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1 3 :f -if I, .1-v-,,,,.. 'd .'-V x-Xl 4-1 -1- ff' -J ff Ck" ' 1. X xcqgzi 5? vskxb 56' gxfff gf? -vp-29 yi sb gl S ' hc?-QCQP co QQ 3 4555 5590 fir .3 af X- ra' My 'M af-ses-x,.w,g.d2 if? iizijsygggf Ky? S99 igibelg -rg? C5556 53 39"-,Si qs1:'gi5Jf4i9J-vgx gy E' 5f5Q92v,f-ff of J 64' 3 .5447 59' 355524553 . 515 4 4' s. gf wi JG ffl? if aft? if I Srkcagi Qfypten Q7 8? QR Tklnihersitp brbuul Qlllass uf 1951 ehicatinn... . . . mhz Glass of '51 hehicates this Mahtan to Miss Vera Breyley, one of the "unsung heroines" of the Main Office. Her cheery smile and wise- cracks have brightened many an hour while waiting to see the headmaster or just buying a stamp. Al- ways to be depended upon for a bit of sound advice, she shows interest in any school function, large or sinall. Many a student has stopped in at the office, and has gone on his way, glad that he knows Miss Breyley, a living example that life can be fun. Miss Vera Breyley 0 Qhmtnistratinn. ggi-A3 3 X 'iw 23 R 1 Z fm XXXX IMAX 6 AJ i i Ev A g M y Q fix v A 55155 YD 595.2 aa- fl JM Q 5 1' fWf'f1555'f?x'7'Yf57l?s7a1f2 Qgifiied W TIUKIYQDE f K 5511? WN , If you Jaw Tk cw'afTQv rs an the wo?-nfs in TOAQ3 J Se 'I' Jr C237-"45 505-'in CS, drug 40 plum Q25-2' wrapper N3 Mr. Harold Cruikshank Mr 5 R Bqhcnmycr Mr' Eugmc H' Gfav Mr. William P. Keenan Mr. N. D. McLaughlin Mr. Phil W. Sumner Mr. Robert G. Wvalmn Mr. Louis J. Burger, jr. Mr. Roy C. Paige - L f - Mr. Lyall Dean Mr. Clifford Rivl Mr. Dcnard Loc Mr. Carter G. Sanders Mr. Frank Hruhy Mr. james R. Ulrith Adalns, Jr. Mr. S. Turku' Fox, III I Mr. Edwin R. Logan Mr. james Quintet Young Mr. Frank J. Vidmar Mr. jack Ingersoll Mr. John Borowirz 1. , . 1 v M Q.. 5 'X X x .sbt-0 uzg... N. 'U Mr. Nlalter D. NICLQ-Ilan Mr. William W. Anderson Mr. D. 15 rraher 9 E' mi Xl gn-Q Mr. Donald C. Molten Mr. Ralph Vinre Mr. S. Richard Peyser Dr. L. W. Ladd, jr. Mr. Fritz Winkle 5 Mr. William H. Danforth Mrs. Arlene Higley Barrett 1 I .fx , Mr. Kenneth H, Brafk Mrs. Ruth Anne Kaufman Mrs. Blanche Held Chase Mrs. Ruth Morris Srhreycr Mrs. Kathleen Martin Miss Betty Bassett Mrs. Harold Cruikshank Miss Bcity Holloway Miss Jeanne Dakin Miss Anne Mclby Miss Alice McMahon h . . X E X -i', N Q, U Z J... X Mi ,... , ., Mrs. Robert B. Perry Miss Vera Breyley Mrs. Helen Smith 12 Qeniurs . . . K w xx I ?' N'v 4101, ffi' -0' 162715 "MQ ' ' ffffff' "" frf w ,- MVN 1, v V gn , ,ff B1 A gagf if Ml 1. , ' -w., , J Mah" ea .nf 42: Q54' vi .. .' X-4 'g ,' 'L-'Lf '.Q 'ZFMM 4'-saiifiifbl-1 Ziff J A ' " " '! rf!""e-"'?'iff1'"ZX " ff - ,.f..ffnm1fegaa- Q 3 1 ?f?f'f'2J?5f'1 1 'f - 4? sv' S, .N E 1-1 A ' - X X. - V-- ' ' ' :. fo " ' V, 1, , Q 1'iQw xid am 4' jk 'L ' fy Q Ag ' - -, 4 A, f. ' - G 1 e 2 9' W .4 .. ,ly 3 , .71 u 4 1, "'--: ' J m f! 'f"i'f ' U.-27 L ' ' ' J 5 KF- ', O K' NV H' Q' ,X --' A ' 1 1 + F' x A . pgufr' " N ff X mf ,V nl -, N? I FE? 35 1' fl!! x 25, ff- " 5+ 1 17,-' 7" --2' fi 'ff r JI' 5:1-Y , il J if. f C V 1. 1 wi Tvrznyx ', Z , , Y- f?g , K' NJ-W 'Y' ir, Y ,ff , 1 f ' - P' ga ,Y,, - -' L Q1-1 VX- Q ' I' fi 1 ,4 S -I - duate course . ht teach, a post gTll .sl hear he nzllg The blond powerhouse-shifty-footed cap- tain of Vinee's football varsity-undefeated varsity wrestlerfproud owner of nearly every M.V.P. award in the school-hard- running track 440 man-his Neanderthal features are fascinating to all women-the only senior to go out with a girl stronger than he is4member of Barker's "Motor Maniacs, Clubu f proudest accomplishment is getting second honors oncefstrict-ruling prefect noted for his "informal" study halls ffl Big Snow strandee-A a hardy sense of humor with a passion for back-slapping ---f a great athlete and a great guy. 14 .Inhn B. Balch Entered 1944 flrlirfities: Prefect Board 4 Edward Moore Society 4 Cadinean Society 34, Pledgeniaster 4 Clee Club 4 Players 4 Athletic Council 4 Freshman Football Co-Captain Freshman Basketball, Track Varsity Football 2, Captain 4 Varsity X'Vrestling 2, 3, 4 Varsity Track 2, 4 Dan R. Conway Award 4 Henry B. Matthes Award 4 I C .ea a. ' ' bn 66 few? . - - ta , ' ' ag ofa Iazfag been f-,wir g.n4lauQ nfJJvL2etf1-2-.2j1f6.Jmj'4'b?g' fgvmvwwwvwirdmfwsnfwiw G,6.o,cfJfgauf1fiQn.byawQg W LWJW N in v- gf-mfbflillwf 'Y KA? 149 at 1 X an ,a-ld? U f, w 19' 4, A . ' W jf ,viii aff, If Yi 1 ' Q c? t if q jgiy, 4.4, . "' lu V 1 N Mm' W x , M V fin Jnhn 5. Barker Entered 1941 Activities: Prefect Board l, 2 Edward Moore Society 4 Cadmean Society 3, 4 Players 4 Mabian Board Circulation Manager 4 Athletic Council Secretary 4 Freshman Basketball Captain Freshman Football, Baseball "B" Football 2, Captain 3 Varsity Football 4 Varsity VVrestling 2, 3, Captain 4 Varsity Track 4, Squad 2 Gym Team l, 2, 3, 4 Most Valuable Gymnast 1, 2, 3, 4 Winner All-around Athlete Contest l, 4 f,!f4f7rM- 7Zwef-fem-,imaff fy' ?E' 1 ii .L l A , ' W QD . ef X- Q - ' 'N W.. . f y W 'I " ' 'I W fi, ' li L- i f ci ?"u Lift AG , Y' ,ll Jr' - C it llimb 'lf ,uf Powerful, undefeated captain of the var- sity wrestlers-deserving of the title of "class athlete' -two-time winner of the "All Around Athlete Contest" and four times named best gymnast at the annual Gym Exhibition A a football quarterback hard to keep supplied with helmets-a record-threat- ening pole vaulter on McLellan's Varsity- possessor of amazing ingenuity in getting high grades-a terror on the highway and with womenfa pleasant nature marked with childish simplicity-can be a smooth sophisticate one minute and a hell-raising reveller the next-his fine athletic ability and pleasant nature will carry him far at Williams. 15 Thumas James Bernhardy Entered 1948 Aftivilies: E Glee Club 4 News Board 4 Varsity Football 4, Squad 2, 3 Varsity Swimming Squad 2, 3, 4 Varsity 'l'rack 4, Squad 2, 3 fxf- lfflbf Z5 ' s x 1 16 "Burns" of the huge body and baseball mitt hands-another dorm character-steam-rolk ing fullback of the Varsity footballl aggrega- tion, he had plenty of steam but he never got rolling-a weight man on the track squad in the Spring-judging by his homework meth- ods, he has a bright future ahead as a rare manuscript copyist-one of the pioneers in the senior class-the first man to take out an H.B. senior-did well until the vacation weeks brought back the college boys-always knows all the "dope"-clever mimic and im- personator with a knack for poking fun- a big guy with big appeal. "Bill" of the beetle-brows and familiar perplexed look-a perfect host who has do- nated his house to the eause many times-a rough and ready line backer in that legalized mayhem known as elass football - a real asset to his team until a rib foreed him to stop playing one of the Eddie Moore boys from way baekg his deeorations helped make the Fall Fling a success - a hard-working Cum Laude boyg he always keeps his grades near the top-as eo-managing editor of the Alnbizm he demonstrated his ability to get ads, and made publieation possible by doing anything Prine didn,t want to do. William llamernn Blackmore, Jr Entered l948 .41'Iiwi!ies: Seeond Honors 2, fi, -1 Cum Laude Soeiety 3, Al lidwartl Moore Society 35, 4 Glee Club 4 Mabian fill-lxlilllilgfllg Editor Ll 4 f ,,i. 4 M T, , uw' V 6 f' .14 ll M lil 't, i l ike ---- X G lift 3 'i X f4 H if It W W Q e iiiiii ' The "Senator',-one of the mainstays of Bobenmyer's Little Borough fthe dormj - a class wrestling terror-favorite trick, rolling over and playing dead-a Hgoneu jazz fanatic. he has perfected his own boogie-woogie dance routine which gets better and more original after each "Coke', - returned to his third grade sweetheart in Canton after his H.B. endeavors failed-driver of the "green bugw eknown for his limited capacity-a friendly, humorous, serious-minded addition to the senior class. 18 Joseph Withrnw Bnw Entered 1950 Art1'v1'ties: Class Basketball Captain -1 Class Tennis Captain 4 we 57' 'tr WW ' cr -'9'fF'JilJ2' U JJ, was I-mi - ' 1 - QJEITY I , it ,, i 'Z 19 ifhkiir v Ee oH2's'ri'l , fm J SQli i,, itil 'li 5 C ij L J l C J AL? 7 f P J, A 3' A..-rf--, , X- .-, A f,,f . - : - , YP -an William M. Bright Entered 1948 ,'lr'lirIiIif'x: Dormitory Prefect 4 Varsity liasketball Squad fi Class Tennis Captain Al ffg zum!! Lives up to his last name, especially in room Qllestandout in class athletirsfcharley horse kept him from the indignity of varsity basketballfan ineorruptible chemistry test grader and a "lz1issez-faire" dorm prefect competes with Duff for "Stag of the Yearn honorsealways shows great distaste and re- luctance to help a floundering chem. student -a progressing typist but "Jeep" still c'an't read his themes!-another prospective "saw- bonesufa boy with many virtues. the most prominent being quietness. IO Charles 5. Brittlm, II Entered 1944 Activities: Cadlnean Society 3, Secretary 4 Class Vice-President 4 Class President 3 Glee Club 3, 4 Players 4 Mabian Board 4 News Board 2, 3, Associate Editor 4 Freshman Football, Wrestling, Track Varsity Football Squad 2, 3 Varsity Wrestling Squad 2 Varsity Tennis 3, 4, Squad 2 Class Football Captain 4 Commodore, Sailing Team 4 t N lf' l ' Vx gf f flliff Q ORSET X diff, B Q U J In f time 'f 'l' - : i vj w10l4 The "Commodore", "Pogo", "Charlie",- the easy-going favorite of many-only man in the class who is so lackadasical that not even lVa1ton's piercing sarcasm stirs him from his lethargy-owner of the "Great Blue Steed", which was purchased, although he won't ad- mit it, just because "Jan liked it"-one of the holders of the coveted "Potts" trophy Cno reference to the James Potts athletic awardj, Chas is indeed an artist in the field-his great parties are about the last word in good times -favorite sport-"conversation" while sit- ting in front of Jan's house-under his quiet manner lie a keen sense of humor and a won- derful nature-destined to go far at college and in later life. Tall, likeable, popular, Frank is one of the most clean cut characters in the senior clam-has the rare combination of compat- ibility with both masters and studentsfrangy end on Vincels Varsity-one of the L'Chlor- ine Kids" on Odell's dog paddlers during the winter - winner of the coveted Aurelian Awardfhis "sterling character' occasionally gives way to streaks of deviltry and baccha- nalian practicesffavorite subject: chemistry UD-a quick sense of humor and a ready laughfhas been a prefect longer than he can remember, he now heads the disciplinary group-famous for his stock speeches on cheating at the beginning of every semester A ---11 great guy with all it takes to be 21 real success. Frank E. Hunts, II Entered l943 ,41'lir'ilif'.s': Second Honors l, T5 .Xurelizin Award 4 Prefect Board 2, 3, President 4 lidwurd Moore Society President 4 Czldniean Society 3, 4 Freslnnzm Football, Swimming, Trzick Varsity Football 'l, Squad 2, 3 Varsity Swimming 3, 4, Squad 2 Varsity 'l'rzick Squad 4 V -1 f I ff W r M, f 2:5 X ,A K v 95 Z I C V! 1 f :wif Wf dwg! -liflhf . 2 X 4, 'fvflq fm A Lx ' 1 I twi g' Q 4' 'Q W wi J ' jf Q! .Y . - . I, 1 7 Q 141' i "Vi, 'faflfifll x 'I L 'Z img A, Wa. . 7if 71. 1 U, illjvgi V X f F ill? ' 1 ,y i ' - N 'Eli IZ fl I. Q ' J' .7 N A s ew!-' L4 fl -xY.:1 " X V ff N my 'fl f " - s 4 ttf- 4 N M I X X ,tml ,J , . 'Ag ' ',Z,2 "' Q i WX!! :lf ity A ' 1 K'-Igaglg ms., ' ,. If 5 "Eg my 'si W , FA nz: ,fy ,J x 'R 'wx ig: f 1 4 ni? 2 l "Carp"kthe tall, handsome type - his sandy hair and smooth personality have en- tranced many a helpless female-hard block- ing tackle on the football varsity-in the Spring he squeezes his winter-softened frame into a pair of tennis shorts and swings a mean racquet for Peyserls netters-another great party thrower CV. O. thinks solja one of the class, better hoofersw-a prominent figure at all dances and "party after partyl, -driver of his pet "Green Hornetn-shows a promising future as a bongo drum player -a "bonnie lad", bound to go places at college. 22 Stephan Kirk Carpenter, .Ir Entered 1947 Activities: Prefect Board 4 Edward Moore Society 4 Cadmean Society 3, 4 Class Secretary 2 Glee Club 3, 4 Freshman Football, Swimming, Tennis Varsity Football 4, Squad 2, 3 Varsity Tennis Squad 3 MMZ414 gbal wflkgg V ,g?a55.iMy l 1 451 f-gf I N sf 'xv . 49. 'U' K V Y f XN QT U t g in if 'S r f i ww la- sf lt? Y S N shag' ll J l Q ' i I ll s' xl 1 f YK ' MQ , ff 4 iff William Castilla Entered 1950 U 1 fx Al Q as wwf 'Q f 556 Ll Igi fr 2 i '65, Qqwiili-'N "Q w i ii i J iv C f ill if ill!! as Zig The most recent addition to the senior class, Bill comes from Nicaragua--attended R.P.I. last year and intends to return there next fall-he is brushing up on his English here at U.S. and is learning the American way of life Cas interpreted by U.Si seniorsj- favorite American site-New York and its Broadway shows and night clubs-a lover and appreciator of the great American fig- ures-women-known in the dorm for his mysterious exercising sessions after lights-a physics and math student with engineering in mind for the future. 23 Calvin Arthur l1eVantl Entered H338 .-lrl11'1l1r'.s': l'rt'sident llrelkwt lI02ll'll I Class Presiclvnt I Glen' Cllulm 2, -I l'lz1yc'rs 2 lfreslmizm Swimming Captain lfreslnnzin Football, 'l'rzu'k Varsity Ifuotllzull Squzlcl 2, I u Varsity SNN'llIIIIIll1g 41, Squad Z, .I Varsity 'I'rzu'k Squzul 2, El, 4 Gym 'll-:nm I, 2, fl, Claptai Gym 'lk-ann .Xwarcl 4 ..f' if" If 4.17 , 24 , 'xi-Y fi 51?- I 4 'iwandering Willieveappears at U. at regular intervals after visits to other far off institutions of learningkhis biggest headache at U. S.: rlassesfone of Carter's Spanish students IPI--another Laurel backer-is now taking out the daughters of girls that he knew at Laurel when he was in the eighth and ninth grades-a water-churning swimmer for about two laps-a gymnast of note, captain- ing the U. S. Gym Team-remembered for his entertaining description of a week in Canada. "Downs" - a man of wide, varied educa- tion-left U.S. in '48-tried every prep school in the East but returned to his beloved Alma Mater-fun-loving man of the open road-noted for his repeated mishaps on the gridiron - member of the dormitory anti-morning-bell committee -enjoys being soothed and doesn,t much care who soothes him-strong follower of the sea and what- ever goes with it-possesses a wide knowl- edge of our fair city as seen from the jumper seat of his father's paint truck-has never missed an E. 105 St. movie, definitely prefers Frankenstein-owns a most amiable person- ality which has won him many devoted friends from East Ninth to Brantley. William llnwnin, IV Entered 1945 ,41'Ii1fiIif-'sz Clee Club 4 Freslunau Football C10-Captain Freslunan XVrestling, Track Varsity Football 4 Varsity Swimming Squad 4 Varsity Track Squad 4 1 N he WI T' x I 1,4 I z- I x X V 1 4Q.?' ,A ,ffjfxr 4 ' i 'LIN x if XX X y Xp , M 31238 AMI. 25 Quiet, friendly, Ron is a fine example of good manners and gentlemanly conduct- drives a well-kept Dodge whieh, in a sudden burst of daring, he often pushes up to 35 m.p.h.4Louie,s right hand man in the book- store- back-stroker of the varsity splash boys4 hard-working manager of the varsity baseball team A-lover of the great outdoors, spends his summers as a camp counselor -- possessor of that rare quality among seniors, a Cooperative attitude, which makes him al- most as popular with the masters as Pildner 4 he should make a fine Dartmouth man. 26 Hnnald T. Iluff Entered 1948 Arli1f1'tie.s: Second Honors 2 Athletic Council 4 Varsity Swimming 4, Squad 3 Varsity Baseball Manager 4 0 ,-M.: ,7,.,z..2f - 1 L49 TVB I-lndrnw .Iaclssun Duncan, IV Entered 1947 ,41'li1viIies: Second Honors l, Ei Prefect Board 3 Edward Moore Society 3, Vice-President 4 Cadmean Society 3, 4 Class President 2, 4 Class Vice-President 3 Glce Club 4 News Board 3, Sports Editor 4 Freshman Tennis Varsity Soccer 3, 4 Varsity Wrestling 4, Squad 2, 3 Varsity Tennis 3, 4, Squad 2 EINYQSHE on W" Z ' 4 Y- ll '-gk f ,Nr fr t , tra, U 4 ' a T ' I 605. 9 V if ' 1 ,"'1lF , f' l 'C 'En I VW,-'V ur l' i ' XJ, 'll l g i .A ' X .I A 1 j 2153 W f ffm 5 1 lyiff , t AAg,,..jQx gi- x ' ' L , l 1, ig' I X . -gssgglles-,7!wLf1gZg.i!f ' ji ' -77010 fl One of the class youngsters, heavy-footed halfback on Molten's Booters-known for his vicious slides f one of the better tennis play- ers but his quick temper and defeatist atti- tude hamper his Varsity game-a vociferous second tenor in the Hruby singing outfitf as sports editor for the U. S. sheet, hc always manages to turn out a pretty page W a ladies man whose fortunes changed when he switched to Laurel -never stops complain- ing about how poor he is as he rakes in the money in black jack games ffollows strin- gcntlyfw the "no gambling on trainsv rule - a firm adhcrer to high moral standards. 27 .7 Austin Frum Entered 1948 Actizfities: Second Honors 3, 4 Cum Laude Society 4 Edward Moore Society 4 Cadmean Society 4 Mabian Business Manager 4 News Board 3, 4 Varsity Swimming Squad 4 Varsity Track Squad 4 WV - ',of. a 0-fZa2w.f6w- i M O--443512 F3 2 8 "Frosty", alma materls most avid rooter when playing "the greenl'-master of dry humor and droll sarcasm - long-time mem- ber of Gil's scribblers, has added much to the quality of the News-spends 7th periods juggling reams of El Dios notes-as business manager of this book, he finally squeezed the money out of the charitable advertisers -competes with "the Wykof'f," for the cen- ter of attention in jeepls 6th period, but always has the answersgby unanimous deci- sion received the coveted award of "Supreme Goal-Post Decorator of 1950"-his adher- ence to the school motto has made him one of the respected people in the class. Quietly diligent, Ed, with his high fore- head and mass of curly hair, is one of the few intellectual members of the class-al- though seemingly indifferent about his school- work, he actually is an intent student and possesses a great deal of practical, applica- ble knowledgef another dauntless linesman whose perseverance paid off in his senior year -famous for his algebra homework on shirt cardboardsfa born anarchist and inde- pendent - one of the few good basses in the Glee Club and low note foundation of the Octet-prefers the artistic type of woman - a fine party lad always ready for a song- stacked with plenty of ability, Ed ought to get ahead fast. Edward Ynst Fultnn Entered 1946 1-Icli1fiIie.r: Second Honors I, 2, 3, 4 Cuni Laude Society -I Marshall French Prize 3 Edward Moore Society 4 Cadniean Society 4 Clee Club 2, 3, Secretary 4 Ensemble 2, 3, 4 Freshman Swinnning Varsity Football 4, Squad 2, 3 Varsity Swinnning Squad 2 Varsity Track Squad 3, 4 4 Q W fill . wif Y X XG' ,,,ffXf'Nfx p iii M 5 i Ei iw 9 ar i 4 ,i' i il Q00 C' rolfli Q Fl Q. I 'EDJ DCA 0 ' Z X 1 V di 'ff .fi l -7, 41:3 'WVorthy Dave"-square-chcsted grappler on Bobenmyer's varsity-always one to threaten the "prize pot" - in his senior year he showed his amazing adaptability with his fine rookie fullhacking on the varsity soccer team fticket seller of great skill, he can sell you a ticket to the Saskatchewan Mounted Policeman's Ball in five minutesfdry- fingered treasurer of the Edward Moore Society with a natural ailiinity for moneyf owner of one of those subtle plaid coats sometimes seen at formals -- another strict trainer f- a likeable guy who has his eye on YVilliams. 30 Q W. Ilavid Gemmill Entered 1945 Activities: Second Honors 3 Edward Moore Society 3, Secretzlry 4 Caclniean Society 5, 4 Players 4 Clo-Captaill Freshman Hirestling Varsity Soccer 4 Varsity X'Vrestling 2, 3, 4 S .Ll 5 1' Q A X A i I QTY. , xg id if 0 ,S W f l Hilbert Charles Hninrichs Entered 1949 .41'li1'ilif'.v: Glcc Club Ll Varsity hvl'CSlllllg Squad 3 MQ-Q fx r i fiifff ' 'ff X 1" M' T fix? in '1 X' NY-1 QB fi 'I Q i x"f dpi" ' i A I ci g ,fix ii N, ,, l A 7 1 -' sl., , ..-T-- 5 1 'ey' JE, QQ H X i if all W1 WV ,Q . f 1' X X! X l 1 I fn i KT r W if 1' f ' l 'Q l fi ' 3 Q A , ' 1 ' H, -M -, ,rg .f X --4 " 'ZA ' t fix ,W ,rw 'Q ff Y p U 7 , if f t a K 27 ' ,f ig I , , - Y , . ,v The mighty midget -f terror behind the wheel of any of his many automobiles f fast rushing wing on his class soeeer team f- an- other one of the lab boys who doesn't know what he's doingfpossessor of one of the weirder laughsf always jovial - shakes off sarcasm and insult like water off a duc'k's back ffa prominent greenhouse tomato farmer, resident of that booming, brawling Center of Civilization, Columbia Station, Ohio f popu- lation 7 fthe mayor runs a gas station. 31 lf, 1 L Thomas W. Irish Entered 1944 Aclirfiliesz Glee Club 4 Ensemble 3, 4 Freshman Track Varsity Soccer 3, 4, Squad 2 Varsity Track 2, 3, 4 Gym Team 2, 4 V" 1 'J I ff .'J I ri! " f ,ff gr ,'1 V Il QV.. h A I ,I N, R 1. ' Q U Al J - V4 ,V vt. v , E , Q . . .rl A , 9 f. i", I 32 Always hustling, never a dull moment, Tom maintains a torrid pace - knows every- one and can tell you anything-a skilled dancer whose advanced ability frightens away some partners but attracts more-the fast- est lineman on the soccer team, his blistering spurts led many a front line attack - also a cinder-burning dash man on the track varsity -originator of many ideas, few sound ones -his powerful tenor voice has proved in- valuable in the Glee Club and Octet-fan extremely genial guy bound to stand out anywhere. Piano player extraordinaire- driver of a flashy Olds convertihlefis all ready to enter Chemical Warfare after numerous ex- periences in chem lab g an outstanding and aggressive end in class football-unsung hero of the photography department, who developed and printed most of the pictures which appear in this and other publications -as a photographer in his own right, he has taken many fine picturesfanother score for H.L.C., Bob is thinking of Yale. Hubert fl. .Inhnsnn Entered l948 ,41'lir'iI1f'.v: Varsity Track Squad -l Class Basketball Captain Ll if Y wfgffl A ,fl alflifftl Ice skater of exceptional ability-spends it most of his time practicing and winning con- tests-shows a surprising afhnity for chem- istry, a constant source of amazement to "Nate" - another exponent of the naive brand of humor- never without a cheerful grin-an able student although he doesn't always show it - a one time ground-gaining halfback on a mighty "Bw team 4 Latin stu- dent of questionable renown, always to be re- membered for his unique Caesar translations. 34 Hubert Alan Keyes Entered 1945 Activities: Mabian Treasurer 4 Freshman Football, Baseball Varsity Football Squad 2 61 fi' 'l , I "M lla , . 'N KW ? f a 5, l F r l' wa 7- ,lm g v X ll ' . XXX X QW az, fi- R V u li' tt. s G, Mligx K Q r+'i"l!F ,f X Ex " . N A ' Walter Edwin Iiull Entered 1947 Activities: Edward Moore Society 4 Cadmean Society 4 Class Secretary 3 Glee Club 3, 4 Mabian Board 4 Business Manager News 4 Freshman Football, Basketball, Tennis Varsity Football 4, Squad 2, 3 Varsity Basketball Squad 3 Varsity Track Squad 3, Class Basketball 1a 4rj J . iff WW 11 fl' .-4 tqgiigfwv- 1 J "' 7 'Q:m.Z' 2' . x ,mv 1 YA' ' , , gg " 1 1 ,a ll ff, if 7 Hyfi ff fu"-aft ff S?" 36? ' ff aH,,-,W,,,27 g f-g,,"'Qpf5f 4 I 1 f pd f fe iw f' 1, Af, ii E i 7 i' it Z ff' ' ,X 5 5, + X' 4 ' V ...fx .W ,f'3?f"" .,a', ,,,f,... 4 W ,tx 'Q 'L' 'P-'P' 225' Suave, debonaire, fastidious, Wally is the fashion plate of the senior claw-always looks as if he just stepped out of Esquire - only member of the football team to keep his cleats polished-glue-fingered pass re- ceiver for the varsity in his senior year- a fighting class basketball captain with varsity background -a caustic observer with an aloof manner and an insulting wit-favor- ite master, Carter Sanders - has more pairs of argyle socks than Bunce Bros. - his social poise and self-confidence should make him an excellent hotel manager. 35 .Inhn Andrew Iiumltz Entered 1947 ,41'I1'1'1'Ii1'.s': liclwarcl Moore Society fl Claclinezui Society 3, 4 Clue Club 4 Mzibian Board A1 Clo-Advertising Manager News 4 l"1'eslunan Football Varsity lfoolball fl, Squad 2, F5 Varsity 'l'rzu'k Squad fl, Ll of2...'Q.,f fr' fi---fw Y' C. l 4 f ,UA "-' I ix 7 Q it f ff' K, D 'Q W " k 'l"' ' A123 X A. X .I 4 N y iw A. Kurvon ai N- Foufvoen oF rfrg X f TEDDY 5-EAR CU' f fffw 36 "Andy" - a smiling personality and an ever neat appearance estauneh supporter of Mayor Burke a proud owner of a varsity football letter f tries hard to be as stylish as his I3-year-old brother-seen at all social functions in a gay mood-fmember of the three societies, Cadmean, Eddy Moore and Teddy Bear Club f a hard-working ad get- ter for the News and Mabian - a thoroughly likeable member of the senior class-his personality and friendly nature should make him a hit at Georgetown. S v Q , 1' - ' 4 O The "Fat Man" fonly engaged member of the senior class - has a burning desire jo be a dietator-a bruising guard and two year letterlnan on the varsity football team ff has won the admiration of both Phil and Carter G. for his ability in history and his individual ideas on government and religion his exhaustive notes have been a boon to many a Iloundering U. S. history victim ff jay's diligence in heading the advertising staff has made the publication of this book possiblefranks high in the class both in popularity and seholarship likes the idea of Williams. Arthur J. Lafave, .I Entered 1948 pl1'l1r'1l1r'.v: lidward Moore Society -l cillilllltilll Society 'l Class Set'l'etary fl Players -l Nlabian .Xdvertising Manager -I Chapel Planning Clonnnittee -I Varsity Football fl. l, Squad 2 Varsity Swinnning Squad 2 ,-4' PIT?-Y P117- Z Z , fr X, -s-1 J' The most unusual senior- a transfer stu- dent from far OH' Belgium +brings to U.S. a smattering of European culture- a fasci- nating and marvelous character to those who know him-his comments on communism, culture, and women are masterful examples of epitome-speaks French, Dutch, German, English and Waloon Cbesides being well- versed in Latin and Greekj -likes Cleve- land but dreams of Paris with its wine, women, and song - a lover of art but enjoys Turakls paintings too-finds the Roxy a poor substitute for the Folies Bergerefal- ways neatly dressed, polite, obedient, Joe demonstrates the qualities that make a gentle- man and a success. 38 .Inseph Llitarqez Entered 1950 Activities: Second Honors 4 Edward Moore Society 4 Class Tennis Captain 4 CM NVN Domi fn r ' 'l N E ,' e , ' cn i A i W , 62' , i- A'j,.,m -i M 1 JF F D '-. , RE 6 f Q JL, at as Wx 'f'Rf'sR5H ,Alf -23 , 4 ig f K 1 A , - 'U if-"il - .,, - . i 7 X E., ,I , ! .K , 5 ' Y xifms 57r"'4'l' 1' U 0 4 if cet, fe X y . Q 192, 'I -, ' 'Qffii N ' V 7 f 1 ,Z n ad l root' , li, y ' i f , X , f ff i y U-jn5',' l 1. ,.u 'Cu r-'far l- ' ' ' v Samuel Michael Lnveman Entered 1944 Arlirfities: Second Honors l Cadmean Society 4 Glee Club 3, 4 Players 4 Mabian Board 3, Co-Managing Editor 4 News Circulation Manager 4 Co-Captain Freslnnan Wrestling Freshman Football, Baseball Varsity Football 4, Squad 2, 3 Varsity Track Squad 3, 4 Class Swimming Captain 4 ll , . - , A h . f xv 4 V -, J - - kv ' . X 1- Nd . . Jy . . ,s, . ',- . ' ., , ' A,-...L V'- ind' 4 Q y I A 1 N.. 4,-:if 1 is - , me- N . -4 .rl ln"g. V ' . vx f- -. e. Q-5 g. NDI- lg .Hu ul- N xp.-. ., "-n""'.'A ' l X . . , . .4 X. 01"-f ' Q. u ' G .L.-,Je 'i' 1'5" . r. . 1 N h ' 2. -' ' Q 's I ., Q 'AB wk! K we u. O W A X- . . 4' 5- 4. ., up fY..:,f: r ! . , -..,,,.-gi f: X l ' . Y X B U N 'C S-7 ' A XC ,K J "Mick"-tongue-in-cheek humorist-wear- x X I ii A er of some of the wildest clothes in the class 4 X f 5 I -famous for his plaid vests and weird caps I' .Q ' 1 4 l P y ' -the mlghtlest little man on VlHCC,S Varsity XM, I J -always recognizable running on and off SY if LC' the field -hard working and efficient dis- tribution manager for the U.S. News- author of an excellent Sherman Prize Speech - great party man, both giver and attender - prefers Heights women and always comes up with a nice one- a great little guy and a brightening spirit around U.S. 39 5 L., nv xv' fl David liilusser lVli:Bane Entered l949 ,4cli1fifi1'.s': liclwarcl Moore Society 3, el Claclinean Society 3, rlll'C2lSllI'Cl' 4 Glue Club 3, Ll Mabian Feature Editor Al Varsity Soccer Squad 3, -l Varsity Basketball 4, Squad 3 , Varsity Tennis Captz' 4, Squad 3 xifjl flf J s J ' ' .4 1 1. A M .fir . gf f' 1 I 1' 3, , 14 f ' j I , ' e ff 1 , VX, V il 1, f' I . . ,M f 15,2 im X lf ax v N . lgmlt, ' ' Q1 llbfgeiqg X f l N Q r W 'I lml f 1 ' t 54 'fu I l N... 5-g,..1, t 40 "Bones, of the blond hair, baby face, and elongated framefa basketball player of some repute g a hard-working soccer player, one of the few to be asked to "please come backs' after deserting the booters squadf host of more than his share of good parties -- his faithfulness to a Milwaukee Miss was shaken by the influence of various local tal- entsvearnest treasurer of the Cadmean Society, he still canlt figure out what hap- pened to the profits on the Snow Ball Frolic -an irrepressible stag at all social gather- ingsea popular lad around school with everyone A another one following his brother to college if Principia. I "Skeleton,, with the unruly blond hair and friendly smile-Mr. Keenan,s favorite French student, frequently consulted by Wild Bill on matters of great importance C"Isn't that right, Mac?"j -a veteran of nine years at U.S., he can remember when the class of '51 had seven boys in it - a hard-charging end on the football team and one of Seymour's 'gfellasn-a 103 pound wrestler in his sopho- more year whose weight has skyrocketed to 155 pounds as a senior-one of Walton's better trig studentsh an admirer of Mr. Sanders and a challenge to the linguistic ability of Mr. Keenan. CJ. Richard E. Mlzllrea Entered 1942 Activities: Caclmean Society 4 Freshman lvrestling, Baseball Varsity Football 4 Varsity lvrestling 2, 3, 4 Varsity Tennis 4, Squad 3 G,L.!E . aQgm.4a:-3.-A5,w-Dm-Me,,,lQ 4mi5i?f'L"f"ix ' Us ' DLP U"6"'e54'-'QA' Qvnjggwo WL bfi'-nl U-JC . ,mime 'gag' J-UD U.S.q,5 ' 1 li'Qbt0!Q'LClU2v-clilmmuwti I f M fa " Q4 ,QM A fr i- ll: ' ' lDr ..,..,4rZ!'. A'1l9'f"QYwl ll co l ' . ws: 'nag S-up ll 'WM mcfumun 5 y4mrnF..t1miifnn1 57725 I a Q K WI 4 rri"'fQ You A ,af gongviv gh in ittfivv :fd I2 41 ""4'fv, GN Q 'Bair' "The Parrotu, a mad driver behind the wheel of his "Batmobile" - never known to do under sixty4an indefatigable shutter- bug whose pictures of parties and various athletic contests appear many times in the News and Mabian4an untiringQ?j miler on the track squad f one of the three brave seniors who have followed with avid interest and writer,s cramp the lectures of Mr. San- ders in his Modern History coursefhas trouble keeping track of all the women in his life. 42 Q! Baird L Mclirew Entered 1949 Arlirfitiesz Glcc Cl nb 4 Players 3, 4 Varsity Track Squad 3 4 Class Soccer K 1 Jt in 4 -fu . pf' Jnhn Lee Macklin Entered 1945 ,41'Iirf1'1iff.s: Cadmean Society 4 Players 4 News Co-Advertising Manager 4 Athletic Council 4 Freshman Football Manager Varsity Football Manager 4 ,M P are 'BL-A120 Jam- 03 SMQM wcx5La,...,D,.a .Q gm ll-bLMJts,w-q:e9,.i INWMTW-Qwmhgqetgggs DM -V-Q-Mn.s3uuL92 uidwwinwmliglglvw SLM:fuJmQQNLmgmJl I ,hs Shiimhimgblm Z g2?- ' Il- fan, fi gs ' Gal bi.iWm X I lfyifil :A , ', wx U?m!N 5 - "ii 4 . . -E A droll personality with a well-rounded 5 frame s one of the better Cadmean pledges, ' 1 ZH" 'S iff' never stopped- fighting manager of the i f'f 'M f mute hind V bk ,JIX oo a am w o 1 e many a ro en ywf "' L spirit during the season - renowned for his subtle taste in ties and sport coatsgstill iw! N' n can't understand why he shouldn't bum - cigarettes when he gets down to only 19 - ,, ll " ,' M if, fy his cool, calculating mind makes him one of A fl X jx ffuivrv-M Waltonis favorites-will only go out with ' -Q f J C women who have television sets, ears, coun- W fl f 1 A Uyggyk . hx'-X try Club memberships, and mothers who are Spanish teachers-John's good humor and friendliness are bound to make him a suc- cess in life. 43 Charles Earl Miller Entered 1945 A-lfllzfllzrfx: Glen' Club 2, 51, -1 Ensemble 4 Players Vic'e-President Ml Varsity W'resl1ing' Squad 2 Class Football Captain 11 O . Q 'if t I 1"1 Q' ' r ,,,,,u' .?f5 , f -QM '- D 4'-xii ' -N buv j f ' ,Q ' - f""'21'-3" ixtwy, "Ill . L I 11'!11i?114111 RWM' om, . wiv sg X t 3 v hllllUlIh0.'7njS A I . 1 lfllrgg. WWW pl ,V :Mi .11 Q 9 ' 9 Q u .u.. K ppp MB ii 3 1 '50 0 L Q Y V, x1lf, ' !i'i'xii xf 611.111, x1'if, ,Q Z: ffxt fi xx O KN FN FN rw 44 "Chuck!'eo1d ears and a puerile, but friendly sense of humor-carefully maneu- vered a part for Jean in one of V.O.'s plays, but wound up playing opposite a senior from H.B. - another class football threat Y once haunted Laurel but has shifted his base of operations to Flora Stone Mather-owner of a 1925 Model T roadster which he later traded for a 1921 touring earflong time Glee Club man and Octet baritone-a better than average science Student and a radio man from way back who has enough equipment to start a station of his own f he is consider- ing medicine as a future f sneaking into Reserve before the draft. Retieent, complacent, Pete's friendliness and humour make him a droll eompanionf a great stand-in for Howdy-Doody f all- star guard on the class football aggregation f in the spring his ringing bat spells disaster for the opposing pitcher on the class baseball diamond -vnoted for his artistic ability in this book Qand his own chem and trig booksj ffavorite class pastime, carieaturing masters and fellow students f strongly allergic to water-president of the U. S. Misogynists Club ef has plans for Williams next fall. Peter Mnal-i Entered 1948 fl r!1'1f1'!iz'.s: Players ll Mabian .Xssistant Art Editor -I zgqk lin. wif?-'X N lima 4 Famed hunter from the wilds of Chagrin Falls task Mr. Keenanj -former motor bike demonghas graduated to a soft muf- fled jeep-adds a little western flavor to the Glee Clubfseldom seen with a com- panion of the opposite sex - a great charac- ter at parties with his guitar and valuable collection of folk songsea gun expert and collectorimaintains his own personal ar- senalehis good nature is marked by his shock of blond hair and a perpetual smile. 46 Jnhn H. Nichols, III Entered l946 Aff1'1I1'lies: Glee Club 4 Ensemble 4, Varsity Track Squad il -.fl . , , ' I ' af H A Vwyn 1' 'e 'A' 'lie ' li L,gf-efx . ,-f",,1f,,, '6'Ul7'o -'14 ' 'Q rl' -N.x .i , s 1 Mc rap. 4 is- -will .. I 'QE' 7 G' ' l . eg x .'fil"i'f:l 4'- . ,vigil 'iff' TH .. Wig .S?"ltiEEE-1. f ..-as::-:mtl ggi-' af: is.2:a::,?1 i -f-u5ig2..n .., . v. , , p. ' A ga!-jg!25:5EF, ,Vu 'Lf' . , ,yrs I ' Q 4' tl sl limi E if 'il will Pell: Udall Entered 1945 ,41'Ii1fiIie.s: Cadmean Society 4 Freshman Football Manager Freshman Swimming, Baseball Varsity Swimming 3, Captain 4, Squad 2 Varsity Track 3, 4 suRE,n1v' I KIN LICK ANY Mnlv nv TH' House WJ Captain of the varsity tankers- indefati- gable arguer in favor of his stomping grounds, Lakewood, Ohio - always threatening to go to YVest High, but turns up faithfully at U.S. every fall-inexorable cynic, especially con- cerning dear old U.S.-a familiar sight ambling across the parking lot with his brother-a ealloused guy with a wide ami- able streak - a well-versed authority on all sports-seen at all athletic contests around U.S. with familiar bodyguard from Lake- woodfharbors an undying love UU for Reserve. 47 Richard F. Uutualt, Jr. Entered 1946 Activities: Glec Club 4 Mabian Board 4 News Board 3, Associate Editor 4 Freshman Basketball, Baseball Varsity Football Squad 2, 3 Varsity Basketball 4, Squad 2, 3 Varsity Baseball 2, 3 ff - A to 9 Q54-r guy t,Jm.x Two OWNS 681 oi l-nag un-u Boi-va of 'THEM F3 l -qc.. ... , "rr Y' Tig" Tl ' fi Q 0 " D 0 -- i ,axjz fai ff 1' 9'l 1 lv' w ii lrl His 3 W ' M13 2 JI 64, If Nl! 'ROM M X15 7? f 1 X l 7' W?!iig"'X .: 2 ag .gl 'fa ul 1 B l , 'Tl V J T71 X X 55' xx .5 , -:B 4. I ' rQ 25 1 l ' 'RMT "Al 'e V : y' 1 W-r ' ' 3 ll. w' ii V13 .f I , - s fs l n J j9 HJKAK 48 "Big Dick" of the hearty laugh and fiery temper-one of the class backwoods boys - renowned for his great parties and picnics -driver of a fire engine Olds with a fire engine motor-a hard worker on the basket- ball floor and master of the elbow - prefers women in far off places - a robust sense of humor with a streak of deviltry-smooth operator on the dance floor-hard working sports writer for Duncan's page - candid and straight-forward, his sincerity has won him many friends -likes Chicago University but will probably go to Cornell. "The Thin Man", only man on Moltenis Varsity Mermen who can reach the opposite end of the pool on a racing dive- enthusi- astic admirer of anything on four wheels with a motor- reputed to drive one of the first Model T's ever made by Ford-an ardent admirer and collector of art QPetty Girlsj - proud owner and racer of a "Star'A' sailing craft-favorite hangout: junk yards and the Mid-Night Auto Supply-shy but a frank speaker- one of the most observant and reliant members of the senior class. Hubert Pennell Entered 1945 Activities: Freshman Swimming Varsity Swimming 4, Squad 2, 3 Varsity Track 4 P ff to ff W 'fffe ff 'fi' i. if S3 5 X p ek 1 y?5ii -J I-1 ,ff W it 49 Henry Pilrlner, Jr. Entered 1948 Activities: First Honors 2 Second Honors 3, 4 Cum Laude Society 3, 4 Cobb Latin Prize 3 First Prize Sherman Speaking Contest 3 Prefect Board 3 Edward Moore Society 4 Cadmean Society 3, Vice-President 4 Glee Club 3, 4 Ensemble 3, 4 Players 4 Mabian Literary Editor 4 News Board Associate Editor 4 Athletic Council 4 Varsity Football Squad 2 Varsity Soccer 4, Squad 3 Varsity Basketball Squad 2, 3, Captain 4 Varsity Baseball 3, 4, Squad 2 The showboat of the Senior Class-a rather violent member of the Players who does not confine his acting to the stage-as clever with his tongue as with a basketballg a smooth debater with endless resources of sophistical reasoning-one of the few who switched to Laurel-a hard worker, esp. in his pet field of endeavor-women- favorite expresion "I'm going to quit to- morrow"-a "bop" fanaticg makes an inter- esting sight when he really "gets going" - f rl-,,i l Q , U ff , E. X pn N frui-'ET Pu" ' I an is off to Harvard next year. 50 Paul E. Prine Entered 1948 Ar'ti11it1'es: Second Honors 2, 3 Cum Laude Society 3, 4 Spelling Contest 4 Prefect Board 4 Edward Moore Society 3, Glee Club Treasurer 4 Ensemble 3, 4 Players 4 Mabian Editor-in-Chief 4 News Board Associate Ed Athletic Council 4 Varsity Basketball Squad Varsity Baseball Squad 3 Class Football Captain 4 Secretary 4 itor 4 Manager 4 1, , f X4 424,44 mf' "Mr. Versatilityu, never without a new gimmick to sell to his gullible classmates - a smooth operator with a sharp money sense - possessor of remarkable ability to pass his courses without resorting to study - another hardworking UD scholarship boy-player- manager of the basket-ball team - noted for his 105th St. clothes- editor-in-chief of the biggest headache around U.S., The Mabian - always busy but manages to find time for women-another one of the Cum Laude Crew 4- secretary of Cruikshank's Eddie Moore boys-sure of himself in any situa- tion - undecided about what college, but sure to be a success anywhere. 51 Hndqer 5. Rickard Entered l948 ,-'fl'fIT'Ifll'.S'I Varsity Sorrel' 3, 4 Varsity KVM-stling Squad 2 Varsity Basketball Squad 4 Varsity Baseball Squad 3 Varsity 'l'rac'k 41 X fx lg ff 1 3 , f af ..n 2 -1 .L L 'I I-F Q I ' ' Z F? , W? 2 f Q L1 ESSQH ,. .:"' I 52 Home-grown "Rodg", the duck-footed blond whose sensational fullbacking sparked the soccer team-another Heights High fugitivefa determined athlete with basket- ball and baseball talentsfspends most of his time in Cleveland Heights with the neigh- borhood boysfa new found track staff he got one taste of H.B. women and, like Thoreau, went quickly back into the woods f often seen with disheartened look on his face mumbling "Boy, did I flub that one" +21 simple, unobtrusive guy, he should get along well at Springfield. ,K I Great guy, great performer on the grid- iron, wrestling mat and Cinder path-185 pounds of sheer maseulinityfpresident of the mighty UD Cadmean Society - mows down the women with his virile finessefson of an even bigger fatherfstill remembers the little football lesson after the Garfield game f his beloved Chautauqua Lake has provided him with a boundless source of ad- ventures and talesfbest ad lib. speeehmaker in "jeep's" Class, has yet to prepare once introdueer of that expressive adjective, "grub- by"f-the tall half of the Dunean-Ride "Mutt and Jeff" combination. Alfa The "Haircut"-tall personality from the Cedar Hill region-V.O.'s right hand man and commander-in-chief of the 1951 Players-did an excellent job in spite of difliculty with a capricious door in "Three Live Ghosts" - a two year man in the Glee Club-wore a mysterious rag around one wrist for a number of years-one of the few "die-hardsn enduring Algebra XII -a member of what is facetiously called the Varsity Basketball Team-a well liked lad with a pleasant nature and an ardent Wil- liams enthusiast. 54 Benrqu ll. Hounds Entered 1949 Activities: Glee Club 3, 4 Players 3, President 4 Mabian Associate Editor 4 Athletic Council 4 Varsity Basketball Squad 3, 4 Varsity Tennis Manager 4 V is . NJf.5'Q, Q ' JN- Vi"-kk-Ty QNX D mix-w V .b xc 4 SSX QR-XQx,WpA X lllllllrlrulw I '-as D j L 'UT' L l v 1 xxvx :iz W X 4 4. H512 f ' wi ' X 1 -5 4 6 ifx M Thomas llnnnnr Saurwnin l Entered 1948 A1'li1'ilie.t2 Second Honors 2, 3, 4 Cum Laude Society fl, -I Varsity Soccer 3, 4 Varsity Wrestling 2, 3, 4 I f. J fi l Off., 7715 ffappms D ' If ufffsfv svn? TMA: ARE , ,vo se C 0 Nos, f lx 'QA Q ,, L X 'Q. A Q ai fix ki , 'i 0 ob? ix I ,I 1 ll ' i CRUNCH MH X it M + Xl X X , .. t Y sweet' gj3T?j' rgg a X Xe Q xxx: ox ve? ' -- with s 75944 Reserved, taciturn but always dependable fean always be counted on to answer a question with "YNlhat,s it to ya?,,ahard- muscled grappler on Bobenmyer's Varsity -only senior Carter G. brags about-the only kid who has more chemicals in his base- ment than Nate has in his labgafter a tough fight won the title of "biggest eater in the senior class" -has established a record for broken romances - among the top scho- lastically in the senior class-headed for success in his medical pursuits. 55 be William .Inhu Schneider Entered 1948 Ar'li1'ili1'.s': Second Honors 2, 3, 4 Cum Laude Society 4 Players 3, 4 Mubian Board Associate Editor 4 News Board 2, Pl, Literary Editor 4 Athletic Council 4 Varsity Swimming Manager 4 f 'bw ,gi , W' 'Q . 1-'FN Y fxkq... 0, ' Xb-mc K p D it VN 0 i4 f by W' e s ogg Qs f-U3 'Snr 56 Persevering literary editor of the U.S. Rag -always on the alert for an editorial or original feature articleehis toughest job is fending off "Happy" Peters and his hot-shot journalism classes-renowned dancer of Arthur Murray caliber and fine leading actor in the McCreight production of "Three Live Ghosts" -often seen around the pool with a couple of stop-watches in his duties as swimming manager-shows a promising future with the C.E.l. after the Big Snow week-end-one of the "steady SKY' boysf a lot of drive and ability-sure to be a success anywhere. Another new addition to the class--tall, dark and handsomefbig foot for the ball teamfgot off his greatest punts in tice-resident of the far-off town of Castle, Pa.Afavorite saying, "I knew it sir, I just Couldn't seem to get the foot- prac- New cold, right answer"-admirer and prodigious Consumer of U.S. foodehome town boy, enjoys his week-ends far away from the metropolis of Shaker Heights-21 basketball player of un- recognized ability Qjust ask himj. William fl. Shewman Entered 1950 .4r'liwiIi1'.s': Varsity Football Squad 4 Varsity 'l'1'z1c'k Squad fl Class Basketball Captain 4 .V I-X -2- ff rf 'I ' ,X ' r I Q 9 xr. .---, pf. .l- '- ik 'ei 1,jg3fl I 'Xu-A t L ul . ' r rx, 'T s-W ' A' Q shi!! i l I' f If 'IL ffl' i gl 1 V 0 C A ul lgit 3 ' E., W lf! wh I . . 95 , I e ' sl .A ,'N,,. Q Q MM 57 .Inhn Bingham Shilliday Entered 1950 Acfirfiliesz Cum Laude Society Al Edward Moore Society 4 Glee Club 4 Mabian Board 4 Varsity Football 4 Varsity Basketball Squad 4 Gym Team 4 Varsity Track 4 My Ofvf A A of ,in 79, ,ff iftaifiwwf , Mgr WM An amiable newcomer to the class from Brush whose winning ways impressed many -got off to a fine start as the football var- sity,s dependable center-always recognizable on the field by the towel hanging out of his pants- became very popular with the foot- ball boys when they learned the blond that always watches the practice was his sister- consistent winner on the varsity cinders- one of the minority that does math home- workgdesigner of the fine lighting effects for the Cadmean Frolic-a great friend, always ready to help-sure to be outstand- ing in any college. 58 'R s Norman Iiinq Slnan Entered 1950 Aclizfiiiesz First Honors 4 Cum Laude Society -I Edward Moore Society 4 Mabian Board Assistant Art Editor 4 Varsity Basketball Squad 4 bmw, ,faliiafw " M wwf W7 fafsyff My ff , 9 q w, an , manly -L 1' ' , 5 if ' 3 gf mx L if' W! if K 1 X iltttyttfivfgkkisfait sv f 1'4-aayifggwz , xfeiitfgs K , Wpfu 7 1 .g aid l gm anim O9 f r tw S 4 1 I ll ' 4 This Hamboyant, titanic wooly-headed lad appeared for the first time at U.S. this year- a genius who consistently breaks 90, yet lends the appearance of one in a trance-a sensitive musical renderer of "The Big Rock Candy Mountain" -this notorious resident of that infamous den of iniquity Woodstock, New York is nevertheless a godsend to McLellan, both as a dynamic dribbler and a distin- guished cinderman-an artist of Rembrandt- ish skill withthe appropriate dash of subtle humorsskillfully administered the writing of his own biography. 59 "Rob"-second man in the Wlardwell harmony combine-quiet type-favorite pastime is trying to pass a math coursee one of the school's few soccer fansf proud owner of a pink Nash Ramblerfa quiet lad with a golden temperamentfpride and joy of physics class f possessor of a widow's peak and little else in the way of hair - star of Sander's class soccer team and Spanish classshis love of music proved profitable in his Sherman Prize speechfhis good humour and sound judgment should make him a success at Perm. The Brains-favorite number 95 - never known to get a "Bn-the only thing he did of note in field was drop itfa deserving member of the Cum Laude Soeietygheartless grader of Chemistry tests-woman hater and fearer-retires to Lakewood and his radios, dynamos, hydro-electric glebisfelters, etc., on the week-endsaa quiet member of the dorm --has never known the pleasure of taking a mid-year-Comment on school spirit, govern- ment, ways of life: "Bah" f a progressive thinker-has been known to laugh at jokesf a peaceful guy with plenty of brain power- ought to sail through M.l.T. Hard-charging captain of the soccer team ghis curly blond hair and blue eyes make him a femaleis delight-keeps shifting be- tween H.B. and Laurel A always gets a hard time ef dweller in the wilds of Garfieldff mad Wheeler, burned out his clutch doing 40 in first-swift throwing pitcher of the bull pen gang -'- has had many wild and wooly experieneeseone of the select few who succeeded in dropping a Wlalton course flfavorite lab dumb-bell with Pildnerfff undecided about college, but will probably go into medicine. 62 Hun:-llll I-llhert Sterninki Entered 1946 fl!'fl?'IiflI?XI Edward Moore Society fl Cadmean Society -1 Glee Club -l Athletic Council -l Fresluuan Baseball Varsity Soccer fi, Captain -l, Squad 2 Varsity Baseball Al, Squad 2, Fi Most Valuable Player Soccer Award tl Class Basketball Iaptain y, wi Qooffihg 4 mr f , 'fr L QMIW f P W Hnherl Vinsnn Studley Entered 1948 Artivilies: Clee Club 2, 3, 4 Varsity Track Squad 4 Class Soccer Captain Ml 2 12'-" Originator of many wacky ideas and broken-down theories-always trying to fake through chemistry-flashing captain of his Class soccer teamgpossessor of the con- fident line, "I can do it"-his revolutionary ideas in math fail to impress Der YN'alton -player of many instruments, the only man known that can play 21 saxophone while ac- companying himself on a 6 foot mandolin with 2 strings and a screen-door spring- leader of the Prepper "band"-one of the few basses in the Glee Club who knows what he's singingsprefers Heights women. 63 Stephen J. Szaraz Entered 1947 Activities: First Honors l, 2 Second Honors 3 Cum Laude Society 3, President 4 Prefect Board 2 Edward Moore Society 3, 4 Class Treasurer 2 Glee Club 3, President 4 Ensemble 3, 4 Mabian Sports Editor 4 News Board Associate Editor 4 Freshman Baseball Varsity Football Squad 2 Varsity Soccer 3, 4 Varsity Basketball Squad 3, 4 Varsity Baseball 4, Squad 2, 3 f -,.2ig5NSx'RsXx I Q. f-x X I 3 ,,- ,V - , , , ,,fkV,.v 5. Q ' ' i fr 'J ' fi? tiff Z tx, Bin ' Fl. I Simi. :gen X team," gl 'i 'ggi' 0 If ' v 9 fine- sf.: ff !fFWfW4f l . JC- 3, fri, v li ' '.. f' 2, M' i, X tl, 111 -iff' My lhdylljh' lf 'ln -.t . z 'Pvt' "' 4 f it f -N :J ,' f tm . r ' -' . ,y ' ' 1" 1- e . 'V I X N "ily 2 N - 'f 1' li 1 ffl iii!!! ' ,, V ' .'-:Hn 5 se-f essay wi:-:HH '15' ?e"5'7535" i ifasgih 1 4 1 , 5-'OVEN S f F19 113.0 1'Q':'Ls' I3 A. ' , hae! if 551 ii "P A I' lf, ',f,1j!Q,!f' -A74-I y 64 Serious and ambitious-always trying to improve in athletics, women, and studies, with studies a dragging third-one of the three season men-half-blind halfback on the soccer team-still thinks he's going to be a great pitcher-a strict trainer until Pildner's influence did him in-constantly deploring his vicissitudes with women-one of the "how did he get it" Cum Laude boys-a writer and poet of some ability-a long time inhabitant of that little town of Bedford-has never been on time in his life, but still manages to come through. Slow speaking, slow thinking swimmer on Molten's Varsity, he follows in his brother's wake-one of the most rigid trainers in the class -never-say-die soccer player, never known to get off a good kick anywhere ex- cept out-of-bounds-hard working editor-in- chief of the News, always hounding his lazy amociate editors-never seems to run out of Life SaversAa faithful friendealways drives on double dates, but never has he peeked in the rear view mirror-will probably follow his brother to W'illiams. Eilhert Marston True Entered 1945 A1'I1'1riIies: Second Honors I News Board 2, 3, liclitor-in-Cliief -I Handbook liclitor 4 Glee Club 4 Freshman Swimming Varsity Sorcer Al Varsity Swimming 3, -l Sailing Team -l of f ,RUM F 4 vf' -e. 'xyv Mfwffrf W. 1 71 , Squad 2 inf' pjl M URW G N V ' Sa Amis Z? oi P 'ff ,, 5 ffiiiw T WW I 'P 6 XX f if ls H021 X656 JOCCE E 1? SQXX i X 'X g X our 'Q x Vbe lor gx .xl y I I i 'W' 4, 5' S 'V M, ff L , . 4 X .MB 571.27 fs 'ff .. "if X Q or we eii ,yllfx uf if X NN Q :wi f 'f a , QS " ' Xt, U L' I HGAL 'sans Lsrrfq U. s - . , iixh S ix 1 ' rl 're' si TX N , ii i O ' ia: X f . h- K 'X,'ls Q . ig Y, . IS i asf . U. F4W5Yf':4f "Terrible Tedw, the artist-his nickname is misleading, for he is anything but fearsomee genial, happy, always wearing a smile-his undying desire to play varsity football finally paid off, result: one good tackle. A dorm mainstay, president of dorm prefects, really keeps the boys in line-found a remarkable room-mate as a senior in Letargezfis now full of new ideas on government and people --hardworking cartoonist of this bookfone of the few orderly members of the Cadmean Society-friendly and talented, Ted is sure to go places. 66 Thendnre Turak Entered 1944 ,V-lflirffiirfsz Prelcct Board 3 Dorm Prefect Board Presiden Edward Moore Society -1 Cadlncan Society 3, 4 Class 'l'l'C2lSlll'CI' 4 Clee Club +1 Players -l L Nlabian Board 3, ,Xrt liditor A-1 News Board Art Editor Ll lfrcshmzni Football, XVrcstling Varsity Football -l, Squad 2, Varsity XVrestling -l, Squad F1 Varsity Track Squad 34 Class Tennis Captain Pl c Hinharrl B. Varulerhnnf Entered 1948 Activities: Athletic Council 4 Varsity Wrestling Manager 4 'RQJuv-A'- QQ-ff On:-"nib WVU-O" - 0,s.f ,u-"U" Sym Q54 N-0 G'N-1' Nia'-f" "Vandy,' - Busy manager of "S.R.B.'s" Varsity Wrestlers-drives a various assort- ment of cars but seems to prefer convertibles -only two year letterman in Physics-favor- ite position in life: horizontal-wearer of a battered chapeau yet lives in constant terror that someone will step on his new saddle shoes-best dressed football player on Brit- ton,s class champs-always the first man to get to the icebox and the last to leave-butt of much Waltonian humour. 67 Edward .Inseph Warrlwell Entered l949 Ar'ti1fi1i1f.v: Glcc Club 3, -1 Varsity Soccer 4, Squad E5 nsityi IH lllldiso 5. V: T1 'k S ' l f, 4 5 . ,v -v.-.. Vp O oi r n -f" pf si' -9' l al ff f l EW' mlliflllw YVherexer theres singing theres hddie- his duet with Spiller on Ill Never Be Free always stops the party W collector of 1 wide variety of milk flasks-dependable half- back on the soccer team -soft spoken md gentle Fds pleasant nature makes him 1 favorite of many-slogan: Never missed '1 butt never willfnever found in formal clothes without his sashfrabid partx f'1n never absenteamong the better dressed seniors and a faithful habitue of the senior , N i - 3' -' -5-M-iw I ' ' 1 W f, ll- 68 TOOITI. The farmer-all he needs is a straw hat and a pitch fork e loafer-manager of the soccer team, claims he worked hard as assist- ant last year-greatest contribution, his party after the Eddie Moore fling- a hotshot on the subjects of photography, chemistry, and physics-owner of many cars which he refers to as "the fleet" - takes off for Nova Scotia every summer - can't get started with women folk, but is undaunted-still trying to collect the money for the soccer banquet +one of the French students who couldn't handle French III 5 will probably be found at Williams next fall. Hubert Day Wand En tered l 945 Arliviliest Second Honors I Clee Club 3 Players Vice-president 4 Mabian Associate Editor -I .xtll letic Council -I Varsity Soccer Manager 4 Varsity Track Squad 3, -1 HE 8 OETLRMMXED 7' 0 GET A 15577-5 R 'WVGLE DKV FAYE El'7ER9Ql I I' l 69 Class clownarenowned for his idiotic an- tics-his pranks on the Florida baseball trip will be long remembered-hard driving cen- ter forward on the soccer team, receiver and giver of many hard knockseset pool endur- ance record for 200 yard free style, finishing two hours after the meet was over-a caustic wit and prolific coiner of names and phrases -his senior speech was so popular, he was invited backfhis way with women is more persevering than successful-refers kindly to H.L.C. as 'ieoachn-gets along finjfamously with all masters-finally made the Glee Club in his senior yearvone of the class of 5l,s real characters. 70 Peter Elaesen Wyknff Entered 1948 Aclirfilies: Second Honors 2 Dorm Prefect Board 3 Edward Moore Society 3, 4 Cadiuean Society 3, 4 Glee Club Al Varsity Soccer 3, 4 Varsity VVrestling Squad 2 Varsity Swimming 4, Squad 3 Varsity Baseball 4, Squad 2, "5,W,w1 ov?-'vfy frame. 'GK' Law X' ' 17 Il: ew w Y Y , 0' si- ily i g 'inf 4.1 i f c i. f f OOM-1 e I w e 0 4 rn it W , 7 W 6 Q W Swan-ricv'uP2f"S"0" .fl O NyGl'l I NW, 96 Pfrxfp Norvefrk "" fmvk James Uuintnr Ynunq, Jr. Entered 19257 ,-l1l11'1l1r'.r: Svfoml llouors l. 2. fl Lum l.:iudt- Sofa-ty I litlwzirtl Nloort' Sofia-ty fl, Al Ulu' Club fl. AI l'lllSt'IIllJlk' Il. -l Varsity Soum' fl, -l Varsity 'lbuuis IS, 'l Class liaskrtlmall Captain -I Silvnt type, yvt posscssor of hrm t'onx'it'tious fsolc survivor of thc original first gradc class -f--stcady partner of thc Carpenter-Young douhlcs tcnnis C'0fT1lJlIl21tl0I1"'SVN'llt'hl'Cl from Ccntcr forward to wing on thc socrvi' tram and still didn't score any goals' firm ht'lit'x'c'r in "too much study is folly". a twisted appli- cation of thc Baron vssay spvnt tht' Big Snow wvckcnd in thc Ccdar Hill area gt-ts along well around LHS. through a drag in thc Art Dcpartmcntfs'serious lidward Moon' U1t'IUl'M'I' --ont' of thc "motor svootcr mani- acs" as a sophomort' has tht' brains and personality to malu' him a siifccss. 71 ' Q '45 55 -2 . vi f WASH 72 Uklnhernlasszs HN lm 1 qs . k iffzl X ,x xp: ff fl 3 K -Z xx 'S 4 X A' x ' -WZI5. X J. , 6. hx Q 4 .9 xx x Jr' : s 1" Q X x '- W 5' ' xx f fx ff Q " 'X IP V l , , ,, K 411 x 4"A ,1',N 1? CX, I 1 X 5 5 4 f 1 ,. 1 f-166' XLL - xx-Wi, -un x 4 j' ,. J , f ff ",'., fffxffxgins' x2XL1x:Nf,fxy ww V Qiijielf, ioiirfxwexfwx f ' xx 'xl X' x ' ru K ffly ll ,fi ,. -, if - ': , - 7 - ff - N?-T ,' i' rig! 'Vx xl ! -' I In ,i ' ' 'Wo p "- -Y f 2.1:-ul.. l ' N 7 . 'f Ln , -I I .Iuninrs Front Row: E. Hanlon, Anderson, D. Cunningham, T. Healy, A. Dempsey. H. Dowd. Second Row: Hudson. Fangboner. B. Akers. Barlunek. P. Himmelright, B. Dunn, Baird. Cope. Third Row: T. Conway, R. Bull. G. Hileman, Heinen, P. Brady. G. Davis, Duncan, T. Eakin, T. Barkwill. Bark Row: D. Haier. Crabbe. D. Byal, A. Grabski B. Cameron. Missing from piflure: L. Ensten. Lindseth. 74 Juniors Front How: YV. Klineman, M. Pope, Nfright. R. johnson. H. Jones. R. Miller. Seumd Row: R. Rehor. L. Taylor. P. Pfeiler. M. Myers, Smythe. Nook, P. Sawyer, R. Moritz. A. Stahl. Third Row: F. Reichert, T. Ull. C. Sperry. R. xVt'2ill'lCYl"lCild. R. Sachs. C. Shallenberger. R. Tuck- erman, Nolan. Bark Row: T. N'igglesworlh. B. McArthur. F. Saw- yer. T. Marston. P. Meals. Snphnmnres . . . Front Row: YV. Althans, Easly, E. Crawford, Dixon, R. Matson, C. Imars. Serond Row: A. McCrea, G. Dunn, D. Black. R. Chil come, R. Howard, G. Hodnett, Clark, D. Illes Third Row: C. Cozier, P. Ballantine, F. Beam, E. Linderme. K. Bloch, R. Clifford, C. Cox. P. Geier. Back Row: R. I looper. Fourth Row: H. Chisholm. Bostwick. S. Denison, T. Glennan, C. Leininger. Backus. S. Brooks. Friedlander, T. Missing from picture: G. Bowman, Rolph. T. Jones, WV 76 nf-'f""" Suphumnres Front Row: WV. Moriarty, C. Ranney. G. Schafer. YV. YVeber, W'ilkin, T. Turbcn. Second Row: Sauer. R. Sayre, WValkcr, P. Pal- mieri, WV. Smith, T. Reese. N. Minniti. K. Van- Horn, XV00d. Third Rmv: R. YVinsl0w, R. Vfilkenloh. S. Wylie. A. Roberts, Nevin, E. Parkhurst, M. Taft, Schott. G. W'attles. Burk Row: D. Sprosty, D. Oldcrman. S. Miller. Moreland. R. Strand. Freshmen Frnnl Knzv: E. Hobbs, R. Hum, Geier. F. Durham. A. Davis. Sermul Row: C. Dolfuss, D. Colbert. R. Hohs. Crunkshaw, F. Carpenter, Hecker, YV. Haag Bayless, P. Danford. lfnfk Row: WV. Fl'iilll'C. WV. Crofut, S. Aplhorp. WV. Cohen. D. Herron. T. Hunnicut. Jlixxing from pirlure: Ainger, H. YVeimer. 78 Freshmen Front Row: D. 3Veil, P. Smith, WV. WVatkins, A. New- man, C. Sawyer. Second Row: F. Stevens, j. Johnson, Young, D. Weisenberger. Third Row: W. Odell, M. Moore, P. 0'Brien. Richards, T. Perry, WV. Long, C. Kinney. R. Smith. Bark Row: D. Patek, R. Rajki, P. Relic. Eighth Grade . . . Front Row: R. Disbro, D. Iameson. Kruse. Brokenshire. C. Buss, WV. King, C. jones. WV. Fisher. Seumll How: Eerkes, R. Hall, S. Israel. D. Haw Icy, H. Foltz, R. Combs. P. Hatch. P. jones. R Fields. P. Bicknell, B. Brenclel. Bark Razr: D. Kling. B. Kling. YV. Hargetl, E. Kemp. P. Cleaveluml. T. Cooclridge. Baird, F. Hawley. D. Kirlz. Missing from pirture: B. Fine. Russell. D. Kumlll 80 If Eighth Grade ron! Rozv: VamHorn. R. Reading. Panic. l'. Mcinkc, N. Oakes. D. Robinson. C. Nlznmk, XY. Nlnllarc. Sz'r'nn1l Rozv: Slflllgllillll. G. Nfillianns. R. Lacs. Nl. Schumamn. A. McKinney. Sannplincr. C. Mc- flilfly. A. Small. ark Rnzv: Outfall. V. Stapleton. Sloan. D. Lic- bowill. L. Simon. ll. RlK'll2ll'IlSllll. C. Tate. Xl. Mccl- ingcr, C. Powell. T. xlI'Cl0lll'l. Se auth Grade . . . Frmll Row: L. Goodman. D. Flcig, T, Adams, R. Geier. Sermul Row: T. Currier, WV. Eakill. L. Bryan. W Hull, Herrick, R. Danford. Third Row: D. Hoyt. C. Becker. T. Harvey, R. Craw- ford, E. Kinney. WV. Evans. Back Row: M. Calfcc. A. Gresham. R. Lufuvc. Jlixsirzg from pidure: T. Folger. Kurk. Newman 82 Seventh Grade Frou! Row: F. Meck, Loofbourrow, M. Yvelch. AI. Wfeil. Sefond Row: Sackett, Z. Schoolfield, R. Lowe, VVeber, T. Mm-Millun. R. Miller, Winner. Third Row: C. Levy, P. Slauffer, R. Sclmfcr, R. Weiss, T. Marks, VV. Sealy. S. McKh:mn. Bark Row: Ruhlmzm, NV. Rodgers. Xe' 4-:f Sixth Grade . . . Front Row: R. Healy. D. Judd, D. Daley, S. Bayless. B. Howe, H. Rankin. Serond Row: D. Erickson, A. Lange, T. Steffen, M Dively, H. Pifkands, M. Robbins. Third Row: R. YVeller, D. Perkins, D. Skull. Black, Mr. Peyser, Mctflhorcl. W. Castle, L. Stern. Bark Row: F. Ginn, G. Gund, M. True, M. WVeil A. Wood. Missing from pirture: B. Tewksbury. 84 Fifth Grade Front Row: Farrell. G. Chinn. R. YValdo, XV. Gilbert. Sefond Row. L. Sumner, P. Bowsher, B. Healy, XV. Porter, G. Irvin, R. Essick. Third Row: YV. lVilliams, R. Hawkins. Mullorfl. Mr. Danforth. R. Baugh, G. Opdykc, L. Illes. Bark Row: Sllzlllenberger, R. Hollis, R. Evans. YV. Sawyer. Fourth Grade . . . 86 Frrml Row: W. Perkins. A. Bill, M. Essick, F. Yvatkins. Senmd Row: R. Schuemnnn, Merrell. McWhorter R. Sampliner, Corcurzln. WVcdler. Bark Row: R. Ruedy. P. Williams, Mr. Brack, WV. Stapleton, G. Gund, R. Desberg, Lane, W. Wood. Third Grade Front Row: T. YVelrh, Gronbach, R. Waldo, P. Geier. Second Row: T. WVilliams, WV. Daley. L. Chilrnle, L. Ladd, T. Young. G. Gund, T. Castle. Bark Hour: R. Rodgers, D. Wfenger, P. Giunta, Mrs. Kaufmann. C. Burgess, R. Chase, B. Cummings. Missing from piclure: T. Kinsey. Second Grade . . . Front Row: C. Baldwin, R. Parker, L. Narten, B. Morse. Serrmd Row: H. Martin, D. Swander, R. WVedler, lx Genet, S. Szabo. Bark Row: H. Corning, R. Schwartz, R. Peyser. Mrs. Barren, J. Mfright, C. Coolidge. T. WV0od. Missing from picture: R. WVasson. 88 First Grade Frou! Row: ll. Kinkuid. Burgur. Bargar, R. Mcfkler. Serund Row: Malunras, D. Saunders, R. jones, T. Kinney, F. Morrow, M. Logsdon, T. Duutel. Bark Row: M. Geier, Mrs. Sclmreyer. A. Treuhufl, WV. Ladd. Pre-Primary . . . First Row: A. Friedlander, T. Dautel, D. Bricker, T. Lytle, R. Waldron. Second Row: F. Backlond, W. Baldwin, W. Pontious C. Randi, T. Baugh. Back Row: R. Bueding, Mrs. Chase, T. Sumner, E. Shaw, Miss Bassett, A. Leavitt. 90 Epistnla tl Parentes December l2, l960 To All PIl7'F7lf.Y.' NVQ all know well the agonies through which each parent. yea. each headmaster, must live at the approach of the holidays. Therefore the school feels that it is necessary to break down its cold, impassive mien and tell you how it fthe schoolj feels about the whole deal. Realizing that you. as parents, have the sole right to restrict the kid- dies's social activities Qughj, we have prepared a few general ideas to use as a guide. The ideas will have little emotional impact on your offspring. as they have been quite cleverly worked into their spelling and reading lessons. l. Lock the little nipper in a closet tone without windowsj at the mere mention of a party. lt is suggested that you leave him there until school reopens. 2. Admit no children under thirty into your house while your son is free. Don't have any parties when nobody's home. Things get out of control when there aren't any hosts, the school thinks. 4. Let the little tykes know that they're disinherited the minute they break a city or a state law. 5. Mull this one over. Do you, as P311-ZIILS. have the moral right to establish an opium den for other peoples' children in your base- ment? The answer, of course, is no. 6. The school knits its brow at birthday parties lasting far into the afternoon. The little shavers should be home and tucked in bed by 4:30 P.M., giving them loads of time for their life-giving hamburger and coke. 7. It is not necessary. of course, to mention girls. You well know the school's stand on this matter. 8. See you around sometime. Nervously yours. The Jfdministration Qttihitiw . . . IZ- CV. TL f Q 1' 6 54 ' D 0 WI4. SQA' : 'P Q A' X X Q A li I, Q6 ,- v I j :AE 0 A ' 0 f . 'M x "-H-ia ? I 'M' 'J 1 A 4 9 X ig' ,Q ahian Board . . . Front Rozu: T. Turaik. M. Taft, R. Keyes. T. Turben, Anderson. S. Slaraz. Second Row: W. Schneider, D. Nlcliane. H. Pildner, P. Prine, A. Frum, G. Rounds, A. Lafave. A. Kundtl. lhwk Row: YV. Blackmore. YV. Kull, R. Oulcult, Shilliclay. Mr. Ula rich, .-ld1'isor, G. Davis. B. Dunn. R. NVood. CD xfify 94 Under the skillful direction of Paul Prine and faculty advisor Mr. Ulrich, this year's novice lllabian staff has captured the spirit of the class of 1951. Great credit is due to Jay Lafave for his skillful soliciting of advertising, without which the Alrzbian would be a financial impossibility. The Co-managing Editors, Bill Blackmore and Mickey Love- man have willingly donated many afternoons and evenings toward the development of this year's lvlabian. Henry Pildner, literary editor, tried in vain to induce his assistants to write the Senior biographies and ended up by doing most of them himself. To the artistic talents of Ted Turak, Norm Sloan, and Pete Moak we owe the excellent cartoons and drawings. EWS Spurred on by the untiring efforts of liditor-in-Chief Gil 'l'rue, the lvlI1iZ'FT.Yffj' School News has once again "struggled" through Il highly successful year. Much credit goes to Managing liditor Bruce Akers for his praiseworthy assistance in helping Gil lay out the front page. Besides this help, Bruce contributed many new ideas to this year's paper, thus securing for himself the post of editor-in-chief of next year's News. Bill Schneider continued to supply the "intellectuals" with vital editorial comment along with some well-chosen humor. Class and varsity sports were lucidly written up on Jack Duncan's action-packed sports page. Business Managers john Macklin and Andy Kundtz, probably through skillful manipulation of the books, were able to keep the finances above board, while Mickey Loveman, Circulation Manager, saw to it that the issues were delivered at the proper time. Of course, without the guiding hands of Mr. Gray, Faculty Advisor. and Dr. H. A. Peters, journalism teacher, our success would not have been nearly so great. Bnartl is 1 U Front Row: Macklin. G. Davis, R. NVinslow, R. Chilcote, R. Strand, R. Johnson. Second Role: A. Kundtz. A. Frum, H. Akers, YV. Schneider. G. True, Duncan. NI. Loveman. YV, Kull, T. Turak. Huck Rule: C. Britton, H. Dunn. S. Smral. R. Outcalt. Hr. Gray, .4dz'i.sor, T. Ulf. H. Pildner, A. Dempsey, P. Prine. Q5 Bleu Illuh Front Row: C. Miller. Nichols. G. Hcinrichs, T. Irish. Duncan. K R. Studley. Sermtd Row: A. Kundtz. M. Loveman, H. Pildner, E. Fulton. S. Slilfill. P. Prine. K. Carpenter, Balch, YV. Kull. Bark Rozv: XV. Blaekniore. T. Bernhardy, C. Britton. G. True. C. Rounds. Mr. Hruby. Direftor, Shilliday. D. Nlt'Bune, R. Outfall. R. Slernieki. f x Jo -X - Qt? jf Under the able direction of Frank Hruby. and the ollieers: Steve Szaraz, presidentg Jay Young, vice-president: lid Fulton, seeretaryg and Paul Prine. treasurer: the 1951 Glee Club hnished a sueeessful year. The Glee Club, one of the largest in the sehool's history, im- proved a great deal in quality and variety over those of the previous years. There were three major eoneerts this year, as well as Christmas Carols in Chapel and singing ut eommenee- ment. Mr. Hruby initiated the idea of earoling around the school campus a few days before Christmas. On February 16, the Clee Glen Eluh Front Row: R. Tuckerman, B. McArthur. M. Pope. H. Dowd K Bloch Second Row: P. Pfeifer, T. Eakin, W. Downie, E. VVardwell Young R. Spiller, T. Turak, A. Grabski, D. Baier. Back Row: P. Wykoff, B. Akers, T. Ulf, W. Rolph, R. Strand T Lon way, R. Chilcote, Ensten, Wright. Club went to Old Trail School of Akron, and along with the presentation of a concert, there was the entertainment of a dinner and a dance with the girls. The school concert on Febru- ary 23 witnessed the presentation of a gift to the director as a token of the appreciation of the members. On April 14 was the annual combined concert with Hathaway Brown School, one of the most successful ever year, the 1951 Glee Club semble, together with an presented. In completing the sixtieth was highlighted by an exceptional en- excellent choral group, which will be remembered in the years to come. T, o . I Wi Pla ers acting . . . Front Row: H. Pildner, Miss Hoover, WV. Schneider, Miss Mayer, G. Davis, R. Johnson. Second Row: C. Miller, T. Turak. Standing: P. Prine. 61 98 The Players Club opened its successful season by giving a sensational production of Three Live Ghosts. Produced by George Rounds and directed by V. O. McCreight the play was sparked by the excellent performances of Bill Schneider, Chuck Miller, Ted Turak, and George Davis. The supporting cast included Henry Pildner, Paul Prine, and Reid Johnson. Talent was borrowed from H.B. and Flora Stone Mather for the female roles. The club used some of its income for the better- Pla ers . . . prntlucliun . .. Front Row: C. Britton, Barker, Balch. R. WVood, G. Rounds. T Marston, A. Dempsey, L. Taylor, B. McArthur. Bark Row: P. Moak, D. Byal, P. Pfeifer, Mr. Mcllreight, Direrlor D. Gemmill, R. Tuckerman, J. Fangboner. ment of the sets and the addition of some stage hardware. For the first time in many years the Players were able to put on another production. They gave as a chapel program a one act play. This like the first was a hit. It was utilized to permit the younger talent of U.S. to make its bid for recognition. Thus with two productions under its laurels the Players Club closed the cover on a most enjoyable season. ff E' My fi' rl ard num Snriet Front Row: T. Turak. P. Nfykofl, Young, S. Szaraz. R. Sternicki. WV. Kull. Second Row: H. Pildner. A. Frum, K. Carpenter, D. Gemmill. F. Bums, P. Prine, Duncan. A. Lafave, Balch. Bark Row: XV. Blackmore, A. Kundtz, E. Fulton. R. Ride. Barker. ll. Mcliane, Shilliday. 100 lv ofa V 52- Gish ff' wi +- Beginning with a revision of their constitution, the lidward Moore Society spent an active year under the direction of Mr. Cruikshank, Mr. Fox, and their president, Frank Bunts. The first of their numerous worthwhile functions was a picnic on the Carpenter plantation for the benefit of the new members of the junior and senior classes. The members of the Society then undertook their annual task of preparing and distributing Christmas baskets to brighten the yuletide season for thirteen deserving Cleveland families. These baskets were financed in part by the Edward Moore Fall Fling, which occurred at the end of the autumn athletic season. The proceeds from this dance were used to buy turkeys, while toys and canned goods were donated by the student body. A new service of the Edward Moore Society is the collection of magazines for distribution among badly-understocked hospitals in the greater Cleveland area. Thus, through their yearly efforts, this honorary society fulfills its purpose 4 "to create and maintain throughout the school high standards of Christian character and interest in the underprivileged',. Eadmean Samet The Cadmean Society, originally started as a debating society and reorganized in 1919, is one of the most popular organiza- tions in the school. The Cadmean Society plays an important part in school life, and membership is awarded to those juniors and seniors showing qualities of leadership and character. The two-week pledging periods leave the pledges little free time and provide a great deal of excitement throughout the school with shouts of "air raid", and other amusing antics. This year, under the leadership of the President, Bob Ride, and the faculty ad- visor, Mr. Sumner, the Society took an active position in spon- soring the successful Community Chest drive, the Snow Ball Frolic, the annual Father-and-Son banquet, and the presenta- tion of the Cadmean Trophy to the deserving senior. swf gy ' Front Row: M. Loveman. P. Hfykoff. J. Smythe, P. Himmelright. T Barkwill, A. Frum, J. Duncan. Second Row: YV. Kull, J. Macklin, C. Britton, D. McBane. R. Ride H. Pildner, Balch, A. Lafave, A. Kundtz. Bark Row: R. Spiller, T. Turak, R. Sternicki, Barker, F. Bunts. K Carpenter. D. Gemmill, Mr. Sumner, Advisor. 101 um Laude . . . 2 f ff X. it .9 V Y? X The Cum Labude Society is a national honorary organization recognizing high scholarship in preparatory schools in much the same manner as the Phi Beta Kappa does in various colleges throughout the country. At the beginning of the school year, the boys comprising the upper tenth of the senior class are en- rolled as members of the Society on the basis of their achieve- ment in the junior year. At the end of the year, the boys comprising the second tenth of the senior class are awarded membership on the basis of their accomplishment in their senior year. Seaif'd: P. Prine, T. Saurwein, Mr. WVall0n. Advisor, H. Pildner. WV. Blackmore. Slamling: S. Szaraz, T. Slaulfer. 102 Preflacts Standing: Hlood. B. Akers E. Crawford, G. Davis, K. VanHorn. R. johnson Seatffl: R. Ride. Balch, F. Bunts, K. Carpenter, P. Prine. 'lihc llrcfcct Board consists of Bye seniors, three juniors, and three sophomores, elected hy their respective classes. These pre- fccts are choscn primarily on the basis of their character and leadership. 'l'hcir main duty is to further harmony between the students and the faculty. Other duties which they perform: reading chapel notices, conducting the daily milk-and-crackers period, supervising study halls, keeping order at their lunch tahlcs, and taking attendance at extra help periods. At the begin- ning of this school year, Frank Bunts was elected chairman of thc Board, and Bruce Akers has served as a very efficient sec- retary. 'l'hroug'h thc prefects, a chapel program committee was instituted. and a half-day vacation was gained at Washington's Birthday. A C -3 V J ' 103 llurmitnr Prefecls . . . Front Row: G. NVilliams, C. Sperry, R. Howard. G. Hilemun. Iinck Row: XV. Bright. T. Tlll'2lk. The dormitory prefects are the elected student government I 93 for the dormitory. Fl hey are consulted on all phases of dormitory X., life. Included in their duties are keeping order among the stu- C E ,Q dents and the taking of various evening duties during masters' S til meetings, etc. This year they have been given more responsi- ff bilities by accepting regular evening duties and the assignment of purchasing the dorm's prized television set. The eventual goal of the dormitory prefects is government almost completely ad- ministered by the students, patterned after that practiced at Cranbrook School of Detroit. Toward the achievement of this aim there has been great progress this year. 104 I-lthletit: Enuncil . . . The Athletic Council is made up of Coaches, Captains and Managers of our eight varsity sports. They meet at the close of each season to award school insignias to the deserving players in both varsity and freshman sports. A mid-season meeting is also held, and its purpose is to discuss and take action on all problems concerning current school athletics. Jack Barker held the post of secretary, the only student oflice in the Council. The Council may be credited with fine success this year in their duties. keeping high spirit active throughout the school's sport SCHSOHS. H: Front Row: P. Odell. Barker, Mr. McLellan, Mr. Mcflarraher M1 Molten, Mr. Peyser, Balch. Bark Row: P. Prine. H. Pildner, R. Vanderhoof, WV. Schneider P Brady. R. Duff, R. lVood. R. Sternicki, Macklin. E. Hanlon Snnwhall Frnlil: . . . A large variety of novel, spectacular creations were tediously planned and produced by the Cadmean Society to complete the decorations for a most success- ful Snowball F rolic. In an attempt for a larger replica of the traditional Christ- mas tree, the Society's members searched far and wide for one to suit their taste. After much debate, a specimen was discovered so large that fifty struggling boys were barely able to squeeze it through the spacious chapel entrance. Under a blue and white awning of bright, colorful crepe paper was placed a dazzling white sleigh in which Santa Claus Wally Kull spent most of the evening enter- taining various fortunate females who dared to come within reach. The chaper- ones, Mr. and Mrs. Cruikshank, Mr. and Mrs. Sumner, Mr. and Mrs. Ride, and Mr. and Mrs. Britton, were kept constantly amused by a "Northern Lightsi' effect reflected by a large piece of tinfoil resembling an Arctic glacier. Henry Pildner's quintette was vividly brought out by a stage background of sparkling stars, and a large "Seasons Greetingsl' fastened to a dark blue backdrop com- pleted the picture of good cheer for the coming holiday season. Couples seen at the Snowball Frolic: Tom Bernhardy joe Bow Charles Britton Joanne Prescott Carol Klingstedt Jan Sarigdahl Frank Bunts Cal DeVand Ed Fulton Tom Irish Austin Frum Chuck Miller Mickey Loveman George Rounds John Macklin Dick Outcalt Bob Ride Tom Saurwein John Shilliday Ron Sternicki Pete Wykoff Jack Barker Paul Prine Ted Turak Dani Holm-gren Addie Cobb Carol Salzman Martha Wilkin Patty Edelman Jean Hoover Barbara Lesser Marty McCasky Toni Abel Kate Denny Gail Ryan Janie Sawyer Ann Hurst Sally Beesom Sue Haag joan Kieffer Dorothy Reidy Barbara Bergstrom lar .Iuninr Pram This yearis junior Prom was a colorful success with glittering spotlights and decorations. Bruce McArthur was mainly responsible for the many complex devices and spotlights employed in his "New York" theme. The walls were gayly decorated with signs depicting various current shows, hotels, and nightspots in New York while all the lights glittered and blinked. Jeff Smythe headed the mildly industrious decorating committee. Its mem- bers were jon Lindseth, Bruce Akers, Bruce McArthur, Reid Johnson, Woody Reichert, Jock Duncan, jerry Bartunek, Art Grabski, Bruce Dunn, Bob Tucker- man, and "Fitch" Himmelright. The refreshments were excellent, thanks to Jerry Bartunek, who provided most of them. Ralph Barlow and his seven-piece orchestra provided the music, which was, at different moments, all shades between hot and sweet. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Walton and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Smythe chaper- oned the affair, which will long be remembered by the class of '52 as an out- standing and colorful dance. , Dance partners at the Junior Prom: john Balch Deedy Wright Bill Blackmore Connie Connor Wally Kull Addie Cobb Andy Kundtz Carol Edwards Bill Downie Gail Ryan joe Letargez Art Lafave Baird McGrew Peter Moak Hank Pildner Bill Schneider Norm Sloan Rob Spiller Bob Studley Steve Szaraz Ed Wardwell Bob Wood Jay Young Dick Vanderhoof Bob Johnson Gil True Kirk Carpenter Diane McCracken Carolyn Bone Ellie Cate Ray Hallaran Marcia Charles Marcella Fisher Jane Herron Carol Salzman Barbara Sharp Anne Coolidge Sheila Ferguson Carol Reese Anne Moritz Carol Brown Connie Holcomb Martha Wvilkin Barbara Bergstrom fS 1 5' f 'lflllmlff' X I 'ZQT6 f 1 , , ,C-In ,r W w w! ,177 '73 I Q" f W ll tlfl ,.?'x K N1 2 . . L ' x .' 1 S? U, ' L A 5 I 'N K'f'Q f' ' If ' M Q 1 W ' Q -1- ' 1,1 A , M y N' , , f u iw x AX fl ?X A X IW S 'QS' ' lv ,. 'Q5q'f' + .igfi X Wi- fJWgg 4 3 XWZW x., ', fy!! v Q ,Xv, 6 Q xi-Q Fixx xxsa SSQEE SS is .. . f?4 110 Qtblettns . . . Q' f gy. Q0 few X1 K , L51 Z K ,f Fnnthall . . . Fran! Row: T. Turak, M. Loveinan. Barker, Balch, Captain: K Carpenter. T. Bernhardy. YV. Kull. Seconrl Roni: Mr. Vince. Coach: A. Grabski, A. Lafave, R. Mcilrea F. Bums, Smythe, Shilliday. Bartunek, Macklin, Manager Huck Row: Cope, E. Fulton. R. Ride. Anderson, A. Kundtz, T Barkwill. FOOTBALL RECORD U. S. 0 Garfield Heights 0 U. S. 47 Brush ,. , , 8 U. S. I2 Parma , . 27 U. S. 33 Nichols . . , . I2 U. S. 25 Shady Side ,. ,, 26 U. S. I3 Euclid , . . I4 l'. S. I3 Cranbrook i 7 U. S. li W.R.A. 7 112 Although the 1950 football tcam Hnlshed thc scason with a record of three wins, four losses, and one tie, this does not tell the whole story. ln three of the four games that were lost, the opposing teams scored an equal number of touchdowns, but U.S. lost by a single point. The team was hampered all season by injuries, but the spirit was always kept at a height by Cap- tain John Balch, who scored half the team's points. Although the team was forced to accept bad breaks, and one-point losses three of the last four weekends, it still gave its all in every game. and the school was proud of it for doing so. At the football banquet, John Balch was voted the most valuable player of thc 1950 squad, and jeff Smythe was elected next year,s grid captain. 'ku Q aim i fs w 1 A! fy , 11335 in if f xmj:5i'Q3,g1'3Px rgQ:i'y'!'k., if x Q kx Q ery 4 U , GX Q Q Q 1 H ' 'Q ' M A ,A .,. x g xx KB R' -.Q S 5 4 i Q v. W ' X K 'P XX Y N ' ' X .,:l 1 N . ,. , Y N K Q Q S K Q lm ,5- xrs 2, P Q ,,ss 'QS wsu H , Q 2 mwwx , 1: ., Q 49 V, 1 15 Xv A -'nah V 'ibn S W , w A S vi N' ' K fx ' 'L V' " 5 gd' . H., gn' H 9 -T PAX v Li ' ki A Qui, if . t Q F qw x. e x Soccer Front Rout: S. Szaraz. H. Pildner, T. Irish. R. Sternicki, Captain T Saurwein, R. Rickard. D. Gennnill. Hack Row: R. YVood, Manager: P. XVvkotl', E. Nlardwell, G. Tint D. Cunningham. R. Klhilcote, G. Hodnell. Mr. Molten. Coach The varsity soccer team began the season with nine returning lettcrmen and got off to a good start bv whipping W.R.A. ll-U. The spirit was high and aggressive despite close losses to S.S.A.. Oberlin, and the hnal game to W.R.A. The offensive team, led by halfback Ron Sternicki and center-forward Pete YVyl-cofl, was always a potential scoring threat. The team conquered l'V.R.U., Cranbrook, and Nichols by quite decisive scores despite their advantage of height. The weatherman was against them in nearly every game bringing rain or snow and muddy Helds. At the soccer banquet, Dave Cunningham was elected captain of the 1951 team which will have three returning lettcrmen. Ron Stcrnicki received the "most valuable player" award for thc splendid job he did throughout the season. SOCCER RECORD . ,. 3 WV.R.A. Pl W.R.l'. "BX" Ii Nichols 2 Shady Side 0 Oberlin Frosh 2 Cranbrook 0 YV.R.A. aslielllall . . . 1 5 f From Row: P. Brady, R. Outcalt, H. Pildner, Captaing D. MeBanc B. Cameron. Buck Row: Mr. McLellan. Coach: K. VanHorn. C. Sperry, R. Howard S. Miller, J. Anderson, P. Prine, Manager. BASKETBALL RECORD U. S. 43 Garlield , . 66 U. S. ill Brush 33 U. S. 32 Alumni . 05 U. S. 30 Euclid , .. 67 U. S. 42 Parma , ,. .. 79 U. S. 57 john Marshall 76 U. S. 39 Holy Name 44 U. S. 52 Cranbrook 55 U. S. 45 Shaw .. .. 57 U. S. 41 Nichols . .. 63 U. S. 56 WV.R.A. , . 42 U. S. 49 Shady Side .. ...,, 54 i 116 The 1950-51 season of the xarsity basketball team was one of many disappointments and many defeats. It was a season played by a hapless, inconsistent squad which lost eleven of its twelve games. And yet, one thing it never lost was a dynamic spirit, an endless fight to win. For ten straight games the team went down in defeat. Then, on one glorious Saturday afternoon, the squad unleashed its potential power to defeat the schoolis arch rival lVestern Reserve Academy by I2 points. With only that, the season can be considered a success. Juniors dominated the squad with Philip Brady, Clarke Sperry, and Boyd Camerong while the seniors were represented by Captain Henry Pildner and Dave McBane. Six returning lettermen promise an improved campaign next year. 118 43 N if Wresllinq ir Front How: R. Rehor, Baird. Secmul Row: Duncan. D. Genunill. Barker. Captain: Balch. T. Saurwein. lfnck lfozu: T. YVigglesworth. R. Nlcflrea. R. Ride, T. Turak. Nl. Pope. R. Vauderhooli. Manager. Inset: Mr. Bobemnyer. Coach. . lhe wrestling team, led by Captain Jack Barker and four returning lettermen, had a very successful season, tarnished by only one defeat. The grapplers were considerably hampered by injuries and because of them they lost to liuclid l2-24. The teani greatly discouraged all Interstate competition, winning each match by a considerable amount of points. This season boasted three undefeated, untied wrestlers: Tom Saurwein. john Balch. and Bob Ride: Jack Barker had only one default. The lllli-pound weight was forfeited in city Competition but was replaced by the 175-pound weight in Interstate meets. This position was ably hlled by "legs" Mellrea. Seven individual interstate championships were won by the grapplers. John Balch, high point man of the season, won the Henry Matthes wrestling award. and Ralph Rehor was selected to captain the matmen next season. WRESTLING RECORD U. S. 26 john Hay I8 U. S. 20 llecllord I4 U. S. 26 Garlielcl Heights 20 l7. S. I2 Euclid 24 U. S. 35 Cranbrook 2 U. S. 30 Cuyahoga Falls 8 l'. S. 24 W.R.A. ti l'. S. 352 Shady Side 2 119 Swimming . . . 5 ami, Front Row: R. Chilcote. K. Bloch, R. Johnson. Second Row: Bartunek. G. True, P. Odell, Captaing C. DeVand, D. Cunningham. Buck Row: P. NVykolf, D. Byal, R. Pennell, R. Dull, P. Meals, Mr. Molten, Coach. With a resounding 50-25 walloping of Wfestern Reserve swmmus RECORD Academy, the swimming team finished a very successful season, U'S" 20 Cleveland HU' 55 winning four of its six meets and placing third in the city meet. Thifd Place'Cit7 Meet Among the individual stars on this yearis team were Jerry U'S"' 55 Shaw " " "" " H20 Bartunek, who was undefeated in dual competition, and Dave U'S "'e 50 East Tech A ' 25 Cunningham, who finished first in the 50-yard free-style event U'S" 66 lmmius """ " 8 in the city meet. Dave also established a new school record in U's"' 30 Shake' ' " "'e' H45 the individual medley. Kurt Bloch and Ron Chilcote were the U. S.. 50 W.R.A. . ,..,.... . 28 outstanding sophomores on the squad. Honors for the year went l to Dave Cunningham for the most points accumulated during the season, and to Don Byal for the best diving in the school. With seven returning lettermen, captain-elect Jerry Bartunek should have a good nucleus around which to build next year's team. 120 Mme' 22 E In Team Front Rout: Duncan, T. Irish. C. DcVand, Captain: Barker, T. Healy Huck Row: Nlr. Nlefllellan. Coach: R. Sludley. Shillitlay. Young. With only hte experienced gymnasts returning this year, Coach Klcliellan developed a skillful, commendable gym team which, as usual, presented a polished performance in the tilst annual Gym lixhibition. After two short weeks ol practice, the small squad of eight men put on an exceptional exhibition on the parallel bars. horizontal bars, and the rings, in addition to the excellent tumbling on the mats and the very popular innova- tion of the window-diving contest. Jack Barker was awarded thc Best Gymnast medal for the fourth straight year, while Cap- tain Cal DcVand, another four-year man on the team, was awarded the medal for second place. In third place was John Shilliday, a new member of the team this year. 12 Baseball . . . Front Row: A. Hodoski, J. Decker, B. Thomas, M. Covington, Cap taing R. Hollington, T. Goetz, L. Prine, Manager. Back Row: Mr. McCarraher, Coach, T. Healy. C. Sperry Bartunek H. Pildner. IASEIALL RECORD U. S. 2 john Marshall , 3 U. S.,.. I Ashland ,............ ,. 0 U. S. 4 Parma ........ ....,. . .0 U.S. .. 3 Brush .. ,.,...., l U. S. , 0 Cranbrook ....,.. ...l U. S. ,. 8 East Tech ......,...,. . 0 U. S. I6 South .,,..,.., .,,.., . 2 U. S. 3 Collinwood ..,,.., ,. 2 U. S ...., 6 W.R.A. .. ,..,,....... .. 0 U. S. . 2 Euclid ...,.. ,.., , H5 U. S. ,... 3 Shady Side ..,......,.. 2 U. S ...,. 6 Shaw ......,..,..,,........ 5 U. S. ,.., 7 Garfield ,... ,...,. 5 U.S. 2 Nichols ,. ,l 124 The 1950 baseball team utilized good pitching and timely hitting to win the Interstate Co-championship and to establish a fine season record of fourteen wins and only five losses. The season began with a "once-in-a-lifetimen spring training trip to Daytona Beach, Florida, where the baseball team stayed and trained with the Cleveland Indian Farm Club tryout camp at "Indianville". Five "pre-season" games were played during the trip, with the U.S. nine sweeping the last three in a decisive manner. The regular season featured some very exciting and well-played games. In Interstate Competition, our one loss to Cranbrook came as a result of their only hit of the day, which some still claim was a foul ball. The sight of Tom Goetz burning in his "fast ball", Captain Covington stealing third to the em- barrassment of the pitcher, who threw the ball to secondg the rapid infield duo of "Slim" Decker and "Tubby" I-Iollingtong and the vivid exclamations of Johns, Thomas, and Hodoski in the batting cages-all of these are memories of the successful season of 1950. rack . .. Front Row: A. Dempsey, H. Mitchell, F. Fraley, C. Langmack. Mer rill, Captaing R. Biggar, YV. Daley, G. Rudolph. Back Row: Mr. Lee. Assistant Coach: Mr. Dean. Assistant Coach, T. lrish, Balch. Barker, R. Denison. P. Brady. Mr. McLellan, Coach: G. Merrill, Manager. Although they won only one meet during their season, the 1950 track team demonstrated oceassional flashes of brilliance that marked them as a good team. They were sparked by their captain, Jim Merrill, who set a new school record in the mile run with an excellent time of 4 minutes, 34.7 seconds. Another senior, Chris Langmack, hurled the discus 135 feet 9 inches, also a new school record. The team finished strongly in the ln- terstate Meet, second only to YV.R.A. At the annual Track banquet, jim Merrill, who scored 57 individual points during the eight-meet season, was presented with the Edward C. Daoust, Jr., high point award. Phil Brady, a promising sophomore, was elected as the l95l Track Captain. TRACK RECORD I West 6812 Rocky River 54 U. 1612 II Shaker Hts. 42'2 Cleve. Hts. 66 U. S. 4015 III Brush 63 U. S. 51 IV Parma 47 U. S. 71 V Shaw 66 U. S. 52 VI Rocky River Relays U. S. - 6th VII W.R.A. 65'Q U. S. 5215 Vlll Interstate Meet U. .S 4421, Nichols 2 W.R.A. 5523 Cranbrook 18 G., Shady Side 3254, 125 Tennis Seated: Young, F. Leisy, Captain: T. Wvigglesworth, R. Wood. Standing: Mr. Peyser, Coach. U. S. U. S. U. S. U. S. , ,. U. S. U.S. U. S. U.S. ,... U. S. .... U. S.. ,. U.S. TENNIS RECORD 2 Cranbrook , . 2 St. Ignatius ,. . 5 Elyria . ,... ,. 5 East Tech ..,, 4 Shaw ....... ..,..,... 4 WV.R.A. ..,. 5 Berea . ..,,. .. . 2 Shaker Heights .l W.R.U. Frosh 2 Shady Side ,. .l N ich ols .,.. .... 126 The 1950 tennis team ended the season by winning five and losing six meets. The team seemed to have trouble on foreign courts, but the victories at home were decidedly swamps. East Tech, Shaw, and lV.R.A. all fell on the U.S. courts, succumb- ing to the overhead blasting of Captain Fritz Leisy and the twisting lobs of Bruce Christy. Tom W igglesworth, a sophomore, sparked the first singles slot, while Robin Woodis steady and powerful forehand kept him a threat at third singles. Jack Dun- can's fiery wrath and Dave McBane's airborne attacks joined twisty Christy in the first doubles. Jay Young and Kirk Carpen- ter worked superbly together at second doubles. The team was managed by the inimitable Dave Kelly. A r N ?3fJ ' Q Q , S X ,....., "-Q Ei' 1951 Mahian Staff . . . Editor-in-Chief I Co-Managing Editors Business Nlanager , , Advertising Editor . Literary Editor , ,. I Photography Editor . Art Editor ,....., I. I . Assistant Art Editors Circulation Manager Sports Editor .,.. . Feature Editor . Treasurer s..... Associate Editors . Faculty Advisor ,I . PAUL E. PRINE BILL BLACKMORE MICKEY LOVEMAN AUSTIN FRUM ART LAFAVE HENRY PILDNER GEORGE DAVIS TED TURAK PETER MOAK NORLIAN SLOAN JACK BARKER STEVE SZARAZ DAVE MCBANE BOB KEYES BILL SCHNEIDER BOB Woou GEORGE ROUNDS MR. ULRICH Zlhhertisements N5 PV Cgfnfosn 5- 5- I E N D 2f5g5"'-7uN-Lrg ' Please Patronize our fld1ferti.s'er.v ML oame44a,6an9qawzfuz'wzeaaw,,, Save today . . . you may meet Mr. Opportunity tomorrow. Saving is an art which improves with practice and when you have cash in the bank you have more self-respect, more incle- pendence and self reliance. Keep your cash reserve at the Society for Savings. Where more than five generations of Greater Clevelanders have brought their savings. Where today over 200,000 people save over 8200,000,000.00. nrintg fm' gnuing IN THE C2:ll:ndliF18g9lEVElAND 127 Public Square Tel. TOwer 1-4000 Mefrzbfr FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Ifwedmenl Sewadzu MERRILL, TURBEN 3a CO. MEMBER THE MIDWEST STOCK EXCHANGE O UNION COMMERCE BUILDING MA i n 1 - 6800 COMPLIMENTS THE SINCE 1905 SCRIBNER LUEHR CUMPANY JEWELERS KURTZ FURNITURE CU. ,, 'A' CADMEAN KEYES EDWARD MOORE SOCIETY II48 EUCLID AVE. C K A I h MRS. WEISS' Emucnen PURE EGG NOODLES Ano NOODLE SOUPS O DELICIOUS NUTRITIOUS ECONOMICAL AT YOUR GROCER Specializing in Personal Accident Insurance Since 1919 'A' The Callaghan-Braun Go. 20102 Kinsman at Lomond Shaker Heights 22, Ohio WY 1-0111 0 WY 1-0111 Cord aged Xt Ki . A "' L . Our huge stock of fresh FLOWERS allows us at all times to give you fresh, crisp, better lasting and more exquisitely costume-styled corsages for YOUR important occasions. 'A' just Phone WA. 1-3360 SK. 1-8630 ir GALI FLORIST 21355 Kinsman 4075 Lee Rd. Graduates-continue the heritage left by the American pioneers PIONEER BEVERAGE 20130 South Moreland Boulevard Delivery Service LO. 1-8088 HAL MALMQUIST Sc CO. A Complete Advertising Art Studio I MA 1-3720 CLEVELAND CANTON LUNTZ IRON AND STEEL COMPANY O WARREN KOKOMO. IND. COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND KORNMAN'S CAFE RESTAURANT 1788 EAST NINTH ST. CH I-6651 0 Known for Fine Foods HART ARMS CO. Clevelantfs Excluxive Gun Store and Shop GUNS Sights 0 Telescopes and Mounting 0 Poly Chokes l-5048 201 Huron Rd, CHerry I-l848 The Photographic S tockhouse KODAKS CHEMICALS MOVIES PAPER FILM LIGHTS THE DODD CO. 1025 Huron Rd. Qjust East of Ninth! MAin l-0566 HICKORY GRILL 929 Chester Avenue MA l-6397 o Private Rooms Available for Parties or Banquets HI MEN! Come in and get acquainted. You will find many of your friends here and a cordial atmosphere-the men's wear is incidental. THE SHOP FOR MEN CHARLES RUYEE l3200 SHAKER SQUARE Cleveland 20, Ohio QUA BUICK, Inc 10250 SHAKER BOULEVARD FOR EVERY AUTOMOBILE NEED ir Telephone TYI 1 0660 Compliments of Compliments of THE SEHUEMANN - J UNE5 CU. F R A N K L T AY L 0 R SURGICAQJZITEEQMEDICAL O 2134 East Ninth Street Cleveland 15, Ohio Sacmamy . , . Selection . , . Sewdce Q Everything under one roof-Meats, Dairy, Fruits and Vegetables, Beverages, Groceries, also Delicacies both imported and domestic. Q Service in every form-trained clerks to wait on you-Telephone and Delivery Service-Charge Accounts. iii' A. J. TASSI CO. "Cleveland's Finest Service Food Store" 13204 Shaker Square WAshington l-5700 Frosllz "XVhat do you mean by slinging the bull?" Soph: "To sling the bull is to prevent the master from realizing that you are saying nothing in a great many words." jmziorz "To sling the bull is to say little in a great many words so as to give the impres- sion that you are familiar with what the test is covering." Senior: "To sling the bull is to say as much as possible in well chosen words so as to con- vey the impression that you are familiar with the material under examination in spite ol' the fact that you have been unable to devote suflicient elfort to study adequately an unduly difficult assignment." ART KIESER INSURANCE ir 713 Marion Building MA 1-2925 DAISY HILL GREENHUUSES FLORISTS 'A' Daisy Hill Farms Chagrin Falls 7-7181 H. The W. BROWN 81 SON Company Real Esfafe Brokers and Builders YEIIowstone 2-0616 l2429 Cedar Road CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, OHIO Mr. I'V11I1m1: "ll there are any dumbbells in the room please stand up." A long pause then Sloan stands up. "X'Vhat, do you consider yourself a dumb- bell?" "XVell, not exactly that, sir, but 1 do hate to see you standing by yourself. vi' 1VIr. Logan: "Name a great time saver." Sludenl: "Love at first sight." Cguberli- More than a DIPLUMA G UA is an important day in your life. Your diploma is symlmolie of another milestone successfully passed. But you've won more than a diploma . . . much more. You have gained something no one can give nor take away . . . the ability to think. lt's a priceless thing, this ability to think . . . both freely and clearly . . . and by thinking, to act effectively and live happily. IFS flu' hope for nmnkiml. THE E. F. HAUSERMAN COMPANY - CLEVELAND 138 THE GUN and TACKLE SHOP INC. Shaker Square SHAKER VIEW MARKET Fresh Salt and Smoked Meat Poultry, Oysters, and Fish 'A' 12726 Woodland Ave. GArfield 1-2640 Compliments Of LIIGE and SMITH GENERAL INSURANCE A local preactlmel' recently announced that there are 627 sins. He is being besieged with requests for the list, mostly from students who think they're missing something. ik Ml'LllI1glI1i?II "Can you tell me anything about the great chemists of the l7th century?" Iiunls: "They are all dead, sir." IIUNNINGHAM 81 EU. lllenzbfr illiflu-1-.vt Sioclr Er:-hnngzf 'A' UNION COMMERCE BUILDING Cleveland 14, Ohio Telephone: TOwer 1-1721 i' Municipal and Corporate Securities Equqhped to handle your SALES and SERVICE NEEDS OLDSMOBILE "On the HeigMs" -A' BARBER MOTORS, INC. 2900 Mayfield Road 139 COMPLIMENTS OF S. BARKER'S SONS CO. OFFICE SUPPLIES, PRINTING, OFFICE FURNITURE O Established I 871 729 PROSPECT AVENUE CLEVELAND, OHIO Hememher When . . . Mr. Sanders gave someone a point too much -that led on to a coat hanger? Joe Letargez had everyone thinking he was married? Chas. Miller wasnit the first one to stand up when a hymn began? Kull took ofl' his tie and .... ? Pildner missed a sucker shot? Macklin got the highest grade on a U.S. history test? 40's walked down the aisle of the Fairmont during Hamlet? Duncan muffed with the women-even with a new car? Lafave went to church? Ride learned to drive? Prine did his English? The big snowstorm .... ? DeVand got his notice? W ykoff couldnit think of a comeback? Bunts got his name in the Cleveland Heights Press? U. S. ate lunch at the Campus? Spiller wore a tie? Bones and Irish got those haircuts? Milk and crackers were handed out in an orderly fashion? Fulton finally made it? Several hairlines began their frightening march backward? Wide-eyed seniors planned their yearly pil- grimage to Florida? That dreaded Saturday morning finally brought College Boards? A brief letter announced so proudly your ac- ceptance in college fOr didn,t it?j All four teams trounced our very friendly neighbors to the South - W.R.A. - even basketball won-what a victory! Bartunek attempted to break apart the side of a pool with his head? All the seniors on the basketball team almost got their letters on senior recommenda- tion? The juniors challenged Charles Atlas? 141 "Perfect and finest cut diamonds since 1869" "Since 1869" tradition established eighty-two years ago to offer only merchan- dise of the finest quality, is still zealously guarded. It is only natural, then, that young Clevelanders, like their parents and grandparents before them, look to us for counsel in making a selection, whether the purchase be great or small. C746 WEBB CBALL CO. DIAMONDS ' WATCHES ' SILVER ' PAlNTING5 i i Salzmfmz "I've just come from the beauty parlor." Fulton: "loo had it was closed." if SUCH IS LIFE Man comes into this world without his con- sent, and leaves it against his will. When he is little the big girls kiss him and when he is big the little girls kiss him. If he makes a lot ol' money, he is dishonest: it he is poor, he is a had manager. ll' he needs credit, he can't get it: il' he is rich, everyone wants to do some- thing for him. ll he is religious, he is a hypo- crite: if he doesn't go to church he is a hardened sinner. ll' he gives to charity, it is for show: il' he doesn't he is a stingy cuss. ll' he is affectionate he is a soft specimen, if he doesn't care for anyone, he is eoldhearted. Il' he dies young, there was a great luture for him. Il' he lives to a ripe age, he is an old fogey. Il' he saves money he is a tightwadg il' he spends it, he is a spendthrilt. If he has money he's a gralterg il' he hasn't got it, he's a bum. So what the hell's the use. 142 Compliments of Charles H. Lesher, Inc sl-loss if South Moreland at Kinsman SHAKER HEIGHTS Compliments of THE TUWII ll0IlSE RESTAURANT Soda Bar Canteen i' 3907 Mayfield Rd. gmc fir 1' real pipe that is plastic. Compliments of iuuq .Q 4: Eq . , X CARLON PRODUCTS CORPORATION L 'bbub' Z2: quqzln x IN CANADA: Mlcno PLASTICS, no., ACTON, ONTARIO c,gl,9N 10225 MEECH AVENUE - CLEVELAND 5, omo E W wwvx M ' ,g ,A tl enum eww CANNON TAILORS COMPLIMENTS Wm. D. CALLAGHAN, Inc INSURANCE BROKERS CHICAGO 0 CLEVELAND 0 NEW YORK Mr. Sumner: "You in the bark ol' the room, what was the date ol' the signing of the Magna C1lun'ta?" "I dunno." "You don't, eh? Wlell let's try something else. XVho was Bonny Prince Charley?" "I dunno." Compliments "XVell, then, can you tell tue what the of Iennis Court Oath was?" "I dunno." "You don't! I assigned this stutl last Friday. XVhat were you doing last night?" "I was out drinking beer with some friends." a co' "You were! Ulhat audacity to stand there . , . . ' ' . . y . , .md ttll int tl thing -hkt th.1t,.y How do you SAM FORBES, President ever expect to pass tlus course? "IVal, I don't know, mister. Ya see, I just fonte in to hx the radiator." if Prine: "XVhat do you think will go well with my new purple and green goll socks?" Roznzdsz "Hip boots." Complimenfs of U.S. TRUCK LINES, INC. or DELAWARE 'k bapel buena A rumble of youthful voices fills the vast chamber. Suddenly, the flat, hesitant chatter of a bell cuts through the dead morning air. Some seven hundred bleary eyes focus upon a stage at one end of the room, where four figures are already seated in various attitudes. The sound of talking turns to groans and whispers, joined by the rumbling of an organ. After mouthing words to a familiar song of praise, the members of the faculty and Stll- dent body reseat themselves, hear the scrip- tures, and say the Lord's Prayer, led by a member of the junior class. The assembly now sheds its solemn mood, as a fair-haired youth in the choir-loft leaps to his feet and begins to read from little scraps of paper. "Last Saturday", he reads, "the track team placed second in a dual meet with Malvern." The tragic silence is broken only by the sobbing of Mr. McLellan. The next two announce- ments concern a meeting of the Field and Stream Club on April 31 at the H.B. fish pond, and the acceptance of Ed Fulton and Bob Pennell into the Teddy Bear Club. The last scrap of paper contains the following bit of doggerel: "Rain, Slnow, Sleet, Hail, or Atom Bomb, You'd better get your ticket to the Senior Prom. Roses are red and violets are blue, Stauffer has a ticket, why don't you?" With this, Balch weaves back to his seat, nauseated by the words he has just uttered. Now the junior rises and enunciates in a clear voice: "The first senior speaker is Heinrichs, who will speak on 'The Greenhouse Indus- try.' " The boy seated the closest to the center of the stage rises, greeted by the thunderous applause of four or five close friends. "Mix Chairman, faculty, fellow students," says Heinrichs, Then, in a tone of accusation, "Do you realize that there are now close to three hundred hot-houses in the Cleveland area?" The loudness with which this is delivered is matched only by the outbursts of spontaneous laughter which it provokes. Heinrichs, never losing his composure, delivers the remainder of his discourse as though it were a rather confidential matter between him and the Headmaster, who sits before him. YVhen he is seated, the chairman rises to introduce the next speaker, who happens to be Nichols, with the topic "Communism and Folk Music." 146 This stalwart orator, his confidence slightly shaken by the fortune of his predecessor, be- gins in a voice which is barely audible over the rattling of the notes in his hand. Through- out his speech he perspires profusely and his face is a ghastly white. At the conclusion, he stands gazing blankly at his audience until he is told to be seated, whereupon he Stilln- bles to the First chair in sight and sits down heavily in Heinrich's lap. Apologetically he rises and moves to the correct seat, amidst the appreciative laughter of the audience. It is now "the Wykoff's" tllffl. fNeed we say more?j Pieter Wykolf needs only to stand up in order to evoke cheers and hysterical laughter. His satires on school life are immensely popu- lar Qthis is his fifth appearance of tl1e year.j Before his oratory can commence, Brady must be carried bodily from the chapel. After a few clever digs at the faculty and the administra- tion, Wykoff slaps his thigh, breaks out laugh- ing, and finally returns to his seat, unable to continue. The last speaker, Odell, now pre- pares to tell us "Why Lakewood is ---- of a Lot Better than U.S." Signalling to his bodyguards to put away their artillery, Odell, a paragon of ease and confidence, responds quickly to the ovation following his introduction. Displaying no trace of nervousness, he strides with a meas- ured gait to the middle of the stage, where he coolly faces his audience. He pulls from his coat pocket the carefully prepared notes which will prove the fact stated in the intro- duction. A picture of composure, he takes a deep breath, opens his mouth, and in a mel- low tenor voice says-nothing. His eyes sud- denly cloud, he lurches violently against the podium, knocking it over, then pitches for- ward off the stage, a drop of four feet, three inches. The Headmaster now rises, bestows an im- passive glance upon the twitching body of Odell, and arouses the equally unconcerned observers with the information that the 9:15 schedule will be in effect: thus bringing to a relatively uneventful conclusion another one of the notoriously infamous senior-speaking harangues. f X OLD GAS BURNERS I W WASTE MONEY LJ X ew Visil' our display 2250 Euclid Ave. or felephone SUperior I-8100 for free healing survey IRON FIREMAN MFG. CO. Direcl' Faciory Branch gaile am! Know . . . how good Grapefruit and Oranges can be! Indian River, island- grown. Thin rind, abundant juice, refreshing flavor. 53.50 for trial V2 bushel, mixed fruit or all of either one. Express charges are prepaid. i' DIRECT SHIPPING CORP. Box 124, YVull St. Station New York 5, New York SHAKER HEIGHTS HARDWARE 0 sronrme Goons 0 WAshing1'on 1-1244 HERFF -IONES CO. A. R. Seaver INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA 75? jewelers to University School Sing a song Ol sulpliicles, a beaker full of lime: Four and twenty test tubes breaking all the tiineg VVhen the cork is opened, the lab begins to reekg Now isn't this :ln awful class to lmve Hve times u week? L. W. SIMIIN UIDMPANY UNION COMMERCE BUILDING Cleveland, Ohio 'A' Dealers in STATE, MUNICIPAL, and GOVERNMENT BONDS 'k Telephone MAin 1-9585 THE WILLIAM FEATHER COMPANY Other Organizations and institutions which are making notable contributions to the community 148 "XVIty it's the Icllow who took nic out Inst night! Hello, there, tall, clark, and I1:mcIs." it THINGS XVIQ CI.XN"I' DO XVI'I'HOU'I' . .W20 Miss "HztIl'bzu'k" . 20 Mrs. Perry XVykoII"s nannies . I-'I Senior room . 2 Senior l"zlt'cwcll . 2 GIFTS FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY All made by the Aged and Handicapped THE HUMEIIRAFTEH5 SHUP 8128 Carnegie Ave. A. L. VMIDERIIDUF, IIC. Heating and Ventilating Equipment Cleveland Toledo 233 Hanna Bldg. 402 Colton Bldg. COMPLIMENTS OF Jerome M. Friedlander if IW11 S11111111'1': 'HX lool can :ask ntorc ques- tions than at wise nizin run 1lIISWl'I'.n KHH: "No wonder so nmny ol' us llunk in our cxznnsf' ik' Sign in at rczil cst1itcoIIit'L': "Cut I.ots lVIlilc Ytbllill' Young." il' Spillrrz 'I'Iicy Iztuglicd when I stoonl up to sing - How did I know I was under the tnlmlc. if lrllll' Illlllll "XVho Iuiofkccl on my cloot' just now?" ,lf1111Ir11': "It was nic." Yale lllllll 111 21111 I'.M.: "XVl1zit is lit- trying to say?" I49 COURTESY OF The MASTER BUILDERS Company 4911 6 C QQO 046 H '7aea!menz'4 faa Gancaele am! Mmlaa 701-6 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio W U LfQvg2k0QynMlQf5aZk6 f IN CLEVELAND amwvb f ZW llIlEHI.0llIiINIi THE IAGUIIN AND THE AHT MUSEUM IN MIAMI BEACH THE FLAMI G0 0N BISCAYNE BAY MACKLIN IIPEHATEII CLEVELAND, OHIO P- D BARTUNEK'S CLOTHES 'A' Three Sfores 6529 UNION AVENUE 833 PROSPECT AVENUE 14959 ST. CLAIR AVENUE TRUCKING CITY WIDE SERVICE V DUMP TRUCKS HOURLY - CONTRACT BASIS INSURANCE COVERAGE V MIKE SIMONELLI TRUCKING COMPANY 850 DECATUR CT. MAin I-8347 'I'Hli BEST CIHAPLIRONIL ,. U, -. .. i llu' X O . T A ,. .18 The ANSWER to your Gift Problems For all occasions ik SIIIIIIIIWI "lYukc up lllzll lcllow next to von." T jewelry and Silverware Antique Silver Old Sheffield Plate 1ilar'l:n1urf': "You do it. sir. You put him to sleep." Si? Art Objects Fine Glassware PUTTER and MELLEN, Inc. U.S. Condi: "XVl1zu's the lIIllIIL'l' with you li-llows. you look like ll lmunch ol' zm111lcu1's." sir CEdar 1-5100 Snzlrziwiriz "I'm 1 clziirvmzm in ll czuulv . . ,, ' f f Ample Parking Free laictory. Kf'y1'.s: "XX'll:1t clo you do?" SfIIIl"ll'!'lHI "Milk CllOK'0l1llL'S.u MORELAND COURTS cLEvELANn's FINEST APARTMENTS Shaker Boulevard ai' Shaker Square Macklin Operafed L. M. Van Fossan. Manager 3 Welding and Cu'H'ing Supplies o lndusfrial Gases o Safefy Equipmenf V THE BIIRDETT GXYGEN COMPANY 3300 LAKESIDE AVENUE CLEVELAND, OHIO METROPOLITAN BIIIGK, INO Ohio's Greafesf Buick Dealer .A ililiiiiiiiil ,Q - " " mr4xIt P- -2- 0 1 010K DYLEAFLOW DW 1909 EAST 2151- STREET. CLEVELAND COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND ALTHANS INSURANCE AGENCY eneml Vnemance MAin 1-5600 Union Commerce Building ROY HARTLEY HEIGHTS BEVERAGE 3962 MAYFIELD RD. F L O R I S T ir CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, OHIO 4 2475 GREEN ROAD . . . Prom pi Dmly IJ1'l11'm'11'.v EV 1-6886 EV I-4400 Tumlc: "NVQ-'rc having ai raffle for El poor olcl widow. XViII you buy ai ticket?" Carpenwrz "No thanks, Bc-rgic wouldn't lc-1 mc kccp hcl' il' I won." ig COMPLIMENTS OF Mr. l'Wl'1,llIIglllfHI "QSLuclcntj, what docs HNOI, signify?" Iirlrlcer: "XVcll, illl, cl'-I'vc got it right on thc tip of my tonguc, sir." Mr. Mf'l,r111gllIi11: "XVcll, you'cl bcttcr spit it Ollt. lt's nitric' acid." Szllmizln sk I".XVORl'l'Ll MASTER I ...lsi The ixiilll in Aiilliliii . Fritz 156 M. M. MATSON Portrait Photographers for the 1951 Mabian 'I'li0 'I'-WARE, I C. Creative Portrait Photographers for Publicity- Wedding and Chilclen at Home Y 130 TERMINAL TOWER ARCADE CH l-4363 Compliments Of MR. and MRS. WM. R. HARGETT C plimenfs of A FRIEND COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF 74, Danford Lowell THE BLADE CU. eamfpamf sl-IAKER SQUARE 'k 'k jewelers I 246 Euclid Avenue Since 1852 THE WILLIAM DOWNIE CO. Painfers o Inferior Decorafors i' CLEVELAND. OHIO Complimenfs of T. R. WIGGLESWORTH MACHINERY co. for Qualify Machine Tools 1721 Superior MAin 'I-3987 ik : " Jw umm- I llunkul that lust I'1'11l11 H1 CXLHll?U ,f. A XII. SIIIIIIIIWI "You l'CIIll'IllIJCl' llll' KlllCSIi0l!Z 'XVIW did thc pionccrs go into thc Wilder' m-ss? XVCII, your 2lllSM'l'l', while vvry iiitcrcst- - vu UIQ XVZIS lIlC'Ol'l'CC'I . Q s ik GAE gfcvwlauaze Stazea. '7nc, 20144 South Moreland Shaker Heights 22, Ohio 0 Sk. 1-8383-l-8384 WEIL -KAUFMAN, Inc Ins urance Service I PR 1-0220 I 801 CARNEGIE HALL CLEVELAND 15 OHIO 160 The llllllltlrth RIIIIIIEI' Ill Industrial Tires HIIIITUIIIE, UIIIU IS LIKES HAS NEVER BALCH ,........,. BARKER . ,....., BERNHARDY "'4 BLACKMORE BOW ,.............. BRIGHT ......., BRITTON ...., BUNTS ....,....,. CARPENTER CASTILLO .... DeVAND ,..,..... DOWNIE ..,.... DUFF ,.........,.... DUNCAN , ....... FRUM .....,.... FULTON ,.... GEMMILL ,..., HEINRICHS . IRISH .,...........A JOHNSON ,,.., KEYES . ....... . KUNDTZ ........ LAF AVE ....,.... LETARGEZ ....... ....... LOVEMAN ..... McBANE .,.... MCCREA ....A, MCGREW .....,. MACKLIN .A,.., ....... MILLER ...... MOAK .. ..... .. NICHOLS ....... .,..... ODELL ....A... . OUTCALT .... PENNELL .... . PILDNER ...... PRINE .,.......... RICKARD ....., RIDE ....,..,.,.. ROUNDS ........ SAURWEIN .. SCHNEIDER .....,.. .....,. SHEWMAN SHILLIDAY .... .... SLOAN ..,...., SPILLER .,....., STAUFFER .... STERNICKI .. STUDLEY ..,.., SZARAZ ......, TRUE .,,..,. . . TURAK .......... VANDERHOOF .,.. ,...., Blond comet .ole sprole 4.,.. Bums .....,....,.. Blacky .,....... .The senator .. .Willie ,.......,..A. ,Buns ............ .Curly ........... ,pott's king .,.,.,. ......,.. Pinolero ............ ,,,...... Mighty M-0 .... ,a Junior ......... ......,., Ron .......... .moods ....... ,Frosty ....... Evaar ..........,... .Glmmlel ........,....,.. ....,.... Htothouse Gil .The Crutch ..,... ......,.. RAI ,..,.....,.o...t .......suave ,.......Teddy bear Fat man ,........ joseeaf ..,..,.. Amici ....... ......Bones shags ....,,.., .......Batman .Jowls ........,.,.,.. ......... The lover ....., .......P1erre .Burl ....,..,.. .Capt'n .,.... .Allcot .....,.,.. Spikes ..........,., showboat ......., .Chief ......., .......the chest .Ray .... ............,.. ........, the executive ,... I... .the brute .i,... .Big Bill ........, Swish .............. .......Doris' brother .....,.Namron Carol's only . ,..,...a fast worker Stez ...........,..,., .Goggles .,...,. Hook ball ,.... .Sprouts ........,. .the Mad Russian ,.., .....,... .Hoofy .................r . WARDWELL .,.... ....,,. F our-eyes ..,..., WOOD .,...,....,,.. ....... WYKOFF ........ YOUNG .. .. . 162 .Stogre .,......., ........Nyeh .........variety .to rat ,..... 4, .Joanne ...... .....,. ..........brawls .food .......,........ . ...,. ....., . ,........the domt .the little woman ...4. ,,.,.,, the Ebony .....,.. ,.... ...,... .Daisy Hill .,..... ....... .SeI'l0I'llaS ....... ....... ,found another .stopped training .scored .met the curfew .tried to diet .left his room missed the boat ..been served .picked one .shaved .fish Hops .......... .....,.. m issed an opportunity .to graduate ........ ....,.. .the bookstore ..... .. .... .. .....,...his pledges .W.R.A. .......,..., ..4.., . .trout ..,,.....,.,...,.... ....,,. .the mountains ,...... ,...... .tomatoes ....,.,,...... ....... .quite made it embezzled .bitten one .missed a party .landed one .climbed them .squeezed one .to dance .............. ......... P P P P .Van's new car ....... ....... ,to be respected . Carol ....,......,..,............,........ .Carolyn .,.........,.......,,........... .good American food ......... .the sunny South ...... ....... .Milwaukee ...,.,....... ......, ,........demos .the Batmobile ....... ..,.... .Tom ,..,.....................,........... Coeds ......................,............. .School, when he's there his guitar ........... ........... ..... .........sports .. .........Cousin Kate .his auto ........... .....,. s what s there ........ ......, his Mabian ,... . to sleep ......... ....... ,to train ...,.... ....... .the Players ...... ....... .the mat .....,...........,.,........... .to get stuck ........... ...,.,....... .to go home weekends ....... .necked in it been ,followed her to W.R.A. .stopped painting .tasted any .used peroxide .thrown a party .combed his hair .run a mile .had one .dated anyone else .skipped ,been without it .called a play .stopped working .been around the block .left found a sucker ..been caught .three crackups .broken even .hidden under it ,shoveled out .made it .lighting effects ..........,..,...... been in the dark .........Mr. Walton's room ............had curb service ....,...dig races ........stripped the gears .........the books .left 'em alone ....,...Satch .....,,..washed him .........chemistry ........proved his point ...,.....pitch it his letter ..,... ..... cooled a batter ,taken it off .Bergxe ,..,.,,....... ........ k issed her his new car .....,.,... .,..... to take orders ...... ....... .black cigars ....... ...... .to sneak in ..... ....,.. ,Bostonians ....,. . ...., . .been seen without it .forgotten the Angostur .turned green .come anywhere near .left her 3 Sunday morning 11 band leader lound him- sell' stranded in Il small town with nothing to do. He began playing his trumpet, but was immediately stopped by the clergyman of the parish. "Young man, do you know the fourth commandment?" "No," he replied, "but if you'll whistle it over, l'll see if I can play it." 72' Perfunm SIIIKXIIIIIII In Il blond: "Just a word ol' advice, honey: don't use this stuff if you're only blull'ing." 'ir BEST DRESSED Loveman .......i....,...,............ ,. .. l,.. .....l9 Kull .l...,..........e,. .,.,..,., I 9 Mrs. Martin ..... .. ,..l.... 20 ---FLOORS--' OFFICE - COMMERCIAL - RESIDENTIAL CORKTILE - ASPHALTILE RUBBER TILE - LINOLEUM LMISUI FLO0IIS 00. ESTABLISHED 1924 1413 PROSPECT AVE. CH I-I33O SHAKER AUTO HOSPITAL INC. 'A' 3473 Lee Road CBack of Gas Stationj WA 1-4455 C. P. WRIGHT 81 CO. corunncrons PLUMBING 0 HEATING CLEVELAND. OHIO COMPLIMENTS OF lb D0lIlIl-FEDER, IIIC. Oi cLEvELAND's on-no's oLDEsT 1 LARGEST CHRYSLER -PLVIIIOIITH D E A I. E R 45 164 THE CIVILIAN EXCHANGE 8128 Carnegie Ave. Wedding Giffs Q Household Obiecfs FROM A FRIEND COMPLIMENTS OF JOHN WADE, INC. The House of Music Uwe Doors from Sfouiferkl I 13209 SHAKER SQUARE SK I-3600 RECORDS-RADIOS- PHONOGRAPHS Rirknrd: "I won't say shc wasu't good-look' ing, but whcn she walkcd along thc' waterfront cvcn thc tughoats stoppcd whistling." if Yomzgz "I hear you got thrown out of school lor calling thc dean a fish." Slrrnirlci: "I clicln't call him a lish, I just said, "I'hat's our ilcau,' rcal last." il? Mr. Srlllclffrsz "'I'his cxaiu will hc m'omliic'tc'1l on thc honor system. Plcasc takc scats thru- scats apart and in altcrualc rows. ik Sim: "XVoulcl you like to sci- wlu-rc I was opcratccl on lor appcmliCitis?" Mzzrlflinz "No, I hate hospitals." 165 C O M P L I M E N TS Dc' Vand Qzmcral flame Complimenfs CONWAY AND CONWAY mm Ano sum Properfy Insurance 706 Old Arcade SU 1-8868 HENRY B. MATTHES 0 Crorporafian and Personal INSURANCE 0 Cl-lerry 'I-4060 UNION COMMERCE BLDG. CLEVELAND Ll'.JZ1fQ-QZInyf Zwiymzy COMPLETE CATERING SERVICE CAKES OF FESTIVE ELEGANCE ICE CREAM IVIOLDS 0 SUPERB CANDIES 1279 EUCLID AVE. 6419 EUCLID AVE. ' 13911 SI-IAKER SQUARE ' TI-IE HIGBEE CO, "WHEN BETTER AUTOMOBILES ARE BUILT BUICK WILL BUILD THEM" SIIAKER HEIGHTS BUICK Beffer Buy Buick V 3393 Warrensville Center Road Warrensville Post Office SHAKER HEIGHTS, OHIO LO I-I T77 THE CLEVELAND SLAG 00 Prepared Slug For 0 CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION 0 MACADAM PAVING 0 ROOFING 0 RAILROAD BALLAST Expanded Slug For v CONCRETE BLOCK 0 LIGHTWEIGHT CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION 0 AGRICULTURAL USES 0 MASONRY UNITS 414 FIDELITY BUILDING 168 Compliments of EUCLID BEACH PARK Operated by The Humphrey Company Cleveland 10, Ohio Compliments Of lgorrid .feauill MILGRIM SHOE SALON i' 1310 Huron Road WELSH and BAIRD CONSULTING ACTUARIES Certified Public Accountants ir Union Commerce Building CLEVELAND 14, OHIO vogue glowem 1 e2: 20096 S. Moreland Blvd. Shaker Heights 169 WYoming 1-4500 OPEN EVENINGS ZWCHMANN W. H. Kllll. 00 Florists pfihfgfs Established 1875 . GROWERS AND DESIGNERS OF QUALITY PRODUCTS C L E V E L A N D V 1051 POWER AVENUE 2970 Warrensville Center Road Shaker Heights WJMO 1540 on the Right' Side of Your Dial THE "NEW LOOK" IN DAYTIME RADIO 0 WENTWORTH J. MARSHALL, Pres. Compliments of TEX-CENTER SERVICE Warrensville and Kinsman Shaker Heights, Ohio WA 1-9889 Dances arc quite different today from what they were years ago. ln days of old, when a woman had nothing to wear she stayed at homo. ik' "ll Mr. Cflllvlhillllllk docsn't take back what hc said to nic this morning I am going to lcavc U.S." "What did hc say?" "HC told me to lcavc U.S." The TRAVE LE R'S Shoppe FINE L U G GA GE and LEATHER GOODS 'A' 1375-1385 Euclid Ave. Cleveland, Ohio Compliments of "Montgomery" Cosgrove -nf MADE IN ENGLAND THE WALKER CHINA CU. BEDFORD, OHIO Manufacturers of Pine Vitrilied China Dinnerware for CLUBS, HOTELS, RESTAURANTS AND INSTITUTIONS Telephone-Bedford 2-3030 THE LEZIUS ' HILES CUMPANY Creative Printers of Merchandising and Sales Complimenfs of THE DECKER-REICHERT STEEL CO. CLEVELAND, oHlo lfomplimenls of The Standard Excavating Go. 'A' 2493 East 20th Street CLEVELAND MA 1-3980 JAMES HARDWARE 00 uk 13960 Cedar Rd.-ER 1-1632 5888 Mayfield Rd.-HI 2-3322 fradifional ouffiffers for Prep and College men Bums Brothers t 13131 SHAKER SQUARE CLEVELAND 20, OHIO SK 1-3320 ALLEGHENY LUDLUM STEEL CORP. District Office 1593 East 41st Street Get DAIRY PRODUCTS NOW! BELLE VEIIIIDII MILK 60. 3740 Carnegie Avenue EN 1-1 500 A. W. LORENZ INSURANCE of Every Kind FIRE MARINE AUTOMOBILE FIDELITY 8: SURETY PUBLIC LIABILITY ALL RISK FLOATERS BOILER 8: MACHINERY ALL RISK ON MONEY No expense to you for a survey of your urance hazards just Phone Pkospect 1-1 181 w1LL1.xMsoN BUILDING Compliments of The A. B. Smy'I'he Co. General Real Estate Brokers Said the monk as she hung by her tail, To her offspring both female and male: "From your children, my dears, ln a few million years, May evolve a professor at Yale." iff Heinriclls: "How do you get rid ol' c'ooties?" Slzillidayz Uliasily. Rub down with alcohol and take a bath in sand. The cooties get drunk, and kill each other throwing stones." sk There was once a man who was hunting in the Alps. Sighting an eagle, he took aim and brought the bird down. As he was retrieving his game, Dick McCrea rode up on a horse. "My good man," said McCrea, "you should have saved your shot. The fall alone would have killed the eagle." sir For 49 Years, Cleveland's Outstanding Lithographer Compliments of The Central Lithograph Co. 'I'I3 S+. Clair Ave. NE MAin 'I-2131 The Kling Realty Company 175 THE IIUSMA LABURATURIES CU 1545 EAST 18th STREET CLEVELAND, or-no if TESTING o ANALYSIS RESEARCH o DEVELOPMENT X-RAY OF METALS 'A' AFFILIA TED COMPANIES THE SPECIAL CHEMICALS CO. THE MERRITT PRODUCTS CO. 176 COMPLIMEN TS FAIRMOUNT CLEANERS Ilflan in Imr11f'r's rlmir: Your dog likes to watch you cut hair, dot-sn't he?" lirirlufrz "It ain't only that: sometimes I snip oil' a piece of ear." ik The preacher linishetl his sermon with "All liquor should he thrown in the river" . . . and the Choir ended by singing 'AShaIl XVe Gather at the River." Compliments Of THE BROST PATTERN AND CASTING CO. 4 2934 East 55th Street Cleveland, Ohio o OFFSET PRINTING o PROCESSED LETTERS o MIMEOGRAPHING o MAILING Large enough to do your BIG iob competenily- Small enough io do your little iob economically. D. E. ROBINSON COMPANY l l25 Rockwell Ave., Cleveland l4, Ohio MAin 'I-7149 Mr. Gray: "DeVand, what is synonym?" 1JeI'11nd: "It's a word you use in place of another when you c'an't spell the other one." iff Despite the strict censorship in Boston, three thousand greater Boston boys were born last year without a stitch of clothing on. ii? BEST DRIVER Barker . ,, ....... , ,. .. ,,.,. .. ., ,. ,, 29 Balch ,..i... .,..., . I ..i.........,,.. .,.. .,., 2 8 lNIeGrew ,, , I Compliments of SHAKER MARKET 3245 Warrensville Center Road 177 COMPLIMENTS OF GEORGE MILLER gl0Wel'J Chas. E. Russell INCORPORATED ,--..- idk SHAKER SQUARE Phone: SKyIine I-OIOO MOFFETT STUDIO SHAKER SQUARE I pafzlzfzazil pkaiagdafzfpq Ag fa4ka O By Appointment SKyline 1 3300 Compliments Of The Ilmericun Stamping In 978 EAST 69th STREET CLEVELAND, OHIG 'A' THE llll E CLEVELAND ENGRAVING CO 310 a esi e Ave., . . ': ' H Clevelan , Ohio L k d N W 7555' 222:55 cl 13 C9Zl0ZlQi6'Zll! Xie Weis. . . QM MARKS or Qumnv 3? 1- 5 wnwf CANTON ENGRAVING 8. Ny 3 51? 4 M If GP 4oo 410 Th d sf s E ELECTROTYPE COMPANY - ir ., . . Canton, Ohio COMPLIMENTS OF DOWNING COAL COMPLETE SELECTION- CQMPLIMENTS IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC me noon s. o'nElLL co. CENTER BEVERAGE 2074 Easf 65th Street . Cleveland 3, Ohio 'A' 33I'l Warrensville Cenfer Road UNITED MOTORS SERVICE SHAKER HHGHTSI OH'0 DISTRIBUTORS WAshington I-7190 Delivery Service 181 Mr. BUUll'IIIll3'ffI'I "How do you like this room as ll whole?" . , . I.f'fIlI'g'l'ZI "As El holv its func, :ls Rl room il's not so good." if Mr. lT1!'1.lIIlg'llIlvIII "This liquid turns Imluc il' your unknown is Imsic' and rcd il' thc un- known is acid." I'ri111': "Sorry, sir, but l'ni color blind. Hzivc xou got zinvthinq' with ar he-II on it?" 1 1 1 1 I1"yknlI' TVCIII out with thc boys one cvt-ning and Imclorc hc- rczililcd it, thc- morning ol' thc nc-xl day had dziwncd. Ht- licsilzltccl to call honlc und tcll his inothcr. Finally, hc hit upon :ln ideal. Hc phoncd, and wha-n his niothcr zrnswcrcd hc shouu-d, "lJon't pay the runsoni, nioni, I csfzipc-cl." ir Compliments Of LEONARD BRYAN Escrow Agenf 256 THE ARCADE COMPLIMENTS OF Kvbcrf Sittucr, 9105 3944 MAYFIELD ROAD IEost of Noble Roodl CLEVELAND HEIGHTS 21, OHIO Phone: EVergreen T-8110 GOTTROII, RUSSELL 8 OO. INVESTMENT SECURITIES ak Compliments of Members of UNITED TUBE CORPORATION Midwest Stock Exchange 4 T582 Union Commerce Bldg. Telephone CHerry I-5050 OF OHIO ir 182 Quick and easy lo apply. Presto! Ilcaiutiful wood-grain Iinish for old furniture UI' Ill'W Revolutionary New Wood- Grain Finish JWZJVWZKWJ Plastic Film Veneer Authentic reproductions of beautiful wood grains. Comes in film-like sheets you can easily apply to any smooth .vzirfrlre to make it look exactly like the finest wood. Permanent, dum- ble, inexpensive. Transveneer Division ol The Ill-N00 Go. 33 PUBLIC SQUARE CLEVELAND 13, OHIO Carly almeiican Nome: Under Construction On Landerwood Drive and on Summit Lane Immediately East of Lander Rd.-On the North and South sides of So. Woodland . . . In .fanafezwoozl gsta lea A Community of Individual Homes. The High Spot in fepper pike village Commanding views over Chagrin Valley and far beyond. Carefully Controlled and Protected with Original Van Sweringen Restrictions Improved with CITY WATER and HARD SURFACE PAVING. Close to Orange Schools and Main Stop on Three Bus Lines. another e"fe"PfiSe IO5I4 SHAKER BOULEVARD SW I-I44O 183 ulllhis Ginn Quail 195:55 Swap" A mighty monarch in the days of old Made offer of high honor, wealth, and gold To one who should produce in form concise A motto for his guidance, terse yet wise- A precept, soothing in his hours forlorn, Yet one that in his prosperous days would warn. Many the maxims sent the king, men say. The one he chose: "This too shall pass away". Oh, jewel sentence from the mine of truth! What riches it contains for age or youth. No stately epic, measured and sublime So comforts, or so counsels, for all the time As these few words. Go write them on your heart And make them of your daily life a part. Has some misfortune fallen to your lot? This too will pass away-absorb the thought, And wait your waiting will not be in vain, Time gilds with gold the iron links of pain, The dark today leads into light tomorrow, There is no endless joy, no endless sorrow. Are you upon earth's heights? N0 cloud in view? Go read your motto once again: This too Shall pass away, fame, glory, place, and power, They are but little baubles of the hour, Flung by the ruthless years down in the dust. Take warning and be worthy of God's trust. Use well your prowess while it lasts, leave bloom, Not blight, to mark your footprints to the tomb. The truest greatness lies in being kind, The truest wisdom in a happy mind. He who desponds, his Maker's judgement mocks, The gloomy Christian is a paradox. Only the sunny soul respects its God. Since life is short, we need to make it broad, Since life is brief, we need to make it bright. Then keep the old king's motto well in sight, And let its meaning permeate each day. Whatever comes, This too shall pass away. -Ella Wheeler Wilcox This page is in memory of fnibgar I. jlilunrebeah, founder and late owner Consolidated Machinery Company Pittsburgh 12, Pennsylvania Senior Director BALCH ........,... BARBER .,,......,..,,.,. BERNHARIJY .... .. BI.ACKMORE . r BON , ,..,..... ,......., . . BRIGHT ......,, , BRI'l"I'ON , BUNTS . ..... .... . CARl'EN'I'ER .. .. . C-XSI ILLO ..,., .. . DeVAND . ...., .,,,,. . DOXVN I E ..,., D U I" 1" ..,.. .., DUNCAN ...,. l'RUM .......,,.. FU L'l'ON . CEMINIILL ......,.. ,..,.. - v . . HEIINRICHS r...... .... IRISH .. .. JOHNSON ............... Iv EX ILS ..,,..... IQULL . .. IQUNDTZ ..,.. LAFAVE ..,..,... .. 1.1: I ARCEL .. ..... LOVIQMAN MCBANE .. MCCREA ..,,., Mt'CREXV ,...,..,.. .,,., . MACKLIN .,A,, A MILLER ,..,... MOAK A ,..,,,. .. NICHOLS ,,.,,... ODELL . ,..,...,.,...,.,.., . OU'l'CAI.'I' ...,....,...,. . PENNELL PILDNER ..... I'RINE ...,..,... RICKARD .... RIDE ., .. .,,. ROUNDS . ....... . SAURMIEIN ,.., SCHNEIDER . , SH EIN' M AN ..... SHILLIDAX ....,..,..... SLOAN ..,...... , SPILLER S'I'Al1I-'FER STERNICKI . STI1 DLEY ..,. . SZARAZ IRUE ,..,..I...I... TURAIQ ... .. VANDER HOOF NVARDNVELL , HOOD ..,.. NN N lxO1'I' ..,.. ......... . YOUNG . .. . '1356 2724 Lansmere Road, Shaker Heights ..... . Landon Road, Shaker Heights ..,,..... 165 East 196th Street, Euclid ., ....,..,.. ..... . . 3185 13317 2218 Belvoir Boulevard, Shaker Heights 22nd Street, N. XV., Canton .,............,......,. VVoodmere Drive. Cleveland Heights .,,. 11801 Lake Shore Boulevard, Cleveland 2258 Chatfield Drive. Cleveland Heights . ,.., R. D. No. 3, Eagle Road, Mentor ..........,.. . 28-53rd Street. Long Island City 2, New York 19201 South Moreland Boulevard. Shaker Heights ,,,.. 2596 Guillord Road, Cleveland Heights . ...,.,,.,,,..., , '6288 NVinsI'ord Road, Cleveland Heights .. .. S.O.M. Center Road, Solon .....,...............,..,,.,,..,,.,........ 2741 Lanclott Road, Shaker Heights ., .... ,..,.,..... ..... . . 19101 South Moreland Boulevard, Shaker Heights 21025 Byron Road, Shaker Heights .,... .... Osborn Road. Columbia Station ..,..,..,........ 2494 .2749 Stratford Road. Cleveland Heights, . Southington Road, Shaker Heights ...,. 22199 McCauley Road, Shaker Heights ...,.. Mill .2969 Hollow Drive. Chagrin Falls .,,..,.., Eaton Road, Shaker Heights ..,..,..,,... 19900 Shaker Boulevard, Shaker Heights ..,. .61 General Collyns, Liege. Belgium .284 6 Montgomery Road, Shaker Heights .,..., , . R. D. No. 2, Chardon ..., ....,......,........ .......... 22449 Calverton Road. Shaker Heights ..,.. . 2920 Corydon Road. Cleveland Heights ..,. 18615 Shaker Boulevard. Cleveland .....,... 2466 2699 Stratford Road, Cleveland Heights .... Sfarhorough Road, Cleveland Heights ..., R. D. No. 5 Russell Road, Chagrin Falls 11200 Lake Avenue, Cleveland .. ,,..,,.,.. Mill 3601 Creek Lane, Chagrin Falls .. ...,........, .. Lytle Road, Shaker Heights .,.....,, .,.., 961 Cambridge Road, Cleveland Heights .. 91 15 1098 3913 2001 2890 3906 Park 5188 2294 HWHi273Z1 1245 4892 3248 Dickens Avenue, Cleveland ....,.......... Princeton Boulevard, South Euclid .. lkleadowhrook Road, Cleveland Heights ,.., Chestnut Hills Drive, Cleveland Heights ..... Chatham Road. Chagrin Falls .............,...,.., Monticello Boulevard, Cleveland Heights .........,,.. .. Lane Drive. R. D. No. 8. VVa1mo. New Castle, Eastover Road, Lyndhurst ....................,.....,..,...... Chatlield Drive, Cleveland Heights .... Endicott Road, Shaker Heights ....,..,. Manor Park, Lakewood ................ Edge Park Drive. Garfield Heights ......., East Fairfax Road. Cleveland Heights ....... 278 Union Street, Bedlord ...................,...,.,,.. 2915 Courtland Boulevard. Shaker Heights . 11208 Lorain Road. Cleveland .........,...... ..,... 2762 2676 Landon Road. Shaker Heights .......... .. ..... .. East Overlook Road. Cleveland Heights . 221599 Shaker Boulevard. Shaker Heights .... . 2957 lvlanchester Road. Shaker Heights ..... . 23175 Laureldale Road, Shaker Heights . .. Pa , AVY-1-4404 . ,.... YE-2-9795 . . KE-1-1707 LO-1-7288 ,Canton 68521 ....,.......YE-2-0440 LI FA Iiirt. .. .. AVA- FA .. .. . PO .. ...CH vtf 1 1 6 ......NVY- .. LO .. .... ER ER ER MCH .. Sli .XVY .. .. .IVY- CH ER- v1-3 Sli . ..... YE- Y F .. .. CH , . LA ...MCH LO , EV ,,....SNV EV FA ...HCA rv- ...ffl-i'i . FA 4 ...XL AK' .. MI Bedlord .AVY LI.- . .. .YE FA- vu. FA- A. -7 -2 1 802 -4894 515-I7 1-8184 1-0870 I 5924 -8-5109 2 1515 1-0361 1-9008 3395 1-0256 1-1903 1 2288 7-8582 1-8799 1-5299 1-2720 5 2152 I 1972 2-0893 1 1100 2-9423 -2 5218 8093 I-0181 7-8460 1-5966 I 0058 I-0395 1 -1005 1 5766 1-5397 I 9900 I-5773 .. H689 2-4098 1-8808 51 16 1 1612 1-0571 1 1680 2 3620 1 5373 1-414-1 2-5255 1-0479 2--17-12 1 1 2019 8819 185 CHALFANT AWNING AND SHADE CO. CITY AWNING AND SUPPLY CO. 4 We Make Anyfhing from Canvas 'A' 11510 MADISON AVENUE CLEVELAND 2, OHIO LAkewood 1-7922 DODGE 'H PLYMOUTH We are most proud of om' service departments WALTER GRABSKI CO. 5 I5 BROADWAY 6872 BROADWAY DI l-4800 ?afz Sdidvzg Wlevw Layout . . . Copy . . . Art . . . Production . . . 7944146 MAin 1-aooo A. S. GILMAN, Inc. Prinfers and Lifhographers 623 ST. CLAIR AVENUE, N. E. CLEVELAND 14 OHIO IERUMSUN BARBER SHOP MANICURING Compliments of i' 2776 South Moreland Blvd. A Shaker Square 0 Cleveland LO. l-8998 le 7f66d1ff0'L .le Industry today needs new and better products from research to generate new cus- tomers and new jobs. It needs new techniques in sales and human relations to keep pace with technological progress. There have been military crises before, but in this young nation, the need for good leadership never will stop increasing. Standard Products, with nearly three thousand men and women and six plants in its national organization, recognizes this need for good leadership, and reminds you that our doors are always open to young men trained and willing to provide it. THE MARK OF A SUPERIOR PRODUCT 188 I Pioneer Beverage , , , Advertis Allegheny Ludlum Steel Corp. Althans Insurance Agency , , American Stamping Co. ,. Barber Motors, lnc. Barker's S. Sons Co. Bartunek's Clothes . Bell Vemon Milk Co. , Blace Co. .. . . . .. Brust Patter11 lk Casting Co. Brown, H. WV. IQ S011 . Bryan, Leonard , , Bunce Brothers Burdette Oxygen Co. Callaghan-Braun Co. Callaghan, Wm. D., I11c. . , Cannon Tailors , . Carlon Products Corp. . Center Beverages . . Central Lithograph Co. . ..,. , . Chalfant Awning fb Shade Co. ,, . . .. .. Civilian Exchange . Cleveland Engraving Co. , Cleveland Slag Co. Consolidated Machinery Co. Conway Kc Conway . .. .. . Cosn1a Laboratories Cunningham lk Co. . Daisy Hill Greenhouse , Danford Lowell Co. . . Decker-Reichert Steel Co. DeVand Funeral Home Direct Shipping Corp. Dodd Co. , ,. .. Dowd-Feder, Inc. Downie, Wm. Co. Downing Coal .. Euclid Beach Park Fairmount Cleaners Feather, WVil1ian1 Co. Friecllander, jerome M. CAE Hardware Stores, lnc. Galli Florist .. .. .. . Gilman, A. S., I11c. , . Gottron, Russell 8: Co. . Gruber's , .. . .. ,. Gun 8: Tackle Shop, Inc. . . .. Hargett, Mr. and Mrs. WV111. R. ,. . .. . Hart Arms Co. , ,. ,. , Hartley, Roy ., . .. .. Hauserman, E. F. Co. . Heights Beverage , . Herll, jones Co. Hickory Grill . . Homecrafters Shop lron Fireman Mfg. Co. james Hardware Co. jeromson Barbar Shop Keyes-Treuhaft , ,. Kieser, Art , , Kling Realty Co. .. .. . Kornman's Cafe Restaurant . . Kull, WV. H. Co. , . .. . . Kurtz Furniture Co. Page .174 156 179 t .. H139 140 ,152 174 ,159 177 ,.....,137 N182 174 154 132 .. ..,. 144 144 143 181 175 186 165 180 168 H184 167 176 ,. . H139 137 .. H159 173 166 147 133 164 159 181 169 177 148 149 160 132 187 1 ff fi 139 158 133 ..l56 138 156 H148 149 147 H173 H188 183 M137 . H175 133 ., .,.. 170 131 ers' ndex Lamson Floors Co. . Lesher, Charles H., Inc. Lezius-Hides Co. , . Lore11z, A. WV. , ,, Luce 8: Smith ,, . Luntz Iro11 8: Steel Co. . Machine Products 8: Mfg. Malmquist Hal 8: Co. Master Builders Co. . Matson, M. M. . Matthes, Henry B. . .. McNally-Doyle Co. , . Merrill, Turben 84 Co. , Metropolitan Buick, Inc. Milgrim Shoe Salon . . Miller, George . ., . Moffett St11dio . , , , Monarch Rubber Co. , "Montgome1y" Cosgrove Moreland Courts Nook lk 0'Neil Co. Co. , Potter Sc Mel1e11, Inc. Qua Buick, Inc. , , , Robinson, D. E. Co. Royce, Charles . ,. . ,, Russell, Charles E. , Schueman-jones Co. Scribner Loehr Co. . Shaker Auto Hospital , , Shaker Heights Buick , , Shaker Heights Hardware . Shaker Market .. . Shaker View Market .. Si111on, Simone Sittner, L. W. Co. .. . . lli Trucking Co. Robert .. , S1nyt11e, A. B. Co. . Society for Savings . . Standard Excavating Co. .. Standard Products Co. , Tassi, A. J. . . .. . Taylor, Frank L. , . Tex-Center Service Town HKDIISC Restaurant Transveneer Div., Di-Noe Traveler's Shoppe . ,. Trout-1Vare, Inc. , . United T11be Corp U. S. Tr11ck Lines . ., Vanderhoof, A. L., Inc. Vogue Flowers ,, Wade, john, Inc. . . Wade Park Ma11or WVa1ker China Co. WVa1ter Grabski Co. WVebb C. Ball Co. . . WVei1-Kaufman, Inc. Co 1Veiss, Mrs. .. .. ,. . Welsh tk Baird . 1Vigglesworth, T. R. Machinery Co. ,. wjMo , ,.., ..,... .. . .. . . WVright, C. P. zu Co. Zleflllllklllll Florists . Page 163 142 M172 174 M139 133 .145 . .,. H132 1 50 156 .167 H168 131 155 169 178 H178 .161 171 153 181 ,132 153 135 .177 134 178 .. 136 131 163 168 .147 177 139 148 152 182 175 130 173 ,188 136 136 171 142 H183 171 157 H182 145 149 169 165 151 171 186 142 H160 ,169 169 160 170 ,. ,, M163 170 Gush lurk iliilahian Enarh fhltnqraphs . .. K? 4-Ml Jflf 5 r"" s

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