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-...A:..-... - - if Q i I i I L i V i 5 z l 1 i x 1 w 3 5 1. F L I Q 4 L . ' I E E 3 li v Q 5 ! E 1 I Y 5 s I E I K A' rf zw- - -- -I '. uf- 1 z 1 1' ' v-v.-ff-3-p ffl,-r-, 5, Vg-1:f:.y7g:-. -4f,g:...1Q..g,.55.-.-ya: 7,13-, ,I--41-Yy5g,,g,y,gg,-5..,, vg J ,V , ,v , , V Y W, ,, ,W , W 'Qi ,4Y4..:. Y 3:2-1:.::Q....a.uaV f, I 2 Ni , HX , , . I' L rr 1 n, V ..-1 ., K . x - L". V? "'- ilu QU'-,'+'-A, 'ge 141 . N '1f,j9'f' -. -32, -, , Q M ..'-1.9 ' , -ff-Pg, M f" ...f,,:. 3 'Vi' ga, J'-'l:"'if x 2 - W., ,5.,,,, - ., n an x..'1n:s,4., .1..- -BEA 'QW --.F L T A LLAn4.v..1g.r,.YLii4nvg- lm- -bpm ilfrg-.rsul-L, 1 1 1 fix v, v. .fx x A , my 4 ' 1 'C , vga , . ,ju V4 a ,yi 3 Q egg!! A,ffl M h I , D ig if i if FKYQ' 'US ll? A f Alf' J? gg.. tw I ik it ,kit 5 P5 gi f EH ,E 4 u ' q Qw- K .. Q qbvua E g F . Q ,.: X 5 G. Q W ,. 1" N .. ...... ,, ,,, - . ,,.. , ...,, . ..., ,,-,. g ,.,, T51 i f 9 n ml F513 ,X f2"V"TT?'X rf-s..,,,, R' !i it V lc Z , ..,. Y. 5' . . .,.- W2 W ig.. W' MABIAN STAFF Co-Editors in Chlel Literary Editor ,,,,,.. Art Editor ,,,,, Photographic Co-Editors ,,,,.., Sports Editor ,,,,,. ..,, ,.,,,,, , Feature Editor ,,,, Business Manager ,.... Ad Sales Manager Ad Copy Editor .,,.,, Billing Manager ,,,,,, Circulation Manager Mickey Hexter, Jim Hughes Andy Fabens Little ,,,....Vin Fiordalis, Ed Welsh ,,,,,,,,,,,:Pete Steck .,,,,:,,,Paul Reading John Lang ,,Paul Oppmann .,...,.,,Roger Such ,,,,,,,,BilI Reuter ,George Klein Faculty Advisor . ,,,,,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,.,,,, M r. Robert P. Schwab Editorial Assistants: Kim Barnes, Bill Barry, Bill Fabens, Tad Gaither, Pete Hook, Corky Jaeger, Bill Newby, Rod Oppmann, Larry Pritchard, Ray Sawyer, Steve Schuman, Dove Strand, Sam Walker, Don Welsh, Mike Zare. Contributing Artists: George Grabner, Pirt, Denny Rounds, Gary Smith, Dave Strand. Photographic Assistants: Dave Herkner, Chris Knight, Bob Lafleur, Dick North, Dave Polster, George Wierdsma. -5- TABLE OF CONTENTS Mabian Staff . . . School Trustees . . . Headmaster . . . Dedication .,.. Faculty , . . Secretaries .... Seniors ......,..... Senior Class Directory . . . Class Poll .......... Classes .......... Upper School ,,.. Middle School .... Lower School . , . lnformal Pictures , . . Activities rr.... Athletics .... Class Will .... Informal Pictures . . . Advertising Section .... Class Directories . . . Hncludlng Features and Advertising Directoryl 6 8-9 l 0-l l l 2-l 3 16-l 9 2l 24-90 9l 92 93 94-97 98-l O3 lO4-l O7 108-l lO l l l-125 l27-l 49 l5O l 51-192 l93-296 231-235 The University School Board of Trustees, composed of twenty-five elected members and seven honorary members is the highest administrative organization in the school. Each year five trustees are elected to the board for a five-year term. An election of officers is held annually. In accordance with the basic requirements of the school charter, different committees function for the entire board. Under the direction of President Edward W. Sloan, an average of three meetings per year are planned for the entire board. At these meetings, the various committee chairmen give their reports concerning the progress of the school. The Executive Committee, led by Vice-President William B. Belden, acts in the intervening periods between board meetings. The Finance Committee, chaired by Treas- urer l-l. Stuart Harrison, and the Executive Committee assume the greatest influence and and responsibility in school affairs. In recent years several other committees have been formed, The Buildings and Grounds Committee, headed by Mr. William J. l-lunkin, inspects the physical condition of the school and recommends necessary improvements to the board. The Academic Committees function is to look into the school curriculum and analyze the status of U.S. graduates in college. Directed by Mr. Ben M. l-lauserman, this group considers the problems involved in main- taining modern standards in our teaching methods and course content. The Development Committee, directed by Mr. Robert L. Fairbank, seeks to improve the school plant and in general to broaden the financial support of U.S. through a program of endowment and grants. The Board of Trustees is now concerned with the fact.that University School has more students than the school was originally built to accom- BACK ROW L TO R: John D. Kling '18, Edouard J. Petroquin '21, Samuol K.. Scovil '41, Marcus L. Smytho 23 William Hunkin '38, William G. Laffer '23, Ben M. Hausermun '31, Ralph M. Bossa, Thomas W. Millar J 29 Robert L Fairbank '29, Herman L. Vail '13, FRONT ROW, L T0 R: Dr. Alexander T. Bunts '15, William B. Belden '21, William H. Quayle '29, Edward W Sloan Jr 25, Headmaster Harold Cruikshank, John B. Dempsey '07. modote. A toculty committee, working with the trustees, is determining how to meet this problem. Since 1926, when the present school wos built, educotionol processes ond methods hove chonged moteriolly. Awore of these chonging conditions, the trustees ore considering what is needed to turn out scholosticolly well-prepored boys ond ot the some time retoin sociol toctors important to ci well-rounded individual. Con- stontly preoccupied with insuring thot U.S. continues to groduote this type of youth, the Boord of Trustees pursues its ulitmote oim: the formo- tion ot' men prepored to toke their ploce in Western society ond to work tovvord its eventuol perfection. Headmasier MR. HAROLD I.. CRUIKSHANK 1947 A.B., Yale University M.A., Columbia University Western Reserve Universify mm- -U,--., ...----..' A x .A 'ml' f . ,, Our headmaster impresses the casual visitor as a tall, gaunt man with a firm handshake and gripping blue eyes. The visitor observes the way in which he dominates his desk, nearly touching each end of it with side-stretched palms. He remarks Mr. Cruikshank's debonair manner. How easily and assuredly he draws anyone into conversation. be it Argentinian exchange student, Gund lecturer, or truant senior. The man speaks five minutes and has already cut his way to the problem's or question's center. There is no hedging or beating about the bush, all is simple, direct and frank. Those more closely associated with University School were impressed with these traits many years ago. Since then they have watched the school grow, under his aegis, from four hundred forty to five hundred students. Parents and alumni remember the days when morning chapel announcers wore dungarees and T-shirts. They remember the drably- painted rooms, the poor lighting, and the crowded facilities. Today they see students wearing coats and ties at all times, ceilings covered with acoustic tile, fluorescent lighting, redecoration everywhere, even a whole new wing that includes a biology lab and now the addition of a new language lab. The halls at times echo the voices of teachers teaching completely new courses. Remember, also, the national acclaim won by our headmaster tor his code of student conduct! For thirteen years our man's hand and eye have had a great share in the general improvement of U.S. We of the senior class are so familiar with all these things that we take them for granted. Moreover, we are often not aware that many of our own rights and privileges were initiated by our headmaster. He was the one who opened the Alumni Room to us as a senior room. He increased the power ofthe Pretect Board. We are even more indebted for the guidance and assistance he has given us as a class. Advising us individually on our selection of colleges and in constant communication with their admissions offices, he has worked wonders to enable every senior to go to some school of his choice. For all these reasons the class of T960 wishes to express its intense gratitude to Mr. Harold L. Cruikshank. DEDICATION Some of the most rewarding of Iife's experi- ences occur in the relationship between teacher and pupil, The effort expended by you toe gether with our instruction has enabled you to complete one important phase of your edu- cational experience. May your future efforts be crowned with success. It has indeed been a privilege for me to have worked with many members of this graduating class. CARTER G. SANDERS At US. no smile is so vvell known as Mr. Sanaersf lt tightens the impact ot tive more clernerits or' numbs the pain ot a sixty-tive on a Spanish or Modern l-listory exam. lt is a symbol ot the sense ot humor' that makes tvvo ot University Schools most demanding courses tvvo ot the most enioyecl. Mr. Sanders' knowledge, charm, and ability as rr teacher ot Spanish and Modeirt History have infected his stu- dents tor' sixteen years. No master' has achieved so happy a blend ot hard vvorlr and disarming banter in his classes, and no one has come to com- mand more respect, admiration, anal at- tection tram every one ot his students. University School has one ot the na- tron's best secondary school toroign language departments. Even at the most ditticult colleges our graduates do vvell in foreign languages. Our' general exe cellence in this tield derives in large part trorn the particularly excellent Spanish courses ot Mr, Sanders. Also, lvlodern l-listory, deemed the "toughest" US. course, keeps students vvell inf lormecl on up-to-date events vvith a broad historical perspective. For these reasons the class ot 1960 vvishes to honor' Mr: Carter G. Sanders by rileclicating their Mrrbian to him. SEYMOUR R. PEYSER 1937 Grade 6 JONATHAN E. INGERSOLL 1950 Assistant Headmaster JOHN D. McCARRAHER 1922 Director of Athletics ROY C. PAIGE PHIL W. SUMNER LOUIS J. BURGER, JR. 1925 1929 1937 Alumni Secretary Head of History Department Director of Lower School LOUIS LOGSDON DENARD LEE CARTER G. SANDERS 1939 1942 1944 Business Manager Head of Science Department Spanish, Modern History CLIFFORD J. RIEL 1944 Arithmetic S. ROBERT BOBENMYER 1945 Director of Middle School KATHLEEN B. MARTIN 1947 School Librarian I FRANK HRUBY 1948 Head of Music Department Qzfriiisttgiriieffififfm r S 1, DONALD C. MOLTEN 1948 S. TUCKER FOX, Ill PETER C- EBBOTT Associate Director of Physical Education CHILTON THOMSON 1 95 2 1949 1951 Head of French Department English RALPH HOWARTH 1953 JOHN A. HORNER 1953 Head of English Department Metal Shop and Mechanical Drawing Latin, Plane Geometry LEE W. HOLMES 1954 Grade 4 1955 Biolo9Yf Chemistry 32 1 .5.-' inn .s . - r-I .' ,- an - V ., . gym , M ,T r-G :Q A? I I n F. 'i ,, ie? N m l LEQIQ T: M., f 1.-,jig-N. it ., I l '-. -T-1 T HERBERT F. HARVEY 1951 Wood Shop 25? ' i A . K ' -Q if 'ai . 11 1 ' 1 5555? .ff Z T ,--iid... ,,,- EE. 1- ' JOHN C. DODD, .IR 1956 Athletics COSMO F. DIBIASIO 1955 Science, Mathematics PIETER J. HOETS 1955 Ancient History, latin PHYLLIS BOPPEL 1956 Dietician Rosen P. SCHWAB 1 957 English ALLAN FENSELAU 1 958 , Mathematics, Physics DOROTHY LEE 1 958 Grade 2 STEPHEN SZARAZ 1958 French, English RICHARD C. KAUFFMAN 1959 Mathematics NOEL WINES 1958 .Reading Improvement, Journalism RICHARD E. McCREA 1959 Government, English BETTE S. SCHLAFLY 1959 Grade 1 NITETIS S. THOBU RN 1959 Pre-prima ry LUCILE C. DALZELL 1959 Art RICHARD A. 1959 Grade 5 Rosen 1. Jones 1959 English LOHo's cow THE FMNNIES? HHNKEIQING FLY KLKYN QDQD LORD, THE LXONE QPMQHT mi. mvmccmfmhf UGHHT'-5 T HRT mwxw SivxEu.7 SECRETARIES MRS. WHITEHEAD Main Office MRS. SMITH Middle School Office MISS BREYLEY Main Office ' me 525253 wfiuz, 522.212 A : , s MRS. SMITH Main Office MRS WATTERSON Gym Office MRS. FIELDS Alumni Office 'W ith as ARM-ddw-wi 'lDick" - most affable person in the class -- once he started laughing he couldn't stop nor could anybody else - rose to gridiron prom- inence as an offensive end - caught several important touchdown passes - buzzed around town in his little V.W. - earned his pocket money by keeping score for the newspapers - threatened with bankruptcy when the Cleveland News folded - consistently scored on the Span- ish Unit Tests - shuddered at the thought of the hardships he endured on his college tour - another member of the Mayfield Summer ldlers Club - became quite a playboy - his Clark Kent-Superman transformation baffled party go- ers - always maintained his mild-mannered guise at school. 124, Richard Barber Ainsworth, Jr. entered - 7957 Second Honors 3, 4 Edward Moore Society 4 Junior Council on World Affairs 4 Junior Classical League 2, 3, 4 Projection Club 4 Varsity Football 3, 4 Class Basketball Captain 4 nfl 1 ylf I l It Nfl N733 Wi I fr F , Ig' , gy l i 2 M. is t N x X ,X X ,,,f f Harold Albert Anderson, Jr. entered - 7956 Radio Club 4 Varsity Swimming 3 wmmil li Q 0910-- Approves of t'Harold" - a cross between the Jolly Green Giant and Art Linkletter - his vicious water polo tactics allowed no quarter tor the drowning man - used his daddy-long- legs to pedal his red rocket with ferocious ener- gy - used it every morning for the hundred yard dash from home to school - study hall textbook was usually Hot Rod - his fond dreams ot sports car rallies never materialized - nimble- minded conversationalist - knows well the French sentence: "Je ne sais pas" - occasionally varies his style with "Je ne comprends pas" - benign tiger on the class football team - a quiet demeanor hides a biting, satirical sense of humor. Kimball Montague Barnes entered - 1954 Class President 4 Edward Moore Society 3, 4 News Board 3, Literary Editor 4 Forensic Society 3, Vice-President 4 Junior Council on World Affairs 4 Varsity Wrestling 2, 3, 4 X wg? X Ku-1 if' U Us fill, i 1 N.. li. SRL HKim" - or more descriptively, 'Nimble Kimble" - Senior Class President who found out that you can't tight the will ot the people - haughty, arrogant Literary Editor of the News - founded the HSpoken VVord" in which he attacked everyone with no quarter asked or given - he even condescended to slash himself once - took over the responsibility for the scandal ridden Coke machine and put the operation in the black lor the first time in years - frequently takes to peddling medicine lnever lost a patientl - one who got the 'lfustest with the mostest" on the wrestling mat - has never stopped training lnever startedl - hog- tied by a Shaker lass for the lost three years - can l-lardestly wait for weekend dates - very active in his Vice position in the Forensic Society - a very able and popular leader who will waste his talents at Princeton. -Q6.. WMM x'Slim" - one of Mr. Sanders' favorite spar- ring partners - displays wide musical tastes - was torn between the Symphony and Alan Freed's rock 'n roll show - strictly lvy for all social occasions except nocturnal skalkin' when he prefers the slim belts and striped undershirts of the "hard" style - class grid captain who hated every minute of it - reported Prepper sports for the Sun Press - finally ditched his Ford wagon when he found no one willing to tow it away -turned up with a x'Superb Product of Swedish Engineering" - culpable for many of these blogs - wowed Mr. Ebbott with his keen perception - x'Well Bill, maybe you can explain it." - is destined to become literary critic for the New York Times. 127.- l Z William Mullin Barry entered - 1956 News Staff 3, 4 Maloian Staff 4 Junior Council on World Affairs 4 Players 3 Varsity Tennis 3, 4 J. V. Basketball 2 Class Football Captain 4 4544 F Exiled Cuban who novv harasses U.S. with his revolutionary Tendencies -- bolstered class' number during a winter which took a heavy toll - was an instant hit with novv exliledl class- mates - his arrival greatly enhanced Gaither's already broad Spanish vocabulary - gave up U.S. History when suddenly surprised by work - conversely, lapped up Advanced English - con- vinced that Cleveland is the coldest location in the nation latter thirteen years in Cubal - overioyed at the tirst sight ot snovv -- lived onthe west side but decided he could attord Shaker Heights - disliked commuting - learned ot local gals from a merry Chase - many tales from abroad enhanced such Yankee pastimes. John Forrest Brownley entered - 1960 2: yr. imylilll liil,,,,iAl.v Mc Jan Clayton Buhl entered - l956 Cum Laude 4 First Honors l, 2, 3, 4 Cobb latin Prize 2 Prefect Board 4 Class Treasurer 2 Dorm Prefect 2 Forensic Society 2, 3, President 4 Junior Classical League 2, 3, 4 Varsity Football 4 Varsity Basketball 4 J. V. Basketball 2, 3 Eff. x.f l l l li -l l .LJ ' l tts 94-.6-Jvl. 'Ilan", - tall, friendly, easy-going scholar -chases all interpretations from a newly-learned fact - mild president of Forensic who engi- neered debates with W.R.A. - won one of them too - surprised everyone by his rugged game at tackle - is a little shocked at each Forensic picnic that he attends - a knight of hon- or, who actually fought for his lady - garnered Cum Laude without any undue effort - drove a little blue Bug, but traded it for big white Detroit iron - one of the few Seniors entitled to a lunch chair with arms - can discharge his prefectorial duties without raising his voice - will reside with Hexter and Hamilton lso they can study togetherl far above .... -29- William Dwight Buss, II entered - 7954 Octet 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 2, 3, President 4 Varsity Basketball Manager Athletic Council 4 Class Soccer Captain 4 3 1 XS 4 . sl ..... ti' 45? 4 f ii if is 5 fthe --i ---- -- --1+ 3:2 li? fgi SRL "Buss" - lNot to be confused with "microbus" which is vehicle for doing the Continent.l - chief member of the select Model HA" Ford Club with a sporty green roadster cum rumble seat- became Kruppian with a Mercedes-Benz - a covert revolutionist who has quietly built up a formidable arsenal under the guise of a gun collection - has successfully maintained a peaceable demeanor to fool the opposition - his red suspenders highlight every formal func- tion - threatened to plaster Mr. l-loets to the wall with his 9th grade latin proiect: a genuine catapult - a mechanical genius who can fix anything from roadsters to rifles - will probably have a life story similar to his experience in Glee Club, great talent, excellent achievement, and success leading to presidency. U-bln "Fingers" - the class piano virtuoso who has beaten many themes into his own transport- ing jazz style - misses a class function only when engaged with his band in pursuit of the dollar - Glee Club's Umost valuable player" - had to be paid to attend the H.B. Prom - had a summer iob dependent on his driver's license but flunked his test three times-advanced the clock a few decades to read a "Letter from Mama" in the character of Charlie l'Cleaver" - never allows anyone to go unreminded of the wonderful virtues of a Roxboro education - one half of Fox's Fourth-year Favorites - makes weekend-ly expeditions into suburbia's hinterland in quest of Ugreen eyes." -31- Charles Morris Carr entered - 7957 Edward Moore Society 4 Glee Club 3, Vice-President 4 Octet 4 Junior Council on World Affairs 4 Varsity Trock 3, 4 XX RC xx 6? 6:31 'Twit- ix Qlfsgg N iv Ss. vfqsk N .ss Q S1 C X'-so 1 1 fx c ii"X5s F Xi C 4 iris QMML "Ted" or more intimately "Sparkle" - came to an agreement with the Cleveland 'ttuzz," and took the bus to school - it broke his Chevy's heart - gained a topic for his senior speech from his prying observation ot his travelling com- panions on the rapid - excellent swordsman, but it wasn't a lair fight - carries color snap- shots inside his notebook cover to rest his tired eyes - senior inhabitant who learned some new games -- has a friend who has been vari- ously referred to as his mother or his wife - oscillates between his home in Lakewood and hers in Bay Village - can't run more than 40 yards without great effort - one of the most frequent to appear in "Breaking Training." -32- Thornton Chase, II entered - l957 Varsity Track 3 Class Basketball Captain 4 we sift fly WM 22 lla? W U T ' -is I 1 I illf gf ,Aj uv, I,, -TZ, gg- , '- ,,' , , ,-ifgg: . 2' 'R' .4 . ' Y, Q I I 1 X o SRL Lee Alfred Chilcote, Jr. entered - l948 Mabian Committee 4 Mabian 4 Forensic Society 4 Junior Council on World Affairs 4 Cheer leader 3, 4 Varsity Soccer 2, 3, 4 Varsity Swimming 2, 3, 4, Diving Award 2, 3 Varsity Track 3 Gym Team 2 5 at . 'I ' K ,' - : ,!,:-- IV ,- I ----'at---- IA ' "a -- -.15.f.--- ji ll llllllllll N P45454 Wa I 06466 "lee" - noted for his crab-like posture - tours the land in his Yellow Pocket Rocket -- has always threatened to get rid of it but never has since it is his principal source of income and attentidn - speedy soccer player noted for his booming kicks - high-springing diver who has adapted his talents to the Gym Team - toured the Mentor beaches with Irwin and Barry - his house has never recovered from a post-softball game blast - spent the summer bronzing his bod as an employee of the Shaker Swim Club-never forgets a French vocab word, so Mr. Fox frightens him only slightly - has had some rather unconventional theories on life and the living of it. 33- J William Cornelius Daley, Jr. entered - l947 Edward Moore Society 3, 4 Players Production 4 Athletic Council 4 Cheer Leader 2, 3, 4 Varsity Football 3, 4 Varsity Wrestling 2, 3, Captain 4 Varsity Track 2, 3 Gym Team 2, 3 F , 7' el:-a -180.9 - 34 'lBill" - one of the class' numerous strong arm boys - seldom opens his mouth - likes to wander around school in a ripped T-shirt and khakis - Eddy Moore's unofficial sergeant-at arms and doorman - his wrestling career was interrupted when he suffered a shoulder separa- tion - cringes at the sound of 'iTee-hee" - often engages in feats of athletic prowess at parties lanything from tag to pole-vaultingl - his red hair is visible for miles on clear nights - another patron of twelve month progressive education-has numerous automobiles to choose from for commuting from his ex-urban chateau - usually settles on a dilapidated blue Ford convertible - broke family tradition when he decided not to go to Colgate. 'iTurkey" - appreciated the Senior Room more than any other member of the class - has been seen to down three cokes with scarce a breath between them - had a permanent seat at the third period poker table - tor- midable class soccer player with a powerful, unswerving kick - often seen pedalling his bicycle - drives a car with the same eccen- tricity that is evident in his not too inimitable walk - the most consistent Christmas card sender in the class - puts most ot us to shame with his amazing math ability - ready at all times to argue a new, theoretical sum for two and two - extensive knowledge of chemistry and explosives give all local police departments in- calculable misery. Robert Gage Day entered - i954 Second Honors 4 National Merit Scholar, Honorable Mention Players Production 4 Radio Club 3, 4 Camera Club 4 Varsity Wrestling 2 f" i is lf 3 nl ls Mb C J mi A J. I . I I n K3 . . ., :Hu 4 EL iii mi sie " E552 n - I1 Ii "Andy" - mis-spent his youth at a certain southern institution that holds deserving students in reserve tor U.S. - inflamed a certain burgh- er's tirey-haired daughter - shook out of Shaker to sweep into Sweden last summer with the American Field Service - spoke to Chapel about some ot his exploits - salted his speech with slides - was strangely silent about the women over there - usually had at least one article in every issue of the News - has more brothers in the school than any other senior la rather dubious distinctiortl - a burning liter- ary career, pinnacled with these 70, oops! 69, what? 68, not again? 67 . , . hundred-word biogs - will spend the summer trying to re- befriend those who are slandered. Andrew Lawrie Fabens, III entered - 7958 Cum Laude 4 Second Honors 3, 4 Sherman Prize Speaking 3 Edward Moore Society 4 Mabian Literary Editor 4 News Reporter 3, Associate Editor 4 Forensic Society 4 Junior Council on World Affairs 4 Glee Club 4 American Field Service Exchange Student fww , 3 - rm .. T A " It I gvli-DEN cs.ivtx.rN9 I - Tmtvqglll' .fl ERI. -36- Vincent Fiordolis, II entered - l957 Mobicin Co-Photographic Editor 4 Comero Club 2, 3, President 4 Forensic Society 4 Junior Council on World Affoirs 4 Proiection Club 4 Vorsity Footboll 3, 4 Vorsity Wrestling 2, 3, Monoger 4 Athletic Council 4 elf -53" 1J,,a.I7,Lwa.a.s1r f lll N ll l lla MZSTH5 'Q .,vll g'fi. glll . "Vin" - closs' only recipient of the H. L. C. good chorocter oword - hos never experienced El Dios' Fridoy reconcentrodo comp - filled in ot guord os l. l.'s Hhotchet-mon" - prefers H. B. country women - hos mode more long night rides thon Poul Revere - likens U. S. night- life to thot of Howken - filled his red mobile still with cider ond ron Doley out of business - become the most muscle-bound mon on the oth- letic council when he moved up cis Bobo's mot monoger - hos yet to chonge the pictures on the Come-ro Club bulletin boord - still believes his pool would be best for the '60 Olympics - o true diplomot blozing the woy for his four brothers. Taylor Nelson Gaither entered - i957 News Staff 3, 4 Forensic Society 3, 4 Junior Council on World Affairs 3, Chairman 4 Players 4 Players Production 4 Camera Club 4 i Qi r , X i lt ylmn l tl il i , X l hr rt X fil li ii , 'lTad" - the seldom democratic chairman of the Junior Council on World Affairs W a firm believer in Gaither's Rules of Order - l'Shaddup, you guys!" - used to be seen communicating vvith Ayers in French, Spanish, or Pig latin, or a combination thereof, depending upon vvho was to be excluded from the conversation - never fails to charm Mr. Fox with his gay repartee - invariably sells his dessert to the highest bidder - a smash success in the play as Herman Leff lcovvitz -- still finds it hard to step out of the character he portrayed - a firm believer in religious and racial tolerance - his skill, tact, and winning smile vvill make him an able diplomat. Timothy Hale Gcinahl entered - lQ55 News Board 3, Associate Editor 4 Players 4 Players Production 4 Proiection Club 4 Radio Club 3 Varsity Swimming 2, 3, 4 Varsity Track 2, 3, 4 Greater Cleveland All-Scholastic Swim Team 4 "Tim" - class' biggest optimist - spread himself among a number of females, both young and old - finally made the big switch to class football in his senior year and became a shitty, hipped hallback - excelled for three years as a varsity swimmer - specialized in the back- stroke - his aunt's house was a convenient haven for those,who did not Ufeel" like making the long trek home from the country - has a superb collection of cravats which he displays for all occasions - his college tour ended in Greenwich Village - was unimpressed, to say the least, by the inhabitants - still maintains that life on a lambretta is far superior to that in a car. -39- A My E l ' K YT? A A ' ""'A' sm. Philip Antony Giunta entered - V747 Mabian Board 4 Junior Classical League 2, 3, 4 Varsity Football 2, 3, 4 J. V. Basketball 2 . lllf' 61140 a. gum, ,I N 4 ,Vi 4 'lYoonts" - original member ot the class ot 1 ,AA , f Q, . fl '60 F- heir apparent to a chain ot local super- X a:n:4:'eP,!'3, markets - Hsay, Miss Bopple, our scabs are . very good this week" - charter member of the in Q V I..." Senior Room Bull Club - light-looted star in 1 that carnival ot tun known as class ball - had 5-Lgp a running "wack" contest with Captain Ubes - hard luck story of the football team with his trick knee - known as the Vulture at the lunch table because ot his lightning-swift grab - stalks around town in his tire-engineered , Chevy convert - sharp-eyed poker enthusiast . . ,: i who pauses only long enough to bank his win- FX' Fi K K nings - good luck has saved him his super- market empire, often in ieopardy over the senior ,ttjttitmfil I I room table. 5919 o 0 SR Michael Martin Gunter entered - l959 Junior Council on World Affairs 4 Second Honors 4 wx Uv' , g F 4 r it 0 Z If V o o I ll - l ll ylll yy I sm Wffffm 'K vmfw, Hmm "Mickey" - has never noticed US, looked at a girl lexcept Judyl, or known civilian life - new this year from Stanton Military Academy - thrives on the regulation of the dorm - leaves his good looks to Dave Strand - broke his ankle at the start of the class football season - was envied by all for his year-long field excuse - makes the Gunterian survey of popu- lar music every Monday morning - spends fabled hectic weekends in Cuyahoga Falls - started his senior speech with the familiar UFour score and . . - had an original ending - has never been fazed by the work here - seems almost to welcome it - is a co-holder of the quietest man of the class award. William Douglas Hamilton entered - l953 Second Honors 2 Pretect Board l, 2, 3, 4 Edward Moore Society 4 Junior Classical League 2, 3, 4 Varsity Football 3, 4 J, V. Basketball 2 Hgy TQM, IT FITS Now! ii Q '-'E L - G TQ E 5' fm, ' l li qt. - tim. 'tl-lam" - headstone ot class property - telt that Buicks were the only decent cars on the road - is so unobtrusive at parties that few people even know that he is there - captained a fighting class tootball team - school's out- standing speller, who was crushed when the contest was discontinued -- is such a fixture in the library that Mrs. Martin no longer gives him any trouble - has a rather distinctive laugh - spent his spare time under the car with Pease - 'ilt has potential, real potential" - Carnegie at rush hour presented a challenge to his non-contormist tendencies -- will atone tor this and other sins by washing himself in Cayuga's waters. Gordon Durham Harnett entered - 1958 Players 3, 4 Proiection Club 4 Radio Club 3 Pimdlm l-lm-1-flil' "Gordon" or affectionately "Gordo" - big, boisterous, Boron, albino blond -- dreams of St. Louis, orange malts, and many girls - sought Shaker sweets, but soon turned to HB - playboy bachelor who may Mary to overcome Daley problems - shocked to learn all Prepper gas was not Sohio - got driver's license before his dad - only two car, one key senior - careful pro- tector of class' most renouned sister - bruising class football player who never missed field - polar bear in water polo - took class tennis to relax - loving gardner who spends summer keeping home gracefully groomed-also known to shovel lsnowl - supports all school func- tins, except key parties - would like to drive to school, but proximity forces pedestrian habits. Q cg "Ur 53, K lwngisi L. iltgdc 'iVersatile l-lex" - wants to start a Yearbook Editors' Club - possesses so many outside in- terests that school becomes a secondary occupa- tion - known for his subdued soirees and his uncle's hideaway - surprised us all when he announced that he had been sick - surprised himself even more - pinches pennies for the Forensic better than Louie for the school - was crushed when he learned that the main office was not using Wolf envelopes - always has a happy smile and a ready answer - occa- sionlly allows people to ask a question before giving the answer - it's usually a variation of "Change the system" - has tried it with This year's Mabian. 144- Michael Louis Hexter entered - 1957 Mabian Board 3, Co-Editor 4 Forensic Society 2, 3, Treasurer 4 Junior Council on World Affairs 3, 4 Junior Classical league 2, 3, 4 Second Honors 2 Us ' 0 ' 0 S ir 3 uv .QFAQZN i N Q, E ir ...f , b gl-lg S ...J A 1 M1 4 ,40 James Sherman Hughes entered - 7957 Mabian Board 3, Co-Editor 4 News Reporter 2, 3, 4 Edward Moore Society, 4 Forensic Society 2, 3, Secretary 4 Junior Council on World Affairs 3, Vice-Chairman 4 Varsity Wrestling 3, 4 Varsity Tennis 2, 3, 4 ir gmt. ,im . 'iJim" - Co-editor-in-chief for this literary ' ' ' I I Z.. work - relaxed and always ready to agree - 'sso country boy at heart who commutes for an 'iiggj - . education - looks with pride at the Sherman ,,J fl- library - was Vice-god ot the Junior Council on ' fi-ff' World Affairs - took the minutes for the For- '- ' ensic, but never made it in time to read them .l .D - Couldn't understand how the meetings could l " ' ' start without him - started working forthe News, ' N but switched to the Mabian when he realized that lite didn't need to be all work - during wrestling season he was heard saying i'Et tu Brute" - a treckled, laughing Irishman, who re- 1 s mained thin because of his choice of parties. -45.- David William Herkner entered - 1956 First Prize, Northeastern Ohio Science Fair 2 Purdue Regional Science Award 2 Players Production Staff 3, 4 Camera Club 4 Radio Club 3, 4 Varsity Track 3, 4 BIOLOGY LABORATORY fag FRESH EGGS ITH EMS RY05 50 D02 ull 'Yll llllfllll E! oil 5RL f-,... gg! -46 7 , "l-lerk" - wows Mr. Sanders with his original sense of humor - often seen wheeling huge carts of books for Mrs. Martin - feels his college future lies in the West - labors hours typing his notes - encases them in plastic covers - has a study outline for every subiect - first one in chapel every day - his biology proiect not only won the school's admiration but S100 besides - never without his camera when making his unexpected appearances at class affairs - was visited by Santa Claus at Winter Wonderland and used the occasion to photograph the audience - broke his camera's heart when he brought a girl to a dance - brilliant chemist who recorded 761, error on first lab experiment - has never recovered. Peter Gilbert Hodges entered - l953 Edword Moore Society 3, President 4 News Boord 3, Circulotion Monoger 4 Cheer leoder 2, 3, Heod 4 Vorsity Soccer 3, 4 Vorsity Swimming 2, 3 Vorsity Trock 3, 4 Gym Teom 3, 4 Athletic Council 4 All-Americon Prep School Swim Teom 3 Doc. Rollinson M.V.P. Soccer Aword 4 "Beover" lhos olmost outgrown thot nicknomel - drives his Plymouth wogon like o sports cor - refuses to ocknowledge the foct thot ony girls' school besides l-l.B, exists - definitely o sociol pocer who is closs' biggest consumer ot Pepsi- Colo - spent the summer climbing mountoins - omozed the school by getting senior honors - hos o completely "ivy" wordrobe - "Fishers? Where's thot?" - engoged in vocobulory bottles with Steck - U. S. mosters bored him - soccer goolie whose brilliont ploy won him the lvl.V.P. oword - promising swimmer who left the pool to ioin the closs hoopsters - high tlyin' pole voulter - is notorious for his chopel orotions - his one desire is to run U.S. HND Ti-im, Gmisns WHQT I ciriii. mv umssimus nonsz ll l l ' i i U. 4 i'riTf'i'3, 3 'l V: , s ' 2.-'z ' , , -471 Peter Edwin Hook entered - l958 First Honors 3 Sherman Prize Speaking, Second Prize Theodor E. White Spanish Prize 3 Marshall French Prize 3 Edward Moore Society, 4 Forensic Society 3, 4 Junior Council on World Affairs 4 Glee Club 3, 4 News Reporter 3, 4 American Field Service Exchange Student National Merit Scholarship Finalist Class Track Captain, 4 ee ever .i 'lPete" - the most fluent auinta-linguist in the class - reads the works of Tolstoy in the ar- lilf iginal during his spare time - spent the first ll: semester with the American Field Service at ll Amiens - returned to find that he had missed ll ar I nothing that could not be made up in a week or two - devotee of the toga, which he once modified into a Ghanaian ceremonial robe - -. eloquent gab-ist whose speeches should be at- 'll tended only with dictionary in hand - the opposite-sex represents the only field that has llll not yet become a subiect for his intellectual 0 l curiosity - attends French class to help Mr. T. f his Fox explain the fine points of the language - has had difficulty in choosing among the various colleges which have applied for him. -48- John Christopher Houck entered - l955 News Reporter 4 Glee Club 3, 4 Forensic Society 4 Proiection Club 4 Varsity Track 2 Class Soccer Captain 4 1 51 Q- 9 X if x YS ,,,,,b X ,FA SRL C. "Spence" - one of the former Hawken boys - puts his great strength to use on the mats - one of the class' deeper Thinkers - his ab- stract theories will someday make him famous - can always debate the merits of any issue - one of the best class soccer players - does his homework in occasional spurts - really took to heart the slogan, "Dress right, you can't afford not to." - chooses his dates from a number of platonic relationships - perpetually astounded Mr. Cheatham with his theories of historical "methodologies" - one of the few who walk lwhatever that isl to school - would like to see the "system" revamped to exclude field study and other institutions. Michael Richard Howson entered - 1952 Varsity Football 3, 4 Varsity Wrestling 2, 4 Varsity Track 3, 4 Gym Team 2, 3, 4 Lad ll ' SRL ke U i f 3 Ylllq 'Big Mike" - has enough records to open his ovvn store - conservatively estimated that he has 7,000 'lsounals" on tape - perceptive indi- vidual vvho has something to say about everye thing, especially chapel speakers - has more imitations than most professionals, and can im- provise more upon request - never seen vvithf out lrvvin - spent his summer vvringing out di- apers at his father's establishment - specializes in rare socks - only person to make Mr. De- Vere break into o smile - best dancer around - spends hours arranging his curly locks - had a great time in Algebra the second time around - football defensive power - wrestler who sneers opponents to death - finally found the girl of his dreams and settled down on South Woodland. Robert Lewis Hukill entered - 1957 Protection Club 4 Cheer Leader 4 Varsity Football 2 Varsity Wrestling 4 Varsity Track 2 Class Football Captain 4 Gym Team 3, 4 lwfztgwzf uRob" - the most enthusiastic boy in the class - was seen at all athletic events, usually with a girl in tow - energetic class football captain - gave a senior speech about sailing - never mentioned it -- has good taste in short girls - is proudest of Mary Lou - shares her with his brother - worked for Mr. Bob during the winter - ran the daily endurance contests - was co-featured on the gym team in a brother combination - one of the Culver boys who responds to .l.D.'s marching orders - often visited the senior room but never used it - earned his proiection club membership by cart- ing proiectors and screens for Mrs. Martin. -51- G, fl, NM Q it 4 HVVild Bill" - knows every teenager in the city - one half ot the l-lowson-Irwin team -the class' biggest eater - a gourmet ot everything served at Manners - has never missed a party - has been seen with girls ot all shapes, sizes and descriptions - doesn't always dig Mr. Sanders' lingo - captained the best football team in several years - was signed up for wrestling when he lifted the coach with one arm - holds several track records - spent his summer bending pipes and building houses - aticionado of the swing sounds of Ray Conitt - Madison sends him - secretly yearns tor the biggest cycle in the city - has yet to appear in the Senior Room. William Edward Irwin, Jr. entered - 1957 Cleveland Press Star Honorable Mention 3, Star 4 Cleveland News Honorable Mention 3, Dream Team 4 Cleveland Press All-Scholastic 4 Cleveland News All-Scholastic 4 Cleveland Touchdown Club Award 4 Varsity Football 2, 3, Captain 4 Varsity Track 3, 4 Varsity Wrestling 3 Athletic Council 4 W in f Q sm William Bryant Johnson entered - V959 Varsity Basketball 4 'Y R598 l O . - ., ,gfraige -2:51 -' ---- . - --5- nmlllllllllltw VN09? m itinviil Min' ,'. liilgx llizll it l' -'71' ' ID .. -,.f-- SRL ..53... "Jazzbo" - one ol the three who chose P.l.T. lPrepper Institute of Technologyl tor his senior year - bad knee failed to stop his ath- letic career - only one in class soccer honest enough to wear a sweat shirt with a yellow stripe down the back - also saw action as varsity dunker and cindertella - informed all on the intricacies of mouse-breeding for his senior oration - modern jazz addict who tried to con- vert his tellow Dormers to the finer sounds - irritates dorm roommate with early-rising ten- dencies - another member ol the John Dudd fan Club - unlucky in love - delights in running laps at ridiculous hours of the day and night - destined to become another Bud Wattles on the vibes. Howard David Kaighin entered - i957 Cheer leader 2, 3 Gym Team 2, 3, 4 Players 4 'X Z' D 1 I . 'iSmiley" - confounded students and masters alike by his ability to smile during finals - U.S.'s foreign ambassador to Warren - another star of Tennessee Wines' fall production - is rumored to have mats on his sailboat to practice for Dodd's gym team all year long - made famous by his crash landing on Mike's back in last year's gym exhibition - a charter member of Mrs. Riel's after supper bridge club - in- dicted by the local S.P.C.A. for his biology project - staunch supporter of the Warren Panthers - i'l'II take Warren over Burgtown if you'lI give me twenty points" - yelled 'ifoul" vvhen BR refused to recognize his summer Chem course - winner of the Palmolive-Peet award for Dandy Dentures. lay na.: "Uncle George" - avid hockey tan - has not missed a Barons' game in tour years - couldn't quite convince JD to revive the Prepper lcers - wild associate who advocates the High Life - known as the Wizard of Fozz - only senior to attend every party dateless - never did a lick ot homework - went 'lstalkin' " every night with Rog and Willy - class soccer terror who employed hockey tactics lbody checks, board checks, Wheat Chexl to the delight of John Dodd - made a mockery ot pole vaulting by trying to knock the bar down - heir ap- parent to the George Klein News Company - responsible tor what one tinds on local news- stands - trained tor the iob as circulation head of both the News and the Mabian. ...551 George Robert Klein entered - 1953 Mabian Board 3, Circulation Manager 4 News Board 3, Circulation Manager 4 Proiection Club 2, 3, 4 Varsity Swimming 2, 3 Varsity Track 2, 3 Class Water Polo Captain 4 l i A .X I 4 Q '- l T 75 '1'jfgfi252Q5:ffQg1jl.1 3, 1 5' Ji? new llDick" - most proper ond polite Prepper ol The closs - uSoy, how is iT going?" - ployeol o sturdy hollbock for Don's soccer olreom -4 emigroted from l-lowken with his bedrogglecl Buick- one ot the ccxsuolly well dressed few - mdnoged To stoy owcike Through o history course with Sleepy Phil - liked iT so much thot he wrote his Thesis in it - leorned to ploy The guitor in secret - is expected To reveol his Tcilent ot ony moment - olso hides his obilities dt skittles - one of The first in The Forensic - lectrned loter thot his entry wos illegol - hos been known To beg o ride home olter working lote on The News - 'lSoy, Som, how soon. . . ?" Richard Sumter Lucey entered - i957 News Boord 2, 3, Advertising Mdnoger 4 Forensic Society 2, 3, 4 Junior Council on World Afloirs 4 Junior Clossicol Leogue 2, 3, 4 Vorsity Soccer 3, 4 0 fp s, B O00 'SRL Robert Hill Lafleur Players Production 4 Varsity Wrestling 3, 4 entered - l958 EJJWLW "Bob" - came north to civilization after two years in the wilderness - a dormite who walks with a misplaced sailors' roll - studies sailing and math - enioys peeping at the world l H11- , Lf through one way mirrors - traded his hot Buick for a dentable Opel - was one of the earlier Bridge advocates until bigger games came along - inhabitant of the senior room - wrestled with Bobbie's Bruisers - never seemed to have to lose weight - his post-season return to the senior room was more dramatic than Rhett's return to Scarlet O'l-tara - was seen crouching with a camera at many athletic events - through his efforts Kissy Cissy became a News byword - has never failed to delight the teachers with his pertinent facts. ,57.. John Andrew Lang entered - i957 Mabian Board 3, Business Manager 4 Proiection Club 4 7 had 4? Wi Ml MABIAN SALES f" ' 0 0 5 MII X X - Xi Mall! O f f gn' r 0 il B, S S Q g Q M SRL -5g- "Ming" - a Chinese laundry would have been a suitable senior speech - arrived at U.S. during the mass Hawken immigration of i957 - well endowed with black top, pink complexion and ears - dated a ferocious Shaker cat - decided he liked gentle kittens better - firm believer in Mabel and her Black Label, and the Cleveland Indians - never took advantage of Senior Room - one of the few seniors who knows the value ot silence - only classmate who resides in a sandtrap ll7th hole, Oakwoodl - also lives at the dead end of a dead end street - able Mabian business manager - only varsity material to play class soccer - led his team to a class championship. "Lenny" - does not want anyone to know that his middle name is Hagenbuch - has the most over-exposed tummy in the class - tried his hand at written slashing in the News - his classroom recitations are beautiful to hear - HVVell, ah, ahem, hoock, ah . . - spends his nights lifting weights - has a dialect all his own - never admitted that he was wrong on any subject -- "Oh no, buddy, you don' know what you're talking about." - record- breaking breaststroker for Molten's webfeet - preferred to rod his Impala rather than waste his time - amazes everybody when he dresses up - extremely absent-minded - favorite sub- iect was sleep walking scene in Macbeth -- verisimilitude - pleaded for and got mercy on his Mabian biography. Donald Hagenbuch Lintz, Jr. entered - l955 Class Secretary 2 News Reporter 4 Junior Classical league 3, 4, President 2 Varsity Football 2, 3, 4 Varsity Swimming 2, 3, 4 Class Track Captain 3 Cleveland Press Star Honorable Mention 4 Cleveland News Football Dream Team 4 All-American Prep School Swim Team 4 Cleveland News All Independent Football Team Cleveland Press All Independent Football Team 'eff' -l sem J" lmilw-. "Sam" - a ruddy complexion and a laugh that can simultaneously show both disgust and delight- commutes from ci country chateau - intends to go into architecture so he can design his own - appreciates an open mind, lespecially the Gaither typel - a talented musician who was once written up in the P.D. - usually looks bleary-eyed Friday, but is always ready to dis- cuss the previous night's concert - was a great contributor to l'Otf Bounds" and i'Pole Vault" because he could remember the parties - car- toonist ot great merit for both the News and the Mabian - about half of his best efforts never got past the censors - usually depicted masters as ghouls, parents as witches, and exams as the gallows - will probably always sign his name 'iS.R.l." Sam Robertson Little entered - l957 Mabian Art Editor 4 News Art Editor 4 Glee Club 2, 3, 4 Octet 4 Junior Council on World Affairs 3, 4 Players Production 2, 3, 4 Athletic Council 4 Varsity Track Manager 4 Printing 2, 3, 4 ei -F: lo Q xxx!" X XR b Q 55 . 4 xx fg, . 5 Q ' 2' C Q MM 1. W "Mike" or "Legs" on the football field - fullback on the varsity football team for three years - has sent many an opposing lineman home shuddering - earned the monicker "Tonk" - late-coming Forensic member who amcized everyone by stating an opinion - one of the Hawken immigrants - o former who lives on Millcreek lane - hos fought rain, sleet, and snow to get to school, but it's an uphill fight - dongerous class water polo captain who helped beat the varsity during the gym exhibition - took third year latin - found third year French more difficult - has secret ambition to become a radio broadcaster if Payola doesn't eliminate radio - strong, silent type on his way to a grid career. Walter Charman McClennan entered - l955 Protection Club 4 Varsity Football 4 X will , 19 mm '55 tub sn 'xi -'," 'xiii till Ill li-ulilli fr 6-I . -on I 0 ',,y "' ,. ......' L - 62 .. 657416 'lVValtie" - everybody's friend - known for his perforated shoes - was personally acquainte ed with a number of famous football players - "Well, now, Bob Gain told me . . - never kept a test to the time limit - butt of most of Mr. Sanders' jokes - was first to try cradle- robbing - viciously denounced by many iealous classmates, but his example was soon followed - personally knows every salesman at Bunce Bros. - smashing, slashing wit -4 card player who seldom has a bad hand, but suffers occa- sional mental lapses at the table - "You mean my three nines could have opened?" - his rustic country estate has been the scene of many a summer escapade - has the class' most nor- madic personality. iw Www "Rick" - rough and ready soccer fullback who has saved many goals Tor The VarsiTy BooT- ers in The pasT Three years - enioyeal Two monihs as The lavoriTe hypochondriac ol lasT year's famous "new nurse" - a conscienTious summer lounger aT his own pool - awakens no neigh- bors ouT There in The wilderness wiTh his small, buT noisy midnighT parTies - earned The nick- name "Tricky Ricky" by his skill aT Bridge lThe name may also resulT from his abiliTy To deal from The boTTom of The deckl - is The class' mosT avid money hoarder - ThreaTens To flood The rare coin markeT if he ever parTs wiTh any of iT - Torn beTween The easT and wesT coasTs for his higher educaTion, Richard KirkpaTrick Mayne enfered - i954 Varsity Soccer 2, 3, 4 J. V. BaskeTball 2 NaTional MeriT Scholar, Honorable Menhon 13. l li x fx-v - - Au, L 'i3: I ,-r.::::: .lb f "1 "!E5'1 .. 2? , 65553, 1-hi ' '- '-:gf 1 : ,Q ,ht ' T' Q3 i. :?,Qk g: M155 I 1 il l'f ill 1,1 "l-lair" lor often ul-lare"l - staunch supporter of the Old Dominion State - continually regales the nearest listener with wild tales of his former school-broken-hearted when his Nash reached the end of the road - purchased a sleek Ford convertible to compensate for the loss - has never missed a good party lor a bad onel, and has thrown quite a few himself . . . good ones - seldom seen without a date - seldom with same date - padded at the dorm for a while, but soon felt the call of the comforts of home - frequently feels that his personality traits go unappreciated -- shocked when he saw his senior picture, 'lGee, I didn't know my ears were so big!" Harry Brower Mills entered - 7958 Junior Council on World Affairs 4 Players Production 3, 4 Players 4 17.2 iff? l HFMR' f9ND HL: 6 Hnlwp, 'B -641 PIRT' Richard Elton North entered - 1958 News Reporter 3, 4 Players 3, 4 Radio Club 4 Q. W r ' SX xx tg Q Q 4? it 2 ' ly ff' 1' lg, ll 1 g i, 6 4 Gb QQ : -55- C' i'Dick" - understudy of Rev-in-low lsecond, etcl - drifts through dorm-Florida orbit in his in- famous low-flying white Sprite, with his private pit crew - dubious honors attained include: Friday lunch Grand Prix Trophy lpermanent pos- sessionl, the Noel E. Wines "Ad-lib" Award, and the V.O. Memorial Society's 'll am a Star" button, Winston's engraved crush-proof box, the Dead Man's Steering Wheel presented by the National Safety Council, first prize in turf-tearing from the Mayor's lawn party, and an assortment of other trophies from other parties - takes an active interest in improving U.S., advocating changing academic courses to racing courses, adding speed-shifting to the all-'round farce, establishing bi-annual six month vacations, etc. - one of few who can always find a good time, and does. XX Paul Henry Oppmann, Jr. entered - l955 Mabian Board 3, Advertising Manager 4 Junior Council on World Affairs 4 Glee Club 3, 4 Octet 3, 4 Players, 3, 4 Varsity Swimming 3, 4 Varsity Track 3, Captain 4 ll- ff 1 Mat' 'a 6 iPaul" - whip-cracking Mabian Ad Manager 'l-ley, how about that ad?" - a golden throated Octet man who takes private voice lessons so that he will be qualified to sing any part - assured success as a host by his second- floor ballroom and his swimming pool - likes ficult situations of this cruel world - usually prefaces with "Now iust figure it out ,... " still indulges in the Sophomoric delights ot cherry bombs and 'irumbles" - his taste in girls runs to the cool type - his one line in Whistling in the Dark was somehow lost in the shuffle - is seldom able to maintain a constant pitch of voice when discussing recent test scores. . Q ' - S ' 5 4 , A I V to explain the best ways to cope with the dif- -1 f 'll ixiil 4 i if - gl lt J -66.- I "Tom" - class hot-rodder whose two-year project has yet to run - swimming captain who will be remembered for his "one night" training regulations - will always be held responsible for that fiasco of two years back known as the Frosh-Soph Prom - is reported to have considerable influence in the Shaker School Board as a result of the most off and on romance in local annals - rugged All- lndependent end for the grid squad - almost gave up swimming because it was so hard on his hair - sophomore track star who found tennis more to his liking - traded in his yellow Plymmy for a hot Rambler Six - Eddie Moore pledge who successfully refused to learn Robert's Rules or the constitution. ff" ' 6441 , 1 I" TQ 0 Thomas Frederick Pease entered - l955 Class President 2, 3, Treasurer 4 Glee Club 4 Athletic Council 4 Varsity Football 2, 3, 4 Varsity Swimming 2, 3, Captain 4 Varsity Track 2 Class Track Captain 3 Cleveland Press All Independent Football Team 4 Cleveland Press Star Honorable Mention 3 -Ifhmf' wsu., BACK 'ro THE DRAWING BOARD SRI- Paul Eugene Reading, Jr. entered - l956 Prefect Board 4 Dorm Prefect 2, 3, Chairman 4 Edward Moore Society 3, Secretary 4 Mabian Feature Editor 4 Glee Club 3, Treasurer 4 Octet 4 Junior Classical League 2, 3, 4 Varsity Basketball 3, 4 J. V. Basketball 2 Class Soccer Captain 4 vdwviwfyye. 'iPaul" - found it too tough to travel from Painesville every day so he moved into the Dorm - proceeded to set up a military dictator- ship with himself at the head - at times the Dorm resembled Stalag l7 - managed to have himself elected as a prefect - also managed to vvangle 95 averages - found the Physics B course a little tougher than he expected - re- gales his friends with tales from the Ohio woods - connoisseur of all the sounds - has some rather rare selections in his wardrobe - his wild Italian boppin' shoes were the envy of the younger set- a pretty fair basketball player who managed to garner his share of the glory. Fgl Qs SO 4 1 I Q 1 A - N I, I' ff l -.' 42" V frasbi I Frederic William Reuter, lll entered - 7956 Mobian Billing Manager 4 Forensic Society 3, 4 Junior Council on World Affairs 4 Junior Classicalleague 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 4 Athletic Council, Secretary 4 Varsity Baseball Manager 4 Class Soccer Captain-4 "3TNms.,.,.R,, w Q 50 P be yi W?" srl "Bill" - felt he could not enter college without absorbing at least a year's worth of French cul- ture -- sports the class' second red Triumph but claims he had the idea first - a cool reasoner and unpliable arguer - baseball manager who chose to show off his athletic talents by parti- cipating in the All Around Athletic Contest - occasionally breaks our hearts with the tale of another problem occuring with his swimming pool -finally decided to look at a girl -feels that he must rebel against the dictates of lvy fashion, but never can bring himself to deviate from the standard - earned Senior honors and proved his own contention that he must have fallen asleep during the first S.A.T. Frederick Charles Richards entered - H758 Dorm Prefect 4 Proiection Club 3, 4 Varsity Track 3, 4 llrll L ""'fl I I USE IPnNn ' I 4 - . i ,ax D. M5 f 1 - v :Ca ,f Fon mv smug Q j ...-., s ,. 'f 5? i V Jw TR'Lu.A4s "Fred" - iust plain easy-going, happy-gd lucky, Fred - bubbling extrovert with a iolly outlook on life - one hundred and eighty pounds of pure smile lbeats Kaighin by a toothl - a strict Dorm Prefect known universally as Fearless uget your room clean" Freddy - stalks the halls with a peanut butter and ielly sandwich in one hand and a deck of cards in the other - has a great future ahead of him in the culinary arts lhe prefers foodl - it is rumored that he has cherche les femmes in points as diverse as Rocky River, Ithaca, New York, and Hanover, N. H, - beat out his politically more successful room- mate for a powerful post in the dorm hierarchy. 'lRich" - often called i'Buck" by C.G.S. - seldom seen without his desert boots - least enthusiastic member of class - an inspiring cheer leader - found Frosh soccer to his liking and decided to make it his life's work - his reading tastes keep Grove Press in business - movie and T,V. devotee - "Been scanin' the tube, boob?" - constantly amazed at the antics of some ot his classmates - thinks that Cary Grant is suave - does not possess a driver's license las we go to pressl - telt that summer reading was a waste ot time because J. D, Salinger was not included - will grow up to be U.S.'s only contribution to the lost generation. Richard Moores Rodgers entered - l95O Sherman Prize Speaking 3 Edward Moore Society 3, 4 Class Vice-President 2 Glee Club 4 Camera Club 3, Vice-President 4 Cheer Leader 3, 4 Varsity Soccer 2, 3, 4 Varsity Tennis 2, 3 Gym Team 2 MW E225 ' , 17- i K X f' o o o o ,. Q ,,.,.,.,,.,.,:,rg.L,,, 1' Q e':-r:ft'te-:+t"F2"- ' i K w.-.-.Q-.Q-.-'M .s ,- S ?:':':4:4'o9'sQ'z'f'z ' I I' h ooog,OoOQO'.Q1 t!f1+2s?.fZ'2'f02+ZM ... 1 'P . l -Ji' 171- "Laird" - established himself as one of the schools most unique characters - holds the national record for continuous studying - calls it a bad day it he can only get in 20 hours on Saturday - famed resident of Bob's Pad - raised eyebrows by signing out for a uv-folk" - delivered a highly satiric senior speech marked by new heights in humility - only one who ever studied for the SAT's - incurred the wrath of the examiner by trying to get a breath of fresh air - never got to his crib notes hidden on the window sill - expertly handled the role of tough gangster in Whistling in the Dark - plans to go on Broadway in the role of Tony the Tiger. Laird Paul Roth entered 7958 Cum Laude 4 Players 4 Athletic Council 4 Vorsity Soccer Manager 4 Second Honors 3, 4 :bas l lf f I - 56,5 5 i l 1 ' ' s f '4Ll'lfi-.-,,.'- 'IT ,. fi 5 env- 235555 lil?-uni xnri 'lm QL ami' ALPAM lQl'l i 1 om ..i E Stephen Allen Schuman entered - l957 Cum Laude 4 Second Honors 2, 3 Sherman Prize Speaking 3 News Staff, Associate Editor 3 News Board, Managing Editor 4 Players Production 3, 4 Proiection Club 3, 4 Radio Club Co-Chairman 4 ooo'33 oo frgLc4. flew "Steve" - a pair ot horned rims under a bristly landing strip - occasional managing editor for the News - tried to run it when he worked - always seen with a coat and tie, even before the Edict of '59 - has worked on the production end of all plays since his arrival here - considered ioining with Barnes in founding an ul like Susy Club" - has been known to talk to, and of Kent with a note of tenderness - was mode Cum Laude with the first group, was one of the last to quit working - an often taciturn math-man with a passion for trying out probability theories in card games. Stephen Robert Severance entered - l958 Cum Laude 4 First Honors 3, 4 Sherman Prize Speaking 3 Pretect Board, Chairman 4 Edward Moore Society 3, Vice-President 4 Players 3 Varsity Wrestling 3 H Y x tg' Q53 f J yf Alu lbw .... Mg9'g:::: :QQ12Z gi' ...Q df I r S 4 'g V 'If' . SIL "Even Steven" - earnest head perfect - l-lLC's most prized possession - takes daily tea and sympathy from the secretaries in the main office - had so much tun in the Sherman Prize contest that he chose to give a senior speech - told us iust how our parents shouldn't psycho- analyse us - wrestled for one year but turned to water polo - at one time had an outline of the revised prefect board, but it was revised - had a bad case of thesisitis but the mail got through - tough veep for Eddy Moore who never learned his duties - was relieved to find,that there weren't any - a steady honor student who continually tlirts with a 95 average. 907 "Smitty" - like Central National Bank, lust big and friendly - a true ivy-man in thought, action and dress - spent the football season shoring up the middle of the defensive line - reportedly the fastest pitcher since Herb Score was in high school - spent his summer increas- ing his ability at a rustically situated baseball camp - found some time for a little extra- curricular activity over the long, cold, country weekends - took a lot of ribbing about his ample girth - "VVhacha got there Smitty? a belly full of baseballs?" - perpetual griper who is satisfied with nothing - one of the long line of Chag-town basketball players - will grow up to be a full time cow milker. Gary N. Smith entered - 7957 Mabian Board 4 Varsity Football 4 Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 4 Varsity Basketball 4 J. V. Basketball 2, 3 A-UM g A 'N I' rs- bs- -, l 1 1. A Q l 1' x l 3 f -rv'-av' Y v.,w WA A .- -- 8aZv MSW X '? etwhwee r ' env Q4-nw ,B emi gy! Q-fl :Wi - 224. 0 472-F l BETQEEN mu can , Nw PAST- Bnu. , moo suzie:-BELLE cmocu , I DOFOIT IQMOLD Lsi-xic.x-i is wnsreer .-751 Peter Charles Steck entered - 7957 Edward Moore Society 3, 4 Mabian Board 3, Sports Editor 4 Junior Classical League 2, 3, 4 Athletic Council 4 Cheer leader 4 Varsity Soccer 2, 3, Captain 4 Varsity Swimming 2, 3, 4 Varsity Track 3 All-American Prep School Swim Team 3 ,ffzfzx 'lPetey" - hard driving soccer captain - can never remain silent for a class period - never gets a test back without an 'iAw, Sir!" even it he "aced" it - a Wicklitte man who makes sure that everybody knows it - his Santa Claus socks are the high point ot every Christmas season - so pleased with the at- tention they get, he wore them for three weeks - i'VVell, geez, I can't help it. l mean, l'm sorry." - known tor his inspired and logical paraphrasing -of statements - "So the two big fellas had a rumble, huh, sir!" - has tried every type ot hair restorer leven greenl, but none seems to work. in QS I sm. Roger Edward Such entered - 7955 Mabton Board 3, Ad Copy Editor 4 News Staff 4 Projection Club 2, 3, 4 Varsity Swimming 2 Class Water Polo Captain 4 lr lllf' f 'dpi X tl,Wf7f t We f 64 , ,X Q75 f' f xkigixs J - , ,, 4 Zfgffiff f I 'xeX gf ' 1 1 .fwtllilll t - tl it WW .W V. t Qs .M ai- - v'xY 'Q-JX.fK, -v .xx ,:'A' Lf-NZl'1x,l-'Q,"-e,,1':,,-'L ,re-4.v,N B 63 mal f G, D:- cu t 0 Q L? P "Munger" - originator of some of the class' more popular sayings - seldom makes sense when he speaks - lover of the cool sounds, especially Jerry lee Lewis - traded in his swift Buick convertible on ct l'Squodron blue" stock car - his whitewolls are THE thinnest - so thin, in tact, that they are almost non-existent 4- has a friendly greeting for everybody - to say the least, novel sense of humor - his house has been the scene tor a number of impromptu gatherings - excels in water polo - permanent summer country-clubber-knows what the school looks like in the summer - "lt sends me . . . dvvah" - regular contributor to "Pole Vault" - has traveled as far as Canton tor a good date - frequently talks of l'Brew," whoever that may be. George Robert Teplansky entered - 7957 News Staff 3, Associate Editor 4 Glee Club 2, 3, 4 Players Production 3, 4 Proiection Club 3, Vice-President 4 Radio Club 3,' Co-Chairman 4 Class Football Captain 4 sting n E1 tl Terlwlil E.n.m.l:l EHHQEEY H3 XXX XX X X X """ "'l su 7'1" rf 1 ' ' g B ' ' 5 .-CY: ' .F f-XX Xe ' F so Q ,K 1 ,rl ll - 78 , "George" - known in a "very" private life as the boy next door - strives to achieve that look of distinction when he can remember his pipe - charter member of the Senior Room Society, but has changed his tune from ulfight no trump" to i'Raise you a quarter . . . I told" - although an honorary member of Field Skip- pers Anonymous, is prone to occasional bursts ot patriotism - ul think I'll go today and give 'em a heart attack" - noted lecurer, author, and sometimes U.S. News editor - is soon to publish his first book, A Guide to Senior Speak- ing - conscientious French student - "Parlez- vous fronglais, n'est-ce possible, etc." - his self-confidence should make him a Princeton prize. Bruce Walter Thomas entered - 7955 Varsity Soccer 2, 3, 4 Varsity Basketball 3, 4 Varsity Track 3, 4 Gym Team l, 2, 3, Captain 4 First Prize Foul Shooting 4 J. V. Basketball Captain 2 Best Gymnast 4 .w-:elk-uf 'lBrue" - shortest member of the class - always sat in the back so the masters couldn't see him - did not let his size lor lack of itl deter him from athletic excellence - Frosh football halfback who switched to soccer iust in time - frustrated pole vaulter - l'Gee this pole is too long" - pretty fair golfer who regu- larly tours the Mayfield links - quite a sport at the card table - loves U. S. so much that he has managed to spend the better part of each summer here - knew Mr. Sanders so well that he could call him l'Cc.t" - on top of every gym team pyramid - fan of the Harlem Trotters - lil can do it if Meadowlark can ,... " .. .,. .... .1..... T . .:-i .... ..., , .rl Ralph Conrad Treebs entered - 1957 Proiection Club 3, 4 Radio Club 3, 4 Athletic Council 4 Varsity Tennis Manager 4 C-' 7'-A-cal-4.1 "Ralph" - lVling's amigo - attended the Pear's Saturday seminars - the hairless wonder - possesses the oldest but best kept car in the lot - will always be remembered for 'iTreeb's corner" where thevvall made a mark on his head - one of the few to have left campus in an ambulance - vvrestles with Day and Roth during recess - like Mr. Napp, he has never tied his oyvn tie - attended all the Athletic Council meetings - was amazed when he had to work for the tennis squad - one ot the first to get a draft card - last to use it - one lanotherl of lintz's "buddies" - used his sleepy appearance to get through history. llll ll eiiimi i N ,N -801 Frederick Lindsley Trowbridge entered - 1959 Edward Moore Society 4 Forensic Society 4 Varsity Track, 4 nu U ,ff pll ni!!! iii" G - lp ij:-j"'. -n..1.a W " SRL 'lRick" - was a late, but notable addition to the class - discovered Cleveland social life near June - his neat dress promptly qualified him for a place among the 'lsociablesn K made time with I-lodges' woman and then expected to get into Eddy Moore - has serenaded local senoritas with his guitar, which is allaged to have a remarkably romantc allure - broke all established records tor speed in ioining For- ensic - a swingin' gym team-er - has tried to start a trend by combing his hair daily - his conservative demeanor adds a note of staidness to the 'lcool" Thunderbird which he sometimes displays - arrived trom New Jersey with a neat Princeton - would like to return for his higher education. David Robert Uible entered - l957 Cum Laude 4 Second Honors 2 Class Secretary 3, Vice-President 4 Edward Moore Society 3, Treasurer 4 Junior Classical League 2, 3,' 4 Athletic Council 4 Varsity Football 2, 3 ,M,V.P. 4 J. V. Basketball 2 Varsity Baseball 2, 3, Captain 4 Class Basketball Captain 4 Cleveland Press Star Honorable Mention 3, Star 4 Cleveland News Dream Team 4 52 , 'N il - Q " T "' , 1 A - 5.-:X :Q : 2 fl .A lb 1? -- ' Q v-' 1' - 1 - - . - gl if "J " Q. , - xg ff- ,ff 'A 12 --2 -Q - on fr 'T f4,?.-2 "4 - --Q :ze 'f ' .5 -sf --'T ... ...f: -2 ,A i -' ..' 1 ' 4?-2 ir 1 -7 4, -..Q-K! 3 -..div-:rj ---1 I-,YE ij-,if ' 1 il. 252 52423 gq i iggi g fi 'Sgt ': 5 4T1...T ii- -liz-2 :S Qi? ir.-.M :1- z:. x e- s. W - AJ, J H I W, 3, Le- f ie. - -4 ,, Z f' T- 7 J ,"-21.1 6 - 'H '- QY f Y ' Qi -23" '-7 C 6 Y Q -br K, - - " W! 'lDave" or "Ubes" - has a laugh like the mating call of the bull ape - thinks nothing of wearing an orange T-shirt with chartreuse pants - ran the football offense and won the Conway Award for his efforts - class basket- ball star specializing in deep-court set-shots - lsllugging first baseman in the spring - loves to swim and tumble - spends his nights "stalking" with Walt - permanent stag at all parties - girls go wild over his hair fthis led to the nickname "Alfalfa"l - if begged, he will play cards, but never for money - avid orator, especially in class - has not read a book in three years - dislikes study hall so much that he always manages some kind of honors. Willard Cornelius Van Horne entered - 7957 Junior Classical League 2, 3, 4 Proiection Club 3, 4 Radio Club 3 Varsity Wrestling 3, 4 Second Honors 2 "Will" or "Harney" - will always remember second year Latin because of the flow of nick- names - came over from Roxboro after the inundation - saw so many familiar faces that he adiusted quickly -thinking man's wrestler on ,wht Bobbie's Bruisers at a potent l33-senior scholar - g who spent his free time in the library - a staunch " l believer in the value of Advanced English - " X J moved out to the country so he could learn X .2 ' ' bridge from the "Kid" - can often be heard saying Only a 95, my mother will kill me his "' nick-names are almost as fabled as his twin's g- laugh - has never been seen at any parties - possesses a unique, semi-sadistic sense of humor. -83- c'ff"f"lz. LZ4x!c1,.!...L.L "Nipper" - renowned for his smile and self- assurance - never fails to lose both during a test - earnest Sports Editor for the News - always finds himself writing halt his page Wed- nesday night - a hard worker who managed Senior Honors and pushed Coke sales to new heights - excels at Bridge, as a member of the Senior Room Card Club - followed the Club's changing tastes when in search for a bigger and better game - the only Plain Dealer in the class - his smashing tennis returns have unnerved numerous opponents - pledge ques- tioning rivals the skill of Perry Mason - his great speaking powers have never been ques- tioned: nobody has been able to get a word in. -34- Addison Clark Waid, Ill entered - 7956 News Board 2, 3, Sports Editor 4 Forensic Society 3, 4 Players Production 3, 4 Varsity Wrestling 2 Varsity Tennis 2, 3, 4 4 GCG' elf 'S . Q - 10 e S y - SRL Samuel Emlen Walker entered - i956 Class Secretary 4 Edward Moore Society 3, 4 News Board 2, 3, Editor-in-Chief 4 Camera Club 3, Secretary-Treasurer 4 Mabian Board 4 GNYL .Q- . .', Q .... . ' - ' ' '131Ef7I-is 'f ' 1'L'2-I-,H ' ',o 'J " "':: l x x -- IL usQ pw alloc "Sam" - frequents Royal Castle - his great faith was shaken but not shattered when the payola scandals broke - bought a pair of red pants at Fishers but was afraid to wear them to school - Editor-in-chief of the News who ran into opposition when he tried to pattern it after Time - amazed Mr. Sumner with his sound dissertations on current events - inherited sleek grey taxi with four worn wheels and rusty top when brother went to college - owner of a fabulous summer place in the booming metropo- lis of Mantoloking, N. J. - always knocked the "perverted" people who used tobacco - master of the stuttereol quip - couldn't decide which courses to take his Senior year . . . so he tried them all. Peter Holley Wellman entered - 7954 Glee Club 2, 3, 4 Varsity Track 2, 3, 4 Junior Council on World Affairs Players 4 X 9' X X XX DISCOBOLUS my X Q S fhllll-M , , u s 'lm-' . EFL Kamik.. The 'lWall" M one of the quieter in the class lot least on first impressionl - uses his immense physical strength on the class football field, vor- sity track, and in parked cars - has dotecl girls from Mayfield and points east for considerable periods of time - adds his resounding laugh plus a few other assorted sounds to the mighty Glee Club of '60 - terrifies the Shaker Heights police force with his Buick convertible - Man- ner's won't forget it either - the class's only owner of a .44 Magnum - used that powerful handgun to relieve emotionol stress - the rest of his gun collection feeds his more aesthetic interests - his barrel bod will roll on forever. -861 fa' "Ed" - only member of the class hailing from Youngstown - often seen with Mimi and her infamous "Blue Whale" - is master of cere- monies at many of Mimi's afternoon gatherings - claims that his big red Vauxhall is the zenith of the foreign car market - first varsity swim- ming manager to know how to swim - a long- time member of the "dorm family" - believes CleveIand's social life surpasses home town's - never seen without his "ivy" apparel - first to sign up for the class tennis squad - took four hundred Mabian pictures before realizing there was no film in his trusty camera - was the pride of the glee club with his melodious "C's" - promises to have the best suntan at Rollins next year. 187.- Edward Francis Welsh, Jr. entered - i955 Mabian Board 3, Co-Photographic Editor 4 News Photographer 3, 4 Junior Council on World Affairs 4 Glee Club 3, 4 Players Production 3, 4 Camera Club 3 Projection Club 2, 3, 4 Radio Club 3 Athletic Council 4 Varsity Swimming Manager 4 fgufayda 'Ffa il 0355 I 'illit- C 4 Y 1. 1 ..f -L,L'.i, 1 t - w . !H. Juv H zafi- "George" - casual man about town - can hardly wait to slide behind the wheel of "Mom's Car" - is totally lost without his glasses - tound Varsity Football too easy so he "retired" to class and captained the most mixed-up team in the sport's history - fair tennis player who trains as little as possible - member ot the Mayfield diddlers during the summer, with time ott to work at his father's plant- iron-listed Prelect - loved all the teach- ers - last man with a quip - at his best at an intimate party -- can often be seen building pyramids - always willing to give out the low- down on Pittsburgh - most conservative member of the class. ,88- George Chandler Wick, Jr. entered - i954 Pretect Board l, 2, 3, 4 Junior Classical league 2, 3, 4 Athletic Council 4 Varsity Football 3 Varsity Tennis 2, 3, Captain 4 Class Football Captain 4 Class Basketball Captain 4 f ,. ililiili i " 225212: 321+ i . I llllllllll' it sru. George Rypperda Wierdsma, II entered - 7952 News Board 3, 4 Junior Council on World Affairs 4 Glee Club 2, 3, 4 Varsity Football 4 Varsity Swimming 2, 3 Gym Team 2, 3, 4 ui V ' W 4 X ' K 4, 'George" - unofficial member of the Nether- X, lands Chamber of Commerce - Ulf everyone Wil . in the world used the efficient methods of the All Dutch farmers ,... " - a brilliant and erudite young man - nothing could faze his optimistic gl outlook on life - slamming defensive end for - the varsity footballers - the movies showed C his tremendous ability and drive - has con- X sistently refused to part with his Lambretta - i gourmet who specializes in sauerkraut and salt l - tomatoes and sugar are another specialty - i refused to be out argued by anybody - went X down to numerous, but glorious defeats - f 258.50 or fight" - has made a number of i m abortive attempts to become a poker sharp - X has paid dearly for his lessons. Thomas Wierman Young entered - 1946 Glee Club 2, 3, 4 Octet 4 Camera Club 4 Varsity Soccer 2, 3, 4 Varsity Tennis, 3, 4 En "Tommy" - one ot the original members of the class who enrolled in the lower school - an important part ot the Mayne, Van Horne, Young syndicate which toured Arizona this spring - is often seen peering between the spokes of his big Buick - tound the fare at the Heights Art Theater to his liking and became a regular attender - pursued other intellectual and cul- tural heights in Mr. l-lruby's aesthetics course - also found the salon a convenient place to study his chemistry - steady racket man on the tennis squad - possesses a grand voice which he exhibits as a three-year member ot the Glee Club - co-holder of the llquietest man in the class award." ..9O.. SENIOR CLASS DIRECTORY NAME AINSWORTH, RICHARD B. ,.., ......,,,,,,, ,.,,,,, . . ANDERSON, HAROLD ALBERT, JR .,,,,,., fY,,., BARNES, KIMBALL MONTAGUE ,,,,.,,,, BARRY, WILLIAM MULLIN ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. BROWNLEY, JOHN FORREST .,,,,,, BUHL, JAN CLAYTON ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, BUSS, WILLIAM DWIGHT ,,,,,,,,, CARR, CHARLES MORRIS ,.,,,, CHASE, THORNTON, II., .,,,,.. . CHILCOTE, LEE A., JR .,,,,,,, A,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, DALEY, WILLIAM CORNELIUS, JR ....,,,,, .. DAY, ROBERT GAGE ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,v,,,,, FABENS, ANDREW LAWRIE, Ill... .. , FIORDALIS, VINCENT, II ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, GAITHER, TAYLOR NELSON ..,..... GANAHL, TIMOTHY HALE .. GIUNTA, PHILIP A .,,,,,,,,,,,,,, GUNTER, MICHAEL MARTIN ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, HAMILTON, WILLIAM DOUGLAS ..,.,,, HARNETT, GORDON DURHAM ...,., HERKNER, DAVID WILLIAM ,,,,,,,,, HEXTER, MICHAEL LOUIS ,,,,,,,, HODGES, PETER GILBERT ,,,,,,,,,, HOOK, PETER EDWIN ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, HOUCK, JOHN CHRISTOPHER ,,,,, ,,,,, 1'IOWSON, MICHAEL RICHARD ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, HUGHES, JAMES SHERMAN ..,,, . HUKILL, ROBERT LEWIS., ., IRWIN, WILLIAM EDWARD ,,,, ,,,,,,,, JOHNSON, WILLIAM BRYANT ,,,,,,,. KAIGHIN, HOWARD DAVID,.,,,.. KLEIN, GEORGE ROBERT ,,,,,,,,,, LACEY, RICHARD SUMTER,.,,,, LAFLEUR, ROBERT HILL .,,,.,,, LANG, JOHN ANDREW ,,,,,,,,, LINTZ, DONALD H., JR .,,,,,,,,,, , LITTLE, SAM ROBERTSON ,,,,, ,,.. ,..., LUTTON, MICHAEL LEE YY,,V,,, ,-,V Vrrrrwllrrrri- VVw--- MCCLENNAN, WALTER CHARMAN ,,...,, MAYNE, 'RICHARD KIRKPATRICK ,,,,.. Mil-l-5, HARRY BROWER ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, NORTH, RICHARD ELTON ,,,.,,,,,. OPPMANN, PAUL HENRY, JR .,,,,,,. PEASE, THOMAS FREDERICK .,,, ,.,,, READING, PAUL EUGENE, II ,,,...,,, REUTER, FREDERICK WILLIAM, III, RICHARDS, FREDERICK CHARLES. RODGERS, RICHARD MOORES I,I.SS ffffi' ROTH, LAIRD PAUL ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-,,,,,,, W SCHUMAN, STEPHEN ALLEN ..,,,,,,,...... ,,,,, SEVERANCE, STEPHEN ROBERT... SMITH, GARY N., ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,-,,,, Y Y STECK, CHARLES PETER .,,7777,,,,,,,, SUCH, ROGER EDWARD ,,,Y,,,,,,,,,,,,, TEPLANSKY, GEORGE ROBERT ,,,,.., THOMAS, BRUCE WALTER ,,,,,,,,,,,-,,,,,, TREEBS, RALPH CONRAD A,,,,,,,----,,, TROWBRIDGE, FREDERICK LINDsLEvlfffi ff UIBLE, DAVID R .DDv,,,,,,,,, DDDD,,,,,DDDDDDDD,,,, ,DE,,,. ,EEEE VAN HORNE, WILLIAM CORNELIUS ,.....,, WAID, ADDISON CLARK, Ill ,,,,,,,,,,,,- WALKER, SAMUEL EMLEN .....,,, WELLMAN, PETER HOLLEY ,.,.,.. WELSH, EDWARD F., JR. ,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,-,, Y Y WICK, GEORGE C., JR .,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, WIERDSMA, GEORGE RYPPERDA, II ,v,,,,, YYYYV YOUNG, THOMAS WIERMAN ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, ADDRESS TEL. NO. 2973 Carlton Rd. .,..,,,,, ,....,,,,,, S K 1-1399 2731 Chesterton Rd, ,,,, ,.,, , DFA 1-1942 2219 Devonshire Rd. ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, S W 5-2335 2501 Marlboro Rd. ,,.,,. ...,,,, ,,....,.,. Y E 2-3188 20576 S. Woodland Rd. ,,,, ,,,,,,,, S K 2-5392 1819 E. 225th St. ,.,,,,,,,,,, ,. .,,,, KE 1-7756 Cedar Rd. ,...,.,..... .. ....,..... ,,,,,, , HA 2915 Scarborough Rd. .. 1208 Andrews Rd. ..,.... . 24800 Community Drive Roundwood Rd. ....,,,,.. , 2931 Sedgewick Rd. 22276 Douglas Rd. 2733 Leighton Rd. ...,... . , ,,,,,,,,, YE 2-2798 LA 1-0215 .,.....,EV 1-6718 ,,,..,,,CH 7-7462 , ,,.,.... SK 1-1337 ,,,,, ER 1-4231 , ,.,,,,, FA 1-5701 2225 Demington Drive .. ...,.,., ER 1-1926 12511 FaIrhIll Rd. ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, G A 1-3371 19425 Van Aken Blvd. ,.,., ,,.,,,, S K 1-0956 3445 Atterbury St. ,,,,,,, , 2945 Fairfax Rd. ,,,,,,, , , ,,.,,,, WA 3-3825 ,,,,,,,,ER 1-2396 20849 Colby Rd. ,,,,, ,,,,, .,,...... 5 R 1.5359 3527 Avalon Rd. .,,,,,,,, , 16817 Aldersyde Drive .. SK 1-6198 1-3646 CITY Shaker Hts. Shaker Hts. Cleveland Hts. Cleveland Hts. Shaker Hts. Euclid, Ohio Gates Mills, Ohio 3-4444.. . . , ,, ...Cleveland Hts. Lakewood, Ohio Beachwood ......Chagrin Falls, Ohio ,Shaker Hts. Shaker Hts. Shaker Hts. Cleveland Hts. Cleveland Shaker Hts. .. . ...Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio Cleveland Hts. Shaker Hts. Shaker Hts. Shaker Hts. 1224 Q'-l1ll1GmS Rd. ....-...... . .,,, EV 2-1813. . . ,,,, ,Cleveland Hts. Falls Rd. .................,...... .,....., C H 7-6592 ..... ....... C hagrin Falls, Ohio 2960 Claremont Rd. ,,.,., ,,,,,, L O 1-5592 Shqker Hn, 2612 Gilford Rd. .,,,,,,,s ,,,,, , FA 1-0184 Cleveland Hts, 2762 SOM Center Rd. .. . ....... TE 1-9700 ,,,, ,,,, , ,, ,Chagrin Falls, Ohio 3341 Glencairn Rd. .,.,,, ..... W Y 1-2179 Shaker Hts. 2216 Kerrwood Rd. ..., ........ Y E 2-4941 ,,,,,, Cleveland Hts. 1536 Glenking Lane ,,,,,, ..,.,.,, T A 3-6756 Alliance, Ohio 543 Butler Rd. .............. ......... F R 4-0343 Warren, Ohio 23699 Shaker Blvd. ..........,. ,..,.,, H O 9-1336 Shaker Hts. 2648 E. Overlook Rd. .. ,.....,.. YE 2-0603 Cleveland Hts. 2995 Overlook Rd. ......... ...... W A 8-5944 Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 1737 Andrews Rd. ,..,,.,,.,,. ..,, EV 1-7838 2756 Inverness Rd. ...-. ....... ......... E R 1-1484 Pepper Ridge Rd. ,,,,,, ......... T E 1-9898 115 Mill Creek Lane ...... ........ C H 7-8330 2684 Ashley Rd. ,,...... ..,...... Y E 2-8810 Wilson Mills Rd. ............ ....... H A 3-4689 16910 Aldersyde Drive ..... ........ L O 1-5119 425 Bahama Dr. ........,... ........ P A 3-5688 2834 Courtland Blvd. ....... SK 1-7121 3026 Coleridge Rd. .... ........ F A 1-3964 861 Mentor Ave. .... ......-.. E l- 7-6964 2268 Coventry Rd. ...... ........ F A 1-3140 24224 Lake Rd. ............... ......... T R 1-1426 24050 Hazelmere Rd. .... ........ S K 1-6756 109 Centennial St. .......... ....... H 0 6-1729 28247 Gilchrist Drive H ..,...... RE 1-0567 5285 Haris Rd. ,............ ....... J A 6-7869 802 Lake Lucerne ....... ........ K I 3-3831 30000 Ridge Rd. ......... ........ W l 3-0747 23850 Stanford Rd. .,.,.... ....... H O 9-1184 2554 Miramar Blvd. ..... ........ E R 1-1811 31315 Edgewood Rd. ...... ......... T E 1-9725 1009 Yellowstone Rd. ....... ....... E V 1-2258 1536 Kew Rd. ................. ........ Y E 2-6312 2686 Cranlyn Rd. ...... ...,.... E R 1-0647 Old Mill Rd. ,,,.,,,,,,,,,,, , ,,,,,,, HA 3-4445 3117 Huntington Rd. ..... .,,..,. W Y 1-7479 2249 Harcourt Drive ....... ,.,,,,,, C E 1-4481 6806 Wilson Mills Rd. ..,,,, ,,,,.,,,, H I 2-1705 11 Wildfern Dr. ............. .....,... R l 4-2273 21926 McCauley Rd. YYYYYYY, YE 2.8434 20620 Brantley Rd. ,,,,,,, , 23175 Laureldale Blvd. .......HO ......,.FA 1-0034 9- 1 739 Cleveland Hts. Shaker Hts. Chagrin Falls, Ohio Chagrin Falls, Ohio Shaker Hts. Chesterland, Ohio ,,,,,,Shaker Hts. Indialantic, Florida Shaker Hts. Cleveland Hts. Painesville, Ohio Cleveland Hts. Bay Village, Ohio . .Shaker Hts. Geneva, Ohio Euclid, Ohio Brecksville, Ohio Chagrin Falls, Ohio Wickliflie, Ohio Shaker Hts. Cleveland Hts. Chagrin Falls, Ohio Cleveland Hts. Cleveland Shaker Hts. Gates Mills, Ohio Shaker Hts. Cleveland Hts. Gates Mills, Ohio Youngstown, Ohio Shaker Hts. Shaker Hts. Shaker Hts. CLASS POLL Class Wit Rodgers 57 Csilent, but deadlyl Uible 8 Herkner 1 fLintz1 Mr. DeVere 1 CWelsh1 Most Likely To Succeed Hook 40 Steck Cselling hair growerl Treebs fstevedoreb 1 CUible1 Best Dressed Trowbridge 36 "Fidel" Brownley 30 Lintz 1 CMr. Sanclersj Biggest Loafer Roth 35 Lafleur 18 Chase 14 Most Serious Minded Such 44 Mills 23 Ayers 1 CProxy1 Favorite Master J.D. 40 Mr. Wines 25 Mr. Sanders 1 lLintzJ Mr. Thomson 1 CGaither1 Lady's Man Irwin 31 Chase 23 Howson 12 Daley 1 fSally1 Best Driver North 49 Barry 13 Lacey 5 Favorite Pastime Making merry 65 Making Mary merry 2 fHarnett, Howsonl 10. 12. 13. 14. 15. 17. 18. 19. 392- 11. 16. Favorite Number 68-I-1 lAdams1 66+1 fBrownley1 Most Talented Carr 50 Little 15 Severance 1 CRichards1 Richards 1 lSeverance1 Biggest Smile "Smiley" 55 Rodgers 7 Mr. DeVere 5 Favorite Female Molly B. 40 "Snowy" 14 "Pram" 12 "What's a female" 1 CRoth1 Hardest Worker Buhl 39 Klein 27 Walker 1 fguess whoj Moore's Memorial Etiquette Award Guinta McClennan fiointly awardedi Can Be Replaced Male Cheerleaders 29 Write of this column 24 Class of '60 C15 mastersl Fifteen masters 16 K2 vicariousi Can't Be Replaced Female Cheerleaders 28 Senior Room 21 Cadmean Society 13 Mr. Wines' hair 5 Best Athlete Irwin 30 Treebs 22 Howson 15 Most Popular Me! 67 JUNIORS BACK ROW: Phil Currier, Peier Brown, John Au Wer ter, George Belhobek, Carl Coolidge. MIDDLE ROW: Wade Clclrlc Bob Demarco, Dave Cariun Howard Busse, John Ake, Bainbridge Cowell. FRONT ROW: Dove Arms Carl Bruch, Hugh Barref, Chris Baldwin, Kent Brown Stoll Chapman, Rusty Camp bell, Bob Andrews. Presideni-Dan Robertson Vice Presidenf-Dove Strand Secretary-Dave Carrun if 7947 BACK ROW: Walter Line- berger, Steve Keller, Ned Jones, Steve Forbes, Bob Hartford. MIDDLE ROW: Bill Fabens, Wayne Knifiien, Jim Garfield, Bren? Former, Dennis Irwin. FRONT ROW: Dave Her- bruck, Tom Hall, Ronald Jones, Corky Jaeger, Gary Klie, Grant Hawgood, George Grabner, Bob Leh- mann. :wi sf BACK ROW: Gary Witzen- burg, Paul Weaver, Dan Swcznder, Don Roberison, Tom Wagner. MIDDLE ROW: Jim Ulfelmun, Leroy Sinclair, Mike Treisier, Dick Schwarz, John Wright, Bob Trenkcxmp. FRONT ROW: Denny Rounds, Doug Spreng, Don Welsh, Tim Wcuiierson, Bob Ryan, Dove Sfrund, Mike Zcire. JUNIORS BACK ROW: Spike Ncirfen, George Milbourne, Joe Noyes, Bob Lyons, Lee Liv- -: za on " 2529205553 rl' O9-2 U3 Q QQJSEOHSQ meg, 1: mm. O m'5Z"4 :WSI-Olnmx EQQQ z- ig:-m'2 O gm :x -: Zn'-P0 an -- 150 mQUm3g,1QcQ 1103- -.-.Qt g33.ZQLQ m ??g2"D"u-u-U 5 -153390 '3, cognir ,qmiwamog XETQ-fn?'.3," M ge :B 3 E 5 1 1 SOPHOMORES BACK ROW: Jim Blake, Del deWindt, Bruce Behrens, Dave Hollington, Jim Bo- durtha. MIDDLE ROW: Frank Bill, Dave Griesinger, Dave Hase- rot, Tom Barry, John Cobey, Jim Gapstur, Jim Bryan. FRONT ROW: Terry Dautel, Frank Harding, C. J. Fior- dalis, Craig Doerge, Dave Cockley. President-Bill Schweitzer Vice President-Robin Landis Secretary!Greg Weiss Treasurer-Dave Hollington -4745, BACK ROW: Bill Maas, .lim Hukill, Bob Jones, Tim Mar- tien, Bill Lacld. MIDDLE ROW: Terry Kit- tredge, John Lomb, Reeve Little, George Malone, Jack Leith. FRONT ROW: Robin Landis, Van Leichliter, John Lansing, Terry Imar, Tom Kinney. SOPHOMORES an BACK ROW: Chuck Weller, Greg Weiss, Perry Vogel, Jeff Williams. MIDDLE ROW: Dcm Tuflle, Pefer While, Don Von Horn, John Spock, Bob Weusr, Joe Worllwingfon, Bill Wcxrburfon. FRONT ROW: Dove Wafer' son, Bob Upson, Rick Tciylor, Don Weber, Bill Wiggles- worth. av Sheer mx! BACK ROW: Tylce Nollmcm, Arnie Sounders, Bill Schweit' zer, Bob Ochs, George Sher- win. MlDDLE ROW: Brycm Scort, Pork Mnssmcin, Roy Rink er, Bill Mclean, Bill Newby, Bob Seidman. FRONT ROW: Lcirry Prilch- Clrcl, Lcirry Scirgenl, Dove Sciunders, Chcxrlie Riehl, Randy Parks, FRESHMEN BACK ROW: Benton Bohan- non, Richard Anderson, Stephen Clark, George Blas- ier, William Baldwin. MIDDLE ROW: John Bur- goyne, Alan Barnes, Dan Bricker, Doug Aitken, Jim Bright, John Ainsworth, Kirt Bromley. FRONT ROW: Bob Carr, John Babson, Richard Ban- field, David Bradford, George Chapman. President-George Crile Vice President-Steve Clark Secretary-Duke Epperson Treasurer-Dick Thoburn -cygg BACK ROW: Douglas Fabens, Randall Cole, Daniel Cole. MIDDLE ROW: Peter Crall, Michael Colebrook, Stephen Crocker, William Dippe I , John Dwyer. FRONT ROW: Barring Cough- lin, Jr., George Crile, Tal- bott Clark, Duke Epperson Timothy Dautel. BACK ROW: Graham Whid- den, Clark Randt, Henry Preston, John Wellman, George Reese. MIDDLE ROW: Gregory Poore, Francis Morrow. John Trowbridge, Douglas Scho- field, Thomas Sumner, Frank- lin Walter, Thomas Saunders, FRONT ROW: Thomas Rath- bone, Owen Young, Richard Thoburn, James Swanbeck, Emil Poporad. 'ZKZT FRESHMEN Herbert Ide, Charlton Mills, Phil Jaeger, Frederick Mer- rick. MIDDLE ROW: Stuart Mintz, William Forbes, Jesse Hall, John Granger, Alan Having- hurst, William Gilger. FRONT ROW: John Logsdon, David Mandt, Charles Gal- lagher, Nicholas Jones, David Ge:-han, Stephen lebby. EIGHTH GRAD ,Q BACK ROW: Jim Barker Doug Barreff, Chris Boiz Bill Culfee, Mark Baffin, FRONT ROW: David Ayers Rodger Cox, Jim Burger, Ashley Corrithers. President-John Virden Vice President-Bill Cqlfee SecretaryfDick Schilling Treasurer-Calvin Hay .Av 1, -100f BACK ROW: George Enos, Gary Gunlon, Cal Hay, Robb Forward, John Fulham. FRONT ROW: Joe Fogg, Jeff Dworkin, Jef? Fincun, Bob Holmberg, Dick Eide. BACK ROW: Slob Talbott John Virden, Frank Porter James Rase, Alvin Preyer. FRONT ROW: will Powar, Scoff Surgner, Jay Slobey Fred Perkins. EIGHTH GRADE FRONT ROW: Jim Lansing, Doug Johnson, Dick Howey, John Marshall, Alden Oakes. BACK ROW: Don Johnson, Hal Newell, Tyke King, Mike Hruby, Chip Newell, Jirn Myers, David Mifzel. Hs ar' i SEVENTH GRADE BACK ROW: Doug Fried- lander, Bob Baiz, Bob Besse, Bob Deane, Jim Brown, Jim Benes, Bruce Anderson, Doug Barr. Peter Allen FRONT ROW: Jock Dongler, Geofif Chapman, Ralph Day, Nick Baldwin, Kirl Coughlin. Presidente-Waller Newcomb Vice President-Dave Hopkins Secrelary-Dave Shields Treasurer-Eugene Kinder -lO2- BACK ROW: Tap Kinder, George Kolkas, Tom Knulsen, Hollister, Bill Holmloerg, Stu Harrison, Jim lrwin, John Fischer. FRONT ROW: David Hopkins, Tim Gier, John Heil, Jeff Jack- son, Gerry Hoffman, George Goscoigne. BACK ROW: Ernie Toih Bruce Themonn, Jim Skull Dove Williams, Web Young Art Trcmsue, John While Rcilph Tyler. FRONT ROW: Sieve Spahr, Nelson Siegler, Rick Wenham Charles Zelmer, Tom Wecnn SEVENTH GRADE BACK ROW: Tom Risen, George Porter, Pele Line' berger, Skip Rycm, George Lockwood, Fred Oldenburg, Day Shields, Lewis McCrecnry, FRONT ROW: Bill Ochs, Walter Newcomb, Eric Mil' ler, Ozzie Mills, Mike Lelyf veld. LOWER SCHOOL SIXTH GRADE BACK ROW: Mr. Peyser, Larry Kent, Pete Harding, Hunter Morrison, Pete Sor- ace, Bill Hosforci, Dana Rondt, Dave Sherbondy. MIDDLE ROW: Steve Crall, Bill Ncnve, Whitney Mills, Bill Williams, John Duffy, Pete Meacham, John Peyser, Chris Blauvelt, Bob Taylor, John Crawford. FRONT ROW: Walter Ginn, Ken Kates, Jim Willson, Tom North, Ralph Glendinning, Donna de Windt. ABSENT: Stu Zalud. S104- FIFTH GRADE new Q QYQQQ FOURTH GRADE BACK ROW: Mr, Holmes, Bruce Movec, Orvie Deon, John Meochom, Bill Mills, Ed Morrison, Bob Vail, MIDDLE ROW: Pele Grie- singer, Lorry Fischer, Pele DulTy, Will Stoner, Bill Coolidge, FRONT ROW: Tom Disselle, John Manuel, Geoff Ander- son, Lonny Sherwin, Tim Hughes, Greg Smollwood, ABSENT: Bruce Colfee. BACK ROW: Dove Lomprechf, Peler Paul, Tom Thoburn, John Toth, Bill Dovis, Leland Knulsen. MIDDLE ROW: Mr. Rees, John Kiel, Bill Rison, Chris Norten, John Benes, Bill Waldron, Jock Show, Dove Virclerl. FRONT ROW: Dick Burgcxr, Mol Scovil, Mcirk Delcincey, Jon Ingersoll, Joe Giunlo, Jim Coolidge, Mike Williams. glO5- W9 i 5, ,xl 3 F in THIRD GRADE BACK ROW: Roberf Pilskaln, Kenny Gilberi, Marc Hanna, Gordon Russel, Mrs. Sum- ner, Randy McFall, Bob Pey- ser, John Coveniry. MIDDLE ROW: Reyman Janes, Sam Scovil, Buff Hills, John Sloner. FRONT ROW: Bill Barney, Bill Collins, Gus Malfhes, Tom Bass, Wade BaT1les. Fill U'-C mN""""""'fl-"H-w SECOND GRADE ,QQ -106- BACK ROW: Randy Smolik, Waller Milestone, Chris Wenham, Randy Hersey, .lim Ladd, Mrs. Lee, David Cow- an, Henry Fischer, Tommy Randf, Tommy Berger, Bill Chilcofe, Jay Reslel. FRONT ROW: Bill Dodd, Press Barney, Tom Thoburn, Bill Bochner, Tony LaRiche. ,I if? New ' 2 PRE PRIMARY BACK ROW: Billy Fauver, Tim Wenham, Tony Port, David Port, Tommy Chilcole, Mr. Jones. MIDDLE ROW: Mrs. Thoburn, Ricky Chester, George Bissef, Pud Marshman, Alex Scovil, Larry Helperin, FRONT ROW: Jimmy Bear- den, Hank Hoels, Bobby Wagner, Andy Hanna. FIRST GRADE BACK ROW: Freddy Mueller Mike Davis, Bill Hellmulh Delberf Harper. MIDDLE ROW: Mrs. Schlafly Peter Collins, Bob Ingersoll Donald Dallon, Bill Steven son, Rickey Garrelson. FRONT ROW: Pefer Battles Richard Zook, Ricky Pcrler Billy Tullle, Lee Sawyer Mike Horn, Ralph Schiring ma mm Bm Bova ! 'Nw LUPHT TKLL MR. 'EHRGER FINDS THE FRQQ IN Hxs Sou? SHUT UCP Y-NND El-XT COGDNESQ, HBHHTS THHT Swnvwmma IN THE LUHTER me 7 Youie STAN HC H BKT DOE LOVE THE Foob HERE. TMST UOINIT TILL KAEXRE Simons RABBIT STEUO EVUVIMS BEST FRWND3 UOONT T ELA. HIM NN- GO ON - S?IT IT om' 'FAQ YW' NE x T SELECTKON... E ! If E 'E PREFECTS GIII I H . 3 " al-lx U I . 1 ,W X 'G' ll '1 1 xx ii I - I P1 -, ' , ' -4 ,all .f - , , ,' , The Pretect system was adopted at University School in 1912, and vvas revised in 1948. Five seniors, three juniors and three sophomores, elected by their respective classes each spring, become the Pretect Board. The Prefect Board represents the student body in the school administration and aids the faculty in disciplinary matters. lt is the duty ot the Pretects to uphold the high moral standards ot the school and to support the school motto ot 'lResponsibility, loyalty, and Consideration." Meetings are held upon the call of the headmaster, who appoints a secretary to take the minutes ot the meeting and to handle the Board's correspondence. The Pretects take charge of the milk and crackers period, and the reading of chapel notices, Under the leadership ot Steve Severance, the Pretect Board has again been successful in up- holding the sound character of University School. Wade Clark, Wayne KniFFin leroy Sinclair, Paul Reading Steve Severance, Jan Buhl Bill Hamilton, Jim Bodurtha ton, Mr. Cruikshank fcenferj -112- Del dewandi, aan wefbuff In recognition ot their line scholastic endeavors, the top twenty percent ot the senior closs is admitted eoch year to the Cum Laude Society. In the outumn, Mr. Cruikshank presented seven seniors vvith golden keys and certificates entitling them to membership in the society. ln the spring six additional members were inducted. The University School chapter of the National Cum laude Society, which was established forty-nine years ago, in l9ll, is the seventh oldest in the nation. This year's mem- bers were outstanding, not only in scholastic achievement, but also in mony ot the schooI's extra-curricular activities. Possession of the golden key ot the Cum laude Society is on honor ot the highest degree which should permit these boys to attend any college ot their choice. CUM LAUDE , E' 5 222 221 . S Huh Ill ln g 0009000009 5 ' V B 5 - wg, I-. c mg H sznzsggagssrss SRL BACK ROW: Steve Schuman, Jan Buhl, Andy Fabens. FRONT ROW: Dave Uible, Steve Severance, Laird Roth, Mr. Ebbott. -ll3- MABIAN STAFF This year's Mabian is unique. lT has been years since such conTlicT has been evidenT wiThin iTs pages. IT would be hard To Tind Two people more opposiTe in personaliTy Than Co-EdiTors lim Hughes and Mickey l-lexTer. The TacT ThaT The book is Tinished is due only To Their respecTive willingness To compromise in The Tace of an impending dead- line. ConservaTiveness in using color could only have been possible Through The combinaTion of These Two conflicTing personaliTies. For The resT oT The sTaTT, panic was The mosT appropriaTe word, The arT deparTmenT was headed by, and Tor The mosT parT wholly composed oT, Sam LiTTle, whose eTTorTs have been enTerTainingly successTul. Andy Fabens com- pleTely execuTed The high liTerary sTandards OT This publicaTion and shall be held culpable Tor The senior biogf raphies. Ed Welsh and Vin Fiordalis, wiTh Their prying sTaTT of phoTographers, have done a Thorough iob OT snooping inTo Prepper exTra- curricular liTe. PeTe STeck, sporTy SporTs E'diTor, has done a sporTing iob in wriTing up Teams which did noT always win. FeaTure EdiTor Paul Reading has Teverishly racked his brain Tor new ideas, TiTTing some of The old ones To The new Torms demanded by a raTher diTTiculT year when his brain Tailed, Paul Oppmann, worsT slave driver oT This bunch, enlisTed The eTTorTs of The whole senior class in selling The all-imporTanT ads. John Lang, Business Manager, was The leader oT The more raTional elemenT of The Mabiaii STaTT and aTTended To The many deTails which had To do wiTh The acTual publicaTion OT The book. Bill ReuTer held down The unenviable posi- Tion of bill collecTor. Roger Such censored The adverTising secTion, and George Klein, as Cir- culaTion Manager, circulaTed. The FaculTy Advisor, Mr. RoberT Schwab, has been paTienT, buT Tirm, wiTh The many TirsT-draTT blunders in TacTTulness. WiThouT his guidance, The sTaTT would have been like a bewildered flock oT sheep wandering aimlessly wiTh no goaT To lead Them To slaughTer. Pefe Sieck. Mr. Schwab. -illi- BACK ROW: George Klein Sam LiTTle, Vin Fiordalls Roger Such, Paul Reading Bill Reuier, Paul Oppman FRONT ROW: John Lung Jim Hughes, Mickey Hexfer Andy Fabens, Ed Welsh MABIAN BOARD 81 COMMITTEE BACK ROW: Sam Walker, Denny Rounds, Don Welsh, George Grabner. THIRD ROW: Phil Giunla, Kim Barnes, Bill Barry, Jim Uffelman, Carl Coolidge. SECOND ROW: C. J. Fior- dalis, Paul Oppmann, Lee Chilcote, Rod Oppmann, Gary Klie. FRONT ROW: Bill Mclean, Ralph Hopkins, Mike Zcre. A difficult problem in nomenclature has arisen in regard to the group known as the ulvlabion Board and Committee." For iuniors and underclassmen, service with this group is a sort of apprenticeship have gotten no further than the planning stage. Neither the word i'Board" nor the word "Committee" actually serves to define their position in this vast organization, however, it is hoped that the appli- S for lvlabian work in the years i cation of both these words to come, For some, member- 2 L' will give them a distinction be- ship is an honor bestowed for 5 fitting their importance. valiant action in the field of I lqflmgll There are, of course, others ad sales. Others have been Big! whose help has been invaluf idea men for the intricate I able, To name all those who machinations behind the senior have unselfishly given their biographies. Still others are 3, 4 ist, , - time for no formal recognition iust 'lgood guys to have V R ' xg ' -1-ig 1- if ix f:- I X jpg '41- aroundf' l'Mabian Assistants" might be a better title to give them, but this implies inferioriy, and their im- portance is anything but that. Without their faithful work at sometimes routine tasks the Mabian might -H5 would be an almost unending task. Through the efforts of all concerned, Hlvlabianu has come to be an abstract noun meaning work, worry, achievement, and satisfaction. NEWS BOARD EDITORS BACK ROW: Dave Strand, Don Welsh, Andy Fabens, George Milbourn, Tim Gan- ahl, George Teplansky. FRONT ROW: Kim Barnes, Steve Schuman, Mr, Thom- son, Sam Walker, Clark waid. The University School News, under The leader- ship ot Editor-in-Chief Sam Walker, completed its sixty-tourth year ot publication, maintaining the high standards ol past years. This year the paper was marked by new features and columns, and an improvement in the photographic department. Handling their duties in fine tashion were Managing Editor Steve Schuman, literary Editor Kim Barnes, and Sports Editor Clark Waid, lnstituted this year was a new feature, Ule Monde," a series on world affairs by Tad Gaither. Entertaining readers was the task ot 'lThe Poll Vault," "Ott Bounds," and i'Breaking Training." Sam little created the cartoons, and Ed Welsh, Dave Polster, and Chris Knight made the photographs. Seeing to the News' solvency was Advertising Manager Dick Lacey. George Klein and Pete l-lodges, meanwhile, kept the circulation depart- ment etticient. Last only in order ot mention is Mr. Chilton Thomson who put in many an hour ot hard work as Faculty Advisor. U. S. NEWS REPORTERS 8. MANAGERS -ll6- BACK ROW: Bill Mclean, Pete White, Jim Hughes, Bob Trenkamp, Jim UHelman, Bob DeMarco, Tim Watter- scn, Del deWindt. CENTER ROW: Ted Gaither, Dick Lacey, Roger Such, Kit Baldwin, Joe Noyes, Mike Zcire, Bill Schweitzer, Bill Warburton, Dick North, John Houck, Dave Polster. FRONT ROW: Pete Hodges, Ed Welsh, George Klein, Sam Little, Jim Watterson, Don Lintz. EDWARD MOORE SOCIETY The Edward Moore Society vvas tounded in l9l7 "to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school the high standards of Christian character, to stimulate interest in the underprivileged ot our community, and to maintain a high morale in the schooll" This year the society has again luliilled these standards. As in previous years, the society embarked upon a lund- iaising program directed tovvard charity, In September, the society gave a luncheon lor the nevv boys to acquaint them with the school, On November lil, Eddy Moore held the annual Fall Fling dance to climax the Fall sports season ln December, this society, in cooperation vvith the Forensic Society, held the United Appeal Campaign, and at Christmas time it conducted the annual Christmas Basket Drive tor eleven tamilies, The March of Dimes basketball game in January vvas sponsored by this organi- zation. A picnic in June brought the activities ol the Edvvard Moore Society to a close, The otticers this year are president Pete l-lodges, vice-president Steve Severance, secre- tary Paul Reading, and treasurer Dave Uible. Mr. S, Tucker Fox is the taculty advisor, PETE HODG-ES TO FLORIDA FUND non-:nam um: H Mc.. 1 I' I 2 .2 pg I 5515 -.. ..- .. BACK ROW: Sam Walker, Tom Pease, Rich Rodgers, Dan Robertson, Charlie Carr, Bill Hamilton. MIDDLE ROW: Dave Cartun, Jan Buhl, Kim Barnes, Dick Ainsworth, Andy Fabens, Wayne Kniffen, Rick Trow- bridge. FRONT ROW: Mr. Fox, Steve Severance, Dave Uible, Pete Steck, Paul Reading, Bill Daley, Pete Hodges. ill7- FORENSIC SOCIETY - A X 'xx QL l 1 l sig . x,,, . . K , HL Bl The University School Forensic Society was lormed seven years ago with the purpose ol encouraging and developing interests in all phases ot public speaking. Throughout the year the members of the society have en- gaged in impromptu and extemporaneous speaking and in lormal debate. The member- ship ot the society is maintained by semie annual pledging periods, in the tall and spring, Tvvo successful debates vvere held this year vvith Western Reserve Academy, and several less formal debates vvere held vvith Laurel School, At Christmas time the Forensic So- ciety held the Winter Wonderland Dance, an annual attair, and in the spring it sponf sored the Festival at Gab, a competition in all forms ot public speaking. With the picnic in June, the Forensic Society completed an- other rewarding and successful season at US. The otlicers ot this year's society are Presi' dent Jan Buhl, Vice-President Kim Barnes, Secretary Jim Hughes, and Treasurer Mickey l-lexter. The faculty advisor is Mr. Chilton Thomson. -NS- BACK ROW: Dave Strand, Mike Zare, Bill Reuter, Andy Fabens, Ray Sawyer, Lee Chilcote, Dave Polster. FRONT ROW: Barnes, Jim Jan Buhl, Mr. Dick Lacey, Tad Gaither, John Houck, Rick Trowbridge, Tim Watter- son, Van Leichliter. MIDDLE ROW: Robin Landis, Mike Lutton, Jim Uffelmcin, Vin Fiordalis, Clark Waid, Mickey Hexter, Thomson, Kim Hughes. JUNIOR COUNCIL ON WORLD AFFAIRS This year our Junior Council on World Affairs has con- tinued its program of encouraging interest in current events. Highlights of the year were the United Nations model as- sembly at lakewood High School and the appearance of several outstanding speakers at the club's meetings. At the model assembly the maior issue was the admission of Red China to the United Nations. University School rep- resented Tunisia and Morocco. The delegations were headed by Tad Gaither, the Society's chairman, and Pete I-look. One of the most noted and interesting speakers heard at the council's meetings was Mr. Tom Ireland, a University School alumnus and former candidate for mayor of Cleve' land, who presented his outspoken views on the relations between the United States and Russia. Several other such excellent speakers were heard by the council members. Officers who guided the Junior Council on World Affairs this year, were chairman Tay Gaither, vice-chairman lim Hughes, secretary Dave Strand, and treasurer Ray Sawyer. Faculty sponsors were Mr. Carter G. Sanders and Mr, Pieter l-loets. BACK ROW: Dick Lacey, Sam Little, Pete White, Don Welsh, Lee Chilcate, Brent Farmer, Van Leichliter, Ronald Johns. THIRD ROW: Mike Gunter, Bill Fabens, Andy Fabens, Paul Oppmann, Kim Barnes, Dick Ainsworth, Vin Fior- dalis, Bill Barry, Harry Mills, Mike Zare, Charlie Carr. SECOND ROW: Mr. Hoets, Trip Ayers, Dave Strand, Tad Gaither, Jim Hughes, Ray Sawyer, Mr. Sanders. FRONT ROW: Bill Reuter, Mickey Hexter, Ed Welsh. -ll9- 'E D X ..vs T L I ihq. GLEE CLUB Mr. Hruby, Bill Buss, Carl Coolidge, Som Lifile, Paul Oppmunn, Dennis Irwin, Charlie Carr, Tom Young, Paul Reading. AND OCTET Pl BACK ROW: George Teplan- sky, Andy Fubens, Bill Reu- ter, Bob Hartford, Bert Mossmcin, Bruce Behrens, Reeve Little, Tim Wotterson, Tom Pease, Bob Trenkomp, Bill Peyser, Mike Treister. MIDDLE ROW: Rich Rodgers, Dove Polster, Mike Zore, Bain Cowell, Pete Hook, Jim UlTelmon, Curl Coolidge, John Houck, Bill Ladd, Ronnie Johns, Roy Meckler, Paul Oppmcnn, Som Little, Pete Wellman, Ed Welsh. FRONT ROW: George Wierd- smu, Chorlie Corr, Jeff Wil- lioms, Dennis Irwin, Pete White, George Bodurfho, Tim Mortein, Bill Buss, Bill Fobens, Jim Bloke, Bill Mc- Lean, Rod Oppmunn, Tom Young, Paul Reading, Mr. Hruby ffrontj. X s ,T T 'Mix X se 'ED 1 .sr 1 5.1 Under the direction of lvlr. Fronk l-lruby, the Uni- versity School Glee Club hos completed its seventieth consecutive yeor of octivity. The Glee Club is one of the few orgonizotions which hos existed since l89O, the yeor in which University School wos founded. This yeor the Glee Club hos given three concerts os well os vorious smoller performances in chopel. The Glee Club consists of opproximotely fortyffive boys from the upper three closses. At Christmos time the Glee Club song corols of severol smoll performonces. The moin event of the yeor wos the onnuol formol concert in Februory. Two of the songs sung ot this performonce were "Seventy Six Trombonesf' ond the hymn "l-lush' to Peocef' In April the club performed with the l-lothowoy Brown Glee Club, singing some religious music ond some songs from the "VVest Side Story." The com- mencement performonce of the Glee Club in June culminated onoiher yeor of successful singing, The Octet, o group of eight outstonding members of the Glee Club, performs individuolly. The officers of the Glee Club ore president Bill Buss, vice-president Chorlie Corr, ond secretory-treosurer Poul Redding. -l2l- PLAYERS PLAYERS PRODUCTIONS STAFF BACK ROW: Rocl Oppmann, Bainbridge Cowell, George Grabner, John Cobey, Char- lie Riehl, Harry Mills, Tim Ganahl, Sam Walker. MIDDLE ROW: Mr. N. Wines, Dave Kaighin, Bill Barry, Mike Treister, Paul Opp- mann, Tad Gaither, Don Welsh. FRONT ROW: Mike Zare, Bob Lafleur, Dick North, Ted Chase, Dan Robertson. For the second straight year the University School Players, under the direction ol Mr. Noel B. VVines, presented both tall and spring productions. The lirst, 'lWhistling in the Dark," centered around liauor, guns, and how the lives ot Wally Porter and his tiancee, Toby, are endangered by a gang ot prohibition-era racketeers. The cast included many veterans ot previous plays, all ot whom used their experience to good advantage. Dick North played the part ot Wally, the hero, while Faye loughry ot Hathaway Brown, lent her dramatic talents to the role ol Toby. Dan Robertson pertormed well as Jake Dillon, the ruthless leader ot the mob. UStalag l7," an exciting and turbulent melo- drama, showed a group ot Americans con- lined to a German prison camp, trying to escape, and to embarass and irritate their captors. Ted Chase played Stash, the bar- racks clown, while Mike Zare ably played Harry Shapiro, Stash's companion. Dick North, Don lintz, Bill Barry, and Paul Weaver were also incarcerated as Sefton, Price, Reed, and l-lerb Gordon, respectively. The stage crew, under the direction ot Tad Gaither, aided by Mrs. Dalzell, prepared the props and scenery, while George Tep- lansky and Steve Schuman handled light- ing and sound. BACK ROW: Rod Oppmann, Phil Currier, George Grab- ner, Bill Barry, Mike Treis- ter, Woody Malone, John Lamb. MIDDLE ROW: Bill Daley, Sam Little, Ted Chase, George Wierdsma, Tim Wat- terson, Bill Buss, Dave Arms, John Lansing, FRONT ROW: Bob Lafleur, Steve Schuman, Tay Gaither, George Teplansky, Tim Gan- ahl, Harry Mills. Orgonized to promote interest in photoviournolism ot University School ond to oid the News ond Mobion, the Comero Club this yeor continued to receive enthusiostic support lrom its members. The eftect ot the club is cleorly seen in the mony shots oppeoring on the poges of the News, in this edition ot the Mobion, ond on the club's bul- letin board in the mein holl, The club's dork room, locoted on the second tloor of Brown Holl, continues to be o volu- oble oddition. This veor, the Comero Club hos been greotly ossisted by Mr. Neol. Mr. Neol, vvho hos o greot deol ot interest in photography, hos given moriy hours of his time to the club. His tollfs to the group ore regorded by members os highly interesting ond intormotive. Guided this yeor by President Vin Fiordcilis, Vice-PresidentSc1m Welker, ond Secretoryflreos- urer Rich Rodgers, the club hos remoined in ct position ot usetul importonce to the school. CAMERA CLUB f-1 - ,fy 5. - ...iv 5.-. Y 15' . Ill 5 ' Qi kj . ' . I .. ... ." ' , - 3-.-.:-::'.'- H. , . L 1 ,:5.2s.1P:: 1E'inf' - Q - . 0 2:11 Q 5 - i . .5 :aqui 1. 15-'I f5'f5i'Q'11:-Ziff ' .l ' iff '3' 11'T-'f-553 ' -. , - ,A-1 - ---.- "..','g"':f,5.,',..:,,'.. . -.-"..-,.- .'.-:.'z:. ,- -5 ":?f,-'rr' SQ, , -,', '- ,'.'--,-- 5 .. - '- '1, j,'.'l.:' -I '. z.. -. 313'-I 5-if 5-i'.-371'-"15f'ik7 5 .,., ,, 'ai-.H 5RL BACK ROW: Bill MCLecln, Mr. Harvey, Phil Currier. MIDDLE ROW: C. J. Fiordollis, Van Leichliter, Robin Landis Dclve Polster, Tom Young. FRONT ROW: Tad Gaither, Sum Walker, Vin Fiordolis, Dave Herkner, Bob Day. t i -l23- PROJECTION CLUB l BACK ROW: Dick Ainsworth, Gary Witzenburg, Paul Weaver, Kent Brown, Gordon Harnett, Paul Oppmann, Rob Hukill, Jim Hukill, Brad Morse, Will Van Horne, Bill Forbes. MIDDLE ROW: Trip Ayers, Steve Schuman, Ralph Treebs, John Lang, John Ake, Dick Schwarz, Bill McLean, Vin Fiordalis, C. J. Fiordalis, Don Welsh, Tim Ganahl. FRONT ROW: Walt McClennan, Roger Such, George Klein, Morrie Adams, -George Teplansky, John Houck, Joe Noyes, Mrs, Martin. RADIO CLUB BACK ROW: Tim McLaughlin, Phil Currier, Bob Andrews, John Lansing. MIDDLE ROW: Dave Mandi, Bob Trenkamp, Harold Anderson, Bob Day, Mike Treister, Ralph Treebs, Skip Walter. FRONT ROW: Dick North, George Teplansky, Mr. Wines, Steve Schuman, Dave Herkner. - IQ4 A The Proiection Club is in charge of all movies to be shown at the school, in chapel or in cxlassrooms. This year the president ofthe Proiecf tion Club is Morrie Adams. The faculty advisor is Mrs. Kathleen B Martin, The Radio Club was organired in i958 to increase interest at Univer- sity School in amateur or 'ihamu radio sending and receiving. Many members are licensed operators, while others gain experience toward this goal by aiding in the operation ol the club's tower transmitter. The club continued its growth this year under the direction ot its live board members: Bainbridge Cowell, Mike Treister, Steve Schuman, George Teplanslcy and Ralph Treebs. Tho Middle School Pioiocl Board is od oleclivo group which helps gil- uowiso lho ochvihos ol The Middle School, They cud Mi. S. R Bobohf 'mop diieclor oi The Middle School, in d'scipl'hoi'y mowers, czhd they Con- 'hoite lo 'ho ofgohizolion ol Middle Sodool octiviry. The hood Middle School Pielocis ore George Crile, lohh Vvdon, ohd Wolier' Newcomb, Each yeo' the Dorm clecls o group ol preiocls To supervise dormilory activities. They work in cofoperotion with Mr. S R. Booehmyer, the hood doi'm'low rhosler. lh the lull the dormirory boys held rheir GTTVTUCll dohco, which was very well potion- ized. The Head Dorm Preiecit is Pail Reading, BACK ROW: George Mil- bourne, Mr. Bobenmyer, Dave Mitzel. FRONT ROW: Dcm Roberf- son, Paul Reading, Fred Richards. MIDDLE SCHOOL PREFECTS Wolf Newcomb, John Virden, Cal Huy, Bill Cdlfee, Sieve Clark, Duke Epperson, George Crile, Dick Schilling, Dick Thoburn, Day Shields, Tupper Kinder, Mr. Bobenmyer icenierl, DORM PRE FECTS o i25 I DREAMT THAT ..... Mr. Cruikshank wore his glasses Mr. Schwab bought an Isetta Mr. Lee and Bob Lafleur agreed on something Mr. Sanders handed out a test with a straight face Mr. Riel lost his school spirit Mr. Jones wore a double-breasted suit Mr. Horner refereed a class basketball game in full attire Mr. Cramer prayed for April showers Mr. Kauffman failed to hear an OSU basketball game Mr. Paige deserted teaching for the sake of his cedar chests Mr. Dodd was a ninety-seven pound weakling Mr. Rickard didn't put his feet on his desk Mr. McCarraher forgot to say "Goodnight, boys." Mr. Hruby selected a cooperative Glee Club Mr. Fox failed to observe the four "B's" Mr. Harvey got his tie caught in the ioiner Mr. Bobenmyer wasn't in "shipshape" Mr. Molten enjoyed being thrown into the pool Mr. McCrea didn't talk to "Wadie" in 4th period study Mr. Logsdon gave the Dorm twenty-five hotplates for Christmas Mr. Ingersoll donated himself to Elvis' teddy bear collection Mr. Howarth forgot to "chuck it up" Miss Boppel was none other than Chef Boy-ar-dee Mr. Thomson went the right way on a one-way street Mr. Sumner saw home plate Mr. Hoets was a Brooklynite in disguise Mrs. Dalzell spoke in complete sentences Mr. Baker smoked a cigarette Mr. Napp lost driving permission Mrs. Martin came to school in a Nash Rambler Mr. Fenselau introduced morning studies to the Army's disciplinary system Mr. Wines got stuck in a chimney Mrs. Szaraz was a monotone Mr. DiBiasio forgot that the earth was round Mr. DeVere filibustered Congress for seventy-two straight hours . . IN A MAIDEN FORM U.S. T-SHIRT! WCW This year the varsity lootball team tiirrted out to be one ol the loest in the past few years. Under the leadership ol their captain Bill lrwih arid head Coach lack Horner the gridalers compiled cm impressive seveii vic- tories as against one defeat. In the opening contest the Preppers de- leated a highly touted Cvailield eleveh. The next torir games were easy victories for Mr. Horher's inowerlal sariad. Them came the lorie deleat oi the year at the hands ol GU experi- citcecl Shady Side team. The lollowiiig week the gridders overpowered ri strong Toledo Clay eleven. The lmal game saw a US. team shot out Wc-steiii Reserve Academy lor the third straight yaar. BACK ROW: l.. Pritchard, J. Nollman, W. Kniffin, R. Andrews, J. Garfield, L. Sine clair, P. Brown, W. Clark, G. Milbourn. MIDDLE ROW: P. Cramer, asst. coach, W. Daley, W. Hamilton, V. Fiordalis, G. . Smith, J. Buhl, R. Ainsworth, G. Wierdsma, W. McClennan, R. Campbell, M. Adams, mgr., J. Horner, coach, FRONT ROW: P. Giunta, M. Luffon, T. Pease, W. Irwin, capt., D. Lintz, D. Uible, M. Howson. guhh Ss xg 035 Q S SS? Sxs SS? 5 S ,Q iq ,S Sturdy performers for this year's squad in- cluded defensive players Tom Pease, Walt lVlcClennan, Gary Smith, and Tyke Nollman. Offensive linemen Dick Ainsworth, Pete Brown, lim Garfield, Jan Buhl, George Milbourne, and Vin Fiordalis offered fine support to the backfield. The team's able backfield, con- sisting of Dave Uible, Wayne Kniffin, Wade Clark, Mike Lutton, and Leroy Sinclair, piled up l95 points against the opponents 65. Several boys on this year's squad played on both the offensive and defensive teams. These stalwart players include captain Bill lr- win, Bill Daley, Don lintz, Wade Clark, Wayne Kniffin, and Dave Uible. At the annual awards dinner quarterback Dave Uible received the Dan R. Conway Most Valuable Player Award and Wayne Kniffin was named captain for next fall. Much praise should also go to Assistant Coaches Cramer and Smythe for their part in developing this year's formidable football TGOVTI. VARSITY FOOTBALL U.S. Opp. 19 Garfield Heights H.S. . .. 14 50 Lutheran West H.S. . 6 21 Gilmour Academy 0 35 Cranbrook School . 20 Nichols School , . 6 Shady Side Academy . . 17 Toledo Clay H.S. ,. .......,...... . 16 27 Western Reserve Acadamy ., 0 WON 7 LOST 1 0 ' l . N ' 1- Q .' A x . or , H K 5 Y'-:X fi! 'X ' Q -l29- 95 .fr gf . Q .'f.--fr pr' W if . 7' Z -2 .v- f'T"' V555 SW T -1 ' ' -M rw W-wwtesire' secs At the beginninig ol the season the soccer team had a strong lront line, but the back- lield needed much strengthening, Under the reins oi Mr. Don Molten and his assistant Mr. Steye Szaraz and the spirited leadership at Captain Pete Steck this problem was soon solved and the team was balanced. Getting oil to a line start, US. dumped W.R.A., Fenn College, and tied Hiram Col- lege. Then, in a bitterly contested encounter with Cranbrook, in which letterman halfback Bob Ochs separated his shoulder, the Prep' pers suffered their iirst defeat, The team was novv out ot the running lor the championship, some thought, but they bounced back because at the great spirit which Coach Molten seems to instill in his teams. They wort the next tour games from Nichols, Shadyside, Oberlin College, and Hiram College. BACK ROW: S. Szaraz, asst. coach, G. Sherwin, W. Wur- burton, J. Wright, R. Ochs, J, Noyes, D. Swander, D. Robertson, K, Baldwin, R, Lacey, l.. Roth, mgr., D. Mol- ten, coach. FRONT ROW: B, Thomas, P. Hodges, L. Chilcote, P. Steck, Capt., R. Rodgers, T. Young, R. Moyne. ER Going into the final game the Moltenmen had only to defeat Western Reserve Academy to win the Interstate League crown. Under a depressing sky and a rain-drenched field the Preppers aspirations were crushed by an unusually spirited Reserve team. U.S. gave it all they had, it was not enough. During the year the squad was anchored, along with captain Pete Steck, by Bruce Thomas, who was high-scoring man on the squad, lee Chilcote, Dick lacey, Pete Hodges, Rick Mayne, Rich Rodgers, Dan Swander, Joe Noyes, John Wright, Dan Robertson, Kit Bald- win, and Grant l-lawgood, all seniors or juniors, Sophomores George Sherwin and Bill Warburton also played well throughout the season. Though finishing in a tie tor third in the league, the booters can take pride in their hard-won, mud-soaked record ot 6 wins, 2 losses, and l tie, At the fall banquet the following results were announced: Dan Swander was elected captain, and Goalie Pete Hodges received the E. A. Rolinson soccer award. Laird Roth did a tine iob as manager of this year's squad. x f , A xy 'f' l I Q l JJJ l thx: l I l VARSITY SOCCER Western Reserve Academ Y .., Fenn College ,.,,,.,, .,,,,.,.,. Hiram College ..,,.. ,Y,,, , Y, Cranbrook School ,, Nichols School . ,,,,,,,,, , Shady Side Academy ,,,,,, Oberlin College H Hiram College H , ,,,,,,,,, Western Reserve Academy WON 6 LOST 2 l3l- TIED 1 OPP 1 0 2 2 1 2 1 1 3 qsiiiii The varsity basketball team improved on last year's record through teamwork and an extreme desire to win, although the squad was inexperienced. Next season the netters should enjoy an excellent record with five lettermen returning, Under the coaching of Mr. Dodd and then Mr. Napp, and the leadership of captain Paul Reading, the hoopsters opened with a 45-33 triumph at Lutheran. After sustaining a loss at Norwalk and losing an overtime de- cision to Orange, the varsity dumped the alumni 53-47. Following these encounters came losses to the Kent High School, Garfield and St. Joseph quintets. Despite these disap- pointing setbacks, the Preppers won two thrill- ing games from Maple Heights and Gilmore, The remaining games with Cleveland schools saw U.S. defeat Brush and lose to Shaw and Mayfield. BACK ROW: J. Napp, coach, D. Cartun, W. Kniffin, B. Buss, mgr. FRONT ROW: D. Swoinder, P. Reading, capt., B. Thomas. LM, The ln1ersTaTe league compeTiTion opened wiTh a smnning upsei aT The hands of Cran- brook. l-liTTing poorly from The Tield, The neT- Ters never seemed To geT moving. However, with The desire To win The Team bounced loack The following week To whip Nichols, DefeoT ended The season wiTh losses To Shadyside and Reserve, dropping The Preppers To TourTh in The league. Behind CapTain Reading were iuniors John Jaeger, Wayne Kniilin, Bud PaxTon, Dove CarTUn, and Dan Swander. Seniors Jan Buhl, Bruce Thomas, and Gary SmiTh also did creditable work. AT The winter elecTions John Jaeger was elecred copiain lor nexT year and Mike Zare was czppoinTed manager, replacing Bill Buss who perlormed his dunes well Throughom The season. Y A ' an ga VARSITY BASKETBALL y U.S. Opp. W 45 Lutheran Wesf H.S. 33 25 Norwalk H.S. 56 X W h 62 Orange H.S. 68 in an 53 Alumni , 47 " , J 42 Keni STaTe Univ. H.S. 73 W Q - QQ by 46 Garfield Heighfs H.S. 87 Q4 ,iz ggi 63 Gilmour Academy , 61 "' T o 48 si. Joseph H.S. as i Ag ri ,,., I i,'i K 51 Maple Heighfs H.S. 49 -if V 1 is 59 Brush H.S. 46 qia. ,1.f14i1ri?" gps ,, ,1 si 47 Shaw H.S. ao is " -L .4 gif' Qi as 3? 1' 33 Cranbrook School 52 ' 7 ' 66 Mayfield H.S. 73 58 Nichols School 46 53 Wesfern Reserve Academy 63 48 Shady Side Academy 50 WON 6 LOST 10 K ,Mllll A-1 .ig fm-fflipii?ra .T .I N AQ: Ilr, ' ' Y Al f T . irrr ---eewslvlkaenyymg A A 4, 4 Ulllllmmmv-R.: J like 7 K -l33- 1 . . W.. 1 T , M ' ll L --rf- H" -4 'Tc T '-fs' -sgw toi Mlm :lf . Q . . , . .t gc. .Whip 22lN.'f'fc f , A we 2 - f .ga ---- ' u- t .f 1:1-.:.t ' . . 4 sf l T 't 1 " 1' H1 f ' V i " ' V . ' " ' -z -ftif filiflizxff-I-?f6'131' . 'I ' "VY . --"' . ,,.y,,..4 N .V , , . 1-gifs f ff - ag ft 0 S9056 KRW At the beginning of the season the swim- ming team had hopes of becoming one of the best the school has produced. Although bad breaks kept the squad from realizing its high expectations, it did compile a commen- dable eight and two record in dual meets. In the opening three meets the Preppers had little difficulty dunking their opponents. The following two weeks were different - our mermen twice ran into one of the best collections of swimmers in the country, the team from Canton McKinley which, inciden- tally, established one national record in the process of swamping us. In the remaining six meets the swimmers encountered easy competition and emerged victorious in all except the Bowling Green Relays. At this meet the squad, encountering Canton once again, pldced second out of the six schools entered. BACK ROW: R. Lowe, T. Mc- Laughlin, R. Little, H. Nave, J. Garfield, W. McLean, R. Jones, J. Blake, D. Molten, coach. FRONT ROW: P. Oppmann, P. Steck, T. Pease, capt., D. Lintz, L. Chilcote, T. Gunahl. wgzi The steady point-getters for Coach Molten this year were Reeve Little in the 50-yard free- style, Don lintz and Tim Mclaughlin in the butterfly, Pete Steck and Bill Mclean in the 200-yard freestyle, backstrolcers Tim Ganahl and Jim Garfield, and breaststrokers John AuWerter and Henry Nave. Captain Tom Pease, diver Lee Chilcote, and medley-man Rick Lowe, also added many points for the team. Captain-elect and high-point man Spike Narten swam many events. At Shaw High School he set a pool and a U.S. school record in the lOO-yard butterfly with a 59.8 clocking. Another school record was set by John AuWerter in his specialty, the lOO-yard breaststroke. l-le churned the distance in i minute, ll.9 seconds. Credit for another good year of swimming at U.S. must go to coach Molten. Ed Welsh aided the team and its coach in his capacity as manager. U.S 63 52 68 27 25 69 2nd 52 55 67 62 VARSITY SWIMMING Gilmour Academy ,,,,,,,.,, Cleveland Heights H.S. , Opp. 22 34 Cuyahoga Falls H.S. .. 'I8 Canton McKinley H.S. ,,,,,, 59 Canton McKinley H.S. ,c,,,, 61 Hiram College ....,,Y,...... .,,, 'I 7 Bowling Green Relays Show H.S. ,,c,.........,,...,... . 34 Fremont Ross H.S. ....,,,,, ,...... . 30 Kiskiminetas School ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,.,. 'I 9 Western Reserve Academy . ,,., . 24 Results Bowling Green Relays I. Canton McKinley H.S. 2. University School 3. Monroe H.S. fMich.J DUAL MEETS WON 8 LOST 2 ff! e' G, , , . . . ,- '73m::23:i: r -c,,g,, f- cg.-sing ---4-:5 K - -is5- G9 Y..,,w""T ' ,M-ef ...uw--M-M. "Quay, QMS At the beginning oT the winter seoson the prospects Tor This yeor's wrestling sguod were extremely bright, however, iniuries ond bod luck ployed on importont role os The Teom ended with only o mediocre record, Under their cooch Mr, Bobenmyer ond coptoin Bill Doley, who sow only limited oction becouse ol on iniury, The gropplers compiled Tour vice Tories ogeinst five setbcicks. Opening The compoign ogoinst two tough schools, Moylield ond Gorheld, the mdtmen dropped both contests. Then they come surg ing bock to Toke The next two meets by wide morgins from Show ond Oronge. The Prep- pers were humbled in the following Two en- counters, but fought beck ogoin to deleot Kislciminetos school ond o conTident comin- gent Trom Western Re-serye Acodemy. The seeson closed with o loss To Shody Side Acodemy, dropping US. into o Tie lor third ploce in the lnterstote Leogue. BACK ROW: V. Fiordulis, mgr., R. Parks, D. Tuttle, G. Milbourn, T. Wctterson, J. Noyes, S. R. Bobenmyer, coach. FRONT ROW: W. Clark, J. Hughes, M. Howson, W. Daley, ccxpt., K. Barnes, W. Van Horne. 5TlLitGlC?f Boys who wrestled well throughout the sea- son were seniors Bill Daley, Kim Barnes, Wil- lard Van l-lorne, Mike l-lowson, and lim Hughesg and iuniors Wade Clark, Jo Noyes, George Milbourne, and Tim Watterson. Two sophomores, Dan Tuttle and Randy Parks, also gained enough points to earn their letters. At the end of the Season captain-elect Wade Clark was awarded the Henry B. Matthes award as high point man, Throughout the year the wrestling squad was aided by Assistant-Coach Mr. McCrea and senior Vin Fiordalis, who was the team's manager. The entire squad is to be com- mended lor maintaining spirit and drive during a discouraging season. VARSITY WRESTLING Mayfield H.S. , , , , , , Garfield Heights H.S. , Shaw H.S. ,,,, Y, Y Orange H.S, . ,,,, , , South H.S. ,, ,,,,, ,, .,,, ,, Cranbrook School , , Kiskiminetas School , ,, ,, Western Reserve Academy ., Shady Side Academy , H ..,,,,,,,,, WON 4 LOST 5 ' ff'- i ff e 91 X sl., A J A - l 37 - OPP 26 30 'I'l 5 27 19 'l'I 14 23 ln keeping with the fine reputation of US. boseboll teams, this' year's edition ot the lvlacmen should once again be excellent. The big question is whether the squad con over- come the lock ot experience. Only one senior will open the season in o starting position, At tirst bose will be hord-hitting, three-year veteran, and captain Dave Uible. Uible, cori- cluding his lost yeor in a U.S. uniform, is one ot the best at his position in Cleveland. Rounding out the infield will be Corky Jaeger ond Del deWindt, ploying second bose ond shortstop respectively, ond Spike Norten who will ploy third bose, Dan Tuttle and Jay Nollmon are the capable subs in the infield. BACK ROW: Bain Cowell, Del deWindt, Don Van Horne, John Jaeger, Spike Narten, Grant Hawgood, Bill Schweitzer, Larry Prich- ard, Frank Harding. MIDDLE ROW: Dan Tuttle, Jim Boclurtha, Wade Clark, Bob Ochs, Tom Wagner, Bryan Scott, Bob Ryan, Jay Nollman. FRONT ROW: Mr. McCarra- her, Bill Reuter, Dave Car- tun, Gary Smith, Dave Uible, Wayne Kniffin, Bob An- drews, Mr. Horner. BB Bill ln the outfield, Wayne Kniffin holds down centerfield with some combination of Wade Clark, Grant Hawgood, or Tom Wagner flanking him. Behind the plate will be Bob Andrews or Larry Pritchard, who are both working hard to master the demanding art of catching. The pitching staff should be the bright spot of this year's squad. Dave Cartun, Gary Smith, and Brian Scott are all capable right- handers with Hawgood and Kniffin being the two best southpaws. Playing a sixteen game schedule, including fourteen home games, the team faces a rough road. With a great deal of hustle and spirited teamwork, this year's baseball team could cause these sixteen teams quite a head- ache. Under their excellent coach Mr. Mc- Carraher and his assistant Mr. Horner we can look forward to many thrills on the diamond this spring. Bill Reuter will serve as the squad's manager. April 22, i960 U.S. Rain 9 Rain 0 2 8 VARSITY BASEBALL Opp. Brush H.S. ,,...,.....,... .. .....s - .... .......... R ain West H.S. ...,........, ...... 4 Benedictine H.S. .,,..,, .,........ R ain Parma H.S. ............,,,,.. .. 8 Garfield Hts. H.S. ..... - .. 3 South H.S. ..,.Yu...,........ .. 5 Cranbrook School ...,.. Euclid H.S. ................. . Shaker Heights H.S. ....,,,e.,,. . Collinwood H.S. ...........,........... - Western Reserve Academy .,,.,,.. Bedford H.S. .......,..,,,,,A..........., . Shady Side Academy ........... Shaw H.S. .............,.,....A A Nichols School ,.c......,..... -.. Cleveland Heights H.S. .,,... , f mfg E dew ? -139- 'fr ' V, , V, Y' f ff FK? Q f 1 ' ' fi tt - I 'EQKQQ A 5 4 f A s, ysftv A A -V ,... ,,., Q .T " 4 if i ENN The tennis team taces a rough season. The ten teams on the schedule include some ot the best in the state. In Interstate league competition the tennis squad will again be challenging Western Reserve Academy and Cranbrook School, both possessing fine teams, Probably the most tormidable ot the local competition is Shaker Heights High School, city champions last year, Under the calm tutelage ot Coach Paul Cramer the team should develop its potential skill to the utmost. Playing in the tirst singles position, George Wick, captain ot the team and three-year letterman, is certain to lead the team on to a successful season and to be one ot its greatest assets The other returning letter- man, Dan Svvander, will be playing doubles. BACK ROW: Kit Bulclwin, Craig Doerge, .lim Blake, Frank Bill, Joe Worthington, Ralph Treebs. MIDDLE ROW: Mr. Cramer, Bill Wigglesworfh, Ned Jones, Jock Noyes, Clark Waid, Pete White, Steve Keller. FRONT ROW: Bob Trenkomp, Jim Hughes, Chris Knight, George Wick, Dun Swcmcler, Tom Young, Jeff Williams. USD Two sophomores, Jim Blake and Bill Wiggle- worth, are iockeying for position in the second and third singles spots. Two doubles teams will be made up from the following first- stringers: seniors Jim Hughes, Clark Waid, and Tom Young? juniors Ned Jones, Steve Keller, Jock Noyes, and Dan Swander, and sophomore Craig Doerge. Ralph Treebs is the hard-working manager ot this year's team. Bad weather has hampered the squad in the early spring workouts, but as the season progresses better weather conditions should lead to a marked improvement in the quality of the playing. Although the squad's lack of experience will probably show in the first few meets, the netmen are expected to de- velop their excellent potentiality and come through with a commendable record, April 22, l96O 'tv rssii, Ry 'L VARSITY TENNIS Shaker Hts. H.S. .,,,.,,,,. . Cleveland Hts. H.S. .. Cranbrook School .,,,, Parma H.S. .,....,,...,, , Shaw H.S. ., ,,,,, Shaker Hts. H.S. ,YYY,YY,.,... . Gilmour Academy ,,,,,,.......... Western Reserve Academy Shady Side Academy .,,,,, Opp. 4 Nichols School ,,,,,,,,,..,..,.,., ef- cj' ' In l it L -lill- vwrhf. To use an ofTen-quoTed expression, This will be a rebuilding year for The Prepper Track- men, Once again, as in The pasf fevy years, The sTrengTh of The squad will be in The field evenfs wiTh pole vaulfers Bruce Thomas, Bill Daley, George Klein, and PeTe Hodges all reTurning from lasT year's Team. The shoT and discus will be handled by veferans Mike l-lovvson, Jim Garfield, and Fefe Wellman. Bill Irwin and Leroy Sinclair will cabably handle boTh hurdle eyenTs wilh caplain Paul Oppmann sfarring in The 440 yard run. Bob Lyons also reiurns To excel in The mile and 880 yard runs, The dash evenTs bose a prob- lem for The TracksTers. WiTh Tew reTurning BACK ROW: Terry lmar, PeTe Sfeck, Pele Hodges, Bruce Thomas, Tom Pease, Mike Howson, Jim Garfield, John AuWerTer, Bill Irwin. THIRD ROW: John Aire, Bill Johnson, Mike Lufton, Bill Daley, Chuck Weller, Dave Herkner, Tim McLaughlin, Gary Klie, Bob Lyons, Rick Trowbridge. SECOND ROW: Sam Little, Don Liniz, Roy Meckler, Dave Cockley, Robin Landis, Tim Wmtersori, George Grcibner, Reeve Little, Leroy Sinclair, Rod Oppmann. FRONT ROW: Mr. Dodd, Tim Martien, John Spock, Steve Forbes, Henry Nave, Paul Oppmann, Ted Chase, George Sherwin, Bill Mc- Lean, Paul Reading. YRGGGYS standouts, the shorter sprints will be handled by seniors Hodges, Trowbridge, and Irwin and iuniors Klie, Garfield, and Oppmann, all of whom ought to ably fill the gaps left in these events. ln addition to the already-mentioned boys, sophomore Dave Cockley, iunior John Au- Werter, and seniors Pete Steck and Bill John- son will add depth to the squad in various events. The two relay teams have not been definitely settled upon, with any combination of runners possible to formulate them. Although the outlook is not bright, the track team does possess a few individual stars and with some hard work they could turn out a fair team. The coach is Mr. John Dodd and his assistant is Mr. Ralph Howarth. Sam Little will serve as the manager for this year's varsity track team. April 22, tooo U.S. 39 33 46M 33 VARSITY TRACK Opp. Orange H.S. .,..,.....,.......... ......... 7 9 Brush H.S. ...,,..............,.. ,,.,.,...,,......., 7 6 Gilmour Academy ,........,,..,. - ,......,... 71W Shaw H.S. ,.,.,,,,...........,.,..,..... .......,. 7 7 Western Reserve Academy HILLTOP MEET Cleveland Hts. H.S. .......,. . Shaker Hts. H.S. ,.....,,,.... . University School ,..,...,,.,..,... TRI MEET Bedford H.S. .,,......,...,.,,. A., Garfield Hts. H.S. ..,........ . University School . .....,,...,..., . TRI MEET John Carroll U. Frosh. University School ,,,.,..,,.......,....... Western Reserve U. Frosh INTERSTATE LEAGUE MEET -I43-Y Zflliz' Qferft I' A T I J . K 11,41 GMES Witlt o strong nucleus ot seasoned talent and seven nevv, yet well-trained boys, the University School gym team, composed ot titteen members, turned in a very creditable pertormance on Fridoy, Morch ll, Prior to this seventieth onnuol Gym Exhibition, the gymnasts had had only tvvo vveeks to practice. Under Coaches Molten and Dodd, the boys vvent through a routine ot eye-opening exer- cises on the high ond parollel bars, the llying rings, the trampoline, the horses, and the mats. The evening ended vvith the entire team bounding trom a springboard over o borrier Doerge, W. Warburton, W kill, R. Jones, J. Dodd, couch R. Trowbridge, R. Hukill, B P. Hodges. BACK ROW: J. Blake, C. McLean, G. Sherwin, J. Hui FRONT ROW: D. Kciighin, Thomas, Capt., M. Howson, G. Wierdsmcz, L. Chilcote, B of mats and parallel bars, First-year men who turned in fine per- formances were senior Rick Trowbridge, and sophomores Bob Jones, Jim Blake, Jim l-lukill, Craig Doerge, George Sherwin, and Bill War- burton. Senior gymnasts returning for the second year were Rob l-lukill, Dave Kaighin and Lee Chilcote. The solo and team efiorts ot three-year men Pete l-lodges, George Wierdsma, and Mike Howson topped off the superb show with remarkable excellence. The timing and muscle-coordination dis- played by the live-year veteran and captain Bruce Thomas earned him the Best Gymnast Award for T960 Bruce's partner in the dou' bles routine, Mike l-lowson, placed a strong second lor the award. l-le excelled on the parallel bars, the horizontal bar, and in the individual tumbling routine. ATHLETIC COUNCIL BACK ROW: Mr. Bobenmyer, Mr. Cramer, Mr. Dodd, Bill Irwin, Bill Reuter. MIDDLE ROW: Mr. Horner, Mr. McCarrctl'1er, Mr. Molten, Tom Pease, Pete Steck, Dave Uible, Bill Biuss, Ed Welsh, Sam Little, Pete Hodges. FRONT ROW: Laird Roth, Ralph Treebs, Bill Daley, Morrie Adams, Vin Fiordalis. i? i6 N X ee! R ,.,.! gl Q Mlll ,J W V. :QI-ga" 'sf' Q S is QI 5' If 1 N, ,ng nn! , tv f ' y, yt 1' " x i X . f i' f , it rf . f 'u 1 I Z f . xg . - 2 L l X u , brit !--f v 'i l, Q... ll '. '1,g, I . lit 4,5 1 i I 4 inf 1920 X The Athletic Council is composed ot the coaches, captains, and managers ol the eight varsity teams, plus the head cheer leader and the head ot the enthusiasm committee. The principal duty ol the Council is to award the varsity letters and freshman numer- als at the end ol each season. Selling tickets, distributing programs, watching training regu- lations, entertaining visiting teams, and main- taining high spirit throughout the school are the additional functions of the Athletic Council. The Council meets six times each year to discuss the Schools athletic program and to carry out the above mentioned duties. This year, under the direction at athletic director Mr. J. D. lVlcCarraher and student secretary Bill Reuter, the group operated very smoothly. One at the highlights at the year was the renewal at wrestling and swimming competi- tion with an old rival, Kislciminetas School. On the whole, the i959-l96O edition ot the Athletic Council did an excellent job in producing a very successful athletic year. CHEER LEADERS Jim Garfield, Bill Mclean, Pete Steck, Lee Chilcote, Dan Robertson, Bill Daley, Rob Hukill, Pete Hodges. This year, giant steps were taken toward the improvement of school enthusiasm. The cheer leaders did a fine iob of maintaining spirit through many methods, including some very interesting Friday morning pep-rallies. This group of boys also was responsible for all the posters which adorned the halls throughout the year. In the tall the cheer leaders held a night rally in the school park- ing lot before the Reserve games, something which hasn't been done for several years. The boys responsible for planning and car- rying out these rallies were seniors Pete Hodges, Bill Daley, Rob l-lukill, lee Chilcote, and Pete Steck, iuniors Dan Robertson and lim Garfield, and sophomore Bill Mclean. Toward the end of the year lvir. McCarra- her announced that an enthusiasm committee had been formed under the direction of Mr. Riel. This committee will go into full swing next year. The group will handle all the duties which at present are performed 'by the cheer leaders, and will, in addition, devote more time to planning functions which will increase school spirit. The cheer leading should greatly increase in quality as was evident by the activity toward the end of this year. The boys did an excellent job in maintaining spirit in the school and, because of steps tak- en this year, we can look foreward to even better results in the future. ZZ 3? iw CAPTAINS P R .. E P How Dry I Am .... P Some Day l'll .... E R Some Day l'll Wear .... Rackefeer .... R S P Som l'Il Stand .... E l'm Dreaming Of My C T S From Drooling .... My Mommy Listens To COURAGEOUS P R E P . . . . Behind The Ears. P 4. . eenne I f K . . . . Long Pants. . On My Own Two Feef. U C T S Il . . . . To Dribbnng. ' ' A ...MF N715 .-wi . . Comb My Hair welt' X - . . . . Returns . . . . Diamond Uibilee Wil-IK his eyebrows ,,,,,,,,.,,,, . SENIOR CLASS WILL NAME DICK AINSWORTH .,,A,,,,, .,,,., HAROLD ANDERSON ,...,,,,, ,,,,,,, KIM BARNES .,v,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,. BILL BARRY ,,,,.,....,,...... .,,... JOHN BROWNLEY ,,,,,,, .,,,,, JAN BUHL ,,,,,,,A.....,,,. BILL BUSS .....,,,,,,.., CHARLIE CARR .,.,,,,,, TED CHASE .,....,,..., LEE CHILCOTE ......, BILL DALEY ..,,.. BOB DAY ................,. ANDY FABENS ,,,,,.,., VIN FIORDALIS ,...... WILLS his press card ,,,,,, his quiet ways ,,..,ss,,.,s,s,,,s,s, ,,s,,s sV.... speeches ,,,,......,.......A.,...,.,s......,.,,s,, .s.... those "Sunday morning blues" .,.,... ,ss,,, Fidel .,,,sss....s,,s... .s.sss,sss,s.s,ssss..,s,, those Euclid women ....,,.., his basso profundo .. his "golden touch" ,,,, his no-doz ,,,,.,,A.,.....,.., his diving boa rd .....,.. himself ....,,,,,... , .,,,, . his answer book ....... U.S .,.,,,,,,, ..,,s,,.,.,s,..,, his camera ,,A,,,, TAD GAITHER ,YYY,,AA his diplomacy ,,,,,,,,,,,..,,. TIM GANAHL vY-,YYYY,Y'Y his dandruff ,,,,,ss, PHIL GIUNTA ,,,..,,.,,,,,, ,,,,,, h is love for Irish stew ..,,.,,,, MICKEY GUNTER ,,.,.,,,. .,,.,. h is crutches ,,.,,s.,,,,........YYY BILL HAMILTON ,,,,..,,.,, ,,,,... t he library ....,.....,,s,,,.,,.. GORDON HARNETT ,,s,,sss ssA,s N oel Wines Y, ,,....s V. DAVE HERKNER ...,,,,,,,, ,.,,A. h is name ,.,....,...,s,, ,s.. MICKEY HEXTER ,,,.., PETE HODGES ..,..., PETE HOOK ........... JOHN HOUCK ,,,,.,, MIKE HOWSON ....... JIM HUGHES ......... ROB HUKILL ,,..e. BILL IRWIN ,,,,,,,,,,., BILL JOHNSON ,,,,.... DAVE KAIGHIN ........ GEORGE KLEIN ,,,,..., DICK LACEY ,..,..,... BOB LAFLEUR ......,, JOHN LANG ,,,,, DON LINTZ ,,,,,,,, SAM LITTLE A,,,.A..,,,..,, MIKE LUTTON ,,,,.,, , ,,,.,A. ,Y..,.. WALT McCLENNAN ..,,..,, ....., RICK MAYNE ,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,, ,. HARRY MILLS ,,,,,,,,. , DICK NORTH ,,,,,,,,....,,, ,,,,,, PAUL OPPMANN ,,,,,, W ,,,, W TOM PEASE ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, PAUL READING V.,,,,,, BILL REUTER ,,,,,,,,,,,,., FRED RICHARDS ,.,.,,, RICH RODGERS ,,..,,., this il'!"',l book ..,.,.,. his megaphone ,,,,...,,,, his French Follies ,,,,,,. his lighter ,...........,,,.ss, rock 'n roll records ,,,,,,,, this Cl',!p-,QD book ,,,,..,.. his height ...,,..... his "bod" ,,,,,,,s,,... his musical approach ,,,,.., his cough syrup ..........,.,s., his skating know-how ...,...,. Fort Sumter ,,,,A...,,,..,,,,,,,,,, his College Boards, ...,,,,, ,, the MABIAN money ..., ,,,, his unassuming air ,,A..., his his his bot his the his his his his his legs ., ,,,, ,,u,,,,, Y Y deck of cards ,,,A,. pants ,,,,, ,,,...,., h his cars , ,ssss.,,,s s spring vacation ,,,.., "Accldentals" ....,s,,,,,.. athletic ability ...,,,,......., weekends in "P'ville" ,,,,,,, bat bag ss,,.ss.,..,,. immortal laugh ,,.,.., "get up and go" ..,,, height ...s, , ssss,s,s..s. H -- -A membership in Dodd'S A. C .ssss,s YYY-YVY New York drawl ......ssssss,.......f -ff---f himself ,,,,,,,,.,,.....,,,..,,,,.,A.sssfsssssss --f-' f "Forward look" ,,sss,,,ss H LAIRD ROTH ,.,,,,,s,,,,,,,,, ,,,.,, h is "physique" ,,......fff STEVE SCHUMAN ,s,,,.. .. ...,. , the senior room ssss... V. STEVE SEVERANCE ,....,.., ss,,,, ' 'the game" ..V. sssssss -ss.-YYYe GARY SMITH ,,,,,,,,,,,,,., ..,,.. h is "rubber arm" ...sss,,s.s.fY,f PETE STECK ,Y,YYYYYYY,YYY,YYYYY Y,Y,Y, h is numerous complaints ssss,,, ROGER SUCH ....,,....,,,,,, his immortal thumb ,ssss......ff GEORGE TEPLANSKY ,,,,,,,,, ,,,, , his 8 A.M. "shadow" ssss,.,...,,f, BRUCE THOMAS,,,.,,, ,,,, , his ' RALPH TREEBS ................. ,s,,. h is RICK TROWBRIDGE ,,,,,.,, .,,,,, h is DAVE UIBLE ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, . . ' WILL VAN HORNE ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,. h is "squeak" ,,,,,,,,,,, CLARK WAID ........,,,,,,s ss,,,,, h is "pool" cue ,,,,, SAM WALKER ,,,,,,,,,,, the News Room .,,,,,,,,, PETE WELLMAN ,,,, H his ED WELSH ,,.s,,,,ss,,,,,,s, ,s,, ,..,., M i mi s,ss...,ssss,,s....,,ss. GEORGE WICK ,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,, ,,,,,, h is GEORGE WIERDSMA .,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, TOM YOUNG.. .,s,s.s,,.f,,s. s.s, , Y his his Spanish translations ...,,,,,, sssssss tulips ,,,,,,,, ...,ss,,..s. .,.,.,,sss, ssssses strained vocal chords ,,,,,,, ssfff TO Gordon Cobbledick Bob Trenkamp the Senior Class Lee Livingston The United States "Blue-eyed Bobby" Rod Oppmann Jeff Williams Sleepy Phil Jim Blake his Sally Mr. Fenestau the remaining Fabens clan Dave Polster Mr. Sanders Mr. Wines DeMarco Dan Swander Leroy Sinclair Mike Treister "GIintz" Jim Hughes Jim Garfield Mr. Fox Hugh Barrett Mr. Szaraz Mickey Hexter Mr. DiBiasio "Private Pear" Theodore Ullman "Rugged" Dove Jenkins Orville Faubus RipIey's Believe It Or Not himself any assuming character John L. Lewis "Buzz" Sawyer Bret Maverick Mr. Napp "OK" Used Cars Steve Severance the other three ex-members class tennis Milbourne Dick Schwarz Mr. DeVere Henry Nave the zoo Class of '61 Paxton Cartun Mr. Ebbott posterity Doug Spreng Jett Jackson Terry Dautel Toyke Bill Barry Mr. Rees Don Welsh future K.X. seekers Bob Ryan Central Cadillac 'I3 amused classmates Mr. Hoets Willy Mclean UOHEIQE AEE UW Kmsev YQEPQKQYS? 'DHWGE VHLFHNEKQ NOJ ITE px 5u.vE1Q DLLYW 'Dum SHELL ON THE 'BEF-BCH 'W YA , THATS MY Qnswmi GH! HHQEY fu wa , x4 aff' M, V SHTLLNQ DRY l1'l0ENlN6 iso, Hom me Fmww7 .. M' Ky if r Fi, :Z W ki f , : t 1 K Sf. - -Q saw Q Q, wx X QAl.u FomQNxH'S QQEM- THE NEXT BEST THING TELL THE H8553 LQEXIQE JUST Qcxm FRIENDS HEY Jw, W Amr CNE OF BIG DON 1 r ' 5 .f W ff, , if M 7 T TINXTLBMS Cuvmwcx lwffwi-QW WxHiK.xiPmfXYEs M-had me Tmmmm 7 CHA?-TE CHASE Q Lis. 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L .A GILIUCLLIQ HT HHLF WRST W CNE TOLLLH OF GENMJLS S 5 G C E512 Y lapwccal N5 QALQQQE 'Y N.. ,SE NISE rm Q ELQEL1- HUWER MmJ'LEFT NE WL mYNNE'3 'T INR. SANDEQSSSS CUHWL u?. 'RYEJ TRW' THREE OF H KIND STRIKE OM vxCTxm XQHZLED in .HLST Low! True Rom! WHY QLKEEN AND FLOUOEXQ CARL I 'BEOULGHT TH IS FE'0Wl HOME LDHOOPS E nv UDHO PULT THE csuwn om ww SEHT? Sufee mm-x I'VMgQl?ElkkD SHLLT NLP UOHEQE XD Hooxf Fmb THIS VROBLEVM? A REAL SLINGEYQ SUTLIFF 8. MORRISON, INC 13224 SHAKER SQUARE REALTORS WY I-7676 Member - Exclusive Multiple Exchange BASIC INCORPORATED Best Wishes to the Class of 1960 -194- COMPLIMENTS Cdmplilllellfs of OF MIHZINER THE A. B. SMYTHE Furs CO. Reahors Shaker Square THE Compliments TRAVELERS of SHCPPE Sicloti Shoe Repair Finesf in Leafher G-oods LEATHER AND LUGGAGE and SHOP Luggage 1373 Som Center Rd. 'I375 EUCLID AVENUE MAin 1-8444 HI 2-6290 -195- The E. B. Brown Optical Co Prescripfion Opficians UNION COMMERCE ARCADE The -i D SHAKER sQuAnE omcs Cn. 2776 Van Aken Boulevard sn 1-7334 1246 EUCLID AVENUE MAIN 1-6434 Fine jewelry and Silverware WESTGATE OFFICE 3130 Wesfgaie ED 1-4644 HARRY F. DAVIS, Presidenf BLUE LAKES FARM aoARmNe . TRAINING and SALE of SADDLEBRED HORSES PROFESSIONAL RIDING INSTRUCTION BY MR. BARNEY REARDON One of America's Leading Horsemen LOCATED V2 HOUR FROM SHAKER HEIGHTS CENTER ROAD NEWBURY. OHIO JOrdan 4-1150 -196k SHAKER HEIGHTS HARDWARE I KITCHEN PLANNING BENDER TREE CO Spraying, Feeding and Planting FREE ESTIMATES O EV I-9200 WAsI1ingfon 1-'I244 DIAMONDS Complimenfs and Congrafulafions from your Favorife offer Class Coke and Coffee Shop if Campus Drug Stores 20200 Van Allen o SK 2-1244 20621 Fairmount o ER 1-1234 Shaker Heiqhfs gawtgate CLOTHING 8. FURNISHINGS FOR MEN 8: BOYS EASTGATE SHOPPING PLAZA HILLCREST 2-6650 -l97- L FREEDOM INDUSTRIES MAKERS OF ALL-PURPOSE FIBERGLASS BOATS Freedom, New Hampshire Compliments to the CLASS OF 1960 from MERRILL, TURBEN AND CO., INC. -198- University School, although founded in 1890, grew out of an 1885 carpentry shop in the old Harvey Barn on Kennard Street. Here Mr, Newton M. Anderson instructed a score of high school students in woodworking. By the late 1880's Cleveland had grown to a monstrous me- tropolis of 300,000 much in need of a prep school. Mr. Anderson interested several prominent men in such a school, and a new cor- poration was formed. Enough money was raised to buy cu plot of farmland out in the rural dis- tricts of Gidding and Hough Avenues. His shop was so successful that after six months a corpora- tion was tormed, money raised, and a three-story building was put up in another half-year. Mr. Anderson now became principal of the Cleveland Manual Train- ing School, bought by the city after a year of operation The new building, completed in o year, was opened with a speech by ex-President Harrison. It housed 300 students, who in 1890 rode eastward to school on the trolley. By the 1920's the city had surrounded the Hough Avenue School. Now the boys rode the trolley west- ward to a school set amidst dreary apartments, room- ing houses, and gloomy factories disgorging smelly smoke. In 1924 a building drive was launched which ultimately brought in a million dollars. Because of i M.. -200- Mr. Van Swearingen's eagerness to have the new U.S. located in his development, little of this had to be paid for a 36-acre patch of pasture near the Shaker Rapid. After thirteen months, 300 students moved into a new building of New England style, dominated by Britannia Tower, built to hide a gross water tank. ' R l , , 5,4 s'..g-Qi J Mwl,1 , W can - - ' 2 :ES-E.I,l.L., . 11 Y l -201- BEAL AUTO SERVICE 2207 ADELBERT noAD REPAIRING - LUBRICATION SHAKER AUTO HOSPITAL Inc. 3473 Lee Road BODY AND FENDER SERVICE mack of Gas Shimon, 'A' "CALL FOR DELIVERY SERVICE" WA T-4455 G. BEAL Proprietor CLEVELAND, OHIO T E 'I -1313 DAISY HILL ,HE NEW GREENHQUSES mncnmini roon MARKET CUT FLOWERS and POT PLANTS ii? Flowers for All Occasions FLORISTS Hackney Rd. oif S.O.M. Cenfer Rd. In Daisy Hill Telephone: CHes'I'nu'I' 7-8949 We Deliver GROCERIES AND MEATS Free Deliveries 27979 CHAGRIN BLVD. WOODMERE VILLAGE, OHIO -202- McFETRIDGE-DRUGS 3475 Fairmount Boulevard Cleveland Heighfs. Ohio 'Br Telephone: FAirnrounl' 1-2400 Complimenls to the Staff of the 1960 MABIAN from the Sloff of the 1931 MABIAN For Somefhing Simply Lovely" QPBUEJ glowera, Jnc. Cleveland Heighls, Ohio Flowers by Wire HEIGHTS CLEANERS QUALITY CLEANERS FOR OVER 40 YEARS FOR A COMPLETE PERSONALIZED SERVICE 12427 Cedar Rd. Cleveland Hls. 2270 Lee Road YE z-ssss ohio YE 2-1070 The HUNKIN-CONKEY Consiruciion Co. GENERAL CONTRACTORS cLEvELANo. ol-no if For WORLD AFFAIRS ' MUSIC DRAMA ' TRAVEL BOOK REVIEWS Read The New York Times Available af your nearesf drug sfare every Sunday E1 Y CIQAYQ 'az ' i T TV Tmwillw 0 We You are buying for the future, as well as for the present. ln making this important lifetime purchase, y0u'll be wise to remember that only an expert can detect the difference in quality, the delicate . gradations of color and the accuracy of cut. Let Expert Gemologists Insure YOUR Diamond Choice e ii ppp y .W W UIIWELL 81 Hllllllzlllll eo. Registered jeweler, American Gem Society - ' it EUCLID AVENUE AT THIRTEENTH STREET BOB KENNEDY'S OuHiHers fo Genflemen and Their Sons 1-9 Franklin S+. 2150 Noble Rd- Chagrin Falls. Ohio East' Cleveland, Ohio CH. 7-6932 GL- 1-3529 "We carry a complefe selecfion of Ivy League Sfyles" -206- A Century of Service The Edmondson Studio Established in 1860 if Serving University School since 1890 ik JOHN N. BAZELEY Photographer in Portraiture if 13504 Cedar Road For appointments University Heights 18, Ohio call FA 1-7457 -207- Announcement to Our Friends The Judson Company, the Judson Bond Engraving Company and the Brooks Company have been consolidated into on concern 009 The JUDSON-BROOKS Company oyfering ' Printing ' Office Supplies and Furniture ' Lithography ' Office Machines 0 Steel Engraving ' Steel Equipment 1241 SUPERIOR AVENUE CLEVELAND 14, OHIO REYNOLDS FORD SALES 4365 MAYFIELD ROAD SOUTH EUCLID, OHIO "Our 26th Year as a Ford Dealer" -208- MR. BURGER Mr. Louis J. Burger, Jr., first came to U.S. in 1937. He had graduated from Williams College and had taken further training at Springfield College, Columbia University, and Western Reserve University. During the following years he was teacher at various times of the fourth, fifth, and sixth grades. He spent the '46-'47 school year as assistant headmaster at a school in Wilmington, Delaware, but returned to University School the following year as head of the Lower School, a post which he has held ever since then. During his long stay at U.S. Mr. Burger has not attempted to confine his great energy completely to classroom instruction. For many years he taught swimming at the U.S. Day Camp, and he has continued to give sports instruction to his Lower Schoolers. Out- side U.S. his interests have extended in many direc- tions. He is an enthusiastic member of the Cleveland Lacrosse Club and one of its most fervent boosters. For several years he was riding instructor at Red Raider Camp, and he is currently connected with Camp Wachusett in New Hampshire. As an accredited swimming official, he frequently o'Hiciates at meets at neighboring schools. His "farm" out in Orange Village represents one of the most time-consuming of his out- side activities. Of all the members of the faculty he is probably one of the most avid followers of the activities of his former students. The Alumni Directory is one of his favorite publications, and he likes nothing better than to meet again and talk with his old boys. Mr. Burger's dedication to teaching and sporting has made his twenty-two year stay at U.S. productive and valuable. We all wish him the best of luck in his new position at Orange. -209- ANdrews I-I 22'l KUCERA 8. ASSOCIATES . . . UNDOUBTEDLY THE IM' FINEST . . . Pbotogmmmetric Engineers B E l - A I R E S ToPoGRAPHnc MAPS F o R AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY STOCKPILE INVENTORIES M U S I C PHOTO MOSAICS 355 RICHMOND ROAD CLEVELAND 24, OHIO Paine Webber Jackson 8. Curtis Established 1879 0 A Complete Investment "Department Store" equipped to handle every need in Investment and Brokerage Service. O 44 Offices Coast-to-Coast D. W. Chamberlin John S. Watterson, Jr. Limited Partner Resident Partner -210- SOUTH EAST CHEVROLET CO. CIeveIcmd's Favorite Dealer for 25 Yeclrs SOUTH EAST CHEVROLET CO. 8815 BROADWAY CLEVELAND, OHIO Mlchigan 1-9300 Between Miles and Harvard 1930 1960 CORPORATE AND MUNICIPAL SECURITIES WM. J. MERICKA 8. CO., Inc. MEMBER MIDWEST STOCK EXCHANGE 1101 UNION COMMERCE BLDG. CLEVELAND 14, OHIO -QN- Good Luck to the T h e CIc1ssof'I96O BOLTON'pRATT C o m p a n y ANN ONYMOUS GENERAL CONTRACTORS 0 FOLDING CARTONS 0 STORE GIFT BOXES 0 FOOD PACKAGES ST. REGIS PAPER CO. GREAT LAKES BOX DIVISION Cleveland 2, Ohio -2I2- COMPLIMENTS of THE WEAN ENGINEERING CO. MD.,f9J.,rllUlllllE5 8 Convenient Locations in Greater Cleveland also in KENT - BARBERTON 0 WILLOUGHBY 0 N. OLMSTED Privileges and Responsibilities ln the long run, privileges can be granted only to those who are willing to accept cor- responding responsibilities. The men who are being graduated from Uni- versity School this year are privileged to have received a kind of secondary school training which only one boy in many thou- sands can ever have. Now it is the respon- sibility of these graduates to show the com- munity that they deserve such a privilege. We believe they will do just that, and we wish them well. C L E V I T E coRPoRA1'ioN -214- MIDAS MUFFLER sHoPs 15725 EUCLID AVENUE BETWEEN LEE AND NOBLE ULster 1-1660 5400 RIDGE ROAD TUxedo 6-1717 0 Unconditionally Guaranteed 0 Compliments of The Youngstown Foundry and Machine Company LaRiche Ford, Inc. 1290 West 17th Street fCorner of Cliffonj LAkewood 1-0770 - F O R D - -FALCON- -THUNDERBIRD- HEINEN'S WHERE SHOPPING IS A PLEASURE 17021 Chagrin Blvd. near Lee 2742 Van Aken Blvd. at Shaker Square 2195 S. Taylor Road near Cedar 2180 S. Green Road near Cedar l MAKE HEINEN'S A HABIT aff , ,mf ,v , . aww 7 L., 1 . M IW W' 4. lzn' A , f A 5 nu 1 ,.,W.Q,,gg - " . Q " 2 K 'W .:..yaM.M.-.M x Q ,.:. 5 .Inf : . L. 'w if 151 - fm 3 QW m n' -.1 ,s gp' 'va v S SQ-:N ww Q' W .qv iffy k in e 'Hb www 3g is? aug,-,E A jk f 1: 5:24 QRS' - 1 I .V , - W, . he R i S5 1 N ' , , W D . - 'Q - ' 0 . f. W K a g, -' X' gt. Q X r E ,.:: 'I 5 K kr Q QA wg, V Aa ,-.-- - , 2 -ff -- Q, 4 f zum -- --,- . . , ,.,., , 4 :EQ N EM WM, i Q . : :::::w-N h t V ,J 11 3 ffl,:,ENw,,,:,..:.. Vg. , "1" ,.-::E - X N 1 ' if W. 3, -'N' , pw wg .N X' 1,4 - .K V V . ' - x Q .kvgg TY- ga: is E.-R ,Li mf, x, , ., 'W' ., E: . x N' ' ' , .gf ik? fx-f x ' , Ffh" L-., W - 217 - . . Q in aw "' E Q U wgfp-if ' 1 K t K ' ' W - 'f , -YV -wg am,-,. -""-..f"f'fg.-41,5 K BALL, BURGE and KRAUSE MEMBERS OF NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE UNION COMMERCE BUILDING Cleveland 14, Ohio Compliments of Beecher Hardware Cedar-Center SOUTH EUCLID 18, OHIO FAirmount 1-0262 Good Luck to the Grads MR. AND MRS. CHARLES KATES Cleveland Fire Extinguisher Company Complete Fire Protection INDUSTRIAL COMMERCIAL RESIDENTIAL 101 17 Detroit Avenue MElrose 1-8810 -218- HOWARD'S Men's-Boys' Wear ,, SK I-4242 Our Selecfion of Sporf Coafs and Slacks ls Fanfasfic , beauty inc. . Arrow's Hafllaway SI1ir'I's Michal Sfern Suiis Ivy League Seledibh 20305 Van Aken Boulevard ar I Shaker Heights 22, Ohio Howard s 160701 Kinsman and Lee LO 'I-4600 CLEVELAND TOWEL co. COMPLIMENTS 2155 Ec1st'I8th sfreef 0F A Cleveland, Ohio FRIEND PR. 1-4915 O -219- We Carry the Best IN Draffing Supplies and Artist Materials Sir B. ll. ELLIOTT 00. ADAMS PRINTING CO. Specialisfs in Office and Facfory Forms 1260 Wesl' 4'l'h Sireel' Cleveland 13, Ohio 634 Huron Road CH 'I'778lI MA 1-6746 "For Anything in Stamps or Coins FRANKLIN-MILLER See BOB or ALAN COHEN LINEN SUPPLY 'I Colonial Coin and 2157 EAST 18lh STREET CLEVELAND, OHIO PRospecf 1-2227 15 COLONIAL ARCADE CHerry 1-6826 Cleveland, Ohio T e Fella's Shop Boys' H aberdashers "Ivy Only" Recognized as the finest Boys' Specialty Shop west of N. Y. Ages-5 to 16 - Sizes 6 to 20 Introducing our new student line 13896 Cedar Avenue YEl1owstone 2-2833 THE NORTHWESTERN MUTUAL LIFE JOINS R. J. DOLWICK AND Assocmres Extending Best Wishes for Success and Happiness to the Students of University School -221- 22700 SHORE CENTER AVENUE EUCLID 23. OHIO ANDREWS 1-1100 -222- Dumon's of Cleveland Heights Fairmount Blvd. at Cedar Road Damon's Famous "Crisp Fried Chicken Dinner" Prepared in Butter fAll You Can Eatj Chas. E. Russell. Inc Flowers 'For All Occasions U Served with Corn Fritters and Warm Maple Syrup 0' 12231 Shaker Square Whipped Potatoes with Chicken Gravy Choice of Appetizer, Vegetable, Salad, Dessert and Beverage SK' - 52.75 - Children under 12-61.75 Compliments of Congratulations fEIENDOMSJ BEPERK 1960 Vanderbiilpark from the Class of l 965 Union of South Africa Best Wishes to the Class of '60 jillnrlfg ZHTLI: 2752 VAN AKEN BOULEVARD LO g cre 1-7350 SHAKER SQUARE - CLEVELAND 20 OHIO Compliments of HUKILL CHEMICAL CORP. Art Metal Co. CLEVELAND, OHIO -224- COMPLIMENTS OF CAMPUS SWEATER AND SPORTSWEAR COMPANY AMERICA'S BIGGEST SELLING SPORTSWEAR Complimenzx gf JM JM Jbfafson Cedar Center Lanes 13934 Cedar Road EV. 1-1515 Free Instruction FINEST JUNIOR BOWLING PROGRAM IN THE SUBURBAN AREA D. B. BAGLEY, INC. Suppliers of FUEL OILS, MOTOR OILS AND GASOLINE 165 E. Washington Street Cha rin Falls, Ohio CH. 7-8271 MILDRED THOMAS 8. co. CEDAR-TAYLOR G A R A G E INTERIOR DECORATOR 13485 Cedar YE. 2-3400 3235 Warrensville Center Road F.. ., g, 'Sw ,...,............4.,........,.L,LQf.u HARSHAW manufactures over c lf! chemicals for more than 15,000 I -S- 2- 8 92 1 0 Q 5 no m 4 - 0- 0 Waimea :I ,W a -ran 0.5 -""' 1 LOm5N f ' 8 Q 4 O 3- . ooqpw X, iyiwh X-I 1 -. ul 2' o ff .4 nnonnf-no In C 4 0 ,assay l1i..r Q SD : a : -4-o.o.n.n I 1 'S 'ILE 2 Ill a,0 a 5? I -. UI U I'l'l QN40-.Zo 3 .4 . -mgmfp-5 jfg O m v'5,'-'o--- - Q n --- - OQQQ Q ' I n 5'-: gg-3' Q-1-:g 1 C 53" 3:9 9,2849 5 ' -' ll -0" -P , 525: 222 gg "'-Um - 52 3 Q 2-fm 2:11-.:1Q"E'1E l'l D." .U3: 1:02 DHHS-.'i" Ill m m 35" 213 gi -130, ! C 0 Qu, -1- "1 5:25 sw QCQO- -.: 3 CD " - I -v:-0 ...': mqjcno I 3 3 S--mswaogwamz 0-. 51-1 5 T---, :rn 9E'n52'f5?SnQ3'2F""'S, F' X 1 5:57-Q '5'Sn'0mDTQNQ9 3, i C M 3..Q,3 fn :1 fp :l: -- s - 2 - 2.5 S32 3-. N43Q.Q'O I 3.-ZITI 'Ugg-S'3'g1zE - 9 -. rig if-2 sw 5-005, - + in 2.0 Q- :naman 4591 Egg vs Ng 302 In 1:20 'U ,, '-r gm 2-3:0 Eg: g'3.5-52 D I .ab 5.29 '11-0 n z I Env.: cE"UoU U 1 I' 2 avl' -' 'S-O60 U' Fi-c 2 0 cv-2.00111 1' - ':3:u2:. g, O 3 n G, fp 0 Q I' uvlilulnllsnnn a' - mfiaaaa !T 1 ' -227- Lenihan, Gorton 8. Co. INSURANCE 2101 Union Commerce Bldg. 1 .l.i.l- TOwer 1-8989 Zuccuro's Food Market BIRDSEYE FROSTED FOODS FANCY PRODUCE GROCERIES AND MEATS BEER - WINES - CIGARETTES 12812 WOODLAND AVENUE GArfield 1-9100 Compliments of a GRANDFATHER Pick-Up and Delivery Cold Storage KINGSBURY DRY CLEANERS, INC. ESTABLISHED 1925 0 WEAVERS 0 TAILORS 0 FURRIERS Specialists in: Lampshades Cleanin - Draperies Plant and Office: 16608 VAN AKEN BLVD. AND LEE ROAD wAshingfon 1-osoo -228- Compliments of S H A W 8. S H A W CONSTRUCTION co. 131 Eldridge Road AURORA, OHIO 1.0. 2-3252 Tutoring For advanced students of "popular" piano J A C K .I 0 N E S 2235 OVERLOOK ROAD SWeefbrier 1-3744 JOSEPH HAIR DRESSERS 18732 Chagrin Blvd. WYoming 1-6711 Record Rendezvous. Inc. 300 PROSPECT AVENUE Cleveland, Ohio The NATIONAL SCREW 8 MANUFACTURING Co CLEVELAND 4, ol-no Los ANGELES 22, CAL. THE MILLS COMPANY QUALITY METAL PARTITIONS Since 1921 Cleveland IO, Ohio -230- NAME ADAMS, MORRIE A...AAAA AKE, JOHN A.AAA,,.,AAAAA ANDREWS, Bos ...,,,,,, ARMS, DAVE .,,,,. ,......,, AuWERTER, JOHN ,,,,..... BALDWIN, KIT ....,,,,.,.A.., BARRETT, HUGH A.... .,,,,,....,,,, BELHOBEK, GEORGE S BROWN, KENT ...V,,,,..,,, BROWN, PETE . ,..,,D .. BRUCH, KARL. ..,,,A..,., . BuSsE, HOWARD ...,,,. CAMPBELL, BOB ,,.,,,, .. CARTUN, DAVE ..,,....,,,,, CHAPMAN, Scorr ,,,.,,,, CLARK, wADE ,....,,,,,..., cooLIDGE, CARL ..,,,,,..,.., COWELL, BAINBRIDGE ,,E,,,,, cuRIzIER, PHIL. .,,,,,.,,,,,.,., . DeMARco, BOB ,,,,.,,,.,, DoLwIcK, BILL ,,...,,, FABENS, BILL .....,,,,.... FARMER, BRENT ,.,,,,,,,. EGRES, STEVE ...,,,,....,, GAREIELD, JIM .,,,,,,,..,,, GRABNER, GEORGE ,....,,,,, HALL, TOM ,,,.,,,,,,,,..EEE,EEA HARTFORD, BOB ....,,,,, HAWGOOD, GRANT ,,,.,,,, HERBRUCK, DAVE ,,,,..,, IRWIN, DENNIS ,,,,,,,,,. JAEGER, CORKY ,,,..,,,, JOHNS, RONALD ,..,,,, JONES, NED. ...DIDDDD .. KELLER, STEVE ,,,,,,,,, RLIE, GARY ,I..,.,,,,,,,,,,. KNIFFEN, WAYNE ,,.,,,,, KNIGHT, CHRIS ,,..,,,,,, LEHMANN, BOB ,,,,,,.., LINEBERGER, WALT .,,,,,, LIVINGSTON, LEE ,,.,,,, Lows, RICK. ,,..,,,,,,,, .. LYoNs, BOB .,,,,,S.,.,,,,,,,, MEDDNALD, FRANK.. ,SSS .. MARoHN, BILL ,S,,,,,., DDEEEEE MILBOURN, GEORGE ,,.,,, . MILLER, DICK ..A.....,,,, E,,,, MORSE, BRAD ,,,,,,,,B NARTEN, SPIKE ,,,,,,B NAVE, HENRY SSSS.. .. NoRToN, BILL ..,,,,,,B NoYEs, JocK ,,,,..,,,,,,, OPPMANN, ROD PAUL, ROGER ,,,,,,,,, PAXTON, BUD ,,,,,,,, PEYSER, BILL ,,,,,,,,,,,,,.. POLSTER, DAVE . RICHARDSON, ALEX ,.,,.... . ROBERTSON, DAN ,,,,,..,. ROUNDS, DENNY ,,,, .. RYAN, BOB ,.....,,,..,,, SAWYER, RAY ....,,,,, SCHWARZ, DICK ....,,,, SINCLAIR, LEROY ,,.,... SPRENG, DOUG ...,,,,,. STRAND, DAVE ...,,, SWANDER, DAN ,,,,,B,, TREISTER, MIKE ,,,.,,,,. TRENKAMP, BOB ,,,,,,,, UFFELMAN, JIM ..,,... WAGNER, TOM ,,,,,,,,,,,, WATTERSON, TIM ,,.,,,,,, WEAVER, PAUL ,,,,,,.. WELSH, DON ,.,,...,,,,,,.,,. WITZENBURG, GARY ...,... WRIGHT, JOHN ....,,,,..... ZARE, MICHAEL CLASS OF 1961 ADDRESS TEL- N0- 2500 Arlington Rd. -------YE 2-3197 .........675 Merriman Rd. ------UN 49596 ......-.1780 Idlehurst Dr. --------IV 1-5409 ........2761 Cherterton Rd. ----YE 2-7720 .........I6III Parkland Dr. ----SK 2-0343 .........2215 Delamere Dr. -------YE 24700. .........2932 Braxton Rd. ---------WY 13644 .........2osoo Colby Rd. ER 1-3330 ........18600 Woodland Rd. 1-4371 .........2395I Hazelmere Rd. 1-2922 ......-2284 N. St. James Pkwy. -------FA 1-0331 .........20101 N. Park Blvd. .......FA 1-2929 . ,,.,,E. 160 Kensington Oval ,EEEE f---f-- E D 1-4250 Montford Rd. -------EV 1-2426 .......-14412 Larchmere Blvd. ER 1-2739 3316 Grenway Rd. 1-2923 .........18100 S. Park Blvd. --------SK 1-2525 24001 Hazelmere Rd. 1-5769 ---------2859 Concord Rd. .....---2008 Laurel Hill .......EV -8748 23699 Stanford Rd. 22276 Douglas Rd. ........16925 Edgewater Dr. 2666 Leighton Rd. .........2987 Torrington Rd. ........3157 Falmouth Rd. 2712 E. Overlook Rd. ........1111 Forest Rd. .........2719 Cranlyn Rd. ........2234 Woodmere Dr. Middlefield Rd. ,,,,, . Fairmount Blvd. 4911 ......-.3000 .........7808 Beman Ave. .........16520 Parkland Dr. ......-655 Merriman Rd. Chillicothe Rd. .........1380 Westover Rd. ..,.....,2228 Elandon Dr. ......HO ........ER ........TE 1-9136777777 I 9-1535 1-4231 .......AC 1-6985 2-7663 1-5599 .......SK 2-5358 ........YE 2-4783 .. ..... LA 1-1111 .......FA 1-4484 .......FA 1-1586 .......EV 2-0866 .......YE 2-5949 ........BR 1-1228 1-04167777 ......UN 4-7444 KI 3-2642 2-4178 ........YE RA 1-8493 3680 Greenwood Dr. .... ........ T E 1-9190 . 14600 Shaker Blvd. ..... ....... S K 2-1643 2656 Berkshire Rd. ..... ........ Y E 2-0497 3301 E. Monmouth ....... ....... E R 1-0650 2215 Delaware Dr. ..... ........ E R 1-0441 610 Hidden Valley ...... ...... U N 4-2892 22099 Shelburne Rd. .... ....... F A 1-3364 828 Mentor Ave. ........ ........ E L 4-4286 2585 Guilford Rd. .... ........ F A 1-0780 21709 Kinsman Rd. ..... ......... W A 1-8816 2566 Wellington Rd. ......... .. .... .YE 2-2592 2717 Ashley Rd. .............. .... ........ Y E 2-0529 2391 Warrensville Center ...... ........ E R 1-4344 22099 McCauley Rd. .. .......... ....... F A 1-6136 2834 Courtland Blvd. .... ....... S K 1-7121 5875 Briar Hill Dr. ...... ....... C H 8-5733 722 Ellis Ave. ........... ...,,..., 2 4551 2650 Idlewood Rd. ..... ....... F A 1-3479 22460 Calverton Rd. ...... ....... Y E 2-9035 2355 Belltield Rd. ....... ........... Y E 2-3909 9974 McKelvey Rd. ,..,.,..., ..,....., W E 1-9155 2003 Chestnut Hills Dr. ....... ......... G A 1-5397 777777777927 Sunset Dr. .7..7...KI 3-4356 2973 Morley Rd. ........, ....... S K 1.4443 18928 Shelburne Rd. ...... ........ Y E 2-0848 77777777730525 landerwood Dr. .,......TE 1-9987 77777777691 Brae Burn .......SK 5-4046 19900 Fairmount Blvd. ..... . ....... FA 1-4243 2736 Belvoir Blvd. .......... .....77 Y E 2.4140 20942 S. Woodland Rd. ..... ....,.... W Y 1-6389 2576 Wellington Rd. ,... . ..7..77 ER 1.0344 21150 Colby Rd. ......... 7,77777 F A 1.0333 2294 Main Si. .............. 7777777777 0 L 7.2971 21075 Sydenham Rd, ........,.,,.,,, .77..7777 W A 1.9482 Morley Drive, Manor House ......7 .....77 E L 2.0717 11 Wildfern Dr. .............7..7...77. 7777777 R I 4.2273 2349 Coventry Rd. .,,....... 7777777 Y E 2.3624 3116 Fairmount Blvd. ...... 7777777 E V 1.0047 5515515574327 Snsby Rd. .......... . -231- .......EV 2-6287 CITY Cleveland Hts. Akron, Ohio Euclid Shaker Hts. Shaker Hts. Cleveland Hts. Shaker Hts. Shaker Hts. Shaker Hts. Shaker Hts. Cleveland Hts. Shaker Hts. Rocky River Cleveland Hts. Shaker Hts. Shaker Hts. Shaker Hts. Shaker Hts. Pepper Pike South Euclid Shaker Hts. Shaker Hts. Lakewood Shaker Hts. Shaker Hts. Shaker Hts. Cleveland Hts. Lakewood Shaker Hts. Cleveland Hts. Lyndhurst Cleveland Hts. Cleveland Shaker Hts. Akron, Ohio Chagrin Falls Cleveland Hts. Cleveland Hts. Pepper Pike Shaker Hts. Cleveland Hts. Cleveland Hts. Cleveland Hts. Akron, Ohio Shaker Hts. Painesville Cleveland Hts. Shaker Hts. Cleveland Hts. Shaker Hts. Cleveland Hts. Shaker Hts. Shaker Hts. Solon, Ohio Ashland, Ohio Cleveland Hts. Shaker Hts. Cleveland Hts. Cincinnati, Ohio Cleveland Hts. Chagrin Falls Shaker Hts. Shaker Hts. Pepper Pike Mansfield, Ohio Cleveland Hts. Shaker Hts. Shaker Hts. Cleveland Hts. Shaker Hts. Peninsula, Ohio Shaker Hts. Mentor, Ohio Youngstown, Ohlo Cleveland Hts. Cleveland Hts. Cleveland Hts. NAME BARRY, ToM ,.Y.,,.,,M , BEHRENS, BRUCE R,,,... BILL, FRANK ABBBBBBBBBBB BLAKE, JIM ...,,,,,.,,,,,,,, BODURTHA, JIM ...EEEL BRIAN, JIM ,,,...,,,,.. COBEY, JOHN .L,L.,.,... COCKLEY, DAVE ,,,.,,, deWlNDT, DEL ......,. DOERGE, CRAIG ,,,L,.,. FIORDALIS, C. J ........ GAPSTUR, JIM ,,,,,,,,,,,.... ..,,,,,,, GRIESINGER, DAVID ,,,,... ,,,,. , CLASS OF 1962 1-5015 ,,,,IL flfff CITY Cleveland Hts. Cleveland Hts. Cleveland Hts. Shaker Hts. .......WY 1-3529,,,,,, ADDRESS TEL. NO. 2501 Marlboro Rd. .... ,,,,,,,,,,,, Y E 2-3188 3304 Rumson Rd. ...... ....... F A 2228 Demington Dr. .,... ......... E R 1-0515 ...W2925 Byron Rd. ..........24225 Community Dr. ,,..,.,,EV 2-1343 .........2679 Belvoir Blvd. ,,,,,,,,FA 1-6985 ,,,.,,R.F.D. 2 ,,,,,,,HO 20950 Colby Rd. ........,. ,,,,,,,,, E R 1-4491 -.-19100 Shaker Blvd. ........SK 23825 Stanford Rd. 2733 Leighton Rd. 509 Sandusky St. .... . Old Mill Rd. ................,,, , ........YE 2-4013 FA 1-5701 44581 ...,...HA 3-4530 2-0057 YY,,,, ..,..,.. Beachwood Shaker Hts. Galion, Ohio 8-2707 AA,,,, ,,,,,,, .......Shaker Hts. Shaker Hts. Shaker Hts. Shaker Hts. Ashland, Ohio Gates Mills Shaker Hts. Shaker Hts. Shaker Hts. Shaker Hts. Maple Hts. Shaker Hts. ........FA 1-2826,W, Cleveland Hts. Cleveland Hts. University Hts. Bratenahl Pepper Pike Shaker Hts. East Cleveland Pepper Pike Shaker Hts. East Cleveland Novelty, Ohio Solon, Ohio Youngstown, Ohio Cleveland Hts. Cleveland Hts. Locust Valley, N. Y Shaker Hts. 1-2176,,,... Shaker Hts. . ..... WY 1-1044 .,,,.. ...... . Cleveland Hts. FA 1-1736...... HARDING, FRANK ........ 2909 Drummond Rd. ........ ....... W Y 1-5812 HASEROT, DAVE .........,.... 18710 S. Woodland Rd. ....,. ...,,,,, S K 2-0108 HOLLINGTON, DAVE ,...... .......... 2 761 Sherbrook Rd. ..,.. ,,,,,,,,, YE 2-4242 I-IUKILL, JIM ,A,,,,,vv,Y,,,Y,,,, ....... 3 341 Glencairn Rd. ......... HWY 1-2179 IMAR, TERRY AA,,-,, 5270 Camden Rd. ..... ,,,,,, M 0 2-2308 JONES, 305 ,V,V,,i,,i,, 20925 Colby Rd. ....... . KINNEY, TOM ,AVA,--.,,A. 2238 Devonshire Dr. ...... ,,,,,,, R A 1-3304 KITTREDGE, TERRY ........ ........, 2 210 Middlefield Rd. ..... .. ..... YE 2-0185 LADDI BILL -,,,,--,,-,,,,,-- ,,,,,,ii,, 3 598 Northcliffe Rd. ,,,,,,,, ,,,, ER 1.2527 LANDIS, ROBIN ,,A,,,,,, 11928 lake Shore Blvd. ..... ,,,,,,, G L 1-1586 LANSING, JOHN ....... 2330 Ceneerd Rd- ........... ......... T E 1-8670 LEICHLITER, VAN ...,... 2833 Courtland Blvd- .... ........ S K 1-9575 LEITH, JACK ........... 16205 Ookhill Rd. .... ...... M U 1-8998 LITTLE, REEVE .,..., Pepper Ridge Rd. .... ......... T E 1-9898 MELEAN, BILL .......... 17 I-ymdn Circle ...... ....... H O 9-1796 MAAS, BILL .................... ...... I 6050 Henley Rd- ...... ........ Y E 2-0909 MALONE, WOODY ........ .......... P ekin Rd- ----------------------------.-.... . ............. ED 8-6723 MARTIEN, TIM ........... ......... 5 903 SOM Center Rd- ...--....................... CH 8-5903 MASSMAN, PARKE ,...... .......... I 357 Youngstown Country Club Rd. .... RI 4-1625 MECKLER, ROY ,.......... 4030 Colony Rd- ......------.........-.............. FA 1-1740 NEWBY, BILL ........... 1466 Westover Rd. ..... ........ FA 1-1117 NOLLMAN, TYKE ....... - ........ ...... 8 0 Cocks Lune ---.....-. ........ o R 6-7907 QCI-15, 1505 ,,,,,,,,,,,--,-, YYYKKK 3 199 Somerset Dr, H PARKS, RANDY ,,-,,,,,-n,,, ,,,Y,,. 1 1 2816 Winthrop Rd. ,,,,,,, U PRITCHARD, LARRY ....... ............. ...... 2 5 17 Wellington Rd. .... . RIEHL, CHARLIE .......... .... 6 91 Mentor Rd. ....,.,,.,,,,..,,. ,,,,,,, U N 4.4323 RINKER, ROY ................. ............. ......... 2 4 55 S. Ridgewood Ave. .,,, ,,,,,,,,, T A 3-7058 SAUNDERS, DAVE ......,.. .... . . .... ..... 2 975 W. Belvoir Oval .,..,,, ,,,,,,, S K 2-2424 SCOTT, BRIAN ........... 30999 Sumit Lane ......... ,,.,,,.,, T E 1-9549 SCHWEITZER, BILL ...... .. ..... .15901 Glynn Rd. .,.,...,,,, ,.,,,,,, U L 1-2774 SEIDMAN, BOB .............. .. .......... 6430 Gates Mills Blvd. .,,,,. ,,,,,,,,, H I 2-2423 SHERWIN, GEORGE ......... ......... 1 9101 S. Park Blvd, ,,,,,, A.,,,YY, F A 1 SPOCK, JOHN ,,............. . 2220 Woodmere Dr. ,,,,,, YYYYYYY, F A 1.0556 TAYLOR, RICKY ,......... Gates Rd. ....,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,VVV H I 2.7336 TUTTLE, DAN .............. 600 Quilliams Rd. .,,,,,, ,,,,Y,,, E V 1.5034 UPSON, BOB ....... L ,,,..... ,.,,,,,,, B righam Rd. .,...,.,,,,, ..,.,, H A 3.4755 VAN HORN, DON ......... ,,,,,,,,, 3 410 Blanche Ave. .... ,,,,,,,, F A 1-1178 VOGEL, PERRY ...........,... ,,,,,,,,-, 2 588 S. Taylor Rd, ,,,, ,,,,,,,, E R 1.2100 WARBURTON, BILL ,...,,.,,,, ,,V,.-,-, , 2723 Dryden Rd. ,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,ii,, Y E 2.3335 WATTERSON, DAVE ,,..,,.., .,..,,.A, 2 0955 Byron Rd. ,,,.,..,,...,,,,,,,,, 1, ,MAYYY SK 1.3931 wEAsT, RANDY .,,.,.,,,.,,, ,,,,.. 1 259 Cleveland I-Ir., Blvd, ,,.... ,,,,.... 5 v 1.3357 WEBER, DAN ,,,,,..,,,, 1468 Wilmar Rd, .....,.,.,... ..,,.,. E V 2.4777 WEISS. GREG ------------- 1426 Westover Rd. ......... ..,,,.., Y E 2-7763 WE'-I-ER- CHUCK ------------ ......... 2 728 Claythorne Rd. .... ........ F A 1-1755 WHITE. PETE ..................... ......... 2 1099 Colby Rd. ........ .,,,.,,, Y E 2-0086 WIGGLESWORTH, BILL ........ ,,,,,,,,, 2 2000 McCauley Rd, ,,,,, ,YYKYKK E R 1.1310 WILLIAMS, JEFF ...,....,,,......., ....,,,,Y, WORTHINGTON, JOE ......... ,,,,,,,.,, 2685 Rocklyn Rd. ........ . 2631 Ashton Rd. ...... . -232- -9456 ...... ...... .......HO 9-1074...... FA 1-1316...... Akron, Ohio Alliance, Ohio Shaker Hts. Pepper Pike East Cleveland Lyndhurst Shaker Hts. Cleveland Hts. Gates Mills Cleveland Hts. Gates Mills Cleveland Hts. Cleveland Hts. Shaker Hts. Shaker Hts. Cleveland Hts. Cleveland Hts. Cleveland Hts. Shaker Hts. Shaker Hts. Shaker Hts. Shaker Hts. Cleveland Hts. NAME AINSWORTH, JOHN ,,,,.,,, AITKEN, DOUG . . ..- ANDERSON, DICK ..D..DDDD DD..... BABSON, JOHN ,,v,,,.,, BALDWIN, WINK ,.,.,,,,.. ------- BANFIELD, HARDY DY,,.,V. ,,Av---- BARNES, ALAN Y.......,, aLAsiER, GEORGE. .E.EDDD ....D . . BOHANNON, roNY E,E..,.., E...... BRADFORD, DAVE .EEEEEE .. .,DD,, .. BRICKER, DAN ...,.....,, BRIGHT, JIM ,...,,Y,,,,. BROMLEY, KIRT ..,,,,,,.. BURGOYNE, JOHN ....Y., ...--.... CARR, BOB .............,.......... ....,.v CHAPMAN, GEORGE ,,,,,,.. .....,. CLARK, STEVE ....,..,..,D.... CLARK, TOBY .........,,,,. COLE, RANDALL .....,,E. COLE, DAN ......,......,,,,Y. ,,,,.... COLEBROOK, MIKE .,,,... ..A..,., CORNELIUS, HARRY .... COUGHLIN, BARRING ,,,.,,,, ,,,. CRALL, PETE ,,...,,,..,...,,. CRILE, GEORGE .,,. ..,....,, CROCKER, STEVE ..,....,, CRUICKSHANK, DAVE. .,...,,, ,,... . . DAVIS, CLARK ,,,,... - ,,,, DIPPEL, BILL .,.,,......,..,.. DWYER, JOHN. ....... EPPERSON, DUKE ....,.. FABENS, DOUG ,,,,,,,...,E.,,, FORBES, BILL ..,...,.....,., - ....,,, GALLAGHER, CHARLIE ...,,, GERHAM, DAVE ,,...,,..,,,.... ,,,,,,, GILGER, BILL ,,,..,,,.......,,, ,,,,,,,, GRANDER, JOHN ..,.,,, HALL, JESSIE. .,.,..,... HARDING, JIM ...,,,,, HAVIGHURST, AL ,,..,.. IDE, HERB .,,,,,.....,,,.. JAEGER, PHIL .,.,...,. JONES. NICK ...,,,, LEBBY, STEVE .,..,.,,. LOGSDON, MIKE MANDT, DAVE ,,,... . MERRICK, FRED ,,,.,,,.,, MILLS, CHARLIE ,.,,,,..,, MINTZ, STU ....,.,,,.,.. MORROW, FRAN ,....... POORE, GREG ..,,.,,,.... POPORAD, EMIL ...,.,.,.. PRESTON, HENRY ..,...,... ,.,..., RANDT, SANDY ....,,,.. RATHBONE, TOM ,...,,, REESE, GEORGE ,...,,,., SAUNDERS, TOM. ,..... SCHOFIELD, DOUG ,.,,,,, ,,,,.,, SUMNER, TOM ,,..,..,E,, SWANBECK, JIM ....,... THOBURN, DICK ,,.......... ,....., TRANSUE, OLIVER ,.....,,, ,,,,.,.. TROWBRIDGE, JACK .. WALTER, SKIP ..,..,.,...,.... WELLMAN, JOHN ..,..,,,..... ,..,., WHIDDEN, GRAHAM.. YOUNG, HAP .,..,.....E.,.,. .,.,,E,, CLASS OF 1963 ADDRESS TEL. NO. 2973 Carlton Rd. EEEY........ ,--f-v' 5 K 131399 2921 Manchester Rd. ,,A,, . 2731 Chesterton Rd. ..... . .......SK 2-0471 FA 1-1942 2706 Rocklyn Rd. A,D,A,.,EE .-.--.Y.. H 0 9-1565 2215 Delamere Dr. ..... .-- ff.Y.YY YE 2-1760 Roundwood Rd. ..........f.. .........- C H 7-7752 2219 Devonshire Rd. ..... ......... 5 W 5-2335 387 Adelaide .D.D......... -.----- E X 5-3082 2685 Endicott Rd. ,..... ...... E R 1-1160 2917 Weymouth Rd. ..... ......... W A 1-7697 15100 Shaker Blvd. ..... ....... 5 K 1-5198 2218 Woodmere Dr. ........ ....... Y E 2-0440 30 S. Meadowcroft Dr. ..... ..YYYY... U N 4-3904 2463 Larchmoor Pkwy. .... .......... G R 7-6320 County Line Rd. ............... ..... . HA 3-4517 Chillicothe Rd. .,........... .......... L O 2-2701 3316 Grenway Rd. ....,.... ......... WY 1-2928 292 Corning Dr. .....,,.D...... ...D... G L 2156 Hudson-Aurora Rd. ........., OL 3-5218 23880 Fairmount Blvd. ...,... .D..DY.. H 0 9-1888 101 Hudson Rd. ,............. ....... L O 2-3591 708 Woodmere Dr. .... ....,.., K I 3-3331 2290 Ardleigh Dr. ,.... ......,,,,, F A 1-8013 Old Mill Rd. .............. ....,..,., H A 3-3252 2060 Kent Rd. ...,,,...... ,.,,... Y E 2-7773 2971 Litchfield Rd. ,,,,,,, ...,, S K 370 Bank St. ..........,..... . 12814 Lake Shore Blvd. . 21149 Sydenham Rd. ,.,.. . 1334 Inglewood Dr. 269 Hickory Hill Rd. .... . ,,,,...,,, CH 22276 Douglas Rd. ,,... . 2666 Leighton Rd. ....., . 21999 Parnell Rd. . ..,, . EL 4-8603 .......,, MU 1-4381 1-9116 .......EV .......ER 1-4231 .......YE 2-7663 .......YE 2-7546 2602 Exeter Rd. ,,.....,. .,,.., F A 1-6121 65 Skyview Dr. .....,,...,..,,, ,,,,,, L A 4-7159 Waite Hill Rd. IRFD 31 ,.,,, ,,,,,,,., W H 2-2578 164 North Street ...,,,,,..,. E,,,,,,,,, C H 7-6186 2723 Rocklyn Rd. .,,,..., ,,,,,,,, H O 9-1037 2919 Attleboro Rd. ,...,. ,,,,,,,,, W Y 1.5597 2268 Woodmere Dr. ,,,.. ,.,,,, E R 'I-1545 3000 Fairmount Blvd. ,.,, ,,,,,,,,,,, Y E 2-5949 Berkshire Rd. ,..,,,,,,,,.,,,, ,,..,,,, H A 3.4553 1906 Brushcliff Rd. .,,,. ...,,,, C H 2-0445 2687 Claythorne Rd. ,.,, ,...,,, Y E 2.3359 1251 Winston Rd. ,,,..., ,,,,,,,.,, E V 1.8349 19101 Shaker Blvd. .,.,,, ,,,,,,,,, W Y 1.3781 2865 Fairfax Rd. ,,,,,..,, ,..... Y E 2-4001 4441 University Pkwy. E,,,,, ,,,.,, E V 2.3750 28943 White Rd. .,,,,,.,,,,,,,.,, .Y,, .Y,, W H 3.1752 Battles Rd. .,..,,.,.,,,,,,,,,.,,,. ,,vY,,,,wY H A 3.3220 1508 Burlington Rd. ,,,,,, ,-YYw-, Y E 2.1483 2467 Guilford Rd. ,,,,,,, ,,,,w-, F A 1.2353 21300 Claythorne Rd. .... ,,.... F A 1-5068 2705 Rocklyn Rd. ,,,,.,,-,,.,,,, ,,2,,,, H 0 9.1335 19909 Marchmont Rd, ,,,,,,. YY,-,,,,- W Y 1.4592 2975 W. Belvoir Oval .,,,,,.. .,.,,, 5 K 2.2424 2994 Courtland Blvd. ..., ,,,,,,, I, O 1.7016 2689 Claythorne Rd. ,,,,,, ,,,Y--,Yw, Y E 2.7771 1615 Cedar Point Rd. .. .. ,,,.,,., MA 5.0920 2299 Ardleigh Dr. .,,,,,,,,,,,,, .-,AYYv-- F A 1.0711 18910 S. Woodland Rd. ,,,,. ,,,,.,.5, w Y 1-4342 1536 Kew Rd. ,..,,,,,,,,.,,,, ,,,7V,. Y E 2.5312 4525 W. 220th Sf. ,,.,.,,..,.,,,, .,,,7, R E 4.2330 6806 Wilson Mills Rd. ,,,.,,, ,,,2,,, H I 2.1705 21476 Claythorne Rd. 19040 Shelburne Rd. -233- .. ,... FA 1-0378 .......ER 1-9699 1-7970 ,,,,,,,, ,,..,. 1-7434 ,w,,,,,, ,w,,,,, 2-2696... .. . 7-8684 ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, CITY Shaker Hts. Shaker Hts. Shaker Hts. Shaker Hts. Cleveland Hts. Chagrin Falls Cleveland Hts. Warren, Ohio Shaker Hts. Shaker Hts. Shaker Hts. Cleveland Hts. Akron, Ohio Canton, Ohio Gates Mills Aurora, Ohio Shaker Hts. Bratenahl Hudson, Ohio Shaker Hts. Aurora, Ohio Chagrin Falls, Ohio .. ....Cleveland Hts. .......Gates Mills .......Cleveland Hts. Shaker Hts. Painesville, Ohio Bratenahl .......Shaker Hts. Cleveland Hts. Chagrin Falls Shaker Hts. Shaker Hts. Shaker Hts. Cleveland Hts. Parma, Ohio .......Willoughby, Ohio Chagrin Falls Shaker Hts. Shaker Hts. Cleveland Hts. Cleveland Hts. Gates Mills Pittsburgh, Pa. Shaker Hts. Cleveland Hts. Shaker Hts. Cleveland Hts. Cleveland Hts. Willoughby, Ohio Gates Mills Cleveland Hts. Cleveland Hts. Shaker Hts. Shaker Hts. Shaker Hts. Shaker Hts. Shaker Hts. Shaker Hts. Sandusky, Ohio Cleveland Hts. Shaker Hts. Cleveland Hts. Fairview Pk. Gates Mills Shaker Hts. Cleveland Hts. CLASS OF 1964 NAME ADDRESS ANDERSON, DAVE ...,,,, .......,. 8 16 Wilton Rd. ..,,,. . AYERS, DAVE ,.,.,,,,,... Markell Rd. ...,.....,,. . BAIZ, CHRIS ,...,,,, BARKER, JIM .,..,,,,. BARRETT, DOUG V,,...,, BATTIN, MARK ,,,,,,, BURGER, JIM ..,,,,,,,,..,,,, ., ...., CALFEE, BILL ,...,,,,..,.,,,,..,,. ,,,,.,.. . CARRITHERS, ASHLEY ,,,, ,,,, ....,,,,, COX, ROGER ,...,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.. A...,,,.. DAVEY, HUGH ..,,,,, DWORKIN, JEFF ....,.A. EIDE, RICH .,,,,,,,,,,. ENOS, GEORGE ....,,,, 1806 E. Market St. TE L.N ........FA ........WI ........EX 2724 Landon Rd. .,...... .YYY..., Y E 25500 Chatworth Dr. ,......,...., ,Y.,... . KE 165 Overbrook Rd. ,..,, - ....,,,. YY...,, E M 29199 Emery Rd. ,.....,E.. .EEE.E,.. T E 21200 Claythorne Rd. .,,.,. ,,YA.... E R Epping Rd. ,,Y....,Y,......... .,.... H A 22025 Calverton Rd. ...,. ,,,YY,,,, Y E Box St. .,,,,.,,,,,...,,,,,, . 2504 Dysart Rd. ,...,..... .. 20850 Sydenham Rd. ..., . 2750 Chesterton Rd. ,,,, . .......OR ..YE ........SK ........FA FINCUN, JEFF ,..... .. 2560 Laurelhurst Dr. ,.,.. ...,,,.. Y E FOGG, JOE ............ ..,..,... 2 683 Rocklyn Rd. ..... .,.......... I N FORWARD, BOB ....,,,. ,,....,,. 2 849 Lee Rd. ..,....,,,,....,.,, ........,, W Y FULHAM, JOHN ............ . ,....... 2590 Fairmount Blvd. ..,.,. ........ E R GRIESINGER, ALAN .,,...... ,,....... O ld Mill Rd. .,.,......,.....,, ,...... H A GUNTON, GARY ....... .... 2 3934 Duffield Rd. ,,..., ,,,,.... S K HAY, CAL ..... ........... 2 361 Tudor Dr. .,,,......,.. ...,,,,, Y E HOLMBERG, BOB ........,. ........ 2 256 Woodmere Dr. ...e ......,,. ...... . .FA HOWEY, DICK ........... .......,. 2 431 Overlook Rd, ..,...,..... ,...,.. Y E HRUBY, MIKE .................... ........ 2 350 Beachwood Blvd. ............ ,,.. . ...EV JOHNSON, DONLEY ........ .,....... 2 675 Warrensville Center Rd. .,,,.....,,,,. FA JOHNSON, DOUG ....... .. ...... 21299 Claythorne Rd. ............. .,...... . ER KING, TYKE ............... ......... 2 944 Yellow Creek Rd. ,.... ......, U N LANSING, JIM .............. ........ 2 830 Concord Rd. ....,,... ....,,,,, T E MARSHALL, JOHN ........ ........ 3 119 Montgomery Rd. ,....,. .,..,,,. L O MITZEL, DAVE ........ ......... 1 9880 Frazier Dr. ,....... ........ E D MYERS, JAMES ....,,,,,, NEWELL, HAL ,,,,..,,, NEWELL, CHIP ..,, OAKES, ALDEN .,..... - PERKINS, RICKY .....,,, .....23451 Bryden Rd. Sherman Rd. .,,,,,. . .........2569 Norfolk Rd. Cook Rd. ,,.,....,,....,.,, . 22525 Shaker Blvd. ,,,, . ........LO .......HA ........YE ........ER PORTER, FRANK .,.,,,.. County Line Rd. .,,,,,,,.,, ,,,,,,, C H POWAR, BILL .......... 2532 Laurelhurst Rd. ..,....., ..,...,, F A PREYER, AL ............. .......,. 2 195 S. Belvoir Blvd. ,.,,.. ,...,.,, E V ROSE, JIM ................. 2301 Delaware Dr. ,,., .... . ..ER SCHILLING, DICK ......... ........ 2 692 Landon Rd. ,............ ......,, Y E SLOBEY, .IAY ............. 21149 Colby Rd. .................. ........ Y E SURGNER, SCOTT ......... ........ 1 3311 Tinkers Creek Rd. ...... ....... . LA TALBOTT, NELSON ....... ......... 2 1150 Brantley Rd. ....... ........ E R TAYLOR, BILL .... .... .,.,.... . 1806 Wilton Rd, ,,....,, ...AMYE VIRDEN, JOHN .......... 17915 Shaker Blvd. ....,. . -234- ........SK O. CITY 1-1222 ......,. ........ C Ieveland Hts. 2-2581 ....... ........ M entor, Ohio 2-4236 Warren, Ohio 2-9795 Shaker Hts. 1-4760 Euclid 6-8863 ..,.... ........ E lyria, Ohio 1-8849 ....... ........ C hagrin Falls 1-0092 Shaker Hts. 3-4657 Gates Mills 2-7713 ....... ........ S haker Hts. 3-4741 ........ ....... K ent, Ohio 2-2504 ........ ....... U niversity Hts. 1-7684 ....,.. ........ S haker Hts. 1-3828 ....... ........ S haker Hts. 2-2069 ....... ........ U niversity Hts. 4-9428 ....... ........ S haker Hts. 1-0600 Shaker Hts. 1-5461 Cleveland Hts. 3-4530 ....... ........ G ates Mills 2-0099 Shaker Hts. 2-3009 Cleveland Hts. 1-2035 Cleveland Hts. 2-1127 ........ ........ C leveland Hts. 1-6738 ....... ........ B eachwood 1-4407 Shaker Hts. 1-3360 Shaker Hts. 4-1947 Akron, Ohio 1-8670 ...... ........ P epper Pike 1-3890 ....... ........ S haker Hts. 1-4320 ....... ........ R ocky River, Ohio 1-3411 .. .... ........ S haker Hts. 3-2670 ....... .....,... G ates Mills 2-2017 ..... ........ C leveland Hts. 9-2316.. .... ........ L ucasville, Ohio 1-3256 Shaker Hts. 7-7877 Novelty, Ohio 1-9398 University Hts. 2-3504 University Hts. 1-0093 Cleveland Hts. 2-2419 Shaker Hts. 2-5818 Shaker Hts. 4-1070 ..,..... ........ V alley View Village 1-9588 Shaker Hts. 2-0057 Cleveland Hts. 1-0071 Shaker Hts. NAME ALLEN, PETER ....,,,,.,,, . .. ANDERSON, BRUCE ,,,,,,, BAIZ, BOB .....,,,,.,,,,, BALDWIN, NICK .,..,.,,, BARR, DOUG ,,,,,,., BENES, JIM ..,,,.. BESSE, BOB ...,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. BROWN, JIM ,,,.,,,,.....,,.,,,, .,.,, CHAPMAN, GEOFFREY .,.,.,,, .,,,,,,., COUGHLIN, CURTISS ,... DEANE, BOB ,,,,,,,,.,,,, DANGLER, JIM ,,...,,, DAY, RALPH ,,.,,,,,Y FISCHER, JOHN ...,.,,,,,,,. FRIEDLANDER, DOUG... GASCOIGNE, GEORGE ,...,.., ,,,.A,,A HARRISON, STU ,...,,,,,,,,, ,,,A,,A,, HEJL, JOHN ,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,,.,, HOFFMANN, GERHARD ,...,,, HOLLISTER, CLAY ,..,,,,,.. HOLMBERG, BILL. . HOPKINS, DAVE.. ,,,, .. IRWIN, JIM ,,,,,, .,..,,, JACKSON, JEFF ..,, KALKAS, GEORGE ,,,,,,., KINDER, GENE ,,,,,, KNUTSEN, TOM ,....,,,.. LELYVELD, MIKE .,,,,,,,,,,,, -AVV Y ,- LINEBERGER, PETER ,,,,,,,,,,, . YY,--,- Y Locxwooo, GEORGE .IIIJ... MCCREARY, Lewis J,,,,,,,J . .,., , MILLER, ERIC MILLS, OSBORNE ,,,.,,,, NEWCOMB, WALT ,,,,,,V,A Y nmrr Y OCHS, BILL ,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,, OLDENBURG, FRED PANCINI, DAVE .. RISON, TOM ,.....,. RYAN, SKIP .......,,, SHIELDS, DAY ,,,,,,,,,,,,, SIEGLER, NELSON .,...,,,. SKALL, JIM .,,,,A,,,,,,,,,, SPAHR, STEVE ,,,,.,,,,,,, THEMANN, BRUCE ..,.. .. TOTH, ERNEST... TRANSUE, ART ........ TYLER, RALPH ....... WEAN, TOM .......... WENHAM, FRED ...,..... WHITE, JOHN ......... WILLIAMS, DAVE ....... YOUNG, WEB ..........,. ZELLMER. CHARLIE ....... CLASS OF 1965 ADDRESS 2917 N. Park Blvd. ..... . 1032 Oxford Rd. ...... 1806 E. Market St. ..... 2215 Delamere Dr. 17415 Shelburne Rd. 2948 Claremont Rd. ..... . 2701 Ashley Rd. ......, . 22626 Calverton Rd. Chillicothe Rd. ........... . 2290 Ardleigh Dr. 2984 Brighton Rd. 2749 Ashley Rd. .............. . 5352 Hills and Dales Rd. ..... . 19010 Shaker Blvd. 2854 Winthrop Rd. 2700 .........2611 ..... 2256 ........3121 .........West 3258 ........LO ......GR ........SK TEL. NO. 1 .......EV 1 -8383 -7521 .......EX 2-4236 ........YE 2-1760 ........YE 2-3572 1 ER 1 ........FA 1 -4566 -4555 -3 280 2-2701 .......FA 1-8013 LO 1 FA 1 ........SK 1 -7376 -3789 7-5572 2-2375 -0162 2939 Glengary Rd. ..... ....... S K 1-3880 2956 Braxton Rd. .................................. WY 1-4818 Oxgate Lane, Daisy Hill Farm ............ CH 7-4075 Derbyshire Rd. ................ .. . ...FA 1-9902 Guilford Rd. ....... ......., F A 1-8436 Woodmere Dr. ........ FA 1-2035 Fairmount Blvd. Hall Dr. ............... . Belvoir Blvd. ..... . .........21262 S. Woodland Rd. 2986 Glengary Rd. 2273 Richmond Rd. ........... . 10229 Lake Shore Blvd 14600 Shaker Blvd. .... . 2505 Arlington Rd. 2365 Woodmere Dr. .... . 2288 Chatfield Dr. 1230 Sherman Rd. 2680 Wrenford Rd. .... . 3199 Somerset Dr. 2520 Stratford Rd. .... . 2799 Scarborough Rd. 2717 Endicott Rd. ..... . 19713 Shaker Blvd. 2869 Eaton Rd. ...... . 2020 Laurel Hill Dr. 3172 Somerset Dr. 24075 Lyman Blvd. .... . 2951 Kingsley Rd. ..... . 3301 SOM Center Rd. 18910 S. Woodland Rd 20859 Byron Rd. ............ . 850 Fairway Dr. ......... . 20050 Shaker Blvd. .. 3007 Fontenay Rd. ..... . 2685 Rocklyn Rd. ...... . 19040 Shelburne Rd. ..... . 2311 Ardleigh Rd. - 235 - .......HA .......FA 1 ........SK 1 -1363 3-3305 -9508 1-9463 ........SK 1-7377 HO 9-1586 MU 1-0010 .......SK 2-1643 .......YE 2-0549 .......FA 1-7487 CITY Cleveland Hts. Cleveland Hts. Warren, Ohio Cleveland Hts. Cleveland Hts. Shaker Hts. Shaker Hts. Shaker Hts. Aurora, Ohio Cleveland Hts. Shaker Hts. ........Shaker Hts. Canton, Ohio Shaker Hts. Shaker Hts. Shaker Hts. Shaker Hts. Chagrin Falls Cleveland Hts. .....Cleveland Hts. Cleveland Hts. Cleveland Hts. Gates Mills Beachwood Shaker Hts. Shaker Hts. Lyndhurst, Ohio Bratenahl Shaker Hts. Cleveland Hts. Cleveland Hts. ........YE 2-2796 Cleveland Hts. PA 9-7986 Chesterland, Ohio .......FA 1-8651 ....Shaker Hts. 1-2176....... .........Shaker Hts. ........FA 1-3476.... .. .....Cleveland Hts. ER 1-0064 . ..Cleveland Hts. .......FA 1-3731 Shaker Hts. ......,SK 2-2528 Shaker Hts. ........SK 2-2298 Shaker Hts. ........EV 1-9901 .. .........South Euclid 1-3140 .. ...Shaker Hts. ........lN 4-9973 Shaker Hts. .......LO 1-1896 Shaker Hts. ........TE 1-9373 Chagrin Falls 1-4842 Shaker Hts. 1-3628 Shaker Hts. --------FR 4-4I22.... . .........Warren, Ohio 1-5282 Shaker Hts. 1-5042 Shaker Hts. HO 9-1074 Shaker Hts. ER 1-9699 Cleveland Hts. ........YE 2-9402 Cleveland Hts. Compliments of INDUSTRIAL ROOFING AND SHEET METAL, INC l6320 MILES AVENUE Cleveland, 23, Ohio THE LAKESIDE STEEL IMPROVEMENT. INC. 5418 LAKESIDE CLEVELAND, OHIO -236- an outstanding party idea A "READY-PACK" CLAMBAKE BRANDT DISPOSABLE STEEL CONTAINER Now you may have a tangy, sea flavored clambake in a disposable steel container, ready-to-cook. You only need add water and build a fire. No need to worry about returning a soiled rented steamer. We supply all the trimmings, Maine lobster, Cherrystone clams, Super Ruby broilers, fresh sweet corn, Jersey yams, radishes, green onions, celery, sweet butter, and even salt and pepper. Th chickens are browned, the yams are parboiled, the clams are cleaned and the crisp relishes are ready for the table. A complete paper goods service is also available. If you are interested in a party idea that will please your friends call the Clamback Department at PRospect 1-2323. "Ready Packs" are available from 4 guests to any number you wish. THE BRANDT co. 427 BOLIVAR ROAD CLEVELAND 15, OHIO PRospect I-2323 -237- Compliments of MITCHELL METAl PRODUCTS SHAKER MARKET 3245 Warrensville Center Road Shaker Heights 22, Ohio WE DELIVER Zinner's Florists FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS, Zinner's Flowers 3505 LEE ROAD Phone LO. I-5500 BEST WISHES to the CLASS of 1960 o THE JACROK C0 paint and varnish Forbes and Knick Roads BEDFORD, OHIO BE. 2-4220 -239- MILES Auto Glass Installed Auto Radiators Repaired O 12701 MILES AVENUE Cleveland 5, Ohio We Honor Insurance Auto Glass Claims Mlchigan 1-0439 for all your insurance needs A. E. HACKENBURG INSURANCE AGENCY 2800 EUCLID AVE. - 310 CH. 1-0350 MORE'-AND Jackson Tool Supply BEVERAGE Inc. COMPANY 1537 Superior Avenue 13005 WOODLAND AVENUE 1 Block North of Shaker Square GA. 1-5000 I The Best Delivery Service in Beer, Wine, Champagne, Mixers and Party Needs CLEVELAND 14, OHIO PR. 1-6373 I Anchoring - Fastening - Drilling Servicing the Construction and Building Maintenance Trade O Sales - Rentals - Service GIUNTA'S STOP-N-SHQP 13908 Cedar Road DY SEGEllN'S Compliments of Florists and Garden Shops Standard ol' Co' CARNEGIE AT EAST 90th Ohio Cleveland 6, Ohio SWeetbriur 1-8900 -DEE wAsl-I, INC. A, 3630 LEE ROAD J. Heil Florist, In 3233 WARRENSVILLE CENTER ROAD Compliments of Dy.Dee wash' Inc. Artistry in Flowers C I sl-IAKER Helo:-ws, ol-no WA "NW LOngacre 1-6161 membe' F' T' D -242- BEST wlsHEs TO THE cLAss OF 1960 THE SMITH 8. OBY COMPANY 6107 Carnegie Avenue Cleveland 3, Ohio ENdicott 1-5121 PLUMBING, HEATING, AIR CONDITIONING AUTOMATIC SPRINKLER, PROCESS PIPING Contractors and Engineers Since 1898 Best Wishes To the Class of '60 BROWN AND GAGE, INC. creators of good impressions -243- BEST WISHES to the CLASS of 1960 o COE MANUFACTURING CO PAINESVILLE, oruo -244- BEST WISHES THE DILLEY MANUFACTURING C0 Moon Mist Motel 4411 East Tuscarawas IM Miles East of Canton, Ohio, on U. S. 30 ll Modern Units - Free T.V. - Air Conditioned lndividual Steam Heat - WalltoWallCarpeting Large Showers - Outdoor Barbecue - Large PicnicGrounds Large Modern Heated Swimming Pool For Reservations Call IVanhoe 8-0327 or 8-0388 or GLendale 4-0255 -245- Compliments of F. E. MYERS K BRO ASHLAND, ol-no W.l..S. STAMPING C0 Stamping in Small Quantities CLEVELAND, OHIO -246- Compliment: of ELECTRIC MOTOR DEVHOPMENT COMPANY THE ANTHONY CARLIN COMPANY 230 I-:ANNA BUILDING Tbree Generations of Service The MILLARD Co. SON 8. RAPER FUNERAL DIRECTORS FAIRHILL at EAST BLVD. CARNEGIE at EAST 105th STREET CLEVELAND 6, OHIO -248- CLEVELAND SLAG CO. PREPARED BLAST FURNACE SLAG AIR COOLED AND EXPANDED FOR HIGHWAY AND GENERAL CONSTRUCTION 4'l4 Fidelity Building Cleveland, Ohio believing fhaf Universify School men are much more PERSPICACIOUS fhan fhe average schoolman . . . THE CONTlNENTAl BANK hereby offers fo open 'College Checking Accounfs' for any U. S. man wifh a dollar in his pockef THREE OFFICES now and in fhe fufure. you'II like doing business wifh 'Ihe bank fhaf says 'fhank y-o-u' Fairmouni' a'I' Cedar 'l4'I'h a'l' Euclid -249g The White Motor Company-a leading Cleveland industry since 1900- salutes with pride the long and distinguished record of University School . . . pioneer in Cleveland's educational progress since 1890. THE WHITE MOTOR COMPANY 0 CLEVELAND 'l, OHIO WORLD LEADER IN HEAVY DUTY TRUCKS ..,6O YEARS OF LEADERSHIP HI TE Complimenfs of THE S. BARKER'S SONS CO. ESTABLISHED 89 YEARS AGO OFFICE SUPPLIES ' PRINTING ' OFFICE FURNITURE 729 PROSPECT AVE. CHerry I-0450 THE FIRST CLEVELAND CORPORATION 700 NATIONAL CITY E. 6th BUILDING CLEVELAND 14, OHIO INVESTMENT SECURITIES PR I-I57I -251- Best Wishes to the Graduating Class I. GEORGE MAYER GALLERY 20309 VAN AKEN BLVD. SK2-4554 Complimenfs of KINSMAN-LEE HARDWARE 16765 Kinsman Road C plimenls and Besl Wishes From - THE HASEROT COMPANY PACKERS AND DISTRIBUTORS OF QUALITY FOOD PRODUCTS UNION CLUB COFFEE ' HASEROTS SENORA COFFEE HASEROTS CANNED FOODS 521 Woodland Avenue Cllerry I-7273 Trollope: "H is a comforfable feeling fo know Hlaf you sfand on your own ground. Land is aboul' 'Hue only flling fllaf can'I' fly away." 'A' For the comforl' of knowing your real eslale problems will be han- dled wilh compelence and dignily. call- CECIL WEBSTER CO. REALTORS ' YE 2-0225 COMPLIMENTS OF THE CHILCOTE COMPANY AND PAPER nlvlsloN BREWER-CHILCOTE PAPER CO. Cleveland, Ohio -253- COMPLIMENTS OF WENHAM TRANSPORTATION. INC 2723 Orange Avenue Clev land, Ohio EATCN MANUFACTURING COMPANY COMPONENT MANUFACTURERS for all MAJOR INDUSTRIES for FORTY-EIGHT YEARS General Offices: Cleveland, Ohio TWENTY-THREE DIVISIONS AND SUBSIDIARIES Located in EIGHTEEN CITIES -255- COMPLIMENTS OF EDDIE PAINTON ASSOCIATES. INC 843 East 93rd Street Cleveland 8, Ohio MUlberry 1-8831 Robert J. Irwin Preside t 256 - THE LEZIUS ' IIILES CIIMPANY Creative Printers ot' Merchandising and Sales Literature rom ommencement . . . 150 ompletion an interior planned, designed and executed by lRVIN and Company specialists is in the hands of skilled craftsmen, well schooled to observe only the highest standards of perfection and good taste! S G G B O . 11777 07.14077 " .9"Q: Q37 M V : fe S " 1ll?f'f , L ,maj EUROPEAN QXYNTIQUES 12425 CEDAR ROAD CLEVELAND 6, OHIO wvomang 1-4500 ZIECHMANN gloria U Esfablished 1875 GROWERS AND DESIGNERS OF QUALITY PRODUCTS V 2970 Warrensville Center Road Shaker Heighfs -258- Complimenfs of THE ENOS COAL MINING CO. 1300 UNION COMMERCE BLDG. CLEVELAND. OHIO Meef Your Friends Al' Bunce Broihers JOHN WADE, INC, Men's Clofhing and Furnishings RECORD SHOP lNexf fo Sfauffer'sl aff -A' Shaker Square a Cleveland 13209 Shake, square River Road 0 Gafes Mills SK 1-3600 RECORDS - TRANSISTOR RADIOS SHEET MUSIC - GREETING CARDS -259- STUDENT TRAVEL -A at IS EASIER o MORE ENJOYABLE IF PLANNED BY TRAVEL SPECIALISTS , I I WE OFFER A PERSONALIZED SERVICE FOR EVERY TRAVELING NEED TO ALL PARTS OF THE WORLD STEAMSHIP-AIRLINE-BUS-RAIL-HOTELS Co e in and get ocqucl nted You Ilfdmayofyouf dsh ad cordaal atmosphere-the me s wear s mc dental CHARLES RUYEE, INC. 86 WEST ST. 13200 SHAKER SQUARE CHAGRIN FAU-5, OHIO Cleveland 20, Ohio !260- I Get "THE EXPERTS DICTIONARY" NEWEST... BIGGEST.. .BEST WEBSTER'S NEW WORLD DICTIONARY of The American Language COLLEGE EDITION 142,000 entries, 1,760 pages, 3,100 terms illustrated- more of everything you want in a dictionary. ..mo1'e examples of usage . , . more complete etymologies . . . more descriptive synonymies...more precise, simpler definitions . . . more social, business, scientific terms . . . more idioms, slang, colloquialisms. Approved for use by University School...used and approved by colleges and universities throughout the nation. Cloth bound, 85.75 Wlth thumb Index, 86.75 AVAILABLE AT ALL BOOK STORES Wellman Offers . . . Completely equipped plants to meet the most difficult casting problems in aluminum or magnesium. Up-to-date manufacturing facilities for patterns in wood and metal. Write for Catalog The Wellman Bronze and Aluminum Company 9401 Woodland Avenue Cleveland 4, Ohio Sweetbriar I-6900 -26l - JOIN The Cleveland Council ON World Affairs Otto G. Graelt, Inc. 16709 Kinsman O The Friendly Spot to Photoshop Emil's Service Station PURE OIL PRODUCTS 2310 LEE ROAD Cleveland Heights 18, Ohio FA. 1-9846 Compliments Shirts n' Flats, Inc 3630 LEE ROAD LO. 1-6161 We Salute the Class of 1960 Compliments of a FRIEND V. C. Taylor 81 Son, Inc. Realtors Established 1872 I 0 1 Compliments ' of HowARD ALLEN, Inc. Zlfhg, Publishers Post Oiice Box Number 1810 cLEvELANn 6, onlo Fine Apparel for Men and Boyx 20125 VAN AKEN BLVD. - SKyline 1-5700 Open Tburfday Eveningr until 9 P.M. -263- KUHERE THE Qijiyrg Mig CAN You LOAN ME Yom? 'PAWS 7 GET MY MODEL 1-X um OF THE X-HGH ,mmiv PW 1 CDUUCK, wHxLE mi? DODD lem' Looxsme QYOUL SHOULl.DN'T l-KPNE SMD T HAT M3015 BABE These Two Pages, Compliments of P .Kai as m ir Q ,s s if 3 e ig 'lb 1 LDHERE THE QOY5 ARE OF comme I wwe A MY DF2xvGR's. LICENSR: CI Friend. COMPLIMENTS OF DAVIS 8. DISSETTE. INC. INSURANCE SURETY BONDS Hanna Building Cleveland, Ohio BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1960 I C 0 U LT E R l C H A R D beauty salon G A I' I' E Rl E S at the "waIk-in" location CARNEGIE AVENUE AT EAST 107th STREET CEDAR 1-1333 CLEVELAND 6, OHIO 1250 Euclid Avenue Open Monday and Thursday Evenings COMPLIMENTS OF DOWD OLDSMOBILE 1? zeoo Mayfield Befween Superior and Covenfry f 's xl' 4.1 ' I .isa gi- kj . ..:.:..e Complimenfs of Pioneer Beverage 20140 Van Aken Blvd. LOngacre 1-8088 COMPLIMENTS OF Congrafulafions To the Class of C60 FINE IVY LEAGUE CLOTHES FOR BOYS Located at H A 1' 20156 Van Aken Boulevard Q44 W0 Phone LO 1-5400 6 FULHAM BROTHERS. INC 4423? nf- me f f 9 Q, 2, L 4 1 f I az XM? fp' 1" 4 Fishermen Fulham BYONIIII Brand 0 America's Favorite fresh-frozen Seafood -268- Compliments of J. Quinter Young -A' Painting and Decorating 'A' 23175 LAU1RE1.DAl.E BLVD. Compliments of GAITHER AND CO., Inc. The H. M. Bailey, Inc. 131 13 Shaker Square WAshington 1-0093 Congratulations to the Class of 1960 from Parkview Savings and loan THREE CONVENIENT OFFICES THE KORNER 8. WOOD CO. BOOKS ' STATIONERY ' ART 1512 Euclid Avenue Cleveland 15, Ohio The Antiques Gallery, on the mezzanine has a fine selection of English and American Furniture, rare China and many collectors' items. There is a traditional knowledge of the finest in Stationery and Engraving and always a selection of unusual and beautiful Lamps and Shades. "Our patrons are distinguished by the coifeur they wear." Mich u el' s HAIRDRESSING SALON 2754 Van Aken Blvd. Virginia Arcade Cleveland WA. 1-5200 Compliments of Smith Bros. One-Hour Cleaners Compliments of The Youngstown Foundry ancl Machine Company THE KINSLEE SHOP f :if I-l l ll ll Y A V , Y - ' j .if 1' INTERIOR DECORATORS DRAPERIES - SLIPCOVERS BEDSPREADS Expertly Mode in Our Own Workshop Large Selection of Fabrics WAshington I-9540 16822 Chagrin Shaker Hts. THE UNIVERSITY SHOPS SPECIALIZING IN NATURAL SHOULDER CLOTHING SUBURBAN 2245 WARRENSVILLE CENTER RD. INEAR CEDARI CAMPUS II309 EUCLID AVE. ICOMMODORE HOTELI For those precious moments to be remembered, choose o gift which will be lovingly cherished doy ofter doy. . . ear ofter eor. Y Y And we know youll ogree. . . "the best gifts of ull come from Webb C. Boll" Q7Ae WEBB CBALL CZ. DIAMONDS - WATCHES - siwea - imimincs ' Q fll4'J1a4J.,-Awuw a -271- THE NATIONAL SCREW 84 MANUFACTURING CO. f ! CLEVELAND 4, OHIO LOS ANGELES 22, CALIF -272- f xxg ' if Zin? ' f., :QIH fill Q W ft, X 5 I' N 1 If ga- v' ,,. ., ai s , X.. L.-' '7 ' ' N 7 X. xx- f ,X . ' U' ix w ,- ., .-Q, 1 x ' . p J- 'E' ij-S . .4 Ext ,Wy ,N . , , -K4 Jr 5 'xiii' , ,Q X 2 . . . pf- N. 'y s.,,,i 3, il ie. fc V-1" ., , is . g f Y"f 1' i'E""i'- , Af' ,. 1 v' . ik . he iilalle Bros. Gln. 'E F , 'yi' f', xg 1 f Relaxed, poised, correct . . . you're the l man with the distinctive natural shoulder look . . . and an inherent 4 ! , appreciation for authentic detail. That's 3 4 z why you frequent our University Shop- headquarters for clothes designed specifically to give a lithe, lean appearance. University Shop SECOND FLOOR DOWNTOWN -273- COME IN AND TEST DRIVE Q U A ummm, FALCON AND 5 U I C K I N C - ALL NEW FORD LINE SALES ' SERVICE SHOWROOM ' Buick - RENAULT SHAKER HEIGHTS PEUGEOT ' Om Near FORD SHAKER SQUARE 3553 lee R004 Cor.Easi102ndand shaker Blvd. LO, 'I-8000 10250 Shaker RA. 1-6000 A BEATTIE RING THE GIFT SUPREME Whether it signalizes engagement, lovely friendship or fond association, an exquisitely designed and consonantly wrought Beattie precious gem ring represents the trinity of life, mind and soul-complete and beautiful. H. W. BEATTIE 8. SONS DIAMOND MERCHANTS 76 Years in Cleveland 1117 Euclid Avenue 158 The Arcade -274- Phone: I-lllloresf 2-7560 Hours: Weekdays 'fil 9 P. M. Sofurdoy 'fil 6 P. M. Comphmems Hilfczedt Record Shop to the Class ALL MAJOR RECORD LABELS of '60 R. K. DICK 5705 Mayfield Road Mayfield Heighfs 24. Ohio CHARCOAL FOOD OPEN 6 A.M. TILL 3 A.M. In Fort Lauderdale Eat Well and Inexpensively at swanky Franks RESTAURANT Af the Beach on Sunrise Blvd. HERB SERGEANT LO. 4-2712 -275- Compliments to the Class of 1960 SHAKERVIEW fm" SERVICE, INC. THE CLEVELAND TILE 8' 12916 Woodland Avenue CABINET CO. 131 TERMINAL Towen ARCADE CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1960 MR. H. R. SCHILLING -276- THE STANDARD DRUG CD FOR ALL YOUR PHARMACEUTICAL NEEDS 277 Adventures in Music, Inc. 20320 Farnsleigh Road o FOR RECORDS AND HI-FI EQUIPMENT T. R. Wigglesworfh Machinery Co. RT. 8 AND ALEXANDER ROAD BEDFORD, OHIO BEdford 2-6660 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1960 THE COLUMBIAN VICE 8. MANUFACTURING CO. 9021 BESSEMER AVENUE Stanley H. Adams, Insurance Mrs. R. W. Banlield Barron's Pharmacy Clarke W. Bearden Baigio 8. Richard Hairdressers Compliments of a Friend Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Hendershott Mr. and Mrs. George D. Lynn La Mars Pattie-Lynn Agency Judson Platz Sam's Shoe Repair Shaker Gift Center, Inc Shaker Jewelry Ben Skall Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Smolik University Square Barber Shop Mr. and Mrs. Donald Van Horn PAT RONS 38600 Mayfield Road Roundwood Rd., Chagrin Falls 2458 Fairmount Blvd. 17650 Parkland Dr. 20610 North Park Blvd 1024 Oxford Road 3107 Fairmount Blvd. 1106 Euclid Avenue 13210 Shaker Square 829 Lucerne Drive 13936 Cedar Road 3222 Shaker Square 3439 Lee Road 2627 Kerwick Battles Road 13932 Cedar Road 3410 Blanche Avenue Compliments of THE WEATHERHEAD COMPANY CLEVELAND, ol-no -280- BROWN-FORWARD FUNERAL SERVICE Since 1837 ak Convenient Suburban Location 17022 CHAGRIN BLVD. ' SHAKER HEIGHTS SKyIine 2-1200 G. BUDD FORWARD -281- HOW CAN A GUY BE ALONE? when the TV is on?...when SIS is hanging around? ...when family friends drop in ? call HER? R PHONE AND PRIVATE LINE WILL SOLVE THAT PROBLEM! Wouldn't it be just great to have your very own phone in your bedroom. The conven- ience and privacy of your own line and directory listing is really swell, too. The actual cost is only pennies a day so why not ask Mom or Dad. Have them call our business office today. And remember -telephones now come in 9 new colors. OHIO BELL MA 2-9900 We Never Make Mistrakes -282- C. P. WRIGHT 81 CO. PIPING CONTRACTORS CLEVELAND GREETINGS FROM ZALUD OLDSMOBILE INC 16101 KINSMAN ROAD SHAKER HEIGHTS, OHIO WY 1-3333 A WORD ABOUT OLDSMOBILE! The 1960 Oldsmobile-an inspired creation - makes a complete break with the past, setting the pace for a new cycle in styling. YOU HAVE THE NEWEST OF THE NEW IN OLDS. -283- Compliments of The Davies Can Company ' Cleveland, Ohio The Conneaut Can Company ' Conneaut, Ohio Central States Can Company ' Massillon, Ohio COLONIAL PLASTICS MFG. COMPANY CLEVELAND, OHIO i' Subsidiaries of The Von Dorn Iron Works Company Cleveland, Ohio Manufacturers of containers for the PAINT, FOOD and CHEMICAL PROCESSING INDUSTRIES -284- Compllmonfs of Hurry Jacobson, Inc. 1026 Euclid Ave. Men's Clollling and Accessories of Disfincfion The Morsholl-Field Motors Co. For 25 Years Your Heiglrls Ford and Thunderbird Dealer Corner of Cedar and Lee YE 2-3600 W. I. WHITE, INC Compliments REALTORS - WAI-0656 f o 16830 Kinsman Road Shaker Heights 20, Ohio 'lr HEIGHTS 8. SUBURBAN HOMES Charles H. lesher, Inc QUALITY SHOES FOR ALL THE FAMILY 20150 Van Alien Blvd. SHERMAN PRIZE SPEAKING CONTEST Complimenfs of The Cobey Corporaiion and AFFILIATES 'A' Perfeciion S'I'eeI Body Co. 'A' Eagle Crusher Co. GALION, OHIO -287- Compliments Of A FRIEND -288- Aerial view of U.S. in 1930 New wing built in 1955 to contain the biology lab and Mr. Thomson's domain. I University School today l Compliments of 'S A Van Aken Hardware BOY ONE OF YOUR MAJOR PROBLEMS? Boys seem to grow now in one part, next in some other place, don't they, and as a result their clothes never seem to make them look quite as ou'd like. That's where we oan help. Ready made suits and coats have to be made for av- erages. But we make clothes for your special boy. Result is your bo looks well dressed all the time. lnd his clothes cost less because we use only the finest long-wearing imported English woolens. STEPHEN-RAJKI, INC IMPORTING TAILORS 2206 Lee Road YEllowstone 2 2002 for a complete rqfutwed. to your Sanitation and Maintenance The Gerson Stewart Corporation - LISBON AND BUCKEYE ROADS CLEVELAND 4, OHIO CEdar I-I5 I5 Manufacturing quality products since l9l4 for America's cleanest and best maintained plants, office buildings, hospitals and schools L. R. Schilling, President -290- COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND -291- 0 warn-2-Nw.: a - .. , a-.9f-rms' wdg Zbfakzmwd cz .7 Wouldnit it be thrilling to ride into the sixties with a new Cadillac car of your own? Cadillac's new styling will set the pace in automotive design for years to come. Majestic and elegant, it has already won acclaim everywhere. Its performance represents a reward- ing departure from the past . . . so smooth, so quiet, so effortless and level in ride that it must be personally experienced to he fully understood and appreciated. And., of course, careful design, quality materials and painstaking craftsmanship give it unduplicated dependability and endurance. So if you're looking forward to the wonderful decade ahead-think how much more exciting it could be in the company of a 1960 Cadillac. See and drive it very soon. Visit Your Local Aufhorized Cadillac Dealer CENTRAL CADILLAC COMPANY - zsoi CARNEGIE Avenue -292- 5' Q lv-wil l-l13E1QTE5 tgLkIXl-ITE , DEWNEYQW5 , gg 5 fi fx Q 35 LD!-IOS 3AmvY7 S HAM K LOOKS S HCOK CLHgsnQcoxu VEGETPXTXCN THHT CNE THSTED FMNNY ADVERTISERS' INDEX -A- Activities Press, Inc. . . , , Adams Printing Co. ..... . Adventures ln Music, Inc., . ., Allen, Inc., Howard ..... . Art Metal Co. .... , Bagley, Inc., D. B. .. Bailey, Inc., H. M. ..... Ball, Burge 8. Krause Ball Co., Webb C. Barker's Sons Co., S. .. Basic Incorporated , . . Beal Auto Service ,,... Beattie 8. Sons, H. W. Beauty, lnc. .......,. , Beecher Hardware ., Bel-Aires ......... Bender Tree Co. . . Blue Lakes Farm ., Bolton-Pratt Co. .. Borton, Sam Brandt Co. . . . . Brown-Forward . . Brown and Gage, lnc. Brown Optical ..,., Bunce Brothers . -C- Caminati's ..,. ......,......,.. Campus Drug Stores ...,.......... Campus Sweater'8. Sportswear Co. Carlin Company, Anthony ....,... Cedar Center Lanes ....., Cedar-Taylor Garage ,.... Central Cadillac Co. .......................,. . Chilcote Company, IBrewer-Ch Clevite Corporation .....,. ilcote Paper Co.I .,.. Cleveland Fire Extinguisher Co. Cleveland Slag Co. .......... . Cleveland Tile 8. Cabinet Co.. ,. Cleveland Towel Supply Co. . Cobey Corporation ,.,..... Coca Cola ,,.....,.. ., Coe Manufacturing Co. ..... . Colonial Coin 8. Stamp Shop Columbian Vice 8. Mfg. Co. ..,.... , Cleveland Council on World Affairs .... Continental Bank ,,.... .... . , , Coulter Chard Galleries .. Cowell 8- Hubbard Co. ,. . Page 222 220 278 263 224 226 269 218 271 251 194 202 274 219 218 210 197 196 212 258 237 281 243 196 259 271 197 225 247 226 226 292 253 214 218 249 276 219 287 272 244 220 278 262 249 266 206 1 D i Daisy Hill Greenhouses .. Page 202 Damon's ,.,.,..,..... 223 Davis 81 Dissette, Inc, .. 266 Danford-Lowell .,.,, 196 Dean Dairy Co. .. . 280 Diamonds ......,..,... 197 Dilley Manufacturing Co. ..., 245 Dolwick, R. .l. ..,...... 221 Dowd Oldsmobile . . . 267 Dy-Dee Wash, Inc. . . . 242 .. E .. Eaton Manufacturing Co. ....,., 255 Edmondson Studio ...,.,...,......,. . . . 207 Electric Motor Development Company . . . . . . 247 Elliott, B. K. Co. .,.....,..,......... 220 Emil'sAService Station . . . 262 Engel, Jay Inc. ..,.. 267 Enos' Coal Mining Co. ...,. 259 - F -. Fella's Shop ............. 221 First' Cleveland Corporation . . . 251 Franklin-Miller .,..,..,.... 220 Freedom Industries , . . 198 Fulham Brothers, Inc. .. . 268 - G - Gaither 8. Co. ..............,.. 269 Gerson Stewart Corp. .. 290 Giunta's .,.......... 241 Graeft, Otto G., Inc.. . . 262 Greves Flowers, Inc. ...... 203 -H .1 Hackenburg Insurance Agency, A. E. . .. 240 Halle Bros. Co. .....,............. . , , 273 Harshaw Chemical Co. .. 227 Haserot Company . . . 252 Hathaway ,....,.. 267 Heights Cleaners .... 203 Heil Florist, Inc., A. J. ., 242 Heinen's ,.,,..,..,. 215 Hillcrest Record ,. 275 Howard's ,,,... 219 Hukill Chemical .,.............. 224 Hunkin-Conkley Construction Co. . . . 204 .1 I .- Industrial Roofing 8- Sheet Metal, Inc.. . . . , . .236 Irvin 8. Company ......,,........... 258 Smythe ADVERTISERS' INDEX 1. J 1. Jackrok Co. .....4.......,, , Jackson Tool Supply Inc. .. Jacobson, Inc., Harry Jones, Jack .... . ..,, . Jones Optical ...,.., Joseph Hair Dressers . Judson-Brooks Co. .......... . .. K - Kennedy's, Bob .,.....,...... Kingsbury Dry Cleaners, Inc. .. Kinslee Shop ,,,,..,..... Kinsman-Lee Hardware . . . Korner 8. Wood Co. Kucera 8- Associates, lnc. .,... . -L- Lakeside Steel Improvement, lnc. . ,. .. . Larchmere Food Market ..,... l.aRiche Ford, Inc. . . . Lenihan, Gorton 8. Ca. , . . Lesher, lnc., Charles H. ,. Lezius-Hiles Company ........ ...M- Marshall-Field Motors Co. Matson, M. M. ,.....,... . Mayer Gallery, J. George . , , McFetridge-Drugs ..., ,,... Mericka 8. Co., Inc., Wm. J. Merrill, Turben 8. Co., Inc. Michael's Hairdressing Salon . Midas Muffler Shops ,...... Mielzner ,.,.....,. Miles ,,,... Millard Co. ...,.., . . Mills Company . . . . , . . Mitchell Metal Products ., Moon Mist Motel ...,.,..,,.. Moreland Beverage Company .. Morley Ltd... Myers Gi Bro. Co., F. E. - N - National Screw 8- Manufacturing Co. New York Times ,,.. ,..,,. -0- OhioBelI ,,..... Oxford Shop, The ..,. ,,,... -P- Paine Webber Jackson 8- Curtis Painton Associates, Inc., Eddie . Parkview Savings 8. Loan ,, , Pierre's , Pioneer Beverage .,.......... -Q- Qua Buick, Inc. .. ...,.. . ., Page 239 240 285 229 213 229 208 206 228 271 252 270 210 236 202 215 228 285 257 285 225 252 203 21 1 198 270 215 195 240 248 230 238 245 240 224 246 230 205 282 263 210 256 269 266 267 274 1. R L Record Rendezvous, Inc. .... . Reynolds Ford Sales .... . Royce, Inc., Charles , . . , . . Russell, Inc., Chas. E. .,... .. ... 5 - SegeIin's .................. Shaker Shaker Auto Hospital Inc. . Heights Ford ...,.... Shaker Heights Hardware Shaker Market ,.,......... Shakerview Service, lnc. .... , Shaker Square Travel Service , Shaw 8. Shaw Construction Co.. Shirts n' Flats, Inc. ,........ Sidoti Shoe Repair . Standard Drug Ca. ..... . Standard Oil Co., Ohio Stamping Co., W. L. S. ,. Stephen-Raiki, Inc. . , St. Regis Paper Co. .,...... . Smith Bras. One-Hour Cleaners Smith 8. Oby Co. ..... ..,. , A. B. Co. ...., , South East Chevrolet Co. . Sutliff and Morrison , . . , . Swanky Franks Restaurant -T- Taylor 81 Son, lnc., V. C. , , . Thomas 8- Co., Mildred , . Travellers Shoppe ...... ,... -U- University Shops ,..,.... . . , -V- Von Allen Hardware .... ,. Van Dorn Iron Works Co. -W- Wade, lnc., John . ,..,... . . Weatherhead Company , . . Wean Engineering Co. , . . Webster's Dictionary . , . . Webster Co., Cecil . ,,... .. Wellman Bronze 8. Aluminum Co Wenham Transportation, Inc. , . Wh ite Motor Co. ,........ . White, Inc., W. I. .....,,.. , Wigglesworth Machinery Co., T. R. . .. Wright 8- Co., C. P. .....,..,, .. - Y .. Young, J. Qulnter ............... .. Youngstown Foundry 8- Machine - Z - Zalud Oldsmobile Inc. . , . . .4 . . Ziechmann Florists Zinner's Florists ..,,... Zuccaro's Food Market Page 229 208 260 223 242 202 274 197 239 276 260 229 262 195 277 242 246 290 212 270 243 195 21 1 194 275 263 226 195 271 290 284 259 280 213 261 252 261 254 250 285 278 283 269 215 283 258 239 228 THAT'S ALL FOLKS Af v- 'f -ff. -fn?-1-A . , , , ., ,. 1 , , xi,- s P A is' "' ' . J ' . 1 I - . , .-1g- . . I' . I . , A f' " , "fr V- 4 1 1 Xu, ' L. V A w ' , , ,QL , ' f y , . iw A 2 'f6":1V . 4 1f,.:'TJf -f 160. " 3.3 - x-, , E, ,Q,.'y.g' . 4 , '-552-jifki' A, - :Y : "fW'5f:'1-' . '- 7. 1-Vg, :S+ f i'Q'-N-53'xii'-Wi-.Q-..,. sl- ff,.4,.?"',"'45iv: "ggi-' f- Q . N L...'.jg' n. ' , r - A , ,'. ' '-'J-511,511 , " " 'RF-1 '- v 3' - Q N. . - N- ., 1 ,-L3 . 1 I 1 ,Q VT., . ,. , . 1 1. "-Ngiia li-Lili F 'fan -- , . gg1'.::iwU -:i'p "'2f,' gr , .A ,. Qin- 'ffl' ' , ,,.. . 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