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IIIIIBIIIII 1949 IITOR-IN-CHIEF: DAVID COWAN ANAGING EDITOR: VICTOR CANNON ISINESS MANAGER: RICHARD WAHL We, the elass ef '49, dedicate this yearlfeek te: l WILLIAM K. GuNN the lovable "Major". His stories and jokes have brightened many days ar U. S., and his understanding of our problems has helped many ol' us out of trouble. l2l ALBERT LADD WALDRON a man whose imegriiy and good fellowship have endeared him to our hearts-a great guy-a gfeal friend. 531 THE BIRTH OF A MABIAN A play-by-play description of a fiasco OR as long as one can remember, June has been the month when the senior class of University School proudly gave birth to a bouncing baby yearbook traditionally labeled the Mabian. One year impatient subscribers murmured menacing intimations of mob violence because the book was not issued until the day after graduation. Another year black crepe paper adorned the window of Mr. Logsdonfs office because it was rumored that the Mabian Board might not make a profit. Still another yearbook poignantly lamented the devastation wrought by front office censorship in a limeric depict- ing the cheerless obscurity of jokes sentenced to oblivion by the humorless blue pencil. All these minor peccadillos and triHing grievances are remote and in- significant in the eyes of this year's staff, however, because the class of forty-nine has shattered traditions, undergone privations, and withstood crises undreamed- of in the wildest imaginations of our predecessors. One of our instructors, himself a splendid illustration of this aphorism, observed that sometimes mistakes are our best teachers. If this be the case, we who have participated in preparing this book beyond a doubt have earned our Ph.D.'s. The most peculiar combination of aptitudes and inclinations ever assembled for what was ostensibly a single purpose embarked virtually unarmed into the bewildering world of publication. It is impossible to say whether our operations were more bizarre before or after our faculty advisor abruptly took his leave, but while he was with us, we felt that he too was a part of our brave new experiment in educated ignorance. After months of grinding out features and biographies designed to capture the essence of our class' personality and character, we were visited by that inevitable incubus to all creative thinkers who try to preserve the truth for posterityecensorship! Like the paragon de- lineated in Mr. Kipling's poem, we were forced to Ustart again at our beginnings, and never breathe a word about our loss', and, all enthusiasm spent in our initial endeavor, "stoop and build 'em up with wornout tools.', Thus the ex- purgated edition, a pale and wispy shade of the original, crept painfully toward completion. But wait! The vagaries of genius hovered ofer, for our cartoonist, whose endeavors he constantly affirmed were the backbone of our book, awaited inspiration as a husband awaits the stork, similarities existing in both the dura- tion of expectance and the anxiety of those involved. Laboring far into the summer, sacrificing hours which might have been spent behind a lawn mower or on similar summertime larks, Chuck Glass toiled to consummate his magnum opus. While Editor Dave Cowan anxiously gnawed his nails from Michigan to California, the wheels of creation slowly ground their golden art. The somewhat anomalous bright spot in our singular record has been the business staff of our yearbook, which happily operated with efficiency and profit. Dick Wahl and John Gilliam, aided substantially if anonymously by subordinate underclassmen, proceeded with staid deliberation, in startling con- trast to the perfunctory brilliance of the editorial department. And now, as naturefs scene is touched with signs of autumn, as crisp, golden leaves waft contentedly toward their winterfs bed close to Mother Earth, as wide-eyed schoolboys pack their duffles and embark upon exciting new lives in schools and colleges throughout the land, the long-expected has come, and our little book, the product of young minds working steadfastly and harmoniously toward a single goal, awaits your perusal. HJ Axnwmzmzaaa u C I E51 HAROLD CRUIKSHANK Headmaster Civil Government KVILLIAM K. GUNN Assistant Headmaster Jlodern History. Frfnrli WILLIAM S. PIPER, JR. Director of the junior High School, Director of Admissions S'ie"'f LOUIS j. BURGER, JR Director of the Lower School ROBERT G. WALTON Mathematirx ROY C. PAIGE Jlathemalits LYALL DEAN Mathematics CLIFFORD j. RIEL .llntlzrnmlics Ii 6 J if Z 2 ff Q En glixh SCRIBN ER COBB English V. O. McCR EIGHT English EUGENE H. GRAY Englixh JOHN H. ADAMS. VIR. English ALBERT L. WALDRON Latin WILLIAM P. KEENAN Frenrh CARTER G. SANDERS f 7 3 Spanixh clso. E. GILLESPIE, JR. N. D. MCLAUGHLIN Chemistry. Phyxits 4 A M 5-'5 V .,,. : 91' I 50 V ,E LOUIS A. LOGSDON DENARD LEE Biology, Physics PHIL WV. SUNINER History S. ROBT. BOBENMYER Snrial Sludim DONALD C. MOLTEN A thlefir Deparlmenl WALTER D. McLELLAN Atlzlelir Depnrlment JOHN D. McCARRAHER Director of Allzletirx Business Manager E 8 J MILFERD C. HANSON lllechanical Drawing, Machine Shop EDWIN R. LOGAN Wand Shop J. QUINTER YOUNG Art KATHLEEN B. MARTIN Librarian MILDRED DINGLE School Nurse ELAINE CLEMENTS Dietitian FRANK HRUBY IR. fllusir Department BETTY FRANCES EVANS M ' D t t fi 9 J ufzr epar'men , Primary Assistant S. RICHARD PEYSER Sixth Grade FREDERICK KAIN Fifth Grade KENNETH H. BRACK Fourth Grade MARGARET DYER Pre-primary RUTH M. SCHREYER First Grade, Penmnmhip RUTH J. KAUFMANN Third Grade BLANCHE CHASE Second Grade U01 F Swim FREDERICK G. BARKER. Ill Entered 1937 Activities: Class soccer champs 3: Freshman swimming 8th, lg Varsity Swimming 3, 43 Tennis squad 3, 4: Mabian Board 2, 33 Glee Club 43 Players 2, 3. 0' Q . f:..1 .iii " i Q 5 .1 'l -X H lm 4 gk, 1 no 41+ I Wifi!!! I bl ,ar wa gig ffs rw Q 6 C'9' C: A c 4,7 0 be NP 3 . c.,uBo,4-gig A tall, handsome, moody, and mature addition to the senior class-the possessor of a more practical mind than many of the top scholars-one of the few remaining old-timers who has been with the class from the beginning-seen driving here and there Qmostly therej in a various assortment of Dodges-a rough 'n tumble star of the class soccer league and a top flight swimmer-live sure points in any meet-steals many hearts with his good looks and captivating personality, especially that of a certain southern belle. E121 X, I CHARLES D. BARKWILL, JR. Entered 1943 Activities' becond Honors l, 2. 4: Cum Laude Society 43 Rorimer Nature Prize 1, 2: Varsity Soccer 4: squad 2, 3: Tennis squad 3, 4g Class baseball champions l, 2: Cheer- leader I. 2. 4: News Board 3, 4: Enthusiasm Committee 3, 4: School Activities Committee 43 Cadmean Society -1: Edward Moore Society 9: 4 X rmiwrwri ff ! 'F' Mill' I terwmioimlwx X X Iliff' . v t10Y'l.1MWZ"" lI'!'H'IHH'1 H1131 CHACU Pl A 5 X Ui: sf.-.ii B fahwl i mini. ss! fx 1 a.-..,i:f" ffm, 4. K! 'A flg A lt' "A X . ig ' if 3 X limumikkl A A ' Q 15 . 2 w 1 i, . lt tt J, I'- ' ' Y!! f ' -:- - V73 ' V f f U If - ,I ,L QL C' f' fl F - lii tv' X' iii i , - 8.139 tmzarm M X ! mu.-ul , 'midi f, Q! and .J wrt: Ll 'Y ni 'm us.: 1 uc-11 t-'lui WL! IQVB f 5 ,n "Old Slewfootn of the right-lull slot who admits he played his best games with a headache-amorous but inconstantg spreads his charm over a wide held of admirers-after futilely trying to set his brother on the straight and narrow has abandoned him to his iniquitous ways- somehow manages to get his homework done before anybody else- appears to be at direct variance with the class motto: Don't do today what you can put off until tomorrow"-frets about his ninety-one averages almost as much as Cowan does about those 'Kdangerous ninety- threes"-an "All-around boy" with a ready and winning way, A'Chesty" is high on our list of sure successes. l13l ROBERT P. BAUMAN Entered 1942 :lr'li1fiIi1'.v.' Varsity Basketball 3, 4: Varsity Tennis 2, 3. captain 4: Freshman tennis l: University School Tennis Trophy. ,r as WNW L PT, I 91 tt... 'll I ileffei A Qtasa 522 The "Big Boy" of Mr. Peyser's tennis team-Nates only 'A' in fourth period chemistry. Plays a wicked game of pool-one of U. S.'s ardent Michigan rooters. Has carefree attitude toward work and studies- can be found either shooting baskets in the gym or sitting in an easy chair at home sipping a "Coke" Favorite study: English-hobby: writing themes for Mr. Gray. Known for his ability to laugh in any situation- well liked for his friendly nature. U41 RANDALL M. BAUMGARDNER Entered 1946 E Qxuro REPAIR SHOP: I' pg Down ll " MPT QE? 9, PAYM EN-rs '49- vu 'il f ffitii W Q f 5 5 ' 1 X 'avg XM I xii, : lin I Ywv Z '-gm One of the more stable members of the class-interested in antique automobiles-one of the few who are reasonably awake in first period English-the recipient of a mythical award for being able to cope with Schwab's numerous eccentricities-one of the Major's unforgettable French students-quiet, modest, unassuming-and sane-a fortunate soul in his ability to disregard women-one of the fiends who mas- querade as class tennis players-he actually likes gymnastics-one of the very few who have never been humbly requested to kindly remove their presence while graciously accepting "six," U51 " H , . .... "-' ' fl4xQEEil"'p-'ffl 'r"' Wrlfnif r, '.'.:' 4 '2 t x. - H X i'E1'ffml.TE1?f:1z'9xk va: 1 vw A 4 '- L' ft i WTQ -V ,XV-v rwkldl X9 :ah 1' bi 3'-EL , v Q si- CURTIS B. BENNETT. JR. Entered 1945 Al'flllI.lfl'.Y.' Freshman baseball squad I: Class baseball champions 33 Class football champions 43 Junior Clee Club I, Glee Club 2. 4: Octette 4: Choir 4. il. M M1 Josh B ' li'-1 f-qaw, ,,,,--..,AN "n y K Q ' . 1' tml 'Affb , ls " ,- 9 li'lLQi'i., l any :' I " , X 1 lb, -3 1 db x 5 071 " ' Q 1 fuzhefl ill f 2 . ' 1, f v A l Q K ,ffl Hhrf! x 1 X If QW A 5 cf' , ix :, 5.5.5 yuh X gy ph,-N grfbliu u Qian, :sur t-,vw-, 'N' ' " l " '.. -121 I ' A dependable member of Mr. Hruby's "Rubies" and backbone of the baritone section-two year man on the octet whose singing merited several solos throughout the year-one of the boys who got more out of the trip to Warren than just the experience of singing before a lot of girls-mature, intelligent, and poised-plans to seek higher education at Connecticut Wesleyan-a friendly and welcome addition to our class. l15l JAMES A. BERNET Entered 1944 Artizfili1's: Freshman football Sth, lg Varsity Football 4. squad 3: Base- ball squad 3, 45 Mabian Board -1. if fe mate -,S DRUG Q ig! K Au i"'!X F- i. ff'-E ' GI-fn - UNDER NE! MANAGE M EN T 1 t 'A 'dw Has smooth features-drives innumerable cars fone at a timej-has never complained about grades-likes to express his feelings about anything and everything-has a file of Carter's tests fmore work for C. G. SQ-his joking can be seen and heard most anywhere-good in math and mechanical drawing-captained a ferocious class basket- ball team-an old-timer at U. S.-the last of the mobsters-only boy to beat the game on the S. A. 'l'.'s-will long be remembered for his ex- temporaneous senior speech. i17l RICHARD L. BRUMMAGE Entered 1948 ,V Activities: Second Honors 4g Soccer squad 45 Edward Moore Society 4. 7 fi J fl' 45 1 XM f, , 'f'9':4f. V. 'OIOJ y'f ::- 'is J '. I ix . 'Yxf i ' N 1, , ,,-,,, ,dw 'Q - , Y , V-. , . 1 lm" ' .' I i' r 44 '-A , X415 my sg F 2' If X IL M5? i,s.,Nr. "l1I I elm .LA ri ,Hu ,kg rp Q L. ",..' ' LV,'lAy' s'j X14 ,M ,I , ,,k. 1 3 l . ,--sl Q. ' 'Q-40 -i-L N, V, 25 J NSW Admiral of the Ocean Sea-"Sheik"-an ex-Mercersburg man who chose to spend his last days of freedom at U. S. before embarking for An- napolis-his inexhaustible repertoire of poems and stories has made him the "Uncle Don" of the senior room-ran the gamut of monthly averages from the nineties to the seventies-has inside dope on how to scare Congressmen Qespecially Benderj-authority on how to get a job Qemployment, that isj-Dave will never forget Dick's "New Frontiers in Flower Pressing"-neither will jeep-the Mabizm wishes Dick smooth sailing at Annapolis and elsewhere. l18l BARRY M. BYRON Entered 1945 x1f'lf1fiIiz'.v: Second Honors 2: Mar- shall French Priye. 'X ag 4' X vr:'fl-kk NM' WM V ,hw Silent but crafty-an ainusecl spectator of the passing parade-hides likeable personality behind cherubic countenance-one of the few to coine out ahead on the "sucker bait" football pool-stellar French Stll- dent-proudly wields a Marshall French medal-a diligent worker- never more than two days behind in Trig-an ardent supporter of all U. S. teams and a partisan analyst of the sporting scene-invades the links during the sunnner months-one of the few school golf "bugs" to break 90. i191 VICTOR M. CANNON. JR. Entered 1937 ,-ir'I1'zfilz'es.' First Honors 43 Second Honors I, 2, 3: Cum Laude Society 4: Second, Sherman Prize Speaking Contest 3: Varsity Soccer 4: squad 2, 3: Freshman swimming lg Swim- ming squad 2g Mabian Board 2, Managing Editor 4: News Board 2. 3, Associate Editor 4: junior Prom Connnittee 3: Senior Prom Com- mittee 3, 4: Glee Club 2, Librar- ian fl: Octc-tte 3, 4: Choir 2, 3, 4: Players 2. 4: Edward Moore Society 3, Vice-President 4. Ar rfhur Murrayg D ,- j i X WV 3,1 5' 'J s X 2' , . ' V f--ii . X sf, 'Axis ' ' vigxex vw - ' -,X .' i ' 3 N4 W W0 2 - - --fax " c om: or o sxPE RT YOU TKO CAN LEARN T0 WALK I x , , x 1 r i ,, 4 11 f 1 -if 4 Q?" ' ,ij gggklhixff X l ' 1 'sw 1 ,, . 5 If . 4 rs K-S la f- Y it - i 5' ff ivxim ve- ,'95?, WS' tif3,wu'2 ,Lev N ,mp-efsl A :cttw Wsaiijs 5312.2 -Vilfieifi 4 ,ls 'f 5" yi, l W , , I K4 c, y ,Z f .M ,. SZQXXT' Q 11 7:43 . ,X Y Y 4 fu ,Q V 4 vs g N bm yr X 6 mx Q Famous for his "poop-deckl' walk and large vocabulary-rugged indi- vidualist who opposes all regimentation-loves to argue and always wins-loves to drive and sometimes loses-an accomplished linguist- is allergic to hay and combs-an authority on classic literature and music-possessor of an extraordinary sense of humor and a powerful, masculine build-an inspiring class basketball captain-wields a mean pun-favorite saying: "kick a Held goal"-a sincere and generous friend -the personilication of Emerson's "Self-Reliancew. i201 THOMAS W. CHALFANT Entered 1947 Ac'li1fiiif'.t.' Varsity Football 4: KVM-slling squad 3: Varsity Track t 3, 1. 2325. K, aw VVears Monkey mask-is always digging-hails from the West Side- likes "Jeep" and women fpluralj-likes Major Gunn's study falso Mr. Dean'sj-has false teeth-loves food and plenty of it-plays an excellent game of football fgood luck with your desire to play fullback,--also puts the shot-drives new Studebaker-well liked by all-humor ap- preciated-will be great success at college and in later life Qare you going to help your father hang awnings, Tom?j. Lon Chaney under- study in spare time-classical music lover who will always be remem- bered by his classmates. E213 WILLIAM H. CHANDLER. JR. Entered 1945 Ai'iii1itif'.x'.' Class soccer champions 31 Class baseball champions 2: Swim- ing squad 4: Mabian Board 2, Players 2. 3. NVild Bill-admired for his nondefeatist attitude-a rustic but admired personality-a friend of everyone-a sports enthusiast, both actively and passively-seen watching the hockey games with a comely southern belle-a perennial loser at the gambling table fstrictly a victim of the law of averagesj-a red blooded racing fan fcycle, midget, horse, and ratj-lives dangerously while driving his Hold red pile"-one of Gil Nocles most ardent antagonists. i221 DOUGLAS R. CLEMINSHAW Entered 1948 .Q sk, -x N5" 53- 1 sb Wifi-.r L50 4 QQ .AQ fg iix HQ? iQ'if g 'ft His' 'mm - be X 'A I' QV 51129 Xv ,MfqF, 5 wuuw " JS fi' i fjt 455' Hotchkiss' gift to U. S.-possesses most streamlined car in school fno bodyj-proponent of the circular slide rule as opposed to the straight ones-always found draped on a couch in that room the Seniors love so well-knows more jokes fany variety, than Joe Miller-class foot- ball colossus-sniokes Pall Malls because no one else wants to bum them from him-plans on dedicating his life to mechanical engineer- ing so that he can invent the better niousetrap. E231 GERALD A. CONWAY Entered 1945 f1cli11iIies.' Second Honors 2, 3, 45 Daniel R. Conway Football Trophy 43 Freshman football lg Freshman basketball 1: Freshman baseball lg Wrestling squad 33 Basketball squad 23 Varsity Football 2, 3, co-captain 4: Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 43 Mabian Board, Patron Manager 4: Class Vice-President 3: Class Secretary 43 junior Prom Dance Committee 3: Senior Farewell Dance Committee 3: Cadmean Frolic Dance Commit- tee 45 Senior Prom Dance Commit- tee 4g Cadmean Society 3, Vice-Presi- dent 45 Edward Moore Society 3, fl. I y A y , :tit 2 'W ,QI xf Most publicized senior, least predictable-life of the partyg has tre- mendous capacity Cfor learningj-Prendy's straight man-author of "How to Live on Twenty-Four Hours a Day"-looks distinguished in a beard-a capricious motorist-gay, lively, impulsive-"the luckiest white man alive"-a twi-light golfer and moonlight bather-a respected leader on the football field and a baseball player with the reputation of coming through when the chips are down-an erstwhile grappler who now confines his wrestling activities to evening matches-a won- derful friend with an honest, natural, and sincere personality. i241 I RICHARD M. COVINGTON Entered 1946 ,4ctiviIie.s: Varsity Football 3, 4, squad 2: Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 4: Enthusiasm Committee 3, 4: School Activities Committee 4: Edward Moore Society 5. 4: Cadmcan Soci- ety 4. Alix n ,N 'lx is I may 4 The Colonel is an old favorite with jake and Carter- hates dancing and all other unnecessary strenuous exercise-likes parties, fast cars, sleep, Joanne, and Ange - hard-hitting blocker for Coach Vince's Inter-State champs - carries even fewer books than his brother - a steady three-year performer on Varsity Baseball-a never-say-die ath- lete who played entire season of football with a broken wrist-a hand- some face lurks behind his whiskers - with the assets of a cheerful attitude and a fun-loving nature he may have the secret of happiness. f25l vssonou 1 ENE GE 3,9 5 -- ,fy W Q v . if fr Q ', 1 , w M if f!d Q A51-Nfl, WM sl MX? . I ,, I . .,,.,,A ,. ry f 'V A' - Q a gr + Q fxyjwwywyfh Gy Vhf mdatwrfwikgwmlr ,ll 4 'V ii ' 'V , fl 'lllllil J,i"" N l,,.,, , if Q, l l-'f16y4a,KQQ fe il , , fi f -N ' 1 ' il lil. ' ,, X M vbily HW W 1 v, iw DAVID A. COWAN Entered 1939 Aclirfitizfm' First Honors l, 2, 3, 41 Cum Laude Society 43 Freshman football l: Freshman swimming l: Tennis squad 2, 3, 45 Class football captain 4: Mabian Board Editor-in- Chief 45 News Board 3, Associate Editor 4: Prefect Board 43 Student Council 2, 3: Junior Prefects lg Class Treasurer l, 2, President 4g junior Prom Dance Committee 33 Glee Club 41 Octette 43 Mathe- matics Society 3g Edward Moore Society 3. 4: Cladmean Society 4, I 4 7 ron Mit 9 X IM! wwf Ay If 1 l MWMMIQM l lll WW! l x .QM cw Sole unscathed survivor of myriad hot and heavy poker sessions - a formidable master of applied psychology-connoisseur of 'B' Westerns, Bela Lugosi double features, Abbot and Costello comedies, Super- man serials, and kiddie cartoon carnivals-an ardent hunter and gun collector-an expert on the scientific approach to loafing-the perfect host-ping-pong champ who never loses a close game-class salesmang his irrefutable logic has been the cause of inferiority complexes among a number of his classmates-has demonstrated in his editorship of the Mabian his remarkable ability to delegate authority and apportion work the wrote the dedication himselflj-respected and feared for his ingenuity and unusual sense of humor - a leader of force and intelligence. i261 CARL D. CRANKSHAW Entered 1947 .-1riivitie.s'.' Second Honors 3: Foot- ball squad 3: Baseball squad 3, 4: Varsity Xvrestling 4. squad " A W .4 -s 3 QQEEQ '- ' 5 4, 1 S 0 0' o DO? 'R can ' fr is l I X XL an E 'Z 1- 4 1 f y I 'll 'N i f I , i 1 , " 1422145 A 1 mfefefv X wages Y N X Qgqeygvgs f if? 3-,, , , W, W9 9 ' 0.1 wie: A Bostonian with plenty of iight-called "Lujack" for his skillful play on the gridiron-ei tough wrestler with lots of what it takes-a whiz with a math book-universally liked with a smile for everyone-genius of -lakes mechanical drawing classes. Respected and feared by mem- bers of the wrestling team for his 'Abounce the baby" exercise-one man team in class football-goes for religion fespecially those church partiesj-has a few choice ones hidden at Heights and Shaw. E271 so CLIFFORD S. DANGLER. JR. Entered 1944 Activities: Aurelian Honor Award 4: Class President I3 Vice-President 23 Secretary 33 Treasurer 43 Fresh- man football, captain 13 Freshman wrestling 13 Freshman baseball l: Varsity Football 2, 3, co-captain 45 Varsity Wrestling 3, squad 23 Base- ball squad 2, 33 Tennis squad 43 junior Prefects, chairman 13 Stu- dent Council 2, 3: Senior Prefects 43 Cadmean Frolic Dance Com- mittee 3, 43 junior Prom Dance Committee 3: Senior Prom Dance Committee 43 Glee Club 3, 43 Octette 3, 43 Cadmean Society 3, 43 Edward Moore Society 3, Presi- dent 4. 'F KX V N no ,'- ' ,C I , iiffwfl V li an , . 15, :,.! xl .wiigsgmflwlfj 1-11 02223547 I a PU?EJnF5? EiSl?':EEN 0 E O PAR cAu.wic FFE Most Likeable Senior-a lighter with plenty of drive on the athletic field-has a passion for harmony both musically and with a certain lovely blond-attracts females as light attracts moths-a bemused brunette said, "I think 'Kip' is such a cute name," - favorite saying: "Now let me look in my notebook and see . . . " - Yale man from way back-distinguished by "hula-hula" walk-able leader of the fighting Eddy Moore boys - an unusual combination of leadership and amiability. i281 JOHN R. DAVEY Entered 1949 Activities: Glce Club 43 Octette 4. A "B ,X f fx- us o ' :al Ox 1 'co' 1 fl "" MQ wil l f e 0 t 4l 7'7'Q'- l gi -Eilxlql v1 H .NWN- x N4 5 4 it N ef 1 f 1 Giiy 7 e Sober, stolid, solemn, "the Davey" has been a burst of meteoric vitality on our immediate horizon-hair combed, standing erect with his hands at his sides, he awes admiring fellow-warblers with those elusive high notes in his Russian Picnic solo-an ex-sprinter who now confines his dashes to journeys to Room 8 and the senior room-the human pretzel who in a few short months has devised more ways to wrap himself around a school desk than most of us who have been wrapping and sprawling for years-Bernet's closest rival in harassing the Jeep-always cheerful and never dull, Jack has been an interesting part of the spring blooming around U. S. i293 EDWIN W. DeVAND, JR. Entered 1936 flciiz1il1'f'.s': Freshman I' o o t b ll l l l: Freshman swimming lg Freshman baseball I: Football squad 3: Swim- ming squad 2. 4: Gym Team captain 4: Soccer All-Stars 4: Foot- ball All-Stars 2: News Board Ad- vertising Manager 11: Senior Fare- well Dance Committee 33 Glee Club 2, 4: Choir 2. 3, 4. X 'QA ,eff iff -4 I l 4 :X Molten mainstay in the distance swimming - one ol' the ten best- dressed seniors-a regular member of the happy News Room Family -the boy with the all-too-well-known gray Oldsmobile convertible- a mud-loving soccer demon-the only senior on the gym team for two years - can never be missed at a dance - hardly ever appears in the Senior Room-a devout follower of the Browns and Barons-a Glee Club luminary-the never-say-die collector of advertising contracts for the News-a connoisseur of the finer things in life. E301 JAMES A. DeVENNE Entered 1943 fI1'li1ffIl'ffs: Varsity S o C c' e r 3, 4: Xvrestling squad 2. 4: Freshman wrestling l: Freshman track li 'Track squad 2, 4: llilahizm Board FS. Treasurer 4: Senior Farewell Dance Committee 34: C a d m e a n lfrolic' Dance Committee 4: Dorm Dance Committee 4: Glee Cluh 2, 3. All Choir 2. 5, fl: Players -1. l X' 4,2 3 Q ll yi l lil .C MB ,,, : 1 qw! A X X P g li I. S Q-f l W s L Q '-7 i ii A -xxx l Qi-1" ? : 'S X ' " -"g ,fl The Adonis of the senior class-his cute curly hair is the joy of all the women. Can usually be found on his way to or from the H. B. Dorm. Lakewood's gift to the U. S. dorm. Outstanding halfback on cham- pionship varsity soccer team. Demonstrated spirit, determination and will to win in all his play. His hard fighting game sparked the rest of the team when it was most needed. Friendly smile and engaging personality make him well liked by all. Is sure to add many worth- while companions to an already large list of good friends. ffill THURMAN DOWNING Entered 1942 f v , 55 V f .1 v One of our few classmates who really appreciates the Senior Room- never wearies of Cowan's taste in movies-Conway's closest rival- favorite song: "Let's Start the New Year Right"-handsome and affa- ble, a loyal friend with a real sense of humor-one of Jeeps boys-also Mr. Walton's pride-Notorious for his luck at cards-a spark-plug on his class football team and a tireless swimmer-''Sherm"-smiling in the teeth of adversity-slave to a gruelling summer job-one of our most dazzling social lights. Thurm's quiet charm and spontaneous gaiety have won him many friends at U. S. f32l lx PAUL C. ELY, JR. Entered 1948 ACti'UilI.E.Y.' Second Honors 43 Cum Laude Society 45 Basketball squad 45 Cadmean Society 4. N1 9 Ji 755 ' 'Q P ea X1 XX: fx N I x . Z ' UIQ my Q 4 The brain from Lorain-honorary president of mighty delegation to H. B.-poor taste in ties, especially those of room two-milk hlcher supreme at lunch-extraordinary powers of psychiatry-radiant smile -renown for brilliant performance as "Casey"-lover of ----- -. women, and song-dorm deal-one of V. Ofs two headaches on the Senior F loor-terrific powers of oratory, both in class and out fespe- cially outj. i331 JOHN M. FIX l Entered 1946 Artizfities: Second Honors 23 Track squad 2, 3, 45 Basketball squad 2, 33 Soccer squad 4: Football All- Stars 2, 3g News Board 3, 45 Glee Club 2, 3, Vice-President 49 Octette 2, 3, 4. l 1 Gr 7 , 2 I A 7 gi'-:.,?ia..-Ji? "iw Curly-haired preacher of the class-famous for his oration on a church meeting-Has a car so old that it hardly makes it to school-Hard working cinder pounder, never observed picking clover-always will- ing to lend his tenor voice to any song fest - has never had his character sullied by contact with Senior Room intellectuals-irrepres- sible stag at all of our more interesting social functions-only three- year letterman in the Octet - aspires to be a gentleman of leisure fbumj. 4 WH A , JAMES A. FOLTZ. Ill Entered 1947 Activities: Varsity Track 3, 4, squad 23 Varsity Soccer 3, 43 Mabian Board Humor Editor 43 Cadmean Society 3, President 4: E d w a r d Moore Society 3, 4. V 5 X f if Q fx Y C Q3 I X I I ivsvpff ,fmt O 0 A G V 'SSX AW0,.0f Our boy Memphis-is headed South to college at Washington and Lee - friend of all, leader of many - pianist of marked ability with repertoire ranging from "Deep Purple" to "Runnin' Wild"-smooth operator with the women-uses southern approach with great success -skilled dancer and a fast worker-capable and responsible president of the "C" Society-his beaming smile and buoyant personality make him well liked by all-expert on how to win friends and influence people-terrorizes pledges with sessions in the Varsity locker room- our nomination lor the most likely to succeed. i351 ff 'Q If 7 , I' Q '1 -ff? ' I' I 'I I Rl l gi ' X iff.. t wt.: ' 1 t txt i 1...-,. fx .4 ' WILLIAM V. FRIES Entered 1943 ,44'!i11iIie.s: Freslnnan tennis lg Ten- nis squad 2, 3: Swimming squad 35 News Board 3, 43 Glee Club 4: Players 45 Mabian Board 4. . y R Sir: , 0' x r a Q x t ' U fa!! g :QQ X K X i i 5129 Nautical expert extraordinary - Always willing to explain why his boat didn't come in first-lndefatigable Hashbulb man lor the Mabian -Always willing to hold up one side of a controversial issue with Mr. Mac-chauffeur of a Packard of dubious vintage-Last reports indicate a preference for VVellesley-Professed interest in astronomy-lnelined toward armed forces later in life-Belongs to Senior Room Debating Society-Never shrinks from the fair but opposite sex-Smiling Visage seen everywhere. H361 JOHN D. GILLIAM Entered 1945 Activities: Second Honors l, 2: Track squad 3, 43 News Board Sports Editor 43 Mubian Board Ad- vertising Manager 43 Edward Moore Society 4. . QR, 4? Q4 git ' 'Q5 I Xgzx .9 I f V ! ' - - AA.. A "xl il I' AX A -N. un, I . pf' a-C' ig . 'E zglv 02' wg ff 'xX'. ' 'f ' 1. few J A -ifi5"7ff ' pf- it ' ,'22G11,.', f E, ' lffglfzi'-1 . '.-mv ' 'mein .- ' y 4 121,-.1 K 'W if W ' xx-r X :Tw ,W "Honest john"-jealously guards his car against abuse from without and from within-crusading sports-editor with a reputation for always getting his story Qask Hopkins and Marshallj-hard working, whether soliciting advertising, decorating goal posts, or running errands for "Moml'-a passionate lover of classical music whose business alone would keep john Wade in the black-an incorrigible quipster and worshipper of Earl VV'ilson-mad chemist with an explosive person- ality - a quick thinking, hard-tackling quarterback on the Champ class team-regularly on the Taft-Matthes sucker list. Johns sincerity and willingness-to-work will carry him to the top, wherever he goes. l37l CHARLES E. GLASS Entered 1945 AcIim'Iie.s: Third, Sherman Prize Speaking Contest 3: Players 3, 49 Varsity Soccer 4, squad 2, 35 Track squad 3: Tennis squad 43 Freshman baseball l: Mabian Board 3, Art liditor 4: News Board 4: Cadmean Frolic Dance Committee 4: junior Prom Dance Committee 35 Senior Farewell Dance Committee 35 Glee Club 45 Cadmean Society 3, 4. lam.. 4'Chuckles Gliss"-a one-man grape-vine-tongue in cheek huniorist who has been disillusioned ever since he learned the truth about Santa Claus-precise and punctual, he can usually be found working diligently on last month's homework-most productive hours: eleven to two A. M. Qafter the early show at the Fairmountj-an ex-Lakewood commuter with a hidden past - a merciless cartoonist with a keen appreciation of the ridiculous and embarrassing-tends goal for the soccer team "like a man possessed"-his shiftlessness is exceeded only by his bravery foccasionally bums rides from Cannonj-Owes so much money to so many people that his friends regard him as a corporation in which they all own a few shares of stock - witty, sensitive, deeply human, Chuck will go far task Treadyj whether he pursues cartooning or medicine. or a combination of the two. f38Il JOHN M. GLENN Entered 1946 Activitiem' First Honors 2, 43 Cobb Latin Prize 2: Dormitory Pre- fects President 4: Dorm Dance Committee Chairman 45 Cum Laude Society President 43 Ed- ward Moore Society Al. UW W 5 Q9 ll . Ap i '1 If f , ,i i, ,fi X X by 6561 5 'Hz N ' M "ree an NIIIHAFQ I 1 lf 1: ww"'3"' HL r 11 Quill' xmllywl E12 1 i',! N i My Tm x i i 1 X, y'i5Ql11i9ii"34' a glam ' V li y- 25: i A 5 .iiiiili 'i 5 shalhmvi . ' nk!!-'-'f:. sa '-at H . I "H 131 4 I A l .1i. a i 2 35? QE.-'-xii: i K Barberton's red-haired dynamo - the dormitory's one-man Wallace Club-corn-fed accent plus grass-roots logic make him an anomaly among "intellectuals" QCum Laude Societyj whether he is orating from a soap-box or wearing down his opponent in a heated senior-room debate-top dog on the dormitory secret police fdorm prefectsj-"Vice" president of the delegation to H. B. - captain of the skull squad-an able-minded, able-bodied Seaman temporarily dry-docked by the U. S. Navy QUnited States Navy, that isj. i39l GEORGE GOERSS. JR. Entered 1946 Varsity Baseball Manager 4. x X , ,. X f W A f' + X th :RY - K Z Nj' '. EEA-f' r - W Q , U fd ,WV il 'l v'Qt t ll SNS Xmii ll ' ' lx, , Qewaafii QYTi??l .., , TI hk937ief4' Holds the peculiar distinction of not being recognized for anything peculiar-quiet, sedate, dependable-never hurries for anyone-drives a well-groomed Olds which can't quite make 90 - mainstay of class football who was out almost all season-ingenious at getting Held ex- cuses-causes "Merc" no end of headaches with his varied ailments- hard-working manager of the varsity baseball tea111, he has invented the perfect system for scoring a ball game-can be depended on to do a job efficiently and well-Co-member of the Goerss-Milde mass pro- duction Chemistry experiments-he always succeeds in ducking at just the right time. i40l Activities: Second Honors 2, 3 JOHN W. HANCOCK Entered 1941 Activities: Second Honors l, 2, 3, 45 Football squad 45 Tennis squad 3, 45 Freshman baseball I5 Edward Moore Society 4. Z X. J 5 X 2' fr c 1 ,, W X N If 'J 2 fn f KID-7 , R I 5 ' ' fW ,. 4 ' F X ff U A . . W 394' 5 it N -P521 - .,. , y X 'M 9 X ,:f' ' '- - lox ' ,Q n .. 'if' l f f ----f W S W 2+-::::gz.Q11t.'.g',:: 5. -, ' M' -"'f ---- ,:3:,. ,.::, pf'.f.E'4lU+ " .5 Q'l fff' iflfrfwwfjgf iyjjkgih , A 7 Q F ' ,uifsgqzgzifgfpfi'-ny!1,'f,':f:gg::g1f.-3-'Ze-15:39 ,A , - I i' " iffifiiiffiii "1-Li Iv f ".AE?.f!-TlX3:1'.3?. 5 5 ,, Wi 5 V Zl:t?f:'ifff?fz5f5g,fg-- -f 5i533::::iI'9lf53l5:, r. , ' Qifffff ' , if i5 - rfkiaiifi:f:TXf"if:i':7' is 5 55 fsfpasw'i'- if A .5-1:e::'1ffe-:-:.y.fb1" ,Qt 1, f--1.eftv-mglgiizv' , f 'F cfm e ,QM Iaaaszgsgigst-xzq-2Emi' f '.,:fz5f:c' .. -at 1 . 'i , , rl Y ,, 'P' , V 111E2""I..- - X ' - 15' ', we f"f-'- 'W fl x 5 V M. tt. n WM , Y, : W ',m5, .5 I A , WM, - Mgr, lv, Y ,,,,a.m 5 Mt., ' +45 'aff-M "fiat-fwixqf A class member from the old days-popular disciplinarian during the "roaring" junior high school years- quick with a smile but slow to anger-his word carries considerable weight on the athletic field but little in French III-"in" with Mr. Walton and frequently used as an example, "Now, take Hancock, fr'instance, there's a boy . . ."-stalwart of the Edward Moore Society and most well-grounded member C216 lbs.Q of this year's undefeated Inter-State champion football tearn- his word to World's failures, "Bet you do better in a hat!" H13 BRUCE E. HAYNAM Entered 1945 Activities' Freshman football lg Freshman basketball lg Freshman baseball 1: Varsity Football 2, squad 3, Varsity Soccer 43 Varsity Basket- ball 2, 3, 4: Varsity Baseball 2, 3, captain 4: Student Council 2, 35 Prefect Board 45 Class President 2, 33 Class Vice-President 45 Junior Prom Dance Committee 33 Senior Farewell Dance Committee 35 Cad- mean Society 3, Treasurer 49 Ed' ward Moore Society 43 Cadmean Trophy. f, ,, N M t 1 1 . 1 4 2 v , Q45 qllg gp Z? 5 3 gjgt' ' l , XQ xx ...Q A 1 Q Q, VFW' 'i K N bf ' ' Quiet but friendly-outstanding athlete who excels in everything but swimming Qhe's still trying to swim a widthj-Louie, the Log's, right hand man in the book store-shy with the women, but a potential Romeo-has yet to lose a class election-possesses wonderful tempera- ment-his opinions are respected by all-spends most of his extra help periods with Nate-high character, leadership, and likeableness make him an outstanding member of our class. i421 PETER C. HECKER Entered 1940 Activities: Varsity Swimming 3, 4: Varsity Track 3, 43 Football squad 3. itch" 'omilcig lm' HS 'Q M 615515-'f . 5 d sx 5 V A - C31 ' B M553 A, ,f'V llllll r'ir 'iff' Back at U. S. after a year at Lawrenceville - a big addition to the swimming team-vying for honors as the school fashion plate-well- known to local auto repair men-purported to have originated those most famous of Famous Last Words, "He'll chickln-he swims like a Hsh-Pierre likes North Carolina summers in the mountains, and especially a pair of twin trees therein -throws his annual Christmas Eve open-house with plenty of splash-he leaves his troubles in Eng- lish Xll to anyone who knows as many excuses as he does. i43l 2 THOMAS A. HOPKINS Entered 1946 .-If'liz1ilie.v: Second Honors 2, 3. 43 Cum Laude Society 4: Varsity Soc- cer 4: Varsity Basketball 3, 4. squad 2: Baseball squad 2, fl: Mabian Board 3, Feature Editor 4: News Board 2, 3, Associate Editor 4: Class Secretary 113 Junior Prom Dance Committee 35 Edward Moore Society 43 Cladmean Society 3, -1. J Chl 112 ' lg, QF? XXKZZZ QU Xi NI' Happy as the day is long-smiling. laughing, a ray of sunshine-quick, perceptive, witty-eloquent and garrulous-has made many a long fifth period seem longer-athlete and scholar-a man of parts: writer, runner, pool shark. house painter-a joy to the lair sex-loves 'em and leaves 'em - spark plug ol' the French Ill team - office-staff errand boy - his barber sells Tonrs red hair to Brillo manufacturers-authority on the Dueh Elm disease-ex-editor of Ladies Day Golf and Weather reports for the Clezffflzmd News-lfriendly and intelligent, one of the finest, l44l f 9 l 1 ,n 0 X if will .4 P-N , ,, Q ,, f i f r A '4 'M .' I j is , A rf 6 at X.,-ii, 3,5-I ,gf 'Ev' jf-' , 'if f Q lfil r ' .X y N 'I' X V. X7 . E X , J. THOMAS JOHNSTON Entered 1947 Arlfzfiliefx: Varsity Basketball lXlanaf ger 4: Dorm Dance Committee -1: Orclnestra 5: Clee Club .'xfCOIllIJ2lll- ist -l. V, 5 new SD If f x lf . ' ll V 1 I Q 1 ummm .... nl. , fr ,..lullvwlllldllllllllllllllllllllllllllll'llllllnl'n...,l 51929 The Lone Ranger of the Senior Floor-proud owner of a flashy Nash convertible-has been known to do over 40-ardent admirer of Benny Goodman-the Paderewski of the piano-has been accused of midnight rendezvous with Pearce Cmerely hearsay, of coursej-his winning way with the women is shown by a collection of perfumed letters-has been known to do Chemistry-his ready wit and radiant personality have immeasurably boosted the dorm morale and will always make him friends. l45l ALAN L. KERN Entered 1941 Activities: Second Honors l, 2, 3, 41 Freshman football lg Freshman basketball lg Freshman tennis 1: Football squad 3: Soccer squad 4: Varsity Tennis 2, 43 Class basket- ball champions 33 Edward Moore Society 4. Demon of the tennis court-plays a steady, forcing game-ping pong player of better than average ability. Hard working member of the Edward Moore Society with many worthwhile ideas to contribute. Has great difficulty in keeping silent for any long period of time- friendly and gregarious. - superfluous talker and back-slapper - well liked for his cheerful and amiable manner. Is bound to succeed in spite of handwriting handicap. Terror of Nate's lab. Loves to expound philosophies and is admitted lman of the world. H61 DONALD D. LACER Entered 1945 Acli11z'tz'es: Second Honors 2, 3, 4: Cum Laude Society 43 Varsity Swimming Manager 45 Dormitory Prefects 43 Mabian Board 33 News Board 3, 4: Dorm Dance Committee 4g Edward Moore Dance Committee 4, chairman 3: Players 4: Edward Moore Society 3. 4: Mathematics Society 3. RH 'X s V Q 4-Xvffa Qt A dig! Enqlw "Pledge-master" of the Eddy Moore boys - "Wilcl Bills' nemesis, R. G. W.'s match, Jeeps most ardent admirer-fully exercises both prime purposes of the senior room Qbull and buttsj-a speaker of force and conviction, he packs his phrases with irony and sarcasm- well-in- formed, astute, sometimes scholarly - in class and out helps to keep Cruicky on an even keel-top man on the dorm ping-pong ladder and a power to be reckoned with when he has a deck of cards in his hands -a note of wisdom and courage in the comic-opera of growing up. H71 il: FE Q ' s V 'Ar I F ,,l Vx .LT Si x' '- Q It -If Q77 4 7 -. N, ff S .:sQQ':Q4l. f , , ff ' f f -. 1, , .-N ' R l 5 Eff' ' l X ,iw I I X :xg x v A -' 1 ' , Il! X 1 - l lb? I 1 l l X I X ',-Ejfzg 1 1 Q l 1 1 X ,143 'I 171 X I . . VX 5 1 JOHN H. LEININGER Entered 1946 f1z'livil1'es.' Varsity Swimming 3, 4, squad 25 Varsity 'Truck 3, 4, squad 2: lfootball All-Stars 43 Second, All Around Athletic Contest 2, 3, 4. s? ii, ::lv l r 4 x 1 X L, fy yy! ff 65 .L I . X G25 2 ol A diver as graceful as any swan ever hoped to be-has been known to hit the water without a splash-good looking, fast talking personality boy ol' the senior class-standout of the all around athlete contest and supersonic' track man - smart dresser with a suave appearance that captivates in a n y a female - l a t e n t intellectual ability often clenlonstratetl. f48l ROBERT T. LOEBLEIN Entered 1944 Activities: Class football captain 41 Football All-Stars 3, 43 Varsity Swiming 3. 4. squad 25 Dormitory Prefects 4: Dorm Dance Committee 45 Edward Moore Society 4: Cad- mean Society 4. ,:.. iv 1 4 V 'lla ? 'QW i t O l if Q N X , J xl J, A ObTxp Dex X ' X 117 '19 Driving force of the Dorm-well known at H. B. Dorm for his collec- tion of Buicksg in fact well known at H. B.-Great advocate of the "Crinkle-Fender" game-has been known to lose Qthe fender, that isj -party hot-shot-one of "Cart's" boys and Jeeps Ubedduh students" -has never been stuck on a chemistry problem-solnetinies rebels against fate fin form of Lacer and Glennj. D191 at 'M yi M 4 - FRANK R. MacELVAIN Entered 1937 Activities: Second Honors 23 Soccer All-Stars 25 Players 3, 43 Glee Club 3. 4: Choir 4. ' i we f it N-' 21 VJ' fa- -1 1' fm CQ -H' ' k .,,. L 12, an Gia? gg if 1 3 4: . xg? 2 'fl gb, Eg ti! ! E M 'Wig Booming baritone of the Glee Club -remembered for his excellent portrayal of "Abbie" in Arsenic and Old Lace. Charter member of the original class of '49-one of the few boys known to have endured twelve years at U. S.-regular commuter from Macedonia and one of our class's few Ufarm boys"-has an affinity for H. B. and certain of its lassies. Co-chairman of the MacElvain-Paxton society. His intellec' tual curiosity and ability to get his work done on time should be a great advantage in college. E501 JOHN W. MARSHALL Entered 1936 flrlivities: Second Honors 1: Fresh- man wrestling l: Freshman baseball I: Varsity Soccer 2. 3, captain, 4: Wrestlixlg squad 2, 3: Baseball squad 2: Varsity Tennis 4, squad 3: News Board 4: junior Prom Dance Committee 3: Senior Fa r e w ell Dance Committee 5: Cadmean Frolic Dance Committee 4: Glee Club 3, 4: Players 4: Cadmean Soci- ty 3, 4-. Q it i Cl lVitty l'Venty, an unassuming lad whose appealing modesty and dig- nified reserve have won him to the bosoins of countless soccer fans and several WJMO listeners-Mr. Gin-Rummy-a whirlwind at the poker table--author of Wlzrzt to do in a Sand Trap or Who Buried Hogmzfs' C0ll'llF'I'l'N116? - took Baldy to the races which subsequently took him to the cleaners-a traditional sailor who can barely swim- famed for his definition of an "essay" fsee jokesj-"El Coachou - a robust second tenor whose incredible outbursts have been an inspira- tion to the Glee Club and a source of wonder to Mr. Hruby-a student of human nature-class custodian of the "Cadinean spirit" and author- ity on the "Cadmean type"-perhaps the most fabulous of us all, a character in a class of characters, Jack is a friend whom we'll never forget. E511 PETER C. MATTHES Entered 1943 Ar'tivilie.s.' Freshman football l: Freshman wrestling l: lfresluuan baseball l: Football squad 3: VVrestling squad 2: Basketball squad 3: Baseball squad 23 Football All- Stars 2: Basketball All-Stars 4: Base- ball All-Stars 3, 4: Cadmean Society 4. an K 'fryl 3 .148 JA .l I' 'licd it Yfccyyv' nf Q . V l flumnvg Co-author of the "Pot o' Gold" - a fast talker with a wry sense of liutnor-garlic eating pledge-expert of both the pool room and the poker table-:lead shot of the class basketball league-driver of newest and most streamlined car around school. Figures Ollt the best angle to everything. Chic dresser for all occasions-sinooth dancer, right from Arthur Murray's course. Will make friends easily at Lehigh, his college choife. i521 PAUL A. MILDE Entered 1945 Activities: First Honors l, 2, 3, 42 Cum Laude 3, 43 White Spanish Prize 3: Varsity Wrestling Manager 43 Football All-Stars 2, 3, 4: News Board 3, Managing Editor 43 Or- chestra 2, 3, President 43 Players 4: Glee Club 4: Mathematics Society 2 3 la 4' ' c- i , fl Q- t , K , , ill 0 6' f mmu'7Eiw ,Q QE Kwwwwwr 47"M H, f'I,11,,'i'rIrIL 1 K r, ,f,4'4',',,g fs f fiI'lf'i: ,,"""flIl 5 Q -1 1 I H. 'H' ,' I 'H' 'H 'nf-ll A, WMU," -'..I','..:'3. X f hy, v,I'f,",' .,l,: ,,, 1, ll, :NI-.'.,.: at N , - ,.f '.: -1. t 'if' n f 1fVlu,,f:.,:v"',g V , .1 .I .l"4",J.',. , y 1 .y , I fl,,',l?' f.' ' A, f 'lm -- lu' 1 " N 4 I v x - 3 Nr x Q K - x i 1 - 5 :A N . N P! C-is jovial concertmaster of the orchestra-hard charging football player -industrious managing editor of the News-fervid editorial writer- one of the few who know chemistry - a born mathematician and Statistician-Bobby's right hand man-a potential "Hahvad" man-the only Eagle Scout in U. S.-one of Carter's Hestudiantes magnificosu- sincere and dependable-the "stride" of University School-one of the few seniors who really study-Known for perpetual crew cut-blond giant-reticent in front of the uninhibited girls from H. B. and Laurel -one of the original Math Club boys-surprising wit-has an undying ambition to stall once on the Rapid tracks in front of an oncoming Rapid-permanent resident at Courtland Station. i531 JOHN W. MILLS Entered 1943 Ar'Ii11ilim'.' Second Honors l, 2, 3, 4: Cum Laude Society 4: Varsity Soccer 43 Varsity Wrestling 3, 4, squad 2: Tennis squad 3, 43 junior Prefects l: Student Council 23 Pre' fect Board 4: Class Vice-President lg Mabian Board 3, Literary Editor AI: Enthusiasm Committee 25 Junior Prom Dance Committee 35 Glee Club 4: Cadmean Society 3. Al: lfdward Moore Society 3, Treas- urer 4. LT 50 JUNIO HI ' E 0 I i X 'ml s Q sg: f' gl Clif?-Ti-J! ll, A ixxil 5 '2'1.'i.f' AM F ' 4 f , 1? - gi qw 131. 149' Prototype of the "All-American boy" - vigilant nemesis of milk and cracker poachers - as versatile as his smile is irresistible - a social triumph in all fields-he admits that the tense, electric atmosphere of the poker table is his true domain- Mills' scientific method reigns supreme fluck plays no part in his gambling successesj-his grace and charm on the dance Hoor are exceeded only by his mortal terror of "getting stuckf'-famous commentary on his driving: "I'd rather be chicken than hamburger"-his high ideals and memorable eccentrici- ties make him a true embodiment of the class of '49-a music lover and wrestler with a fierce passion for justice and uncompromising honestyg respected by all for his high honor and integrity. l54l CARLETON H. MURRAY Entered 1947 Af'liz1ilie.v.' Varsity Football 3, 45 Wrestling squad 4: Varsity Base- ball 4, squad 3: Junior Prom Dance Committee 3g Cadmean Society 3, 4. X SJ , fa, I I! X to X, f . Vryi y Va A .,.1,, impgiaalgfi'-'-if-ii' ip a TIF ,ugly ll 71 4 fi!-f,r ew Definitely the jinnny Cagney type--has conquered inferiority com- plex gained while driving his Crosley-charter member of the Pearce, Reid Inc. syndicate-made niinceincat of his opponents on gridiron -Cadmean pledges bane- never known to break training fat least obviouslyj -one of Bobby's grunt and groan grapplers-looks like Captain Midnight when wearing wrestling helmet - outstanding pitcher with plenty on the ball-likes Shaker woman fsingularj-has compiled an enviable record in athletics in only two short years at U.S. l55l GILBERT J. NOCK. JR. Entered 1943 Activities: Freshman track lg Soccer All-Stars 33 Football All-Stars 45 Mfrestling squad 2, 3, 45 junior Glee Club I. lfs X. , I X ,. 6 . 5 0 X X 0 ' s, 1 I Xgyzy by M QR An all-star center in the class football league and a varsity wrestling squadman for three years-Has mutual friendship with Jake-fiendish driver of a '48 Dodge-ready to play crinkle-fender on a moment's notice. Ambition is to drive on Indianapolis speedway. Has enor- mous capacity for food-this was shown when he gained twenty pounds over one weekend. Admits he can't win on Bauman's slot machine. Known by Denny as "Gila," by the boys as f'Gil-babe." Headed for Denison. After three years of Spanish he bids a fond au revoir to "El Supremo" fCarterj. l56l n ah, in il gifts . self ROBERT D. PAXTON Entered 1947 Arlizfitiem Soccer All-Stars 3: Players 3. 4: Glee Club -1. A comparative newcomer to U. S. but long time friend of many old boys-quiet with an easy smile-hard-working silent partner in the Player's organization-one Gates Mills commuter who always makes it to Chapel-Demonstrated large knowledge of current events with one of the highest scores on the Time Test-staunch friend of Mac- Elvain-hard-working and cooperative in any undertaking-with the asset of persevering until a job is clone - a resonant baritone who should do well in the future. lf57fl THOMAS M. PEARCE Entered 1945 f1l'fi7l1'liI'.Y.' Second Honors l, 23 First. All Around Athletic Contest l, 3, 4g Freshman football lg Fresh- man basketball lg Freshman track lg Varsity Football 2, 3, 43 Varsity Basketball 2. 3, captain 43 Varsity Track 2. 3, 43 Dorm Dance Com- mittee 43 Cadmean Society 4. -f me fit y 'AX ' A BATH Il- .. ,., as -,I Q.,-." ' 1' '75 X all ,mastiff-ai1'lf'.1i,12f:.,. ,. ' Qfiix f. f' , pi-.-',.Q-"" 1' 'emi f- ' l:.Lg:-:Iii-:gt-lg' 5- g K ,W 'gFlj:eIj"X' J'fQ,,jiI 4 -jig. fr g SFT' ig -W t ff.. , is 4V ' ' T I lr 197 i K -A-' N-Zi, ,,ly,sns2 ' , ' i V . 5 , or V All V I , 1- i ' 4 aan . 3 The dormite with a smile-the Casanova whose effect on the H. B. Dorm can never be overlooked-has dorm room covered with photo- graphic proof of conquests-has earned so many letters that he rents them out-sterling leader of the basketball troop-other half of the Pearce-Reid combo. Flashing smile shows results of tons of Pepso- dent. Never has opportunity to break training because one season leads to another. Another one of the merry oflice boys who clutter up the administrations headquarters. Future plans are uncertain but he hopes to follow the boys and attend that institution at New Haven. f58l SCOTT 0. PETREQUIN Entered 1942 Acli1fifies.' lfrcshman wrestling cap- tain lg Frcslnnzin baseball lg Soccer squad 43 Varsity Mfrestling 2, 3, 4: Mzibian Board 3, 43 News Board 3, Business Manager 4: Glee Club 2, 3. 4: Players 2. -4: Cadmean Society 3, 4. Avi , ix? ' Q A ' . I I ' i f V 1 LL A-:fist N' xr Wi 'V Qs. u ish- -1 g 'ie' - t veal?-Legg! Smiling but a serious and wonderful friend-financier and business manager of the Senior Class-of such a humane spirit that he has taken it upon himself to befriend and shelter several poor-homesick-hope less-lost Lakewoodites-while frequenting the H. B. dorm with Mem- phis and DeVenne he holds high his pledge, "Let's Be Loyal to Laurel"-one of Bobbie's boys as a freshman at 96 and still pinning -the universal friend Without an enemy, even in the wilds west of the Cuyahoga, and especially on Landon Road. f 59 QI JAMES P. PHILLIPS Entered 1947 Ar'l1'viliz'.v: Football All-Stars 3, 43 Varsity Tennis Manager 43 Dorm llailce Committee 4: Orchestra 4: Players 3. 4. 'lil f X . 'F ' gms? 47' s A .5 1414 2R"'X'- fs- S? 1 -a are N19 N U 'lNIfUM Mtjvjvp wg,-' Founnm wesro 0' Q, g., couars '-19 AD 1 ' tr 4' 9 91 SV- ' uf ' IA. I 51139 .'Qm ' , Q - . ' Ai I ref- ,ejv 5, fam-"ref V P KA ii: I Xp ff 512:59 t- ff- ' ' " , ' -X . 1 'H' 5-4' , f f -1- Q i lv ill 1' swf 'Q i .Q , 1 1- -.Inj , AAA, Alf! f ur 'V k a ' 9 s iv., i YU' vn5o'Q'9' - . wff ?W6?f i P 5 QNML, Another of the Senior lloor "Deals"-Mr. McCreight's right hand man in the Players-Natural linguist, especially in Spanish-the "Good time Charlie" among his Senior floor pals. Terror of the class gridiron and spark plug of his team-has a definite preference for Sharon women fmainly Ruthj-very popular in spite of his idiotic laugh. His nonchalant, gay attitude has caused him to be one of the best liked boys ol' the Dorm and will continue to win him steadfast friends. i601 CHARLES E. POPE. ll Entered 1942 Activilie.x'.' First Honors l, 2, 3, 4g Cum Laude Society 3. 43 Soccer squad 3: Tennis squad 2, 3, 4: News Board 2, 3. liditor-in-chiel 4: Ma- bian Board 4: Mzitliematics Society 35 Prefect Board 43 Student Council 3: Players 2. Business Mamigcr 4: Glee Club 2. 4: Octctte 4: Edward Moore Society 3, Secretary 4: Cadrnean Society 4. l fi I 1,8 J" If I X, V X Xf 1 f ll .ff I A 4,-2 2 :ll I Il .ul-M I llllll. agen!! nigyi I . . mlllx e f'-::"l i 11 I lv5E:,' 51? vii i? s 'au :ffl 'W , 'S ' ' All!- Qg 'Q' 4ij-f:5QggjS,.' r' 11-iif'f-l-55-5555, 'fE:1:F:'sfirm" B vgialil Lfigaii LE' Z N , 'Fifi Dynamic Editor-in-Chief of the News-accordionist par excellence- hardy outdoor enthusiast - talented singer and story teller - demon soccer goalie-a hide-bound Dewey man-a lover of Cayuga's waters- possesses an insane desire to make gunpowder-a cultured southern gentleman. VVl1en the occasion arises-indefatigable tennis player- fiend incarnate on Saturday nights-superlative punster-mad about sailboats-and Mentor-always willing to go downtown for Hi-Y- prefers to drive on double dates-U. S.'s Ernest Hemingway-staunch defender of Laurel-uncanny mind-reader-a born secretary-willing to smell any and all gases produced in Lab-the "leer." Hill JAMES T. PRENDERGAST Entered 1943 Actz'vities.' Second Honors l, 2, 3, 4: Freshman swimming l: Freshman track 1: Varsity Soccer 3, 43 Varsity Swimming 2, 3, co-captain 4: Varsity Track 3, 4: Osborne Moore Swimming Trophy 4: News Board 2, 4: .lunior Prom Dance Committee 3: Senior Farewell Dance Committee 3: Players 2, 3, Vice-President 4: Cadmean Society 4. First, Current Events Contest 4. II 'iiigvl' : QV wi ffffiut Q! I X I tr if 5 lf. An Irishman -and running a close second, a showman - an impas- sioned athlete, and important part of each "SSO" victory is the Lon Chaney grilnace at the finish line-outstanding swimmer and co- captain-he hasn't copyrighted that Prendergast humor but there's no chance of plagiarism-he tells his story with gestures and facial expres- sions, with a few words thrown in if the meaning isn't quite clear- he's torn between footlights and a soap box-a "spirited lad"-and indomitable? You betcha! Should stand out even at Yale. i621 ROBERT A. REID Entered 1945 i'i!.'fl7'fliK.YI Freshman basketball l: Freshman track l: Football squad 3, 4: Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 43 Varsity Track 3, 4. squad 2: Fool- ball .Xll-Stars 2. A ff 1 1 X V i I 5,2 'Q A, 7.55" J w,'z3fgQ7ia.,.f.j,., , 7' 1.- igm' X X A . V ' ' f-:ff ff 'f 1 ' Wifa 534547 ' ': 4229533555 - ., , l X f lsiq.. Wt yggziilgig, A Q? fi ,,VQ A XE ,,-- vs 1 Q 4. RRA 1' ' t' e i awe waea megan :'-- t awfhaswl N lim. f R-- g : . W 'r5?fiWrL?i, 1 WMHMWMWWF Wai aaaaaz. ' E af taw.43sw5V ,RAV N gfga wygr 'lg in if X f .VRA 12' A' X 1 X ,552 .,,A' 05,15 P - A". f KY i y ' 58 W f- "'m"' , . ' J 'n,fiW3a!M5Kfs? ff ' . l filiifsn gf vi e ws ' if XV . 2 ' R M5 y y ,. ' ,'?f'.'e4afiEw'1'A my f xeguifg ' .+':Q?'Ifff f ' ' f1e2fifw "'tf,5f13seff' .. fit '5rffiff":?':?liw?i - f wily Mr. Stratosphere of the Senior Class - one-half of the unholy duo, Pearce and Reid, Inc.-only man in school that can see over the library partition while seated at a study hall desk-constant association with dorm boys has warped his personality-employs long legs to advan- tage doing high jump and hurdles-the chosen leader of the "Thin- t'lads"-pass catching ability idolized by Mr. Vince, among others -has tough time getting into Bernet's Crosley-undecided future but hopes to journey to Denison to receive smatterings of higher learning. i63l ALBERT H. RUDOLPH, III Entered 1945 Activities: Class football champions 23 Football All-Stars 43 Class base- ball champions 23 Dorm Dance Committee 4. 114, L .djs x V 80 KY: FIAQUX y 4544 H i X uktl. ic?'T ' IIPVAILII 2 - if V 4 W f .. A IP TIWNQS ' we X- pl , fx .3 Q In hh L N 2. if 5 li 7 - ' '-'19 Our home-grown Damon Runyon-one of the acknowledged experts on firearms-a hardy dorm stalwart-prefers Laurel, when there aren't any H. B. girls-known for that green sport coat-possesses an enviable repertoire of spicy anecdotes-a ray of sunshine in the always murky senior locker room - the mechanical pencil expert-a regular inhabitant of the "Old Well" - one of those who flee the city for Florida during Christmas vacation - the boy who does his college algebra homework-usually-possesses the unique record of always com- ing into chapel at exactly 8:44y1 A. M. i641 Uv' RAINER K. A. SACHS Entered 19-I7 .lffI?'l,lIf.X.' I'll'Sl Honors -. I. Lum Laude Society -1: Cobb Latin Prize 2: lXl:uliem:utics Society 2. ' 1 V . f X l 4 S Z i ll Gqlw "Heinie"-king ol' the chess board-his tournament sojourns provide the most bizarre excuse for skipping school ever to reach Mr. Keenan's ears-has forgotten more in his sixteen years than most of us will learn in lifty-poser of penetrating questions which cause even the glib Mr. Sumner to pause and rellecl - an enthusiastic partisan of Ibsen and Shaw who delights in debunking "sentin1entality" and worships at the altar of nLllLl'21-l'C2lliSIHU-l1lS brain is a combination slide-rule and bear-trap--the precocious "grand old man" of the senior rooni who. sprawling voluptuously on the senior room couch, fires paralyzing verbal volleys at his tottering argumentative adversaries- his searing comments on life and its personalities epitomize the pierc- ing. realistic qualities of his superlative mind. fbi? , . ROBERT L. SCHEIG Entered 1946 Activities: First Honors 2, 3, 4, First, Current Events Contest 3: Varsity Soccer Manager 43 Gym Team Manager 45 Dormitory Pre- fects 43 Glee Club 2, 3, President 45 Glee Club Soloist 4: Octette 3, 43 Orchestra 2, 3, 43 Mathematics Society 33 Cum Laude Society 3, 4. f4?X- i J il . 4 5 f MN ft? . - C4 2 f t N ' . N - .. A . , , I A - , 1 'f 1, ' fy ff I ARL' ,.4er:'5r,, y I X 'Sv'-fwv, ' Stnvsb mw -- ' '?fN-svf'N"'3'!AMaf if W 'f9"-A-I-fitwvvf . f Q - 9'-A kvrx-x,t,,, .sIfz'4a':'k'2 u ' " " ' ,..- ,.. ..'2zsYaw'az':g5v.a' A 37. -qqaqoooan 4'-.R .,,..-T444 ,-xg-w-M 'V A ,rrp s"ru X 9. iff . ce. A-new .1 LQ ..,. , ,- thief? lik-ay Virtuoso of the Glee Club-his voice is known as the Wa1'reii Wail- loves to sing any place, any where, any time, any song-recognized by his thick head of hair and his portly walk-known to his friends as "Butch"-refuses to acknowledge that Cleveland has more to offer than Warren-possessor of a morbid sense of humor-can talk intelli- gently on almost any subject-busy manager of the Interstate Champ soccer team-self-alleged brain, he loves hard work-since taking chemistry, has had to work for a living and a grade-one of the daring few, he plans to attend Harvard-wants to be a psychologist if only for self-analysis. i661 3 RICHARD F. SCHWAB Entered 1945 fl:-11'11ili1',x'.' Second Honors 2: Varsity Football Manager 4: Glee Club 2, 4. ,,,, V- E-:'f1f'igig.. 4 ,, ' .gig-S w -. .x vfw f W7 5,' 3 3 lg f u-Mu ,- , 4, 3 ' 1 , 1" i' ' iii- iv If , x, f, , , X , ' X A A E - ., X I Viv. UU ' '- nut kr ,.,, ll , l ' 5112: A l A-uf..-:tt i :-.511-sk, l g'Mu!'W1:-tl , , 43,-111,11-.9,-:-,'-1, +.ffz,i.9--,1:-.5 ", f " ?nvr:::'f2"' 1 iw.-V .. - 525 , -....:.f.... U. gzigtggfgm ,ye it-..5'. , Hylxx '2-ffLf?J'i,"' 4. 'flii-35' " 'FSU' 2 .','TL247" it AQ:-f' S' X ' . ,.,fp2':g--111.2 r A vss.-ir51' :,.,mNL 1.5 3:qi4,,,.- - aw, 12- 2: .ar--: ..-,:'.- ,I inks? M273- :-xpxv J- -4: 124214 :1 195. 224 :,.,-QJZYY av" 5--.. --. p .Q ,L..,,L xg 111424-, V ,E -54' 4 .f.,g.x,1v:. 49 . F X 41 P ' Q, I.. -1 J r SW 1 4- Q4 " lgtbf I E? wi! ' aw "Red Man" Schwab, our nicotine connoisseur - the unquestioned expert on foreign cigarettes-one of the Senior Roonfs prize specimens -debonair football manager-bristles with every conceivable kind of knife-"nie and nie thoity eight"-inad man at the wheel of his Ford coupe - -Ieep's perpetual enigma - rollicking and sanguinary story teller and speaker-the Glee Club's only contra-bass-the man with the loud yellow ties and purple shirts-formerly Dillinger's technical adviser-expert mechanic. i571 R. KENYON SHARER. JR. Enlered 1943 xlr'ti1fiIie.s'.' Class football champions I, 4: Soccer All-Stars 35 Mabian Board 2. 3, 45 Players 2, 3: Junior Prom Dance Committee x f- '-x NJ X QQ 'W' X ' -1 'QZA' ff " "' X gi lx ij 11 i ' +ve KX. 'QQ K X I b I elqllu, Famed for driving a hearse to school. Speed demon of the roadways- backbone of Mr. Keenan's French lll. Has school spirit and supports the teams. One ol? the few boys who drove to Cranbrook last fall to cheer U. S. on to victory. School photographer at many events. Pos- sesses remarkable ability of getting seconds at milk and crackers. Rivals Prenclergast for having the largest capacity for food in the school. Should do well in any undertaking. H531 EDWARD W. SLOAN. Ill Entered 19-I5 ,-1rl1'1fz'Iic'.v: First Honors 2: Second Honors l. 3, -lg McCurdy Art Medal I: Tennis squad 2, 3, 43 Class soc" ter champions captain 3g Class soccer captain 4: News Board 3. Literary Editor 4: Glee Club 2, 3. -lg Ottette 4: Choir 2, 3, 4: Or- chestra 1, 2, 3, Vice-President 4: Mathematifs Society 3: Edward Moore S o C i e t y 43 C u ln I.audt' Society 3, 4. NR AW 'l'itian-haired Mephistopheles-sadistic literary editor ol' the U. 5. Blah-notorious for his vacation-abolishing 1N2ICllC?lllSIll-lJl0YVS a sultry sax and can dual Mr. Hrttby with Gershwin preludes on the piano- wears perplexed air at dances fwhieh way did she go?j-trade mark is ubiquitous blue MCl'lTLll'y'-ll2lS fanatical aversion to Canada-his maps are used more than the :Xtlas of iXlllC1'lC2lI1 History for Phil's projects -possesses satanic leer fillllPl'OPC1' thottghtsPj E693 KINGSLEY A. TAFT, JR. Entered 1946 f1f'li1fiIir'.s'.' Varsity Football 5, l: Varsity XN'restling 4, squad 2. 31 'Track squad 3, 4: Football All- Stars 2: Baseball iXll-Stars 2: Caclf mean SUCICWY il. tw i.. Noted lor adaptability-Does HOL suffer from alibi-itus-A wolf in sheep's clothing-A smooth operator with the women and the heart lhrob of many a lass-Likes Mid Waltcili and math courses-An expert on college football scores-Both a scholar and an athlete-Possessor ol contagious laugh - Well likecl by everyone - Knows whether to be serious or carefree at the right times. Bound to do well in politics or as a bookie. l70l DONALD A. TEARE Entered 1945 Ar'lizfiIie.s.' Second Honors l, 2, 3: Freshman wrestling lg Varsity Soc- cer 45 Varsity Wrestling 3, cap- tain 4, squad 23 Mabian Board 3, 45 junior Prom Dance Committee 33 Senior Farewell Dance Committee 33 Cadmean Society 3, Secretary 4: Edward Moore Society 3, 4: Henry Matthes X'Vrestling Award 4. - - f-'- 1qMiJi1,5, 1 JJ ' A.-, W Hy. , A, Q I r' 1, Qi: , 1' If JJ. I X If U. 'I fx 1 I f -. 271 ' ff ,f ,.'. i-if-' .'f"i H., '11 f ff ,, if If fy, :J .,'..1'ih ff f 0,,-igaai .0 1 X i yt ,-.Q--.s,.,-ma.. K l X 1 my ' Lizwfni-:a:a5':f.:i. 11:11. .. -..- ..-.. . 1 A if-2 ,,'fi'1:':Qjgfgfg:.iZ5LQ J , t-.iifiiffi X ff iiffiflif- 6 :grsf'3g,, 2-mam " " cu' .ZW-fJf2ff,f' A gf ' 5:5 2' X a- ,Qfy x V. 'f X ' 'WL Suave, debonair-Leading light of wrestling team-only one known to do exercises faithfully during Christmas vacation - has aversion to gendarmes after fateful night on Lake Shore Blvd.-Never known to miss a dance 'any time, anywhere-One of the more ruthless Cadmean members - Cog of this year's exalted soccer team - equipped with bewitching smile which is used indiscriminately-has never been more than a month behind in his math homework-is a charter member of the "boob club"-another of our classes, many Yalies. i713 DAVID W. TRUE Entered 1942 .'1l,'1lllll1fl'.Yf Freshman swimming l: Soccer squad 43 Varsity Swim- ming 2, 3, co-captain 4: Varsity Track 3. 4g Glee Club 2. 3, 4. l KXCUT Hard splashing co-captain of the swimming team-Mr. America of the class of '49-the boy who won the Reserve meet as anchor man on the 200 yard relay team-a discus man who might have broken the school record had it not been for the i'friendly" advice ol? Jake-one of the many in the senior class who keep training from force of habit - a 'Williams man who will have no trouble making good. i723 MARSHALL H. ULF Entered 1943 .11li1f1'Iir'.s'.' Second Honors l, 2: Class soccer CllZlllllJl0llS 3. Alg Glen' Club 2. fl: Choir 2. 3. l: Players msmws 45 t y TUMULF X- fifix uoratooorn X ..r-gt'-' XQQ L V R 5"'AB2'EZ f Jem 9' S Plaovocmvf 1? X 3Z30.!k0lB,S56'3EZZ!L . ARRINGQN , THELUSTYSEOUELTOAMWQ1 l H .0 we , , 3 Q Q , m E 3,350 if I .LX sparkling smile. wavy hair, and big blue eyes are his trademarks -attracts many friends with his pleasant and engaging personality -possessor of a witty sense of huinor-always enjoys a good laugh-a conscientious and industrious worker - always near the top at the monthys end-bold and dashing on the stage-daring as the romantic lead in "'l'he Bad1nan"-likes to cruise around, do the town-attends the big affairs-a practicing parlour athlete who has a winning way with the women. i731 RICHARD M. WAHL Entered 1945 flr'Iiifilie.v.' First Honors 21 Second Honors l. 4: First, Sherman Prize Speaking Contest 3: Mabian Board Business Manager 4: Glee Club 2. 4: Octette 41 Choir 4: Ed- ward Moore Society 43 Cum Laude Society 3, 4. s f i ,f pl ll J A , 0 X, V . 'ul' yl X v J ' hz' .7 p ll if 0 y' 1 l w -J if Hb: A speaker of great force and eloquence. History student with amazing background and knowledge. QOnly boy known to have corrected Mr. Sumner and been rightj Hard working and eflicient member of the IVIabia11 board. Without him this book might never have been printed. Qheaven forbidlj Received praise even from Jasha for his organization and work on the Senior pictures. Outstanding veteran of the Octet. Is sure to be a future organizer and leader of many worthwhile endeavors. l' 741 DONALD A. WEITZ Entered 1941 .'Ir'livi1ies.' Second Honors l, 2: Football squad 2, 3: Varsity Soccer 4: Rolin so n Soccer Award 4: Wrestling squad 3: Varsity Track 3. 4: squad 2: lfreslunan football lg Freshman track 1: News Board 3, Circulation Manager 4: Glee Club 2, 3. 4: Cadmeau Society 4. X 2. I X ".5:5l- I W ' . ' f2efQ,,Q!lLa53?X tix!! f . -1-1 y ,r f Y V'-,v ' ' .-V Restart? i ,ra 5,:4g 2y.'5.- b fffflzsv igi " f 0 412i - -Y 41,50 -9... , wpm. f , --- i,.,,. 'J 55.25 .VJ V Nik.: 'J ' I ,.4,, 'ld fafiu' ' ,5, ,. .Q u'.lx: 35l 1 ei ' " iv' 2 " , W . " ' 'ff' nl", Jw fy A ' J X fqgjvlxxl' va-1.1 -Sf' PW ,, . 4 4 .7 ..... ,.. VH.. f' 2 :' . 4 "Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewilderedn-to become soccer's M.V.P. he unassumingly mastered in a season a game he hadn't played since the seventh grade-as versatile cinderman, he sprints, vaults, jumps, and sweats with equal zeal-a furious drummer who won a Hollywood contest six years ago and declined a movie offer to continue his edu- cation-an erudite history student and a linguist of considerable pro- Hciency-Don, the terror of the pin-boys, is an amazing bowler whose sizzling curves are reputed to melt the pins before they hit them-a loyal and sincere friend whose perseverance and rare abilities are sure warrants for success in any field. f75l ,i DAVID L. WILSON Entered 1946 Activities: Second Honors 25 Class football champions 2, 45 Basketball squad 2, 33 Varsity Track Manager 43 Dorm Dance Committee 4: Glee Club 43 Orchestra 4. s H W P5122 f-,. f , ' 'Q a s gf . ,L ,lv.,,r::il5-L-JM' ,. . all Q Q ' f r f f f i BQ 1 ,vein I. i Nlifnw lwdl y lix ,fl ' iilil i t V' 1 RH y 'ls gi ticttxifaitt X f One of Nates "better" students-unanimously elected "Dorm Nature Boy of 1949" - well known for his fine musical taste which is illus- trated by his extraordinary collection of records. Mr. McCreight's other headache of the senior floor. Easily recognized by his cocky swagger - key chain twirler extraordinary - his blast? attitude has earned him the nickname of "Docile Dave"-expert handling of cider iugs is the subject of much amazement among his pals. i76l x f ' 4" af. ' lg . . 9 'Z 4 f -E 'C '. ...LJ':'x, L a1..I.f f - .- .,. ,J 5. '.--iq...-. Q 3 Q"-'? ,tg-+3.15 '.q " aff v -f'f'-3'2"-31 '-aff .' :'lf'?'2"'.V 9.54 ff. T1 M- Qpgggg 'vg.?ulg Ft jf ,f+:3Jww I . 4 n ff 1 v N , 5 , ilfi' ' ii' 5 '- -vu ., '- ' ' 'Q'-. ki: ' Z f 5:5 f 1 V-Iwi-5 ss'-s - 4 mf 2 ' ff X 5 t I , V , Fi ,f , '-.57 QV Al I JAMES F. WYCHGEL Entered 1945 ,4rIizfili1'.s: Second Honors l. 2: Freshman soccer champions captain I: Freshman track I: Soccer squad 2. -1: Track squad 2. Al: Players . , . 4 . 5. I: Glen- Lluh 1. 5. 4. ... .ii 4 40" 4. Y 1 if x -Q. :Pug I 3641.5 x R N, Wifftiir new - . SY" M M' Zi Il V' I fjspq ' v5 ,alll saiawLL.gff ME ' 3,41 in 1 L N Q 5 Vw msgs A -. Wigs ggi f 3 A, ' - "wW4l'Tlfg'Wf L" Q11 j'ig,,,3,,Q Y llff"'1l W, f as as ef Av 1 7 g Q f L- 2 f 1, , V i '-,.-:::'Z"I7 ,... t wif-wg ' A W A bright-eyed chipper young lad with a lot of pep-well liked by all who know him-an intelligent look with a level head to match-an excellent sense of humor-can laugh at a joke whether it's on himself or someone else-often called upon to chauffeur for his Hock of wild cronies-an outspoken exponent of high moral standards-a fleet-footed hard kicking veteran of the soccer team-the only accomplished eques- trian in the Senior Class-never ill at ease when the fairer sex is men- tioned-a back-seat Romeo ol' fervid passion. l77l SlENI0lR CLASS PROPHESY N ALUMNI Bulletin published in nineteen fifty-nine recorded the following facts: The Nineteen Forty-nine Mabmn., luckily banned in Boston, led the national bestseller list for four yearsg booksellers were unde- cided as to whether it is non-fiction or fiction, but popularity and critical acclaim place our Mabifm in a class with such masterpieces as The Decameron, Forever Amber, and The Kinsey Report. Editor Dave Cowan, reaping a tidy fortune from royalties, deferred his col- lege education in order to wrangle with the Watch and Ward Society who threatened to halt the book's sales by lifting their ban. After pocketing his second million, Dave pursued higher learning at Princeton: there tragedy awaited him. One dark Winter night a demented roommate smothered Dave to death with a pillow after losing his family's fortune to Dave in a poker gameg as they con- ducted the madman to the electric chair, he was overheard muttering something about "night baseball" and "doubling the pot on threes". We all join Dave's heirs in sympathy. Another Princetonian, Jack Mills, has found his recipe for hap- piness-forty acres and a mule. Cultivating a profitable soy-bean farm in Alabama, Jack says, A'The Vocational Guidance Bureau told me to try farming, and they were right: shucks, my mule can do everything a wife can do and she's not nearly so expensive." We all respect Jack as one of the few persons we know who have gone back to the land while still perpendicular. No doubt you've wondered what happened to Kip Dangler. After graduating from Yale, he joined Borroh Minnievitch's Har- monica Rascals for a year, tiring of this, he bought a maroon sport- coat and a pair of second-hand white shoes, and was appointed Headmaster of University School. Here he has instituted several long-needed reforms: the few non-Yale graduates on the faculty have been eliminated and Eli-men substituted, and the tune of "Hail Uni- versity" has been changed to "Boola Boola". Students desiring a recommendation to Harvard or Princeton are required to present certificates signed by their physicians certifying them of sound mind and body. Kip has effectively transformed the old school into a pro- gressive seat of liberal education. Doctor jerry Conway is practicing near Jack Mills' farm. "Mills' new colt is a frisky little fellow," writes Jerry. J. T. Prendergast, the people's friend, is a Congressman. At the moment he is trying to push the Prendergast Reform Bill through the legislature: if it is enacted, Irish-Americans and their descendants will receive double pensions and will be exempted from paying income taxes: a rider on this bill is a clause making it a capital offense to mispronounce Prendergast as Pendergast: another rider will establish a tax to pay for a Congressional swimming pool to be called the Prendergast Natatorium. We are happy to see young men with the peoples interests at heart entering politics. f78l Shoeless Curt Bennett, the Kentucky Troubador, is needle-grinder on the Ozark Hour. A needle-grinder, as you know, is an apprentice disk-jockey, most of his time is spent in flicking the fuzz off phonograph needles and grinding them sharp when they become dulled. Who knows, if Curt perseveres he may someday be regarded as the Howie Lund of the Hills? Lawyer Lacer has formed a partnership with Jim Foltz, Jim's legal successes have derived largely from his ability to impress juries with his personal innocence and sincerity, and, appealing strongly to their motherly instincts, he has enjoyed especial success with female jurors. Several stuffy judges have unsuccessfully tried to have him disbarred for playing the piano in court during the testimony of the opposition and for seating feminine witnesses on his lap. Another pillar of the legal profession is the Right Honorable Thomas A. Hopkins, who is serving as a justice of the Supreme Court. Noted for his ability to boil down a mass of verbiage into a few concise, coldly logical sentences, Tom will long be remembered for his decision in that historic case. Brumrnage vs. Gray. Bruin- mage's case, eloquently plead by jim Foltz, brought tears to the eyes of the other justices, but Il0t to Tom's, which were tightly shut, from time to time emitting snorts of approval bearing a peculiar resemblance to wood being sawed, Tom ultimately awarded the case to Gray after delivering a six-hour decision of which the lzrevity was exceeded only by its logic. Correction of misprint in last Bulletin: "Charles D. Barkwill is on the rocks in Colorado" should read "Charles D. Barkwill is in the Rockies in Colorado" where he is studying geology. We hope Charley and his friends will accept our humble apology. Chuck Glass is president of a national college fraternity, Beta Beta Boob, informally known as the Boob Club. lVlembership in this exclusive organization is as coveted as it is difficult to obtain. Candidates must submit acceptable evidence that they are unre- liable, irresponsible, undependable, and absent-minded. Candidates having three or more of these qualifications are given preference. Chuck has written a successful book, Sjnorlsnmvvslzip: My Creed, a pro- found philosophical treatise drawing generously upon his youthful experiences on the tennis courts and golf links. Bill Fries, President of the American Association for the Preser- vation and Encouragement of Rocket Ships, has recently returned from the moong scientists were astonished to see his rocket ships return packed with green cheese. "Garsh, fellas," said Bill, holding out a handful of the cheese, "I've had it analyzedg it's genuine all right. Shucks, it's common as dirt up there, in fact, it's all there is. The government is conferring with the Bureau of Rodent Extermi- nation. We may Hy all the rats up there in rocket-ships. The expense will double the national debt, but we've got to please the voters, and besides, the rocket industry has been operating at a loss long enough: we deserve the chance." We wish Bill all the luck in the world fand on the moon, with his rockets. May the rats last forever! i791 Smiling Wenty Marshall, the drugstore Czar. has been indicted for book-making: using his drugstores as a front, Jack has been sell- ing racing forms between Atlantic Monthly covers and his cashiers have been taking bets from all comers. Fortunately, Jack has defend- ing him the best criminal lawyer for is it lawyer-criminalj in the county, Don Lacer. Jack is also under suspicion for violating busi- ness ethics in his one-scent perfume sales. W6,1'C pulling for you, Jack. jim Wychgel is an instructor in elocution at the Ohio State Agri- cultural College: we feel certain that Jim, with his record of Hawless line-delivery as a high school thespian, will contribute immeasurably to the stature of this already-venerable institution. Carl Crankshaw, the Boston Bombshell, is a Professor of Higher Algebra at Harvard. Farmers Dick Maclilvain and Bob Paxton have recently redec- orated their cowbarn. "We've painted ice cream cones and milk shakes on the interior walls." says Dick: "It gives the cows something to shoot at." Dick Covington, whom you will undoubtedly remember as NIickey's older brother, has been awarded this year's Pulitzer Poetry Prize: his unforgettable lyrical endeavor, Ode to the Insmllmenl Com- 11111192 has taken intellectual circles by storm. Gil Nock is employed as an interpreter for the U. Ng specializing in translating Spanish and English speeches into Russian, Gil is making a significant contribution to the Americas' part in the cold war. Bruising Bruce Haynam is playing shortstop on one of the Indi- ans' farm teams. "The equipment isn't too up to date out here," writes Bruce: "Our diamond is in a cow pasture, and a batter running bases feels like Liza crossing the iceg there are no bleachers so the crowd has to sit on a barbed wire fenceg they're a pretty touchy mob, and when- ever a ball hits the fence it vibrates, and they let out the most blood- curdling howl you ever heard!" We're happy to learn that Bruce is having a successful season in baseball. "The Great Profile", Ranny Baumgardner, has invented a medi- um that promises to revolutionize the entertainment industry- smelli- vision! "Hereafter," writes Ranny, "a new realism will be injected into radio, motion pictures, and televisiong when you seen the Ken- tucky Derby televized, your living-room will be infused with an un- mistakable race-track aura: when Captain Marvel zooms into your household, the fumes from his exhaust will summon the whole family to the radio, when the movies depict an entire city being consumed by fire, the audience will be strangled by hot, choking smoke and the odor of burning flesh! The crowd will experience the same thrills as the actors! The entertainment industry will boom!" Good luck, Ranny, on your wonderful new invention! We're waiting with baited breath! A number of our classmates are making names for themselves in professional wrestlingg Masked Marvel Murray, "the grand old man of the mats", sometimes known as "Carnivorous Carl", has recently been awarded a trophy for "outstanding performance on the mats". f8Ul Dyamite Don Teare, one of the most Ruthless grapplers in the business, in an historic encounter with "Hot-Scott" Petrequin, tied his opponent in knots and unravelled Scotty's tissue. In Don's battle with Handsome Jim Devenne, the Lakewood Lancelot, the match was interrupted when each combatant accidentally rumpled the other's hair, the managers immediately threw in the towel and rushed to their corners with Vitalis, comb, and mirror, reporters and photographers were barred from the ring, the ladies were urged not to look, and after their parts had been repaired and their confi- dence restored, they donned shower caps and resumed the match. Fred Barker and Bill Chandler are test-pilots for the Mack Truck Company, putting the mammoth vehicles through their paces. Fred and Bill find they can wreak far greater devastation with a Mack Truck than with a Chrysler or De Soto convertible: we salute these lads who risk their lives to insure our safety. Music lovers have undoubtedly heard the Cleveland Fine Arts Quartet, composed of Tom Johnston, pianistg Dave Wilson, trom- bonist, Jim Phillips, saxaphonistg and Don Weitz, drummer. Specializ- ing in works by the old masters, this distinguished ensemble has had an exciting if puzzling season: in an alleged all-Mozart program Tom played an allegro movement bearing a remarkable resemblence to the Moron's Boogie, and in a performance of an immortal Beethoven quar- tet the artists played an interpretation of the finale which was strongly Havored with strains from Twelfth Street Rag. We are proud of our classmates who contribute so notably to Cleveland art and culture. Atomic physicist Ray Sachs has created a new tobacco mixture which promises to be a boon to smokers. mln our fast-paced, dynamic, modern American society, the average smoker consumes too much time with one cigarette: some reactionary manufacturers have even devised impediments to progress like "Longfellows"! What the modern man has lacked and now can have is an atomic cigarette! By carefully smash- ing the nicotine atom and rearranging the particles, scientists have de- vised a cigarette which will destroy your lungs and cauterize your throat in one puff-without inhaling! Why be annoyed by long smok- ing, slow-acting brands like Camels and Luckies? The long-smoking cigarette is as obsolete as the short-playing phonograph record. Order an "atomic cigarette" today and ruin your health pronto!', Tom Pearce and Johnny Leininger are earning a fortune in the baby sitting business: "We,ve got our hands full, all right," comments Johnny, "but theres plenty of gravy in this racket." Baritone Bob Scheig can be heard regularly on the Alka Selzer National Barn Dance. Known from coast to coast as the Hay-loft Ezio Pinza, Bob sings commercials on the barn dance program: with an Alka Selzer tablet phizzing in the background, Bob sings the following re- frain to the tune of Yankee Doodle: Alka Selzer peps you up Alka Selzer hits the spot, And sweetens gastric juices. It soothes an upset tummy, So why not get a gallon jug? For sister, brother, father too! It has so many uses! It even works for mummy! f81l We regret to announce that Paul Milde is no longer working. After graduating from Harvard, Phi Beta Kappa, Summa Cum Laude, and Avec Diploma, Patil was hired as a chemistry teacher in a lead- ing prep school. However, the students soon became suspicious of Paul. Whenever he gave the boys a test, he always took it himself: then he graded the tests, and always, in announcing the results, he awarded himself the highest score. He insisted upon taking mid-year and final exams in every course in the three upper grades and always requested that he be sent a report card at the end of each semester. Fortunately, the clerical staff, quickly perceiving that Paul was in a class by himself, always ranked him "first". However, when the head- master learned of all this, he instructed Paul to renounce his double life and limit himself to teaching, warning him that he would deduct the equivalent of three tuition-fees from his salary if he did not comply. Unwilling to renounce his life as a student and realizing that he would be operating at a loss if he accepted his employer's terms, Paul resigned his teaching position, won a scholarship for the school. and is happily leading his class again. Bob Bauman is a professor of English at Harvard. He has recently published the first volume of his memoirs. a description of his high school years paying a touching tribute to his old instructor and friend. E. H. Gray. "Repent, ye sinners!" warns Evangelist John Fix as he holds his revival meetings in the foothills of Kentucky: Johnny has profitably combined his gift for "fire and brimstone" oratory with his youthful experiences as a long-distance runner to succeed in an exciting if un- certain occupation. Those who remember Dick Brummage as the spell-binding racon- teur of the senior room will not be surprised to learn that he is writing the Uncle Wiggley series for the kiddies: recording rights have been purchased by Dwight Fiske. "jovial Jack" Davey has become a magician: one of our reporters who saw his show recently has SCIIL us a resume of the program: "First he pulls some rabbits out of a hatg next he saws a women in half: and as an encore he sings the solo from Russian Picnic in sailor pants." Adam hat salesman "Beep" Hancock is rumored to have formed a conspiracy with Barber Tom Ulf, Tom, so goes the rumor, deliber- ately gives his customers a hideous haircut, calculated to estrange their wives and terrify the kiddies, as the worried family man emerges from the barber shop looking like a remnant of an Apache massacre, "Beep" steps out of an obscure doorway and whispers pointedly, "Bet you'd do better in a hat!" The frantic husband, wily in his desperation, pur- chases an Adam hat three sizes too small and jams it on his head, satis- hed that a team of horses could not remove his head gear, he rushes home to his family while "Beep" hurries to abduct another victim. Jim Bernet. and Tom Chalfant have joined the Ballet Russeg applauded through-out Europe for their grace and delicacy of move- ment in Swan Lake, Tom and jim have earned our admiration for achieving unprecedented distinction in a difficult Held. f82l Bob Schwab is a disk jockey on the Polish Hour, his sponsor is Fatima cigarettes, and Bob is being acclaimed everywhere as the Polish Basil Rathbone. In his spare time Bob models suits, shirts, and ties for Richmond Brothers, this week he may be seen wearing their fruit salad special, an eight-ninety-eight creation with every color of the rainbow woven into the fabric. Since that ill-fated April Fools' Day Sale in which furniture-store magnate Bob Loeblein sold an unsuspecting public two thousand love- seats furnished with whoopee cushions, Bob's company has been an anonymous but potent factor in an incalculable number of broken en- gagellielits. Pete Matthes and Kings Taft are the proprietors of a flourishing pool hall. Perhaps you have seen their advertisement: "Parents: Is your boy always 'under foot, and fin the way' around the house? Send him to the Taft-Matthes Billiard Academyg no entrance examinations, no interviews, unlimited enrollment: tuition-thirty-five cents a game: cues for all sizes and tastes, dry-cleaned pockets, our green-felt covered tables are easy on the eyes. throat-irritating tars removed from our chalkg wholesome extra-curricular activities include pin-ball and weigh- ing machines: 'stimulating refreshments' at popular fsnack bar'-drop in anytime. K. Taft, headmaster: P. Matthes, director of admissions." VVe salute the splendid job Pete and Kings are doing in keeping Ameri- ca's youth off the streets. The Grotto Circus is coming to town, and members of the class of forty-nine will have an opportunity to see many of their classmates on display: "Whispering" John Gilliam is the master of ceremonies of the Hbiggest show on earth", and among the many spell-binding attractions are Ken Sharer, the Human Sliver: Bob Reid, Mr. Five by Five: and Ted Sloan as the Tatooed Man. A high-wire act known as the "Flying Cazellesu stars Al Kern who defies death for a matter of minutes while hanging from a rafter by his tail. Incidentally, friends of "Whispering" John Gilliam may have read accounts of his trial in the papers. He was convicted of shooting a young woman driving with him in his Lincoln, but judge Thurman Downing ruled the murder''justifiable homicide" after John revealed that he lost his head when his date ran his battery down by pointlessly manipulating the electric window control. Monsieur Barry Byron, the internationally-known golf pro, is "l'instructeur du golf" at the Paris Country Club, Paris, Iowa. When questioned about his lot as a golf instructor, Barry replied: "La vie est facile, mais quelquefois je deviens facliely'9'f QSee footnote at bottom of this pagej. Attention, ladies! The DeVand Funeral Home has been converted into a Beauty Parlor! VVith his hair dyed a bewitching lavender and sporting a curled goatee, Eddie blithely plies his trade as a hair-stylist and face-lifter. Business has fallen off slightly since Eddie accidentally mixed some embalming fluid with the pancake make-up, but we feel certain that he will soon regain his customers' confidence. 3' approximate trzmslation: "ll's nn easy life. but sometimes I get lt-ed oil!" f83l Dick Wahl has been named American Consul to Siberiag "These Siberians are the salt of the earth," writes Dick. Paul Ely is an instructor at the Fred Astaire Dance Studiog Bud is beleaguered by pupils who transferred from Arthur Murray when they saw him. "He's so gay and spontaneous!" says one satisfied cus- tomer. "At Arthur Murray's they have little peep-holes that peer into the instruction booths, but at Astaire's we're safe from prying eyes!" Yes. classmates, they're all becoming squealy over Ely. Jack Glenn, the smiling socialist, has written for the Daily Worker an editorial about slot machines: "In America when a laborer deposits a nickel in a slot machine, nothing comes outg when a capitalist de- posits his nickel, he hits the jackpot! Comes the revolution, everybody will be a capitalistg hence, when the laborer puts in his nickel, he will receive a merit badge! Down with the one-armed capitalists!" The Scientific Approach to Freight Hopping, a series of articles written by Chuck Pope, editor of the Hobo News, has been hailed by critics as the greatest boon to Hobodom since the invention of the knapsack. With this series plus the government's establishing ceiling prices on Hop-houses, it appears that America's itinerant aristocrats are coming into their own. Auto-racer Doug Cleminshaw has been reported seen at Shaker Lakes warming up his racer. Baseball manager George Goerss is cutting quite a figure with the Harlem Eversharps. Swimmer Dave True is on tour with Buster Crabbe's Aqua- Parade. The only man in the show, on the program Dave is listed as "curtain-puller"g this is a euphemism: actually, there is no curtaing after the grand finale Dave dives to the bottom of the tank, pulls the plug, and empties the pool, but out of regard for sensitive members of the audience he is not listed as "plug-puller". Bob Rudolph is a clerk at Jeans Fun House: his newest item is a pair of patent leather men's shoes which burst into Hame after they have been worn for half an hour. "It's an incendiary bomb in the heel that does it." gloats Bob, "with the shoes we sell a first aid kit, a jar of ungentine, and crutches, we're planning our big Father's Day Sale right now!" Bob's clever shoes are a glowing tribute to the ingenuity of the inventor. Pete Hecker, our class Adonis, is a successful movie starg under his screen name, Pierre Heckaire, he plays all his roles with a French accent acquired while studying under Professeur W. K. Gunn. Pete's latest triumph is the story of a love triangle, Lucky Pierre, no doubt you have deduced from the title that in the end Pete comes out on top. Vociferous Vic Cannon, who along with Chuck Glass, underwent voluntary exile after publication of the Forty-Nine Mallian, has re- turned to Cleveland and is now employed as a driving instructor at the A. A. A. Thus concludes our nineteen fifty-nine Alumni Bulletin. Gentle classmates, bearing in mind that one cannot sue a minor, but only his parents, and remembering that my parents have already at least one insupportable burden to bear-me-try to remember that "to err is human, to forgive-divine." !84.l Wadmciaaaea Q 1 w I IJ rQ'l Q9 I1 S 1 r r Huck Row: Theodore Harrold: Frederick Fraleyg Bruce Chrislyg Warren Black: McCormick Covinglong John Bevier: Arthur Hodoskig Lufien Caseg Samuel Hughes: Gordon Hall. Middle Row: Robert Caslog Roland Gilberlg Frederick Hellerg james Berryg Robert Biggar: Richard Hollingtong Frank Goetzg Donald Harryg Robert Denisong Thomas Burley. Front Row: Robert Gordon: Stanley Burlageg Alfred Dempseyg William Daleyg James Decker: Philip Cole: William Bernog john Eldeng john Coolidge. i863 JIUNJIURS Bark Row: Harry W'illiumsg George Merrillg Herbert Leisyg William Robbinsg Holden Mitchellg George Rudolphg Robert Speneerg Ray Johnsong Phocion Sutherland. Middle Row: Garth Meinkeg Frank Youngg James Merrill: Peter Ranneyg James Stoulferg Samuel Johnsg Clayton Perryg james Korng Richard Wnllisg Lewis Prine. Front Row: David Kelleyg james Johnsong YVilliam Lalferg William McDerm0ttg Cyril O'Neilg Bentley Thomasg joseph Mealsg WVilliam Taft: Bonrdette WVoodg James Sutphin. I' 87 1 ff' SOPHOMORJES 'ff Back Row: WValter Kullg Samuel Lovemang Calvin DeVandg john Balch: jack Barkerg Frank Buntsg Charles Britlong Arthur Lafaveg Richard McCrea. Middle Row: Franklin Kayg Edward Fullong Charles Millerg Thomas Irish: Robert johnsong Austin Frumg William Brightg Ronald Duff. Front Row: John Macklin: John Kundtzg Robert Keyesg Stephen Carpemerg Jack Duncang Philip Franzg David Gemmillg William Blackmore. Absent: Thomas Bernhardy. H381 +44 SOPHOMORJES 'ff' Back Row: Kenneth Nashg Roger NValtersg Robert Spillerg Richard Vunderhoofg Richard Outcaltg Romuald Sternickig james Youngg Henry Pildnerg Robert Pennell. Middle Row: Paul Prineg Thomas Staufferg Stephen Szarazg Robert Wadeg Robert Sterlingg Robert Rideg Theodore Turakg john Nicholsg Gilbert True. Front Row: Peter WVykol'lg Myron Riegelg Peter Moakg Thomas Saurweing William Schneiderg Robert Woodg Robert Studleyg Rodger Richard. Absent Wheeler Odell. i891 fff IFRESHMEN ff' Back Row: George Hilemang Thomas Comparatog George Davisg Andrew Dempsey: Edward Barkwillg Michael Conwayg George Blodgettg Louis Ensten. .Middle Row: James Hudsong Philip Bradyg Bruce Akersg Donald Byal: William Gunng David Baierg Paul Himmelright: Joseph Heineng Joel Baird: Arthur Grabski. Front Row: Reid johnsong John Dumtang John Fangbonerg Clarence Bartunek: Edward Dunn: joseph Crabbeg David Cunningham: Edwin Hanlon. IQUI 'ff IFRESHMJEN 'ff Bark Row: Livingston Ullg james W'ick: Donald Pattisong jeffrey Smythe: Charles Stewart: Malcolm Myers: Forest Reichcrtg Paul Pfeifer: Thomas Steffen. .lliddle Row: Robert Tuckermang Carl Shallenbergerg Jon Lindsethg Peter Merrill: Samuel Sawyer: Clarke Sperry: Frederick Sawyerg Charles Meals: Frank Taylor. Fronl Row: Richard lVeatherheatlg Russell Millerg Thomas lvigglesworthg WVilliam Klinemang Martin Pope: Tucker Marston: joseph Nook: Peter Jones: Ralph Rehor. Hill 'ff IEJIGHTH GRADE ff' i Back Row: John Bostwickg Stuart Brooksg Edwin Denny: .lon Curtis: Robert Howardg Roger Sealyg John Hecker: Thomas Hermann. Wliddle Row: Edward Cobb: George Dunng Grey Hodnettg Kurt Blochg Charles Cozierg Robert Heinerg Leslie Hunnicutlg Philip Geier. Front Row: Francis Beamg David Blackg Robert Clilfordg Eben Cruwfordg Ronald Chilcote: Sherman Denisong Junius Clarkg James Bayless. Absent: Robert Baughg Thomas Eakin. i923 'ff JEEIGHTH GRADE fff Back Row: David OlllCflll2lllQ Steven Stone: james Moreland: Robert Kelley: Clovis Phillipsg John WVoodg Samuel Rolph. Middle Row: Thomas Reeseg Allen Robertsg Roger XVilkenloh: Morgan Taft: Daniel llles: Karl Van Horn: George lVattles: Dick Matson. Front Row: Richard Sayreg Wilson Moriartyg John lvalkeig Roger WVinslow: Gilbert Schaferg David Jordan: Wilson Smith: john Turben. Absent: Theodore jones. I 93 1 fff SEVENTH GRADE 'ff Back Row: james Downing: james Gunn: William Odell: Kenneth Kmett: jay Smith: Sidney Weil: Benjamin Weimer: Richard Colbert: Peter Danlord: Thomas Russell: Francis Mell. Third Row: Michael Moore: Frank Carpenter: Gregory Wright: Durwood Herron: Charles Henzy: john Taylor: Frederick Perry: David Richardson: Robert Burge. Second Row: Frederic Stevens: WVilliam France: Coburn Britton: James Young: Richard Dingle: Robert H0hs: Walker Watkins: William Haag: Charles Dolfuss: Frederic Porter. Front Row: Alvan Hatch: james Geier: James Crankshaw: john Castle: Frank Dur- ham: Charles Sawyer: Arthur Davis: William Crolnt. Absent: Roy Smith. I' H341 f + ff SIXTH GRADE ik f f Bark Row: Frederick Readingg William Robinsong Joel Baird: Clinton Foltz: Mr. Peyserg Lawrence Simong VVilliam Stapletong Roger Disbrog Charles Tate. Middle Row: Neil Van Horny john Eerkesg Ralph Leesg Richard Samplinerg Nathan lvilliamsg jonathan Rose: W'arren Kingg Zimri Smithg Elwood Fisher. Front Row: James Russellg Errol Fineg George Gund: Robert Combsg Peter Jones. Absent: Richard Fieldsg John Stringham. Rack Rozv: XVilliam Rodgers: Mr. Kaing Robert Calleeg Ira WVit1ner: Samuel McMil- lan: XVilliam Sealyg W'illiam Browning. .llidrlle Row: jonathan NVeilg Richard Millerg Lewis Gooclmang Daniel Fleigg Thomas Currier: Charles Becker: Robert Schafer. Fmnl Row: Floyd Meek: Frederick Eaking Leonard llryan: Richard Danfortl: Peter Haiman. .lh.veni: Thomas Harveyg john Kork. f f f FIFTH GRADE ff + f f 1 1 FOURTH GRADE f f + Back Row: Baird Tewksburyg Mr. Braclxg John McChordg Melbern Trueg James Blackg Charles Shifferg William Castleg Henry Pickands. Middle Row: Hiram Wellerg David Ericksong Frank Ginng Michael Robbinsg Alan Woody Timothy Stelfeng Michael Dively. Front Row: Edwin Howe: Gordon Gund: David Daleyg Lionel Stern: Richard Healy. Back Row: William P0l'l6l'Q Wayne Gilbertg Bruce Healyg Lewis Williams: Leslie lllesg Mrs. Kaufmann. Middle Row: Richard Essickg Nelson Bowsherg Wesley Williamsg Alanson Sumnerg George Updykeg Robert Baugh. Front lfozv: NVilliam Piperg William Sawyerg Carl Nallg Jon Mulford. Absent: lVindsor VVood. + ff f THJIRD GRADE 1+ f + +++ SECOND GRADE fff Bark Row: Stuart Eisenberg: Richard Desbcrgg Graham Gundg Philip WVilliamsg YVil- son Staplctong John McYVhorter: Mrs. Chase: John Lane. Front Row: Eugene Stillg James Samplinerg John Merrell: John Wfcdlerg Michael Arian: Timothy Rose, Back Rozv: Brsdin Cummingsg john Gronbachg Richard Pipcrg lVallace Clmscg Philip Giuntag Mrs. Schreyerg Charles Coxg Geoffrey Gund. Front Row: Edwin Gunng Louis Laddg William Daleyg Temple WVilliamsg Thomas Youngg Peter Pinkneyg Tris Castle. Absent: Frederick lVatkins. fff EIRST GRADE 'ff H371 + f f PRE-PRIMARY GROUP + ff f Miss Evansg Miss Dyer. Burk Ifozv: Richard GCIICIQ Dun Swunderg Howard Busseg Emerson Mulfordg Lyman Nartcng Robert Wfnssong Richard Schwarz. Front Row: Michael Geierg Christopher Baldwin: Henry Marting Thomas WVoodg llifllilfd WVedler: Chan Ziclie: Richard Parker. Absenl: NVillium Peyscr. H181 ,-Zufcwszaea f + f MABIIAN BOARD f f f liark Rout: NVilliam Robbinsg Holden Mitchell: jim Foltzg Scott Petrequing Bob Casio: jim Decker. Middle Row: jack Eldeng Bill Friesg Fred Fraleyg Tom Hopkinsg Jack Mills: Ted Sloang Chuck Popeg Fred Heller: Mr. Cobb. Front Row: Chuck Glassg -lim DeVenneg John Gilliamg Dick YVahl: Dave Cowan: Vic Cannong Done Teareg jerry Conway. Absent: Ken Sharer: Al Dempseyg jim Bernet. HE COPY ol' the Mubian which you are reading is the work ol' a group ol' editors and their assistants. headed by Editor-in-Chiel Dave Cowan and Faculty Advisor Scribner Cobb. who wished to pro- duce a yearbook lor the class ol' '49 which would be noted for its unusualness and readability. Hardworking Messrs. Cowan and Cobb whose business it was to do everything from avoiding the enmity ol the primer to deleting scurrilous remarks from submitted articles- although not loo thoroughly-foul1d no surplus time on their hands. not to mention the other editors and assistants, who had their own various assignments to perform. The resulting Malmm you see before you. VVe hope you think it noteworthy. IIOOI fff NEWS BOARD +M- Bark Row: Bill Taltg Bob Denisong Jack Marshallg Bill Daleyg Bob fi2lSl0j Fred Fraleyg Vic Cannon. .lliddle Row: Bill Friesg T. Prendergastg Charles Barkwillg Dave Cowan: Ed D1-:Vandg Don Lacerg Scott Pelrequing Jack Eldeng john Fixg Chuck Glass: Don Nfeitz, Sam Hughes. Front Row: Paul Mildeg Chuck Pope: Mr. Gray: Ted Sloang john Gilliam. Absent: Tom Hopkins. NCIE again the Urzizffrsily School News has added another year ol' laurels to its already proud past. The Excellent Rating ol the National Scholastic Press Association was won for the second consecutive year through the efforts ol' the Pope machine, composed ol' Editor-in-Chief Chufk Pope. Managing Editor Paul Milde, Liter- ary Editor led Sloan. and Sports Editor John Gilliam. I 101 Il ww lPRlElFlEC'll'S fff Hack Ifozv: Steve Szarazz -lack Barker: jim Decker: Cy 0'Neil: Phil Cole. Frou! Rmv: Chuck Pope: Jack Millsg Bruce Haynam: Dave Cowang Kip Dangler. Alzxenl: Frank Bums. ONTR.-XRY to previous years when only the senior class had pre- fects. the new arrangement decided upon by I-leadmaster I-Iarold Cruikshank is to have three prefects elected by the sophomores, three by the juniors and live by the seniors. These prefects are chosen on the basis oi' their character and leadership. Their main duties consist not only of serving their respective classes but also of promoting bet- ter relations among the groups of the upper school. Other duties are reading in chapel, conducting milk and crackers period, and assisting with the supervision of extra help. This year's Senior Prefects have carried out their business with an efficiency that proved the good judgment of their schoolmates in electing them. f1021 fff CUM lLAlUDlE fff Bark Row: Paul Milde, Ted Sloan, Dick Wahl. Front Row: Bob Scheig, John Glenn, Mr. Waldron. Dave Cowan, Chuck Pope. Absent: Charles Barkwill, Vic Cannon, Paul Ely, Tom Hopkins. Don Lacer, jack Mills, Rainer Sachs. UM LAUDE is an honorary society composed of those seniors who are at the top of their class. It corresponds to the college fraternity Phi Beta Kappa. At the beginning of the school year, one tenth of the senior class who have led their fellow students in the eleventh grade are taken into the society, and a president is elected from that group. Near the end of the year, the second tenth of the senior class who have done outstanding work in twelfth grade are entered. During the year, honor luncheons sponsored by the Cuni Laude Society. at which a distinguished person addresses the group, are given for the boys with averages of 87 or above. This year, John Glenn, president of the organization, officiated at these affairs. IIOBJ fff PLAYERS fff Acting Department Burk Row: .luck Nlnrsliullg -lim DcVenneg -lim Stoulfcr: Bob Custoz Marshall Ulf: Bob Paxton: Art Hodoskig -lim lVyc'hgelg Dick MacElvziin. Front Row: -lim Phillips: Miss Dyer: Vic Cannon: Miss Evans: Don Lancer. IREUIXED by Mr. Mc'CIreigl1t.. the Players Club presented this yezu' El rip-roarin' l'ziree-coniecly in three acts. "'l'he Bad Man" by Porter Browne. The east was heacletl by "Hot-Lips" Vic' Cannon in the title role ol' Pancho Lopez. who injected a few extra lilies which the author no doubt hurl forgotten to write. Other members ol' the able cast ineluclecl rllillll llll' in the juvenile role of Gilbert, Miss Betty livans as the heroine l,uc'iz1, -lint lNyc'hgel as the villain Pell. Don I 104 I 'ff PRODUCTION STAFF f it , A M Bark Kozv: -lark Eldeng lVilliam Robbinsg Fred Fraleyg Bob Denisong Paul Milde: John Coolidge-3 Gilbert Nockg Dick Hollingtonz Luke Case: Chuck Glass. Bill Fries. Front Rozv: Holden Milehellg jack Marshall: T. Prendergastg Sfmt Pelrequin: Chuck Pope: Ed DeVand. Absent: Mr. Mcflreighl. Lacer as amusing Uncle Henry, Miss Margaret Dyer as Angela Hardy, Bob Casio as jasper Hardy, and Jim DeVenne as Stub: .lack Marshall, lim Smufler. Dick MaciElVain. Arthur I-lodoski, and Bob Paxton cmnpleiecl the cast. Good work was done by Business Manager Chuck Pope and Stage Manager jack Marshall. Future organizations will hnd il diHic'ulL lo achieve the high sland- ards set this year. f105J fff Gl.lElE CLUB fff Back Rout: Paul Hilde: Dave True: Luke Case: Clayton Perry: Robert Gordon: Fred Fraley: Dick lVallis: Fred Heller: jim Stoullerz Ed Fulton: Fred Barker: Dave YVilson: Bob Paxton. llirlrllf' Rozv: Marshall Ulf: Jack Mills: Dick Mac' Elvain: Bill Fries: Bill Lalferg jim Dt-Venue: jack Marshall: Scott Petrequin: Art Hodoski: lvarren Black: Stan llurlage. Front Row: Charles Miller: Curt Bennett: Robert Studlev: Toni Alohnston: jack Davey: Vic Cannon: Dave Cowan: Dick lVahl: Ed DeVand: jim lVychgel: Ted Sloan: john Fixg Don lVeit1: kip Dangler: Chuck Pope: Bob Scheig: Mr. Hrubv. .flI1.vf'nt.' Dick Schwab. HOSE would-he crooners ol' lf. S.. the Glee Club, have completed another successlul season under their new director. Mr. Frank l-lruby. liathtub-bass Bob Scheig ofliiciated as President ol' the club. while Vic Cannon served as librarian of the music. 'l'he singers traveled to Old 'l'rail School of .Xkron on lfebruary IS and to Hathaway-lirown School on April 30 to harmonize in con- certs with the young ladies ol' these neighboring instittttions. 'l'he boys enjoyed dances liollowing both these events. 'l'he annual home concert on lfebruary 26 featured a varied pro- gram ol. numbers ranging from Russian lolk tnusic to modern musical cotnedy hits. Soloists were Robert Scheig in the .-Xmerican classic "'l'he lirie Canal" and John Davey in "Russian Picnic". 'l'he lorty boys who participated in the Glee Club this year all deserve a great deal ol' credit for the fine way in which they have lor- warded the art ol' tnusic at University School. llllfil fff EDWARD MOORE fff Buck Row: Al Kerng John Glenng Bob Loebleing Luke Caseg Fred Hellerg Jim Deckerg Bill Taftg jim Sutphing Dick Wahl. Wliddle Row: Carl Crankshaw: Jim Foltzg Jack Hancockg Marshall Ulf: Tom Hop- kinsg Charles Barkwillg Ted Sloang John Gilliamg Jerry Conwayg Mr. Cruickshank. Front Row: Don Lacerg Jim DeVenneg Dick Covingtong Chuck Popeg Vic Cannong Kip Danglerg jack Millsg Don Teareg Dave Cowang Kinsley Taft. .I-1bsenl.' Dick Brummage. OME of the needy families of Cleveland again received holiday feasts this year when the Edward Moore Society sponsored another successful drive in its annual effort to support Worthy causes outside of the school life. The society, formed of a group of leading students from the upper two classes to help people not so fortunate as them- selves, is a memorial to Edward Moore, who typified the ideal of Re- sponsibility, Loyalty, and Consideration. Leading the society this year President Kip Dangler, Vice-Presi- dent Vic Cannon, Secretary Chuck Pope. and Treasurer Jack Mills forwarded the goal of supplying more families with better holidays through their management of the Eddie Moore Dance and the drives for student-donated canned foods. lfl07:I fff CADMEAN fff Back Row: Bill Daleyg Phil Cole: Bob Biggarg Cy O'Neilg Mickey Covingtong Jim Deckerg Fred Hellerg Pete Matthesg Dick Covingtong Sam johns: Kingsley Taft. Middle Row: Chuck Glassg Tom Hopkinsg Kip Danglerg Bob Loebleing Paul Ely: Dave Trueg Charles Barkwillg Tom Goetzg Tom Pearce: John Leiningerg jim Bernetg Mr. Sumner. Front Row: Don Weitzg Jim DeVenneg Jack Marshall, Bruce Haynamg Jerry Conwayg lim Foltzg Don Teareg Scott Petrequing jack Millsg Chuck Popeg Dave Cowan. zlbsent: Dick Brummage. " IR RAID!" is the cry, and a servile pledge is foiled again, as he drops through the grotnid in obedience to his nuwters voice. Thus, the Cadmean Society inducts new members from the junior and senior classes into its inner sanctum. Originally started as a debating society ,the Cadmean was discontinued for a while. In 1919, it was reorganized anclit has rapidly becoine kncnvn as one of die nlostjoy- craving organizations in our school. It is responsible for these contributions to the school: the fathers' and sons' dinner, the Cadmean Trophy, conducting the Community Fundtannxngn,and du:annualSnowbaH Frohc.1lnsyean underthe auspices of presuient Jini Fritz arul hlr. Stuinier, die faculty advisor, the Cadmean Society has kept up its ability to promote loyalty, co-oper- ation and sportsmanship in the school. IQ108:l fff JUNIOR PRlElFlECTS ff Bark Row: James Young: Sherman Denison: Ronald Chilcoleg Coburn Britton. Front Row: Hugh Dingleg Bruce Dunng Clarence Barlunek: Martin Popeg Eben Crawford. HE junior Prefects. composed of the class ollicers of the seventh, eighth, and ninth grades, are the disciplinary body and student government ol' the junior high school. Guided by Mr. Cruikshank and Mr. Piper and presided over by Clarence Bartunek. the Junior Prelects have maintained order and governed with justice and fairness this year as in the p2lSl. I 1091 El fff DORMIITORY PREFIECTS ff Koh Sflu-ig: l'l1il F1'u11z: Dun Lancer: john Glenn: Holm Loelllcing Edwznrcl Fulton. Nlill' c11'gz111i1z11if111 i11 ll1c sclmol. 1l1c lJOl'lll l'1'cl'cc'ls l'lll'lllSl1 Pick- znncls Hull with il sun c1lLr'f1111l1i11z1lir111 police l'c11'cc Zlllll lll'L' llClJ2ll'l- 111c111. Hczulccl by Cl1z1i1'1111111 lol111 Glenn, who was clcvlccl ill ll1c lJL'gllllllllg ul' 1l1c yczn' by 1l1c 1lo1'111i1r11'y buys ll1c111sclx'cs. ll1c f11l1c1 lIlCIlll3Cl'5 nl lllC l1r1z11'1l wcrc c'l1osc11 will1 l'Cg2ll'Il lo 1l1ci1' l'0llSlSlCllll3 l1igl1 gimlcs llllllllg llll' IJZISI lwo YCZIYS. 'l'l1c lJllCliCL'lS 11110 zulvisccl by ll1c lL'2li'llCl'S wl1:1 livc ill tl1c 1lc11'111. and 1l1cy 21110 i11 C'll2ll'gC ol' l'0OIll imper- lif111. gi1'i11g l'ic'kz1111ls llz1ll 4l1111c'cgs. 111111 l11'ivz11c pz11'lics lm' ll1c l1f1z11'cli11g Sflllltll buys only. 'l'l1is yC2ll'. Ll1c l,0l'lIl l'1'clcc'1s have c'111'1'iccl Olll 1l1ci1 work nl lwlcling 1l1c 1'11c1l' 4111 ljlt'li2lllClS Hall lVllll ll IJl'2llSCXVOl'llly elli- C'lL'lll'l'. l 1101 Is Likes Has Never Barker ..... Barkwill ..,,.. Bauman ,,,..,..., .,.,.. Baumgardner Bennett A Bernet ..A,. Brummage Byron ..,..., Cannon AA Chalfant Chandler A Cleminshaw Conway A A A Covington Cowan A A Crankshaw Dangler Davey AA DeVand DeVenne Downing A Lly I-lx A Foltz Fries AA AA Cilliatn Glass A A Glenn Coerss A Hanroek Haynam Hecker A Hopkins A Johnston Kern AA Laeer AA AA I.eininger Loeblein A Maehlvain Marshall Nlatthes Hilde Mills Murray Nook Paxton Pearce Petrequin Phillips A Pope A Prendergast Reid AA Rudolph Sachs AA Srheig A Schwab Sharer A Sloan A Taft Teare A True Ulf A Xvahl XVeitx NVilson XVyc'hgel Big Fred AAAAA Chesty AA Big Boy .A Rannv A A A Curt IA AAAAA, A Little Mo AA "Frontage" A Barrister A Vic AAAAAAAAAAA A adorable AA VVild W'illie A Clem .AAAAAA AAAA high scorer! AA Colonel AAAAAAAAA A AAAABob AAAAAto laugh AAAAAeverything AAAAAehemistry A A AA.his baritone AA AA AA.AAAugustus Jeep AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAA"Franeais trois" A drive AAAAAto pledge A A study AA...his ear AA A A Ruthie AAAAAA AA AAA Southern Comfort Ianet's brother AA AAparlor games A the midget AA Laughing Boy AA friendly liddie AA Casanova A Sherm A Bud AAAAA the Rev A a legend A Billy-Boy AA AA Long -Iuan A A AA one of the boobs intense A AA Pat A Beep AA Brootz Pierre Snikpoh Smiley A Xl Don A AA "smooth" A I.oeby A Dick AA A "a little boy" Sharp AA A Small Paul A "tender baby" A Carlos A Cib AA the Parson A Long Tom ferocious manager A AA "Carver" A l'endergrast Soapy A AAAA AA Bob AA A AA sentimental A chubby A AA A a chararter cute A Curly lx'1'11g! A If Flash! A AA hfot lflll A silent a whirlwind a "ham" A an actor AAAAAt'lass baseball AAAAA"whale's venom" AAAAAOld Irall A Abeing in love A "smooth sailing" .Cape Cod A Verna A A A his pulpit AA his oil explosions A A AAAAA Marco Beer A AA AAthe Mabian AA to argue AA the Navy AA AAAAXale AA AA the book-store A North Carolina AAAto talk A AA A AAAA,lus piano R C XV to make 'em pledge A his dives A Alient AAAAAAAAAA A AAAAthe country A A A.AlJon AAAAAAA AA A AAAbilliards AA AA AAhis A-Ys AA AAAAto wheel it A AAAAAto rassel A "El Supremo" AA.his babv-face 1 AAAfXfassilon A Patsy AAASharon AA Ahis llllii'-fllllllllll AASeyn1our AAAAA to danre A A A AA to give "hot-feet" AAAAf1eld A AA AA AA AAh1s poems AA AA AA Apolkas and firearms an Aem robust AA A A IA .XA B. and the CA OAI bwanston AAAA A AAAA AAAA A his muscles AAAAAA A to take it easy A the oetette A Latin Ill A AA AA AA AAthe dorm AAA AA AAAto improvise AA 111 cracked up fouled Chalfant written his Sherm spoken taken algebra played hofojekey shieked it "cornpris" made a funny stopped applied himself been to "Hot'kiss lisped shaved played them been in Boston ll2lTlIl0lli76ll dared go back fallen gone overboard lost kept quiet reformed oozed blundered whispered welshed given up enlisted lost weight lost money combed his hair made sense missed a note understood succeeded gotten stuck been there milked a cow gained weight lost fexcept ontep worried let his fans down gotten younger talked eoherently looked his age been there grown gone home o known what's XX'att offended shrunk succeeded taken ill sung asked for a light missed a funeral dropped a course lost in fab pool gone to Lakewood used them relaxed answered in historx been nervous sweated mulled .5 QW , ku ., 1 Wy 3 44 . VTX c 1 .. u 5 UW 'Kiera M SMS P ,H 'if :wif W., 'Ns 'F A 1:1 -5 E Q A g ,...,:, li? -.-:.: : m Q 1 - f ' W ,Wifi i - A ' 1' 4s ,z 1' 'ir if KL I as as 'Q mimi? 14, 'wif A r 1' V "EN , 5 X Wig, V Lv' Y ff ff ESQ ii Ge N k QW? Al 1 Wi an ' mi fx is 'JZSQ N - gi 5 5? 1. .ffigffgra my ..-lr,-:N...,.N:. W 'N Q53 :isfL::. J hx .7 5 5 v H Y ' A in 1 M1115 ga Qwfswggigvfgfi X g vgf wmwx . at :aff ---- 2 Q, W gli 3 :.:: :- www ,wsfi.wm. 'M ff Qwf: H Y ' zf-gzsiizg h'AA 022233: E 34,15 W 3 ag? V A A 1' Q-if Q I -jg X ,,,A A' 1 ff .1 , , ' 3 3: ,, :f -:1sg.s:::t--Q5 , ig ' Q -,,,: I , 1 1 - g'iZ1':' I 1 1 :zz 4 . 5: g...,f:E Q51 1 , .... - ,Q- - -f www f f + SENIOR CILASS POILIL + + f FAVORITE MASTER Phil ,, , ..,. . 6-I 'luke fPcarcic and Cowznnj BIGGEST GUT BIGGEST POLITICIAN Mills ..,. . KIOXVZIII ,. .. .. 22 Foltz .,. ..., ... ,. 20 Prciiclc-itgust . . .. l Mzirsllzill .. ... . ,. ., .. I Ancient History ,. .. 22 Spanish I . ,....,, , ,. ,. 22 BEST ATHLETE SIHIYCI' - 21 Hziynznn .. . ,222 PIIYSICS I CSHCIISI PCZIITC 22 Conway . ...,. .. ,. 21 Marslizill ,.,.,. I BIGGEST WOLF Q-Izlc'k's inztclj Mills , . ,. ,.,, I5 B2lllIIIg2lI'LIllCI' ., .. ., I ,, I5 LIVE WIRE BYVUII -P I- -P V- I5 Truc , ....,.. Wahl -ii-- iV-M - I5 Un' ,. , .i,.ll H .. , Conway , ..,.., . .,,.. I 5 mf' I UW I""t'9 PRESIDENT OF SEYMOUR'S FAN CLUB INIOST IMPERTURABLE Fritz ..,. ..... . . . . ...,. 65 isafkwiii ..., , ,I . ,i,. 22 PVCINIIV I Gilliam ...,...,,,. ..,,. . ,..,,. . .. 22 YVCitz .... . .,.. .. .,.. . ,. , N22 BEST DRIVER Cannon .. .. ........ . . 22 I 2 ' ....,.,.,.,,.. ....., ' 2 MOST IMITATED BY S2 PRENDY .... Barry. Merrill ,..,,, , 60 FAVORITE MEAL Ruthie .,.... ...I . ,. ..,.. .. 2 A V V . Margcy In qvll E IAVVQ 2 RIIISIIIOOIII stew ,..,i,.,. . ...,....,.. fri S, 9 Wfcincrs and S2lllCI'I4I'2lllI . .,,,.. I .inc y . ,..S .. .. ., ,.,..,.,..... .. - csmihsj Borsch and Shoslilick ,.i.. ,... I TOMMY Uno "BIG MAN" CGICHHD AWARD Schwab ...,,,.....,,.,..i,,. ,..i , .65 ROSCOE TURNER AWARD Prcndy I I Fries . .,.. ..,.. . ., , . 66 -.Q Bernhardyg Macklin: ll Ha Howardg Hileman GQ Rehorg Merrill Brooks ROZUJ Bark urak T Hanlon ls bertg Riege ney: Gil all R I Merrill to: l'2l D li rd Row: YValters3 Fultong Sperry: Com! Th --. l. kg Bv 1 Slaufferg Franz Bartune j. Loel 2lCCl'2 L DeVenne: Rudolphg Ely Johnston lg Glenng gh ri Second Row: H immel ll. Herman eg Scheigg Pearc ilsong Phillipsg XV leing Cobb. Boslwickg Smithg l: Mel Davisg ngleg Di Dolfussg Stevensg Row: Crabbeg Front Hmmm AshtabulaHarbor I2 lgg. H yn. Brush Ifl if lk if F Q Q T B A ll., If lk if lk fmt l1. S. 42 Cranbrook Farina 6 1 I U 5 2 I -if In Q S..t...,.i.1.- 2 INTERSTATE CHAMPIONS 1UndefeatedJ 112 Z. Z7 X-.1t.'1. Bark Row: Fred Heller, Manager: Joe Mealsg Phil Coleg Pete Sutherland: Tom Goetzg Don Harry. .Widrlle Row: Dick Schwabg Tom Balehg .lim Berryg Mickey Covington: Bentley Thomasg Luke Casey jim Deekerg Bill Daleyg Sam Johns. Front Roni: Mr. Logan, Asst. Coachg. Dick Covingtong Tom Chalfantg King Taft: Kip Dangler, co-captain: Jerry Conway, co-captaing Carl Murrayg Tom Pearce: Bob Reid: Mr. Vince, coach. HIS year's football team finished the first undefeated season since 1927 by winning eight games and losing none. The team piled up 251 points to their opponents Getting off to a good start by trouncing Ashtabula Harbor 41-12, the team went on to score such resounding victories in city competition as the 33-6 victory over Parma, the 28-13 victory over Brush, and the exciting and hard-fought 14-0 triumph over a powerful WVest High eleven. Because of the hard running and spectacular plays of the back- field, composed of Co-Captain Jerry Conway, Dick Covington, Carl Murray and Bill Daley, the team captured the four Interstate contests to give U. S. its first lnterstate Championship since 1935. Equally im- portant in the winning of these games was the charging line led by Co-Captain Kip Dangler, and sparked by seniors Tom Chalfant, King 'l'aft, 'l'om Pearce, and Bob Reid. The team finished the season with a highly satisfactory 27-11 triumph over W. R. A. At the annual banquet, Bill Daley was elected Captain of the 1949 team, and Co-Captain jerry Conway, who was the second-highest point scorer of the city, was presented the most valuable player award. ff' .5 5? , f A 52 ' sv-4 " M , 2 :.-Wah Vaggfffim H W . .X . T hx- 2 I , M, I tm :WW sw ZW fi 2 N i 2 '. .EM f 0 T W 51 M ' 5 1 f fi, 3 b ' , . f V 1,73 , R Qs , , J Q , E F ' inn A A N , SJ 45. G' f M .. ., 1 V V, x f' . V 3,531 m ,Bm ,u jgfg . i x 1 :W -A'-4, if ,. A A Q4 s if :Tl 3 . , J., Li ,WXQ3 u X K ' Q 4, Q ,pw , 'fx ck 03 j 'I 5 1" my . I f xx A 6 PM in e Sf? " 'ig L A' .Q 'Z W 7? X , 2 X Obtirliiiillirosll ll, if 'A' it S Q C C E R 'A' 'A' it .. Shadyside . 0 U. 3 Oberlin frosh -I ll. S. 2 Kenyon frosh Cranbrook , Nichols W. R. A. Buck Row: Don Nfcitz: Chuck Glass: Stan Burlage: jim WVychgel: Bruce Haynam: -lim Foltz: Tom Hopkins: Scott Petrequin: Bourclette Wood. Front Rout: Bob Scheig, mgr.: jim Prendergastg Vie Cannon: jim DeVenne: Jack Marshall, captain: Don Teare: Charlie Barkwill: Jack Mills: Mr. Molten, coach. NDICR the able direction of the new coach, Mr. Donald Molten. the soccer teani captured the lnterstate League Chanipionship lor the hrst time in the I,eague's history. Showing an amazing aniount ol' spirit. cooperation and skill, the booters finished the season with live victories. two losses, and a tie. 'lihe live decisions were composed ol' victories over every school in the I,eague, and over NVestern Reserve twice. 'l'hree other games were played with college lreshnian teanis in which the Maroon and lilack hooters had more than their share ol had breaks. One reason lor the teanrs success was the devastating scoring punch ol' the lront line which was led by high point scorer Captain Marshall and was composed ol' seniors Don VVeitZ, llifllll Hopkins. Bruce Haynam. Don 'l'eare and Klint Foltz. The other reason for the success was the staunch delense which tinie and again turned back the tide ol' charging opponents. Keystones ol' the defense were seniors Chuck liarkwill. .lint DeVenne, -lack Mills and Jini Prendergast, who were noted lor their long kicks and accurate passes. Much credit is also due to goalie Chuck Class for his four league shutouts. .-Xt the annual banquet. Pete Ranney was elected Captain ol' next years team, and Don XVeitz received the most valuable player award lor his outstanding perlorniance at lelt wing. f + + BASKETBALL + f f PSETTINC the City Champions and taking a second in the Inter- state League, this year's basketball team finished a high scoring and sporadic season, which was high-lighted by many thrilling mo- ments. Tops on the thriller list was the closely fought and action packed victory over the City Champs from John Marshall by a score of 57-54. Although both teams showed a remarkable amount of speed and skill, the do-or-die spirit of U. S. was the deciding factor in the game's out- come. The team then followed this victory by defeating a highly favored Shaw team by a score of 56-42. Both of these games were charac- terized by the expert dribbling of Bruce Haynam together with the incredible Wunder the basket" accuracy of Captain Pearce and Bob Reid, and the breath-taking and numerous long shots by Captain-elect Phil Cole. The backboard battling of Bob Bauman as well as the long distance swishes of Tom Hopkins also were important factors in the team's success. The team also placed second in the Interstate League by successively defeating Cranbrook, Nichols and W. R. A., and then dropping a heart-breaker to the fast-breaking and smart-playing quintet from Shadyside. With four returning lettermen who will be led by Captain-elect Phil Cole, next year's team gives promise of a very successful season. ff f WRESTLING ff + INTERSTATE CHAMPIONS YING Shadyside Academy to gain a tie for the Interstate Cham- pionship, the 1949 wrestling team finished a highly successful season of five victories and two draws against three defeats. The team was slow in reaching top performance, but sparked by the eager deter- mination of captain Don Teare and the remarkable improvement of the team's five sophomores, Dick McCrea, Tom Sauerwein, Dave Gem- mill, Jack Barker, and john Balch, the team rallied to win or tie live of its last six meets. Greatest tribute to Mr. Bobenmyer's coaching was a 19-all tie with Euclid Shore, the 1949 state champions. The squad was unbalanced in the lower weights, but masterful perform- ances by Scott Petrequin, Jack Mills, Kingsley Taft, and Carl Murray more than compensated for it. Don Teare won the Henry Matthes award for being high point man with a record of five pins. With Captain-elect Pete Sutherland and five returning lettermen, next year's squad gives every indication of an equally good season in 1950. fl20l Back Rozu: Mr. McLellan, coach: Don Harry: Phil Coleg Bill Mellernlotlg Bill Daley, Tom johnston, mgr. Front Row: Tom Hopkins: Bob Reid: Tom Pearce, Captain: Bob Baumang Bruce Ha ylllllll. I N Q BASKETBALL 1949 32 32 28 42 39 48 E58 57 Bii 50 46 33 Euclid Central Garfield Heights Alumni . lV.R. .L Parma , Brush ..,... Eurlid Shore ,. john Marshall Cra nhrook . Shaw . . .. Nichols W. R. .L . . Shadyside . 'k Rozv: Mr. Bobenmyer, coach: john lialchg jack Barker, Pete Sutherland: Dick Mcflreag Dave Gemmill: Tom Saurweing Paul Mildc, Illgf. Idle Row: King Taftg Carl Murray: Don Teare. eaptaing jack Millsg Carl Crankshaw. nt Row: jim DeVenneg Scott Petrcquin. fl21j . -.mi WRESTLING 1949 20 john Marshall I5 john Adams ....,. 28 john Hay ,,. 9 West Tech , .... . . I!! Euclid Shore ..... 16 j. F. Rhodes .,.,. , 32 Cranbrook ,. 30 Cuyahoga Falls .,., 33 ' .. W.R.A. . ......,. I7 Shadyside . 1 + f SWTMMTNG f ff f USING only one meet in dual competition, this year's swimming team, paced by Co-Captains Jim Prendergast and Dave True, linished the season with an enviable record. Although the team took a third in the city meet, placing behind East Tech and Shaker, the merman soon thereafter sunk East Tech in a close dual meet by com- i11g from behind to sweep the relays and capture the meet by a score of 40-35. This was the first time in three years that East Tech had been beaten. The only loss was dropped to a powerful Canton Mc- Kinley team after a hard fight by a score of 45-30. The splendid diving of John Leininger, together with the sensational swimming of seniors Fred Barker, Bob Loeblein and Pete Hecker helped to make this year's season one long to be remembered. Much credit is due to the medley-relay team of Prendergast, Barker and True, which linished the season undefeated. Co-Captain Jim Prendergast received the high point award for the season by scoring 73 points, while Co- Captain Dave True finished a close second by scoring 67 points. At the annual banquet, Bentley Thomas was elected Captain of next year's team. fff GYM TEAM fff HIS year's Gym Team kept up the excellent record of previous teams by giving an outstanding performance of gymnastic skill be- fore a capacity crowd at the 59th annual gym exhibition. The team presented polished performances on the parallel bars, the horizontal bar, and the flying rings. An exhibition of tumbling, and a comedy act were also included in the performance. The more experienced gymnasts were Captain Ed DeVand, Jack Barker, winner of the gym team competition for the second straight year, and Bentley Thomas, who placed second in the competition. Coach McLellan deserves much credit for training the team so well in only two weeks' time. f122l SNVI 47 45 40 49 30 46 59 41 MMING I9-19 Cleve. Hgls. Kenyon Fresh. East Teth Shaw ., ,. . Carlton Mrk. Sandusky Oberlin Frosh W. R. A. Bark Row: Don Lauer, Manager: Stan Burlage: Fred Barker: Pele Ranncy: Bentley Thomasg Mr. Molten, Coach. Front Row: Bob Loeblein: Ed DeVandg Dave True, Co-Captain: .lim Prendergast. Co-Captain: Pete Heckerg John Leininger. Burk Rozv: Mr. McLellan. coach: Jack Barkc-rg Ken Nash: Tom Irish john Coolidge: Dave lVilson: Bob Sfheig. Front Row: Bill Daley: Scott Petrequin: Ed DeVand, captain: Cal llc-Vand: Bob Biggar: Bentley Thomas. IQ 123 1 SCORES IT. S. I I South Euclid Central . . I U. S. 3 Shaker . Collinwood ,. li U. S. I0 W. R. A. . Lincoln . I U. S. . 6 Eurlinl Shore . Parma . . . . 2 U. S. I4 Shady Side , Cranbrook ., , , I 'A' 'A' 'A' B A S E B A L L 'A' 'k 'A' lf. S. . I Manlius Cleveland Heights 5 l'. S. I I W. R. U. Frcshnwm I I 'Y Y Back Row: Mr. McCarraher, jim Decker, Dick Hol- Front Row: Mick Covington, Dick Covington, Bruce lington, Sam Johns, George Goerss, Garth Meinke, Haynam, Carl Murray, Jerry Conway. Bentley Thomas. Frank Goetz, Mr. Kraus. LTHOUGH there were only four lettermen returning from the powerful l948 team which won I2 and lost only 2 games, the l949 varsity baseball team had an even more impressive record, winning I3 and losing only 2. With Captain Bruce Haynam, winner of the most valuable player award, leading the hitters, and Carl Murray and Tom Goetz topping the mound staff, the team rolled over VV. R. A. I0 to I and Shady Side I4 to 0. The IIIOSL exciting game was against Parma. Parma was leading 2 to 0 as U. S. came up to bat in the last inning. The team exploded lor two quick runs and had a man on second when pitcher Carl Mur- ray came to bat. He slashed a single into center to drive in another run and win the ball game 3 to 2. This year U. S. placed seven men on the All-Interstate League team. They were Bruce Haynam, Dick Covington, jerry Conway, Carl Murray, Tom Goetz, Micky Covington, and Jim Decker. Micky Covington was elected captain of the l950 team. He will have six returning lettermen to help him match the 1949 record. f124l TRACK Buck Rozv: John Balch, Bill Daley, Bob Biggar, Jim Mr. McLellan. Nlerrill, Tom Irish, Al Dempsey. Front Row: John Fix, jim Prendergast nn De Wtddle Row: Mr. Lee, Mr. Deane, Don Wfeitz, King Venne, Bob Reid, Tom Pearce, Dave True Tom Taft, John Leininger, Tom Chalfant, Pete Hecker, Hopkins, jim Foltz. AVING depth in almost every position, the varsity track team enjoyed one oi' its tnost successful seasons in years although it was minus the services of last year's high point man, Tom Pearce, because of an injured tendon. Captain Bob Reid did a fine job in the hurdles and high jump and won the Edward C. Daoust, jr. award for being this year's high point man. Although the team took a second in the Interstate League by plac- ing behind Reserve, the outcome was not decided until the last event, the mile relay which Reserve won to capture the title. The only dual meet the trackmen lost was also dropped to Reserve in a close and exciting contest in which again the outcome was determined by the last event. Seniors of note on the teatn were jim Foltz and John Leininger, dashmeng jim DeVenne in the hurdles: Dave True in the 440 and discus: Tom Hopkins and jim Prendergast in the half tnileg john Fix in the mile: Tom Chalfant, shot ptttterg King Taft in the discusg and Don NVeitz and Pete Hecker in the broad jump and pole vault, respec- tively. jim Merrill, this year's star miler, was elected next year's cap- tain. fl25j Cranbrook 4 U. S. 5 Shaw Elyria . 0 U. S. , 4 M R K St. lngalius 0 'A' 'A' i' N N ll S 'A' 'A' i' U. S. .. 5 Berea East Tech I U. S. 4 Shakti Hack Row: Jim Phillips, Chuck Pope, Charlie Bark- Front Row: Jack Mills, Al Kern, Bob Bauman ack will Fritz Leisy, Mr. Peyser. Marshall, Dave Cowan. INNING the city championship and placing second in the ln' terstate League, the tennis team finished a highly successful season with a record of nine wins and one loss. Although they dropped the opener to a powerful team from Cran- brook. the netters remained on top for the rest of the season and won such decisive victories as the 4-l trouncing of VV. R. A. and the 4-I victory over East Tech. Unforgettable moments ol' the season were the inspiring pep talks ol' Coach Peyser, the seemingly "careless abandon" playing ol' Captain Bob Bauman, the smashing net game of Al Kern, and the tongue-in- cheek vollying ol' .lack Marshall. The smashing ground shots of Fritz l.eisy along with the maddening bloops ol' his partner, Dave Cowan. were enough to discourage the majority ol' their opponents. Wlieti the smoke ol' the battle tor the second doubles position cleared away. the tall and lanky combo ol' Mills and Barkwill emerged triumphant. lowering over most ol. their opponents. they went on to win several decisive victories for the team. Next year's team under the leadership of Captain-elect Fritz Leisy should have another successful seasoii. fl26j 4 + ff ATHLJETTC COUNCJIL f f + Back Row: jim Prendergast, Tom Johnston, Don Pearce, Bob Reid, Dave True, Gorge Goerss, Dick Teare, Jack Marshall, jerry Conway, Kip Dangler, Schwab. Bruce Haynam. Front Row: jim Phillips, Mr. Bobenmyer, Mr. Mc- Middle Row: Bob Bauman, Dave Wilson, Tom Lellan, Mr. McCarraher, Mr. Molten, Bob Scheig. HE Athletic Council is composed of the captains. managers, and coaches of the varsity teams. It superintencls the awarding of letters and other sports prizes, and it is also responsible for making clecisions concerning athletics in the school. The following are the members: SPORT CAPTAIN MANAGER COACH Football jerry Conway Bob Schwab Vince Kip Dangler Soccer Jack Marshall Bob Scheig Molten Basketball Tom Pearce Tom Johnston McLellan Wrestling Don Teare Paul Milde Bobenmyer Swimming Jim Prendergast Don Lacer Molten Dave True Baseball Bruee Haynam George Goerss MCC-arraher Track Bob Reid Dave Wfilson McLellan Tennis Bob Bauman Jim Phillips Peyser H271 Remember When HCRUIKYB' started the maroon coa PRENDY was taken in JIMMY showed the balloon bags DAVE T. kissed Jerry the Varsity beat East Tech SHERM got his new car VIC broke down in Eddy Moore CHUCK took a test SOAPY cracked up ToM refereed DON drove on Lake Shore KIP sat with Cinnie MILLS splurged PAUL put one over PETE played blackjack GLASS paid up BRUMMAGE Hubbed in chapel GILLIAM forgot his hat NIOLTEN got "mad', HITLER died and el dios wept the FRESHMAN behaved PHIL and VIC agreed CHARLEY laughed FRIES, Congressman lost JEEP spat it out BENNY spoke 'TAFT and lVlATTHES lost MACELVAIN bellowed DAVE and MARTY stayed out CARL became twenty MCINTOSH,S ran out CRANKSHAW moved in JIM blew his colonel the soccer team won BEEP wore monogrammed shirts WVENTY got a ping-pong table COWANJS was empty on Saturdays KEN had a kind word we were all juniors without a care or trouble f 128 il O O ad Our many years ol' experience in solving stamping problems ol' all kinds has given us the KNOXV-HONV than is neressury lo produce llllklllly Sl2ll1llllllgS at the right prices. No mutter whul your stamping problems may be, our Engineers ure qualified lo analyze them and recommend the method that will produce your slnmpings mos! elliriently. lVe run handle material from .025 lo 250. Send us samples or blueprints. THE AMERICAN STAMPING CO. Eshablished 1922 1004 Easl 64+h Sireef, Cleveland 14, Ohio -W M-nur if 1291 COMPLIMENTS OF The American Brass Mig. Go. 1529 E. 49th Street Cleveland, Ohio BARTUNEK'S CLOTHES ir Three Sfores 6529 UNION AVENUE 833 PROSPECT AVENUE 14959 ST. CLAIR AVENUE IIBOI COMPLIMENTS OF THE AMERICAN TAIIK AIIII FABIIIGATIIIG 00. STOP PASSING UP GOOD TIMES Take the z4ez!46'zeaaa,q fo Dancing Fun IT'S EASY . . . IT'S RELAXED YOU'LL ENJOY IT O Call or come in now for a free Iesson 'A' 2284 Scranton Rd. Cl I d 13 Oh. FRED ASTAIRE STUDIOS eve on ' 'O 1 IO Euclid PR. 2946 JOHN J. RIPICH, Pres. 10 ami- I0 pim' BALL BIIIIGE 81 KIIAIIS N4 Members: New York Stock Exchange an Cleveland Sfock Exchange Associate Members: New York Curb Exchange S 1790 UNION COMMERCE BUIL CLEVELAND 14, OHIO PHONE MAin 29I I DING COMPLIMENTS OF The Blace Co. SHAKER SQUARE 'A' flfill COMPLIMENTS OF S. BARKER'S SONS CO OFFICE SUPPLIES, PRINTING, OFFICE FURNITURE Established 1871 729 PROSPECT AVENUE CLEVELAND, OHIO H321 Gfevefanfs gznesf gimzeraf Service BENNETT - SHARER FUNERAL HOME R. KENYON SHARER II2I2 EUCLID AVENUE Hdfoilzinq fejgf umyozze H 0 COMFORTABLY AIR-CONDITIONED GArfieId I 420 0 PIPE ORGAN 0 LARGE PARKING LOT AMBULANCE SERVICE GArfieId I 420 COMPLIMENTS OF R. F. Blakeslee 8. Sons II6 ST. CLAIR N. W. fl33j BEATTIE JEWELRY G? yesuff of Zesf and Zeal The fortunate man is one who is enabled to make of his hobby his life work. We believe that men serve others best in the field of their enthusiasm. To us, precious gem iewelry is the all in all and we are told that our craftsmanship reveals the fact. ll. W. lllli-l'l"l'lE 81 S0 S The Perfect Diamond House Since 1884 l l 17 Euclid Avenue 158 The Arcade f134l wk fo uf vig de Welding and CuH'ing Supplies Indusirial Gases Safefy Equipmeni' TIIE BIIRDETT GXYGEN GDMPMIY 3300 LAKESIDE AVENUE CLEVELAND, OHIO f135l The H. W. BROWN 81 SON Company Real Estate Brokers and Builders PQI Yellowstone 0615-16 12429 Cedar Road CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, OHIO BB1erBee1err1rrrer1ereeererrerreeeeereerrrrrer BIIIIIIE BIIIITHEIIS traditional outfitters for Prep and College men 0150 13131 SHAKER SQUARE SK 3320 CLEVELAND 20, OHIO C5239 'if'i: Q O Fllm A---A 13123 SHAKER SQ' IIEIITEII BEVEIIAGES COMPLETE SELECTION- IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC 331 1 Warrensville Center Road SHAKER HEIGHTS, OHIO WAshington 7190 Delivery Service 1113621 COMPLIMENTS WM. D. CALLAGHAN, Inc INSURANCE BROKERS CHICAGO CLEVELAND 0 NEW YORK O I5I7 TERMINAL TOWER CLEVELAND I3 OHIO f137:I I I . , 4 I 4 I ' :::v""F -5 f lg2iIIIY jnzlliuluwj- V' , of CHALFANT AWNING AND SHADE CO. CITY AWNING AND SUPPLY CO. I We Make Anyfhing from Canvas 11510 MADISON AVENUE CLEVELAND 2 OHIO LAk d 7922 fl381 CLEVELAND GARTAGE! Cleveland's mosl' complete, versatile trucking service. Specialists: general trucking, machinery-moving and erecting Rely on your area's greatest array of trucking and machinery-moving facilities for safety, speed and economy. Tops in service since 1915. General Trucking: Prompt service on short notice, from smallest deliveries, to largest, heaviest industrial hauling. Modern trucks in single units or complete fleets available, day or night. Machinery-Moving: Most extensive facilities in Cleveland-experienced machinery-moving engineers, plus warehouseful of modern, heavy-duty equip- ment for all types machinery dismantling, transporting, erecting. Moving com- plete plants, a specialty. Your best machinery-moving "buy"-from transporting giant machinery, stacks, boilers, transformers, cranes, etc., to handling compact, highly finished, precision units. Cleveland's greatest 'truck Heel' -over 700 vehicles, for every purpose Winch Trucks, Winch Tractors, Winch Caterpillars, Curryalls, Pole Trailers, Semi and Four-Wheel Trailers, Trucks of V2 ton and up. Q I f 3 .x Q X Qs 'Me CLEVELAND GMITAGE 0. , Q 1277 E. 40th STREET Q 5 Phone: ENdico1't 3900 u 1 lik. f ' f QW f139fl TIIE CLEVELAND SLAG 00. Prepared Slug For ,k oCONCRETE CONSTRUCTION QMACADAM PAVING oROOFlNG Compliments of QRAILROAD BALLAST A Friend Expanded Slug For QCONCRETE BLOCK QLIGHTWEIGHT CONCRETE t CONSTRUCTION 'AGRICULTURAL USES oMASONRY UNITS 4l4 FIDELITY BUILDING COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF '7Ae DeVcmd gumal J,,1,,,,,e Dcmford Lowell 1.15 . , jewelers . . CE 0910 I I T30 Euclid l246 Euclid Avenue f1401 FOR OLDSMOBILE New and Used Cars Mechanical and Body Repairs Non The Heights SEE ANDERSON CHEVROLET, Inc. BARBER MOTORS INC' 16220 Kinsman Road Shaker Heights, 2900 Mayfield Rd. FAirm0unt 0144 Ohio Cleveland Heights 18, Ohio Compliments of CLEVELAND RIDING df DRIVING CLUB, Inc. CAMPUS DRUG 107th czAvALRv ARMORY 2500 East 130th Street Next to Fairmount Theater Shaker Heighm 20, Ohio Class and Prfiuzte Instrurtion flfllj COMPLIMENTS OF Cozier Container Corporation 446 East l3Ist Street CLEVELAND 8, OHIO THE DECKER-REICHERT STEEL CO CLEVELAND, OHIO Sheet Steel and Sheet Metal Supplies f142l The Photographic S tockhouse KODAKS CHEMICALS Compliments of MOVIES PAPER FILNI LIGHTS Mr. and Mrs. THE DODD CO. l025 Huron Rd. fjust East on Ninthb Robert F' Donahey MAin 0566 COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF THE A FRIEND FAIRMOUNT THEATER I 1431 COMPLIMENTS OF DOWNlNG COAL u 7044 ENGLANDER MOTORS, Inc 14309 Kinsman Road LOngacre 8000 Sewing Qzecukfz Qaelcznaf Gam 40 Zena I I GAE STORES, INC. KAISER-FRAZER 20144 South Moreland Sales Il,1 d Semin, Shaker Heights 22, Ohio SK 8388-8384 Appliances - Haydwaye P. Radios - Sporting Goods - Toys 2180 Lee Road YE 1934 HEIGHTS BEVERAGE W' A' JUNES 3962 Mayfield Road Optical Dispensing Co. Prompt Home Delivery CLEVELAND, OHIO Service Daily Mum office: :mmm Office: YE 5757 "2fiiF5li'512?' l"521l.fi1'?'5ii?AVe' f1451 the EDMONDSON studio Established l 860 Photographic Specialists in Portraiture 4-Ov-'P Wedding Photographs Formal 8. Professional Candids 4'-009 Copying and Restoring Daguerreotypes and Ambrotypes 4-0'-+ Illustrative and Pictorial Photography 4- 0' 5 John N. Bazely, Photographer Chas. F. Veleba, Gen. Mgr. +Q'+ l964 East 97th St. GA l429 Cleveland, Ohio Compliments of The EUCLID ARCADE THE FIRESTDNE PARK INSURANCE AGENCY 00. ik Firestone Bank Building AKRON l, OHIO EDWIN J. HANLON, President GlUNTA'S FOODTOWN 13908 CEDAR ROAD YE 9200 fl46l A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z GLOSSARY is for Athletics-that's what Pearce and Conway do when they aren't down at H. B. is for Books-you know, those things the teachers like us to bring to class in order to look industrious. is for Chemistry-the course that is guaranteed to make the hair recede. is for D-the mark of distinction. is for E-the mark of extinction. is for Field-the place where Dewey and his cohorts wreak havoc on the weak, flabby bodies of us all. is for Grades-those unpleasant reminders of a lost weekend. is for Hal-molder of men-men that go to Yale and the others. is for lsaac's sarcastic comments, without which Trig would be a bore. is for Jeep-the only master in the school with a built-in butch. is for Kow-without which Milk and Crackers would be an im- possibility. is for Lissom Lovelies-H. B., Laurel, and all the others that make school worth going to-makes those weekends more enjoyable, eh? is for Magnesium-Goodness gracious, boy, any boy knows that magnesium has a melting point of 342UC and a density of 2.3 be- fore he leaves the cradle. is for the master quoted above-may his fishing trips to the St. Lawrence and experiences with cars on ice grow more vivid every year. is the second hall' of that dreadful duo. K. O., with which Carter greets his recalcitrant Espanol students. is for Poorhouse-where the Mabian Board is going to end up after being sued for libel by various masters and students. is for Q-not much you can do with the damn letter. IS for Ringer-used every year in Faculty-Dorm basketball games. is for Spunk-an admirable quality in considered measure. is for Time-that wonderful news magazine with which we read ourselves to sleep Sunday night. is for Usury-any resemblance between this and the bursar is purely coincidental. is for Victories we applaud in Chapel next morning. is for Work-to be taken in small doses once a week. is for the usual mark on 'iprecis jobs". is for the younger classes-may they some day emulate the dealish- wheelish seniors. is for ze end of zis glossary. I 147 1 COMPLIMENTS OF The L. E. FIRST Company l IO63 Lorain Avenue CLEVELAND, OHIO V DODGE PLYMOUTH TLIE Flll'E5lI Lifv mlllllll' llll' Ill. Direct Factory Dealer 2950 Mayfield Road - Cleveland Heighfs l8, Ohio YEIlowsfone 9292 DODGE TRUCKS 'k fl48fl GILLIAM PACKAGING CDMPANY q606lt60C'Z0tdfL GOLDEN GUERNSEY FARM CHAGRIN FALLS W. H. Dov O I 1 eampfimenlii of A FRIEND DODGE f f f PLYMOUTH We are most proud of our service departments WALTER GRABSK I CO. 5363 O DWAY 6872 BROADWAY D 4800 U03 GOTTIIOII, RUSSELL 81 60. INVESTMENT SECURITIES Members of Cleveland ond Chicago Sfock Exchanges 11 I582 Union Commerce Bldg. Telephone-CHerry 5050 Qggulome A. J. HEIL Cyfnifz' QQ! AT SHAKER SQUARE HEIIFF JOIIES GIIMPAIIY DESIGNERS AND MANUFACTURERS OF SCHOOL AND COLLEGE JEWELRY, GRADUATION ANNOUNCEMENTS, CUPS AND TROPHIES INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA V Jewelers to University School Represenlolive: A. R. SEAVER lf1511 Complimen id of BUBBLE? HEEEER and ZSASSQJCCHLQATESS eonvplimenldaf A FRIEND ir COMPLIMENTS OF SAMMY KAYE faulg a4me'zican Jvlome.4 Under Construction On Landerwood Drive, and on Summit Lane Immediately East of Lander Rd.-On the North and South sides of So. Woodland . . . In ,fancfezwoovl fatale: A Community of Individual Homes. The High Spot in Aveppez fike 'Uillage Commanding views over Chagrin Valley and far beyond. Carefully Controlled and Protected with Original Van Sweringen Restrictions Improved with CITY WATER and HARD SURFACE PAVING. Close to Orange Schools and Main Stop on Three Bus Lines. another enterprise 10514 SHAKER BLVD. SW. 1440 l154j I5 Home Investment Co. 17700 BROADWAY AVE. MAPLE HEIGHTS ANDIRONS Firetools Electric Logs Keeney Curtain Gas Logs Screens Firebaskets Coal Scuttles Firedogs Log Boxes Portable Fenders Mantels GARDEN FURNITURE II. M. KEEIIEY GIIMPIIIIY 8416 Carnegie Ave. CE. 0164 Cleveland, Ohio "Everything for the FirepIace" Since 1914 CLEVELAND CANTON 'A' LEHIHIIII 81 IIOMPAIY L U N TZ UNION COMMERCE BUILDING IRON AND STEEL COMPANY O ir WARREN KOKOMO, IND. f156:l JACK KALLAGHER'S BARBER SHOP 2776 So. Moreland Blvd. SHAKER SQUARE, CLEVELAND KENT THE FLORIST, INC 12453 Cedar Road Cleveland Heights, Ohio Flowers for All Occasions Distinclively Arranged Glassware Antique Copper We telegraph flowers anywhere YEllowslone 8340 Since I 905 KURTZ COMPLIMENTS OF FURNITURE A FRIEND THREE STORES 15 COMPLIMENTS OF The Kilroy Structural Steel Co 8500 Union Avenue CLEVELAND COMPLIMENTS OF Loeblein of Kent Incorporated 51583 THE MARSHALL MOTOR CO. THE NOQK 86 O,NEILL 2160 Lee Road Corner of Cedar and Lee Appliance C ompany FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES Your Heights Ford Dealer 10008 Carnegie YE. 3600 RA 7551 rg Nw' 'x V5 SHAKER X K I ?ijQi31:53:--:e- .. ' ,. AUTO HOSPITAL, INC .ifiw Grmlunlrx-rmrlinue the lzerilage lejl by 53473 Lee Road llw ,lnmriran pioneerx IRIN-k of gas Xtationj PIONEER BEVERAGE 20130 South xllllflillld Boulevard Wexsllillglflll 4455 Free Delivery LO. S088 fl5Slj COMPLIMENTS OF The LEZIUS-HILES Co 1125 ROCKWELL AVENUE CLEVELAND, OHIO flfiflj Compliments of SHAKER MARKET 3245 WVarrensville Center Road Compliments SHAKER MOTORS. INC. "Studebaker in the Heights" Kinsman and Lee Road Compliments of SHAKER SQUARE BARBER SHOP THE WALKER CHINA CO BEDFORD. OHIO ,vlllflll-fllllIlTl?7'S of FINE VITRIFIED CHINA for CLUBS. HOTELS, RESTAURANTS. AND INSTITUTIONS Telephone - Bedford 1200 fl61 V0 Jw fmffubleffqygkf IN MIAMI BEACH THE FLAMI Hll IIN BISIIAYNE BAY Fifteen landscaped acres in secluded privacy Season, December 15 to April 15 IN CLEVELAND WAQQQZQW UIIEIILIIIIIIINII THE LAIIIIIIN AND THE ART MIISEIIM MACK LIN IIPEIIATEII GORDON MACKLIN, Pnesmem ' f1621 HENRY B. MATTHES Corporation and Personal INSURANCE CHerry 4060 UNION COMMERCE BLDG. CLEVELAND ik MORELAND COURTS Gfevefcuzfys gbzesf Gfparfnzenf Gflgfpress SHAKER BOULEVARD AT SHAKER SQUARE fl63j METRDPDLITAN BUICK, ING Ohio's Greafesf Buick Dealer 4 ' - , N 1900 EAST ZIST STREET. CLEVELAND f164:I ik moffett Stu io 131Q4 Sl-IAKER SQUARE pdlflfddlf Phaiaqfzafpknf by fake OFFICIAL MABIAN PHQTQGRAPI-IERS By Appointment SKyline 3300 . JL fl651 McDonough . . PRINTING. . of all kinds Motors I ALSO nc. DTM ...PAlNTS... DE soros- PLYMOUTH lo' evew Purpose o we Carnegie Ave. at East 93rd St. Cleveland, Ohio THE MULLAIRE CO Finest French Dry Cleaning Since 1 879 UTah 1 -4200 Main Office and Plant- 3631 Carnegie Ave. 'A' Branch Stores 932 Chester lUnion Commerce Arcadel MAin 5317 13101 Shaker Square SKyline 2700 13871 Cedar Road YEllowstone 4653 La ke County Branch 62 Erie Street WILLOUGHBY 152 MOORE 21 14 Lee at Cedar YE 2235-36-37 STANLEY B. MOORE ROBERT HOWARD MOORE COMPLIMENTS THE HO0K 81 0'IlEll.I. 00. 2074 East 65th Street Cleveland 3, Ohio UNITED MOTORS SERVICE DISTRIBUTORS 11661 COMPLIMENTS OF THE NOCK FIRE BRICK CO. 1221-43 East 55th Street CLEVELAND 14, OHIO 'A' sreevff f -V l f ' mm Noumr-M" I 5 1 M... La, S' I I Q I 4 9 THE IIDTTIIIGIIIIM STEEL GDMPIIIIY KAISER ALUMINUM PRODUCTS ' UNION DRAWN COLD FINISHED BARS ' PENN METAL ' EXPANDED METAL ' BABCOCK 8K WILCOX TUBING ' BETHLEHEM WIRE ROPE SHEET ' STRIP ' PLATE ' FLOOR PLATE ' STRUCTURAL ' HOT ROLLED CARBON AND ALLOY BARS ' STRUCTURAL PIPE ' SLITTING ' SHEARING ' FLAME CUTTING Cleveland cl-ncAe-o osrnon 11671 . . Stella Nicholas . . .pecorafbzq ang Qesiqninq we-n,pic,mu 2979 Mayfield Road FAirmounf 0666 Cleveland Heights I8, Ohio fl68:I X, k ,wwf 2.2955 v , 9 W W? ., .QI J 1 7' 2? ug, 'Hr as x 1' ,S w , Mf- fzz fm' Sig? 1.19 423 M, 1 ,Q . WW , sms M 3, , -32 , 'X U -f 5 5 , 1 KW Q 'K 5 . ww Q? X ' -ag x gf ,Tv 4 M ,, ,S ' W 7 1 af 4 'A 4. kwf ' Q, a Q, Q , us 994 W W - L 71 V gg YQ JWQQLW-R Q1 , xyg, W H ,W W , Q Y I . Q 22-" '5 '?f it LR A VEBTTDWS , L: i 2-Q Mm COMPLIMENTS OF THE OHIO BOILER 8 MACHINE COMPANY 0 THE PRENDERGAST COMPANY WNMW Aman .MMWLW i701 '12 1 i 1 W mmm . ,V COMPLIMENTS Ulm UNIVERSITY SCHCCL flayew ir Www Neighioahwcf Buick lealea QUA BUICK INC. 10250 SHAKER BOULEVARD TYler I-0660 H731 srsif 0 4 COMPLIMENTS OF POTTER 84 MELLEN INCORPORATED 0 CREATIONS IN HANDWROUGHT JEWELRY AND SILVERWARE 0 Carnegie at East IO5th Street CEdar 5I OO Compliments of A. A. ROCCO TRUCKING COMPANY CLEVELAND 15, OHIO William J. Ross GENERAL INSURANCE and SURETY BONDS Q- ISO9 Williamson Building CHerry I I56 f174j flowers Chas. E. Russell INCORPORATED 3? SHAKER SQUARE Phone: SKyline OI OO .Distinctive Nome! SHAKER BLVD. AND SULGRAVE OVAL S THE RYAN BUILDING COMPANY Established I 897 DIAMONDS JEWELRY 0 WATCHES Ask Mother - Ask Grandmother 9 The SERIBNER 81 LUEHR Cu. for all your flower needs Se gelin 's FLOWER AND GARDEN CENTER Carnegie at East 90th Street CLEVELAND 6, OHIO SWeetbriar 8900 H751 I-ll MEN! Come in and get acquainted You will find many of your friends here and a cordial atmosphere-The mens wear is incidental. THE SHOP FOR MEN CHARLES RUYEE on SHAKER SQUARE l32OO SHAKER SQUARE CLEVELAND 20, OHIO Complimenfs of THE SUPERIOR TRANSFER COMPANY 0 fl76:l COMPLIMENTS OF SCHWAB ELECTRIC 4138 Pearl Road CLEVELAND, OHIO V H771 COMPLIMENTS OF AMERlCA'S LEADING FAMILY SHOE STORE IHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHII1 N- if 'T , -0'1.- C .QTL i - Tlxxii: .' If V' I x 4 B 74e STONE SHOE 64. 840 EUCLID AVENUE SHAKER SQUARE 10304 EUCLID AVENUE fl78j Zconomy...Se!eoz!6ove,,,5ew6ae 0 Everything under one roof-Meats, Dairy, Fruits and Vegetables, Beverages, Groceries, also Delicacies both imported and domestic. I Service in every form-trained clerks to wait on you-Telephone and Delivery Service-Charge Accounts. v ll. I. TIISSI Ill. "Cleveland's Finest Service Food Store" 13204 shaker square wmhangfon 5700 GET THE BEST. . . Gfr-Sinha THE TELLING-BELLE VERNON COMPANY A DIVISION OF NATIONAL DAIRY PRODUCTS CORPORATION 3740 CARNEGIE AVENUE CLEVELAND I, OHIO PHONE ENDICOTT I5OO II79j F. C. THORNTON COMPANY Manufacturers of Steel Containers and Closing Rings O 6712 UNION AVENUE CLEVELAND, OHIO WHEN BUYING OR SELLING REAL ESTATE CALL THE VAN SWERINGEN COMPANY fealtafw Shaker Boulevard and Warrensville Center Road Telephone-WAshington 4900 f18O:l WHEN BETTER AUTOMOBILES ARE BUILT BUICK WILL BUILD THEM" SHAKER IIEIIIIITS BIIICK Beifer Buy Buick V 3393 Worrensville Center Road Warrensville Post Office SHAKER HEIGHTS, OHIO LO I I77 SHAKER HEIGHTS HARDWARE COMPLIMENTS OF The A. B. SMYTHE Co. mg STMILEII FERTILIZER General Real Esfafe Brokers LIBIQI TIE IIIC. COMPLIMENTS OF JUHI WADE, IIC. The House of Music cf' SHAKER SQUARE SK 3600 COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF T. R. WIGGLESWDRTII MACHINERY COMPANY Davld E' Welfz "For Qualify Machine Tools" i' ocao 1721 Superior MAin 3987 f182l eading jewelry firm "Simca 18691, J4- tradition established eighty years ago offer only merchandise of the tinest quality, is still zealously guarded. It is only natural, then, that young Cleve- landers, like their parents and grandparents before them, look to us tor counsel in making a selection, whether the purchase be great or small. Qqlifipkki Q20 ' 75 Complete Furnishing Service for Offices . WAGNER ff HENZY ff FISHER 1852-54 eucun AVENUE f183l Follow the if if INDIANS if if Follow the wr i' BROWNS if if Follow The if if STARS if f with WGAR 1220 on your dial COMPLIMENTS OF TIIE VOIlliI'IIllGlIEl'IV 8. lllllll llllll. Ill. 330 Hanna Building Cleveland l5, Ohio li1841 A fl -WJ?-D1 N " Z Z 1 f ,l X , ZX """' X Mx M' X 1' 7 f I' 'I K , if ff? 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Glass Mr. and Mrs. Frank I . Goetz Mr. William S. Gordon Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Hecker Mrs. Pearl Honig Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Hopkins Mr. and Mrs. Samuel C. lohns ludge Paul lones Mr. S. W. Kern Dr. and Mrs. lohn E. L. Keyes Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Ewald E. Kundtz and Mrs. Arthur I . Lafave Mr. and Mrs. William G. Latter ludge William McDermott Mr. and Mrs. Henry McGinness Mr. and Mrs. Walter l. Milde Mr. and Mrs. Thoburn Mills Dr. and Mrs. Paul M. Moore Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Murray Mr. and Mrs. C. F. O'Neil Mr. Charles A. Otis Dr. and Mrs. Louis l. Perme Mr. and Mrs. Edw. I. Petrequin Dr. and Mrs. I. C. Placak Mr. and Mrs. N. R. Richardson Mr. lohn W. Salmon Mr. and Mrs. Arthur A. Sayre Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert P. Schafer Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Simpson Mr. Charles E. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Albert R. Teare Mr. and Mrs. L. M. True Mr. and Mrs. A. Turner and Mrs. Charles W. Vilas Ralph Vince Dr. and Mrs. Spencer A. Wahl and Mrs. lames N. Wychgel Mr. Mr. Dr. Carter Products Dy-Dee Wash Inc. A Friend f187fI iff Late to bed And early to rise Keeps your room-mate From wearing your ties. Cannon: I see you Went to American History class today. DeVenne: What makes you think so? Cannon: Your suit looks like it's been slept in. Cowan: In the same circumstances how would you have played the hand? Bridge Expert: Under an assumed name! King Arthur: I hear you have been misbehaving. Knight: In what manor, sir? "Whenever I get down in the dumps," said the first girl, "I always buy a new hat." "Oh, so that explains it," said the other sweetly. "I've often wondered where you got them." A certain English master handed the final exam to a member of the Senior class. "Sir," said he, "this is exactly the same exam that you gave last semester! " "That's all right," replied the master, 'lWe've changed the answers." "My room-mate fell down the stairs, with a fifth of Seagramsf' "Did he spill any?" "No, he kept his mouth shut." H1881 ES fix "We're having a raffle for a poor old widow. Will you buy a ticket?" "Nope, my wife wouldn't let me keep her if I won." "Waiter, there's a Hy in my soup." "Yeah, we ran out of turtles." "How did you manage to oversleep this morning?" "Well, there were eight of us in the house and the alarm was only set for seven." Ruthy: "How dare you? Father said he would kill the first man who kissed me." Teare: "How interesting. Did he?" Sally's excited voice came over the phone: "Two boys are trying to break into my room through the Window!" "Listen, lady, this isn't police head- quartersg this is the fire dept." "I know," she answered, "but my room is on the second floor and they need a ladder." "Lips that touch liquor shall never touch mine." "Your lips?" "No, my liquor." Master: What was the explosion on Conway's farm? Scotty: He fed his chickens some 'lay-or-bust' feed and one of them was a rooster. CYCLE OF A JOKE Birth-A Freshman thinks it up and laughs aloud waking up two seniors. Age 5 Minutes-Freshman tells it to Senior who says, "lt's funny, but I heard it before." Age l day-Senior turns it in to Mabian as his own. Age 2 days-Editor thinks it's terrible. Age lf! days-Editor has to fill book, so joke is printed. Age l month-Thirteen college com- ics print it. Age three years-76 radio comedians discover it simultaneously, tell it accompanied by howls of mirth from the boys in the orchestra. fil35.00 a howlj. Age I0 years-Mr. McLaughlin be- gins to tell it in class. HAIL THE MAJOR! These few short lines concern the Maj: Dear "Old Eloquentu-act your age! I-Ie stalks the hall with eyes of gloom And ears attuned to the senior room. One day he hears "Oh dannn!" perchance, And ent'ring, says, with a piercing glance: "I built this room in ninety-three!" And views with scorn the sad debris. "That couch is torng this chair is bent! "Hey You! I'll soak you seniors rent!" They quake before the voice that cuts Witli eyes downcast they clutch their butts. But cool and dashing, out of the gloom, Emerges the hero of the senior room! That smile that melts, that voice caressing Soon found itself the Maj. addressing! "Hold-on, you-all! What's all the ruckus? "Don't pay no heed to these hyar suckuhsg "The Cadmean boys will clean this place up!" On his very first draw, he'd turned his ace up! "That makes it different, hrumphf' says Maj. Our hero's charm had won the sage. fl89j Ganqzlivnazii of A FRIEND THE llll THE CLEVELAND ENGRAVING co. 310 Lakeside Ave, N. W. 55 3555555 Cleveland 13, Ohio cyfwugiazzf Xie mms .... Jig MARKS DF QUFLITY i 1.11.2 -Ar CANTON ENGRAVING 8. ELECTROTYPE COMPANY 4oo-41o Third sf.,s. E. gg canfon, Ohio 911 YOUR BUYING MOTIVES ARE EITHER FOR . Profits or Economy Comfort of Convenience Performance Protection or Safety Pride Style or Appearance THESE BUYING MOTIVES ARE THE BASIS OF ALL SELLING f....g1j A. S. GILMAN, INC. Creative Printers and Lithogruphers 623 Sl. Clair Avenue, N. E. MAin 8000 Cleveland I4, Ohio fl92l

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