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•• I - i A nn or ■■ ' -■•-.. |i ■ ■■ .1 u ■h M A U u i r r 1 j MIKE CHERTOK, EDITOR • SANDRA USSERY, ASSISTANT EDITOR PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENT BODY OF THE GENE JONES, MANAGING EDITOR • GEORGE LEVENTIS, BUSINESS MANAGER • , «© —I O JNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA COLUMBIA, S. C. 1960 Dedication FOR over seventeen years Dean William H. Patterson has served the Carolina Community. First as Instructor in the School of Engineering, then as Assistant to the President, and now in his present position as Dean of Administration, he has given of his time, his energy, and himself. For his loyalties to Carolina, and the successful ad- ministration of his many and vital tasks on our campus, we take pride in dedicating the 1960 Garnet and Black to Dean William H. Patterson. 1 ! .... . ...- • i - ' ABLE ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY CLASSES W u ORGANIZATIONS A u C N T E N S FEATURES n A y ATHLETICS n L n w u WE came early and signed for " Y " Camp— there were busses to take us to the counselors who would introduce themselves and check up for rush possibilities— it was " well oriented " — softball —ping-pong— counselor-songs on the baritone uke— legends— stories about " the Animals " — and for the girl campers— confidential advice from the counselor— " You ' ll get a big rush this year— meet as many boys as you can— it won ' t last— " We returned girded for registration— pink cards, yellow cards, blue cards and cards— we filled in our parent ' s name-if-living, marital status, church preference— we tried to write around the holes— " Do not write above this line— " We did. Creeping caterpillar lines— we tried to make conversation with the girl in front— advisor ' s sig- nature— " Better take it at eight— it ' s required for your major " — on to the bookstore— twenty-seven dollars? Make All Checks Payable To The Cam- pus Shop— we would try the bulletin board. WE quickly adjusted to the routine of our new lives— bed made up— trash can in hall— bottles and percolator locked in trunk— we tidied up our room and wondered if Housing would give us a gold star— The Russell House became our pain- less nerve center— meals— laundry— even haircuts— we met our crew-necked duplicates for coffee in the cockpit— compare mistakes in the Pig Prac- tical—ask for a light— move on to the next class— we took PT 1 in our high school football jersey— the last remnant of the teen-age trinkets that had lost their magic— We became collegiate— at least on the surface— wing-tip cordovans— umbrellas (we broke two and lost one before becoming adept)— we read Govt in the Gamecock and de- fended him against the attacks of the " narrow- minded and provincial— " AS we grew older, the novelty wore off— we became serious students— we criticized— it helped establish our individuality— for all the clubs and activities we could list we added little more than another face— some of us cherished our anonymity— others loathed it and strove to be recognized— we watched the ballyhooed student elections ( Politics— a Southern tradition ) —posters —pictures— tattered, rain-faded handbills on old brick— nascent BMOC ' s climbing ever upward— we were handed cards by the smiling, white- blazered organization girls who would appreciate our vote for campus queen- Many of us decided to prepare for the inevi- table—we took ROTC and learned about inspec- tion haircuts— the ungarbled word— squared away —rank hath its privileges— the drills and classes gave us a preview, an insight into The System- military courtesy and discipline— The Brute Mind —we passed in review and wondered how we ' d fit into the picture— We moved our studying to the Glass Palace when the athletes in our dorm put mattresses on the hall floor for a " tussel " — 14 WE turned out en masse for the grid season— a few participated but most watched— we dated coeds or borrowed an ID card for our week-end date from the girls ' college— spirit was reborn- evident in the cheerleaders— band— majorettes— we railroaded Carolina and " Didn ' t Give A Damn for Duke University " —alternately we cursed and blessed control football— Hurricane Gracie blew by— our rush party dates watched the blowing rains from behind locked dormitory doors— the weather broke in time for the Georgia game- bright victory— " We ' re going all the way on Hard Nose Togetherness " — we travelled to Chapel Hill and saw them pass-pass-pass— the skinny was out— we thought about the Clemson scouts (and everybody ' s scouts) and cringed. Homecoming brought its thrills— a queen was crowned— animated displays on fraternity row- some clever— some original— some abortive— a sign on a chicken wire skeleton, " Construction Halted Due To Steel Strike— Forget It " — 16 SOME events fell into their established posi- tions—rush—the last Big Thursday— Christmas vacation— we watched the Green Beetles string parallel lines of colored lights on the Bussell House evergreen. We held our orphan party and packed up for the drive home bearing gifts— holi- day parties at home— a New Year ' s blast— dates with the girl we left behind— a review of the old crowd— the high school friend home from the military college— those who were working— those home on furlough— we felt different and vaguely out of place— we missed our air-tight social life. We were glad to return— " Did you have a nice Christinas? " we asked each other simultaneously. We attended the Miss Garnet and Black contest— the evening dress parade of the girls who were " tuff " — debutantes— festival queens- graceful— radiant— nervous— Beligious Emphasis week came— blue posters— a theme— " Where Is God Anyway? " — some at- tended the convocations— most of us did our searching over coffee and doughnuts in the Game- cock room— MANY of us felt the need to belong— we were ready to conform— to buy our security with individuality— we pledged— drew from and added to The Group— people swore that we looked like Tri-Delts, or Pikas or whatever we were— we had a special table in the cafeteria— it helped identify us— the girls we dated were our complement in buff overcoats, plaid scarfs, French twists, madras blouses, circle pins (we called them virgin pins) — They were our girls— they snowed rushees for us— helped serve at our drop-ins— we played bridge with them in Sims— bloc-voted for them in cam- pus elections— Ours was a unique, stratified society with its own values, pressures and expressions— if we spilled our coffee we were " spastic " — anything we didn ' t like was " gross " — if we failed to shave we looked " scodey " — We were criticized— told that our system was drying up— we tapped another keg and didn ' t sweat it . . . 21 f Hb ? |H| 22 Q r V_A r no W 23 Dean Penney admires the Sumwalt grandchildren while the University president looks on during May Day ceremonies. Deans Tomlin and Patterson meet for a quick conference about important matters in the Administration Building. THE administration— a close-knit staff-and-line organization— they made the big decisions- bought land, hired professors, dictated housing fees— they were responsible for a growing insti- tution that had to please many divergent groups- parents, ministers, boards of accreditation— stu- dents— they provided services for us— University Press, infirmary, news service, Russell House. The faculty— educators— counselors— friends we learned their personalized expressions— " The first time you are late for my class I don ' t say any- thing " — " Howdy, howdy, howdy, " — " I enclose a drop card in all failing papers " — They took an interest in us, even in large survey courses— they gave freely of their time to help us get a firm grasp of their subject— often we were able to know the man beyond the lectures that began and ended with a bell— some of us went to their homes in small student groups to hear learned discourses imparted over pipe smoke— Theirs was a unique society of brilliant minds— searching, enquiring, teaching— Our notes and quiz scores were no in- dex to the knowledge and understanding they had given us. : : ;♦; ;♦; w » s» «• «■» «■ -- -; ; Hungry faculty members may always be seen on the back steps of the Russell House during the lunch hour rush. President Sumwalt and Clemson ' s President Edwards, the summer graduation speaker, discuss the day ' s program. Faculty a nd administrators join Carolina students to vigorously cheer the Gamecocks during the Big Thursday game. 25 University Expands Under Direction Of Sum wait DR. ROBERT L. SUMWALT, who became president of the University of South Caro- lina May 2, 1959, has been a member of the University faculty since 1926, at which time he was an associate professor. In 1931, he became a full professor and, in 1943, was promoted to Dean of the School of Engineering, a position which he held until he became acting president of the Uni- versity, December 1, 1957. Dr Sumwalt attended the University of Dela- ware, where he received a B.S. Degree in Civil Engineering and also received the S.B. Degree in Civil Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 1946, the University of Delaware conferred on him the honorary Doctor of Science Degree. Through the years, Dr. Sumwalt has been named to membership in many professional, social, and educational organizations, and has served as an officer in many of the scientific and engineering societies to which he belongs. Listed in Who ' s Who in America, and Who ' s Who in Engineering, he is a former recipient of the KSK service award. To The Students of Carolina: The University has never had a finer student body than it has now. I have been inspired by the cooperation they have shown, and by their endeavors to make the University of South Caro- lina a better place in which to live and study. The University has made noteworthy physical progress, having acquired valuable property for the necessary expansion of our plant. But our progress has been more than material. Many able and gifted teachers have joined our various faculties, and student-faculty relations have been a source of satisfaction. The classroom has been the center of this venerable institution since the days of its founding, and must ever remain so. As long as the University has students with a passion for learning and professors with a passion for teaching, it will be accounted a great institution. I am proud of the accomplishments of the Uni- versity, and I am confident that our students and faculty will continue to work for the good of the institution and the State which it serves. Robert L. Sumwalt, President. Board of Trustees Seated: J. D. Keer, J. L. Moss, Jr., F. W. Welbourne, Secretary-Treasurer; A. C. Todd, Vice-Chairman; R. L. Osborne, Chairman; R. L. Sumwalt, President; R. D. Miller, W. H. Callcott, Dean of the Faculty; J. D. Poag, J. P. Mozingo, III. Standing: D. McKay, W. H. Patterson, Dean of Administration; J. W. Cothran, E. C. Cushman, R. M. Dennis, W. H. Welborn, R. M. Smith. Absent: E. F. Hollings, J. T. Anderson, S. Blatt, Jr., E. M. Singleton, H. O. Hanna. DR. ROBERT L. SUMWALT President of the University President and Mrs. Sumwalt, Robert, Jr., and Mary form a Elizabeth and Rob Sumwalt pay very close attention to companionable family group around the Sumwalt piano. their grandfather as he shows the secret of a toy duck. f George W. Tomlin, Jr. Chosen New Dean Of Men IN August of 1959, Professor George W. Tomlin, Jr., was named Dean of Men and Director of Student Activities at the University of South Car- olina. After receiving the Bachelor of Science degree from the University of South Carolina and the Master of Arts degree from the University of Pennsylvania, he served as an instructor at USC, 1935-38, and at the University of Pennsylvania, 1938-40. He then rejoined the South Carolina faculty and held the position of Director of Stu- dent Activities, 1946-51. Dean Tomlin ' s most re- cent assignment has been in the Department of Economics. Beside his activities on the USC campus, he is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, American Eco- nomics Association, Phi Mu Delta, Omicron Delta Kappa, and Delta Sigma Pi. Dean Tomlin has also written several articles which have appeared in " Wharton Review, " and he is co-author with Paul F. Gemmil of " Problem Book in Economics. " Interested in Carolina student life and willing to help all students who need special attention, he has been a guiding influence in aiding students with advice and information. GEORGE W. TOMLIN, JR. Dean of Men Dean Tomlin greets a steady stream of visitors whose desires range from excused absences to registering a party. Dean Clotworthy Counsels All Carolina ' s Women THE life that Miss Elizabeth Clotworthy, Dean of Women, leads is a busy one. Her chief concern is for the welfare and the personal and social problems of Carolina women. She spends a great deal of her time listening to the problems of " her girls, " sometimes offering advice, but more often helping the girls reach their own decisions. At many schools the Dean of Women is con- sidered a person far removed from campus life, a situation which is not true at USC. The door of the Dean ' s office is always open, and she is ready to be a friend to all who need her. Her importance is recognized also by other deans throughout the state, and they elected her president of the State Association of Women Deans, and Counsellors for 1960. Another honor recently accorded her was her selection to " Who ' s Who in American Women. " The deep regard she has for her girls is seen in everything she does, from personally greeting new students to helping prepare the girls for their careers after they leave school. MISS ELIZABETH CLOTWORTHY Dean of Women Friendly and informal discussions in Dean Clotworthy ' s office usually dissolve even the most momentous problem. Grad School Requires Modern Language Exam WILFRID H. CALLCOTT Dean of Graduate School UNDER the supervision of Dean Wilfrid H. Callcott the Graduate School has been steadily growing. An education equivalent to that represented by a baccalaureate degree and suf- ficient maturity to enter courses of advanced study are requisites for entrance. Credentials for admission include an analysis of courses taken and the grades earned, and the standing gained on the Graduate Record Examination. Individual attention is given to each application. In the ma- jority of the schools on campus, a student may obtain an advanced degree fro m the Graduate School upon completion of required course work and attendant obligations. Each candidate for the degree of Master of Arts or Master of Science is required, as soon as he begins work on his Master ' s program, to pass an examination which will demonstrate a reading knowledge of a modern foreign language. In addition to the course work, a comprehensive final examination and a thesis on a portion of his major field of concentration is required of all candidates for graduate degrees. Amid intricate laboratory apparatus, graduate students conduct complicated and highly technical experiments. Graduate student Gerry Driggers finds a moment in her schedule to grade her class ' Political Science papers. 30 Administrators Continue To Provide Leadership WILLIAM H. PATTERSON Dean of Administration FRANK F. WELBOURNE University Secretary-Treasurer BERNARD A. DAETWYLER University Registrar WILFRID H. CALLCOTT Dean of Faculty NICHOLAS P. MITCHELL Dean of University Extension Division 31 THEODORE J. LEDEEN Director of Russell House DAVID E. ABEEL Director, News Service USC Administrative Units Plan Educational Program THE fundamental educational program at the University of South Carolina is planned by the administrators and professors, without whom the program could not endure. It is through the efforts of these men and women that our presence at the University is made possible. From the moment the prospective freshman begins the en- trance examination, until the momentous day when he is presented a sheepskin, these are the people who assist him in charting his course. These educational preparations are advanced by the daily efforts of persons ranging from the secre- taries of the deans through the student workers. Administ rative Units include the Examining and Counseling Bureau, Donna S. Young, Ad- ministrative Assistant; Machine Records super- vised by Luther Gunter; Personnel and Placement, Ruth E. McVey, Administrative Assistant; Pur- chasing and Supply managed by Anna S. Durham; General Supplies, managed by Harold V. Richard- son; and the Extension Division, directed by Dr. Nicholas P. Mitchell, Administrator. Serving as manager is Roger White, who also is executive secretary of the Gamecock Club, an organization for the promotion of Gamecock ath- letic teams. Students form the ever familiar line at the window of the University bank, to cash and deposit their checks. MRS. LOUISE J. DuBOSE Director, University Press Carolina Student Services Contribute To Campus Life STUDENT services involve many components which are necessary to make campus life more accommodating. Managed by Marion W. Dantz- ler, the Campus Shop, located on the Russell House ground floor, has a large variety of items for sale. The book store, relocated in the fall of 1959, is now quartered in the basement of the Russell House. On the ground floor of Maxcy is the Printing Shop, which is essential in fulfilling such needed materials as student directories, form letters and brochures. Directed by Dr. Robert R. McNulty, the Infirmary is a busy and frequented edifice for those desiring " cure-alls. " The Post Office, super- vised by Joe M. Lawrence, offers daily service to Carolina students. Theodore J. Ledeen, Director of Russell House and YMCA, endeavors to keep the busy routine of the former in smooth and constant operation, while providing opportunities for service, as well as social, and spiritual growth for the latter. The cheerful voice of Ruth M. Dugan is heard by those using the Telephone Exchange service. These are a few of the people contributing to make Carolina a better educational institution. Students can always be seen at the Information Desk in the Russell House, seeking the helpful advice of Eula. WILLIAM C. McCALL Director, Examining Bureau ALFRED H. RAWLINSON Head Librarian JOSEPH A. BARNES Director of Housing DR. ROBERT B. McNULTY University Physician McNULTY, ROBERT B., M.D Physician BIRD, SARAH Dietitian CASH, SALLIE B., R.N Nurse DAVIS, WILLIE C, R.N Nurse DICKERT, LOIS B., R.N Nurse DETREVILLE, ARNIE, R.N Nurse GARDNER, JULIA, R.N Nurse JONES, GLENDA, R.N X-Hay Technician Student Clinic Maintained By Well -Staffed Infirmary THE University Health Service provides an out- patient clinic for office consultations which is available to students taking three or more courses. The service also maintains an infirmary for stu- dents suffering from illness or injury, or requiring post-operative care. Board, which includes meals, special diets, if necessary, 24-hour nurse duty, and entertainment provided by television, is $2.25 a day. Commonly used medicines are free of charge, but other medications prescribed by the Uni- versity physician, Dr. Robert McNulty, are made available at wholesale prices. Dr. McNulty, com- pleting his sixth year as head of the Wallace Thompson Memorial Infirmary, has a very com- petent and well-trained staff. Students requiring more extensive treatment than is available at the infirmary are referred to consulting physicians of Columbia. Daily visiting hours are 2: 30-3: 30 p. m. and 6:00-7:00 p.m. The infirmary is a great facility to the Carolina campus; the services of the staff are offered to students as members of the University community. For convenience the in- firmary is located near the Russell House, a central campus location. Students recuperating in the infirmary seem to enjoy b eing able to finally catch up on some unassigned reading. 34 Faculty o Arts And Science College Has Liberal Program THE College of Arts and Science, headed by Dean Robert H. Wienefeld, is the largest school at Carolina. It is the department of the University which offers a liberal education to students as well as assisting them in developing their best quali- ties of mind and character. A varied curriculum enables students to prepare for a number of varied and different careers. To qualify for graduation from the College of Arts and Science, the candi- date must have completed, in conformity with the regulations prescribed for the various other de- grees, not less than 124 semester hours, of which 120 hours shall be held in academic subjects. In addition to the aforesaid requirements, the candi- date must have a grade point ratio of not less than 2.00 on all courses carried excluding those marked withdrawal. A student may not enroll beyond the sophomore level in his major field who has not successfully completed all of the requirements of his freshman year. ROBERT H. WIENEFELD As part of the Arts and Sciences curriculum, these students test the electrical impulses on the muscle of a frog. 36 Colonel James E. Johnson Is Air Science Commander THIS year, under the direction of Colonel James E. Johnston, the enrollment in the Depart- ment of Air Science has been increased, enabling the Cadet Corps to be organized as a Wing in- stead of a Group. Approximately thirty Carolina graduates are commissioned each year as Second Lieutenants in the Air Force. There is an active Base Visitation Program which permits selected cadets to visit an Air Force base for two or three days, and while visiting there, to examine and observe the detailed operations of the base. Per- haps the most important social event of the cadet ' s year is the Military Ball, an outstanding social function, held in the spring, and sponsored annu- ally by the Arnold Air Society. JOHNSTON, JAMES E., B.A. . . Colonel, Head of Department ARTHUR, HUGH T., M.L.A Major DOAN, LEWIS A., M.A Captain RAST, FRANCIS M., A.B Captain SAYRE, JOHN D Captain SPILLERS, WILLIAM R., B.A Captain An alert awareness of concentration evidences dexterity both in marching formations and in musical renditions. COLONEL JAMES E. JOHNSTON Captain Spillers lectures about the many parts of an airplane using illustrative slides to clarify discussion. Archaeologist Joins Staff Of Anthropology-Sociology THE study of Anthropology and Sociology is of consequence to those who consider human beings and their actions significant. In this depart- ment the student studies the physical and social aspects of man from the Mesozoic Era through the present Cenozoic Era, the relationships be- tween human beings of the present age, and the functions and the environment of the many differ- ent culture groups in the social systems of the world today. A knowledge of these courses is beneficial in helping the student to understand his place in society, and the position of his fellow- man. For the first time in the history of the de- partment, the University employed a full-time archaeologist who directs the students in exca- vation work which is now in progress. A knowl- edge of both the past and the present man and his reactions to society is useful in almost every phase of life and in practically all vocations. HARRY H. TURNEY-HIGH TURNEY-HIGH, HARRY H., Ph.D. . Professor, Head of Dept. CALVERT, MARY B., M.S Associate Professor EDWARDS, WILLIAM E., Ph.D. . . . Associate Professor HATCH, DAVID L., Ph.D Professor Dr. Turney-High proves the validity of a point to the doubting members of his class, by verbal illustration. Mrs. Mary Calvert listens to the members of her class in Sociology discuss and analyze the facts presented. 38 LAURIN E. BRUBAKER Doctor Everett Tilson Visits USC ' s Religion Department THE primary purpose of this department, estab- lished at the University in 1805, is to provide interesting and beneficial courses to students de- siring a more adequate knowledge of the role religion plays in their lives and moral develop- ment. To help the student relate religion to his major field of study and to introduce him to volunteer and professional church work, begin- ning courses are offered to all students who plan to enter any branch of professional religion serv- ices. The present program of courses includes studies of various parts of Biblical literature as well as discussion of religious and ethical prob- lems, philosophy of religion, and comparative the- ology. Laurin E. Brubaker, head of the depart- ment, and president of the National Association of Bible Instructors, presided at the Golden Anni- versary of the organization in New York, Decem- ber 13, 1959. Visiting the campus as guest lecturer in the spring was Dr. Everett Tilson, Professor of New Testament at Vanderbilt University. BRUBAKER, LAURIN E., Th.D Professor Taking advantage of the numerous maps available in the Bible Department, Julie Edwards traces Paul ' s journey. Jim Twitty and Tommy Boroughs appear to agree with the point that Dr. Brubaker made in their Bible course. 39 JAMES T. PENNEY Student supervision and assistance in botany lab lends an air of familiarity between the instructor and students. Department Of Biology Has Fish And Reptile Displays THE Department of Biology offers required courses for students in the Schools of Educa- tion, Nursing, and Pharmacy and elective courses in science required by the Schools of Arts and Science, Business Administration and Journalism. Biology majors in the School of Arts and Science and future biology teachers in the School of Edu- cation benefit by the many opportunities available in this department. Research has been facilitated by the addition of two new binocular micro- scopes. Displays have been increased by adding reptile cases in which common live reptiles of South Carolina are shown; native fish may be seen in the enlarged aquarium. The museum and other departmental displays are always open to members of the student body. PENNEY, J. T., Ph.D Professor, Head of Department BATSON, WADE T., Ph.D Associate Professor EGGLESTON, SARAH BELSER, B.S Instructor FREEMAN, HARRY W., Ph.D Associate Professor HERR, JOHN M., Ph.D Assistant Professor HUGGINS, CECILE, M.S Assistant Professor LOVELACE, ROBERTA, Ph.D Associate Professor NORMAN, WILLIAM H., Ph.D Assistant Professor SMITH, BYRON D., Ph.D Assistant Professor THOMPSON, E. F., Ph.D Instructor These University coeds work with painstaking accuracy in anatomy labs as they dissect their furry specimens. Leading Science Lecturers Visit School Of Chemistry OFFERING courses to students who need cer- tain requirements in other fields is only one service of the Chemistry Department, which has been approved by the committee of Professional Training of the American Chemical Society. The department, which adds a substantial contribution to the Ph.D. degree program at the University, has recently added approximately ten thousand dollars worth of research equipment. An active research program is maintained in fields of or- ganic chemistry and physical chemistry at the graduate level. This program was established in 1953. During the year, the department invited Dr. George Scotehard, of the Massachusetts Insti- tute of Technology, and Dr. Frank Westheimer. of Harvard University, two nationally recognized chemists, to visit and lecture on the campus. BONNER, O. D., Ph.D Associate Professor Acting Head of Department BOUKNIGHT, J. W., Ph.D Professor DAVIS, H. W., Ph.D Professor DeTAR, D. F., Ph.D Professor GILKERSON, W. R., Ph.D Associate Professor KICE, J. L., Ph.D Associate Professor TEAGUE, P. C., Ph.D Professor WHEELER, D. M. S., Ph.D Assistant Professor WHITESELL, W. A., Ph.D Professor Marina Gregoris smiles happily after she completes her chemistry experiment and prepares to tabulate results. OSCAR D. BONNER Students learn the importance of accuracy in measuring compounds to the exact kilogram during chemistry labs. HAVILAH BABCOCK BABCOCK, HAVILAH, Ph.D. . Professor, Head of Department BODIE, EDWABD, B.A Instructor BRAUEB, GEORGE C, JR., Ph.D. . . . Assistant Professor BROWN, ASHLEY, Ph.D Instructor CARLISLE, CAROL J., Ph.D Associate Professor CHRISTOPHERSEN, M. G., Ph.D Professor CROTTY, GENE, M.F.A Associate Professor DesJARDINS, RUTH D., B.A Instructor ELLIOTT, IRENE D., Ph.D Associate Professor FORD, THOMAS W., Ph.D Instructor FRENCH, RICHARD A., Ph.D Instructor KIMMEY, JOHN L., Ph.D Assistant Professor KRICKEL, EDWARD F., Ph.D Instructor NEUFFER, CLAUDE H., M.A Associate Professor NOLAN, EDWARD F., Ph.D Associate Professor REES, ENNIS S., Ph.D Associate Professor REEVES, GEORGE M., Ph.D Assistant Professor ROSS, E. GARLAND, Ph.D Assistant Professor SEIGLER, MILLEDGE B., Ph.D Professor SMITH, GEORGE W., Ph.D Associate Professor SPIGNER, HUBERT W., M.A Assistant Professor Three New Books Released By Department Of English CAROLINA ' S English Department is continu- ally growing, having an enrollment of over three thousand students. This large contingent is increased by evening classes and courses handled through the Extension Division in addition to the regular daytime curriculum. These non-regular courses aid the students considerably. The Uni- versity of South Carolina is very fortunate to have on its Department of English teaching staff, twenty-one holders of Ph.D. degrees from leading institutions throughout the country. One faculty member, Dr. Robert D. Thornton, Associate Pro- fessor and international authority on Robert Rurns. has recently returned after fifteen months abroad as a Guggenheim Fellow. This year a number of books have been written by several members of the staff. Among the books which will receive national recognition are The Educa- tion of a Gentleman by Dr. George C. Rrauer, Associate Professor, and two novels, I Don ' t Want to Shoot An Elephant and The Education of Pretty Boy, written by Dr. Havilah Rabcock, head of the Department of English. Advanced gram- mar, speaking, and numerous literature electives are among courses offered to English majors and other students interested in English. Students from other USC schools receive courses in such fields as business English, technical writing, and vocabulary development. THORNTON, ROBERT D., Ph.D Associate Professor WAGENER, W. Y., Ph.D Professor WELSH, JOHN R., Ph.D Associate Professor WHITESELL, J. E., Ph.D Professor Dr. M. G. Christophersen helps a student to correct the mistakes in his English theme after the class has ended. ■■ USC Fine Arts Department Gives Annual Scholarship THE Fine Arts Department, located on the fourth floor of Barnwell College, was estab- lished in 1925 by Dr. William D. Melton. The first department head was Miss Katherine Heyward, who served until 1945. Courses in this depart- ment are offered to all interested students, and enrollment averages approximately four hundred students a semester. One of the main purposes of a major in art is to provide the background essential for entering such fields as commercial art, interior decorating, designing, and painting. In the Russell House the department sponsors exhibitions, lectures, and art films, all of which are open to the public. In order to give everyone— students, faculty, and townspeople— an opportunity to see art mov- ies, the Fine Arts Department has shown films on Monday morning in the Russell House. For the past three years the department has presented a scholarship to the winner of a high school art contest. EDMUND YAGHJIAN Two student artists, engrossed in their art projects, present a typical sight during lengthy afternoon labs. YAGHJIAN, EDMUND, B.F.A. . Professor, Head of Department MAXWELL, JACQUELIN, B.A Instructor REMBERT, CATHERINE, B.A Assistant Professor WITTKOWSKY, AUGUSTA Instructor Jack Morris intently fashions the frame for one of his most recent projects during an early morning art class. 43 USC Language Department Has Complete Lab Facilities THE Department of Foreign Language oper- ates at the present time one of the most com- plete and efficient language laboratories in this part of the country. Having used the laboratory method of teaching languages for the past twenty years, it was not until the Spring of 1959, that the Department was able to offer the students a facility which enabled them not only to listen to various materials in a foreign tongue, but also to participate actively by using individual tape re- corders. The department also sponsors an annual Language Day attended by hundreds of South Carolina high school language students. STEPHAN, R. M., M.A. . . . Professor, Head of Department ACKERMAN, S. H., Ph.D Assistant Professor ADAMS, S. B., M.A Instructor Rhett McLeod glances up from her recorder while Janie Brown listens to tapes in the new language laboratory. RENE MAURICE STEPHAN BUB, D. F., Ph.D Assistant Professor deGRAVELINES, K. L. F., M.A Assistant Professor FAIREY, G. MAUDE, M.A Assistant Professor HASSELL, J. W., Ph.D Professor HODGE, A. S, Ph.D Professor OTT, RUBY M., M.A Associate Professor SILVERSTRINI, A. J., Ph.D Associate Professor SULLIVAN, J. G., M.A Assistant Professor ZEIGLER, W. C, D.M.L Professor The small classes in advanced language courses insure each individual student of adequate instruction time. LAURENCE L. SMITH SMITH, L. L., Ph.D Professor, Head of Department BUSHMAN, DONALD O., Ph.D Assistant Professor GRAHAM, GUILBERT R., M.S Associate Professor KORGEN, MALI, M.S Instructor McCAULEY, JOHN F., Ph.D Assistant Professor PERRY, EUGENE S., Ph.D Professor PETTY, JULIAN J„ Ph.D Professor Three Geology students examine samples of mica schist I in preparation for the laboratory practical on rocks. Geology Department Owns Unique Collection Of Maps THOMAS COOPER was instrumental in found- ing the Department of Geology, Geography, and Minerology in 1819. This is one of the oldest such departments in the United States. Cooper ' s mineral collection, now owned by the University, has had many additions in past years and is con- sidered very unique. The department has a complete file of United States Geological Survey Maps, Army Map Serv- ices, and State survey topographic and geological maps, which are found in the departmental li- brary. Besides stimulating undergraduate interest in the field as a major, the department offers stu- dents a broader cultural background as well as instilling a greater appreciation for the study of the earth and its composition. Dr. Bushman helps a confused student to interpret her maps during an afternoon session of the geography lab. l. ROBERT H. WIENEFELD WIENEFELD, R. H., Ph.D. . . Professor, Head of Department BARGAR, B. D., Ph.D Assistant Professor BROCK, M. G., M.A Visiting Professor CALLCOTT, W. H., Ph.D Professor CHOWEN, R. H., Ph.D . Assistant Professor COOLIDGE, C. W., Ph.D Assistant Professor CRAVEN, A. O., Ph.D Visiting Professor CURRY, GEORGE, Ph.D Associate Professor FERRELL, C. M., Ph.D Professor FORAN, W. A., M.A Assistant Professor HOLLIS, D. W., Ph.D Associate Professor OCHS, R. D., Ph.D Professor ROGERS, G. C, Ph.D Assistant Professor SOKOL, E. D., Ph.D Assistant Professor History Department Brings Noted Lecturers To Campus THE History Department ' s major contribution to the University as a whole is the presentation of a comprehensive program of study which is designed to enrich the student ' s understanding of the past and thereby enable him to better under- stand and improve the present. By the rigorous application of high standards, the department also contributes to the development of " quality " education upon which depends the prestige of the University. Most students are enrolled in general survey courses, since six or twelve semester hours are needed to fulfill the requirements for most degrees. Students majoring in history must com- plete twenty-four hours of courses in history be- yond the sophomore level. A senior thesis and a study of historiography are also included. The department offers a wide variety of courses which permit history majors to specialize. It is the policy of this nationally known department to secure several distinguished professors who contribute new resources to the field. This year ' s visiting professors were Dr. M. G. Brock, Corpus Christi College in Oxford, and Dr. A. O. Craven, from the University of Chicago. Dr. Avery Craven, visiting professor and Civil War authority, lectures to the seminar of attentive graduate students. 46 USC International Studies Department Adds To Staff FOUNDED in 1957, the department of Inter- national Studies now has a staff of three, after adding Dr. Gordon Tullock, a former Thomas Jefferson Fellow at the University of Virginia. The purposes of this department are: to equip stu- dents with a background of international affairs, to furnish a theoretical foundation for analyzing forces in institutions and cultures, and to develop an understanding of the United States ' position in the world. An awareness of increased inter- national contact through transportation and com- munication and the U. S. ' s assumption of a posi- tion of leadership prompted the establishment of this department. The department this year spon- sored, " Areas of Tension, " the third annual series of guest lectures which brought six nationally celebrated authorities to the campus. The depart- ment is co-sponsor of the regional International Relations Clubs convention, and co-sponsor in sending two delegates to the West Point confer- ence on Foreign Affairs. ii WALKER, RICHARD L., Ph.D. . Professor, Head of Department MOORE, RAYMOND A., M.A Instructor TULLOCK, GORDON, D.J Professor Mr. Bertram Wolfe speaks on Russian-American relations during the fall International Studies Lecture Series. RICHARD L. WALKER Dr. Richard Walker interjects a pertinent point in the discussion of the Asian policy and its relation to China. 47 Mathematics Department Offers Graduate Program PROVIDING the necessary courses for the various schools and departments at Carolina requiring mathematics is probably the greatest contribution of the Department of Mathematics to the University. Enabling the student to build on this foundation and prepare himself for a more lucrative and productive career, the department has a graduate program covering the major fields of study. To stimulate an interest in Mathematics, an undergraduate Mathematics Club is sponsored by the department. A Mathematics Colloquium is held twice a month for the staff, graduate stu- dents, and interested people, with lectures pre- sented by the local staff, and invited guests from other campuses. Activities sponsored by the department include the meeting of the South- eastern Section of the Mathematical Association of America, and a special lecture series by the Mathematical Association of America. SONNER, JOHANN, Ph.D Associate Professor STREBE, D. D., Ph.D Professor WEBER, W. W., M.A Associate Professor WILLIAMS, MRS. L. H., B.A Instructor WYMAN L. WILLIAMS WILLIAMS, W. L., Ph.D. . . Professor, Head of Department CROXTON, R. R., M.Ed Assistant Professor HEDBERG, E. A., Ph.D Professor HEDBERG, MRS. M. Z., Ph.D Associate Professor LEE, T. H., Ph.D Associate Professor LYTLE, R. A., Ph.D Associate Professor MARTIN, C. F., LL.B Assistant Professor MATTHIES, KARL, Ph.D Associate Professor NOVAK, J. D., Ph.D Professor PERKINS, LILLIAN, M.A Assistant Professor SCHULER, EUCEBIA, Ph.D Professor SMITH, H. W., Ph.D Professor Attentive students attempt to learn the fundamentals of trigonometry as Miss Shuler writes an explanation. Mrs. Hedberg gives pictorial explanation of a problem confusing students in one of the mathematics classes. iHiiam in «; ■ Carolina Music Department Proposes 1960 Band Clinic RESULTING from the widespread interest in music and the ever increasing demand for musicians, the Music Department of the Uni- versity now offers courses leading to the B.A. degree in education with a major in Music Edu- cation. The faculty is composed of a group of highly trained specialists and the curriculum is designed to give a broad academic background and intensive training in many varied and special- ized fields. Many cultural opportunities are of- fered to students in music appreciation classes, University Chorus, Band, and through concerts given by the department both on and off campus. Among the activities planned by the department is a proposed Band Clinic for summer of 1960. Graduates of the Department of Music are rapidly taking their places in the many and varied fields of music throughout the state and nation. ( .lona Kitri J L_ £% =gEE um Allien. 1 A hum m um HUGH P. WILLIAMSON WILLIAMSON, HUGH P., Litt.D. . Professor, Head of Dept. BAKER, MME. G. TREMBLAY Instructor GARNETT, PAT, B.S Assistant Professor JONES, EDWIN F., M.M Assistant Professor PHILLIPS, DAVID G., JR., M.A Instructor PRITCHARD, JAMES D., M.S Band Director VAN DORAN, ROBERT L., M.A. . . . Assistant Professor WILLIAMSON, MRS. EVELYN Instructor Conducting a choral group is an important part of the overall effect, as these music students are now learning. An important requisite for music majors and all good musicians is the many hours spent in deyoted practice. Naval Science Department Has Amateur Radio Station THE NROTC Unit, an academic and adminis- trative organization of the Department of Naval Science, has made great advances recently at the University of South Carolina. The NROTC program has an established system of training selected young men to qualify them for careers as commissioned officers in the Navy and Marine Corps and their reserve components. This year, the gunnery course was replaced by a psy- chology course, however, flag raising and drill work are still part of the training program. To further specialize communication training, an amateur radio station has recently been estab- lished. Activities of the NROTC include assisting with a highway safety program and working with the United Fund Drive. The Unit received an award for this work. Supplementing academic activities are the basketball team and the rifle team. Socially, the NROTC students entertained at the Commission Rail and the Winter Rail. JETER, R. R., A.R Lt. Colonel ALRRECHT, W. P., A.R Lieutenant JG FALL, D. R., JR., A.R Lieutenant HOWELL, J. P., JR., H.S Lt. Commander TAYLOR, W. W., R.A Major LIEUTENANT COLONEL RORERT H. JETER Davis Field is a weekly Thursday afternoon assemblage site for NROTC courses which include squad inspection. Lieutenant Fall lectures to note-taking students who are informed of the history of some famous naval battles. 50 REX ENRIGHT P. E. Department Maintains Wide Selection Of Courses FOUR semesters of physical education are re- quired of all men and women students during their four years at Carolina; no student is eligible for graduation who has not fulfilled this require- ment. The Department of Physical Education offers a wide variety of sports and intramural activities to both men and women. Among the courses available to men are basketball, football, golf, baseball, bowling, and a diverse range of dancing classes. During the fall semester, Band may be substituted for Physical Education. The staff offices of the department are headquartered in the " Round House, " which also provides foot- ball and baseball practice areas, dressing room facilities for the Gamecocks and visiting teams. The department strives to train its students for coaching and p hysical education teaching pro- fessions upon graduation from the University. ENRIGHT, REX, LL.B Professor BASKIN, W. O., JR., B.S Instructor CRAIG, VERDANNA P., M.Ed Instructor DeMARS, F. A Associate Professor FOURIER, ARTHUR E., Ph.D Assistant Professor FARR, VERNA, B.S Instructor GIESE, WARREN, M.Ed Associate Professor GRUGAN, J. D., M.Ed Assistant Professor HAMBRICK, W. R., M.S Instructor JOHNSON, FRANK, B.S Instructor KULCINSKI,, L. E., Ph.D Professor MOSES, MARGARET, M.A Instructor RATLIFF, J. W„ JR., M.Ed Assistant Professor STAUFFER, GORDON, M.A Instructor A Freshman PT1 student skips rope diligently as he perfects fundamentals of beginning physical education. George Criddle focuses his attention and interest on Coach DeMars as he demonstrates the form of a left jab. SI ANTHONY P. FRENCH Physics students carefully prepare and cautiously test batteries in labs supplementary to classroom lectures. Department Of Physics Has Nuclear Research Program OFFERING instruction in Physics at all levels and fostering research by graduate students and faculty members is the primary purpose of the departmental program. The department offers specialized instruction and research in advanced physics through a recently inaugurated Ph.D. de- gree program. Various items of research equip- ment for the detection of nuclear radiations have assisted in instructing advanced undergraduates. The department provides basic instruction in physical science for engineers, pharmacy and pre- medical students and education majors. Depart- mentally, it operates chiefly through regularly scheduled colloquia. Interest and achievement are maintained in an active chapter of the Physics honor society, Sigma Pi Sigma. FRENCH, A. P., Ph.D. . . . Professor, Head of Department BARRE, L. C, M.S Assistant Professor BOGGS, W. H., B.S Instructor BREITENBERGER, ERNST, Ph.D. . . . Associate Professor EDGE, R. D., Ph.D Assistant Professor GILES, F. H., JR., Ph.D Assistant Professor LERNER, E. C, Ph.D Associate Professor MERCER, C. F., MA Professor TROTTER, H. F., M.S Assistant Professor Intent on an oil-droplet experiment, a Physics student working in a lab, follows the suggestions of his sign. Dept. Of Political Science Conducts Several Seminars THE Political Science Department provides ex- planations of the American system of govern- ment and the functions of the United States Constitution. In addition, the department main- tains a collection of current material on public administration and state and local government. Political Science is a good preliminary course for a career in politics or law and it is a required subject for the majority of students. Together with Pi Sigma Alpha, the Political Science honor- ary society, the department conducts seminars and is responsible for bringing many speakers to the campus. Dr. Mayo, Department head, is na- tionally known in the Political Science field. MAYO, HENRY B., D.Phil. . . Professor, Head of Department • ABERNATHY, M. GLENN, Ph.D. . . . Associate Professor BARRON, RICHARD, Ph.D Visiting Professor CARLISLE, DOUGLAS, Ph.D Associate Professor EISENBERG, RALPH, M.A Assistant Professor McCONAUGHY, JOHN B., Ph.D Associate Professor STOUDEMIRE, ROBERT H., M.A Instructor WEASMER, CHARLES, M.A. Instructor Muhammad Hallaj, engrossed in work connected with his graduate study, types the draft of a current project. HENRY B. MAYO Students give careful attention as Dr. Richard Barron lectures on fundamentals of American National Affairs. M. KERSHAW WALSH Department Of Psychology Contributes To TV Series COMBINED for administrative purposes, the Departments of Psychology and Philosophy are separate in offering course material and de- grees. Students of Business Administration and Journalism are regularly enrolled in Psychology 11 and 12, Science options in either Psychology or Philosophy are more popular with students majoring in Engineering. The department, which attempts to provide a basis of clear thinking for majors in other schools, has cooperated with the South Carolina Psychological Association on a television program consisting of six units in vari- ous phases of psychology. The program is de- signed to inform the public of activities and con- tributions in this field. The acquisition of a degree in philosophy entails work in such fields as his- tory, Bible, foreign languages, music, English, science, anthropology and sociology. A Master of Arts degree may be obtained in philosophy. WALSH, M. KERSHAW, Ph.D. . Professor, Head of Department RORASIO, GUIDO, Ph.D Assistant Professor RRAMLETT, CARL A., Ph.D Lecturer RROWN, J. ADGER, M.A Assistant Professor COLLINS, PAUL, M.A Instructor FIELD, ALAN, B.A Assistant Professor GERTZ, BORIS, Ph.D Lecturer GYNTHER, MALCOLM, Ph.D Assistant Professor LAFFERTY, THEODORE T., Ph.D Professor MARTIN, ELMORE, Ph.D Associate Professor NELSON, ERLAND, Ph.D Professor SCOTT, T. ROBERT, Ph.D Lecturer SIMMONS, JAMES R., Ph.D Assistant Professor TROTTER, MRS. RUTH L., M.A Assistant Professor Psychology students record the responses of a subject to music, as charted on the polygraph machine in a lab. Dr. Simmons is the object of lively questioning by his class during a heated debate on the subject of Ethics. 54 Business School Offers Master Of B.A. Degree THE objective of the School of Business Ad- ministration is to enable young men and women to take positions of responsibility in the many and varied fields of industry, management and commerce. The phenomenal industrial growth and development of South Carolina in recent years has created an urgent need for men and women with this specialized training. During the past few years the curriculum has been reorganized and strengthened, and notable ad- vances were made in the qualifications for the faculty. New courses have been added while others have been either altered or combined. Fields of specialization have been increased and now include such areas as accounting, banking and finance, business economics, management, marketing, and secretarial science. For the first time the courses offered by the school include a program leading to Master of Business Adminis- tration degree. These courses are designed to give the student a basis for professional competency in business activities, to inculcate an understand- ing of the methods and principles which govern the organization of business enterprises, and ren- der appreciation of the relationships and the problems of the economic organization and oper- ation as a whole. Seminars in Economics were again conducted, and a two-week institute for individuals in managerial positions for the sum- mer of 1960 is now in the planning stage. Sandra Sprawls takes copy from a dictaphone, while she acquires fundamental husiness skills in an afternoon lab. SAMUEL M. DERRICK DERRICK, SAMUEL M., Ph.D Dean RAKER, CLINTON A., M.R.A Assistant Professor ROWEN, MRS. FRANCES F., M.S Instructor CANNON, FURMAN E., B.S., C.P.A. . . Associate Professor EDWARDS, CHARLES E., M.S Assistant Professor FLORA, A. C, JR., Ph.D Associate Professor FUNDERBURKE, AILEEN, M.A Assistant Professor GITTINGER, C. M., M.S Professor GULLEDGE, J. D., JR., M.S., C.P.A Instructor HALSEY, GEORGE D„ C.E Lecturer HERIN, JOHN S., M.S., C.P.A Assistant Professor HUDSON, MRS. SUNNIE M., B.A Instructor JONES, WILLIAM E., M.S Instructor KEMMERLIN, THOMAS, JR., LL.B Instructor RIGHT, R. L., C.P.A Instructor KING, ROBERT L., M.A Assistant Professor MacDONALD, JOHN H., M.A Professor McGOWAN, E. L., M.S., C.P.A Associate Professor MEDHURST, MERLE, M.A Assistant Professor MEEKS, FRANK T., A.M Professor MORRIS, JAMES A., Ph.D Professor O ' DELL, ELIZABETH, M.S Assistant Professor PHAUP, LeROY L., JR., B.A Associate Professor PUGH, OLIN S., Ph.D Associate Professor PUTNAM, W. F., M.A Instructor ROSEN, ROBERT W., Ph.D Associate Professor SAVAGE, L. A., JR., M.B.A Lecturer SHAMSEDIN, E. M., M.S Assistant Professor SHARKEY, ROBERT P., Ph.D Assistant Professor SHAW, STEVEN J., Ph.D Associate Professor SMITH, F. DeVERE, Ph.D Professor STOBBE, A. C, B.S Instructor SWANSON, DONALD F., M.A Assistant Professor TEMPLE, T. D., M.B.A Associate Professor THOMAS, MRS. ADA B., B.S., C.P.A Instructor TOMLIN, GEORGE W., A.M Associate Professor TUTHILL, WILLIAM C, Ph.D Professor WILLIAMS, J. B., B.S Assistant Professor WILLIAMSON, G. G., JR., Ph.D Assistant Professor Education School Holds Student Reading Clinic ORIGINATING at the University of South Carolina in 1882, the School of Education now offers courses leading to a B.A., B.S., M.Ed., or Ph.D. degree. Housed in Wardlaw College, the School of Education provides both under- graduate and graduate professional preparation for teachers, school administrators, supervisors, librarians, and other specialists. Higher academic standards do not recognize a grade lower than a " C " in any subject that a student will teach upon becoming a teacher. Each semester a voluntary, non-credit course in reading and study skills for any student enrolled in the University is offered by the Reading Clinic of the School of Education. Also the School of Education opened a Counseling Clinic in Sep- tember 1959, which offers free counseling to Uni- versity students who need assistance in choosing a career, in selecting programs of study, or in overcoming problems of an academic or voca- tional nature. The clinic also enables advanced graduate students to gain clinical experience. Unaware of the graduate students watching her through a glass wall, a young girl takes an intelligence test. WILLIAM W. SAVAGE SAVAGE, WILLIAM W., Ph.D Dean BERG, PAUL C, Ph.D Associate Professor BURGE, NANCY T., M.A Assistant Professor DANIEL, J. McT., Ed.D Professor EDWARDS, NEWTON, Ph.D Professor GILES, LAWRENCE E., Ph.D Associate Professor McCALL, W. C, M.A Associate Professor MOOSE, BETTY M., B.S. in L.S Instructor MORRISON, RICHARD L., Ed.D. . . . Associate Professor NELSON, FLORENCE A., M.A Assistant Professor NIXON, W. D., Ed.D Professor TUCKER, CECIL I., Ed.D Professor WEBER, R. A., Ed.D Associate Professor WILLIAMSON, EVA D., Ed.D Associate Professor Engineering School Acquires New Equipment In elementary engineering drafting courses it is often necessary to consult the instructor on the difficult items. ANDERSON, W. L., M.S Assistant Professor BAHNMULLER, A. A., B.S Instructor BAKER, B. L., Ph.D Professor BEGG, JOHN, B.E Instructor BEST, WILLIE H., B.S Instructor CAMPBELL, M. R., B.S Instructor CLARE, F. STEWART, M.S Associate Professor FARLEY, J. C, B.S Instructor FERRIS, W. R., D.Enc Professor FLINSCH, HAROLD, Ph.D. . Professor FULMER, W. O., B.S Instructor HERTY, FRANK B., M.E Professor HEYSE, HERBERT W., M.S Instructor HUMPHRIES, W. K., B.S Instructor HUTTO, W. C, M.S Assistant Professor KING, GENE K., B.S Instructor LINDAU, J. W., Ill, M.E Associate Professor MacCONOCHIE, IAN O., M.S Assistant Professor MILLER, R. A., B.S Professor MOSELEY, S. T., M.S Associate Professor NOLAND, J. H., M.S Associate Professor RAMM, GEORGE G., M.S Assistant Professor SEES, J. E., M.S Associate Professor SHAND, JULIAN B., B.S Associate Professor TAYLOR, JOHN, D.Sc Professor WAUGH, J. D., B.S Instructor WILSON, T. H., Ph.D Associate Professor WOODWARD, E. C, JR., Ph.D Associate Professor CONTRIBUTING to the aim of the University, the School of Engineering is graduating future leaders in science. Graduates from this de- partment are sought after and their contributions to society begin soon after their graduation. The School of Engineering, which is composed of the departments of Chemical, Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, has recently added to the department equipment including an IBM Magnetic Tape Unit, Radial Flow Turbine, and a Steam Turbine Generator Set. The honorary fra- ternities, AIChE-IRE, ASCE and ASME, are com- posed of students from the departments of Chemi- cal, Electrical, Civil and Mechanical Engineering. In addition to the basic engineering courses, a strong program is offered in humanities, basic sciences and mathematics which afford to the stu- dent an opportunity for broad cultural training as well as thorough knowledge of his major fields. The faculty, headed by Dean Robert L. Sumwalt, is also contributing to industry and national de- fense through their various research projects. Three electrical engineering students test a circuit as they learn how to manipulate the laboratory equipment. Journalism School Organizes USC Press Club GEORGE A. BUCHANAN ESTABLISHED in 1923, the School of Journal- ism trains Carolina men and women for varied careers in the newspaper profession and allied fields. Graduates enter newspaper or radio work with a better understanding of communica- tion media in our modern society. Accredited by the American Council on Education for Journal- ism, Carolina ' s School of Journalism is one of forty-plus in the nation. In the activities field, the School of Journalism is continuing its series of journalistic lectures and it is strengthening its ties with the South Carolina Press Association and the South Carolina Scholastic Press Association. Dur- ing the past year, the mid-winter meeting of the S. C. Press Association and the annual statewide convention of the Scholastic Press Association were held at the University. In addition to a new course in advertising copywriting, the Journalism School recently established a graduate program offering the degree of Master of Arts in journalism. A Press Club has recently been organized which is preliminary to chartering a national honorary journalism fraternity and sorority. BUCHANAN, GEORGE A., A.B Dean CULLEN, M. RAY, M.S Assistant Professor HUNTINGTON, LLOYD L., A.B Instructor JENKINS, H. HARRISON, Ph.D Associate Professor McGRAIL, JOHN H Instructor MITCHELL, NICHOLAS, Ph.D. . . . Assistant Professor WINTER, WILLIAM E., Ph.D Associate Professor The true facts about newspaper reporting are revealed to fledgling reporters by Mr. Cullen in Journalism 23. Journalism student Don Bruner keeps abreast of current news by consulting the newspapers available in Legare. 58 Robert McC. Figg, Jr. Becomes Law School Dean ESTABLISHED in 1868, the School of Law makes an outstanding contribution to the University as a whole by maintaining and adding to its standing in the legal educational world of the country. Through research publications the school contributes to the development of the law for the common good. During the year the Law Federation of the school sponsored programs featuring local and state-wide judges and lawyers who were invited to address the students. Since 1950, the Law School has been housed in Petigru College, a building which, from a functional view- point, is one of the best designed law school build- ings in America. From an intramural standpoint, the Dean and Faculty members serve on impor- tant University committees, including the Presi- dent ' s Advisory Council, Committee on Entrance Examinations, and the Committee on Petitions and Scholastic Standing. The Law School spon- sors two legal fraternities, Phi Delta and Phi Alpha Delta. Under authorized supervision, law students publish the South Carolina Law Quarterly, and the Placement Bulletin, which was first published last year. FIGG, ROBERT McC, JR., LL.D Dean ELLIOTT, WILLIAM T., LL.B Professor FOLK, ERNEST L., Ill, LL.B Associate Professor KARESH, COLEMAN, LL.B Professor KING, GEORGE SAVAGE, LL.M Professor RANDALL, CHARLES H., JR., LL.M Professor SLOAN, FRANK K., LL.B Associate Professor ROBERT McC. FIGG, JR. With examinations in sight, two future attorneys study their cases before the legal library closes at twelve. Future South Carolina barristers listen intently while their professor lectures on fundamental points of law. 59 School Of Nursing Offers Clinical Experience AMY E. VIGLIONE Brenda Moore looks over a record chart at Columbia Hospital during applications. OFFERING a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing to beginning students and a bacca- laurate degree to students who are Registered Nurses, the School of Nursing at the University of South Carolina offers education in one of life ' s most necessary professions. Included in the four- year undergraduate program, which was inaugu- rated in September, 1958, is the study of social, physical, and biological sciences. Clinical experi- ence in obstetrical nursing is under the direction of University faculty at Providence and Columbia hospitals. Upon the satisfactory completion of the program, and receipt of her degree, the student is eligible to take the state examinations for regis- tered nurses. Renovation of McCutcheon House has provided a new office and two classrooms, and new equipment such as a tape recorder and movie projector have been added. Reference material in the fields of medical-surgical, maternal and child care, public health, and obstetrics and pediatrics was also acquired by the school. Enrollment this year was 81, including 9 registered nurses stndv- ing for their baccalaurate degrees. VIGLIONE, AMY E., M.A Dean FLEURY, RUTH C, M.S Assistant Professor McKINNEY, GAYNELLE, M.S Assistant Professor STARR, ALICE, M.S Associate Professor WIDING, LOIS, M.S Assistant Professor Leading younger children in recreational activities appears to be more pleasure than tedious work for these two University nursing students. Pharmacy School Sponsors Five- Year Curriculum BECOMING effective April 1, 1960, a five-year curriculum will be offered by the School of Pharmacy at the University of South Carolina. There will be one year of Pre-Pharmacy work, followed by four years enrollment in the Phar- macy School. This is in line with the requirements of the other seventy-five accredited colleges of pharmacy in the United States. In addition to this new program, a spectrophotometer has been added to advance research techniques. Founded in 1924, the primary purpose of the School of Pharmacy, which graduates students with a B.S. degree in pharmacy, is to train men and women to hold positions in areas of pharmacy. Among these areas are manufacturing, retailing, hospital pharmacy, research and governmental service. Along with having a chapter of the American Pharmaceutical Association, the School of Phar- macy also has an active chapter of Rho Chi, na- tional pharmaceutical honor society. The mem- bership is open to those students who have a " B " average or better, and 93 semester hours of credit. MORRISON, ROBERT W., M.S Dean BEAMER, ROBERT L., Ph.D Assistant Professor GALGANO, D. A., M.A Assistant Professor HUNTER, J. E., Ph.D Professor PLAXCO, J. M., JR., Ph.D Professor STOKES, R. C., M.S Associate Professor ROBERT W. MORRISON Gayle Peterson searches amidst numerous components for the needed ingredients. A well-stocked laboratory offers these pharmacy majors much experience in the delicate and difficult art of compounding medical prescriptions. ' I - ' - % ' ; 3 ' i j tt f 00 1 WW ■v BHHBHI 62 1 J n 63 Industrious physics students smile happily as they diligently work with the dry cell batteries in their physics lab. CLASSES— the common meeting ground— vital and stimulating to some— a necessary evil for others— we made freshman scheduling errors— six eight o ' clocks, six twelve o ' clocks— we soon learned to budget our cuts and saved one for the morning when we just couldn ' t make it— ballpoint clicks began and ended our frenzied note-taking— we learned to make quick mental transitions— from History to Math to French— we walked the rain- glistening brick walks viewing with varying inter- est the knee-socked calves— some days we took devious routes to avoid meeting the same people at the same places— we stopped by the robot rooms— ten cents worth of sterile coffee to steel us for the next fifty minutes— some weeks were born bad— mid terms— hour quizzes back to back- honor exams in gray rooms— " Honesty Is The Best Policy " —we pondered, organized facts and wrote mechanically on the coarse-textured blue books— " Compare Zola ' s Naturalism with Flaubert ' s Real- ism " — " Discuss Progressivism and its relation to the New Deal-Be Specific " — " State Kepler ' s Law. " We put aside our long-range goals and con- centrated on the point total we had to score to meet our self-imposed standards. :.._ ■ t PJ Ei Lb m Wtr S t A ' " N ij " 5- " ' ; ' " pV yj01 ■■PJ Student nurses spend a busy afternoon in a laboratory to acquire the skills so necessary for their profession. 64 Deep concentration is evident on the faces of these Carolina students as they listen very intently to the instructor. Carolina students spend a busy afternoon industriously working at perfecting their technique of oil painting. Girls await with eagerness the returning volley as one classmate prepares to loft a shot during this PT class. fc5 J. Hagins, R. Harrison, J. Brown, V. Rumph. Senior Class Officers JOHNNY HAGINS President RICK HARRISON Vice-President JANIE RROWN .... Secretary-Treasurer VICKI RUMPH Historian 66 Seniors GLENNA BRYANT Outstanding DAVID COATES BILL CROLLEY CHARLES CATE MIKE CHERTOK STACI GAFFOS JOHN HAGINS RICK HARRISON BEVERLY JONES 68 Seniors ... 1960 DICKY McCANTS SUSAN NETTLES EDWARD PRITCHARD VICKI RUMPH JIM LEVENTIS JIM PENDARVIS VIRGINIA PORCHER SANDRA USSERY HENRY WENGROW 69 • ABBOTT, THOMAS J. Bedford, Va. B.S. in Accounting ABDALLA, JOHNNY A. Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Journalism ABLE, L. ROBERT Columbia, S. C. A.B. in French Sigma Phi Epsilon, Historian; Honor Roll; Gamecockl Canterbury Club, Head Acolyte; YMCA, " Y " Cabinet; International Relations Club. ABRAHAM, STEVE B.S. in Biology Greer, S. C. ADAMS, BETTY JOAN Cottageville, S. C. A.B. in Education Kappa Delta Epsilon; Hypatian Literary Society; Women ' s Athletic Association; Dean ' s List. ADAMS, THOMAS Florence, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon, President; Westphalian Society; Cotillion Club; Interfraternity Council; German Club; Dean ' s List. ADAMS, WM. JACKSON Dillon, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Transfer from The Citadel; Maxcy Brotherhood. AKIN, KENNETH L. A.B. in English Football. ALFORD, BOBBY A.B. in Journalism Gamecock, Sports Editor, Editor. Atlanta, Ga. i Georgetown, S. C. • ALFORD, PATRICIA A. A.B. in Education Hypatian Literary Society. Andrews, S. C. ALL, CAROLINE M. Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Psychology Psi Chi, Secretary, President; Euphrosynean Literary So- ciety; Winner of Lagare Honorary Scholarship; Freshman Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. ALLEN, CHADWICK J. A.B. in English Mullins, S. C. • ALLEN, ELIZABETH H. Florence, S. C. A.B. in Elementary Education Transfer from Limestone College; Delta Delta Delta, Service Projects Chairman; Beaux Arts; YWCA. ALMAN, JOSEPH F. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Delta Sigma Pi. ALVAREZ, ALBERTO G. La H ' bana, Cuba B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Transfer from University of La Habanna; Tau Beta Pi; ASME, Secretary; American Rocket Society; International Relations Club; Newman Club; Honor Board. Anderson Ayers Andrews Bailey Anshus Baird Aquino Banks Austell Barnes SENIOR CLASS OF 1960 ANDERSON, JAMES B. B.S. in Business Administration Delta Sigma Pi, Junior Vice-President, Chancellor; Chorus. Spartanburg, S. C. BANKS, CHARLES W. B.S. in Business Administration Delta Sigma Pi, Secretary, Senior Vice-President. Spartanburg, S. C. ANDREWS, PHILLIP J. B.S. in Electrical Engineering AIEE-IRE. Cayce, S. C. BARNES, FRANCES C. B.S. in Business Administration Sigma Alpha Sigma; YWCA; Honor Roll. Rock Hill, S. C. ANSHUS, STANLEY L. Camden, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Phi Kappa Sigma, Treasurer, House Manager; Baptist Student Union. AQUINO, NICHOLAS R. B.S. in Chemical Engineering Newman Club. Williamsville, N. Y. AUSTELL, JOHN T. Gaffney, S. C. B.S. in Biology Chi Psi; Baptist Student Union; Interfratemity Council; YMCA. AYERS, JOSEPH A.B. in Political Science BAILEY, NOEL B.S. in Business Administration BAIRD, RICHARD W. B.S. in Business Administration Kappa Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi. Greenville, S. C. Port Royal, S. C. Lake City, S. C. Registration, a plague to all, appears to have several freshmen confused as they pause in the halls of Davis. Barrett, C Bates Barrett, F. Bazemore Barrett, P. Beach Bartell Beardshall Bass Bedenbaugh SENIOR CLASS OF 1960 • BARRETT, CLAUDE A. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering ASME, Vice-Chairman. Heath Springs, S. C. BARTELL, CARRIE W. A.B. in Philosophy Hypatian Literary Society. Indiantown, S. C. BARRETT, FARRELL B. Winston-Salem, N. C. A.B. in Elementary Education Pi Beta Phi; International Relations Club; Pep Club; YWCA; Westminster Fellowship. BARRETT, PRISCILLA A. Charleston, S. C. A.B. in Education Delta Delta Delta; Euphrosynean Literary Society; Newman Club; Religious Emphasis Week Committee; Orientation Counselor; May Queen; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sweetheart. Expressions ranging from horror to disbelief register on the faces of freshmen studying the master schedule. BASS, IRMA B. Raleigh, N. C. B.S. in Business Administration Transfer from St. Mary ' s Junior College; Canterbury Club. • BATES, WILLIAM D. Charleston, S. C. A.B. in Political Science Kappa Sigma Kappa; Cotillion Club; Gamecock, News Editor, Reporter; Student Council; Wesley Foundation Council; Religious Emphasis Week Executive Committee, Publicity Chairman; Carolina Christian Service Club; Fifty-Niners, Spirit Committee Chairman; YMCA Cabinet, " Y " Camp Coun- selor; Freshman Orientation Counselor; Pep Club, Publicity Chairman; University Players, Publicity Chairman; Who ' s Who. BAZEMORE, THOMASINE C. A.B. in Music Band; Chorus; Orchestra. BEACH, JACK B.S. in Business Administration Turbeville, S. C. Walterboro, S. C. BEARDSHALL, ELMER W. Pittsburgh, Pa. B.S. in Electrical Engineering Omicron Delta Kappa; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Pi Sigma; AIEE-IRE; Compass and Chart; Westminster Fellowship; NROTC, Battalion Commander, Reserve Officers Award. BEDENBAUGH, REGINALD A. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Pharmacy American Pharmaceutical Association, Treasurer; Geer Drug Company Scholar- ship; American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education Scholarship; Dean ' s List. T • BICKLEY, JOE D. BELEOS, ANGELA Camden, S. C. A.B. in Education Transfer from Woman ' s College of the University of North Carolina; Kappa Delta Epsilon; Greek Orthodox Fellowship. BELEOS, JIMMY T. Camden, S. C. A.B. in Journalism Sigma Nu. BENNETT, GWENDOLYN Olar, S. C. B.S. in Business Administrat ion livpatian Literary Society; Baptist Student Union; YWCA. BENNETT, RALPH A. Simpsonville, S. C. B.S. in Pharmacy American Pharmaceutical Association. 1,1 ATON, ELLEN L. Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Enclish Transfer from St. Mary ' s Junior College; Delta Delta Delta, Recommendations Chairman. Vice-President; Garnet and Black; Canterbury Club; YWCA. BETHUNE, JOHN P., JR. Bethune, S. C. A.B. in Political Science Qariosophic Literary Society; International Relations Club; Young Democrats Club; Freshman Debate Team; Wesley Foundation; Westminster Fellowship; Carolina Christian Service Club; Band; Freshman Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. Elloree, S. C. B.S. in Electrical Engineering Pi Mu Epsilon, President; AIEE, Treasurer; Institute of Radio Engineers, Treasurer; Math Club, Secretary, Vice- President, President; Wesley Foundation. BISHOP, HARRY S. Folly Beach, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Transfer from Newberry College; McBryde Brotherhood. BISHOP, RUSSELL Great Falls, S. C. B.S. in Business Admi nistration • BLACKWELL, BILLY R. Hartsville, S. C. B.S. in Biology Phi Kappa Sigma, BOETTE, AUGUST E. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Mathematics Transfer from Wake Forest College; Baptist Student Union, Program Chairman, President; Carolina Religious Council; Religious Emphasis Week Executive Committee. BOHM, HARRIETT J. Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Education Transfer from Randolph-Macon Woman ' s College; Kappa Delta; Pan-Hellenic Council, Treasurer; Kappa Delta Epsilon; Westminster Fellowship; Beaux Arts; Dean ' s List. • BOLEN, JOHN A. Greenville, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Phi Kappa Sigma. BONE, HENRY D. Conway, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Transfer from Coastal Carolina Junior College; Maxcy Brotherhood, Chaplain, Membership Committee; Baptist Student Union. BONHAM, CHARLTON, III Ft. L ' dale, Fla. B.S. in Electrical Engineering Phi Kappa Sigma; Euphradiar Society; YMCA, " Y " Cabinet. Books, coats, and umbrellas, all indicative of a day of storms at Carolina, await masters in the Russell House. BRADLEY, CHARLES K. Asheville, N. C. B.S. in Business Administration Sigma Phi Epsilon; Alpha Phi Omega; Gamecock, Sports Editor; Baseball; Fit ' ty-Niners; YMCA; Wesley Foundation; Cotillion Club; WUSC, Sports Broadcaster; Pep Club. BRANCH, WILBUR R. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering asme. BRANHAM, WILLIAM H. B.S. in Business Administration Dillon, S. C. Kershaw, S. C. BRANNON, JOHN B. Greenville, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Sigma Chi; Westphalian Society; Cotillion Club; Pep Club; Carolina Veterans Association. • BORGHI, ALDO Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering BRECKENRIDGE, DONALD B.S. in Mechanical Engineering NROTC; ASME. Verona, N. Y. BOULWARE, JOHN H. B.S. in Biology Pi Kappa Alpha. Rock Hill, S. C. BROCK, DOLORES G. A.B. in English Band. Spartanburg, S. C. BOWIE, GEORGE F. Abbeville, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Kappa Alpha, Censor; Blue Key; Kappa Sigma Kappa; Cotillion Club; Westphalian Society; Freshman Basketball; Freshman Baseball; Varsity Swimming, Captain; Block " C " Club, Executive Board, Board of Pardons. BROOKS, CHRIS E. A.B. in Art Honor Boll; University Players; Baptist Student Union. Buffalo, S. C. SENIOR CLASS OF 1960 Borghi Branham Boulware Brannon Bowie Breckenridge Bradley Brock Branch Brooks BROOKS, MASON R. Hopkins, S. C. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering ASME. BROWN, ANTHONY E. Darlington, S. C. A.B. in Education Alpha Psi Omega, Business Manager; Euphradian Society; Gamecock; Neo-Philomethic Debating Society; Assistant, Department of Anthropology and Sociology; University Players. BROWN, ARNOLD K. A.B. in Philosophy Lake City, S. C. • BROWN, BARBARA J. Hend ' sonville, N. C. A.B. in Spanish Fifty-Niners- Pep Club; Women ' s Standards Committee; YWCA; Honor Roll; Secretary-Treasurer Senior Class; May Court. BROWN, BILLY E. Fairfax, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Lambda Chi Alpha; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. BROWN, DONALD C. Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Music Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia; Chorus, Vice-President, President; Dean ' s List; Baptist Student Union; Artist Series Commit- tee; Religious Emphasis Week Committee. • BROWN, GEORGE D. Lake City, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Honor Roll. BRYANT, GLENN A T. Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Journalism Delta Zeta; Gamecock, Editor-in-Chief, Society Editor; Hvpatian Literary Society; Press Club; Fifty-Nmers; Who s Who. BROWN, JERRY V. Springfield, S. C. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering ASME; AFROTC. BRYSON, JOSEPH W. Owings, S. C. B.S. in Chemical Engineering BULL, JAMES W. Holly Hill, S. C. B.S. in Pharmacy Lambda Chi Alpha; Interfratemity Council; American Pharmaceutical Association; Cotillion Club. Salisbury, N. C. BUNDY, JERRY L. B.S. in Geology Pi Kappa Alpha, Secretary; NROTC; Compass and Chart Society, Shipwriter; Baptist Student Union; YMCA. • BURGESS, JERRY B. Greer, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Delta Sigma Pi, President; Carolina Veterans ' Association: Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. BUTLER, JAMES E. Great Falls, S. C. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Maxcy Brotherhood; ASME. BYARS, MELVIN E. Camden, S. C. A.B. IN JOURNALISM International Relations Club; University Players; Wesley Foundation; YMCA. BYRD, EDWARD T. Pinewood, S. C. B S. in Business Administration CADDELL, JAMES Winnsboro, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration CALLAHAN, MICHAEL Sussex, N. J. A.B. in Education CALLAHAN, SANDRA K. Union, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Sigma Alpha Sigma, Historian; Sandlapper; Baptist Student Union; Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Girl; Players Club; May Court; " Best-Dressed " Girl on Campus; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. CAMPBELL, LEON C. Ocean Drive, S. C. B.S. in Physical Education ASCE, Vice-President. CANNON, EMMELINE B. Conway, S. C. A.B. in English Kappa Delta Epsilon, Membership Chairman; Preston Award in Education; Dean ' s List. • CAPERS, CAROLYN La Grange, 111. A.B. in English Kappa Delta, Historian, Editor; Gamecock; Garnet and Black, Classes Editor; Euphrosynean Literary Society; Phi- losophy Club; YWCA. CARNEY, SAUNDA J. Charleston, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Zeta Tau Alpha; Sigma Alpha Sigma; Hypatian Literary Society; Newman Club. CARROLL, NANCY G. Charleston, S. C. A.B. in Journalism Pi Sigma Alpha; Gamecock; Hypatian Literary Society; Press Club, Secretary, Vice-President; WUSC; International Relations Club; Dean ' s List. CARSON, JUDY C. West Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Sociology Zeta Tau Alpha, House Chairman; Newman Club; YWCA; International Relations Club, Treasurer; Pep Club; Chorus; S. C. Federation of Social Service Clubs, Membership Chairman. Wadesboro, N. C. CARTER, ANNE C. A.B. in Psychology Alpha Delta Pi, Secretary; Pan-Hellenic Council; Women ' s Standards Committee. CASTINE, WILLIAM H. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Education Phi Kappa Sigma; Euphradian Society; Wesley Foundation. CATE, CHARLIE Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon, President of Pledge Class, Rush Chairman, Herald, Recorder, President; Blue Key; Kappa Sigma Kappa; Interfraternity Council, Secretary, Rules Chairman; Honor Board, Honor Council, Vice-Chairman; Student Council; ASME, Treasurer; YMCA; President of Junior Class; NROTC, " B " Company Executive Officer; Freshman Orientation Committee; Delegate to State Stu- dent Legislature; Who ' s Who. CATHCART, MARCELLUS Wboro, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration CAUGHMAN, DAVID D. Lexington, S. C. A.B. in Journalism • CAUGHMAN, PATRICIA A.B. in Music High Point, N. C. Delta ' omicron. Treasurer, President; Westminster Fellowship; Chorus, Accom- panist; M .sic Education Club; Freshman Orientation Counselor; Dean s List. Walterboro, S. C. CAVE, BILLY F. A.B. in Political Science Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Herald, House Manager; Euphradian Society; phalian Society; Cotillion Club; Freshman Orientation Counselor. West- CHANDLER, DEANNA L. Aiken, S. C. A.B. in Journalism Alpha Delta Pi, Pledge Class Vice-President, Vice-President, Pledge Doctor, Efficiency Chairman, Head of Standards; Gamecock, Reporter, Faculty Editor. Society Editor; Hypatian Literary Society, Treasurer, Social Chairman Athenian Group Leader; Sorority Forum; YWCA; Religious Emphas.s Week Committee. CHAPMAN, PALMER A. B.S. in Psychology Transfer from Queens College; Kappa Delta. Harts ville, S. C. CHERTOK, WILLIAM M., JR. Spartanburg, S. C. Sirniia Nu Outstanding Pledge, House Manager, Chaplain; Blue Key, Vice- Ires dent Ka pa SigSfa Kappa; Westphalian Society; Garnet and Black, Organizations Editor Editor-in-Chief; YMCA; Freshman Orientation Counselor; Band; Baptist Student Union; Fifty-Niners; Who s Who. • CHURCH, JOREITA Gaffney, S. C. A.B. in English Zeta Tau Alpha, Outstanding Pledge, Rush Chairman, Historian; Delta Omicron, Social Chairman, Warden-Choirister, Secretary, First Vice-President, President; Hypatian Literary Society, Vice-President, Social Chairman; Pan- Hellenic Council; YWCA; Honor Roll. The constant frustration of registration is illustrated as the students diligently stand in line to pay their fees. CLARK, DAVID W. B.S. in Business Administration Transfer from Clemson College. CLAYTON, JOHN D. B.S. in Electrical Engineering Union, S. C. Bamberg, S. C. CLARE, WILLIAM P. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Biology Chi Psi, Co-Rush Chairman; Tau Kappa Alpha; Debate Team. CLYBURN, ERNEST P. A.B. in Education Kershaw, S. C. SENIOR CLASS OF 1960 Caughman Church Cave Clare Chandler Clark Chapman Clayton Chertok Clyburn ° COATES, DAVID K. Culpeper, Va. B.S. in Business Administration Transfer from University of N. C.j Kappa Sigma Kappa, Treasurer; Sigma Nu, Lt. Commander; Block " C " Club, President; Track; Honor Board; State Student Legislature; Fif l v-Niners; Westphalian Society; Cotil ' ion Club; German Club; Freshman Orientation Counselor; Who ' s Who. COHEN, PHILIP S. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Civil Engineering ASCE; Carolina Veterans Association. COKER, WM. R., JR. Turbeville, S. C. B.S. in Electrical Engineering o COLEMAN, K. L. Ware Shoals, S. C. A.B. in Education Block " C " Club; Swimming; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. COMPTON, DANIEL E. Greenwood, S. C. A.B. in History Transfer from Mars Hill Junior College; Baptist Student Union; Dean ' s List; Alston Award in Ancient Language. CONNOR, TOMMY G. Winnsboro, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration • COOKE, ALVIN M. Scranton, S. C. B.S. in Chemical Engineering ASCE. COOPER, RERNADINE E. L ' caster, S. C. A.B. in Education " " -onsfer from Limestone College; Gamecock; YWCA; Pep Club. COPELAND, WALTER R. Hartsville, S. C. A.B. in English Sigma Phi Epsilon; Gamecock, Campus Editor; Wesley Foundation; YMCA Cabinet; Interfraternity Council. « COTHRAN, CHARLES L. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Chemical Engineering Pi Kappa Alpha, Secretary; ASCE, Treasurer; Pep Club. COUCH, M. LORRAINE B.S. in Biology Liberty, S. C. COVINGTON, JAMES, JR. R ' ttsville, S. C. A.B. in Journalism Kappa Alpha; Press Club; WUSC; AFROTC. COX, W. RRANTLY Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Kappa Alpha. CREECH, MARION F. B.S. in Geology Transfer from Campbell Junior College. Warsaw, N. C. CRENSHAW, E. L., JR. Kershaw, S. C. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Kappa Sigma; ASME; Band; Orchestra; Student Council; Freshman Orientation; Student Instructor and Student Assistant; Russell Fund Committee. Cunningham Darden Davis, A Daniels, P. Davis, M. Daniels, R. Davis, T. SENIOR CLASS OF 1960 CROLLEY, WILLIAM L. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Chemistry Sigma Nu, Pledge Class President; Omicron Delta Kappa, President; Kappa Sigma Kappa; ASCE, Delegate to Regional Convention, Vice-President; Student Council; Freshman Orientation Counselor; Honor Board; Student Assistant in Math Department, Chemical Engineering Department; Honor Roll. CUNNINGHAM, JOE S. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering ASME. Kingstree, S. C. CURRENCE, WILLIAM M. Clover, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Chi Psi, Treasurer; Euphradian Society; WUSC, Chief Announcer, Program Director. DANIELS, PAUL L. Manning, S. C. B.S. in Pharmacy Pi Kappa Alpha; Student Council; American Pharmaceutical Association; Cotillion Club; German Club; Freshman Orientation Counselor; Westminster Fellowship; Geer Scholarship Recipient. DANIELS, ROBERT G. B.S. in Electrical Engineering aiee-ire. • DANZ, MURRAY A. A.B. in Political Science Winnsboro, S. C. Columbia, S. C. Phi Epsilon Pi, Vice-President, President; Alpha Phi Omega; Ga?necock; Hillel Foundation, Vice-President; Interfraternity Council; May Day Committee. DARDEN, EDWARD C, JR. A.B. in Journalism Aberdeen, N. C. DAVIS, ALBERT L. Florence, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Pi Kappa Phi, Pledge Class President, Secretary, Warden; Westminster Fellowship. DAVIS, MARGARET J. B.S. in Business Administration Swansea, S. C. Columbia, S. C. DAVIS, THOMAS A. B.S. in Chemical Engineering Sigma Pi Sigma; AIChE, Treasurer; Baptist Student Union, Council, Music- Chairman; Freshman Chemistry Achievement Award; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. Freshman elections, a confused time for both candidates and voters, are an early activity on the fall calendar. Davis Dewitt Demers Dickert Derham Dieterle Devore Dillard SENIOR CLASS OF 1960 DAVIS, WINIFRED G. O. A.B. in Education Lexington, S. C. Summerville, S. C. DAY, FREDERICK L. A.B. in Political Science Sigma Phi Epsilon, Outstanding Active; Interfraternity Council; Euphradian Society, Secretary, President Pro Tempore; International Relations Club, Sub-Committee Chairman; Kappa Sigma Kappa; Philosophy Club; Gamecock- young Democrats Secretary; Pep Club; Freshman YMCA; Baptist Student Union; Freshman Orientation Counselor; Religious Emphasis Week Commit- tee; State Student Legislator; Student Council. Columbia, S. C. DERHAM, SALLIE A.B. in Education vJ 1 i ' ? m ?, ga Se S ret ? ry ' Proonnel Chairman, Social and Civic Chairman; YWCA; Baptist Student Union. DEVORE, DONALD F. B.S. in Chemical Engineering AIChE. Clearwater, S. C. DEMERS, WILFRID, JR. B.S. in Chemical Engineering Aiken, S. C. Three coeds furiously defend their balloons during the " Rattle of the Relies " contest of Sigma Chi Derby Day. DEWITT, NORA A.B. in Education DIAL, LARRY A. A.B. in Education Block " C " Club; Easketball. Johnsonville, S. C. Spartanburg, S. C. Columbia, S. C. DICKERT, JAMES E. B.S. in Chemical Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Secretary; Westphalian Society; Kappa Sigma Kappa; AIChE. DIETERLE, EDWARD R. Nutley, N. J. B.S. in Business Administration Sigma Phi Epsilon, Recording Secretary; Blue Key, Corresponding Secretary; Kappa Sigma Kappa; Delta Sigma Pi; YMCA, Cabinet, Vice-President; Carolina Religious Council; Westminster Fellowship. DILLARD, SHEILA K. B.S. in Biology Columbia, S. C. • DOBBINS, MARY R. Green C. Springs, Fla. B.S. in Business Administration Transfer from Winthrop College; Chi Omega, Pledge Class Chairman, Corresponding Secretary; Hypatian Literary Society; YWCA, " Y " Camp Counselor; Chorus. DODD, ALBERT S. Statesboro, Ga. B.S. in Business Administration Pi Kappa Alpha, Executive Committee, President; German Club; Cotillion Club; Arnold Air Society; AFROTC, Group Adjutant; Omicron Delta Kappa. DODD, ARTHUR Spartanburg, S. C. B.S. in Chemical Engineering • DOSCHER, JOHN H., JR. Charleston, S. C. B.S. in Geology Religious Emphasis Week Committee; Lutheran Student Association; AFROTC; Manning Award in Geology. DOTTER, ARTHUR M., JR. Cola., S. C. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering ASME; Honor Roll; Newman Club; AFROTC. DOWD, JAMES G. B.S. in Biology Pi Kappa Phi. Columbia, S. C. • DOWD, MARYBRUCE L. Cayce, S. C. B.S. in Biology Alpha Delta Pi; Euphrosynean Literary Society; YWCA, Cabinet, Camp Counselor; Co-Ed Association, Chaplain; Pep Club; Kappa Delta Epsilon; Honor Roll. DRAFFIN, JAMES P. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Civil Engineering ASCE; AFROTC. DRIGGERS, RAYMOND L. Lake City, S.C. B.S. in Business Administration DRUMMOND, KENNETH M.Miami, Fla. B.S. in Geology DuBOSE, J. DAULTON Turbeville, S. C. B.S. in Biology Honor Roll. DUDLEY, DAVID C. Hartsville, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration • DUGAN, NEILL W. B.S. in Pharmacy American Pharmaceutical Association. Maxton, N. C. DUPRE, LLOYD W. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration DUTROW, CAROLYN Z. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Chi Omega; May Court. A LI 1U-W 4, Using their smallest sisters, the Pi Beta Phis work very diligently to fill the telephone booth on Derby Day. • ELLIS, MATTIE A. B.S. in Business Administration Westminster Fellowship. Shelby, N. C. Georgetown, S. C. ELLIS, ROBERT H., JR. B.S. in Biology Sigma Nu, Intramural Representative; Cotillion Club; Westphalian Society; YMCA; Canterbury Club. ENGLAND, BERNARD T. B.S. in Business Administration Delta Sigma Pi, First Vice-President, President. EPPS, ARLISS J. B.S. in Business Administration » EPPS, WILLIAM S., JR. B.S. in Civil Engineering Tau Beta Pi; ASCE; Dean ' s List. EUBANKS, JOHNNY D. B.S. in Psychology Lambda Chi Alpha. Old Hickory, Tenn. Manning, S. C. Fort Mill, S. C. Lyman, S. C. Columbia, S. C. FARMER, ELIZABETH B. B.S. in Business Administration Delta Zeta, Second Vice-President, First Vice-President, Presiden t; Pan- Hellenic Council; Hypatian Literary Society, Social Chairman; Sigma Alpha Sigma, Projects Chairman; Canterbury Club; Orientation Counselor; May Court. Bala-Cynwyd, Pa. FARRIS, LOUISE A. A.B. in English Alpha Psi Omega; University Players, Secretary; WUSC; Wesley Foundation. ELROD, GEORGE L. B.S. in Business Administration Greenville, S. C. FASULLO, ROBERT A. B.S. in Civil Engineering Swimming Team; ASCE; Newman Club. Long Beach, N. Y. SENIOR CLASS OF 1960 Ellis, M. Epps, W. Ellis, R. Eubanks Elrod Farmer England Farris Epps. A. Fasullo • FAULKENBERRY, WALTER Cola., S. C. B.S. in Business Administration FENCIK, JOAN R. New Hyde Park, N. Y. A.B. in Education Transfer from St. John ' s University; Garnet and Black; Newman Club, Recording Secretary, Secretary of South- eastern Province of National Newman C lub Federation; Chorus; YWCA; AChS. FENDER, JOHN L. Walterboro, S. C. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering ASME. FINLAY, MARGARET R. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Delta Delta Delta, Scholarship Chairman, Rush Chairman; Alpha Kappa Gamma; Euphrosynean Literary Society; Beaux Arts, Treasurer; Pan-Hellenic Council; Student Council; Secretary-Treasurer Junior Class; Freshman Orien- tation Counselor; Religious Emphasis Week Committee. FIORINI, SAMUEL J. A.B. in Fine Arts Camecock; YMCA; Dean ' s List. Columbia, S. C. FLOYD, DALTON B., JR. Lake City, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Kappa Alpha; AFROTC, Drill Team; Arnold Air Society, Adjutant Recorder; Block " C " Club; Swimming Team; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. FOLK, AUBREY D. North Augusta, S. C. A.B. in Psychology Transfer from North Greenville Junior College. FORD, DAVID F. Lugoff, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration FOSTER, ANN W. Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Education Delta Delta Delta, Correspondent; Kappa Delta Epsilon, Treasurer; Westminster Fellowship, Ecumenical Relations Representative; Euphrosynean Literary Society; YWCA; Women ' s Athletic Association. • FOWLER, ROBT. O., JR. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Civil Engineering ASCE. 1„ FOWLER, WILTON B. Anderson, S. C. A.B. in History Chi Psi, President, Rush Chairman, Pledge Trainer; Blue Key; Euphradian Society, Critic; Interfratemity Council; Cotillion Club; YMCA, Freshman Cabinet; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. FOX, LEO L. B.S. in Geology Franklin, Tenn. ° FRANKLIN, MARY C. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Transfer from Brenau College; Alpha Chi Omega. FREEDMAN, LUBAH Durham, N. C. A.B. in Education ' Tvnitian Literary Society; Hillel Foundation, Correspond- ing Secretary. FRICK, JERRY L. A.B. in Education Football; AFROTC. North, S. C. • FRIER, BAGGOTT H. Whitmire, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration FULLERTON, ALBERT J. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration FURTICK, SAMUEL E. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Education • GAINEY, JOHN W. Hartsville, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Camden, S. C. GAFFOS, STACI B.S. in Biology Sigma Nu, Pledge Class President; Kappa Sigma Kappa, Co-Chairman Scholarship Committee; Freshman Class Historian; Freshman Orientation Counselor; Pep Club Sergeant-at-Arms, President; YMCA, President; Student Council; Freshman " Y " Camp Counselor; Westphalian Society; Cheerleader; Eastern Orthodox Fellowship- Caro- lina Religious Council; Who ' s Who. GAMBRELL, VIRGIL T. Blacksburg, S. C. B.S. in Biology Phi Kappa Sigma; American Pharmaceutical Association. GARRETT, HELEN P. Charleston, S. C. A.B. in Elementary Education Transfer from Columbia College; Alpha Delta Pi; Kappa Delta Epsilon; Wesley Foundation; YWCA. GARRICK, THOMAS S. Charlotte, N. C. B.S. in Business Administration GASTON, MARTHA C. Lyman, S. C. A.B. in Education Transfer fr om Converse College; Kappa Delta, Social Chair- man; Gamecock; YWCA; Westminster Fellowship. • GATLIN, EUGENE S. A.B. in Education Baptist Student Union; YMCA; Chorus. Columbia, S. C. GAY, SYBIL M. Aiken, S. C. B.S. in Education Zeta Tau Alpha, Social Chairman; Sigma Alpha Sigma; Hyparian Literary Society; YWCA. GEIGER, FRANKLIN L. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Biology Kappa Alpha; " Y " Camp Counselor; Wesley Foundation; Dean ' s List. • GILLAM, WILLIAM B. Denmark, S. C. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Sigma Nu; Westphalian Society; Cotillion Club; German Club; ASME; NROTC. GLADDEN, JAMES W. Great Falls, S. C. B.S. in Education GLENN, GAMBRELL Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Education Chi Omega; Kappa Delta Epsilon, President; Euphrosynean Literary Society, Elections Committee; Student Council; Freshman " Y " President; Freshman Orientation Counselor; Honor Roll. • GODBEY, GIBSON Sumter, S. C. A.B. in Education Transfer from Converse College; Delta Delta Delta, Pledge Class President; YWCA; Canterbury Club. GODWIN, PAGE G. B.S. in Business Administration Transfer from Clemson College. Lake City, S. C. GOFF, JO ANN A.B. in Education Transfer from Converse College; Kappa Delta; YWCA. Florence, S. C. GOLDSTEIN, BABBY Charleston, S. C. A.B. in Political. Science Phi Epsilon Pi, President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Pledge Master, House Manager, Athletic Chairman, Corresponding Secretary; Phi Sigma Alpha; Gamecock; International Relations Club; Interfraternity Council; Intramural Council; Pep Club; Dean ' s List. GOMES, JOSEPH Newark, N. J. B.S. in Business Administration Sigma Phi Epsilon; Varsity Football; Block " C " Club, Secretary- Treasurer; Newman Club; Honor Roll. Milton " Jacques " Smith seemingly has made a big hit at May Day exercises by entertaining the 1959 royal court. GBEGOBY, ANITA L. A.B. in Education Bidge Spring, S. C. ' • GBADY, COLETTE ANN Lookout Mountain, Tenn. A.B. in Education Carolina Christian Fellowship, Missionary Secretary. GBEGOBY, DAVID B. B.S. in Business Administration Kappa Alpha, Censor; Westphalian Society. Florence, S. C. GBAYSON, MEL T. B.S. in Business Administration Pi Kappa Alpha. Clover, S. C. GBEGOBY, HABBY B. B.S. in Business Administration Kappa Sigma. Walterboro, S. C. SENIOR CLASS OF 1960 Godbey Grady Godwin Grayson Goff Gregory, A. Goldstein Gregory, D. Gomes Gregory, H. GRIER, HENRIETTA M. Greenwood, S.C. A.B. in Education Kappa Delta; Kappa Delta Epsilon, Secretary; YWCA; Beaux Arts. GRIGG, MARLISS J. Brooklyn, N. Y. A.B. in Education Zeta Tau Alpha, Social Chairman; YWCA; Freshman Orientation Counselor; Lutheran Student Association; May Court Honor Attendant; Homecoming Queen. GROOMS, KAROL C. B.S. in Biology Transfer from Winthrop College. Cross, S. C. • GUTHRIE, HENRIETTA Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Education Meditrina Society; YWCA; Baptist Student Union; Honor Roll. HAAS, ANNE Chester, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration YWCA; Wesley Foundation. HACKBURN, J. ELIZ. Lakeland, Fla. B.S. in Business Administration Transfer from University of Wisconsin; Kappa Delta; Sigma Alpha Sigma Scholarship Award. • HAGINS, JOHN A. Camden, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Sigma Chi, Corresponding Secretary, Rush Chairman, Pledge Trainer, President; Interfratemity Council; Cotillion Club; Westphalian Society, President; Kappa Sigma Kappa, Corresponding Secretary; Blue Key, High School Day Chairman; Pep Club; YMCA; State Student Legislature, Reading Clerk in Senate; Senior Class President; Student Council: Chairman of Orientation Committee; Honor Board; Who ' s Who. Batesburg, S. C. HALL, ANNE P. B.S. in Biology Transfer from Winthrop College; Chi Omega; Pep Club; YWCA. HALL, JOYCE B. Gaffney, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Alpha Delta Pi; Pep Club; YWCA. • HALL, PERRY D. Anderson, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration HALLMAN, ZENITH A. W. Cola., S. C. A.B. in Business Education Sigma Alpha Sigma, Secretary-Treasurer; Religious Em- phasis Week Council; Band; Dean ' s List. HAMILTON, NELLY D. N. Ch ' leston, S. C. A.B. in Education HAMPTON, PATRICK L. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering ASME. HAMPTON, WM. L., JR. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration HANAHAN, PATRICIA C. Columbia, S.C. A.B. in Elementary Education Newman Club. Hardeman Harvin Hardy Haskell SENIOR CLASS OF 1960 • HANCOCK, JACK G. B.S. in Chemical Engineering AIChE. Columbia, S. C. HARRIS, CHARLES H. B.S. in Business Administration Columbia, S. C. HANNAH, THOMAS E. B.S. in Biology Morton, Miss. HARVIN, CLAUDETTE P. A.B. in Music Delta Omicron, Treasurer; Honor Roll. Orangeburg, S. C. Spartanburg, S. C. HANTSKE, WILLIAM G. B.S. in Business Administration Transfer from Wofford College; Kappa Sigma, Treasurer, Alumni Secretary, Guard, Social Chairman; German Club, Secretary; Cotillion Club, Vice- President; Pep Club; International Relations Club; Interfraternity Council; WUSC; Greek Week Committee. HARDEMAN, DOTTIE B.S. in Business Administration Ware Shoals, S. C. Columbia, S. C. HARDY, ARCHIBALD B.S. in Education Kappa Alpha; Kappa Sigma Kappa; Canterbury Club President; YMCA, Cabinet; Westphalian Society; Pep Club; Student Union Committee; Carolina Religious Council; Fifty-Niners; Honor Board; Student Council; President Freshman Class; Who ' s Who. • HARRISON, FREDERICK W. Macon, Ga. B.S. in Biology Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Kappa Sigma Kappa; Blue Key, President; Garnet and Black, Sports Editor; Freshman Football; Intramural Council; West- phalian Society, President; Vice-President Senior Class; Student Council; Student Union; Orientation Counselor; State Student Legislature; Fifty-Niners; Who ' s Who. HARPER, JANE V. Anderson, S. C. A.B. in English Transfer from Converse College; Chi Omega; Gamecock; Women ' s Athletic Association; YWCA. HASKELL, PETER L. B.S. in Chemical Engineering Tau Beta Pi; AIChE; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. Columbia, S. C. These two hillbillies wait for their turn to entertain for Queen Priscilla and her gorgeous court on May Day. Hatcher, D. Heara. Hatcher, F. Hendricks Hays Hendrickson Hayslett Herring Hazlehurst Hill SENIOR CLASS OF 1960 HATCHER, DOUGLAS P. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering ASME; Varsity Football; Block " C " Club; AFROTC. Atlanta, Ga. HAYSLETT, RANDOLPH P. B.S. in Business Administration Columbia, S. C. HATCHER, FRANKLIN A. B.S. in Business Administration Morganton, N. C. HAZLEHURST, ELIZABETH Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Delta Delta Delta, Corresponding Secretary, Scholarship Chairman; Student Council; Euphrosynean Literary Society; Beaux Arts, Social Chairman; Freshman Orientation Counselor; Freshman Cheerleader; Canterbury Club; YWCA; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. HAYS, C. FRANKLIN B.S. in Business Administration Hartsville, S. C. The start of every school year requires many items, as this heavily burdened student will so readily testify. i g Sm ' ?i % ' l:A - B XjCf Vj I M jMP " v W29 r ■ ' a 4 HEARN, WILLIAM R. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Transfer from Appalachian State Teachers College; Delta Sigma Pi, Historian, Publicity Director. HENDRICKS, MARY E. A.B. in English Kappa Delta; Pan-Hellenic Council; Euphrosyean Literary Society; Counselor. Columbia, S. C. Co-Editor Pan-Hellenic Handbook; Garnet and Black; Freshman Orientation HENDRICKSON, ED S. A.B. in History Kappa Sigma, Program Chairman; Christian Fellowship. Sumter, S. C. HERRING, JAMES M. Kingstree, S. C. A.B. in History Sigma Chi, Vice-President, Secretary, Derby Chairman, Social Chairman, Historian, Publicity Chairman, House Manager; Alpha Phi Omega, President, Secretary; Kappa Sigma Kappa; Gamecock, Advertising Manager, Business Manager; YMCA, Vice-President; Fieshman Camp Head Counselor; Pep Club; Cheerleader; Student Council; Freshman Orientation Counselor, Orientation Committee; Religious Emphasis Week Committee; Interfraternity Council; Cotillion Club; Westphalian Society. HILL, WILLIAM H. B.S. in Chemical Engineering Alpha Phi Omega; AIChE. Columbia, S. C. HINNANT, WALLACE P. Ridgeway, S. C. B.S. in Electrical Engineering American Rocket Society. HIXSON, THOMAS D. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Civil Engineering ASCE; VMCA. HOAGLAND, JIMMIE L. Rock Hill, S. C. A.B. in Journalism Pi Kappa Alpha. • HOLLAND, BOBBY L. Rock Hill, S. C. A.B. in Music University Players. Gaffney. S. C. HOLLAND, KENNETH A.B. in English Enphradian Society, President; Gamecock, Columnist; Bap- tist Student Union; State Student Legislature. HOLLIDAY, LOUIS A. Manning, S. C. B.S. in Chemical Engineering Pi Kappa Alpha; Westminster Fellowship. HOLMES, HARVEY, JR. Gastonia, N. C. A.B. in Sociology Kappa Sigma, House Manager; YMCA; Wesley Founda- tion; Cotillion Club; Pep Club; AFROTC; International Relations Club. HOLMES, JAMES J. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Sigma Nu; ASME; Westphalian Society. HOOKER, GLORIA V. W. Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Education Chorus; Ensemble; Orchestra. • HOPPER, GLORIA G. Anderson, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Pi Beta Phi, Recording Secretary; Euphrosynean Literary Society; Sigma Alpha Sigma; International Relations Club, Secretary; YWCA, Cabinet; Debate Team; Freshman Counselor. HORNADAY, JERRY Myrtle Beach, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration HORNE, JACK D. A.B. in English Chesterfield, S. C. HOWARD, DOUGLAS R. Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Music Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, President; Band, President; Student Assistant. HUDGENS, MARY J. A.B. in French Greenville, S. C. HUDSON, ASBURY L. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Sigma Nu; Kappa Sigma Kappa; USMCR Platoon Leaders Class; Basketball; Track; Block " C " Club. ill! " ' ' ' ♦♦;♦; ' ♦•¥ W ' .«»w " " JefF Goodwin hits his target at the Phi Epsilon Pi Pie- Throwing Contest held during the May Day festivities. • HUDSON, WALTON F., JR. B.S. in Business Administration Columbia, S. C. Sigma Nu; Delta Sigma Pi; Basketball; Track; Fifty-Niners; Block " C " Club; Student Council; USMCR, Platoon Leaders Class. HUDSON, WILLIAM A. B.S. in Business Administration HUGGINS, HORACE A.B. in Education Maxey Brotherhood, Athletic Chairman. Florence, S. C. Aynor, S. C. HUGHES, JAMES W. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha; ASME. Lyman, S. C. HUNT, EDWARD L. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Chemical Engineering Sigma Nu; Cotillion Club; Westphalian Society; German Club; Sigma Phi Sigma; AIChE; Compass and Chart; NROTC; Dean ' s List. • HUNTER, ALLISON G. Belton, S. C A.B. in Education Maxcy Brotherhood, Athletic Chairman, Secretary; Baptist Student Union. HUNTER, JIMMY E. B.S. in Business Administration HUSKEY, DONALD T. B.S. in Business Administration McBryde Brotherhood, Vice-President; Delta Sigma Pi. HUTCHENS, ROBERT F. B.S. in Business Administration Cayce, S. C. Gaffney, S. C. Hamlet, N. C. HUTCHINSON, GRACE A. Summerville, S. C. A.B. in English Transfer from Mary Washington College; Delta Delta Delta, Corresponding Secretary; Euphrosynean Literary Society; YWCA; Canterbury Club; Beaux Arts; Dean ' s List. SENIOR CLASS OF 1960 Hudson, W. F. Hunter, A. Hudson, W. A. Hunter, J. Huggins Huskey Hughes Hutchens Hunt Hutchinson • HUTSON, RODNEY K. Orangeburg, S. C. B.S. in Biology Dean ' s List. HUTTO, MARION C. Branchville, S. C. A.B. in Education Phi Beta Phi, President; Euphrosynean Literary Society; YWCA; Pan-Hellenic Council; Women ' s Standards Com- mittee; Pen Club; President Sims Dormitory; May Cour.; Who ' s Who. JACKSON, JERRY D. Startex, S. C. B.S. in Pharmacy Transfer from Spartanburg Junior College; American Phar- maceutical Association. • JACKSON, JOHN J. B.S. in Physics Sigma Pi Sigma; Math Club; Honor Roll Clover, S. C. JACOBS, RONALD L. Rock Hill, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration JENNINGS, EARL O. B.S. in Geology Wattsville, S. C. JETER, MARIAN G. Ware Shoals, S. C. B.S. in Chemistry Hypatian Literary Society; YWCA; Baptist Student Union; International Relations Club; Band; Debate Team; Artist Series Committee; Honor Roll. JEWERT, RUSSELL J. A.B. in Political Science Sigma Phi Epsilon; Pi Sigma Alpha; dent; International Relations Club. JOHNSON, BEVERLY Chaffee, N. Y. Newman Club, Presi- B.S. in Business Administration Cayce, S. C. Band. • JOHNSON, CECIL J. Lancaster, S. C. B.S. in Chemical Engineering Maxcy Brotherhood; Tau Beta Pi, Cataloger; AIChE. JOHNSTON, ANTHONY J. Florence, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Kappa Alpha, Secretary, Vice-President; Kappa Sigma Kappa; Freshman Football; Cotillion Club, Dance Chair- man; Westphalian Society; German Club; Interfratemity Council, Secretary. JONES, BEVERLY A. Aiken, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Alpha Delta Pi, Secretary, Vice-President; Sigma Alpha Sigma, President; Euphrosynean Literary Society, Chaplain; Alpha Kappa Gamma; Gamecock; YWCA; Pep Club; Stu- deiv Council; Secretary Freshman Class; Cheerleader; May Court; Homecoming Court: Who ' s Who; Dean ' s List; Pan- Hellenic Council; Orientation Counselor. JONES, CURTIS E. Bennettsville, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Baseball. JONES, EUG ENE J. Atlanta, Ga. B.S. in Business Administration Pi Kappa Alnha. President Pledge Class; Arnold Air So- ciety; Football; AFROTC, Wing Commander; Dean ' s List. JONES, EUGENE K. Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Journalism Sigma Nu, Reporter; Kappa Sigma Kappa; Omicron Delta Kappa; Garnet and Black, Social Editor, Managing Editor; Westphalian Society, Vice-President; Cotillion Club; Honor Roll. • JONES, GEORGE Greer, S. C. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha; ASME. JONES, GEORGE F., JR. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration JONES, JAMES E. B.S. in Pharmacy American Pharmaceutical Association. Sumter, S. C. Greenville, S. C. » JONES, PRISCILLA N. A.B. in Education Transfer from Converse College; Delta Delta Delta; YWCA- Canterbury Club; Beaux Arts. JONES, WM. RURTON Lyman, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Pi Kappa Alpha, Rush Chairman; Alpha Phi Omega Treasurer, President; Kappa Sigma Kappa; Delta Sigma Pi- Blue Key; Euphradian Society; German Club; Cotillion Club; Gamecock; Swim Team; Track Team; Cross Country Team; Head Cheerleader; Pep Club; Fifty-Niners; YMCA Treasurer; Wesley Foundation; AFROTC; Orientation Coun- selor; Student Council; Disciplinary Board; Historian Sophomore Class; Who ' s Who. JONES, WM. RYRD Myrtle Beach, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Transfer from Clemson College; Sigma Chi; Cotillion Club. JOYCE, REESE I, JR. Bennettsville, S. C. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Pi Kappa Alpha, Rush Chairman, Executive Council; Interfratemity Council, Rules Chairman, Regional Conven- tion Delegate; Kappa Sigma Kappa; Omicron Delta Kappa- Student Council, Student Activities Committee, National Student Association Coordinator, Carolina- Virginia Regional Delegate, 12th Annual Congress Delegate; Pep Club; Fifty- Niners; ASME; State Student Legislature; Religious Em- phasis Week Committee; Freshman Class President; Junior «,? ss , Vice-President; Freshman Orientation Counselor; Who s Who. KARNAZES, GEORGE E. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration KAY, GLORIA S. Anderson, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Chi Omega; YWCA; Baptist Student Union. • KEITT, ANNA C. A.B. in Enclish Hypatian Literary Society; Alpha Kappa Gamma; YWCA; Newberry, S. C. International Relations Club; Fellowship, Vice-President. Debate Team; Westminster KELLER, HASKEL W. B.S. in Civil Engineering asce. Rock Hill, S. C. KELLEY, BEVERLY A. Bluffton, S. C. A.B. in Elementary Education Transfer from Brenau College; Alpha Delta Pi, Chaplain. • KELLY, THOMAS D. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Pi Kappa Alpha. KENNEY, JOHN R. Dearfield, 111. A.B. in Journalism Sigma Phi Epsilon, Historian; Psi Chi; Gamecock; Press Club, Membership Chairman; Arnold Air Society; AFROTC Wing S.aff. KENNINGTON, JOHN W. B.S. in Pharmacy Pageland, S. C. • KINARD, CHARLES D. B.S. in Business Administration Delta Sigma Pi. KING, DOUGLAS S. Walterboro, S. C. Myrtle Beach, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Sigma Nu, Treasurer; Westphalian Society; German Club. KING, GEORGE S. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Kappa Alpha; German Club; Westphalian Society; NROTC; ASME. KING, KENNETH P., JR. Fernandina Beach, Fla. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Euphradian Society; Compass and Chart; ASME. KINSEY, MARSHALL B. B.S. in Civil Engineering AFROTC; Arnold Air Society; ASCE. • KIRVEN, OLIN B., JR. B.S. in Business Administration Charleston, S. C. Hartsville, S. C. Herald Jean Race enjoys a moment of relaxation as she sits and watches the entertainers perform on May Day. KLUGH, JOHN B., JR. B.S. in Business Administration Delta Sigma Pi. KNIGHT, OLIN D. B.S. in Business Administration Columbia, S. C. Kershaw, S. C. KLICKA, PAULA A. Miami Beach, Fla. B.S. in Business Administration Transfer from Roanoke College; Delta Zeta, Corresponding Secretary; Newman Club. LaBRUCE, ARTHUR M. J. Georgetown, S. C. B.S. in Biology Euphradian Society; Gamecock; International Relations Club; Canterbury Club. SENIOR CLASS OF 1960 King, G King, K. Knight Kinsey LaBruce LACY, JAMES M. Jericho, S. C. B.S. in Electrical Engineering Sigma Phi Epsilon, Junior Marshal, Senior Marshal, Presi- dent; Alpha Phi Omega; Blue Key; Interfratemitv Council; Arnold Air Society, Executive Commander; AFROTC, Wing Executive Commander, Convair Air Cadet Award; AIEE; Institute of Radio Engineers; Fifty-Niners; Honor Board. LAFITTE, DOROTHY H. Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Education Transfer from Converse College; Chi Omega; YWCA. LANE, ARM AN W., JR. Charlotte, N. C. B.S. in Business Administration • LASTER, DONALD R. Colorado City, Tex. B.S. in Physics Sigma Pi Sigma; Compass and Chart, Supply Officer. LATHEM, R. LENHARDT Easley, S. C. B.S. in Education Phi Kappa Sigma; AFROTC, Cadet Lieutenant. LATHAM, WILLIAM C. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Electrical Engineering Kappa Alpha; Westphalian Society; Kappa Sigma Kappa; Track Team, Alternate Captain; Cross Country Team, Cap- tain; Block " C " Club; AIEE; Student Council; Interna- tional Relations Club. • LAUDERMILCH, D. Rishopville, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Lambda jChi Alpha;_ McBryde Brotherhood; Alpha Phi Omega, President; City- Wide Council. Glee Club; Baptist Student Union, LAWING, DOUGLAS M. Great Falls, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Maxcy Brotherhood, President; Pep Club; Baptist Student Union. LEARDI, PAUL L. Norfolk, Va. B.S. in Business Administration Lambda Chi Alpha; Kappa Sigma Kappa; Rifle Team; Compass and Chart; Newman Club. Nichols, S. C. • LEATH, RARRARA P. A.B. in Education Transfer from Lander College. LECROY, GARY C. Pinopolis, S. C. A.B. in Journalism Transfer from Furman University; Press Club. LEE, DONALD H. Conway, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Delta Sigma Pi. LEE, RORERT E. Orangeburg, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Skin Divers Club. LEFEVRE, MARY A. A.B. in Journalism Wagener, S. C. LEGARE, THOS. C, JR. Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Political Science Pi Kappa Phi, Historian; Compass and Chart, President; Cotillion Club; German Club; Rifle Team, Captain; Can- terbury Club; NROTC, Battalion Staff, Operations Officer. Lemon Lewis, Sally Lengnick Lewis, Sarah Leopard Lindler Leventis, G. Lipscomb Leventis, J. Lofgren SENIOR CLASS OF 1960 LEMON, KATHRYN A. A.B. in English Transfer from Converse College; Delta Delta Euphrosynean Literary Society; YWCA. Barnwell, S. C. Delta, Activity Chairman; LINDLER, GRETA M. Batesburg, S. C. A.B. in Education Pep Club; Wesley Foundation; Women ' s Athletic Association. LENGNICK, JOHN M. B.S. in Business Administration Band. Charleston, S. C. LIPSCOMB, VICTOR W. A.B. in History Gaffney, S. C. LEOPARD, DAVID M. Taylors, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Pi Kappa Alpha, President, Vice-President, Pledge Master, Executive Com- mittee; Pep Club, President; Freshman YMCA; Baptist Student Union; Fresh- man Orientation Counselor; Interfraternity Council; Cotillion Club; German Club; AFROTC, Wing Personnel Officer. LEVENTIS, GEORGE P. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Sigma Chi, Derby Day Chairman; Kappa Sigma Kappa, Vice-President, Board of Pardons, May Day Director; State Student Legislator, Senator; Student Council. Dance Chairman. Homecoming Committee; Student Union Committee; Sandlapper, Business Manager, Columnist; Gamecock, Columnis ; Garnet and Black, Business Manager; Fiftv-Niners; Student Educational Foundation, General Chairman; Interfraternity Council, President; Greek Week Co-Ordinator, Delegate International Conference; Eastern Orthodox Fellowship. LEVENTIS, JAMES C. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Sigma Nu, Lieutenant Commander; Omicrcn Delta Kappa; Kapoa Sigma Kappa, President; Alpha Phi Omega; YMCA; Student Council; Soohomore Class President; Student Body Treasurer; Student Body President; State S u- dent Legislature, President Pro-Tempore of Senate; Cotillion Club; West- phalian Society; Who ' s Who. • LEWIS, SALLY Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Transfer from Wesleyan College; Chi Omega, Scngfest Chairman; Gamecock; Chorus; YWCA; Wesley Foundation. LEWIS, SARAH A.B. in Art Alpha Delta Pi. Myrtle Beach, S. C. LOFGREN, CONSTANCE Camden, S. C. A.B. in Education Kappa Delta Epsilon; Euphrosynean Literary Society; Westminster Fellowship; YWCA. Brother and sister, Judy and Eddie Craig write fiercely to completely fill in all the cards for their registration. Logwood Lumpkin, W. Long, E. Lyles Long.T. Mahaffey Lowenstein Manini Lumpkin, D. Mann SENIOR CLASS OF 1960 • LOGWOOD, ANN P. Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Education Pi Beta Phi, Vice-President, Music Chairman; Kappa Delta Epsilon, Social Chairman; Euphrosynean Literary Society; Pep Club; Freshman YWCA; Westminster Fellowship; Honor Roll. LOWENSTEIN, MARY L. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Education Psi Chi; Gamecock, Cartoonist; Canterbury Club; Pep Club; University Players. LONG, ELIZABETH L. Greenville, S. C. A.B. in Art Delta Delta Delta, Pledge Scholastic Chairman, Social Chairman; Euphrosy- nean Literary Society; Canterbury Club; YWCA; Dean ' s List. LONG, JAMES G. A.B. in Political Science Pi Kappa Phi, Archon; WUSC; Honor Roll. Taylors, S. C. Two male students spend a leisure minute at the campus shop magazine rack thumbing through the latest issues. LUMPKIN, DALLAS C. A.B. in French Pep Club; Canterbury Club; Dean ' s List. Rock Hill, S. C. Charleston, S. C. • LUMPKIN, WILLIAM W., JR. A.B. in Journalism Alpha Psi Omega, President; Gamecock, Feature Editor; Canterbury Club, Publicity Chairman; University Players, Historian. LYLES, WILLIAM G., JR. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Kappa Alpha; Student Council; Cotillion Club; Westphalian Society; Home- coming Committee; Freshman Orientation Counselor. MAHAFFEY, WILLIAM J. B.S. in Electrical Engineering AIEE. MANINI, MOSE L. B.S. in Business Administration NROTC. Lancaster, S. C. Columbia, S. C. MANN, WILLIE F., JR. Winnsboro, S. C. B.S. in Electrical Engineering Tau Beta Pi, Recording Secretary; Burlington Foundation Award; AIEE-IRE; Dean ' s List. • MARSH, SALLIE R. A.B. in Education Delta Zeta; Chorus. MARSHALL, ANN C. A.B. in Education Hopkins, S. C. Lancaster, S. C. MARTIN, EDWIN P. Anderson, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Sigma. Chi, President, Secretary, Pledge Trainer, House Manager; Kappa Sigma Kappa; Garnet and Black; Interfratemity Council, President; Cotillion Club; West- plialian Society; " Y " Camp Counselor; Freshman Orienta- tion Counselor; WTJSC; Student Council; State Student Legislature. MAYFIELD, CLELLON W. Atlanta, Ga. B.S. in Business Administration McCALL, MURIEL R. Grays, S. C. A.B. in Education Delta Zeta, Treasurer. McCALL, WILLIAM P. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Alpha Tau Omega, President, Secretary , Pledge Trainer; German Club, President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secre- tary; Cotillion Club; Interfratemity Council; WUSC. McCALLUM, WM. J. Fayetteville, N. C. B.S. in Business Administration Sigma Phi Epsilon; YMCA, " Y " Cabinet; WUSC; NROTC, Marine; Student Union Committee. McCANTS, ANNIE D. Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Education Kappa Delta, Pledge Class President, Treasurer, Vice- President; Alpha Kappa Gamma; Kappa Delta Epsilon; Wesley Foundation, Secretary; YWCA, " Y " Cabinet, Sec- retary, Vice-President, Freshman " Y " Camp Counselor; Honor Board; Honor Council, Secretary; Religious Empha- sis Week Executive Committee; Freshman Orientation Counselor; Who ' s Who. McCAULEY, JUNE R. Darlington, S. C. A.B. in Fine Arts Zeta Tau Alpha, President, Standards Chairman; Alpha Kappa Gamma; Alpha Psi Omega; International Relations Club, Secretary; University Players, President, Vice-Presi- dent; Co-Ed Association; Westminster Fellowship; YWCA; Pan-Hellenic Council, Vice-President, Secretary. • McCAY, DONNA J. Charleston, S. C. B.S. in Mathematics Pi Mu Epsilon, Secretary; Sigma Pi Sigma, Associate Member; Lutheran Student Association, Vice-President, President Southeastern Region; Honor Roll; Religious Emphasis Week Executive Committee. McCLURE, WM. C. B.S. in Geology Clifton, S. C. McCOY, CATHERINE W. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Kappa Delta; Garnet and Black; YWCA, Membership Chairman; Westminster Fellowship. McCRAW, GEORGE W. Gaffney, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Transfer from North Greenville Junior College; Maxcy Brotherhood. McCULLOUGH, ALRERT Whitmire, S. C. B.S. in Mathematics Transfer from Maryville College. McCUTCHEN, JANE G. Columbia, S. C. A.B. in English Transfer from Converse College; Delta Delta Delta; YWCA, Cabinet, Freshman " Y " Camp Counselor; Sorority Workshop. A solitary student studies diligently for his nearing history quiz, prior to the pre-class stampede through Currell. McFADDEN, FRANCES G. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Mathematics Transfer from Agnes Scott College; Alpha Delta Pi; Sigma Pi Sigma; Pi Mu Epsilon; Euphrosynean Literuy Society; YWCA; Freshman Orientation Counselor. McGILL, BILLY B., JR. B.S. in Business Administration Pi Kappa Alpha, Historian; German Club. Columbia, S. C. Anderson, S. C. • McGILL, PEGGY A.B. in Education Transfer from Winthrop College; Chi Omega, pledge Class President; YWCA; Garnet and Black; Baptist Student Union. McKAY, JOHN J. Greenville, S. C. A.B. in History Chi Psi, Vice-President, Social Chairman, House Manager; Euphradian Society, Secretary; Cotillion Club; YMCA, Cabinet; Student Union Commit- tee; I nter fraternity Council; NROTC; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. McDUFFIE, CHARLIE A. B.S. in Civil Engineering ASCE, President. Bennettsville, S. C. McKENZIE, JOHN C. B.S. in Geology Lanett, Ala. McDUFFIE, NANCY J. Florence, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Sigma Alpha Sigma, Corresponding Secretary; Garnet and Black; Wesley Foundation, Secretary; YWCA; Carolina Religious Council. McKOWN, WAND L. A.B. in Education Gaffney, S. C. McELVEEN, ROBERT C. B.S. in Business Administration Maxcy Brotherhood. Sumter, S. C. McLEAN, THOMAS N. Blythewood, S. C. A.B. in English Phi Kappa Sigma; Gamecock, Sports Editor; Student Council; Cotillion Club; YMCA; Freshman Orientation Counselor. SENIOR CLASS OF 1960 McDuffie, C. McGill, P. McDuffie, N. McKay McElveen McKenzie McFadden McKown McGill, B. McLean • McMASTER, JAN B. Winnsboro, S. C. B.S. in Chemistry Delta Delta Delta. House Chairman; Euphrosynean Liter- ary Society; YWCA. McNEILL, PAUL W. Myrtle Beach, S. C. A.B. in Education Transfer from Emmanuel Junior College; Pi Kappa Alpha; Freshman Debate Team. McPHERSON, JESSIE C. Columbia, s. c. A.B. in Economics • MEARES, BEN M. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Psychology Chi Psi, Recording Secretary, Sergeant-at-Arms; Psi Chi, Vice-President, Intramural Representative; South Carolina Association of Psychology Students, Vice-President. MEDLIN, MALCOLM M. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration AFROTC. MEETZE, LEMUEL E. W. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Electrical Engineering AIEE. • MELVIN, GENE R. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Sigma Nu; Interfratemity Council; German Club. MERCK, JAMES E. A.B. in Political Science Football; Block " C " Club. METZ, CHARLES B. B.S. in Pharmacy American Pharmaceutical Association. Liberty, S. C. Lexington, S. C. METZ, WILLIAM L. Lexington, S. C. B.S. in Chemical Engineering Tau Reta Pi, President; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. MEWBORN, JOHN W., JR. Cayce, S. C. B.S. in Chemical Engineering AIChE: National Science Foundation Grant; NROTC, Color Guard; Dean ' s List. MIDDLETON, LOIS A.B. in English Sumter, S. C. MILES, JOHN H. T. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Chemical Engineering Pi Kappa Alpha, Pledgemaster; AIChE, Secretary. MILLER, DONNELL A.B. in Education Columbia, S. C. Columbia, S. C. MILLER, FAYE A.B. in Education Transfer from Converse College; Chi Omega; Gamecock; Chorus; YWCA. • MILLS, ELIZABETH L. Washington, D.C. A.B. in Journalism Delta Delta Delta, Recording Secretary; Euphrosynean Literary Society, Critic, President; Garnet and Black Beaux Arts; Canterbury Club; YWCA; Honor Board Freshman Orientation Counselor; Board of Publications Honor Roll. Conway, S. C. MISHOE, BILLY A.B. in English Pi Kappa Phi, Historian, Secretary, President; Interfratemity Council; German Club; Cotillion Club; Gamecock, News Editor, Managing Editor, Editor; YMCA, Cabinet; Carolina Religious Council; Wesley Foundation, Council; Carolina Christian Service Club, President; Dean ' s List. MIXON, MARILYN Hampton, S. C. A.B. in Music Delta Omicron, Secretary; Baptist Student Union, Music Chairman, Sunday School Representative, Freshman Ad- visor, State Music Chairman. • MOFFAT, RALPH G„ JR. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Pi Kappa Alpha, Treasurer, Social Chairman. MONTGOMERY, Y. A., JR. Bis ' pville, S. C. B.S. in Civil Engineering Pi Kappa Phi, Rush Chairman, Chaplain; Alpha Phi Omega; CotUlion Club; German Club; ASCE. MOORE, CHAS. DELANO Camden, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration MOORE, CHAS. EUGENE Miami, Fla. A.B. in History Carolina Christian Fellowship, President. MOORE, EARL H. Camden, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Veterans Club. MOORE, GEO. T., JR. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Biology International Relations Club; Honor Roll; Kiwanis Club Scholarship. • MORGAN, C. O., JR. Clover, S. C. B.S. in Pharmacy Alpha Phi Omega, Secretary; American Pharmaceutical Association; Wesley Foundation. MOSS, CATHERINE A. Savannah, Ga. A.B. in Education Transfer from Mount Saint Agnes College; Newman Club. MURPHY, DRAFTS F. Lexington, S. C. B.S. in Civil Engineering ASCE. • MURPHY, JOHN F. Jefferson City, Tenn. B.S. in Pharmacy American Pharmaceutical Association. NEELY, ROBERT C. Clinton, S. C. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Sigma Pi Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; ASME; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. NESBITT, CLYDE Y. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Chemical Engineering AIChE; Honor Roll. • NETTLES, SUSAN A.B. in Education Columbia, S. C. Chi Omega; Alpha Kappa Gamma, President; Euphrosynean Literary Society; Honor Board; Disciplinary Committee; Belser English Award; Norman Mur- ray Smith Scholarship; YWCA, President, Treasurer, Co-Chairman S. C.-N. C. Area; Religious Emphasis Week Executive Committee; Who ' s Who. NEWMAN, WALTER H., JR. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Band; ASME; Dean ' s List. NEWTON, SANDRA A. A.B. in Psychology Baptist Student Union; YWCA. NICHOLS, MORRIS E. B.S. in Chemical Engineering Tau Beta Pi; AIChE. O ' CAIN, PAUL D. B.S. in Business Administration Football. Charleston, S. C. Cayce, S. C. Greenville, S. C. Orangeburg, S. C. Bennettsville, S. C. • ODOM, DAVID E. B.S. in Business Administration Pi Kappa Alpha; Alpha Phi Omega; Gamecock; Student Council; Student Intramural Director; Pep Club; Carolina Veterans Association; YMCA; Freshman Orientation Counselor. The break between classes enables these Carolinians to enjoy a fast game of chess in the Russell House lobby. O ' DONNELL, JOHN R. A.B. in Education Sigma Phi Epsilon; Pi Sigma Alpha. OGLESBY, HOKE C. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering ASME. Bloomfield, N. J. Columbia, S. C. ODOM, RALPH M. B.S. in Business Administration Darlington, S. C. O ' HAGAN, KATHLEEN P. Charleston, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Alpha Delta Pi, President, Treasurer; Pan-Hellenic Council; Euphrosynean Literary Society; Newman Club; Student Union. SENIOR CLASS OF 1960 Nettles Odom, D. Newman Odom, R. Newton O ' Donnell Nichols Oglesby O ' Cain O ' Hagan • ONLEY, ROBERT D. B.S. in Mathematics Columbia, S. C. OVERTON, JOHN H., JR. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Physics JuBrta Pi; Sigma Pi Sigma, President; Pi Mu Epsilon; NROTC. PAGE, ELINOR M. Oswego, S. C. A.B. in Education Kappa Delta; Euphrosynean Literary Society; Kappa Delta Epsilon; Westminster Fellowship; YWCA. • PALMER, ROBT. E, JR. Florence, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Kappa Alpha. PARSONS, SHIRLEY J. Hickory, N. C. A.B. in English Transfer from Brevard Junior College; University Plavers; WUSC. PASCHAL, CATHERINE Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Education YWCA, Secretary; Dean ' s List. • PATAT, AMELIA E. Charleston, S. C. A.B. in Education Kappa Delta, Secretary; Beaux Arts; YWCA; Elections Committee. PATTIS, JOANNA Aiken, S. C. A.B. in Biology Hypatian Literary Society; Canterbury Club. PAYNE, SANDRA M. A.B. in Education Kershaw, S. C. PERRY, SANDRA F. Ridgeland, S. C. B.S. in Biology Zeta Tau Alpha, Best Pledge, Scholarship Chairman, Scho- lastic Award; Sims Scholarship in Biology; Hypatian Literary Society, Treasurer, Social Chairman; Burlington Industries Foundation Award; Band; Ensemble; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. PETTY, PHYLLIS R. Myrtle Beach, S. C. B.S. in Pharmacy Rho Chi, President, Rho Chi Award; Norman M. Smith Award; American Pharmaceutical Association; Gamecock; Wesley Foundation; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. PHARES, CLEVELAND K. Norfolk, Va. B.S. in Business Administration Football; Block " C " Club. • PHILLIPS, ROBERT G. Gaffney, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Banking and Accounting Scholarship; McBryde Brother- hood, Vice-President. PHIPPS, WM. G. West Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Chemical Engineering AIChE; Track Team. PINCHERA, PETER A.B. in English Newman Club. Hartford, Conn. Pipkins Porcher Pitts Poston Plott Poteat Pooser Potter Pope Powell SENIOR CLASS OF 1960 • PIPKINS, OSCAR W., JR. B.S. in Business Administration Delta Sigma Pi. Lancaster, S. C. Spartanburg, S. C. POTEAT, RORERT M. B.S. in Chemical Engineering AIChE, Vice-President, Treasurer; Baptist Student Union, Council, City-Wide Council; Pep Club. PITTS, EDWARD H. Clinton, S. C. B.S. in Education Sigma Chi; Freshman Football; Varsity Football; Block " C " Club, Vice- President; Co-Captain Football Team; All State Football; All A. C. C. Foot- ball; Co-Captain North-South Shrine Game in Miami. PLOTT, LORETTA G. Aiken, S. C. A.B. in Journalism Delta Zeta, Recording Secretary; Hypatian Literary Society; Wesley Founda- tion; Carolina Christian Service Club, President; Dean ' s List. POTTER, JOHN L. Pompano Beach, Fla. POOSER, ETHBERT L., JR. B.S. in Business Administration SiBma Chi, Vice-President, Treasurer, Recording Secretary Chairman, Historian, Athletic Representative; Cotillion Club Society; Student Council; Freshman Orientation Counselor. Orangeburg, S. C. Derby Day Westphalian POPE, SARAH E. B.S. in Business Administration Conway, S. C. Mt. Pleasant, S. C. PORCHER, VIRGINIA L. A.B. in Sociology Transfer from Coker College; Alpha Kappa Gamma, Vice-President; Alpha Psi Omega; Hypatian Literary Society; YWCA, Cabinet; University Players, Secretary; Canterbury Club. Vestry, Secretary, State Secretary, State Treasurer; Carolina Christian Service Club; Carolina Religious Council, Secretary; Fresh- man " Y " Camp Counselor; Freshman Orientation Counselor; Elections Com- mittee; Social Service Federation of South Carolina College Students, State Vice-President; Religious Emphasis Week Committee. POSTON, LINDA S. H. B.S. in Business Administration Alpha Delta Pi; YWCAi Baptist Student Union; Chorus. Aiken, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Transfer from The Citadel; Pi Kappa Alpha, House Manager, Rush Chairman; Alpha Phi Omega; Pep Club; German Club; Cotillion Club; YMCA; AFROTC. POWELL, DONNIE A. Wellford, S. C. B.S. in Psychology Lambda Chi Alpha; Westminster Fellowship; Band; Dean ' s List. An intent law student foregoes his lunch hour to look up pertinent points in relationship to a case in question. Price, C. Pugh Price, J. Purvis, H. Price, V. Purvis, M. Pritchard Queen Proffitt Rabon SENIOR CLASS OF 1960 PRICE, CLIFTON A.B. in Education PRICE, JULIUS R„ JR. B.S. in Business Administration Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. Rethune, S. C. Cayce, S. C. Charleston, S. C. PRITCHARD, EDWARD K. B.S. in Business Administration Kappa Alpha, Outstanding Pledge, Treasurer, President; Kappa Sigma Kappa, Corresponding Secretary, Vice-President, President; Honor Council, Chairman; State Student Legislature; Student Council; Interfraternity Council; Omicron Delta Kappa, Vice-President; Freshman " Y " Camp Counselor; Beaux Arts; Cotillion Club; Westphalian Society; Student Activities Committee; Who ' s Who. PRICE, VIVION C, JR. Charleston Heights, S. C. B.S. in Chemical Engineering Tau Beta Pi; AIChE; Carolina Veterans Association; Dean ' s List. PROFFITT, M. R., Ill B.S. in Business Administration Kappa Alpha; Cotillion Club; Westphalian Society. Greenville, S. C. The bell in Rutledge Chapel was rung by the pledges of the different fraternities for the last " Rig Thursday. " • PUGH, RORERT W„ JR. Prosperity, S. C. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Tau Beta Pi; ASME; American Rocket Society; Dean ' s List. PURVIS, HOWARD A. B.S. in Business Administration PURVIS, MARSHALL T. B.S. in Chemistry Florence, S. C. Tatum, S. C. Dillsboro, N. C. QUEEN, WILLIAM E. B.S. in Electrical Engineering AIEE-IRE, Chairman; Tau Beta Pi, Cataloguer; Omicron Delta Kappa; Kappa Sigma Kappa; Sigma Pi Sigma; Student Council; NROTC, Battalion Execu- tive Officer; Sophomore Academic and Aptitude Award; Junior Academic »nd Aptitude Award; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. RARON, CAROLYN A.B. in Sociology Transfer from Winthrop College; Wesley Foundation. Abbeville, S. C. • RABON, JAMES R. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Delta Sigma Pi. RACE, JEAN Winter Haven, Fla. A.B. in English Kappa Delta, Editor, President; Pan-Hellenic Council; Stu- dent Union; YWCA; Freshman Orientation Counselor; International Relations Club; Westminster Fellowship. RAMSEY, DAVID E. Aiken, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Transfer from Mars Hill College; Phi Sigma Kappa, Secre- tary; Freshman Football, Baseball. • RAPER, GERALD C. A.B. in Art Spartanburg, S. C. RAST, HERBERT V., JR. Swansea, S. C. B.S. in Biology Alpha Tau Omega, President, Social Chairman, Secretary, Pledge Trainer; Alpha Psi Omega, State Manager; Game- rock- International Relations Club; Interfratemity Council; German Club; Cotillion Club; University Players, Treasurer, Secretary. RAWL, PAUL T. A.B. in Education Baseball; Block " C " Club. Pelion, S. C. • RAY, JAMES C. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Electrical Engineering AIEE-IRE. REDMAN, KAREN A. Lexington, S. C. A.B. in Education Kappa Delta Epsilon; Majorette; Lutheran Student Associa- tion, Social Chairman; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. REED, MARGARET Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Mathematics Kappa Delta; Garnet and Black; YWCA; Canterbury Club; Philosophy Club. • REED, ROSS M. Virginia Beach, Va. B.S. in Business Administration Lambda Chi Alpha; Cotillion Club; Wesley Foundation; Band; NROTC, Drum and Bugle Corps. REEDER, ANNA F. Sumter, S. C. A.B. in Education Transfer from Wesleyan College; Chi Omega. REEVES, ROBERT R. Graniteville, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration • RICHTER, PETER G. Osage, N. Y. B.S. in Biology Swimming Team; Golf Team; Block " C " Club; NROTC. RIDENHOUR, JUNE J. Georgetown, S. C. A.B. in Education Chi Omega; Garnet and Black; Wesley Foundation; YWCA; Women ' s Athletic Association. RILEY, JEAN Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Education Zeta Tau Alpha, Secretarv, Membership Chairman; Psi Chi. The Gamecock cheerleaders found moments of leisure at the swimming pool and entertainment places in Miami. RICE, CHARLES LL.B. Greenville, S. C. ROBERTS, ERNEST P. Mechanic Falls, Me. B.S. in Electrical Engineering AIEE-IRE; NROTC; Honor Roll. ROBERTSON, THOMAS P. Lyman, S. C. A.B. in English Transfer from Spartanburg Junior College; Gamecock; Press Club. • ROBINSON, ANDREW C. Baltimore, Md. A.B. in Political Science Kappa Sigma; Carolina Religious Council; Canterbury Club. President; Religious Emphasis Week Executive Committee; YMCA; International Rela- tions Club; YMCA Membership Committee. ROBINSON, JAMES R. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration ROBINSON, TOMMY W. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Electrical Engineering Tau Beta Pi, President; AIEE-IRE; Southern Maid Paper Company Scholar- ship; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. RITTENBERG, GERALD B.S. in Biology Charleston, S. C. ROOKS, NANCY E. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration RIVERS, JAMES C. B.S. in Business Administration Chesterfield, S. C. ROWE, WALKER E., JR. B.S. in Business Administration Georgetown, S. C. SENIOR CLASS OF 1960 Bice Robinson, A. Rittenberg Robinson, J. Rivers Robinson, T. Roberts Rooks Robertson Rowe • RUDICH, LEON Charleston, S. C. A.B. in Political Science Phi Epsilon Pi, Historian, Corresponding Secretary, Vice- President; Interf rat entity Council; Hillel Foundation. RUFF, RICHARD D. Florence, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration RUMPH, ELIZARETH V. Anderson, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Chi Omega, President; Pan-Hellenic Council, President; Alpha Kappa Gamma, Secretary; Student Council; Honor Board. i • RUTH, MARY G. Hickory, N. C. B.S. in Business Administration Transfer from Meredith College; Zeta Tau Alpha; Garnet and Black; YWCA; Wesley Foundation. SANSBURY, DORA A. Lumberton, N. C. B.S. in Business Administration Transfer from Woman ' s College of University of North Carolina; Alpha Delta Pi; Gamecock; Garnet and Black; YWCA; Pep Club; Baptist Student Union. SATTERFIELD, J. R., JR. Winnsboro, S. C. B.S. in Biology Phi Kappa Sigma, Pledgemaster; Newman Club. • SATTERFIELD, STEVE A.B. in Education Football; Block " C " Club; Dean ' s List. Greer, S. C. SAULS, EUGENE H. Chas. Hghts, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Sigma Phi Epsilon, President; Euphradian Society; Inter- fraternity Council; YMCA; International Relations Club. SAUNDERS, JOHN Churchland, Va. B.S. in Business Administration Delta Sigma Pi; Kappa Sigma Kappa; Football, Captain, All Atlantic Coast Conference, Jacobs Blocking Award, North-South All Star Game. • SAVAGE, ENGLISH J. Green Pond, S. C. B.S. in Electrical Engineering AIEE-IRE; Honor Roll. SCARBOROUGH, N. L. Greenville, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Band. SCHIPMAN, BERNICE M. Florence, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Transfer from Converse College; Delta Delta Delta, Mar- shal; YWCA; Canterbury Club; Kappa Alpha Rose; Home- coming Court; May Court. • SCOTT, MARGARET A. A.B. in Journalism Eastover, S. C. Gamecock, Society Editor, Wesley Foundation. Faculty Editor; Press Club; SEARSON, WM. B., Ill B.S. in Geology Transfer from The Citadel. Meggett, S. C. SEAY, MARY B. Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Political Science Pi Sigma Alpha, Secretary-Treasurer; Hypatian Literary Society, Social Chairman, Marshal, President; International Relations Club; Religious Emphasis Week Executive Com- mittee; Baptist Student Union, Social Chairman; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. ' SEGUI, WILLIAM T. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Civil Engineering Tau Beta Pi Treasurer; ASCE, Corresponding Secretary Arnold Air Society, Treasurer; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List SELWAY, JAMES E. Wilmington, Del. B.S. in Business Administration SEO KAPMIN Seoul, Korea B.S. in Chemical Engineering AIChE. • SERVICE, JAMES H. Gaffney, S. C. B.S. in Electrical Engineering Sigma Phi Epsilon; Senior Marshal; AIEE-IRE Secretary- Baptist Student Union; Band; Physics Lab Assistant. SHEEK, ANN E. A.B. in Journalism Gamecock; Baptist Student Union; Press Club Clemmons, N. C. SHEPPARD, GEO L. W. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Biology Pi Kappa Alpha; Garnet and Black; Gamecock; Honor Roll; Deans List; Freshman Orientation Counselor. • SHERER, JAMES H. Shelby, N. C. B.S. in Business Administration Sigma Chi, Social Chairman, Historian. SHINN, MARGARET T. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Transfer from Brenau College. SHUFORD, EMMETT Lincolnton, N. C. B.S. in Business Administration • SHUFORD, WALTER R. N. El ' gton, S. C. A.B. in Political Science Pi Kappa Phi. SIEGEL, FRANK C. Williamsville, N. Y. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Sigma Chi; ASME; Honor Roll. SIELING, ERNEST H., JR. Sum ' ton, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Maxcy Brotherhood. SILBERT, MENDEL N. Augusta, Ga. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Phi Sigma Kappa, Vice-President, Secretary; ASME; Hillel Foundation. SIMMS, EARL W. Savannah, Ga. B.S. in Business Administration Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. SIMRIL, HUGH L., JR. Rock Hill, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Kappa Sigma, Guard, Grand Treasurer; Cotillion Club. • SINCLAIR, PENELOPE Aiken, S. C. A.B. in English Delta Zeta, Treasurer; Hypatian Literary Society, Historian; Gamecock, Copy Editor; Press Club; Honor Roll; Wesley Foundation; Women ' s Athletic Association. SITTERSON, ELIZABETH Aiken, S. C. B.S. in Pharmacy American Pharmaceutical Association, Secretary; Hypatian Literary Society, Chaplain; Wesley Foundation. SLIGH, MARTHA R. A.B. in Education SMARR, JESSE A. B.S. in Business Administration Football. Columbia, S. C. Columbia, S. C. Spartanburg, S. C. SMITH, ALICE A.B. in Education Ddta Delta Delta, President; Pan-Hellenic Council, Editor of Pan-Hellenic Magazine; Sorority Workshop, Chairman; Canterbury Club; International Relations Club. The Gamecock Room, in the Russell House, always filled with students is a familiar sight on Carolina ' s campus. SMITH, ELLEN P. A.B. in Education Transfer from Queens College. Bennettsville, S. C. • SMITH, CARRIE M. A.B. in Education Cottageville, S. C. SMITH, JAMES B.S. in Pharmacy Spartanburg, S. C. SMITH, CHARLES W., JR. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha; ASME; Cotillion Club. Montgomery, Ala. SMITH, NANCY E. Clover, S. C. A.B. in Education Transfer from Erskine College; University Players; Westminster Fellowship. SENIOR CLASS OF 1960 Sinclair Smith, C. M. Sitterson Smith, C. W. Sligh Smith, E. Smarr Smith, J. Smith, A. Smith, N. ° SMITH, RICHARD E. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Baptist Student Union. SMITH, ROBERT J. Cheraw, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Kappa Alnhn. »- " ording Secretary, Knights-at-Arms, Pledge Trainer; AFROTC. SMITH, ROBERT W. Bloomfield, N. J. B.S. in Geology WUSC, Chief Announcer; Compass and Chart, Captain; NROTC, Drill Team Commander. o SMITH, VICKI H. Pendleton, S. C. A.B. in French Alpha Delta Pi; Wesley Foundation; YWCA. Holly Hill, S. C. SMOAK, SARA C. A.B. in Education Baptist Student Union, President, Social Vice-President, Advisor; Carolina Religious Council; Religious Emphasis Week Student Chairman; Freshman YWCA. SPANN, HENRY Greenville, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Treasurer, House Manager; Trainer for Freshman Football Team; Westphalian Society. SPARKS, HAY F., JR. B.S. in Chemical Engineering AIChE. Union, S. C. SPEARS, GROVER A. Lamar, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration SPEARS, VERNON A., JR. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Naval Science Phi Kappa Sigma; Cotillion Club; Compass and Chart, Recreation Officer, Executive Officer; NROTC, Battalion Staff. • SPENCER, CALDWELL E. Cayce, S. C. A.B. in English Baptist Student Union, Devotional Chairman. SPLAWN, JACQUELINE Spart ' burg, S. C. A.B. in English Zeta Tau Alpha, Vice-President, Activities Chairman, Pledge Trainer; Gamecock, Columnist; Alpha Kappa Gamma; Student Council; " Y " Camp Counselor; Freshman Orienta- tion Counselor; Student Union Committee; May Court; S ' ate Student Legislature; Honor Roll; Pep Club; Who ' s Who. SPRATT, THOMAS M. B.S. in Pharmacy American Pharmaceutical Association. Marion, N. C. • SPRUELL, OLIVE J. B. A.B. in Education Dean ' s List. Florence, S. C. SQUIRES, THURSTON W. Grant, S. D. B.S. in Electrical Engineering Tau Beta Pi; AIEE-IRE. STAFFORD, JAS. H., JR. Bishopville, S. C. B.S. in Biology Maxcy Brotherhood, Vice-President, President; YMCA; Track. SENIOR CLASS OF 1960 • STALLWORTH, MILDRED A. B.S. in Education Transfer from Queens College. Florence, S. C. STILL, McGEE B.S. in Business Administration Barnwell, S. C. STAMATIADES, JOHN C. Charleston, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Kappa Sigma, Secretary, Social Chairman, House Manager; Alpha Phi Omega, Project Chairman; Cotillion Club, Vice-President; German Club; Interfraternity Council; Eastern Orthodox Fellowship. STANFORD, FREEDA B. B.S. in Biology Columbia, S. C. Bladenboro, N. C. STANLEY, WILLIAM D. B.S. in Electrical Engineering AIEE-IRE, Vice-Chairman; Tau Beta Pi. Corresnnnding Secretary; Pi Mu Epsilon, Vice-President, Secretary; WUSC, Chief Engineer; Sigma Pi Sigma; Norman Murray Smith Scholarship; Rion Honorary Scholarship in Mathematics; Sigma Pi Sigma Physics Award; Westinghouse Achievement Scholarship. STEELE, CLARENCE, JR. B.S. in Electrical Engineering Pi Kappa Phi; AIEE-IRE. STEPHEN, GRANT J., JR. B.S. in Education Wesley Foundation. STEWART, JOHN M. B.S. in Business Administration Bennettsville, S. C. Aiken, S. C. Columbia, S. C. STOKES, ERNEST W., JR. B.S. in Business Administration Phi Sigma Kappa, Inductor, Vice-President; Dean ' s List. Columbia, S. C. STONE, HOYT E. B.S. in Business Administration Hemingway, S. C. Notes, Ivory detergent, the right apparatus and a will of determination all make for a successful experiment. Stover Sword Strother Tackney Sturm Taylor, J. Sullivan Taylor, N. Sutherland Tatum SENIOR CLASS OF 1960 • STOVER, JOHN M. B.S. in Business Administration Sigma Chi, Treasurer, Historian. Orangeburg, S. C. SULLIVAN, JOHN P., Ill B.S. in Business Administration Charleston, S. C. STROTHER, BONNIE L. A.B. in English Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. Union, S. C. Huntington, W. Va. STURM, HAROLD F., JR. B.S. in Chemical Engineering Sigma Phi Epsilon, Secretary, Guard; Kappa Sigma Kappa; Alpha Phi Omega; AIChE, Vice-President, Treasurer; YMCA, Cabinet; " Y " Camp Counselor; Fifty-Niners; Student Council; Honor Board; Interfraternity Council, Tribunal Judge, Secretary; NROTC, Company Commander; Who ' s Who. A stay in the infirmary gives this coed time to read some literature that is not included on her English reading list. SUTHERLAND, JOHN H. Belton, S. C. B.S. in Civil Engineering ASCE; YMCA; Canterbury Club; International Relations Club. • SWORD, WILLIAM C. Sullivans Island, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Phi Kappa Sigma, Vice-President, President; Interfraternity Council, Tribunal; Cotillion Club, Secretary; Westminster Fellowship; Orientation Council. TACKNEY, PETER M. Falls Church, Va. A.B. in History Sigma Phi Epsilon, Secretary; Clariosophic Literary Society, President, Secretary; NROTC. TAYLOR, JACK K. B.S. in Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon. TAYLOR, NELSON B.S. in Geology Compass and Chart, Officer; NROTC. TATUM, MARY R. A.B. in Education Transfer from Stetson University. Greenville, S. C. Leesville, S. C. Tatum, S. C. ,. TAYLOR, CAROLL F. Rock Hill, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Transfer from Presbyterian College; Maxcy Brotherhood. TAYLOR, HERBERT A. Charleston, S. C. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering ASME; Band; AFROTC. TAYLOR, HUBERT H. Charleston, S. C. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering ASME; Band; AFROTC; Honor Roll. • TAYLOR, JOHN S., JR. Columbia, S. C. A.B. in History Kappa Alpha, Outstanding Pledge, Corresponding Secretary; kappa Sigma Kappa, Corresponding Secretary; Blue Key; Westphalian Society; YMCA, Social Chairman, Treasurer; Wesley Foundation. TAYLOR, M. S., JR. St. Matthews, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration TESSENIAR, DONALD Whitmire, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Maxcy Brotherhood. THACH, LUCY B. Washington, D. C. A.B. in English Kappa Delta; Euphrosynean Literary Society; Beaux Arts, Secretary; Newman Club; Religious Emphasis Week Com- mittee; Honor Roll. THOMAS, D. O., JR. Timmonsville, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Pi Kappa Phi, Archon, Chaplain, Warden; Interfratemity Council; Cotillion Club; German Club; Veterans Club. THOMAS, McKEVA B.S. in Pharmacy Fairfax, S. C. THOMPSON, JOHN L. Sumter, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration TILLER, RICHARD H. Camden, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration TIMMERMAN, OTIS H. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Delta Signa Pi. TOLLISON, B. H„ JR. Spartanburg, S. C. A.B. in Education Phi Mu Alpha, President; Westminster Fellowship, Vice-Pres- ident; Band, Vice-President; AFROTC, Band Commander. TOMPKINS, VIRGINIA S. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Kappa Delta, Social Chairman, Education Chairman, Best Pledge; Newman Club; Garnet and Black; Freshman Orientation Counselor; Sigma Alpha Sigma. TOWLES, D. Q„ III Hollywood, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Maxcy Brotherhood; Canterbury Club; Band. Toots and Betsy exchange views on the candidates in the " Miss Garnet and Black " Contest with eager anticipation. • TREACY, THOMAS M. B.S. in Business Administration Clariosophic Literary Society; Newman Club. Bronx, N. Y. TURNER, PATRICIA A. Anderson, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Pi Beta Phi, Executive Committee, Room Chairman, Publicity Chairman; Women ' s Athletic Association; YWCA; Baptist Student Union; Fifty-Niners; Pep Club; Student Council; Alternate Cheerleader; Majorette; Freshman Orientation Counselor. ULMER, JACOB S., JR. Elloree, S. C. B.S. in Pharmacy Sigma Phi Epsilon, Vice-President, Pledge Master; American Pharmaceutical Association; YMCA; Cotillion Club. • UPCHURCH, ANNE L. A.B. in Education Alpha Delta Pi. USHER, PATRICIA A. A.B. in Education Transfer from Salem College; Kappa Delta; YWCA. Blacksburg, S. C. Bennettsville, S. C. Columbia, S. C. USSERY, SANDRA A.B. in Art Kappa Delta, Membership Chairman; Alpha Kappa Gamma; Garnet and Black, Faculty and Administration Editor, Assistant Editor; Women ' s Athletic Association; YWCA; Wesley Foundation; Pep Club; Cheerleader; Fifty-Niners; Student Council; Pan-Hellenic Council; Student Activities Committee; Fresh- man Orientation Counselor; Finalist Miss Garnet and Black Congest; Dean ' s List; Who ' s Who. Columbia, S. C. TROTTER, AGNES A. A.B. in History Alpha Psi Omega, Vice-President; Hypatian Literary Society, Secretary; Gamecock; University Players; International Relations Club; Freshman " Y " Camp Counselor; Freshman Orientation Counselor; Second Hampton Award in History; Dean ' s List. VALLEY, REBECCA A. Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Education Alpha Kappa Gamma, Historian; Kappa Delta Epsilon; Euphrosynean Literary Society, Vice-President; Gamecock, Society Editor, Feature Editor, Assistant Managing Editor; YWCA, Cabinet; Honor Board; Freshman Orientation Counselor; Honor Roll; Who ' s Who. TRUESDALE, LOUIS L. B.S. in Business Administration Sigma Chi; Pep Club; Westminster Fellowship; Cheerleader. Camden, S. C. International Relations Club; WACTOR, RUFUS C. B.S. in Business Administration Pi Kappa Phi, Chaplain, Warden; German Club. Sumter, S. C. SENIOR CLASS OF 1960 Treacy Upchurch Trotter Usher Truesdale Ussery Turner Valley Ulmer Wactor • WALLACE, BILLY Clover, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration WARD, CHARLES S. Spartanburg, S. C. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering ASME, Chairman. WARD, GEORGE H. Bishopville, S. C. B.S. in Electrical Engineering Tau Beta Pi; AIEE-IRE; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. ' • WARNER, DOROTHY A. Charleston, S. C. A.B. in English Pi Beta Phi, Rush Chairman; Euphrosynean Literary Society; Pan-Hellenic Council; Pep Club; May Day; Dean ' s List. WASHNOK, ROBT. D. Anchorage, Alaska B.S. in Business Administration Delta Sigma Pi. WATSON, CHARLES M. Cheraw, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Dean ' s List. ' • WATSON, JOHN W. A.B. in Journalism Sumter, S. C. WATSON, WAD E W. Bishopville, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration WEATHERFORD, MELVIN Flor ' ce, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration • WEATHERS, MARVIN, JR. St. Geo., S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Sigma Phi Epsilon, Historian, Comptroller; Young Democrats. WEEKS, JOHN W., JR. St. George, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration WELLS, GEORGE W. Winnsboro, S. C. B.S. in Education • WENGROW, HENRY R. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Chemical Engineering Phi Epsilon Pi, President, Secretary, Treasurer; Tau Beta Pi, Secretary, Honor Junior; Omicron Delta Kappa, Secre- tary, Vice-President; Kappa Sigma Kappa; Interfratemity Council, Vice-President; AIChE, President, Secretary; De- bate Team; Freshman Orientation Counselor; Honor Roll; Hillel Foundation, Treasurer; Cotillion Club. WESTBROOK, A. G„ III Edgemoor, S. C. B.S. in Mathematics Maxcy Brotherhood, Athletic Director; Track Team; Cross Country Team. WHETSTONE, JOHN N. Branchville, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Delta Sigma Pi; Wesley Foundation; Carolina Christian Service Club. • WHITTINGTON, PHILIP N. Chas., S. C. B.S. in Business Administration McBryde Brotherhood, President. WIGGINS, ELMER G. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Delta Sigma Pi, Chancellor; Honor Roll; Dean ' s List. WILHOIT, MARGA H. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Tau Kappa Alpha, Secretary; Hypatian Literary Society; Debate Team. • WILLIAMS, A. CLAUDE Branch ' lle, S. C. B.S. in Biology WILLIAMS, C. REID, JR. Sumter, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Delta Sigma Pi; AFROTC Drill Team. WILLIAMS, GERALDINE Sulliv. Is., S. C. A.B. in Education Kappa Delta; Freshman YWCA, President; Sophomore YWCA, Treasurer; " Y " Cabinet; Pep Club; Westminster Fellowship; Co-Ed Association; Cheerleader; Student Union Committee, Secretary; International Relations Club, Secre- tary; Religious Emphasis Week Committee; Freshman Orientation Counselor; Sweetheart of Sigma Chi; Finalist in Miss Garnet and Black Contest. WILLIAMS, HARRY E. Denmark, S. C. A.B. in Political Science Sigma Nu; Westphalian Society; Cotillion Club, Treasurer. WILLIAMS, JAMES L. Portsmouth, Va. B.S. in Business Administration Pi Kappa Alpha, House Manager, Sergeant-at-Arms; Foot- ball; Block " C " Club; German Club; Cotillion Club. WILLIAMS, JOS. T., JR. Rock Hill, S. C. B.S. in Pharmacy American Pharmaceutical Association. WILLIAMS, LOUIS C. Bath, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration WILLIAMS, MARGUERITE Sp ' gFld S. C. A.B. in Education WILLIAMS, RAY D. Lancaster, S. C. A.B. in English Chi Psi, Historian; YMCA; Baptist Student Union. • WILLIS, JOHN B. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Alpha Tau Omega, Secretary; German Club; Intramural Council. WILSON, JAMES H. Georgetown, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Phi Kappa Sigma; Veterans Association. WILSON, JEROME D. Blacksburg, S. C. A.B. in Education Alpha Psi Omega; Delta Psi Omega; University Players; Westminster Fellowship. • WINDHAM, DIANE H. Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Education Transfer from Winthrop College; Kappa Delta Epsilon; Baptist Student Union. WINGATE, CAROLYN P. Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Education Chi Omega; YWCA; Honor Board; Student Council; Student Union Commit- tee; Religious Emphasis Week Committee; Freshman Orientation Counselor; May Court. WINTERSON, MARGARET A.B. in Education Gastonia, N. C. Columbia, S. C. WITHERS, MARGARET E. B.S. in Biology Transfer from St. Mary ' s Junior College; Kappa Delta, Pledge Class Vice- President, Best Pledge, Activities Chairman; Gamecock, Business Staff; Canterbury Club; University Players, Make-Up Chairman; YWCA, Cabinet; ' Y " Camp Counselor; Dean ' s List. WITHERSPOON, WALTER P., JR. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Biology Pi Kappa Alpha; Garnet and Black; Gamecock; Freshman Football; Interfraternity Council; Freshman Orientation Counselor; Dean ' s List. • WOLPER, MARVIN H. Charleston, S. C. A.B. in Political Science Phi Epsilon Pi. Secretary, Treasurer; Alpha Phi Omega; Hillel Foundation; Interfraternity Council; Dean ' s List Professor Yaghjian advises Leroy Dozier concerning his improvement in the techniques of painting modern art. WOOLSEY, GERALD B. B.S. in Chemistry WOOLSEY, MARCUS L. A.B. in International Studies International Relations Club; Dean ' s List. Columbia, S. C. Brooks, Ga. WOOLFE, RAYMOND G. New York, N. Y. A.B. in Journalism Transfer from University of Virginia; Kappa Sigma; Clariosophic Society; Press Club; Dean ' s List. WOOD, THOMAS E. B.S. in Chemistry AIChE. Greer, S. C. SENIOR CLASS OF 1960 Windham Wolper Wingate Woolfe Winterson Woolsey, G. Withers Woolsey, M. Witherspoon Wood • YARBROUGH, WAYNE P. Saluda, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Kappa Sigma. YONCE, MONROE W. W. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration ZIMMERMAN, DANA S. Camden, S. C. A.B. in Education Transfer from Coker College; Delta Zeta, Pledge Class Treasurer, Social Chairman; Wesley Foundation; YWCA; Chorus. SENIOR CLASS OF 1960 Students, weary or cheerful, for early morning breakfast or class breaks, gather for a stimulating cup of hot coffee. 118 Juniors T. Boroughs, J. Kirven, T. Tenison, C. Cherry. Junior Class Officers TOMMY BOROUGHS President JO KIRVEN Vice-President TOOTS TENISON . . . Secretary-Treasurer CARMEN CHERRY Historian 120 ABLE, MARGARET B. Clemson, S. C. ADAIR, C. B., JR. Greenville, S. C. ADAMS, MARGARET A. Columbia, S. C. ALEXANDER, WILLIAM J., JR. Greenville, S. C. ANDREWS, JUDITH D. Columbia, S. C. AKERMAN, IRENE M. Goteborg, Sweden AMICK, VERNON E. Columbia, S. C. ANTHONY, GARRY W. Westville, S. C. ARMSTRONG, HENRY C. Savannah, Ga. ARROWSMITH, MARY F. KlNGSTREE, S. C, AYER, JUDITH Valley Stream, N. Y. AYRE, CALVERT W. Jackson, S. C. JUNIORS BAILEY, EMILY Clinton, S. C. BALENTINE, VELMA M. Greenville, S. C. BALLENTINE, JAMES L. Easley, S. C. BARFIELD, JAMES E. Lynchburg, S. C. BARNETT, ROY G., JR. Winnsboro, S. C. BARNETT, S. LOUISE Ridgeway, S. C. BARRETT, STELLA E. Clearwater, S. C. BARRINGER, LAURENCE S„ JR. Columbia, S. C. BARRS, MARSHALL Branchville, S. C. BAUMANN, GEORGE J. Staten Island, N. Y. BAUMANN, SUSAN C. Greenville, S. C. BEHLING, WILLIAM E. St. George, S. C. BELL, CHARLES A. BELL, DONALD J. BELL, MARY M. Ninety Six, S. C. Columbia, S. C. Clemson, S. C. BELL, TERESSA A. SUMMERVILLE, S. C. BENNETT, JOAN D. Kershaw, S. C. BENTLEY, EMORY R.. JR. McCormick, S. C. BERNE, PATRICIA „,„„. __ Columbia, S. C. BICKLEY, MAMIE T. , „ Elloree, S. C. BLACKWELL, WALTER E. „. „ Georgetown, S. C. BLEDSOE, DAVID _____ . Hot Springs, Ark. BODKIN, JOHN South Charleston, W. Va. BOICE, CHARLES M. Charleston, S. C. BONNETTE, CECILE V. --,___. _. Neeses, S. C. BOOTH, DONALD F. „ Trenton, S. C. BOROUGHS, TOMMY __ Dillon, S. C. BOSTON, RONALD E. • .- _--. - Darlington, S. C. BOYD, SAMUEL L. BRADLEY, SANDRA J. Y ° RK ' S ' ° " Gaffney, S. C. BRANDENBURG, VIVIAN Barnwell, S. C. BRANTLEY, ST. CLAIRE Columbia, S. C. BRASINGTON, C. ELIZABETH Cheraw, S. C. BRAY, WILLIAM Hartford, Conn. BRAZELL, HENRY L. Columbia, S. C. BROADFOOT, WILLIAM J. Columbia, S. C. BROOKS, BARBARA BROWN, CAROLE BROWN, GERALD W Hopkins, S. C. Columbia, S. C. Columbia, S. C. BROWN, TRAVIS M., JR. ___ Manning, S. C BROWN, TRUDY R. Columbia, S. C. BRUBAKER, CAROLYN A. Florence, S. C. U ! _a_ll 121 BRUCE, JAMES C. Blackville, S. C. BRYDE, WALTON C, JR. Columbia. S. C. BUDDIN, WILLIAM A. Wagener, S. C. BUDNER, MARTIN A. Washington, D. C. BUFF, DONALD P. Columbia, S. C. BULL, DOLORES L. North Charleston, S. C. BURDETTE, LEWIS E. Greenville, S. C. BURGDOFF, CAROL ANN Ocean Drive Beach, S. C. BURGESS, EDWARD B. BURKETT, ROBERT W. AlKEN ' S ' C ' BURNETTE, BENSON W UMTER ' S ' C ' „.,__ Charleston, S. C. BURRELL, HELEN J. Asheville, N. C. JUNIORS BUSSEY, DEMPSEY C. BUYCK, MARYL. McC ' . C. BYERS, DONALD H TMATTHEWS ' SC CALDWELL, DAVID W. lRM ° ' S ' C ' „ Charleston, W. Va CALDWELL, HUGH ' .t ,,, . Spartanburg, S. C. CALDWELL, NOEL L. Cayce, S. C. CALLAHAN, JERRY G. CALHOUN, PHILLIP ™ " 3 - ' CAMERON, RICHARD WlLLIST ° N ' SC - CAMPBELL, GEORGE R LUMBIA,SC - CAMPBELL, MARY S. BARNWELI - SC - CAMPBELL, WILLIAM i AFFNEV ' SC ' Columbia, S. C. CANADY, MARGARET R. c a m, . r, r,, » . Charleston, S . C. CANNARELLA, PAULINE CARMICHAEL, FLORA | UMTER ' S ' C ' CARROLL, DEBORAH J. DlLLON ' S ' C - CARROLL, THOMAS SuMTER " S - C - CARTER, CAROL J HARDEEVILLE ' SC Charleston He ights, S. C. CATHCART, PERRY ANN „ Winnsboro, S. C CAUTHEN, GERALDINE ,-,„ . „, Lancaster, S. C. CHAFIN, DON CHAMBLEE, MARY ANN 00 " ' S ' C ' „.„„ Anderson, S. C. CHERRY, CARMEN L. ,-,.,,.„ Columbia, S. C. CHISOLM, WILLIAM, JR. Columbia, S. C. CLARK, BETTYE JANE CLARK, LEWIS G. C ™ " ■ «. C. CLARY, JACK T. Union, S. C. CLINE, MICKEY R. G " ™- ' «. C. COCKERHAM, SAMUEL I™ " ' T ™™- COFFMAN, JANE A. CoLUMBIA ' S ' C - North Augusta, S. C. COHEN, MORTON S. «„ „ Brooklyn, N. Y. COKER, DAVID G. COLE, GORDON C F ?yR TA,N lNN ' S - C - COLEMAN, MARY c! ORTROYAL ' SC - m ■. ..,„ Edgefield, S. C. COLLINS, LAFAYE s-s r.. ™ Greenville, S. C. COOLER, JOSEPH W. Buhton, S. C. COOPER, EVERETTE A. COOPER, JUDITH L. Pelzeb - S ' C - COX, JAMES B. REE ™ " - .S.C. CRAVEN, NORMAN K COLUMB,A ' S - C ' CRAWFORD, F.ALLE R N NGEBURG ' SC - CROUCH, TYLER e Charles ™. «• North Augusta, S. C. 122 4i l L3 CROW, FRED A. Mom ks Corner, S. C. CROWN, ELLEANOR H. Columbia, S. C. CULLER, SANDRA North, S. C. CULLUM, MARGARET J. Leesville, S. C. CURTIS, MARGARET J. Sumter, S. C. DAVID, WILLIAM H. Florence, S. C. DANIELS, GARY L. Georgetown, S. C. DAVIDSON, SIDNEY J. Greenville, S. C. DAVIS, FRANK P. Camden, S. C. DAVIS, SALLY V. Lancaster, S. C. DECHELLO, DAVID V. Miami, Fla. DEMPSEY, EVERETT D. Lyman, S. C. JUNIORS DENNIS, ELIZABETH H. Cameron, S. C. DE WITT, THERESA M. Holly Hill, S. C. DICKEY, EDWIN H., JR. Fayetteville, N. C. DILLARD, JOHN W. Spartanburg, S. C. DOZIER, JAMES L. Rock Hill, S. C. DOZIER, WILLIS D., JR. Columbia, S. C. DRIGGERS, DOUGLAS L. Lake City, S. C. DRIVER, LINDA B. Columbia, S. C. DUGGER, ALICE ANN Savannah, Ga. DUFFIE, WALTER C. Greenwood, S. C. DUKE, HENRY L. Columbia, S. C. DUNLAP, LEOLA H. Augusta, Ga. DUVALL, ELIZABETH B. Cheraw, S. C EARHARDT, PERNELL G. Columbia, S. C. EASTERLIN, M. CAROLYN Columbia, S. C. EBERT, WILLIAM S. Greenville, S. C. EDMUNDS, NANCY C. RlDGEWAY, S. C. EDMONDS, THOMAS B. Columbia, S. C. ELLIS, ALVIN S. Barnwell, S. C. EMAN, RONALD A. Oranjestad-Aruba, N. A. ESTRIDGE, LETTIE Lancaster, S. C. EVANS, BILLY R. Buffalo, S. C. EVANS, HELEN V. Lancaster, S. C. FAIR, RONNIE L. Thomasville, N. C. FAIRCLOTH, BONNIE P. Columbia, S. C. FAIREY, NORMAN L. Branchville, S. C. FALLAW, FRANCES L. Gaston, S. C. FAULKNER, JAMES R. North Augusta, S. C. FAUST, OWEN R. Aiken, S. C. FELLERS, ROSE MARY Columbia, S. C. FIELDS, WAYNE M. BlSHOPVILLE, S. C FINCH, ALICE M. Bennettsville, S. C. FLEMING, DAVID Marblehead, Mass. FLETCHER, JOHN D. Charleston, S. C. FOLK, TRILBY J. Columbia, S. C. FORD, BOYD R., JR. Loris, S. C. FORREST, WILLIAM R. Darlington, S. C. FOWLER, LIONEL T. Chestebfield, S. C. FOWLER, TRAVIS N. McBee, S. C. FOWLES, BURTON W. Columbia, S. C. FOX, JEAN ANN MORGANTON, N. C. FRANCIS, MARILYN K. Georgetown, S. C. 123 FREED, SAMUEL B. Columbia, S. C. FREEMAN, BETSY E. Ahoskie, N. C. FRETWELL, MARY ANNE Anderson, S. C. FUJISHIRO, KATAKAZU Columbia, S. C. FULCHER, CHARLES T. Charleston, S. C. FUNDERBURK, MARION Orangeburg, S. C. GAMBLE, MARIAN A. Turbeville, S. C. GANN, SANDRA J. Hopkins, S. C. GASKINS, LAURENS M. Charleston, S. C. GATCH, CHARLES E. North Charleston, S. C. GAUSE, G. SHAND Columbia, S. C. GAY, PAUL E. Charleston, W. Va. JUNIORS GERATY, PATRICIA M. Charleston, S. C. GERMAIN, MARSHALL M. Florence, S. C. GETSINGER, CONSTANCE RlDGELAND, S. C. GETTYS, HOPE T. Hartsville, S. C. GILES, WILLIAM E. Barnwell, S. C. GILHAM, ELIZABETH M. Columbia, S. C. GILLIAM, CYNTHIA B. Columbia, S. C. GODLEY, WINIFRED S. Cayce, S. C. GODSHALL, ALYCE K. Gaffney, S. C. GOLDBERG, SANFORD B. Charleston, S. C. GOODWIN, LEWIS R. Aiken, S. C. GOODWYN, THOMAS J. Florence, S. C. GORDON, DERRICK J. Columbia, S. C. GOSNELL, GLENDA K. Spartanburg, S. C. GOWDY, HAROLD W„ JR. Lake City, S. C. GOWER, CHARLOTTE A. Columbia, S. C. GREEN, CHARLES W. Lake City, S. C. GREEN, RONALD T. Whitmire, S. C. GREEN, VIRGINIA Moncks Corner, S. C. GREGORIS, MARINA Durham, N. C GRIFFIN, CARROLL E. Walterboro, S. C. GRIGGS, WILLIAM P. Cheraw, S. C. GROOMS, JACK D. Cross, S. C. GROVES, RODGER D. Mineral Wells, Texas GRUGAN, THOMAS E. Columbia, S. C. GWINN, PAUL J., JR. Laurens, S. C. HADDON, HENRY L. Anderson, S. C. HALL, LINDA N. Columbia, S. C. HALLORAN, CAROLYN I. Charleston, S. C. HAM, JAMES O. New Zion, S. C. HARKEY, HARRY D., Ill Columbia, S. C. HARMON, SANDRA J. Columbia, S. C. HARVIN, JOHN C. Sumter, S. C. HAYNES, KEITH E. Enoree, S. C. HEAPE, THELMA C. Charleston Heights, S. C. HENDERSON, DAPHNE J. Batesburg, S. C. HENDRICKS, IRVINE H. Columbia, S. C. HENDRIX, MARY M. Columbia, S. C. HENDRIX, NANCY D. Lyman, S. C. HEARNE, NORMA K. Charleston, S. C. HERRING, WILLIAM A., JR. Columbia, S. C. HETHERINGTON, SARA Charleston, S. C. J 24 HEYWAKD, SUSANNE M. Greenwood, S. C HIGHSM1TH, JACOB F. Myrtle Beach, S. C. HILL, RONALD Lamar, S. C. HILLS, BERYL ANNE Mt. Pleasant, S. C HILTON, PAULINE M. Columbia, S. C HINSON, CHARLES Lancaster, a. v . HIOTT, SARA V. WlNNSBORO, S. C HODGE, JACKIE B. g c HOLLAND, ALICE H. ColumbiaSC HOLLER, MARTHA M. Columbia, S. C. HOLLIDAY, MARY GAIL Greenwood, S, C HORTON, AUBREY D. Cassatt, S. C JUNIORS HOUSHOLDER, JERI Asheville, N. C. HOWARD, ANNE M. Charleston, a. l . HOWELL, MADISON P., JR. Walterboro, a. . HUBBARD, PHYLLIS A. Huntersville, a. C HUFFMAN, JO LYNN Columbia, a. . HUFFSTETLER, HAROLD Columbia, a. C. HUGHES, DONALD R. HUGHES, EDWARD E. HULON, WADE A HUNT, ROBERT B Drayton, S. C. Conway, S. C. Latta, S. C. Columbia, S. C. HUNTER, CHARLES H Moncks Corner, a. l . HUNTER, LEE Lyman, S. C HUSA, DONALD L. Spartanburg, a. -•. HYLER, OTIS B. Saluda, a. Ij. INFINGER, EMORY J. Harleyvtlle, a. c INGLE, RONALD K. Shelby, N. C INGRAM, RICHARD T. Rixeyville, Va. JACOBS, WILLIAM E. Columbia, S. C. JEFFORDS, JULIAN T. Hartsville, a. C JENNINGS, ROSEMARIE Belvedere, a. C JETER, ROSE ANN Anderson, a. C JETT, CHARLES D. Mt. Pleasant, S. C. JOHNSON, JIMMY LEE Raleigh, N. C JOHNSON, KAY LlNCOLNTON, N. C JOHNSON, RONALD S. Rockford, III. JOHNSTON, MARY M. Coral Gables, Fla. JOLLUCK, LAWRENCE M. East Point, Ga. JONES, LEWIS _ Sumter, a. C JONES, M. SERENA Anderson, a. C JONES, PHILIP Columbia, a. C. JONES, ROBERT D JORDAN, JOHN D JOYE, RAMON KAMBAR, ROBERT Y Anderson, S. C. Great Falls, S. C. Florence, S. C. Yonkers, N. Y. KANNADAY, WALTER C. West Columbia, a. C. KAPP, MARBETH Orangeburg, a. C KNOX, JOHNNY P. Columbia, a. C KEEFE, ELIZABETH A. Florence, a. C KERR, PHILIP B. Staten Island, N. i. KERR, RICHARD E. Columbia, a. C KERVES, JOHN, JR. Savannah, Ga. KILLOUGH, JUDY Columbia, a. C 125 KINARD, JOHN A, JR. _.._. Walterboro, S. C. KINDER, NANCY E. „_ KlNCSTREE, S. C. KIRKMAN, MARY A. „,„„„, Statesville, N. C. KIRVEN, JO M. j i- .,,., „ Columbia, S. C. KOHN, BARBARA L. .,..-,„„ Columbia, S. C. KYZER, ALEXANDER, JR. Cayce, S. C. LACKEY, WILLIAM D., JR. _ .... Shelby, N. C. LAMASTUS, THOMAS A. T , „ Columbia, S. C. LANCASTER, MARGIE L. t . », „ Columbia, S. C. LANCE, JERRY E. , . „ „ Candler, N. C. LAPIDUS, BARBARA J. _ .,.,„ Columbia, S. C. LAWING, JAMES B„ JR. Mt. Holly, N. C. JUNIORS LEE, HARRIET A. LEMACKS.WILSONT™ Vni " ,SC - LINDLER, JAMES M. Ravene « " S ' C - LIPMAN, MEYER LeXINGTON - S - C - , ..„,. _ _ Charleston, S. C. LITTLE, RICHARD H. T T „ Oakboro, N. C LITTLE, WILLIAM A. Myrtle Beach, S. C. LIVINGSTON, BETTY R. LIVINGSTONE, GEORGE AIBFAX • S C LIVINGSTON, WILLIAmT I - YN NY - LLOYD, FURMANH. COLUMB ' AlS ' C - LOCKWOOD, HARRY G OLUMB,A ' SC - LOFGREN, ROBERT e Beaufo « t - S - C - Camden, S. C. LOMINICK, J. RICHARD LONG, MARY L. N ™« " ». S. C. LONG, WILLIAM L. C ° LUMB,A - S C - LOVE, WILLIAM H. KlNG8TBEE - S - C - LUDWICK, ROBER?T TFAI ' LS,SC - LYERLY, JUDY K MYRTLE Beac ». S ' Lake City, S. C. LYNN, JACK H. MAGAN, BILLIE G. Jeffebson ' S - C ' ,.,,.., ,,,„„. Hammond, Ind. MANN, WILLIAM F., JR MARONE, MARIA G. ABBEV,LLE ' SC ' MATHIS, JOE J. P a™ n, N.J. MAY, CHARLES L. C ° LUMBIA S ' C - McCormick, S. C. MAYS, LINDA N. McCALL, CECIL C. McCARTT, JUDY Yemassee, S. C. Pickens, S. C. McCOY, HARRIET A GREENV,LLE,SC ' McCULLOUGH, JOE ™ " ' S ' C ' . , „ __ Hartsville, S. C McCUTCHEN, EUGENE B. BlSHOPVILLE, S. C. McCUTCHEN, LILLA D. „ „ Arlington, Va. McGHEE, LAURIE L. ,, __ Columbia, S. C. McINNIS, MARY E. Windy Hill Beach, S. C. Mckenzie, john e.,jr. ., . „„ RlDGELAND, S. C. McLEOD, HELEN R. „ Waltebboro, S. C. McVEY, KYLE I. Cayce, S. C. MEASE, VIVIAN A. MEETZE, WALTER G S EORGETOWNlSC - MEISSNER, DAVID E. LEESV1LI - E - S ' C - ,,__ __.„ _ Columbia, S. C. MELTON, GERALD A. ,_„„ Columbia, S. C. MENG, BERNARD B., HI ».,.»„„ WlNNSBOHO, S. C. MILLER, ELIZABETH B. Marion, S. C. ann 126 OL , v, 2 MINCEY, SALLIE L. Nichols, S. C. MITCHELL, NELLIE S. Great Falls, S. C. MITCHELL, ROBERT W. Moncks Corner, S. C. MOORE, FREDDIE H. Conway, S. C. MOORE, MARY Manning, S. C. MOORE, THOMAS A. Kings Creek, S. C. MOORE, VERTIE G. MORGAN, ARTHUR D. MOSELEY, GEORGE, JR. Sumter, S. C. Enka, N. C. MOSES. DOLORES T. MOSKOS, VASILIKI i MUNN, SANDRA M. Sumter, S. C. Columbia, S, C. Charleston, S. C. Augusta, Ga. JUNIORS MURDAUGH, RANDOLPH Varnville, S. C. MURPHREE, DONALD E. North Augusta, S. C. NEAL, ROY B. Lancaster, S. C. NELKEN, M. WINIFRED Camden, S. C. NEWMAN, EVERETTE S. South Charleston, W. Va, NICKLES, WILLIAM, II Abbeville, S. C. NICOLETTI, JOSEPH P. Freeport, N. Y. NOLAN, SANDRA Camden, S. C. O ' BRIEN, HARRY D, „ Columbia, S. C. ORR, ROSEMARY B. North Augusta, S. C. OUZTS, GRACE L. Greenwood, S. C. PADGETT, JOEL L. Laurens, S. C. PARK, BEVERLY J. PARKER, LLOYD B PATE, ALLEN C. PATRICK, DALE Greenville, S. C. Sumter, S. C. Florence, S. C. Ehrhardt, S. C. PATRICK, RABUN N., JR. Atlanta, Ga. PERRY, RICHARD K. Yonges Island, S. C. PETERSON, GAYLE F. North Augusta, S. C. PHILPOT, IRVIN H., JR. Greenville, S. C. PIEDMONT, JAMES R. Charleston Heights, S. C. PIERCE, JAMES E., JR. Lancaster, S. C. PLATTS, FRANCIS H. Estill, S. C. PREACHER, PATRICIA Lexington, S. C. PRINCE, TERRY B. Spartanburg, S. C. PURVIS, MELVIN H. Florence, S. C. PUTZ, CELESTIN P. „ Columbia, S. C. OUINN, MICHAEL H. Loris, S. C. RAY, CHARLES K. Union, S. C. RHAME, JAMES LEE, JR. Columbia, S. C. RHAME, SANDRA W RHODES, FAYE RHODES, HOYT M. Columbia, S. C. Estill, S. C. Florence, S. C. RICCOBONI, MARIE E. Sumter, S. C. RICHTER, WOLFGANG D. Haddonfield, N. J. RIGBY, ROSE ANN Columbia, S. C. Gaston, S. C. Aiken, S. C. RISTER, WILLIAM L. RIVENBARK, WENDY ROBERTS, A. J., JR. Fort Mill, S. C. ROGERS, FLEETWOOD F. Marion, S. C. ROGERS, GARY J. Easley, S. C. ROGERSON, NANCY C. Columbia, S. C. 127 EHL.1H1 nnrai ROLLINS, FRANKLIN W. Kershaw, S. C. ROOF, MARY ALVA Columbia, S. C. ROOF, VOLIE L., JR. Lexington, S. C, ROSE, HAROLD A. Sardinia, S. C. ROSS, WILLIAM G., JR. North Charleston, S. C. ROSSON, EVELINE C. Orangeburg, S. C. ROUNTREE, AUBREY E. WlLLISTON, S. C. ROUNTREE, EMILY I. WlLLISTON, S. C. RUCKER, JOYCE A. Swansea, S. C. RUCKER, ROGER Swansea, S. C, RUSH, THOMAS H., JR. Olanta, S. C. RYON, JILL H. AlKEN, S. C. JUNIORS SANDERS, DAN Elberton, Ga. SANDERS, LAMAR T. Walhalla, S. C. SANDIFER, ROBERT M. Columbia, S. C. SARGENT, JAMES K. Lyman, S. C. SAWYER, HORACE W. Johnston, S. C. SCHOFIELD, BEVERLY Rock Hill, S. C. SCHWARTZ, JEROME L. Charleston, S. C. SCOTT, CRAIG K. Prosperity, S. C. SCOTT, JOYCE G. Gaffney, S. C. SCRUGGS, THOMAS G. Gaffney, S. C. SELLERS, DOROTHY E. Spartanburg, S. C. SETZER, WILLIAM H. Rock Hill, S. C. SEXTON, FRANCES J. Greenville, S. C. SEXTON, HEYWARD E. Columbia, S. C. SHAKIB, IRAJ Teheran, Iran SHAW, RUSSEL K. Columbia, S. C. SHEALY, JOEL W. Leesville, S. C. SHELLEY, HENRY G. Marion, S. C. SHINE, SARA Columbia, S. C. SHIVES, WILLIAM W. LlNCOLNTON, N, C. SHRIVALLE, WADE B., JR. Charleston, S. C. SIMPSON, HARRY L. Summerville, S. C. SIMPSON, WILLIAM A. Greenwood, S. C. SMITH, BOB L. Spahtanbuhg, S. C. SMITH, HAROLD C. Columbia, S. C. SMITH, HAROLD T. Greenville, S. C. SMITH, JAMES G. Columbia, S. C. SMITH, JOHN S. Westminsteh, S. C. SMITH, ROBERT E. Willi amston, S. C. SMITH, RODERICK E. Columbia, S. C. SMITH, SETH M„ JR. SMOAK, JOSEPH F. SNYD2R, TOM Fairfax, S. C. Orangeburg, S. C. SPEARS, ROBERT E SOLES, QUINN B. SOJOURNER, F. E, Cumberland, Md. Columbia, S. C. Tabor City, N. C. Charleston, S. C. SOX, FREDDY K. West Columbia, S. C SPANN, JERRY E. Greenville, S. C. SPEARS, MARY B. Darlington, S. C. SPEED, MARY J. Columbia, S. C. STEVENS, LEONARD N. Buffalo, S. C STILL, HENRY D. Blackville, S. C. 128 STONE, EUGENE E., IV Greenville, S. C. STONE, GENE Florence, S. C. STORK, SANDRA H. Columbia, S. C. STRAUSBAUGH, F. W. Port Royal, S. C. STRICKLAND, RONALD Columbia, S. C. STROMAN, ARTHUR, III Orangeburg, S. C. STUCK, VADEN A. Little Mountain, S. C. STURDIVANT, SARA K. Columbia, S. C. STURKIE, GRACE Columbia, S. C. SWYGERT, FRANKLIN D. Leesville, S. C. TALLEY, WILLIAM G., JR. Adel, Ga. TAYLOR, ANDREW J. Columbia, S. C. JUNIORS TAYLOR, ANN G. Manning, S. C. TAYLOR, W. FRANK, JR. Columbia, S. C. TEEMS, ROBERT A. Sumter, S. C. TENISON, VIRGINIA T. Columbia, S. C. THOMAS, CORNELIA Columbia, S. C. THOMAS, JOHN Rains, S. C. THOMPSON, CHARLEY, JR. Hollywood, S. C. THOMPSON, JOSEPH M. Aiken, S. C. THOMPSON, WAYNE A. Graniteville, S. C. TIBSHRANY, BADIEH Columbia, S. C. TTMMERMAN, HELEN S. Edgefield, S. C. TIMMONS, HARRIETT E. Manning, S. C. TIMMONS, JOSEPH A. Winnsboro, S. C. TODD, JAMES M., JR. Orangeburg, S. C. TRIBBLE, JEROME S. Charleston, S. C TRIMMIER, THOMAS L. North Augusta, S. C. TUTEN, WILLIAM J. Estill, S. C. TWITTY, JAMES A. Kershaw, S. C. VAUGHAN, BOBBY H. Greenville, S. C. VERDERY, JOSEPH H. Columbia, S. C. VICKERY, JACQUELINE Anderson, S. C. VON KOLNITZ, LUCILLA Columbia, S. C. WAINNER, THOMAS E. Columbia, S. C. WALKUP, WILLIAM B. Columbia, S. C. WALLENBURG, ELIZABETH S. Aiken, S. C. WALSH, BELVA J. Winnsboro, S. C. WARD, MARCIA K. Graniteville, S. C. WATTS, LEILA Cheraw, S. C. WEBB, TROY A. Wytheville, Va. WEHRUNG, CHARLES S. Myrtle Beach, S. C. WEISS, PETER E. Aruba, Netherlands, Antilles WELLS, DONALD R. Albany, Ga. WEST, DAVID P. Salisbury, N. C. WHATLEY, JAMES E., JR. Johnston, S. C. WHITE, BETTY R. Columbia, S. C. WHITE, VIRGIL Roanoke Hafids, N. C. WHITTLE, THOMAS S, JR. Columbia, S. C. WILBANKS, JOHNNY Union, S. C. WILLIAMS, ANNE P. Williams, S. C. WILLIAMS, FRED C. Fairfax, S. C. WILLIAMS, GENE Moncks Corner, S. C. WILLIAMS, GEORGE T. Columbia, S. C. EIHL 3 129 JUNIORS WILLIAMS, PATRICIA WILLIS, RALPH V. Savannah, Ga. Wageneh, S. C. WILSON, BARBARA R. Jacksonville, Fla. WINBURN, HOWARD J. Hartsville, S. C. WINGARD, RONALD B. Cayce, S. C. WINGATE, CAROLYN A. KlNGSTREE, S. C. WITHERSPOON, JOSEPH Columbia, S. C. WOLFF, WILLIAM G. Anderson, S. C. WOODRUFF, B. W., JR. Columbia, S. C. WOODWARD, THOMAS L. Lyman, S. C. WOODWARD, WILLIAM M. LuGOFF, S. C. WORKMAN, JANE E, Woodruff, S. C. YARBROUGH, VIRGINIA Charleston, S. C. YOUNG, CLARISSA M. BlSHOPVILLE, S. C. YOUNG, MARION J., JR. Spartanburg, S. C. ZEAGLER, FRANKIE H. Columbia, S. C. ZIMMERMAN, H. D., JR. Inman, S. C. Orientation Counselor Bobby Hunt offers a helping hand to a fully befuddled student during the fall registration. 130 Sophomores B. Hunt, B. Roper, M. Dabbs, S. McLaurin. Sophomore Class Officers BOBBY HUNT President BLAND ROPEB Vice-President MARTHA DABBS . . . Secretary-Treasurer SUSAN McLAURIN Historian 132 ABBOT, RICHARD W. Darlington, S. C. ABERCROMBIE, S. W. Aiken, S. C. ABERNETHY, RICHARD Columbia, S. C. ADAIR, BARBARA P. Greenville, S. C. ADAIR, LYLES C. Clinton, S. C. ADAIR, THOMAS C, JR. Columbia, S. C. ADAMS, BARBARA J. Charleston, S. C. ADAMS, CARL W., JR. Columbia, S. C. ADAMS, NANCY J. Clinton, S. C. ADKINS, WARREN Y., JR. Hemingway, S. C. ALBRECHT, WILLIAM T. Isle of Palms, S. C. ALFORD, RENA L. Dillon, S. C. SOPHOMORES ALLAN, PETER O. Columbia, S. C. ALLBRITTON, RICHARD Charleston, S. C. ALLEN, JOHN B., JR. COLUMHIA, S. C. ALLEN, LARRY V. Kincstree, S. C. ALLEN, MARTHA J. Charleston Heights, S. C. ALLRED, IRIS A. West Columbia, S. C. ALSBROOKS, C. L., JR. Sumter, S. C. ANDERSON, ALLEN C. Greensboro, N. C. ANDES, ROY G., JR. Belvedere, S. C. ANDREWS, ALFRED, JR. Charleston, S. C. ARAZIE, NORMAN E. Columbia, S. C. ARMBUSTER, LARRY Columbia, S. C. ARIAIL, NANCY L. ASH, ROBERT F. ASHLEY, JEANNE Greenville, S. C. Glen Rock, N. J. Walterboro, S. C. BAILEY, ROBERT K. Charlotte, N. C. BAILEY, THOMAS H. Charleston, S. C. BAKER, KENNETH H. Camden, S. C. BALDWIN, JAMES Crescent Beach, S. C BALDWIN, MARY E. Crescent Beach, S. C. BARRINEAU, THOMAS B. Andrews, S. C. BARRON, GERALDINE R. Chester, S. C. BARTELL, SARAH H. Hemingway, S. C. BASKIN, FRANCES H. Columbia, S. C. BATSON, STEPHEN H BEAN, JAMES K BEATSON, JAMES A BEATTIE, HARVIE H. BECK, GLENN D. BEERS, RONALD C Lyman, S. C. Greenville, S. C. Manning, S. C. Wisacky, S. C. Denison, Iowa Palmerton, Pa. BEHLING, CHARLES F. St. Geogre, S. C. BELK, HYBERT M., JR. Lake City, S. C. BELL, GAYLE Camden, S. C. BELL, MARGUERITE A. Charleston, S. C. BENEDICT, LEON, JR. Spartanburg, S. C. BENNETT, WILLIAM C. LOCKHART, S. C. BERNAT, PHOEBE E. BERRY, JAMES K. Clio, S. C. Spartanburg, S. C. BERRY, REBECCA A. Swansea, S. C. BETSILL, SAMMY F. Columbia, S. C. BEVIS, BETTY M. Columbia, S. C. BICKLEY, JUDITH C. Columbia, S. C. 133 BLACKWELL, JIMMY Hartsville, S, C. BOLAND, ALFBED S. Pom aria, S. C. BOOTH, MABILYN D. Wilmington, N. C. BOOTH, OLIVER H. Columbia, S. C. BOOZEB, MARTHA A. Columbia, S. C. BOROM, MARJORIE E. Columbia, S. C. BORRINI, JOHN W. Camden, S. C BOTTORFF, GARALD L. Clarksville, Ind. BOULWARE, ROBERT E. Columbia, S. C. BOWERS, BRENDA E. Columbia, S. C. BOYCE, JANE W. Lancaster, S. C. BOYD, BARBARA Ocean City, N. J. SOPHOMORES BOYD, BENJAMIN B. Columbia, S. C. BRADLEY, GRADY F. Kershaw, S. C. BRADLEY, HERBERT, JR. Columbia, S. C. BRADLEY, ROBERT F. Columbia, S. C. BRADSHAW, CHARLIE E. Society Hill, S. C. BRAKEFIELD, CHARLES Lowrys, S. C. BRANDON, BETTY J. BRICE, JIMMY T. BROCK, MARY C. Columbia, S. C, York, S. C. Honea Path, S. C. BROUGHTON, MARION D. Mt. Pleasant, S. C. BROWN, GEORGE G. Calhoun Falls, S. C. BROWN, STEVE Greer, S. C. BRUCE, ANNA J. Columbia, S. C. BRUNER, HARRIET A. Newberry, S. C. BRYANT, JUDY W. Atlanta, Ga. BRYANT, MARGARET E. Marion, S. C. BRYANT, MARTHA S. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. BUCKLEY, MARTIN B. Columbia, S. C. BUNDY, JOSEPHINE A. Bennettsville, S. C. BURGESS, BARBARA L. Columbia, S. C. BURNETTE, LINDA J. Myrtle Beach, S. C. BUTLER, NANCY R. Columbia, S. C. CAHALY, PHILLIP C. Greenville, S. C. CALMES, ALAN R. Greenville, S. C. CAMPBELL, WILLIAM W. Columbia, S, C. CANADAY, ARCHIE T. Moncks Corner, S. C. CAPELL, ROBERT D. Easley, S. C. CARMICHAEL, CHARLES Aynor, S. C. CARR, MELVIN W., JR. Columbia, S. C. CARR, PATRICIA A. Joanna, S. C. CARROLL, JEAN Gaffney, S. C. CARTER, HOWARD C, JR. Florence, S. C. CASEY, REBECCA B. Columbia, S. C. CASSIDY, IDA L. Gaston, S. C. CAUTHEN, HENRY F. Columbia, S. C. CHANCE, KENNETH R. North Augusta, S. C. CHANDLER, JAMES R. Clinton, S. C. CHAPPELL, JOHN W. Newberry, S. C, CHAPPELL, MICHAEL C. Prosperity, S. C. CHESTNUT, BARBARA L. Conway, S. C. COBB, DAVID D. Winston-Salem, N. C. COBB, DAVID H. Columbia, S. C. cAAlAil b " 0% fV " H " " ' . E PS 134 COKER, MURRY S. Greenville, S. C. COLEMAN, ROBERT C. Greenville, S. C. COLEY, JAMES L., JR. Wilmington, N, C. COLLINS, PAUL W. Greenville, S. C. COLLINS, RICHARD H. Florence, S. C. CCLLUM, LAURA LOIS Lexington, S. C. CONRAD, ALICE J, COOKE, THOMAS R. COOPER, PAT Chester, S. C. Columhia, S. C. Conwav, S. C COPELAND, RICHARD Mayersville, S. C. CORBETT, GLORIA E. Orangehurg, S. C. CORLEY, MARION W. B. Lexington, S. C. SOPHOMORES COTHRAN, MARY COULSON, MARY L COUTSOS, GLORIA COX, EDGAR L. Charlotte, N. C. Aiken, S. C. Columhia, S. C. Johnsonville, S. C. COX, THOMAS F., JR. Laurens, S. C. CRAFTS, GEORGE, III Savannah, Ga. CREECH, RICHARD L. CRONIN, CLYDE Kline, S. C. Vienna, W. Va. CROSBY, HENRY E., Ill RlDGELAND, S. C. CROSIER, PATRICIA A. Orangeburg, S. C. CROSWELL, NORMA E. Columbia, S. C. CROWE, LYNDA Charleston, S. C. CROWLEY, DOROTHY A. Sumter, S. C. CULLER, SALLEY W. Orangeburg, S. C. CUNNINGHAM, KATHERN Cayce, S. C. CURRY, CHARLES E. MULLINS, S. C. CURRY, HAGOOD LEE MULLINS, S. C. DABBS, MARTHA R. Sumter, S. C. DALISA, JOHN JAMES Mt. Vernon, N. Y. DANIEL, MICHAEL R. Gaffney, S. C. DANTZLER, RUBY KAY Holly Hill, S. C. DAVIS, BOBBY LEWIS Columbia, S. C. DAVIS, KENNETH LEE Greenville, S. C. DAVIS, PATRICIA E. Laurens, S. C. DELOACH, LUCRETIA D. Montgomery, Ala. DERHAM, SUE B. __ Columbia, S. C. DEBRICK, VAL JEAN „ „ Columbia, S. C. DICKERSON, MARGARET „ „ Aiken, S. C. DICKSON, JAMES H. _. Fort Mill, S. C. DIMOCK, WYNNE C. Marietta, Ga. DIVINE, TYLER WELCH Myrtle Beach, S. C. DIXON, ROBERT L. Sumter, S. C. DOSCHER, ELIZABETH Charleston, S. C. DOUGHTY, LUCILLE Charleston, S. C. DUCOM, MARY BRENT Sumter, S. C. DUPRIEST, NINA J. Jackson, S. C. EASTERLING, CAROL Denmark, S. C. EBNER, BARBARA JO Ft. Fierce, Fla. EDWARDS, DON LARRY Greenville, S. C. EDWARDS, MAXIE E. Greer, S. C. EIDSON, BILL Elkin, N. C. EJLALI, ABDOL HAMID Abadan Iran 135 nun.1 Mi EJLALI, ABDOL MAJID Abadan, Iran ELLERBE, JO ANNE Columbia, S. C. EMERSON, BENJAMIN D. Camden, S. C. ENTER, JOHN WM. Charleston, S. C. EPPS, GEORGE E. North Charleston, S. C. EPSTEIN, LOWELL Charleston, S. C FAILE, JAMES A. Lancaster, S. C. FAILE, MARTHA E. Columbia, S. C. FAIREY, JOHNNY, III Rowesville, S. C. FALLAW, SALLIE I. Charleston, S. C. FARR, AMANDA C. Columbia, S. C. FARROW, LARRY JOE Fountain Inn, S. C. SOPHOMORES FAULK, MARTHA JO Columbia, S. C. FENNESSY, RONALD N. Charleston, S. C FERGUSON, PATRICIA Yohk, S. C. FINLEY, JAMES R. Columbia, S. C FISCHER, CHARLOTTE Charleston, S. C FLEMING, BEN Moncks Corner, S. C. FLOYD, HARLAN THAY FORE, NINA J. FOX, NEIL RICE FREEMAN, DAVID E Nichols, S. C. Union, S. C. Columbia, S. C. Columbia, S. C FULLER, JULIA ANN Mount Holly, N. C. FULLMORE, E. THOMAS North Charleston, S. C. FULMER, RODDIE H. Johnston, S. C FULTON, CLARK W., JR. Sarasota, Pla. FURR, PATRICIA L. Hartsville, S. C GALLOWAY, SCOTTIE L. Columbia, S. C GAMBLE, ROBBIE E. Columbia, S. Ij. GANTT, LINDA Lexington, 3. tj. GARRISON, SARA JO Columbia, S. . GATES, MIRIAM ELSIE Lexington, S. C GEORGE, MARY EVELYN Washington, D. C GIBBS, BOBBIE ANN Lexington, a. C GLASER, JAMES R. Walterboro, S. C GLYMPH, ROBERT P. Pomaria, S. C GOODMAN, GRAYSON A. Hollywood, S. C GOODRICH, JOEL D., JR. Fayetteville, N. C GRABENSTETTER, A. M. Metuchen, N. J. GRAVES, VERNA Bluffton, S. C GRAGG, LINDA K. Charlotte, N. C GRAY, CARROLL D„ JR. Gray Court, S. C GRAY, DORIS V. Laurens, S, C GREEN, AARON JAY Philadelphia, Pa. GREEN, BILL Columbia, S. C. GREGORY, CLAIRE L. Spartanburg, S. C. GRIFFIN, DELORES H. Ware Shoals, S. C. GRIFFIN, HAROLD, JR. Orangeburg, S. C. GRIFFIN, ROBERT W. GUILD, JOSEPH R. Florence, S. C. Savannah, Ga. GUNTER, BOB NOLAN Batesburg, S. C. GUNTER, GLENDA Langley, S. C. GYLES, JOHNNIE M. Aiken, S. C. HALL, CHARLES H ,JR. Orangeburg, S. C. 136 HALL, HUGER T., Ill Aiken, S. C. HAMBRIGHT, FRANCES Clover, b. C HARLEY, GLORIA ANNE Columbia, S. C HARLEY, JEAN CAROL Columbia, S. C. HARLEY, JOAN ELIZ. Warrenville, S. C HARLEY, JOE LEGARE Hartsville, S. C HARMON, LINDA KAYE Lexington, S. C HARRIOTT, GERRI B. WALTERBORO, 3. j. HARRIS, WILLIAM F. Creedmore, N. C. HARRISON, PHILIP T. Denmark, S. C. HARSHAW, JAMES E. McConnells, a. C HART, MARY ANN Columbia, S. C SOPHOMORES HARTER, EDWARD W. Columbia, S. C. HARTER, JIMMY N. Fairfax, S. C. HAWKINS, JERRY C. Cheraw, S. C. HAWKS, BOBBIE LEE Columbia, S. C HAYDEN, ROBERT J. North, S. C. HAYES, MARY JANE Columbia, S. C HAYNIE, DAVID V. Reedville, Va. HEADLEY, WILLIAM E. Florence, S. C. HEAPE, BRANFORD E. Charleston, S. C HELLAMS, ROBERT M. Columbia, S. C. HERLONG, WILLIAM L. Gaston, S. C. HERNDON, MIMI H. Bamberg, S. C HESHMATI, SHAHRASBI Tehran, Iran HICKMAN, J. ROGER Princeton, W. Va. HICKS, MARY K. Columbia, a. . HILL, VERNON ARTHUR Columbia, S. C. HILTON, MARY W. Manning, S. C. HINES, LUCY K. Columbia, S. C HINNANT, WILLIAM, JR. Columbia, S. C HIX, RAYMOND JULIAN Anderson, S. C HIXSON, EVELYN P. Columbia, S. C HOFFMAN, STANLEY M. Charleston, S. C. HOGG, DAVID JORDAN Columbia, S. C HOLLAND, SANDRA L. Greenville, a. l . HOOD, DUANE HOOD, PEGGY Bamberg, S. C Chester, S. C. HOOK, REEDY O., JR. Lexington, S. C HORNSBY, SANDRA L. Columbia, S. C HOT1NGER, DORIS KAY Columbia, S. C. HOW ATT, FRANKLYN J. Mt. Pleasant, S. C. HOWELL, JAMES P. Columbia, S. C. HOWELL, JOHN Columbia, S. C. HOWELL, ROBERT MACA Sumter, S. C. HUBBARD, CAREY B. Bennettsville, S. C. HUDSON, CLYDE E. Sumter, S. C. HUSKINS, JOHN G. ■ Chester, S. C. HUTH, DONALD WM. Buffalo, N. Y. INMAN, ADOLPH W. Conway, S. C. JACKSON, ALLAN OWEN Batesburg, S. C. JAMES, BENJAMIN, JR. Eastover, S. C. JEFFCOAT, SIDNEY, JR. Orangeburg, S. C. JEFFORDS, FRANKIE R. Florence, S. C, UU IM 137 JOHNSON, JOYCE E. Charleston, S. C. JOHNSON, THOMAS, JR. Landrum, S. C. JONES, DAMARIS P. West Columbia, S. C. JONES, JULIAN W., JR. West Columbia, S. C. JONES, VIRGINIA C. Greenville, S. C. JORDAN, JOSEPH T. Charleston, S. C. JORDAN, WILLIAM, JR. Florence, S. C. JORDAN, WILLIAM D. Conway, S. C. KAISER, KAY ALICE Columbia, S. C. KAPLAN, KAY W. Columbia, S. C. KAUFMAN, CARL L. Bbunswick, Ga. KELLEY, LYNDON B. Anderson, S. C. SOPHOMORES KELLY, BARBARA LEE Columbia, S. C. KELLY, JUDIETH NELL Columbia, S. C. KENNEDY, JEAN C. New Zion, S. C. KETCHIN, CHRISTINE WlNNSBOBO, S. C. KEZIAH, WALTER P., JR. LlNCOLNTON, N. C. KHOURY, GLORIA M. Columbia, S. C KING, BARBARA V. Hendebsonville, N. C. KING, JEROMIE LEE Columbia, S. C. KING, LOWELL J. Swansea, S. C. KING, TAZEWELL A., JR. West Columbia, S. C. KIRIAKIDES, LIBBY Gbeenville, S. C. KIRKLAND, ALTON S. Florence, S. C. KIRKLAND, JAMES B. WlLLISTON, S. C. KIRKPATRICK, H. M., JR. Great Falls, S. C. KNIGHT, GLORIA L. Harleyville, S. C. KNOX, JANET MARIE Columbia, S. C. KOHN, THEODORE B., JR. Columbia, S. C. KOHUT, STEVIE Fort Mill, S. C. KOON, DONALD AUBREY Batesrurg, S. C. KOSCIW, THOMAS L. Springfield, Mass. KREBS, SARA KELLY Arlington, Va. KUSTRIN, RICHARD C. Columbia, S. C. LAIRD, JOE BRUNSON Columbia, S. C. LAITALA, ELLIS E. Clemson, S. C. LAMOTTE, FRANCIS G. Columbia, S. C. LANCASTER, WALTER C. Holly Hill, S. C. LANG, MARGARET G. Columbia, S. C. LATHAM, PHILLIP L. Columbia, S. C. LAWSON, CAROLYN V. Massapequa Park, N. Y. LAWSON, THOMAS E., JR. Columbia, S. C. LAZZARINO, ANN C. Brooklyn, N. Y. LEACH, WILLIAM M. Abbeville, S. C. LEAVITT, MARY M. Columbia, S. C. LEIFERMANN, LINDA Aiken, S. C. LENNON, DOROTHY F. Dillon, S. C. LENTZ, HELEN MARIE Asheville, N. C. LEE, WILLIAM R. Columbia, S. C. LEVENTIS, GEORGIANNA Columbia, S. C. LINDSAY, ROGER J. Spabtanbubg, S. C. LINKER, FRANKLIN T. Mooresville, N. C. LIPSCOMB, BRUCE Newberry, S. C. ■■■■■; ■ - -. life " .:L.frA ! l LIPSCOMB, WM. O., JR Ha artsville, S. C. 138 LONG, ANN LONG, ANNETTE LONG. MARY ANN LOTT, JO ANN Greenville, S. C. Walhalla, S. C. Union, S. C. Columbia, S. C. MADDEN, FAYE JAY Clearwater, S. C. MADDEN, JAMES D. Garrison, Md. MANSELL, PHILIP L. Grants Pass, S. C. MARSDEN, LEO JOSEPH Jacksonville, Fla. MARSHALL, JULIE Aiken, S. C. MARTIN, DOUGLAS D. Chester, S. C. MARTIN, JAMES O. Blackville, S. C MARTIN, L. ANN Greenville, S. C. SOPHOMORES MARTIN, NANCY FAY Columbia, S. C. MASON, ALAN CALHOUN Columbia, S. C. MASUR, BARBARA Isle of Palms, S. C. MATHIS, EUGENE C. Trenton, S. C. MATTOCK, GORDON Society Hill, S. C. MAY, SARAH ALICE Clinton, S. C. MAYS, DON PINKNEY Yemassee, S. C. McCartney, anita l. Laurens, S. C. McCLENDON, CARL LEE T. Edgefield, S. C. McCRIGHT, MARY C. WlNNSBORO, S. C. McCUEN, SAMUEL E., JR. Columbia, S. C. Mcdowell, melinda k. Columbia, S. C. Mcdowell, Theodore Newberry, S. C. McELVEEN, A. J., Ill Columbia, S. C. MclNTOSH, JAMES Greenville, S. C. McKEOWN, LUCIUS DON Chester, S. C. Mcknight, margaret Charleston, S. C. McKINNEY, ABIGAIL B. Denmark, S. C. McLAURIN, SUSAN A. Myrtle Beach, S. C. McLEAN, CHARLES E. Sussex, N. J. McMASTER, KITTY R. WlNNSBORO, S. C. McMillan, carl b. MULLINS, S. C McMillan, Stephen a. Lake City, S. C. McNAIR, MADELINE Williston, S. C. McQueen, jimmy McColl, S. C. McWATERS, BARBARA L. Columbia, S. C. MEADOWCROFT, JEFFRY Charleston, S. C. MERCHANT, HELEN W. Johnston, S. C. MERRITT, ADELAIDE R. Easley, S. C. MERRITT, HENRY N. Lake City, S. C. MICHELSEN, KATHLEEN Columbia, S. C. MILLER, BILLIE L. Aiken. S. C. MILLS, JAMES R. Columbia, S. C. MIXON. ELSIE I. Columbia, S. C. MOBARAK, KAMAL A. Columbia, S. C. MOBLEY, PATRICIA I. Augusta, Ga. MOELLER, PAUL A., JR. Syracuse, N. Y. MONETTE, NEAL Falls Church, Va. MOREHEAD, HARRIETTE Newberry, S. C MORGAN, DAPHNE Nichols, S. C. MORRIS, DON HARVEY New Zion, S. C. MORRIS, PATRICIA A. Charleston, S. C. 13 9 MOOD, LILLIAN H. SuMMERTON, S. C. MOORE, BRENDA C. Manning, S. C. MOORE, VICTOR LYNN Bennettsville, S. C. MOORIS, JOSEPH LEE Columbia, S. C. MORROW, JOHN B. Greenville, S. C. MOSELEY, ROBERT D. Gaffney, S. C. MOSELEY, SYLVIA A. Columbia, S. C. MOSS, FRANCES L. Spartanburg, S. C. MOSS, JAMES L., Ill York, S. C. MULHERIN, VIRGINIA Augusta, Ga. MURPHY, RICHARD J. Danbury, Conn. MURRAY, FLECHTER A. West Columbia, S. C. SOPHOMORES MYERS, WILTON PAYNE Spartanburg, S. C NASH, BILLI BETHE Spartanburg, S. C NASH, ROBERT E., JR. Concord, N. C. NEAL, DOT Travelers Rest, S. C. NEELY, JOSEPH FRED Clinton, S. C. NEESE, DELORIS A. Swansea, S. C. NELSON, MARGARET V. Whitmire, S. C. NICHOLS, EMERSON, JR. Mountville, S. C. NOBLES, BETTY LOU Georgetown, S. C . NOE, JOHN THOMAS Spartanburg, S. C. NOLEN, JAMES HOWARD Lake City, S. C. O ' CONNELL. DENNIS P. Walterboro, S. C. O ' DELL, AMELIA SUE BlSHOPVILLE, S. C. O ' SHIELDS, JUDITH A. Union, S. C. OSWALD, CAROL LEE Lexington, S. C. OTIS, WILLIAM L. Columbia, S. C. OTT, KENNETH SIDNEY Bowman, S. C. OWEN, EDMUND C. Anderson, S. C. Saluda, S. C. Eastover, S. C. Gaffney, S. C. PARKMAN, FRED M. PARNELL, RUBY S. PARRIS, DONALD M. PEEPLES, RODNEY A. Hampton, S. C. PENDARVIS, BENNIE C. Allendale, S. C. PERDUE, DECOY G. Patrick, S. C. PFALZGRAF, JOHN R. Parkersburg, W. Va. PHILLIPS, NORMAN R. Wellford, S. C. PHILLIPS, SANDRA K. Gaffney, S. C. PILCHER, FRANCES V. Charlotte, N. C. PLANER, CHARLES WM. Johnston, S. C. FLAYER, TRELLIS E. Florence, S. C. POPE, SARAH L. Columbia, S. C. PORTER, CORDELL P. Springfield, S. C. PORTER, SANDRA J. Myrtle Beach, S. C. PORTH, VIVIAN M. Columbia, S. C. POWELL, WILLIAM Columhia, S. C POWER, JOHN R. Saluda, S. C POWER, MARY SANDRA Columbia, S. C. PRINGLE, JAMES A. Sumter, S. C PRITCHER, JO BESSIE Ehrhardt, S. C. PRUITT, THOMAS H. Ware Shoals, S. C. PUGH, RICHARD G. Charleston, S. C. QUARLES, RUBY E. Columbia, S. C. 140 QUATTLEBAUM, MARY o K umba s c RABON, CAROLYN E. $ Q RAKESTRAW, LINDA g E enville s c RAST, BYRON GERARD ameron s c RAST, MARY ELAINE Cameron s c REAMES, PAMELA D. nE; Myrtle Beach, S. C. REBHAN. «OBERT a PAUL bubc w Va REED, JOHNNY R. Neeses s . c . REED, MARY CLAIRE Columbia, S. C. RENTZ, WILLIAM H. Columbia s c RHAME. MIRIAM V koLLYHiLL sc RHETT, ROBERT C. " Charleston, S . C. SOPHOMORES RHODES, SARAH JANE «. c RICHARDSON, F. W. Columbja s c RICHARDSON, L. L i m II sonville s c RICHEY, L. MICHAEL Columbia s c RICKENBACKER, R. H C LLY s c RISINGER, KILLIAN B. Lexington, a. C. RITCHART, JOHN D. Charleston, S. C. RIVERS, MARGARET M. Charleston, S. C ROBERTS, RONALD E. Lockhart, a. C ROCKAFELLOW, RICHARD Columbia, S. C ROGERS, JAMES D Greenville, S. C. ROGERSON, PHILIP C. Kingstree, a. C. ROMAN, GORDON G. Babylon, N. i. ROPER, ROBERT BLAND Laurens, a. C ROSE, THOMAS M., JR. Camden, S. C ROSEMAN, RICHARD Y Hickory, N. C. ROUNDTREE, JUDITH A. Union, S. C ROWLAND, ALICE ELIZ. Laubens, S. C. ROWLAND, JAMES F. Charleston, S. C ROZIER, DORIS JEAN Columbia, S. C RUCKER, JAMES S., JR. Monetta, S. C RUSSELL, ELIZABETH Columbia, S. I.. RUSSELL, RICHARD A. Keysville, jA. SANDERS, GWYNNE L. Columbia, a. C SANDERS, LUANNE H SANDERS, TOMMY M. SARVIS, BILLY S. Aiken, S. C. Chester, S. C. Nichols, S. C. SATTERFIELD, JIMMY Lancaster, a. C SAUNDERS, ROBERT Manassas, Va. SAYLOR, JAMES T. Swansea, a. C SCOTT, SARAH ELIZ. Prosperity, a. C SEABORN, WILLIAM P. Greenwood, a. . SECKEL, ANN R. . „ Newark, Ohio SELF, WILLIAM OSCE Columbia, b. C SENN, EDNA LEE Laurens, a. C SEYBT, WYATT A., Ill Greenville, a. c SEYMOUR, JAMES D. - Whitmire, a. C SHARPE, MARVIN L., JR. Columbia, a. C SHEALY, GAIL I. _ „ _ Cayce, S. C. SHEALY, LELAND D. Parr, S. C. SHEHEEN, EMMET F. Camden, a. C SHEHEEN, MARTHA ANN Columbia, S. C 141 SHELTON, CARL M., JR. Columbia, S. C. SHIRLEY, JERRY LEE Camden, S. C. SHULER, MARTHA S. Holly Hill, S. C. SIEGEL, BARBARA M. „ , „ Anderson, S. C. SIMONS, JAMES B. „ T ... „ Columbia, S. C. SLAY, JO ANNE Charleston Heights, S. C. SMITH, CHARLES A. ,.....„.. Denmark, S. C. SMITH, CHARLES A., JR. „..._ Chester, S. C. SMITH, DORRIS JUNE SMITH, FREDERICK A. SI ° N ' S ' C ' r.,.™.. „ Orangeburg, S. C. SMITH, GRAHAM M. Wilmington, N. C SMITH, HAROLD T. York, S. C. SOPHOMORES SMITH, INEZ D. SMITH, MICHAEL L. SMITH. RAY MILTON Florence, S. C. Swansea, S. C. Florence, S. C. SMITH. ROBERT L. North Augusta, S. C SMITH, ROBERT P., JR. „.„„ Florence, S. C SMITH, WILLIAM HEAR Florence, S. C SMIPES, MARY AGNES SOLTIS, ANITA JOYCE SOWERS, CAROL B. Columbia, S. C. Laurens, S. C. Toledo, Ohio SPEER, ELIZABETH J. __ Monoks Corner, S. C STEADMAN, JAMES E. _,_ „ Denmark, S. C ST. JOHN, JAMES B., JR Sanford, Fla STONE, CARL V. STORY, MARTHA F. STOVER, GERALD Gaffney, S. C. Columbia, S. C. Kershaw, S. C. STRADLEY, JAMES W. „ Columbia, S. C. STUCK, ION WARREN Little Mountain, S. C. SWINK, THERESA D. Gaffney, S. C. TATE, ROLAND E. Hickory Crove, N. C. TAYLOR, EDWARD N. Blvthewood, S. C TAYLOR, FRANKLIN E. „ ., Holly Hill, S. C. TAYLOR, MYRTLE T. „ _ St. Matthews, S. C. THEM, DORAN R. Charleston, S. C. THEOS, HELEN P. Charleston, S. C. THOMAS, JAMES, JR. Perth Amboy, N. I. THOMAS. LARRY C. St. Matthews, S. C. THOMPSON, BETTY J, Jacksonville, Fla. TILTON, EDWARD H„ JR. Chart. eston, S. C. TIMMERMAN, HENRY, JR. Greenwood, S. C. TIMMERMAN, JOHN P. North Augusta, S. C. TINDALL, HENRY B. TISDALE, ROBERT J. TOBIAS, JAMES C. Neeses, S. C. Alcolu, S. C. Columbia, S. C. TOPOREK. HASKELL D. Charleston, S. C. TRUESDALE, JAMES E. _«..-. Columbia, S. C. TRUSSELL, GLENDA E. Thomasville, Ga. TUCKER, CHARLES J. Greenville, S. C TURNER, HARRY A. ......... ... Columbia, S. C. TURNER, IOHN N. TURPIN, BARRY P. Pamp " c ° ' S C UPCHURCH.ROYF. Hd «- " »-s.c. .,«„ . .„, Charleston, S. C. URBANY, I. ARTHUR, JR. Toledo, Ohio 142 nRnci - ' ILJimiil SmzZ VALLEY, JAMES A. Columbia, S. C. VAN LEWEN, ALAN Horsham, Pa. VARN, ERNEST S. Columbia, S. C. VAUGHAN, RICHARD S. Darlington, S. C. WADE, CECIL ALVIN Great Falls, S. C. WAITES, CLAUDIA G. Columbia, S. C. WALTERS, GEORGE E. Myrtle Beach, S. C. WATSON, DAVID S. BlSHOPVILLE, S. C. WATTS, JOHN DIXON Myrtle Beach, S. C. WEDDLE, JOHN OWEN Sumter, S. C. WEEKS, ELIZABETH W. St. Georce, S. C. WHETSELL, HAMPTON A. Bowman, S. C. SOPHOMORES WHISNANT, ARTHUR H WHITE, HENRY B WHITE, JOHN E. ICARD, N. C. Camden, S. C. Greenwood, S. C. WHITTINGTON, H. W., JR. Loris, S. C. WILDER, MARION A. Aiken, S. C. WILKIE, R. C. Clinton, S. C. WILCOX, ROBERT P. Southern Pines, N. C. WILLIAMS, JOE Hartsville, S. C. WILLIAMS, RICHARD C. Columbia, S. C. WILSON, GLENN V., JR. Spartanburg, S. C. WILSON, LORETTA Myrtle Beach, S. C. WILSON, WM. DOUGLAS Kingstree, S. C. WIMBEBLY, MARVIN St. Matthews, S. C. WINGATE, CLAUDIA K. Columbia, S. C. WINGATE, FURMAN D. Columbia, S. C. WINN, LARRY ROSS Columbia, S. C. WISE, KAY K. Blacksbuhg, S. C. WISE, SARAH BARBARA Pelion, S. C. WIST, LEWIS Inman, S. C. WOGON, RICHARD R., JR. Rock Hill, S. C. WOODS, WILLIAM B. Manning, S. C. WOODS, WILLIAM I. Columbia, S. C. WRIGHT. DOUGLAS H. Sumter, S. C. WRIGHT, JAMES H. Fort Mill, S. C. WYMAN, ELIZABETH Aiken, S. C. WYNDHAM, J. WOODROW Charleston Heichts, S. C. WYNDHAM, JOHN G. Orangeburg, S. C. YONCE, JOE B. Johnston, S. C. YOUNG, ALICE JEAN Pamplico, S. C. YOUNGINER, GAIL T. Columbia, S. C. YOUNGINER, ROBERT H. Columbia, S. C. ZIMMERMAN, JOHN C. Cameron, S. C. 143 PKA vs. Chi Psi in the " first " homecoming game, featuring Dad ' s Day, Scout Day, and Queen, found PKA the winner. During game time equipment repair, or a cure-all was administered to participants by brothers and on-lookers. At the intermission of the afternoon football game the " Davis Field Combo " provided music for those attending. Freshmen J. Wilson, B. Burris, B. Hardwick, D. Logan. Freshman Class Officers JACK WILSON President BILLY BURRIS Vice-President BUDDY HARDWICK . . Secretary-Treasurer DON LOGAN Historian 146 AARON, LINDA ELIZABETH Columbia, S. C. ABSTANCE, BETTY L. Denmark, S. C. ACKERMAN, RAYMOND L. West Columbia, S. C. ADAMS, JAMES Columbia, S. C. ADAMS, JAMES M., JR. North Augusta, S. C. ADAMS, NATHAN C, III Myrtle Beach, S. C. Columbia, S. C. ADDY, AUDREY E. AIKEN, JULIA E. Rowland, N. C. AKIN, FRANCES RAYE Orlando, Fla. ALDERMAN, EMILY M. Sumter, S. C. ALEXANDER, JAMES M. Charleston, S. C. ALLEN, CHARLES L. Aynor, S. C. FRESHMEN ALLEN, CHESTER W. Fompton Lakes, N. J. ALLISON, PAUL H., JR. Union, S. C. ALVOID, LINDA K. Columbia, S. C. AM1CK, THOMAS E. Columbia, S. C. ANDERSON, ILENE C. Calhoun Falls, S. C. ANDERSON, RICHARD W. Lake City, S. C. ANDREWS, PAUL W. Mxrtle Beach, S. C. ANTHONY, EDITH C. Columbia, S. C. ARANT, MARY Fort Motte, S. C. ARGOE, GEORGE L., JR. North, S. C. ASAY, L. BEATRICE Columbia, S. C. ASHE, THURMAN O. Union, S. C. ATKINSON, CECIL B. Anderson, S. C. ATKINSON, MELVILLE Jacksonville, Fla. AUSTIN, THOMAS M. Spartanburg, S. C. AVANT, OTIS C, JR. SUMMERVILLE, S. C. AVIN, OSCAR H. Sumter, S. C. BABB, LILLIAN E. Rock Hill, S. C. BAGBY, JOAN W. Myrtle Beach, S. C. BAGGETT, ROBERT E. Columbia, S. C. BAIRD, MARGARET L. Moncks Corner, S. C. BALLENTINE, JERRY Columbia, S. C. BARBER, DIANE G. Aiken, S. C. BARBER, SANDRA LEE Allendale, S. C. BARNES, ROBERT ODEL Columbia, S. C. BARNES, THOMAS W. Rock Hill, S. C. BARR, JAMES B. Pittsburgh, Pa. BARRON, PORTER G. Columbia, S. C. BASS, JOSEPH F., JR. Cayce, S. C. BAUGHCOME, JAMES G. Spartanburg, S. C. BEARD, SYBIL LEE Charlotte, N. C. BELK, RITA GAIL Columbia, S. C. BELK, THOMAS H., JR. tort Mill, S. C. BELL, LANA KAYE Columbia, S. C. BELL, LINDA LEE Harleyville, S. C. BELL, ZELMA ANN Hartsville, S. C. BELLINGER, MARY C. Iacksonville, Fla. BENNETT, GARY PAUL Annandale, Va. BENNETT, HARRY L. Greenville, S. C. BENNETT, VIRGINIA D. Kershaw, S. C. BERGER, SHEILA Lake City, S. C. BERGSTRESSER, RUTH Pennsauken, N. J. 147 BEKKMAN, CHARLOTTE Charleston, S. C. BERRY, CHARLES E. Mt. Pleasant, S. C. BEST, LOUIE A., JR. Ehrhardt, S. C. BETHUNE, DAVID S. Columbia, S. C. BIGGERS, SHARON LEE Charleston, S. C. BLACK, CHARLIE WM. Johnston, S. C. BLACK, JOHN ROY Great Falls, S. C. BLACKHURST, DAVID L. WlLLISTON, S. C. BLACKWELL, CLYDE W. Columbia, S. C. BLAIR, DONALD D. Union, S. C. BLANCHARD, JUDITH K. LOBECA, S. C. BLANTON, WINN S. Columbia, S. C. FRESHMEN BLATT, NANCY RAE Columbia, S. C. BLUME, HARRIETT R. Bamberg, S. C. BOBBITT, DONALD E. Xenia, Ohio BODIFORD, PATRICIA Columbia, S. C. BOETTE, RICHARD W. Columbia, S. C. BOMBA, BONNIE JOAN Aiken, S. C. BONE, GERALD S. Columbia, S. C. BONNER, ROBERT G. Savannah, Ga. BOOMER, KATHRYN J. Charleston, S. C. BOOTH, ANN BENGTSON Columbia, S. C. BORGEN, HARRIET D. Columbia, S. C. BOURNE, CAROL E. Conway, S. C. BOWEN, MURREL J., JR. Myrtle Beach, S. C. BOWERS, GEORGE E. Charleston, S. C. BOWERS, KARL SMITH Estill, S. C. BOYCE, MARION O., JR. Abbeville, S. C. BOYD, MARY H. Hendersonville, N. C. BOYLSTON, NATHAN D. Columbia, S. C. BRADHAM, MARY SUE Manning, S. C. BRADLEY, JEAN STROM North Augusta, S. C. BRADLEY, JOHN B., JR. Columbia, S. C. BRADLEY, MADELEINE Bamberg, S. C. BRADLEY, THOMAS A. Savannah, Ga. BRADSHAW, SARAH Bluffton, S. C. BRANHAM, HOWARD M. Columbia, S. C. BRANHAM, RONNIE D. Lugoff, S. C. BRANTLEY, DENNIS, R. Jericho, S. C. BREEDIN, TOCCOA A. Manning, S. C. BRELAND, JOHN G., JR. Holly Hill, S. C. BRENNAN, JOHN M. Columbia, S. C. BROOKER, JEFFREY Z. Denmark, S. C BROOKS, ALICE A. WlNNSBORO, S. C. BROWN, CHARLES E., JR. Augusta, Ga. BROWN, CHARLIE W., JR. Cayce, S. C. BROWN, MICHAEL A. Greenville, S. C. BROWN, PHILLIP A. Gresham, S. C. BRYAN, ARTHUR North Augusta, S. C. BRYANT, JAMES H. Hartsville, S. C. BUCKWALTER, SANDRA Columbia, S. C. BUCKWALTER, SUSAN L. Columbia, S. C. BUFFKIN, JULIA DIAN Nichols, S. C. BULL, WALTER C. Greenville, S. C. 148 MAM 1 BURGER, LEWIS JAMES Columbia, S. C BURGESS, LARRY C. West Columbia, S. C. BURNETT, GERALD W. Lexington, S. C. BURN, CHARLES HENRY Charleston, S. C. BURNS, BETTY C. ASHEBORO, N. C. BURNS, PATSY A. J. Columbia, S. C. BURNS, ROY LEE Travelers Rest, S. C. BURNSIDE, LINDA L. Beech Island, S. C. BURRIS, ROBERT N. Wingate, N. C. BURROWS, PATRICIA L. S ALTERS, S. C. BUSBEE, MARY LEEILA Columbia, S. C. BUTKOWSKY, ANDREW J. Sewaren, N. J. FRESHMEN BYRD, WAYNE W. Hartsville, S. C. BYRNE, ROSEMARY T. Coatesville, Pa. CALDER, MARY K. Muskogee, Okla. CALHOUN, ROBERT H. WlLLISTON, S. C. CAMPBELL, JAMES M. Ocean Drive, S. C. CAMPBELL, JAMES Y. Hopkins, S. C. CAMPBELL, JOHN N. CAMPBELL, ROBERT A. CARLISLE, JIMMY Alcolu, S. C. Cayce, S. C. Lyman, S. C. CARSON, JOHNNY RAY Greenville, S. C. CASSIDY, KENNETH Rock Hill, S. C. CATHCART, CHARLES D. Tuxedo Park, N. Y. CAWLEY, GEORGE WM. Walterboro, S. C. CHABOT, ALBERT D. Schenectady, N. Y. CHAMBERS, MARY G. Orangeburg, S. C. CHANDLER, MARY E. Columbia, S. C. CHAPPELL, FRANCES H. Columbia, S. C. CHASTAIN, ROGER WM. Anderson, S. C. CHEGG, LARRY Columbia, S. C. CHESTERLUND, INGRID Myrtle Beach, S. C. CHEWNING, BEVERLY J. Florence, S. C. CHILDRESS, CELIA W. Columbia, S. C. CHILDS, JOHN S. Greenville, S. C. CHUMLEY, JAMES T. Woodruff, S. C. CHURCH, MARIAN I. Gaffney, S. C. CLAMP, PHOEBE L. Ware Shoals, S. C. CLARKE, THOMAS E. Columbia, S. C. CLARY, PAUL DONALD Columbia, S. C. CLAYTON, CAROLINE H. West Columbia, S. C. CLEVENGER, MERLE C. GlLHERT, S. C. CLIFTON, FRANCES Charleston, S. C. CLINKSCALES, MELANIE Starr, S. C. COBB, TYRUS R., JR. Mt. Pleasant, S. C. COHEN, DIANE Spartanburg, S. C. COKER, GLADYS S. Tuhbeville, S. C. COLE, FRED CLIFTON Sumter, S. C. COLE, ROBERT WARREN Charleston, S. C. COLEMAN, FEASTER S. Columbia, S. C. COLEMAN, KATHERINE Columbia, S. C. COLLINS, JOSEPH E. Greenville, S. C. COLLINS, LARRY PAUL Columbia, S. C. COMPTON, PAUL R. Greenwood, S. C. 149 CONKLIN. DAVID C. Charleston, S. C. CONNELLY, CECILIA A. Fairfax, S. C. CONSTANTINE. PETER Charleston, S. C. COOK, HUGH SHAW North Augusta, S. C. COOPER, MICHAEL D. Union, S. C. COOPER, THOMAS W., JR. Mayesville, S. C. COOPER, WM. ANGUS, JR. Aiken, S. C. COPELAND, CARL E„ JR. Sumter, S. C. CORBETT, P. WAYNE Sumter, S. C. CORLEY, GAIL Columbia, S. C. CORY, ROBERT J. Charleston, S. C. COUCH, VAN MIKE Easley, S. C. FRESHMEN COX, MARY JEAN CRAFT, SARA ANNE CRAIG, SARAH J. CREECH, BETTY L. CREWS, FELTON N CRIBB, ALAN J, Greenville Swansea Columbia Columbia Easley, Georgetown CRIBB, EMILY C. Hemingway. CROFT, THOMAS C, JR. Sumter CROFT, WM M., Ill CROUCH, VIRGINIA S. Johnston CROWDER, ELIZABETH CRUM, MARGARET L. Charleston. CRUM, MARY LOU CUMMINS, M. JO DAILEY, NELSON E DANIELS, NINA D. Columbia DAUGHTERY, CHARLENE I akk View DAVENPORT, CHARLES Cayce Columbia Harlingen, Columbia S.C Texas S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. Greer Lakewood, Chester DAVIS, CHARLES S. DAVIS, FRANK ALAN DAVIS, JAMES E., JR. DAVIS, MURIEL D DAWSON, HENDERSON W. Charleston DERRICK, BENNIE A. Columbia DERRICK, PAULA C. Columbia DEVAUGHN, MARGARET Augusta DIMUZIO, LOUIS J. Metuchen DIXON, LEE ROY Charleston DOAR, EUGENE, W., JR. Walterboro DOGGETTE, GARNET E. Georgetown DOZIER, MICHAEL J. Columbia. DRAKE, W. RUSSELL, JR. Columbia DREW, DAN INMAN North DuBOSE, BENJAMIN E. Columbia DuBOSE, COIT M., JR. Sumter. DuBOSE, MARTHA J. Sumter DuBOSE,, MARY ANNE Columbia. DUKES, PRESTON B., JR. Walterboro. DUKES, T. H., Ill North Charleston DUNLAP, TERRY A. Columbia DUVAL, MOYLAN L. Camden DUVALL, DEANNA J. Aiken S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. Ohio S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. ,Ga. N.J. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. 150 DYCHES, DALTON W. Norway, S. C. EARL. GLENDA RUTH Shelby N. C. EARNHARDT, JOHNNY T. Gastonia, N. C. EASTERLING, MARY A. Columbia, S. C. EDDY, MARGARET E. Columbia, S. C. EDENFIELD, WILLIAM Allendale, S. C. EDWARDS, LARRY A. Woodruff, S. C. EDWARDS, MARIAN R. Columbia, S. C. ELLEFSON, DONALD D. Charleston, S. C. ELLINGTON, DEWEY L. Aiken, S. C. ELLIOTT, SUSAN R. Hartsville, S. C. EPPS. LINDA A. Anderson, S. C. FRESHMEN ESPEDAHL, MARTHA E. Columbia, S. C. ETA, WILLIAM DAVID Columbia, S. C. EVANS, CARL A., JR. Woodruff, S. C. FAILE, CAROLYN Columbia, S. C. FAIRCLOTH. WM. M. Columbia, S. C. FALLAW, JULIET C. Columbia, S. C. FALLAW, WAYNON D FALLS, OREN W., JR. FARIS, CLARE H. MoNETTA. Columbia Crewe FAUCETTE, CHARLES R Cameron FAUST, JOHN Aiken FELTON, SALLY Columbia. Columbia FENNELL, ALVA B. FERGUSON, GUY S. Allendale FINKELSTEIN, LORRAINE Columbia FISCHBEIN, MITCHELL Florence FITTS, JOHN E., JR. Columbia FITZGERALD, JUDITH Charlotte, FLITTER, ROBERT M. West Columbia FLYNN, MARGARET P. Charleston FOSTER, CLARE L. Charleston FOSTER, JAMES I., JR. FOWLER, ELIZABETH Columbia FRAMPTON, GERALDINE St. George FRANCIS, LINDA ANN Georgetown FRANKLIN, HARRIET N. Columbia FRAZIER, FLORENCE E. Walterboro. FREE, ALEXANDER H. Norway FREED, FRANCES F. FRETWELL, RAYMOND B. Anderson Greer Columbia FRICK, ABBIE CAROL FRIERSON, JOHN T. FRIPP, BARBARA C. Charleston FULLER, ROBERT F. Columbia GAILLARD, VIRGINIA Holly Hill GAMBLE, ROBERT A. Anderson. GANTT, GORDON S. Charleston GARDNER, THOMAS A. Columbia GARNER, DONALD W. Lockhart. GARRETT. SUE GENA Columbia GARRIS. ROY E., JR. Columbia GARVIN, ALICE GENE Columbia S. C S. C. , Va. s. c. s.c. s. c. s.c. s.c. s.c. s.c. s.c. N. C. s.c. s.c. s.c. s.c. s.c. s.c. s.c. s.c. s.c. s.c. s.c. s.c. s.c. s.c. s.c. s.c. s.c. s.c. s.c. s.c. s.c. s.c. s.c. s.c. 151 GAUTHIER, PATRICIA Sumter, S. C. GAYLOR, ROBERTSON H. Inman, S. C. GILES, RICHARD D. Old Tappan, N. J. GILLESPIE, GEORGE H. Columbus, Ga. GINSBURG, MICHAEL Great Neck, N. Y. GISSENDANNER, DEAN West Columbia, S. C. GLENN, JAMES A. L. Columbia, S. C. GODLEY, LORETTA R. Cayce, S. C. GODWIN, VIRGIE S. SUMMERTON, S. C. GOEBEL, RICHARD H. Blackville, S. C. GOFF, BECKY S. Columbia, S. C. GOLDSTEIN, ROBERT A. Charleston, S. C. FRESHMEN GOLLER, ANNA SUE Ehrhardt, S. C. GORDON, DAVID O. Gaffney, S. C. GORDON, LLOYD M. Columbia, S. C. GOTMAN, SAM Greenwood, S. C. GOUGER, WM. B, III Columbia, S. C. GOWDY, BETTY AGNES Lake City, S. C. GOWDY, GWENDOLYN T. Lake City, S. C. GRAHAM, RALPH J. Charleston, S. C. GRAHAM, THELMA L. Miami, Fla. GRAY, RICHARD D. Wilmington, Del. GRAY, WILLIAM D. Olar, S. C. GRAYSON, MARY ANNE SUMMERTON, S. C. GREEN, WILLIAM H. Starke, Fla. GREGORY, GEORGE W. J. Jefferson, S. C. GREGSON, WILFRED J. Atlanta, Ga. GRIFFIN, ROBERT E. Columbia, S. C. GRIMBALL, LEONORA K. Charleston, S. C. GRUBE, LAWRENCE J. Columbia, S. C. HAAS, JANE CARLTON Chester, S. C. HAGOOD, JUDY LEE Columbia, S. C. HAIR, THOMAS N., JR. Sumter, S. C. HAIRSTON, CAROLYN V. Clinton, S. C. HALL, ELEANOR NADINE Batesburg, S. C. HALL, LINDA L. Gainesville, Ga. HALL, NEELY KEITH Chester, S. C. HALTIWANGER, JOSEPH Columbia, S. C. HAM, HAROLD RAY Columbia, S. C. HAMMOND, CHARLES F. Johnston, S. C. HAMMOND, LARRY H. North Augusta, S. C. HAMMOND, WALTER, JR. Camden, S. C. HAMRICK, WILLIAM M. Shelby, N. C. HANCOCK, TERRY M. BlSHOPVILLE, S. C. HARE, FLOYD D. Myrtle Beach, S. C. HARE, KARL DAVID Cayce, S. C. HARLEY, LEONARD D. West Columbia, S. C. HARMON, JOHN PAUL Lexington, N. C. HARPER, MATILDA I. HARPER, NANCY KAE HARRELL, LEWIE K. Aiken, S. C. Columbia, S. C. Columbia, S. C. HARRINGTON, GERALD Sumter, S. C. HARRIS, GERALD D. Easley, S. C. HARRISON, SETH L„ JR. Greenville, S. C. LJ30 152 a £ZL j£ EL lll C. ii 7-2 Aiteli HART, JUDITH ANN Columbia, S. C. HARTSELL, JAMES R. Rock Hill, S. C. HASTINGS, DONALD H. Woodruff, S. C. HEADMAN, HUGH Inman, S. C. HEAPE, DAVID R. St. Matthews, S. C. HEATH, SANDRA A. North Augusta, S. C. HEILIG, HERRERT R. HEISE, SANDRA GENE Aiken, S. C. Sumter, S. C. HELLAMS, CHARLES H. Greenville, S. C. HELMAN, LINDA S. Columbia, S. C. HENDLEY, THOMAS M. Cher aw, S. C HENDRICK, JOHN W., JR. Columbia, S. C. FRESHMEN HENDRIX. W1LFORD P. Columbia, S. C. HENLEY, DORIS SUE Gheenville, S. C. HENRY, LEONARD ORR Myrtle Beach, S. C. HENRY, SHARON L. New York, N. Y. HENSON, JAMES A. Hartsville, S. C. HERLONG, HELEN G. Johnston, S. C. HERRING, CARL E. Columbia, S. C. HETHERINGTON, MARY Charleston, S. C. HICKMAN, STANLEY W. Green Pond, S. C. HICKS, FREDDIE W. TlMMONSVILLE, S. C. HIERS, S. CELESTE Bamberg, S. C. HIGGINS, JOHN R. Gaffney, S. C. HIGGINS, SONYA M HILL, ROBERT H. HILL, WILLARD W., J] HINNANT, CLAIRE HIOTT, DAVID W. Georgetown, S. C. Laurens, S. C. Manning, S. C. Columbia, S. C. Walterboro, S. C. HIRSCHMANN, LINDA A. Charleston, S. C. HODGES, JOHN C. Columbia, S. C. HOLLAND, ASA R. North Augusta, S. C. HOLLAND, PENELOPE W. Columbia, S. C. HOLLEY, RACHEL Leesville, S. C. HOLLIS, SUSAN R. Greenwood, S. C. HOLMAN, HENRY M. CuLPEPER, Va. HOLMES, LUCIEN R. HOLT, SALLY J. HOOK, DANIEL J., JR. HOOK, JAMES L., JR HORTON, CARL ALEX HORTON. MELVIN C. Columbia, S. C. Columbia, S. C. Savannah, Ga. Columbia, S. C. Kershaw, S. C. Cowpens, S. C. HOUCK, ELEANOR A. Cameron, S. C. HOUGH, GWENDOLYN E. Columbia, S. C. HOWARD, CARL F. Gray Court, S. C. HOWARD, DANIEL W. Greer, S. C. HOWARD, JOHN ED Moncks Corner, S. C. HOWELL, JACKSON, JR. Charleston, S. C. HOWELL, JULIAN H. Columbia, S. C. HUGGINS, SYLVIA D. Columbia, S. C. HUGHES. FRANKLIN, JR. Myrtle Beach, S. C. HULINGS, JOSEPH S. White Plains, S. C. HUMPHRIES, SYLVIA L. Gaffney, S. C. HUNTER, DOUGLAS J. Morganton, N. C. 153 HUTCHINSON, EDWARD SuMMERVILLE, S. C HUTTO, LOUIS H., JR. Georgetown, S. C. INABINETTE, MARVIN Holly Hill, S. C. JACK, RAYMOND L. Beaufort, S. C. JACKSON, JERRY E. Sumter, S. C. JAEGER, MARY ELLEN Marion, S. C. JAMES, ARTHUR M. OREELEYVILLE, S. C. JAMES, THOMAS C, JR. Columbia, S. C. JEFFCOAT, WENDELL Charleston, S. C. JEFFORDS, SCOTT J. Darlington, S. C. JENKINS, MARGARET E. Columbia, S. C. JERNIGAN, CLIFFORD Cuo, S. C. FRESHMEN JETER, WM, C. WlNNSBORO, S. C. JOHNSON, BURLEY, JR. Cayce, S. C. JOHNSON, DOROTHY J. Lake View, S. C. JOHNSON, JOHN M. Columbia, S. C. JOHNSON, LEON Society Hill, S. C. JOHNSON, SARAH JEAN Columbia, S. C. JOHNSON, WILLIAM E. JONES, CHARLES C. JONES, DAVID R. JONES, ELIZABETH M JONES, EVERETT M. JONES, GLENN A. Loris, S. C. Marion, S. C. Houston, Texas Columbia, S. C. Union, S. C. Bethune, S. C. JONES, HARTWELL K. Columbia, S. C. JONES, LIBBY ANNA Columbia, S. C. JONES, MARY ELIZABETH Columbia, S. C. JONES, PATRICIA A. Florence, S. C. JONES, RAY Sumter, S. C. JOHNS, KENNETH E. Yemassee, S. C. KALMBACH, JO ANN Hopkins, S. C. KAMINER, JULIA D. Columbia, S. C. KAMPMEYER, CLARENCE Mt. Pleasant, S. C. KELLY, ARTHUR T. Columbia, S. C. KENNEDY, FINLEY P. Aiken, S. C. KERR, GEORGE W. Gaston, S. C. KEY, KAY WARREN Columbia, S. C. KICKLIGHTER, D. E. Savannah, Ga. KICKLIGHTER, WARREN Savannah, Ga. KIENE, JOSEPH T., JR. Columbia, S. C. KING, BETTY WALKER Manning, S. C. KING, RAY JAMES York, S. C. KINSEY, CYNTHIA L. Ehrhardt, S. C. KIRKLAND, MARIE A. Saluda, S. C. KNIGHT, SAMUEL M. Columbia, S. C. KNOTTS, RONALD EARL WlLLISTON, S. C. KNOX, FRANKLIN R. Rock Hill, S. C. KYZER, IRVIN B. Greenwood, S. C. LaBRUCE, ALICE T. Georgetown, S. C. LACEY, ELIZABETH R. Moncks Corner, S. C. LACKEY, ELWOOD S. Orangeburg, S. C. LADD, MARY ANN WlNNSBORO, S. C. LAMB, TERRY Cayce, S. C. LANE, CYNTHIA ANN Myrtle Beach, S. C. 154 LANGFORD, MARTHA JO Columbia, S. C. LANOWAY, SAUNDRA Columbia, S. C. LARSON, DAVID P. Jacksonville Beach, Fla. LATHAN, RAY DELANO Travelebs Rest, S. C. LAVENDER, DONALD W. New Zion, S. C. LAW, FLORENCE Columbia, S. C. LAWRENCE, FRANK Greenwood, S. C. LEDFORD, VIVIAN Greenville, S. C. LEE, DANNY WOODROW Columbia, S. C. LEE, JEILDA ALICE Latta, S. C. LEE, SANDRA MAE Bennettsville, S. C. LEE, THOMAS KNOX, JR. Kershaw, S. C. FRESHMEN LEGARE, JEANNE M. Charleston, S. C. LEONARD, THOMAS V. Carnes Point, N. J. LESLIE, CHARLES E. Hodges, S. C. LEWIS, JAMES MILTON Greenville, S. C. LEWIS, JOHN RICHARD Joanna, S. C. LEWIS, ROBERT E., JR. Myrtle Beach, S. C. LINDSEY, HARRY, III Chester, S. C. LINEBERGER, KENNETH Great Falls, S. C. LITTLE, LINDA JANE Charlotte, N. C. LIVINGSTON, ANNE E. North, S. C. LIVINGSTON, ROBERT Newberry, S. C. LOCKE, RICHARD M., JR. Spartanburg, S. C. I.OCKHART, ROBERT R. LOEWE, BARBARA C. LOEWE, SUSAN M. LOGAN, DONALD B. LOMAS, RICHARD M LORICK, LINDA Ashland, Ky. Columbia, S. C. Columbia, S. C. Cayce, S. C. Greenwood, S. C. Cayce, S. C. LOVE, ROBERT LEROY LOVELL, JERRY B. LOWE, CHARLES B York, S. C. Columbia, S. C. Greenwood, S. C. LUCAS, PAMELA ANN Walhalla, S. C. LUCAS, SPURGEON L. Columbia, S. C. LUFFY, RONALD P. Lake City, S. C. MACK, LORETTA JO North, S. C. MACKEY, DANIEL B., H Camden, S. C. MAHAFFEY, ROBERT L. Atlanta, Ga. MAKELA, NANCY MAE blSHOPVILLE, S. C. MALPASS, ROBERT E. Union, S. C. MARCHANT, THOMAS C. Columbia, S. C. MARCIANTE, LOUIS S. Mamaroneck, N. Y. MARJENHOFF, CARL G. Charleston, S. C. MARKENDORFF, EDWARD Dillon, S. C. MARKWOOD, EMORY F. Columbia, S. C. MARON, ELKE MARIA Mullins, S. C. MARSCHITZ, JOANN S. Columbia, S. C. MILTON, MARSHE Columbia, S. C. M ARTEL, WM. CARL Rockland, Me. MARTIN, DYANNE K. Swansea, S. C. MASTROGEORGOPOULOS, SPYSOS Salonika, Greece MASUR, ANNETTE Isle of Palms, S. C. MATTINGLY, JANE Charlotte, N. C. 155 McCALL, KARL N. Spartanburg, S. C. McCALL, RONALD L. Columbia, S. C. McCarthy, carl f., ir. Columbia, S. C. McKENZIE, NOEL T. Estill, S. C. McLEMORE, RODGER L. Charleston, S. C. McCOLLOUGH, K. CHARLES Morton, Miss. McDEARMID, RONALD H. York, S. C. Mcdowell, william a. Warner Robins, Ga. McGEARY, ROBERT E. Aiken, S. C. McGINSEY, GLORIA E. Columbia, S. C. McLEAN, ELISE M. Columbia, S. C. McLEMORE, ARCHIE M. Columbia, S. C. FRESHMEN McMAKIN, GORDON K. McMAKIN, ROBERT B. Lyman, S. C. Columbia, S. C. McMASTER, BARBARA D. WlNNSBORO, S. C. McMICHAEL, G. WM, JR. Orangeburg, S. C. McMULLAN, JAMES L. Columbia, S. C. McMURRY, PATRICIA A. Arlington, Va. McNEEL, HARRY L. Columbia, S. C. Mcpherson, charles Columbia, S. C. Mcpherson, richard Columbia, S. C. Mcpherson, william Greenville, S. C. MEADOWS, PATRICIA G. Eutawville, S. C. MEARES, GUY M., JR. Columbia, S. C. MEEKS, GEORGE S. Columbia, S. C. MEDLIN, MARCIA LEE Columbia, S. C. MEETZE, JACK D., JR. Gaffney, S. C. MELTON, JOHN T. Columbia, S. C. MERRILL, REAGON N. Myrtle Beach, S. C. KOOLKIN, MICHAEL Staten Island, N. Y. MILFORD, WILLIAM J. Greenville, S. C. MILLER, JAMES E. Parkersburg, W. Va. MILLER, THOMAS W., JR. Greenville, S. C. MIMS, JULIAN L. Edgefield, S. C. MITCHELL, BILL KING Columbia, S. C. MITCHELL, JACKIE J. Great Falls, S. C. MITCHELL, JOHN B. MITCHUM, BANKS G. MOCK, JOSEPH F. Darien, Conn. Cayce, S. C. Altoona, Pa. MONTGOMERY, CAROLE Columbia, S. C. MONTGOMERY, FRANK North Augusta, S. C. MOORE, JACK S„ JR. Summerville, S. C. MOORE, JAMES C, JR. Columbia, S. C. MOORE, JAMES GRAY Columbia, S. C. MOORE, LESTER E., JR. Columbia, S. C. MOORE, THOMAS W., JR. Bishopville, S. C. MOORER, JOHN S. St. George, S. C. MORNINGSTAR, H. L„ TR. Ehrhardt, S. C. MORRIS, JOYCE M. Columbia, S. C. MORRISON, ADA GAIL Hartsville, S. C. MOSELEY, DAVID E. Aiken, S. C. MOSES, JOSEPH F.. JR. Myrtle Beach, S. C. MOTHERSLED, WM. E. Kershaw, S. C. MOUNT, CAROLE J. Charleston, S. C. 156 F 3 ! P b ■ : LL.HL MOYER, EUGENE U. Johnston, S. C. MULLIKEN, DENNIS E. Greenville, S. C. MULLIS, ROBERT NEAL Charlotte, N. C. MUNN, LOUIS C., JR. BlSHOPVILLE, S. C. MURPHY, WILLIAM G. Honea Path, S. C. MURRAY, MARGARET C. Charlotte, N. C. MYERS, RICHARD A. Norway, S. C. NASH, KEMP CHARLES BlSHOPVILLE, S. C. NAUFUL, ERNEST J., JR. Columbia, S. C. NAVE, JERALD W. Mt. Citv, Tenn. NEIDER, SHELDON M. Columbia, S. C NEIL, ANN E. Columbia, S. C. FRESHMEN NESMITH, THOMAS S. NESMITH, VANCE H. Nesmith, S. C. Nesmith, S. C. NETTLES, RONALD Sullivan ' s Island, S. C. NIEDERHOF, ANDREA M. SuMMERVILLE, S. C. NORRIS, SANDRA North Augusta, S. C. NORTON, NANCY E. Marion, S. C. ODOM, DWIGHT S. Greenville, S. C. O ' NEILL, JOHN V. Ware Shoals, S. C. O ' SHIELDS, MACK L. Buffalo, S. C. OSTEEN, HARRY M., JR. Anderson, S. C. OWEN, THOMAS GOLD ULACKSBURG, S. C. OWENS, DONALD A. Georgetown, S. C. OWENS, GEORGE A., JR. Sumter, S. C. OWENS, MARGARET N. Columbia, S. C. OWENS, TONI A. Ruby, S. C. OUZTS, KENNETH F. Columbia, S. C. PACE, MARSHALL O. Columbia, S. C. PADGETT, JAMES D. Johnston, S. C. PADGETT, ROBERT E. Edgefield, S. C. PAGE, LEVONA North Augusta, S. C. TAINTER, GAYLE S. Columbia, S. C. PALMER, JAMES A., JR. Columbia, S. C. PARKER, GENE DANIEL Columbia, S. C. PARKS, MARY Parksville, S. C. PARROTT, ARTHUR, JR. PARROTT, DORIS V Newport, R. I. Columbia, S. C. PARSONS, GEORGE S. Georgetown, S. C. PARSONS, TRINA S. Columbia, S. C. PASCHAL, JACK G. Columbia, S. C. PASCHAL, JAMES E. Columbia, S. C. PATRICK, ROBERT C. Winnsboro, S. C. PAYNE, JAMES R., JR. Columbia, S. C. PEACH, BETTY JEAN Columbia, S. C. PENLAND, JUDITH A. Rock Hill, S. C. PENNINGTON, HARRIETTE Cavce, S. C. PERRY, PHILIP ED Myrtle Beach, S. C. FERRY, ROBERT S. PHILLIPS, R. T., JR. Newberry, S. C. Lexington, S. C. PICOW, MEYER ISSAC Columbia, S. C. PIGG, ELLEN LYBITHA Laurens, S. C. PITTS, JAMES D. Greenwood, S. C. PITTS, OLIN M. Saluda, S. C. 157 .41 PLOWDEN, BETTY J. SUMMERTON, S. C. PLUMMER, SOPHIA R. Florence, S. C. TOWELL, ALICE EDNA Columbia, S. C. POWELL, SANDRA LEE Lexington, S. C. PREACHER, DICKEY N. KlNCSTREE, S.C. PRESCOTT, PATSY M. Sumter, S. C. PRICE, CHELLY Charlotte, N. C. PRINGLE, SAMUEL, JR. _ Sumter, S. C PRYOR, REBECCA J. West Columbia, S. C. I URCELL, SAMUEL P. Fort Mill, S. C. QUARLES, CAROLYN J. Columbia, S. C. QUATTLEBAUM, R. M., JR. Alexandria, Va. FRESHMEN QUICK, BARBARA A RABON, LELAND RAMSEY, JANE Columbia, S. C. Columbia, S. C. Aiken, S. C. RANKIN, LUTHER F. McCormick, S. C. RASHID, LOUISE ANN Ft. Benning, G . REED, CLARK L., JR. Columbia, S. C REED, MABEL L. Columbia, S. C. REESE, MILDRED D. Spartanburg, S. C. REESE, PATSY M. Columbia, S. C. REEVES, MARGARET F. COTTAGEVILLE, S. C. REFO, JULIET M. Columbia, S. C. RENAV, DIANNE Charleston, S. C. RENDER, ROBERT N. Columbia, S. C. RESCH, CHARLES N. Mt. Pleasant, S. C. REZZA, THOMAS E. Mt. Vernon, N. Y. RICE, LEONARD F. Spartanhurg, S. C. RICHARD, WYLLHART Columbia, S. C. RICHEY, RAY Hartsville, S. C. RICKENBACKER, JOHN Chesterfield, S. C. RICKENBAKER, DUDLEY St. Matthews, S. C. RICKENBAKER, GLORIA Cameron, S. C. RICKENBAKER, JUDITH Cameron, S. C. RIDENHOUR, FRED L. Georgetown, S. C. RIDDLE, JOHN RIED Columbia, S. C. RIGBY, EVELYN F. RIMES, BILLY S. RIVKIN, TAMA D. RIZER, DONALD S. ROBBINS, ROBERT ROBERSON, CARRIE J Manninc, S. C. Savannah, Ga. Columbia, S. C. Walterboro, S. C. Columbia, S. C. Columbia, S. C. ROBERTS. CAROL K. Charleston, S. C. ROBERTS, J. B. MONTGOMERY, ALA. ROBERTSON, HENRY O. Greenville, S. C. ROE, THOMAS S., JR. Florence, S. C. ROEPER, CHARLES F. Long Beach, Calif. ROFF, LUCILE S. Columbia, S. C. POGEBERG, BRITT I. Hardeeville, S. C. ROGERS, BETTY E. Ridge Spring, S. C. ROGERS, WM. A. Marion, S. C. ROSS, EARL G., JR. Columbia, S. C. ROSS, WILLIAM F. Blackville, S. C. ROWE, JAMES E., JR. Hemingway, S. C. 158 ROWE, JAMES L. Ninety Six, S. C. ROYSTER, CAROLYN E. Matthews, N. C. RUCKER, R. J., JR. Swansea, S. C. RUCKMAN. BRENDA J. Myktle Beach, S. C. RUFF, JESSE D., JR. Columbia, S. C. RUNDBAKEN, PAUL H. Charleston, S. C. RUSSELL, ROSEMARY Camden, S. C. RUTLEDGE, EULALIE S. Aiken, S. C. RYAN, JOHN M. Ridgeland, S. C. SALLEY, CECILIA M. Salley, S. C. SALTER, ARTHUR D., JR. Laurens, S. C. SANDERS, JAMES T., JR. Georgetown, S. C. FRESHMEN SANDERS, SANDRA F. St. Louis, Mo. SANDIFER, ROBERT H. Columbia, S. C. SARGENT, HOMER LEE Columbia, S. C. SAULS, ANN E. Durham, N. C. SCARBOROUGH, ERNEST North S C SCHNEIDER, DAVEY M. Columbia, S. C. SCHNEIDER, KATHERIN Oyster Bay, N. Y. SCHRODER, HARRY Hardf.eville, S. C. SCHUMPERT, MARTHA E. Columbia, S. C. SEAGAN, JAMES Ninety Six, S. C. SEALS, GEORGE A. Union, S. C. SEALY, BARBARA D. Columbia, S. C. Gilbert, Columbia, SEASE, DONNIE H. SEAY, SARAH R. SENN, ELLA J. West Columbia, SHARPE, WILLIAM H. Columbia, SHARPE, WILLIAM N. Columbia, SHEALY, ERNEST G. liwrsi ' unc;, SHEALY, ORASTUS F. SHEALY, ROBERT W. Gilbert, Cayce, SHEPPARD, ROBERT L. ItVll.Sllllli. SHERER, JULIA V. Shelby, SHERIDAN, RICHARD B. North Augusta SHIRAH, WILLIE E. Columbia SHIRLEY, JOHN W. SHIVAR, JEANELLE SHOAF, ANNE A. SHOCKLEY, WM. G. SHULER, ROSE H. Holly Hill, SHULER, RUTLEDGE E. Holly Hill, Belton, Camden, Columbia, Columbia, S. C. S.C. S. C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. N. C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. S.C. SIMS, LARRY D. SIMS, MARY GAIL Gaffney, S. C. Effingham, S. C. SINGLETON, ROBERT E. Myrtle Beach, S. C. SKIDMORE, LEILA B. Columbia, S. C. SMARR, ALBERT R. Columbia, S. C. SMITH, LOWELL W. North Augusta, S. C. SMITH, PAUL FRANCIS Spartanburg, S. C. SMITH, PEGGY O. Charleston, S. C. SMITH, ROY C. Batesburg, S. C. SMITH, STEVEN C. Chester, S. C. SORRELL, GILBERT G. Cayce, S. C. SPIRES, JO ELLEN Gaston, S. C. IS9 H ' lTZM SPRUILL, ELEANOR D. Chebaw, S. C. SPURLING, RRENDA Columbia, S. C. SPYROPOULOS, N. E. Washington, D. C. STALLINGS, SAUNDRA Columbia, S. C. STANTON, LUTHER E. Clover, S. C. STANTON, ROSE M. Clover, S. C. STEPHENS, ANDREW M., Ill Greenville, S. C. STEVENSON, BEYNARD Allendale, S. C. STEWART, SANDRA A. Columbia, S. C. STEWART, WM. H. Rock Hill, S. C. STILL, HAROLD R. Springfield, S. C. ST. JOHN, MARTHA CATHERINE Concord, N. C. FRESHMEN STODDARD, LINDA T. South St. Paul, Minn. STOGNER, RHETT J. Springfield, Va. STOKES, CAROLYN R. Columbia, S. C. STOKES, ROBBIE L. Bethune, S. C. STONE, ARTHUR P. Johnston, S. C. STONE, EARL V. Batesburg, S. C. STONE, JAMES C, JR. Darlington, S. C. STRANGE, BARBARA A. Columbia, S. C. STROMAN, GEORGE R. Bowman, S. C. STUCK, ARLEN W. Little Mountain, S. C. STUCKEY, ALLIE LEE Columbia, S. C. STUCKEY, ELIZABETH Stateburg, S. C. STYERS, THOMAS C. Myrtle Beach, S. C. SULLIVAN, HENRY S. Anderson, S. C. SULLIVAN, RICHARD L. Columbia, S. C. SUMMER, ROBERT M. Newberby, S. C. SUNSHINE, MIMI H. Columbia, S. C. SWARTZ, JUDY Wagener, S. C. SWEATMAN, CARL A. Columbia, S. C. SWEATMAN, DOROTHY E. Charleston, S. C SWENSON, ROBERT D. Syracuse, Ind. TAYLOR, CAROLYN V. West Columbia, S. C. TAYLOR, ELIZABETH P. St. Matthews, S. C TAYLOR, SYLVIA M. Summerville, S. C. THOMAS, BEVERLEY D. Columbia, S. C. THOMAS, EDWARD C. St. Matthews, S. C. THOMAS, GARY E. Columbia, S. C. THOMAS, JOHN L. Savannah, Ga. THOMAS, LOU ELLYN . Cottageville, S. C. THOMAS, MATTIE J. Columbia, S. C. THOMAS, McALVANEY Columbia, S. C. THOMAS, STEPHEN E. Clover, S. C THOMASON, JAMES W. North Charleston, S. C. THOMPSON, ALFRED B. North Charleston, S. C. THOMPSON, ANNIE R. Columbia, S. C. THOMPSON, LARRY J. Woodbuff, S. C. THOMPSON, MARGARET Whiteville, N. C. THOMPSON, WESLEY F. Columbia, S. C. TIEMANN, KAREN E. Columbia, S. C. TIGHE, MICHAEL W. Columbia, S. C. TIMBERLAKE, LEAH A. Myrtle Beach, S. C. TINDALL, THOMAS C. Newberry, S. C. 160 TINDER, AUBREY, III Richmond, Va. TISDALE, SAM ASHLEY Sumter, S. C. TODD, TOBE H., JR. SlMPSONVILLE, S. C. TOMLIN, KIT P. Columbia, S. C. TONEY, SAUNDRA A. Columbia, S. C. TOPOREK, SELBY S. Charleston, S. C. TROTTI, WYMAN W., JR. West Columbia, S. C. TULLY, PATRICIA L. Charleston, W. Va. TURBEVILLE, EDWARD Turbeville, S. C. TURNER, MIKE Columbia, S, C. TURNER. ROBERT JAY Gainesville, Fla. TYBURSKI, PATRICIA Pittsburgh, Pa. FRESHMEN UTSEY, NORMA E. Darlington, S. C. VANDEGRIFT, DOROTHY Columbia, S. C. VANDEGRIFT, ROY, III Charleston 7 , S. C. VAUGHN, BILLY V. Orangeburg, S. C. VAUGHT, EUGENE P., JR. Aynor, S. C. VEACH, CHARLES E., IR. Columbia, S. C. WALKER, CLEATIS C. Columbia, S. C. WALKER, MICHAEL L. Aiken, S. C. WALLACE, DOLORES R. Ff.aufort, S. C. WALLACE, JAMES A., JR. Lowrys, S. C. WALLACE, JAMES H., JR. Columbia, S. C. WAKIM, LAYLA Beirut, Lebanon WANNAMAKER, WILLIAM Hartsville, S. C. WARD, CHARLES E. Columbia, S. C. WARREN, CARL B. Abbeville, S. C. WARREN, OTIS C, JR. Columbia, S. C. WATERS, LEWIS H. Inman, S. C. WATKINS, SUZANNE Columbia, S. C. WATTERS, FRANCIS S. WATTS, EUGENE M. WAY. WILLIAM A., Ill Aiken, S. C. Camden, S. C. Chester, S. C. WEATHERS, KATHY A. Spartanburg, S. C WEATHERSBEE, WM. B. Columbia, S. C. WEBB, LINDA JANE Winter Haven, Fla. WESSINGER, CHARLES Columbia, S. C. WHITE, BARBARA ANN West Columbia, S. C. WHITE, KENNETH S. Simpsonville, S. C. WHITENER, LARRY F. lONESVILLE, S. C. WHITWORTH, DAVID H. Ridgeway, S. C. WICKER, KENNETH B. Columbia, S. C. WILKERSON, JERRY O WILKINS, ELEN Anderson, S. C. Columbia, S. C. WILLIAMS, B. JOYCE North Augusta, S. C. WILLIAMS, BONNIE L. Columbia, S. C. WILLIAMS, ELIZABETH Hartsville, S. C. WILLIAMS, ELIZABETH West Columbia, S. C. WILLIAMS, JANICE E. WILLIAMS, JOE B. WILLIAMS, JOHN D Laurens, S. C. St. George, S. C. Meadville, Pa. WILLIAMS, WILBERT R. Camden, S. C. WILLIS, MARGARET J. Savannah, Ga. WILLIS, RAY LEROY Charleston, S- C. EHH 161 WILSON, J. FRANK Columbia, S. C. WILSON, JOHN PEAK Mt. Pleasant, S. C. WINSTEAD, MARTHA C. Myrtle Beach, S. C. WINTER, WALTER O. Columbia, S. C. WISE, LINDA ANNE North Augusta, S. C. WOFFORD, KATE W. Greenville, S. C. WOLFE, DORIS L. Landrum, S. C. WOOD, CHRISTOPHER A. Hartsville, S. C. WOOD, SANDRA Laurens, S. C. WOODBURN, NANCY P. Charlotte, N. C, WOODHAM, JOHN W., JR. BlSHOPVILLE, S. C. WOODRUFF, WILLIAM E. Columbia, S. C. FRESHMEN WORLEY, PAMELA G. Charlotte, N. C. WORTHY, THOMAS J. Chester, S. C. WRIGHT, CHARLES W. Columbia, S. C, YARBOROUGH, JAMES L. Columbia, S. C. YARBOROUGH, MITCHEL TlMMONSVILLE, S. C. YORK, ALLEN R. Aiken, S. C. YOUNG, DAVID LARRY Newberry, S. C. YOUNG, PETER ALDEN Camp Hill, Pa. YOUNG, MARTHA L. Greenville, S. C ZIGLER, LILA JEAN Charleston, S. C. The sale of USC " rat " hats at the Freshman " Y " Camp helps to bring more enthusiasm into these Carolina students. 162 Graduate ° ANDERSEN, ROBERT A. Denver, Colo. M.A. in Political Science ARMSTRONG, ROBT. L. Columbia, S. i M.S. in Business Administration ARNAL, EVELYNE W ' trelos Nord, France M.A. in English • BALDWIN, HAROLD R. Greenville, S. C. M.S. in Business Administration BALL, JAMES K. Spartanburg, S. C. M.A. in Psychology BAO, NGUYEN THUC Dalat, Viet Nam M.S. in Business Administration • BARRY, ELAINE F. M.A. in English BAYARD, ROSS H. M.A. in History Brisbane, Australia Waynesburg, Pa. BOWERS, KERRY W. Columbia, S. C. M.S. in Chemistry • BYRD, WILLIAM E. Society Hill, S. C. M.S. in Business Administration CATHEY, W. T., JR. Campobello, S. C. M.S. in Electrical Engineering CLARK, JOHN H. Atlanta, Ga. M.S. in Business Administration ° CLEVELAND, FRANK R. Princeton, Ind. M.S. in Business Administration COBB, CAROL M.S. in Mathematics Decatur, Ga. COX, FRANK S., JR. Newport News, Va. M.A. in Psychology Culbertson Jackson Easier Johnson Floyd Koetsch Goforth Leung Hurst McKulik GRADUATE SCHOOL • CULBERTSON, ROBERT M.A. in History Spartanburg, S. C. • JACKSON, MAREEN D. M.A. Bennettsville, S. C. EASLER, HUGH B. M.S. in Mathematics Spartanburg, S. C. JOHNSON, GRACE V. M.A. in Education Ridge Spring, S. C. FLOYD, GERALD D. M.A. in English Lake City, S. C. KOETSCH, PHILIP M.S. in Electrical Engineering Beaufort, S. C. GOFORTH, WILLIAM C. M.A. in Political Science Winnsboro, S. C. LEUNG, WAI KIT M.S. in Mathematics Hong Kong, China HURST, JOHN C, JR. M.A. in Economics Sumter, S. C. McKULIK, BENJAMIN M. M.A. in English Hillside, N. J. 165 MORGAN, GILBERT B. Laurinburg, N. C. M.S. in Business Administration PARK, CHARLES A. Greenville, S. C. M.S. in Business Administration PARSONS, WM. H. Georgetown, S. C. M.S. in Business Administration • ROGERS, DONALD C. So. Orange, N. J. M.S. in Business Administration ROGERS, O. C, JR. Bishopville, S. C. Ph.D. in Chemistry RIDGEWAY, DAVID N. Charleston, S. C. M.S. in Geology • RIGHTER, WM. H., JR. Wrightstown, Pa. M.S. in Business Administration SIEGMANN, ROBT. M. Charleston, S. C. M.S. in Mathematics SMITH, SELDEN K. MA. in History York, S. C. WAKIM, JAMIL M. M.S. in Chemistry WANG, CHIN SHA M.S. in Mathematics WARD, ALBERT E. M.A. in Education Columbia, S. C. Formosa, China Jonesville, S. C. • WIGHTMAN, JOSEPH Due West, S. C. Ph.D. in History YOSAITIS, ROBERT W. Columbia, S. C. M.S. in Business Administration I r Nursin Cobb McMillan Foster Sullivan Karesh Pfaehler McCombs Wooldridge NURSING SCHOOL SENIORS COBB, EMILY A. B.S. in Nursing Columbia, S. C. McMillan, jeanette B.S. in Nursing Columbia, S. C. FOSTER, MARGARET H. B.S. in Nursing Hampton, S. C. SULLIVAN, MARGEL A. B.S. in Nursing Charleston, S. C. KARESH, MIRIAM B.S. in Nursing Columbia, S. C. PFAEHLER, LORENA F. B.S. in Nursing Summerville, S. C. McCOMBS, JANE B.S. in Nursing Belton, S. C. WOOLDRIDGE, JANE B.S. in Nursing Charleston, S. C. 168 JUNIORS o ALTMAN, PHYLLIS O. Marion, S. C. BELL, FRANCES L. Charleston, S. C. CARDWELL, KATHERINE Cola., S. C. CHILDRESS, SHIRLEY Salem, S. C. KIRKLAND, MARY A. W. Columbia, S. C. KIZER, GRACE Reevesville. S. C. • MANUEL, MELBA H. Fairfax, S. C. McKEVLIN PATRICIA D. Ch ' leston, S. C. MITCHUM, MARY R. Kingstree, S. C. • NEWSOM, CAROLYN S. Bishopv ' le, S. C. SANDERS, MARY LEE Charleston, S. C. WESTBURY, MARY LOU Harleyv ' le, S. C. • WOODLE, SARA L. Conway, S. C. n fla mm • ■ im m . i mm. w w Future nurses take notes on material that may appear on the rugged state board examination for the R.N. degree. Carolina nursing students learned skill in child care at the nursery shortly before the gala Christmas holidays. Acquiring ability from practical training, two students care for a wheel-chair patient at the Columbia Hospital. 170 L aw LAW SCHOOL SENIORS • BAHNMULLER, ARTHUR Sumter, S. C. LL.B. CHAPMAN, HARRY A. Greenville, S. C. LL.B. CROSBY, STANLEY B. Columbia, S. C. LL.B. • DEZERN, THOMAS J. LL.B. Duncan, S. C. EVANS, VICTOR Spartanburg, S. C. LL.B. JACOBS, HAROLD W. Kingstree, S. C. LL.B. • JENNINGS, ROBT. D. Bishopville, S. C. LL.B. JOYCE, A. J., JR. LL.B. LUNA, FRANKLIN LL.B. Balboa, Canal Zone Columbia, S. C. MIXSON, BENJAMIN E. Columbia, S. C. LL.B. POSTON, ELLERBY D. Johnsonville, S. ' LL.B. PRUITT, BOBBY M. Spartanburg, S. | LL.B. RICHARDSON, DONALD Geo ' town, S. | LL.B. SANDERS, HARVEY G. McCormick, S. C. LL.B. SMITH, HOLLAND LL.B. Beaufort, S. C. Able Bloom Adams Bowers Baker Carson Beattie Cofield Blanton Craver LAW SCHOOL JUNIORS ABLE, WILLIAM F. Columbia, S. C. • BLOOM, IRA Charleston, S. C. ADAMS, WENDELL Cottageville, S. C. BOWERS, CHARLES B. Lancaster, S. C. BAKER, DERRICK K. Easley, S. C. CARSON, WALLIS M. Greenville, S. C. BEATTIE, F. D., JR. Columbia, S. C. COFIELD, THOMAS C. North Augusta, S. C. BLANTON, EDWARD P. Charleston Heights, S. C. CRAVER, IVEY D. Charleston, S. C. 173 Eatmon Kahn Fraley Kenyon Frohman Ledford Gibbs Lesesne Howey Lowery LAW SCHOOL JUNIORS EATMON, EDWARD F. Kingstree, S. C. • KAHN, ELLIS I. Charleston, S. C. FRALEY, WILLIAM Gaffney, S. C. KENYON, KARL Charleston, S. C. FROHMAN, SIMON M. Rock Hill, S. C. LEDFORD, JOHN W. Greenwood, S. C. GIBBS, COMING B., JR. Charleston, S. C. LESESNE, THOMAS, III Columbia, S. C. HOWEY, JAMES Z. Fort Mill, S. C. LOWERY, HAROLD R. Ninety Six, S. C. 174 • McELVEEN, G. R., JR. Columbia, S. C. McGOWAN, F. P., JR. Columbia, S. C. MOODY, H. L., JR. Florence, S. C. o PARKS, ROBERT PORTER, CHARLES Parksville, S. C. Chester, S. C. REASONOVER, CARL R. Camden, S. C. ROGERS, JOHN I. ROSS, LOWELL W. Blenheim, S. C. Walhalla, S. C. SARRATT, VICTOR Blacksburg, S. C. • SLOAN, RALPH S. Columbia, S. C. STILWELL, H. S. Travelers Rest, S. C. TERRY, BILLY C. Pageland, S. C. • THOMAS, CALHOUN, JR. Beaufort, S. C. VAUGHAN, CHARLES Bennettsville, S. C. LAW SCHOOL FRESHMEN j • BELLAMY, H. V. Myrtle Beach, S. C. BRITT, D. H., JR. McDonald, N. C. BRITT, MIRIAM F. Georgetown, S. C. BROYLES, JOHN L. CAIN, WILLIAM G. CONDON, LOUIS Wilmington, Del. Blackville, S. C. Charleston, S. C. • DAVIS, GEORGE H., JR. Columbia, S. C. DOBSON, ROBERT A. Greenville, S. C. DUSENBURY, JAS. H. Myrtle Beach, S. C. ELLISOR, JAMES B. Columbia, S. C. FANT, PATRICK, C, JR. Greenvill e, S. C. FRIEDMAN, BERNARD L. Cola, S. C. • GOOLSBY, CLARENCE Dothan, Ala. HENDRIX, R. M. Myrtle Beach, S. C. JENRETTE, JOHN W., JR. Loris, S. C. Johnson Register Lydon Sparks Mallard Suritz Marler White Ness Young LAW SCHOOL FRESHMEN • JOHNSON, WILLIAM T., JR. Conway, S. C. • REGISTER, F. R., JR. Columbia, S. C. LYDON, THOMAS E., JR. Charlestown, Mass. SPARKS, JAMES W. Greenville, S. C. MALLARD, ROBERT R. Charleston, S. C. SURITZ, MICHAEL Rock Hill, S. C. MARLER, J. RRUCE Simpsonville, S. C. WHITE, PIERCE S. Saluda, S. C. NESS, ARTHUR Denmark, S. C. YOUNG, PHILIP Beaufort, S. C. 177 First Row: H. Chapman, K. Baker, W. Fraley, C. Rice, A. Ray. Second Row: H. Smith, J. Howey, W. Hall, H. Lightsey. Law Federation Notes Practical Legal Problems HARRY CHAPMAN, President THE Law Federation, affiliated with the Ameri- can Law School Association and as such a nationally recognized organization, is composed of all students enrolled in the School of Law. Aiming its program toward practical benefits for Law students, the Law Federation held an orientation program for incoming freshmen, in order to start them on the right foot in their new school. The Federation acted as host for a series of talks whose overall topic was " Practical Legal Problems " —those which would be encountered by lawyers upon graduation. Another phase of the program that was of direct benefit to members was the compilation and publication of the " Place- ment Bulletin " which is of aid in graduating Law seniors and firms throughout the state. This pub- lication gives short biographical sketches of each Law senior, and enables firms to obtain a little information on possible employees. Among its activities the Law Federation num- bered many socials held in conjunction with the Law Federation Auxiliary, an organization com- posed of the wives of Law students. In addition to the social facet of the program, many speakers and special events contributed to the calendar of these two organizations. Elected by the Law Federation for service as officers this year were: Harry A. Chapman, Jr., President; Kenneth Baker, Vice-President; and William Fraley, Secretary-Treasurer. 178 The fast pace of Law School lectures requires students to record accurate notes at a very high rate of speed. In this familiar scene at Petigru, several Law students take a break during a hard session at the Law Library. During a break in their crowded schedules, these lawyers-to-be pause for a coke and a glance at the morning paper. 179 First Row: D. Sinkler, H. Jacobs, J. Smith, V. Evans. Second Row: E. Laney, T. Law, H. Sanders. Wig And Robe Recognizes Academic Excellence HAROLD JACOBS, Chief Justice THE Wig and Robe, a scholastic honor society existing only at the University of South Caro- lina is made up of the top ten percent of the Law Students having completed at least three semesters with a minimum grade point ratio of 4.5. This is the organization ' s only qualification for membership. The Order was organized at the University in the Spring of 1936 for the sole pur- pose of recognizing and encouraging outstanding scholarship in the School of Law. Membership in this order is the highest scho- lastic honor available to Law Students and among its alumni can be found many outstanding legal scholars. Just as the Beta Kappas membership is respected throughout a man ' s life, membership in Wig and Robe remains an outward symbol of scholarship and achievement. Officers for the year are selected according to their academic standing with the Chief Justice being a 2nd semester senior having the highest average in the Law School. Serving this year are Harold Jacobs, Chief Justice; Dana Sinkler, Asso- ciate Justice; and Holland Smith, Clerk. 180 MOOT Court Team is a national competition sponsored by the Young Lawyers ' Associa- tion of the Bar of the City of New York. All team members must have a " B " average and are chosen in competitive tryouts designed to demonstrate the excellence of the candidates in appellate ad- vocacy. In inter-collegiate competition, each team prepares a written brief from which they may choose to represent either side, but must be pre- pared to argue either side in an oral argument. Nationwide competition is broken down into 15 regional districts with the finalists of each regional competition competing in January in New York for national honors. The team which then has the best written brief and oral argument according to law emerges as the winner. Noted legal and judicial figures participate in this competition by serving as judges, and providing criticisms of the collegiate presentations. Members of the Moot Court Team for the Uni- versity of South Carolina this year were Harold Jacobs, Captain; Harold Lightsey, Bradley Wil- son, and Charles Porter. HAROLD JACOBS, Captain Moot Court Enters Inter-Collegiate Tournament C. Porter, H. Jacobs, B. Wilson, H. Lightsey. 181 First Row: H. Lightsey, R. Bates, H. Smith, L. Ross. Second Row: H. Bozardt, K. Kenyon, C. Rankin, K. Baker, S. Stillwell. USC And Bar Association Publish Law Quarterly ROY BATES, Editor THE South Carolina Law Quarterly is a joint venture of the Law School and the South Car- olina Bar Association. The Quarterly was organ- ized with but one aim and goal, publishing a legal magazine and distributing this publication. First published in 1948 the Quarterly answered the demand for a scholarly journal dealing with stand- ards of the legal profession, and timely articles on various facets of the law. Specifically, this pub- lication contains many topics that are unique in South Carolina Law and on which information cannot be obtained from national journals. One of the criteria by which an article is judged is its ability to lend itself to practical application b practicing lawyers. Recognized nationally as a scholarly journal of merit, the Quarterly has re- ceived favorable comment in several national publications. Topics for the Quarterly are designed to be of practical value for both practicing and future lawyers. Articles are contributed by students, faculty members, and members of the Bar. Officers of the South Carolina Law Quarterly this year were: Roy Bates, Editor-in-Chief, Har- vey Sanders, Associate Editor. 182 Seated- SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS. Reginald Brown, President; Jackie Sallenger, Secretary; Dan Carter, Vice-President. Standing: FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS. Dianne Fredy, Vice-President; James Jackson, President; Bertie Stokes, Secretary. CIRCLE K First Row: D. Carter, G. Rhodes, R. Brown, C. Fields, R. Lewis. Second Row: S. Player, K. McLeod, T. Blackmon, C. Burgh, W. McCall. Third Row: J. McCall, W. Clarke, B. Howard, J. Trimble, T. Charlton. 184 THE Florence Extension Division since its es- tablishment has been under the direction of Mr. Fred C. Perry. Among Mr. Perry ' s many duties may be numbered registrar, purchasing agent, public relations, as well as meeting many other needs for which Florence has no definite administrator. In addition to tasks as Adminis- trator, Mr. Perry fills the position of Professor of French at the Center. A graduate of the University, Mr. Perry holds an A.B. degree in Education and an M.A. degree in French. Phi Beta Kappa, the Baine Humanities Society, and the Modern Language Association are among the professional societies in which he claims membership. In addition to his member- ship, he served the Baine Society in the capacity of President. His widely varied background in- cludes a tour of duty during World War II in which he was a translator and interpreter for the French Air Force. Mr. Fred Perry, in addition to his charges as Resident Director, serves as Professor of French at Florence. Perry Continues In Resident Director Capacity MR. FRED C. PERRY 185 The spacious Wallace home, located on the new campus, housed the Extension Division during the spring of 1960. Begins Permanent Florence Campus Construction 1957 can be considered a milestone year for the University of South Carolina. It was this year that an entirely new concept of education entered South Carolina. The Florence Extension Division was established as the first off-campus center at which resident credit for courses could be earned by students. 1960 can be considered a milestone year for this three-year-old center, for it was this year that the Florence Center received its perma- nent campus. Previously located in cramped, rather uncomodious quarters in the Florence Li- brary, the Center will soon be located on a spaci- ous 100-acre tract near Florence. This site was acquired through the efforts of the Florence County Higher Education Commission, the group responsible for the establishment of the center. Plans call for a red-brick colonial structure com- plete with offices, classrooms, laboratories, library, and student lounge. Construction has been started, and it is hoped that occupation can begin in the near future. All University regulations prevail at the Center, including entrance requirements, grading sys- tems, texts, and calendars. The curriculum is so designed that a student can complete the basic requirements for almost any USC degree. Classes are offered in English, History, Biology, Chemis- try, Mathematics, French, Business Administra- tion, and Political Science. Students at Florence are Carolina students in every sense of the word, and upon enrollment at the Columbia campus are not considered transfer students. Credits are ac- cepted with no adjustment, thereby reducing con- fusion and duplication in coursework, often en- countered by transfer students. Supplementing the academic program is a fine extra-curricular schedule. Student Body and Class officers are elected each year and perform many functions to insure the smooth execution of the non-academic program. Another group which plays a very important role in student life at Flor- ence is the newly organized Circle K fraternity. This service and social organization has worked with the March of Dimes, held parties for orphans and crippled children, as well as having several parties for its members. Thus one can see that life at the Florence Ex- tension Division is much the same as life at the Columbia campus. This is truly an arm of the University of South Carolina and it is doing an excellent job of meeting and fulfilling one the more pressing needs of the Pee Dee area. 186 FLORENCE COUNTY HIGHER EDUCATION COMMISSION. Mrs. O. T. Finklea, Dr. J. B. Whitehead, Mr. C. D. Munn, Mr. R. D. Thompson, Dr. J. H. Stokes. FLORENCE FACULTY. Dr. J. D. Russell, Dr. J. M. Thompson, Dr. K. C. Wyant, R. Surasky, J. E. Yochum, Dr. F. C. Perry. 187 EXTENSION • ALLEN, J. KENNETH Florence, S. C. ATKINSON, C. RAY Florence, S. C. BLACKMON, CHARLES C. Darlington, S. C. • BROWN, REGINALD C, JR. Florence, S. C. BURGH, CHARLES O. Florence, S. C. CARTER, DAN T. Effingham, S. C. • CULBERSON, RUSSELL W. Florence, S. C. CULLUM, LARRY T. Darlington, S. C. DEANS, JOHN C. Florence, S. C. • EATON, T. PATRICIA Florence, S. C. ETHERIDGE, JOHN R. Florence, S. C FIELDS, CRAIG F. Florence, S. C • FREDY, DIANNE Florence, S. C GAUSE, DAVID A., JR. Coward, S. C GRIGGS, CHARLES W. Hartsville, S. C • GROPP, P. DIANE Glen Burnie, Md HAMER, CAROL A. Florence, S. C. HATCHELL, PHILLIP V. Florence, S. C. EXTENSION • HILL, GRACE Timmonsville, S. C. HOLLADAY, JOHN H. Florence, S. C. HOWARD, WILLIAM M. Florence, S. C. • HUGGINS, DONALD Hartsville, S. C. JACKSON, JAMES E. Florence, S. C. JOHNSON, ELIZARETH Evergreen, S. C. • JOHNSON, FRED C, JR. Mullins, S. C. JOHNSON, HERMAN A. Mullins, S. C. JONES, JULIA T. Timmonsville, S. C. • JORDAN, DOUGLAS I. Timmonsville, S. C. JORDAN, J. FREDERICK, JR. Darlington, S. C. McLAURIN, EDWIN L. Florence, S. C • McLEOD, J. KENNEDY Florence, S. C MIMMS, J. FREDERICK Florence, S. C MICHOLS, PAULA M. Florence, S. C • O ' NEAL, CHARLES D. Florence, S. C PERRY, T. DIANE Florence, S. C PLAYER, SAMUEL A. Florence, S. C EXTENSION • POWELL, CHARLES W. Kingstree, S. C. POWERS, T. RICHARD Timmonsville, S. C. PRIVETTE, T. WILLIAMSON Darlington, S. C. • SALLENGER, JACQUELIN Florence, S. C. SIMS, W. WAYNE Florence, S. C. SMITH, C. EDWARD Florence, S. C. • STEPHENS, J. DAVIS Coward, S. C. STOKES, RERTIE W. Florence, S. C. TRIMBLE, JOE M. Florence, S. C. • TUCKER, LEON H., JR. Mullins, S. C. TYNER, JOEL A. Darlington, S. C. WALKER, JOY O. Florence, S. C. o WICKLIFFE, RICHARD L. Florence, S. C. 190 This gay Christmas party for orphans seems to bring to these KDs memories of days when they, too, played jacks. A Derby Day tradition in the past few years, " Pooser ' s Losers " featured Dixieland Jazz for Derby Day crowds. In spite of a week marred by heavy winds and rain, ' 59 Homecoming display contest featured many new ideas. 19! V f o ; ■ ■ ' .- ' .- - gB SB i |g££? " - II i . HL " ■■ J B ? h9 IT r » ' | P ' . ' i " i ' ■SnBs 1 1 1 !» ■ ' HBHI " ra s- w na vavnav —— ' 192 r v n U v n u r n o 193 Freshman " Y " offers to the new member of the Carolina Community an opportunity for both fellowship and service. IT all started with freshman " Y " — that was the lauching pad— a place for fellowship— also a place to make contacts— score points— meet the right people— get assigned to committees— we joined more organizations— Pep Club— Fifty- Niners— we became known as " workers " — if we were in a sorority or fraternity our cause was championed by an elder BMOC— we watched our activity list grow with silent pride— then one night we were tapped— AKG— Blue Key— ODK— cheers —congra tulations— so we wore a coat and tie full time— talked politics ( all levels ) we were the gray flanneled organization men of tomorrow. . . . Others sought an outlet to supplement their major field of study— Carolina Players— set design —make-up— acting— Publications— writing heads for the Gamecock— selling ads for the GirB— submitting " beat " poems to the Sandlapper— De- bating societies— Clariosophic— Euphradian— Eu- phrosynean—Hypatian— Many of us joined professional societies affili- ated with our major— Press Club— ASME— KDE— Wig and Robe— Meditrina— We were " oriented and organized. " Marian Gamble transfers some written materal to copy sheets as a USC publication rushes to meet a deadline. 194 Allan Jenkins, Student Union Committee, officiates while members patiently wait for their next order of business Sue Nettles, president of AKG, women ' s honorary, pins a ribbon on the newest member at Sorority Song Fest. Members of Alpha Phi Omega, honorary scout service fraternity, discuss some important matters during lunch. AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS. First Row: Dr. Baker, H. Wengrow, B. Poteat, M. Grant, T. Davis, J. Mathis, G. Goodman, T. Kosciw, N. Aquino. Second Row: Dr. Wilson, A. Stroman, H. Sparks, J. Dickert, J. Newborn, D. Brantley, D. Devore, C. Nesbitt. Third Row: P. Haskell, C. Johnson, J. Petora, J. Manning, B. Dickson, C. Price, J. McElroy. AIChE Sponsors Field Trip For Engineering Students ANY chemical engineering student enrolled in an engineering course at Carolina may be a member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. AIChE operates as a professional or- ganization, placing emphasis on professional de- velopment. Some of the activities of the organi- zation include regularly planned field trips to industries concerned with chemical engineering. The social calendar includes a Junior-Senior foot- ball game, picnics in the fall and spring, and the Annual Engineers ' Ball. AIEE-IRE Representatives Go To District Convention THE American Institute of Electrical Engineers- Institute of Radio Engineers is a professional organization for students devoting over half of their curriculum to the study of Electrical Engi- neering. This past year representatives were sent to the AIEE Student District Convention. The group sponsored a project at the 1959 State Fair, and also an exhibit at the Space Age Symposium. The social activities included an Engineers ' Ball and an AIEE-IRE Banquet. AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS-INSTITUTE OF RADIO ENGINEERS. First Row: W. Queen, W. Stanley, J. Bickley, J. Cox, J. Service, D. Patrick, J. Moore, J. Davidson, G. Ward, T. Robinson, E. Beardshall, W. MahafFey. Second Row: C. Bonham, P. Kerr, D. Byers, H. Teller, J. Faulkner, L. Clark, R. Smith, H. Brown, W. Smith, T. Squires, J. Kay, J. Nicoletti. Third Row: C. Dutton, D. Booth, R. Daniels, W. Beha, Professor Fellers, Professor Moseley, Professor Ramm, Professor Sees, Professor Ferris, Professor Noland, J. Pierce. W i • ■ I ■ 1 I I H AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS. First Row: W. Hutto, C. McDuffie, L. Campbell, W. Segui, K. Fujishiro, E. Infinger, T. Wainner, P. Cohen. Second Row: R. Moore, T. Hixon, W. Phipps, R. McCracken, J. Hancock, G. Koled, J. Draffin, J. Bryson, W. Hill, W. Smith, W. Metz. Third Row: Z. Kyzeh, W. Epps, Y. Montgomery, W. Demers, B. Kinsey, M. Cooke, F. Fasullo, L. Holliday, T. Wood, C. Hinson, E. Willis, M. Nichols. ASCE Participates In The ASME Features Speakers In Planning Of Annual Dance The Engineers ' Profession STUDENTS of junior standing in the school of civil engineering comprise the American So- ciety of Civil Engineers. During bi-weekly meet- ings ASCE strives to create interest in civil engi- neering and its effort to draw students into the engineering field is among the many services per- formed by ASCE. The Society holds numerous parties and participates in the annual Engineers ' Ball. Through these mediums, ASCE serves both the engineering field and the engineering student. AMERICAN Society of Mechanical Engineers is a professional organization on the South Carolina campus made up of full-time mechanical engineering students attempting to increase their knowledge of the profession with field trips throughout the southern states, panel discussions and meetings with guest speakers connected with the profession. Among ASME social activities were supper meetings, the annual Christmas party and the annual Engineers ' Ball in which all engi- neering societies participated. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS. First Row: S. McCanless, R. Neely, W. Bray, J. Blackman, J. Frederick, D. Brooks, J. Hughes, C. Smith, J. Williams, C. Character, C. Seigel. Second Row: D. Smith, E. Bmnk, F. Saverance, K. King, T. Heil, R. Boykin, H. Armstrong, A. Dotter, G. Teaster, J. Fender, E. Solomons. Third Row: R. Joye, A. Borgi, D. Breckenridge, J. Dorsett, A. Alverez, T. Noe, R. Pugh, J. Cooler, H. Taylor, R. Branch, W. Walkup. AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION. First Row: A. Stuck, J. Ulmer, L. Daniel, J. Workman, A. Smith, B. Miller, M. Gregories, J. Paradeses, A. Turner, G. Perdue, A. Hieder, R. Goethe, L. Sitterson, R. Bedenbaugh, N. Kirsch, J. Plaxco, Dean Morrison. Second Row: R. Roseman, M. Nelson, C. Evans, T. Barnes, L. Cassidy, J. Swartz, A. Frick, S. Hiott, M. Hilton, T. Angerinos, B. Clark, G. Peterson, R. Orr, M. Retty, J. Rickenbaker, C. Kinsey, L. Harrell, K. Johns, R. Mullis. Third Row: D. Boylston, S. Smith, F. Sox, W. Ken- nedy, T. Williams, J. Murphy, O. Morgan, C. Bussey, Professor Stokes, J. Callahan, J. McCullough, F. Parkman, L. Sease, K. McVey, C. Howard, E. Tate, J. Kennington. Fourth Row: J. Hodges, J. McQueen, J. Lawing, J. Free, T. Spratt, B. Burrell, J. Smith, C. Metz, R. Bennett, R. Edwards, H. Caldwell, D. Jarmel, L. Daniels, J. Jones, C. Lowe, W. Roche, W. Bull, N. Duncan. Fifth Row: B. Bourne, W. Love, K. Ott, L. Hutto, A. Andrews, L. Burns, G. Baughcome, L. Rice, J. Hodge, W. Keziah, M. Kamal, J. Huskins, D. Preacher, J. Thomason, G. Bradley, Professor Galgano, D. Kelly. Professional Men Lecture At Monthly APhA Meetings THE American Pharmaceutical Association, a professional and social organization, was char- tered at the University in June, 1941. At monthly meetings, men of the pharmaceutical profession delivered lectures to members on phases of phar- macy and medicine. Every year the association sponsors a trip to pharmaceutical manufacturers which allows students to become more familiar with various fields of the profession. The asso- ciation sponsors a Christinas party and a spring banquet for the seniors. IRC Sends Representatives To State Student Seminars THE International Relations Club offers stu- dents an opportunity to follow current events. Each week IRC conducts meetings on public af- fairs, often presenting guest speakers. IRC also sponsors conferences on foreign affairs. In October, IRC participated in the United Na- tions commemoration; in December, members attended the State Conference and also the Regional Conference including representatives from eight states. In March, delegates were sent to the Student Conference on Foreign Affairs, II. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB. First Row: Dr. Walker, Dr. McConaughy, M. Stepp, B. VonHay, H. Platts, A. Burgdorf, R. Glymph, Dr. Tullock, Dr. Sokol. Second Row: M. Woolsey, R. Patterson, B. Able, C. Freeman, P. Williams, A. McKinney, W. Goforth, S. Garrett, B. Seay, J. Ryon, M. Akerman, E. Blanton, S. Hoffman. Third Row: K. Gold, C. Gregory, L. Leifermann, P. McCaffrey, A. Trotter, C. Halloran, M. Murray, B. Siegel, H. Yaschak, P. Gay, M. Jackson, M. Hallai, A. Roder. MEDITRINA SOCIETY. First Row: L. Widing, S. Bradley, C. Fischer, W. Dimock, C. Bonnette, G. Kiger, C. Carter. Second Row: E. Houck, K. Dantzler, B. Moore, F. Zeagler, P. Hixon, R. Shuler, B. Adams, J. Boyce, J. Bickley. Meditrina Has Contest To Select Miss Student Nurse MEDITRINA, a social-professional organiza- tion for Carolina students who are enrolled in the School of Nursing, is a local branch of both the State and National Nursing Students Asso- ciation. One of the many activities sponsored by Medi- trinia is helping the nursing students gain experi- ence on local, state, and national levels. Other activities this year include the sponsoring of a contest in the School of Nursing to select Miss Student Nurse. WAA Sponsors Variety Of Sports For All USC Girls THE Women ' s Athletic Association, which re- quires of its members an interest in the pro- motion of good sportsmanship, is composed of a representative of each sorority and independent group. Among the varied activities are bridge, volleyball, basketball, tennis, swimming, and tournaments. An All Sports Trophy is awarded to the team which accumulates the most points dur- ing inter-sorority competition. The Women ' s Ath- letic Association provides outside recreation for all girls who attend the University. WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION. First Row: P. Adair, J. Coffman, A. Shirley, E. Schnauffer, J. Fuller, T. Griffin, E. Boldwin. Second Roto; J. Harper, J. Ridenhour, S. Ussery, A. J. Adam, M. Grant, P. Worley, L. Wise, J. Rubin. fl f f A First Row: M. Brock, H. Wooten, M. J. Cox, G. McGimsey, W. Wysong, M. Chandler, A. Marshall, P. Cowell, E. Corbett, M. Schumpert, B. J. Ebner, G. Sturkie, S. Shealy, B. Boyd, H. Timmerman. Second Row: T. Bazemore, H. Kendall, E. Clair, L. Grimball, B. J. Edwards, V. J. Derrick, B. Dobbins, A. Gatlin, G. Floyd, E. Wilkins, J. Harley, S. Craft, M. McLamb, M. Mixon, N. Hayes. Third Row: R. Smarr, L. Vickery, J. Davis, J. Thomas. Fourth Row: D. Cappell, B. Kiger, C. Allen, J. Abercrombie, J. Davis, W. Long, J. Brown, D. Brown, C. Ward, G. Healy, W. Green, H. Holmes, P. Gay, W. David. CHORUS Gives Performance Of King David At University THE University Chorus is a service organiza- tion on the South Carolina campus whose membership is made up of students from all Schools and Departments of the University. These members are selected from the student body by personal audition. Only a small percentage of the group are students from the school of music. The Chorus presents concerts for many high schools and colleges in Columbia and throughout the state. They also furnish music for campus functions, such as Christmas and Easter chapel programs, and have made several television ap- pearances. This year the University Chorus performed the oratorio, King David, by the contemporary com- poser, Arthur Honegger. The performance of Mr. Honegger ' s brilliant composition by the University Chorus was one of the first performances of this work in the Southeast and perhaps the first in South Carolina. Mr. David G. Phillips, conductor of the Chorus, participated in the performance of this work given by the Columbia University Chorus and New York Philharmonic Orchestra while he attended the 1959 summer session of Columbia University ' s Graduate School of Music in New York City. MR. DAVID G. PHILLIPS, Director 200 r First Row: M. Christophersen, P. Martin, J. Chappell, B. Able, S. Freed. Second Row: M. Jackson, S. Godley, E. Roberts, W. Adkins, M. Purris, J. Howell, B. Fripp. DEBATE TEAM Debaters Top Victory In Numerous Tournaments MR. M. G. CHRISTOPHERSEN, Coach MAINTAINING a continuous program of rigor- ous competition, the Carolina Debate Team, under the leadership of Dr. M. G. Christophersen, has earned nation-wide respect for the University. This year has been marked by the greatest depth Carolina debating has ever known. Pete Martin, experienced by two years of championship com- petition, was the key man on the team. But he received support from such debaters as Bill Able, Kay Glenn, Eddie Boberts, and Deke Adkins who won the Kentucky Thoroughbred Tournament. John Chappell, Pete Martin, Melvin Purvis, and Jimmie Mann, won the New York Tournament and later the All Southern. Sonny Herring, Sam Freed, Martin, and Chappell won the Carolina Forensics. A girls ' team of Marga Wilhoit, Kay Glenn, Saveilla Godley, and Barbara Fripp scored well in several tournaments, and newcomers John Howell and Mareen Jackson stood up well during the successful season. The University Debate Team meets some two hundred other university and college debating teams during a given season in open and judged competition. This was another outstanding year for the Carolina debaters. 201 ' 0. $$? WILLIAM D. HAY, First Semester Station Manager First Row: S. Sanders, J. Jordan, A. Burgdorf, R. Glymph, D. Bledsoe, A. McKinney, W. Hay, H. Wood. Second Row: C. Morris, B. Dukes, T. Nesmith, H. Faris, T. Sanders, B. Otis, G. Batarseh. Third Row: B. Maclnnes, K. Greer, S. Harrison, W. Grayson, A. Neil, F. Wingate, B. Peach, J. Grunert. wusc Presents Holiday House Party In Russell House WUSC, the student operated radio station located in the Russell House, serves the Carolina community with varied programming throughout the school year. With music ranging from jazz to the classical vein and news coverage ranging from Derby Day to international events, WUSC aspires to please the most critical listener. On the air 13 hours each week-day and with special coverage of weekend events, WUSC pre- sents a full and complete picture of life at Caro- lina. On the spot broadcasts include interviews at registration, election reports, and Gamecock basketball games. In the realm of public service, the station is of great value to the University News Service, the U. S. Department of Education, the National Safety Council and the Carolina student. Membership is obtained by one-half semester ' s service with staff approval at that time. Duties include secretarial, announcing and engineering work. Former WUSC staff members are at present well-known radio personalities in the local area and throughout the state, illustrating the extra- curricular obtained at Carolina can lead to posi- tions after graduation. 202 Announcer Jack Wood operates two turntables during one of the station ' s regular afternoon disc jockey programs. WUSC Staff DAVID BLEDSOE Manager ROBERT GLYMPH Program Director PAT PATTERSON Music Director WILLIAM OTIS Business Manager JOSEPH JORDAN Chief Announcer CHARLES MORRIS Chief Engineer ALYCE GODSHALL Secretary ANN BURGDORF Treasurer SHIRLEY HARRIS Historian DAVID W. BLEDSOE, Second Semester Station Manager Bill Otis selects an album from the many records owned and used by the radio station on its daily broadcasts. 203 First Row: C. Crotty, L. Farris, R. Wilkie, A. Brown, C. Gilliam, B. Lumpkin, M. Hetherington, K. Davis. Second Row: A. Sauls, J. McCauley, S. Davis, V. Porcher, K. Adams, A. Trotter, T. Tiemann, J. Pryor, B. Pleemmer. Third Row: M. McKnight, P. Bernat, N. Adams, R. Roseman, C. Brooks, J. Wilson, M. Byars, F. Highsmith, E. Jennings, B. Bates. UNIVERSITY PLAYERS Produce " Hotel Universe 5 ' With Definite Success PROFESSOR GENE CROTTY, Director THE University Players is a theatrical group composed of students who display dramatic interests and inclinations. In order to become a member of this organization, a person has to audi- tion before the group or have worked behind the scenes on several occasions. This not only gives the students valuable experience in acting but also in directing and general stage work such as costuming, lighting, scenery, and other backstage activities. Meetings are held bi-monthly at which time programs are given by the players. These programs are in the form of skits and short talks. Each year the organization gives two or three presentations. These plays are usually given in Drayton Hall on the University campus. Also the plays are usually performed one afternoon at the State Hospital. After each play a party is given for the members of the cast and others who helped with the production. In addition, several parties are held throughout the year for the members and their guests. To become a member of Alpha Psi Omega, national honorary dramatic fraternity, one must have had two hundred hours of theater work. To reward excellence in drama, Gamma Tau Cast of Alpha Psi Omega gives annually at Awards Day a campus-wide award, the Drama Achievement Award, to the person on campus who has done the most to further drama in the past year. 204 These three University Players portray one of the scenes from their recent dramatic production, " Hotel Universe. " In a dramatic scene from " Hotel Universe " , Tony Brown attempts to talk his guest out of committing suicide. In " Hotel Universe " Pat McMurry tries to get her child- like husband, Jerry Wilson, to come down off the wall. 205 p I r lO r , i w ' v—j H t . • » 2 ■ MB ■1 C ■ I Ji Hf% 3 flt.1 u 1 1 W ,, [ a " B ■JfI 1 .JSP JjgfW - 3s to 7x nal VT- wy. K J E —m A ' P ' 9 yy £ £ - V fe i r%- Mwi v V V i ■ ii ■ ■ Front Row: L. Thomas, A. Thompson, J. Haas. Second Row: R. Bloom, G. Moore, J. Barr, B. Johnson. Third Row: R. Flowers, S. Painter, E. Babb, S. Berger, D. Howard, A. High, T. Croft, S. Patterson, D. Blackhnrst, S. Hiott. Fourth Row: M. Parks, B. Williams, R. Vande- grift, H. Martin, L. Hornsby, W. Stroman, B. Brittain, J. Wyndham. BAND Prichard Named Director Of The Carolina Band THE " Marching Gamecocks " were completely reorganized when James D. Prichard took over the duties of Band Director July 1, 1959. With approximately seventy-five musicians and sixteen majorettes, the band has worked diligently on a new marching style and special musical arrange- ments. New uniforms were designed for the band members and majorettes using basically the Uni- versity colors, garnet and black, emphasized by extensive use of white. The " Marching Game- cocks " were seen in precision drill and pageantry at nine of the ten football games played, includ- ing trips to Chapel Hill, Charlotte ( Wake Forest ) , and the big three-day trip to Miami. The University Concert Band had the oppor- tunity to study and perform a wide range of the best of classical and modern band compositions. Mr. Pricharc [ directs the University of South Carolina Band during one of its regular practices on Davis Field. 1 ill Jk fcs ▼ ■ jCTCffit w ' m i Jm z fe W - £S r J € ' ■ 111 | 1 it h V ' ■■ ' M - ' - JTJv ■ ' Si 4 i j5WJ ! $£ tt .-- ? ' - K Sjt f f 1 J Front Row: R. Gaylor, B. Chisolm, W. Woodruff. Second Row: S. Harrison, B. Dukes, B. Bolton, D. Clary, L. Bell, D. Boylston, J. Lee, P. Reese. Third Row: C. Jones, J. Higgins, E. Shirah, B. Tollison, B. Way, J. Davis, M. Thomas, B. Maxwell, R. Rogers, C. Gatch. DON CLARY, Drum Major MR. JAMES D. PRITCHARD, Director 207 COQUETTES. D. Gray, S. McLaurin, N. Fore, E. Weeks, P. Turner, C. Easterling, J. Carrol, K. Redman, F. Hambright, E. Hall Jones, P. Tully, M. W. Hilton, W. Rivenbark, J. Ramsey, S. Barker. COQUETTES ROBIN GAYLOR, JUDY PENLAND, Solo Twirlers Enthusiastically Received By Every Carolina Student USC ' S brilliant dancing majorette corps, known as the " Coquettes " , was organized in Sep- tember, 1959. Virtually all of the majorettes have one or more titles for beauty, popularity, and or skill as a majorette. The sixteen girls were care- fully selected on the basis of character, person- ality, and poise in addition to twirling and strut- ting ability. And so it was that the University of South Car- olina ' s " new-look " band, led by high stepping majorettes for the first time since 1955, made its first appearance. Introducing the 1959 football season, the effervesent " Coquettes " appearing in snappy red and white uniforms, were given a standing ovation by alumni and other spectators. The " Coquettes " were featured with the " Marching Gamecocks " at football games, in pa- rades, at basketball games, for television and many other special events. Drum Major for this year was Don Clary with Judy Penland and Robin Gaylor, both outstand- ing champions, taking the positions of solo twirlers. The soloists were featured with the " Variety Band " when they performed at several of the home basketball games this year. 208 Honoraries rmm V h - ' . ■ • - I HI XwHR A.D.1S06 IP SnBlsl r 4M B B H 31 H r J. Cathcart, C. Hutto, W. Bates, G. Bryant, C. Cate, B. Jones, M. Chertok. WHO ' S WHO Among Students W. Crolley, A. Valley, B. Pritchard, S. Ussery, B. Joye, H. Wengrow, J. Saunders. k £ H j Wi (IIHVp n§- m 1 Iff If i llllllli II m 1 I lllfllil u|i|IhhUHIIIIII D, ' - 1 1 J. Leventis, J. Splawn, H. Sturm, V. Rumph, W. Jones, S. Gaffos, J. Pendarvis. In American Universities A. Hardy, V. Porcher, S. Nettles, J. Hagins, R. Harrison, D. McCants, D. Coates. t, ' 1 First Row: S. Cannady, J. Kirven, C. Cherry, S. Nettles, V. Porcher, S. Ussery. Second Row: K. O ' Hagen, B. Jones, M. Calvert, A. Keitt, A. Valley, J. Rion, J. Splawn. Third Row: V. Moskos, J. McCauley, G. Hopper, P. Finley, D. McCants, V. Rumph. ALPHA KAPPA GAMMA Sponsors Fall Song Fest For Scholarship Fund SUE NETTLES, President ELIGIBILITY for membership in Alpha Kappa Gamma, the women ' s honorary service fra- ternity at the University of South Carolina, is on an all around basis. Alpha Kappa Gamma taps members twice a year: in the fall at Song Fest and in the spring at the May Queen eliminations. Its members are young women who have con- tributed in many ways to the life of the Carolina Community and who are always available to serve the University. Scholastically, members are re- quired to have a C+ average or better, and must be either a second semester sophomore, junior, or senior. Leadership ability for members is con- sidered in the fields of scholarship, athletics, cam- pus life, social affairs, and religious activities. Among its activities and services Alpha Kappa Gamma sponsors Song Fest each fall, the proceeds of which go to its scholarship fund, serves at vari- ous campus functions, and provides ushers for graduation exercises. Serving as officers for Alpha Kappa Gamma this year were Sue Nettles, President; Virginia Porcher, Vice-President; Vicki Rumph, Secretary; Dickie McCants, Treasurer; Anne Valley, His- torian; and Mrs. H. F. Trotter, Advisor. 212 First Row: Dean Tomlin, Dr. Stephan, Dr. Brubaker, Dr. Baker, President Sumwalt, Dean Calcott, Dr. Nolan, Dr. Ochs. Second Row: H. Wengrow, W. Crolley, J. Leventis, S. Dodd, B. Hoagland, E. Beardshell, W. Queen. Third Row: H. Bamseur, B. Hunt, B. Joye, B. Pritchard, S. Stillwell, L. Weber. OMICRON DELTA KAPPA Makes Presentation Of Plaque To Valedictorian OMICRON DELTA KAPPA, national leader- ship honor society for college men, was founded December 3, 1914 at Washington and Lee University. In order to become a member of ODK one must be of junior standing, have an overall 3.5 average, qualify on a point system which gives points for achievement in scholarship, student government, athletics, and social affairs. A tapping ceremony is held biannually to induct new members. The third annual Presidents ' Banquet, held in November, featured Attorney-General Daniel R. McLeod. The Presidents ' Banquet recognizes the heads of all organizations at the University. ODK was host to the Province III Convention of Omi- cron Delta Kappa this year. Other services included ushering at the Artist Series; and the presentation of a plaque to the Valedictorian of the Senior Class at Awards Day. First semester officers of Omicron Delta Kapoa for the school year 1959-1960 were: Bill Crolly, President; Buzz Hoagland. Vice-President; Henry Wencrow, Secretary; Ted Ledeen, Treasurer; and Dr. R. D. Ochs, Faculty Advisor. WILLIAM CROLLEY, President 213 BLUE KEY Sponsors Big Thursday Carolina-Clemson Dance RICK HARRISON, President BLUE KEY is a national honor service fra- ternity, of which eligibility for membership requires that male students must have shown outstanding ability in the fields of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Male students are elected by the members twice yearly on the basis of the preceding qualifications. The most important qualification, however, is service to the University. Blue Key, which is a reservoir of assistance to many deans and directors, supplies the University with leaders and workers for a variety of sig- nificant activities of campus-wide interests and benefits. Activities of Blue Key include sponsoring of the Carolina-Clemson dance on Little Wednesday for both Carolina and Clemson students, the Bed Cross Blood drive, two formal banquets each year, and High School Day. Serving as officers for this year were Bick Har- rison, President; Mike Chertok, Vice-President; Bobby Dobson, Secretary-Treasurer; and Ed Dieterle, Corresponding Secretary. First Row: Dr. Welsh, M. Chertok, R. Harrison, R. Dobson, E. Dieterle. Second Row: F. Beattie, M. Lacy, W. Fowler, W. Jones, M. Quinn, E. Spears. Third Row: F. Bowie, J. Taylor, D. Simpkins, C. Cate, J. Hagins, W. Nelson. 214 KAPPA SIGMA KAPPA Awards Scholarship To Qualified Male Student KAPPA SIGMA KAPPA is an honorary male service fraternity which was founded on the University of South Carolina campus in 1926. It is dedicated to promoting service on the campus and, therefore, membership eligibility requires outstanding service of young men above the freshman level. Kappa Sigma Kappa activities include the varied projects from ushering at football games to helping with the preparations for May Day. Also, each year Kappa Sigma Kappa undertakes, for a project, some service which it feels is necessary or needed at Carolina. On Awards Day, KSK awards a scholarship to a qualified male student, and presents an Honorary Service Award, an in- scribed plaque, to the profesor who had made the greatest contribution to the improvement of the University during the year. Another service of the Fraternity is placing information pertinent to campus activities on the KSK bulletin board which was set up in 1957. BOOPA PRITCHARD, President First Row: M. Chertok, J. Taylor, E. Martin, L. Barringer, B. Pritchard, G. Leventis, G. Jones, J. Goodwin, J. Johnston, F. Day. Second Row: B. Joye, J. Saunders, D. Coates, S. Gaffos, W. Jones, R. Shaw, E. Spears, B. Roper, J. Stone, W. Bates, M. Quinn, R. James, W. Queen, J. Leventis. Third Row: G. Odom, F. Bowie, R. Dobson, C. Behling, T. Burroughs, J. Taylor, H. Ramseur, W. Latham, L. Weber, J. Hagins, J. Chappel, M. Sheheen, S. Freed, R. Hunt. 215 First Row: T. Robinson, G. Ward, W. Mann, W. Segui, W. Atanley, W. Queen, A. Alvarez, R. Pugh, Dr. Wilson. Second Row: C. Price, C. Johnson, E. Beardshall, H. Wengrow, T. Squires, W. Beha, W. Epps, R. Neely, T. Prince, M. Nichols, P. Haskell. TAU BETA PI Honors Academic Achievement In Engineering THOMAS ROBINSON, President FOUNDED at Lehigh University in 1885, by Edward H. Williams, Jr., " to honor scholarship and exemplary character, " Tau Beta Pi, an honor engineering society, installed in the spring of 1958, is composed of the top fifth of the engineering seniors and the top eighth of the juniors. Each year the society sponsors activities such as slide rule classes for Freshmen and other inter- ested people, and the annual Engineers ' Ball dur- ing the spring. Tau Beta Pi contributes a scholar- ship of one hundred dollars which is awarded to an outstanding undergraduate engineering s tudent. The society also presents a Scholastic Achievement Award to the senior engineering student graduating with the highest grade point ratio. Becognition is awarded the senior engineer- ing student contributing highly to the University as well as the School of Engineering, and to the outstanding senior in each division of the School. Officers for the year were W. Robinson, Presi- dent; H. Ward, Vice-President; D. Stanley, Cor- responding Secretary; F. Mann, Jr., Recording Secretary; T. Segui, Treasurer; and E. Queen, Cataloger. 216 JiH J. Bradham B. Epting M. McConnell K. Wells W. Cathey, Jr. E. Ezekiel E. Meeks, Jr. R. Wilkie D. Cobb R. Gwinn H. Ringer J. Wingard, Jr. K. Dixon, III T. Lawson S. Ruff C. Wyman A. Dixon C. Legrand J. Shand, Jr. M. Zack J. Entzminger, Jr. T. McAbee E. Timmons L. Zalin PHI BETA KAPPA Honors Scholars In School Of Arts And Sciences PHI BETA KAPPA was founded on December 5, 1776, at the College of William and Mary. It was the first society to have a Greek letter name, and in its initial period at William and Mary it introduced the essential characteristics of such societies— an oath of secrecy, a badge, mot- toes in Latin and Greek, a code of laws, an elabo- rate form of initiation, a seal, and a special hand- clasp or grip. Originally, Phi Beta Kappa was a society of congenial spirits, similar in its basis of membership to the present-day fraternity, and in the character of its meetings to a debating or literary club. Election to Phi Beta Kappa is recog- nition of well-employed intellectual capacities, especially in acquiring an education in the field of arts and sciences. This year, thirty-one Carolina students were initiated at the annual spring meeting of 1959, to the Alpha chapter of USC, which received its charter in 1926. 217 HYPATIAN LITERARY SOCIETY Awards Cup To Outstanding Senior Member THE motto and aim of the Hypatian Literary Society is " Culture, Friendship, and Oratory. " The society attempts to base its programs on these areas and to provide an artistic and philosophic background for its members. The society was founded in 1915, and was the first literary society for women on campus. The Hypatian ' s activities include debates, pro- grams of cultural nature, and various speakers at the monthly meetings. Several teas are given to entertain prospective members. Each semester ends with a banquet at which the officers for the next semester are installed. A silver cup is presented to an outstanding senior who has contributed most to the society during the year. This presentation is made on Awards Day which takes place in the spring of each year. Serving as officers were: Barbara Seay, Presi- dent; Jo Church, Vice-President; Ann Trotter, Secretary; Marian Jeter, Treasurer; Kathy Davis, Historian; Carrie Bartell, Critic; Gwennie Ben- nett, Chaplain. BARBARA SEAY, President First Row: V. Porcher, K. Davis, M. Jeter, B. Seay, J. Church, A. Trotter, J. Pattis, C. Bartell. Second Row: L. Plott, B. Dobbins, D. Neal, P. Morris, M. Wilhoit, B. Farmer, G. Bryant, L. Sitterson, D. Chandler, A. McKinney. Third Row: K. Bryan, N. Rogers, B. Terry, S. Shine, G. Caughman, K. Phillips, T. Dewitt, G. Todd, J. Workman, B. Ingram, P. Sinclair, A. Keitt. Fourth Row: B. Spears, B. Adams, N. Carroll, M. Hendrix, L. Dunlap, P. Hixon, G. Sanders, L. Sanders, S. Sprawls, S. Perry. EUPHROSYNEAN LITERARY SOCIETY Sponsors Poetry Contest Each Spring Semester EUPHROSYNEAN LITERARY SOCIETY is an honorary organization composed of girls who have attained a " B " average in the four basic English courses. It was organized on the Uni- versity of South Carolina campus in 1924 by Mrs. Irene Dillard Elliott, Dean of Women at that time. The purpose of the society is to improve stu- dents in expression, oratory, and all forms of parliamentary procedures as well as to encourage citizenship, scholarship, and activity. The society meets on alternate weeks for programs given by faculty members, prominent Columbians, and other outstanding individuals in the literary field. During the spring, Euphrosynean sponsors a poetry contest, the winner of which is presented a gold medal on Awards Day. Miss Elizabeth Clotworthy, Dean of Women became an honorary member of Euphrosynean Literary Society this year. Officers of the society this year were Betsy Mills, President; Anne Valley, Vice-President; Jo Lynn Huffman, Secretary; Nancy Mayer, Treas- urer; and Jill Ryon, Critic. ELIZABETH MILLS, President First Row: K. Lemon, V. Smith, G. Hopper, C. Cherry, A. Sekel, S. Bauman, P. Finley, S. Rhame, E. Long. Second Row: A. Logwood, A. Valley, J. Rion, E. Mills, J. L. Huffman, C. Young, K. O ' Hagen. Third Row: M. Hendricks, E. Duvall, S. Cannady, J. McMaster, C. Houser, R. Fellow, C. Hutto, P. Barrett, K. Glenn, H. Bettys, G. Hutchinson, D. Warner. Fourth Row: C. Capers, E. Dennis, S. Sturdivant, B. Jones, J. Andrews, D. Griffin, L. Daniels, R. Rigby, J. Harper, P. Green, E. Hazelhurst. I CLARIOSOPHIC LITERARY SOCIETY Produces Men Of Leadership In Public Affairs IVEY CRAVER, President CLARIOSOPHIC LITERARY SOCIETY is an honorary male literary fraternity composed of men matriculates who have made an initiatory address acceptable to the members, and accepts as honorary members persons who have been recognized for outstanding service. Among its many services Clariosophic makes annual speech awards and literary awards. Since its 1806 inception, Clariosophic has served great men of our state and nation as a laboratory for leadership. It has produced fifteen governors of South Carolina, three governors of Alabama, twelve United States Senators from South Caro- lina, one United States Senator from Alabama, five United States Presidential Cabinet members, and one Confederate Presidential Cabinet mem- ber. During its history, the Society has had many distinguished honorary members, such as Presi- dent Andrew Jackson and Gen. Christian Clark. Among the distinguished alumni who addressed the Society during the past year were E. Smith Gambrell, American Bar Association past presi- dent; H. Beverly Herbert, prominent Columbia attorney; and Senator Olin D. Johnston. First Row: J. Wood, C. Hoefer, H. Loerty, J. Moye, C. Gibbs, I. Bloom, J. Cox, N. Craven. Second Rotv: I. Craver. 220 EUPHRADIAN SOCIETY Cites Debaters, Recitation, And Oratory Winners ONE of the outstanding organizations on the Carolina campus is Euphradian Society. The members of the organization strive to improve their minds through forensic activities. Male stu- dents who have ability and interest in forensics and debates constitute the membership. Founded in 1806, Euphradian Society has been an index to the fortunes of South Carolina. From this society have come many memorable leaders. To gain membership in Euphradian Society, male matriculates must attend three consecutive meetings. Following this, the applicants are voted upon by the society and must deliver an initiatory address. These requirements leave only a select group from which the society members are chosen. At Awards Day the society awarded plaques to the winner of a debate, a declamation, and an oratorical contest. A banquet in the spring high- lights the social activities of the society. At the society ' s weekly meetings the members partici- pate in stimulating debates of matters of current interest such as the topic of " Birth Control " which was used this year in Euphradian ' s annual debate with Clariosophic Literary Society. KEN BROWN, President First Row: H. Platts, J. Mann, W. Atkins, J. McKay, K. Holland, K. Chance. Second Row: J. Chappell, B. Castine, W. Woods, B. Hinnant, H. Yaschik, W. Wilson, D. Husa. Third Row: W. Fowler, K. Brown, J. Dillard. 221 DELTA SIGMA PI Confers Scholarship In The School Of Business ENROLLMENT in Business School, a " C+ " or better average, leadership ability, and a special invitation or recommendation by profes- sors for membership are the requirements for Delta Sigma Pi, professional business fraternity, the purpose of which is to promote scholarship and closer relationship between the commercial- business world and commercial students. Several business and industrial tours, providing Alumni Day guides and an information booth during class registration, presenting a special tutoring service, holding professional meetings and helping with charity children constitute the activities of Delta Sigma Pi. On the social agenda may be seen banquets, drop-ins after football frames, and a Formal Rose Dance. Annually Delta Sigma Pi awards a scholarship key to the male graduate student of Business Administration hav- ing the highest over-all average during his college career. 1959-1960 officers were G. Burgess, President; B. England, Senior Vice-President; J. Anderson, Junior Vice-President; C. Banks, Secretary; F. Strausbough, Treasurer; G. Willins, Chancellor. GERALD BURGESS, President First Row: Dr. Flora, G. Burgess, B. England, J. Anderson, C. Banks, F. Strausbaugh, G. Wiggins, H. Simpson, T. Miller, E. Dieterle, G. Matlock, D. Lee. Second Row: H. Brazell, D. Gordon, D. Huskey, J. Rabon, C. Williams, R. Baird, J. Alman, J. Whetstone, C. Kinard, O. Timmerman, J. Coleman, W. Jones. Third Row: E. Dempsey, B. Roth, A. Pate, R. Wilkie, R. Hayslett, J. Greene, C. Simons, L. Ray, T. Ray, F. Swygert, J. Barfield. 222 DELTA OMICRON. First Row: P. Caughman, J. Church, G. Stirkie, F. Pilcher, V. Derrick. Second Row: M. DuCom, N. Hayes, A. Williams, M. Mixon, Mme. Baker. Delta Omicron Encourages Admiration For Fine Music DELTA OMICRON is an international profes- sional music fraternity for women at Caro- lina. The organization is active in local music societies and presents several recitals each year. In addition to this, Delta Omicron awards a scho- larship annually to an incoming freshman. The objectives of the fraternity are to create fellowship, develop character, and encourage per- formance and appreciation of good music. Membership requirements include a " B " aver- age in music subjects and an overall " C " average. Alpha Phi Omega Initiates Blazer Tradition At USC ALPHA PHI OMEGA National Service Fra- ternity has had its most successful year on the Carolina campus. The fall semester activities were highlighted by such projects as the Book Swap, Blazer Sale, and Infirmary Visitation. Iota Mu chapter also served as host to the full area Leadership Conference of Alpha Phi Omega. Membership in Alpha Phi Omega is open to all scout-trained men on campus interested in service to self and others for strengthening the unity of a well-rounded campus community. ALPHA PHI OMEGA. First Row: W. Jones, T. LeDeen, H. Yaschik, J. Herring, W. Smith, R. Chowen, J. Leventis. Second Row: F. Dieterle, J. Stamatides, J. Dalisa, M. Lacy, H. Brown, W. Wilson, C. Bradley, J. Orr. Third Row: H. Wheeler, H. Sturm, F. Williams, L. Weber, K. Wood, N. Murray, C. Morgan, R. Gardner. KAPPA DELTA EPSILON. First Row: S. Rhame, R. Greer, A. Foster, A. Valley, C. Cherry, E. Cannon. Second Row: L. Barnett, K. Redman, G. Cauthen, J. Kirven, M. E. Hendrix, T. Bohm, C. Houser, P. Smith, E. Williamson. Third Row: B. Lapidus, D. McCants, N. Kinder, P. Arrowsmith, E. Quarrels, V. Brandenburg, N. Mayer, E. Page, P. Garrett, D. Wyndham, R. Rountree, J. Cullum. Not Pictured: G. Glenn, President. Kappa Delta Epsilon Acts As Hostess For Conference KAPPA DELTA EPSILON, national profes- sional honorary education sorority, gives an annual award to the member who has shown out- standing interest and service in education. Eli- gibility for membership includes: an overall " B " average; and the initiate must have had, or be enrolled in two education courses. Kappa Delta Epsilon stimulates interest in edu- cation through noted educators invited to speak at meetings. Also, the Pi Chapter was co-hostess for 1959 Regional Convention along with Co- lumbia College. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Aims For Higher Musical Values PHI MU ALPHA SINFONIA, national profes- sional music fraternity for men, includes among its aims the advancement, composition, and per- formance of good music. Its members are chosen from music majors, outstanding vocal and instru- mental musicians on campus, and those persons interested in promoting the ideals of music. Mem- bership qualifications include an overall " C+ " average and a " B " average on all music courses. During the fall Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia awards a scholarship to a promising freshman majoring in music. PHI MU ALPHA SIFONIA. First Row: G. Brown, T. Wainner, D. Howard, D. Cappell, B. Kiger. Second Row: G. Wyndham, B. Tollison, W. Woodruff, D. Brown, R. Bloom, H. Martin. PI ALPHA SIGMA. First Row: Mrs. A. Robinson, B. Goldstein, M. Hallaj, W. Goforth, B. Seay, Dr. Carlisle. Second Row: C. Mc- pherson, S. Thompson, J. O ' Donald, C. Hurst, M. Cline, N. Carroll, K. Thompson, R. Jewert. Pi Alpha Sigma Is Newest Honor Fraternity At USC INSTALLED on May 16, 1959, Gamma Chi Chapter of Pi Alpha Sigma, national honorary political science fraternity, is the newest honor fraternity at Carolina. A person must have an overall " B " average and not less than 12 hours of Political Science with a " B " average on these. Also the whole society votes on the prospective new members. Activities include guest speakers at the monthly meetings and free tutoring for students in basic political science in order to stimulate more inter- est in world affairs. Sigma Alpha Sigma Lauds Values Of Secretarial Work SIGMA ALPHA SIGMA, an honorary secre- tarial fraternity, fosters professional interest in secretarial work and affords recognition to stu- dents attaining excellence in this field. To be eligible for membership, a girl must have a " B " average in secretarial courses, with a " C+ " average on other college work. Sigma Alpha Sigma annually gives a tea for new members and holds a banquet honoring sen- iors and new officers. On Awards Day the junior who has the highest scholastic average is given an award. SIGMA ALPHA SIGMA. First Row: E. O ' Dell, S. Callahan, Z. Hallman, B. Jones, S. Carney, N. McDuffie. Second Row: D. Bozier, L. Burnette, N. Martin, B. Bevis, C. Jones, J. Lott. Third Row: A. Church, F. Barnes, B. Farmer, S. Sprawls, B. Brasington, P. Reames. 1 Carmen Cherry is overcome by surprise and tears as Jo Kirven and Vicki Rumph tap her for membership into AKG. High schoolers are impressed with USC ' s newest addition as they tour campus during Blue Key ' s High School Day. Attorney General Daniel R. McLeod captivates listeners as he soliloquizes during the fall Presidents ' Banquet. 226 I Publications MIKE CHERTOK, Editor GENE JONES, Managing Editor SANDRA USSERY, Assistant Editor LARRY WEBER, Associate Editor GEORGE LEVENTIS, Business Manager 228 First Row: G. Jones, J. Andrews, J. Kirven, M. Chertok, S. Krebs, F. Baskin, H. Moorehead. Second Row: A. Bruner, B. Kohn, L. Weber, C. McClennan, J. Fox, G. Leventis, K. Anderson. Third Row: J. Lyerly, B. Asay, B. Plowden, J. Bidenhour, K. Wofford, T. Tenison, A. Kirkman, M. Gamble. GARNET AND BLACK Features Informal Pictures In The Beauty Section IN the spring of 1959, the members of the annual staff began working on the complex and time- consuming task of putting together the 1960 Garnet and Black. Realizing that the two previ- ous annuals were rated All-American and that their work had to measure up to such excellent precedents, the staff set to work with a determi- nation to compose a still better yearbook and— most important - to please the students of the Carolina Community. Several changes were introduced in this year ' s book. One innovation was the use of informal pictures instead of portraits in the beauty section. The social section returned to the use of individual pictures on the sorority and fraternity pages in- stead of group pictures as used last year. Also new this year is the placement of informal pictures throughout the senior class section. The athletic section contributed to the changes in two respects. First was the increased coverage of the minor sports, and second was the increased use of action shots. Another outstanding feature of the yearbook is the beautiful interior color shot used in the begin- ning pages. Throughout the book, an effect of verticality is given by the use of vertical sub- dividers and vertical lettering. Working steadily during the fall semester, the staff shot and selected stacks of pictures, wrote and edited reams of copy, composed and counted hundreds of captions. The many details that con- stantly needed attention kept typists, writers, photographers, and proofreaders busy. As the 1960 Garnet and Black is distributed to the men and women of Carolina, the staff hopes that their venture will prove to be a successful one. 229 Jo Kirven, sorority editor, consults with several members of the staff about the selection of certain pictures to use. Introduces Use Of Informals In Senior Section Marina Gregoris and Benny Pendarvis exchange advice These staff members carry out routine duties by typing as to what should be included in a very important letter. copy sheets, consulting layouts, and writing captions. 230 Garnet and Black Staff MIKE CHERTOK Editor SANDRA USSERY Assistant Editor GENE JONES Managing Editor LARRY WEBER Associate Editor SARA KREBS . . . Administration and Faculty Editor JUDY ANDREWS Organizations Editor BARBARA KOHN Honoraries Editor ANN BRUNER Religion Editor HARRIETTE MOREHEAD .... Features Editor JO KIRVEN, BENNIE PENDARVIS . . Social Editors KENT ANDERSON Athletics Editor FRAN BASKIN Classes Editor MARINA GREGORIS Copy Editor RUSSELL SHAW, ED MARTIN, HARRY MOONEY Photographers GEORGE LEVENTIS Business Manager LARRY BARRINGER .... Advertising Manager Photographers Ed Martin, Harry Mooney and Russell Shaw check the equipment before afternoon of shooting. BUSINESS STAFF. First Row: S. Stork, C. Waites, L. Barringer, C. Cram, J. Marshall. Second Row: H. McCraney, B. Stewart, W. Bull, M. Espadal, P. Holland. 231 The Sports Editor of the " Gamecock " , Howard Hellams, and Doug Gray select pictures to be used in newspaper. GLENNA BRYANT, First Semester Editor GAMECOCK Big Thursday Edition Captures Special Notice THE qualifications for becoming a member of the Gamecock staff include an interest in news- paper work and an ability to write. This year the Gamecock staff consisted mainly of journalism students who obtained a vast amount of training and experience which will aid them in future years. The Gamecock presents campus news in a fac- tual form to every student and entertains with a variety of articles and pictures. Through photo- graphic means of communication students are able to gain a valuable insight into human nature. The University of South Carolina was host for the South Carolina Collegiate Press Association in November. For the seventh consecutive year, representatives from the Gamecock staff attended the National Collegiate Press Association Con- vention. This year ' s meeting was held in New York. Founded January 20, 1908, the Gamecock, ranges from six to eight pages in length and is distributed free to all University students each Friday during the semester. It captured the spe- cial attention of every student in the twelve-page Big Thursday edition. This issue emphasized the history of the grid classic which ended this year. First Semester Staff GLENNA BRYANT Editor KAREN McKIBBEN Managing Editor ED SPEARS Business Manager PENNY SINCLAIR Copy Editor CHARLES BEHLING News Editor DEE CHANDLER Faculty Editor BILL LUMPKIN Feature Editor MARGARET SCOTT Society Editor BOBBY ALFORD Sports Editor Second Semester Staff BOBBY ALFORD Editor CHARLES BEHLING Managing Editor ED SPEARS Business Manager PENNY SINCLAIR Copy Editor BILL LUMPKIN News Editor MARGARET SCOTT Faculty Editor JUDY KILLOUGH Feature Editor DEE CHANDLER Society Editor HOWARD HELLAMS Sports Editor 232 BOBBY ALFOBD, Second Semester Editor Business Manager, Ed Spears, finds that forms are very necessary in completing the many business transactions. First Row: B. Fishbume, D. Chandler, P. Sinclair, G. Bryant, E. Spears, K. McKibben, M. Scott, C. Behling. Second Row: D. Bledsoe, B. Lumpkin, J. Craig, C. Crum, L. Jones, B. Able, C. Gower, J. Splawn, A. Holland. Third Row: B. Alford, H. Hellams, J. Killough, P. Holland, L. May, D. Mackey, J. Gregory, J. Grunert. These " Gamecock " staff members work diligently at the hectic task of printing the University ' s weekly newspaper. Host For The SC Collegiate Press Association Taking down telephone messages is only one of the many jobs Charles Behling does to help print the newspaper. Judy Killough carefully selects and cuts articles from exchange newspapers to be used for reference material. 234 Student Government STUDENT COUNCIL Organizes 59 5 ers Committee To Promote Spirit THROUGH the student government program, Carolina gives voice to all its students. The Student Council is composed of representatives elected from each of the seven schools of the University, and the president of the freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior class. Further representation is also made possible by the elec- tion of three extra non-voting representatives from the freshman class. The Student Council attempts to speak for the entire student body in all affairs. Its main purpose is to better the Carolina Com- munity. Through the constant efforts of its differ- ent committees, the Student Council has brought about changes for the benefit of the Carolina students. This year the 59 ' ers Committee was organized to promote spirit and interest in all phases of campus life. It is composed of students from all walks of campus life. One of the more important new committees organized this year was a Legis- lative Steering Committee. Its main purpose is to speed the process of business to the student council. Student Union, a council committee, continued its work for improving conditions in the Russell House for students. Each Thursday they present a movie for all interested students. A Campus Shop Committee was organized this year to look into the operations of the Campus Shop. The Orientation Committee worked with campus leaders to help freshmen become acquainted with registration and organizations and activities on campus. High School Day Committee presented a very interesting day for high school seniors. Council again sponsored the Artist Series which brought to Carolina such celebrities as Jose Greco, the Hungarian Philharmonic, Thomas L. Thomas, and the Westminster Choir. This diverse program of entertainment was well received and enthusi- astically supported by the students. Also this year the Athletic Center was renamed Rex Enright Athletic Center in honor of Rex En- right, Athletic Director. Student Council sent delegates to the National Student Association Convention at the University of Illinois last summer and the regional meeting of NSA at Duke this fall. Student Council offers many forms of entertain- ment for Carolina students. Some of the dances they sponsor are the May Day Dance, and the Homecoming Dance. Council is also in charge of the election of the Homecoming Queen. JIMMY LEVENTIS, President Boopa Prichard and Bill Herring confer with each other as they study the judicial branch of the constitution. DON RICHARDSON, Vice-President CARMEN CHERRY, Secretary MIKE QUINN, Treasurer STUDENT COUNCIL. First Row: J. Chappel, S. Freed, D. James, B. Herring, M. Quinn, B. Joye, B. Hoagland, B. Singleton. Second Row: S. Ussery, P. Finley, H. Gettys, R. Orr, P. Turner, R. Fellers, G. Glenn, P. Hixson, S. Canady, J. Splawn, C. Wingate, V. Rumph, B. Jones, C. Cherry, S. Rhame. Third Row: J. Kirven, J. Leventis, E. Boatman, J. Mann, D. Howard, J. Twitty, R. Latham, S. Gaffos, J. Truesdale, J. Wilson, B. Jones, F. Burroughs, B. Poozer. Fourth Row: B. Crolley, B. ueen B. Hunt, H. Chapman, G. Amick, B. Latham, M. Thomas, G. Odom, E. Martin, J. Hagins, L. Barringer, C. Warren, B. Lyles, H. Sturm, B. Pritchard. wfl HONOR BOARD. First Row: B. Hunt, B. Herring, D. McCants, B. Prichard, J. Kirven, C. Cate. Second Row: J. Leventis, L. Mood, A. Valley, V. Rumph, C. Wingate, S. Nettles, J. Workman. Third Row: Dr. Trotter, B. Crolley, B. Hoagland, A. Hardy, H. Sturm, M. Lacey, A. Alverez. HONOR BOARD Receives Student Support In Vote Of Confidence HONOR Board was begun at the University of South Carolina in 1941. Its job is concerned with the false representation of work and cheating in class. It is entirely composed of and run by the students. The Honor Board is made up of twenty- four students who are chosen in student body elections on the basis of their service to the Uni- versity and their particular school. The Honor Council is made up of members from the Honor Board. There are six members on the Council, which consists of two senior men, two junior men, one senior woman, and one junior woman. Their job is primarily concerned with the trying of the cases which are brought to the at- tention of the Honor Board by professors, stu- dents, and members of the Board. All persons involved in a case are given an opportunity to appear before the Council to present their testi- mony. After hearing and discussing the case, the Council reaches a verdict by secret ballot. The Honor Board officers are: Boopa Prichard, Chairman; Bill Her ring, Vice-Chairman; and Dickie McCants, Secretary. HONOR COUNCIL. First Row: D. McCants, B. Prichard, J. Kirven. Second Row: B. Hunt, B. Herring, C. Cate. ;-?8 Military " " fin T Captain L. A. Doan returns the salute of Cadet Colonel Jack Jones during these drill exercises on Davis Field. AFROTC Ups Membership Of Cadet Wing To 500 Men THE Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps is the largest male scholastic organization on campus. Due to the expanding student body and the increasing desire of students to seek commis- sions as Second Lieutenants in the United States Air Force, the cadet corps grew from about 400 men last year to 500 cadets during the year 1959- 1960. The officer ' s training course consists of basic air science the first two years, which covers the evolution of aerial warfare and the advanced courses which prepares cadets for active duty in the Air Force. All courses are designed to develop the leadership potential in each cadet. Between the junior and senior year cadets in the advanced ROTC program are required to attend a summer training camp at various Air Force bases throughout the South. Principles of effective leadership and the importance of mili- tary discipline are stressed during these assign- ments. This program is set up to give vital experience to future Air Force Officers whatever category they may be classified. Inspection is only one of the many routine activities that are performed by the AFROTC during the weekly drills. CADET WING STAFF. First Row: J. Jones. Second Row: M. Lacy, S. Dodd, D. Leopard, R. Roseman. Third Row: R. Cameron, D. Re 1 A li J 1 -X " fl 1 1 J It I The AFROTC Color Guard stand at attention awaiting the order that will be given to begin the weekly practice. During the regular practices of the AFROTC Drill Team, they work to perfect every detail of their exhibition. 241 These students of naval science listen attentively to oneof their regular classroom lectures held in the Naval Armory. NROTC Organizes Both Drill Team and Drum and Bugle Corps THE Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps is a military organization designed to train young officers for Naval and Marine Corps service. The men are drilled in military leadership in prepara- tion for becoming officers in their chosen branch of service. Students in this organization take a course in Naval or Marine Science each semester. In the summer they go on special cruises and visit mili- tary bases as a part of their training for duties in military life. The Compass and Chart Society is composed of Midshipmen whose duty is to plan and to sponsor the Corps entire social agenda. One of the annual social events is the Commissioning Ball which is held in the early part of May. Members of the NROTC participate in flag-raising ceremonies for the University and are also represented in parades and other functions. The Midshipmen have organized a drill team and a drum and bugle corps. The NROTC also sponsors a rifle team which is ranked among the highest in the Southeast. Serving as officers of the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps were Lieutenant Colonel R. B. Jeter, Professor of Naval Science; G. W. Beard- shall, Midshipman Commander and W. E. Queen, Midshipman Executive Officer. The Naval ROTC Color Guard, standing tall, executes the precision and bearing of a " squared away " outfit. Jr l 1 at - { flAUK mmm l fl m T mm J r ' ?. r Mmr mW-M Jbgl j y i t .. ' yJJHRW jP " " " " " " WPF « M» b Mi 4 242 The company commanders and battalion staff execute an impressive salute during the weekly drill on Davis Field. Under the direction of drum major Marvin Ervin, the Naval Drum and Bugle Corps sounds off at a Thursday drill. The drill platoon practices many hours to reach the degree of perfection which they show at every presentation. ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY. First Row: E. Jones, S. Dodd, J. Lacy, R. Smith, D. Floyd. Second Row: W. Sequi, R. Roseman, M. Kinsey, R. Cameron, W. Griggs, J. Hoagland, E. Dempsey, S. Caldwell. Arnold Air Society Plans Military Ball For AFROTC WILLIAM Farrow Squadron of Arnold Air Society, national honorary military society, requires all members to have a " B " average in military science, the desire to join, an overall 3.5 grade point ratio, and to pass a board of review. The Arnold Air Society developes leadership and officer potential through participation on the na- tional and squadron staffs. The Annual Military Ball, guest speakers, and informal gatherings are yearly projects. Air Force Drill Team Wins Recognition Of Cadet Wing COMPLETING its third year at Carolina, the AFBOTC Drill Team has greatly increased its membership and expanded its program. Cadets must be selected by AFROTC Selection Board and have had previous training in military drill. During every Thursday the drill fundamentals as well as fancy maneuvers and manual of arms are given many hours of undivided attention. Per- sonal drill and appearance are matters of extreme importance to each cadet. AFROTC DRILL TEAM. First Row: S. Hardin, T. Worthy, A. Jackson, C. Hudson, D. Drew, P. Earnheart, R. Coles. Second Row: L. Clegg, S. Harrison, R. Standland, R. Andes, O. Avin, C. McMillan, J. Harrington, T. Lamb, F. Linker, M. Fishbein. Third Row: A. Mason, G. Robinson, K. Rubin, J. Howell, M. Edwards, J. Enter, W. Pherigo, R. Butler, J. Noe, E. Markwood, R. Howell, R. Fasullo. n i :t%i : i COMPASS AND CHART. First Row: R. McPherson, W. Shrivalle, M. Dusfynski, R. Legare, V. Spears, T. Koscin, A. Anderson. Second Row: A. Butkowsky, R. Brown, D. Haynie, W. Jeter, R. Render, J. St. John, D. Wells. Third Row: G. Goodman, E. Henderson, W. McDowell, N. Taylor, J. Bass, W. Mayton, A. Parrott, G. Gooding, J. Taylor. Compass And Chart Society Plans NROTC Social Events COMPASS and Chart Society is an honorary organization extablished to perform services for the benefit of the Naval Units and to further interest in the Navy as a career. Activities in- cluded an annual fishing trip to Charleston, field trips, a Winter Ball, a party for Freshman NROTC students, and several parties during the semester which were held at Fort Jackson Officers Club. The society also sponsored the NROTC Basket- ball Team. Navy Drill Team Performs For University Activities OUTSTANDING in drill and aptitude, the members of the NROTC Drill Team may be seen participating in precision maneuvers at ath- letic events, parades, and events honoring digni- taries visiting the University of South Carolina. Members of the team must practice regularly, not only during the regular Navy drill period, but also in off duty hours in order to achieve the high degree of performance for which they are noted throughout the state. NROTC DRILL PLATOON. First Row: F. Jeffords, D. Bledsoe, J. Jordan, G. Roman, P. Quillin, L. Kefauver, P. Young, J. Taylor, R. Haywood, J. St. John, M. Dusenyski. Second Row: D. Wells, L. Dixon, C. Fulton, M. Smith, E. Lastala, H. Griffin, E. Brown, K. Black, H. Griffin, S. Smith, J. Boulwane, M. Brown, W. Shrivalle. W. C. Smith, F. J. Howatt, T. C. R. Legare, Jr., Team Captain; M.Sgt. R. W. Register, Coach; W. T. Mayton, T. L. Kosciw, H. O. Robertson. NROTC RIFLE TEAM Participates In Contest With Southern Teams The members of the Rifle Team practice their skill and markmanship during their meetings in the Naval Armory. ■ -t • ■ ?If -j , i Mp iiiiiii ' ill m L " ■ ' V .., .... ! jpWr ' .tMM 1 jLSPT , 0r Jj ■•—--.- HP j BJ B |H NOTED for its outstanding performance in competitions of various types, the NROTC Rifle Team completed its second organized year. The NROTC team consists of six first string shooters and a second team made up of freshmen. The NROTC team members are also members of the University of South Carolina Rifle Team, which is by no means limited to NROTC students. Any interested student on the campus is eligible. Both teams are coached by Master Sergeant Register, USMC. This year the rifle team participated in a num- ber of contests, both shoulder to shoulder and mail contests; the most important of the mail con- tests was the Randolph Hearst Match. This match, which was won by the USC team several years ago, is a nation-wide match between all of the ROTC units in the country. Among the teams with whom shoulder to shoulder matches were held were The Citadel, Catholic University of Washington, D. O, and Wofford. In the Georgia-Carolina Trophy Match, USC fired against Duke, University of North Car- olina, North Carolina State, and Georgia Tech. In addition to these teams, Tulane and Auburn were at the Southeastern Area Rifle Match at Parris Island Marine Corps Recruit Depot. 246 ■ Hf lllliyiFlHflTI Reli lgion • ■ H jfl fli 9 1 fc d I 1 Hfeijfl RELIGIOUS EMPHASIS WEEK EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. First Row: Dr. R. A. Weber, S. Smoak, T. Ledeen, F. Williams, Dr. Brubaker, Z. Hallman, V. Smith, V. Porcher, F. Baskin. Second Row: B. Hunt, Dr. Norman, E. O ' Dell, R. Bayard, C. Robinson, B. Seay, Professor Cullen, J. Kirven. Executive Committee Leads ' 60 RE Week Coordination THE planning, coordination, and execution, of the 1960 Religious Emphasis Week was under the direction of the REW Executive Committee. This committee was composed of twenty-two stu- dents, faculty members, and religious workers. Dr. Robert A. Weber was faculty Chairman and Sara Smoak served as student Chairman. Each member was assigned a particular part of the activities for the week. The committee secured the ministers who spoke at the convocations and led discussion groups at the various dormitories and fraternity and sorority houses and in several classrooms. Baptist Student Union Has Summer Mission Program PROVIDING both social and service oppor- tunities for Raptist students on campus, the Raptist Student Union held both weekly luncheon meetings and vespers. During the year, the union sponsored many parties and evenings of fellow- ship and recreation. Among the other activities were the sponsorship of a summer mission pro- gram which sent student missionaries to many parts of the United States and other Foreign Mis- sion stations. Students also took part in seminars, retreats, and the state convention with members from Raptist Student Unions throughout the state. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION. First Row: G. Davis, R. Binns, J. Watkins, O. Lynwood, B. Poteat, E. Spencer, E. Boette, A. Andrews, R. Rankin. Second Row: B. Williams, N. Norton, C. Price, J. Refo, C. Clayton, B. Barom, S. Newton, K. Wofford, M. Church, B. Plummer, M. Mixon, P. McNeil, M. Rhame, Dr. Ellis. Third Row: M. Kirkland, M. Parks, S. Smoak, G. Sturkie, N. Fore, A. McCartney, S. Hollis, S. Godwin, B. Seay, E. Quarles, M. Snipes, K. Hicks, L. Thomas, J. Hart, B. Spivey. Fourth Row: L. Whitman, I. Davis, R. Turner, M. Brooks, B. Hill, B. Roper, D. Brown, T. Bell, G. Moore, P. Kennedy, M. Jeter, P. Berne, M. Bradley, M. Reeves, J. Brooks. CANTERBURY CLUB. First Row: S. Fowlkes, K. Glenn, J. McCantt, A. Smith, M. Lang, S. Thompson, L. Able, S. Wehrung, B. Lumpkin. Second Row: T. Legare, J. Meadowcroft, K. Woods, J. Ratterree, R. Smith, V. Porcher, J. Pattis, T. Miller, F. Guenther, Rev. Eyler. Third Row: B. Hills, C. Crum, J. Marshall, L. Stoddard, L. Pope, M. Medlin, G. Batarsek, A. James, J. Crapo. Canterbury Club Serves As Host To State Convention SERVING as a home away from home for Episcopal students on campus, the Canter- bury Club holds regular worship services, and supper meetings. The Canterbury House is a place for student recreational activities including badminton, chess, ping-pong, and pool. Among the activities sponsored this year by Canterbury were a car wash to raise money for their service projects, and a faculty tea. A member of the State Canterbury Association, the local club was host at the state convention. Hillel Foundation Sponsors Community Lecture Series WITH its membership open to all Jewish stu- dents on the University campus, Hillel Foundation presented opportunities for religious services, dances, student get-togethers, and pub- lic lectures, as well as service projects to better the community and give an awareness of unmet social needs. Among them several members of Hillel con- tributed to the planning and executing of Re- ligious Emphasis, and participated in the many activities of Carolina Religious Council. HILLEL FOUNDATION. First Row: R. Herson, L. Epstein, H. Yaschik, B. Siegel, J. Rubin, S. Applebaum, B. Jaffee, R. Gruber. Second Row: E. Horowitz, M. Heiden, P. Rundb aken, H. Tops, B. Goldberg, A. Ginsburg, A. Karshmer, N. Grant, T. Rivkin, A. Masur. Third Row: A. Green, M. Silbert, M. Koolkin, M. Sunshine, B. Loewe, S. Berger, S. Loewe, L. Freedman, L. Finkelstein. LUTHERAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION. First Row: B. Siegman, J. McElveen, E. Houck, W. Hendrix, S. Seay, R. Shelby. Second Row: R. Roseman, C. Hoefer, W. Wilson, W. Smith, K. Redman, D. McCay. Lutheran Students Sponsor Aid To Overseas Missions ATTEMPTING to give students a deeper under- standing of Christian beliefs, the Lutheran Student Association sponsors weekly programs, scheduled parties, and luncheons where speakers present talks on subjects of student interest. As projects the association helped overseas missions with Lutheran Student Action and took an active part in Religious Emphasis Week. Each year representatives are sent to the Little Asheram at Luther Ridge and to the National Asheram held at Ester Park, Colorado. Newman Club Has Party For Underpriviledged Children PROVIDING service and social activities for Roman Catholic students at Carolina, this or- ganization, created to broaden the students ' spirit- ual development and knowledge, offers a weekly lecture series in religion, daily and Sunday Mass, Benediction, and religious retreats. The club par- ticipated in the Carolina Religious Council and the State and Southeast Province Conventions. This year the members of the Newman Club enjoyed dances, picnics, and a party for under- priviledged children. NEWMAN CLUB. Fire Row: N. Aquino, J. Barfield, M. Shedeen, A. Soltis, G. Khoury, R. Nauful, A. Lazzarino, J. Scott, K. Moss, C. Bryan, J. Guild, T. Treacy, J. Tobias. Second Row: P. McCaffrey, D. Moses, B. Boyd, C. Fischer, N. Mitchell, D. Marone, P. Flynn, E. Goley, M. Bellinger, E. Nauful, J. Brennan, P. De Stefano, K. Gold, N. Monette. Third Row: D. Carroll, J. Fitzgerald, R. Jennings, G. Mulherin, T. Tiemann, J. Petoia, T. Kosciw, K. Carson, J. Fencik, P. Geraty, A. Urbany, B. Horowitz. Fourth Row: D. Galgano, C. Malone, L. Marcianto, J. Matt, R. Koochagian, P. Cannarella, B. Fasullo, S. Miller, F. Vargas, D. Huth, T. McNulty, R. Stevens. WESLEY FOUNDATION. First Row: P. Adair, B. Castine, T. Edwards, M. Church, A. Bruner, J. Ferrell, E. Rast, B. Able, M. Shuler, B. Bray. Second Row: B. Plummer, J. Willis, C. McClendon, B. Bonyrie, B. Mishoe, W. Leach, D. Caldwell, W. Bull, D. Bundy. Third Row: T. Lawson, H. Platts, J. Whetstone, R. Rucker, D. Husa, S. Garrison, E. Dickey, C. May, J. Coffman. Wesley Foundation Offers Regilious Drama Workshop OFFERING Methodist students at Carolina an organization which will broaden their spirit- ual knowledge, Wesley Foundation sponsored morning study classes, church, Tuesday lunch- eons, and Wednesday and Sunday evening meet- ings. Each Thursday night a group of students went to Carolina Children ' s Home to help with the children. This year Wesley organized a drama workshop and a choir for the Sunday morning services. One outstanding event of the spring for the Methodist students was the annual Palm Sun- day Retreat held at Camp Rurnt Gin. Study Groups Sponsored By Westminster Fellowship SPONSORED by the Presbyterian Church, Westminster Fellowship provides numerous opportunities for Christian activities on campus. Programs embracing all fields of interest were presented each Wednesday evening after dinner. Other events offered by the Fellowship include conferences study retreats, and various projects. Even with these many projects, such as the Sunday evening study groups, the leaders of the organization find time to make Westminster House a center of informal activities for all students. WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP. First Row: W. Little, E. Smarr, W. Smith, E. Senn, B. Herring, A. Keitt, A. Ashe, F. Highs, Mrs. Ledeen. Second Row: E. Crown, S. Nettles, B. Herring, J. Hayes, E. Clark, A. Desportes, D. Watson, E. Harter. Third Row: G. Batarsek, B. Haywood, M. Murray, J. Curtis, M. McKnight, H. Bartell, F. Taylor, R. Banard. YWCA CABINET. First Row: G. Hopper, S. Canady, J. Ryon, S. Nettles, D. McCants, B. Mclnnis, J. Splawn, J. McCutchen. Second Row: L. Lieferman, A. Keitt, L. Daniel, A. Valley, F. Baskin, B. Williams, P. Withers. YWCA Volunteers Services To State Mental Hospital ITS unique position as an interdenominational Christian organization places the Young Wo- men ' s Christian Association in a situation in which it has an opportunity to offer to students fellow- ship and study of a nature unlike that provided by any other USC group. Weekly luncheon programs are supplemented by study groups and retreats of local, state, and national nature. One area of endeavor this year included a volunteer service with the Vocational Rehabilitation Department of the State Mental Hospital. YWCA members also aided in the pro- gram of the Carolina Orphan Home. This organi- zation also sponsored the annual Campus Leader- ship School, and Worship Workshop. The YWCA in joint action with the YMCA sponsored Fresh- man Camp and Religious Emphasis Week, which have both become annual functions on the Caro- lina campus. The YWCA Cabinet this year was composed of: Sue Nettles, President; Dickie McCants, Vice- President; Betty Mclnnis, Secretary; Jill Ryon, Treasurer; Anne Valley, Freshman Advisor; Jac- quie Splawn, Public Relations; Gloria Hopper, Special Services; Jane McCutcheon, Sophomore Advisor; Linda Daniel, Campus Affairs; Peggy Withers, Membership; Fran Baskin, Christian Faith and Life; Skippy Canady, Dorm Worship; and Anna Keitt, Devotionals. Happy confusion reig ns at freshman " Y " camp as future men and women of USC get acquainted in September. 252 SUE NETTLES, President Orphans from the Carolina Childrens ' Home and several members of Freshman " Y " enjoy dinner at Russell House. The members of the combined " Ys " sing Christmas carols at the last luncheon meeting before Christmas holidays. 253 YMCA CABINET. First Row: C. Bonham, B. Mullis, S. Gaffos, T. Ledeen, H. Sturm. Second Row: G. Floyd, J. Taylor, D. Caldwell, B. Herring, B. Bates, M. Faircloth. YMCA Freshman " Y 55 Initiates " Operation Friendship " MR. TED LEDEEN, Director THE Young Men ' s Christian Association pro- gram can be considered more easily when one realizes the main areas of " Y " action: service, social, spiritual. Basic parts of the program are its three weekly luncheon meetings, Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior-Senior groups. In addi- tion to these weekly gatherings, special projects, were accomplished throughout the year by the individual groups. Freshman " Y " sponsored " Operation Friendship " in which members enter- tained children from Carolina Orphanage for Sunday church and afternoon. Religious Empha- sis Week is under the joint sponsorship of the YMCA-YWCA, and had as its theme this year, " Where is God Anyhow. " Many students get their first impression of Car- olina at " Y " sponsored Freshman Camp. This three-day outing endeavors to acquaint incoming freshmen with the ways of Carolina and make them feel a little more at home at USC Some of the areas of discussion taken up at camp were fraternities, registration, the Honor Principle, and campus etiquette. Study retreats, dorm devo- tions, coffee forums, and other small informal groups allow a free give and take of ideas on subjects of interest to participants. Officers for this year were: Staci Gaffos, Presi- dent; Jim Herring, Vice-President; Wayne Cor- ley, Secretary, and Larry Weber, Treasurer. 254 STACI GAFFOS, President The Freshman " Y " luncheon provides an opportunity for the freshmen to get acquainted with their classmates. Dickie and Staci listen intently while Reverend Reese addresses the Junior-Senior " Y " luncheon during R-E Week. 255 Girls in Freshman Dorm listen attentively as Reverend Reese gives his views at one of the scheduled discussions. REW Presents Theme " Where Is God Anyhow? " THE provocative theme " Where is God Any- how? " was interpreted to the men and women of Carolina in many ways during the 1960 Reli- gious Emphasis Week. Designed to offer every Carolinian an opportunity for thought and dis- cussion, the REW program included many diverse facets, each conceived to present the topic in as many different ways to as many different students as possible. Morning convocations, led by Protestant, Catho- lic, and Jewish speakers, were followed by smaller, informal coffee hours held at the various student centers. Fraternities, sororities, and dormitories were also the scene of informal discussions. Dur- ing the week a definite series of topics was dis- cussed, including " The New Iconoclasm, " " The Crisis of Our Time: Man at War With Himself, " and " The Presence of God. " In the free give-and- take of ideas over a cup of coffee, students were able to gain an insight into the topic and to pre- sent their own feelings concerning the subject. In the evenings speakers visited and led discussions in dormitories, sorority and fraternity houses. The REW Executive Committee went to great pains to bring to Carolina some of the top speak- ers in the country to insure a high quality presen- tation. Dr. Theodore Gill, Protestant leader, is President of the San Francisco Theological Seni- nary, San Anselmo, California. Father Reginald Redlon, Catholic speaker, is a professor at St. Francis College in Rye Beach, New Hampshire. Leading the Jewish Convocations was Rabbi Convocations were visited by clergymen from various Hillel Millgram, who is Rabbi of Synagogue states who, as Father Redlon, spoke on " Where is God? " Emanu-El, Charleston, South Carolina. 256 Reverend Weber creates a friendly atmosphere as he talks to members of Chi Omega Sorority in the sorority room. Members of Sigma Chi fraternity relax as Rabbi Millgram leads an informal discussion in their fraternity house. 257 h I Dr. Gill tells a funny story during coffee conversations at Wesley Foundation House after the morning convocations. Some Wesley Foundation members chat informally with Father Redlon during a visit to their regular meeting. Russell House Assembly Room becomes the chapel for Catholic convocations during Religious Emphasis Week. 258 First Row: S. Smoak, S. Newton, B. Seigel, Mrs. Ledeen, F. Williams, C. Halloran, G. Moore, M. Shuler, K. Dantzler. Second Row: F. Malone, C. Robinson, E. Boette, D. McCants, S. Nettles, J. McElveen, N. Aquino. Third Row: L. Brubaker, B. Herring, B. Able, S. Wehrung, T. Ledeen, D. Caldwell, D. Bundy, H. Yaschik. CAROLINA RELIGIOUS COUNCIL Conducts Special Services In Rutledge Chapel SEEKING to bring together the various religious groups on the campus, membership of the Carolina Religious Council is made up of the campus Chaplain and two students and the ad- visor from each religious organization on the cam- pus. The objectives of the group are to form a basis for a united, though not uniform faith by which students may live, seek and grow. The main purpose is to promote religious understand- ing and cooperation, and to correlate the religious activities of the campus. As a means of fulfilling that objective, the coun- cil participated in Religious Emphasis Week and engaged in a study retreat. In addition, they helped conduct special Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter programs in Rutledge Chapel. Also this year, Carolina Religious Council sponsored the Christian Action Seminar. In September a new student program was con- ducted whereby the members of all the religious organizations made an attempt to welcome the new students to the Carolina campus. Members were represented in such committees as: Radio, Chapel Publicity, RE Week, and World University Service. Officers for this year were: Fred Williams, Presi- dent; Nancy Edmunds, Vice-President; Carolyn Halloran, Secretary; John Timmerman, Treasurer; and Gail Moore, Historian. FRED WILLIAMS, President 2S9 i 260 J ; P n u _ V-J n r n u 261 Dp i ' J TBI K 5 ■ SwrW|| to Freshman " Y " Campers climax their exciting first week end of college life with a night of dancing and merriment. Joan Bennett apparently isn ' t too pleased with the way things are looking during the final Big Thursday game. Seven girls dive into the flour searching for a key that will win a race for their own sororities on the gala Derby Day. 262 J The queen and her court stand while the band plays Carolina ' s Alma Mater during the 1959 Homecoming ceremonies. OUR featured events came with the cycle of the academic seasons— " Y " Camp— a fresh- man ' s introduction to a Brave New World- registration taught them its humid misery— tired feet, frayed nerves, lines, cards— it would be worse in the spring— We were on hand for the last Big Thursday— we witnessed the death of a tradition— the end of an era— no more bell ringing, or tiger burning, or state holidays, or torchlight processions— con- ference scheduling had its demands- Many of us made reservations on the Miami train with visions of sunshine and parties— the game? we knew they could pass— Homecoming— a happy note— victory and a beautiful queen— we hosted hundreds of high school students— showed them around the campus— pointed out landmarks with our umbrellas— played " do-you-know? " with the girls — The Artist Series— culture for the presentation of a card— we cheered Greco ' s great performance under primitive stage conditions— Awards Day— speeches— recognition— certifi- cates— awards— some improbable— picnic lunches shared with sun-glassed coeds— Derby Day- spring epitomized— we climbed Maxcy Monument to watch the full-hipped, man-tanned Venuses parade— " tuff! " — each fraternity turned out to sup- port its " sister " sorority— Commencement ironi- cally ended it all on a warm June day— ended it forever for some. Susan McLaurin, one of the marching Coquettes, appears impatient to get the long-awaited Miami trip underway. 263 DELORES GRIFFIN Miss Venus 1959 Tri Delta Wins Top Honors In Sigma Chi ' s Derby Day A COOL spring day found the Carolina student body gathered by the Maxcy Monument to watch sorority girls battling for a bronze derby. The traditional Derby Day was being presented by Sigma Chi Fraternity for the twelfth time since the spectacular was first brought here in nineteen forty-seven. i i " ■! I Judges for the events were President and Mrs. Sumwalt, Dr. Penney, Dean Clotworthy, and Coach Geise. Music for the afternoon was ren- dered by the Sigma Chi band, Bert Poozer and his Loosers. After the sponsors took their places on the re- viewing stand, Rex Enright, the official starter, fired the shot which began a round of contests. These included the obstacle race, the secret race- cramming as many girls as possible into a phone booth, the key race, and the pie-throwing contest. Delta Delta Delta was declared winner with Kappa Delta a close second. The coveted title of " Miss Venus " went to a very shapely freshman, " Tootie " Griffin, of Alpha Delta Pi. Chi O pirates try to look fierce as they parade before an approving Derby Day crowd watching costume judging. 264 (DAY Bert Pooser and Charlie Way present Alice Smith, Tri Delt president, with the winner ' s bronze derby and trophy. George Leventis " grins and bears it " as Carroll Teague The Sigma Chis assist ten Zeta sardines as they emerge and Mike Quinn grit and fear it in pie-throwing event. " close friends " from the phone booth in surprise race. 265 Cloudy Skies Move Annual Awards Ceremonies Indoors THE annual Omicron Delta Kappa awards ceremonies were held in the Russell House auditorium on May Day. Outstanding Seniors and those elected to Who ' s Who were honored at this time along with the many individual awards winners. Medals, plaques, and trophies were given for achievements in the fields of forensics, scholar- ship, service, and literature. Other features were the dedication of the yearbook, the presentation of the new " Miss Garnet and Black " , and recog- nition of the University ' s outstanding professor of the year. The climax of the morning was the presentation of the Algernon Sidney Sullivan Awards for out- standing service to a graduating young man and young woman and to a Columbia citizen. These awards, which are the highest given by the Uni- versity, went to King Dixon, Elizabeth Timmons, and Mr. Beverly Harper, respectively. At the military awards day ceremonies, Gover- nor Ernest Hollings reviewed the corps and pre- sented medals to the superior ROTC men of the University. At this time the various drill teams performed for the governor. Governor Ernest Hollings pins the outstanding cadet-of- the-year medal on awardee Eddie Norrell of Ninety Six. President Sumwalt congratulates Dr. J. W. Hassell for being the recipient of the highly esteemed Russell Award. 266 The outstanding military students led by Lawton Rogers march toward the reviewing stand to receive their medals. Maxcy Rivkin accepts the annual Blue Key Distinguished Service Plaque from a fellow member, Richard Stanland. Camille Wyman presents the Hypatian Senior Award to Jo Allen Bradham, the club ' s most outstanding member. President Robert Sumwalt is given a gracious smile by the new queen while he places the crown upon her head. Queen Priscilla And Court Reign At Carolina May Day TYPICAL May Day weather of bright sunny skies heralded the lovely fifty-nine ceremony. The spectators, who were crowded on the Horseshoe, watched intently as the twenty-four beauties entered and took their places on the stand. Members of the court were dressed in flowered pastel gowns making a beautiful setting for the queen and her two attendants. The court consists of three representatives from each soror- ity and three independent girls. Priscilla Barrett was crowned Queen of May by President Robert Sumwalt. Marigene Player served as Queen Priscilla ' s maid of honor and Marliss Grigg acted as her honor attendant. To entertain the queen and her court, a pro- gram depicting music through the ages was pre- sented by a group of Carolina students after which the ladies of her majesty ' s court performed the Dance of the May Pole. Following the ceremony, which was sponsored by Kappa Sigma Kappa Service Fraternity, a drop-in was held in Sims Lobby. This drop-in, given annually by the Pan-Hellenic Council, was in honor of the queen, her court, and visitors. An entranced court awaits May Queen Priscilla as she approaches her throne to the beautiful strains of Tara ' s Theme. 268 MAY QUEEN ielta Delta Delta The academic procession led by Dr. Coolidge rounds a corner of the Horseshoe to open the graduation ceremonies. Parents, Guest Crowd Horseshoe For Graduation . ' ; 1 1 1 ■ 1m HL V flic 1 IX J.V- • 4— ' ■--1 Sh jf 1 F7 1 % - iVv r 1 ' President Sumwalt congratulates King Dixon as he gives him a bachelor of arts degree earned magna cum laude. SPRING commencement exercises were held Friday, May 27, on the horseshoe which was crowded with graduates, their parents, and friends. Before the entrance of the academic procession, the University Band presented several selections. The ceremony opened with an invocation given by the Reverend Robert F. Shelby, Jr., pastor of St. Pauls Lutheran Church. The Honorable Walter S. Robertson, Assistant Secretary of State, gave the commencement address. President Robert Sumwalt awarded the honor- ary degree of Doctor of Laws to Dean Samuel Lander Prince, Jefferson Blakely Bates, Dean Robert McCormick Figg, and Walter Spencer Robertson. President Sumwalt also Conferred the academic degrees and presented the senior award for the highest scholastic average to Kitty Wells. On August 8, after the summer session, com- mencement exercises were held in Drayton Hall, the music being presented by Madame Tremblay- Baker of the music department. An invocation was given by the Reverend Lauren E. Brubaker, Jr., Chaplain of the Uni- versity, and the graduating address was delivered by Robert Cook Edwards, President of Clemson College. President Sumwalt presented degrees to the summer graduates. 270 A graduate receives his diploma from President Sumwalt during the commencement exercises after summer school. ROTC students are sworn into the regular Air Force on the steps of Barnwell College following graduation. June graduates pay close attention to an interesting address by the Assistant Secretary of State, Walter Robinson. 271 - f r? m A group of Carolina ' s newest supporters prepare to board buses bound for a glorious weekend of Y-sponsored fun. Freshman Nat Adams and friends lend a collegiate touch to " Y " camp weekend by harmonizing Kingston Trio style. Larry Whitner and Guy Meares are excited to have found a familiar face in the crowd signing up for camp. 272 Frosh " Y " Camp Week-End Imparts The Spirit Of ' 59 BEFORE college commenced in early Sep- tember, 200 members of the freshman class met to attend " Y " Camp under the leadership of selected Carolina students. The new Carolina boosters stayed at the FFA and R. G. Bell Camps. On Friday afternoon the freshmen registered at the Russell House where buses were waiting to take them to their camps. Arriving with much confusion, the campers were organized into dis- cussion groups by their counselors. Saturday morning a panel discussed the many activities offered by the University. Different phases of the " Y " program were also discussed. The boys joined the girls that afternoon for a talk by the Reverend Grey Temple. This was followed by swimming, cards, a big pep rally, and a dance. After Sunday morning devotions and lunch, the eager freshmen returned to the campus to begin college life with their many new friends gained from a fun-filled and informative weekend. Bill Herring and Jack Taylor are caught in the act of apparently pocketing the profits from the frosh cap sale. The new and hearty additions to the Carolina Community show one final burst of spirit before hitting the books. 273 While the new students loudly applaud President Sumwalt, he prepares to welcome them to the Carolina Community. Orientation Week Makes Freshmen Feel Welcome ORIENTATION week has become an estab- lished practice of the University and has proved more and more successful each year. " Men and women of Carolina " echoed in the ears of the freshman during this year ' s orientation week. This phrase helped them to build spirit and a feeling of pride for their new school. Welcomed by a choice group of upperclassmen, the freshmen be- gan to feel less ill at ease and more secure in their new surroundings. In meetings with the deans of the schools, the freshmen were advised as to proper courses and requirements for specific degrees. These profes- sors also stressed regulations concerning regis- tration, attendance, and the grading system. Members from each of the major organizations on campus explained the purpose and activities of the group they represented. In the mass meetings of the students " the spirit of ' 59 " was heard from all sides as the freshmen exhibited their enthusiasm. When divided into small discussion groups the students, with the help of their counselors, ironed out the problems of every phase of school life. ' Mama " Bates and her shy Jim bring many laughs to the new students as they act out the first day of school. 274 Registration Day Produces Long Lines And Tired Feet REGISTRATION day is an event that no Caro- lina student will ever forget. As usual every- one bravely stepped out of his dorm to face a maddening day of waiting in long lines, rushing to sign up for courses only to find that they were filled, skipping lunch, etc. Also, as usual, there was the brighter side of the picture. Many people who hadn ' t seen each other since registration day last year could now stand in the endless queues and renew old ac- quaintances; and although the circumstances were bad, new friends could be made. By night time there was little movement to be found anywhere on the tired campus. Weary students were in bed dreaming about their care- free summer days of long ago, exhausted profes- sors were at home preparing lectures for their first classes, and the green beetles were wonder- ing what could possibly be done to revive the trampled grass. Two bewildered freshmen try to interpret the confusing instruction sheets handed to them on registration day. Helpful professors assist these students as they begin signing up for fall courses in the School of Business. Reaching high for a German Book, Kelly Grier completes final phase of the dreaded grueling registration process. Artist Series Sponsors Well -Rounded Programs THE second year of the Artist Series program at Carolina was hailed as another big success. Sponsored by the student government, this cul- tural series succeeded in bringing a well-rounded and balanced program to the campus. The four stimulating performances that took place in the Field House were attended by crowds of students, faculty members, and many inter- ested Columbia citizens. The Philharmonic Hungarica opened the year ' s concerts. Following it were Thomas L. Thomas, famous baritone of the Voice of Firestone, the touring Westminster College Choir, and Jose Greco and his troup of Spanish dancers. After each program Alpha Kappa Gamma held an informal drop-in at the Russell House for the visiting performers and the audience. Buzz Hoagland served as general chairman of the 1960 Artist Series Committee. Jose Greco assumes a familiar stance as he executes an intricate step from one of his famous Spanish numbers. Thomas L. Thomas captures his audience in the Carolina Field House by singing some of his Scottish folksongs. 276 Four members of the Philharmonic Hungarica appear to be caught in the spell cast by their deeply moving music. The touring Westminster College Choir smiles as the audience loudly applauds a favorite from their selections. 277 Rain fails to scare away loyal Gamecock fans during the pep rally and Tiger burning held on " Little Wednesday Final Big Thursday Is Success In Spite Of Rain Bo Mullis rubs his soon-to-be-black eye incredulously after a friendly little tussle with some Clemson fans. IN spite of rain, the highly publicized Carolina- Clemson gridiron battle was played before a capacity crowd in Carolina Stadium. This game ended the sixty-three year stretch of traditional Big Thursday clashes during State Fair Week. Next year will see the game played in the foot- hills of Clemson. Customary festivities began at noon on Wednes- day with the tolling of the chapel bell. Fraternity pledges kept this sound echoing across campus until game time Thursday. A heavy downpour Wednesday night failed to dampen the spirits of students, and the pep rally came off in fine style. The participants, led by the cheerleaders, paraded to the State House where McBryde Brotherhood ' s tiger was burned. Wednesday night was climaxed by the game between the Biddies and Cubs. The young Tigers trounced Carolina ' s freshmen 14-0 on a rain- soaked field. Traditionally a Carolina loss on Wednesday night is a good omen; however, the starting gun Thursday opened a game that was a complete Clemson victory. The chapel bell, the burned tiger, the frosh con- test, and the big game itself will all be cherished memories of the last Big Thursday, October 22, 1959. 278 Members of the McBryde Brotherhood assist at the annual Tiger cremation ceremonies held on " Little Wednesday Proudly displaying plunder of past conquests, Gamecock cheerleader and mascot cavort with Clemson Tiger tail. Wayne Corley, one of USC ' s mascots, emits a loud crow of pride while holding up his stolen Clemson rat hat. 279 The SAE ' s gigantic gamecock captures IFC ' s first place trophy for Homecoming displays despite the heavy rain. Queen Marliss Reigns Over The Carolina Homecoming HOMECOMING 1959 saw the crowning of Marliss " Chuckie " Grigg as Queen of the an- nual student-alumni pageant with the regal court composed of Jo Kirven, Carmen Cherry, and Joan Bennett. Prior to the big game, a luncheon was given by the alumni association for the homecoming court and their escorts. The crowning of the queen, whose identity was secret until that moment, occurred at half-time. Queen " Chuckie " reigned at the Gamecocks ' vic- tory over the Maryland Terrapins and at the re- maining homecoming events. Blue Key sponsored High School Day again this year. Students were shown the splendors of the University campus, served a hot lunch in the Field House, and then taken to the football game. Another tradition observed was the building of homecoming displays for the annual contest sponsored by the Inter-Fraternity Council. This year ' s winner was Sigma Alpha Epsilon ' s giant gamecock. The end of a perfect week-end came at the victory dance held Saturday night in the Bussell House cafeteria where students, alumni, and friends danced until midnight to the music of Johnny Long and his orchestra. After a lengthy tour into every nook and cranny of the campus, the visitors finally get to relax over informal lunch. 280 I High school students receiving their first glimpses of Carolina are served lunch in the Slater assembly line. Jimmy Holmes nervously chews his finger while thinking of the exciting game and halftime ceremonies ahead. The 1959 Homecoming Court and their escorts are honored by alumni at a pre-game luncheon in the Russell House. 281 Queen " Chuckie " seems calm, apprehensive, then tickled Alumni president, Bill Nicholson of Greenwood, bestows as she watches Carolina defeat the Maryland Terrapins. a kiss upon Carolina ' s happy queen after crowning her. 282 Their eyes filled with anticipation, loyal Carolinians board the " Rooster Limited " for the big trip to Miami. Many Carolinians And Fans Enjoy Miami Student Trip LOYAL Carolina fans boarded a Miami bound train Thursday night, November 12, their suitcases filled with summer clothes and bathing suits. After an all-night ride the Carolina boosters arrived in the " land of the sun " and headed straight for the beaches. A day of fun and merriment found everyone still in high spirits and ready for the big game that night in the Orange Bowl. However, Miami with its passing offense, off-balanced the Birds and drove to a victory. A Gamecock victory having escaped them, the USC contingent was determined to accomplish its second objective— a golden suntan and a weekend to be remembered. Saturday again saw the Carolinians in the sun- yachting, swimming, and lounging. Later, the Fontainebleau, Americana, and other nightclubs rolled out their red carpets to provide an evening of glamorous fun. Sunday, the group reluctantly started back to school already looking forward to and planning for next year ' s student trip to New Orleans. Several Carolina Coquettes and a Miami friend soak up some sun as they cruise down one of Miami ' s many waterways. 284 Dutch Willard, head cheerleader in ' 34 and now Miami City Manager, joins in a cheer with the present cheerleaders. USC fullback W. L. Strickland squints in the Miami sun as he leaves the hotel to board the home-bound plane. USC gridders Don Miles, Jerry Frye, and Tom Snyder take a break before meeting the Hurricanes of Miami. 285 HIBiBBfl VH B w l v M F i Kg . 4| Mike Quinn apparently is enjoying his job as master of ceremonies at the practice the day of the big contest. Judge Joe Pugh, editor of the Wofford College annual, gazes intently as a contestant walks across the stage. Twenty-Four Girls Compete For 1960 Yearbook Crown THE " Miss Garnet and Black " contest brought a bright spot to wintery November and drew students away from their studies to the Russell House auditorium. The twenty-four girls who took part in the beauty parade were sponsored by the fraternities, sororities, and the four women ' s dormitories on campus. The judges of the 1960 contest were yearbook editors of five South Carolina colleges. Those se- lecting the girls for the beauty section were Joe Pugh, editor of The Bohemian; Henrietta O ' Dell, editor of Y ' s and Other Y ' s; Alice Dean, editor of The Bonhomie; Billy Fort, editor of The Taps; Mary Carolyn Kirby, editor of The Columbian. The formalities in the selection of the beauties began with a luncheon for the judges and con- testants in the Russell House on the day of the contest. This luncheon and the informal coffee hour which followed gave the judges a chance to know each of the girls personally. After seeing the girls at the luncheon and cof- fee hour, the judges chose the finalists during the evening dress competition on the basis of face, figure, personality, and stage appearance. After several eliminations the field was narrowed to six finalists. The identity of " Miss Garnet and Black " is kept secret until the annual is presented to the winner on Awards Day. Mike Chertok places a congratulatory kiss on the cheek of pretty Vicki Rumph after the exciting 1960 contest. I 1 ' ,jf i Beauties Vicki Rumph Sponsored By Chi Omega 289 Sandra Ussery Sponsored By Sigma Nu Sandra Heise Sponsored By Pi Kappa Phi Gerry Williams Sponsored By Sigma Chi Frances Hambright Sponsored By Kappa Delta Judy Penland Sponsored By Maxcy Brotherhood Glenda Gunter Sponsored By Pi Kappa Alpha i ft 296 n U I r Q K-S U 297 The ultra-informal beer bust is an ever-popular institution in the social life of University of S. C. ' s brotherhoods. ANOTHER fall, another rush— the never-end- ing program to get " good boys " — it was a strain but we realized its necessity for the survival of our organization— We greeted them at the door, pinned name cards on them— showed them around the house— trophies— plaques— skins— scrap books —old composite photos complete with epic tales of the chapter ' s heroic lovers, drinkers, scholars— the Adios, Mothergoose story— the " Crew Race " — In balling sessions we discussed them on the basis of our 10-minute interviews— " He ' ll never be president of the student body but . . . " — " We ' ve got several recs on this boy " — " He ' s a scode " — " I don ' t care if he is a legacy " — We pledged them— taught them allegiance to a symbolism— informed them concerning the taboos and sacred cows of the society they were enter- ing—told them what sorority rooms to play bridge in— Soon they fused with the group in dress, speech, attitudes— and enjoyed the privileges of their affiliation— club dances, theme parties, trips, songfests— Security. Two couples pause to chat during the intermission break at an enjoyable semi-formal social gathering this fall. 298 USC students joyfully shed their classroom identities for a " Bowery Ball " featuring originality in costumes. Fall rushing is the backbone of the fraternity-sorority system as this picture from the Tri Delta room proves. ■ " - 1 " ■ , ' " " ; ' • " MM AMI 1 f •n f i Bflv vl ■■. eCL ' " ' - : -. " 4 £«F - Lfiw W ' tliii « k ' fc » ■ J. ; f| A Surprise and delight are mirrored on the faces of these Carolina coeds as sorority song fest results are announced. 299 Tuffy Taylor along with others prepares to purchase his tickets to the Four Freshmen Concert sponsored by IFC. The Four Freshmen make their first Carolina appearance under the sponsorship of the Interfraternity Council. Selected men from fraternity row impatiently await the close of a routine meeting of the Interfraternity Council. 300 T First Row: J. Burke, B. Donelan, H. Wengrow, G. Leventis, B. Hoagland, W. Fowler, C. Jett. Second Row: R. Dobson, J. Long, F. Sojourner, J. Hagins, T. Cathey, J. Truesdale, J. McCay. Third Row: C. Bonham, B. Sword, B. Goldstein, W. Bull, D. Leopard, G. Jones, D. Moss. INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL Features A Full Slate Of Activities For Greeks 1959 saw a complete reorganization of the USC I nter fraternity Council. Under the provisions of the new constitution, representation of each of the fourteen fraternities on campus would be by the presidents. This proved to be of great ad- vantage in transacting business as these men were more able to speak for their fraternity and knew better the situation in their house. The establish- ment of the tribunal designed to deal with in- fractions of IFC statutes, was also included in the new constitution. Composed of seven men, six elected from the fraternity system as a whole and IFC President, this tribunal has proved to be an active and just body in insuring compliance with regulations. Fall and spring rush were set up and super- vised by IFC. The larger number of men pledg- ing the fraternity of their choice testifies that this year ' s rush seasons were among the most success- ful ever. In cooperation with the Red Cross, the all- fraternity organization sponsored a Blood Drive which proved to be the most successful in the history of such campaigns. Entering the social field with a greatly ex- panded program, IFC took the initiative and brought to the students of Carolina top-flight entertainment throughout the year. The opening of school saw the sponsorship of a campus-wide " Back to School " dance at the Jefferson Hotel. This " first-time " event was extremely well at- tended and will be an annual affair. The Four Freshmen made their initial appearance at Caro- lina under the sponsorship of the IFC. Their December concert at the Township Auditorium was well received and truly a milestone for Caro- lina IFC ' s. Greek Week, traditionally a big affair, was even bigger this year. A banquet honoring " Fraternity Men of the Year, " a concert by Joni James, a formal dance featuring the music of Buddy Mor- row, an informal dance with the Hearts, and Sorority Stunt Night, proved to be a full calendar of Greek Week activities. 301 CHI PSI Alpha Beta Chapter Captures First Place In Red Cross Blood Drive This small group of Chi Psis and rushees talk it over during this stag drop-in at the beginning the fall rush. ALPHA BETA of Chi Psi Fraternity, founded locally in May of 1858, enjoyed an educa- tional and sociable year in 1959-60. Dr. Daniel W. Hollis, University history professor, conducted the fraternity ' s " Man and His College " course for freshmen. The local chapter held the Chi Psi National Scholarship Trophy for the second con- secutive year, and two two-hundred dollar schol- arships were again presented to juniors. Several new volumes were added to the Lodge ' s library. Chi Psi was also active socially. Highlight of the first semester was the Christmas dance. Dur- ing the spring semester the biennial Medallion Ball was outstanding. Additional major events were the faculty drop-in and the alumni Birthday Party. Numerous smaller parties were held. A good showing was made by Chi Psi in intra- mural athletic competition. A majority of mem- bers participated, and several victories were won. Chi Psi took first place in competition among fra- ternities during the Bed Cross Blood Drive. This small informal gathering of Chi Psis and dates at the Lodge is making good use of the frat ' s record player. Austell Clare Collins Currence Dillard Faucette Fowler Gay Gaylor Hinnant McKay Meadowcroft Meares Moseley, D. Shirley Tucker Walker Woods York ■kf hL j W H An evening well spent ... as the Chi Psis utilize the facilities of their beautiful house for a swing session. Linda Leiferman and Wilton Fowler are among those who enjoyed Chi Psis ' hospitality during a rush party. 303 KAPPA ALPHA Rho Chapter Entertains State Chapters At " Old South Ball 55 Dellaney Ruff and Norman Hearne seem to be enjoying this traditional KA costume party at the Woman ' s Club. THE school year 1959-1960 witnessed another successful chapter in the distinguished history of Kappa Alpha fraternity. The year began with an impressive start with the pledging of twenty-three young Southern gentlemen. The remainder of the first semester was interspersed with such events as post football game parties, the Big Thursday Tea Dance, and the Orphans ' Party. The highlight of the spring semester was the Old South Ball. On this festive weekend KAs from all over the state gathered in Columbia to relive the ante-bellum days of the Old South. The events of the weekend— the Sharecropper ' s Shin- dig, the Secession Ceremony, the Mint Julip Party, and the Old South Ball— proved their usual tre- mendous success. During the year Kappa Alpha was proud to have had its members represented in such worthy organizations as the Varsity Debate Team, Varsity Swimming Team, Student Council, Honor Coun- cil, ODK, Blue Key, KSK, and a host of others. " Actions " speak louder than " words " , but in the case of this KA pledging both " words " and " actions " are partners. The " ghost of Tom Dooley " and the " Flaming Monster " are typical characters of a Kappa Alpha Halloween party. Bean Bowie Campbell Cathcart Cox |3| Ebert Fuller Geiger Goodwyn Gregory Hardy Jackson Johnston King Latham Lyles Murdaugh Nickels Palmer Peeples Prichard Proffitt Purvis Bamseur Buff Smith Stone Sullivan Taylor, J. Taylor, J. Williams Wimberly MaMaM 305 KAPPA SIGMA Chi Omega Chapter Entertains At Traditional Founders Day Dinner Pledging day, in each house on fraternity row, found a group of men eagerly awaiting arrival of a " yes " bid. KAPPA SIGMA, founded nearly six centuries ago, is the oldest Greek letter society in existence. Chi Omega chapter was awarded to the University of South Carolina in 1890. Entering fully into the crowded slate of Inter- fraternity Council activities, Chi Omega of Kappa Sigma fielded several powerful squads in this year ' s Intramural League Competition. Despite the incliment weather, a fine Homecoming display featuring the theme, " The Big Chase, " was entered by Kappa Sigma. Indicative of its participation in campus activi- ties are the offices held by Kappa Sigs in Carolina organizations. Blue Key, Interfraternity Council, Carolina Beligious Council, University Players, and several professional fraternities have as of- ficers members of Kappa Sigma. Chi Omega chapter has well rounded slate of social activities, including both private and inter- fraternity parties. Cotillion Club finds Kappa Sigs on its roll, and Kappa Sigma was well represented at all Greek Week functions. Heading the calen- dar of private parties were the annual Founder ' s Day Dinner, Jackson Day Dinner, and many in- formal Bermuda parties. Brothers of Kappa Sigma as well as rushees seem to be enjoying the abundance of " goodies " at this gala rush smoker. Argoe Baldwin Bottorff Campbell Crenshaw Curry Dobson Edmonds Green Gregory Hantske Hayden Higbsmith Holmes Horton McCutchen McDowell Moore Richey Kobinson Rollins Scarborough Simril Smith, G. M. Smith, R. L. Stamatiades Todd Warren Williams Woodham Yarborough Young 307 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Epsilon Psi Zeta Chapter Highlights Social Year With Christmas Formal An evening of dancing, during rush, was enjoyed in the Lambda Chi chapter room by brothers, rushees, dates. v» fc ' J ' ■ ' t ■ _ 1 A typical rush week scene is reflected in the Lambda Chi Alpha House as members, rushees, and dates converse. AN enjoyable Parisian Party at the conclusion of fall rush got Lambda Chi Alpha ' s social year off to a fast start. This festive event saw the brothers and their dates attired in striking, original costumes. Rounding out the social calendar were the Christmas Dance, the Founder ' s Day Formal and many week-end parties. The Lambda Chi Crescent Girl was crowned at the Founder ' s Day dance in March. Service was not neglected as the chapter again sponsored a party for orphans at Christmas time. Epsilon Psi Zeta chapter was installed at Caro- lina in 1945. Since that time the fraternity has grown steadily in prestige both on the Carolina campus and in the national Lambda Chi Alpha organization. Always active in IFC athletics, Lambda Chi captured IFC ' s bowling championship and fielded strong squads in all sports. Individual brothers were listed on the rolls of such organizations as YMCA, KSK, Blue Key, and many professional fraternities. With time out for conversation and food, these Lambda Chis refurnish their house with a fresh coat of paint. Brown, B Bull Coker Collins Gamble Gowdy Harkey Horton Hughes Jeffords Jones Jordan Kaufman Kirkland Lancaster McElveen Murphee Nash Reed Smith, C Smith, R _ rt Ji M t 309 PHI EPSILON PI Alpha Theta Chapter Sponsors Annual May Day Pie Throwing Contest THE Phi Eps returned this year determined to maintain the position which they have held for the past six semesters as the number one fra- ternity scholastically on Carolina ' s campus. Being represented on the Debate Team, WUSC- A.M. radio staff, Carolina Religious Council, IFC, and having members in ODK, Tau Beta Pi, Hillel, AIChE, ASME, AIEE, KSK, and the Law Fra- ternities increased the prestige of Phi Epsilon Pi. The Phi Eps also joined with the other Greek let- ter fraternities in Homecoming, Greek Week, and Cotillion Club. Rush parties started the social events for Alpha Theta chapter of Phi Epsilon Pi. The social calen- dar was full the remainder of the year with in- formal parties and the anniversary Spring Formal. The annual pie-throwing contest in the Russell House cafeteria and the Charity Dance on May Day were among the leading events held by the Phi Eps. A good drink and warm conversation between fraternity brothers make for easy relaxation during intermission. Tables that are pushed together, congenial friends, and pretty girls help make up a enjoyable Phi Epsilon Pi party. 310 Budner Burger Cohen Danz Friedman Goldberg Goldstein Lipman Rudick Runbaken Wengrow Winter A date, good music and friendly surroundings form this good time at a Phi Ep get-together at the Woman ' s Club. As the tempo of the music picks up, Murray Danz and his date enjoy a dance at Phi Ep ' s party at the Mehlrujan. PHI KAPPA SIGMA Alpha Eta Chapter Founder ' s Day Banquet Highlights Social Year Harry Bates, Bill Leach, and their dates danced a slow one at the Phi Kap rush party held at the Rathskeller. PHI KAPPA SIGMA completed its 30th suc- cessful year at Carolina this school term. By pledging twenty boys from throughout the nation, Phi Kap maintained a membership in the sixties. Alpha Eta chapter was again running with the top fraternities for the intramural sports trophy as the year 1960 rolled around; it was among the top fraterni ties in scholarship; and its members again played key roles in the various student organizations. The social spotlight fell on the Founder ' s Day Banquet, and on the Fall Dance and Spring For- mal. The social calendar also included such gala events as the Burlap Bag party, the Gross Reed outing, and the big spring picnic. As always, Phi Kaps continued to contribute to the Carolina community in the form of time, energy, and cooperation with other fraternities in several activities including blood drives. Pledging, that all-important moment that comes only after a hectic rush session; joy! despair! a part of the game. Kit Quattlebaum and Dave Fleming discuss the wearing of a fraternity pin correctly at one of Phi Kap ' s parties. 312 Adkins Allbritton Anshus Blackwell Bolen Bonham Burns Capcll Castine Cauthen Cribb Dozicr, M. Dozier, W. Fair Fleming Garris Gordon Groves Harter Howard Jordan Kirkpatrick Lathem Magan Mansell Marsden McLean Moorer Philpot Riekenbacker Rogers Satterfield Sawyer Scott Smith Spears Straddley Sword Thompson Warren White 313 PHI SIGMA KAPPA Gamma Triton Chapter Sponsors Christmas Party For Columbia Orphans CELEBRATING its thirty-first year on the Carolina campus, Phi Sigma Kappa started off the year with a successful rush and continued to grow throughout the year. The Phi Sigs were well represented on campus in numerous competitive events such as intra- mural sports and Homecoming Display. Miss " Chuckie " Grigg, the Homecoming Queen, was successfully joint-sponsored by Gamma Triton Chapter. Continuing to demonstrate an active interest in campus social and service events, the Brothers of Gamma Triton Chapter were participants in many organizations such as Newman Club, ASME, Sen- ior Class Election, and WUSC. Socially, the Phi Sigs were active in numerous events such as the Founder ' s Day Banquet and Dance, and numerous lake parties. Other activi- ties of the year included a Christmas party given for orphans of the Columbia area. Miss Pat Mob- ley, Gamma Triton ' s Moonlight Girl represented the chapter in Phi Sigma Kappa ' s National Moon- light Girl contest. The importance of a fraternity ' s alumni is one of their prized possessions as pointed out here by the Phi Sigs. Many hours of pleasure are enjoyed by the Phi Sigs and their dates by watching television at the house at night. 314 Fitts Noe Planer Ramsey Riekenbaeker Silbert Stokes Woods Three Phi Sigma Kappa men enjoy a fast hand of cards under the watchful eye of a pistol-packin ' Carolina Gamecock. 315 PI KAPPA ALPHA Xi Chapter Directs Football Game For Muscular Dystrophy Dancing at Syrian-Lebanon Club with music provided by a local combo is enjoyed by the PiKAs and rushees. PI KAPPA ALPHA was represented in all major campus organizations— ODK, KSK, Blue Key, APO, Student Council, Honor Board, AFBOTC, NBOTC, Block " C " , cheerleaders, Arnold Air Society, YMCA, Varsity Football, Baseball, Track, swimming, Cotillion, Band, Pep Club, and Class Officers. Dave Leopard and Buzz Hoagland led PiKA through the fall semester which featured parties after the ball games, annual Christmas party, and the fall service project— Homecoming Game for Muscular Dystrophy. United States Senator Strom Thurmond was initiated into Pi Kappa Alpha by Xi Chapter during the fall. Sid Dodd and Bill Donelan headed the Pi Kappa Alphas through the spring semester with an excel- lent rush season, championships in fraternity sports, Greek Week, March of Dimes service project, the Bowery Ball, the Pledge-Active Pic- nic, state-wide Founders ' Day, and the highlight of the fraternity ' s social season, the Dream Girl Ball Weekend. Jack Potter and Loy Daniels point out to rushees their well-filled trophy case during one of the stag smokers. Pikas Bunky Joye, Larry Cothran, and George Sheppard extend the hand of friendship to pledged Richard Coker. 316 Bell Booth Boroughs Bundy Burris Copeland Cothran Daniels Dodd Grayson Hellams Hendricks Hoagland Howell Jolluck Jones Jones Joye Knight Leopard Logan Love MeGill Miles Moffat Mosely Potter Rohertson Sheppard St. John Twitty Watson Williams Wilson Woodward Zimmerman 317 PI KAPPA PHI Sigma Chapter Wins Second-Place Homecoming Display Trophy f - L. A jfl a IBr f p Pi Kappa Phis and their dates enjoy a Saturday evening of relaxation and entertainment at the American Legion. THE Pi Kapps started the year with quite a successful rush season. The new pledges were honored at a party at the Tremont Motel party room. Later, a Bohemian party at the West Columhia Legion hut provided an enjoyable time for the group. Several other parties filled in the Pi Kapp social life. The chapter elected Sandy Heise their sponsor for the Miss Garnet and Black contest, and a happy group watched her rise to a place among the finalists. " Wash ' em out and hang ' em up " was the theme for the Homecoming display which won the chap- ter the second-place trophy. On December 10, the chapter observed Foun- der ' s Day with a banquet at the Bussell House. Guests included Dr. Bernie Jones, national presi- dent, and Mr. Durward Owen, national executive secretary. Other varied activities filled out a great year for Pi Kappa Phi. Dancing in the dark to the music of a popular band makes for a most entertaining evening for the Pi Kappa Phis. 318 Abercrombie Caldwell David Davis Legare Long Mishoe Nolen Owens Shuford Sojourner Wactor Whatley Ait A Conversation does not seem to distract from dancing as this couple shows at a Pi Kappa Phi spring rush party. Good music on the turn table with more good music standing by, as R. Wactor has a record available in hand. SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Delta Chapter 1959 Homecoming Display Cops First Place Cup Suspicious characters seem to form a line up at an SAE costume party. Wonder what he is watching in that can? 1959-1960 has proved to be another outstanding year for Delta Chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon for the chapter has excelled in all types of campus activities. The SAEs have been active in many campus organizations such as Blue Key, KSK, Student Council, Honor Board, Garnet and Black, De- bate Team, and varsity athletics. All brothers enjoyed the usual full social calen- dar which included such events as rush parties, the Founders ' Day Banquet and Dance, Christmas Party, Yard-and-a-Half Party, and Bowery Ball. The brothers and their dates also spent two enjoy- able weekends on houseparties at Lake Babun and Pawley ' s Island. A continued supporter of all IFC activities, SAE won the fraternity swimming meet and first place cup for homecoming displays. Service is an ever present ideal of SAE. The chapter sponsored its annual Christmas Party for Columbia orphans. Despite these activities, the brothers of Delta chapter maintained a high scholastic rating and have achieved the true fraternal spirit. Beatniks Larry Barringer and Louise Stith read lines of poetry at the Bowery Ball held at the Jefferson Hotel. The handclasp which means to come on in and have a good time is illustrated by Jake Hill as he greets a partier. 320 Adair Adams Beattie Bennett Calmes ' Cate | Cave Chance Chappell Crouch Dickert Evans Fretwell Gordon Harrison Melton Miller Osteen Patrick Reed Spann Sullivan Seybt Talley Taylor Timmernian Wolff 321 SIGMA CHI Gamma Nu Chapter Celebrates Thirtieth Anniversary At Carolina Mary Ellen Way and John LaFitte are rather surprised by some tid-bit of news at this Sigma Chi celebration. GAMMA NU CHAPTER passed a milestone this year by celebrating its 30th Anniversary as a fraternity on this campus. The years were full of a deep tradition which dates back to 1855. The chapter here has formulated a reputation for outstanding student leaders, scholarship, athletic ability and fellowship. Sigma Chis have established a score of firsts on the Carolina campus. One of Carolina ' s out- standing spring events, the annual Derby Day, was initiated by the Sigs. Also each year, Playboy Magazine treats Gamma Nu to a Playboy Party. Highlighting the fall semester, Sigma Chi rolled to the campus football championship; welcomed 24 pledges onto the chapter rolls; initiated an Annual Orphan ' s Party; played key roles in Blue Key, ODK, KSK, Student Government and Naval and Air Force ROTC staffs, and on the social end, featured a French " 75 " Party. With the spring came Derby Day, the annual Sweetheart Ball, and week-end parties on the Carolina shores. Chester, Homer, and their dates seem to be enjoying an evening spent at the Chi ' s party at the Columbia Hotel. A serenade, that meaningful, all-important ceremony in which Tuffy and Camella make the pinning official. 3?2 Adams Behling Bradley Brannon Crafts Crosby Devine Fowles Gregory Hagins Hall Herring Jackson Jeffcoat Jones Leventis Lofgren Ludwick Lynn Mackey Martin McKenzie Pitts Pooser Pruitt Quinn Sargent Sherer Springs Stover Watts White 323 SIGMA NU Delta Chapter Captures Third All-Sports Trophy In Four Years Joe seems to be harmonizing very well in a song session during intermission as the Nus celebrate a gala weekend. IN capturing its third All- Sports Trophy in four years, Sigma Nu continued its domination of the intramural scene at Carolina. Fall pledging also saw a Nu triumph as thirty-nine men made Sigma Nu the fraternity of their choice. The field of campus activities found the men of Delta reigning supreme as they held the offices of president and Vice-President of the student body, Editor of the Garnet and Black, President of Omicron Delta Kappa, President of Block " C " , President of the YMCA, and were active in KSK, Blue Key, Alpha Phi Omega, and the Interfra- ternity Council. Sigma Nu ' s social calendar was one filled with moments of gaity and mirth. Climaxed by the an- nual White Star Week featuring a banquet, dinner party, dance, and beach weekend, the Nu slate included the annual Bowery Ball, a Cowboy and Indian Party, and the Pajama Party, as well as numerous other informal gatherings throughout the year. Sigma Nu ' s Commander Walter Duffie takes sip between the verses of " Some Folk Say That John Was A Baptist " . Good music and many happy faces combine nicely to promote a well-earned evening of fun at this Nu party. Adams Ballentine Beleos Bell Bentley Boyd Bull Chertok Coates Drake Duffle Ellis Ford Gaffos Gause Gillam Glenn Gray Harrison Hellams Herring, C. Herring, W. Holmes Howard Howell Hudson Hunt, E. Hunt, R. Johnson Jones King Kohn Leventis Lipscomb Livingston Lominick McCuen McPherson Meares Mitchell Moore Morrow Moss Palmer Pendarvis Pfalzgraf Porter Rentz Ridenhour Roberts Rockafellow Roman Roper Self Shaw Simpson Spann Stone Sweatman Truesdale Turner Walkup Wehrung Williams Witherspoon Wright nsm i 325 SIGMA PHI EPSILON Alpha Chapter Gala Roman Banquet Highlights Spring Semester With the Sig Phi Ep heart behind them, two SPE couples pause to chat during the fraternity ' s Sweetheart Ball. SIGMA PHI EPSILON, the nation ' s fastest growing fraternity, is the second largest Greek letter social society in the world with 148 chapters in 45 states. Of the more than 65,000 men who have worn the heart-shaped badge of Sigma Phi Epsilon, many have excelled in medicine, law, science, the ministry, music, and the theater. At Carolina, Sigma Phi Epsilon takes an active part in many campus activities and organizations. The fraternity participates in all intramural sports. Scholarship is promoted within the chapter. Dances and parties, big and small, are held in- cluding the Founders ' Day Banquet in November, the Queen of Hearts Ball in February and the Roman Banquet in March. College students generally can be divided into two specific groups, those who know how to study and those who know how to party. The aim of Sigma Phi Epsilon is to produce men who know how and when to do both. Buddy, Jake, and their dates take a break during this spirited SPE party early in this year ' s fall semester. The traditional red vest of Sigma Phi Epsilon is quite evident as they are worn by two coatless SPEs at a party. 326 Ackernian Ayre Baifiekl Bamnann Bradley Bum Day Dieterle Dodd Edwards Gomes Jewert Kenny Lacy Laitala Latham McCallum McClendon Mitchell Monette Moore Newman O ' Donnell Quattlebaum Sauls Service Sturm Tackney Tribble Ulmer Verdery Weathers Wilson 9?7 MAXCY BROTHERHOOD Initiates Honorary Membership In Brotherhood TURNING out in numbers, Maxcy Brotherhood raised the familiar sounds of their favorite yells as they faithfully cheered the Gamecocks on to victory. This year, as in the past, Maxcy Brotherhood furnished the campus phones and outside phones in all dormitories and tenements with the convenient phone pads. Again the " Hood " kept service to the Carolina Community at the top of its list of goals. Among the highlights of the social calendar this year were the " Little Wednesday " dance, the Christmas dance, and the spring " In and Out " dance. This was a full year for the " Hood. " Early first semester, Maxcy Brotherhood made Carl Beynolds the initial honorary member. Also this year the " Hood " proudly sponsored Miss Carmen Cherry for Homecoming Queen as well as Miss Judy Pen- land for Miss Garnet and Black. Miss Nancy Woodburn was selected as Maxcy Brotherhood Sweetheart. Dean Penny congratulates a member of Maxcy Brother- hood for a most delightful drop-in held on February 1st. A good combo, plenty of dancing, and a good time had by all go into making a merry party for Maxcy Brotherhood. 328 Adams Baker Bone Brown Butler, J. Farrow Hunter La wing McElveen Ritchart Sanders Stafford Taylor Westbrook A spotlessly clean chapter room is the result of many hours of hard work as the Maxcy Brothers can well testify. 329 Excitement and thrills accompany the awarding of third VICKI RUMPH, President place honor to Tri Delt and Delta Zeta at stunt night. Fall rush, sponsored hy Pan-Hellenic Council, is climaxed by pledging; a happy time for both sisters and rushees. 330 First Row: Vicki Rumph, June McCauley, JoLynn Huffman, Tuggy Bohn. Second Row: Kathy O ' Hagan, Marsha Grant, Luanne Sanders, Marica Ward, Lanie Boldwin, Sandy Ussery, Peg Finley. Third Row: Dean Clotworthy, Ann Shirley, Nancy Ariail, Rhett McLeod, Jean Race, Jo Kirven, Dot Warner. PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL Sponsors Girls 5 Stunt Night During Greek Week PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL, the governing body for all the Greek letter sororities on cam- pus, organizes fall and spring rush, publishes a handbook with rush rules, and solves any sorority problems which may arise. The council also sponsors Stunt Night, a cam- pus-wide drop-in on May Day, and awards an annual scholarship to an outstanding foreign student. Pan-Hellenic is made up of the president, rush chairman, and a selected delegate from each of the eight sororities. 331 ALPHA DELTA PI Beta Epsilon Chapter Captures Second Place In Sorority Stunt Night The sorority row porch rail proves its usefulness when it gets too crowded in the room during an ADPi drop-in. ALPHA DELTA PI climaxed fall rush by pledg- ing twenty vivacious rushees and by affiliating two ADPis from Queens College. This was only the beginning of a whirl of activities which did not stop until after graduation in June. The pledges began their social activities by holding an all-sorority pledge tea followed by a campus-wide drop-in and a semi-formal Christ- mas party for all the sisters, their dates, and friends. Preparations to provide a Christmas for two needy families were combined with the ADPi ' s annual big sister-little sister Christmas party. Spring came and with it another campus-wide drop-in and an informal party. After graduation day the ADPis are anticipating their annual house party in June. ADPi leadership is strong in all campus organi- zations. This is evidenced by the second-place trophy won in stunt night and by three sisters being tapped by AKG. Scholarship is stressed by promoting financial aid through the ADPi National Abagail Davis Student Loan Fund. Betty Mclnnis leads a conscientious group of ADPis to capture third place trophy in AKG-sponsored songfest. The anxieties felt by the girls just before singing are seen here on the faces of the ADPis while they wait. 332 Ariail Able Barber Booth Blatt Brandenburg Brnner Burnette Canady Cannichael Chandler DeVaughn Fitzgerald Foster Garrett Griffin I Housholder I Hall Jones Kelley Kaiser Livingston Lyerly Maron Mclnnis O ' Hagan Pope Quattlebaum Reames Rhodes Smith Stoddard Willis Wyman 333 CHI OMEGA Eta Gamma Chapter Captures Coveted First Place In AKG Song Fest THERE was great excitement and many smiles as the Chi Os proudly accepted the trophy presented to them as first-place winners of the Sorority Song Fest in December. The fall Rush Week, terminated with the chap- ter welcoming eighteen new pledges. The season was climaxed by a dance at Mehlman ' s for the members and dates. An annual Christmas party was held in the sorority room where gifts were exchanged by big and little sisters. Among the number of service projects that the girls undertake are: A yearly Easter Egg Hunt for underprivileged children; assisting a needy family at Thanksgiving; and a Christmas Kind- ness project. On Awards Day, Chi Omega pre- sents the Social Service Award and the Millie Zimmerman Award. During Greek Week, the Chi Os were awarded first-place trophy for their Stunt Night presenta- tion, " We Got What It Takes!?! " The Chi Omega ' s festive winter party proves to be very successful for the girls, their dates, and the many friends. The Chi Omegas start the fall social whirl off right by entertaining old friends and new freshmen at a drop-in. Jubilant Chi Omegas run to meet Sally Lewis after she has accepted first place trophy in the sorority songfest. 334 Andrews Casey Cherry Curtis Derham, S. Derham, S. Dobbins Dutrow Estridge Freed Furr Gilham Glenn Grainling Hall, A. Hall, E. Halloran Harper Hart Hendrix Holler Holliday Jeter Jones Kay Kirven LaFitte Leventis Lewis Martin McGill McLaurin Miller Mood Morehead Nettles Norton Preacher Reeder Ridenhour Rigby Rivenbark Roof Rumph Sanders Tenison Vickery White Wingate WofFord Young 335 DELTA DELTA DELTA Alpha Lambda Chapter Wins First Place Award At Sigma Chi Derby Day MEMORIES of a wonderful sorority house- party at Pawley ' s Island were fresh in the minds of the Tri-Deltas as they began the 1959 session. As plans for the year were made, high aims were in mind because the preceding spring had been a very eventful season for the chapter. Priscilla Barrett represented the sorority as USC May Queen, Elizabeth Timmons was presented the Algernon Sidney Sullivan Award for Women, and the first-place Derby Day throphy went to the Tri-Deltas. With twenty new pledges, the sorority laid out its plans for a year full of fun, i ncluding a Foun- der ' s Day Banquet, and a Chrismas party for the Carolina Children ' s Home. In December, the Tri-Deltas captured second place in the annual Sorority Song Fest During Sorority Stunt in March, the Tri-Deltas tied for third place. The Tri-Deltas present the Margaret Ashe Scholarship to a worthy female student annually. Hope Gettys shows some of her Tri Delt sisters a dance step as the sorority prepares for Pan-Hellenic stunt night. In the midst of rush week confusion, Tri Delts pause for a friendly conversation. Religious Emphasis Week brings a visiting speaker to the Delta Delta Delta sorority one Monday night for an informal talk and discussion. 336 Ackly Allen Bailey Balentine Baskin Barrett Benton DeLoach Dnvall Edmunds Espedhal Finlay Foster Gettys Godby Hazelhurst Hines Holland Hutchinson Jones LaMotte Lemon Long, L. Long, A. Middleton Mills McLeod McCutcheon McMaster McPherson Schipman Smith Spniill Von Kilintz Waites Watts 337 DELTA ZETA Beta Delta Chapter Entertains At Very Successful Valentine Party BETA DELTA chapter of Delta Zeta began this year with a successful two weeks of rush. To start the social activities, the sorority held a ban- quet in honor of the pledges and the newly initiated girls. Halloween was celebrated with an informal dance; the Christmas festivities began with the exchange of gifts between big sisters and little sisters followed by a date party. Springtime afforded opportunities for a gay Valentine Dance and a houseparty. A versatile group, the Delta Zetas participated in many campus functions. Outstanding indi- vidual DZs were listed in Who ' s Who and ap- peared in the Garnet and Black beauty section. Glenna Bryant served as Editor of the Gamecock. One service project of the chapter is the Nell Berry Miller Award given annually on Awards Day to the female student who graduates with the highest average in the School of Education. This award is given in memory of a past Delta Zeta president. Betty Farmer looks with eyes of disbelief as she talks to guests in the DZ room during a campus-wide drop-in. Three couples and a " guest " sit one out and chat at Zeta Tau Alpha ' s gala Christmas party at the Columbia Hotel. 338 Adams Akin Baldwin Bennett Bryant Cauthen Davis Dewitt Farmer Getsinger Hetherington Hills Klicka Marone Nelken Phillips Plott Rabon Royster Sinclair Sowers Timberlake Worley Woodbnrn Zimmerman Delta Zetas practice to perfect the dialogue to be used in their skit for the long-awaited annual sorority stunt night. KAPPA DELTA Beta Zeta Chapter Three Sisters In Miss Garnet And Black Finals 1 i5C " J P HBSPv 4 ■ Pm Jl l Bh ' r P B r " " " ' _.J Excited children received presents from Santa Claus at the Kappa Delta Christmas party given for the orphans. THE fall social whirl began for the Kappa Deltas with a campus-wide drop-in in the sorority room at which old acquaintances were renewed. Then came fall rush, which resulted in the addition of eleven new pledges. A date party was held in honor of the pledges in December at the " Y " camp grounds. The Christmas season found the Kappa Deltas entertaining orphans from the Carolina Children ' s Home and, also hav- ing a pledge-active Christmas party. Spring brought more exciting activities such as Song Fest, Stunt Night, the annual Parent-Alumnae Tea, which was held in the chapter room, was a most successful gathering. In connection with their national organization ' s philanthropy of helping crippled children. Beta Zeta chapter, as it does annually, gave financial aid to a therapeutic hospital in Richmond, Va. Achieving individual distinction, members of Beta Zeta are in Who ' s Who, AKG, and Student Council. Three KDs; Sandy Ussery, Frances Hambright, and Gerry Williams were finalists in the Miss Garnet and Black. Kappa Delta ' s opening campus-wide drop-in was a sweeping success as this throng at the punch table will testify. 340 Barnctt Beattie Bohm Bond Brantley Caldcr Campbell Capers Dennis Fuller Gaston Goff Grier Hagood Hambright Hardeman Harmon Hendricks Kapp Krebs Leifermann McCants McCoy McGhee McMaster Mulherin Page Patat Plowden Bace Beed Bivers Taylor Tliach Tompkins Usher Ussery Webb Williams Winstead Withers 341 PI BETA PHI Alpha Chapter Entertains At Biennial Arrow Ball In December A SUCCESSFUL, although hectic, rush week was followed by a campus-wide drop-in. Later in the fall, the chapter participated in AKG ' s annual songfest. Next on the agenda of the social calendar was a drop-in for members of the Alumnae Club being followed by a Christmas party given for the sisters in the sorority room. The highlight of the winter social season was the lovely Arrow Ball held in the Hotel Jefferson ballroom. Spring semester brought many more activities such as Stunt Night, sponsored by Pan-Hellenic Council, the Annual Founders ' Day Tea, exciting parties for Pi Phis and their dates, and a party for a group of orphans given on St. Valentine ' s Day. Alpha chapter of Pi Beta Phi works in connec- tion with the National Organization ' s philan- thropy, the Settlement School at Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The chapter now holds the Eta Prov- ince Scholarship Trophy for the most improved scholarship for the year 1958-1959. In keeping with the season ' s festive mood, these Pi Phis spend a gala evening at their annual Christmas dance. As fall rush gets under way, the Pi Phis entertain in their sorority room during the beginning week of rush. Lots of fun, lots of food, and lots of people, make the Pi Beta Phi campus-wide drop-in an entertaining success. 342 Adair Alderman Baumann Beard Bell Carroll Caughman Culler Dabbs Derrick Dickerson Fellers Gray Gunter Hall Heise Hopper Huffman Hutto Logwood Marshall McCartney Montgomery Orr Peterson Porter Rowland Ryon Seay Seckel Sherer Skidmore Sturdivant Them Trussell Turner Warner Wingate 343 SIGMA DELTA TAU Alpha Kappa Chapter Spreads Christmas Kindness To Orphan Children AAPHA KAPPA chapter of Sigma Delta Tau is Carolina ' s newest sorority. Since its activa- tion three years ago, the group ' s membership has increased greatly. This fall ' s pledges were feted at three banquets and an entertaining casino party which climaxed the rush season. Several of the activities which SDT has under- taken are participation in the annual AKG song fest and, later in the spring, stunt night which was sponsored by Pan-Hellenic Council. Among the events which kept the social committee busy this year was a big winter ball and several pledge parties. Sigma Delta Tau has also undertaken several successful projects, such as presenting a basket of food to a needy family at Thanksgiving. The pledges were very busy before the Christmas season finishing sock dolls to present to a group of children from an orphanage at a party given in their honor. Sigma Delta Tau sisters study and talk together around ye ole bridge table in their new room in Wade Hampton. Diligently the Sigma Delta Taus use the tape recorder to perfect their presentation in the gala sorority songfest. 344 Sunshine Rivkin Siegel Loewe, B. Loewe, S. Hirschmann Helman School is not all studies and books say these SDTs as they take time out to relax and play on the newly built wall. 345 ZETA TAU ALPHA Beta Omicron Chapter Donations Given For Cerebral Palsy Foundation The contrasting black and white floor becomes symbolic of moods as worries are left behind at this ZTA dance. BETA OMICRON began a successful year by pledging twenty-two girls. These along with new initiates, were honored at a banquet in September. The Zeta ' s also enjoyed campus-wide drop-ins and the annual big sister-little sister Christmas party. Included in the social calendar was a holi- day season dance at Mehlman ' s for the ZTAs and their dates. Each year the chapter observes Founders ' Day with a special ceremony. ZTA also works with its national organization in giving financial aid to the Cerebral Palsy Foundation. At the Maryland game this year, Marliss Grigg was crowned Carolina ' s Homecoming Queen; she also represented the chapter as Honor attendant in the May Day celebration. Kay Busbee was chosen Sweetheart of the Lambda Chi pledge class. The Zetas also captured the WAA All-Sports Trophy. The Zeta Tau Alpha ' s campus-wide drop-in appears to be enlightened by the hilarious tale imparted by Amelia. June and her disquised friends entertain the Zetas and rushees with the latest joke at an informal rush party. 346 Akernian Adams Berne Breedin Busbee, M. Carney Carson Church Conrad Edwards Gosnell Green Gregory Grigg Hayes Harper Johnson Kennedy Ledford Mattingly McCauley McKinny McLean Merchant Miller, B. Miller, B. Morris Murray O ' Dell Neal Perry Rigby Riley Ruth Sanders Spears Splawn Stucky Tyburski Ward Workman 347 V " i Chi Omega ' s finale presents their rendition of " We Got What It Takes " and carries them to victory at stunt night. IFC Presents Miss Joni James And Buddy Morrow GREEK WEEK, sponsored by the Interfra- ternity Council, was designed to include items and events of interest to all Greeks. This year saw a well-rounded calendar including two events never before seen at Carolina. A movie, " The Fraternity Way of Life, " which depicted the fraternity ideal and interpreted Greek organizations was presented at the Russell House Sorority Stunt Night, traditionally an even- ing of fine entertainment fulfilled its advance publicity and provided three hours of solid humor for those present. Stunt Night was concluded by the presentation of awards to Chi Omega for first place, Alpha Delta Pi for second place, and Delta Delta Delta and Delta Zeta in a tie for third place. A banquet for Interfraternity Council representa- tives featured the presentation of " Gamecock " " Fraternity Man of the Year, " and " Fraternity Men of the Year " awards. This year ' s Fraternity Man of the Year Award was won by George Leventis, President of Interfraternity Council. Joni James, popular recording artist, enter- tained Carolina Greeks with her relaxed, informal style in concert at the Township Auditorium. The Hearts and Ruddy Morrow performed at infor- mal and formal dances respectively, giving forth with music for the dancing segments of Greek Week. Vivian Brandenburg happily accepts second place trophy won by ADPis for their skit, " It Happened One Night " . 348 George Leventis smilingly accepts the Fraternity Man-of- Dr. Edward F. Nolan accepts the IFC Faculty Man-of- the-Year Trophy presented by Chairman Ellis Boatman. the-Year Plaque from IFC president, George Leventis. Chi Psi ' s president, Wilton Fowler, accepts on behalf of the chapter the highly coveted IFC Scholarship Trophy. 349 Music by the Hearts provides a party atmosphere for the Greek Week informal dance held at township auditorium. USC students were delighted with the excellent performance presented by Joni James during Greek Week activities. 350 if ' iffflffjfj Jimmy and George present the traditional Carolina Rat Hat to the charming Joni James, Greek Week entertainer. Joni James seems to be entrancing several male students during her pleasant performance at township auditorium. Smiling dancers enjoy the swinging music of Buddy Morrow during the Saturday formal which climaxed Greek Week. 351 Cotillion Sponsors Formal And Informal Dances ORGANIZED in 1945 by Bill Hutchinson, the Cotillion Club chooses its members from the fourteen national, social fraternities on Carolina ' s campus. It is evident that the Cotillion Club is one of the most selective interfraternity social organizations at the University. Each fraternity selects its representatives from the chapter at large, the number being determined by the size of the fraternity. Instituting a new policy this year, Cotillion Club sponsored two dances in the fall and two dances in the spring. In previous years, only one fall dance and one spring dance took place. In the fall there was a formal ball held at the Co- lumbia Hotel. An informal dance, featuring the " Doug Clark Combo, " which did not appear, was held at the West Columbia Armory. A record player was obtained and numerous couples en- joyed an evening of merriment. New officers were announced for the spring semester at the fall formal. These Kappa Sigs have agreed that the Cotillion winter informal is a smash hit as was the traditional formal. OLD OFFICERS. First Row: Velma Ballentine, Margaret DeVaughn, Diane Barber, Joyce McGarity, Sandra Stork. Second Row: Skip Swearinger, President; Bill Hantske, Vice-President; Bill Sword, Secretary; Gene Williams, Treasurer; Jack Taylor, Dance Chairman. 352 NEW OFFICERS. First Row: Myrna Pitts, Linda Hall, Laney Baldwin, Ann Logwood, Lee Hunter. Second Row: Phil Harrison, President; Chart Bonham, Vice-President; Jimmy Todd, Secretary; Buddy Talley, Treasurer; Glenn Alexander, Dance Chairman. Many expressions on many faces enable these Pikas to reflect the varied moods at the gala Cotillion informal dance. 353 OLD OFFICERS. First Row: D. Hardeman, J. Brown, B. King, T. Tenison. Second Row: R. Harrison, President; G. Jones, Vice-Presi- dent; B. Hildebrand, Secretary-Treasurer; M. Quinn, Dance Chairman. Westphalian Society Sponsors All Night Party IN 1958 a new interfraternity dance organization made its appearance upon the campus of the University of South Carolina. The Westphalian Society was formed by four fraternities, three of whom were formerly members of the German Club. Kappa Alpha, Sigma Chi, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, and Sigma Nu united for the express purpose of jointly sponsoring a Winter Formal and June Ball. Although its founding was but two years ago, the Westphalian Society has already become firmly established as a successful dance organization. 1959 saw an expanded fall social calendar for Westphalian participants. Under the leadership of President Rick Harrison, the annual fall formal was supplemented by a highly successful informal party. These two nights of fun were early in December and set the pace for the holiday gaiety perennially present on the Carolina campus im- mediately prior to the Christmas vacation. The traditional June Ball, held on the final day of exams, featured a formal dance and informal party. At the conclusion of the formal, couples changed to bermudas and journeyed to Heise ' s pond for the second party which continued until dawn. These gala gatherings, which together lasted some ten hours, were a fitting climax for the social year at Carolina. 354 NEW OFFICERS. First Row: K. Michelsen, P. Jones, J. Race, B. Russell. Second Row: R. Shaw, President; K. Anderson, Dance Chairman; J. Smiley, Secretary-Treasurer; E. Palmer, Vice-President. Rocking music, tuxedoes, fancy dresses add to the party atmosphere created at the annual Christmas Westphalian. Carroll Gray, Jerry Barron and many dates at the West- phalian enjoy the music furnished by the Jungaleers. 355 First Row: Peter Reed, President; Andy Dawes, Vice-President. Second Row: Lucy Thach, Treasurer; Peg Finley, Secretary. Third Row: Elizabeth Hazelhurst, Social Chairman. New Initiates Entertained At Annual Christmas Party THERE are those students who seek to find the cultural aspects of life and the pleasures of gracious living during their collegiate years. This group is composed of thirty-five men and women and is called Beaux Arts. New members are chosen on the basis of inter- est in fine arts. They must have attended the University for one semester and be at least of sophomore standing. The social functions of Beaux Arts are quite unique. The outstanding event of the fall is the annual initiation banquet for new members. Initi- ates demonstrate their talents and special abilities which always prove amusing and enjoyable for the onlooking old members. A gay, festive Christ- mas party filled all the members with holiday cheer and was the highlight of the season. A spring oyster roast and other informal gatherings held vivid memories of rollicking fun. First Row: Charlie Cate, Evan Palmer, Joe Major, Billy Long, Joel Patrick. Second Row: Joan Murphy, Betsy Allen, Nancy Edwards, Lucy Thach, Andy Dawes, Peg Finley, Peter Reed, Mimi Patat. Third Row: Betty Sebring, Julia Baker, Fran Evans, Boopa Pritchurd, Lynon Buyck, Jeff Goodwin, Tommy Rogers, Ed Mullins, Gracie Hutchinson, Alex Sanders, Elizabeth Hazelhurst, Priscilla Barrett. Fourth Row: Bobby Pruitt, Weston Adams, Libby Long, Betsy Mills, Rhetta Grier, Bruce McPherson, Fred Wilcox, Celia Jones, Glenn Oxner, Homer Davis, Tuggie Bohm. The Air Force " Blue Yonder Ball " again appears to be successful as the dates enjoy the music of Charlie Barnett. Rhame Named Cadet Commander At A. F. Dance Brass buttons and dress blues are a striking combination Everyone enjoys the Air Force dance as Lee Rhame is at this long-remembered Naval ROTC Winter Dance. presented an award for the incoming Cadet Commander. 357 50 f « a V m f 3§, A ' : £ ?% 3fr i L th Ikt uHt 1 w " ' " : m f • • k- ytate w ■■ ■ " SHHt-: h-: • j w : . d » m " " iit f " i is i •i BBMgEL. T 358 fl u r o u o 359 Quarterback Steve Satterfield rolls out for a pass as Carolina ' s herculean line gives him plenty of needed protection. Duke and Carolina men bound high off the court, trying to bring the ball down, as others wait apprehensively. THEY called us " the troops ' — we were recruited, uniformed, and drilled— recruited from every- where—the rugged coal-mining and steel-working towns of Pennsylvania— the Virginia hamlets- home-grown talent— the former pride of the Green Grimlins, or the Emeralds, or the Stags— we ran laps— wind sprints— tackling drills— we got a shoul- der in and kept our legs driving until the ball carrier was on the ground— it was not like high school— here they were all big and mean— we learned to play with the horses— a rubber stamp covered our expenses but we earned it threefold- It was a tough racket. Some of us were basketballers— the " Dixie Legion " — we shaped up under a superb coach- won the Richmond tournament— beat the touted North State teams— won the close ones— spirit- Minor sports were accessible to all— many came from the ranks of the student body and performed like champions for Carolina in baseball, swim- ming, golf- Intramurals brought sports to the dorm level- all played— our dorm or fraternity team workec out, practiced, and olayed hard— if we were gooc they gave us a trophy. Kenny Rosefield is able to get only a small piece of the ball, while the proposing catcher waits in eager anticipation. Varsity swimmer, Ken Chance, comes up for air, showing the form in the " fly " stroke that won him many places. A Bulldog leads Gamecocks Jim Cathcart and King Dixon toward finish line, completing the 100-yd. dash. 361 REX ENRIGHT, Athletic Director FRANK JOHNSON, Business Manager DON BARTON, Publicity Director WARREN GIESE, Head Football Coach 362 Football l HANK BARTOS RALPH FLOYD LEO CAHILL MARVIN BASS ERNIE LAWHORNE CLYDE BIGGERS JESSE BERRY !■■■ JACK SCARBATH Y • Harvey Shiflet looks on helplessly as he completes a screen pass to Joe Gomes for short yardage against Duke U. Carolina Opens Season With 12-7 Win Over Duke WITH only four starters from the 1958 season, the University of South Carolina Gamecocks were relying heavily upon a powerful line and the running of all-conference fullback John Saunders to better a seven-three record of the previous year. Starters who returned to form the nucleus of a fast and powerful line were tackle Ed Pitts, guard Jake Bodkin, and end Jerry Frye. It was a young team with players who had not yet proved themselves under game conditions. At the end of spring drills, the Gamecocks appeared to be stronger defensively than offensively. Except at fullback the backfield, weakened by graduation, was an unknown quantity. In the opener against Duke, the Gamecocks displayed an overwhelming defense and an aver- age offense. Capitalizing on a Duke fumble, Caro- lina took the lead on Steve Kopian ' s seven-yard e nd sweep. The Blue Devils returned in the sec- ond period with a fifty-eight- yard touchdown pass from quarterback Don Altman to end Claude Mooreman. It was not till late in the fourth quarter that Ken Norton climaxed a sustained drive with an electrifying touchdown run of fifty- five yards. In the opening minutes of play John Saunders received a shoulder injury that was to keep him out for most of the season, however, second unit fullback Phil Lavoie was able to fill the gap with his hard running. The Gamecocks took only six minutes to score their first touchdown against the Purple Hurri- canes from Furman University. They marched 68 yards in only twelve plays with fullback Phil Lavoie going over from the seven-yard line. Be- fore halftime the Gamecocks again scored and now led 14-0. Again in the third period, Lavoie crashed over from four yards out giving the Birds a 22-point lead. 3aS Jack Pitt takes a hard spill as South Carolina ' s All-American candidate, Ed Pitts, moves in on Duke ' s fleet halfback. Back John Saunders fools two Duke Blue Devils with his good faking, but to no avail, as the ball carrier is stopped. Birds Defeat Furman 30-0; SEC Champ, Georgia 32-12 The final touchdown came in the opening min- utes of the fourth quarter with a pass from quarterback Steve Satterfield to end Jack Pitt in the end zone. The Hurricanes could not hang on to the passes of quarterback Baker as they were downed by the Gamecocks 30-0. Riding on the crest of two wins each, the Uni- versity of Georgia Bulldogs and the Gamecocks met before a capacity crowd at Carolina Stadium. Carolina entered the stadium a six-point under- dog. The fired-up Gamecocks hailed Jake Bodkin, as he blocked a first quarter punt by Georgia ' s Bobby Walden. This quickly resulted in a touch- down for the Birds. The second quarter was pre- dominantly a defensive battle, marred only by Steve Kopian ' s punt return to the Bulldog 12-yard line. From this point another touchdown was scored, and Carolina led at halftime 16-0. Carolina ' s Harvey Shiflet scrambles for a Furman fumble caused by the Gamecocks ' hard-hitting interior linemen. .«»i i - Kenny Norton cuts back to the inside for the Gamecocks, as he picks up a block from Phil Lavoie against Furman. iriKB 367 ? 4 ' •. ' r W 4 A host of Georgia tacklers haul down Carolina halfback Kenny Norton as the Bulldogs face their only loss of the year. South Carolina ' s center, Jim Nemeth, snares a U. of Ga. pass and moves for good yardage against the Bulldogs. Carolina Encounters First Defeat Of Season From UNC In the second half, Carolina scored in less than four minutes as Phil Lavoie got his second of three touchdowns that day. Georgia ' s passing at- tack then came alive as junior quarterback Tar- kenton led the Bulldogs to their first score. How- ever, Carolina came back to put more icing on the cake as Phil Lavoie crashed his way into the end zone from 28 yards out. Georgia ' s final score came on a long pass from Britt. The now SEC champions returned to Athens licking the wounds of their only defeat of the season, 30-12. Carolina then journeyed to Chapel Hill to meet their first defeat of the season. Carolina drew first blood on a 78-yard march. This was the only score the Birds could muster, however, as the damp air was filled with UNC passes. The Tar Heels scored their second touchdown with only seconds remaining in the second quarter, and again in the third quarter to make it a 19-6 final score. Plagued by injuries, Carolina lost the serv- ices of halfback Steve Kopian and tackle Sammy Fewell. The nation ' s leading kicker, Bobby Walden, has his punt blocked by guard Jake Bodkin as he leaps into the air. Kenny Norton, skirting his own left end, is greeted head on by an eager Bulldog, to be dropped for little gain. Georgia pounces on their own fumble in the shadow of their goal post as Carolina ' s Ed Pitts watches helplessly. Kenny Norton leaps hard to break up quarterback Jack Cummings ' pass as end Walton waits patiently for the ball. 370 Birds Lose " Big Thursday " Clash; Beat Maryland 24-6 Returning to home grounds for the last Big Thursday Classic, the Gamecocks were massacred by the merciless Clemson Tigers. The first quar- ter was filled with a defensive battle from both sides as neither team could move the ball. As the second quarter opened, Quarterback Harvey White hit ends Sam Anderson and Gary Barnes continuously till Barnes received the ball on the 20 and went over for the initial touchdown. Be- fore halftime the Tigers scored again, to give them a 13 point margin. A Carolina fumble on their own 26 set up the Tigers ' third touchdown with a pass from White to Mathis. The Tigers continued the fire to down the Gamecocks 27-0. Before a rainsoaked Homecoming crowd the Gamecocks routed the " I " formation Maryland Terrapins 24-6. The initial score was set up by Dave Sowell intercepting a Terp pass and carry- ing to the 40. The second touchdown was on a r ir h. .- m . , ' At ■ 1 pJd V- Rabe Walton, North Carolina end, after catching a pass is tackled hard by South Carolina ' s guard, Dave Adams. Tigers wait in ambush for quarterback Buddy Bennett as he strides for yardage against the staunch Clemson line. Birds 5 Ground Game Wins Over Airborne Virginia surprise pass from halfback Norton to Gomes in the end zone. Only minutes later Satterfield passed to Pitt for the Birds ' second score. In the final period both teams scored, Maryland scrap- ing up a blocked punt and Carolina over the overland route. Following this victory, the rejuvenated Birds flew to Virginia to test the winless Cavaliers. The Virginia record proved naught as the Cavaliers jumped off to an early lead. Virginia kept the air filled with passes and mightily frustrated the Car- olina secondary. The lead jumped back and forth several times with the Gamecocks scoring on the ground and Virginia through the air. Sparked by a 78-yard touchdown run by quar- terback Steve Satterfield, Carolina finally came from behind in the last quarter to down a valiant Virginia team 32-20. In this fifth victory for the Gamecocks, fullback Phil Lavoie picked up 124 yards rushing. Once again the Carolina defense allowed their opponent less than a hundred yards rushing as the Cavaliers managed only 98 yards on the ground. Clemson quarterback, Harvey White, throws a short pass as hard-charging Kirk Phares puts the pressure on him. Fullback Jimmy Williams churns hard as he is swamped by a deluge of Tigers after being stopped for little gain. Scatback Jack Morris runs hard around right end, as fullback Bob Farmer leads interference against the Bengals. Carolina quarterback Harvey Shiflet is piled up high as he is wedged through the center of the Maryland defense. 373 ' ■■■■■■■■■ ■■H HHI John Saunders lowers the boom on a Maryland Terrapin to spring left halfback Joe Gomes loose for a touchdown. Quarterback Satterfield elects to run the option play and Head Coach Warren Giese yells out to his Gamecocks as skirts right end for a sizeable gain as Terps pursue. Kirk Phares prepares to strengthen the Carolina defense. f 1 Kir ' st- I Maryland ' s defenders pursue in vain as fleet-footed Joe Gomes is shown nearing the goal after a wide end sweep. Carolina Falls Before The Hurricanes Of Miami 26-6 The vacillating Gamecocks then went to Miami to test passing artist Fran Curci and company. The 5 ' 9 " quarterback threw 17 times and com- pleted 13 for a tremendous record against Caro- lina ' s hapless pass defense. Two of these went for touchdowns. Gamecock backs Joe Gomes and Phil Lavoie turned in fine performances for a los- ing cause. Penalties against the Gamecocks inside the Miami 15-yard line thwarted Gamecock drives numerous times. Miami ' s scores came on long sustained drives with Curci brilliantly engineer- ing the attack. Steve Satterfield accounted for Carolina ' s only tally by sneaking the ball over, as Carolina fell before the Hurricanes of Miami 26-6. In the last home game of the season, Carolina kept its nose to the grindstone and eked out a 12-7 victory over the Wolfpack of North Carolina State. Carolina scored first following a second- quarter pass intercepted at the State 33-yard line by halfbac k Joe Gomes. On the first play from that point halfback Kenny Norton scrambled through the State defense for the score. Fullback Lavoie controls the ball as he is racked up in the middle of the line by a strong Hurricane defense. 375 John Saunders moves in to throw a block on Miami ' s guard Frank Reinhart, as U. S. C. ' s Sowell reverses his field. Miami ' s Frank Bouffard and Carolina ' s Kenny Norton appear to converge as both try most desperately for a pass. Podwika, knees high and arm stiff, is about to be downed by Phil Lavoie and Jerry Frye deep in his own territory. USC Beats NC State; Loses Finale To Deacons Sophomore Roman Gabriel kept the Wolfpack hopes alive as he completed four of four passes attempted in a 79- yard drive and scored from the one. The Gamecocks ' final tally came as Norton again crashed over from the three. After the opening kickoff against the Demon Deacons of Wake Forest, it took the Gamecocks only eight plays to score with Lavoie going over from the two. The Demon Deacons retaliated with alacrity as quarterback Snead passed for the touchdown from seven yards out to climax a 75- yard drive. Carolina again gained a lead in the second quarter with Satterfield sneaking over for Carolina ' s second touchdown. Again Snead re- plied by passing the Deacons to another touch- down. Capitalizing on a fumbled Wake Forest punt, the Gamecocks went ahead by eight points only to have this lead cut to a 20-18 halftime score. In the second half the Gamecocks were unable to match the explosive offense of the Demon Deacons who scored 25 points. This 43-20 defeat of the Gamecocks closed out the 1959 season with a record of six wins and four losses. Halfback Gomes evades the arm-tackle attempt of North Carolina State ' s Ken Nye and heads for extra yardage. 377 Phil Lavoie springs away from one would-be tackier and scores the Gamecocks ' second touchdown against W. F. Demon Deacon Neil McLean momentarily finds daylight, but Jim McGovern and Jack Ashton move in to tackle him. - All ACC fullback Phil Lavoie is momentarily slowed up as he rips into the Deacons ' secondary on a fullback delay. First Row: E. Pitts, J. Saunders. Second Row: D. Sowell, H. Shiflet, J. Costen, J. Morris, B. Bennett, S. Satterfield, B. Saunders, S. Kopian, J. Gomes, J. Hunter, J. Smarr. Third Row: P. Lavoie, C. Taylor, J. Williams, G. Cole, W. Strickland, K. Baity, B. Jama, M. Harris, B. Farmer, K. Norton, J. Bowman. Fourth Row: P. Turner, B. Drost, B. Magan, J. Frye, J. Timmerman, J. Duncan, J. Pitt, N. Patrick, J. Nemeth, J. McGovern, C. Waring. Fifth Row: D. Hatcher, P. O ' Cain, L. Lowder, K. Derriso, J. Bodkin, J. Ashton, H. Sohm, D. Adam, W. Shiflet, D. Miles. Sixth Row: B. Jerry, S. Fewell, K. Phares, F. Staley, J. Goodrich, T. Hannah, J. Gordon, J. Beddick. 379 ED PITTS, Tackle UP All-ACC UPI All-ACC ACSWA All-ACC All-State North-South All-Star Game, Co-Captain Williamson Rating System All-American PHIL LAVOIE, Fullback UPI All-ACC All-State Outstanding Gamecock Football Players JAKE BODKIN, Guard UPI All-ACC, Second Team ACSWA All-ACC, Second Team All-State JACK PITT, End AP All-ACC, Second Team ACSWA All-ACC, Second Team JOHN SAUNDERS, Fullback Chosen for North-South All-Star Game m « " ' .■ iaSS • 1 ' SlPsistffiEP ' -v:- ■ ' ,-■■ ' ■ ' ■■ ■ ■ • ' ■ ' .■ ' -.•. ■ -■ ■ 50ft I wt w ;-V: " ; ' ■■ fv: Ira VARSITY BASKETBALL. First Row: R. Johnson, J. Howell, B. Robinson, B. Cronin, M. Quick, A. Grabenstetter, B. Rebhan, A. Whisnant. Second Row: Head Coach Bob Stevens, F. Luigs, B. Hudson, B. Franz, L. Dial, M. Callahan, W. Hudson, Assistant Coach Walt Hambrick. New Basketball Coach Stevens Leads Birds Well ARRIVING at Carolina after a very successful stay at Michigan State University, young, ambitious, Bob Stevens came to revamp the Gamecock style. And this he has done admirably. With the use of his fast-break and continuous motion basketball, he has developed the Game- cock squad into a potent competitor in the rugged Atlantic Coast Conference. In his first year at the University, Coach Stevens has gained the respect and admiration of all who have been associated with him. His amiable man- ner and knowledge of basketball have combined to inspire and spark his ball club to many victories. For the first time in a few years, Carolina man- aged to compile individual, as well as team honors. The Birds led the Atlantic Coast Conference in points scored per game, had three players rated high in ACC point average, and won the Rich- mond Invitational Tournament. Coaching the freshman team for the first time this year was Gordon Stauffer. Coming to the Biddies after rounding out a tremendous coaching job in Indiana, his team has done equally well at Carolina finishing with a 15-5 season record. BOB STEVENS, Basketball Coach 382 Birds Win Crown While At The Richmond Tournament ALTHOUGH predominately a young team the 1959-60 Gamecock roundballers proved themselves worthy competition for every team faced. The season opened on a rather sour note as the USC quintet dropped five of its first seven games, defeating Erskine and N. C. State while losing to UNC, Georgia Tech, Duke, Vanderbilt, and Tennessee. After this mediocre beginning the Roosters found themselves as they journeyed northward for the Richmond Invitational Tourna- ment during the Christmas holidays. Roaring past host Richmond in the semi-final round, the Game- cocks met Lafayette in the final where they pulled out an 86-85 come-from-behind triumph for the title. Mike Callahan gets his shot away, as a helpless Tiger tries fruitlessly to stop the ominous two-point play. Leaping high off the court, U. of Va. and Carolina men seem suspended in mid-air as they haul down a rebound. Taking on a grotesque appearance, guard Bobby Robin- son hurdles into the air to take a pass in under the goal. 383 Fred Luigs watches intently as the ball heads straight for the basket, while a Demon Deacon attempts a block. Going through the air with no one around him, Game- cock Art Whisnant prepares to dunk the ball in Va. game. Miami Defeats Carolina In Thrilling Overtime ■ ' ■■ §§SlHI ' • ' ■ ' ■■:-■ ' ■ ■■ ' ■ ' ■ " ■■■■. lfc ; " 7p ' fet [7 _ ptj P | FOLLOWING their success in the vacation tournament, the Gamecocks headed south for contests with Miami and Florida State. The 15th ranked Hurricanes had to go all out to salvage a 107-106 overtime victory from the men of Caro- lina. The following night it was a tired Gamecock squad which faced the Seminoles and finally fell 93-75. The up and down Roosters then journeyed north on a road trip which saw them lose to Mary- land and Wake Forest and overcome Virginia ' s Cavaliers. Carolina then fell victim to arch-rival Clemson as the Tigers captured a 74-69 victory. An expected scoring duel between Choppy Pat- terson of Clemson and Carolina ' s Art Whisnant, two of the finest sophomore performers seen in this area in several years, failed to materialize as the Tiger defense concentrated on Whisnant and stopped his scoring spree. Hoping to get back on the winning road, the Gamecocks came home to the Field House for a contest with the under- manned Purple Hurricanes of Furman. Begin- ning to click, Coach Stevens cleared the bench and garnered a 91-81 win. Gamecock players Freddie Luigs and Bob Franz clear the boards as Mike Callahan waits outside for a feed out. 3S4 The Duke players guard close the Carolina goal as Mike Callahan, USC forward, anticipates a completed basket. Art Whisnant charges into a Duke player, as he makes a zealous attempt to raise USC ' s score in a lay-up shot. Birds Travel To N. C. To Win Over State, UNC A SHARP shooting Georgia club staved off a USC rally in the second half and held on to a 66-65 victory but a few days later, Mike Cal- lahan ' s last second basket gave the Roosters their second victory over Virginia. After dropping con- tests to Wake Forest and Furman, the Gamecocks apparently caught fire and seemingly could do no wrong for three games. Traveling to Charlotte to participate in a weekend doubleheader in the Coliseum, the Roosters were ready and proved it as they came home with two victories. Friday night Carolina stopped a vastly improved N. C. State squad 68-66 in a contest that saw the lead change hands throughout the game. North Caro- lina, the Saturday night foe, also found the Game- cocks hard to handle. Carolina led throughout most of the game and maintained its poise and rode out the storm for an 85-81 victory over the shocked Tarheels. A high-riding Carolina crew dumped Clemson and lost to Maryland ' s Terra- pins after leading most of the game to close out the regular season ' s play. Art Whisnant remains poised in the air, while this shot balances precariously on the rim during the Duke game. 385 Guard Bobby Robinson is slowed down in this approach to the basket as a Virginia player cripples his shot. Duke Defeats Carolina In ACC Tournament Contest THE annual ACC tournament found the Game- cocks facing Duke in their first round game. The Blue Devils, eventual champions, proved too much for the Roosters and garnered the win, 82-69, The 1959-60 basketball campaign, though not a winning season, must be considered a success. Always fighting to the finish, Carolina lost eight games by a margin of six points or less. Never- theless, the Gamecocks won more games this year than in the two previous seasons combined. Though finishing with a ten and sixteen record the Gamecocks, however, were not without indi- vidual honors. Selected to the All Tournament Team at the Richmond Invitational were Art Whisnant and Mike Callahan who was also chosen the tournaments outstanding player. Forward Art Whisnant was also selected All ACC by UPI, and All ACC Second Team by AP and ACSWA. Coming down with a rebound, USC ' s guard R. Johnson grimaces as two Wake Forest players look on helplessly. Completely foiling the Virginia center, Carolina ' s Bob Franz drives to dunk the ball for another two pointer. 386 Bury Hudson covers expectantly as Ronnie Johnson leaps toward the basket to try and complete his lay-up shot. Gamecocks Finish Season Placing Fifth In The ACC use . . . ... 67 . . 50 use . . . ... 56 U. N. C . . 93 use . . . ... 71 N. C. State . . ... 70 use . . . ... 64 . . 70 use . . . ... 70 Duke .... . . 72 use . . . ... 80 Tennessee . . . . . 94 use . . . ... 73 Vanderbilt . . . . . 85 use . . . ... 86 . . 75 use . . . ... 86 Lafayette . . . . . 85 use . . . . . .106 . . 107 use . . . ... 75 Florida State . . . . 93 use . . . ... 52 . . 85 use . . . ... 74 . . 70 use . . . ... 53 Wake Forest . . . . 74 use . . . ... 69 . . 74 use . . . ... 91 . . 81 use . . . ... 65 Duke . . 79 use . . . ... 65 . . 66 use . . . ... 78 . . 77 use . . . ... 94 Wake Forest . . . . 104 use . . . ... 68 N. C. State . . . . 66 U. N. C . . 81 use . . . ... 66 . . 65 use . . . ... 66 . . 72 use . . . ... 69 Duke .... . . 82 Walt Hudson, after getting a rebound, dribbles around Dave Budd as he heads for the other end of the court. Carolina ' s sophomore forward, Art Whisnant, leaps high for, and comes down with, a rebound under Duke ' s goal. 387 Gamecock center, Larry Dial, charges in under his goal Arms flailing, both Wake Forest and Carolina men leave for a shot, leaping high above the Virginia defenders. the court, hoping to get the ball down for their team. FRESHMEN. First Row: P. Sullivan, J. Collins, R. Maynard, S. Ward, R. McDearmid. Second Row: Coach Stauffer, J. Haney, J. Miller, B. Prevoznik, R. Swenson, J. Godbold. 388 1 «4 0-- Swimming Backs arched and muscles tensed, two butterfly men prepare to meet the water at the start of the 220-yard race. Gamecock Tankmen Go Winless In 5 59- 5 60 Season COMPOSED of four returning lettermen and several eager sophomores, the Carolina swim team failed to win a meet during the year. The tankmen opened the season with a very close meet with Clemson. The meet was not decided until the final relay. The Gamecocks, however, were not without individual honors, as Tom Butz won several fifty- arid one-hundred-yard freestyle events, and John Grunert was able to capture several firsts places in diving competition. In a highly competitive Atlantic Coast Confer- ence, Butz, Grunert, and medley man Ken Chance captured several medals for placing. Consistent performances were also gained from tankmen Flynn Bowie, Skip Swearingen, and Bill Jones. The Carolina freshmen swim squad proved to be more successful this season than did the varsity. Winning three out of five meets in Freshman competition, this small corps will add strength to the already young varsity team. This strength will be needed next season as the tankmen enlarge their schedule to include Georgia Tech and Emory University. Bill Jones, Carolina freestyler, grabs a breath of air as he takes off from a grab turn during a 100-yard dash. 390 Looking like a great bird, Skip Swearinger practices a Freshman freestyler Joe Hulings paces varsity ace Ken rel ay start as Flynn Bowie finishes during a workout. Chance in training for the grueling 220-440-yard events. As the water boils, Flynn Bowie and his Citadel opponent begin the 220-yard backstroke in a non-conference meet. WlffteV ' ij j J " ! Vt I y Hjh j, . %w » u • ♦ . • fl gr — Prer 8 f - 2 ff » " 3i ■P B Mji 391 ,J Jfe r M , w -( f H m v rfPlfl- ' jr T Carolina ' s top freestyler and one of the best swimmers in the ACC, Tom Butz pulls hard, working on his event. JIMMY RATLIFF, Coach Promising Freshmen Better Next Year ' s Chances FRESHMEN. First Row: M. Hayes, J. Hulings, A. Parrot, D. Cottingham, M. Turner. VARSITY. Second Row: S. Swearingcr, J. Fleming, K. Chance, P. Kerr, T. Butz, F. Bowie, J. Grunert, T. Pruitt, D. Russell. Baseball ismm r Baseball Team Finishes Season With 11-12 Mark DROPPING its final game to Clemson, the University of South Carolina baseball team wound up the season with a heartbreaking record of eleven wins and twelve losses. Six of these losses were by the margin of only one run. In Atlantic Coast Conference play, USC finished the season with a record of five wins and eight losses. Twice defeating Duke, the Gamecocks were also victors over North Carolina, North Carolina State, and Virginia. In non-conference play Carolina twice defeated Georgia Southern and split with Kentucky, The Citadel, Erskine, Newberry. Finishing fourth in batting in the Atlantic Coast Conference, Ken Rosefield led the Game- cocks at the plate with a highly respectable .354. 1959, being a season of rebuilding, Coach Joe Grugan ' s Gamecocks depended heavily upon a sophomore pitching staff of Bud Swygert, Roger Groves, Everette Newman, and Jim Craig, all of whom will be returning for the 1960 season. A constant repeat motion of pause, wind-up, and release is exercised by Carolina pitcher Jim Craig in practice. Ken Rosefield, Carolina ' s third baseman, beats out a bunt to first base on the bad throw from the Duke pitcher. 394 Shortstop Bobby " Rocky " Bridges connects with a single to left field, driving in the tying run for South Carolina. Bob Swygert eyes a signal from the catcher and decides Mickey Strickland relays a line drive from right field on the kind of ball he ' ll throw; fast, slow, or curve. in a noon-day practice at the Enright Athletic Center. 39S 1959 Season Results use . . . ... 7 use . . . 2 use . . . 2 use . . . ... 6 use . . . . . . 1 use . . . . . . use . . . ... 4 use . . . ... 2 use . . . ... 8 use . . . ... 8 use . . . ... 5 use . . . ... 3 use . . . . . . use . . . ... 8 use . . . ... 9 use . . . ... 7 use . . . . . . use . . . . . . 1 use . . . ... 8 use . . . . . . 1 use . . . ... 7 use . . . ... 7 use . . . . . . 1 Kentucky 12 Kentucky 1 Maryland 3 Virginia 1 Wake Forest 3 Clemson 11 Newberry 5 N. C. State 3 N. C. State U. N. C 3 The Citadel 6 The Citadel Virginia 1 Duke 4 Georgia Southern ... 6 Georgia Southern ... 5 Wake Forest .... 1 U. N. C 4 Duke 3 Erskine 4 Erskine 2 Newberry 5 Clemson 10 JOE GRUGAN, Coach First Row: D. Morgan, B. Shore, C. Norrell, C. Reece, J. Roof. Second Row: B. Ellenburg, G. Earhardt, E. Newman, M. Quick, R- Groves, T. Reynolds. Third Row: K. Rosefield, G. Jones, B. Ramsey, B. Bridges, B. Swygert, J. Hunter. 396 Jim Macedon takes on the appearance of a bird winging by as he clears the 12-foot mark in the pole vault event USC Trackmen Seize State Track Championship SOUTH Carolina State Track Champions, the Gamecock cindermen finished with a season record of five wins and two losses. Losing only to Duke and North Carolina, they were victorious in meets with Clemson, Virginia, North Carolina State and Georgia. The Carolina mile relay team, composed of King Dixon, LeGrand Guerry, Jim Cathcart, and Buddy Mayfield, was the first recipient of the Walter Johnson Memorial Trophy presented to the state mile relay champions. Miler Billy Latham bettered his state record in the mile run with a time of 4:17.3. Shutting out a continuous threat by The Cita- del and Clemson, USC was also the winner of the South Carolina State College Meet. Led by ACC shotput champion, Dave Coates, the Gamecocks were fourth in the conference meet held at the Enright Athletic Center track. The Carolina thinclads also traveled to the National Invitational Meet at Chattanooga, where they finished in a very respectable third place. Consistent point getters for the Gamecocks were hurdler Bury Hudson, broadjumper Ronnie John- son, and pole vaulter Jim Macedon. WEEMS BASKIN, Head Coach 398 Billy Latham, S. Carolina ' s number one miler, is shown breaking the tape in an A. C. C. track meet against Duke. Excellent condition and form are prime factors enabling Ronnie Johnson to gain many USC broad-jump points. Buddy Mayfield and Jim Cathcart leave the Blue Devil straining as they forge ahead, sweeping the 220-yard dash. 399 Gamecock sprinter, Jim Cathcart, breaks the tape while Seemingly suspended in mid-air, South Carolina ' s pole leaving a helpless Tiger and winning the 100-yard dash. vaulter, Jim Macedon, attempts to clear the high bar. South Carolina ' s strong mile relay team conquers The Citadel, thereby snuffing up the state track championship. 400 B. Hudson and his opponent clear the last hurdle simultaneously as Carolina downs Duke in the 220 high hurdles. Discus hurler, Theo Manos, shows in the carry-through, coordination of feet, legs, arms and facial expression. Carolina ' s muscular shot putter, Dave Coates, prepares to heave the 16-pound spheroid in the S. C. track meet. A Georgia man trails Bury Hudson, while both men clear Buddy Mayfield is urged on by an eager Carolina fan the last hurdle, and ready to make a sprint for the tape. as he enters the last leg of the mile relay track event. Relay Men Cop Walter Johnson Memorial Trophy Track men, Billy Latham and Buddy Mayfield, happily accept the trophy for winning first place in the state meet. 402 Golf Gamecocks Finish Season With Poor 3-9 Record WINDING up the 1959 golf season with a none too encouraging record of three wins and nine losses, Carolina ' s linksmen were victors over Presbyterian College, Wofford, and Furman, while losing to N. C. State, Duke, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, and Wake Forest. Coach Arthur Fourier was none too pleased with the outcome of this past season ' s mark, and a look into the future season offers little consolation, as Carolina lost stalwart Pete Richter and other seniors. How- ever, Fourier is planning to rely heavily on up and coming freshmen to fill the leaving varsity ' s shoes. Leading the team for the past season was vet- eran Pete Richter, who won five out of the eight matches he played. Richter was also medalist against Duke and Furman, as well as being fifth in individual scoring in the Atlantic Coast Con- ference Tournament. The Gamecocks plan to keep approximately the same schedule this year as last year, but hope to better their ACC record in which they dropped six matches while winning none. Head Coach Arthur Fourier, confers with two of his men on the green at picturesque Forest Lake Country Club. Taking a break during a practice match at Forest Lake, John Orr washes his ball, while Kenny Tomlinson looks on. 404 Kenny Tomlinson looks down at hapless John Orr, as Orr prepares to blast out of the sand trap up onto the green. Joe Dent, South Carolina golfer, eyes the ball, as he prepares to blast out of the sand trap at Forest Lake. As he chips up onto the green, freshman letterman John Orr completes his swing, showing excellent golf form. 405 Pete Richter coordinates form, backswing, a nd powerful arms to enable him to slam the ball down the fairwav. Varsity letterman Kenny Tomlinson follows through with his back swing, teeing off at Forest Lake Country Club. Richter Leads Gamecocks, Winning Five Matches G. Alexander, J. Dent, P. Richter, J. Collins, K. Tomlinson, B. Boltman. Bobby Dobson moves in for a backhand shot as his doubles partner, Cliff Holler, watches during a practice period. During Rebuilding Season Birds End In Cellar THOUGH bettering last season ' s record of five wins and nine losses, the Carolina tennis team compiled another losing season. Led by their number one man, Thomas Adams, the Gamecocks finished with a record of five wins and seven losses. Composed entirely of sophomores and juniors, it proved to be a year of rebuilding and experi- ence for the netmen, who improved during the season. The Gamecocks were twice victorious over Furman University and Erskine College as well as once defeating the College of Charleston. Against stiff Atlantic Coast Conference com- petition the Birds could do virtually nothing and wound up in the cellar, failing to win one confer- ence match. Representing Carolina in the ACC tournament play were Earl Gregory and Thomas Adams. ] The Gamecocks hope to give opposition much more competition this year with the whole team having lettered last year, and returning to play another season. Among the returning lettermen are Thomas Adams, Joe Smoak, Ben Burnet, Joey Logan, Bobby Dobson, Cliff Holler, and Earl Gre- gory. In addition to the above listed men, Coach Walt Hambrick has hopes that several promising freshmen and transfer students will make the squad. WALT HAMBRICK, Tennis Coach 408 Smashing a backhand from the baseline, the number one man on tennis team, Thomas Adams, shows good form. Ben Burnet raises his racket for an overhead smash, as he waits anxiously for the dropping ball to come down. Joe Smoak slams a backhand toward his opponents, as Joey Logan waits and watches for their possible return shot. 409 Keeping his eye squarely on the ball, Joey Logan waits patiently for a backhand shot, deep in his backcourt. ■HUH Joe Smoak leans forward, concentrating on the ball, as he prepares to return a forehand shot to his opponent. Seven Lettermen Return To USC For ' 60 Season Netman Ben Burnet waits in anticipation as his partner, Joe Smoak, reaches high into the air, ready for a smash. BK W» ' . Intramurals Sigma Chis Defeat Phi Kapps For Championship HIGHLIGHTING the 1959-1960 intramural season on the Carolina campus was the vic- tory of the Sigma Chis over the Phi Kappa Sigmas for the football championship. The Sigma Chis entered the playoffs by defeating Sigma Alpha Epsilon, after the two teams fought to a 26-26 deadlock. The Phi Kaps reached the playoffs by virtue of a 24-20 victory over Sigma Nu. In the finals, the Sigma Chis could do no wrong, as they whitewashed the Phi Kaps by a margin of 28 to 0. Finishing third was Sigma Nu, and fourth was Kappa Alpha. In intramural swimming, Sigma Alpha Epsilon managed to win out over Sigma Nu, thereby capturing the intramural swimming champion- ship. Lambda Chi Alpha carried home the intra- mural bowling award from competition with other fraternities, and in a race which was closely con- tested all the way, Phi Kappa Sigma defeated Sigma Phi Epsilon to win the intramural basket- ball crown. The intramural spring sports, including volley- ball, tennis, and track were played late in the 1960 spring season. The low hurdles in intramural track competition in the Spring, 1959, was easily won by Russell Shaw, Sigma Nu. The 100-yard dash was won by Joe Gomes, SPE, while Frank Lee, SN, and Gordon Parrott, SAE, rally for the tape. 412 ■■HHBBflHi Johnny White, Sigma Chi back, streaks around right end, as the KAs desperately try and stop him in their loss. Speedy Sigma Nu back, Frank Lee, attempts to move the ball, as Phi Kappa Sigmas move in to try to stop him. Momentary confusion in the line appears to be the play at hand, as the Phi Kappa Sigmas hand Sigma Nu a loss. 413 Waiting, and in position against the blocks, the hopeful girls ready themselves for the start in the backstroke event. Lee Skidmore Leads Pi Phi To Swimming Victory Looking on anxiously, the girls sitting on the pool sides cheer on swimmers of their respective sorority teams. As he exhibits graceful form, the diver appears halted in mid-air, before completing a beautiful " swan " dive. 414 As a Kappa Alpha vaults high toward the goal, a Lambda Chi Alpha leaps with him, trying hard to block the shot. A University Terrace man drives in for a shot, as his teammates and Sportsmen wait for the possible rebound. Intramural doubles tennis champions, Ronnie Fair and Phil Mansell, volley at a practice session between matches. Dave Adam, a participant from Phi Kappa Sigma in the ping-pong tournament, returns a volley, trying for the score. The intramural bowling tournament, held at Star-Lane, found some energetic bowlers in action as this Lambda Chi. First Row: D. Kellar, D. Jarmel, G. Bottorff, B. Davis, J. Orr, R. Miller, J. Usher. Second Row: G. McFarlane, D. Hopkins, W. Meetze, J. Frye, B. Magan, B. Talley, D. Ramsey, C. Porter. Intramural Council Supervises Sports Program THE primary objective of each individual fra- ternity entering into intramural play is to amass enough points to win the coveted All-Sports trophy, presented each year by IFC, at the annual Homecoming Dance. The intramural council works closely with Carolina ' s IFC to try and pro- mote a better, well rounded intramural sports program for the fraternities. Heading the intramural council this year were Jimmy Usher and Gary McFarlane who super- vised all fraternity sports activities on campus. The council served as a judiciary and settled all disputes arising during the intramural season. Each fraternity is represented on the council by one member, chosen by his fraternity members. Other than supervising fraternity games, the council also plans and carries out a varied sports program for the various sororities and the inde- pendent men and women. This program closely resembles the one set up for the fraternities and is handled with the same care and perseverance. The intramural council plans all the dates of the various contests ahead of time, selects the referees, and presents the awards trophies to the winning teams. Intramural council serves to make intra- mural sports on the Carolina campus the center of much interest and enthusiastic competition. JIM USHER, GARY McFARLANE, Student Directors 417 t ft f!l {% If t itt tit »t tn r +y . m r Wl Firef Row: P. Lavoie, J. Merck, J. Saunders, K. Phares, J. Gomes, S. Fewell, J. Frye, E. Pitts, B. Jerry, W. Strickland, S. Satterfleld, D. Hatcher, S. Kopian, R. Hoffman. Second Row: S. Swearingen, B. Burnett, P. Rawl, J. Macedon, L. Dial, B. Franz, F. Luigs, M. Callahan, B. Drost, E. Newman, R. Johnson, B. Swygert, D. Floyd, D. Rogers, B. Nidifer, P. Kerr. Third Row: K. Rosefield, M. Quick, Funderburg, J. Bodkin, F. Hatcher, J. Pitt, H. Shiflet, P. Richter, J. Bowman, J. Grunert, K. Coleman, J. Smoak, B. Ellenburg, J. Hunter, R. Groves, B. Magan, T. Manos, R. Brown. Carolina Orphanage Obtains Aid From Block " C 55 BLOCK " C " Club membership consists of those men who have earned sufficient points to ac- quire a letter in any one of the sports at Carolina- football, basketball, baseball, track, golf, swim- ming, or tennis, as either players or managers. Although Block " C " Clubs purpose is to recog- nize and encourage active participation in sports, it is not just an honorary organization. This past year the Block " C " Club was very active in back- ing various projects at the University. One of the most successful, as well as helpful, projects the club handles is the annual Carolina Orphanage party. The Block " C " members also took the orphans to the Junior- Varsity football game, which the Block " C " Club sponsors. During the latter part of the basketball season, Block " C " members collected money at halftime for the Basketball Olympic Fund. At another home basketball game, Block " C " again took up contributions for the World University Service Drive. Fast becoming a tradition at Carolina is the varsity-alumni football game played every spring after spring drills are completed. Block " C " Club members also took the orphans as their guest to this game. Headed by President Dave Coates, the Block " C " Club has contributed much to Carolina and the city of Columbia. DAVID COATES, President 418 First Row: G. Williams, T. Tennison, V. Derrick, C. Jones, J. Truesdale, B. Kohn, J. Coffman, S. Baumann, S. Stork, J. Andrews, K. Harper, D. Them. Second Row: S. Gaffos, A. Seckel, J. Kirven, G. Leventis, W. Bates, M. Holliday, A. Chabot, B. Boyd, L. Burger, J. Harrington, C. Thompson, S. Culler, L. Mood, H. Morehead. Third Row: G. Gunter, S. Porter, M. Winstead, B. Asay, K. Coleman, F. Pleicones, J. Craig, W. Bichards, B. Plowden, D. Crowley, S. Stewart, P. Turner, B. Cooper. Pep Club Selects " Gamecock 55 For Student Body THE Pep Club is the core of Carolina ' s spirit. Consisting of members from all four classes, it ' s membership of one-tenth of the student body, is a representative group of leadership in spirit and activity which exemplifies forward looking, enthusiastic life at the University of South Caro- lina. Application by letter on approval by a major- ity of members is the only requirement for mem- bership in the Pep Club. Promoting clean spirit in all phases of activity at Carolina, especially in sports, is the purpose of the Pep Club. This past year the Pep Club introduced the Gamecock, Jerry Spann, at the football games. The Gamecock with the cheer- leaders lead the Carolina fans in cheers and spirit backing our team on the gridiron. The Pep Club also bought the giant pom-poms which the cheerleaders used at all the football games and basketball games. Pep rallies were part of the Pep Club ' s spirit projects which were very successful despite the rainy fall weather. During basketball season, as well, the Pep Club hung signs in the Field House and led the spec- tators in animated cheering, backing one of the finest basketball teams we ' ve had. Working under a revised constitution, the Pep Club will continue to support and maintain spirit and participation on the part of the whole Caro- lina student body. JIM TRUESDALE, President 419 Cheerleaders, Student Body Ignite " 59 " Spirit Sporting one of his various hats, Head Cheerleader Bill Jones, leads the student body in a reverberating yell. THE Gamecock cheerleaders, backed by an en- thusiastic student body, fully ignited the new " Spirit of 59 " and led Carolina fans in a successful athletic year. Under the dextrous leadership of head man Bill Jones, the cheerleaders appeared at all home foot- ball games and accompanied the team to Chapel Hill, Miami, and North Carolina. The group also cheered at all home basketball contests. The " Spirit of 59 " was kept at its high pitch with pep rallies and exciting shirt-tail parades down Main Street. Special tiger-burning cere- monies were held at the pre-Clemson pep rally on " Little Wednesday. " Mascot Jerry Spann and his crowing friend, Wayne Corley, helped the cheerleaders keep Carolina ' s many supporters full of pep and de- termination to win. The girls of the squad acquired new garnet and black pom-poms and new warm weather cheering outfits— blouses monogrammed with U.S.C. The varsity squad was assisted on various oc- casions by freshmen cheerleaders. These freshmen also cheered for all freshman football and basket- ball games. FRESHMAN CHEERLEADERS. First Row: R. Belk, C. Thompson, K. Coleman, W. Richard, B. J. Plowden. Second Row: A. Shabot, J. Harrington, C. O. Warren, P. Perry. 4 0 VARSITY CHEERLEADERS. First Row: S. Ussery, G. Williams, J. Kirven, R. Jones. Second Row: H. Jones, J. Twitty, S. Gaffos, T. Taylor. A shirt-tail parade led by the South Carolina Gamecock started the Duke-Carolina game off to a spirited beginning. ' ! " s ♦ ' fl u 422 n Li f u 423 Organizations Index Administration 23 Awards Day 266 AFROTC 240 AFROTC Drill Team 244 Alpha Delta Pi 332 Alpha Kappa Gamma 212 Alpha Phi Omega 223 American Institute of Chemical Engineers .... 196 American Institute of Electrical Engineers . . . . 196 American Pharmaceutical Association 198 American Society of Civil Engineers 197 American Society of Mechanical Engineers .... 197 Arnold Air Society 244 Artist Series 276 Band 206 Baptist Student Union 248 Baseball 393 Basketball 381 Beauties 287 Beaux Arts 356 Big Thursday 278 Block " C " Club 418 Blue Key . .• 214 Board of Trustees 26 Canterbury Club 249 Carolina Religious Council 259 Cheerleaders 420 Chi Omega 334 Chi Psi . 302 Clariosophic Literary Society 220 Commencement 270 Compass and Chart 245 Cotillion Club 352 Debate Team 201 Dedication .... 4 Delta Delta Delta 336 Delta Omicron 223 Delta Sigma Pi 222 Delta Zeta 338 Department of Air Science 37 Department of Anthropology and Sociology .... 38 Department of Bible and Religion 39 Department of Biology 40 Department of Chemistry 41 Department of English 42 Department of Fine Arts 43 Department of Foreign Languages 44 Department of Geology and Geography 45 Department of History 46 Department of International Studies 47 Department of Mathematics and Astronomy .... 48 Department of Music 49 Department of Naval Science 50 Department of Physical Education 51 Department of Physics 52 Department of Political Science 53 Department of Psychology and Philosophy .... 54 Derby Day 264 Euphradian Society 221 Euphrosynean Literary Society 219 Faculty 35 Football 363 Freshman " Y " Camp 273 Gamecock 232 Garnet and Black 228 Golf 403 Greek Week 348 Hillel Foundation 249 Homecoming 280 Honor Board 238 Honor Council 238 Hypatian Literary Society 218 Infirmary 34 Interfraternity Council 301 International Relations Club 198 Intramurals 411 Junior Class 119 Kappa Alpha 304 Kappa Delta 340 Kappa Delta Epsilon 224 Kappa Sigma 306 Kappa Sigma Kappa 215 Lambda Chi Alpha 308 Law Federation 178 Law Quarterly 182 Law School 171 Lutheran Student Association 250 Maxcy Brotherhood 328 May Day 268 Meditrina Society 199 Military Balls 357 Moot Court 181 Newman Club 250 NROTC 242 NROTC Drill Team 245 Nursing School 167 Omicron Delta Kappa 213 Orientation 274 Outstanding Seniors 68 Pan-Hellenic Council 331 Pep Club 419 Phi Beta Kappa 217 Phi Epsilon Pi 310 Phi Kappa Sigma 312 Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 224 Pi Alpha Sigma 225 Pi Beta Phi 342 Pi Kappa Alpha 316 Pi Kappa Phi 318 Prologue 8 Psi Chi 226 Registration 275 Religious Emphasis Week 256 Rifle Team 246 School of Arts and Sciences ....... 36 School of Business Administration 55 School of Education 56 School of Engineering 57 School of Journalism 58 School of Law 59 School of Nursing 60 School of Pharmacy 61 Senior Class 67 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 320 Sigma Alpha Sigma 225 Sigma Delta Tau 344 Sigma Chi 322 Sigma Nu 324 Sigma Phi Epsilon 326 Sigma Pi Sigma 226 Sophomore Class 132 Student Council 236 Swimming . 389 Tau Beta Pi 216 Tennis 407 Track 397 University Players 204 Wesley Foundation 251 Wesphalian Society 354 Westminster Fellowship 251 Who ' s Who 210 Wig and Robe .180 Women ' s Athletic Association 199 WUSC 202 YMCA 254 YWCA 252 Zeta Tau Alpha 346 424 SHANKS Distributing Co., Inc. AUTOMATIC VENDING MACHINE 3804 Devine St. Columbia, S. C. COMPLIMENTS OF Sherwood Studio 1920 Blossom St. Columbia, S. C. For Sheer Pleasure Stay At The " Tremont " Columbia Motel Knox Abbott Drive Columbia (Cayce), S. C. ALpine 4-5121 FEATURES: • Swimming Pool • TV — Every Room • Phones — Every Room • Honey Moon Suites • 100% Air Conditioned • Free Continental Breakfast • Meeting Room — Parties, etc. In Charleston, S. C: Visit Our Castle Pinckney Inn 175 Cannon St, Route No. 7 (near The Citadel) Phone RAymond 2-3881 Compliments of PARKLAND SHOPPING CENTER Compliments of HAWTHORNE PHARMACY Hampton at Bull Hampton at Gregg Compliments of Colonial Stores Serving The South With Greater Food Values 425 Student Directory A AARON. Linda E 147 ABBOTT, Richard W 133 ABBOTT. Thomas J 70 ABDALLA. Johnny A 70 ABERCROMBIE, S. W. . . . 133, 200. SIR ABERNETHY, Richard 133 ABLE. Lcnwood R 70. 240 ABLE, Margaret B. . 121. 251. 233. 333 ABLE, Wm. Franklin 108,201,259, 173 ABRAHAM, Steve 70 ABSTANCE, Betty L 147 ACKERMAN, Raymond L. . 147, 327 ADAIR, Barbara P. 133, 199, 251, 348 ADAIR, Claude B., Jr 121, 321 ADAIR, Lyles C 133 ADAIR, Thomas C, Jr 133 ADAMS. Betty J 70 ADAMS. Barbara J. ... 133. 109. 218 ADAMS. Carl W.. Jr 133. 325 ADAMS, James I. .... 147 ADAMS. James M., Jr 147 ADAMS. Kathleen B. .... 204, 339 ADAMS. Margaret A 121. 847 ADAMS, Nancy J 133, 204 ADAMS, Nathan C Ill, 147, 323 ADAMS, Thomas L 70, 321 ADAMS, Wendell 173 ADAMS, Wm. Jackson 70 ADDY. Audrey E 147, 387 ADKINS, Warren Y„ Jr. 133. 201. 313 AIKEN. Julia E 147 AKERMAN. Irene M. . . . 121, 198, 347 AKIN, Frances R 147, 339 AKIN, Kenneth L 70 ALBRECHT. William T 138 ALDERMAN, Emily M 147. 343 ALEXANDER. James M. . . . 147 ALEXANDER. Wm. J., Jr 121 ALFORD. Bobbv .... 70, 233 AI.FORD. Patricia A 70 ALFORD. Rena L 133 ALL. Caroline M 70 ALLAN. Peter 133 ALLBRITTON. Richard .... 133, 313 ALLEN, Chadwick J 70 ALLEN. Charles 1 147 ALLEN. Chester W 147 ALLEN, Elizabeth H 70, 333 ALLEN, John B.. Jr 133 ALLEN. Larry V 133 ALLEN. Martha Jo ... . 133 ALLISON. Paul H., Jr 147 ALLRED. Iris Ann 138 ALMAN. Joseph F 70, 222 ALSBROOKS. C. L.. Jr 133 ALTMAN. Phyllis 189 ALVAREZ. Alberto G. . 70, 197, 216. 238 ALVOID. Linda K 147 AMICK, Glenn L 237 AMICK. Thomas E 147 AMICK. Vernon E 121 ANDERSON. Robert A 164 ANDERSON, Allan C 133. 245 ANDERSON, Ilene C. ... 147 ANDERSON. James B 71, 222 ANDERSON, Kenneth M 229 ANDERSON. Richard W 147 ANDES, Roy C... Jr 133. 244 ANDREWS. Alfred, Jr. . . 133. 198, 248 ANDREWS, Judith D. . 121. 219. 229. 335, 419 ANDREWS, Paul W 147 ANDREWS. Phillip J 71 ANSHUS. Stanley L 71. 313 ANTHONY, Edith C 147 ANTHONY, Oarry W 121 APPLEBAUM, Sharon A 249 AQUINO, Nicholas R. ... 71, 196, 250 ARANT. Mary 147 ARAZIE, Norman E 183 ARGOE, George L., Jr. . . . 147, 307 ARIAIL, Nancy L. . . . . 133, 331, 333 ARMBRUSTER. Larry F. . . . 133 ARMSTRONG, Henry C 121, 197 ARMSTRONG, Robert L 164 ARNAL, Evelyne 164 ARROWSMITH, Mary F. 121, 224 ASAY. Lola B 147, 229, 419 ASH, Robert F 183 ASHE, Thurman 147 ASHLEY, Jeanne 183 ATKINSON, Cecil B 147 ATKINSON, Melville 147 AUSTELL. John Tate 71. 808 AUSTIN, Thomas M 147 AVANT. OtlsC Jr 147 AVGERINOS, Marie A 198 AVIN. Oscar H 147, 244 AYER. Judith Ann 121 AYERS. Joseph E 71 AYRE. Calvert Wm 121, 827 B BABB. Lillian E 147, 206 BAGBY. Joan W 147 BAGGETT. Robert E 147 BAHNMULLER, Arthur 172 BAILEY, Emily 121. 837 BAILEY, Noel 71 BAILEY, Robert K 183 BAILEY. Thomas H 133 BAIRD, Margaret L 147 BAIRD, Richard W 71, 222 BAKER. Derrick K 173 BAKER. Kenneth H. . . . 133, 178, 329 BALDWIN, Harold R 164 BALDWIN, James C, Jr. ... 133, 307 BALDWIN. Mary E. .... 133, 339 BALENTINE. Velma M 121, 333 BALL, James K. 164 BALLENTINE, Eugene 147 BALLENTINE, James L 121 BALLENTINE, James M 825 BANKS, Charles Win 71, 222 BAO, Nguyen T 164 BARBER, Diane G 147 BARBER. Sandra L 147, 208, 333 BARFIELD, James E. . . . 121, 250, 327 BARFIELD. Woody C 222 BARNES. Frances C 71, 225 BARNES, Robert 147 BARNES. Thomas W 147, 198 BARNETT, Roy G., Jr 121 BARNETT. Sara L 121, 224, 341 BARR. James B 147, 206 BARRETT, Claude A 72 BARRETT, Farrell B 72 BARRETT, Priseilla .... 72, 219, 333 BARRETT. Stella E 121 BARRINEAU, Thomas B 133 BARRINGER. L. S., Jr. . 121. 231, 215. 287 BARRON, Geraldine R 133 BARRON, Porter G 147 BARRS. Marshall 121 BARRY, Elaine F 164 BARTELL, Carrie W 72, 218 BARTELL. Sarah H 133. 251 BASKIN, Frances H. . 133, 229, 248, 252, 333 BASS, Irma B. 72 BASS, Joseph F„ Jr 147, 245 BATARSCH, Gabriel J 202. 249 BATES. Roy Dawson 182 BATES. William D. . . . 72. 204, 254, 419 BATES. William M 210, 215 BATSON, Stephen H 183 BAUGHCOME, James G. ... 147, 198 BAUMANN. George J 121, 327 BAUMANN. Susan C. . 121, 219, 343, 419 BAYARD, Ross H. ... 164, 248, 251 BAZEMORE, Evelyn T 72, 200 BEACH, Jack H 72 BEAN. James K 133, 305 BEARD. Svbil L 147, 343 BEARDSHALL, Elmer W. . 72, 196, 213, 216 BEATSON, James A 133 BEATTIE. F. D., Jr. ... 173, 214, 321 BEATTIE. Harvie H 133, 341 BECK, Glenn D 133 BEDENBAUGH. Reginal .... 72, 198 BEERS, Ronald C 133 BEHA. William H 196, 216 BEHLING. Charles F. . . 133. 215. 233, 323 BEHLING. William E 121 BELK, Hybert M 133 BELK. Rita Gail 147 BELEOS, Angela 78 BELEOS, Jimmv T 73, 325 BELK, Thomas H 147 BELL, Charles A 121, 325 BELL, Donald J 121, 241, 817 BELL, Frances L 169 BELL, Gayle M 133 BELL. Lana Kaye 147, 343 BELL. Linda Lee 147, 207 BELL, Marguerite A 133 BELL, Mary M 121 BELL, Teressa Anne 121, 248 BELL, Zelma Ann 147 BELLAMY. Howell V 176 BELLINGER. Mary C 147, 250 BENEDICT, Leon 183 BENNETT. Gary P 147 BENNETT, Gwendolyn .... 78 BENNETT. Harry L 147 BENNETT, John D 121, 339 BENNETT, Ralph A 73, 198 BENNETT, Virginia D 147 BENNETT. William C 183 BENTLEY. Emory R 121, 825 BENTON, Ellen Legar 78, 887 BERGF.R. Sheila 147, 206, 249 BERGSTRESSER. Ruth 147 BF.RKMAN. Charlotte 148 BERNAT. Phoebe E 183, 204 BERNE. Patricia A 121, 248. 347 BERRY, Charles E 148 BERRY, James K 133 BERRY. Rebecca Ann 188 BEST. Louis A. 148 BETHUNE. David S 148 BETHUNE. John P 78 BETSILL. Sammy F 188 BEVIS. Bettv M 133. 225 BICKLEY. Joe D 78, 196 BICKLEY, Judith C 133, 199 BICKLEY. Mamie T 121 BIGGF.RS. Sharon Lee 148 BINNS. Richard Wm 248 BISHOP, Harrv S 78 BISHOP, Russell 78 BLACK, Charlie Wm 148 BLACK, John Roy 148 BLACK, Kenneth L 245 BLACKHURST, David L. . . . 148. 206 BLACKMAN, Sally 337 BLACKWELL, Billy R 73, 313 BLACK WELL, Clyde W 148 BLACKWELL, James B. . . . 134 BLACKWELL, Walter E 121 BLAIR, Donald D us BLANCHARD. Judith K. . . . 148 BLANTON, Edward P 173. 198 BLANTON. Winn S 148 BLATT, Nancy Rae .... 148, 333 BLEDSOE, David W. . . 121, 202, 233, 245 BLOOM, Ira J 173, 220 BLOOM, Robert D 200, 224 BLUME, Harriett R 148 BOATMAN, Ellis G 237 BOBBITT, Donald E 148 BODIFORD, Patricia 148 BODKIN, John J 121, 418 BOETTE. August E 73, 248, 259 BOETTE. Richard W. . . 148 BOHM, Harriett J. . . . 73. 224. 331, 341 BOICE. Charles M 121 BOLAND. Alfred S 134 BOLEN, John A 78, 313 BOLTON, Billy 207 BOMBA, Bonnie J 14s BONE, Gerald S 148 BONE, Henry D 78. 329 BONHAM, Charlton, II, 73, 196, 254. 301, 313 BONNER. Robert G 148, 323 BONNETTE, Cecile V 121, 190 BONYNE. William 11. .1. -,i BOOMER, Kathryn J 14s BOOTH. Ann B 148, 333 BOOTH. Donald F 121, 196 BOOTH, Marilyn D 134 BOOTH, Oliver H 134, 317 BOOZER, Martha Anne 134 BORDEN. Harriet D 148 BORGHI, Aldo J 74, 197 BOROM, Marjorie E 134 BOROUGHS, Paul T 121. 317 BORRINI, John Wm 134 BOSTON, Ronald E 121 BOTTORFF. Gerald L. . . . 134. 307. 417 BOULWARE, John H 74 BOULWARE, John W 245 BOULWARE, Robert E 134 BOURNE, Bernard O. J 198 BOURNE, Carol E 148 BOWEN, Murrel J 148 BOWERS, Brenda E 134 BOWERS. Charles B 173 BOWERS, George E 148 BOWERS. Karl Wm 148 BOWERS. Kerry W. ... 164 BOWIE. George F. . . . 74, 214. 215. 305 BOWMAN, James Fred 418 BOYCE, Jane W 134, 199 BOYCE. Marion 148 BOYD. Barbara J .... 134. 200. 250 BOYD, Benjamin B 134, 325, 419 BOYD, Mary H 148 BOYD, Samuel L 121 BOYKIN, Richard M. . . . 197 BOYLSTON, Nathan D. . . . 148, 198. 207 BOZARDT, Odell H 182 BRADHAM, Mary Sue . . . 148 BRADLEY. Chas. K 74. 223. 327 BRADLEY. Grady F 134. 198 BRADLEY. Herbert. Jr 134 BRADLEY, Jean Strom 148 BRADLEY, John B 148 BRADLEY, Madeleine .... 148, 248 BRADLEY, Robert F 134 BRADLEY, Sandra Jean .... 121. 199 BRADLEY. Thomas A 148. 323 BRADSHAW, Charlie E 134 BRADSHAW. Sarah 148 BRAKEFIELD, Charles 184 BRANCH. Wilbur Ray .... 74, 197 BRANDENBERG, Vivian 121, 224, 338 BRANDON. Betty Jane ...... 184 BRANHAM, Howard M 148 BRANHAM, Ronnie D 148 BRANHAM, William H 74 BRANNON. John B 74. 823 BRANTLEY, Dennis R 148, 196 BRANTLEY. St. Claire .... 121. 841 BRASINGTON, C. Eliz. . . . 121. 225 BRAY. William F 121, 197, 251 BRAZELL. Henry Lee .... 121, 222 BRECKENRIDGE, Donald . . . . 74. 1R7 BREEDIN. Toeeoa A 148, 847 BRELAND, John G 148 BRENNAN. John M 148, 250 BRICE, Jimmy T 184 BRITT, Dudley H 176 BRITT, Miriam F 178 BRITTAIN. William G 206 BROADFOOT, Wm. J 121 BROCK. Dolores G 74 BROCKM. Marv C 134. 200 BROOKER, Jeffrey Z 148 BROOKS. Alice A 148 BROOKS. Barbara A 121 BROOKS, Chris E 74, 204 BROOKS, Mason R 75, 248 426 Blackmon Tire Company STATE GILLETTE TIRE DISTRIBUTOR GERVAIS at GREGG COLUMBIA. S. C. Quality Down Through The Years Complete Bridal Service Sylvan Bros. Jewelers Established 1897 members of american gem society 1500 Main St. Columbia, S. C. The Barringer Hotels HOTEL COLUMBIA Columbia, South Carolina HOTEL RICHMOND Augusta, Ga. HOTEL W. R. BARRINGER Charlotte, N. C. COMPLIMENTS OK cJLliabetk l i o 427 STUDENT DIRECTORY -Continued BROUGHTON, Marion D. . . . 184 BROWN, Anthony E. . . . 75, 204 BROWN, Arnold K 75 BROWN, Barbara J 75 BROWN, Billy E 75. 309 BROWN, Carole A 121 BROWN, Charles E 148 BROWN, Charles K 221 BROWN, Charlie W. . . . .148 BROWN, Donald C. . . . 75, 200, 224, 248 BROWN, George D 75, 329 BROWN, Geo. G 134 BROWN, Gerald W 121, 224 BROWN, Harry E 196, 223 BROWN, Jerry V 75, 248 BROWN, Michael A 148 BROWN, M. Russell 245 BROWN, Phillip A 148 BROWN, Roger N 418 BROWN, Stephen A 134 BROWN, Travis M 121 BROWN. Trudy R 121 BROYLES, John L 176 BRUBAKER, Carolyn A 121 BRUCE, Anna J 134 BRUCE. James C. . . . .122 BRUNER. Harriet A. . 134, 229, 251, 333 BRUNK, Earl F 197 BRYAN, Arthur .148 BRYAN. Cathy M. . . . 218, 250 BRYANT, Glenna T., 68. 75, 210, 218, 233, 339 BRYANT, James H 148 BRYANT, Judy W 134 BRYANT, Margaret E 134 BRYANT, Martha S 134 BRYDE. Walton C 122 BRYSON, Joseph W 75, 197 BUCKLEY. Martin B 134 BUCKWALTER. Sandra 148 BUCKWALTER, Susan L 148 BUDDIN, William A 122 BUDNER, Martin A 122, 311 BUFF. Donald P 122 BUFFKIN, Julia D 148 BULL, Dolores 1 122 BULL, James W. . . . 75, 198, 301, 309 BULL. Walter C. . . . 148. 231, 251, 325 BUNDY, Jerry L 75, 317 BUNDY. Josephine A 134 BURDETTE. Lewis E. . . . 122 BURGDORF, Carol Ann . 122, 198, 202 BURGER. Lewis J. ... 149. 311, 419 BURGESS, Barbara 1 134 BURGESS, Edward B 122 BURGESS, Jerry Bob 75, 222 BURGESS, Larry C 149 BURKE. James Guy 301 BURKETT. Robert W 122 BURNETT. Gerald W 149 BURNETTE, Benson W. . . . 122. 418 BURNETTE. Linda J. . . . 134, 225, 333 BURN, Charles H 149, 327 BURNS, Betty C 149 BURNS, Patsy A .149 BURNS. Roy Lee .... 149, 198, 313 BURNSIDE, Linda L 149 BURRELL, Buddy D 198 BURRELL. Helen J 122 BURRIS, Robert N 149, 317 BURROWS. Patricia L 149 BURROUGHS. T 215, 237 BUSBEE, Mary L 149, 847 BUSSEY, Dempsey C. . . 122, 198 BUTKOWSKY, Andrew J. . . 149, 245, 250 BUTLER, James E 75, 329 BUTLER. Nancy R 134 BUTLER, Richard P 244 BUYCK, Mary Lvnan 122 BYARS, Melvin E 75, 204 BYERS, Donlad H 122, 196 BYRD, Edward T 76 BYRD, William E 164 BYRD, Wayne W .149 BYRNE, Rosemary T 149, 339 C CADDELL, James L., Jr 76 CAHALY, Phillip 184 CAIN, William B 176 CALDER, Mary K. ... 149. 841 CALDWELL, David W., 122, 251, 254, 259, 819 CALDWELL, Hugh C 122, 198 CALDWELL, Noel Lee 122 CALHOUN, Phillip C 122 CALHOUN, Robert H 149 CALLAHAN, Jerry G 122, 198 CALLAHAN, Michael J 76, 418 CALLAHAN, Sandra K 76, 225 CALMES. Allan R. ... 184, 321 CAMERON. Richard F. 122, 241, 244, 274 CAMPBELL, George 122 CAMPBELL, James M 149, 807 CAMPBELL, James Y 149 CAMPBELL, John N 149 CAMPBELL, Leon C 76, 197 CAMPBELL, Mary S 122, 341 CAMPBELL, Robert A 149 CAMPBELL, William L. ... 122, 305 CANADAY, Archie T. . . . 184 CANADY, Margaret F. . . 122. 212, 219, 237, 252, 333 CANNARELLA, Pauline .... 122, 250 CANNON, Emmeline B 76, 224 CAPELL, Robert D. 134. 200, 224, 313 CAPERS, Carolyn E 76. 219, 841 CARDWELL, Katherine 169 CARLISLE. James D 149 CARMICHAEL, Charles .... 134 CARMICHAEL, Flora A. ... 122, 333 CARNEY, Saunda Jean ... 76, 225, 347 CARR, Melvin W 134 CARR, Patricia Ann 134 CARROLL, Deborah J. . . . 122, 250 CARROLL, Jean 134, 208, 343 CARROLL, Nancy G. ... 76, 218, 225 CARROLL, Thomas .... 122 CARSON, Johnny R 149 CARSON, Judy C 76, 250, 347 CARSON, Wallis M 173 CARTER, Anne Carolyn 76 CARTER, Carol J 122, 199, 333 CARTER. Howard C 134 CASEY, Rebecca B 134, 335 CASSIDY, Ida L 134, 198 CASSIDY, Kenneth ... 149 CASTINE, William H. . . 76, 221. 250. 313 CATE, Charles H. . 68, 76, 210, 214. 238. 321 CATHCART, Charles D. . 149, 305 CATHCART, James A. . . 21 CATHCART, Marcellus .... 76 CATHCART, Perry A. . . 122 CATHEY, Wade T. . . . i 6 4 301 CAUGHMAN, Davie D. . . 76 CAUGHMAN. Patricia ... ' 77 223 CAUTHEN, Geraldine . . 122. 224 339 CAUTHEN, Henry F. 134 313 CAVE, Billy F. . ... 77 321 CAWLEY, George W. . 140 CHABOT, Albert D. . . . 149 419 CHAFIN, Lindell D. . . 122 CHAMBERS, Mary G . . 14s CHAMBLEE, Mary Ann . 122 CHANCE, Kenneth R. . . 134, 22L 321 CHANDLER, Deanna L. 77. 218. 233 333 CHANDLER, James R. . . 134 CHANDLER, Mary E. . . . 149, 200 CHAPMAN, Harry A. 172, 178. 237 CHAPMAN, P almer Ann . 77 CHAPPELL, Frances H. 14.9 CHAPPELL, John W. . . 134, 20L 215, 221, 237, 321 CHAPPELL, Michael C. . . 134 CHASTAIN, Roger W. . . 149 CHERRY, Carmen L. . . 122, 212 CHERTOK, William M. . . S. 2 ' 2?o ' " CHESTNUT. Barbara L. ™- ™- JJJ CHEWNING, Beverly J. . . 149 CHILDRESS, Celia W. . 140 CHILDRESS, Shirley . . . 18 q CHILDS, Elizabeth C. . 333 CHILDS, John S. . . . 140 CHISOLM, William 122 207 CHUMLEY, James T. . 149 CHURCH, Doris J. 77, 218, 223, 248, 347 CHURCH, Marian I. . 149 050 CLAMP, Phoebe L. . 149 CLARE, W. Pettigrew . . . ' . ' . ' ft ' , 3J3 CLARK, Bettye Jane . 122 198 CLARK, David W. . . 7? CLARK, John H 164 CLARK. Lewis Gene 122 196 CLARKE, Thomas E. . ' 149 CLARY, Jack T. . . . J 11 CLARY, Paul D. . . . 149 207 CLAYTON, Caroline H. . . 149 ' 248 CLAYTON, John D. . 77 CLEGG, Larry H. . . 2 44 CLEVELAND, Frank R. i 81 CLEVENGER, Merle C. . . 140 CLIFTON, Frances C. . . . 140 CLINE, Mickey R 122 225 CLINKSCALES, Melani . . 149 CLYBURN, Ernest P. 77 COATES, David Kelly . . 68, 78, 21L „„„ „ , 215, 325, 418 COBB, Carol .... i«4 COBB, David D 134 COBB, David H 134 COBB, Tyrus R 149 COCKERHAM, Samuel L. . 122 COFFMAN, Jane A. . 122, 199, 251, 343. 419 COFIELD. Carl T. . . . 178 COHEN, Diane ' ' 149 COHEN, Morton S. . . . 122 ' 311 COHEN, Phillip S 78 ' 197 COKER, David G. . . . 122 COKER, Gladys S 149 COKER, Murray Saxon .... 185. 809 COKER. William R 78 COLE, Fred C. . . . 149 COLE, Gordon C. . . . 122 COLE, Robert W 149. 244 274 COLEMAN, Feaster S. . . . 149 COLEMAN, John W 222 COLEMAN. Katherine ... 149. 419 COLEMAN, Kenneth L 78, 418 COLEMAN, Mary C 122 COLEMAN, Robert C 185 COLEY, James L 135 COLLINS, James E 149 COLLINS, Lafaye .... ' 122 COLLINS, Larry P 149 COLLINS, Paul W 135; 303 COLLINS, Richard H 135, 309 COLLUM, Laura L 135 COMPTON, Daniel E 78 COMPTON, Paul R 149 CONDON, Louis E 176 CONKLIN, David C 150 CONNELLY, Cecilia A 150 CONNOR, Tommy G. . . . 78 CONRAD, Alice J 135 347 CONSTANTINE, Peter .... 150, 323 COOK, Hugh Shaw .... 150 COOKE, Alvin M. . . . 78 197 COOKE. Thomas R 13, COOLER, Joseph W 122! 197 COOPER, Bernadine E. ... 78 419 COOPER, Everette A. 122 COOPER, Joseph P 135 COOPER, Judith L i 22 COOPER, Michael D. . 150 COOPER. Thomas W. . . 150 COOPER, W. Angus .... ' ' 150 COPELAND, Carl E ia« COPELAND, Richard 135, 317 COPELAND. Walter B. . . . 78 CORBETT, Gloria E 135, 200 CORBETT, P. Wayne 150 CORLEY, Gail .... 150 CORLEY, Marion W. B. . 135 CORY, Robert J. . . . 150 COTHRAN, Charles L ' 78, 317 COTHRAN, Mary R 135 COUCH, M. Lorraine 78 COUCH, Van Mike ... 150 COULSON, Mary L ' 135 COULSON, Mary L 135 COUTSOS, Gloria J. . . . 135 COVINGTON, James .... ' ' 78 COWELL, Patricia A 200 COX, Edgar L 135 COX, Frank S .164 COX, James B 122, 196, 220, 305 COX, Mary Jean 150. 200 COX, Thomas F 135 Cox, W. Brantly 73 CRAFT, Sara Anne 150. 200 CRAFTS, George 135 CRAIG, Sarah J 150. 233, 419 CRAVEN, Norman K 122, 220 CRAVER, Ivey Dee .... 173, 220 CRAWFORD, F. Allen 122 CREECH, Betty L. . . . 150 CREECH, Marion F 78 CREECH, Richard L 135 CRENSHAW, W. L 78, 307 CREWS, Felton N 150 CRIBB, Alan J 150, 313 CRIBB, Emily C 150 CROFT, Thomas C 150, 206 CROFT, Wm. M 150 CROLLEY, William L. . . 68, 79, 210 213, 237, 238 CRONIN, Wm. CIvde .... 135 CROSBY, Henry E 135! 323 CROSBY, Stanley B 172 CROSIER, Patricia A 135 CROSSWELL. Norma E 135 CROUCH, Tyler Eugene .... 122! 321 CROUCH, Virginia S. . . . 150 CROW, Fred Amos 123 CROWDER, Elizabeth ... 150 CROWE, Lynda Anne 135 CROWLEY, Dorothy A 135, 419 CROWN, Elleanor H 123, 251 CRUM, Mary Lou 150, 231, 233, 249 CRUM, Margaret L 150 CULBERTSON, Robert 165 CULLER, Salley W 135, 343 CULLER, Sandra 123, 419 CULLUM, Margaret J 123, 224 CUMMINS. M. Jo 150 CUNNINGHAM, Joe S. J. . . 79 CUNNINGHAM, Kathern .... 135 CURRENCE, William M 79, 303 CURRY, Charles E 135, 307 CURRY, Hagood Lee 135 CURTIS, Margaret J. . . . 128, 251, 335 D DABBS, Martha R 135, 343 DAILEY, Nelson E 150 DALISA, John James 185, 223 DANIEL, Lynda S 198, 252, 333 DANIEL, Michael R. . . . 135 DANIELS, Gary Lee .... 123 DANIELS , Nina D 150 DANIELS, Paul Loy .... 79, 198, 317 DANIELS, Robert G 79, 196 DANTZLER, Ruby Kay . . 185, 199, 259 DANZ, Murray Alan 79, 811 DARDEN, Edward C. . . 79 DAUGHTERY, Charlene 150 DAVENPORT, Charles ... 150 DAVID, William H. ... 123, 200, 319 DAVIDSON, Sidney J 123, 196 DAVIS, Alvert L 79, 319 DAVIS, Bobby Lewis 135, 417 428 Compliments of REYNER ' S INC. • Lenox China • Minton Bone China • Wedgewood China • Crystal • Silver • Diamonds • Jewelry 1604 MAIN ST. 2009 DEVINE ST. COLUMBIA, S. C. SOUND— SENSIBLE and SO FRIENDLY BANK TRUST Member Federal Deposit Insurance. Corporation ADLUH Table-Tested FLOUR Millers of Adluh Table-Tested Flour and Meal are proud to take this occasion to congratulate the members of the Class of 1960 upon the conclusion of their studies. Same Today Same Always Allen Brothers Milling Company Incorporated COLUMBIA SOUTH CAROLINA GREENWOOD 429 STUDENT DIRECTORY-Continued 150, 135. 123, 204, 79, DAVIS, Charles S. DAVIS, Frank Alan . DAVIS, Frank Potter DAVIS, George H. DAVIS, James E. . . DAVIS, Kathleen I„ . DAVIS. Kenneth Lee DAVIS, Margaret J. . DAVIS. Muriel D. DAVIS, Patricia E. . DAVIS, Sally V. . . DAVIS, Thomas A. DAVIS. Winifred G. . DAWSON. Henderson W DAY. Frederick Lee DECHELLO. David V. DELOACH, Lucretta D. DEMERS. Wilfrid J. . DEMPSEY. Everett D. DENNIS. Elizabeth II. DERHAM. Sallie . . DERHAM. Sue B. . . . 135 DERRICK. Bennie A DERRICK, Paula C. . . . DERRICK. Val Jean 185. 200, 223, 343 DESPORTES. Aubrev S DESTEFANO, Patrick DEVAUGHN, Margaret .... 150 DEVORE. Donald F 80 DEWITT. Nora Jean 80, 215. 135. 80, 123. 222. 123, 219, 123, 218, 80, 135. 80. 190. 123, 80, 214, 22, 223. 123. 221. 135. 135. 150. . 81, 218. 176, 214. 215, 301, 81. 213. 241. 244, 81, DEWITT. Theresa M. DEZERN. Thomas Joe DIAL. Larry Allen . DICKERSON, Margaret DICKERT, James E. . DICKEY. Edwin H. . DICKSON, Billv Hall DICKSON. James H. . DIETERI.E, Edward R. DILLARD. John Wesle DILLARD. Sheila K. . DIMOCK. Wayne C. . DIMUZIO. Louis J. . DIVINE, Tyler Welch DIXON, Lee Roy . DIXON. Robert L. DOAR, Eugene W. . DOBBINS, Mary R. DOBSON. Robert A. . DODD, Albert Sidney DODD. Arthur P. . DOGGETTE, Garnet E. DONELAN. Wm. P. . DORSETT. John Edward DOSCHER. Elizabeth DOXCHER. John H. . DOTTER. Arthur M. . DOUGHTY, Lucile B. DOWD. James Grafton DOWD. MarBruce I DOZIER, James L DOZIER, Michael J 150. DOZIER. Willie D 123, DRAFFIN. James P 81, DRAKE, W. Russell DREW. Dan Inman ... 150. 244. DRIGGERS. Douglas L DRIGGERS. Raymond L DRIVER. Linda B DROST. Robert C DRUMMOND, Kenneth M DUBOSE. Benamln E DUBOSE. Colt M DUBOSE. James D DUBOSE, Martha J DuBOSE, Mary A DUCOM. Mary B 135. DUDLEY, David C DUFFIE, Walter C 123, DIGGER. Alice A DUKE, Henry L DUKES, Preston B 150. 202, DUKES. T. H. DUNCAN, Neill W 81, DUNLAP, Leola H 128. DUNLAP. Terry A DUPRE. Llovd W DUPRIEST. Nina J DUSZYNSKI. Martin DUTROW, Carolyn Z 81, DUTTON, Charles L DUVAL. Moylan L DUVALL, Deanna J DUVALL. Elizabeth B. . . . 123. 219, DYCHES, Dalton W 150 150 123 248 207 218 204 79 150 185 339 190 80 150 327 123 333 197 244 341 335 335 150 150 419 251 250 333 190 80 389 172 418 343 321 251 196 135 327 303 80 199 150 323 245 135 150 335 307 317 327 150 801 197 135 81 197 135 81 81 123 313 313 197 150 274 123 81 123 418 81 150 150 81 150 150 223 81 325 123 123 207 150 198 218 150 81 185 245 335 196 150 150 333 151 E EARHARDT, Pernell G. . EARL, Glenda R. EARNHARDT. Jo hnny T. EASLER. Hugh B. . . EASTERLIN. M. Carolyn EASTERLING. Mary A. . EASTERLING, Carol EATMON. Edward F. EBERT. William S. . . EBNER. Barbara J. . EDDY. Margaret E. . . EDENFIELD, William EDENS, Anne W. . . EDMONDS, Thomas B. EDMUNDS. Nancy C. EDWARDS, Don L. . EDWARDS. Larry A. EDWARDS. Marian R. EDWARDS, Maxie E. EDWARDS, Robert L. EDWARDS, Thomas H. EIDSON. William E. . EJLALI. Abdol H. . EJLALI. Abdol M. . ELLEFSON. Donald D. ELLENBURG, Robert C. ELLERBE, Jo A. ELLINGTON, Dewey L. ELLIOTT, Susan R. . ELLIS, Alvin S. . ELLIS. Mattie A. ELLIS. Robert H. . . ELLISOR, James B. . ELROD. George L. . EMAN. Ronald A. EMERSON. Benjamin D. ENGLAND, Bernard T. ENTER. John W. . . EPPS, Arliss J. . . EPPS. George E. . EPPS, Linda A. . . EPPS. William S. . . EPSTEIN, Lowell . ESPEDAHL, Martha E. . ESTRIDGE, Lettie ETA. William D. . . EUBANKS. Johnny D. EVANS, Billy R. . . EVANS, Carl A. . . EVANS, Helen V. EVANS, Mary B. . EVANS, Victor S. . . 123, 123, 82, 136. 82. 197, 136, 151, 231, 123, 172. 180, 123, 151, 123, 123, 135, 244 151 274 165 208 151 185 174 805 200 151 151 337 FAILE, Carolyn R FAILE, James A FAILE, Martha E FAIR. Ronnie L FAIRCLOTH. Bonnie P. . . . FAIRCLOTH, Wm. M. . . . FAIREY, Johnny FAIREY, Norman L FALLAW, Frances L FALLAW, Juliet C FALLAW, Sallie I FALLAW. Waynon D FALLS, Oren W FANT, Patrick C FARIS, Clare H 151, FARMER. Elizabeth B. . . . 82, 218, FARR, Amanda C FARRIS, Louise A 82, FARROW, Larry J 136, FASULLO, Robert A. ... 82, 197, FAUCETTE, Charles R 151, FAULK. Martha J FAULKENBERRY. Walter FAULKNER, James R 123, FAUST, John C FAUST, Owen R FELLERS, Rose M. . . 218, 219, 237, FELTON, Sara M FENCIK, Joan R 88, FENDER. John L 83, FENNELL. Alva B FENNESSY, Ronald N FERGUSON, Guy S FERGUSON, Patricia FERRELL, Robert V FEWELL. Samuel B FIELDS. Wayne M FINCH. Alice M. . FINKELSTEIN, Hannah .... 151, FINLAY, Margaret R. . 88, 212, 219, 237 331 FIN LEY. James R ' ' FIORINI, Samuel J FISCHBEIN, Mitchell 151, FISCHER. Charlotte .... 136, 199, FISHBURNE, William .... FITTS, John E. ... 151, FITZGERALD, Judith 151, 250, FLEMING, David J 123, FLEMING. Robert B. . . . FLETCHER. John D FLITTER. Robert M FLOYD, Dalton B 88, 244, FLOYD, Gerald D 165, 200, FLOYD, Harlan T FLYNN, Margaret P 151, FOLK, Aubrey D FOLK, Trilby J FORD, Boyd R 123, FORD, David F FORE, Nina J 136, 208, FORREST, Win. Rhodes FOSTER, Ann W 88, 224, FOSTER, Clare L 151, FOSTER. James I FOWLER, Emma E FOWLER, Lionel T FOWLER, Roberto FOWLER, Travis N 307 333 135 327 151 244 198 251 135 185 136 151 418 136 151 151 128 82 825 176 82 123 136 222 244 82 136 151 216 249 333 335 151 82 123 198 123 333 321 151 136 136 313 123 254 136 123 123 151 136 151 151 176 202 225 136 204 329 250 303 136 88 196 151 123 343 151 250 197 151 136 151 136 251 418 123 123 249 337 136 88 244 250 238 315 338 313 136 123 151 418 254 136 250 88 123 325 88 248 123 839 338 151 151 123 88 123 FOWLER, Wilton B. 83, 214, 221, 301 303 FOWLES, Burton W 123. 323 FOX, Jean A 123, 229 FOX, Leo L 83 FOX, Neil R 136 FRALEY, William B 174, 178 FRAMPTON, Geraldine 151 FRANCIS, Linda A 151 FRANCIS, Marilyn K 123 FRANKLIN, Harriet N 151 FRANKLIN, Mary C 88 FRANTZ, Robert M 418 FRAZIER. Florence E 151 FREDERICK. Joseph W 197 FREE, Alexander H 151 FREE. James W 198 FREED, Frances F 151. 335 FREED, Samuel B. 124, 201, 215, 237 FREEDMAN. Lubah 83, 249 FREEMAN. Bertha E 124 FREEMAN, David E 126 FREEMAN, Jesse C 198 FRETWELL, Mary A 124 FRETWELL. Raymond B. . . . 151, 321 FRICK, Abbie C 151, 198 FRICK, Jerry L 88 FRIEDMAN. Bernard L 176. 311 FRIER, Baggott H 84 FRIERSON. John T 151 FRIPP, Barbara C 151, 201 FROHMAN, Simon M 174 FRYE, Jerry L 417, 418 FUJISHIRO. Katakazu .... 124, 197 FULCHER, Charles T 124 FULLER, Julia A 136, 199, 341 FULLER, Robert F 151, 805 FULLERTON, Albert J 84 FULLMORE, Thomas E 136 FULMER, Roddie H 136 FULTON, Clark W 136. 245 FUNDERBURK, Marion .... 124, 418 FURR, Patricia L 136 FURTICK, Samuel E 84 G GAFFOS, Staci N. . . . 68, 84, 211, 215, 237, 254, 325, 419 GAILLARD, Virginia 151 GAINEY, John Win 84 GALBRAITH, Letitia 337 GALLOWAY, Scottie L 136 GAMBLE, Marian A 124, 229 GAMBLE, Robbie E 136 GAMBLE, Robert A 151, 309 GAMBRELL, Virgil T 84 GANN, Sandra J 124 GANTT, Gordon S 151 GANTT, Linda 136 GARDNER, Robert A 223 GARDNER, Thomas A 151 GARNER, Donald W 151 GARRETT, Helen P 84, 224, 333 GARRETT, Sue G 151. 198 GARRIS. Roy E 151, 313 GARRISON, Sara J 136, 251 GARVIN, Alice G 151 GASKINS, Laurens M 124 GASTON, Martha C 84, 341 GATCH, Charles E 124, 341 GATES, Miriam E 136 GATLIN. Eugene S 84, 200 GAUTHIER, Patricia 152 CAUSE, Gadsden S 124, 825 GAY, Paul E 124, 198, 200, 303 GAY. Sybil M 84 GAYLOR, Robertson H. 152, 207, 303 GEIGER, Franklin L 84, 805 GEORGE. Mary E 136 GERATY, Patricia M 124, 250 GERMAIN. Marshall M 124 GETSINGER, Constance .... 124, 339 GETTYS. Hope T. . . . 124, 219, 237, 837 GIBBS, Bobbie A 136 GIBBS, Coming B 174, 220 GILES, Richard D . .152 GILES, William E 124 GILHAM, Elizabeth M 124 GILLAM, William B 84, 325 GILLESPIE, George H 152 GILLIAM, Cynthia B 124, 204 GINSBURG, Michael S 152, 249 GISSENDANNER, Dean 152 GLADDEN, James W 84 GLASER, James R 186 GLENN, Gambrell 84, 237 GLENN, James A. L 152, 325 GLENN, Katherine C. . . . 219, 249, 333 GLYMPH, Robert P. . . . 136, 198, 202 GODBEY, Gibson 85 GODLEY, Loretta R 152 GODLEY. Winifred S 124, 201 GODSHALL, Forrest R .124 GODWIN, Page G 85 GODWIN, Virgie S 152, 248 GOEBEL, Richard H 152 GOETHE, Robert L 198 (iOFF, Becky S 152 GOFF, Jo A 85, 341 GOFORTH. Wm. C 165, 198, 225 GOLD, Ruth H 198 430 Hitching Post ' A gathering place for Students " Corner of Blossom and Assembly COMPLIMENTS OF SEIBELS BRUCE SOMERSET SILVER SHOP 719 Harden Street Columbia, South Carolina Silver • China • Crystal Jewelry • Diamonds Phone AL 2-0749 Five Points Compliments of WHALEY OPTICAL Columbia, South Carolina M. B. KAHN CONSTRUCTION CO. General Contractors Phone AL 2-8648 1113 Blossom St. P. O. Box 595 Columbia, S. C. GOODY SHOPPE 24-Hour Service — Closed Sundays 2106 Devine Street (Five Points) 4457 Devine Street Columbia, South Carolina Brittons Traditional Clothes 1337 MAIN ST. COLUMBIA, S. C. 431 STUDENT DIRECTORY-Continued GOLDBERG, Sanford B. 124. 249. 311 GOLDSTEIN, Barry 85, 225, 301. 311 GOLDSTEIN, Robert A. . . 152 GOLEY. Edward R. . 250 GOLLER, Anna S. . . 152 GOMES. Joseph . . 85. 327. 418 GOODING. James G. . . 245 GOODMAN. Grayson A. 130. 196, 245 GOODRICH, Joe D. 136 GOODWIN. Lewis R. ' 24. 215 GOODWYN, Thomas J. . 124, 305 GOOLSBY, Clarence . 152. GORDON, David 0. . 321 GORDON, Derrick J. 124 GORDON. Lloyd M. . . 152. 313 GOSNELL. Glenda K. 124. 347 GOUGER, Wm. B. . . 152 GOWDY, Bettv A. 181 GOWDY, Gwendolyn T. . 152 GOWDY, Harold W. . " U. 309 GOWER. Charlotte A. 1 " 4, ?S1 GRABENSTETTER, A. M. 136 GRADY. Colette A. . . GRAGG. Linda K. 136 GRAHAM. Ralph J. . . GRAHAM. Thelma L. 15 " GRANT. Marsha J. . 196. 199. 331 GRAVES. Verna L. . 136 GRAY, Carroll D. ' 36. 325 GRAY, Doris V. . 136. 313 GRAY, Richard D. . 152 GRAY. William D. 152 GRAYSON, Marv A. 152 GRAYSON. Mel T. « ; S17 GREEN. Aaron J. 240 GREEN. Charles W. . 121 GREEN. Ronald T. . . 121 GREEN. Virginia ' " 1 347 GREEN. William H. 200. S 07 GREEN. William R. 18fi GREENE. Johnnv R. 222 GREER. Karen E. . . 202 GREGORIS, Marina 124. 198 GREGORY. Anita I.. 85 GREGORY. Claire I.. 136. 198. 847 GREGORY. David B. 85, 305 GREGORY, George W. . 152 GREGORY. Harry B. 307 GREGORY, Jackson V. . 323 GREGSON. Wilfred J. . 152 GRIER. Henrietta M. . . 8(1. 224. 341 GRIFFIN, Carrol] E. 124 GRIFFIN, Delores H. . 13 0. 199, 219. 333 GRIFFIN, H. C. . . 245 GRIFFIN, Harold . . . 136 GRIFFIN. Robert E. 152 GRIFFIN. Robert W. 136 GRIGG. Marliss J. 347 GRIGGS. Wm. P. . 124. 244 GRIMBALL. Leonora K. 152. 200 GROOMS. Jack D. 124 GROOMS. Karol C. 86 GROVES. Rodger D. 124. 313. 418 GRUBE. Lawrence J. 152 GRIIGAN. Thomas E. 124 GRUNERT. John L. . 20 " . ■ aa. 418 GUILD. Joseph R. 136. 250 GUNTF.R, Bob N. . . 136 GIINTER. Glenda 13 B. " 1)5. 313, 419 GUTHRIE. Henrietta 86 GWINN. Paul J. 124 GYLES, Johnnie M. . H HAAS, Cornelia A 86 HAAS. Jane C 152. 206 HACKBURN. J. E. . . 86 HAGINS, John A. 68. 86 »IL 214. 215. 237. 301. 323 HAGOOD, Judy I,. 152. 341 HAIR. Thomas N. . 152 HAIRSTON. Carolyn V. . 152 HALL, Anne P. 86. 335 HALL, Charles H 136. 323 HALL, Elinor N. 152 315 HALL, Elizabeth M 333 HALL, Huger T. . . . 137 HALL, Joyce B. . . . 86 333 HALL, Linda 1 152 HALL, Linda N 124, 343 HALL, Neely K 152 HALL. Perry D 86 HALL. William E 178 HALLAJ. Mohammad Y. 198. 225 HALLMAN. Zenith A. 86, 225, 248 HALLORAN. Carolyn I. 124. 198, 259, 335 HALTIW ANGER, Joseph 152 HAM. Harold R 152 HAM. James O. . . . 124 HAMBRIGHT. Frances 1S7. 208. 293. 341 HAMILTON, Nelly D 86 HAMMOND. Charles F 152 HAMMOND. Larry H. . . . . 152 HAMMOND, Walter 152 HAMPTON, Patrick L 86 HAMPTON, Wm. L 86 HAMRICK, William M 152, 323 HANAHAN, Patricia C 86 HANCOCK, Jack G. . . HANCOCK, Terry M. HANNAL. Thomas E. HANTSKE, William G. HARDEMAN, Dorothy E. HARDIN, Stanley F. . . HARDY. Archibald . . HARE, Floyd D. . . . HARE. Karl D. . . HARKEY, Harry D. . HARLEY, Gloria A. . . HARLEY. Jean C. . . HARLEY. Joe L. HARLEY, Joan F. . HARLEY. Leonard D. . HARMON. John P. . HARMON, Linda K. . HARMON. Sandra J. . . HARPER, Jane V. . . HARPER. Matilda I. . . HARPER, Nancy K. . HARRELL, Lewie K. HARRINGTON. Gerald . HARRIETT. Gerrv B. HARRIS. Charles H. . . HARRIS. Gerald D. . . HARRIS. William F. HARRISON, Frederick . HARRISON. Philip T. HARRISON. Seth L. . HARSHAW. James E. . HART, Judith A. . . HART. Mary A. . . . HARTER. Edward A. . HARTER. Jimmy N. . HARTSELL, James R. . HARVIN, John C. HARVIN, Claudette P. . HASKELL, Peter L. . . HASTINGS, Donald H. . HATCHER. Douglas P. HATCHER, Franklin A. HAWKINS. Jerry C. . . HAWKS. Bobbie L. . . HAY, William D. . . HAYDEN, Robert J. . . HAYES, Mary J. . . . HAYES, Nancy J. . . HAYNES, Keith E. . . HAYNIE, David V. . . HAYS. C. Franklin . . HAYSLETT, Randolph HAYWOOD. Ralph C. HAZLEHURST. Elizabeth HEADLEY. William E. . HEALY. Gilbert P. . . HEAPE. Branford E. HEAPE, David B. . . HEAPE, Thelma C. . . HEARN. William R. . . HEARNE, Norma K. . . HEATH. Sandra A. . . HEIDEN. Arnold . . . HEIL. Thomas C. HEILIG. Herbert R. . . HEISE, Sandra G. HELLAMS. Charles H. . HELLAMS. Robert M. HELMAN, Linda S. . . HENDERSON, Daphne J. HENDERSON, Edward M. HENDLEY, Thomas M. . HENDRICK. John W. HENDRICKS. Irvine H. HENDRICKS. Mary E. . HENDRICKSON. Ed S. . IIKNDRIX. Mary M. IIKNDRIX, Nancy I). HENDRIX. Ronald M. . HENDRIX, Wilford P. . HENLEY. Doris S. . HENRY, Leonard O. . . HENRY, Sharon L. . . HENSON, James A. . . HERLONG, Helen G. HERLONG. William L. . HERNDON, Mimi H. HERRING, Carl E. . . HERRING, James M. HERRING, William 87. 87, 244. 233. 87. 199. 121. 219. 152. 152, 152, 244. 152. 202, 211, 137, 207, 137, 200, 88, 88, 245, 219, 124, 198, 153, 153, 291, 233, 137, 88, 219. 124. 224, HESHMATI. Shahrasbi HETHERINGTON, Mary HETHERINGTON, Sara HEYWARD, Susanne M. HICKMAN, John R. . HICKMAN, Stanley W. HICKS, Freddie W. . HICKS, Mary K. . . HIERS. S. Celeste HIGGINS, John R. HIGGINS. Sonya M. HIGH. Andrew F. HIGHSMITH, Jacob F. . HILL, Robert H. . . HILL, Ronald D. . . HILL, Vernon A. HILL. Willard W. HILL, William H. 153, 88, 223, 124, 237, 254, 251, 238, 251, 259. 153, 124, 137, 153, 204, 153, 87 152 87 307 341 274 305 152 152 309 137 200 137 137 152 152 137 .141 335 347 419 198 419 137 87 152 137 321 325 244 137 335 136 313 137 153 124 87 216 153 418 418 137 137 202 307 347 223 124 245 88 222 251 337 137 200 137 153 124 88 337 153 249 197 153 343 325 817 158 124 245 153 153 317 341 88 385 124 176 250 153 153 153 153 153 137 137 325 313 325 187 204 339 125 137 158 158 248 158 207 153 206 807 248 125 187 153 HILLS, Beryl A 125, 249, 339 HILTON, Marv W 137, 198, 208 HILTON. Pauline M 125 HINES, Lucy K 187, 337 HINNANT, Josephine 153 HINNANT. Wallace P. . . . 89 HINNANT. William .... 137, 221, 303 HINSON, Charles R 125 HIOTT, David W 153 HIOTT, Sara V 125, 198, 206 HIRSCHMANN, Linda A 153 HIX, Raymond J. ... 137 HIXSON, Evelyn P. . . 137. 199, 218, 237 HIXSON, Thomas D. . . . 89, 19? HOAGLAND, Jimmie L. 89, 213, 237, 238. 244, 801, 317 HODGE. Jackie B 125 HODGES, John C 153, 198 HOEFER, Carrington 220, 250 HOFFMAN, Richard P 418 HOFFMAN, Stanley M 187, 198 HOGG, David J 187 HOLLAND, Alice H 125, 233 HOLLAND, Asa R 153 HOLLAND, Bobby L 89 HOLLAND, Kenneth L. . . . 89, 221, 233 HOLLAND, Penelope W. 153, 231, 3J1 HOLLAND, Sandra L 137 HOLLER, Martha M 125, 335 HOLLEY, Rachel 158 HOLLIDAY, Louis A 89, 197 HOLLIDAY, Mary G. 125, 33j, 419 HOLLIS, Susan R 153 HOLMAN, Henry M. ... 138 HOLMES, Harvey W 89, 307 HOLMES, James J 89, 325 HOLMES. Lucien R 153 HOLT, Sally J 153 HOOD, Duane 187 HOOD, Peggy 187 HOOK, Daniel J 153 HOOK, James L 153 HOOK, Reedy 137 HOOKER, Gloria V 89 HOPKINS, David L 417 HOPPER, Gloria G 89, 212, 219, 252, 313 HORNADAY, Gerald D 89 HORNE, Jack D 89 HORNSBY, Sandra L 137, 206 HOROWITZ, Maurice E 249 HORTON, Aubrey D 125 HORTON, Carl A 153, 307 HORTON, Melvin C 153, 309 HOTINGER, Doris K 187 HOUCK, Eleanor A. ... 153, 199, 250 HOUGH, Gwendolyn E 153 HOUSHOLDER, Jerrie .... 125, 333 HOWARD, Anne M. . . . ... 125 HOWARD, Douglas R. . 89, 206, 224, 237 HOWARD, Carl F 153, 198, 325 HOWARD, Daniel W 153, 318 HOWARD, John Ed ... . 153 HOWATT, Franklyn J. . . . 187, 245, 246 HOWELL, Jackson, Jr 153, 244 HOWELL, James P 137. 325 HOWELL, John M 137, 201, 317 HOWELL, Julian H 153, 323 HOWELL, Madison P 125 HOWELL, Robert M 187, 244 HOWEY, James Z 174 HUBBARD, Carey B 137 HUBBARD, Phyllis A 125 HUDGENS, Mary J 89 HUDSON, Asbury L 89 HUDSON, Clyde E 137, 274, 244 HUDSON, Walton F 90, 325 HUDSON, Wm. Ashby 90 HUFFMAN, Jo L. . 125. 219, 331, 343 HUFFSTETLER, Harold 125 HUGGINS, Horace 90 HUGGINS, Sylvia D 153 HUGHES, Donald R 125 HUGHES, Edward E 125 HUGHES, Franklin 153 HUGHES. James W 90, 197, 309 HULINGS, Joseph S 158 HULON, Wade A. 125 HUMPHRIES, Sylvia L 153 HUNT, Edward L 90, 325 HUNT, Robert B. . . . 125, 218, 215, 237, 238, 248, 325 HUNTER, Allison, G 90 HUNTER, Charles H 125 HUNTER, Douglas J 158 HUNTER, Jimmy E 90 HUNTER, Mildred L 125 HURST, John C 165, 225 HUSA, Donald L 125, 221, 251 HUSKEY. Donald T 90, 222 HUSKINS, John G 187, 198 HUTCHENS, Robert F 90 HUTCHINSON, Edward 154 HUTCHINSON, Grace A. 90, 219. 287 HUTH, Donald Wm 137, 250 HUTSON, Rodney K 91 HUTTO, Louis H 154, 198 HUTTO, Marion Clair . . 91, 210, 219, 343 HYLER, Otis B 125 «2 Compliments of THE TOWER Free Delivery on Campus BOOKS Capitol Newsstand 1213 Gervais Street Hampton Street Newsstand 1220 Hampton Street GRAYSON ' S Style Headquarters for Men 1347 Main St. Columbia, S. C. Compliments of CORNELL ARMS BARBER SHOP 1224 Pendleton Street Sunshine Laundry and Cleaners " Bundles of Satisfaction " 11 Convenient Locations ONE-DAY QUALITY SERVICE Compliments of Mary Lowe 433 STUDENT DIRECTORY-Continued i INFTNGER, Emory J. 125 197 INGLE, Ronald Keith ... 125 INGRAM. Richard T. . . . 125 INMAN, Adolph W 137 J JACK. Raymond L 154 JACKSON. Allan Owen 137 JACKSON. Jerry Dean .... 91 JACKSON, Jery E 154, 323 JACKSON. John J 91 JACKSON, Mareen D. . . . 165, 198, 201 JACOBS. Harold W 172, inn JACOBS, Ronald Lvnn 91 JACOBS, William E 125 JAEGER. Mary Ellen 154 JAFFEE, Beverly L 249 JAMES. Arthur M 154, 249 JAMES, Benjamin 137 JAMES, Thomas C 154 JAMES. William R 237 JARMEL, Dean R 198, 417 JEFFCOAT, Sidney ....... 137 JEFFCOAT. Wendell 154 JEFFORDS, Frankie R. 137, 245, 309 JEFFORDS, Julian T. ...... 125 JEFFX1RDS, Scott J 154 JENKINS, Margaret E 154 JENNINGS, Earl 91. 204 JENNINGS. Robert D 172 JENNINGS. Rosemarie .... 126, 250 JENRETTE, John W 176 JERNIGAN, Clifford 154 JERRY, Wm. Andrew 418 JETER. Marian G 91, 218, 248 JETER. Rose Ann 125, 301 JETER, William C 154, 245 JETT, Charles D 125. 301 JEWERT. Russell J 91. 225, 327 JOHNS. Kenneth E 198 JOHNSON, Beverly 91, 206 JOHNSON, Cecil Jame ... 91, 196, 216 JOHNSON, Dorothy J 154 JOHNSON, Grace V 165 JOHNSON. Jimmy Lee .... 125, 325 JOHNSON, Joyce E 138 JOHNSON, Kay 125 JOHNSON. Leon 154 JOHNSON, Ronald S 125, 418 JOHNSON, Sarah Hean .... 154, 347 JOHNSON, Thomas 138 JOHNSON, William 177 JOHNSON. William E 154 JOHNSTON, Anthony J. . . . 91, 215, 805 JOHNSTON, Mary M 125 JOLLUCK, Lawrence M 125, 317 JONES, Beverly Ann ... 68, 91, 210, 212, 219, 225, 237, 333 JONES, Charles C 154 JONES, Clifton W 207 JONES, Curtis E 91 JONES, Damaris P 138 JONES, David R 154 JONES, Elizabeth M 154 JONES, Everett M 154 JONES. Eugene J. . . . 91, 241, 244, 817 JONES, Eugene K. . . . 91, 215, 229, 325 JONES, George 92 JONES, George F 92, 301 JONES, Glenn A 154 JONES, Hartwell, K 154 JONES. James E 92, 198 JONES. Julian W 188 JONES. Lewis M 125 JONES, Libby Anna 154 JONES, Linda D 233 JONES. Mary Eliz 154 JONES. Mary Serena 125, 385 JONES, Patricia A 154 JONES, Philip C 125 JONES. Priscilla N 92, 337 JONES, Robert D 125 JONF:S, Virginia C 138 JONES. Wm. Byrd .... 92, 222, 323 JONES, Wm. Burton 92, 211, 214, 215, 223, 237, 817 JORDAN, John Dye 125 JORDAN, Joseph T. 138, 202, 245, 313 JORDAN, William 188 JORDAN, William D 188 JOYCE. Albert J 172 JOYE, Raymond D . . 125 JOYE, Reese Irby ... 92, 218, 215, 219, 287, 317 K KAHN. Ellis Irvin 174 KAISER. Kay Alice 138, 383 KALMBACH, Joann 154 KAMBAR. Robert Yona 125 KAMINER, Julia D 154 KAMPMEYER. Clarence 154 KANNADAY. Walter C 125, 198 KAPLAN, Kay W 188 KAPP, Marbeth 125, 841 KARNAZES, George E 92 KARSHMER, Arthur 1 249 KAUFMAN, Carl L 188 KAY. Gloria S 92, 335 KEEKE, Elizabeth A . . . . 125 KEFAUVER. Lloyd E. . . .245 KEITT, Anna Coe . 92. 212. 218, 251. 252 KELLER. David W. . 417 KELLER, Haskel W 92 KELLEY. Beverly Ann .... 92, 333 KELLEY. Lyndon B 138 KELLY, Arthur T 154 KELLY. Barbara Lee 138 KELLY, Judieth Nell 138 KELLY, Thomas D. . . . 92 KENDALL, Helen Ruth ... 200 KENNEDY, Finley P. 154. 248, 347 KENNEDY, Jean C 138 KENNEY. John R. ... 92, 327 KENNINGTON. John W 92, 198 KENYON, Karl Leon .... 174. 182 KERR, Philip Bailey 125. 196, 418 KERR, Richard E. . . . 125 KERVES, John 125 KKTCHIN. Christine . . 138 KEY. Kay Wrenn 154 KEZIAH. Walter P. 138, 198 KHOURY, Gloria M 138, 256 KICKLIGHTER, D. E. . . 154 KICKLIGHTER. Warren ... 154 KIGER, Barry W 200, 224 KILLOUGH, Judith A. .. . 125, 233 KINARD, Charles D. . . . 93, 222 KINARD, John A. 125 KINDER, Nandy Epps 125 224 KING, Ann Shields 331 KING, Barbara V. 138 KING. Betty Walker 154 KING. Douglas S 93, 305 KING, Jeromie Lee .... 138 KING, Kenneth P. . . 93 KING, Lowell J 139 KING. Ray James .... 154 KING. Tazewell A ' ' 138 KINSEY, Cynthia L 154. 198 KINSEY, Marshall B. . . 93. 197, 244 KIRIAKIDES, Libbv 138 KIRKLAND, Alton S. 138; 309 KIRKLAND, James B. . . 139 KIRKLAND. Marie A. . 154 KIRKLAND, Mary A. 169 KIRKMAN. Mary A. . . . 126 229 KIRKPATRICK, H. M. 138. 313 KIRVEN, Jo Marian 126, 212. 225, 229, 237, 238, 248. 331, 335, 419 KIRVEN, Olin B. 93 KIZER. Grace E. . . . . i 8 9 199 KLICKA, Paula A. . . 93 ' 339 KLUGH, John B. . 93 KNIGHT, Gloria L. . . i 38 KJVIGHT, Olin D. . . 93 KNIGHT. Samuel M. . . 154 KNOTTS, Ronald E. . 154 KNOX, Franklin R. . . 154 KNOX. Janet M. . . i 38 KNOX, Johnny P. 126 KOETSCH. Philip W. i 85 KOHN, Barbara L. . . . 126 229 419 KOHN, Theodore B. . . . 133 ' 325 KOHUT, Stephen J. . . 138 KOOCHAGIAN, V. Mary 250 KOOLKIN, Michael N. . . W 249 KOON, Donald A. . . ' 138 KOPIAN, Stephen M. . . ! ' ' 418 KOSCIW. Thomas L. . 138, 196, 245, 246, 250 KREBS. Sara K i 38 , 229, 341 KUSTRIN, Richard C. . . 138 KYZER, Alexander J. . . m KYZER, Irvin B 154 L LaBRUCE, Alice T. . . 1,4 LaBRUCE. Arthur M. . 93 LACEY, Elizabeth R. . . 154 LACKEY, Elwood S. 154 LACKEY, William B., Jr. . 126 LACY, James M. ... 94, 214, 228, t »r n m 288 ' 2U - U1 327 LADD, Mary A 154 LAFITTE, Dorothy H. . . ' ' 94 335 LAIRD, Hoe B. . . ' ?, 8 LAITALA, Ellis E. 13s ' 327 LAMASTUS, Thomas A. i 26 LAMB, Terry 154 2 44 LAMOTTE, Francis G. . ' i 88 LANCASTER, Margie L. 126 N ,££ S T ER ' X Y, alter C - • • • I™; 309 LANCE, Jerry E. . . . 126 LANE, Arman W 94 LANE, Cynthia A. 154 LANEY, Edward W . ' ! 180 LANG, Margaret G 138, 249 LANGFORD, Martha J. . . . 155 LANOWAY. Saundra ... 155 LAPIDUS, Barbara J. . . . 126 224 LARSON, David P. . . 155 LASTER, Donald R. . . . 94 LATHAM, Phillip L i 38 LATHEM, R. L ' 94 ' 313 LATHAM, William C. . 94, 215, 237, 305 LATHAN, Ray D 155, 237, 327 LAUDERMILCH, Donald ... 94 LAVENDER, Donald W 155 LAW, Florence 155 LAW. Theodore W iso LA WING. Douglas M. .... 9 1, 329 LAWING. James B 126 LAWING, John M ig N LAWRENCE, Francis M 155 LAWSON, Carolyn V 138 LAWSON. Thomas E 138 LAZZARINO. Ann C 138, 250 LEACH. William M is 8 LEARDI, Paul L 94 LEATH, Barbara P 94 LEAVITT, Mary M 138 LECROY, Gary C 94 LEDGORD, John W 174 LEDGORD, Vivian 155, 347 LEE, Fanny W 155 LEE. Donald H 94, 222 LEE, Harriet A 126 LEE. Jeilda A 155, 207 LEE, Robert E 91 LEE, Sandra M 155 LEE, William R 13H LEFEVRE, Mary A 9t LEGARE, Jeanne M 155 LEGARE, Thomas C. 91, 245, 246. 248 LEIFERMANN, Linda 138, 198, 252, 341 LEMACKS, Wilson V. . . . 120 LEMON. Kathryn A 95, 219, 337 KENGNICK. John M 95 LENNON, Dorothy F 138 LENTZ. Helen M. . . . kih LEOPARD, David M. . . 95, 241. 301, 817 LESESNE, Thomas 174 LESLIE, Charles E 155 LEUNG, Wai K. 165 LEVENTIS, George P. . 95, 215, 229, 301, 323 LEVENTIS, Georgianna 138, 335, 419 LEVENTIS, James C. . 69. 95. 211, 213, 215. 223. 238, 237, 325 LEWIS, James M 155 LEWIS, John R 155 LEWIS, Robert E 155 LEWIS, Sally R 95, 335 LEWIS. Sarah I ;, LIGHTSEY, Harry 178 LINDLER, Greta M 95 LINDLER, James M 126 LINDSAY, Roger J 138 LINDSEY, Harry 155 LITTLE, Richard H 126 LITTLE, William A 126, 251 LIVINGSTON, Anne E 155 LIVINGSTON, Betty R 126, 333 LIVINGSTON, Robert .... 155, 325 LIVINGSTON, William 126 LIVINGSTON, George 126 LOCKE, Richard M 155 LOCKHART, Robert R 155 LOCK WOOD, Harry G 126 LOEWE, Barbara C 155, 249 LOEWE, Susan M 155, 249 LOFGREN, Constance 95 LOFGREN. Robert E 126, 323 LOGAN, Donald B 155, 317 LOGWOOD, Ann P 96, 219, 343 LOMAS, Richard M 155 LOMINICK, James R 126, 325 LONG, Ann 139, 337 LONG, Annette 189 LONG, Elizabeth L 96, 219, 837 LONG, James G 96, 301 LONG, Mary A 139 LONG, Mary L 126 LONG, William L 126, 200 LORICK, Linda 155 LOTT, Jo Ann 139, 225 LOVE, Robert L 155 LOVE, William H 126, 198 LOVELL, Jerry B 155 LOWE, Charles B 155, 198 LOWENSTEIN, Mary L 96 LOWELL, Harold 174, 220 LUCAS, Pamela A 155 LUCAS, Spurgeon L 155 LUDWICK, Robert E 126, 323 LUFFY, Ronald P 155 LUIGS, Charles F 418 LUMPKIN, Dallas C 96 LUMPKIN, William W. 96, 204, 233, 249 LUNA, Franklin A 172 LYDON, Thomas E 177 LYERLY, Judy K 126, 229. 333 LYLES, William G 96, 805, 847 LYNN, Jack H 126, 828 M MACEDON, James P 418 MacINNES, Robert .... 212 MACK. Loretta J 155 MACKEY, Daniel B 155 MADDEN, Faye J 139 MADDEN. James D 139 MAGAN, Billie G. . . . 126. 313, 417, 418 MAHAFFEY, Robert L. . . 155 MAHAFFEY. William J 96, 196 MAKELA, Nancy M. 155 MALLARD, Robert R. . . . 177 MALPASS. Robert E 155 MANINI, Mose L. . . " . . 96 434 Jmuptulatiom to the graduating BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY COLUMBIA COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY The Campus Shop Always Serving The Carolina Students GROUND FLOOR, RUSSELL HOUSE «5 STUDENT DIRECTORY -Continued MANN " . James L 221. 237 MANN, William F., Jr . . . . 126. 218 MANN. Willie F„ Jr 96 MANNING. James 1M MANOS. Theo 418 MANSELL, Philip L 139, 313 MANUEL, Melba H 169 MARCHANT. Thomas C 155 MARCIANTE, Louis S 155, 280 MARJENHOFF, Carl G 155 MARKENDORFF, Edward 155 MARK WOOD, Emory F 155, 244 MARLER. John B 175 MARON, Elke M 155, 333 MARONE, Maria G 339 MARSCHITZ. Joann S 155 MARSDEN. Leo J 139. 313 MARSH. Sallie R. 97 MARSHALL. Ann C 97, 200 MARSHALL. Julie .... 139. 231, 343 MARSHE, Milton D.. Jr 155 MARTEL. Win. C 155 MARTIN, Douglas 1) Itt MARTIN, Dyanne K 155 MARTIN, Edwin P. 97. 215. 237, 323 MARTIN, Henry S., Jr 206. 224 MARTIN, James 139 MARTIN, L. Anne 139 MARTIN, Nancy F 139, 225, 335 MASON, Alan C 139, 244 MASTROGEORGO. Poulos 155 MASUR, Annette 155 MASL ' R. Barbara 139 MATHIS. Eugene C 139 MATHIS, Joe J 126, 196 MATLOCK, Gordon W 139, 222 MATT, Joseph E 250 MATTINGLY, Jane 155, 347 MAXWELL, George K 207 MAY, Charles L 126. 233, 251 MAY. Sarah A 139 MAYER. Nancy P. 224 MAYFIELD. Clellon W 97 MAYS, Don P 139 MAYS. Linda N 126 MAYTON. William T 245, 246 McCAFFREY. Mary P 198, 250 McCALL, Cecil C 126 McCALL, Karl N 156 McCALL. Muriel R 97 McCALL, Ronald L 156 McCALL, William P 97 McCALLUM, William J 97, 328 McCANLESS, Stuart D 197 McCANTS, Annie D. . . . 69, 97, 211, 212, 224, 238, 252, 259, 341 MCCARTHY, Carl F., Jr 156 McCartney, Anita l. . . 139, 248, 343 MeCARTT, Judy 126 McCAULEY, June R. . 97, 204, 212, 331, 347 McCAY. Donna J 97, 250 McCLENDON. Carlee T. 139, 229, 251. 323 McCLURE, Wm. C 97 McCOLLOUGH, K. C 156 McCOY, Catherine W 97, 341 McCOY, Harriet A 126 Mccracken, Roy c 197 MeCRAVY, Charles H 231 McCRAW, George W 97 McCRIGHT, Mary C 139 McCUEN, Samuel E., Jr. ... 139, 325 McCULLOUGH, Albert 97 McCULLOUGH. Joe H 126, 198 McCUTCHEN, Eugene B. ... 126, 307 McCUTCHEN, Jane G. . . . 97, 252. 337 McCUTCHEN, Lilla D 126 McDEARMID, Ronald H 156 McDOWELL, Melinda K 139 McDOWELL. Theodore .... 139, 807 Mcdowell, wniiam a. ... ise, 245 McDUFFIE. Charlie A 98, 191 McDUFFIE, Nancy J 98, 225 McELROY, Bobby Joe 196 McELVEEN, A. J. . 189, 250, 259, 309 McELVEEN, George, Jr 175 McELVEEN, Robert C 98, 829 McFADDEN. Frances G 98 McFADDIN, Mary C 333 McFARLANE, Gary B 417 McGEARY, Robert E 156 McGHEE, Laurie L 126, 341 McGILL, Billy B.. Jr 98, 817 McGILL, Peggy J. 98, 335 McGINSEY, Gloria E 156, 200 McGOWAN, Franklin P 175 McINNIS, Mary E 126, 252, 333 McINTOSH, James C 139 McKAY, John J 98, 303 McKENZIE, John C 98 McKENZIE, John E., Jr 126 McKENZIE, Noel T 156 McKEOWN. Lucius D 189 McKEVLIN, Patricia 169 McKIBBEN, Karen L 288 McKINNEY. Abigail B.. 189, 198, 202, 218, 847 McKULIK, Benjamin N 165 McKNIGHT, Margaret . . . 139. 204, 251 McKEOWN, Wanda 1 98 McLAURIN. Susan A. . . . 189. 208, 885 McLEAN. Charles E 189 McLEAN, Elise M 156. 347 McLEAN. Thomas N 98. 313 McLEMORE, Archie M 156 McLEMORE. Rodger L. . . . 156 McLEOD. Helen R 126. 331. 337 McMAKIN. Gordon K 156 McMAKIN. Robert B 156 McM ASTER, Barbara D 156 McMASTER, Jan B 99. 219. 337 McM ASTER, Kitty R 139, 341 MeMICHAEL. G. Wm., Jr 156 McMILLAN, Carl B.. Jr. . . . 139 . 244 McMILLAN. Stephen A 139 McMULLEN, James L 156 McMURRY. Patricia A 156 McNAIR. Madeline 139 McNEEL. Harry L 156 McNEIL, Martha P 248 McNEILL, Paul W 99 Mcpherson. Charles ... . ise McPHERSON. Jessie C. . . . 99. 225, 337 McPHERSON. Richard . . . 156, 245, 325 McPHERSON, William 156 McVEY. Kyle 1 126. 198 McWATERS. Barbara L. . . 189 MEADOWCROFT, Jeflry . . 139. 249. 303 MEADOWS. Patricia G 156 MEARES, Ben M. 99, 303 MEARES. Guy M„ Jr 156, 329 MEASE. Vivian A 126 MEDLIN, Malcolm M 99 MEDLIN, Marcia L 156. 249 MEEKS. George S 156 MEETZE. Jack D.. Jr 156 MEETZE. Lemuel E 99 MEETZE. Walter S 126, 417 MEISSNER, David E 126 MELTON, Gerald A 126 MELTON, John T 156 MELVIN. Gene R 99 MENG. Bernard B. 126 MERCHANT, Helen W 139 MERCK, James E 99 MERRILL, Reagon N 156 MERRITT. Adelaide R 139 MERRITT, Henry N 189 METZ, Charles B 99, 198 METZ, William L 99, 197 NEWBORN, John W„ Jr 99 MICHELSEN, Kathleen 139 MIDDLETON, Lois S 99, 337 MILES, John H. T 99, 317 MILFORD. William J 156 MILLER, Billie L 189, 347 MILLER, Elizabeth B. . . . 126. 198. 347 MILLER, Ida F 99, 335 MILLER, James E 156 MILLER, M. Donnell 99 MILLER, Thomas R 222 MILLER, Thomas W.. Jr 156 MILLS. Elizabeth L. ... 100. 219, 337 MILLS, James R 139. 325 MIMS. Julian L 156 MINCEY. Sallie L 127 MISHOE, Billy 100, 251, 319 MITCHELL, Bill K 156 MITCHELL, Jackie J 156 MITCHELL, John B 156. 313 MITCHELL. Nellie S 127. 250 MITCHELL, Robert W 127, 825 MITCHUM. Banks G 156 MITCHUM. Mary R 169 MIXON, Elsie 1 189 MIXON. Marilyn 100, 200, 228, 248 MIXSON, Benjamin E 172 MOBARAK. Kamal A 189, 198 MOBLEY, Patricia 1 189 MOCK, Joseph F 156 MOELLER, Paul A., Jr 139 MOFFAT. Ralph G„ Jr 100, 317 MONETTE. Neal E 189. 250, 823 MONTGOMERY, Carole .... 156, 343 MONTGOMERY, Frank 156 MONTGOMERY, Yancey . 100, 197 MOOD, Lillian H. . . . 140, 238, 885, 419 MOODY, Herbert L„ Jr 175 MOORE, Brenda C 140, 199 MOORE, Charles D 100 MOORE, Charles E 100 MOORE, Earl H 100 MOORE, Freddie H 127 MOORE, George T.. Jr. . 100, 248, 259 MOORE, Jack S.. Jr 156 MOORE, James C, Jr 156 MOORE, James G 156 MOORE, Lester E.. Jr 156 MOORE. Mary 127 MOORE, Thomas A 127, 823 MOORE. Thomas W 307 MOORE. Thomas W.. Jr 156 MOORE. Vertie G 127. 206 MOORE, Victor L 140 MOORER. John S 156, 318 MOREHEAD, Harriette 139, 229, 385, 419 MORGAN. Arthur D 127 MORGAN, Clifford O. . . . 100. 198. 223 MORGAN, Daphne A 189 MORGAN, Gilbert B 166 MORNINGSTAR, H. L., Jr 156 MORRIS, Don H 189 MORRIS. Joseph L 140 MORRIS. Joyce M 156 MORRIS. Patricia A 139. 218 MORRISON. Ada Gail .... 156 MORROW. John B 140. 825 MOSELEY, David E 156. 303 MOSELEY. George, Jr 127 MOSELEY. Robert D 140, 317 MOSELEY, Sylvia A 140 MOSES, Dolores T 127, 250 MOSES. Joseph F., Jr 156 MOSKOS, Vasiliki 127, 212 MOSS, Catherine Ann 100 MOSS, David Lee 301 MOSS, Frances L .140 MOSS. James L., Ill .... 140, 325 MOTHERSLED, Wm. E 150 MOUNT, Carole J 156 MOYE. John Howell 220 MOYER, Eugene U 157 MULHERIN, Virginia 140. 250. 341 MULLIKIN, Dennis E 157 MULLIS. James M., Jr 251 MULLIS. Robert N 157, 198 MUNN. Louis C. Jr 157 MUNN, Sandra M 127 MURDAUGH, Randolph . . . 127, 305 MURPHREE, Donald E 127. 809 MURPHY, Drafts F 100 MURPHY, John F 100, 198 MURPHY. Richard J. 140 MURPHY, William G 157 MURRAY. Fletcher A. . . 140 MURRAY. Margaret C. 157. 198. 251. 847 MURRAY. Nicholas D 223, 309 MYERS. Richard A 157 MYERS. Wilton P 140 N NASH. Billie B 140 NASH, Kemp C 157 NASH. Robert E., Jr 140, 309 NAUFUL, Ernest J., Jr 157, 250 NAUFUL, Rose M 250 NAVE, Jerald W 157 NEAL, Dorothy L 140, 218, 347 NEAL, Roy B 127 NEELY, Joseph F 140 NEELY ' , Robert C 100, 197, 216 NEESE, Deloris A 140 NEIDER, Sheldon M 157 NEIL. Ann E 157, 202 NELKEN, Mary W 127. 339 NELSON, Elizabeth N 383 NELSON, Margaret V 140, 198 NELSON, William S 214 NESBITT, Clyde Y 100, 196 NESMITH, Thomas S 157, 202 NESMITH, Vance H 157 NESS. Arthur J 177 NETTLES, Ronald E 157 NETTLES, Susan 69, 101, 211, 212, 238, 251. 252, 259. 385 NEWMAN, Everette H. . . . 127, 828, 418 NEWMAN, Walter H 101 NEWSOM. Carolyn S 189 NEWTON. Sandra A. 101, 248, 259 NICHOLS. Emerson 140 NICHOLS, Morris E. ... 101, 197. 216 NICKLES, William 127, 305 NICOLETTI. Joseph P 127, 196 NIDIFFER, David B 418 NIEDERHOF, Andrea M 157 NOBLES, Betty L 140 NOE, John T 140. 197. 244. 315 NOLAN, Sandra M 127 NOLEN, James H 140, 319 NORRIS, Mary S 1 7 NORTON, Nancy E 157, 248, 385 O ' BRIEN. Harry D 127 O ' CAIN, Paul D 101 O ' CONNELL, Dennis P 140 O ' DELL, Amelia S 140, 847 ODOM, David E 101, 215. 287 ODOM, Dwight S 157 ODOM, Ralph M 101 O ' DONNELL, John R 101, 323 OGLESBY. Hoke C 101 O ' HAGAN, Kathleen P., 101, 212, 219, 331, 333 O ' NEILL, John V 157 ONLEY, Robert D 102 ORR, John D 228, 417 ORR, Rosemary B. . . . 127, 198, 287, 843 O ' SHIELDS, Judith A 140 O ' SHIELDS, Mack L 157 O ' STEEN, Harry M 157, 821 OSWALD, Carol L 140 OTIS, William L 140, 202 OTT, Kenneth S 140, 198 OUZTS, Grace L 127 OUZTS, Kenneth F 157 OVERTON, John H 102 OWEN, Edmund C 140 OWEN, Thomas G 157 OWENS. Donald A 157. 819 OWENS, George A 157 OWENS, Margaret N 157 OWENS, Ton! A 157 436 nun VJf. m JEWELRY ' S FINEST CRAFTSMEN BALFOUR for Jewelry — Gifts — Trophies Awards Ceramics Class Rings Diamonds Diplomas Flags Fraternity Pins Gifts Guard Pins Knitwear Party Favors Party Programs Rings Service Insignia Stationery COLUMBIA, S. C, STORE 1340 Senate Street Representatives FRED WILKINS, MANAGER GEORGE CANNON Telephone ALpine 4-6918 Standard Building and Loan Association 1211 Washington St. Columbia, S. C. Master Cleaners MAIN PLANT 1907-08 Blossom St 3351 Forest Drive BRANCH OFFICES 704 Crawson Road 1449 Sumter St 3206 Rosewood Drive IT ' S SMARTER TO CHARTER A Greyhound AND MORE FUN TOO For Information Write: 1220 Blanding Street Columbia, S. C. Phone: AL 4-5193 Columbia, S. C. 437 STUDENT DmECTORY-Continued p PACE. Marshall 157 PADGETT. James D 157 PADGETT. Joel L 127 PADGETT, Robert E 157 PAGE. Elinor M 102, 224. 341 PAGE. Levona 157 PAINTER, Gayle S 157. 206 PALMER, James A 157, 325 PALMER, Robert E 102, 305 PARADESES. Johnny D IBS PARK, Beverly J 127 PARK, Charles A 168 PARKER. Gene D 157 PARKER, Llovd B 127 PARKMAN, Fred M 140. 19S PARKS. Mary 157, 206, 248 PARKS. Robert C 175 PARNELL. Ruby S 140 PARRIS. Donald M 140 PARROTT, Arthur 157, 245 PARROTT, Doris V 157 PARSONS, George S 157 PARSONS, Shirley J 102 PARSONS, Trina S 157 PARSONS, William H 166 PASCHAL, Catherine 102 PASCHAL, Jack G 157 PASCHAL, James E 157 PATAT, Amelia E 102, 341 PATE, Allen C 127, 222 PATRICK, Dale K 127, 106 PATRICK, Rabun N 127, 321 PATRICK, Robert C 157 PATTERSON, Richard 198 PATTIS. Joanna 102, 218. 249 PAYNE. James R 157 PAYNE, Sandra M 102 PEACH, Betty J 157, 202 PEEPLES, Rodney A 140. 305 PENDARVIS. Bennie C 140. 325 PENDARVIS. Cecil J 69, 211 PENLAND, Judith A 157. 294 PENNINGTON. Harriet 157 PERDUE. Decoy G 140. 198 PERRY, Philip E 157 PERRY. Richard K 127 PERRY, Robert S 157 PERRY. Sandra F 102. 218. 347 PETERSON, Gayle F. . . . 127, 198. 342 PETOIA, Joseph G., Jr 196. 250 PETTY. Phyllis R 102. 198 PFALZGRAF, John R 140. 325 PHARES. Cleveland K 102 PHERIGO. William L 244 PHILLIPS, Norman R 140 PHILLIPS, R. T.. Jr 157 PHILLIPS. Robert G 102 PHILLIPS, Sandra K. . . . 140, 218, 339 PHILPOT. Irvin H., Jr 127, 313 PHIPPS, William G 102, 197 PICOW, Meyer Issac 157 PIEDMONT, James R 127 PIERCE. James E., Jr 127, 196 PIGG, Ellen L 157 PILCHER, Frances V 140, 223 PINCHERA, Peter P 102 PIPKINS, Oscar W 103 PITT, Jack E 418 PITTS, Edward H 103. 323. 418 PITTS, James D 157 PITTS, Olin M 157 PLANER. Charles W 140, 315 PLATTS. Francis H. 127, 198, 221, 251 PLAYER, Tressis E 140 PLEICONES, Frances 419 PLOTT, Loretta G 103. 218. 339 PLOWDEN. Betty J. . . 158, 204, 248. 250 PLUMMER. Sophia R. 158, 204. 248, 250 POOSER, Ethbert L. ... 103, 237. 823 POPE, Sarah E 103 POPE, Sarah L 140, 249, 333 PORCHER, Virginia L. . . 69, 108, 204, 211, 212. 218, 248, 249 PORTER, Charles S 175 PORTER, Cordell P 140. 325, 417 PORTER. Sandra J 140. 348. 419 PORTH. Vivian M 140 POSTON, Ellerby D 172 POSTON, Linda S 103 POTEAT. Robert M 103. 196. 248 POTTER. John L 103. 817 POWELL. Alice E 158 POWELL, Donnie A 108 POWELL, Sandra L 158 POWELL, William - . 140 POWER. John Raiford 140 POWER. Mary S 140 PREACHER, Dickey N 158, 198 PREACHER, Patricia 127, 385 PRESCOTT. Patsy M 158 PRICE, Clifton E. . . . 104, 196, 216, 248 PRICE. Julius R 104 PRICE. Mary R 158 PRICE, Vivion C 104 PRINCE, Terry B 127. 216 PRINGLE. James A 140 PRINGLE. Samuel 158 PRITCHARD, Edward K. . 69, 104. 210, 213. 215, 237, 238, 305 PRITCHER, Jo Bessie 140 PROFFITT, M. G 104, 305 PRUITT, Bobby M 172 PR U ITT, Thomas H 140, 325 PRYOR. Rebecca 158. 204 PUGH, Richard G 140 PUGH. Robert W 104 PURCELL. Samuel P 158 PURVIS. Howard A 104 PURVIS, Marshall T 104 PURVIS. Melvin H 127. 201, 305 PUTZ, Celestin P 127 Q QUARLES, Ruby E. ... 140, 224, 248 QUARLES, Carolyn J 158 QUATTLEBAUM, Mary K. . . . 141. 335 QUATTLEBAUM, R. M 158. 323 QUEEN. William E. . 104, 196. 213, 215. 216 QUICK, Barbara A 158 QUICK, John Melvin 418 QUILLIN. Philip D 245 QUINN, Michael H. 127, 214. 215, 237, 323 K RABON, Carolyn E 141, 339 RABON, James R 105. 222 RABON, Leland F 158 RABON. Maude C 104 RACE, Jean A 105, 331, 341 RAKESTRAW, Linda E. 141 RAMSEY. David E 105. 315 RAMSEUR, Henry M 213, 215 RAMSEY, Jane 158. 208 RANKIN, Luther F 158 RANKIN, Randolph B 248 RAPER, Gerald C 105 RASHID. Louise Ann .... 158 RAST, Bryon G 141 RAST, George E 251 RAST. Herbert V 105 RAST. Mary E 141 RATTERREE, Julian A 249 RAWL. Paul T 105, 418 RAY, Allen L 178 RAY, Charles K 127 RAY, James C 105 RAY, Lee A 222 RAY, Thomas 222 REAMES, Pamela D. . . . 141, 225, 333 REASONOVER, Carol R 175 REBHAN, Robert P. ... .141 REDMAN, Karen A. 105. 208, 224, 250 REED, Clark L 158, 321 REED, Johney R 141 REED, Mabel L 158 REED, Margaret R 105, 341 REED, Mary C 141 REED. Ross M 105, 309 REEDER, Anna F 105, 335 REESE, Mildred D 158 REESE, Patsy M 158, 207 REEVES, Francine W 248 REEVES, Margaret F 158 REEVES, Robert R 105 REFO. Juliet M 158, 248 REGISTER, F. B 177 RENAU. Rosemary D 158 RENDER, Robert N 158, 245 RENTZ. William H 141. 325 RESCH, Charles N 158 REZZA. Thomas E 158 RHAME, James L 127 RHAME, Miriam V 141, 248 RHAME, Sandra W. 127, 219. 224. 237 RHETT. Robert C 141 RHODES. Faye 127. 333 RHODES. Hoyt McL 127 RHODES, Sarah J 141 RICCOBONI. Marie E 127 RICE, Charles A 106, 178 RICE, Leonard F 158, 198 RICHARD. Wyllhart 158, 419 RICHARDSON, Donald 172 RICHARDSON, F. W 141 RICHARDSON, L. L 141 RICHEY, L. M 141, 307 RICHEY. Rachel M 158 RICHTER, Peter G 105. 418 RICHTER. Wolfgang D 127 RICKENBAKER, Dudley 158 RICKENBAKER, Gloria 158 RICKENBAKER. John .... 158. 313 RICKENBAKER. Judith . . . IJ8, (98 RICKENBACKER. R. C 141, 315 RIDDLE, John R 158. 325 RIDKNHOUR. Fred 1 158. 325 RIDENHOUR, June J. 105, 199, 229, 335 RIDGEWAY. David C 166 RIGBY, Evelyn F 158. 347 RIGBY, Ross A 127, 219, 335 RIGHTER. Wm. H 166 RILEY, Jean B 105, 347 RIMES. Billy S 158 RISINGER. Killian B 141 RISTER. William L 127 RITCHART, John D 141, 829 RITTENBERG. Gerald 106 RIVENBARK. Wendy A. 127, 208. 335 RIVERS, James C 106 RIVERS, Margaret M 141, 341 RINKIN. Tama D 158, 345 RIZER. Donald S 158 ROBBINS, Robert R 158 ROBERSON. Carrie J 158 ROBERTS, A. J 127 ROBERTS, Carol K 158 ROBERTS. Edward C 201 ROBERTS, Ernest P 106 ROBERTS, Jasper B 158, 325 ROBERTS. Ronald E 141 ROBERTSON, Henry 158, 246 ROBERTSON, Thomas P. ... 106. 317 ROBINSON, Andrew C 106, 307 ROBINSON, George D. . . 244 ROBINSON. James R. . . . .106 ROBINSON. Tommy W. . . . 106. 190. 216 ROCHE. William G 10s ROCKAFELLOW, Richard . . . 141. 325 ROE. Thomas S 15s R(K)PER. Charles F 158 ROFF. Lucille S 158 ROGEBERG. Britt 158 ROGERS. Betty E 158 ROGERS, Donald C 166. 418 ROGERS, Fleetwood F 127 ROGERS, Gary J 127. 313 ROGERS. James D 141 ROGERS, John I. 175 ROGERS, Oliver C. . . . 166 ROGERS. William A 158 ROGERSON. Nancy C 127 ROGERSON. Philip C 141 ROLLINS. Franklin W. . . . 128. 307 ROMAN. Gordon G 141. 245, 325 ROOF, Marv Alva 128, 335 ROOF. Volie 128 ROOKS. Nancy 106 ROPER. Bland .... 111. 215. 248, 325 ROSE. Harold .... 128 ROSE. Thomas 141 ROSEFIELD. M. K ! 418 ROSEMAN, Richard HI, 198, 204, 250 ROSEMAN. Robert . . . 241. 244 ROSS. Earl ... 15s ROSS, Lowell 175. 182 ROSS, William F 158 ROSS, William G 128 ROSSON. Eveline 128 ROTH. Bernard 222 ROUNTREE, Aubrey 128 ROUNTREE, Emily 128. 234 ROUNTREE, Judith 141 ROWE, James E 158 ROWE, James L 159 ROWE, Walker 106 ROWLAND, Alice 141, 343 ROWLAND, James 141 ROYSTER, Carolyn 159, 339 ROZIER, Doris 141, 225 RUBIN. Jane 199, 249, 345 RUBIN. Kenneth 244 RUCKER, James 141 RUCKER, Joyce 128 RUCKER, R. J 159 RUCKER, Roger 128, 251 RUCKMAN, Brenda 159 RUDICH, Leon 107, 311 RUFF, Jesse 159, 805 RUFF, Richard 107 RUMPH, Elizabeth . 69, 107, 211, 212, 237, 238, 288, 331, 385 RUNDBAKEN, Paul .... 159, 249, 311 RUSH, Thomas 128 RUSSELL, Elizabeth 141, 843 RUSSELL, Richard 141 RUSSELL, Rosemary 159 RUTH. Gay 107, 347 RUTLEDGE. Eulalie 159 RYAN, John 159 RYON, Jill 128, 198, 212, 219, 252, 343 S SALLEY, Cecilia 159 SALTER, Arthur 159 SANDERS, Dan 128 SANDERS. Gwynne .... 141, 218, 335 SANDERS, Harvey 172, 180 SANDERS. James 159 SANDERS, Lamar 128 SANDERS, Luanne 141, 218, 331, 847 SANDERS, Mary 169 SANDERS, Sandra 159, 202 SANDERS. Tommy .... 141, 202, 329 SANDIFER, Robert 159 SANDIFER. Robert M 128 SANSBURY. Dora KIT SARGENT. Homer 159, 325 SARGENT, James 128 SARRATT, Victor 175 SARVIS, Billy 141 SATTERFIELD, Jimmy 141 SATTERFIELD, John .... 107, 318 SATTERFIELD, Steve .... 107, 418 SAULS, Ann 159, 204 SAULS. Eugene H 107, 328 SAUNDERS, John H. . . . 107, 210, 418 SAUNDERS, Robert A 141 SAVAGE, English J 107 SAVERANCE, John F 197 438 At the University of South Carolina and 123 other leading Colleges . . . ITS SLATER FOOD SERVICE MANAGEMENT Good luck, graduates! Slater is privileged to have served The GARNET AND BLACK Campus during your stay at U. S. C. Good luck, Gamecocks! Slater hopes it helped make your undergraduate days pleasant and memorable. S LATER FOOD SERVICE MANAGEMENT PHILADELPHIA ATLANTA • BALTIMORE NEW YORK CITY • CHICAGO 439 STUDENT DIRECTORY-Continued SAWYER. Horace W 128, 313 SAYLOR. James T 141 SCARBOROUGH, Ernest .... 159, 307 SCARBOROUGH, Neigel 107 SCHIPMAK. Bernice M 107, 337 SCHNAUFFER, Elaine 199 SCHNEIDER. Davev M 159 SCHNEIDER, Katherine 159 SCHOF1ELD, Beverly 128 SCHRODER, George H 159 SCHUMPERT. Martha E. . . . 159. 200 SCHWARTZ, Jerome L 128 SCOTT. Craig K 128, 313 SCOTT. Joyce G 128 SCOTT. Margaret A 107. 233 SCOTT. Sarah E 141 SCRUGGS, Thomas G 128 SEABORN. William P 141 SEALS, George A 159 SEALY. Barbara D 159 SEARSON, William B 107 SEASE. Donnie H 159 SEARSE, Larry G. . . .198 SEAY, Mary B. . 107. 198. 218. 225. 248. 343 SEAY. Sarah R 159. 250 SECKEL. Ann R. . . . 141. 219. 343, 419 SEGUI. William T. 108, 197, 210. 244 SELF. William 141. 325 SELLERS, Dorothy E 128 SELWAY. James E 108 SENN. Edna L 141, 251 SENN, Ella J 159 SEO, Kap M 108 SERVICE, James H. ... 108. 196, 323 SETZER. William H 128 SEXTON. Frances J 128 SEXTON. Heyward E 128 SEYBT. Wyatt S 141, 321 SEYMOUR. James D 141 SHAKIB, Iraj 128 SHARPE, Marvin L.. Jr 141 SHARPE, William H 159 SHARPE, William N 159 SHAW. Russell K 128. 325 SHEALY, Ernest G 159 SHEALY. Gail 1 1 1 SHEALY. Joel W 128 SHEALY, Leland D 141 SHEALY, Orastus F 159 SHEALY. Robert W 159 SHEALY. Sandra D 200 SHEEK, Ann C 108 SHEHEEN. Emmet M. . . . 141. 215, 250 SHEHEEN, Martha A 141 SHELLEY, Henry G 128 SHELTON, Carl M., Jr 142 SHEPPARD, George L 108, 317 SHEPPARD. Robert L 159 SHERER, James H 108, 323 SHERER, Julia V 159, 343 SHERIDAN. Richard B 159 SHIFLET, Harvey H 418 SHINE, Sara W 128 SHINN, Margaret T 108 SHIRLEY, Cecilia A. . . . 199. 331, 333 SHIRLEY, Jerry L 142 SHIRLEY, John W 159, 303 SHIRAH, Willie E 159, 207 SHIVAR, Jeanelle 159 SHIVES. William W 128 SHOAF. Anne A 159 SHOCKLEY. William 159 SHRIVALLE, Wade B 128, 245 SHUFORD, Emmett G 108 SHUFORD, Walter R 108 SHULER, Martha S. ... 142, 250, 259 SHULER, Rose H 159, 199 SHULER. Rutledge E 159 SIEGEL, Barbara M. . 142. 198. 249, 259. 345 SIEGEL. Frank C 108 SIEGMANN. Robert M 166. 250 SIELING, Ernest H 108 SILBERT. Mendel N. . . . 108, 249. 315 SIMMS. Earl W 108 SIMONS, Charles 1 222 SIMONS, James B 142 SIMPKINS, D. 214 SIMPSON. Harry L 128. 222 SIMPSON. William A 128. 325 SIMRIL. Hugh L., Jr 108, 807 SIMS, Larry D 159 SIMS, Mary G 159 SINCLAIR. Penelope . . 109, 218, 233, 839 SINGLETON, Robert E 159, 237 SINKLER. George D 180 SITTERSON, Elizabeth . . 109, 198, 218 SKIDMORE, Leila B 159. 343 SLAY, Jo A 142 SLIGH, Martha R 109 SLOAN, Ralph S„ Jr 175 SMARR, Albert R 159, 200, 251 SMARR, Jesse A 109 SMITH, Albert SMITH, Alice R 109, 249. 337 SMITH, Alma 198 SMITH. Carrie M 109 SMITH, Charles A 142 SMITH, Charles A.. Jr 142 SMITH, Charles W„ Jr 109 SMITH, Dorris J 142 142, 142, 159, 142, 110. 128, SMITH, Ellen P. SMITH, Frederick A. SMITH. Graham M. . SMITH. Harold C. SMITH. Harold T. SMITH, Harold Terry SMITH, Holland . SMITH, Inez D. . . SMITH, James O. SMITH. Lowell W. . SMITH. Michael L. SMITH, Nancy E. SMITH. Paul F. . . SMITH, Peggy O. . . SMITH, Ray M. . . SMITH, Richard E. . SMITH. Robert E. SMITH. Robert J. SMITH, Robert L.. Jr. SMITH. Robert L SMITH. Robert P.. Jr SMITH. Robert Win SMITH, Roderick E SMITH, Roy C SMITH. Selden K SMITH. Seth M.. Jr 128. SMITH. Stenen C. . . 1 ' 9. SMITH. Vicki H. . . . HO. 219. 248. SMITH. William C 223 ' SMITH. William H SMOAK, Harry H • SMOAK, Joseph F 128. SMOAK, Sara C HO. 248, SNIPES. Mary A 1 4S, SNYDER, Guy T. . . . ■ SOJOURNER. R. E 128. 301, SOLOMONS, Edward A SOLES. Quinn B ■ SOLTIS. Anita J. . . SORRELL, Gilbert G SOWERS. Carol B. SOX, Freddy K. . SPANN, Henry M. SPANN. Jerry E. SPARKS, Hay F., Jr. SPARKS, James Win. SPEARS, Grover A • SPEARS, Mary B 128. 218, SPEARS, Robert E. . . 128, 214. 215, SPEARS, Vernon A„ Jr. HO, 245, SPEED, Mary Joanna SPEER, Elizabeth J. SPENCER. Caldwell E. SPIRES. Jo E. ... SPLAWN, Jacqueline . . 110. |U. « , SPRATT, Thomas M 110, SPRAWLS, Sandra D l " i SPRUELL, Olive J. B SPRUILL, Eleanor D 160, SPURLING. Brenda . SPYROPOULOS, N. E. SQUIRES, Thurston W. STAFFORD, James H. J STALLINGS. Saundra STALLWORTH, Mildred STAMATIADES, John C. STANFORD, Freeda B. . STANLAND, William R. . ■ STANLEY, William D. . . ■ HI. 1 STANTON, Luther E STANTON, Rose M STEADMAN, James D STEELE, Clarence, Jr STEPHEN, Grant J. Jr STEPHENS. Andre Wm STEVENS, Arthur R STEVENS, Leonard N STEVENSON. Beynard STEWART, John M. . STEWART, Sandra A. STEWART, Wm. H. . STILL, Harold R. STILL, Henry D STILL. McGee • • STILWELL. Harold S. . . . 1 " . 182. ST. JOHN, James D.. Jr. . . 142. 245, ST. JOHN. Martha C. . . . STODDARD. Linda I. . . . 160, 249, STOG NER. Rhett J STOKES, Carolyn R STOKES, Ernest W„ Jr HI, STOKES, Robbie I STONE, Arthur P STONE, Carol V STONE, Earl V STONE, Eugene E„ IV . . . 129, 215, STONE, Leslie 129, STONE, Hoyt E STONE, James C. Jr STORK, Sandra H 129, 231. STORY. Martha F STOVER, Gerald W STOVER, John M STRADLEY. James 142, STRANGE. Barbara STRAUSBAUGH. F. W 129. STRICKLAND. Ronald STRICKLAND. Wm. L STROMAN, Arthur 111, 129, 196, 142, 128, 110, 123, 110. 110, 110, 196. 110, 111, 223, 160, 160, 109 142 307 128 142 128 172 142 128 159 313 109 159 224 309 110 128 244 307 142 142 110 128 159 166 198 245 333 346 142 111 418 259 248 128 319 197 128 250 159 338 198 321 325 196 177 110 347 233 313 128 142 248 159 847 198 225 110 337 160 180 216 329 160 111 307 111 244 216 160 160 142 111 111 160 250 128 160 111 419 231 160 128 111 213 817 160 333 160 160 315 160 160 140 160 325 805 111 160 419 142 142 112 813 160 222 129 418 206 STROMAN, George R 160 STROTHER. Bonnie L 112 STUCK, Arlen W 100, 198 STUCK, Lon W 142 STUCK. Vaden A 129 STUCKEY, Allie L 160 STUCKEY, Elizabeth . . . 160. 347 STURDIVANT, Sara K. 120. 219. 343 STURKIE. Grace M. 122. 220. 223. 248 STRUM. Harold F., Jr. 112. 211. 223, 237, 238, 254, 323 STYERS, Thomas 160 SULLIVAN, Henry 160 SULLIVAN, John P 11, 112 SULLIVAN, Richard L. C. . . . 160, 305 SUMMER, Robert M. . . . 160 SUNSHINE, Mimi H. . . . 160. 249. 345 SURITZ. Michael J 177 SUTHERLAND. John H. . . . 112 SWARTZ, Judy I. ... 160. 198 SWEARINGEN. Ervin S 418 SWEATMAN, Carl A 160. 325 SWEATMAN, Dorothy 160 SWENSON, Robert D 160 SWINK, Theresa D 142 SWORD. William C. ... 112, 301, 312 SWYGERT. Franklin D. 129, 222, 418 T TACKNEY, Peter M 112, 323 TALLEY. William .... 129. 321. 417 TATE, Roland 142, 198 TATUM, Mary R 112 TAYLOR, Andrew J 129. 305 TAYLOR. Ann G 129, 341 TAYLOR, Carolyn V 160 TAYLOR, Carroll F 113, 329 TAYLOR, Edward N 142 TAYLOR, Elizabeth P 160 TAYLOR. Franklin E 142, 251 TAYLOR, Herbert A 113 TAYLOR, Hubert H 113 TAYLOR, Jack K 215, 321 TAYLOR. John S. . . . 113. 215. 254. 305 TAYLOR. J. Guerry 245 TAYLOR. Milton S 113 TAYLOR, Myrtle T 142 TAYLOR, Nelson D 112, 245 TAYLOR. Silvia M 160 TAYLOR. W. Frank 129 TEASTER, Gerald F 197 TEEMS. Robert A 129 TELLER. Howard S 196 TENISON. Virginia T. . 129. 229, 335. 419 TERRY. Billy C 175 THACH. Lucy B 118, 341 THEM. Doran R 142, 848, 419 THEOS, Helen P 142 THOMAS, Beverley D 160 THOMAS, Calhoun 175 THOMAS, Cornelia 129 THOMAS. Delbert 113 THOMAS, Edward C 160 THOMAS, Floyd W THOMAS. Gary E 160 THOMAS, James 142 THOMAS, John 129 THOMAS, John L 160 THOMAS. Larry C 142, 248 THOMAS, Linda L 206 THOMAS. Lou Ellyn 160 THOMAS, Mattie J 160 THOMAS, Moalvaney 160, 207 THOMAS, McKeva 118 THOMAS. Stephen E 160 THOMASON, James W 160, 198 THOMPSON, Alfred B 160 THOMPSON, Annie R 160. 206 THOMPSON, Betty J 142 THOMPSON, Carroll M 419 THOMPSON, Charley J 129 THOMPSON, John L 113 THOMPSON, Joseph M 129. 313 THOMPSON, Larry J 160 THOMPSON, Margaret ...... 160 THOMPSON. Sidney M 249 THOMPSON, Wayne A 129 THOMPSON. Wesley F 160 TIBSHRANY. Badieh M 129 TIEMANN. Karen E. . . . 160, 204, 250 TIGHE, Michael W 160 TILLER, Richard H 118 TILTON, Edward H 142 TIMBERLAKE, Leah A 160, 338 TIMMERMAN, Helen S TIMMERMAN. Henry 142 TIMMERMAN, John P 142, 321 TIMMERMAN, Otis H 118, 222 TIMMONS, Harriett E 129 TIMMONS, Joseph A 129 TINDALL, Henry B 142 TINDALL, Thomas C 160 TINDER, Aubrey 161 TISDALE, Robert J 142 TISDAL, Sam A 161 TOBIAS. James C 142, 250 TODD. Tobe H 161 TODD, James M 129, 807 TOLLISON. Benjamin 113, 207, 224 TOMLIN, Kit P 161 440 " Private " Power On The March! The start of 1959 saw SCEGCO ' s newest power plant, huge McMeekin Station " on the line " with two completed units; the be- ginning of 1960 brought the announcement of another new power plant to be built at Canadys on the Edisto River . . . making nine power producers in all for central and southern South Carolina. This is " private " power on the march building far ahead of the demand for electricity in this area. There is no need for " government " power systems here ... no ned to waste tax dollars here or anywhere be- cause privately-owned power companies are able and willing to keep well ahead of any need, and on their own financing, too.! SOUTH CAROLINA ELECTRIC GAS CO. 441 STUDENT DIRECTORY-Continued TOMPKINS. Virginia 113. 841 TONEY. Saundra A 161 TOPOREK, Haskell D 142 TOPOREK. Selby S 161 TOWLES. Daniel 113 TOWLES. Eunice M 337 TREACY. Thomas M 114, 250 TRIBBLE. Jerome S 129, 327 TRIMMIER. Thomas 1 129 TROTTER. Agnes A. . 114. 198. 204. 218 TROTTI. Wvman W. ... 161 TRUESDALE. James K.. 1 12. 237. 301, 325, 419 TRUESDALE, Louis 1 114 TRUSSELL. (llencla K 142 TUCKER. Charles J 142, 303 TULLY, Patricia L 161, 208 TURBEVILLE. Edward 161 TURNER. Allen 198 TURNER. Harry A 142 TURNER. John N. . . . ... 142 TURNER. Patricia A. . 114. 208, 237. 343, 419 TURNER. Robert J 161, 248 TURNER. William M 161, 325 TURPIN. Barrv P 142 TUTEN. William J 129 TWITTY. James A 129, 237, 317 TYBURSKI. Patricia 161, 347 U ULMER, Jacob S. UPCHURCH, Rov F. URBANYI. Arthur L ' SHER. Jimmy L. USHER. Patricia A. USSERY. Sandra UTSEY. Norma E. 114. 69, 114. 199. 210, 212. 237. 290. 331. VALLEY. James A. . VALLEY. Rebecca A. . VANDEGRIFT, Dorothy VANDEGRIFT. Roy . VANHOY. William VAN, Lewen A. VARN. Ernest S. VAUGHAN, Bobby H. VAUGHAN. Charles G. VAUGHN, Richard S. VAUGHN. Billy V. . VAUGHT. Eugene P. VEACH. Charles E. . VERDERY. Joseph H. VICKERY. Jacqueline V1CKERY. Larrion L. VON KOLNITZ, Lucilla W WACTOR. Rufus C. . . WADE. Cecil A. . WAINNER. Thomas E. . WAITES, Claudia G. WAKIM, Jamil M. . . WAKIM. Layla . . . WALKER, Cleatis C. WALKER. Michael L. WALKUP. William B. . . WALLACE, Billy C. . . WALLACE. Dolores R. . WALLACE. James A. WALLACE. James H. WALLENBURG. Elizabeth E WALSH, Belva Joyce WALTERS. George E. . WANG, Chin S. . WANNAMAKER. William WARD. Albert E. . . WARD, Charles E. . . WARD, Charles S. . . WARD, George H. . . WARD. Marcia K. . . WARNER, Dorothy A. WARREN, Carl B. WARREN, Charles O. . WASHNOK, Robert D. . 114. 210. 212. 219. 221. 23X. 129. 129. 129. 197 143. 231 101 128. 197 115, 196 129, 331 115, 219, 331 161 161, 237 327 142 142 417 341 341 161 143 252 161 206 198 143 143 129 175 143 161 161 161 327 335 200 129 319 142 224 337 166 161 161 303 313 115 161 161 161 129 129 143 166 161 166 161 115 216 347 343 307 313 115 WATERS. Lewis H 161 WATKINS, James B 248 WATKINS. Suzanne 161 WATSON. Charles M 115 WATSON, David S 143, 251, 317 WATSON, John W 115 WATSON. Wade W 115 WATTERS. Francis S 161 WATTS, Eugene M 161 WATTS. John D 143, 323 WATTS, Leila R 129, 837 WAY, William A 161, 207 WEATHERFORD. Melvin 115 WEATHERS, Kathv A 161 WEATHERS. Marvin 115, 327 WEATHERSBEE. William II 161 WEBB, Linda J 161, 341 WEBB. Troy A 129 WEBER. Lawrence R. . 213, 215. 223. 229 WEDDLE. John 148 WEEKS, Elizabeth W 143, 208 WEEKS, John W. 115 WEHRUNG, Charles S. 129. 249, 259. 325 WEISS, Peter E 129 WELLS. Donald R 129. 245 WELLS. George W 115 WENGROW. Henry R. . 69. 115. 196, 210. 213. 216, 301, 811 WESSINGER. Charles 161 WEST, David P 129 WESTBROOK. A. G 115, 329 WESTBURY, Mary L. . •. . . 169 WHATLEY, James E 129, 319 WHEELER. Howard A 223 WHETSELL. Hampton A 143 WHETSTONE. John N. . . 115, 222, 251 WHISNANT, Arthur H 143 WHITE, Barbara A 161 WHITE. Betty R 129. 335 WHITE, Henry B 143, 313 WHITE. John E 148, 323 WHITE. Kenneth S 161 WHITE. Pierce S 177 WHITE. Virgil H. 129 WHITENER, Larry F 161 WHITMAN, William C 248 WHITTINGTON, H. W 148 WHITTINGTON, Philip 116 WHITTLE, Thomas S 129 WHITWORTH, David H 161 WIG-GINS, Elmer G 116, 222 WIGGINS, Mary H 333 WIGHTMAN, Joseph 166 WILBANKS, John W 129 WILDER. Marion A 148 WILHOIT, Marga H 116, 218 WILKERSON. Jerry 161 WILKIE, R. C 143, 204, 222 WILKINS, Ellen 161, 200 WILLCOX. Robert P 148 WILLIAMS, A. Claude ... . . 118 WILLIAMS, R. Joyce 161, 248, 252 WILLIAMS, Bonnie L 161, 206 WILLIAMS, C. Reid 116, 222 WILLIAMS, Elizabeth 161 WILLIAMS, Fred C. 129. 223, 248, 259 WILLIAMS, Frederick 305 WILLIAMS, George T 129, 307 WILLIAMS, Geraldine 116, 292, 341, 419 WILLIAMS, Harry E 116, 325 WILLIAMS. James L 116, 317 WILLIAMS, Janice E 161 WILLIAMS, Joe B 161 WILLIAMS, John D 161 WILLIAMS, Joseph 116 WILLIAMS, Joseph T 198 WILLIAMS, Louis C 116 WILLIAMS, Marguerit 116 WILLIAMS, Patricia 130, 198 WILLIAMS, Ray D 116 WILLIAMS, Richard C 148 WILLIAMS, Wilbert R 161 WILLIS, Ernest L 197 WILLIS. John B 116, 250 WILLIS. Margaret J 161, 333 WILLIS. Ralph B 130 WILLIS, Ray L 1 61 116, 162, 237, 143. 221, 223. 143, 117. 237, 238, 143, 143, 162, 34L . . 162. 162. WILSON, Barbara R. WILSON. Glenn V. . WILSON. J. Frank WILSON, James H. . WILSON, Jerome D. . WILSON, John Peak WILSON, Loretta L. WILSON. William D. . WIMBERLY. Marvin G. WINBURN. Howard J. WINDHAM. Diane H. WINGARD, Ronald B. WINGATE, Carolyne A. WINGATE, Carolyn P. WINGATE, Claudia K. WINGATE. Furman D. WINN. Larry R. WINSTEAD. Martha C. WINTER. Walter O. . WINTERSON. Margaret WISE, Kay K. . . WISE, Linda A. . . WISE. Sarah B WITHERS. Margaret E. . . 117, 252 WITHERSPOON, Joseph .... 180 WI.THERSPOON, Walter . . WOFFORD. Kate W. . . 162. 229. 248 WOGON. Richard R WOLFE, Doris L WOLFF. William G 130 WOLPER. Marvin WOOD. Christopher A WOOD. Herman E WOO D. James K WOOD, Sandra WOOD, Thomas E. WOODBURN. Nancy P. WOODHAM. John W. WOODLE. Sarah L. . . WOODRUFF. B. W. . WOODRUFF. William E. WOODS, William B. . WOODS. William I. . WOODWARD, Thomas I,. WOODWARD. William M WOOLSEY. Gerald B 117. 162. 162. 130. 162. 143. 143. 13(1. WOOLSEY. Marcus L. WOOTEN. Helen Dean WORKMAN, Jane E. . 1 WORLEY, Pamela G. WORTHY. Thomas J. WRIGHT, Charles W. WRIGHT, Douglas H. WRIGHT, James H. . WYMAN, Elizabeth . WYNDHAM, John G. . WYNDHAM. J. Woodrow WYSONG, Winn R. . . 117. 30. 198. 218, 238, 162, 199. 162. 244, 162, 143, 143, 206, 200, 130 301 162 116 204 817 143 250 305 130 117 130 130 335 343 202 143 419 811 117 143 199 143 341 325 117 335 143 162 321 117 162 202 223 162 307 169 207 224 315 303 317 130 117 198 200 347 339 274 825 143 143 333 224 143 337 Y YARBOROUGH, James L 162 YARBOROUGH, Mitchell 162 YARBOROUGH, Virginia .... 130 YARBOROUGH. Wayne P. . . 118, 307 YASCHIK. Harvey 198. 221. 223. 249. 259 YONCE. Joe B. 143 YONCE, Monroe W 118 YORK. Allen R. .... 162. 308 YOUSAITIS. Robert W 166 YOUNG. Alice J 143 YOUNG, Clarissa Mae 130, 219, 335 YOUNG, David L 162 YOUNG. Marion J 180 YOUNG. Martha L 162 YOUNG. Peter A 162. 245, 307 YOUNG. Philip L 177 YOUNGINER, Gail T 143 YOUNGINER. Robert 143 Z 7.EAGLER. Frankie H 130, 199 ZIGLAR, Lila J 182 ZIMMERMAN, Dana S 118, 339 ZIMMERMAN, H. D 180 ZIMMERMAN, John C 148, 317 442 COMPLIMENTS OF Toal ' s Studio Photographers of 1960 GARNET AND BLACK Class Portraits 443 im m MA iff TlV. HB : :HP Bi v — -V •% » - i • v V ■tf -. " ■■■■■•■ V • l r . m " ■ Am ¥■• j9 ttr v MP - p|v -- v i ■wfeB n BM HE V . K V i 1 s ;_ - SIXTEEN years of organized preparation ended with a sentimental exchange of paper— for some the end came too suddenly— there were things left undone— quizzes un-madeup— girls un- dated—regardless, we accepted our new responsi- bilities and broke our ties with a way of life that had become a habit— there would be no more registration— or signing out— or Homecoming dis- plays—or Saturdays at the ' Patch— some of us had positions waiting for us on the outside but most of us faced the competition of the job market— we viewed the future with uncertainty— but we realized that we were our own best security— we rose, sang the Alma Mater, and filed out feeling a great sense of the dramatic— we joined our parents for lunch— returning to our room, we packed up our unsaleable books, beer mugs, dance favors and walked out of one life. Acknowledgments DURING the production of this, the 1960 Garnet and Black, it has been my pleasure to be associated with and influenced by many. Each one contributing and doing his best whether in a major task or a minor one, have published this book. It is my pleasure to take this space to pay tribute to them for their many efforts put forth. To Mr. Price Coursey of Charlotte Engraving Company for his advice and help in lay-outs, pic- tures, and overall designs, I would like to extend my gratitude. Thanks also is due our printer, Mr. Ed O ' Cain of The R. L. Bryan Company for his patience and human understanding. For a wonderful job done on our class portraits, as well as fraternity and sorority portraits, my appreciation goes to Mr. Ed Toal of Toal ' s Studio. Thanks likewise is due to John Lilly of Kent Studio for the organization group pictures and supplementing our staff photographers whenever necessary. My appreciation is also extended to Mr. Art Downs of Sherwood Studios for the Beauty Section pictures. I am also appreciative of the help and coopera- tion of the Administration, Faculty and Staff of the University. To Dean Tomlin, Director of Stu- dent Activities, and Mr. Harold Rhodes, Uni- versity Accountant, I would like to extend my thanks. I have been most fortunate in having a wonder- ful and willing staff. My appreciation to those of you who worked mornings, afternoon, and night and those who gave of their holidays to help get the job done. Also, those to be cited here are not only the editors of various sections, but also the photographers and those who wrote copy, typed, and sold ads. You have been generous in giving of your time, your ideas, and your energies to a common purpose. You also have made it a most enjoyable environment in which to work. All this would not have been possible if it were not for the Men and Women of Carolina, who have given the understanding and placed their confidence in us. This is your 1960 Garnet and Black, you are a part of it, as much as I or anyone. —The Editor. 446 ■ .;»,.. ,. - .— . Printed by THE R. L BRYAN COMPANY, Columbia, S. C Engravings by CHARLOTTE ENGRAVING CO., Charlotte, N. C 447

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