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. -Et? -7 L. ,H M .1 Jn. ur A, ,Q-,, wi- , L 'f' ,aw 1- ' x . . k,f,. 4, 1 "i fx ' . ,N ' , . V t-A. ,Q Q t ' ,T .yy AY, . , rv, ,i , K 4 1 4 , 4 X ,N . H , ,, 05' , 5 R' :er -A ' qi ,L , - fq N . , mv' f 4. A, f .m g 1 . N J. "J 'b S - X ,YI R . .' f 1k:1Nff..' - 1: ' My - . , 41 ,Y ,--3. ,f ff' 'Q ' 31- 2.6. .. . 4,- - ' 'A ' Qu ' NQ. -. jg .399 Wah- . 5:5 .' My K Wg ry' 11 , .'-+ A hifi ' -gg: . ' 1 a ,, -Q , wx ,I f V "4 A-1 l, F' , ., .., ' af ,. 1 J I - 5 ' A " ' A' Tiff -A ,'i,f'fs Vp: ff? . Mr Q, ' , ' ,f N I , . K , y X ' , M 1 ?' 4 . 'inf X gig? . ' N. f 'I ' .Ng 1 . X ' xi.fq.jqM ' 'K .L .vi lv, ' Uh t' Q 1 , 1 4 . -. .V tk K X4 wt . ,s V, Q. , .1 - 'gm I . ' .3 -g"3"j ,, N I 'A 'xx W ,,.,- T published hy the seniur class nf university slzhnnl 1954 mahian llll IS with great satisfaction that we, the class of l954, dedicate this Mabian to Eugene I-l. Gray. YVe are sincerely grateful for his interest in our activities, for his humor, for his good advice, and most of all for his sincere devotion to University School. Every member of our class agrees that Mr. Gray has won a permanent place in our memories of University School: we shall never forget the influence ol his strong character on our lives. To him on our graduation we give sincere thanks for past years and our best wishes for the future. I-I To THE MEBIBIERS OF TH!-3 CLASS OF 1954: As you of the class of '54 retire from the U.S. scene, you are leaving with us pleasant memories of a vigorous and friendly flass. In your progress from sfhool to the further business of life earh will striz'e to Illill-PFI? his own kind of sueress. All of you, in one way or another, will be seeking what is good and true and beautiful. In this quest may you attain prosperity, happiness, and honor. liuurzxrz H. fiRAY Editor-in-Chief . . . Managing Editor. . . Art Editor ,..... Literary Editor .... Advertising Editor . . mahian staff Photographic Editors .... Sports Editor .... Circulation Editor. . . Copy Editor .... .Jim Crankshaw . . . .Doug Weil . . .Bob Meyerson Frank Carpenter . . . .John Pendleton QBud Hodges Q lilim Geier .Steve Apthorp . . . .Jim Bayless . . . .Charles Dolfuss K E X X HAROLD L. CRUIKSHAN K Headmaster Shank I think we have hit the jack pot again this morning ROBERT G. WVALTON Registrar, Mathematics Isaac If you've got any complaints write me a letter WILLIAM P. KEENAN French Wild Bill Take xix l'HlL W. SUMNER History Fanny Phil I xpect it'x time to start the theses V. , ,,... EUGENE H. GRAY English jeep Hrumph, you annoeh meh N. D. MQLAUGHLIN Chemistry, Physics Nate I mean, any boy . . . 0. MCCREIGHT English VO Well, alright people ROY C. PAIGE Administrative Assistant, Algebra Satrh J. D. McCARRAHER Director of Athletics H ere, here W. D. McLELLAN Physical Education D106 It's wonderful for those chest muscles DONALD C. MOLTEN Physical Education Don It's great to be Il rhmnp DAVIS R. PARKER Latin Are Not today DONALD G. WVRIGHT Geometry, Algebra Rock That there T formation is here lo Hay JAMES R. ULRICH English jungle jim CH ILTON THOMSON English Chilt Debating is my line EDWARD W. LEWIS English Ed We used this block at Reserve S. R. BOBENMEYER Director of Middle School, History Bobbie I hit 60 for 18 holes the other day CARTER G. SANDERS Spanish, History El Dios Call me? DEN ARD LEE Biology, Physics Denny They've got everything in this lab S. TUCKER FOX French Tuck Tough ! 5 PETER C. EBBQTT English Pelerallbit Liberate and I . . LOUIS J. BURGER Director of the Lower School S. RICHARD PEYSER Sixth Grade Seymour Go home and tell your mommy-this sport is a guts game PETER C. BARNARD Fifth Grade Take Bowdoin for example KENNETH BRACK Fourth Grade RUTH KAUFMANN Third Grade BETTY KUTIL Pre-Primary KATHLEEN B. MARTIN Librarian LOUIS A. LOGSDON Business Manager The Log Don't xcratch off- save the gravel PAT E. UNGER Dietician gi ARLINE H. BARREN Second Grade RUTH M. SCHREYER First Grade 4' Q RALPH HOWARTH Manual Arts Pzfe seen tough guys in my days FRANK HRUBY JR. Music Rube OK guys, only 50 more rehenrxals 'til the conrert JONATHAN E. INGERSOLL English lngy HERBERT F. HARVEY Manual Arts .IACK HORNER Mathematics Little jack All right Weer, this study hall xtill has I0 minutes to go C. J. RIEL Mathematics Uncle Cliff Pipe down and take 10 extra problems seniors Q0 LXQE Ci x STEPHEN P. APTHORP Year Entered 1950 "Thorp O'Rooney" -the Aurora flash- ladies' man from way back until he Metz Sue-anchor man on record-setting medley relay team - his pasting ability won him the title of associate editor of the Swindle Sheet -smiling, popular veep of the class and Cadmean-used his booming voice as a bass in Hrub's octet--also as head cheer- leader-spends summers beachcombing Nan- NX tucket's shore. ' f f if, Activities: Class Vice President 2, 3, 4 Edward Moore Society 3, 4 Cadmean Society 3, Vice President 4 Mabian Sports Editor 4 News Board 2, 3, Associate Editor 4 Glee Club 2, 3, Vice President 4 Octet 3, 4 Frosh-Soph Prom Committee 2 Junior Prom Committee 3 Freshman Football 1 Freshman Swimming Captain l Varsity Swimming 3, 4, Squad 2 Athletic Council 4 " Smmurfyff A ctivities: Cadmean Society 4 Edward Moore Society 4 News Board 3, Circulation Manager 4 Mabian Board 3, Circulation Manager 4 Glee Club 2, 3, 4 Varsity Wrestling Team 3, 4, Squad 2 Varsity Track Squad 3 Freshman Soccer l Freshman Wrestling l Freshman Tennis l Sailing Team Commodore 4 Freshman-Sophomore Prom 2 Junior Prom 3 4 sb' 4 Q u QW 51 S X Y fs xl X I Q I X' S., 7.- T "H Y " ,.,,- L. S4 JAMES-EDGAR BAYLESS Year Entered i950 "Gentleman Jim"-Brooks Bros. mid-west- ern representative-one of Bobby's more prone matmen-a budding Fascist under El Dios-the Jeep's circulation manager- "What-what, the Bayless forgot some more alumnah last week"-one half of the Ben vs. Bayless debating society-once got senior honors lH.L.C. demanded a recountl-can be heard saying, "Say, would you mind too much" several times each day-once made the mistake of saying it to Isaac-Jim is sure to go into competition for the Best Dressed Man contest in the East. I'l-L be rather- LAT! Tomfd, NGb0., f"" JOHN THOMAS BLACK, JR. Year Entered 1953 "Black Jack"-newest member of the class - one of Bobby's better dorm boys- hails from Buffalo, place where the famous Black week end developed - never acquired much of a taste for Laurel or H. B. but often has dreams of a Bison gal - never misses a pheasant-loves hunting-patronizes the senior room more than any other boy - never has much to say--known for his quiet tem- perament--never gave the varsity ranks a break - quite a class terror, though - Jack's subtle remarks and "dashing" humor have outlined a bright future for him at college and after. THOMAS RYAN BORLAND Year Entered 1951 "The King of the Roadways" - man with the 3-d glasses - deals rather liberally in the used and unusable car market-likes 'em with- out mufflers, steering wheels, transmissions, or fenders - gradually working up to a '54 Cadillac - enioys his daily rest period in Jeep's study - only varsity soccer player who doesn't know what a soccer ball looks like- a terror on the mats -often seen filling gas tanks at Red's Sohio Station - Tom's sin- cerity will carry him far. Activities: Mabian Board 3, 4 Players 3, 4 Frosh-Soph Prom Committee 2 Junior Prom Committee 3 Varsity Soccer Squad 3, 4 Varsity Wrestling Squad 3, 4 Varsity Track Squad 3, 4 -5 f N Y' 'W 'Q' .5 I A ze X il ,gm 2 X. FRANK H. CARPENTER Year Entered 1948 Carp-alias "The Hook"-a tremendously likable guy-captain of Vince's football team -rugged center who led his boys to the Interstate crown-likes Ann Arbor but has never been there-an ardent Laurel man, never seen at H. B.-is noted for his deep vibrant laugh, especially in senior English - favorite saying: "That's about enough of that, dadio"-beat out the Green redhead for his Peg of my heart -- is headed for Princeton --Carp's good humor and leadership will certainly make him a success in life. .,:Q. Activities: Second Honors 2 Edward Moore Society 3, Vice-President 4 Cadmean Society 3, 4 Prefect Board 2, 3, 4 Junior High Pretect Board Chairman l Class President l News Board 2, Associate Editor 3, Managing Editor 4 Mabian Board 3, Literary Editor 4 Handbook Managing Editor 4 Players 3, 4 Glee Club 3, 4 Junior Prom Committee 3 Freshman-Sophomore Prom Committee l, 2 Varsity Football 2, 3, Captain 4 Dan R. Conway Football Award 4 All-Interstate Football Team 2, 3, 4 All-Independent Football Team 4 Dream Team 4 Press Star 4 Varsity Tennis Squad 2, Team 4 Varsity Track Squad 3 "B" Basketball Team 2 Freshman Football Captain 1 Freshman Basketball l Freshman Baseball l Athletic Council 4 W emi, X -Y ,, l 1,134 X fgw f sf ...W MAE .W f l8 X fl Wsff'iiiv-- Activities: Cum Laude 4 First Honors 4 Second Honors l, Glee Club 4 2,3' Mabian Board 3, 4 News Board 3, 4 Freshman Soccer l fbi gi 30 OK Z 9 fs silly Q r 4 ,A lf! P 0 5,1 ? 3...-rn llfllf' ll -,Ii 1111 Ill- ll QQ fag!! c - .EF-7 gt, :saggy 'f 19 RICHARD RICHMAN COLBERT Year Entered 1947 "Rough and Ready Richard" - never got below 99 on a trig test-goes in for pop music in a big way- irritated the Weil- Carpenter regime by turning in News articles the day after the paper came out- has in- tricate recording system throughout his house -records all Geordie Hormel records-Nate's favorite saying, "I never saw a boyee who would ask so many questions" - Dick's fame will continue at Yale. Nl Activities: Glee Club 3, 4 Octet 4 Frosh-Soph Prom Commi Junior Prom Committee l Varsity Basketball 3 "B" Basketball Team 2 Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 4 All Interstate Baseball Te ,vibfffg 5 a,f,,""""a c'.,,g HW'-'tt r mnlfe IME 611016 BACK my cam LHMDE' I ' ttee l am 2, 3 gu.-r sue.-wu.i.-rHEy VcylF.I DoN'T PASS? 'N 1.1-.. BMD '59 J I ay, : Q ,Q ,,, 2 "StHMr'r'r F A WILLIS E. CORRY II Year Entered 1951 "Buddy"-class brute-honorary founder, president and board chairman of the AI Rosen club- member of the "Dream Outfield" - drives a big red convertible that used to have a motor in it- known for his ping-pong parties - claims to hold class title -will always be remembered for coming up with "some of the statements" - spoke on "False Teeth and Gum Chewers" in the Jeep's class - one of the V. O.'s all time students -well known proprietor of Corry's Coleridge Road pool hall - friendly to everyone -- a real source of humor to the class. JOHN WILLIAM COX Year Entered 1950 One of the West siders- has character- istic red hair with receding hair line - soccer manager who forgot to take the balls down to Hudson-constantly trying to dream up new devices for tormetnting fellow dorm in- mates-captain of the renowned all-iunior water polo team-sits within two feet of lsaac's desk every day of the week - plans to be an engineer-mainly responsible for the Junior Prom decorations - likes the idea of R.P.I.- has good natured attitude which should win him friends at college and make him a successful engineer. Activities: Junior Prom Committee 3 Soccer Manager 4 Athletic Council 4 JAMES EDWIN CRANKSHAW Year Entered 1948 "The Shaw"--director, producer and main character of the Jim Crankshaw Show- finally graduated from the Fairytale Theater ranks- Eddy Moore's most efficient minute- taker in years - wrestles a wicked match for Bobby- city wide speech maker for the Community Chest-in charge ofthe "Public Opinion" page of the News-one of the class leaders - prefect who furthered the cause of iustice - has perseverance and high character - Yalie from way back - Jim's leadership qualities should carry him far. Activities: Second Honors 1, 2, 3, 4 Cum Laude Society 4 Junior Prize Speaking Medal Edward Moore Society 3, Secretary 4 News Board 2, Associate Editor 3, Literary Editor 4 Mabian Board 2, Copy Editor 3, Editor-in-Chief 4 Prefect Board 2, 4 Players 2, 3, President 4 Freshman-Sophomore Prom Committee 2 Junior Prom Committee 3 Varsity Football 3 Varsity Wrestling 2, 3, 4 All-Interstate Wrestling Team 4 Freshman Football l Freshman Wrestling 1 I ,ig ' MR Gm: f 5 J at rf .KVN PTF , 1A as I J P0 C 'L I T I Q f rj kg 4 J, Qt , H Activities: Prefect Board 4 Edward Moore Society 3, Treasurer 4 Frosh-Soph Prom Committee 2 N Junior Prom Committee 3 Freshman Swimming l Freshman Baseball l Varsity Swimming 2, 3, Captain 4 Athletic Council, Secretary 4 fix Give ham fwfr-Ekgfgv ' e THIS CHQ 'FHS slr K Y' pnsoafrs JK! 'f'MT,l ARTHUR G. DAVIS Year Entered 1948 "Art" - captain of Molten's mermen-ad- mires hopped up Fords-has his own well polished '39-never found in the Senior Room-always ready to help anyone in trouble-one of Relic's prefects who fur- thered the anti-corruption movement-one of S. Tucker's summer camp counselors- spends all his extra helps with lsaac-dis- covered that there is an opposite sex in his senior year - another respected Eddy Moore member-a Cornell man who is sure to be well liked wherever he goes. CHARLES H. DOLFUSS lll Year Entered 1948 "Chaz" - a great party giver - always seen driving a long Caddy- found at "M's" most of the time-too young to smoke- frosh football star who wouldn't give the big time a break-terror in all class sports- has been on all the all-star teams--prefers Laurel girls though he is seldom seen with them-should be a "boom" to the stocks and bonds business --Jeep's favorite orator who made pronunciation l"uh"l pay off- will be remembered for his Bible reading- Charlie will be one of the town's more suc- cessful doctors. ROBERT ALAN DOUGHERTY Year Entered 1952 "Dork" - captained the Dougherty World- walders of class basketball fame - confirmed bachelor, until his glee turned to Klee - only boy to appear at the H. B. dorm more than twice a day - possessor of the most unusual walk in the school-one of Bobbie's better boys - commutes between the West Side and U. S. in Fords and Buicks - after succeeding as Walk's protege, tried to teach Pendy, but failed-surprised everyone by getting honors, after starring in Nate's penny dropping con- test - hopes to ioin his buddies at Tigertown, where he should make a big splash. Activities: Cum Laude 4 Cadmean Society 4 Edward Moore Society 4 Class Basketball Captain 3, 4 Ajixil X9 QP 90 1 Q 'LQ , 0 X We 5,5 1? l SQ GHC Q vw Sir fF 25 lv f-S wg ,Lag K? xxx ROGER WILSON DRAKE Year Entered 1951 One of the original power steering boys - City breaststroke champ--seemed to enioy pledging more than most- received instruc- tion from Louie on how to run the business department of the News -- got "Held" up at Brush and offered little resistance -- seems to think Brush has something to offer- memor- ized all of the "lOl" for Edward Moore- head construction man for VO's players- Rog has the attitude that will gain a great future success for himself. A ctiviti es: Edward Moore Society 4 Cadmean Society 4 News Business Manager 4 Mabian Board 3, 4 Players 2, 3, 4 Frosh-Soph Prom Committee 2 Junior Prom Committee 3 Varsity Soccer 4, Squad 3 Varsity Swimming 3, 4, Squad 2 Osborne Moore Swimming Trophy 3, 4 1 Pi N af Phill C . Ir-mx S the ode LQPlgY,ss 9 S in A ctivities: Second Prize Sherman Speaking Contest 3 Edward Moore Society 4 Players 3, 4 Frosh-Soph Prom Committee 2 Junior Prom Committee 3 Freshman Swimming 1 Varsity Football Manager 4 Varsity Swimming 2, 3, 4 All-American Swimming Team 3 Sailing Team 4 Athletic Council 4 , l!'l!,fxfx X! X T"-XJX. was 'Wil fkf'X,ffX,zLZLfx 1415 "X.f , FRANK CONRAD DURHAM Year Entered 1945 "The MumbIer"-possesses vocabulary that is approached only by the Jeep - had a car for two months before he discovered that it had one snow tire, one whitewall, one con- ventional tire and one bicycle tire-has scientific mind-often seen discussing nuclear physics with Denny Lee-head production man for the players who threw the VO into a rage by his constant hammering -one of Molten's All-American boys- known for his sarcastic comments and mumbling while work- ing trig problems- headed for engineering and NROTC- Frank is bound to make some sort of scientific discovery. Activities: Cum Laude 4 Cadmean Society 4 fix ft Q Pd X? XX CQ!-ljlidsh X iiL PLPMHNT Jufvwelf E'rvnployMervT silk., 'l' " Xi Q sf kt" DAVID JOHN GARRETT Year Entered 1953 Heights' gift to U. S.-thought he'd give this institution a break and spend his senior year here - can always be found in the dorm sipping a coke - a stalwart Red Raider camp counselor but usually spent his nights else- where - amazed everyone including the Jeep by aceing senior English?-can always be heard saying, "But, Sir, it wasn't his fault" - a quiet likable guy - his pleasant nature has won him many close friends at U. S. JAMES BERNARD GEIER Year Entered 1946 Second of the Geier boys-spends his spare time at N. D. Mc's-hobby was slot machines until Weil walked away with 518.50 - member of the Daisy Hill gang -favorite saying: "Dumb Binney" - dressiest Cadmean pledge- has record in Chardon for his ap- propriations racket-plays a mean clarinet as well as tennis-will never get over his loss to Murray-loves to hear iokes, can never remember any-Jim is upholding Geier standards. K7 Activities: Cadmean Society 3, 4 Edward Moore Society 4 Glee Club 3, 4 Players 3, 4 Mabian Board 2, 4 Junior Prom Committee 3 Varsity Soccer 3, 4, Squad '2 Varsity Wrestling Squad 2, 3 Varsity Track Squad 3 Gym Team 3, 4 Freshman Soccer l Freshman Wrestling l Freshman Tennis l Jfo M50 x C' Ao as 25, CO 6- 'te Cf 'Q S fin 'O we lm fm 'E 0 44. WM NJN CHARLES H. GILCREST Year Entered 1953 "The Crest"-man who made the inner tube a household word - starred at Columbia Hills H. S. but didn't make fame 'til he hit the big time at U. S.-played some mean ball for Mac this winter-inhabits the dorm- has unsurpassable admiration for the Jeep - ranks with Jackson as a golfer-couldn't understand "why they don't like suedes up here"-has made a name for himself at U. S. -has lock of blond hair that attracts many females - one ofthe more genial mem- bers of the class-Charlie has success assured. A r Activities: Cum Laude 4 Second Honors 4 Cadmean Society Varsity Football 4 Varsity Basketball 4 All-Interstate Basketball Team 4 D54 I Ever X nu vom 7'1uRF" J" Rloo nfl' My Hcciclenf' A ctivities: Cum Laude 4 Second Honors 3, 4 mjiwwl 53:1-::,A, x ', 'lar' tlglf gg E' fl V. 'f S' 'Q at 1 k--f I H Q E ff X J- 7 i f42,,,,,.2 9 ' sv' CYRIL HARSHMAN Year Entered i952 "Cy"-one of the dorm's brighter stu- dents-Cum Laude member after his iunior year-favorite saying: "Yea, but look at the courses they're taking" - recognized by his southern drawl-never got over getting a speeding ticket by proxy-often seen commuting to H. B. on the Johnson express - the school's lone member of the Hi-Y Club - known for his genial contradictions of teach- ers-mathematical ability will make him a fine engineer - should carry his radical ideas to advantage in the future. A ctivities: Third Prize Sherman Speaking Contest 3 Cadmean Society 4 Glee Club 2, 3, 4 Octet 4 Mabian Board 2 Frosh-Soph Prom Committee 2 Junior Prom Committee 3 Freshman Soccer Captain l Freshman Basketball l Freshman Baseball l Varsity Soccer 2, 3, Captain 4 "B" Basketball Team 2 Athletic Council 4 f w,,t"q,-'X' xpoxl- Q39 60 A l U f- 'rv ki .-XJUITX X Xi' A V WL .lah f 'lf Nj Q A vw l JOHN FRANCIS HECKER Year Entered 1940 "Jackson" - has been at U. S. longer than Wild Bill - captain who lead his soccer team to the Interstate title-possessor of U. S.'s greatest golf swing - has never broken par, even on the links--gets date money from golf-loves conservative music and radical girls-can be found at either Laurel, H. B., or Vassar-has many secret southern love affairs - known for his small Saturday night parties-a true party man whose affable smile and personality will carry him far at Colgate next year. H. RICHARD HEILMAN Year Entered 1952 "The Turtle" - can often be heard saying, "Akron's too dull" - received his exceptional mechanical drawing ability from Big Ed - one of 54's better students-has deep ap- preciation of the finer arts lespecially pokerl - captained a water polo team which prided itself in killing off opponents by the drowning method - operates a refreshment stand in his dorm room -likes physics courses l"l mean that boyee studies"l-worries more or less about nothing - played Ralph's favorite posi- tion this fall. Activities Junior Prom Committee 3 Varsity Football 4 Squad 3 All-Interstate Football Team 4 Baseball Manager 4 Athletic Council 4 fVlUR,c ,Z DURWOOD H. HERRON Year Entered 1947 Renowned artist-used his ability as "head wrapper" for the Eddy Moore Christmas basket campaign-main cog of all dance committees-has quiet personality but always noted for his cheerful word - carries the mail for the Smithmen in the spring - as assistant director sweated through play rehearsals with VO- Edward Moore's best example of Christian character- Derry's friendly nature will assure him many 'friends at William 81 Mary. Activities: Edward Moore Society 4 Mabian Board 4 Players 3, 4 Frosh-Soph Prom Committee 2 Junior Prom Committee 3 Freshman Track l Th HT ig very LoveLy Demy X ta Gee 'Hawks f Mr- BujhK i C "' X l l KENNETH B. HODGES, JR. Year Entered 1952 The Georgia peach - seems to attract women with that Southern drawl - noted for his brilliance in Spanish translation-can often be seen hiding behind a camera - runs Hotel Hodges for boys en route to Florida - favorite saying, "Ahm startin' trainin' tomar- rah"-often can be heard moaning over the Confederacy's loss of the Civil War- student bricklayer from room 22 - humorous and friendly, Bud will be an asset wherever he goes-and we hope his sergeant is a good guy. Activities: Mabian Board 4 Glee Club 4 V Freshman Wrestling l Freshman Track l All Around Athlete Award l Class Football Captain 4 Varsity Wrestling 3, 4, Squad 2 Henry Mattes Award 4 All-Interstate Wrestling Team 4 Varsity Track Squad 2 Gym Team 3, 4 xs SNNQ D50 lr, 'twill NxCe ? '72- X 'PSA 1 l X 'Q' 5. XC CX FY KXXIYX i A K TA r A, A X . tl if Vi' X ill if 1 x ROBERT WERNER HOHS Year Entered 1948 "Bob the blond head"-has a pleasant smile everywhere except on the wrestling mat-class football hero after playing with a broken finger-plans to ioin the Army after spending a summer at Culver-one of S. Tucker's class tennis terrors during his iunior year-found out what chemistry was all about in time for the final- a great lady's man who plays the field-will have lots of fun at college. JOE L. JOHNSON Year Entered 1950 "Josie"--the least corruptible of the senior dorm prefects-runs the H. B. express, but never ends up there-never studies, but always comes through with good grades- specializes in tinkering with other people's cars-his muscles always get in the way when he walks - famous for his runs between Middlefield and McCauley Road-one of lsaac's better students who is always two days behind in homework-president of '54- has good iudgment that will make a bright engineering future for him. Activities: Second Honors l, 2 Class President 2, 3, 4 Cadmean Society 3, Treasurer 4 Edward Moore Society 3, 4 Glee Club 2, 3, President 4 Octet 4 News Board 2, 3, 4 Dorm Prefect 2, 3, President 4 Freshman-Sophomore Prom Committe Ch. 2 Junior Prom Committee Chairman 3 Varsity Football 4 Varsity Wrestling 3, 4, Squad 2 All-Interstate Wrestling Team 2 Gym Team 3, Captain 4 Gym Team Contest Second Place 4 All-Around Athletic Contest Third Place 3 Class Football Captain 4 Y Freshman Football l Freshman Wrestling 1 Freshman Track l 4 cl, .S X Xxx Fo n o sv" Hey Toe! I+ hnsn"1' even Turned CKHPK' ye'lZ RICHARD HARRIS KINGSLAND Year Entered 1951 "Kings"--driver of a car with more aerials than tires-found Buffalo a causal place to spend a weekend -spends summers around his home swimming pool - wrestles and plays soccer with knowhow - member of the quar- tet - has quiet but likable personality - was rarely seen at dances or in the senior room until his senior year - has qualities that make him an asset to the class-likes the Jeep's English course -lives on the Watkins speed- way- Dick's pleasant 'nature should help make him a successful business executive. ,v Activities: Glee Club 3, 4 Varsity Soccer 3, 4 Varsity Wrestling Squad 3, 4 if? Rm-R-1?e?- P- R -P 4 R bd .if X 1 , "wi lg: X ,j7ii"7f J 'BT' vrrrjl 1 Xxx sr V Qi vat gi-f X if " '4 I ' ' L Q Activities: Edward Moore Society 3, 4 Cadmean Society 4 Varsity Football 3, 4 All-Interstate Football Team 4 Dream Team 4 All-Independent Football Team 4 "B" Basketball Team 3 Class Basketball Captain 4 LOG, 9e?'f3-I I WHNTED +he Hood F' '95 x 4' x 36:-L Wi' If Qui 4 39 LAWRENCE M. LANSINGER Year Entered 1952 The "Lance" - Cadmean's lippiest pledge -can always be seen carrying at least 15 books under his arm-one of the Akron machine which is running the dorm -a varsity end who made perseverance and hard work pay off by becoming a "Dream Teamer" and "All-Interstate"-the class' wildest party goer-thinks 3.2 is the answer to a trig problem - used the bashful approach to women - it didn't work -insists "Hood" isn't derogatory-determined to make the "BoIsheveks" despite a .031 batting average in class last spring - destined to follow in his father's footsteps in the restaurant business. Activities: First Honors l Second Honors 2, 3 Cum Laude Society 4 Sherman Prize Speaking Edward Moore Society 4 Players 3, Secretary 4 Glee Club 2, 3, Treasurer 4 News Board 2, 3, 4 Dorm Prefect 2, 3, 4 Freshman-Sophomore Prom Committee 2 Junior Prom Committee 3 Varsity Wrestling Manager 4 Freshman Football l Athletic Council 4 uqvlwitrw M9 M13 W' 7 fl .Sued 5 17 XAQY55-4 I X WILLIAM F. LONG Year Entered l950 One of the more active members of the class--willfully donated his camera for use outside of Phil's window-numeral man on all dorm dance committees-Nate's test grader lHeh, l'll take one Saurwine to four of you boyees"l-manages the "Bob's" wrestlers-the News Board's chief source of feature stories for the past few years- only Edward Moore pledge to talk his way into the Society-has yet to find a good meaning for expunge-wears his bathrobe to chapel in the morning - another Princeton aspirant-Bill has the leadership qualities that will assure him a successful future. DAVID AYERS LYNN Year Entered 1953 lnhabitant of the dorm-known around school by his curly hair and blue corduroy sport coat- hails from Warren - "lsaac's" favorite saying to all floundering students, "Sayee, iust look at Lyeen, he's only been here one year"-seen at night with room- mate Harshman working out physics problems -seems to have a slight difficulty under- standing Nate's course-gets the Jeep in a state of confusion by his last name- "which one-which one, uh." Activities: Glee Club 4 V' asia - -tcp? h' 3 , y E XT-fiat ,Q 1 ' ' 'Ami' --,F .A Wfau ,4'b5"K ww Wah ll 1 ffQ115xefb1rQbfw4,yafqg s " 'CT' href si," l--.f " L. "4 X : ij? "- it ii u 1 Wi f ' I :N E O lX,f'x x - 'g s - J 3 5 L 5 fi-xl , s,.+.-9 c . . ,. , 58.2340 i vpn: 191111 - -.., A if F, 3' Ni. A ctivities: Varsity Basketball 4 First Prize Foulshooting Contest 4 All-Interstate Basketball Team 4 DONALD M. LYNNE Year Entered 1953 65151 ARE 1-H056 ROADS Roar? NILE l "Nebo" -the Bevo of the varsity basket- ball team-had to get a butch so he could walk under the basket- has the complexion N of a baby - made "Bonnie BelI" pay off - ' hails from Jefferson, O. -once told Phil that his home town was named after that famous president - got an A in the course - has quiet nature that really gets serious on the basketball floor-one of lsaac's, "lt might be nice if you apply", boys-city's -C' ' second best foul shooter. 1 nf'- rf :Z X' .Ml ,4 Q-SVA 42 you, Brite Now Lenunvg yfgy UM K S Hozaszzgmdv I , ,U JOHN McKAY Year Entered 1952 "Murdo"-iovial John from Brush -loves his car but still hasn't put it back together again - other half of McKay-Newhouse syn- dicate - hibernates in class sports - ardent chemistry fan - likes dropping beakers - Sanders' most improved student-had to stop smiling because he couIdn't see-loves to push people around in his tow truck-had to pay inheritance tax on the money he earned during the summer-friendly John has been a quiet addition to the class of '54 and should do well at college. A ctivities: Mabian Board 4 Glee Club 3, 4 Class Football Captain 4 Varsity Swimming 3, 4, Squad 2 Varsity Track Squad 2, 4 l fx tml ii ll qee Dan- yu.. Iwlsn fi Svunw wtf-E 'Tl-If eager-I ROBERT DAVID McLELLAN Year Entered 1942 "Robbie"-easily recognized by his ex- traordinary proportion between legs and torso - son of that famous coach -- wouIdn't give his dad a break - manages to make 8 laps of the pool without too much difficulty- known by his continuous line of iokes and pranks-has spent his summers at Wabun ever since he could hold a canoe paddle- one of the many seniors who takes "ad- vantage" of history class--always friendly to everyone. ROBERT FREDERICK MEYERSON Year Entered 1951 "Bullet Bob" - hard working cartoonist for this volume-talented painter and art man from way back - demonstrated this talent by painting his house single handed-friendly and iovial at all times - donated the Meyer- son trophy "Awarded to that member of the track team who is in best shape" - came back after a summer with the county to bolster Vince's line this fall - potent member of both societies-hardworking in anything he does - Bob has been a stellar member of the class of '54. Activities: Second Honors 2 Edward Moore Society 3, 4 Cadmean Society 3, 4 Glee Club 2 Players 3 Mabian Board 3, Art Editor 4 News Cartoonist 4 Handbook Art Editor 4 Junior Prom Committee 3 Varsity Football 3, 4 Varsity Soccer 2 Varsity Tennis 2 Varsity Track 3 "B" Basketball T 60m X! f X 43,7 2 '. f X X fl' , 9 Wig 4 LHR: Lucevne -zo Miles ,I MICHAEL OSBORNE MOORE Year Entered 1945 "Oz" -- class blubber boy, although he obiects to being called fat- distinguished president of the Jeep's fan club - one of the leading social men in the class - also one of the original Cadmean boys - one time owner of the "Nash Tray" - spends a little time on Coleridge Road-one of the many seniors who really appreciates the U. S. faculty- swims a wicked 200 for the mermen-re- ceives side instruction from Wink-an avid Colgate man-"Oz" is sure to succeed at the "Princeton of New York State." Activities: Cadmean Society 3, 4 Edward Moore Society 4 Varsity Football 4 Varsity Swimming 3, Squad 2, 4 Muir" fy Activities: Players 3, 4, Junior Prom Committee 3 Varsity Tennis Squad 3, 4 V BELL?" uc.,- uh-' h , - UA,-i l' SGGMFPWXI' "wi-le RE :S THE LEWIS HARTZELL MOYER Year Entered 1952 "The build" - Lump has the readiest smile in school - his home in Youngstown is always open to any and all visitors - only boy ever to' bring two dates to a U. S. dance-a lover of physical culture, Lucious Lou never puts the top up on. his black and white Buick+ looks plenty tough in a football uniform - Tuck's mainstay in French 3 - has won many friends around these parts and is a cinch to make a hit at college. Activities: Cadmean Society 4 Mabian Board 2, 3, Business Manager 4 Freshman Swimming 'I Freshman Tennis l Varsity Swimming Varsity Swimming 2 Manager 3 Varsity Tennis Squad 3, 4 Athletic Council 4 Towire - Hockey Clevelrwcl vs l3uFFnlo 'l'lmT1s i-tqhr Mom Illvt J'l'uclu'r1cj 97' School wt-H1 1051? WILSON PATRICK MORIARTY Year Entered l947 "Pat" -- obsessed card player - estab- lished Moriarty's Casino "Las Vegas" style - can often be heard saying, "Whaddyamean 2 pair beats a full house" - avid Baron fan - wishes people would throw more chairs - hasn't taken field since he was a freshman five years ago - can often be seen flounder- ing in the pool in off minutes-another one of the Mabian ad boys-Pat's many years at U. S. should give him good luck at Michigan. JOHN DAVID MURRAY Year Entered 1951 "Fats" - slimmest man in school - used his build successfully in sparking Vince's gridders this fall-plays a wicked game of cards- mainstay of Moriarty's Friday night poker parties - class shuffleboard champion -wouldn't pay off when he lost the croquet championship to Carpenter - ruthless, rugged and hard-driving Cadmean pledge master blames his English grades on his failure to make the News board luh-uhl-always a cool daddy in the social world-J. D.'s favorite class basketball pupil - John's comi- cal spirit has made him a true asset to the class of '54. Activities: Cadmean Society 3, 4 Mabian Board 4 Junior Prom Committee 3 Varsity Football 3, 4 Varsity Baseball Squad 2, 3, Team 4 X X V' Q G9 GQ? Q QA QDX Gee Dnoll Jivhws govwwn GQ1' RNO1'he "' 'lone 44 "l"e"' X +I-mr-e 'l'ucKc'I'.s 5' -X A 4 ? . 'y'X x X l fX fy f-il fff ,-N X-X PETER DEAN NEWHOUSE Year Entered 1952 "The house" - Brush's likable gift to U. S. --for two winters he gave up his valuable time to toss in a few buckets for McLeIlan's B Ballers- his favorite room, the senior room, for he even got to study there once - tallest half of the Newhouse-McKay combo - unforgetable Eddy Moore pledge who memo- rized one hundred and one Red Feather Agencies-won't give the H. B. or Laurel girls a break-one of PhiI's better history students headed for law - Pete will see that iustice is done in all Cleveland courts. Activities: Edward Moore Society 4 "B" Basketball 3 Varsity Basketball 4 , 1 Wi gl W Q X X .. Tiff? " .I ,...f-ev' Lili-. ,,, fsgyltkk Activities: Cadmean Society 4 Players 3, 4 Mabian Board 3, 4 News Board 3, 4 Frosh-Soph Prom Committee 2 Junior Prom Committee 3 Freshman Football l Freshman Baseball 1 Varsity Football 3, 4 All-Interstate Football Team 4 All-Independent League Team 4 Varsity Track Squad 3, 4 Break GLHSS In THQ neu-grim 11"- In Case of Ollflrwrl 9 ,yu A MuRF f' PATRICK CHARLES O'BRIEN Year Entered 7950 "OB" - man mountain - trotted on the field first at all football games-won the Bartunek award for that senior who can de- vour the greatest quantity of U. S. lunch- goes apey at the sight of a woman - spends summers in the bush - roughest man in school on the class basketball floor- maniac driver who goes no where fast in a beat up Chevy -- supports all parties - made fame as an actor for VO's players - is still known as ferrovius around school-likes the idea of Georgetown-should be successful any- where he goes. i . Activities: Cadmean Society 4 Players 3, 4 Frosh-Soph Prom Committee 2 Freshman Football l Freshman Basketball Captain l Freshman Baseball l Varsity Football 3, 4 All-Interstate Football Team 4 All-Independent League Football Team Varsity Basketball 2, 3, Captain 4 Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 4 All-Interstate Baseball Team 3 Athletic Council 4 LooK BUSTU- I sez he Foultoi CLE .7 X H ff Y WILLIAM HARVEY O'DELL Year Entered 1949 "Wild WiIly" -one of the West side boys -- an ardent admirer of the H. B. fres- man - pass snaring end on Vince's var- sity - captain of the basketball five and JD's backstop in the spring - seldom seen without his other half--he and Shmitty introduced and made famous the one button roll- has a rather strong dislike for Reserve boys- a two year letter man in Keenan's French class-figures Colgate will give him best offer. JOHN BRAMAN PENDLETON Year Entered 1952 "Pendy" -came to U. S. from New York --discovered that girls lived in the world, too - Cum Laude boy who never fails to make honors - soccer manager who rejected his iob to play on the team - held more ad- vertising meetings than any other manager in Mabian history - his boys were always under the whip of "Get with it or get out" - turns green, tears his hair, and writhes in pain every time someone mentions girls-one of VO's Sherman Prize boys who made it through without collapsing-always has a cheerful word - Amherst man from way back. Activities: Cum Laude 4 Second Honors 3, 4 First Prize Sherman Speaking Contest 3 Class Treasurer 4 Edward Moore Society 3, 4 Cadmean Society 4 Mabian Board 3, Advertising Manager 4 Players 3 Glee Club 4 Junior Prom Committee 3 Varsity Soccer Squad 4 Class Basketball Captain 4 TCW! ' ,ff 1 Xt. L ff' X , l X ? f ' lJnTch ouit, Pc hcllylf ,fl ' sv " , . f l 1 ' ,f - l W, .1 - having H ball. a g S M F. S. COLBURN PERRY Year Entered 1941 "Goona"-closing his thirteenth year at U.S. - tennis player of exceptional ability - S. R. Peyser in a conversation with Pancho Ganzales once commented, "Now take that Perry. He's my boy"-has first name, last and four middle names - confuses the Jeep by signing every theme with a different name -always has homework done three days in advance -took time off from summer tennis tournaments to assist J. D.'s day camp -- loosest basketball player in school - one of the few seniors who-is always up to date in everything-Toby will make a fortune as a tennis pro. T 54 Activities: Edward Moore Society 4 Glee Club 3, 4 Freshman Football 'I Freshman Tennis l Varsity Basketball Squad 3, Team 4 Varsity Tennis 3, Captain 4, Squad 2 Varsity Tennis 3, 4, Squad 2 Tennis Championship 3 Athletic Council 4 . avr' 90 at " Activities: Class Soccer Captain 4 Varsity Track Squad 2 WWW WWW WWW WWW ROY STEPHEN RAJKI Year Entered 1950 "Roy, the boy" -happy go lucky humor- ist--captained his class booters to a victory over our friendly rivals -well known for his English class speeches on farming - has nose that rivals Bob Hope's - hails from the Burton hills-often heard telling stories of "the wine cellar" - expert on forest con- servation - plans to inherit his father's cloth- ing business and establish the "Brooks Bros. of Cleveland" - has grin that stretches from ear to ear without exaggeration - Roy's easy going lacadazical attitude will achieve great heights for him. PETER DONALD RELIC Year Entered 1950 "Pete" - the bouncing Bolchivek - re- sponsible for the new honor system - brought the prefect board back to Akers' standard - batted 471 'for Uneeda Laundry - a real hockey fan - still fighting for soph grid letter -top scholar in class-starred as a space cadet for coach "Just root 'em out of there" Ralph - Still recruits business for Miles Park Florists around school -writes U. S. football articles - known for his unusual spellings such as Moltz - likes to have a good time - look- ing forward to Holy Cross and its Greek Courses. SAMUEL ADAMS ROOSE Year Entered 1951 "Sam"-informally known as the U. S. threat to Jerry Lewis-quite famous for his extemporaneous dissertions on airplanes and the future of flying - he is a pilot and charter member of the AOPA-a habitual haunter of the senior room - sturdy wing on the class soccer team-WaIton's best example and S. Tucker's most violent enemy- a nice guy and a good worker, Sam is sure to have a bright future in his greatest love, aeronautics, ll lo Lili LLL 7' WARREN H. SIEKMAN Year Entered 1951 "The Twitch" -couldn't find an assistant manager to handle his basketball chores- life long ambition to be a rapid transit driver - pile driving fullback for the class boys - points a wicked finger to help explain in what he means--tries to show that he knows all the answers to chemistry problems: "l mean you think you're fooling me, but you're not"- known for his rangy build and radical tan shoes - wears characteristic horn rims -has admirable qualities - will probably be a boilermaker, at Purdue. Activities: Varsity Basketball Manager 4 Athletic Council 4 NWN NOT To b 6' CON Fused vvvTH SHNTTR Clnugs f Activities: McCurdy Art Award 3 Edward Moore Society 3, 4 Cadmean Society 3, President 4 Mabian 4 Players 3, 4 Frosh-Soph Prom Committee 2 Freshman Football l Freshman Basketball l Freshman Track Captain Varsity Football 2, 3, 4 All-Interstate Football Team 4 "B" Basketball 2 Varsity Basketball Squad 3, 4 Varsity Track 2, 3, Captain 4 Edward C. Daoust Track Award 3 Athletic Council 4 2 PETER FOX SMITH Year Entered 1950 OK Phil. Thntw-:ZLL be ptnofher 'OT' "Preacher Pete"-strongly opposed to any liquid stronger than grade "A" milk - never driven a car, prefers school buses and I0-door sedans-likes to get tough at Cadmean meet- ings - "O-Kay you guys, shut-up or l'll have to throw a punch" - has no trouble getting a date - with Joanne - varsity fullback for 2 V2 years before he finally hit stride-ended up on the Interstate team --the Rock's main pain for 2 years-became known through- out these parts as the inaugurator of the famous i0-cent fine. 59 11- Activities: Players 4 Glee Club 2, 3, 4 Varsity Soccer Squad 3, 4 Varsity Track Squad 3, 4 :HW KRIJN C xi 1.-2 9 sagfkl . -1.l-- ROBERT IRVING SEITH Year Entered 1951 Known as "Seith" around school-so is his brother-costarred in "Room Service" with guess who-never seen without his double- the class's most outstanding example of be- havior-can't decide where he and Robert will go to college - weighs IV2 pounds more than his other haIf- running neck and neck with the Jeep as the schooI's neatest dresser- adds that rich mellow tone to the glee club - destined to set up business with his brother- should be successful. l 4 ROGER DEAN SEITH Year Entered 1951 Exactly one half of the Seith Squad- bears a slight family resemblance to his brother - was once horrified to discover that he and Roger were wearing different colored underwear - stand-out on the soccer team for two years - part of that famous television team of Seith, Seith and Crankshaw-can be seen drowning sophmores during one of Molten's water polo classics-drives to school in anything from a truck to a '53 convertible- sure to have a happy future with his brother. Activities: Glee Club 2, 3, 4 Octet 4 Players 4 Varsity Soccer Squad 3, 4 Varsity Track Squad 3, 4 Class Swimming Captain 4 v'2If t HP Id lol aw -.. 9 SCHRXTTY - ROY HARMAN SMITH Ill Year Entered 1948 Used same named function on dates from Cleveland Heights-pole vaunter on Mac's track team - army life appeals to him -can often be heard saying, "We've got the best regiment in the whole U. S." -on stage he always screams, "Now see here people"- may go to Hollywood -wittiest of the class - outpunned even the VO - Roy will easily adiust himself to college life and should fare well at Brown. Activities: Cadmean Society 4 Mabian Board 4 Glee Club 3, 4 Players 3, Vice President 4 Frosh-Soph Prom Committee 2 Junior Prom Committee 3 Freshman Basketball l Freshman Football l Freshman Track l Class Soccer Captain 4 Varsity Swimming 3, 4, Squad 2 Fancy Diving Award 3, 4 Varsity Track 2, 3, 4 I XX XVYW AWK A A XX wwf' FRED STEVENS Year Entered 1948 Stalwart U. S. boy since the seventh grade - broke his collar bone during a class foot- ball classic-was distinguishable by his "T square" for two months following - drives a rapidly disintegrating '41 Chevy - wears characteristic blue jacket with pads on each side-a one -hibernates at Roose's 'farm also on Euclid Heights Blvd.- l5 inch brute time swimmer on vacations, only member of the glee club to get charge out of sitting on the stage during chapel-Fred's quiet but friendly character will take him far. Activities: Glee Club 3, 4 Varsity Soccer Squad 3, Team 4 Varsity Wrestling Squad 2, 3, 4 Varsity Track Squad 2, 3, 4 'HH 5 64? I T rACRYgYbl1:3'3h ,I qlffft, ai' ou. nl 'go' ' ,N ROBERT UTZ Year Entered 1951 One of our taller students - has the stride that made him a famous miler for McLellan's tracksters-finds it unethical to argue with teachers especially the Jeep - can really throw the bull-runs Louie's bookstore on the morning shift-can't drive a car with- out his cushions-last of "the sueders" - rides the Kingsland express to school each morning -- never worries about anything - even college--is still trying to get in January's trig homework - sure to have few worries. WALKER TRAVIS WATKINS Year Entered 1948 "Walks"-a five year dorm boy 'til he realized that Chardon wasn't too far to drive -has broken more women's hearts than Valentino - a gone blond once giggled, "Walkie has such cute little ears" - manages to keep the home town moving-liked "country clubbing" so well he almost ioined one - is still trying to persuade "the dentist" to build a swimming pool - possessor of the up and down average-will be missed at U. 5. especially by the Administration. Activities: Class Treasurer 3 Cadmean Society 3, 4 Frosh-Soph Prom Committee 2 Junior Prom Committee 3 Freshman Football l Freshman Basketball l Freshman Baseball l "B" Basketball Team 2, 3 Varsity Tennis Squad 3 MJFLZESL 2, Q 6 f I W W- . f 1" not-I "wt-lo oo 1 MUS 4 're WITH TONITQ - yt awk WILLIAM R. WATTERSON Year Entered 1951 "Bill" - manages the swimming team with his whistle-star inside on champion class soccer team - played big business exec in "Room Service" - stalwart member of Peyser's famous Z team last spring - lent his talents on varsity this year-famous for his pull at the athletic office. Activities: Cadmean Society 4 Players 4 Junior Prom Committee 3 Varsity Swimming Manager 4 Varsity Tennis Squad 2, 3, 4 Sailing Team 4 Athletic Council 4 .TYR Pr5ljllVlQ -, ND W A L19 ot! 'Q L Q63 iz' Z f ,,,f 1? sf 1 ?- ,..1 66 Activities: Cum Laude 4 Time Current Affairs Award 2, 3, 4 Junior Prize Speaking Edward Moore Society 3, President 4 Cadmean Society 4 News Board 2, Associate Editor 2, Editor-in-Chief 4 Mabian Board 2, Sports Editor 3, Managing Editor 4 Prefect Board 3, 4 Handbook Editor-in-Chief 4 Freshman-Sophomore Prom Committee 2 Junior Prom Committee 3 Varsity Basketball Squad 3 "B" Basketball 2 Varsity Track Manager 4 Class Football Captain 4 Freshman Football l Freshman Track l Athletic Council 4 Sibev-inN F'oSTer- Dm,-ey,-rs pL,,U,l Did you. .S ay Send 31' one why 1 .i e L ? - 5 M W ' iff N -n L , .. 'C ' -was x f 4 ,x S. DOUGLAS WEIL Year Entered 1946 The class's number 2 admirer of Tigertown - knows heights, weights, firstnames, and hometowns of all Princeton football players for the past 3 years - hard working president of Edward Moore who found Cadmean had advantages, too - heads the Jeep's favorite publication-believes in freedom of the press --leader in school activities-has unique personality which causes unending amusement - basketball player who decided class was more fun - holds an iron hand over assistant track managers-seems to like the idea of any college near New York, A ctivities: Edward Moore Society 4 News Advertising Manager 4 Players 3, 4 Frosh-Soph Prom Committee 2 Junior Prom Committee 3 Varsity Tennis Manager 4 Athletic Council 4 Class Basketball Captain 4 VN xox Xrl se Y x fe z"l?'42e fx! I Yi 9 + Qs' 56911 69 C we ,y 4 X X 'Y 6- vxff l S", 68 BENJAMIN A. WEIMER Year Entered 1948 "Bantam Ben" -a sky-scraping six-footer topped off by a thatch of blond weeds- said to have the best looking group of girl admirers in school-makes a dozen phone calls each night to 'find out the Spanish assignment-will always be remembered for his original translations in El Dios' classes- only student to hand in math homework on time every day-voted unanimously as the boy most likely to get "richest quickest"- unquestionable friend of everyone. l JAMES B. YOUNG Year Entered 1946 "Scrapiron"-last of the tour famous Young Bros. -wrestled for U. S. so long that they made him captain his senior year-long time favorite on Mac's gym team-found football too tough, went out for soccer and ended up with the M. V. P. award - always manages somehow to obtain senior honors - preferred the long walk to Laurel - only class pitcher ever to pitch in a varsity game-is thinking about Dartmouth although he can't get along without that social life. Activities: Class Secretary l, 4 Edward Moore Society 3, 4 Cadmean Society 3, 4 Mabian Board 4 Frosh-Soph Prom Committee 2 Freshman Football l Freshman Wrestling Captain l Freshman Baseball l Varsity Soccer 4, Squad 2, 3 All-Interstate Soccer Team 4 Varsity Wrestling 3, Captain 4, Squad 2 All-lznterstate Wrestling Team 3, 4 Varsity Baseball Squad 2, 3 Gym Team l, 2, 3, 4 Gymnast Award 3, 4 E. A. Rolinson Soccer Award 4 Second All-Around Athlete Contest 3 Athletic Council 4 ,X if ff!! f 1 v T a X W A ff' Rh ff, ' 1441- , Mil, iff, V21 SPLAT 1 Best Build Davis 3 1 Lansinger 16 Moyer 9 Used to have Best Build Murray 24 Meyerson 18 Moore 14 President, I saac's Fan Club Colbert 50 Pendleton 4 Moriarty 2 President, Ieepis Fan Club Moore 22 Carpenter 22 Corry 12 Done Most for Carpenter 14 Crankshaw 14 Relic 14 Weil 14 Done U .S. for the Most Watkins 30 Corry 18 Hodges 18 class pull Favorite Radio or TV Show Jim Crankshaw Show Liberace 27 Liberace Award Jerome Hill IV 33 Greek Kominus ll Bobby Burns 10 Will Be Most Missed Class of '54 31 Miss Willis 19 Room 8 6 Favorite Course Golf 37 Spanish II 19 Class to Cut junior 29 U. S. History 15 All 12 Best Date The other fellow's 37 Any 11 Loose 8 Most Gullible Corry 43 Hohs 13 70 Best Driver Weimer 28 Watkins 1 7 Hodges 1 1 Best Dictator J. D. 30 Smith 15 El Dios ll Favorite Hangout Club Geier 19 Lou's 19 U. S. Parking Lot I8 Favorite Girl's School W.R.A. 56 Most Valuable Class "B" Ball Pendleton 34 0'Brien 22 Favorite Sport Bird Dogging 48 Table Football 8 Most Surprised Apthorp 56 Senior APTHORP ..... BAYLESS ...... . . . BLACK ............ ls ,Thorp 0'Roony Butts ..,...,..,.,,,........, ....... .White .,...,.. BORLAND ..... ,... ........., B l ind .......,. CARPENTER COLBERT .,.... CORRY .,.....,....... COX ................. CRANKSHAW DAVIS .,............,.. ....... DOLFUSS ........ DOUGHERTY DRAKE .....,...... DURHAM .,..... GEIER ....,. ,...,.. GARRETT ..... GILCREST ..... HARSHMAN . HEILMAN ..... HECKER .,....,. HERRON ,....., HODGES ..... HOHS ........,.. JOHNSON ,..... KINGSLAND , LANSINGER . LONG ..........,.., LYNN ..,..,.,... LYNNE ....,... McKAY ............ MCLELLAN ..,.,.. ......, MURRAY ....... MOORE .,.....,.. M OYER ,.,,.........,... ..,.... Fox's boy ..,.. A Brain ,......, .......Don juan ,U f' Teeth .....,.. f'The Shaw" .... "Arturo" rtsonnyn WH .....,.............Dork Rafah .. ....... .. Sarcastic . ,..,. . ,.... .The proprietor A fox hunter "Crest ' .............,.. ,Cy .,..... ..,....Rich ,"Hooks" ....... .An artist ...... rebel .......German Strong ....... .Kings ........ ."Lance" ,,,, .Smart . ..... .. .......Cool ,. Moon . ......... .. ,Big john ......,...,.. ...,... "Little" Mac .... Bullet" .........,.. M EYERSON ....,. ....... ' ' "Fat Bo No. 1" 2!! 4 V f'Fat Boy N 0. Lump ,.,........,... MORIARITY ...,.,. ..,.,,4 A gambler ,..,... NEWHOUSE .,.... ,. ....., . O'BRIEN ........ ODELL ..,.,..,,... PENDLETON PERRY ..,.....,.., RA JKI ...... RELIC ,,o... ROOSE . ,... SEIKMAN ,..,.,. SEITH, ROB. SEITH, ROC. .,..... ...... . SMITH, P. SMITH, R. ,,,, . STEVENS .,...... UTZ ........,.. WATKI NS .,.... WATTERSON WEIL ..,...,.,....,. WEIMER ....... YOUNG ...,.,. A Brushite ...... Huge ......,........., A gangster .,,..... ,A New Yawker .Tall ..,..,.. ,..... . ,.. . A farmer ,..... .... f' The Bolshevik" just Plain Sam "The Twitch" , You guess ......,.. The other one . Liberace , ........,, . Diver ......,..,...... Fred ....... U.T.Z. , Thirsty Watts ........, Sid . .,............. . Big Ben ......,. Cheap ,,.,..,. Likes Cape Cod .,4,,4,, Butts ,....,....., .......Bobby ..,....Oldsmobiles . ,..,., French ....,.....,.. Manner's lot .. .Home runs ....., M .I.T. ..,..,..,... . Radio ...,....... Everything ...,.. Culver ...,...... Yankees .....,. Brush .......,.,. .NROTC ...... files ..,...,.......,..,. .Red Raider .,...... ........ Traz .,........,...... .,...,.iigures .Sin .,.......,....,..... Any woman ,... .Speeches , ......... .P. J. . ,........... . to "rassle" ,.,..., .The Wiggle ,to lose weight . Akron ...,......,... A Pal . .,.... . .Ties ,....,. Nebo ,...,..,. Has Never sold a car been without 'em been in town fixed one frenched her .stopped talking hit the note been accepted been paid been alone endeth the reading made lights .been held liked Trig ........bought one worked there scored used them left Senior Room stayed away .flunked English You name it made chapel had his Worth slept in English touched it been without her combed his hair missed fouls .to park ...,.... .found a spot Parties . ,....l...... ......,, H exed Milk ..,..,........,.,.. ...,.... d runk it Cslowlyy .Brush batters ,... .... ,...,.,, s t ruck 'em out Tiny Hillfsl ....... ,..,. . . .....,,Florida High stakes ..... Bucketball ...... .Food ....,.... Dolls ....,. Giants ....... Tennis , ..... Tractors ..,.... .......Carter C.A. P. .... . Basketballs ..... .Soccer ......,....... Jokes ......,...,,.... Opera ............... '.ii'....iguessed wrong Cleveland Hts. Arthur Murray ......,Nate .W. W. ...... . .Isaac ...... Hearts .,.... Ads Money ....... studied at Hecker's stopped loosing won driven stopped eating robbed cradles been kissed liked referees dated gone to chapel landed played been mistaken told one made a splash danced worn suedes hot-rodded said "say" lost his piled spent it When I pitrlrerl against the Citadel Thix far won the 1910 . . . Editor Shaw In Class A this year ff i mfg, Slammin' Sammy and I classes P ,X U ,-11-0 QS i i qu' ,Q-1 .----1 U 11-1-1 iullinrs Firsf Row: Ralph Dewalt, Dick Benes, Tom Cornell, Dave Ernesl. Second Row: Paul Evans, Bob Dalzell, Bob Combs, George Covington, Dick Fields, Bruce Fine, Woodie Fisher. Third Row: Jeff Coverl, John Eerkes, Roger Disbro, Joe Bole, Charles Buss. Firsl Row: Tom Horner, Dave Jameson Henry Foltz, John Kruse, Chris Jones. Second Row: Pele Jones, Evan Kemp, Dan Kling, Dick Jones, Allen Gaeliens, Pele Hatch Third Row: Slan Hobbs, Dave Hawley, Dick Hall, Brad Kling, Jack Jaynes. 74 First Row: Jim Sampliner, Dave Robinson, Joe Witten, Bill Wallace. Second Row: Gary Towell, Don Ward, Bill West, Jim Sloan, Vaughan Stapleton, Bill Steck, John Stringham. Third Row: Larry Simon, Dave Schneider, Mike Schumann, Tony Small. First Row: Don Morine, Jon Outcalt, Dave Kundtz, Bill Longsdon, Don Morrison. Second Row: Bruce Listerman, Dave Moore, Rick Reading, Bill Parkhurst, Larry Malloy, Myron Medinger Frank Manak. Third Row: Ralph Lees, Nate Oakes, Al McKinney, Sterling Neale, Charles McCarty. snphnmures Firsl Row: George Badger, Dan Fleig, Tom Currier, Bill Evans, Ted Bryan. Second Row: Roger Easlman, Gil Allen, Slu Eilers, Bob Crawford, Tod Adams, Bruce Eaken, Bill Cooper. Third Row: Bill Browning, Bill Eaken, Carl Doerge, Charles Becker, Bob Fairbanks. QW Firsl Row: Tom Johnson, Jerry Hall, Tom Harvey, Doug Hcyl, Jack Herrick. Second Row: Bill Hengsl, Bob Kirkpalrick Jim Greenberg, Ed Kinney Lew Goodman, Dick Geier, Steve Hough. Third Row: Harvey Gheen, Steve Jett, Tom Folger, Jeb Gailher, Dave Gross. 76 First Row: Pele Slauffer, Zack Schoolfield, Tom Wallerson, Joy Thompson Dick Wessmon. Second Row: Dove While, Pele Shaw, Rip Ruhlman, Jim Weber, Jim Sockell, John Wilmer, Dick Weiss. Third Row: Ted Thoburn, George Terreh, .lon Weil, John Widmer. Firsf Row: Gary Pildner, John Loufborrow Dave Reid, Bob Morilz, Floyd Meck. Second Row: Bill Kirlz, Bob Nighlengcle, Bill Miller, Dick Lolcive, Dave Rodgers, Jerry Miller, Dave Lusl. Third Row: Sterling McMillan, Trip Royal, George Metzger, Dick Miller. freshmen First Row: Bill Anderson, Toby Berry, Tom Clark, Pele Adams, Steve Bayless. Second Row: Bob Busher, Mike Dively, Jay Cullen, Bill Castle, Dick Doering, Jim Cornell. Third Row: Dave Daley, Jack Blakeslee, Jim Black, Warner Adams, Bill Crouse. First Row: Jerry Landsinger, John Keller Jim Loufbourrow, Brick Howe Ted Ingersoll. Second Row: Dick Friedman, Leroy Moyer, Frank Ginn, Joe Komerock, Dan Elliott, Don Ferguson. Third Row: Kenyon Loven, Clem Gunn, Paul Lytle, Davies Maddox, Andy Lange. 78 Firsl' Row: John Wallerson, Russ Weller, Cal Sulphin, Bill Wesley, Alan Wood. Second Row: Lionel Stern, Steve Whilelaw, Mike Weil, Cap Welzell, Paul Taylor, Mel True, Frank Steingass. Third Row: Baird Tewksbury, Pele Travis Dick Slewarl, Bill Weber, Jim Slewarl. Firsf Row: Guy Schoolfield, Jack Slaples, Sleve Smith, John Rowland, Joel Sargeanl. Second Row: Mike Robbins, Jerry Shockey, David Seidman, Sparky Pickards Charles Pellerson, Tim Sleffen, Jim Oswald. Third Row: Richard Odell, John Schneider, Doug Skall, Jeff Smilh, Doug Perkins. eighth grade Firsf Row: Bill Besse, Rich Essick, Peler Charles, Charles Berkey, Prenliss Bowsher, Dick Canary. Second Row: Bob Bough, Dick Borch, Bruce Everling, Bob Evans, Jim Frilz, Gary Chinn, Fuller Duncan. A C, 'il 1- First Row: Jim McConnell, Bruce Healy, Les llles, Wayne Gilberl, Bill Hale. Second Row: Waller King, Tom Hoffman, John Kemper, George lrvin, Gerry Medinger, Dick Hollis 80 First Row: Carl Wasmuth, Dave Weir, Larry Sumner, John Wright, Pete Weimer. Second Row: Bill Stanlev, Gordon Walker, Dick Sweet, Bill Taylor, Ralph Waldo, Wes Williams. First Row: John Riehl, George Opdyke Joe Sackett, Bob Rodgers, George Robb. Second Row: Brian O'Niel, Bill Porter, Chris Page, Bob Rathbone, Carl Nall, Theron Moss. seventh grade First Row: Jim Burcham, Tom Cullen, MacCauley Carter, James Corcoran, John Carson, Gary Arsham. Second Row: Charles Adams, Gary Blauvelt, Myron Arms, Al Carr, Dexter Cheney, Ar! Bill. 'WCS .af wa-V, Firsl Row: Mark Essick, John Lane, John McWhorter, Chuck Marston, Bi!l O'Brien, Richard Kaufmann, Second Row: Tom Leonard, Dennis Hain, Dick Desberg, Graham Gund, Tom Evans, Steve Jones. 82 First Row: John Wedler, Robert Wright, Neil Thompson, Bob Thomas, Fred Watkins. Second Row: Eric Williams, Toby Wilkison, Phil Williams, Mahlon Walsh, ppm: Dick Sutherland, John Thomas. First Row: Mike Sherwin, John Rathbone Herb Prasse, Dick Sampliner, Robert Schuemann, Bill Southworth. Second Row: Bill Roose, Gary Sutherland, Ed Perkins, Wilson Stapleton, Steve Stanley, Wyatt Perkins. 1 sixth qradlz Chillon Thomson, Leonard Marlien, Richard Rogers, Robert Waldo, Pete Ladd, George Klein. Second Row: Ellery Sedwick, Roger Williams, Barton Tryon, David Wenger, George Wierclsmu, Temple Williams, Mr. Peyser. Firsl Row: Mike Howson, Hans Gronbach Lee Chilcole, Tris Caslle, Bill Daley. Second Row: Mr, Peyser, Pele Hodges, Pele Geier, Bob Chase, Philip Giunto, Bill Hamillon, Jim Hughes. 84 fifth and fnurth grades First Row: Fayette Brown, Brad Morse, Tim Mclaughlin, Tom Wood, Nicky Chinn. Second Row: Ricky Johnson, Henry Corning Spike Norten, Dick Wedler, Steve Szabo, Bill Peyser, Kit Baldwin. Third Row: Mr. Barnard, Tom Kinsey, Dick Schwarz, Don Swander, Dick Genet, Bob Trenkamp, Carlton Coolidge, John Wright, Henry Martin. s www ssrfltfdn v Nm? Qs! vs, 5 First Row: Terry Dautel, Francis Morrow, Jeep Treuhaft, Maynard Thomson, John Bargar Second Raw: Mr. Brack, Dave Saunders, Bill McDaniel, Jim Bargar, George Sherwin, Dave Cockley, Roy Meckler. Third Row: Ted Schellentrager, Pete Robbins Steve Comstock, Mike Geier, Bill Ladd, Tom Kinney, Bob Jones. 85 third and second grades Q gli? H13 SWQWI wr Firsf Row: ? Dan Bricker, Tom Saunders, -u L Sandy Randf, John Babson. Second Row: Mrs. Kaufrnann, Terry Baugh, Doug Aitken, Tim Daulel, Tony Bohannon, Francis Szabo, Torn Sumner. Third Row: Fred Backlond, Allen Friedlander, Tim Lylle, Henry Mallhes, George Crile, Winky Baldwin. 34123435518 .Ce if Q Firsf Row: Bob Budeing, Mike Hopkins Ronald Schumann. Second Row: Mrs. Barren, Jim Burger, Bill Desberg, Ricky Perkins, Jim Myers, Jim Barker, Dan Barnes. Third Row: Skip Taylor, John Skinner, Mike Hruby, Dale Gronbach Bill Calfee, Jay Slobey. firsl grade and pre-primal' Firsl Row: Gerhard Hoffman, Nicky Baldwin, Tom Knulsen, Tom Rankin, Preslon Slern. Second Row: Mrs, Schreyer, George Hruby, Day Shields, Dave Hopkins, Tim Geier, Jock Dangler, Pele Allen. Third Row: Jim Skall, Doug Friedlander, Clay Hollister, Walter Newcomb Jack Williams, nygff W vwwfyes if il Q s A A First Row: Dana Randi, Dave Sherbondy Alan Palo, Tyler Robbins, John Brigleb. Second Row: Mrs. Kulil, Kenny Kales, Chris Slouffer, Sluarl Zalud, Marc Schwartzman, Bill Davis, John Peyser, Mrs. Kleinfeld. Third Row: Sandy Hunkin, Bill Williams. 87 Teacher BOBENMEYER CRUIKSHANK ,..., ......... FOX ,4,..... GRAY ........ HORNER ........ H OWARTH ,...... KEENAN ...... LEE .,... LEWIS ....,.. LOGSDON .....,...... MACHARRAHER M CCREIGHT ,.....,. ,.,.,.... MCLAUGHLIN ..., MCLELLAN .,....., MARTIN ..,.. M OLTEN ..... PARKER ....,. PEYSER .A....,. SANDERS ....,... SUMNER ..,... THOMPSON ,.... ULRICH .,,4... WALTON ........ WRIGHT ......., I s pussy-foot the boss ,..., S. Tucker ,short .........,..4. ..,...... Lzttle jack ,....,. ........ .tough a farmer ,, Denny ,A.,.... Ed ..,..... tight .. 150 ....,. bald ,....,...... .confused .. Mac ,.....,,........ .,.,...... shell-shocked Don ..,.........,.. .....,..,. Ace ...... ,Seymore ..... pro-Nazz ,..,.... ........., sleepy ..... .Chilt ..,,,...., Likes golf ,.........,. the seniors ,,,A,, himself A4,,,, Nebo ,....,......, Ha good time ,.... , Eddie Fisher ,..,.. pipes ...... .....,....Jeeps football ..... money ..........,.,. ,the black book ...... ....... hair ........,,..,...... intelligent boys ,,,,,, ,,,,,,, basketball ,......, silence ...,... Water ........... Veni Vidi Vici sissy babies ,,,,, Student's sufferings ,talk ..... small cars , ,a drummer ,...., .....,,.,. lv I ablan ,,.,..... amused ...,.. ,genius ..,,.... tell old jokes ,,,. . coaches ....,, ' Has Never ,broken par admitted it .admitted he WHS WI'0Ilg been there ,had one ,thrown a punch .inhaled ,been stuck ,never scored spent it .amended it .had any had any .a team had any .been in it conquered ,stopped screaming ,admitted defeat been without a Time .caught a spy .worked on one overgraded .been one activities M Mio f""P prefect hnartl The prefects under the direction of Chair- man Pete Relic climaxed a successful year by initiating an honor system for the senior class. The senior honor system was accomplished mainly through the efforts of the senior pre- fects and was the biggest single achievement of any prefect board in many years. The prefects also worked hand in hand with administration in solving disciplinary problems which existed during the year as well as attending to their regular duties of reading chapel notices, supervising milk and crackers period, serving lunch, and checking extra- help attendence. The board which serves as the student government organization consists of 5 seniors, 3 juniors and 3 sophomores chosen by their respective classes. The prefects are chosen on the basis of leadership and character. ln addition to Chairman Relic, the only officer is Secretary Nate Oakes. X X t r i may - .:A O4 ',-- fi? ll f T l Q 'J 1 First Row: Weil, Crcnkshaw, Relic, Carpenter, Davis. Second Row: Ruhlman, Listerman, Schumann, Oakes, Harvey, The Cum Laude Society is a national honor society corresponding to Phi Beta Kappa Fraternity in college. The purpose of this society is to give proper recognition for scho- lastic achievement. Mr. Walton is the faculty advisor and secretary of the chapter at U. S. which was founded in l903. The upper ten per-cent of the senior class is elected to the society at the start of the senior year, while another ten-per-cent of the class is elected at the end of the senior year on the basis of their senior marks. The boys elected to the society in the fall this year were: John Pendleton, Jim Crankshaw, Pete Relic, Bill Long, Cyril Harshman, and Dick Colbert. cum laude snlziet edward munre snniel This year's Edward Moore Society did much to live up to its purpose "to create maintain, and extend througout the school high stand- urds of Christian character, to stimulate in- terest in the underprivileged, and to maintain high morale in the school." Under the leadership of President Doug Weil and Vice-President Frank Carpenter the society made great gains. Its greatest accom- plishment was the adoption of a French foster child, Andre Rouxel. At Christmas time the Society gave food, clothing, toys and money to nine needy families, and the Children's Aid Society. Funds for these activities were raised at the annual Edward Moore Fall Fling. Other activities included a "get- acquainted" meeting for all new boys at the opening of school, assisting the athletic de- partment at the "March of Dimes" basketball game, and a picnic in June. First Row: Johnson, Relic, Carpenter, Weil Crankshaw, Davis, Foltz. Second Row: Mr. Fox, Pendleton, Apthorp, Smith, Long, Durham, Herron, Listerman. Third Row: Dougherty, Meyerson, Young, Drake, Lansinger, Newhouse, Kundtz. W First Row: Hodges, Meyerson, Apthorp, Carpenter, Crankshaw, Weil Pendleton, Bayless, Dolfuss. Second Row: Mr Ulrich, Weber, Murray, Young, O'Brien, Long, Colbert, Kemp, Herron. Third Row: Hall, Schneider, Borland, Drake, Watkins, Smith, Hohs, Moriarty, Logsdon, Weil. mahian hnarll ln the midst of headaches, mid-night oil, and a multitude of minor fiascos, another Mabian has been created. Propelled by the whip wielding Editor-in-chief Jim Crankshaw, and under the guiding eye of Mr. Ulrich, this year's Mabian board has again succeeded in turning out another fine yearbook. Mabian, translated, means "the home of the Maroon and the Black", and was 'First published in l9l9. Since then it has grown to be the out- standing representative of each school year. Special credit this year is due to the calculat- ing Doug Weil as Managing Editor, the aes- thetic tastes of Bob Meyerson as Art Editor, the biographies of Frank Carpenter as Literary Editor, and the exhorting of funds by John Pendleton as Advertising Editor, for their fine work as erstwhile Editors, Steve Apthorp for his appreciation of our athletic endeavors as Sports Writer, the artful Pete Smith and his pen wielding crew of cartoonists, and the feature scribblers Roy Smith and Bill Long. no 052 ,L x f if W 'W gov K cadmuan smziet At various periods during the year, aspiring pledges and their eager antics delight and entertain the school. Organized originally as a debating society, the Cadmean Society has been an important influence in the school since its inception. The Society is composed of outstanding men from the Junior and Senior classes who are chosen on the basis of character and personality, and its ideals are loyalty, co-operation, good-fellowship, and democratic spirit. The outstanding contributions of the Cad- mean Society to the school this year were the annual Father's and Son's Dinner, the Cad- mean Trophy, the conducting ofthe Community Fund Drive, the successful Snowball Frolic, and the revision of the constitution by the members led by President Pete Smith. 'Z ago AOQCQKQ ' XAixs0TL.atL':f X,3QCl'C?x5 420560 53' f Wim F 5 x K6 rf l f . , . tl ff ' l rf wx X ow if X 4 .5 1 ,f P A X ll 722 T K My , 'iles Y Wlllllt-'S First Row: Moore, Young, Johnson, Apthorp, Smith, Relic, Murray, Bayless, Hecker. Second Row: Benes, Kundlz, Drake, O'Bri4 Weil, Watterson, Mr. Sumner Third Row: Carpenter, Odell, Schneider, Watkins, Meyerson, Lansing: Dougherty, Geier. First Row: Hodges, Drake, Relic, Weil, Mr. Gray, Carpenter, Crankshaw, Bayless, Weimer, Moritz. Second Row: Johnson, Sampliner, Schumann, long, Jones, O'Brien, Colbert, Kemp, Rodgers, Eilers, Kirkpatrick, Watterson Third Row: Robinson, Buss, Stapleton, Meyerson, Apthorp, Oakes, Weil, Doerge, Ruhlman. Ixxsffr 'Nl' D xy Q ,vt ,xv Q95 Sgcl' Qiggxeg To the statement, "Oldest School Paper in Ohio", which appears in the upper left hand corner of each U. S. News, might very well be added "and One of the Best." This year under editor-in-chief Doug Weil, the News has reached new heights. Much credit goes to managing editor Frank Carpenter for his very competent assistance in helping Doug with his unique layout schemes and snappy headlines. Jim Crankshaw continued to give the "intellectuals" stirring editorials to sharpen their wits along with some "well-chosen" humor. Class and varsity sports were ably reported on Pete Relic's action-packed sports page. A prominent feature of this years News were exceptional pictures taken by camera- man Bud Hodges and the excellent cartoons conceived by Bob Meyerson. Business Man- ager Roger Drake through skillful handling ofthe books was able to keep finances above board. Although no outside reader expected to receive his paper, it always arrived promptly thanks to Jim Bayless. Much credit is due Ben Weimer for his skillful soliciting of advertising. IIEWS glee Elll Sloan, Kundtz, Apthorp, Roger, Leith, Hecker, DeWalt, Outcalt, Johnson. h First Row: Jameson, Listermun, Hohs, Long, Johnson, Apthorp, Hecker, Bayless. Second Row: Geier R., Kruse, Gcetiens, Hawley, Mr. Hruby, Colbert, Fisher, Buss, Evans. Third Row: Carpenter, Kirtz, Lynn, Kundtz, Carter, Dewalt, Carry Hatch. This year's Glee Club under the able direc- tion of "Leopold" Hruby and its officers: "Johnny Ray" Johnson President, Steve "Low Notes" Apthorp Secretary, and Billy "Eckstien" Long Treasurer, completed a highly successful 63rd year. The hard worked Tuesdays and Thursdays paid off as the Glee Club warbled its way thru a combined performance at Laurel School, the caroling at Christmas time, and the entertaining annual home concert. The annual Hathaway Brown-University School concert was generally considered to have been the best in years and the annual concert with Old Trail School was resumed after a year's layoff. This year the octet also was very successful in their various appearences around Cleveland. Members of the octet were Steve Apthorp, Bud Corry, Jack Hecker, Joe Johnson, Roger Seith, Ralph Dewalt, Jon Outcalt, and Jim Sloan, A performance of commencement in June rounded out the club's activities for the year. The hard work and good companionship found every Tuesday and Thursday at weekly re- hearsals combined to make the glee club one of the most enioyable of all extra-curricular activities. YSL wx ll Qeukllo '49 X fl, alt? mf ' -att tts First Row: Relic, Robinson, Outcolt, Gross, Stauffer, Thompson, Utz, Pendleton. Second Row: Seith, Ward, Smith, McClellan, Stevens, Seith, Kingsland, Geier Third Row: Watterson, Reid, Terrett, Sloan, Perry, Morrison, Pildner, Stringham. 97 players gxvluwf X1 X x , MV , If XQYX XX Yf V ' . XA x,eQl7v-NAV! P Q L, 0 7 A 65, , wx XS iff' WRX J ,gif f--LX. A ll QW Q, First Row: Cornell, Long, Mr. McCreight, Cran kshaw, Moore D. Second Row: Seiih, Moyer, Pendleton, O'Brien, Gaetiens, Geier, Oulcall, Seirh. Third Row: Hall, Schneider, Kundlz, Kruse, Wolterson. CAST OF Sasha Smirnoff. . Gordon Miller. . . Joseph Gribble. . Harry Binion .... Faker Englund. . . Christine Marlowe Leo Davis ....... Hilda Manney. . . Gregory Wagner. Simon Jenkins. . . Timothy Hogarth. Dr. Glass ...... Bank Messenger. Senator Blake. . . 'ROOM SERVICE' . .. . . .Jerry Hall .. .. . .Roy Smifh . .Allen Gaetiens . . .David Kundtz . . . .Tom Cornell . . . .Connie Ne-H . . . . .David Moore .Connie Seymour . . . . .John Cruse . . .Bill Watterson .. ...Jim Geier . . . .John Oufcalt Dave Schneider James Crankshaw Amid cries of "All right now people", "Multiply the number of minutes that you were late by the people in the room", and "You people are looking like a bunch of amateurs," the unsurpressable V. O. McCreight again turned out a smash hit. This year's play "Room Service" featured not one, but two Connies from out Laurel Way, Connie Neff and Connie Seymour, making the production not only pleasing to the ears, but pleasing to the eyes. "Room Service" mainly deals wilh the trials and tribulations of a Broadway Producer lRoy Smithl who takes no stock in the saying "Neither a borrower or a lender be". He and his director lDavid Kuntzl, his girl friend lConnie Neffl, his secretory lConnie Seymourl, his muscle man lTom Cornelll, and his not too auspicious writer lDavid Moorel, collabo- rate against the financial endeavors of the hotel managers lDave Kruse and Alan Gaetiensl, the bill collector Uim Gierl, the representative lBill Wattersonl, and the hotel doctor Uon Outcaltl to form a confused mass of humanity and hilarity. Behind the scenes were such helpful men as "Scripts" Herron, "Lights" Long, "Bulbs" Weimer, "Screws" Drake and "Bull Moose" Durham who unfailingly devoted their attention to the players fine production. rretlded- v.rS ef ref FW cl 0 My llllll 9 K 1 ff l . ff, ,I 06. hs FNKN 1 3. C 9 rxwllfsee 9 Y :SY gli It WCW X XAV4 in ellal l J-37 51' f I XXL!! i ff I KX New First Row: Moore, Drake, Durham, Stapleton, Ernest. Second Row: Carpenter, Smith, P. Herron Weimer, Borland. Third Row: Watkins, Meyerson, Black. 99 juninr and dnrm prefects First Row: John McWhorter, Dick Sampliner MacCauley, Carter, Jim Corcoran. Second Row: Steve Smith, Tom Clark, .Jack Staples, Pete Adams. Third Row: George Opdyke, Bob Rogers, Les Illes, Bruce Healy. First Row: Johnson J., Long. Second Row: Word, Wesley, Johnson T. 100 sports i,-,g-iii! L 5:57 15.25 'sm' na----,..a-ru ,11,.-.---11 fnnthall Ending the 31 year coaching career of Ralph Vince in a blaze of glory, the U. S. football team captured the Interstate League title and gained permanent possession of the League Trophy. Getting off to a slow start, the Preppers were first defeated by an experienced Garfield Heights team. U. S. then dropped its second game, a heart- breaker, to Lutheran. Led by Captain Frank Car- penter's all-around play, the team fought back by defeating John Hay. This victory was supplemented by wins over Cranbrook and Nichols the following weeks. At Pittsburgh, the team won a thriller, U. S. defeated Shady Side 21-14. ln the final game of the season, the Preppers edged Western Reserve Academy 9-7 on a snow covered field, to capture the League title. Throughout the year the team was sparked by the breakaway running of Pete Smith and Pete Relic. The fine passing of Frank Stevens and Mike Schu- mann, time and again, boosted the Prepper's of- fense. Much credit is due to the outstanding line of Bill Odell, Pat O'Brien, Ralph Lees, Frank Carpenter, Rich Hellman, John Murray, and Larry Lansinger. At the annual banquet, Frank Carpenter received the Dan R. Conway Award for being the most valuable player. Bruce Listerman was elected cap- tain for the 1954 season, for which there will be fifteen returning lettermen. Garfield Heights ..... 32 Lutheran ...... . . .14 John Hay. . . . . 0 Cranbrook . . . . 9 Nichols .... . . . 7 Shady Side... ...14 W. R. A.. . . . . 7 First Row: Mike Moore, Pat O'Brien, Rich Heilman, Pete Smith, Frank Carpenter-Captain, Bill Odell, Pete Relic, Larry Lansinger, John Murray. Second Row: Mike Schumann, Ralph Lees, Frank Stevens, Dick Benes, Bruce Listerman, Henry Foltz, Bill West, Dave Robinson, Bob Meyerson. Third Row: Charlie Gilcrest, Dave Kundtz Larry Simon, Pete Hatch, Fred Hawley, Dave Moore, George Covington Joe Johnson, Tom Cornell. Fourth Row: Frank Durham-Manager, Jack Horner-Asst. Coach, Ralph Vince-Coach, Ed Lewis-Asst. Coach. X 1 x. 35" xx A F- k .N ti' I R . XR 0 I Q SIIIIIIEI' Accomplishing a task which was started several years ago, this year's soccer team won the lnter- state Championship for the third time and thus gained permanent possesion of the trophy, the team finished with an impressive 5-l-l record. The team started the season with a defeat, but came back by winning their next two from the Western Reserve University "B" team. Opening Interstate competition, the booters got off to o fast start by downing Cranbrook 9 to l, this set a new high scoring record. On a muddy field at Nichols, the team came up with a tie and then moved on, the next week, to defeat a strong Shady Side squad. The final game in league competition was played on a snow covered field against Western Reserve Academy. The 3 to l victory over Reserve, in this game, climaxed the season and clinched the troph,v for U. S. Under the leadership of Captain Jack Hecker and the fine coaching of Don Molton and "Ace" Parker, the team maintained a standard of high spirit and good play throughout the season. Offensive and defensive fullbacks which sparked the squad with drive during their seven games were Jack Hecker, .lim Young, Roger Drake, Dick Kingsland, Jim Geier, and Don Morine. All scoring records were broke by the powerful front line of this year's team which consisted of Bud Corry, Jim Sampliner, Nate Oakes, Roger Sieth, Bob Utz, and Bill Logsdon. W. R. A. ....... . . .2 W. R. Univ. "B.". ...O W. R. Univ. . ...l Cranbrook School ..... l Nichols School ....... l Shady Side Academy. . .2 W. R. A. ............. l First Row: Bob Utz, Robert Seith, Bud Corry, Jim Geier, Jack Hecker-Captain, Jim Young, Dick Kingsland, Roger Drake. Second Row: Bill logsdon, Nate Oakes, Don Morine, Jim Sampliner, Jon Oulcalt, John Stringham Third Row: David Parker-Asst. Coach, Floyd Meek, John Cox-Manager, Dave Reid, Don C. Molten-Coach. 104 5 'E w M s lmlmnq if This year's Varsity Swimming Team chalked up one of the most outstanding records ever to be achieved by a U. S. swimming team. The Swimmers, determined to have an excellent season, immediately won their first 2 contests and then began to concentrate on the City Meet. After placing nine men in the preliminaries, the team, inspired by a roaring U.S. cheering section, then went on to capture the City Crown. The next 2 teams to face the City Champs were doused by large margins. The first and only setback which the squad received was delivered by a very powerful Shaker group. After this blemish on their record the Champs bounced back by defeating the Case Frosh. The final meet to the season proved to be very gratify- ing for the U.S. swimmers, the squad thoroughly sank W.R.A. 58 to l7. Throughout the season the team was sparked by the outstanding performances of Captain Art Davis, Steve Apthorp, and Robbie McLellan, in the free- style, Frank Durham and Doug Kirtz in the back stroke, and Roger Drake in the breast stroke. Gary Pildner, ind. medley man, set a new record this year, his time, l:46.2. The medley relay team of Durham, Drake, and Apthorp also set a record, this team won first place in the City Meet with a time of l:25.6. This time was .2 tenths of a second better than the old record. Roger Drake was the winner of the Osborn Moore Swimming Trophy, he earned 55 points in eight meets. Euclid High School. . .26 Cleveland Hts. H. S.. .20 City Meet .......... Shaw High School. . .14 East Tech. H. S. ..... 19 Shaker H. S. ... . . .48 CaseFrosh... ...IB W.R.A... ...l7 First Row: Roger Drake, Steve Apthorp Art Davis-Captain, Frank Durham, Roy Smith. Second Row: Bill Watterson--Manager, Tom Harvey, Gary Pildner, John Loofbourrow, Robbie McLellan, Doug Kirtz Steve Hough, Don C. Molten-Coach. TO6 7 wrestling The Varsity Wrestling team finished the season with one of the most outstanding records in many a year, the team captured the lnterstate title and won 6 out of their 9 meets. The Grapplers, Captained by Jim Young, put on many hair raising performances throughtout the season. The meets which were the closest were those against Cranbrook School, and against the Case Frosh, both of these meets were decided by the final match. Bob Hohs was the only undefeated member of the squad, he accumulated 32 points in the eight matches. Much credit goes to Jim Young, Joe Johnson, Jim Crankshaw, Jim Bayless and Joel Baird, all of whom added their outstanding ability to the team's successful season. The Henry B. Mat- thes award went to Bob Hohs. Bedford High School. .22 Cuyahoga Falls H.S.. .14 Westlake H. S. ...... 0 Brush High School .... 5 Maple Heights H. S.. .10 Cranbrook School .... 18 Case Frosh ........ 18 W. R. A. ........... 22 Shady Side Academy. 9 First Row: Joe Johnson, Bob Hohs, Jim Young-Captain, Jim Bayless, Jim Crankshaw Second Row: Bill Long-Manager, Dave Lust, Brad Kling, Joel Baird, Dave Moore, Floyd Meck, S. R. Bobenmyer-Coach. 108 K... X mx basketball This year's basketball team, the first to win the Interstate Championship since 1940, was one of the best in recent years. The squad, which met rugged competition, compiled a record of eight wins and six losses. The quintet got off to a weak start dropping three of their first four games. However, bouncing back, the team won the next three in a row before losing their eighth game to a sharp shooting Holy Name five. After mid-year examinations the squad captured four out of the remaining six games and brought the league championships back to U.S. after a long absence. Captain Bill Odell sparked the team throughout the year with his fine defensive play and his con- stant drive. The excellent rebounding of center Don Lynne and the outstanding defensive work and play executing ability of Charlie Gilcrest was a great factor in the team's success this year. Also featured was the accurate shooting of Bob Combs and Frank Stevens. Junior forward Mike Schumann was the team's leading scorer, in the Bedford game he netted thirty points. Lutheran H. S. ...... 62 Brush High School .... 80 Westlake H. S. ...... 53 Alumni Game ....... 67 Garfield Hts. H. S.. . .50 Maple Hts, H. S. ..... 36 Mayfield H. S. ....... 18 Holy Name H. S. .... 87 Bedford High School. .65 Cranbrook School .... 56 Shaw High School .... 66 Nichols School ...... 38 W. R. A. .......... 71 Shady Side Acad'y. . .51 First Row: Toby Perry, Charlie Gilcrest, Bill Odell-Captain, Con Lynne, Pete Newhouse. Second Row: W. DeWitt McLellan-Coach Warren Siekman-Manager, Mike Schumann, Bob Combs Frank Stevens, David Parker-Asst. Coach. 110 N wks hasehall The varsity baseball team of l954 became the second one in U. S. history to go to Florida for spring training. Eighteen players, three coaches, and the manager made the journey to Daytona Beach. The ballclub had the honor of staying at the Cleveland Indians' Farm base, where more than four hundred players compete for positions on the Tribe's minor league teams. During the southern stay the Prepper varsity played four games, against Mainland and Seabreeze high schools of Daytona, the Citadel College freshmen, and against Gilman High of Baltimore. The local schedule is the roughest ever faced by a U. S, nine, Now a member of the East Senate, and also the Interstate League, the Preppers face eighteen difficult contests. The main problem seems to be lack of pitching strength. With four returning All-Interstate selec- tions, catcher Bill Odell, shortstop Mike Schumann, and outfielders Bob Combs, and Bud Corry, the team has a strong nucleus. Two other stalwarts on the Varsity nine are second baseman Don Morine, a iunior and hard hitting Captain Pete Relic, a speedy outfielder who is back for his third season. lf pitchers can be found along with a first and third baseman, the Prepper squad should, as usual, be one of the best in the district. - .-,-,..,..f J-1-f Brush . . . . . 2 East ....... . . . O Garfield Hts. . . . . . O Collinwood . . . . . 2 Benedictine . . . . . . 5 Cranbrook . . . . . 0 JohnHay... ...l Lutheran . . . . Euclid . . . W. R. A. . . East ...... Collinwood . . Shady Side . . . Benedictine .... Nichols School . . . John Hay .... Shaw ....... Cleveland Hts.. . . First Row: Floyd Meck, Bob Combs, Tom Currier, Jim Sampliner, Henry Foltz, Bill Parkhurst, Don Marine. Second Row: Jim Young, Bud Corry, Bill Odell Pete Relic - Captain, Charlie Gilcrest, Don Lynne, John Murray, J. D. McCarraher - Coach. Third Row: Jack Horner - Assistant Coach Dave Reid, Bob Fairbank, Mike Schumann, Carl Doerge, Bill Evans, Nate Oakes, H. L. Cruikshank-Asst. Coacl Tx ni, X x Q " 22'-N Ja iv Under the direction of newly-appointed Head Coach S. Tucker Fox, the Prepper Netters are look- ing forward to a successful season. Toby Perry who was elected Captain this spring, is the only return- ing letterman. There are, however, a number of outstanding prospects. These are, Frank Carpenter, Steve Apthorp, John Pendleton, and Jim Geier. Juniors Bill Logsdon and Gary Towell probably will play an important role in whatever success the team attains. Adding their ability to the potentialities of the netters will be a Sophomore trio of Jack Herrick, Jon Weil, and Lewis Goodman. This year the squad, due to Mr. Fox's instruction, is playing an offensive game instead of the defensive game which has been stressed in past years, and this new system seemed to work very well. Although the netters have but one returning member, the boys seem to have the spirit that the squad needs in its quest for the City and Interstate Championships. Gilmour Academy 0 Cleve, Hts. ...... . . l Cranbrook . . . . 3 Shaw .... Shaker Hts. ..... . Gilmour Academy . . W. R. A. ....... . Shady Side .. Nichols . . . First Row: Ben Weimer, Steve Apthorp Toby Perry-Captain, Jim Geier, Frank Carpenter S. Tucker Fox-Couch, Second Row: Bill Logsdon, Gary Towell, Brad Kling, Woody Fisher. Third Row: Jack Herrick, Jon Weil, Lew Goodman. ll4 1 Second Row: Third Row: U.S. .... 58 Orange .... 60 U.S. ..'. 22 Cleveland Hts. . . . . .55 Shaker Hts. . 71 U.S. .... 76 St. Joseph .. 42 U.S.. .46 V2 Shaw ..... W Orange Relays U.S.... Brush U.S.. .. Garfield Hts. U.S.... W.R.A..... Interstate League Meet rst Row: W. D. McLellan - Coach, Ralph Howarth-Assistant Coach, Pete Hatch, Pat O'Brien, Pete Smith - Captain, Roy Smith, Dick Benes, Al McKinney, Doug Weil - Manager. Ralph Lees, Joel Baird, Fred Hawley, Frank Stevens, Dove Schneider, Potter Shaw, Don Ward, Jack Jaynes. Dave Robinson, Robbie McLellan, AI Gaetiens, Don Fleig, Jim Sackett, Bob Kirkpatrick, Tom Horner, Zack Schoolfield, Dave Lynn, Larry Lansinger. I lf" The track team looks to a brighter season this spring with a total of sixty-three boys on the squad. Captain Peter Smith leads a fine crew of middle- distance and distance runners. David Schneider will again compete in the 440 and the mile relay. Kirkpatrick and Lynne aided by Sloan and Utz will run the 880 and the mile. Newcomers Dave White and Tom Horner along with Iettermen Allyn McKinney and Dick Benes compose the speed mer- chants. Broad iumpers are Jack Hecker and Fred Stevens while Pat O'Brien and Bob Meyerson will be working in the weights department. Robbie McLel- lan, Roy Smith and Frank Stevens are among the city's top pole vaulters. Many promising sophomores and new boys round out the squad. This year both the Hilltop Meet and the All-Interstate Meet will be held at U. S. At the end of the season the Edward C. Daoust Jr., Track award will be presented to that member of the team who compiled the greatest number of points during the season. Al- though the thin-clads post a tough schedule, their hard work, will to win, and team spirit will make them strong competitors in every meet. On March l8, i954 the U. S, Gym Team, con- sisting of ten men, turned in a commendable per- formance in the 64th annual Gym Exhibition. With only ten days of practice, the gymnasts displayed their talent in excellent form and manner. Climaxing only two weeks of practice with a very commendable performance in the 64th annual Gym Exhibition, Coach W. D. McLellan developed a skill- ful gym team from what he termed "the greatest potential I have ever coached." Led by Captain Joe Johnson, the team with six experienced gymnasts presented exercises on the high bar, flying rings, parallel bars, and the mats. Johnson's work on the high and parallel bars and Young's feats on the rings, high and parallel bars were features of this year's program. Johnson and Young each earned a share of the Best Gymnast medal, awarded for first place in the annual gym' nastic competition. Middle schoolers Jim McDonneI and Dave Daley were both outstanding. First Row: Jim Geier, Bob Hohs, Joe Johnson-Captain, Jim Young, Jack Hecker. Second Row: W. DeWitt McLellan-Coach Dave Daley, Al McKinney, Gary Towell, Floyd Meck, Jim McConnell. ll6 The Athletic Council is comprised ot Captains, Coaches, and Managers of our eight varsity sports. The main duty and responsibility of this organization is to award freshmen numerals and varsity in-- signia to deserving students at the climax of each athletic season. Various other meetings are held throughout the year to rule on policies and problems which con- cern school athletics. The "black book" solved most of these problems but the council was always on hand to discuss. athletic cuuncil This year there was considerable discussion about the letter requirements for such team sports as football, soccer, basketball, and baseball. Art Davis, swimming captain, was secretary, holding the sole student office of the Council. The members fake charge at all athletic events, and it is through their efforts that school spirit is kept high. Success was realized by this year's Athletic Council as school spirit reached new peaks at University School. First Row: Durham, Mr. Bobenmeyer, Mr. Mclellan, Mr. McCarrcher, Mr. Molten, Mr. Fox, Heilmon Second Row: Apthorp, Weil, long, Seikman, Watterson, Cox, Weimer Third Row: Young, Odell, Smith, Carpenter, Davis, Hecker, Relic. ll7 H8 s vm.:-isfw TNNNQQQ, W'-V-,..,.. inn. wa' 'Qin ww pictures lug X x xi Q Q5 qs X XXX X Xx X x Y X lVe11 alright, pleaxe, lien! Tell me hon' you did it Put Various mul sundry people ' 4 5 Ily Bily Half' Your .fzepping on my xueders f.. T, 5. And our friendly sponsor tonight, the U.S. IVIal1i1m lVnI1'l1 tlmt, Iluzidy Q is the way Ihey do it in On to 123 Nr I oughta have these papers Imek by . . . Lzweilnzis . I s And furlhermore, lefs Iiquirlaie lsnnl w Party at john CastIe's Shaker Lakes Express Oh your so fute Buddy Zap! Zap! 124 Bark lo the Barbells, Walks Fatso on the more Love lfirrly Jian, are you ugly Fnsri nutio n v r 125 Look what SIUIHI broughl Big night for the juniors Bezelfs morwy-maker VValkie says, "sei 'em up" I believe I will have anolher big orange Hey. Illllllly, get down Pm'trait by Ilodges You buys keep out of the senior mom during . . . ' fm gmnm :vin Ihoxc .4.A.U.'s The fzroprieler I 27 I leasa ni Dreams lVrf're out 525 !I1l'l'lll1Y gi if SQ CE f. Q M ' 4? F :gl nvER SCH ,A 1 Thar She Iilozvs Brown Hall .Alrl Gallery umm V5 Pledging period extended Did I fell you about my operation? Zeke with the balls Pnrly on Ille fonllmll field lVl1ere'II we put if Wore Sir. please give me more You zvouldrft like her, Hob Arfs out for tennis 'awww 1 I--"' Tm, Mufh So you zvnnt to he ll reporter Pro Wrexlling Living room style ,A 3 The room goes round 'n round Hey, and I'm in this one, too 130 ug, Q A -I1-h-lr! hay-hay-hm' Hflml nrxl Sl'YlllUlU'? X41 .Xb,. U.S. Studying Pariy I Zl'0ll'l bf' lmmr' lnnighl JI UNI IIIX' , 5? -1 22 Y ATI-' NO! DOWN-' Bridge, Football, and Canoeing .Wiles Park Hfuiting Room Now up at 1W.I.T. U.S. dancing srhool 132 S ww v Reserve sent us Io get wuz Next we ll get lsam: ' f , is 3, , K w I I K x X Hufalo Hirddogger Doex it hurl? ,.. A - X 4,3 Hfmggf, 1-muh I gras in by , , , .Wy mr um hold all of you 133 A coconut for each Prefect Get 05 My Back Beach Brawl Goon Squad Gym Exhibition-F t. Lauderdale 134 A ff ' if ies' -. at -r s . A MMA, I 1 sr K .QV 1 .. 6 . N s In the Spring Cor Anytimeb A YUIING MAN FANCIES SPDRTS CARS "Undisputed prestige"-The jaguar is preferred by Mike Schumann Sleek, low-slung sports cars are an irresistible attraction for young men and the grey-haired "Young at Heart" who gets a thrill from the plus performance ofa fine imported car. 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May 111f'y 11116 111 '4j11f111'1f" 1111 17 nz ilaumunurum Formal Portrait Very Formal Portrait 171 a 11. s. part 'E' Scene-A hundred cars are parlced up and down a street somewhere in the city of Cleveland, Ohio. Outside, deciding whether to enter a certain house or to leave, are about two hundred boys and girls. Being a very practical bunch of teen-agers they all decide to enter. fall at the same time, WATKlNS-"Party, Party!" O'BRlEN-Uftallcing to hast whom he doesn't seem to lcnowj Where do l put my coat? While you're at it show me the refrigerator." APTHORPE-"Who toolc the strings off my banjo? l was just getting ready to entertain." METZGER-"I did! l would rather have you entertain ME without the banjo." l'lElLMAN-"ls that a tanlc l hear driving up outside?" ROOSE-"No, it's only Borland." MURRAY-Hffinishing his second tray of sandwiches? Get Colbert away from the piano, he might just sit down and play it." GARRETT--"The trouble with U.S. parties .... bla . . . Blaaa . . . blanc." LONG-nfdressed in green suede smolcing jaclcet and brown suede shoesl Cough! Hello operator, may l have a long distance line please?" LANSINGER- PERRY- MCLELLAN-"Put the cards away Moriarty, l've gof a date tonight." WEIMER-"Is Corry acting or playing bombed?" DURHAM-"Would anyone like to hear my latest dissertation on the H-Bomb?" HARSHMAN-"Hell, no, l lcnow all about it without asking you." UTZ-"Where's Seith?" SEITH-"Right here Bobby." SEITH-"Right here Bobby." MOYER-"How many is that for you Bill?" WATERSON-"Gurgle, Gurgle ..... " SMITH-"Watch yourself Odell, or l'll throw a punch." ODELL-ufaccompanied by a Blaclc Knight, Jim Richardsj. You simply frighten me." 172 DAVIS-"Hmmm, I never thought it could be like this." BENNINGHOFF-"lt won't be if you don't stop." RAJKI-"Hey fellers, I brought a whole jug of silo juice with me." SEIKMAN-"What vintage, Roy?" BAYLESS-"I tell you Benum Susie will never find out." YOUNG-"Sorry Jim, but you lcnow l won't take out anyone while Susie is in col- lege." That is unless .... COX-"BOOM BOOM! Heclc, it didn't worlc right." WEIL-"Did someone say Jerome was here?" GINNY-"Yes! He just flew in." ln a darlcer corner of the room some suspicious loolcing characters are gathered around a funny mechanism lcnown to millions as a pinball machine. RELIC-"Get baclc, l'm gonna smash it with my fist!" CRANKSHAW-"Remember, Pete, l get a hall of the take." DOLFUSS-"Hey! Tell Black to stop that idiotic chatter." CARPENTER-"Hoy, Hoy, Hoy, Now cut that kind of stuff out, Peggy." DOUGHERTY-"Heck, this party is dead, Sue, l'rn going back tothe dorm." HOHS-"Hey! Who's that toll blond with Drake? ls she nice?" GEIER-"Bah! All girls are the same." fls that so?D Outside in the darlc two shadowy figures are swinging golf clubs on the front lawn GILCREST-"Forel" HECKER-"Four what? Four Roses?" STEVENS-"Gee, if only l lcnew how to dance." LYNN-"Why does you put an "e" on the end of your name?" LYNNE--"l thought I'd help the teachers out a bit." Doorbell rings. MCKAY-"Who called the AAA to have their car towed." JOHNSON-"l'm taleing Florida reservations For vacation in the library." KINGSLAND-"Come on Oz, can't you lend me a few pounds?" MOORE-"Are you insinuating that l'VE got some weight to spare?" EICHELBERGER-"Boyl they sure never have parties lilce this in the country." See ya now." l73 Complimenb of Mr. am! Mrs. Ralph Colbert Three Generafz'0m gf Serfuice CGW MILLARD 0- SON and RAPER FIIIIEBIIL IIIBEIITIIIIS FAIRHILL AT E. BLVD. CARNEGIE AT E. 105th ST. CLEVELAND 6, OHIO V V CE I-IQO2 CE I-IQOO 174 THE WILLIAM FEATHER CO Printers for University School . . and many other organizations and institutions which are making notable contributions to the community. Complimenfs of FRANKLIN MILLER LINEN SUPPLY 2157 Easi' 'I8'I'h Si. o Cleveland Ohio 175 Best of Luck to the Class of '54 if SALLY RUPPEL MARY ANNE BRIGGS JUDIE SCHMUNK MARY HOLLINGTON KATE FREEM Compliments Of William 8. Alfred HAIRDRESSERS 0 13875 Cedar Road FA 1-0933 Complimenfs of MlDlAND ELECTRIC COMPANY Wholesale Elecfrical Disfribufors if 2125 Superior Avenue Cleveland 14, Ohio 176 CHAGRIN VALLEY FORD SALES 120 North Main Street' CHAGRIN FALLS. OHIO O Chagrin Falls 7-7388 Compliments of Hon's Piche Jewelry 409 Citizens Building 850 Euclid Avenue Cleveland 14, Ohio if The Store of Perfect Diamonds and Fine Makes of Watches Floral Designs ol Distinction for all Occasions MILES PARK FLORAL SHOPPE 9308 Miles Avenue Cleveland 5, Ohio 'A' Mlchigan 1-7518 Compliments of a Friend Welding and Cu'H'ing Supplies o Indusfrial Gases O Safefy Equipmenf V THE BIIRDETT GXYGEN GUMPMIY 3300 LAKESIDE AVENUE CLEVELAND. OHIO 178 J. H. BRUWN SUN at FURWARU Since 1837 'ik Convenient Suburban Location 17022 Kinsman Road ' Shaker Heights WA 1-1110 G. S. FORWARD C H. BROWN President Ch rman of Board 179 SUPREMACY Since 1884 For more than sixty-nine years the Beatties have adhered to the policy upon which the business was founded. Each and every gem piece in the Beattie collection must represent, above all, sound value. That means perfect gems, skilled artistry, and fair prices . .. the three vital ingredients for confidence and satisfaction. H.W. BEATTIE 8: SONS The Perfect Diamond Housf t SINCE 1884 1117 Euclid Avenue ' 158 The Arcade Not Selling Compliments just Telling of The worst bankrupt in the world is the man who has lost his enthusiasm. CAMPUS DRUG Fairmouni' Circle -H. W. Arnold 72' The James B. Oswald Co Bob o Tom All Types of Insurance 180 QUA BUICK CARE KEEPS BUICKS BEST QUA BUICK, INC. 10250 SHAKER BOULEVARD RA 1 6000 Complimenfs of The Co. Plumbing o Heafing T. uffers and Downspou 81 The Edmondson Studio Paahail' pkaiagnuffzfzq sk' Serving Cleveland Since 1860 Serving University School Since l890 aff joHN N. BAZELEY . Photographer CHAS. F. XVELCHA . office Mgr. GA 1-1429 for Appointments 1964 E. 97th Street 0 Cleveland 6, Ohio fAfte1' August 1, 13504 Cedarj 182 Complimenfs of CLEVELAND AGENCY MASSACHUSETTS MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE CO. if I Hippodrome Building Jucjvally-:Doyle C.-INDI' and CA-1TER1,vG. INC 10819 A4l'fl.S'VIllII1 Roan' Shaker Hfzghfs 20. Ohio Complimenfs of A FRIEND ROY H. SMITH, Jr. 704 Saying Wlecw Layout . . . Copy . . . Art . . . Production . ?4m Nunn 1-sooo A. S. GILMAN, Inc Prinfers and Lifhographers 623 ST. CLAIR AVENUE. N.E. C EV LAN 1 OHIO MEYER SNOW l'l.0WS For LIGHT TRUCKS TRACTQR, JEEPS PASSENGER cAns :S GARDEN TRAc'roRs POWER MowEns 'I' Call Your Local Dealer Meyer Products Cleveland 5, Ohio LINGER JEWELERS 18 Colonial Arcade Cleveland for DIAMONDS . XVATCHES . . . QI E ' The Flnest IJIIIIOUSIHCS S LV RWARE MA l-3342 GET l THE BEST . . . Gel r BELLE VEllll0ll MILK 00. 3740 Carnegie Ave. ' Ell.l-1500 l 8'5 Clevelanofs finest Photo-Engraving Plant Serving Uloiojs finest Schools gk CLEVELAND ENGRAVING CO 310 LAKESIDE AVE., N. W. MA 1-405 I Compliments of Noodle the Poodle JOHN P. WITT 81 CO9 Sfock and Bond Brokers Since 1920 639 Union Commerce Bldg. MAin 1-7834 'A' All inquiries for market prices on both listed and unlisted securities given my personal attention and re- quests for financial statements or reports gladly furnished. Stephen-Rajki, Inc. One of America's Foremost Tailors British lVoolens Exclusively CUSTOM TAILORS YE 2-2002 2206 Lee Road Cleveland Heights. Ohio Congratulations Class of 1 954 DR. and MRS. L. H. MOYER PATRONS LIST Alberts Shoe Rebuilding Co. 3443 Lee Road Fairmount Theatre 20601 Fairmount Blvd. Welles K. Stanley Warehouse Beverages Stores 4Ol2 Mayfield Rd. Mrs. Proctor Disbro Shaker Barber Shop 3237 Warrensville Rd. Mr. and Mrs. John Kubacki Krieger Cleaners 2977 Mayfield Rd. Lamson Floors Co. l4l 3 Prospect Ave. Mr. and Mrs. Carleton Murray Heights Theater 278l Euclid Hts. Blvd. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Besse J. R. Holcomb Co. l7lO E. 22nd St. Mr. and Mrs. Wilson G. Stapleton Nall's Drug Store l4 N. Main St. Chagrin Falls Mildred Junke ,AD WAS Me. -so e UN RN 'sf 1 gf f', .. ,h ui ? , ,K N ,Q Q! f X' X Some who walk from their schoolroorn doors todqy will be men of sevengz years when this century ends. Whatkform will their egfortx help bring to the new world in the next jzftyyeors? gfeadquarters since 1869 for gifts of distinction, for those important events to be remembered. We WEBB CBALL CO. DIAMONDS ' WATCHES ' SILVER ' PAINUNGS 1- f fl!-7 .tieellfohmw Q Compliments of TEX-CENTER SERVICE Warrensville and Kinsman Shaker Heights, Ohio 'ik WV A 1-9889 189 1 Alberrnil. Higle 244Af GENERAL CONTRACTORS I I I 'G 6 el 7 'f Smart Apparel for Boys and Young Men We have CHINOS 0 LEVIS A 20156 VAN AKEN BOULEVARD few doors eos! of Vogue Thea LOngucre 1 5400 Compliments of YOUR HEIGHTS CHEVROLET DEALER BASS CHEVROLET MOTORS INC 2954 Mayfield Road FA 1-4400 90 senior class director STEPHEN PETER APTHORP 18524 Parkland Dr., Shaker Hghts. 22, WY 1-4055 JAMES EDGAR BAYLESS 2316 Delaware Dr., Cleveland 6, RA 1-8643 JOHN THOMAS BLACK Sprucelands, Bullis Rd., Elma, N. Y., Regent 1564 THOMAS RYAN BORLAND 2730 Inverness Rd., Shaker Heights 22, YE 2-1255 FRANK HOWLAND CARPENTER 2901 Torrington Rd.,Shaker Hghts. 22, WY 1-5143 RICHARD RICHMAN COLBERT 2980 Fontenay Rd., Shaker Hghts. 20, WY 1-5674 WILLIS EDWARD CORRY, II 3135 Coleridge Rd., Cleve. Hghts. 18, WY 2-0317 JOHN WILLIAM COX 17848 Beach Rd., Lakewood 7, LA 1-2910 JAMES EDWIN CRANKSHAW 3432 Woodridge Rd., Cleve. Hghts. 21 , EV 2-0362 ARTHUR GEORGE DAVIS, Jr. 2994 Coleridge Rd., Cleve. Hghts. 18, YE 2-0881 CHARLES HENRI DOLFUSS, III 20849 Shaker Blvd., Shaker Hghts. 22, YE 2-8335 ROBERT ALAN DOUGHERTY 15818 Norway Ave., Cleveland 11, CL 2-0561 ROGER WILSON DRAKE 24400 Union Circle, Cleveland 24, EV 1-3289 FRANK CONRAD DURHAM ' 23 Summit Lane, Chagrin Falls, TE 1-8347 DAVID JOHN GARRETT 910 Ravine Drive, Youngstown, 67163 JAMES BERNARD GEIER Roundwood Rd., R.F.D. No. 3, Chagrin Falls, CH 7-8219 CHARLES HENRY GILCREST R.F.C. No. 2, Columbia Station, 9O 5-3976 CYRIL ALBERT HARSHMAN Beese Street, Mineral Ridge, OL 2-3794 JOHN FRANCIS HECKER 19601 NorthParkBIvd.,ShakerHghts. 22,YE 2-3660 HENRY RICHARD HEILMAN 141 Melbourne Ave., Akron 13, UN 4-8168 DURWOOD HOWARD HERRON 22550 Westchester Rd., Shaker Hts. 22, WY 1-2558 KENNETH BRYANT HODGES, Jr. P. O. Box 779, Albany, Georgia, WY 1-5094 ROBERT WERNER HOHS 1615 Oakmount Rd., South Euclid, Cleveland 21, EV 1-2876 JOE LUGH JOHNSON South Main Street, Middlefield, 25351 RICHARD HARRIS KINGSLAND Brigham Road, Gates Mills, GA 3-3222 LAWRENCE MILFRED LANSINGER 4540 Lahm Drive, Akron 19, MI 3132 WILLIAM FREDERICK LONG 178 Overwood Road, Akron 13, UN 4-3048 DAVID AYERS LYNN 430 Roselawn, Warren, 29271 DONALD MOON LYNNE 72 South Chestnut Street, Jefferson, 107 JOHN JOSEPH McKAY 4030 Ellison Rd., South Euclid, Cleveland 21, EV 1-8708 ROBERT DAVID McLELLAN 19419 Scottsdale Blvd., Shaker Hts. 22, WA 1-7507 ROBERT FREDERICK MEYERSON 2300 Scholl Rd., University Hghts. 18, FA 1-5187 MICHAEL OSBORN MOORE 2597 Guilford Rd., Cleveland Hghts.18, FA 1-4832 WILSON PATRICK MORIARTY 2975 Glengary Rd., Shaker Hghts. 20, WY 1-5820 LEWIS HARTZELL MOYER 2220 Selma Ave., Youngstown 4, RI 3-9800 JOHN DAVID MURRAY R.F.D. No. 1, Novelty, NEW 959 PETER DEAN NEWHOUSE 1732 Belvoir Blvd., South Euclid, Cleveland 21, EV 1-6378 PATRICK CHARLES O'BRIEN, Jr. 18501 No. Park Blvd., Shaker Hts. 18, ER 1-2251 WILLIAM HARVEY ODELL 11200 Lake Ave., Cleveland 2, LA 1-0181 JOHN BRAMAN PENDLETON 21076 Sydenham Rd., Shaker Hts. 22, WY 1-4440 FREDERICK STANDISH COLBURN PERRY 2681 Belvoir Blvd., Shaker Hghts. 22, YE 2-4618 STEPHEN ROY RAJKI, Jr. R.F.D. No. 1, Chardon, 66203 PETER DONALD RELIC 9308 Miles Ave., Cleveland 5, BR 1-7667 SAMUEL ADAMS ROOSE Perrysburg, 4-4945 ROBERT IRVING SEITH Echo Glen Road, Gates Mills, GA 3-3254 ROGER DEAN SEITH Echo Glen Road, Gates Mills, GA 3-3254 WARREN HOWELLS SIEKMAN, Jr. 2890 Van Aken Blvd., Cleveland 20, SK 1-5102 PETER FOX SMITH 20800 Almar Drive, Shaker Hghts. 22, LO 1-0652 ROY HARMON SMITH, III 2171 St. James Prkwy., Cleve. Hghts. 6, YE 2-1005 FREDERIC CUSHING STEVENS, III 2096 Surrey Rd., Cleveland Hghts. 6, FA 1-2424 ROBERT UTZ Battles Road, Gates Mills, GA 3-4615 WALKER TRAVIS WATKINS 138 Center Street, Chardon, 5-7531 WILLIAM RENDALL WATTERSON 2605 Dartmoor Rd., Cleveland Hts. 18, YE 2-3230 S. DOUGLAS WEIL 16850 South Woodland Rd , Shaker Hghts. 20, WY 1-7330 BENJAMIN ALEXANDER WEIMER, Jr. R.F.D. No. 3, Daisy Hill Farms, Chagrin Falls, CH 7-8612 JAMES BENHAM YOUNG 2960 Kingsley Rd., Shaker Hghts. 22, WY 1-5344 Q L" :VKQ F J 14251 . Y R-f ' 142:15 : w Vw W-. , ,W ii M'-335-L , ,,L, 4, .L-" ,J -11 'f' . 4 I -. 1.3. 'G if . Q55 M 'vii " M ,., 'i.?."!1f' --f E. ' 13-g - ,.,,1g!' M -341 .Q L ggi' f ,.iM .LU ' xg F 3 ,W . , .LA lu ' ff. Y KW, E. V 31 . .rx fl, 2 ..!'f'r:if - Sf.. if vQ9,fAf ' 'Q . ' Lf v- if? Eff.-'JZ rf n ws. 2,- K, Xi. ,1 ,171 I 4 EJ

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