ilu Sigma Pi. i . YOUNC, MARTHA L. Greenville, S. C. A.B. IN Secondahy EDOCA noN SLA; YWCA; Wesley Foundation. ZIMMERMAN, JOHN C. Cameron, S. C. B.S. IN Business Administhation Pi Kappa Alpha. ZIMMERMAN, OSCAR V. High Pt., N. C. A.B. IN Education ZLOTNIK, RALPH J. Florence, S. C. B.S. IN Mechanical ENCiNEEniNc Phi Fpsilon Pi. Presidint; Kappa Sigma Kappa; IFC, Rush C:hninnan. Nice-President, ( ' resident; Hillel Foundation; Orientation Counselor; Varsitv C.olf Temii; Block " C " Club; R. E. Week Executive Council; Freshman Honor Roll. JUNIORS j WofFord, Harper, Rice, Gray. DOUG GRAY President LEONARD RICE Vice-President KERRY WOFFORD . . Secretary-Treasurer KAE HARPER Historian JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS ABRAMS, PHILIP M. Charlotte, N. C. ABRAMS. STEVEN S. Charlotte, N. C. ALEXANDER, HUGH M. Greenwood, S. C. ALLEN, CHARLES L. Aynor, S. C. ALLEN, CHESTER W. Wayne, N. T ALLEN, JAMES K. ■ " Florence, S. C. AMICK, GLENN L. AMICK, LARRY D. rmo, S.C. .bia, S. C. Col- ANDERS, ROY G., JR. Belvedere, S. C. ARGOE, GEORGE L., JR. North, S. C. ARROWSMITH, RHODA M. KinEstree, S. C. ASHBY, BENTON T. Atlanta. Ga. ASHE, THURMAN O. Union, S. C. ASKINS, CARSON HI Lake City, S. C. ASPLEN, EARL W. Woolford, Md. ATKINSON, CECIL B. Anderson, S. C. AUSTELLE. LINN Orangeburff. S. C AUSTIN, THOMAS M, Spartanburg, S. C. RAGGETT, ROBERT E. Columbia, S. C. BAGWELL, JOHN E., JR. „ . , ,. Spartanburg, S. C. BAITY, JAMES K. Kings Mountain, N. C. BALLARD, THOMAS P. „ . , . Belmont, N. C. BALLENTINE, EUGENE BARBER. DIANE G. ° ' " " ' ' ' ' " ' - - Aiken, S. C. BARDEN, ROBERT T. Columbia. S. C. BARNES. THOMAS W. Rock Hill. S. C. BARRINEAU. THOMAS B, Georgetown. S. C. BASS. JOSEPH F., JR. Cayce. S. C. BAUMGARDNER. CHARLES N. Landnim, S. C. BEAM, JAMES R. Cberryville, N. C. BEATSON. JAMES A. Manning. S. C. BELK. THOMAS H., JR. Fort Mill. S. C. BELL. JOHN U. Ill Lancaster, S. C. BELL, UNDA L. Harleyville, S. C. BELLINGER, MARY C. „ Jacksonville, Fla. BELLWOOD, MELVIN O. Greenville, S. C. BENNETT, GARY P. „„ , North Charleston, S. C. BERRY, JAMES K. „ „ Spartimburg, S. C. BILBRO, WALTER, JR. „,.,,,„ Charleston, S. C. BINNS, RICHARD W. „T . . „ Charleston, S. C. BLACK. CHARLIE W. „, „ Johnston. S. C. BLACK. JOHN R. Great Falls. S. C. BLACK. JULIAN Columbia, S. C. BLACKHURST, DAVID L. Williston, S. C. BLAIR, DONALD D. Union, S. C. BLANCHARD, JUDITH K. Lobeco, S. C. BOETTE, RICHARD W. Columbia, S. C. BOSEMAN, LINDA R. Darlington. S. C. BRADBERRY. TED H. Anderson, S. C. BRADHAM, JOHN H. AIcolu, S. C. BRADLEY, JOHN L. Rock HUl, S. C. BRADLEY. JOHN B.. JR. Columbia, S. C. BRADLEY. MADELEINE Bamberg, S. C. BRADLEY " , RENWICK F. Savannah, Ga. JUNIORS M Wm BHANHAM. HIWARO M. t:olui BBANTLEY. DENNIS H. Adams BREAZEALE, EARI, C. f.rccnv BREEDIN, TOCCOA A. nbia. S. C. Run. S.C. .•ood, S. C. ning. S. C. BRELAND, JOHN C... JR. Holly Hill, S.C. BRENNAN. JOHN M. Coluniliiu. S. C. HHOOM, JOHN A. HI Columbiu, S. C. BROWN, CHARLES E., JH. Augusta, Gu. BROWN, MICHAEL A. Crttnvillc, S. C. nUCKLAND. LOWELL T. Cayce, S. C. BULL, WALTER C. Cret-nvillc. S. C. BULTMAN, PATRICIA B. Columbia, S. C. BUNCH, KATHRYN L Kinsstreo, S. C. BURGESS, EDWARD B. Aiken, S. C. BURNETTE. RANDY L. GriinviUe, S. C. BURRIS, ROBERT N. Wingale, N. C. BURRISS, DONALD T. Cayce, S. C. BURROWS, PATRICIA L. SaKers, S. C CALEY, WILLIAM B. Long Island, . Y. CALHOUN, PATRICK Be.iuforl, S. C CAMPBELL, FULLER, JR. Newberry, S. C. CANNON, JOYCE Greenville, S. C. CANTEY, BARBARA Z. Camden, S. C. CARLTON, JOHN W, Chester, S. C. CARNEY, WALTER W. Wilmington, N. C CARNAVAS, JANICE K. Granitev-ille, S. C CARTER, OLEN F., JR. Ocean Drive Beach, S. C. CARTER, WILBEHT C. Sumter, S. C. CASSIDY, IDA L. Gaston, S. ( ' CAUDILL, DAVID Columbia, S. C CAUSEY, R. LOUISE Columi.ia, S. ( CHASTAIN, ROGER W. Anderson, S.( CHF.EK. WILLIAM HI Great Falls, S. ( CHKRRY, LARRY D. Winnsboro. S. ( CllII ' MAN. WILLIAM J. Winston-Saleni, N. C CHIUSTMAS. MEHRIE L. Columbia, S.r CHURCH, MARIAN I. Gaffney, S. C CLARKSON, JOHN D. Columbia, S. C CLARY, PAUL D. Columbia, S.( CLIFTON. FRANCES C. Charleston, S. ( CLYBURN. CHARLES J. Columbia. S. r COCKREI.L, CAPERS R. Spartanlmrg, S. ( " COKER, CAROLYN J. Charleston. S. ( COKER, GLADYS, S. Turbeville, S. C. COLE, ROBERT W. Charleston Heights, S. C. COLEMAN, JOHNNIE M. COMPTON, PAUL R. Rock Hill, S.( CONNELLY, CECILIA A. Fairfax, S. C COOPER, THOMAS W.. JR. Mavcsvillc, S. C COPLAN. IRENE M. Columbia, S. C. CORBETT, P. WAYNE Sum»er, S. C. CORN, WAYNE M. COSTEN, JAMES W COX. MARY J Rock Hill, S.C. Atlanta, Gn. Greenville, S C. 264 CRIBB, EMILY C. Hemingway, S. C. CROUCH, VIRGINIA S. Johnston, S. C. CROW, THOMAS E. McCoU, S. C. CULLUM, GRACE H. Johnston, S. C. CUMNHNS, JO M. Memphis, Tenn. DANGELO, JAMES L. M Ttle Beach, S. C. DANIELS, NINA D. Columbia, S. C. DAVENPORT, CHARLES Cayce, S. C. DAVIDSON, BARBARA A. Pittsburgh, Pa. DAVIS, CHARLES S. Greer, S. C. DAVIS, DANNA L. Greenwood, S. C. DAVIS, DIANE M. Aiken, S. C. DAVIS, RUFUS P.. JR. Columbia, S. C. DAVIS, SARAH K. Columbia, S. C. DAVIS, ST. CLAIR, JR. Marion, S. C. DAY, RICHARD G. North Augusta, S. C. DEAN, SARAH J. Whitmire, S. C. DIETERMAN, JOAN M. Columbia, S. C. DIMUZIO, LOUIS J. Metuchen. S. C. DISEKER, ROBERT A. Manning, S. C. DOGGETTE, GARNET E. Georgetown, S. C. DOGGETTE, NANCY LEE Columbia, S. C, DUNBAR, MARY A. Aiken, S. C. DUNCAN, GELENE A. Columbia, S. C. DUNN, FRANKLIN A. Lancaster, S. C. EARL, GLENDA R. Shelby, N. C. EASTERLING, CAROL Denmark, S. C. EASTERLING, MARY A. Columbia, S. C. EATON, THELMA P. Florence, S. C. EDENFIELD, LAURA J. Allendale, S. C. EDENS, MICHAEL W. O. Bennettsville, S. C. EDWARDS, LARRY A. Woodruff, S. C. EDWARDS, MARIAN R. Columbia, S. C. ELLIOTT, JEANNE S. Beaufort, S. C. ELLIOTT, SAMUEL T. Galivants Ferry, S. C. ELLIOTT, SUSAN R. Hartsville, S. C. ELLIS. ALVIN S. Olar, S. C EMAN, RONALD A. Oranjestad, Aruba EPPS, GEORGE E. North Charleston, S. C. ERTEL, THOMAS H. Charlotte, N. C. ERVIN, MARVIN S. Dillon, S. C. ESPEDAHL, MARTHA E. Columbia, S. C. ETHERIDGE, JOHN R. Florence, S. C. FARMER, ANN B. State Park, S. C. FARROW, LARRY J. Fountain Inn, S. C. FAUCETTE, CHARLES R. Orangeburg, S. C. FERGUSON, GUY S. Allendale, S. C. FILI, FLORRIE E. Charleston, S. C. FINCANNON, JEAN M. Clinton, S. C. FINDLEY, WILLIAM D. Anderson, S. C. FINLAY, CAROLINE K. Columbia, S. C. FISH, ALLEN H. Columbia, S. C. FITZGERALD. JUDITH Charlotte, N. C. FLETCHER, ROBERT, JR. Camden, S. C. JUNIORS mmmM JUNIORS 1 I.IMIJ.N. A.WK I., OraiiKt ' lMirK, ll.YW. MARGAHET P. N.irtli Churlestiin, l-OHD. MORRIS. K. Ill St. Mutlhtws, FOSTER, CLARE L. Charleston, FOSTER, MURIEL P. GeorKetiiwn, FHAMPTON. GERALDINE Sumter, FKANKLIN, HARRIET N. Culunil ia, FREDY, DIANNE Florence, FREE. ALEXANDER H. NorwBy, FRICK, ABBIE C. Greer. Fl LMER, RODDIE H. Johnston, C.AILLARD, VIRGINIA Molly Mill. (;ali.o vay, scottie l. Coliimhia, gamble, ROBERT A. Anderson, GARLINGTON, SARAH E. Greenville, c;ARNER, DONALD V. Cayce, CARRETT, SUE G. Cohimhia. CARRIS. ROY E., JR. Columbia, GARVIN, ALICE GENE Cohimhia, GAUTIIIER, PATRICIA Sumter, GAYLOR. ROBERTSON H. Inman, GEUDINGS, WILLIAM R. Columhia. (;iLLAM. HUGH A. OranceburR, GISSENDANNER, DEAN West Ciilumbia, (;LASER. JAMES R. Walterboro. GLENN, JAMES A. GLENN. JAMES D. G GODBOLD, JOHN J.. JR. Rock Hill. GODFREY. DWAINE A. Charlotte. GODWIN. VIRGIE S. Summerlon. GOLDMAN. EUGENE B. Charleston. GOLLER. ANNA S. GORDON. LLOYD M. Columbia, GORE. WILLIAM M. Florence. G.RAU. STANLEY O. Ft. Thoma; GRAVES. CHARLES H. Dillon, GRAY. RICHARD D. Wilmingto GRAY. WILLIAM D. Olar. GRAYSON. MARY ANNE Summerton, GRIFFIN. CARROLL E. Walterboro. GRIMBALL. LEONORA K. Charleston. GROOMS. JOHN F. Columbia. GRUBE. LAWRENCE J. Columbia. (;UILFORD. ROBERT M. Walterboro. IIAGOOD. JUDY L. Columbia, HAIRSTON. CAROLYN V. Clinton, HALL. JAMES K. Spartanburg. HALL, STUART H. GafFney, IIALTIWANGER. JOSEPH LexinRton. HAMILTON. MARTHA H. Easley. HAMMOND. LARRY H. North AuKusta, HANEY. BOB L. Lucasville, HARDIN. HELEN E. Anderson, HARDY. ROBERT E. New Zion, S. C. S. C. S. C. S. C. S. C. S.C. S. C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. N. C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C i. K S.C. .Del. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.( S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. Ohio S.C. S.C. HARMON, JOHN P. Lexington, S. C. HARPER, JO ANN Columbia, S. C. HARPER, MATILDA L Aiken, S. C. HARPER, NANCY K. Columbia, S. C. HARPER, SARA W. VValterboro, S. C. HARRELL. KATHERINE Greenville, S. C. HARRINGTON. GERALD Sumter, S. C. HARRIS, JUDITH D. Glendale, S. C. HARRIS, WILLIAM D, Lockhart, S. C. HARRISON. ROBERT B. Columbia, S. C. HARRISON. SETH L.. JR. Greenville. S. G. HARTER. EDWARD Columbia. S. C. HASKELL, ANN W. Beech Island. S. C. HASLAM. MARTHA C. Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. HAWKINS. FRANK M. Honea Path. S. C. HAYNIE. FRANK M.. JR. Darlington. S. C. HEAPE. DAVID B. St. Matthews. S. C. HEF.N ' ER. MARY J. Asheboro. N. C. HEILIG. HERBERT R. Aiken, S. C. HELLAMS, CHARLES H. Greenville, S. G. HELMS, MARY A. Columbia. S. C. HENDERSON. EDWARD M. Columbia. S. C. HENDLEY. THOMAS M. Gheraw, S. C. HENDRIX. WILFORD P. Columbia. S. C. HENLEY. DORIS S. HENRY, SHARON L. New Y ' ork. N. Y. HICKMAN, STANLEY W. Walterboro, S. C. HICKS. FREDDIE W. Timmonsville. S. C. HIGGINS, JOHN R. Gaffney, S. C. HIGGINS, SONY ' A M. Georgetown, S. C. HILL, WILLARD, W., JR. Manning, S. C. HINNANT, WILLIAM. JR. Columbia, S. C. HODGE, WILLIAM W., JR. Columbia. S. G. HODGES. JOHN C. Columbia, S. C. HOLLAND. ASA R. North Augusta, S. C. HOLLAND. PENELOPE W. Columbia, S. C. HOLLEMAN. JOAN H. North Charleston, S. C. HOLLEY. GERALD D. Jefferson, S. C. HOLLEY. RACHEL Leesville, S. C. HOLLIS. SUSAN R. Pickens, S. C. HOLMAN, HENRY M. Gulpeper, Va. HOLT. WILLIAM G.. JR. Gonway, S. C. HOOK, DANIEL J., JR. Savannah, Ga. HOOK, DAVIS C., JR. West Columbia. S. C. HOOVER, CYNTHIA A. Columbia. S. C. HOPE, ROGER P. Columbia. S. C. HORTON, HOWARD L. Norfolk, Va. HORTON, MARY E. Clinton, S. C. HOUCK, ELEANOR A. Cameron. S. C. HOWARD, CARL F. Gray Court. S. C. HOWLE, BELVA L. Hartsville, S. C. HOYLE, CAROLYN A. Patrick Springs, Va. HROBUGHAK, GEORGE P. Old Forge, Pa. UUGGINS, SYLVIA D. Columbia, S. C. JUNIORS mMs M JUNIORS HUCGINS. WILLIAM C. JR. CharU ' Ston. S. C. HUGHES. FRANKLIN. JR. Mvrtlf Brach. S. C. HUGHES. PHILIP R. AyTior, S. C. HUMPHREYS. SAMMY H. Johnson City. Tcnn. HUNTER. BETTY F. Columbia. S. C. Ml ' NTER, DOUGLAS J. MorKanton. N. C. HUTCHINSON. EDWARD Lake .Mar ' . Fla. HUTTO. LOUIS H.. JR. GwjrRflown. S. C. INABINETTE. MARVIN Holly Hill. S. C. I i:Y. GEORGE W. Inn.). S. C. i i;y. hobby J. Woodruff. S. C. JAMES, ARTHUR M. Grfclcy illc. S. C. JAMES, THOMAS C. JR. Columbia. S. C. JEFFCOAT. WENDELL Charleston, S. C. JOHNS, KENNETH E. YVmassee, S. C. JOHNSON, LEON HartsvillF, S. C. JOHNSON. WARREN E. Columbia, S. C. JOHNSON. WILLIAM E. Loris. S. C. JONES. CHARLES C. Marion. S. C. JONES. CLIFTON. W. Columbia, S. C. JONES, ELIZABETH M. Columbia, S. C. JONES, GLENN A. Bclhunc, S. C. JONES. HARTWELL K. Columbia. S. C. JONES. HAZEL L.. JR. Sumter. S. C. JORDAN, WILLIAM. JR. Florence, S. C. JORDAN. WILLIAM D. Conway, S. C. KARRAS. HARRY G. Charlotte. N. C. KELLY. ARTHUR T. Columbia. S. C. KENNEDY, FINLEY P. Aiken. S. C. KING. BETTY ' W. Manning. S. C. KLIMAS. CHARLOTTE D. Columbia. S. C. KNIGHT. SAMUEL M. Columbia, S. C. KNOTTS. RONALD E. Williston, S. C. KNOX. FRANKLLV R. Rock Hill. S. C. KOHUT. STEPHEN J. Fort MUl, S. C. KUNKLE. TERRY L. Apollo. Pa. KYZEH. IR IN B. Greenwood. S. C. LA BRUCE. ALICE T. Georcelown. S. C. LACKEY. WILLIAM D. Shelbv. N. C. LADD. MARY ANN Winnshoro. S. C. LANGFORD. MARTHA JO Colvmibia. S. C. I.ANGSTON. GEORGE M. West CoUnnbia. S. C. I.ATHAN. RAY D. Travelers Rest. S. C. LANENDER. DONALD W. New Zion. S.C. LAWRENCE. FRANCIS M. Greenwood. S. C. LAWSON, THOMAS E.. JR. Columbia. S. C. LAZENBY. WILLIAM J. Greenwood. S. C. LEAGAN. JAMES C. Ninety Six. S. C. LEE. THOMAS K.. JR. Kershaw, S. C. LEGETT. PATRICIA A. Columbia. S. C. LEONARD. ASA A. Greer. S. C. LEONARD. THOMAS V. Carney ' s Point. N. J. LESTER. KEN Florence. S. C LEWIS. JAMES M. Greenville, S. C LEWIS, LINDA R. Florence, S. C. LINDLER, CARROLL E. Chapin, S- C. LINKER, FRANKLIN T. Mooresville, N. C. LIVINGSTON, SYLVIA Blaney, S. C. LLOYD, FRAN C. Columbia, S. C. LOCKE, RICHARD M., JR. Spartanburg, S. C. LOEWE, BARBARA C. Columbia, S. C. LOEWE, SUSAN M. Columbia, S. C. LONG, HARRIET A. Greenville, S. C. LORICK, LINDA Cayce, S. C. LOVINGOOD, JAMES V, North Charleston. S. C. LOWE. CHARLES B. Greenwood. S. C. LOWRANCE, JOHN B. Charlotte, N. C. LYNN, PATRICIA I. Columbia, S. C. MABRY, WAYNE H. Norwood, N. C. MACBETH, STUART G. Newberry, S. C. MACE, NANCYE C. Columbia, S. C. MACKEY, OLIVER C. Camden, S. C. MADDEN, JAMES D. Towson 4, Md. MAKELA, NANCY MAE Bishopville, S. C. MALPASS. ROBERT E. Union, S. C. MARKENDORFF, EDWARD Dillon, S. C. MARON. ELKE M. Mullins, S. C. MARTIN, CHARLES D. Columbia, S. C. MASTROGEORGOPOULOS. S. Thessaloniki, Greece MAYER. CORNELIA F. Columbia, S. C. MAYS, DON P. MAYTON, WILLIAM T. Harriman, Tenn. McDonald, james e. Columbia, S. C. Mcdowell, william a. Warner Robins, Ga. McFADYEN, VIRGINIA Raeford, N. C. McKENZIE, ROBERT A. Rock Hill, S. C. McKNIGHT, PHYLLIS Belmont, N. C. McLEAN, CHARLES R. Allendale, S. C. McLEOD, JAMES K. Florence, S. C. McMULLAN, JAMES L. Columbia, S. C. McNEEL, HARRY L. Columbia. S. C. Mcpherson, charles Columbia, S. C. Mcpherson, richard McQueen, william m.. jr. Clio, s. c. medlin, marcia l. Columbia, S. C. meetze, jack d., jr. GafFney, S. C. MELTON. JOHN T. Columbia, S. C. MERRILL, REAGON N. M TtIe Beach, S. C. MILLER, MARGARET H. North Charleston, S. C. MILLER, WALTER H. Clearwater, Fla. MILLS, ELIZABETH A. MINICK, JUDITH I. Mii , Fla Newark. N. J. MITCHELL, JACKIE J. Great Falls, S. C. MITCHUM, BANKS, G. North Charleston, S. C. MOISE, MARTHA L. Sumter, S. C. MONTGOMERY. CAROLE Columbia, S. C. MONTGOMERY, RACHEL E. Camden, S. C. MOORE, GERDA S. Spartanburg, S. C. JUNIORS W B M ' r ©■ WM AMfmm dimM JUNIORS Muuuii. jac:k s., jk. Summt rville, S. C. MOORE, JAMES C, JR. Columbia, S. C. MOOHE, JAMES S., JR. Pawl.-ys Ishuid, S. C. MOOHE. THOMAS W., JR. Bishopville. S. C. MOORE, YVONNE Cmjway, S. C, .MORMNGSTAR, H. L., JR. Ehrhardt, S. C. MOHHIS. DON H. .MORRISON, ADA G. Zi. ,S. C. ilk-. S. C. lie, N. C. Hartsv MORROW, JAMES L. MOSELEY, THOMAS, JR. Colunihin, S. C. MOTHERSHED, WILLIAM E. Ki-rshaw, S. C. MOUNT. CAROLE J. Cope, S. C. MULLIS. ROBERT N. Charlotte, N. C. MULLIS, SARAH R. Lancaster, S. C. .MUNN, LOUIS C, JR. Bishopville, S. C. MUHPHHEE, LARRY L North AiiLMista, S. C. MUHRAC, MARGARET C. Charlotte, N. C. .MUZEKAHI. THOMAS H. Gre. nville, S. C. MYERS, RICHARD A. . ASH. KEMP C. Nor .ay, S. C. ille, S.C. Bishom NALFUL. ERNEST J., JR. Columbia, S. C. NELSON, MARGARET V. Whitmire, S. C. NUNNALLY. OLMA L. Sumter, S. C. ODOM, DWIGHT, S. Grwnvillf, S. C. ORMAN. CHARLES R. Ckn.side, Pa. ORR, SAMUEL L. Seneca, S. C. OSTEEN, HARRY M., JR. And- ' son, S. C. OVERSTREET. CHARLES North Aueiista. S. C. OWENS, GEORGE A., IR. Sumter, S. C. OWENS. JUDITH C. Greenville. S. C. PACE, MARSHALL O. Columbia, S. C. PADGETT. ROBERT E.. IR. Edgefield. S. C. PAGE. LEN ' ONA North AuKusta. S. C. PALMER. AUBREY L.. JR. Charlotte. N. C. PARKER. WILLIAM C. Spartanburg. S. C. PARKS, MARY Parksville, S. C. PARSONS. GEORGE S. Cohunbia, S. C. PASCHAL. JACK G. Columbia, S. C. PATRICK. CORA E. Hampton, S. C. PAYNE, MELINDA SUE Anderion. S. C. PEACH, BETTY JEAN Columbia, S. C. PERDUE. DECOY G. Patrick. S. C. PERRY. PHILIP E. Mvrfle Beach, S. C. PERRY, ROBERT S. Newberry, S. C. PERRY, TILLIE D. Florence, S. C. PII.CHER. THOMAS G. Rock Hill, S.C. PITTS. A. HARRY. JR. Greenwood, S. C. PLAYER. DALE W. Bishopville, S. C. PLOWDEN, BETTY J. Summerton, S. C. PLUMMER, SOPHIA R. Florence, S. C. PLYLER. MARSHALL W. Winnsboro, S. C. PORTER, DOROTHY A. Columbia, S. C. PORTER, LACY V. Winnsboro. S. C. POWELL. SANDRA L. Lexington, S. C. PREACHER, DICKEY N. Kingstree, S. C. PREHODKA, JOSEPH W. Metuchen, N. J. PREVOZNIK, DAVID M. Garfield Heights. Ohio PRICE, WILLIAM T. Wudmalaw Island, S. C. PRIVETTE, TROY V. Darlington, S. C. PRYOR, REBECCA J. West Columbia, S. C. QUARLES, CAROLYN J. Columbia, S. C. QUATTLEBAUM, R. M., JR. Ale , " a. QUERY, L. REBECCA Columbia, S. C. QUILLEN, JOE Florence, Ala. RANKIN, LUTHER F. McComiick, S. C. RASHID, LOUISE ANN ville. Pa. RAST, BYRON G. Cameron, S. C. RAUTON. JAMES C. Greenwood, S. C. RAY. CAROLINE P. Wa -nesville. N. C. REFO, JULIET M. Columbia, S. C. REIGLE, ANNE S. West Chester, Pa. RHEA, CHARLES H. North Charleston, S. C. RICE, JOEL S. Belton, S. C. RICE, LEONARD E. Spartanburg. S. C. RICHARD. WYLLHART Columbia, S. C. RICHARDSON. F. W. RICKENBAKER, DUDLEY St. Matthews, S. C. RICKENBAKER, JUDITH n, S. C. RIDENHOUR. FRED L. Georgetown, S. C. RIGBY, EVELYN F. Manning, S. C. RIMES. BILLY S. Savannah, Ga. RIZER, DORA C. Walterhoro, S. C. ROBERTSON, HENRY O. Greenville, S. C. ROGEBERG, BRITT I. Hardeeville, S. C. ROGERS. BETTY E. Ridge Spring, S. C. ROGERS, LAWRENCE R. Charleston Heights, S. C. ROGERSON. ELIZABETH Columbia, S. C. ROSOFF, FRED Rock Hill, S. C. RUCKER. LARRY D. RUCKER. R. J., JR. Swansea S. C. RUCKMAN, BRENDA J. Mvrtle Beach, S. C. RUDISILL, EDWINA K. Cherry-ville, N. C. RUFFIN, PETER B., JR. Wilmington, N. C. RUNDBAKEN, PAUL H. Charleston, S. C. RUSSELL. ROSEMARY Camden, S. C. RUST, CLINTON A. Columbi I, S. ' - SAUNDERS, JAMES T., JR. Georgetown, S. C. SANDIFER. ROBERT H. Columbia, S C. SCARBOROUGH, ERNEST North, S. C. SEALS, GEORGE A. Union, S. C. SEALY, BARBARA D. Columbia, S. C. SEASE, DON H. Gilbert, S. C. SEEGARS, JAMES J. Je£Fe , S.C. , S.C. , S.C. SELF, W. OSCE Columbif SHAHID, ST. CLAIR M. Charlestor SHAKIB, JAHANGIR Tehran, Iran SHANKS, JAMES S. Aiken, S. C. SHARPE. WILLIAM H. Columbia. S. C. JUNIORS 271 JUNIORS SlitALY, KHNKSl C. Bateshurg, S. C. SHEALY. LELAND D. Parr, S. C. SHERIDAN. RICHARD B. North Augusta, S. C. SHIULEY, JOHN V. BeUon. S. C. SlIOAK, ANNE A. Columbia, S. C. SHORES, CARL D. Spartanburg, S. C. SIIULEH, ROSE H. Hollv Hill.S. C, SIGMON, WILLIAM J. Myrtle Brach, S. C. SIMI ' SON, CARL M. Sumter, S. C. SLOAN, HENRY N., JR. Columbia. S. C. SMITH. LARRY M. Rotk Hill, S. C. S.MITH, ROBERT A. Grienville, S. C. SMITH, ROBERT L. North Augusta. S. C. SMITH, ROSE B. Columbia. S. C. SOMERSET, DELOHES G. Columbia. S. C. SPRUILL. ELEANOR D. Cheraw, S. C. STANTON, LUTHER E. Clover, S. C. STANTON. RICHARD C. CassatI, S. C. STEPHENS, ANDREW M. Greenville, S. C. STEWART, SANDRA A. Columbia, S. C. ST. JOHN, MARTHA C. Concord, N. C. STOKES, CAROLYN R. Columbia, S. C. STOKES. BOBBIE L. Bethune, S. C. STONE. ARTHUR P. Johnston. S. C. STOWE, LINDA J. Myrtle Beach. S. C. STRANGE. BARBARA A. Columbia. S. C. STUCK. ARLEN W. Little Mo intain, S. C. STUCKEY. DWICHT H. Charleston, S. C. STURKIE. JANICE C. Columbia. S. C. STURTEVANT, LINDA L. Columbia, S. C. SUMMEHALL. EVERETT T., JR. Aiken, S. C. SUNSHINE. MIMI II. Columbia, S. C. SWARTZ. JUDY L. Wagener, S. C. SWEATMAN. CARL A. Columbia, S. C. SWEATMAN, DOROTHY E. Charleston, S. C. lALBERT. MARY E. Hartsville. S. C. I AVl.OU. ELIZABETH P. St. Matthews. S. C. lAYLOR. M. RICHTER KloreuLe. S. C. THOMAS. EDWARD C. St. Matthews. S. C. rilOMAS. JAMES C. Greenville. S. C. IHOMAS. LINDA L. South Hill, Va. rilOMAS, PATRICIA A. Mvrtle Beach. S. C. niOMPSON. LARRY J. Wo.ulnill. S. C. riMBERLAKE. LEAH A. Mvrtle Bench. S. C. TIMMERMAN. HELEN M. Columbia. S. C. TINDAL. CHARLOTTE C. Columbia, S. C. IINDALL. THOMAS C. Ne vberr ' . S. C. TODD. CHARLES E. Bennettsville. S. C. TODD. TORE II., JR. Smipsonville. S. TOMLIN. KIT P. Columbia. S. C. TORRES. ARNOLD L. Georgetown, S. C. TUCKER. JACKIE R. Landmm, S. C. TULLER. WILLIAM H. Columbia. S. C. TULLY. PATRICIA L. South Charleston. W. V«. TURNER, BECKY A. Greenville, S. C. UPCHURCH, ROY F. Charleston, S. C. URBANYI, ARTHUR, JR. Toledo, S. C. VALLEY, JAMES A. Columbia, S. C. VANDEGRIFT, ROY III North Charleston, S. C. VANDYKE, W. JOSEPH Columbia, S. C. VAUGHN, RICHARD, JR. Darlington, S. C. WACTOR. JAMES A. Columbia, S. C. WAGONER, PATSY LEE F(. Lauderdale, Fla. VVALDROP, LANNEAU F. Rock Hill, S. C. WALLACE, DOLORES R. Beaufort, S. C. WALLACE, JAMES H., JR. Columbia, S. C. WALLER, FRANK L. McDermott, Ohio WARREN, CHARLES O. Columbia, S. C. WARREN, FLYNN,W., JR Mt. Holly, N. C. WATERS, LEWIS H. Irnnan, S. C. WATTS, JOHN D. Myrtle Beach, S. C. WEBB, GRANVILLE L. Clinton, S. C. WEBB, WALTER R. Columbia, S. C. WENGROW, ARNOLD K. Columbia, S. C. WHITLEY, JERRY F. Bethune, S. C. WICKLIFFE, RICHARD Florence, S. C. WIGGINS, ELIZABETH Charlotte, N. C. WILKINS, ELLEN Columbia, S. C. WILLIAMS, BRENDA J. North Augusta, S. C. WILLIAMS, CHARLES A. North Augusta, S. C. WILLIAMS, DAVID K. Barnwell, S. C. WILLIAMS, JANICE E. Laurens, S. C. WILLIAMS, JOSEPH, JR. Hartsville, S. C. WILLIAMS, ELIZABETH Hartsville, S. C. WILLIAMS, RICHARD C. Columbia, S. C. WILLIAMSON, CAROL E. Charleston, S. C. WILLIS, FRANCIS E. Darlington, S. C. WILLIS, HELEN P. Columbia, S. C. WILLIS, MARGARET J. Savannah, Ga. WILSON, JOHN P. Mt. Pleasant, S. C. WINTER, WALTER O. Columbia, S. C. WISE, CATHA C. Orangeburg, S. C. WISE, LINDA A. North Augusta, S. C. WOFFORD, KATE W. Greenville, S. C. WOLFE, JAMES A., JR. Spartanburg, S. C. WOLFE, MARY LOU Columbia, S. C. WOODLIEF, SABRA A. Mauldin, S. C. WOODRUFF, WILLIAM E. Columbia, S. C. WOWRA, ERICK P. Riverdale, Md. WRIGHT, CHARLES W. Columbia, S. C. WRIGHT, DOUGLAS H. Sumter, S. C. WYMAN, ELIZABETH Aiken, S. C. VY ' NN, CHARLES J. North Charleston, S. C. YARBOROUGH, JAMES L. „ , „ Columbia, S. C. YARBOROUGH, MARTHA Ware Shoals, S. C. YORK, ALLEN R. „„ Aiken, S. C. YOUNG, PETER A. Camp Hill, Pa. YOUNG, RONALD A. Greenwood, S. C. JUNIORS KU iiy p ' 31 " ' " S l O l 273 V 1 1 i i Students gather under the Russell House ramp, while Gossip, study, pursuit, and meditation are additional David ' atson acts as a lone observer from upstairs. uses ot the downstairs cafeteria during mid-da ' rush. When spring comes early to the patio, gregarious or solitar CJarolina residents flock toward the wanning s nishine. SOPHOMORES Armstrong, Richardson, Adams, Simons. HERB ADAMS President CHUCK SIMONS Vice-President PATTY RICHARDSON . ecretanj-Treasurer MARY HOUSTON ARMSTRONG . Historian SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS SOPHOMORES AHDAI.I.A. DOLORES A. Columbia, S. C. ABRAMS, SAMUEL L. Conway, S. C. ABRAMS, ANN Newberry, S. C. ADAMS, WILLIAM D. Greenwood, S. C. ADDY. FRANK Greenwood, S. C. ALLEN, MARTHA J. Sumter, S. C. AMBROSE, RAYMOND. ]R Columbia, S. C. ANDERS, JIMMIE C. Columbia, S. C. ANDERS, PATRICIA L. Columbia, S. C. ANDERSON, JAMES O. Columbia, S. C. ARANT, JUDY R. Pageland, S. C. AHD, MARGARET L. Moncks Comer, S. C. ARMSTRONG, MARY H. Columbia, Tenn. ATKINS, NORMA R. Greenville, S. C. ATKINSON, MELVILLE Jacksonville, Fla. AULD, KATHEHINE A. Columbia, S. C. BAIR, JAMES G. Santee, S. C, BAKER. PATTY F. Columbia, S. C. BALLARD, SARAH L. OrauKeburg, S. C. BALLENGER, ROBERT C. BALLENTINE, JAMES m! " " ' Irmo, S. C. BANKS, MARION L. Loris, S. C. BARFIELD, IKE E. Charleston, S. C. BARKER, CHARLES, JR. Columbia, S. C. BARKSDALE, WILLIAM C, JR. Laurens, S. C. BARLOW, WALTER A., JR. Columbia, S. C. BARNETTE, JAMES R. Barnwell, S. C. BARRETT, BEVERLY R. Winston-Salem, N. C. BARRETT, DAVID W, Fort Wayne, Ind. BARRON, HENRIETTA R, Leaksville, .N. C. BARTLETT, MADONIA K. Columbia, S. C. BATTLE, ELIZABETH T,.., «, Charlotte, N. C. BAUCOM, ROBERT W. Cheraw, S. C. BAUR. EMIL P. Wallington, N. I BEALE, HA.VIMOND A.. JR. „ „ Florence, S. C. BEAMGUARD, JAMES E. Clover, S. C. BELL, DEWEY K. Greer, S. C. BELLUNE, FRANCES E. „„ „ Georgetown, S. C. BELONGIA, MARGARET BENNETTE, CARoIyn 1 ' " ' ' ' " " ' " ' • BENTON. JOHN T. ° " " - " - «• C. Columbia. S. C BERNHOUSE, WILLIAM D Sumter, S. C. BICKLEY, E. FAYE Columbia. S. C. BLACKWELL, JANIE M. Columbia, S. C. BLACKWOOD, R. K., JR. Inman, S. C. BLAKELY, CLAUDE W. Greenville, S. C. BLANKS, BRENDA F. Columbia, S. C. BLANKS. BENJAMIN B. Columbia, S. C. BLANKS, LULA E. Columbia, S. C. BLANTON, WINN Columbia, S. C. BLITCH, R. DIANA St. George, S. C. BLITCHINGTON, B. B. North Augusta, S. C. BLUM, LY ' .VN A. Sumter, S. C. BOLAND, HARVEY E. Pomaria, S. C. g PEl! SOPHOMORES BOLIN, PATHICIA A. Landrum, S. C. HOONE, JEKKY M. Columbia, S. C. HOSWELL. JAMES C. Ninety Si«, S. C. BOVETTE, JOSEPH. JR. Darlington, S. C. BOYKIX, DOLORES V. Horatio, S. C. BOYLE, PRI.VC.LE. JR. Sumttrr, S. C. BOYLSTO.V, NATHAN ' D. Columbia. S. C. BRABHAM, ROBERT E. Columbia, S. C. BHAI5FORD. JOHN F. Sumter, S. C. MHADI.EY. LINDA S. Columbia, S. C. BRAKEFIELD. MORRIS Roik Hill, S. C. BRANHAM. FRANK Columbia, S. C. BREITLI.VG, GEORGE A. Columbia, S. C. MHIGMAN. KENNETH. JR. Columbia, S. C. BROCK. JULIAN F. Charleston, S. C. lUiOOKS. GEORGE A. Columbia, S. C. IIROOKS. JONATHAN C, White Plains. N. Y. MHf) VN. JAMES A. Bellaire Gardens. N. Y. BROWN, PHILLIP A. Gresham, S. C. RROWN, STE EN Columbia, S. C. BRUCE. BARBARA A. Columbia, S. C. BKUNSON. MA.MIE E. Sumter. S. C. BRYANT, JAMES E.. JR. Marion, S. C. BUCHANAN. JAMES M. Columbia. S. C. BUICE. JEANETTE D. Andrews. S. C. BUNTING. FRANCES L. Springfield. S. C. BURNETT. NOEL W. Columbia. S. C. BURNEY. GEORGIA L. GeorgetowTl. S. C. BURNS, MARION E. Laurens. S. C. BURNS. ROBIN A. Columbia, S. C. BUSH, CLARENCE R. Edgefield. S. C. BUTTERS. PATRICIA A. Falls Church. ' a. BVRD. JUDITH M. Columbia. S. C. BYRD. MARTHA M. Greenwood. S. C. CAIAMAS. JIMMY T. North Augusta. S. C. CALLAWAY. HILDRETH North Augusta. S. C. CALTRIDER. SHARON E. Columbia, S. C. CAMPBELL. THOMAS H. Lancaster, S. C. CARPENTER, NORMA J. Union, S. C. CARRAWAY. ALIVIA A. Salters. S. C. f:ARROLL. JEAN „ Columbia, S. C. CARSON, THO.MAS C. JR. Fruitland Park. Fla. CARSTEN. CY.NTHIA Cades. S. C. CARTER, BE ' ERLY A. Lexington. S. C. CARTER, CLEYBURN F. Florence, S. C. CARTER. JERRY Orangeburg, S. C. CASWELL. SHARON L. North Augusta, S. C. GATE. VASA W. Columbia, S. C. CAUGHMAN, ARCHIE L. Sumter, S. C. CAUGHMAN, THOMAS D. Lexington, S. C. CAUTHEN, SARAH C. Columbia, S. C. CAVE. JAMES M. Walterboro, S. C. CHALKER, JOHN P. San Jose, Costa Rica CHAMPY ' , AN.NIE P. Cameron, S. C. 278 CHERRY, JACK E. Columbia, S. C. CHESTNUT, ROBERT B. Columbia, S. C. CHIBBARO, AXTHONT J. Greenville, S. C. CLARK, CLYDE H., JR. Leesville, S. C. CLARK, PATRICIA S. Orangeburg, S. C. CLARK, ROBERT W. Greenville, S. C. CLARK, SUSAN E. Orangeburg, S. C. CLARKSON, BLANDING D., JR. Hartsville, S. C. CLAYTON, HOWARD VV. Lyman, S. C. CLIFTON, CHARLES L. Holly Hill, S.C. CLINTON, ROBERT L. Clover, S. C. CLYATT, CLARENCE, JR. Greenville, S. C. COHEN, HARRIET LOIS Columbia, S. C. COKER, PRIESTLEY C. Charleston, S. C. COLE, CAROLYN W. Columbia, S. C. COLEMAN, MARIANA M. Coronado, Calif. COLLINS. CHARLES R. Winnsboro, S. C. COLLINS, JERRY M. Winnsboro, S. C. COLLINS, LARRY PAUL Columbia, S. C. COLLINS, WILLIAM C Ware Shoals, S. C. COMER, DAVID B. Hickorv- Grove, N. C. COMMANDER, SARA G. Florence, S. C. COMPTON, B. RICHARD Columbia, S. C. CONE, AGNES D. Walterboro, S. C. CONE, JUDITH A. Ridge Spring, S. C. COOPER, NANCY K. Cohmibia, S. C. COOPER, T. MICHAEL West Columbia, S. C. CORDELL, PEGGY L. CORLEY, MALCOLM 0. " °° Columbia, S. C. CORN, LAUNA E. Spartanburg, S. C. COTTON, MARY M. Columbia, S. C. COUCH. VANDIVER M. Easley, S. C. COWAN, WILLIAM S. Charlotte, N. C. COWARD, LEON W., JR. Latta, S. C. COX. ANN B. COX, IRMA J. Conway, S. C. Hemingway. S. C. CRAWFORD, JEAN Greenville. S. C. CRAYTON, LOUISE H. Anderson. S. C. CRESWELL, RONALD E. Modoc, S. C. CREWS, JUDITH West Columbia, S. C. CROOKS, EMMIE E. Spartanburg. S. C. CROUCH, SANDRA B. Saluda, S. C. CROW, ROBERTA G. Spartanburg, S. C. CRUM, NELL R. Orangeburg, S. C. CRUMP, PRISCILLA Newberry, S. C. CUDD, JAMES M. Gaffney, S. C. CULLEN, BOBBY O. Jackson S C CUNNINGHAM, JAMIE E. ' ' ' Greenville, S. C. CUNNINGHAM, J. MILTON Greenwood, S. C. CURTIS, EDGAR Charlotte, N. C. CUTTS, JOHN A. Columbia, S. C. DANIEL, LAURA A. _ Columbia, S. C. DANTZLER, FAIREY B. EUoree, S.C. DARLING, KATHERI.N ' E Charlotte, N. C. SOPHOMORES mam SOPHOMORES DAVENPORT, PAULA L. DAVIS, ANDREW V., JR. ' Greenbelt, Md. UANIS, BILLIE A. Ni rth Augusta, S. C. DAVIS, CHARLES C. Columbia, S. C. UA IS, .MIRIAM K. St. George, S. C. DAVIS, RANDOLPH R. Greenwood, S. C. DEAN, WILLIAM G. Hyattsville, Md. DEER, ANGELA D. BejuCurl, S. C. DEESE, HAROLD C, JR. Ruby. S. C. DERRICK, JEAN D. Columbia, S. C. DERRICK, KAYE D. Chapin, S. C. DERRICK, JULIE L. Columbia, S. C. DICKSON. DAVID N. Fort Mill, S. C. DIGBY, MARGUERITE A. DOBBINS, DONALD L. Rock Hill, S. C. DOOLITTLE, JAY III Greer S. C DORMAN. HARRIETTE E. " ' Columbia, S. C. DOZIER, MICHAEL J. Columbia, S. C. DRAISEN, SAMU£L M. Anderson, S. C. DREW, WALTER B. Georgetown, S. C. DRUCKER, TOBIE M. Denmaik, S. C. DuBOSE, COIT M., JH. Sumter S C DuBOSE, EDWARD Columbia, S. C. DuBOSE, MARY A. Columbia, S. C. DUKES, WILLIA.M B. Columbia, S. C DUNCAN, LESTER E., JR. North Charles ' DUNCAN, SARA J. Valterb DURANT. MARGARET B. Durha EARCLE, ALICE A. Little Moimt.i EARLEY, JULIAN n ' Mn S C. S. C. N. C. s. c. s. c. EAST, BILLY R. Columbia, S. C. ECKARD, CHRISTINE C. Columbia, S. C. EDELSBURG, EVA H. EDENFIELD, WILLIAM V. ' ' Allendale, S. C. EDWARDS, JAMES A, H Columbia. S. C. EDWARDS, lAMES L. Rock Hill. S. C. EDWARDS. MARY V EIB, RICHARD A EK, CARL A. ELLIOTT. SARA I I ELLIS, MARGARET J. Col Johnston. S. C. Lake Charles, La. Bethxinc, S. C. ini, S. C. 1.1.1, S. C. ELLSWORTH, JOHN R. Col m.hi.i, S. C. ELMORE, WILLIAM D. Charlotte, N. C. ENGRAM, MARIANNE Columbia, S. C. ENTREKIN, GAINES John.ston, S. C. EPPS, JOHN J. HI Anderson, S. C. EPTING, RODNEY F. Prosperity, S. C. ESTRIDGE. LANNY ' B. Kershaw, S. C. EVANS, GEORGE C. Columbia, S. C. EVERETT, MELVIN R. Greenwood, S. C. EVETT, JACK B. Columbia, S. C. EWING, PHILIP C. Aiken, S. C. FALLAW, KENNETH M. Columbia, 5. C. FALLAW, WELDON F. Union, S. C. FARMER, CLAUDE S., JR. Balboa Heights, Canal Zone FARMER, MICHAEL K. Charleston, S. C. FEASTER, JOHN M. Columbia, S. C. FELTON, CHARLES, JR. Anderson, S. C. FIELDS. KENNETH J. Hinesville, Ga. FINCHER, WILLIAM P. Columbia, S. C. FISHBURNE, M. LYNN Atlanta, Ga. FISHBURNE, VIRGINIA Sumter, S. C. FISHER, ALBERT III Concord, N. C. FISHER, GEORGE W. Norfolk, Va. FITCH, DAISY P. Charlotte, N. C. FITTS, CHARLES T., JR. Columbia, S. C. FITZPATRICK, JAMES Scottsdale, Ariz. FLACK, MELVIN C. Lancaster, S. C. FLEMING, PEARCE W, Alexandria, Va. FLEMING, R. BEN Moncks Comer, S. C. FLETCHER, PENELOPE L. Aiken, S. C. FLITTER, JAMES B. Columbii , S.C. , S.C. , S. C. , S.C. FLOYD, ANTHONY R., JR. Columbii FLOYD, GARY C. FORD, JERRY C. Ill Camdei FORE, JONELL Myrtle Beach, S. C. FOSTER, ROBERT S. FOWLER, JOHNNY R. Spartanburg, S. C. FRANKLIN, ERNEST D. Columbia, S. C. FRANO, KENNETH J. Greenwich, Conn. FREEMAN, KAY FRETWELL, MARGARET Anderson, S. C. FRICK, FREIDA A. Lexington, S. C. FRICK, GEORGE D. Chapin, S. C. FRYE, NANCY J. Columbia, S. C. FULLER, JAMES W. Columbia, S. C. FUTRELL, BARBARA A. Cayce, S. C. GAILLARD. MICHAEL E. GreenvUle, S. C. GARICK, ARTHUR III Columbia, S. C. GARNER, JAMES B. Jonesville, S. C. GARNER, TED Lockhart, S. C. GATCH, WILLIAM D. North Charleston, S. C. GEDDIE, JOHN M., JR. Wilmington, N. C. GIBONEY, JANE T. Aiken, S. C. GIBSON, TOMMY C. Greenville, S. C. GILLAM, DAVID E. Orangeburg, S. C. GILMORE. WILLIAM H. Glendale, S. C. GILREATH, JAMES R. GIVENS, RONNIE M. Dorchester, S. C. GLASGOW, ETHEL J. Greenwood, S. C. GLENN, WILLIAM L., JR. Clinton, S. C. GODLEY, ROBERT L. Cayce, S. C. GOING, LINDA C. Columbia, S. C. GOODNIGHT, CYNTHIA Gastonia, N. C. GOODWIN, ANTHONY P. Conway, S. C. GORDON, JAMES A JR. Columbia, S. C. GORE, GREGORY V. Port Orange, Fla. GRAMLING, J. E. Ill Orangeburg, S. C. SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES C;HA ES. RICHARD, JR. Cr«-nvillc. S. C. CREEN ' E, WILLIAM H. Bi-niifort, S. C. GREER. NAN CAMPBELL Bi-llon, S. C. GREGG. PATRICIA E. SpartnnhurK. S. C. GRIFFIN. MARGARET E. Elloree. S. C. ;hiffith, c. Ornngcburjf, S, C. t;H()OKETT. MARGARET Nrplime, N. J. Gl ' V. WILLIAM B. Cohimhia, S. C. IIAAS, JANE C. Chester. S. C. IIAIGLER. LEWIS I. Winnsboro. S. C. MALFORD, JAKE H. Columbia. S. C. HALL. NANCY H. Dillon. S. C. IIAI.IIWANGER. SUSIE Columbia. S. C. IIAMHLHGER, K. PAT Columbia. S. C. IIAMM, DAN II 111 Prosperity. S. C. HANCOCK. TERRY M. Bishopville. S. C. HAND. AUDREY J. Gr.-enville, S. C. IIANKINS, ROSEMARY D. Columbia. S. C. Dillon. S.C, All.ndale. S. C. HARDY. MARY M. MARE, JERRY N. IIARKEN. JOHN A. Charleston, S. C. IIARRILL. JESSE III Summer ' ille S. C. HARRISON. WILHELMINA Spartantnirs. S. C. HARTLEY, MICHAEL O. Darlinuton, S. C. IIARSHAW, JAMES E. McConnells, S. C. HASELDEN, JANICE Columbia, S. C. HAYES, JAMES B. Lancaster, S. C. HAYES. PAMELA A. North Augusta, S. C. HAYES, PHILIP E. Green Sea, S. C. HAYGOOD, TOMMY B. Winnsboro, S. C. HAYNES. JOHNSIE E. Columbia. S. C. HAZELRIGG, CHARLENE Union. S. C. HAZZARD. RUTH Ilindman. K) . HEAPE, WOODROW D. Charleston. S. C. HEINITSH, ISABEL S. Columbia, S. C, HELLMAN. MAX B. Colonial Heights, Va. HENDERSON, TRUMAN. JR. Greer, S. C. HENDRICKS, CARL C. Beaufort, S. C. HERTWIG. EDWARD III Porterdalc, Ga. HICKS. EDWARD I. Aiken, S. C. HIERS. REBECCA A. Columbia. S. C. HIERS, THOMAS G. e. S. C. HK.HTOWER. EDGAR. JR. Denmark. S. C. 11 HI.. LEROY. JR. Norfolk. Va. HILTON. ANCRUM W.. JR. Ridgeville. S. C. HILTON, JACOB W.. JR. Charleston. S. C. HINNANT. RHETTA I. Columbia, S, C, HOCK. ANN M. Charleston, S. C. HOLLAND. JOYCE A. Columbia. S. C. IIOI.LEY. RONALD E. Hartsville. S. C. HOI. Lit FRANCES T. Benmttsvillc. S. C. HOOK. JAMES L., JR. Columbia, S. C. HOOPER, NAN S. Greenville, S. C. HOPKINS, SANDRA J. Florence, S. C. 282 HOPPER, DON T HORNSBY, JAMES L HORTON, JOE N Columbia, S. C. Inrio, S. C. Fairfax, S. C. HORTON, MELVIN C. Cowpeos, S. C. HOUSE, RAYMOND F, Williston, S. C. HOWARD, JAMES R. Columbia, S. C. HOWARD, JOHN E. Moncks Comer, S. C. HOWE, BELLE B. Charleston, S. C. HUCKS, WILLIE H. Sumter, S. C HUGGINS, JASPER L. Mullins, S. C. HUGHES, HELEN S. Columbia, S. C. HUGHEY, MARGARET K. Greenville, S. C. HUNEYCUTT, JEAN M. Charlotte, N. C. HUNT, DONALD W. GafFney, S. C. HUTCHINSON, JUDY F. Cayce, S. C. HYATT, LARRY R, West Columbia, S. C. HLMAN, KITTRELL. JR. Pamplico, S. C. INABINET, CORNELIA F. Ft. Motte, S. C. INFINGER, SANDRA C. Charleston, S. C. INMAN, SUSAN E. JACKSON, CLARE A. Fort Mill, S. C. JACKSON, HENRY L., JR. Stateburg, S. C. JAMES, CHARLES III Suitland, Md. JAMES, MARION M. Latta, S. C. JAMES, WILLIAM C, JR. Sumter, S. C. JANTZEN, MAY F. Charleston, S. C. JEFFORDS, SCOTTIE J. Darlington, S. C. JERNIGAN, ROBERT, JR. Columbia, S. C. JERNIGAN, RUSSELL Clio, S. C. JEWELL, EDWARD K. e, S. C. JOHNSON, ANN V. Cayce, S. C. JOHNSON, DAVIDSON M. Columbia, S. C. JOHNSON, JOE S. Clover, S. C. JOHNSON, MARJORIE L. Sumter, S. C. JOHNSON, SANDRA J. Batesburg, S. C. JONES, CAROLE L. Columbia, S. C. JONES, FREDERICK K. Ft. Bragg, N. C. JONES, GEORGE L. Newberry, S. C. JONES, GERALD S. Aiken, S. C. JONES, JO ANN Spartanburg, S. C. JONES, LYNN T., JR. Columbia, S. C. JONES, ROBERT O. Columbia, S. C. JORDAN, JAMES H. Charlotte, N. C. JULIAN, CAROLYN J. Anderson, S. C. KEARNS, MARY L. Beaufort, S. C. KEEBLER, RAYMOND E. Myrtle Beach, S. C. KELBAUGH, CYNTHIA A. Columbia, S. C. KENDRICK, ANN L. Columbia, S. C. S. C. KENNERLY, ANNE KERR, CAROLE I. Columbia, S. C. KIBLER, MICHAEL III Columbia, S. C. KICKLIGHTER, WARREN Savannah, Ga. KILGORE, CAREY R. Ill Bishopville, S. C. KILLEN, JERRY L. Columbia, S. C. SOPHOMORES 283 SOPHOMORES KlI.Slll ' .IMKM, LINDA M. WashinKton. D. C. KIWEV. KHANCIS. JR. Charleston, S. C. KIRKPATIUCK, DAVID Suitlnnd, Mtl. KinVEN. WILLIAM E. Lancaster. S. C. KMC;ilT. FRANCIS W. Aiken. S. C. KOHN. KICilARD E.. JR. Greenville, S. C. KOOLKIN, RUTH E. New York, N. Y. KREN ' CESKI, JAMES A. Lowville, N. Y. KUBITZ, WILLIAM E. Marion, S. ( KUTA. MARY ANN ' Cayce, S. C. LABORDE. HARRIET V. Columbia, S. C. LAMB, ROBERT E. Cross Anchor, S.C. LANCASTER, BRENDA J. Columhia, S. C. LANDRETII, ROBERT G. C-.reniville, S. C. LANGFORD. ANNE E. Rlythewood, S. C. LANGLEY, JOHN R. North AuKusIa, S. C LATHROP, PATRICIA A. Hampton, S. C. nhia, S. C. LAVENDER, E. GHAUNCEY II LAW. EDWARD H. Ill SpartanlnirK, S. C. LEAPHART. SANDRA L. LexinKton, S. C. LEE, HENRY J. Charleston, S. C. LEMLY, JOHN A. Rock Hill, S. C. LENGNICK, EMILIE G. Beaufurl, S. C. LESTER, JOHN R. Flo L ' lice S. C. r ' iew, S. C. nhia, S. C. LEWIS, WILLIAM T. Lake LINDLER, GLENDA L. Colui LITTELL. LEI AND E. Moncks Comer, S. C. LITTLETON. BRYCE, JR. Mt. Sterling, Ky. I.OGUE. JOHN F. Colli LONG, ANNA L. C LORICK, CONNIE L. LOTT, CAYE H. Cnlumbit nbia, S, C. nhia. S. C. nbia, S.C. .S.C. LOVELACE. STEPHEN P. Spartanburg, S. C. LUCANSKY, TERRY W. Massillon, Ohio LUMPKIN, ALVA G. Rock Hill, S.C. LYNN. MARY E. MACK, PATRICIA E. Cohnnhis .S.C. .S.C. MACKEY. DANIEL B. II Camden. S. C. MACY. JAMES D. Hopwell Junction. N. Y. MANGUM. SARA I. Lancaster. S. C. MANN, THOMAS C. Columbia, S. C. MANNING. JO ANN Calhnini Falls. S. C. MAKKLEY. RICHARD M. Camden, S. C. MARTIN, GEAN W. Charleston, S. C. MARTIN. KATHARINE G. Columhia. S. C. MARTIN. MARGARET Charlotte. N. C. MARTIN. WILMONT. JR. Winnsboro. S. C. MARTINASCO. PETER MASON. BARRIE H Dun nt. N. J. Aiken. S. C. MASSENGALE, JIMMY E. Rock Hill, S. C. MASTERS, ELIZABETH L. Columbia, S. C. MATIIIS. MOZELLE Edgefield. S. C. MAUER. PETER D. Matawan. N. J. MAXWELL, PAUL E. Johnston, S. C. McCARTHAN, JACK Columbia, S. C. McCAHTY, LARRY H. Leesville, S. C. MeCOY, LELAND B. Union, S. C. McCOY, BILLY H. Greenwood, S. C. McDonald, carolyn a. Coluii bill, S C. McELVEEN, JAMES A. Olantn, S. C. McEWEN, GEORGE B. Sumter, S. C. McFADDIN, WILTON R. Gable, S. C. McGRAW, SUSAN A. Ft. BenninK, Ga. McILWAIN, WILLIAM L. Lancaster, S. C. McINNIS, DAVID M. Clio. S. C. McINTOSH. LYDIA O. Barnwell. S. C. McINTOSH, SAMUEL E. Kingstree, S. C. McKAY. RAYMOND E.. JR. Col.-.nibia, S. C. McKENZIE, MOLLIE O. Columbia McLaughlin, r. h. Colin, ibi McLEOD. LYLES E. Fl. S. C. s. c. s.c. McMANUS, PATRICIA A. Columbia. S. C. MEETZE, LORETTA G. Columbia, S. C MELZFR, WILLIAM J. Patchogus, N. Y. MEWBORN. MICHAEL D. Columbia, S. C. MILES, MARGARET A. Columbia, S. C. MILHOUS, URBAN G. Denmark, S. O. MILTON, CHARLES, JR. Charlotte. N. C. MINUS, JUDITH E. Charleston, S. C. MITCHELL, DONNA R. Bessemer City. N. C. MITCHUM, BILLY E. Columbia, S. C. MIXON, JAMES W., JR. Cheraw. S.C. MOODY. LINDA L. Columbia, S. C. MOORE. CHERI A. North Augusta. S. C. MOORE, ROBERT L. Ill Weilesley, Mass. MORGAN, BETTY A. Spartanburg, S. C. MORRIS. DON M. Great Falls, S. C. MORRIS, JAMES R. Georgetown, S. C. MORRIS, WAYLAND, jR. C.mcora, N. C. MORRISON, D. RUSH North Augusta, S. C. MOSELEY, NELLIE L. Orangeburg, S. C. MOSES. PERRY Sumter, S. C. MOSES, SARA M. Sumter, S. C. MOTHERSHED. J. T., j«. Kershaw, S. C. MULLENIX, GLENN T. Barnwell, S. C. Anderson, S. C. MUNN, DORIS C. MUNN, LINDA S. Columbia, S. C. MURPHY, WILLIAM G. Hone.i Path, S. C. MYERS, DENNIS M. Upper Darby, Pa. MYERS, JERRY E. Greenville, S. C. NELSON, CAROLYN W. Columbia. S. C. NESBIT. MARllIA H. Columbia. S. C. NESBIT, WILLIAM B. Columbia, S. C. NESEWICH, FAYE Columbia, S. C. NEVILLE, ARIHUR, JR. Columbia, S. C. NEWELL, SARAH A. Johnsonville, S. C. NEWMAN, MARY A. Greenwood, S.C. SOPHOMORES 285 dkHk , I f SOPHOMORES NICHOI . HENRIETTA Camiirn, S. C. MXON, KENNETH E. Belmont, N. C. NORTON ' . ROBERT E. Aiken, S. C. OHARA, GERALD P. North Augusta, S. C. ONEAL, MARY C. Columbus, Ga. OHH. CHARLOTTE E. North Augusta, S. C. OTT, FUHMAN E., JR. Laurens, S. C. OTT, SUSAN F. Columbia, S. C. OUTLAW. WILSON T.. JR. Florence. S. C. OWEN, THOMAS G. Blacksburg, S. C. OWENS, PATRICIA SprinRfield, S. C. PACK, RICHARD Barnwell, S. C. PACK, WILLIAM R. PAGE, BARBARA H. PANTSARI, ERIC W Sumter, S. C. Miami, Fla. Garwood. N. J. PARKER, GERALD S. Lancaster, S. C, PARRIS, JACES W. Gaffney, S. C. PARRISH, C. R, III Cayce. S. C. PARROTT. ROBEIRT C. Greenwood, S. C. PARSONS, FIONA N. Hemingway, S. C. PASCHAL, CAROLYN L. Georgetown, S. C. PATRICK, GEORGE D. Clover, S.C. PATTERSON, JOHN L. Bishopville, S. C. PAYTON, RICHARD A. Aiken, S. C. PEDEN, PATRICIA E. Greenville, S. C. PEIGLER, JAMES B.. JR. GreenvUle. S. C. PETTIT, WAYNE A. Liberty. S. C. PETTY, CARL A. Barnwell. S. C. PHILLIPS, IIMMY L. Nichols, .S. C. PILCHER, JOHN D., JR. Rock Hill. S. C. PITTS, ABTHUR S. North Augusta. S. C. PLATT. EUGENE R. Charleston. S. C. PODELL. JAMES F. Denham. Ind. POLLARD. MARY ANN Cayce, S. C. POOLE. CATHERINE J. Swansea S C POPE, CLAUDE D.. JR. Statesville, N. C. POKTH, ANTHONY N., JR. Lexington, S. C. FORTH, MARGARET L. West Columbia, S.C. POTTER, THOMAS L. Camden, Del. POULOS, BASILIOS N. Columbia, S. C. PREACHER. ABNER, JR. Allendale, S. C. PRICE, HOUSTON M. Gilbert, S. C. PRITCHARD, JULIA H. Charleston, S. C. QUINN, TIMOTHY G. Loris, S. C. RABON, FURMAN E. Camden, S. C. RABON, THOMAS A. Lugoff, S. C. RADFORD, EDYTHE R. Fingerville, S. C. RAMSEY. ALBERT R.. JR. Monetta, S. C. RAST. DOROTHY D. Cameron, S. C. RAWL. JAMES A.. JR. Laurens S C RAWL. THOMAS H. Ill Lexington. S. C. RAWLS, D. SULLIVAN Pelion, S. C. REAMES, THOMAS R. Johnston, S. C. REDDING, EKHLY S. Bennettsville, S. C. 286 REED, JO ELLEN REED, JOHN P. REED, TOMMY G. REID, LUDIE C. RHEA, JOHN K. Columbia, S. C. Barnwell, S. C. Williston, S. C. Columbia, S. C. Charleston, S. C. RICHARD, KENNETH R. West Nyack, N. Y. RICHARDS, PETE Columbia, S. C. RICHARDSON, PATRICIA S. Spartanburg, S. C. RICHDALE, ROBERT V. Famiingdale, N. Y. RICHTER, MARION J. Greenwood, S. C. RICKENBAKER, DAVID Summerville, S. C. HILEV, EDWIN E., JR. Columbia, S. C. RISH. WYMAN M. West Col- RISINGER, LARRY D S. C. Cayce, S. C. Cayce, S. C. Florence, S. C. RISINGER, VIRGIL D ROE, ANN E. ROGERS, NANCY E Fort Mill, S. C. ROGERS. WILLIAM A., JR Marion, S. C. ROSEN, BONNIE B. Orangeburg, S. C. ROSS, MIRIAM V. Charleston, S. C. ROSS, PINCKNEY M., JR. Aiken, S. C. ROTH, DAVID R. Pittsburgh, Pa. ROTHBERG, SANDRA E. Columbia, S. C. ROUSSEAU, JOHN O. Orangeburg, S. C. ROWLAND, CLAYTON R. Batesburg, S. C. RUSH, CAROLL H. Olanta, S. C. RUSH, WILLIAM J. Greenwood, S. C. SALLEY, BARBARA J. S alley, S. C. SANDERS, ALSON C. Leesville, S. C. SANDERS, LAURA A. Allendale, S. C. SANDERS, LINDA A. North Augusta, S. C. SANDERS, RALPH T., JR. Moncks Comer, S. C. SANDERS, WANDA J. Clearwater, S. C. SANDS, RICHARD B. Rock Hill, S. C. SARVIS, PATRICIA H. Nichols, S. C. SCARBOROUGH, MARIE Sumter. S. C. SCHEIN, STANLEY E. Beaufort. S. C. SCHUMPERT. F. L. McCormick, S. C. SCHWAB, RICHARD A. Columbia, S. C. SCOTT, JANICE G. Greenwood, S. C. SEAY, ROY H., JR. North Charleston, S. C. SEEHUSEN, ROBERT K. Rye, N. Y. SHARPE, HOYT R. Blythewood, S. C. SHAW, JOSEPH B., JR. Georgetown, S. C. SHAW, WILLIAM A. Ill Kershaw, S. C. SHEALY, ALLEN Prosperity, S. C. SHEALY, PHILLIP T. Columbia, S. C. SHELLEY, THOMAS, JR. Aynor, S. C. SHERRILL, ALBERT D. Rock Hill, S. C. SHULER, DWIGHT M. Santee, S. C. SIMONS, CHARLES III Aiken, S. C. SINGLETON, ROBERT E. M -rtle Beach, S. C. SIRES, NORMAN G., JR. Charleston, S. C. SKIPPER, BLENDA F. West Columbia, S. C. SOPHOMORES 287 kdk SOPHOMORES SLAY. SUE V. Chiirlt-slim Heights, S. C. SLEEPEK. ELISA C. Charleston, S. C. SLOTNICK, STEWAHT E. Conway, S. C. SMITH. DAVID R. New Zion S C SNHTH. ENHLY J. C aston, S. C. S.NHTH, GARY P. Newberry, S. C. •ille, S. C. ■ille, S. C. Springs, S. C. S.VHTH, JAMES H. G S.MITH. RO.VALD W, G SMITH. TllO.MAS G. C:ienn SMOAK, JEANETTE G. YonRes Island, S. C. SORRELL. GILBERT G. Caycc, S. C. SPARKS, FRANK B. Union, S. C. SPHADLEY. NANCY J. Columbia, S. C. SQUIRES. JANE W. Columbia, S. C. STARNES, JOHN W. Rock Hill, S. C. STEELE, ROBERT G. Columbia, S. C. STEEN, DONNA M. Newark, Del. STEUDEL. EDWARD. ]H. Philadelphia. Pa. ST. JOHN, ROBERT V. Aiken, S. C. STOCKS, ELLEN A. Columbia, S. C. ST0C;NER. BONNIE A. Kershaw, S. C. STOKES. SARA M. B.lmwcll, S. C. STOLTZ. CATHERINE A. Columbus, Ca. STRADLEY. DAVID Columbia. S. C. STRICKLAND. JUDY E. STROMAN, RALPH P. Greer, S. C. Gaston, S. C. SULLIVAN ' . CAROLINE Columbia, S. C. SULLIVAN, GEORGE P. Anderson, S. C. SUTHERLAND. LAWRENCE D. Belton, S. C. SWAIN, ARTHUR L. Campobcllo, S. C. SWINK. SA.NDRA S. Gaffney, S. C. TALBOT, JOHN J., JR. Columbia, S. C. TAYLOR. DAVID N. Johnsonvillc, S. C. TAYLOR, JOHNNIE L. St. Matthews, S. C. TAYLOR. MARIE D. Columbia, S. C. TAYLOR. MARY E. Spart.inburg. S. C. TAYLOR. ROBERT G. Columbia. S. C. TAYLOR, TANYA Cayce. S. C. TEAGUE, NORAH TEDDER, ANTHONY V " Bishopville, S. C. THAMES. JOHN E. Manning, S. C. THOMAS. AARON. JR. Woodruff, S. C. THOMASON, GEORGE W. Greenwood. S. C. THOMPSON. CHARLES H. Holl ood, S. C. THOMPSON, EDNA C. Johnston, S. C ITMMONS, CUBA A. VVinnsboro, S. C. TISDALE, JAMES S. Andrews, S. C, TOLLISON. ALFRED. JR. Marion, S. C. TOMLINSON, JANE E. Lancaster. S. C. TRAXLER. WILLIAM L. Hock Hill. S. C. THISLER. ROBERT A. Columbus, Ind. TRUETT, BRENDA S. Newberry, S. C. TURBEVILLE. JAMES R. Florence. S. C. TURBEVILLE, EDWARD E.. JR. Turbeville, S. C. 2N ULMER, BECKY S. St. George, S. C. VALTOUSE, PATRICIA Columbia, S. C, VAUGHN, GILBERT R, Rock Hill, S. C. VAUGHT, EUGENE P., JR. A Tior, S. C. VINSON, KENNETH H. Union, S. C. WADDELL, JAMES M. Spartanburg, S. C. WADE, LLOYD R., JR. Charleston Heights, S. C. WALDROP, HARRY L., JR. Piedmont, S. C. WALKER, DEBORAH C, Aiken, S. C. WALKER, ROBERT E. Landrum, S. C. WALLACE, JEAN C. Columbia, S. C. WALTER, SARAH J. Bamberg, S. C. WALTER. STEPHEN B. Bamberg, S. C. WARDLAW, CHARLES V. Whitmire, S. C. WARREN. PETER M. Toronto, Ontario, Canada WATFORD, CHARLES H. Columbia, S. C. WATKINS, THOMAS E. Anderson, S. C. WATSON. JERRY L. Hartsville, S. C. WATTS, CHARLES W. Sumter, S. C. WEATHERS. KATHY A. Spartanburg, S. C. WEBB, CAROLYN V. Columbia, S. C. WEBB, LINDLEY H. Cayce, S. C. WELCH, JUDITH Spartanburg, S. C. WESSINGER, MARIE E. Spartanburg. S. C. WESSINGER. V. R., JR. Columbia, S. C. WEST, EDDIE C, JR. Hannah, S. C. WEST, NORMAN J. Wellford, S. C. WEST, WILLIAM M. West Columbia, S. C. WESTALL, J. S. Columbia, S. C. WHITAKER, FRANCES S. Columbia, S. C. HITE, CARL A., JR. Marion, S. C. W HITE, CHARLES A. Columbia, S. C. WHITLOCK, VIRGINIA Spartanburg, S. C. WHITSON, BETTY L. Greenville, S. C. WIATT, DIANE C. Mobile, Ala. WILDER, MARY A. Aiken, S. C. WILKINSON, JANET P. Sumter, S. C. WILLARD, MARY LOU Columbia, S. C. W ILLIAMS, DONNA J. Easley, S. C. WILLIAMS, JOHN Z. Ft. Knox, Ky. WILLIAMS, PATRICIA Charleston, S. C. WILSON, CLARK J. Columbia, S. C. WILSON, GEORGE T. Greenville, S. C. WILSON, SALLY A. Decatur, Ga. WILSON, TOODLI WILSON, WENDELL M. Taylors, S. C. WINDHAM, EFFORD H. Lamar, S. C. WINE, JOHN W. York, S. C. WINGARD, MARY R. Columbia, S. C. WINSLOW, HOWARD S. Greenville, S. C. WINTER, ELIZABETH P. Aiken S C WOLCOTT, JOAN B. ' ' ' Asheville, N. C. WOLFE, FLORENCE A. Columbia, S. C. WOOD, SARAH L. Saluda, S. C. SOPHOMORES 289 SOPHOMORES C ' .n WOOn, SHIKLEY J. WOOD, WILLAKD A Wi-st Culumkia, S WOOD. WILLIAM L. SparlanburK. S WOOnBURY, MARION E. Nichols. S WOODS, RICHARD S. Manning, S WHKW, CARTER B., JR. Ruck Hill, S W HK;m . UA II) R. Binnin U)an), i WUNDER, PHIL C. Colvunbia, S WYATT, MARCIA M. C;ri-.nvillc-, S YARBOROUGH, ELLI.S E. Mudisun, N YAKBROUGH, WILLIAM Charh-stiin, S YONCE, Rl ' BIE 11. Johnston, S YOUNG, BARBARA A. Columhia, S YOUNG, CAROLYN J. Atlanta, Ga. YOUNG, FLORENCE E. Columbia, S YOUNG, RAYMOND B. Columbia, S YOUNGBLOOD. JOY E. Bi-aufort, S. C YOUNT, JOHN M. Newton, N. C, ZATCOFF, ALLAN Colonial Heights, Va. ZEPKE, BARRY G. Haddonfield, N. J. ZIMMERMAN, S. H. Ill Greenwood, S. C. ZURLO, PRECIOUS L. West Columbia, S. C. The barber shop, origin of crew-cuts, flat-tops, and butch cuts, liclps promote the good grooming habits at Carohna. I B9D FRESHMEN Addison, Henderson, Pliinkett, Davis. BOB PLUNKETT President DUB DAVIS Vice-President RUTHIE HENDERSON .... Secretary BLAND ADDISON Treasurer FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS IMflliLt , FRESHMEN AAHON, WILLIAM C. ABERCROMBIE, ROSa ' e " " ' " ' ADAMS, GILBERT r ' " " " " " - ' - ■ ADAMS. WILLIAM c: " ,T " ' ' ' ' - ADDISON. WILLIAM P " " " ' ' «■ ADKINS, PAUL O. " ' " " ' ' ' ' ' ' ' S- C. Columbia. S. C. ALDERMAN, JOSEPH. JR ALEXANDER, MAfe r " - ' - - l.lON. SANDRA J Z ' ' " ' - ' " " ' ' . N- C, ALLEN. THOMAS E? ' m " ' " " ' - ■ ALLSBROOK. BETTy c ' " " ' " " ' • ALMON. ALLISON j, ' ™ ' ' ™ ' C- Spartanburg. S. C. A MICK, LINDA N. ANDERSON, ARDITh " s " " ' " ' ' ' ' ' • ANDERSON, BARBARaT ' " " ' ' ■ ANDERSON, BERT f " ' " ' " ' " ' •. S. C. ANDERSON. SUSAN I " " " " " " ' ' . Ga. ANGLIN. MANERED h " ' " ' " ' ' ' ' - • Columbia, S. C. ANTHONY, TIMOTHY H. ANTLEY, PHILIP j. " r " ' ' " ' -. S. C. ARCHER, JILL T. ■ " ' " " ' ' ■ ' . S. C. ARLEDGE, ELBERTf JR. " ' ' " ' ' - =■ ATKINSON. JAMES V. ' ' ' ' " - - ■ AVINGER. IRENE a " ' " ' " ' ' ' " . S. C. Vance, S. C. AVER, WILLIE D. Columbia, S. C. BACOT, SARA E. BAGGOTT, Patricia " ' " " ' ' " " ' - • BAGWELL. RONALD " l " " ' " " ' - ■ BAINES, LARRY p. J° ' ' °n. S. C. Gaffney, S. C. BAIR, ANDREW L. BAKER, JAMES W. BAKER, LOUIS H. ■Vortb, S. C. Bethune, S. C. Augusta, Ga. = Beach. S. C. BAKER, REATHA V. BAKER, Sharon ' " BAKER. IRGINIA % " ' ' ' " ' " - «• C BALTHAZER. JOSEpS ' e " ' " ' ' ' - ■=■ Rock Hill, S. C. BARBEE, HELEN H. BARFIELD, ANNA p " ' " ™ ' " ' " - «■ C. BARGER. MARTHA ° ' ' " " ' " ' ' «■ C. BARKER, GARY a. ' ' " ' ' ' " " ' =■ BARKER. RONALD b. " ' " " " ' ' ' - f ' BARNETT. MAEBELLe " ' " ' " ' ' ' - - Folly Beach, S. C. BARNHILL. THOMAS C. BARRETT, LARRY j " ' " " - " " ' «• C FARRIE, MARGAHET ' e; ' ' ' " " ' ' - - BARRINGTON. RUDoLph " " ' ' ' • ' ' • BARRON, PORTER G. ' ' ° ' - BASS, BRENDAK. C° ' ' " " ' ' i«. «■ C. Cayce, S. C. BAXTER, SHIRLEY M. BEASLEY, H0RACE,°J " " ' ' - ' - - Cayce, S. C. BEASON, DIANA L. Greer, S. C. BECKEL, ELVA K. Norfollc, Va. EELEOS, KATHERINE G. Camden. S. C. GreenvUIe, S. C. PELL, JUDY K. f w t FRESHMEN BKLVIN. JAMES P., JR. AuRusta, Ga. BENEDICT. ANDHEW H. Spartanbure. S. C. BENNETT, BARBARA J. Columbia, S. C. BENNETT, JAMES G. Grci-nvillc, S. C. BENTON, JAMES D. RuHin, S. C. BERRY, HENRY R. Sarasota, Fla, BERRY, LEONARD E., JR. Aiken, S. C. BERRY, LINDA L. Swansea S C BtTRRY, WILLIAM F. Columbia, S. C. BLACKMON, SARA J. Mounlville, S. C. BLAIR, RACHEL M. Niishville, Tenn. BLANKENSHIP, SAMUEL Waldorf, Md. BLANTON, RAYMOND E. SpartanburR, S. C. BLEASE, CONNIE D. Saluda, S. C. BLEICK, ELIZABETH L. Cliveland. Ohio BLE IN. CHARLES P. North Charleston. S. C. BLOOM. HOWARD M. Richmond. Va. BOLLINGER, MARY E. Columbia, S. C. BOLT, CARMETA A. Columbia. S. C. BONNER, DAVIS R. Columbia. S. C. BONNOITT, HUGH E., JR. Charleston. S. C. BOURNE. JAMES T. Conway. S. C. BOWERS. BARBARA E. Ne ' berrv. S. C. BOWLING. HERBERT L. Elloree. S. C. BOWLING. LEETA E BOYD. JERI L BOYD. LARRY S. BOYD, MARION S BOYS. MARY C. ■. s. c. Taylors. S. C. Allendale. S. C. AuRusta, Ga. Tuxedo. S. C. BRANDON. PEGGY A. Clover. S. C. BRANHAM. ERNEST. JR. Columbia, S. C. BREAZEALE. EDWIN T. Pickens S C DKEWINGTON. BONNIE Allendale, S. C. BRIDGES, GERALD B. Gaffney. S. C. BRIGHT. JERALD E. Columbia. S. C. BHrni c;iiAM. judith Lewes, Del. BROCK. GENE C. Spartanburg. S. C. BROOME. GLANDON C. Lockhart, S. C. BROUGHTON, MARION A. Columbia, S. C. BROWDER, FREDDIE A. West Columbia. S. C. BROWN, CHARLES B.. JR. Columbia, S. C. BROWN. FRANCIS D. Windsor, S. C. BROWN. JOIINNT R. Sycamore, S. C. BROWN. MARGARET L. Camden. S. C. BROW.N. ROBERT A. BROWN. ROBERT R.. JR. Winnsboro. S. C. BROWNLEE. SYLVIA K. BRUNER. ROBERT N. HI Newberry. S. C. BRYAN, JOHN M. Columbia. S. C. BRYANT, FRANKLIN S. Marion, S. C. BRYSON, BERNARD F. Columbia, S. C. BUFF, SYLVIA K. Lexington, S. C. BUGGEL, ROBERT F. Columbia, S. C. BURGER. HARRY F. Allendale, S. C. BURLINGTON, KAY E. Orangeburg, S. C. BURNS, ROBERT EDGAR Moore Haven, Fla. BURRUS, GEORGE B. Columbia, S. C. BURTON, EMORY GWINN Iva, S. C. BUSH, THOMAS E., JR. GreeiivUle, S. C. BUTLER, MARY T. St. George, S. C. BUZUN, RICHARD C. Saueus, Mass. BYRNE, BRUCE L. Woodcliff Lake, N. J. CAIN, DOLFO ]. Orangeburg, S. C. CALHOON, WILLIAM, JR. Humniclstown, Pa. CALLAHAN, MICHAEL E. Columbia, S. C. CAPERS, EDWARD A., JR. Darlington, S. C. CAPERS, MARY F. SUE LaGrange, Ga. CAPLINGER, GLORIA M. Sumter, S. C. CARAWAY, JOENE E. Cayce, S. C. CARTER, lOLS ANN Faith, N. C. CARTER, JEAN ANN I lorcnce, S. C. CARTER, JOE M., JR. Lexington, S. C. CARTER, MARGARET S. Columbia, S. C. CATANEO, MARY ANN K. Columbia, S. C. CATOE, PEGGY ANNE Jefferson, S. C. CHAPMAN, ROBERT E. Columbia, S. C. CHAPPELL, SARAH J. Jenkinsville, S. C. CHEEKS, HAROLD PAUL Miami, Fla. CHRISTIE. RICHARD L. Denmark, S. C. CHRISTMAS, BOBBI Columbia, S. C. CHRISTMUS, BONNIE E. Columbia, S. C. CLANTON, CHARLES I. Barnwell, S. C. CLARK, ELIZABETH F. Charleston, S. C. CLARK, JOHN M. Lancaster, S. C. CLASEN, JOHN S. Miami, Fla. CLAUSEN, WAYNE N. Rochester, N. Y. CLAYTON, MICHAEL V. Greer, S. C. CLEGG, BARNEY K. West Columbia, S. C. CLIATT, KENNETH M. Columbia, S. C. CLINKSCALES, MARTHA Pickens, S. C. CLOYD, MARGARET P. Columbia, S. C. COBB, JOSEPH W. Hodges, S. C. COGGESHALL, WILLIAM Darlington, S. C. COLE, CLARENCE A., JR. Columbia, S. C. COLE, MIRIAM P. Rcdlands, Calif. COLEMAN, RICHARD L. Columbia, S. C. COLLINS, ALEXANDER Fairmont, N. C. COLLINS, EDWARD B. Batesburg, S. C. COLLINS, EUGENE, JR. Columbia, S. C. COLLINS. PATRICIA A. Aiken, S. C. COLLINS. RONALD L. Columbia, S. C. COLLINS, THELBERT J. Nichols, S. C. CONATY, WILLIAM B. Wilmington, Del. CONE, P. FRANK Orangeburg, S. C. COOKE, THOMAS A. Hamlet, N. C. COOLIDGE, CONRAD F. Hollvwood, S. C. COOPER, JAMES R. Burlington, N. C. FRESHMEN 295 FRESHMEN COPELAN ' D, MARSHALL Kershaw, S. C. COPP. GLENN A. K. Ill Calion, Ohio CORBETT, KAROL L. Lecsvillc, S. C. CORLEY, FRANCIS R. Lexington, S. C. COTHRAN, JAMES V. Bishopvillc, S. C. COUNTS. BHENDA J. Littli- Mountain, S. C. COUNTS, JAKE S. Prosperity, S. C. COUSINS, BRENDA N. Newberry, S. C. COUTU, DANIEL P. CeorgctowTi, S. C. COWARD, CLIFF E. Conway, S. C. COX, ANA ETA COX. DAVID C. COX. MARTH H. COX, SARAH R. titer, S. C. ,ille, S. C. Tryon, N. C. Columbia, S. C. COX, WILLIAM S. Spartanburg. S. C. CRANE, MARIANNE Spartanburg, S. C. CRAPPS. BRENDA R. Kinards. S. C. CRAWFORD, JOSEPH. JR. Spartanburg. S. C. CRENSHAW. MARY R. Columbia. S. C. CROSBY. JOYCE M. Cottageville. S. C. CROUCH, TINCIE E. Hartsville, S. C. CROWDER, SUSAN H. Charlotte, N. C. CULKIN, EUGENE J.. JTl. Irvington. N. J. CULLER. JAMES W. North. S. C. CURLEE. THOMAS H.. JR. Orangeburg. S C. CURRAN. JAMES S. DANIELS. CARL F. ' " " ' " ■ Conway, S. C. DARDEN, ARTHUR C. JR. Hiileywil-.-. S. C. DAliLI.NG, DENNIS A. Burliugtoi:, N, C. DAVIDSON, JOHN W. Darhngto Columbii Clintui , S.C. , s. c. , S.C. , S. c. DAVIS, CHARLES S DAVIS, DENNIS S. DAVIS, FRANCIS E Col DAVIS, FRED U., JR. Chaileiton, S. C DAVIS, HARRY A. Oranjjeburc, S. C DAVIS, JERRY W. Ware Shoals. S. C DAVIS, JOSEPH M DAVIS, JUDY A DAVIS, LANNY C DAVIS, STANLEY W West Col DAVIS, TEDDY M Greer, S. C. Orangcbuig, S. C. Camden, S. C. lia, S. C. DAVIS, WILLIAM J. iiupohs, N. C. Winnsboro, S. C. DEASON, BARBARA L. Mathews, N. C. DELOACH, GEORGE, JR. Columbia, S. C. DENHAM, .MARY C. Columbia, S. C. DENT, MARGARET L. Columbia, S. C. DENT, VIRGINIA K. Columbia, S. C. DERR, JOHN M. Ill Gastonia, N. C. DERRICK. MILDRED J. Columbia, S. C. DICKERSON. DARLENE Lexington, S. C. DILL, DEMERIS J. Spartanburg, S. C. DILLARD, PATRICIA A. Caycc S C " DIMMERY, DON S. ' ' ' Columbia, S. C. DIVENERE, PETER L. New Canaan, Conn. y- f- i mi ; i i DIXON ' , BOBBIE F. Bamwell, S. C. DIXON, RICHARD J. Sumter, S. C. DOMINICK, GUY VV., JR. Wi-st Columbia, S. C. DORITY, THOMAS E. Charleston, S. C. DOTTER, CAROL H. Columbia, S. C. DOUGLASS, W. F., JR. Columbia, S. C. DRAKE, FRANKIE C. Columbia, S. C. DRAYTON, MOLLY Charleston, S. C. DRIGGERS, LIWVOOD H. Lake City, S. C. DUBUC, RUSSELL G. Rock Hill, S. C. DUKES, ROBERT F. Turbcville, S. C. DUNN, STEVE Rock Hill, S. C. DURDEN, GEORGE C. St. George, S. C. DUTTON, CATHERINE N. Columbia, S. C. DYSON, SARAH A. Columbia, S. C. EADDY, WILLIAM F. Pamplico, S. C. EASLER, TALLEY A., JR. Columbia, S. C. EASTMAN, ERIC E. Hopkins, S. C. EASTMAN, THYRA J. Charlotte, N. C. EDWARDS, HAROLD R. Saluda, S. C. EDWARDS, ROBERT E. Hartsville, S. C. ELDRIDGE, ROBERT B. Rock Hill, S.C. ELEAZER, H. B. Inmo, S. C. ELIAS, HENRY P. Spartanburg, S. C. ELLING, GINERVA K. Penn Yan, N. Y. ELLINGTON, P. W., JR. Columbia, S. C. ELROD, ROBERT V. Greer. S. C. ENECKS, ELIZABETH Charleston. S. C. EPTING, PHILLIP M. Columbia. S. C. ESPEDAHL, KAREN S. Columbia, S. C. ETTER, HARRIET E. Charleston. S. C. EVERETT, SAMUEL, in. Hiimpton, S. C. EWINGS, KAY F. Spartanburg. S. C. FAIRCLOTH, THOMAS A. Aiken, SC. FARIS, HELEN C. Columbia, S. C. FARQUHAR, T. F., JR. Rock Hill, S.C. Clo , S. C. FARRIS, LARRY G. FAVER, CAROLIE E. Eastover, S. C. FELTON, BARBARA A. Charleston, S. C. FELTON. BETTY J. Charleston, S. C. FERGUSON, EULA C. Columbia, S. C. FERREIRA. DONNA I. Oiarlotte, N. C. FIELDS. EMMETT B. Whitesburg, Ky. FINKLEA, TRACY F., JR. Latta, S. C. FISHER, JOSEPH M. Lancaster, S. C. FITTS, MARY E. Columbia, S. C. FLOYD, MALCOLM D. Conwav, S. C. FLOYD, STELLA E. Columbia, S. C. FOLGER, JEAN M. Spartanburg, S. C. FOLK, MARIO.V O., JR. Irmo, S. C. FORD, LARRY M. West Columbia, S. C. FORT, JOHN L., JR. Charlotte, N. C. FOSTER, THOMAS E. Woodniff, S. C. FOUNTAIN, R. E., JR. L Tichburg, S. C. FRESHMEN 297 WTm FRESHMEN I OWLER, DORIS J. Mvillins, S. C. KRASER. MAGDALYN M. Beaufort, S. C. FREE, WILLIAM K. Thunmont. Md. KRICK, WILLIAM A. FRIEDMAN. BARBARA S. Aiken, S. C. FRIER. JAMES ]. II Greer. S. C. FUGIEL, LUCY A. Wadmalaw Island, S. C. FL ' LLBRIGHT, GLORIA Columbia, S. C. FULLER, JAMES J. Ml. Holly. N. C. FULMER. ALFRED R., JR. Blani-y, S. C. FULMER, LINDA K. Aiken, S. C. FUNCHESS, MANLEY L. Elloree, S. C. I URR, OLIN F., JR. Greenville, S. C. FUSON, BARBARA A. Columbia, S. C. GAINEY, WILLIAM, JR. Cayce, S. C. c;algano, regina Columbia. S. C. CJAMBLE, ROBERT T. Columbia, S. C, (;ardneh, melba f. Columbia. S. C. C;ARRETT. BETSY J. Columbia, S. C. GARRIS, HILDA J. Lakeview, S. C. GAHRIS. WILLIAM R. Colinnbia, S. C. GARRISON. DOHALYNN Clem.son S C (;arrison. walker h. Columbia, S. C. t;ASKI S, ROBERT E. Greenville, S. C. gasque, nancy R. Latta, S. C. GATES, FRANCES E. Columbia. S. C. c;ear, TOM P. Cavce, S. C. GERSTEL, RUTHIE L. GIBBONS, JOHN L. GIBBONS, T. JO .New Zion. S. C. Columbia. S. C. C;iBBONS. STANLEY R. Turbeville. S. C. c;iLGHRlST, FRANCES Memphis. Tenn. GILCHRIST. SUSAN M. Lexington. S. C. GILES. CHARLES T. Clinton. S. C. c;iLFORD. GAYLE Brewster. N. Y. GLASS. ANNE C. Columbia. S. C. GLY.MPH, IRGINIA Pomaria. S. C. GODWIN. JUDITH A. Mullins, S. C. GOFF, CARLELL H., JR. GOODSON, WOODROW, JR. " ' Hnrtsville, S. C. GOODWIN, WILLIAM C. Columbia, S, C. GRAHAM, JACKIE Columbia, S. C. GRAIIL, PAMELA W. West Columbia, S. C. GRAY, ROSA A. Allendale, S. C. GRAY, VICTORIA A. Columbia. S. C. GREEN. JO A. Columbia. S. C. GREENE. LUCIUS W., JR. Cohmibia, S. C. GREENFIELD, Wll LIAM J. Centereach, N. Y. GREGORY. IIAHRV 1... JR. Ilartsville. S. C. C;REG0RY. MARIAN T. Corsicana, Texas GRICH, RICHARD Milford, Conn. GRIFFIN, THOMAS I. Columbia, S. C. GRIFFITH. CHERYL C. Cottaseville, S. C. (;R1MES. MARTHA O. Columbia, S. C. GRIMSLEY, ELIZABETH A. Columbia, S. C. GRUBBS, SAMUEL H. Columbia, S. C. GULLET, DIANE M. Charlotte, N. C. GUNNELS, SANDY B. Clarkesville, Ga. GUSTAFSON, DAVID D. Columbia, S. C. GWIN, JAMES E. Beaufort, S. C. HAGINS, MORRIS F. Woodniff, S. C. HAILEY, CLYDE R.. JR. Wilmington, Del. HAIRSTON, MARGARET A. Folly Beach, S. C. HALLMAN, JAMES C. Newark, N. J. HAMILTON, LESTER, JR. North Charleston, S. C. HAMILTON, SAMUEL M. Georgetown, S. C. HANNA, ELIZABETH Gifford, S. C. HARBESON, RICHARD F. Harleyville, S. C. HARDEGREE, WILLIAM Lexington, S. C. HARKEY, PHILLIP M. Columbia, S. C. HARLEY, RANDOLPH H. Charleston, S. C. BARMAN, ARTHUR C. Lexington, S. C. HARPER, SHARON E. Columbia, S. C. HARRELL, GROVER B. Gastonia, N. C. HARRILL, MARY L. Shelbv, N. C. HARRISON, CYNTHIA L. Edisto Island, S. C. HARRISON, JAMES. JR. Columbia, S. C. HART, JOHN A. Columbia, S. C. HART, SUSAN L. Columbia, S. C. HARTLEY, CHARLIE, JR. Latta, S. C. HARVEY, MICHAEL D. Clinton, S. C. HARVEY, WILDRUM, JR. Fairfax, S. C. HATCH, CHARLES W. Columbia, S. C. HATCHER, RICHARD L. Charleston, S. C. HATHAWAY, M. D. Churchland. Va. BATTEN, CYNTHIA Charleston, S. C. HAWKINS, GEORGE T. Hartsville, S. C. HAWKINS, LINDA R. West Columbia, S. C. HAWTHORNE, BARBARA Lyman, S. C. HAZELWOOD, SUE V. Greenville, S. C. HEADLEY, FRANK A. Columbia. S. C. HEAPE, OLIVIA F. Fort MoHe, S. C. HEARON, KAREN A. Bishopville, S. C. HEARN, WILLIS G. Beaufort, S. C. HEATON, WILLIAM R. Aiken, S. C. HEINS, EMMA M. Columbia, S. C. HEMBEL. HENRY H. Saluda, S. C. HEMMER, JOHN C. Ridgewood, N. Y. HENDERSON, L. RUTH Columbia, S. C. HENDRIX, PATRICIA A. West Columbia, S. C. HEWITT, JOAN W. Waynesboro, Va. HIERS, LORAY T. Walterboro, S. C. HITE, JOHN P. HIXSON, HENRY L. viUe, S. C. Columbia, S. C. HODGE, CURTISS W. Union, S. C. HOFFMAN, ZOE A. Spartanburg, S. C. HOLCOMBE, LARRY W. Piedmont, S. C. HOLLIDAY, LINDA W. West Columbia, S. C. FRESHMEN ■Hf- ' 4 ' MdikJk %. I mmmmtiM isM k FRESHMEN HOLLADAY, PAMALA Iluniplon, S. C. HOLLAND. MARCAHET C. Cayce. S. C. HOLSENBACK, MAHY I. Blvlhewood. S. C. HOLSHOUSER, JU131TH A. Stntcsville, N. C. HOOD, LLOYD N., JR. Charlottf, N. C:. HOOCENBOOM, LEONARD A. Ca xc, S. C. HOOK, BARBARA A. West Columbiu, S.C. HOOK, JAMES L.. JR. Coli.nibio, S. C. HOOK, LARRY T. WVst Columbia, S. C. HOOK, MARION B., JR. Columbia, S. C. HOOK, NANCY C. Lexington, S. C. HOOKER, GERALD J. Hampton, S. C. HORTON, ELLEN L. Columbia, S. C. HORTON. THELMA J. Columbia, S. C. HORTON. WILLIS F., JR. Williamston, S. C. HOUSTON. ANN Miami, Fla. HOWARD, JACK H. North AuKHsta. S. C. HOWARD, JOHN R. GcorEetown, S. C. HOWIE, EUGENIA V. Abbeville, S. C. HOWLE, CLAUDIA E. Andrews, S. C. HOWSER, LOLA A. Columbia, S. C. HUDSON. WILLIAM R. Ruffin, S. C. HUDSPETH, ROBERT M. Asheville, N. C. HUFFSTETLER, M. H, Orangeburg, S. C. MUGGINS. JANICE F, HUNTER, ETHEL R. HUNTER, LEONA R HUSSEY. CHARLES T HUTTO, JAMES O. IMMEL, ALAN L. York. Pa. Chester. S. C. Aynor, S. C. Easton, Md. Columbia. S. C. Columbia. S. C. INABINET. CHARLES R. Woodford. S. C. INABINET, PATRICIA Ft. Mottc. S. C. INABINET, PATRICIA B. Conway, S. C. IRWIN, PATRICIA A. Washington, D. C. JACKSON, MALCOLM H. Columbia, S. C. JAFFEE, CAROL J. Charleston, S. C. JARRELLS, RALPH E. Columbia, S. C. JARRETT. ALBURN E. Columbia, S. C. JEFFCOAT. CLYDE North, S. C. JEFFCOAT, MARGARET „ Orangeburg, S. C. JOHNSON, DONALD M. .„„ Williston, S. C. JOHNSON, EDWARD W., JR. Clinton, Okla. JOHNSON, JAMES T. „ Clinton, S. C. JOHNSON, OSBORNE, JR. Columbia, S. C JOHNSON, RONALD W. JOHNSON, WILLIAM .M. " ' ' ' ' ' ' Columbia, S. C. JOHNSON, WILLIE F. Rowesville, S. C. JOHNSTON, RACHEL B. Reevesville, S. C. JOHNSTONE. EDITH E. Columbia. S. C. JONES. IAN L., JR. Allendale, S. C. JONES. LANITA Shaw Air Force Base, S. C. JONES. SARA E. North Augu.sta, S. C. JONES, MICKI Mullins, S. C. JONES, STEPHEN L. Waynesboro, Va. mm JONHES, VlCKl Mullins, S. C. JORDAN, ROBERT P. Darlington, S. C. JOSEY, JAMES J., JR. Bethune, S. C. JOWEHS, L. VICTOR, JR. Columbia, S. C. JOYNER, PEYTON N. Rock Hill, S. C. JULIAN, ROSE M. Wt-sl Columbia, S. C. JUSTICE, JOHN R. Great Falls, S. C. KACHVVALIA, ASGER A. Bombay, India KANAPAUX, SANDRA K. CottaEcville, S. C. KANE, PAMELA K. Charleston, S. C. KAUFMAN, STEPHANIE Aiken, S. C. KELLETT, MARY G. Greenville, S. C. KEI.LEY, JULIA ANN Columbia, S. C. KELLY, JAMES D. Columbia, S. C. KELLY, ROBERT J. Columbia, S. C. KELLY, SARA L. Central, S. C. KENNEDY, ELIZABETH Camden, S. C. KENNEDY, JOHN L. Ill White Plains, N. Y. KESTLER, RAYMOND S. Charleston, S. C. KIBLER, RONALD C. Chapin, S. C. KING, GEORGE W. Florence, S. C. KINSEY, JOSEPH M., JR. Columbia, S. C. KIRBY, JOHN E. Columbia, S. C, KIRKLAND, DANIEL J. Charlotte, N. C. KIRKLAND, LYNN JO Columbia, S. C. KIRKPATRICK, JULIAN Belton, S. C. KIRTON, SARA L. Aynor, S. C. KLECKLEY, DANIEL, JR. Columbia, S. C. KLECKLEY, WILLIAM S. Columbia, S. C. KLEMENT, TOM D. Greenwich, Conn. KINSLEY, JOHN C. Yonges Island, S. C. KNOX, TOMMY F. Union, S. C. KOLB, LOUIS E. Columbia, S. C. KRAMM, BOHDAN R. Joanna, S. C. KROPP, GARY D. Columbia, S. C. KULP, STEPHEN W. Wilmington, Del. LAFLAMME, DIANE L. Charleston Heights, S. C. LAMBPAKOS, PETER F. Greenville, S. C. LANEY, SHELTON S. Bishopville, S. C. LANKFORD, ELEANOR A. Greenville, S. C. LAROCHE, LENOIR K. Camden, S. C. LAUB, HARRIET HUME Columbia, S. C. LAW, ELIZABETH W. Columbia, S. C. LAWSON, GLENMORE, JR. Portsmouth, Va. LAWTER, JAMES R. Whitney, S. C. LAWTHER, W. J., JR. White Plains, N. Y. LEASE, DIANE J. Clemson, S. C. LEATHERMAN, ERNEST Dillon, S. C. LEE, BETTY L. LEE, ROBERT R LESTO, HENRY E LEWIS, HELEN D. Mullins, S. C. LIDE, WILLIAM M., JR. Columbia, S. C. LIGHTFOOT, SANDRA E. Columbia, S. C. FRESHMEN Columbia, S. C. Washington, D. C. North, S. C. 301 FRESHMEN LIMEHOUSE, JOHN F Johns Island, S.C. LI.NDLER. HERMAN B. Cnlumbia, S. C. LI.NDLEY, ROGER L. PelzCT. S. C. LINEBERCER. LARRY W. Columbia, S. C. LIVINGSTON. C. P., JR. Elloree, S. C. LIVI.NGSTON. LLNDA E. Blaney, S. C. LOADHOLT, MILES Fairfax, S.C. LOGAN, DON B. Columbia, S. C. LOLLIS, THOMAS W. Belton, S. C. LOMINACK, LISA A. Ncwbfiry, S. C. LONG. CAROLINE E. Chester, S. C. LOONEY. CHARLES H. Irmo, S. C. LOHICK. BETTY JO LORICK. DAVID E LOVE. MARYANNE Columbia, S. C. Irmo, S. C. Columbia, S. C. LOVE. WILSON T., JR. Charlotte, N. C. LOVETTE, LENHREN E. Laurel Bay, S. C. LOWE. LINDA W. Columbia, S. C. LOWE. THOMASINE D. Columbia, S. C. LOWN. ROBERT K.. JR. Columbia, S. C. LYALL, GERALD J. Ridgewood, N. I. LYELL. PAUL T., JR. Camden, S. C. LYMAN. JULIAN T. Orangeburg, S. C. LYONS. JOYCE K. Waltcrboro, S. C. MACK, DAVIE L. Spartanburg. S. C. MACKEY. MILLEN A. West Columbia. S. C. MADDOCK. DOUGLAS M. Charlotte, N. C. MANCINI, CHARLES C. Aliquippa, Pa. MANN. JENEAN L. Kensington, Md. MARCIANTE, S. MARIE Mamaronaek, N. Y. MARETT, BEN J. Columbia, S. C. MARSHALL, ANDREA J. Columbia, S. C. MARSHALL, SALLY L. Charleston. S. C. MASON, MARILYN J. Columbia, S. C. MASON. MARVIN B. Spartanburg, S. C. MASON. PAMELA A. Miami, Fla. .MAlllIS. JOHN D. , S. C. , S. C. MATTHEWS, DAN B.. JR. Grecnvill. MATTHEWS, SUSAN R. Bishopville. S. C. MATTHEWS. WILBUR. JR. Fayetteville. N. C. MAYNARD, ROBERT V. Rutherford, N. J. McAFEE, LIN-DA K. Goldhoro. N. C. McCALL, ALICE M. Columbia, S. C. McCarthy, michael o. Washington. D. C. MfCORMACK. ALBERT M. Charleston, S. C. McCORMACK. MARY B. Alexandria, Va. MeCULLOUGH, M. ANN W.-st Columbia, S. C. Mc :UTCHEN. JOHN M. Bishopville, S. C. McCUTCHEON, GERALD Lake City, S. C. McDANIEL, MURRAY C. Columbia. S. C. MeDOWELL. JUDY NL Columbia. S. C. McFARLAND. JAMES. JR. Columbia, S. C. MtC.INNIS, MICHAEL D. Sumter, S. C. McGregor, calvert c. West Columbia, S. C. 302 McEACHERN, CHARLES Columbia, S. C. McMASTER, HARRIET M. Winnsboro, S. C. McMillan, eloise b. Bamwell, S. C. McMillan, linda kay Hampton, S. C. McMillan, Robert e. Columbia, S. C. McNeil, beverly e. Columbia, S. C. McQUAGE, JAMES III Clio, S. C. McWHIRTER, YOUNG D. Walterboro. S. C. MEADOWS, MINNIE J. Jenkinsville, S. C. MEARS, BARBARA A. Holly Hill, S. C. MEEKS, BONNIE P. Anderson, S. C. MERCER, HERBERT, JR. Kingstree, S. C. MERRITT, ELLIS, JR. I MERTENS, PAUL S. MICKLE, MARY L. :onway, S. C. Keamy, N. J. Camden. S. C. MIDDLETON, MARY S. Elloree, S. C. MIDDLETON, WILLIAM Columbia, S. C. MILLER, CAROL ANN Columbia, S. C. MILLER, KAREN L. Houston, Texas MIMS, JAMES L., JR. Bonneau, S. C. MITCHELL, W. A., JR. Hampton, S. C. MOBLEY, SIDNEY L. Columbia, S. C. MOLETA, ROBERT W. North Bergen MONTGOMERY, J. E. Hartsville, S. C. MONTGOMERY, MARTHA Bishopville, S. C. MOODY, ROSEMARY C. Spartanburg, S. C. MOORE, DORIS A. West Columbia, S. C. MOORE, JAMES E. Spartanburg, S. C. MOORE, JOAN Columbia, S. C. MOORE, ROBERT D. Olanta, S. C. MOORE, ROGER E. TurbeviUe, S. C. MOORE, TRUDY A. Lake City, S. C. MORRIS, ANDERSON, JR. Cniumbia, S. C. MORRIS, JOHNETTE Columiiia, S. C. MORRIS, ROGER W. New Zion, S. C. MORRIS, VANCE L. Bamberg, S. C. MOSELEY, JUDITH W. Columbia, S. C. MOSELEY, MARYA L. North Augusta, S. C. MOSELEY, ROBERT E. Greenville, S. C. MOSS, LYNELL Kingstree, S. C. MUIR, PATRICIA K. Coliunbia, S. C. MUNN, JOHN A., JR. Spartanburg, S. C. MURPHY, GEORGE W. North Charleston, S. C. MURRAY, FAITH D. Holly Hill, S. C. MYERS, BARBARA E. Norway, S. C. MYERS, ERNEST W., JR. Branchville, S. C. MYERS, MARY N. Greenwood, S. C. NAGEL, TRUIIE Columbia, S. C. NANCE, CHARLES W. Columbia, S. C NELSON, JAMES F. Laurens, S. C. NEWTON, JOE D. Great Falls, S. C. NICHOLS, BARBARA J. Pickens, S. C. NICHOLS, GLORIA A. Columbia, S. C. NICHOLS, LARRY E. Saluda, S. C. FRESHMEN Etm 303 FRESHMEN NUCKOLLS, JOHN S. NVE, WARREN S. .k IIUl, S. C. Rock Hill, S.C. OBRlEl . KATHLEEN Columbia, S. C ODONNELL, SHARON E. Greonwich, Conn. OKLAND, STEVE Columbia, S. C. OLIVER, JAMES M. Charlotte, N. C. ORR, JAMES M., JR. Columbia. S.C. ORR, LAWRENCE B. Florfncc, S. C. OSTASZEWSKL DENNIS Hammond. Ind. OSWALD, WILLIAM R. Columbia, S. C. OTIS, JOHN MICHAEL Columbia, S. C. OTT, RANDALL S. Laurens, S. C. OWENS, FRANKY P. Marion, S. C. OWENS, KENNETH W. Trion, Ga. PACE, CLAUDE F., JR. Columbia, S. C. PAGE, WENDELL W. Pickens, S. C. PAGE, AUGUST A., JR. West Columbia, S. C. PAGE, FAYE C. Nichols, S. C. PALMER, WILLIAM A. Spartanburg, S. C. PARKER. SAMUEL P., JR. Moncks Corner, S. C. PARLEE. S. BROOKS, JR. Columbia, S. C. PARSONS, MARILYN R. Savannah, Ga. PASCHAL, MARY P. Columbia, S. C. PASCHAL. KAY F. Columbia, S. C. PATTON, JOHN S. Woodruff, S. C. PATTON, RACHEL E. Greenville, S. C. PAULLING, BARBAHA G. PEACOCK, EDGAR H., IR. Aiken, S. C. PEAY, BARBARA G. Bennettsvillo, S. C. PERAKIS, JAMES A. Peabody, Mass. PERNA, ANIDA V. Lees -ille, S. C. PERREAULT, JO A. Chariest in, S. C. PETERSON. RICHARD A. West Colombia, S. C. PETERSON, DONALD R. Lexington.S. C. PHILLIPS, ALYCIA F. Columbia, S. C. PHILLIPS, JACKIE L. Rock Hill, S.C. PICKENS, VELMA J. PLATE, BOBBY R. Columbii , S. C. , S. C. PLUMMER, WILLIAM, JR. Wedgcfield, S. C. PLUNKETT, BOB Atlanta, Ga. POPE, FRANK E. Ill Winnsboro, S. C. PORTER, MARY F. Blaney, S. C. FORTH, BRADY H., JR. Lexin on, S. C. POSTON, THOMAS B. Columbia, S. C. POULNOT, SUE E. Charleston, S. C. POULOS, CECELIA D. Columbia, S. C. POUND, TERRY K. Gaston, S. C. POWELL, JULIAN S. Columbia, S. C. POWELL, STANCIL D. Charleston, S. C. PRESSLEY, LARRY M. Ware Shoals, S. C. PREVOST, NANCY T. Anderson, S. C. PRICE, TERRY A. Linwood, N. J. PRIESTER, DAVID S. Barnwell, S. C. PROCTOR, LYNNE E. Lake Wales, Fla. 304 I ' RUETT, JAMES E. Charleston, S. C. yUATTLEBAUM, BOB FUirence, S. C. QUICK. MAHY C. Culumbia, S. C. HABOiX. EDWARD B. Cnlumbia, S. C. RAMSEY, MICHAEL R. (J.nfTney, S, C. RAWL, CLARY E. Lexington, S. C. BAWLS, JANET K. RAY, JULIE A. Cnycc, S. C. ,S. C. St. Matth. HAY, WILLIAM D. Columbia, S. C. HEARDON, BARBARA J. Manning, S. C. REAVES, DAN W. Spart.nnlmrg, S. C. REESE, ELIZABETH B. Columbia, S. C. REID, DAN R. REID, JOHN C. Bamberg. S. C. Cluu-leston, S. C. REID, WILLIAM T., JR. „ ,„ Winnsboro, S. C. REISMAN, DENNIS R. „r.„ Hillsdale, N. J. REVIS, DONNIE R. i., .,.„ Clinton, S.C. RICHARDSON, WILLIAM Charleston, S. C. RIDGEWAY, HAY A., JR. Williamston, S. C. RIKARD, CLARA A. Canton, N. C. RIPPELMEYEH, C. H. Spartanburg, S. C. RISLEY, HARRY H Columbia, S. C. ROBERTS, EDWARD, JR. Columbia, S. C. ROBERTS, HUBERT, JR. Lexington, S. C. ROBERTS, W. C. Ill Columbia, S. C. ROBINSON, DARRYLE W. Belmont, N. C. ROBINSON, JOHN H. Newberry, S. C. ROBINSON, KATY M. Aiken, S. C. ROBINSON, KENNETH M. Greenville, S. C. ROBINSON, PAUL E. Beaufort, S. C. ROBSON, LUCY A. Charleston, S. C. ROSE, ALAN B. Melbourne, Australia ROSE, DOCK H. Gaffney, S. C. ROWAN, JULIA A. Charleston, S. C. aowEL::-, lewis l. Marion, S. C. ROWELL, RALPH W. Charlotte, N. C. ROYAL, ALICE P. Aiken, S. C. ROYALL, WILLIAM S. Mt. Pleasant, S. C. RUSSELL, DONNA J. Darlington, Md. RUSSELL, MILDRED P. Spartanburg, S. C. RUTLEDGE, CHARLES H. SACHSENMAIER. CHARLAINe ' a, N. J. SAGUN, ALE.XANDER e. Lewisburg, Pa. SANDERS, FRANK W. Barnwell, S. C. SANDERS, HENRY P. Jonesville, S. C. SANDERS, JUDITH E. Brunswick, Ga. SANDIFER, GEORGE L. Columbia, S. C. SCARBOROUGH, FLORE.NCE W. Hemingway, S. C. SCHRIVER, LINDA W. Whitmire, S. C. SCOTT, FRANCES M. Greenwood, S. C. SCOTT, LINDA L. Lexington, S. C. SCOVTLLE, MARTHA Columbia, S. C. SEAY, TERRY R. Barnwell, S. C. SEEGARS, WILLIAM W. Columbia, S. C. FRESHMEN yk ih MB M FRESHMEN SEIGLEH. BAKBAHA C. Culumbiu, S. C. SEWELL. MICHAEL Bnniwrll, S. C. SHACKELFOHD, DOUGLAS M. Lfxiiigtun. S. C. SHARNOFF, SALLY A. Cluirli-ston, S. C. SHEALY, LARRY W. Newberry, S. C. SHEALY. SARAH T. Chiirl.ston, S. C. SHELLEY, JAMES H. llarl vilU■, S.C. SHEPI ' AHD. MIRIAM H. Culumbiu, S. C. SIIULL. A. C. Hnck Hill, S.C. SHl ' HIN, ROSLYN B. Charleston, S. C. SIMMON ' S, GEORGE A. Hully Hill, S.C. SI.MMS, P. DIANX Hickoo ' . N. C. SINGLETARV, DONNA Columbia, S. C. SKELLEY, BEN D. Summerton, S. C. SKINNER, DONALD E. Woodruff, S. C. S.MALL, GEORGE G., JR. Columbia, S. C. S.MITH. NANCY L. Sumter, S. C. S.MITH. ROBERT O. Denver, Colo. SMOAK. DAVID R. Columbia. S. C. SOL ' TTER, PETER M., JR. Greenville, S. C. SPEAR. ROBERT F. Charlotte, N. C. SPEARS. ROBERT H. Bennettsville, S. C. SIETII. M. CLAIR Orangeburg. S. C. SPIGNER. DONNA J. West Columbia, S. C. SPRADLEY, ELZA S., JR. BatesburR, S. C. STACY, HERBERT N. York, S. C. STANKUS, JOHN J. Apollo, S. C. STANLEY, ALLAN F. Hampton. S. C. STANTON. SANDRA E. Arlington, ' a. STAPLES. KATHERINE Columbia, S. C. STARNES, ARTHUR I. Peny. S. C. ST. CLAIR. JAMES H. Fort Mill, S. C. STEELE, DON A. West Columbia, S. C. STEUBEN, JANICE M. Aiken, S. C. STEVENSON, BONNIE R. Lake City. S. C. STEWART, ANN R. Charleston Heights. S. C. STEWART. BILLY A. Six Mile, S. C. STEWART. EDWARD M. Portsmouth. ' a. STEWART. JAMES B. Rock Hill, S. C. STILL, NELLIE C. Greenwood, S. C. STOKES, DARRYL M. Darlington. S. C. STOKES. JULIA S. Columbia. S. C. STONE. NELLIE R. Georgetown, S. C. STORK. FRITZ P. Columbia, S. C. STUBBLEFIELD, L.. JR. Columbia, S. C. STURKEY, OSCAR L. Plum Brand), S.C. STURKIE. LARRY W. Gaston. S. C. SWAFFIELD. CAROLINE Columbia. S. C. S YGEHT. JUNIUS B. West Columbia, S. C. SWYGERT. WILLIAM E. Columbia, S. C. TAYLOR. CAROLY.N D. West Columbia. S. C. TAYLOR. JAMES H, Columbia, S. C. TAYLOR. JOHN H. Peker, S. C. T.VVI.OM, MARK H.. JR. Columbia, S. C, TAYLOR, MARTHA J. Lexington, S. C. TEAL, BARTLETT R. Chapin, S. C. TEED, CHARLENE A. Manning, S. C. TELGARECZ, SHIRLEY Westfield, N. J. TEMPLETON, VERDIE A. Columbia, S. C. TENNER, N. E. Georgetown, S. C. TENZEL, JANE Y. Nashville, Tenn. THOMAS, JAMES E . Columbia, S. C. THOMPSON, GENEVA K. Rutherfordton, N. C. THOMPSON, JACK P. Cayce, S. C. TIMMERMAN, JAMES O. Ward, S. C. TIMMONS, DORSEY, JR. New Zion, S. C. TODD, BRENDA J. TOLBERT, MARY K. TOUCHBERRY, FRANCES Columbia, S. C. S. C. S. C. S.C. viUe TRAVERS, BARBARA E McClellanvill TROUBLEFIELD, M. G. Blacksburg, S. C TURNER, CLAUDIA B. Columbia, S. C TURNER, JAMES J. TURNER, JUNE E. Rock Hill, S. C. Columbia, S. C. TURNER, PAUL M., JR. Columbia, S. C. TUTEN, SANDRA E. Hardeeville, S. C. ULMER, CATHERINE T. Columbia, S. C. VALENTINO, PAUL H. od, S.C. , S. C. VALENTOUR, VICTOR P. Colum VANWAGNER, MARY I. Charlotte, N. C. YARN, HARRIET E. Columbia, S. C. VAUGHN, CAROLYN ' M. Kock Hill, S. C. WADE, DIANE E. Sullivans Island, S. C. WALKER, DONALD P Donalds, S. C. WALKER, WESLEY W. Columbia, S. C. WALL, CONSTANCE J. Beaufort, S. C. WALLACE, NANCY E. Marietta, Ga. WALTERS, STELLA A. Columbia, S. C. WANDS, BETTY ' J. Cooleemee, N. C. WARD, JOHN L. Columbia, S. C. WARE, JOHN C, JR. Pelz , S.C. WARREN, JENNINGS A. Columbia, S. C. WASSON, JANE Laurens S. C. WATKINS, GAIL Charleston, S. C. WATSON, HARVEY M., JR. Sumter, S. C. WATSON, HENRY B., JR. Kingstree, S. C. WEADON, LUTHER A. Aiken, S. C. WEBSTER, WILLIE B. Fairmont, N. C. WEED, CHARLENE E. Irmo, S. C. WELCH, CHARLEEN B. Columbia, S. C. WELLS, THOMAS G. Aiken, S. C. WESTALL, REBECCA A. Columbia, S. C. WHITE, ROBERT P. Columbia, S. C. WHITE, SANDRA L. Lake City, S. C. WHITE, THEODORE R. Lake Citv, S. C. WHITFIELD, SANDRA R. West Columbia, S. C. WHITMAN, DAVID B. Clinton, S. C. WICKWIRE, DONALD H. Richmond, Va. FRESHMEN FRESHMEN WILA.VD, BARBARA A. Aiki-n. S. C. WILBUHN. JOHNME R. Portsmouth, Va. WILCOX, RICIIAHD G. ArliiiRton, Va. WILDER, JOHN E. Barnwell, S. C. WILEY. ROBERT G. Lcesville, S. C. WILKES. LINDA L. Cliarlott.-. N. C. WILKINS. WILLIAM W. Andfrson. S. C. WILLARD. CAYLE M. Charli-slon. S. C. WILLEY. DONA M. CanuU-n. S. C. WILLIAMS. ELMER R. Ciihimliia, S. C. WILLIAMS. GERALD West Columbia. S. C. WILLIAMS. PERRY S. West Culumhia. S. C. WILLIAMSON. CAROL G. Columbia. S. C. WILLIS. JAMES O., JR. Aiken, S. C. WILLIS, WAYNE P. Columbia. S. C. WILSON. WILLIAM T. Columbia. S. C. WINCARD. MICHAEL G. Wrst Columbia. S. C. WINTER, MORTON N. Columbia. S. C. WITT. ALTON W. Saludn, S. C. WOOD, WARREN C. Columbia, S. C. WOODALL. RONNIE W. Griinvillc. S. C. WOODAKD, HARRY M., JR. Columbia, S. C. WOODLIKI " . SYLVIA Columbia. S. C. WOODW AHD. MARVIN, JR. Aiken, S. C. WOODWARD. SUSAN G. Columbia. S. C. WOOLEY. LEOLA K. Bamwcll, S. C. WOOLLEN. MARSHA W. CoUunoia, S. C. WRAY. DOROTHY S. St. Albaiii, W. Va. WRIGHT. THOMAS M. Columbia. S. C. WRIGLEY. SANDRA G. Miji-.ii, Fla. WYLIE, ETHEL S YATES, NORA D. YON, ROBERT B. Waltt-rboro. S. C. Simiter. S. C. . S. C. Anib- YOUNG. CHARLES T. Jeffersonville. Ind. YOUNG. LAURA A. Anderson, S. C. YOUNG. LEONARD E.. JK. Columbia. S. C. YOUNG, MARION E. Eutawville. S. C. ZEPKE, BRENT E. Haddonfield, N. J. ZIMMERMAN, RALPH K. Camden, S. C. mS B 5, f ; 308 GRADUATE w Dean Wienefeld Advances School ' s Curriculum ' ER the past ' ears the graduate school lias - been steadiK growing. Keciuireineiits for entrance are a baccalaurate degree and sufficient maturity to enter courses of advanced study. The grades received in undergraduate school as well as the courses taken b ' prospecti e students are seriousK " considered. A certain standing on the Graduate Record Examination must also be attained. Many professors who teach undergraduate classes also teach on the graduate level. Under the able leadership of Dean R. II. Wienefeld the curriculum of the school has been advanced. As soon as a graduate student begins work on his Master ' s program, he must pass an examination which will demonstrate a reading knowledge of a modern language. When the course work has been completed, a comprehensix e examination and a thesis on a portion of his major field of concentration is required. ROBERT H. WIENEFELD Carolina students, both graduate and undergraduate, find the MeKissiek Library an excellent place for research. ANDREWS, CAROL L. M.S., Psychology Long Islan l, N. Y. APLIN, DONALD G. Ph.D., Mathematics Palo Alto, Calif. BAIR, LEONTINE M. Mathematics Holly Hill, S. C. BICKLEY, JOE D. M.S., Elec. Encineebinc Elloree, S. C. BOWEN, CLARENCE E. M.S., Elec. Engineering Greonville, S. C. BOVVERS, KERRY W. Ph.D., Chemistry Columbia, S. C. BRELAND, ROYCE W., JR. Master of Bus. Adm. Charleston, S. C. BROWNLEY, CLAUDETTE M. Mathematics Irvington, Va. BUCKLEY, REGINALD R. M.S., Chemistry Jackson, Miss. CHASTAIN, WALTER, JR. Master of Bus. Adm. Columbia, S. C. CLAYTON, JOHN D. M.S., Elec. Engineering Bamberg, S. C. CROSTHWAITE, LEOLA M.S., Biology Morehead, Ky. DELOACH, ANTHONY C. M.S., Physics North Charleston, S. C. DELORME, CHARLES D. M.A., Economics Spartanburg, S. C. DUNCAN, DONALD A. M.S., Geology Columbia, S. C. 0f H o IVHANTZOS, E. C. l. sii:u or Iks. Adm. Eniklia St-rroii, Greece I ' M ' LK, VANNJ. M.S., Elec. En ;inki;hin(: Charlotte. N. C. CVKDKE, RUDOLPH M. M.S.. I ' livsK- l- ' i.rt Worth, Texas • COW i;h. ciiahlottk a. M.A., Jdi ' HNAi.isM Cohimbia, S. C. HOWELL, JOHN H. M. Ma niKMATics jl ' HNIGAN, SARAL. .M.S., Mathematics Cohimhia. S. C. Lancaster, S. C. o JONES, WILLIAM B. .Masteh of Bus. Adm. Lyman, S. C. KEEFE, THOMAS L. Pli.D., Bioi.cicY Colinnl)ia. S. C. KEITH, LAWRENCE H. M.S., CllEMISTllV Morris. III. » KIKER, BILLY F. l.. .. Economics States ille, N. C. KliiKl ' ATl iCK, WILMA M.S.. Hioi,o(.v Bishopville, S. C. KURTZ, MARGARET G. M. .NlATiiEM.vncs Cohinihia. S. C. • LANG, DONALD L. M. MArilEMATK s Colnnihia. S. C. LESESNE, WILLIAM . M.A., History Due West, S. C. McDowell, jagk c. M.A., History Columbia, S. C. • MIMS, CLARENCE W., JR. M.A., Economics Lake Wales, Fla. OXNER, JERROL S. Master of Bus. Adm. Lecsvillc, S. C. PHANUMAS, KEO M.S., Elec. Engineering Bangkok, Thailand • PITTS, EDWARD H. Master of Bus. Adm. POOLE, ROGER C. Master of Bus. Adm. Clinton, S. C. Florence, S. C. POULOS, PETER N. M.S., Elec. Engineering Columbia, S. C. • RAPPAPORT, ALLEN Master of Bus. Adm. Aslieville, N. C. RUCKER, ROGER M.S., Psychology Swansea, S. C. SMITH, RODERICK E. M.S., Engineering Columbia, S. C. o STALEY, JOHN F. M.A., Bus. Adm. North Augusta, S. C. SYWULKA, ANNA N. M.A., English Columbia, S. C. TAYLOR, MARY E. M. Mathematics Enoree, S. C. • THACKER, JACK W., JR. M. A., History Chaniblee, Ga. TOOMEY, RICHARD G.. JR. M.A., English Gastonia, N. C. TUMBLESTON, ISHAM W. M.A., History Yonges Island, S. C. Late afternoon finds weary Carolina students ambling along the porch of the Russell House or going to the dorm. GRADUATE SCHOOL VAN SETERS, VIRGINIA M. WITTSCHEN, JOHN, JR. M. Mathematics Hopkins, S. C. Charleston, S. C WILBANKS, JOHN W., JR. WOOD, OLIVER, G., JR. Master of Business Administration Union, .S. C. M.A., EcoNo cs Greer, S. C WILLS, FRED D. Ph.D., Physics Monetta, S. C. 314 LAW It ;v HP ' ' ROBEHT McC. FIGG, JR. Maintains High Standing Among U. S. Law Schools THIIK School of Law, estal)lislu cl in 1868, is - - approM ' d by and registered witli Departments of Education in numerous states, the American Bar Association, and the Association of American Law Schools. It offers a balanced curriculum presented by a well-trained faculty. By maintain- ing and adding to its standing in the legal edu- cational world of the countr ' , the School of Law makes an outstanding contril ution to the Uni- versit Research publications of the school con- tribute to the development of the law for the common good. Since 1950, the school has been housed in Petigru College, which is one of the most practical!) ' designed law school buildings in the United States. Members of the faculty serve Hard working Law students spend many lioiirs in the library preparing their assigned briefs for tomorrow ' s class. on various campus committees. All studeuts en- rolled in the Law School are members of the Law Federation, a nationally recognized organization. In addition to this organization, the school spon- sors two legal fraternities. Phi Delta Phi and I hi Alpha Delta. Outstanding Law students are elected to membership in Wig and Robe, symbol of high scholastic achievement. Moot Court gives students the opportunity to participate in national competition. The faculty and students publish the South Carolina Law Quarterly in conjunction with the South Carolina Bar Association. FIGG, R. M., LL.D. DREHER, J. F., LL.B. FOLK, E. L., Ill, LL.B. KARESH, C., LL.B. KING, G. S., LL.M. MEANS, D. H., S.J.D. RANDALL, C. H., JR., I SLOAN, F. K., LL.B. Five o ' clock finds tlicst " future la v ' er.s on their way home after preparing for their e.xams in the hbrary. The benches outside Petigru College provide a place for Carolina students to gather arm spring afternoon. TVi ' . dat • ADAMS, WESTON Columbia. S. C. HKLLAMY. H. ' . Myrtle Bc-acli, S. C. HOUKNK.IIT, HOHT. K. BaUsburg, S. C. » BRrn DUDLEY II., JU. McDonald, N. C. BHITT. MIRIAM F. Georgetown, S. C. I5H()YLES, JOHN L. Columbia, S. C. LAW SENIORS • BURKETT, MICHAEL J. Aiken, S. C. CONDON, LOUIS E. Charle.ston, S. C. DA ' IS, GEO. H., JR. Columbia, S. C. DOBSON, ROBERT A. Greenville, S. C. DONELAN, WM. P., JR. Columbia, S. C. ELLISOR, JAMES B. Colmnbia, S. C. EOVVLES, JAS. II., JR. Columbia, S. C. GRIFFITH, EUGENE C. Ne% berry, S. C. I lOLBERT, CONRAD A. Conwav, S. C. • HOROWITZ, NATHANIEL C:lias., S. C. JENRETTE, JOHN W., JR. Loris, S. C. JOHNSON, WILLIAM, JR. Conway, S. C. LONG, JAMES C, JR. Columbia, S. C. LYDON, THOMAS E., JR. Columbia, S. C. MAJOR, JOSEPH E. Andeison, S. C. LAW SENIORS MALLARD, ROBERT R. Charleston, S. C. MERLINE, DAVID A. Ander.son, S. C. MOORE, AUSTIN T., JR. Columbia, S. C. • OBERMAN, MARVIN I. Charle.ston, S. C. OXNER, JAMES C, JR. Columbia, S. C. REGISTER, F. B., JR. Columbia, S. C. SHEALY, FRANCIS W. Leesville, S. C. • SMITH, RICHARD K. Cheraw, S. C. TAYLOR, A. Q., JR. Greenville, S. C. WAY, CHAS. S., JR. Orangeburg, S. C. WOLPER, MARVIN Charleston, S. G. AiM Md AXEHA. WILLIAM D. Lyman, S. C. BA ' ITl ' Y, COLDKN U.. JH. Be Mutoit, S. C. BURNSIDE, ROBT., SB. Colimihia, S. C. o CLABK. DONALD O. Columbia. S. C. DEBEBBY, BENJAMiN T. SiimUr, S. C. DUNCAN, JACK G. Marion, S. C. LAW JUNIORS DUNN, JAMES O. Conway, S. C. EDMUNDS, THOMAS B. Bi(lu;o vay, S. C. EDWABDS, HARRY L. Giennille, S. C. FLOYD, D. B.. JR. Lake City, S. C. CASTON, ARTHUR L. C:lu stiT, S. C. HAW KL S, FALCON, JR. N. Clias., S. C. o HUDSON, CLAUDE P. Columliia. S. C. JOHNSON, BELTON, JR. Aiken, S. C. KNEECE. WTLLL M O. Columbia. S. C. 3 1? • LITTLE, WILLIAM A. Myrtle Beach, S. C. • ROOF, CARL J. Columbia, S. C MURDAUGH, RANDOLPH Varnville, S. C. SMITH, THOMAS E., JR. Pamplico, S. C MYERS, MARION D. Sumter, S. C. STUCKEY, JAMES A., JR. BishopviUe, S. C PITTS, CARROLL M., JR. Rock Hill, S. C. TAYLOR, JOHN S., JR. Columbia, S. C PRUITT, FORREST S. Anderson, S. C. TOWLES, DANIEL III Holh vood, S. C LAW JUNIORS WALLER, JOHN H., JR. Mullins, S. C Spring fever seems to lia e captured these Carolina students as they pass the time in conversation with friends. 321 %i di • BOWIE, PAUL E. Ill Liberty, S. C. BHOOkS, ' lEHHV l. Anderson, S. C. BHOWN, F " . H. Cliarliston, S. C. • BURKETT, ROBERT W. Sumter, S. C. CALDEH, ROBERT C. Coliinihia, S. C. CHEROS, JOHN G. Greenville, S. C. LAW FRESHMEN • CLAIR, EMMET IL Charleston, S. C. CLARY, BENJAMIN O. Columbia, S. C. CLINE, MICKEY R. Cayce, S. C. • COX, JOE M. Mullins, S. C. DERRICK, WILLIAM S. Marion, S. C. DRENNAN, J AS. B. II CJolumbia, S. C. EASTERLING. WM. Bennettsville, S. C. EU BANKS, LARRY L. Spartanburg, S. C. KANT, ERANCIS R., JR. Anderson, S. C. ' , ■ ' ' ' " ■v.. 4 a ' ' FARRISS, C. S. Ill Gaffney, S. C. FREED, SAMUEL B. Columbia, S. C. GANTT, RICHARD A. Greenville, S. C. • GERMAIN, MARSHALL M. Flor ce, S. C. GINSBERG, STUART A. Charleston, S. C. GRIGGS, WILLIAM P. Cheraw, S. C. LAW FRESHMEN • HARPER, FRAMPTON M. VVilliston, S. C. HAYNES, KEITH E. Enoree, S. C. HUNTER, CHARLES, JR. Blenheim, S. C. JONES, CLARENCE E. Govan, S. C. KELLER, DA TD W., JR. Florence, S. C. LUCAS, SPURGEON L. Columbia, S. C. LYNN, JACK H. Jefferson, S. C. McALISTER, DONALD R. Green ' lle, S. C. McLEOD, WALTON J. Walterboro, S. C. • MENDELSOHN, JOSEPH Chlcston, S. C. MOBLEY, BERRY L. Korsliaw, S. C. MONTEITH, DA ID 111 Columbia, S. C. • MOSES. ALBERT L. Columbia, S. C. NICHOLSON, JUDSON C. Saluda, S. C. PEEPLES, RODNEY A. Hauiptun, S. C. LAW FRESHMEN • PRACHT, JOSEPH M. Columbia. S. C. PRETTYMAN, H. C, JR. SumVilk-, S. C. QUINN, MICHAEL H. Loris, S. C. ROCKAFELLOW, RICHARD Cola.. S. C. RUSH, WAYNE F. Crci-nw ood, S. C. SEAGLE, B. F. HI Hickory, N. C. • SHIFFLETTE, L. D. Cba.s. Hgbts., S. C. SWEARINGEN, ERVIN S. Grnville, S. C. THOMPSON. JAMES II. Columbia, S. C. McMaster School is the home of the University ' s Art Department that attracts a liost of promising young artists. TIGHE, MICHAEL W. TISDALE, THOMAS, JR. TREACY, THOMAS M. LAW FRESHMEN Columbia, S. C. Orangeburg, S. C. Columbia, S. C. WILKES, ROBERT W., JR. WILLIAMS, JOHN C, JR. WYMAN, HASTINGS, JR. Duncan, S. C. Spartanburg, S. C. Aiken, S. C. 325 MOOT COURT Fourth use Team Advances To National Finals ' T ' HE Young Lawyers ' Association of the New -■- York City Bar sponsors Moot Court, a nation- wide contest between collegiate legal teams. Each year the final rounds of the contest are held in New York. Noted legal and judicial figures serve as judges in these contests. Each team must pre- pare a written and oral statement on a specified hypothetical case. The team then competes in one of the fifteen regional contests and the win- inng team from each region goes to New York to compete. This year ' s Moot Court is the fourth use team to advance to the national finals. Membership in Carolina ' s Moot Court is by tryout which tests the candidate ' s ability in appel- late advocacy. In addition, all members must have at least a " B " average. DONALD O. CLARK, Captain D. Clark, D. Floyd. C. Battey. 326 — First Row: D. Merline, J. Fowles, A. Taylor. Second Row: W. Long, J. Broyles, R. Dobson, M. Obemian. LAW QUARTERLY Publishes Articles On Various Facets Of Law ' T ' HE South Carolina Law Quarterly is a joint - undertaking of the faculty, the students of the School of Law, and the South Carolina Bar Asso- ciation. Topics for the publication are designed to be of practical value. The Quarterly contains many topics that are unique in South Carolina Law and on which information cannot be ob- tained from national journals. It consists primarily of subjects local in interest and national in value. The Quarterly, first published in 1948, is put out four times a year. Articles are contributed by students, faculty and members of the Bar. Qualifications for stu- dent membership on the staff are a " B " average and a talent in legal writing. The circulation of the publication has risen steadily during its exist- ence and now has 1,500 subscribers in the United DAVID A. MERLINE, Editor States and foreign countries. m LAW FEDERATION Publishes Placement Bulletin To Aid Seniors ' T ' HE Law Feck ' ialioii ol tlic Uni oisity of Soutli - ' - Carolina acts as a link hctwctMi students in the School of Law and members of the legal pro- fession. It is composed of the students enrolled in the School of Law. The projects of the Federation include assembK programs of professional interest which arc pre- sented throughout the year. It also publishes the Phiccmcnt Bulletin which is of aid to graduating Law seniors and firms in the state. The pul)liea- tion gives short biographical sketches of each Law senior, and enables firms to obtain informa- tion on possible employees. Among its activities the Law Federation holds social e ents in conjunction with the Law Feder- ation Auxiliary, an organization composed of the wives of Law students. One of the main con- tributions of the Auxiliary is a scholarship fund maintained exclusivelv for Law students. JOHN W. JENRETTE, JR., President First H,yu: J. J.iircttc. ] . Malhiid, T. Smitli. Second Row: W. Long, R. Murdaugh, J. Waller. 329 J. Fowles, R. Dobson, M. Oberman. J. Broyles, D. Merline. WIG AND ROBE Honors Top Ten Per Cent Of The Law Students IV TEMBERSHIP in the Wig and Robe is the - ' - " - - highest scholastic honor available to Caro- lina Law students. It is comprised of the top ten per cent of the law students. To qualify for mem- bership a student must have completed at least three semesters with a minimum grade point ratio of 4.5. The society was founded at the University in 1936 to recognize and encourage outstanding scholarship in the Law School. It has no national affiliation. Among the alumni of the Wig and Robe are outstanding legal scholars and members of the South Carolina Bar Association. The group is headed b - a chief justice who is the second se- mester senior haxing the highest academic stand- ing. The offices of associate justice and clerk of court are held b - the second and third members of the class, respecti ely. FRANK JAY BRYAN, Chief Justice 329 §,J ATHLET f ' We don V give a damn for Duke University ' . . . long recited by rote --now a reality, if only in our hearts and throats . . On to Clemson - - Culture triumphed again . . . Haifa rally behind the coach . . basketball that ' s all. . . on and we re in the big league and we love it on REV I ATHLETIC DIRECTORS Giese, Johnson, And Canup Pattern USC Sports WARREN GIESE, Athletic Director c AUOLINA athletics in 1961-62, under the leadership of Warren Giese and Frank John- son, began a steep rise to popularity with the " new look " Caniecoeks emerging in e ery sport. This new look, along with a " new optimism " in the coaching ranks, was transmitted to the Caro- lina students and to the spectators. Many events during the year were sellouts long before game time— a tribute to an athletic department. Extended scheduling of contests carried the name C arolina throughout the eastern part of the nation. New schools were brought within the campus to meet the Gamecocks on the field of friendly conflict. Carrying the banner for the " Fighting Game- cocks " was Red Canup, publicitx- director. Work- ing hand in hand with Giese, Johnson, and the athletic staff, Canup kept Carolina ' s activities before the public. FR. NK JOHNSON, Assistant Athletic Director RED C:Ai 1.i1 ' , I ' uhtuity Director 334 BLOCK " C " CLUB Block " C ' Club Sponsors Two Intrasquad Games T HE University of South Carolina Block " C " Club is composed of men who have lettered in one or more of the University ' s eight varsity sports. Before becoming a member of the group, all new members must undergo an afternoon of " fun and frolic " held some time in the spring. Besides serving as a fellowship group, the Block " C " Club figures prominently in campus activi- ties. Each year the club sponsors the freshman- " hunk " football game and a freshman-varsity basketball game with the proceeds going to the annual Christmas orphans ' party. In addition to these events during the year, the Block " C " Club rounds out the year with two informal parties and a formal dance in May. This year, under the leadership of Dave Adam, the Block " C " Club served the student body by providing ushering service at all home basketball games. DAVE ADAM, President First Row: Dick McPherson, Tommy Pruitt, Don Stone, Tommy Pilcher. Second Row: Cliarlie Bradshaw, Joel Goodrich, Dick Day, . rt Whisnant, Ed Holler, Jimmy Lanford, Ken Lester, Dave Adam. Third Row: John Caskey, Jim Bailey, Jim Costen, Bob Rebhan, Joe Laird, Bud Cronin, Bob Haney, Sam Humphries, John Jones. :._c Gamecock cheerleaders are cauulit in tlie midst of a cheer during C arolina ' s annual band day at tlic Mar land game. CHEERLEADERS " New Optimism ' ' Is The Keynote Of USC Spirit T 0 Miillis and his " yell squad " really turned - in a line job of keeping the CaroUna spirit at an all-time high. Coach Bass seemed to be the most popular man in the world as we cheered on and on— Moose! Moose! Moose! . . . Bo made up new cheers every game and we loved it. Remem- ber this one-Get the Damn Ball, Hey! Get the Damn Ball, Hey! Also, Impede them; Impede them; Put obstacles in their path. They were great. The pep rallies on Da is Field before each game and the shirt tail parades realK " let Colum- bia know we were here to stay. Remember when we all ran through the Carolina theater before the The Tiger Beetle .suffers as Gamecock fans clearly express Clemson game? USC sentiments before game time on " Sad Saturday. " CHEKIU-E. DERS. Left to Ripht: C. Jonos, S. Swink, A. Long, K. Eccles, B. MiiUis, J. ji. ks..,, 1) Watson, T. Kolm, H. Cowan. Freshman cheerleaders look lost as they watch for the signal from " Bo " at the tiger burning before big Clemson game. ' Bo " seems to lose arm as he leads students through cheers at pep rally before Gamecocks meet the Blue Devils. Bill tries to persuade an ardent supporter to cork the The crowd slowly files from Carolina Stadium leaving rest of that jubilant spirit and save it for the next game. paper cups, cigarettes as mute evidence of the conflict. BAND Concert Band Attends Statewide Band Contest JAMES D. PHITCHARD. Baml Director A l ' NI ' EUSITY without a l)aiid, is like a ship - - w ithout a sail, is a new paraphrasing to an old sa ing. A hand is a vital part of a modern university setup serving as the huh of sehool spirit, representing the partieular institute on many occasions, and providing financial help to many students through part scholarships. The Uni ersity Marching Gamecocks and the Concert hand ser e the Uni ersity of South Caro- lina in the ways just mentioned. A familiar fi.xtiire at football games, the band, under the direction of James Pritchard entertained the crowd at halftime intermission with music and precision marching. At the request of the basketball coaching staff, the band came to many of the home basketball games and continued their spirit prodding with rousing renditions of Di.xie and the Carolina Fight Song. Many hours of practicing went into each pub- lic performance. During the fall, the band spent long hours " under the lights " on Davis Field ironing out some little hitch in the procedure. The Carolina hand, vmdtr the Icatk ' r.sliip of James D. Pritchard, practiced long hours for the home athletic events. Hj i i ' n r m Ck Wfe t % 4 M wvHk T JSC] F - ' -» Hk 5X.a J- w Eik iM d, Si W 7 } 338 MAJORETTES Carolina Coquettes Lead " Marching Gamecocks ' TN their third year of existence, the Carolina • - Coquettes operated fifteen strong, drawing much attention in the direction of the band. The Coquettes, the brainchild of Band Director James P ritchard, have become the trademark of the Marching Gamecocks in this short time. Starting as a baton twirling group, the Co- quettes have enlarged their repertoire to include a number of precision movements. Performing during intermission at several home basketball games, the Coquettes unveiled their new, brilliant red uniforms to the interested fans. Bren Johnston, solo twirler, awed the crowd on many occasions with her intricate feats with the baton. Bren, a Hartsville native, has three more years with the Coquettes. Don Clary, drum major of the Marching Game- cocks, led the band through its paces during the football intermission shows. Brcii Jolinston, the iTiix i i sit s ' (;irl in Hcd, ' k-ads the niartliiiig band and the Coquette team when performing. COQUETTES. Lcji to Hifiht: M. llaiiiiltun, C;. KilKtt, L. Joirs, J. Gnixrlv, L. Loininick, P. Hendricks, B. ■ t voocl, D. Blitcl., 1 ' . 1 ' l C. Easterling, J. Gibbons, P. Royal, P. Hayes, N. Hooper. 339 PEP CLUU OFl ' lCEliS. U.nid W.ilsoji. I ' rc.sidcnt Anna Long, Vice-President; Joan Wolcott, ScTn ' tiinj. PEP CLUB A group ol i ' p CJliib uieiiibcrs are hard at work iiiokiiiii, posters for a Friday afternoon pep rall on tlic campus. Pep Club Successful With New Ideas In Spirit ' T ' lIE Pep Club is a " behind the scenes " organi- • - zation which works overtime bolstering the elusive spirit of our State University. Its main function is organizing natural excessive energy into a tangible force in support of the fighting Gamecocks. A key point of emphasis of the club is publi- cising upcoming athletic events with posters, ban- ners and pep rallies. This year ' s biggest rally of them all is staged in cooperation with Maxcy Brotherliood, the night before the traditional Clemson game. During the football season the Pep Club circu- lates a particular slogan pertinent to the upcom- ing game such as " Tar the Tarheels, " " Clobber Clemson, " " Murder Maryland, " and " Down the Deacons. " The Pep Club under the leadership of Da ' id Watson and an active membershiji has enjo ed one of its most successful years. Front Row: D. Watson, Betty Battle, G. Collins, J. Jackson, E. Jacobs, H. Hellams, J. Wolcott, E. Kimbrel. Second Row: A. Long, S. Elliott, P. Burrows, K. Poulos. 1. Fitzgerald, M. Church, C. Moore, T. DuRant, K. Harper. Third Row: J. Rcfo, C. Howie, K. Eccles, J. M ittiimlv, P. Crecc, S. Harper. T. Harper. C. .Siimak, S. 1 AJOR SPORT Football Staff CLYDE BIGGERS, Assi. ' itant Coach MAR IN BASS, Head Coach FOOTBALL STAKi ' . tirst Row: Bartos, Scarbath, Gulick, Bass, Floyd, Baskin. Second Rote: Price, Barbour, Biggers, England, Hottingcr. 142 Gamecocks Lose To Duke But Gain " Moral Win ' y HE " New Look " " " ' ' ' ' " ' ' ' d„k. -■- use Gamecocks f " ' do ™s is 9 Rushing yardage 160 112 or Marvin Bass took Passing yardage 94 60 Passes 10-17 7-13 the field against the Parses intercepted by 1 1 ° Flints 5-41.2 5-35.4 Bkie Devils of Duke " " ' " ' ' ' " ? ' , t ,;? Yards penalized o 16 University with noth- ing but a few scattered lettermen and a heart full of hope. Afterward, the scoreboard in Carolina Stadium read Duke 7 - USC 6, but it was clear that the spirited Birds had won a moral victory. For 58 minutes, USC held on to a six-point lead off the toe of Dean Findley, but a last-minute 49-yard drive won it for the favored but out- played Blue Devil eleven. Devils ' Rappold (17) throws up his hands in a vain attempt to lilock Dean Findley ' s first FG of the year. Halfback Mark Leggett finds a gaping hole in the USC secondary and moves for a large gain for the Devils. Senior halfback Henry Crosby picked up long yardage after he turned the corner against the Blue Devils. 343 VAUnsTICK S.C. VV. F. Kir ( downs , . 13 11 Kiisliiiig yardnKe 232 186 I ' lusiiiR yardage 56 13 Passes . . 4-12 1-6 Passes intercepted by Punts 4-39.5 6-33.3 Fumbles lost 3 2 Yards penalized 25 IS Toe ' Beats Wake Forest As Finley Boots Another T TSC AGAIN got a kick out of Dean I ' iiidli ' x-, this time a 31 - ai(l field goal against Wake Forest which eventually be- came the margin of victorx— Marxin Bass ' first. The return tri]i from Bowman Ciray Stadimii was a li ' ely one, for the new edition of USCs football story had downed tlie Deacons, 10-7. Bass used tlie combined ingredients of a 75-yard scamper l)y Billy Gambrell, superb line play by tackle Jim Moss, Findley ' s boot, and a heap of desire to cook up the Birds ' first win. It was almost another Frank Merriwell for the Deacons, however, for the Baptists preached a pretty good sermon in a last-ditch effort to pull the game out. But the Gamecocks held on . . . and on . . . and on. Sticky fingers help end Ken Lester snag a toss from Costen to help the Gamecocks down the Demon Deacs. Jim Costen intently studies action during the Carolina-Wake Forest battle on closed circuit television monitor. wm r . Pilcher (15), do the Twist, Fly, Hully Gully, or anything, but please don ' t let that Georgia Bulldog cross the line. Another ' Frantic Finish ' In The Georgia-SC Scrap ON a warm . . . ' ■ ' ' ° ' ™%.c. c. better vet, swel- F " -st do%vi,s 8 le • ' ' Rushing yardage 37 140 tering . . . afternoon Passing yardage 115 110 Passes . . . 9-20 16-27 in October, the USC intercepted by _ 1 __ 1 Gamecocks took off rdbeXd : : sF 95 for Athens, Ga., to do battle with the twice-beaten Georgia Bulldogs. As fans ' round the stadium shed jackets, ties, and anything else uncomfortable, the visiting Birds shed Bulldog defenders all over Sanford Stadium, jumping off to an early 7-0 lead. It indeed looked like another " Bad Day at Black Rock " for Geor- gia ' s rookie coach, Johnny Griffith. But another rookie, Bulldog qviarterback Larry Rakestraw, put together a fine fourth quarter effort along with halfback Bill McKenny, and brought home the bacon for the Georgians. Georgia won, 17-14, but not until the Gamecocks were apparently over- come by the intense heat and sheer exhaustion. With six minutes left, Rakestraw sneaked across a touchdown, putting the defending Southeastern Conference champions ahead to stay. Ironically, Carolina had now played 180 minutes of football, winning 172 of them. But the record was only 1-2. Right on my damn leg! Halfback Tommy Pilcher tries to stop a Georgia halfliack by putting on the skids. Dave Sowell says if you can ' t go throuuli the Chinese Bandits, then go over them, hut wliat good does it do? ' Bandits Rob USC, 42-0 In Spite Of The " Defense " A FTER the Louisi- ' ' " " ' ' " Lu. s.c. ana State Tigers i::, ' J-- H left town, it was sen- Passing yardage 110 63 ' t ' Passes 8-13 5-19 erally coneeded that P " " " intercepted by 2 0 the Bavoii behemoths FumWes imt 1 2 Yards penalized 60 20 had just presented the greatest disphi - of football perfection ever seen in Carolina Stadium. Handed two easy touch- downs by use mistakes, Paul Dietzel ' s Bengals kept going and steamrolled over tlie Gamecocks by a whooping 42-0 margin. LSU quarterback Jimmy Field soon learned tliat the legend of the Tigers ' famed " Chinese Bandits " was no legend at all. The Tigers were shooting for national recognition, and they got it, winding up the na- tion ' s fourth ranked team. And the Gameroosters did a little shooting of their own. The locals ' employment of the " shotgun " offense was new to the crowd, but to no avail, for Tigers were out of season, and the Birds were simply out of their league. Folks, there ' s a small pileup in the middle of the field. LSU ' s Gros (42) say it ' s a damn rather large pileup. LSU quarterback Jimmy Fields is looking for running room, hut Dwaine Godfrey and Harold Jones got to him. - - -— ■ ■ 346 J T ' i Looks like someone laid a football; actually Lester (88) had the ball after a UNC defender deflected the pass. Tar Heels Spoil Gamecock . v J juij ' Hum-Drum ' Homecoming 3l! ' 4idBHl Passes ifl W A " m v V hT mI versit ' y of N. C, was S ' pe :?Led ' ' : ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ° " ' ° ' RK t ' SW t M the crowning at half- ' ■ I ' , B JBlBi " ' i w55P ' M time of the new Homecoming Queen. Before A W ' ' 16,000 unexcited fans, the two teams squared off ' " Nlfc in the " Battle of the Carolinas, " which turned out to be about as thrilling as the local Grandmothers ' Club Sewing Bee. Jim Hickey ' s Tarheels came Speedster Jack Morris is being hauled down from the , , , r irr rear and the bottom by UNC after a kickoft return, out on the long end of a 17-0 score. Where in the hell are my halfbacks, says North Carolina quarterback Farris as he takes the snap from his center. IP III llllWIIIIIIllHlili - ' • ' Costen Leads Birds To 20-10 Win Over Turtles CAROLINA ' S football Fortunes hrightened up hetauie tin- talk of the town. Gary Collins, Mary- a hit at aiust Marvlaud. Unleashing for the laud ' s pass receiver par excellence, almost lost his first time the threat of a ■running (juarterhack, " All-American rating, Jim Costen, the Birds knocked the Terrapins from as the unimpressed ' m. . s.c. their perch as the nation ' s mimher 14 team, 20-10. Gamecocks chmg to Ri, " , ' ,inryardage : 70 24 use had many stars in the victory. Besides him like so many bar- r " " ' " ' « ' ' 16 3 s-u Costen, ho s like Ed Holler, Billy Gambrell, Dick nacles, and held him r.? ' " ' " " ' ' " ' ' " ' [ [ 5-35 5-32 Dav, and a whole host of Gamecock linemen down all afternoon. y " I3.s penalized 25 35 luiiiiiiv llic liule man " Piichcr tries iiard to stifF-arm a Maryland tackier, but the Terp had too nnich of a hold. Quarterback Jim Co.stcn eludes a would-be . lar land tackier as halfback Gambrell watches from the side. Billy Gambrell hauls in one of the most spectacular catches of the season against the Maryland Terrapins. It ' s the end of the line for Bob Drost (83) as a Terp defender takes no chances and drops him at his knees. The Gamecocks board the plane in Charlottesville, Virginia, for the trip back home after loosing to the spirited Cavaliers. Everette Craft (55) puts the stopper on a Virginia back while Frank Staley (70) comes in fast to assist him. " I ' ll get him the second half, " says Lomas (56) as the Gamecocks head back on the field to battle the Cavaliers. Carolina Taken Back To Old Virginny 28-20 A LAS! Those up-and-down Gamecocks were - - at it again against Virginia. The Cavahers, who hadn ' t won a conference game in three years, sweated all week and came out on Satur- day to clip the favored Gamecocks ' wings, 28-20. There wasn ' t one sad soul in Gharlottesville . . . except Carolina souls . . . and the least sad of them all was a shifty young Virginia halfback named Garl Kuhn, who ran roughshod over the Gamecock defense all afternoon. Sir Walter yardstick Raleigh turned over F ' st dowT,s is Rushing yardage 140 in his grave at the Passing yardage 215 sight of a Cavalier p= ' »v ' ' ' " • " ' ' t " ' y o Punts conference victory. 186 75 11-26 5-10 Punts 4-32 Fumbles lost 2 Yards penalized 15 349 t ' ' ■ ' w iBwWWr Look out l)elo v! iiill Caiiilntll makes one of his rather famous leaps over the hue, aiul picks up a Gamecock first. Poor little Pilcher. It ' s a miracle that he can take it, hut those fellows from Clemson couldn ' t hurt a fly. Coslcu rolls to his ii ht, with aid ol luUhack Da .OG;, He didn ' t catch it, helieve it or not. Funky Hollar (30) got to the pigskin before it reached the Clemsonite. ¥ ' - ' ' -- ' ' 1 gains )ardage to set up one of three Bird touclidowns. Culture Over Agriculture As The Tiger Stables Close ' T ' HIS year ' s Carolina-Clemson clash will have - - to go down as the most dramatic ever staged anywhere. They changed this one to " Big Satur- day, " and it couldn ' t have been any bigger. USC students were willing to concede three days of free cuts for a Carolina victory. They got their wish, for the Birds came out on top, 21-14. They called it " culture over agriculture, " but it was more ... it was Gambrell going around, over, and through Clemson defenders ... it was Costen picking up a fumble and turning it into a touchdown ... it was tackle Mike Kirkpatrick blocking an Eddie Werntz punt ... it was the desire and spirit of a Carolina eleven that held Clemson on the one-foot line as time ran out. This stopped the last-minute drive. YARDSTICK CLE First downs Rushing yardage P.issing yardage - - Passes 11 Passes intercepted by 19 171 127 -18 -oq Fumbles lost Yards penalized 28 This was the key that unlocked the door to ictoi over Clemson. Costen grabbed it and ran for a TD. We beat hell out of Clemson! End John Caskey (86) embraces a fellow teammate after the joyous victory. 35i: 1 f i m aAtmh J N. C. State ' s All-Amcrican (iiiaitc rliack Hdiiian Gabriel liands off to liis liard-nmiiinii liack in tlu- USC game. Back, Carl Huggins, strains to break loose from a gang of intimate tacklcrs but this time he fails to make it. YAIinSTICK s.c:. N.C. i First downs 11 28 HiishinK yardage 171 269 Pnssine yardage .52 215 Passes 4-17 17-22 Passes intercepted by 1 1 Punts 6-30.7 Fumbles lost 2 4 Yards penalized 3ii lU ' Throw Gabriel, Throw " Is The State Victory Cheer " Dl ' T it was " See - Saw . . . Marjorie Daw tor the Birds against N. C. State. As tlie eager Wolf- pack rang up a 38-14 mid-inoriiing win, another legend became a re- alit before the Gamecock ' s eyes. This time it was the myth about Roman Gabriel, a half-Indian, lialf-Filippino, but full-blooded All-American (luarterback. The 6-4, 220-pounder, notoriously dcadh with a football in his giant hands, passed his way into the ACC record books and onto the " black list " of Carolina fans, as he rolled up 215 ards through the air. USC grabbed an early lead, but the game began at 10:15 a.m., and by the second (juarter the Birds ' " No-Doz " wore off, leaving Gabriel and the Wolfpack an open gate to the USC lamb pasture. Carolina ' s All-. merican candidate, Jim " lean ' n ' mean " Moss, takes time out to dry off during the State game. Halfback Sammy Anderson starts on a 64-)ard scamper against Vanderbilt, and the final game of the season. use Closes In Fine Style By Trouncing Vanderbilt ' T ' HE Gamecocks accepted the hospitality of - - the " Grand Ole Opry " and Vanderbilt ' s Com- modores in Nashville, and wound up their season on a winning note. Again it was Costen, and again it was Day, and this time the score was 23-7, Carolina. The Birds ' forward wall, outweighed but not outplayed throughout the season, held the Commodores inside the ten-yard line on two occasions, and more than lived up to everything expected of it. The backfield, full of pleasant surprises from beginning to end, did likewise. It was a fitting finish for USC ' s new head coach, who guided his troops to a 4-6 record and a tie for fifth place in the conference . . . not the best record in the world, but a lot of ball games cannot be judged by the score. The spring training session revealed several spine-tingling surprises from this year ' s jam- up freshman squad. " " " " ' .c, v..ov For the first time in First downs le s Rushing yardage , 167 122 several years, it ap- l H ' yardage iss js pears that the Birds EJ ' " ' " ' ' ' ' ' ' ' " ' ' a 10-39.9 will have good depth. S ' penXed 70 64 4 J i • if ■£ [ 1 V C3 .J The " Moose " ' j;t.ts lice tiansiioitation to tlie Roosters ' dressing room atter tlie season s finale in Nashville, Tenn. It ' s cowboy and Indian time again, as a pair of Vandy defenders head USC halfback Dick Day off at the pass. JOHN CASKEY, End The forward wall of USC HIl.l. CWIUHKl.I., liiirk JIM MOSS, tackle . . . Described as " lean and mean, extremely quick. All-State, Lineman of the Year, All-Atlantic Coast Conference. BILL GAMBRELL, halfback . . . Called fast and determined, line hurdling his specialty. All- State, All-Atlantic Coast Conference 2nd team. JIM COSTEN, quarterback ... " A smart (luarterback, " says Bass. Signed pro contract with Washington Redskins. All-State. JOHN CASKEY, end . . . Plays " by the book, " leading pass receiver on squad. Rugged on de- fense. All-State, All-Atlantic Coast Conference 2nd team. DAVE SOWELL, quarterback . . . Came to Carolina after playing service ball. Called good running quarterback. Gamecock co-captain. DAVE ADAM, guard ... A field leader and exceptional blocker. Defensive standout from middle guard position. Gamecock co-captain. JIM COSTEN, Back Bass presents Moss plaque at Jamboree DA ' E ADAMS. Guard " Now, mister, please wait your turn, I ' m only one man you know, " says Gamerooster flankman Johnny Caskey. The not-so-sweet side of Marvin Bass is apparent as he very patiently discusses the rudiments of the game. THE 1961 GAMECOCKS. First Row. Left to Rig if; H. Crosby, S. Anderson, D. Fowble, R. Chastain, D. Dav. J. Caskev. J. Costen, E. Holler, R. Turner, B. Milton, T. Piklier. C. Williams, C. Warring, B. Gambrell, M. Bass, H. Gulick. Second ' Ruw: C. O ' verstreet, R. Eib, R. Mattliews, B. Saunders, D. Adam, W. Barfield, D. Godfrey, H. Holman, D. Sowell, S. Humphries, K. Lester, C. Huggins, J. Shellock, J. Scarbath, E. Barbour. Third Row: J. Morris, R. Lomas, J. Prehodka, G. McGovern, J. Jordan, R. Chatmam, E. Crafts, L. Rucker, D. Finley, F. Staley, J. Beason, J. Goodrich, C. Taylor, R. Floyd, B. Enghind, E. Hottinger, J. Price. Fourth Row: B. Drost, B. Nies, R. Curtis, T. Gibson, D. Pope, M. Kirkpatrick, H. Jones, B. Godwin, K. Baity, J. Jones, J. Moss, W. Baskin, C. Biggers, H. Bartos. 355 FOOTBALL RESULTS Carolina 6 Duke . . . Carolina 10 Wake Forest . Carolina 14 Georgia . . Carolina L. S. U. . . Carolina North Carolina Carolina 20 Maryland . . Carolina 20 Virginia . . Carolina 21 Clemson . . Carolina 14 N. C. State . Carolina 23 Vanderbilt 7 7 17 42 17 10 28 14 38 7 f J " . « " X x i . mm K ' X J ' jti In Carolina " Coliseum " , with little firemen and peanut boys running wild, the fans help the Roosters down State. Coach Feels Spirit Will Play Important Role nPHE " new look " prevailed throughout the Car- - ■ olina sports scene this year. It even went so far as to bring basketball back into South Caro- lina—the University and the state. This aspect of the " new look " was created by Coach Bob Stevens, who, in only his third year of coaching in the South, overcame seemingly insurmountable odds to revive the spirit and entertainment historically characteristic of the game— that spirit which had been lost in the Car- olina Community. At first well over 4,000 fans were turning out each night for the show at the University ' s antiquaited Field House. Toward the end only 3,500 were admitted at one time due to fire regulations, but there were many, many more outside the door— or in their living rooms— ROBERT L. STEVENS, Head Coach GORDON M. STAUFFER, Assistant Coach 35t Forward Art Whisnant drives between two Tennessee basketeers for a possible three-point play at the Field House. Gamecocks Get Fast Start With Three Opening Wins who were vitally interested in seeing the Game- cocks come np with their first winning season since USC joined the Atlantic Coast Conference back in 1953. And they got their money ' s worth, for the Birds wound up on the long end of a 14-11 record in regulation play— a credit not only to the team, but to coaches Stevens and Stauffer as well. As usual, the Gamecocks got off to a flying start, as they outmaneuvered Small College power Lenoir-Rhyne,. 82-72. Senior Forward Art Whis- nant, who later received the highest laurels in the form of a berth on the all-conference team, collected 26 points his first time out to lead both teams in scoring. Next it was Tennessee, of the tough Southeastern Conference. But neither the conference nor the name scared the Gamecocks, as they delighted the home fans with a 79-66 win. Again it was Art Whisnant at the top of the scor- ing column, this time with 25 points. And the locals made it three in a row with a 71-63 triumph over conference foe Virginia. Whisnant seemed to be getting into a rut, for once more he hit 25 points. But then came the " Okay, boys, there it is, get up and scratch for it! " hollers the man with the ivy-league striped uniform. Ronnie Collins and Art Heyman entertain the fans with a version of the twist during the Duke-Carolina game. " If you don ' t make this one, you can take another, " could be the topic of discussion between Art and Lou. use Defeats Clemson, State. UNC In Stretch Bobby Robinson outruns trailing Blue Devil basketecr Kast, hut another Duke player just doesn ' t seem to care. spoiler. Duke ' s Blue Devils, touted as one of the top ten teams in the country before the season began, took the mandatory eight count for over 30 minutes, but then jumped up and KO ' cd the Carolina quintet 69-76 in the final minutes. USC fans began to realize why they call Art Meyman the " greatest thing that ever happened to basket- ball " as the All-America junior hit a career high of 39 points in the game. Off on a tour of the Midwest, the Gamecocks found the going rougher, as they came home with two losses— to DePaul and Michigan State— and only a 70-68 win over Michigan to crow about. And more sight-seeing was in hand— this time in the Deep South. The Gamecocks went back to Shreveport, Louisiana, to defend their title as champions of the Gulf South Classic, but lost to Centenary in the finals, 79-68. They had previously beaten Memphis State, 79-78, and Hamline, 80-77. 960 " Who ' s gonna ' dunk it . . . me or you? " yells USC ' s Art Whisnant as he battles Furman ' s Smith for a rebound. Moral: Don ' t mess with Bill Yarborough or he ' ll bite hell out of you, as a Maryland guard finds out rather fast. The boys are all smiles as they return to the dressing room after a sweet victory over their arch rival, Clemson. Art Whisnant, South Carolina ' s leading scorer, drives in for two more on la up over Maryland ' s Paul Jclus. Stevens Gives USC First Winning Season In Years (Jetting hack in the swing oF things, the Caro- lina contingent reeled ofl four wins in their next five games. Georgia and Marxland were easy pickings for the hot USC quintet, but Virginia came along and spoiled the broth, although Art W ' hisnant reached his career peak with a GT-point output. " Hi, Mom " banners hung from the rafters when the Birds met N. C. State on T ' , and Wolf- pack Coach Everette Case hung his soul up after watching his team go down in defeat, 62-56. Fol- lowing a 83-71 loss to North Carolina, the Game- cocks were downed by Duke, 89-73. Wake Forest was ne.xt. USC fell, 78-74. But then Bob Stevens got his wish— a victory over Clemson, by an 86-74 margin. Following an 85-68 romp o er Maryland and a 67-59 loss to Furman, the Biards dropped the N. C. State game 76-75. Stevens then poured it on UNC, 97-82. A Stevens ' wish came true, a victory over Clemson up in Cowtown, 87-71. Wake Forest ' s Len Chappell was too much for USC in the finale, as he led his team to a 97-85 victory. Look to next year. N. C. Slate player gives Bobby Richardson a free ride as Hobbic jiilcs in for another layup in USC victory. The Wake ' s big man seems lost as Cronin goes up to sink two for the cocks in the final period of play. Morgan seems to direct action as Collins and Cronin scrap for ball among Clemson player ' s arms and legs. THE 1961-62 GAMECOCKS. Kneeling, Left to Right: Dave Barrett, Jim Collins, Terry Lucansky, .Seotti Ward, Joe Laird, I5obl)y Robinson, Ronnie Collins, Russ Littleton. Standing: Coach Bob Stevens, Tom Caughnian, Bob Haney, Art Whisnant, Bud Cronin, Bob Rebhan, Jim Podell, Dave Provosnik, Wayne Corbett, and Coach Gordan Stauffer. Seniors Robinson, Whisnant, and Cronin made their last bow in the USC Field House, but they also made their mark. BASKETBALL RESULTS Carolina 82 Lenoir-Rhyne . . . . 72 Carolina 79 Tennessee . . . . . 66 Carolina 71 Virginia .... . . 63 Carolina 69 Duke . . 76 Carolina 60 De Paul .... . . 70 Carolina 91 Michigan State . . . 99 Carolina 70 Michigan . . . . . 68 Carolina 79 Memphis State . . . 78 Carolina 80 Hamline . . . . . 77 Carolina 79 Centenary . . . . . 86 Carolina 91 Georgia .... . . 72 Carolina 86 Maryland . . . . . 77 Carolina 95 Virginia .... . . 98 Carolina 93 Furman .... . . 84 Carolina 62 N. C. State . . . . . 56 Carolina 71 North Carolina . . . 83 Carolina 73 Duke . . 89 Carolina 74 Wake Forest . . . . 78 Carolina 86 Clemson .... . . 74 Carolina 85 Maryland . . . . . 68 Carolina 59 Furman .... . . 67 Carolina 75 N. C. State . . . . . 76 Carolina 97 North Carolina . . . 82 Carolina 87 Clemson .... . . 81 Carolina 85 Wake Forest . . . . 97 iMM A C 4 ««: fj.f JH IN A Stickiiic ' ii Ed ( .i.isM liiill, John Farnsworth, Brian i; liiuk cDiiluli lit as tli( ' j,a ( .(t nuiuiiil. Chuckling witli eager anticipation, first baseman Lane RmIF cliarges a grounder during i)re-game infield praeticv. Gamecocks Have Bad Year Need Pitching And Depth " P ESPITE the losing season posted by the 1961 - Gamecocks, the team produced several out- standing performances and exciting moments. In the most exciting victory of the three games the Birds won, Wake Forest suffered a defeat in their first visit to the USC diamond. Among the fifteen defeats, several were decided in the last innings. Five of the games were lost by only one run, in- cluding the one hitter pitched by George Epps against the Duke Blue Devils. Epps, the leading hitter in the ACC in 1960, was switched from outfielder to pitcher at the beginning of the 1961 season. Leading sticknien for the Birds were Charlie Williams, batting 350, and Bill Magan, swinging at a 321 pace. With Magan at first, Bobb ' Robin- .son, a standout in two sports, held the second base slot. Jinnn ' Lanford covered short, and John Farnsworth plaxed the corner spot. Even though the final record showed a poor season, Coach Grugan was pleased with the atti- tude and hustle of the players, and attributed many of the losses to tough breaks and lack of depth at the pitching position. 366 UNIVERSITY SOUTH C AR OLINA INNINGS ' I ' 21314 5 " jC ' 7 e i9;i0 VISITQgiO!0|0!2;0| ,H OME;Q|Q,Q|Q JR U fr9sf} J ' or %. Coleman ' s pitch looks good as he throws to Farnsworth, while Grasso wonders where in hell the fielders are. Three newcomers who helped fill the gaps for ' Cocks wiiv Kililii Ciasso, Holt GrioiuT. and Brian Edwards. Gamecock first sacker Bill Magan awaits the pickofi pitch as the Clemson runner dives head-first to safety. Smiles abound as Coach Joe Grugan shows new pitcher Coleman what seems to be the world ' s funniest ball. 367 Shortstop Jim Lanford gets good wood on the ball as he swats a line-drive in a pre-gaine batting practice. Leading Gamecock hitter Charlie " Steclball " Williams displays his fielding ability as he snags a towering fly. Newcomers Add The Depth Pitching Staff Is Stronger With the support of several newcomers, the Gamecocks turned in one of the finest records in the last few years. Giving strength to the weak use pitching staff was the transfer from Clem- son, John Coleman. Another starter for the Game- cocks in his first season with the Birds was catcher Eddie Grasso, who played junior college ball last season. Brian Edwards, a strong-hitting third baseman, played his first season under the direc- tion of Coach Grugan since his transfer from Wofford College. C oupled with the performances of these new pla ers, established performers Jimmy Lanford, Charlie Williams, and John Jones provided the Birds with a tighter defense, a bigger stick, and a stronger finish. As expected during pre-season practice. Coach Grugan attributed much of the success to the Car- olina Commimity ' s enthusiasm, the team hustle and spirit, and the combined efforts of the entire squad. Bullet Brian Edwards fires a shot across ill sli()tt;un style in cooperation with the the diamond photoiirapher. 36a BASEBALL RESULTS Carolina 6 Carolina 9 Carolina 4 Carolina 1 Carolina 2 Carolina 2 Carolina 5 Carolina 2 Carolina 8 Carolina 2 Carolina 1 Carolina 2 Carolina 1 Carolina 7 Carolina Carolina 7 Carolina 2 Carolina 7 Georgia Southern Georgia Southern Wake Forest Duke . . . The Citadel N. C. State . Clemson . . Virginia . . Maryland . . Maryland . . Clemson . . N. C. State . North Carolina Furman . . Duke . . . Wake Forest The Citadel North Carolina 13 3 21 5 9 4 3 3 11 S 1 9 3 9 aiyttuaih%if. Weight man Neal Hutchinson and high jumper Tom Caughman Hank state ' s top broad jumper Dan L ' pton in mid-leap. Trackmen Have 4-2 Season, Upton Sets Record T¥7ITH the help of a brace of junior sprinters " and hurdlers, the Gamecock track men com- piled four wins against two losses in regular sea- son dual meets. Several fine individual performances iced a winning season for track coach Weems Baskin. Broadjumper Dan Upton broke the old state rec- ord in the broad jump with a ground-covering leap of twenty-four feet four inches. The mile relay team was one of the best in several years. Composed of Charlie Bradshaw, Dan Upton, Jimmy Barrow and Jimmy Wallace, the group was a consistent winner. Hurdler Charlie Bradshaw once again led tlie state ' s hurdle men. Losing only once in the ACC, Bradshaw won first place in the state track meet. WEEMS BASKIN. Track Coach use co-captains John I ' fal .graf, C liarhe Bradsliaw and Dan Upton take a breather during the spring workouts. t - ir. Charlie Bradshuw clears the final barrier last spring seconds before winning the state high hurdle championship. 1962 TRACK TEAM. Ufl tu lUfiht. i. DouhIiciI), U. Stamford, E. Crib, J. Barrow, N. Atkinson, B. Owens, J. Pfalzgraf, D. Upton, C. Bradshaw, N. Hutchinson, C. Hendricks. Deane Fowble uses flcctiim sjiccd tn lircak ta]i. ' wtiilc jim Wallace and Hulicrt Brown fim ' sli second and third places. Cribb, Thoni, Pfalzgrat and Mascni start on initial lap ot mile run a, z;aiiist (;t ' ()ri;ia, a non-conferc-nce opponent. Frank Johnson, assistant athletic director, awards the Bradshaw strains for the tape well ahead of Gamecock ' s medal to Dan Upton after his state record broad jump. Bill Tinder in the 120-yard high hurdles m recent meet. 372 TRACK RESULTS use .... .50 Florida State Univ. . 81 use .... 72 2 3 North earolina . . 28 use .... 72 2 3 Virginia 66 1 3 use .... 65 Duke 70 use .... 71 eiemson 65 MINOR SPO Norman Flyiui, South ( , ' aniliii,i Ir.iilnm -ulfcr, shows perfect form at the first tee ot Forest Lake Country Club. Hul) Cierrin.n rluxks the la ul the hall hchu. ' niakiim a final decision on the course his hall will tollow. WALT HAMBRICK, Golf Coach John Orr shows deep concentration while exeeutini; a smooth style and perfect form on a fifteen-foot putt. Jackie Seawell sends sand flying as he blasts a recovery shot from the trap on tlie ninth hole in Birds ' golf pla -. Linkmen Have Strong Team With Norman Flynn IVrORMAN Flynn emerged as one of the lead- - ' - ing collegiate golfers in the southeastern part of the nation last year as he led the Uni- versity of South Carolina Gamecocks to one of their best records in several years. Jimmy Howell, Graham Smith, Buddy Price and Bob Gerring all shot par golf behind Flyim en route to the successful season. Participating in the State intercollegiate tourn- ment in Hampton, S. C., and the Atlantic Coast Conference meet in Durham, the Gamecocks gained valuable match play experience although finishing no better than fourth in the conference. The 1961 State Camp Gamecocks, also partici- pated in the Southern Intercollegiate Tournament in Athens, Georgia. The golf team in 1962 was further strengthened by Chuck Simons, John Orr and Jackie Seawell. Norman Flynn, who was top medalist for USC during the 1961 season, relaxes prior to starting another round. 1961 GOLF TEAM. Front Row, Left to Right: Jackie Seawell, Norman Flynn, Coach Walt Hambrick, John Orr, Riiss Johnson. Back Row: Bob Gerring, Sandy Snead, Frank Haney, Chuck Simons, Jim SuUens. Returning letterman Dick McPherson skillfully places an overhead from the back court during practice game. Carolina Gets New Coach As Tennis Is Emphasized T ACKING depth and sufficient material. Coach - — ' Bob Brown ' s Gamecock netters of 1961 had their share of troul)les when it came to finding the winning combination. Despite the fine play of the number one man. Bill Shirley, the team came up on the short end of their won-loss rec- ord. In an attempt to foster more interest in tennis at USC, new courts were constructed at Maxcy Gregg Park. Marshall Reed, S. C. Senior Men ' s Champion and official at Forest Lake Club, was named new coach of the Carolina netters. Increasing interest in tennis is a part of Ath- letic Director Warren Giese ' s plan to emphasize and bolster the minor sports at Carolina. Coach Mar ' .hall Reed, Al Smarr, Tommy Mann, Tom Potter, Lamar Hamilton, Bill Cowan, Dick McPherson, A. C. Shull. (Wirsity and Freshman Candidates.) 378 Carolina Gets New Sport As Soccer Is Sanctioned OOCCER became the newest sport at the Uni- versity, as the 1961 " foot " men were officially sanctioned by the ACC. Under the direction of Coach Frank Bruck, the new squad played a nine- game schedule, opening the season on Davis Field with a loss to Pfeiffer College. Inexperienced players and lack of organization produced a poor won-lost column for the Carolina team, but the season did much to raise interest among the USC students and fans for the rela- tively new sport in the U. S. Klaus Thonues, Carolina ' s goalie, prevented many opponent ' s scoring attempts with impressive defensive efforts. Thonues could prove to be one of the ACC ' s better goalies. -L Woody Graham, varsity fullback, powerfully kicks the ? !f ball in Carolina ' s first inter-collegiate soccer game. First Row, Left to Right: Dick Nohe, John Shakib, Hamid Ejlali, John Lowrance, David Shakib. Second Row: Wayne Asphn, Mazan Abboushi. John Kelbaugh, Gabriel Batarseh, Klaus Thonues, Coach Tom Wyhe. Third Row: Coach Frank Bruck, Woody Graham, Al Smarr, Jerry Eman, Coach " Pete " Petersen. 379 Crowds congregate on Davis Field to cheer fraternity teams to victory as race for 1961 All-Sports Trophy began. Bass reaction to L SC. (), L i C: i ' , Bass reaction to USC 20, Maryland 10. y. J- ii V INTRAMURALS Participation Increases As Intramurals Grow Game begins between Alpha Tau Omega and Kappa Alpha as action continues in intra-fraternity league play. nPHE iiitraimiral program inoNccl into its second - - year of operation under the zoning system. The twelve independent teams and fourteen fra- ternity teams played regular schedules and wound up each sport with a campus playoff. Coach Weems Baskin, intramural advisor, works in cooperation with the Intramural Coun- cil, composed of twelve students chosen from different areas of the campus. The Council is composed of the rules committee and protest committee. The CA)uucil was formed by President Sumwalt and George Tomlin, Dean of Men, for the pur- pose of increasing participation in the intramural program. Since its formation, the Council has actively worked toward this end. Seeking to find more playing area for both zones and fraternities, the Council, with the leadership of Coach Baskin, has procured the use of facilities at the Capitol City Park, the Round House, University High gym, and the Field House in addition to the old gym and Davis Field. Todd Walter, Jimmy Johnson, and Walter Duffie pose with Intra-Fratemity All-Sports Trophy won by Sigma Nu, ' 61. 112 Tony McCreight, shifty back, sweeps left end for Sigma Chi during intra-fraternity football game on Davis Field. Paul Rundbaken, Phi Epsilon Pi slugger, belts the old seed as Sigma Nn Bill Barksdale flinches with closed eyes. 383 A basketball player, showing a peculiar style all his own, lets one fly during intramural action in the old gymnasium. Intramural spectators showing mixed emotions are in Joe Prehodka, displa ing that All-Ameriean form, hits a frenzy over tlie excitement taking place at the gym. a jumper from the foul line in heated intramural play. Phil Mansell and Joey Logan, PKE brothers, exchange spirited " whacks " on the court in a liiulil - rontested niatcli ' rN ' ' ]IN .%N ' Jimmy Gilreath battles KA teammate Frank Haney for a rebound in an exciting basketball game against ATO. Intra-fraternity basketball champs Sigma Nu are seated, left to right: Jim Mills, Carl Adams, John Pfalzgraf, Jimmy Howell. Standing: John Jones, John Breedin, Jim Johnson, Jack McCathem. John Dalisa, lianl m Si- )ack, scores on a short run against the PIKAs in the fraternity playoff. Sigma Nu Wins Coveted 1961 All-Sports Trophy OlGMA Nu fraternity, behind the stellar play of Jim Johnson, Frankie Lee, Artie Dunn, Ben Boyd and Jim Lanford captured the All-sport trophy for the fourth time in the past si.x years. The closest competitor was Phi Kappa Sigma. Zone 6, with Lyles Adair and Ken Lester, downed fraternity basketball champs Sigma Nu in the campus playoffs in the first year of the event 74-66. Sigma Phi Epsilon in turn smeared the same Zone 6 in the football playoffs thanks to John Dalisa and Neil Monette. Due to a late start of Softball, there was no campus playoff. The intramural program is open to all Uni- ersit ' students who have not won a varsity letter in that particular sport. All disputes and decisions on eligibility are made by the intramural council. 385 FEATURES The icing on our cake . . . Miss G B. . . she was a beautiful baby. . . Homcoming . . . Awards . . . May and Derby. All our days are special Cut throat competition veiled with powder and lace. Campaign time and count the ballots . . . We had our cake and ate it too. HIGHLIGHTS SIGMA NU " LITTLE 500 " The Annual " Little 500 " Makes Its First Showing T .WIS Field was the exciting scene of the first - annual Sigma Nu " Little 500 ' Bicycle Race, which was iecei ed with great enthusiasm by all those watching and participating. ATO captured the first place honors, followed by SAE and PiKA. The announcement of Miss " Little 500 " , Vend Ri enbark, was made at the end of the race. The bicycle racer receives some aid from the sideHnes wliiie tlie i N " Little 500 " continues in the background. n enthusiastic crowd watches as speedy KA team member, Lauren Parrott, takes slight lead over the other racers. An added attraction of the " Little 500 " was presented when Virgil Duffie shoved pie in John Caskey ' s face. Miss " Little 500 " Wendy Rivenbark gladh receives her flowers from i Ns while crowd watches with approval. ELECTIONS Offer Wildest Variety Of Choices For USC Leaders ' T ' HE Carolina campus, scattered with abundant ■ election information, prepared for another fall election period. With thorough electioneering in full swing, the USC students were left with little doubt as to the certainty of the qualifications of the candidates. Along with the usual methods for obtaining votes, the candidates confronted students with impres- sive displays involving much hard work. Confused students discuss voting amid the scattered election materials and posters in the Russell House. Fall election posters covering the brick wall offer a rather wide ariit (if choices to tliis passing Clarolina student. Avid electioneers gather at Russell House steps as USC student attempts to evade their efforts to obtain votes. The intent crowd devotes attention to the Miss Venus contestants as the judges are making their final analysis. Excited SX Derby Day contestants search through the molasses and flour for the winning key to this race. The eager-looking crowd looks on as Miss Slenderama contestant, Miss Patty Whitlock, finishes eating her pie. SIGMA CHI DERBY DAY ADPi Gains Coveted Bronzed Derby And Trophy OPRING again foimd the Carolina horseshoe the seene for the annual struggle between sorority girls for the coveted bronze- derb ' . Sigma Chi fraternit) ' traditionally presented Derby Day for the fourteenth time since the event was brought to use in nineteen forty-seven. Numerous contests for the sororities revealed unknown talent for some girls, comical perform- ances for others. Included among the events were a pie-eating contest, obstacle race, ke ' race, cos- tume judging, and the secret race— go-cart riding. Alpha Delta Pi, declared the winner, was fol- lowed by Pi Beta Phi and Zeta Tau Alpha. The envied Miss Venus title was presented to ZTA ' s Joyce Adams. 392 Derby Day races leave Norah Teague exhausted as she Crowned with a SX derby, Joyce Adams, the 1961 Miss chases Pat Peden in an attempt to burst her balloon. Venus, stands posed in front of the approving crowd. Kathy Darling, almost unrecognizable ZTA contestant for the Miss Slenderama race, presents a contorted picture. Facial expressions sliow tlic responses of Mike Quinn and John Chappell as John ghidly receives the gavel. AWARDS DAY Bestows Greatest Honors Upon Carolina ' s Leaders TMI ' ORTANT USC leaders, professors, and stu- - - dents were recognized and awarded for their outstanding activities in various fields at the an- nual Omieron Delta Kappa Awards Day cere- monies held on May Day. F ' eatures presented were awards gi en for aehie enients in scholarship, service, Who ' s Who, and in the fields of literature and forensics. Also included were the dedication of the yearbook, presentation of the 1961 Miss Garnet and Black, and announcement of the University ' s most out- standing professor of the year. Climaxing morning activities was the presenta- tion to a graduating man and woman and a Columbia citizen of the highest award bestowed by Carolina, the Algernon Sidney Sullivan Award, which is given for unselfish and outstanding serv- ice. Receiving these awards were Mike Quinn, Vasiliki Moskos, and Mr. Chris Lexentis. Dr. Sumwalt presents Mike Quinn and Vasiliki Moskos with greatly coveted Algernon Sidney Sullivan award. Dr. George Brauer is congratulated as he accepts the Russell . ward of Creative Research from Dr. Sumwalt. Mr. Chris P. Leventis smiles as hi ' accepts the Algernon Sidney Sullivan Award from President Robert Sumwalt. Dr. Charles Coolige of the History department receives esteemed Outstanding Teacher Award from Dr. Sumwalt. New student body president, John Chappell, delivers his speech during Awards Da wliile he accepts his position. Da id Kcllir, Charles Beliling, Marty Sheheen, David Watson. Who ' s Who Ann Shirley, Judy Hart Charles Hall, Jimmy Truesdalc, F " rank Howatt 396 Charlie Bradshavv, Herb Bradley, Pat Adair, Dalton Floyd. Who ' s Who MP ' " ' MiM 1 M JS w v5 i ■Hi miP JVr ' Mt aHa r jp|,) Uick Rockafellow, Harriette Morehead, Ken Chance Lill Mood, Sara Krebs 397 Who ' s Who Mike .Sliciiicn, Jane Boyce John Cliaiipt-U, Sonny Herring Julian Jones, Patty Whitlock, Amelia Sue O ' Dell, Glenda Gunter. Who ' s Who Benny Pendarvis, Fran Baskin Bill Shirley, Claudia Waites Berry St. John, Nancy Ariail, Val Jean Derrick, Ken Holland. 1962 Outstanding Seniors PAT ADAIR FHAiX BASKIN CHAHLES BEHLIXG JOHN ClIAl ' PELL GLENDA GUNTEK SARA KREBS 1962 Outstanding Seniors HARRIETTE MOREHEAD BENNY PENDARVIS MIKE SHEHEEN " ANN SHIRLEY JIMMY TKUESDALE DAVID WATSON PATTY WHITLOCK President Sumwalt and Mike Qiiinn assist as Queen Barbara King prepares to walk before these May Day Attendants. MAY DAY Regal Queen Barbara Reigns Over Festivities nPHE beautiful setting of the horseshoe was - ■ fitting for annual May Day ceremonies spon- sored by Kappa Sigma Kappa at Carolina. While Queen Barbara King presided, an im- pressive pageant was presented for spectators as many beauties took their places in the court. Highlighting the program was the Dance of the May Pole by the ladies of her majesty ' s court. Impressive in the May Day ceremony, Barbara King and her court present a very lovely picture to the University. .S» f f ♦.,? r ?« May Queen Barbara King 403 Influential Dr. James R. Killian, Jr., is shown while delivering the most impressive commencement address. GRADUATION Ancient Horseshoe Lends Atmosphere To Exercises RADUATES, parents, and friends gathered - to wateh the liistorical coninicncenient exer- cises which were held on June 2 on the Carolina Horseshoe. Before Dr. Coolidge led the 1961 academic procession to open the graduation cere- monies, the Universit) ' of Soutli Carolina hand presented several selections. Opening the ceremony with an inspiring invo- cation was Bishop C. Alfred Cole. The traditional commencement address was given this year by Dr. James R. Killian, Jr., Chairman of the Cor- poration, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. President Robert Sumwalt climaxed the gradu- ation events with the conferment of the degrees, which included not onl ' the academic degrees of the graduate, but also the outstanding honorary degrees. University professor. Dr. George Curry, observes while seniors listen with anticipation to the graduation speeches. ORIENTATION Programs Of Orientation Inform The USC Freshmen ' T ' O welcome the freshmen to the Carolina - ' - Community, orientation counselors assisted in the opening of the 1961 Fall session at the Uni- versity of South Carolina. Familiar to all of the new students was the echo of " Men and women of Carolina, " a phrase which helped them build spirit and a feeling of pride for their new school. Members of each of the major organizations and groups on campus met with and explained their purposes and activities to the incoming stu- dents. Deans of schools and orientation comi- selors assembled with individual freshmen groups to answer questions and to help all students feel a part of our Carolina life. " " Student body president, John Chappell voices his ideas while he forcefully speaks to the incoming freshmen. 1 i Orientation counselor Jack Wilson explains the many phases of Carolina life while talking with the freshmen. The President ' s drop-in proved to be a good locality ' for freshman discussion of the stimulating life at Carolina. Homecoming Queen Barbara King HOMECOMING The Crowning Of Barbara Climaxes The Activities ' T ' HE 1961 use Homecoming activities pre- - - seiited Miss Barbara King as Queen of the annual student-alumni pageant. During the foot- ball game with the University of North Carolina Tarheels, Queen Barbara reigned after being crowned by Dr. Charles E. Simons, Jr., President of the Alumni Association. Sponsored b - Interfraternity Council, the tradi- tional building of Homecoming displays involved much hard work and time. Judging of the fra- ternity take-offs on the " Battle of the Carolinas " was one of the highlights of the Homecoming weekend at Carolina. Winning first place honors was Phi Kappa Sigma, followed by Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Pi Kappa Phi. Ending the weekend activities was the annual Homecoming Dance at Township Auditorium featuring Hank Ballard and the Midnighters, the OKanpics, and the Five Satins. Queen Barbara King rules over Homecoming activities while Dr. Charles E. Simons, Jr., happily crowns her. ARTIST SERIES Provides Cultural Entertainment To Students CPONSORED b tlic USC student government the Artist Series presented its fourth success- ful year at the Universit of South CaroHua. The outstanding cultural programs that were presented in the field house offered fascinating entertainment for the crowds of students, faculty members, and many citizens of the metropolitan area of Columbia that attended. Serving as gen- eral chairman h)r tlie 1962 Artist Series committee was Tim Quiiiii. Included in tlie concert series were four im- pressive groups of entertainers. Appearing first was the Columbus Boys Choir, followed b ' the Netherlands String Quartet, the National Sym- phony Orchestra, and the original Don Cossack Chorus and Dancers. The National Symphony Orchestra is shown in concert while being magnificenth- conducted b - Mr. Howard Mitcliell. Netherlands String Quartet appeared and presented a concert of chainlier music to the University students. Presenting entertaining performances at the CaroHna field house were the Don Cossack Chorus and Dancers. Miss Glenda Gunter Brown-eyed senior from Langle , S. C. . . brunette ... a marketing major . . . height 5 ' 6 ' . . . say.s she doesn ' t realK ' dislike an thing . . exeept t ping . . . likes to sleep and danee . . loves walking in the misty rain. Miss Garnet Doggette Junior Secretarial Science major . . . 5 ' 5V2 " . . . blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair . . . from Georgetown, S. C. . . . dislikes sarcastic people . . . loves music, coffee, and spring semester at Carolina. Miss Bunny Hembel Sophomore from Saluda, S. C. . . . hrowu hair and brown eyes . . . 5 ' 7 " tall . . . majoring in English . . . dislikes egotistical men . . . loves (King and water skiing . . . likes to be with a clever conversationalist . . . enjoys meeting inter- esting people. Miss Pam Hendricks Freshman who coutinualK- smiles . . . blonde hair and green eyes . . . loves to talk to people . . . majoring in International Studies . . . from Dun- ean, S. C. . . . likes to dance . . . she dislikes getting up early . . . height is 5 ' 4 " . Miss Garnet and Black Gayle Willard Miss Gayle WiUard Vivacious freshman . . . from Charleston, S. C. . . . majoring in Elementary Education . . . has blonde hair . . . green eyes . . . 5 ' 6 " . . . loves to eat . . . says she has no real talent . . . likes to water ski . . . dislikes insincere people. •TL " U ADVERTISEH ' S Campus Shop and Text Book Division Headquarters for Books, Supplies and Gifts Owned and Operated by the UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF Lisbeth Wolfe SOMERSET ' S SILVER SHOP 719 Harden Stbket COLUMBIA, S. C. Silver — China — Cri .sta] — JcKcIri rnoNi, AL ' 2-07M) Five Voisrs A SPECIAL THANKS TO: l)i;i, Di iuow , Sjiauon Harj ' EK Ji ' DV Stokks, Cauol Jones Glknn Milhouse, Harry Davis Lisa IjOmixkk, Barbar v Seiglkr Student Directory Aaron, Eliz. L. 203 Aaron, William C. 293 Abdalia, Dolores A. 277 Abbott, Richard W. 203 Abercrombie, Rosa E. 293 Abemathy Richard K. 203 Abrams, Ann 277 Abrams, Philip 263 Abrams, Samuel 277 Abrams, Stephen S. 263 Adair, Barbara P. 203 Adair, Lyles 203 Adam, David E. 203 Adams, Carl VV. 203 Adams, Gilbert R. 293 Adams, Weston 318 Adams, William C. 293 Adams, William D. 277 Adams, Wilma J. 203 Addison, William A. 293 Addy, Frank 277 Adkins, Paul O. 293 Alcordo, Crispo D. 203 Alderman, Joseph, Jr. 293 Alexander, Hugh M. 263 Alexander, Markham 293 Alexander, William J. 203 Alford, Rena L. 204 Alibritton, Richard 204 Alion, Sandra J. 293 Allen, Charles 263 Allen, James K. 263 Allen, John B. 204 Allen, Larrv- V. 204 Allen, Martha J. 277 Allen, Martha Jo 204 Allen, Robert J. 204 Allen, Thomas E., Ill 293 AUread, Ir is A. 204 AUsbrook, Betty C. 293 Almon, Allison H. 293 Altman, Edgar A., Jr. 204 Ambrose, Raymond, Jr. 277 Amick, Gleen L. 263 Amick, Larr - D. 263 Amick, Linda N. 293 Amick, Vem F. 204 Anders, Jimmie C. 277 Anders, Patricia L. 277 Anders, Roy G. 263 Anderson, AUen C. 204 Anderson, Ardith S. 293 Anderson, Barbara I. 293 Anderson, Bert T. 293 Anderson, llene C. 20.5 Anderson, Jacqueline 205 Anderson, James O. 277 Anderson, Susan K. 293 Andrews, Carol L. 311 Anglin, Manfred H. 293 Anthony, Timothy H. 293 Antlev, Philip J., Jr. 293 ApUn. Donald G. 311 Arant, Judy R. 277 Archer, JiU T. 293 Ard, Margaret L. 277 Argoe, George L., Jr. 263 Ariail, Nancy L. 205 Arledge, Elbert, Jr. 293 Armstrong, Henry C. 205 Armstrong, Mary H. 277 Arnold, Lloyd H. 205 Arrowsmith, Rhoda M. 263 Ash, Robert F. 205 Ashby, Benton T. 263 Ashe, Thurman O. 263 Askins, Carson, HI 263 Asplen, Earl W. 263 Atkins. Norma R. 277 Atkinson, Cecil B. 263 Atkinson, James V. 293 Atkinson, Melville 277 Auld, Katherine A. 277 Austelle, Linn 263 Austin, Thomas M. 263 Avera, William D. 320 Avinger, Irene A. 293 Ayre, Calvert W. 205 Ayre, Willie D. 293 Bacot, Sara E. 293 Baggett, Robert E. 263 Baggott, Patricia 293 Bagwell, John E. 263 Bagwell, Ronald L. 293 Bailey, Robert K. 205 Bailey, Thomas H. 205 Baines, Larrv P. 293 Bair, Andrew L. 293 Bair, James G. 277 Bair, Leontine 311 Baity, James K. 263 Baker, James W. 293 Baker, Kenneth H. 205 Baker, Louis H. 293 Baker, Patty F. 277 Baker, Reatha V. 293 Baker, Sharon J. 293 Baker, Virginia R. 293 Baldwin, Mar - E. 206 Ballard, Sarah L. 277 Ballard, Thomas P. 263 Ballcnger, Robert C. 277 Uallentinc, Ann N. 206 Ballentine, Eugene 263 Ballentine, James M. 277 Balthazer, Joseph E. 293 Banks, Marion L. 277 Barbec, Helen H. 293 Barber, Diane G. 263 Barden. Hobcrt T. 263 BurficUl, Anna P. 293 Barlickl. Ik,- E. ___ 277 Haiu.r. M.irllia T. 293 Barker, Cli.iil.s, Jr. 277 Marker. Cm A. 293 Hark.r, is C, Jr. 206 Barker, HomuKI B. 293 W illiam C, Jr. 277 H,irl..w. .ill.r A., Jr. 277 H.O...S. Tl, ,s W. 263 H.ini.ll. . I,, s R. 277 l,„lM-Me 293 HarMlnli. rlwMnas C. 293 Barrett, Beveriv H. 277 Barrett. David W. 277 Barrett, Larry J. 293 Barrineau, Thomas B. 263 Barrie, Margaret E. 293 Barrington, Rudouph 293 Barron, Henrietta R. 277 Barron, Porter G. 293 Barrs, Marshall 206 Bartell. Sarah H I-II.__ " _ 206 Bartlett, Madonia K. 277 Baskin, Frances H. 206 Bass, Brenda K. 293 Bass, Carolyn J. 206 Bass, Joseph F., Jr. 263 Battey, Golden R., Jr. 320 Battle, Elizabeth 277 Baucom, Robert W. 277 Baumgardner, Charles N. 263 Baur, Emil P. 277 Baxter, Shiriey M. 293 Beale, Hammond A., Jr. 277 Beale, Sterling E. 206 Beam, James R. 263 Beamguard, James E. 277 Beasley, Horace, Jr. 293 Beason, Diana L. 293 Beatson, James A. 262 Beattie, Harvie H. 206 Beck, Fred B. 206 Beckel, Elva K. 293 Beckham, Theo A. 206 Beers. Ronald C. 206 Behling, Charles F. I 206 Beleos. Katherine G. 293 Belk, Hybert M., Jr. 206 Belk, Thomas H., Jr. 263 Bell, Dewey K. 277 Bell, Donald J. 206 Bell. John U., HI 263 Bell, Judy K. 293 Bell, Lana K. 207 Bell, Linda L. 263 Bellamy, Howell V. 318 Bellinger, Mary C. 263 Bellune, Frances E. 277 Bellwood, Melvin O. 263 Belongia, Margaret 277 Belvin, James P., Jr. 294 Benedict, Andrew H. 294 Bennett, Barbara J. 294 Bennett, Gar ' P. 263 Bennett, James G. 294 Bennett, Paul Z. 207 Bennett, William C. 207 Bennette, Carolyn A. 277 Benson, Raymond S. 207 Benton, James D. 294 Benton. John T. 277 Bemat, Phoebe E. 207 Benishouse, William D. 277 Berrj ' , Henry R. 294 Bern.-. James K. 263 Berr -, Leonard E., Jr. 294 Berr -. Linda L. 294 Berrv, William F. 294 Bcrr , W illi.- Mae 207 Bicklev, E, Kave 277 Bicklev, Joe D. ' 311 Bickley, Judith C. 207 Bilbro, Walter, Jr. 263 Binns, Richard W. 263 Black, Charlie W. 263 Black, John R. 263 Black, Juhan 263 BUackhurst, David L. 263 Blackmon. Sara J. 294 Blackwell, Janie M. 277 Blackwood. R. K., Jr. 277 Blackwood, irginia A. 207 Blair. Donald 1). 263 Blair. H.uli.l M. 294 Blakciv, Cla.Kle V. 277 Blanchard, Judith K. 263 Blankenship, Samuel 294 Blanks, Brenda F. 277 Blanks, Benjamin B. 277 Blanks. Lula E. - 277 Blanton, Raymond E. 294 Blanton, Winn 277 Blatt, Nancy R. 207 Blaze, Louie J. 207 Blease. Connie D. 294 Bledsoe, Martha D. P. _ 207 Bleick. Elizabeth L. I 294 BIcvin. Charics P. 294 Blitch, H. Diana 277 Blilchinaton, B. B. _ _ " 277 Bloom, Howard M. I 294 Blum. Lynn A. 277 B...II.-. Hi, hard W. I 263,!. Altred S. 207 li.,l.o„l. Ii.,tv,-y E. 277 H,.lin. ratriiia A. 278 Bollinger, Mary E. 294 Bolt, Carmcta A. 294 Bonner, Davis R. 294 Boiuutte, Cecile V. 207 B,inii,„(t. Hugh E.. Jr. 294 ' ! " ■■■■, K.ilhryn J. 207 H..,.iM-. J.rrv M. 278 Booth, Aon B. 207 Booth. Donald R. 208 Borom, Marjorie E. 208 Boseman, Linda R. 263 Boswell. James C. 278 Bottorff, Gerald F. 208 Bouknight, Frank C. 208 Bouknight, Robert K. 318 Bourne. James T. 204 Bowen, Clarence E. 311 Bowen. Jane R. 208 n-wers, Barbara E. 294 Bowers, Kero ' V. 311 Bowers. Rebecca A. 208 Bowie, Paul E., Ill 322 Bowling, Herbert L. 294 Bowling, Leeta E. 294 Bown, S. Francine 208 Boyce, Jane W. 208 Boyd, Benjamin B. 208 Boyd, Ellen J. II 208 Boyd, Jeri L. 294 Boyd. Larn,- S. I 294 Boyd. Marion S. 294 Boyd. William C, III 209 Bos, It,-. J,.s,[,h, Jr. 278 lioskin. 1 ),,!,, res V. 278 Hoskiii. J,,r„,s E., Jr. 209 B,.yle, I ' nnule. Jr. 278 Boylston. Nathan D. 278 Boyne, William A. 209 Boys, Mary C. 294 Bozeman, Hugh S. 294 Brabham, Robert E. 278 Bradbcrr -. Ted H. 263 Bradham, John H. 263 Bradford. John F. _ 278 Bradford. Nellie C. _ 209 Bradley, Grady F. 209 Bradlcv. Herbert, Jr. _ 209 Bradlev, John B.. Jr. 263 Briidlev. John L. 263 Bradley. Linda S. 278 Bradlev, Madelaine 263 Bradlev, Renwick F. 263 Br.idlev, Sandra 209 Bradshaw, Charlie E. 209 Brakefield, Morris 278 Brandon, Betty J. 209 Brandon, Peggy A. 294 Brandt, Laiina A. 209 Branham, Ernest, Jr. 294 Branhant, Frank 278 Branh.ini. Howard M. 264 Rr.,nii,.n. I li.ina R. 210 Hr.ois.Mi, William A. 210 lirantlis, Diiinis R. 264 Branlcm, William S., Jr. 210 Bray, William F. 210 Breazeale. Earl C. 264 Breazeale. Edwin T. 294 Breedin. Toccoa A. 264 BreitUng, George A. 278 Breland. John G.. Jr. 264 Breland. Rovce W., Jr. 311 Brenncn. John M. 264 Brewer. DcrrcU E. 210 Brewingtcm. Bonnie 294 Bridges. Gerald B. 294 Bright, Jerald E. 294 Brigman. Kenneth. Jr. 278 Bristol, Eugene L. 210 Britt, Dudley H., Jr. 318 Britt, Miriam F. 318 Brittingham. Judith 294 Broadfoot. William J. 210 Br.ick. Gene C. 294 lir.iLk. Inliaii F. 278 Br....k,r. l.flrev Z. 210 Br,.,ik., (:,„rge A. 278 Br,i,ik.;, Jon.ithan C. 278 Brooks, Terrs- M. 322 Broom. John A.. HI 264 Broome. Glandon C. 294 Broughton. Marion A. 294 Br,nighton. Marion D., Jr. 210 Browder. Freddie A. 294 Brown. Charles B.. Jr. 294 Bross-n. Charles E., Jr. 264 Brown, Francis D. 294 At the University of South Carolina and IJfJ other leading Colleges IT ' S SLATER FOOD SERVICE MANAGEMENT Good luck, graduates! Slater is privileged to have served The GAMECOCK Campus during your stay at U. S. C Good luck. Class of ' 62! Slater hopes it helped make your undergraduate days pleasant and memorable. SLATER FOOO SKIIVICE Mi ]ViV(iEME]VT PHILADELPHIA ATLANTA • BALTIMORE NEW YORK • CHICAGO SAN FRANCISCO STUDENT DmECTOm-Continued Brown, Frederick H. 322 Brown, James A. 278 Brown, Johnny R. 294 Brown, Margaret L. 294 Brown, Michael A. 264 Brown. Phillip A. 278 Brown, Reginald C, Jr. 210 Brown. Robert A. 294 Brown, Robert R., Jr. 294 Brown, Steven 278 Browne. Martha H. 211 Brownlee, Svlvia K. 294 Brownlev, Claudette 311 Brovles, John L. 318 Bruce, Barbara A. 278 Bruner, Robert N., Ill 294 Brunson, Mamie E. 278 Bryan, Florence M. 211 Bryan, Frank J. 211 Bryan, John M. 294 Brvant, Franklin S. 294 Bryant, Gar ' L. 211 Bryant, James E., Jr. 278 Bryson. Bernard F. 294 Bryson. Walter B., Ill 211 Buchanan. James M. 278 Buckland, Lowell T. 264 Buckley. Reginald R. 311 Buff, Donald P. 211 Buff, Svlvia K. 294 Buggel, Robert F. 294 Buice, Jeanette D. 278 Bull. Walter C. 264 Bultman, Patricia R. 264 Bunch, Kathrvn L. 264 Bunting, Frances L. 278 Bunting, James R. 211 Burg, Gloria K. 211 Burgdorf, Carol A. 211 Burger, Harry F. 295 Burger, Lewis J. 211 Burgess, Edward B. 264 Burkett, Robert W. 322 Burlington, Kav E. 295 Burnett, Noel W. 278 Burnette, Randv L. 264 Bumey, Georgia L. 278 Bums, Douglas M. 212 Bums, Marion E. 278 Bums, Robert Edgar 295 Bums, Robin A. 278 Bumside, Robert. Sr. 320 Burris, Robert N. 264 Burriss, Donald T. 264 Burrows, Patricia L. 264 Burrus, George B. 295 Burton, Emory Gwinn 295 Bush. Clarence R. 278 Bush. Thomas E., Jr. 295 Butler. Mary T. 295 Butters. Patricia A. 278 Buzun, Richard C. 295 Byrd. Ellis E.. Jr. 212 Bvrd. Judith M. 278 Bvrd, Martha M. 278 Byrne. Bmce L. 295 Cain. Dolfo J. 295 Calamas, Jimmy T. 278 Calder, Robert C. 322 Caldwell. Joseph E. 212 Calev. WiUiam B. 264 Calhoon. WiUiam, Jr. 295 Calhoun. Patrick 264 CaUahan. Michael E. 295 Callawav. Hildreth 278 Calmes. ' Alan R. 212 Caltrider, Sharon E. 278 Campbell, Fuller, Jr. 264 Campbell, Thomas H. 278 Cannon. Jovce 264 Cantev. Barbara Z. 264 Cantev, Patricia L. 212 Capers, Edward A., Jr. 295 Capers. Marv F. Sue 295 Caplinger. Gloria M. 295 Caraway. Joene E. 295 Carlson. Stanley E. 212 Carlton, John W. 264 Carmichael, Charles 212 Carney, Walter W. 264 Camavas. Janice K. 264 Carpenter. Norma J. 278 Carr. Melvin W., Jr. 212 Carr. Patricia A. 212 Carrawav. Alivia A. 278 Carroll. Deborah J. 212 Carroll. Jean 278 Carroll, Jean 212 Carson. Juanita E. 212 Carson. Thomas C, Jr. 278 Carsten. Cynthia 278 Carter. Beverlv A. 278 Carter. Cleybum F. 278 Carter. Dan T. 212 Carter, Ida Ann 295 Carter. Jean Ann 295 Carter. Jerrv 278 Carter, Joe M.. Jr. 295 Carter, Margaret S. 295 Carter, Olen F., Jr. 264 Carter. Wilbert C. 264 Casey. Recca B. 212 Cassidy. Eugene F. 212 Cassidy. Ida L. 264 Caswell. Sharon L. 278 Cataneo. Mary Ann K. 294 Catc. Vasa W. 278 Catoe. Peggy Anne 295 Caudill, David 264 Caughman. Archie L. 278 Caughman. Henry W. 212 Caughman. Thomas D. 278 Causey. Marian C. 212 Causey, R. Louise 264 Cauthen, Henry F. 212 Cauthen, Sarah C. 278 Cave, James M. 278 Chalkcr, John P. 278 Champy, Annie P. 278 Chandler, Joseph R. 213 Chapman. Robert E. 295 Chappell, John W. 213 Chappell. Sarah J. 295 Chastain. Roger W. 264 Chastain, Walter. Jr. 311 Cheek, William, III 264 Cheeks, Harold Paul 295 Cheros, John G. 322 Cherry, Jack E. 279 Cherry, Larry D. 264 Chestnut, Barbara L. 213 Chestnut, Robert B. 279 Chewning, Charlie E. 213 Chibbaro, Anthony J. 279 Chipman, William J. 264 Christie, Richard L. 295 Christmas. Bobbi 295 Christmas. Merri L. 264 Christmus. Bonnie E. 295 Christopher. James 213 Church. Marian I. 264 Clair. Emmet H. 322 Clanton. Charles I. 295 Clark. Bett e Jane 213 Clark. Clvde H.. Jr. 279 Clark, Donald O. 320 Clark. Elizabeth F. 295 Clark. John Michael 295 Clark. Linda A. 213 Clark. Patricia S. 279 Clark. Robert W. 279 Clark. Susan E. 279 Clarke. Barbara M. 213 Clarkson. Blanding D., Jr. 279 Clarkson. John D. 264 Clary. Benjamin O. 320 Clary. Paul D. 264 Clasen. John Smiley 295 Clausen. Wayne N. 295 Clayton, Howard W. 279 Clayton. James P. 213 Clayton. John D. 320 Clayton. Michael V. 295 Clegg. Barney K. 295 Cliatt, Kenneth M. 295 Clifton. Charles L. 279 Chfton, Frances C. 264 Cline. Mickey H. 320 Clinkscales. Martha 295 Clinton. Robert L. 279 Cloyd. Margaret P. 295 CTyatt. Clarence. Jr. 279 Clyhum. Charles J. 264 Cobb. David D. 213 Cobb, David H. 213 Cobb, Joseph Walter 295 Cockrell, Capers R. 264 Coggeshall, William 295 Cohen, Harriet Lois 279 Cohen, Leroy Ellis 213 Coker, Carolyn J. 264 Coker, Gladys S. 264 Coker, Murrav S. 214 Coker. Priestley C. 279 Cole. Carolyn W. 279 Cole. Clarence A. 295 Cole, Edward N. 214 Cole, Miriam P. 295 Cole, Robert W. 264 Coleman, Edward T. 214 Coleman, Johnnie M. 264 Coleman, Katherine 214 Coleman, Mariana M. 279 Coleman. Richard L. 295 Coleman, Samuel S. 214 Colhns, Alexander 295 Collins, Charies R. 279 Collins, Edward B. 295 Collins, Eugene, Jr. 295 Collins, Jem- M. 279 Collins, Larry Paul 279 ColUns, Patricia A. 295 ColUns. Paul V. 214 Collins, Richard H. 214 CoUins, Ronald L. 295 Collins, Thelbert J. 295 Collins, William C. 379 Comer. David B. 279 Commander. Sara G. 279 Compton. B. Richard 279 Compton, Paul R. 264 Conat •, William B. 295 Condon, Louis E. 318 Cone, Agnes D. 279 Cone. Judith A. 279 Cone. P. Frank 295 Connelly. Cecilia A. 264 Conner. Alma L. 214 Connor, Judson M., Jr. 214 Cooke, Thomas A. 295 Cooke. Thomas R. 214 C K)lidge. Conrad F. 295 Cooper. James R. 295 Cooper. Nancy K. 279 Cooper. T. Michael . 279 C(M per. Thomas W,. Jr. 264 Copeland. Marshall 296 Copeland. Richard 215 Coplan. Irene M. ___ 264 Copp. Glenn A. K.. HI 296 Corhett, Karol Lee 296 Corhett, P. Wayne 264 Cordell. Peggy L. 279 Corlcy, Gail 215 Corley, Francis Roy 296 Corley, Malcolm O. 279 Com, Launa E. 279 Com, Wayne M. 264 Costen. James W. 264 Cothran, James W. " I 296 Cothran, Mary R. 215 Cotton. Mary M. 279 Couch. Vandiver M. 279 Counts. Brenda Jean 296 Counts. Jake S. 296 Cousins, Brenda N. 296 Coutu. Daniel Paul 296 Covington. Georgia 215 Cowan. William S. 279 Coward, Cliff E. IIIIIIIIII 296 Coward, Leon W., Jr. 279 Cox, Ann B. _ 279 Cox. Ann Eta IIII.I 296 Cox. Charles W. Jr. Z 215 Cox, David Giddings _ 296 Cox, Irma J. 279 Cox. Joe M. 322 Cox. Martha Hughes 296 Cox, Mary J. 264 Cox, Sarah Rebecca III_ II_ 296 Cox, William Sumter 296 Crafts, George, III I.II_.I 215 Crane, Marianne 296 Crapps, Brenda Ruth 296 Crawford, Jean 279 Crawford, Joseph, Jr. ZIII I 296 Crawley, Carolyn P. 215 Crawley, Peggy A. 215 Cra ford, Forrest J. 215 Crayton, Louise H. I I 279 Crenshaw, Mary Ruth 296 Creswell, Ronald E. 279 Crews, Judith I 279 Cribb, Emily C. HI 265 Cromer, Brenda P. 215 Crooks, Emmie E. 279 Crosby, Joyce Myree ZIZI 296 Crosland, Lucy S. 216 Crosthwaite, Leola " I 311 Crouch, Sandra B. 279 Crouch. Tincie E. 296 Crouch. Virginia S. 265 Crow. Roberta G. 279 Crow. Thomas E. 265 Crowder. Susan H. 296 Crum. Mar - Lou 216 Cmm. Nell R. 279 Cmmp. Priscilla 279 Cudd. James M. 279 Culkin. Eugene J. 296 Cullen, Bobby O. 279 Culler, James Wm. 296 Cullum, Grace H. 295 Gulp. Francis B.. Jr. 216 Cumbns. Mary Sue 216 Cummins, Jo M. 265 Cunningham, Jamie E. 279 Cunningham, J. Milton 279 Curlee, Thomas H. 296 Cnrran. James S. 296 Curr ' , Charles E. 216 Curr ' , Hagood Lee 216 Currv, John B. 216 Curtis, Edgar 279 Cutts, John A. 279 Dangclo. James L. 265 Daniel. Laura A. 279 Daniel. Michael R. 216 Daniels, Carl F. 296 Daniels, Nina D. 265 Dantzler. Fairey B. 279 Dantzler. Ruby K. 216 Darden. Arthur C, Jr. 296 Darling. Dennis A. 296 Darling. Katherine 279 Da ' enport. Charles 265 D.ivenport, Paula L. 280 D.jvidson. Barbara A. 265 Davidson. John W. 296 Davidson. Paul 216 Davidson. S. James 217 Da -is, Andrew V., Jr. 280 Davis, Billie A. 280 Davis, Charles C, 280 Davis, Charles S. 265 Master Cleaners MAIN PLANT 1907-8 Blossom St. at Five Points BRANCH OFFICES 1449 Sumter St. Garners Ferry and Leesburg Highways PICK UP AND DELIVERY SERVICE Sylvan Bros. Jewelers EsTAHi.isiiKn 1897 MEMBERS OK AMEKK AN CKM SOCIETY 1.500 Main St. and Hic-hland Mall Best Wishes from ROSE ' S Three Great Stores Five Points Midland Trenholm Plaza SHANKS DISTRIBUTINC; CO., INC. AUTOMATIC VENDING MACHINES 3804 Divine .St. C ' dluMihia, .S. C " South Cdrolina ' s Ij(ir(ji ' st Depart )H cut Store M. B. KAHN CONSTRUCTION CO. General Contractors Phone AL 2-8648 P. O. Box 595 1113 Blossom SL Columbia, S. C. STUDENT DmECTORY-Continued Davis, Charles S. 296 Davis, Danna L. 265 Davis, Dermis S. 296 Davis, Diane M. 265 Davis, Francis E. 296 Davis, Fred U.. Jr. 296 Davis, George H., Jr. 318 Davis, Harold F. 217 Davis, Harrv- AUyn 296 Davis, James E., Jr. 217 Davis, Jerry Wesley 296 Davis, Jimmy A. 217 Davis, Joseph Miro 296 Davis, Judith C. 217 Davis, Judy Aliene 296 Davis, Lanny C. 296 Davis, Miriam K. 280 Davis, Randolph R. 280 Davis, Rufus P., Jr. 265 Davis, Sarah K. 265 Davis, St. Clair, Jr. 265 Davis, Stanley W. 296 Davis, Teddy W. 296 Davis, WilUam J. 296 Davis, William M. 217 Day, Richard G. 265 Dean, Sarah J. 265 Dean, WilUam G. 280 Deason, Barbara L. 296 Deaton, Charles W. 217 Debem-, Benjamin T. 320 Deer, Angela D. 280 Deese, Harold O., Jr. 280 Deloach, Anthony C. 311 Deloach, George J. 296 Deloach, Lucretia D. 217 Delorme, Leola 311 Denham, Mary C. 296 Dent, Aubrey L. 217 Dent, Margaret L. 296 Dent, Virginia K. 296 Derr, John M., HI 296 Derrick, Jean D. 280 Derrick. Julie L. 280 Derrick, Kave D. 280 Derrick, Mildred J. 296 Derrick, Val Jean 217 Derrick, William S. 296 Destefano, Patrick 218 Dickerson, Margaret S. 218 Dickerson, Mildred J. 296 Dickson. Alex A., Jr. 218 Dickson, David N. 280 Dickson, Jiimes H. 218 Dieterman, Joan M. 265 Digby, Marguerite A. 280 Dill, Demeris Jane 296 Dillard, Patricia A. 296 Dimmery, Don S. 296 Dimock, Wrane C. 218 Dimuzio, Louis J. 265 Diseker, Robert A. 265 Divenere, Peter L. 296 Dixon, Bobbie F. 297 Dixon, L. Elizabeth 218 Dixon, Richard J. 297 Dixon, Robert L. 218 Dobbins, Donald L. 280 Dobson, Robert A. 318 Dodd, Sandra 218 Doggette, Garnet E. 265 Doggette, Nancy Lee 265 Dominick, Guy W., Jr. 297 Dominv, Eugene L. 218 Donelan, William P., Jr. 318 Doolittle. Jay, III 280 Dority, Thomas E. 297 Dorman, Harriette E. 280 Dotter, Carol Helen 297 Douglas, W. F., Jr. 297 Dowd, Frankie H. Z. 218 Dozier, Michael J. 280 Draisen, Samuel M. 280 Drake, Frankie C. 297 Dra -ton, Molly 297 Drennan, James B., II 322 Drew, Walter B. 280 Driggers, Linwood H. 297 Drost. Robert C. 218 Dnicker. Tobie M. 280 DuBose, CoJt M.. Jr. 280 DuBose, Edward 280 DuBose, Mar ■ A. 280 Dubuc, RusseU G. 297 Dudley, Caroh-n J. 218 Duffie, Walter C. 218 Dukes, Robert F. 297 Dukes, William B. 280 Dunbar, Mar%- A. 265 Dunbar, Man- C. 218 Duncan, Donald A. 311 Duncan, Gelene A. 265 Duncan, Jack G. 320 Duncan, Lester E. 280 Duncan. Sara J. 280 Dunn, Franklin A. 265 Dunn, James O. 320 Dunn, Steve 297 Durant, Margaret B. 280 Durden. George C. 297 Duttnn, Catherine N. 297 Dyson, Sarah A. 297 Eaddv, W F. 297 Eargle, Alice A. 280 Eargle. Marvin H. 218 Eargle. Robert C. 219 Earl, Glenda Ruth 265 Earlev, Julian F. 280 Easier. Talley A., Jr. 297 East. Billy R. 280 Eastcrling, C. 265 Easterling, Mary A. 265 Eastcrling, William 322 Eastman, Eric E. 297 Eastman. Thvra J. 297 Eatnn, Thelma P. 265 Eb.-rt. WilH un S. 219 Khm-T. Barbara J. 219 Eckard. Christine C. 280 Eil -lshiin!. iMa H. 280 Ediiifi.lil. La.ira J. 265 Kiliiili.lil. William P. 280 Ed.ns, W. O. 265 Edniumls. B. 320 Edwards. Harold R. 297 Edwards, James A. 280 Edwards, James L. 280 Edwards, Joseph B. 219 Edwards, Harry L. 320 Edwards, Larry A. 265 Edwards, Leslie, Jr. 219 Edwards, Marian R. 265 Edwards. Mary V. 280 Edwards, Robert E. 297 Eib, Richard A. 280 Ek. Carl A. 280 Eldridge, Robert B. 297 Eleazer, H. B., Jr. 297 Elias, Henry Paul 297 Ellerbe, Jo A. 219 EUing, Ginevra K. 297 Ellington, P. W., Jr. 297 Elliott, Jeanne S. 265 Elliott, Samuel T. 265 Elliott, Sue C. 219 Elliott, Susan R. 265 Elliott. Sara I. 280 Ellis. Alvin S. 265 Ellis, Margaret J. 280 Elhott, Samuel T. 265 EUisor, James B. 318 Ellsworth, John R. 280 Elmore, D. 280 Elrod, Robert V. 297 Eman, Ronald A. 265 Enecks, Elizabeth 297 Engram, Marianne 280 Entrekin, Gaines 280 Epps, George E. 265 Epps, John J., in 280 Epstein, Lowell 219 Epting, Philbp M. 297 Epting, Rodney F. 280 Ertel, Thomas H. 265 Ervin, Gloria L. 219 Enin, Manin S. 265 Enin, Marv H. 219 Espedahl, Karen S. 297 Espedahl, Martha E. 265 Estridge, Lanny B. 280 Estridge, Lettie 219 Etheridge, John R. 265 Etter, Harriet E. 297 Eubanks. Larry L. 322 Evans, George C. 280 Everett, Melvin R. 280 Everett. Samuel, Jr. 297 Evett, Jack B. 280 Ewing, Kay F. 297 Ewing, Philip C. 280 Fair, Ronnie 219 Faircloth. Thomas A. 297 Fairey, Johnnv, III 219 Fallaw, Kenneth M. 280 Fallaw, Weldon F. 280 Fant, Francis R.. Jr. 322 Farantzos, E. C. 312 Paris, Helen C. 297 Farmer, Ann B. 265 Farmer, Claude S., Jr. 281 Farmer, Michael K. 281 Farmer, Robert E. 219 Farquhar, T. F., Jr. 297 Farriss, C. S., Ill 323 Farris, Larr ' G. 297 Farrow. Larry J. 265 Faucette, Charles R. 265 Faulk, Vann J. 312 Faver. Carolie E. 297 Feaster, John M. 281 Felton, Barbara A. 297 Felton, Bettv Jean 297 Felton, Charies, Jr. 281 Ferguson, Eula C. 297 Ferguson. Guy S. 265 Ferreira, Donna J. 297 Fields, Craig F. 219 Fields, Emmett B. 297 Fields. Kenneth J. 281 Fifield. BiUie A. 220 FUi, Florrie E. 265 Fincannon. Jean M. 265 Fincher, William P. 281 ■inkl.-a. Traiv F., Jr. ■i„l,.,. c,,,,,!,,,,- K. ish.r, . ll..rt. III w. -.Inr. J |,h M. Ich. P. tts, Clharlcs T., Jr. Kitts. Mary E. Id, Judith 265 297 285 265 281 281 281 281 297 281 281 297 265 Fitzpatrick, Jamea 281 Flac , Melvin C. 281 Fleming, Pearco W. 281 Fleming, R. Ben 281 Fletcher. Pcnelopo 281 Fletcher. Robert. Jr. 265 Fletcher. Robert W. 220 Flintom. Anne G. 266 Flitter, James B. 281 Floyd. Anthony R., Jr. 281 Floyd. Dalton B., Jr. 320 Floyd. Gar ' C. 281 Floyd, Harlan T. 220 Floyd, Malcolm D. 297 Flovd. Stella E. 297 Flynn, Margaret P. 266 Flynn. Norman L. 220 Folger. Jean M. 297 Folk. Marion O., Jr. 297 Ford, Terry C, HI 281 Ford. Larry M. 297 Ford. Morris K., IH 266 Fore, JoneU 281 Fort, John L., Jr. 297 Foster, Cl.-ire L. 266 Foster, John F. 220 Foster, Muriel P. 266 Foster, Robert S. 281 Foster, Thomas E. 297 Fountain, R. E., Jr. 297 Fowler, Doris J. 298 Fowler. Grady B. 220 Fowler, Johnny R. 281 Fowles, James H., Jr. 318 Fox. Neil R. 220 Frampton, Geraldine 266 Franklin, Ernest D. 281 Franklin. Harriet N. 266 Frano. Kenneth John 281 Fraser, Magdalyn M. 298 Fredv. Dianne 266 Free, Alexander H. 266 Free, William K. 298 Freed, Samuel B. 323 Freeman, Jesse C. 220 Freeman. Kay 281 Fretwell, Margaret 281 Frey. Eleanor K. 220 Frick, Abbie C. 266 Frick. Freida Ann 281 Frick. George David 281 Frick. William A. 298 Friedman, Barbara S. 298 Frier, James J.. Ill 298 Frie, Nancv Jo 281 Fugiel. Lucv A. 298 Fulcher, Charles T. 220 Fullbright, Gloria 298 Fuller. James J. 298 Fuller. Julia A. 220 Fuller, James W. 281 Fulmer, Alfred R., Jr. 298 Fulmer, Roddie H. 266 Fulton, Clark W.. Jr. 220 Fulmer, Linda K. 298 Funchess, Manley L. 298 Furr, Ohn F.. Jr. 298 Fuson. Barbara A. 298 Futrell. Barbara A. 281 Gaedke. Carol™ E. 221 Gaedke, Rudolph M. 312 Gaillard, Michael E. 281 Gaillard. Virginia 266 Gainev. William Jr. 298 Galante. Robert 221 Galgane. Regina R. 298 Gallowav. Scottie L. 266 Gamble. ' Robbie E. 221 Gamble. Robert T. 298 Gamble, Robert A. 266 Gann. Sandra J. 221 Ganlt. Linda G. 221 Gantt. Richard A. 323 Gardner. Melba F. 298 Garick, Arthur, HI 281 Garlington. Sarah E. 266 Gardner. Donald W. 266 Gamer. Ted 281 Gamer. H. O ' DeU 221 Garner, James B. 281 Garrett. Betsv J. 298 Garrett. Sue G. 266 Garris. Rov E.. Jr. 266 Garris. Hilda J. 298 Garris. William R. 298 Garrison. Doralynn 298 Garrison, Sara J. 221 Garrison, Walker H. 298 Member F.D.IC. and TR U ST CO. sound, sensible, and so frie ndly Serving S. C. With Nineteen Offices HAWTHORNE PHARMACY The Prescription Shops Hampton at Bull Hampton at Gregg Columbia, S. C. COMPLIMENTS OF THE TOWER FREE DELIVERY ON CAMPUS Compliments of CORNELL ARMS BARBER SHOP 1224 Pendleton Street Grayson ' s Style Headquarters for Men 1347 MAIN ST. COLUMBIA, S. C. 424 STUDENT DmECTORY-Continued Garvin, Alice G. 266 Gaskins, Laurens, Jr. 221 Gaskins, Robert E. 298 Gasque, Nancy R. 298 Gaston, Arthur L. 320 Gatch, Charles E. 222 Gatch, William D. __ 281 Gates, Frances E. 298 Gault, Benjamin H. 222 Gauthier. Patricia 266 Gause, David A., Jr. _ 222 Gaylor, Robertson H. 266 Gear, Tom P. 298 Giddinus. William R. 266 Geddi... John M., Jr. 281 George. Mar - E. _ _ 222 Georne, Wallace, Jr. 222 Germain, Marshiill M. 323 Gerring, Robert E, __ 222 Gerstcl, Ruthie L. 298 Getsinuer, Constance M. 222 Gihb, Elizabeth A. 222 Gibbons, John L. 298 Gibbons, T. Jo 298 Gibbons. Stanley R. 298 Gibbs, Bobbie A. 222 Gibonev, J. Terrv 281 Gibson, Tommy C. 281 Gilchrist, Frances E. 298 Gilchrist, Susan M. 298 Giles, Charles T. 298 Gilford, Gavle 298 Gillam, David E. 281 GiUam, Hugh A. 266 Gilmore, William H. 281 Gilreath. James R. 281 Ginsberg, Stuart A. 323 Gissendanner, Dean A. 266 Givens, Ronnie M. 281 Glaser, James R. 266 Glasgow, Ethel J. 281 Glass, Anne C. 298 Glenn, James A. 266 Glenn, James D. 266 Glenn, William L., Jr. 281 Gh-mph, Robert P. 222 Gh-mph, Virginia 298 Godbold, John J., Jr. 266 Godfrey, Dwaine A. 266 Godley, Robert L. 281 Godwin, Judith A. 298 Godwin. Virgie S. 266 Goff, Cariell H., Jr. 298 Going, Linda C. 281 Coins, Kenneth M. 223 Gold. Ruth H. 223 Goldman, Eugene B. 266 Goller, Anna S. 266 Gooding, WilUam B., Jr. 223 Goodman, Gravson A. 223 Goodnight, Cvnthia D. 281 Goodrich, Joel D., Jr. 223 Goodson, Woodrow, Jr. 298 Good%vin, Anthonv P. 281 Goodwin, WiUiam C. 298 Gordon, James A., Jr. 281 Gordon, Lloyd M. 266 Gore, Gregory V. 281 Gore, Williaiii M. 266 Gower, Charlotte A. 312 Gragg, Linda K. 223 Graham, Jackie 298 Grahl, Pamela W. 298 Gramling. J. E., Ill 281 Grau, Stanlev O. 266 Graves, Charles H. 266 Graves, Richard, Jr. 282 Gray, Carroll D., Jr. 223 Gray, Richard D. 266 Gray, Rosa A. 298 Gray, Victoria A. 298 Gray, WiUiam D. 266 Gravson. Mary A. 266 Green, Jo A. 298 Greene. Lucius W., Jr. 298 Greene. William H. 282 Greenfield. William J. 298 Greer, Nan C. 282 Gregg, Patricia E. 282 Gregori ' , Harr - L., Jr. 298 Gregory, Marian T. 298 Grich, Richard 298 Griffin, Carroll E. 266 Griffin, H. Cowan. Jr. 223 Griffin, Harold, Jr. 223 Griffin, Margaret E. 282 Griffin, Thomas J. 298 Griffith, Cher l C. 298 Griffith, Eugene C. 318 GriHith, Jane C. 282 Griggs, William P. 323 Grimball, Leonora K. 266 Grimes, Martha O. 298 Grimslev, Elizabeth A. 299 Grookett, Margaret J. 282 Grooms, John F. 266 Grubbs, Samuel H. 299 Grube, Lawrence J. 266 Grugan, Thomas E. 223 Guilford, Robert M. 266 Gullev, Diane M. 299 Gunnels, Sandy B. 299 Gunler, Bob N, 224 Guntcr, Caroline S. 224 Gunter, Glcnda 224 Gustafson, David D. 299 Guy, William B. 282 Gwin, James E. 299 Gwinn, Paul J., Jr. 224 flaas. Jano C. 282 Haddon, Henr ' L. 224 Hagins, Morris F, 299 Hagood, Judy L. 266 Haigler, Lewis I. 282 Hailey, Clyde R., Jr. 299 Hairstim, Carolyn V. 266 Hairston, Margaret A. 299 llalford. Jake H. 282 Hall, Charies H., Jr. 224 Hall, Eleanor N. 224 H.all, James K. 266 Hall, Nancy H. 282 Hiill. Stuart H. _ 26fi Hallman, James C, 299 Haltiwanger, Joseph 266 Haltiwi nger, Susie 282 Ham, James O. 224 Ham, Jerry T. 224 Hamhright. Frances 224 Hamburger, K. Pat 282 Hamilton, Lester, Jr. 299 Hamilton, Martha B. 266 Hamilton, Samuel M. 299 Hamm. Dan H., HI 282 Hammond, Albert V. 224 Hammond. Larry H. Hamrick, James G. 224 Hancock. Terr ' M. 282 Hand, Audrey J. 282 Haney. Bob L. 266 Hankins, Rosemary D. 282 Hanna, Elizabeth 299 Harbeson, Richard F. 299 Hardegree, 299 Hardin, Helen E. 266 Hardv, Mar - M. 282 Hardv, Robert E. 266 Hare, Jerrv- N. 282 Harken, John A. 282 Harkey, Phillip M. 299 Hariey, Jean C. 224 Harley, Joe L. 224 Harlev, Randolph H. 299 Harman. Arthur C. 299 Harmon. John P. 267 Harper. Framplon M. 323 Harper. Jo A. 267 Harper. Matilda I. 267 Harper, Nancv K. 267 Harper, Sara W. 267 Harper. Sharon E. 299 Harrell, Grover B. 299 Harrell, Katherine 267 Harrill, Jesse, III 282 Harrill, Mary L. 299 Harrington, Doris P. 224 Harrington. Gerald 267 Harris, Judith D. 267 Harris, Shirley L. 225 Harriss, Wilham D. 267 Harrison, Crathia L. 299 Harrison. James, Jr. 299 Harrison, Phihp T. 225 Harrison. Robert B. 267 Harrison, Seth L., Jr. 267 Harrison, Wilhelmina 282 Harshaw, James E. 282 Hart, John A. 299 Hart, Judith A. 225 Hart, Susan L. 299 Harter, Edward 267 Harter, Jimmv N. 225 Hartley, Charlie, Jr. 299 Hartley, Michael O. 282 Hanev, Michael D. 299 Harvev, Wildnim, Jr. 299 Harvin, John C. 225 Haselden, Janice 282 Haskell, Ann W. 267 Haskell, Elnathan 225 Haslam, Martha C. 267 Hatch, Charles W. 299 Hatcher, Richard L. 299 Hathaway. M. D. 299 Hatten, Cvnthia E. 299 Haulbrook, Kinch S. 225 Hawkins, Falcon, Jr. 320 Hawkins. Frank M. 267 Hawkins. George T. 299 Hawkins, Linda R. 299 Hawthorne. Barbara 299 Hayden, Robert J. 225 Hayes, James B. 282 Hayes, Pamela A. 282 Hayes, Philip E. 282 Havgood. Tommy B. 282 Ha -nes, Johnsie E. 282 Havnes, Keith E. 323 Ha™ie, David V. 225 Ha™e, Frank M., Jr. 267 Hazelrigg. Charlene 282 Hazelwood. Sue V. 299 Hazzard, Ruth 282 Headley, Frank A. 299 Hcadlcy, William E. 225 Heape. David B, 267 Heape, Olivia F. 299 Heape, Woodrow D. 282 Hearon, Karon A. 299 Heam, Robert L. 225 Hcam, Willis G. 299 Heaton, William H. 299 Hefner, Mar ' J. 267 Hcihg, Herbert H. 267 Heinitsh, Isabel S. 282 Hcins. Emma M. 299 Hcllams, Charles H. 267 Hellman. Male B. 282 Helms, Mary A. 267 Hcmbel, Henry H. 299 Hemmer, John C. 297 Henderson. Edward M. 267 Henderson. L. Ruth 299 Henderson, Truman, Jr. 282 Hendley, Thomas M. 267 Hendricks, Carl C. 282 Hendricks, lr ine H. 225 Hendrijc, Patricia A. 299 Hendrii, Wilford P. 267 Henley, Doris S. 267 Hennecy, Frank M., Jr. 2 25 Henr%-, Sharon 267 Hedrix, Mimi H. 225 Hert vig, Edward, III 282 Hewitt, Joan W. . 299 Hickman, John R., Jr. 225 Hickman, Stanley W. 267 Hicks, Edward . 282 Hicks, Freddie W. 267 Hicks, Mary K. 228 Hiers, Lorav T. 299 Hiers, Rebecca A. 282 Hiers, S. Celeste 226 Hiers, Thomas G. . 282 Higgins, John R. 267 Higgins, Sonya M. 267 High, Andrew F. 226 Hightower, Edgar, Jr. 282 Hill, Leroy, Jr. 282 Hill, Robert H. 226 Hill, Ronald D. 226 Hill, Willard W., Jr. 267 Hilton, Ancrum W., Jr. 282 Hilton, Jacob W., Jr. 282 Hilton, Mary W. 226 Hines. Lucy K. 226 Hinnant, Claire 226 Hinnant, Rhetta I. 282 Hinnant. William, Jr. 267 Hiott. Sara V. 226 Hirschmann, Linda A. 226 Hite, John P. 299 Hixson, Henry L. 299 Hixson. Evelvn P. 227 Hock, . nn M. 282 Hodge, Curtiss W. 299 Hodge, William W., Jr. 267 Hodges, John C. 267 Hoffman, Zoe A. 299 Hogan. Mar ' E. 227 Holbert, Omrad A. 318 Holcombe, Larry W. 299 Holladay, Linda W. 299 HoUaday, Pamela 300 Holladav, Thomas E, 227 Holland, Asa R. 267 Holland, Jovce A. 282 Holland, Penelope W. 267 Holland. M.argaret G. 300 Holleman, Joan H. 267 Holler, Robert C, Jr, 227 HoUey, Gerald D. 267 Hollev, Rachel 267 Holley, Ronald E. 282 Hollis, Frances T. 282 HolUs, Susan R. 267 Holman, Henrv M. 267 Holman, Jane T. 227 Holmes. Lucien R. 227 Holsenback, Mary I. 300 Holshouser, Judith A. 300 Holt, William G., Jr. 267 Holt, Sandra B. 227 Honev, Jerrv S. 227 Hood, Lloyd N., Jr. 300 Hoogenboom, Leonard A. 300 Hook, Barbara K. 300 Hook, Daniel I., Jr. 267 Hook, Davis C., Jr. 267 Hook, James L., Jr. 300 Hook, James L., Jr. 282 Hook, Larr - T. 300 Hook, Marion B., Jr 300 Hook, Xancv C. 300 Hooker. Gerald J. 300 Hooks, Marshall L. 227 Hooper. Nan S. 282 Hoover. Cynthia A. 267 Hope, Roger P. 267 Hopkins, Sandra J. 282 Hopper. Don T. 283 Homsby, James L. 283 Horo -itz, .Nathaniel 319 Horton, Ellen L. 300 Horton, Howard L, 267 Horton, Joe N. 283 Horton, Melvin C. 283 COMPLIMENTS OF ToaFs Studio Photographers of 1962 GARNET AND BLACK Class Portraits 426 STUDENT DIRECTORY -Continued Horton, Mary E. 267 Horton. Thelma J. 300 Horton. Willis F., Jr. 300 Hntinger. Doris K. 227 Houck, Eleanor A. 267 House, Raymond F. 283 Houston, Ann 300 Howard, Carl F. 267 Howard. Jack H. 300 Howard. James R. 283 Howard. John E. 283 Howard, John R. 300 Howatt, Frank 228 Howe. Belle B. 283 Howell. James P. 228 Howell. John H. 312 Howell. John M. 228 Howie. Eugenia V. 300 Howie. Belva L. 267 Howie. Claudia E. 300 Howser, Lola A. 300 Hovle. Carolvn A. 267 Hrohuchak, George P. 267 Hucks. Willie H. 283 Hudson. Claude P. 320 Hudson, Clyde E. 228 Hudson. William. Jr. 300 Hudspeth, Robert M. 300 Huffstetler. Marianne H. 300 Huggins, Janice F. 300 Huggins. Jasper L. 283 Huggins. Judith A. 228 Huggins. Svlvia D. 267 Huggins, William C, Jr. 268 Hughes, Franklin. Jr. 268 Hughes. Helen S. 283 Hughes, Phillip R. 268 Hughey, Margaret K. 283 Hulon, Wade A. 228 Humphreys, Sammy H. 268 Humphries, Sylvia L. 228 Hunevcutt, Jean M. 283 Hunt, Donald W. 283 Hunter, Bettv F. 268 Hunter. Charles, Jr. 323 Hunter. Douglas J. 268 Hunter. Ethel R. 300 Hunter. Leona R. 300 Hunter. Mildred L. 228 Husa, Donald L. 228 Huskins. John G. 228 Hussev. Charles T. 300 Hussev. John F. 229 Hutchinson. Edward 268 Hutchinson, Judy F. 283 Huth, Donald W. 229 Hutto, James O. 300 Hutto, Louis H.. Jr. 268 Hutto, Ronald C. 229 Hvatt, Larr ' R- 283 Hyman, Kittrell, Jr. 283 Immel, Alan L. 300 Inabinet, Charles R. 300 Tnabinet, Cornelia F. 283 Inabinet. Patricia 300 Inabinet. Patricia B. 300 Inabinette, Marvin 268 Infinger, Sandra C. 283 Ingram, Richard T. 229 Inman. Susan E. 283 Invin. Patricia A. 300 Ivey, George W. 268 Ivey. Bobby J. 268 Jackson, Allan O. 229 Jackson, Clare A. 283 Jackson, Henry L., Jr. 283 Jackson, Jane M. 229 Jackson. Malcolm H. 300 Jaffee, Carol J. 300 James. Arthur M. 268 James. Benjamin. Jr. 229 James. Charles. Ill 283 James. Elizabeth P. 229 James, Marion M. 283 James, Thomas C, Jr. 268 James, W ' illiam C, Jr. 283 Jameson. George P. 229 Jantzen, May F. 283 Jarrett, Album E. 300 Jarmel. Dean R. 229 Jarrels. Ralph E. 300 Jeffcoat. Clyde 300 Jeffcoat. Margaret 300 Jeffcoat. Sidney. Jr. 230 Jeffcoat. WendeU 268 Jeffords. Frankie R. 230 Jeffords. Scottie J. 283 Jenkins. WiUard D. 230 Jernigan, Sara L. 312 Jemigan. Robert 283 Jernigan. Robert. Jr. Jernigan. Russell 283 Jenrette. John W.. Jr. 319 Jewell, Edward K. 283 Johns. Kenneth E. 268 Johnson. Ann V. 283 Johnson, Belton. Jr. 320 Johnson, Caroline E. 230 Johnson, Davidson M, 283 Johnson, n.mald M. 301) Johnson. Edward W., Jr. 300 Johnson. James T. 300 Johnson, Jimmy L. 230 Johnson, Jo A. 230 J.ihnson, Joe S. 283 Johnson, Joyce E. 230 Johnson. Leon 268 Johnson. Marjorie L 283 Johnsim. Osborne, Jr. 300 Johnson, Ronald W. 300 Johnson. Sandra J. 283 Johnson, Thomas, Jr. 230 Johnson, Warren E. 268 Johnson. William. Jr. 319 Johnson. William E. 268 Johnson. William M. 300 Johnson, Willie F. 300 Johnson. Rachel B. 300 Johnston, Edith E. 300 Jones. Bessie F. 230 Jones. Bobby W. 230 Jones. Carole L. 283 Jones. Charles C. 268 Jones. Clarence E. 323 Jones. Clifton W. . 268 Jones. Elizabeth M. 268 Jones. Frederick K. 283 Jimes. George L. 283 Jones. Gerald S. 283 Jcmes. Glenn A. 268 Tones. Hartwell K. 268 Jones. Hazel L.. Jr. 268 Jones, Ian L., Jr. 300 Jones. Jo A. 283 Jones. John F.. Jr. 230 Jones. Julian W., Jr. 230 Jones. Lanita 300 Jones. U-nn T.. Jr. 283 Jones. Martha R. 230 Jones, Micki 300 Jones, Robert O. 283 Jones. Samuel C. 230 Jones, Sara E. 300 Jones, Stephen L. 300 Jones, V ' icki 301 Jones, William B. 312 Jordan. James H. 283 Jordan, John D. 230 Jordan. Joseph T. 231 Jordan. Robert P. 301 Jordan. William. Jr. 268 Jordan, William D. 268 Josey, James J., Jr. 301 Josey. Mendal S. 231 Jowers. L. Victor. Jr. 301 Joyner. Peyton N. 301 Julian. Carolyn J. 283 Julian. Rose M. 301 Justice. John R. 301 Kachwalla. Asger A. 301 Kanapaux. Sandra K. 301 Kane, Pamela K. 301 Karras. Harry G. 268 Kaufman, Carl L. 231 Kaufman. Stephanie 301 Keams. Marv L. 283 Keebler. Raymond E. 283 Keefe. Thomas L. 312 Keith. Lawrence H. 312 Kelhaugh. Cvnthia A. 283 Kelhaugh. John R. 231 Kell. Sandra J. 231 Keller. David W., Jr. 323 Kellett, Mary G. 301 Kelley. Julia A. 301 Kelly. Arthur T. 268 Kellv. James D. 301 Kelly, Robert J. 301 Kelly, Sara L. 301 Kemp. Malcolm D., Jr. 231 Kendrick. Lucy A. 283 Kennedy, Elizabeth 301 Kennedy, Finley P. 268 Kennedy. Jean C. 231 Kennedy. John L., Ill 301 Kenneriy, Anne 283 Kerr, Carole I. 283 Kerr. Richard E. 231 Kestler. Raymond S. 301 Kibler. Kemper S. 231 Kibler. Michael. HI 283 Kibler. Ronald C. 301 Kicklighter. Warren R. 283 Kight. William D. 231 Kiker. Billy F. 312 Kilgore. Carey R., Ill 283 Kilfen, Jem- L. 283 Kilsheimer. Linda M. 284 King. Ann A. 231 King. Bettv W. 268 King. George W. 301 King. Lowell J. 231 King. WilUam W.. Jr. 231 Kinnev. Francis. Jr. 284 Kinsev. Joseph M., Jr 301 Kirbv! John E. 301 Kirkiand, Alton S. 231 Kirkland, Daniel J. 301 Kirkiand, lames B. 231 Kirkland, Lynn J. 301 Kirkiand. Stanrel E. 232 Kirk,.., In, k, n ivld 284 KirkiMln. k. Il.,skell M., Jr. 232 Klrk|..ilii, k. luhan 301 Kirkp.itn.k, Uihna 312 Kirton, Sara L. 301 Kirven. William E. 284 Klecklev. Daniel, Jr. 301 Kleckley. William S. 301 Klement. Tom D. 301 Klimas, Charlotte D. 208 Klngh. James E. 232 Kncece. William O. 320 Knight. Francis W. 284 Knight. Samuel M. 268 Knisley. John C. 301 Knotts. Ronald E. 268 Knox, Franklin R. 268 Knox. Janet M. 232 Knox, Tommy F. 301 Kohn. Richard E., Jr. 284 Kohut. Stephen J. 268 Kolh, Louis E. 301 Koolkin. Ruth E. 284 Kosciw. Thomas L. 232 Kottcainp. Franklin 232 Kramm. Bohdan R. 301 Krebs. Sara K. 232 Krenceski. James A. 284 Kropp, Cary D. 301 Kuliitz. William E. 284 Kulp. Sti;nhen W. 301 Knnkle. Tcrr ' L. 268 Kurtz. Margaret G. 312 Knta. Mary A. 284 Kyzer, Irvin B. 268 LaBorde, Harriet V. 284 LaBnice. Alice T. 268 Lackey. William D. 268 Ladd. Mary A. 268 LaFlamme. Diane L. 301 Laitala. Ellis E. 232 Lamb. Robert E. 284 Lamhrakos. Peter F. 301 LaMotte. Francis G. 232 Lancaster, Brenda J. 284 Lancaster. Walter C. 232 Landreth. Robert G. _ 284 Laney, Clvde K.. Jr. 233 Laney, Shelton S. 301 Lanford. Dicky L. 233 Lang. Donald L. 312 Langford, Anne E. 284 Langford. Martha J. 268 Langley, John R. 284 Langston. Christa A. 233 Langston. George M. 268 Lankford, Eleanor A. 301 LaRoche, Lenoir K. 301 Latham. Phillip L. 233 Lathan. Rav D. 268 Lathrop, Patricia A. 284 Laub. Harriet H. 301 Laurey. George E. 284 Lavender. Donald W. 268 Lavender. E. C. 284 Law, Edward H., Ill 284 Law, Elizabeth W. 301 Lawrence. Francis M. 268 Lawson. Carolvn V. 233 Lawson. Glenmore. Jr. 301 Lawson. Thomas E. ,Jr. 268 Lawter. James R. 301 Lawther. W. J.. IH 301 Lazenbv. William J. 268 Leach. William M. 233 Lcagan. James C. 268 Leaphart. Sandra L. 284 Lease. Diana J. 301 Leatherman. Ernest 301 Leavitt. Mar ' M. 233 Ledford. Vivian 233 Lee. BetH- L. 301 Lee, Frank M. 233 Lee. Henp.- J. 284 Lee. Howard K. 233 Lee. Robert R. 301 Lee. Thomas K., Jr. 268 Leggett. Patricia A. 268 Leifermann. Linda 234 Lemly. John A. 284 Lemon. Mary C. 234 Lengnick. Emilie G. 284 Leonard. Asa A. 268 Leonard. Thomas V. 268 Lesesne. William W. 312 Lester. John R. 284 Lester. Ken 268 Lesto. Henry E. 301 Leventis. Georgianna 234 Lewis. Helen D. 301 Lewis. James M. 268 Linda. Linda R. 269 Lewis. William T. 284 Lide. William M., Jr. 301 Lightfoot. Sandra E. 301 Liles. William P. 234 Limehouse. John F. 302 Lindlcr. Herman B. 302 Lindler. Carl R. 234 Lindler, Carroll E. 269 427 Compliments of Sherwood Studio Your Garnet and Black A ctivities Pli oto raph cr lUiO HLOSSOM ST. COLUMBIA, S. C. SHANDON GREENHOUSES Flowers for All Occasions BRITTON ' S Traditional Clothes 1337 Main St Columbia, S. C. Compliments of Mary Lowe ' s COMPLIMKNTS OF Haltiwanger ' s A South Carolina Tradition 42Ci ' STUDENT DmECTORY-Continued Lindler, Glenda L. 284 Lindler, James M. 234 Lindley, Roger L. 302 Lindsay, Roger J. 234 Lineherger, Larry W. 302 Linker, Franklin T. 269 Lipman, Meyer 234 Lipscomb, William O., Jr. 234 Littell, Leland E. 284 Little. William A. 321 Littleton, Bryce, Jr. 284 Livingston, C. P., Jr. 302 Livingston, Linda E. 302 Livingston, Sylvia 269 Lloyd, Fran C. 269 Loadholt, Miles 302 Locke, Richard M., Jr. 269 Loewe, Barbara C. 269 Loewe, Susan M. 269 Lofgren, Robert E. 234 Logan, Don B. 302 Logue, John F. 284 LoUis, Thomas W. 302 Lominack, Lisa A. 302 Long, Anna L. 284 Long, Annette 235 Long, Caroline E. 302 Long, Harriet A. 269 Long, James G., Jr. 319 Looney, Charles H. 302 Lorick, Betty J. 302 Lorick, Connie L. 284 Lorick, David E. 302 Lorick, Linda 269 Lott, Gaye H. 284 Love, Maryarme 302 Love, Wilson T., Jr. 302 Lovelace, Stephen P. 284 Lovette, Lenhren E. 302 Lovingood. James V. 269 Lowe, Charles B. 269 Lowe, Linda W. 302 Lowe, Thomasine D. 302 Lowery, Jesse N. 235 Lown, Robert K., Jr. 302 Lowrance, John B. 269 Lucansky, Terry W. j 284 Lucas, Spurgeon L. 323 Lumpkin, Alva G. 284 Lvall, Gerald J. 302 Lvdon, Thomas E., Jr. 319 LveU, Paul T., Jr. 302 Lvman. Juban T. 302 Lynn, Mary E. 284 Lynn, Patricia I. 269 Lynn, Jack H 323 Lyons, Joyce K. 302 Lyons, Louie B. 235 Mabry, Howard P. 235 Mabrv, Wayne H. 269 MacBeth, Stuart G. 269 Mace, Naneye C. 269 Mack, Davie L. 302 Mack, Patricia E. 284 Mackev, Daniel B.. II 284 Mackey, Millen A. 302 Mackev, OUver C. 269 Macy, James D. 284 Madden, Faye J. 235 Madden, James D. 269 Maddock, Douglas M. 302 Magan, Billio G. 235 Major, Joseph E. 319 Makela, Nancy M. 269 Mallard, Robert R. 319 Malpass. Robert E. 269 Mancini, Charles C. 302 Mangum, Sara I. 284 Mann, Janean L. 302 Mann. Thomas C. 284 Manning, Jo A. 284 Mansell, Philip L. 235 Marciante, S. M. 302 Marett, Ben J. 302 Markendorff, Edward 269 Marklev. Richard M. 284 Maron, Elke M. 269 Marschitz, Joann S. 235 Marsden, Leo J. 235 Marsha. Stephen E. 235 Marshall, Andrea J. 302 Marshall. Sally L. 302 Martin, Charles D. 269 Martin, Douglas D. 236 Martin, Gean W. 284 Martin. James H. 236 Martin, James O. 236 Martin, Katharine G. 284 Martin. Leola Martin, L. A 236 Martin. Kalherine Martin, Margaret 284 Martin, Nancy F. 236 Martin, Wilmont, Jr. 284 Nlartinasco, Peter 284 Masem, Paul W. 236 Mason, Barrie H. 284 Mason, Marilvn J. 302 Mason, Marvin B. 302 Mason, Pamela A. 302 Massengale, Jimmy E. 284 Masters, Elizabeth 284 Mastrogcorgopoulos, Spyros 269 Mathis, Eugene C. 236 MiitAis. Joe J. 23B Mathis, John D. 302 Mathis. Mo .IU- 284 Matlock, f;ordiu, W. 236 Matthews, n.iii IS.. Jr. 302 Matthcus. C.r.uW L. 2.36 Sus.ia R. 302 M.ilth.Avs. Will.iir. Jr. 302 Mattox. Gary K. 236 Mauer. Peter U. 284 Maxwell. Paul E. 285 Mayer, Cornelia F. 269 Maynard, Robert W. 302 Mays. Don P. 269 Mays, Linda N. 236 Mayt(m, William T. 269 McAfee. Linda K. 302 McAlister. Donald R. 323 McCall. Alice M. 302 McCallom. Charies L. .. 236 McCarthan. Jack 285 McCarthy, Michael C. 302 McCartney, Anita L. 236 McCartt. Judy 237 McCart ' . Larry H. 285 McClendon, Carlee T. 237 McCormack, Mary B. 302 McCormack, Albert M. 302 McCoy, Leland B. 285 McCoy, BiUy R. 285 McCright, Mary C. 237 McCullough. M. A. 302 McCutchcn, John M. 302 McCutcheon, Gerald 302 McDaniel, Murray C. 302 McDonald, Carlton E. 237 McDonald, Carolyn A. 285 McDonald, James E, 269 McDonald, W. L. 237 McDowell. Jack C. 312 McDowell. Judy M. 302 McDowell. William A. 269 McEachem. Charles 303 McElveen, A. J.. HI 237 McElveen. James A. 285 McEwen. George B. 285 McFaddin. Wilton R. 285 McFadyen, Virginia 269 McFarland. James, Jr. 302 McGinnis, Michael D. 302 McGraw. Susan A. 285 McGregor, Calvert C. 302 Mcllwain, William L. 285 Mclnnis, David M. 285 Mcintosh, Lydia O. 285 Mcintosh, Samuel E. 285 McKay. Raymond E., Jr. 285 McKenzie, John E., Jr. 237 McKenzie. Mollie O. 285 McKenzie, Robert A. 269 McKeown, Lucius D. 237 McKinney, Abigail B. 237 McKinnon, James E. 237 McKnight, Margaret 237 McKnight, Phylhs 269 McLam, PoUie 237 McLaughhn, R. H. 285 McLaurin, Susan A. 237 McLean, Charies E. 237 McLean, Charles R. . 269 McLemore. Melinda M. 237 McLeod. James K. 269 McLeod. Lyles E. 285 McLeod. Walton J. 323 McManus. Patricia A. 285 McMaster, Harriet M. 303 McMaster, Kittv R. 238 McMichael. G. W., Jr. 238 McMiUan, Eloise B. 303 McMiUan, Linda K. 303 McMillan, Robert E. 303 McMillan, Stephen A. 238 McMullan, James L. 269 McNeel, Harry L. 269 McNeely. Thomas A. 238 McNeil, Beverly E. 303 McNeill, Daniel B. 238 McPherson. Charies 269 McPherson. G. B., Jr. 238 McPherson, Richard 269 McQuage, James, HI 303 McQueen, William M., Jr. 269 McVey. Kyle I. 238 McWhirter. Young G. 303 Meadowcroft. Jeffrey 238 Meadows. Minnie J. 303 Meares, Guv M., Jr. 238 Mears, Barbara A. 303 MedUn. Marcia L. 269 Meeks. Bonnie P. 303 Meetze. Jack D.. Jr. 269 Meetze. Loretta G. 285 Melton, John T. 269 Melzer. William J. 285 Mendelsohn. Joseph 324 Meng, Bernard B.. Ill 238 Mercer. Herbert. Jr. 303 MerUne. David A. 319 Merrill. Reagon N. 269 Merritt. Adelaide R. 239 M.rntt, i:ilis. Ir. 303 M ' li ' n,, l ' ,,nl s. 303 M ' " l,n-l D. 285 Mull. Is, „, K.ilileen 239 Mickl.-, .Man- L. 303 Middlelon. Mary S. 303 Middleton. William 303 Miles, Margaret A. 285 Milhous. Urban G. 285 Millard. Edgar R. 239 Miller. Carol A. 303 Miller, James H. 239 Miller, Kar.u I.. 303 Mill.T. W.ilt.r II. __ 269 Mills. KI1 ..I..1I1 A. 269 Milti.ii, Ch.iilcs. Jr. 285 Minis. Clan IK,- W., Jr. 313 Minis. Jam. .. I... Jr. 303 Mini.v. Will.ird K. 239 Mirii.k. Ji.,1,11, I. 269 Minns. In.lill, K. 285 Milt li. II. I)..i,.,,i H. 285 [.„ ki.- J. 269 II, W. .. Jr. 303 Mitchnin. B.niks d. 269 Mlltlinin, Uillv 10. __ 285 Miviii, .{.nil. s W.. Jr. ::;.. 285 Mol.arak, Kaiiial A. _ 239 Mobley, Hcrr - L. 324 Mobley. Patricia I. 239 Mobley. Sidney L. 303 Moeller. Paul A., Jr. I " 239 Moise, Martha L. 269 Moleta, Robert W. 303 Monctte. Ncal E. 239 Monteith. David. Ill 324 Montgomery, Carole 269 Montgomery, J. E. 303 Montgomery, Martha 303 Montgomery, Mary J. 239 Montgomery, Rachel E. 269 Mood. Lillian H. 240 Moody. Linda L. 285 Moody. Rosemary C. 303 Mooney, Harr - B., Jr. 240 Moore, Austin T., Jr. 319 Moore. Bett - L. 240 Moore, Brenda C. 240 Moore, Cheri A. 285 Moore, Doris A. 303 Moore. Fred W., Jr. 240 Moore, Gerda S. 269 Moore, Howard E., Jr. 240 Moore, Jack S., Jr. 270 Moore. James C, Jr. 270 Moore, James E. 303 Moore. James S., Jr. 270 Moore, Joan 303 Moore, Linda G. 240 Moore. Robert D. 303 Moore. Robert L., Ill 285 Moore. Rober E. 303 Moore. Thomas A. 240 Moore. Thomas W., Jr. 270 Moore. Trudv A. 303 Moore. Victor L. 240 Moore. Yvonne 270 Morehead, Harriette L. 240 Morgan, Bettv A. 285 Momingstar. H. L., Jr. 270 Morrell, Robert F. 241 Morris. Anderson, Jr, 303 Morris, Don H. 270 Morris, Don M. 285 Morris. James R. 285 Morris. Jack A., Jr. 241 Morris. Johnette 303 Morris, Patricia A. 241 Morris, Wayland, Jr. 285 Morris. Roger W. 303 Morris, Vance L. 303 Morrison. Ada G. 270 Morrison. D. R. 285 Morrow, James L. 270 Morrow, John B. 241 Moseley. Judith W. 303 Moseley, Marya L. 303 Moseley, Nellie L. 285 Moseley, Robert E. 303 Moseley. Thomas, Jr. 270 Moses, Albert L. 324 Moses, Perry 285 Moses, Sara M. 285 Moss. David L. 241 Moss. Lvnell 303 Mothershed. J. T., Jr. 285 Mothershed. William E. 270 Moultrie. Bennie B. 241 Mount. Carole J. 270 Muir. Patricia K. 303 Mullenix. Glenn T. 285 Mullis, Robert . . 270 Mullis, Sarah R. 270 Munn. Doris C. 285 Munn. John A. 303 Munn. Linda S. 285 Munn. Louis C, Jr. 270 Murdaugh. Randolph 321 Murphree. Larr ' L. 270 Murphv. George W. 303 Murphy. Richard J. 241 Murphv. William G. 285 Murray, Faith D. 303 INVESTING IN THE FUTURE OF OUR STATE . . . . You will see signs of growth all over the 23-county area served by South Carolina Electric Gas Company. You ' ll see new power lines going up. a new generating station being built, natural gas pipe mains being put un- der ground. When you see these things, you can rest assured that SCEGCO is con- stantly building to provide better serv- ice for its customers now and in the future. You can be sure, too, that the millions of dollars being invested in our fine state to provide for the present and future needs of SCEGCO ' s customers is not coming from the coffers of the government. It is being provided by this investor-owned company, itself. This is private enterprise at work . . . investing in the future of our State 1 South Carolina Electric Gas Co. Sunshine Laundry and Cleaners " linn dies of iSntisf action " 11 Convenient Locations ONE-DAY QUALITY SERVICE The OS Rooster is a Gamecock Booster ! Come in Colonial . . . You Come Out Better, Every Time ! COLONIAL STORES STUDENT DmECTORY-Cuntimied Murray, Margaret C. 270 Murray, Nicholas D. 241 Muzekari, Thomas H. 270 Myers, Barbara E. 303 Myers, Dee B. 241 Myers, Dennis M. 285 Myers, Ernest W., Jr. 303 Myers, Jerry E. 285 Myers, Marion D. 321 Myers, Mary N. 303 Myers, Richard A. 270 Myers, Wilton P. 241 Nagel, Trudie 303 Nance, Charles VV. 303 Nash, Kemp C. 270 Nash, Robert E., Jr. 242 Nauful. Ernest J., Jr. 270 Neal, Dorothy L. 242 Neal, Nance F. , 242 Neal, Roy B. 242 Neely, Joseph F. 242 Neese, Deloris A. 242 Nelson, Carolyn W, 285 Nelson, James K. . 242 Nelson, James F. 303 Nelson, Margaret V. 270 Nfsliit. Martha H. 285 Ni-sliit, William B. 285 Nesewich, Faye 285 Nesniilh, Vance H. 242 Neville, Arthur, Jr. 285 Newburv, Frances G. 242 Newell, Sarah A. 285 Newman, Mary A. 285 Newton, Joe D. 303 Newton, Joseph T. 242 Nichols, Barbara J. 303 Nichols, Gloria A. 303 Nichols, Larrv E. 303 Nichols, Henrietta 286 Nicholson, Judson C. 324 Nixon, Kenneth E. 286 Nobles, Bettv L. 242 Nohe, Richard E. 242 Norton, Robert E. 286 Nuckolls, John S. 304 Nunnally, Alma L. 270 Nye, Warren S. 304 Oberman, Marvin I. 319 O ' Brien, Kathleen 304 O ' Dell, AmeUa S. 242 Odom, Dwight S. 270 O ' Donnell, Sharon E. 304 Oesterlund, Ingrid 242 O ' Hara, Gerald P. 286 Okland. Steve 304 Oliver, James M. 304 O ' Neal, Mary C. 286 Orman, Charles R. 270 Orr, Charlotte E. 286 Orr. James M., Jr. 304 Orr. John D. 242 Orr, Lawrence B. 304 Orr. Samuel L. 270 Osborne, Charles A. 243 Ostaszewski, Dennis 304 Osteen, Ham- M., Jr. 270 Oswald, William R. 304 Otis, John Michael 304 Otis, William L. 243 Ott. Kenneth S. 243 Ott, Furman E., Jr. 286 Ott, Randall S. 304 Ott, Susan F. 286 Outlaw. WUson T., Jr. 286 Overstreet, Charies 270 Owen, Thomas G. 286 Owens, Franky P. 304 Owens, George A., Jr. 270 Owens, Judith C. 270 Owens, Kenneth W. 304 Owens, Patricia 286 Oxner, James C. Jr. 319 Oxner, Jerrol S. 323 Pace, Claude F., Jr. 304 Pace, Marshall O. 270 Pace, Wendell VV. 304 Pack. Richard 286 Pack. William R. 286 Padgett. Robert E.. Jr. 270 Page, . ugust A., Jr. 304 Page. Barbara H. 286 Page, Fave C. 304 Page, Levona 270 Page, Susie 243 Palmer, Aubrey L., Jr. 270 Piilmer, Wilham A. 304 Pantsari, Eric W. 286 Parker. Elizabeth A. 243 Parker, Gerald S. 286 Parker, Lloyd B. 243 Parker, Samuel P., Jr. 304 Parker, William C. 270 Parkman, Fred M. 243 Parks, Mary 270 Parler, S. B., Jr. 304 Parnell, Ruby S. 243 Parris, Donald M. 243 Parris, James W. 286 Parrish, C. R„ HI 286 Parrott, Doris V. Parrott, Lauren A. 243 Parrott. Robert C. 286 Parsons, George S. 270 Parsons, Fiona N. 286 Parsons, Marilyn R. 304 Paschal, Carol -n L. 286 Paschal, Jack G. 270 Paschal, Mary P. 304 Paschal, Kay F. 304 Pate, Allen C. 243 Patrick, Cora E. 270 Patrick, George D. 286 Patterson, Henry S. 243 Patterson, John L. 286 Patton, John S. 304 Patton, Rachel E. 304 PauUing, Barbara G. 304 Pavhs, Pauhne V. 243 Payne, Melinda S. 270 Payton, Richard A. 286 Peach, Betty J. 270 Peacock, Edgar H., Jr. 304 Peak, Robert W. 243 Peay, Barbara G. 304 Peden, Patricia E. 286 Peeples, Rodney A. 324 Peigler, James B., Jr, 286 Pendar is. Bennie C. 243 Perakis, James A. 304 Perdue, Decov G. 270 Pema, Anida V. 304 Perreanlt. Jo A. 304 Perr -, Philip E. 270 Perry, Robert S. 270 Perry, TiUie D. 270 Peterson, Richard A, 304 Peterson, Donald R. 304 Pettit, Wayne A. 286 Pettv, Cari A. 286 Pfalzgraf. John R. 244 Phanumas, Keo 313 Phillips, Alvcia F. 304 Phillips, David D. 244 PhiUips, Jackie L. 304 PhiUips, Jimmy L. 286 PhiUips, Sandra K, 244 Pickens, Velma J. 304 Pierce, James E., Jr. 244 Pilcher, John D., Jr. 286 Pilcher, Thomas G. 270 Pitts, Arthur B. 286 Pitts. A. Harry. Jr. 270 Pitts, Carroll M., Jr. 321 Pitts, Edward H. 313 Planer, Charies W. 244 Plaskv, Lorraine M. 244 Plate, Bobbv R. 304 Piatt. Eugene R. 286 Platts, Francis H. 244 Player, Dale W. 270 Plowden. Rett) ' J. 270 Plummer. Sophia R. 270 Plummer, William, Jr, 304 Plunkett, Bob 304 Plyler, Marshall W. 270 Podell, James F. 286 Pollard, Mary A. 286 Poole, Catherine J. 286 Poole. Roger C. 313 Pope, Qaude D., Jr. 286 Pope, Frank E., HI 304 Pope, Sarah L. 244 Porter, Dorothy A. 270 Porter, Lacy V. 270 Porter, Mar ' F. 304 Porth, Anthony N., Jr. 286 Forth, Bradv H., Jr. 304 Porth. Vivian M. 244 Porth. Margaret L. 286 Poston, Thomas B. 304 Potter, Thomas L. 286 Poulnot, Sue E. 304 Poulos. Basilios N. 286 Ponlos, Cecelia D, 304 Poulos, Peter N. 313 Pound, Terrv K. 304 Powell, Julian S. 304 Powell, Sandra L. 270 Powell, Stancil D. 304 Powell. William. HI 244 Power. John R. 245 Pracht. Joseph M. 324 Praytor, M. Joanna 245 Preacher, Abner, Jr. 286 Preacher, Dickey N. 271 Prehodka, Joseph W. 271 Prescott. Patsy M. 245 Pressley, Larry M. 3p4 Preston, James T. 2 5 Prettyman. H. C, Jr. Prevost, Nancv T. 304 Prevoznik. David M. 271 Price, Houston M, 286 Price, Terry A. 304 Price, Vanealon 245 Price, WiUiam T. 271 Priester, Da -id S. 304 Pritchard. Julia H. 286 Pritcher. Jo B. 245 Privelt, Donald 245 Privette, Troy W. 271 Proctor. Lynnc R, 304 Pruett, James R. 30S Prnitt, Forrest S. 321 Pruitt, Thomas H. 245 Pryor, Rehecctt J. 271 Pugh, Richard G. 245 Quarles, Ruby E. 245 Quarks. Carolyn J. 271 Oualtlebaum. Bob 305 Quattlebaum. R. M., Jr. 271 OuerN ' , L. Rebecca 271 Quick, Barbara A, 246 Quick, Mary C. 305 Quillen, joe 271 Quinn, Michael H, 324 Quinn, Timothy G. 286 Rabon, Edward B, 305 Rabon, Furman E. 286 Rabon, Thomas A, 286 Radford, Edythe R. 286 Ramsey, Albert R., Jr. 286 Ramsey, Michael R. 305 Randell, Francis M. 246 Rankin, Annis M. 246 R.ankin. Luther F. 271 Rappaport, Allen 313 Rashid, Louise A. 271 Rast. Bvron G. 271 Rast, Dorothy D. 286 Rast, Mary E. 246 Ratliff. Sue C. 246 Ratterrcc, Thomas W. 246 Rauton. James C. 271 Rawl, Clary E. 305 Rawl, James A.. Jr. 286 Rawl, Thomas H., lU 286 Rawls, D. Sullivan 286 Rawls. Janet K. 305 Ray, Caroline P. 271 Ray, Julie A, 305 Ray, Lee A. 246 Rav, Thomas O. 246 Ray, William D. 305 Reames, Thomas R. 286 Reardon, Barbara J. 305 Reaves. Dan W. 305 Rebhan. Robert P. 246 Reddings. Emily S, 286 Reed, Jo E. 287 Reed, John P. 287 Reed, Tommy G. 287 Reese, Elizabeth B. 305 Refo, Juliet M. 271 Register. F. B., Jr. 319 Reid, Dan R. 305 Reid, John C. 305 Reid, Ludie C. 287 Reid, WiUiam T., Jr. 305 Reigle, Anne S. 271 Reisman, Dennis R. 305 Rentz. Wilham H 246 Revis, Donnie R. 305 Rhame. Miriam V. 247 Rhea. Charles H. 271 Rhea, John K. 287 Rice, Joel S. 271 hice, Leonard F. 271 Richard. Kenneth R 287 Richard. Wvllhart 271 Richards, Pete 287 Richardson, Franklin W. 271 Richardson, Larry V. 247 Richardson. Lawrence L., II 247 P.uricia S. 287 Kill, ir, Is. .11. s..san G. 247,.r,ls..i., William A. 247 Hiih,ii.K..i.. W illiam D. 305 Hiih.lal,-. H..l.,rt V. 287 Kith.v. L. Michiiel 247 Ri.hlcr. M iHon J. 287 Richl.r. W . David 247 Rickenhackcr. Dudley G. 271 Rickenliacker. David A. 281 Rickenhackcr. Judith 271 Rickcnbacker. Robert 247 Riddle, John E., Jr. 247 Riddle, John R. 247 Ridenhour, Fred L ' - 271 Ridgewav, Nancy R. 248 Ridgewav. Ray A., Jr. 305 Rigbv. Evelyn F. 271 Rikard. Cl.ara A. 305 Rilev. Edwin E., Jr. 287 Rilev, Julian M. 248 Rimes, Billy S. 271 Rippelmever, Catherine H. 305 Rish, Wyman M. 287 Risingcr, Killian B. 248 Risinger, Larrv D. Risingcr. Virgil D. 287 Risley, Harrv H. 305 Rister, William L. 248 Rivkin, Tama D. 248 Rizer. Dora C. 271 Roberts, Edward, Jr. 305 Roberts, Hubert, Jr. 305 Roberts, Jcrr - B, 248 SEC- US. PAT. OFr. COLUMBIA COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY COMPLIMENTS OF The South Carolina National Bank S C N 1401 MAIN STREET ■ 900 ASSEMBLY— DRIVE-IN MIDLAND SHOPPING CENTER DRIVE-IN 705 SALUDA— FIVE POINTS DRIVE-IN STUDENT DIRECT()RY-C;(; i i n rJ Roberts, Ronald E. 248 Roberts, Sylvia M. 248 Roberts, William C, III 305 Robertson, Hcnr - O. 271 Robinson, Darrvle W. 30.1 Robinson, Frank E. 248 Robinson, George D. 248 Robinson, John H. 305 Robinson, Katy M. 305 Robinson, Kenneth M. 305 Robinson, Paul E. 305 Robson, Lucy A. 305 Rockafellow, Richard H. 324 Roe, Ann E. _ 287 Roe. Thomas S., Jr 248 Rogeberg. Britt I. 271 Rogers, Betty E. __ 271 Rogers, Fleetwood F. 248 Rogers, James O. 248 Rogers, La renee t . ' i Rogers, Nancy E. 287 Rogers, William A., Jr. 287 Rogerson, Elizabeth 271 Rogerson, Phillip C. 248 Roman, Gordon G. 4H Roof, Carl J. 321 Rose, Al.-in B. 305 Rose, D. Henry 305 Rose, Edward A., Jr. 249 Rosen, Bonnie B. -8 Rosoff, Fred 271 Ross, Miriam V. 28 Ross, Pinckney M., Jr. « Roth, David R. 287 Rothberg, Sandra E. 287 Rountree, Judoth A. 4a Rousseaji, John O. -°7 Rowan, Julia A. 305 Rowell, Lewis L. 305 Rowell, Ralph W. 305 Rowland, Clayton R. -% ' Roval, AUce P. 305 Rovall, William S. 305 Rucker, Larry D. ' } Rucker, R. J., Jr. j; ' Rucker, Roger . ._ g T Ruckman, Brenda J. 4} RudisiU, Edwina K. -71 R.Jfin, Peter B., Jr. 271 Rundbaken, Barbara 49 Rundbakcn, Phyllis f Rundbaken, Paul H. ; ' i Rush, CaroU H. % ' Rush, Wayne F. 5 Rush. WilUam J. ° ' Russell, Donna J. - " S Russell, Mildred P. 3ua Russell, Richard A. Vi Russell, Rosemao ' o4l Rust, Clinton A. " ' Rutledge, Charles H. 305 Sachsenmaier, Charlaine 305 Sagun, Alexander E. g " 5 Salley, Barbara J. g° ' Sanders, Alson C. °!. Sanders, Frank W. 30g Sanders, Gwynne L. 49 Sanders, Henry P. 305 Sanders, James T., Jr. - ' Sanders, Judith E. 305 Sanders, Laura A. 287 Sanders, Linda A. ° ' Sanders, Luanne H. 249 Sanders. Marcus B. Sanders, Ralph T., Jr. »7 Sanders, Wanda J. 287 Sanditer, George L. g " ' Sandifer. Robert H. Jl Sands, Richard B. 287 Sarrett, Carlton L. 249 Sarvis, Billy S. |49 Sarvis, Patricia H. - ' ? ' Saylor, James T. 249 Scarborough, Ernest 271 Scarborough, Florence W. J " 3 Scarborough, Marie g ' Schein, Stanley E. 5 ' Schraibman, Arnold « Schriver, Linda W. 305 Schumpcrt. Frederick L. -gi Schwab. Richard A. » ' Scott, Frances M. g " Scott, Janice G. 287 Scott, Linda L. 31)5 ScoviUe, Martha 305 Seagle. B. F., HI 324 Seals, George A. ' } Sealv, Barbara D. J } Sease, Don H 271 Seay, Roy K., Jr. -«7 Seay, Terry R. 305 Seegars, James J. ' J Seegars, William W. 305 Seehusen, Robert K. 287 Seigler, Barbara C. 30b Self, William O. 271 Senn, Charles A. 249 Senn, Edna L. 249 Setzer, Donald P. 249 Severance, Charles 250 Sewell, Michael JOo Sexton, Hoyward E. __ ScynKM.r. James D Ilnrd. Dcnglas M.,l. Nt. ( l.iir M. -- Sh.ikil.. |.ili,Liu:ir Sb.i nlf. A. Sharp.-, II..M It. Sharp.-, W illi.uu H. Shaw, Joseph U., Jr. Shaw, Mary Shaw, R. Bruce Shaw, William A., Ill Shealy, Allen Shealy, Ernest G. Shealy, Francis W. Shealy, Joel W. Shealy, Larry W. Shealy, Leland D. Shealy, Phillip T. Shealy, Sarah T. Shealy, Louis A. Sheheen, Emmet M. Sheheen, Martha A. Shellev, James H. Shelley, Thomas, Jr. Sheppard, Miriam R. Sheridan, Richard B. _._ Sheril, Albert D. . Shifflette, Larry D. Shirley, Cecilia A. Shirley, Jerry L. Shirley, John W. _. . Shoaf, Anne A. _ Shockley. Richard G. Shores, Carl D. Shuford, Walter R. Shuler, Dwight M. Shuler, Rose H. Shull. A. C. - Shurin, Roslyn B. Siegel, Barbara M. Sigman, Walter, Jr. Sigmon, William J. Simmons, GeorgeAnn Simms, P. Diann Simons. Charles. Ill Simons, James B. Simpson, Carl M. Simpson, George M. Singletarv, Donna Singleton, Robert E. Singleton, William Sires, Norman G., Jr. Sitterson, James B. SkeUy, Ben D. Skews, James A. Skidmore, Leila B. Skinner, Donald E. Skipper, Brenda F. Slay. Jo A. Slay, Sue F. Sleeper, EUsa C. Sloan. Henry N., Jr. Slotnick. Stewart E. Small, George G., Jr. Smarr, Albert C. Smith, Charles A. Smith, Charles A., Jr. Smith, David R. Smith, Donald C. Smith, Emily J. Smith, Frederick A. Smith, Gary P. Smith, Graham M. Smith, Harold T. lith, James R. tith. Nancy L. 287 306 250 250 250 306 287 324 250 251 272 272 251 272 306 306 251 251 272 306 306 Smith, Ra M. Jf- nith, Richard K. — Smith. Robert A. — Smith, Robert L. Smith, Robert O. -- Smith, Robert P., Jr. Smith, Ronald W. - Smith. Roderick E. - Smith, Rose B. - Smith, Thomas E., Smith, Thomas G. Smither, Virginia L. Smoak, David R. Smoak, Jeanette G. Snipes, Mary A. Soltis, Anita J. Somerset, Delores G. Sorrell, Gilbert G. Soutter, Peter M., Jr. Sowers, Carol B. Sox. Freddy K. Sparks, Fr.ank B. Spear. Roliert F. -■ — Spearman. Eugene H., Jr. Spears, Robert H. - Spencer. Rosallen W. — Speth, M. Claire Spigner, Donna J. Spradley. Elza S., Jr. Spradlev. Nancy J. Spruill. Eleanor D. Spuriock. Barry L. Squires, Jane W. Stacy. Herbert N. Staley, John F. 288 306 252 319 272 272 306 253 288 313 272 321 288 272 288 306 253 253 288 306 253 306 253 306 306 306 288 253 288 30R 313 S.ank,,.. John J. -306 St.inl.- , All.-u K. 306 Sl.u.t I...lli.r E. 272 St.u.l..!.. 111. hard C --- 272,i,. E. 306 Stai.lcs. K.illurino ' MB Slarnes. Arthur I. 300 StariHS. John W. 288 Starr. Martha L 253 SICIair. James H. 306 Sti.liuaii. Raymond, Jr. 254 St., I.-, Dim A. .- 300 St..l.-. Harold C, Jr. 254 SI..1.-. Robert Gary 2.54 SI..I.-. H..b.-rt Gill 288 Sli-.i.. n.ii.ii.i M. -. 288 St.-|.li.-ns, Andrew M., Ill 272 Steulii-u. J..ime M. 306 SteiKl.l. Edward. Jr. 288 Stevenson. Bonnie R. 306 Stewart. Ann R. 306 Stiwart. Hlllv A. 306 Sl,u.,rt. Kd ard M. 306 SI. -v., It. Jaiu.-s B. - 306 Sl.-sv.iit. S....,lra A. 272 still, Man. ,11 J. 2S4 Still, Nellie C. 306 St John. James B.. Jr. — 254 St John. Martha C. 272 St John, Robert W. 288 St..,ks-. Kll.n A. 288 Sl..mi.r. H.,i.nle A. 288 Sl..k.-,, Can.lMi R. 272 SL.k.-.. I)..iivl M. 306 si-.k.-. It, ,1,1,1,- L. 272 st,.k. |,ih,, s. 306 si,,k. s.,, , I. 288 st,,li , ( ,,il,.M,„- A. — 288 Sti.n. . rll„ir P. 272 St. .11.-, I)..nalcl N. 254 St.. I,,-. ll.irrN D. 254 St,,.,.-. .lli.- R. 306 Si,,.k. I ,,1 p. 306 si,,.v M.iili,. F. 254 si,, .r. (:,i.,l.l W. 254 Sl.,u.-. I...„l.. J. 272 Stradlev. David — 288 Strange. Barbara A. - 272 Strickland. Judy E. — 288 Stronian. Arthur. Ill 254 Str,.Mi.i " . R.ilph P. 288 1.. M., Jr. 306, Arl.-u W. 272 Stuck. I..1. V. 254 Stuckev, Dwight H. 272 Stutkey, James A., Jr 321 Sturkey, Oscar L. 306 Stiirkie, I. Charmc 272 Sturkie, Larry W. 306 Stiirtevant, Linda L. 272 Siillivin Caroline 288 Sullivan ' . George P. 288 Summerall, Everett T.. Jr. 272 Sunshine. Mimi H. 272 Sutherland. Lawrence D. 3»» Swaffield. Caroline 306 Swain, Arthur L. 288 SwartA Judy L. 272 Swearingen. Er%-in S. 324 Sw.,itman. C:. Aldcn 272 " ;. ' rT;„.rf " ::::::::: All s«i„k; riun-a D. 254 Sum;.-,!, lui.ius B. 306 Swygert. William E. 30,. Sywulka. Anna M. 31J Talbert, Mary E. 272 Talbot. John H.. Jr. 288 Tarlcton. Ned W. 254 Tiite. Roland E. 254 Taylor. Albert Q., Jr. 319 Taylor, Caroline D. 306 T.iylor, David N. 288 Taylor, Edward P.. Jr. 254 Taylor, Eli7..iheth P. — 272 Taylor. James H. 306 Taylor. John K. 306 Taylor, John S., Jr - 321 Tavlor, Johnnie L. JfO Taylor, Llovd A. 2S5 Taylor. Mark H. - 3gg Tavlor. M. Richter 272 Tavlor. Marie D. 288 Tavlor. Martha . • ' " • Tavlor. Mary E. 313 Taylor. Mary E. rfg Taylor, Myrtle T. — 255 Taylor, Richard S 2f| Taylor, Robert G. — gSg Taylor. Tanya Teagne. Norah Zo " Bartlett R. - ggj Tedder. Anthony R. — 288 Teed. Chariene A. 307 Telgarecz, Shirley 307 Teller, Howard S.. Jr 23n Templeton. Verdie A 307 Tenner. N. E. . 307 Tenzel, Jane Y. 307 Thacker Jack ., Jr. 313 Thames. ' John E. 288 u i- XjU jkju.C: ■ ' -j- ' - y s - ' H r L vd-,, PRINTED AND BOUND BY THE R. L. BRYAN COMPANY. COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA STUDENT DIRECTOHY-C;r) ) ;(; r( Thcos. Hil™ P. 255 Thomas, Aaron P., Jr. 288 Thomas, Edward C. 272 Thomas, James C. 272 Thomas, James E. 307 Thomas, Larry C. 255 Thomas. Linda L. 272 Thomas. Loi. E. 255 Thomas. Patricia A. 272 Tho.naM.n. (■.,„rK.- W. 288 Th011l,l .lll. n.iM.I E. 255 Thoinps Il.ttv J. 2.55 Thoinps,,,,, (:l,.,rUs H. 288 Thompson, Edna C. 288 Thompson, Geneva K. 307 Thompson, Jack P. 307 Thompson, James H. 324 Thompson, Larry . 272 Thompson. Rnpert L., Jr. 255 TiKhe, Michael W. 325 Timberlake, Leah A. 272 Timmerman, James O. 307 Timmerman, Henry, Jr. 25.5 Thnmerman, John P. 255 Timmermans, Helen M. 272 Chmdia W. 255 s, C. Ann 288 " i rsey, Jr. 307 Timmons. Joseph A. 255 Tindal, Charlotte C. 272 Tindall, Henry B. 255 Tindall, Thomas C. 272 Tisdale. James S. 288 Tisdale, Robert J. 256 Tisdale, Thimias, Jr. 325 Tobias, James C. 256 Todd, Tobe H., Jr. 272 Todd, Charles E. 272 Todd, Brenda J. 307 Tolbert, Marv K. 307 Tollison, Alfred, Jr. 288 Tombn, Kit P. - 272 Tomlinson, Jane E. 288 Tompkins, Charles B. 256 Tooniev, Richard G. 313 Toporek, Haskell D. 256 Torrence, Samnel L. 256 Torres, .Arnold L. 272 Touchberrv-, Frances D. 307 Towles, D.iniel, HI 321 Trammell, H. Lynn 256 Tr.-ivers, Barbara E. 307 Triixler, William L. 288 Treacv. Thomas M. 325 Tribbic. Jerome S. 256 Trimmicr, Thomas L. 256 Trisler, Robert A. 288 Tronblcfield, M. Gloria 307 Truett, Brenda S. 288 Trucsdalc, James 256 Tocker, Jackie R. 272 Tucker, Ned J., Jr. 256 Toiler, William H. 272 Tullev, Patricia L. 272 Tumlileston, Isham W. 313 TurbeviUe, James R. 288 Turbeville, Edward E., Jr. 288 Turner, Alton T. 257 Turner, Becky A. 273 Turner, Claudia B. 307 Turner. James J. 307 Turner, June E. 307 Turner, Paul M., Jr. Turner, Robert J. 357 Tuten, Sandra E. 307 Ulmer, Catherine T. 307 Ulmer, Beckv S. 289 Upchurch. Rov F. 273 Urbanyi, Arthur, Jr. 273 Valentino, Piiul H. 307 Valentour, Victor P. 307 Valley, James A. 273 Valtouse, Patricia - 289 VandeKrift, Rov, HI 273 Van Dvke, Joseph W. 273 Van Lewen, Alan 257 Van Seters, VirRinia M. 314 Van Wagner, Mar ' I. 307 Varn, Harriet E. 307 Vaughn, Carolvn M. 307 Vaughn, Gilbert R. 289 Vaughn, Richard. Jr. 273 Vaught, Eugene P., Jr. 289 Vinson, Kenneth H. 289 Wactor. James A. 273 Wiiddell, James M. 289 Wade, Allen B. 2.57 Wade, C. Alvin 2.57 Wade. David T. 257 Wade. Diane E. 307 Wade. Llovd R., Jr. 289 Wag.ncr. P.itsv L. 273 W aites, Claudia G. 257 Wakln.p, Harr ' L., Jr. 289 Waklrop. Lanneau F. 273 Waller, Deborah C. 289 Walker. Donald P. 307 Walker. Robert E. 289 Walker. W esliv W. _ 307 Wall, ( ..nsl.i,,,, 1. 307 W.ill... - . 1 1-1 H. 273 W.ill.i. -, I II., Jr. 273 Wall,!, .■. J,,HM s M. 257 Wallace, Jean C. 289 Wallace, .Nancy 307 Waller, Frank L. 273 Waller, John IL, Jr, 321 Walter, C. Todd 257 W.ilter, Sarah J. 289 Walter, Stephen B, 289 Walters, George E. 2.57 Walters, Nancy L. 258 Walters, Stella A. 307 Wands, Betty J. 307 Ward, John L. 307, Charles W. 309 Ware, John C, Jr. 307 Warren, Charies O. 273 Warren, Flynn V„ Jr. 273 Warren, Jennings A. 307 Warren, Peter M. 289 Wasson, E. Jane 307 Waters, Lewis H. . 273 Watford. Charles H. ' 289 Watkms. C.iil 307 Watkins. E. 289 Watson, David S. 2.58 W.atson, Donald C. 258 Watson, Dorothy J. 258 Watson, Harvey M., Jr. 307 Watson, Henr ' B., Jr, 307 Wiitson, Jerr) ' L. 289 Watson, Theodore M., Jr. 258 Watts, Charies W. __ 289 Watts, John D. 273 Way, Charles S., Jr. 319 Weadon, Luther A. .307 Weathers, Kathy A. 289 Webb, Carolvn V. 289 Webb, Granville L. 273 Webb, Lindlev H. 289 Webb, Roy G. 258 Webb, Walter R. 273 Webster. Willie B. 307 Weed, Chariene E. 307 Weeks, Elizabeth W. 2.58 Welch, Chariene B. 307 Welch, Judith 289 Weldon, A. Koga 258 Wells, Donald R. 258 Wells, Thomas G. 307 Wengrow, Arnold K. 273 Wessinger, Marie E. 289 Wessinger, W. R., Jr. 289 West, Eddie C, Jr. 289 West, Norman J. 289 West, William M. 289 Westall, J. Scott 289 Westall, Rebecca A, 307 Westervelt, Rosamey 258 Whisnant, Arthur H. 259 Whitaker, Frances S. 289 White, Cari A., Jr. 289 White, Charles A. 289 White, John E. 259 White, Melvin E. 259 White, Robert P. 307 White, Sandra L. 307 White, Theodore R. 307 Whitener, Nancy K. 259 Whitfield, Sandra R. 307 Whitley, Jerry F. 273 Whitlock, loscph A. 259 Whitlock, Patty A. 259 Whitlock, Virginia 289 Whitman, David B. 307 Whitson, Bettv L. 289 Wi,att, Diane C. 289 Wicker, Melvin L. 259 Wickliffe, Richard L. 273 Wickwire, Donald H. 307 Wiggins, Elizabeth 273 Wiland, Barbara A. 308 Wilbanks, Tohn W., Jr. 314 Wilbum. Johnnie R. 308 Wilcox. Richard G. 308 Wilder, John E. 308 Wilder, Mary A. 289 Wiley, Robert G. 308 Wilkenloh, William C. 259 Wilkes, Linda L. 308 Wilkie, R. C. 259 Wilkes, Robert W., Jr. 325 Wilkins, Elen __ 273 Wilkins. William W. 308 Wilkinson, Janet P. 289 WiUard, Gayle M. 308 Willard, Mar - L. 289 Willev, DonaM. ... 308 Williiims, Brenda J. 273 Williams, Charles A. 273 Williams, Donna J. 289 Willi.anis, David K. 273 Williams. Elmer R. 308 Willi.ons. c:erald - 308 Williams, Janice E. 273 Williams. John C., Jr. 325 Williams, John Z. 289 Williams. Joseph, Jr. 273 Williams, M. Elizabeth 273 Williams, Patricia 289 Williams, l ' err - S. 308 Williams, Richard C. 273 Williamson, Carol E. 273 Williamson, Carol G. 308 Willis, Ernest L. 260 Willis, Francis E. 273 Willis, Hel en P. 273 Willis, James O., Jr, 308 Willis, Kenneth V. 260 Willis, Margaret J. 273 Willis, Wayne P. 308 Wills. Fred D. 314 Wilson. Charies E. 260 Wilson, Clark J. 289 Wilson, George T. 289 Wilson, John P. 273 Wilson. Sallv A. 289 Wilson. To,„lli 289 WiKou. W, 11,1,11 M, 289 Wils,,,,, Will,.,,., D. 260 Wilson. William T. 308 Windham, Efford H. 289 Wine, John W. 289 Wingard, Mary R. 289 Wingard, Michael G. 308 Wingate. Funnan D. 260 Winn. Larr ' R 260 Winslow. Howard S. 289 Winter, Elizabeth P. 289 Winter, Morton N. 308 Winter. Walter O. 273 Wise, Catha C. 273 Wise. Linda A. 273 Wise, Sarah B. 260 Witt, Alton W. . 308 Wittschen. John, Jr. 314 Wofford, Kate W. 273 Wolcott, Joan B. 289 Wolfe, Florence A. 289 Wolfe, James A., Jr. 273 Wolfe, Mar ' L. 273 Wolper, Miirvin 319 Wood, Oliver G., Jr. 314 Wood, Sarah L, 289 Wood, Shirlev J. 290 Wood. Warren C. 308 Wood. Will.ird A. 290 Wood. William L. 290 Wo,Klall. H.inni,- W. 308 Wo,.d:,id. Il.irrs ' M., Jr. 308 WoodbuM, M,irion E. 290 Wo.Klluf. S,il,r,i A. 273 Woodlicf. Svlvia ._ 308 Woodruff, V illiam E, 273 Woods, Richard S. 290 Woods. William B. 260 Woods, William I. 260 Woodward, Marvin, Jr. 308 Woodward, Susan G, 308 Wooley, Leola K. 308 Woollen, Marsha W. 308 Woolsey, Aurelia S, 260 Wowra, Erick P. 273 Wrav, Dorothy S. 308 Wrenn, Carter B., Jr. 290 Wright, Charies W. 273 Wright, David R. 290 Wright, Douglas H. 273 Wright, Thomas M. 308 Wri,;l.A, S,ii„l,., G. 308 WuihI.i, 11. il c, 290 Wv.lU, l.,r i,, M. 290 WMh. Kthil s, 308 Wvmaii. ll.istmgs, Jr. 325 WvTOan, Elizabeth 273 Wyndham. John G. 260 Wynn, Charies J. 273 Yarborough, Ellic E. 290 Yarborough, James L. 273 Yarborough. Martha 273 Yarbrough, William 290 Yates, Nora D. 308 Yon, Robert B. 308 Yonce, Joe B. 260 Yonce. Ruble H. 290 Yonce, William L., Jr. 260 York, Allen R. 273 Young, Barbara A. 290 Young, Carolyn J. 290 Young, Charles T. 308 Young, Florence E. 290 Young. Laura A. . 308 Young. Leonard E., Jr. 308 Y ' oung, Marion E. 308 Young, Martha L. 260 Young. Peter A. 273 Young, Raymond B, 290 Young, Ronald A. 273 Youngblood, Joy E. 290 Yoimt, John M. 290 Zatcoff, Allen 290 Zepke. Barr - G. 290 Zepkc, Brent E. 308 Zimmerman, John C. 260 Zimmerman, Oscar V. 260 Zimmerman, Ralph K. 308 Zimmerman, S. H.. HI 290 Zlotnik. Ralph J. 260 Znrio, PrecioMS L. 290 Itnlss u3 u Kjud. ( - i %) 1-Ci _ O v. . 4 r. ® .f ' ■ yv.wl, ' AN i ■- V, 1 t ; .. ' . ■ y V • ' . ' V M ! 5V l-Tr- ' .-TT ' i ' .Aj ? .-,jB ' ' ' ' .i !?-. ' -- " 3? •Tre- ■ ' h :?rj I -. . tJ r « ' T - ■ ;- -f . ■ " ' t ' V . ' t r B ■r

Suggestions in the University of South Carolina Columbia - Garnet and Black Yearbook (Columbia, SC) collection:

University of South Carolina Columbia - Garnet and Black Yearbook (Columbia, SC) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


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University of South Carolina Columbia - Garnet and Black Yearbook (Columbia, SC) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 1


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