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WW was J M . K -L53 3 fs. JA 1 , v -2,2 1. , QF' ' '- if . 5. 3 f 14. 1 . Q, Ma. ins' . T, 'xx rs R .aan , 2 mp: 4- - ,hi r.-V w 4: 1 :fm 11 wx 1, . ' X. -ff, fn ,- , ff 213. " JL- sh 5 EY gf if ,. an .1913 ,.1,, L 'A' 1 .A Q F1 . -' 151 1 Q "1 va. . 14 A - .J ,Th - . ,.:, rg, .iw v ,fe 42' 93 ' f -:rg F. Y. Q W- X Vx? Q , iifff 1325 . ' iv '- i ,, ,ir ,f J ' 1 ,, 4 ' , . 114 J' 4.1 5 V. 1,11 , ff , F5 . dv, v 'L 1 A1 . ' L f L.,- V Avi P val- ' L 1 X. :N M. --4 gn f 's - 1959 X I 2 + Xxx if X I ,, . f v 1-7 111"iT"1' I jx If Jmakianx 'lllll 'lllll BACK ROW, L TO R: John D. Kling '18, Edouard J. Pelrequin '21, Samuel K.. Scovil '41, Marcus L. Smylhe '23, William Hunkin '38, William G. Laffer '23, Ben M. Hausermun '31, Ralph M. Besse, Thomas W. Miller, Jr. '29, Robert L. Fairbank '29, Herman L. Vail 'l3. FRONT ROW, L TO R: Dr. Alexander T. Bunls '15, William B. Belden '21, William H. Quayle '29, Edward W. Sloan, Jr. '25, Headmaster Harold Cruikshank, John B. Dempsey '07. TRUS William B. Belden fVice-Pfresidentj Ralph M. Besse Dr. Alexander T. Bunts Victor M. Cannon Edward L. Carpenter James H. Coolidge Rufus S. Day Robert L. Fairbank Ellwood H. Fisher George Gund H. Stuart Harrison 1Treasu1-eo-Q Henry R. Hatch KAsst. T1'ea,s.j Ben M. Hauserman HONORARY Alexander C. Brown Robert J. Bulkley Ernest C. Dempsey John B. Dempsey TEES Ben F. Hopkins, Jr. William J. Hunkin John D. Kling William G. Laffer ThomasW. Miller, Jr. Edouard J. Petrequin William H. Quayle fSec'reta'ryj Samuel K. Scovil fAsst. T'rea,s.j Edward W. Sloan, Jr fPT6Sid97LfJ Marcus L. Smythe Herman L. Vail Raymond J. Mean TRUSTEES Randolph Eide Judge Paul Jones Laurence H. Norton The University School Board of Trustees, composed of twenty-five elected members and seven honorary members, is the high- est administrative organization in the school. Each year five trustees are elected to the board for a five year term. An election of officers is held annually. Vari- ous committees, including the important financial and executive committees, oper- ate for the entire board. About three times every school year, all members meet under the direction of President Edward W. Sloan, Jr. With a sound foundation in the Uni- versity School tradition, these gentlemen eagerly eye the future as a time which can only be met by thoughtful planning in the present. Headmaster MR. HAROLD L. CRUIKSHANK 1947 A.B., Yale University M.A., Columbia University Western Reserv University OR twelve years, Mr. Cruikshank has taken a sincere and individual interest in U. S. boys. The class of 1959, especially, is grateful for his valuable assistance, and for the opportunity of having been associated with him. Since 1947 University School's standards have been raised each year in an effort to make U. S. one of the finest schools of its kind in the country. There are many people to Whom credit is due for this advancement, but Mr. Cruikshank's capable and adept leader- ship is most responsible for this constant striving for perfection. In a tribute of this kind, We should not neglect the one service that has put more U. S. boys in his debt than any other. Of the many boys that Mr. Cruikshank has helped into the colleges of their choice, not many will soon forget his efforts. The class of 1959 pays this farewell tribute to a dedicated and inspiring headmaster. lIEllICA'l'l0 v - ., ,WW ,, 2 Mr. S. Tucker Fox, III HE class of 1959 dedicates this yearbook to Mr. S. Tucker Fox, III. For seven years, Mr. Fox has guided many a U. S. boy through the rigours of French in every classification, with a subtle humor and an easygoing manner. His earnest desire to instill every boy with his own zest for learning has had productive results, for it is not very often that a teacher takes such assincere personal interest in each and every one of his pupils. During the Winter of this year when Mr. Fox Was recuperating from an illness, a firm testimonial of his importance to University School was evinced through the number of cards and letters which he received. That testi- monial is a tribute far better than this one, but We hope that this dedication will in some measure show our appre- ciation to Mr. Fox for his capable tutelage and his highly- valued friendship. ,ii W 'K TABLE 0F UON'l'EN'l' Mabian Staff , A A Dedication . , A School Trustees A , . Faculty 4 . . Seniors . . A Class Poll ,..,.4..,.. Senior Class Directory . , . Prophecy Letter . , A Class Profile , . . Classes .i....i. Upper School ..,, Middle School A A A Lower School A... Informal Pictures .... Famous Lines For '59 . A . Activities . A . Athletics ......,A. Informal Pictures ..AA Advertising Section .A4,....A.A..A.........A..A...AA.A,.... K Including Features and Ad'L'67"Zf?:8'i71g Directoryj 18 6-7 4 10-15 19-83 85 84 86-87 88 89 90-93 94-99 100-103 104-105 106 107-122 123-144 145-178 179-259 faculty "1"'...'D N S 5 e oo? S69 SGD do we .fo GQ Q-' Q G Q4 Lo 9.96 Oo N 040 me 'D we wx 5629 b ov! .1 0 0 fb xbfdog O0 5 X995 -Q' X 39 '31 ox X90 xq wt' K 'cox o Nei A Nor Q Q9 x ,F-' mf' Q 'Q O? C-9.9 -Q9 p... N CWQB grfftoox 9 W .. S' 5' 'ob EXW" vw" rw" 4' 06 3 5' ef loess 8 S -S 0 3 W v SX 195' Y., K' . 0 oy' 3' ox ob QL JOHN D. MCCARRAHER RUTH SCHREYER C PAIGE 1922 1922 1925 B.S., M. Ed., Springfield College Reappoimed 1930 5-A., MA., Wager PHI! Director of Athl tic Cleveland School of Education Adminisrfanve An.Reserve 3.4 SU Athletic Council Advisor Columbia Teachers College 59Cretary of Alumni rmaljn- Hg' 8011 S lg29 MNER First Grade, Penmanship sscc""'9 4,74 of IJ'-We 7. Wen, fsfo el7Cl7er 'hq Cv D S Co U spa . S rpm ' l1f,,o 50 'P S. TUCKER FOX, Ill JONATHAN E. INGERSOLL PETER 1949 1950 C. 5580 B.A., Haverford College B.A., Dartmouth BA ,951 rr Sorbonne LL.B., Western Reserve MQ" Oberl, Head of French Department Geometry, Algebra EQ' Hqworm 000 Edward Moore Advisor Registrar "9lisl, d 0 fx. '41 29 ' 'f 4' fl QQ H5 no I 401' 19,0 oo, rm sl, 26-'Refs 4 I' A on 4 0 I J- e 004, 'Vo '- 191 4 4 0' 0 , Y 4' of O 4,0 6,0 06 I4 'Id C',' 6. ff D o Q3 410300, :Ok 9' G 9 QQ UWM Wgzxgw 44.5 U 7942 155 Quo' "'5,J""o ' . 4,. Head Wexfsrluve,-,ff 1 Che: SWS: 'qexsf of ffl- 4 o 'sf Us Ve 'll - f' 2 ry and 06000 cis 1679 29 Y Fl7y,fcs"'o,,, 'ff 1 C' Q6 0 Q1 4' , . 4, I vor Caoii .92-74'o4, , , so 'if 45 '70 I- 'ro wmq9,Z W J- 4 0 47 0- hnfQg 5, .r Q '3-. o,, 1, fa' -1 0 F 0775 941 9' 'P 0, 'P fo ??: 'al 1' al' avi amgg-0 15302 oo 'P 'oo Ex 'iv' --o-2, 5 2 2 .- jg1Fm 1- ::'?Ev 0 is-1 I gvgg-P Sgasa' 8-0350-'g -Qu-19 :U SWE? E 5322 ' -2 Q C 3 r- YIF' m asp M Qs? E no ... ?9o3I oo'-Q 515 ,- me 3 as 2 5 o 991. or o o f' A 'Z 0,-?m Lixguoyl at agp- -2' IZ Og' Quiz. 4' O 0' 34? gf 41325 G1g,1 7 vN9 ' T ,ff Q ff 53012 Q o"'5'Q6 'Q 225 Q-am x -1: P -1 -'I 2. I our, r- 'i9zn 'A-' oo: Z 29. .- 0 Q:S'1fF' S-9-'EN' 9.3, E View 2' E .0 9, Z I Q3 w ?E'n' uni -n -ofbbsn: ga snag?-3 E 3252-.dx 72.3030 n lb- gg :um oo: !.n.U2gm 7' sr 85:9 S .,. EQEQKS 4 fn" o 23 : O 3 4 9. 2. 2 u 8'-,Q 2 ..,,- 5523Z If "away: I- s23'm-' mmE9Sf9 "'?3?:" iasig 3 3-OEIQ O 36"nE r' E'a H Z 9 D H 3' x A 4 Wai M .fa , ,fgqi -A . . ,,71:,1 sr. 6 Q V" 17' 'cw L WL1'w'.,'-4 fun 3'L"'Wf! ., b' 'W iw' W 9 NN' 0 QPR' xq Q0 Logo 6 fb?" QQWQ Q60 Q . e s GQ O vbixgo E ' QQ, e' - K 'f 1, ,V ,- I ,,f, , ,W v, I W ff, ,W g I W, A MQW V WM!! ,ww 1' N pa Mffw ' eg :M W v rgnww 2 'il Y ' 7 V: it :Q r ,ff H' S 01 I 7? 4" 563 .. 92. 3 wb' Wg 415 Q. 59 X vw g 5 to H509 Qs' 35 4? P9 ev eff 6 QV? 46 4559 -Q29 QQ' 4' -is eo 'NNE wmiw .gf .2 X955 is 5 M 53 BQXX Skoke 'Yeochets CoXXe96 S L, Qg, wil: gf -V MW? Y if , Ilgfimwsaz. g f 'U lm' , ' O 3 .5 . , J: ,E E 4 32 x . o. Z- 5 N f 94' E 5' .. ol'-30 so s 3 Q, 'I QQ' 'ff' X5 -r vy 2, Q- 'Soi' vga wo" 45' 2 ff' o 5' -P QT: as 3 2 5 4: " I 'ff ff' -1: -3 5 5 E 2 Ji' 5 -9' .- c --. S Omg! 5 sf Ig 2 -E 3 Q' 'X E 1- 2 , O Y 3 'f S E ng u Q 8 1: .9 13 2 lu o a 3' ,g s 5 U 'E . 00 o " 2 E .2 5 Sf as ' 2 x 3 5 r r -f '- z E22 5 . zz 'E 2 2 2 3 E U E .5 I 2 o f 1 ' -5 0 P- Z S' va E 1 ,, no A 0 -- K U Z. U S m -f FS .S 2 .1 E . 2 3 .Q A 4 2 Q 4- 3 eo! qw 11" hf 'S' 0 1 fs 0, 5' Q 'F 41 P01 72,300 off os-"sq, 0 0' 0 o , 0' , eg T, 0 f 01 Q'o4.6oV 8 0 PH C6006 .VZ yllls Bop dk 0 gs 1956 P51 ,2,09C'ffQ,'v ' Wes: L9 Q' oo- on 04' o- 9" Q of gf, "' 0 0 Ieffciq Gserve rs Q1 'Q 6 J' ll A -Ps, -1-4, so Z '73 'Q- R2 ' Q 5 2, c 9 3 5 YQ E 2 QQ' 0 00.9 T Q2 -'AQ 'QM' f4f.,,'g,'9 'QQ obfvofqfhecf- gcfgu Q Zi, 4, of P 949, .5 4 Q 2 7 ,Q -vw' -n " IJ' 2? 'MC- sg 'gt 3 v rl 5' D D. 5'P' Q E2-? Z F32 0 was 2 Qaggg 532535 55.31, Z gf?-59 5 E's3 E-0 3, a 0 9'-'LA 6.00 m"?v'll' 45992. 2 9' ,-9 4 ?pi. 0 v Q1 7' 12- 'ig 2 19- m 91 352. 23 ? A, gm .5 1-35 I 2331-2 09- 2-02" -,-4,3 gr?-rs Z 0-0, p 32 : 'U ou- --SS 1 logo .. 2- I P' zu as sl 0 z ?S 5 S-. I 3. 4 -I -mzg Sggggf' b77:'oX'us 579+ Q E' 35' E -. :A as 5 2 0 -. n g 5 2 25 E3 I -: Z gxr H 5. S' - EOF: n OQE-0- ..,.:fD,o: E,m"gg 3 9. -1 xf,c mia. I 9.352 P 3-:S 3 -.,, . P -23 4. 2 ' P .. 9. Z I With our utmost respect and appreciation we wish to honor Mrs. Ruth Morris Schreyer, who is retiring this June after thirty years of loyal service as a lower school teacher. In 1922, Miss Ruth Morris began her career at U. S. as first grade teacher. The following year she discontinued her teaching because of her marriage to John Deharte Schreyer. In January of 1930, Mrs. Schreyer returned to U. S., this time as director of the third grade. She was happy to return to her first graders a few years later, Where she has remained ever since, she has often said, "First grade is my only love." Throughout her years at U. S., she has always kept busy, having taught penmanship, reading, and art, in addition to her first grade work. This June, Mrs. Schreyeriwill have completed thirty and one-half years at U. S., and it is estimated that she has taught well over 500 boys includ- ing two generations of some families. Mrs. Schreyer and her husband, who is retiring this year also, will continue to live in Cleveland. They will spend the summer months at Balsam Lake, Ontario, as they have done before, fishing, swimming, and reading. It is with deep regret, but sincere appreciation that we regard the loss of so devoted and loyal a teacher. It has always given each of us a special pleasure to watch an Indian file of first graders obediently follow Mrs. Schreyer through the halls. Although we deeply regret her retirement, Mrs. Schreyer should leave with a feeling of accomplishment, having had a life of fulfillment through instruction of the young. EURETARIE Left lo right: Miss Breyley, Mrs. Fields, Mrs. Wcflerson, Mrs. Bass, Mrs. Whitehead, Mrs. Smith The graduating class feels a special gratitude to the various secretaries through- out the school, whose friendly advice and willingness to help have reached everyone. The friendly smiles of Mrs. Margaret Whitehead, Mr. Cruikshank's personal sec- retary, are a familiar sight to anyone who has entered the headmaster's office. She handles the school correspondence and arranges the school schedule in addition to her duties as secretary 3 and, above all, she is always willing to lend a hand. In the main office, Miss Vera Breyley brightens everyone's day with her sugges- tions and wonderful sense of humor. She has never been without a smile and a cheerful comment, yet her typewriter never stops chattering. Mrs. Helen Smith is the loyal friend of everyone at U. S., both past and present. When in need, with all other hope gone, a boy can always depend on Mrs. Smith for a K. A. Her switchboard operation is often interrupted by a loan of 8.10 in return for an I.O.U. Her friendly personality never changes. Mrs. Arlene Fields, assisting in the Alumi Office is also a well-known person- about-school, due to her many services to information-seeking U. S. boys. In addition to aiding Mr. Paige, she is an associate editor of the Alumni News-Lettefr. Another friendly, helpful person is Mrs. Mercedes Watterson, Athletic Office secre- tary. Although she is kept busy organizing atheltic schedules and events, and accepting field excuses, she is always willing to help. The Middle School boys owe a great deal to Mrs. Audrey Bass, Mr. Bobenmeyer's secretary, for her cooperation throughout the year. Her understanding is greatly appreciated by many a lost seventh grader, and by many a befuddled freshman. The graduating class wishes to give a special "thank you" to all these women for their undying friendship and their helpful advice. Everyone at U. S. appreciates their warm smiles and cooperation. MY WHAT SYMBULISIV' w ' MR. Tuumvsuws X-ff,'ffgAf:Q Q? 1 MINA BIRD , K - lf ?gK fwfi S-we ess wff SURE THINQTERNITE F U RE H! Q, ll 1 1 0 f 'H W f G 4 ff Q A V, Y HUW CBUL WHAT WOULD X DER ROMANS SAY? x A A I NX My :S -X ig Q UQ X ng Jr 4' ff ff! .. z J I X W . iw uv ' Q Q9 gl ,Kg MULLEY KwurrHuRneLmmN414 TM NAFU IL K, Guuev LEUN 1 J EGU EY U 1 U X, ' KENYO s 535, E mf Vx P f , t C9 2 I W Q xv j SPIKE mem ' , ' Eg: G4 iff' ' ' aka V! - 33 5 N N , KV , 9 WC-3 ' 5 i'-.ssl X Mmm AM I HUM Q ' N WS UNRTUUN? " J L, . L ED , ' MR. Mctmnww, vnu W i num Knmw Mum A fm ABDUT Tms GAME? 3, A gg H -- I 2 1 X , 'ian fi ix , w 2' f ea EQ JOHN EMCHJIUI ' MARIA TAFF Editor-in-Chief .... ...., J ohn Lowell Thomas Managing Editor .... ....... G ary M. Arsham Business Manager . . . ...... J. Morley Schloss Literary Editors . . . .... James I. W. Corcoran Art Editor .,..........,.. John F. McWhorter, III Staff Artists . .Coert D. Olmsted, Andrew C. Dalzell, Sam Little, Lawrence H. Boles, Richard E. Sampliner Photographic Editor .............. Terry F. Meket Feature Editor .... ..... R obert W. Irwin, Jr. Sports Editor ............ ...... H arry W. Lum Advertising Copy Editor ........ Gerrit J. Blauvelt Advertising Co-Sales Managers ..,, Wm. A. O'Brien, Arthur H. Bill Billing Manager ..... .,.. F rederick A. Watkins Circulation Manager .... .... W illiam F. Preston Public Relations ..... .,......., J ohn J. Carson Faculty Advisor ........... Mr. Robert P. Schwab Editorial Assistants: Frederick Woodbridge, Myron Arms, Lawrence H. Boles, James Hughes, Michael Hexter, William Carlisle, Peter Steck, Neil Thompson, Roger Such, John Lang, John Lane, David Johnson. Photographic Assistants: Charles DeWoody, William McLean, Hugh Wilson, Robert Black, David Polster. C185 seniors W1 J "Charlie" -member in good standing of the Senior Room Set-always looking for some- one with which to- play poker-has an un- usual philosophy on life C'Why put off till tomorrow what you can get out of doing altogethernl -can be spotted a mile off by his studious-looking dark-rimmed glasses- was able to imbue his mind with all the per- tinent facts of C. G. S.'s Modern History course "by osmosis"-expects someday to inherit Manner's merely by making his presence there felt-would settle to take over the Campus Drug, however - likes to race Black out Shaker Blvd.-Charlie will continue vehemently to try to abolish labor this ownj. 20 CHARLES SIGLER ADAMS entered - 1952 Mabian Board 4 Players Production 3, 4 Camera Club 4 Projection Club 4 Radio Club 4 Freshman Football Manager 1 Freshman 'Wrestling Manager 1 ' " no-r ' , r ,fo Q-df -H" 1' 4' t MAKE!- ANCE ' 'M :zur A , mmluul g I lm 'L f ' Z 'I S .fu 'J L i Q f Cz: .sat J zsrazfnu hh MY RITIS f v 1 f ' ' 'Q sf 'S' n.mrra'JlX'-I I :gems ' CSF. 740 mm Hanan Htvacuuvp g,,:x',,1, at-wif' I , lg ' unuu "':'.ffm' ' - ' , l' , KGB M... .3 f , V .ii--i X villa' " as Quxer HLL wesnpusu sunnsutv '39 Friday nf+evvwun 3 U'Cl-0'-K ' 1-1 -1-as xlg u MYRON ANTHONY ARMS entered - 1953 Second Honors 1, 2, 3 National Merit Scholarship, Finalist 4 Class President 4 'Mabian Board, Special Feature Editor 4 News Board 3, 4 Edward Moore Society 3, 4 Forensic Society 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 3, 4 Players 2, 3, President 4 Players Production 2, 3, 4 Varsity Football 4 Freshman Football 1 Freshman Swimming 1 Freshman Tennis 1 O O SRL O Oo O O Q O OOO Oo l .PO 'L O . -K H 3 I if i't:' -f Ely WATER POEQ SECRET WEIXPONI C219 "Mike" - able and worthy Players President -the first of such species under the Noel B. Wines regime -is the owner of a "blast-proof" house which has proven its virtue under stress -can be easily identified by his imposing sta- ture and his shell-rimmed glasses-writes quite a sophisticated On The Town for the News- is a firm devotee and supporter of the noble game of bridge-a firm believer in the Christmas spirit, regardless of the time of year-- ranks second only to Woodbridge as far as the quality of his Spanish accent goes -Mike is assuredly destined to become the manager of Jack and Charlie's "21." GARY MARTIN ARSHAM entered - 1953 Cum Laude 4 National Merit Scholarship, Finalist 4 First Honors 1, 2, 3, 4 Second Honors 1, 2, 3, 4 Sherman Prize Speaking Contest 3 Junior Prize Speaking Contest Spelling Contest 3 Mabian Board Editorial Assistant 3 Managing Editor 4 News Board 2, Associate Editor 3, News Editor 4 U. S. Handbook, Associate Editor 4 Forensic Society 2, 3, President 4 Jr. Council on World Affairs 3, Vice-Pres. 4 Jr. Classical League 2, 3, 4 Lake Erie Conference 4 Athletic Council, Secretary 4 Varsity Baseball Manager 4 Freshman Baseball Manager 1 Class Soccer Captain 3 2227 LI' - aa 5 x 1 I ll Giza-r 'E fad, C225 "Gars" -- heavyhanded Forensic gavelman - "Who needs Robert's Rules - We'll use mine!" -member of the News Room Bridge Club- Author of Blackwood Arsham's "Billet Doux" on Bridge-often seen brandishing his pipe, looking for some soap and water to blow bubbles-connoisseur of fine tobacco, fine wines, etc. -- He and Olmsted led an unsuccess- ful attempt to found a "Societe des Connois- seurs des Fines Sens de la Vie"-but the masses weren't ready-Mrs. Bopple was all set to be an honorary member-helps keep Louis' Wagon Wheel in business--sometime competitor with N. T. for the Golden Brick award-Gary can be heard to say, without equivocation, "The future lies ahead." "Art"-assumed a large portion of the responsibility for the financial end of this publication-is quite often associated with the O'Brien-McWhorter-Bill axis-one of the more faithful patrons of the hallowed Senior Room-has at times considered staking his own claim there to rival Lightbody's Corner -fondly recalls his lucrative efforts in El Dios' Modern History course-maintains a harem which he exposes when the coast is clear - capable and adroit racketman on Prep- per tennis squad-care-free and fun-loving, Art is still searching for someone who can tattoo his Marlboro cigarettes. C235 ARTHUR HENRY BILL entered - 1949 Mabian Board 3, Co-Advertising Manager 4 Glee Club 4 Players Production 2 Junior Council on World Affairs 4 Projection Club 2, 3, Secretary 4 Camera Club 3, 4 Radio Club, Assistant Treasurer 4 Varsity Tennis 2, 3 Freshman Soccer 1 Freshman Tennis 1 Class Basketball Captain 1 -CD- , . Fx ll Q H rim MD "Cheyennei'-tall, lanky and brilliant star on John Dodd's varsity dribblers- dabbles quite a bit on the sun-tan squad in the Spring -commutes to-and-from "Chag" each day in his big metallic-blue Olds-keeps a cute- lookin' chick out at the Falls whom he imports occasionally for local social events-won't soon forget the heated discussions in Ace's U. S. History class- class's most avid suppor- ter and enthusiast of senior math-one of those boys who wouldn't think of missing Fri- day's lunch-with his keen afinity for sports and mathematics, Bruce may soon be seen high-jumping over his slide rule. 24 BRUCE RAYMOND BIRD entered - 1957 All Around Athletic Contest 3, 4 Varsity Basketball 3, 4 Varsity Track 3, 4 Class Soccer Captain 4 :Q I J- ' -be-ei-Fr , M.,Il,0 ROBERT FRANK BLACK entered - 1957 Mabian Board 3, 4 Players Production Staff 3, 4 Camera Club 3, Vice-President 4 Radio Club 4 v7x' UL O O 1 A RL MAN WITH A CAMERA C257 "Hugo"-member of the Beechwood-Pepper Pike contingent-aspiring Camera Club Vice- President-claims that someday he may even learn to use a camera-one of those lucky ones able to get satisfactory grades Without sweating too much-prefers the Orange- grown variety of chicks-is the proud pos- sessor of Bill Taylor's Ford convert-would drive it more if the cops didn't have his license so often-was the most dreaded of all the "terrors" in class football- can be seen almost any Saturday in his favorite outfit of jeans and black suede jacket-Bob will eternally be searching. GERRIT JOHN BLAUVELT entered - 1953 Second honors 1 Mabian Board 3, Ad Copy Editor 4 News Board 3, 4 Edward Moore Society 4 Forensic Society 4 Varsity Football 4 Varsity Wrestling 2, 3, 4 Freshman Football 1 Freshman Wrestling 1 Freshman Track 1 -. - A Q- !'!l!l!x,3?x"' CZ? DEL? K Q wEl5ll5t ' L Jngglg- I :Z 0 x11:'5EEE: M Y I 'I ' l ii. . . QQSY1 l' K1 VD. ' .106 7 NN ' 5 .E Z-5 Las' gag M15 'IAF 0 2,55 HONEST OFFICER, 1 ONLY SELL IT! 26 "Gerry"-hard-working ad copy manager of this enlightened literary effort-writer of one of top scandal columns fOff Boundsj for the News - brilliant socialite who never misses a party or social event-has thrown a few of his own, too-has been known to perpetrate some rather intimate soirees during summers at Cape Cod--lithe and supple member of varsity football, wrestling and track squards -is U. S.'s only remaining liason with S. R. Jones-is only member of senior class who has never eaten Friday's lunch at school this year-someday Gerry will surprise everyone by turning in his News article before it is assigned. "Harry Larry"- well-known in Shaker society for his off-key laugh-bought hot M. G. because he felt need of togetherness- Bell Telephone's biggest customer-noted for his few and far between appearances as R 8x R king at dances while his hungry fans be- seiged the refreshment table-has now re- formed, and is joining his fans at the refreshments-author of Mabian biographies lunfortunately not this onej -supporter of the Hoets Tour of Europe-with his con- tinental flare, Larry is certain to shed a little more "lux" on the "veritas." C275 LAURENCE HUEY BOLES Mabian entered - 1955 Board 4 News Board 3, Associate Editor 4 Glee Club 2, 3, Treasurer 4 Octet 4 u l ' Xl' FQ' fgggzill ?-aff.,-S '1f,EZ,, M ,-5 THE RUEKSTERS RUAHSTER "Legs" - one of the less stentorian members of the class-sterling swimming manager who never gave fall and spring varsity sports the opportunity to utilize his "bod"-is re- nowned for his often facetious and impromptu remarks-launched his senior speech with considerable and nearly effraying rapidity- served two years as a mellow baritone in Frank Hruby's glee club-doubtlessly has a sizeable collection of women stashed away somewhere, though he seldom brings them forth for display -found considerable opportunity to satiate his desires for intellectual outlet in John Napp's College Algebra course-John will continue to search diligently for the "brave new world." 28 JOHN JAY CARSON entered - 1953 Mabian Board 3, Public Relations, 4 Glee Club 3, 4 Camera Club 3 Projection Club 3 Athletic Council 4 Varsity Swimming Manager 4 Freshman Swimming Manager 1 VIEXT Holds MEAT ' Will Be Suu. A+ us A mN2+NRa 014 l5lUNDAYwn X RIA!! Wil CGI' unc G " il AuilLi.1uA4 -S1 gf-ia la LAWRENCE EDWARD COLE entered - 1955 Glee Club 3, 4 Players Production 3, 4 Radio Club 4 ICOLES PRINT SHOP I l E- i " 'ell L Q ' Im mums? X all llllz, RL Q 4 29 "Larry"-hard-working two-year man in First Tenor section of Frank Hruby's ex- travaganza of sound - also "digs" various and sundry types of contemporary jazz and other products of Mars-a former dormite who found it more to his liking to "pad out" even- ings at home in Hudson-always claims to have no amiable relations with our rivals at the reform school there-has maintained a sizeable harem in past, but has been confining interest lately to hisfavorite chick-got a real kick out of Mr. Napp's physics class- being the school's official ticket-printer, Larry will undoubtedly adapt the presses to yield a more direct profit. JEFFREY JOSEPH COLLINSON entered - 1956 Class Vice-President 4 Mabian Board 4 Edward Moore Society 3, Forensic Society 4 Varsity Football 3, 4 Varsity Basketball 4 Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 4 J. V. Basketball 2, Co-cap 5 l ,l i 5 M9 4 tain 3 4307 "Jeff"-theatrically inclined-famed for his appearance at Smoochie's-outstanding athlete- steady gridder who was vertebra on team's backbone-hard fighting, high fouling roundballer- pitches for batsmen in spare time- Becky's boy who puts in an occasional social appearance to keep up appearances- ardent follower of El Dios' teaching methods -practices them on dates-advocate of the boomerang as a means of physical exercise- still working on his boomerang pitch-"Who needs a catcher anyway?" - sometime pool shark-"Livingston, get off that table". Jeff will continue to advocate the picnic-a-day method of fencing reality. "Jean Paul"-occasionally "James Wont- come"-writes tepid literary page for school scandal sheet-one of class's more blatant hypocrites-has yet to finish one of his arty, saganesque novels-believes in marriage- has proposed to no less than four girls- connoisseur of Blossoms-would find it less strenuous to place in the 440 than be track manager-attended first half of every Fo- rensic meeting-walked out of last half-is known to use his trouser pocket as ashtray- soon to come out with new LP album, "Jim Plays Hymn"-If ever challenged by Aaron Burr, Jim undoubtedly would have chosen words. 31 JAMES I. W. CORCORAN entered - 1950 Cum Laude 4 First honors 1, 2, 4 Second honors 3 Marshall French Medal 3 Mabian Board 2, 3, Literary Editor 4 News Board 2, 3, Literary Editor 4 Forensic Society 2, Secretary 3, 4 Junior Council on World Affairs 2, 3, Sec'y. 4 Player's Production 4 Glee Club 4 Junior Classical League 2, 3, 4 Athletic Council 4 Varsity Track Manager 4 Freshman soccer 1 i I -s 4 BETTER TU Renew lN..,'1'NHN .....MlL1'0N in ' l l I F" n!B dd 1 ssnve nv Hanvsn' "Cub"-possessor of a build that would make Mr. America look like a runt-a strong advocate of the manly art of self-defense and always willing to relate his experiences of the past weekend-the owner of a tan which makes "Ben" look like a ghost-it was once rumored that he gave up women for an entire summer to improve his golf, then had to play with one and became so nervous, he lost- one of the few to know more vocab words than Neil- Tom will always be trying to keep his money from the greedy card sharks in Metey's basement. 32 THOMAS DAVID CULLEN entered - 1952 Projection Club 4 Radio Club 4 Varsity Football 3, 4 Varsity Baseball 3 J. V. Basketball 2 Freshman Football 1 Freshman Basketball 1 Freshman Baseball 1 'f zwg V 'N u p ANDREW CAIN DALZELL entered - 1956 Mabian Cartoonist 4 Class Football Captain 4 ,V F e C -- 7 l Q e,gv11VVYvv,,.i ji JL, 54 ' atgAAA5 , ' F xifffbi , H? wiv wt, 33 "Dazzle"-unrecognized by the plebiscite but notable to Mabian staff for his original and witty cartoons-class gridder captain of dark repute-has been married to his woman since time immemorial-friendly with all car attendants at Shaker Towers and Shaker Lakes-decided to go to Denison after seeing campus-"Those coeds just knocked me out." -can often be heard extolling the virtues of his big brother- devoted his senior speech to Cleanliness in Our Schools-with Andy's "joie de vie", and friendly manner, he is des- tined to become the head of public relations for Mad Magazine. WILLIAM FRED DAVIS entered - 1957 Varsity Football 4 Varsity Baseball 3, 4 fx X T L-. ..,..s T1-:-5 6 5 Q we 34 "Wild Bill" - rough riding Willoughbyite who made the long trek each day for last half of senior year- spent nights devising new bridge techniques - founder of the Davis Rent a Card fdeckj -branch office in senior room -most blatant lover class can boast-enam- ored of Lakewood resident-shoreway cop's best friend -fierce football competitor, scored year's last touchdown - terror of class basket- ball floor and J. D. -contemplates moving to sunnier regions down south -has his own chariot at age seven-fearless driver, rivals Fangio behind wheel -with his classic indeci- sion, Bill will end up starring on TV show, Bachelor for a Day, etc. "Toby"-quiet, but at his own admission, profound- president of the Camera Club- "This year we are going to require that all members possess a camera!"-A mild poli- tician who is noted for De Woodrow Wilson 14 point plan - dazed Daisy Hill resident who commuted to Prepperville in a Buick which was the fruit of his summer labor as a nani- curist of forgotten forsythia and pining peonies -able-bodied Wrestling manager-with his keen Cyrus Eaton-like financial acumen, Toby will be worth millions as long as silence stays on the gold standard. 35 CHARLES TREMAINE DeWOODY entered - 1956 News Board 4 Players Production 3 Camera Club 3, President 4 Athletic Council 4 Varsity Wrestling Manager 4 xx f, X KV ig I Wim, lt' ' 'Q "WDP - AX "Dune"-fervent hot rodder who is sus- pected of having sold his soul to keep cam, frame, and blower together-Manner's ha- bitue who once contemplated working there as mechanic-constantly fighting to keep his Wanderlust in check-sometimes has trouble with loose drain pipes-Kaufman's idol and competitor--author of ill-fated Rumor Mill -one of the few intimates of that Southern Gentleman, E.J. C.-known as the Mike Hammer of U. S. - Northern victim of South- erly Gayle-noted authority on all aspects of Cleveland life-if onyone can solve the world's problems, Dunc-can. 36 LATHROP FULLER DUNCAN entered - 1953 News Board, Business Manager 4 Edward Moore Society 4 Projection Club, Vice- Varsity Football 2, 3, Varsity Wrestling 2, 3 Freshman Football 1 Freshman Wrestling Freshman' Baseball 1 Class Baseball Capta 1 in President 3 President 4 4 MICHAEL ENGEL entered - 1958 First Honors 4 Forensic Society 4 Junior Council on World Affairs 4 Glee Club 4 German Instructor 4 BEFORE 5 l Fl FTER VI' 'llllli' :IIIIIII 'i"lIIl I1 H' W1 .I 2. fl li!!! l 1 .' ,y 4-' " 37 "Mike"-sapped the funds of the school's societies by coming to U. S. as its first ex- change student-well worth the investment, though -can always be found with the town's most eligible females-rapidly learned Amer- ican dating techniques-"American relation- ships are much more personal!"-brought culture to the ranks of the U. S. student- lover of Bach-quickly became a member of both Forensic Society and Council on World Affairs-claimed he knew nothing about any affairs-carries himself with a calm, intelli- gent air that will insure him a position as Germany's Fidel Castro. THOMAS GOODWIN EVANS entered - 1952 Mabian Board 4 Varsity Football 2, 3, 4 Varsity Wrestling 2, 3 Varsity Track 2, 3, 4 Freshman Football 1 Freshman Wrestling 1 Freshman Track 1 ul,LL KILL YA me NE1T 'rms YA Dmvz YOUR um wro mv SHIN.'l wr' 38 "Little Evvy"-certainly does not live up to his nickname-wrestler who found the fiercer competition of class basketball more to his liking-charter member of the Mayfield Tobaggan and Thumb Club - inhabitant of the "greatest little village in Ohio," Mentor- skillful driver-knows all the cops--Tom's football ability Won him Laurels on the grid- iron and off-can often be seen running through the halls in a manner reminiscent of his hero, Dan Moore-famous for his "At Homes," and is even willing to serve as guide to lead you to his pad-reknowned for his surefooted ability on the cinders-"They said it couldn't be done!"-we are firm in the knowledge that Tom's "before and after" pictures will give hope to any 98 lb. weakling. "A-Wing" - slower cousin of Fleetwing- came to U. S. in a junior year migration from the land of the Cranes and Detroit Irons- a country squire who doesn't cotton to his new North Park address-a temperate soul, who finds his auto heater invaluable for dates on cold evenings-"Turn on the heater if you're cold!" - a musical maestro, Evan plays every- thing from the organ to banjo to pocket comb -In the years to come, bolstered by profits from his "Ewing Guide to Bloomfield Hills," Evan will make an ideal successor to Lester Lanin. 39 EVAN YOUNG EWIN G entered - 1957 Glee Club 4 Lake Erie Conference 4 HTTWJM, ni' - I MMPAX-xg ONE-MAN TRIO FROM DETROIT "Chip" - a not soon to be forgotten member of the class of '59-a stand-out at all class parties feveryone is afraid to stand next to himj -scourge in Dios' Spanish II-can often be heard yelling "Sic Semper Tyrannis" in the halls after one of Dios' Spanish "pruebas" -author of the soon to be published "Brain- washing For Pleasure 8: Profit"-playboy behind the wheel of a '57 Chevrolet "fliptop" -Chip has played every sport invented, in- culding spin the bottle-Chip will no doubt be seen in Halle's basement signing his name to bats, balls, gloves, golf clubs, and frisbees for a man by the name of Spalding. 40 WILLIAM SHEPARD HAWGOOD entered - 1955 Projection Club 3 Radio Club 4 Varsity Soccer 2, 3, 4 Varsity Basketball 3, 4 Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 4 J. V. Basketball 2 Freshman Football 1 Freshman Basketball 1 Freshman Baseball 1 ONLY 'Un MORE AND l'LL 'BREAK THE RECORD get as PETER CHARLES HERBRUCK entered - 1956 Edward Moore Society 3, 4 Glee Club 3, 4 Varsity Football 3, 4 Varsity Swimming 2 Varsity Wrestling 3, 4 Varsity Track 2, 3, 4 1-rqtyt 4-YQQY 'tfw Y q ff V X Q' V """""" fir! A - A 2 f 4 , 41' f Ei. twf , 1 K Q' ll I- ,jx I-:al A , BNA-ve Wkive Hu.-new? C417 "Pete"-offered his talents to the varsity gridders, S. R. B.'s grapplers, and John Dodd's sunburn squad ftoo much exposurej -sin- cerely appreciated P. Ebbott's English XI course - unboisterous though regular attender of all class "affairs"-has often been known to resuscitate Moore to more rational states of mind-will always have a soft spot in his foot for Ludlow King-his booming bass voice has lent much-needed volume to that section of the Glee Club-one of the few who has ever penetrated the frontier as far as Nash's "pad"-one of the fortunate few in the class who has never been unlucky at love. STANLEY OBERMAN HOERR entered - 1958 Sherman Prize Speaking Contest 3 Class Secretary 4 Edward Moore Society 4 Glee Club 4 Octet 4 Players 4 Athletic Council 4 Varsity Track 3, Captain 4 Varsity Basketball 4 J. V. Basketball 3 Class Soccer Captain 4 1,, , ,, ng. VVHD SAYS THEY lJUN'T STICK THEIR HEADS IN THE SAND 'P 42 "Ostrich" - captain of varsity sun-tan squad -still claims that he has never struck his head in the ground when the chips were down -only guy to see Wilkison in action from a safe distance-lent his abilities to the Octet senior year-a lover of the game of bridge who almost didn't make it to the tournament - one of the few to ever discover the intrinsic values of television-his theatrical talents helped to sell the "Male Animal," and his ideas-as a professional actor, Stan will be heard to say "Ladies and gentlemen, it rhymes with 'fur'." "Birwin"-the Quiet American in the class -sometime replacement for Mayor Stapleton -"A little dictator is better than none at all"-a bridge addict with a poker face- "But you can't bid eight no trump"-keeps his handkerchiefs pressed by carrying them in his handy pocket edition of "Goren on Bridge"-"A stealthy glance to the right or left is better than a haphazard finesse"- known to light up during the Yule season at the sight of a certain luminous Woman-go- ing to Denison because he cares enough to send the very best. ww ROBERT JOSEPH IRWIN entered - 1954 First Honors 1, 2 Second Honors 1, 2, 3, 4 Rorimer Prize for Nature 2 Mabian Board, Feature Editor 4 Edward Moore Society 4 Forensic Society 4 Junior Council on World Affairs Junior Classical League 2, 3, 4 Radio Club, Secretary 4 J. V. Basketball 2 Freshman Football 1 Freshman Basketball 1 Freshman Track 1 -Wg W ,fs ml!!-' N F Q Q2 U 5? , in "Dee" - one of those who abandoned Hawken when the last dog was hung - always wonders why he never got driving permission -a two- year Baritone in the Glee Club, he offered his crooning talents to the Octet senior year- seems to be able to study and "ace" exams with a minimum of ill-effects and collusion -does well by his cute-lookin' chick from Orange-still thinks back longingly on his '39 DeSoto-a Camera Club member Who knows how to operate a camera -was a sadis- tic backfield man as class football captain. 44 DAVID CARROLL JOHNSON entered - 1956 Mabian Board, Assistant Copy Editor 4 Players Production 3, 4 Glee Club 3, 4 Octet 4 Junior Council on World Affairs 4 Camera Club 3, 4 Class Football Captain 4 1 X X fx, l l ln K '54 pf L ' G lalllp p p ii! H K ll fr, V we ' i." in y lf' V ,W x fb ky I Q 2 Q vii i iff X 'ie X5 ut Q -4 35.1 STEPHEN POWELL JONES entered - 1953 Second Honors 1, 2, 4 Glee Club 2, 3, 4 Junior Classical League 2, 3, 4 Varsity Soccer 2, 3, 4 Varsity Tennis 2 Freshman Soccer 1 Class Soccer Captain 1 Class Basketball Captain 4 f. fn fr: ph ll in 'B Eb f" N ll f xx XX f 'Q GQ 3 45 OL ws' QW? Q In J' ANR C457 "S, P." - owns the only hotel in Gates Mills - "A man's castle is his home!" - follows ex- tremes both in horses and automobiles, as witness his sleek, low-to-the-road Metropolitan -'Tm sorry, honey, there's not enough room in this car for the both of us, have a nice walk."-powerful fullback, despondent when Watkins scored a goal from three-quarter field -seen wrestling with Evans in his green- house-ever since has been aware of the old adage, "People who wrestle in glass houses shouldn't throw Jones."-infamous for one New Year's Eve party at which the survivors were still turning up a week later-to Steve, U. S. is just one more jump on the way to the everlasting blue ribbon. RICHARD VAY KAUFMAN entered - 1953 Mabian Board 4 Projection Club 4 Cheerleader 3, 4 Varsity Swimming 3, 4 Freshman Football 1 Freshman Swimming 1 Freshman Tennis 1 Z' Illia K N fi my rvll Ga! mu l" Y S-:mg 46 "Dick"-class's most platonic lover-"Dick's just a good friend"-poured millions into his red and white chariot, finally bought two thoroughbreds-activity hound who was forced to form his own institutions to supplement his list - side-burned cheerleader who has hosted enough blasts to keep his name in print - long standing golf ace 1"He was SO ifSfZ,ir+ 01353 Lucky!"J - does amazingly well on examinations with the help of "that nectar" and sandpaper ful thought you said you knew the combination?"J -will soon be seen filling his tank with gas for the Shaker Blvd. "500." "Bear" - markedly one of Slenderellafs best customers - A Brook's Brothers advocate down to the last stitch fhis underwearb - recognized by the Ford convertible which he has been known to use as a tank--"This guy says to me 'Let's shake hands,' and I said 'the heck we would!"'-fifth member of the Lyman Circle Ensemble-has garnered honors .... once-longtime 113 yearsj co-supporter fwith J. D. Jof the field program-whipping boy for C. G. S., he replaced "el arzobispo" in a power coup-with his collegiate spirit and his saddle shoes, John is sure to be a whiz at Alumni meetings. 47 I JOHN COLEMAN LANE entered - 1946 Mabian Board 3, 4 Players Production 4 Glee Club 3, 4 Freshman Football 1 Freshman Swimming 1 Class Football Captain 4 S6 9 "Tim"-quiet, introspective member of the class of '59 -- has rivaled Denny Lee with his original chemistry theories - almost winner of the Carl Wasmuth Award for the longest aspirant to the Forensic-failed to win be- cause .ihe was finally accepted--longtime friend of Lightbody's until Tom found out that he was a "C" type-wears Lightbody's old clothes until Lightbody decides that they're back in style-couldn't Wait to become a senior so he could get senior honors-scien- tifically minded, Tim is sure to be among the first Americans to join the Germans defending our country. C485 THOMAS MICHAEL LEONARD entered - 1953 Forensic Society 4 Players Production Staff 3, 4 Junior Council on World Affairs 4 Projection Club 3, 4 Athletic Council 4 Varsity Basketball Manager 4 l. 74? M J in fi- THOMAS LIGHTBODY entered - I 955 if 'L-tw Cn qjccfm 'D'1E.E.'f3 QELRQOFC: g'2Y"'1P'3U2Q,, N OOnm smgoro miggii Q32 :- "" Ov--l-4 E'U?2gd'1:sI0 5 - V9.NU22',-aw r-A 525' v!St'D,4..F-7 :LSP Nag For-np. PE? 35 was EE. Q. FD 5 CP' NJ 4 9, gr No HARD Fezuxlas, ALBERY'-THA1'lpAD To msPRovr: You! l.14., i uvrshx USELESS af QTZN 2 THEORY' Iii- A 4 T? ' J f' 1 if 5 4-0 ' ' v1 'l 1 JI 3 ll 'u if! V. Q9 Q h as 49 "Bod" - Only member of the class to paddle a canoe up the lovely Cuyahoga-noncon- formity is his byword -is still trying to decide between his horses and his women-holds auctions for the disposition of his clothes- booted and spurred knight errant who smokes more a week than the rest of the class con- glomerated-wants hitching posts installed - likes his steeds with a pronounced up-down action-no one knows where he lives-once tried to invent a new number system-bril- liant perennial Forensic pledge-with his equestrian leanings and his sartorial elegance, Tom will doubtlessly replace John "Bear" as fashion plate of the class. DAVID MICHAEL LIVINGSTON entered - 1956 Edward Moore Society 4 Varsity Football 3, 4 Varsity Basketball 3, 4 Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 4 J. V. Basketball 2 N o E577 ,sp , 50 "Doctor"-feels enough confidence in him- self to rewrite C. G. S.'s Modern History Textbook-gave benefit of his "bod" to the varsity gridders, dribblers, and clubbers squads -is known to maintain a fair-sized and quite coveted harem-still professes no affinity to the Nineteenth-Century British physician of the same phonetic surname-seems to bear a tepid love for pool tables and everything that may pertain to them-can often be seen with Evvy and Hawgood discussing something which would challenge even the wit of James Wontcome-Dave has a sparkling future translating Shakespeare into Ubetcha for the natives. "Pete"-wields a mean backhand with the varsity racketeers-capably captained his class soccer club-has to fall out of bed on the right side in order to make it to chapel on time-managed to glean every worthwhile fact from R. G. W.'s eleventh-grade Algebra course-P. H.'s only second year Frenchman on a 3 day schedule- figuring that he missed out on Modern History as a junior, he dabbled with it this year before it was too late- always got pleasure from having his Ford station wagon's breakes relined-evidently due to his frequent trips to see his "woman" up by Lyman Circle-Pete will always be deserving of the Ricky Nelson "I Like George Shearing" award. 51 LOUIS PETER LOGSDON entered - 1955, Glee Club 4 Camera Club 3, Secretary-Treasurer 4 Projection Club 3, 4 Lake Erie Conference 4 Varsity Tennis 2, 3, 4 J. V. Basketball 2 Freshman Basketball 1 Freshman Tennis 1 Class Soccer Captain 4 f " I ' Ffgyfgy, in I4-. if. at 'lsfjqffzgf A "1':':f'l 3 ti Sam? J in N "Hummmm"-famed as Mat Dillon of Prepperville-"But fellas, We work on the 'fair share' system."-played a full season of football, then turned to basketball-cm captained Dodd-'s Dunkers-finished the year by proving that "diamonds are a fella's best friend"-Eddy Moore who kept firm control of his organization - backed successful Christ- mas drive and United Fund Appeal - engaged in some extra-curricular combat with Moore -the dust has not yet settled and the chival- rous Winner cannot be determined--with his great ability to organize, Harry is no doubt high on Morley's list of up and coming rookies. 52 r HARRY WERWAGE LUM entered - 1954 Second Honors 1, 2, 3 Prefect Board 3, Chairman 4 Class Treasurer 2 Mabian Board, Sports Editor 4 News Board 4 Edward Moore Society 3, President 4 Forensic Society 3, 4 Athletic Council 4 Dan Conway Football Award 4 Varsity Football 2, 3, 4 Varsity Basketball 3, Co-captain. 4 Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 4 J. V. Basketball Freshman Football 1 Freshman Basketball 1 Freshman Baseball, Captain 1 Cleve. News All-Independent Football Team 4 , 3' V1 5' 5' jg ' ,. f I, S ' 1 I . if ,. , S: N . .f 1 -A 2 ff -' 1, I, ,...-f- V ll ,W , LUTHER ROBERT MASSMAN entered - 1957 Glee Club 3, 4 ' X: it A .' ml Q ' bs M-.0 W C537 "Bob," or occasionally "Luther"-dormite hailing from Youngstown-possessed a deep and devoted passion for his old Packard- Was always adorning it with new mufflers- seldom shows off his harem in these parts -evidently has something nice to come home to -is greatly respected and admired by John Dodd C'Will you please help us with this de- fensive-zone drill, Luther?"J -offered his rumbling basso voice to the Glee Club-is always threatening to race Cole-helps Weh through English XII-loves potions from the Old West-Bob is assuredly destined to be- come Matt Dillon's next sidekick. JOHN FRANCIS McWHORTER III' entered - 1946 Second Honors 1, 4 Mabian Board 3, Art Editor 4 Players Production 4 V Glee Club Accompanist 2, 3, 4 Junior Council on World Affairs 4 Projection Club 4 Junior Classical League 2, 3, 4 Camera Club 3 Varsity Wrestling 2 Freshman Football 1 Class Swimming Captain 1 X tx-50 V -' A P L A-ll Sam 54 "Wildcat" or "Mac"-conservative dresser who is building up the Charles Addams tradi- tion at U. S. -has an army of undercover Cartoonists working for all school publications - sometime varsity wrestler who flunked rope climb-tried unsuccessfully to initiate the commune system at U. S.-the only boy in school to continue to burn incense before the late Senator Joe McCarthy's picture-known for extremeness of hirsute appendage-shot self in leg while trying to beat Colonel Larson to the draw--fulfilling his college tradition, John promises 'to be a Case in the future. l x V x "Terry"-ardent shutterbug for this tome who caused entire class to wear dark glasses to parties-Stony's best friend-News ad manager who complained of the late parties - always staid,though - Varsity football grid- der who advocated a switch to Rugby- famed for weakest pair of knees in class- sometime advocate of "scientific thinking" as a cure for all ills, even heartbreak -known to get rather kittenish on dates- land barge fancier - "But it is social prestige"-waiting for the day he can find a girl who can spell his name -Terry will wander through life looking for a Latin translation of "Responsibility, Loyalty, and Consideration." ww TERRY ALAN MEKET entered - 1956 Mabian Board 3, Photographic Editor 4 News Board, Advertising Manager 4 Camera Club 3, 4 Varsity Football 4 Varsity Wrestling 3 J. V. Basketball 2 Draw n Ma -Hf Mal? 35 lst? ag PWH1 ing +0 io with Photography! dql kv 'X 3 'Y I Q w- 1 X 1 Z kil- LLJ XV f I f V :ul "Metey"-continental playboy of western Shaker Heights and Greater Montmartre- famed for weekend poker parties-once sign- ed a pledge to forsake women forever- un- fortunately, it lasted only two hours and 48 minutes-reknowned for his part in Noel Wines' "Male Animal"- imprinted page 48 of said play indelibly in mind of certain female co-star-Pope's emissary in the States- "Hey! Have you seen my medal? It's an original."-after four fertile years at the S01-bonne, Chris will undoubtedly taste-test Chartreuse Liqeur for the Carthusian monks. CHRISTOPHER EDWARD METZGER entered - 1957 Edward Moore Society 3, Vice-President 4 Players 4 Athletic Council 4 Gym Team 3, 4 Varsity Football 3 Varsity Tennis 3, Captain 4 1: :Aw-5 gm I ' ' 65 mlifi L C557 1 i an .fp Sli ..1 -...if .., :--,.- - f e-5,1 ...- E-z ii 1. ...?,-" f 1:1 :S ALL Rscsm You puvs, N0 MOUSiN Aaouno! ROGER DAVID MILLER entered - 1956 Varsity Football 2, 3, 4 Varsity Baseball 2, 3 J. V. Basketball 2, 3 Freshman Football 1 Freshman Basketball 1 Freshman Baseball 1 Where E and ef? RAN 21119 57 "Rog"-Heights Tiger who saw the error of his ways and migrated up to our sunnier regions-still retains vestiges of his former life, however: abode and femmes-begged his father for years to purchase a Thunder- bird -couldn't quite believe it when he did - athlete deluxe who has never been known to be out of shape-gridders old faithful who couldn't help having a ball on every bus trip - dead-eyed class dunker who teamed up with Metey to drive Preston insane with rage- fleet-footed baseball standout, hopes someday to become a hurler like his idol J. C.--Only four figure hitting average on team-Rog will join the navy so the world can see him. ROLAND EDWARD MINOGUE entered - 1956 Edward Moore Society 4 Varsity Football 2, 3, 4 Varsity Wrestling 2 Varsity Track 2, 3 ,zz un - E, - 58 "Rocky" - stocky, stolid, phlegmatic, coura- geous football player who is quoted as saying, "What, me shave?"-dead-eyed class dunker, "At least I'm steady"-is hard put to beat his dog to dog house after dates-installed heater in aforementioned domicile to make his sojurns there more pleasant-hard fisted book seller, "I don't care if there is a depres- sion, Mr. Logsdon says that prices are going up!"-drives S. T. F. crazy with his Brook- lynese dialect, "But Sir, my grammah is poi- fect"-to meet the demands of the masses, Rocky promises that he will soon publish his epic on English, Mi'rLogue's Foulefr English Usage. "Danny Boy"-the only all-round boy in the class, or so he says - seems to be possessed of the true competitive spirit which he carries off the athletic field into the meadows of romance-sometime winner of all school prizes, including a gold-plated consolation prize for orthography-firm advocate of indelible lipstick-charter member of the Auto Parts of the Month Club-always good for one more nut or bolt-noted for his gracious leadership at the lunch table-"I sez you've had too many." - with his keen, incisive wit, Dan will soon publish his folllow up to Dear Doby, "I'll Cry To-Moore-Oh!" 9 DAN TYLER MOORE entered - 1955 Sherman Prize News Board 4 Glee Club 4 Speaking Contest 3 Junior Council on World Affairs 4 Matthes Award 3 Athletic Council 4 Varsity Football 2, 3, Captain 4 Varsity Wrestli ng 2, 3, 4 Varsity Track 3, 4 Freshman Football 1 Freshman Wrestling 1 Freshman Trac X6 if . ll i 5 jk xl I j "Smash" - unique personality who combines both brain and brawn into a well-rounded entity-made U. S. News dream team by suspicious means-wreathed himself with glory from brogues to helmet on the gridiron -plays a mean hand-will tolerate no one who trumps his ace-country clubber from away back who came to U. S. as a last resort -frequents the senior room where he fumi- gates all present with the longest cheroot ever glimpsed-rumour has it that he doesn't- will soon be forced to convert to Mormonism to make legal his variegated Uaffaires de coeur." 60 JOHN FRANKLIN NASH, JR. entered - 1956 Class Treasurer 4 Edward Moore Society 3, 4 Players Production Staff 3 Glee Club 3,4 Athletic Council 4 Varsity Football Squad 2, Team 3, 4 Varsity Wrestling 3, Captain 4 News Dream Team 4 News All-Independent Football Team 4 Press All-Independent Football Team 4 Press Stars, Honorable Mention 4 f : AN LY ' 1. Z Z Z zQ+e --v 7 A' AA" J THE LITTLE NASH RAMBLER WILLIAM ANTHONY 0'BRIEN entered - 1952 Mabian Board 3, Co-advertising Manager 4 Junior Council on World Affairs 4 Projection Club 2, 3, Treasurer 4 Camera Club 3, 4 Radio Club Vice-Chairman 4 Varsity Wrestling 2, 3 Varsity Track 3, 4 Freshman Football 1 Freshman Track, Captain 1 Class Soccer Captain 4 Class Basketball Captain 1 545 i- 6 "O. B."-co ad-man for this publication- one of the first of any Mabian ad-men to em- ploy humane tactics in prodding student sales- men-only guy around to see that Art Bill doesn't smother in his own cigarette ashes- fondly recalls his stint on the varsity wrestling squad sophomore year-runs a fairly fleet 100-yard dash for the varsity suntanners- still wonders why Uncle Frank didn't con- sider his voice to be equal to Gler Club standards-one of the few lucky enough to get pleasure from the All-Around Athletic Contest- Bill is destined to be the Lord Mayor of Dublin some day. COERT DUBOIS OLMSTED entered - 1956 Cum Laude 4 First Honors 2, 3 Second Honors 2, 3, 4 Merit Scholarship, Finalist 4 News Board 2, Associate Editor 3, 4 Forensic Society 2, 3, 4 Players 4 Class Soccer Captain 4 'wh XJ is lgliaiihv' y f S .. F X. ,J 1 ia I ai. L THE DRAGON WAC-ou U BICYCLE BILILT ron ouey 62 "Claw"-dramatic star of "Male Animal" Ctype casting was perfectj - found the charms of Molly Bruce insufficient cause to forsake his fiery "Nandragon"-behind the scenes in- fluence in News, Forensic, etc.-exponent of the more esoteric Way of life-appreciator of the finer things fi.e. wine, music, tobacco, bubble gumj -proud possessor of infamous little brother and equally infamous dog- longtime Ace-irritator fAce cou1dn't under- stand his vocabl -most active participator in Lightbody's auctions fsee latter's biogj - if there's anything Coert hates Worse than a conformist, it's a nonconformist Who doesn't conform to his standards of nonconformity. "Bubba" -- President of the I. L. R. W. QI Like Russ Wellerj -Prefers old Dutch-one of the Yachting set--hangs on at Mentor- "If you can't be funny, be crude,"- an artist of sorts-famed for his masterpiece, the Reserve poster-Juan Fangio type driver- gives no ground to Duncan-a great friend of R. S. Birns-withheld and never learned to play bridge-has had numerous affairs with darnsels from every corner of the globe - Mr. Hoets' greatest advocate-inventor of "Phillips remedy" -- good for anything - coin- ed his own words for college boards-erudite thinker-will probably end up portraying the average American tourist abroad. Q63j JOHN WILLIAMS PHILLIPS entered - 1956 Players Production 4 Projection Club 4 Cheerleader 3, 4 Varsity Wrestling 2, 3 Class Swimming Captain 4 1' 'f ---W 4 2- , !,. Al ii -it "Herbie"-casual easy-come easy-go fella from Gates Mills-often seen around, but seldom heard-sported a rough cross-body in class football-has at many times exhibited his baseball prowess on the diamond - usually seen with two girls at a time-evidently got paramount pleasure from taking senior math -one of those fortunates who came out of "Ace's" U. S. History relatively unscathed- dreams always of swapping cars with Moore -has all the inside dope on Bird and Jones -ranks high on the roster of J. D.'s buddies -Herb definitely has many big things brewing. entered - 1953 First Honors 1, 2 Second Honors 2, 3, 4 Edward Moore Society 4 Junior Classical League 2, 3, 4 Varsity Baseball 3, 4 Freshman Football 1 Freshman Basketball 1 Freshman Baseball 1 J. V. Basketball 2 Class Basketball Captain 4 1 rs 2 F Gai? 4,9-,QA Q all ll 645 HERBERT FREDERICK PRASSE, JR. WILLIAM FRANK PRESTON entered - 1946 Mabian Board, Circulation Editor 4 Edward Moore Society 4 Projection Crew 2 Varsity Football 3, 4 Varsity Track 3, 4 J. V. Basketball 2, 3 Class Basketball Captain 4 0 o . --'-" A '-" ':11t':i. 'TEE' a---g,:4s '?, Ji lun. . l UWQFINEINL am EVERYONE WANTS NIABIANS, DONT THEY! " 65 "Zone" or "Younger"-lauded for impas- sioned addresses before the student bodies of U. S., Laurel, H. B., and Hudson's Boys Farm in the service of the Mabian-"S5.00, if they're ever printed"-noted for his athletic ability on Little J ack's club and on his b1'other's track team- formidable adversary for the Cub at the game which made Dan McGrew famous -can still be remembered as he sat playing with the Eddy Moore toys-escort-at-large for a number of beautiful girls-"Zone's found another one"-through a magnificent circulation campaign for this literary classic, Zone has won for himself the appellation of the Golden Orator of Shaker Heights. ROBERT PERRY PRICE entered - 1958 Camera Club 4 7 'si M S 66 "Link"-will forever be linked with Dar- winian theories - stark nonconformist by local standards - finds pleasant companionship with the other of the class' lager-lovers -has man- aged'to establish a relationship with J. D. which has taken some members of the class a dozen years to attain-attentive escort of Mabel, Ball and Merc -keeps the Shaker cops on their toes-only class member who can be in two places at the Same' time-plagued preppers for a month selling raffle tickets for Beaumont's headmistress-will be the enter- prising entrepreneur who organizes the UU. S. Cop Hop" which will undoubtedly out-rock bandstand. "Rififi"-noted for his fine public speak- ing ability in the cause of Eddy Moore's Christmas Drive - unrivaled ivy climber noted for his unequaled sartorial splendor - acquired nickname of "TWeeds" -only resident of Con- gress Lake-tails drift back about goings on at the seat of things-powerful swimming team Captain for the "soccer coach"-was the only Glee Club president in U. S. history to lead his group through calisthenics - power- ful soccer halfback, a goa1ie's delight-when Ted assuredly thinks of the impression he has .made on the Class of '59, he can say, "Veni, vidi, vici!" C 67 EDWARD HUR ST RAFF, J R. entered - 1955 Edward Moore Society 3, Treasurer 4 Prefect Board 4 Dorm Prefect 2, 3, President 4 Glee Club 2, 3, President 4 Octet 3, 4 Varsity Soccer 2, 3, 4 Varsity Swimming 2, 3, Captain 4 Freshman Soccer 1 Freshman Swimming Captain 1 Freshman Baseball 1 5 25, it "Howie" -light man on Bobenmeyer's Bone Breakers for two years-busy eighth grade year-won "excellent" in Ohio Science Fair and became star member of musical troup- quietest member of athletic council-races inside and outside Kon skisl of power Yacht duiing warm months -occasionally finds time to push the puck at the Skating Club- Blushes as he breaks the string on the track -will be decathlon Winner in '64-first soccer manager in history capable of beating out first string- occasionally runs away with J. D.'s athletic contests-has strongly con- sidered joining ranks of Patrick Henry, Clarence Darrow, John Marshall, and sundry other "mouthpieces" and "referees" 68 HOWARD CLAYTON ROBISHAW entered - 1955 Players Production 4 All Around Athletic Contest 4 Athletic Council 4 Gym Team 4 Varsity Soccer Manager 4 Varsity Wrestling 3, 4 Freshman Swimming 1 LU 5 was JPN us. cb 4 K ll , ' l , xg bww J imi Wx ' 1 I 1 X . X ll X1 1 l ' 4. FRANK MICHAEL ROUTMAN entered - 1957 Second Honors 3 News Board 3, 4 Forensic Society 3, 4 Glee Club 4 Dorm Prefect 4 Wu 'Z' :ffl l K jllml 'l l WTO HSRUQH VR pl p t SRL 69 "Franks"-only member of class to study German - quiet roommate of "Wild Bill" - his Dorm Form is second only to the Lower School Trumpet in cynicism-hails from the same state as little friend Al-people have often been known to strike kitchen matches on his face- spends rather torrid weekends with his girl friends back in Sharon-keenly enjoys the sounds of Shorty Rogers-his senior speech made the whole class afraid to laugh any more-Forensic Society member who stayed all the way through every meeting- given half a chance, Frank is sure to make the mostest of the hostess of the ball. PRENTICE BROWER ROYAL entered - 1956 Players 4 North-Eastern Ohio Science Fair, First Prize 1 Gym Team 1, 3, 4 Varsity Football 2 Varsity Track 1, 3 I I I I I I I I I I l l I.-I l.-.l ' Y 1 Y 1 l I I ' ' R A ' '!5-- ' gmllviai "'4f-I' '-'2'-1?-I -- y a 'Fill an-L1 0 -4 r:"' rf 1:-11 5 I o 0 fag H-' I J '.:.-ara: Ig gg- 'fl kg- azes was Ere nge J ' k '---5 - fgg, , gs.: Q ul gf - ---- ma"-"A 2:1 Inf: l--E , fgruunl E2-F-S -"ISE-'1 --EL! i111 fm 1111! 111-g 1111 lutlug is W AND THEY SAID IT EUULDNT BE DUNE 70 "Pren"-haggard late comer to chapel- unkempt look due to his six o'clock shoveling jobs-is earning money to bail out his car from the city pound-"but above all, Pren is charming, good looking, erudite, a good, wealthy conversationalistv fall right, Royalj -has more varied love life than even Metzger himself-is always good for a last minute chick fsometimes they're pretty last minutej -played convincing, stubborn trustee in Noel's piece-now attends Slenderfella reg- ularly- to keep himself in business, Pren will probably turn his overabundant talents to manufacturing a new, thicker and whiter snow to introduce to the University of Virginia campus to work his way through the collogio. "Ball"-second and final Sampliner to grace U. S. with his presence-fond escort of the bank book for the Forensic Society- "I could have sworn that we had S50"-noted for his Latin ability, so will never forgive Little Jack for his notorious nickname-can be seen peering through the spokes of his Saratoga steering wheel-driving companion of Logsdon, "Not on the sidewalk, Pete!"- will follow his brother through the hallowed gates, just three blocks north of Morey's- Dick's fine character and marvelous perse- verance have gained for him the only lauda- tory punch line in the '59 Mabian. 71 RICHARD EVAN SAMPLINER entered - 1946 Cum Laude 4 First Honors 1, 2, 3, 4 National Merit Scholarship, Finalist 4 Junior Prize Speaking Contest Prefect Board 2, 3, 4 News Board 2, Associate Editor 3, Managing Editor 4 Mabian Board fCartoonistj 4 Forensic Society 3, Treasurer 4 Junior Council on World Affairs 4 Players Production, Staff 4 Junior Classical League 2, 3, 4, Sec'y.- Treas. 2 Lake Erie Conference 4 Athletic Council 4 Varsity Football Manager 4 Freshman Soccer 1 THIS EXTERIMQJT VQLLT'22'?-,ZZSH ' sy' g'gEEfmo11eaNM.n 'I may Q. MQ X, r , A p 5 .lo 5f'Morls'-reorganized ad department for this book-designed new contracts-created new positions-what a mess! -omniscient Junior Council Chairman-known for his classic introduction: 'Glad you could speak, as long as we couldn't get anyone else.'-only student to join J. C. L. in senior year-the 'Grubber' also wangled his way into top posi- tions in the Projection and Radio Clubs- center of philosophical discussions-not sure he exists-debated the 'Riht-to-Work' issue with the rest of the school-Column discon- tinued in the U. S. slash sheet after one issue -portrayed realistic drunk in 'The Male Animal' Qfortified by Noel winesj -can't decide whether to become Mayor of Cleveland or another Edward R. Murrow.99 -J. Morley Schloss JOHN MORLEY SCHLOSS entered - 1957 Sherman Prize Speaking Contest 3 Mabian Board, Assistant Copy Editor 3 Business Manager 4 News Board 3, Associate Editor 4 U. S. Handbook, Managing Editor 4 Jr. Council on World Affairs 3, Chairman Players 4 Players Production 4 Glee Club 4 Projection Club 3, Vice-President 4 Radio Club, Vice-Chairman 4 Lake Erie Conference 4 Cheerleader 4 G f iw Wllwlllll' f 4 lllll f 5' -' IilNl ildHififL1L P Mauro C725 JOHN HOWELL SHADLE, JR. entered - 1957 Varsity Track 3, 4 Radio Club 4 S Q x ,af-'25 I ff'-'is .MAO x 1 TR 5 73 "Shades"-a silent Southerner suspected by many to be carrying a big stick-J. D. Jr. assures us that it is only a track baton- class basketball player who drove captain Preston crazy-details of his love life un- known, but suppositions run wild-"Yes, I'm you're brother's roommate!"-in on every- thing that goes on in the dorm- "And I don't even belong to the Welches' grapevine!"- John will soon join voluptuous siren Ros Russell in wondering "Why, Oh Why, Oh, Why, Oh, Did I Ever Come to Ohio?" STEVEN MITCHELL STANLEY entered - 1952 Second Honors 2 Sherman Prize Speaking Contest 3 Prefect Board 4 Class Secretary 3 Edward Moore Society 3, Secretary 4 News Staff 2, 3, Co-circulating Manager 4 Glee Club 2, 3, Secretary 4 Athletic Council 4 Varsity Soccer 2, 3, Captain 4 E. A. Rolinson Most Valuable Soccer Player, Award 4 Varsity Swimming Squad 2, 3 Varsity Track Squad 2 Freshman Soccer 1 Freshman Swimming 1 X A 4 :rc W xx Q IL n N 111 A u' l' 9 ia V ,Q If Q F 74 "Elk" - abstemious captain of Don's booters -only class member to have never been seen imbibing or herbing off-H. L. C.'s perfect prefect-the life of every prefect conclave -is famed for the class picnics that he is supposed to have given-bottom of his lake covered with Blauve1t's clothes-finds his automobile handles better than some of the society matrons whom he squires to fashionable gatherings-constantly berating Miss Bop- ple's handiwork-used to vow to bring his own -it is suspected that his EMS Christmas basket ended up half consumed-is bound to blow up Nassau tavern, reviving the Puritan movement at Princeton. "Paulich"-Mabian Editor who fears he will never be safe at an alumni luncheon- favorite of C. E. I. as he burns the midnight oil preparing the "Thomas Outline Series"- as a result of his outlining labor techniques, earns 95 averages with some constancy- spends much Mabian time convincing Mor- leyf?J-created new Mabian positions for all of his friends-looked long and hard to find the right college, but gave up and went to Yale --member of the W. C. T. U.-has felt disillusioned ever since he found out Prohibition was revoked-John, in his search for Truth, is destined to become the future editor of Playboy Magazine. 75 JOHN LOWELL THOMAS entered - 1953 Cum Laude 4 First Honors 1, 2, 3, 4 Second Honors 1, 2, 3, 4 Time Magazine Current Events Prize 3 Mabian Board, Editorial Assistant 3 Editor-in-Chief 4 News Board 2, 3, Associate Editor 4 Edward Moore Society 4 Forensic Society 2, 3, Vice-President 4 Junior Council on World Affairs, Treasurer Junior Classical League 2, 3, 4 Lake Erie Conference 4 Athletic Council 4 Cheerleader 3 Varsity Soccer Squad 3, 4 Varsity Tennis Manager 4 J. V. Basketball 2 Freshman Soccer 1 Freshman Basketball 1 Freshman Tennis 1 Class Soccer Captain 1 ' vmls- 1 THIS LEKTIFHAYZ X LIGGLTENUEK f-Hwfm, enusovsr 5 mule v nxvns -.A--.m.,.i. X , THREE e B31115078F Sql? I H... 3 1.,.l'lTf.lLfmu.s gnl"l'mt,f 5.9-Joi:-fn.m-f..f, 3 ll.lZl11Wl1!A.l-HQ 512 "Machoir" -- sadistic co-captain of Dodd's "Midgets" - Neil can be seen creeping around our hallowed halls yelling oaths in favor of the new Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Neil Thompson-founder of the N. T. Vocabulary Club-"Today's word is hyper- stomaticaloric."-Neilly, or, as he is affec- tionately called by his classmates, "Stinky," has won a place in the hearts of the University School scientists by successfully aceing every one of Denny's Physic Seminar Puzzles, fond- ly known as monthlies- fNeil has the dis- tinction of being the only one of Ace's prodigies to finally cross that thin line.J 76 NEIL THOMPSON entered - 1951 Cum Laude 4 First Honors 1, 2, 3 Second Honors 1, 2, 3, 4 Junior Prize Speaking Contest Class President 1, 3 Class Vice-President 2 Prefect Board 1, 4 Edward Moore Society 3, 4 News Board 2, 3, Sports Editor 4 Mabian Board 3, 4 Junior Council on World Affairs 4 Junior Classical League 2, 3, 4 Radio Club 4 Athletic Council 4 Foul Shooting Contest winner 3, 4 Varsity Soccer 2, 3, 4 Varsity Basketball 3, Co-Captain 4 Varsity Baseball 2 Varsity Tennis 3, 4 J. V. Basketball 2 Freshman Football 1 Freshman Basketball, Captain 1 Freshman Baseball 1 f D X 1 5 U x sgill ff Gd lkylq FREDERICK AUXER WATKINS entered - 1947 Mabian Board 3, Billing Manager 4 Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Accompanist, Libr Chapel Organist 2, 3, 4 Junior Council on World Affairs 4 Projection Club 4 Varsity Soccer Squad 2, 3, Team 4 Varsity Track Squad 2, Team 3, 4 Freshman Soccer Captain 1 Freshman Basketball 1 Freshman Track 1 Class Soccer Captain 1 RACK ,,. Tonnr 1 nl yi., Y 1 Ia! E Q n um H ,Q ...4 arian 77 "Sweetwater,' - enjoyed R. G. W.'s Algebra XI so intensely that he could never keep the book closed C'Sayee d... , Watkins, shut the book!"J -pounded a mean 88 to complement Uncle Frank's Glee Club repertoire-knows practically every girl in town - has even been known to date a few of them, too - goes "ape" over the music of one L. Lanin -has occasion- ally considered appointing a committee to help him decide which car to drive-has to keep all the keys categorically filed-is slowly transporting the chapel organ to his house, piece by piece-Fred says, "Leave all the driving to us." JOHN ROBERT WEH entered - 1957 Glee Club 3, 4 Radio Club 4 uFlLFlS,PUD SENDK WEH, 7 l KNEW 1 HIM wat! 78 "Wee", or, occasionally, "Jack"-entered these hallowed halls from his Aurora home in Junior year-has "padded" in the dorm ever since-able member of the Second Tenor section of the Glee Club senior year-his stentorian and booming voice has been known at times to rival even that of the "Bear"- always seems to have a wad of gum in his mouth-his individualistic tendencies have made him a standout in Mr. Luton's English XII-also known for his witty exchanges with Stan Hoerr in said class-Jack is definitely going to add new vitality to society as a soap-box orator. "Toby"-liveliest member of the class- extrovert who always gets in the last Word -kept them out for Moltenmen-frustrated more opposing forwards than even Blakeslee - slept in the dortoir his senior year- saved his house for several usoirees infameusesv- is rumored that he hasn't seen his parents for two months at a stretch-great admirer of Casanova-passes his girls on to "Mo"- was only disappointed in love once, never for- got it-wins all the money in a game and clears out, leaving nothing-charter member of the ubiquitous group, "the inferior four"- almost succeeded in breaking Mr. Sanders with kindness- advocates regular church attend- ance-will be heard muttering "They let kids read this book!" 4795 VOGT DANIEL WILKISON entered - 1953 Glee Club 4 Radio Club 4 Gym Team 3, 4 Varsity Soccer 2, 3, 4 Varsity Wrestling 2 Varsity Track 2, 3, 4 Freshman Football 1 Freshman Wrestling, Captain 1 Freshman Track 1 4.2-.1-1-Ls:-:Effie kv. is 5.55, Q erm.-.:':.".a:r-. ws., F1-EE-2611 -4 Q Q. X :Hxi-- 4 -' Q "Eric"-The only boy in school who can truly say "I've got a girl in every port."- even though he has trouble carrying a tune -A good man on the gridiron, the mats, and "other sports"-a member of the dorm for a couple of years, he has always worked hard and in times of conflict with his women, he has been known to break legs, split heads, and also split seams Knot always his ownl - With his easy-going approach to living, Eric is well on his way to proving that "Getting there is half the fun." 4805 ERIC CAMPBELL WILLIAMS entered - 1950 Edward Moore Society 3, 4 News Board 2, 3, Co-circulating M Varsity Football Team 4 Varsity Wrestling Squad 2, 3, 4 Varsity Track Squad 2, 3, 4 Gym Team 2, 3 Freshman Football 1 Freshman Wrestling 1 Freshman Baseball 1 f 1 fi? ? wr Drs -I- anager 4 HUGH R. WILSON entered - 1957 Mabian Board, photographer 4 News Board 4 Players Production 4 ,-H 5 Q 5 k st' S.- 1 l l W ergo 81 "The Banker"-Gave up Gilmore for Lent -joined the News Room "so he could see the world through a rose colored coke bottle"- almost lost his Ford Thunderbird in a snow- drift at Metzger's, was saved when Arsham threw himself under the back wheels for traction-only boy in school to wear a tie to and from field - brings interesting Bohernians to the News Room-H. L. C. promised not to admit him if he wears a waistcoat to com- mencement-A connoisseur of fine wearing apparel, Hugh is the originator of the phrase "Go Vest, young man, go Vest!" FREDERICK WOODBRIDGE, JR. entered - 1955 First Honors 1, 2, 3, 4 Second Honors 1, 2, 3, 4 Merit Scholarship Finalist 4 Cobb Latin Prize 2 Prefect Board 3, 4 News Board 2, 3, Editor-in-Chief 4 Edward Moore Society 4 Forensic Society 3, 4 Junior Council on World Affairs 4 Players Production 4 Junior Classical League 2, 3, 4 Varsity Soccer 2, 3, 4' Freshman Soccer 1 Freshamn Wrestling 1 Freshman Baseball 1 Class Baseball Captain 3 1 ,.,, ,ilii m :T ., 3 'F'q E - -1-47,-1 i i ,, - " mis LHB ,pc . 4825 "The Bridge"-notorious head typist for the News-noted for News room soirees in the wee hours - poker prestidigitator - "Can't I cash them in now?"-University School's only Eagle Scout-despite all qualifications, is still scouting-keeper of the key Chez Woodbridge-managed to give three parties without serving any food-author of Wood- bridge's "How to Say Hello in 77 different Languages"-now competing for the Inter- national Dave Ward "Hi" Trophy fsee abovej -member of Varsity Soccer Squad-wept crocodile tears keeping training--with his language ability, his pious attitude, and his long hair, Fred will be sure to become the Van Cliburn of Remington Rand. "Rebel"-a calm Southern import-known for his casual Ed Sullivan type approach to Cheerleading-"Y'all gotta sit down fowah this one!" - pvurported author of The Wonder- loook of Cheers-displayed frustrated dra- matic talents as director of memorable crew of pep-rally players-appeared as Cleota in "The Male Animal"-recognized authority fby Mr. Summerj on segregation and the South-host at many intimate after for dur- ing or beforej the party parties-with his natural dramatic sense, John will soon relax in Southern comfort while he watches the money roll in from his latest expose on the South, "All Set." C835 JOHN ANTHONY WOODWORTH entered - 1956 Edward Moore Society 4 News Board 4 Players 4 Head Cheerleader 4 Athletic Council 4 Varsity Swimming 2, 3, 4 Class Football Captain 4 Q aa, 1-JJ .I will jr: to l I iv" ,, Q 12: gf? ge ' l Z5 I' s--- fifml fl-'lm I rl' at W i Y' W 4 REGULAR UR HIGHTEST 7 YUU ALL ll Illll CLASS IIIRECTURY NAME ADAMS, CHARLES SIGLER . . . . . . ARMS, MYRON ANTHONY .... . . . ARSHAM, GARY MARTIN BILL, ARTHUR HENRY ....... . . . BIRD BRUCE R. ........... . BLACK, ROBERT FRANKLIN. 1 1 1 1 I Q BLAUVELT, GERRIT JOHN BOLES, LAWRENCE HUEY CARSON, JOHN JAY .,...,......... COLE, LAWRENCE EDWARD COLLINSON, JEFFREY J. .... f ' A f f f CORCORAN, JAMES I. W. CULLEN, THOMAS DAVID .... . . . DALZELL, ANDREW CAIN DAVIS, WILLIAM FREDERIC ...... DeWOODY, CHARLES TREMAINE . . DUNCAN, LATHROP FULLER ...... ENGEL, JURGEN MICHAEL ....... EVANS, THOMAS GOODWIN ...... EWING, EVAN YOUNG ............ HAWGOOD, WILLIAM SHEPARD . . HOERR, STANLEY OBERMANN . . . HERBRUCK, PETER CHARLES IRWIN, ROBERT JOSEPH .......... JOHNSON, DAVID CARROLL ....,, JONES, STEPHEN POWELL .....,. KAUFMAN, RICHARD JAY . ., . ., LANE, JOHN COLEMAN .... . . . LEONARD, THOMAS M. ..... ,...,. . LIGHTBODY, THOMAS ............. LIVINGSTON, DAVID MICHAEL .... LOGSDON, LOUIS PETER .....,.... LUM, HARRY ,.,..,...,....,. ..,. , . MCWHORTER, JOHN FRANCIS, III.. MASSMAN, LUTHER ROBERT ...,. MEKET, TERRY ALAN ............ METZGER, CHRISTOPHER E. ..... . MILLER, ROGER DAVID ..,........ MINOGUE, ROLAND EDWARD, JR.. . MOORE, DAN TYLER, III .......... NASH, JOHN F., JR. .............. . O'BRIEN, WILLIAM ANTHONY .... OLMSTED, COERT DUBOIS ........ PHILLIPS, JOHN WILLIAM .....,.. PRASSE, HERBERT FREDERICK . , . PRESTON, WILLIAM FRANK ..... PRICE, ROBERT PERRY .....,... RAFF, EDWARD H., JR. , ...,,... .. ROBISHAW, HOWARD CLAYTON . . . ROUTMAN, FRANK MICHAEL ..... ROYAL, PRENTICE BROWER ...... SAMPLINER, RICHARD EVAN ..... SCHLOSS, JOHN MORLEY ......... SHADLE, JOHN HOWELL ........ STANLEY, STEVEN MITCHELL THOMAS, JOHN LOWELL ,..... If Q. THOMPSON, CORNELIUS .......,.. WATKINS, FREDERICK AUXER WEH, JOHN ROBERT .,............ WILKISON, VOGT DANIEL ......... WILLIAMS, ERIC CAMPBELL . WILSON, HUGH RILEY ....... fffl WOODBRIDGE, FREDERICK, JR. . . . WOODWORTH, JOHN ANTHONY . . . ADDRESS 8 Lyman Circle .... 2761 Chesterton Rd. .. 2889 Manchester Rd. . 2365 Woodmere Dr. .. 578 North St. .,.,.,. . 28499 Gates Mills Blvd. Wicklow Rd. . . . . 2733 2229 Woodmere Dr. . . . 3197 Belvoir Blvd. . . , . Hudson-Aurora Rd. Newbury Dr. . .. Berkshire Rd. . . . Sherbrooke Rd. . Wellington Rd. .. 2156 2479 2668 2771 2475 29120 Cresthaven Dr. . Daisy Hill RFD 113 . , . 19401 Lomond Blvd. ,. Hermann Friese-Str. 22 . Hollyhock Hill ....... North Park .....,... .2719 Cranlyn Rd. .997 Richmond Rd. . . . , .2234 Woodmere Dr. . , . 4911 Middledale Rd. ., 2675 Warrensville Ctr. Rd.. . Berkshire Rd. ...... . 3256 Lansmere Rd. 3353 Maynard Rd. 21226 Byron Rd. .... . 32600 Fairmount Blvd. 3707 Randolph Rd. 2687 Claythorne Rd. . 2604 So. Green Rd. 20900 Claythorne . . , 999 Colonial Drive 3337 Chelsea Dr. .... . 18200 Shaker Blvd. .. . 3251 Washington Blvd. 3357 Washington Blvd. 2564 Berkshire Rd. Battles Rd. ,,.,...,. . 2926 Fontenay Rd. 1251 Oakridge Dr. 1372 Cleve. Hts. Blvd. River Rd. ....,.,.... . . 22561 Westchester Rd. 3781 Washington Blvd. Congress Lake ....,,. 2812 Fairmount Blvd. 348 Buhl Blvd. ...... . 80 Mill Hollow Dr. 2208 S. Belvoir Blvd. . 24 Lyman Circle ...., 944 Chillicothe Rd. Rogers Rd. ....,.... . 2723 Rochester Rd. 11901 Carlton Rd. .. 19 Lyman Circle 313 Eldridge Rd. .... . 18601 Shaker Blvd. , .. 2525 Kemper Rd. Apt. 2301 Stillman Rd. . . . . 3003 Litchfield Rd. 19615 Shelburne Rd. . C845 5 TEL. NO. 9-1833 2-7720 1-4250 1-0515 7-6115 1-9712 2-3535 1-2203 1-8621 3-5218 1-5500 2-9226 2-1928 2-9444 HO YE SK ER CH TE YE ER SK OL FA YE YE YE WH 3-3932 CH SK 7-8303 2-1875 BL YE FA EV FA EV FA HA SK 5-2724 2-7576 1-4484 1-8403 1-1586 2-0866 1-4407 3-4553 2-0862 WY 1-5272 1-7317 2-1060 1-4853 2-3359 1-0921 1-1610 4-1625 2-2727 2-1580 2-5274 1-1110 2-8664 3-3288 SK HI EV YE ER ER RI YE SK YE ER YE HA WY 1-3181 EV EV HA LO ER TR FA DI CH EV HO BL HA HO CE HO LO 2-1623 2-1631 3-4576 1-3439 1-5932 7-9655 1-0237 6-4691 7-8450 1-6970 9-1329 5-3361 3-4634 9-1356 1-1906 9-1646 2-3241 WY 1-5428 1-5481 1-5450 1-8973 1-8984 RA ER SK FA 'N5fi1i.QIfAQ ' CITY Shaker Hts. Shaker Hts. Shaker Hts. Cleveland Hts. Chagrin Falls Gates Mills Shaker Hts. Cleveland Hts. Shaker Hts. Hudson, Ohio Cleveland Hts. Cleveland Hts. Shaker Hts. Cleveland Hts. Willowick, Ohio Chagrin Falls Shaker Hts. Hann. Germany Mentor, Ohio Cleveland Hts. Shaker Hts. Lyndhurst Cleveland Hts. Lyndhurst Shaker Hts. Gates Mills Hts. Shaker Shaker Hts. Shaker Hts. Pike Pepper Cleveland Hts. Shaker Hts. University Hts. Shaker Hts. Youngstown Cleveland Hts. Shaker Hts. Cleveland Hts. . . . ..... Cleveland Hts. Cleveland Hts. Gates Mills Shaker Hts. Cleveland Hts. Cleveland Hts. Gates Mills Shaker Hts. University Hts. Hartville, Ohio Cleveland Hts. Sharon, Pa. Chagrin Falls University Hts. Shaker Hts. Mentor, Ohio Gates Mills Shaker Hts. Cleveland Hts. Shaker Hts. Aurora Shaker Hts. Shaker Hts. Cleveland Hts. Shaker Hts. Shaker Hts. CLASS PULL Favorite Master Mr. Bobenmyer 62 Mr. Fenslau 1 lWehl Tom Irish 1 lThompsonl Best-Dressed John Lane 39 Mr. Napp 24 Frank Routman 1 lguess whol Best Slasher lPostumously awardedl James I. W. Corcoran lunanimousl Favorite Girl's School lno votes returnedl Favorite Sport Playing on Florida Beaches 32 Bridge and Pretzel Bending 31 Snowball Throwing 1 lMr. Fenslaul Class to Cut Chemistry 31 Chapel Programs 21 Art and Aesthetics 12 Done Most for U. S. Sandy lshee lnew nursel 32 Noel Wines lnew teacherl 32 Things U. S. Can Do Without The Tower 26 Lunch 22 Radio Club 17 lextra vote from FCCl Things U. S. Can't Do Without Field Excuses 40 Palladian Structure 23 Field 1 lRobishawl Favorite Girl Marge McKnight 18 Sandy Stites 16 Mr. Cheatham's 15 Fastest Car Mr. Napp's 25 Mine 20 lincludes Duncan, Kaufman, etc.l Mr. Wines' 13 Mr. Dodd's 6 Favorite Publication Senior Theses 49 Lower School Trumpet 25 13 14. 15. 16. 17 18 19 20 21 22. 23. 24. C855 Married First John Carson 34 James l. W. Corcoran 24 Jeff Collinson 6 Most Intellectual Dave Livingston 40 Dick Sampliner 24 Biggest Harem Eric Williams 33 Mike Engel 31 Favorite Entertainers Dave Livingston 41 J. Morley Schloss 23 Favorite Lunch Dishes Peas lincluding variationsl 38 Attempts at Deserts 14 Milk 12 Favorite Expression I'm diddled 61 lt swings 2 lArsham, Olmstedl First Millionaire Tim Leonard 41 ldiscovering bladeless razorsl John Carson 23 ldiscovering beardless chinsl Host With the Most J. Morley Schloss 50 Dan Moore 12 Fred Woodbridge 2 Best Chapel Singer Mr. Szaraz 60 Mr. McCarraher 3 Chris Metzger 1 lMetzgerl Most Likely to Succeed John Thomas 58 lMabian staff under duressl Harry Lum 8 Biggest Weekender Mike Arms 48 Ralph Gallagher 12 Charlie Marston 4 Best Table Manners Dan Moore 62 Mr. Cruikshank 1 lMoore1 John Lane 1 lMr. Cruikshankl June 12, 1979 Dear Friend John, Delighted to have received your letter, which is peihaps more than I can say for the job you have requested of me. I will certainly do my best to comply with your wishes, however. In my recent trip around the States I did try to look up most of our old class- mates, and if you will bear with me l'll try to recall the current status of each one of them. You remember Chuck Adams, don't you, John, the guy who everyone thought would make his first million on the horses? Well, he's still pushing around back at the old Alma Mater-took over New Ben's spot. For some reason, New York City seems to have been the melting pot for quite a few of the guys. One evening I walked into the Nut Club and bumped into Bill Davis and Gary Arsham. I feel fortunate that they recognized me for it seems that they are the bouncers in that establishment. I noticed a fellow sitting at the end of the bar with a girl on each arm, apparently doing his best to pass the check onto one of them. It was Massman, and apparently the situation wasn't unusual. Toby Wilkison is blowing up a storm playing trumpet in the Big Town, but unfortunately I couldn't see him during my last visit. It seems he had blown a lung loose one evening and is hospitalized. Well, he always was blowing off about something anyway. Bob Black is doing a T.V. show out of New York called "Podium," Apparently he has really taken with the teen- age set. A short time ago he featured one Willis Hippy on the program, a side-burned fellow who played the guitar. To my surprise I found it to be Bill Preston. He was jumping around like a Zulu, mouthing one of his recordings. Evan Ewing, also, is a musician. He recently played his comb at Carnegie Hall. I met a chap on the street when I was in Washington who I immediately recognized as Bill O'Brien. The first thing he asked me was whether I knew the whereabouts of Art Bill. It seems that he had been looking for him for almost twenty years. I was unable to be of any assistance but suggested that we go to the Bureau of Missing Persons Where I knew Terry Mecket was employed. We found Terry buried in his work. He was trying to find Leonard who, it seems, has been lost ever since he left U. S. We quickly found out that Art was working as a filter tester for Liggett 8z Meyers, and O'Brien left in quite a hurry. A few of our colleagues went into the automotive line. I met Bruce Bird in Detroit a 'few months ago. He is working in the colors department at G. M. and was kind enough to show me through the plant. I was somewhat surprised to see Duncan driving cars off the assembly line but he said he was only working on that job to keep his foot loosened up for racing during the off season. Larry Boles was wielding a couple of wrenches very well back on the line, but apparently he is Fuller's mechanic and was also patiently awaiting his big chance. When I was on the West Coast, John, I happened upon two more characters who turned out to be school mates of ours. Ted Raff is playing with the George Shearing group as an understudy on the piano, and Stanley I-Ioerr, that fellow who used to get stuck under the boards on the basketball court, is in Hollywood working on his latest starring role in The Life and Adventures of I cobod C'ra.'ne - definitely type-cast. Price is doing very well as head zoo-keeper at Disneyland. Our two rebel boys are living up to their expectations. Shadle is a full-fledged Tennessee ridge-runner, and John Woodworth managed to get his face into Time Maga- zine a short time ago as the instigator of riots in his rallies for re-secession. We had quite a few athletes in the class, John, some of them completely unheralded. Herbruck, I hear, has just broken his arm during his efforts with the American Olympic Tobbogan Team, and Lane is heading for an Olympic gold medal with the American Water Polo Team. Big Evvy and Dangerous Dan fMooreJ are fighting on television as a tag team. I never realized those two guys could be such hams. Evans has perfected an agonized face that could win him an oscar.. Dalzell and Johnson have both gone into the civil service. Andy is directing traffic on Warrensville Center Road la copl, and I hear Dave is the cribbage champion of the Cleveland fire department. I always did have faith in those two guys. Of course, Bob Irwin's fate is probably well known to you. It seems strange that we ever played any other type of bridge than Irwinian. We used to play Goren back at school, remember? A few guys are busying themselves in the trades which were inevitable for them. I see DeWoody snapping pictures on the sidewalk every weekend when I go down to the stadium. Cole is still wandering around looking for Saurman. Steve Jones CPJ got so carried away with his major work for Mr. Thomson, that he is now over at Cam- bridge trying to prove that he is the seventeenth direct descendent of Tom Jones, a seemingly impossible task. Royal is working diligently at the job of upholding the tradition as a director at Midwestern University, and, of course, Banker Wilson has C85l gone into the clothing accessory business fmatching watch chains and lurex vests.J Here is a switch, John. The barber shop at the Square has been 'taken ,over by an unsuspected quartet. McWhorter, Olmsted, and Woodbridge are cutting ha1r.and Pete Minogue, of all people, has become quite adept at hanging up coats and polishing shoes. Jack Weh is the only member of the class besides you,.John, who took up the ministry. He is very happy as the head of a small parish in Pittsburgh, and has been a great help to Prasse. He cured poor Herb of alcohol1sm,.and now Herbie s only remain- ing vice is opium. Perhaps J ack will be successful in this challenge also. Steve Stanley is down in Florida selling lots in Port Charlotte, which he owns. i Two of the class are in the Ohio State Asylum. I guess Sampliner was just too smart. Nash, however, might pull out of it. When I saw him last year they told me he had been laughing ever since 1971. I guess he started to catch on to those Jokes we used to tell and hasn't stopped laughing yet. ' Do you remember Neil Thompson, John? Probably the only guy to flunk six years of lunch. Well, he's employed as a line-tapper for Bell Telephone fworking on the McKnight case.J Watkins is holding a rather lucrative position. He's a f'Mothers' Oats salesman in Kansas. While in that windswept state I ran across Eric Williams. As usual he was freeloading off his women QI honestly didn't believe that his contacts were so farspread.J - Harry Lum, the guy we all had such great hopes for, has certainly gone to the head of his profession. He is a doctor, a tremendous man, with ten children, and probably the finest veterinarian in Cleveland. John Phillips is working at Bunce Bros-pro- bably the best dressed salesman in this town. Livingston is a soda jerk. This actually doesn't seem strange when you think about it, but it does seem like a waste of an education. QMaybe he enjoys the finer things in life.J If you happen to visit Cotuit, Mass., in the summer, you are sure to see Gerry Blauvelt calling square dances on Friday evenings. He is dedicated to his work. Jeff Collinson has also settled in the east. He is a marriage counselor in Boston. He has undoubtedly learned from experience. Not all of our classmates stayed in the States though, John. Three years ago on my trip to Europe I met up with a duke on the boat, quite a nice fellow, really. He and an European juggler with some fancy name became great friends of mine during the trip. The day before landing I found my watch, wallet, and much of my luggage missing. I was quite shocked when the police apprehended my two friends at the dock and even more so when I discovered them to be Engel and Hawgood. I never did recover my valuables, but I found out from the police that they were a notorious pair, wanted in 26 countries. You perhaps have heard that Miller is now playing quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles. We certainly did have a football team that year. Lightbody, as expected, is a theorist and theorizing greatly. A theory, you know, John, is an idea that never works. I happened upon a fellow that I more or less recognized in a gym in Baltimore a month ago. It was Kaufman, although you hardly would have known it. He kept mum- bling about the bells and swating at birds that he seemed to think were flying around his head. Too much fighting, I guess, John. Believe you me, it was a pitiful sight. Johnny Carson is weight lifting with Ringling Bros., Certainly an expected shift. While talking with him about the old gang, he mentioned Tom Cullen. Tom had gone bankrupt in Chicago at the poker table-a terrible fate, to say the least. Two more guys who settled down back in Cleveland are Routman and Robishaw. Routman is the proud manager of Jay Engels, but Robie is still hoofing it as first assistant to Jimmy Olsen for the Cleveland News. I have confidence that that boy will make it someday, though. My old friend Chris Metzger is off on another tangent, par usual, I suppose. He has been living the part of a hermit in the Nevada hills for the last couple of years fSecretly I think he is searching for uranium. He has always wanted a quick way to his first million.J Morley Schloss, the other true idealist in the class, is doing more to live up to my expectations. He is the instigator of the recent revolt in Siam, and if he lives through it, he should be a great man. Well, John, that just about completes the list. They certainly were a great bunch of guys, and I really loved them all like brothers. Of course, I've not mentioned Corcoran or Logsdon, but they're sitting right here with me as I write this, and we are all looking forward to the day when we shall again be able to come and see you to thank you for your efforts at saving us from this horrible, but, I'm afraid, well-deserved fate. Sincerely, Mike Arms Alcatraz Prison, Oakland Bay, San Francisco, California C877 NAME ADAMS ... ARMS .,.. ARSHAM .. BILL . , . BIRD ....., BLACK .......... BLAUVELT BOLES .... CARSON , . , COLE , ..,.... . COLLINSON CORCORAN CULLEN ..,.,,.. DALZELL ....... DAVIS ,,.. DeWOODY ....... DUNCAN .. ENGEL , . . EVANS . , . EWING .......,.. FENSLAU ....... HAWGOOD HERBRUCK HOERR ...,. IRWIN ....,..... JOHNSON ...,... JONES ,.... KAUFMAN LANE ..,... LEONARD ....... LIGHTBODY LIVINGSTON LOGSDON ,....., LUM ............ McWHORTER MASSMAN MEKET .,...,... METZGER ...... , MILLER , ...,,.. , MINOGUE ....... MOORE .,., NASH .... O'BRIEN ........ OLMSTED ....... PHILLIPS ,...... PRASSE . . . PRESTON ....,,. PRICE ...,. RAFF ........... ROBISHAW ROUTMAN . . . ROYAL ..,. SAMPLINER- A ' 4 ' A SCHLOSS ...4,.,, SHADLE ....,... STANLEY .....,. THOMAS ........ THOMPSON WATKINS ....... WEH ...,......,. WILKISON WILLIAMS WILSON ..,.,.... WOODBRIDGE . . . WOODWORTH . . . CLASS PIHIFILE HANGOUT Ascot Park ..... Kay's ......... Chef Etienne's ,. O'Brien's .,..... Chagrin Falls .... His car ......,. Sandy's ...... M. G. ....... . Who knows .. Hudson, O. . . . The mound . . . The Frame , . . Golf course .. Sue's ,..,.... LAKEWOOD .. His darkroom .... FD-17 .,....... You name it .... Shadle's ......,.. Bloomfield Hills ..... Swimming pool ........ Silver Chevy fliptop Any place where he get a free meal Her's ........,, Senior Room . . . At the 'Elm's Hunt Club ..,.. Yes .....,., Mawby's ,... Leonard's . . . His horse ..,, Nowhere .......... Tennis courts ..... C311 Front of 19015 Shkr. Blvd.. . Mother's .,........ Youngstown . . . His Pontiac ..,, His basement . . , Heights ...,. Bookstore , . . Marge's ,,.. Duck blind . , . Bill's ....... Dragin's , . , Meket's .,.... Phone booth .,., Roz's ...... Link's .... Old Trail ,,.. Parallel bars . . . Sharon ,... Borgward .... Pete's .,....... Harold's office ,, Mentor ...... Pond ...,, All over ,... In public . . . Chapel . . . Dorm ..... Chez elle .,... Main office ....,.. News Room ..,.... Greyhound Terminal The stage ......... NOTED FOR his brother ...... . reckless living . , , , hairy pipe ..., . cigarette ,.,., , his burns . , . , . tan shoes ...,.. . bloodshot eyes . . . . his intellect ,......,, his height .,........, chemistry experiments Becky .............. views on Communism his biceps . . .,..,. . . . his brush with the law Julie ..........,.... his developments ..., his speed shifting .,., his continental manner his delicacy .,...,... his driving hat ...... midnight dips , . . himself ........ . his women ..... . His ..,,.,.......... bridge technique ..... class football ability , his cousin .....,.,... races with Duncan . . . order ............, . briefcase ...... . . . . English recitation . . . witty stories .... , driving ability . . . . technique ..,... . artwork ...., . women ....... . dark glasses , . . coolness ....,, . Thunderbird ..., . short changing .... . half-Nelson ..,.. . HAS NEVER ridden a horse come to school on Monday piled lit the filter lost a race lost a fight done his French been debased fallen in the pool burned his hand left her read the Christian Science Momtor broken par won lost a hand lost a print lost a gear lost a woman exercised it gotten excited swam forgotten it Weavered fsicl Hummed cheated lost an argument with J. has never beaten Nick won finished lost it lost to Chilt gotten to the punch line gotten caught been bribed spilled his ink been without them D. forgotten Ft. Lauderdale frozen exposed his harem lost a nickel stopped smiling his game ...... . missed flying feet . Q . gone to French class stage kiss .... ..., 1 'eached the 2nd stage Merce 190 ,.,.,. ....... f orgotten Arsham's cooperation ..,......,.. the flying Blue Goose . . The Party ............. newones... TR-3 .,.. . . , French ......,.... ..,. femmes ....,....,,..... Written a thesis .sold a Mabian lived it down blazed one ,driven it on the parallel bars taken the first tie been without either lower class idolatry ...,. bounced U altercations . .,,........ lost a toss with Louie shades .......,..,. .... calisthenics . , , . been to EvVy's been to Yale cynicism ..... .4.. b een to Princeton sadism ,...... .... s een the pastel vans deft clef .,,..... .... d riven the same car twi his date system ..,. .... tenor ........... .... beard ...,..... .... jumper wire ., .... his vacillation his drawl ..,,. ,... gotten his dime back gotten his water cut his chin found his car keys read the U. S. News been to South Bend ce slasses JU lllll BACK ROW: Trip Ayers, lee Chilcole, Dave Adams, Jan Buhl, Harold Anderson MIDDLE ROW: Tod Cobey, Charlie Carr, Bill Carlisle, Morrie Adams, Bob Day, Andy Fabens, Dick Ainsworth, Kim Barnes FRONT ROW: Ted Chase, Bill Barry, Vin Fiordalis, Bill Buss, Bill Daley President: Tom Pease Vice-President: William C cvrlisle Secretary: Dave Uible T1'easu1'er: Dave Adams C907 BACK ROW: Tad Gailher, Jim Hughes, Phil Giunfa, George Klein, Mike Howson, Dove Herkner MlDDLE ROW: Chuck Foster, Dave Kaighin, Pele Hook, Bill Hnmilfon, Pele Ludd,Tim Ganahl, Gordon Harnefl FRONT ROW: Pele Hodges, Dick Lucey, Mickey Hexler, John Houck, Rob Hukill BACK ROW: Pele Sieck, Jim Walterson, George Wick, Bruce Thomas, Gary Smilh, Clark Waid, Sleve Schuman MIDDLE ROW: Tom Young, Peie Wellman, Sam Walker, Willard Van Horne, Ed Welsh, George Teplansky, Dallas Young FRONT ROW: David Uible, Roger Such, George Weirdsma, Sleve Severance, Ralph Treebs .lllNlllllS BACK ROW: Sam Llflle, Paul Reading, Fred Richards, John Ramsey, Laird Roth MIDDLE ROW: Bill Reuler, Rick Mayne, Richard Norih, Paul Oppmann, Bob Lafleur, Mike Lulfon, John lang FRONT ROW: Tom Pease, Richard Rodgers, Dave Penske, Don linlz, Harry Mills 91 llPll0Mllllll BACK ROW: Scott Chapman, Pete Brown, Fay Brown, Bob Andrews, Terry Abbott, Phil Currier, Carl Coolidge THIRD ROW: John AuWerter, Rod Brewster, George Belhobek, John Ake, Hugh Barrett, Bill Addison, Kit Baldwin SECOND ROW: Dave Cortun, Howard Busse, Wade Clark, David Arms, Karl Bruch FRONT ROW: Kent Brown, John Cox, Bainbridge Cowell President: Wayne Kniffen Vice-President: Tim McLaughlin Secretary: William Stewart Treasurer: Dan Swander C925 BACK ROW: Wayne Kniffin, Corky Jaeger, George Grabner, Gary Klie, Joe Frisse THIRD ROW: Steve Forbes, Bob Demarco, Jim Garfield, Edward Janes, Brent Farmer, Tom Hall SECOND ROW: Bob Lehmann, Grant Hawgood, Ronald Johns, Bill Fabens, Chris Knight, Nick Hunf FRONT' ROW: Bill Dolwick, Ricky Johnson, Richard Hakanson, David Herbruck, Dennis Irwin BACK ROW: Leroy Sinclair, Mike Treisler, Raymond Sawyer, Dan Swander, .lim Uffelman THIRD ROW: Denny Rounds, John Wrighl, Tom Wagner, David Slrand, Tom Schneider, Paul Weaver, Don Welsh, Charlie Whitmore SECOND ROW: Gary Wifzenburg, Mike Zare, Tim Wallerson, Cy Wellman, Bob Trenkamp, Bill Stewart FRONT ROW: Eric Taylor, Doug Sprung, Rufus Sparks, Dick Schwarz llPll0MllllE BACK ROW: Richard Miller, Lee Livingslon, Henry Nave, Spike Narlen, Alex Richardson THIRD ROW: Rod Oppmann, Bill Peyser, George Milbourn, Jock Noyes, Tim Mclaughlin, Dan Roberlson SECOND ROW: Dave Polsler, Bob Ochs, Slu Lovin, Charles Munlz, Skees Marlin FRONT ROW: Bill Norlon, Burlon Reany, Bob Lyons, Rick Lowe 93 FRE HME BACK ROW: John Cobey, John Dunn, Frank Bill, Jim Bryan, Steve Clark, Dave Cockley MIDDLE ROW: John Bargar, Jim Blake, Craig Daerge, Terry Daulel, Tom Barry FRONT ROW: Bill Goldsword, Delano DeWindl, Jim Bodurtha, Jim Bargar Il President: Wm. Warburton Vice-President: Del DeWindt Secretary: Wm. Schweitzer Treasurer g James Bodufrtha i945 BACK ROW: Duke Harding, John Lansing, Terry lmar, Bob Bill Ladd Jones, MIDDLE ROW: John Lamb, Keilh Kelly, Terry Kiflredge, Haserol, Dave Hollinglon FRONT ROW: Jim Hergel, Griesinger, Robin Landis, Kinney Dave Dave Tom BACK ROW: Jeff Williams, Bill Wigglesworlh, Rick Taylor, Joe Worthington, Dave Wallerson, Paul Spencer, Greg Weiss MIDDLE ROW: Maynard Thomson, Dan Smylhe, George Sherwin, Bill Warburlon FRONT ROW: Chuck Weller, Bob Seidman, Pele While FRE lllllll BACK ROW: Tim Marfien, Arnold Saunders, Dave Saunders, Randy Parks, Francis Morrow, Larry Sargent MIDDLE ROW: George Malone, Bill Newby, Roy Meckler, Griffin Okie, Bill Schweitzer, Bob Pearse FRONT ROW: Bertram Massman, Charlie Riehl, Bill McLean C953 ElGll'l'll GRADE BACK ROW: Rich Anderson, Richard Banfield, George Chap- man, Jim Buschman, Jim Bright, Allan Barnes, Bob Carr FRONT ROW: John Babson, Bill Baldwin, Tony Bohannun, Doug Aitken, Dan Bricker President: Steve Clark Vice-President: George Crile Secretary: Tony Bohannon Treasurer: Dick Thoburn C965 BACK ROW: Hurry Cornelius, Clark Davis, Bill Dippel, Danny Cale, Peter Crall FRONT ROW: Barry Coughlin, Randy Cole, George Crile, Steve Clark, Duke Epperson BACK ROW: Dick Thoburn, Bill Woodward, Ted Widmer, Tom Ralhbcne, Graham Whidden FRONT ROW: Greg Paore, George Resse, Clark Randi, Tom Sumner, Tom Saunders, Oliver Transue lllllll'l'll GRADE BACK ROW: Alan Havighursl, Jim Harding, Bill Forbes, Bill Gilger, Charlus Gallagher, Herb Ide, Charles Mills FRONT ROW: Dave Mandi, Doug Fabens, Kenf Jordan, Nicky Jones, Phil Jaeger, Fred Merrick lllll 'lll lllllllll BACK ROW: Tom Wean, John Vicic, Jay Slobey, Gordon Spen- cer, Bill Powar, Richard Schilling, Sleworl Newell, Frank Porler FRONT ROW: Alvin Preyer, Nelson Talboll, Bill Taylor President: Dick Schilling Vice-President: Wm. Calfee Secretary: John Vifrden Treasurer: Hal Newell 4985 BACK ROW: John Marshall, Doug Johnson, Dave Milzel, Mike Hruby, .lim Myers, Richard Howey, Mike Hopkins FRONT ROW: Donley Johnson, Jim Lansing, Hal Newell BACK ROW: Chris Boiz, Mark Baffin, Roger Cox, Bill Colfee, Dave Ayers, Dave Anderson, Jim Burger FRONT ROW: Hugh Davey, Doug Barretf, Ashley Carrifhers, Jim Barker EVE TH GRADE BACK ROW: Joe Fogg, John Hildf, George Enos, Richard Eide, Bob Forward, Jeff Fincun, Colvin Hay, Andrew Goodman FRONT ROW: Bob Harris, Jeff Dworkin, Bob Holmberg, Alan Griesinger 99 ll i 1 LllWEll CllllllL l Tll Gllilll BACK ROW: Mr. Peyser, Nicky Baldwin, Dave Hopkins, Doug Friedlander, Jim Skull, Arl Rayan, Ernest Tolh Dave Checkley MIDDLE ROW: John Fischer, Gerry Hoffman, Preslon Stern, TiM Geier, Ozzie Mills, Clay Hollisfer, Day Shields George Porler, Tom Knulsen, lewis McCreary, Jeff Jackson FRONT ROW: Jock Dangler, Tom Rison, Siu Harrison, Bill Noyes, Pele Allen, Waller Newcomb Q 1005 llll ll'l'H llllilllll BACK ROW: Mr. Holmes, Mark Deluncy, Dave Virden, Leland Knutsen, John Hopkins, Mike Williams MIDDLE ROW: Dick Bargar, Dave Lamprechl, Peter Paul, Chris Narlen, Bill Rison, Tom Thoburn, John Tolh FRONT ROW: John Shaw, Joe Giunla, Jim Coolidge, John Keil, Mal Scovil, Jon Ingersoll Fllllll llllzlllll BACK ROW: Mr. Ilschner, Wall Ginn, Dana DeWindf, Tom Norlh, Dana Randi, John Brigleb, David Sherbondy MIDDLE ROW: Alan Palo, Chris Blauvell, Pele Harding, Bill Hos- ford, Pete Meachvm, Hunler Morrison, Whitney Mills FRONT ROW: Jim Willson, Kenny Kafes, Bill Williams, Larry Kenl, John Duffy, Sfuarl Zalud, absent -John Peyser 101 'llllllll lllillllll BACK ROW: Mrs. Sumner, Tom Dissefle, Bruce Calfee, Bob Vail, Lanny Sherwin, Randy McFall, Bill Coolidge, Timothy Hughes, Bruce Mavec, Ed Morrison FRONT ROW: Geoff Anderson, larry Fischer, Wink Sloner, Greg Smallwood, Orvis Dean, John Manuel, John Meacham 1025 E00 ll llllllllll BACK ROW: Mrs. Lee, Ken Gil- bert, Wade Ballles MIDDLE ROW: Som Scovil, Buff Hills, John Coventry, Reyman Janes, Bob Peyser, Max Malthes, Ted Hellmulh, Tom Buss FRONT ROW: Bill Collins, Bill Barney, John Stoner, Mark Hanna, Gordon Russell, absent-Bob Pilskaln PRE PRIMARY BACK ROW: Peter Collins, Richard Zook, William Slevenson, Hendrik Hoefs, Frederick Porter, Richard Garrelson MIDDLE ROW: Mrs. Johnsfon, Delbert Harper, William Tullle, Frederick Mueller, William Hell- mulh, Peler Battles, Kelvin Landy, Mr. Jones FRONT ROW: Donald Dallon Robert Ingersoll, Michael Davis, Ansley Sawyer I lllll 'I' llllzlllll BACK ROW: Pres Barney, Horbia Fischer, Tom Thoburn, Mrs. Schreyer MIDDLE ROW: Randy Smolik, Tony munich., aiu duress., .nm Ladd, Jay Rasiel, Randy Horsey, David Cowan, Bill Dodd FRONT ROW: Chris Wenham, Tom Randt, Bill Bochner, Richard Wcrlh 1033 ,CF ll MREFULJ lf'lVlHY5r1u. 66 Have. " 'I neu ' 7350 'llEVAou15'. .. 'I ,JIIE coz OIVEL Baker Mnkcff' III-ills WULQ a0oK!Il " THEN 1 SLIPPED rag, JELLQ7 ,N '05 IJOCKEI n ,W 0 MJHM, ,' Y UPPER lawn' Jcflauwrs "oops Vw aa To :we nvnzmnmf EvENs I Go." 7715 Jifves ears , 255 'A 5 ' . .. 1 ,: PA 5? A ,,., if A""L' - " k .f . ,. A PIAE ' .55 .y. P uw E A. ry 1 - , .W ,,..' - I ., K N 5 Q ,K 0. S gf Ee, 1 ' V :I QI...-' 'W , king Q -Wy' f, x " K1 Em, 'fake mir spoon our UF Vow! fmt..." "foo ffmvk Mvfve Gornroezems.. " "fl-57'E'S soon uk: H... " Adams : Arms: Arshamf Bill: Bird: Black : Blauvelt : Boles : Carson : Cole: Collinson : Corcoran: Cullen : Dalzell : Davis : De Woody : Duncan : Engel : Evans : Ewing : H awgood : H erbruck : H oerr : Irwin : Johnson: Jones .- Kaufman: Lane: Leonard: Lightbody: Livingston: Logsdon : Lum: McWhorter: M assman : M eket : Metzger .- Miller : Minogue : Moore : Nash : O'Brien : Olmsted: Phillips : Prasse : Preston : Price : Ra f f : Ro bishaw : Routman: Royal: Sampliner : Schloss: S hadle .' Stanley : Thomas : Thompson : Watkins : Weli .' Wilkison : Wilgims : Wilson .' Woodbridge : Woodworth : "Hey, baby, have you seen my Thunderbird V-8 mill? It's parked 'in the arboretumf' "You might have read about me in Halfway Down the Stairs." "Oh, baby, que tu es grande? ". . .When I was tattooed for the Marlboro commercial." "Yes, my track shoes get worn out after two or three races, but that's an occupational hazard." "I can getcha on Bandstand. No, really, no kidding." "In Huxley's latest book . . ." "Pm so lovable. Heh, heh, heh." "What color should I drive tonight?" "Did I ever tell you about my experiences in the Hudson underground?" "Then I took a long stride, and let go with my triple corkscrew slider." "Well, you know, I'm quite an authorg the last rejection slip that I got from the New Yorker was the warmest ever." "You may have seen me on the back of comic books. You know, I used to be that 98 pound weakling that everyone was pushing around on the beach." "Well this cop comes up to me, and he says that I was speeding. So then I said that I didn't think that he knew who I was." "Remind me to show you the sights of Lakewood sometime." "How would you like to be the first girl to see the Camera Club's new darkroom?" "You'd better hold the checkered flag." "American girls are so much more uninhibited. Now in Germany. . .we do it this way." 'KHere, let me pick this car up, so we can look at the axle." "I never could learn to play the harp." UI said you better wipe that pie off my car, or you't going to be able to do anything again." "Who wants to cook dinner for me, tonight?" "I'm making a new record for Rocket Records. What a star!!! frapturelu "Well when I played with Charlie Goren . . ." "When I get down to Principia, I'll invite for a weekend." "Last one up the side of the tower gets my Ranchero." 'tDid I tell you about my experiences at Akron? They call me the Juan Fangio of Shaker Hts." "See, even my undershirt is Brooks Brothers." "Hand me some of that good ol' CaSo4 - H20." "I'm cool- no kidding." "That reminds me of a joke." t'Pancho just sqeaked the win past me." "Well, I said to Harold, that he oughta resurface the parking lot." "I don't care what you say about McCarthy, I liked him." "See, this says that I'm 21." t'No, Tom had to work at his. Mine are natural." "There I was walking along the Rue de la Paix . . ." "You wouldn't know how to put on snowtires, would you?" "No, I've never been to Brooklyn." "I don't always smile when I wrestle. Let me show you." "Bang, bang-man did those ducks come down. There were so many of them that I had to send Herbruck, my retriever, after them." "Gotta a match?" "Come and see my etchings . . ." "Oh, I remember, you'rc the girl who caught me when I passed out." "You may have heard about me, I write sports for the Plain Dealer." "I can put the shot, too!" 'tWell, what a cleanup job! There were bodies all over the basement." 'R . . Hartsville, that's near Congress Lake, which is near Canton, which is pretty close to nowhere." "Aw, shucks, it was just a birthday present." NI even have to shave between classes." "I would have worn my tuxedo, but Trip has it." "The trouble is, I can't see over the steering wheel." "I really run the Mabianf' HJ. E. B. Stuart had nothing on me." "It may be small, but it certainly has pickup. You can ask her." "No, I don't high jump, that must be another John Thomas." ". . . I pull their legs off like this." "Mr. Napp doesn't know it, but I've been parking in the front circle for 6 months now." t'Shhhhhhhh." "As Gym Team Captain, I have to set a standard for my boys." "No, I haven't tried the Schick Peach Testf' "Oh, this vest. I got for half-price down at the stadium." ". . . Then I got the lemon stuck in my throat." UI say there, y'all, down in the South, our women are fully integrated." activities PREFEUT f:7'f:EDx L' E f- 9 if or H T 5 'J W a Q! .o . l f to 'FREFECT EL.Ec'.TlONS IVDTE. FORD-us 11cm-:'l' Vxfkkb STANDING: George Wick, Spike Narfen, Leroy Sinclair, Fred Woodbridge, Bill Hamillon, Wade Clark SITTING: Slove Stanley, Dick Sampliner, Harry Lum, Neil Thompson, Ted Ruff As the link between the faculty and the student body, it is the responsibility of the Prefect Board to interpret the basic interests of University School, Responsibility, Loyalty, and Consideration. Collaborating with the faculty, the Prefect Board is directly responsible for the few disciplinary matters that arise over the year and is concerned with the general ethics of the school. Five seniors, three juniors, and three sophomores comprise this highest elected position in the school. Some of the most notable chores of the Prefects are reading the much awaited chapel notices to the student body, controlling the onrush of milk-and-crackers, and collecting the extra-help attendance slips. Guided by the organization and sensibility of Chairman Harry Lum, the Board has shown that it is capable of handling the problems placed before it with a strict but tolerant hand. The Board has proved itself a competent administrator. The prefecture has taken another successful year in its stride, leading an oftimes errant student body back to the paths of right. QIOSQ UMLAIIE STANDING: Coert Olmsted, Gary Arshom, Neil Thompson SITTING: Dick Sampliner, Jim Corcoran, John Thomas The University School Cum Laude Society, headed by Mr. Peter Ebbott, presented gold keys, as a symbol of outstanding scholastic achievement, and certificates of membership in the society to the twelve most accomplished students of the senior class. Half of the members are selected in the fall and the remainder in the spring. They are, of course, chosen for superior scholastic standing, each year's group comprised of the top twenty per-cent of the class. The National Cum Laude Society, which is very similar to Phi Beta Kappa in college, was founded along the traditional principles in 1906. University School formed its own chapter, seventh oldest in the nation, in 1911. Last fall those admitted to the society were Gary Arsham, Jim Corcoran, Coert Olmsted, Dick Sampliner, John Thomas, and Neil Thompson. These students have been significant in various school activities as well as being consciencious in their studies. Such qualities have greatly enhanced these boys' recommendations for the colleges of their choice. q1o9p mmwae O 92? MARIA lilllllill I f'lna-:AN I l 59 ' if-1 A' J! ...Q GENTLEINEN,-I AH THE nnemw' BACK ROW: Jim Hu hes, Jim Corcoran, Bob Irwin, Nail Thompson, Bill O'Brien, Morley Schloss, Ari Bill, John McWhorter, Dave Johnson, MIDDLE ROW: Bob Black, Jeff Collinson, Gerry Thomas, Gary Fred Watkins George Klein, Blauvelt, John Arsham, Terry Meckei, Charles Adams, larry Boles, John Carson, Paul Oppmann FRONT ROW: John Lang, Harry Lum, Bill Preston, Mickey Hexier, Dick Sampliner, Bill Carlisle The publication of the Mabian is recognized by all as one of the most worthy activities to which a student may devote himself. The Mabian is a self-reliant concern, with all income based upon the established merit and the traditional quality of the yearbook. The amount collected depends upon the perseverance and the sales- manship of those who sell advertising space, the success of the yearbook also depending greatly upon the efficient utilization of this money. It would be interesting to note that it has not been found necessary to increase either the advertising or the subscription rates for several years, There is also the opportunity for the em- ployment of creative talents which a person may possess, especially in the numerous literary and artistic components which have become integral items in the yearbook. The Mabian Board is responsible for the publication of the Mabian. Heading the board are the members of the Mabian Staff, who occupy the editorial and managerial positions. The staff, work- ing with a faculty advisor and the representatives of the various professional services which are engaged, is continually emulating the high standards which have been established in previous editions of the Mabian. The remainder of the board is comprised of those who, though not occupying the staff positions, contributed time and effort in the publication of the yearbook, and those who sold in excess of three-hundred dollars worth of advertisements. The 1959 Mabian represents the consolidation of an impressive array of abilities and the culmination of the resolute enterprise and the manifold efforts of numerous people. Under the able direction of Mr. Robert P. Schwab, faculty advisor, and John Thomas, Editor-in-Chief, the following students served on the staff: Morley Schloss, Business Manager, Gary Arsham, Managing Editor, Bob Irwin, Feature Editor, Harry Lum, Sports Editorg Gerry Blauvelt, Ad Copy Managerg Art Bill and Bill 0'Brien, Co- Sales Managersg Fred Watkins, Billing Manager, Bill Preston, Circulation Manager 5 Terry Meket, Photographic Editor 3 and John McWhorter, Art Editor. Credit must also go to Mr. Ted Bullard, our printer, and to Mr. John Bazley, our professional photographer from the Edmondson Studio, for their tireless efforts in behalf of this year's Mabian. All who have shared the responsibility for the production of this yearbook sincerely hope that you will enjoy the fruition of their work, and that in the future you will delight in pleasant reflection upon the memories reawakened by your 1959 Mabian. 41105 BACK ROW: Morley Schloss, Fred Watkins, Gerry Blauvelf, Jim Corcoran, Bob Irwin, Mr. Schwab MIDDLE ROW: Ari Bill, Bill O'Brion, John McWhorler, Bill Preslon, Terry Meckel FRONT ROW: Gary Arsham, John Thomas BEFORE MARIA TAFF AFTER TOP ROW: Watkins, Bill, Schloss, O'Brien, Corcoran, McWhorler SITTING: Irwin, Blouvell, Lum, Mekel, Preslon T H O M A 5 FLOOR: Arsham EW llllllllll EllI'l'0R STANDING: Neil Thompson, Jim Corcoran, Coerf Olmsled, John Thomas, Morley Schloss, larry Boles, Todd Cobey SITTING: Dick Sampliner, Mr. Thomson, Fred Woodbridge, Gary Arsham . . EWS REPIIRTERS A ll MA Allllll' BACK ROW: Frank Roufman, Sam Lilfle, George Klein, Dan Moore, Gerry Blauvelf, Harry Lum, Mike Arms, Hugh Wilson, Toby DeWoody, Dove Adams MIDDLE ROW: Eric Williams, Fuller Duncan, Terry Meclfef, Steve Stanley FRONT ROW: Pete Hodges, Sieve Schuman, Clark Waid, Sam Walker The U. S. News, this past year, strove to exceed the usual high standards maintained in the past. Gathered behind this campaign were Editor-in-Chief Fred Woodbridge, Literary Editor Jim Corcoran, and Sports Editor Neil Thomson. Assisting Editor-in-Chief Woodbridge on the front page were News Editor Gary Arsham and Managing Editor Dick Sampliner. These three were responsible for the well-planned make-up, timely news stories, and crisp head- lines. On the editorial page, Jim Corcoran was aided by John Thomas and Morley Schloss adding their deft comments on things political, philosophical, international, and local. High-lighting the year was the election coverage. Featured were both pro and con arguments of controversial material like the "right to work" issue, and personal opinions as expressed in such columns as the short-lived "Morls Meanders". On the sports page, Neil Thompson's impartial reporting enhanced by Toby DeWoody's pictures truly captured the mood of "le sport" Humor, least of all, was not lacking in this yea,r's News. Gerry Blauvelt and Dan Moore witticised in their respective columns, "Off Bounds" and "Sports Splashes". Meanwhile, Mike Arms lent variety and humor to the paper in his potpourri "Time Out" column. Certainly no mention can be made of the U. S. .News without paying tribute to Mr. Chilton Thomson, the faculty advisor, who put in many hours of tedious work. 11121 STANDING: Herb Prosse, Bob Irwin, Fred Woodbridge, Fuller Duncan, Bill Preston, Neil Thomp- son, Sion Hoerr, John Nash, Jeff Collinson, Gerry Bluuvalf, John Woodworth, Eric Williams, Dave Uible, Fefe Sfeck SITTING: Pele Minogue, Fefe Herbruck, Chris Metzger, Harry Lum, Sieve Stanley, Ted Ruff, Mike Arms Established in 1917, the purpose of the Edward Moore Society has been "to create, maintain, and extend through- out the school high standards of Christian character, to stimulate interest in the underpriviledged of our, com- munity, and to maintain a high morale in the school". Under the guiding hand of Mr. S. Tucker Fox, the society continued to uphold this purpose with great enthusiasm this year. Beginning the school year by organizing a tour and luncheon for the new students, the society continued its good work throughout the year. Following the fall athletic schedule, the Edward Moore Fall Fling on November 8, featuring the music of Charlie Carr, was a tremendous success, and the profits helped support the future activi- ties of the society. The Christmas Basket Drive during the holiday season, to which the entire student Body is encouraged to con- tribute, is one of Edward Moore's principal functions. Food, toys, and clothes are collected and given to needy families in the Cleveland area. Also, pledges for the society are required to spend a day working at Highbrook Lodge Farm for the blind. The society also cooperated with the Forensic Society in the first annual United Appeal drive, which was extremely successful. The "March of Dimes" basketball game in January was another drive sponsored by the society. The society picnic in June terminated another year of useful service by the Edward Moore Society. 4113 l l llllllll SIC SllClll'l'Y Z 'Yi ...X 159.4 ,x,l., . Te 'l . Q 1 1 f X, . Z 1 'L 4 ' we BACK ROW:. Chris Knight, Clark Waid, Bill Carlisle, Mickey Hex- fer, Dick Lacey, Mike Zare, Fred Woodbridge, Frank Routman MIDDLE ROW: Mike Engle, Coert Olmsted, Jim Hughes, Kim Barnes, Jun Buhl, Harry Lum, Gerry Blauveli, Jeff Collinson, Mike Arms, Tim Leonard, Bob Irwin, Tad Gaither FRONT ROW: Mr. Thompson, Dick Sampliner, Gary Arsham, .lohn Thomas, Jim Corcoran The University School Forensic Society was formed six years ago "to encourage competency in all phases of public speaking". Under the able leadership of President Gary Arsham, Vice-presi- dent John Thomas, Secretary Jim Corcoran, and Treasurer Dick Sampliner, the society fulfilled its purpose well this past year. Since the society was formed, there have been many forensic activities, including debates, round table discussions, and regular meetings in which parliamentary procedure was in practice. This year there were informal debates and debates with other schools. The annual Festival of Gab climaxed the year. This consisted of extemporaneous debates, prepared debates, impromptu speeches, and prepared speeches. The boys were judged for these events and awards were given to the winners. The Society's other activities included the popular Winter Wonderland Dance before Christmas and the picnic in June. Qllflj JU lllll llllll lllli ll Wllllhll AFFAIR BACK ROW: Jim Hughes, Bill O'Brien, Tom Lighlbody, Dave Johnson, Fred Woodbridge, Dick Sampliner, Mike Engel, Ar? Bill MIDDLE ROW: Bob Irwin, John McWhorter, Ray Sawyer, Dave Slrand, Dan Moore, Tim Leonard, Mike Zare, Tad Gaither, Bill Carlisle FRONT ROW: Fred Watkins, Mr. lulon, John Thomas, Jim Cor- coran, Morley Schloss, Gary Arsham, Mr. Cheatham, Neil Thompson The newest organization in University School is the Junior Council on World Affairs, originated this year to create and maintain interest in current events. By putting all pledges through a difficult and thorough examination on current events, a well- informed and interested group was selected to be the first members. With Morley Schloss as Chairman, Gary Arsham as Vice-Chairman, Jim Corcoran as Secretary, and John Thomas as Treasurer, an alert executive council was formed to organize and run the meetings, which occur at least once every three weeks. For the first few meetings of the year, the Junior Council focused its attention upon the Middle East crisis, which had occurred during the past summer. Several guest speakers were invited to the meetings who spoke upon the topics of which they are especially knowledgeable. The highlight of the year was the mock General Assembly held at the Lakewood High School Audi- torium on March 7, in which the Junior Council chose to represent Ghana and Byelorussian S. S. R. Because of the interest stimulated by current events and the value derived from the guest lecturers, it was decided that non- members should be allowed to attend the meeting for a small fee. Thus, each meeting was well attended by adults and students from our neighboring female institutions. The Junior Council of World Affairs offers a great opportunity for every interested and qualified student. 41155 'li 0 it . wma ' ' ilviflllfwgfaqv . ' E- ' '-bd '15 WW M KW x ll iloril an N U ' V Q ...QA Iliff ly ,lp lf' 1 ,fl ' GLEE CLUB UUT T Mr. Hruby, Jon Ramsey, Charles Whilmore, Ted Ruff Dove Johnson, Larry Boles, Paul Oppmcnn, Sian Hoerr Absent: Bill Buss, Toby Wilkison 41165 FOURTH ROW: Fefe Logsdon, Larry Cole, Frank Roufman, Sam Little, Carl Coolidge, Tim Wal- ierson, Jim Corcoran, Evan Ewing, Bob Massmon, Dave Johnson, Tom Young, George Teplonsky, Jim Waflerson, Mike Engel THIRD ROW: Jack Weh, Mike Treisfer, Steve Jones, leroy Sin- clair, Sieve Sfanley, Ted Raff, Larry Boles, Fred Walkins, Dan Moore, John Carson, John Mc- Whorter, Paul Oppmann, Paul Reading SECOND ROW: Dave Slrond, Ronald Johns, Pere Herbruck, Toby Wilkison, Slan Hoerr, Mike Arms, John Nash, John Lane, Morley Schloss, Bill Buss FIRST ROW: Charlie Curr, Arl Bill, Bill Carlisle, Pere Hook, Jon Ramsey, George Wierdsmo l I The Glee Club's melodious season of harmony, syncopation, and success was conducted by Mr. Frank Hruby, Music Director. The Glee Club has been very proud this year in being able to display among its singers not only effort and vivacity, but also a large amount of talent. Ted Raff presided over the fifty-some members, assisted by Secretary Steve Stanley, Treasurer Larry Boles, and Librarian Fred Watkins. The sixty-eighth annual Home Concert climaxed the Glee Club's activities on the evening of February 27. Such varied selections as Bach's "Let Nothing Ever Grieve Thee", and "Old Man Noah", a sea chanty, were presented along with the French marching song "Madelon", and "The Heather on the Hill" and "Avalon", both old popular favorites. The Octet, consisting of Ted Raff, Toby Wilkison, Stan Hoerr, Jon Ramsey, Paul Oppmann, Dave Johnson, Larry Boles, and Bill Buss also performed that night with such tunes as "Mutual Admiration Society", "A-Rockin' All Night", and "The Old Songs", a medley of barbershop harmony. Other performances of the Glee Club included the Christmas carol concerts with Laurel on December 9 and 10, at which time "I Hear Along Our Street" and "0 Holy Night" were sung. The spring concert with Hathaway Brown was held on April 17, a program which featured the music of Handel and Beethoven, as well as selections from "South Pacific". Finally, to terminate the season, the Glee Club performed at Commencement services, culminating another successful season of vocal expression. 41175 lllllll CLUB MD fN l l PLAYER STANDING:- Mr. Wines, Dove Strand, John Woodworth, Ed Welsh, Bill Barry, Sian Hoerr, Morley Schloss, Coert Olmsted SITTING: Chris Metzger, Mika Arms, Pren Royal n'BOo" " Q00 ,TISS . " 0 6005 Q0 6'0" A HA 'Lys S" l -SHE SMH.. P ssifs J ow " 5 H A ' 'H 0 r n Q Z . NAMO After many laborious rehearsals, including early morning and late afternoon gatherings, The U. S. play unfolded before an enthusiastic audience on December 6. Directed by Mr. Noel B. Wines, "The Male Animal" resulted in another well-received pro- duction for the U. S. Players. An intricate story involving two plots on a college campus, "The Male Animal" shows the conflict between the faculty and the board of trustees. Professor Tommy Turner, an English professor at Midwestern University, declares that he will read a certain piece of literature to his classes. Michael Barnes, a writer on the school paper, publishes an article praising Tommy for his audacity, and soon a trustee, Ed Keller, blows up a storm and threatens to make Tommy leave the school if he decides to read the article aslhe planned. Tommy refuses to submit to Trustee Keller and claims that as an English teacher, it is his duty to read all types of literature to his classes. Entangled in this plot is also the conflict between the intellect and the athxliete. When Joe Ferguson, the greatest halfback in the history of . idwestern and an old alumnus, shows up for Midwestern's biggest game, he immediately attracts Tommy's wife, who was his college sweetheart. Tommy is faced with the problem that his marriage will break up. A fine cast of actors highlighted this entertaining comedy, with Coert Olmstead and Chris Metzger playing the parts of Tommy Turner and Joe Ferguson respectively. H. B.'s two representatives, Molly Bruce fTommy's wifel and Sandy Stites this sister-in-lawj graciously lent both their beauty and their theatrical talents to the annual production. The Players' president, Mike Arms, played the college football hero, and Morley Schloss performed as Michael Barnes. With Pren Royal as Ed Keller and a supporting cast of Stan Hoerr, Don Welsh, Dave Strand, "Rebel" Woodworth, and Bill Barry, the "Male Animal" was a real "spectacular". The stage crew, under the leadership of Mr. Wassie, Mr. Ford, and Mr. Hospodar did an excellent job. Faced with such problems as making clay glasses that would not mar the floor when thrown on it and the construction of a stairway, the effects were very good. Dick Sampliner was the assistant director, John McWhorter the chairman of Players' Production, and Mike Triester was stage manager. Jim Corcoran, who was in charge of makeup, had the difficult and important job of making Pren Royal bald for the part of Ed Keller. A talented and enlightened production-a veritable coup for the Players of '59. 41185 BACK ROW: Sieve Schuman, Hugh Wilson, Dave Johnson, John lane, Paul Weaver, Dave Arms, larry Cole, Bob Massman, Rich Rodgers MIDDLE ROW: Mike Treisler, Ed Welsh, Dick Sampliner, Charles Adams, Chris Metzger, Mike Arms, Morley Schloss, Jim Cor- coran, Fred Woodbridge FRONT ROW: George Teplansky, John McWhorter, Dave Strand, John Phillips, Bob Black, Clark Waid, Harry Mills, Fefe Ladd PLAYER - Pllllll U'l'lll TAFF FOURTH ROW: George Teplan: sky, Bob Black, Neil Thompson Tom Cullen, larry Cole THIRD ROW: Mr. Wines, Ralph Treebs, Toby Wilkison, Bob Irwin, Ed Welsh, Bill O'Brien, Arr Bill, Dave Herkner, Dennis Irwin, Gordon Harnell, Bob Ochs, Jim Uffleman SECOND ROW: Dan Smylhe Dick Hclkanson, Bainbridge Co- well, Philip Currier, Bob Tren- kamp, Mike Treisler FIRST ROW: Barry Coughlin, Nick Jones, Dave Mandi, Tom Wean, Morley Schloss, Terry Imar, Andy Goodman, Jon Dunn I Organized this year to encourage interest in short-wave broad- casting' and receiving, the Radio Club received popular acclaim by many students, and the membership was soon filled to capacity. With its own room in the upper reaches of the tower, the Club set up a complete radio station. Headed by Chairman Mike Treister, Co-Chairman Morley Schloss, Secretary Bainbridge Cowell, and Treasurer Bob Trenkamp, nearly a dozen members of the Club got their radio operator's licenses this year. 1195 lllllllllllll CL ll BACK ROW: Link Price, Dove Johnson, Mr. Harvey, Vin Fior- dalis, Rich Rodgers, Som Walker, Ar! Bill FRONT ROW: Bill O'Brien, Dove Polsler, Ed Welsh, Toby De- Woody, Bob Block, Pele logsdon, Terry Meckef, Maynard Thomson The Camera Club, organized last year in order to raise the level of journalistic photography, had a busy year, for much interest was shown. Several guest speakers, experts in certain fields of photography, and other interesting and educational programs entertained the members at the various Friday night meetings. Under the direction of President Toby DeWoody, Vice- President Bob Black, and Secretary-Treasurer Terry Mecket, the fruits of this year's labor can-be seen in past issues of the News and in the informal and sports pictures in this Mabian. Due to the interest and unusual promise that the Camera Club showed during the first semester of the year, the school permitted the Club to take over an upstairs lavatory for its darkroom. When the Club started occupation in February, the industrious members set about building shelves, darken- ing windows, and moving in photographic equipment. There is no doubt that this new addition to the school greatly in- creased the interest in journalistic photography. Because of this increased interest in photography, the News this year had some excellent action shots on the sports page. Also, one of the main attractions in the school this year was the Camera Club bulletin board, on which were placed the best of the week's pictures. 41205 As the presidents of the ninth, eighth, and seventh grades, Bill Warburton, Steve Clark, and Dick Schilling, respectively, ran the Middle School Prefects this year. Responsible for various scholastic and, dis- ciplinary matters that may arise in the Middle School during the year, this com- petent group of represent- atives did a fine job in handling their affairs. lilllllll I'IlEFllC'I' MIDDLE IIIIIIIIL I'lIllFllll'l'S BACK ROW: Jim Bodurlhu, Bill Schweilzer MIDDLE ROW: Bill Calfee, Dick Schilling, Hal Newell, George Crile, Sieve Clark, Tony Bohannon FRONT ROW: Dick Thoburn, Bill Worburlon, Del DeWindI STANDING: George Milbourn, Paul Reading, John Cobey SITTING: Ted Rcff, George Chapman, Fronk Roulmun 41215 Responsible for a greater part of the dormitory ac- tivities, the Dorm Prefects are a very important or- ganization. Under the lead- ership of Ted Raff, presi- dent of the Dorm Prefects, the annual Dorm Dance and the Dorm Christmas were quite sucessful. Also responsible for supervi- sion, the Dorm has been smoothly and efficiently run this year. FOURTH ROW: Dick Kaufman, Bill McLean, George Klein, Bob Black THIRD ROW: Pete Logsdon, Morrie Adams, Roger Such, Tom Cullen, Ed Welsh, George Tep- lansky, Sieve Schuman, Paul Oppmann, Dick Schwarz, Gary Wilzenburg SECOND ROW: Fred Watkins, Ralph Treebs, Charles Adams, Bill O'Brien, Morley Schloss, Fuller Duncan, Ari Bill, John McWhorler, Mrs. Martin FIRST ROW: John Phillips, Brad Morse, Franl: Bill, Skees Marlin, Tim Leonard The Projection Club, headed this year by Fuller Duncan, Morley Schloss, Art Bill and Bill O'Brien, is in charge of all movies to be shown at school, in chapel or in the classrooms. Mrs. Kathleen B. Martin is the faculty advisor to the group. The Club's major project this year was the production of a short movie depicting the life of the average U. S. Student. FOURTH ROW: Bill Hamilton, Mike Lullon, Don Liniz, Dave Uible, Phil Glunla, Pefe Sleck THIRD ROW: Mr. Horner, Dick Lacey, Dick Ainsworth, John Thomas, Sieve Jones, Fred Wood: bridge, Bob Irwin, Neil Thomp- son, Tim Lecnard, John Mc- Whorler, Jim Corcoran, Jan Buhl, Paul Reading, Mr. Hoeis SECOND ROW: Bob Lehmann, Herb Prasse, Tom Lighibody, Leroy Sinclair, Spike Narlen, Dick Sampliner, Terry Barrell, Bill Reuler, Gary Arsham FIRST ROW: Wayne Kniffin,, Bill Peyser, Ray Sawyer, Tim Wal- lerson, Brad Morse, Bainbridge Cowell, Dennis Irwin, Gary Wif- zenburg The Juniori Classical league was founded to encourage the study of:Latin in high school. The chapter at U. S., which is a member of the nationwide group, requires a "B" average for membership. In addition to its other duties, the club engaged in debates during the year. Mr. Jack Horner is the faculty advisor. Leroy Sinclair is the presi dent and Spike Narten is the secretary-treasurer. H225 athletics Xl ATHLETIC CUU UIL The Athletic Council, which conducts the school program, is composed of the captains, coaches, and managers of the eight varsity teams in addition to the head cheerleader and the Chairman of the Enthusiasm Committee. The specific duties of the council include awarding the numerals and letters at the close of each season, selling tickets and distributing programs at all home games, providing hospi- tality for visiting athletic teams, directing physical training, and establishing strong school spirit. Under the direction of head cheerleader "Rebel" Woodworth, several very entertaining pep-rallies were put on in chapel to raise school spirit. These, along with the many clever posters, signs, and decorations that adorned the walls of the school, helped raise enthusiasm and interest. Several serious talks were given upon the value of school support behind its teams. Under the control of Mr. J. D. McCarraher, director of the Athletic Department, the Ath- letic Council has conducted a successful athletic year of which the school should be proud. 124 BACK ROW: G. Arsham, H. Robishaw, J. Carson, S. Stanley, J. Woodworth, T. DeWoody, J. Corcoran, T. Leonard J. Thomas FRONT ROW: Mr. Molten, Mr. McCarraher, N. Thompson, T. Ruff C. Metzger, J. Dodd, D. Moore, Mr. Horner, Mr. Bobenmeyer, H. Lum, J. Nash, S, Hoerr x A XXI! ,EF-.. L 1 ,J- gf TRIIND 'KJ .--"N BACK ROW: D. Kaufman, J. Wood- worth, L. Chilcofe, C. Metzger, B. Daley, P. Hodges, D. Kuighin FRONT ROW: M. Schloss, J. Phillips, R. Rodgers IN IN 49x49 th 1' N gf Cllllllli Lllllllllli C125 This year, faced with the problem of de- clining attendance at all games, the cheerleaders used old style Southern humor to promote enthusiasm. This year John Woodworth was the head cheerleader. For his duties, he re- ceived a letter and a white sweater. Helping with his Friday chapel programs were John Phillips and Dick Kaufman. There was also a large number of assistant cheerleaders. This group included Rich Rodgers, Pete Hodges, Bill Daley, Morley Schloss, and Chris Metzger, the abased author of most of the Friday morning skits. Mr. John Dodd, varsity basketball and track coach, was named head of the Enthusiasm Committee. He replaces Mr. Jack Ingersoll who had to give up this post in order to devote full time to his job as registrar. F00'l'llALL Although pre-season forcasts were all dim, this year the football team had a fine season, winning five While losing three. In the first game the untried Preppers met a seasoned and much heavier Garfield team, and surprised everyone with a thrilling 21-14 victory. The second game of the season was a very one sided affair as U. S. whitewashed Lutheran West 60-0. The next three games saw U. S. go down in defeat, but in these games the Preppers dis- played that never-say-die spirit which is ever present in all good teams. Winning their last three games by decisive margins the Preppers showed the steady improve- ment that their offense had undergone since the beginning of the season. The final game was the high point of the season, as U. S. walked over W. R. A., Winning 28-0. Much credit for the team's good showing goes to Messrs. Horner, Kramer, Callahagn, and Smyth Whose fine coaching and scouting offset a great deal of the team's inex- perience and deficiencies. John Nash, Fuller Duncan, Bill Preston, Jeff Collinson, Mike Arms, Mike Howson, Harry Lum, Mike Lutton, Roger Miller, Wade Clark, Spike Narten, and Pete Minogue led the offensive team, while Dave Uible, Wayne Kniffen, Pete Brown, Don Lintz, Tom Evans, Bill Irwin, Tom Pease, Eric Williams, and Captain Dan Moore comprised the defensive team. At the annual banquet Harry Lum was awarded the Dan R. Conway MVP award and Bill Irwin was elected next year's captain. V 4 i ri .?1 TOP ROW: P. Brown, W. Clark, W. Kniffin, I., Narlen, J. Garfield, R. Andrews, R. Sampliner, Manager. THIRD ROW: W. Irwin, D. Linlz, P. Guinfa, M. Howson, M. lution, D. Uible, C. Smylhe, assl. coach. VARSITY FOOTBALL SECOND ROW: P. Cramer, assi. coach, W. Preston, T. Cullen, R. Miller, T. Pease, P. Herbruck, E. Williams, W. Davis, .I. Horner, coach. FRONT ROW: M. Arms, T. Evans, H. Lum, J. Nash, D. Moore, capf., F. Duncan, J. Collinson, R. Minogue. U. S. OPP. 21 Garfield Heights H. S. 14 61 Lutheran H. S. 0 6 Canton Lehman H. S. 7 6 Nichols School 16 19 Shady Side Academy 26 68 Gilmour Academy 8 26 Cranbrook School 0 28 Western Reserve Academy 0 235 WQN LO3ST 71 Moore, Caplain Sampliner, Manager Sllllllllll This year's soccer season appeared to be another very successful one for coach Don Molten as the team opened the campaign with a victory over Western Reserve Academy. Following this win the Preppers smashed the Western Reserve University jayvees. Coach Molten and his able assistant Pieter Hoets next took the squad down to the University of Akron to play the state's number one soccer team. U. S. exhibited its finest game of the year and was proud to lose only in the final minutes. U. S. opened Interstate competition by throwing a whitewash on Nichols. A heart- breaking tie with Shady Side ensued on the following week. However, U. S. jumped back on the victory track with a resounding win over the Oberlin jayvee team. The turning point of the year came at Cranbrook where the Cranes took a desperately fought game. Arch rival W. R. A. snatched the finale. At the Sports Banquet, Captain Steve Stanley was presented with the Doc Rolinson Most Valuable Player Award, and Pete Steck was named captain for 1959. '1jbdC3 'fESLQ,,va mg-h. 5- 2281+ ocnsfv 43:55 sn. Flin E.:-wi ::..0.'E.sw UQE,ZV1 'DE 5 55055 Hpqg.. som verorisf Eifwgig Smal ee-no-'ZS' view 503:-U ,gone- r:z.,.,:-' 3' vm v-:riff-: rlfogm Ugg gwmhf Q rv-F1 Sgmg rf' H529 CFU2'-'Q S0991 3F03 U2 mm? 3:1-2 gen... r-lm 'P 5331035 -. 4527 mm cn g5"5'E. QSSQQ' mama, ee-sg 523 .+ve was 5'5" SAFE Q-:mm xxxxxlll N. 5. x - - 4 C' ,, A f l Eff I Q?" ul is TOP ROW: P. Hoers, assi. coach, D. SECOND ROW: B. Thomas, P. Sfeck, Swander, H. Robishaw, Mgr., R, R. Mayne, T. Wi Ochs, D. Molten, coach. R. Rodgers R iii 'TS' ,nf U S 5 5 Y 'Q 1:5 gl 2 Q.-25.3 3:fi::': ' 1 M , ,im H.,..,g, si ...,,. S W if vig? 3 N' fi if 'F 5 K 3 5 E 5 I 1. Q53 if F Ai f A Stanley, Captain FRONT ROW: F. Woodbridge, F. Watkins, W. Hawgood, S. Stanley capl., N. Thompson, T. Raff, S. Jones. VARSITY SOCCER Western Reserve Academy Western Reserve University Akron University J. V. Nichols School Shady Side Academy Oberlin College J. V. Cranbrook School Western Reserve Academy WON LOST TIED 4 3 1 J.V. mwnm ywmm Ikison, L. Chilcoie, OPP. 1 0 4 0 1 0 4 2 12 Robishaw, Manager . 1 5 3 v -: 1:2 is s- - ,, ,. 1 1 ,. ,,.,. ,. .-... 'it Q N, " 3 ' ""1 . .I wswhww 1 . '- is . .1 .,.. 'I i r 'wffsffwwirbfwwssfzz I - -.::,..: . Q-5 f 1,15 - fi , gaawsszszssis Q ,..,..s, ..... , . masts ,.:,: .:.g, my ,,.,sN,Ws-fp ....... : gg ..... Q5 .,.,.,., .wggifsswsqsgcggfzg , .... M., ,.,. ...... .... M WW M, . ,.,. ..,. ... 4 . . N fp, -'--'- .Q -.---- .. , -..2i ... ' ,'5'-if :-:Q-Efgggzgf -' 5-EgE'gg g:j:g , f ..... I j -"' W .,, - ww 61339 nf- . 'tfi'- -:':1?' -:-::e.:e- .::. ::..:::2:2 m '. "" 'Sf-1if.S'?l2"'i'?3"T M'SJfs155?6 --.-- ,wi M ...., ---- ---- .- 2 .. .......... - "" -"- --'-' --A -------- --'-- f .93 Iii isis:-"'1,E2E:: .,.. ...,.,,. ,,...1.- BA KETBALL This year the basketball team had a very bad season, their record standing at one win against seventeen defeats. Faced with the loss of last year's varsity coach, Mr. Davis Parker, the athletic department appointed Mr. John Dodd the new varsity coach, and solicited Mr. John Napp to fill the assistant coach's berth, vacated by Mr. Dodd. Since there were only three returning lettermen and a dearth of basketball talent in the junior and senior classes, these coaches instituted a new policy. This year, for the first time at U. S., a boy was allowed to play on both the Varsity and the J. V. teams. Thus Jan Buhl, Bruce Thomas, Corky Jaeger, Dave Cartun, Dan Swander, and Wayne Kniffin found them- selves playing on the varsity squad at the end of the year. This system enabled these sophomores and juniors to gain valuable experience on the varsity level which most of them would not have gotten under the previous system. Without a doubt the highpoint of the season was the team's victory over Cranbrook, giving the Preppers a fourth place standing in the Interstate League. In spite of their unfortunate record and many losses, the team always displayed a great deal of fight and even in losing rewarded their supporters with some exciting basketball. In addition to those boys previously mentioned Paul Reading, Jeff Collinson, Bruce Bird, Dave Livingston, and Stan Hoerr supported co-captains Neil Thompson and Harry Lum. Tim Leonard did an able job as -the team's manager. In view of the team's record, and the fact that there were no junior lettermen the team postponed the election of a captain until next year. H559 0 3 fC 5 ' :Xi . J . ' 1 X ' l We iw f 5' ,vjzhbli , sw' G 'haf si E .gi . Q , ' fs k ,f L. . jf ,fi 7 gi- i ' Wg H Q ff , .i , lx , . ii' 6, Lum Co uproin , -C TOP ROW: T. Leonard, manager, FRONT ROW: S. Hoerr, H. Lum, W. Kniffin, J. Dodd, coach, D. co-ccpf., N. Thompson, co-cupf., Swonder, J. Ncpp, assi coach. B. Bird. VARSITY BASKETBALL U. S. OPP. Lutheran West High School Cranbrook School Mayfield High School Nichols School Western Reserve Academy Shady Side Academy WON LOST 1 17 Thompson. Co-Captain 35 51 38 Norwalk High School 60 ,3:',g 4 49 Orange High School 61 A ' f 7 X 49 Shaw High School 69 ,g b iw if 43 Alumni 55 F K.: - 41 Kent State Univ. H. S. 59 60 Garfield Heights H. S. 71 5' 1 46 Gilmour Academy 61 1' Q jg ss st. Joseph High School 79 - 43 Maple Heights H. s. 66 60 Brush High School 65 if ig I3 52 Warrensville H. S. 68 52 Bedford High School 67 5: 79 62 f f 1 63 75 35 54 48 65 57 99 WIMMI ll The varsity swimming team once again enjoyed a highly successful season. Under the capable leadership of coach Don Molten and captain Ted Raff, the mermen compiled seven wins against no defeats in dual competition. The season opened on December 17th with a victory over Cleveland Heights in which Spike Narten broke the Heights pool and U. S. school records in the 100 yd. freestyle with a 51.9 clocking. After vacation, Cuyahoga Falls was easily defeated. Then the team hit its peak and twice defeated the state champs from Canton McKinley. Both were come-from-behind victories. The meet at U. S. resulted in a new Prepper pool record in the 150 yd. freestyle by Canton's all-American Marty Mull. Mull also tied the 100 yd. standard. After a win over Shaw the Moltenmen captured third in the Bowling Green Relays and then easily downed Freemont Ross H. S. and Western Reserve Academy. In the Freemont meet John AuWerter broke the school record in the 100 yd. breast- stroke with a time of 1:12.8. The following week against W. R. A. Don Lintz set a new Prepper standard in the 100 yd. butterfly with 1:03.8. Throughout the year the team was sparked with performances by seniors Ted Raff, John Woodworth, Tom Lightbody, Steve Stanley, and Dick Kaufman. Junior freestylers Pete Hodges, Pete Steck, Tom Pease, butterflyers Lintz and George Wierdsma, and diver Lee Chilcote were also outstanding. Sophmores Narten, AuWerter, and Tim MacLaughlin added great strength to this years powerful swim machine. .At the annual banquet Spike Narten was awarded the Osborne Moore trophy as high point man and Tom Pease was elected captain of the 1959-1960 swimming team. I - 1! - li T ll M-N 1 9 ..... WY' fp :1- TOP ROW: D. Molten, coach, L. SECOND ROW: D. Linrz, T. Light- Chilcofe, J. Garfield, J. Auwerier, body, S, Stanley, T. Ruff, capi., G. Wierdsma, L. Nurten, P. Sfeck. J. Woodworth, T. Pease. FRONT ROW: T. Gunahl, T. Mc- Icughlin, R. Lowe, P. Hodges. .K', it o,', 55 VARSITY SWIMMING .Yf U. S. OPP. 55 Cleveland Heights H. s. 31 ,,.' ""V' n 57 Cuyahoga Falls H. S. 20 ' 47 Canton McKinley H. S. 39 .,,' 44 Canton McKinley H. S. 42 56 Shaw High School 30 llfym 4,.? 3rd Bowling Green Relays 54A.. . .:' 54 Fremont Ross High School 32 'A-v . 63 Western Reserve Academy 23 RESULTS BOWLING GREEN RELAYS Cggfjfn 1. Monroe H. s. uvrichq 65 2. Canton McKinley H. S. 59 3. University School 51 4. Cincinnati Western Hills 40 DUAL MEETS WON LOST 7 0 Ma W' as '-'YM 'I ,, x Q. , 1, Q! ,E is 4 gs.. 5: ing, ,. , . E. l, . l ttf nw K we . 5 gg l Qc 57 . . Carson, Manager .5 ..,. I it f H. .. W .... .... . Wllll TLI G This year's wrestling team, one of exceptional ability, ended the season with a 5-3 record. The Preppers finished in first place in the Interstate League. The team was ably coached by S. R. Bobenmyer and his assistant Dick McCrea. Captain John Nash and Manager Toby DeWoody completed the leadership for the squad. With four returning lettermen the outlook for a winning season was brightened. Big point getters were Dan Moore, Joe Noyes, and Wade Clark. Moore won the Henry B. Matthes award for outstanding wrestling. Gerry Blauvelt, Pete Herbruck, Howard Robishaw, and Eric Williams were four more seniors who helped the team considerably. Kim Barnes, Steve Severance, Bill Irwin, and Bill Daley were the juniors on the team. Sophomores Chris Knight, Joe Noyes, and Wade Clark rounded out the lineup. The grapplers started the season with a defeat at the hands of a strong Mayfield team. Following this was a loss to the perennially tough Maple Heights. A close win over South, however, boosted morale. State power Bedford dampened hopes a little, though, with a decisive victory. U. S. streaked through its league competition with wins over Cranbrook, Reserve, and Shadyside. At the annual Winter Sports Banquet Bill Daley was chosen next year's wrestling captain. With '7 returning lettermen the team looks forward to another successful season. . g X 1 N' f A f' A f - cat, Y V gg M4410 -.if TOP ROW. R. McCrea, assf. coach, FRONT ROW: P. Herbruck, D. W. Daley, J. Noyes, W. Irwin, Moore, J. Nash, capf., E. Williams, S, R. Bobenmyer, coach, K. Barnes, G. Blauvell, H. Robishaw. S. Severance, C. Knighl, T. DeWoody manager I A , 1 :I VARSITY WRESTLING ..,, .5?iiQx 5' U, S, R 16 Mayfield High School 14 Garfield Heights S. .-...' 23 South High choo if ,' 13 Bedford Hlh School FEQIP S - 3 27 Cranbrook School , ,gifwii 23 Cuyahoga Falls H. S. ,i fl 25 Western Reserve Academy QL- I 32 Shady Side Academy WON LOST Nash, Captain OPP. A im 22 daft.. .W 29 gg , 19 .ggifieiWf'iffa .,..i fi 5 1 27 5 .,., . 11 55:71 M 1 14 11 2f, f3iE? iQ 8 fl ww if -ii DeWoo dy, M BA EBALL The baseball team faces a very difficult sixteen game schedule, any one of its opponents capable of being one of the city's finest teams. This year Coach J. D. McCarraher dropped Lutheran West and Lincoln from the Preppers' schedule and supplanted them with Mayfield and South, the latter two being the best of the four teams. Jeff Collinson, a letterman, heads a competent pitching staff composed of Gary Smith, Dave Cartun, and Grant-Hawgood. Harry Lum is holding down the catcher's duties, backed up by John Cox, and Bob Andrews. The outfield is fairly strong, with a good deal of competition for the three positions. Letterman Dave Livingston is joined by Tom'Cullen, Wayne Kniffen, and Wade Clark. Roger Miller and Dave Uible, regulars last year at the third and first base positions, respectively, are the mainstays of the Prepper's infield. Herb Prasse, a member of last year's squad, proved that he is a competent second baseman, as he handled that job bluite adequately for U. S.'s summer baseball team. Coach McCarraher converted outfielder Chip Hawgood into a better than average shortstop. Two sophomores, Corky Jaeger and Spike Narten are good utility infielders, and are providing rugged competition for the first string. With a few good breaks, this team should turn in a fine record, and perhaps bring U. S. one more Interstate championship. A 5 gi' ' C Miwtiir it 1, X fl A, X - lgg S S . TOP ROW: Wagner, Andrews, Kniffen, BOTTOM ROW: Cullen, Prasse, Lum Jaeger, Narlen, Hawgood, Cox, Collinson, Hawgood, Livingsfon,MiIIer Mr. McCorraher, Reuler, Clark, Uible, Smith, Cortun, Arshum, mgr.,Mr. Horner. VARSITY BASEBALL 1959 Season U. S. ....,. 5 Brush High School ....., 3 U. S. ...... 7 West High School ..,.... 9 U. S. .,.... 8 Benedictine H. S. ..,,.. .2 U. S. ...... 11 Mayfield High School .... 2 U. S. ,,.... 5 Garfield Heights H. S.. . .4 U. S. ,..... 4 South High School ...,... 1 U. S. ..,,,. 2 Cranbrook School ........ 0 U. S. ,... . Euclid High School ...... U. S. ..., Shaker Heights H. S.. . . . U. S. ..,. Collinwood H. S. ..... ., Western Reserve Acad.. . . Bedford High School .... Shady Side Academy .... Shaw High School ..,... Afshamf Manage' . .... Nichols School ......,,,. . Cleveland Heights H. S.. , . GCE? www S3513 FMDV? M . mnnw-wwww ML, ::fffwwmm:..m:mwmwws:::1-wmwmmsw .Nm M W 'PENNI The tennis team is beginning this year's season with a new coach, Mr. Paul Cramer, Mr. Molten having retired from his tennis coaching post after an undefeated season last year. The team has three lettermen back from last year's team, these boys are George Wick, Chris Metzger, and Neil Thompson. The last two combined to form an undefeated first doubles team last year. These three boys comprise the three singles men for the team. Captain Metzger holding down the number one slot while Thompson and Wick fill the number two and three positions respectively. There is a great deal of competi- tion for the doubles teams, all the boys being of about equal ability. It appears that Logsdonfi and Chris Knight are slated to be the first doubles team, while Steve Jones and Dan Swander will occupy the second doubles berth. John Nash, Art Bill and Clark Wade all appear ready to move into one of the first string positions if any of the previously mentioned players falters. The team faces a very tough schedule. Some of the more noteworthy Cleveland teams being Shaker Heights High School, Shaw High School, and Cleveland Heights High School. As always the interstate will provide some very tough competition. The greatest threats seem to come from Cranbrook and Nichols, but Western Reserve and Shady Side are both reported to have good teams. However, if all goes well and the players can pick up the necessary confidence and experience the team should turn in a memorable record. SURE, Km, Bin wears YOUR RAQKET? Q - rf 4 , l : 1 I , , df Q'-. ':',, .L - .rf 1 gfgzg la M Metzger, Ca Plain Ci F0 F0 50 FD ccqcgcccc U1U2U2U2 F1202 Mr. Cromer, Knight, Logsdon, Jones, Swunder, Thomas, mgr., Wick, Meizger, Thompson. VARSITY TENNIS 1959 Season .3 Shaker Heights H. S.. . . , .3 Cleveland Heights H. S... .3 Cranbrook School, ......, .5 Parma High School ...... . Shaw High School, ...... . Shaker Heights H. S.. . , , Gilmour Academy ...,.... Western Reserve Acad.. . . Shady Side Academy ,.., Nichols School ......... Thomas, Manager TRACK This year's track team will hold a few surprises for those who expect a repeat of last year's gloomy record. The field events are again to be the strong point of the team's effectiveness. Returning letterman, Tom Evans and Bill Preston join Sophomore Jim Garfield in the shot put 3 and Pren Royal will throw the discus. Captain Stan Hoerr, Toby Wilkison, and Bob Black make the high jump one of the team's strongest events, while Dan Moore and Bill Daley will, most probably, turn in a good record in the pole vault. Howard Robishaw and Bill Irwin will get their share of points in both hurdle events, and as last year, Bill Preston and John Shadle will star in the mile and the 880 yard run respectively. Sophomore Lyons is expected to do well in the mile. In the pre-season time trials, Pren Royal, Fred Watkins, Bruce Bird, Bill O'Brien, Pete Herbruck, and Pete Hodges all showed a good deal of speed in the dashes, they will, no doubt, add a great deal of depth to the varsity lineup in the middle distance. This depth will help the team to formulate two very adaptable relay teams. Unfortu- nately, Bruce Bird, who high jumps and broad jumps for the Preppers, suffered a hernia in the first meet and will be unable to participate at his full capacity for this season. The team's biggest advantage is experience, for the majority of last year's team was comprised of juniors and sophomores. The great versatility of a hand-full of individuals, combined with the many talented specialists, should make this year's track team an interesting one, and with a little work, a good one. V 'Z TZ GE -I f I 7 4"-'85 -4--re. 6 "Q 4--G.. 1. QE-E M 1 iii , 4 EMM. if W? 1 51 . I' l wi: BOTTOM ROW: Mr. Howarlh, Klien, P sfon, Black, lrwin, Howson, re O'Brien, Wilkison, Mr, Dodd, Wal E , Bird, Hoerr, kins, Herbruck, vans Moore, Royal, Slanley, Robishaw. TOP ROW: Ake, Sinclair, Garfield Abbott, Lyons, Johnson, Corcoran mgr., Shadle, Hodges, Daley, Sfeck Ganahl, Oppmann, Cabey, Wellman. VARSITY TRACK 1959 Season 1 Orange High SIICICICIEII gnmmmgn we N200 A S HILLTOP MEET School .... 60 - . . ...... Brush High School ,,.. ,77 Shady Side Academy, . . A n Western Reserve Acad. Shaw High School ..,. Q5 V if Z bl! N X kv 6 1 'N L 1 N L Shaker Heights High School ..,,, ,. .66Vz , D Cleveland Heights High School. . , , . .44 T f N University School .,...,,,...,, . . .375 ' TRI-MEET 45 W' A University School ...,,..... ,..91M5 Hcefff Caplfllf' Garfield High School ..., . , .33M5 Corcoran, Manuser Bedford High School ,........ . , ,20M2, ,K TRI-MEET ga gs? University School .......,.., Case Institute Freshmen ..... rife? ms' :2'.2 : -2?2:5::::':.. - Western Reserve Freshmen ...,.,,... , g J :iii V gg ,,.: ""' .e 0 ' " ' , 3 M " no N1 . Fw ....,.. A ' i y V. im, "" mm , -is ..... 5 3 - v E GYM TEAM The Gfym Team, as usual, was the star attraction at the sixty-ninth annual Gym Exhibition. The team, largely composed of boys back from last year's squad, made three appearances, performing in the lower, middle and upper school exhibitions. The team performed on the apparatus, did a tumbling routine, and in its last act did stunts utilizing a springboard and then formed some complicated pyramids. The usual window diving contest was omitted to save time. Of the thirteen members of the Gym Team, eight were on the team last year. These being captain Toby Wilkison, Bruce Thomas, Dave Penske, Bill Daley, Dave Kaighin, Eric Williams, Mike Howson, and George Wierdsma. New members were Pete Hodges, Pren Royal, Rob Hukill, and Howard Robishaw. Chris Metzger a soloist on the high bar last year was again slated to star on this piece of equipment until he fell from this apparatus during a practice and suffered a compound fracture of his right wrist. Those boys who gave outstanding performances in their solos were Howard Robishaw on the high bar, Rob Hukill on the parallel bars, Bill Daley on the flying rings, and Dave Penske on the parallel bars and the trampoline. Robishaw also gave a solo per- formance in tumbling, doing some very fine flips. For their overall excellent performance on the night of the Gym Exibition, Howard Robishaw and Dave Penske jointly received the best gymnast award. Congratulations must also go to the coaches, Mr. Don Molten and Mr. John Dodd. for the team's fine showing. l I K it .gg ,, " .45 it' 2,555.17 . gy ' :Milf 'QM ' W Q. BACK ROW: B. Thom FRONT ROW: P. Hodges, R. Hukill, E. as, B. Daley, M. Howson, G. Wierdsma, D. Penske, J. Dodd Williams, T. Wilkison, P. Royal, H. Robishaw Wilkison, Captain ULASS SPOR'l' From the founding of University School until the present, the educational policy of the school has always concurred with the philosophy that education is a physical as well as a mental process. It is further the belief that through an active participation in athletics the student will develop a balanced character, a sense of good sportsmanship, and a spirit of competi- tion, all of these being intrinsic parts of a successful man. For this reason U. S. has developed and maintained an intramural ath- letic program which stands among the best in the country. Every boy in the school who is not on a varsity or freshman team is required to take part in the class athletic program. This pro- gram includes all the sports in which the school teams take part. In the fall there are two sports in which the class boy may take part. He may be on a class football team and compete against the other teams in the class 1445 league, or he may choose to participate in the class soccer league. In the winter there are two basketball leagues, the winners of each of these divisions meet in the championship game in the annual gym exhibition. Besides playing basketball in the winter the class boys must participate in class wrestling, tumbling, and be on a class water polo team. In the spring the boy may choose to be a member of the class track squad, or he may participate in the class baseball league. The seniors may take part in the class tennis programg however, they are the only boys who are eligible for this privilege, as the number of tennis courts is limited. Thus every boy in the school, whether his ability is great enough to earn him a place on a varsity team or not, is given an excellent opportunity to improve himself both physically and mentally through participation in the school's athletic program. informal pictures l "l5N'7' A110016 C UNDEK T05 'I'?" TH: Fax Nmro look FR'aM YAL E. Htl THE A0715 ZIMBS ,715 19' EWING CHAPE1. Pkooknm EVER VIG-IL HMT EXCHHIVGE STUDENT SHMPLES HMEKICHN NIGHT LIFE -if-fa, gsjemf H 'fnrsfm fli .. V ' ' H . ..... I Qilia ' QM - 'If:?I"!' Q , osvfzs rn wmv or me Meera WWW'-1 Tae Meng? 110711. lmlk? ' ! WE NEWS 1?ooM JMD ENVlfON5 13 ,A M UNE MUBE NH!! LUILL 7057 I7-8007 00 If "3fE7' " IWOJEE SHME GIF! 19501181 .7 NB, 5551! V-' "DF caukse: 1 .frame :ws , zflnaufrae . ' WHICH My cmfsnzz, EKIC. in so you QJHNNH cnf-nies ,wuz scueouze Neck ne Fdfff age cmv see fvfism' Hlvwf mvav? 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ICOMMODORE HOTELI The Red Fox McNuIIy-Doyle Restaurant FINE CUISINE IN COUNTRY SURROUNDINGS Chagrin River Road HA 3-4408 41805 Russell Abbott TEACHER OF volcE PRIVATE INSTRUCTION IN CORRECT VOICE PRODUCTION AND JAGUAR-CLEVELAND MOTORS INC. HEADQUARTERS IN OHIO FOR THE FOREIGN SPORTS CAR OF YOUR CHOICE DEVELOPMENT 16220 Kinsman Rd. STUDIO: 1440 BELLE AVENUE WA -I-4100 LAKEWOOD ACudemy 6-2376 FREEDOM INDUSTRIES MAKERS OF ALL-PURPOSE FIBERGLASS BOATS Freedom, New Hampshire 41815 The Walker China Company MANUFACTURERS OF CHINAWARE Fine China Dinnerware Solon Road BE 2-3030 COMPLIMENTS OF OSCO STEEL CO. 41825 NAME Adams . . Arms .... Arsham , . Bill ..... Bird . . Black .... Blauvelt .. Boles ..,, Carson . . Cole ...... Collinson , Corcoran . Cullen ,... Dalzell . . Davis ,,,. DeWoody , Duncan , , . Engel . . . Evans .... Ewing ..,. Hawgood , Herbruck . Hoerr . . , Irwin . . , Johnson . . Jones .,.., Kaufman . Lane ...., Leonard . . Lightbody Livingston Logsdon .. Lum ..,.. McWhorter Massman . Meket .,.. Metzger , 4 Miller . , . Minogue .. Moore , . . Nash ..,, O'Brien . . . Olmsted . . Phillips . . . Prasse ..,. Preston . . . Price .... Raff ...,. Robishaw . Routman Royal .... Sampliner Schloss .. Shadle . , , Stanley . . , Thomas . . Thompson Watkins ,. Weh .,.,. Wilkison . , Williams . , Wilson . . . VVoodbridge Woodworth E NIR CLASS WILL LEAVES ....his bomb , . . .his peroxide . , . , , . .Linda Holland his Hb H od .,... .,..hisbeard ,...his blade . .... his dictionary. ....hislaugh ,,..hislegs his printing press .. .,,. hiswoman .. ,.,,hisaccent..,. . .... his weights . , . ....Sue Neely .. .. .,.. B.S. ...... . , .,,. his darkroom . . . . . .... his floor shift ,..., , . , , ,the United States , . . . . .... his tell ...,...., . . . .... his guitar ..,.... . . , . .,.. his marked deck . , . . .. .... willows ..,, .. ...,Mr.Fox his cards ..,.. class football , his initial .. . training regulations . . . bull horn ..,.. his briefcase , . his cowboy boots . ,. his drive-in tickets . , . energy .,,.... "well, sir, uh . . Y! 4 . 4 .... his McCarthy badge , . . 4 . .... his I. D. card .,,... . . . .... his pillows . . . . his hair ,.,.,.,,,.... . . . ,his ivy-league pants . , , . ,...his count-down . . , .his telescope . . ....theparty glasses .,..... . ..., societ y ...,.............,.. his public speaking ability4 ..,. his senior speech ....,,... . ..., his chances . . , ,..,hisskull 4 .... his clothes . . . . . - .,.. the high bar . . his mirror ,,,. 4 .... one house . . . . . ..,, teddy bear . . . , . . . .his racket .. . . , .his smile ,., 4 ..,. fourth gear . , . . .... his paunch . . . something fuse . .,.. his fingers . , , ..,.his face . ..,. his taste .,... , 4 .,.. his love letters .. ..., his tithes .... nothing . , , ,... the North . . your imaginationj . . . . . . TO Watterson Carlisle whoever wants her Treebs Irwin Mayor Stapleton be abridged Turkey posterity Louie go to Yale Ronnie Johns Pat Perry the rapid go to college whoever needs it Bill McLean capitalists Lintz Bloomfield Hills Sam McGrew grow Morey Adams fundisclosedj J. D. M. the main office Mabel his brother C. G. S. Mr. Dodd Bob LaFleur Rugged Buddy Mullen Case tech Big Al Cornell Mr. Wines Mayne T. Polly Glennan Al "but sir.. ." Blinky to fend for itself H. L. C. Chilt speed antropology Tempest Storm P. W. S. Zorro enter another John McWhorter Ellen Brown Ed Sullivan Narten Lintz General Delivery Carr Baby Snooks Penske Patty Horrigan's no one decay For WORLD AFFAIRS ' MUSIC DRAMA ' TRAVEL BOOK REVIEWS Read The New York Times Available af your nearesf drug sfore every Sunday 41845 iiflw iiialle Bros. 611. wnfown o Shaker Square - Wesfg Cedar-Center - Southland C 7 Compliments of RICHMAN BROTHERS FINE MENS CLOTHING AND FURNISHINGS 41863 DAISY HILL GREENHOUSES CUT FLOWERS and POT PLANTS Flowers for All Occasions FLORISTS Hackney Rd. off S.0.M. Cenfer Rd. In Daisy Hill Telephone: CHes'l'nu'I' 7-8949 We Deliver 11777 07' 1' 077 -1 4? n f, ,1 . .finfv - 3:1:z:':n!.u.: JY . 1 Z' , "' .i"'Q:,9 QI ull :I '1. 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The House of Music lNexi' fo S1'ouHer'sl 'A' 13209 Shaker Square SK 1-3600 Records o Radios o Sheei' Music q 190 PATRONS Arrow Publicity 8. Novelty Co. Avalon Cleaners Bass Chevrolet Motors Jack Bennet Co. Courtland Rapid Station Dodd Co. iPhoto-artl W. E. Fehrenbach Liberty Bi-Rite Market Morley Ltd. Sid Pelunis DeSoto-Plymouth Sebastian Barbers Sunray Films Inc. Toy Chest Inc. Williams Sohio Service 2108 Payne Avenue 17304 Harvard 2954 Mayfield Road 729 Bolivar Road 19319 Shaker Boulevard 1025 Huron Road 1710 East 22 Street 2285 Lee Road Shaker Square 2950 Mayfield Road 20319 Van Aken Blvd. 2108 Payne Avenue 2760 Van Aken Blvd. Warr. Ctr. 8. S. Woodland Rd 1191 HARSHAW manufactures over QD-Q chemicals tor more than 15,000 s customers in g tif' 50 varied industries 45222 g 1 W ' ii I -fn-it h l is throughout the world E g I tt . E A A A t,,ca,r g - s , 3 R, ' ' A A Il . K-,mga I I 'I lllmilfllf. C 0 i TI CHEMICALS WE MANUFACTURE AND SELL: Electroplating Salts, Anodes and Processes - Driers and Metal Soaps - Organic and Inorganic Dry Colors and Dispersions - Vinyl Stabilizers - Ceramic Opacifiers and Colors - Fluorides - Glycerine - Preformed Catalysts, Catalytic Chemicals - Synthetic Optical Crystals o Agricultural Chemicals - Fungicides - Chemical Commodities For growth in research and development in all Harshaw has industries The Harshaw Scientific Division offers paid 209 laboratory apparatus, equipment and supplies. Confgcutive THE HARSHAW CHEMICAL CO. d'V'de"'dS 1945 :Ast 97th smear - cLsvsLANn 6, omo Slnce-'goo' Chicago 0 Cincinnati ' Detroit - Houston ' Los Angeles 0 Philadelphia Pittsburgh ' Hastings-On-Hudson, New York Q192J The JOHN W. CULLEN Co., Inc. 3121 Euclid Avenue Cleveland Ohio The Allen Electric Co 2112 East 19th Street PR 1-7950 Wholesale Distributors of ELECTRICAL PRODUCTS and EQUIPMENT Compliments of BROOKS CHEMICALS, INC. 3304 East 87th St. Cleveland 27, Ohio 41935 .I A C K J O N E S French Cuisine CHEF ETIENNE WAGON WHEEL RESTAURANT Only Phone LO 'I-6900 OPEN 5 PM TO 1 AM Tutoring For advanced sfudenfs of "popular" piano 2236 OVERLOOK ROAD SWeetbrier 1-3744 CREMEAN HAIRDRESSERS 3461 FAIRMOUNT BLVD. CLEVELAND HEIGHTS 1194 P Ix Up and Delivery Cold Sf g KINGSBURY DRY CLEANERS. INC. Established in I925 in Shaker Heights WEAVERS TAILORS FURRIERS SPECIALISTS IN: CLEANING DRAPERIES LAMPSHADES Plant and Otlicez 16608 Van Aken Blvd. and Lee Rd. Shaker Heights, Ohio WAshingI'on I-0500 Best Wishes to The Class of 1959 from A FRIEND WM. I. MERICKA 8. Co. INC. UNION COMMERCE BLDG. CLEVELAND, OHIO Investment Securities U95 wad, fm' 22700 SHORE CENTER AVENUE EUCLID 23. OHIO ANDREWS 1-11OO 11965 Phone: H lllcresf 2-7560 Hours: Weekdays 'fil 9 P. M. Safurday "I'iI 6 P. M. ffillcueat Rekorcf 'Shop ALL MAJOR RECORD LABELS R. K. DICK 5705 Mayfield Road Mayfield Heighfs 24, Ohio INDUSTRIAL LUBRICANTS and CLEANERS by THE CHANDLER CHEMICAL CO. fl? 1965 Eas'I' 66I'h S'I'reeI' Cleveland, Ohio The E. B. Brown Optical Co. Prescripfion Opficians UNION COMMERCE ARCADE - SHAKER SQUARE OFFICE 2776 Van Aken Boulevard SK 1-7334 n . WESTGATE OFFICE 3130 WesI'ga'I'e ED 1-4644 HARRY F. DAVIS, Presidenf Compliments of a Friend 975 COMPLETE COMPLIMENTS PRINTING S E R V I C E OF . D Dow SPEAR PRINTING EU 233 Caxton Building 812 Huron Road ,313 CLEVELAND 15, OHIO O zeoo Mayfield ART WORK PHOTOGRAPHY Befihleell SUPQFTOI' and Covenfry MAILING Phone: MAin 1-1060 HI MEN! Come in and get acquainted. You will find mony of your friends here and a cordial atmosphere-the men's wear is incidental. THE SHOP FOR MEN CHARLES RUYIIE, INIJ. 86 WEST ST. 13200 SHAKER SQUARE CHAGRIN FALLS, OHIO Cleveland 20, Ohio 198 THE TRAVELERS Complimenfs of Finesf in Leafher Goods and Southeastern Coriluge Luggage 621 superior Building 1375 EUCLID AVENUE MAin 1-8444 believing fhal' Universify School men are much more PERSPICACIOUS fhan fhe average schoolman . . . THE CONTINENTAL BANK hereby offers fo open 'College Checking Accounfs' for any U. S. man wifh a dollar in his pockel' now and in fhie fufure, you'll like doing business wifh 'lhe bank fhal' says 'fhank y-oiu' Fairmounl' al' Cedar T4l'h al' Euclid 41995 BROWN-FORWARD FUNERAL DIRECTORS Since 1837 if Convenient Suburban Location 17022 KINSMAN ROAD ' SHAKER HEIGHTS SKyIine 2-1200 G. BUDD FORWARD CARL H. BROWN PAUL S. FORWARD President Chairman ot Board Vice-President q 200 5 V and S Electric Co. 0 Commercial and Residential Wiring Appliances Radios Television Sales and Service Lamps Rewired COMPLIMENTS OF JAY ENGEL INC. FINE IVY LEAGUE CLOTHES FOR BOYS , Located at 20156 Van Aken Boulevard 20156 Warrensville Center Rd. phone Lo 'I-5400 Shaker Heights 22, Ohio LO I-5400 Compliments of 'I'I'IE ENDS COAL MINING CO. 1300 uNloN commence BLDG. CLEVELAND, OHIO 2015 The MILLARD Co. SON 81 RAPER Funeral Direcfors FAIRHILL of EAST BOULEVARD ' CARNEGIE at EAST 105th ST CLEVELAND, OHIO 12025 C. P. WRIGHT 81 CO. PIPING c:oNTRAc'roRs CLEVELAND BOB KENNEDY'S Onffiffers fo Genflemen and Their Sons 7-9 Franklin S+. 2150 Noble Rd. Chagrin Falls, Ohio Easf Cleveland, Ohio CH. 7-6932 GL. I-3529 "We carry a complefe selecfion of Ivy League Sfyles" 42035 i f 4 i '--MEAN fndffm X"-.. Aff Q ,Z -PQP , k,.:., , 2 -L . 1 .. ,. ,..... , f, . .1-, v ,e:,,.:':.-:ii--, s V - --., . .V W1 , V A,v:','v-Av: kk-I:-u n .,, Wig, E, 1, 1 it 3 N cv Z Q, , V V w i. , ., , , 5 1 ,. ,A , . -- '45 - r '- '-""' " .' "-' : Q-I---I-jg"g' 3g,, ,., '1:,:, :.,. :s:,-gs:- 5:5 -Ig:--2:2:-i-",. , ,::..,!'!-. ' w X- , . .. - A- . .M ,MW.,.a., aww- we ft' MOTORDOM'S NEW MEASURE OF GREATNESSI The new 1959 Cadillac introduces a whole new concept of what an auto- mobile can do and be . . . and how it should look and act. To the eye alone, it is a revelation. Elegant, majestic, substantial, poised-it brings new magic and splendor to the world of motion. And the new "car of cars" is equally inspiring from behind the wheel-with brilliant new performance and wonderful new Fleetwood luxury. Sixty minutes in the showroom and on the highway will give you a full understanding of the new way to assay greatness in a motor car. Why not plan an early visit to your Cadillac dealership? Visit Your Local Aufhorized Cadillac Dealer CENTRAL CADILLAC COMPANY - 2801 CARNEGIE AVENUE 42045 FANCY GROCERIES AND MEATS LAUBSCHER BROTHERS SERVING SHAKER SQUARE FOR 29 YEARS 13122 SHAKER SQUARE CLEVELAND, OHIO SK 1-2244 DY-DEE WASH INC. 3630 LEE ROAD CLEVELAND'S OLDEST AND LARGEST DIAPER SERVICE i' SHAKER HEIGHTS, OHIO LO 1 -61 61 SWEETBRIAR 1-8000 T H E I I. I. E S C 0 . GENERAL BUILDING CONTRACTORS ALTERATIONS ' REPAIRS 2222 FAIRHILL ROAD CLEVELAND 6, OHIO f205Q Compliments of The Davies Can Company ' Cleveland, Ohio The Conneaut Can Company ' Conneaut, Ohio Central States Can Company ' Massillon, Ohio 'lr Subsidiaries of The Von Dorn Iron Works Company Cleveland, Ohio Manufacturers of containers for the PAINT, FOOD and CHEMICAI. PROCESSING INDUSTRIES 12065 Complimenfs of THE BROST FOUNDRY COMPANY Aluminum-Brass-Bronze-Copper Casfings Wood and Mefal PaH'erns 2934 EAST 55fh STREET CLEVELAND 27. OHIO 42073 mAMoNns Zcwtgate CLOTHING 81 FURNISHINGS FOR MEN 8. BOYS EASTGATE SHOPPING PLAZA HILLCREST 2-6650 S. M. Cahill 8. Son, Inc Qualify Meats and Fancy Groceries ir HAmilfon 3-4433 Gales Mills, Ohio COMPLIMEN TS TO THE CLASS OF '59 ir DR. HARRY A. LIPSON 208 THE LEZIUS ' HILES CIIMPANY Creative Printers of Merchandising and Sales L. W. Hodson Machinery Co. PRODUCTION MACHINERY CUTTING TOOLS GAUGES Specializing in TAPED AND CARD CONTROLLED MACHINE TOOLS 2500 Euclid Ave. Cleveland, Ohio ANdrews I-1500 ,JL I Heil 5'lrfrist, Inc. 3233 WARRENSVILLE CENTER ROAD FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS WA I-3100 member F. T. D. CONVENIENT HOSPITAL SHOPPING Gifts - Toys - Baby Presents Drugs and Cosmetics HOSPITALITY SHOP LAKESIDE HosPrrAL BEAL AUTO SERVICE 2207 ADELBERT ROAD REPAIRING - LUBRICATION BODY AND FENDER SERVICE "CALL FOR DELIVERY SERVlCE" G. BEAL Proprietor CLEVELAND, OHIO 210y LEWIS WELD NG and ENGINEERING CORP. Designers, Engineers, Fabricafors and Machinisfs ir General Offices BEDFORD, OHIO Planfs BEDFORD. OHIO EUCLID. OHIO 42115 FLOWERS GIVE INSPIRATION FLOWERS BUILD FRIENDSHIP Q EVANS5 f, , il 4, W I f ., T M4 ,.-T5 ' "A T : : ,EEi5 ,,.' ., 5. ' 'FQ ' . E Eiga 22217211 n r Q ,V ,Q Z. is , . . 414 I, 1 . f y f . f .: X Lf' 40' 17? gf f.7..z'. fs' A E v ' 44, 1 ' ff-FM -"' my-as mf EJ L-' -gngglii -,n-------- ' 1 -5 -Q5:,::t,:L-,-Lkue5s- ------- f I'ff E -f- ,-' 2" ,-' j" E 5' " 'E' "1 Nr 'lf'-gf, --X ' T-TTNF1 . f', f .' ,' ' . . j 3 x A-', -, i EVANS FLOWERS INC. 14130 EUCLID Ave., EAST CLEVELAND LI T-8983 ASSOCIATES THOMAS G. EVANS "59 PAUL T. EVANS, JR. "55 STUDENT TRAVEL ' I ASIER o MORE ENJOYABLE IF PLANNED BY TRAVEL SPECIALISTS , WE OFFER A PERSONALIZED SERVICE FOR EVERY TRAVELING NEED TO ALL PARTS OF THE WORLD STEAMSHIP-AIRLINE-BUS-RAIL-HOTELS r-Owner 42125 Oflo G. Grueff, Inc. 3483 Lee ai Kinsman MILDRED THOMAS 8. C0 Inferior Decorating tk' 3235 WARRENSVILLE ROAD SHAKER HEIGHTS 22, OHIO Th F ' dl S I' e Hen Y Po LONGACRE1-3034 fo Phofoshop Complimenfs of - NATIONAL BIAS FABRIC COMPANY 717 LAKESIDE AVENUE, wEsT CLEVELAND 13, OHIO MAIN 1-2398 Manufacfurers of SIH' Texfiles C-offons o Rayons o Arfificial Leafhers Plasfic Films o Treafed Fibres 42135 Tllll Mubiun Staff Fight Back Upon falling in at one of Morl's classic class endeavors, one is first confronted by a slobbering curly-headed beast-no, the retriever, Cinder. Next to be observed are the guests of honor, including politicians, actors, and Cinder, curly-coated retriever. After meeting our host, the happy celebrants look for a space in which to park their parkas. The female members of the entourage have to content themselves with using the lavatory towell racks, while the male member, un-provided for, must kick aside early celebrants in order to make room for their coats on the floor. Cinder, sleek- coated retriever, then collects these outer garments at the owner's risk. In evidence is that group which congregates about the piano. Evan Ewing plucks his "guit-fiddle", while Woodbridge morbidly plays "Greensleeves" over and over, and over, finally reverting to Gallic folk chansons with Chester Boles, Cinder, surly- coated retriever, keeps the ivories well polished. Searching frantically for a fourth for bridge are Davis, Irwin, and Jones. John Thomas volunteers to play as soon as he retrieves his date Caided by Cinder, of coursel. In his search, Thomas accidently opens the door to an esoteric portion of the Schloss domicile, namely the library, where he finds Lum, Moore, Collinson, and Dalzell fwith unidentified friendsj taking advantage of the scholarly atmosphere to do a little research of their own. Meanwhile back at the living room, Hugh Wilson attempts to fix his ever-broken camera, while Kathy Lee, among other things, recovers Hugh's used flash bulbs, while Cinder, emulsion-coated retriever looks on. John Carson, in the meantime, makes a petite dash for the little Ucoinf' The least felicitous facet of the soiree consists of the class philosophers, namely Corcoran, Arsham, Olmsted, and Metzger. Due to the pressure of society, Mor1's ideas force him to withdraw into the obscurity of an unoccupied backroom, with Cinder, sultry scintillating retriever. Morley, incidentally, exhibits disconcern for the hideous condition of his domicile. Outside, Preston and Link are missing. Cullen, called from his job as the basement croupier, organizes a search party composed of Hawgood, Wilkison, Nash, and Weh. The roulette table has been left to the whimsical caprices of Cinder, Chipp-endale retriever. Fabian Hoerr, sensational Dick Clark spark, wows the co-ed corps with renditions of hits, made famous on Old Vic Recordings, while Kay Schloss, sister of the deceased, runs around reviving unconscious guests with the aid of Cinder, brandy-loaded retriever. Big Evvy in ghoulish guise, in the guise of a ghoul, guides the girls to the guys' games. Cinder, journalist fand downright hairy dogh, Nashes nastily at use of alliteration. Fred Watkins, in his search for enlightenment, turns the radio on to Color Channel 14, where Mad Daddy, colorless disc jockey, is dedicating a current hit entitled, "Put Your Arms Around Me Honey, the String On My Strapless Evening Gown Just Broke." 'tThis song is dedicated to Mike and Kay from Jeff and Becky, to Jimmy Hoffa from Dave Beck, to Jim Corcoran from Themistocles Bodis, to Harry, Tim, and Rog from all the gang at the Starlight Barbecue and Truck Stop, to Neil Thompson from Shondor Birns, and to Molly, Sandy, Karen, Linda, Marge, Jill, Judy, Pat, Lolly, Sue, Penny, Lissy, Moxie, fin New Jersey call Bigelow 5-65741, Genvieve, Joyce, Ann, Liz, Pam, Mrs. Miller, Sally, Debbies, Nancy, Sheila, Nell, Eixom, Ellen, Daphne, Lynne, Joan, Leigh, Tod Cobey, Bonnies, and Barb from Cinder fyou know the restj. At 3:30 A.M., the Honorable Mayor of Shaker Hts. and his sidekick, Louis Seltzer call a halt to the festive proceedings by removing Cinder "I smell a rat" Schloss to the safety of the city dog pound along with the rest of the class of '59, Ed. Note. Yes, Virginia, there is a Cinder. BASIC INCORPORATED Best Wishes to the Class of '59 I LIQUID MAKE-UP for that fresh and dewy look . . . FOUNDATION, POWDER and TINT- ALL IN ONE full size bottle at 53-00 a product of JO PORTARO COSMETICS 520 - 5th Avenue - New York City available at: HALLE BROS. HIGBEE CO. MAY CO. STERLING LINDNER DAVIS TAYLOR'S C2155 Compliments of The Rudolph Deutsch Co. JEWELERS SINCE 1894 1421 Euclid Avenue Trail 0' Pines RIDING ACADEMY Som Center Rd. Willoughby Hills Hay Rides Pavilions For Partys Horse Back Riding PHONE WI 3-2330 snmmunu T0 cHfEnABpu1 ,. . frames from lll. IIJUIIES UPTICAL cn. VAN AKEN CENTER 0 SHAKER HEIGHTS CLEVELAND ' KENT 0 BARBERTON 216 ' S - X ' f 6 .,-.- i f .YL 5 Vf':r M., 'Q ' i . The HUNKIN-CONKEY Conglfruciion Co. GENERAL conmacrons CLEVELAND. OHIO Sir 42173 The Edmondson Studio Established in 1860 'k Serving University School since 1890 iff JOHN N. BAZELEY Photographer in Portraiture sf 13504 Cedar Road For appointments University Heights 18, Ohio call FA 1-7457 42185 9t'o Ffwolwn I At Fiolwnb Always ready To serve your every food need with quick Friendly Service! FISHER EO0DS BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1959 COULTER CHARD GALLERIES CARNEGIE AVENUE AT gamma af EAST 107th STREET Quad lam? CEDAR 1-1333 CLEVELAND 6 OHIO CLEVELAND TOWEL SUPPLY C0. 2155 Easi' 181'h Sireei' Cleveland, Ohio PR 1-4915 2? 2195 gone 'FK w Compliments of CRANE CO. 1 3' 6215 Carnegie Avenue Cleveland, Ohio Compliments of THE S. BARKER'S SONS CO. ESTABLISHED 88 YEARSWAGO ,A OFFICE SUPPLIES ' PRINTING ' OFFICE FURNITURE 729 PROSPECT AVE. CHerry I-0450 42205 r 1 Bird Electronic Corporation 'I800 Easi' 381'h S1'ree'I' Cleveland 14, Ohio iff Call EXpress 1-3535 42215 THE STAMBERGER CO. 3115 Mayfield Road COMPLIMENTS . PLUMBING OF . HEATING THE GLOBE o HARDWARE Sherwin Williams and PraH' and Lamberi' Painis FA 1-4190 Compliments of LAWRENCE EUUK XL CU 603 FIDELITY BUILDING MAin 7-5115 12225 me Beawq Bzazge Qififgm COMPLIMENTS OF ARSHAM BROTHERS INCORPORATED CLEVELAND, OHIO C D COMPLIMENTS OF TEMPLE CLEANERS T J l'2l6 phillipsm. Exclusive Womanfs' Apparel and Gift Items 20609 Fairmount Blvd. Shaker Heights ON FAIRMOUNT CIRCLE FAirmount l-6151 Ample Free Parking rom Commencement lo Completion an interior planned, designed and executed by IRVIN and Company specialists is in the hands of skilled craftsmen, well schooled to observe only the highest standards of perfection and good taste! l 225 - COMPLIMENTS OF CAMPUS SWEATER AND SPDRTSWEAR CDMPANY INDUSTRIAL ADVISORS BUREAU, INC. GENERAL OFFICES N. B. C. BUILDING TOwer I-3333 Cleveland, Ohio Columbus Canton HORACE ADAMS President Cf? Compliments ol FROM THE THE SHAKER AUTOMATIC SWWHEAR' OF THE CLASS cAR WASH coRP. OF UNDER NEW '59 MANAGEMENT NOW THE FINEST CAR WASH IN OHIO ,gmt 0 G R E E T I N G S F R O M A DeBARRY OLDSMOBILE INC. 16101 KINSMAN ROAD SHAKER HEIGHTS, OHIO WY 1-3333 WORD ABOUT OLDSMOBILE! The 1959 Oldsmobile-an inspired creation - makes a complete break with the past, setting the pace for a new cycle in styling. YOU HAVE THE NEWEST OF THE NEW IN OLDS. 12285 H COMPLIMENTS 0F E HIGBEE C0 SK 1-4242 beauty inc. 20305 Van Aken Boulevard Shaker Heights 22, Ohio "For Someflling Simply Lovely" Qreuea glowers, Sync. Cleveland Heighis. Ohio Flowers by Wire 2270 Lee Road YE 2-8855 WYoming 'I-4500 ZIECHMANN gloria L4 Esfoblished 1875 GROWERS AND DESIGNERS OF QUALITY PRODUCTS V' 2970 Worrensville Cenfer Road Shaker Heigh-ls Compliments of BURRING PRODUCTION C0 2876 woom-nu. no. 230 3 SHAKER HEIGHTS the VIRGINIAN HARDWARE Restaurant - Cocktail Lounge I if KITCHEN PLANNING VAN AKEN AT WARRENSVILLE FREE ESTIMATES , af wAshingfon 1-1244 WA "mo WA 'I-0656 W. I. WHITE, INC SHAKER AUTO HOSPITAL Inc. Reqlfgrs 3473 Lee Road IBack of Gas Stationl 16830 Kinsman Road Shaker Heights 20, Ohio 'A' WA 1.4455 ,qv HEIGHTS 8. SUBURBAN HOMES C23 Complimenfs of The Cobey Corporaiion and AFFILIATES 'Ir Perfedion S'l'eel Body Co. i' Eagle Crusher Co. GALION, QHIO 42325 STANLEY H. ADAMS Compliments y f INSURANCE - REAL ESTATE 0 Charles H. Lesher, Inc. RA. T-0225 EV. 2-3422 - Res. QUALITY SHOES FOR ALL THE FAMILY 84210 Superior Ave Cleveland 3, Ohio C lolhes A cnode A llowonce D rumble R lmple V eridiccxl R hlzold E lhnocenfrism . R olenone I mplosion L lquescent I mperforme T hcumcfology :eEhT.SC0Pe Cl o :sm G obertunzie G ecmlicline E mbrongle T rcrchycorpous T richromolic I mpelrale S upererogofe I nchooclive N umismates G lcxbrous If you ccm use These words lofher than The first twol without looking Them up, look us up-either now or four years from now. P.S. lf your porenls know more than len of These, you should gel 800 on your S.A.T.'s. 42335 Designers Builders YODER-MORRIS, Inc. 5914 Merrill Ave. Cleveland 2, Ohio TOOLS o GAGES o DIES HEIGHTS CLEANERS QUALITY CLEANERS FOR OVER 40 YEARS FOR A COMPLETE PERSONALIZED SERVICE 12427 Cedar Rd. Cleveland His. Ohio YE 2-lO70 Compliments of Hunkins Container Co. l480l EMERY ROAD ir 1234 Wm 1.vAN AKEN YOUR REALTY INC. AUTOMOTIVE NEEDS RAY FOURNIER i SEE DOROTHY STANK Realtors RODENFEIS CHEVROLET Oll T 8308 KINSMAN RD. SHAKER HEIGHTS 10299 Shaker Blvd. ' SW T-3322 SK- 1-2460 MerriII, Turben 5' Co., Inc. fEstablished 19241 Underwriters and Distributors Corporate and Municipal Securities MEMBE RS NEW YIORK STCCK EXCHANGE MIDWEST STOCK EXCHANGE 1612 Union 'Commerce BIdg., CIeveIancI 14, Ohio MAin 1-6800 CANTON COLUMBUS DAYTON YOUNGSTOWN 422455 the inferior four the inferior four the inferior four the inferior four the inferior four the inferior four lhe inf r four NOW ACCEPTING BOOKINGS 42365 ff ' i D CARNEGIE AT EAST 77 .... . I i In C'-EAN ERS 'Er ' DYE R5 ' N I "Fine Cleaning Is An Art" Get "THE EXPERTS DICTIONARY" Nfwfsr...slGcfsr...sfsr STEFJS A WEBSTER'S NEW NEW WSARY .gg W ORLD DICTIONARY of The American Language jfirfhfrnffm f . V, COLLEGE EDITION 142,000 entries, 1,760 pages, 3,100 terms illustrated- i3,,,.,,, EEE EVE' more of everything you want in a dictiona.ry...more UJLL ' riff- "" , examples of usage . . . more complete etymologies . . . 'Y ,1,. hkkv O """ more descriptive synonymies...more precise, simpler - definitions . . . more social, business, scientific terms . . . ' " more idioms, slang, colloquialisms. Approved for use by University School...used and approved by colleges and universities throughout the nation. Cloth bound, 35.75 With thumb index, 56.75 AVAILABLE AT ALL BOOK STORES 42375 Congrafulafions To the Class of '59 ...,i.Z...K.i?w ADAMS PRINTING CO. Specialisfs in Office and Facfory Forms 1260 Wesi' 41'h Sireei' Cleveland 13, Ohio CH 'I-7781 Complimenfs of KINSMAN-uzf Compjjments HARDWARE A FRIEND 'I6765 Kinsman Road 238Q 0 BANK 0 INTEREST JOY'S BEAUTY SHOP COMPLETE No matter what your age, you can open your OWN personal savings account BEAUTY SERVICE lrom which only YOU can withdraw. O 16625 KINSMAN ROAD PRospec1 1-6464 M mber Federal Deposit Insurance Corporal' Compliments To the Class of '59 MATTHES ASSOCIATES, INC. 13878 CEDAR ROAD UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS 42395 1111-XNFURD-LUWEIZL 1246 EUCLID AVENUE MAIN 1-6434 Fine jewelry and Silverware Compliments of NESBITT SERVICE COMPANY HANNA BUILDING T e Fellafs Shop Boys' Haberdashers "Ivy Only!! Recognized as the Hnest Boys' Specialty Shop west of N. Y. Ages-5 to 16 - Sizes 6 to Q0 Introducing our new student line 13896 Cedar Avenue YE-2-7809 242 p Complimenfs of MIElZINER Furs Shaker Square To the Class of '59 May fhey b-e successful in fheir underfakings SOLOMON'S RESTAURANT and DELICATESSEN 13905 Cedar Road FRANKLIN-MILLER LINEN SUPPLY 2157 EAST 18TH STREET o CLEVELAND, OHIO PRospec1 1-2227 12431 Compliments of 'THE FOSTER FISCHER WICK CO THE FIRST CLEVELAND CORPORATION 700 NATIONAL CITY E. 6th BUILDING CLEVELAND 14, OHIO 42445 COMPLIMENTS OF TH E A. B. SMYTH E For those precious ments I b b d choosg Eff! h h II b co' I ngly h h dd yoffer dcy y ft r yeor. And lc youll agree, . . "the best gifts of all come from Webb C. Boll" C746 WEBB CBALL CZ. DIAMONDS ' WATCHES ' SILVER ' PAINTINGS - f fffff awww . SUTLIFF and MORRISON INC. 13224 SHAKER SQUARE REALTORS WY 1-7676 Member - Exclusive Multiple Exchange 245 BENDER TREE CO. SUPPORT YOUR T UNI ED FUND Spraying, Feeding and coMPuMENrs Planting or A FRIEND EV 1-9200 compliments You KNow ws BEST . . . WHEN You GET of Sidoti Shoe Repair LEATHER AND LUGGAGE SHOP 1373 Som Center Rd. HI 2-6290 SEALTEST OHIO DIVISION NATIONAL DAIRY PRODUCTS CORP. 3740 Carnegie Ave. ENcIicoII I-I 500 246 ,R ,A 'W A.1,A EH . You are buying for the future, as well as for the t'A nresent. ln makinff this im ortant lifetime urchase, Q ,Q l U P P gvvjg you'll be wise to remember that only an expert 4' can detect the difference in quality, the delicate A , E A gradations of color and the accuracy of cut. L zjniffl Let Expert Gemologists Insure ' fi. i'.A QQQQEQQ-ff YOUR Diamond Choice , A Q 1 WV' i iy E We UUWELL 82 llllklillllll eo. ir 1 Q :SE Registered Jeweler, American Gem Soci ty ' 'q '-" 32.Tififfisgz-fiiiiilgfii .,,, I I qbuu Q is ,A . Eucuo Avenue AT mmrsznrn smear CLEVELAND SLAG CO. PREPARED BLAST FURNACE SLAG AIR COOLED AND EXPANDED FOR HIGHWAY AND GENERAL CONSTRUCTION 414 Fidelity Building Cleveland, Ohio 42473 DIG 'PHAT ULAUS KHPr'a KE "MYPAOce., 7:30 " OM SHNTIE, fav came UWWV MV cH1MNs4-f? PEACE Biff I wars H Gfaao GIRL Hx. Vane. 000f'6 smv rn ! -.7'EFF NEVER 7010 ME. THAT' aN5f C mplimenls and Besl Wishes From- THE HASEROT COMPANY CLEVELAND C S ND DISTRIBUTORS OF QU Ll YFOO RODUCTS DRIVE SAFELY UNION CLUB CO EE HASERO S SE 0 COFFEE H SEROTSC N ED OO S T O 52'IW dl dA CH y17273 SHOCK ABSURBERS Frances o'brien 12431 CEDAR ROAD AT FAIRMOUNT GIFTS 81 CARDS OF DISTINCTION PHONE YE. 2-I I40 THE ILLES CO. GENERAL BUILDING CONTRACTORS ALTERATIONS ' REPAIRS SWEETBRIAR I-8000 2222 FAIRHILL ROAD CLEVELAND 6, OHIO 4 250 WILSON AND CO. INSURANCE WILSON BUILDING 11800 SHAKER BLVD WY I-5800 llmrmr z AGENT 'SIOVI V.. flllf' """""""' WILLIAM E. WILSON, Manager CHARTED PROPERTY AND CASUALTY UNDERWRITER YDU Iglfpnlfnr r I C2515 THE KORNER 8. WOOD CO. BOOKS ' STATIONERY ' ART 1512 Euclid Avenue Cleveland 15, Ohio The Antiques Gallery, on the mezzanine has a fine selection of English and American Furniture, rare China and many collectors' items. There is a traditional knowledge of the finest in Stationery and Engraving and always a selection of unusual and beautiful Lamps and Shades. GALI-BROOKS Flowers Floral Designs and and Gifts Weddings SA' 21355 Kinsman Road Shaker Heights 22. Ohio WAshington 1-3360 GAE HARDWARE STORES, INC. sir 20144 Van Aken Boulevard Shaker Heights Ohio The Store That Service Built Phone WY 1-0331 - 1-0332 LARCHMERE FOOD MARKET ik' GROCERIES AND MEATS Free Deliveries 13124 LARCHMERE BLVD. CLEVELAND. OHIO 4 252 IN CLEVELAND ALWAYS DRIVE SAFELY Thank You! "SERVICE ON THE HEIGHTS" Specializing in fine residenfial properfies in SHAKER HEIGHTS CLEVELAND HEIGHTS PEPPER PIKE MORELAND HILLS CHAGRIN VALLEY R. B. MEIL 8. CO. Realfors Member "Exclusive Multiple Exchange" 3479 Fairmouni' Blvd. ER 'I-3555 Best Wishes to the Graduating Class J. GEORGE MAYER GALLERY 20309 VAN AKEN BLVD. Wm J. VAN AKEN REALTY INC. RAY FOURNIER DOROTHY STANK Realtors 18308 KINSMAN RD. SHAKER HEIGHTS SK. I-2460 C253 CAMERA CRAFT INC. COMPLIMENTS SHAKER SQUARE OF A FRIEND CLEVELAND 20, OHIO or phone YE 2-6550 o."'D AN0k '41 . for HOME delivery 5 1 T884 A 1959 THE O. A. DEAN DAIRY CO. I CLEVELAND Hemel-rrs, ol-no Wv,V f,ff C2545 the girl friends of the rnen at 'U'.S. 'VV'e8.I' aker of junior sportswear fash 42555 Complimenfs of CHRYSLER DEALERS of CUYAHCGA COUNTY Room 328, Carier Ho'l'eI C 5 A FAREWELL When a class is graduated from University School, the members of that class come to a realization of what a University School education has meant to them. Not surprisingly, reactions to U. S. are many and varied. Most students will prize the fact that they have been given a good educa- tion in the liberal arts and sciences. This education has strongly rooted tradition, but it branches out eagerly into the modern advances which are entering the educational field. Some day, we will all come to a recognition of the fact that U. S. is more than classrooms, more than athletics. Behind these fields of en- deavor, we find a University School tradition of intellectual integrity, scholarship, and sportsmanship. In the classroom, we are not only taught that 2 and 2 are 4, but we also learn that education is desirable, that learning is a constant, and a vital process for the maintenance of our democratic way of life. On the athletic field, we learn not only how to play, but we learn that we must play our best in an honest effort to im- prove ourselves and the team. Sportsmanship and playing for the fun of the game are important, just as it is important to learn how to work for a team, and not as an individual. Our University School heritage has attempted to make educated gentle- men of us. Perhaps few of us realize this fact now, but we cannot be unaware of the school motto, Loyalty, Responsibility, and Consideration, and all that these words imply. We have been given not merely an adequate preparation for life, but a truly excellent one. As we continue to live our three score and ten, our appreciation will grow as We come to realize fully all that U. S. has done for us to make us mature, thoughtful, gentlemen in our modern world. ADVERTISERS' I DEX - A .. Page ... D - Page Activities Press, Printers .... .... 1 96 Daisy Hill Greenhouse ' ' ' ' ' ' .187 Adams Printing U I 1 b A A I t A U 1 A E -.238 Danford-.Lowell Co. .... . . . . ,242 Allen Electric ..i.. ,i.. 1 93 Dean D-WY "---A 5 - V - - - - 4254 Arsham Brothers .,., .... 2 24 De Barry Oldsmoblle ' ' ' ' ' ' 228 Deutsch, Rudolph Co. . . . . . . .216 Diamond's Men's Shop . . , . . . .208 - B ... Dowd Oldsmobile ..... .... 1 98 B H W bb C 245 Dy-Dee Wash Inc. .... .... 2 05 a , e ......,.. .... Baker Sz Sons . . . .... 220 - E - B ' I . ,,... ,... 1 BZ3lcG1ddrge , , , htbv 313 Edmondson Studios . . . . . . .218 Beauty, Inc. .,... . Bender Tree Co. .... . Bird Electric Corp. . . . . Bobbie Brooks ........ Borton, Sam .... . ..... . Bronze Bearing Casting Brooks Chemicals ...... Brost Foundry ........ Brown Forward Funeral Service. . . Brown Optical Co. .... . Bunce Brothers .....ll Burring Production Co. . -C- Cahill Sz Son, Inc. , . . Camera Craft .,.l..... Campus Drug Stores , . . Campus Sweater gl Sportswear .... Capital Bank .,...,.... Carr-Liggett Advertising, Inc. .... . Central Cadillac ....... Chandler Chemical Co. . Cleveland Slag ........ Cleveland Towel Supply Cobey Corp. ........... . . . . Coca-Cola Co. ........ . Colonial Coin shops. 0 . Continental Bank ..... Cook8zCo. ....,.,....... Coulter Chard Galleries Cowell Sz Hubbard .....l .... Crane Co. ....l...,... Cremeans Hairdressers . Cullen, John W. ...... . Cuyahoga Cty. Chrysler Dealers . . Elliott, B. K. Co. . . . Engle, Jay Inc. ..... . Enos Coal Mining . . . Evans Flowers ..... ..F.. Fella's Shop .,.,......l... First Cleveland Corporation . Fisher Bros. ...,,.,.,,... . Foster, Fischer, Wick Co. . . ,...189 ....201 ....201 ....212 ....l.242 ......244 ......219 ......244 Franklin-Miller Towel Supply ..... 243 Freedom Industries . . Fuller Cleaners ...,. ...G- Gabriel Co. ........ . Gae Hardware ..,. Gali-Brooks ....,,.. Globe Paper Co. .,,. . Graeff, Otto G., Inc. . Greves Flowers, Inc. . -H- Halle Brothers ...... Hankins Container Co. Harshaw Chemical , . , Haserot Co. ..ll... , Hathaway Shop .... Heights Cleaners . . , Heil Florist, Inc. . . . . Higbee Co. ...,.... . Hillcrest Record Shop Hodson Machinery Co. Hospitality Shop .... ......181 ..,...237 .,..250 ...,252 ....252 . .... 222 ....213 ,.,.230 ....185 10.234 ....192 ..,,250 ....238 H1234 . .... 210 ....229 ....197 l... 2.10 .,,.,.......210 Howard's l......,,.l..,.......,. 240 Hunkin-Conkey Construction Co.. . .217 1 ADVERTISERS' I DEX .. I ... Page - R - Red Fox .......,.... Richman Brothers .A,. Elles Co. .,.............,.. A .... 205 industrial Advisors Bureau ..,,. ,A A227 Inferior Four ...,....A Irvin Sz Co. ..A....AA. A .. J .. Jacobson Inc. ....,.., A J aguar-Cleveland Inc. A A Jones, Jack .......... Jones Optical A A A AA J oy's Beauty Shop .... ... K - Kennedy's Men's Shop A Kingsbury Dry Cleaners Kinsman-Lee Hardware Korner 8: Wood ....... - L - Larchmere Food Market Laubscher Brothers .... Lesher Inc. ,......,.. A Lewis Welding ,... Lezius-Hiles Co. ..... A -M- Makwatt Game Farm A A A A A A A Marshall-Field Motors ...... i,.. Matthes Associates, Inc. .... A A A A Matson, M. M. ........,.. A A A A Mayer Gallery .......,. ..., Meil Realtor .....i..... .... Mericka gl Co. Inc. ....... A A A A Merrill, Turben Sz Co., Inc. A A A A A A A Midland-Ross Corp. A A A A Mielziner A.......... Millard Co. ,...,.... A - N ..... National Bias Fabric A A National Box 8: Can Co. A A A A A A A Nesbitt Service .A....A. New York Times ..A.., - 0 .. O'Brien, Frances ..... Osco Steel Co. .A..... A - p .- Phillips Inc. ...A,A.,. A Pioneer Beverage ..A.. Portaro, Jo A....A. 236 225 240 181 194 216 239 203 195 238 252 252 205 233 211 209 240 190 239 187 253 253 195 235 188 243 202 213 240 242 184 250 182 225 189 215 Rodenfels Chevrolet A A A ... 5 - Sealtest, Ohio ........A. Shaker Auto Hospital A A A Shaker Car Wash ..A,.., Shaker Heights Hardware Shaker Square Travel A A A Sidoti Shoe Repair ..... Smythe Co. .....AAA.A. A Solomon's Restaurant A A A Southeastern Cordage A A A Spear Printing Co. .... A Stamberger Co. ....A A Sutliff 8z Morrison A A A - 1' - Temple Cleaners ...... Thomas, Inc. .A.. A Trail-O-Pines AA.... Traveler's Shoppe ...A - U -. University Shops ,...... - V - V Sz S Electric ...A..... Van Aken Hardware A A A Van Aken Realty ......A Van Dorn Iron Works Co. Virginian Restaurant A A A - W - Wade, Inc ..... ..,.A... Wagon Wheel A..... Walker China Co. A A Watkins, Wm. B. AA White, Realtor A A A Wilson Insurance A A A World Publishing A A A Wright, C. P. ...,,.. A - Y - Yoder-Morris, Inc. A A A A a -W Z W Ziechmann AAA,.AA...A Pae I-I AAAA180 AAAA186 AAAA235 A AAAA 246 A A..A 231 AAAAAAA.A228 AAAAA.A.231 AAAA212 A A.A. 246 A AAAA 245 A AAAA 243 A AAAA 199 AAAA198 AAAA222 A.AA245 ...225 AAAA213 AAAA216 AAA.199 AAAA180 AA.A201 A AAAA 235 AAMAAAAA253 AAAAAAAA206 AAAA 231 AAA.A190 AAAA194 AAAAA182 AAAAA241 AHAA231 AAAAA251 AAAM237 AAAA203 AAAA234 AAAAA230 S 4 i

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