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LO JL! ,W '? '?rT' N X MABIAN annual senior publication SHAKER HEIGHTS, OH DElJllIllTlllN THE T952 Mabian dedication was decided by a vote of the entire senior class. The person decided upon was Mr. Carter G. Sanders. Our dedication is much more than a mere recognition of per- sonal magnetismp it is a tribute to the man, an indication of deep respect. It stands as a memorial to the basic and essential qualities of his courses-the equinamity, the necessary difficulty, and the coverage of examinations coupled with the manner in which they are conducted. We would be unfair to omit the lighter vein of Mr. Sanders. The term "El Dios" has become synonymous with the cynical, humorous dictator. "Heh, heh, that's tough" as a reply to all complaints, illus- trates the man's sympathetically caustic nature, and shows his attitude towards all floundering students. , In tribute, therefore, to the man and his work, we are both proud and pleased to be able to dedicate our yearbook to Mr. Sanders. The Class of T952 May I extend to each member of this year's graduation class my sincerest wishes for a happy and successful future. I am sure that from your class will emerge industrious and ambitious young men motivated by high ideals-the type of leaders so sorely needed now and in the uncertain years ahead. CARTER G. SANDERS STAFF Editor-in-Chief . . DAVIS Managing Editor . DUNN, B. Literary Editor . . Porn Associate LINDSETH Sports Editor . . DUNCAN Feature Editor . . NNRIGHT Design Editor OHNSON, R. Associate . DEMPSEY Photography Editor . . GLIENNAN Business Manager . . . AKERS Advertising Manager ........ TURIZIEN Associates: SCHOTT, XVIEL, WYLIE, COODER, EAKIN Circulation Manager . ...... Down Associates . . . SCHAFFER, CIRAN14sHAw T Y Presenting in the shortest possible number of pages the men who have toiled for years to produce future leaders of the world, while subconsciously holding at bay the realization that we would all end up being street cleaners, wharf rats, and blacksmiths. Here lie those few who have elected to face the fire and brimstone of senior radicalism. Actually, even though we have always thrown deadly sarcasm in their direction, we sincerely rate them right at the top. 52 ,, , is Q 5 X: 5 A HAROLD L. CRUIKSHANK ROBERT G. YVALTON EUGENE H. GRAY Hcudnmstvr Mulhcnmlics English Cruiky Imac .lecpcr Say, would you mind Wlml-wlml? Y I. a t ' x N. D. McLAUGllLlN CllCllllSll'y, Physics Nale In Ihix ju'rlic'Ier :mr V. O. MCCREIG HT English Tlu' Vu NVILLIAM P. KENNAN PHIL WV, SUMNER CARTER G. SANDERS FTCHCII History Spanish, History Wild Bill Filihy Phil El Dios Tough DENARD LEE DAVIS R. PARKER S. TUCKER FOX DONALD C. WVRIGHT Biology, Physics Latin French Geometry, Algebra Denny Are I-lorklv-florkle Roflq 10 C-fig 7, S. R. BOISENMEYER ROY C. PAIGE Dircclnr, Middle School Amlruiuislralivc Assistant History Marlin.-lnnlics llolllly Roy QIAMES R. ULRICH C. j. RIEL English Mathenmtics jungle lim Cool fool from East Lizferpool j0l-IATI-IAN E. INGERSOLL L. E. FITCH, -IR. English English PETER C. EBBOT WALTER BUJAK English Art FRANK l-IRUISY, JR. EUGENE SAISO Music Music E. R. LOGAN HERBERT F. HARVEY Manuel Arts Manual Arts Big Ed L. J. BURGER s. R. PEYSER PETER c. EARNARD Director, Lower School RUTH I. KAUFMAN Third Grade MARILYN ELLIOT Primary Assistant Sixth Grade Fifth Grade ARLINE H. BARREN RUTH SCHREYER Second Grade First Grade KATHLEEN B. MARTIN LOUIS LOGSDON Librarian BIIYSHF Louie the Log 1 2 KENNETH l-I. BRAK Fourth Grade T' V .fvuff :fl ,E Wi,-ra ' A fd' R - .gi J 491 s Q .uf f. .. , i F . BLANCH H. CHASE Pre Primary BETTY MOLTEN Dictician SE S A slight bully for the class of '52, the most motley collection of clowns, idiots, esthetes, imitators, rabble rousers and general all- around screwballs ever assembled under one name. This is the class that has billed itself as being "full of ideas", and has lived up to its billing by producing a magnificent variety of hoaxes, productions, dances, and syndicates. Here is a class that has succeeded in breaking its cliques and uniting them into cr society for the common purpose of having one excellent time. 52 The Senator- has always pulled the wool over his classmates' eyes-for 35 years has been elected prefect by enormous majorities -editor of the scandal sheet- usually seen walking the halls during his studies-loved cheaters, particularly as a pledge- loves de- bates but never won one Qafterwards seen in a corner mumbling about the stench, the corruption . . .D -a confirmed woman hater until he had a date with one - knows the middle names of all 96 senators- doesnit see eye-to-eye with Rastus on what to visit in Washington-can even work politics into cheer leading-a close second to "El Diosi' in wearing apparel, especially when ties are concerned-going to Prince- ton where he is expected to form all under- graduates into a reactionary political machine. BRUCE H. AKERS Entered 1948 Second Honors 2 Prefect Board I, 2, Secretary 3, President 4 .Edward Moore Society 3, President 4 Cadmean Society 4 Glee Club 2, 3, 4 Ensemble 3, 4 Mabian Business Manager 4 U. S. Handbook Editor 4 News Board 2, Managing Editor 3, Editor-in-Chief 4 Junior Prom Committee 3 Freshman Football 1 Freshman Track 1 Cheer Leader 3, 4 I I I 42,1 r' 0 J 95' ii' 5, 'X .ii 1 - , . .I 'lvl' r L . - 4 ,.-F,,...- -F-A VOTE FOR AKERS """ A 1. JOHN J. B. ANDERSON Entered 1950 Second Honors 3, 4 News Board 3, 4 Mabian Board 4 Junior Prom Committee 3 Varsity Football 3, 4 Varsity Basketball 3, Varsity Track 3, 4 4 Winner Foul Shooting Contest 4 Igttsuuxm - f ff f"" iff: , my it A s 4, -,--A--it-,J G-LABS WM ,J 73- ,.4-e-lr- - 1'4- Jo, the friendly lad from South Euclid- possesses a pleasant smile and cheerful na- ture-one of the classes' intelligentsia- sports writer par excellence for the Newt and Mabian-one time Biggar fan-an ex-Brush man who wisely made the switch -enthusiastic basketball player who gave a needed lift to McLellan's quintet-didn't show much respect toward his old Alma Mater while swishing in the points-glue fingered end for a not too victorious foot- ball team - a quiet party boy-his ancient blue Ford is a familiar sight around U. S.- when it can make it that far-milkman for Room 23-another Senior Room ab- sentee-is planning to seek his higher edu- cation at VVesleyan-would like to build a chemistry lab with his first million. Carl, the balding blond-has had more girls than . . . - a gleeful Glee Clubber who likes to visit Old Trail lor more than just singing-embezzling treasurer of the Cad- mean Society-has to finance his sharp clothes somehow-quite a wrestler, both on the mats and off - almost beat the state champ - finally decided to start training- a member of the class from way back- cleaned up in more ways than one by shovel- ing during the big snow-an extremely brilliant chemistry student-Dave can't de- cide whether he should spell Carl with a C or a K-brought back some wild tales after working all summer in a brickyard- went to Put-in-Bay but never did learn how to sail. DAVID HENRY BAIER Entered 1943 Cadmean Society 3, Treasurer 4 Glee Club 3, 4 Varsity Football 4 Varsity Wrestling 4, Squad 2, 3 Varsity Track 4, Squad 3 Varsity Tennis Squad 2 "B" Football 2, 3 Freshman Football l Freshman Wrestling I. Freshman Tennis 1 Interstate Wrestling Team 4 f 1' " lv-'Z' X 1 fl xg. i 4 l' L R' 5' i 3 N 'a w' TONI N 0 I f y 5 f x if f 197545 . if is l 3 ig M fx, , ! W Q --QQFA JOHN EDWARD BAIRD Entered 1943 Glee Club 3, 4 Ensemble 4 Mabian 4 News Board 3, 4 Varsity Football S quad 4 Varsity Wrestling 3, 4, Squad 2 Varsity Track Squad 2, 3 HBH Football 2, 3 Freshman Football l Freshman Wrestling l, Captain Freshman Track l 2 'W 1 I 's , 'Q QV 5' Q", e X l - C, , Q, : 7 , , 1447 l lb' I , .pi s., Q 9 As "IsaacH would say, "Baaiiird"-eon- sidered a complete failure in life compared to his "little" brother - entertained his Eng- lish class with frequent travel talks-believes himself to be another Caruso - another who had more than musical interests in Old Trail - a cartoonist who challenges the cre- ative genius of Walt Disney, just observe the News, the Mabian or any nearby desk top-member of the Girl-of-the-Month Club -a lightweight terror on the mats and a real favorite of Bobbiels - keeps in condition by driving a tank - a track star whose chief ambition was to finish the mile run- grew discouraged and went out for class baseball - the biggest little man on Vince's varsity -- normally a fairly reserved lad, but goes wild at parties. "Cheetah" -president of a power-happy class of revolutionists-chief custodian of the Coke machine ex officio-top man of Phil's Cadmean boys - disappointed because he wasn't president of the Derby Club also- a brilliant history student-never known to pass a test-didn't take chemistry because his brother's files were incomplete-delivered his mother's speeches very well - worries more about less -goes crazy at the sight of an ape-always dreaming about girls- prefers younger sisters-leader of the fac- tion favoring early retirement of teachers- only junior Q.B. in the history of the foot- ball team-one of the privileged few who went South with the baseball team as a sophomore-is now captain of that travel- ing aggregation-would like to go to Yale, along with the rest of the class. EDWARD GREENE BARKWIll Enlered 1941 Second Honors 3, 4 Class President 4 Edward Moore Society 3, 4 Cadmean Society 3, President 4 Players 4 Senior Prom Chairman 4 1 Athletic Council 4 Varsity Football 3, 4, Squad 2 Varsity Wrestling 4, Squad 2, 3 Varsity Baseball 3, Squad 2, Captain 4 Freshman Football 1 Freshman Basketball 1 Freshman Baseball 1 g4'E"g ff- ,Q I fx JZ5 f Ds A Xl ' f' vw-" f RN QU: ,9 X ef g f ff 313 y S Q' 4 l' . W 4-'QQ 5 0 5 BE GD Self. ae, , OID? A001-F Hm.EK ia! SQ CLARENCE J. BARTUNEK Entered 1943 Edward Moore Society 4 Cadmean Society 4 Junior Prom Committee 3 Athletic Council 4 Varsity Football 3, 4 Varsity Swimming 2, 3, Captain 4 Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 4 Freshman Football 1 Freshman Swimming 1 Freshman Baseball 1, Captain All-rounzl Athletic Contest 3rd Place 3 All-round Athletic Contest 2nd Place l, 4 National All-American Prep-School Swim- ming Team 3 Osborne and lvloore Swimming Trophy 2 News All-Scholastic Baseball Team 3 Interstate Baseball Team 2, 3, 4 Baseball Most Valuable Player Award 3 fra, 5, O 4 f fx 4 Jf we .fi 'K "Bart" E Cadmean's pledge of the year - can still be heard muttering "Duh, I'm a cow!',-tries hard Qbut unsuccessfullyj to quench his appetite-another of the class' weightlifters Cas if he needs itj -a dorm boy, the I-I.B. dorm-renowned for his corny jokes-has yet to remember a punch line-laughs at the slightest provocaton - the person who can keep a straight face when Bart laughs has never been found- an unexcelled performer on the ivories, as long as the piano holds up-fleet footed fullback for Vince's squad-one of top ten scholastic backstrokers, yet Molton worries every time he swimsg about the pool being cracked-has the makings of another Bob Feller out on the diamond. "Chancellor Phili' -one of the more ver- satile members of the class-tried to start a weight lifting club to further develop his Charles Atlas physique - "El Diosi' has been heard to say of Phil, "Greatest student that ever taught me"-his new mansion oppo- site H.B. is the envy of all-hated the pledges "pork," but couldn't do anything about it-after a week his Chevy looked like a traveling junk pile-an aspiring golfer who has a flair for breaking everything but 100-part time cripple on varsity football -phenomenal dead-eye on the basketball court- McLellan was considering buying an adding machine to keep track of Phil,s score-two year track captain-occasion- ally takes time out from his sun bathing to do a little distance running or weight work -a prominent upholder of Dukeis virtues. PHILIP E. BRADY Entered 1940 Second Honors 1 Cadmean Society 3, 4 Glee Club 4 Dorm Dance Committee 3 Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 4 Varsity Track 2, Captain 3, 4 Varsity Football Squad 4 "Bn Football 2 Freshman Football 1 Freshman Basketball, Captain 1 Freshman Track 1 Interstate Basketball Team 3 Daoust Track Award 3 All-round Athletic Contest lst Place 4 All-round Athletic Contest 3rd Place 1 Athletic Council 3, 4 fj 3 P, M . K 3 a,ll y f ff V 'f x Q K , . ia 4? fe Y lk-sg. .nh , RICHARD CHARLES Butt Entered 1949 Edward Moore Society 3, 4 Glee Club 4 Ensemble 4 junior Prom Committee 3 Projectionist Club 3, 4, President Athletic Council 4 Varsity Soccer 4, Squad 3 Varsity Tennis Squad 2 Varsity Baseball Manager 4 Class Swimming Captain 3 A 1 twist? ig' 4' n KX QQ' f df- ig J F ,. ' , v n Q, SVA 3" df 3' 3 21 Walking model of Emily Post's teachings -a robust tenor in Hruby's octet which actually has eight men this year-one of the few chemistry students who knows what he's doing-usually spends the period talk- ing about golf -hard-working bat boy- pencil pusher for Macis mighty nine-steam- roller fullback for Molton's booters-cap- tained a vicious water polo team-one of the few sane drivers in the class of ,52 -a meticulous dresser-he even has a selection of ten vests to choose from-a slight of hand artist who has a knack for making money disappear-quite a musical genius, plucks a mean bass fiddle, can really play a musical saw, and even turns hill-billy with a banjo-a prospective sawbones-toured the East, but still likes the thought of Yale. Class Don Juan - spends most of his time commuting between Akron and Lakewood- a round collar boy known for his L'cool" man- ner of dress-often seen driving Strangfej Cadillacs-loves the dorm life- a great party boy who is never absent from the activities except during brief moments of dozing-the master skipper-his leisurely drives by the study are unparalleled for sheer gall - many have tried, but none have mastered his ability to leave school unheeded - McNatt's northern representative for the Florida migration-spends his vacations in Fort Lauderdale while the peasants freeze - never had to buy a ticket for a school dance -Moltonis prize diver and mainstay of the swimming team-will probably be the first from '52 to make a million- at cards. DONALD H. BYAI. Entered 1943 Players 1, 2, 3, 4 News Business Manager 4 Dorm Dance Committee 1, Chairman, 2, 3 Junior Prom Committee 3 Varsity Soccer Squad 2 Varsity Swimming 2, 3, 4 Freshman Football 1 Freshman Swimming 1 Freshman Baseball 1 Class Soccer Champions 3, Captain 4- Best Diving Award 3, 4 Slit ' ifgfntx ,,.-1-N -.1-:z'- Si G,:T5"j1' , sam' SE-A - tk: -N SREE7-5 '5f,.'9.'i ,x 1 ,,1?',!, Y-'i,':51'v ,. 1... Y,-LQJLJ agqgg. W5 1 V: ..1":iifiiif"if." fl: . 1:5 1 ' ':.fv?1 .-f,,Qq15'i ty S1tifvsgtt:tf'.'gft A 0 Xjjfr,lWi2"1N.'cE:,xi'ia , .","-' 0 0 X 'J' " -.a',.'.n' Qjlhflfff t V 4 aj , ,f H- - L+? H. BOYD CAMERON Entered 1950 Cadmean Society 3, 4 Dorm Dance Committee 4 Varsity Football 4, Squad 3 Varsity Basketball 3, 4 Varsity Tennis 4, Squad 3 S ll f V 'Qi :: M vac. JA NOMT2 ALL AM6KlLAN'0,5.U,l aw Q- Q "Lord Boyd"-the boy with the green hair-short half of inseparable, insurmount- able, evil-instigating dormitory duo-pledge master of the Cadmean Society-his suc- cess in carrying out the duties of his office was mainly due to his motherly instincts- likes to whoop it up during vacation, but is an angel under the watchful eye of sister Sally-noted for his deceptive style of han- dling a football or basketball-fervid advo- cate of junior letter recommendation tif paid off, tool -greatly increased Vinceis dislike for doctors-robbed him of twenty man- hours each week- aspires to become as great a football player as his idol from Elyria and Ohio State-at present is waiting to see which college will oHer him the high- est bid. Dubbed with many nicknames-one of the last Conways to uphold the clanls banner at U. S.-last of this generation, that is- author of many essays about life on the Conway farm-showed he could play foot- ball in the true Conway tradition against Reserve-has been a famous celebrity since his name was mentioned in Time - another of the silent basses-is at his best when vocalizing on a ditty known as "Windshield Wipers"-claims he is becoming bald though a tuft or two of rusty-red hair can still be seen--is not "sweating out" his acceptance from any college-planning to make the Army his career for the next few years. M. THOMAS CONWAY Entered 1948 Glee Club 3, 4 Varsity Football 4, Squad 3 "BH Football 2 Freshman Football 1 ML. lf A L,L9ff Gb fir . ev, . ,-,f - fl fly, v I ' I y y ft fl All: X I1 4 , V' f K-N 0 V 1 8 X lil 1 1' il F iw 'fu ll 'ff-F ' K -f - WQNQRTR JOSEPH K. CRABBE Entered 1946 Cadmean Society 4 Third Prize Sherman Speaking Contest 3 Dorm Dance Committee 4 Varsity Soccer 4, Squad 2 Varsity "B" Basketball Q Varsity Track Squad 2 Class Basketball Captain 4 V i lf! Q N f s ' FW fi 'J i txt if Sliwyl if A yt L , i l l 25 The '4Crabs"-noted for his ability to make friends-mixes easily with those of the other gender- distinguished possessor of a Fleetwood Cady-can usually be found in any of the numerous garages around town -likes all kinds of sports-keep in condi- tion by climbing drain pipes-one of the best behaved boys in the dorm while he lasted-tried unsuccessfully to get back in - never at a loss for words, especially when girls are mentioned-likes all the women at H.B. but can't decide which one to con- centrate on - a strong defender of his rights when the end of the grading periods rolled around-remained unaffected by Isaac's sarcastic remarks - promoted from class soc- cer to the victorious varsity -lover of horses of the four legged variety- one of the boys dreaming about Cornell. "Cap'n Dave" Wleader of this yearis In- terstate soccer champs-looks and swims like the Sub Mariner of comic book fame- two time winner of the city 50 yard free- style event-also holds the school record for the 150 yard individual medley-am other of Mac's stars on the baseball team - occasionally he hits the ball-has trouble seeing Barkwill's pegs from home plate- spent his summers up North in the wilds- came back with a two tone hairdo -if high foreheads are a sign of intelligence, Dave should be a genius-was delighted with the flowers he received at the Eddie Moore dance-wears a buckskin coat which his great-great-grandfather used to wear in the old frontiersmen days. DAVID l. CUNNINGHAM Entered 1946 Edward Moore Society 3, 4 Cadmean Society 3, 4 Glee Club 4 Athletic Council 4 Varsity Soccer 2, 3, Captain 4 Varsity Swimming 2, 3, 4 Varsity Baseball 3, 4, Squad 2 Rolinson Soccer Award 4 Osborn and Moore Trophy 3, 4 Freshman Football 1 Freshman Swimming, Captain 1 Freshman Baseball l Interstate Soccer Team 4 WILLIAM E. DAVIDSON Entered 1951 Varsity Football 4 Varsity Wrestling 4 Dan R. Conway Award 4- fi A N f Z? KC, J if 'id' . K Q JJ f ifoial V -ff! i I . K "Dum-dum"-the "Wandering lNillieH of the class of '52-decided to spend his last years at Universityi thought English at U. S. was a breeze-he'd only read The Return of the Native twice before coming here-knows all the answers in trig-un- fortunately, they're the wrong ones - a tried and true Beaumont Boy-financed all his dates by winning all the wrestling pots- never did break into a sweat while on the mats--he explained that he didn't like to take showers-bone-crushing end who won the MVP award-ehicked out when it came to playing one of his old Alma Maters. The boy with the offices-one of the competitors trying to get the most credits after his name in this literary monument of which he is editor, but failed-after telling everyone the "Mabian" contents, had more security troubles than Truman-has devel- oped an excellent whipcracking technique- one of the greatest terrors of the Cadmean pledges-liked his name at the top of the list-famous for imitations-envied by all for his permanent field exeuse-neverthe- less, is called nasty names by J. D.-happiest event in his life: receiving parents' permis- sion to get driver's license after running through three temporaries-staunch under- study of "El Diosu in his Fascist brigade- his deftness for kicking over glasses is un- excelled-eonsidering Alabama Poly as we go to press, but will probably end up at Yale with the rest of "da boys" from Bratenahl. GEORGE l. DAVIS Entered 1947 First Honors 1, 2 Second Honors 3, 4 Cum Laude 3, 4 Class Time Test Winner 2, 3, 4 Sherman Speaking Contest 3 Prefect 3, 4 Edward Moore Society 3, 4 Cadmean Society 3, Secretary 4 Players 3, President 4 Mabian Photography Editor 3, Chief 4 News Board 2, 3, 4 Class Soccer Champions 1 Freshman Wrestling Squad 1 Freshman Tennis Squad 1 IW ? W!!s9yl'W Q IW f 9 4 M! M WWW 1 WN M11 X W flu! Z if 7 f .sf f is fv ea Editor-in ANDREW S. DEMPSEY Entered 1939 First Honors 3, 4 Second Honors 1, 2 Time Current livents Prize, Class l School 2, 3, 4 Cum Laude Society 3, 4 Edward Moore Society 4 Cadmean Society 4 Players 3, Treasurer 4 Mabian Board 4 News Board 2, 3, Literary Freshman Tennis 1 Editor 4 Class Soccer Champions 3, 4 W 4 is I Q it c 5 -' A ,4 u A I an 3 wi- 0 . J x .J G - if Qtr? Uncle Phillip's fair haired boy-one of the Bratenahl Clan - would redesign Shaker Heights if given a chance - has driven more cars to school than Dowd- never gives the other driver a chance Qe.g. the "semi"j - has never failed to get above a 90 on a his- tory or Time test-Akers' political cohort, always beats him in their heated fifth period debates-would like to hang all the mem- bers of the athletic department-keeps J. Press in business-loves women but can't find one-never pays for Saturday lunches -in his junior year visited the "Ebu eight weeks in a row and drank lemonade- H. L. C. loves him fhe's going to Yalej. Known to all as E-8-D . . . one of those Healy "brothers"-has a new car for each season-holds the distinction of being the only one at U. S. to beat the cops in a pick- up race, and get away with it-was with- out vices until he had to smoke for his part in L'The Hasty Heartf' then chicked out the big night-his trumpet is second only to Maynard Ferguson-signed up as circula- tion manager of this book so he could visit H.B. and Laurel - a loyal Chrysler fan who has a weakness for a certain M. G. in Gates Mills - a Culver man in the summertime - melodious president of the Clee Club, out- sings the rest of the school in morning chapel-Mr. Waltonls extra-help assistant -likes the idea of Princeton, but there is still hope for "Old Eli." ERNEST HEALY DOWD Entered 1949 Second Honors 2, 3, 4 Cum Laude Society 4 Edward Moore Society 4 Cadmean Society 4 Glee Club 3, President 4 Enscmble 3, 4 Band 2, 3, 4 Players 4 Mabian Board 4 "BH Football Team 3 ,W ffl, an , A , rlgyjllff W 1 s I ,QQ il " 1 sidlfu t ,5 Nei I.. U f - ' 4 ' ' ll N." ' 1- A 4: ." ll .J " M ll, 73 L J -H . 0'-:. M -il v 0,5 Q 4 r 'iii 4 Y! 69' 'lg ' E - nl ' .ii I ' v.,fi4 .f e.r1-ziiivfiiwiff liz", , ' ' C lu if , X gy, K, 'lp-xy: X , '- 413' K-g.. JOHN ALLISON DUNCAN JR. Entered 1945 Edward Moore Society 3, 4 Cadmean Society 4 Mabian Board Sports Editor 4 News Board 4 Junior Prom Committee 3 Head Cheerleader 3, 4 Athletic Council 4 Gym Team 2, 3, Co-captain 4 Varsity Football 4- Varsity Wrestling Squad 2, 3 Varsity Track 3, 4 Squad 2 Freshman Track 1 Class Football Champions 4, Captain All-round Athletic Contest 3rd Place 4 .- -X llll 'rr N ix EQ! 'U ,1-QM Sports editor of the revolutionary volume -second only to Hudson in his ability to sling the bull-aces physics-he's a two year liter man - played crazy very realistic- ally in the tri-school Mabian skit- has won his letter in cheer leading for the past two years-distinguished himself in the fall by leading his team to the class football champi- onship and earning his varsity letter at the same time -three year stalwart on the gym team - troubled by female fender riders and cold shoulders Qalso Reserve boysl - a very insubordinate Cadmeanpledge-liked pledg- ing so much he requested that he be per- mitted to do another week of it-by a unanimous ballot was voted best car piler in the class. "E, B." -famous for distinguished tastes and cynical comments, but still made an excellent pledge-Mr. Impeccable, except for the tie he wore 37 consecutive days- only boy in senior class on his second Fleet- wood- heard after four days of driving his mother's Ford, "Actually the motor is in excellent shape except for such accessories as the spark plugs, fuel pump, carburetor . . . a superb athlete: a star football player on class -takes swimming since it's the only way he can get through field by 3:30-revered by some-going to Yale like others of the Bratenahl clan. E. BRUCE DUNN Entered 1941 Second Honors l, 2, 3, 4 Class Vice-President 2, 3 Junior High Prefect Board l Edward Moore Society 3, 4 Cadmean Society 4 Mabian Board 3, Managing Editor 4 News Board 2, 3, Associate Editor 4 Junior Prom Committee 3 Chapel Program Committee 3 Junior Motion Picture Council Represent- ative 3 "B" Football Team 2 Varsity Swimming 4, Squad 2 Varsity Tennis 3, 4, Squad 2 Freshman Football l Freshman Swimming l Freshman Tennis l THOMAS C. EAKIN Entered 1943 Glee Club 3, 4 Mabian Board 4 Freshman Football Squad I Freshman Swimming Squad l Freshman Baseball l Class Baseball Champions 3, Captain Q .f v 1 ? , 13. X m I , ' SLA P fi We 7Alf'?i'i! if sf t i i g ' im MW Y I N U! W "Happy Tom"-the lad with a hearty backslap and cheerful grin for everyone- he and Grabski rejuvenated the Teddy Bear Club - president of the George Shearing Fan Club, a cool sounds organization of five people-transient member of the stag line- finds his most enjoyable field of endeavor in math -likes to argue with W eatherhead-usually leaves "Peaehes,' with- out a comeback - he and Brady can always be found in summer replacing divots on the Moreland Hills golf course-before he could give his senior speech, Mr. Cruikshank found his notes and delivered it himself -member of the Glee Club for three years, has yet to appear in a concert - connoisseur of Italian foods - commuted weekly between class and varsity football. a as E K i y if S, is Q an , E as mg H3125 X E E si i. H 5 is H im ,Z -3.3: . '- 23: A M Vis' ' H it H :gui ' ggi. gig Eg E a E Q V K, .LN L K1 W i.: .: 1 .I -2- 5-F 5: H2 :H H BL . . , Sense of humor that never crumps out- collaborated with Heinen to terrorize Isaac's lunch table-former owner of car with no brakes, transmission, lights, etc. - a real bar- ga'n for only S75 - a frustrated car restyler who gave up after one fender- party giver and attender supreme-until the new year regularly disrupted the Senior Room with "Will you parlez-vous with me?" Cconsult Mr. Keenen for translationj - first member of the S.E.C. - can be clownish or casual as the spirit moves himwproficient bartender who knows how to keep the rowdy element in hand-has run away from home nine- teen times - furthest point reached - Senior Room- only Put-in-Bay visitor to bring back a woman as a souvenir - hates Yankee climate and colleges. BE! I . . R E E V565 B W E JOHN S. FANGBONER Entered 1946 Players 4, Business Manager 3, Stage Man- ager 2 Freshman Baseball Manager 1 Junior High Glee Club l 1 , U .aklulw . 4 ,a 'gs' .f Fl ' I' .4 f 0 ve' "tome 531-- ,t ARTHUR GRABSKI Entered 1946 Second Honois 1 Edward Moore Society 4 Cadmean Society 3, 4 Glec Club 3, 4 Players fl Junior Prom Committee 3 Varsity Football Team 3, 4- Varsity Swimming 4, Squad Freshman Football 1 Freshman Swimming 1 0 2,3 -4111 44 lyn- 43' Captain of the U. S. weight lifting team -tries hard to work off his pot-keeps insisting he's well beyond his prime, yet con- stantly shows up for varsity football, swim- ming, and track-held the honorary title of captain of the "BU swimming team on account of his seniority- he was the only senior on the team -was a loyal booster of Plymouths until his became stranded in the driveway for two weeks-relinquished a chance to bask in the Miami sun in order to give his annual yuletide blast- holds the dubious distinction of being Eddie Moore's porkiest pledge-a conscientious objector when the question of math homework arose -makes even less progress with the girls than he does with his math. "Pear Shapel'-backbone of all evil in Pickands Hall--member of the malicious quartet-ace language student whose hair is rapidly greying under the yoke of "El Dios" - co-purchaser of the sickle and ham- mer tie for Carter G. - resides in the plushi- est suite in the dorm-even brought his own reinforced bed from home - another of the boys migrating from Akron-enjoys frequent after-hour cheese snacks-very fastidious dresser-wears eight dollar col- larless shirts-buys his vests and Hannels from Rogers Peet-one of the more pro- ficient of those trying to imitate "Isaac" - an ardent propititor of sesquipcdalian vernacular -could talk the arm off a worm-has a successful technique for getting field excuses from Miss Thomas. EDWIN J. HANLON JR. Entered 1948 Second Honors 3 Dorm Dance Committee 3 Athletic Council 4 Varsity Track Manager 3, 4 V4.4 L ,h QA .S 5 . x 4-" . X X N. , iii 'Q ' ' ffij -, 52+ . ' s. , 5? - ,X ' ff LL -1,3 4- - t Q1- fs-1 PEP, g. GMK9 THOMAS E. HEALY Entered 1949 First Honors 2, 3, 4 Cum Laude Society 4, President Second Prize Sherman Speaking Contest 3 Prefect Board 4 Edward Moore Society 3, President 4 Cadmean Society 3, 4 Glee Club 4 Junior Prom Committee 3 Varsity Soccer 4, Squad 3 Interstate Soccer 4 Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 4 Gym Team 2, 3, Co-captain 4 Second Place Gymnastic Competition 4 Class Basketball Captain 2, 4 Interstate Soccer Team 4 Q4 l A fx! A! V V' p 1551 4 f jlffffy yi xiii- J jig., L X v g ll'f"1r'4ll BQ ' ' J 4- tifift ,P yy y .yy J f Q Possessor of a keen sense of humor-one of the more active members of the class- had trouble making Cum Laude with his 95's-still doesn't know what a mid-year looks like-"Pres" of Cruiky's favorite so- ciety, and yet the pledges know more about parliamentary procedure than he does- Nate still ean't see why he doesn,t live in the lab-took physics but forgot about the low coeliicient of friction between a car and ice -gradually changed his affections from Laurel to H.B.S.-frequently consulted by "Isaac', f"Let's see what Healy got"j and "Jeep" C'gTell'em-Healeh! "J - crackerjaek second baseman for the varsity Nine-pen former of smooth gyrations for the Gym Team-in spite of many rumors about the Indians at Dartmouth, Tom plans to make Hanover his "happy hunting grounds". Californials ambassador to Cleveland - always griping about our weather- austere head of the dormitory prefects -has quite a job on his hands -imported his immaculate black Buick convertible - never puts the top down - always at odds with E. B. on clothes fashions- digs South American music to the end - ran a very successful Dorm Dance despite his infrequent appearances - in spite of all his "chamber of commercei' talk, he never went home on weekends-must really like the old "Cell Blocku - habitue of Mrs. Martin's library with his voluminous reading - accepts Time magazine as the gospel truth-hates Cleveland newspapers because the funnies aren't amusing enough - captained a class soccer team with much spirit but little success - can't be "bothered', with H. B. S. girls-believes in Horace Greeley's "Go West, young man" - heading for Stanford and California rain. GEORGE H. HILEMAN Entered 1948 Second Honors 2 Dorm Prefect Board 2, 3, President 4- Dorm Dance Committee l, 2, 3, 4 Junior Prom Committee 3 Class Soccer Champions 3, Captain 4 Freshman Tennis l fib du K 1 M. f' tell N 4 ily , A xx I . .' l 1 A F f ffl I Il P irll' .. X 1 V Y-A-KY-A, V I 4 f. H' u Q stil A ,ll 38 y JOSEPH R. HEINEN Entered 1948 Players 4 Mabian Board 4' Varsity Football 4 Varsity Track Squad 3 "B" Football 3 "B" Basketball 3 Freshman Football l Freshman Baseball l Za ---- N 1' I i A ' I get sl Joe, the butcher boy-other half of the duo which kept life at Mr. Walton's lunch table from becoming dull-at one time loved the loud blasts of Lynn Hope-now prefers the big name bands-can usually be found in a dark corner at Daffyas-can deal out some pungent sarcasm when the occasion arises-one of the younger mem- bers of the class-a sports lover who lives for Regatta W e ek at Put-in-Bay-his ubiquitous fists and elbows instilled fear into many an opponent on the football field- hopes to be the next president of that famous, world-wide chain of grocery stores. "Tin'1id Jimi, -most exact double for Jerry Lewis ever found - has even attracted large crowds of autograph seekers down- town-the inspiration for "El Dios' D '6Hud- sonian Depths" in Spanish- always dream- ing about sipping mint juleps under a North Carolina sun -fancies himself another Rob- ert E. Lee-is convinced that the South won the Civil War- had a hard time mak- ing Phil see it his way-can always be found sweating something out - has become a great orator and star of radio and tele- vision through his presidency of the Cleve- land Council of Brotherhood - delivered the most novel Bible reading of the year-won the senior class, award for shoveling it the fastest and the mostest. JAMES MILLER HUDSON Entered 1947 Players 3, 4: Varsity Football Squad 3 Varsity Wrestling Squad 2, I5 Freshman Football 1 Freshman Wrestling Squad l Freshman Baseball Squad 1 -Qfffg fgfff X75 P' X f ff' ffjf, X ff fy J y 17515 fff 135' Zymwg wfwg 4 fi N mmm, a ll ' v' 1 I 541' .A , ,,,, K, fi' ff""'7 fi fi' H Q," X. ":4"?"' '. V' f . Z',',..f,4,, ,ffl ,lj , ,I-1 1244.01 fffa' ff' a .f '.-4' ' i.f,:f,4 5 sf" v , J "VF" f' 9 5, . ,ff ll , W V . I., ' f 3,15 I 'Q f' .P-f 1' 1 7 ,M 1' 'QAW fff fn' , If ",'f"f ,' ',f ' f ' ,QZQV 432.-af aff ' " fx-" 4 .. , ,,. 1, 7" ' B!! if, f A- ,l . if rl ." 'f ff, ,,1 , j ' ff' -7, ' X fj fo' . 1. f A-ff, ,sm . wifi' I If ffl - Y, , , ., ,,, .Z-sy. ,,,,.,.., 1 REID B. JOHNSON Entered 1938 Second Honors 1, 2, 3 First Prize Sherman Speaking Contest 3 junior Prize Speaking 8th Prefect Board 2, 3, 4 Junior Prefect Board 7th, 8th Edward Moore 3, Secretary 4 Caclmean Society 4 Glee Club 4 Players 3, Vice President 4 Mabian Design Editor 4 News Board 2, 3, Associate Editor 4 Junior Prom Committee 3 Varsity Soccer 4 Varsity Swimming 2, 3, 4 Varsity Tennis Squad 2 Freshman Swimming 1 Interstate Soccer Team 4 ,E-ii'i2?. K2 9 Q 7 Q f N A 1 1 ' 9 ' Y-3 . N: 6 R oo V a if .4 f l .Q p L. I X I n Q , l i it rss., ss, HR. Bf' -the young, free-thinking, mod- ern designer-digs culture to the end- devotee of Uncle Philip's glass house- managed to wander on stage during the Vo's last two major productions-member of the Lindseth-Johnson hoax and astonishment team-occasionally injects humor into Demp- seyis literary page-founder of the Society for the Extinction of Crudity- first boy to go through U. S. from beginning to end- has the faculty to get along with all our classis different factions from the Bratenahl elite to the Tramps-Cadmean's porkiest pledge-eopped Sherman contest with "non- shmaltzn oration-proponent of thought questions for Eddy Moore pledges-genen ated the free lunch and Coke machine move- ment-brands non-conformers to Johnson philosophies as "crude guysi' - said by Davis to be in an idealistic phase-one of the original Yale boys. The "GU, formerly of the modern school -the man with the imaginary sax- often seen salaaming in the general direction of Birdland-firm believer in the Getz-Lester religion - has a terrible fear of mouses after lights-at parties always found in a corner with his Robbie Burns Qrenamed G-garj - other member of the famous Room 22- rarely seen without his khaki pants- caused a sensation as the Mystery Deejay - regain- ing consciousness from a smash-up on Route 43, asked if his Getz sides were broken- possessor of the class's only pair of dark boppers-can't keep them from falling off his nose - creates a crowd of gawkers when- ever he cuts in-Corbi's personal manager -will remain eccentric to the end-plans to hit Trinity for a short stay before taking a post-grad course at the Lennie Tristano School of Music. PAUL GIFFIN HIMMELRIGHT Il Entered 1948 Class President 2, Treasurer 3 X Cadmean Society 3, Vice President 4 Players 4 News Co-Circulation Manager 4 Athletic Council, Secretary 4 Junior Prom Committee 3 Dorm Dance Committee 2, 3, 4 Varsity Swimming Manager 4 Freshman Football Manager 1 ,Nl K QXJ ' X, M NX ' x . L' I 53, 1 1, flr 11.12 4.9 .1 :aff PETER H. JONES Entered 1946 Second Honors 1 Class Football Champions 1, 2 Junior Glce Club l Players 3, 4- fl! -'hifi' .W 1 ,,' yr' 4 , , S, 'til 9 Q 'S M X 1- f ' 'X' 9 it - N V ,r ff-N '0ii, -P- DJ R I tease Xtfiifffti N NX! Hal-horsey Gates Mi1l's boy-lives in such a large mansion that he frequently gets lost in it-member of the Players' scenery production staff - hard hitting class football lineman - a regular inhabitant of the Senior Room seventh period-achieved the dubi- ous distinction of giving this year's first senior speech-usually knows the answers to all chemistry problems-seems to be plagued by a permanent cold-came as an English something or other to the costume dance with his Highland lassie-likes the minis- terial touch in women- rivals Johnson and Miller for the title of shortest in the class- would like to be a veterinarian-prefers Bah-ston to New Haven. "Lefty" -greatest sports fan of all time -knows every member of every team from the 1870 Cincinnati Red Stockings to the East Cleveland Police Rifle Team-still worships Les Fleming-almost went crazy when he was dropped from the majors- a suave, wordly sophisticate from Manhattan - acted as Hikmat's personal guide for all the New York hot spots-one of the few remaining seniors who has yet to learn how to drive-might get his license by the time he's eighty-took First Year Spanish to help boost his average - another lightweight demon on the canvas-won his letter as a sophomore and has been bothered by compe- tition ever since-has learned how to beat the system from experience acquired in the dorm. WILLIAM J. KLINEMAN Entered 1940 Dorm Dance Committee 3, 4 Varsity Wrestling 2, 4-, Squad 3 Class Football Champions 1 Class Soccer Champions 2 ,R ,rf J. .x' dl. .Ei fb tal, SB QQ ,IW df 9' Nl j '74, l ol Y 19 0 all 'fi iff ll 'ik as 'S lg t K f is fl y M f l! tn V t J. 5 N' A' ,X X 5,439 X-we 44 JON ANDREW LINDSETH Enlerecl 1948 Class T reasurcr 4 Cadmean Society 3, 4 lidward Moore Society 4 Glee Club 4 Players 4 Mfabian Board 4 Junior Prom Committee 3 HB" Football 2 Varsity Wrestling 4, Squad 2, 3 Varsity Track Squad 2, 3 Freshman Football l Freshman Wrestling l Freshman Track l Class Football Captain 4 hi s F f F ts? ,, , KBIZBEEIT ff K ' lli f iii si X J if Q PM 4 Ill 1 'I wi If J ,E N- llklt 'KP X x l I' M l lf! Q' W e of Y ,' 'll .T sl mt 49 "juan" -the boy with the caustic tongue -known for his power to squelch-will long be remembered for his brawl after the Eddie Moore Fall Fling-bane of all Cad- mean pledgesg had to have his driveway mathematically clean from snow-his part in "The Hasty Heartl' could have been written for him-he's the reason why Dougherty couldn't sell the school any lum- ber for dance props? captained a class football team, but played more elsewhere than at U. S.-continually planning with Johnson to pull OH a city-wide hoax - once went all the way down Cranlyn without shifting-spends his summers in North Woods, safaris-knew so many secrets that he had to be made a member of the Mabian board - leader and chief organizer of The Syndicate. The boy most likely to succeed in reduc- ing the dormitory to shambles with explo- sives pilfered from Nate's Nitro-house- constantly amazes his classmates with his large library of words-helped to finance Tucker's trip to southern France-he had to pass the course somehow-was often asked if he wore a shoulder holster under his pin-stripe gangster suit-two favorite subjects of conversation: Judy and Einsteirfs latest practical application of the atomic theory to neuclear physics-watched all the football games from the players' bench through his influence as manager-managed to arrange the lighting for nearly all the school dances without being electrocuted- half of the duo from Warren-Bruce han- dles the virtues of that fair city, while the "Dad', looks after its vices. DONALD BRUCE MCARTHUR E nlered I9-19 Dorm Prefect Board 4 Clee Club 3, 4 Players 3, 4 News Board 3, 4 Dorm Dance Committee 3 Junior Prom Committee 3 Athletic Council 4 Football Manager 4 IN f Z3 If M il E,' L4 "HK if ia -F' .t LUAJ x uf' vt, E' I n U A X -M r vuxf' -, Abxgeri X - 1 2 C- 7' een Know to all as 'LRastus"-his famous walk can be recognized at great distances by the posterior oscillation-one of the boys of the class of '52 who really knows how to enjoy life, especially at parties-has never missed one and always adds immeasurably to their success- after bouncing around in a jumping Jeepster, acquired the unmuffled Motchmobile to commute from Gates Mills -knows all the women within ten miles, but hasn't taken one out since the days of Zoldie and Webber-famous as the laziest member of Seymour's tennis squad-never runs to return a shot-brought "pork,' to U. S.-recently switched to grey flannels and yellow Brooks shirts-Bestus and Lind- seth would like to rock Cornell next year as roommates. RUSSELL A. MILLER Entered 1948 Second Honors 1, 2, 4 Mabian Board 4 News Board 2, 3, Advertising Manager 4 Class Soccer Champions 4 A al is-7 , is , , fgt qs '70 L asim qiwcgszr fx 0 ,- ' Q7 . "Little Abe"-little man with big ideas f L :P -tried hard for two years to crash "El . Dios,s', big three-will never live down the time he got a "B" with an 89- a boy who looks up to women-follows the Lovemanian- Sachsonian philosophy-man about ads in I U.S. fcauses the News editors a thousand 5 'V X," X and one headachesj -an auto enthusiast ffg 15' 4 who had his cushion swiped once and uf' 'Ala L A couldn't drive for a whole week - came out i, , of the ranks of the peasants when he got LLL,i5E2!!'!g!I'mu senior honors-a "noisy" dresser on occa- A w sions - noted for his imitation of "Isaac', - r great party man - makes money for his y y father by using more towels than any other jffZj,w7,fL7'l Nr. 'L boy at U.S. - terror on the class soccer field ' L L -tennis enthusiast who can't see over the ,7!il'LQm, net-leader of the anti-agriculture move- 'WWW W5 ment- allergic to everything from horses to 'if -' -i fish, including school. MALCOLM REESE MYERS Entered 1948 Varsity Football Squad 2, 3, fl Varsity Baseball 3, 4, Squad 2 "B" Basketball 2 Freshman Football l Freshman Basketball l Freshman Baseball 1 Class Basketball Champions 3 Captain Class Basketball 4 kf- 4 wanz l A Will never be at a loss for a megaphone j fl : If could do well in any African tribe with his ' ' rg' , drums-sports a flashy Victoria equipped ln' A with a Bermuda bell- amazes Mr. Sumner I x, ,Y QU by coming close to the "brains" on current " ' sa ,lla ,X events tests-industrious leader in Christ X Chureh's Youth Forum-never would win If ,X A a place on the list of Americais ten best , dressed men-usually wears his father's suits y ,VWAWW which never seem to fit -his booming voice 5 ,f u 'Wo ,. could provide a needed lift in Hruby's tk "' otherwise quiet bass section-Vince's most g hh' stalwart benchwarmer-eouldn't find any 'df . . . . . xg J, competition to match his boxing prowess in , -- winter eld-finally going steady, after about mm? three years-another Dartmouth Indian. 'cDiamond Jimi,-Rocky Riveris contri- bution to the class-one of R.G.W.'s most promising proteges-was told to keep his tardy trig homework and hand it in on time next year-nevertheless, "Isaac', believes Jim will make a good blacksmith--wakes the dorm in time for breakfast with his early morning shaves-always punctual for ap- pointments, meals, and study halls-almost learned his lesson the day he tried to sneak into chapel-has a fiendish desire to make noise after lights-fond lover of square music - competed with Hanlon as track co- manager to see who could do the least work -patronizes Thom McAn Shoe Stores in order to obtain enough valuable coupons to win a super-eosmo inter-planetary atomic ray gun. JAMES B. NOLAN Entered 1950 Glee Club 4 Athletic Council 4 Varsity Track Manager 4- I 'X IN Il M Ll W3 diuii ii f in .a bil 527 .5509 f f' I f 5 D NI. uh ll J ' s l 2 1, at ,g p E ' i'i5-lQ:s ! " D E u JOE H. NO0K JR. Entered 1948 Varsity Football 4, Squad 3 Varsity Baseball 3, 4 Freshman Football 1 Freshman Swimming 1 Freshman Baseball 1 Class Basketball Captain 4 . ,sw I mlb ? Y Q' f 0 p,, Lt s 1 M XX 'lumix' .M f i s B i l I , 7' fry - - I fm ij? M il -QCP? Just plain Joe-a skater of exceptional ability-stays away from school whenever he can practice for some skating tournament -finds the Skating Club makes aivery good rendezvous-has been going steady for a long time in spite of temporary obstacles- will usually counter any statement with "Yeah, it sure isn-spends his free time around a pool table fin his basementj - amused the class with his tenth grade speech on pocket pool - has yet to be caught nap- ping by "Jeep" - held down the hot corner on Mac's varsity-finally learned how to beat the system and squeezed by one month with senior honors-came to school in the summer to look after his little Chickadees and Wrens. l A friend of all-often mistaken for a gaso- line attendant - is usually attired in bowling shirts and a Sohio cap -shop student extra- ordinaireiwho told "Big Ed" how to do it, voted number one accomplishment of the year- great fan of H.B. but distant admirer -a U.S. man from way back-doesn't take physics or chemistry, but drives Nate to school anyway-hard working member of the football teamg participated in 600 wind sprints, ran one-terror of that mad melee, class basketball-his help with the lights made all school dances colorful affairs - an ex-motorbike maniac-now drives an Olds 88-gave the Glee Club a mellow baritone-always a pleasant smile and a good word for everyone. PAUL JAMES PFEIFER Entered 1942 Glee Club 3, 4 Players 3, 4 Varsity Football 4 "B" Football 2, 3 Freshman Football l Freshman Basketball l Freshman Baseball l Class Basketball Captain 2, 4 Q if C f x u ' 4 ilk ,X , l .- fE'f'JQf,s '-' ' '. ,L si it ffm' 4 .,, fx- ,x,-v,fx..f va c bf-f"'b MARTIN P. POPE Entered 1946 First Honors 2, 3, 4 Second Honors 1 Cum Laude 3, 4 Junior Prize Speaking 8th Sherman Prize Speaking 3 Edward Moore Society 3, Treasurer 4 Glee Club 2, 3, Secretary-Librarian 4 Ensemble 4 Mabian Literary Editor 4 News Board 4 Varsity Wrestling F reshmfxn Tennis li --- RNNHLNQ 'al I 1ll l" '.'i 5 ,If , f K I 1 A ' ' 2, 3, Squad 4 X - WNW QICARS f f l 'I I X Z Varsity Tennis Squad 2, 3 4 5, QMR "Martini"-the man with the Mohawk trim and profile to match-chief customer of Charles Antell-has been known to sit up nights raising peach fuzz on his high fore- head - had a "95', average until his interest wandered from homework to telephones- has idiosyncrasy of wearing clip-on bow ties, suede pants, and fruit boots-wanders be- tween H.B. and Laurel, never gets anywhere - another of the do-nothing lab assistants - treasurer of Eddie Moore-takes out the girls on its money-one of Bobbie's grap- plers - grapples with the time clocks- exclusive member of the Senior Scooter Club - chief biographer of this publication - will probably be in the dog house for a long time-heading toward Cornell because his father won't pay the tuition anywhere else. The "Kid', - class clown and humorist - originated a hula-hula with a new twist- spends his free time in an easy chair at the Reese's-owner of a well groomed Olds which is always on the go -has a carefree attitude toward work and studies - only boy who ever traveled 3000 miles to see a girl -has had more women - he never had a chance to leave them- muscular captain of the grapplers-tried to make his opponents think he was tough, and succeeded-am other Rebel headed for Duke and the sunny South, in spite of a most gracious invita- tion from Union to come up and look around. RALPH G. REHOR Entered 1948 Players 3 Mabian Board 4 Varsity Soccer Squad 2, 3, 4- Varsity Football Squad 4 Varsity Wrestling 3, Squad 2, Captain fl Varsity Track 3, 4, Squad 2 Af' " s.J g FOREST P. REICHERT Entered 1946 News Board 3, Sports Editor 4 School Sports Correspondent 4 Junior Prom Committee 3 Varsity Swimming 3, 4 Varsity Soccer 4 Varsity Baseball Squad 3 Interstate Soccer Squad 4 Freshman Football 1 Freshman Swimming Manager Freshman Baseball 1 F fra M X 7 . . , t f' , , p Gilsu 1 4 , 'B ' .M i,,.. Xl X S 1,452 "Woody"-the class Romeo, though many times without a Juliet-editor of the best page in the News- just ask him before he points it out to you -is getting used to the taste of leather after having put his foot in his mouth so many times-considered fair minded, for he charges low bargain rates to Ulf and Bartunek for moming rides to school -had his driving permission reinstated be- cause he hasn't learned how to walk yet C has had either a tricycle, scooter, or car all his lifej -received soccer letter as a senior in his first year out for varsity, and ended up on the Interstate team-his left leg did not prevent him from kicking in goals for our opponents - terror of the batting cages -players have fallen asleep waiting for his fast ball -eats, sleeps, and lives Amherst. The "Dad" - a struggling "cat" in a sea of grey flannel-a firm exponent of the "suedes and drapers" school - has succeeded in remaining faithful to the basic tenants of Warren hipsters-contributed the Stallion to the class of '52 -master of colloquialism of the Amboy Dukes style-his favorite occupation is neglecting to mail papers to the alumni-likes his music with a modern flavor-stands constantly ready to rescue his roommate from the ferocious umousesi' -was elected honorary president of the Society for the Preservation and Extension of Crudity-never gave up his fancy for Warren G. Harding High - he's crazeh and we dig him to the end. ' ROBERT AllEN SACHS Entered 1950 News Board 3, Circulation Manager 4- "BH Basketball 3 . ' Jffi , 1420 WW! , s ' ' rm fm X - Q , 1 "" i :silly t E7 MU l i if il Q 1 A I M ' ,fig f if "X mp- ii IIIIEIH 'fi S. PRENTISS SAWYER Entered 1945 First Honors l Second Honors 2 Glee Club 4 Ensemble 4 News Board 4 Freshman Football 1 Freeshman Wrestling 1 'N'-1, M YM-'WNY A 1, - 'r bo - V -' . 2 . , 0 ,, .t lf- ' . I l4l, N , r fx . - j , if D 3 ' l g g. I H Q ........ ,, rt Q 6 2' , 455 hd Q "Pren" -the mad scientist-likes every- thing from cyclotrons to gieger counters- gives the appearance of being studious- never been seen carrying less than twelve books to class-will always be remembered for his great electrical demonstrations - even Nate was on the edge of his chair- a prom- ising athlete benched by a bad back-old salt from Mentor who captures first place occasionally-rare specimen of a short-haired Violinus Virtuosos-a cycling fan who toured Europe on self-powered wheels-is still in the red from last year's grades-one of Hrubyls boys -without him the bass section would be in complete chaos-when better atom bombs are built, "Prem" will build them or blow himself up trying. "Meatball" - party giver extraordinary - those who attended will long remember his breakfast after Bostwick's-slot machine prohteer-still under investigation by the Kefauver Committee -favorite occupation: hunting for fenders for his deteriorated l4l Olds - constantly confused - completely per- plexed by the "Gates Mills Horsewomann - a good stylized piano player-has won hundreds from Byal at cards-shows occa- sional intellectual prowess-clever, satirical writer- left his mark on Florida this spring -likes to whisper-dislikes Sunday after- noon jam sessions-a quiet, thoughtful guy with many ideas -still has a sore foot from peddling brushes last summer-ran a taxi service for Akron, Canton, Warren, and all points south-is hoping for a taste of Cay- uga's waters next year. FREDERICK C. SAVVYER Entered 1945 Second Honors L1- Prefect Board 2 Edward Moore Society 4 Cadmean Society 4 News Board 3, 4 Freshman Track Squad 1 Class Soccer Champions 4- Class Football Champions 1,3 ! l an o-f T a ' x J it 1 KF' C0oK SPHGHfTT CARL WILLIAM SHALLENBERGER Entered 1948 Second Honors 1 Glee Club 3, 4 News Board 2 Athletic Council 4 Varsity Wrestling 4 Squad 3 Varsity Tennis Manager 4 Freshman Wrestling Squad 1 Class Football Champions l ... 1-A4 6' f QM! 4 M ,3 B L 0 f : nr 7sI f f -- A true ugentlemann farmer-looks un- natural without a wisp of alfalfa hanging from the corner of his mouth-spent New Year's Eve at home milking his cows-a valuable asset to the Glee Club with his experienced voice- experienced by many years of hog calling-was challenged by one of our feminine friends from H.B. to a tractor driving contest-drives a dazzlingly red Jeep, now adorned with 14 lights-after waiting patiently for many years, Bill finally had a chance to wrestle in a varsity meet- then was matched against a muscular mad- man-tennis manager with plenty on the ball -made a fortune sneaking in Cokes under Peyser's nose and selling them to thirsty play- ers for a tremendous profit - headed toward Iowa State, the "Cow College." Known for his famous ribs, which pro- cured him the name of "Uncle Bulgy"- spreads his charms over a wide field of ad- mirers QLindaj -most happily hcnpecked member of the class-caused quite a com- motion when he got air in his lungs-by far the cheapest member of the class of '52 -always last man to pay for anything- charges seventh graders a fortune for his daily taxi service to school in a dilapidated 1927 Ford-prominent in both sports and activities-had a promising future as a sailor until attacked by an acute case of sea- sickness-crazy legged leader of the varsity football team- his father says he can go to any college in Williamstown. JEFFREY H. SMYTHE Entered 1945 Second Honors 2, 3, 4 Junior Prize Speaking 8th Sherman Prize Speaking 3 Prefect Board 4 Class President 3 Class Secretary 2 Edward Moore Society 3, 4 Cadmean Society 3, 4 Players 4 Junior Prom Committee 3, Chairman Athletic Council 4 Varsity Football 3, Squad 2, Captain 4 Varsity Wrestling 4, Squad 2, 3 Varsity Track Squad 2 Freshman Football, Captain l Freshman Wrestling 1 Freshman Baseball 1 'ty N A ,ii , 0 M If fl' k X , j 'foil A I if 1 fi USM ' X mfr ,X 15 ,Ns my Ai s , fx , 'ff vi",!i is -wx f L W 4 I A Cf, 4 f' 1. 29 2' tfixj 'K I W 11 ii' l'9':5" ' 1 if Xe kj J ' .f : 3 X ,m -. - 1 27 'Ms N N. , 'lik ' ' QP? -rfb 60 CLARK SPERRY Entered 1947 Dorm Prefect Board 2, 3 Imdward Moore Society 3, 4 Cadmean Society 3, 4 Dorm Dance Committee 2, 3 Athletic Council 4 Varsity Football 4, Squad 3 Varsity Basketball 3, 4, Captain 4 Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 4 X it atii X - at af M gh If im 4" if f X, in pppp K L fi J 'V X ff gh g f' 75, , 'fm'-'N' 'Z . J 12073 Better known as "Big Red" -he still can't figure out why- one of the worst offenders of the S.E.C.-taller half of the inseparable, insurmountable, evil-instigating dormitory duo - knows the dorm inside and out C particularly the latterj -made the pledges hunt for une tres petite French dic- tionary - a keen competitor, especially when blonds are concerned - one of Vinceas stand bys - was told "Stand by, we might be able to use you next yearn - Captain Clark still remembers the time he played an entire basketball game Che must have a good memoryj - has held down the Hrst base job for the last three years-lives to cream the Green and "Big Bob" - can't wait to carry his talents to Williams. "Ardie', -famous inventor of the "fix- ur-own" heel kit-regularly appears on tele- vision to display his latest true-to-scale work- ing model dam -once Hooded his family out of their apartment when a drain became clogged-believed by McLaughlin to be a descendant of a famous German chemist- one of the few shop boys who works hard enough to get his hands dirty-distinguished member of Cum Laude-never takes any books home-pulls up to school every morn- ing in a swank Buick convertible-captained a vicious soccer team-was such a power- ful booter himself that he kicked in ten points from his own goal line- a masterful gymnist who can't overcome his fear of per- forming before an audience - his technically inclined mind is dragging him toward M.I.T. WALTER A. STAHI. Entered 1949 Second Honors 2, 3 Cum Laude Society 3, 4 Varsity Tennis Squad 2 Class Soccer Captain 4 K fy 5 5 Xxx -It l WZ I nvx I IX ' wax o 6 3 Y cr .2 f F-Q -J f, L' fiwxy Q : Nw , . i??QfZ"- f ff544i3Tif - ff ,Q " I ifij. ls K GN X l-Jwf-1-N .-:F 1 CHARLES F. STEWART 1511167611 1946 Cadmcan Society 4 Gym Team 4 Varsity Football 4, Sq Varsity Track Squad 2 "BH Basketball 2 Freshman Football l Freshman Wrestling l Freshman Track l uad 2 "Rat" -took a brief vacation from U.S., but not even the desire for a more military life Could keep him away-famed Captain and cook of the Duehessg just ask the Com- modore-solicitor of funds for Cadmean beer mugs-owns a pair of beat up Army boots that change color like a chameleon- had Moore troubles with juniors-one of the original promoters of Put-in-Bay-has a secret love at Bowling Green-an ace basketball star who is forced to play by radar-ean't see the basket, but sank one once to the amazement of all-has a de- cided negative afhnity for Walton's classes -a professional soldier at heart-greatesti ambition is to be a general, so he can order Barkwill and Smythe around. "Tails,'-the human jumping bean- has the grace of a grass-hopper-amused all with his Senior Room antics - illustrious member of the parlez-xfous'ers- could often be found pleading with Wild Bill to erase those zeros-more emotional than Johnny Ray when griping about his grades - knows more about the Baron's than Bun Cook- when he isn't at the Arena, he's taking in the latest show-even missed New Year's Eve at Mimi's in order to see one- an un- recognized ping-pong champ-likes to imi- tate Jeep - an expert salesman who tried to make Duke the class' number two favorite - Mr. Keenan predicts he will become an outstanding star of the Ballet. FRANK LANDON TAYLOR JR. Entered 1948 Gle: Club 4 Players 3 Varsity Soccer Squad 4 Varsity Track Squad 3 Varsity Tennis Squad 2 "BU Football Team 3 "B" Basketball Team 2 Class Football All-Stars 1 ma, .,.., fm 'irish it J , Cf! I at Gyiygvfffl at WMF M 7 y 'l 64 117 - 'Wu ffifnwf ' 'ami' 1. Bhlkp HIKMAT M. TUAIMA Entered 1951 Varsity Soccer 4 Varsity Wrestling Squad 4 if - E 1 My 5? vi I. ' ' 6 29312 N r E t ' S , 'aim ' In K-JN lx1pl'lf,gg3 ll MI lui ll 4 1 "Hik, the cool daddy from Bagdadn- tried unsuccessfully to smuggle his camels through the customs ofiicials-has never shown anyone how his magic carpet flies- encountered his first taste of Nature's de- lightful phenomenon, snow - swears fluently in a mixture of English and Arabic-had everyone in the dorm betting whether or not heid sleep with his head facing the east- whenever he sees a camera, Hik jumps into the lap of the prettiest girl in sight and wants his picture taken -had to rent Arab robes for the costume ball-understands English quite well, but is never without his pocket dictionary-couldn't induce Kline- man to visit the Orpheum while on tour of New York-thinks American women are all right, but longs for the harem he left behind. ROBERT TUCKERMAN Entered 1948 Glec Club 3, 4 Players 3, 4 Junior Prom Committee 3 Class Soccer Champions 2 l ,f7f'Ql3 4 C "Right Angle Bobn - owns more nick- yr . 'i -Lal X 'Zi ,W names than any other senior-surprised all fp' . pil-R-mf' N 1: -A by attending the Snowball Frolic . . . with a ---' ff 'N " ii 1, girl-chief electrician for VO's players- Q' A V' 7' flower of the Senior Room - has never worn ki i' gil " out a pair of heels fthe toes are the first to N , if SOD -never known to be on time for class 'iii f' -i 3 - one of Nate's favorites -one time owner 'W l?5yf"' of a very unusual lighter-can always be " counted on to come up with one of his classic . 5" ' -N answers-played delivery boy for a local ll , N 45 V florist during Christmas vacation-one of i Z . the few who dared to take Algebra XII, and X1 g, !1 'rif pass-carries enough pens and pencils to -Vg --,x vl 'Y Y! keep the Pentagon stocked for a year. ""' 3 f -gif- LIVINGSTON HUNTER ULF Entered 1946 Second Honors l Edward Moore Society 4 Glee Club 2, 3, 4 Players 2 News Board 3, Managing liditor 4 Athletic Council 4 Varsity Wrestling Manager 4 Varsity Tennis Squad 2 Class Soccer Champions 2, 4 '51-Ifaiilii? ' ff fl K " "Y tj -.Tr xl x T' v l' 'Mwst t"f'ly Nl ' 'N - 1 ll M41 :ii 1 ji lr W. 1 L :i til ' iilll li Mr 11- My it 1 V il iid 1 : if X 'bg ' i 'A J Wi 'M i gl 9 "l l Terry-the open hearted ambassador of good will in the senior class-possesses a politicianis winning smile, but is not a back- slapper-quiet, but ever present and atten- tive in his duties with the Edward Moore Society - a three year man in the Glee Club -the industrious managing editor of the U.S. Blah, who many times disagrees with the "despotie" editors- hard working man- ager of the varsity wrestling team - worked hard to Hnd an assistant to do his daily chores-took this job only to stay out of the All-Around Athlete Contest fsaid he didn't want to give Bartunek too much com- petitionj -tackles any problem well if the bomb under him is lit correctly--quiet Romeo type who stayed out later than any one else New Year's Eve-another of the myriad Yaleites. K 2 6612 I Q A Q a C Q J A , 163. I of? J fr'-W . .,f5f" QW 'cPeaches"-burns up all his energy try- ing to get to English on time-has never made it- his regular field attendance makes him a favorite of J.D. - a great admirer of Lou Boudreau-never could persuade Mr. Keenan to join his fan club-likes to run down innocent pedestrians with his brown Ford hard top convertible- excells in both French and Spanish, at least in his own opinion-was such an optimist -that he added the French and Spanish prizes to his activities list so they would appear in the Mabian-bitter opponent of the 'iHands OH" policy-after holding down the stag line for some time, he became an ardent admirer of women-ran a dude ranch in the wide open spaces of Arizona-almost started an international feud with the Mexi- can authorities - affirms that Harvard is the only college in the world. RICHARD W. WEATHERHEAD Entered 1942 Players 4 News Board 3, 4 f, if s M .ff ff f teo u.'S,P-g5IY- -L yliuul inf ,, ,aww ja Q- I THOMAS WIGGLESWORTH JR. Lnteved 1946 I dwsird Moore 4- Caclmwn 4 Athletic Council 4 Vwrslty VVrestling 3, 4, Squad 2 Varsity Tennis 2, 3, Captain 4 liieshman Wrestling I lrcshman Tennis l fi f .. - -sitiiii I 5 'lr U:-ll' V QL- :.. Jglllgg ff gl Lk " lk: T X ...IK I' , T A l 'jf' Ti f4! J X Mr. Tennis himself - Seymour's pride and joy, the only boy he'll trust with the key to the tennis courts-also keeps himself busy in winter and fall with wrestling and soccer fone of those who got his letter with no previous experience in the gamej - runs an- other of the McCauley Road Motelsgthis one also serves excellent advice on handling the opposite sex from an expert- his bewitch- ing figure holds a great allurement for a cer- tain someone gone of the unfortunates who has to choose between Cadillaes when his parents are out of town-inevitably seen laughing or smiling-likes women of all shapes, sizes, descriptions, and always has one-kept 'flsaacn worried by refusing to decide where he wanted to go to college. A great teller of tall tales-originator supreme of many crazy ideas-has many silent loves, but . . .-his Dodge has more gadgets than Jean's Fun House-literary genius in charge of the Mabian features- skillfully managed to have his assistants do all the work - renowned for English themes with an odd twist-industrious manager of Molten's booters-Glee Club accompanistg secretly aspires to be another George Shear- ing-sees all Warner movies free this dad is district managerj - another sounds man, the kind made by a Smitty mufTler- Senior Room regular, but not for butts-once the pride of "El Dios'-tried at one time to analyze a U.S. lunch with apparatus from the lab-one of the nicest and most un- usual of The Class of Revolutionists. JAMES RICHARD WRIGHT Entered 1949 Second Honors 2 Glee Club 3, 4, Accompanist 4 Mabian Board Feature Editor 4 Sherman Prize Speaking 3 Athletic Council 4 Varsity Soccer Manager 4 2.965 " r QL.. 'K X I 3 x I fiw' if: C' 1 X CLASSES Here are the underlings -the rising young groups that are iust waiting for the days when they can assume that most exalted of all titles - The Senior Class of University School. These groups are now going through the scholastic mill that is the parapet to "Seniordom," and we would like to say that we hope they survive the strain and stress that is an integral part of being underclasses, and that they will one day emerge from the muck triumphant, and finally partake of the Senior Room. 52 First Row: David Black, Ron- nie Chilcole, Tom Cooper, Snady Clark, Kurt Block, Bill Althans. Second Row: Busler Beam, Bob Clifford, George Bowman, Dick Backus, John Bostwick, Henry Chisholm, Peter Ballan- tine, Ted Kapps, Stuart Brooks. First Row: Jim Easly, George Dunn, Robb Corry, Peter Fritz- sche, Dick Kail, Phil Geier. Second Row: Charles Imars, Dan Illes, Tom Glcnnan, Eben Crawford, Bob Howard, Sher- man Denison, Ted Jones, Jack Friedlander. JUNIURS 1'-1 I JUNIURS First Row: Charles Ranney Gilbert Schafer, Pat Moriarty, Nick Minneti, Dick Matson, Jack Sauer. Second Row: Sandy Mcflrea, Pat Palmieri, Allen Roberts, Ted Parkhurst, Stuart Miller, Jim Moreland, Peter Leininger, Tom Reese. First Row: John Turben, WV al- ly Mfeber, jerry Walker, John Yvood, Roger Winslow, Morgan Taft. Second Row: Don Sprosti, Carl Starkey, Walter Smith, Sheldon WVylie, Brian Sherwin, John Schott, Phil Stuart, John X-Vilkin. First Row: Jim Ainger, Jim Crankshaw, Steve Aplhorp, John Cox, Bud Curry. Second Row: Jim Bayless, Roger Drake, Frank Carpenter. Dick Colbert, Charles Dolfuss, Ari Davis. Tom Borland. First Row: Bob Hum, Bob Hohs, Joe Johnson, jim Gcier, Dick Kingsland. Second Row: jack Hecker, Tom Hunnicull, Charles Kin- ney. Derry Herron, Frank Dur- ham, Stun Hobbs, Bill Haag. SUPHUMURES 74 SUPHUMURES umwsg 1 75 First Row: Dave Patek, Pete Relic, John Murray, Robbie McLellan, Sam Roose. Second Row: Bill Odell, Jim Richards, Pat 0'Brien, Toby Perry, Bill Long, Roy Rajki. , I i , , lift f Vi 5 J, ulfwgtwv wa 'A ,N U ww, QA ,, All zffxf, ly J' , f ,'fN"4?S 'Q ,- lf M -, .I 'fl i ,f tl , , lf' ' le f jg U I ll' it 'lfllf . J . l. 'I ' 4' 1 ll ff fr X ln ,ff tim, 2 i' lily- W' .YQ -. Mil 1211, ' M, fn V45 711 X Q, Lf jjj' V li 6 ' My ' 1" First Row: Rcler Seithf Bob Ulz, Jim Young, Pete Smith, Bob Seith. Second Row: Walker YVatkins, Fred Stevens, Dave WViesenber- ger, Ben Weimer, Doug Weil, Yvarren Siekman, Roy Smith. ' First Row: Roger Disbro, John Eerkes, Woody Fisher, jack Brokenshire, Bob Combs, Bruce Fine. Second Row: Peter Bicknell, Jim Brendel, Dick Fields, Brock Carter, Henry Foltz, Dick Benes, Joel Baird, Charles Buss, Paul Evans, Dave Ernest. First Row: Pele Hatch, Chris Jones, Skip Isreal, Dave Jame- son, Dick Hall, Pete Jones. Second Row: Fred Hawley, Bill Hargett, Dan Kling, Evan Kemp, Tom Gooclridge, Dave Hawley, Brad Kling, Doug Kirtz. E FRESHMEN ,k,..r1 FRESHMEN First Row: Temple McCourt, Al McKinney, John Outcalt, Ralph Lees, Phil Meinke, Bill Logsdon. Second Row: John Pattie, Don Morine, Dave Moore, Dave Kundtz, Jim McGrew, Myron Medinger, Nate Oakes, Chuck McCarty. First Row: Dennis Sherwin, Rick Reading, Mike Schumann, Bill Wallace, Tony Small, 'Jim Sampliner. Second Row: John Stringham, David Robinson, Frank Stevens, Vaughan Stapleton, Jim Sloan, Larry Simon, Bill West, George Powell, Guy VVilliams. First Row: Ben Gale, Tom Currier, Dan Fleig. Douglas An- Hn, Tom Folger. Second Row: Leonard Bryan, Bob Crawford, Dick Geier, Tod Adams, Bill Eakin, Bill Evans, Charles Becker. First Row: S c o t t Harper, Douglas Hoyt, Tom Harvey, Pete Haiman, jerry Hall. Second Row: Tom Johnson, john Kork, Lewis Goodman, Bob Gresham, Ed Kinney, Steve Jett, Jack Henick. lllllsllkl llllllliill 5 ,ar ri E I G H TH G R A D E ,nun-sy l llllllfllll 78 EIGHTH GRADE 79 First Row: Bob Lowe, john Loolburrow, Dick Miller, Bill Kirlz, Sterling McMillan. Second Row: Floyd Meek, Serge McKhann, David Reid, Dick Lafuve, Dave Rodgers, Richard Ruhlmzm, Tom Marks. First Row: Zach Scoolfield, Jon YVeil, Pete Staulfer, Dave Mfzilker, Dick Wessman. Second Row: Lynn Terrell, Mike Welch, Bob Schafer, John W'Vitmen, Dick Weiss, jim X'Veb- er, jim Russell. First Row: Pele Adams, Jack Blakeslee, David Buss, Steve Bayless, Warner Adams, Ted Cooper. Second Row: Andy Arnold, Jim Black, Jay Cullen, Bill Castle, Tom Clark, Toby Berry, John Ardussi. First Row: Dave Erickson, An- drew Lange, David Judd, Ken Laven, Bricky Howe. Second Row: Jim Jung, Frank Ginn, Richard Doering, Tex Ellinger, Mike Dively, Dave Daley. SEVENTH GRADE 81 First Row: Dick Odell, Mark Perry, Jim Loof burrow, Mike Robbins, Henry Rankin, Geof Smith. Second Row: Doug Perkins, Doug Skall, Steve Smith, Bill Sealy, Terry Shockey, Sparky Pickands, Jim Oswald. First Row: Lionel Stern, Russ YVeIler, Frank Steingass, Mel- burn True, Mike Weil, Tim Steffens. Second Row: Allan Wood, Pete Travis, Horace Yvetzell, jim Stewart, jack Staples, Bill Turner. First Row: Bob Baugh, John Farrell, Prenlis Bowsher, Lan- nie Sumner, Bruce Healy. Second Row: Ralph lvaldo, Mr. Peyser, Wfayne Gilbert, YVal- ter King, George Irvin, John Shallenberger, Jim McConnell, George Opdyke, Dick Essick, Bob Evans. Third Row: Bill Porter, Wfes YVilliams, Les Illes, Bill Avery, Dick Hollis, Toby Bergstrom. First Row: Mark Essick, Gra- ham Gund, Frederick VVatkins, James Corcoran, Richard Samp- liner, Robert Schuemann. Second Row: Michael Sher- win, Roberl Ruedy, John Mc- hVh0l'lCl', Philip x'Vilii2lll1S, Rich- ard Desberg, John Lane, Eric Williams. Third Row: Mr. Barnard, YVilliam Roose, l'Vyatt Perkins, XVilson Stapleion, YV i n ds 0 1' YVood, John YVedler. Arthur Bill. lt FDURTH GRADE THIRD GRADE gx 1.5 I . JJ. - Mg-r'!PyL1I 1 5 ' ' i'zg'x,' .Q .1 , F Back Row: Mr. Brack, Teln- ple vvilliilllls, James Hughes, David Wfenger, Robert Yvaldo, Lee Chilcote, Tommy Young. Wliddle Row: Geoffrey Gund, Robert Chase, Charles Burgess, Bredin Cummings, Hans Gron- bach, Pete Ladd. Front Row: Tris Castle, Peter Geier, Billy Daley, Philip Giun- ta, R i ch a r d Rodgers, Tony XVelcl1. First Row: Stephen Szabo, Spike Marten, Henry Martin, Kit Baldwin. Second Row: Robert Vfassong Dick Schwarz, Dan Swander, John Wright, Toni Gale, Brad Morse, Thomas Kinsey. Third Row: Bill Peyser, Carl- ton Coolidge, Dick Genet, Dick YVedler, Richard Parker, lNIrs. Kaufmann, Tom Wood. First Row: Patrick Logan, Roy Meckler, Mrs. Barren, Ter- rence Dautel, YVilliam Ladd. Francis Morrow, Arthur Treu- haft, Michael Geier, George Sherwin. Second Row: John Barger, james Barger, Thomas Kinney, Xvilliam McDaniel, Robert Jones. Theodore Schellentrager. First Row: Tony Bohannon, Vfinky Baldwin. Second Row: Sandy Randt, Terry Baugh, Mrs. Schreyer, Allan Leavitt, Thomas Saunders, Tim Dautel, Tommy Sumner, Allen Friedlander. Third Row: George Crile, Dick Waldron, Tim Lytle, Fred Backlond, Danny Bricker, Jon Ginn. Qwhwkliygh - K . wvpllvfwlaff Q Ea SEE SEIIDND GRADE FIRST GRADE 5 if-flags.-Q I 1 l:,Q?15il,gl -" b 1541- I i.g,QW!?f4d1f 1 R 4 l 1 A S4 V .-P, o o Q A -. :nigh +1 gf. - 2 r ,ii 'la l PRE-PRIMARY GRUUP CLASS OF 1952 Andrew Squire Dempsey joseph Keller Crabbe Carl XVilliam Shallenherger Samuel Prenliss Sawyer john Tucker Marston George Hodgson l-lileman Reid Baird johnson jcllirey Hall Smythe Richard lvhitney KVeatherhead Marlin Phillips Pope CLASS OF 1953 james Edwin Moreland Philip Henry Ceier jr. Allen MaeDearmou Roberts I-Ienry Chisholm III john Maebride Wilkin George Henry lhnvxnan jr. Sherman Foote Denison Charles Peter Leininger Ronald I-Iodell Chileole CLASS OF 1054 james Bernard Geier Roy Harmon Smith III Frank I-Iowlaud Carpenter jolm Francis Hecker Sidney Douglas Weil SONS OF ALUMNI CLASS OF 1955 Nathan IValler Oakes David Roblin Hawley Davis Frederic Hawley Daniel XVarmington Kling jolm Bradley Kling james Rudolph Sloan CLASS OF 1956 Richard Robert Geier Thomas Edward Currier Charles McVey Becker Samuel Sterling McMillan Thomas French Harvey jonathan Shalfner WVeil CLASS OF l957 Michael Peter Robbins Douglas E. S. Perkins james Holbrook Black Frank Hadley Ginn Henry Preston Rankin III Douglas Robert Skall Michael Robert Iveil 85 I First Row: james Burger, Ronald Schumann. Second Row: Robert Bueding, james Barker, john Skinner, William Porter, Fredric Perkins. Third Row: Michael Hop- kins, Mrs. Chase, Horace Tay- lor, IVilliam Calfee, Dale Gron- bach, Harris Creech, james Myers. LOWVER SCHOOL WVilliam C0l'l1CllllS Daley jr. Michael john Geier Peter Daniel Geier Geoffry deConde Gund Gordon Gund Graham deConde Gund IValter jolm Shallenberger Richard Thomas 'Waldron Arthur Henry Bill Mark Peters Essick WVyatt B. Perkins Philip Hone WVilliams Temple Emmet WVilliams Lyman Foote Nartin II Nfilliam Sherwood Porter Dau Calvin Swander III WVesley Corrigan WVilliams Lee A. Chileote jr. Louis Ivilliams Ladd 'III William Dulaney Ladd Nuclear Nastles Nail Nonsense The following is an eye-witness account of an actual class at University School. Any coincidence between p e r s o n s mentioned here and living seniors is purely natural. As the bell jangles nervously in the hall, ap- proximately twenty-four bleary-eyed Sill- dents file into the room and drop their loads fgreen books, blue books, college texts, lab books, etc.,j and prepare for another session of intellectual awakening. The versatile prol'essorf?j who also operates a used car lot, and harbors a scurvy assortment of animals in his garage for scientific purposes, is at- tired in his usual uniform, which consists mainly of a long white coat Quo, this is a class, not an asylumj. He begins the session of the day by saying: Prof: Alright, turn to the lesson for today. C. P. Dowd: YVhat page and what book? Prof: fNimbly leaping to his feetj My God, don't you do anything? .I mean, I can't see how any boy could have read over the lesson and ask such a thing. You think you're fooling nie, but you are not. The a - - - a let's see how many have their questions. fOne hand goes up. That of one Hadley -jones, a genius in this particular subjectj Prof: ffletting rather provokedj You don't do anything: I mean, I give you a short lesson and tell you to do it intensely and then you don't even read it. Of course, University School boys are famous for not doing anything without they get a test every day. Wfhen I was up at the old school in St. Lawrence they didn't drive Cadil- lacs and go to country clubs, they studied. The last good class I ever had was in '38. Those boys . . . I had eight or ten boys waiting on my doorstep every morning, and fgoes into the lab and still mumbles onj Stauller, Bright, Sauer- wein, those boys really worked. Sauerwein used to live in the lab, took ir1 a sleeping bag and a few cans. QComes back into the room with a fistful of test tubes and chemicalsj But you boys just never give me any of your time. Heh, we're in the lab now so watch what I do. Take a clean test tube, put in a little hydrogen peroxide, not too much sulphuric acid, ferrous chloride, shake it up, there he goes into elaborate gyrations and superfluous contortions, waving his arms madlyj and here we have a beautiful floculent precipi- tate. You don't want but just a little bit, because in this particular case it goes over like a .... Class: Shot! Prof: fPleased beyond his greatest expecta- tions, grinning from ear to earj Yeah! Let's go into the lab. I want this experiment well written up. You have W an hour. fClass goes into lab and does experiment. Sud- denly there is a tremendous explosion that shakes the whole room. The sound of tinkling glass is followed by complete, dead, llttel' silence. This is followed by another smaller explosion fthe professorj. Prof: X'Vhat happened? lW!1!'fll'llllIl'I Gee, sir, I just. made a hydrogen bomb. It worked! Prof: Supposing you leave and don't come back. I mean, l don't send you boys in here to play around. You might as well be out digging ditches for all you get out of this. You just put one thing in another and you turn around twice and don't even know what you've done. fgoes into other room still talkingj. Ql,indseth and Marston start playing around with some glassg Marston drops a beaker on the llooizj Prof: fl-Iopping furiously into the roomy Stop bouncing that glass around! You might as well be outside shoveling snow as wasting your time in here, l mean, Marston, you're the dumbest boy in six counties anyhow, so stay away from that Lindseth boy. liver since he came back from New York he hasn't done any work. Supposin' you go into the other room and do tomorrow's lesson. flalalks around lab and looks at all the boys' experimentsj This Davis lad always breezes through these experiments way ahead of the others, but he gets much better results. lVhal do you think about this, Bruce? If. H. 111191111 Baaah! Prof: Now we'1l etch some glass. Let's keep the romancin' out of here, this is a scientific ex- periment. By the way, Heh, the next time you boys have a date and the moon is full, you might explain the electron theory to your girl, bringing out the fact that the strength of the charge is directly proportional to the proximity of the two bodies involved, I-leh. f'l'his humorous remark brings down the house.j VVell, the period's over. Let's go eat. I-ll! TIES Here is a section of activities-the chief opponents of homework and classwork. Activities at U. S. are very popular for the reason that they are an enioyable experi- ence in management, colleges like them, and they provide excellent reasons for K. X.'s from study halls. This year the activities thrived, and as a result several masters came close to the point of suicide. In order to save space we have not included the S.E.C., S.P.E.C., the Teddy Bears, or the Parlez-vooers. 52 President: HEALY FRONTA W ,J 1 .PA mmt 1.065 JJ-f4'.1,g' LOSE JD11FfTf?b' -W u 5425? -rf:nPoR ' L. DCCIPITAL LOBE LOSE First Row: Dempsey, Mr. Walton, Pope. Secoml Row: Stahl, Healy, Davis. CUM LAUIJE SUIIIETY The Cum Laude Society is to preparatory schools what Phi Beta Kappa is to colleges. The aim of this society, a national organization, is to award recognition to high scholarship. At the beginning of each school year, the top ten per cent of the senior class is admitted on the basis of eleventh grade marks. Near the end of the year the next ten per cent is awarded membership on the basis of their marks in their senior year. The boys ad- mitted in the fall of this year were: Tom Healy, Mar- tin Pope, Andy Dempsey, Arden Stahl, and George Davis. 88 Second Row: Relic, Crzmkshaws, Carpenter, Crawford, Chilcote, Wood. First Row: R. Johnson, G. Davis, Akers, Healy, Smytlie. PREFECTS The Prefcct Board is composed of five members of the senior class, and three from each of the junior and sophomore classes. The board functions as an elected student government, and its members strive to promote harmony between the students and the faculty. Duties which the members perform include reading chapel notices, conducting milk-and-cracker periods, keeping order during lunch, taking attendance at extra helps, and occasionally supervising study halls. Through the prefects, under the efficient leadership of Bruce Akers, a Coke machine was installed in the senior room, and the "lunch out" privilege has been restored to the seniors. The Prefect Board can now meet at any time, and is always consulted on disciplinary matters. 89 President: AKERS Secretary: CRAWVFORD President: SCHU M ANN x 1 ' 1 X f X f X Z 'F , X - J f . First Row: Currier, Schafer, Schumann, Harvey, Tewksbury. Second Row: Dively, Jones, Oakes, Foltz, Fleig, True. JUNIUR PREFEBTS At the same time the Upper School chooses its class oflicers, the junior prefects are chosen by their respective classmates. These prefects also act as clam officers. The board, composed of three each from the seventh, eighth, and ninth grades, and under the guidance of Mr. Bober- myer, faculty advisor, acts upon any disciplinary matters which are out of the jurisdiction of the Upper School board of prefects, as well as serving as an advisory board to the middle school administration. Mike Schu- mann was president of this yearls board. 90 Firxl Row: Ranney, Hileman, Howard. Second Row: McArthur, J. Johnson, Long, Wvilliams. The dormitory prefects are elected by the dorm stu- dents, and, like the prefects, they form a connecting link between the students and the masters. They take charge of evening duties, and assist in helping the mas- ters to keep the dormitory in order. President George Hilcman stated that this year the dorm prefects have taken a more active part in dormitory government than ever before, and if they were given more power, dormi- tory life would be completely governed by the students. 91 President: HILERIAN w.fZi"-' i Editor-in-Chief: AKERS Managing Editor: ULF Literary Editor: DEM PSEY Sports Editor: REICHERT Business Manager: BYAL Circulation. M nnagers: SACHS HIMMELRIGHT Advertising Iwanager: MILLER ' lzilb First Row: Carpenter, Weil, Relic, Crankshaw, Long, Apthorn, Johnson. Second Row: R. Corry, Nevin, Reichert, Akers, Mr. Gray, Dempsey, Schott, Winslow. Third Row: Himmelright, R. Johnson, F. Sawyer, B. Dunn, Marston, Sachs, Weather- head, Anderson, Byal, Baird, R. Miller. Fourth Row: Davis, Duncan, Glennan, Chilcote, Pope, G. Dunn. NEWS BUARD Although the front page of every issue boldly pro- claims that the University School News is the oldest of its kind in Ohio, this year's staff has been able to inject new happenings into the paper. Editor-in-Chief, Bruce Akers, has put the emphasis on forthcoming instead of past news, and has given his front page an artistic balance. Credit for the new form of the literary page goes to Andy Dempsey, who finally was able to put his rejuvena- tion theories into practice. Woodie Reichert's sports staff did a very creditable job of reporting on Mr. Mc- Carraher's dominions and deluging the reader with "sports slanguagen. Russ Miller was an ogre to the editorial stali, and c vs- , 0 L2-ii51Fla ai, ,H eff-Q., -X- " Q-Ser' caused Akers and Reichert considerable pain by drown- ing them in a phenomenal amount of advertising. Al- though no outside reader expected to get his paper at all, it always arrived promptly, thanks to two outstand- ing American youths, the "Gu, and the "Dad,'. 92 First Row: Schaffer, Moriarity, Crankshaw, Weil, Hecker. Second Row: Wylie, Wright, R. Johnson, Akers, Davis, B. Dunn, Turben, Schott. Third Row: Dowd, Dempsey, Glennzm, Lindseth, Mr. Ulrich, Eakin, Cooper, Pope, Baird. MABIAN BOARD Under the able guidance of Mr. Ulrich, the faculty advisor, and George Davis, editor-in-chief, this year's Jllabian arrived unusually early at its present form. The extra number of pages in this publication are due to the large amount of advertisements obtained by John Scott and Jack Turben. Bruce Akers, business manager, managed to cke out a few moments of his precious time to do his part. Healy Dowd, circulation manager, was heard practicing his horn, attempting to sell Mabians. As usual, E. B. Dunn put forth his excellent suggestions. The senior biographies were handled by Marty Pope. The completely different appearance of this year's book is due to "that free-thinking modern industrial designeru, Reid B. Johnson. That boy seen at all the dances was Tom Glennan, photography editor. Feature editor, Jim Wright, enlightened the uninitiated about the numerous extra-curricular activities of University School. In charge of the sports section, was John Duncan. 93 Editor-in-Chief: DAVIS Managing Editor. B. DUNN Literary Editor: POPE Design Editor: R. JOHNSON Feature Editor: WVRIGHT Sports Editor: DUNCAN Business Wlanager AKERS Advertising Manager TURBEN Circulation lllanager DOVVD President: HEALY Vice President: AKERS Secretary: JOHNSON Treasurer: POPE 4 UKHB N ll Q First Row: Wigglesworth, F. Sawyer, Crawford, S. Miller, Dowd. Second Row: Grabski, Smytlle, R. johnson, Healy, Akers, Pope, Duncan, B. Dunn. Third Row: Mr. Fox, Dempsey, Bartunek, Davis, Lindseth, Sperry, Cunningham, Barkwill, Bull. "lr ' '-.1 4' fwifli 1.,.,-im ',' ,I ,,-. :,f.,,,f EDWARD MUURE SOCIETY The Edward Moore Society, completed one of its most successful and serviceable years. Under the direc- tion of President Tom Healy, and faculty advisors, Mr. Cruikshank, and Mr. Fox, a tremendous amount of constructive work was accomplished. The members began the year by showing new boys through the build- ing and helping them to get acquainted with the school in general. At the close of the fall athletic season, the annual "F all Fling" was presented by the society. The Mystery Disc Jockey drew a large crowd, and everyone was trying to guess his identity right up to the last min- ute. All were surprised when he turned out to be none other than the HG". The dance was popular not only for its entertainment value, but also for the large amount of money taken in, the largest sum the society has ever collected at any of its dances, used to help fill Christmas baskets, which were sent this year to the Chil- dren's Aid Society, a new project. The members of the society also took charge of collecting money at the gates of the Parma game for the Nlarch of Dimes. 94 First Row: lvigglesworth, Parkhurst, G. Dunn, Xvalker, F. Sawyer, Dowd. Second Row: Davis, I-limnielriglit., liarkwill, Mr. Sumner, Baier. President: BARKWILL Vice President: HI lil NIELRIGHT Secretary: DAVIS Trezmtrer: BAIER Pledge Ilfluster: CAMERON Third Row: Healy, Duncan, Smythc, Lindseth, R. Johnson, Sperry, Grabski, Stuart. Fourth. Row: B. Dunn, Akers, Bartunek, Cunningham, Cameron. BADMEAN SOCIETY An exceedingly popular organization at University School is the Cadmean Society. The boys who compose this fun-loving group are chosen primarily by their ability as leaders and by their personality. They are in- ducted after a short pledging period during which they provide entertainment for all. Long a favorite of the administration, the Society this year has accomplished much Linder the leadership of President Ted Barkwill and Mr. Sumner, faculty advisor, to uphold its sterling reputation. Hard work by all its members made the Community Chest Drive one of the most successful in recent years, and the Snow Ball Frolie was again a very popular dance. The Society contributed the Cadmean Trophy, sponsored the Blood Drive, and gave its annual Fathers' and Sons' Dinner. 95 504515 0 G 0000 Q L. . R gn 5 1 CADMEAN President: DAVIS Vice President: R. JOHNSON Treasmer: DENI PSEY in-SA ff' S rig! f 'JK :ffl - ACTING-First Row: R. johnson, Davis, Dempsey. Second Row: Crankshaw, Dowd, G. Dunn, Lindseth, Mr. McCreighL. Denison, Marston, Himmelright. PLAYERS By a general consensus of opinion, V. O. McCreight last December directed the most successful play that the Players have produced in many years. The cast this year chose to pick on a perfectly good comedy drama entitled The Hasty Heart. Although the feature members of the cast included George Davis, Mrs. Jean Miller, Jon Lindseth, Healy Dowd, Sherman Denison, and jim Crankshaw, the result was an excellent facsimile of the original. Reid johnson, Fitch Himmelright, and George Dunn as supporting actors added a good deal to the general confusion. The Hasty Heart, a one act production, took place in a British army base hospital located somewhere in the South Pacific. Lockie, a bitter young Scottish sergeant, dying of uremic poisoning, was finally brought to see the intrinsic worth of man through the efforts of a Yank, a G. I., a British nurse, Sister Margaret, Digger and Kiwi, Australian and New Zealand soldiers, and Tom- 96 PRODUCTION-First Row: Schott, Shaffer, Walker. Second Row: Slmllenberger, Ivcatherhead, Smythe, Grabski, Anderson. Third Row: Tuckerman, McArthur, Hudson, Barkwill, Parkhursl, Cooper, Pfeifer, Hcinen, H. Jones. Fourth Rom: Matson, Akers, WVylie, Byal, Fangboner. my, a greatly over-padded British soldier. The plot was further complicated by the tender love which Lockie held for Margaret. As usual, the passionate embraces turned out to be a complete farce. Reid Johnson, as an orderly, walked quickly on and off the stage during the first act, while George Dunn, as an African bushman, did a little better. He stayed on stage for the play's en- tirety, but the poor fellow managed to speak only one word all evening, Blo--soom. The "GH made an im- pressive army doctor in telling the Scotchman of his illness. Right up until the morning before the play, it was highly questionable if the cast had learned their respec- tive lines. However, on the fateful evening, everyone, most of all the VO, was pleasantly surprised to discover that he had them down pat. Little publicity was given to Bob Tuckermanls highly efhcient stage crew or to the unfailing prompters in the guise of Andy Dempsey and Tucker Marstom. Without their efforts, it is safe to say that The Hasty Heart would have been just another amateur play. 97 fr 1: H ri rr 0' rt Lachieu DAVIS Yank" DENISON Ma1'g11 ret " JEAN MILLER Tommy" DOYV D K izui" LINDSETH Diggerv CR AN KSHAW Colonel" HIM M ELRIGHT "B I ossom " G. DUNN Orderly' R. JOHNSON MIM! 3 President: DOWVD Vice President: AKERS Librarian: POPE -.f1X3XZ'w nlfif Jmf Q First Row: Yvalker, Baird, Bull, Matson, McArthur. Second Row: Tucker-man, Stuart, Akers, Dowd, Wattles, Sawyer, Nolan. Third Row: Crawford, Black, Chilcote, Linclseth, Cunningham, Shallenberger, Grabski. Fourth Row: Xvright, Smith, Denison, Nevin, Pfeifer, Seith. GLEE CLUB This yearis Glee Club, under the direction of "Leo- pold" Hruby, and its ofheersc "Johnnie Ray" Dowd, president: "Tony" Martin Pope, secretary, and "Enrico Carusov Akers, treasurer, had one of its busiest seasons. Besides singing Christmas Carols in chapel, the group went earoling in the neighborhood around school, a custom begun last year. On February 22nd, the U.S. Glee Club was again host to the Old Trail Glee Club, and besides a dinner for the groups, there was a dance in chapel afterwards. Following this was our annual 98 First Row: Scith, Hccker, Myerson, Bayless. Second Row: R, johnson, Pope. Eakin, Taylor, Conway. Third Row: Richards, Healy, Baier, Mr. Hruby, Apthorp, Block, Johnson. Fourth Row: Turben, Brooks, Fiecllander, Beam, Lang. combined concert with Hathaway Brown. This concert is one of the major reasons so many tried out for the club that its membership reached an all time high of forty-seven members. The Octet this year gave several outstanding perform- ances, among which was the singing of four members at the Rotary Club, in spite of the fact that it had only eight men, six of whom were in it for the first time. Singing at Crile Hospital was appreciated immensely by the veterans, who made sure that the Glee Club would visit them again next year. With the singing of two num- bers at commencement, the Glec Club concluded one of its best seasons. 99 ' OCTET AKERS STUART BULL BAIRD DOWD WVATTLES P. SAWYER M ATSON :WZ s ff'lgl.ln ig-1 U CN ,ei- iii Sec1'etm'y: HIM MELRIGHT I -, 1 First Row: Mr. Peyser, Mr. McLellan, Mr. McCarral1e1', Mr. Molton, Mr. Bobemneycr. Second Row: Duncan, Wright, Hinunelrighl, Bull, Barkwill, Barlunek, Sperry, Smythe, Cunningham, Nolan, Shallenberger, WVigglesworlh, McArthur. ATHLETIC COUNCIL The Athletic Council is composed of the Captains, Coaches, and Managers of our eight varsity sports. They meet at the end of each athletic season to award fresh- man numerals and varsity letters. They also hold meet- ings at odd times during the school year to discuss cur- rent problems in regard to the teams. This year Secretary Fitch Himmelright held the sole student ollice of the Council. The members of the Council take charge at all athletic events, and it is through their efforts that school spirit is kept high. 100 ll The University School Press Agent Associa- tion, the group that has succeeded through the medium of calisthenics, in building the class of '52 into a group- of scraggly weak- lings. Our thanks go to the Athletic Associa- tion for providing gaming pleasures for our after-school leisure hours. We shall long remember the pleasant suggestions of coaches, the stimulating sting of straight chlorine in the swimming pool, and the delightful sensation of wallowing in brow- sweat on the school's outstanding gray flannel tumbling mats. 52 Who kicked it? Concentration F risking him WWE Victorious! Hic observes Ralph 102 Corner kick Headache U.S. 2 YV.R.A. .. U. S. Pl !V.R.U. "li" U. S. 4 Cranbrook .,,,. ,...,, U, S. 2 Nichols .,....,. ,,.. . . U. S. 0 Shady Side ......,, U. S. 2 XV.R.U "IS" SOCCER " T 1 x , E f 1? M R. MOLTON First Row: Wigglesworth, Tuaima, Reichert, Cunningham, Healy, Johnson, Parkhursl. Second Row: Patek, Wilkin, Yvalker, Crabbe, Bowman, Strand. Third Row: Mr. Parker, Bull, Beam, Wright, Chilcote, Dunn, Mr. Molten. With the return of only two lettermen, Coach Don Molten and Dave Cunningham led their spirited U.S. soccer team to its second Interstate Championship in the League's history. Displaying an amazing amount of spirit, teamwork, and skill, the booters finished the sea- son with the record of five wins, one loss, and one tie. The live victories consisted of decisions over Cranbrook, Nichols, Western Reserve University, and lN.R.A. twice. The lone loss was to S.S.A., and the tie with W.R,U. The outstanding game of the year was the champion- ship encounted with VV.R.A. in which U.S. displayed its ability in both offense and defense by trouncing Reserve. This year's squad was led by seniors, Tom Wiggles- worth and Hickmat Tuiama at insides, and Reid John- son at wing. The backfield was paced by Captain Dave Cunningham at center-forward, Joe Crabbe at halfback, and Dick Bull, VVoodie Reichert, and Tom Healy at fullbacks. At the annual banquet, Dave Cunningham received the R. E. Rolinson award for the squad's "most valu- able player." John Wilkin was elected captain of next year's squad which will boast the return of nine letter- men. 103 ,Ioey's had it Lord Boyd Da fans GIHW1, Hand off M uddy I Smothered f- '-I 104 U.S. I6 Garfield Hls. .. I2 U. S. 0 Fairport Harbor I3 U.S. 0 Parma ,,..., .,,,,,..,,. 4 5 U.S. 53 Cranbrook ........, 25 U.S. I3 Nichols , ..,..,, ,24 U.S. I-1 Shady Side ., .. 28 U.S. lti Geneva ,. . ,,..,, ,, 0 U.S. li XV.R.A. ...,. ,4,,, E E2 First Row: Duncan, Cope, Anderson, Smythe, Bartunek, Grabski, Davidson, Heinen. Second Row: Stewart, Pfeifer, Wood, Miller, Sperry, Corry, Fritzsche, Conway. Third Row: Mr. Logan, Matson, Carpenter, Smith, McArthur, Nook, Starkey, Cameron, M r. Vince. FUUTBALL MR. VINCE The 1951 U.S. football team started the season with six returning lettermen, and got off to a quick start by downing Garfield in the season opener. After this open- ing victory, the U.S. gridders began to fail, as they lost to Fairport Harbor, followed by a crushing defeat at the hands of Parma. These two games showed definite weak- ness, but U.S., snapped back against Cranbrook with a lopsided victory. The U.S. eleven went back into a slump losing at Nichols and S.S.A. During a wind-swept, snow- covered football game, the gridders managed easily to defeat Geneva. In the home-coming and final game of the season, U.S. lost to a traditional rival, Western Re- serve Academy. Throughout the football season a strong-running attack, led by Captain Jeff Smythe, Jerry Bartunek, and Boyd Cameron, bolstered the team's spirit, but this couldn't last. Nine returning lettermen favor a stronger team for next year. At the annual banquet Bill Davidson was voted the "Dan R. Conway", most valuable player award. 105 .- WU, are - f- --'Y 'fwftwwx ' 'Mew yu Hamm.- Ready, wrestle Bridge Modest john M' aff 'N -4 "Q Wild Willie Sitting out Pretzel twist U. S. H llctlforcl H23 U.S. li liurliil , .... ,, 30 U,S. 2-4 Maple Hts. .... I9 3 U. S. 26 Crzmbrook , 5 U. S. I9 Cuyahoga Falls ,.l7 U. S. H lV.R.A. .. .. 20 U. S. 27 Shady Side .. .. I0 U. S. 24-I Carliclcl Hts. ,, I4 l L First Row: Baird, Barkwill, Rehor, Baier, Wigglesworth. Secrmd Row: Ulf, Crankshaw, Davidson, Patek, Mr. Bobenmeyer. The 1952 U.S. wrestling team kept up their past W R E S T I- i N G fame by again gaining a part of the Interstate Wlrestling Championship. This year the matmen tied Detroit, Cranbrook for the title, but during the regular season U.S. defeated the co-champs 26-5. Lcd by Captain Ralph Rehor, who was undefeated for the season, the U.S. team showed speed, ability, and excellent conditioning thanks to Coach Bobenmyer whose coaching and workouts brought the grapplers Eve wins against three losses. Much credit is due to seniors Tom Wigglesworth, John Baird, Dave Baier, Bill Davidson, and Ted Barkwill whose superb perform- ances brought them all successful seasons. Sophornores Dave Patek and Jim Crankshaw showed remarkable improvement as the season went on, and added a great deal to the team's good record. Captain Ralph Rehor won the Henry Matthes award for being high-point man with a record of two pins and six decisions for a total of 28 points. Since there will be only one returning letter- man next season, the captain will be elected during that MR. lsolsENMl1vl1R year. 107 Big Red fouled Grab ba Balancmg act 108 Chancellor jump and 'reach U. S. 45 U. S. 72 U. S. 38 U. S. 47 U. S. 48 U. S. G2 U. S. 43 U. S. 58 U. S. 73 U. S. 53 U. S. 68 U. S. 39 U. 65 Xvestlakc ,. Mzlyhcld .......... ...5l Alumni llrush Garlield Hts. Parma ,..... , ,,,,.. , Orange ,. Holy Name Cranbrook ...,,,.., Shaw Nichols .... lV.R.A. . Shady Side BASKETBALL M R. MCLELLAN B92 First Row: Anderson, Miller, Sperry, Brady, Cameron. Second Row: Mr. McLellan, Minitti, Wilkenloh, Howard, Odell, Mr. Parker. . This year's basketball team, the best in several years, complied a record of eight wins and five losses while playing some of the city's better teams. The squad started fast by winning four in a row before bowing to a strong team from Garfield Heights. Coach McLellan,s five hit its peak as they defeated Cranbrook 72-47. Captain Clarke Sperry sparked the team with excellent play under the boards and scored many points. Phil Brady who netted 36 points against both Parma and Cran- brook was the high scorer. Phil had the lifth highest average in the city and broke Curt Norrisis all time U.S. scoring record. The team also featured the re- bounding of Stu Miller, the accurate shooting of Jo Anderson, and the back-court play and Globe Trotter dribbling of Boyd Cameron. At the annual banquet Stu Miller was elected captain of next year's team and Bud Wattles was re-elected manager. 109 Go, go go! Drowning Moo 110 False start u ' X . Dimculty: 06 H zf U. S. 59 U. S. 30 U. S. U. S. 44 U. S. -15 U. S. 55 U. S. 47 Euclid ., ...,. ...... I 6 Cleve. Hts. ,......... 115 City Meet...flth l'l. Shaw ..,.......,......... 31 East Tech ......... , 30 Sllakcr Hui. ..,..... 20 lV.R.A. ......... ,,... 2 8 SWIMMING r ,IT'.F, 1.3. -..1 ,I , 'J U. ,1 ,. vi, gi "1 "il- H X . , ,. J. W.. 'If M R. MOLTON First Row: johnson, Byal, Bartunek, Cunningham. Second Row: Mr. Molton, Chilcole, T. Jones, Bloch, Clark, Himmelright. Winning five meets while losing one in dual compe- tion, this year's swimming team compiled an enviable record. The squad was paced by Captain Jerry Bar- tunek who was awarded a place on the All-American Swimming Team for his fine time in the 100 yard back- strokc. Other outstanding swimmers of Don Moltenis squad were Dave Cunningham in the 50 yard freestyle and Don Byal, a very fine diver. In the city meet U.S. finished a close fourth behind Cleveland Heights, Shaker, and Lakewood. Bartunek and Cunningham won their respective events, and Don Byal placed second in the diving in this meet. The team reached its peak in the final two weeks of the season when they downed Shaker and Reserve by wide margins. At the annual banquet Dave Cunningham was awarded the Osbore-Moore Trophy for scoring the most points, Don Byal was named the outstanding diver, and Kurt Block was elected captain of next year's team which will include four returning lettermen. 111 GYM TEAM MR. MCLELLAN First Row: Nook, Duncan, Healy, Young. Sccrmd Row: Mr. McLellan, Stewart, Black, McLellan. On March 14, 1952 before a large crowd the U.S. Gym Team, consisting of seven men, performed in the 62nd annual Gym Exhibition.-With only two weeks of practice the U.S. gymnasts displayed their talent in ex- cellent form and manner. For the first time in the school's history the team was led by co-captains who were Tom Healy and Jock Duncan, both in their third year of gymnastic work. The program this year con- sisted of exercises on the parallel bars, high-bar, and flying-rings. Tumbling performances were also featured with a demonstration of elephant leaping. Jim Young, Tom Healy, and Dave Black demonstrated outstanding stunts on the flying-rings, as did jock Duncan, Charlie Stewart, and Joe Nook on the parallels, and Bill Althans on the high-bar. Duncan won the first place prize in the annual gymnastic competition and was followed by Healy who took second. 113 Ball one .:.: : 1: sa AL :.: : 5 ' v H 13 .4 lr l lf! iq 1 , git .- W '12-15. H - 4 A v' ' .fl- ' . .L 41- W Safe at first! I. D.'s boys Postestes F. I Lat. J Tail view l U. S. ........ Brush .... U. S. ,....... Mayficlal ........ U. S. . ...... Ashland .. ,, U. S. .,..,.., Snulh ...,. U. S. ...,.,.. Garfield ,,.,.... U. S. .,..,,.. Lincoln ....,..... U. S. ,,...... Cranbrook .......,... . U. S. ,..,.... Collinwood ........... . U. S. , .,.... Pnrnnl ...... U. S. .,...,.. Euclid . ...... U. ..,...,. W.R.A. ,....,,....,... U. S. ,..,..,. Cleve. I-lghts. U. S. ........ Shady Side ,,.. U. ..,.,.. Shaw . .... U.S. ........ Nichols BASEBALL MR. MCCA RRA HER First Row: Bull, Miller, Healy, Barkwill, Bartunek, Mr. Cunningham, Mr. McCarral1er. Second Row: Cruiksliank, Parkhurst, Myers, Speery, Reichert, Chilcote. Third Row: Denison, Matson, Crawford, Clifford, YVilkin. qliDl'l'OR'S NOTEQ Because of the early deadline of the illlllllllil, the articles on the spring sports present the possi- lmilitics of the squads l1Ot their achievenientsj With eight returning lettermen this yearis baseball team seems headed towards one of the finest seasons in the history of the school. Captain Teddy Barkwill and pitcher Stu Miller form the nucleus of the battery on Coach D. McCarraher's squad. Last year's infield of Clarke Sperry, Tom Healy, Dave Cunningham, and Joe Nook returns for another season as does outfielder Mal Meyers. Patroling center field when he is not pitching is the job of Jerry Bartunek who last year was named to the all-city baseball team for his fine hitting. Other boys who might break into the lineup are Ron Chilcote, an inficlder and a trio of fine outfielders, Rob Corry, Pete Relic, and Bud Corry. Annually U.S. has a fine baseball team which is one of the best in the city and this year's team should be no exception. Dick Bull is the manager. 115 AA An ace 44' o if'- CK D Dandy shot Tom -,,.1T- U ip! On to Lou's " ' ' ' "" ' W D uw' W 'A U. S. ..,..... Gilmour .... . U. S. ...,,... Benedictine .,......, . U. S. .,....., Euclid ..,...... ...... , U. S. ..,,,,,4 Cranbrook .......,,,. . U. S. ..,..... Shaw ........,....,.,..,. .. U. S. ,...,... Cleve. Hgllls. ...... .. U. S. ........ Shaker llghts. ,.,. ., U. S. ..,...., Gilmour ..,.,......... .. U. S. .,..,... w.R.A. .....,. ..,. , ., U. S. ........ Shady Side ........,.. . U. S. ,... ,. Nichols ..,.... ...., . . First Row: Wigglesworth, Bowman, Jones, Mr. Peyser, Walker, Nook, Wylie. Second Row: Moreland, Turben, Perry, Cooper, Howard, Cameron. Third Row: Shallenberger, Marston, Dunn. This year's tennis team which features five returning T E N N I S lettermen again is a strong contender for both the Inter- state Championship and the city title, according to Coach S. R. Peyser. Captain Tommy Wfigglesworth plays first singles, a position which he has held for the past three years. Tucker Marston, Bruce Dunn, George Bowman, and Jerry Walker, all returning lettermen, are playing fine tennis. Other boys who are seeing some action are Boyd Cameron, Tom Cooper, Bob Howard, and Toby Perry. Bill Shallenberger is the manager. Coach Peyser believes that this team has great potential because of the fine play last year of the re- turning lettermen. Last yearis team reached its peak in the final weeks of the season when they defeated Gilmour 3-2 to win the city championship and upset previously unbeaten Nichols 3-2 in their final match. Last year's NIR. pgygmg team had a record of eight wins and three losses. 117 we , at Us' 1 H any 1 Wm.. ,W , ,5 1 1553255 'ELM HEQY3 iw 1- W . Afsssm gg: ggggw fl wwf: wumgf' 3 -1 ' W' f:-U., N , My M! zz-ll! Mm W! Emu" H M. Q ,Q wi ws gig M, I Xa S. W ': mm: Inverted viewpoint Chancellor slings it The last leg Nanny on the cinders Too bad, Carl The hard way 118 U. S. .. Mentor and Orange . U. S. .,,, Cleve. Hghls. and Shaker I-lghls. .,...,. .. U. S. ..., Brusll .............,.,. ...... . U. S. ..., Shaw ,....,....,..,....,..,...... ., U. ..., Rocky Rivur Relays U. S. ,... l':u'ma . . ...,,,.......... U. S. ..., YV.R.A. .. ..........,, U. S. . lllIt'I'5lillL' Meal .. TRACK . A. av MR. MCLELLAN Il' ' ,1..Il,... - kk , x V X ffl.: Q' xiii. l . Xsi V xii" .Q First Row: Mr. Lee, Mr. Harvey, Althens, Wvilkenloh, Brady, Smythe, Anderson, Seeoful Row: Beam, Clark, Palmeri, VVood, Davidson, H. M. S. Tuaima, Bloch, Third Row: Strand, llles, Taft, Hohs, Sprosty, Johnson, Akers, Schaffer, Grabski. Fourth Row: McLellan, Utz, R. Smith, P. Smith, Bostwiek, Taylor, Easly. Fifth Row: Mr. McLellan, Roose, Herron. Although the track team does not have much depth, there are several outstanding men on Coach lVleLellan's squad. Captain Phil Brady, a three year letterman, is approaching the school records in both the 880 yard run and the shot put and is one of the best trackmen in the city. Supporting Brady in the half-mile is another letterman Jo Anderson. Roger Wilkenloh, a quarter- miler, and sprinter Ralph Rehor are returning lettermen as are Bill Althans, a Hne pole vaulter, and high jumper jock Duncan. Seniors Charles Stewart and Jeff Smythe are expected to score many points for the thinclacls this year and the promising sophomores on the squad are Pete Smith, Joe Johnson and Roy Smith. Having lost many of last yearls key men, this year's track team faces an uphill battle, but they will tty to better last year's record of four wins and two losses in dual competition. Co-managers are Ned Hanlon and Jim Nolan. 119 Report of the Syndicate Subcommittee for the Systematic Destruction of University School on the night of March 7, 1952. The following report was sent anonymously to the Mabian Board two months ago. In order to help clean up the stench and corruption, we are printing the report as an expose, and as a warning to the administration .of future occurrences of the same type. 11:58 P.M.-All syndicate operatives are in position. Watches have been syncronized, the night watchman's route has been mapped, all written plans have been memo- rized and then destroyed. 12:00-The signal is given-a thermite bomb in the tower. Each operative proceeds ac- cording to instructions. E. B. starts opera- tions by filling the water tanks with brew. 12:15-Key-man Barkwill starts his rounds. His job is to open every room and filing cabinet in the school. 12:25-Tuckerman, slowly and quietly, puts his fist through every window pane in the building. 12:30-johnson, riding around in a black M.C-., coordinating activities with a walkie- talkie, receives a report from "Meat Balln that the Senior Room Committee is pre- pared to go into action. 12:31-The go-ahead is given, and the Senior Room Committee proceeds to convert the Senior Room into a gambling palace. Fold- away roulette wheels are installed. Crap tables that can be made to disappear into the floor are placed in the center of the room. Behind the couches lie collapsible punch bowls. Smythe, for a lark, fills the coke machine with bogus fire extinguishers. Slot machines are concealed in the cabinet. The set-up is so arranged that at the touch of a warning buzzer the roulette wheels rise into the ceiling, the crap tables sink into the floor, the punch bowls and slot machines fold into the walls, and the coke machine reads Hemptyf' 1:05-MacArthur floods the chemistry lab, throws in a foot square block of sodium, and lights a match. 1:27-Davis starts printing dateless field ex- cuses on the mimeograph machine. 1:43-Hal Jones mugs Akers as he walks in the main entrance. 2:13-The Tramps, supervised by Lindseth, open the door into the organ pipes and pro- ceed to break through the cement wall into the safe. 2:14-The G and the Dad give a rendition of jumpin' with Sid to cover the noise of the concrete drill used by the Tramps. 2:30-The Athletic Dept. Committee, head- ed by operative Dempsey, goes to work. A bull dozer is driven onto the gym iioor, a large male octopus is placed in the swim- ming pool, and the Athletic Oihce door is booby-trapped with a napalm bomb. 2:35-Shallenberger, in conjunction with the Athletic Dept. Committee, drives a sub- soiler across the athletic fields and tennis courts. 2:47-Marston leaves the mark of the Syn- dicate-a moistened Parliament stuck to the window of the Athletic Office. 2:56-Byal, Hanlon, Sperry and Cameron, Dorm operatives, attach a wad of nitro- glycerin to every bell hammer in the Dorm. 3:00-A blinding flash occurs and the en- tire school rises into the air and collapses into a dusty rubble. The Dorm operatives used too much nitro-glycerinc. 3:01-Louie arrives with his trowel and mortar trough and starts to piece the school back together. 8:45-Chapel proceeds as usual-Louie was successful. Mr. Cruikshank reads story from Reader's Digest entitled "Obey That Im- pulse." Entire senior class gets up, walks out of Chapel, and retires to the Senior Room to play Russian roulette. THE Hlllll SCENE This section is the brain-child of the '52 Mabian Board. Herein is contained a pic- torial cross-section of the school year. If you are squeamish, read no further, for we guarantee nothing for the faint of heart. lf, however, you have an open mind, pro- ceed freely into the following expose, and observe our candid portrait of modern youth, tempered a bit by the censor. With this section, we round out our Mabian by presenting the social side of University School in l952. 52 A cool side Three-handed Linda Hot rod Sewing C ircle Go, men, go! Oblivion Drmdruff "It was a-rocking" oggle-eyed Canton imports Air-vaid The Snowman Touche Bet ya don' wanna The Madame Bedtime K idclies fwzzefsg, 124 JW! Sexy Sal Hot tamale Les Miserables Totally unaware .,ti Dope fiend Our flat friends .is-E A .A 5 'W 125 Cruicky on the bars The acrobatic bone? Collette? practical, too r MT 1, YN- 2, of? . xx 1 M an of distinction Kefauver Where's Louie? 126 Jeff, 1940 . . . toil and trouble R.. 1 xqx' Duals? W ,,,.,..- , ll-1 Squeeze play Line forms at rear Yu' Life-giving Coke Winning votes 27 George has a date Quiet evening Oh, for 4:20 Ace in the hole Talk it up! 1 . L4 vs 4 , 1.. Stench and corruption On the sly ' ' , f ' N Y N if 'I ' :- ,A- In training Typing class Call an ambulance Practice makes perfect Tough match Motchs Town House The Reverend However . . . 131 Goodrich df Co. X. Dance preparation Underclassmen Crabs jabs Buffalo athletics Pl ,sq M-'Pl Cruclity Modern School V '-L. 5 . Choice N-1 2 M Nv- Qqe '53 'Avril Bah! Do, re, mi 2 v Underneath the kilt? Watch the birdie! c4'f3i:'5r' X' Octet 133 P ' If 9 .U arty m Nates New York guide A phony Alotta Bull "GH Dad Thump Egotist Typical U .S . teacher if.. Say, would you mind? Ham actors ix. 'KET' exxieiiy ,WM gi 2 f-wie: :mfr w ,vu -' - - z rx . pm' M oderrz art ,w,5.3:, Ya Hairy mermaid f' . ,Alun I'm it Referee S uave Room study Qi?-i .n.z.l,1 A ' - . ...n.... Y, , ,n. ,. Lwmgston 6 All RTISING Don't skip this section - we've iniected a bit of humor into it. This year we have omitted the traditional iokes stolen from old issues of the U.S. News, and substituted a number of ads for institutions that we feel merit a billing. In order to find them, you will have to scan all the ads, which is iust what the advertisers want. And in closing we would like to thank all these advertisers, for without their untiring efforts in giving us money, this book could never have been published. 52 privileges and Responsibilities Nl the long run, privileges con be gronted only to those vvho ore willing to occept corresponding responsibilities. The men who ore being groduoted from University School this yeor ore privileged to hove received o kind of secondory school troining which only one boy in mony thousonds con ever hcive. Novv it is the responsibility of these groduotes to show the community that they deserve such o privilege. We believetheyvvilldojustthcit,cind vvevvishthem vvell. THE CLEVELAND GRAPHITE BRONZE CO. 138 Uafleqe Glalfzea CANNON TAILORS IIIINNINGHAM 81 EU. Mzfmber M'zfzll1'vst Stuck Exchange 'A' UNION COMMERCE BUILDING Cleveland 14, Ohio Telephone: TOwer 1-1721 'A' Municipal and Corporate Securities glowera Chas. E. Russell INCORPORATED H08 SHAKER SQUARE Phone: SKyIine I-0100 Complimenfs of THE MOTOR PATTERNS CO. Comjzlivnzents of COSTELLO'S . . . . . MUSIC CENTER ESTABLISHED 20 YEARS Expert Rebuilders of Musical I1'lSh'llJlIl,'11l.S' joe Gialnmo l993 East 105 St. GArfield l-7l I2 Cleveland 6, Ohio James Costabile, Barber Where 1U01'klllIl7l.Yl1.il2 mul service count. l2429 Cedar Road, Cleveland Heights AL'S Cedar and Bellfield SUNOCO SERVICE l2404 Cedar Avenue RK A 1 uw X fav' TOLD GAS BURNERS WASTE MONEY Visil' our display 2250 Euclid Ave. or ielephone SUperior 1-8100 for free healing survey IRON FIREMAN MFG. CO. Direcl' Facfory Branch 140 Welding and Cu'H'ing Supplies o lndusfrial Gases I Safefy Equipmenf Y THE nunnzrr oxvelan comrmw 3300 LAKESIDE AVENUE CLEVELAND, OHIO 141 HI MEN! C ' and getclcqu 'fd Y Ilf d y fyo f' d h d d I toph -th d tl THE SHOP FOR MEN CHARLES RUYIIE on SHAKER SQUARE 13200 SHAKER SQUARE . Cleveland 20, Ohio Count ou u we sound future 7 5 with u 4 U SAVINGS Accoum ur.. SHAKER SA VINGS ASSOCIATION , I 16808 KINSMAN ROAD, SHAKER HEIGHTS 13109 SHAKER SQUARE, CLEVELAND if- k0QJ 3 142 A Beaifze Rzng. . . THE BADGE OF A GENTLENIAN W'e acquire our manners from the highest club-the circle of men of courtesy and gentility. Our apparel has the same high source. A ring by Beattie is the symbol of a gentleman's taste and his selective judgement. H. W. BEATTIE 86 SONS The Pwgfect Diamomi H ouse' SINCE 1834 1117 Euclid Avenue - 158 The Arcade Since 1852 RALPH L. FULLER THE ASSOCIATES WILLIAM DOWNIE CO. Chefnicals INTERIOR DECORATORS And Raw Materials CLEVELAND Vi? 11 616 St. Clair Avenue, N.E. GUR Cleveland 14, Ohio 100th ANNIVERSARY Phone: NIA 1,3210 143 ENdicott l-2790 ENdicotL l-2791 THE B 8a B AUTO GLASS CO. Auto Glass and I'VimIshieI1l Specifzlixls 7210 Carnegie Avenue Cleveland 3, Ohio DO YOU STUFF ALLIGATORS? Then you too can stuff rhinosauruses! Send today for our free booklet en- titled Inside the Rhino. OHIO TAXIDERMY ASSOCIATION Rhinosaurus Division Cleveland, Ohio IIY- DEE WASH IIIO. 3630 Lee Road CIeveland's Oldest and Largest Diaper Service iff SHAKER HEIGHTS. OHIO L0 1-6161 Carly almezican Nome: Under Construction On Landerwood Drive and on Summit Lane Immediately East of Lander Rd.-On the North and South sides of So. Woodland . . .l .fancfeuvoocf ffdiatea A Community of Individual Homes. The High Spot in fepper fike village Commanding views over Chagrin Valley and far beyond. Carefully Controlled and Protected with Original Van Sweringen Restrictions Improved with CITY WATER and HARD SURFACE PAVING. Close to Orange Schools and Main Stop on Three Bus Lines. another e"'fe"P"i5e 10514 SHAKER BOULEVARD SW 1-1440 144 COMPLIMENTS OF Ii? ll0llID-FEIIEB, IIIC. 41 c:LEvELANo's OHlO'S OLDEST LARGEST CHRYSLER -PLWTIUUTH D E A I. E R -CD 145 iii- Bunce Brolhers 13131 Shaker Square Cleveland, Ohio NVE DELIVER FAirmount l-6288 Ge 'ik' gan BEVERAGE STORE 12407 Cedar Road jk Gray Tool Sz Supply 1134 St. Clair Avenue Cleveland, Ohio Tools for Industry and Home Delta 0 Disston 0 Porter Cable River Road Q Gales Mills ,um Tools Rented MOTTER'S MUSIC HOUSE 1862 Coventry Road Cleveland Heights 18, Ohio The Heights, Exclusive Music Shop YE 2-2407 Compliments of THE FOOTBALL TEAM NOOK 81 O'NElLL. INC. Maferial Handling Equipmenl 2515 Payne Avenue SU 1-9000 ik KOHLER EMERGENCY LIGHT PLANTS Complimenfs of REALTY INVESTMENT CO. oowNTowN CLEVELAND ik REAL ESTATE NATIONAL RECOGNITION UNIVERSITY SCHOOL has MASSACHUSETTS MUTUAL is national recognition for nationally known for TRAINING YOUNG MEN HELPING YOUNG MEN lay to become LEADERS in foundations for FINANCIAL THE BUSINESS WORLD. SECURITY. OUR AGENCY AND COMPANY ARE SERVING MANY UNIVERSITY SCHOOL ALUMNI AND STUDENTS. Let us show you how we can assist in your planning ii? CLARENCE E. PEJEAU, c.L.U. MASSACHUSETTS MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE CO. Hippodrome Building o MAin 1-5680 1851 o 101 years of protecting the American family 0 1952 147 HAL MALMQUIST 8c CO. A Complete Advertising Aft Studio THE ATLAS STEEL ' and MA 1-3720 suPPLY co. 4401 Trumbull Avenue Have higher taxes reduced the amount of Dad's money you have to play with? MOE'S has if an economical, life-giving ham- burger and coke combo for only 81.60. No cover before 7 P.M. Seventeen shows nightly. D' 14570 Complimenfs of Y 81 O COAL COMPANY HANNA BUILDING EXpress 1-4420 148 COMPLIMENTS OF E? II0llID-FEDEH, IIIC. 43 CLEVELAND'S OHIO'S OLDEST LARGEST CHIWSLER-PLVITIOIITH D E A L E R -G 145 Bunce Bro'l'hers 13131 Shaker Square Cleveland. Ohio vi? River Rodd o Gales Mills YVE DELIVER F.A1I'I110llI1t 1-6288 Ge 'ik aah BEVERAGE STORE 12407 Cedar Road Gray Tool Sz Supply 1134 Sl. Clair Avenue Cleveland, Ohio Tools for Industry and Home Delta 0 Disston I Porter Cable also Tools Rented MOTTER'S MUSIC HOUSE 1862 Coventry Road Cleveland Heights 18, Ohio The Heights' Exclusive Music Shop YE 2-2407 Compliments vf THE FOOTBALL TEAM NOOK 81 O'NElLL, INC. Maferial Handling Equipmenl' 2515 Payne Avenue SU 1-9000 is KOHLER EMERGENCY LIGHT PLANTS COMPLlMENTS FROM A FRIEND OF RALPH VINCE AND Hls FOOTBALL TEAM 151 Complimenfs of Roberl' Si'H'ner FURS 3944 Mayfield Road lEosl' of Noble Roodl 'ik Cleveland Heighfs. Ohio Phone: EVergreen 1-8110 Tcl. WV A 1-4864 SHAKER BARBER SHOP EXPERT BARBERS Alex Kish, Proprielor 3237 Wurrensvillc Center Road 1Nc:n' South 1V00dl:mdj Compliments Of LIIGE and SMITH GENERAL INSURANCE For 50 Years, Clevelandjs Outstanding Lithographer MOFFETT STUDIO SHAKER SQUARE The . Central Lithograph Co. p Mpkazflfqlw 113 Sf. Clair Ave. N.E. f MAin 'I-2131 . By Appointment SKyIine I-3300 2 IERUMSUN BARBER SHOP MANICURING SHAKER HEIGHTS sua: summe HARDWARE wk O 2776 Van Aken Blvd. SPORTING GOODS Shaker Square 0 Cleveland O ii? Air Conditioned wAshlng'lon 14244 LO. I-8998 THE CLEVELAND SLAG CO. Prepared Slug For: . CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION n MACADAM PAVING Q ROOFING Q RAILROAD BALLAST Expanded Slag For: Q CONCRETE BLOCK Q LIGHTWEIGHT CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION 0 AGRICULTURAL USES Q MASONRY UNITS 414 FIDELITY BUILDING 153 aa me you ,Kahne new Save today . . . you may meet Mr. Opportunity tomorrow. Saving is an art which improves with practice and when you have cash in the bank you have more self-respect, more independence and self-reliance. Keep your cash reserve at the Surietp ful' Svdbingg. Where more than five generations of Greater Clevelanders have brought their savings. Where today over 200,000 people save over EI5200,000,000.00. nrintg fm' Saving? Founded 1849 127 Public Square Tel. TOwcr 1-4000 Member FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 154 KENT the FLORIST Blace is the Place ,M ik 12453 Cedar Avenue Cleveland Heights 6, Ohio SHAKER SQUARE si? TELEPHONES YE 2-8340-2-8341 COMPLIMENTS OF UNITED TUBE CORPORATION OF OHIO 155 Complimenfs of MIDLAND ELECTRIC COMPANY wHoLEsALE ELECTRICAL ms'rmsu'roRs 2125 Superior Ave. o Cleveland 14, Ohio COMPLIMENTS OF 'Me Danford Lowell Gompanq if jewelers i246 Euclid Avenue Compliments W. B. FARMS vie Pure Bred Holsfein Ca'H'le Bur'l'on. Ohio WI ESEN BERGER BROTHERS Owners THE STERLING BRASS CO 9600 Sf. Cafherine Sfreef CLEVELAND 4, OHIO 'ik Makers of Highesf Grade Plumbing Supplies and Specialfies 157 Complimenis of S. BARKER'S SONS CO. Ofiice Supplies, Prinfing, Ofiice Furnifure if 729 Prospeci' Ave 0 Cleveland, Ohio ESTABLISHED 1871 CHRYSLER o PLYMOUTH Your Heighfs Dealer A NEW AND MODERN AUTO ESTABLISHMENT For Ihe Convenience of Heigh-Is Owners of all Chrysler Producis SEE US SALE o SERVICE o PARTS We Hove Jus'l' Complefed Our New AUTOMATIC QUICK AUTO WASH Be Sure Io Use This Service CONWAY MOTORS INC. CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH HEADQUARTERS MOTORCYCLE PICK-UP sskvlcs 1970 Lee Road 0 ER 1-1500 FOR THE BEST AND EASIEST DEAL YOU EVER MADE 158 before jim ,L you decorafe! ,Q n 4 I 1 use oun t7ree colon-nnnmonv sznvict so i . O0000OOOOOOCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOXQV G V'-', 1. ! Learn from the experts . . . use color with confidence all through your home . . the opinion of ex- perts on combining colors. Our staff will show you how easy it is. . , , the Sherwin-Williams Paint and Color Style Guide to d olor harmonies look in real rooms . . . cmd see how goo c the Style Guide Companion to find 720 additional color schemes created by experts. . , this Style Guide service. Use it at home . .. free of charge. E LET US RECOMMEND A GOOD PAINTING CONTRACTOR SHER wm-VWu.lAus 1-7166 0 MA 1-7167 QI 2230 East 9'I'h S'l'ree't MA E ACCOUNT - WE DELIVER OPEN A CHARG DEALER UR NEARBY SHERWIN WILLIAMS OR AT YO - 159 HAVING TROUBLE WITH SCHOOL WORK? For only S20 you can have com- plete files on tests, daily papers, work books, etc. in any course at U. S. Information dating back as early as 1910. Write TED BARKWILL, Glengary Road. Please specify course desired. SK 1-6844 TOY CHEST, INC. 2760 Van Akcn Boulevard Shaker Square Section Cleveland 20, Ohio B. K. ELLIOTT CO. Drafting and Engineering Supplies Artists' Materials 634 Huron Road MAin 1-6746 MILES PARK Jflural Shoppe Member Florisf's Telegraph Delivery Floral Designs 12? 9308 Miles Avenue Pefer and Mary Relic JEAN KARMEL and ASSOCIATES o Giftwares o Silver 0 Lamps o Specialty Furniture 'fir 2454 Fairmount Boulevard Cleveland Heights 6, Ohio FAirmount 1-0872 160 C07VIffJli7n6ntS Cgmplimenfg of Of CAMPUS DRUG sf? Imogene" Cosgroze if "Coffee Hag" Complimenfs of RED-WING MANUFACTURING CO. ART HECKER '45 Presidenf' 161 QF TP-IE DAMASCUS STEEL CASTING CGMPANV ik? 2742 V HEINEN'S, INC. COMPLETE FOOD MARKETS 16708 KINSMAN - NEAR LEE 2195 SO. TAYLOR- NEAR CEDAR AN AKEN BLVD. -AT SHAKER SQUARE if SHOP All Your Food Requirements Under One Roof aff SAVE Time, Money and Efort wif QUALITY The Finest at All Times 163 BARTUNEK'S MAKERS OF FINE CLOTHES Compliments 0 f The COM"L'ME"'TS Brush Laboratories C0 OF M. M. MATSON ik' 3714 Chester Avenue Cleveland 164 11 Llff IN INSURED YN I CALL BILL OR DON 0 3 at in 'bi E L..- Blu. warts? . ' 'L 7, :rica IK , ooo! iw , Q at 3 P Quinn 1-3111 ' J BRECKLING CONCRETE WEIL-KAUFMAN, Inc. Insurance Service O PR 1-0220 O Fgr 1-he Begf- 801 CARNEGIE HALL CLEVELAND 15 if or-no MA 1-4326 Quick and easy ln apply. Presto! Beau l i ful wood-grain linish for olcl furniture 01' IICW. Revolutionary New Wood -Grain Finish! TRANSVENEER Plastic Veneer O Authentic reproductions of beautiful wood grains. Comes in film-like sheets you can easily apply to any smooth sur- face to make it look exactly like the finest wood. Permanent, durable, inexpensive. ransveneer Division ol The Ill-N00 00. 33 PUBLIC SQUARE CLEVELAND 13, OHIO 165 THE LEZIUS ' IIILES UUMPANY Creative Printers of Merchandising and Sales Literature 'HIE mllllllfllll RIIIIIIEI' Ill Industrial Tires HARTVILLE, OHIO 167 WYoming 1-4500 OPEN EVENINGS GUTTIIUH, IIIISSELI. 8: 00. INVESTMENT SECURITIES Z I E C H M A N N if Florists Members of Midwest Stock Exchange Established 1875 GROWERS AND DESIGNERS OF QUALITY PRODUCTS 'lr 1582 Union Commerce Bldg. Telephone CHerry 1-5050 V 2970 Worrensville Center Road Shoker Heights COMPLIMENTS OF WALTER P. STAHL 168 n-cf fm-:ask Vaaeetmeaz' Seaafzdtdee MERRILL, TURBEN 8a CC. MEMBER THE MIDWEST sTocK EXCHANGE O UNION COMMERCE BUILDING MAin 1-6800 1540 ON YOUR DIAL CIeveland's Music and News Sfafion W. J. MARSHALL, Presidenf 170 NOTICE TO MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF '52 . . . As we will be unable to adver- tise in the future, we would like to suggest that if you ever wish to live in at beautiful modern house, look us up. VVe specialize in glass. RIILD B. JOHNSON A. S. DEMPSEY Prospective Architects L. W. SIMON CO. UNION COMMERCE BUILDING Cleveland, Ohio i' Dealers in STATE, MUNICIPAL, and GOVERNMENT BONDS 'al' Telephone MAin 1-9585 DAISY HILL GREENHUUSES FLORISTS 'k Daisy Hill Farms Chagrin Falls 7-7181 COMPLIMENTS OF A PAL OF PAT Compliments of Compliments of E SHAKER HOBBY MART EUCLID BEACH PARK Operated by 6' .4 E The Humphrey Company Cleveland 10, Qhio Stoned, 70:6 20144 Van Aken Shaker Heights 22, Ohio 0 SK l-8383-I-8384 Complimenfs of MR. AND MRS. T. R. GOODRIDGE 172 0 METRDPULITAN BUICK, ING 0hio's Greafesf Buick Dealer I 2512 1522i5Si52Sfi2ffsf2ifffif?f?f?15fiffififl-ifF1222GifEf2ff22f25iiiif2ei' Si5525252Iifii2EiE25?5252E552ESE22Si2S25iEi522iEi2fE5a53fg'5'32i5isiiisfsisfsisiiiiiiisis . . ' .-W-wwf' -Q-AA """-W-M fazzss ' , '. , lifiiiii? JM- ' , X... ' 'iff . EQ' .... .-menus 'I900 EAST 21 ST STREET. CLEVELAND 173 Compliments Of Jerome M. Friedlander HEIGHTS BEVERAGE 3962 Mayfield Rd. Cleveland Heights, Ohio FURRIERS WVATERPROOFING WEAVERS STAIN PROOFING TAILORS COLD STORAGE F urs Cleaned by F urriefs Method TRUCK SERVICE EQ? . Kingsbury Dry Cleaners The Oldest Cleaners in Shaker Heights gif Office and Plant at 16608 Van Aken Blvd. At Lee Rd. Prompt Daily Deliveries EV WA PARENTS! Cgmplimgntg Send your kiddies to W.R.A. Fully accredited, thin air, diver- of sified activities, fine location. 15 miles from Canton FRED W. HUDSON 25 miles from Warren and JOHN M. MARSTON Compliments of CHARLES H. LESHER. INC. if' SHOES il? Van Aken at Kinsman SI-IAKER HEIGHTS WA 1-7515 Compliments of THE SEHUEMANN-JUNE5 EU. SURGICAL AND MEDICAL SUPPLIES O 2134 East Ninth Street Cleveland 15, Ohio Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Hargett -H, "Perfect and finest cut diamonds since 1869" "Since 18691, Down through the years Clevelanders have sought our help in the selection of graduation and other important gifts. Whether the choice be a fine watch . . . a beautiful jeweled creation . . . or any one of the countless other sug- gestions in our various departments . . . we will be glad to aid in its selection. The raurlesy of un account is mvazlzzblc E I 1 I I f I 1 I cn: wr vrms 1' 1 esircf f?6f.E2V.'E'?2E.Q.E6kk....' 1 iff? dwddsww f 175 MAY THE MAROON AND BLACK DRIVE THEM ALL BACK FOR ANOTHER SIXTY-TWO YEARS 176 A. W. HECKER COMPANY 7100 Euclid Avenue CLEVELAND ik Compliments of THE HOBBY HOUSE. INC. 0hio's Largest Hobby Store 'ik Huron Road SU l-3210 Compliments Of LEONARD BRYAN Escrow Agent' 256 THE ARCADE Complimenfs of A FRIEND For 35 years after watching all grades of insurance in action, the Firestone Park Insurance Agency Company prefers to stay with quality E. J. HANLQN CINIIPUIIIIIIILV of TEX-CENTER SERVICE Warrensvillc and Kinsman Shaker Heights. Ohio WA l-9889 Compliments Of GERALD MILLER Compliments of MACHINE PRODUCTS 81 MFG. CO. SAM FORBES, President W' 'V If f t iii ,fill lf fir 2 N ' ew ,LZ 3 an I as - A 515 0IIIl III II , L 0 0 G0 5, 2 lor ia I my 5 mg--if - Savers E We are anxious to serve you . . . Come in with your Savings or Home Loan problems. I liberal Earnings on Savings Deposit Accounts 0 Each Savings Deposit Account Insured up to 510,000 0 loans for Building or luying Homes 0 U. 5. Govt. lend Sales and Redemption: 0Trovolers' and Cushion' Checks 0 Utility Bill Payments Ho Parking Problem Here ' You will always find YOUI' CCI Ill OUT IIYQB, THQ W parking lot Uargest in thu Y tountyl. Un this facility while you are conducting your business in our bonu- tiful new quarters. planty of room to park ' I Q 0 Christmas Savings Cluls HEIGHTS SIIIIIIIQSCQ LOIIII 00. UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS 18, OHIO FA. I-IS43 I Y 179 FROM A FRIEND Compliments Of A FRIEND il? DRIVING INSTRUCTION Come to the one who knows. Distinguished for years as leader in his field. Specializes in drag races and hot rodding. If not at home, catch me if you cz1nwI dare you. HEALY DOWD CHANDLER PRODUCTS CORP. 1491 Chardon R CLEVELAND OHIO ood 180 For Your New Cordaged CHEVROLET our huge stock of fresh FLOWERS see allows us at ull times to give you BASS CHEVROLET fresh, crisp, better lasting and more 2954 Mayfield Road FA 1-4400 exquisitely costume-styled corsages . . . . . Opposite Cleveland Heights City Hall lor YOUR important occasions. 'k Just Phone WA. 1-3360 SK. 1-8630 Compliments if of GALI FLORIST J. R. HOLCOMB co. 21355 Kinsman 4075 Lee Rd. Complimenfs of A FRIEND 181 Cghe Cgdmondson Studio PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY if Serving Cleveland Since 1860 il? Serving University School Since 1890 iff JOHN N. BAZELEY - Photographer CHAS. F. VELEBA-Office Manager 1964IEAST 97th STREET GA 1-1429 CLEVELAND 6, OHIO for appointment 182 ANTHONY WEINS DO YOU HAVE Camera Portraits BAD TASTE IN CLOTHES? I have found that through the if years mine have been entirely satisfactory, and believe myself quite impeccable. Do as others have done-I can restyle your mlm SHAKER SQUARE wardrobe for as little as S4-OO. CLEVELAND, OHIO E. BRUCE DUNN SK I-9500 Clothing Consultant Complimenfs of THE NOTTINGHAM STEEL CQMPANY 4510 nlvlsloN AVENUE cLEvELANn, OHIO 183 ?afz Seiidvzg 74644 Layout . . . Copy . . . Art . . . Production . . . ZMQW MAin 1-8000 A. S. GILMAN, Inc Prinfers and Lifhographers 623 ST. CLAIR AVENUE. N. E. CLEVE AND OH O Careers Unlimit d What product of American industry is the most important of all to you? This product that you can neither see nor buy is opportunity, the chance to get ahead in a useful career of your own choosing. American industry is history's all-time champion in generating opportunities. That is Why it is the key to a good future for any young man. 76a Szfcmalafmf Fazaaluolc Za. 2130 W. 'I 10th ST. 0 Cleveland 2, Ohio 185 COMPLIMENTS WILLIAM D. 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