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 - Class of 1946

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HL M B 3.-1 fl! A llllullllf ? 4 V+ 24, I, ., ' D Q I , C I W 1-g g A L iv f if ff - f, . - Z i C al' U I xl ,tg I ' M qw 1 .. X ,, f' Qs' E 4 . +G' Abkgbg ty n Q P ..A, M 'UQ' KY 1 ' 'i ' f' ,V ix luuxmui' I ' n f 1 ' sie" S "L sv " H ., ,X -sry .. X-W' 5 51 Q 3 i XXXGNE if' lag Xiu-'hx 2 wr XIX? HE f I , O 'Q ml! CRNS LORENE FVS? i .c :U 'l 25. F' K Q 620 5- A m I ' Wvbv X U0 QBR05- no OUR? -A 535 1 X 1 Q1-' If' If I' ..- ' Rig? , X 'Y 5 N M 4 6-7 ,f 'r H. Q ,I V 6 5 V wg, I V "Nw" "Me, W' se 1 " f nigh. QA l U oi 4 0 Adi? I Oi' ?,' f' ' la 1 ' " w?,5? g V, , fi ! , . -,. lm 12:9 f , x1 X n ' H n , ' K N II Nl ,. im? "YSL a ' t A 9 f v-1 ,X J 4' Q-4" R HW X Q A, 1 1 'X 4 CALENDAR H' Sk Q :WA 5, jf W 5 2 A k , f if gf' . Q If f g. Q N Q "T .3 f Q Y m 5 ax . 3 vii 5 -:f'- L I WF, ,:.f,f, Q 3 1g M-.N V 2 73 -WL: 1' f , E if X ,fx -r'vf"'g' f is 2 A '," A:' ' 4 ., U .,.. :F -V fs if is , ,Af M aw T I 33 'Q A , -L : H' - gg? px. YK ,, gym 1- 5355 Q V MILWAUKEE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL gl ACADEMY I946 'W f F CCI L fw X ive fv ' 1'1" ' 34, 3- '31 'r' ,'Lff:f,f"', -:FW A f',f 14 His N.A, " u'wCf1 L y ww mm X "'G'AS iw our ffce 'CN' 1 L mv mn .1 no SUM f, pic ess qw f Lxgfifli LMS: :GF 10 df my DEN' N L12 L J 14- X: 1 f f":,u'c " 'fe V. V: 11, 'fs' .fLJf,fg,i cv 5' Vie " A Q x Q .. :I 4'w1.' A ,Q Q N , My 1' KM , A . '- 4. 'Swings - ' .W if A lm ' - ' . x""A ig? 4 J ' 4' qfkfh , I - wx 524- . W 1 .L ' K A 5 n ' ' ' u !f,,' .5 i ' Q f 1,4 , m , N Mv:i.4Q . i ,R f J, l -NL 'X . 4. X H H 1 R i ' ig. 3 1, . L X " 4 , , 6 U pl ,QW X ,'n'ff'-'nit e A ' i K S F W fi iv v 6 L 1 C '1 I 4.15 . ... .luvqv-Nmakxgyww w X 1 1 P 5 f x N 'ik Q Y x 1, V 'l K X A Q . . x Yr , 1 U 1 Q 6 . ' f lt 'T Q 1 ' f . ,s 3 .X li I. 4 MQ Q .M 'L . K . r 1 xx 16"-N, ' vj ff' 2 " 4 ,Pj N, 4 0, at 1 . 5 L Q O , W Q i A - Q, N I ff' M '- K L ' N fx gf v 4 . X K 3, 'ip g . 4 I f fs. 4 I' if V I 3' 3 I ' x- 5- ,fl F LL il ' R u r Vi, ' , ' H.. 2' . ,, ,W . . ji? is . N. K .f fx ?SL4 , Q .. gf -1 A ' Y 35 K Ne , L 2 .xii Nriqawi S K 4 ltfyll Q v .Q f - wr- .V - iii? , ' " ' 713130 1 , .41 xgjal K Q 5: ? 1 i'Zl'I r , ,gn -1, f ,X," r yi kx'F K lily 1 I. gy., A q"El5E5 CONTLNTS STA? P w'1 7"! 'xr :Tk l P? ' I Q V!-ffbnx Q A ve f Q TrOQfCW NM A 5 BOARD OF TRUSTEES QC wi F GUN ' CW lolfm Dxefcr Q rx rs Gemma fmorgae J LI Hermes J rc Q WQ'1QrKa+em rmwc er M 1 Mw CITOVUR rw Dr Jas Evans Mr Afkem Slrchfer EVO WOMAN S SERVICE CLUB ErV F OGJ Nam ex pamper Recorowo Sec eww Heh-m Schaefer Correspomdmcl Sec em V F T emu er H, r , ' V J, Jr. Rm-.5 H' CF: rd R ,M VTTQ-DACTIU 'f Mm. S I A SeC've'fafy N'xf.Mer' G. E 5.5 ' A K WR x R' J N ,X fl . 1 j .1 . , , R. .B' Oli, R ' 5, E 151' -'WQHU' J. M. QL: UQR TR Fx. C. Esdw.feQQer1 Jf. Rf X! 5 cal Vf'V'. V. QC? I VV: a J ,e"ff'1"f- Rf -f'1i:e'R+ ft. J. H. HVJGS- Wie4D'v?s7 1 NWS. C' W ff fx ,Z :. E X .Y-J V r Ar Mrs. 4 ' E ' V V 'V J f MV. J. M. Wcyd f f- f FACULTY K X RSM M53-N4 K L K f X 3 Z K my XNNIHVJ xv' HAROLD E STROW Assnsfanf Dwedor Mnlwaulcee Umvesff School f' FRANK S. SPIGENER Dlrecfor Mifwaulcee Umivershy Sdwool 9 Lomas DINE German Se no Clas Adv Umversnfy of nsconsnn BAY S EMIL H J RINTELMANN Mafhemahcs Junnor Hugh Supervisor Unnversnlry of Chncago M A S WILLIAM R LEKER Science Lughlwenqhr Baslcelloall Coach Unnve snly of Wasconsnn M A S BESS BOYLES Household Arfs Dureclor of Cafelerna Coe College BS S ELIZABETH WARING Lahn Dean of Girls Freshmen Class Advasor Bryn Mawr M A M U S l94O 'S y fi K M.U. . l9l4 M.U. . l9l7 M.U. . l9I9 M.U. . l93O ALPI-I V JACKSON French Spamsh Freshman Class Aclvnsor Unlverslly of Wisconsin M S .1 FRANCIS I-IALEY N Z Englnsh Iumor Class Advssor Harvard MA M U S 4 INA CAVENER glush Sevenlh Grade Adv or M U S 4 MARY I-IILL Enqlrsh Dramahcs Jumor Class Advisor Slephens Umversaly of lllmous M A M U S 4 FRANK GOVAN Fine Arls Booslrer Club Advnsor Hendrrx College BA Mg' f54Z114Z"'l "' SL' 1-1 R . , MU. . 194: KX . . . l94 En ' - is Universily of Oklahoma, M.A. . . .194 ' af I I will 'H . . . I94 . . . I94 1 Z . LAWRENCE SMOTHERMAN Dureclor of Sundance Ma+hrmahcs Norlhweslern M A S ELTZHBETH KOEHN General Scuence Physical Educahon Sophomore Class Advisor Crosse Slale Teache s B A S LYLE PRESCOTT Music: Kroeqer School of Muslc Sherwood School of Musnc S ELM ER A SEEFELD l-hsfory Afhlehc Dnreclor Physlc lEducahon Sophomore Class Advasor Marquelle Umversuly M A S C FREDERICK THOMAS l-lnslory Malhemahcs Scnehce Physncal Educahon Eranklm Marshall BA M U S M.U. . l94S .I l Q . S745- .rl r . . l944 I I M..Ll.Q.943. ll In D . l S. ....945- V -D l Q BEN W HUBERTY Manual Arls Mecl1anucalDrawlnq Biology Lawrence B A S MARYON BOREN Personnel S amid. cbiuhux xfumhnlrun M. 'Nu.L.E..,!.sJNAM. ua'-.XN:ikx QGNJJX Xmmm. mm. Xuooki lux Se. kinda Ukhnst NX RKXLAA EVELYN SESS Personnel M U S SENIORS X1 LD Il In W y I it M WWII N' I 'uf-4 Cy 11' 4 fu! adj IJLKA-0 as-Niyhf IC 4, I ,w"'ff,,,A fi iff 3 KENNETH ADAMS Cooky Sfared rhar hus ambuhon us +o leave M U S uru good graces Claums Thar hus ucavorule pasrume us luslenung To lhe raduo ls llll'19 Lone Ranger7 Lukes rhe song Smoke Gels In Your Eyes u cal baskelball player l-lares uabberurug gurls Funds The Bay gurls unreresrung Enuoys duscussung Mr l-laleys Eruglush class Apprecuares Halloween parrues funds Bay poluce very hospurable Lurrle shaver of 'rhe Barber Shop uarrer One af rhe four horsemen un 'rhe ufursr peruod Eruglush cass Delughrs rhe husrory class by hus hearry laugh Ken has been a mosr pleasanr fuxuure ar M U S for rhurreen years d JERRY JEAN ADAMS Jerry Forsook Downer 'ro Ioun us un her uunuor year Says her ambuluon us To be a wundow desugner Lends her lune alro vouce ro The gurls chorus Sporrs long black rresses blue eyes also a ran com plexuon acguured al Eloruda durung sprung va caruon Luves un a palace on Wahl Avenue Famous for her open houses Thar resound wurh Glen Muller records Olfen seen walkung her dog lnkue l-ler expressuon Rause rhe flag rungs Jrhrough rhe halls of M U S Jerry us modesl charmung and luked by all who know her d ,. A x f ' S fu W W 1' 'Q I L . , f f aku' .0 Kflrb 163 'W - JL- H ' L 1 V if Y 3 lrN,N f' lv , 1 ' L Lind' ug L kv. A r QA. . f LK- . L ' . X. V 05 1, ix W H I. --lypl l . . . ' ' ' K n . Efulereo '34, Boys' C-lee Club I, 2, 3, 43 Mike Chorus I, 2, 3, 4' Academy Monuhly 4, Boosrer Club l, 27 Varsiry I Baske'ball 2, 3, 4, Track 4. fl ff? 01 j Q W IA 9 lu lv - - - 8 3 . . l.. . 11 3 ij ru . Q D Erurered '44. Girls' Glee Club 3, 4: Mixe Chorus 3, 45 6 5 5 I - Q Whu'e Tea'n: Hockey 3, 4: Baskelball 3, 4. , 3 r .E Q- A li 3 lla? I4 'X llfnej gd ao, We -XGQMOO G4 LA. l FL Qu... A0 Yah Q Y Qfms.WlM+fw Ml-'elwlwl dw' x.0h0JV5 vcr WW vue Thanx o-L Jnlao be CHL 'SK S OK N J M M A SQQQXQ-QGQQ' 'W' Tb 'X X WT LVWJ 'QD AX eco MQ 0619 JoY ANDERsoN T Andy One oT The Temlnune muslce Teers oT The Physics class TempesTuous capTaun oT The Blue Team l-las a persu asnve personalnTy Also vugorous unnocenT blue eyes Ir++Ie do They know Claims her TavoruTe pasTume as sTuThng animals and selT l-las a wallowy Tugure ls poTenT sec ond soprano oT The Sensor SexTeT Says her TavorlTe song us As Tlme Goes By One oT The punchy TypnsTs Tor The Academy lVlonThly Keeps her slceleTons well locked In The closeT Can be heard saying l-low colorful aT TreguenT 1nTervals Coy Joy we calls her Excells In all nnTramural sporTs Was seen as Angel IH The ChrrsT mas pagenT we lcnow beTTer Andy has an ouTsTandlng characTer and IS a sTaunch Trrend a RICHARD BAYERLEIN Duc Puclced up a prcTuresgue vo cabulary on Jaclcsonuan Good Wlll Expedn Tron To Mexico Claims has TavornTe song IS Guadalalara l-las musrc In his blood Boy Soprano and one oT chueT harmo nlzers of Boys Glee Club Indispensable member oT Barber Shop uarTeT pressed everyone wnTh hns pnano playing n IQ44 MnnsTrel Show l-las been seen re placing dlyoTs on The Bluemound GolT course Very promusnng swummer on hls back Dlclc IS a good naTured Tellow wuTh a cheerTul dlspos1T:on d I 5 uve ,""1r Mall? 30-sv Flionlio WAJ IW, frqf Ulicu, jp lvl. .foci-,J LF I ' 4 C . 1- fiona- cl f7ol'L +49 F.',,.,', ,MJ PLL 0Cl's I ' 1 40 AGL of' 525 QAIOPKLI1 . In lcv- .uw lf,-0. J A 0 VJ. 45' MI. Q Mg, MHM41' -VM dye Mawr' if WM pUJ,.J,k,I My Qqbih xc MM. kwa 9,014 RQ I f zZTfifa12i3Es BuRcH "Charlie" . . . Made a fashionable en- france af M. U. S. in his senior year - fhree weeks lafe . . . Smiling guard of fhe foofball feam . . . Moans fhaf his only claim fo recog- nifion is fhrough his sisfer . . . Guy wifh fhe powerful legs Likes "lWhife Chrisfmasn despife fhe Senior Sexfef A fervenf base ball enfhuslasf Offen is heard praising former school New Trier Chairman of The noon hour polifical discussions in The senior room Favorife expressions ieep ers and sensafional proved very con fagious Was riofous Waldorf in l94-6 Minsfrel Show Genial foasfmasfer of Afhlefic Banguef Hopes his fremendous meals will help him grow The Big Noise from Winnefka Charlie is a defermined worker and obfained quile a repufable rec ord in his brief year af M U S ELEANOR ANDRES ie An energefic supporfer of all fhe girls afhleflc feams Wlelds a wicked hockey sfick One of fhe few girls who can climb gymnasium rope and descend in one piece Claims her ambifions are fo own a ranch and fo learn how fo fly a plane Says her pef peeve is pekinese dogs I-las a flare for wrifing poefry l-las an in fense love for horses Loves fo falk abouf fhe movies Whaf would The German class do wifhouf her franslafions7 Elle sincere and a credif fo any class Entered '-46. Varsify Foofball 4: Varsify Baskefball 4: Var- l sify Baseball 4. "Ell' " . . . ' . , . . . i I . i is A ' Enfered '42, Girls' C-lee Club 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 41 Whife . QW ' Team: Hockey I, 2, 3, 43 Baskefball I, 2, 3, 4: Baseball l, i PM , T 2, 3, 4. X F I I r x A.,-Lwxv N "N ' ,J -'vi . r IL' A-M. W H rn .vs ' 4' V ' A I6 -Qty J VdQ4JvK,L4 V -fua' . io "Kitt-:L ' 'I i , L I' L41 Mwwqpz-MM .vb-76V'y-fyl Wfwjiijwwgdff WMM PCONSTANCE BARTI-I Connie WanTs To be a docTor we know she wnll make an excellenT one Superb goalie Tor Blue Team ID hockey ParTncrpaTes loyally IU all oTher sporTs we Known Tor her TavorlTe expressson TooooooTs Loves The song STardusT Declares ThaT her peT peeve rs conce1Ted oys Washes she were Back l-lome IU lnduana Thrrves on maTh and dramaTucs T-las been In many school plays one oT The Three LlTTle Maids Trom Downer The T946 IVllnsTrel Show l-las a perT TeaTher bob and smooTh complexron Loves To spy on people an movues Connne combines beauTy wrTh brauns and uses boTh To good advanTage a JAMES CGERPER Coerp Shows an lpana smule Lakes all Types oT maTh Casanova Type qu1eT buT deadly One oT The Beaver Lake Boys Swlmmlng Team s TerruTlc breasT sTroker Knows Mr Leker qu1Te well Loves a good mysTery Funds Tnme Tor boTh plano and claruneT one of The M U S musuc lovers l-hgh scoring cenTer on sensor baskelrball Team Wrll Take anyone on Tor I8 holes mosT anyTlme A Trnendly dlsposlhon and good sense oT humor make Coerp a Tune Tellow Y"U"'l"'F" Xxx AX? rw' BILL GLEN Keeps us all amused wrTh WhaT s The Theory dearue7 OrIglnaTor oT Tamous IT a:nT easy SuccessTuI In all hrs sTudres GeTs a good Tan having Flu every ChrlsTmas vacaTlon member oT The Board ETT1cuenTIy handles ad verTIslng Tor Academres JusT gave IT To or I Thnnlcs ouT loud conTInuaIIy In Englnsh class Says has peT peeve rs ca y gurls s IT IusT glr a break aT The begnnnmg oT has senior year IcepT ham ouT oT TooTbaII CapTaun oT The Tennus Team BIII rs consclenhous and Tull oT Tun There s never a dull momenT when he s around oT Ty tn LI Y PATRICIA BLUM a WanTs To be edlTor oT I-Iarper s Bazaar Made a good sTarT In ThaT dn recTuon by being The able asslsTanT edlTor oT The Academy monThIy STaTes ThaT her hobbies are cuTTnng paper dolls and wrITnng IeTTers Known Tor her TavorlTe expression I-Iabba I-Iabba LIIQGS To day dream One oT The sennor brain TrusT says her peT peeve as geTTlng up In The mornnng Loves To Tall: abouT The Army Arr Corps ExTremeIy TaIenTed wlTh paInT brush and crayon Supplles The school wlTh posTers Tor all occasnons PaT s dark Tlashlng eyes nndlcaTe her ready WIT and congenIaI1Ty T D G 'D.4..cvb jO't-Zfalf-' Q84 A4149 czhughcidyi yous' CZ4L477Lzuw1?. 'MLM 7044. 4,0 54,0 444,40 . JOYCE Cl-TRISTIANSEN Chrusy EursT conTacT gurl oT lvl U S we do mean lenses The gurl wuTh a mul luon suuTs AnoTher one oT The Bay crowd ThaT green Packard us well known by The Bay poluce lvlaun ambuTuon To geT ouT oT school Those sTuTTed anumals are be comung legendary ls oTTen heard e claumung WhaT a broTherl Chrus has a slum envuable Tugure and an amucable dus pomhon JAMES GROOTEMAAT Jummue LeTT To uoun navy un summer oT 45 The skyscraper oT our class Popular coach oT The 45 Treshmen baskeT ball Team Drove a sleek Tan cou'uverTuble Ready wuTh plenTy OT uokes 7 Tor every occasuon EavoruTe song STormy WeaTh hmmmmmmm l-leld many a suc cessTul class pucnuc aT hus Beach Road dream home zoomed Through school un Three years ls now aT The helm oT a Yogy are umpressed by The perpeTualuTy oT hus capTuvaTung grun' Well known Tor hus courTesy and cooperaTuon Jummy has been mussed by all oT us Thus year ' . . . x- EnTered '43, Dra'naTlcs 4: Glee Club 4. ,, . . ,, . . . er"- . . . - . . . H H on The Whangpoo River . . . Even The Chinese E'w'ered 4I, Class PresToenT l' Fcafball I' Bas-nefbau l, 7' Mlxeo Chorus l, 2 3' G4-ee Club l, 2 3: Swder' Czu -' 14 Ecover Club 3: Academy Anruau. X affair vxg- . 09,311 'LP C3 A ag Q' 073 Wi' X: fi' DO' Qi li' s UG,-fl Twig 2, wg, P 5 3 kxk-i N COLET COUGHLIN "Rosie" . . . Realized she c:ouldn'T live wiThouT us and reTurned To M. U. S. in her senior year WanTs To raise caTTle and horses l-ler TaTTy colored coclcer Moody rivals The TooTball Team Tor aTTenTion oT specTaTors Claims her TavoriTe pasTime is TighTing l-las a sweeT Irish Temper Received an inviTaTion To ioin The bass sec Tion oT The Boys Chorus l-las an exTensive reperToire oT locker room diTTies Terror oT The Turnpike A willing Mrs Griggs Tor iunior boys Rosie has a sympaTheTic naTure and is usually seen wiTh a sTeady grin 4 JOAN CRISTAL Cris MosT energehc member oT senior class T-las a Tinger in every pie FirsT Teminine presidenT oT The BoosTer Club STands TirsT in class sCholasTic ranking T-lard TighTing capTain oT The WhiTe Team Very capable Co ediTor oT The An nua OTTen seen pulling ouT her long black hair Champion worrier Never seems To lceep Traclc oT ThaT wayward loclcer lcey l-losTess oT many an imprompTu open house leaves Those SummiT Avenue doors open day and nighT Mr T-laleys crmcal CriTiC Cb4 o T ..wjW"' .fyNO4"""n1 by ,ja VJ' ufw -as ,fnuxiv FJ' ,oywJ..,ovvf-x-f"'a?"L""'t'J AWE! Jllvl I-IORNIG I-lorrnble Very successTuI presldenT 41 VM! Iwi NXJ07 ff-LVJI. h""""'A'7 v-'0-flv oT The STudenT Council Idol oT The under classmen SplrlTed and hard TlghTlng co capTaln oT The TooTball Team All Con Terence guarTerbacI4 Indispensable mem ber oT The swlmmlng Team Sole rnale In hablTanT oT The senior room STar1n Mr Lelcer s Physlcs class Llves up To hrs oTher nrclcnarne Rndes hls TrusTy bike Through raln and snow could use a blcycle buuIT Tor Two Clalms his TavorlTe pasTlrne IS sleep ng buT we wonder I-las Talcen an acTlve and lrnporTanT parT an every school acTuvuTy BusTIe bound goT a cold Loves To geT lnTo deep rellglous dlscusslons adlecTlves could Tully describe Jlrn s superior characTer ls conTlnuaIIy IU good humor I-le IS an ouTsTandung leader and one oT The TrnesT boys To seT TooT IU lvl U S d A A T S BEVERLY DAI-IL ev Usually laughing and care Tree Oh ThaT glggle Never has a dull rnornenT nor does John Is The cause oT much Iclddzng Tor J M A proTlclenT user oT The unlque sTyIe oT danclng The Y dance or IS :T why dance7 Every one Icnows ThaT STudebaIcer The publlc chauTTeur Eurnlshes new cars Tor cerTaln people Equals lvlme Pornpadour on per sonaIlTy and halr I.oves Tun and geTs her share PeTlTe Bev IS especially Trlendly and ns never seen wlThouT a smlle ri A rg' wk -sf' f x... I C ' . A " - 1 4 .,. 1, 1, ,Al ,.o"' , , UMM. jf . , V " 'T-.1 "-"" bf, flwrf 1. A M, - ,f,,-..- J ' . , , ' If '-' W' ' ...- , P , Aff' i , f I ... , A . V ,4 . ' J A I f, ' f " f", , f " I ., Tl 'VU J ., J rua ' - ,MJ ' ' , . ll - I - . . . ' ' ' ' ' ' . . . No EnTered 42. Presidenf SluclenT Council 43 PresldenT oT Class 3' Co-capT. Eoofball Team 4: Dramahcs 41 Boys' Glee Club 2 3, 4: Mixe Chorus 2, 3, 4, ca-jerny Annual , 4' caderm lvlonThIy 4: BoosTer Club I, 2 47 STudenT Councll 2 4: VarsiTy Ecnfball 3, 43 Varsl y wlrnrnlng I, 2, 3 47 Va's", lraclc 2, 3, 4. K HB ll - , . . . , . . . ' lu ll y - - J - Enlered 43. Dfsmsnc Club 2, 3, 4, Girls' ones club 2, -ff l 3. 47 Mlxe Chorus 4: caderny Annual 4. .l 'N ,, ,. K. C,-fl ' I If ,- 'Q ' nl ,fl ' 5- jx 1 ' -'Q . X 5 L A m '.-,LA . . an I 1 1 ,I ' , ..' - .- - -, D ,f. , 2I xt . I ' ' I 6' A' Kg x. E' I '. I u 'xg I4 A 1 xg, I. - L f 4- xxx-9' fx DIANE DAY Dlsey Wanfs fo loin fhe Ballef Russe and has made an excellenf sfarf Provxdes wonderful enferfalnmenf af many school producflons wufh her graceful ballef dancing Anofher able asslsfanf of fhe Academy Monfhly Also Vnce presudenf of Dramaflc Club One of fhe deserving honor roll sfudenfs who may use fhe senior room Lllce cousm Paf has excepfronal falenf for arf Mr Govan s rnghf hand man Proud owner of a horse l-las beaufu ful feefh Dzsey as nof only falenfed In arf and dancing buf has a ready wwf and sparlclung smule 4 4 JOY FEERICK Bubbles F1ve feef fwo eyes of blue buf oh whaf fhose fuve feef can do Pushes Info school each mornnng an fume for assembly Can sleep anywhere and anyflme buf especlally nn classes Possess es beauflful long blond haur ln fronf of bag blue eyes she wears fhose glasses wnfh fhe colored rams Owns many lengfhy sweafers whnch almosf reach fhe edge of her s :rf Lrves In a beaufuful whufe mansion whnch never goes unnofuced Joy IS an easy going fun loving gurl wnfh a gay laugh and good nafure W f I L-,cD'f N!Q", TTL A. Talk 'Q 'ke and QOBCR-'sn xox- 'TCNAQ LJBW 'L3f"'Qvxk 'limi QQ ML .xc vsfw- Q-efhowf TY-MT +'Ws. LQX5 vnu. WALTER INGOLD ngue Tall good looking and n TeresTed an The weaker sex and vuce versa Loves To dance and as very skilled aT :T lvlusl always makes hum shuTTle hus TeeT Really krows how To maneuver a car An ardenT golT Tan and member oT The golf Team l-learTlly enloys eaTlng SmoTherman s side klck revels In all Types oT maTh lngue loves a good loke and hls chuckle ns oTTen heard an halls oT M U S d MARDELLE C-BRAEBEL MWT Joined us Trom The Bay In her lunuor year Known Tor her dlsTlncTnve hair sTy es l-lad long sllnky halr To her wa1sT Then sporTed a unique crew cuT Claims her peT peeve as The SaTurday Morning LlsT Lukes To convey underclassmen up The sensor sTaurs BoTh snngs aro plays The paano well alfhough you have To sneak up To hear her play The piano One oT The Three LuTTle Mauds From Downer un The I946 MnnsTrel Show ls superior In all gurls sporTs even boys sporTs Too Terror o The hockey held A speedy run and e Tremely ue Skilled In hugh gumpnng MgrT so named Dy Mr Thomas h n unusu l ugh which IS heard o en She ls a True T end and we all love her d 23 7 up-YQ? '!.u'L.. wxcw-Ag GNUT .55 l. ' T5 . "l ' " . . . , ' , I - . . . 'c ' ' . . . I . . . ' ' ' . . . Mr. EnTered '42, Glee Club l, 2, 3, 47 Mixe Chorus I, 2, 3, 4? BoosTer Club 3. 4? GCIT 2, 3. I . . T I v n o Q ' . Vx L i Q . . . i I l - . ' ' l n A ' . . . - ner x f ag'l . . . ' ' ' as a L a la '1 ' TT . T ri . ' x T. Eniered '44, Girls' Glee Club 3, 4: Mike Chorus 4: Blue V' Team' Hockey 3, 4: BaskeTball 3 4: Baseball 3, 4, 'T A A K K li- 435. I n Iv'4, L., y ,k.,, if f. 4.x - . if -41 1 al .-, ., TA' -. , -Q ffv- 1 ...fv ' . CAROL GRIM ' "Carole" . . . FirsT lady oT The school . . . l-las presenTed many sTirring piano perTorm- ances Trom Chopin To ChopsTiclcs . . . The school couldn'T geT along wiThouT her able accompan1menT oT all musical aTTalrs Darlc quneT exoTsc buT sTnll The homey Type Clalms her amblTson IS To geT marrned Loyal supporTer oT all school TuncTuons Whiz on The hockey Treld and a dead eye IH basl4eTball Able member oT The sfudenr councll and regular nnhabuTanT oT The Sensor Room one oT The deservang Tew l-lard worlclng and exTremely eThcIenT co ednTor oT The Annual ThaT angelic coun Tenance Tools The besT oT Them b d 4 T D CAROL I-TABECK l-loney Valuable add1Tnon To The class oT 46 In her sensor year l-ler low ThroaTy volce has impressed many Made an excellenT l-luldegard IU The Gurls Club en TerTalnmenT Also wowed Them all as Chagu1Ta Banana In I946 MansTrel Show Also has credlTable abullTy aT The plano Says her amblhon ns To have her haur Turn red l-laTes dripping TauceTs as peTlTeT1gure and smarT cloThes To go wnTh IT Mr Splgeners cleaning lady second period WhaT wlTh her singing dancing and piano playing Carol can easily be called The Trlple ThreaT Girl' 5 ca Th Y ARTI-IUR JORDAN ArTer Bob s oTher haIT Sole pro prieTor oT The senior room cIoseT Com peTenTIy handles adverTlsing Tor The Ac ademies The TooTbaII Team IosT a Ter riTic guard in 45 Mr I-Ialeys yes man Preserves The Jordan car Trom Bob ITs The ArTer s garTers One OT The Board Legs Jordan wowed em all aT The Girls Club dance wiTh his shorT Trousers OTTen casTs aside ThaT reserved naTure Tor pIayTuI humor ConTribuTes regu Iarly To class meeTings Plays Daddy To The Nursery School kids ArTie is one OT The besT liked and respecTed boys in The senior c ass T CHARLOTTE I-IERZFELD ShaTsie No one can miss Char s ma chine gun giggle The only person in The senior class who sneezes noT once noT Twice buT seven Times all aT once Energehc presldenT oT Girls Club makes a polnT oT welcoming all The new comers I-IosTess aT innumerable open houses I-Ias a TGFFITIC recreaTIon room IvIalnsTay in all sporTs Tor The VVri' Team One oT Those TaIenTed people who have To be dragged To The piano Squealcs happily inTo The Sup JorTs every acT My in school WhaT w I rTe school do wnfiouT ShaTsie s explosive er cnaIiTy7 y T P 4 I C b Lb QV, 1,4,y-f""Iw1CJ0fj:f Y Aiwxjowx X' JVJI' VJ: 22" Vx x , WAN .rf Q XX My J LJ' 1 Y, v I . EnTered '42, Boys' Glee Club I, 2, 3, 41 Mixed Chorus I, 2, 3, 43 VarsiTy FooTbalI I, 2, 3: Academy Annual 4: Acad- emy IvIonThIy 4, VarsiTy RiTIe I: Vafsi y Tennis 2, 37 Class Vice-PresidenT 2, Class Treasurer I. . I . , - . senior room every oTher grading period . . . 1 I 4.2 'Z p , s., . EnTe-red '43. DramaTics 47 Glee Club I, 2, 3, 47 Mixed Chorus I, 2, 3, 4: Academ Annual 4A Academy Mon hly 2, 3, 4: Baseball I, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Club residenT 4' I-Ioclcey 2, 3, 4i BasIceTball I, -2. X 'Gee Iu i rarian 3. 3 'PX 'I' vw! W - A' . N 'TF "Jin yn' J Xl V T I . AJ, vac' " O J " .11 s - sv, s -af ..- 5 'fy - fl K T N vs' A, , s X x ' 25 N -As J . . 'X ,J -I V jf' U 1 U .3 yj 3 J T NEPA Nj lc ,NT is J 1 " ,I Af J' nj! , A MAILU HUGHES "June" Second Hughes 'ro leave M U S lwo down one lo go Mnlluons of clolhes lor her cu're hgure especnally when her snsler home Talces a lol of lclddlng from The s nor boys Unpreducf able han' do-4Whal color' The doors of +he Hughes residence are always open Receuves numerous urprlses from Parris ls an Shields her lively blue eyes wnlh darlc glasses Sophnshcaled buf fun lovung nalure Mallu has an alr of Independence ls lcnown lorln r friendliness To all ages 2 d JOANNE JACKSON Jody Came IH her lunlor year ulel buf nnduslrxous Has a sleady cor respondenc wa h Hollywood glamour boys Dependable mezzo member of 'rhe Sensor uznlel lvlarlannes nnseparable lnllle chum Loolc cule In specs Shows In leresl In dramahcs Reluclanl goalie of lhe Blue leam Saves her smiles for lhe Navy Who lives al 8540 Hedges Place e re glad fha? Joanne gouned us 44 Q ,V ,IJVVAQ ,Xl ,wffl Aj X XXX ,Ml W ff ! 1' rwffljglhj ff J NJ, 1 I ' ' er . .. ' - . S . . - l d . . . ' . ' ' Enlered T4. Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4: Mixe Chorus l, 2. 3 4: Boosfer Club I, 2, 3. e 'l . . . ' T7 W ' ' ' . Enlered ' . Drarnallcs 3, 4' Glee Club 3, 4: Mlxe' Chorus 3, 4: Academy Annual 4: Academy Monlhly 4: Blue Team, Hockey 4. f' I - l l Q :K-,lf Qwlr' M. my 4' A ' ' ' f ' if I 1, I ll ! ' fs I H4 'fy -fy 0 X f l - '. l 1 ' 7 . IV' e-1' , 1 ' ff L' ' , ' 'Z Q ' 4 0 nf P' I' I .-!" ' I I V- , lb ' 1 4, 'L X ll vw f ff f O f rf JM' f l ' N" ' f ,W . ROBERT Jokpm r II n r an api, U 4' .' le mg I ' on Tlfe' e o realclng relay ea FHS n along a Tew Im mem er rgilihe oard Trled To 1Ta IT Q anlc carTrldge o Ing his u e herd I urs o W us Tav on ong s e DonT as served w on The STude 7 cll Tor The asT Tw ears I-Ias a IC personaIuTy and a h arTy laugh s well Icnown as an all around good gu AT C C 4 I NANCY KRAMER Our gal wITh The curly halr Came To us Trom The Bay IH her Iunlor year Has a lovely vouce A consTanT smule IH her manner SecreTary oT Glee Club Lnlces sporTs especially basIceTbaII Crazy abouT music and dancmg You can always Tlnd Jo lITTerbuggnng when The music IS oT Loves To enTerTaln and does a good Iob oT IT I-Ias a very sympaTheTuc naTure Spends her noon hours rudung The school bus Wrffvrifvf wif TTL? M IW QQJM I "B. ' ..A o Ny ' be " h ' . 'w w 1 ' 1, II a d . N P -. Y Ii" ir . . X GI- OU vs' y . . . ' Id e V - vf- 2 ,- I sw' poo . . . A h - Ii' ' 'I' - . . . C ' - 1! . . . ' l il ' 1 I r o I n r r . . p Q' ' - ' - er ck e s I b . 5 i ' - 'T ' I' I il . . . I-I rA , ' I . . . 4 - ' ' l , IO I. ll EnTered '42. Boys' Glee Club I, 2, 3: SecreTary oT Boys' Glee Club 3, Class PresIdenT 23 STudenT Council 3, 47 he IeTic Councll 2, 37 Varslfy Swimming I, 2, 3, 4: CapTain Swimming Team 3' FooTbaII I, 2, 3, 43 o- apTain FooT- ball Team : Cass Vice-I9resldenT Ig VarsITy Track I, 2, 3, 4, "Jo" . . . ' '- ' h . . . ' Enfered '4 . Glee Clu orus 3, 4' Academy Annual 4: ITe I-I e , 4 BasI:eTbaII 3, 3 Glee IU fi , Z 'I G 'r ,M If Wu! ,W I I I' BVJ 644 .99 ' U ' , w' ' fd, 27 Qillgf DON KUEHN "Don" . . . Eager skiing enThusiasT . . . Known Tor his gay parTies aT NorTh Lake . . . Provides much enTerTainmenT There wiTh his speedy boaT . . . Owns cars and cashmeres by The hundreds . . . Prides himself wiTh his clean saddle shoes "anyone goT an eraser" Likes maTh and scores high on spaTial re laTions TesTs Pride and ioy oT The mech anlcal drawing class Mr l-luberTy s lTTe helper All Conference guard oT The TooT ball Team Member oT The Board When we Think oT Symphony we Think of on Claims ThaT whaT This counTry needs is a depression Need anyThing ask Don l-le s goT connecTions' Smiling Don is boTh generous and anxious To please T JOAN LEAF LeaTer lvlr Leker s Tender liTTle planT STudles Tor Leke in The baThTub STar member oT The Senior SexTeT Loves To sung or play My WonderTul One PresldenT oT Glee Club Wonder IT she likes dancing on chairs7 Owns Tormals endorsed by senior boys Live wire OT slxTh hour English class everyone geTs a charge AsTounds people wiTh her French phraseology AccrediTs her surplus energy To her breakTasT of Boopsies each morn ing Joanne is as sweeT as They come C 4 rf' v-4' 'Ex Jlsfl 4-X .JI 'C -A . , . ll ll D . ,, . , . . . EnTe-red '42. VarsiTy FooTball 2, 3, 4' Varsi y Swi'n-ning 2 3, 4' VarsiTy Track 2, 3, 4: Riile l. II ll l ' I - i ' ' nf ii - ' ll ll I' ' ll , V EnTered '42. DramaTics 3,41 Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4' Academy u M Annual 3, 4i Academy MonThly 3, 4: BOOSTer Club I, 2, 3, 43 , Vice-PresiclenT of Glee Club 2, 3: PresidenT oT Cvlee lub 1 DramaTic Club SecreTary 41C-irls' Club SecreTary 4. f 5-,L+-'J' I 0' Lx' - l " Q-' X N- r"! TQAQ' JN" VAJNT A iw Lew .HJ, X . -N 'XX- XLNX f . gc ,L f W ,Q ,x,r"'f' I V . O . KN- . W, 4, as as an af' T ,V Rx XJLN :Nr ' 'K ,M , :JQV . ,V I H- xi 28 5 l fx 9 qs' s 'fu-v, x ,Lyn M 1 J hlggxja- J, ry,-sf 4753 1 ,filusigh N P A ssfswm Wwe OX we LOUISE OTT u u Oh ThaT laugh Claims her ambmon ns To malce everyone else laugh and she succeeds Who wouldn T luke To have +ha+ sTaTlon wagon7 Owns many pazrs oT argyle soclcs courTesy oT slsTer Bebe CaTches her coaT In The door IusT as The bell rlngs One oT The Pune Lal4e crowd Slulhcul slcrpper oT one oT The Pune Lalce TleeT l-las 1llusTraTed Tor Annual many years l-las an amazing TalenT Tor drawing appealing animals O r lvl U S WalT Disney Slaved over semor carlca Tures Always good naTured and cheerTul l.u u s a lulu 40 Cb TED KUEHN r noTher slcr Trend nTaun Wears mam h p T s s es Plays a supe b gxggvle o T all aT guar Clasms eaibe a B Team r l-l y glls gl ss resounds w1T h 4Qja'fcB'rlTe xpre oraifqwgudcherbelly achnn oTor us To us sTag parhes A I ron To ge a good grade Trom Wald B Il buf don T we alll Dynamic l-learT burn oT The lvl1nsTrel Show Keeps col leagues un consTanT uproar wuTh hrs drollery Everybody nose l-lerman WuTTy splrlTed The careTree llTe personlTled 29 'OY "3Iw""'g P: I 'VX -1' Lew ,-x Ld -1 ff 2 -4,4 ... L-P .- L .I 1 T ,gy 1'- 4 1? r:',f , 4 . Q -.' , RUSSELL LINDSAY RusTy one oT The champs oT The un deTeaTed swimming Team and Tough line man oT The TooTball Team Takes a loT oT kidding as a Romeo oT The senior class Shows inTeresT In maTh proporTions and Ger man scripT ls a poeT aT hearT has loTs oT inspiraTion Too Rules his sTudy hall wnTh an iron hand RusTy s brighT eyes beTray his good naTure and cheery personahTy o d Y PEGGY PIN KERTON Pussy CooperaTes Ta1ThTully wiTh many school acTiviTies CommuTes Trom Tosa every day Takes inTeresT in sporTs Valuable member oT The WhiTe Team especially as a dependable hockey Tullback Likes To harmonize and displays This TalenT in The Senior QuinTeT and Glee Club . . . PiTTle-snorT is her TavoriTe expression . . . T-Ter curly black hair is admired by many . . . Pussy is sweeT generous likeable. I ,,7. 4: ,,7 ,,:d 5 : Th . Y ' -Z JA ,- ' ' -f' ' 1 , 4 1 . it a 1 Q . , .- . ' - I I -- ' ,1" ' .4 I -if N ', 1 Q I 's ' . ' 1 . . ,A u . . I MARIANNE REEDER Maldue Known for her beauhlul voice I-lolds up lhe soprano seclnon In Ihe Senior ulnlel Conlrnbules lo all school programs Lady Macbelh of Ihe sensor class I-ler lllerary knowledge and lnexhauslable supply of adleclxves slumps us Thinks all boys should be Illce her brolher Clalms she loves lo chanleuse In 'rhe balhlub Slues on her lace Maru anne IS always soughl for because of her happy nalure Cl Y WILLIAM WATTS ol 46 Runs class meehngs In a lrue Democrallc manner Well known for his Ilnguushc accomplushmenls Weelds ef lechvely lhe Spanish vocabulary he learned lasl summer In Ivlexuco Accounls for has favorlle song lhe Chagulla Banana com mercual I-lobbles ar chemuslry and languages A chess player of nole and asplres lo be World Chess Champlon Pashme balllng Republucans as pollllcs IS has lavornle lopac of dlscusslon Pel peeve Thomas E Dewey Talces greal pride In has comedian coal Addresses In hmales as Senalor Alderman Con gressman or Ward I-Ieeler I-Ins hand wrlllng bane of lacully Leers condes cendlngly al Ivlr I-Ialey s errors u pressed deslre lo be a ludo experl Philosophical Inguusllnye easygoung Salo commenls on perplexuhes ol lnfe classlcally Asn es Ia vlda C VL' MTWR y,NcnvZWs4 44'ffr6lJk'gTMV fjicfnifzil Wife N X A f K j 7514K , . I I .J I I .1 . all . . . ' ' y Enlered '42. Dra'na'Ics l, 2 3, 4: Glee Cluo I, Z 3 4' Mlxe Chorus 3, 4: Acadern Annual 4, Academy Morvhll, V I, 2, 3 4: Booslef Cub lt Blue Team- I-Ioclcey 3. 4. ' "Sale" . . . llluslrious presidenl ol The class ' . . . ' e ' vu In I I1 I - - l ' . I Il II l . l S p- Enfered '42. Class Secrelary I: Class Treasurer 3' lass Presidenf 45 Academy Monlhly 3: Varsily Foolball lt Foolball Manager 2, 3: Vaal'-,' Swlrnming 2. 9 f . f f I 31 fl fn?-f-6 as I .f4,c,4jL,,4bpo -flkffvh , , QJNJT 'WV' fflame, A990 J my Mer Track co capTa1n hus senlor year Propr:eTor oT The luTTle red bug Sax TeeT Three cenTer oT The baskeTball Team Occupues a locker on The souTh side oT The bulldlng One oT The oruglnal members oT The class oT 46 DnsTnncTuve sTyle oT dancing To puT :T mlldly Spec lallzes nn Mageshc Tue Palace s besT as an ample reperToxre oT seasoned lolces Holds up masculine view polnT In 2nd hour hnsTory class unaided Johnnie IS as Tune and generous as he as Tall M 4 LORENE RTNTELMANN scorelceeper Tor gurls baslceTball games One oT The TanThTul backs who proTecT The Blue Team goal Dependable second oT The Senior ulnTeT Thrlves on slcnng Ten nls and phoTography Good grades per muT her To unhabnT The semor room durung her Tew Tree periods AUXIOUS To vlslT Eng land buT ID The meanTnme v1slTs her Fox PounT cabin Lorene as always cheerTul and walling To help ll flll Qlllllllllfrll e I I T by , f k ,', X A 1 'x OM ll kll I . . - ' ' ' EnTered '34, Glee Club I, 2, 3, 47 ixed Chorus I. 2, 3, 4: FooTball 2, 3, 43 BaslceTball 2, 3, 4: Track 3, 1 Co-capTain Traclc Team 4. "Lorene" . . . FrusTraTed buT eTTicienT V' Erlfered I34. Glee l, 2, 3, 41 Academy Annual 3, 4: X V Academy MonThly 47 BoosTer Club 43 Blue Team: Hockey Z It r 2, 3, 4: Basl:eTball 2. 3, 47 Baseball 2, 3, 4. R T sh 21 Q Tj ' w 32ll ' ' vb wif of ,sl 'Sax iffy- fy '52 2: sz-'-Jbwk-of"T,:,9-XP 9-YSL awry? gig! 2 Ex V OJ-5' VQJ' R uzu AbsenT mlnded Suzi always calls The laTe sleepers during second peruod ls The hosTess oT many Tun packed parTues STrawberry blond oT The Senior SexTeT Obllglng halr permlTs her To change sTyle every week IT you knew Suze luke l know Suzi Oh oh whaT a gal l-las a way wlTh genTlemen buT she s parTlal To The Navy ETTlclenT secreTary oT The BoosTer Club SympaTheTsc l1sTener Tor anyone s Trou es Our Suzi as congenial and super Trlendly d W ff 1' CHARLES MILLER Chuck Came Trom WashnngTon l-llgh an has IUDIOF year l-las speed made hum hugh scorer oT The 44 TooTball Team Co capTaan oT The Track Team Well Tall ored crew cuT PreTers underclass gurls l-las peT peeve IS The SaTurday morning ls EavonTe expression cons1sTs oT l-low abouT ThaTl WaTT s pal nn conspiracy IH English class Carp Tusherman aT WTI lowbank Chuck can adapT hus congenual personalnTy To any occasnon 4 '9 K x 07 Q5 ' - Q. . " 6' P '-" '55 . ' 5 v-7' -V' V - 9. fi? a 7 XX. cp J Q A uv' fair? SUE N IIS 'll . I . Il ll ' 1 K bl . . . ' ' ' - EnTered '42, Glee Club l, 2, 3. 4' Mike Chorus 3. 4' Academy Annual 4: BoosTer Club l 2, 3, 41 hlTe Team' Hockey 2, 3, 4+ BasSeTball l, 2: Baseball 2' 3oosTer Club SecreTary 4. H f 7 L in r I M ,J 4 uh I 4 .1 'V " " -' ' 4' A fl? ll 1. A Qi R f aw ' ' f T , ' ..,b A ' A N . , fr' I- ' F if . ,- 1A ,7 ' V5 '.f' Nl I T . . . ' , ' l U EnTered '44, EooTball 3, 4: Track 3 I Co'capTaIn Track 4. 33 N IW I yy If VU cj 3 .J 'jffiagf fo of 42555355 Q BIXBY RUSSERT x Caplasn Rugged Roger of Ihe swummnng Team sel new records for Ihe one hundred yard lreesfyle Mann ambl 'non IS To own a brewing company T al unusual laugh ns slrnclly for The goals Slaying home on Salurday nughls keeps hum well occupled Anolher Arlhur Murray and besl dressed boy ol The sensor class Revels an classucal music composung lunes of his own occasionally Dream song You d Be So Nnce To Come I-Iome To Druves a Iruclcy green car whnch boasfs many gadgels Bax as courleous and full of vi la :ly 4 4 I D+ Arm Nan Bound for lhe Melropolllan I-Ier ambmon IS Io become a second I.uly Pons I-las sung lhe lovely Gesu Bam blno annually nn Chrlslmas Pageanl Slarled ungennous Idea of malong lube clolhes Gels an earful ol Ioclcer room gossr In Solnd class Conlrlbufed rhzr Teen of her besl years lo lvl U S Ma neuyers her lremendous aulo enlhuslasrncal ly Ihrough Mrlwaulcee sfreels Clalms her Iavorlle expressnon IS I donl undersfand Nancy us compannonable and full of lun N . My ADM 'If - - ' . . . I Enfered '3 . Glee Club 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 3, 3 Azaaemy Annual 47 Academy Monrhly 4: Sfuden Councll 4: Swim- 'ning I, 2, 3, 4' Swimming Team Ca ain 4- efic Cvun- :Il 3. NANCY SCI-IWEITZER 1 'I p . . . ' - I . . I Emered '34, Glee Club I, 2, 3 4' Ura'-fdffgg 4- Mygd A g Chorus 3, 47 Academy Anrual and Mor'r', 4' Blue Tai-5 I 5 . , ,, N9 34 my ll 1 ,gllllllr W BARBARA W LKER "Bobbie" Conscienhous, hard work :ng sTudenT Would make a wonderTul model wuTh ThaT Tall slam Tlgure and queenly posse Claims she wears Those beauTlTul cloThes especially Tor The gurls Depend able Treasurer oT class IH 46 PorTrayed The Madonna In I945 ChrlsTmas pageanT Croons mTo ColeT s ear In The alTo secT1on and vlce versa Acclaimed by many boys as a dreamy dancer Very skilled aT smacking a hockey ball and aT addang up ponnTs Tor The Blue Team durung baskeTball games A Trank and pleasanT dnsposnhon makes Bobble a swell gurl 4 d d ST d CARL SYBURC5 Car l-las ToughT hard Tor and made a successTul M U S OrchesTra Leads The orchesTra wuTh has TrumpeT playlng which shows greaTprom1se l-hs seasonal parhes will never be TorgoTTen Oh ThaT swim mmg and skaTnngl Skfppers has sauboaT and drives hrs car wlTh equal vigor su ally arrives nn Tame Tor morning assemblle ID spuTe oT long Trek Trom l-larTland lu TanT elecTr:cuan oT ur schc w Sm: nc Sy IS also a loyal supporTer oT The swummlng Team kv ' I . . . . I EnTered ' 0. Glee Club I, 2. 3, 4: Mixe Chorus 2, 3, 43 Aca emy Monfhly I, 2, 3, 4: BoosTer Club I, 2, 35 STudenT Council l, 2: Blue Team: Hockey I, 33 BaskeTball l, 37 Junior u en? Councll PresldenT l: Gvlee Club SecreTary 2, 33 Class Treasurer 4. ll lll . . . , I T. I - . . . . ., ' ' F A l . . . Re- c' " o acl... 'lfj EnTered '43, Dramafics 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 3, 47 Mikes Chorus 3, 4' Academy Annual 47 Academy MonThly 4' BoosTer Club 4, Foo'ball 4' Sv-.irnmlr-3 3, 4. ,if 5-Q 'C I ' n V, 1 V VON. I-iv, 4.4, X' 5 , 'Q -M Af W' " Ui ' ' f ,,f' X. ..,,. ' A 5 Q U at ,-45 ,xx K . x 1.1 s L yu: 5 it Q ,V K.. R ,.-es' ,., ex, I Jf- . ., x , I NF .1 'lk KK' V- J ya wa" 9 V sl'-4 J X' In 's O Y I' 6 0 of MMA CARI. TRIEBS Carlos Ambullon IS Io be a Supreme Courl Jushce Democrahc Does every 'rhung wllh defermlnahon and elhclency Never found washng Iume Inslsfs he loves enlomology bug collechng Exces IH hlslory ranlclng snxlh IH Senhnel hlsfory confesl Famous for hns arhshc halrcul Malnsfay of Ihe Klelsch Parlc life guard slarl I-Iardesf worlcung member of 'rhe undefealed swlmmnng 'ream Super ell: cnenl sensor class secrelary Spenl whole year anhclpahng G day Car IS me by all because of hrs eagerness Io help an hne sense of humor JOAN WARD Joan Joan s rosy cheeks aren I spon sored by Max Faclor Inc Noled for her unique bangs A permanenl hxlure al Ihe Bay Pharmacy worships The cigar slore In Ian Excels In Inferior decorahng and wields a camel s harr brush beller Ihan Ihe animal hxmsehf Vera Vague chuckle Nlever seen wallclng The Ivlarlnes have her snluahon well In hand Joan caphvales all wllh her pleasanl manner W A 'Vw' Jw Y 9 3 A . .1 Q 'A L if x- . xx Nl L le, L R -1 ia gl JJ K ' 1. Q lr' V' V I V' . N ' C I,"'I 5 55 a-Y Y bv I Or' E' b Q as O 0 7 ' 'lx W. 'C Qr .P ff 1 1 Y s if ' ' I 5 . 'R' Q 0 J' J cl 'Q 5 N! N ,Q Q1 spd' Q Q Jw LI W rv 'vw X , , x N, Y Q. ,M J- " 'I A I . . I ' M ' "H I'I'Iqd . ' ' d Enlered '34: Dramaflcs 4: Acadaemy Annual 4' Academy Monfhiy 3, 4: Sfudenf Council I: Football I, 2, 3: Swim- ming 2 3, 4: Traclc 3, 4: Class Secrelary 4: Academy Monrhly Edlfor 4. ll ll I I Enfered '42, Glee Club I, 2: hife Team: Ho Icey I: Basker- ball I, 2. . IX KW Aj 36 . JANE ZIMMERMAN Jane Lnyely preslclenlr ol lhe Dra mahc Club Manages lo maneuver lhe hnances of The Cwrls Club successfully so lhal +hey come oul ah ad Parhclpales nn hockey baskelball and baseball wulh greal ylgor Says her ambnhon ns To own a car Maybe Hrs saler for pecleslrrans Jrh s way Uses lo good advanlage her handy fool lhe gossrp column l-las no ble malcang he s If heard Llle ol Jrhe French class manages lo hunf oul excep hons for Mr Jaclcson Whal as Tha? medal on your chaon Jane7 New member of The swlmmmo leam7 Jane: a favornlre because of her exuberanl personalrly and clever WIT 4 4 f 7 ef 1 ' fu WQMWWWQ ofvwwqlfflw' l-MMG luwfllumwwwfw Glam! X bww! WANJUGWA llwwwfmwmrlhf' fwdlmclollmilw mf L WML, . e . . . ' ' I. Trau ' sie. . . . ' x ' I ,L . I .' I F mg . J n 1 . A if . Emereo 42. ljrw-14, l 2 3 ifiee Cur2 3 4: Mlxeo Chorus 2, 3, 4s fxiaoemy fvruaf 4' Acadfsm, Monlhly 2 3 4- Whif-- T,-we l-lrfilwl, 2 3 4' Buslfrlomf l, 2 3 47 Baseball I 2, 3 'G? s Cub Treasurer 4' ll' vnaflo Club i Presidffn' 4. L .ii vxf' I I 4 l, f N . r ff rlLl1"x1Ll"' ykg f - K' f x f , ' L7-yt fuf 'ui pi L yr A f l i Rt 1 X . V f ff 1 l f f l l 1 Y A Xl K l fl 1 v 37 l Q l l A HISTORY OF THE CLASS OF 1946 e class oT 6 oO e lnmn w y a rn .men seven wrde eyed open mouThed moppefs Toddled rnTc ne lrrndergarTen oT MUS l-lere Ken Adams Nancy SchwerTzer Brll G-len Lorene RrnTelmann John Merlrer Bax RusserT and arl Trnebs learned how To buuld block houses and To sTrrnQ cried peas rnTo a bead neclrlace In orade school bloclr houses were abandoned Tor more errous pursurTs unTo unTellecTual Tnelds such as mulTnplncaTxon ables The large prrnh prrmers and The mysTerles OT grammar e learned also oT democracy elecTang our own ohhcers nd runnrng our own rreehnqs We also ver'Tured eaoerly nTo aThleTrcs and Today T seems :ncredrble ThaT The presenT T aclr ard swrmmrnq caprarns were Then walloped by The orrls n pom porn pullaway Junror l-lrqh Tound our class rncreasrnq and also Talnno an cTrve parT ln school lf We collecTed myrrad maqazrnes or The USO and planTed The seeds oT The presenT Worlr gervrce Program Always hroh academrcally we achreveo a 4 50 crade polnT averaoe rn The e1qhTh orade l-lrgh school presenTed To Freshmen mary problems or o5usTmenT buT omnna muTanTur nos ef muTamur and we ear was Trrpled swclled by many oT our Tormer TooTball ad ersarres There was a sTrono represenTaTlon oT boys on The arsuTy TooTball and swrmrrrno squads and Two Fr shman boys Bo Jordan and Bnx RusserT won Their varslTy leTTers rn The aTTer sporT Brll WaTTs Tcolr TrsT place Tor The school rn The me currenT evenTs TesT The nexT spruno oT ThaT year we 'rrazed everyone rncludrrc ourselves by wunnmo he l-TerzTelo holarshlp Trophy The sophomore year dls oyered Three oT our boys as VTTOIP ayg on The UndeTeaTed TooTball Team and many more as bs and ThaT year Sophomore boys comprrsed mosT oT The de eaTed swummrno Tee The bcvs also won Tame bv WTF ng The rnTrarnurals Acaoenrrcally we Trnushed lusT behuno cass we r a a oe percen ag c rn ers sTIy qrrs r Th r WaTT e e ThrouoT wlTh The T c'TTes s unros rwr' o e c e' we v rs ormal prom srnce The war We also Tool: over Th b o se rng War onds and Tamps ur' e rhore we s ec rnuch oT The TalenT Tor The MmsTrel Shov. In aThleTr unrors Tarnnshed all bu one OT The sux leTTermen on T e sw 'nrnanc Team capTarned by Junior Bob Jordan Bob was awarded The Bell Swrmmxng Trophy Tor hrs superb leadershnp 3 CJ per sonal accomplrshmenTs noTably The brealunq of The 700 yd eesTyle record Thrs year Carl T ebs won The rm rw e o The cass Aoarn Te o s ard orrls cop eo s echve rnTramuraIs F r The s co o w wgn H r Teld Trophy ReTurnrng Trom a careTree 7 summer we pur re-QC L.Tey rnTo our worlr and have won The scholarship a every qradlno pernod Thus Tar Or The l-lonor Roll have malnTarned our hloh percenTaoe Bll WaTTs again T Trme c nTesT Cal Trrebs placeo s h n The Sen rnels r e L-TusTory Cor'TesT Joy Anoesor' Ma anne e 'J Drane Day recerveo recoqnlhon Trorr The 'Xlahonal H 1 bfnoo ceTry Assocra or- l h Tcs mad 5 Q parT oT every Team especla ly The uroeTeaTed unr 3 ,Wrr nq Team oT rch en oT he eever 1eTTer men x e J rwors us Team was capTarned y rx RusserT w o mas r Q IOO yd Trees+yle record l-le also or The Bel ro rr T e CrThv6S'6Vl'1 FooT all P c CorTe urge J fm was eecTed by The coaches as Terenc qua pack o cn Kcehn as ouard By hrs Teen' aTes rm was a dec Tne U hlelr' po Tfrwanshlp Trophy The rls also w rrgr, vlc ones rn hockey and baslreTball A arn hrs rrounced eve o s I y e wcrr C e L yrnr-mo a new Tro y rough ars T we ray e fa T er'ds and Tcuro lashnq lnsprraT cr' Dur rg T page y ve wc e cceTher as an mee l CCrT Q 5 , imzc lor ard r w e rr avr uals c lass mus w grefl' e ve aro oc c err respec BuT eac T F ly call ocys as a rhem e o Th l94 h'l TTs b Q' ' Q 6 TJ ck h l934 A .l ' f, fur TA Q T Th SO Tel FTC, .les ' ga 5- 'nf ,r V ' - , - ' T ', , le ':' T' ' ' . . , ' . ll' ' B S . F' ,h r r , :J"l h . 4,4 . ' ' . ' 4 ' . 4 V . + ' , . ' ' h 'fx f . i I . V . l , I ' . . A A Tr . ' V T fl ehji T sh ' ' . ' T r l . 4 ' h b y. 4' p 'ne-lr re- 4 .' ' - ' O ' ' I.. o e n Time e ' 'ne e :- c T . T 4 . . l I N . . Y . .T 4' 4 ' 4 ' . . T , l ge: s - ' - I l' l t T r ' b Mer Tor 5 ' ' le- A T' ' A A ', Y - l A 'nel-r .he T , ' O . . j r A jxf. I 1' ' QTY I ' . ' 'M h T ' A T -T-'jd T r I i ' '. "2 R e es anc n rd T U4 J 4 - f PT 'TE T. n aT lel , Therccys, ' e no a T r 4 . . ' T ' ., ' l T . - "gr - I Y iasily TETTed InTo This new paTerrl oT liTe Our class in Thar Tl. ' "VH l. T l I ' V rf -Q h ' T . 4 ' 4 Th lv B' as , h 5 'nec h- ' . ' . . rf . w . . l T cr.. 'V I , H l' '. . T . ' l h N .' TD 'e r, "W -an V- b . ' . , N l .r all-ccr e T "2-T Q: ' I T . ar ' DT ' T 4 . ' T ' 'T' ., JT ' aw r 4 . 1 . J l - l l lr S ' A . ST T, ' Q' Q Q' T5 T' . ' ' ' ' ' T A T ' ' . Q ' T ' .ear The. :C ' ' , - ,r 5 l'qhTl 4Th ren T Th Tag, -I Th T5 , 4 I 4. 44 . 4 ph 4 I T ' Th cur ye' ' a MUS, f ' e mad new Tlr -sn T T ' ' ". ' A ' - fl - ' A ' 4 7 S. T 4 h- .e-Vs, we nl, ' , ' r' ' V ' A hd rl d ' 4 - l ' jo ' T Tune rg ' '- 'he l cT I945, and ed l fd V ' 6 l OU' 'I '- T N 0 'T' l dl ld T The C T T. T" '9 , 're b , mo ' l , o T e l-lono' Roll. B'll s 'galr ll a 4 r Th ' 'Eve ways. h Ure will :em V' ' Irre 1 T 2 old re ' hls 'e r T Tb r cl The :lass T lo-it, 38 - if 3106 Q nw!- Gfi A 1' 1 , may 'Ad MJ.. W :1 We C1 Mek KL. Mx C U C BABY PICTURE KEY rc a e QQ, Wawk 5 C Ada U u V L L7 Rec :xx 9 C '7.. Huqfes 9iC'g'r1g-'fig 'S-Pusw L"Jse, 2:-5,5 R301 32-E e3':'!'X'c'e: EE:-Maia 5' ef' WOSTE 4-9" 'Q-DTM Baxe' 9' 27-JV" G we-'Wee' 32-M5-g e 'Q JA, Af 'efscf NN-Ce' TVPC5 20-M fc ire 25-53 ' ' fe' Zj-fwgnvi, 39fPeV,:: 3" fe' N2-53 ?,5sf" Gr -3' ew 29-Cdef Ccugfli 347 -W Cham , 4045 ver! 'Xa J 3'TC':STB! N3-Ca" Siu: Z!-Kerry Pdawf 65-34-F ugwf Fgcliw MJNMCX. C'w-Q E 'CH N4--Cf: GPM 22--JQN, .' M5 XC--Pfyg, EMM QF' H fy 4' 'K S Pwe Af' and BQ' F5--Cf: Ha eu 23-L: .e Q" Qlifpg Wd, 3D'Lf'9'i 42-Dov K Jcfjw wb' yn- Hymn 24--.La ef 3'fJf,,3 G"'2Ni'f f-3fJf,vf 5 cmd 'He' N7-Nami, Kfiffi fi--B'1'Llam Cf-f','Ia":Qr1 2'-f-VJe'e'V1c:1 44- Crhr-' K w SENIOR CLASS WILL lerry Jean Adams leave you carry on Ken Adams leave lhe mornung school bus and all lhe gurls we meel along lhe way lo ohn Speaker Joy Anderson leave my love or physucs lo some poor uunuor gurl Eleanor Andres leave my hard earned druvers lucense lo M l-laley Conslance Barlh haven l anylhung lo leave s lll uusl leave l-lalleluua Ruchard Bayerleun leave my slaluon un lhe boolcslcre lo Paul Lundemann Palrucua Blum leave my place al lhe end ol lhe lunch lune lo John Draves Charles Burch leave an opposuluon seal un Mr l-laleys Englush class Joyce Chrusluansen leave Bunzo lhe car all worn oul Jum Coerper leave lhe bullerllues lo T D Colel Coughlun leave my car lo lhe lunuor boys Joan Cruslal leave my haurs on lhe senuor room lloor Beverly Dahl leave un my Sludebaker Duane Day leave my lwo loned haur arrangemenl lo Mary l-lebenslreul loy lzeeruclc leave my pudgeon loes lo Janel Korlebeun Bruce Glen leave convuvually Mardelle Graebel leave my crew cul lo anyone who has lhe nerve lo wear ul Carol Grum leave blh peruod sludy nall lo some brave sludenl councul member Carol l-labeclc leave slull canl help lovun lhal man' Char l-lerzleld leave my lenglhy sneezes lo any long wunded person lum l'lornug leave my nuclc name lo Bob Chrusluansen Maulu l-lughes leave my dark glasses lo Margue Muller Waller lngold leave Mr Lekers greenhouse lo Ed Nueman Arl Jordan leave lhe uunuors wulh lhus lhouohl Abeunl sludua un mores Bob Jordan leave wulh leluculy Nancy Jo Kramer leave my lale lunches lo anyone wllung lo rude lhe noon us Don Kuehn leave my car lo lhose people who unsusl on borrowung ul Ted Kuehn leave my nose lo anyone who us wullung lo lalce l loan Leal leave my ummense slalure lo he culue ol lhe Junuor Hugh lullle Be Gueuun Rusly Lundsay leave my loclcer dales lo Pele Burclchead John Merlier leave my nuclcname llrulz lo Jack Schluclc Chuclc Muller leave Mr Spugener s huslory class lo a sleepy lunuor Lulu Oll leave l-lope wulhoul Faulh and Charuly Peggy Punlcerlon leave lhe early lrol ey car conduclor wulhoul a passenger Maruanne Reeder leave Kellle Moraune lo Muss Koehn ambulance please Lorene Runlleman leave lhe care ol lhe lursl grade chuldren lo Mrs Carler and er lulure helpers Susan Rohn leave lhe lool: lo Tommy l-lendee Bux Russerl leave my web leel lo Fred Swanson Nancy Schweulzer leave alle servung lhurleen years Carl Syburg leave pullung up lhe lughls lor lhe prom lo Tom Schmull Carl Truebs leave my haur slyle lo Joe Sleuner Bobbue Wallcer leave my wausl lullness Joan Ward leayve my red lace lo Mr Spugener Bull Walls leave my Spanush slang lo Don Eealon Jane Zummerman leave Jercelapun morl Wueslholl lo gel unlo Mr Jacksons haur ul lhere us any lell aller lm lhrough 42 J , ' . ' , J . + 5. . - . I , ' ' , o ' ' ' hl . I . I Y . ' Joanne Jaclcson, leave my "Oulline ol' Shalcespeares Plays" lo any needy junior. ' , u' ' b . , ' ' ' I . . . h l ' ' ' , ' lly I . I. ! ' . . ll I w - . ! ' , ' ' ' . h UNDERCLASSMEN w N T ROW L Zlemer P Read S STrecIcer B GOTTschaIIc S Shea R P hl P Lay Oclc A Ladush M La J Churchrll J OreenThaI V Klham R Dehenne T Flendee SECOND ROW F Swanson M John C Dawe M Muller J Trrmborn J ShuTTer N MOThs L PabsT P Sherwood B Mandel J WOlperT K Usow F SmITh RD ROW J Schlclc D EeaTOn V Seibel J r I a e e L O Ng or F Nu A Puelncher T SchmITT J STe1ner C Werden demann F Fledler B Bumby H Wue ThOTT C Morsell Mrs I-IIII W Wrdrug I UN IOR CLASS PresIdenT John I-IuTh SecreTary Jack BOughTOn Vnce PresIdenT Tom I-Iendee Treasurer Bruce Bumby STudenT COuncII Jack Schllclc Joan Churchill Fred Swanson PresIdenT John I-IuTh and Vlce PresIdenT Tom I-lendee have led The Junior Class Through a successTuI year whlch Included marked aTTaInmenT In aThIeTIcs exTra currlcular acTIvITIes and fcholashc achIevemenT The class eagerly suppOrTed The Red Cross The COmmunITy Fund The CIOThmg Drnve and The Academy Annual Ad Campaign In The IaTTer The Junuors sOId more ads Than dld any OTher class On December 2 I sT The class gave The annual Junuor Prom one OT The mOsT successTuI In school hIsTOry The gym was decoraTed cleverly IH curcus Tashron wITh bug TOp and caged ammals The TaIenT IH The Junuor Class nOT only helped TO produce successTuI aThIeTIc Teams buT has also Taken an ImpOrTanT parT In The success OT such prOducTIOns as The Thanlcsgavung programs and The MInsTreI Show MOsT rmpOrTanT OT all The Junior Class Organized and managed The sale OT U S bonds and sTamps aT school MOsT every week They IrepT The school up TO The One hundred per cenT marlc 44 FIRS . : . A . . I. . , . , .I , . uesc e, . c , . 4 , . dlsh. . , . I . I I . I . . ,TFII ' Q . 'a ', . ' ' , .' ' , . Fred. B.. was y, w. e b I, R, eyp ral, E, I Is , , nn, FOURTH ROW: Mr. Flaley, J. Rosenberger, Fine. F. James, P. Buckhead, R. Bluhm, J. BOughTOrI, F. Mohr, P. Lin- - - - V 1 I ' I I I I FIRST ROW D SECOND ROW W C W F J WleT FOURTH ROW Y ss K SOPHOMORE CLASS PresndenT Joyce WuesThoTT SecreTary Phil Kunzelmann Vnce PresudenT Glorra RaTzsch Treasurer Bull Taylor STudenT Councrl Mary Broolcs Bull Randall The Sophomore class under :Ts energeT1c presldenT Joyce WuesThoTT had an enloy able year wrTh Muss Koehn and Mr SeeTeld as advisors The class showed scholashc rmprovemenT ThroughouT The year and parTucnpaTed enThus1asTlcally nn all sporTs Many oT The boys on varsuTy Teams showed greaT promise Tor The TuTure The class donaTed generously To The Red Cross CommunrTy Fund Bond Drnves and The oTher charuTable organnzahons The Sophomores also conTrnbuTed some good TalenT To The mlnsTrel show The class had many Sophomore parTues nncludnng a hayrude a screening and a class pucnuc aT The WuesThoTT Tarm Over all The Sophomore class has a loT oT school spurrT Tor so small a group 45 : . Brenner, M. Brooks, J. McEllIgoTT, A. Podell, M. Fried, V. STac.y, M. Zell, 6. RaTzsch, D. Babcock 1 J. Jackson, J. uesThoTT, M. l-lebensTreIT, J. Bach, V. Shoclcley, B. Andrae, . iemann, M, arrell, . i s. THIRD ROW: E. Niemann, B. ChrisTiansen, W. Bowlus, E. Thomson, E. Frawley, B. Ouasius. H. Schmidt P. Kunzelmann. 1 Mr. Seefeld, J. Draves, B. Busby. T. Dueclcer, G. Me er, B. Randall, D. Hughes, B. Taylor, Mi oehn. I I I TRowBR++.B y M L vg M OND ROW C S h dT BII M F W W RD ROW G R WI D FO RTH ROW M J k S A Wll M FRESHMAN CLASS PresudenT Carl SchmldT SecreTary John Bachman Ann Lindsay Vlce PresldenT Bull Pollock Treasurer KurT Remus STudenT Council Grace Vogel In The beginning oT The year a successTul Freshman Sophomore parTy was held In The gym wlTh games and reTreshmenTs Everyone had Tun AT Thanlcsguvmg Tame The class broughT canned goods coolcues cakes or money Tor The USO The group donaTed S50 Tor The Red Cross and gave a good conTrlbuTlon To The CommunnTy ChesT The Torm as a whole helped ouT The adverTlsnng campaign Tor The Annual a Tew members being among The leaders In The school AT ChrnsTmas Tame Tor The cloThang drnve The Freshmen gave many warm Things Tor The Europeans The Freshmen playung a larger parT In The MunsTrel Show Than usual produced a sexTeT oT grrls Two planusTs a member Tor The band and some members Tor The chorus ThroughouT The year The class boughT sTamps and bonds 46 FIRS : , o , .Bolger, J. Allen, A. Lindsa ,Cu eggers, B. PeTerson, A. Tnnn, G. o el, . Carman, D. Louclrs, R. DeTTman. B. BlounT, C. Ziernan. SEC : , c mi , i Pollock, M. Maclredon. J, BoughTon, . rench, B. Kuehn, J. Declrer'r, C. olf, N. Winslow, J. Inslow, C. BenTon, J. Pinlc. Tl-Il : . unTe, B. Simons, L. DeuTsch, H. BolTe, J. Bachman, S. iey, K. Remus, A. Sells, . Ogran, J. KueTher, A. Rieselbach, A. Floyd. . U ' : r. ac son, W. chaurn, B. Johnson, . iiams, Bob Pollock, B. Baum, C. BarTh, . Mann, F. Finger, P. Polland, W. GeTzel, Mrs. Waring. , I I I I I 1 I I I 0 T ROW J Pl N W W + k M W OND ROW K K h J M TUNIOR HIGH I sf Semesfer Presidenl Vice Presidenl' Treasurer Secrelary Kennelh Kuehn Duke Slichrer Carl Dielerle Alberl Troslel 2nd Semesfer Presidenr Vice Presidenl Treasurer Secrefary Duke Slichler Sally Downing Alberr Troslel Clemens Schmidf S+uden'r Council Kennefh Kuehn D Slichfer B Larkin C Schmid? J Schlick N I-lunn The Milwaukee Universify School Twone Club consishng of all 7+h and 8'rh grade srudenfs have a business meehng parly or program each Friday Twone Club members always and all school funchons This year fhey collecred 300 decks of cards for +he USO One of nfs annual prosecfs is The collechon of fruir for a young boy who has been ill for a long lime Junior l-hgh sl'uden'rs also helped io make The quofa for fhe ACADEMY adverhsing campaign 47 .FIRS : . unkeff, D. Lukas, B. Guerin, P. Schmid, B. Baerwald, S. Slockdale, . Hunn, J. Randall, M. eisel, B. e zel, J. Goldmann, P, Rusf, J. Droppers. J. Ron e, . hyle. SEC : . ue n, . Schlick, C. Dieferle, . Zinn, L. Schulfz, V. Vogel, Susie Downing, Sally Downing, B. Fied- ler, B. Larkin, J. Speaker, G. Maly, D. Slichler. THIRD ROW: Mr. Rinflemann, A. l-lewiff, D. Seidler, A. Troskel, P. Eschweiler, P. l-laensel, C. Schmidt C. Linde- mann, A. a en, G. Peck, C. Shields, L. Fine, Miss Cavener. , . , . , . . . , . I I I ' WER ROW F Ge N Buckwam I F Kc-pw a rbark e V SECOND ROW J G eff' ans Tea k Devoel F Vcue ROW J C ooer R Fur nr' amrve a nra H I C a fe ce P Vo FIFTH AND SIXTH GRADES FIRST ROW e fn e ooo c u z on es F Hurvr SECOND ROW C V dv-rede c em 1 6 v M We s+'eId TH RD ROW A N ' 5 5 A PV D Roo e ENT B M Lhrren A rw 'v THIRD AND FOURTH GRADES 48 LO 3 2 F . ,. CN' J. Ifosfef, C. aIlr, S. f I-59' R. CI V9 . E,Go+1scmW C V D. K He. P. Frafk T. FHL. : . Q I ans, B. G r ' ov, R. Gcemavs, F. FHL, G. Haqq. E. DIe'efIe P. S' fm, B. Eoefcai S Z F. .I . . I J. TOR : . e L ,S Lf, T. H . f, C. H ieslca, B. Me fb, B. Sdwwehze' E. Sc leoie N. MI": S R Q r, R, Vo' I . qe-I, 3 J, R' gre M, LIVSIT N. He oe G. L y VT N. S H H. C. L Q L. Fl Icbef R. SQL7U++ PA Z5 A 1 , we R, 5 , f N. Ne. F, J. uam Q J. A, www M, Aboev, D. Z no" D, T II Lf . E-I-wif E. Kay J. DoIIe"'efe' R. He"Ie, S. Sawyef I. Ties' R. Miefs E. KQN le L7 ard . Q fs. ABS t . dgaefc R. 5, I n .S W. T ROW B Me e'rh1"ner W Newman B Kay N offs :He r ar sor' 1 F O er SE OND ROW B Pdadweck G Taylor P Nelson T E11 d P Sh id S Sdwaum E Roq RD ROW J Lev fas J Wwlison L Trosfel A Hema B r on Evans J Bbodqood Vin ENT P Sfouf T vu n 1 ross a vm 5 L dvr c R Yo P FIRST AND SECOND GRADES FIRST ROW J NN S use Nw TP-VRD ROW P o J R113 ewrz A N' M C1 J D Dura SENT 5 C 'mu KINDERGARTEN 49 FIRS 3 . is Y ef, , . , . . N I, D. W' S, R'd1 d . J. Brain'n. , 'N 'H. C : . . . . . , . 'er, . ie s, . , . fers. THI 2 . I , 4 . . , . - ,, . La S , S. Falk. M. . . ', K. Till. ABS : . , . Cowles M. Da 'dso G, Fhfscbe' W. G . S. Hubb fd, D. Le ' , M. Ro s B. aww . P. C fwVes, . UA. I . Y 23' S. 3513533 M. Ra " S P M. T'Q'i', B. Er-we C. C3319 B. O" J. S'e" a' S. Lefuau SECOND ROW: J. Iwcaen D. Sas. S. Brainirf, M, 9071? 3. Vlanvef S. Be-fzef E. Efse-ofa" 2. Co"a". 1 ,Cfe"'a'. . . few, S. H .Cas3. .4'Me. B. Nike 3. :'I:iC""?C I. D" D.H1f "3 'C Wewafb. S, ff:GLf"Q' T. Desmorci . . Hy. AE, 1 M. Fwfv T. Qiftr' M. ,.'TNf3'3, . E1 ef' S. 1:53 F. Mif.-.e' A Reed. T ROW B Wu son J Conen r Mac n Evans T Jones OND ROW K eel nq R T W J P H1 T Hale T RD ROW V Barre++ P Wxfscr- V Zero R Shaner D Goodman F Donner D Seefeld B Tayo NURSERY SCHOOL FR T ROW ss Ahredwf Ms fou+ M Ne 'nann Mrs C rfer Mrs Wer en OND ROW Ms H bbard rs We Y xss R e Ms Mekher Mrs Sfoc ey dl LOWER SCHOOL FACULTY P' f A w M 0 Jw 0 6 5 T ff' 1' Awhgffwin EJ FIRS : . 'Y , . , K. Ellerd. B Coss, P. 'haelso, P. , . . SEC -ni:.ayor.c., . .HI 1 . . ' N . . 3, . , . , . . , . , . V r. ABSENT: E. Hokanson, V. McEwen J, Ocefg, M, Munkevlfz, H. Banzhaf, R. Maman. H, Ste-Inman. V, , Y I S 3 Mi , r. S , fs. w. , . a A . d , I. SEC 1 f. u . M . Fee. M' os , f. , . k f. 41 5 LA pf? 5 0 f W1 L1 PM hr 4 pl as l , M flaf 50 if M A I 0 r A , ACTIVITIES 'l NQN-Q II' Nw T1 C SENIOR STUDENT COUNCIL PresldenT Jam T-lornlg SecreTary Carol C-rum Ten amblTlous sTudenTs Took over The duTles oT STudenT Councll members In Sep Tember I945 Their mann asm was To make The Council a conTrubuTlng TacTor To The welTare oT The sTudenT body 1nsTead oT a polnce Torce AT The beglnnnng oT The year The Council members made speeches To Tamlllarlze The sTudenTs wlTh cerTaln cusToms acTsvITIes and rules oT The school ATTer These speeches The Council members Tool: over Their hardesT 'ob The lceeplng oT orderly sTudy halls The Council also endeavored To mannTaln The hugh sTandard oT The mernT sysTem A merlT charT was lcepT by Joan Cr1sTal and laTer by PaT Laycock Under Tne suggesTed plan oT John Dolan The Councsl drew up a servuce award sysTem which grves due recognlTuon To sTudenTs who gave Time and cooperaTlon To exTra currscular acTuvlTues Also aT The requesT oT The Councul TaculTy members gave a senes oT assembly programs These br1eTpresenTaTlons were sources oT 1nTeresT and pleasure Tor The sTudenTs Several open Torums dlrecTed by Jlm l-lornlg gave sTudenTs an op porTunlTy To volce Thenr oplnzons Treely on Timely sublecTs ln addlTson To These major acTlvlTIes Councal members ushered aT games and programs sponsored a Freshman Sophomore parTy and had a proTlTable lolnT meeT1ng wuTh The TaculTy To discus school problems All Through The year Council prolecTs were Inspired and puT Through wnTh The ener geT1c conscnenhous leadership of Jam l-lornlg The presudenT Mr STrow s ThoughTTul gundance was also a deTerm1nung TacTor ID malcung Thas year s STudenT Councul one oT The esT 51 l J. Sc liclz. B. Jordan J. T-lorniq, G, Vogel, F. Swanson, B. Randall, . Grim, B, Russert M. Brooks, J. Churchill. l I . s 1 . - Q ' b . IUNIOR STUDENT COUNCIL C. I-feffeo J, Zlrwmefma' Mc. VVi"nQ C. GMM J, Leai. GIRLS' CLUB OFFICERS 53 TROWJL B ONDROWTH d T THIRDROW DF Gb C Wd WW q P BOOSTER CLUB PresudenT Joan CrusTal Vuce PresudenT Tom SchmuTT SecreTary Treasurer Sue Rohn The BoosTer Club The organuzaTuon sponsorung all school acTuvuTues aT M U S maun Taurued a small eTTucueruT group oT members ThroughouT The year l3ursT The BoosTer Club sTrorugly supported The TooTball Team by urgung aTTendance aT all games A very successTul rally was organuzed beTore The home comurug game The goal posTs were decoraTed wuTh crepe paper Tor The occasuon and whuTe Tlowers wuTh blue rubbons were sold NexT The BoosTer Club senT ChrusTmas cards To all M U S alumnu un servuce The Club Then loaned wuTh The Gurls Club To doruaTe one hundred and TuTTy dollars Towards The Save a Chuld FederaTuon Thus money was used To and a school un France BeTore ChrusTmas The BoosTer Club sponsored a successTul school wude CloThurug Druve The many carTons of cloThes were senT To help oppre sed people un war Torn counTrues A sTuderuT commuTTee Tor The MunsTrel Show was elecTed among BoosTer Club members represeruTung The Tour upper classes Thus commuTTee was acTuve un The plannung oT The many TeaTures oT The successTul show NexT un The March oT Dumes collecTuon un assembly T collecTed over TuTTy dollars To gaTher money The BoosTer Club and The Gurls Club raTTled nylons sold candy and surpruse packages and puT on a dance Also The Club provuded ushers Tor The Thanlcs guvuu-ug program and Tor varuous sporTs evenTs Joan CrusTal The TursT gurl presudenT un The Club s husTory was greaTly responsuble Tor The success oT every underTal4urug l-ler Ideas and hard worlc made The club a Tune and useTul organuzaTuon 54 l l gig l FlRS : . eaf, S, Shea, D. Day, J. Bach, .Andrae, S. Rohn, G. Vogel, B. Walker, A. Lindsay. M. Farrell, P. Read. R. Pueschel, J. DeclrerT. SEC : . en ee, A. Podell, P. Blum, J. McElligoTT, Cu. Ralzsch. J. Timborru M. Brooks. J. Anderson, B. Golschallc, M. Zell, A. Ladish, V. STacy, M. Hughes, J. Crisial, J. Sfeiner. 1 . ine, W. e el, F. Swanson, T. SchmiTT, J. Hornig, L. Marsh, . Syburq, C. er en, . ldrl , A. uelicher, J. Rosenberqer, R. Leypoldl, E. Nunn, B. Bumby. 9 . I 9 I ' I - FIRST ROW C Barfh N Scnweufzer J Anderson B WaHcer C Grxm M Reeder J Zrmmerrnan J Leaf L Rrnfel m nn L OH J Jac son OND ROW B Bumby E Nunn P PoHand ' reenihal C rzfeld D ay rn ru B Russer J Wnnslow A Jor an RD ROW Mrs HH K dams W Wwdrxg L arsh urg r o 1 Gen I Bouo on Mr Haley ACADEMY YEARBOOK T ROW C Heb if ar wel r Q er ee e af r J Crue OND ROW F MCL B B Cy M a fz e a u'n a fn 69 n say J ouqnfor J D aves RD ROW M 5 H W am Se e mg ers r ew u we crdan ss ACADEMY MONTHLY 55 5 Y I .I k. .. , . , . , . , , , . , . , . - SEC 2 . . . . . ,.. G , . He , . D , P. Blu , J. C'sTaL , Y. . ' , . d . THI 1 . I , , A . ' ' . . M , C. Syb . R. Jo dan, J. H rn'q, B. I . L, 'AIM , Y W .YL . L FIRS : . ec C. B fb N, San 'Tze, J. Anderson B. WJL , C, CMH M. R d f J. Zlmmennan J. Le L. OH, L. Rinfelfm r' J. ackson, J, 'faL SEC 1 , .f , ur' . . ZeLL P. Re d, C. He Lid, D. D y, P. BN . M, C ' an R, Pu :neL R. Li d . . B l . . f , ,THI I f. Jil B. awe K. Ad S, V. if L J. Hof ' , L. M n M. Haw C. S-fb 'QL C. Triehs B. Cv' n A. J M4 Cavenen T ROW B K C T a ec Z M Le W s SECOND ROW D Og R de ahl W W THIRD ROW M G c Ha DRAMATIC CLUB PresldenT Jane Zimmerman Vice PresrdenT Duane Day SecreTary Treasurer Joan LeaT The Dramahc Club was esTabllshed as a TuncTnonlng orgamzaTlon whnch meT Tour Times a week during The Worlq Service Program Thus elevaTlon sT:mulaTed new TalenT To enTer The Told Under The dnrechon oT Mrs Hill and Mr Haley panTomune and acTung Techniques were discussed demonsTraTed and pracTnced These meeTungs were used laTer Tor The producTuon oT The Chr1sTmas Toy Play Pop Reads The ChrnsTmas Carol ATTer ChrlsTmas The DramaTlc Club Turned :Ts aTTenTlon To The supporT oT The MlnsTrel Show Following a very successTul MlnsTrel Show The Club agaun sTressed some oT The Tmer polnTs oT acTnng The poTenT1al TalenT oT The Club wall provide a subsTanTlal nucleus Tor TuTure dra maTuc eTTorTs Aside Trom The acTung There are always lrghTmg cosTummg and scenuc dcTTuculT1es To be overcome WuThouT The saT1sTacTory background no produchon would be com pleTe Mr Govan and The sTage crew are To be congraTulaTed Tor Theur successTul con 1rxbuTrons To The Toy Play The MunsTrel Show and The r lnguous pageanTs 55 l l l FIRS : . uehn, . Grim, V. Sacy, C. H b lr, M, ell, M. cElliqoTT, C. Dawe, V. Kilhqrn, P. Blum J. Zimmerman, J. CrisTai, J. aT. J. Anderson, B. Bolger, N. in low. : . ran, J. Sfeiner, M. ee r, N. SchweiTzer, D. Day, J. Jackson, C, BarTh, C. Herzfeld, P. Rear: B. D , B. BlounT, . Schaurn, J. inslow. : r. ovan, L. Marsh, W, Gebel, B. Bumby, V. Seibel. E. Niqbor, R. Levpoldb Mrs. Hill K. Usow. B. Busby, F. Mohr, J. Horniq, T. S hmITT, Mr. ley. ,- . . I . ' e . . U T ROW B Bumby R rw Leypo ' ' Bouq Von OND ROW B Russerf A Jordan T Hendee F wansorv rs resco e Q nu P uc RD ROW W Wndrsq J Merlre J dvmarm L SIU rw Jor rw C Sy u BOYS GLEE CLUB FIRST ROW D D ee B Refe on B WaWe J A arws G Vcoew M Ree e N Qhwewfze N Kramer E AG 5 SECOND ROVV J Crus a! f Rur ebvcrr- D Lcucks M HEb9FlS4V6NT Ti-HRD ROW Mrs Pescc+ e u M P e ac Layc L, Wcf J B um? n C W r- RTH ROWCH ,L J RDLS MGae Bc eos GIRLS' GLEE CLUB FIRS 2 . , . Lindsay K. Adafs, D. Baye'leI ,D. Fine R. No, ., lm , SEC Z . , . , . - 1 . . S , M . R ff, W. G bil, R. B' Y' B. OV CY. THI : . ' ' , , r, . Ba , . Mar ,J. Ho rfc B. da , . b ro. I X n SH T' - 2 . ay B. fwdf M. Camfar' . 'S ,J. Cf"'s'Ia'se' . N ' . d N , . Y , Ci ' . S ' F . , C, Gif , FT 're , ' 1 . A? J. Leaf, B. Gm sQbaNk, L, 'f , W, J. fwef B. Sober, . , , Y '. S, Rehn A. Lindsay, V. SHQCHQV Q' germ, P, BMW, M. Mimef, 1 . f ' M, Z 5 B. Dev! B. K eh' M. Fferzf Q. zffqcu V. S' cy J. J kso' P. j cdr O. 5' . O V, -fC , Dawe N, "sew J. Sree-r1TPaN. 'OU ' 1 . efzfed S. Sfee C. 'Rt SWAP, R. V'e""a' ', 5"r."f -. !AN'f1'?'LCV . . 'e iff' . ' - fel G. Mezcew B. I uv' A, Lads' J. Beck M. L Tr, V. K?'Le'f. MINSTREL SHCDW S 1' -N Q, 'S hm, I 1 ,-.wb-w. NF' -1 U'!'1DOO '1'Cv9. j En bushy qrass Jcirfs, singing ' The Zulu wow: thy: rwrmberi of Kiwham, Sheila Shea, Joan C Courtesy of Mrlwaukze Sentrnzl C311 S-,amz JV' Wfrshvw, Warren Bowhs ammo Bwfz, Hapoy MQ BM RdV7d'?fN had m w Vzhe' Wahov' Widv'iq, Tom Hendee Jack Schiff N, John Drama and BW Guerin, Hackfaced and dpdffc evcnirvq clfnhes, did a zafire on bah- Laycodr, and Jilin Churchih. mm' dangirq ard baihgf wlfh a davce fo 'Lfldy of fhv diehce heard Ricky Leypokif EV'377.7"Q . Wa:'er Wid'iq and fhe chorus new sang Lhoy ef , Taken back home, 'he Lcu . Pfam'-3 vis was 'he HFBXE. The GUNS Chews fm w Dia You Em" GefTha' 91' fi-P'e'e3 Y' 513611, 5cv"5's eva sang Tha WaA. YC-J df Sun or Quw ef PQJQX, Liff 7743" V3 "fe Gmbfed CTCVQSQS Chao " VS qffg Rngdgf B,'b1raW5Nk5-r 3 Gif: 'xligh' fm Sf"1f"': . Tve O"'?"3 Cas' ' In awe TTT hsvfwd Cy iw: nardbchv 53' " 1'1" 5 'ho N1"::,'a3 AUM-2m and iz ' Iin5M,,1i,eJ- CTT Hiipik PM, MFI TL,,53MnJ,7 'wif -Zi9sgfL,1 4,"wj -A MUS hf,+5f,,. HeWp Lovffg T'5' Ma' , Efovvan Cha'h1: Burgh The 1 ,5 33-vm w"', 3 .3 :g,p,Q5fQd Cf Mfg. H MQ! yqjem Il Glen Dratezl 'H NJQF av c'SqinaN veewloh of I' fv1'5, Pfe-fc", M1 Govan avg My Haley. Du Lava gr-Q ohha Rain Nc Mya . Me-udames and Messiews M: S. S Pvefde' QOdCh6d 'he ehdwem 59 ATHLETICS X tk 71 X QE f WC ' "Vi x x qw 1, - ' Q, A' -'x-A 1 X L ' ' f WKXZLHXY XX ff lffwffl M X H X X 9 rreow c s hT + c Sy oND Row T D VARSITY FOOTBALL CapTaIns Jim Hornig Bob Jordan Larry Marsh SaTurday SepTember I a squad oT Th1rTy sux boys reporTed Tor a week oT inTensive TooTbaII pracTIce aT Camp Willowbank HusTisTord Wisconsin under The dIrecTion oT Coaches SeeTeId and Haley Coach SeeTeId claimed The squad worked harder Than any he has coached The work paid big dividends enabling The Team To run over Pewaukee wiTh The score oT 26 O in The opening game in spiTe oT a driving rain In The TirsT ConTerence game oT The season The home squad Turned back a newly Tormed LuTheran High Team 25 O Taking :Ts TirsT Trip oT The season The Team was upseT I3 6 by Wayland Academy in a game marked by a peculiar lack oT spirnT in M U S DespiTe our sTubborn Tighhng agaInsT a superior CounTry Day Team we were ouTscored 30 6 The boys deserve crediT Tor TighTing doggedly unTII The Tinal gun Rallying aTTer Their Two successive deTeaTs The Team wenT To Lake Geneva and edged ouT NorThwesTern M and N 7 6 CfaTher1ng momenTum againsT a very conTidenT and Tavored Elgin Team The squad presenTed a large homecoming crowd wITh a 30 O vicTory showing some OT The mosT br1IIianT passing and all around play oT The season By de Teahng a Tough NorThwesTern Prep Team 20 O In The lasT game oT The season M U S gained a Tie Tor second place in The newly Tormed Conference This lasT vIcTory gave The boys parTicuIar saTisTacTion since The Tollowing week This same IXIorThwesTern Prep Team deTeaTed CounTry Day Considerable praise is due Coach Elmer SeeTeld and his new assusTanT Coach Fred Thomas Tor developing a very good Team ouT oT relaTiveIy inexperienced maTerial 67 FIRS : . urc , . Schmi T, T. Kuehn, D.Kuehn, L. Marsh, B. Jordan, J, Hornig, R. Lindsay, J. Merker, . burg. SEC : F, Fiedler, J. Fried, F. SmiTh, V. Seibel, I-I. Puelicher, J. Schlick, F, Swanson, J. Rosenberger, P. Birckhead, R. Bluhm, P, Lindemann. THIRD ROW: Asshcoach R. Knoernschild, Coach SeeTeId. J. BoughTon, Mgr., J. KueTher, R. Hughes, W. Bowlus, H. Schmid , Coach Thomas, Assf.-coach W, anaher, Coach Haley, L. Zierner, Mgr. I I I I I I T ROW P Escnw II r ay Q ms ow an W mms Po IOC A rosIeI 'vw wc D e Cl OND ROW C ad S eIeId B B E C rm I ze we rw e e U a Cl D av A c P' TI-IIRD ROW Coacw I-I Wue, I er ue Q e L Deu+scIv LIGHTWEIGHT FOOTBALL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL FOOTBALL FIPS I . I f2'e B. T I r, J. W' I , M. M rw. A. III? ,Bob I' Ir, .T JI SQIWI' Ic, .S "I SEC 1 0 e , , us Y C. S Iwfd, C. BarII'1. P. Kun I, fm , C. DIQI rI P, P0'Ian' W. R v' J. ' es . S I' 705 : aa, S. 'I D. SIICIUI K. KueIwrw, A. Sells, J. BGCFWWGVT, T. D cle' G. M-5 r I-I. Bc . : . S1:" F. fevge N, Stieff' f , V ge: B. erwa T. I-Ia'f"ef P. FICFI ,. aff-r. IQ, 1 . 6 L. OIer' J-, Qfeg 5, R, NIQIQC C1wf'T9:f'was C. H1 eye N. BQCF'-fcf' Q.. I-IU" S. Gcf. T ROW H K M SECOND ROW C h Th BASKETBALL CapTaln CurT Morsell In T946 Coach Fred Thomas recenTly duscharged Trom The Army Aur Force became The baskeTball coach WuTh only Two reTurnung leTTermen Tronn lasT year s co champuon shlp Team he had To develop a new Team The season opened wlTh a hard ToughT game wnTh CusTer on Their Tloor whuch ended 26 34 NexT were Two home games one wuTh WhuTeTush Bay 36 53 and one wnTh Lake ForesT 28 48 The TsrsT game oT The Wnsconsxn Prep ConTerence was wuTh The sTrongesT ouTT1T oT The season CounTry Day The CounTry Day Tnve proved Too much Tor our Team The Tlnal score being 27 6l The Tol lowing week anoTher game was losT To LuTheran l8 45 Then The Alumnl Trlumphed 34 49 In Thenr game WlTh NorThwesTern Prep we were vlcToruous 42 38 A week laTer however we losT The reTurn game 25 36 Then Tollowed a serues oT deTeaTs Jan 26 NorThwesTern lv1ll1Tary and Naval Academy 29 34 Feb I LuTheran 3I 49 Feb 8 CounTry Day 22 43 and Feb I5 Lake ForesT 28 32 Even Thus dld noT dnscourage The Team The spnr1T and TnghT whuch They had shown an every game broughT Them ouT on Top 43 42 In a close and excuT:ng game wuTh Wayland a ConTerence Team The nexT week on Wayland s Tloor we suTTered a loss 30 35 We Tunushed The season how ever In a blaze oT glory by beaTung NorThwesTern MnluTary and Naval Academy 44 38 Thus year s capTalr and also nexT year s capTarn lecr was CurT Morsell hugh scorer Tor The year wnTh a ToTal oT T49 po1nTs 65 ll D 5 127 TQ J' FIRS : D. ughes, J. Fried. . Adams, C. orsell, J, Merker, C. Burch, V. Seibel. : oac omas, F. Thomson, B. Randall, F. Fiedler, J. Schlick, P. Birckhead, F. Frawley, AssT.-coach SmoTherman. THIRD RCW: 6, Meyer, B. Quasius, W, lngold, W, Widrig, W. Bowlus, J, l-luTh, manager B. Busby. I ' ' I i . . . . - ' . , .1 , . 3 'I I . BOY S SPORTS kqlff-N 4 A L , f T ROW D Ve Oman C SCH wdf A WnUvams BOD lock B Po! an J Wins w OND ROW ac? S sfe-fd M Man A R lbach J P lc xc mann em ue c S Wnley C Birth Coach Laker FBESHMAN BASKETBALL Y RC A ra e C FCN rf ce M Why IUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL 67 T Row c svb Q VARSITY SWIMMING The lvl U S swImmIng Team oT l945 46 experIenced The second undeTeaTed and unTIed season In The hIsTory oT The school IT won over EIgIn WashIngTon and WesT MII waukee once and over SouTh and Lake ForesT IWICG The Team whIch reporTed Tor pracTIce IH November was paced by Bob Jordan and CapTaIn BTX RusserT The Team broke Three school records CapTaIn RusserT Improved The record Tor The IOO yard TreesTyle by more Than Two seconds brIngIng IT down To 56 8 The record Tor The I2O yard medley relay was lowered by JIm I-IornIg JIm Coerper and Bob Jordan I II To I O8 AnoTher record was shaTTered by The I6O yard relay Team whIch broke The record oT I 236 and Then beTTered IIS own Tor TIve consecuTIve TImes durIng The season The TInaI record was seT aT FIgIn by BIX RusserT Fred Swanson RusTy LIndsay and Bob Jordan aT I 20 7 The mosT remarkable deveIopmenT oT an IndIvIduaI swImmer was ThaT oT DIck Bayer IeIn who Improved In The IOO yard backsTroke Trom I 3I To I II Carl Syburg also slashed hIs TIme aImosT I5 seconds In The breasT sTroke JIm Coerper Carl TrIebs and Tom Duecker swam dead heaTs each reducmg hIs TIme aImosT IO seconds RusTy LIndsay and Fred Swanson also broughT TheIr TImes down consIderabIy Bro Nunn proved To be a good dIver and BIII Guerm aIThough hampered by Illness also Turned In a TIne perTormance NexT year capTaIn eIecT Fred Swanson wIII be supporTed by veTerans AI PueIIcher BIII Guerm and Tom Duecker These boys WIII Torm The nucelus oT an equally deTermIned Team 68 I FIRS 1 H. Puelicher, R. Lindsay, B, Jordan. B. Russert D. Ifuehn, F. Swanson, . ur . SECOND ROW: B. Lindsay mqr., T. Duecker, B. Nunn, J. Coerper, B. Guerin, J. I-lorniq, D. Bayerleln, C. Triebs, Coach Seefeld , . . . . I I I ' I I I ' I I I I . I I I N--w w..,,. my.-M...v, ....,..,,,.g-,rw-A-v-4M-..... 'irq ...1.,... .Q rli WK' M, iisfyngi qw? ,,.,,,.,-ff" ,,....,-.ff- WW .,.,.-ww CKPIATN Eli RUSSERT UNDEFEATED mxrrxeo SWINNXNG CHAMPS COACH GLHER SGEPELD MANAGER BILL LXNDSAY T ROW R Bl hm V S b I B suus C er n 5 uenc Hua es OND ROW G Meyer J Frxed D Baye len T Kuehn C B rfb C nfon o uv F w -1 James Coach Seefeld FOURTH ROW B Jordan J Hormm TRACK T ROW A Resdbed J WwT rw 0 ooc ere P OND ROW B R ndaTN J H Hn P B cldne ci C MoseT! L Zfemer B Glen T E Face C0aCT1T TENNIS 70 I f - - FIRS 2 . u , . ef e, . Que ' , . Mill , J. Merlcer, R. LI d ay, H. P T' fer D. JN , J. D'a SEC 3 . , . ' . . F f . . ,, . 6 , . Be , H. B Pe C. B dw. . S a THIRD ROW: P Kunzcglmann, T. Dueckef, J. Kuewer, W. Bowlus. K, Remus, J. SCHTFCR, D. Fife. FIRS 1 , I ., , ',SOw, BIIT Pdlock, F. Lehwarv , B b P Il lc, W. G 3 P cHe,nd, SEC 1 . a T, . u , . ir a ', . V ', . ' . . , .Scfmiq . I 'E f, . TROWDHqh RDROWEF Ev- BASEBALL Thus year for lhe hrs? hme In M U S hlslory a small group of ambuhous boys formed a hardball feam They prachced enfhusuashcally under Coaches l-laley and Seefeld lo make baseball one of 'rhe 'rop sporfs al M U S Mosf of The boys were inexperienced rookues ofhers luke Charlie Burch Warren Bowlus and Bull uasnus fhe slar pufcher had some experience wn'h fhe ball and bar As 'rhe boys have Improved fhey have 'rhoroughly enloyed each game Also They have conlrnbulred a new sporf To our school one which we expecf To grow bugger and beller each year 7 l l V f s C "'. f' "' M--. c - . FIRS 2 . u es, T. Kuehn, W. Bowlus, R. Lindsay, C. Burch, C. Miller, J, Draves. SECOND ROW: J, Fried, A. Rieselbach, V. Seibel, F. Mohr, L. Deulsch, Coach Haley. THI : . rawley, J. Schliclc, B. Quasius, . Tlcmson. 3 . l I I . Q - I . I Ton li., Tn T ROW R Vogel F F B a a son ue n B Ta RIFLE CLUB CJ ' Mgrgell Jvn l-lorrwg Blxby Russefl TROPHY WINNERS Caplam Curl lvlorsell was awarded lhe l-larry Wuener Bas lcelball Trophy al The l946 Alh lehc Banquel Also Curl was voled lhe mos? valuable player by hns 'reammales and forward of 'rhe All Conference 2nd Team by The coaches Caplaxn Jim l-lormg of The M U S Foolball Team and quarferbaclc of 'rhe Isl All Conlerence Team won lh r-lerberl Unhleln Sporlsman ship Trophy The Ray Bell Swim mnng Trophy was awarded Jr Caplaun B xby Russerf who broke lhe school record for The one hundred yard 'Treeslyle v. A 4- Qu . , , V rw, ,.,, R f f w , , , ' . ,Q f. y G ,L , ' ..g 'T' ' K --R T , ' A -Vg 1 '1 , M' T v- wif, 'V J, ., ' ,sail H MJ- - . K 1. q.' was I .A -fl: 0.192 - Zxkffhv-.V-...,T. JZ, .gsz , 0 ' WM , ,, ,.,.,1,,r"f ff. px, - af fra, . "f-A-t-ive 3 , , A Inner, Co ch J ck , B. G rl ,IN Sells, V. Vogel, E, Thonsson, . ylor. . . ,- ' ' ' I ,G . ' o ' T . l CHEERLEADERS Thus year M U S has had +he hnesf Che-erleadmq squad ru Ts hwsfory For fhe hrsf hme +hree gwris have ako Wed ID 'rhe roo mg Marcua Carman Janef Boughfon BeHy Peferson B U Guerin Rnclcey Leypoldf and Ed Nuqbor have worked unhrmgly af foolrball games baskefball games and af all pep rahues L F R T ROW B H G R dey Leypoof OND ROW B My P f ca ef Bom h ABSENT Ea N nh hm A, M A ' , 1 , L ' v . - 1 S 1 i uevfr' I ' "4 ' I SEC l 42 5- ' eersom, Mari Caviar' Jan Q , . 1 ry nr, 2. 2 F5 al 9 14 V r A' ax V' J, C Jrchw Q,!6X'f1'?'3CU, Mfeg KffA"' J. Tfi'rbcr'r1, J. Cfsga. GIRLS' ATHLETIC CLUB -,BX-F1408 Y, vt!-U r 6 FIRST ROW G Voflew G Megqers J Trrrnborn J Crsfai K Wlennann B Pe erscn J Adams SECOND ROW J SFu++er J Zvmmerman C Gm C HerzfeNd V Slnockley M Farrell D Ba coc RD ROW J G enfnal B Kuenn M Frencn J Layc lc P Pxnlcerfon G Rafzsc WHITE TEAM ,ppusxuag HMM Q3 7 1 '1 T ROW J Ailen R Read J Anderson J Cnur MN N Mo hs B Andrae Rwnfelfnann OND ROW M G aebel R D Txenne R P s wex zer a S+ W1e's S RD ROW P 'n IS a Jn: ac son ues no BoJgn+o N m BLUE TEAM 74 . as A 435 ' V ' 1- T GVVV JM,,4:.f,f.,, P . 2' . X f ,X 5 f Q w V F' ' f' ', WF' 3 -,.f' Q.. ef K L' W -'V . ' 1' 5 'T : . ', . , . ' , . I f , , ' , , , + T , . . : . I , . ' , . f' , . . . , , , . b R. THI : . fe . , , , . , . Ba:H P. oc, . ' . . H. 5 ' N 4- 35' fe Xl V gqsw Ng: 2 C5 x Y 5 'f E M L 1 FIRS : . ., . , . , . c, 'l, . + , . , L. ' . SEC : . r , , e' , . ue cney N. Sch W D. Day, L. P b , J. J . , Snea. THI 1 . BQ , M. Lad'n, A. L dis"1 S. YS I J, J P J. W T' K, J. l n , W' ,W GIRLS if fbi if T ROW B And a F le M a GND ROW J J Ckson M B ooks J Zvvvnuman P Pmkcdon R fnenne J Wuesfhor M ar N Wkfs C Hev RD ROW G Kwfharn c n gf een a a zsc a coc L as M 5 KOLL-r HOCKEY Hill M' '4 Mm' ,nu QND RQW Q Q hw zfeld M 5 J J m LGF Tb-HRD POW M Ca a Q K G FCURM4 R W K We 6 BASKETBALL FIRS 1 , foe V, Snoclrley, G. Vega! J. Crisf L J. A demon, K, Wlfnanrr, J. Allen, L. Pans' . Gr are SEC I , a . r , . ' 1 , . ' A , , De' . . rf, . F WN, , Mnwa J, i 1 , , kzfdd. THI : , ' ' J, Cl'1urnJL J. Snuffw J. Gr fb L G, Rf H, P, L'y L, M, Pied, M. adn I 4 -.xV'5'Lfl. . -Ax " xe mx Ai A .Q wx 1 J ,xx 14 f K H! ' X 1 3 AJ I q ., A Q Y L xt , ,lf 1 f 2 'Q f A 3 W Q. K 4 , W . WRST ROW: C, Gflrn P, Dinkerfon, J. Crisfaf, J. Anderson B, fxndrae, P. Lemcick, M, Brcolcs V,S'cck15w M, Fren: SEC N 3 . cu? " L. Rin'eN'nern C. Her , . Pfed J. Gare-3-n+PaL M, L d'sf E. A'C'ES .Zi 'ne' J. Bc "cr B. Vvefecd , 3 , Une" G. R fzsd' J. T"":c"' J, M E fgc' G. ilkanf M. 'eebew F. Bc zen T 0 : -. W,ee":5 J. W7 e's M. Panel. . ' Wann, . Vcce -. KWH. I ROW C G rv' I r rw I rwderson noree os V Shockle n CND ROW I Rr wha n fn 'n rw J Bom Ion G Kr rv' RDROW JWIQ- azsc CI r MGaes- RTH ROW M Cavwar' M Fa II IC W 'Y QI A BASEBALL FURSI ROW B I G f W s SECONII RCW S I' I RI RONN M IUNIOB HIGH GIRLS' ATHLETICS FIRS 1 . 'I . R. Rmke Io J. C"s'Ga, J. A , B. A , P. Laycock, M. B'o I. . y. M Pre ch. SEC : -. I ff-Warn C. Hetffo Gfec- Y, I M, F'Iec1 M. Ledish, E. A dfes J. Zbn er, .A , , . . -II'I6 I. THI 2 . 'I fa, G, R I II, J. Ir?'rCffr J. M EII'qo', B. Pe efson, . r D I. FOU : . . ., . fre , If-I an, G. Voqe J. Ilerw . . 1 C. Rx- S. S"fI:1ea -. S' CWM' . VIUZ5 E. Fai-was B. Jef J. i'CCD'E"S J, RaPdaII M II I-S . 1 ,I-1 f .-.ffz L. S:',': 5. NI ' N, Q", N. .i"r' D. SC"'A'C1 3. I7--3 I-II VI L :Si . IW-f 'J .Zf' Mfg " 'f' V. V135 N. E1."':-In. Mpfw 5 x o 1, - - 2. 1. fs A 1 3 'C 5 I f5a:4Q?j' Q " 1 15 Q. ,,,:......-- ...G N F 9 Q . 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