University School of Milwaukee - Trident Yearbook (Milwaukee, WI)

 - Class of 1941

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University School of Milwaukee - Trident Yearbook (Milwaukee, WI) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Cover

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lb! 'WI' J.. I GBM 0609 069 qi V L I wg wu Q es . 050000 Ex l.ibr'iS 2 U , ' 'IZQZTL- as vear we Ce e rate ninety years 0 at revernent ann n I 0 dy as the Wtulwau ee nnversstv Lneot It as eneo tne tIHGSt 0 ltS und ID the count y TH: . t tts ' . ef F tw' H . in 1851 the sctwwl began as tne Qld Perm Enqel- gtQQ.Td , t te U' j Q F 1 fel? e Y ru 7fze 7947 QVVL TQQOCIS MILWAUKEE published by H S mi r ci S of .yqx if X. be ,Q , - . F. " . , 'X , F. , bg. w EL A , ' X ' ' Q1 - :Wag T' 'A f fl s ',3ge.,. 1 - .eff- - . , ,,,11, K MK'-xfvyf ' 'I' - qw , 1. ff' N A If, . . A - ,y is . V-SUSE-3 xv N .Mr r .- -W-' ' 'xx Q. .A-, f .-1 X. Qf, ' , ,gy Q, J ,., .3 L- , ' 4-' 513, '75, . NI 4 ,fan X441 ji". H Q-Yynu' " W g ,gy . -ww lkxqu- Y . 3 -f 5. , " .. ya' . ,Q L, .A S3 Xx.9 . '- .-1.1. sxxnf .' . -574. 'Q-P .A,'5'wf" A A ici xklih J K Mi 1 Q .-.-X, X, KX-.Ssy ,Xxw . ak x,'x..A,.x?l. f-x :Jig K., 1 Flxxgygivi h, s .,zi5 . 1 1 -,Q ,A fyx . . ' K f' 'MR -V k."-'4 . ,S ff ,,- 5' LL..-xx , nf! ,,,.'.1A,, f'- , ,- 'N', "F,--s , .. ,X . fx' ,K Q 4. ' i-1 5:-. firm. ' 5 Y .rf fd.,-' , L' ' X , j . Lx .L -t -'S-. x X Q ' 4 .sv XQQV Q , -M ,x 'I' A . . , -b . . .L . yy Q ,sg -.1-rw ,ix , r- ,-NQfs5""QC -., 'on ' J 5-" 'Y Q . 1 'f' N rf' , , , s . ' -A 'J Y 4--'....,,..:.i 'L ' . x. ' '25 - 'xxx ' ' ' ,eiifv v ' . ' ,Af H '. i.f"l.f"? ' . :ww A I H. Qi" UNIVERSITY SCHOQI Board U aw TTT :T T T M MC mf 1 Q Ku ta T1 MONT T VTCC P Q mem S6-CTQTH on uc G C S1T sbur D S J See or W A Thompson 5 T L Tolam F udrcy Numrwcmacbgv JQiVTfAXV1dVGE f T TTxmTTTom NT Larry T051 LJ Tzm DHTTQV1 fm Q, E,CH.A.vT ur, Ji T3'cf.Tm3'w' ATT MT Q. TrmwTe3T TTT. ' 7 1' Q' A TVT '-', . C3 2Tf i PQTMT JV. Q Q W,Tf1 Q. Zlrw Tv'-,ffi fir' C.1r,' Mrs. CTiTTQrd Renew W' fTr'T4TamTf:r1 . . fi X," T -mm LQCT Q r. . . Q Y XT. . TJ JTTTTN , , , Ury T. S. QTTVTT Thy TVTV. . . T' 'T Q. Be3TTaCT. .TUTQ 4 ' T r 7- ffy MM XR ECL! "7 if Cixi! Lg Allectionately dedicated Nllss Agnes Sndler beloved teaclmer at lVlllWaul4ee Umversty Sclmool lor many years MR EVERETT Assrslanl Dureclor of Mnlwaulcee Umv rsnfy School Prmcupal of The Upper School fgkfflt Lv!! MR. SPIGENER Direclor of Milwaukee Universily School f1'fs........ Num' 4 . . 1 G . N x X. v, pL,x.,C2 fflgffv L , ' Q'LfLff"1' I 1 ' 1 I J A W v, K If t 5 ' V , y fp M. L ' LOCKIE F DINE Unlversuly of Wnsconsun B A S lnvaluable Form Svx advlsor known as lhe mofher of fhe Senlor class always has a slock of pencnls handy gives advnce To lhose who need 1+ and lends a helpnng hand un everylhung whal would M U S do wufhoul her7 German EMIL H RINTELMANN Slale Teachers College B E Unnversuly of Chncago M A S Has 'rhe afler school lardy class you re Tardy you ARE lardy means lousuness enloys felling lokes and poelry makes acadernuc repor+s ID assembly every monlh loves has Malhemahcs Huslory Q WILLIAM R LEKER W Park College B S Umversuly of Wnsconsnn M A S 'W As much a parl of M U S as his per sonal greenhouse as wholehearledly devoled lo has pelrunuas and lornaloes holds has garden as a refuge from errnng sfudenls coaches llghlwengh baskelball W B Il Brology Physics General Sclence ELIZABETH HARTMANN Ml Holyoke B A Bryn Mawr M A M U S O Dean of gurls and advisor lo The Gurls Cub does mosl of Hrs braan work and us responsible for many of :ls enloy able gel logefhers fond of reverhng lo The old Roman Cuslorn of open ar Class rooms may ollen be seen on her blke wulh Mlss Hall Lahn 'N ff XC, ' C1 A Mu .1914 ' Q 7 1 Y f A AI M.U. .I9I7 'Y ' . ...Hn Qf l , "...he garden . is advisor for Two . . . Z' Z X ' .. ' L, L lVl.U. .l9l9 ll ...l94.l X -i HARQLD E STROW Unnverslly of lnduana A B Ncrlhweslern Unlverslly M A US Junlor Prom maunslay and advisor lo lhal class sympalhehc and pahenl wllh lhose who can l learn unloleranl cl 'rhose who won l school counselor and lrlend power behind lhe vars: baskelball leam goll coach 'foo Malhernalncs BESS BOYLES CoeBS MUS O l-lead ol lhe calelerua allernpls lo crewle lhe dorneshc guallhes nn lhe glrls has mosl delucuous lunches prepared lor us and always a scoop or lwo ol :ce cream lor hungry sludenls aller school and her cookues' yes she ss dell nulely undlspensable Home Economucs Humane PETERSON' M1 wlesler College B A 'Xlorlhweslern Unnversuly lvl A S Love drarna especually Shakespeare know all abou? slage selhng as marvelous slore of knowledge coached lhe lvlunslrel Show nnlroduced lhe uw and reached hus gwls an lhe Sensor ay Engllsn ELVAJ EAN HALL Oberlin College B A S Known lor her bicycle 'four and her nnhmale knowledge ol Youlh l-loslels advisor lor Form One Teaches English lo The Junior Hugh you Il always re member her by lhe llllle sllps saying Book overdue hne Lubraruan lvl. . A928 . . .l93 lVl.U. .l94l llrsl J llor play lui l ' - ' lVl.U. .l937 JOHN B' MURRAY Slale Teachers Colle M U S O Tall dark and l s o gsve 'resfs +ha+ drave hrs pupils c azy ns e assuslanl foolball coach also coaches 'rhe rulle leam sp rls a casual key chaun rode a wreck l a Reo lo Raclne wrlh lhe rllle leam eo rides no more' Chernnslry MARJORIE DEWEY fMnMM Unnversuly ol Wnsconsln B S MUS O Pul Isle and spiral unlo lhegurls alhleluc PGYDEN WILER program lhss year leaches l-luslory lo lhe Junior l-llgh showed lhe glrls how lo wield a mean hockey slack as he boys lavorule as well as lhe gurls Physical Educallon Oshkosh Teachers College B E MUS O Can be found un 'rhe Mechanuca ang room on Mondays Tuesda s and Wednesdays also nn he s op where he leaches 'rhe Elemwary and l-lngh School slud nl' Manual Traunung Mechanic l :ng Manuallraunung M W ILWARD FROBER6 Norlhweslern Unnverslly B S M A S Delnnulely an ouldoor man loolbell slar al Norlhweslern Boys Alhleluc Dnreclor coaches loolball swlmmung and lrack lakes good care ol hs boys during lhe season aller lhal e en he c nfl' 'reaches Modern l-luslory buf has hearl us on The loolloall me Physucal Educaluon Modern l-luslory WALTER BOWLES Unlverslly ol Vurgunua B A M U S O Has become a real lavorule wulh every one ol hrs sludenls wulness lhe large aller school groups IH his room admuls he IS a flrm bellever an hypnolusm menlal felepalhy and rerncarnahon hales +o have has classes dlslurbed lS coach ol lhe lighlweighl foolball leam , . . French HARQLD C WURL Carroll College B A Layfon Arf School S Calm and placud endeavors fo culfnvafe fhe arfnsfuc In fhe sfudenfs flll has nlqhfmares abouf sfage seffunqs coaches fhe mughfy lower school foofball feam and IS fhe advisor for fhe Boosfer Club lime Arfs BEVERLY REXFORD Slwlc lcschers Colleqe B E S Gur sonqbnrd has charge of fhe Gloo Club does an amazunq 'ob for fhe Mfnsfrel Show llkes fo play fhe Plano wnd sung an fhe muslc room affer school and oh fhose Tuesday morn nlnq wssembluesl feaches musnc fo fhe lower rwdos music a recuaflon fo Q pp fhg Hugh School puruls Music OTHELLA PLAEITNER Norfhwesfern Un verslfy U S JOHN W SCHAUM Norfhwesfern lvlusnc lvlasfer S Beafs ouf syncopafed ryfhms for our Tuesday morning lam sessuons feaches piano fo our more falenfed com fades who an furn display fheur ablluf, of a assembly morn Plano The pal of many a sfudenf pafuenfly lusfens fo dozens of quesfuons he ps us ouf and wall do almosf anyfhunq we as fries fo keep fhe offuce wnndow free from lonferunq younqsfers an manages fo sfay cheerful fhrough If all Personnel HELEN DoouTrLE ,HJ Unuversufy of Wusconsun B S ln' MUS O Always srnulung and ever ready fo cblnqe fhe sfudenfs who ask favors of er a new member of fhe office sfaff she has become a frnend of all nof unusual fo see her doung fave fhungs af onc besides answerung fhe phone Personnel 15.41 ff 4. anion L,,,..3 1 Wffs MM Y' xx ff FN 'Fixx X ' nxbbx iff V 317 , l dh-r' A X I3 an 4 l i xx RICHARD BENNETT Our able leader . . . l'1as succeeded in every- 'rlfiing he has underlalcen . . . does as well in his sludies as in allwlelics . . . luis pelr peeve is worlc in any disguise! . . . is Pal Q'Brien's cousin, and proud ol il. . . lavorile song: "l.ouise' '... ambi- lion: lo be an aeronaulical engineer . . . "Dick" I Eniefedg IQ37 swam comm President: swam cams: 2, 31 Class vice- rosidenl 31 oosfer ubq porls io AmlQmyi'- vmify olball 2 3 plain 4 a as e a 4 Vers ac 2 LOUISE RUSSERT Blond and dnclerenl loves lo slarl lads famous for slrange gadgels decoraling l'1er conf ure always receives good grades is a real allwlele loo can oulswim almosl any ir will be remembered for lier excellenl llwemes bas read ine library from A lo Z Weezy n orrd I927 lud nl Counr 2 4 Prc-sidonl Girls Club 4 Class Vice r 0 l 2 Class Treasurer 3 Edilor ol Academy Monllwly ee up I While Team Hockey Baslcelball Swimming P B CI S Ear r C , Fo , , 43 Co-Ca ' 7 V rsify B lczlb ll 2, 3, 1 ily Tr' lc ,3, 4 as-.5 33 f ' ' - g'l . . . ' ' Il ll ll . . . ner unliring energy is evidenl' in lfier record E l, v 2 G i li S P ,il l, ,J .' " : '-Pesi- Ar ' an f , r ' " " 1 GI Q ix cii,2i3y4f ' I y ," ssggcs Q Sli fi , I4 l ,y my syxy' all lx- Q RCLAND SCT-IMID Leads rloTous class oT TorTy one hearT and soul an hrs sa1lboaT has won many a race on The snland lakes Tavor1Te Tood caviar CreaTed Idea oT sTlclcers adverTusung The unTor geTable Junior Prom oT ThrrTy nnne on Sensor Day was Transformed unTo a peroxide glamour gurl and blushed lrlce a debuTanTe Ro I6 OHLXNNL Gmmmsanwaas 23.1, ...A Cfbmkclob was sam we 3 JULIA MORRIS ,, AN Luvely energeT1c and always busy belueves IH Mr Splgener s Theory oT having several good hobbies wanTs To be a cosTume designer and an anhgue TurnlTure collecTor malces The honor fall regularly aThleTuc enThusuasT and an old guard on The hoclcey Team haunTs balcery shops an her spare momenTs has a mania Tor apple Turnovers u me I d I 5 4019-8' .:x.S3'55'u 0-NQXJNAK-L-O Publ . . . I . . . xg - - 1. lv , . . . lull-rr-rl: lqlfv Claw, llrvshlr-nl l 4' Vx'-,IN Bawb-'I ll 3 4 ia. Q F- Lui l - ,Q .Q - HJ .I x lynlwed: 938 , Class Sccrelary 27 Glen Club 2: Boosl'-r Club: 'Wxqadunwy' Shall 43 CoE Ilor of "Academy" Annual 41 Blue Team' l-lorlcey, Baslnclball ROBERT HUME Our blond Roberl Taylor lwas been low scorer on llle golf leam for Tlwree years owns a yarue-'ry ol paslel sweafers wllh soclcs To malclw son ol Doc l-lume wl'1o palclwes up Jrlwe foolball heroes lavorlle song Slar Dusl nf you re lookung for Bob loola for Mlm: o Vas X " K xJuKX g N MARIAN MUELLER Black lwalr and a Jfan Complexion goes fo Florida for more Tan an flue wlnler loves lo draw crealor of many clever poslers one of l'l1e M U S clan on Beaver Lalce In Hue summer an ardenl enllwuslasl un lwoclcey Jr you re loolclng lor Mums loolc for Bob Mem: 97 4 . . . B I Y ' ' ' lIB bl' V ,Q il-ma: ma Va'-,SL Ffa-law P 3 47 Varslw Baslnelbfall 33 r fly Golf 2, 3, 43 'LV K ll Canlfxln Gull 'lfwm 3, 4 .' ,V Cx xi 'wr Y 5 ' iff , glge' SN -5- --.X 1' n :KL , 5 I 5 XX K- '- I xx K- Tx- I K x P . . . . . . is I ' ' ' YI ' 'll Enfered: I 3 I Glsfe Club 2, 4' Boos'e" Clur' W'vl'f1 Tern' l-lwkny Bnsf-ball WILLIAM SLOANE Can give a "pep" 'rallc on anylhing, anywhere . . . wholehearledly devoled Io foolball and any olher sporl . . . weakness: borrowing money . . . Iavorile song: "l'ye Been Worlcing on 'rhe Rail- road' '... played rlrhe parl ol a lillle old grandma on Senior Day Iavorile boolc "Jane Eyre" "ShanIy" JANE FRAINIZEN Coal black hair a happy smile a gor geous car lilces Io enlerlain Ihe more The merrier heads Safurday allernoon sfalion wagon rides spends summers on Cooney La e has a weakness for red suppressed desire 'ro go ice slcahng in a swimming suil Janne wfdffmfw Enh,-red: I939 1 Vavsily Foolball T 4' Varsity Bai,lMlnaI 3 Q I I 5-, - ' i 'ji - in I Inli-if-d: lQ2fj Rvfvnlvivdi l93Q N lrransiiu-i of Buoslvi Clulvj While loam: Hockey, Bdslielball, Baseball 'si . q I7 ja Af' 51N M. g. My l CHESTER ROHN 6. 3 Our "good humor" man . . . freguenfs Pine Lake in llwe summer. . .drives around in a super eleclric boal . . . handles a gun like a "pro" . . . per peeve: Roosevell . . . favorile songsfressz Ginnie Simms . . .a praclical ioker . . . "Clie+'rer" ANN WIEBRECHT Girls Blue Team caplain and caplain of sev eral class 'reams climbs mounlains in Canada during The summer loves Viennese wallzes spends parl of ner vacalions on Cedar La e mosl allwlehc of llfie girls a good pnolograplwer is a ski enlliusiasl Annie 1 Rifle Team 2, 3. 4 asf lr"v-ii-rm: WL' . Glue- Clin I 2. 3, 4: B uf: loam' Basks-lball, Hockey, Basoballg Blue f lwvn Caplnin 4 2 J , ' 2 , N in K Q ,Y 4 . ' , Q ' .- . A A 1 I - IS A i ' ' 4 'V V' a Q i -,.i-M' FREDERICK BAUCH Our drum mayor can lme lwurl llwal balonl lollownng nn llwe loolsleps of lns nlluslrlous Q brollwer has a wealcness lor poelry sporls ' a buslwy lwaur Cul and lwow dld lwe waslw oll lwus car aller llwe lwomecomsng parade7 Wlllu nolrlc acacl7 ambmon lo become a lwolel manager FIlZ J ..x f' ff GLORIA SEELMAN Wavy blond lwanr a pleasanl manner layorlle paslrme IS dancing and llslenung lo Tommy Dorsey lwas a lwabul ol qellunq loclced oul of lhe house wanls lo lcnow all aboul muslc plays pmano well layorlle song Our Love Affair peeyed al people who are always lale Glorna W UF - uv . V M- N . . . "- Q Y. lnln-ve-ll: 940 K N N .V 1 .. f ' fl 5 - .N Vx ,V K' , , l N-v Y 1 ' ,A 1 . 1' 5 ,'!,, ' 1 Q I . R A ' Qu - K , ffl - ,r .,- U , ,JJ xr 1 .iff N My . f H Q MW ,J K , - f 4, , ,IV J WMV . I 'v N, 1 ,gf I -'V ' I v I fl P, . 'f " L, ,J J L we I, f 4 , 1 ,-W , W Y .' YV ,ff Ay' .5 . MM A, 1" J 'VS X Enlvrvd: V739 ' Glen- Club 3, 41 lwile Team: Baseball Hx 1 WILLIAM TEwELEs MC Black curly halr a real dresser angora soclcs swealers and Iles by IVIac3Nell and Ivloore can gel along wnlh Ihe gurls famous for advnce on love lnkes Io dance leader of Ihe slag lane dabbles In newspaper work In Round Ihe School column lcnows mosl everyfhung aboul everybody a good pho Iographer pel peeve Iall gurls 937 VIRGINIA PIERCE The worldly member ol our class as Iended more schools Ihan she can remember IS a cold weafher Iuend goes all wunler war an open coal and no hal Iavorl+e food Ice cream lnlces Io argue and do as she pleases very lond of Ice slcallng haunls The arl room Glnnue WIT ,rw as , I '-V-f ., V, A - . ' - 5 EL I , " I If Q 'I I 14.14. 'Y fl ,, , gi, , f fv v-e-'ff' V 1 1 ix ... : ' ..."BilI" Inlf-vwdj l Claw, P'Iw,IIlf-rvl 23 lAr'adr:'ryll lvlonlhly Slall 2 3, 4: Varsily If-nm-, 2 4 . . . h al- Enfered: I94O hi Q eam: ence Club 4 K 9 ,1 ff .3 ' , J9.M.o14rw,'4fylw!0V41f -5'R'6v- 0b1M,LU'-4- fwwla RALPH KNOERNSCHILD An enflmusaasflc enllwuslasl proud founder and presldenl of llwe Boosler Club enloys lallcung loud and long clanms he can + concen lrale on has sfudses favornlre food chop suey favornle sporl lashing pel' peeve giddy glrs a fasl man on The foofball field as well as on llwe baslcelball floor Canary NANCIE DAUER A lwol weallwer lnend woud like lo llve nn Flornda flue year around conlernplales goung lo Europe fo learn French complelely lcnows all aboul sporfs and can really lull a lwonne run loves lo ea? buf donf we all7 s dreamer and enloys loolmng baclc on flme age ol clwnvalry Nancve W 21 s -f ' l Q I, l 5, 1 . 4 a D 1 Enlerod: l94O Prmldonl ol Bofvslor Club' Varzlly Fcovbull 4: Vfivwlly Tvaqlc 47 Vavsily Baskefball 4 X 1 U 0 - ' K - . . -v .I x fi . . . Q l .y . . . s 6 Enlumd: I938 Treasurer Girlsl Club 4' Glue Club 2, 3. 4: lnife Tearng l-loclcey, Bnslwlball, Baseball WILLIAM KRAUTI-IOEFER The man abouf Iown beafs ouf syncopafed 'azz on Ihe drums whenever he gefs a chance can dance anyone rrghf off 'rhe floor easy gornq a sense of humor an oId hand af prachcal Iokes swnrnmer of nofe appears regularly an IvIans+reI Show an old hrner aI U IauI'r a handy Iune vlrfue handy Ilne Krauf QW We Zzmffiie GLORIA GNEVO InseparabIe companuon of Audrey Schlaefh druves a bIue Ford IauII speeding am I 'non 'ro go around The world wanIs Io be an Inferior decoraror and sfudy arf Iavorlfe food :ce cream hafes Ilvmg ou+ where Ihe deer and Ihe anIeIope roam Gloria M. . S .... : ' . . . ' 2 a En1ered: I927 Sfudenf Council 4: Varsity Swimming 2, 3, 4: Capfain 4 X f . K . , . . . - . . . ,, II ll ' ll Enfored: I939 Blue Team ROBERT ESC!-TWEILER Always has a lolce and a good laugh sporls a baggy blue Teen laclcel or a lure red swealer loves lo puller around walh oulboard mo ors lives on hamburgers al lhe Porl lavorlle piece Gerschwm s Rhapsody In Blue a member of The Three Muslceleers Frllzue Krauf and sc S POLLY TURNER Lively and lnduslraous hales people who borrow homeworlc on whnch she has worlced for hours can mnmnc anyone loves lo sew and nl as proud ol her numerous nephews and nueces lnves way ou+ norlh a -. . I . - . . . I . - 'Q , X 1, - I1 11 ft' - - - I 1. - lv . . . , , IVE hll lnl.-1.-X11 WT7 .lAxXlxlt"!lX Mmnvhlx S . R' 3 43 A .idk-nw Annual MTT4: Varslly Svxlmvwln: 3, 4 x K- ' , ' lc 'l . . . ' . Enlered: I037 Class Secrolnry 41 Glue Club l, 2, 3 4? Blue: Te-ww RICHARD CTMALLELY The execufive f e . . . lwas lweld +l1e osirion of class Treasurer lice sixllw grade willm oily one X inlerval . . . owns a snappy Packard converlible . . . drives willw flue Top down in flue dead of winler . . . arnbifionz lo dodge Jrlwe drafl . . . loves 'ro play golf . . . "Dick" m ..v.-. ,A um 0.1 fi ASRGINI M Tl-l Crazy abouxuvqjorsers rudes 'rnem wears 'rlwem 'rallcs flwem and owns flwem wnns prizes on 'rnern loo dashes ol? 'ro Joy Farm al Hwree 'flurry lrve whenever possuble lcnufs conslanfly lcnown lor ner plaud angora soclcs as beaulncul auburn nalr favorlle song Scrub Me Mamma Wulh a Boogie Beal Srnrflne We is x-J L, 2 7 K, ., If r . uf 0 J it ' f -J ,r ,J-ly! KJ 1' ij .01 .X I ' Y 6 CV jj ' ,u ' V I, : yj -, A J . A X, .SH 0 , fl' xy I v1 1 JP! ,rf All, 1 , J ' , 4 . 1 ,I Q' 5 J. A I jg - FA , ,J f, , 1 , , . . . if Em.,-ag I937 if '4 Glfrf' Clul' l, 7, 3, 4' Bluff Te-arn 4 is 9 Q I ' r l V ' 24 fflr 1 AUDREY NUNIXIEMACHER The lourlh of +he Nunnemachers +o graduale from M U S A one alhlele of 'rhe Senior class While Team capfaxn Slcus and slcales luke a o spends mosl ol her weekends an The lar norlh and IS dead lured on Mondays always runnung around busy al dolng some 'rhung malces a lol of nonse for her size eals dozens ol apples has pug 'falls A u 4 pl CLINTON MILLER Brain of lhe Physics lab suppressed desire lo fly . . . always draws super de luxe cars and planes . . . slarls af swimming lhe breasf slrolce . . . holds fhe IOO yard school record laughs al anyfhing and everylhrng has hobbues of 'O 3- O -O- O LQ 1 Q: 'O 3- N4 Q: 1 3 O. th -9- on 3 'O 0 CL K 0 14' 3 LO I7 l CHARLES CHAMPION Snlenl bul observmq says lullle and knows much has slnclc blaclc halr and a weakness lor hamburgers a craclc shol on lhe rifle leam washes we had a bowling leam sa s an e summer an experl grave dlgger Chuclc BETTY KAESTNER Smulmq and enerqehc loves lo swam and sea food passes hme by playmg records on The aulomahc vuc favorsle song Loolcnng for Yeslerday 1 4 W by 1 . . . . . ' ' . . . il ' lh Enlerecl: IQ39 Rifle Team 3, 4 haunls 'rhe beaches in lhe summer . . . fhrives on I IV ' ll ' ll ' Pnlerod: I9'9 Gloo Club 3, ' hire Team: Baseball, Swlmmlnq HAMILTON NISS Thln as a sliver a huge gran has hearl us ln has garden pe? peeves bllghls bugs weeds and gxrls rides an immense black bllce lo school and back' suppressed desire Jr be a muscle man clrculaflon manager for The Academy Monlhly has conlracled a case of lonslllhs from llclclng envelopes IS would be a brlghler world nf everybody wore my hes l-lammy MARGARET BLOOMFIELD The 8 2 member ol lhe class and she aclu ally dud gel I+' four years of French rn Two made possible Those memorable class prcnucs lhal food' summers on Ellcharl Lalce crazy aboul lcnvlhng had malor parl IH lvllnslrel Shows Margie E . L, , f ,vxf V ' 'I ,Q X N-'xx xx H X. . . . I , . . . . . ' : o ll ll .. . . . ,,-I-IW. ' . Enlorodi I93S Slaqv Crew 2, 3, 4, Business Manaqer "Academy" Annual 3, 4: Ch-rulnlian N1.wacgm 'lA'g.1dz,-vxvxll Monlhly 3, 4 ll ' TI Enlered: I938 Sludenl Council 3, 4: Sccrefary 4: Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Secrelary ol Girls' Club 4: Blue Team: l-loclcey, Baslcefball, Baseball RCBERT WIEMANN A new-comer llwis year from Wauwalosa way ...always lauglwing . . . carries his porlrable radio- plionograplw everywhere . . . spends summers sailing luis cal poal . . . suppressed desire: lo be a play boy . . . buys dozens of popular records... lilces 'ro bowl . . . "Bob" N40 JEAN ANDRE Regular piano soloisl in morning assemblies lwas brolcen many a llwumb nail running down llwe scale from lwgli E ro low A lurned Daisy Mae on Senior Day uses 'flue painl bruslw lo advanlage lwas crealed many a clever drawing achve summers on Lake Kawaguesaga Jeanie lr?--'i-.1' - v - ii ii ii ii - , l . . . Il ' ll A Enlered: I937 Arl Edilor ol "Academy" Monllwly and Annualg Sccii-lam ol Booslvr 'i K Club: Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4? Blue learn FRANK WOLLAEGER Lanlcy and happy go luclcy lels lhe world go by blows a mean 'rrumpel collecls hol records a nalural al 'rraclc su pressed deslre To be a hermul an experf un Y lhe arf of mlmuclong people loves lo Polka Swanlcy Franlcy l :S+ v 1-wclf 'N fl 5cvLOOl ! wyyigx A L LUYLDQ L ogf-l!2'1,14ff'f?4'A' RUBY l-IOFER Tall and darlc wafh an arhshc lemperamenl hobby IS drawung corsaqes her weelc ends are mailers of unleresf an eager baseball fan has lrealed lhe class lo many a Brewer game almosl a member of lhe leam herself has been wnlh us since way baclc when pe? peeve bennq called Rube Rube x . . . . . . p- Enlered: 937 Varsily Traclr 3, 4: Baslcc-lball Mananw l 41 , ,F " lr .1 1 I nf ' 1 f P' 'I f - - . - lu I1 1 -A QQ, . . . . -5 Enfumd: l932 Glow Club I, 2, 3, 4: Blue Teamg Hockey, Baslcefball, Baseball VIRGINIA I-IOWELL A heavenly voice big brown eyes and brown curls a charfer member of Ihe Record Players always on Ihe I-Ionor Roll swings a mean Iennis racguef raws well e Io sleelch people s hands has had many malor parfs in school plays and Minslrel Shows Ginnie 4 INIIELS MORTENSEN An exclusive member of our class mad aboul slciing vusils Sun Valley Io brush up on Iechnigue indulges in cowboy songs a mania acquired oul Wesl a musician al hearl iusl anolher Sweel Polalo Piper s s hs boal on Lalce Michigan Isle guard Irouble Iwice has Ireguenl relapses during school years Ialces resl cures every so oIIen college rhoice is Smilh our greal Dane Nies 929 PPV-incl: I Qiflp Timm ? I A V I4 in I ,, . ' . . . d . . . Iilf s LIU-ii-rl, IV37 KZUW flnl I, P 3 A WIviIf- Ivan: I-Irrr,Icr-y, Bfiskrilliall, Baseball FRED ZIEMANIXI BIond Iwaur Iong Iegs Iong arms prnde oI our dass on II1e Iennls courIs e II1e I3esI Junior Prom In Ilne InsIory of IVI U S loves Io camp In II1e wnld woods sI1ooIs buIIseye oIIen per peeve I1aIs IInaI donI sfay on Fre I VIRGINIA COLBURN I.lIerary munded Ioves Io pIay baseI:naII and IS sIar pI+cI1er peI peeve can I sfand seeing newspapers all over 'fI1e IIoor Iwer Iwobby music has a grand youce sang II1e Iead nn v, Hue Chrusrmas pIay works Iward and shows by Iwer good grades Colby I fly, H ' ' . . . a I I Inh-vmI1 IQ37 CII-,-. I'v1-MKII-vvI 3' S'IIm"s' CIN' 'I F 4' V.avsIy Tongs I, 17, 3, 42 Vnv-.IM II,v.Iw'IvxII 4' Q"f 7- VV f f ,A ' ., 5-1.4 A V "I 4 "..,' ' . "" L "" , . , x D f , 'I' ' I I I' B . Q - . . . is . n a ' . . . , II I- I. Entovedz I93' I,iI0rary Edifor oI 'ACadC'Ym IvIQnIrwIy 43 GIQW CIIJIS I. 2, 3, 45 f 'rr Bluff Tonm: Hockey, I3asebaII ROBERT COOK Our Young Republican wanls 'ro own a Ponliac lilces 'ro lwunl and lislw lavorife song Tommy Dorseys arrangemenl ol Slar Dusl suppressed desire lo grow a beard loves roasl duclc slar defensive worlc al end on flue loolball Team o xo Na ROBERTA LEVY Jrionally well . . . Berla C'-X lg' Tlfie lriendliesf of flue girls . . . has a lfiearly auglw . . .always ready lo oblige . . . famous for ner New Year s Eve parlies . . . nougli said' ...lwas seen flue Wesf inside oul . . .spends mosl of lier summers There . . . been willw us since lcindergarlen . . . is member of Salurday afler noon slalion-wagon sei . . . plays piano excep QP U W l'1Afc'4-ri. 44,1 ,Vary LL4 PHILIP JOHNSON Red helr and a perrhanewl qrm happy go uclcy Iavorule ood beer and prelzels Iavorule song Sweel Sue clanms he has absolulely no WIII power ambulnon Io gel e good mam In Physics Ihe slronq smlenl Iype SUZANNE WENZI: An ardenl speclalor al all alhlehc Iunchons pe-I peeve homeworr yel she spends her eller school hours In The Sensor room sfudy In weakness for Dagwood sandwnches ambullon Io Wm an arqumenl wnlh Mr Everell anolher ardenl Iqmller Susae I afar l0JV'r,0U4'!,L, f final 6 of 0405212 .d , X 33 Wmfo 12624, .kwfb KL! l..4g,,44, 7 ff ch C gil Ifna , 1, L. I . . . - . I ' f - - . . . I . , . . . - , .I L If - X . . . . I XY! I D . . . . I ..."PI1iI" Inlr-mul, I937 Vm-,IM Foollmll 3, 4g Vavlf, Baslw-IIW-all 3, 47 Cqpllxlm 41 Vmslly Imclx 3 4 I L.l. , I . I I n . Irxlcrvd: I939 . UTUCIYI ' .EDJLXZJ MM Me A A0ukl01wL UJAZ-Azmrgi hill WM ROBERT TRETTIN .E dg The braan o our class always, lop when The grades appear leads 'rhe slaqe crew unvarlably around when 'rhere as sornefhnnq lo be ..,,,tw done nnsplrahon lo rnany a dull s'rJden'r ln' pel peeve girls overdose o cosrne rcs comes Cross Town lo scwool ob ff' ff Jffff ff Qifaff 'fx newcomer This year adores musuc lavorofe song S+ar Dusl delesfs blnsfernnq weafher buf lu' es lo swzrn and bake on The beach an energehc lcnllfer ambnllon 'ro lravel and become a woman of fhe world Carole 1 40 34 f l . ' L., A , l f f' f' A - ff' ' ' V pe L I f 1 LK, ip Cm! . 4 K X f 0 f A ' 5 ' ks' I I - r T . . . ' n s s T T . 4 ' n n 1 . , I J. I I 1 , . . . .1 ll l l . HB I V. lnlerr-di IQ36 'Acadornym rnonlhly slag 2 3 4' A wfuwm 'n rr 4'1" -1' Sm 41- Clew I, Z, 3, 4 I FYR y -.,,s. cs ' . I - I s s a l D I ' ll ll ' ' A . U1 ' T 1. I. lnl.-rf-ng Q PlUl'Tl1fi'TT ROBERT ELSNER Anolher of The M U S clan on Beaver Lake In summer drlves a huge black Buick If lhe depression comes he plans To llve on his farm In Chenegua suppressed desire lo become an Indian sullan has a xerv hne slamp collechon va an experl barn dancer o Vx.-.v.i..XLu.n.5l...... Hunk., MARJORIE SLICI-ITER Calm and perfeclly poused never laughs al her own lolces pel peeve people who rernund her how she has grown loves chocolale eclanres and walfzes collecls odds and ends usually coupled vvnlh Polly Turner Marne . . . A - . . . "B b" lvvhm-di l'?3f Vmuwlv 5vU'vl'nlv'1 3 4' V.x'w'l. Trai P f 4 I . gg, - A , fx s 35 Q . . . - In '- -1 lnlcwd: I937 xx K Glen Club l, 2, 3, 4' Bluelw.1vn,llmlu-y GENE CCNOLE An all around allllele specially baseball arnbuluon lo be a bug league player lnglw scorer 'rlns year In baskelball winner ol boys ping pong lournamenl lends lo be lazy lwales spunaclw lavorule song Sfar Dusl Gene l O AUDREY SCI-ILAEFLI Inseparable companion of Glona Gnevo pe? peeve durly saddle slwoes wanfs lo 'rake a Jrrup lo Soullw Amernca has a marvelous colleclxon of phonograph records arnbuhon 'ro lee a soclal servvce worlcer plays golf well Audey . . . , r u n . Q I A o s A a u s I... .,,4, 1: Q4 Va' '.l 'K nl Brrrfil' 4' V 'JH lr: lr 4 . L . ll ll Erlered: I939 , ' Glee CIUYJ3 4 WILLIAM TP NNI-If-XEUSER Our new comer from Tosa a lop nolcher on The swimming Team collecls anleduluvlan cars once had a 29 Bulclc sedan wears llashy bow Ines loves 'ro sk: spends happy lazy summers on Beaver Lalxe IS now munus an appendix Tanny U BARBAI' x LINDSAY Crealc o Ihe ulfra modern pnclures seen abou? Iho cl ool spends mosl of her fume un Ihe arf room nale I-Inllor on I-Iarllor Bar Q39 I suppressed desure Io assa us nnvar ablv seen wallung vves xowue al 8 44 every mo ning x . . . . . . . . , - nv ll Lnlvfod: I94O Vfvslly, FpcfLv1Il4- Va'sI+, T'acL 4 . Q L. . ,b'f"1"I- .f If ' 1 IV A Q xf . f ' 'I I - . F N . . . . .. ' : ssi- I . . . ' ' I I' , I I 1 'LI C f ' ' : f r ' . . . H bl- lnlm-vl-rl: I , WIII 1- llol Img, Bmvlqall KXLJVVJ My i PI-IYLLIS ARCHER Curly red naar 'rofes her frusfy 22 abouf Hie nails is a red noi snoi Wild abou? Horses ner ambiiion is Jro raise ihem as a mania for 'me fox nunf favorife song Tales from Vienna Woods owns a nuge S+ Bernard 4 bw FIELDING UTZ .f 4 J. I-4. 4 1 ,Rza 01,7 as A champion diver . . . never misses a meef ...our siraie nigh iumper . . . wanjrs To be a guide in The Norin woods . . . buf may 'rurn ou? fo be a pilolr insfead favors fnicic luicv sfeaics smo+nered in onions ,Q WBK X,-wolfi Xffff DAVID GRANT Sllenl and seruous durnng school buf affer wards lull of pep an old sland by 1n playang puano for morning assemblles lmprovlses on old Jrunes for hours hls favorule food nol whal buf how much' a whiz al poelry names equahons lormulas dales and anyfhlnq you wan? lo lcnow Dave JACK MAAS l-labrrually on lhe absenfee lns+ always for gefhng whaf day I+ as ambuhon 'ro slay a bachelor pel peeve people who donl have a sense of humor goes an for hobbies In a bug way collecls records conns old boolcs and pipes paunls IU hus spare hme Jac d ,X Cl - . ' Q v 1 . ' ii , .... , , ll ll lnlv-rr-dz V939 Var-.ily Fm-llmlll 3, 47 V.: -.lx Galf3 4 Lk A ' ' ' I . I I Lnlere : I94O r, LOuS KLEIN Ambmon To rake a Trip +0 Europe marverou rep dancer and does fvqure skermq ow roUe svefes erm GIWH'1USIdS1'IC darmef player pelr pepve gum chewers lowes :ce cream Ons 3 Y x 'I -s , 3, ,J 7 x V 'fx' ' ' 1 Q F r ' -f' J v c 1 J 'A f .1 y 'YI' wx 'X 'I I ' ' ., 5 V . i . r I . . . 2 : ... X ' 4, f'1"'fvH' IWW I I I X X Class W II I I I I I Iv XXNI I I f I I . II III XMIIIIIIIII I'.I'II ", M' I' II I'IIIx -IIIIIH I .I.g Ia IIIIHIII I.IvI- "II, I. " I I. I.I X I. I'- I I . I , I I' IIIIIIII II'III'I"- IHIII I N. :II 'I II'I I.Ix'I VIIIMI IIII " "II- IIII'I I IIIIIIIIH A' III' II .Ix- ' :I"I1.zI II"I '. .I.I' I I IIIIII' III "III 'T' I. I , I . I I I IIIIN I IXIIWII NI.II III I.IxI 'III ' II 'III 'IIII..I II 'I 'I IIIIgI II.III.I' .I.Ix- 'I I"II, II"I"' "."'I. IIIII. IIII'IIII" .I.Ix: "IPI, ,I "" I'II'IIIIIIII" I IIIIIIIIA IIIII, IIIIIII I :I III, I ..I.IIIIIIIIII IIII,,I.I, I fx' I, pAI,I,,,., HH! .W , MWF IN, I1 3,II,,,,L!IIIl IIIIII II.I."'I'I .I Im. ' I .II IIIIIIIIII .I I II' I V' I' I 'II I III, .IIII I ,II -I'I I .II I .. I , I v,I1 I I IIIIIIII'I"AI, ... I. - I II I III'.II'.III'. IIIII 'IIrII, III.IIII- "I": CIIII I KIIIIIIIIII I Im ' I 'I'I I"III'II'I,, ,XI . b A xII"III Ix.I'I'I I.Iv- .',IIII-' I.I' .. X ' ' I' I I. MZ 'S I .FII I IIIIIII.IkI IIII IIIII I I.II.I.IxI I . I I IIIVI I 'If 'I .:X" "" IA II II "', I I I ' I II II, I IyIIxI,.IkI-.H I I III IIIIIIII -III " .II i:IIII IN W V Q I I fI-I.I.I'Q,, v I' III I' If IIIII vI'I'II LII. 'III IRVII II . .IIII.I'II- m".I IIII., III.I.III. I . . , I III' II' II "I"III, III'.II I"I. 'II vI.II, I II. 'I I .IIII IIIIII "II 'I . xx "I II'I5I'II'. V IIIII I I ' WUI IUI ,'I I. II I'II I, IIIII I' II .III "II, II'.X1I I IIII .IIWIIIII It x I I I I CIIIIIIII fIIIIIIr'I.I'I, I.Iv "N I I' I I' II' I. LIIM IIIIII I ':I"'. II I I III II I IIII IIIIII. 'III I .III IIQIVII' III"'I. ' I FII II' PIfc'IxI"I, I IxI'I.Ir'III fIIf.I"I V '.IvI' I:II, I II.I.lI1I'LIJ'III-I"7 I I I I IN II I'I'II I' III I 'I' '.:"", - III'IIII.'I'I wII" IIII I'I'II 'I "II I I. IIIII IIIIIIIII I' I.II ."' IIII, -I.'II'II. 1 N I IIIII 'III .IIII IIIvI :III .II-II" ' I III, IIIII II II. IIIIII I IIIIIQI II II .Im 'MII In I'Il'I .IIIIIIICI I.II.IIII II IIIIIII II I.I.III.-" I.xII.I. 'I I L-IIIIII' I'IIII'II' II IWW IW 'I IIIIIII' - I - I III IIIQI. .IrIIIII"IIII. I II'I.I kI"Ix.' IA. 'III 'LII-.IIII '.III'I- 'II IIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIII 'I' I' 'I I ' III' I II I' IIII, I IYII II-III, IIII. II. III AI. I.'I.I 'IIII fIIIII'.I WIII - X - I'I 'I' I .IvII: CWIIIIII' II.IxI ' I .'II,I' IIII. II WIIIIIII' 'I-I' bIII If IIW 'I'- IIIIIIIII-I I IIIIIIIIH, I UIII III IVII ,NI IIIIIII, II I ,III III' II III . . I N . . I IQI III, III III' III.IxI IIII, .1I"II. IIIII-IIII II' DINII' 'I IIIIIII 'III '-II I ' '- IIII- IIIII-I. IIN, III, II IIIII IIIII - - I I IN I IIIII II. I-II I III III .I'I IIIIIII, IIIIIIII , I II IIII"II I.IxI I.I II. I I IIII. I III I.I' Ill IIN' II .WI I'I', .I'xI'I.: IIIII III, " I . , -I III II IIII I .IIIII'II.III I .III "II, 'I .I I .III '.I IIIII III' 'I."II 'II I I ' 'I'I'III. ' fII.I- I.VI'r1'III II.xII 'I:II II- "I. I '. . II' IIIII' I ' - . fIII.III III 'III Ix.III--II'I' :Im .ww 'I' -xII"IIIIII1II I ' I. ,I.II'II'III IIIII I", If'NI'I' IJXIIII I'IIIII II IIIIII- III, IIIIIIII- 'I' I.I'II, I' . . , I. I I .. . I . IMIIIIIIQ IIIIIII xII"" II 'I .Im IkI"I: II I LI I, I I.I.IIX.x!1'I'III'II' II.v IIIMII" 'III '.I I. I I III I'I.'.I.I'III I 'I ' max- I.II1'I'IIII'-KVICIII, I II ,III VIII. 'IIII CII' II.IxII IIN, IIIIIVI I IIII I I .I' . . ,.,. ff 'K , I. I 'I , IMI,I,,IX, ILM ,M Wy, ML R, .I .I'.I' 'I IXII, II IIIIII'. IIIIII1'I'I 'I' 'III' III I IIVIIIIIIIIIII IIIIWI- X'vIIII II .III.III I . , ., . . I I II'.IIII II"It'.II, IIIX' "'II.II In II'III'.IIIII I I'II.I . II IIIIIIIII, II.Ix'I 'III 'I 'III II 'I IIII' vIII" .I I . I- IIII- 'NI Ix.IIII". II L,I1II'-II, I IIII IXIIIII' II IIXI' ' I I"Ix IIx"' I I. Ik,II"' II.IxII 'III 'II' .II:"I IMI ' ' .IIII .:I.II 'XIII IIIIIIIIIIIKII' IIIIIIIII- Ten VSGVS FVGITW New -Qcfivizlied XKXQ' 5 QM 'Q f Q w, , kb X ff 1 XX I I-Ialler Dallon Huebsch M Weller Burclchead I-loy J Wlemann Voss Turclc Neacy Roelhlce Bergen hal I Krueger Terlgen Nellzel larsl row slandung Weyrnlsr Tolan MacNaughTon I-I Wlemann Gllychann Sellrner Wals Glxenlce Kluq Maney Claylon Spencer Greenebaurn Renslmer Candee Levvs second row sfandrng Blalz Mcpoy A Meyer Pulnarn Erna Rosenhelrner B Mrller Syburq Koprnener Ernesl John Prrlchard Thompson Bellaclc M Slnrnpson OFFICERS Presndenl John Pulnam Vnce Presldenl Lora Walls Secrelary Dorolhy Sellmer Treasurer Larry Tolan Sludenl Councvl Represenlahves Levns JUNIOR CLASS Al' Thanlcsgnvnng and Chrlslmas provided lor needy families December lwenly hrs? gave a heavenly prom wllh Bully Baer s orcheslra wllh Larry Tolan al head of adverhsnng campaign grasped second place nn Ihe annual race for ads collecled 306 presenla 'non of The Pol Boller IU early sprung saw lhe Junior class perlornnnng before The loollughls showed con slderable Talenl In The Mlnslrel Show caplured scholarship banner Through mosl ol lhe year John Syburg JCI-IN PUTNAM PQe"l' Q Swell. A-I X. slflhq- , , , , , ' , , , ' , , A , absenl -IB. Nunnernacher, J. Lllprnan. ' ' ' Il ll . . . . 1 I . ,, . ., . . . 1 . . . L 9 Q Sfurfevanf Reeder Hughes ld Mr Curus Waldneunn Cohn J Russerf Janrey F Sfumpson Ross Sfodola Weller P Sumons Heunemann Surnrnons Salusbury Fowle Hargarlen Roserube ger luusl row, s second row, slandunq-J. baclx row -- D. Simons, M. Weller, Reundl, Berg Knehrirug, lruqo OFFICERS Jurn Salusbury Presudenf Jack Hughes Id Sumons Vuce Presudenl Dona Duclc Smrz SF-crelary Treasurer Sfudenr Councul Represenfaruves Russerl' Fowle RE CLASS SOPI-IOMO A+ Thanlcsguvurug Form Four supplued several needy uamulues and gave food and clolhurug +o lwo farnulues af Chrusfmas had a class hay rude un The fall he lughlweughl foolball Team whuch us composed moslly of Sophomores had a successful season under 'rhe durechon of Mr Pele-rson gave a play un lhe early collecfed 2lO for The adverfusung campaugn Q FIU M SALISBURY sulllng -W-Srnrz, Darlcow, , , . ' ' landing-Linn, I'-lauslxe, Oswa , . Y, ' , , . ' u , . A , , . 4 Gvuferukunsf, Sluebe, Nichols, A. , . ' ', A , ' . ' er, E. Ufz, l-larnrnersrniuh, Wuener, ' , , , r , Id. ,. , , . . . . . I I . . fp g . . . S Jl I' I 7 . P . Q " Qu X s H q Hunler Hauser M lbrafh P Gufenlcunsf Slrehlow Danaher 'Lf sian n II Goldsle n M Te eles M Meyer B lr P K eqer Ro nson oe z lv c Moclrly B eslauer We sel Hogan Koch l-lenclee Bo ne G-allaue Mo 'ro so WU LX OFFICERS Presldenl Vfce Presldenr Secrelary Treasurer Bull Browne Ted Morlonson on l-lunler Jum Hogan Sludenf Councul Represenlahves Koch Krueger l4U"1'l'6f' FRESHMAN CLASS Smallesl' form IU The school helped several poor famslues a+ Thanlcsguvmg ancl Chruslmas lime was lhe larsl lorm +o wan lhe scholarship banner buf losl' I+ aller 'rhe lursl monlh look lhe progressive banner several 'fumes won lhe Trophy for lhe adverlusmg campaign under leadershup of Don l-lunler B LL BROWNE ll 10 J ,bm S :ob V AV f Q .. gb od 06 x od XX llfhf , , I , , , , . 6 -fx X U Y llvsfrow, diq-Conne, I, . w , , , ir, . ru . bi ,G 'f. C QA dx alrrow- .r. , i, , ,, ,rw, r, rnn, X ' e . -' D l Ulocg Cl' Q. C1 piO-CH G3 QOQSIV1 X 'D an Sul rom NJ Mole se I, I W sillinq- Berqen a, o e K a Ihoe e firsl row- icox, Schweilzer, . 5 r, ell, Gabel Kasak c nd -- Ibv, Rinlelmann, Finger, . ue er, rie s, , Pa sl, - R. 4 dsay, Ada s, arman, Gross, Rogahn. o , . o , Cheyne, F ller, Woodruff, Sfrecke OFFICERS TWONE CLUB Presrdenl Duck Kraulhoeler Tom Rohn B lo Foley Roger Russerl Vrce Presudenr o B rbara Walker Duck Kraurhoeler I ann Secrelary a Charles Rohn l.orene Runlem Treasur r Srudenl Councul Represenlaruves I ann Gross Carman Rrnle m sserl D Kraulhoeler DRU DICK KRAU THOEFER JUNIOR I-IIGI-I The Irrsr and second forms each having separare officers are formed Info Ihe Twone Club gave food and clolhmg Io unforlunale families wenl on GXCIIIFIQ Irlp Io Chicago In November celebraled I-Ialloween and Valenllne s day wllh a parly gave a play for Book Week and a scholarship repor+ In graph orm Form Two gave Ihe Washlnglon Brrlhday play amassed S200 In The ad campaign collecled 950 decks of cards for soldners KINDERGARTEN AND WRST GRAD? sxfhng Mi wn QM S Grmws M uno 0 :er PIO Shiv Kuff n Zum Goal Mem Bu Inman sfandmg n Troshl va PV dwwv M r c xn jx .JC Ow D nn v SECOND AND THIRD GRADE ensol P H 1 mn Sdwmud? CMV: land sfandvnq vofh nm M nv un T oubvi lm M vw lc Te 1 FOURTH GRADE sufhnq Flo Polar Bob O md: Mackedon Scfmurn Dvufs h sfanomq Lehmann Zum Sdwrwndv fa mann eyer V Muss Da fy Nuwcom :cold A ' . -- Mmlmp. Bu-',A, .lf V SC , . ' . . G' vw, K Q- me' , ,I 2, 1 - , ' , I ' A K f Pvgvan, U1-nqvl, Ks-n US , H, Ml-.5 Cy W1 Mvrw-xfkw HS. S P' 11' Mm, R ul ,Vox W. S' P , G +- . 5HHnqffSHdwT1fr Hipkv, Sffwufdf Ha ,. C H, G1HLlU, Z' ' 'Af-SV r , Y'-s Pl rv - Q, f , Z RD M13 lffrhf A.l'kxs I V,Vn1+:l, RandxH,SC:H ' 4 , W- yd, W ly P f IN. fri A Y . lv ,V V . S, L'h M , G, oqvl ' 5 . H Y b, N' 1. IIPTH AND SIXTH CRADE l l row slflmq Janney Vlfleb eclwl Scnllclc H plce Sceqer Clneyno Dueclce s Lend row sulll Q Younq Ree M Younq Bo lus Mac yer stmdnnq or Wuesllwoll Shocker L P bs? M ss Smaller J lwn M ss Ferrs Kcnnin LOWER SCHOOL The looys from llwe lower sclwool played Clwrlslmas Toy Plays and Open l-louse loolball nearly every weelc agaansl all closed a successful season wnllw 'rhe corners lhe elernenlary sclwool loolc sormg fesluval Cnnderella This year an lmporlanl parl IH lh l-lobby Snow lrslr Randall G Cheyne Maclver Janney Bowlus B Pollock Lalwnan stron vow Deufsclw H Sclvnldl Mace-don Sclvlclc Wnebvechl Mr Wurl Taylor BIII Pollock C Sflnmndl Due-cc Ch ync lv-5 ' I ' V -A I II, V, I I I I - I I , ,I. o' , ' 'n --- I, .d, . , w , l . . ' - Fool , , ' , . a , , I ' I Q , l F I . . Randall, C.Scl'1rnidl,Taylor. . . . I , , . . . 5 I is owf I , , , ,,4, , I I A d -- . A , I l' , ', 1 . . . , ' , . , A , , k r, :jp uuuugu 'L-4 i 1091 foaled W K aulhoefer Bennefl L Russcrl Bloomfeld Levs lan ln1 n C n F An aggressuve sludenl council under lhe lead ff hip ol Duck Bennell allempled 'ro land ways wuch would make school Isle more democrahc Tl as lhey dud by beung lhe hrsl council lo obfamn rn presenlahon ID a lacully meehng l-lere They du cussed lhe homework que hon and nroned oll d rlculheg ln lhe sludy halls lhe lunch lane wnl morning assLmblres and an creahng a more l1cNCr6lDlG spurs? among lhe ludenls un la :ng rmmuniluons and respeclang olhers properly In adduhon lhey welcomed newcomers and held an assembly program as well as helpnng walh Under lhe ca ubl l adersnrp ol Jean Koch The lunuor sludenl council was exfremely achve Al lhe begunnmg ol lhe year fhey adoplod a conshluhon Regular meehngs were held T whuch melhods lor presorvlng quuel an lhe upper lals and keepnng he young sludenls lockers clean were unshluled Nl Carmcn Rnlelrnann Gross Koch P Kueger ro s W ie ll nlcr R Russerl R Kvaulhoe r - ps L... Anurag he Qkiwgg 'f L A Ll gli we Q A 1 rf N ' f , . Yr , , . . , L , l , 3 d' 1 lie-man ,J ,h ,J, Russert Sylturo, owle. T' .. ' ' . The Counlry Fair. VJ , ' ' ' ' ' :Cc 3 e l' , 1 I I ', ' , ' , ' ' . , , ' , a I T . T . Wt . . .V - . i . . lr 5. ' k' il, ,' ',X ' . ' r l C . c I I . , , . I ' . .ii V If sf? 5 ..H f t l 7 , K 1' 1' an X' W . 1 f . clrls- f 2 , Q , , ' , , V . y 7 h ,, Y u e, . , . fe, v lsfhworll Prnlchavd Levy Walls Co urn Ulll NIS VHP! ITU OC CV SS 19 I Fl W lmwa LS A Nunnema Headed by 1 hard worlunq ednlor Lourse Ru ser? This year s monlhly Academy pul ou? a serne of erghl Issues New helcls w re opened n lhe sporls by Duck Bennell lhe humor columns were well lalcen care ol by Bull Teweles Polly Turner Sue Wenzel and Lora Walls while lh arl elemenl was execu+ed by Jean Andrae The adverhsmq plan begun lasl year lo secure ad verlusemenls for each separalo Issue was carrued oul successfully by Lar y Tolan whale malce up edulor Bob Eschweul r sel new slandards lor a good loolcung paper Work on fhe Annual under 'rhe edalorshup of Julia Morrus and Audrey Nunnemacher was s+ar+ ed nn lhe summer of n nefe n lorly They 'roolc care of The wrnfe ups wwule Jean Andrae con lrubufed lhe clever zfnc frunls Larry Tolan ran an unusually successful aoverhsunq campaugn Dalton Moms Trelhn To an sian m1 Nlss Andrae evy a mn? unn rv' l livsl ow f 11, ' ' , , , lb . lunk row Syb A Bennefl, L4 Russerl, Lcff' , Sell 3 W, Kr lh l , Ni , Del ., Hcnw, A flww, lcwlan. . X -l X . .xlvm-nl J, Morris, . :hon I K I - . . V . r Q . - Sk L I . , r. ,, I . I .E . 5 . . ' . S - . ' I . I I I . . l N .E 1 ' - I i , , , ' e ' F 3 - M . , . . A, ' . - , f . . l .L y -lg sf 55 , ' 4'- 1 sillinq , K ' , l . d' r -we ' , , L . l. X -- A, N fx ,afhen W Kmulluoefe Knoerncluld 'oomlueld M Mufll or M r l Ancuau Wenzel Frunzfru llue Boosler Club organuzecl lluus year by Ralpu Knoernseluuld dud mucu lo ufurlluer school sourul and lump varuous seuool acluvulues If made posl ers and gave pep lallc and slculs llurouguoul llue year ll also supplued a lropluy for flue besl lloaf un llue Home omung parade sold bullons lor 'flue Counlry Day loolball game anl gay: mls annual dance un 'flue sprung Tlue maun conlrubuluons ol flue Muxegl Cnorus as a group are n llue Cluruslmas play and al Commencemenf Mos? of uls member are solo usls and l'uave sung un flue Munslrel Snow and varuous pageanls durung Hue year rsl row Muss Rexford Walls Hauslce Sfuebe Ross erond row Bellaclu Kluq Neacy Sellmer Gluenlue Bauclu nur o Manny Bcroenllual Slodola Colburn Gulloluan Pufna n Prulclua d Greenebaurn laxflr row , f xg V R , Bu ', , . - eu M. 'ls afNauulu'oru Ben wll. fugeps- l . , f ' . , I f 'X I 1 , , u , . ' ' u ' . . . . u . 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Im,I IIIIIU Iucq'IIIw I I f I If as is c'mf,r,, .I IXII, f3IVI1vvHvI' If I.1sI ir' I I VOM' II Sv IH fy IIIIII III IIN-Ir Im'HIIcf-rf IIIIHIII .um IV IIIIHII'-I, IIIIIV I.7t'IKIUIWIfII IfaI mHf,,II K authoete F ed e ann Dck Bennett l-lal De ona fAxthletIc Banquet Tuesday nIqht lvlarcw l8th marked the date ot the annual athletIc banquet at wnch tm some 500 sons and proud tather e rres nt to due IustIce to a most palatable meal be or the program ot the evenmg took plac Ge-nIal Bob Cook toastmaster r the occa SIOU called upon the team capIaI'I wIo gave short talks about theIr varIous soor s Followmg th s Frosty Froberg Introduced the team coacwes who In turn presented theIr teams ChIet poInt ot Interest durnnq the ev nInq wa the awardmq ot troplnes to varuous team mem bers best exemplItyIng tIne sportsrnanshIp and team Splfll l-larold DeBona won the UIhIeIn Football Trophy tor spor smanshIp whIcI was gIven to hIm by Marshall Graves 3l the tI t to have hIs name on the cup DIck Bennett was awarded the John P WIener Basketball Trophy presented to hIm IU lIke taslrnon by Carlton WIlson 34 The Ray F Bell SwImmIng Trophy went to BIll Krauthceter and the Morton Hunter MarksmanshIp Trophy tor rItlery was presented Attcr a brIet addre s by Mr SpIgener w1Ich he summarI ed the Importance ot atl'IletIcs IU the school s cIsrrIculum but asked the tathers not to lose sIght ot the tar greater sIgnItIcance ot academIc accomphshment he Introduced the speak r ot the ovenmg Doc Erskme assIstant C ach ot too baIl at lvlarqg tte Unuversnty Bill r I', r Zirn , l , B . . . . , , . . , I , , , FS . . . . . . , , I I G I s w re s a . ' , . A . . . . -. , . . . IF , , by - ' . - t '. s T l . . L . to Fred Ziemann by Mr. Everett. I I . g - I . . . 'I I I - s . , ID . A V ll n-V 1 . ' l L 1 . v n 3 . n . l I . V Lf J . . . . ' F . V ' U , 5 . S Y . V . I . I t I ' , I' ' .o t l Ie ' ' . u llnw rr A Wole Claylon Kluq Tenluen Voss Roe luke Hau lr-vss Colburn Ross Nlrhols Ulz Berqer Walls Huebsc :nn SS WWRY inn Q' l Od PY Il f wr lrla An :ae Blue Gnd WhItS -l-GGITWS All lhe gurls ID lh Hugh School are duvnded Info fwo Teams lhe Blue and 'rhe Whale A+ lhe end ol lhe year a Cup as awarded lo lhe leam havung accumulaled lhrouqh rhe year by unduvuduals and also by lournamenls Thr year s Hoclcey lournamenl was won by lhe Vfhrle leam wulh a score ol lwree games lo nollnno A+ rho end ol lhe season 'rhe delealed Blue gave a banquel lor lhe Wwrles The lellers were awarded and plans lor lhe comrnq season were made The Baslcelball lournamenl was also won by 'rhe Whrles an a Three oul ol lnvg vrclory Under lhe able leadershrp ol Ann W ebrechl as Blue ream cablann and Audrey Nunnemacher as caplaun of 'rhe Wh les lh year has been a very successful one Nexf years caprarns will be Sally Levus Blue and Barbara Nunnemacher VVhl're l Russerl Jwnney Koch Bresslauer Burlr Weasel Moclcly Meyer M We er Qnr fnlha Hfy ev ll nlcu W lrr hea Sellmer Lndsay u rar swald Wy 'nxnn fs n L llwucr r fr F Sllmp on Howe J Krue er A Nunnrmnrhrv B Nunnemac er Bl f- Tr-mn, ai i 1 Tu ,lc, . ,l lr, , , ' r , , 4 ,, slce. lrnl-rrllnll --- ,, I, , , ' ,, , , , h, . af rndinfx Ml D, - , Hffinemf N vary, Reindl, Mor ls Willhuhn, Sled I Holy, W' fbvr-r hr M, Sllfnpsrw Sflfhf ev, Blf fwwllf-ld Sfuebv, P. Sln dns See " n, d' -, lhe mosl number of poinls. These poinls are V - I v . It V . X , I Y Q I ' l 1. I A U f l. I - l l - V l I ' Wldw- lf-mn,sllllnl1 .. r , c , , V , 1' , , , , ll,. Ln.-Ulr 1 SD' rw Berry l, 1 , L, y, w'n"f1rr': Gu ef ral M, eller, B' ,lc d, , i , Ve 1, Q l, 'O f Ka ' ' wr, L, R rl,-,--'f 1 M V. lffnf-1+-f Av hu . ' s , ,II, , ,q , also-rf' , - f, 1, , , h . Wood uTT Carman Lahrnan Rogan G-abel STreclxer Parnell Bale second G oss Sch eu? e Grabel Schuler RunTelrnann OTT Kasaclr Wulcox Junuor l-lugh G rls The purpose oT The Junuor l-lugh sporls us To unTeresT The g rls un varuous new acTuvuTues so ThaT They wull be able To conTunue Talcung parT un Them ThroughouT hugh school In Tall The gurls played soccer and Tor The TursT Tume They Tool: up Tueld hoclcey Durung The wunTer They played baslceTball and badrnunTon Twuce a week aTTer school They had swummung Turnblung and socual dancung was also uncluded un Theur gym worlc Georqua Gross was vucToruous un The pung pong TournamenT and EluzabeTh Carman was runner up ln The sprung The malor sporTs were Tennus baseball and Traclc lirsl row ee r . u . . . . u . vow u' , w ' z r, , , ' , . , . . . . . T , ' u . - . . . . . - A hlunnrnnacher O5 me LHTVTPVTWGC QV lVTKl'Tl6VlI'7 J V'lUE.Xy B PF! an lV1 l O V Malor and manor lellers are awarded an lhe four sporls of hoclcey baslcelball baseball and swlmmlng The lellers are given on lhe basvs ol lhree lhungs afler school ponnls sporlsmanshup and abllxly A gurl receives a pounl a day nf she roporls lor praclvce from 3 30 unlll 4 30 A rec ord ol lhese pounls ns lcepl by The caplauns of lhe two leams A1 lhe end of 'rhe season lhe lellers are awarded large ones for lhose who have mel lhe reguuremenls ln aloulmly and porlsmanshnp and who have reperled al leasl fwre guarlcrs ol The pracluce nlghls The smaller sellers wre gnven lo lhose who have reoerled l r hall of lh erachces Soeczal awards are guven al he end of flu year These are medals sugmlymg ou slandung worlc In lhree or more spcrls They are olven lo The gurls who hav recelved lhre Cr more mayor lerlers durnng lhal yefr and wno have a lo a of al leasl lncly aller school ponnls l sf ro lannev J Russerf Wuebrechl Voss Wnernann Hauslre Mo rss l-leunemann ond rrw l-lernemann Roelhke Lows Mrss Dewey B Nunnemache A Nunncmacher , .MMR l alfllnlz . 2 , , V S, lnmwllnnl Sell er B, N , h: , Walls, l-le 2 4 a X , vvflr-V, Wl,',v'-f hl, l. RL.-ww-v'. alt d' fl levis, Sllmpson, Relndl, Vlfenznnn, J. Russell, R alhlw, H1,' Mr vl-.. ahm-ni Jane Frawvn. ' ' ' l fs- '- s ' ' . ' ' . - I o e . ..... l . . . , . U . - Y A . ,. , 4 . , : ' ' t , ' l l . . .. X Q . . Y . U l ,lv W -, V, . . , l . , . ' , . V h V . ar-r X f ' , , ' . . '. . ' , . Gurls lntramurals The unTramural acTuvuTy Tor The gurls has been uncreased greaTly Thus year over prevuous ones There have been many more games and much rnorc spuruT has been show'u Than ever b Tor The gurls had aTTer school prachces un hoclcey IasT Tall baslceTball durung The wunTer Tennus Track and baseball un The sprung and swummung ThroughouT The enTure year Muss Dewey gav lessons an luTe savung and TormaTuon swurrurnunq durung These peruods Some oT The hoclmey bas lceTball and baseball pracuuc s were guven over To playunq oTT The unTer class TournamenTs The T-lockey TournameruT was won by The Junuor gurls wuTh Three vucTorues and no deTeaTs The Senuors Truumphed un The Ba lc Tball TournamenT A pung pong TournamenT was held durung The wuruTer The wunner was BeTTy T-leunemann and The runner up was Audrey Nunnemacher There was also a Tennus and basebal TournamenT un The s rung 5 r Q rSl T COW ns so Cuwrnpm ac efl r aaw pusllflloxll orruS Wye Hole R HS nomadxcl Hovfel A row stfon Cham Pm urs ln B Nurunernaf- el We llleclnema M0 ErsT u Lev 5 R00 on5 n T7 an l"l0c,lceY Cham r ,fuer Wlem uf' ru sS SC Cray O CW Xlo . .. I . II , 5 ,S , 1 " u I3 3. ' ' ' ' . - . . . . . Se. . ' . . I . . . i . . I . h . e - ' . , - p . X V PA Q' fqgellv Q hu ln fm. . Owf' , . ' . Xu uu u . . lr 4 N - y . X u I Owffkv , 'fu , u .kby l'ul.L- L . xy - B .K VM , U r, Trs o Tannhaeuser C Muller Thompson Meye BenneTT OMalley Sloane Knoernschrld DeBona Hume Conole second ro Teweles 6 eenebaum Cool: GranT John B Muller Candee PuTnam Johnson McCoy Thrrd PrrTchard Rosenberger Darlco Salusbury Koehrrng lngold Smrz Wrener Elsner TourTh row Coach Froberg D Snrnons Cohn MorTonson Wh Te Danaher Blafz Eschwele Bauch Coach Murray Elqln Academy Wayland Academy CounTry Day North esfern M 81 N Academy 'vlenomonee Falls Hugh Lalce ForesT Academy YO Varsnty Football On SepTember srxTh TorTy sTudenTs leTT school Tor a week oT Trarnrng aT Mr Lelcers TooTball camp WrTh seven reTurnung leTTer men and several promusrng newcomers FrosTy Frob rg Trued To reburld a wnnnrng TooTball Team ouT of The remnanTs oT The greaT squad oT The year beTore The Tune sprrrT and The hard work of The prelrrnrnary Trarnung were rewarded an The TrrsT game when The Blue and WhuTe erased a deTacrT oT seven pornTs aT The end oT The TrrsT half To deTeaT Elgrn Academy 20 To 7 Led by Co CapTarns Duck O Malley and Drclc BenneTT The Team wenT on To wrn all buT The lasT OT sux games malcnng anoTher successTul season Tor Coach Froberg Probably The buggesT Thrrll experrenced durung Theur aThleTuc careers was deTeaTrng CounTry Day Tor The TrrsT Tame rn Ten years of compeTuTron The score was 7 To 6 lT was a hard buT well earned v1cTory whuch would have made The season a success regardless oT :Ts OuTcome The only game M U S losT was The one wrTh Lalre ForesT Academy Avengrng lasT years deTeaT The sTrong Academy Team won 20 To O The sT1ng OT deTeaT was removed somewhaT when Lalce ForesT won a Tre Tor The NorThwesT Comcerence Champuonshnp of whuch M U S rs noT a member provung ThaT M U S was noT The only Team To TasTe deTeaT AlThough They had a very dlTTrculT schedule and were beseT by numerous rnlurres The Team made a very good record Tor Them selves and wrll go down rn The hrsTory oT The school as one oT The besT Teams besides berng The TrrsT To deTeaT Therr ruval CounTry Day NexT year s prospecTs are Taurly good John PuTnam wall be The CapTam and There wrll be a good number oT reTurmng leTTermen lTrwe- ,.'. , r. .' ,' . '. w- .r T. . , ,. ', , . , . 'row-' , , w, ' , '. , 4' . . - , . , ls, , . ir, , . . . . .1 ' rl ll . .s , .s - T . . , . l , c as -- 0 . . . 6 . W . . 5 ... , . , . ' O . . I . T i Ng, vt "5 0 , S 1 A x iwx X - Q, S' ' 511, M 3' . ' .Q q N. , gg fivxy X K 3 S . R 3 sw A fr at 'K a s. 3 D Q 1 ffl ff' X Fm ff L, - , al -fx L ,W Q Q A X " is N nl K E f Q R Q -El' Q1 I ,ff i x vi Pa W 2 us ' 'J my A Y 'W K 4- i f Ms K , 2 'V' A X I 1 4- -Q " V .4 5 ' S . . xx L ,mf 'J +-fel, X X 3 xx ,Q N .w xx i:,,g.E27, - 1--' v I LL P ,C u 3 5 i"' Ms xp Q ,. 5 Q4 -'? 8 iff' Ifi , f1KxKX 1" Rx ssl? 5 ,L 'Au ,I 1"7f1 V' ST rw n nn r nnd Onno nsrn ycr e on: rerurT 0 c n u r y Onnr ann r n Tqn ernann rnesT u nm a f Wg Tr Varsity Basketball U XY Crunt y lcdd mlx M Nd ml nn Coach l-larold STrow opened The I940 4l season wnTh srx rcTurn :ng leTTerrnen The season was ofhcnally sTarTed agarnsT Francus Parker oT Chicago an an overTume baTTle ending an a 30 30 Tue The Tollow :ng week a ragged M U S quunTeT bowed To The NorThwe Tern Preps oT WaTerTown IU Therr TnrsT garne oT The newly Tormed Was consun Prep ConTerence T-lavung pracTlced dnlugenTly over The vaca Tron The Tearn easrly deTeaTed LuTheran anoTher ConTerence member Shaken by unelugubuluTy The Team chosen as underdogs hung up TTS second Conference vucTory by deTeaTung CounTry Day The nexT Three games were ea y vncTornes Then came a deTeaT aT The hands oT The CounTry Day Tearn on Therr home Tloor On The Tollowung week end The Team beaT The NorThwesTern Preps rn an overhme duel 4I 40 They dropped The nexT game however buT recovered To upseT Wayland rn The lasT baTTIe of The season M. U. S. shared The Wisconsin Prep Conlerence crown TogeTher wiTh CounTry Day and The NorThwesTern Preps. Each Team won six garnes and dropped Two. .nn su S -si uN au lvl uny aau Varsuty Bvvummung Thus year s eduluon of lhe lvl U S nalalors proved lo be onc ol lhr mosl successful seasons sunce the advenl ol swummunq 11 lhus school The ream gol oll on rhe rqhr fool wurh decusuve vucloruos ovcr Luncoln l-luqh School and rhe Lurrue C 'ry Chamruons Norflu Duvusuoru Then came rhe Chruslmas lull buf nor for rhe leam Several lrmes 1 weelc squad members came lo school lo pracluce un lhe placud wafer ol 'rhe pool Relurnung 'ro rare lorrn lhe lanlcers won easuly from Washunqlon Sheboygan Cerulral ol whuch lhe 'ream has fond memo rues Lalce Foresl and Luncoln un qu clc successuon Then dusasler srruclc Bob Eschweuler broke hus wrusr and B ll lannhacuuscr had an ippendeclorny Slruvung lo rnalce ul seven slrauqhl our mor mon lo l lo Pulaslcu l-luqh School un lhe lasl relay However un lhc lunal cvenls lhey submerged Washunqlon and Easl by udenlucal scores of 53 I5 Now for lhe achuevemenls Thus year s swurrumung loam brolme luve our of euqhr possuble school and rank records Buddy Muller swam rne IOO yd breasrslrolce un I I3 6 whuch wa lhe second besl performance un rhe sra'e Thus season Caplaun Bll Kraulhoeler smashed hus own IOO yd baclcslrolce record wulh a I O7 Z oerlormance and clumaxed hrs hugh school career by brealcunq Cappuo Surles 'OO yd lree sryle record un 57 I seconds wh ch s lhe be l l'me in lhe srare lor rhls evenl, rhis year, The IOO yd. medley relay leam ol Tannhaeuser, Miller, and lfraulhoeler esrabllshed a new arlc of l:l . Kopmeuer Bellaclc and Krauulhoeler brolce the old IOO yd. free-slyle record by lhree seconds wlrh a I:23.6. T Rob nson Elsner Knoernschuld Hendee llaeqer DeBona UTZ Coolc Gulenlcuns h Dannahauer Gallauer Relsrner T sl r w Sallsbury Connell second ro MorTonson HarqarTen Nlss Wo Mr Murray Syburq Conole Eschv-eller Bauc Bo es Under The able leadership OT :Ts coaches Mr Bowles and Mr Murray, The Traclc squad has had a Tlne season Hampered by The loss oT many sTars Through qraduahon The squad was buulT around The only Two reTurn,ng leTTermen, Hal DeBona and Fueldnng UTZ C1pTann Hal DeBona capably handled The dashes wiTh The aid oT b El ner he 440 and halT mule were wealc This year buT Frank MGY 3 l'1'CfClf'SS MSC' TWU k and Ted MorTonson were sTrong ID The quarTer MW Vlgjlnllzlargxeii Dam Hyqhllere nTranT In The mule and had 5 I Noryhwesyem M gi N S of-15 JH-n Academy here Ma 24 Plc Nono here Prep MeeT , Acadcm Bo Wollaeqer Bob Coe Ralph Knoernschuld was The lone e boTh hugh and low hurdles Don lm UTZ ran The 880 mule h bur en n d Field ng h broad Iurnp To carry T e Salusbury Frarlc Wollaeqer an B b Elsner were pounT wanners on T e T The previous year easu dled T lY he ed Hal DeBona and o CapTaun DoBona who held The record o T The discus Gene Conole and Hal DeBona han l Connell and Gene Conole compeT Tool: Care O shoT puT Sandy Robnnson Pau In The pole vaulT The squad opened :Ts season wuTh an unTrarnural meeT on May 3 and compleTed IT aT The Wnsconsm STaTe Prep lvleeT aT Delaheld May 3 l STaTe ST Johns MllTary Y frsl row Tolan Cohn l-lunler l-lull Rohn Trelhn second row Tannhaeuser Meyer Ernesl' Zlemann Brown Pulnam Coach Rechcyql April May May May May May May May May May May Shorewood Calhedral Wayland Pulaslcu Counlry Day Whllel sh B1y Lulheran Wusconsun Pre Wayland Marquelle Counlry Day Wauwalosa Mavquelfe there here here here lhere lhere here p Tournamenl al lhere here lhere CV Varsity -l-ennls Wulh The relurn of Coach Louus Rechcygl lhe M U S lenns squad was ready for a successful season In lhe lasl four years Coach Rechcygl s 'reams have losl only four marches The hzghlughl of lhus season was lhe Mld Wesl Prep Tournamenl held al Beaver Dam In whach lvl U S was represenled by lwo senqles and 'rwo doubles leams The number one and Two spols of lhe leam were held by Fred Zremann and Bob Ernesl respecluvely There were many newcomer lhus year who showed prornlse for a brughl fulure . . , . . . l ' 28,7 - . . . May 2--Y I G G I 5? . 5 y . Q4 12- ' Q 1 ' . ' . S ,5- . . . - are ' ' ' ' zom 22-s , 27, , 29 ' , , h e vs v G,-ullohan Goldslen Fo l n Mall y P Wulh four lellermen relurnung lhe prospecls for lhe I94l golf season were especually good Led by Caplann Bob l-lume and Coach Slrow lhe velerans wulh The supporl of lhe newcomers lrned hard lo beller lheur record of lhe previous year The schedule Included meels wufh Cusler Counlry Day Whnfelush Bay Shorewood and Wauwalosa To lop oll lhe golf season a lour namenl was held by lhe Wnsconsun Prep Con lerence al Beaver Dam on May I7 Afler a ralher dusappounhng sfarl lhe M U S rnfle feam proved Hrs worlh by defeahng a leam whlch had bealen Them before lnexperuence was lhe cause of Hrs losses earluer nn lhe season The squad was composed of leflermen Fred Znemann and Nuels lvlorlenson The lwo new comers Bull Mulbralh and John Hauser should form a lrne basis for nexl year s leam RS. R hn Mill -mth Morlonson Zomann Mr Murra I lE'l'ow' 4' , l, we. -.wo d row f- O' . e' lnqold, l-lurn., Miller, Blalz. 1 . . g . 1 . V . . ' . V I I U - . V , . , . . . - - V X , , fs- ' ir- 'Q ca R-.. l'l.xl1-mv, rw X ' wr. , , i , , yy 77 n TWP V Pr' Tn 1 T years Junior Hugh basTceTbaTT Team had Thr he T rcccrd an many seasons In The annual IrvnTaTTonaT BasTceTball TournamenT The M U S Tr im TocTc T1 rd pTace by wmmnq Two games an To mq Two The nnosT specTacuTar game oT The season was ThaT wnTh HarTTord A TasT rnmuTe vo cy made The score 24 23 Th The M U S T sm up on Top Coach Froberg TauqhT The boys The TundamenTals oT The game a d prewar T Them Tor TuTure compehhon The hghTwemqhT basTceTb1TT Team had a very successTul season wmnmg swx games ouT oT Tc-n FowTe and Darkow caoably TTTed The oosxhon oT Tcrwards MorTonson and Surnons ThaT oT guards whuTe Hendee and HarqarTen heTd The cenTcr posuhon wwe iwsnsv vu-Iksl, scuoon scnoon ,NF-RBI:-J, qcuo x. L T PTT Pohn Pwnqer Trxrfhs R RusSerT F1 M rf n n M Prob R TCauThcrTc L I B . 3 G A T H S T K W E A E T ' 1 B G A H L T"5T rrv. Dan fuhv-r. Hav11avTf-n Hrfndoe Frame ST' on TJ, TUNA M ""T 'T P. T L Cf f-IT CW , WT Tdhf-T'vvA f frf- nd v W Mv, T51-Tw-v, H, VVTT-nvan Su Twin' Ref-df-r VVU-nw fr vnf- San-,T uw Gufl-nT.w'v his, , ' ' ' f . , n 9 3: t 4 I l ' I y , . . . ' I V I cl ff T , . I K d . , , , , . fq , y T a I 'f T'.' . T Q. IT -T - , wl . . . ' Y ' 5 rw N . I ' . J T 12. B A 1-4 S T K 'IU G E at it , Q I' 5 I I S , I H T " B .N A T T L Tlvf, row ', M' . , 4 , A , , T'-cf Q 'fm - f- f w r, ,f-'I . r. J: lv. 'lx CHA NNN l IWNC FRU THROW lgoys lntramurals W flrc www x v bo anc Q fry boy rn compglrlron we un rlyrnq r nn l our n ramural Pr qram ll rs so irran c lhal reqardless ol r wysrcal qualrlrcalrons cvery an Q in cn er and nro rvf n s as a means o an cu el or hrs cnlhrr rasn 11 also as a means o lnurldrnq hrs ody L records am r o lle por earmd rn oln rn ryr mil and qroup comme: awarded lo lhe Iunror hrqh class whrch has accu mulaled rhe mosl pornls durrnq lhe school year Recoqnrrron wrll also be qryen lo lhe hrqh pornl wrnners rn each lcrm Whrle Thus program recerves lhe leasl pulalrcrly rl rs rn lhe eyes ol Coach Froberq lhe basrc and mosr rmpcrlanl phase ol an alhlelrc program hens Al lhe closc ol lhe school year The Wrlsey lnlmmrrral Trophy wrll hr awarded lo lwe senror 1 Cass 1 s re b nner w M TQ LN O wwnr wMl N xjxll rn ePONC C cwAnmON9 N Dgjl crux A l ll nAmWON Adyertrsrng 1 1 Ig 1 xlllll 1 1 1 :11111111r11l3 11 1 ny 1 f I I I Abrahamson Service Slahon Allls Chalmers Mfg Co Andrae Herman Elecfrrc Co Aqua Terra Badger Carfon Co Baer ald Hoffmann 8en Franlzlan Sfore 8eHy Barflefl Bugelow Coughlrn Bsfker Gerner Bah Brouwers Burghardls Cam s Beaufy Bar Callaway Fuel Co Camp Mrshawalra C sper S J C Cenfral Cadrllac Cuhak Trre Servrce Chrnsfensen s Chudri Bros Cordes Supply Co Coyle Sarah Currre Roy Danforlh Florence Della Orl Dengel F R Deulsch Ray Easl Srde Barber Shop Edwards Molors Elsner A G 81 ons Esc wenler 81 Eschweiler Fass Funeral Home Furs? Wusconsrn Nafronal Banlr Flschcr Rulh Beauly Salon oxs Forus Franks Food Mar? Frllzel s Gurls Club Goelz Geo G Agency ADVERTIS Golden Guernsey Darry Co operafrve Goldflsh MllI+dI'Y Slore Grccnebaum J Tannung Co Grey GM Shop Gulenlrunsf Gerfrude Hampshnre Food Shop Hassman Mueller Co Harlung Molor Co Hayelrs Pharmacy H 1 er H F 0 Hell Co Hess Chas Sausage Hoflmans Pharmacy Hubunger Laundry Hunler Trac or Julien Grocers Juneau Hofel Jung J Jeweler Koehler Margarel Hals Klode Furnrlure Co Laabs Carl A Laaclze R Co 1 88 93 76 88 7o ERS INDEX Lalle Parlz Marnnello Shop Lurcln Ice Cream Co MacNe1I and Moo e Maleshc Flowers Merss Ray Pharmacy Melropolrfan Savrngs 81 Loan Meyerhohl Beaufy Salon Mllrlzers Balrerres Mrlcor Sleel Co Mueller L J Furnace Co Murphy Hugh 8 Nelzow Puano Co Neverman John lnc Norfh Shore Buncln Co Norlh Slde Coal and Oul Co Novelly Dye Worlrs Nunnemacher H J Owens llllnous Glass Co Pafelr Paunls Peerless Dye Worlls Pelfon Sfeel Cashng Co Pererson Loeffler Co Phnllpp Lulhographmg Co Prclrlepuss Herman P1eper O R Co Price Kafherlne R 81 R Furnufure Co Reclrmeyer Wm Co Roberfs Co Roxo Co Ruggles Marnne Mar? Sawyer s Wes? Side Burclr Schaum Plano School Schroeder Hofel Schwanlre Kasfen Semler Lerdnger Shoreland Beauiy Salon Smarfwear Speclalfy Press Spencerran College lnc Sfernman Lumber Co Slelnmeyer Wm Co Slerllng Wheelbarrow C Sloclr Bros Ted s Fruul Marlrei Thompson Moro s Toepfer 81 Bellaclr Travel Gurde Trndenf Corporahon Turner Marfln Co man N E D Usmger Sausage Co Wadhams Orl Co Walls George and Son Inc Webers Weasel X1 Co Wellres Florrsfs W1lmanns 8 os Wrsconsrn lce X1 Coal Co Wrsconsnn Mofor Corp Wrsconsun Shoe Co PAGE B2 78 B5 87 95 lll- fwjn' 111, ,lf ',lI3l'.llY'.N rrxrrlwrs 1r1ll nu' lfn' frflr 1111.1 jnrqrw ,1r .1 Q 11171 rm lr11.I1111Iq 111 , . l1l'1'1'. lln- 1111111 .rlrnlrnxl fwrr 1111' null 1'sf11f'l'rfu'rf 111 lfrr' 11 71 117 flux .ur lfn' urnw 11 lm lr, 11' .17 ffm .111 111.11 from lvl., l'.1lrn111ir 1711911 11 fr1'111'11'r jr1m'l1l1'. U ' ' 76 ' 1 77 ' - . . 84 ' , 86 I I ' . 76 ' 7 76 93 ' ' 94 w - 97 ' ' 79 ' 90 84 94 " ' ' 94 ' - ' 78 ' . 82 ' - 82 , . .I . 77 l 94 , . 97 Broadway House of Music 89 M. U. S. Cafeleria 8I ' 80 ' . 88 ' 93 , .I . 90 ' ' 95 ' . 77 . 96 ' ' . 9l ' 84 92 a , , . o. 82 , . . BI ' 92 - ' ' . 82 ' ' ' eo ' 9I ' ' 90 9l ' , 84 . I 78 . 76 - , 87 I 89 ' A A ' . 84 ' I 92 ' I 97 I 79 ' I . . . 94 ' 9l ' . Y 9l I . . 93 . . ' . 95 I 96 I . . 96 ' 87 . 84 82 . 92 I , . S 82 ' 93 h ' ' 77 ' ' ' 92 94 - 93 ' ' ' ' 75 78 ' I 97 . 88 F ' l 'f 90 - ' ' B8 ' 76 78 ' ' 8l 79 ' ' 79 ' 88 , . .I 88 ' I . 93 ' - ' 79 ' . 95 ' ' 76 ' , . . 95 I ,I ' . 83 ' o. 77 A 84 . 90 . 37 ' ' 87 ' 34 7 82 . I 92 89 I . 87 - 97 96 ' ' 95 e'd , . .C . 89 - - I 77 - 85 ue: I . ., .os 97 I . 89 . , 84 I . 95 . 80 . 80 I 90 . I . 80 ' I 95 I 88 94 I -I 9' ll 2 Z ff EARS AGO . . 4 rn lmr lx 1 ws In 1 OI wlnn I I'lr I INIII IN rlx hr I 1 m me 000 In ku llmn c FIRST WISCONSIN NATIONAL BANK OF MILWAUKEE Nllilx S UI mul Q , f - ' x K x xg 1' I f r I I .. ..., , L I x I I'l1- Ifu 14-rs' and M'II - s' Ban I'. 1 o ' I I First WM- IHIII. wru-QI SIIl'Il I'l'0l'Ii-1'02lIt'lI gt'IlIIt'lllt'Il as lllvse' ' ' il vas foumImI in May. I853. 'I'mIay. IIN' " s Wim-ul llu- lI1i sl Iurgvsl Irunk in IIN' U lilvl Slate-s. S1-rv' g '-r 200. 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N xxx A QQ X ualdy depends on laborafory confrol GOLDEN GUERNSEY DAIRY CO OPERATIVE S laborafory confrol IS complete' Hopkms 5400 Com limcms ol, L1 FRIEND Comphments oi e 941 GIRLS CLUB We have Hue young duffereni clo+l1es you re looking for and af p :ces fo fd In wu+h our ns Come nn and see our collechon' SITIHHTUJEHR mma ange, mc 323 East Wlsconsun lNllYllllil p I P 'll '5000 X - th l' I . SDS! w y v ' - v - u r w I l'l,Ulxl'.Nl,l'. lMNl+Ulilll fx Q , .if ,.,. X , f ,, To - , n ' " . f gg X1 Q- A A My - N x-O. , . -gg-. N- J , Q - f:312f.b.. " 13 . ' 5' if I - 1 4 ' 1 r y pla . Q .....k. I l U Z ,E - BROUWER S vnorggu. 3 STORES """5f"' N The Ho e of RESEARCH Foof ear 330 WEST WISCONSIN AVE 7606 WEST STATE 7223 WEST GREENFIELD CII-IAK TIRE SERVICE CO Mo Il I es E n ude Oufboard Mofors WIIard Bafferles II06 NO JEFFERSON ST DALY I35O III N 'H ISI fa 2 S455 5 0 44" 'G 'Ifv"?M"',x I "ff3v , TFT' 1 QF -.l"Z""fl'!,.1 1 K 5 ' f k5 Sl XNIDX I lllllll II Il I 1 1 r rllm HI lurn VVATTS EVERY THOUSAND MILES we yawn Um ca Qaeda Simi az' W a cI h a m DEALERS AND STATIONS ' 'Ze 252525 if52525251522252i2i2i2i2i2i221i2i1525252E2E252ifE2525252Z2i2E2i2i2E2EEi2i2i2E232522222222232i2i?fiSE2252?2i252ifE2E2i252E2E25f5252i2i2f'2f115.51555 A- .. .. 7""' ' III5T5IiiljiZg5iQQ2igQQlQi2iirfsfil:fill . 14 m W I - -'-'. 1 ffm fsfefai ff. 3 -, A -in -. -J- ' gi3i'!'f'f'.' Q-,ga ri 5222523 ' J. '23 ' f 1525 555"gQg2,23Ig,I,1Q.ig:... ' . ff' . "f 525251: '..'S"'.,- .1 ' ' f5'v, 1,5f.2 I haw if vi f ,,..R ' I t S... I .,,,S ..,.4.,.,.,.,.,.,....,,,,.,S,,,,.,.,,.,.... ...... ....S... ....., . 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SONS N SRD 3143 Best Place to Get Best Bulck Yet 7fzom7JAan M0104 inc Corner N Mllwaukee and E State Sts Corner N Pro pect and Kemlworth Phone Ma 2552 CUMIIIMINIS UI GEORGE W LEVIS ANN IIII OWENS ILLINOIS GLASS CO I Ixl IH I ll U I I jlllll 1 KNRINIUX Ellllfjl. WOMEN S APPAREL 2345 N TI'1lrcI Street MlIwaL.Itee Was Best W1Sh6S from SHEET METAL HEADQUARTERS R Car y g Equ p e t I R ol q a :I S d Vent latcr a d Skyl qhts Steel Root Deck r ace Ppe a d Ftt Am te Heaters and Stove Pxpe Portable Bake Ovens Metal Lath and Cerner Bead Archxtectural Metal Tnm MILCOR, STEEL, COMPANY 4100 WEST BURNI-IAM ST MITCHELL 2350 MILWAUKEE WISCONSIN . . PIIHN I I.1NIl':4'l' 3524011 WIKI. I TS . 1 nsm v . . 36 Il' N , SVS lv lIl'tlIIt'Il-LID LII III N, 'l'lllltlI 5'l'lIl'll'l'l'. NIIIAX Kl'Ixl'll'l. XX IF. ' I - I , lfunm ' 1'lllx of ilu' ff 11 s. J. mst ICI! un. llIl'l'lCl. sl l'I'I,IIiS :HS N. Pl. " NI t, mln I A. . 818 . MA. ' I I ' I o ll I ll . ' E I din- r in i m n Stee o in n i ing i s n I Fu n I n i ings . i 5 . Complwnwts MILWAUKEE CHICAGO of I IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII 'IIIIIIIIII I'II THE HAMPSHIRE FOOD SHOPS EDGEWOOD 7877 HOFFMANN S PHARMACY 26m E HAMPSHIRE E 92" 3II6 N DOWNER AVE MILWAUKEE WIS CAMP MISHAWAKA A Summer Camp for Boys NORTHERN MINNESOTA 'n MuIwauIcee See J F Murray THE ROBERTS COMPANY FIRE AND CASUALTY UNDERWRITERS Dependable INSURANCE for over 35 years eurImII I 1 PI'uIlpp Lufhograplmng Co H I' LABELS DISPLAYS POSTERS MILWAUKEE WIS THE GREY GIFT sn-IOP QU ALITY STYLE 3I36 N DOWNER AVENUE Y MILWAUKEE WISCONSIN Gufis especially seIec+ed for you Broffzerf MILWAUKEE S RELIABLE FURRIERS 731 N BROADWAY Where Youth and Fashion Meet Y 'III1'IV'IIfV7fIw Iwww qw-CI pmim WIIITI- Ivf-,VI ran Im XIII ymlw-1 In-,MII . D. ' ' ' ' I9IO - I94I I l l IN I I NI " - Cr 'zllixv II1 irxlrvssing ' ' ' ' . SIU IIunIwr- III '. Ilmm- nf Iiilh-nImIT C0rlll!'II1'- Ifmnplvllla-lllalry xllllst'-lvl! ' ' . 'j.,'rT-' ,-:,'- A ,Y ll l ll YOU GET UNIFORM HEAT WITH HEIL HEATING EQUIPMENT 1 cms 4 x IIII 0 1 I Ilu x ulltmm It un IW 10 IX IU ll UI I I MILWAUKEE HILLSIDE WISCONSIN NEW JERSEY dmc .sefwm q ' Copyright 1939, Wisconsin Ice 8: CoaI Co IIIIIUISZIIHIH UI' Iwlu' u-rs Ilan 1- Im I ul than Ile-il I,IuuIily-Iiuill Ilvating I'Iquipu1-ul alssurvs IIl1'lll of ' It :fir l 'ul ' '- rvvl rmnu I4'llllH'l'1lIlll'1'S IIIIII un' "just right" Im' IIUAIIIIIIIIII I' Ing. 'X I-mnplf-Iv Iiua- ul' - u- xa-rsinn Irurnvrs. Iiuile-r-Iiurm-r units aunl -Xvt' -Tir IImuIitimu'l's is umilulflf- lu III IIN- purlivulau' l'l'llllIl'l'llll'lIIS UI' your I mv. Cun- I suII your Im'uI III-il 1I1'uI1'l'. ImIaly. for I' II inf 'n ulinu on how you mm Plljtbf llw auIxau1- lug:-s UI' uu'I'orm In-all. I - I IJ.. I C 01421 ' 01 cu, I 4110142 IN THIS COMMUNITY LUICK IS THE SEALTEST ICE CREAM Com flllZ6lll'S of zz FRIEND Compl imcnts of L1 FRIEND TEDS FRUIT MARKET QUALITY FRUITS AND VEGETABLES LAKESIDE 2440 252I E BELLEVIEW Free Delivery and Prompf Servnce 3 N ISRHXDX rl 1 rm lnnlrm ur 1 lnl r ll If ra Clllllpfllllt llfw 0 Cmrtrude Crutenkunst mm: I if WISCONSIN MOTOR E.---" CORPORATION Comphments a FRIEND EAST SIDE BARBER SHOP 52I E. WELLS BROADWAY 2484 See +I'1e New Nash HARTUNG MOTOR CO INC 3030 NO 3RD STREET a+ Hue same Iocahon for I6 years Comphments o a Fr1end I . PL. af 'u l'l'I'l'lChS1DN-IMI-Il"l"l.I'IH , T83 . X .XX 'Slum In '4' ' g I 'I s I ull I vrin 1' 'J tors v - I' , , W W I ' X L ' 'lk lg .I A , -:N X 'ET' fi ,K lc xxf'-I ' O' .Ns I, ov T ' KAUIOQ ! :',, Enjoy boating at its best . . , vlmme .M K f in a book powered by a Wis- C I x W 5 ' consin air-cooled inbomd , I A I I engine. ' ' ' Q 'L gi K i i A A - ,.., Milwaukee Wisconsin J I W . of COINPIIIDLUIS c 1 FRIEND Graducahon Calling Cards SPECIALTY PRESS Jackson SI'ree+ aI 772 Daly 0376 You 11 11ke wlth NETZOW PIANO CO aso N PLANKINTON I-:ST 1885 GEO C5 GOETZ AGENCY N BROADWAY DAIy 4929 I HENRY JUNG JEWELER DESIGNER 29l6 NO OAKLAND AVE NEAR E LOCUST I IIUII RN Complzments 0 Ll WEBERS 327 E Wisconsin CANDY SODAS LUNCH flivilepisgj CARL A LAABS FINE PUBS 718 N Ieiferson Ollllllllllf nts 0 IIRII f 757 . , 4 Milwaukee, Wisconsin Telephone -4 Close Personal AI enlion Io You Insurance Problems Ouf of flue High Ren? Dislricf I - Slflll ,ICH-l,l'lIlJlIlI'1l'I 110 to 'fade 7:5 NUIITII mm XI Mile wrlul 1 nu, Inuxumsl C 1 I L ' .' SCHLQIHHHE ' HHSTEH C0 I, Ai Y- E ' 1 1 Y 5' 'I"""' "' f E 4 41 IN ,lxixrlfvfxexxrm In Com 111116 nts RAY MIESS PHARMACY I I I800 N. FARWELL AVE. M- L' ,Vrv A F1 IC III! 'de 'd CHAS. HESS SAUSAGE 81 PROVISION CO. RETAILERS IN FRESH AND SMOKED MEATS-POULTRY-FSH Manufacfurers of HIGH GRADE SAUSAGE Locus+ 4060 Delnvernes Daily 2300 No Thurd S+ omplnm nls 0 u x PKI XX XX 5 H llill NIJ lllilll I l lflfl Illlfl UIIHALI X I w P , 1 J 1 0 TI SICV'N' QNI Cz we -4 ' 1 Lakes: 5328 Lakes: e I Xml IIIII1' um mf' lnnlring ful' ll Il"lPlI4PQl'll,Fh IIWVIIII, Vltfx l"f' I I l' ,I III'l I lltll FIC HI" Nll .AIU T20 N. ISI! xnxx xx 4' Qi fIlFlII1Vll'll' ,xlnrli fillllfll' . ."'l'4" II 0 nv V 7 I Iflf' cw of .I1. I . S. II. I". IIICIIJICII. INK. "'ItIu- IIHI SIS HI9 lfl KSN ul'l'SII1li 'l'IIli IIIIQII III-IYI' IbIS'l'Iil41'I' I XINII ull! XIIIIXI IIXI. II IHNIHIIIUXIII IIUXX IUHININ QTII N. LIIIII NI ISHN IIIQIWS WI ful 'IIN IP H T ll ffl' N u mul furnpnru I NNIAX I X S' N IRS IX .AO h sten en W 'll4N MILWAUKEE ST RR STOCK up at MILWAUKEE S POPULAR MEN S CLOTHING STORE STOCK BROS 2768 N TEUTONIA AVE MILWAUKEE WIS ll In gn :lun nlou n ' I IN IHXNRI IN nm s I PREPAREIJNESS Tum WITIHIIIIIIII Ion 1 rc pgcfuve IIeIds carryunq sIocIc In our own warehouses ID Iv1IIwauIcee backed by our compIQIe shop ar1CIparI service Covering Ihe SIaIe oIWIsConsun and Upzvor Mnchnqarw WE have some+hlng new fo show you ID AEROIL heafung forches and I:eHIes BLAW KNOX bans forms and bucIre+s BUCKEYE backflllers and frenchers CHAIN BELT mlxers pumps and pavers CLYDE holsfs derrlcks and elevafors KELLY eIec+rlc floafs and finishers MASTER vnbrafors grnnders and generaiors NORTHWEST shovels crane and dragllnes If nfs SASGEN derrucks wmches and eIevaIors SKILSAW eleciruc saws and grunders SULLIVAN compressors and ear fools SYNTRON elecfruc hammers and drrlls VULCAN plIe and drop hammers exiradors UNIVERSAL forms form hes and accessorues WINSLOW aggregaie and cemen+ sc:aIes RENTALS SALES SERVICE remember 'ro make HUNTER TRACTOR 81 MACHINERY CO MILWAUKEE WIS your equlpmenf headquaders for I94I 'III III2 li. , .' f I - vm, mv S, --'al ' 'A - HA I'IT"IU "l"u 's All 1" x un' uln'ux's .'l4'II lil!! 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SERVICE 3718 WISCONSIN AVE 3280 MILWAUKEE NOVELTY DYE WORKS CLEANERS DYERS FURRIERS Est 1894 733 E CcLp1tolDr Edge 9400 SAWYER ALL FLAvoRs POPULAR snzes SIDE BOTTLED AT THE SPRING YOUR DEALER OR DALY soso 44th and North Kllb 4800 WAUKESHA ROXO COMPANY SERVICE 7 NIGHTS A WEEK WAUKESHA MILWAUKEE HUY I 'IIIIIIC - lffnrisl I'Ilulln' l.xlx1'SiiIl' IIITT lla-l'ln'I-ull lII4Ig:. llllll N. I'IIllSl'li1I'I' XNIQ. Distribmors for ll . V 'IxIfI'1 . WE. Qualify Summer courses openmg m Iune SPENCERIAN COLLEGE INC els E w1scoNsIN AVE PHONE MA oaao 0 Typmq O B s ess Admin slrcho 0 Short Hand 0 Accoun! ng SCHAUM SCHAUM SCHAUM SCHAUM SCHAUM SCHAUM Complunents 0 Cl Frlend DAly 0148 p D 5 'S HARDI I RUGGLES MARINE MART C PIANO PIANO PIANO PIANO PIANO PIANO SCHOOL SCHOOL SCHOOL SCHOOL SCHOOL SCHOOL Those Beffe Th ngs Goods Al ays me x-: K1:N1Lwom'1-I 077 Z LAKESIDE 0625 ' Inbocxrd cmd Outboard Motors 0 All Mclnne Supplies ' Boat Motors Repcnred 0 Z I ardaref oeAler llw au uc ll sum fluff un H111 in form 1 s r Il us plm mom slmuzng l Ill ISI HHH l Ill HATS N I r AQUA TERRA 2622 N DOWNER AVENUE Imllu nom III s plu S In In Ilulfflf II 1 sl Slum mg, 111 Il n nmflf I Imtln num s III Imtlu 0101 unrlu lun I lmnl s nu Orngmal Lanz of Salzburg Dresses Spor+swear N4 III ' u in ' i ' . i f I x II7 E. Wells Sf. A ' 40+ R 'films' ' ' ' 'Y ' ' ,Rx yr X iv x..' A .tl X , :Q :cgi xg -xx a TI bi r I 1 I , V mf- ' -ffv ln Spori " V f ff., ' , wx I Am ML A+' J 22' 'VV " w " 2 ,. K A, M. I. . , 1 0 III4 I " ' I If rw' 011' nv ' lf'- llz f 1: 1' ' Zhll . Dow wc I IN I' I H "I ' " x. . .r I". H. llmlgvl lfn. lllrl J..-ISI. 'I uuwrs ' III f,I'l'lISIlPlI.' I , I 'il ' ' . I I S L .1,. , . :- A-gui HA I ZQX. ...N I 31' Qyle MILITZERS FOR QUALITY BAKERY AND ICE CREAM EXCLUSIVE 22IOW pi I4I4W 3289 N B y A 4394 N 27Ih SI 3523 W d A e 3490 N I Inu s XII " 'X SPARKLING IIN IUNII II EUGENE S Hotel I unecru I-ICIIIIOI1 Sect Food Sympafhehc Coope ahon AI D I5F'cuII T mes FASS FUNERAL SERVICE 360I N OdIKIanCI Edgewood A+ Menlo Blvd 9 WHITE SODA cnsonnsn wmsn GINGER ALE GOOD MIXERS ALL Il for I NI KJ C. ' 'IL I'I HX l+II IIUI' I'Imne III .uIu.n IIN. 1111110 QI III IIIIIX N Il1ll4I 0 I'lup1lIx I'lwa nluI Q XIII In nIIy LII IIILZIII 0 hh N XX IMIIIINIII ' I , ' :Q for In XX' I e-,, A . -A ' r ' . . . I I I . I2 I I .Ca i ol Drive .Vlief SI. 2730 W. 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Suggestions in the University School of Milwaukee - Trident Yearbook (Milwaukee, WI) collection:

University School of Milwaukee - Trident Yearbook (Milwaukee, WI) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


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University School of Milwaukee - Trident Yearbook (Milwaukee, WI) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


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University School of Milwaukee - Trident Yearbook (Milwaukee, WI) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


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