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f f'. L- ' ,.'zf,:2W' Y 1, Pfiijiifaf , 'fz"'x'Cl Li . f' .125 ' ' jijf ' mg w wif , X J. ' . Y .V X 'sp , I X,+?5.'1 I .nf H -11? , A - ', if in W L., f'.f.-'Qu 1 A H 1 , ydynhs m?,,,g.N ,, g in-' 1 . ' a4:f?fw:' a'Z 1, . QT i. f -'aff I rs . 541. ' 1.af2:v- A . , A:f'+f'f if.f?+.? 72 H9625-.fu--'-fs - - , V Ui 1-WI' - Qrr.. , , f?J,:vM36 - W'3.Pefi, 2 LJ ".fi1'L351S'f5-ifl 'VW' ' N. . . Jw 'grim 5 X I ai. an-H il LH 4.4 2.-U 5 A, my dw , Rfk 1 5 1 if I ,ggi 55 f?KfE!4w mp, . Qf "" Ln A2 1 Ffh? ,AY L 553' S. M6 AH 35 gf 1 ,mm Fl:.i'v1" - 'jg L: W1 ,1 'E f,:y',f'f'f',., Xe ' ,'.'-'-fi 233, ,, Q A Q25 1- My af. -' "-..QtX,,f 1 '- ne! 4,11 1 - "- Julian A .. 4 :A fi zguiafn V Lziifg' -f 'iii gf ' fi' 1: Iggxgw " ' 'mf 1' Wfyj-4,', L -fiwp y "2 ap 1 J .we ,M yr ' .Q-fi-,fa fpfigg, 1 p5 V J'-'5'-',,-L 1-A ,f?f,?.1 'xfwsgs , .- wif 5 is ffl J. 4+ '53 '.1 +f:f'f.'s' " F115 H ' J'-QL! 'Q 1-"'H1F'.v A 5,1 ., hai- 'f,L,,'J, ,I V ,Q 1 ' ?,.ff " 2f' 'I ' juiaigm j 'Jw ,tgifgfmif 1 ,Jw-fs,'f'- V atm- 43, gas? 'ff' 1 j ,fsffgf mfg! .4'?:5,yf: g,. Q1 w .1 V4 ,HJ ?2Hs" g-' WQ',::fQe' X13 , ay fi '-'Jv,"7f' f ffiff '- , . 'T-"1 . ' fAks2,.'f""f1 ' W 1 . 7 Fx X 1 fixf , J bv. Af? ., 4 r " -. 2 za ' a Li e-- 1 -'.,+gi-f- '- aw, fi' i'fA9f ' I 5.f'f'3i55:f" W Jn' 1 : '4ivf": , 'mffH'Eea fax ' 4,11 2' 735: 3 ' 5 5532 f,m4v , IEQQQQ 1. , f, Fa. ' -, New f - Ln: W 4 'XM I ---A, N, I I r .X y 1-, 1 X Q , X! 4 H5 Nh.. A S ., f 1-9 Q 1 4 1 ff 4 VHEQJ' ' Ty"z'2. 5 , W ,J .- , E .. 3 ,Ax ,M pw- . "1 Ay, ,, ..., ., .Q 4 7' x E 3 mfr,-mu.. ,I V4 Y ffm., 1 ff? A 532 1714? CADEIVW Published by THE SEISIIQIQ CLASS 1934 MILWAUKEE UNIVERSITY SCEIQQL MILWAUKEE, WISCQAISIN FRANK S. SPIGENER A. B. North Carolina M. A. Columbia Dedication FRANK S. Sl3lGlfNEl2, loyal and beloved Director oi the lVlilvvaul4ee Universitygchool, more than any other person has molded the ideals and institutions oi this school. Be- cause of his spirit oi friendship, and because he so completely exempliiies the true spirit oi lVl. Ll. S., We, the class of 1934, attectionately dedicate THE ACADEMY. 2 CQNTENTJJ Faculty . Seniors Classes Activities . Sports . Humor patrons and Advertisers T IS WITI-I sincere regreT ThaT we, The Class oT IQ34, record The resignaTion oT Raymond Moore, our Principal, To accepT The I-IeadmasTership oT The Grosse PoinTe CounTry Day School aT DeTroiT. For The pasT seven years he has guided The desTinies oT our high school and, Though we Too are abouT To Talce our leave, iT is diTTiculT To realize ThaT when nexT SepTember rolls around The Tamiliar Tigure oT Ray- mond Moore will also be missing Trom M. U. S. As much as we regreT his deparTure we are glad ThaT There has come To him This unusual opporTuniTy Tor advancemenT and TurTher service as adminisTraTor, Teacher and Triend. As Principal he has been a Tireless worlcer Tor The school, an undersTanding Triend To all oT us, a sTricT yeT a Tair disciplinarian and a Icindly guide. lNloThing was closer To his hearT Than The progress and welTare oT his sTudenTs who came under his supervision. Though aT Times we may have ThoughT him sTern, yeT we know ThaT he was always iusT and acTed only wiTh our besT inTeresTs uppermosT in his mind. Through his assembly Tallcs he has given us many worThwhile rules Tcr The beTTermenT oT our lives boTh as sTudenTs and as useTul ciTizens. RAYMOND MOQRE A. B, l.alce Forest Ed, lvl, I-Iarvard In our aThleTic program his assisTance has aT all Times been invaluable. IT is noT only as a coach ThaT we will remember him buT as a Teacher oT The highesT ideals oT sporTsmanship. I-le was Tond oT saying ThaT he did noT care wheTher a Team or an individual won so long as ThaT Team or individual had given iTs very besT in The aTTempT. I-Ie TaughT his boys To play The game hard buT To play iT Tairly, To give Their very besT and leT The ouTcome Talce care oT iTseIT. IT is his philosophy ThaT iT is The sTruggle and noT The vicTory which counTs. Raymond Moore has always been The "big broTher" To all oT us and The one To whom we could come To Tor advice and Triendly counsel. Through his guidance we have been shown The meThods in meeTing The diTTicuITies which come beTore us and have always been successTul in meeTing Them. Never has he been cruel or ungracious in his advice buT he has always recommended Those paThs which, alThough They may seem hard To Travel, are The sTraighT and worThwhile avenues To TuTure success. We wanT To assure him ThaT he Talces wiTh him our very besT wishes Tor his success and happiness and also ThaT a sincere welcome awaiTs him among his hosTs oT Triends in Milwaulcee when he reTurns To visiT us. MILWAUKEE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN Dear Friends: The close of my seven years at the Milwaukee University School marks my departure from an insti- tution that has contributed much to the young life of Milwaukee. That I have played a small part in helping to make for finer men and women in this community is indeed gratifying to me. I am most optimistic about the future of M.U.S. and know that, with the splendid group of men and women on of Mr. Spigener, will continue to ments. In all my inspiration to me the steadiness of have been a great ing and enjoyable cult to part with rich and full her its faculty under the wise guidance the boys and girls of the school ncarry onu to even greater achieve- experience as a teacher, I have never found so fine a spirit as that exemplified at M.U.S. The loyalty of its pupils has been a constant . The devotion of purpose shown by factor in making , and I know that the school and the student body my work interest- it will be diffi- those who have made my life so e in Milwaukee. May the world be made better because of the training you have received at M.U.S. and may your individual lives be full of service to the end that all men will say that the Milwaukee University School stands for Character, Scholarship, Service and Leadership. Cordially, QQIMM 5 BESS BOYLES BS., Coe College Household Arfs Cafeleria GEORGE F. BROCK A.B., Missouri Valley College Mallwemalics English S. STEWART BROO KS A.B., M.A., Princelon l.a+in Drarnafics Faculty 1933-1934 LOCKIE F. DINE A.B., Wisconsin German DOROTHY LOUISE ERICKSON B.S., Wisconsin Physical Ed uca+ion English Faculty 1933-1934 WILLIAM R. LEKER AB., Park College M.A., Wisconsin Science FRANCIS L. PARKS A.B., M.A., Colorado I-Iisfory Afhlefics CATHERINE RICE B.S., Wisconsin Fine Arls EMIL H. J. RINTELMANN B.E., Milwaukee Slafe Teachers' College M.A,, Chicago Manual Arls Ma+l'1ema+ics HAROLD E. STROW AB., Indiana Maflwemafics Allwlefics Faculty 1933-1934 C. E. SUTHERD LEOLA F. URBAN B.S., James Millilcan Universily A-B-f Wl5COn5ln Plnysical Educalion French Manual Arls 1 1 f fy MARIE A- TOSER ANNETTE WILKINS A-B" Wisconsin B.E., Milwaukee Slale Teachers' College MA., Colorado Music Librarian English 8 A1 Y if ROBERT NELSON HBOB.. "Smoolh runs ihe waler where The broolc is deep." Erilered Sepiember, I93O. Class Vice-Presidenl 2, 3: Presidenl 41 Maihemaiics Sociely 41 Foofball 2, 3, 41 Baslcelball 2, 3, 41 Traclc 21 Tennis l, 2, 3, Caplain 41 Junior "U" Club li Senior "U" Club 2, 3, 4. College: Wisconsin. PATSY BORNSTEI N UPA-I-.. "I'II go myself and I'Il see lo il." Enfered Seplember, l928. Class Treasurer li Class Secrelary 31 Class Vice-Presideni 41 Siuderil Council 2, 4, Secrelary 41 Girls' Club l, 2, 3, 4, Presidenl 41 Nalional l-lonor Sociely 47 Academy Slaifr Lilerary Edilor 3, Ad- veriising Manager 4, Lilerary Edilor Senior lssue 41 French Club 31 Dramalic Club 3, 41 Glee Club 3, 41 Rifle Club 3, 4. College: Sarah Lawrence Seniors BILLIE HALLSTROM ..BlLL.. "A case of qualily, noi quanrilyf' Erirered Seplember, I92I. Girls' Club Treasurer 31 Girls' Club Secreiary 41 Class Secrelary 41 Pholof graph Edilor Senior Edilion Academy 41 French, I, 2, 31 Glee Club 3, 41 Rifle Club 31 Girls' Afhlelicsz While Team Capiain. College: Undecided. " Wie? ORLO ADAMS "ARLIE" "Gen+lemen prefer blondes." Enlered Seplember, l93O. Class Treasurer 2, 3, 41 Rifle Club Treasurer 31 Naiional l-lonor Sociely 41 Malh. Sociely 41 Dramalic Club 3, 41 German Club 2, 31 Alhleiic Edilor for Academy 41 Foolball 2, 3, 41 Caplain 41 Baslcelball 2, 3, 41 Traclc 2, 3, 41 Junior U Club I, Senior U Club 2, 3, 4. College: Undecided. Claude Beebe "Buzz" "A dry iesl, sir - - - I have Ihem al my linger lips." Enlered Seplember, I927. Class Vice-Presidenl Ig Secrelary Rille Club 33 Boys' Club I, 27 French Club I, 2, 3: Baslcelball 2, 3, 4: Tennis 2, 3, 4, Caplain 3: Junior "U" Club: Senior "U" Club. College: Michigan. Reber? R. Bell "Bob" or "Rae" "Thou shouldsl eal lo live, nol live Io eel." Enlered Seplember, I928. Class Secrelary lg Nalional I-lonor Sociely 47 Honorary Malhemalics So- ciely 4, Presidenl 4: Academy Slallr Assl. Lilerary Edilor 2, Assl. Business Manager 3, Business Manager 4: French Club I, 27 Lalin Club lg Boys' Club I, 2: Drarnalic Club 3, 4, Rille Club 4: Swim- ming Team 2, 3: Senior "U" Club. College: Cornell Universily. Thomas Duncan "SenaI'or" "Will lhou seal up Ihe avenues ol ill? Pay every debl as if God wrole lhe bill." Enlered Seplember, I92 I. German Club, I, 2: Junior "U" Club I: Senior "U" Club 3, 4, Foolball 3, 4. College: Wisconsin. Jeanne Dunphy "A good archer is no'l lcnown by his arrows, bul by his aim," ' Enlered Seplember, I93O. Girls' Club I, 2, 3, 47 Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4, French Club I, 2, 37 Rifle Club 3, 43 Honorary Malhemalics Sociely. College: Undecided. Mildred Franzen "MiIIy" "She is prelly lo walk wilh, And willy Io Iallc wilh, And pleasanl, loo, 'ro lhinlc on.' Enlered Seplember, I927. French Club I, 2, 37 German Club 3, 47 Girls' Glee Club 3, 47 Rifle Club 3: Girls' Club I, 2, 3, 4. College: Garland. Frank Frey Ill "Fish" or "Moose' " 'Tis pleasanl lo see one's name in prinl." Enlered February, l93I. German Club, 2, 3 4, Treasurer 3g Boys' Club 2, 31 Dramalic Club 31 Swim- ming Team 2, 3, 4, Caplain 4: Track Team 3, 43 Senior "U" Club 2, 3, 4. College: Darlmoulh. Granl Gauger "Moose "I am lhe masler ol my ship." Enlered Seplember, I933. Foolball 43 Senior "U" Club 43 Drae malics 43 Track 4. College: Laylon Arl School. Oswald Jaeger "Ossie' "Our birlh is bul a sleep and a lorgellingf' Enlerecl Seplember, l927. German Club I, 21 Rille Club 3, 41 Rille Team 37 Grcheslra 3: Dramalic Club 3, 4. College: Carroll College. Roberl Kollnauer "Bob" "The world knows nolhing ol ils grealesl men." Enlered Oclober 2, I932. Dramalic Club 3, 4: Foolball 43 Swim- ming Team 4q Track 3, 4: Senior "U" Club. College: Wisconsin Fabian Kunzelmann "Fabe" "Beller a willy lool lhan a loolish wil." Enlered Seplember, l93O. Sludenl Council 2, 3: -Academy Slall: Assl. Lilerary Eclilor 3, Humor Edilor 4i Rille Club 3, 4, Presidenl 3: Foolball Team 43 Swimming Team 2, 3, 47 Rae F. Bell Swimming Trophy 4: Track 2. 3, 41 Junior "U" Club: Senior "U" Club 2, 3, 4. l'l"Universilv. Eleanor Lindemann "Ellie" "She looks like an angel, and acrs like one loo, Bul you never can Iell whal an angel will do." Enlrered Seplernber, I923.-Re-enlered Seplember, I933. Girls' Club I, 2, 4: Glee Club I, 2, 47 Dramalic Club 2, 4: German Club I, 2. College: Undecided Roberf Manegold "Bob" "I-le-'s an open hearled Deulscherf' Ifnlered Seplember, I93O. Honorary Malhemalics Sociely 43 Academy Sfaizlz Aclivilies Edilor 41 Ger- man Club 41 Foofball 43 Track Manager 41 Junior 'U' Club: Senior "U" Club. College: Darlmoulh. William Marx "Bill" "I hope Io meril Heaven by making earlh a I-Iell." Enlered February, IQ33. Foolball 4: Baskelball Manager 4: Senior "U" Club 4: Dramafic Club 4. College: Wisconsin. PaHy Powers ..Pa+.. "NolI'1ing greal was ever achieved Wilh- oul' enlhusiasmf' Enlered Siplember. I93O. Sluclenl' Council 4: Academy Slalli: Asst Adverlising Manager 41 Glee Club 3, 47 Girls' Club I, 2, 3, 41 French Club I, 2, 3i German Club 3, 4, Girls' Alh- lelics "Blue" Team Caplain 43 Rifle Club 3. College: Milwaukee-Downer College. John Rix "A kind and genlle hearl had he." Enlered Seplember, I932. French Club 3, 4, Swimming Team 3.4. College: Wisconsin. Joan Roberls "Jo" "Yer I have somefhing in me dangerous " Enlered Seplember, I93O. Class Secrelary 27 S+udenI Council 47 Girls' Club I, 2, 3, 4, Secrelary 37 Crlee Club I, 2, 37 Dramalic Club 2, 3, 47 German Club 3, 4. College: Undecided. Rira Rosenberg "The mildesl manners wilh 'rhe bravesl heart" Fnlered February, I933. Girls' Club 3, 4, Glee Club 3, 47 French Club 3. College: Weslern Reserve Byron Thompson "Baron" "Nigh+ afler nighl he sal' and bleared his eyes wilh books." Enlered February, I925. Foolball 4 Track 3 4' Bo s' Club I i I . Y . 2: French Club I, 27 Minslrel Show 3, 47 Senior "UM Club. College: Wisconsin. Heinz Werwalh "As fond ol: dares Enrered Sepfember, Frederick Wagner "Fred" "Could swell Ihe soul 'ro rage or kindle soll desire." Enrered Seplember, I92I. Class Presidenr Ii Sfudenr Council 2, 4, Presidenl 47 Nalional I-Ionor Sociely 47 I-Ionorary Malhemalics Sociely 37 Academy Slarfz Assl. Lilerary Edilor 2, Liferary Edilor 3, Edilor 47 Dramalic Club 2, 3, 47 French Club 37 Treasurer Boys' Club 27 Rifle Club 37 Foolball 3, 47 Baske3rbaII 2, 3, 47 Track 2, 37 Senior "U" Club 3, 4i Junior 'U" Club. College: Darlmoulh. as an Arab." I922. German Club I, 2, 37 Vice-presidenl 37 Srudenl Council I, 3, 47 Academy Slafl: Assi. Aclivilies Fdilor 47 Basker- baII 3, 47 FooI'baII 47 Junior "U" Club: Senior "U" CIub7 Prom Chairman 37 Sporrsmanship Trophy 4. College: Undecided. ff, , Anne++e Wilson James Wilsey "Jim" I I Come my coach, good-nighl, ladies." Eniered Seplember, I927. Academy Siahfz Adverlising Manager 2: German Club I, 2, 3: Dramalic Club I: Boys' Club I, 2: Foolball 2, 3, 4: Junior "U" Club: Senior "U" Club 2, 3, 4. College: Michigan. "For The nalure of woman is closely allied Io ar'r." Enlered Seplember, I93O.-Re-enlered Seplember, I933. Academy Slaiclz AssI'. Ari Edilor I, Ari Ifdilor 2, Ari Edilor and Assl. Edi- Ior-in-Chief 4: German Club 2: Girls' Club I, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 4 College: Wisconsin. CarI+on Wilson "C. P." "Ye are so grave, nae doubi ye're wise." Enlered Sepiember, I93O. Class Presidenl 2, 3: Sludeni Council 2, 3, 4: Vice-presideni 4: Nalional Honor Sociely 3: Harvard Book Prize 3: J, P. Wiener Baslcelball Trophy 3, 4: Honorary Maihemalics Sociefy 3: Academy Siaif: Lilerary Deparimeni 3, Liirerary Edilor 4: Rifle Club 3: Foolball 2, 3, 4: Baslcelball 2, 3, 4, Caplain 3, 4: Tennis I, 2, 3, 4: Junior "U" Club: Senior "U" Club 2, 3, 4. College: Cornell Universily. X, Dorofhy Zinn "Duffy" "Her irowns are fairer far, Than smiles of olrher maidens are " Enierecl January, I92 I. Girls' Club I, 2, 3, 4, Vice-presideni 4: French Club I, 2, 3,: Lalin Club I: Glee Club 2, 3: Manager Blue Team 3. College: Prospecl Hall. C I4 The l'listory oi the Class oT T934 HE CLASS OF T934 had iTs humble beginnings way back in I92l when six wide-eyed, open-mouThed children were broughT up The sTeps oT The Milwaukee UniversiTy School on Broadway inTo The big kindergarTen. There, under The kind supervision oT "TanTe Anna," Billie l'lallsTrom, Eleanor Lindemann, DoroThy Zinn, Tom Duncan, Fred Wagner, and l-leinz WerwaTh learned how To build block houses and make baskeTs ouT oT TooThpicks and dried peas. In grade school oThers swelled The ranks oT The "old guard," and blocks and baskeT making were discarded Tor aThleTics. To Think ThaT only a Tew years ago The debuTanTes oT The presenT class were whalloping The boys in pom-pom-pull- away! ln The Tall oT 1927 we abandoned The old school on Broadway, and moved To our presenT locaTion. One year laTer we sTormed inTo The Junior l-ligh School. lmmediaTely The Class oT '34 Took parT in every acTiviTy. Even in The sevenTh grade we had members on The aThleTic squads. ln eighTh grade, wiTh an original "drammer" enTiTled "Crime Never Pays," we Tingled The spines oT an appreciaTive audience and won The school inTerclass play conTesT. AbouT This Time The class became social lions and embarked inTo The inTricacies oT Terpsichore. This year, Too, The Bell broThers composed The school Pep Song. AT The advenT oT The Treshman year our number was pracTically doubled, principally by many oT our Tormer rivals oT Normal School. The Erosh TooTball Team oT ThaT year had a successTul season, and The Freshman baskeTball Team esTablished iTselT as one oT The besT Teams in The school hisTory by winning The championship oT The Junior Suburban ConTerence. NOT To be ouTdone, The girls' baskeTball Team came wiThin Two poinTs oT winning The inTerclass baskeTball Tourna- menT. This year again The class produced an original dramaTic masTerpiece, "The Romance oT a Busy Broker." We also won The T-lerzTeldT scholarship Trophy Tor The highesT record oT scholarship in The High School. The sophomore year Tound many oT The boys on The wonderTully successTul TooTball Team oT '32, The Team which seT a school record in games won and losT, The enTire junior Team oT I93O played varsiTy baskeTball, and several oT The soph- omores won leTTers on The swimming Team. Tennis and Track also drew valuable sophomore maTerial, and many oT The boys won Their leTTers. "l-le ls The People's Choice," and oTher like expressions will long be remembered as a parT oT The unusual sophomore program oT This year, "The DemocraTic NaTional ConvenTion." In i932 The TooTball squad was composed mainly oT juniors, and The TighTing spiriT which The class showed in The Tace oT exTremely adverse condiTions demon- sTraTed Their True meTTle. OTTseTTing a somewhaT unsuccessTul TooTball season, The baskeTball Team, consisTing oT The original Junior ConTerence champs oT '3I, and The swimming Team, wiTh many juniors on iT, had wonderTully successTul seasons. Many juniors were also on The equally successTul Track and Tennis Teams, The annual Junior Prom, This year a veriTable ice-palace, was a huge success, and The very TinesT Prom in school hisTory ldespiTe The TacT ThaT The same Thing is said elsewhere in This book abouT The Prom oT The presenT Junior classl. The class was well represenTed in dramaTics, especially by girls, and juniors Took an acTive parT in The Girls' Club. In This, our lasT year, we have seT up an enviable record. ThirTeen seniors were on The TooTball squad, and were mainly responsible Tor The successTul sea- son. OTT To a slow sTarT, The baskeTball Team, again composed almosT wholly oT seniors, Tinished brillianTly againsT a diTTiculT schedule, while seniors won The majoriTy oT poinTs on The swimming Team. The girls aT This Time were quiTe suc- cessTul in Their inTra-mural games. WiTh Ered Wagner as presidenT, The STudenT Council has Taken a leading parT in school liTej and under The admirable guidance oT PaTsy BornsTein, The Girls' Club has reached The mosT acTive poinT oT iTs exisTence. This year more seniors were elecTed To The NaTional T-lonor SocieTy and The MaTh l-lonor SocieTy, and many seniors received awards aT The aThleTic banqueT. This brings To a close The hisTory oT The class oT I934 ThroughouT our years in school we have gained more Trom iT Than we will ever be able To repay, and iT is wiTh a Teeling oT deepesT regreT and TondesT remembrance ThaT we leave M. U. S. To Tind new worlds To conquer. I5 Class Prophecy REETINGS and saluTaTions Trom Hugo, Bruno and Emily. Thanks To ThaT eminenT proTessor oT physics and sundry oTher sciences, Wilhelm Gorgonzola Beaker, I am able Today, by means OT his colossal invenTion, The "FuTure Peeper," To give you a shorT glimpse oT The sTudenTs oT The Class oT I934 ThirTy years hence. Now, leT's have The lighTs OTT, please, and please, all oT you, siT back and wander wiTh me on The wings oT The Tairies To The year oT IQ64, To The enchanTing melody oT "Asa's DeaTh," by ThaT mosT charming Scandinavian composer, Heinz WerwaTh. Here we are in 1964. Now The N. R. A. sTands Tor No RecollecTion Allowed, so iT would be quiTe unTair Tor any oT you To leT your ThoughTs wander back To IQ34. LeT us TirsT visiT The WhiTe House. There we Tind The PresidenT smiling and chuckling To himselT and we wonder why he smiles when The ship oT sTaTe runs a course sTudded wiTh ragged reefs. BuT we can well undersTand ThaT iT is a smile oT accomplishmenT. PresidenT Wagner lremember Freddie7l Teels ThaT aTTer ThirTy years The audience oT The I934 lviinsTrel Show has Tinally "goT iT." As we are leaving The WhiTe House leT us pause To view RuTus T. KOTT- nauer, The vice-presidenT, Telling The kiddies oT The counTry how To TighT The baTTle oT liTe, and exhorTing Them To new eTTorTs in Their guesT Tor The Oswald Jaeger Baking Company's Jungle Hour BuTTons. Qzzie, by The way, is The man who revoluTionized The baking indusTry by invenTing Handled DoughnuTs, The blessing To The man who dunks. As we walk along The bank oT The scenic PoTomac, a channel swimmer comes inTo sighT whom we Tind is Frank Frey on his annual pilgrimage Trom BalTimore To WashingTon, D. C., via waTer, bearing garlands oT seaweed To The PresidenT. Frank is a liTTle Tardy This year because his aTTendanT, GranT Gauger, spenT mosT oT The Time repairing his ToolprooT moTor. Every year, aT The expiraTion oT his conTracT wiTh The Bahn Frei Hall, Gauger, beTTer known as "GenTleman GranT, The Boxing Bungler," accompanies Frank on his swimming pilgrimage. ln BosTon Commons, we see Thomas Duncan, Jr., who is iusTly Tamous Tor his abiliTy as a sandwich man pickeTing non-union shops, expounding his Theories on Socialism. We decide To sTay in BosTon, and in The aTTernoon we go ouT To see The Red Sox play The ST. Louis Browns aT Thompson's SporTing Arena. Thompson's is a good place To eaT-over Ten Thousand hasen- pTeTTer dinners served daily lyou bring The rabbiTsll From BosTon, guiTe oddly, we Tind ourselves in an aTmosphere oT sTaid conTinenTal arisTocracy-black shirTed men everywhere. STanding nexT To a sTern looking man is O. H. Adams who has risen To ThaT coveTed posiTion oT lv1ussolini's "yes man." While on his honeymoon in lTaly-Carlie Wilson married The Cornell widow, you know-we ioin him in aTTending an oTTicial movie sTarring June EasT, The scinTillaTing, glamorous siren oT The screen who proves To be Eleanor Lindemann. A newsreel oT The I964- Olympics shows PaT Powers breaking her inTernaTional hurdling record which she has held Tor The pasT ThirTy years. We move on To CenTral ATrica where we see DoroThy Zinn, who married a missionary, happy and conTenTed among The primiTive blacks who hail her as a goddess. ln The pool on her esTaTe Bob Manegold, aTTired in a shark's skin, is swimming abouT under waTer sTill looking Tor The nickel ThaT Jimmie losT. QuiTe evidenTly Bob musT be The one necessiTaTing The visiT oT Dr. Claude Beebe, The eminenT brain spe- cialisT, who is even now enTering The gaTes oT The missionary's esTaTe. STopping in Bermuda on our way back To The STaTes we see a huge elecTric sign adverTising "Bill Marx Time WiTh I-lis RhyThm Men aT The Casino del Born- sTein." Inside The nighT club we recognize Willie leading his orchesTra. I-lis singer, whose voice is low, husky, and ThroaTy, is RiTa Rosenberg. Passing Through The room, keeping everybody happy, is The club's owner and hosTess, The charming and peTiTe PaTsy BornsTein. ReTurning To Milwaukee, The TirsT person we see is Jean "Sure-shoT" Dunphy, shooTing clay pigeons To biTs down aT The lake shore. Jean's iackeT is covered wiTh ponderous, imporTanT locking medals. EvidenTly she is a winner in This game. AT The Davidson TheaTre, Jim Wilsey, The Tamous connoisseur oT beauTiTul girls, is presenTing a mag- niTicenT revue lreminiscenT oT old Broadwayl sTarring "Jo-Jo, The WhisTling Cow Girl" and "Co-Co, The Clown." We are noT surprised To Tind Joan RoberTs and Fabian Kunzelman successTul on The sTage, Tor we remember They are ideally suiTed Tor dramaTic careers. The WaIkaThon ouT aT The STaTe Fair Park is The Talk oT The Town. We go ouT To see Those weary spe- cimens oT humaniTy drag Themselves abouT. Four couples are leTT. The Tour ThousandTh hour is pasT. BeTs are running close, buT one couple seems To be The TavoriTe. The Team oT Bell and Franzen is The Ta- vcriTe. BelI's iokes are geTTing raTher Teeble, buT Millie is holding up surprisingly well on Bob's shoul- der. IT seems unbelievable, buT Then- Remembering ThaT we have noT accounTed Tor An- neTTe Wilson, we look in a Telephone direcTory. IT says, "Miss Wilson's Exclusive Social Service Tor Women." AT her esTablishmenT we Tind AnneTTe saying To Billie I-lallsTrom, "My mosT desirable gen- Tleman is available This evening. I am cerTain you would like him. I-le is an excepTionalIy Tine dancer and a mosT amusing companion. Would you care To see him?" Billie says she would. Bob Nelson en- Ters The room, Bob, The mosT soughT aTTer gigolo oT Miss Wilson's exclusive esTablishmenT. We decide To reTurn To M. U. S. Tor old Time's sake even iT iT is againsT The N. R. A. IT is SaTurday morning. The building is The same, buT older. The Taces oT The sTudenTs and The TacuITy are unTamiliar, buT in The library we are delighTed To Tind one oT our beloved Class oT '34. There we Tind John Rix Taking his spelling TesT Tor The Tour Thousand Tour hundred and TorTieTh Time. WiTh Tond hopes in our hearTs we bid John To "carry on"I Now, Triends, wasn'T ThaT lovely? IT is Too bad ThaT we have To leave The wings oT Tancy on which we have been Tlying hiTher and ThiTher Tor almosT TiTTeen minuTes, buT we musT geT back To realiTy, much as we would like To dream on. LighTs, please! Q55 I 7 Class Will E, Tl-TE CLASS OF I934, being aTTlicTed wiTh bleary eyes, as a resulT oT Too much sTudying, and a weak hearT Trom Too much aThleTics, deem iT advisable To draw up This lasT will and TesTamenT. Wherein we, The Class oT I934, realizing ThaT we have been a class oT unusual abiliTy, desire To make a lasT muniTicenT giTT To our school, and hereby presenT our virTues and vices To Those in The school who can make The besT use oT Them. Besides leaving Miss Dine hearTbroken, coaches SuTherd, STrow, Parks and Brock worried, and Mr. Moore "darned glad Those hoodlums are gone . . Tommy Duncan leaves his abiliTy To dodge debTs Tor ThirTeen years To whoever has To pay The school bills. Bob Nelson leaves his good looks and winning ways To Bill Lane. Eabian Kunzelmann leaves a bad impression. Claude Beebe leaves his unTinished argumenTs on race problems To Bob Zwicky. GranT Gauger leaves his nauTical knowledge To "Barnacle Bill" Hagen. Bob Bell and Mildred Eran- zen leave TogeTher. Grlo Adams leaves a lisT oT Telephone numbers To Jimmy Klode. PaTsy BornsTein leaves The presidency oT The Girls' Club To any good suTTragisT in school. Bob Manegold leaves The hockey supremacy oT Pine Lake To BeTTy. Ered Wagner leaves his daily Talks and announce- menTs To whoever wanTs Them. Carlie Wilson leaves his heighT To John Rheineck. Eleanor Lindemann leaves a Teepee Tull oT Triends To any girl in need oT N-l-C-E men. John Rix leaves The liTTle Things in liTe To Jack Wie- ner. Joan RoberTs leaves her rosy blush To Carol Mayer, hoping she'll make good use oT iT. AnneTTe Wilson leaves her unTinished work To TuTure M. U. S. seniors who are looking Tor someThing To do. RiTa Rosenberg leaves her high soprano To peTiT DoroThy VieTh. Frank Frey wills his swimming suiT To Bob Zwicky. PaTTy Powers leaves her silenT laughTer To Mary Virginia EosTer. Billie l-lallsTrom leaves her camera To any oTher quick snapper ThaT mighT come along. l-leinz WerwaTh leaves his abiliTy To caTch punTs To Karl Klauser. Jeanne Dunphy leaves her bull's eyes To Emily Moeller, anarher budding big shoT. James Wilsey leaves his parking place aT Downer To Mike. DoroThy Zinn leaves her knowledge oT polo To any horseman able To absorb ThaT much. NeiTher Bob KoTTnauer nor Bill Marx leave any- Thing. CMD Clfilflfg- FIQEIHMAN JIJNIDIQ wnnomonf i JUNIOIQ HIGH FIDIT FUIQM IECUND F0 DM 1-J I .,,,,,.,,. The Junior Class i-IE JUNIOR CLASS, as a whole, is probably whaT one mighT call a Teacher's dream: Tor iT has, since iTs Treshmen days, consisTenTly shown an exceedingly high scholasTic average, regularly carrying oTT The monThIy and semesTer awards. lT would seem ThaT such a class is oversTudiousg however ThaT is noT The case, Tor The iunior class has shown ThaT iT has TalenT in oTher Tields. lT has obTained awards in dramaTics, girls' and boys' inTramural aThleTics, ediTed several excellenT ediTions oT The Academy, and presenTed several unique class programs beside carrying on The oTher cusTomary work oT a class. AlThough Three years have passed since iT enTered iTs shorT high school career, The class has reTained iTs original idenTiTy, making iT possible To develop a class spiriT which iT hopes will noT die. AlThough The class seemingly reached iTs peak during The lasT year by obTaining one oT The highesT class averages ThaT has ever been aTTained, The members realize how small Their accomplishmenTs have been in compari- son wiTh whaT musT be evenTually accomplished in The coming year, if They are To keep up Their high sTandards. One oT The members oT The class received The plague which is given To The besT acTor in The school, and who has consisTenTly disTinguished himselT in all The maior dramaTic producTions. The girls oT The iunior class, who unTil This semesTer were only Tive in number had Their somewhaT depleTed ranks Tilled a biT when Two new girls joined The class. WiTh This added sTrengTh They came Through To win The swimming meeT oT The senior high school. 20 Proving The old maxim ThaT "good Things come in small packages," The Two smallesT members OT The class were eleced To The Na- Tional Honor SocieTy. Among The sporTs in which The boys have especially disTinguished Themselves are TooT- ball, Traclc, and Tennis. Indeed iT is an enviable record ThaT The junior class leaves behind iT and we TrusT ThaT in Their lasT year aT M. U. S. They will Tread The paTh oT success, Tinding aT The end ThaT They have surpassed Their goal. JUNIORS John Bell WalTer Carlson John Chandler John Duncan John Franlc Willis l-lagen l-lerberT l-lall KeiTh l-lovis RoberT KasTen George KiewerT Karl'Klauser Peggy KooTz William Lane Fred Lange BeTTe Manegold Carol Mayer Emily Jane Moeller Billy OesTerreich BeTTy STein Frederick Usinger MerediTh WrighT Mavis Wanvig RoberT Zinser 2 I cw - m ff , ' fl i l I"'fm, The Sophomore Class S THE VERY name "sophomore" comes Trom a Greek word meaning sophisri- caTed, iT is boTh pleasing and surprising To reTlecT on The acTiviTies oT The sophomore class during The pasT year. In all school liTe, exTra curricular as well as academic, The sophomore class has been a viTal parT oT ThaT splendid organ- izaTion, The Milwaukee UniversiTy School. An ouTline OT iTs parTicipaTion in aurside acTiviTies is a splendid way To demonsTraTe This. In aThleTics, TirsT oT all, The class has been very well represenTed. There have been boys on The varsiTy TooTball, baskeTball, and swimming squads, and They can boasT oT aT leasT one leTTer winner in each oT These sporTs. The girls, Too, have been acTive in aThleTics and have been consisTenTly among The winners in Their inTra- mural and gymnasium conTesTs. Secondly, a review OT The Tine DramaTic Club work shows ThaT a greaTer number oT sophomores have parTicipaTed in This Tield oT endeavor Then have The members oT any oTher class. In The commencemenT play, as well as boTh groups oT one acT plays, There have always been a large group OT sophomores playing many oT The leading and supporTing parTs. This speaks well Tor The class, as The plays were a greaT success. The new sysTem which has been Tollowed during The pasT year as To The publicaTion oT The Academy, gives each class Two chances To publish iTs own ediTion. lT is inTeresTing To noTe ThaT boTh oT The sophomore ediTions were very well received by The members oT The TaculTy and The members oT The sTudenT body. Our class has had Two ouTings during The lasT year. The TirsT was a skaTing parTy held in January aT The Milwaukee River. A large percenTage OT The class 22 aTTended This parTy, and all oi us enioyed iT immensely. ln The Spring anoTher suc- cessful ouTdoor parTy was given, and iT, Too, will remain a pleasanT experience in our memories oT our happy days. The mosT imporTanT parT oT school liTe, however, is oT course The academic worlc. While we have never led The enTire school in This respecT, we have always been righT up among The leaders, and some monThs iT was only aTTer much Tiguring ThaT iT could be deTermined which class had Tinished on Top. WiTh our splendid record oT The pasT Two years behind us, we look Torward To The nexT Two wiTh boTh opTimism and deTerminaTion. The oTiicers who so capably managed The aTiairs oT The sophomore class were: BeaTrice Jones, presidenTg Jaclc Wiener, vice-presidenTg Jim Klode, secreTaryg and RoberT Zwiclry, Treasurer. SOPHGMORES RoberT Dernehl Mary Virginia FosTer WalTer lsgrig BeaTrice Jones ldalynn Kohn Rodney Leech Alex Luediclce Monroe McLaughlin Lucille Niclcoll Philip OrTh Doris RoeThlqe Norman Rohn Audrey RusserT RoberTa Saiir Mary Seeger Jane Sellmer Jack Wiener Richard WesTerman John Zwicky RoberT Zwiclcy 23 The l:f2Sl'IfT1dD CTGSS -HE Tl-HRD Tormers have experienced a proTiTable and enjoyable year. They have done well in boTh scholasTic and ouTside acTiviTies, and have held The progress and scholasTic banners Tor several monThs. BoTh The boys and girls have enTered aThleTics. in various inTramural conTesTs, alThough noT al- ways vicTorious, They have shown good sporTs- manship and abiliTy. They have demonsTraTed much enThusiasm Towards dramaTics. A number oT The members have appeared in The plays ThaT were given by The DramaTic Club. They have shown persever- ance: Tor even Though They weren'T To be in one play, They Tried Tor The nexT. They have generously parTicipaTed in The chariTable acTiviTies. AT boTh Thanksgiving and ChrisTmas Time They broughT TogeTher Tood and cloThing Tor The less TorTunaTe. A On Thanksgiving The Treshmen presenTed a program wi+h The sevenTh and eighTh grades. Two splendid numbers oT The Academy have been issued by The Treshman class during The year. These have been made possible only by The combined eTTorTs oT every member oT The class. Much Time and eTTorT was spenT on each issue. The Treshmen Tried To make Their num- bers as worTh while and inTeresTing as Those oT The upper classmen. 24 Each OT The Treshman sTudenTs wroTe a six hun- dred word Theme in compeTiTion Tor The MT. Rushmore Memorial award. They were based on nine OT The mosT imporTanT evenTs in The hisTory OT The UniTed STaTes. The Tamous sculp- Tor, C-3uTzen Borglum, has carved The heads OT Tamous men in American hisTory on The sides OT MT. Rushmore in SouTh DalcoTa. Now sTudenTs are being aslced TO wriTe The inscripTion under These Tigures. Prizes are being awarded by The Rushmore Memorial commiTTee Tor The besT Themes. We hope ThaT one OT The Treshman sTudenTs Trom our school will win one OT These prizes. The Treshmen who Took French goT The names and addresses OT French boys and girls wiTh whom They could correspond. This was a prac- Tical way To TesT our abiliTy in French, and has broughT abouT correspondence Triendships ThaT prove To be very inTeresTing. The class, besides having a proTiTable, aca- demic year also enioyed a very delighTTul social one. The TirsT parTy was a roller-slcaTing one. This Toolc place The day aTTer The mid-semesTer exams. ATTer The worlc OT sTudying and Taking The exams The class decided To celebraTe. ATTer The slcaTing parTy one OT The Treshman girls en- TerTained The class aT her home Tor The remainder OT The evening. l.aTer on in The season The class had a sleigh-riding parTy and again ended The parTy aT The home OT a Treshman girl. The enTire class has used Their Treshman year very proTiTably as well as enioyably. FRESHMEN Jane Bradley RoberT Clarlc ArThur Graeszel Douglas GuTenlcunsT Lawrence Henderson Donald JohnsTon Fred KasTen RoberT Kremers BeTTy Ann Newald Sylvia Lecher Phyllis Jean BolTz Marian Nicholson Wallace MacBriar Charles Reed Edward ScheTTer EdiTh Schley Mary STraTTon William Thompson Lloyd Van AnTwerpen DoroThy VieTh KaTheryn Ann Webb RoberT STuebe 25 The Junior High School HE JUNIOR HIGH SCHQOL sTudenTs have had a very inTeresTing year under The direc- Tion oT Mr. RinTelmann and Mr. Brock. lv1osT oT Their acTiviTies have cenTered around The Junior High School boys' and girls' clubs. The acTiviTies were oT Tour kinds, social, sporTs, chari- Table, and scholasTic. Social commiTTees arranged a number oT social TuncTions. Several roller-skaTing parTies were held, also an ice-skaTing parTy, an ouTing aT Pine lake, a Tield day picnic To which Triends were inviTed, and a number oT oTher TuncTions. SporTs have had an imporTanT posiTion in The Junior High School boys' and girls' acTiviTies during The year. Ping-Pong TournamenTs Tor boTh boys and girls were arranged. WresTling and boxing maTches occupied The inTeresT oT many boys during club periods, while checkers Took The Tancy oT oThers. The girls also wenT in Tor exTensive sporTs. The Torms challenged each oTher in baskeTball, baseball, waTer baskeTball, and Tennis. The pyramids, drills, games, and comic acrobaTics oT The open house Physical EducaTion program were supporTed or presenTed by The Junior High School boys and girls. From all appearances, The varsiTy in TuTure will be greaTly enriched by The presenT sevenTh and eighTh grades. A number oT chariTable acTiviTies were carried on during The year. UnTorTunaTe Tamilies were helped wiTh supplies oT Tood and cloThing aT Thanksgiving and ChrisTmas. A Tinancial con- TribuTion was made To The ChariTy Fund aT ChrisTmas Time. The pupils also collecTed declcs oT old playing cards Tor use aT The Municipal Social CenTer Tor unemployed. The CommuniTy Fund was also given loyal and subsTanTial sup- porT. The Two Torms have been rivals Tor The Scholarship Banner and The Pioneer Banner all year, wiTh honors abouT equally divided. Frank discussions during home room rneeTings and club meeTings have helped many oT The boys and girls To undersTand Their scholasTic diTTiculTies. Fellow pupils were very co-operaTive in helping a pupil To beTTer undersTand himselT and his scholarship approach. We have had a wonderTul year and look Tor- ward To even greaTer acTiviTies nexT year. First and Second Forms George Adams John Anderson BeTTy Beebe AugusT BergenThal Helene Berger Barbara Berger ConsTance Brand Mary Burbach Olive Callaway John Croll Mary Falk PaTricia Eerneding SEVENTH AND EIGHT!-I GRADES Barbara Garber Fred Garny Louis Greenebaum Marion Gross Richard l-lallsTrom BeTTy l'larnischTeger MorTon l-lunTer BeTTy KrauThoeTer PaTricia Miller BeTTy Moeller Jacob Nunnemacher Ered Olson Joy Plessner PaTTy PosT Mariorie PriTzlal:l: John Rheineclc Miclcey RoeThlce Hannah Seeger Ralph Sivyer Ronald Sivyer Mariorie SmiTh John Uihlein Mary Wiener 27 Junior Suburban Champs ol T931 O Tl-TE FREST-TMAN baskeTball Team oT I93I wonT The honor and glory oT winning Tor The TirsT Time in The hisTory oT The school The Junior Suburban ConTernce Championship. The champion- ship Team possessed all oT The besT qualiTies oT iTs predecessors, and, above all, They displayed an un- conquerable spiriT aT all Times, a spiriT oT co-opera- Tion and Team play. ThroughouT The season This group oT Freshman boys ThoughT and Talked baskeT- ball day and nighTq They had buT one ambiTion,--To win. Their remarkable record which showed buT one deTeaT was The resulT oT The Tine spiriT displayed by The group in addiTion To The very able coaching OT Mr. Moore. IT is only such a remarkable record as This ThaT can Tairly reTlecT The spiriT, co-operaTion, sporTsmanship, and skill oT The Tine group oT boys ThaT represenTed The Milwaukee UniversiTy School on The Freshman baskeTball Team oT l93I. 28 l l 29 The Student Council NDER THE ABLE leadership OT PresidenT Fred Wagner, The STudenT Council oT I933-34 has enioyed a very successTul year. The Council began iTs season by giving sTrong supporT To The TooTball Team. IT sponsored pep meeTings and Talks beTore each conTesT and was largely responsible Tor The whole-hearTed supporT The Team goT Trom The sTudenT body. Members oT The STudenT Council Took charge oT The Homecoming, making iT a huge success. The auTomobile parade was a popular TeaTure oT Homecoming To The high school sTudenTs, while The bicycle parade beTween halves proved exciTing To The elemenTary school. Many old grads reTurned To The Alma MaTer because oT The eTTicienT work oT The Council in inTorming Them oT The big evenT. The Council also published Homecoming programs which conTained The picTures and hisTories oT The Team members and The coaches. The nexT evenT To which The Council gave iTs sup- porT was The Milwaukee CounTy CommuniTy Fund. The STudenT Council Took compleTe charge oT The campaign aT M. U. S. and succeeded in making our school Tund go "over The Top." In rallies and pep Talks The sTudenTs were urged To "give Till iT hurTs." The success oT These meeTings is evidenT inasmuch as each class came Through IOO per cenT wiTh iTs dona- Tion. The nexT evenT To gain The spoTlighT was The STudenT Council Dance which Tollowed The M. U. S.- M. C. D. S. baskeTball game. This dance was sponsored and direcTed by STudenT Council members. IT proved a success socially and Tinancially, and The proceeds received will be used To procure new aThleTic eguipmenT Tor nexT year's Teams. In addiTion To These ouTsTanding evenTs The STu- denT Council has supporTed all school acTiviTies. IT has backed all aThleTic evenTs and has been in charge oT The TickeT sales Tor TooTball, baskeTball, and swim- ming meeTs. DramaTics have been sTressed by The Council, and iT has been in charge oT all TickeT sales Tor The various dramaTic oTTerings which were given during The year. Since The nucleus oT The Council's members are reTurning nexT year, we may look Torward To a very successTul year in T934-35. The oTTicers oT This year's Council were Fred Wagner, presidenTg Heinz WerwaTh, vice-presidenTg PaTsy BornsTein, secreTary. ' Th N ' I I-I S ' ,,,,,,,,,,,,, Q GIZIOUG OIWOF OCIQEY 5-muon. socuavv Q I4 I-IE NATIONAL I-IONOR SOCIETY, inTo which our school was admiTTed on : M 5 The TwenTy'TiTTh oT April, nineTeen hundred and ThirTy, is The Phi BeTa Kappa Z ,i 5 oT high schools. BuT while The Phi BeTa Kappa is The emblem oT scholarship, f, Q The NaTionaI I-Ionor SocieTy covers a wider Tield such as high sTandards oT characTer, leadership, and service. The I-lonor SocieTy greaTly sTimuIaTes The liTe oT The school, and The members have, in Their college careers, received recogniTion by The insTiTuTions which They are aTTending Tor Their exceIlenT worlc and conTribuTions To The college. Besides having received high averages, These early members have made ' Their names prominenT in many college acTiviTies. MEMBERS l93O William IZVOVTIVVI RlVLa1yhillI1Te Kellogg Wylma WesTerman Elizabeth I-Ienes O Op Umlemac er Jolwn Wilgon Bruce MacLeod I93I CaTherine Cramer RoberT I-IiTchcocl4 I-Ierman Nunnemacher Mildred Eiclqmeyer John Lane John VogT l932 I-larold Jahn Roger MclnTyre Charles Klaiber Eldred STevenson I933 Orlo Adams CarlTon Wilson I-lerberT SchneTzlc Ro ce WrighT, Jr. Y Y I934 PaTsy BornsTein P K + William OesTerreich RoberT Bell eqgy OO Z Ered Wagner The I-lonorary Mathematics Society IVE NEW MEMBERS, all seniors, have been elecTed To membership in DeITa Pi Omicron, hon- orary maThemaTics socieTy. The purpose oT This socieTy is To recognize The ouTsTanding worlc done in maThemaTics by sTudenTs ThroughouT Their Tour years in high school. Only sTudenTs who have disTinguished Themselves have The privilege oT becoming members. Each year The members oT The socieTy conTribuTe To The maThemaTics deparTmenT an original piece OT work. This year a much enlarged slide-rule was chosen as The project. Mr. STrow is very much pleased wiTh The results and proudly displays This nine-TooT rule in The maThemaTics room. This mammoTh slide-rule is also used To advanTage in Teaching The sTudenTs The use oT The slide-rule. Bob Bell has been elecTed presidenT oT The socieTy and The newly elecTed mem- bers are Orlo Adams, Bob Bell, Jeanne Dunphy, Bob Manegold, and Bob Nelson. I932 RoberT I-liTchcocI4 William Niss Eranls YaTTe William Penrod I-Iarold Jahn David EisendraTh CuThberT Vandervelde I-Ierman Nunnemacher Mildred Eichmeyer I933 Eldred STephenson Francis Wilson Charles KIGIIDGF Dgrma WQSTQH BUFIICTGICJI I934 CarITon Wilson Jeanne Dunplly ROIDGVJV Bell RoberT Manegold O I Ad Fred Wagner RoberT Nelson ro ams 3 I Glee Club NDER The direcTion oT Miss AnneTTe Wilkins The Glee Club oT I934 has con- TribuTed iTs share To The achievemenTs oT The exTra curriculum acTiviTies in The school. The club parTicipaTed in The annual ChrisTmas perTormance, According To TradiTion, The girls led The school procession and They also conTribuTed To The play by singing Two ChrisTmas carols, "SilenT lXlighT," and "l.iTTle Town oT BeThlehem." ATTer The mid-year examinaTions, The girls began To plan and prepare Tor The much anTicipaTed lvl. U. S. MinsTrel, which Toolc place in February. Many days beTore The big nighT They goT TogeTher To work ouT original and unique acTs. There were numerous argumenTs and debaTes as whaT To do, buT They Tinally decided upon Two numbers, a modern version oT "Comin' Through The Rye," and The old Time TavoriTe, "A Floradora SexTeT." WiTh very liflle pracTice The girls puT These numbers over amazingly well. They were received by The audience wiTh appreciaTion, and hearTy laughTer. The lasT conTribuTion oT This year's Glee Club will be To sing aT Commencement - 5 32 PATSY BO RNSTEI N The Girls, Club HE FIRST EVENT in The I934-35 acTiviTies program in which The Girls' Club Took a maior parT was The Homecoming dance on November eighTeenTh sponsored by The club. IT was The TirsT Time in The hisTory oT M. U. S. ThaT The Girls' Club sponsored a dance. Their eTTorTs proved successTul, Tor when The receipTs were counTed, iT was discovered They surpassed even The wildesT expecTaTions. Because oT The Tinancial success oT Their dance The girls TelT ThaT They could do more Than send The usual baslceT oT Tood To people less TorTunaTe Than Themselves aT ChrisTmas Time. CommiTTees were appoinTed and girls worlced wiTh The True ChrisTmas spiriT To give Three Tamilies a merrier ChrisTmas. They procured The necessary cloTh- ing Tor each member oT The Tamily and collecTed Toys Tor The children. They sTarTed a milk Tund Tor a Tamily wiTh smaller children and saw ThaT each Tamily had enough provisions Tor The ChrisTmas season. In addiTion To This They gave a sum Trom Their Treasury To The Eamily WelTare AssociaTion, so ThaT The moTher oT one oT The Girls' Club Tamilies could once more experience The Thrill oT real ChrisTmas shopping. When The lv1insTrel Show was given The Girls' Club again played an imporTanT parT. In addiTion To The girls' supplying Two acTs To The show They had compleTe charge oT The TiclceT sales. The enTire Girls' Club was divided inTo Two Teams, The blues and whiTes, who compeTed againsT each oTher in The TiclceT campaign. The whiTes proved vicTorious, and The whole compeTiTive sysTem proved a success, inas- much as The lvlinsTrel Show played To a Tull house. On April TourTh The Girls' Club gave a novel program beTore The assembly. They produced a slciT abouT The Jones Tamily who are lisTening To Their new Television radio seT. As The Tamily dialed The various programs The audience was given The opporTuniTy oT seeing and hearing The radio sTars, iusT as They appeared beTore The "Jones's." During The EasTer holidays The girls were busy redecoraTing The girls' room. They TransTormed iT Trom a modern room inTo a room oT The early colonial period. The predominaTing colors are red and yellow, and The TurniTure is early American maple. On April eighTeenTh, Trinl4eT day, The girls broughT lamps, picTures, pillows and planTs To decoraTe The room. LasT buT noT leasT on The year's calendar was The TradiTional MoThers' Tea which was given on The TwelTTh oT May. The moThers were enTerTained by a program planned by The girls, and The newly decoraTed girls' room was puT on display. The oTTicers oT This year were PaTsy BornsTein, presidenT, Billie HallsTrom, secre- Tary: and Emily Moeller, Treasurer. This year's success is greaTly due To The conscienTious and enThusiasTic work oT PaTsy BornsTein. Under her able leadership The club has made greaT sTrides and has leTT someThing Tor The nexT year's club To sTrive Tor. The girls can Teel Themselves TorTunaTe in having so able a presidenT aT Their head. 33 The Dramatic Club, T933-T934 I-IE ACTIVITIES oT The DramaTic Club during The pasT year have been ouTsTanding in ThaT more plays have been presenTed Than in any previous year. Six one-acT plays and The Three-acT Commence- menT play, wiTh casTs ToTaling ThirTy diTTerenT players were presenTed. On March ninTh The Three one-acT plays included "EourTeen," by Alice GersTenberg, "Six Cups oT ChocolaTe," by E. SchmiThoT, and A. A. Milne's "The Boy Comes Home." "EourTeen" describes The diTTiculTies oT a socially ambiTious socieTy woman in arranging a dinner parTy. BeTTy Manegold did a splendid biT oT acTing. OThers in The casT were Eleanor Lindemann and Sylvia Lecher. "Six Cups oT ChocoIaTe" depicTs The dilemma oT six girls in love wiTh The same man, and all in receipT oT idenTical leTTers Trom him. The casT was com- prised oT Junior I-Iigh girls. The leads were well played by Barbara Berger and Mary Wiener. BeTTy Moeller, Mary Burbach, Marion Gross, and Barbara Garber compleTed The casT. "The Boy Comes I-lome" TeaTured WaITer Isgrig as a war-proTiTeer in The iam business, whose nephew, Karl Klauser, newly-reTurned Trom The War, cleverly induces him To see Things his way abouT geTTing a job. BeaTrice Jones played The aunTg Peggy KooTz was an amazingly realisTic angry cook, and EdiTh Schley a maid. The second series oT one-acT plays was presenTed on May TourTh. Included were 'Tl'ler CounTry," by Euphemia WyaTTp "The EaTal QuesT," an anonymous burlesque: and "Long DisTance," a dramaTizaTion oT a SaTurday Evening PosT sTory by William I-lazIeTT Upson. "I-ler CounTry," a Tragedy oT The War, broughT ouT The conTIicT beTween devoTion To one's Triends as opposed To devoTion To one's counTry. Karl Klau- ser gave a splendid porTrayal oT a BriTish oTTicer in- valided home, who Tinally commiTs suicide To shield has be- help her his wiTe Iplayed by BeaTrice Jonesl who come a German spy To obTain money To husband recover his healTh. WalTer Isgrig was Tine as The invesTigaTing BriTish oTTicer. "The EaTaI QuesT" was presenTed by an all-Junior High casT, including John Croll, Mary Burbach, Dickie I-lalIs+rom, Mary Ealk, John Rheineck, and George Adams. A burlesque melodrama oT The days oT kings and queens, This IiTTle play provided many a hearTy laugh, as The characTers spoke The sTage direcTions, and all ended meIodramaTicalIy wiTh pracTicalIy everyone dead on The Tloor. "Long DisTance," a rollicking comedy, porTrayed The diTTicuITies oT The manager oT The EarThworm TracTor Company, played by John Bell, in sTraighTen- ing ouT The diTTiculTies oT a Tarmer, his hired hand and The hired hand's sweeThearT. Philip OrTh, as The cranky Tarmer, was excellenT. OThers in The casT in- cluded Mary Seeger, Dick WesTerman, DoroThy VieTh and Jimmy Klode. As a climax To The year's acTiviTies, The DramaTic Club will presenT "Tons oT Money" by Will Evans and ValenTine on June I I. IT is a sparkling Three-acT comedy, which ran Tor Two years in London. IT Tells oT The various schemes conTrived by an impoverished counTry genTleman To inheriT an esTaTe. The casT includes Karl Klauser, Joan RoberTs in The leading parTs, and Bob Bell, BeTTy Manegold, BeaTrice Jones, Philip OrTh, Douglas GuTenkunsT, Dick WesTerman, WalTer Isgrig, and Sylvia Eecher. IT is a TiTTing climax To a year oT greaT acTiviTy on The M. U. S. sTage. A greaT deal oT crediT Tor The Tine seTs, excellenT lighTing eTTecTs, and general helpTulness backsTage musT be given To KeiTh I-lovis as elecTrician and car- penTer, and John Frank as sTage manager and prompTer. AlThough noT sTricTly a dramaTic club producTion, iT is TiTTing To record here The lvlinsTrel Show which was presenTed on February 23 Tor The beneTiT oT The annual AThleTic BanqueT. The show was a huge suc- cess. Fred Wagner was an excellenT lnTerlocuTor, aided in Tine sTyle by Orlo Adams, Billy OesTerreich, John Bell, and Jimmy Wilsey as The End Men. OTher ouTsTanding TeaTures oT The show were The Floradora SexTeT, noT To TorgeT The Tine work oT The chorus. The l:aculTy members who shared The work oT produc- Tion were lvlr. Moore, lvliss Wilkins, and Mr. Brooks. There is liTTle doubT in our minds ThaT The success oT The dramaTic club Tor This currenT season has been largely due To The unTiring eTTorTs oT lvlr. Brooks. l-lis diligence, his paTience, and his dramaTic abiliTy have been insTrumenTal in building up The Tine dramaTic deparTmenT in This school. WiTh The appreciaTion oT These TacTs in mind, The dramaTic club can look Torward To an even bigger year in l934-l935. The Rille Club HE RIFLE CLUB is as yeT a Tairly new organiza- Tion in our school, having been organized only a liTTle over a year ago. lTs membership was small aT TirsT, buT has gradually increased unTil now iT boasTs oT over TorTy members. BoTh boys and girls may belong To This club, and since The girls have responded so readily To This privilege, a separaTe nighT has been seT aside every week in which They may have exclusive use OT The range. OTTicers are Jim Klode, presidenTq Norman Rohn, chieT execuTiveq Fred KasTen, secreTaryg and RoberT KasTen, Treasurer. lvleeTs beTween CounTry Day, Shorewood, and WauwaTosa will be held, and plans Tor purchasing a 50X spoTTing scope are now in progress. Qrchestra T933 -T934 35 l Academy Stall-Senior lssue Edilor ........ ............. F rederick Wagner Lilerary Edilors. .. .... Palsy Bornslein, Carllon Wilson Business Manager... ................... Roberf Bell Adverlising Manager ....... .... P alsy Bornslein Assislanl Adverlising Manager. . .... Pally Powers Arl Edilor ...... ...,. . . ..... Annelle Wilson Humor Edilor. ., .... Fabian Kunzelmann Sporl Edilror .... ..................... O rlo Adams Acliviffies Edilors.. .... Roberl Manegold, Heinz Werwalli Pliolograplier.. ...,....... ...... B illie l-lallslrorn Facully Advisor .... Miss M. A. Toser 36 "' mv u IDUIQTI Varsity Football AST YEARS gridiron season, while shorT, was Tairly successTuI. The Team encounTered Tive opponenTs, conquering Three and dropping The oTher Two by close scores. Coach SuTherd molded his Team Trom Twelve men who had previous experi- ence, Two Treshman sTars, and six newcomers. This maTeriaI led To a well balanced Team. AT The Two ends oT The line were Bob Zinser, newcomer Trom WashingTon, or Carlie Wilson or Bob Nelson, boTh men oT pasT seasons. The Tackles were held down by GranT Gauger, and his Team maTes By Thompson and Wm. Marx. The aggressive guards ThaT M. U. S. had in The Iine were Fred Wagner and Jim Wil- sey, Tormer IeTTermen and Their undersTudies Jack Wiener, who had been developed Trom The Treshman Team, and John Zwicky and Bob 'KoTTnauer. In The cenTer oT The line we Tound ThaT veTeran, Mike Carlson, and Fab Kunzelmann, The boy who had all The pep and never gave up unTiI The Tinal gun. In The backTield we saw The Duncan broThers, Tom and John, aT Their usual haIT-back posTs, relieved by Bill Lane, CapTain-elecT Tor '34, and Bob Manegold, as well as anoTher lad developed Trom Coach Brock's Treshman Team, Jim Klode, a hard driving boy wiTh plenTy oT scrap. I-Ieinz WerwaTh, who has noT seen any acTion The lasT Two years on The TooT- ball Tield, because oT a bad knee, was The man behind The wheel. I-Ieinz's job aT guarTerback was done exceedingly well. Orlo Adams was shiTTed Trom The line To Tull back, To Till The shoes oT Bob STeinman. i Led by CapT. Adams, The Team showed iTs scoring abiIiTy by Trouncing WaTerTord 55-O. The second encounTer was wiTh NorThwesTern College Preps wiTh an I8-7 M. U. S. vicTory. NorThwesTern MiIiTary Academy was The nexT To Tall vicTim in a 20-7 deTeaT. The hard driving CounTry Day Team handed M. U. S. iTs TirsT deTeaT I3-O. NoT To be discouraged by This, our Team came back and puT up a good TighT againsT Wayland, only To lose in The lasT minuTes 24-I7. M. U. S. Tallied IIO poinTs, while Their opponenTs regisTered 5I. NexT year's Team will be Tormecl around CapTain- elecT Bill Lane, and Tour oT his Team maTes: Carlson, cenTerg Wiener, guard, Zinser, end: Klode, back. These Tive men and many more promising recruiTs will carry on wiTh ThaT TighTing spiriT Tor which M. U. S. is known. M. U. S. 55 - O WaTerTord " I8 - 7 NorThwesTern College Preps " 20 - 7 INIorThwesTern MiIiTary Acad. O - I3 CounTry Day 'I I7 - 24 Wayland M. U, S. IIO -- 5I OpponenTs Varsity Basketball ITH A LARGE baskeTbaII squad oT over TwenTy men, oT which six were reTurning IeTTermen oT one or Two years, Coach STrow Taced a Tough assignmenT. The schedule included games wiTh EasT and WashingTon, boTh in The ciTy conTerence, NorThwesTern MiIiTary Academy: Way- land: CounTry Day and LuTheran, Iong Time rivals: and The TradiTionaI game wiTh The Alumni. On December I5, The Team sTarTed wiTh a vicTory over EasT. Then WashingTon handed The Blues and The WhiTes Their TirsT deTeaT, I I-I7. ATTer Trounc- ing The Alumni 37-24, The Team did noT click. For The nexT Tour games, They did noT connecT on any combinaTion. They losT To EasT, Wayland, CounTry Day, and WashingTon. The big change came in The game wiTh LuTheran, which resuITed in a M. U. S. walk-away, 32-9. From ThaT Time on, There was noThing sTopping The boys. Wayland Tell along The wayside 22-IO. LuTheran was again deTeaTed 39-8. CounTry Day's early season win was avenged by holding The Green To one Tield goal and Tive Tree Throws, I7-7. The Tinal vicTory over NorThwesTern MiIiTary Academy, ended The season wiTh .583 per cenT. The IeTI'ermen: CapT. Wilson, WerwaTh, Nelson, Beebe, Adams, Wagner, Carlson, and Wiener, eIecTed Mike Carlson capTain Tor nexT year's Team. Mike has been a leTTerman Tor Two years and has already proved himseIT highly capable oT heading The I935 baskeTbaII Team. M. U. S, should have a banner year in '35, even Though The Team will Iose six IeTTermen Through graduaTion. WiTh The reTurning oT Mike Carlson and Jack Wiener, and wiTh such promising maTeriaI as OesTerreich, Frank, Lane, Zinser, WrighT, Bell, Klode, Lange, lsgrig and WesTerman, Coach Harold E. STrow can look Torward To a successTuI season nexT year. Va rsiTy BasIceTbaII Schedule M.U.S. Place DaTe OpponenTs 24 There Dec. I5-II EasT I I Here Dec. 22-I9 WashingTon 37 Here Dec. 26-24 Alumni 23 Here Jan. 5-3I EasT I6 There Jan. I3-2I Wayland II Thiere Jan. I9-I4 CounTry Day I8 There Jan. 26-25 WashingTon 33 There Feb. 9- 9 LuTheran 22 Here Feb. I4-IO Wayland 38 Here Feb. 20- 8 LuTheran I7 Here March 4- 7 CounTry Day 3I Here March 8- 8 NorTh WesT. MiIiTary Acad 28I M. U. S. I87 OpponenTs 39 Varsity Swimming HE M. U. S. swimming Team was raTher depleTed when NorTman, STeinman, BunlcTelT, Wilson and MclnTyre were losT Through graduaTion lasT year, buT CapTain Frey, Fab Kunzelmann and Bob KasTen bore The brunT oT This year's sTiTT compeTiTon. They were aided by Rohn, consisTenT poinT winner in Tree sTyle, R. Zwiclcy, McLaughlin, Chandler, and Der- nehl. Their schedule included WashingTon, NorTh, Cudahy, WesT Allis and Boys' Tech. WashingTon and Tech were The only Teams ThaT conquered lvl. U. S. wiTh decisive vicTories. Coach Parks is loolcing Torward To a brighT season nexT year wiTh The reTurning oT capTain-elecT Bob KasTen and Norman Rohn, Tor The nucleus oT The Team, wiTh young Zwiclcy, breasT sTrol1e arTisT, Der- nehl, diver, Chandler and McLaughlin, Tree sTyle aces, Freshmen GuTenl4unsT and F, KasTen, To com- pleTe a winning squad. CapTain Frey broke The record Tor The 200 yard Tree sTyle, when he did iT in The Cudahy meeT in Two minuTes and ThirTy-eiqhT seconds l2:38l. ThaT was The only marlc beTTered. THE SCHEDULE DaTe M.U.S. OpponenTs Place Dec. 20 32 4I WashingTon Here Jan. 5 27 46 NorTh Here Jan, I2 36 37 Cudahy There Jan. I7 30 43 WesT Allis Here Jan. 26 22 46 Tech. Here Feb. 6 30 43 NorTh There Feb. I6 39 34 Cudahy Here Feb. 23 23 50 WesT Allis There Feb. 27 31 42 WashingTon There Ta+als 270 382 40 Track HIS YEAR we find many new men on fhe frack squad besides fhose refurning veferans, Capfain Fred Usinger, Fab Kunzelmann, and O. H. Adams, who are frying hard fo carry on in place of fhose who were losf fhrough graduafion lasf June. In place of fhose fleeffoofed Schnefzky brofhers, we find Bob Zinser, Bob Koffnauer and O. Adams frying fheir besf fo HII fhaf big vacancy. This year fhe hurdles are being scampered over by none ofher fhan Fab Kunzelmann and Bob Kasfen, who are readily whipping info form. John Frank is frying his hand af fhe pole vaulf and high jump, and is accom- panied by Herb Hall, a newcomer fo fhe frack. The ofher field evenfs are being held down by man- mounfain Gauger and his undersfudy O. H. Adams. Gauger fosses bofh fhe shof and fhe discus as does Adams. By Thompson is developing info a fine half- miler as well as an able discus fhrower. Young Bob Zwicky is fraining hard for fhe half-mile and every one is wishing him lofs of luck fo help him place in fhe coming meefs. Johnson, a promising young freshman, is becoming a capable 220 man, and will be of greaf value fo Coach Brock in fhe coming years. On a cool Safurday morning, April 28, fhe boys opened fheir season wifh Whifefish Bay and came ouf second besf, frailing fhe Bays 8I fo 34. Pio Nono is nexf on fhe schedule, and affer fhaf meef Coach Brock will send his performers down fo lvloosehearf for fhe Nafional Academy meef. Meefs wifh Washingfon B. feam and Lake Foresf Academy wind up fhe resf of fhe season. THE SCHEDULE Safurday, Apr. 28-Whifefish Bay Here Safurday, May 5-Pio Nono Here Safurday May I2-Moosehearf There Friday, lvlay T8-Washingfon B. There Safurday, May 26-Lake Foresf Academy There 4 I Tennis ITT-I FOUR leTTermen reTurning Trom lasT year's very successTul Team, Coach Moore is looking Torward To a banner year. Led by CapTain Bob Nelson, ace Tor The pasT Three seasons, and ably assisTed by Carlie Wilson, Claude Beebe, and Bill Lane, pasT leTTer winners, and Those newcomers, Billy OesTerreich and John Bell, The Team is ouT To bring home The proverbial "bacon." The TirsT maTch oT The heavy schedule To be Taced This year was played on The Auer Avenue CourTs wiTh The NorTh Division NeTTers. This The M. U. S. boys won hands down, 5-O. Nelson, Wilson and Beebe played one, Two and Three, respecTively Tor The singles, and Then Nelson wiTh Wilson and OesTerreich wiTh Lane Teamed Tor The doubles. Wilson's and Nelson's heighT gave Them a considerable advanTage ThroughouT The enTire maTch. MaTches wiTh The long Time rivals CounTry Day and Wayland and The newly acquired maTches wiTh ST. John's MiliTary Academy aT DelaTielcl, and Lake ForesT Academy, and wiTh The ciTy conTerence rival, EasT, consTiTuTe The remaining meeTs on The schedule. TENNIS SCHEDULE Tuesday, Apr. Auer Ave. CourTs Norlrh Wednesday, May l-lere Lake Geneva SaTurday, May There Wayland Tuesday, May l-lere Ngrfh Thursday, May Here Eagf Monday, May l-lere CounTry Day Wednesday, May There ST. John's MiliTary Academy SaTurclay, May l-lere NorThwesTern MiliTary Academy SaTurday, May There Lake ForesT Academy Monday, May There EasT Thursday, May l-lere ST. John's MiliTary Academy 42 Junior l-ligh Athletics UNIOR T-ilGl-T aThleTes responded readily when Coach George Broclc issued his call Tor TooTball and baslceTball men. The TooTball Team was greaTly sTrengTh- ened by The newcomers, Don Johnson, Bob Clark, Bob Kremers, and Lloyd Van AnTwerpen, along wiTh The appearance oT The Three elemenTary sTars, AugusT BergenThai, George Adams, and Ralph Sivyer. The schedule included games wiTh WhiTeTish Bay and CounTry Day School. The reTurning leTTermen and oTher recruiTs made up The baslceTball Team ThaT came ouT wiTh a Tairly successTul season. Led by CapTain Doug GuTenlcunsT, and assisTed by The able Torwards, ScheTTer and Rheineclc, and The guards, Greenebaum and Johnson, They Taced The diTTiculT schedule oT games wirh WhiTeTish Bay, CounTry Day, Normal, and I-lawThorne. While The seasons were noT as successTul as They rnighT have been, all The boys Teel ThaT Their Time was well spenT and richly rewarded by The experience gained. NexT year many oT These boys will enTer varsiTy compeTiTion, and much can be ex- pecTed oT Them. 43 Girls, Athletics NDER The exc:ellenT guidance OT Miss Erickson, The aThleTic direcTor, The girls have enjoyed an unusually acTive aThleTic program This year. AuTumnal acTivi- Ties sTarTed wiTh cage ball, a popular sporT which was inTroduced This year. Volleyball immediaTely Tollowed. The WhiTe and Blue Teams, capTained by Billie l-lallsTrom and PaT Powers respedively, had Two games wiTh The moThers' volleyball Team. The moThers proved To be superior in boTh c:onTesTs and were hailed vicTorious. During The baslceTball season, The inTramural games provided close compeTi- Tion. The senior girls Tinally edged ouT The juniors by a Tew poinTs To become The winners oT This year's inTramural conTesT. 44 A ping-pong TournamenT was also included in The year's program. In The Tinals PaTsy BornsTein deTeaTed Peggy KooTz To become The champion "ping-ponger." Following up The excellenT aquaTic insTrucTion, a swimming meeT in which all six Torms compeTed was held. Form Three lead wiTh The highesT number oT poinTs, while Form Five was a close runner-up. Mavis Wanvig and Sylvia Lecher sTarred as divers, Answering The Spring urge To be ouT-oT-doors, The girls Took up baseball. The Blue and WhiTe Teams engaged in several lively games in which The Blue Team was vicTorious. The aThleTic program Tor The year was broughT To a close wiTh The Tennis Tourna- menT. All The girls are looking Torward To anoTher equally acTive year Tor which Miss Erickson has already made elaboraTe plans. 45 Junior High Girls! Athletics HE JUNIQR HIGH Girls' gym program embraces a large span oT acTiviTies due To The Tour hours oT gym and Two hours oT swimming oTTered each weelc. In The Tall, gym class cage ball was The mosT imporTanT acTiviTy. This neces- siTaTed good Teamwork and always caused much exciTemenT among The enThusiasTic girls. Bango, hiT pin-baseball, baseball, volley-ball were The oTher sporTs in which The girls parTicipaTed during The year. Besides The various Team games played, There were also individual sTunTs perTormed, wiTh a charT To record The progress oT each girl. During The course oT The year relays, apparaTus, and marching Techniques were also pracTiced. The Junior High girls helped wiTh The mass pyramid, drill in The annual gymnasTic demonsTraTion. During The swimming period, The girls received Their regular insTrucTion wiTh special emphasis placed on sTrolces, diving and sTunTs. A baseball game was held wiTh boTh boys and girls beTween Torms one and Two. Form one was The vicTor, buT The proud spiriT OT The losers prompTed Them To challenge The winners, and anoTher game was scheduled. So end The year's aThleTics Tor The Junior High girls wiTh everyone looking Tor- ward To nexT year's aThleTics which promise To be much Tun. l 46 Senior HUM Club Gauger, Wiener, Bell, Wilson Usinger, Kunzelmann, Frey, Carlson, Nelson, Thompson T. Duncan, Werwaflm, Manegold Oesferreicn, O. Adams, Zinser, Lane, Klode, Kasfen, Wagner, Beebe, Wilsey, J. Duncan Junior HUM Club Greenebaum, Jonnsfon, lsgrig, Orlrn Olson, Clark, Gulenlcunsl, Henderson, Weslerman, Reed, G. Adams 47 lntra-mural Athletics I-IIS YEAR Coach SuTherd and lvliss Erickson sponsored one oT The largesT inTra-mural pro- grams ever held aT lvl. U. S. The whole high school was divided inTo Two divisions, The upper Three Torms consTiTuTing one division while The lower Three Tormed The oTher parT. BoTh boys and girls parTicipaTed in Their separaTe classes in The sporT which aT ThaT Time prevailed. Coach SuTh- erd and Miss Ericlcson worked ouT a deTailed poinT sysTem Tor The diTTerenT sporTs. The winners re- ceived 50 poinTs Tor Their eTTorTs, second was granTed 40, and Third goT 30. IT The evenT was noT as imporTanT as some oT The oTher aThleTics were, The winners would receive only 40 poinTs, second and Third goT 30, and 20 poinTs respec- Tively. This year The race Tor The James Boyd Wilsey lnTra-mural Trophy, which is awarded To The class aTTaining The highesT number oT poinTs, has been exceedingly close. AT no Time were The upper Two Torms, six and Tive, separaTed by more Than TwenTy poinTs. To daTe when This arTicle was senT To press Form Six was leading The race wiTh 440 poinTs. The TiTTh Torm was close by wiTh 430 and The sophomores Trailed wiTh only 390. ln The lower division The Third Torm led wiTh a good margin over The second wiTh 400 poinTs To 300. The sevenTh grade came nexT wiTh 230 poinTs. This year's compleTe program presenTed many new evenTs. Boys' and girls' riTlery was added, as was a new game TournamenT Tor The boys. The class whose boys made The highesT number oT goals per minuTe was given recogniTion Tor Their excellence. There was also a Tree Throw conTesT. NexT year The menTors have plans Tor an even more compleTe and deTailed program. W 48 HUMUIQ Cruelty oT the l:aculty Exposed T LAST we have exposed The TaculTy For years The school has been sending ouT lrTeraTure boasTing oT The co-operaTron and Trrendshrps exisTing beTween The sTudenTs and The TaculTy This "Triendship" is buT a Thin veneer IT rs Time ThaT we know how Things really sTandl When There are visiTors in school :T rs all lvly Pal," "My Fran'," and "Ol' Palsy Wa sy BuT o ohl Do Things change when The vrsrTors go' Then one hears 'GeT ouT oT here, Ill wrrng o neck," "Do ya wanna breaThe Through a broken nose huh?", and "Oh, so you're a wrse guy huh well you II do whaT I Tell ya To do, or l'll break every bone rn your body, see." The poor lighTer sTudenT has noTh ing To do buT obey, or undergo The mosT vrolenT physical punishmenT. Some people were under The rmpressron ThaT such violence expired wiTh The lngursrTron lrTTle did They realize ThaT beTween The very walls oT This school There exisTed TorTure and beaTings which would make Those easy Spanish genTlemen look like prkers' Ten minuTes spenT in Mr. Moore's English Class or Mr STrow's lv1aTh Class would convince any skepTrcs ThaT The lnquisiTion was a pansy-prckrng TesTrval com pared wiTh The condiTions in our school All year The Academy has been aTTempTrng To expose The roTTen sysTem oT TaculTy domrnaTron buT These Teachers are slippery cusTomers AT lasT how ever, we have gaThered real evidence no mere hearsay. The above picTures show accuraTely whaT The True siTuaTion is. The craTTy TaculTy members have Tinally been caughT wiTh The goods' Look aT The bruised and baTTered sTudenTs begging Tor mercy, suTTering unTold pain. 50 The TirsT picTure shows The cruel and hearTless MaTh Teacher, smiling in Tiendish glee as he snaps ouT OT Their sockeTs The arms OT poor sTudenT Kun- zelmann. Fabian has had The rashness To complain abouT his MaTh homework. Poor Fabian! He was such a well-meaning Tellow, TOO-crippled now Tor liTe. "Please, sir, don'T make me run The mile, The halT, and The quarTer," begged Fred Usinger iusT beTore The second picTure was Taken. "Why you shirking, lazy, good-Tor-noThing," snarled Coach Brock. "Then Take This, you - -." JusT as his TisT shoT ouT we snapped The picTure. In anoTher insTanT, poor Fred lay in a crumbled heap on The ground. 1 The Third picTure caughT Dean Moore venTing his relenTless Tury on a liTTle deTenseless girl. The Dean paid no aTTenTion To her hearT-rending cries Tor mercy: he lenT a deaT ear To her piTeous gasps Tor breaTh. Poor Mariorie SmiTh TorgoT To laugh aT his sTory abouT The ScoTchman and The Irishman in The row-boaT. BUT aTTer all, The Dean mighT have been a liTTle more lenienT. Marjorie had heard him Tell The same sTory ThirTeen Times ThaT morning . . . LiTe was resTored To her TluTTering liTTle breasT only by The aid OT The oxygen pump aT Columbia hospiTal. This nexT picTure is one OT The mosT damnable OT Them all. Here we have our physical insTrucTor beaTing up The presidenT OT The STudenT Council. JusT because he is a greaT big aThleTic he-man is no reason ThaT Coach SuTherd can geT away wiTh ThaT sTuTT. Fred Wagner reTused To Talk up a Tea dansanTe which The coach wanTed The school To give in order To send The TaculTy on a summer's cruise To Samoa. One burns wiTh anger when one sees a prince OT good Tellows like Fred receive such uniusT TreaTmenT. This lasT picTure proves ThaT The ladies on The TaculTy are iusT as hearTless as The men. However, as They conTine Themselves To pulling sTudenTs' hair and iabbing pins inTo The sTudenTs' bodies, iT was harder To geT acTual picTures. In This lasT picTure The German Teacher was caughT pulling TisTTuls OT hair ouT OT poor Jean Dunphy's head! Fie, Tie, Miss Dine. My Triends, such condiTions should never exisT. l.eT us clean house. STudenTs, parenTs, members OT The Board OT DirecTors, arise againsT This bruTaliTyl Throw OTT This yoke! LeT us rid This school OT cripple- kickers, child-beaTers, and bullies. We wanT' a New Deal-wiThouT The cards being sTacked. AT leasT give us a TaculTy OT our own weighT. -Fred Wagner, '34 N-...mas The Calendar OT the year SepT. I8-Back in harness. SepT. I9-Jaeger sick OT school. SepT. 25-F. Wagner is elecTed PresidenT OT Coun- cil OcT. 6-Our TOoTball season Opens wiTh a bang. WaTerTord, Og M. U. S., 55. CCT. I7-We're all in our besT behavior, why?- ParenTs meeT Teachers aT Annual Dinner. OcT. IB-Our TOoTball Team adds anOTher scalp To Their belTs by swamping N. W. College Prep. OCT. 24-Our TooTball Team have Their Third sTraighT vicTory. OcT. 25-OOO-oo-O! Forms I and ll presenT Hal- lOwe'en Program. Nov. I-Qswald and Byron have all Their homework. Nov. 4-Did The washwomen call a sTrike?-NO, Wagner, Adams, and Wilson iusT wore black shirTs. Nov. 9-Mr. John Schaum presenTs piano reciTal. Nov. IO-MOThers lick daughTers-iusT a volley ball game. Nov. I8-We losT To Wayland, buT The girls' dance drowned The boys' grieT. Nov. 24+WlS-N goes OuT OT The red and inTo The blue and whiTe. Nov. 30-Thanksgiving. Frey mildly nauseaTed aTTer doing away wiTh Three cows. Dec. 5-Mr. Leker speaks on Molecules. Dec. 6-Brace up! The TirsT Thousand words are The hardesT. Today Mr. Moore assigned a Tive Thou- sand word Thesis. Dec. 8-Adams Takes oaTh OT The NaTional Honor SocieTy. Dec. I5-VarsiTy wins TirsT baskeTball game, and The swimming squad wins opener Trom Alumni. Dec. I6-Prom!! Mike and Emily in "glory" Tor a nighT. Dec. 2I-Byron in his glory, vacaTion. Jan. IO-Thompson and Jaeger sTarT wearing Those glorious conglomeraTiOns OT color known as neck- Ties. Jan. I2-Our Mermen lose To Cudahy. Jan. l5QByron's and Oswald's Ties geTTing worse. Jan. I8-They are sTilI going sTrong. Jan. 22-Seniors sTarT on dreaded spelling. Jan. 28-KoTTnauer noses OuT Rix, by one word. Jan. 29-Freshmen issue comes OuT in green. Jan. 30-We meeT Our arch-enemy lexamsl. Feb. I-Bell is saTisTied wiTh his helping Trom The caTeTeria. Feb. 6-Our swimming Team loses To NOrTh. Feb. I6-"M. U. S. has iTs MinsTrel Show." Feb. I7-SaTurday nighT, and Jim Wilsey has no daTe. Feb. 20-KoTTnauer saves Zwicky Trom a Tull-dress drowning. Feb. 23-Did The boys eaT?-AThleTic BanqueT. March l-Marx drops chemisTry. March 3-M. U. S. Cagers conquer COunTry Day. March 9-Three one-acT plays, The ediTors saw one play and were well saTisTied. March I8-Fred Wagner goes To The hospiTal, The shock OT being an uncle was TOO greaT. March 22-GranT Gauger and Tom Duncan sTarT on Their Theses. March 23-Our Theses are due. March 24-VacaTion sTarTs. April I2-Joan RoberTs seTs a new record Tor her- selTg Today is The sevenTh consecuTive school day ThaT she has been presenT. April I3-Joan's record comes To a sudden sTop. April 25-Peggy KOOTZ, Bill OesTerreich, PaTsy BornsTein and Fred Wagner are elecTed TO Honor SOcieTy. April 26-Francis Wilson and Donna WesTon speak TO us on The UniversiTy OT Wisconsin. .April 28-M. U. S. runs close second To WhiTeTish Bay in Track meeT. May 3-Tennis Team deTeaTs NOrTh. May 5-Track Team deTeaTs Pio Nono, and how- May l I-Bob Bell elecTed To NaTional Honor SocieTy. May I2-Our Track Team wenT To The MOosehearT Relays. May I4-Seniors geT greaTer privileges. May I8-A Track meeT wiTh Lake FOresT. May 28-Oswald Jaeger passes spelling TesT. June 4-Final examinaTions. June 8-STill going. Juner l+2-6:30 Tuesday nighT and Rix passes spelling es . June I 3-Commencement Who Told That lVlan l-le Could play Golf? OMEBODY has kidded our worfhy principal info believing ThaT he can play golf. Whafever his purpose was, ThaT pracfical ioker has succeeded nobly. The genTle- man has The golf bug, and when I say "golf bug," I mean golf bug. l-le Talks golf, sleeps golf, invesTs money in golf paraphernalia, pracfices behind The school and prefends To "play golf" wifh seasoned golfers. The golf bug bifes many people: however, The maiorify usually have The common sense To pracfice in seclusion unTil They are reasonably well versed in The game. Then, and only Then, do They appear in public. The picfure aT The Top of This page speaks more eloguenfly Than words ever could. Nofice The sTance, which he assures us is "The real McCoy." Nofe The corkscrew posifion he has worked himself info, and The baseball grip. And This, he has The audacify To sTaTe, is The perfecfed golf posifion as advocafed by Jones, Morrison, and l-lagen. If The phofographer had caughf This golfer pracficing in The hidden seclusion of a dark corner, his sin mighf be forgivable. BuT nol This picfure was snapped in Tull daylighf on The school foofball field, wifh aT leasf Twenfy people wafching him. The wonder of iT all is Thaf l-lal Roach has noT signed him up yeT for his nexT comedy. Recenfly, Too, This devofee wenT down To Hof Springs, and while There was foolhardy enough To engage a veferan player of many seasons in golf combaf. Being a genTleman, The golfer in quesfion was kind enough To leT our worThy principal win a few holes on The firsf nine-and Then hurriedly Took him info camp. ThaT same day The principal Took The Train for home, a sadcler buT wiser man. -Fred Wagner, '34 53 A Faculty Meeting Mr. Spigener: "You all will excuse me Tor bringing This meeTing To order, MisTa Brooks. WiIl's+ please desisT Trom conversaTion wi+h The honorable science Teacher. BuT l Teel ThaT iT is iusT abouT Time ThaT we quiT discussing The lasT sTrange and phenomenal case oT John Dillinger, desperado par excellenT and sTeel ourselves To sTruggle Through The reporT OT The commiTTee on ways and means. This Time iT has To do wiTh highways and you know wha+ ThaT means." lSubdued booing and razz- berries Tollow The lasT pun.l Mr. Spigener: "GuTTaw, guTTaw, I goTTa million oT 'em." Mr. SuTherd: "I, as chairman oT This here commiTTee, Teel, Tellow educaTors, ThaT Things are in a deplorable condiTion. Even as The ebb Tide leaves The beaches oT The mighTy oceans barren, so likewise To These doggone ouT-OT-Town aThleTic conTesTs leave The halls oT our Tair insTiTuTion bare OT The masculine populaTion. Why, ThaT Team we senT To The MoosehearT Relays never even goT There, say noThing oT Tinding iTs way home again. WhaT's more, The ScouT MasTer can'T even disTinguish EasT Trom WesT, and whaT's more, he ..... " Mr. Parks: "I obiecT." Mr. SuTherd: "Oh, all righT, Frank, bu+ geTTing back To These aThleTics, I propose we recall as many squad cars lTennis, Track, l:ooTball, BaskeTballl as possible so ThaT we can have a Tew basses in assembly nexT Tuesday To sing "RheumaTism." WhaT do you Think oT ThaT idear, genTlemen?" Mr. Spigener: "lT's The nuTs." Mr. Leker: "EleganT." Mr. Brock: "Swell" Mr. Spigener: "No voTe needed, discussion laTer. Bill passed." Mr. Brooks lwaking upl: "Two spades." Voice Trom The rear oT The room: "l.eT's Try and balance The budgeT." Mr. Moore: "FiddlesTicks. We've been working all year and sTill The pesky Thing won'T move. l Tell you, we can'T budgeT." Mr. Leker: "WhaT we oughT To do is invesTigaTe The language deparTmenT." Toser, Brock, Dine, Urban lin unisonl: "We obiecT." Mr. Leker: "All righT." Mr. RinTlemann and Mr. STrow: "NerTs." All lin chorusl: "LeT's invesTigaTe The direcTor," Mr. Spigener: "I-lave I goT To adiourn This meeTing?" All: "NerTs." Mr. Spigener: "Swan home wiT daT noise, whose direcTor oT This dump any- ways?" All lconTriTelyl: "You're direcTor, Mr. Spigenerf' Mr. Spigener: "ThaT's righT. I was iusT wondering, Miss Toserf' Miss Toser: "The subscripTion To The Ladies' I-lome Journal ran ouT The oTher day. WhaT ever am l To do?" Mr. Parks lin a disgusTed voicel: "Aw, who reads ThaT Thing anyway?" Miss Urban: "I dol IT has The nicesT serial sTories, and The duckiesT ideas on puppeT shows. By The way, whaT do you Tellows Think oT The puppeT show I puT on?" Mr. Brooks: "Fair To middlin'." Miss Urban: "Oh, yeah?" Mr. Moore: "LeT's go shooT baskeTs, I-larold." Mr. Spigener: "Please, please, or I'll swoon.' All: "O, K., we'll be good." Mr. Parks: "Say, Emil, ThaT sure was an amusing accidenT you had." Mr. RinTlemann lcynicallyl: "Yeah, wasn'T iT Though? l'd ThoughT l'd spliT." Mr. SuTherd: "Hey, how abouT my idea?" Mr. Leker: "You did have an idea, didn'T you?" Mr. Brock: "Fuzzy wanTs To know abouT his idea." All: "IT he had an idea leT's use iT. lT's darn near six bells." DirecTor: "Carried, LeT iT be recorded in The minuTes. MeeTing adiournedf' NexT morning on The bulleTin board: "All aThleTic requiremenTs revised. For new requiremenTs see C. E. SuTherd, aThleTic direcTor." 54 MW MMMQ Mug WNW UIMIRW N ' I N f f H' Om2?s5 - K XX C' PAQ,,cn X X xx-,,r'fJ QI lux i i I N. - , P In X ' ,- f V if 'X 4 : M ! I j . 154,45 .j X 7X , f 1 - W: If J , S l13:QgQfL,Q PAm4 C.wu.soN, Kms Q OF THE THIN ME ar Q ADAMS, PQEMIEKADAQIO Z DANCEQ ' K 'Jw i Q I Q ol SARNVOKIAL. SPLENDOR BY BOB BELL i D r f ?f?i?Rh?f?3?v5WOQK 55 HLIMCDR Mr. Moore: "WhaT did you do when The docTor wanTed To see your operaTion?' Wagner: "l iusT had To grin and bare iT." 61- 96 96 Mr. Moore limpaTienTly To conducTorl: "Is This a TasT Train?" ConducTor: "OT course iT is." Mr. Moore: "I +hough+ so. WhaT is iT TasT To?" KasTen: "WhaT did you do when Mr. Leker balled you ouT Tor breaking so many beakers?" Usinger: "l made a perTecT reTorT." 96 '15 99 PrivaTe: "Sir, The enemy are as Thick as peas." CapTain: "Well, go shell Them, idioTl" Gauger: "Flow do you like The new boom l designed Tor my boaT?" Manegold: "IT's all righT, buT l can'T sTand The gaTT." 4 A f if if 96 .. . . . ,. ',,f The senT The blacksmiTh To ail. if "WhaT Tor?" T .. .. Z Q Forgery. ' 9? 96 95 "ls ThaT pooch a bird dog?" "Sure. Comere, Oscar, and give The lady The bird." 96 94- 9? Field Day's a Time when The grads repair, To Their old Alma MaTer To go on a Tear. Sides are chosen and a ball game is called, And Tor TorTy-nine Field Days The grads have been mauled. The undergrads win by Ten runs To Tour, BuT The old grads have Trouble remembering The score. AT The Track meeT They gaTher wiTh Tood on a plaTe, And yell Tor The class oT old nineTy-eighT. The shoT is puT, and The races are run, BuT nobody gives a darn who won. In The wee small hours They hiT The hay, And read The resulTs in The paper nexT day. U fl. 1.7 , NHL. X, ' EQX' QE , " ' F 'VW B I 671 532134-X ' 5 w X, - an P HX X f I .4 I njbfvm Qfx proves to science the eff1'c7e-rmgy of Z b bra If rv W 2555. 5 reanvjfnirr y cy fnya X 7 Oofmffc fgfofd fQ9ZAd'Z?g,zf?gQif555fhe . ,SGS 9 PEFOXI Q In 6 ropfd action photo ,of Q Xll , Che"'7'SZ"'f ob ffottncuef-!OOkff'19 2 X rx C7jOb. ,44- - - fu 73' , 'W X ' X 1 'XZ ff 3 use' f ,p 4 Q X " ' -M! X 1 . 7 . I QQ ' AN.: - Y. 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STECK WHEELOCK AEOLIAN BRADFORD "Wt'Jc0nJr'n'J Leading Jlutric H0 LLJCU nmurimuinumnmuwnummrurinirrimruinirmnirruriinunrriurirurummmrimn rmrrrrrriirrirriminimirriniurirruwrrirriirwrimurirrur IH rrinmurrnrmuru mwmnmn rurrurmmuirmm l"l6SSITl6l'lI1'MU2IlCI' CO. Quality Poultry . Fruits Vegetables 'S 'ffirgl 'il 'K 34: 'Q 'Hia 'Lt 5455. wg: 1' lx'-3:',g':,A15V nt' 1 - 'Ht . f:r,'?..,L ,. "err':.- gf: 111572 e-3 ,: 4 175' 3'-2 " - ,fa ith ' . "' 41 C .JZZL gif--n:'i S f ' 17251 f,?,?-fiflf ' -1 whiff V ' i QE? A We Have Two or More Free Deliveries Daily 1019 N. Third Str. - MA rquette 0525 rimniminurimrrimmiurnimmruinimmnirmuurrrrurrirrrrrrrrrrr rrirrrmurmmminirrrrrrrmrrirrrmmuwimmnrrurrrirrurimrmmrruurr inrumirrrinwirriummrirwm uinimrrimmrrmrirmr ROY CURRIE - FLORIST COSTS DRESSES 2101 N. PROSPECT AVE. - PHONE LAKESIDE 4877 FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS 0 rruririrmmrumuriniirimrrrmrrrrrrrrwrirrrrrrmiriiwrrrrrmirrrmirwrrirruruwrrii SARAH COYLE, Inc. Imported Hats 775 N. jefferson St. rrimmrrrirmrirrrirwrnirr mruiuwrrruimmmiuirwriurrirrriumriu rirrimmuiinirriurinnumnrrrrrrnrrrrmirrirrrwwrrvrrrrrm umm Myrtie Robertson, Inc. Distinctive Dresses 775 N. Jefferson St. iminnrininiurinimruivnurinurirmrrrrrmrrrrmiirrimirrrrrrrrrirwr SWAC-GER suits E. F. BRETZ 81 COMPANY 722 N. Milwaukee St. Garments for the College Girl and Her Mother iwrirrurmrrrurrrr uruwrmrurmnm Sw Ptztronize Um' ffdverttlfers was imTHimuTmmnwin1mmmm1Inim1.1inTumyiuiminunuTmimuuumuuunmu CHINA GLASSWARE INTERIORS 761 N. jefferson St. H111miT.11Inn11inn11IiinTnimTuinivuin1nuu14niu1min11Iim1uwmmmmvmu uwmmm mmnmun COMPLIMENTS OF KREMERS-URBAN CO. mumummnmmnmini1.mn1mmTmm1In1mmrnimTummminiumuummuune KATHERINE PRICE HATS 2103 N. Prospect Ave. La. 0974 fmmwmfl1imnimmmm1mminim1my1mm1mmummvmummm mmumfmn1mynmwvwmumn? H11mu1uiin1IninuHIim1uim1nimuiinmmunmunwwumwmnmmnuiumnumnmw BECKER' 3126 N. Downer Ave. EDgewOOd 0882 ifninfiTInniIn1inummmfmmmw11in1I1iiH1nimvfmwwmiwvmfmwmumu 'un am Dine and Dance After-theatre dancing every night except Monday. to Nationally El FAMOUS MUSIC NO COVER CHARGE! HOTEL SCHROEDER PAUL BRAND Choice Meats 925 E. Ogden Ave. Marq. 74575 iruimnum1numinwnwnmTTuianmiinumummumnmnmn 1TnminimTmmTumTunumumummum ni11nivuinuwniinTinumununnuwinunTnmniTniwuiinTiminiumimuTTinTinunTimTnwunmmmnnmwmuu A Complete Line of Smart andg 'FHOI-elnce Danforth Unusual Gifts. 1 The GREY GIFT SHOP 3136 N. Downer Ave. 2 nnwnunwmmmwnuinunimm:inmnumwvmnumumanun1umuTimumumummumm ummmmn umm nmmumu mum Compliments of HERBERT UIHLEIN wwuvmmm:unmummmnu nunmmmmmu Kleen-O Floor Mops, and Floor Polishes numuinuivuiniinuniwuinviTInwnTununinianiwnunmumwnumum A to Z in Paper Boxes . GEO. SCHULZ CO. PAPER BOXES - CARTONS - CONTAINERS 433 W. Clybourn Street Milwaukee 6 I Lorine Beauty Shop Professional Beauty Service 2105 N. Prospect Ave. Phone Lakeside 2090 winwruiummimiininwinuuwTmvuTunwruTinuniumvu1aniniunuimmmrmmmu 1unwumninwnwiniTnunuimmwiminuniivmuiuniumInunimmw1umn1miTnvuTmlmuwummnmvm Dresses for All Occasions 2109 N. Prospect Avenue Milwaukee, VVisconsin Iunwwnmmunwnumxwimrnimmmuiun1vmnuiminuminummiunummumuu Tnminunwummwnni:nunwvminvmTanTmmiinnniun11mmwmmmmmm Whitefish Bay Pharmacy Silver Spring and Lake Drive Phone Edgewood 7680 num1mmumnnnuiunTTmuTmiiniinTvmTmmmmuimimmmwmmm mmuumu nmmnmnnwm mmnmnwmm American Rug Cleaning Company Green Bay-Silver Spring Drive Telephone Concord 5082 1TinimivminwuwwnuiunwmiuTianuvTimruiinTiniiniin1wniuvwvuTu1imuwuunmmnmm mmmnnu mn1mmwmumwnm Dine at the WHITE MANOR INN Juneau Ave. at the Lake MAN DEL ENGRAVING COMPANY dfilf. . . 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H ..,.. 1 ..,,. , i,,,i.,,,,,,. 1 ,,.,..,,.,,.. , ,,.,..,,,,,..,...,,..,,,,,..,.,,,..,,,,, 1044 to 1050 - North Third Street 1 Milwaukee, Wisconsin : Q I NG E R A L E W i-I I T E S Q D A ALSTED- KASTEN CO. S P RI N G WAT ER 0 J ew ei C rs LIME RICKEV 331 East Wisconsin Avenue. W8 U if CS i'l6 R OX O C 0 ITI P 6 I1 Y If it's new, smart and up-to-the-minute, we Milwaukee Wisconsin 'NWC if ' ' ' and Pfffed fight! I - Quality, Price and Service - Hu h H. Julien THINKER MQTOR Co, - State Distributors :-: 1819 E. Kenilworth Pl. 2201 N- Farwell Ave- La- 0845 ll1u1ll1H11ll1I11n1ll1ri11I11n1u1rv11I11unu1in1li1ui1ifulwullilwmllmx 11invmil1in1u1in1li1vu1ll11nul1ul1nv1ll1in1u1vu1ll1in1ll1vu1ll1H11ll11H1u1in1u1il11H1in1A1muvlwlullumlww nl1inlu1u1ui1u1In1ll1nun1vull1Iin1ll1u11llru11I11li1llummvmwuulu mmmrx1In1inu1IH1muHIIHIAIIHIHIMF 62 ' CTCHITI. 5 ivinruiuininuminin1iniin1Inwin1.11niin1inin1numinwiuiuwiniimuwinuI+1n1in1nv1in1n1in1n1inmumuummum I4in1in1in1inin1u1yn1n11lu1uiniiiniinifuiniininiiuiiniwinwnwan1nmmwmnwmnwinwuwinmmnwmmum 1imuiiuiin1ulin11ulm1uml1uimI11IHH1uwiiniinwu1in1iniin1uwnwiniiniuiiniuuummmnummm MILWAUKEE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL CAFETERIA operated by The Women's Service Club Provides Good Food At Reasonable Prices In A Homelike Atmosphere inmyinHI1111fm1inll.I11Iitin1myin11inui1Iniu1InwN11Iwinnin11.1my1nmi1niin1imn11inummmmwmu 1I.1in11.1in11ivin11Hin111iiin1inmi1.Iit.11in1H1in11I1in1ynin1muumummnnm muiniinwiniluiniinwnlinwwnitn1lvHin1iniuwimumnmmmnmmmmwmmwuuu KLODE FURNITURE CO. N. Second and N. Plankinton Interior Decorators and Furnishers inin1inin11nim1uinuInin1inin1yumi1u1inwuiin1in1Inin1inmymmmmnmnun .mmlmInin1nvmymynvmnIn1in1inin1inin11Inin1Ininiluwniuninin1ummmuwuwm mlwniInunininumiunInwi1In1uv1nmummmmmnmmmmm ii1lmIn1In1u1my1uunw1niinwin1Inmviinwwnuin1wummnnI1inuinmuumnmnmm H sponrmc csooos fl I 3 7 E WELLS ST Q TH Pvye C. A. Burghardt Sons ETjC SUP wmluuuumuuimminmi1nmy1mmwnumi1mn1winiimu1mlmmyinmy1umynwummmumw lmumuwmmn iniinumnnanumummnuwmu nmini1nwH1un1lvmy1uim1num1mlm1mm1mmmmmnmmwmmwmmivwn1myummnmnmmwm: Qnlun1uum1uwu1un1uun1uninuni1nunmnmmimmu GARGOYLE COFFEE Blended from the costliest Central and South American Coffee. Its inspiring aroma will please you. O. R. PIEPER COMPANY IMPORTERS 8: ROASTERS Founded 1885 Made in Milwaukee by 3000 West Montana St. For Complete Details Phone: HEIL COMBUSTION OIL BURNER ulin1ui1nmnmummmmu initn1iinni4iIniuiun1lmin1zu1rmIn1inmnwmmmmu FRED USINGER, llnc. Fine Sausage 1030 N. Third Street Phone Marquette 3391 mmmimiuimiimn11vwu1vmnwmiruun1mmiinuuimimm11mnanunnwmi1uimiimmmmmummm 63 myiniuwiniivuiiniuliuiiniiuunwrman1inwanuman1Inmimwmnwvmnwwnunwnnmmimmmvmn The HEIL co. MItchel1 sooo i itinmi1mm11mwmmmmvmmiinunnuim1unniununmniimummummmum Compliments of DR. N. E. UELMEN 11niiinun1nmrn1in11nitnl1niivuun1nmInmmwmwnmwinwm1nlnf1vuimirmvuwulumumummmum mum:--in1luiuiunwrmnlwnu1maninn1n1un1lmluiniiummmimmm1lvmuvmrn1mwmmnumnuumnn The COOK TEA SHOP Watts Building-Second Floor 426 E. Mason St. Luncheon - Afternoon Tea munwummuunmu mnmmummmunun winmwnmmmuum JuL1AN H. s-rem VMWWW' 733 N. Milwaukee St. Phone Marquette 5435 -.OM Home Portraits. Miniatures. Copying old things a specialty, lmmwmmmwmn mmm mmm ummm Baelhenrothls The Best in Drug Store Merchandise 3116 N. Downer Ave. Edgewood 0898 iu1wiiinmiimmiimyuimyuumimmmmwmm-mm Sparkling Soda f.-fi c E-wing SW ALCAZAR Closed Type Oven GAS RANGES Easier, better, more economical coolcing. The inner oven proper is welded into one unit-the heat travels completely around the oven providing even, thorough heat circulation. There is less shrinkage in meats-none of the precious mois- ture, Flavor and juice of Foods escapes. See them at your dealer or the Gas Company ALCAZAR RANGE 8a HEATER CO. MiLvfAuKEE, WISCONSIN Edgewood 6000 ADELMAN LAUNDRY Washed Clothes Are Cleaner, Last Longer, Cost No More Than Ordinary Work uniuininnnunminiuinininianimminmuiuiimumimu '-imuiniminlmninunum:inininimmuiunuinninmininunnunaninn:nuniuunininiuinimmummnnm SEMLER-LEIDIGER CO. Florists 725 N. Milwaukee St. Daly 0450-0451 Iimuimmuimmimu1snniuiminumunuiimiwiu Toepfer 8: Bellaclc Clothiers-Hatters Wells Bldg. 320 E. Wisconsin Ave. ,imminnumluiniuimiiiimnivmniunniimimmiiiumimmmmunmiviinwimumimniuimuiuminnmimuw mniiinuuiuimminininiuinIinuiinmiuiniuimmumimmumiunm RAY MIESS PHARMACY 1800 N. Farwell Ave. Phone Lakeside 5329 fvxi FU Dzuclous XTREAE ullEililH uncmlvggggful BOl'?'LES Served wherever H RICH in compoclh WITH ' ' Quality Beverages THE pcm-ry Size 2 are appreciated PULP 'S 3 or i .,,. ...., Q Fox Head Ginger Ale Pale Dry or Aromatic Olgnvfgl RIPE e,,,,e ofmnets carton Fox Head Mineral Water Chafged of Plain Other BLATZ Beverages 2 Ask for free pamphlet on ' HOW to Dfmk fof Health Growmg More Popular Every Day For Home Service can 1 Ginger Ale, Lime Rickey, Complete Line Soda Waters Z BR03dW-HY 8080 BLATZ BREWING COMPANY -1- Milwaukee . , Chas. Madame Zllda, Modlste Provision Co, gSee us for your next Evening? FHUCY Smg1gi?tr?,11dFg1eSh Meats' E 2Gown, l934 Styles exclusively? Manufacturers of - HIGH GRADE SAUSAGE 2 Also Alterations and Remodeling. IHC. 5 5 -The Choice of Those Who Know- E 2 2 2300 N. Third St. LOcust 40602 iininianniiininiuiuiuiinininiuiiiniuiinininiiniininiininiininnnininiininiininiuiiniininimmiuiuunmuui I,iIHWH,,I,,,H,H,,,,,H,,,,,,,,,,,,H,,,,,,,H,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , 64 f.ilmninumanIinininiiniuiiniuiinmiinmininiuummininiminnuninumminuninminiiniuiluiiviixiiiiiiinilm For those who want the best! 1 amwlrvm nn 'WPM11,mmmQMMMWMMWWMTWWMAHSBLWMQHELHAWWWJ 95: fwirgxtwnlxt . Iihililmkn luwacwzbmurilfvnfrllfnxxmavmmiwrzznwlzvzIm,9a2i.'.24J:. :lm mm! rim, wifi W W -fm - -Y 'J .qi ra-rf 'Sm ' mf

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