University of South Carolina Columbia - Garnet and Black Yearbook (Columbia, SC)

 - Class of 1949

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University of South Carolina Columbia - Garnet and Black Yearbook (Columbia, SC) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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-r wg? 'C -i ,. ,n , -Q L V ., . K . ' 4 , ., L , . I4 X - J . -15 I . 1- , B 240, f 6 llLga' gnc! was published by and for the Student Body of the University of ff,QSoqutl'i"Earoiina under the direction idfiiifxnn Rbgers, Editor, and 'wr I fLEd Teague, Business iM'anagerf 4. ' s " 1 ra u ' ' 5 .4 - ' , as ' if ,SE ,K 2 di. .... .mn HQ :di su my me awww' 5: 1. t ' . ' "TI-E:5El'f"" ::..5:-.?.::vEEzi-' ' ' Hem uh .'-ffl'-: +:- -.-:-'5-31515612-Ezra' b. ,,., .., , , 22:5 ..-:zgiqagji-1555-,'1s1..,,.v::z,-.,, - ...-S V V . , , l Q1 IW 5 5' -' :I J " fu .. 51:-.,,. f, 43 -, is . 'l Ak, - E fx za ., , - -.r:'-5 -: . : -E- f ul A: 'Ifimff V2 2 1 'iii-if-'f"' fx'-1:,,gg,'?:':.':'ai:5.f-W. " H i , js . V:-f ..x A " - ,mx 55 wmum M---wut X52 IIarmeIanaEIIa0Ie THE YEARBOOK OF THE STUDENT BODY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA I Q49 Q 'Ei 'dx 'V N Tamiya . 1 f " K" 'Q ft-wig Y 9 N qi! ' ' if W -Wfkumggff I 71 M, . , zza . Q Q Ws., uf f Wim Sf- mv ' , ,Q swam, ,A V -- I A K . w . , 3 K Q ' ' 2.9 f wi. ' A ' ' Xe . if ww 's,l'Jflv 1 H V 'fifuzf U . : 1 , "H J ? 'L f 'W a,'v,m4Af?,f"Q" Q K L- My xy. I . it HQ iQ"ggQ, . A . ig +11 :xg 2 it ,Q Q! 5? ,X s . 'LL Wg 213 ff 201m K7 a . Q wfii ,W , M gjwf 4 I F gr ' " if - -5.1 4 "' 1- vw . . 3' f.zI I - H 5 Q,M,,5 'I 's 47 it ' , .QI :H ,,r:,-vw ' gmwf? I , V ' ' X ff 'L ':Q 3,f.fef'?",qs1-221 'TSXASQ-3,1 A gqggi 5, Z sig Aw ' fi I 8 3 ' ,,. -fy qt ng yfwi, nisy ' , I 5. . L ,ky Q -, 33 kv . - ,I , -- H A W5 V A - x ., . .I ' . - . Y -I 1- P A fi! f. I 45:5 1U,g5g,I,3' I " -naw --ff, . -5' fi42Igfe, w2Ipi?5f Q I,1H?" QI-Q fl 'Q fy' ff' . y i III I M .. ' -, ww I , - ffiyia if 2- ,I I-f,1,I,' ' I ew -, 'vu W. A 'I fgfw , A. f ' 'ska' 1:1-sais-2 5 I , 'I HI ' S -5. G s V 7 , , .. I QL -f , fri: f52v,H,-Q, . :IA , , ' ,p , +999 5 ,I x A 5 - Q. ,mfg8'f If g .gm ifxxfixiqkzbwv :K E K 'I 'f I- -" I. ,321 ,.,,,, .4543 ,, 4 . k H I .R as-V . ,Iv L II ,L , I -I . -1 . f 4I f.,I , - ., 4 . .y MID.: jf. .. I A - I ,EI Qi I, 9: K H ? 3-Q," ,r ,, -. ,.-JE, " '? 4-11 55151 1 xx "le ' 'ff . ,xi-1' ' W I 11, f Elia ' 'Y'-44 Q -7 Q Bfsyk... if I " ' f-I H9359 m , I 'W ' 'TY , . Ma, I I- Fw ei I ,. H ff is 'sw my - I , X A, Hi X i ' 1. xx if IVF V "Q li ' T I 4 541 Ms X I , f' w1f,mQ.II Q If 'E' ff? 'fi' W: S- 'S ..f"'Y +dx' ..m?I'ig ,f I ,. . I Q 4 if ' ,. I 1-gg, A 1, .,,z,!',x5 ' ' f ' , w Qu? fum 5' 3. . 553.691 i , K Q -v f. W k K iw: A I, , 15,7 NM?-if x . dry. Q! If MQ N TV T yfigg fmfzf L, 8 l A E p . ' A 'WI' FW 'JA' 's' 'P '.fv"A1 i iff I -kiwi! Q 15' , A 3u"+: , Ima: - 3 ,, Iv 2v?-- -, L wwf ' 'f -,wh --I1J3,,x I. - f , . I .- , . - 'N-:un 'fic - TT' - I 'ww iw I vi., w ,Aff I-41.4 IW 5.5 - f we - g I -. ,, Q,'5H"Q2 9 Wg-54' , ,7 ",w.gMf" ' "1 5 iam QI Wg: f My ' . 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M I , WV yrgr My ww Nawwx -WWW .Wm F l f I ,if I l f 49" ff' , -Wi "'v f .3343 l W. P tl 'Q -iw' ffl f'v'r"j. I l , 2 fy' 5:3- i f l'Iiff.i'ffy r ' . it fl ,V l,. 1, f 427' f ,, fA,fjv ff ' li'ai tv , AQ-, i A AM A - L Ke: ji' ' he r f up . . A 9 H, ug-,pfiq , Q , I 1 ' vi C 07014 Mrs. Pondofrmfsglg Cm jeficafe flue fQ4Q aznef 6-3 gfacl You who have so rightfully gained the love and respect of so many. Each of us has some ideal, and we tind you the living example of the type of person many ol us would strive to be. Yours is a grave responsibility because you help mould the lives of so many students. You are a part ol Carolina that we shall ever remember, and we talce great pleasure in dedicating to you this 1949 edition of the Garnet and Black. ailxufdyi fdiielli, Jynlfdigiefl 6 K U4 Lgetzifdlfl 611466 wifie Quill XX The year is over now, the last exam has been taken, the bags are packed lor the long or short trip home, whichever the case may be. The last-minute goodbyes to friends tried and true have all been said. Uncle, the janitor, has been tipped and a tinal check to see if anything of importance has been Forgotten is now made. All is in readiness, the door is open and the road is waiting, but a final glance at the room is taken, and with that fleeting glance a review of the year sweeps through the mind. Yes, something of importance has been left behind, a complete year ol memories, some happy, others bitter, but each cherished in its own respective way. And what are some ol these memories . . . Y The inevitable Big Thursday with an array ol color and feeling all its own. lt's the day when Tiger meets Gamecockp and when the smoke clears, hall the state is jubilant for a year and the other hall wears the black of mourning . . . There were the classes with the ditlerent campus characters, some dry and drab, others delightful . . . Registra- tion with its plague ol lines and shattered dreams ol no eight o'clock classes or sack-time Saturday mornings . . . Dances and parties with all the pretty young things regaled in their tinery and youth . . . The solitary walks across the campus 8 JGVU liiii WAZI4 yptvuogfy we .40lftfAf i466 with the lights of the horseshoe tlickering, but ever present in the haze oi night . . . The proverbial mob in the canteen between classes . . . The changing of the seasons with each bringing into play its own display of fashion and activity . . . The controversies that have raged throughout the years and this year stirred to a never-precedented tumult . . . The bold headings of "The Gamecocki' asking for a new campus site . . . The Student Body meetings to discuss the Date Ticket situation and the new constitution . . . The eruption of the I-lonor Board fracas, with pros and cons ottered at every quarter. The memory of a house divided among itself will be remembered, but the sense of duty to Carolina displayed by the respective Factions will be remem- bered still longer, for, interwoven among the ill feelings and contempt was the spirit displayed by all concerned that they believed their purpose essential to the embetterment oi this, our State University. With a spirit such as this the day will come when "The men and women oi Carolina" will sing those simple words "We hail thee Carolina and sing thy high praise" Fully realizing that they are paying homage to a physical being that is as alive as their voices and greater than the combined crescendo oi all of "her childrens' voices cascading down through the years. 9 September 'ffl IUHQ "Registration with its plague of lines and shattered dreams of no eight o'clock classes." no L 4 W ,ne Q.. -W- 2 ,Exif L, ' ',f'fx?' Q 3, - ' il.. 3 5 2:2555- 1: A Af. if A, . W, 'H if-5 M eu X , 4 M, fi? W W' 4 R a ,. , , 1 rf j . , lyk ' 14 if Q' 'J ,W ,J 9m ,gwa . ,wl'g 1 I A rg I Vw X wk 9. -1.7 , 1- .M , LQ , ,f ' ' . 5 f 5 . . . , Q ,QA .w 'Q agar, -J WN- ff 2' zyw if - , 'gf Er J ff, I aria frfl ',4 Mfg., ,,I'zfK. QR. W 'M-A az " N 'fi ' N? D .liijxr 45.11 4 Q , c,., ,v A. It " ,. ,- ,yr r .1 ' " 'LXQM g r 'W' A gh' Z':'f, I 1 ",'..'X .' 5 f4f'- Q '93 5 ." .f if f i"fft '-3' S L' ,J ff! fl' 31.3 W 1,--7.6! 4, ,. G f ' nf" 4.2 gh Mfg! ',i,..,. lyyixi :if Sm qv nk if N " ' " 'Q if ,, rj ,M f lr f 'af ff 3 , f 5 5 611 Y," -M F 5,1 pf", A' :lf A if ,Y at If X 54 . K - z ' , ' f , 1 M K? .k .A .Q , V t A l 1 lawn LA! I if Q f sf f ' E' 4 .ju gg I Q? ,Aff K. L7 1 aA " A -1 l gk ,,-f-N h Xa,-,A W ,N . y V, fn M Q fy f .F 3 e Q' F 5 , Z .5 H f if L' ' . 2 ig M gf-Ml ' if , 3 ' W , YJ' , w. L 'L KW. kd' ,R H, N lf. ' S W , : .Z 'S - I fi as ff x if fag: , fx f 5 3 1 i ' ,AE L E 2 Y 'W F psuw-' Swv .um Wiki. vga 3-QM' 1 - Lit.. Ez- . 1 -I . 'Q' .- M ii, 'W-wwaww A ' , ,M..vL. ..,- -.1 , v f,f ,iff M :K win.. 'Eli "" ,, ,A , , . , wx, . X, 5 ' 5 -i W Qf .QT . jx 3 I f figs' LL Q .LL11 ki Kil' W 1 V -W ' swf' f Q f fhgff Q K S Q JL. K S' 5 V. Q Q ,zu amy . , W9 . 4 A fjggwf .V ,L ,152 .ff .1 1 S. bmw QW, ,, S gf 3 f Mui! 2 ,rg ' ffakig . AQ, ffsqw I 1 Tiki? W 5? a , t 3 They look so-o-o Angelic. .1 ,mu Kill Santa passed out presents to the orphans .COQKJ 010- 1 M Q f"' e SW mt Parties, the thought of exams, and then more parties . . . Christmas holidays with visions of turkey and dressing and sleeping late mornings . . After the festivities the realization of studies that lay ahead . . . Yeah Study! . . . spirit ol the holiday season. Uk x K , , up X3 "i215L5','?-5 rg. The canteen crowd whether it be December or May. We tried in vain to launch a movement to have a new University. QQ? F i ' ' Q , .AM.5.,1. ., -5 , wg Y' I P K A . W I 5 ,X L iv z Av 11 Vx gg , v 1? 1 s N MMMMMMM M sf, 2333 , :"I51E ,': 2 8 ,, fiksri, , 55155 Rf A f 3 1 , -K f 2 3 wfgifh ' 'jfs-1515 ,gf ,.f - mfg f gma NW, . .AK 1, - I 'tl if .1 Vfsea' 2 .1 X 3 Q Q X- fig 3223224 5 ' -ri - P 122 Nw Wa, wi' 1 D W x' Ex -aw' 4 X . fm iw. QQ Q Y 'E' -1 1 'vi .rf ff X 1 wifi Q 'xl ' Q 'Ea r peg 31-,f f ' 1.6 'sig- K f- : 'lu .mf we' : gsm Q . ,fx Vim '7'is-i32.iQ?ifif'2 f?2i mis wt san 1 ,.1:: .' ' , 155521 ' .:EE:":'5:. L.sfm15s1vz'ezfSz2 -- '7fP,a'f,. Wife , , w e ' -' , mmlggk 'Q I f 1-uk fm,.k,g-M ' s sq ww Mwi.. a ww f,-.1:,m?2,. x ws,-mgEsx,zfmf - .f - 2:15:36 Fzgkxgxfsziggs --sexe, "f, qv- ": mQ,gg3?5Qawp, W wi if - ,1zgQ,m.w N . 5 1' XWSV' ., .V V l ww , 1 H A.., lwsfsfk ' 1 Ls. -. ' :f:wevvz ?"E :2 .:-n!f4nv'::'l-'::i,- - ,ES 7 1'51?2iS,'P!3SQ7AQ - '1qyf,f2-mf" 'Sw szgifszwif :5l2.I.EE.: Midi!-E 'Vw v,,. 'f Ma' ,,.,,,, ,A n ,.,..,,- .. ---::I:s.:as:- . - f 1 31 fm: .- , L :'52:gg,z f II5.Z':EfEL.11z-',:. 4-in ..'. . ., -. 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M l 'gm ,ZA X, K. . , fww12afWwaf . fA Q 4, ,M f LQ,-,, --,e - fx Aw. , -ff . -.S ff' ,, MK ' V ,f' A ' W! Q, . , K LN ' ' n X 4 A " 'fa' 7 , 5 . Y, 1 ' -2 ' 7 w4,q.t A u ' " , 1 x , -b , 1' , 2' X - .eu 9, U . 4 :l1fi y ,,an , k , k+w V 3' gk .'t.,g " A I D L I A " ' ' A ixm' ' N 'xii A Wi? E4 , X - A- Q gs "'L 3 X xl 5, .v. im, tw " 'f EV V ' 5 5 A J: Q' I L 55,1 K . ,M Rziwri K A vm 1 ytw S ,Q J M h f wiv ,hggiffaf M K I fi Y ., 4 - . MW, I . K I I N 'fx a f4'm .15 -ff ""K-?4U'iiJ,2 zqb JL xi. aff 6' ,.pf"' YJ'-M"",-Qi YQ 5, 5 'sw 5 , if f, . 0 f V' ,kg 5 N ynx.-f ml yi - ii' 1 L J 'J' 1 5 .3 N if? 3 1 M, - , -V 4,--,RFQ ..,?5i,,,,.-- 4 - Q ya I at Yi K b as ,ue - , , .A.,. q q A " f 4 W fi wav 'M :31 'f v ' X f ' Y L . ., .3 ,, KMA, 5 . ' B :.w.fz'w' sm, A LM -xi -:S me J: s. i' MCKISSICK LIBRARY N i ,f LeCONTE COLLEG F' if ,- F , M.. ,,:,.aMQ 5 A My" , fi if Nw v in - , . 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X Vf Y , ' -L 1 A 1 gg Mx fy ,yy Lf- Wqii 5 LAWSW . is gl ,, ,jN"41 rf E?f?fvy yt Q. W . ' W T Vgggewg, sgw., ,tba ex Q.. ,if-6 53? " . will Wm A 'L f X ix K I fs? A ' if , ' N1 fx w W1V'4 , K ' W X' 154, V , 'H ,i?'vg,, t 'E' A- ggwi Mg' Q , A A K A - A , it I , f?5i3""" 'amy ' ., K. 7' 31A M5 fMgsQa:' iff? - , Q-If 'L V7 f ' " w 1. f ,QME1 , ' J . wily? 1 sf W :5qfg?fgf- wh? 56 N. H . , M m V, Vkfxmn K v ,gif mx' far' ?,uv AX4 if 5. if isfgy S ,sys My M V 5 'A M, , k 'f . V ' N S 92 f A V Q. .M " .,-6.5, ' . X "I vm -, km hs A A 2 1 - A vi, 3 Q -Q - A fm. Q -J,-,UN ffggsaf fl "' J! N' y 1 K W , X f fi 1 ' ' ' 'WJ MVP? , ' Tmdfffn' ' r 2 'N' llllllllillltlllllll We will let one, who has had many contacts with the Faculty and administration, present them to you one by one. No doubt you already know most ol them-but in the event you do not, take it from one who knows. 26 raw' I, YM 4 fy ,N , s. . N A51 ,XA .j WN ,. rsQ 'H-Q5 n .,3 x u ' if Y w ,B x I 'Q - 3g,xg.,, ,Xl - .Ma .94 ,M,fig3gQfl31s4iff gf L -,,.w A .. . 5, QHQM , - 2 ,QW .- rhy, . - .W , F , fr' . H Q 'wf:L'Ez:: kwf1 . igf',fsQJ?,y?Qwf1, ve ,ww T, 5 9 ff .1 ,ef ,aw fa. 69 Q? THE UNIVE V, - -' ' H CAROLINA V J"T"fQ:g1'1,, ' M! Y A, .,'!.v'f 1' -- 1 '1 .NW , ,V ' I X LAM 1 ,Q A ' Vxj."?-F . V A w i.-div? as , f' I. by, Students of Carolina: You who are graduating are to be congratu- lated for your diligence and persistence. Soon you will take your places in the world, and with you will go my best wishes for happi- ness and success in whatever field you enter. 'Your Alma Mater claims you now and always as Men and Women of Carolina, confident that your lives will reflect the spirit of Carolina with its standards of dignity, integrity and loyalty. To those of you who are continuing your college studies, let me remind you that the years pass all too swiftly. Make the most of your opportunity to acquire knowledge and learn truth, for knowledge is strength and in truth, freedom. In the words of a former president, Dr. James H. Thornwell: HAcquit yourselves like men and women and . make this Venerable seat of learning a joy and a praise in all the earth.U 28 mm Mira .142 ,Z I5 J K K f.ff:3:,xifsim: ,, .- .i , ..,. , 7 -- -1.-f.-mf, L- w2f:1Q.Q1,kp ,k , -ffww Wa-mg,1,w:.w ws, e ,.,. ., ,. ,swm,,,A5,g,.M,fQM X L2 - 2 s ,?,5W,,, ag D A, gf Mk as 5352! 2 ggi ' , f .,,. 1 H' f 1,2132 . iiii4Y.L ' M522 ww W ,1 , E-is fav ,,., QL ' ri Vffd Ur ln order lor a school to be an institution ol rnerit, it must have behind it leaders who love it and who are willing to work with the ever-changing student body to do all in their powerto see it grow and progress The people on the next few pages are those in whose hands rest the late of our University. 30 1 , - ig K-'Lf 152931353 ffgx-W 'fiigx w .7 H. 251,,f:a-3:32 5 V 'W QQQ QW Z A K .w,v,,.iZ QL, A 1 E S K LE r fa . 4 . ww I was Q 'ww :flaws Y, mx. T ZP5 ii!!Hih Vi 55?-322351 I Myflfilili Yi-lf!! BIN!! Z4 'L Y i 3 1 5 2 7 9551 -' 6535357 S. M. DERRICK om F. CROW Dean ol the Sclwool ol Buslness Adm-mstratlon Dean ol the School ol Edu lon f X15 ' R. l.. SUMWALT Deen ol flwc School ol Engm A' lf fi ,Qvn CDUR 'Ma 'Z :gi ,.. 115-A J. E. NORWOOD can of thc Collage ol Arts and Sclcnc' Q E 5 , 2 is 'J' fm? s- 35, iw Www. .1 L,-A fm, J 0 0 ' Q l '..s.o 'Q 0.0 . .I . . U Q ' v 1125 f W' ' ' 5 Wgsskvf K A Q1 "ew V ws- M1 f ag av ,f gvbw 1 2 I gg,WjQF?ffj'.'Lgsj2gfzx4:5Q1i,iS1?5Q.iS Y ,' ' , I A Q-fvflfiiw,g'-AL.?iQfQ2ff15WfSQ2 - fm , A 'fr , A -1 mf'zfikfvifmfgwsiqfkw QL 2 'l -v-ov .,., qw F.-mw,,......-+ if , f 5 A ig I , SV. 1? J, A A' fi' - I 1 .- ., t . wwwwwml ' ag Q , N Q, 9 f ' ,V 4 E W: ,Q fi V L ,lfxwsv - F Wwudvzmm , ' 'Mwf:a?:Qm54www!WHl 311: , W . 6 Q 22? ng if 3, .W 1 fi f S ,L fs 3 ii Sin 1 'Kkk Q Wil gi'- U iv ,, 33222 .X 42 A Vw 3- , . x 4 A 5 s X MRS. S. T. PENDER MRS, J. C. BROCKETTE MRS. WALTON J. MCLEOD Swms Dormutory Sims Dormitory Wauchopc-MCKTSSTCR House MRS. ALLEN COLEMAN MRS. RUBY P. CHTSHOLM MRS. ROBERT WILSON Wade Hampton Cafeteria Wade Hampton Wade Hampton HOUSE MOTHERS EVEN THE HOUSE MOTHERS ENJOY THE FINE FOOD AT WADE HAMPTON . . s T Z N L I , , X uk t . gi ye, K' I 5 S E pans z oem X R , pg,g11,,i,,LVM,kg, mm, i wi Q 5 - , ' .f,.wa - fwig Q, -" f mf ' 3' if Q 4 E . A,. M, , M W ,. , X: A - xg if Nm' EJ' M X 5 If V. N--, ' f' 3, 33 ., . S -"' F 4. K f Q. -. M ' ,, M , 'N ' ' .,., ,fa ' :I' 'F ,N li' 4' S X: 1 is l G . : . - in ",Z t - Y I Ex yr I f' K gy: ,gk - A Y. S. ,V K K A A I -6 A ,M I . M W - N653 157. ffiv ' fwgwgfgz Council We have also tried to represent the wishes of the student body as a group, by such actions as the controversy about the Carolina-Clemson game date tickets, and the proposed moving of the University. Many, many times Council worked to correct situations we considered bad, and did all within our power to create through the authority vested in us a better Carolina. Quite often, however, our suggestions were passed ott as views from a group ol young, radical transients. We, the Student Council, would like to express our thanks to the Student Body and the Adminis- tration ol the University, however, For the co- operation which they have given us throughout the year. Without this aid we would have been able to accomplish very little. SCHWARTZ. BERRY, CATO. and ROGERS ponder over the new ALEEBY, First Vice-Pres dent of the Stude nt Body. McCAlN, CRAIG GREER and SUMWALT count votes. N CRAIG, Secretar of the Student JEAN l"lll.l., Second Vice-President Body. BILL GOUDELOCIQ Chmrman "LET'S KEEP THAT VOTING STRAIGHT NOW . . . NO POLITICING THAT CLOSE TO THE POLLS." LYNN HOOK, Secretary ff" Hanoi TAKING UP THE HOT PLEDGES Board The custodians ol the l-lonor Principle in i948-49 were another group in Carolinals life orienting activities with an expanded student body, with the particular charge-instilling in each student the time-honored Carolina code-always the desired goal. Approaching the problem realistically, Board members addressed various groups ol students on their duties in maintaining the system on the campus, stressing throughout the year, the responsibility ol each Caro- linian in upholding his honor pledge. Closer cooperation with the faculty was sought and students in general believed the tide was running in for renewed iaith in Carolinais best tradition-the integrity ol its students. Student Council and the t-lonor Board initiated a new system ol electing Board members by abolishing sell-perpetuation and allowing each school to select members from Board nominees. This could be said to have been a year ol renaissance lor the Honor Principle of Carolina. . . . CUSTODIANS OF CAROLINPJS HONOR PRINCIPLE. . y MEMS Here you see everyone from the high and mighty senior to the Iowliest of the freshmen. Strange though it may seem, most of the seniors would rather have their college years before them than behind them . . . and the freshman looks with envy at the senior. 42 S f 4 1 A-4 A 4 4 ' T JA A 4 4 424 .,,. Qifffff ., 4 . 4 4 4 A , A 4 4 KK. - KK A, K K ., 9 ' en .::1"""w. . 444- ff. 4 -, f U ' ' I , A A , P A ' A 4- 1 ' ' .,-443891 AH 6 QA ,4 , . ' 4 gm A f- . we , QM, 42 ff . p 4 M4 www ,N z, , 4 W 4. 4 , A QE , K 4 . 4 ,, A - , ' -W 4K4w-- K 2, 'Q ,,,,4 4 ,V , gms. 43,934 gag? .JM gg.,,,N4. 'fa 31 K ,W 4 1 ,, ,sw . me . , W 'A ' 1 A Lg. .4 ' ANi'5f44'? 42 .214-f'W'ff'-fy 4' A' 5 ' f KK ' ?".. 2 K 4 4 AA " ' -K ,f ki A' ' ASW 4 344,4Kw5g4, A ,Q ' E vip g f?f"e .WA K TW 4 - ,A Y' Q 44,., ,, , -4 1? 'Q A 4 .91 . A M 5,444 ' 1 4 44 V 4-iw' '- E,4wfAf423w4fw4. A' .f . ' 'V I ' 4 I 54 -,4 Eff 4342 A 'W ' ,Q 41. " W' ' A ww i K' L 4' Q5 "As "'5wN,.44 ' .- PS4 7Qm352ffm?5"L QW K K - . K Q if - K KL? A u iw K Q, ' Q 5,5 gm, K,.A3,, -K, fKK KK , LK K4 ,gy KW K K KAZKK.-Aigiga ,gf ,f KK ,KKK . 45454. '14 1 3 K , X 'P W 44 A: M' V ' f An 4 fy , A K "Sli 4' 44 " A 'SWL' 'ff A -iigfeiv' SA-415265: 'Q A 5'g's:w,.p:f 3 W Is, -, , 4' '4 4 Hi? KK wi. .44 4 K. K 'Y - ,Q w,fz'i,4 , Aj: 14. 5241.44 wfjw 9+ , 4, 1 f f . 54 ,44 ,4 A 4 4' Nm , ' W 45,5 AY' W 444 ww 54 444 4, 42,45 if V V' A Q 42 A-44 my , 4 A A VF - lufifvk w wif. - '1 4 1 :fins .Q w4W444, 1. 4 M 4-'14f,,'Af AA 4' ' ,:'?fAQ4,fw. Q .24 4 f ' .- 'U ff . . '-sf ' ' xx 'V , 1, Af QA A ,, 4-4.344512-'A44 35441 Kg.-AA4f'A'?s:?4t'fm ' 4, 4 gem 424 ,Kgq1a,,:gQ,'??gf' S .'H?2f6fK?'? gig, , . A 4 4 41 A 4 4 A K wi- K 4 Q4 0 . if ,,,..' .4 nieggw:m44. 4 f we- 14. 'Aff ,:a52'f,' ' Ki, K,,.g ' K K43K,,i,-K ,4 ' Li 4 5 'K ff 4 W ' A ,QPU - 1 QA-,lfal 'A ' L T? gig? TQSTA mfiiiv- 'fi ' 4 K 1+-5 ' .4 'Aa K K ' K K-K A' KK K K , K' K 5,4 yi' , 44 K , 3 K 45 K. KKK -,, .3. KKKKXKKKKYKQQKK .KKK, f KK 1 ,KK 4- KKKKKKKKKK KKKKKKK KK 1K.4K AW KK K .WV KK fK XKK , ' 4' ff 4 4 'W "' 4 ' 1 .1 ' . - -Aw 'fi ' , , v 'Nl 4 Af , -' '. Sth, YW "44x4J' . 'f'ffA"fff,,'fefm pk Fw f '4 '44 " vw Kf 'A W4 f, f','f.f -mlyl' ff ggi A 4 4 ' K 4, , - - K ,4rK,4,,2 K? ' Q 'HM K4 BW- bw. .4 . ww 3, wwf W, ,.., 4 ,K,4,4f 4 A , . 'A 4 if , A4 ' 4 f , , ' - 4 ..f f 4 , - . 4 4 4, 4,44 4, . wma ,WMH4-44.K,l14 1.44 .sw 4 if ,A wwf ff 4, ' ' ' ,f 4 - ' ' , 44 P' . , ' ' A 4 Q K' ,. wr '- Ka, 1Kwf,.44i 1 4' 4 ,A K EK V .E K 1,,3?Efi V5 4 5 "Wx, M "1' 'N' Q ' 'S' . H - 3 4 ' A if YW '2'sfQ,f'.-fi? yf'f4.-ff3siL'KKs444.3i' Hy 3 AFV Q 4. sf MK 4' QQ ' K, K 44 gg K , , KK,4K , K as K K ' . , 4K 4 K, Km ,,-a4,KKf.K5K,,iKKK K7 K1,,KKKK,. -4 .,, ., X-KK . ,gy K., 24, 7 KK 4 . 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A ,,4 4 T .4 '54 4 ww., 6, V 4, Q,-vtQ444f'4+"' V :f4f?5ggf3 gf 4 K, 44 WA 4 K 44, ff 4 . 4 K .A K, 4 V 443 4 ff, 4KK K , K, KKKWK, A?:ff.K, 5,4 5, iv LKK K s A me K 1, fm'-Sgr 4.-5' , -5yKK,,4KKK K4 5 gas. 4 QM Q, 'A 4 45 I Q4 i A K' ' ' 5 f 44 . , ' 734 Q i. f Q iii .ff 4' ,V ' 11 'W ' ,ff ,, 'KKW,veff'Qs'4'T,gi'Izff"'3PEA.a24474454, 4 V'.4W'LfA- NW 1 42: ' . f v , V A' 'A , 4 4 414' A HQ V ,X 1: A ii: ,, gf My ' . 54 4, ,X-M444 4 ' 2 ,,. ' 4, xp A ' EW 'W A 5 , K A K' K f 3 ,A . ,., -A . gf -ff W A V w,4.1i4. V A K4 K , . '4,,,.,f: , K4 ifigafgfzf gui. www K wif R , A 1 4 ' L - 'KZ " 4' 44" 9,4 Q' 4 435 XA . V ' 'MH15fI4Le "fr, K Vs . AA ", 4 4 +434 'fb W V '34 fix 161,14 'f33,23f?f'3-.g4'i' 5'3" 'f 7 V7 I infix 4-444 ,, ,, , 'A ' 2' . . , .A V Q f V ' , K 410, . 4 ,M 5, - ', ' My YAAQFW4 A .4 32- 144 fi' ' - ' V 4 .14 ., .. A A S . 4 r 4A f I -.ya ' Ni 4, -4 45' ,Q W f' yi 4' 4 'A 44" 'wi A' 2 Vw. Y L, 4 DA 58: 7 ' " 14 V 'Hg M' ff' -L' ' 'CA ' IVV," 1 L NME' -fU"'M M? v5fAi5V4i.i's97-i4sfw.fl if ffm My 5 9Wf?w'L."?L1'3?2i,W' 4 Z' , K V ,KK 55,34 gf, 24. 44:00 Ka K .J . K Xvxrgf. Kg U f ,, ,K . ,K4K.4 K K , KKK , 4, KW QVKVKKKQL QKKKKKK Lf KKKK ,. KK ,i4,,.WK,4 MKKQ .KKK WKKQLQM K4 KKQEH, M KK? - 1 .sw K ,L .K I' " ,, KKKKE ww ' K SKK if 'K K K . KK 1. KK K' 44 -, 4 K Kai? gg 4 ZKZQKKKK ' ' V X M, H , , 4 4 if , Afiaxf af L 4 , K , f 4 -K 5 ,4, N j,:w"Q-M V 4. '- lwixn ' f 9 A , ' y4SA-'15,-4 9 V V Q -4, 64' -ff 5-4. ' A 4 e, . f ', . .' ' 4- ' 4,1 4 4 .4 4- , ,, 'M 4 W 44 .354 .4 4, 194, fi-M1 'z' gm P 4: S 4 A 4 A '4 4 ' ' 'Y ' A 4.4, Af Q 4-iff 'A AQ "fVi"HAfi M' 4 4 'fi' K K4 K V KKK? Kg! 5K Kf,Kg544Kg K K5 'K Mg KK44K -441K il-K if ,MK K ' ,. A Y . 3. A ' 'A i f 4534 J, 'K' , 4555 .- ,L A4-'ew 4 4 11' "F . AA V , 5K K4 ,4 K ,j K,. 4 44,4 ,4 .. gra.,1,-44K44K ,KW KK Km, KM. 4-f , . i 4 V f ' '- 2444 W- 44 . " fl 444 41-42 , 12A,4w A: . 4 4 KKK K ,K -4 , if K K K K, . 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Ag, K4K., KK .Kf--gy A K H 444 . V sf, 4 fe' . Y . 1.4 K ,f KK 5, 44 KK K ,, 4 . , . K .K , I KK 4 Y sf K .4 V 44 ', Xb KK ' 519 K - , 4 Ky, A 4. 4 KJ, 'H . r K KS K, YA , ' y gK-zvif 4 K 2 . 4 'y I, 1 44 ' Q Q' 5 5 V7 z K K. Q fr , 4 4 4 'K Q. ,, 5 A A A 4 , A '. 4 1 " " .1 K, K , .. K 4 ' , ,4 4 4 KS- . 4 ' Q 1 ' . -+A ' 4 . Q 'A ' K KK , . , 3 4 . K I 5 1 ' A A . Q 4 , Km 'Kg K A-1. 453,211 1 iw- A J' fa t7 ,444 Q '44 . K, K4 ,RK v, 4 .fm -.4 wif! 4 f - KLKKKKKK KK . wg 3 'i K, ., . , KKK -K4-R344-45444, i . .K ,, . 4, 4 Wi, K X4 ,V 45 rf K, , I 3 K 4 ,, A fy 'Ay AK K K K V f L ' 4 fl' ,, 44:4 H' A f 'vw M f' ' 1 f v, N' nw 4 4 A A , Y Nfiif 'V ' if A V -QSMW4 '-u.,A9"'f 4.4, - ' A X 'gr " if " , Ja, 4 4 1 . , 1' " ' 4 k 1 4 , K V . - ff . A' -A 4 X -1 ' MW mn 4' vwgm , z .4 4 'JS A4 A' Af A , 1 WA Q 1 'iffy 44, A. Aa L ff ,if 4 A 4' A3452-Q AW K: 4, Ay ty Q1 K V ' A' ,,, 4,442 ,L . 4' ,, . 4 4 .1 4 ,, A af J. A 4 ff ff 3 Q 44 a K 3 ,Q RK ' .KA K4K,,,, ,, 4-if K 1' 43 , A' Kg, NK . 235444 N K N15 Q ff '51 ff ' K , F, ' ,4 f , 34,444 ra , 4, ' . - . 4 4 K f , M . ' f Q ,K 4. 4 A f 4 , . ' 'Ma Avgfi 'f'5:Ax4 fd fcagfm ,gf fy' ' -4 - . ' , 4 ,K 1 E 4: if ig-fu ' Q.. K Qi' '4 p -"'UN,qf H 4' M' -A 44' if 'N W U f 'Y , ' as K 4, FTA. K if 2451 il, ' X2 41 X ' 'Q 1 gf 4 ' Q' ayalf X . ' " ur ' 'A - 5' A nf? 4 f 1954, 'ffv . 4. Q4 ,444 N ,,, ,if 4 1 44 ., . - N. 4 1 .W 4 , . . ,,'f- 1. 'f f A. 4 3 pg Q.-4, '4,'A ,hr -' 'A ' AI' A 5.24, 5' K M "L,41f'- . s ' I ."4 A. 521- wx 1 , , ' f -Q ,S s 4 A ' f .1 v Na+ XA H4 ' , 4 f -4 ,J A ww A 4:-Nw . ,M A s '4 H xx 4 A' s A " A, f fx 4. ww 4,5 "AD-4 4. .4 44 Ak 44 fffv 5951. .45 A 'N AA' fy HM 3 Av . - 4., A K vw K K 4 K, Kp K K , 05K M K KK,4- ' 734.4 4 K " . . K4 'K fa- . 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A 4 A 414 4' . 4 . 'S L' ,4 V? 34417-9' A q '. 4' .f Q' 5 7 nf . K, A Q4 if as .B .4 'W' 4 'f :f?"Lm ff' 7, 3215-1 if -. 4 "U 'f AWKSMA' ,PN J! JY ,- . - ,, 4 'Q . 4. , K 44 4 K 5 T-4 ,M 4 ' ., 'f , mf: ' 4. A ,.4 '41 . Af K 45 . 5. 4 K ,f 4 Af 'A BQ .2 A ' 4 f' gf 5 fm if , ,444 444 . x4"'4r-44 221244 4. 5' 6 v4 Lf ,, z X 4 , f f f . W4 Q4 ' 4 ,Q K' g. v A ,K ' M 4 M 3 4 1 -4 . 4 f, 'ha A 4-S p K K 4 KKKKKJ , KKFKE K, .K24 4 K 5 5,4 4- KKK K, K 4K K K' S Km K KK s KAMKKKKKK KK5KKK,,w 4, Mfg KKK., K K , 4, K 3 K KK Ki, KKKKK , , . KT, ,4 A .KK Ki, KK qi. KK KKK KK 4K.. K KK AEK, KKK. KKKKKK YK KKK KWKKKKKKK K KK 4 A4 A 4 KK 44 4 .4 4, , 4 4 , 4 A 4 3, 444 41 44-,ff 4 4. gf ,4fw,,4a., 44+,4'f4 , , ff 4. f . , ww.. K , I 4 4. . ,jgx A fi . , , ',- 2, A f 2, ,AA ,HV 4 4 wf A-A Wx A K kk KK , 4 Kg, , 1,1 4 K 44 A 4 Q, ., K, x . ' "g 5' A 4' K A. A ,KK f - 4 ' 4 . 4, ' Q 4 .2 1 1 , , A 1, 4 X4 4, 4,4,ew , Jw 2 - , 4 4 ff ,, M, X K4 Q Ks , K , -2 , - Y K ,4 4 'A 3 A Q ,Q 1 'ff K 4 ff", , AA' ' , . K, - " 5 1f.,i4fA"' . .4 Zi 'K jg A A' 4' '53 1 4. ' A HAH' A A 4 Q f ' 4 444 ' A ' , 4 if K -A, vi 45 ' , 4 Q ,H 4 F - . 3 4 4 .1 , K f ' ,Mfg 44, . , 4 f . ' ,JIM f' Xa? , '14 4? . A " ' ' ' 4, , 3 , fr A A ' J 4 , 4 y 'Q ", V ,X f KK' K - 4 K ,KK4.4, KK K K 4.4, K xx , 4,K,KK4K A1 4 4K NX, Af, K , 4 K , . 4 ff' K ,, . -A 0 . ' ,4 , . . .. , f ,, 3 ff W KK 4 4 ,n . . Ki xg 01,44 f if ,.i , K, '44 K? K1 J . ? 44 ,4 44 +I "I A, 1. N 4' 4, 41 W4 ,4 'A 4, , . 4 . . , M 1-44 .4 . .. 4 4' 44 M 4 44 4 4 ,4 44 ff . 4 44+ ,. , 1 - 1, K .. A . ' ,. -3444 . wf 5 , K2 ,,K 3, . K ,K K K ,KK K. KNKQ K , K KKK Q. 4 A ' 4 ff .. Y4 4 f . ,. 3 4 , -,Q KKQ44- fy 4 ' . K K 1, A - KN, 5, .4K W ' , , ,. ,. . -fK Ang, As K , . Kg K' K K 4 5 K 4 4 3.44 ,. .2 A , . 'f"A ??..4.ff+w.f wi 44 A 4 " X 4 A X ' z M4 4 f ' Lf' 4 'K -V ' 'A f ' ' r 4,' " 44 ' 3' v rv . A44 Wk 4 -Y K Z , ,ef . ,K -Y , KKKKK f K ,FQ KK, f 4 , f CAROLYN MCCULLOUGH Secretary and Trrasurer JYM THOMAS President N ED THREATT, Historian Senior ED CLECKLEY V'ce Presldent Class l i The i949 Senior Class was by lar the largest in the history ol the University. Numbering in the neighborhood ol 900, including both tall and spring semester graduates, the '49ers bravely laced an unpredictable luture when the competition promised to be lceener than ever before. The senior class held tew meetings but was ably represented on Stu- dent Council by the president, Jim Thomas, who attained lame lor his numerous motions. The seniors went on record favoring a new site lor the University Campus by endorsing a Student Council resolution to that ettect. Probably the largest gathering ol the class was in Drayton l-lall in March tor senior exam instructions. At this assembly Jim Thomas an- nounced plans lor 'dune Week", which called lor graduation exercises to be held on the horseshoe June 6 at lO:3O a. m. in the vicinity ol Mcliissick Library. Tentative plans were also announced for a senior prom to be held Friday, May 6. Assisting Thomas on the committee that drew up the plans were Howard l-louse, Ed Clecldey, Jane Simmons, Laura Speed, and Buddy MacEachern. g BETTY A. ABBOTT Cayce, S. C. B.S. in Education Y. W. C. A.: Glee Club: Co-Ed Association. SOL E. ABRAMS Orangeburg, S. C. Arts and Science Phi Epsilon Pi: Euphradian Literary Society: Blue Key: Kappa Sigma Kappa: Honor Board: "GamecocIc" Staff: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Hillel Society: Interfaith Council: Orientation Teacher. THOMAS H. ACKERMAN Williston, S. C. A.B. in Education FRANK C. ACREE Mullins, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Kappa Sigma: German Club. TmTimS STANLEY C. ALFORD Mullins, S. C. B.S. in Arts and Science Phi Kappa Sigma. E. GLORIA ALLISON Gaffney, S. C. Secretary-Treasurer of Delta Omicron: Director of Westminster Fellowship. CALLIS J. ANDERSON Hartsville, S. C. Transfer from Dulce. R. MARC ANTHONY Pickens, S. C. EBWmMi3MWWW, .2WW1WKH3Lm' ft Q , i5.'F.1'l!-HF WZZKTTPZ EiE?fPx3.Ei!Ll?.?i:1LT Chorus Pr I T. B.A. in Music esident and Student B.S. in Chemiistityv y B.A. in English r i ABBOTT ABRAMS ACKERMAN ACREE ALFORD ALLISON ANDERSON ANTHONY WILLARD D. ARRANTS Lynchburg, S. C. B.S. in Education Football. JOSEPH V. ASKEW Lockhart, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Phi Kappa Sigma, Vice-President, Secretary: Garnet and Black, Busi- f ness,g2Sta'Ff: Westminster Fellowship: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: University iChofus: Interlraternity Council. Louise AUTREY :Mai I iQIIAWest Columbia, S. C. B.A. in Education I' till-tlheran Student Association. Louis R. AVKNT Georgetown, S. C. A.B. in Physical Education Kappa Sigma: Block "C" Club: Varsity Boxing Team. C. EDWIN BAILEY Lockhart, S. C. B.S. in Commerce JAMES H. BAIR Orangeburg, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration WILLIAM S. BAKER Columbia, S. C. LL.B. Kappa Alpha: Cotillion Club: International Relations Club, President. KENNETH W. BALDWIN, JR. Myrtle Beach, S. C. B.A. in Journalism Blue Key: Phi Epsilon Nu: "Gamecock", Sports Editor, Campus Editor, Managing Editor: Y. M. C. A.: Canterbury Club: Junior Varsity Basketball. ' "" i I ARRANTS ASKEW AUTREY AVANT BAILEY BAIR BAKER BALDWIN VIRGINIA D. BALDWIN Americus, Georgia Tl-IERESA S. BANNER Conway, S. C. Delta Tau: Hillel Society: Co-Ed Association: Bo Literary Society. WALLACE P. BARNES Columbia, S. C. Delta Sigma Pi. l-IARRIETT K. BARNWELL Columbia, S. C. 7 Delta Delta Delta: Co-Ed Association: Euphrosy B.S. in Nursing A.B. in Education osters Club: I-lypatian B.S. in Commerce Arts and Science nean Literary Society: Y. W. C. A.: May Court '48: Pan-Hellenic Representative. CHARLOTTE l'l. BARTON Dillon, S. C. University Chorus. DONALD F. BARTON Anderson, S. C. Lambda Chi Alpha, Vice-President: "Gamecock" and Garnet and Blaclr. A. ANN BASS Columbia, S. C. Chi Omega: Y. W. C. A. JOE K. BASS Knoxville, Tennessee Blue Arts and Science . xx 5 S z lx 5 4 ff I A.B. in Journal il'-p T ey: Sports Edito A 11-f :J - Z -N.f'i7A. A.B. in Educa E J in . . ' rmacy Clariosophic Literary Society: Pi Kappa Alpha: Baptist Student l.lnion: Y. M. C. A.: Alpha Epsilon Delta: American Pharmaceutical Associa tion: American Chemical Society. SENIOI I I BALDWIN BANNER BARNES BARNWELL BARTON BARTON BASS BASS 4 v l l l BAUKNIGHT l BAXTER ' BEACH . BEARD X BEGEMANN ' BELL HOLMES L. Columbia pf. . i f is d. 4 5 -' Q 'Ep M. l il 2 Sigma: BALJKNIGH S. C. T,J B.S B.S. in Chemistry B.S. in Geology B.S. in Accounting in Business Administration HOLLY D. BECK Sumter, S. C. A.B. in Education Kappa Delta: Euphrosynean Literary Society: Canterbury Club: Co-Ed Association: "Gamecock" Statl. FRANCIS M. BECKHAM Ill Pennsgrove, N. J. A.B. in Education Kappa Sigma Kappa: Football '46 and '47, E. HENRY BEGEMANN A Charleston, S. C. B.S. in Chemistry GEORGE L. BELL St. George, S. C. B.S. in Chemistry X BAXTER, JR. 4 lumbia S. C. Cotillion Club. X ., i f E5 i SON i-i. BEACH 4 it t ii alterboro, S. C. appa Psi. KQXW FRANK P. BEARD, JR. Bishopville, S. C. ,L A S S ' l BECK BECKHAM l SEPTIMUS H. BELSER Summerton, S. C. B.S. in Commerce HERBERT R. BERGER Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Chemistry Phi Epsilon Pi, Corresponding Secretary, Chaplain. President: Alpha Epsilon Delta: American Chemical Society: Hillel Society. DAVID BICOFF Greenville, S. C. B.S. in Electrical Engineering American Institute ol Electrical Engineers: Radio Station WUSC. EDWIN W. BINGENHEIMER Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Commerce Delta Sigma Pi: Euphradian Literary Society. BETTY J. BLACKMON Greenville, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Q Delta Delta Delta: Euphrosynean Literary Society: Co-Ed Associati S A A "' IN w Y. W. C. . . Q PAUL L. BLACKWELL iii-v X T oidisc B ' ' I" "' en ae, . . .A. in Business A ministr ggqj I l 5' ILEI I PAUL E. BLAIR Newberry, S. C. B.S. in Electrical Enginee I A fl American Institute ol Electrical Engineers. it im X g RUPERT BLOCKER y I Beaulort, S. C. A.B. in Journalism Phi Sigma Kappa: "Gamecock" Staff: Euphradian Literary Society: El Circulo De Espanol: "Carolina Review" Staff: Phi Epsilon Nu. SENIG. BELSER BERGER BICOFF BINGENHEIMEF' BLACKMON BLACKWELL BLAIR BLOCKER ELIZABETH A. BLUNDON ' Charleston, W. Va. B.S. in Commerce C 772 Delta Delta: Vice-President of Canterbury Club: President of I- hrosynean Literary Society: Garnet and Black Staff. .IIN X: sr B. BOATWRIGHT I V getield, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration ' 'X D , S'gma Pi: Hutchinson Scholarship in Economics. C I DORE E. BOONE, JR. owesville, S. C. B.S. in Arts and Science a Sgma Kappa: Phi Kappa Sigma. may Il Q 2 if 1 WILLI Bs9STIC High oint, N. C. B.S. in Commerce Lambda Chi Alpha: Y. M. C. A.: Blue Key: Euphradian Literary Society: Interlraternity Council, Treasurer: President ol Lambda Chi Alpha. LASS WILLIAM J. BOSWELL Orangeburg, S. C. B.S. in Commerce Phi Sigma Kappa. FRANCIS D. BOULWARE Anderson, S. C. B.S. in Pharmacy Lambda Chi Alpha: American Pharmaceutical Association. HAROLD J. BOLIRGEOIS, JR. Columbia, S. C. B.A. in Journalism Phi Epsilon Nu, Publicity Director: "C-iamecocku Staff: Newman Club. JAMES A. BOWEN Ridgeway, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Alpha Kappa Psi: Retailing Club. BLUNDON BOATWRIGHT BOONE BOSTIC BOSWELL BOU LWARE BOURGEOIS BOWEN I I WILLIAM E. BOWERS Whitmire, S. C. ELIZABETH A. BOYLSTON Columbia, S. C. E. SUE BRICKLE West Columbia, S. C. Baptist Student Union: University EMILY K. BROWN Lalce City, S. C. B.S. in Chemistry B.S. in Commerce A.B. in Arts and Science US. A.B. in Education J. CAROLYN BROWN Sumter, S. C. A.B. in Arts and Science Independents. X 5 5 ,K if IN Q KATHLEEN G. Braoxxfn +2-. j Hemingway, S. C. A.B. in Arts and Sci -f IH ' XI . .,.. - Delta Zeta: Wesley Foundation Council: Y. W. C. A. Ca ' - Hypatian Literary Society: Kappa Pi: Y. W. C. A. Advisory -B.. 7 . ' Garnet and Black Statl '487 Carolina Religious Council. If A I . i i :ily RALPH c. BROWN A Rock Han, S. c. A.B. in Airs and sa xca lvfpl Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: University Chorus. L. i x 4 ff W. CLARENCE BROWN Spartanburg, S. C. Bachelor ol Science Kappa Sigma: Y. M. C. A.: Booster Club: Cotillion Club. I l BOWERS BOYLSTON BRICKLE BROWN BROWN BROWN BROWN BROWN WILSON BROWN Manning, S. C. B.S. in Commerce N I A i B 1 To NCY O. BRUNSON R - orence, S. C. A.B. in Education 7 II IP M. BRYAN B.A. in Journalism E silon Nu: Spanish Club. I X I , III N32 'I arrisburg, Pa. ,f , ,I : , 1 p A QX49 BURON F. BUFFKIN Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration LASS KENNETH R. BULL Cameron, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Kappa Alpha: German Club: Cotillion Club. ANNE E. BUNCH Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Arts and Science Wesley Foundation: Y. W. C. A., Sophomore Advisor: American Guild of Organists: French Club: May Court '49. E. LEMAN BUNN Georgetown, S. C. B.S. in Arts and Science Phi Kappa Sigma. IRIS H. BURBAGE Greenville, S. C. A.B. in Arts and Science Zeta Tau Alpha: University Players: Y. W. C. A.: Secretary and Treasurer of Sophomore Y. W. C. A.: University Band. BROWN BRUNSON BRYAN BUFFKIN BULL BUNCH BUNN BURBAGE JOHN A. BUSBEE McColl, S. C. B.S. in Pharmacy American Pharmaceutical Association. JAMES O. BUTLER, JR. Saluda, S. C. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering American Society of Mechanical Engineers. M. CAROLYN BYNUM Darlington, S. C. A.B. in Arts and Science Kappa Delta: Euphrosynean Literary Society: Y. W. C. A. Vesper Committee: Canterbury Club: Garnet and Black Staff. MARY L. BYRD Greenwood, S. C. B.S. in Biology Delta Psi Kappa: Physical Education Major and Minor Club: Y. W. C. A.: University Band: Co-Ed Association: Women's Athletic Association: Booster Club. V RICHARD E. BYRD Hyattesville, Md. B.S. in Electrical Engineering NWUSC: Euphradian Literary Society: American lnstitute ol Electri l Q Engineers. COLIN E. CADDELLE l-lartsville S C Qs ext H BS in Mechanical Engin r American Society of Mechanical Engineers. ff EDWARD C. CAHALY Greenville S C Engineers li BS in Civil Engin X R , . . .. -k V-I wi' -X 'i f . . f . J . . . . . il l 1 . . . . xx ' . ompass an art mencan ociety o N. R. O. T. C.: C d Ch 3 A ' S ' F i .' in X. J. JAMES N. CALDWELL, JR. Columbia, S. C. A.B. in English Phi Kappa Sigma: Clariosophic Literary Society: President ol lnter- iraternity Council: Student Board ol Publications. SENICD BUSBEE BUTLER BYNUM BYRD BYRD CADDELLE CAHALY CALDWELL ROBERT L. CALE RALPH J. CANINE, JR. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Economics X -X Sigma Alpha Epsilon: German Club: Cotillion Club: Beaux Arts: , A I International Relations Club: Y. M. C. A. , HN A. CALIGAN -ri . . .Q A reenville, S. C. B.S. in Pharmacy JACK D, CAPPS ' lean Plmmaceutlcal Association' Conway, S. C. B.S. in Business Adminisration X . r li V l E L- CAMERON LEWis A. CARSON, JR. y " V05PefllYf S- C- BS- in NUVSWS Beaufort, S. C. B.S. in Chemical Engineering Chemical Engineering Society. JOHlXlSl5lENbPBELL Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Civil Engineering Vlol-A E- CART American Society of Civil Engineers COlUrT1LJi6, in BUSil'1CSS Admlf1iSlZI'6fiOF1 LASS CALE CALIGAN CAMERON CAMPBELL CANINE CAPPS CARSON CA RT l 55 WILLIAM H. CASTLES Chester, S. C. A.B. in Arts ancl Science Phi Sigma Kappa: French Club: Interiraternity Council. MLIRLEY E. CATOE Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering American Society ol Mechanical Engineers. GEORGE G. CAUGHMAN, JR. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Chemical Engineering Phi Kappa Sigma: Chemical Engineering Society: Sigma Alpha Zeta. MARION R. CAUGHMAN Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Pharmacy American Pharmaceutical Association. RICHARD CAVALLINI Mocanaqua, Pa. B.A. in Journalism "Gamecock": Y. M. C. A.: Phi Epsilon Nu. JAMES W. CHANDLER, JR. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Electrical Engineering American Institute oi Electrical Engineers. HELEN J. CHILDERS Summerton, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Y. W. C. A.: Women's Athletic Association Council: Co-Ed Association. WILLIAM L. CHILDS Spartanburg, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Treasurer of Delta Sigma Pi: Y. M. C. A. CASTLES CATOE CAUGHMAN CAUGHMAN CAVALLINI CHANDLER CHILDERS CHILDS JEANETTE Cl-IILES RAY C. CLARK Lalceland, Florida B.S. in Business Administration Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Civil Engineering , Kappa Delta, Secretary: Euiphrosynean Literary Society: Y. W. C. A.: Lambda Chi Alpha: University Band: American Society of Civil X I 6 estminster Fellowship. Engineers. .l C fri r - X. X -rv . ? l h RION CHRISTOPHER EUGENE S. CLARKE, JR. i I clcens, S. C. B.S. in Nursing Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Civil Engineering 1 A V American Society oi Civil Engineers, Secretary. yi jill. T. CLARK i ' olumbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration JOHN G' CLARKSON, JR- ' Hopkins, s. c. AB. in English JACK Q' Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering MARY CLARKSON American Society of Mechanical Engineers. COlumbia, S- C- AB- in AVJCS and Science LASS cHiLEs A CHRISTOPHER CLARK CLARK CLARK CLARKE CLARKSON CLARKSON 57 EDWARD W. CLECKLEY Ailcen, S. C. B.S. in Civil Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon, President and Chronicler: President and Vice- President of American Society of Civil Engineers: Treasurer of Cotillion Club: Kappa Sigma Kappa: Blue Key: Vice-President of Senior Class: Orientation Teacher: Garnet and Black Statl. LOUIS l-l. CLERC Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Civil Engineering American Society of Civil Engineers: Newman Club. JAMES A. COBB, JR. MARY ELLEN COKER Turbeville, S. C. A.B. in Education l-lypatian Literary Society: Y. W. C. A., Cabinet: Carolina Christian Service Club, Secretary, Vice-President, President: Women's Athletic Association. H EDWARD O. COLEMAN, JR. J Florence, S. C. A.B. in Arts and Science Honor Board. ANN J. COOKE f J Aiken, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Wadesboro' N' C' AB' in Arts and Sclelllfle Delta Sigma Pi. J l-JERSCHEL COOPER '- ' JAMES E- COBB Savannah, Ga. B.S. in Pharmacy Gattney, in Engineering Phi Epsilon Pi: American Pharmaceutical Association. ' YKEQmW4l5YH?UlYl155if4r!5A'9!P3ElS!f3!WJ':2'B'ST!ZMZ4aBll!1li'i it i CLECKLEY CLERC COBB COBB COKER COLEMAN COOKE COOPER ULLAINEE I-I. COPELAND JACK COUCI-I 5 Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Education Atlanta, Ga. B.S. in Arts and Science A. ' Block "C" Club: Eoottnall and Baseball. I i , ' ARILYN COPLAN D - i' 'fx " X' olumbia, S. C. , A.B. in Spanish EDWARD G' CRAIG , LQ 's List: Alpha Epsilon Phi: Hillel Society: Hypatian Literary Rock HIIII C- in Electrical Engineering P' tyl Co'Ed Assoclahon' Euphradian Literary Society: American Institute of Electrical Engi- :' , neers: Epsilon Lambda Sigma. I r ' , INNE D. cosi4REv X7 mmerton, S. C. A.B. in Education WILLIAM D' CRAIG 1' Omega: Co-Ed Association: "Gamecock" Business Staff: Clover' In Pharmacy 1 . "kv ' C' A' American Pharmaceutical Association. oEoi'gQNQs,oucH WILLIAM E. CRAIG Eastman, S. C. B.S. in Psychology Laurens, S. C. B.S. in Pharmacy Y. M. C. A.: WUSC. American Pharmaceutical Association. ILASS COPELAND COPLAN COSKREY COUCH COUCH CRAIG CRAIG CRAIG 59 JAMES L. CREED Camden, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Interfraternity Council, Treasurer, Rush Chair- man: German Club: Cotillion Club. JOHN M. CREWZ Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Epsilon Lambda Sigma: American Society ol Mechanical Engineers, Secretary. MELVIN K. CRIBB I-Iemingway, S. C. B.S. in Education Block "C" Club: Baseball: Basketball. MARION P. CROMER Lexington, S. C. B.S. in Commerce PAUL R. CROMER Lexington, S. C. B.S. in Civil Engineering P American Society of Civil Engineers: Y. M. C. A. SX , A 'rs 'I ix 1 C WINFRED H. CRUMLEY ff si Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Civi ine Epsilon Lambda Sigma: American Society of Civil Engineers WILLIAM D. CULLER North, S. C. B S in Comm i L IEng r II ' Ji f . I r .l: 1 .. ws' I r. Kappa Sigma, Guard: German Club: Y. M. C. A.: Intramural. If HORACE B. CURTIS 'TTI A X V Sumter, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Kappa Sigma, Vice-President, Treasurer: Intramural: Transfer from Clemson. SENICDS I CREED CREWZ CRIBB CROMER CROMER CRUMLEY CULLER CURTIS DALLAS DANIEL DANIELS DAVIDSON DAVIS DAVISON DEAN DEAN JAMES T. DALLAS Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Education Sigma Chi, Secretary: Kappa Sigma Kappa, President: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Treasurer ot Sophomore Y. M. C. A.: Y. M. C. A.. Vice- President: lntertraternity Council: Omicron Delta Kappa: Vespers Committee, Chairman: French Club: Orientation Teacher: Cotillion Club: Garnet and Blaclr, Co-Editor-in-Chief. Class Editor, Freshman Editor: Kappa Phi Kappa. JESSE R. DANIEL, JR. Charlotte, N. C. A.B. in Journalism Pi Kappa Phi, Historian: German Club Representative: Y. M. C. A.: Phi Epsilon Nu, Vice-President: WLISC, Vice-President. Program Di- rector. Script Writer: Westminster Fellowship: German Club, Treasurer- Assistant: Transfer from Furman. WARREN E. DANIELS Sanford, Florida B.S. in Civil Engineering Block "C" Club: American Society ol Civil Engineers: Football: Basketball: Intramural. LINDSAY C. DAVIDSON Clover, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration , ,. :.,.,.,..,, .... .... ,, V. ..,.,,,. .,,,,.,.,.,.,, ....,m,..,.5Im5 . ,. ., .. . , .....,.................M....,....s . .. .......,mami.a.tM..,s. st. OLJIDA FAYE DAVIS Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Education I-Iypatian Literary Society: President of Education Club: Baptist Stu- dent Union: University Chorus. MEREDITI-I V. DAVISON Spartanburg, S. C. B.S. in Pharmacy Lambda Chi Alpha. FLETCHER DEAN Orangeburg, S. C. B.S. in Pharmacy Pi Kappa Alpha: German Club: American Pharmaceutical Association: Block "C" Club: Baptist Student Union: Boxing: Euphradian Literary Society. GEORGE B. DEAN Charlotte, N. C. B.S. in Commerce Phi Kappa Sigma. I I I I I JO-ANNE DELLINGER Greenville, S. C. B.S. in Arts and Science University Players: Zeta Tau Alpha, Corresponding Secretary. Vice- President: Alpha Psi Cmega: Co-Ed Association, Vice-President, Secretary: President of Booster Club: Women's Athletic Association Council. Publicity Chairman: "Gamecock": "Carolina Review": Green ville-Carolina, Secretary: Y. W. C. A. CLARENCE L. DeLOACl-I Ailcen, S. C. B.S. in Pharmacy SAMUEL E. DENNIS Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Phi Kappa Sigma: Baptist Student Union: Track Team: Cross-Country Team. CHARLES M. DENT,,.IR. Greenwood, S. C. B.S. in Civil Engineering American Society ol Civil Engineers Wgr:f,b,st.wiv.,w:wsgga,.-,7iraaa:5szss.4saaan:.sguesses ' ff rams gg num ..g,Y,ygWg , ,H SELENA J. DENT Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Zeta Tau Alpha: Hypatian Literary Society: Y. W. C. A.: Garnet and Blaclr, Business Statt. CALVIN B. DERRICK Charleston, S. C. B.S. in Civil Engineering Y. M. C. A.: American Society ol Civil Engineers: Carolina Christian Service Club. NELSON J. DERRICK Columbia, S. C. American Society ol Civil Engineering. WALTER B. DERRICK B.S. in Civil Engineering Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration DELLINGER DeLOACH DENNIS DENT DENT DERRICK DERRICK DERRICK BETTY M. DICKERSON ALLEN F. DOMINICK Lexington, N. C. A.B. in Arts and Science Orangeburg, S. C. B.S. in Commerce 'T L - L . fr L- L E- DILLARD WILLIAM R. DOTY C l . lllmbiaf S- C- AB- in Music EClUCGfi0n Winnsboro, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration osynean Literary Society: Kappa Delta: Orientation Teacher. i fi A . ,lf HAROLD H. DRucKER - Q 1 AH E' DlLWORTH Kingstree, S. C. B.S. in Pharmacy A f eneca' S' BS' ln Nulslng American Pharmaceutical Association: Pi Lambda Phi: Basketball: d " A I C, A, Softball. LEE C. IMERY, JR. WILLIE W. DUNBAR Lalce View, S. C. B.S. in Pre-Med Pelion, S. C. ' B.S. in Arts and Science Baptist Student Union. Baptist Student Union. ILASS DICKERSON DILLARD DILWORTH DIMERY DOMINICK DOTY DRUCKER DUNBAR TALMAGE L. DUNN Greenville, S. C. B.S. in Civil Engineering American Society of Civil Engineers MARY G. Du RANT Lynchburg, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration JAMES M. DYE Spartanburg, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Kappa Alpha: Westminster Fellowship: Booster Club: Y. M. C. A.: Spartanburg-Carolina Club. J. DRAKE EDENS, JR. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration CAROLYN J. EDGAR Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Newman Club: Y. W. C. A.: Kappa Delta. JOSEPHINE S. EDWARDS Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration s Delta Delta Delta: Y. W. C. A. MARGARET L. ELEAZER 5 S rt is X i Pea , il Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Arts and Sc - g , '., . l Zeta Tau Alpha, President Two Years, Rush Chairman, Se tliyif H Alpha Kappa Gamma, President, Vice-President, Historian: I '-v t r Club: Co-Ed Association, Committee Chairman: Garnet an ' Associate Editor Two Years. Sorority Editor: l-lypatian Liter 4 A ciety: Orientation Teacher: Pan-Hellenic Council, President: - Faculty Committee. Secretary: Women's Athletic Association. i -- y dent. Secretary: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. Membership Chairman, J- - i more Advisor, Publicity Chairman: Sophomore Y. W. C. A. ev ' Secretary: University Band, Secretary: American Guild of St il, ' Organists: University Social Committee: W. S. S. F. Exec X X S C Cammaiiee. g Y cf' GEORGE R. EVANS Asheville, N. C. A.B. in Arts and Science Pi Kappa Alpha. SENICD l DUNN DuRANT DYE EDENS EDGAR EDWARDS ELEAZER EVANS In 'f a if ts., N W. rmsiisiino . l - A X LW.- WADE B. EVANS Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Electrical Engineering ercan Society ol Electrical Engineers. agener, S. C. B.S. in Civil Engineering an Society ol Civil Engineers .., ii RT J. FARESS Ez ,J reenville, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration 'fi "C'I'lClub1 Compass and Chart Society: N. R. O. T. C.1 Football: f tba . ,. . -X I Jos i Ss'f Greenville, S. C. B.S. in Civil Engineering American Society of Civil Engineers: Block "C" Club: Football: Basketball. LASS ELLIS M. FINCHER Union, S. C. B.S. in Pharmacy American Pharmaceutical Association. MARY D. FINDLEY Anderson, S. C. B.S. in Arts and Science GORDON M. FITTS Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Band: Phi Kappa Sigma DAYTON l-l. FLOYD Galivants Ferry, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration EVANS FANNING FARESS FARESS FINCHER FINDLEY FITTS FLOYD R. LAZELLE FLOYD Olanta, S. C. A.B. in Retailing Y. W. C. A.: Retailing Club: Baptist Student Union. ELLIS I-I. FOGLE Williston, S. C. B.S. in Chemistry Alpha Epsilon Delta. ANGELO J. FORLIDAS Spartanburg, S. C. B.S. in Civil Engineering American Society of Civil Engineers JOI-IN O. FRANCIS Blacksburg, S. C. B.S. in Electrical Engineering Epsilon Lambda Sigma, President: American Institute ol Electrical Engineers: Baptist Student Union: Y. M. C. A. JAMES E. FRANKLIN Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration J 5 S J. WILLIAM FRANKLIN ,, Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administra Alpha Kappa Psi. RICHARD O. FRANTZ Fremont, Ohio B.S. in Educ Block "C" Club. REBECCA L. FULLER Florence, S. C. B.S. in Busine ation W .. X 2 ' iff 'It' , S ri . . I A S ' fi M y 'fx xixx i 'x A Alpha Delta Pi, President: Euphrosynean Literary Society. Vice- President: "Carolina Review" Staff: Vespers Committee: Pan-Hellenic Council: Booster Club: Co-Ed Association: Student Council: Garnet and Blaclr. SENIQ FLOYD FOGLE FORLIDAS FRANCIS FRANKLIN FRANKLIN FRANTZ FULLER JANET FULMER Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Arts and Science S pa Delta: Euphrosynean Literary Society: Y. W. C. A. MAS E. FULMER hnston, S. C. B.S. in Pharmacy pa Phi: American Pharmaceutical Association: Alpha Epsilon FORD D. GAMBRELL 'W ii reenwood, S. C. B.S. in Pharmacy M radian Literary Society, President, Secretary, and Censor: Amer- M rmaceutical Association: Board of Publications: Kappa Sigma Ka ppa. ,H 75 i 1 .. X ,sk . XVI ir: - ,L l' ., I -I l l lt , Euphradian Literary Society: Cotillion Club. R i il' V W, A , ,f V W A an '.. JAMES M. GANDY, JR. Camden, S. C. B.S. in Economics LASS LOUIS P. GANTT Barnwell, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Pi Kappa Phi, Treasurer, Historian: German Club, President: Kappa Sigma Kappa, President: Cotillion Club, Dance Chairman: Orienta- tion lnstructor: Blue Key. BERNARD W. GARDNER Kershaw, S. C. B.S. in Pharmacy JAMES W. GARDNER Greenwood, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration CHARLES W. GASQUE Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Arts and Science Sigma Chi, Vice-President, Secretary, Editor: Phi Beta Kappa: Clario- sophic Literary Society, President, Vice-President, Secretary: French Club, President: Omicron Delta Kappa, Secretary: Kappa Sigma Kappa: Garnet and Black, Literary Editor: Y. M. C. A., Cabinet: Vespers Committee, Chairman: Pi Gamma Mu: Orientation lnstructor: Cotillion Club. FULMER FULM ER GAMBRELL GANDY GANTT GARDNER l GARDNER GASOUE l l ROBERT W. GIBBES Columbia, S. C. B.A. in Arts and Science Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Canterbury Club: LeConte Scientific Society. FRANCES L. GILBERT Union, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration CARROLL GlLLIAM Union, S. C. A.B. in Journalism "Gamecoclc", Editor, Managing Editor, News Editor, Feature Editor. Columnist: Honor Board: Student Council: Blue Key, Corresponding Secretary: Kappa Sigma Kappa, Scribe, Recording Secretary: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, Social Chairman: "Carolina Review", Publicity Editor: Colillion Club: Honor Council: Student-Faculty Relations Committee: Committee on Cooperatives: Phi Epsilon Nu. CLYDE E. GODBOLD Marion, S. C. B.S. in Pharmacy WARREN GODBOLD Marion, S. C. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering American Society oi Mechanical Engineers: Transfer from Univers' D oi Texas. '- 5 : 2 ix eff JEANNE H. GOLDSMlTH ui-.I-N V T . .' '- - I Greenwood, S. C. A.B. in Arts and Sci ' l l J ' Co-Ed Association: University Chorus: Hillel Society: Delta Q ' i Vice-President, Secretary, Historian: Garnet and Blaclr. ll, : - Miiwxivi i. GOLDSTEIN ' Manning, S. C. A.B. in Arts and Scie can MP2 Delta Tau: Hypatian Literary Society: Hillel Society: fx ' Association. ,-" 'j- HAROLD GOODING Miley, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration SENIO. l Giisaes oiLsERT csiLLiAM l oooiaom l l csoosoua ooLosMirH ooLDsrEiN c5ooDiNG GOODWIN y GRAHAM GREER GREER I I I I GREGORY I GRIFFIN GRIFFIN FLORENCE E. GOODWIN Charleston, S. C. A.B. in Arts and Science Kappa Pi: Euphrosynean Literary Society: Religious Emphasis Week, nn ng Committee: Y. W. C. A. NALD G. GRAHAM olumbia, S. C. B.S. in Pharmacy Ican Pharmaceutical Association. ,I NY R. GREER 'I 7.8 . F I :pig , A Ax ..II. 4 iff, ,A G i l xv' ,I olumbia, S. C. B.A. in Arts and Science or Council: Student Council: Kappa Sigma Kappa: Blue Key. WILLQSBXGREER Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Pi Kappa Phi: Delta Sigma Pi: Cotillion Club. I ' Is A S S THOMAS L. GREGORY Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Electrical Engineering American Institute of Electrical Engineers. EDWARD A. GRIFFIN Cameron, S. C. B.S. in Arts and Science Lambda Chi Alpha: WLISC. WILLIAM E. GRIFFIN Greenville, S. C. B.S. in Education Sigma Chi: Block "C" Club: Varsity Student Trainer. PAUL F. HAIGLER, JR. Orangeburg, S. C. B.S. in Civil Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon. I-IAIGLER W RAYMOND G. HALFORD Columbia, S. C. LL.B. Omicron Delta Kappa, Secretary: Delta Sigma Pi, President: Canter- bury Club: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Clariosophic Literary Society. EDWARD M. HANCOCK, JR. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Electrical Engineering Pi Kappa Alpha: American lnstitute of Electrical Engineers: lnstitute ol Radio Engineers. HARRY HANNA Gitlord, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Sigma Chi, House Manager. Tribune: Y. M. C. A.: Cotillion Club: Kappa Sigma Kappa, Treasurer. HELEN C. HARBIN Gadsden, Alabama B.S. in Business Administration Honor Board: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: Pi Beta Phi: Alpha Kappa Gamma: "Carolina Review": Baptist Student Union: Co-Ed Associa- tion: Euphrosynean Literary Society: Vespers Committee, Chairman. FRANK Y. HARD, JR. Charleston, S. C. A.B. in Journalism Phi Epsilon Nu. President. xx , A s. C tx 1 C MARGARET G. HARDEN ' fi Ellenton, S. C. B.S. in Business Administa J Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: Wesley Foundation. J T fl f i y. T if JOYCE HARMON 'V Lexington, S. C. B.S. in Business Administr yt Zeta Tau Alpha. C: , XX! LLOYD L. HUNTINGTON Fort Mill, S. C. A.B. in Journalism "Gamecoclc": Phi Epsilon Nu. l HALFORD HANCOCK HANNA HARBIN HARD HARDEN HARMON HUNTINGTON MARY R. HARRIS M. HELLEN l-IENDLEY Lamar, S. C. A.B. in Business Administration Columbia, S. C. B.A. in Arts and Science 'Q Delta Zeta: Y. W. c. A.: CosEd Assacratran: unrversrty Players: N , ct I Student Organ Guild: unrversrty Band: University Chorus. x I g DRIENNE A. HARTMANN Trix jiri harlotte, N. C. B.S. in Business Administration ROBERT L HERIOT JR - Delta: Garnet and Black: Transfer from Queens College. ' ' ' ? ' Pinewood, S. C. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering A , 'lf , American Society ar Mechanical Engineers. g THEW R. HAWLEY 5 s X XI, r 'olumbia, S. C. B.S. in Civil Engineering ' errean Society ar Civil Engineers: Easrian tarntseia srgrna. FRANCIS H' HERNDON , ' if Bamberg, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration si I wlLLCQgBYrstAtyNEs Hartsville, S. C. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering BERT l'l- HERRINGTON American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Viceflnairman, Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Arts and Science ELASS l HARRIS HARTMANN HAWLEY HAYNES HENDLEY HERIOT l HERNDON HERRINGTON 7I 1, ANN C. HERSHBERGER Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Pharmacy American Pharmaceutical Association. WILLIAM I-IERZBERG Myrtle Beach, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Phi Epsilon Pi: Hillel Society: Y. M. C. A. WILLIAM F. I-IELISTESS ' Winnsboro, S. C. B.S. in Pharmacy Kappa Sigma. President. Vice-President: Kappa Sigma Kappa, Secretary: Blue Key, American Pharmaceutical Association. ALBERT C. I-IILL Ware Shoals, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Commerce Club. E. JEAN HILL Darlington, S. C. A.B. in Journalism Pi Beta Phi. Corresponding Secretary: Alpha Kappa Gamma: "Game- cocIc", Editor, News Editor, Managing Editor: University Pla ns 1 Pan-Hellenic, President: Second Vice-President oi Student IR- fp 1' Spanish Club, Vice-President: Phi Epsilon Nu: Vespers Commi ' -fx, ' C Euphrosynean Literary Society, Chaplain. ' 3 iii, , . X P JOSEPH A. HILL, JR. ig -,Q it ...x Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Electrical Engi - i - . J American Institute ol Electrical Engineers, Vice-Chairman. ll ' - ' I I ' . il ' MARY E. i-iiLL N , r A ' Pacolet, S. C. A.B. in Educ vi Alpha Delta Pi: Co-Ed Association: Y. W. C. A. tml X ' N qf HORACE R. HILTON L X U Ridgeville, S. C. B.S. in Civil Engineering American Chemical Society. HERSHBERGER HERZBERG HEUSTESS HILL HILL HILL HILL HILTON " ?""-"Wi ' H" '-' Y v - -- WILLIAM S. HILTON CHARLES W. HITCHCOCK Kershaw, S. C. B.S. in Pharmacy Marion, S. C. B.S. in A Phi Mu Alpha. 1 Ai , 'i P HINSON I' 4 X ' , FRANK HOLLADAY .lily 'ft eath Springs, S. C. A.B. in Arts and Science W tc I bn S C BS Q . N V 'C' JWUSC' es oum ia, . . A American Society ol Mechanical Enginee . lx A ' M. HINSON JOHN W. HOLLADAY 5:7 ,I eath Springs, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration W2St COlUmbiG, S- C. B.S. in 2, , .yr fl ROAQR SON JOSEPH S. HOLLADAY D HW Clearwater, Florida B.S. in Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Civil Engineering P. K M h V, P gd t U A I 5 5 B. ICC' YFSI en I'1IV6I'S American Society of Civil Engineers of Msclihanicapl Engineers. LASS Business Administration Mechanical Engineering FS. Business Administration Mechanical Engineering ity Band: American Society HILTON HINSON HINSON HINSON HITCHCOCK HOLLADAY HOLLADAY HOLLADAY 73 y . I i H ,fY .V e-nr" "W .ref L CLARENCE W. HOLLERLING, JR. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Electrical Engineering Alpha Tau Omega: Epsilon Lambda Sigma: Lutheran Student Activi- ties: American Institute of Electrical Engineers. GILLUM FLETCHER HOLLEY Gittord, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration LOUIS L. HOLST Charleston, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Canterbury Club: Transfer from Clemson. LYNN HOOK Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Education Chi Omega: Euphrosynean Literary Society: Honor Board, Secretary. OLIVE LOUISE HOOK West Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Arts and Science Y. W. C. A.: Co-Ed Association. xx .X X m- JAMES HooKs zf Mullins, S. C. L Bi, ' Alpha Tau Omega: Cotillion Club: German Club. I ' JACK v. HORTON 'iii y Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administr x Ay I hi i a. if' I J' P Kappa Sgm CHARLES W. HOTINGER Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering American Society ol Mechanical Engineers. SENIOI HOLLERUN HOLLEY HOLST HOOK HOOK HOOKS HORTON HOTINGER G HOUSE HUDSON HUMPHRIES HUNDLEY HUNTER HUTCHINSON HUTSON HUTTO HOWARD MILES HOUSE Bloomington, Indiana B.S. in Arts and Science Sigma Nu, Vice-President: Omicron Delta Kappa: "Y" Cabinet: Euphradian Literary Society, Vice-President, Treasurer: Cotillion Club, President: Canterbury Club: German Club: State Student Christian Association, Treasurer: Stuclent-Faculty Relations Committee, Chair- man: Orientation Teacher: Garnet and Blaclr, Sports Editor HERSCHEL C. HUDSON Charleston, S. C. B.S. in Arts and Science Band: WUSC, Chief Announcer: Psychology Club. HLIDON C. HUMPI-IRIES GILMORE WILSON HUNTER Orangeburg, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Baptist Student Union, Vice-President. ERNEST W. HUTCI-IINSON Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Arts and Science Alpha Tau Omega, Vice-President, Treasurer: Student-Faculty Rela- tions Committee: Inter-Fraternity Council, Vice-President: Canterbury Club: Omicron Delta Kappa, Vice-President. President: Garnet and Black Staff: German Club, President: Cotillion Club: Y. M. C. A., President: Beaux Arts, Vice4President: Student Activities Committee: Euphraclian Literary Society, President: "GamecocIc", Business Man- ager: Dean's Honor List: Orientation Instructor. I Lyman, S. C. B.S. in Pharmacy American Pharmaceutical Association: Spartanburg County Club: Boom' Club- Orangeburg, S. C. LL.B. PAUL LEsi.iE,i-IUNDLEY ALBERT B, HUTTO Naval Base, S. C. B.S. in Civil Engineering Columbia S C LLB American Society of Civil Engineers: Canterbury Club: Euphradian I i D i i Literary Society. Law Federation. I CAROL E. HYATT DWIGHT A. JENKINSON, JR. Bishopville, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Florence, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration WILLIAM BRYANT JENNINGS WlLLlAM LLL lSGLT-L Gaffney, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Cheraw, S. C. B.S. in Accounting 7 Alpha Kappa Psi. ZOE VIER JERNIGAN WILLIAM l"I. JACKSON g Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Education Bennettsville, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Q Baptist Student Union, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer: Elemen- tary Education Club: Religious Emphasis Week Committee ' JOHN D. JEEFRIES BETTY JANE JOHNSON Union, S. C. B.S. in Math Conway, S. C. B.S. in Arts and Science Pi Kappa Phi. Alpha Delta Pig Co-Ed Association. A N' -,g:r.f'J2:'i"L22ri:sL:E!zf2a7:f, 26.24" In '1"' 'T 76 HYATT ISGETT JACKSON JEFFRIES JENKINSON JENNINGS JERNIGAN JOHNSON GLADYS L. JOHNSON Charleston, S. C. A.B. in Education W C. A., Freshman Advisor: Womens Athletic Association: et and Blaclr, Art Editor: Kappa Pi, Treasurer: "Gamecoclc": ' st Student Union: Euphrosynean Literary Society. KELL N. JOHNSON nston, S. C. B.S. in Pharmacy I n Pharmaceutical Association. I ,.1'c , f 1 i X , A ,Mb li ll L JOHNSON In ' ,f l geland, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration JAcO Li . JOHNSON ess Hartsvi le, S. C. A.B. in Arts and Science Pi Beta Phi, President: Co-Ed Association: Y. W. C. A.: Pan-Hellenic Council: Homecoming Queen, I948: May Court: Beauty Section, Garnet and Black. TLASS JAMES B. JOHNSON Myrtle Beach, S. C. B.S. in Pharmacy American Pharmaceutical Association. PAUL E. JOHNSON, JR. Batesburg, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration JOHN D. JOHNSTON St. George, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Sigma Chi, Associate Editor. Historian: Y. M. C. A.: Garnet and Black, Business Staff and Editorial Staff: Cotillion Club: German Club. JOSEPH P. JOHNSTON, JR. St. George, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Pi Kappa Phi: Block "C" Club: Baseball. JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSTON JOHNSTON l i ROBERT L. JOLLY Marion, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Sigma Nu: Y. W. C. A. ELWELL JONES Conway, S. C. A.B. in Education EUGENE B. JORDAN Nichols, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Pi Kappa Alpha, Secretary: Alpha Kappa Psi. VIVIAN C. JORDAN Hartsville, S. C. A.B. in Arts and Science Pi Gamma Nu. . EDWARD R. KEATI-ILEY Atlanta, Georgia A.B. in Arts and Science ARTHUR H. KEELS Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Civil Engineering American Society ot Civil Engineers: Baptist Student Union: Y. NI. C. A. JOHN D. KEELS, JR. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Alpha Kappa Psi. WILLIAM C. KEITH, JR. LaFayette, California B.S. in Business Administration Sigma Chi: Cotillion Club. President: Compass and Chart. President: "GamecocIc"g Blue Key, Secretary and Treasurer: Business Manager ot Blue Key Directory: Orientation Selection Board: Orientation Teacher: Student Council: Kappa Sigma Kappa: Euphradian Literary Society: Booster Club, President: Platoon Commanding Officer ol the Corsairs: Intramural Football and Track. I I JOLLY JONES JORDAN JORDAN KEATHLEY KEELS KEELS KEITH JACK L. KELLY Spartanburg, S. C. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Kappa Alpha: Mechanical Engineering Society ol University of South 4 Carolina: German Club: Spartanburg-Carolina Club, KELLY KENNO KlNG KING KIRKLAND KNOWLTON KOLB LAFlTTE i MARY F. KEN NON McClellanville, S. C. A.B. in Education Firstflttlampton Award in Romance Languages. LyOTLllS D. KING flltlfalhalla, S. C. B.S. in Pharmacy Ailheiiican Pharmaceutical Society. ROBERT P. KING Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Civil Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Vice-President: American Association ol Civil Engineering. 1 i GRINNELLE M. KIRKLAND Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Arts and Science Delta Delta Delta: Euphrosynean Literary Society: Co-Ed Association: "Gamecoclc": Garnet and Black: Y. W. C. A. BENJAMIN A. KNOWLTON, JR. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Sigma Nu: German Club: lnterlraternity Council. WADE S. KOLB Sumter, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Delta Sigma Pi: Y. M. C. A. RALPH M. LAFlTTE Estill, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Kappa Alpha. in "i. 9-i i a N l GORDON C. LAHEY, JR. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Electrical Engineering American lnstitute ol Electrical Engineers, Secretary, Chairman: Epsilon Lambda Sigma, Vice-Chairman. Chairman. ROBERT C. LAKE, JR. Whitmire, S. C. LL.B. Pi Kappa Phi, President: Blue Key, Vice-President: Euphradian Literary Society, Vice-President: German Club. Treasurer: Cotillion Club: Westminster Fellowship: Orientation Teacher: Y. M. C. A.: Religious Emphasis Week: Law Federation. PETER E. LANE Florence, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Kappa Sigma: Block "C" Club: Cotillion Club: German Club: Football. VERNON K. LANE Lake City, S. C. A.B. in Education ERNIE LAWI-IORNE Columbia, S. C. B.A. in Education xX Block "C" Club: Varsity Football: Track Team: Baseball is In f' CATHERINE A. LAWRENCE Columbia, S. C. B.A. in Edu 155' President. . , s . f i, ' . S. 2 iii? 'Xl D -Jo It I i! i Delta Delta Delta, Vice-President: Euphrosynean Literary 'a- " ' , I , : , R NM , 'V i x 45 HARRY G. LAWRENCE Elilingham, S. C. B.S. in Engineer 7 BENJAMIN R. LEE Orangeburg, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration SENIOf LAHEY LAKE LANE LANE LAWHORNE LAWRENCE LAWRENCE LEE y LEE RICHARD M LEE W Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Civil Engineering In PV neen Society of Civil Engineers. na A 1 e I ERT E. LEE, JR. I w Yorlc, New Yorlc B.S. in Electrical Engineering " ' A 'iXXAme ' an Institute er Eieerneei Engineers: Engineers Joint Council! I - y Trnneref from University or Miami. A I IIE vi H. LEONARD ff I Iumbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Sigma. QXQ THOMAS H. LILES Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Journalism Phi Kappa Sigma. ILASS JOHN F. LISTER Lima, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration OLIVER M. LITTLEJOI-IN Cowpens, S. C. B.S. in Pharmacy Sigma Alpha Zeta, President: American Pharmaceutical Association: Baptist Student Union, President: Transfer from Spartanburg Junior College. OLIVE E. LONG Lylcesland, S. C. A.S. in Education Alpha Kappa Gamma, President, Corresponding S ecreta ry: Y. W. C. A., Treasurer, Editor "Y" Newsletter: Lutheran Student Association, President: Honor Board: Hypatian Literary Society. THOMAS M. LOWDER, JR. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Pharmacy American Pharmaceutical Association. LEE LEONARD LILES LISTER LITTLEJOHN LONG LOWDER I JACK L. LOWE Charlotte, N. C. A.B. in Journalism JAMES G. LUTON I Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration JOE W. LYNCH, JR. Spartanburg, S. C. B.S. in Chemical Engineering Chemical Engineering Society. JACOB W. McALHANEY Fort Mill, S. C. B.S. in Engineering Baptist Student Union: American Institute of Electrical Engineers. MARY A. MCCAIN Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Arts and Science Chi Omega: Co-Ed Association. : 5 i Y BN 4 GRAY McCALLEY I Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Mechanical Engine rcg, , 5 N Phi Beta Kappa: Epsilon Lambda Sigma. 'i i-J' i JAMES W. MCCALLUM I Mccoii, s. c. Bs. in .rw . lj ' . Freshman "Y", Vice-President: Sophomore Class Vice-Pre X Q I Kappa Sigma Kappa, Corresponding Secretary and President: J r.- Senior "Y" Board and Cabinet: Blue Key, President: American 6- ' maceutical Association: Lambda Chi Alpha: Orientation -Nw, - J Cotillion Club: Outstanding Student: Clariosophic Society: intra :JK l B Softball champion. lltkh X ' Lf' VERA F. McCOWN Cheraw, S. C. A.B. in Education Westminster Fellowship: Alpha Delta Pi: Booster Club: Euphrosynean Literary Society: Co-Ed Association. SENIOQ LOWE ' LUTON LYNCH McALHANEY McCAlN' McCALLEY MCCALLUM ' McCOWN ANNA C. MCCULLOUGI-I ' Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Sociology ' lesley Foundation: Alpha Kappa Gamma: Y. xxx. c. A.: cafaiapa - ligious caaaaai. Senior Class Secretary and Treasurer: Garnet and ig W ack. isaafaraai Statf iw. li 5, A NEY F. McDANIEL, JR. ..-X sley, S. C. LL.B. l i ill RENCE L. MaEAci-iERN ii olumbia, S. C. B.S. in Arts and Science Kappa Sigma. THECQFEEQMCEACHERN Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Arts and Science Kappa Sigma Kappa: Y. M. C. A.: Wesley Foundation: Phi Kappa Sigma. LASS JAMES P. MCGEE Greenwood, S. C. B.S. in Civil Engineering Phi Kappa Sigma. Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer: American Society ol Civil Engineers: Y. M. C. A.: Westminster Fellowship. FRED L. MCINTYRE Marion, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Lambda Chi Alpha, President: Y. M. C. A.: lnterlraternity Council: Alpha Kappa Psi: Commerce Club: Retailing Club: Football Manager. PAUL H. MCKENZIE Mullins, S. C. B.S. in Pharmacy American Pharmaceutical Society. JAMES F. McKISSICK Florence, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration McCULLOUGH McDANlEL McEACHERN MCEACHERN MCGEE MCINTYRE McKENZlE McKlS5ICK l SAM L. MCKITTRICK, JR. Greenville, S. C. B.A. in Arts and Science Pi Kappa Phi, Historian, Secretary: German Club Representative: Y. M. C. A., President of Sophomore Council, Co-Editor of "Y" Newsletter: Y. M. C. A. Sophomore Advisor: Westminster Fellowship, Treasurer: German Club: Transfer from Furman: WIJSC, Solicitations Chairman: Kappa Sigma Kappa: Cotillion Club, President. ROBERT N. MCLELLAN Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Journalism Phi Epsilon Nu: "Gamecoclr". MARY D. McOUEEN Charleston, S. C. A.B. in Arts and Science Kappa Delta, President: Alpha Kappa Gamma: Carolina Christian Service Club: Garnet and Black: Canterbury Club: Euphrosynean Literary Society: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: Co-Ed Association: Pan- I-Iellenic Council. WILLIAM J. MACE Centenary, S. C. A.B. in Journalism Lambda Chi Alpha: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Interfraternity Council. MADISON R. MACK Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Arts and Science Spanish Club: Euphradian Literary Society. BERNARD Columbia, S. C. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. LOUIS D. MARCI-IETTE, JR. Florence, S. C. B.S. in Business Aclministra Transfer from Clemson. Pi Kappa Phi: Florence-Carolina Club, Vice-President: Y. M. C. li. . FOSTER MARSHALL Columbia, S. C. s , s , z tx Q 52 . 1 in X B.S., . A i II: C PM ' X, s Vldi I B.S. in Chemistry Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Canterbury Club: Y. M. C. A.: Varsity Track Team. SENIO McKITTRICK MCLELLAN McOUEEN MACE MACK MANNING MARCHETTE MARSHALL, JOHN W. MARTIN , Anderson, S. C. B.S. in Commerce 1 igma Nu, Lt. Commander: Glec Club: Cotillion Club: German Club, XT. r e-President. .T X C I LTER A. MARTIN, JR. if olumbia, S. C. B.S. in Electrical Engineering I I ' E. E.: EpsiIon Lambda Sigma. I I VM NFIELD T. MARTIN ' . fwwriie, s. c. LLB. LRLQ GLORIA P. MATTHEWS Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Education LASS RAYMOND H. MATTHEWS, JR. Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Journalism Kappa Sigma Kappa: Y. M. C. A.: Phi Epsilon Nu: Spartanburg- Carolina Club: Intramurai Football. JAMES R. MAYES MayesviIIe, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration WILBUR E. MEDLIN Great FaIIs, S. C. B.S. in Pharmacy American Pharmaceutical Association. JAMES B. MERIWETHER Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Arts and Science French Club: Track Team: Cross Country Team: Euphradian Literary Society. MARTIN MARTIN MARTIN MATTHEWS MATTHEWS MAYES MEDLIN MERIWETHER I LEWIE G. MERRlTT, JR. West Columbia, S. C. LL.B. Euphradian Literary Society: International Relations. JOSEPH L. MILLS Mayesville, S. C. B.S. in Electrical Engineering A. I. E. E. CHARLES MONTGOMERY Greeleyville, S. C. B.S. in Commerce Transfer from George Washington University. HARRY J. MONTGOMERY Lancaster, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration BARBARA G. MOORE Sumter, S. C. B.A. in Arts and Science 1 Kappa Delta: Pan-Hellenic Council: Euphrosynean Literary Societ xx A N- e ix Q DONALD A. MOORE f' S Dillon, S. C. B.S. in Business Administr ti lil Pi Kappa Alpha: German Club. I f qva ERNEST A. MOORE 'il J' H Lalce City, S. C. B.S. in Business Administra , 7: l Kappa Alpha: German Club. I HELEN LEE MOORE Charleston, S. C. A.B. in Education Delta Delta Delta: Co-Ed Association: Euphrosynean Literary Society: Canterbury Club: Alpha Kappa Gamma. SENIO MERRITT MILLS MONTGOMERY MONTGOMERY MOORE MOORE MOORE MOORE NANCY F. MOORE Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Chemistry Y W C. A.: Canterbury Club: Transfer from Coker College. RMAN R. MOORE, JR. , ayo, S. C. B.A. in Arts and Science ppa Phi, Warden: Y. M. C. A.: Alpha Psi Omega. Secretary reasurer, President: Pi Gamma Mu: WUSC, Business Manager. e using Manager, Vice-President, Program Director: Clariosophic e y Society. Sergeant-at-Arms: University Debaters. Program r' Swimming: University Players, Secretary. bf I L F. MooRE, JR. olumbia, S. C. B.S. in Electrical Engineering g ercan Institute of Electrical Engineers: I. R. E. sg if it i a RALPH T. MOORELAND Greenville, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration LASS JACK T. MORGAN Greenville, S. C. A.B. in Journalism "Gamecock": Phi Epsilon Nu. JACK N. MORRIS Georgetown, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration JULIUS E. MORRIS Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Commerce, Naval Science Pi Lambda Phi: Compass and Chart: R. O. T. C. M. COLLEAN MORRIS Lancaster, S. C. B.A. in Arts ancl Science Zeta Tau Alpha: Y. W. C. A.: Co-Ed Association: Garnet and Black. MOORE MOORE MOORE MOORELAND MORGAN MORRIS MORRIS MORRIS I WILLIAM MORRIS NichoIs, S. C. B.A. in Arts and Science EDWARD H. MORRISON I-IartsviIIe, S. C. B.S. in Psychology EUGENE J. MORRISON Everett, Massachusetts B.S. in Electrical Engineering American Institute of EIectricaI Engineering: Engineers Joint CounciI: Block "C" Club: Newman Clubq Independents: Transfer from the University of Miami: Boxing. HAZEL L. MORRISON Old Fort, N. C. B.S. in Business Administration Band Majorette. NELLE T. MOSS CIover, S. C. B.S. in Nursing Secretary and Treasurer of the Nursing Division of the AIumni Association of the University of South Carolina. 1 MILDRED L. MURPHY CoIumbia, S. C. Bandg Hypatian Literary Society: Newman RICHARD F. MURPHY Worcester, Massachusetts Alpha Kappa Psi. CHARLES M. NABERS Sumter, S. C. S 1 Clu. II'I Com Q l w . ff... xt N, gl , z tx Cf ta t f i: S iii. 1X B 1-I A' I 'Iii 'A N is ,Q I - U .S 1 . W I. 'x -' " y fi 1 XY MFL., SENIOI I MORRIS MORRISON MORRISON MORRISON MOSS MURPHY M URPHY NABERS .'OHN Z. NELSON Columbia, S. C. B.A. in Arts and Science American Guild of Organists. DONALD M. Nr3rrLEs Lalce City, S. C. B.S. in Commerce JQHN L. NETTLES I Beaufort, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Freshman "Y" President: "GamecocIr". Reporter, Sports Editor: Edpbradian Literary Society. Censor, Critic. President, Custus Forum, 'Treasurer Student Board of Publications: Kappa Sigma Kappa, Cor- responding Secretary: Booster Club: Delta Sigma Pi: Omicron Delta Kappa: Intramurar. HARRY E. NEWELL Abbeville, S. C. B.S. in MecI'ranicaI Engineering Pi Kappa Alplra: Y M. C. A.: American Society ot Mechanical Engineers. ' if::?5:1smi?:2'C:f.'I51u.L.r""q Elia?E?:Ir9i'.1?51i.?:gE13?25sf.m'fG'ff sa "f r, ' RUTH H. NEWELL Monclcs Corner, S. C. A.B. in Arts and Science Band: "GamccocIr": Y. W. C. A.: Women's Athletic Association Secretary: Zeta Tau AIpI'ra: Alplwa Kappa Gamma. THOMAS H. NEWMAN Mayesville, S. C. B.S. in Education VAN T. NEWMAN, JR. Sumter, S. C. B.S. and A.B. Lambda Chi Alpha: Sports Editor for "Gamecoclc". THOMAS C. NICHOLS, JR. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Electrical Engineering American Institute of Electrical Engineering. -5 NELSON NETTLES NETTLES NEWELL NEWELL NEWMAN NEWMAN NICHOLS I I Yvv...-.Yf....,,. ,. . ., WILLIAM G. NICI-IOLS, JR. Nichols, S. C. B.S. in Commerce WILLIAM M. O'CAIN Kappa Alpha: Cotillion Club: German Club. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Delta Sigma Pi. xx S I TIS. KATHRYN J. oDoM gf 5 CLAUDE E. NORMAN I h , . N g Q . I . . Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Educ ti III I Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration D It Pl K T F F B C H R G U J . e a si appa: rans er rom erry o ege. ome. eorgia 3 1 Iii Al JAMES G, NQRMAN ALOYSIUS O'NEILL, JR. 'lil I ' Greenville, S. C. B.S. in Civil Engineerinfi CI1arIeStonl S- C' BS' in Elecffical Ef1Sif'2e"I. American Institute of Electrical Engineering: Epsilon Lambda Si ' il University Veterans Association. BASIL S. NORRIS I-Ioplcins, S. C. Freshman Law HENRY D- OSBGRNE Alpha Tau Omega. Joanna, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration SENIOI 90 NICHOLS NORMAN NORMAN NORRIS O'CAlN ODOM O'NEILL OSBORNE CHARLES W. OSBOURN Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Commerce Delta Sigma Pi: Newman Club: Booster Club. 1 a , - X' EPI-I E. OUTZS, JR. xt ., .lil ' getield, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Sigma Pi. l X I W T. OZBURN, JR. j drews, S. C. B.S. in Education i dent Kappa Sigma Pledges: Kappa Sigma: Block "C" Club, il? e, urer. Vice-President '46 and '48: Physical Education Club, Presi- . U : Freshman Football: Varsity Football. HENRGQSEALQE Florence, S. C. B.S. in Chemical Engineering Epsilon Lambda Sigma: Chemical Engineering Society. DOUGLAS P. PAINTER Erie, Pennsylvania B.S. in Business Administration Transfer from Pennsylvania State: Intramurals. CLAIRE P. PARLER Columbia, S. C. A.B. in English Chi Omega, Vice-President: Alpha Kappa Gamma: Scholarship Chair- man: Wesley Foundation Council: Orientation Teacher: Y. W. C. A., Treasurer, President: President ot State Student Christian Association: Hypatian Literary Society: "Gamecoclc", Assistant Circulation Man- ager: Honor Board. HARRY R. PARONE Hartford, Connecticut A.B. in Arts and Science Block "C" Club: Baseball I, 2, 3, 4. BETTE J. PARRISH Dillon, S. C. A.B. in Retailing and English Alpha Delta Pi: Euphrosynean Literary Society: Co-Ed Association. OSBOURN OUTZS OZBURN PAGE PAINTER PARLER PARONE PARRISH JACK S. PARRISI-I Easley, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Sigma Chi, Secretary, Treasurer, Omicron Delta Kappa: Pi Gamma Mu: Member Championship Intra- mural Football and Track Team: Y. M. C. A.: Clariosophic Literary Society. Pledge Master: Phi Beta Kappa: JAMES I-I. PARSONS, JR. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Society. GEORGE B. PATRICK, JR. Bowman, S. C. Pi Kappa Alpha: Block "C" Club: Track. A.B. in Music JAMES W. PATRICK Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Band '46, '47, '481 Secretary Men's Music Club '48: Clariosophic Literary Society, Critic '47, Sergeant-at-Arms '4-8: Retailing Club, Treasurer '48: "Y" Cabinet: Junior-Senior Advisor to Freshman "Y" Council '48. fig. J.. 'L ....EZT::.. RUTH M. PATRICK Lancaster, S. C. A.B. in Journalism Phi Epsilon Nu: Co-Ed Association. LAWRENCE W. PATRONE Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Education JAMES L. PATTERSON Georgetown, S. C. Phi Kappa Sigma. C. LESLIE PAUL Cincinnati, Ohio American Society of C ivil Engineers. B.S. in Pharmacy B.S. in Civil Engineering I PARRISH PARSONS PATRICK PATRICK PATRICK PATRONE PATTERSON PAUL ROBERT P. PERRY Prosperity S. C. B.S. in Pharmacy a Alpha Zeta: American Pharmaceutical Association. xx ICIA M PERRYMAN Ad Iterboro, S. C. A.B. in Arts and Science p Delta Pi Kappa Pi: Co-Ed Association. MINI ARD G. PETTIT artanburg, S. C. B.S. in Commerce ppa Phi Cotillion Club: German Club: Interfraternity Council: X ' . i . - . 5 Men s Music Club, Men s Chorus, Kappa Sigma Kappa, A NW Teacher: Student-Faculty Relations Committee. CX19 ROBERT I PHILLIPS 'A ,Qin al f Q' p :I ' , 1 :Il 1 'I- H. 'nl Iii Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration R L A S S J ANDREW L. PICKENS Greenville, S. C. B.S. in Electrical Engineering Pi Kappa Alpha: American Institution of Electrical Engineers: Epsilon Lambda Sigma. DAVID G. PINCJSKY Charleston, S. C. B.S. in Pre-Med Phi Epsilon Pi: Alpha Epsilon Delta. JOHN H. PLAIR Thomasville, Georgia B.S. in Commerce WILLIAM T. PLAXCO Due West, S. C. B.S. in Electrical Engineering Epsilon Lambda Sigma: American Institute of Electrical Engineers. PERRY PERRYMAN PETTIT PHILLIPS Pickens Pinosicy PLAIR I PLAXCO HARRY A. PLEMING MARION S. PORTER Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Greenwood, S. C. Kappa Sigma: American Society ol Mechanical Engineers. J, 5, PLQWDEN EDMUND L. POTTER Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Accounting Gfeefwlllef S- C- Pi Kappa Phi: Delta Sigma Pi. M. EVELYN PLYLER Kershaw, S. C. B.S. in Arts and Science WARREN E. POWELL Blythwood, S. C. Pi Beta Phi: Co-Ed Association: Y. W. C. A.: Pan-Hellence Council: May Court '4-8: University Players. JAMES H. PORTER Ill JAMES M. POWER Kappa Alpha: Cotillion Club. Y, --fwf- Arts and Science le. ? in Civil Engin jr-f , f ix " X Z Q gg Uni Q It K, l l-Ja I' ,lax i ts PKR: in Civil Engine XXX Florence, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Abbeville, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration SENIQI 94 PLEMING PLOWDEN PLYLER PORTER PORTER POTTER POWELL POWER i RAYMOND J. POWERS WALTER C. PUTNAM, JR. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Pharmacy Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration A American Pharmaceutical Association. Kappa Alpha, Treasurer: Freshman Football. EUNOR F- WSE WILLIAM R. RABB, JR. Columbia, S. C. A.B. IH Arts and Science Winnsborol S. C' B.S. in Commerce Phi gamma Mu: Baptist Student Union. . MARIAN L. PRINCE JAMES R- RABON Landrum S. C' B'S' in Commerce Lexington, S. C. B.S. in Civil Engineering independents. American Society ol Civil Engineers HARRISON A. PRUITT BENTON T. RACKLEY, JR. Anderson, S. C. B.S. in Commerce Aiken, S. C. B.S. in Electrical Engineering Sigma Nu. American Institute of Electrical Engineers. POWERS PRICE PRINCE PRUITT PUTNAM RABB RABON RACKLEY c'1EE?WEEP3 95 HORACE B. RAINVILLE, JR. Spartanburg, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration PAUL RAMSING, JR. Strother, S. C. B,S. in Civil Engineering American Society of Civil Engineers. ROBERT E. REDFEARN Chesterfield, S. C. B.S. in Commerce Pi Kappa Phi: German Club: Cotillion Club: Euphradian Literary Society. JACK A. REEDER Laurens, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration HAROLD J. REEL H Drayton, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration xg 5 it , if ix is L.. A 2 PERCY G. REEVES, JR. my ,J 3 Allendale, S. C. B.S. in Business Administr i l bf' W' Retailing Club. . ' J 'i, y , 'W i ' Q x ,x N MA. li A 'E ST.CLAIR REEVES t A , V sfanciwaiie, s. C. Bs. in Comm J' ' ci' MALcoLM E. RENTZ Columbia, S. C. A.B., LLB. Euphradian Literary Society: States Rights. SENIG l RAINVILLE RAMSING REDFEARN REEDER REEL REEVES REEVES RENTZ r BILLY K. REYNOLDS V., Lamar, S. C. B.S. in Retailing i f- a 1 . . I 'H --5 ARD H. REYNOLDS iomoio, s. c. Bs. in Biology A R. RICE . lumbia, S. C. A.B. in Music I ' Zeta. sooroiory. Delta Omicron: Lutheran sioooof Association: I I tian Literary Society, Secretary: Organ Guild: Y. W. c. A. x I ARTH iCHARDSON Mullins, S. C. B.S. in Commerce Kappa Alpha: German Club, Assistant Treasurer: Cotillion Club: Westminster Fellowship. ILASS PHILIP J. RICHARDSON Columbia, S. C. BS. in Business Administration ADDIE MAE RICKENBAKER Cameron, S. C. A.B. in English OSCAR L. RILEY Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Civil Engineering American Society of Civil Engineers. HOLBROOK RION Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Commerce REYNOLDS REYNOLDS RICE RICHARDSON RICHARDSON RICKENBAKER RILEY RION v -.vr --iff- Q.. .uf I-IARRIETT L. RIVKIN JOI-IN F. ROCI-IE Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Arts and Science Abbeville, S. C. B.S. in Pharmacy xx Alpha Epsilon Phi. President, Vice-President: Y. W. C. A.: Co-Ed American Pharmaceutical Association: Newman Club. 5 5 Association, President: Booster Club: Student Council: Hypatian X 1 N Q Literary Society: Hillel Society: Garnet and Black: Alpha Kappa I I . Gamma Secretary fl ' J. ' ' OSCAR J. RODGERS K X. - ' II IU 'I SALLY N. ROBERTSON Lancaster, S. C. B.S. in Pha ., i -1: I' Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Arts and Science Euphmdlan Litemy Society' ' i I' , Kappa Delta: Kappa Pi Art Fraternity: Euphrosynean Literary So- , U , I ciety: Women's Athletic Association. Cabinet: May Court. ANN M. PAGE P ROBINSON JR Darlington, S. C. A.B. in Educ 1. , , , . , , , Garnet and Black, Editor: Alpha Kappa Gamma: Student Co RN rv? Darlington, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Preston Award, Education: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: Euphros . Kappa Alpha: Kappa Sigma Kappa: Cotillion Club: Y. M. C. A. Literary Society' X.-f X I R A L . W. HUGH ROBINSON, JR. WILLIAM S. ROGERS Anderson, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Spartanburg, S. C. B.S. in Civil Engineering Sigma Nu: Y. M. C. A.: German Club. American Society of Civil Engineers: Epsilon Lambda Sigma. SENIO RIVKIN ROBERTSON ROBINSON ROBINSON ROCHE RODGERS ROGERS ROGERS L 98 ANNE C. ROOF Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Pre-Med theran Students Association: Zeta Tau Alpha: Y. W. C. A. Tl-lUR ROSENBLUM aurens, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration psilon Pi, President: International Relations Club, President: C, i Rom RUDNICK fl :ii . F ' "' 9 Y. . -n 'f . l 7 A AN --,' adian Literary Society: Kappa Sigma Kappa: Blue Key: Hillel 'ilu y, . 1 ll! ls glll A J, ,K A . . A ' rlcen, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration M Lambda Phi: Euphradian Literary Society. GRM BERNARD J. RUSSELL Lynn Haven, Fla. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Society of Mechanical Engineering. LARRY C. RUSSELL Dillon, S. C. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering American Society of Mechanical Engineers. K. ELSA SALVO Charleston, S. C. B.S. in Nursing TALBIRD R. SAMS Beaufort, S. C. LL.B. Law Federation. J. BURRELL SANDERS Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Arts and Science Clariosophic Literary Society, Publicity Director: University Players: Representative for Religious Emphasis Week: "Gamecock": "Carolina Review", Secretary: Y, M. C. A.: Wesley Foundation: Transfer from Duke University. ROOF ROSENBLUM RUDNICK RUSSELL RUSSELL SALVO SAMS SANDERS ROBERT W. SANDERS Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Delta Sigma Pi. MARGARET R. SCHEPER Beaufort, S. C. A.B. in Arts and Science Alpha Delta Pi: Co-Ed Association: Euphrosynean Literary Society: Canterbury Club. JUNE C. SCHIFFMAN Clifton, New Jersey B.S. in Chemistry Delta Tau, President: Hillel Society: Hypatian Literary Society: Radio Station WUSC: Pan-Hellenic Council: Alpha Epsilon Delta: American Chemical Society. ROBERT l-I. SCI-lORB, JR. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Alpha Tau Omega: American Society of Mechanical Engineers. DORlS L. SCHUMPERT Newberry, S. C. EARLE O. SCOTT Hartsville, S. C. American Society of Mechanical Engineers. , T. ROY SCOTT, JR. Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Education B.S. in Mechanical Enginedrirlg Bs. in chemagiiy i A Phi Kappa Sigma. Vice-President: Chemical Engineering Society. it WILLIAM H. SEALS Dillon, S. C. LL.B. X . il ix i 1 l .l .f SANDERS SCHEPER SCHIFFMAN SCHORB SCH U M PERT SCOTT SCOTT SEALS CECIL C. SEIGLER Edgetield, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Delta Sigma Pi. 'gf' I CHARLES A. SHAW .5lllBelton, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration W. SHAW, JR. lBilshopville, S. C. B.S. in Civil Engineering i ' ,, Alpha: Cotillion Club: American Society ol Civil Engineers: 'N Bequx Arts. ..f JOE EljjSHAW Greenville, S. C. Sigma Chi. B.S. in Pharmacy WILBUR L. SHEALY Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Civil Engineering American Society ol Civil Engineers. PEGGY S. SHELLEY Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Education Chi Omega. COLVIN W. SHEORN Camden, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration JAMES O. SHEPPARD, JR. Edgetield, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Kappa Alpha: Clariosophic Literary Society. SEIGLER SHAW SHAW SHAW SHEALY SHELLEY SHEORN SHEPPARD JAMES R. SI-IERIDAN Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Journalism Sigma Chi: Kappa Sigma Kappa: "Gamecoclc", News Editor: Phi Epsilon Nu: Orientation Teacher. LAVINIA I-I. SI-IIPLEY Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration FRANKLIN G. SI-IULER Bowman, S. C. B.S. in Pharmacy Phi Kappa Sigma. WOODFIN E. SI-IULER Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Arts and Science JANE D. SIMMONS Miami, Fla. A.B. in Arts and Science Delta Delta Delta, President: Beaux Arts: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: Canterbury Club: Orientation Teacher. JULIE S. SIMPSON Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Arts and Science Delta Delta Delta: Euphrosynean Literary Society: Y. W. C. A.: CosEd Association. T. I-IUGI-I SIMRILL, JR. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration, LL.B. Law Federation. EDWARD M. SINGLETON Conway, S. C. B.S. in Education Phi Kappa Phi: Y. M. C. A.: Westminster Fellowship: Cotillion Club: Blue Key. ' ' "'L"i7 'i:'122':a SI-IERIDAN SI-IIPLEY SI-IULER SHULER SIMMONS SIMPSON SIMRILL SINGLETON BETSY W. SIPPLE Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Arts and Science Kappa Delta: Woman's Athletic Council, Treasurer: Euphrosynean ' erary Society: Phi Gamma Mu: Y. W. C. A.: University Players: lv ntation Teacher: Maid of Honor, May Court. I948. l' I N A. IE c. SKINNER :jf Iumbia, S. C. B.S. in Arts and Science I I . X D ju l SKINNER ishopville, S. C. B.S. in Arts and Science f . , THO ELTZER Kingstree, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Phi Sigma Kappa: Band. Drum Major: Phi Mu Alpha. LASS BEVERLY P. SMITH Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Education Baptist Student Union: Honor Board. CARLTON S. SMITH Le Grange, III. B.S. in Chemistry Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Alpha Epsilon Delta: Sigma Alpha Zeta. DAVID P. SMITH, JR. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Engineering Phi Kappa Sigma: American Institute of Electrical Engineers. DAVID W. SMITH, JR. Gastonia, N. C. B.S. in Business Administration Phi Kappa Sigma. President: Block "C" Club: Garnet and Black. Business Staff: Cotillion Club, Dance Chairman: University Band: Golf Team. SIPPLE SKINNER SKINNER SMELTZER SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH FULWOOD A. SMITH Gray Court, S. C. B.S. in Pharmacy Lambda Chi Alpha: American Pharmaceutical Association. HAMMIE J. SMITH Estill, S. C. B.S. in Pharmacy American Pharmaceutical Association. JOHN K. SMITH, JR. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Kappa Sigma Kappa. Sergeant-at-Arms: Student Council: Clario- sophic Literary Society, Treasurer, President: Pi Kappa Alpha, Treasurer: Committee lor Orientation of Foreign Students, Chairman. JOSEPH A. SMITH Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Arts and Science University Band. MARION C. SMITH Florence, S. C. A.B. in Journalism Independents. XXI L N 11' , if lx is cj REGINALD U. SMITH Lg. . Miley, S. C. B.S. in Business Administ a 'pp' T Alpha Kappa Psi. A I wi ti Y I . il HLIBERT W. SMOAK, JR. A ' Reevesville, S. C. B.S. in Arts and Y A Pi Ka a Phi: Alpha Epsilon Delta. l ' j. X pp X. P ALVIN A. SNYDER Q Columbia, S. C. C .S. ' Biology Alpha Epsilon Delta: South Carolina Academy ol Science: LeConte Scientific Society. SENICDI 1 SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH SMOAK SNYDER 5 LAURA O. SPEED Abbeville, S. C. A.B. in English Ii Kappa Delta Vice President Euphrcsynean Literary Society, President: lpha Kappa Gamma Co Ed Association, President and Secretary: 0 ganist Student Group Secretary: May Court. X Lson B SPRINGS 'mf yrtle Beach S C B.S. in Business Administration a Nu OLD A STAAB A Molumbia Penn B.S. in Business Administration 1 ha Kappa Psi President Commerce Club. President. in I' 4 . 1 I "- tem 'H X: ' 5 I ' ., I I y y' E , l 1 4 g li ,' . I 5-A oizcsg A. STANLEY, JR. Ki . A.B. in Journalism Kappa Sigma Kappa: "Gamecoclc" Statf: Euphradian Literary Society, Vice-President, Treasurer'Secretary, Literary Critic: "Carolina Review": Journalism Club: Carolina Veterans: Westminster Fellowship: WUSC. ILASS I SPEED SPRIN STAAB STANLEY STAUB STEIN STEPHENS STILL BLAKE J. STALIB Onaway, Mich. B.S. in Electrical Engineering American Institute of Electrical Engineers: I. R. E. HELENE C. ST-EIN Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Arts and Science Alpha Epsilon Phi, President: Alpha Kappa Gamma: Ca-Ed Associa- tion: Hypatian Literary Society: Honor Board: Hillel Society: Pan- Hellenic Council: Y. W. C. A. EDWIN CRAIG STEPHENS I-lamer, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration JAMES l'l. STILL Blaclcville, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Pi Kappa Alpha: German Club. GS HOWARD D. STONE Chicago, Ill. B.S. in Business Administration Sigma Chi. RUTH P. STONE Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Arts and Science Delta Delta Delta: Delta Omicron, President: Euphrosyean Literary Society: Y. W. C. A.: Co-Ed Association: Alpha Kappa Gamma. FRED S. STRICKLAND Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Pi Kappa Alpha. JEAN STROTHER Santuclc, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration University Players: Debating Team. ROBERT L. SUMWALT, JR. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Civil Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Warden: Student Body President: Omicron Delta Kappa: Kappa Sigma Kappa: Y. M. C. A., President, Vice- xx President. Social Chairman: Freshman "Y" Council, President-Sec tary: Freshman Vespers: Student-Faculty Relations Committee. Ch 5 ' N' man: Garnet and Black, Social Editor and Freshman Editor: Cotill lf lx 5 C Club, Treasurer: German Club: Canterbury Club: Presbyterian CI Z' if President-Treasurer: American Society of Civil Engineers: Ep' 'Q Lambda Sigma: Dean's Honor List: Orientation Teacher: Outsta gil I ' Among Carolina Students. l948: Intramural Track Team. i KOLMAN SUTKAR McColl, S. C. B.S. in Business Administ Hillel Society: Retailing Club. KENNETH E. SWAIN Myrtle Beach, S. C. B.S. in Pharm i N ROBERT E. SWANSON Springfield, N. .l. td W. S il 7 W Q Mu B.S. in Civil Engineering American Society of Civil Engineers SENIOQ STONE STONE STRICKLAND STROTHER SU MWALT SUTKAR SWAIN SWANSON SWYGERT TAPP TAYLOR TAYLOR A T' ,L E TAYLOR TAYLOR TEAGUE TEAL SARA A. SWYGERT Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Education Co-Ed Association: Booster Club: Y. W. C. A.: University Players: Vespers Committee: Lutheran Student Association: lntra m u ral Basketball. WiLLIAM F. TAPP, JR. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Sigma Nu: German Club: Cotillion Club. BOBBIE N. TAYLOR Kershaw, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Delta Sigma Pi. LEE B. TAYLOR Anderson, S. C. LL.B. Delta Sigma Pi: Law Federation. MAXINE J. TAYLOR Nichols, S. C. A.B. in Education Delta Psi Kappa: Women's Athletic Association. ROBERT l'l. TAYLOR Spartanburg, S. C. B.S. in Chemistry Spartanburg-Carolina Club. EDWARD E. TEAGLJE Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Political Science Phi Kappa Sigma, Vice-President, President: lnterfraternity Council: Business Manager ot Garnet and Black: "Gamecoclc": Clariosophic Literary Society, Vice-President, President: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Student Council: Kappa Sigma Kappa. Scribe: Orientation Teacher: States Rights Club: Westminster Fellowship. TOM A. TEAL Chesterfield, S. C. A.B. in Journalism Kappa Sigma: University Photographer. . "r':-'Z' Ulf' 7T3Y?I'l'..3iE T s.s'-sauces' titans-T 1 1-:.if1'.Ls3sii2J33E WINIFRED R. TESTARD Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Arts and Science GEORGE W. THOMAS Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Civil Engineering Pi Kappa Phi: American Society of Civil Engineers. JAMES W. THOMAS Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Geology Sigma Chi. Secretary: President of Senior Class: Vice-President of Sophomore Class: Manager Varsity Track Team: Block "C" Club: Clcriosophic Literary Society: "Carolina Review" Staff: Garnet and Blaclr '48: "Gamecoclc": Kappa Sigma Kappa: Cotillion Club. WADE E. THOMAS Lamar, S. C. A.B. in Political Science L. PATTERSON THOMPSON, JR. 'Y'- . Liberty Hill, S. C. B.S. in Electrical Engineering University Chorus: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: President ol Westminster Fellowship: Treasurer of American Institute ot Electrical Engin S , A Q. X r tx 5 ff A Roy M. THoRNLEY P2 Monclcs Corner, S. C. B.S. in Phar . l l ' Jw f NED L. THREATT .i Kershaw, S. C. A.B. in Jou i J ' ' Historian of Senior Class: "Gamecoclc", Campus Editor and V Editor: Garnet and Blaclr Organizations Editor: Phi Epsilon , V l President and Vice-President: Student Democrats Club: Y. M. I I Blue Key. :mg 1, i 4 x 'X f FRANK l. THRIFT, JR. c I V Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Engineering Institute ol Radio Engineers. i TESTARD THOMAS THOMAS THOMAS THOMPSON THORNLEY THREATT THRIFT I I I I i i i ,i..,,..i.T- WILLIAM G. TIMME Chester S C B.S. in Accounting .Ii X ISTIAN L TIMMONS rt vi e S C Alpha Epslon Germ RGE R TINDALL enton New Jersey Nu Presclent Germ ll Secretary LEXLQ XZ.. li It Ii ' i' .i Jr-:W I " x - ' , 5 ' S ii, . . i 1 5 mac I ical Association. I , fl i II - V lyk' , ' ,ff I, , ' I f 'li ' I - ' viii' V by . CAREY C. TISON Columbia, S. C. ILASS B.S. in Pharmacy an Club: Cotillion Club: American Phar- B.S. in Business Administration an Club, President: Cotillion' Club: Block B.S. in Mathematics JAMES S. TODD Kingstree, S. C. A.B. in Journalism Phi Epsilon Nu. J. HENRY TOLLISGN Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Pharmacy American Pharmaceutical Association. G. FRED TOLLY, JR. Spartanburg, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Lambda Chi Alpha: Alpha Kappa Psi: "Gamecock": Retailing Club. DAN J. TROTTER III Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Electrical Engineering Euphradian Literary Society: Epsilon Larrlbda Sigma: American ln- stitute ol Electrical Engineers: Radio Station WUSC: Phi Eta Sigma from Clemson. TIMME TIMMONS - TINDALL TISON I TODD TOLLISON TOLLY TROTTER T--,--wv-:-f- - --- --.-f--.,- - -Y ,. ELIZABETH A. USHER Columbia, S. C. A.B. in French and English Delta Delta Delta: Euphrosynean Literary Society: Y. W. C. A.: Co-Ed Association: May Queen, l948. CHARLES H. VAN PATTEN Charleston, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration University Players, Y. M. C. A. JOSEPH E. VAN PATTEN Charleston, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration CARL J. VANSANT Leesville, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration HAROLD L. VALJGHN Anderson, S. C. JOHN E. VEDDE Orlando, Florid R a Pi Kappa Alpha: American So Council, N. R. O. T. C. EDWARD W. VEREEN Camden, S. C. Spanish Club: "Gamecoclr" S NICHOLAS A. V Lebanon, Pa. ERNA A.B.' Ed i' " in uca ion xX 5 4 B.S. in Civil Engin e A.B. in UN- ' x Y. . . 5 S , af t ' E... 2 wi X' T ,LEM " -J" T i ciety ol Civil Engineers: lnterlr 'ni Q A 'l. . s Li. x . ,R J. . as tatfr Phi Epsilon Nu. Treasurer S 5 B.S. in Business Administration SENIOS USH ER VAN PATTEN VAN PATTEN VANSANT VAUGHN VEDDER VEREEN VERNA TRULUCK TSALAPATAS TUCKER TURNER TURNER TURNER TYLER UPTON JACK L. TRULUCK Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Journalism Phi Kappa Sigma: Euphradian Literary Society: Phi Epsilon Nu: International Relations Club. PAUL C. TSALAPATAS Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration JEROME B. TucKER Long Branch, N. J. B.S. in Business Administration Phi Epsilon Pi: Block "C" Club: Kappa Sigma Kappa: Hillel Society: Cotillion Club. GEORGE M. TURNER Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Pharmacy American Pharmaceutical Association. JOHN V. TURNER Spartanburg, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration WILLIAM E. TURNER, JR. Taylors, S. C. B.S. in Pharmacy American Pharmaceutical Association. REDMOND TYLER Doraville, Ga. B.A. in Business Administration Kappa Alpha: Blue Key: Cotillion Club, President: lnteriraternity Council, Vice-President: Clariosophic Literary Society. Critic: "Game- cock", Sports Editor: "Carolina Review": Y. M. C. A.: Booster Club: German Club: Canterbury Club: Retailing Club: Orientation Teacher: Young Democrats Club: Varsity Swimming Manager, J. MARSHALL UPTON Gatfney, S. C. A.B. in Physical Education Sigma Chi: Kappa Sigma Kappa: Minor Block "C" Club, President: Swimming Team. L 1 . ... f, . g,,4iaif3EJ?-45?ri'.4,f6f'!ME?PS5F5f34-Eifiiillgfiasff iQSESEEK'I 1PEi?5Tl553?iNQ'SFT1.E35 7FT-2'l'E:Yirr' 'ff5:Sr':iE1 -Tir Llbjlbfiffid i MARY A. WALL Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Sociology Chi Omega: Euphrosynean Literary Society: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: Women's Athletic Association, Vice-President: "G-amecoclc" Statf. DALPHA O. WALLACE Darlington, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration KATHRYN A. WALLACE Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Physical Education Alpha Kappa Gamma, Vice-President: Kappa Delta, Treasurer: Honor Board: Alpha Epsilon Delta: Women's Athletic Association, President: Alpha Kappa Gamma. BROOKS F. WARNER Leesville, S. C. B.S. in Civil Engineering American Society of Civil Engineers: Compass and Chart. , . ANNA M. WARSHAW Walterboro, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Delta Tau: Hillel Society: Hypatian Literary Society: Co-Ed Association. HORACE H. WATSON, JR. Spartanburg, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration LAWTON N. WATSON Florence, S. C. B.S. in Civil Engineering Pi Kappa Phi: American Society of Civil Engineers. - A PHILIP E. WATSON Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Alpha Kappa Psi. WALL WALLACE WALLACE WARNER WARSHAW WATSON WATSON WATSON f Y- v y PIERCE A. WATSON Ware Shoals, S. C. A.B. in Arts ancl Science ha Psi Omega. PQ. 9 ' to ea-tg NVILLE S. WAY, JR. geville, S. C. B.S. in Arts ancl Science L. : Epsilon Deltai Block "C" Club: Y, M. C. A.: Baseball: r 'N Ba L an. L . Ll EX . ,ll A TV RIET A. WAY I . n": .l,, olly . , L Hill, C. B.S. in Arts and Science SL y e a Phi: Y. W. C. A. GRM A WILLIS B. WELLMON C-iatfney, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration ' L A S S I ROBERT M. WELLONS Conway, S. C. Y. M. C. A.: Baptist Student RALPH O. WELLS Abbeville, S. C. American Institute of Electrica ELLIE A. WESTBROOK Kathwood, S. C. JOSEF H. WIEHR Columbia, S. C. German Language Club. B.S. in Chemistry Union. B.S. in Electrical Engineering l Engineers. A.B. in Education A.B. in Arts and Science i WATSON y WAY 3 WAY ' WELLMON WELLONS WELLS WEsTBRooK A WIEHR JANET A. WILES Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Arts and Science Newman Club: Chi Omega: Spanish Club: Pan-I-Iellenic Council: Women's Athletic Association Council. JAMES O. WILLIAMS Mullins, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration WILLIAM E. WILLIAMS Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Phi Kappa Sigma: Lutheran Student Association. JAMES W. WILLIAMSON, JR. Florence, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration Pi Kappa Phi. THOMAS I-I. WILLIAMSON, JR. Aiken, S. C. Sigma Chi, President: Omicron Delta Kappa: Kappa Sigma Ka Secretary: I-Ionor Board: Euphradian Cotillion Club: "GamecocIc": "Carolina President of Junior Class: Orientation LAKE W. WILLIS, JR. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in OLIVER E. WILLIS Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Block "C" Club, Secretary and Treasurer BERKELEY B. WILSON Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Sigma Alpha Epsilon: German Club: NX! mural Ba slcetball. A.B. in Journalism L terary Soc ety Pres: P Rev e Ph Eps Ion If Teach r Stude t Co 5, Business Admin: Baseball E I I S i i n i I! ms i . WH' X' T .. ,JL . . QE II? V 1. .Ill I 5 B. Adw gfi ' s n ss s.: I ' ' U I C FTIIDIS N- ll. . 4. fu Business Administration estminster Fellowship: Intra- SENIOQ WILES WILLIAMS WILLIAMS WILLIAMSON WILLIAMSON WILLIS WILLIS WILSON ' ss EARLE B. WILSON, JR. ' W Darlington, S. C. B.S. in Chemistry Ph Kappa Sigma. RRY M. WILSON lythewood, S. C. B.A. in Journalism I' RTIN C. WISE, JR. Greenwood, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration M C A. Council: Students Retailing Organization. Y XA. M I' C, ,g 'Els f ' I P-A I Q 4 ,Iliff I I BRIACQSNZSRFORD - Spartanburg, S. C. B.S. in Civil Engineering American Society of Civil Engineers. DLASS VIRGINIA E. WOODRUFF Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Anthropology Delta Delta Delta: Canterbury Club: Christian Service Club: Booster Club: Euphrosynean Literary Society: Co-Ed Association: University Players: Garnet and Black: University Chorus. WILLIAM O. YOUNG, JR. Q Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon-: German Club: American Society ol Mechanical Engineers: Epsilon Lambda Sigma. THOMAS W. YOUNGBLOOD " ' Williston, S. C. B.S. in Pharmacy Phi Kappa Sigma: American Pharmaceutical Association: Y. M. C. A. ANNE PORCI-IER ZEIGLER Cope, S. C. H A.B. Arts and Science Delta Delta Delta: Y. W. C. A.: Co-Ed Association: Euphrosynean Literary Society. WILSON WILSON WISE WOFFORD wooorzurr A YOUNG A xi youNGBLooD .. ZEIGLER t 'ml GRADUATF STUDENTS TH EOPHILUS P. CHANDLER Pawleys Island, S. C. Graduate ELIZABETH S. CRUTCHFIELD Orangeburg, S. C. Graduate States Right Club: Erskine College, A.B.: Y. W. C. A. MARION L. ELLIS Kingstree, S. C. Graduate L'Alliance Francaise. MARJORIE MCCORKLE York, S. C. M.S. in Biology Alpha Gamma Delta: Brenau Transfer: Y. W, C. A.: Women's Athletic Association: Co-Ed Association: "Carolina Review": "Gamecock": Phi Beta Kappa. JOSEPH H. ROBINS, JR. Columbia, S. C. Graduate KENNETH L. TAYLOR ' Charleston, S. C. Graduate "Gamecoclc", Business Manager: Senior "Y" Cabinet: Chairman ol Freshman "Y" Camp: Omicron Delta Kappa: Kappa Sigma, Vice- President, Guard, Master of Ceremonies: American Society of Civil Engineers: Football: Manager ol Baslcetball Team: Manager of Baseball Team. WILLIAM T. UTLEY Columbia, S. C. M.A. in I-listory CHANDLER CRUTCHFIELD ELLIS MCCORKLE ROBINS TAYLOR UTLEY ,ww ,, l. . .YN W..-T- , SENIORS NOT PIOTURED Harold William Aiken, B.S. in Pharmacy Charles Dantzler Albergotti, Jr., B.S., B.A. Phillip Barnes Alexander, A.B. in Education John P. Allison, B.S. in Pharmacy Tom Brooks Anderson, B.S. in B.A. John Lewis Baker, B.S. in C. E. Andrew Wendell Ballentine, A.B. Douglas Holman Barwick, Jr., A.B. George Cullen Battle lll, B.S. William Perry Beckham, Jr., B.S. in E. E. George Edward Beisel, Jr., B.S. in E. E. John Witherspoon Bell, Jr., B.S. Albert Derrell Bennett, Jr., B.S. in C. E. Samuel A. Benson, B.S. in B. A. Gregg C. Bissell, B.S. in B. A. Benjamin Fanueil Boddie, A.B. in Journalism Charles W. Bolin, B.S. in M. E. Winnie Grubbs Bomar, A.B. in Education Samuel Lamar Booth, B.S. in Pharmacy Hugh J. Boyd, A.B. Frances H. Bradham, A.B. in Education John Earl Bray, B.S. in Pharmacy Walter Charles Brett, B.S. in Pharmacy Thomas Kenneth Bridges, B.S. in B. A. Richard Henry Brinkley, A.B. Edward Brisson, B.S. in Pharmacy Roland Brown, B.S. Scriven S. Brunson, B.S. William Gilmore Simms Buck, B.S. Richard Bobo Burnett, B.S. in Pharmacy Alva B. Campbell, B.S. in Pharmacy Mary Louise Campbell, B.S. in Nursing Frank John Chibbaro, A.B. in Education Elizabeth Anne Clark, B.S. in Pharmacy Harry Louis Cline, A.B. B. A. in B. A. Bruce C. Coleman, B.S. in Curtis Odell Coleman, B.S. James Hearst Coleman, B.S. in C. E. Mary Virginia Collins, A.B. Robert Joseph Collins, B.S. Emmie Reed Cooper, A.B. Harry Nick Corontzes, B.S. William Philip Davis, Sr., B.S. in B. A. in Education Robert A. Dean, B.S. in B. A. Walter W. Dew, B.S. in B. A. Graham Bennett, Dimmick, Jr., B.S. Lonnie Parris Dorman, B.S. in B. A. Marjorie Rosemary Duckett, A.B. in Educ. Ernest Kenneth Dukes, B.S. Thomas Spencer Eaddy, B.S. in B. A. lsaac Allen Edwards, B.S. in B. A. Gene Davis Easterling, B.S. Jasper T. Easterling, Jr., B.S. in C. E. Emil S. Elmgren, A.B. in Education Charles N. Enloe, B.S. in M. E. Andrew M. Evans, B.S. in Pharmacy Dominic Anthony Fusci, A.B. in Education Edward L. Garrett, A.B. Harold Calhoun Gibson, B.S. William Richard Gilkerson, B.S. Charles Waymon Gill, B.S. in E. E. Edwin E. Glenn, A.B. Leon Steele Goodall, B.S. in B. A. David Gordin, B.S. Richard M. Gramling, B.S. in E. E. Jack Shelton Graybill, B.S. in B. A. Robert Lee Gunter, A.B. Thomas E. Hair, B.S. Goodwyn Murray Hane, B.SQ in C. E. Louisa Hook Hane, A.B. Hugh Oliver Hanna, B.S. in Pharmacy Walter Carlton Hayes, B.S. in B.A. William Herzberg, B.S. in B. A. Ernest Cecil Hilton, Jr., B.S. Joseph Ludlow Hodges, B.S. in B. A. Richard Miller Hollinger, A.B. Anthony Clegg Hopper, B.S. James Thomas Hudson, B.S. in E. E. Thomas B. Huiet, B.S. in B. A. Oren Oscar Jones, B.S. in B. A. William Townes Jones, Jr., A.B. Constantine Karegeannes, B.S. in B. A. George Franz Kennedy, B.S. in B. A. Robert Edward Kenney, Jr., B.S. in B. A. DeWitt Talmadge Latimer, Jr., E.E. i Thomas Cobbs Lackland, B.S. Francis Leonidas Langford, B.S. in Educ. George Russell Lauderdale, Jr., B.S. in B. A. Pierce McBride Leaphart, B.S. in Education William Boyd LeGrand, B.S. Harold Lawrence Lerman, B.S. Arnold Milton Levinson, B.S. Walter Miller Life, Jr., B.S. in G. E. Gray McCalley, B.S. in M. E. Francis Nolan McCorkle, Jr., B.S. Thomas Brockman McCurry, A.B. Mary Ann McElveen, A.B. in Journalism Glenn Jenkins Mack, B.S. in B. A. John Manos, B.S. Anne Martin, A.B. in Education Robert William May, Jr., B.S. Ralph E. Millar, B.S. in Ch.E. Charles Mixson Miller, B.S. Ralph Porter Mobley, Jr., B.S. in B. A. Hazel Morrison Monroe, B.S. in B. A. Ann Foster Moore, B.S. Barbara Huggins Moseley, B.S. in Pharm. William Marshall Moses, A.B. in Education Il7 Ann Willard Oenslager, A.B. Christian Padgett, B.S. in B. A. Robert Earl Parks, B.S. Francis Littleiohn Paslay, A.B. Marjorie Therese Pearlstine, A.B. George Thomas Perry, B.S. in E. E. Edward LeRoy Petit, B.S. Henry Haynesworth Plowden, B.S. lda Lou Price, A.B. Robert William Revere, B.S. in B. A. Legrand Richardson, B.S. in E. E. Patricia Agnes Riley, A.B. in Education Thomas Joseph Royster, B.S. in B. A. Thomas Croft Rutherford, B.S. Julian Alexander Salley, B.S. Edward Raymond Seanor, A.B. in Education Wforth Thomas Sellers, B.S. in M. E. Hal D. Sharp, Jr., B.S. in Pharmacy Wayne Thomas Showalter, B.S. in B. A. James Robert Simmons, A.B. Jean Hellams Simmons, A.B. Thomas Dorsey Sligh, B.S. in B. A. Franklin Gordon Smith, A.B. in Journalism James Erwin Smith, B.S. Mortimer Fenton Smith, A.B. Frances Poston Stanton, A.B. James Clinton Still, B.S. in Pharmacy Amalie Ward Stone, A.B. John Robert Swygert, B.S. Kenneth Chesley Talbert, B.S. Albert Patrick Thomas, B.S. Dorothy Tidd, A.B. in Education John Ivan Tominack, A.B. in Education L. Harrall Walker, A.B. in Education Robert B. Walker, Jr., B.S. in B. A. William Alford Wall, B.S. in Naval Science John Murray Wannamaker, B.S. in B. A. Althea Speed Watkins, B.S. in Nursing William Byron Watts, B.S. in Pharmacy Andrew J. Welborn, Jr., A.B. in Journalism George McGregor Whitaker, B.S. Charles Mattison White, B.S. in B. A. .James Young White, B.S. Arthur B. Wilds B.S. in E. E. Samuel Hugh Wilds, B.S. in C. E. Latimer Williams lll, B.S. in B. A. John Lantye Williford, Jr., B.S. in B. A. Joe Edward Wimberly, B.S. in Ovel Wfithers, Jr., A.B. Edwin Robertson Worrell, B.S. Robert L. Worrell, B.S. Noel Kyle Yobs, B.S. in C. E. Charles Wesley Young, Jr., B.S. in Pharmacy James Grady Younts, B.S. in B. A. Education BARBARA RAFHELD Sccrctary-Trvasurvr SPRUCE MCCAIN President funjor ANNE MOOD Hwstoran BILL IUNG Vxcc-President Class ln the spring of 1948 the rising Juniors elected Pete Hyman as their president and Spruce McCain as vice-presi- dent, with Barbara Rattield as secretary. ln the Fall, as Pete did not return to school, Spruce assumed the duties ol president. At a special election Bill King was named vice-president. The Juniors were over the hump now and into the second halt of their college careers. Most ol them realized that they didn't know as much as they had thought they did when they were sophomores. Serious thoughts about majors and minors replaced much of the disinterest in Freshman and sophomore courses. The future was beginning to loom large on the horizon. All these considerations did not blot out college lite, however. The Juniors nominated "Butch" Corry to run For Homecoming Queen, and she was runnerup in the campus election. Beth Fillingim was elected May Queen. Holi- days parties, dances, studying, and exams took their turn, and now the Juniors were ready to become Seniors. SAY . . . SPRING IS REALLY HERE. l l CARROLL C. ABERNATHY B.S. in Business Admi EDWARD L. ADDISON B.S. in Electrical Eng Columbia nistration Cotta geville, ineering ELMORE R. ALEXANDER Columbia B.S. in Business Administration JOHN B. ALLEN, JR. Columbia B.S. in Business Administration BERT N. ANDERSON Mullins B.S. in Business Administration-Kappa Alpha 6 HENRY C. ARANT Bowman B.S. in Business Administration-Phi Sigma Kapp EMERSON L. ARD, JR. Hemingway, B.S. in Pre-Law JESSE R. BARDIN Elloree B.S. in Business Administration-Pi Kappa Phi CARLISLE H. BARR Leesville B.S. in Mechanical Engineering RALPH A. BARRETT Gastonia, B.S. in Business Administration-Phi Kappa Sigma HAROLD D. BARWICK4 Sumter B.S. in Electrical Engineering WASHINGTON M. BARWICK St. George B.S. in Business Administration BOBBY E. BATSON B.S. in Pharma BRYAN s. BEARD Greenville Cv Langley B.S. in Chemical Engineering GWYN W. BELL B.S. in Business Admi HARRY S. BELL St. George nistration Ward, B.S. in Business Administration STANTON N. BELMONT Spartanburg, B.S. in Chemistry SARA J. BENSON Columbia, A.B. in Education-Alpha Delta Pi CHARLES, S. BERNSTEIN Charleston, 1 I B.S. in Business Administration-Phi Epsilon Pi RALPH J. BlGELOW North Charleston, B.S. in Business Administration CHARLES D. BOLEN Williston, B.S. in Education WILLIAM O. BOYLSTON Barnwell, B.S. in Business Administration JAMES E. BRADBURY Orangeburg, B.S. in Business Administration LEE R. BRANDON Piedmont, B.S. in Pharmacy-Pi Ka ppa Sigma l20 C. C. C. C. C. C. C. C. C. C. C. C. rx xx n C. C. C. C. C. C. C. C. C. C. C. C. JUNIOR Garnet 62 CLASS Block K K K WILLIAM R. BRAY Greenville, S. C B.S. in Electrical Engineering-Sigma Alpha Epsilon ROBERT BRIGGS Greenville, S. C B.S. in Business Administration MCTEER BROWN Monclcs Corner, S. C B.S. in Business Administration SAMUEL GORDON BROWN Cheraw, S. C B.S. in Pharmacy GEORGE R. BURGESS, JR. Spartanburg, S.C B.S. in Commerce JIMMY BYERS A A H ' Sharon, S.C B.S. in Business Administration EREIDA BYRD West Columbia, S. C B.S. in Education . TREVIS J. CAGLE Gaffney, S. C B.S. in Chemical Engineering BETTY CAMERON Columbia, S. C B.A. in Arts and Science DONALD A. CAMPBELL, JR. Camden, S. C B.S. in Education-Kappa Alpha MARGARET CANNON Hartsville, S. C B.S. in Business Administration ROBERT R. CARPENTER Greenville, S. C A.B. in Arts and Science ROBERT CASE Fort Mill, S. C B.S. in Business Administration NELLE WILSON CASSADY Charleston, W. Va A.B. in Arts and Science-Delta Delta Delta EMMIE WALLING CATO Columbia, S. C A.B. in Education BELTON CAUGI-IMAN Columbia, S. C B.S. in Education ANDREA CHANDLER Olanta, S. C A.B. in Journalism LLOYD S. CHINNES Hemingway, S. C B.S. in Education CECIL W. CLARKSON Myrtle Beach, S. C B.S. in Chemistry-Phi Kappa Sigma JOHN J. CLEMMONS Florence, S. C B.S. in Commerce-Kappa Sigma DOROTHY ANN COE Columbia, S. C B.S. in Business Administration-Delta Zeta CHARLES L. COFEEY Georgetown, S. C B.S. in Pharmacy--Phi Kappa Sigma VERLIN O. COFFEY Georgetown, S. C A.B. in Education-Phi Kappa Sigma CHARLES D. COLEMAN Greenville, S. C B.S. in Business Administration I2I THEO N. CONSTAN CoIumbia,S B.S. in Mechanical Engineering JENNINGS COOK Ashton, S B.S. in Business Administration RAYMOND R. COOKE EstiII,S B.S. in Pharmacy S LESLIE A. COTTER Columbia, B.S. in Civil Engneering B. EAYE COVINGTON DiIIon,S A.B. in Arts and Science JAMES E. COVINGTON Lalce City,S B.S. in Business Administration ANN R. CRAIG CoIumbia,S A.B. In Arts and Science-Kappa Delta JIMMY C. CRAWFORD Honea Path, S A.B. in Arts and Science-Pi Kappa Alpha DORINE CREIGHTON North Augusta, S A.B. Education C C C C C C C C C JOHN E. CROWLEY, JR. CharIotte,N C B.S. in Business Administration HELEN J. CULLUM CoIumbia,S C A.B. in Arts and Science TUCKER F. DANA CoIumbia,S C B.S. in Engineering-Sigma Alpha Epsilon HENRY M. DAVIS Greenville, S. C B.S. in Business Administration JARRETT L. DAVIS Atlanta, Ga B.S. in Business Administration-Sigma Alpha- Epsilon M. ANNE DAVIS Columbia, S. C B.A. in Arts and Science THOMAS F. DAVIS ' ChestertieId,S C B.S. in Arts and Science WILLIAM W. DAVIS ' FIorence,S C B.S. in Business Administration-Kappa Sigma HARRY D. DeLOACH ' Beaulort,S C A.B. in Education R. EAYE DENT ' CoIumbia,S C A.B. in.Arts and Science GEORGE T. DesCHAMPS CoIumbia,S C B.S. in Business Administration-Sigma Nu N. HALL DICKSON CoIumbia,S C A.B. in Arts and Science HUBERT M. DIMMERY CoIumbia,S C B.S. in Business Administration ROBERT R. DOBSON CoIumbia,S.C B.S. in Arts and Science-Kappa Alpha VIRGINIA E. DOLAN Richmond, Va B.A. in Spanish I22 D B IUNIOIR Garnet dt CLASS Black JOSEPH M. DONLEY Columbia, S. B.S. in Electrical Engineering BERNARD D. DUSENBURY Florence, S. A.B. in Arts and Science-Kappa Alpha JOSEPH S. DUSENBURY Conway, S. A.B. in Education CHARLES W. EADDY Lalce City, S. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering DURWOOD W. EASOM Columbia, S. B.S. in Civil Engineering-Pi Kappa Phi EERRELL M. EDENS Columbia, S. A.B. in Arts and Science ERNEST G. EDWARDS Mullins, S. A.B. in Arts and Science-Sigma Aloha Epsilon E. JEAN ELEAZER Columbia, S. A.B. in Arts and Science-Zeta Tau Alpha MARY R. ELEAZER Clemson, S. B.S. in Business Administration-Kappa Delta FRANCES V. POUND Cayce, S. B.S. in Pharmacy DAVlS W. ELLIS Clinton, S. B.S. in Civil Engineering OWEN H. ELLIS Eort Mill, S. B.S. in Business Administration ff K ff SHERA LEE ELLISON Charleston, S. A.B. Education-Delta Tau FRANK EPPES Greenville, S. A.B. in Education-Sigma Chi JAMES V. EPPS Cades, S. B.S. in Commerce-Phi Kappa Sigma WILLIAM S. EPPS, JR. Fort Mill, S. B.S. in Arts and Science-Pi Kappa Alpha JACOB F. EPTING Spartanburg,S A.B. in Arts and Science T. DEAN EUREY Estill B.S. in Nursi m5 Florence EULA M. EVANS B.S. in Arts and Science W. JERRY FEDDER B.A. in Pre-Law MARY C. FELDER Loris A.B. in Arts and Science Leesville ROBERT W. FENNELL B.S. in Business Administration E. BETH FILLINGIM A.B. in Arts and Science-Chi Omega BRUCE V. ELEMlNG B.S. in Engineering Columbia I23 Easley, Gable, S S S S S S S FRANK A. FLOYD Effingham B.S. in Arts and Science--Sigma Nu FRANK M. FLOYD Marion, A.B. in Arts and Science MARY A. FOLK Columbia A.B. in Arts and Science EUNICE T. FORD Holly Hill A.B. in Education R. KELSEY FOSTER, JR. Columbia B.S. in Business Administration-Kappa Alpha ROBERT L. FOWLER Union B.S. in Business Administration ELIZABETH M. FRAZER COIlJml3i6 A.B. In Arts and Science-Pi Beta Phi SAMUEL F. FREE Bamberg B.S. in Busrne ss Administration RAE FRIEDMAN Columbia A.B. in Education D It T -66 BH S S S S S S S S S C. C. C. C. C. C. C. C. C. D D D I-IERMAN R. FULLER Strother,S C. B.S. in Business Administration W. PI-IILLIP FULLER, JR. Columbia S C. B.S. in Business Administration-Sigma Nu McRANEY FLJLMER, JR. Williston S C. B.S. in Civil Engineering NOAH H. GALLOWAY Easley S C. B.S. in Business Administration JULIUS P. GAMBLE Lane S C. B.S. in Business Administration-Sigma Alpha Epsilon SID K. GARDNER Columbia S C. B.S. in Business Administration JAMES B. GASTON Greenville S C. B.S. in Business Administration MARGARET GENTRY Summerton S C. A.B. in Education CARLOS W. GIBBONS Turbeville S C. B.S. in Edu tion ROBERT H. GIBSON JoI'1nsonviIIe,S C. A.B. in Education EUGENE P. GILBERT Union,S C. B.S. in Business Administration M. JEAN GILL Richmond Hill, Ga. A.B. in Arts and Science ROBERT T. GILLESPIE Freehold, N. J. AB i At d Science . . rr rs an LAMAR M. GILMORE Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Pharmacy CHARLES R. GOLEY, JR. Asheboro, N. C. B.S. in Journalism I24 JUNIOR L---,,,. 5 Gam eff 2 I 2 I I c9 CLASS 310014 K K K F. WILLIAM GOUDELOCK, JR. Columbia S. B.S. in Engineering-Sigma Alpha Epsilon J. MITCHELL GRAHAM McCIellanviIle, S. LL.B.-Sigma Alpha Epsilon R. HARRIS GRAHAM, JR. Greenville S. B.A. in English THOMAS H. GRANT Chester, S. B.S. in Business Administration WILLIAM L. GREGORY Myrtle BeaCl'1,S. B.S. in Pharmacy J. FRANK GRIFFIN, JR. Columbia,S. B.S. in Business Administration-Phi Kappa Sigma EDWARD S. HALLMAN Monetta, S A.B. in Psychology-Sigma Chi CARL E. HAMMOND, JR. ColumI3ia,S B.S. in Business Administration ROBERT A. HARDEN Ellenton, S B.S. in Business Administration JACK E. HARDWICK Loris,S B.S. in Business Administration-Pi Kappa Phi MAX C. HARMON Kannapolis, N B.S. in Arts and Science JACK B. HARRELL Birmingham,AI B.S. in Retailing H. PAULA HARRIS CoIumbia,S A.B. in Arts and Science-Alpha Delta Pi ROBERT G. HARRIS AbbeviIle,S B.S. in Arts and Science BROOKS D. HARRISON Brunson,S B.S. in Physical Education-Kappa Alpha EARL H. HARTGROVE Rock Hill,S. B.S. in Arts and Science CARL L. HARTZOG St. George,S. B.S. in Chemistry GEORGE F. HAWKINS Saludo,S. B.S. in Business Administration ROBERT E. HAYDEN Orangeburg,S. A.B. in Journalism L. MAY HERBERT Piedmont, S. A.B. in Journalism WILLIAM S. HILLIARD Florence,S. B.S. in Education CHRIS G. HITOPOULOS Charleston, S. B.S. in Business Administration JOHN L. HOWERTON FlorenCe,S. B.S. in Business Administration--Alpha Tau Omega WILLIAM F. HLICKABY Duncan,S. . A.B. in Arts and Science l25 C C C C C C C C. C. C. C. a. C. C. C. C. C. C. C. C. C. C. C. C. HELEN L. HUGHEY Columbia, S. C. B.A. in Arts and Science-Zeta Tau Alpha SARA L. 'HUGHEY Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Arts and Science-Zeta Tau Alpha BILLY B. HUSKEY Gatiney, S. C. B.S. in Civil Engineering CHARLES L. HUTTO Holly Hill,S.C. B.S. in Business Administration-Phi Kappa Sigma CLYDE L. IRELAND A.B. in Arts and Science B.S. in Business Administration MACKEY J. IRICK, JR. Orangeburg,S.C. B.S. in Business Administration JOHN J. JAMES Darlington, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration-Sigma Alpha Epsilon W. DUNCAN JEFFORDS Florence, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration-Sigma Nu VIC W. JOHNSON Aiken, S. C. A.B. in Psychology-Phi Sigma Kappa WALTER E. JOHNSON III Westfield, N. J. B.S. in Business Administration CHESTER W. JOHNSON St. George, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration GERTRUDE JOHNSON Estill, S. C. A.B. in Arts and Science ,D YI P, GEORGE F. KENNEDY Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration L. GORDON KENNERLY Cordova, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration--Phi Sigma Kappa JESSE W. KIBLER, JR. Spartanburg,S.C. A.B. in Education JACK L. KILGORE Anderson, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration EDGAR C. KING Florence, S. C. A.B. in Arts and Science-Lambda Chi Alpha WILLIAM T. KING Lancaster, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration-Lambda Chi Alpha BOODIE E. KINSEY Walterboro, S. C. A.B. in Education-Alpha Delta Pi JULE KLEINMETZ Florence, S. C. B.S. in Arts and Science MELTON KLIGMAN Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration-Pi Lambda Phi EDWARD B. KNIGHT St. Matthews, S.C. B.S. in Pharmacy-Kappa Alpha TALMADGE C. KNOWLES Avon Park, Fla. B.S. in Electrical Engineering IRENE G. KRUGMAN Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Arts and Science I26 JUNIOR Garnet CLASS Black I CC G K GEORGE LaBRUCE Georgetown, S. C B.S. in Chemistry JOSH P. LACKEY Manning, S. C B.S. in Business Administration BENJAMIN S. LAND CoIumbi6,S. C B.S. in Pharmacy H. ABBOTT LANGSTON Timmonsville, S. C B.S. in Arts and Science-Kappa Alpha LAWRENCE C. LEAGUE Greenville, S. C B.S. in Mechanical Engineering ROBERT E. LEE, JR. Columbia, S. C A.B. in Journalism WILLIAM C. LEE Hamer, S. C A.B. in Education-Pi Kappa Alpha KENNETH W. LELAND, JR. Wadmalaw Is., S. C B.S. in Mechanical Engineering PATRICIA A. LEWIS JacIcsonviIIe,iFIa A.B. in Arts and Science-Alpha Delta Pi JOHN L. LIGHT Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Electrical Engineering BETTY J. LIVINGSTON North, S. C. Business Administration-Kappa Delta DOTSY D. LLOYD Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Arts and Science-Zeta Tau Alpha WILLIAM H. LONG Conway, S. C. B.S. in Pharmacy MAUREEN LOVINGOOD Murphy, N. C. B.S. in Business Administration FREDERICK LYBRAND Wagener, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration W. DUPRE LYLES Chester, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration-Kappa Alpha SAMMIE LYNCH Timmonsville, S. C. B.S. in Engineering FRANK L. MCABEE Woodruff, S. C. B.S. in Pharmacy-Phi Sigma Kappa E. LOIS McBRIDE ' Cheraw, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration-Chi Omega G. SPRUCE MCCAIN Denmark, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration-Kappa Alpha WILLIAM H. MCCALL, JR. Union, S. C. B.S. in Arts and Science WILBUR H. MCCARTHA Lexington, S. C. A.B. in Journalism DORIS L. MCCLARY Summerton, S. C. A.B. in Education ELIZABETH J. MCCOLLOUGH Salters, S. C. B.S. in Arts and Science l27 - -- v- --r-VY- 1' ROBERT L. MCCOOK Walton, N. B.S. in Arts and Science ELIZABETH C. MCCORKLE Yorlt, S. B.S. in Business Administration-Alpha Delta Pi CHARLES L. MCDARE, JR. Columbia,S. A.B. in Arts and Science-Kappa Sigma CHARLES E. MCDONALD Columbia,S. B.S. in Business Administration COIT A. MCDONALD, JR. Florence, S. B.S. in Electrical Engineering-Phi Sigma Kappa MARTHA F. MCGEE Leesville, S. B.S. in Arts and Science JAMES EDWARD MCGREW Conwa S. Y, B.S. in Pharmacy-Lambda Chi Alpha RICHARD H. McINVAlLL, JR. Hartsville, S. A.B. in Education RAYMOND R. MCKENZIE Kingstree, S. B.S. in Education ALLAN MacEACHERN Columbia, S. B.S. in Business Administration THOMAS E. MACFIE Columbia, S. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering-Kappa Alpha HENRY L. MACKLEN Myrtle Beach, S. B.S. in Business Administration-Lambda Chi Alpha MARY J. MARTIN Easley, S. A.B. in Education-Alpha Delta Pi CHARLES N. MAYFIELD Columbia,S. B.S. in Business Administration MELICUE M. METTS, JR. Cameron, S. A.B. in Education-Lambda Chi Alpha BYRON K. MILLER Blaclcville,S B.S. in Business Administration-Kappa Alpha BILLY M. MlNlCK Columbia,S. B.S. in Business Administration CHARLES F. MINOR Columbia,S B.S. in Arts and Science M. FRANCES MONCKTON Columbia, S A.B. in Education FLETCHER M. MONTS Columbia,S B.S. in Mechanical Engineering-Phi Sigma Kappa ANNE H. MOOD Columbia,S A.B. in Education-Chi Omega BETTY H. MOOD Columbia, A.B. in Education-Chi Omega WANDELL M. MORRlS Norway, S. B.S. in Business Administration WILLIAM M. MOSES Clover, S. A.B. in Education IZS .,v. -- s . -D 5D H D V,--F-..-..-Y V V - V-ww. . --vw-..,,.. IUNIOR l Garnet 62 CLASS Block K K K WILLIAM H. MOSTELLER Great FaIIs,S B.S. in Pharmacy THOMAS E. MLILLINAX Cornelius,N B.S. in Mechanical Engineering ALBERT R. MLINN Columbia,S A.B. in Journalism-Sigma Chi MYRA J. MLISSER Clemson,S A.B. in Arts and Science MARTHA J. NEEDHAM Columbia, S Business Administration THEODORE B. NEELEY Denmarlc, S B.S. in Retailing-Kappa Alpha R. PLOWDEN NELSON Gable,S B.S. in Business Administration-Sigma Chi HAROLD M. NESBITT Olcl Fort, N B.S. in Business Administration HENDRIX NETTLES Columbia, S B.S. in Business Administration JAMES H. NEWBLIRY Brevard, N A.B. in Journalism-Sigma Chi JACK W. NEWMAN McBee,S A.B. in Arts and Science TROY C. NEWMAN Sumter, S B.S. in Business Administration-Pi Kappa Alpha C C C C C C C C C C C C WILLIAM H. NEWTON Jackson, Miss B.S. in Pharmacy-Pi Kappa Alpha CHARLES W. NORTON, JR. Mullins, S B.S. in Engineering-Kappa Sigma STANLEY L. NIJRNBERGER North Augusta S B.S. in Electrical Engineering I BETTY R. ORTMANN Columbia S A.B. in Education-Delta Zeta ,- ROBERT OSBORNE Orangeburg S B.S. in Business Administration-Kappa Alpha I B. PATRICIA OWENS Columbia S A.B. in Arts and Science I MABLE B. PACE Charleston S A.B. in Arts and Science-Chi Omega PAUL T. PALMER, JR. Charleston S B.S. in Mechanical Engineering-Sigma Alpha Epsilon HOYT F. PARTEE Greenville,S A.B. in Arts and Science I WESTE H. PATTON Spartanburg,S A.B. in Arts and Science META W. PAULLING Darlingtor1,S B.S. in Business Administration-Alpha Gamma Delta ANN P. SHIRLEY CharIeston,S A.B. in Education I2'-7 C C C C C C C .C C C C SARA M. PEEPLES EstiIl,S. B.S. in Business Administration--Alpha Delta Pi MARY L. PENDER Williston, S. A.B. in Arts and Science JAMES W. PINKERTON Candler, N. A.B. in Education ACY C. PLATT Myrtle Beach, S. B.S. in Business Administration-Lambda Chi Alpha TINA C. PLATT Mullins,S. A.B. in Arts and Science FRANCES K. PLYLER Batesburg,S B.S. in Business Administration-Alpha Delta Pi BETTY J. POPE Columbia.. S A.B. in Arts and Science-Zeta Tau Alpha HAZEL M. PORTER Columbia, S B.A. in Music-Kappa Delta REBECCA R. ELEAZER Peli0n,S B.S. in Pharmacy ALLIE G. PRICE Eastover, S B.S. in Business Administration IRWIN PRICE Laurens, S B.S. in Business Administration-Phi Epsilon Pi JESSE c, QUATTLEBAUM saiuda, s B.S. in Business Administration BARBARA A. RAFFIELD A.B. in Music-Pi Beta Phi Ailcen, CECIL C. RAM Aiken, B.S. in Pre-Med-Pi Lambda Phi JOHN E. REEVES Heath Springs, A.B. in Arts and Science ROBERT L. RICHARDSON Barnwell, B.S. in Pharmacy JEAN E. RICHENBAKER Llnion, B.S. in Business Administration-Delta Delta Delta JOSEPH B. ROGERS Columbia, B.S. in Business Administration ROBERT D. ROGERS Orangeburg, B.S. in Business Administration-Kappa Alpha MARSHALL D. ROLLINS Charleston, B.A. in Education RAYMOND ROSENBLLIM Anderson, B.S. .n Chemistry MARTHA B. ROWELL Columbia, B.S. in Business Administration BERNARD RUBENSTEIN Elloree, B.S. in Business Administration WILLIAM D. RUTLEDGE Charlotte, B.S. in Business Administration-Sigma Chi l30 S S S S S S S S S S S N D D DD JUNIOR G'rCI1'ITlGZL CS CLASS Block TED E. SALEEBY B.S. in Arts and Science Hartsville, S. C ELLEN M. SCHOFIELD Youngstown, Ohio A.B. in Arts and Science-Chi Omega ALFRED B. SCHOOLER Georgetown, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration MITCHELL L. SCOTT Montgomery, Ala. A.B. in Education SUE M. SHAW Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Education-Zeta Tau Alpha MARY H. SHEALY A.B. in Education JOHN F. SHERER Leesville, S. C. Sharon, S. C. B.S. in Physical Education HAROLD W. SHERRILL Hiclcory, N. C. B.S. in Business Administration-Kappa Alpha E. EVELYN SHIPLEY A.B. in Education ASBU RY C. SHORTER B.S. in Electrical Engineeri E. BRUCE SI-IULER D B.S. in Electric JAMES F. SINGLETON Sumter, S. C. Manning, S. C. ns Elloree, S. C. al Engineering A.B. in Arts and Science-Pi Ka cc a a ARTHUR B. SLOAN B.S. in Mechanica BEVERLY V. SMITH Columbia, S. C. ppa Phi Hortense, Ga. I Engineering Reno, Nevada a i A.B. in Arts and Science-Pi Bet Ph H. KIRBY SMITH Miami, Fla. B.A. in Arts and Science-Sigma Alpha Epsilon SHERMAN SMITH Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration--Pi Kappa Alpha WILLIAM A. SMITH L A.B. in Education umberton, N. C. WILLIAM G. SOLOMONS Estill, S. C. g B.S. in Pharmacy-Sigma Chi GENE H. SPENCER Greensboro, N. C. B.S. in Business Administration Gcoifaoc W. STACK, HJR. si. Matthews, s. C. B.S. in Business SALLY H. STEVENS B.A. in Arts and Sc JOHN T. STEWART A B.S. in Business WILLIAM T. STONE B.A. in Arts LAWRENCE S. STROM B.S. in Business I3I ienc Administration 'Administrati and Science Columbia, S. C. e-Kappa Delta Woodruff, S. C. on Belton, S. C. McCormick, S. C. Administration MARY C. SUMMERSETT CoIumbia,S A.B. in Arts and Science-Zeta Tau Alpha PHILLIP L. SATTLER CoIumbia,S B.S. in Electrical Engineering EVELYN E. SWAIN Spartanburg,S , A.B. in Arts and Science JOHN R. SYKES Raleigh, N A.B. in Education PATRICIA A. TAYLOR CoIumbia,S A.B. in Arts and Science-Kappa Delta MARGARET A. TEAGLIE Columbia, S B.A. in Arts and Science-Zeta Tau Alpha HARRY R. TEMPLE EIorence,S B.A. in Arts and Science-Pi Kappa Phi WORTH W. THAMES Marion, S B.S. in Business Administration ANITA M. THEE Columbia, S A.B. in Arts and Science-Chi Omega JAMES K. THOMAS Charleston, S B.S. in Business Administration JOHN E. THOMAS Myrtle Beach, S B.S. in Business Administration-Lambda Chi Alpha RUBEN C. THOMAS Wagener, S B.S. in Business Administration PERSHING C. THOMASON Duncan, S B.S. in Pharmacy EDWARD E. THOMPSON Camden, S B.S. in Pharmacy-Phi Kappa Sigma ROBERT E. THOMPSON Spartanburg, S. B.S. in Business Administration ROBERT V. THOREN Elgin, III B.S. in Electrical Engineering-Sigma Chi DOLLIE E. THORNLEY Monclcs Corner, S B.S. in Business Administration ROBERT J. TILLER Mayesville, S A.B. in Education , MARY H. TIMMERMAN PeIzer,S. B.S. in Business Administration MILTON H. TIMMERMAN Batesburg, S B.S. in Electrical Engineering-Sigma Nu V. MAXINE TODD Greenwood,S A.B. in Arts and Science--Pi Beta Phi EDWARD B. TRESCOTT Charleston, S B.S. in Chemical Engineering HENRY E. TROTTER Columbia, S B.S. in Business Administration-Sigma Nu JAMES N. TROWBRIDGE Aileen, S B.S. in Civil Engineering I32 n D nl JUNIOR I i Garnet ot CLASS Black ll K K FRED TURBEVILLE, JR. Columbia, S. C B.S. in Business Administration CI-IARLES F. TURNER North Augusta,S. C B.S. in Pharmacy ELLISON C. TURNER Greenville, S. C A.B. in Arts and Science FRANCES W. TUTTLE Columbia, S. C A.B. in Arts and Science-Kappa Delta RABE R. TYLER Fairfax, S. C B.S. in Business Administration ESTELLE I. WAGNER Bennettsville, S. C B.S. in Business Administration-Alpha Epsilon Phi JOSEPH T. wALLAcE I FiofenCe,s.c. B.S. in Mechanical Engineering JAMES M. WARD Aynor, S. C. B.S. in Electrical Engineering JOHN A. WARD Lake City, S. C. B.S. in Pharmacy WILLIAM R. WATKINS Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration JOANNE WEAVER Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Arts and Science-Delta Zeta MARGUERITE M. WEBB Columbia, S. C. A.B. in Education-Delta Zeta SAMUEL L. WEBB, JR. CoIumbia,S. C. B.S. in Business Administration-Lambda Chi Alpha LEWIS R. WEEKS West Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration MORTIMER M. WEINBERG, JR. Sumter, S. C. A.B. in Arts and Science WILLIAM W. WI-IARTON, JR. Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration MARY L. WIAITAKER CoIumbia,S.C. B.S. in Business Administration WILLIAM W. WHITAKER Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration LUCIE G. WHITESCARVER Cranford, N. J. B.A. in Arts and Science-Delta Delta Delta LAWRENCE E. WILDER AuguSta,C5a. B.A. in Education NED B. WILLIAMS Charleston, S. C. B.S. in Business Administration I'I. OLIVER WILLIAMSON . B.S. in Pharmacy ELEANOR S. WILSON A.B. in Arts and Science-Pr Beta Phi LARRY G. WILSON A.B. in Arts and Science Kingstree, S. C. -Washington, D. C. Columbia, S. C. I33 - - -,-W-.. ., W WW . JUNIOR CLASS D D D WILLIAM J. WILSON B.S. in Business Administration DAN WINESETT, JR. B.S. in Business Administration--Pi Kappa Alpha RALPH M. WINN, JR. B.S. in Business Administration at A.B. in Arts and Science-Alpha Delta Pl MARION I'I. WITHINGTON Greenville, S. C. BEN R. WOFFORD Anderson, S. C. A.B. in Arts and Science BRANAN I. YARBOROUGH Columbia, S. C. B.S. in Civil Engineering-Pi Kappa Phi Gamer 62' Black Williamston, S. C. Dillon, S. C. Plum Branch, S. C. K K K A x 9 .gn 9, ,ff I --use G E as I Q 5555: ,An fl I Q-vw!-.., ,M ,, YW if 5? 1,- A5551-1 gf is -E BARBARA MCSWAI N Secretary FRANK MARTIN President Soph om ore Class GRETA MORLEY Historwan JEAN TURNER Vice-President The Sophomores got their tirst taste ot campus-wide elections in the spring semester ot i948. While voting tor student body otticers and a May Queen, they also elected their own class otticers. To head the Sopho- more class, Franlc Martin was elected president, Jeanne Turner, vice-presi- dent, Barbara McSwain, secretary, and Greta Morley, l-listorian. The Sophomores, refreshed by a vacation after their green year, were determined to live up to their name. Sophomore is derived from the Greelc word meaning "to become wisen. And the ex-Freshmen had detinite- ly arrived. There was very little that they didn't lcnow or couldnit do better than others. l-laving become blase, many ot them lost interest in school activities. As usual, the sophomore year was at lowest ebb. In the tall, there were tootball games to go to, and the sophomores had B. J. McLean as their candidate tor Homecoming Queen. Months passed by and with the approach ot spring elections, the lethargy was overcome, and an interest was aroused that would carry the sophomores into their Junior year. SOPHOMORES MAJORING IN CANTEENOLOGY. ABBOTT ALEXANDER ALLEN ANDERSON ATKINSON BAILEY BALL, JR. BALLEW BARRETT BARTON, JR. BENTON BETTS BICKLEY BOOTH BOWERS BOYLSTON, JR. BRICE, JR. BROWN, JR. BUECHEL BUICE BLIRRELL BYERS CALDWELL CAREY CARSON, G. CARSON, R. CHAMBERLAIN CHANDLER CHAPMAN CLARKE CLINE COCKFIELD FORREST K. ABBOTT Cayce. Pi Kappa Alpha JAMES L. ALEXANDER Greenville. MYRON B. ALLEN Columbia, L. JEAN ANDERSON Columbia. Pi Beta Phi MARY L. ATKINSON Bishopville. JANE BAILEY Springfield, Alpha Delta Pi DAVID BALL, JR. Rock Hill, THOMAS M. BALLEW Inman, WILLIAM E. BARRETT Georgetown, JAMES R. BARTON, JR. Charlotte, Sigma Alpha Epsilon AIMAR I-I. BENTON Walterboro, LOWRY M. BETTS Columbia. Sigma Nu LILA S. BICKLEY Elloree, CHARLES L. BOOTH Rocky Mount, S. DEE BOWERS Beaufort, RAYMOND P, BOYLSTON, JR. Springfield. WILLIAM M. BRICE, JR. Yorli, CLAUDE W. BROWN, JR. BLANCHE E. BLIECHEL Florence, S. C Columbia. S. C Pi Beta Phi JOHN B. BUICE WILLIAM A. BURRELL Columbia, S. C Spartanburg, S. C Kappa Sigma EDWARD D. BYERS ELIZABETH G. CALDWELL Columbia, S. C Columbia, S. C Delta Delta Delta RONALD CAREY Lambda Chi GEORGE E. CARSON ROBERT H. CARSON JOHN CHAMBERLAIN ROGER M. CHANDLER BETTY J. CHAPMAN M. ANNE CLARKE Denver. Colo Alpha Lone Star, S. C Fort Motte, S. C. Long Beach, N. Y Dedham, Mass. Chapin, S. C Columbia, S. C. Kappa Delta JACOUELYN C. CLINE Greenville, S. C. Zeta Tau Alpha MARY S. COCKFIELD Scranton, S. C. IIB CLASS SADIE R. COKER PATRICIA H. CONDER Pi Beta HERMAN M. DAVIDSON JAMES C. DAVIDSON, JR. HARRIET ANN DAVIS Chi Cm BILLY S. DAVIS ELMER H. DAVIS ROBERT G. DAVIS KENNETH L. DEAN Phi ega Columbia, S. C Columbia, S. C Greenville, S. C Yorlc, S. C Columbia, S.C Spartanburg, S.C Timmonsville, S. C Wilmington. N. C Mechanicsburg, Pa Lambda Chi Alpha MARY E. DENNIS WILLIAM F. DEPPE GEORGE L. DIAL III Columbia, S. C Wilmington, N. C Columbia, S. C Sigma Alpha Epsilon WILLIAM T. DOMINEY Columbia, S.C Kappa Sigma ALBERT J. DOOLEY Lexington. S.C ROWENA G. DuBOSE Columbia, S.C LARRY E. DUNCAN Easley. S.C RICHARD M. DUNHAM Jacksonville, Fla Lambda Chi Alpha PHILIP E. DUSENBURY Conway, S. C. Alpha Tau Omega RICHARD W. EDENS Bennettsville, S. C Lambda Chi Alpha D. ROBERTA EDENS Chi Omega CHARLES N. EICI-IEL MARY A. ELLIOTT Bennettsville, S. C Camden, S. C Greenville, S. C Alpha Delta Pi DOROTHY A. ELSNER VIRGINIA G. EMORY PATSY VAN EPPS Kappa Delta MACK W. EUBANKS MARGARET A. EVERTON JUANITA J. FAIR JAMES I. FISHER DAVITA F. FLEISHMAN ARTHUR M. FLOWERS J. DUWARD FOWLER Spartanburg, S.C Spartanburg, S. C Lalce City, S. C West Columbia, S. C Barnwell, S. C Gastonia, N. C Franklin, Va Anderson, S. C. Andrews, S. C Dillon, S. C l39 COKER' CONDER DAVIDSON DAVIDSON, DAVIS, H. DAVIS, B. DAVIS, E. DAVIS, R. DEAN DENNIS DEPPE DIAL III DOMINEY DOOLEY DUBOSE DUNCAN DUNHAM DUSENBURY EDENS, R. EDENS, D. EICHEI, ELLIOTT ELSNER EMORY EPPS EU BAN KS EVERTON FAIR FISH ER FLEISHMAN FLOWERS FOWLER J FULM ER GAILLARD GARRIS GIBSON, B. GIBSON, K. GLENN GOETTEE GOLDSMITH GOZA GREGORY GROOVER HALEY HALL HANNA HARE HARPER HARRIS HARRISON HAYS HEDRICK HERRING HICKMAN HILL HOFFMEYER, JR. HORNE HOWLE HUGHES JAMES JOHNSON JONES JOSEY A. SUE FULMER MARY L. GAILLARD Delta JULIUS P. GARRIS Springfield Columlnla Delta Delta Lalre View, SOPHOMOQRE BRAINARB W. GIBSON, JR. New zaan KATHLEEN GIBSON Columbia CRI Omega TERRELL L. GLENN Chester. NEREBYTH N. GOETTEE Estill WILLIAM JOSEPH GOLBSNITH Greenville BETTY IO GOZA Denmark ROBERT L. GREGORY Rams, LILY E. GROOVER Delta WILLIAM E. HALEY GLORIA JEAN HALL Wilmington. Delta Delta Winston-Salem, Columbia CHARLOTTE M. HANNA Gilford Clwi Omega TRANNIE JORETTA HARE Allendale JULIAN KARR HARPER COIumbia,S.C. BARBARA JEAN HARRIS Colur-nbIa,S.C. HEI.EN HARRISON Trenton MARY ELLEN HAYS Naval Base PEGGY L. HEDRICK Columbia JULIAN B. HERRING Rose Hill. JACKIE H. HICKMAN Sumter WILLIAM R. HILL Florence GUS HOFFMEYER, JR. Hartsville Lambda Clm Alplwa CHARLES HORNE Union JAMES P. HOWLE Hartsville WILLIE E. HUGHES Bishopville. MAROIA JAMES Easley, ANSEL T. JOHNSON Hartsville. HELEN A. JONES Batesburg. THOMAS CHANDLER JOSEY Columbia. I4O CLASS JACK S. KARESH Columbia, Phi Epsilon Pi CAROLYN KATZ Columbia, Alpha Epsilon Phi MARVIS J. KEELS Timmonsville. SARA KEISLER Union. EARL E. KERP West Columbia, PAUL G. KIRKLAND Batesburg, HERMAN J. KOEHLER Boonton, FRANCES E. LaBORDE Columbia, Pi Beta Phi JANE BLAIR LEVER Columbia. Pi Beta Phi GLORIA D. LEVY Columbia, Alpha Epsilon Phi WILLIAM E. LONG Greenville Kappa Sigma DELORES J, MCBRIDE Georgetown, S. MARILYN MCCORMAC Columbia, Kapa Delta JOHN R. MCDADE Campobello, SUSAN T. MCELVEEN Columbia, Delta Delta Delta If OLIN R. McGILL ERNEST S. MCGREW Lambda Chi Alpha BETTY JEAN MQLEAN Alpha Delta Pi NANCY RUTH MCLEMORE BARBARA A. McSWAlN Pi Beta Phi JAMES FRANK MARTIN ANNA MINA MATTHEWS ARVEL MONROE MESSER JOSEPH DUPRE MILLER DAVID M. MOBLEY RUDOLPH B. MONTJOY Columbia, S. C Conway, S. C Hairy Hin, s.c Columbia, S. C Columbia, S. C Springfield, S. C Olanta, S. C Altha, Fla Bennettsville, S. C Columbia, S. C Woodruff, S. C ALLEN E. MORGULIS Bronx,N.Y Phi Epsilon Pi CHARLES HENRY MURPHY Miami Beach,EIa Lambda Chi Alpha GRADY Y. NICKLES Ware ShoaIs,S.C EDWARD LEROY NIGI-I, JR. Kappa Sigma DAVID KEENE NIX GLORIA M. NORRIS Columbia, S. C Ellco, S. C Yonkers. N. Y f I I4I X KARESH KATZ KEELS KEISLER KERP KIRKLAND KOEHLER LaBORDE LEVER LEVY LONG MCBRIDE MCCORMAC MCDADE MCELVEEN MCGILL MCGREW MCLEAN MCLEMORE MCSWAIN MARTIN MATTHEWS MESSER MILLER MOBLEY MONTJOY MORGULIS MURPHY NICKLES NIGH, JR. NIX NORRIS ODOM ORLAND O'NEIL OWEN PARKER, B. PARKER, W. PAYNE PETTY PHILLIPS PRICE RABON RAM RAWL RAY REYN ER RILEY IIVERS, JR. ROBINSON RODCERS, JR RODGERS ROPER, JR. ROTH ROYALL SANDERS SANDERS, JR. SARVIS SAWYER SAWYER, JR. SH EALY, JR. SI-IEALY SI-ILILL, JR. SIMS LINDSEY ALVIN ODOM Bennettsville. C PORTER RIVERS, JR. Delta Sigma Pi Sumter Columbia Kingstree Loris Greenville Columbia Pleasant Mullins Monetta tle Beach Salley Marion Chapin Columbia Columbia Union NORA ANN ORLAND Columbia. C Zeta Tau Alpha FLORRIE JEAN ROBINSON MARY ELLEN O'NEIL Greenville, C FRANK T. RODGERS, JR. FRANKLIN D. OWEN Columbia. C WILLIAM JOHN RODCSERS BETTY JEAN PARKER GIEEINIIIQ, C P' Kappa Maha WESLEY MORRIS PARKER Little Rock. II FRED LEE ROPER' JR' RUTH IRWIN PAYNE PaIatka,FIa GEORGE W' ROTH Sigma Chi Delta Delta Delta FRANK A, SANDERS JACOUELYN PHILLIPS Barnwell, C JLIDSON E. SANDERS, JR. THOMAS HART PRICE Wadmalaw Island, C LLICRETIA SARVIS Myr WILLIAM EUGENE RABON Aynor, C PHIL SAWYER PATRICIA RAM Aiken. C THEO E. SAWYER, JR. KATI-IRYN ANN RAWL Columbia, C Kappa Delta FRANK M. SHEALY, JR. MARJORIE RAY Hemingway. C JOSEPH L. SHEALY Lambda Chi Alpha FLORETTA L. REYNER Raleigh, C Alpha Epsilon Phi DANIEL S. SHULL, JR. West PATSY ANN RILEY Columbia, C THELMA KATHLEEN SIMS Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Delta Pi I42 CLASS DLIDLEY D. SMITH, JR. MARY KAYE SMITH SOLOMON MELVILLE EDWARD GARY SMOAK OSCAR J. SMYRL WILLIAM BURTON SNYDER SAMUEL SAUL SOROTA Phi Epsilon Pi FRED S. SOSNOWSKI BILLY P. STANFORD Independents DOLLY E. STEINBERG HERBERT D. STEINER Phi Epsilon Pi CHARLES KROMER STEPHENS RAYMOND A. STERN Phi Epsilon Pi GENE ANN STRICKLAND Alpha Delta Pi WILLIAM H. STRICKLIN JOSEPH B. STRINGER FRANCIS M. TANNER K St. Matthews. S. C Pauline, S. C Norway, S. C Srnoalcs, S. C Camden, S. C Clarksburg, Va Dorchester, Mass. Johns Island, S. C Decatur, Ga Charleston, S. C New Yorls, N. Y Hamer, S. C Andrews, S.C Anderson, S. C Columbia, S. C Yazoo City, Miss. Marion, S. C 'FTW' TZTZZ ISABELLE P. THOMAS Chi Omega NATHALIE J. THOMAS Pi Beta Phi HAROLD L. TLIRBEVILLE JEANNE S. TURNER Zeta Tau Alpha JEAN VIVIAN UTSEY CHOVINE VAN KEUREN Kappa Delta ELIZABETH LEE VAUGHN JULIA S. WALKER Pi Beta Phi NANCY LEE WALKER Pi Beta Phi JOHN D, WALTHER Sigma Nu CECIL WILLIAM WARD TOBIAS GOVIS WARD JACK GLENN WATTS IDA STROTHER WEBB Delta Zeta HOWARD JERRY WEISS Phi Epsilon Pi Beaufort, Fort Mill Myrtle Beach Columbia Harleyville Kingstree, Simpsonville Columbia Columbia Westfield Timmonsville Myrtle Beach Tabor City. Columbia Greenville, I43 SMITH, JR. SMITH MELVILLE SMOAK SMYRL SNYDER SOROTA SOSNOWSKI STANFORD STEINBERG STEINER STEPHENS STERN STRICKLAND STRICKLIN STRINGER TANNER THOMAS, I. THOMAS, N. TURBEVILLE TURNER UTSEY KEUREN VAUGHN WALKER, J. WALKER, N. WALTHER WARD, C. WARD, T. WATTS WEBB WEISS T A SOPI-IOMORI? CLASS WENDELL WHITTINGTON Columbia. S. C. PATRICIA WILSON Columbia. S.C. AGNES ELIZABETH WILES Ft. Motte, S. C. ROBERT A. WRIGHT. JR. Panama Canal Zone WILLIS T. WILKINSON Columbia. S.C. GEORGETTE M. XEPAPAS CoIumbia, S.C. LELAND H. WILLIAMS CoIumbia.S. C. I-IORACE J. ZIGLAR CoIumbia,S.C. I WHITTINGTON WILES WILKINSON WILLIAMS WILSON WRIGHT,.IR. XEPARAS ZIGLAR I44 5 'E Q ' 9+-a. . 1 M3 I xi f Y 'Y .Q r- ri' 'H- ? Ai f Q' af Q HS? 'SX 4' RAY BERRY President F ROY fresh BERRY Vice-President ES WEEK S S ecreta ry and Treasurer Class R ICHARD BALLENTINE Historian In September of i948 one ol the smallest freshman classes in several decades assembled in Drayton l-lall to hear speeches ol welcome. Filled with their own importance alter being seniors in high school, the Freshmen were greatly impressed. Later their pride lcnew no bounds when they heard themselves addressed as "Miss" and 'ilvlisteri' in class. Realizing that they were no longer children but were now college men and women, they sauntered about the campus with an air ot pride. After six weelcs they had their tirst taste of campus politics. Interest was high and twenty-tive persons were nominated lor the four ottices. A heated campaign was held in which the two top positions were won by the Berry twins. For the tirst time in the history of the college this phenomenon had occurred. Ray Berry was president and Roy Berry was vice-president. Frances Raysor Weeks was elected secretary and Richard Ballentine became historian. The year has been a novel year. While overcoming their greenness, the freshmen have advanced into a greater maturity and are ready to assume the responsibilities oi Sophomores. AS IF THEY NEED RAT CAPS TO BE RECOGNIZED AS LOWLY FRESH MEN. 411 FRESHMAN ALBERT ADICKES CLARKE ADICKES HASKELL W. ALLEN JANE ALMY ROBERT L. ANDERSON JACOB B. ARNOLD NORMAN J. ARNOLD WALLACE T. ALISTELLE JAMES L. AUSTIN RICHARD D, BALLENTINE JOHN M. BANKHEAD MARGARET ELLEN BARKER IVAN M. BAUKNIGHT ALMA ELIZABETH BAXTER AIJBREY H. BAZEMORE RAY WILLIAM BEARD DENNIS M. BEDENBALJGH JEANETTE BEISLEY HARRY M. BELK ANNE KINNEY BELL NORMA BERGMAN J. ROY BERRY W. RAY BERRY PATRICIA ANNE BIRD GARA BLACK BENNY T. BOOTLE HENRY PATTERSON BROWN JOHN ALBERT BLINDY JOHN LOUIS BURDA, JR. ELLIS WAYNE CLAMP FINOUS COLEMAN, JR. ALBERT EL COOKE, JR. York, York, Columbia, Columbia, Columbia. Lakewood. Columbia. Orangeburg, Columbia, Columbia, S.C S.C S.C S.C S.C N.J S.C S.C S. S. Tampa, Fairfax, Florence, Tabor City, Mt. Olive. Columbia, Prosperity, Columbia, Lancaster, Edgewood, Jaclcsonville Johnston, Johnston, Florence, Beaufort, Spartanburg, Iva, Bennettsville, Columbia. Honea Patlw, Winnsboro, Columbia, C. C. Fla. S. C. .- N N S S S S Q. C. .C. .C. .C. .C. .C. .C. Md. , Fla. S S S S S S S S S S S .C. .C. .C. .C. .C. .C. .C. .C. .C. .C. .C. D D CLASS CHARLES L. COPELAND NICHOLAS DANIELS ALLEN IRA EDENS OLGA T. EDWARDS WANDA A. EDWARDS MARY ANN ELDRED JOHN WILLIAM ENRIGHT RAMONA ERIEA EPTING JANET BARRON ERVIN CORNELIA FAIR ED VICTOR FENTON BARBARA MARY FOWLER LEON B. GARNER DAVID LEE GAY NETA JOAN GAYDEN WILLIAM HOLMAN GIBBS HELEN L. GIGLIO ELINOR J. GORDON THERIN EARL GUINN LEWIS D. HAIGLER, JR. JOHN BOYD HANNA LUCIE ANN HARRIS ARTHUR F. HASTY, JR. SARAH ANN HERZBERG MARY L. HILLIARD CHARLES B. HIRSCH, JR. JOHN HOWARD HOWELL OSBORNE H. HUDSON JOHN P. HUTCHINSON JAMES MILTON INSHINETTE JOE KENNETH INGRAM MARY A. JOHANNESSEN Kershaw. S. C Petersburg, Va Piclcens, S. C Columbia, S. C Columbia, S. C Charleston, S. C Roclclord, Ill Little Mountain, S. C Florence, S. C Columbia, S. C Orangeburg, S. C Columbia, S. C Branclwille, S. C. Sumter, S. C. Columbia, S. C. Darlington, S. C. Tampa, Fla. Columbia, S. C. Columbia, S. C. Kingstree, S. C. Woodruff, S. C. Anderson, S. C. Dillon, S. C. Myrtle Beach, S. C. Florence. S. C. Summerton, S. C. Columbia, S. C. Camden, S. C. Columbia, S. C. Holly Hill. S. C. Clweraw, S. C. Columbia, S. C. FRESHMAN DEMPSEY JONES HENRY P. JONES WILLIAM M. KILLINGSWORTI-I JOYCE G. KIMBELL JACOLJELYN KIMBERLY MARION I-I. KINON ELIZABETH KNOWLTON STEWART L. LANE Gastonia, N. C. Greenville. S. C. CIaysviIIe. Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. CoIumbIa, S. C. DiIIon. S. C. Columbia, S. C Lynchburg. S. C. JACK WOFFORD LAWSON West Columbia, S. C. GEORGE LEE, JR. CoIumbia, S. C. MARIAN HAMMOND LEPPARD RutI1erIordton.N.C GERALD B. LEVINE ' MARGIE C. LEVINSON SUZANNE MARIE LEWIS DOROTHY JEAN LINK BILLY F. LOLLIS MARILYN J. McCOY BETTY K. MQDONALD CARROLL C. MCDLIFFIE BLJRWELL D. MANNING MARY ANN MARTIN SAMUEL F. MARTIN. JR. TI-IOMAS D. MATI-IIS WILLIAM CANNON MATTHEWS CI-IARLES REED MERRITT DELORES VIRGINIA MEYERS SLJZANNE MOORE IRIS B. MORRIS SUZANNE G. MOYE ROBERT E. MLILDROW DONALD E. NEIJMANN DANIEL R. NEWTON, JR. Long Branch. N. J. BarnweII, S. C Charleston. S. C Memphis, Tenn Rock I-IIII, S. C Spartanburg, S. C Florence. S. C Greensboro.'N. C Columbia, SJC Columbia, S. C Sumter, S. C Sumter, S. C Columbia, S. C Bradford. Tenn LykesIand, S. C Simpsonville, S. C Columbia, S. C Columbia, S. C BisI1opvIIIe, S. C DanviIIe, III CoIumbia. S. C CLASS PEGGY LEE NIGH SALLY SUE NORVELL CHARMIANE S. NUTT MARIE ELIZABETH O'BRIEN CALVIN BOONE ORR VIRGINIA E. PARKER JO ANN PATRICK PATRICIA PATRICK DONALD D. PEARSON LEROY PENDLETON KATHLEEN E. PHILLIPS PAUL W. PHILLIPS, JR. CHARLES RICHARD POLEN WILBERT N. POSEY WILLIAM NEWELL POSTON JAMES A. PURCELL JAY EDWARD OUICK Columbia, Columbia, Columbia, Columbia, S S S S C C C C Darlington. S. C JoI1nston,iS. C MempI1is,Tenn Columbia, S. C M erion Station, Pa Clover, S. C Scottville, Va Arclomore, Pa Cralton, Pa Orangeburg, S. C Pamplico, S. C Fort Mill, S.C Drexel Hill, Pa MARCIA T. RADOMS Birmingham, MARLENE L. RAsT swansea JEANNE LAHTTE RAY chiiiiesioii. ETHEL ANN READY columbia. CHARLES WALLACE REED columbia. WM. ALEXANDER ROBINSON, JR. Gastonia. EUGENA E. ROGERS Mullins. GEORGE G. ROSSIT Florence. VIRGINIA DDDLEY SACHER Rochester. MARTHA HELEN SAWYER columbia. HAROLD D. scHMoEci4EL Columbia, CLIFFORD H. SIMMONS, JR. Charleston, BETTY JEAN SMITH ' columbia, BOBBY C. SMITH ciovei. CARL BERNARD SMITH AI 6 S.C S.C S S N S S N S S S S S Columbia, S C C. C C C. Y C. C. C. C. C. C. FRESI-IMAN CLASS I52 JLILIAN C. SMITH miivlli MIST Sf.IITI-I OLLIE MARGLIERITE SMITH JAMES GIBSON SNEAD JIME BLUE SOWERS ALLAN J. SPENCE FLOYD D. SPENCE TATE SOUIRES WILLIAM C. STALLINGS GENE AUSTIN STEELE MARGARET A. STEPHEN MARY F. STEPHEN NANCY STEWART NELL SULLIVAN ROBERT C. SWOFFORD WILLIAM FRANCIS THOMAS FRANCES ELWYN THOMPSON ARTHUR EDGAR TREIBER ROBERT E. TURNER ELIZABETH ANN VERDIN FRANCES RAYSOR WEEKS HAROLD A. WELLONS REUBEN R. WELLS WILLIAM CLYDE WESLEY JOYCE ARDEN WOODEL Mullins, S. C TraveIers Rest. S. C Columbia. S. C Easley. S. C Lexington, N.C Lexington, S.C Lexington, S.C Conway, S. C Irmo, S. C Bennettsville, S. C Pacolet, S. C Pacolet, S. C S. JacIcsonviIIe, Fla Columbia, S. C Gaffney, S. C Holly I-IIII, S. C Memphis. Tenn Newington, Conn Spartanburg. S. C Simpsonville. S. C St. Matthews. S. C Conway, S. C Winnsboro, S. C Marion, S. C Long Island, N. Y WILLIAM RAYMOND YETMAN MeadviIIe, Pa uf-W gi ,Gr 5,5 'Q 1 Q H 1 Y 7 , 7 -X .ix a 1 u bn 5 :fif- , wg, Q wr" X r A 3 ey "W -W .::-2::,-fgigiix'- MM it" f -,. N , ,al - . f. , 'f i 2' . Q hggkffgiifsaii . . it kgs TQ? - 81 W ,sw ff , f , f , ' A ' Y - ii" V 7.4 r ' wk . ' ' , In 5245: k ifumnwx, x V,,. MQ AX -mf Qi, W? " W fy, - Q U ,,,A,. , IL. :fm -k., W5 M I A 7 flkizkryggb-., . .. , ,.'4ef , E W, ff-.55 -QQ 6f,f,w.fz N -gglgz-QM ,,gf7'g17g' ,. f -W? ,, me rm bf N MQW?" ,, ,. M ,gm , . H, Q, ,g gqi my V f - - is M. , X, , : :w-,,.- X E, S f-2's,'mQ'2A F ' gjfiwl K A,., : ,v,.J,, M1fsi xiii Y g2kZfE9if?6f Bn, 93454252 .7 , '515?Q5iffW:, 995541 mm ,,f,: ,L X-W. .. .ew wg ,f , Q 135:13 2523-?:'F,. A - ,JL ' 1 ws' ' 2 ,ew N gg: 5 -Q fJEl.z5Y'A3"' IL' . 'V' iw Gif .2 ' ' -S fff?2"j,,,,- ,Q35 t imp: f5iQHs??3?5v f Q '- Qs, , ff ' K Wifi" ffl "Q?21'5'gf?: ' an ' L,.v1.z.l ,ri M, fixes., if ' f Q tfffffi 133: ' 1 gg " ,LLM ' mei' wffjgig Wm wp Wx! w Q, 5 hwgf 4 1 i '2 1 n ,X Q ' 5 nr , s. 1 , V . C 5 iw V ,Q"'5,, ' 4 u 5, + - , . -' Lixifw, if A . 4 ' , Sm ii. 11 'f-5175-932 I ' 1 4 A - -. 1 ' Q f x K , ey, W A S. s M ' Q .,,. 4 3 1 'RiffwifeIf-Qfskfszgfifm. A P 1. A , 3 Wg. 'iv -I rf' ' 5f5gfBfa?re,.2 ':--7vs,'z'52"Yv 54 f 3 ml:Zsg5f:g'?:fr Q Q W few A f, My w,.:z,,,rQ5 1, ai 'X ' firm - 18' ,, .Q f Z FT! :Zi-,EEE X 'W 5,12-fifif ' . ,i frQ, a:fvsi'- 5 Q f 1 f 1 'Fwy ug,..-- 'ilqsi' A5555 V 'N l ' M1534 W? Q, my ,lim DEAN PRINCE FALL CABINET ALEXANDER, KING, COOK, WOODWARD, SANDERS, NEALY, MARTIN Law School SPRING CABINET LITTLEJQHN BAGGET, SIMIRIL, BAKER, DORSE, KIRVEN, McDANIEL, MILLER.. WIG AND ROBE COOK, STEWART, MCEACHIN, KING. SANDERS, MERCER, KESTER. BAGGET. BRISTOW, JONES, SINGELTON, MILLS, LINSEY, SINGELTON, TOMS, SCI-IWARTZ. With the addition ol Professors James D. Sumner and David l"l. Means, the law school opened the year with one ol the largest student bodies ol its history. The school is loolcing lorward with much pleasure to the completion ol the new law building which is now under con- struction on the campus where the students will move during the tall term. Law school will again hold a regular semester ol school this summer with the aid ol Cecil E. White who will return from Columbia University where he is now studying lor his master's in law. This is the last summer that the school will operate on a tull schedule thus giving the professors a much-needed rest next summer. PROSPECTIVE LAWYERS, POLITICIANS AND HEAVEN ONLY KNOWS WHAT . . . V. 1.7 G A: v I-, I ' ,X m e - SH , 1 : ' ,V I f 4- X , .-f.'g"'! xx' BEGINNING OF JUSTICE. EVEN THE LAW STUDENTS THROW A SHINDIG ONCE IN A WHILE. Law SWEARING IN ANOTHER GROUP OF MIGHTY LAWYERS? I6O LAW FEDERATION The otficers of the law school, along with the seven committee chairmen, composed the Law Federation board of control planning and supervising various functions of the law school. Meetings are held at the discretion of the president. During the semester, the Fed- eration is host to prominent persons in the legal profession at their weelcly meeting. Socials for the year are sponsored by the Federation for members of the federation and the faculty. LAW QUARTERLY The South Carolina Law Quarterly was established by the tirst issue in September, I9-48, replacing the Seldon Society Yearbook. The law quarterly aids lawyers and law students of South Carolina and the members of the legal profession in general in determining the answers to current legal problems and to aid them in the research of all legal problems. ln addition, the Quarterly prints the minutes of the annual meeting of the South Carolina Bar Association. The Quarterly is edited by law students and published in conjunction with the South Carolina Bar Association. School GETTING OUT Tl-TE LAW OLIARTERLY. Around Table: KING, MAYBANK, KESTER, SANDERS, J. COOK, FISHER, A. COOK MAYS, KIRVEN, DALLIS. m 'W' ' "'M"'V ' A 1... f - 1- -if-xiii' r,Q,m.t ,.,. . ,, .... KALE R. ALEXANDER Columbia, Block "C" Clubi Law Federation. WILLIAM BOBO Spartanburg, Law Federation: Pi Kappa Phi: German Club. WALTER J. BRISTOW, JR. Columbia, Law Federation: Alpha Tau Omega. ROBERT E. CAMP Columbia, Law Federation: Euphradian Literary Society County-Carolina Club. S. C. WILLIAM K. CHARLES, JR. Columbia, Law Federation. S. C. WILLIAM A. COOK Dillon, Wig and Robe: Omicron Delta Kappa. S. C. RODNEY A. CLILBER-ISDN Columbia, S. C. Y k RAYMOND T. CLILCLASLIRE Columbia, or Law Federation. lc2 ALEXANDER BOBO BRISTOW, JR. CAMP CHARLES. JR. COOK CULBERTSON CULCLASLJRE , WILLIAM A. DALLAS Columbia, S. C. l Pi Kappa Phi: Seldon Society Yearbook Assistant and X 'X Business Manager: South Carolina Law Ouarterly, As- ', I sistant Business Manager and Business Manager. BX Q i' I 'fi yf X Q -U N I 'i WATSON L. DORN Greenwood, S. C. P Kappa Alpha: Law Federation: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: al mx! , Kappa Sigma Kappa: Young Democrats: Christian . Service Club: Baptist Student Union. i, 7 W il HYMAN FLECHTER chairman, s. c. 4 , ,, X A 511 i A Phi Epsilon Pi: Hillel Society: Euphradian Literary , f ill Society: lnterfraternity Council. ! f V. FRIDAY Columbia, S. C. .QW DALLIS DORN FLECHTER FRIDAY FULMER ' GEORGE GREEN HENSON Law Federation. ALLEN E. FLJLMER Columbia, S. C. Kappa Sigma: N. R. O. T. C.: Compass and Chart: Assistant Business Manager ol Garnet and Black: Glee Club: Business Manager of Choral Club: Seldon Society: Law Federation. ROBERT R. GEORGE Columbia, S. C. Phi Kappa Sigma. ROBERT l"l. GREEN Milledgeville, S. C. Law Federation. SHANNON HENSON Spartanburg, S. C. Law Federation. 'ww RAYMOND C. HILL Laurens, S. C. THOMAS M. HOWELL, JR. Columbia, S. C. Sigma Alplwa Epsilon, Treasurer, Vice-President: Presl- dent Sophomore Classg Omicron Delta Kappa: Kappa Sigma Kappag Head Manager Football Team: Block "C" Club: President German Club: President Cotillion Club. MALCOLM K. JOHNSON Hartsville, S. C. FRANCIS C. JONES Batesburg, S. C. SIDNEY B. JONES, JR. Columbia, S. C. .7 fl . v V N f' ' 'WILLIAM BLAKE KALIHER Cl1icago,lll. rw- ' A D 1,1 1 J I l fi . Q ,r GRIER S. KESTER, JR. Columbra, S. C. . P ,T ' Q HERMAN GRADY KIRVEN Columbia, S. C. SENIOJ ' HILL HOWELLJR. JOHNSON ' JONES JONES, JR. KALIHER KESTER,JR. KIRVEN . S, A ,gx K . l Ji . f li. ' - W' SL .HW LAKE. H. LAKE. JR. J LAKE. W. l LEPPARD J LIND LITTLEJOHN LOGAN MCDANIEL. JR. QM HENRY L. LAKE Columloia,S.C. ROBERT C. LAKE, JR. Wl1itmire,S.C. WALTER T. LAKE Newberry, S. C. Law Federation: President Student Body at Newberry College: Wl'io's Wlwo Among College Students: S. C. House ol Representatives. ARD M. LEPPARD Ctiestertield, S. C. Kappa Sigma: Law Federation. ROY V. LIND Columbia, S. C. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Vice-President:Alpl1a Psi Omega: KSK: University Players. President and Business Man- ager: Canterbury Club: Law Federation: German Club, Secretary. THOMAS C. LITTLEJOHN Cowpens, S. C. Law Federation: Baptist Student Union and Council: Law Library Committee, Vice-Chairman, Chairman: Law Federation Honor Council: Transfer from Davidson College. JAMES W. LOGAN N. Auguste,S.C. Law Federation. SIDNEY E. MCDANIEL, JR. Easley, S. C. CLAUDE C. MacDONALD Florence, S. C JAMES M. McDONALD Hamer, S. C ROBERT M. MclNTOSl"'l l'lartsville,S. C JESSE W. MARTIN Columbia, S. C. Delta Sigma Pig Band: Law Federation, Chairman Building Committee: Chairman Publicity Committee Law Federation Honor Council. HLJBERT E. MILLER W. GRAHAM MOS ROBERT B. NANCE Phi Sigma Kappa. BEN W. PEPLES Columbia, S. ES, JR. Sumter, S Columbia, S. Barnwell, S. Euplwradian Literary Society. MacDONALD McDONALD McINTOSH MARTIN MlLLER MOSES. JR. NANCE PEPLES K -X ii . lf . i x g L9 .QW PIA POWELL ROBERTS SALEEBV SAMS SCHESSLER, JR. SCHWARTZ, JR. SCOTT Pl'llLLlP J. PIA New Yorlt, N. Y. Law Federation. MARION L. POWELL Columbia, S. C. Sigma Nu: Law Federation: Blue Key: Kappa Sigma Kappa: Chairman of Honor Council: Y. M. C. A.: University Orchestra: Wl1o's Who. WAYNE G. ROBERTS Marion, S. C. Law Federation. EDWARD E. SALEEBY l-lartsville, S. C. Pi Kappa Alpha, President: Junior Class President I94-8: irst Vice-President of Student Body: Senior Leader of Foo bam. Club: lnterlraternity Council: l n tra m u ral TALBIRD R. SF MS Beaufort, S. C. Law Federation. JOHN B. SCHESSLER, JR. Columbia, S. C. Law Federation. RAMON SCHWARTZ, JR. Sumter, S. C. Omicron Delta Kappa. Vice-President: Kappa Sigma Kappa: Pi Gamma Mu: Euplnradian Literary Society, President, Vice-President. Secretary, Treasurer: Orator's Medal: Student Council: University Debating Team: University Players: Orientation Instructor: Boosters Club: Law Federation: Wig and Robe: University Town Hall Committee: First Vice-President of Student Body. RYAN L. SCOTT Lake View, S. C. Clariosophic Literary Society: Law Federation: lntra- mural Football and Boxing. SENIOR LQW MARY STEWART Law Federation: Student Council: Be LEE BROWN TAYLOR RAYMOND H. TYLER PAUL H. WADE Lancaster aux Arts. Anderson ,S. ,S. Columbia, S. Meggett, S. EUGENE E. WALKER Columbia, S. C Law Federation, Secretary and Treasurer: Kappa Alpha Beaux Arts. BENNET C. WHITLOCK, JR. M. Corner,S. C., PJ Kappa Alpha: lnterfraternity Council: Blue Key: Cheerleader. JAMES T. WOODWARD Columbia,S.C. Law Federation Cabinet: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: German Club. STEWART TAYLOR TYLER WADE WALKER WHITLOCK, JR WOODWARD LAW SENIORS NCDT PICTURED S. M. Andrews J. B. Britton W. A. Cook M. W. Abercrombie J. J. Able David Aiken K. R. Alexander J. H. Baggett William Bobo W. J. Bristow, Jr. R. H. Britt D. W. Green, Jr. W. B. Kaliher H. L. Lake R. C. Lake J. G. Lanham R. V. Lind J. W. Lindsay T. S. Linton T. O. Littlejohn, Jr. SECOND SEMESTER SENIORS lJunel J. M. Connor J. D. Horne W. T. Lake B. C. Whitlock, Jr. Hyman Fechter T. M. Howell, Jr. E. M. Leppard S. T. Garnett A. S. Hydrick J. A. Mills FIRST SEMESTER SENIORS lFirst Section, Septemberl J. W. Cabaniss D. L. Cade R. E. Camp F. C. Carpenter W. K. Charles, Jr. W. L. Cooper, Jr. R. F. Cothran R. A. Culbertson R. T. Culclasure V. L. Eslinger G. H. Fischer Tom Friday A. E. Fulmer F. D. Fulton R. R. George J. L. Gibbs FIRST SEMESTER SENIORS lSecond J. W. Logan J. W. Marian H. E. Miller M. B. Maris J. C. Moseley, Jr. W. G. Moses, Jr. P. S. McChesney, Jr. S. F. McDaniel C. C. McDonald J. M. McDonald R. M. Mclntosh R. B. Nance B. W. Peeples M. L. Powell W. F. Prioleau, R. W. Richard I69 R. W. Green J. W. Hamby A. B. Harman, Jr. R. D. Heilman R. C. Hill L. A. Hutson, Jr. G. A. Jenerette H. V. Jervey M. K. Johnson F. C. Jones O. O. Jones S. B. Jones G. S. Kester H. G. Kirven Section, Septemberl W. G. Roberts John Schessler Ramon Schwartz, R. L. Scott J. E. Singleton R. G. Singleton J. M. Spigner D. K. Stalvey, Jr. T. J. Strait L. B. Taylor J. F. Toms R. H. Tyler Herbert Van Keuren P. H. Wade- E. E. Walker J. T. Woodward, Jr. WM. SAMUEL BAKER, JR. Wilmington, FRANK K. BROWN Sharon, JOHN C. CONWAY Columbia Law Federation: Social Committee: Newman Club Charleston County Club: Y. M. C. A.: Transfer from Clemson College. RAYMOND G. HALFORD Columbia JUNIO JOHN B. HLJGGINS Pomaria, S. C. A. DICKSON HLJTTO Columbia, S. C. MARSHALL T. MAYS Greenwood, S. C. Law Federation: Sigma Alplwa Epsilon. LANVlLLE H. MENGEDOHT Charleston, S. C. A. T. O. Pledge: Canterbury Club. BAKER, JR. BROWN CONWAY HALFORD l-lUGGlNS HUTTO MAYS MENGEDOHT l l i QW ILAM ABERS GBLJRN RRR KTTERSON, JR. JMRILL, JR. YNDALL ARBOROUGH JOSEPH B. MILAM Charlotte, N.C. GRADY L. PATTERSON, JR. Cal. Falls JAMES M. NABERS Columbia, S. C. T. HUGH SIMRILL, JR. Columbia WALTER E. OGBURN Camden, S. C. Law Federation: Transfer from College of Charleston. MARVIN C. TYNDALL Marion JAMES N. PARR Newberry, S. C. Lambda Chi Alpha: Euphradian Literary Society. JUNE O'DELL YARBOROUGH l:lOI'CF1C6 I7I 1 --. . R FRESI-IMAN JAMESR. BARROW, JR. McColl, JAMES N. CALDWELL, JR. Columbia, ARTHUR J. CHRISTOPHER Union, FOY W. DICKSON Fort Mill, ROBERT W. FOSTER Charleston, BENNY R. GREER Career, HOWARD M. HOUSE Bloomingtoml E. WILLIAM HUTCHINSON Columbia, NANCY T. HUTSON Orangeburg, EDWARD B. LATIMER Charleston, LUTHER M. LEE Columbia, HAROLD I. LINDSAY Charleston, BERNARD MANNING Columbia, WINFIELD T. MARTIN Greenville, LEWIE G. MERRITT, JR. W. Columbia, RICHTER H. MOORE, JR. Mayo, .C .C .C .C . C C. nd. S.C C. C. C. C. C. C. C. C. HENRY C. NELSON, JR. JOHN L. NETTLES BASIL S. NORRIS EDWARD P. PERRIN JAMES J. RAMAN MALCOLM E. RENTZ ARTHUR ROSENBLUM CARL B. SANDERS, JR. WILLIAM H. SEALS WILLIAM L. SHIPLEY DONALD B. SMITH GERALD W. SMITH MARVIN L. SMITH Hemingway Beaufort Hopkins Spartanburg Spartanburg Columbia Laurens, Columbia Dillon, Columbia Charlotte, SummerviIIe, Trenton, I I S S S S S S S S S S N S S SETH THOS. WALTON, JR. Asheville, N HOWARD K. WILLIAMSON Lancaster, S r EllllllliE Little wheels, big wheels, cogs and just plain oil are represented in this, one of the most important phases of our Carolina life. As Churchill so historically said, "Blood, sweat and tears," and brother that man said a mouthful. I74 1611. .Mx ,., W 129 5. :gm Q 2 6 '1 J ' 1' if ---' ay a S H S K f ::,.:'LgQn : 1 - ,gf 1 ,I ,rfii-- : 3 ,x iffiwf- f 4 Q -,,2wgggsf ,gsqigf . .1 X K 55 K amz, ,. :fi 'W ref vera?-V: ' A15 ' Lu Agn .K f w. N-Li ,iwfi , il Lyn 'Qin . P gn Q JK 5 My 'ff If J L, I Q H A , 4 - K .av 'QI v 'fd U Q , , S "' , A X ,iff 111 19535 ,fx , i:59A5nfif5 ' , , up .W nam. A --mlm, Hyjzgafgizigggggg --V 'm,.A.,'2wll , g ,, W' . ,, "f ' H ,,.,.,.,' gf Lmr , " 'PQ - we f i V 'Y N Lm,,f,.W 51' ,,,,svX' :iff we 3 I ,-5103 fwfgage: my ,whit W -1. V ,V M W . A W K i S . k ,. 5: i ,iw -:g,3.kQgg,Qg,4, f - ,ywgg nz . W, , V1 ' Mixv , ' 5:1 nf ' I ,ZH af, ' l 5' . ' xi -5 k' ' QA ' V ,ss ,,, ii "A EV, L1 V I 'Y' ,- 'Y 1, af 3 1 ,m4gf 4 ixfj,,ffAf9 fifiaiiig ' ., , , Y I K , W L. ' fi, Q, f f , 'V was .- Q l-if, , . 'rw 1- ,if-gf ' .. fy 'ff I N f- 3 x g, Eg :fm N., iLEiA,.LxZkV,,Mg,g5,,g7 K .H 'ff A W. A nf' ' r v - gh - ff , ffgiwfff mf , -- ruff' ' xy f- bfi , X "' V A - A 1 I,-. ' 4 we af.. F if it X? , Q -M wi .f , ,I -- ,jf is Aj--3? . ,. ff gg- J ,F-'ig - w g , ,R , ' , , . . , gzvwg-Q ,A .kim I i S W,f?'5729f" -"9?f?V " X 1 ik rs' x w 1 wi? -1 if K ' 1 6 gk ,, fx 5:5 3 . ,. Sq A J' Q if E. 1 iz X A 3 1 , X "Q H ? . . 1 sq H Q . .72 K 3 - ,Q ? ' - A '?f'?k?5',5fr???3?i5i?35i E, ,H 3 5? t-,Z-:gi !iNf?ii 42: ,,.. 15,5 wg 5. Su ll if X , 7 fi -H War mf' ' -5:1 , ff, 7'f2'5575?i. 'TS , Ia ' fuzz? 4 FZ! ' ma 'LQ ..,, ,. Aww Mmfw"i,f, - VT' Y " 1f?"!I.? I -fifif ' I ,, gqjfwf,gs?sQg,sgq3a,g jg-12,11 1 ' stvlggffii-53' ': XL :.L.xEE,.'::E:":.:"-.'i: --f:,i9,z2:a'::l'5'7' MM My ' , . ,..,. 1 ,.!,,:, -. , Sa 5iQ: lzi nv 'Lew L,- ar M4 , -- gfruj ,L f 5 . im NED THREATT WE WONDERED IF IT WERE POSSIBLE. Organizations HOWARD HOUSE, Sports JIM DALLAS, Classes Game Contrary to the usual procedure, the Editor tor the 1949 Garnet and Black was elected by a general campus election. I-Iaving won, Ann Rogers was the one destined to hold the reins ol one ot the biggest jobs on the campus. The remainder ol the statl was appointed, some old members and others completely new. The position ot Co-Associate Editors was given to Margaret Eleazer and Johnny James, who divided the boolc between them and started at their task. It tell the lot ot Ned Threatt to do the Activities and Professional Organiza- tions sections, and Ned suttered many a headache, as both ot these groups were in the section with the February I5th deadline. Jim Dallas, Class Editor, and Jim Caldwell also Ielt the pressure of the tirst deadline. Ed Cleclcley, Society Editor, I-loward I-louse, Sports Editor, Bob Kay, Law Editor, Charlie Oasque, Index Editor, and Gladys Johnson, Art Editor, also amazed the en- gravers and printers by meeting the tinal deadline on March I5th. Other members ot the statt who may not have received as much honor but who were indispensable were Rita Webb, Betsy Blundon, Meta Paulling, Adrienne I-Iartman, Carolyn Bynum, Margaret Can- non, Jane Dowe and Ken Baldwin. ED CLECKLEY Society BOB KAY, JIM CALDWELL, HOWARD HOUSE. ED CLECKLEY, AND BETSY BLUNDON. COPY WRITERS. d Black An ettort was made to make work on the yearbook fun and something more than a bore which a book ot this tvoe usually turns out to be The idea that this is a memory book tor us to look back on in the tar ott future and that it is a key to unlock the doorways ot the past was kept Ioremost in mind The editorial statt is but a portion ot our set up The business statt pro vides the means for making this Garnet and Black an actuality Ed Teague served as Business Manager and Beth Fillrngirn as his assistant. Listed among his right-hand helpers were Joe Askew Anne Davis Betty Mood Doris Mc- Clary Anne Mood Jeanette Beisely Betty Wilson Betty Cameron Nora Ann Deland Art Treiber Jane Dent Margie Teague Norma Bergman Jack Crowley Wanda Edwards Betty Jean Smith Eliza I-Ierndon Barbara Eowler Jeanne Turner and Sutanne Moye. Frequent meetings ot the business statt were held and as a result more ads were obtained from the downtown merchants and collectors hounded various campus organizations untilalldebts were paid and the 1949 Garnet and Black was squared away. Thanks to everyone responsible tor any little part that he may have done toward making the Garnet and Black possible. I I N.,.......---nf ANNE DAVIS TO THE WEEKLY MEETINGS. TI-IE INDISPENSABLE TYPISTS AND TI-IE BUSINESS STAFF CAME IN DROVES BETH FILLINGIM Assistant JOE ASKEW BETTY MOOD RLJTI-I NEWELL and her assistant society editors EDITOR FALL SEMESTER EDITORS CARROLL GILLIAM, Editor-in-Chiet JEAN I-IILL, Managing Editor GEORGE SI-TELOR, Business Manager JACK WALTI-IER, Asst. Bus. Manager BOBBY GAINES, Circulation Manager NED THREATT, JAMES SEIERIDAN. News Editors KEN BALDWIN, JR., Campus Editor VAN NEWMAN, JOE MOLONY. Sports Editors RUTI-I NEWELL, Society Editor JANE DOWE, Feature Editor "WIMPY" WEBB, Copy Editor MARGLIERITE WEBB, Exchange Editor Bottom Lett: RLJDY, NED and SLJZANNE, the ever faithful trio. Bottom Right: The banquet that made GILLIAM a "has been." , f XWmts,m,-NWN ,,.- 7 K i KEN and the news statt SPRING SEMESTER EDITORS JEAN I'IILL Editor in Chief KEN BALDWIN JR Managing Editor GEORGE SHELOR Business Managcr JACK WALTI-IER Asst Bus Manager BOBBY GAINES CrrcuIatron Manager RLIDY RIVERS News Editor NED TI-IREATT Campus Editor JOE MOLONY Sports Editor MAY I-IERBERT Society Editor JANE DOWE Eeature Editor SLIZANNE MOYE Copy Editor MARGIJERITE WEBB Exchange Editor wumsxw -,swf L Q omit iles: NEWELL GAlNES SOL BOBBY AND TOM. COLUMNlSTS JANE, WHIMPY AND RITA SPORTS EDITORS NEWMAN AND MOLONY George Shelor, who inherited the business managership, held odd ottice hours but did a competent job with the ads. Jaclc Walther was his assistant and Bobby Gaines handled the circulation. Ruth Newell and May l-lerbert held down the society desk while Joe Molony and his rabid sports crew, For some strange reason, seemed to operate more smoothly after a session in one ol the local dives. Marguerite Webb, as exchange editor, entertained Gamecoclc readers with her weelcly "Dregs" and Booty Wall and Carolyn Busbee toolc turns uncovering the society "dirt" in 'iThe Wagon Wheeln. The campus was scoured For news not Fur- nished by the "35" and "36" labs and it was the lot ol the news and campus depart- ments to see that the pages were tilled. Jim Sheridan, tall semester news editor, Found employment elsewhere, and was succeeded by Ned Threatt at mid-term. Rudy Rivers tell heir to the news editorship in the Spring Semester and Ken Baldwin, who had served as campus editor in the Fall, was SHERIDAN elevated to the post ol managing editor when Jean t-lill toolc over the No. l spot. 'iWimpy" Webb and Suzanne Moye suc- ceeded in turning out reams ol copy with the assistance ol several Faithful typists. -'K37' V-,. , ., N - J,.NffVM.,.,.--- , f f VQa:fy?if1mwmQim,g,K M 'Wi " , ae as ,T X Q i f Ho W sf 5 if Mvw , sg 3 2 Carolina Review' 1949 AIter considerable delay, "The Carolina Review", outlet for Carolinais literary minded, came out in .Ianuary sporting a new loolc. It was altered from the con- ventional size to 8If2 by II inches and was printed on glossy paper Ior the tirst time. Under the guidance OI Joe Bishop, the magazine contained several short stories, poems, and otner articles. Also Featured was a humor section edited by Bob Solomons. Colorful national ads tended to give it a professional appearance. Innovations which added interest to Spring term issues were the "Writer of the Month" Ieature, honoring the Carolina student whose worlc was considered by the editors to be the best in each issue and the 'Carolina I-Iall of Fame" Feature, which payed tribute to the all-time-great athletes ot USC. Occupying new quarters in 'itemporaryn Building C, some of the statt Iound their new home as inaccessible as Mcliissiclc third. But AI Munn's ceaseless energy paid ott with a bigger and better publication and the discovery ol new literary talent among the inhabitants OI Gamecockland. Others who contributed to the success ot mlhe Carolina Review" were Sparky Elliott, Barbara Fowler, Carolyn Busbee, Jem Newbury, R udy Rivers, I-Ieririetta Grindley, Harris Graham, Greta Miley and Doris McCIary. THESE ARE THE PEOPLE WHO BLIRNED MIDNIGHT OIL TO GET THE "REVIEW" OUT LONG AND ELEAZER . . . PRESIDENTS FOR THE SPRING AND FALL. X Nf i lfvmg U Q mb - X , ,lx 3 X f X ff R l Qian! 'J A fx fx X A U 9 . The local chapt ' o' - ' n. .f a, ational women's honor society, has --- 0 Q -f . e its leadership and 'fi 4 Q v 8 ff, Q is ri 0 0 A S ll Q O0 service. l-lowever,du ' asie rs it has assumed more oi the role of a recognition group or campus leaders. Weekly meetings were held in the music room of the "Hen House" where plans were made For its various activities. The tirst date oi importance was the regional conference held at Columbia College in October, which was climaxed with a delight- iul banquet at the Columbia l-lotel. Alpha Kappa Gamma, in conjunction with the Co-Ed Associa- tion devised a system which would limit the number of otliices a girl might hold. The purpose oi such a plan is to make leader- ship responsibilities available to a larger number ol girls. Alpha Kappa Gamma Felt that with the use oi such a system the quality oi extra-curricula activities would necessarily be raised, as the girls holding Fewer ottices would have more time to allot to their duties. The annual song lest was more than successful and an un- precedented crowd gathered to hear the music and cheer the winning sorority and fraternity. 186 Aipiqs ti . . FALL SPRING MARGARET ELEAZER . . . . President OLIVE LONG .... . . President KATHRYN WALLACE . . Vice-President KATHRYN WALLACE . . Vice-President KATHLEEN BROWN . . Secretary HARRIET RIVKIN .... . Secretary HELEN HARBIN . . . . Treasurer CAROLYN MCCULLOUGH . . Treasurer spa Gamma Qmicron Delta Kappa ,f...i...i, Omicron Delta Kappa, since its founding at L Washington and Lee University in 1914, has spread to well over titty leading college and uni versity campuses throughout the nation. Giving recognition tor excellence and etticiency in all col- legiate activities, it brings together the most representative men in each hase of college ' P endeavor. Membership in ODK is acquired by obtaining one hundred activity points in the following tields of endeavor: Scholarship, Leadership, Athletics, Religious Activities, Publications and Dramatics. Chi Circle maintained its place of honor on the campus by continuing its annual Awards Day ceremony and by presenting a scholarship cup to the social Fraternity with the highest scholastic average. Outstanding Seniors lor the i948-1949 school year were chosen by a committee based on the plan submitted to the students by ODK. Other projects attacked were the placing ol Coca-Cola machines in certain classroom buildings and the possibility ol returning from the present University Stores to the old system ol Coopera- tive Stores. Student Council also received sug- gestions on a plan to bring about a desired change in the Honor System. Al Coolc directed the Circle in the fall, with Bill l-lutchinson taking over in the spring. Alumni Secretary, Ralph Lewis, served as Circle Advisor and was assisted by Professor Milledge Seigler. fottiiad COOK AND HOUSE PRESENT SCHOLARSHIP CUP. k www-mx , K, ww ,L ax ' lf, fy Q I .. WW, V in 1 Qwszf 5 .SANF- . . . ,,,., ,-,,N.,.,,R I W-gamma... ,.,f,Q:Q:H,wss , 4,1 ff,,y,,g , f W ,Im A ,.-fs.-wfxfrwzw 4335 f W,.w,,w,x,w,,fV. ,..,,.,. , Q 5 ,Aww V vf-v,-v, A--, ,L,.N.,M,.A.,, W,.., , N my www 1 - P'L'v-- f - A if Bw Q mam Q: B is .mg.,x,W ,I , Nw... ,J f,fb..w-,mb.w 'Um . fW12m:?'fsm ,fJ5+?5i5w:42s1m-www' awk! 'sz.5'm4:MmL9L S i M i s ,Q , Q, qi? . ,J 4 5' uv- M fb., 4' wg- :wg G 5 Q M f , iilwi . ' W , V , , 3 Z S ,KW M , N, .... , , , 2 A VA Q f mY ? bi fi' ' Wi ' 1 'F w E3 by ia V, lk. Kg-6 1 'Q sg y s f fm , A '3 5 E W Q 'WR A 5 . H Qu , Q gk 2 wig i 'wk W K ,J f- .F A. 211K in Am We 'qw My ,E A . 'TWMZG 5 X 6141 dz 6iCC0l4fLJ9 .AA fc WL? ftZ!!0lV llttllltv Blue Key, campus honor-lea ership fraternity since 1928, continued its leadership in bettering relations with Clemson College, planning events for the State Fair classic. With the Clemson chapter, Blue Key initiated a symbol of the two schools' rivalry, to be awarded to each year's victor, a gigantic gold leaf teacup, T for South Carolina's Big Thursday. Members sponsored a dance and other activities for the two schools. Publication of the directory, listing faculty, student body and other information, was continued with the largest edition yet presented in November without cost to the student body. The chapter considered improving its system of select- ing members, emphasizing Blue Key's aims to recognize leaders and to serve the institution. Etforts were made resulting in closer cooperation between the chapters in the state, seeking better feeling among South Carolina's colleges. Blue Key sought to select members to continue its tradition of service to Carolina and the student body. Ml UW f X Z xxx KO X 'I 1 'Whtllllwt l '91 ABRAMS GETTING A Tl-lRlLL OUT OF PUTTING UP HIS MASTERPIECE. Kappa WW V W m W I Q iw 'v Vg 2 I i. li "RATS" ALWAYS BUY THE CAPS. Since the tall of T927 Kappa Sigma Kappa has been a local Honor- Service Fraternity on this campus. The purpose oi this organization has been, "That through a more perlect cooperation the members might in part repay their obligations to this University lor its immeasurable service to them." Among the projects which K. S. K. undertoolc this year were the sale oi "Rat" caps in order to raise Funds For the lvlcKissiclc Memorial Scholarship Fund and the setting up ol beds in the gym lor Clemson students during i'Big Thursday". The latter was in cooperation with the Blue Key Fraternities ol both schools. As in the past Kappa Sigma Kappa again this year sponsored the annual Beauty Pageant which selected Carolina's May Queen. The May Day Coronation was also held by Kappa Sigma Kappa. T92 f,, s ' ' " Q 52,1254 ggi! Q dr 1 V I V 1 wg y if 2, 9 ., - . ki Z' ' M 95 TL, x -. ,W by 1 - pgs N IQ I 35 552 f 1 g 2 ,, 2 2. , Q . , 5 2 W Q Ctoriosophio Leadership for the Society was provided in the Fall semester by John K. Smith, President, J. O. Sheppard, Jr., Vice-President, Charles W. Gasque, Secretary, John A. Mason, Critic, and .James N. Caldwell, Treasurer. Spring semester otticers were Charles W. Gasque, President, Don Brown, Vice- President, Edward M. Royall, Secretary, Ray Berry, Critic, and Roy Berry, Treasurer. As for most campus organizations the year 1948-1949 was a signiticant one For the Clariosophic Literary Society. Heritors ot great tradition, the members worked well For a present of achievement and a future of distinction. Noteworthy in the year's events were a return to regular debates on topics of local, national, and international questions, a post-war revival of the Declamation and Oratory contest, the sponsorship ot the annual campus political rally, and a movement to restore Clariosophic Hall to an approximation ot its Former elegance, alter war-time years ol classroom use. Throughout the one hundred thirty-odd years of its existence, the Clariosophic Literary Society has counted many notable men among its members, and has contributed much to the total that is "Caro1ina". On its rolls are found the names of Wade Hampton, James L. Petigru, John C. Calhoun, Coleman Blease, Bernard Baruch, Olin D. Johnston, Richard M. Jettries, and J. Strom Thurmond. In 1908 the "Gamecoclc', was established by Clariosophic, with Robert Gonzales as its tirst editor. The Maxcy Monument, in honor of Carolina's tirst president, Dr. Jonathon Maxcy, was erected by the Society. Con- tinuing its literary tradition, it was this group which, in 1945, inspired the renewal of the "Carolina Reviewn, campus literary publication. I95 Left to Right: JOHN MASON JIM CALDWELL J K SMITH and CHARLES GASQUE ,W Y, W , , NO SUBJECT WAS TOO SMALL FOR DEBATE. EUPHI The Euphradian Literary Society became an independent society one year alter South Carolina College opened its doors to William Harper, the tirst matriculate and also the tirst president of the Society. Euphradian started the fall semester with enthusiastic interest and under the able leadership of President Tom-Williamson, membership in the society was doubled. Many scintillating and intellectual round-table discussions and debates were held in the Euphradian l-lall or over radio station WIS on Saturday afternoons. An "open housei' For campus students was held during the election returns in November. Despite multi-prognosticating by members, the whole election was quite a surprise to everyone. 196 The membership roll consists ot Edward Addison, Michael E. Alkire Rupert Blocker, Jim Bradbury, Richard Byrd, E. G. Craig, Kenneth Dean, Foy W. Dickson, Frank Eppes, Raylord Gambrell, Bill Gibbes, Robert Gibson, Robert Gillespie, William Goudelock, Pinckney l-leaton, Donald l-lolland, James P. t-lowle, Bill Keith, Madison Mack, Eintield T. Martin, Jim Meriwether, Lewie G. Merritt, Monroe Messer, Jack Nettles, Eric Op- penheimer, Whit Plowden, lrwin Price, Malcolm Rentz, Arthur Rosenblum, Harold Rudnick, Ramon Schwartz, George Stanley, l-laryey Teal, Dan Trotter, Jack Truluck, l-lolly Williamson, Carl l-lammond, Elmer l-l. Davis, Robert E. Camp, Phillip Richardson, Don Moore. XDIAN LISTENED INTENTLY TO THE RETURNS 1 FALL KATHLEEN BROWN . . RLIBY KITCHENS . . MARJORIE RAY . . . DOROTHY ANN COE . . SPRING TRENE KRUGMAN . . . HELEN STEIN . . RAYE RICE ..... NORA ANN OELAND . . . President Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . President Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer D ATIAN I-Iypatian Literary Society was the tirst, and, until IQQ4, the only literary society on the University campus For women. During the years ol the society's existence, they have attempted to uphold their motto ol friendship, culture, and oratory. This year, under the able guidance ol Irene Krugman and Kathleen Brown, I-Iypatian has rallied from its years ot inactivity to once more take its place among the active organizations on the campus. It is the purpose of this society to improve Forensics, and, in an endeavor to achieve this purpose, two detinite steps were taken. They attempted to obtain a separate department oi speech here at the university and held a Forensic tournament For the two women's literary societies. In order to Iurther better relations between I-Iypatian and Euphrosynean, the members ol I-Iypatian entertained with a drop-in in Sims College. It was decided, Iurther- more, that a cup should be given on Awards Day by the society to the girl who had done the most to Iurther the aims and ideals ol the society. OFFICERS ALL. NESS, RAY, KRUGMAN, STEIIXI WI-IICI-I TWIN IS DEBATING? Euphrosyneans7 Lelt to Right: REBECCA FULLER, MARCIA RADOMS, OLIVE LONG. 200 UPE With the passing ot its anniversary on the campus, members ol the Euphrosynean Literary Society may look baclc on a year tilled with varied and worthwhile projects. Among the activities which the members toolc part in were a rummage sale with the proceeds going to the creation ol a library in an orphanage, the forensic tournament with the l-lypatian Literary Society and a joint graduation exercise with Hypatian. Tallcs and debates given by various spealcers throughout the year proved interesting and enter- taining to the members. Professor Christophersen made one interesting tallc to the society on "How to Debaten. Meetings were held twice a month in the Euphradian Hall, home ol Euphrosyneansi brother society. Euphrosynean Literary Society was organized in 1924 under the guidance ot the Dean ot Women, Miss Dillard. The society has as its purpose the encouragement ol scholarship and the training and development ol spealcing abilities ot its members. FALL CAPPY LAWRENCE . . . . President REBECCA FULLER . . . . VicefPresidenL HELEN LEE MOORE , . . Secretary ANN MOQD . . . . Treasurer JULIE SIMPSON . . . . Critic IRENE HERTY . . Chaplain CDSYNEAN HARRIET RIVKIN President THEY RULED TI-TE ROOST. LAURA SPEED Spring President C0-EE The Co-Ed Association was Formed for the pur pose of uniting the women of Carolina in thei interests in Social Activities and other testivitiei around the campus. These young women planneo programs and projects that helped in keeping up the standards ot the university. The tall semester started ott with a hang unde the leadership of President Harriet Rivkin. The association outlined a very active program tor the year. First the Co-Eds undertook the project to devise a point system. The Fashion Show was given in Drayton l-lall and the proceeds sent to CARE. The Co-Eds are trying to get organizat tions other than sororities and Fraternities to help promote a program in getting togethei utensils needed tor social programs. Another proj' ect successfully undertaken was the High Schoo Week-End, at which time about sixty girls tronc ditterent l-ligh Schools in the state were enter- tained Carolina style. SPRING FALL HARRIET RIVKIN . . . . . President LAURA SPEED .... . . . President MABLE PACE . . Vice-President MARGORIE PEARLSTEIN . . . Vice4President LAURA SPEED . . . . Secretary BERT EDENS .... . . Secretary HELEN LEE MOORE . . . Treasurer JANE DOWE . . Treasurer MARJORIE PEARLSTINE ...... Editor SARA KARESH . .... Editor SALLY STEVENS . . . . Program Chairman SALLY STEVENS . . . Program Chairman ASSQCIATICDN 203 ,, .- Ev .li ..X! l 735:51 Cn the L .-11. ziN runny- ii. .ll filfg --xx - EY il PLAYED TO A FULL l!T3g. .15-,Mess xx 71 A' 3 , E. The University Theater turned out one produc- tion each month during the year and one large production during the summer term. Membership was open to all aspiring actors and actresses and the tryouts received an excellent turnout. Regular meetings were not held, but each afternoon found many thespians running over lines, painting scen- cry, or just chatting at Drayton Hall. i l Three-act plays presented were "Accent On Youthn, 'iThunder Roclcn, i'Your Uncle Dudley", 'iArsenic and Old Lace", "The Importance ol Being Earnest", and "Arms and the Mann. They were chosen Irom a standpoint ol variety, adapt- ability and audience appeal. The audiences con- stantly grew larger and full houses were not rare. Coltee was served on each opening night as a new innovation. Two one-act plays were produced by the students. A Green Room was acquired and renovated under the direction ol Sparky Elliot. In February a provincial drama day was held lor the members ol Alpha Psi Omega in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. This was the tirst ol its Icind to be presented and many schools sent representatives. Alpha Psi Omega is the honorary drama group ol the university. Dtoiqe During the year plays were taken to schools and towns throughout the state. Many radio shows were presented, and skits were prepared For or- ganizations desiring them. Spring semester otticers were Jo Ann Dellinger, I-'Iarvey Golden, Carl Vines and Jean Strother. Fall otticers were Jim Simmons, Mort Bernanke and Richter Moore. Prof. Christophersen and Russel Green directed. TOWEL OUICK! TI-IE LOOK. HOLD ME CLOSER. SANDERS IS DROOLING. I-IIDING TI-IE SCRIPT AT REI-IEARSALS PROFESSIONAL COM ES HOME, Carolinoi Roi io ta ON INTO THE NIGHT T949 Found WUS in its third year ol actual and well on the w to achieving its main bring to the campus a good swift means ot education to suit t tastes oi the students, and a training ground lo those students who would like to enter commercial radio alter graduation. The "Voice Ol Th Carolina Campusi' is a member Intercollegiate Broadca ting System, a network oi college I tions throughout the c ntry. Through its remote Facilit WUSC was able to bring o an increased listening audien programs lrom any point on e campus. Feature programs included platter s o s, forums, campu commentaries, news, and such remotes a "The Smoky Feldej Piano Shown and "Y Canteen" originat' g in Flinn l-lall. Stu- dent body meetings and athletic even were also aired. The dreamy strains ol "Music To tudy By", emanating nightly from the ivy-covered ulormer' slave quarters, lullec many students away lrom their books y ottering a type oF music not usually heard on commercial s ations. WUSC also- increased its broadcasting hours by addin an early morning devotional program, a wake-up show, an midnight jam- boree on weekends. 206 THOMAS RICHARDSON . HERSCHEL HUDSON . ELLISON TURNER . JAMES HINSON . . WALTER JOHNSON . JULIA WALKER . JHWUSC . Station Manager . Program Director . . Chief Announcer News Department Head . . Business Manager . . . Secretary OUIET . . . WERE ON THE AIR .1 ,, Q.. 5 V1-Af A "V: , W Y -.--ff K It W 4 LfJAA HARK THE HERALD ANGELS SWG . .. CAROLINA-CLEMSON WLTH ALL WTS GALEVY AND MLJSVC, lu 'Q -, Mk A ,ik I Q , .Q , , Fug-, X . ,J L , , .,,.3 fra, A Aw Wkvw, , . WLM, L, 2, NIVERSITY CHOR US 1 Consisting of students selected lor their vocal abilities, the T948-49 University Chorus had a total membership ol thirty-tive. The various projects undertaken by the Chorus forthe year included the "l-lymn of Praise" by Felix Men- delssohn, sponsored bythe South Carolina Chapter of the American Guild of Organists, a Christmas Candlelight Service on December T65 a Spring Concert and tour of various cities and the participation in the All-State Col- lege Chorus with the Southern Symphony on April 9. he Campus of Carolina 1 Q UNIVERSITY BAND The University Band marched on to further recognition in the eyes oi South Carolinians this year. This was seen in their outstanding performance at the home football games and at the game at Furman University. In addition to the usual agenda the band presented several concerts during the spring on the main campus. At these concerts was played music familiar to all of us. Membership of the band was held to sixty-six. Ottices were held by: president, Joe Smith, vice-president, Ray Clark, secretary, Margaret Eleazer, and, student director, Edgar l-lelms. Mr. Louis Fink was the Faculty director. 209 , ,,. : . "P,fi...255f' 5f'f.i55::' 5, -,Z X 5 5 ., ....,,. .. . ffywf, img E ' 1:8110 aw ,gig ia ci d 24,5 is k ggfgswy ig , .viii . , i ,, S W , fi Q "MSFT ' "Z 'K i .ii?:?' ,,:f 1 Q fa ff J ' V 5 I .x -fi? ' ?22f,E2,,,: ..., I M in O z -1:- "Wg -,A W 5959 15' , Q : fi .,.,. 1 Hia- ' gi' I 1 M. ?f - -1 G ,i H , 11 i 4. f ' .,?: ' ' if V Am i th A , 5 3 W -111 My , at .:.:: R24 Mg' sztliffklz H . ' 4 ef My , , X U, M X ' -1 5 is Q bnll y .. - .. V V ,,.Q :V-- M jf I ,I A. '.. Y Q t E IQ 2 ? 19 3 , f-1 sl ' ,A PU' Lf , A 'ggff " L x Xe ' ,Q-sx"' -ye, X NQ f A Xb lk 'Tlx-i ' va 'K Av , A M Wg '23, ' , 3fff??E?, , K i w s -ww HQ f EL T A OMICRON On March 20, i948 a new babe was born into the expanding circle ol organizations here on the campus, the inlant's name being Delta Omicron, National Profes- sional Music Fraternity. With a year of experience under its belt, this organization has outgrown the age ol baby- hood, and is now well established. All this is largely due to the ettorts made by charter members, faculty advisors and patrons. Congratulations on your success. Otlicers For the lall semester were: Ruth Stone, presi- dent, Barbara Ratlield, vice-president, Gloria Allison, secretary, Marcia Richards, treasurer, Mary Coclctield, publicity chairman, Anne Williams, chaplain, Raye Rice, magazine chairman. greek Too HI MU ALPHA Carolina's newest organization, Phi Mu Alpha, Sinfonia Fraternity ol America, received its charter on February 12th ol this year. This Fraternity is a national men's music fraternity and has as its aims, the advancement of music in America and the Fostering ol mutual welfare and brotherhood of music students. lt was only through the earnest ettorts of the charter members ol this organization that they were able to form a group strong enough and ol such quality that they could receive national recognition. Otticers of this fraternity are LeRoi O'Dell, president, Joe W. Smith, vice-president, Charles A. Jones, secretary, and Jonathan C. Lowe, treasurer. 2ll THERE'LL BE A HOT TIME IN THE OLE TOWN TONIGHT. The Booster Club is composed ol students who are interested in the spirit ol their alma mater. Boosters' main job is service to their school and other organizations. Before every game they can be Iound decorating goal posts, roping ott band sections, print- ing up Hyell sheets", and helping with the pep meetings. They build, decorate and get out publicity at a rninute's notice and always do so willing- ly. Annually at the Carolina-Clemson game a cup is given to the Fraternity or sorority getting up the best display. Starting this year, a gold cup was given lor the presenta- tion ol the most original and amusing I-Iome- coming proiect. Kappa Alpha succeeded in outdoing the rest ol the campus lor Homecoming. BURN THAT TIGER . . . BURN THAT TIGER . .. TEES In the Spring semester basketball pub- Iicity along with decorating and helping with anything that needed to be done, required many a happy day ol work. Late in the year a Faculty auction was staged, and Iucky stu- dents were served breaklast in bed, treated to a soda or taken to see a movie by out- standing Iaculty members. The members oi the Booster Club IuIIy realize that one receives only as much as he puts into a project. This is true of Iile at Carolina as well as Iile in general and that only through hard work and days full ol activity can the student really come to know Carolina as it should be known. GETTING READ M - ,F Y FOR BIG THURSDAY HURRY, I-IURRY, I-IURRY . . .STEP RIGHT TI-IIS WAY FOR TI-IE DATE TICKET LINE. lltlllllll JllUllllE "From whence cometh our strength," this age old phrase could aptly be applied to one ol Carolina's important cornerstones, her religious organizations-builders ol character, leadership and Faith. 2l4 - W, A., -mwl f W ,,...+f. , v A ra-:.:ffs'mmMbmmn-mfvwwwe-ff.1V,m,,p.kQ-,.wMLLg1..,4,,4,.V KNEW!! i 3 " qi. V 533 51,441 32, N.- Twi., ..,, K3 . T . N -.155 W ,, -'flgai ul 'V' .mpsixw -xjiiw hawk? QW 1 1 1 M 1 +1 M :A F an ,, ,. , 2 fh a' " E9 i 'ff ,X w,i.E,WA3ga5:Q, . 5' 'A Ifawsf w .ww-M -www, ,, ksyw-ww Y WWW 'J " 'M' 5 Q ,- A J f Iv ,fm L' J' f V v-,L -Qs' 'Lasf'g9fg : , my A 1 - gm. , f '65, ,, k,kk, Me ' X . .wr awww -,, :'2,2-: .xv ,1 Q W W 3 -' 'If:,:f:'Se, ' , ilyms-W . . fm 'Mgy:2,ffi"fLfW'3272'V M52 ffizfi- x-gf,iL"f-ni-if Q V gx:?.g'Qii'mwa!-fgiifiiigi,ggi 1 L 55 :gif ff, 1 L' H In x ,gh X- , by .,g?m,J ,X ,buf ,yv f 1' :m., f5 'if w swff yr-A-wg f - , fy , A X 2 1 ' J' yi? 'X' " ' 5 ,J EE 1' f X if A f aw-- ,mv . -A ymswji Pwwpwhma, W is V J ,,,.,f,...m ,.,.w""' M., M L: H, EV 4' 3 2 5 , A IQ i ., K? , Me .,-.X ,Q H' BOB SUMWALT President JIM DALLAS Vice-President The purpose ol the Y. M. C. A. on the University campus is to aid in the building of the Christian Faith through fellowship and sponsoring various projects both on and ott ol the campus that tend to achieve this aim. In order to carry out this program the Y. M. C. A. elects tive otticers, and these officers appoint a cabinet which helps them to carry out the work planned For the year. At the helm this year as president was Bob Sumwalt, who was ably assisted in his work with Jim Dallas as vice-presidentg Jim Caldwell, secre- taryg John Mason, treasurerg and Harvey Shaw, assistant treasurer. The advisor For both the Y. M. C. A. and all of the "Y" activities is Mr. R. CE. Bell. Y. M. C. A. . . . GUIDED THE WORK OF THE "YM" 2l6 JIM CALDWELL Secretary HARVEY SHAW Assistant Treas CLAIRE PARLER President KATHLEEN BROWN Vicc-President The purpose oi the Y. W. C. A. is to bring the girls ol the campus into closer communion with God and l-lis work. Through the high ideals set lorth by this organization, its members tind a luller life lor both them- selves and those about them. To achieve their goal in rnalcing their program successful the Y. W. C. A. elects tour otticers which are assisted in their worlc by a cabinet selected by their president. The advisor For the Y. W. C. A. is Miss Marie Edwards. The otticers of this group are: Claire Parler, presidentg Kathleen Brown, vice-presidentg Beth Fillingim, secretaryg and Olive Long, treasurer. ETH FILLINGIM Secretary DLIVE LONG Treasurer Y. .C.. . . . STIMULATED RELIGlOUS THOUGHT AND ACTION 2I7 FATHER BELL HOLDS FORTH . , . AT JUNIOR-SENIOR COUNCIL Ably led and assisted by Father Bell and Miss Marie Edwards, both the Y. M. C. A. and Y. W. C. A. opened the year by having a Freshman camp Ior the boys at the Columbia Y. M. C. A. Camp, and a Freshman camp For girls at Camp Barstow. Soon alter the opening ol school the otticers of the Y. M. and Y. W. C. A. along with their cabinets held a joint retreat at Camp Barstow, and formulated and planned their program lor the year. Mitchel Graham and Ann Davis carried deputation teams to all sections of the state. Ken Bull was most active in getting the campus discussion groups Functioning in every ments dormitory on the campus. Jaclc Reese did an equally outstanding job with Margie Ray in planning and carrying out the various social Functions, such as the spring picnics at the new "YH camp, the Sadie I-Iawlsins Dance last November, and the street dances held at the beginning ol the school year. TIME OUT FOR SADIE HAWKINS DAY AND CHRISTMAS PICTURES ,- ,gt L SOME OE THE "WHEELS" . . . THE WAY WE LIKE TO SEE THEM The sophomore "Y" Council with Bill Dominey as president revived the HY" Canteen, making it quite the success. Carl Smith and his Fresh- man Council sponsored both a Christmas and a Thanksgiving party for the children at the Carolina Orphan Home. Religious Emphasis Week was most successful ol all this year's activi- ties and boasted the largest attendance since the plan was initiated on the campus ten years ago. These are only a Few of the achievements of the Y. lvl. C. A. and Y. W. C. A. during the past year, exclusive ot their weekly luncheons lor all members. During these luncheon periods many speakers were presented and gave the councils information on a wide variety ol subjects. ,.. Mom FAMlLlAR scENEs . ,. l 4 . . . THEY CAME IN DROVES BAPTIST STUDENT UNION The Baptist Student Union is the connecting link between the university student and the Baptist Church. The student center on Pendleton Street served as a meeting place tor all phases ot Baptist lile during the year. On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday ot each week, noon devotions were held at the student center, and every Tuesday, luncheons were held after the devotions. Many parties and drop-ins were sponsored by the Baptist Student Union, and on each Saturday night open house was held at the center. Highlighting the calendar tor the year was the Fall Retreat held in Anderson and the Spring Retreat held in Rock Hill. At the student center a library, record player, radio, kitchen, and ping-pong tables provided sources ot enjoyment tor all Baptist Students, and every month a mass meeting ot Baptist students was held at this center. The otticers of the student union For this past year were: Oliver Littlejohn, president, Mary Letha Atkinson and Wilson l-lunter, vice-president, and Dorothy Link, secretary-treasurer. Dr. Robert E. Naylor was the advisor ot the group, and Miss Cassie Crowe was the student secretary. 220 LITTLEJOHN x'l SOSNOWSKI CANTERBURY CLUB Throughout the year Canterburites met each Sunday evening at six oicloclc in the Trinity Episcopal Parish House for supper, and a devotional service. Various other club functions followed during the week, but the Sunday sessions brought most of the Episcopal students together. Members constantly kept before them the clearly defined aims of the National Association of Canterbury Clubs-prayer, study, service, giving, evan- gelism, and unity. An over-all program for the year covering each of these fields was successfully carried out. Canterburians conducted choral services in Trinity Church, college, and community, made generous financial contributions for the spread of Gods Kingdom, welcomed other students into their fellowship, and cooperated to the fullest extent with other campus organizations. One of their most interesting projects during the year was holding "open house" in their new student center on Sunday afternoons for the soldiers from Fort Jackson. Jim Covington served as president the fall term and was succeeded in the spring term by Fred Sosnowslci. Other otficers were Betsy Blundon, vice-president, Cornelia Schultz, secretary, and, Cluitman Marshall, devotions chairman. 22l . . . A SMALL BUT INTENSELY INTERESTED GROUP The Carolina Christian Service Club is an organization sponsored by the "Y", and is composed of a group of students that make it an organization devoted wholly to the etfort of being Christian servants to their fellow men. During the past year meetings were held every Thursday at 5 o'clock in the afternoon in the Faculty Room of Elinn Hall. These meetings consisted of short devotionals and alternating business and social meetings. Guest speakers were often invited to participate in these programs. One of the main projects of the group was to assist the Columbia Council for Social Planning in making a survey of the housing situation in the city. Also, every Thursday afterno an the members presented religious programs at both the Carolina Convalescent Home and the Confederate Soldiers' Home. Cn each Monday afternoon a devotional and musical program was taken to the Veterans' Hospital. Otficers of the C. C. S. C. were: Mary Ellen Coker, president, Calvin Derrick, vice-presidentg Willie Hughes, program chairmang Cecil Ward, "YH cabinet representative, and, Mary Letha Atkinson, secretary. 222 CAROLINA CHRISTIAN SEI? VICE CL UB COKER HILLEL SCDCIETY KLIGMAN . . . WE CAUGHT THEM UNEXPECTEDLY Active in Carolina Religious circles during the past year was the Hillel Society lor Jewish students on the university campus. The Hillel Society is sponsored by the B'nai B'rith, a National Jewish Service Organization. On the l-lillel agenda For the past year were programs that stimulated the three for the past year has maintained its membership above the seventy-tive mark, and its meetings were held every other Sunday afternoon at the Tree of Life Synagogue. Rabbi Paul Liner was the counselor for this organization and the student officers were: Melton Kligman, presidentg Rita Ness, vice-president, Estelle Wagner, corresponding secretary, Anna Mae Warshaw, recording secretary, Harold Kline, treasurer, and, Herbert Berger, historian, 223 LUTI-IERANS CONTINUE TI-IEIR MEETINGS AT "BULL HOUSE" LUTHERAN STUDENT ASSGCIATION The Lutheran Student Association has as its chief aim the strengthening ol Lutheran students in their Faith during the time they are in college. It also provides an opportunity lor cultivating friendship and social life on a Christian level. This year opened with an "introduction party" for the freshmen Lutheran students, which was held at the student center on Bull Street. This party was followed by many others, including a weelcly cotlee hour and a Christmas caroling party. Meetings ot all the Lutherans were held bi-weelcly with inspirational programs, discussion groups, and many interesting spealcers. In order to publicize the activities and purposes ol this group, members visited the Lutheran churches in and around Columbia and spoke ol the group's worlc on the university campus. The otlicers lor the past year were: Olive Long, president, Grey Freeze, vice-president, Eay Dent, secretary, and, Helen Greager, treasurer. Miss Mildred Schallchausher served as Lutheran Student Director. 224 L i"w.,,w,,,- LONG CROWLEY . . . ONE OF MANY MEETINGS NE WMAN CL UB The Saint Thomas Aquinas Chapter ol the National Federation of Newman Clubs is the representative Catholic organization on the Carolina Campus. It is an atliliate ol the national organization comprised ol Newman Clubs on the campuses ol three hundred colleges and universities throughout the United States. lt is in keeping with the purposes of the Newman Club for it to otfer again this year a program which includes spiritual, cultural, and social activities. Cor- porate Communion is received by the members on the lourth Sunday ol each month, which is followed by a breakfast. The Chapter's sports program, under the leadership ol Buddy Bultman, con- sisted ol such intramural sports as basketball, baseball, and tennis. The otlicers ol the Newman Club were: Michael Callahan, president, William Judge, vice-president, Steve Wadiak, treasurer, Jeanne Gill, corresponding secre- tary, Laura Sue Cato, recording secretary, and, Jack Crowley, publicity chairman. The chaplain of the Newman Club is Father Suggs. 225 WESLEY FQ UNDATION The Wesley Foundation of Methodist students met jointly with the girls from Columbia College at the Washington Street Methodist Church. The program for the year Featured recreation, supper clubs, and discussion periods every Sunday evening. The students in this group also had their own Sunday School class which was led by Dr. J. E. Jaggers from the university and Dr. Kennedy l-lodges ol Columbia College. The year opened with a square dance party For all the entering Freshmen of both Carolina and Columbia College. This was Followed by the monthly meet- ings of the supper club. Programs For these suppers varied from musical shows and skits to religious and intellectual discussions led by either the students or an invited guest. At Thanksgiving and Christmas the Wesley Foundation adopted two needy Families, held a party For underprivileged children, and sent boxes of gifts to the State Hospital. The big highlight of the year was the state conference held on the Carolina campus in February. Also, in the spring semester deputation teams were sent to other schools in the state. The otticers were: Kathleen Brown, president, Brad l-lamer, vice-president, Franlc Ellis, secretary, and, Carolyn McCullough, treasurer. 226 r 3. BROWN . . . HAD PLENTY OF SPIRIT WESTMINSTEH FELL 0 WSHIP CRUTCHFIELD The Westminster Fellowship is composed of Presbyterian students from the University of South Carolina and Columbia College. During the year these stu- dents met every Wednesday evening at six o'clock in Fellowship Hall of the First Presbyterian Church. These meetings included a delightful supper, devo- tional, music program, and an interesting talk by either Dr. James W. Jackson or some outstanding guest speaker. The purpose of this organization is to main- tain connection of the students who belong to the Presbyterian Church, to foster a spirit of fellowship, and to inspire the student to further participation in religious activities. During the year this group of students held several parties and participated in other social functions such as holding joint meetings with other religious groups and contributing to the success of religious emphasis on the campus. Climaxing the year's activities was the spring conference held at Converse College in Spartanburg, S. C. The otiicers for the past year were: French O'Shields, presidentp Betsy Crutchtielcl, vice-president, Betty Baggott, secretary, Anne Gibson, treasurerg Pat Thompson and Gloria Allison, student directors, Sara Jane Benson, State Council representative, and, Dr. J. W. Jackson, advisor. 227 llllltllllllllll llElllZlllUllS In every tield ol endeavor there are those who strive to attain higher levels. Through the media of the following organizations those students of high academic standing are enabled to gain a wider concept of their Future professions and make lriendshipsol lasting value. 228 x an V M i' l vas-Www Q A W W f-weww-. .. ,, 21ZfTf5Ha .. p21.- - . - 11+ - 4 . - -kfsws 3 ,if 11 - 5.5 "gi.ff'II -' 2 1 .gn . . ',s1s2,. g1saisf!yfgv-4 .. 7 ' .ziiviwg lam.-.-:gEs.,s.'fs-'assvizif' -fzflmiiz-7 ifw 4.355335 ' K' 'Ll' " ' --mini z ?"I5:' -I if :fa 5554 if X m X K N . , 5 X if I i. N. ' 11.-..-.H 251' Q ' K , . , ii 'Q , vm Q., i' its wx.. ,..,. BEACH BOWEN EDENS FRANKLIN HILL JENNINGS JORDON KEELS LUTON McINTYRE MAYFIELD MOORE MURPHY NESBITT POWER SMITH STAAB TOLLY WATSON WINSETT PILPI-IA KAPPA PSI . df "C6Lf6'ClfLl:iy Wd! !0'CIfL. The fall semester saw the birth of a new professional commerce fraternity at Carolina. A group of students known as the "Commerce Club" petitioned the National Chapter for membership and on September 25, 1948, a charter was granted to the Beta Epsilon Chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi. In addition to the twenty-six charter members, fifteen pledges were initiated in the early spring. The national fraternity was founded at New York University in T904 and was incorporated under the laws of the state of New Yorlc on May 20, l905. The aims of the Fraternity are "to further the individual welfare of its members, to foster scientific research in the fields of commerce, accounts, and tinanceg to educate the public to appreciate and demand higher ideals therein, and to promote and advance in institutions of college rank, courses leading to degrees in business administrationfi Although many problems were encountered, the chapter succeeded in gaining a place for itself among the other professional fraternities on the campus. A research project was adopted and various outstanding businessmen addressed the chapter. Otficers were Harold Staab, president, Herman Warneke, vice-president, Harold Nes- bitt, secretary, James Bowen, treasurer, Charles Goforth, master of rituals, and James A. Morris, deputy councillor. 23l BARNES BELL BINGENHEIMER BOATWRIGHT BRADBURY CHILDS COBB DUNCAN FLOWERS FOWLER GREER KOLB NETTLES O'CAIN OSBOURN OUZTS RIVERS SANDERS SEIGLER THOMAS WHARTON WEEKS WINN DELTA 62741, fcafeznify givu Me WJ ff, Auf . . . N 232 SIGMA PI . 6iCCOLLlflfdIfl1l4, 5144514644 lflftelflf, 61,1463 jdl.lfl0CA!6 j0!d,y6'C4. v Beta Gamma Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi, International Commerce Fraternity, had a prosperous and eventful year. The semester began with the initiation of six new mem- bers into the fraternity and the pledging of nine prospective members who were honored Frequently with parties. The crowning event of the Fall semester was a formal ball held at the Jefferson l-lotel in commemoration of Founders' Day. Music was furnished by l'lenry Westbrook and his orchestra. Professional meetings were held throughout the semester and several outstanding professional men addressed the chapter. Last year Beta Gamma Chapter gained widespread recognition for its outstand- ing efficiency average. There were only ten chapters obtaining the required number of points set forth by the division office, Beta Gamma chapter being one of these. It is the purpose of Delta Sigma Pi to stress scholarship and outstanding character, and only those men in the School of Business Administration, who meet these requirements, may be eligible for membership. During the spring semester, the fraternity brought a profes- sional tennis tournament to the campus which provided Carolina sports fans with a colorful attraction. Officers were Morris Phillips, head master, Roy Weelrs, senior warden, Porter Rivers, junior warden, Olin Moody, scribe, Bill Childs, treasurer, Wade Kolb, chancellor. 233 AMERICAN INSTITUTE CE ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS new Zfiblf?-Aix Afzorfjy The American Institute of Electrical Engineers, a professional Fraternity, has as its purpose to bring the student in contact with activities in the electrical engineering tield. Lectures are given by men experienced in the various tields ot electrical engineering and quite otten by the students themselves. Meetings are scheduled twice a month and one social is given each semester. Inspection trips are an integral part ot the agenda and visits are made Frequently to local radio stations and power plants. On the lighter side, the Fraternity participates in the annual engineers' ball, which is loolsed tor- ward to with a great deal oi anticipation by all students in the School ot Engineering. Fall semester otticers were G. C. Lahey, Jr., chairman, J. A. l-lill, Jr., vice-chairman, J. W. McAlhaney, secretary, and L. P. Thompson, Jr., treasurer. Professor S. A. Ferguson served as counselor. This year membership in the Fraternity was in- creased to titty-six. Active members, in addition to the otticers, were: E. L. Addison, R. C. Baldwin, I-I. D. Barwiclc, W. P. Beclcham, Jr., G. E. Beisel, E. C. Benbow, David Bicott, P. E. Blair, R. E. Byrd, J. W. Chand- ler, Jr., E. G. Craig, J. M. Donley, W. B. Evans, C. W. Gill, R. M. Gramling, J. A. Gray, E. Gray- don, T. L. Gregory, E. M. l-lancoclc, Jr., C. W. l-lollerung, Jr., J. T. l-ludson, l-l. R. Jones, T. G. McLeod, W. A. Martin, Jr., J. L. Mills, S. E. Moore, E. J. Morrison, L. C. Nichols, Jr., A. M. CD'Neill, Jr. Also A. L. Pickens, Jr., W. T. Plaxco, l-l. E. Polston, R. B. Poston, B. T. Raclrley, Jr., W. W. Roth, Jr., W. P. Russell, J. D. Sanders, A. C. Shorter, E. B. Shuler, W. W. Small, D. P. Smith, H. B. Sorensen, B. J. Staub, P. L. Suttler, S. W. Tavlor, E. l. Thrift, M. l'l. Timmerman, D. J. Trotter, J. Ward, R. T. Weatherly, A. B. Wilds, and R. L. Wingard. l AMERICAN SCDCIETY CDE CIVIL ENGINEERS Zizifelftebf fa VOIZCZA of ZQCJQZZZZMICZ The Walter E. Rowe Student Chapter oi the American Society ot Civil Engineers, named in honor ot Dean Emeritus Rowe, was installed on the campus in September, 1928, with the pur- pose ot promoting interest among the students in civil engineering. The main purpose oi the chapter is to acquaint the student engineers with the problems and the practices ot the engineering profession from a practical standpoint. The chapter strives to accomplish this by lec- tures trom practicing engineers, tilms based on engineering, and tield trips to construction proi- ects. During the past year the local chapter made tield trips to Clark l-lill, where a hydroelectric dam is being constructed, and heard numerous speakers who are prominent in the engineering world. The social lite ot the chapter is Focused on the annual engineers' ball, which is given in collabora- tion with the other protessional engineering societies. Highlighting each semester is a smoker given for new members. Other purposes ot the chapter are to attord the beginnings ot professional associations, give experience in preparing, presenting and discussing papers, comparing impressions ot engineering problems, making appraisals ot men from their writings, Forming judgments as to the practical aspects ot projects, and attord opportunity for contacts with the members ot the profession. Otticers were Matthew R. l-lawley, president, Ed Cleckley, vice-president, Gene Clarke, secre- tary, and John Baker treasurer. The society reached an all-time high in membership, with eighty-tour active members. AIVIEEICAN SCCIETY CE MECHANICAL ENGINEERS 466146 0 dr l4fl6i!0'C CAKLVLZZ The student branch ol the American Society ol Mechanical Engineers at the university was estab- lished on the campus, November 19, 1947 and was recognized by the parent society one year later. The purpose of the organization is the advance- ment and dissemination ol knowledge of the theory and practice ol mechanical engineering, and the presentation ol a proper perspective of engineering work. The presentation banquet held on January 19, 1949 was the scene ol a major change in ASME procedure. The local student branch of the ASME was formally presented a charter ot organization, the tirst ol its kind ever to be extended to any student chapter. The inauguration ol this system by the parent society was made at the request ot this student branch. The presentation ot this much-sought- alter objective was made by Mr. Edward E. Wil- liams, former vice-president ot the ASME of Region Four. The attainment ot this chapter saw the successful culmination ot the chapter's activi- ties toward organization and recognition. The year's activities consisted ot prominent speakers, student presentations, inspection trips and social activities which included the annual engineer's ball. Assuming leadership responsibilities in the tall were t'lenry C. Schatz, Jr., chairman, Willie B. 1-laynes, vice-chairman, John M. Crewz, secretary, and Larry C. Russell, treasurer. Otticers For the spring semester were Bernard J. Russell, chairman, Warren B. Godbold, vice- chairman, William O. Young, secretary, and Wil- liam V. O'Neal, treasurer. 1-lonorary chairman For the year was Professor Erank B. 1-lerty. Although still in the neophyte stage, the local chapter has swelled its membership well past the halt-hundred mark and is paving the way for a healthy future. . CI-IEIVIICAL ENGINEERING SCDCIETY cU10ZlA6'C Alibi? WLIJ QJJBJ In the spring term of I948 another star was added to the ever-increasing tlag ot organizations on the Carolina campus. Under the guidance ot Professor B. L. Baker, a group ot interested chem- ical engineers pooled their interests and organized The Chemical Engineering Society ot the Univer- sity ot South Carolina. Membership is restricted to Juniors and Seniors enrolled in chemical engineering. ln the short span of a year the society has increased its member- ship to twenty-tive. l-laving completed the re- quirements ot being an active organization For one year in March, the society petitioned the Ameri- can lnstitute ot Chemical Engineers For a charter. During the year, several South Carolinians, prominent in the chemical engineering tield, ad- dressed members of the society. Among these were Doctor Wannamaker of Orangeburg, Doctor Lipscomb, who owns a chemical plant in Cayce, and Mr. Crosby, chemical engineer for the South Carolina Board ot l-lealth. Social activities For this small but alert group were limited to the annual engineers' ball. Fall term otticers were Ralph E. Miller, Jr., presi- dent, l-loward J. Ierrio, vice-president, James R. Wright, secretary, and Myer Price, treasurer. For the spring term, T. Roy Scott was elected president, Robert A. Nance, vice-president, Fur- man D. Iindal, secretary, and Thomas W. Lunney, treasurer. EPSILCDN LQMBDH SIGMH mpynzfzm all .iiymzm Wlzfzmfzw A meeting held November ii, T947 marked the beginning oi Epsilon Lambda Sigma, honorary engineering fraternity at the university. Twenty- six charter members iormed the nucleus for the Fraternity, which has as its chief objective promo- tion ol interest in engineering, and recognition oi superior scholarship, leadership, and character. Other requirements state that a candidate For membership shall have achieved distinction in un- seltish activities, other than scholarship, connected with the School of Engineering and the University. Active membership is chosen from the male members of the junior and senior classes oi the School oi Engineering, which includes chemical, civil, electrical, and m e c h a n i c al engineering students. Each year Epsilon Lambda Sigma gives an initiation banquet tor its new members. Total membership is now approximately titty. Meetings were held every second and Fourth Tuesday in Hamilton College. Otticers for the year were Winired l-l. Crumley, chairman, John M. Crewz, vice-chairman, Edward G. Craig, secretary, and Sam I-l. Wilds, treasurer. Professor S. A. Ferguson oi the Electrical En- gineering Department served as Faculty advisor. l 'ti HLPHH EPSILGN DELTH will Mein eye!! South Carolina Alpha chapter oi Alpha Epsilon Delta, national honorary pre-med fraternity, is a member oi the Association ot College l-lonor Societies, and one oi the thirty-three chapters ot the American Association lor the Advancement ot Science. The aim of the Fraternity is to lcnit-campus pre-meds together, pre-medical and medical school interests together, and scholarship and pre- med student problems together. Membership is prized by its attainers, require- ments being a B average in academics and the 0, an M33 type of character that points to a future medical success. AED conducts a varied program that essays at giving information and relaxation to the members. Open discussion oi questions concerning the pre- medical student is one ol the chiel program stand-bys. Lectures by informed outsiders and visits to hospitals and other institutions help maintain the traternity's contact with problems and advances in the medical world. Members also saw movies from time to time on various phases of medicine. HMERICEN CHEMICHT. SOCIETY Mfg... !J'C0g64JI:OI1zi! .Wir Another neophyte organization on the campus is the University chapter of Student Atfiliates of the American Chemical Society,which was ushered in when we returned to school in September of 1948. lt is sponsored by the South Carolina section of the American Chemical Society and has as its faculty advisor, Professor l-l. W. Davis. The object of this chapter is to atford an op- portunity for the students of chemistry and chem- ical engineering in the University to become better acquainted, to secure the intellectual stimu- lation that arises from professional association, to secure experience in preparing and presenting technical material before chemical audiences, to foster a professional spirit among the members, i and to instill in its members a professional pride in chemistry. Otficers of the society were: W. R. Gillcerson, president, l-I. R. l-lilton, vice-president, Dotsy Lloyd, secretary, Robert Nance, treasurer, and Calvin l-l. Shuford, program chairman. Active members, totaling twenty-eight, were: Joe Bass, l-lerbert Berger, Ben Brinkley, George LaBruce, James A. Coleman, lvl. B. Cunningham, Niclcy Demos, A. L. Culenn, Jr., Stanley Goodman, Earl l-l. Hartgrove, Jr., and Jule Kleinmetz, and I-larold Lerman. Also T. W. Lunney, J. W. Lynch, Jr., Ralph Miller, Alonzo R. Moore, Allen F. Morgulis, Lewis S. Ready, Raymond Rosenblum, W. E. Shuler, Margie Teague, Anthony Tellis, C. C. Tison, and James R. Wright. PTIVIERICPTN PHHRMHCEUTTCAL .FTSSCDCTHTIQN of 61, VQQTOXEJJZOHQZ llvlitlfte i The University of South Carolina student branch of the American Pharmaceutical Association serves a dual purpose. lt is the professional society of the pharmacy students, and it serves as a social organization, giving the students an opportunity to meet outside of classes, and also sponsors oc- casional organized social functions. Meetings of the chapter are held monthly. Pro- grams of a professional nature are the rule, with talks being given by pharmacists and men in- timately connected with pharmacy. These tallcs are usually followed by an open forum discussion of the topic of the evening. The American Pharmaceutical Association is recognized as the professional organization of American pharmacy. lt is dedicated to increasing the status of pharmacy as a profession, and is the accepted liaison agency between the profession and governmental agencies. Members of the student branch are associate members of the American Pharmaceutical Associ- ation, and have all privileges of active members, except that of voting on atfairs nationwide in scope. Otficers for the year were: F. A. Smith, presi- dent, Oliver Williamson, vice-president, Anne Clarke, secretary, and Tommy Fuller, treasurer. Faculty advisor was Robert W. Morrison. PI GQMMQ MU Ut DLVLLLALLHX ilftffytiezif bitt! viCAl:ZV6l4flZlfLf Under the terms ot its charter, Pi Gamma Mu has undertalcen the taslc ot encouraging the study ot the social sciences by stimulating such interests among graduate and undergraduate students and Faculty members in colleges and universities throughout the world. The privilege ot membership in this honor society is granted to those who have shown un- usual interest and achievement in the study ol these sciences. South Carolina Beta chapter initiated twenty- one students and two Faculty members on De- cember 9, l948. These, together with the old members, have gone Forward with a well-rounded discussion program on current world problems, led by James M. McDonald, tall term president, and l'larry I.. Cline, president tor the spring term. Meetings were held once a month. Members are selected from the schools or de- partments ot: Anthropology and Sociology, Economics, Geography, l-listory, Law, Political Science, Psychology and Philosophy, and Social Work. Serving the society as Faculty advisors were Robert D. Ochs, professor in the Department ot l-listory, and Merle Medhurst, instructor in the School ot Business Administration. Other otticers tor the spring term were Edwin E. Glenn, vice-president, and Elsa Salvo, secretary- treasurer. l MEDTTRTNQ cjnfrzze Qjfwcence ftk7AfZn7a!e4 Meditrina, the professional pre-nursing society at the University, was founded October 7, 1945. lts aim is the enlistment of pre-nursing students in a program designed to build interest in their pro- fession and to keep them abreast of scientific im- provements in the field of nursing. The society's motto is "The Florence Nightin- gale Creed Shall Be Our Creedn. Nurses aspirant have two years of pre-nursing training. After this they plan to go to Roper l-lospital in Charleston for twenty-three months of further training. During this period, they will go to Baltimore for three months' study in psychiatry, State Park l-lospital in Columbia for one month's study in tuberculosis, and Spartanburg County l-lealth Department for two months' study in public health. Members of Meditrina convened many times to hear speakers and to enter into discussions on various phases of nursing. Otficers for this year were Mary Ellen l-lardee, president, Maxine Todd, vice-president, Sarah Outlaw, secretary and treasurer, and Deanie Eurey, program chairman. Miss Vianna McCown served again as faculty advisor of the society. PHI EPSILCDN NU Wzfl 4 nm at new4 One of the younger groups at the University is Phi Epsilon Nu, journalism fraternity, which made its campus debut some three semesters ago. Realizing the need for an organization that would "enable them to lcnow each other better and to acquaint themselves better with the fields of journalism," fourth estate majors assembled in October, l947, and elected Eranlc Hard of Charleston to guide them with Professor Frank l-l. Wardlaw serving as faculty advisor. Phi Epsilon Nu was organized to serve a dual purpose, that of a professional as well as a social organization for students in the School of Journalism. Membership in the fraternity had been limited previously to only juniors and seniors in journalism but the constitution was amended in the spring term to admit sophomores who have had one course in journalism. A standard lqey, symbolic of the fraternity, was also adopted this year. After a slow beginning, this aspiring infant or- ganization gained momentum and by September, lf?-48, numbered 50 strong with Ken Baldwin, Jr. of Myrtle Beach at the helm. ln the Spring, Ned Threatt of Kershaw toolc over the gavel, with Reese Daniels of Charlotte, N. C. as vice-president, Ruth Patrick of Lancaster suc- ceeding herself as secretary, and Ed Vereen of Camden serving a second term as treasurer. Banquets, parties, outings and speeches marked this eventful year and Phi Epsilon Nu, having now become of age, was well on its way. l l KAPPA PI exlififm gf.. WCA.. Alpha Psi chapter ol Kappa Pi was Founded on the university campus in 1946. The purpose ol the fraternity is to promote more interest in art among members and the campus as a whole. Kappa Pi is a national honorary art Fraternity which was founded at the University ol Kentuclcy in 1911. During the year, the local chapter presented an exhibit ol paintings by members in Maxcy Lobby. Posters lor the WSSF drive and lor vari- ous campus organizations were some ol the other projects. Meetings were held every other Tuesday night in the art laboratory on the campus. During the rush period, a tea was given at the home ol Mrs. Augustus Wittkowsky. The new members were initiated at the second meeting ol the spring semester. Mrs. Wittkowsky was guest spealcer. A social was given lor the new members. Kappa Pi otlicers lor the tirst semester were Ann Craig, president, Pat King, vice-president, Gladys Johnson, treasurer, Betty Goodwin, secre- tary, and Douglas Barwiclc, publicity chairman. Formerly, the Fraternity elected otticers to serve For one year, but this year it was decided to elect them each semester. Spring term elections were held at the last meeting belore Christmas. .lay Bardin was elected president, Larry Scott, vice-president, Pat Perry- man, secretary, Sassy Robertson, treasurer, and Bob Wilson, publicity chairman. CCDMPASS AND CHART ymle mt get M. e,.fm-CmzC..!.. The chief purpose behind the Founding ol The Compass and Chart Society was to have a social organization For the members ol the United States Naval Reserve Otlicers Training Corps at the Uni- versity ot South Carolina. Compass and Chart has tilled the bill admirably. Social activities ol the year included several informal dances and a party at the beginning ot each semester in honor of the new Freshmen mid- shipmen. Of course, the annual Compass and Chart ball was, as usual, the highlight of the year and many felt that it was better than ever before. Twenty-eight students now hold membership in the society, which serves to balance out their well- rounded schedule of classes, labs, drills, inspec- tions and cruises. Kenneth Masters was elected president of the society with Richard Dunham serving as vice-presi- dent, Clifton Adams as secretary, A. E. Groves as treasurer, and R. D. Wilder, master-at-arms. Other members were J. M. Banlchead, A. H. Bazemore, R. W. Beard, D. F. Blodgett, W. J. Brandel, Ron Carey, J. P. Goldschmidt, W. E. l-laley, P. E. Johnson, K. N. Letson, J. l.. Light, J. B. McMath, A. M. Messer, C. R. Polen, K. A. Quick, T. R. Richardson, l-l. G. Schmoelcel, R. M. Sheriden, W. B. Snyder, B. P. Stanford, l-l. M. Sumner, R. C. Thomas, and A. E. Treiber. 246 MEMBERS ALPHA SIGMA SIGMA ANNE DAVIS, President By virtue ol accepting editorship ol the 1950 Garnet and Black There are always those in every group who strive to malce themselves outstanding in one way or another. To you we give recognition as members ol Alpha Sigma Sigma. Margaret Eleazer Jo Anne Dellinger Jim Simmons Jean Hill Vernon Taylor Redmond Taylor Bill Hutchinson Sol Abrams George Shelor Jim Thomas Belinda Collum Mary McQueen Anne Clarlc George Couch Ditty Fleishman Charles Smith Bob Carpenter Al Munn Joe Molony Bob Solomons ALPHA SIGMA SIGMA Benny Green Jim Sheridan Irene Krugman Ed Saleeby Ann Rogers Carroll Gilliam Jim Meriwether Van Newman Manning Harris Lynn Hoolc Bill Keith Richter Moore Ben Rainville John Z. Nelson Ann Mood Betty Mood Betty Foster Toogie Harris Jim McCallum Josel Wiehr Don Barton Frank Eppes Beclcy Fuller HB. Jf' Parrish Jaclc Nettles John Mason Reese Daniel John David Johnston J. Burrell Sanders PLEDGES Anne Craig Kelsey Foster Betty Fraser John J. James Pete Partee Freddie Atlcinson Bill Ivey Joe Bishop Ellen Schotield Don Brown Harris Graham ON LEAVE Ben McGuinn Jaclf Matthews John Copeland Carlton Owen 247 Ned Threatt Ed Cleclcley Betsy Blundon Tommy Teal Ken Baldwin Ramon Schwartz Olive Long Bill McDaniel Jimmy Porter Claire Parlor Carl B. Hammond, Bill Thompson Arthur Rosenblum Bobby Gaines Melton Kligman Frances LaBorde lllllll A continuous whirl ol dances, parties, drop-ins, picnics, and blanket parties keeps Carolina Students on the go every minute . . . so here's to all you people who like a good time and sleep through your tirst period classes. lPhotogrepl'rs of Beauty Section by WOODLAWN STUDlOSl '41- X ' ' - v ff ,N .l. ,...,w,NV , W if Q i K. - f sis. 1 as . . 0 f V I 'S',,fg:f5,Qi5m,1fHa' ,W Q S-Zfe:aiw,u2'1i-3?-'. -4 3' gf V Q 4' 1 .ug 4 r . Y I A - 9 A ,Q N " r ' 'ig 'Y' 1 - ' gg . i A , Q , Mx if gg ?fg5f3,gg'gQ:,. 4 J -A A 4 4 .- nfl Qffg2,jR1.ff.,gf.ff', ifvffii . f -, . Q f k - -V is sw ' ff A Yi " . 1 :15 L1 ,a ,. , 1. .Q-A 5 ,, ,. -A :M . Q . f V2 N . . k I v '?"+ff'.. , . .. . ff f SV 'W nl ' f f ' if V w 1 lli,, '5'?ia4?!gf'H !fQ MT -ww" i?fliififfKQ1 ' E' !.f U fi'Sfg. -1 . - 1 . ' , v. , snug -'gspcxu' My-1 IJ L X. V- "lv, v gm + w, -,L :".y.' ' . -- L If- -"r" 195.1 5 ' L . - 1 : '- 4zEff2s?HfiE2?f?f+,fMV 5 3i5?ww i 'W' mgS ' sf, lffeffw il L V I Q K ' A 'X-LA WEEQSQS. A 'is 'ff -3? Yf51sf Y -. w A vm, Q f-Q :vw Q " .V , lf fi 'i ffi fwiwx ww .wwf . 'i ,m,22:,.9f y Q, -1 if sb 7. ....,. ww . . 1 5. 2: M W ? .,,,, ,g,,,,.5W, , ,bah .,MS:E,q4 . 'f - ES ?iil"Q1W'3iE'f yiffdu i 'H ' 'A f 4 if w i -55512 1Y g???i2g??S ' w - ' 1 X M 2 .1 ks? lliliif '55 ' ' ,, if 1 ' f -1:19. vim xy X .'fw4iF:i gf, 1 was , , . , Q, 0' -we , 12337, ,.32fl,L5E,m,v ffm: ,A Q '- 514,52 , A . QM 9251 'ggnggf " W ff-4 :-if U' k 4 S s 4 4 25,1 Q. W 'fm W - fs. Q, L, . my -M -1 1, iw, , ,. '- M 3 U X 1 3 i W ff Qu. V? M 14 . 'Y '-" f K ' 5' 3 , . M-M iffy 35' f 'eg . -g . . Q-:1 . iz, fl fr f ..1v1?.iQ, Q?- , y f v , -35. . M ' 1 QF? 4 . 'fs' , ' f ,f- J, -if . wg, . Lf, ' . 7 q , ' ,., 'f f. gig.. :iii L Q - 15 1 , Q m f 3415 A,-- A ff x 'nv , " 5f5ai . 5W?f X 1' 'N A - f ' wil '??'ii12fI?Ql.'f WWE. 5 'if "W-'gi , -'.. ,S ' f?v:w Q 111,23 M 'W 'f Sm' ,L 4 . s. Ui im 9. . . X ' 1 Q fn- wi 3.3-15' av, k mge,f2f'J ,. fi .. 1- 35. .SH 2553? s N Q w.-'.?, F ' j Nw 7 K W ... f, ' .xii W- R - , Isa! K . ,Q K 'T ,Q . 94,5 X sr X "L 'i - - , ,. A.. ' 'E , A ,gi . V 'ig wgilgl. 1 ' ' S, I' Q 4 fi 4" I 1, ,xii '. H. KiCgf"'Q': ' ifu 'Q f I 'Q ' if 'p elf '- ' 2-W r fm .,- 1 kwa. ga Q... . .,. W v.h '.,7 Q5. ug :N Q ' :QVF 1 v. 'Q I1 Gif- ki'Y?""H Lf? , . Q .N - My 1 Q, j,,:bg.,! .I .W 'f "- 3-ws ,M Yugi' Q ' xl wwf? wg. ,ff 4 ap, 2 N ' 'xiii-is" ' wiv -lk , D K Q S his .. 1, ,5"h.! W ' X 'ff .. ,H if 1L f - Q -ff, Q 3 1 4 - -4 1 v 1""'3i:"'f i . 'Q .SKA A xi, 'WY Q ? fafi'. 1 "M F .Sf 'W 'Q HR :Fx ,Q :il . Ffh Q W i A E if w , , 4 r fi WLwq'3H Q fn.. Www Y . , ' M mf' Km -Y ,Q 0 J W 2' if 'fkfifww N fm di W M ",. .xx an Q' V mg n if 5' Nga ,gg , , if +R . ,Q an A W awk V .X k "',.' 55. ' . 5' 11- - M5 , i ' t w Q Q 1' 1 if , mg .pk MF: . 1 I ,W X -V , M. -Q. fix WW' , 5 Q , ugh r , 5 A 6,1 2 wk kg is .. ..L k fn -: 4 Fink My "hwy rv " 'Y 4. Je. 1 ig gy? ,S W ,A :Y . Q . - X R ET AND BLACK l , MSS Mb Caldwell 250 V , ,v,4+.-.-.v.- iw- W,--, --V-.--W-v--. , I-ICDMECCDMING QUEEN 0 1 W, , MSS fackje fohnson ! f IWSS Befh Hlljn gmiz AY QUE CQ zillion EVERYBODY DRINKING CHASER. GANTT, HOUSE, MACFIE and CLECKLEY. PRESIDENT SUMWALT RELAXING WITH MISS GARNET AND BLACK IN TI-IE BACKGROUND. ,Z Club The Cotillion Club is a dance society composed ot one hundred male students who are elected to membership from the various social fraternities. l-lighlight of the tall semester tor Cotillion members was the annual cabaret style dance on November 5th, in the ballroom ot the Jetterson l'lotel. The inevitable chaser was furnished by the club. One ot the past presidents, going tirst class, had to use a papier mache cham- pagne buclcet in which to bring beer along For his lriends. The only decorations used were movable ones which each member brought and placed on the tables. Chaperons For the gala attair were Professor and Mrs. Stephan. Fall semester otticers were as Follows: l-loward t-louse, president, Tommy Mactie, vice-president, Jimmy l-looks, secretary, Ed Cleclcley, treasurer, and Lou Gantt, dance chairman. Those responsible tor the success of the spring semester were Sam Mclfittriclc, president, Pete Lane, vice-president, Phil Pearce, secretary, Wilson Springs, treasurer, and Dave Smith, dance chairman. PRESIDENT HOOKS Germ on BOBBY AND "DOOI." ARE ALWAYS THERE Founded in I883 on the CaroIina campus by Edwin G. Siet3eIs, Jotin McCIure, and Fitznugn McMaster, the German Club is Americas oldest dance organization. Its traditionaI Iormals are anticipated, coIorIuI wnirIs of the season. JUST ANOTHER PICTURE. 258 Club. .1949 The German Club is a dance group whose membership is composed ol men be- longing to seven campus Fraternities-Pi Kappa Phi, Pi Kappa Alpha, Alpha Tau Omega, Sigma Nu, Kappa Alpha, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, and Kappa Sigma. Each semester's social season is climaxed by the German Club ball. The lall dance this year was held November lQth at the Columbia l-lotel. Graduation was followed by the annual June Ball, which began at midnight and ended at 6:00 a. m. Alter this most exhaustive and very gay occasion, as is the custom, each Fraternity celebrated with a house party. There is no more glorious spot on earth than Pawleys after the German, and were it not For this organization the major part ol the gaiety of June week would tall tlat. So herels to an ever lively German Club. Otficers were Jimmy l-loolcs, president, Paul l-laigler, vice-president, Derrell Bennett, secretary, Fred Lock, treasurer, Buddy Richardson, assistant treasurer, Sam McKittricl4, senior leader, and Bobby Gaines, junior leader. LOOK AT NORA ANN'S DRESS JIM LOOKING TlRED AFTER A FULL NlGl-lT. Booux Arts The Beaux Arts Club was organized for the purpose ot pro- moting things esthetic and cultural in nature. Originally the club proposed to disseminate this interest in things artistic to the campus at large, but this soon became impractical as the number of students increased. Since then the club has generally restricted its activities to programs and parties that are For the entertain- ment and enlightenment ol the club members only. The club is noted lor its unusual initiations at which any- thing goes-that is, anything that is neither sane nor rational In contrast to the inlormal type ot initiations are the tormal meet- ings ol the club during which most interesting and entertaining programs are given. These vary From lectures on hypnosis to dissertations on jazz music. At Formal meetings the members dress in lormal attire and either imitate or embody the role ot the dilettantes extraordinary that they aspire to be. Aside from the cultural and intellectual stimulation the members receive, they also have an opportunity to observe 'iblaclc-ball businessn in all its interesting phases. Thus beauty provides the abstract food, and personality provides the spice. Together, they add seasoning to the lite on the campus. LOW! WHERE ART THY FORMAL ATTIRE? inf A ,. . . 1 ff im ' A fb wg, M 4 1 .h. ,'kl f 5 .- Q ww, y ff X we ff. Q ,. .1 1 ll ' .Li- iilw : fl X' . -A Y , M,.....q, PAN HILL FILLINGIM Pan-I-Iellenic Council is composed of representatives from each sorority includ- ing the president and a junior and senior representative. Its purpose is to maintain goodwill among all sororities and to uphold sorority principles and ideals. All sorority activity is supervised by these twenty-seven girls. In their hands is vested the power to make, supervise, and enforce rushing rules and to punish the ottenders. Pan-I-Iellenic is responsible lor registering rushees and for the tea which officially begins rush week and which all council members attend. Otticers rotate according to sororities. The council was organized in I928 and holds bi-monthly meetings to present and discuss problems of the Greek world. 262 BANNER BARNWELL BROWN ELEAZER DELLI NGER ELLISON FREIDMAN FULLER GOLDSTEIN JOHNSON LEWIS MARTIN MOOD MOOD MOORE MCOUEEN PETTY PLYLER RAFFIELD RICE RIVKIN SIMMONS STEIN WEAVER WILES Last tall the council awarded the Scholarship cup to Alpha Delta Pi sorority which received it again at the beginning ot the spring semester, having had the highest scholarship average among sororities tor two semesters. Pan-l-lellenic began a new rushing system during the fall rush weelc. According to the system, rushees received all their bids in a sealed envelope on the tinal day oF the rush period. The contents ol the envelope are not revealed to anyone else, but from them the rushee malces her own decision. A committee lrom the council began in March developing a completely new constitution in the hope ol strengthening the council. President ol the Pan-l-lellenic Council during the fall semester was Jean l-lill. President this spring was Beth Fillingim. i ALPHA DELTA PIS WALK AWAY WITH SCHOLASTIC HONORS FULLER BAILEY BARKER BENSON ELLIOTT GOETHE HARRIS HILL JOHNSON LEWIS LEWIS MCCORKLE MCCOWN McLEAN MARTIN PARRISH PEEPLES PERRYMAN PLYLER RILEY SCHEPER SIMS STRICKLAND WITHINGTON QI ALPHA I Cf ff Q I I DEL TA PI Alpha Delta Pi's returned to their house on the horseshoe to find a newly painted and decorated home. They began the year under the leadership of President Becky Euller, who attended the national convention in June at Spring Lake, N. J. A. D. Piis were pleased to be awarded the scholarship cup For having a 3.004 average-highest among sororities-For the spring semester. Monthly Sunday night drop-ins were enjoyed by all the campus. On December 5, a special tea was held For actives and alumni, honoring A. D. Piis scholarship day. With house dressed in the seasonis trimmings, they treated the whole campus to a drop-in. The project ol otfering several scholarships was begun by the chapter this year. Alpha Delta Pi continued also to enjoy their abode in IvIcKissick house and point with pride to their kitchen. Otiicers For the year were: Becky Euller, president, Sara Jane Benson, vice- president, Bette Parish, secretary, Elizabeth Mcforkle, treasurer, Pat Lewis, rush chairman, and Betty Jean McLean, social chairman. o oe, 9I 'QN011 ji en" Q24 0 vt ,I 1 0 9 'b'01 4 sexes 0 me 'Ofo 0 FINE WEATHER EOR PORCI-I SESSIONS . . . THEY WERE SIJPPOSED TO SING , . . LITTLE PARTY. 265 STEIN COPLAN GORDON KATZ LEVY LEVINSON REYNER RADOMS RIVKIN WAGNER 7- ------7-.-..-,, Pl OF ALPHA EPS G K 4 266 ON PHI With the rushing in of the lall semester, Alpha Epsilon Phi entered into a busy whirl of events. When rush season came to a close, they had four new pledges. Alter the pledging ceremonies, the actives honored the pledges with a supper party at the Columbia l-lotel. Then, the yearotticially began with several pledge projects. Being very domestic, pledges made little stutfed animals lor the orphans at the Carolina Orphans' Home. Then changing from domesticity to socialties, they gave a drop-in lor the other pledges on campus. This was a circus party and was held under a "big topn in the sorority room. Pledges then invited the actives to an hour ol "chit-chatn. Social events? Listen! ln October the patronnesses gave an inlormal dance for the sorority. A. C. Phis then gave a "team honoring their engaged sisters. For this occasion the sorority room was really a vision of loveliness with the decorative scheme ol green and white carried throughout the room. Next on the social calendar was a Sunday drop-in, Followed by dancing. A. E. Phis' otticers were l-lelene Stein, president, l-larriet Rivlcin, vice-president, Rita Ness, treasurer, Marilyn Human, secretary. 00 0 0 fy QQ O f WA : ol , f rj - C O g, GETTING THE LESSON . . . ALWAYS CORRESPONDENCE . . . PLEDGE WORK. 267 FILLINGIM BASS COSKREY DAVIS EDENS FOWLER GIBSON I-IANNA I-IOOK MCBRIDE MQCLARY MOOD MOOD NEEDI-IAM PACE PARLER PATRICK PI-IILIPPS SAWYER SCI-IOFIELD TI-IEE THOMAS WALL WILES ETA GAMMA OF CH 1 C Il DMEGA Chi Omega began the fall semester by making plans for their biennial winter formal. The dance took place December 3, in the ballroom of the Columbia l-lotel, with a large Christmas tree highlighting the decorations. Cotfee hour every other Sunday afternoon drew flocks of students to the Chi O room. Distinguished members of the faculty were honor guests. ln October, Block "C" members were honored. After a successful rush week, the actives counted eleven pledges. Chi Os copped the following honors: president of the Y. W. C. A., vice-president of Co-Ed, secretary of Y. W. C. A., treasurer of Euphrosynean, tive members on Honor Board, business manager of "Carolina Review", vice-president of W. A. A., "Gamecock" staff, president and vice-president of Pan-Hellenic Council and four members in A. K. G. Chi Omega leadership was provided by president Beth Eillingim, vice-president Claire Parler, secretary Betty Mood, treasurer Ann Mood, pledge mother Lynn l-look, and dance chairman "Booty,' Wall. Then for second semester the otficers were: Ann Mood, president, Betty Mood, vice-president, Mabel Pace, secretary, Ellen Schofield, treasurer, Allie Eay Eillingim, pledge mother. 655141 0 Q25 rrir El- JEANETTE GETS A CALL . . . LOVE THOSE COKES . . . EVERYBODY DRESSED UP. 269 ws-41 40 K! 3 Sb ft? SIMMONS BARNWELL BELL BLACKMAN BLUNDON CALDWELL CASSADY EDWARDS GAILLARD GROOVER KNOWLTON LAWRENCE MQELVEEN MOORE RICKEN BAKER SIMPSON STONE USH ER WHITESCARVER WOODRUFF ZEIGLER ALPHA LAMBDA OE K C1 Afternoons through the fall semester found Tri Delts practicing with vigor on Gibbs Green for the Powder Bowl classic with the Pi Phis. The event toolc place February l8th and was a huge success in raising money for the orphanages. Monthly campus drop-ins were given through the year. The Christmas drop-in on December l9th, honoring the football team, will long be remembered by every- one. Founders Day was celebrated November 23rd with a formal banquet at the Columbia l-lotel. Tri Delts began the Christmas season with their Pine Party, which was high- lighted by caroling and the exchange of gifts. Activities of the spring semester included the popular drop-in following song fest and the Pansy Breakfast, honoring graduating seniors. ln traditional style, the scholarship cup was presented to the senior member with the highest scholarship rating. Among campus honors held by members were: president and secretary of Euphrosynean, vice-president and secretary of Canterbury Club, vice-president of Co-Ed, members on "Y" cabinet, editor of "Canterbury Tales", members of "Game- coclc" statf, and three representatives in the Garnet and Black beauty section. Otficers were Jane Simmons, president, Cappy Lawrence, vice-president, Frances Stanton, secretary, and Lucie Whitescarver, treasurer. BIG TEAM . . . FEEDING THE TROOPS , , . AND PRESENTS WERE EXCHANGED. 27l BROWN COE ELDRED HARRIS HENDLEY McLEMORE ORTMANN RICE WEAVER WEBB WEBB .v v infv- -V .,,.i,',,., 4- OF DEL TA Usb 4.4m-Q, , . ZETA A highlight ol the tall semester was the Delta Zeta house party at Folly Beach, which will not soon be Forgotten by actives, pledges, and dates. Cn October 24, Founders Day was celebrated with a tea at the home ot alumna, Mrs. Lillian Douglas. That month pledges entertained actives with a weiner roast, 'iDZ"s were in the social whirl with their Sunday evening drop-in honoring various fraternities. Their annual Christmas drop-in was enjoyed by the campus Sunday night, December l9. This was followed by a party given in honor of "DZ" parents. Decorations ot the Christmas season were unique, prepared by Kathleen Brown. They included hanging tir twigs, red and green crepe paper draped with icicles from the chandelier, and the words "Merry Christmas" spelled out in white cotton dots on the window. And, of course, mistletoe was there, tool Delta Zeta joined to hear the senior voice recital of Helen t-lendley and the junior piano recitals ot Joanne Weaver and Marsha Richards. Guiding the chapter are: Kathleen Brown, president, Dot Coe, vice-president, Raye Rice, secretary, and Ruby Lee Hair, treasurer. l X ooloogf C315-i? i g - BLANKET PARTY . . . RAY, WEBB, WEBB . . . CHECKING THE PLEDGE MANUAL. 273 McOUEEN BECK BYNUM CLARKE CI-IILES CRAIG CULLUM DILLARD EDGAR ELEAZER FULMER I-IEDRICK LIVINGSTON McCORMACK MARTIN MOORE RAWL READY ROBERTSON SIPPLE SPEED STEVENS TAYLOR TU TTLE VAN DEUREN WALLACE OF KAPPA K K I I I DEL TA Kappa Deltas began the year with three cups on their shelves, only to be awarded another For a short time. Scholarship reports gave them tirst place among sororities For the Fall term of last year. Rush weelc brought Forth twelve pledges to wear the Norman shield. And the social whirl began. The Festivities ot lair week were opened with a successful campus wide drop-in in the "Kaydee" room. Actives and pledges entertained alums at a tea in October, celebrating Founders Day. Mrs. Julia Ober, national Kappa Delta editor, visited the chapter in November and was honor guest at a tea. The Christmas season was climaxed by two parties, the first honoring the alumni and the second, given by the pledges, entertaining a group of boys and girls lrom the Carolina Orphanage. "Kaydeesi' captured the social spot on February I I, with their Midwinter formal ball. The next Friday night they changed to their Corsette uniforms to march be- tween the halves ot the Powder Bowl game. The daily practicing that they began in December was well rewarded. Campus honors belonging to "Kaydees" included: president ot Kappa Pi, sec- retary of Co-Ed, secretary ot Y. W. C. A., Feature editor of "Gamecock", four mem- bers in AKG, one ol whom was regional secretary. Wt-IOS HOLDING THE DICE? . . . FEEDING THEIR FACES. 275 ELLISON BANNER FRIEDMAN GOLDSMITH GOLDSTEIN SCHIFFMAN DEL TA K K Q X TATU Delta Tau, Carolinais youngest sorority, made a move to Sims sorority row when the Zeta Tau Alphas lent them their room For their weelcly meetings. On September 23, Delta Taus held a campus dance in Front oFMcKissiclclibrary Big event of the tall semester was the stealc dinner held December 4, For mem bers and their dates. The annual i'l"leart-Sistern week was a great success. ln the spring Delta Taus entertained children from the Carolina Orphanage with an Easter egg hunt. Sorority leadership was provided toy: Shera Lee Ellison, president, Rae Fried- man, vice-president, Miriam Goldstein, secretary, and Theresa Banner, treasurer. Actives were: Theresa Banner, Shera Ellison, Rae Friedman, Jeanne Goldsmith, Miriam Goldstein, June Schitfman, and Anna Mae Warshaw. Delta Tau was chartered on the University of South Carolina campus in Jan- uary, l946. The colors are cherry and white, and the tlower is the red rose. LETS TELL GHOST STORIES . . . ALL SMILES. 277 I JOHNSON PLYLER ANDERSON BUECHEL CAMERON CONDOR DAVIS DENNY DOLAN FRAZER HALL HARBIN HILL LaBORDE LEVER LINK MCSWAIN MEYERS U NUTT PATRICK RAFFIELD THOM PSON THOMAS TODD WALKER WALKER WAY WILSON ALPHA OF PI K BETA PHI Pi Beta Phi's returned to their homestead, Wauchope I-louse, in September, to tind that it had been completely renovated inside. So the wearers of the arrow toolc heed, bought new rugs, and re-upholstered the downstairs furniture. Actives and pledges cooperated to create attractive displays for the Clemson and Homecoming Football games. Crowds shoolc the house with enthusiasm when campus-wide drop-ins were held the tirst Sunday night of each month. In November the alumnae club gave chapter members and their dates a spa- ghetti party at Blondie Kalmbaclcs home in Lylcesland. After Christmas the chapter settled down to the business of practicing For the Powder Bowl game with the Tri-Delts. Coach Joe Patrone was proud as punch when Pi Phi upheld tradition by winning this classic. Pi Phi's were traditionally active in campus atiairs this year. Activities included: associate editor oi the "Carolina Reviewn, editor and managing editoroithe "Game- coclc", Y. W. C. A. cabinet, Student Council, cheerleader, members of AKG, Home- coming Queen, president ot Pan-t-Iellenic, historian and secretary of the sophomore class, secretary to the junior class, I-lonor Board, otticers in B. S. U., Vespers Com- mittee co-chairman member, "GamecocIc" statt, Garnet and Blaclr statt, Canterbury Club, Meditrina, Pi Epsilon Nu, University Players,WUSC,"Canterbury Tales"Statt. -- BEAT CLEMSON, BEAT CLEMSON, BEAT H - - - JUST A SNACK DURING REGISTRATION. NOW AIN'T DEY CUTE. 279 ELEAZER. M. SUMMERSETT BU RBAGE I CLINE DELLINGER ' ' DENT EDWARDS ELEAZER. J. HARMON HUG!-IEY HUGHEY KIMBERLY LLOYD MORRIS NEWELL OELANE POPE ROOF SHAW TEAGUE TURNER BETA OMICRON OE K K K September lound Zeta Tau Alpha's returning with Fond memories ot their tit- . tieth anniversary convention in Virginia. Eunice Stevenson, alum from Nova Scotia, was honor guest at a drop-in in September given in honor ot loreign students. Student body members and the faculty were invited. Alter the ceremony in October at which six girls received their pledge pins, actives entertained pledges with a banquet at the Green Derby restaurant. After dinner they adiourned to the State Fair. Zetas put their best loot forward lor the Carolina-Clemson game, and as a reward they were presented a silver plate by the Booster Club lor the most original display. ln November the campus was entertained with a drop-in in the chapter room. .lust belore Christmas a party was given by and lor Zetais and their dates. But the big event ol the Zeta year was their Mid-winter formal dance in February. Otlicers For the year were: Margaret Eleazer, president, Jo Ann Dillinger, vice- president, Ann Root, secretary, and Mary Summersett, treasurer. JUST RESTING . . . TRAINING THE PLEDGES . . . HITTING THE BOOKS 28I Inter ABRAMS Boso CAMPBELL CASTLE CALDWELL CREED DALLAS DoMiNEv EPPS oouDELoCK HAGOOD KLEIGMAN KING KNOWLTON MACE WHITLOCK During the year the lnter-Fraternity Council, composed ol the thirteen Greek-letter Fraternity presidents and a representative elected by each of the chapters, was the constant guard over Fraternity activities at the University. Under the leadership of President Jim Caldwell an ettective rushing program was carried out during the tirst semester. The prospective group of brothers was small, but worthy. ln addition to dealing with rushing, the council also performed other activities. Several violations of the Constitution by Fraternities were remedied. The University was represented at the National Fraternity Conference in New York City during the Thanksgiving Holidays. 282' Fraternity This year a plan was conceived whereby money will be collected from each fraternity to sponsor a foreign student at the University. Each chapter assumes responsibility for their student and attempts to see that he has a successful year at Carolina. During the Spring semester, under the careful guidance of President George Stuclcey, the Council submitted a resolution aimed at cleaning up fraternity stunt night. Under such a proposal any fraternity presenting a stunt that was too risque would be subject to a 550.00 fine. All in all Inter-Fraternity Council worlced very effectively. BRISTOW DUSENBURY HOOKS HOLLERUNG HOWERTON JONES MCINVAILL MENGEDOHT NORRIS PERRIN SCHORB QF ALPHA .:. ...1 K K VA U GMEGA Assorted house parties where only the heartiest managed to survive started Alpha Phi on an unstudious Fall semester after the surprise ol being fourth in the nation scholastically. A rash ol get-togethers at the Plaza, a well contrived banquet at the Green Derby, and a keg ol beer continued the trend. Rush season contained a series oi parties at which group singing was virtually abandoned in Iavor ol ren- ditions by "Sonny Boy" Baker, who, with Bo's adulatory assistance, managed to help us captivate, or at least capture, eight pledges. But Winter found us settling down to master our sundry courses, with only an occasional time out For "one" game of I-learts while we waited. Shaking ott the lethargy induced by exams, ATO played a few games oi bas- ketball, missed a few more athletic council meetings, held an initiation, and sud- denly Iound a slim pocketbook begin to till. Such an unprecedented state ol attairs could not long exist, however, and the rallying cry ol "Let's have a party" Iound response in a Founder's Day Banquet with a Golden Circle award Iollowed by a I-Iigh-I"Iatted tour, and a three-round soiree where "Use-no" I-looks did. 'v x x - THREE CAN PLAY THIS GAME . . . STANDING SESSION . , . TAKE IT EASY AND DEAL. 285 it 5 E ,Z EPPS NEWMAN ABBOTT ARRANTS BRIGGS CRAWFORD DEAN GIBBS HANCOCK JORDAN LEE MARTIN McDLIFFIE MOORE NEWELL NEWTON PATRICK PICKENS POSEY ROGERS SALEEBY, ED SALEEBY, T. SMITH STILL STRICKLAND VEDDER WHITLOCK WINSETT X. OF PJ KAPPXI K K CILPHA The Pika's ol Chi Chapter are a friendly crew which can always be seen on the steps ol their headquarters at Coker College. Looking over the student body, in- cluding the co-eds is one of their Iavorite pastimes. The fraternity put on a good show during rush week, this being combined with a barbecue and square dance at Gibson's pond. A cocktail party at Fred Strick- Iand's and a dance at the Woman's Club with Wallace Doughty's band added gaiety to the season. Rush period brought them Iourteen new pledges to do the many undesirable tasks that actives are always so delighted to delegate to new members. Christmas carols, Pi K. A. style, were played to the student body to add to the Christmas enthusiasm. Other activities carried members of the chapters into campus ottices such as tirst vice-president ol the student body, Ed Saleebyg presi- dent of the sophomore class, James Marting and president ol Delta Sigma Pi, all this being over and above the many minor positions held by other brothers. This year has been good to Pi K. A. and holds many fond memories lor the Pikas. ts -'W EQ .a- O , ' 11522 69 FAVORITE SPORT . . . IMPORTANT DECORATIONS . . . NOTHING LIKE STLJNT NIGHT. 287 SINGLETON BARDIN BOBO BROWN COVINGTON DANIEL DAVIS EASOM FULMER GANTT GREER HARDWICK I-IINSON .IEFFRIES MCKITTRICK MOORE PETTIT PLOWDEN, D. REDFEARN SINGLETON.J. SMITH SMOAK SPENCER STRINGER TEMPLE THOMSON WATSON WALTON WARD WILLIAMSON YARBOROUGH OF PI KAPP14 K K PHI Rutledge College, the century old dormitory and home of Pi Kappa Phi, was completely renovated for the tall semester, and the chapter got ott to a tresh start. The local group was very much pleased at being able to journey to Lakeland, Florida tor the organization of the Beta, Beta Chapter at Florida Southern College. After a show ot much interest and enthusiasm, the Pi Kappa Phis received the Booster Club trophy For their Carolina-Clemson display showing "Bouncin' Bish" in action. t Traditional rush season was opened with a smoker in the chapter room. Later they gave a tish try at brother Carollis place in Lexington. Pi Kappa Phi was not to be lett out ot the group seeking the Woman's Club for their social events, and it was here that the last glorious party of their rushing season was held. A Founderis Day Banquet at the Green Derby, the Rose Ball at the l-lotel Jetterson, and a Christmas party For children from the orphanage also served to keep the brothers busy. For those rare moments, however, when there seemed nothing interesting on the agenda, Pi Kappa Phi brothers started a library in the chapter room. Though many members have been lost through graduation, a large pledge class insures the future of Pi Kappa Phi. XX V , , W, -..,...j,, .- SOCIAL GATHERING . . . THF OLJEEN . . . FIRST PLACE. 289 P! ROSENBLLIM ROSENBLUM ABRAMS ARNOLD ARNOLD BERGER BERNSTEIN COOPER FETCHER HERZBERG KLEIMETZ LEVINE MORGULIS PINOSKY PRICE SOROTA STEINER STERN TUCKER WEISS PM ALPHA Tl-I ETA OF K K FPSIL ON PI Alpha Theta chapter with its headquarters on back had many campus leaders on its roll. First in its long list ot social attairs was a Founders Day Banquet held at the l-lotel Jetlerson, November 23rd. Guest speaker ol this occasion was one ol the original founders of our local chapter. Rush season brought Forth many good rush parties. The best ol these parties being a reverse party given in the l-lotel Jetterson Ballroom. X-Xt this party the girls came dressed as boys and the boys dressed as girls. l-lilarious jokes and fun was the order ol the evening, and not only did the Phi Eps have lun but also those innocent bystanders who watched them parade through the lobby of the Jetferson on their way to the ballroom. Again the Jetterson served as setting for the local chapter Founder's Day ball celebrating our Qlst birthday. We lost many oi our old members through graduation, but the Fraternity looks Forward to a new and better chapter ever increasing its roll by the addition ol new pledges. NEW RECORD . . , OFF TO CLASS . . . YOUR MOVE. 29I TEAGLIE NELSON ALLEN ASKEW BARRETT BERRY BOONE BRANDON BLINN CALDWELL CALJGH MAN CLARKSON COFFEY, C, COFFEY, V. CROWLEY DEAN DENNIS FITTS GEORGE GRIFFIN HORTON HLITTO JOHNSON LEE LILES MCEACHERN, B. McEACHERN. C. McGEE PATTERSON ROGERS SCH MOECKEL SHLILER SMITH SMITH THOMPSON TRLILLICK WILLIAMS YETMAN YOUNGBLOOD ALPHA ETA OF PHI K K APP!! SIGMA When it came to re-decorating, Phi Kappa Sigma was not to be outdone. Thornwell college chapter rooms literally shone alter the brothers tinished cleaning and decorating. Foremost on their social agenda was the Founderls Day banquet at the Jel- Ferson l-lotel in downtown Columbia. This galla occasion Found the largest turn-out oi alumni since the war. Phi Kaps launched into its rushing season with a series of smokers and parties ranging from a cabaret dance at the Womanls Club to a chicken fry at l-leise's Pond. l-lonoring the new pledges and new initiates was a Christmas Party that really bristled with Christmas spirit. On the Phi Kap roll oi honor are Ed Teague, business manager oi the Garnet and Blaclcg Jim Caldwell, president oi lnteriraternity Councilg and the members oi O. D. K., K. S. K., and Y. M. C. A. fws -- ,A-::. T E HEAVY DATE . . . PLEDGES ALWAYS CLEAN UP . . . EVERY Pl-ll KAPPA SIGMA MUST KNOW. 293 I X ALFORD ARANT BLOCKER BOSWELL CASTLE CALIGHMAN. B. CAUGHMAN, M. JOHNSON KENNERLY MCABEE MCDONALD MONTS PHILIPS QUICK SAWYER SMELTZER THOMAS OF PM a a I SIGMA KAPPA The members of Gamma Triton came back from their summer's rest with much enthusiasm. The social season opened with a bang, this taking the form of a weiner roast and informal dance at l-leise's Pond. The chapter was also visited by Re- gional Director W. Barrett Fuchs, of District Three. T Formal rush season started with a banquet at l'larvey's and was followed by T a dance at l-leathwood Park. Before rush period was over, many smokers and in- formal get-togethers had been held, highlighted by a dance at the l-lotel Jetferson Rathskeller. lt has always been the policy of Phi Sigma Kappa to work together to achieve a true picture of brotherhood-the principle since the fraternity was founded in 1873. Phi Sigma Kappa objectives are the promotion of brotherhood, development of character, and the stimulation of scholarship. 1,Qrbx 0 fs 514 YOU GOT'A REST . . . LONG STORY . . . HEAVY WORK GOES TO THE PLEDGES. 295 31 BOSTIC MACE BARTON BERRY BOULWARE BUNDY CAREY CARPENTER DAVISON DEAN DUNHAM EDENS GRIFFIN HAYDEN HOFFMEYER HUDSON JOHNSTON JOSEY KILGORE KING, B. KING. P. MACKLEN McCALLUM McGREW MQINTYRE M LIRPHY METTS NEWMAN PARR PLATT SHEALY SHIPLEY SMITH SNEAD THOMAS TOLLY OF LAMBDA K K 296 CHI ALPHA The third tloor ol Colcer was lilce a bee-hive during the whole year. Lambda Chis completed their set of leatherette Furniture, and added a brand new radio- phonograph console For good measure. Three trophies decorate the chapter room, one For the lnterlraternity Debating championship, one For the Softball champion- ship, and one For the winning display at the Carolina-Clemson football game. Many parties were given during the year and a most successful rush season was climaxed by many new pledges. OF their Frequent social events, the Parisian at Forest Lalce Country Club, the parties at the Womanls Club, and the Square Dance at l-leise's Pond were the most outstanding. Lambda Chi Found its members scattered in nearly all the campus activities. Among them is Jim McCallum, president ol Blue Key, E. A. Smith, president of the Pharmaceutical Association, president and vice-president ol Compass and Chart, and members on the l-lonor Board, K. S. K. and several other campus organizations. , x "wr MURPHY AND GANG AT THE PARISIAN PARTY . . . BILL HAS ANOTHER BIRTHDAY . . . WATCH DEM CHILLUN SHAKE A LEG. 297 1 SHAW ANDERSON BAKER BULL CAMPBELL DOBSON DUSENBLIRRY DYE FOSTER GLENN GOLDSMITH HARRISON KELLY KNIGHT LAFFITTE LANGSTON LYLES MCCAIN MACFIE MARTIN MOBLEY MOORE NICHOLS OSBORNE PUTNAM RICHARDSON ROBINSON ROGERS SHERRILL SHEPPARD TYLER WALKER OF KAPPA K K G The events of the year gave proof of Kappa AIpha's ability and determination to keep its margin in Campus leadership. Homecoming display won a beautiful cup from the Booster Club. In athletic events the chapter was out in front. For rush season a dungaree party was held at Heise's Pond followed by a dance and floor show of local talent given at the Columbia Country Club. Bob Chapman's rendition of Gunga Din in appropriate costume proved to be quite the thing. After the Carolina-Clemson game, the annual tea dance was given for the student body with music by Woody Woodward and his orchestra. During inter- mission Brother Redmond Tyler presented Brother Spruce McCain with the J. Rion Mcliissiclc memorial trophy for outstanding service to Carolina. Kappa Alpha, the true southern fraternity, casts its eye to the future with many new plans and hopes for an ever-improving chapter. BOBBY, LIB, DON, ETC. ENJOYING LIFE . . . MAN THATS WHAT MAKES COLLEGE LIFE WORTHWHILE . CLEANING HOUSE AGAIN. 299 HEUSTESS ACREE AVANT BAXTER BROWN CLEMMONS CULLER CURTIS DAVIS DOMINEY FLOWERS INGRAM LANE LONG MCDADE NIGH NORTON PATTERSON SYKES TAYLOR TEAL OF KAPPA v G C4 K The "Kappa Sig" spirit, long missing, returned to the fraternity as the mem- bers came baclc to Carolina. The fraternity started ott in the intramural sports program by defeating every other team in their volleyball league. With spirits high, Kappa Sig prepared tor its Founderis Day Ball at the Columbia l-lotel. Al- though the dance occurred immediately after the rush season, it came otf with a success that will long be remembered at Carolina. The Favorite party spots during the year were Sesqui-Centennial and the Co- lumbia Woman's Club, with the former being favored more with the coming of spring. Kappa Sigs were represented in the following organizations: Glee Club, Euphradian Literary Society, American Society ol Civil Engineers, German Club, Booster Club, Sigma Alpha Zeta, Honor Board, Kappa Sigma Kappa, Blue Key, O. D. K., HY" Cabinet, varsity football, baseball, boxing, and golf teams, WUSC, and University Players. WE HAD OUR FORMAL . . . AND THEY WENT TO SCHOOL . . . SPINNING A FEW PLATTERS. 3Ol CLECKLEY ALEXANDER BARTON BRAY CANINE CREED DANA DIAL EDWARDS FISHER GAMBLE GIBBS GAUDELOCK GRAHAM HAIGLER JAMES KING LIND MANNING MARSHALL MAYS PALMER ROYALL SU MWALT TIMMONS TROWI2-RIDGE WILSON VOUNG OF SIGMA K K Prior to the fall semester members planted grass in front of the chapter room and tried in vain to keep returning brothers from walking on it. This project having failed, the S. A. E.s etfected a desired face lifting by putting up an awning, thus enabling them to sit and watch the co-eds stroll by, even in rainy weather. S. A. E. had on its rolls Bobby Sumwalt, president of the Student Body, and Bill Goudelock, president of the I'Ionor Council and new Blue Key member. The members were well represented in all campus activities, both social and athletic, being especially active on the swimming team. I-Iowever, all these many activities did not Iceep the boys of ole S. A. E. from paying frequent visits to Sims. Many pre-rush and rush season parties were held with the main party being at the Columbia I-Iotel. Singing waiters at this atfair both served as entertainment and as actual waiters supplying the wants of guests. Color was added to S. A. E.'s numerous social events by the many attractive co-eds always present. Parties, smokers, and luncheons helped climax the entire season and encouraged many pledges to answer the call of S. A. E. BULL SESSION UNDER OUR NEW AWNING . . . LIFE, LIBERTY, ETC .... LOOKING AT TI-IE COEDS. 303 WILLIAMSON ALEXANDER BROWN DALLAS EPPES GASOUE GRIFFIN HALLMAN HANNA JOHNSTON MERRITT MUNN NELSON NEWBURY PARRISH POLEN ROTH RLITLEDGE SHAW SHERIDAN SOLOMONS STONE THOMAS THOREN IIPTON WILLIAMSON OF SIGMA K K CHI Ciamma Nu of Sigma Chi moved into the fall semester with a full calendar of events, beginning in good fashion with the Homecoming tea dance following the Maryland game. Members and their dates afterwards enjoyed a cabaret party at the Rathslceller of the l-lotel Jefferson. Scholastics were not forgotten in the whirl of social activities, as Gamma Nu surpassed the all-men's average and held top honors among fraternities. The Sigma Chi football team fought through a four-league playotf and came out fraternity champions after defeating Kappa Alpha in a thrilling game. Victory in the last relay gave Sigma Chi first place over the Sigma Alpha Epsilons in the winning meet. Following two parties at the Woman's Club and one at the home of John Edens, the fraternity prepared for the appearance of the spring semester. With the coming of warmer weather, outdoor parties were the order of the day, and outings at Sesqui and Georges Pond were frequent week-end atfairs. Climaxing the spring semester was the annual Sigma Chi Derby, the campus- wide drop-in, and the dinner-dance following. M 'fn aries, Mill WARMING A PLEDGE . . . DALLAS, KEITH, ZORN "NEWS" . . .GOOD FORM. 305 5 lf is TINDALL KNOWLTON ADICKES, A. ADICKES, C. BETTS DesCHAMPS FLOYD FULLER HAIGLER HOUSE JEFFORDS JOLLY MARTIN OWEN PRUITT ROBINSON SPRINGS TAPP TIM MERMAN TROTTER WALTHER WRIGHT QF SIGM EW K K Under the leadership of Bob Tindall the Sigma Nus returned to the campus to take their place in University life. The Sigma Nu rush parties were held at Gib- son's pond, the Columbia Country Club and Walter Kennan's place. These parties Followed the Fraternity tradition for giving parties that are quite gay and colorlul. Sigma Nu's White Star let its light shine on the favored few by letting ten new men wear its pledge pin. Poinsett State Park literally bristled with the good brothers when they all ioined in to make their Fall house party as much a success as the spring house party at the beach. Both of these gave us good times to be long remembered. Two new trophies, one for swimming and one for athletics, were added to our chapter room. The spring semester leadership fell to Beniie Knowlton who did much towards the betterment of the chapter. VISlTORS . . . PRESIDENT TINDALL CHECKING THE STAR . . . JUST AN OLD BROOM. 3Q7 xl57 1 - X .SZ Qi. INDEPENDEN T S JOHN L. NORTON . . . President FRANK Y. HARD, JR. . .... Vice-President BILL P. STANFORD . . . Second Vice-President DICK DUNCAN . . ..... Secretary JOHN R. WHALEN . . . . Treasurer For the past three years the Men's Independents organization has been Functioning as a social organization on the Carolina campus. It was founded to promote and Ioster a more congenial spirit oi friendliness among the non-fraternity students. Night alter night at the beginning of the school year, one could hear the constant buzz of the sanding machine, Ior the Independents were making the old duplicating otiice look like new. This was to be their new home. BALLEW SANDERS STANFORD SMITH Since the beginning of the Spring term social meetings and parties have been held regularly so that members might become better acquainted with their Fellow students. Members were: T. Ballew, C. Clark, E. Driggers, F. Hard, T. McLeod, F. Sanders, J. Norton, B. Stanford, J. Whalen, P. Greer, E. Norton, J. Logothetis, A. Forlidas, and B. Weatherly. THEY BREWED COFFEE BY THE GALLONS 308 PI LAMBDA PHI CECIL RAM . . . President MELTON KLIGMAN . . Vice-President ERIC OPPENHEIMER . . . Secretary HAROLD RUDWICK . . . Treasurer The Pi Lams once again this year went on their merry way and completed a season that was tilled with success and honors. Setting a new Scholastic Goal-the Pi Lams took lor the third straight time the Scholastic Cup ot the lntertraternity Council and has continued to set the pace in this tield. They also were awarded the Scholastic Cup presented by O. D. K. For the fraternity with the highest scholastic average lor one school year. Turning away now from the serious side, the Pi Lams show that socials are just second nature to them. Heading the year ott with a hayride to Sesqui, they continued the pace by giving drop-ins, outings, stag parties, weiner roasts and an array of every other kind ol party. They topped the Fall Semester rushing season ott with two parties that were outstanding, one an Apache Party and the other a stag stealc supper. THE BOYS WITH THE BRAINS . . . 309 DRUCKER MORRIS KLIGMAN RAM RUDWICK Y' ' ""'f'7?F?s' Simms From the thunder of such cries as Beat Cow College and Give 'ern Hell Gamecocks, we have evidence itse of the spirit ol Caroline expressing lf. 3I0 X ' 3 'QQ M5 g 2 IV. ,ww ggi ,, ,S , '55s,4.w,:. iMi-- - 1 E "'- X f ,. jj m 1 N Z f: X 1 Mk - . ..1E'-rf' " 225-1f'E7 Til- , Fi- . . .BQ QIQQ-51mg ff . MY riffs .F-f ,'ffr-455-54:-.,:a?g..,i1fL - if l - Q ,f ., ,.... Y ,LAW W f. Q A K' 2i'f7'Yp T' .4 :sg r 'gz In Q 4 3 M Nam ' 0 I A . K Af,-51,q,i ,u6',jwXl5'A""v ' , W , W A 25 ,, 5 Wav nf Si 553 'MPN54 ggi ze RE iii igg is W Riagg? R fr '?".,. W, f 1 K' am. W,,mgej,,,AaQw 7 5, Mme: A .YL y ' WXf3?'53Wi . I 4 sgifffsi W fs 2 -V PM hx 3 Y lx ms as QQ in Q Q 4 f W1 ff? 18 W ' f , ,Elf 2 X M V , M . . ,,nW3'??4g . -Wfwfi-Hwwx 1 Zzwfegw' 1 xv - 3'-sXg1?fx?'4 V ' Q. -fm L. gy ".,.:Q " 'vf'?We1:feSZ:PZfw:?i4Q,:., LW mmm as KX 0 i' K lf?'f'i' iff? "5 ' 'Qfzliililm J, ,W r K ,J f-ev, M 1310014 It " Club Prospective rriembers of the club, dressed in uniforms of their respective sports, decorated the campus For one day in an initiation which will long be remembered. Continuing the practice of sponsoring an intra-squad boxing tournament, and an intra-squad Football game, Block "C" gave the students a preview of what was in store for future events in these two sports. Quick thinking by some of the members provided students, standing in line waiting for Clemson date tickets, with lunch of sandwiches and cotliee which they would have otherwise missed. An attempt was made to show tilms ot past outstanding sports events with proceeds going to the McKissick Scholarship Fund, but student cooperation was lacking. Otficers of the club were: Ernie Lawhorne, presidentp John Ozburn, vice-president, Bill Grittin, secretary, and "Red" Wilson, treasurer. ' 3I2 AVANT COUCH CRIBB F. DEAN K. DEAN DUSENBUI A. FARESS J. FARESS GRIFFIN JOHNSTO LANE LAWHORI MCCOOK McGILL MclNTYRE McKENZIE OZBU RN PARONE PATRICK PINKERTO RUTLEDGE SCI-IOOLEI SCOTT SH ERER SMITH SYKES THOMAS i' sf? I Kg if sig v - 1 ,ig MQW W, Q 1- x P, 4, if a- 4 v 'gi,f?'?e?l 4S2i2ZP3EiMf5?s2f K ,..w,5gy gy " ' 5 H '31 155, ' -M U1 in Wifi' ENRlGHT FCDQTBALL Pre-season quarterbacks predicted Carolina was primed For a pig year. All went well lor the tirst two games against Newberry and Furman, lo ut Tulane, Clemson, West Virginia, and Maryland dropped ttie Gamecocks in succession. However, Coach Enriglfrts charges came GET HFM, WlLL! BARTOS GRYGO JOHNSON ALDERMAN Mn efeen Forty-Eight pack against Tulsa only to be humiliated by the Deamon Deacons ot Wake Forest in the Thanks- giving Day game. The paclctield, led by the "one-two punchi' of Wadiak and Striclcland provided many thrilling moments. lnjuries to lcey linemen, and inex- perienced replacements proved to be their down- fall in pall games that they were leading, but which they lost in the last Few minutes. Playing the Clemson game in the middle ot the season seemed to have an ill-ettect upon the team. After losing, the Fortunes ot the Birds col- lapsed, and never again did they reach the height ot competitive spirit that was prevalent in the early part of the season. CLIFF TURNER AND HIS BOYS BASKIN PETOSKEY S-Q WILSON The Gcmzrecocks PASKY WHERE l?l lS THE BALL? Starting ott like a house on tire, the Gamecocks had little trouble in rolling over the Newberry Indians 46-O. Fans were introduced to a new run- ning star, Steve Wadiak. Also Bishop Strickland gave notice that his second year would be every bit as good as his freshman season. LUJACK SHOWS HOW IT IS DONE. Begin to Roll The Birds, playing their second night game in succession, conquered Furman by a 7-O score. The score, however, does not reveal the strength of the two teams. Carolina made lo tirst downs to Eurman's O, and most ol the contest was played in enemy territory. Penalties and missed assignments lcept the encounter from turning into a rout. Bishop Strickland tinally drove over for the game's winning tally late in the lourth quarter to give the Birds the mar- gin ol victory. Paul Strompaughs soaring punts were the chiel weapon ol the Purple l-lurri- canes, and pulled them out ol the shadows ol their goal posts many times. STRICKLAND CROSSES FURMAN GOAL 'INE BISHOP BREAKS THROUGH THE UNE PICKETT AND HAGAN COUCH GOES DOWN NO GAIN FOR THE TIGERS T oo Much Wave, Traveling clown to New Orleans, the Gamecocks lost a harcl-fought game to the heavier and more experienced Green Wave of Tulane. Carolina helol its own throughout rnost of the contest, but the Greenies were able to push over two touchdowns, which were enough For victory. Htl 1 it tt: f 5 K 2 is HANG ON! HARVIN 3l8 1 is :zzsxgyx llb N V 6 A ,1,if?:t2iS2L3': iii W' ' T 'Y' 91332: ,- I .W Q A -5.?5iqvf',--' MK , ,, -, 1 il :px 1 f jg ' -. ,Lg'g:ig57-- y, pkg -,f ,, if 'A' 1-aqui? ', A - I 4 Y',' W' , ' I , , A , 'R .K X z - - iff g',', 111, , - mm 'Q -Y X ff' I. ry 71 ly' gfxfxy ,M I W , . --7. .M Q- . M, K . , . Y -f 'Pf - lf , 1. . , .4 N l M , 7f'1f21fff 5w 1 'ff-'f3w5YTf ff :mv 3,5443 . g8f1gM,jU'3 L?-V' Pg 'ik 'S V- Eff? ' V f-"f3 -1 - -Q ' "' - H" 'A ,144 , me J '41-f4f2y,3,e.a :Dwi if f ff A 2ff?2x.',ilK"wf1m4.f 1 Zf.',H1'Xhfpt' 'nf :If u- 4 4' , f '- ,. 'on 21 fig ,. f '- ff' Af? " ' V ,. Q W ' 'P IQK :X 1,31 -,fy f Q! MPN it W kfiwfpk naw H+ fm .w ,W bw www x ,. .4 -f X,,.f , . . .A zz g1ff,,,-gff f- wks, - . , -w , V gk, , N., ,, , , if 5 Yagi A . R , N , 5 ., 3342 if R aww.-,f51.Wz, 3' yy, x ,, ' ,JY Q wfgxgi' - I 'wig' , " ' 71' L 4, " fe: 'V'-,"99f?3w,j:Jf A Q ' -. "" , ,., P:'u4:i,::J,,rbA ,Wy Q , v .ziiyt ,gxgggg-3 4' v - , ,.fx,T?i7"'ff3 V - - - 1 f 511' -" T Yr' S. X af -. H A ' '4i"+ f3'Rifr,'Qf w-30 .Q.. ., -L4 ff' 2'f 'f mfr if ' 'we' -v'f".fM A ,ff- ,, Hg, F, 15 , .sy in J ., ,M , , M' 3'f".k1QS' -f ',' 'iii 'H 4' f M' P' 'W fi 7 A5f'.w'r EYE' ' ,5,,' fngkvfx , viii" wwf- figs,- g Raj Q ty. -if fk 4. A ,- , 4,3551 A 5' , N. li. w Q , . , .u Q A i 3 . iff, . F w X ,Q f k K f '-is. :wg -Lf -f- f 5 rw" W. W' K '1 ' + 1, XJ A 45'-fVff,,fQ 77 3, , QQ. Vw, ',..fA,-,J , - W Q 'A Q -A pf f N ',.f51.4.,.4A -A A f ' 'Y , - M M 5, ,......f,WU rx f 3 f M A H -- f ff 'ff - yu J, ' 1, Y M iv A K' ,z w+w.'Za,1 V' .QMS - A L, gl - Q. A AQ mi K NfvLwZ3Z,glf,.,y,D,MW kijizfygde MM . 1 'w,Mw.g,p,wfm4+lf5" fm' I K ' 51 " . X W .k ,X Nfkj I k In ,mg K few L, Nu 05LLl,j...f . ...ff 1 . X - f. H - V ' ,Q H V ,f X 'f:.Qv-vaqan135JF,,l COACH TO QUARTER BACK Woztory Troll Leading 12-O at the halt, the Game- cocks were heading back toward the vic- tory trail. West Virginia came back aiter intermission to mark up 35 points and take the bacon out ot the Birds, mouth. It was a game ot each team showing superiority tor halt the game. To the sad disappointment oi the Gamecock rooters, the Mountaineers ha ct the better scoring punch during their reign. GAMECOCKS ASLEEP SIT DOWN AND THINK IT OVER n Reverse Throwing a variety quick opening and precision-timed plays, the Maryland Ter- rapins defeated Carolina T9-7 before a rained-soaked homecoming crowd. The Gamecocks' only flash of offensive Wvev--f.,-we f i ,Q . ,Q i Q A HAGAN i xx' Xb . power was Wadiak's lightening 70-yard run late in the game. Bayard Pickett's sterling defensive play was the only Bird highlight until Wadiak came forth. .JP VW' lt was the fourth straight setback for Carolina, and a blow to their Southern Conference record. WADIAK THAT UNPREDICTABLE FOOTBALL. NO HOLE THERE, STEVE F W . tg , L V ' QQ, Wim, if i ? g Q X ' W f 5 1' 4 Q Z X 2 1 gl as-A+ ,X ,Q 4 :F " ' in f m it L W4-, ' f W Q :QQ Q N 8 1 fi NE Q JF I A k f ' I V I t.',l g Q J Q e' ' ' z ww: . , is iz f J is YW ,.,...1f-L K 1 Z . -2 ,. K , . VA , Q .Q -mf , . M1555 'M M W mf. nf f Wczkes Wreck Birds Striving for an even break lor the year, the Gamecocks were primed for Wake Forest in the closing contest. However, the boys must have eaten their turkey before the game because "Peahead" Walker's Deacons were bowl bound, and weren't letting the Birds spoil a good record. It was a sad afternoon for the Game- cocks, and the 38-O shellackirig they took was a poor end to a very dis- appointing season. PICKETT HARRISON THE DEACONS COM PLETE A PASS. THAT'S ALL. HATTIE WHO SAID BASKETBALL? CAROLINA Building his ottense around veterans Captain Henry Martin, Jim Slaughter, and John Szakacsi, Coach Frank Johnson produced a hard-tighting court team that tinished the year with a record ot lO wins and ll losses. "Red" Coleman, l-larry Parone, Keith Critntp, Jack Reed, and AI Munn backed up the big three to put the Gamecocks in the Southern Conference Tournament again this year. STRETCH. JIMMY JOHNSON SZAKACSI SCORES AGAlNST THE CITADEL CQURTMEN Newberry was the tirst opponent engaged, and the Birds dropped them 63-47 in a ragged contest. Talcing to the road Miami was tirst en- countered in a two-night stand. Both games were won by Miami, but the Courtmen nar- rowed the margin to one point in the second game alter dropping the tirst by 19. Bowling Green and Lawrence Tech were played on a swing through the Midwest. Both contests were lost, but the Johnsonmen gained much experience that showed up in later games. Alter the Christmas Holidays, Southern Conference and state teams were tackled. The Birds tell belore Davidson at Charlotte 64-53. s Returning to the home court, Citadel and Wake Forest were deleated, and Georgia won a close decision alter Slaughter fouled out. HENRY HITS ONE AND CLEMSON MOANS PARONE, SZAKACSI, SLAUGHTER COLEMAN, AND MARTIN MARTIN TWISTS FOR TWO, SLAUGHTER AND MARYLAN D. DAVIDSONS CHEEK Clemson was the next Foe, and the Tigers were victims ol a 51-48 setback. Furman next provided the opposition as John Szalcacsi went wild in a 72-62 win. l-lenry Martin had his best night of the season, as he dropped 32 points in the sec- ond win over Clemson. ln a trip to the nation's capitol, George Washington, and Maryland overwhelmed the Birds on successive nights. The next two games away gave the Game- coclcs a split against Furman and Newberry, the former winning and the latter putting up a good tight only to lose a second time. SLAUGHTER OUTJU MP Tournament Court Capers Please Fans Maryland squeezed by Carolina in the re- turn match, and North Carolina flashed a commanding ottense to drop the Courtmen. Davidson, Citadel, and Georgia w e r e downed in a great comeback to put the Birds in the Tournament at Durham. Drawing George Washington in the tour- ney, the Gamecocks won the approval ol the lans but not the ball game, to be dropped in the opening round. A TEAM THAT S RAY MCKENZIE BASKIN HRCDUND THE The absence ol Scooter Ruclcs left a big gap which Coach Weems Baslcin was unable to till this year. Along with Scooter, Ed Cole- man, weight man, and Wayne Braclcett, mile- and two-mile specialist, were missing. These three amassed a great number of the Game- coclcs points, and no one showed up to step into the shoes left by these great stars. Ruppert Drews was bacli to give the team strength in the dashes, and Bob McKenzie, who was following Scooter around last year, competed in the middle distances. Foster Marshall was the sole distance man who had college experience. Ben Badger and Bob Mc- Cook handled the pole vault with the same creditable performances as days gone by. Tommy Woodlee, freshman football star, loolced like a good future prospect in the dashes. Rabbit Daniel was tossing the weights around, but not in the manner ol Coleman. l l smALL AND INEXPERIENCED GETTING READY. INDERPHTH With a weakened squad the problems ol Coach Baskin were numerous due to the rough schedule that he stepped into. Such track powers were Georgia, Davidson, North Carolina State, Clemson, Presbyterian, and Furman. ln addition to these dual meets the 'team participated in the state meet at Clin- ton, and the Southern Conference Meet at Chapel l-lill. Baskin did a wonderful job con- sidering his material and the schedule he had to handle. l-lowever, his coaching ability can be judged better alter he has had a chance to build up the team and develop his own men. We are sure that Carolina has had a letdown atter a great i948 season, and we are looking lorward to its return to the top of the stateis track luminaries in the future. BEN BADGER A FAST WORKOUT How FAR, ref-ksrair? RATLIFF sms 'EM or1F. CONSTAN SERVES ROTH IN ACTION AS JEFFRIES WATCHES A LONG, HOT SCHEDULE. TENNIS When Coach I-Ianlc Bartos issued the call, Four holdovers From last year and one from the 1947 squad reported. Ben Turner, num- ber one player on the team Iast year, again led the squad, with Fred Atkinson, alter miss- ing last year because ol scholastic ditticulties, giving able assistance. Theo Constan, George Roth, and John Jettries, all Ietterrnen, were baclc to bolster the team. This season, longer trips were planned and much more formidable opposition was en- countered. Among the opponents were: Clemson, Citadel, Presbyterian, Wottord, Furman, Richmond, Wake Forest, Davidson, and North Carolina State. More interest was shown this past season in the netters, and all the home matches drew larger crowds than in years gone by. A CANNON BALL THE WINNER WE PIN OUR HOPES ON 332 TURNER AND ATKINSON GOLF "Red,' Ballentine took over the reigns of the golf team after Al Grygo left to go into business. With a state championship to de- fend, and TQ hard matches to look forward to, heretofore Athletic Publicity Director Bal- entine had quite a task before him. State Champ Bob Thoren, George Dial, and Jimmy Clemmons were holdovers, and Dave Smith returned to bolster the squad -after a year's absence. These four men formed the nucleus of the squad, and were the con- isistant winners for the linksmen. North C a r o l i n a State, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Clem- on, Citadel, Wotford, and urman were engaged in dual matches, and the team :entered the Southern Confer- nce Tournament at Winston- alem, and the State Tourna- ent at Spartanburg. A STATE CHAMPIONSHIP TO DEFEND GRYGO BOB THOREN AND FRIENDS. 200 YARDS STRAIGHT DOWN THE FAIRWAY. "VI: y i f . Ll A Q , A , WW E ? E eg' N 3 Q 1, ' my IKE? : ff i f E 5 xg AS 4: 5 .. 4- A ,, 1 Q, 1 ,Q A gf M illi i Vx.. e , , , ,V wg. P I 6X N! Q Q? W 9-3 .uv 1 ss 1 V W""' ff S.. ,, Xff' N , f A x Rf' , kk f If xii, K X .. K, xx N ff K, W! X 1 N hx dwg if ,Q V A Q' ' 4 YQ, Q- 1. k , 2 V M g- kwW.K,S, M N W 1 f 'vz ff 'g fPN, f"N fx'-Q Swimming Overcoming obstacles that would have stopped many athletes and coaches, the swimming team, never- theless, competed in tour meets ol an abbreviated season. WATCH THAT LEFT HAND For the greater part ol the lall semester the pool was not available For practice, and then interest shown by the students was so low that it was almost impossible to get enough candidates lor a lull team. swnfal A SPLPXSH' COACH SKIDMORE Under the direction ol Coach Earle Skidmore, the stalwarts of the squad were able to take part in tour contests against superior competition. "Bee" Rhamecaptained the squad, and was the most consistent winner in the tree style events. Howard King turned in some tine perform- ances in diving before a bad ankle Forced him out of competition. Two other outstanding men were Spruce McCain in the breaststroke, a n d "Doc" Lamb in the back. MANY SERIOUS FACES. -""" - - v. .49 , fa- Minor Block Participants in the "so-called" minor sports received recognition on the campus lor the tirst time this past year. Marshall Upton, the club's tirst president, was the main cog in organiz- ing the club which received recognition from Block "C" as the otiicial organization for letter winners minor sports. The main objective of the club is to more firmly establish the im- portance ol minor and to increase interest in these sports. Other otticers were John James, vice-president, Bob Thoren, secretary, and John Cantey, treasurer. CLEMMONS CONSTAN DIAL JAMES JEFFRIES LANGSTON MCCAIN ROTH THOREN UPTON 339 SPRING IS REALLY HERE EOR THESE GIRLS. WCDMENQS ATHZ PRACTICING FOR THE PAGEANT . .. The Women's Athletic Association ottered a full program during the I948-49 season. A bowl- ing tournament, guided by Elinor I-lull, was run Ott early in the year. A basketball tournament, or- ganized by co-chairmen Mary Agnes Wall and Walton Jettords was staged between the tour class teams with the seniors emerging as winners. Play Day at Winthrop College is a big yearly event which furnishes intra-state competition Ior nine colleges. Events entered by the Llniversity group were swimming, volleyball, and tennis. We toolc second place in play day. The tennis tournament toolc place in early spring and a softball tournament conducted through class teams Followed. A swimming pageant took place the last ol April with the theme ol a circus being carried out. Members and the swimming classes participated. TENNIS FOR TWO. ON THE PINS KEEP YOUR EYES IC ASSQCIA TION Ttie Womenis Attiletic Association is open to all women students. Its cabinet plans and sclwed- ules events, but a tinal clieclc rests in the members as a wtiole. -Ilwe cabinet consists of tlfie otticers of tl'ie association and 20 members elected from the group at large. Members ol tI'1e cabinet were: Margaret Eleazer, president, Mary Agnes Wall, vice-president, Rutlw Newell, secretary, Betsy Sipple, treasurer, Betty Mood, recording secre- tary, Janet Wiles, assistant recorder, Jo Anne Dellinger, publicity ctiairman. Otlwers were: Ann Ready, Barbara Fowler, Joyce Kimbell, Jeanne Ray, Toni Leppard, Betty Jean McI.ean, I-Ielen Childers, Sassy Robertson, Lou Cswald, Carolyn I-Ialtiwanger, Margie Teague, Mary Summersett, Walton Jettords, Jane Bailey, Katlwryn Wallace, Elinor I"IuII, Ann Mood, Myra Musser, Dolly Steinberg, and Doris McCIary. TI-IE CABINET AND OFFICERS PAUSE FOR A POSE Aug Mm IW 342 343 ' . J" ip X ' 1 , A, Vxx "fb ZA it A . 1 Rx i 'lm 'TO 'fA' Lf ' Vi GTE? Mkhfxwff fimgi 7 Ewan P ,X -y , v . , '-,L if fm ",K3 ---, SAUW -G'2 4- E E ggqffm, K , f g,1iy X V ' X,k g,. 5 ', hwytu It IF ix Rrggilfgpw gF?3gEIwQimgmXf 4 Y VW A QV K f L K '.x' x sf. " 'f W. w pf, ,. ' 'Aff ' ' Sy SJW MA' 1 I ff X X ffl 5fV3g,55?lxY7 img af X Q Qx 4, Qfwgg I Y 1 1 V I, fx NW HJ ,,xf NQX3fif ma' X A , . K,-1 ,F I J 1 ! E U? iN X2 F -YQQ XM .X . , xx V ,-Ni, XX DQ? R Fife K KLHx " K 5 'T ' 2 4 X , ff 5. X , my Xhfaj Q V w '1 1 ' A HX X 4 ,QN A M r Q X IA ' .f If ' v 1 4 ' , ' Q x . x ,f x ,'-1 4 V xv A A -, t -- 4 a , 1 .W Q yx V I W -xml xg '. ' ,. - , ,ma ' X , ,: ,f - + A X QA , 1 I , ff N A X Us 1 1 X ' , .- 1 N -x , ,Q 0 5 7 -11.1,fg.. ,Q ' fN ids" f Q. Fj?QNNf X . Xl 1 Q, xx 1 , x ' , 'g ' 2' 'Q' A4 ' '- 5. 4 'V ' ,, ."- fx 'TR -- --v-1 ' WY id . 72' 'A C 'L gn gk fx ' R " js F. lf'-'f.:.5xA-Lv'-. If'-jg A W. 1 ' b ' 21713 1 i 1 W F1 X 4 f . ,M 'fn I f 'Af A , ff X f f Q I ffl ,. , l 1 N 85 'N N V X P f X .L 5x ' W XA! X' , I N f x f 1 gf:-4 f ,l ' 'xx X xv ff! BX ,fi ! jxsxfx ,iff lx bf X Cx X Q V ff J QX X Qi l ! K 92 X i KA? XX G? i?fm 5 lx f, f xXfN Ny B 1 X uf! X K C f-43 ff 1 -Q 2' at AB X IQ L Q I ,xii I X X ,ff IIXXX SNK N Q- ?wQ qA,wm,wf ZQVTWWW J 1 .1-if Elzf K-Q f X N W 2 lj ? x M12 Sflfbx X f L SQSQ Qqfx u VJ ,A x xtx ffm ikiaji K I, D .J Jbgg L AX X AA -r , ,fur "Q LJ ' I pg 1 f' iw Z QL M425 was xy Ji ' - ff -I CM. f . I XLXN ff gh N X X M 11 . I+ RICKENBAKER, ELEAZER, ELLISON, STONE, STEVENS, FILLINGIM, HALL . . , we ri er n rar e Tl b ght a d ca fe side of Carol a --1-ml,-H-IulfuIumnuvu-ww'm1--nmmu-u-H-wwwuu, 'U-mlm Spring. Summer and Fall We Can Fit You "All" "HMI lViSlzes" ade ampton Clothes mn 1'n-U-nm-um-1. 1515 SI'MT1'lR STREET COLVMBIA ".1Ien's Square" Master Cleaners, Inc. CLEANING AND PRESSING 'I'ELEPHON1'1 4-1618 1907 BLOSSOM STREET COLUMBIA, S. C'. BY Tub: IvNDERP.-XSS One-Day Sfrz'ir'0 IVlzrn Needed -WRh.u,u.vC7TFN 345 On your marlc. Madam Editor smiles before tlwc deadline. Foot of Alptia Delta Pi stairs. Bob and Jolwn in front of tlwe Board of Trustccs Formal por- trait. Professor "Kit" talccs a ride. Getting ready for Santa at Sims. Port Arms. Familiar to Education Majors. Tliosc alterrioon labs. Honoraries on parade. Kappa Delta struts their stunt. Those familiar Ctii O cottee lwours. On the bcnclw. Tyler pies Gilliam-Price SI2.5O. Dave smiles at a "slar'n". Westminster every Wednes- day. Study and concentration. Martha and l"lugl'1. Pat waits lor tlwe law sclwool. n'u'u-nm 4-mu-nmn'u-n'-vu-u-w -u-u'u-1 nm' mm1-u'u'n'u'u-u'n'u 1-n:'u'n'u-u-u'num 11-1:'u'u'u'u-um-u-1vu u u u u n u u n n u n n 5 0 It is the policy of the Palmetto, Carolina, Ritz, Strand, Five Points and Drive In Theatres to assist those young men who are desirous of a college education by giving them part-time employment during their school terms. I The theatres below are happy to have had a part in helping to build a better and more useful citizen for South Carolina. PALMETTO - CAROLINA - RITZ - STRAND FIVE POINTS and DRIVE IN TIIEATRES COMPLIMENTS OF The Capital Life and Health INSURANCE COMPANY OF COLUMBIA. S. C. LESTER BATES, President 1001 LAUREL STREET COLIHVIBIA l, SOITTH CAROLINA n I I n n n n n n n n n n n n ru n n n n n.n.n COMPLIMENTS OF ffoadlaum Qwmhb Personality Portraits VVEDDINGS 1134 BULL STREET PHONE 2-0062 347 ad! ' I 1435 MAIN STREET CGLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA BEEN in Columbia ozver 30 Years Qmofoqrapby of verfasfilzq .Bundy 194-9 PORTRAITS GARNET AND BLACK THIS is a tax-paying, privately Owned utility . . . a South Car- olina Organization, directed and managed by South Carolina business men. Its aim is to always be in a position to provide ad- equate and dependable services for its residential, farm, commercial and industrial customers. It supplies electricity for all or part Of ten central South Carolina counties, and gas and transportation services in and around Columbia. SOUTH CAROLINA ELECTRIC 8: GAS COMPANY PRINCIPAL OIf1fIc'B: COLUMBIA. BRIXNCII Olfiflcrzs AT BATESBURG JOHNSTON, LEXINGTON, SALUDA Axim ST. MATTHEWS PHONES 4-3170-4-3179 CLEANERS AND DYERS : qowxm BY THE P,vrnONB BR01-HERS5 I c'ONv1f:xIBNTLY LOCATED C1 BLOCK FROM THE UNIYERSITYJ BEHIND ICE CREAM THE STATE CAPITOL BUILDING , 0 Quality Dry Cleaning: Suits. Skirts. Chil- dren's Clothes, Drapes, Blankets, Curtains, f Top Coats, Trousers, Ties products of ' Pressing while you wait 0 Repairing and Relining by our Expert Tailor 0 Moth Proofing Service CENTRAL DIXIRIES, INC. 0 Water Repellent Service Z 0 2-Day Service for University Students only. E COLUMBIA, s. C. 1209 PENDLETON ST. PHONE 3-BII2 349 V ' ftarting Out T0g6fh67.I To Serve South Carolina ALLEN BROTHERS MILLINGS CO., COLUMBIA. GREENWOOD. S. C. Millers of ADLUH Table-Tested FLOUR and MEAL, is proud to take this occasion to congratulate the members of the Class of 1949 upon the conclusion of their studies. We are ailso proud to announce the completion of our new grain storage elevators which also start out to serve our State this Spring of 19419. ALLEN BROTHERS MILLING COMPANY COLUMBIA ' SOUTH CAROLINA ' GREENVVOOD -350 SYLVAN BROTHERS Symbol of Quality Down through the years, quality becomes a thing of pride . . . a standard of beauty. Therefore, when you purchase diamonds, watches, silver, china, rings, figurines, or even odd gifts, be sure to see Sylvan's first. Our policy is to offer highest quality at most economical prices. Come in to see us right away . . . VVe are certain you will like the friendly atmosphere, the high qual- ity merchandise, and the economical prices. Regislelied gharget BWE BY CCOUH S AMERICAN Arranged If GEM SOCIETY Desired 1600 MAIN ST. COLUMBIA, S. C. HAMPTON MOTORS PHONE 6901 1309-11 HAMPTON Sales and Service DODGE AND PLYMOUTH DODGE IOB-RATED TRUCKS "A MEAL A MINUTFP' at the COLLEGE SHOP , . . Just Il Few Yards from Your School JAKE ROGERS, PROPRIETOR 11runun.n.l1.n.u.11.n.nnn.n.n.nunn.n.n-n.n.n 1 1.41. "Style Without Ewtravaganceu adhmanggfjg Columbia's Largest Stock of SMART APPAREL for Women, Misses and Children U 1441 MAIN ST. COLUMBIA, s. C SCHULTE-UNITED 1620 MAIN Pr Kappa Phi grand march. A glrl walks by. Ruslr Pariy. Lab cooking. Pledge duty. Alter the ball was over! Sirllce one! Sports Edrtor Van. Bull! 1806-Frre! Latimer gets honorary degree .leff's LOVE. l.F,C. Council poses. Pald your Poll Tax? Foot waslrrrrg Baptrsts, One Carolrrrlan Bo and the prgslcln. Saturday drill. Eprscopalrans--all attend. Kerth tells that l'jolce". All dressed up. COIII PLIMENTS Maxwell Brothers and Quinn 1425 IIIAIN STREET K fl . D D C0lumbia's Leading FURNITURE STORE COLUMBIA, S. C. FLORENCE, S. C. Southern States Supply Company ...itil PLUMBING AND HEATING SUPPLIES THE STERLING SHOP Crystal Jewelry Silver T18 SALUDA Avrzxur COLUMBIA I ,Wareham Laundry and Cleaners "Bundles of Satisfaction" 1115 GERYAIS 1500 WOODROW 2 BLOCKS Naomi IINIVERSITY DIAL 6667 DIAL 2-3349 ONE-DAY SERVICE QOQZ DISCOLNT Cash and Carry WILSON MOTOR COMPANY AUTHORIZED DEALER COLUMBIA, S. C. COLUMBIA OFFICE SUPPLY COMPANY 1112 LADY STREET COLUMBIA, S. C. TELEPHONES: 5163-5164 Commercial Printing I Office Furniture - Equipment - Supplies Exclusive Dealer For SOUND SCRIBIER DICTATION - RECORDING EQUIPMENT Sales - Service - Supplies MANUFACTURERS COMMERCIAL PRINTING - RUBBER STAMPS - CORPORATE AND NOTARY SEALS - DATERS OFFICE FURNITURE DESKS - TABLES - CHAIRS - BOOK CASES - CABINETS Wood and Steel OFFICE EQUIPMENT SAFES - FILING CABINETS - VISIBLE SYSTEMS - DUPLICATING MACHINES LEDGER AND DESK TRAYS - FANS - LAMPS - DESK SETS - FOUNTAIN PENS BRIEF CASES OFFICE SUPPLIES FOLDERS - GUIDES - BINDERS - SEAT CUSHIONS - PENCILS - INKS - CLIPS TYPEWRITER AND CARBON PAPER - RIBBONS - PADS TAGS - TAPES - CARDS - FORMS 354 McGREGOR'S PII DRUG STORE CALDWELL'S CAFETERIA 133-L S I' M'1'l'IK ST II If1If:'I' IE 71111141 Cfll1l'llLbiCL,S NCZf.ICSf 9 lfvillligt STUDENTS Ml'1l'1'1',' TVVO SERVING CTOUNTICR ONE 2-3308 T308 BIAIN S'I'IcIf1 S Ii I "ReI'ommelI1Ie1I by Ijlllllfllll Hi1Ies" . . I.n.n.n.n -"-"-"-' THIS IS RESPONSIBLE FOR I THOSE HORRIBLE ACCOLI PROBLEMS, ECONO I NTING MICS AND THE LIKE. GRA YS ON 'S ,qputqav-If Your Headquarters for Beautiful LL.-I X...l - Sportswear and Clothing 13417 MAIN s'I'I1EI+:'I' by COLUMIIIA, In PHONE 2-671+ I ,,.,, 'II-Inu-II-II "Build 'zuiflf H1'ic'lI"j DUTCH BOY Pain is XXI! BIT TROM ROSE-TALBERT P GUIGN DIAI. 5261 AINT CO. ARD BRICK WORKS U 1, 1222 TAYLUII S'I'Icm:'I' VVI+:s'I' C'oI,I'MIzIA, S. C. : COLUMBIA, S. C. PIIUNIA: 6269 u.n.u.u vI.nI1 I .3255 937 MAIN STREET IL. G., BAJLIFOIUR COMPANY University Rings" LOCATED AT TODD SPORTING GOODS CO. "We Equip the Gamecocks" COLUMBIA, S. C L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY TODD SPORTING GOODS F lx E D Tl: cn' C I I o O PHONE 6918 VVILKES - Representative NENVINIAN - Store Manager Keys and Chains Crested Rings Club Insignia Medals and Trophies Dance Programs 0 Party Favors 0 Stationery 0 Invitations COMPANY PHONE 2-0282 Spalding Rawlings Voit Spot-Bilf Shoes 356 MADE-T0-MEASURE CLOTHES L ATE N N for Mm I BY SFHAEFER TAILORING CO. ,OE ,,moNE,s ERNEST WILLIAMS 1416 BWIAIN STREET PHONE 2-61418 Featuring The COMPLIMENTS OF GAMECOCK ROOM KRESS I 5- 10-254 STORE PHONE 2-9250 SIS MAIN STREET 2 1508 NIAIN COLUMBIA, S. C. 6 n n n n.n,u 515 'Q klk NOW, I.ET'S ALL ROW TOGETHER! 357 KT f For the famous names you know . - Values you can trust . . . S DRUGS AND COSMETICS I I 7 I Now Two Stores in Columbia to Serve You S 1530 MAIN STREET-Uptown 638 HARDEN-At Five Points 358 -mu-um-11-H-u-11-I1-U-U-mu-mu-U-u-uwn-mn1-11-nuUIn-mu-mu-U-mu-Ivu- Qzmlify and fQIlll'l7fff'1j COGBURN'S GRILL Nair? fn 131111-I D1-11"1'. 1317 SI'M'I'ICl ACCOUNTING AND SECRETARIAL COURSES uljfllllgllllll Trained is Wd! T 1'r: izzffrf' S1'l+lf'IAI. AND REFRICSHICII VUURSICS DRI-lUGHON'S BUSINESS COLLEGE 1218 SI'M'l'l'Ili ST. C'o1.Ix11z1A, S. IC JEAN RICKENBAKER, SHERA LEE ELLISON, BETH FILLINGIM . . . finalists in tlwc Kappa Sigma Kappa beauty pageant. COM1'I.IMl'1NTS DIXIE RADIO SUPPLY, INC. I 1:AD1o.PA1vrS CAROLINA PAPER COMPANY and EIU,EC'1'11Qy1C EQUIPMEN1 COLUMBIA, S. C. f'o1,m11xr1x - CHARL0'1"1'r: - filllfll-LNVILLE GIIICPINSIXIJIRKD "We May Doze But Never C1ose" SOX'S gen- 2-2 Www and 740164: Twine-7a 724 HARDEN STREET PHONE 4-1400 COLUMBIA, S. c. For old-time pit Bar-B-Q I Private Dining Roomj CATERING TO PARTIES, SMALL BANQUETS AND ALSO REGULAR MEALS "For Snappy Curb Service, Visit Sox's Drive-In" SOX'S Stew Zfauee Specializing in 51.00 Steaks Nothing on the Dlenu over 81.00 COLUMBIA,S ONLY 31.00 STEAK HOUSE FEATURING SHORT ORDERS AND REGULAR MEALS ALSO F.5J1.n.u, . u.fmu.n.n,n,n. 360 ,T -. - Y 1-K BET YA' CANT READ WI-IAT I WRITE ON TI-IE BOARD BEFORE I ERASE IT. "IMI ICJ Do if' ONE-IDA Y SIIIIRVICE Laundry and Dry Cleaning Incorporated 1017 GHRYAIS S'I'RICI'I'I 2231 MAIN S'I'Rl'll'l'I LUPIICI-I - UULIUH OFFICE EULIIPIVIENT CU. ' OFFICE SUPPLIES ARCHITECTS' AND ENGINEERS' SUPPLIES PHONE 6176 924 GICRYA IS S'I'REIi'I' COLVMBIA, S. il 36i Always a party. Whold vnu -1 scratch? Second place wrnner lnrtrates. Bnclc lm dvsscrt. Anotlwer tra. Hen House. Up and ovvr Front ol tlwr lwouse. Enqrrfcrs turn socral. 'Snuttvlsw dornarn. lirqgy Hands it Put. Cotrllron otllcars. Hell-trrnc prcrncnedc. "Tea lor twol' and two Henry. Vflwrcln Berry tells 'emf Slwrrttall out? Wflnal tlmwwrnrflff' Kceprng tab on our alums. A penny lor your tlwouglwts. lm FA SH I ON S for College Dlmzl HOPE-DAVIS COMPANY BIAIN AT LADY IORDAN ELECTRIC COMPANY Electrical C'07lt7't1Ct0I'S COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA PAUL G. JORDAN, OWNER ART FLOWER SHOP HlVll6ll You Say if wiflz Flowers . . . Say it wiflz Oursu 1227 H.XBIP'l'0N PHONE 2-6781 SILVER'S 5 and 105 STORE South Cnrolizzzfs Lending Variety Store AIR CONDITIONED 15416 MATN STREET POST OFF1cE Box 509 '1'1-:L1+:PuON1f: 7007 C0I,m1mA SOUTH CAROLINA " ' Best Wishes dx to graduates ,65,f5JfS and under- raduates Of Carolina A f few g 'l" A LJ ,.-1 1 ,, i-P-S '.'f Il., 'V if If f- Oleef 1 ,O O, O +A by 11, I- Q TlT.eA T 2? , elll QA ggi W C3 O lf A Q gl A SOUTH CAROLINA'S LARGEST DEPARTMENT STORE CONGRATULATIONS To The 1949 GRADUATING CLASS AND UNDERCLASSMEN UNIVERSITY STGRE THE CANTEEN - LAUNDRY - BOOKSTORE o , -1 D ff o n Serving Carolina Students Always . . . All Ways!!! 36' The BARRINGER Hotels HOTEL VVIVI. R. BARRINGER CIIA1ILo'r'I'E, N. C. HOTEL COLUMBIA HOTEL RICHMOND CoI.IfMnIA, S. C. AIKGUSTA, GEORGIA L. S. BARRINGER, President COLUIWIBIA, S. C. EVANS MOTOR COMPANY -for Q4-hour service DIAL 8103 -then count the minutes 2020 GERYAIS STREET COLUMBIA, S. C Carolina Life Insurance Co. Hour: O1-'I-1011:-COLUMBIA, S. C. Sells a. Policy Suitable to the Need of Each Member of the Family INDUSTRIAL :: ORDINARY "It is better to have it mul not need it than to need it and not have it" .u.u.u.1 u.n.n.n.n.n.n.n.: u.u.u n.n.n.n.u.u.n.n.n.n.u.n. .n.u.n.n.n.n u.n.v u.u.n.u.r u.n.n.n. 1567 I-um-u'u'u'nunI'Imm1-if1mn-wtI-wu-U-n-u'u'u'nmm DUN BAR FUNERAL HOME The history of funeral service is one of Ilnntinual Improvement Every advance made by our profession finds expression in every service we direct. And every family receives the full benefits of our per- sonal attendance regardless of the amount it decides to spend. DUNBAR FUNERAL HOME COLUMBIA, S. C. PHONE 9998 ww:vu1-II-uluu1'Ivu-u'umm'n'II-U-nm-n-u-u-U-U'Immf' vu-U-w DOUG BROOME'S Drive-In and Restaurant MJAM SESSIONH 831 HARDEN STREET PHONE 9178 I1'nm-mu-n-II-numI-nm1'ni'u'n-u-nm'u-umm-umum HARBIN'S. INC. Etvclusizfe Art Metal Agency OFFICE EQUIPMENT OFFICE SUPPLIES ARCHITECTS, AND ENGINEERS, SUPPLIES Prfoxnzs 7603-4 1312 MAIN STitE1c'1 COLUMBIA, S. C. NEVER,n,n,r A DLILI. MOMENT IN HLALJGHING BOYS" CLASS ,I 1 is it i-N I I W A-.ff E , C? .u.u.n.n n.n.n.n.u.u.: 1-II'wtI-nuI-ii'nm'I'In-um'nun-u'u'u'nn'n1'u-u-u-u-:vu-u-u-mn PERRY-MRNN ELECTRIC CG. INCORPORATED Distributors gf! S1 D A 2 4 TR GENERAL ELECTRIC PRODUCTS COLUMBIA GREENVILLE M f Q I CHARLESTON GKAHM U L -ll-lnlnlll lnlu V "VV e hail thee . Carolinav A Tapp,s, like the University, is a South Carolina institution. This store is owned and operated by South Car- olinians, who are deeply interested in the welfare and progress of our great state. We realize fully the important part which the University plays in developing South Carolina's resource . . . our young men and young women. Make the City of Folumbia your campus . . . make '1'app's your uptown club. , . E 'iff' ALVVAYS A STEP AHEAD 41.4 fm- -w-.-.f-u-uy.,- Say it with Flozeers ' -Fluvers Thai Lust" 1'HoN IC It S. C. t ' 2-,mo ' c:RADs xlib, Florists SPERN E 2' 14621 -md 3 UL' Decorators BTAIJUIDBSO 14128 BIAIX S'1'lu-:14:'1' 5 ClDNGRA'l'ULA'l'ION S TO 1949 GARNET AND BLACK PHONE 2-6331 I 1 li 1704- KIAIN S'I'lll'IE'1' f'oI,l'n11sIA, S. C. I 5 Samfaagmywmwad " Zlae Seam any n hd: fam. may ' Payhtdfag REYNER'S IEWELERS 1604- MAIN S'1'1c1f:H'1' 369 Co-Ed otticers ptarm High School Week-End. Brrdes are not tstue. Phi Kaps cetebrate Foundefs Day., Red and Johnny. Student guests at A t u m nr Courrcrt. Ram! and smoke. Postmaster takes m the bat! game. V .'rr won Boy's other halt. It is Molony. Freshmen had a team, too. Commander s h a lc e s Groves hand. Faculty has its teas, too. t-typatians corrter. Future busmcss men retax. Read the UGOOFM. Hr, Pte tace. Wauchoprt House On the road. Kappa St8!S brew it up. Must be a "shag" number. To Our Advertisers . . . Allen Brothers Milling Company Art Flower Shop Belk,s Department Store The R. l.. Bryan Company Burnett's Drug Sto1'e Caldwell's Cafeteria Capital Life Sz Health Insurance Co. Carolina Life Insurance Company Columbia Office Supply Carolina Paper Company Charlotte Engraving Company Cogburn's Grill College Shop Collegiate Inn Columbia Hotel Columbia Sandwich Shop Copeland Company Dixie Radio Supply Company Doug Broome's Drive In Draughonas Business College Dunbar Funeral Home Eckerd,s Drug Store Ed Robinson Dry Cleaners Eison,s Florist Ernest VVilliams Evans Motor Company Gasque Sporting Goods Graysonis Guignard Brick Works Haltiwanger's Hampton Motors Harbin's Hope-Davis Company Jordan Electric Company Kress Lisbeth Wolfe Lorick-Couch Master Cleaners 1IaXwell Brothers K Quinn lVIcGregor's Drug Company Palmetto Theatre Company Perry-lvlann Electric Company Rcyner,s Jewelers Rose-Talbert Paint Company Schulte-United Sears, Roebuck XL Co. Shakespeare Company Silver's Sterling Shop South Carolina Electric Xi Gas Southern States Supply Sox's Drive In Sunshine Cleaners Sylvan Brothers Tapp,s The State Company Toal's Studio T0dd's tk Balfour University Cleaners University Stores VVade Hampton Clothes, Inc. Wallace Concrete Pipe VVilson Motor Company VVilson Owens Dairy VVoodlawn Studio VVe, the students of the University of South Carolina, Wish to all of oui patrons a most successful future and shall do everything We can to bring this wish to fruition. THE STUDENT BODY THE GARNET AND BLACK CNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA ANN Rom-ins, Editor By Bon SUMWALT, Presiderzit En TIEAGTTl'T, Business illrmager .373 '-Q..,,, -u.1.,,, jun Abbott, Betty ..... Abbott, Forrest K. .. Abernathy. Carroll C. . . Abrams, Sol E. ..... Ackerman, Tom ...., Acree, Frank D. ...,.. , Addison. Edward L. Adickes, Albert .... Adickes, Clarke ...,. Alexander. Elmore R. .. Alexander, James L. .. Alexander, Kale R. .. Alford, Stanley ...... Allen, Haskwell W. Allen, John B., Jr. Allen, Myron B. Allison, E. Gloria Almy. Jane ..... Anderson, Bert .... Anderson, Callis J. .. Anderson. Lila Jean Anderson. Robert L. .. Anthony, Marc ..,.. Arant, Henry C. .. Ard, Emerson. Jr. Arnold, Jacob B. Arnold, Norman J. .. Arrants, Willard D. Askew, Joseph V. ....... . Atkinson, Mary Letha Austelle, Wallace T. .. Austin, James L. ,... Autrey, Louisa Avant. Louis R. ... . Bailey, Edwin ..,... Bair, James Harold .... STUDENT INDEX Bell, Harry S. .... . Belmont, Stanton .... Belser, Septirnus H. .. Benson, Sara Jane . Benton, Airnar H. .. Berger, Herbert R. .. Bergman, Norma ...,.. Bernstein. Charles S. Berry, J. Roy ........ Berry, W. Ray Betts, Lowry M. Bickley, Lila Sue .. Bicott, David ..... .... Bigelow, Ralph J. ..... . Bingenheimer, Edwin W. Bird, Patricia Anne ..... Black. Gara ........... Blackmon, Betty J. Blackwell, Paul ..... Blair, Paul E. ...., , Blocker, Rupert ..... Blundon, Elizabeth A. .. Boatwright, Faust B. Bobo, Williams ........ Bolen, Charles D. ..... , Boone, Theodore E., Jr. . Booth, Charles L. ..... . Bootle, Benny T. .... . Bostic, William N. Boswell, William J. Boulware, Francis D. Bourgeois, Harold J., Jr. Bowan, James A. ..... . Bowers, Samuel D. ..... Bowers, William E. Boylston, Elizabeth A. .. Boylston, Raymond P., Jr Boylston, William O. .. Bradbury, James E. Bailey, Jane ....,.,.... ... Brandon, Lee R. ....... Baker, William S., Jr, ..... . 47 Bray. William R. .... Baldwin, Kenneth W., Jr 47 Brice. William MCC.. Jr- Baldwirl, Virginia ....... 48 Brickle. SUE -.-'------ - Ball, David ....,....... ... I38 Briggs. Robert ....-. ... Ballentine, Richard D. I48 Bristow, Walter J., Jr. .. Ballew, Thomas M. .... I38 Brown. Claude W.. Jr- .. Bankhead, John M.. Jr. .. ... I48 Brown, Emily ........ Banner, Theresa . ..,,. 48 Brown. Frank K. Bardin, Jesse R. ...,.... l2O Brown, Henry P. .. Barker, Margaret Ellen .. ... I48 Brown. Jean C. ...... Barnes, Wallace P. .... . 48 Brown. Kathleen G. .. Barnwell, Harriett K. .. ... 48 Brown, McTeer . . 1. . Barr, Carlisle H. ...... ... l2O Brown. Ralph C- - -- -- Barrett, Ralph Anderson l2O Brown. Samuel G. Barrett William E. I38 BFOWFI. W. Clarerme Barrow, James R.. Jr. ... ... l72 Brown, Wilson .... Barton. Charlotte ..... . 48 Brunson, Nancy O. Barton, Donald F. ..... ... 48 Bryan, Philip M. . Barton, James R., Jr. .... I38 Buechel, Blanche E. .. Barwick, Harold D. ..,..... l2O Butikin, Buron F. Barwick, Washington M. ... ... l20 Buice, John B. ..... Bass, Ann ............. . 48 Bull, Kenneth R. Bass, Joe K. ......... . 48 Bunch, Anne E. Batson, Bobby E. ....... l2O Bundy, John A. Bauknight, Holmes L., Jr. ,. 49 Bunn, Emery L. Bauknight, Ivan M. ,.... ... I48 Burbage, lris ,...,. ,... Baxter, Betty .......,. ... I48 Burda, John L., Jr. ..... Baxter, Harry M., Jr. .... 49 Burgess, George R., Jr. . Bazemore, Aubrey H. ... ... I48 Burrell, William A. ..... Beach, Ladson H. .,.. . Beard, Bryan S. .... . Beard, Frank P., Jr. .. Beard, Ray W. ..,... . Beck, Holly D. ....... . Beckham, Francis M., lll Bedenbaugh, Dennis M. Beisley, Jeannette ...... ... Begernann, E. H., Jr. .. Belk, Harry M. .... . Bell, Anne K. ..., . Bell, George L. Bell, Gwyn W. Busbee, John .......,. Butler, James O., Jr. Byers, Edward D. Byers, James ...... Bynum, Carolyn ... Byrd, Freida ..... Byrd, Mary . ,.... . Byrd, Richard E. Caddelle, Colin E. Cagle, Trevis J., Jr. Cahaly, Edward C. r ff A nfl- - -W4 Caldwell, Elizabeth G. .... Caldwell, James N.. Jr. . Cole, Robert L. ....... . Caligan, John A. .... . Cameron, Alice L. .... . Cameron, Berry .......,.. ... Camp, Robert E. ..... ... ... Campbell, Donald A., Jr. Campbell, John N. ......, . Canine, Ralph J., Jr. Cannon, Margaret Capps, Jack D. ..... . Carey, Ronald ........ Carpenter, Robert R. Carson, George E. Carson, Lewis A., Jr. . Carson, Robert H. Cart, Viola E. .... . Case, Robert ......,. Cassady, Nelle W. Castles, William H. .. Cato, Emmie XW. Catoe, Muiley E. ...., . Caughman, Belton Caughman. George G., Jr Caughman, Marion R. .... . Cavallini, Richard ..... Chamberlain, John Chandler, Andrea ...... Chandler, James W., Jr. ... Chandler, Roger M. ..... . Chandler, Theophilus P. ... Chapman, Betty, J. ...... . Charles, William K., Jr. Childers, Helen J. ..... . Childs, William L. .... Chiles, Jeanette ..... Chinnes, Lloyd S. ...., , Christopher, Arthur J. ... Christopher, Marion .. STUDENT INDEX-Continued Craig, Edward G. .... . Craig, William D., Jr. .. Craig, William E. Crawford, Jimmy .... Creed, James L. Creighton, Dorine Crews, John M. Cribb, Melvin K. .. Cromer, Marion P. .. Cromer, Paul R. Crowley, John E., Jr. Crumley, Winlred H. .. Crutchfield, Elizabeth S. Culbertson, Rodney A. Culclasure, Raymond T. Culler. William D. Cullum, Helen J. .... Curtis, Horace B. Dallas, James T. .... Dallis, William A. Dana, Tucker F. Daniel, Jesse R., Jr. Daniels, Nicholas ..... Daniels, Warren E. Davidson, Herman M. . Davidson, James C., Jr. Davidson. Lindsay C. .. 56 Davis, Billy ......... Clam Ellis W Clark, Clyde T. Clark, Jack ..,....... Clark, Ray C. .......,. . Clarke, Clarke, Eugene S., Jr. . Martha Anne . Clarkson, Cecil W. Clarkson, John G.. Jr. Clarkson Cleckley Cl-emmo , Mary ...... , Edward W. ns, John J., Jr. .. Clerc, Louis ......... Cline, Jacquelyn Cobb, James A., Jr. .. Cobb, James E. Cockfield, Mary S. Coe, Dorothy Ann . Cotley, Charles L. .. Coffey, Verlin O. .. Coker, Mary Ellen .... Coker, Sadie R. ...... . Coleman, Charles D., Jr. .. Coleman Coleman, Finous, Jr. .... Conder, Patricia ..... Constan, Theo N. Conway, John C. Cook, Jennings Cook, William A. .. Cooke, Albert E. Cooke, Anne J. ..... . , Edward O., Jr. .. Cooke, Raymond B. .. Cooper, Herschel ........ . Copeland, Charles L. ...... Copeland, Llllainee Hawkins . . Coplan, Marillyn .......... . Coskrey, Corinne ......... Cotter, Leslie Arlen .. Couch, George W., Jr. .. Couch, Jack ......... Covington, Faye Covington, James .... Craig, Ann Russell '33 Davis, Elmer H. 'M Ilb Davis Harriet Ann .. '33 Davis Henry M. 162 Davis Jarrett L. . 56 Davis Mildred Anne . 4 55 Davis Ouida Faye H' 57 Davis Robert ...... H- ig' Davis Thomas F. .... H' '72 Davis William W. ... U 57 Davison, Meredith V. '43 Dean, Fletcher S. .... . 57 Dean, George B. Dean, Kenneth ..... Dellinger, Jo Anne .... DeLoach, Clarence L. . DeLoach, Harry ...... Dennis, Samuel F. Denny, Mary E. .... . Dent, Charles M., Jr. .. Dent, Rena Faye Dent, Selena Jane .. Deppe, William F. .. Derrick, Calvin B. Derrick, Nelson J. Derrick, Walter B. DesChamps. George Dial, George L., lll Dickerson, Betsy Mae . Dickson, Foy W. .... . Dickson, Norwood Hall Dillard, Mary Elizabeth Dilworth, Sarah E. .. .. Dimery, Lee C.. Jr. Dimmery, Hubert M. .. Dobson, Robert R. Dolan, Virginia Eve Dominey, William T. .. Dominick, Allen F. Donely, Joseph M. .. Dooley, Albert J. .. Dorn, Watson L. Doty, William R. .... . Drucker, Harold H. DuBose, Rowena G. Dunbar, William Wyona Duncan, Larry E. ..,.. . Dunham, Richard M. .. Dunn, Talmadge L. DuRant, Mary G. .... . Dusenbury. Bernard D. . Dusenbury, Joseph S. . Dusenbury, Phillip E. .. Dye, James M. ...... . Y -1, Eaddy, Charles W. .. Easom, Durwood ..., Edens, Ferrell ...... Edens, lra A. ....... . STUDENT IN DEX-+--Continued Fuller, W. -Phillip, Jr. .. .. l23 Fulmer, Alice S. ..... .. l23 Fulmer, Allen E. .. l23 Fulmer, Janet ...... . ., I49 Fulmer, ,, Fulmer, McRaney, Jr. .. Thomas E. . Eidens, J. Dralre, Jr. Edens, Richard W. .. Edens, Roberta Edgar, Carolyn Jean Edwards, Ernest G. .. Edwards, Olga T. Edwards, Sara J. .... . Edwards, Wanda A. Eichel, Charles N. Gaillard, Mary Louise Galloway, Noah H. . Gamble, Julius P. Gambrell, Raylord D. Gandy, James M., Jr. Gantt, Louis P. .... . Eldred, Mary Ann .... Eleazer, Jean ........ Eleazer, Margaret Louise Eleazer, Mary Russell .. Eleazer, Rebecca Ruth , Elliott, Mary Anne Ellis, Davis W. .... . Ellis, Marion LeRoy Elllis, Owen H. .... . Ellison, Shera Lee Elsner, Dorothy Ann . Emory, Virginia G. .. Enright, John W. Eppes, Frank ...,... Epps, James Vernon Epps, Patsy .......... Epps, W. Sutton, Jr. .. Epting, Jacob F. ..... . Epting, Ramona Erica . Ervin, Janet Barron .... Eubanlrs. Maclr W. .. Eurey, Deanie .... Evans, Eula Mae Evans, George R. .... . Evans, Wade B. .,... . Everton, Margaret Anne '49 Gardner, B. W. .... . H '23 Gardner, James W. U 64 Gardner, Sid K. .... .. N '23 Garner, Leon B. N '23 Garris, Julius P. .... .. H '39 Gasque, Charles W. ... H '23 Gaston, James B. .... H II6 Gay, David Lee ... H '23 Gayden, Neta Joan .. H '23 Gentry, Margaret .... -I '39 George, Robert R. .... H '39 Gibbes, Robert W. ... H '49 Gibbes, William H. ... H '23 Gibbons, Carlos W. ... I. '23 Gibson, Brainard W. .. H '39 Gibson, Kathleen .... H '23 Gibson, Robert H. H '23 Giglio, Helen L. ..,.... . H '49 Gilbert, Eugene P. ...... . V '49 Gilbert, Frances Louise '39 Gill, Myra J. .......... . '23 Gillespie, Robert T. " '23 Gilliam, Carroll ...... 64 Gilmore, Lamar M. .. Glenn, Terrell L. .... . 65 '39 Godbold, Clyde E. H Godbold, Warren . ...,. Goettee, Meredyth N. Fair, C ornelia .... Fair, Juanita J. .... . Fanning, John W. Faress. Faress. Albert J. .. Joe J. Fechter, Hyman .. Fedder, Felcler, William J. .. Mary ........ Fennell, Robert W. Fenton, Ed V. ...... .. Fillingim, E. Bath .. '49 Goldsmith, Harriette Jeanne Goldsmith, William J. Goldstein. Miriam l. Goley, Charles R., Jr. Gooding, Harold Goodwin, Betty .,... Gordon, Elinor J. Goudeloclr, F. 'William Goza. Betty Jo ..... Graham, George D. . Graham, J. Mitchell . Graham, Ralph H., Jr. Fincher, Ellis M. .,... . Findley, Mary Della Fisher, James l. ..... . Fitts, Gordon McL. Fleishman, Davita F. .. Fleming, Bruce V. Flowers, Arthur M. .. Floyd, Dayton H. Floyd, Franlc A. .. Floyd, Franlr M. .. Floyd, Rebe L. . , Grant, Thomas H. " Green, Robert H. .... " U9 Greer, Benny R. .. " 65 Greer, William B. .... " l39 Gregory, Robert L. .... .. " l23 Gregory, Thomas Leon ... " l39 Gregory, William L. ... " 65 Gritlin, Edward A. ... " '24 Griffin, J. Frank, Jr. .. H '24 orarie... William E. " Groover. Lily E. Fogle, Ellis H. Follr, Mary Alice ... .. Ford, Eunice T. . ., Forlida, Foster, Foster, Angelo J. .... R. Kelsey, Jr. .. V3 Robert W. .. .. Guirtn, Therin E. Haigler, Lewis D., Jr. Haigler, Paul F., Jr. . Haley, William F. Fowler, Barbara M. Hallord, Raymond-G, Fowler. J. Duward ..-. .. l39 Hall, Gloria Jean Fowler, Robert L. .. l24 Hallman, Edward S. . Francis. J. O. ...... .. 66 Hammond, Card E., Jr. Franklin, James E. . Franklin, J. William Frantz, Frazer, Richard O. .. Betty ..... Free, Samuel F. .. .. 66 Hancock, Edward M., Jr, . .. Hanna, Charlotte M. Hanna, Harry J. ..... . .. Hanna, John B. .... .. .. Harbin, Helen C. .... . Friday, Tom ..... Friedman, Rae ..... Fuller, Herman R. .. Fuller, Rebecca L. .. ,. Harden, Margaret G. .. Harden, Robert A. .... Hardwiclr, Jaclt Evcrette .. 66 66 l24 I24 .. I63 Hard, Frank Y., Jr. l24 l24 66 377 .. l40 Q.. Hare, Trannie J. .. Harmon, Joyce Harmon, Max ...,.,, Harper. Julian Karr .. Harrell, Jack B. ,... . Harris, Barbara Jean Harris, H. Paula ..... Harris, Lucie Ann Harris, Mary Rachel Harris, Robert G. .... Harrison, Brooks D. Harrison, Helen ..,,. Hartgrove, Earl H. Hartmann, Adrienne A. ... Hartzog, Carl l. ...... . Hasty, Arthur F., Jr. . Hawkins, George F. Hawley, Matthew R. Hayden, Robert E. Haynes. Willie B. Hays, Mary Ellen .. .. Hedrick, Peggy L. ...... . Hendley, Margaret Helen Henson. Shannon ,..... Herbert, Laurie May Heriot, Robert LaR., Jr. ... Herndon, Francis H. Herring, Julian B. ,,.,. . Herrington. Bert H. Hershberger, Ann C. Herzberg, Sarah Ann Herzberg, William Heustess. William F. Hickman, Jackie H. Hill, Albert C. ..... . Hill, Eleanor Jean .. Hill. Joseph A., Jr. .. Hill. Mary Emma Hill, Raymond C. Hill, William R. .. Hilliard, Mary L. Hilliard. William S. .. Hilton, Horace R. Hilton, William S. Hinson, James F. Hinson, Paul M. .. Hinson, Roach H. .. Hirsch, Charles B., Jr. Hitchcock, Charles W. .. Hitopaulos, Chris G. Hottrneyer, Gus, Jr. .. Holladay, Frank Holladay, John W. Holladay, Joseph S. ....... . Hollerung, Clarence W., Jr. .. Holley, Gillum Fletcher .. Helst, Louis L. ....... . Hook, Lynn ......... Hook, Olive Louise .. Hooks, James ....,. Horne, Charles ...... Horton, Jack V. ....... . Hotinger, Charles W. ... House, Howard M. ,. Howell, John H. .,... . Howell, Thomas M., Jr. Howerton, John Layton Howle, James P. ...... . Huckaby, William F. Hudson, Herschel C. Hudson, Osborne H. Huggins, John B. Hughes, Willie E. Hughey, Helen ...... Hughey, Sara ......... Humphries, Hudon C. . Hundley, Paul L. Hunter, Gilmore W. .. Huntington. Lloyd L. .. Huskey, Bill B. ....... . Hutchinson, Ernest W. .. Hutchinson, John P. .. Hutson, Nancy .... f. STUDENT INDEX-Continued .. l40 . 70 .. I25 .. l40 I25 .. l40 .. I25 .. I49 .. 7I I25 .. I25 .. l40 .. I25 . 7l I25 .. I49 .. I25 7l ., I25 . 7I , !40 7I I63 .. I25 . 7I 7l ... l40 7l Q 72 149 . 72 . 72 . . l40 . 72 . 72 . 72 . 72 . . I64 . . . l40 . . . I49 . . . I25 . 72 . 73 . 73 . 73 . 73 . . I49 . . . 73 . . . I25 . , . l40 . 73 . 73 . 73 . 74 . 74 . 74 . 74 . 74 . 74 . . . l40 74 . 74 . 75 I49 . . . I64 I25 I4-O I25 75 I49 I7O l40 I26 I26 . 75 . 75 . 75 70 I26 75 I49 . 75 Hutto, Albert D. Hutto, Charles L. Hyatt. Carol E. . lnabinette, James Milton . Ingram, Joe Kenneth .... lreland. Clyde L. ....... . lrick, Mackay Jerome, Jr. .. lsgett, William Lee ..... Jackson, William H. James, John Jay ...... James, Marcia .......... Jetfords, Wallace Duncan . Jeffries, John D. ....... . Jenkinson, Dwight A., Jr. . Jennings, William Bryant Jernigan, Zoe Vier ...... Johannessen, Mary A. Johnson, Ansel J. ..,. . Johnson, Johnson, Betty Jane ..... Gladys Louise . .. Johnson, Haskell ........ Johnson. Henry L. ...... . Johnson, Jacqueline Daye . Johnson, James B. ..... . Johnson, Malcolm K. .. Johnson, Paul E., Jr. Johnson. Vic ............ Johnson, Walter Eugene, lll Johnston, Chester W. Johnston, Donald L. .... . Johnston, Gertrude ..... Johnston, John David Johnston, Joseph P., Jr. .. Jolly, Robert L. ....... . Jones, Dempsy .... Jones, Elwell ....... Jones Francis C. Jones Helen A. .. Jones, Henry P. Jones Sidney B., Jr. .. Jordan, Eugene B. .. Jorden, Vivian C. ...... . Josey, Thomas Chandler . Kaliher, William Blake .. Karesh, Jack S. ..... . Katz, Carolyn ,..... Keathley, Edward R. .. Keels, Arthur H. ....... . Keels, John Daniel, Jr. .,. Keels, Marvis Jean .... Keisler, Sara ...,.,. Keith, William C., Jr. .. Kelly, Jack L. ..... . Kennedy, George F. .... . Kennerly, L. Gordon .... Kennon, Mary Frances . . Kerp, Earl E. ........ . Kester, Grier S., Jr. . Kibler, Jesse W., Jr. Kilgore, Jack .......,.... Killingsworth, William M. . Kimbell, Joyce G. ........ Kimberly, Jacquelyn ..... King, Edgar C. .... . King, Louis D. King, Robert P. King, William T. .... Kinon, Marion H. Kinsey, Boodie ..... Kirkland, Grinnelle .... Kirkland. Paul Garvin Kirven, Herman Grady Kleinmetz, Jule .,......,. Kligman, Melton ....... Knight, Edward B. ...... . Knowles. T. C. ....,..... . Knowlton, Benjamin A., Jr. Knowlton, Elizabeth ...... Liles, Koehler, Herman J. Kolb, Wade S. ....... , Krugman, Irene Getter LaBorde. Frances E. LaBruce. George .... Laclrey, Josh P. ,... . Latitte, Ralph M. .... . Lahey, Gordon C., Jr. .. Lake, Henry L. ...... . Lake, Robert C., Jr. Lake. Walter T. .... Land, B. S. ..... . Lane Peter E. .. Lane Lane Stewart L. .... Vernon K. ,..... . Langston, H. Abbott Latimer, Edward B. Lawhorne, Ernie ...,,.... Lawrence, Catherine Anne . Lawrence, Harry G. Lawson, Jack Wofford .... League, Lawrence C. Lee. Lee, Benjamin R. .... . George, Jr. ..... . Lee, Luther M. ..,..,, . Lee, Richard Mendel Lee, Robert E., Jr. Lee. Robert E., Jr. Lee. William Chester ... Leland, Kenneth W. .... . Leonard, Davidson Harper Leppard, Edward M. .... . Leppard, Marian Hammond Lever, Jane Blair ,..,.... Levine, Gerald B. ,.... Levinson. Margie C. Levy, Gloria D. ..,. . Lewis, Patricia Ann ..., Lewis, Suzanne Marie .. Light, John L. ...,.,. . Thomas H. STUDENT INDEX--Continued McCoy, Marilyn J. ...... . McCullough, Anna Carolyn McDade, Charles Lewis, Jr. McDade. John R. ......, . McDaniel, Sydney F., Jr. .. McDonald, Betty K. ,.... McDonald, Charles E. McDonald, Coit A., Jr. .. McDonald, James M. McDutiie, Carroll C. McEachern, Clarence Lee . McEachern Theodore , McElveen, Susan T. McGee, James P. McGee, Martha E. McGill, Olin Ralph .... McGrew, Ernest S. ..... . McGrew. .lames Edward .. Mclntosh. Robert M. Mclntyre, Fred L. ....... , Mclnvail, Richard H., Jr. . McKenzie, Paul H. ..... . McKenzie, Raymond R. McKissiclc. James F. McKittriclr, Sam L., Jr. .. McLean, Betty Jean , .,.. . McLellan, Robert N. .... . McLemore, Nancy Ruth ,, McQueen, Mary deSaussure McSwain, Barbara A. Mace, William L. ..... . MacEachern, Allan ...... MacDonald. Claude C. .. Mactie, Thomas E. Mack, Madison R. .. Maclclen, Henry ...... Manning, Bernard ...... Manning, Burwell D. ..., . Marchette, Louis D., Jr. .. Marshall, Foster ........ Martin, James Frank .... Lind, Roy V. ...... , Lindsay, Harold l. .. Linlr, Dorothy Jean . Lister, John F. ....... . Littlejohn, Oliver M. ..,. , Littlejohn, Thomas C., Jr. . Livingston, Betty Jean ,.., Lloyd, Dotsy ........,. Logan, James W. ... Lollis, Billy F. .... . Long, Oliver E. ..... . Long, William E. , .... . Long, William Hickman ., Lovingood, Maureen ..... Lowder, Thomas M., Jr. .. Lowe, Jaclc L. ....,.., . Luton, James G. ..... . Lybrand, Frederick , ,. , Lyles, DuPre ........, Lynch, Joe Wilbur, Jr. . Lynch, Sammie ......, ,, McAbee, Franlc .......... McAlhaney, Jacob W. McBride, Delores Jane McBride, Lois ......... McCain, G. Spruce .... McCain, Mary Anne McCall, William H., Jr. .. McCalley, Gray ....... McCallum, James W. .. McCartha, Wilbur H. .. McClary, Doris . ,......,. McCollough, Elizabeth J. . McCoolc, Robert L. ...... , McCorlcle, Elizabeth C. McCorlrle, Marjorie ,.... McCormac, Marilyn McCown, Vera F. ,, l65 Martin, Jesse W. ,, l72 Martin, John W. H I5O Martin, Mary Ann . , 81 Martin, Mary Jean ....., . Bl Martin, Samuel F., Jr. ,, l65 Martin, Walter A., Jr. .. I27 Martin, Winfield T. ., I27 Mathis, Thomas D. .... .. ,, Q65 Matthews, Anna Mina .... , , l50 Matthews, Gloria P. .... . . , Bl Matthews, Raymond H., Jr. .. l4I Matthews, tWilliam Cannon H I27 Mayes, James R. ...... .. ,, I27 Mayfield, Charles N. . Bl Mays, Marshall T. ,.... . , 82 Medlin, Wilbur E. ...... . , 82 Mengedoht, Lanville H. .. ,, I27 Meriwether, James B. ,, I27 Merritt, Charles Reed ,, 82 Merritt, Lewie G., Jr. .. ,, I27 Messer, Arvel Monroe .. Metts, Melicue M., Jr. ,. Meyer, Delores Virginia ., I27 Milam, Joseph Bee H 82 Miller, Byron K. .... H l4l Miller, Hubert E. H I27 Miller, Joseph DuPre . V w '27 Mills, Joe L. ..... .. . 82 Miniclc, Billy M. H I27 Minor. Charles F. ' 82 Mobley, David M. .. U 82 Monclcton, Frances .... H I27 Montgomery, Charles .... H '27 Montgomery, Harry J. ... N I27 Montjoy, Rudolph B. .. H 12g Monts, Fletcher .... . U '28 Mood, Anne H. H II6 Mood, Betty H. .. l4l Moore, Barbara G. .. . 82 Moore, Donald A. .. 379 --- 'fi--ff Solomons, William Gittord, Jr. .. 9 'I STU DENT IN DEX-Continued . l3l Thornley, Roy M. Sorota. SamuelSaul Sosnowski, Fred S. Sowers. Jime Blue .. Speed, Laura Owens . Spence, Allan J. Spence, Floyd D. .. Spencer, Gene H. .... Springs, Wilson B. Squires, Staab. Tate ...... , Harold A. ...., . Stack, George W.. Jr. .. Stallings, William C. Stanford, Billy P. .... .. Stanley, George A.. Jr. .. Staub, Steele, Blake J. ....... . Gene Austin . Stein, Helene C. .. Steinberg, Dolly E. .. Steiner, Herbert D. ,... Threatt, Ned L. .... Thrift, Frank l., Jr. .. Tiller, Robert J. ....... . Timme, William G. .,.... Timmerman, Mary Hoyt .... ... Timmerman, Milton H. ... ... Timmons, Christian L. .. Tindall, George R. Tison, Carey C. ..., . Todd, James S. . Todd, Maxine ......... Tollison, Joseph Henry Tolly, George Fred, Jr. Treiber, Arthur E. ..... . Trescott, E. B. ...... . Trotter, Dan J., Ill Trotter, Henry E. ,... Trowbridge, James N. .. Truluck, Jack L. ,,.., , Stephen, Margaret A. Stephen, Mary F. .,.,.. . Stephens, Charles Kromer Stephens, Edwin Craig Stern, Raymond A. ,,.. . Stevens, Sally Hartsfield Stewart, John T. ...,.,. . Stewart, Mary .... , Stewart, Nancy ....., Still, James H. ....... . Stone, Howard Delot Stone, Ruth P. . ..... ,, Stone, William T. ...... . Strickland, Fred Sterling . Strickland, Gene Ann ,... Stricklin, William H, Stringer Joseph B. Strom, Lawrence .. Strother, Jean Sullivan, Nell ....,.... Summersett, Mary ...... Sumwalt, Robert L., Jr. .. Sutker, Kolman ........ Suttler, Phillip L. . l52 Tsalapatas, Paul C. .. . l52 Tucker, Jerome B. . I4-3 Turbeville, Fred, Jr. . IOS Turbeville, Harold L. . I43 Turner, C. F. .....,. . . l3l Turner, Ellison C. . l3l Turner George M. . I68 Turner Jeanne S. . l52 Turner John Vester ., . l05 Turner Robert E. ..... . I '06 Upton, James Marshall .......... .. , IO6 Turner, William E., Jr. .. . IO6 Tuttle, Frances ...... . l3l Tyler, Rabe R. ..... . . IO6 Tyler, Raymond H. .. . I43 Tyler, Redmond ..... . I43 Tyndall, Marvin C. . I43 . l3l U 152 Usher, Elizabeth Ann I l32 Utley, William Thomas I IO6 Utsey, Jean Vivian ..... . IO6 4 . I32 Swain, Swain. Evelyn ....... Kenneth E. .... . Swanson, Robert Eric Swotford, Robert C. Swygert Sara A. .... Sykes, John E. .... . T Francis M., Jr. ........ . . Tapp, William F., Jr. ... ,... . Tanner, Taylor, Bobbie N. .,.. Taylor, Kenneth L. Taylor, Lee Brown Taylor, Maxine ...... Taylor, Patricia Ann .. Taylor, Robert H. .... ,. Teague, Edward Francis .. Teague, Margaret Ann . Teal, Tom A. .,....... . Temple. Harry Ray .....,.. Testard, Winilred Rhoda Thames, Worth W. ..,.. . Thee, Anita ....,...,... Thomas Thomas , George W. ....... . , lsabelle Penland Thomas, James K. ...... . Thomas Thomas , James W. ..,., . John E. .... . Thomas, Nathalie J. Thomas, Ruben C. .,.. . Thomas. Wade E. ..... . Thomas, William Francis Thomason, Pershing ....... Thompson Thompson Thompson, Lewis Patterson, Jr Thompson, Thoren, Robert V. . ..... .. . Thornley, Dollie Evelyn .. , Edward Furman ..... . , Frances Elwyn .,..... . Robert E. ......... . Van Keuren, Chovine ,........... .. Van Patten. Charles H. Van Patten. Joseph E. .. Vansant, Carl J. .... . Vaughn, Elizabeth Lee . Vaughn, Harold L. Vedder, John E. .... . Verdin, Elizabeth Ann Vereen, Edward W. .. Verna, Nicholas A. Wade, Paul H. Wagner. Estelle ..... Walker, Eugene E. Walker, Julia S. Wallrer, Nancy Lee .. Wall, Mary Agnes ..... Wallace, Dalpha Osborne Wallace, Joseph T. Wallace, Kathryn A. ....... .. Waltch, Seth Thomas, Jr. .. Walther, John D. ....... , Ward, Cecil William Ward, James M. Ward, John A. .... . Ward, Tobias G. Warner, Brooks F. ..,. ,. . . Warshaw, Anna Mae ...,.. .. Watkins, William R. ........ .. Watson, Horace Homer, Jr Watson, Lawton Neil ....... .. Watson, Philip E. .. .. Watson. Pierce Allen . Watts, Jack Glenn ...., Way, Granville S., Jr. .. Way, Harriet Ann Weaver, Joanne .... Webb. lda Strother . Webb, Marguerite .. IO8 IO8 iO8 I32 I09 I32 I32 l09 lO9 IO9 IO9 l32 IO9 l09 I52 I32 IO9 l32 l32 lI0 IIO IIO I33 l43 I33 I33 lIO 243 IIO l52 IIO l33 I33 l68 IlO I7I IIO III II6 l43 l43 Ill III III I43 III III l52 III III l68 133 I68 I43 I43 Il2 Il2 I33 II2 l73 l43 143 l33 l33 I4-3 II2 II2 I33 Il2 II2 Il2 II3 I43 II3 lI3 l33 I43 l33 Webb, Samuel M., Jr. Weeks, Frances Raysor .. Weeks, Lewis R. ,.4.. . Weinberg, M. M., Jr. Weiss, Howard Jerry .... Wellmon, Willis B. Wellons, Harold A. ,.., . Wellons. Robert McD. .. Wells, Ralph O. ..., . Wells, Reuben R. .... . Wesley, William Clyde .. Westbrook, Ellie A. .... , Wharton, William W., Jr. Whitaker, Mary Louise .,,. Whitaker, William W. .. Whitescarver, Lucie ...., Whitlock, Bennett C., Jr. Whittington, Wendell .. Wiehr, Josef Henry ,...... Wilder, Lawrence Eugene Wiles, Agnes Elizabeth .... Wiles, Janet ........... Willcinson, Willis T. ... Williams, James O. Williams, Leland H. .... Williams, Ned ....,...... Williams, William Ernest Williamson, Howard K. Williamson, H. Oliver Williamson, James W., Jr Williamson, Thomas H., Jr. . Willis, Lalze W., Jr. ...... . STUDENT lNDEX-Continued .. I33 Willis, Oliver Earle . .. l52 Wilson, .. I33 Wilson, .. I33 Wilson, . . I43 Wilson, ,. II3 Wilson PH 1131- -mf ver...- .. l52 Wilson .. lI3 Wilson .. l I3 Winesett. Dan, Jr, ... .. l52 Winn, Ralph M., Jr. .. .. l52 Wise, Martin C., Jr. ,, ., l I3 Withington, Marion .. .. I33 Wotford, B. R. ..., .. .. l33 Wofford, J. Brian ..... . .. I33 Woodel, Joyce Arden .. ., .. I33 Woodrug, Virginia ......,.. . ., I68 Woodward, James Theron, Jr. .. .. 144 Wright, Robert A., Jr. ,,., ..,. .. ll3 .. l33 X ,. I44 Xepapas, Georgette M. ..,.., .. .. l I4 ,. I44 Y ,. l I4 Yarborough, Branan ..,......,. . .. I44 Yarborough, June O'Dell .... .. I33 Yetman, William Raymond .. II4 Young, William O., Jr. . ,.,, . ,. .. l73 Youngblood, Thomas Watson ... I33 .. l I4 Z .. I I4 Zeigler, Anne Porcher ., .... ... .. ll4 Ziglar, Horace J. ... 383 I ' ff r 4' 'ff' - , . , 5' f S .,-A, . fix: Afiyafl' ' J" .ffrifl '51 xx xx--- , - V. .- .,,.g-1 -,' -4- Q ,,,-' , ff -Zh ff v.:f.- b. X , - ' . N . ' 'f' f A ' " ' - f jf " . X ff' ' 'N ' ' f 'xxx """ "'- - ,irr- ' ff! V 1,-N . V . ' -1 f- ffpm.- -- - 4 -ff NN 4 ?:g..,f4',. - X M, D X 'U ...--.. I '54 -...- .0212 , S, -f -in-13. . .Q-'gt : , .I - I -...,- ' .....' 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Suggestions in the University of South Carolina Columbia - Garnet and Black Yearbook (Columbia, SC) collection:

University of South Carolina Columbia - Garnet and Black Yearbook (Columbia, SC) online yearbook collection, 1929 Edition, Page 1


University of South Carolina Columbia - Garnet and Black Yearbook (Columbia, SC) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


University of South Carolina Columbia - Garnet and Black Yearbook (Columbia, SC) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


University of South Carolina Columbia - Garnet and Black Yearbook (Columbia, SC) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


University of South Carolina Columbia - Garnet and Black Yearbook (Columbia, SC) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


University of South Carolina Columbia - Garnet and Black Yearbook (Columbia, SC) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


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