University of Saskatchewan - Greystone Yearbook (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada)

 - Class of 1956

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University of Saskatchewan - Greystone Yearbook (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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l E N ALLEN COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY Qliihw . qs- fvonmrffn 'MMS-,. 'vi Q W ff1111 .. -f -H-" . 1 . . .. "v:""" V . ,.,.,, .h -A ,gk ' ' A ,, , LQ ,,. .,-,,.f..,..,...' Mp.. 4 - ,,,,.,.g,. N.. .1.g,,g,, " ...N ' - wr A If -1 . "Q .uv U, .. ,, , . - Q. .3 .wma 'ww-2 . . .- , . N..-.f.,w......f-..,..-.. .... ., ..v-.1-ww,-cfm-4-W. ....-v 1- 1-t---H-.-1:-I I i. "g"T..f .-... 0 -.-,....:... I .2 .1-. ,.v. - R-1" I LMP' 'L ' W? -- ., - f " - 4a... 2l,. Mak 1 A S' ,4.y:4 , '- ffiw - V+-2 x ' v..-3. Mc . 4. V- .. 3.5, i , - w Q51 ,- fn-y , " s. fly., I 1515. RA- , . ., Q, - W. . 1. x 'Rum . V qv T 'lt' 'f' "-'- Inf .5 .Li ,ES 11,5 Q- ,N'f9',. 'bg J, .M Q , ..-5. '-'NAS l E A -3 '55 V ' x i Q Sx 5 l vi K3 . YS! 3 iii . 4 ..r V , 'Q fx " A 9 fx . I X' , , r Y V Q ' x ' ' .Q f . ig 4 , I., ,Y 3 " If i Li, R , , K . Q I ix 3 V .Vg 1 .1 , " U . ," 1,2 ew. . 2- , - SL y if . . 'f ' - A r GRE e f, Q - V. .., - 3 , :'1 , M ff 1 , as .., W x - ' 1 1 4 Xi I lf! ' '. ,2 J If - if , kg .1 ll, , eg A 'V ff," Q I' , 1 Z 1" 1. 2 ff. ,W J 6. nf 1 an V , 'J 'f-if ww fm ,fi 5 -JA fi? 1 , wg "Z, Q .Q 6329 A 1' , YQ? hh- j 251 at A , h55,f YL. jf' We , , A If X 12 '64, X ,af . if 41? fir F? ,. 2.45. A , P, V ,A , .A , I 1 , K -1 f E iwxz, -:aiu ' LQ, ilwz gia R N . W Q Q T L ..,. Q, ,,.qQf Y? 'rv ,x X xx A 215:44 V . 0 Q X M- M f " 3 0: Y , f X 7 '-1-4 Qxvwmwwwvg I v, 1 ,,.. Q' , WW, . zxxm, 3' Z an x aw- x 1 xc 3 2 I-n 1 2 5 1 PE sg 'Q E' an Sew U 22' 5' G 5 gb n- U I Z Cb Q-3 I "pu 5 2 g I-IE Q 1 1 E E V as A m as M r as A e e I 5 5 Svngantnhc ' ocxcm. sooner! X C' yi il Z 9 i 2 I L 8 U E . 2 2 E if , foreword HE University of Saslcatchcwan is an achievement ol' which the people of Saskatchewan can he extremely proud. That such an institution has heen developed and maintained hy a relatively small population in a relatively short period of time is certainly a matter of gratification and indeed of congratulation. Having in mind the reasons which stirred people to come to our largely undeveloped province during that period of time it is per- haps quite understandable that a project of this lcind was under- talcen. Those who were responsible for the initiating of such an undertaking had great vision. They must have had great belief in the richness of our resources and in the ahility of our people to develop those resources. Certainly they had great faith in the potential power of the institution they were planning. Has this faith heen justified? Certainly in terms of economic returns the application of research carried on in whole or in part at our University, together with the guidance to many sectors of our economy which has emanated from the University have returned many times the investment ol the people. But must a university justify itself on economic grounds? Or indeed can it? lxlust not the justification rather come from ideals generated. from minds opened. from hopes emhraced, from consciences quiclcened? "Youth" said an eminent American justice, nhas cast doubts on our policies. challenged our inarticulate major premises, put the light on our prejudices and exposed our inconsistencies. Youth has made each generation indulge in self examination." If experience at our Uni- versity has prepared students and graduates to hetter perform this role then indeed has the faith of the founders, the faithfulness of those who have carried on and the support of the people been justified. lvlay I talfe this opportunity of extending hest wishes to the students and graduates of 1956. W. S. LLOYD, Minister of Education. ' 'U' The President W. P. THOMPSON, MA., Ph. D., DSC F.R.S.C. 1 Din-dnr ol ilu- Silioo 1. w. T. gmxxs NIBE.. B,Sf.. PHD. fLonfl0nl, F.R.S.C, Dann ol ilu- Collvgc ol Cvracluatc Slurlies HJ. F. LEDDY lbnili l,iH., fS.T.F.X.7 Dvzm ol flu- Chili-gp nl Ailx ziml Srirricc MISS HAZFI. KEELER B.A. lbnslyl. lxlfx. fC0l.l. R.N. Dircdor ol Nursing Education NV. B. BAKITR BSA. QSiisk.J Agriculturc' A. C. NIFFOXVN BSC. AAC!-alan! I0 ilu- Pr!-Qirlr-nl Arting Donn ul' Eclilfnlim VV. MarI-EOD B.Sf., HD. fN1iGi F.R.C.P.. F.A.CP. Dvan ol ilu' Collcgv ol' lvlvclicinc n , 4 Q I. 31. FRASER B,Sr. fNIfGilU Dmn of Engincz-ring 'N XV. C. YNIHCAULEY P. lsaslnl, fVl.Sf'. fpimluvl Dean ol' tlir' Collr-gc ol Pliarmacy sf. MISS HOPEAI IUNT BA. lTor.l, Mm: QCQH. llxlinirl Dvan ol tllf' Collvgc- ol Housvliolcl Science F. C. CRONKITE MA., LLB. lHarv.l. LL.D. CU.B.C.l. QC. Dean of tlic College ol Law T. H. FRLFOD BA. fBrnnrlonl. NIA. flnclianal. N'I.P.A. fHarx'arcll Dvan ol llir- Collvifrf ol Conimr-rrr' V. E. GRAHAM B.S.A. fSask.l. NLS.. Ph.D. lxvisconsinl Dean ol ilu- College ol Agriculture REV. O, K. STORALASLI. BA.. B,TI1.. 5I.Th., b.TD. President of Lulller l'ATHl.lx O DOINNILL. Principul ul N. Tlmmus .""3'5 lx'lm'v College Theological Seminary 'QQ' D. J. GRAHAM Bursar GARTH lx"1fl,JOXxYAAI-L, Dircvlor, Xvurrlen of Qu'Appelle Hull REV. E. J. TREUSCH. BA., BD. , Dean of Lutheran College MISS NIA RYNCNHAFN'IARD BN. Domestic SllfJUl'lYllt'flLlI'lll ff, BERNADINE BUJILA. BA., B.Ed., MA., PhD. Dean of xvomen SI. Tlwmas lxlore College HRS. E. M. PAYNE Vvurzlen of S0slZGfCh0lUOTl Hull NORMAN lx. CRANI BA., BEA. Regislrar pn REV. R, S. DEAN. B.D.. IWTI1.. DD. Principal of Emmanuel College JOHN P. C. l. RROR Business lwanager R. F. SCHNELL. NIA.. PLD. Prinripal of Sf. Anflreufs College TI'lC CIIHHCCIIOT F. HEDLEY ALILD, BI.B.E., LL.D F.A.I.C. Chairman of the Boarcl of Governors C1 H. XVHITINC H. E JOHNS NIA.. H. H. FLRNS, B.A.. PHD., F.R.B.Ci Ph.D. Physics Jxlalllvlnulics, Director of qu u r S fool J. B. HARRINC-TON. B.S.A.., Nl.Sf.. PI1.D. fiom Husbunrlry NJ. P. TOOMBS. MA.. INJ.Ed. Eclucation G. XV. SIMPSON. BA., MA., Ph.D.. History M. SHAVV. B.Sc. M.Sr.. Ph.D. Biology .2 D. S. RAXVSON. BA, Ph.D.. F.R.S.C. Biology C. A. MNC. BA.. MA.. Pl1.D. ITIIQIJCII. FACULTY L. KATZ. M.Sr., PHD.. F.R,S.C. Physrcs T. C. VANTERPOOL. MSc PHD.. F.R.S.C. Bloloqy FCOIIOHIJCQ ' V. C. FOXVKE, MA. D. L. GIBSON. NIBIQ., B.S..'X., NIS-. PLD. Dairy Sfionfz- E. A. NQCOVRT, BA.. NIA. English B. XV. CURRIE, NLS PHD., F.R.S.C. Physics J. V. BATIZBI.-XX. MA., PILD. Pfzilosophy T. J. ARNASON MSc., PHD. Biology 'VIISS HIIDLX A B BROXVN 'VID G XV SNIELGROVE MISS MABEL TIMLIN. N BA MA PhD BA.. PhD.. F.R.S.C. n Economics VV. J. RAE. BSA MSC. Poultry W-A-f"" S FULTON DVS Dmrector of Animal Dlseases Laboratory G M XVYANT M D H Van VLIET M Sc L. B. JAQUES. M.A C E MILLER M A F F A R C Q F A C A rar Mu lagemenf Pl1.D.. Ph D F I C A Physiology lwalhemahcs M. ADASKIN Mlisic J. NV. GERRARD. B.A.. G. NV. REA, MB.. B.C'h.. C. TRACY. PLA., PhD. Dfw., DJVI.. D.P.H., B.BaCi. English Nl.R.C.P. Bacteriology Pvcliairifi --fwwqaqy.. R. D. RAMSAY, BSA., HILDA NEATBY, M.A.. R. N. H. HASLAM, MA.. J. M. BELL. USA., M.Sr.. MS. PILD., LL.D. PHD.. I".R.S.C'. PHD. Exlcnsion Dvparlmcni Hislory Physics Animal Husbandry xvdrg .j'llFN'x Ev MISS MURRAY E. M. NANSON. M.B., D. C. APPELT, M.A.. I. M. HILLIARD, B.A Library CILB., F.R.C.S. A.B.L.S. MD.. F.R.C.P. Surgery Librarian Nlvrliririo MARGARET CAMKRON E. XV. SPENCER, MD., C H. ANDRUSYSHEN. C. R. FORSBERG. BA., M.A.. D. df- l'Univ. D.M.R. M.A., PhD. MSC. fparisf French Diagnoslic Racliology Slavonic Sluclivs Enginvcring G. E. BRITNELL, BA.. L. HA., PHD., F.R.S.C. Economics G. SALNDIQRS, NIS PHD. Biology E. JONES, NIA. Drama P. SCHERK. PLD.. Ix'7lltllC'l1lClHCS XV. E. LOVELI-, BSc., IQ E lflvflriral lEf1f1il1l'f'fi7lfI ,l. Q, RLNIPIL, NLS.. PHD. Biology J. B. -3 IAXYDSLIDY, A fNl.B.I.,, Bb,-., PhD., lf.R.S.C. Gvology C. D, STEXVART. BSc. Agricultural Enqinvvring KJ R. T. COl,7Pl-:XXD. BSA.. PHD Ijlllllf lfrulrzgy PHD., l'4.R.S.L'. fwlwlnislry , 3IfCALl.l Nl. 31.5. C 5. Nlf.jRTIIl'R, BA., 31.5-:.. PHD. Biurllcrnislry A. B. VAN C'l.lfAVlQ. NI Sf Ph D Cllvlnislrv I.. In xx Hmlolzl.. LL.B,, QC. 1.GlU A. ANSTENSEN, M.B.l MA.. Ph.D. Gt'fHlU!l UNIVERSITY HYMN Sing for Saskatchewan, And let your song ring out, And rise for Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan we shout. Think of the clays youyve known, Inside the Greystone walls, Then rise for Saskatchewan, Give your song, your Heart, your alt. fxvorcls and Blusic by Neil Harris, E K I 94 2 ii' 1 wa C9 ,,,.r,:-.xx ,,f .1-xxx Sk Q ,.... :safe af, ,,,,. egmymfa. 'lf Qf-.P 3' . xd' 'fo A V- campu MEMURIAL GATES ,,,g, ,... - .... . . ,, A . W K I ' ' vii'---'W-4"M-'N--N,,,, ,M,,,,,,,,,,,W W- v-f-MP ?f'F?7'T?37 M ' M' PT' H' "m1 F' if 'WY?7S??X?1K" ADMINISTRATIUN BUILDING II: Y I If I1 IT. Ia.: - '-Y QI E E Y Ili ,pr EIA' CHEMISTRY BUILDING 4 . I LMI A ., V, . M, - h YW, ,. A,-I V W, I n I I V I ' I Q I I I ' Q-My--M .M PHYSICS BUILDING ENGINEERING BUILDING ,, gy, fg:., any n 53,-ff2'1,3'i:F"u:Qi'f:.', . fi? 'I fw I FIELD HUSBIINDRY BUILDING LLL" 4 I SGHDDL DF AGRICULTURE BUILDING , . SDILS AND DAIRY BUILDING UN VERSITY HUSPITAL MEDICAL BU LDING QU'APPELLE HALL SASKATCHEWAN HALL 17 Ghhxuhnwb Cllg ST. ANDREWS 00LI.EGE EMMANUAL COLLEGE - ' U " 9'1f4f?45T.:':???' 'T ' fwffsfz '--:fm Qui Iv -5- gg-Q gg It ' fF 'Q K ,E . ' I -1 V 1 , V ,- , . -I y I 'G-. I . if , , '- ' v-'Z-:f'f:1'., 4. - .- ' - 3.50 -- ' .. not -J i'i'3i'I-'Ai --, W. " f' , . I 'X ': . . I ' 1 - nf - H-In 'II , . - V .- I HJ- f-ngk, , -s , ,, , .: ' I fg l'dj,- 1 :qw A552 num, 35242: In -. WH, 5. ,,. ,. J vu, U .,... . V Q , X - ,,,..,,. 5 M hh ,u,'HH' ll ,..-1. ... ,..... :LQ .ltgvl yifvg' 31555 , MI,-5A.::,1..,.,,',, ,:ji.y,.,. .,,. . ..:...u,,, . .. V .- A qv. .rtzilggragszsf ,J-ffiiii'-J.-115233 , ' ., I ..-, wgx- ,- ,- 55.9 - 55-,,,--,-1:7 . .vnu-I. .-.b5:,5:.,.?-,. .5.3.-,pry v-.Vw - A I -, , ' , 'fr 'sw nw- ii" Ps? vw my- -'Q-"S ., . , . . ,. -- F4 in lis ug ,,. .. , . , ' f "N: "-::. .I - . ll" , .' ff. II :C 2 ' ' ' 4 -U .Simi-,tn dau- ,In 521,35 I u H V ' d -I ---A- ' A -' -' " - Q -,al , t V, ills. .-',Lf , i.......... M 1, I gf , ' 8.21. NATIONAL RESEARCH COUNCIL LI-,KNPIF OBSERVATORY PRESIDENT'S RESIDENCE gin LIBRARY SHEPTYTSKY INSTITUTE me-, " -M ' v,f-fy E I . . , GREEN HOUSES CAMPUS BUILDINGS ll 9 Minh 555 EEE EES fn .N Ny, wx 'IES I 'N 1 I NA A Sql- ., s .' . , W? 17 x .Xx x I w.-J B wi i" Akx . A x . ffffwigkgvkfisw '- - I A'.V A V 'A'- 'f Q I I I I I Qsaamm - 4 ' , ' In 'Sf' '.' ,' , I ,, . - ' 1 :. --Q- I A ' 1 H iiiillliil W, I I , I , I m1!!'1gp gHQ .. ,., ...J I 2- I. ,..A S. f I 'Q ,- I I I .,, S' GYM I PowER HOUSE gn ff lLFWlI l .I I, ,, I A ..., v.,, .. ,, ifgglgu Qin- l xg! ug ff RW b ' I l 'Sw -:,::..1-551173. 1 ,Elk C 3 5 VIRUS LABORATORY 'U Riff 'fwflfi I U l mfg 5.2. :r , Q R I :his-31:1-a sc: ga g. , 2+-'as aw ,ww - fam NURSES' RESIDENCE I A WFMESESWB7 NQTETI 1-V4lxla1.fq'-g?f'g,f,. -A .fx jj F ..,, ..,, ., I...,,,'+.-x- , . ' W , . X N. . -'-tx Rx . S - 1. Wx M 20 S.T.M. ' XSL- -Q HANGAR L J ff'..'.1x1EQ 1 H I 1-U - 'A ',',,cwZa'sz: -N 1 ,, ..l5.,,.,x ll' 1,931.23 Nx Au , n. QS SQ: 5 1.11111 fjy nw PM '?'gl5..: - . as qiwfro SV-'Ad . Pg, 5-.lg . . K. 21.51 9 1: 1 1 41-f.., Z'-'H5 157 Rm 1215: 'QF J 1 if 1 G Y f 1 . ft I' ' r Qi THE FIGHT SUNG Fight, fight. fight for tile clear oict Green and White. Saskatclnewan, our University. Ami it's shout, stiout, shout and let your voice ring out, For SUSIQLUCIIOUTCIII, our University. We'il rise to a man, be it win or lose or draw. And CIICQI' 0161 Alma twater with a H111-fGIlfl'Cl'l.' For Deo Patrie our mottwr strong and free- Sasteatctzewan our University-Rafi! . vlvln , ,,,. Is- ,. .,-.-, I , , .,, ina 4' V , PY I .4 .IS ' I -Q i if 'j1'1 .13. ' if Q TQ , I A ' 4. fl 5 JIM SPOONER VVALLY TARNOPOLSKY GLENN I7LATIfN KEITII CQVIELLO LAXVRENCE GELLI-TA RGCIIO W.U.S.QI. Grvyslune p.R.O. Graystone S ,-- I 5 DON JUNK Secrelnry K ,H I, , . ,If f:f2 ,H S f DICK LANE N,F.C.U.S. 'kvq I N 'l I N NN I S I 7 N""' .ff I BILL LORAN S.T.M. . " " X, ' "N I XX A t fi." li. RUBY XVAKABAYASIII DipIornu Nurses :..,. DICK SPENCER Presiclent DAVE STOLLAR Sheuf BILL MATHESON IIIVEGSIITPI' Si M, ROSS VVHEATON Mifdicinc QQ' 1 fwsx LILL Q' , 'IQ7 Sig DIQRIZK HILL LEO MORGAN VIVIAN IVIMKENZIE JACK CAMPBELL Education Law Home Economics Engineering IN DI 'X M ' v,!, I , " ' My BART TURNER MURRAY CROW IVIYRNA NEEDHAIVI BOB CONROY WALTER MILLS M.U.B. Debating VV.A.B. Social Drama 5? f 6. W r f I I.. GENE BURCHILL DON VINCE Music M-A-B. MARNIE PATRICK W.A.S.A. ISOBEL ERWIN Vicopresident A ff 'WE Q? 1,5 -sf-1 f-5:-M-4s,s1M1-si? 1 I SAIVI FILER GLENN ASH Radio and Commerce Emmanuel IAN PHILIP RONALD MOAR NORIVI BRAY HANK SCHAPPERT ROSS IRVINE Sl. Andrew's School of Agriculture Agriculture IW.A.S.A. PI1armaCY ., UP' 11- - pzf 'Y , , Wx DENNIS HORGAN D G IVI RIE OU cRO Enginvering AgriCuIIure ELAINE POLOVNIKOFF NV.A.S.A. BART. TURNER Pharmacy 5,1 . N , 1 , I 5 DICK LANE Director DARYL KUCHINKA M.A.S.A. IR? 5 Yi A., f ' - jg. Q. I 'I xx x zf I Z I Igg, ..,1 ,J-Q... 'Ni ., 5 Ii W -I I -s-Isfbhlid ' , X- JACQUIE HODGES DON KENT BILL PEARSON IVIARG. BAXTER NUFSIYIQ' Education SI. AncIrew's Home EC. :N I .X " 'vu' ' vw """S" J BILL SHANK AGPcTHA.TRIAP 4 BRYAN LEDINGHAM RAY KUTZ SI, AmIrcw's IVI0cIicinc4 ' ' . I ECOUIHIDTCC - , S,T.INI. UB VV. P. THOMPSON GARTH McDOWELL President Director of HIC Memorial Union Building PROF. A. C. MCEONVN WALTER BRICE BART TURNER Chairman DICK SPENCER PROF. G. R. SCHMIDT UB BOB JACOBSON RUDY GITTENS ' 'A1.sea1A'ceNmocncAL soc1E'rY BOB POPE L Wi "Q, ' E -fir : . if 1 iff: sf -' V I -Q2 , , 'iiiifli' DAVE STOLLAR Editor -Tf,57-T ,i v. -v :f , -gi, ,, x t 1 X ' 1, A me L f A 4, ii' ' - ' L .- , xl 5 g. 1' of sw-is f g Q A , X ,fi . N---o.. "xt.:- '35 - - Q . 6 Q27 -X tk ' ' -t:...: x..,. 1' - .,-. 2 :.'.:.-Yi: 1. ., xt' A x X t:.t1e:s, . Nsgew., - ' se X . , t . , . RX X Ns . ,L A . f 1 gi f . i 1 I - - 2- .f Q DOUG. SAC-l LILY MAZURKIE DUFF SPAFFORD LYNN ARNASON ALBIN DOUGHTY Contributing editor News editor Assistant news editor Associate features editor Sports editor 9-'His' swf DENNIS DOLL CLARA ZEMESUKOFF LYNN WARNER DAXVN REIMER LEONA GAUDET Assistant sports editor Editorial-features editor Associate Features editor Reporter Reporter EUNICE DAFOE Nm-ws Rvporlvr JACK SCIIREINER Nmxs Rcporh-r CAROL STEDNIOND Nvws Report:-r RAE PARKER Nmxv: R1-purh-r BILL DEVERELL Nr-ws Rvporir-r ALICE RENDLK N'I.1Iu'up HEATIIER GRIITITII Spark Rvpurlvr MARIE LENZ Sports Rr-portvr BARB BROXYN Nou 5 Rvporlvr BRIAN XVILLOXVS Sport: Rvportf-r BILL BROXYN IJImtugrnpI1cr BOBS CALDXVELL PImIograpIxcr DOUG BLACK IJIwlugrupI1cr NIAX FRIEBEL PIxotograpI1c-r DAVE VAXVTER PI1otogmpIufr NORINI REED PI1otograpI1c-r NIORLEY BEARD pI1otograpI1r-r ict Nm S XX PROF. ADASKIN Musical Director A X - 5 smirk 1:5 J ,N :. ,: M. N:.,.. . ,.,., W k,,, M ,... N GENE BURCHILL President - Music Directorate PAUL KIRKBECK Stage Manager SARS NAGLE Stage Director .X NIARNIE PATRICK nlvlilzi Kranzn PETER SCOTT "Christian Krunzu GLEN JOHNSON A'Baron Scllobern DICK GRAYBURN "Set Design and Conslruclionl' EDYTHE BENNETT ULU BPIIKIIJTIUIIIH BOB BURCHILL 'IVOQIH GRAYDON GOULD HC0unl ScI1arnlI10ff" SYLVIA ELVIN "Costume Mislress" .,.,,i,.A,,i i iu My K I bn... xr ,f JACK VVESTERBERG BOB KLOMBIES Advertising and Business lkfanager Program blanager 6-. , Q-A 'X 4 ROD TONILINSON "Fran: Schubert" XYALT KOSTYSHYN "Von Sl'Illl'il'1dU DON SMITH "Kuppelweis0r" CHRIS GIRGULIS Co-stagehdireclor 29 A,,. ,i.A 52 N-A ,X ff S W r , y r :"' ':"- Q r X 0 11 A,EE,,1, A 'Q P f if WN i-QMS? ' if ROBERTGK KINNON xx ASA Director "N" 'Q x K. NN. XX f ir . QW? 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ADAMS Alumni Alumni A. C. MfEOXVN Director , 2 ri? A R5 0 .IUI IN I-,-XXV KIIITII COVIELLO N QQ 5. '3' Q STAN Tl 'REK ' Q11 czl-icmfzli LIPSITIT ef ' , 1 N , , f 3 - QQ R - .. . , . I - I 39 Sf? 'af 5, .,,,.,s. f' 4-'THQ If JO! IN LIPSIQTT BARRY TIBBITF W NWN? Dlil. BIAICXVITIT GORDON PLAXTON 'Y' N . '.. - '4 . A , mf, Q. An S. 13 -f 4 1 if-vw. R ' J Q N Axmm-iw CAMPBELL ICIIIUN MARSHALL 'Hifi X 'V L',: jf' X 1 X 2 f A "HW"' Q15 Wd' 'E' X 53 with V4 1. MYRNA NEEDHANI Director 2. MISS J. D. CREARY Faculty 3. Mrs. JOYCE STANNARD Faculty 4. GRACE JASPER 5- JOAN BENSON 6- ISOBEL ERVVIN 7. HELEN SMITH 8. JILL BUTTERY 9- MARIE MADUKE BILL HILL LARRY KOTURBASH ROLLIE MUIR Hiiicup Chairman BOB BURCHILL MASA IVIcGoun Cup Chairman Agriculture CLARA ZENIESUKOFF Arts debating MURRAY CROVV Di rector FAYE FELSTRONI Nursing DAVID SHAVV XX XI TVR FAPQUHRRSO Emmanuel St Andrew RAI PH PEWDLETONJ AL IRVING Medicine School oI Agnc . iw ' V +- A ,W .,, Y - ' 1. 6.5. -.4 K ,4f.,,:-,M ,f.,..' 1 Y ..,, . 35' . Q" - 2:32 ,' 325, .. Lf, iw! 5' isiff 131- A-:,.g r " , .HQ .i .WT f ilu- 1 U , W "A , ,2 5.15 A fs.. , fi .-Lf . . , ,. - -,ju-KH U. +-1-A .,t,f,-,C , Lf - fs.-. b X,-A -.,. 1, k.. X ,f -vw..-x, - . --,g,- A f Y ww "al, f gm, - -- . r i . A if X-, Ayr- ' .UQ ,f..,1 'Nl L3 , K sz iv., -3.59.4 fu-'41 aibffff SHN ,. , ,,y.,J.,fu N, T 3 ,.w,,. .gl-T - .-,,,,f,: ..V. ,Y A.,..- . . 23-5,-.-,-,aa ' 1- Q'-W1'111 ., . A , .,.,f,..-e..K ..ef. .,":J.,",. . - ,- -0595 .r 4. , - T, - QA3'fg.u-fx-.f3i'j' 211' , ' -f ' -3 1 . - ' ,PZ F . lx .Left td' F- Mkqg Af A, Lynne Warnkr, WASA 'LA H Ddn Milne. SL A's ,iii 1fg'::-Wiifpilcn Sundquisf. Q. xx A f ,Voc Ags ? 7 Ea 'e,,Bil!,qQr. Luther ' iii!! .BSf12Ms.a.aL:,H:ma.. EC A L, .JQ1,nA'Baeg 1v1Aspf A ,Kg U Stabn Auclettc. Pharmacy D 'Jim Dolgin. Commerce "1 --f'1'BettyALepine., Q, - 1 Engincvgiirg 1 A 3. 9.40.52 ' 2 -pvifi 0. Q ?i:f3'KA14Efigg-Zaliohl A 1 'T 'KV' , A In Ev' Kind AQ7IiCHl!li,f8 kg ' . Yissinq: 'A 1. 1 A fNut5i iz5 7ffifiTfa'-'A yfff , , ?15 5771.5 H 'A' ' H , el 'rcin' ' ,f N x ' h sg ,x 'R U . ' N an - , WTSOH? A V . ' .I - Enxrnariue . 1 t - J .,st.MHdiaefxn ..', . Q . if D- lg' 5 w I J- 4 r .r P' . 1 ' , . "f - , .., s ' V J 1 :xc mr- 5 , . I ' . ...4- . J. . 11 gSH:.:+R'byg,1Hfa1Fmn.fLmv .ff 5 , ., A A A Ma-A 6' . , X x- ' St n . , ! 1 Z P x . , ty .X f Q ' v 7 ,. -x.-.1 . 1 :1 -.,g1 A .II . ...J ix . 'i. 'Aw ' z-L, Ai Q' 1 W 1 -up I F n 'x 1. . f f,-En: "'5QOU. rn 'gf' r'i"' 1. 1 44315 ,www If if 'T-'SVA . J. Q fl 1 fi . 1 1 37 J . .2-'ix 'ef 'Q I 'I L 155. .T-7' . .. 4 5, QQ" J C x V I aww -cv .rl , . S. .-I p x .- -' 1 .J-. X b .:.L5:f:5'5y, ' .wx NO PHOTO lib, f' J. 41 ,, .1 ISOBEL ERWIN President BETTY ORGE Education RUBY WAKABAYASHI Nursing PAT VVERLE Ho THE EC JOY TRELEAVEN Eclucalion ADELAIDE BOVVDEN COUITUCTCP BEI I Y-JUNE DOVVN Arts 'veg' , "'ff3'E'ff 3',-A ,. 'ff xc' 1 X 14' 5 -Q Wi?" xf 'a ' 2 K x if 'thai' Q. if-5 5 , -..,,f f-nu - , -1. .-- W- ,- ., 4,- f , , ., -f if ffffizy- 5, ,, ,R N55 W. ,ff f-1.1-fw- '- agri, .,12'g2fV5f?Q11g 3- 'VZ W V 2-T -.fs ,.,5gg,,-1---.M 4- ' 51':Q-Q-J'f'?i'Q -wL:5"f7Qfg --an 22.- fi? , - K 9- at .xx, -N X 5: K , .1 V. -: gp, 31. if ' 'nl-am", ff 'B-5 -.-,g2:'?. --.,-A PM ,A ,im fw 4 . ,vw ' .iw Y -pb wp-. f, ,- Jlffx A "Q-:gg N w 'x Qu. ix fs: x W ,X xx v .54 1 55,5 M: he Q 1 Ml , . P GK me 'S " W al' 'SY Qrltgil ff' . 3 ,fm '..?'vf KATHERINE GOOS HAZEI PATTERQON Degrr-e Nursing P -lrz a x .JOAN BENSON Arts LOFVI-IE ZIOLKONVSKI Lab Tr-rh NIARNIE PATRICK Arls JANET DERBY Education ELLEN NEATBY Arts ' JEAN CHRISTIE Education SAM FILER Director JIM SPOONER Director UNIVERSITY RADIO DENIS FITZ GEORGE MERCHANT -I Q' I 5' ef' Q7 , I Ef 3. + I K' ,Y?"9'5 '-f 4. E . ., -I ii.-YG 'EFI' -vw, , ., .T . 1 , vague- . , I .5 x F! i, fer ' X 11' f' LYLE SNIORDIN BOB NIITI 'I II QI.I, I I I QS 9 XR if ' f' STAN Ili JI ,IYNIAN 'Q lf N umm' G.-XLE u.-ff JOAN TURNER JOHN KING SILAS HALYK 15 3,4 ' - if j f if L . LIZ LONVRY STEPHEN HALL I ,. I,I,Q Q5 ELEANOR CAMPBELL PETER SOROKAN NIARLEEN HAYES TERRY COLIN I , 5'-16573 ' .4150 THD" PETER FEDLN ED PIAST.-X I ., ,..-X 7 "wf?'?f?:-t'r"W ,X 'V-Av di Ill' LEO LUBIN or , 7 f 4,. , .-1-A f 72 'wr 4 Hs? 'UW' f f W DR. R. PATON HEATHER GRIFFITH Committee Committee ..432-33---,KL-:ggi,,:2"-""' ff: L 'iw ' ' 'N til ,ag :K gummy r eee,,e L 'W' Y -,.: h. f MW' ,, e e DICK LANE DEL TREW NFCUS Education TARNOPOLSKY Director .-,-' f- 4-:Q 3.11 il -L-: i v ' xx .1-:A ft to Nmff I gg i - ' rt, A fkfsf 'gf or t L L I , ,..,. ,.-. . .A V52 'Q" GLEN NARFASON STANLEY GOLD MAN Engineering MASA MQ.. f " vt-' Lt.. :L xfg---,.,L, L wt six x f Q 5- m of 9 N, ' 4 I A l A E .FR JOHN PRIEST PAT SEARLES MARGARET BAXTER Emmanuel WASA Home Ea. "fSN:NW"Gx t Sw? .h LS 1- " f .t,. , at 2 A csc: KALLER BILL PEARSON ED FLYNN OLIVE Pr-:ART Gracie St. Anoirew's Commerce Arts f . - , K . . .4-'?f5..ikf' 1 Q , , i .Q , ,.,. I ,. ,,:.:rQN,.,,:?is... 4 ., ., ..,... . ..,.,.L .,..,.. t . M1 To all of those who graciuate from the College of Agriculture this year- Congratulations. To those who expected to graciuate anti riici not-Sympathyl it is aireaciy evicient that we will -gracluate fewer students this year than in any year since 1947. it is unfortunate that we will have so few graciuates when there seems to he a large ciemanci for the services of agricultural scientists. The demand is estimated at about 360-the supply at ahout 300, and the starting salaries all at an all-time high level. This cioes not mean that every -graciuate who waves his BSA. cliploma at a prospective employer is going to he hirecl on the spot. Mental ahility, good jucigment. the ability to size up the join to he done anti then cio it, will he factors which your prospective employer will try to evaluate. From the standpoint of the graduate I woulci suggest that it is more important to choose a position in which you are interested anci to which you can -give enthusiastic attention, than in searching for the one which will give you the largest starting salary. On behalf of the Faculty I extenci congratulations and hest wishes to all of you who have heen successful in jumping the hurdles anci have heen awarcieci the B.S.A. degree. V. E. GRAHAM. agriculture . , ' mi ,Z . , 7,.. ,,,, 'L iff? A if ,J I, ,haf or. -"3 2 . , M wi I F, as , P . 45 1 -I - 'S f ' fi3'Jff """' . gt1....,., X?vg:::::.:5,: wi-Q E .. 3 N - it I .aw I V i .. 3 -, .- - A -.1 I1 ., My all gal 3 If Bm .Q-" 4' -u ' gigs., s , V' , ,.S, .Q N fl . V I """ - gg 1 R Q , I . . ' .. . i if Y . H53 .. :+.,,.,.v 3 4 ,ng YL. -015' :wr mtl'-.x. NNW .. '- A ,Ma A :NW Q2 in mr? ', 'W W '17' 0 K. . K ig, .. x sf , Q fi new Q Q if 'N' Y la if ,,.-ig ln "se" I I WT? Y -'WR ,X ' 'mg S55 BLENVETT. DELBERT G. Togo Sports clirector, Bean feed, Agro sliow, Torch race, Track ancl lielcl. Soccer. Bowling, Volleyball, Baslcetlaall, Curl- ing, Hoclcey, VVaterpolo, President Intramural lVlen's AtI1Ietic Board, Agro band, Varsity Varieties. BRAY. NORMAN ROBT. McLean A.S.A. President '55-'56, Slweal rep., Delaating, Sports. Raclio, Operetta, McKenzie Cup team, Hill Cup winners. Nlanager U ol S Boxing Clula. CAMPBELL. .I. RONALD Lumsclen Curling, I'IocI4ey, Traclc and lielcl, Badminton. Field Day converfor, Plciotograpliy, Soccer. CARLSON. CHAS. NVIVI. Milestone lntervarsity Wrestling, Hoclicy, Bowling. COUTTS, ROBERT RAYMOND Marengo Soccer. Curling. Hoclicy, Bowling. Pulolic Speaking. FLATEN. GLEN Yveylvurn Ist year rcp. '52-'53, Vice-Pres. A.S.A. '53-'54, Agro lielcl clay clircctor '54-'55, Grf-ystonc Eclitor '55-'56, Bowl- ing. GRANT. CARRY IAN Saskatoon Curling, Bowling. Bowman Bros. Scliolarsliip in Field Huslgaanclry. GUTHEIL. CLARENCE R. Lang Horlicy, Curling. Bowling, Sucre-r, Agro Sliow, Bowling manager. HARDY. DALE ' Midule Bowling, Husky Homlwy. Soccer, HQOD, HENRY Wolseley Hoqlicy, Pulnlic' spcaliing-GilJs0n tropliy. JOHNSON. DAVID A. Hanley lxlemlmcr Clwampion Boat Racing team, Bowling, Curling, Soccvr, I'IOCIiPy, Buslic-Ilmll. Agro lilancl, Agro sliow clircctoratc. KIDD, JAMES R. Vandura Hoclicy. Curling. Soccer, Bowling. LADOLICEUR, DENIS A. Soslzatoon Bowling. Socrf-r, Agro sliow, GIGS CIUIJ, Prosiclcnt '54- '55 Newman Camera LANE, RICHARD JOHN Sasleuloon Senior Stick '50, Vice-Pres. '54-'55, Dr-Eating rep., AIC.-S.l.A. 5 S.A.G.A. rep. '55-'56, Hill Cup clclmtc fliairman. Pulwliritv rlirf-ctor ol Bloocl Drive ancl ol Debating, lxlcmlacr ol S.R.C. ancl N.F.C.LI.S. cliair- man. LI.N.T.D., Soni-r. Hoclicy. LEISLE. DAVID lxlorse Curling, Bowling. INICRORIE. HOXVARD'D. Avonlea Hoflacy, Curling. N.IT.C.I..I.S.. A.S.A.. Xvinncr ol I'Ioary Hairy Hair Raising Tropliy. NAC-LE, PATRICK SARSFIELD Saskatoon Ops-rc-tta. Graystone Tlioatrc-. College Nights. Varsity Varieties. PROTZ. RICHARD Hiiblmrfl Hoclccy. Soccer, Bowling, Curling, Vollvyliall, Entrance Scliolarsliip. SVENSON. JOHN B. Agro Sliow. Curling, Bowling, Soccer, Agro Isancl. Yorlzton Saskatoon Agro Sliow. Fit-Id clay. VVARNER. ROBERT Benny Huskies Hoclccy. Sulfur. Tornli race. XVELLS, RUSSELL IZNIERSON Senluc Bowling. Rillr- Cluli. Curling. Llnclorgracl Scliolarsliip. F. J. Fcar Siliolarsliip in soils. XVHITNEY, II. STUART Bowness, Alm. Swimming. Batlminton. Bowling, Agro sliow, A.S.A. Secretary. ZALINKO. RUSSELL PERCY Viceroy Bowling. Curling. Holler-y. Soon-r, Tug-O-Xvar. Volley- ball, Bean Foccl. Float Committee, Agro Brass Bancl. Morale Boostrr. Nlusic Director, Agro Sliow. ACTON. CLIFF. 2ncI year ACTON. DON. 5rd year BANFORD. JIM. 3rd year BODE, FRANK. lst year BOVVIVIAN, LES. lst year BRADLEY, BILL. 2ncI year BIUXSSARD. ROLAND. 2nd year BRISTOVV. DUANE. lst year BROVVN, DOUG. 3rd year CHRISTENSEN. DAVE. 2nd year CLAYTON, ORRIN. 2ncI year CLINE. ELLIS. 2ncI year DAVIS, XVILF. lst year DAY. CHUCK. 3rcI year DURUSSELL, HARRY. 2ncI year EHNIAN. DENNIS. 2nd year ERFLE, JAIVIES. 3rCI year ENVAN, KEN. 5rd year FARRELL, GLENN. lst year FISHER, LEONARD. lst year FISHER, LORNE. lst year GELLETA. LAVVRENCE. 3rd year GILL. MILTON. Ist year GILLILAND. JACK. lst year GOEHRING, HARVEY. 3rd year GORRILI... 'lnci year GRAY. TED. 2ncI year HAIVIILTON, DON. lst year HART. ELNVOOD. 2nfI year HARTLEY, JIIVI. 2ncI year HARVEY. BRYAN. lst year HAUPSTEIN, ELVIN. 2ncI year 2ncI year HLECK. GORDON. lst year IFE, GEORGE. lst year JACKSON. TOM. 3rcI year JEANNEAU, JOS. 'ford year KING. EV. 2nd year KOTURBASH. LARRY. 5rcI year LaCROIX. LUCIEN. 3rcI year LAWRENCE, DONNA. lst year LEIVIIEUX. CLAUDE. lst year Leminerg Lembcrg Eastenci Nipawin VVI1itewoocI Regina Paraciise I'IiII Strongiicid Avoniea Saskatoon Saskatoon Zelma VVI1itewoocI Grand Couiee Francis Craik Ernioid Aiamecia Tomkins SiIton Siiton PreeceviIIe Leacier Saskatoon Langiniaerg Buiyea VVeyIJurn I'IanIey Punnicixy Ogoma Saskatoon Saskatoon IVIarkincI1 Errglefeld Steep Creek Indian Heaci Prudiiomme RocanviIIe Rama St. Louis IVIapIe Creek Prince AIIJert LEVEE, ROY. 3rcI year RacIviIIe LINTON. JOHN. 2ncI year Browning LOWNDES. GLEN. 3rd year Keivington IVICBEATH. DOUG. 3rd year Caigary, AIta. IVICKAY, GERALD. lst year Cileviot IVIARQUARDT, RON. 2ncI year I'IigI1 Prairie. AIta. IVIAYELL. BOB. 2ncI year Regina IVIIDDLETON, BOB. 2nd year AIJernatI1y MILNE, GRANT. ard year Baliearres IVIUNRO, DOUG. 3rcI year Renown MURRAY, KEN. 2nd year Saskatoon MYERS, DICK. 2nd year IVIapIe Creek NUTTALL, XNES. 2ncI year Pense me V li- fi 9 ,d y .V.,,V, . ig f Li A . ,re ,I 4 5 2: . 1' . 4 ' 455 'f-E' ez. in A .-- ' L .. .:A1, is ea "Q " A A "::: . , M Q S5 W 'W . 1' 'Elffff' ev, M, ie-HW 'fe' 'Q' 1 48 l ' i ,aff , W fi y 'Wx he M119 5 A 001+- K . , Mun e' ig' 2 O'BERTOS. GEORGE. lst year Radisson PETRUIC. JOHN. Ist year Avonlea PICKERING. ROGER. Ist year Leslie PLAXTON. GORDON 5rd year Prinee Albert PROTZ, ANTON. 2nd year Hubbard RACZ. GEZA, lst year Kipling ROSE. BARNEY. lst year Saskaioen SCHNIIDT, LAVVRENCE. Qncl year Regina SCHLLTZ. DALE. Qncl year Osage SEITZ, EUGENE. Brel year Zelrner SHORT, ALLAN. lst year Nledstead SPARLING, LORNE. 2nd year Laiord SPRATF. ED. 2nd year Davidson SURJIK, VIC, lst year Yerleien THIESSEN. HENRY. 2nd year Letlibrielge. Alia. THOMSEN, GORDON. 2nd year Carlyle TONILINSON. THURSTON. lst year, Prince Allueri XVASYLYSHYN, FRED. lst year Gorlitz XVHITEHEAD, JOAN. lst year Saskatoon XVISMER. XVARREN. lnrl year Cullinile WOLOSHYN, DON. lst year Nenli Baulelorel XVOOFF, DAVID, lst year Cleeves YOUCK, R. T. A.S.A. EXECUTIVE Top rou'-loft ln riglnlz l-. GEl.l.FT.-K fvllrr-asurf-rl. C. OIBLRTOS flat vc-nr rr'p.l. D. SHIJLTZ fllacliol. D. lXlCRURlF lN.F.C.ll.S.l. H. DLlRL'SSEl.I. lfxlumli- Bonsierl. l.. SP.-KRLING fgln-all. gvrnncl raw: lxl. l'lIiNDl'RSON lEmploynl0nt Boolilvll. l.. KOTLVRBASI1 ll-jvlmalirigl. R. ZALENKO flxlusirl. E. HART fDmmal, K. ENX'AN fsncinll. KING lcroyslonf-l. Front mum D, IAANIE fS.l.A., A.l.C.. S.A.G,A. rep.l, B. lx'llDDI.IfTON lP.R.O.l. H. S. XVHITNEY fSr-fre-iaryl. Nonm Bmw fpresiclf-nil. C. PLAXTON fVicr--Pri-s.l. D. BLFXYETT fspnrtsl, R. CAMPBELL fliivlcl Day Dirr-rlnrl. art Each September, in welcoming the new stucients, I teii them oi the central piace of a college of arts ami science in any university. pointing out that even stucients registereci in other colleges wiii spenci at least half their time in ciasses in arts anci science. At the enci of their course I am sure that the gradu- ates of 1956 fuiiy realize the universal importance of the funciamentai arts and sciences, anci I hope that they are aii taking away with them the ambition to maintain anci to deepen their present icnowiecige in at ieast one of them. J. F. LEDDY, Dean of Arts and Science. ,,0N.p-1'., -:K f.: -f f 11:11-:-::'.',-'rg-.. ' ' F, . ' v. " Wa-fH.f V ' if 'r A ,f 1 f off ff. Wi' W 4 1 1 Q: f qw 'IW' Z f ' x ' . ' Q. I, If . my ' ' -A -- Q .,. wi' Y e xg- i E mg ' 'K' Tr v" ,Q - , -24 , gp If QI": Efx"2' ww ff 'W-I-, "'f.f"E1 Wiklfff 22:15 I . X .,-1... Q., -.-- . 1 is 559- Q XX Q wow? 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DIQLCATIHY, ENID Flin Flon, Ivan. DICKEY, D. DL'THIIi, AUDREY I., B.ELI. Xvolsvley SusIeuIoon. Inlcrvzlrsity Gaily Inlm-r'x'nrsity BmIminlong I"InsIiiclt0s: Iulr.m1umI VnII0yIJuII3 XV,-KSA Sporls Rcp.: XVIAB. IfV.'XINS. LYNNE .SnsIcuIoon Intcrvzxrsily Coll. Inlcrxarsily Suinnningg InlramuraI bnimmingg Euimming rIcum 5I.umgcr. ITILYK, GARY E. D. GIiaI4Ien IIocIu-y: Tunuisg BoxxIing3 CurIing: BmIminl0n, I"RANII'TON, NIUNROE A. IfIQIIfSIfN, ,IANIES D. U,'XN'I'NIjR. XV.-XL'I'ER Dl'illlIilQ IAQYCINII CIuIJg DYIIIIIH LJ.'X'I'Ii5, N IARLIQNIQ J. GOSS. CAROL Regina HAHN. MRS. VVILMA LaFleche HALL, GERALD GORDON Saskatoon Rifle Club. HAY. SANDRA Saskatoon Asst. Editor Greystone: lntervarsity Golf: lntervarsity Volleyball: lntramural Goll: l tramural Baslcetball: President ntramural Volleyball: ln' VVIAB: NVASA Sports Rep.: lntervarsity Baclminton: Husliiettes: XVASA Social Rep.: President Pliys, Ed. Society. HEDLEN, EDNVARD Renown HOCKLEY. NANCY Indian Heart Operetta. HOVLAND. NORMAN VERNE Regina Drama: Regina College Debating: Nlaclienzie Trophy fDelJatingl. HUNTER. GLEN XVARREN Regina Regina College Recorcl: Regina College Freslimang Variety Niglmt: IVCF: University Singers: Collegiate Reporter. ISFAN. GEORGE Dysart Ore Gangue: Curling. JANZEN. JERRY JOHNSON. DONALD XVAYNE Torquay Hockey: Traeli ancl Field: Luther Res. Executive. JONES. G. BRIAN Regina JUNK. DON J. Aabarnton KINILER, RONALD DENNIS Carnduff Bowling. KINNON. ROBERTA Regina XVASA Drama Rep.: Varsity Varieties. KIRBY. PEGGY Saskatoon. Operetta: Bowling: lntramural Volleyball: lntramural Baslcetlsallz University Singers. KWONG. G. KAEN F. Saskatoon LAMB, STEVVART KEITH Lashbarn Curling: Hockey: Bowling: Tennis. LAMMER, HARVEY Wilcox MCFARLANE. D. Saslzatoon lVlclVER. NORMAN LEWIS Qu'Appelle Hall pres. '54-'55: Curling. lVlacKELLAR, AUDREY M. lVlacKELLAR. NORMA E. MACLEAN. JOHN ANGUS Weigtii lifting: IVCF: ISC. Moose law Ore Gangue pres. '55-'56: Saskatoon. Saslzatoon Saskatoon ts ik . 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Chorus: Irene IVIoore IN'IemoriaI ScI'1oIarsI1ip ISO: Editor. Sask. Eng. '53-'54. NEIEDHAIXI, NIYRNA C. Saskatoon Huskicttcs: Intcrvarsity GoIf IVIanager: Intervarsity VoIIcyIvaII: Pros. XVAB1 IntramuraI VoIIeyI3aII3 Intra- HIUYIII NOVAKSHONOFF, XV. BUCIICLYIUYI ODEGARD, R. Birch Hills OSTROINI. JOAN Edmonton, Alta. PARKER. G. RAE Kerrabert Graystone: Stwaf. PETRIE- D- F. Carrot River PIERCE. MORT Oxbaw RODHORODESKI. R. Paddackwaod PUFAHL, MYRNA A. Naicam Intramural VUII1-xI.aaII: BowIing: University singers: Oper- otta: Varsity Varieties. RENDEK. ALICE Toronto Sheafi Graystone. ROBINSON, GAIL A. Delisle IntrnmuraI VoIIoyIJaII: IntramuraI BasI'ietIJaII: IntramuraI CurIing: Intcrvarsity Swim Team: Shcaf: PsycI1oIogy Club. SAGI. DOUGLAS I... Saskatoon NASA Exec.: Radio Directorate: SIICBI-. SCHNEIDER, DOUGLAS Regina SHANK, BOB Regina SHEPHERD, ERIC D. North Baulefor-41 HacIicy: Tennis: IVCF: BioIogy CIUIJ. STEDINIOND, CAROL Regina Shvaf: Grcystonog XV.A.S.A.: P.R.O.: ParIiamentary Forum: Intcrvarsity golf: BowIing. SUTTON, BOB Moose law THOMSON. COLIN North Battleford TOLLIQFSON. SusImI'oon VIIGIXILINSON. ROD SGSIQIIIOUI1 Opvrvllu. TUOI3. .I. II. Saskatoon TOXVNSIIND. S'I'ANI.IfY ,I. SKISLIIIUHYI I,Iuyai:s CIUID. TRIINIIOLNI. ISIANCIIIZ I. Susknrmm Tl'CKIfR. .IOIIN Rosfll.-rn ImZIfIIilIlll'IlILll'X' Ijorum. l'XTIfRifINIfR, CIiRAI-D L. XVymurk IQOTI' '7Zf'5fl: CNIIPIII. Swim-ly Vim-Pros. Y.Xl'GIIAN. I3II-I, A. YorIcIun CurIing, IImsI'u'IImII. VON SCIINIIQLING, I. XV. Gvrmfmy VOTII, CORNIfI-Il'S I, Cuuldul.-, Alta. BioIugy CIIUIJ. XVASKO, IRIZNIZ Euslencl NVE.-XTI IERI IIQLXD. NIARIAN Regina XYIQIII3, GXYIN Ifusk InIrnmuraI VoII4'x'ImII: CIIIYIIIIQQ B1mIinQ: XV.A,5..'X. IIN-qrIc-acIr'r: CUII1-Qu' Nig1IxIs. XYESTBROOK, BIQITY SusIeuIoun Imil ' " ' I InIvrmurz1I Icnnisp Gull. IIzu IXIusic RCp.: Ivvniu-rsily Singvrs XYRIGHT. INIARGARVI' llon, I30uImg, XX Suslmloon I.5.C.. bum: tc-:mul ISUQIQIQ I'uInIir Spa:-nIiing CIUIM Uni- vc-rsily AngIifan I1-IIms EIIIII. ZIQLENKO, CON5'I'AN'I'INE Saslwmml Ijrc-s. :XIpIm Omvgu. Zl1TNIESL'IiOI-'F, CLARA Ijulmvny Ivniv. Clmml Smivtyg IIIII Cup uncI IxIcGou'n Dr'Imtr-S: SIIPGIIL IDLITIIHIIIPIIIEITQ' Iiorumz Sm: AIpI1a Onu-gn: I J, ,Jw I .QL , .... ., "' Y .- 5 X335 I . V. fe.. :A ,Q .-.5 Q' A ' 1 I M A Iv Z? Y. gl mf..-7, W e 5,-ri 'e p I , , if c i A2 . - , ., ff, . ...Q . , ,f ., f Q. 4 H 9 an 46 G sa I .-4-, H 5' . ' 'Q' . Av- I I ,, I IW-, - -Q '....,f- QQ 'rx - 2,3 'fn N I ' 57 xx G5 . M' 5 UN qw' Qu' I gy' ' v- 'Qff f saw s- R51 3k ff lo' . -'vw .1 1 gn? .My iq, 'vw' 'es' 1. , ,. ,, .Q . .JV -my' wi-W.-:fl .---,..:,.,,:,3,f,.,1-.g., '.-'aw-4-argl: ' -..g.:. - jf ' -I -. -, '- K I I. "- - ' -..,.w6i"f"b,'-' NAR' f 'q.f:-Q.-:-:. .P ..:: , zi., A I PQI 43 43 '59 ,V ,.,J:f' , mm XVASA: SIM-ul Rc-p.: Tennis. ng. .1::ffQ-afisr , - , -- ..+-1. .- '. . . 2521:-fr-":.'.,i:,. 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R. lst year BRGXV, .ltxxllis lst yoar Dutnuc Regina Sasliatoon Saslcatoon Landis Saskatoon Yorliton Kipling Kipling Saskatoon Preerryille Hollancl Rvgina Prince Altnrrt Xvinnipr'-3 Rcsfina Saskatoon Sasliatonn Prinfe Altnvrt BRGXVN. BJXRBARA. Incl year Govan Qtlfl year Leacler EDXVARD. lnrl yvar Sliaunayon BUTLER, CGNRAD, lst year Hanley CALDER. ElLliEN. Qncl y r-ra r Sprure Lalio CALLANDER. HURIEL. Qntl year Tonliin CANIERON, PHYLLIS. lst year lxlnclison CALHQRON, STEXVART. lst year Saskatoon CARNAGHTI. ELIZABETH. lst ycar Prinre Alloort CHANCE, EDNA, lst year Xvoilmirii CHATWHERSON, lNlARLE.NE. lst year Xvolscy COLINS. BARRY. 'lncl year Prince Altuc-rt COOLIDGE. LORNA, lst year Saskatoon COXVIE. HAROLD. 'Intl year Sliaunavon ANNE, Ercl year Saskatoon DAVHZS. E. L. Qncl year Springsicle DAVlS, HARGLD. lst year Saskatoon DERGOLSOFF. JACK. lst year Burlianan DIZVERELL, BILL. Ist yt-ar DICK, NIARLENE. lst year DlER. CAROLE. 2nd year LORNA. Incl year DOUGHTY. ALBEN. 3rCl yvar DOXVN, lst year DUTKA, BILL. incl year DYNIOTT. AUDREY. Ist ycar EDNONDS. LESLIE. Zncl year EC-GUN. CRlS. lst year Fasltatoon baelmtmm Blau lylen Reina Suitt Currvnt Tisclalc Caricyalc Paynton Asquitli Halturitc FARQLTHARSON. XVALTER. lnci year Zoalanclia FAST, LAXVRENCE. Zncl ycar FISH. DONALD. lst year FRANCIS. ROBERT. lst ycar FRASER. CHARLES. Srcl yc-ar FRIER. BILL. lst year FRIESEN. JAYWES. 3rcl year FUNK. lst ycar ltlainccntor Toronto Saskatoon Saskatoon Rc-gina Saskatoon GABORA. HERBERT. lst ycar GERRY. Ist ycar GIBSON. BILL. lst yc-ar OILBERTSON. LEON. lst yc-ar GILCHRIST. INIURIEL. Ist ycar GILDING, INIALIREEN. lst year GNIENVOTTA, HAROLD. 2ncI yvar GOLAB. ALEXANDER. 2ncI yr-ar GOLDNION, STANLEY. 2nd yr-ar INIAVIS. 2nd yvar :Init yvar GRAHAIXI. SHEILLA. 2ncI yvar GREVE. DONALD. 2ncI ycar Ist year HAIG. Ist yrar HALYK, SILAS. Isl yvar Cillllifil SasIialoon SucIIwury SaSIiaIuon Lannigan SasIiatuun I.m'lI1ImricIgjr' Prim r- AIIX-rt HAAIAIOND. AIARGARET, 2nrI year GLfDRIA. lst yvar HART, ELAINE. Isl yffar HAUG. THOMAS. lst year HAURYILIK, MICHAEL. Srd ye-ar HAYES, NIARLENE, 2nd ycar HELNIA. 2mI yvar HOLTSLANDER. JANIES. lst yvar HOVLAND, LAVFRNIT. Ist yvar HRABIINSKI, PALIL. Ist yvar IANSEN, 2ncI yvar IOHNKA, GORDON JOHNSON. HOXVARD. Ist year AL. 2nd ycar KAN, ALLAN. Ist year KERNAHAOHAN, DONNA. Ist yo KHAN. ALI. lst ycar KIEPER. MARJORIE. 2ncI year 2ncI ycar 2ncI year Isl year KOLKI. RICHARD. lsr yrar KOPF, HAROLD. Ist year KOTYK, PHIL. lst ycar KUCHINKA, DARYL. lst yvar LARSEN, TRYGVE, 21141 year LAVENDER. RALPH. 2mI year LEE. BETSY. Isl yr-ar LEE. Ist ycar FRED. Ist ycar DONELD. lst yvar AIAUREEN. lst yr-ar LLIBIN, LEO. 2ncI year NIACKENZIE, R. A. lst year 5IacLEOD. NVENDY, Ist year 3Iac3IILLAN, VERNARD. lst year IXICINIS. ROBERT AI. Ist year IVICINTOSH, HEATHER. '2.ncI ycar IXICKAY, FRANCIS. '2ncI ycar Rvgjina bu iIt Currvnt SaSIiatoon B1'ilN'I'flIftIl' r Pri North .'xIVPHKl XY4-hh Radisson CIIKIIJIIH CVEHIIFOSP IXIuIIingar YorIiton Torquay Yorkton China ncr' AIIM-rt Trinidact Iiic-IcIing NxIitI'iitYV baakatuon Alameda Saskatoon AIiIiarIu NIac'oun Coulson L.nsI1I':urn Este-yan DIIQIRIIC Hamilton Bay Trail Rvgina Saskatoon Saskatoon Saskatoon BaltI0I0rcI SuiIt Current Regina I N 1 "k'-" uw-I I 'f." ,'y' v WI 1 ,fn . I r ' In 'W 'Q au. 4 fag' '3 F3 2 ' Q5 L? A -5' Lab 1: llh. , 0 , .y,... ...V .., . . .. I .. .., . ..,. . ,. ifff Q :ga . W r -' t A :T VHANA A Qvyh 6-5-4!:w1uvA J A f I . ,L A .-.T mr rfjf y gi. I gi f , as L wif T' " A wer .L .4 . .vga 1 s 3 A It .5 gg I x A A 5: I ffxvfvs 3 'SL ' ., . QQ. ,..,- W., -5,7 1 , T- 'wr' Wk "" 'Wlf' , 4 YL f' t"X ra. I rf 77 if ai AL. C - L A l . . , A hs A , I . , 1 ' ' M ' Q 'I I ,-,-3 Q' PR wr arf- ,w A+ 3' .E-7 ' -- -W :.:.. r-rr if A A " 5 ...,....,. 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" 1 I 1. f I . - I . f 2 I 1 i . 1 . 1, it . xl f ' - QQ. .O ' HSN I' ' v """'1"'6 ' , , N ' I, P +..- , I lm ' A ,rf km ii .. Wi mXN,Ww.X .Q.,,.,...., v l' ,K Wg ya- . ki' . 43st It 1. Ig ISN , w IVICKEANID. JUNE. 2ncI year MCLEOD. ARLENE. lst year INICLURG, ROBERT. lst year IVICIVIAHON, NORIVIA J. lst year IVICNEILL, PATRICIA. lst year MCPHERSON. ARCI-IIE. 2nd year MAGNUSON. FRANCIS. 2nd year IVIARTIN, GARY. 3rcI year MILLS, WALTER. 2ncI year NIOFFAT, DONNA. 2ncI year IVIOHR. ARIVIIN. lst year MOORE, BEV. lst year J. Isl year MORRISON, SHIRLEY. 2nd year 2ncI year PALKO, DALE. 2ncI year PATRICK, IVIARNIE. 3rcI year lst year PEARSGN, VVIVI. 2ncI year PETERSON, RON. -Ist year ED. 2ncI year PINKERTON, PAT. lst year PITTIVIAN. GERALD. lst year POLOVNIKOFF, ELAINE. 2nd year D, A. 2nCI year PURKIN. NOEL. 2nCI yr-nr RESIN, NCRINIAN. Ist year ROBERTS. DOLIGLAS. '2nrI year ROBINSON. EARL. 2nfI year RYLAND, JEAN. 2ncI year Ist year SCHAPPERT, HANK. 'lmI year SCOTT. DONALD. lst year IN SEARLES, PAT. 2nd yrnr DELPHA. Ist your SELBY, 2ncI your SHAFOROST, ED. 5rrI year SHANK, BILL. 2nzI year SHELDON, ALLAN. lst year SHERIVIAN. HELEN. Ist year SNORDIN, LYLE. Ist year SIVIYTII INIARNIE. Isl year SOLHEIIVI. lst year SOROKAN, PETER. lst year SPAFFORD. DLIFF. Ist year SPOONER, JIIVI. 3rcI year SPOONER, JOHN. lst year SPOONER. INIIKE. Ist year STEADMAN. ALTHEA. 'ind year '2ncI year TARASOFF, KOOZIXIA. '5rcI year TAYLOR, LOIS. 'lnd year THACKER, JOHN. 2ncI year TI-IARPE, HULLBERT. 2nd year THORFINNSON, ROD. 'ind year Prince AIIocrt IVIcDowaII Regina Saskatoon IVIeII'ort GrenteII Foam Lake KimJersIey Saskatoon KincIersIey CaIgary, AIta. Vveyiourn EtI1eIton Saskatoon Regina Saskatoon Saskatoon Saskatoon Fir IxIountain Xvynyard IVIeIIort Rostiiem Canora Saskatoon Saskatoon IQ5Inine Lake CeyIon IX Ioose Jaw SzisIiatoon faskzitturmll Bateman IcrIirine Hat., Alta. S.1sIyalm'm 51.-Ir ill.- Frlslmlumn S.1sI-iailmxll Re-glam x1..,,1r- C...-L Prime AIINAII SasIiutu0n SasIialoun Hytiie. AIM. Saskatoon Shallbrauk IXIinnecIosa, IXIan. IxIinnecIosa. FIan. Regina Regina Nortix BattIeIorcI Saskatoon Regina TurtIeIorcI Jamaica. B.NV.I. XKNVYDYBTCI TODD. PAT. lst yvar TOEVVS, JULIA. 2nd ynar TREICHEL. LEO. 2nd year TURNER, JOAN. 2nd year XVARBURTON. SANDRA. 2nd XVARNER, LYNNE. Qnd year XVELLINOTON, MARCIA. lst yvar Brggar Rvgina Xvinnipc-g, funn. Cupar yc-ar. Primm Alrwrt 5ufL.ulour1 NIUONI' LINK XVENSLER, RITA. 2nd year Spring-irlc XVERAZAK. ROSITHARIE. lst year Smkarlrrrrrr XVIGNIORF, DONA LOL'. Incl year Oxfmu XVILDENIAN. LORNF. 2nd ycar XVILLIS, ANN. ls! year XVILLOXYS. BRIAN. 2.1111 ycar XVOTHIERSPOON. CLAYTON 2nd your lit yvnr YALVK, RAY. lst year IAIID I'IUI1 Kvlrm rm. BC Incl yr-nr NIL-lyillv I lvrr. Irr-II 5nsk.ulru1r1 Nvinnipvg. Nlan. 1? ' M G' 5 .7 "-19 A 19 fl? ' 1 . ' "Qi: iq Q. " -, I an 1 . r g f Q Y '35 - .. ..y. , A , ' A a I l --'- 4-L .. ' .J ff fm 4' I f W 1. 'XV Sealed, Left lo right: ARNOLD NICKEL, Treasurer: JIM SPOONER, Debating: HANK SHAPPERT, Prf-sident: ED SHAFFROST, P.R.O.: LEO LUBIN, Social. ' Standing, Left to right: BILL TUFTS, Qnd year Rcpg BILL STEVVART, Sports: Bon MITCHELL. Virc-Pres.: JOHN BEKE, Slweafaffvrcystoneg JERRY KING. lst year Rep. 'M' ' " ' 1' ff-wif 2 15:zs::.imvI1512:-Qrrggz.. .r '1 fi 15' ':g--15-:rg2,.5g. 42: X 1 +G? 'Q3T 8 is- 5 5 Ja- 5 Us its.. .Ja -W ,.W'!,T1 X atv P . A as an , .ey . 57 ,,'L2z1H- 'NL N . J N3 5 . 4 1' . if-If Q JA-v.1. . 4 f f . . 5 .-: , SW ,J , vm Y X, A f W I , ,N ,, M .1 li! A . Tir- 'Z"- 1986 " , L 3' 4 o " flix- J :.I,Q':f3.i,Qq-g.,,:.,.,x,.wf., , ,ww '-1, z fi. ..,,-NW' ' - 1.-vmy M' N' 7 .-Nm' U ' .1-,wwfwv-flff ' , , f 5-,jg .,,.,,.,m..wmQ : ,,,. . ..,.,, , 1 v - -my,,,b,.1-rum mmm f ,' .N-vars: ' , ' f ,A M.:-1f:'. ,-1.'rm4-umawffx - , J:-1 ,,,.y,sr+s'mwnuzq.'z-1.441 I :-. .- f- fa L - 5! J 4 M-1-,.f...,N vw -Q gf, .fwmfw-N""N' ' s ' , s z 1' .a . ll P11010 fry A. 51, Frivfwl 2 Vnlmlnus Grryclonv pllofograplls aff f1tIn1ir4'Fl Ivy Sf Krxxyllfll flu you imma' ulmuf H7 4 Une for you mul om' A ,f for mu , I ,i Q1 ,, 'F' is 4- 4' gain' .-I X. . Us . ,NN x X I E 'L 'Ii ' 'ff5'1'E'35f:.-. -- Y Y I x 533' Q A 6 1? -f 4 9 1 f b K " h 'V , I 111.5 Q " . A . A5 ' . 1, ,gp x3 t x YG' A Ji X S l 58 7 Brown lmrlcinq imporlulll 5 You zfnn'l like Ilwln? 6, fxluru- alan ul worf: 8- Drop lim! runwru. yum IIIUUIIX' CIHIIAIHI :uffory-IrninvJ lvulnziciurl ul uwwrlq .Y 'Q -Q ",g"'f Q-. 'X' V i I A Pu nm ro mom OI:fiCiaI apr-ning - FvIr QSM, RADIO The past yu-ar Ims IN-f-n appropriate-Iy CI:-sCriIN-cI as u INriIcIinQ yn-ur Ion' rucIio on our VLIHIDLIS. Ove-r tIn'ef- IIiousi1ncI cIOIIars Ims IN-s-n invc-sl:-CI in i'qlIIl7l11l'l1I Ior IIN' raNIio CIIl'1'fIUI'ilItl. Nm-xv stucIioQ Imvc- IN-4-n Constrm-f If-CI in IIN- Ivasi-mm-nl OI tIN- BI. U. B. TIN- oIIiCiz1I opt-ning' UI IIN- xtucIi0s lo0I4 pIuu- on ITt'IJI'llill'Y QSII1 witI1 prom- inent mf-mIJn-rs OI IIN- Im-lilly. S.R.C., ancI riNIio slutiozw pri-si-nt. Xvc- now Iiave- IIN- Iac-iIiIii-s to I1Q1ncII1- il INIIIII Inrgje-r cIirva'lol'nl4-. TIiis yc-nr our fIire-c'lornIe- Consistc-fI OI Iwi-nly-Iwo nic-mIJf-rs. Intl wc- Ft-I-I tImt ax cIirc-c'lorz1l4- lIn'i-m- tinN-5 .is IilI'Q'l' xx'0uIfI 1-z1siIy IN- p0ssiIJIc-. 'I-IN'l't' nn- Opc-nings IIVIIIIIIIDIPI10l'SI'llfIt'HISIl1I1'l'K'SIt'fIIl1 any UINN- OI r.NIio xx'rn'Ii slu'Ii 411 4-nQiiN-4-ring' sfripl-writing. an- nounving ancI It-zilurx-s. Nc-Xt ye-ar uncI1-r IIN' cIire-Ct0rsI1ip OI pf-lc-r SOTOIGII1, wt- pInn to puIJIif'iZm- CIHTIIJIIS luI4-nl. cIrumu. music' IIINI CillNpllS zwlivitic-s. VIIITPSO will IN- IJIZOHCIIHQI ow-r Im..I riNIio stations unfI YtlI'I0llS OIIIPI' stations IIIYOIIQIIOIII IIN- province-. TIN- vast p0ssiIJiIiIiL-S OIII-rt-CI Imy rncIi0 lo IN-Ip I'i'llT1IIIIll'I7f' slit- lN1IJIiC wiII1 our I,Il1ivc-lwilx' inaIu-Q our cIiri-Ctorantv ons- OI rlif- most important on III? mnnpuc. ji, v I , 1 s s , r .I S i. L00 Lubin and Dc-nnis Fit: announcing. Gvnrqv B!1f'l'CIl!'IY'lf at IIN- conIrnIs. 59 1-'g YU 1 zO1 F2 ,Eff S wmv: ' F? ig k g .....- k S 6 Q XM I Nu tlmnfzs, frying to qui!! . HUM ilu' plume , . Bring buck my 1102110 io mv! G1-I your cenwurvcl cvr1Son-rl fvet off the tufzle, you cunsorvfl Ilvs svx and liquor lima! fuugfx, tllougfll IH Juv! nr 53,000 uvnl fur fllvsu? Q: 9 :px ,,.- x -was xx .N .W NIFKZV Q. ,5 l am pleasecl to liaye tliis opportunity ol snluting llie Qraclualing' Class ol 1056. In tliis l am ioinecl lay my colleagues ol tlie Faeulty ot tlie College ot Commerce. It is our liope tliat in some measure we liave ContrilJulecl in a uselul manner to a formative periocl in your liyes. To lnelieye tliat we liaye clone so is one ot llle rarer salistactions of lite-a satisfaction reservecl only lor teacliers. You will note tliat tliis is a salute, ancl not a lare- well. I trust tliat your intellectual lies xyitll your Uni- versity ancl your College will not lime lorolxen by rhi- simple tact ol graclualion. .lust as you liaye clraxyn strengtli from tliose wlio liave prececlecl you, it is not only clesiralole lout necessary tliat, in tuture years. you Contriluute some-llming of your time ancl your sulostance to ensure tliat tliis is an even better place tor tliose wlio are to follow. GOIIIIIIBFGB 45 55 ,Q ,,. ., Q I-4 :Eli Y' N.. A, ' '39?5?L'7' - '-5: ' ':'rWT55f 'X ' . ,.t,.ea., .,.e...ig,x . K is :Q " 1. 3'.:' """' ' " A sw' , .A i r Q ' X ,.f.f:2- 9 is gr: . ---- . ag any 'K A F Q E ' --f:xvwsi:w. ' X M c - "s"X'.. 1.1 . .,. :Nix ixa gg? qzll EPZ Q ,,, . . Div K .x ...ii 2 siiii? avi? - DME' ., .- Q , HRM i. 'is ' er'-t'i1'.: as-Ss-Q 'VV QXNA E Xxxs JFK cf- . M .. :N ,.,.. , ., X . . 'ss 1 1 . sm. N.-A mmm ABBOTT. GEORGE H. Rotnsart Drama, Bowling, Hoclcey, Baclminton, Curling. Yvater polo. ARNASON. MORLEY E. Regina Baslcetloall, Hockey, Bowling. Chairman Friday Altera noon Socials. BAYDA. XVILLIAM M. Prince Albert Saskatoon Basketball, Bowling, Curling, Volleyball, Commerce Sheaf Rep. BOJUK. CATHY Estlin Bowling. BRONIBERG. JIM Regina Bowling. Curling. BROOKS. DELMAR P. Regina Bowling, Soccer. Curling. COTC. CHAYKA. XVALTER Kellilwr Bowling, Treasurer ol Alpina Omega. COLLINS. R .XVISTREB Parkside Hill Cup Debating, DOLAN. JBVI lvlazcnml Bowling, Soccer. Volleylball, Curling. Talulc Tennis, Grey- stone Rep, '55-'56. ELLIS. KENNETH. J. Saskatoon Hocliey, Soccer, Curling, Bowling. FILER. SAM Saskatoon Slim-al '53-'55, iVl.A.S.A. Social Director '55-'54, Parlia- mentary lorum '53-'54, Raclio Procl. '54-'55, Commerce Society Pres. '55"56. Cofclirector Radio Prod. '55-'56. FLATEN. GLENN E. Weyburn Graystone Eclitor '55-'56, Bowling. Hill Cup Debating '52-'53, '53-'54, FLYNN, E. T. Saskatoon Bowling. Curling, Volleyball. NVILF Churclibridge Bowling. Soccer, Hoclcey, Table Tennis GOSSEN, TORT Saskatoon Bowling, Curling. Baslietloall. Baclminton. Swimming. HANLON. TED Snaunavon Bowling, Curling, Soccer. Volleylaall, Hockey, Basketball, Track ancl Fielcl. Baclminton. Table Tennis. HAXVARD. BEVERLEY Regina XV.l.A.B., '54-'55, Bowling, Curling, Basketball, Volley- ball. HILTON. MURRAY VV. Regina Arts Director '55-'56, Bowling. Basketball. HUNCHAK. MERVYN Saskatoon tBowling, Social, Debating. Slieal editorials. Telephone Directory Editor. JUNK. DON Autzumton Bowling. Traclc ancl Fielcl, Curling, Volleyball, Soccer, Operetta. Secretary ol S.R.C. '55-'56. KARL JOHN Beecfiy Sports Director '54-'55, Business iwanager Opcretta '54- '55, Pres. Bowling League '55-'56, Business lvlanager Slical '55-'56, Drama, lVl.l.A.B. '54-'55, Tracli ancl Fic-lcl, Bowling. Volleyball. Hockey. KEITH. ALEX Outlook Bowling. Curling. Soccer. KINNON, JACK A. Regina Hockey, Basketball. Volleyball. Soccer, Curling, Ping Pong. M.A.B. Band. . , A . ,. ..v,, KNVASNICY. NVALTIIR S E I ' University String Orcll. as aoon A V lVlacKENZlE, JAMES E, Y rlzton I V 1 Hockey: Soccer: Tracli ancl Field: Curling: Boiling: f ' ,lv gg, 14 NJ fi Vollcylaallz RCAF. A " ' " ' MOLDER, VANCE Regina -ff 'Q AU' Drama: Baslictlnall: Volleyball: Nvatcr polo: Soccer: Curling: Bowling: Social. NUIR. ROLAND Regina lxlclicnzie Cup Vvinning Team '53-'54: Soccer '54-'55, '554'56: Volleyball: Curling: Hill Cup Cliairman '55-'56. ,,2ij': WE' w . 53521 . Humluolclt ,lf Social Director: Vice-Pros. Commerce Society '55-'56: f- ' Hockey: Basketball: Volleyball: Curling: Bowling. x E SEJBJERG, CHARLOTTE Regina Q 'W 17' 'au 42- ,. . t , f, 'W Sec. Commerce Society: Bowling '55-Y56: Trcas. S,C.fNl.: t ' 5 Baslietlnall: Curling: Vollcylaall: Drama: Graystone Rep. '53-'54. SHOEMAN, STAN Regina Bowling: Soccer: Vollcylnall: Baslietlaall: Curling: Bacl- minion. SYVERSON, NVAYNE Robsarz Bowling? Xvatcr Polo. 'iv 5 N. -1- ...Q , Ni,-'ll -f , ,--.-2-.. ' ,fy " K '- ,:, "" 'fflfag .2gifL:5-135.,5: - VANCE, MAURICE Regina Drama: Basketball: Vollcyloall: Vvatcr polo: Curling: Bowling. XVEBER, BOB Druicl Bowling: Curling: Soccer: Vollcyloalla Hoclccyz Track anrl fa 1915 g' Field: Baclminton: Tabla Tcnnis. paqe XVOOD. NIORLEY Regina Bowling: Curling: Horlicy: Track nncl Fir-lrl: Volloylunll: Bmkvrbnll: Sorrc-r: Golf. .. QQ N... Bock Row flelt to riglwtl: Murray Hilton fArts Directorl. .loim Law fsportsl. Dennis Fitz frrreasurerl. Brian Lcclingliam lpulalicityl. Front Row: Sam Filer fpresiclcntl. Adelaid Bowclen fsecretaryl. Arnolcl Saclier fVice-Pres.l. 63 ' Am V .q It . . . A A A 2 fi ' 4 ' .V K 1 'f 1' -an . r "Q : rf' 'W 'H-"" 17 ' K Avy -It I' .Tl : "' . ff 1.-z ,g , V he-. 'ffl Af ,I 'I if y ' .gli I ' y . I A 4. 3 3 , Q ., It mm rms- 'af' 9 ww 'Q . J. A M I , A ,- , X 3. sg, y .ff .ff lf? O :I ,aw -. A K A '-"--" - ? I' .si-2 i ,:,. , si ,611 . Q . , f 5: 1 Vq- Y . I fi -3 I 21- ' .,s f 'I I-it 'i-f":'5 - M y X Q V -MW I sa- w. f N A "-2- 3-Q A Nu' lm " 1 , ,,,,. qasfmr. "lm" ' N ' Q my e A ri an QR 19 ' 'mx y k .. ,k,,L J- - L.. " 12 ' A Q 'R 'R x"A' :.: Q1 ' . . ,. ' :..- Q 1 1' an fs -wager: Q 'lp , QP' , ' f W ff. . Q .,,,3',, 1 all N4 A - as A ., ,AA ,,A,.: I ',, . :.1.: ,, 'I .Q ii ' is . E, . , . , ..1:. In 1. na 6" I-9 in Q? I , Q .ses f.. 1 rr. .::... 2: 'Q W I -.f "-ids... F iii q ' A X, A A 1 . I. 2 0 . ' 5 Q .x 5 If my I -". :-- re' 2 , N "' 'W-'Kg , -v s .gy 'Q W ' . M ...,., ...,., lt . . - s ,Q ,ar ty my RI V Q 'I 2' Q!! .U ap fr- 4. 1 2 ' ""'J 1 ' 'E f -wk ff v-'53 ' avi?" .. : .Q--w ' 'gf f W? 5,1 y . U xx A . t I ' 2' . . -. X ex A I K X 1 y ,avg 'I If Q.: I fe r 'I . Q6 ' .vig . :""fh -1138! A -it V - A K ' . 5 A.,. ' Q -. in my 5 W W 5 . , . , W is . me .. ws .Q P iw , -f . . ' ' 3'-,gm gQ,1Q+' ' ' N 1 , X -2, i Q. fe "t Q WW: .XE . 1 . N 3 . -M '- ' .W ' A-f '. 'W ei -5 'S' f L-fi.. 'La' if. " .S ,Qx. W' a G APPLETON, JACK. 2ncI year BELSHER, IVIERIS. 2ncI year BOVVDEN, ADELAIDE. 2nd year BROOKS. RONALD. lst year CHERNOFF, JOE. 2nd year CLAPSON. KENNETH. Ist year COLE. BILL, 2ncI year REGINALD. 2ncI year DAVIES, BOB. lst year DEAKIN, EDXNARD. lst year DEERING, LLOYD. lst year DOXVNS. HERBERT, lst year DUSYK, TED. lst year FITZ. DENNIS. 2ncI year FLENIING, HARVEY. 2ncI year FLOYD. JOHN. lst year FYLES. JINI. lst year GEDIR. EARLE. lst year HALKO, RAYMOND. Ist year HENDERSON, RALPH. lst year HENRICKSEN, DORIS. lst year HESFORD, lst year HIEBERT. GERALD. lst year HILL, GORDON. 2ncI year JARSTAD. lst year JENNER, VVAYNE, '.1ncI year JOHNSON, EDXVARD. lst year KLOINIBIES. ROBERT. 2nd year KORNELD. ARIXIIN. lst year LAMB, ALVIN. lst year LaRlVlERE, RAYMOND. lst year LaROSE, RUBY. lst year LAVV, JOHN. 2mI year LEDINCHANI. BRIAN. 2nfI year IXICBRIDE. GARY. 2ncI year IVIAHONEY, BRIAN. 2ncI year IVIANDZUK. MICHAEL. 2ncI year IXIEAGHER, TOIXI. 2nCI year INIEILICKE, CARL. 2ncI year IXIOORE. CHARLES, lst year IXIARIAN, JOHN, 2nfI year NIELSEN. 2ncI year NEXVALL, TED. lst year NEXVINIAN. DOUG. lst year NURSE. DARRELL. 2nrI year PEIIVIIIGREXV. ALLAN, lst year ELIVIER. 2ncI year PROZNICK, NICK. Ist year RUDNESKI, CONRAD. 3rd year SALAGA, RICHARD. lst year SAUNDERS. JAIXIES. 2ncI year SHABBITS. OREST. lst year SHELLY. DON. End year SHEPPARD, IVIALCOLN. lst year SHENVCHUK, VVALTER. lst year Saskatoon McCord Uren I'IufIson Bay Mikado Eston Saskatoon Nl oo se .law Saskatoon Saskatoon Leacler Liseton Montmartre Regina Regina IRIOOSC .IHVV Regina Saskatoon Ranger Saskatoon Young Saskatoon Bay Trail Moose Jaw LIoyrIminster Nortli Battlelorcl Prince AIIvert Saskatoon baskatoon Saskatoon Lloyclminster Tyyan Ayleslaury Regina Prince Allvert Sueeess Prime AII1ert Saskatoon Prince AII3ert Prince AII'Jert Nsrtlm Battlelorcl Tisclale Prince AIIJert Xveylnurn Yorkton Saskatoon Xvynyard Xvynyard Xvynyard Prince Allnert Saskatoon Norquay Saskatoon Alvernetliy Canora SNOXV. DICK. 2nd year SPICER, EVAN, lst yr-ar STEEL, BOB. lst yn-ar STIQPAN. NORMAN. 2nd yvnr SLVGGIT-I-, DICK, Qncl 3czxr 'I-:XR:'x5OFI", V.-XLORIE. Ist ymr THOMAS. CHARLES. 2nd year TOIJIORST. LLOYD. lfl ymr TOPP, BRI.-XX. 2nd yvnr l,'RQl'H.-KRT, DONALD. Incl year XYASCHLNK. BOB. Ind your XX'ASCliL'K. ENIELIA. Zrrrl yr-.rr XVESTERBERG. JACK, 2nd 5-mr XVIIZNS. ARLEY, 2nd year XYILDIT, GILBERT. lst year STANLEY. lst year XV fxloosc Jaw Smlinluon Prinfc AUM-ri Regina Regina Saskatoon Rvginn innipvg, Nlnn. Birch Hills Nfoosr- Jaw Sualiutoon Smlmloon fxlayruont Swift Current Earl Grcv Vcrvgin -aff 3 Q' 'Qi ' ,gx S 4:9 wr I fa F3-' 3 7' wr 11-.far 9 5' 1 'A'A " BAND 05- Gnrls perusing catalogue em 2 a oes Quo. ana ysis J.. X f :,, " rE'Gi55sF:" 2 ' ' SLSQ' ,xx in..-M.-M,.... Q9 6 L91 WIIO GTB lo 'nd ? Faclory lrame lec mclan 90 Decimer Sealer at work Tilralionif 4. tx x Polenlial Winogradshy's xx ' 66 I wouici iiice to congratulate the mem- hers of the Coiiege of Education, both faculty anci stucients. for the outstanding joh they have cione this year in carrying on without an active, fuii-time Dean. This is a next year country anci that is especiaiiy true for the Coiiege. Next year a new Dean wiii taiie char-ge and the Coiiege wiii move into its new quarters in the Aciministralion Buiiciing, Changes in program and organ- ization are aiso being stuciieci. These events augur Weil for the continueci growth of the Coiiege in achievement and iniiuence. To the graciuates of '56 i wouici offer the congratulations of the Coiiege upon the attainment of this important milestone and hope for their enthusiasm, vigor anci under- stanciing in unciertaicin-g the twin responsi- hiiities of clay-to-ciay teaching anci the steady improvement of our eciucationai system. ,Q mmf W 9 5? v X W V 'K J .TQPQ Q9 MeWi educahon Acting Dean of Education I rims we ,. :F Q, .V .. If M ' '..f"'ts- A W, ' 'WZTWV' ' ' ,,- ' .- Q an h ' 2' s 'ff ' ,- - :Q ffffsife- r I '- ze . UQ .,.. , , , one " 'Wuxi .. yt ." ' A ' , '15.a5ELg.1. 13. gl - : -as We W ' 'IS .. r N"i 355: ' . : C5 ' ' f' 'X'Ti3Xi.1 .xr .. 9 : . Wg x, . 5 ,fffiw E.. I-Ax gk WI' if . A 'Tr- i fear-S' , .X - -.gk . . 1 . is-35.1 - . VQQQ V A 1, ' 9 . I , X - we ' I. vs ' 4-vig Er-IIE. 4 ' N Q r ff -its " , . i :gzgzegggm A .a ' ' 'f 'S'1T-:W- . :.1 gn, 'Q " . - I Ti ' . 'XI' N:-545:-:': A . ' ' K "Viv I f-QQ X t L er? 25415 , ANDRE, SISTER MARIE AVERY, SISTER IVIURIEL I. Prince Albert BAINES. DONNA Tisulule Operetta: Bowling: Curling: ESS Council. BAUER, DON Bruno Curling: Swimming: Ping Pong: Baslcetloall: Volleyball: Baclminton. BELLAMY, FRANK Curling : Volleylaall. BERG. ARNOLD Curling: Bowling: Debating: Drama: ESS Council. Freemont Moose law BIRNIE. HOWARD Saslaatoon Baslcetloall: Volleylnall: Hoclcey: Soccer. BLANDA, SISTER Saskatoon CARSON. FLORENCE Saskuzoon Bowling: Curling. CHELSON. flVlrs.J ELINOR Porcupine Plain Saslzatoon Baslcetlnall: Swimming: Water Polo: ISC Executive: IVCF. COVIELLO, KEITH Sasleatoon Baslcetlnall: Volleylaall: Hoclcey: Soccer: Tennis: Bad- minton: Curling: Greystone: ESS: SRC: Bowling: Operetta: Parliamentary Forum. OJESSCI. DEUTSCHER, E. LLOYD DRAYCOTT, IONE Baslcetlaallz Volleylnall: Badminton: Tennis: University Singers, Maple Creela EMPEY. GORDON Saslzatoon Bowling: ESS Council. ENGLISH, JEAN fB.A.J Moose law Bowling: Swimming. FLATEN, flVlrs.l SHIRLEY Weyburn Operetta: Bowling: University Singers. GOETZ. GEORGE Dalmeny GORDON, BERT Verwaod Soccer: Bowling: Volleyball: Baslcetloall: Curling: Bacl- minton: Table Tennis. GRAY. IIVII-5.1 SUSAN W. Frontier Saslzaloon. I-IAMBLETON, DON SCIVI: Debating: Pulalic Spealcing: Operetta Orchestra: Sympliony Orcliestra: Fencing: Psyclmology Club. Saskatoon JANTZ, LENORE Saslzaloon KALDER. ISABEL Prince Albert University Singers: Golf: LSA. KENT. DON Grenfvll College Niglits: Curling: NFCUS: Bowling: Table Tcnnis: Badminton: STE: ESS: Council. JULPATRJCK, Al.. Susleatoon Curling: Traclc and Field: ESS Council: Radio: Debating, KOSKIE. MURRAY Humboldi Volleyball: Basketball. KOVVALCHUK, PAUL Saslzatoon LAUDER, MARLENE Chelan Bowling: Curling: Parliamentary Forum: ESS Council. LANV, KEITH Beecliy Soccer: Tracli and Field: Torclw Race: Bowling: Volley- ball: Basketball: Hockey: VV'ater Polo: Badminton: ESS Council. E. Snslzatoon LOEXVEN, JOHN Osler MARTENS. PETER Swift Current NTCAULAY. Sasleatoon University Singers: Opcrcttn. MILDENBERGER. MARYANNE Suslcaloon MOFFA'I'T. MERYLE Mvlvillv MORRISON, DONALD XVilLii- Curling. NICKORICK. JOHN Lupin:- Curling. Slvnun. Curling: Bowling: LSA: ISC: STF: Univcrsitv Singers, PAVVLIVV, VVILLIAN Vurigvn Curling. Lviriuii STF Council: ISC: SCN: University Singers. PHILIPPON, JOHN XVillUw Buncli Bowling: Tennis: Volleyball. PJNCH. GLEN Regina Basketball: Badminton: Bowling: Tennis: Drama: Debating: Sbeal: ESS Council. RICHERT, RUBEN Kinislino Soccer: Volleyball: Operetta: Husltie Hockey. ROBERTS, VVILLIAIVI E. Sasl-zatoon SCHMIDT. JOE Burr Bowling: Hockey: Curling. SIIVIMONDS. MARGARET K. Semans Saskatoon f ' ' - fa- N i'-.1 f,l G A an :K '65 'Nj -v 1.325 4 i . .gr Q' l 'Y -.5 .1 f 'YQ 1 .D .6- 1---x cvs ,i ?'i A NRA 'feng :M -1' V. of ' S- ax' -'w1g.s.:' ? .5 Lv A -' If , J 'W S' A as 1 : .,. 'D Lu"L I ' f,'X T, " '-3' A . 5, A . Q 2 1,3 is C f, w .F if I,"'Ws 43' l"'5' - Tr ,..... "' YE' 1 .51 .L . :X Q :P A' 'WK :'.gs::..:g,':'.:.5. , 'Wf- sv 'Q is R . 3 K f f, 3' lf, . 4... 3 ' K 'QE ws' ' s.-,355 r -ws., 'W Mxg, f--x 5' Q .,, ga "' Tl 4' Q- ' -,- , , i' 1 A ... 'I' VW iv r Ig, QA.: I A 43 z 9 N3 ? EX' sw X-'lv ' . 11' ,- - ,.,, ..,- I I, fa ml, Q .1.,. N ,E ,Rf Sy E I R Q X "' l l :ifj lf' an QW ' ti-113 ' l l 2 ' e E .oey g 'fy' 4 TRELEAVEN. JOY Basketball: Volleyball: Tennis: Baclminton: Bowling: Opcrelta: WIAB: ESS: PKD, Saskatoon Sgglzafoon, VAN der BOER, JOHN Manor Bowling: Operetta. VIRTUE. Sl'llRl.EY Moosomin Baslcetlaall: Volleylaall: Curling: Badminton: Bowling: Swimming: WIAB: Saslq. Hall House Committee. WEBER, EDWARD Revenue Bowling: Hockey: Curling. NVITTER, GEORGE Prince Albert WOOF, SPENCER C195-U05 STF: Baslcetlball: Volleyball: Curling: ESS Council. WRIGHT. BUD Tyvan Bowling: Curling: ESS Council. VVRIGHT, KEITH Soslzatoon IVCF. Bock Row-lvl! ot Riglilc CAMERON lx1CCANNELL, Qncl Year Rep.: SPENCER NXYOOFF, S.T,F. Rep.: KEITH Law, N,l.A.l3.: ARNOLD BERG, Dolmuling Rep.: GLEN PINCII, Slical Rep. SI't'olIcl Row: KI-ilru NCLEUD, Treasurer: L.-IRRY L.-ING, lst Year Rep.: LEWIS DONOVAN, lYl.U.B.: AL KII.mTRICR, Rmliog GORDON IQIKIPEY, Social: DICK CASXN'Ll.IA, P.l-LQ. Front Row: lxl.KRIl.YN BEAVILRS, VV.l.A.B.: JANET DERIIY, Vice-Pros.: DEREK HILL, Pres.: DLJLORES Fmmriiu, Drama: DONNA BAINES, Secretary. lllissing: lil1lTII COX'IELLO, Gu-yslonc Rep. ADSHEIN. MARION. lst year 5rcI yr-ar ARMITAGE. JOHN. 3rd year ARSENEAULT. ARLEA. 3rcI year 'lncI year ASTON. LORNE. '5rcI year AUCHSTAETTER. TON. 2nd year BADHAM. JOAN. Qrrrl year BALLACHAY. ALIDA. 2nd year BANSTRAINI. D. BEAVERS, MARILYN. End year BECK, ARLISS. lst year BELL. LENV. 2ncI year BELYCK. XVALTER. 3rd year BONDEROFF, JEANETTE. lst year BOYCHUK. VIC. 5rcJ year BROXVN. BEVERLY. lst year BUOLAS. FRED. 2ncI year CANT, LORRAINE. Ist yr-ar CASXVELL, B:XRB:XR.-X. 2ncI year CASNVELI... 5rcI year Saskatoon Assiniboia XNJEIUCIIOPC Ponteix I..IoycIminsler I-I0ycIminster Xvatson Nipawi n Mayfair Xvatrous ScI1uIer. AIta. Prince AIIuert Hatford Xvatsrm Saskatoon Craik OaIIiyan Saskatoon Saskatoon Saskatoon CHERNOI:-F. NANCY. lst year NiImcIo CHRISTIE. JEAN. 2ncJ year North BattIeIorcI CLAFFEY, VERGII... 2nd year RacIviIIe CLARK. LELAND. lst year ITIL-ming CONNAUOHTY, GERALD. 'SHI y c':x r AssiniIJOia DAFOE, ISLA. 2ncI year Spy I'IiII DAHLIVIAN, IVIARLENE. '2ncI year ReacIIyn Qncl year I'IaII3rite DAYLE. R. DEN. IVIARGARET. DERBY, JANET. 3rcI year Regina DINIXVOODIE, ELEANOR. 2ncI year Minton DINVVOODIE, IXIARIAN. 2ncI year Nfinton DONOVAN. LEXVIS. 2ncI year Src-ptre DONOVAN. SHIRLEY. 2nd year Leader DUNLOP. IXIAROARET. 2mI year Kinietino FARKAS. OTILLIA. '2ncI year MacIaIin FARROXV. ILHA. 2ncI year INIeIIort FILYK, RENA. 2nCJ year Sreptre FLETF. SAMUEL. Ist year Ituna FORD. JEAN. 2ncI year FORDEN. LILLIAN. 3rd year FOTHERINGHAM. BRUCE. Ist year FRAS. S. FRIJOUF. FRANK. 2ncI year GABRIELSON, JOSEPHINE. 2nd year OEELAN, JOYCE. 3rcJ year GIBSON. ELAINE. 2nd year GIBSON. LOIS. lst year GILIVIOUR. DOROTHY. 2nd year HILDA. lst year GRABINSKY, VVARREN. 2ncI year GULANSKY. ELIZABETH. 5rd year HALLIS. M. Jordan River Saskatoon Saskatoon Tway T A, M.5s:2- xi: 1 ' I 'War :Y I K it 6' .,:4i'gg ya. as-. - 1 . . ... xA - I' V, .- ' Tig. N I flu? his M0 mb Wvk ik , I yilaltf fl- 'f 5 .,Q. . -my " K I Xsrag. . . in x I ' kay- ',,- '.-' --.- f ' .. Q 36" 6 ' use -Q "M I ' A ark : h N if N yy ,,x, y, V, rvqx-I X. I J . v X .N,, I .'f-f..:i:'1.5:-."'I' ' ' "4 ' A : -' A . ,.. . aw a 43" V, Q 3? ' . y I , . , . t .. 3 'S' 3 ,wk i sg? - ,ing .R'. IXIARJORIE. lst year HARVEY, A. HELD, LEORA. 2ncI year HEPP, MICHAEL. 5rc.I year HESHKA. 2ncI year HILL, DEREK. 3rcI year HINDE. DONALD. lst year HLADY, VVILLIAINI. 2ncI year HOFFMAN, VIRGIL. 2ncI year HOLLAND, LORNA. 2ncI year HOLLAND, IVIERLA. 2ncI year HOLLICKY. JOAN. 3rcI year HOLTBY. ENID, 3rd year HUNENY, ANASTASIA. lst year JEFFERY. ARLENE. 2nr,I year JOHNSRLIDE. LORNA, 2ncI year JOHNSON. FYOLA. 2nd year JOHNSON, PAULINE. 2ncI year XVINONA. 2ncI year KALAPACA, ROBERT. End year KETCHER, INEZ. lst year KIRYCHLIK, HELINIER. 3rcI year KIVELL, LENORE. 5rcI year KOEVVN, JOYCE KONCICKY. MARY. 3rd year KOPPERUD, INIARJORIE. lst year NICK. '.IncI year KROCZYNSKI, RICHARD. ind year KULRICH, KENNETH. 2ncI year LABACH. EDNNIARD. '5rcI year LANG, HELIVILIT. 2ncI year LANG, HARRY. Ist year LAXVRENCE. DON. -1tI1 year LEBO, HELEN. 2ncI year LEGARS. EDNIOND. 2ncI year LEXVIS. lst year LIGHTFOOT. JOHN. 3rd year LOGIE, LILLIAN. 2ncI year LONGXXIORTIJ, GRIXIA. 2neI year LYNNES, DONNA. lst year LYSTER, EVALINE. 2ncI year INIARCHAND. HELEN. 2ncI year IVICCARTHY, RICHARD. 3rd year INRCONNELL, GILBERT. 2nd year IXICCUAIG. EFFIE. 2ncI year INIKDONALD, ARLEIGH. lst year MCDONALD, D. INICRAY. 2ncI year INICLEOD. KEITH. 5rcI year MITCHELL. JOAN. 2nd year IWYKYTILIK. IAIIKE. Qndt year NESDALY. SAMUEL. 3rcI year NEU, LEONA. ?.ncI year NEVE, DIANA. 3rcI year NEVVTON. EARLE. 2nfI year CarrnicI'1aeI Xvatson CarmeI Burgis Saskatoon Xvaseea RostI1ern Bruno Saskatoon DiIIce BYLIHO SQFIIUC Eatonia D"IEil'SI1EiII Saskatoon Regina Moose Jaw Radisson Saskatoon Regina Paddorkyy-and IXI00s0min EsterI1azy Viscount Hubbard SaItcoats XVaIraw Dornremy Saskatoon A Ioose Jaw Dinsmore PreefeyiIIe Saskatoon Saskatoon RoIJsart Regina IEEIRCCIIC SWII-t Current AIJernelI1y Grave-Ituourg Cupar A Ioosomin ConsuI Okla SI1eII Lake IN IarceIin Heyy ard Birmingham BIaine Lake Canwooel Conquest Stramraer OLSON, VIVIAN. lst year OLSON, YVONNE. 2nd yeur ONISHENKO, LAURA. lst your ORGE. BEIVYY. Znct year PAGE, ARLENE. Zmt ye-nr PALUCK, EUGENE. Qmt year PEAL. JEAN. Qnct year PETERSQN. LORNE, 'Znct year PEREVERZOFF, PEGGY. Ist year PHANNOF, ALFRED. Brct year POLOXNYICH, NVALTER. lst year PRINGLE. MERYL. 'lnct year RICHART. Qnrt year ROLLO. BETTY ANN, lst year ROMAN, OIJX. lst yr-ar RONEY. CATttERtNE. Znrt year ROSS, int year RUBISCH. KELLY. Qnct year SANISON, JUANNA, Ind yr-ar SAXYCHVK. Pt'.TtiR. Znct year SCHAFER, DOLORIZS. 'lnft year SCHENINIER, LORNE. Zmt year DAVID. 'lnft year SEMCHLVK. GLORIA. lst year SLOUGH, JINI. lst year SONNENSCHEIN, DAVE. 'lnct year STAN, ELAINE. 2nct year STECKLER. ANNIE. lst year STEXVART. ffl,-UNE. Qnct year STONE. GLADYS. Znrt year STRATYCHLVK. ROMA. Znct year TALLNIADGE, PHXLLIS. Znrt year TARASQFF, SUSAN. Qmt year THAUDAL. ALICE. Qnrt year THEAKER. JQHN. Srct year THIESSEN. NORTWAN. lst year TYSOXVSKI. FDXYARD. Ent yr-nr VAUGHN. NORFUDD, 2nd year VAXVTER, txtrsj Qnct yea BARBARA. 'Incl year NVALLACE. MARY. 3rd year XVIDEEN, MARVIN. Brct year XVRAY, JACQUELINE. lst year VVRIGHT. MARY. 'lnd year LARRY. 3rd year ZALESCHUK, VVALTER. Kamsack Cnnwood Btaine Laks- Saskatoon Biggar KRQIIISHCR Bc-ttlune Sturgiss Ky'tCIIl0f8 Saskatoon Yorkton XVetdon Nvatrttsleim Br-ltmune Kyle Saskatoon Regina Bangor Saskatoon Canora Nvatrous Regina Fiske Nteattx park Gitatos Saskatoon Dysart tmpf-riat Briarrrest Dnvictson Canora Tatmage Saskatoon Canora Pretato Laird V c-rn' Qin Bangor r Litac Pattmtow Oxtnow Nc-sttectown Switt Current Ridge-etate Ntetvitte Saskatoon 1 -- f qui, 4: V is 1 BQ 'I' ". ,Ev-S3 .196 aa. 45 as in? ' 'O' . r A if 'QVX-S3 I-I .fy- .1 X , -5. fri"- "- r-if-1 . 'Q 'W . -la G.. Nh ,Q x f . ray Q' X , 6, . ' Y Q y AX yby., ..,, . ,.,,, , , ,.. . - 4'-A 4' A ,Stix my , , 'a I X., - f ji' ti , V .4 1 - V , -iw . my av 1 ' , . . fr . . -I b A , 'st A-W my xi. .. ..,. . ..,. I t - 1 .1 1 I af . 1"' " .' I, . 3 V 5 .-!,- s 'G t- '.., 3 -V " 'yuh t ft 'I ' I X4 Q G :QL K V f -A. I ir' 5. 1 ,. .... ml ':. , I 1 K . I hx AA. - . nb , zzq in ..,, , ' 1 7 t A ... x X ' vV.,Yt .1,, . 73 YM? 8 'XA J , . ALL VARSITY CANDIDS rs- r ,Q WW, ,, if " sb- ' xx .-,N vw N Y wigs YN Gi SQ! MA QR Y? 9 3 EN, i ,QS .da RA Q3 N I .lv ' E ki f -xy ,f if QL Y lx' 31, L .- ' ' W rw.. - .. .- x . ' ms. HHNAXS Y Twenty-five years ago the graduate who got la job. any join, was the envy of his classmates. Fifteen years ago he went ciirectiy into one of ilu- armecl services. Fortunate incieect is the young man who graciuates this year, with employers vying with one another for his services. ixty one word of actyice to you is that you Con' sitter what you want to he cioing in ten years anti plan accorciingty. hiy wish is that your hopes will he reaiizeci. Yours truiy. I. Bi. FRASER. Dean of Engineering. AKEHURST, HERB Sutherland EiARTKlVV. DON Mosslnanlz ling- Sl'10W: ElC: Volleylaall: Fencing: Eng. Society: lVlecl1. Eng. BATEMAN, DON Saskatoon Eng. Sltow: Eng. Society: Electrical Eng. BJSHOP, DOUG Saslzatoon Vice-pres. CIC: Eng. Show: Chem. Show: Hockey: Bad- minton: Basketball: Cltem. Eng. BlSl'lKO, IVAN PETER Meath Parlz Eng. Society: Ore Gangue vice-pres.: Bowling: Hockey: Soccer: Curling: Eng. Sliowg CllVllVl: Basketball: Eng. Clioral Society: Torch Race: Geol. Eng. Blnl-TNER. RONALD A. Alwernetlty Eng. Society: Eng. Sliowg Physics Slmow: Golf: Eng. Pliysics. BODNARCHUK, AL Brooleslzy Bowling: Curling: Football: Soccer: Eng. Society: Ore Gangue: CllVllVl: Eng. Sltow: Gcol. Eng. BRANJVVELL, T. Winnipeg Eng. Society exec.: Basketball: Volleyball: Torclx Race: COTC: Curling: EIC: Eng. Slwow: Atltlc-tic Cvolcl E: Minor Social Awarcl: lvlecli, Eng. BROADFOOT, ALBERT LYLE Saskatoon Plwysics Club: Eng. Sltow: Eng. Society: Pluysics Sluow: Eng. Physics. BRUSKIEXVICH, STEVE Edmonton Hockey: Curling: Touch lootliaall: Volleyball: SAE: Eng. Sltow: lVleel't. Eng. CAMPBELL, JOHN EXVEN Saskatoon Eng. Society pres.: Eng. Soc. vice-pres: Eng. Soc. secre- tary: Track: Basketball: Bowling: Hockey: Elcz SAE: Mc-cl't. Eng. CHORNOMYDZ, ERNEST Kamsacle Boxing: Vvrestlingg Block E Athletic Awarcl: Golcl E Atltlc-tic Awarcl: Amateur Athletic Union of Canacla mentllcr: Elec. Eng. COCHRANE, BARRY Regina Bowling: Hockey: Basketball: Eng. Society: Ore Gangue: Petroleum Eng. CONDY, ARNOLD A. Saskatoon Eng. Society: CIC: Client, Sltow: Curling: Bowling: RCAF: Clic-m. Eng. CROXV. J. MURRAY Humboldt Soccer: Eng. Deloating Director: SRC Delnating Director '55-I56: Eng. Chorus: CIC: Eng. Sliow: Chem. Eng. DANIELS. J. I. Claw-t Hockey: Eng. Society: Eng, Sltow: Agric. Eng. DAVJSON. D. D. Runciman Curling: Soccer: Elcz Civil Eng. DAY, DONALD A. Sasleatoon Eng. Society: Ore Gangue: Cllvllxl: Bowling: Curling: Geal. Eng. DECKERT. SIDNEY Yorlzton lVCF: Curling: Bowling: EIC: Civil Eng. DERBGXVKA. GLENN Carrot Ritter Eng. Society: Hockey: Civil Eng, DUECK, ERXVIN J. Saskatoon Eng. Society: SAE: EIC: Bowling: Curling: Basketball. DUNDEE. DON Regina Eng. Sltowz Eng. Society: Elect. Eng.: Pliotograplwr: Sask. Eng.: UNTD. Saglzalggn CIC: Eng. Society: Cltem. Eng. DYNNA. HAROLD O. Sltaunavon Eng. Society: Eng. Soc. Treasurer: CIC: Eng, Sltow: Cllfilll. Sl10XVC EDWARDS. BRUCE Sasleutoon Eng. Society: CIC: Intramural Atliletics: Eng. Sllow: Elect. Eng. EDNVARDS, R. CARRY Yvillzie Bowling: Soccer: Ass't Editor Concentrate: Eng. Society: Orc Gangue: CIMIXI: Geol. Eng. FAMULAK. MICHAEL EDWARD Susleuloon Eng. Society: EIC: SAE: Baslcc-tlaall: Curling: Bowling: Civil Eng. FEDOSIEVVICZ. CASS Rose Valley Soccer: Volleylaall: Ruglay: Traclc ancl lielcl: Bowling: Table tennis: Baclmintonz Newman Club: University Reserve Air Force: Eng. Society. FINLEY, THERON BENNETT Luselund Eng. Sliow: Bowling: Eng. Society: SAE: Elect. Eng. FINNESTAD. RON Waldefk Hoclcey: Badminton: Eng. Sliow: Eng. Society: Football: Fencing: lvlecll. Eng. FISHER. D. xvinnipeg Curling: Swimming: CIC: EIC: University Spolies Cluli pres.: Cliem. Slwow: Eng. Hill Cup team: U ol S 5rcl year sclwlarslmip: California Stal. Co. scliolarsliip: EIC scholarship. FORSTER. B. D. Eng. Sliow: Eng. Society: Elect. Eng. lx'IaCGREGOR Saslzatoon Vvater polo: Curling: Bowling: Soccer: Swimming: Silver Fish: SAE: EIC: Eng. Society: lvlecli. Eng. Saslzatoon Eng. Society exec.: Eng. PRO: Intervarsity Curling Cliampionsliip '53-'55: Coll: Nlccli. Eng. GALBRAITI-I, D. M. Sturgis Soccer: Football: Hoclcey: Eng. Society: Eng. Sliow: Slmealz Civil Eng. GERBRANDT. FRANK Saslmloon Eng. Society: EIC: Curling: Bowling: Hockey: Meclx. Eng. GETTE. GEORGE Eng. Society: Bowling: Talnle tennis: Badminton: Civil Eng. GHAZI. A. N. GLAISTER, WILLIAM H. Regina EIC: Eng. Society: Klialci Bursary: Eng. Sliow: Elect. Eng. GILCHRIST. THOMAS PARKER Mille River, Alta. EIC: SAE: ASAE: Bowling: Curling: Eng. Society: Agric. Eng. C-ILLANDERS, R. W. Eng. Society: EIC: SAE: Curling: Hoclcey: Bowling: Eng. Sliow: lVIecI1. Eng. GRAF, KURT Winnipeg GREENVJOOD. GARTH M. Carmluff Bowling: Soccer: I'IocIiey: Curling: Eng. Society: Ore Gangue: CIlVIlVI: Cveol. Eng. HALYK. RUSSELL Foam Lulw Curling: Volleylaall: ASAE: Agric. Eng. HAYNES. J. A. Regina Eng. Sliowz Swimming: Water polo: Volleylnall: lVIEl'I'l. ng. HILL. HARRY MELVIN ASAE: Hoclcey: Curling: Volleylaall: Vvater polo: Soccer: Eng. Society: Agric. Eng. HODGINS. ERNIE JACKMAN. L. D. M. Ore Gangue: Eng. Society: Bowling: Petroleum Eng. Aylslmm Vanclura Strasbourg . . Wil ' rs I-sa f' i N J. i V' .V le., ' f QQ Ao- x -4' I K. ' :VV xv, l 'S -Q,-,r --7. -..v A, .f 1 .. 4, .V ,- . - 1 I, . , g A., .V r ' " X' ii' . writ.-. , , ' Jw r tx 1 is A 1 33:1 .,: .44 T I 13 A f ca. xl . . , l . N- -, , Q63 1 SK- QQA 4 x ff' A ll 'ff if cc .. . y .. . . , . It ,with gs! 'S 'Q' if fl R' lt' JQ' 3'- f.,.,, -, A ,,. f --.. -at--f 'Q' --:pf 2 :I ,, 2 l lr Q33 X Q--vfi . W : X f' , 4 . iii 4: xi li M . 3 I f N-M -' ' 4-3" I-,f .nib-" . .E. . I, V919 A f" ' . 6 .' . -eww F l . V .W Q .X Q T Q71 Li 5 . 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Society exec.: Cliem. Sliow Director: Cliem. Eng. KlNG. HARRY .l. Sosliatoon Eng. Society: EIC: Canaclian Assoc. Plwysics: Pliysics Club exec.: Curling: Pliysics Sliow: Eng. Sliow: College ol Eng. Scliolarsliips: Eng. Pliysics. KING. JOHN S. Regina KISCHFK, BORIS VVILLIAM Glaslyn Curling: Bowling: Baslxetlaall manager: Volleylaall: Soccer: EIC: Atllletic Director Eng. Society: llVlAB: Eng. Sliow: Eng. Society: APES: lvlecli. Eng. KOZICKI, PAUL Kindersley Eng. Society: EIC: Hocliey: Bowling: Soccer: Curling: Eng. Sliow: Civil Eng. KOZICKI, PETER Kindersley Eng. Society: EIC: Hockey: Bowling: Soccer: Curling: Eng. Sliow: Civil Eng. KROEKER. ROBERT B. J. Saskatoon Eng, Society: Civil Eng. KUEVERS. MARTIN Saskatoon Eng. Society: Bowling: Eng. Sliow: Newman Club: tilm.-i. Eng. Ix14?GCl0IU Lake LAKEVOLD, XVILLIANI S. LALIBERTE, GARLAND Eng. Society: ASAE: Baslxetlwull: Agric. Eng. LEVORSON, INGVALD LORENCE Sn-iff Cnr:-ani Eng. Smit-ty: Ore Onngue: Eng. Show: Petroleum Eng. LIPSETT. GEORGE Regina MAB: Part. Forum: Pres, Preslzzyterian Resiclence: Curl- ing: Bnslietlmll: Bowling: Volleyball: SAE: Civil Eng. Roblin, lvlan. l,lljSETT. J. .l. Regina Sports Eclitor Regina College Recorelq Eng, Society exec.: lNlAB: lrlterynrsity swimming: Bnslcetlyall: Volleyball: Xvnter polo: Curling: Pllysics Eng, Pliysics. 5lcCARTl'lY, DENNIS ltloose law .lunior ancl Husliie: Baslcetluall: Curling: Eng. Society: EIC: APES: Eng. Sliow: Civil Eng. lXlcELROY, MALCOLM EVERETT Archerniill Eng. Society: Eng. Sliow: Ore Gangue: Hocliey: Curl- ing: Bowling: Petroleum Eng. MACKENZIE. ROD L. Regina Cliem. Society: Eng. Society: Operetta: Xvater polo: Swimming team: Cliem. Eng. ' lN'lcNEll.., JACK Nl. Regina Nvater polo: Varsity Swimming team: Curling: Eng. Sliow: Pistol Club: Elect. Eng. M.-XRCOTTE, RAYMOND J. Torquay Eng. Society: N1-wrnan Club: Bowling lvarsity cliampion- sliipl: Eng, Pliysins. MARTIN. JOHN Daliinrla Basin-tlmall: Curling: Toucli lootlaall: ESS: SAE: Society ol Professional Engineers: Eng. Sliow.: lxlecll. Eng. MATXVE. LEON Moose law Bowling: Hbcliey: Curling: Eng. Sliow: Cllxllvlz Cveol. Eng. MEN ELEY, ROBERT ALLISO N lVlaplc C rccle Curling: Baslcctliull: Eoollnallg Eng. Society: Eng. Slmow: Orc Ganguc: Cvcol. Eng. INIENELEY, XVILLIANI ALLISON lxluple Creek Eng. Socicly: Eng. Sliow: Curling: Orc Cunngucz Boul- ing: Cnr-ol. Eng. NIICKLEBOROLYGI I, BARRY Curling: Eng. Suri:-ly: Eng. Sliowz Civil Eng. NIILLARD, ALLAN XV. Curling: Bowling: ling. Sncivly: MILLER, LYLE C. xv. Eslun CJOUICSOYI Eng. Slum: Civil Eng. lxlvllorl Bowling: LIRTIJ: Eng. Sin-n-Q EIC: Eng. Socicly: Cn-il Lng. INIOAR. ISOIS 5Alf: All-ill. Eng. NIOYNIIIAN. TERENCIQ I. Husllivs Iflniln-5: Nou mnn Clulu Clicm. Ent INICTH. NIORLIQY NI. lgrlnmrilun Regina 0XCC.: CllI'lIl. SlNIl'lYL Yorlclon Curling: llmxling: EIC: Al.C: IICIT: Civil Eng. NARVASON, GLEN T. l'-Ulllll I.UlQf.' H01 lxvyi Curling: liimlingz ling. Sllowz NICCII. Eng. OLSON, DON H. EIC. APL: ling. Slinw: Eng. Eng. OLSON. RONALD IQ. On- fiainguu pin.: ling. Society Geal. Eng. PARSONS. ELGIN NOXVIQLL Nl.. U.5.A. Nl X ll Society: Box ing: .Im . lrlin Flon, lxlun. : Eng. Slnni-1 Curling: Cvrenloll EIC: tX5.Axli: Eng. Solivly: Curling: Eng. Sliow: Agric. Lug. PELEN5. ERIC EGON5 Latvia Eng. Sliuxxg Eng. Simi:-lx: Bnarcl ol Dircclors Civil Eng. PE'I'I'IQRSON, GEORGE XYILLIANI EDXVARD Flin Flon Eng. Sociivly: Eng, Slmug Elccl. Eng. POSLHN. XYAIATIQR A. Curling: CIC: Eng. Sliuw: LIC Eng. ROGAN. DOIC Eng. Smivlyp Un- Gaingui-: CIN C-col. Eng. Kronau I CIICIII. SIIOXYI Clll'lll. lxloose law INI: Curling: Dowling: RYIICIRSKI. VICTOR L. Kelvinglon Curling: I'linlu'y: Bnnlingq lflC: Civil Eng. SCHINDELKA. RAYNIOND P. Saskatoon Eng. Soiivlyz Civil Eng. SCHEIIDT. Ill 'UO Scislzaloon Eng. Sliuwz Iloulingg Iiili-rnntiniml Slucli-nts' Clulii Tzilile Ii-nnis: lVCl:: Curling: Elf-CI. Eng. SCHOIZNROTII. If fi. Huclgevillc Eng. Socivly: EIC: Curling: Sucrrrz Civil Eng. SCH LETER. AIA-XN C. lxlellirine Hal, Alla. Boxxlinglz Curling: Ni-uinun Cluloi EIC: Civil ling, SERNE. XV. J. Eng. Sofivlyz EIC: ling. Sliow: nis: Socfvr: XX,illf'f polo: X' Sfliolarsliip: Civil Eng. SMITH. DONALD CHARLES Orc Cnanguf-: Pi-Irolcuni Eng. SPARROXV. .I. R. I'Iocl4c-ya Nvatcr polo: Volleyball: ming: Eng. Slunwp Curling: Eng Regina Curling: Iluilwyz Ten- lollcylnallg Xvillouglildy Saslzaloon Regina Sorcer: Varsity Swim- , Soricly: Elml. Eng. I 5 XM Q '44 Rem i ,Q- --ng , uf' 'Q .11 ' A ,..-, -. ,. ' 'YV 'fi .WS - 19" -.Ik:.'. .. 'E...2'f-ea: --f-".1.f-.,f...1.:. . - .:, f 'W' 'E'-'i. . ?fk' :S-'ww ' 1- -flrf-.:1-:....-, ' I +A Q A L I - :L ,514 5 ' .- .rw-Q.. . , f -,ifn g 4 I is ' . I . ' ji Calm' 3' 'QR 'Ri -I . iv., N w i C D x I. 7. C . - I ' Ig ' , lf 52 1 Q 9 U 3 -,,, j 4 W' 1:-up-X vs ...ny ""'f . 'IN-. -2- -. , Q . .a -1, -1 :sf Yi A in K - ik -as-. Ii if Q '. 'pan "". 'GNFU' 1 XY ,QQ . 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Suri:-Iy: IxlPFll. ling. 'I'lIONII'SON. K. II. Ilillt'ULl41l'L' 501I1'lYi NIM II. Roginu 'I . Ixifginn Iii-ming: ling. Suri:-ty: EIC: ling. Slimxp lflmt. ling. 'ISI IO3.II'5OX,rROIJIQRT IBRIANQ I'rmn' .XIIH-if Inff Nui:-lx' Inv Nlnm' Climn Nu I- ' li' ll mn' .,,.. A..,q., , .,uly.f.Ii.5 ly Ir:-.uurvrg CIN-ni. Sliuxxg Bouling: LQLIFIIIIQZ lnil yi'-ir I,ng1. Filxnlnrslnp: QIICIIIIIEII Inelilulv nl Ilnnlx Ilruvz Qin-ni. Ilng, IIIIIOHSON. IAN NIILIQ5 ixllllillllfl Olrm'rf-Ilan: Iing. Slum: Ijliysics CIUIJ: lnil Ynrxilx Sclunlnrsliipz Grd your Caililurnia Siannlnril Cn. Silinlnr- sliipz Eng. ljlxysics, TIIRIQINEN, XX'II-NI.-XR EARL Iing. Smivlyg ling. Sliowg Curling: ling, Pliybics. 'I'IKK.'XNIiN. GI-IORGE Iipfnn Pliysics Cluliz Basin-IIinII: Flin Flon ling. Sniii-ly f'XL'li.I ling. Slum-1 Hoclicyp Curling: Boul- ing: Orc Cnnmn-: Gwl. Ifng. 'I'II,I-, CHARLES -M-lwliinii ling. Swivly PRO: Eng. Pliysifs. TOTII, ERIC Qual yvnr Limlvrgrncl Srliularsliipf Oltlmn BANK lllkill Bros. Prim: ling. Slimxg ling. Socir-ty: ixltqfll. TOXVNSIQNIJ1, I, L. W Q Reginn Xxillouglulix' 5iIinI.irNIuip: Ilrlilor I'ri-Slinmn Hi-gin. - -1 . .: - - fUII4'Q4': I.rI1ln1' mek. Igng. 3 Ilng. FUIRIPIXI ling. Flmui Ijliysiw flnlig Ijliuiw Slum: Suinnninn: Xynlvr pulng ' v I .ng I Iiyeiri. XV.-XI .SI I. IDI .SNIOJND Snulcnluon IIUILI-ig I7muIn1u1 Ilng. bmi:-lv: Civil Eng XX'I1I3IQR, I'I.TIQR A. .xlviiflmii Ink.- Iing. Sinn-lx, Ni-xxinnn Clulmz ling. Slum: Ilnili--xg V.-Ili-iIi..II. I7muIinp: Sniivr: ixlifrli. Iina. XX'IfIDDIClI1, NI.-XRYIN Brivn-nfs: If:-gin.: CXUII--gn Silinlnrxliip: lijliuive FIUIJ: ling. Sufi--lx: ling, Slnmg I'IiN-f. Slum: Curling: ling I'Iixxii4. Rinllwv, .'lIIu ling. Sunil-Iv. lin' Gnmjuvg ling, Slum' l,K'Il'0lPllI1l ling XVRIUIIT. II. G. XViIkii' LOHYIIHQZ Snruifg IXIPKII. li11g. XX'l'R'I'S.Q IfI.Xf'OOD AG. Duff Qurlingjg Lug. Nnivly: Ilng. 'blioui Psoulingg Civil ling. XX'l'SC'IIKI-1, IiI3C.'XiR IZDXXIN N BIOSSINIHIQ Pliysiis Clnlmg'. blmug Iing, 5mwIy: PI1ysirs Flumg l.IlQ. lrjllyilfi. YANKF. NI. XY, RCAI7: Curling: Bowling: Elect. Eng. YUNKITR, .IOIIN DITNIS Ifng. Soiivlvz FIC: Bowling: Volleyball: Iwvlvillv Baigonie Elect. Eng. HAROLD. Isl year ANDERSON, JERRY. 2nrI year ANDREXVS. DENNIS. ls! year ASCHIYNI, OFIAR. 3rcI year BAKITR, IOHN. 'lncI year BAKER, IXYESTON. 2mI year BALDXVIN, DOUGLAS. 2mI yr-ar BARBER, DOL,'CLAS, Ist year BiARON. RDDCIiR, lst year BAl'3ICARTNIfR, RALPI I. lst year BE.-XRD, XVILLIANI. 2mI yi-ar BECRIIVZ. VINCIDNT. 2ncI year BELL, HAROLD. 2ncI year BERING. IVAN. Ist year BIDTTERIDGE. ROBKRT. Isl year BIERLNIIZIER, XYILLIANI. 2ncI year BILLINGS. RICHARD. 2mI year BIRCH. KEN. Ist year BITTNIAN, NIIQRVIN. 2nrI year BLACKXYIQLL. MARVIN. lst year BLAIR. GERALD. '5rcI year BLAKIDLY, ROBERT. lst your BLANCHIQTTE, RAYMOND. 2ncI year BOOK. '5rcI year BOL'CHIiR, XVARRIDN, 'SHI year BOXVIVIAN, GERALD. '2ncI year BOZAK. EDXVARD. lst year BREXVER, CLARK. lst year KEITH, Ist year BROOKER. XVILLIAINI. lst year 2ncI year BROXVN. BLAND, 2ncI year BROXYN, GARY. 2ncI year BROXVN, Ist year BROXVN. GERALD. 2ncI year BROXVN. PATRICK. 2ncI year RODNITY. 2ncI year BUHL, RAYMOND. '2ncI year BLVLLDCR, RALIIII, '2ncI year BUNDY, DOUGLAS. 2mI yi-:ir BLIRAR, NIIZRVIN. lst year BURKE, DAVID. lst year DENNIS. 5rcI year BURNS. COLBY. 2ncI year BYKOXYY, XVALTER. 5reI year CAIXIIJBIOLL. ANDREXV. 'jrcI year CANll'BEl.L. DOUG. CARLSON, DOUGLAS, ?.ncI year CARIJANI, RICHARD. 2mI year CARTIER. ALLISTIIR. 2niI yc-ar CAR'IXVRIGI'IT, DENNIS. Ist year CASAVANT. NIAURICI2. Isl year CHAPIXIAN, DAVE. '2m.I year CHIZPYHA, JEROIXIE. 'lncI year CHERNEY. IVI. 3rcI year 3Ioose .Iaw Bi:-nIai! Torquay Prince AIIuerI Rr-rl Deer IIiII baskaioo n YurIilon Strasiwurgi FPIIXX uucI Balgrmic xIeIIori BaIcIwortIx SasIial0on YorIyl0n A Iac oun Chi-lan Saskaioon I'IufIson Bay HumIJuIsII SasIQatoon Regina Prinee AII1erI .Iar IQIisI1 LaIie LoreIxurn YorIdon Guermey Bienfaik NOIiurniS iwaxslone I.I0ycIminSIer Radisson I'IumInoIiII Bateman Young Saskraioon Prince AIIWCII Biggar Prince AIIM-rt IXIaicIsInne AvonIea SasIialonn I'IumImIcIi CIimax iVIoosomin SasIialaon Regina Regina SasIiaioon XVI1iie Slar IxIn0se .IUNY I3Iaine I.aIie DIOUSL' .IRIXY SasIcataon TI1eocIorC 4, 'LS A 4 Qa 70 Q 'H 1 Q 3 'F' Q W. fin rg M fr' - I2 .J ' f' ' 'fs'5f FW' -. '4' . , , Jf- .A L I v U 23' I A Q. .Univ 1 M G-wgfb I2 3' 'G' rf- 3 , r, 'ff my A .Di A -L: f W I-' 5 I fi I Y' fi: Q, fa , L 1 ni in 5' V - "" f - A if . 4"ref . I 1 I y A :fits I . .- fi- x , , E., ' ' -m fd ' 1 A - Ma - :X Q fi A fa 3. 0 M- f' I JZ, -'lv-" -- ' 'J X fi .., ' 'wif 'f' -1' J . Y- A A-M. 4. . I af -f f f -' 'Ve 5 I ' . ' 4" I." 'V' -.3 V., -aa. ,s A Y ' -W ' v-I I . A A' " if ""' I """ ,..-- 'I' ' "2" I -'af ff' 0 K. "' fa, if-2' 1' :ai ' K-y ' 1 ,fit-rn I .,, 4 I W, , J 'LDA ' ""' LI. ' ' f-.- ' 'V "- vs-v ix Wifi Q 3, 155 if 1 ar ar ,fam nw , N -. I L vw 'di wr 'Af' V- Qi I iff.-..,.g.,...N 1 , - - . I 1 15,43 .Lv an , ' ff... Qijga I' 74 Ani -1 gl '. ' t .3 " 'V -' A 'av , 'A 1. " A yi 4 wi! 5 " , """' '-sv in - an .. L 4 ti .3 SSL' y Q I . ZA. W - ' iq' JI 3. ' V -4 . .1--v ' '37 'ff ' i f w ' -' .. xi If I .af- ,ggr h ara- . '1."'7' -fe-'fi A - YI QL Q L 5 J Ig ""' .v Qi f 'X A X ' P? , ' zz A .A ,.' ,., 'gi f 21 A f 4 M . A ,.., , i . Q: Ig 43 -2510 :Ia 'Se : I ,-.29 """-s.. rw dlvv.. ., my .fyfs -3 "3-lf' 'nl-If 'T' X . ' 3, 'sm , as-my ji T W-xv ,.r5:',a . f -,-' Y any ww A W .gr wiv. ., , I 3 'ra ST Q 'N va' -. WN -:f '4'L"'JI yf'i"J I ' ' I A M" ...,. ww 52 QA I' 'W Q-wel' as wk "" ""' -w y VWN ' fr-if-assi Fi f i ' wg? -' , .AE . . ., ,,, Y ' ' x E 6. ,rx mg N Q, . fm W ,mia 6 an A . X an I K . 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STEVEN. 3rd year DEVVHURST, GREGARY. 5rd year DICSON, BILL. lst year DINTER. LAVVRENCE. Ist year lst year DODDS, GLEN. lst year DOIG. ALLAN. 3rCI year DOOBENEN. BILL. lst year DOLILI.. ROBERT. lst year DOVVHER, RONALD. lst year DUNDAS, JOE. 5rcI year DYCK, GEORGE. lst year DZUBA, ALBIN. Ist year DZUBA, STANLEY. 2ncI year EBACH. MARVIN. lst year EDGAR, GRANT, End year EHILER. GERALD. lst year EXVERINGHAM. ERNEST. lst year EYOLFSON, DAVID. 3rcI year FALK. VVILLIE. ISI year FEDERSPIEL, GRANT. lst year FELDIVIAN. IVIOTTIE. Ist year FIELD, JAMES. 3rcI year FILIPOXVICH. EDNVARD. 2ncI yea FINLEY, JAIVIES. lst year FISHER. BEVERLY. 2nc,I year FOLSTAD, RON. lst year FORBES. DON. lst year FORREST. ROBERT. 3rcI year FOSSEY. FREDERICK. 5rcI year SasIcaIoon Sheha Saskatoon VVI'1itewoocI Totncs AvonI ea Saskatoon Saskatoon Spiritwooc.I Moose Jaw Ponieix IVIanIcota Saskaloon VVatrous Saskatoon SutI1erIancI NrVinnipeg, IVIan. Bredenbury Regina Saskaloon AssiniIJoia Birsay Pelly Norquay KipIing KipIing IVIoose Jaw CocIc-ite CUCINX'0fII1 Regina Porcupine IjIain Lamont. AIta. Pelly Ix1O0SC JHXY Saskatoon Francis Saskatoon CHFIOFB Canora I'IcpI3urn YorIiton Carragana Stoughton XVynyarcI XVaIc.II1cim SIaIwarI RatcIifI'e Regina r Arran Sheba IVIoosomin FOX, KENNETH. lst year FRASER. DOUGLAS. 2nd year FRIEBEL, ANDREVV. Qncl year FRIEDRICH. F. D. 3rcl year 'Srrl year GAGNON, PAUL. lst year GARDEN, RONALD. Zrcl year GEORGE, RONALD. lst year GILEXVICH. DANlEL. 3rcl year GILLARD, DOUGLAS. 2ncl year OlLLESPlE. GARNET. 2ncl year OLAZTER, MURRAY. 3rd year GODIN. RENE. lst year GORKOFF, ALEXANDER. 3rd year GORRILL, GORDEN. lst year GOT-TS, ROBERT. 2ncl year fllll year GRIFFIN. THOMAS. lst year 2ncl year C-ENTER. ALFRED. 3rd year GURNON, CARRY. Qncl year HAGE, THEODORE. lst year HAGEN, PAT. lst year HALL. STEPHEN. Qncl year HATXHLTON, 5rcl year HAAHLTON. lst year HANlNlER. CONRAD. lst year HAMMOND, ROBERT. lst year HANNAH, 'lncl year HARRlS, DENNIE. lst year HATTON, Srcl year HEIQSE. HEINZ. lst year HEIDT. JACOB. Qncl year HERRICH, .lANlES. lst year HESJEDAL, HOXVARD. lst yeafr HlLL, FRED. Qncl year HINZ. XVlLFRED. Qncl year HLIQCH. HARRY. Brcl year HODGES, lst year HOLDEN, JOHN. Srcl year HOLFELD, RANDOLPH. Qnrl year HOLNI. RUSSELL. Qncl year HOLOBOFF. lst year HOLTSLANDER. VVILLIAM. lst year HOMSTAD, ALLAN. HOPKlNS. CHARLES. Qncl year HOPKINS, DOUGLAS. lst year HORGEN, DENNlS. 'lncl year HORTON. ELGIN. 'ircl year HOUSTAN. ROBETQT. lst year HONVRIE. lAN. 3rd year HUCZTL PAUL. 2ncl year HUTA. 3rd year lNGRAlNl. ROBERT. lst year IRXVIN, ARTHUR. lst year Bulyea Atiliolian. Ont. Sturgis Hudson Bay Foam Lake Silver Parli Saskatoon Fairy Glen Prinre Allhert Lloyclminster Sturgis Hanley Cmlclvn Prairie- Regina Ruuleau Xvinnipeg, lxlan. Lalic Fielrl. Ont. Rostlxern Kc-rrolnert Sllaunavon Br-ngougll Saskatoon lxluenster lngleleld Saskatoon Regina Regina Bapaume Verigin Cllaplain Nloose .law Anerley Sasliatuon Sasliatoon Swift Current Regina Flin Flon. Man. Porcupine Plain Quill Lalce Antler 7.1, ..... . ..,, . 2.13 , '5gga..,'-3. W Q At.. ' X ' ' 3 - ' , ' . , Q 'F 5 6 'ft' le '11 . f.1'- ,, al- F 'f "' I A ' . av' 3. rf -lla is r .... T T l ' JMX '- A 19' - H --'- A .yn 4 ' . 1 at 'F gf i l Tr 91 fy tj: Xl: ,en :l t is T' "W ' ff' ,Q--QQ an 4 ,sl xx' f' r Tr ' , 1 9. Y v T 'T - -A ' q ,I ' -gf Q , our .5 wx! A V I ..Jt 1 . T 'xyb-.. H ' H V y y A ,f Y, X K fits 5, ac- , H an ar -uma., an S .265 . I , -A W far :xl - 'ff' fr .. 1 .Aff eyyyyy y .F A f r.. ,.,, f xl" ' ' A ' l't T .- .. bl ., v,., Q, ' ww ir Q A fi if . It in as 1 syn nw- Q7 Q, , "':" .3 1 ' Q -IL ' 'if Ag A TAA' lf "" z ...,., , 5 X 1 I 1 'T'3l"'W 'Q A 'Z' Sn Q' 1 fr - gf ""'Y:nE . fe.. fi at ' 5 K. 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R ,fm A ll ,I ' .. .J ' :D W la la RF ll 1 ,Jr ""' 'il 'Rf 'Nu A 5 Y' L . 91:-.W , .ul K K . .md In ... ...V .. "' A A A - A K kk 5 fav' X an J el 2' "9 W llxr-WUWQQ5 'Q UQ' .. ., 1-V' U - 5 . IX' A L., WL - , , , , .PA NMR A ... vm,-we - Q Md N V xlgwif, A ' W: gl S 5 .0-rs. X rl, -M ' 1-X ' or.:-1' A' 4, ...W , 'T V 'V 'N r I A A A sxAA pi 'C - ' L A , . V Q ' ff R fl R' "P ' lag ss:- F. . v ' in dc y b J . -,- A 1--P5 . '11-.K le .... jg, 3. A1 f"""L 84 A JAKUBAK, WILLIAM. lst year Flin Flon. Man. JAQUES. DONALD. lst year Yorlcton JAYCOCK. SIDNEY. 3rrl year Raymore JEFFRIES. JOHN. lst year Swift Current JMAEFF. ANDREW. lst year Kamsaclc JMAEFF, PETER. lst year Kamsaclc JOHANSON. ADOLF. 2ncl year Nortlm Battlelord JOHNSON. DENNIS. 3rd year Yorlcton JOHNSON, KENNETH. lst year Eston JOHNSON. LYLE. 3rcl year Ratner JOHNSON, LORNE. lst year Leroy KARST, STANLEY. lst year Kenaston KATZBERG. RONALD. lst year Yorlcton KAVANAGH. JOHN. 2ncl year Prince Allaert KELLER, HARRY. 2ncl year Canora KENNEDY. LYLE. lst year Kronau KENT. DONALD. Srcl year Regina KESSLER. RONALD. 3rcl year Morelancl KHAN. ANGUS. lst year Trinimlacl. B.W.l. KlLPATRlCK, BRIAN. 2ncl year Saslcatoon KINCAID, JACK. lst year Saslcatoon KINDRACHUK, GEORGE. lst year Saslcatoon KlPLlNG. ARLlN. 2nd ycar Nlellorl KlTZAN. PAUL. 3rcl year Tlxcoclore Brcl year Vvcclccs KORCl'llNSKl, ALLAN. lst ycar Hulabcrt KOVACH. .lllVl. Brcl yvar Kipling KOVVALSKI. STANLEY. Brel year Xvislxart KOVXVCH. RUSSELL. 3rcl year Norquay KOZEY. lst year Gooclf-vc KRAXVCHUK. PAl'L. Srcl year Kryclor KROEGER. DIEDRICH. lst year KUNW. EUGENE. Qncl ycar KYLE. RONALD, 2ncl xcar LANG. REGINALD, lrcl year LARSON. LLOYD. Srrl your LASHYN. LAXVRENCIT. 2nd year L.ALl, 2ml yrar LEDRAY, NElL. 2ncl yrnr Llfli, CHARLES. lst yt-ur 2ml yvur LIZPINE, Al'ltliLE, lst LEPlNl'f. LLIZ.-KBEUI. Sul yt-ur lml xvar LIGHTFOOT. RIZCIN.-XID. lst yt-sur LINES. CHARLES. 'Sul yvnr 'Incl xl-ar LOCKXXVOOD. CLIN. 3nl yrar LOREYTZ, ARNOLD. LOVECKY. JOE. lnrl 3nl year LOXVE. 5lERVlN. 'lncl wt-.ur LOXVERY. TFAL. lst yt-nr LLCHANKO. JOHN. Intl yt-ar LYNCH. ROBERT. lm! roar MMF.-XRLANE. BRIAN. Saslcatoon Tramping Lala- Rr-clvr-rs Assiniluoia Young Balt HTTPS f llnnlc hung Xvintvr Arrln-ru ill Snslmtoon Snslmluun Saslmloorm bnslxatmnn LlUX'llllIlIlhlPf .-Xllh.-v llnily' Plunlwtt S.:-lmlloon Flin Flon. Nlun. Tanlullin Calgary. Alla. Lajonl Bic-nlail Nortlx Bnnl.-lord MacLENNAN. DONALD. 2nd year MCALLISTER. GRANT. lst year MCARA, PETER. 5rd year MCDONALD. JOHN. lst year MCGUIRE, DANIEL. Srcl year Leiaret Eston Regina Taber. Alta. Prince Albert MCINTOSH, GORDON. 2nd year Saskatoon MCKAY. JIM. 5rd year Govan MCKAY, WARREN. 2nd year Regina McKENZIE. K. MCLEAN. BILL. 2nd year Mossbank MCMAHON. GERRY. 5rcl year Saskatoon MCNABB. GLEN. 3rd year Regina MA, WILLIAM. Zncl year Hong Kong MaGUIRE. WAYNE. 2ncI year Francis MAH. CHUCK. lst year Saskatoon MAH, WILLIAM. lst year Lloydminster MAK. STANLEY. 2nd year Yorkton MAKUCH, DAVID. lst year Weekes MALNAR. E. MARTENS. WALTER. 2nc.l year Hanley MARTIN. GLENN. lst year Liberty MARTIN. GREGORY. lst year Daliinda MASSIER. ALLAN. Srci year Soutiiey MAYERLE. VICTOR. Qncl year Tisclale MAZURCK. EDWARD. lst year Saskatoon MEEK, STANLEY. 2nd year Tompkins MELIN, JOHN. 3rd year Saskatoon MERCHANT. GEORGE. lst year Saskatoon MEYRINK. GARRIT. 3rr.l year Saskatoon MILLAR. NORMAN. 2nd year Nortii Battlelorcl MILLHAM, GEJRDON. and year Stockholm IVIILNE, LINDSAY. lst year Meadow Lake MILNTHORP. PHILLIP. lst year Edam MITCHELL, DELBERT. lst year Saskatoon MITCHNER. ALYN. 2ncl year Nortli Battlelord MONASTYRSKI. TARAS. 3rcl year Winnipeg MONROE. DUANE. Srcl year Crooked River MOORE. JAMES. lst year Seven Persons. Alta. MOORE, KENNETH. 2nd year Regina MORTAN, DONHN. 2ncI year Miciale MORTIN. DAVID. lst year Dilke MURPHY. DONALD. lst year Swift Current MURRAY. GRATFON. lst year Siiaunavon MURZYN, HENRY. 2nd year Regina MYLREA, PAT. lst year Kindersley NABOZNICK, JOHN. lst year NELSON. LAWRENCE. lst year NICHOLLS. ERNEST. lst year NIGHTINGALE, JOHN. lst year NIZAN. BARRY. 2nd year NOTATION. ALBERT. 2nd year NORDQUIST. ROSS. lst year Hudson Bay Prince Albert Saskatoon Oltla Regina Meadow' Lake Blaclwortii NUNWEILER, LAWRENCE. 5rd year Laporte OLAFSON. DONALD. 2ncl year O'LEARY, DENNIS. Srcl year Windthorst Avonlea . - 'a'.jevs f . ix , ru' ' r asf 'I fi .-nos, if O 3 Rc I Q- ' . 'G4'Vx4 L ' ,V H , Z 4: 'Tig' 1 - .. X A A all In 7:1 Il 1 ,,,,-'U 'R 3- xt ' ,X 3 . -"rd " ' . - IQ' 'bf ' ' s..- 'ff' A Lvl 1 A K ' if x Q M - 5 , . naizs--A A A 'T I P ..., 5, gm fe- it A - lr I y A . n-5 ' A he A A J Q 1 75 'K' A 5- ares pc 5-dw , M' gm B. W uw yi! 53 ff A ,., J '13 ,,,... .' T- A A ' -vw Q, U if L .L 9 -Mr' K 4455 gm rs: I 'aw 9 ua. 5: Q- 5' G' ,N an QA x t I 1 'l V, N f f:.. 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'wav QQ,,y.' :sr ,,,.'A it Af N A .Ai 4 A OLESKIVV, RAYMOND. lst year OLSON. lst year ORR, RAYMOND, Ist year ORSTED, NEIL. OSHAUGHNESSY. DALE. lst year ALEX. lst year OXVSIANYK, ONIELIAN. lst year PAAIOEDJIHARDJCJ, R. 5rd year PANASIUK, MERVIN. lst year GIenavan Stewart VaIIey M oose Jaw Nloose Jaw BIaine Lake Sheho Indonesia Porcupine Plain PARCHEVVSKY. NICHOLAS. lst year IVIeeCI'iam PAXYLOVICH, ALEX, lst year PEDDLE. RGBERT. 'ircl year PEHRSSON, ARDELL. lst year PELECH, HARRY. 'jrd year PEREGOODOFF. FRED. lst year PEREGOODOFF, MAC Qncl year PERKINS, DEAN. 'lncl year PERKINS. GEORGE. 2nd year PETERSON. ROBERT. lst year PFEFFER, BEVERLY. lst yea PFEIFER. MELVIN. Ist year PHENIX, NIERVIN. lst year IJISIO, PETER. lst year PLAXIN, LORNE. Qnct year PORTER. SELBY. Ist year PRASKO, IVIELVIN, 2nd year PRATT. BRIAN. lst year PRENTICE, TERRY. 3rcI year PRITCHARD. K. '5rcI year PRYCE. BRYAN. 'Incl year QUILITY, STANLEY. 2nd year RANDALL. VVAYNE. 2ncI year RATAI. FRANK. lst year RAUCH, DON. 'lncl year REHVVOLD, GERHARD. 2ncI year REED, NORIXIAN. lst year REIN, VALDIMAR. '5rcI year REINHARDT. EDNVARD. 2nd year REYNAUD. ROLAND. Ist year RILEY, DAVID. 'lncl year RINDT. ERNEST. 3rcI year RITTINGER. J. Ist year RIVETF, DAVID. 2ncI year RODDICK. JOHN. 2ncI year RODGERS, ROY. 2ncI year BIaine Lake Vvartime ROIJI7. AIta, XVeircIaIe Verigin Verigin Routeau Regina ArcI'ierwiII EIIaow Saskatoon Xvawota Quin Lake Burtranan Saskatoon Xvatson Lanigan Saskatoon Rr-gina Carrot River Regina Saskatoon Atoose Jaw Ogema Regina Oxbow Jasmin AsquitIi Renaud Saskatoon Xvalburg Swift Current Saskatoon Gritna, Man. Moose Jaw CHARLES, lst year Semans RUTHERFORD, ANDREXV. Qnct SADLER. JOHN. 3rcI year SALEY. MIKE. Ist year SANDERS. GARTH. lst year SCHIVIIDT, ED. lst,year SCHULDT, ADOLF. lst year SEDGVVICK. DON. 2nd and 3rd SENKO. PETER. lst year SINS, ROSALYN. lst year year Fry's Love Athabasca. AIta. Ruttiilda VVaIcIron Swi It Current year Regina Guernsey Saskatoon SERDUBA. KEN. lst year SHERWIN. EDWARD. Srci year SHKLANKA, ALEX. 2ncI year 2ncI year SIIVIIVIONS, ROBERT. lst year SKOROBOHACH, GORDON. 2ncI SMITH. DONALD A. 2ncI year SMITH. DONALD R. lst year Esterimazy Prince AII'Jert IVIayIair Saskatoon Arittaaic YCBI' Goodcve NortI1 Battieiorci BFUHAOFI. IVIHFI. SMITSON. GENE. 3rd year Bounty SNETSINGER. WILLIAM. Ist year Lugasice SNYDER, BOB. 2nr year Saskatoon STAFLUND. ANTON. 3rcI year ArcI1erwiII STANLEY, LORTON. Ist year Tisciaie STAUCH, RENE, 3rcI year Langeninurg STEACY, TED. 2ncI year Regina STEWART. DUNCAN. Ist year Winnipeg STEVVART, G. STOLEE, BRYAN. lst year Torquay SPI-RIIACK, VAL. 2ncI year Fiin Fion STROIVIIVIE. ALLAN. 2nd year Porcupine Piain STROIVIOTICH. FRANK, lst year Kenaston SLIIVIARIVIO. I. 3rcI year Incionesia LIQNVKO, FRED Ist ycar IQ'l'ifIfP AIIUPTI THOIVI. JOHN. 3rcI year ErnIoId THON. .I. 2ncI year Hamiiton. Ont. THOMPSON. BOB. lst year Fiin Irion, Man. RONALD. 3rd year Kinciersiey TIIVIM. ARTHUR. lst year TODD. MURRAY. 3rcI year TOIVIASCI'IUK. HECTOR. 3rcI year 3rfI year ALFERD. SHI year TROFIIVIENKOFF. FRED. 3rd year TUREK, STAN. Srci and 4tI1 year TURNBULL, IAN. 3rd year UKRAINEPIZ, PAUL. 3rd year ULRICH. XNAYNE. lst year UNICK. ERNEST. lst year UNROE. DENIS. 2nd year VALLANCE, CLARENCE. 5rcI and 4tI'1 year VANDALL, BERNARD. 2m:I year VAUGHAN, DELMI, Qnci year VAVVTER. DAVID. lst year VERHOEVEN. JOHN. 2ncI year WALDBILLIG. FRANCIS. lst anci 2ncI year WALSH, PAT. 2nd year WARNER. DALE D. Ist and 2ncI year NVEBER. NORMAN. Isl year VVEIIVIER. ALLAN. 2nd year WELGAN. RONALD. lst year NVERNER, ALEXANDER. 2noI year NVESTC-ATE. LLOYD. 2ncI year VVHITE, DOUGLAS. lst year WIEBE, VERN. 2ncI year VVIESER. RHY. Yard year YCIIOU' Grass Shaunavan IVICE1CI'lEil't'1 Vvaciena Regina Verigin Siiaunavan Victoria. Erwood Ciavet Riciwmounci Morse Grand Couiee St. Brieux Bangar Seniac TuI:IneII Cuciwortim Saskatoon Sasicatoon Meadow Laice Strasbourg Yoriilon Cupar Regina IVIapIe Creeic Saskatoon Sasicatoon 'I 4 1 1 gf 1 'f L, -Z, ii - . " g 1 - 3 as- "ar, .--ar :-. W . . , .' " rf- a f 4.: 12 I I A X V . -- ' 'A-V' 1', F B ggvjfyff ' - - ' ,M I . A ' , . 3. 'L . It A A 6. xx! ' .H ,Y .e I . I N M- ' l I M- fe ' A' ' ' ' I .J V ' ,4f"'g.A ,AZT 1 I A' I . i it I A I . 415 s 1 5:5 -f-QYIE7 It 3' A - L AF I I ' ' ' f " y .I bg.. M fr .av-65 , :av 5 rm 'I ,,. QI ,Q Q- W, in nv Q 1. ...S ' f 1 I' if i , fy. 1 r I 31? R 3 in I 3 Q - W I" C4 0' I3 , I 'A . 'Wad I f -1' Alzl M 'L' gr ,........,..:,.y....- . I I .I M A 1 W 1 1 K yV y f , 5 W. y Q? -5, .i as ei Y -.. Q-1' 33 'Y -an exp 'Q L ,.... 4:4 4 W ,xr y I Qy, M f-nh . , . ..,, ,.., , A X I I 1 .31 5 1 I . I . . .sa if-PW? I 'iff 9 if 9 QQ i ' Q6 -F 1 sg.,-v,,g 'I - Q A A ll, -fr" ...F far' ,Qi ' 'Z' W rf- ' f-' Af A ,J es. w tea' ..',1 A I r u. x , I K' Q.-V .... .X 'T' , .4 ... If 'W iii --. .4- -nv ' I3 QQ 919 X 1- 1- . lu, ZR 'Q' 'Af -ef: Q ,,,V XYILSON, DOUGLAS. 2nd year 'Q ' I WILSON, JAMES. lst ,W 3 l , x 3 5 If Q XVILSON. NHKE. 3rd year L . . -.-.J 19-A xv f M LN WOOD, REOINALD. zml ,vm M WOODREY, KEN. at ,W . 'L"' ' 2 WOODWARDA MLA .':. gg ' " " 'V "': g ":' . yi? M ":' :',,g. . 'SVGA' fi , , -- ' F ft we O '-' 4 XX RIGHT, JANIL5. Isl year A .-Qtr N: xg ' YABLONSRI, MIKE. Lf ,W Sggg '31 ' YAR1, STAN. znd ,W X" ':"" , YONT, Zncl yt-ar P , gm YOUNG. ROBERT. lst ,W .. ' - ' -Q .Wg K: t A 2 ' -' ZABACHENSKI, JANIES. lst year ZBITNOFF. lst year . ."' :'EE:.:,, Zifzff' -1-' H ,, ': lb ZDUNICH, BERNARD. lst year v IW QS" RPA ZEOERAYRO, EDWARD, Rf ,W R v ea M fe, and ww. ' -:ave-' -, ZIEGLGANSBERGER. GEORGE, lst year ZULYNIK, INIERVIN. lsk year ., V,, 1.., if L, Q f ir mx 4 gr. V f -- fx W 'K Q I " W x X., - -vo.. . - -qw P, R5 - A I RCI '- Rf 2- 5 ' -, ' ' 4 ' A of TE wx gx ii W5 A I Wt 88 2 K- V , " I X, N 3 ' ' ,I xi sl fi A A A Regina Okla Saskatoon Lvniiy Tisclaic North Battlvford Brarlain Saskatoon Sandn itll Nlarclxwc-H Carlyle Alwnu Blaine Lake Hanley Canora Picrcc-land Xvilloufurook ENGINEERING SOCIETY EXECUTIVE '55f56 front Raw, left lo right: DON FOWKE: ERNIE NICHOLLSQ JACK CABIPBELL, PRES.: JERROLD IEIEATH BILL EXIAII. Sf-mml Row, lvfl to rigful: GLEN FURSE: HAROLD DYNNAQ BETTY LEPINE: TERRY' PRENTICEI IXIURRAY GALHRAITH. Thinl Row. lvfi In right: PAUL NIELIN: Bows KISCHUKQ DOUG BUNnYg BYRON PRYCE, Nliising: GEORGE TIKKANENJ INIURRAY CRk7XX'Q VERN NVEIBE: DALE O'SHAUGl-INESSY: GRATION NIURRAX KlilTII RIEDER: Bon SNYDER. M UU' mu mmmrmzm Lit-3-ill! jg, 2 m uuuumc: mwn., 233' In nxumsm: .-:umm 1:e..:i?'u IQ A -L, X CVOITIYTIOYIQTS ill the COHIUIOH RUOTTI HQ' ,An 4 Freddy Fulllxorpa. last of ilu' big time lrainmrn Marilyn McAlpine, Drum Maiorelle WW EEG , , 1 X Manitoba Engineers uml their Sky Hi Low skit I-'xr ,, X P--Q-"-. ' nw. -v'S?5Q"f.5'S',"ff'1 . X 89 f S Pease dont ecd the ammu s 1 F o Don Vinge versus the Pfighly Ursus 1 wa' :rg fudge Till 'K Prosecutor Lipsett Mob scene from "Land of the PllGf0UlIS'. Company N of the Citi:en's Army Ffan and Superman bnltclws smlcfl bpencer A hung jury No one cried cleslstf The lbest wislics of tlic faculty ol tlie College of Home Economics go witli tlic graduates of 1956. Professional opportunities are numerous ancl oliverse. The C5tillJliSll6fl lielcls neecl qualified personnel in greater numbers. Aclclitional spheres of activity are developing. Nlay you meet tlie cliallenges of our growing profession witli tlie aicl of your special abilities ancl may you liave the personal satisfaction of accomplisliment as you malce your contribution to the welfare ancl progress of your community. HOPE HUNT. 4:9 'f fl 'f' 'fI"'f?91' . ,, Z ' ' ,A if X : 5 : Ji' -1 ,I Y H 0 M E ...Aw M F5 ' ' :Qt ...SZ ,E i ERVVIN. ISOBEL Saskatoon College Nites: Home EC. Executive: Drama Rep. ,542 Bowling: Swimming: Presiclent ol '55. GRIERSON, CHARLOTTE Whilewood Basketball: Volleyball: Curling: Bowling: Swimming: Home EC. Executive: Vice-President '55-'56. KURYLUK, MARLENE Yorlzton Basketball: Volleyball: Curling: Orplianettes '53-'54: Bowling: Secretary ol Alpha Omega '54: Athletic Director '54-'55: Social Director '55-'56, lVIacKENZlE, VIVIAN Saskatoon Fresliie Queen Y52: Home EC. Executive: Sliealn Rep. '5-4: Bowl- ing: Volleyball: President of College '55-'56, SMITH, BARBARA Saskatoon Curling: P.R.O. '54-'55: Home EC. Executive: Greystone Rep. '55-'56, MZ? Bach,Row, Left to Right: GERDA ANDREASEN, 5rd Year Rep.: ANITA SALLANS, Music: BARB WrcxwARE. P.R.O.: DONNA NORUQUIST, Drama: MARIE MADUXE, Sports: MARC. MCFARLANE. Radio: NAN V'CQ. Treasurer: lVlARG BAXTER, W.U.S.C. ancl N.F.C.U.S.: JOYCE KUZIAK, Debating: PAT WERLE. 2ncl Year Rep.: ANN GETTY, lst Year Rep. Front Row: THELMA HOWARD, Secretary: CHARLOTTE CRIERSON, Vice-Pres.: VIVIAN MACKENZIE, President: lx'lARLENE KURYLUK, Social: BARB SMITH, Greystone. D' ' .TYMQ A ' . vw E--.5-vi , - rf if,-i V 'RG' T. nfs 'Q ' ,gngn wrfl-19" 1 ANDERSON. LENORE. lst year ANDREASEN. C-ERDA. 3rcl year ART. JANE. 3rd year BAERG, ESTHER. lst year BAST. CHRISTINA. lst year BAXTER, MARGARET. 5rd year BETKER, MARLENE. 2ncl year BLACKHALL, JOAN. 2ncl year BUDZlNSKl, OLGA. 3rCl year CAlVlERON, PAT. Qncl year CHAPPELLE. LOIS. lst year DAVIDSON. VICTORIA. lst year DAVIES. DONNA. Zncl year FERN, CYNTHIA. lst year FRl'l'Z, ETl'lEl... 3rcl year GEORGE. BEVERLEY. 3rd year GETYY. ANN. lst year HAlDER, FRANCES. 3rcl year HOWARD. THELMA. 3rd year KERR. ANN. 2ncl year KUZlAK-. JOYCE. 5rd year lVlaeFARl..ANE, MARGARET. 3rcl year MCLEOD, MARILYN. ist year MADUKE. MARIE. 5rd year MOSS. OWEN. lst year MURRAY. SHIRLEY. and year NORDQUIST, DONNA. 3rcl year PARADlS. YVETTE. 2nel year RElD, lRENE. Srcl year ROBERTS. Sl'lEll.A. lst year SALLANS. ANlTA. 3rd year SlNGER, CAROL. Qncl year SMART. BERNlCE. 2ncl year SQUlRE, VlOLEl'. lst year TATARENKO. BETFY. 3rc.l year UNDERXVOOD. BERLE. lst year VILALE. KATHERINE. 2nd year Vl2RlISCHAGlN. IRENE. lst year VlCQ. NAN. XVEEKS. 2ncl year XVERBOXVSKY. BERNKOE. Qncl year XVERLE. PAT. 2nd year XVHITE, DONNA. 2nd year XVICKXVARE. BARBARA. 3rd year XWNKLER. AGNES. 2nd year XVl,,'Ll.l.,'5l. DOROTl'lY. lst year Zlxwrlll.. FRANCES. 2nd year Mellon Eastencl Regina Saslcatoon Sedley Semans Wolseley Saslcatoon lnsinger Kindersley Sasliatoon Biggar Lloydminster Cliristoplmer Lalce Sliaunavon Saslcatoon Saslcatoon Marsden Wilcox Canora Prince Albert Tugaslre Saslcatoon Saslcatoon Ceylon Yorlcton Stortlioalts Prince Allzed lvloosc ,law Saslcatoon Saslratoon Estevan Maple Creelc Sasltatoon Milestone Prince Albert Kamsaclc Nurtli Battlclorcl Suit-t Current Kanism lc Sasl-catoon Gooelwater Saslcatoon Saslcatoon Rosetown Saslcaloon .T . .3 4" ei X 1' A V Q3--Q2 ,ri ,r arf. A A V1 f 'i of A. nk 4 4 A9 A L . , Q -f . up .As 'f V ...A ..-9-X f '15 ' fir' 1+ it 'Y K V ' 4 X.. 1 ':,.,. 1 A 75 A 1 L. . A 6' 22 'S' in nw 45 -If A 4? . sa' Q, K any n V AW- " ' ' ' L' 1 ' A 41:1 ., wLf54:v -. -.fA1F- h .--.. D' A Us . f F" , Al ,J A .l 2.4. 'lr' O "ff: A 135 '53 I .At .,.y NA - 'lb A . it W -'.- - V '. iff' O .5 af 5 if :M ? W V,q. I -eg' 'T' Q K ef a' Q . ve . - 1 ' .,..,,, L-rv . JM" .Ay OO.. ,LB e KE J 'N I-as as 'Q W I V 'V "v - iw. A .l A -el , ,.,, S . m g :rf ' V, A Q . . lf? 5' ,' , '5 'R f Jar M 1 . - l-.l.xAgs.m.-,,V.,l riffs ra sz . V3 5 DV av .fx H4 '-X 93 Q.'l?w"?-.. K' S' Z, 5 5 95 WW I Dlrly Dmclz an B Q y BO V 7Home EC. queen and lawyr 8 Engineers' drinking contest 9 The Klan 10, fnfanls if1l'ClClE pub H,Bearfls blossom for Ag Bag uhh-N ..N:!,-gf,-Nw-.ik gnu--..., ......-.....nww- lgif , is IT RUM i appreciate time opportunity of writing a few words on hehaif of time Coiiege of Law which has been ailiorcieci hy time eciitors of the Greystone. Next year shouici he an eventfui one for this Coiiege. Vve wiii he in our new quarters with better oililices, hetter anci more convenient ciass-rooms, more attractive recreation facilities anci more commo- ciious, better arrangeci iihrary space. it is hopeci that within a few years we wiii have a compieteiy aciequate iaw iiibrary. i wish to recorci my regret over time resignation of Professor G. R. Schmitt and my appreciation for time fine service he has given to the coiiege anci time university. i aiso wish to express my regret over time departure of time members of time thirci year. They have been most cooperative ami i wish they couici he with us in our new quarters. Their interest in time furnishing of time new recreation room has been greatiy appreciated. F. C, CRONKITE. 1 A M, .ati , 9123 . of QR A fag, ,I -Q M. 5 1 it 1""""",,,. qw-or . ' 1 - :Hifi . V- . .. , Q 'Q 4 55. . I V . ,!,. : -. t 5 322-i'a1v2'f,. 51' E 1 fm to -9 yif :rr :rr sf f ,Q or as wug, Nf- r",7f"" ::igo'gs.f, X 5 s N . ,as...... what 'Q -WG-our 1 -fp gg vase- 'S' A ,..-vw amz, 1 'L - . if 'S 5? 7 1 .1 -. af? .N - .. . 2 4 ' A 5' .2 A r fy IC . Q x ,Q invfflx A -' .gr 5 'dimer'- is ..9' t la. 1 S fs Q A gi., fx xr f ,I-, . M. tix - J. . 4 W' 'Q 'wi ' V. ff'l'.3T' " 'x G-. Qt 1 U3 " swf ...M ,, ARSENYCH. STEPHEN ANDRENV, BA. Winnipeg ltuslcie Baslu-ttmll '49-'50, '50-V513 lnterlaculty Sports: Drama Rvp.. Law '52'.55l Ntoot Court Finalist, Law .551 Ctiic-l Justine. Nloot Court. Lv. ol BROXVN. XVlLLlA3l ZION. BA. Saslzatoon Slieal Editor '54-'55: Stical-Graystone Plwtograptiy '55- '56. CHORNEYKO. ANYSIE ROMAN Treasurer NASA '55-V54: Bowling Rep. Law: lnter- laculty Sports: Graft Ectitor Graystone '54-'55, COOK. CHARLES HENRY YVinnipeg Social Ctiairman '53-.543 Nloot Rep. Tttirct Year '55-'56: COTC .551 Ritlc' Team '52-'53-'54-'55. DOXVNEY. iXlrKENZlE ALFRED, B.A. Saskatoon IWASA Vive-president 'Eli COTC '5l: lnterlaculty Hoclicyz Pre-siqlent Music Directorate '5-15 Leader ot Opposition. Parliamentary Forum '55. GlRGlLlS, XVlLLlA5l ,lA5lES. BA. Saskatoon HUStitf'S B..sknh..ll '55-'5-1. '55-'56. lj. ot S. Frosh '51- '52: LVRTP: ljnrtiainr-ritary Forum '55. HLECK, PAL'L. BA. Debating Rep, HASJX '50-'5I: Parliamentary Forum '52-'55: Primv Nlinistc-r '51 HNATYSHYN, RANION JOHN. BA. Saslzatoon U. ot S. Erostx '5l: Huslcies Baslic-tlnall '51-I56: Sports Rap. V5-I: LVRTP '55: Vice-pre-siclcnl Law '55: Parliamen- turx' Forumg Purtv Xvliipz Alplia Omega: lntenscly Vigomus College Nine-5 lntertacutty Sports. HLDON. L.'NXN'RENC'E JOSEPH Flin Flon Hustair-s Bzxslwttxull '31-'30, Capt. '54-'55, '55-'5O: New- mzm Clulmg liouling Pri-s. '56 KOSTYSl'lYN. XVALTER GERALD Sasleatoon lB.SC. Elvftrirnl Engim-eringt Pr:-siclr-nt Alpha Omega '54-,551 Bowling: Curling: ln- tertaculty Sports. LOEXVEN, XVILLIANI GERALD Saskatoon VCF. 5IfCL'FFERY. MICHAEL THOMAS. BA. Calgary, Alta. Neuman Clula: Kappa Sigma: Huskies Basketball '55- '5-tg Baclmintnng lntc-rtarulty Hoflicy. Baslicttsalt. Flu GITOLCH. GER.'XI.D Boxsliniz Nlanam-r ot Huslcic Baslwtlaall Team '52-JJ .5-1-55: New man Club. NOONIQY. PATRICK GORDON Saskatoon Dvlmtimj ll:-p. Lam 55: Parlituncntary Forum. Liberal Lvactvr '55-.505 lutcrtarulty Sports. FKJRGJXN, LEO Saskatoon ll-lmnliiwz pn-sictvnt Hilh-I Founclation '53-'5-1: Social J Dm-ttur Lam .5-I-,551 Clf-rli, larliamentary Forum '54- Qnp llrvz-itll-r'nt l..m Smit-ty '55-.505 lntcrtaculty Basket- lm.-II, Soren-r. IJOLSS. XX'lI.l.l.-XXI. B.Comm. Birsuy, Saslz. lnlc'rl.uulty' Sports: Si-:rotary ot Lan SOCiCty '55-V541 Klamngfvr Law Bowling '3-1-53: Secretary-Trvasurcr Law 'imivly '55-'56. S.'XDDl.ENIlQYtiR, KICITH O. Saskatoon SCtINIIilSliR, DOLCLAS ALBERT. BA. Bruno lxioulingg Curling: Nvuuimii Club: Parliamcntary Forum: ixlmvl Rvp. Tllirtl Yom' 66. T.'XYl.OR. TIl.l.lli. B..-X. Saskatoon fl--rti ul Sv-sion. Nloot Court '56. THKBITT. BERRY XVAYH.-KN Kindersley llnslsw llotta-v 'Sl-511. lntt-rl.uulty Sports: COTC V552 xlxlt ljrvsictvlit 55. TOLLEITSON. LUXYIN ARCHER Sosleutoon lntt-rlnwultx' Curling: Pin! l7onQ: Parliamentary Forum. l.l'.lilCl' ul Qppnsilinn -5-lg Dvlmting Director Lau '55-56: BARKER. BURKE lst year BARKER. PAUL lst year BULAK, B. CONROY. BOB 2nd year CONROY. DAVID 2nd year COLVCH. RODERTCK Qncl year DUBTNSKY, MURRAY ht year ELXVCHLK. E. J.-XFIIESON. JAFIESINA let Ycnr KALTFNTAN, NTSK lit year KL'JAXX'A. SERGL Zncl year LEE, ROBERT lst your LYSYK. KENNETH 2nd yr-ar NTarTSAAC, RODERICK lst yrar LARRY lil year PETRIE, DAVID lar year RENDEK, ALICE Ist year HERB 2nd year RUPRICH, ELLAN 2nd yr-ar SCOTT. ROBERT 2nd year SHERSTOBITOFF, NICHOLAS Qnd TARNOPOLSKY. XYALLY 'lncl year TAYLOR, JAMES 2nd year THONIAF. STAN lst year year Nveyburn Geraldton. Ont L 5,-af North Brrttleford . j i 5 North BattTr'Torf.T 4, Swift Current . V. TE' - K, r 1 s NTOOEC' IHXK 1 r . zu a,y,y ' Lumsden TQ-rw 3 1 r Rcgrna , St. XYzrllrbcrQ AS1ir1iTmizr .Q i! Kheflive T -W, Q9 Prinrv Hubert Xtra:- Suiliatuon Carrot River Toronto, Ont ff 4 B NT Snckatoon ll:-E' ' BTnCT'.wi1rtT'l ba-Tmtoon Saskatoon Grrrrrlid .5xSsiniTmin Srwlyzrtnrwn ,auf Q ,Dx . 'W t vlg? T Q Q14-2. if M, X Q 5 X ..,V A V A in . ,,,X.,,,, 5 44 L y 1 y V .gg 094' 7 M ' N E H 1' A f , 'I T """ . LV ,,,, 'an I ' IW, T rr at ff- e r Q ming KV ' ri ' I T -f-flf Zz' fs.-5. f V , I ,M f Wi" 1-' ww A ' . ', . Wu -? x':'v 'A -X I , fury Q 1. t V , K ia' Ti' :T gr I 3' PF 3 A f .y,,. ay ,J 1 Ol: if-J' ju W-M' 'E . 'Ha' ..--, N. fm A . g-,-. . , .4 g Inf' . 461 'Q""'v UNIVERSITY SINGERS 97 .xx ?,,L,v This is a wutcl1b1r41 watclurlg you Eno! Flynn TIJGS again Ewrylnocly reads the Sheuf The ladder io success Tfwr0's room for you foo, f9IlOl The Anti-social Credit puriy 2: X ., .5'2?" TUV? iikmwf- X , Sv X US S D fu Q 9--N .Y ...v we 0... S X CNN X .QQ x W :sr G Nl X .Y 50 ,v Q . . ,ya-.wx :mN'sxs.imNx- N Tliis greeting from tlle College of blerlicine goes to tlie last group of SZISI-iiltCllf'VVEll'l gracluates to lne cleliverecl to tlle outsicle world, as it were, witliout meclical attention. For 1957 will see tlle first mounting of tlle platform by a lew lioary scliolars to receive tlw lN'i.D. clegree. Do not worry, liowt-ver: all previous gracluations llave been similarity incomplete. yet uncloulnterlly successful. An interesting question is raisect wlien one tlxinlis ol: still more cliversity at Convocation. Arc- llH'tlill-f'fl'I1t'f'ilN'tXVt't'l'l colleges greater tlian wlmat we lmve in common as university graclualvs? Do we sliare anytliing more vital tlian eligibility lor arliunni association clues? 4 Let me suggest tlmree marlis of tlwe gracluate wlio lmas cauglit time sparlc of university traclition. He is one wlio tries to face problems witllout prejuclice: lie is aware of tlie lleritage of civiliz- ation tllat clistinguislies us from savages, ancl lay virtue of wider interests ancl a sense of tlie more sulatle values lie lias a growing interest in tile art of successful living. J. XVENDELL BIACLEOD, MD., Dean of iVI0CIiCil10. MEDICI 100 H' . , X... on -Q. LA-5 Inu, ANDERSON . ROBERT C. Saskatoon BLOCK. PETER J. Sasleatoon Bowling: P.R.O. Panel: I.V.C.F.: l.S.C. COX. LEONARD Saskatoon Baslcetlaall: Hockey: Bowling: Volleyball: Social: A.Q.T. DRUMMOND. K. A. Regina Baslcetlzall: Volleyball: Basketball Coaclu. DYCK, FRANK Virgil, Ont. l.V.C.F. GAVELJN. GERALD ERIC Saskatoon Bowling: Baslcetlzall: Curling: Volleyball: A.Q.T. GRIFFITH, JOHN FRANCIS Regina Inter-varsity Tennis '52, '55, '54, '55: lnter-varsity Baci- minton '52, '55: Hoclcey. lvlecl. Society '54: A.Q.T. HAIG, BRIAN Letlilmrialge. Alta. CAMSI: Bowling: Curling: Social Rep.: A.Q.T.: Delta Upsilon Fraternity. LIDSTER. DONALD KENNETH Foam Lalae Bowling: A.Q.T. MCDONALD, WILLIAM BRIEN McMurray, Alia. Bowling: A.Q.T. MUSKOVITCH. ZOL F. Saskatoon PFEIFER, JOHN R. Swift Current Pre-Med. Rep.: Firstryear Med. Rep.: P.R.O.: A.Q.T. SCHMIDT, PETER WESLEY Hepburn Bowling: A.Q.T. THURSTON, OLIN GAVIN Swift Current A.Q.T. TRIP, AGATHA C. Hamilton, Ont. S.C.lVl.: l.S.C.: W.U.S.C. Treas. '54-'55-'56: N.F.C.U.S. Rep.: Tennis: Bowling. WARD. ROY V. Saslaaloon Mecl. Scholarship: l.V.C.F.: l.S.C. SMUK, Miss AVRll..LlA H. Homefield . ann- . c of " ' .uv ADlLlVlAN, Pl'llL. lst ycar ALLPORT. FREDERlCK. 2nd year ANDERSON. DOUG. Brcl year ANDERSON, JAMES. lst year BAERGAN, Brcl year BLAKELY. JOHN. Qncl year BLIGHT, lst year BOXVlVlAN, GRAHAZW. lst year BRlDGE. ROBERT. lst year Zncl year CHORNOMYDZ. PAUL. lst year DRU5'llVlOND. KEITH. lst year 2nCl year GRAY, XVALTER. Qncl year GREVE, DOREEN. Qncl year HATHVVAY. NVll..F. 5rfl year JOHN. lst year HEINE, CEZAR. flncl year BENNETF. lst year JACKSON. THOMAS. Zncl year JEN, lVAN. lst year Srcl year KASDORF. XVAYNE. lst year KAVANAUGH. NORXVOOD. 3rd year KOCHANSKI. XVALTER. 'lad year KONDZIELFXVSKI, ZYGHONT. 'lncl KORAL. PALVL. lst year KROCHAK, 3llCHAEl... Brel year LOEXVEN, LOXVIELL. 3rd year lXlaeDON.Al.D, lst year INRPHERSON. LILLIAN. lst year Saskatoon Elrose Saskatoon Moose .law Saskatoon Prince Allvert Regina Nviseton Assinilaoia Saskatoon Yorkton Regina Xvaxx ota Saskatoon Lanigan Saskatoon Saskatoon Saskatoon Saskatoon Saskatoon Eatonia Annalwim DfllHlt"llY Saskatoon Prxnre Alla-rt year, Coil:-lte Saskatoon Xvroyton Hersrlxell Saskatoon Saskatoon NlaeREA, BILL. lst year Regina lXlafRAE, MERLE. lst year lilaxromlne TWANN. JOHN, lst year Lemlmerg NAZURLYRFK, LEON. lst year Saskatafm NIUNHOLLAND, XVALTER. 3rd year Strasldourgj NORELL, MERLE. lst year Tisclale NOVAK, SYLVIA. New Xvestnrinster, B.C. lst year NYKIFORUK, EDVVARD. 2nd year Steep Creek ROBERT, Qncl year New York PAETKAU, ERIC. lst year Picture Butte. Alta. PARKER. lst year Korea PAXYLOVICH, JOHN. lst year Blaine Lala- RALPH. Qncl year Sail-t fum-nt PENNY. JOHN. lst year PHILLIPS, BUD. Qncl year PROKOPISHYN, HAROLD. lst year RANISAY, RONALD. lst year ROSENQUIST. GERRARD. Ist year SlElVlENS, PETER. lst year SMART, NAXNVELL. lst year SMITH. HELEN. Qncl year SMUK, AVRILLID. 2nd year STENVART. lst year STOLLAR, DAVE. lst year Alyernetlly Turtlelortl Nvintlm rope Carlyle Saskatoon Saskatoon Drinkxxater Regina Homelielcl lxlaple Creek Saskatoon 101 up-'N ,een STRALB. RON 2nd year TKDR.-XY. RONALD VIAUOFII. HARVEY 2ncI ymr XYHEATON, ROSS 3rqI yr-nr XYIESIQ LOXYIQLI- lsr If-III XYINE, NORMAN ISI pcm ZOERB. DALE lst war II I Row. IIIII III rigIII!, IJMIELA BIILRNE I2ncI yr-nr LIIII Tr-III Rc-pI: LYNIM FLUIING Ilsl your Nursing Ix I I I IIIN XI um I-II-I-anmrf-rIg .-XI..xTII,x TRIP INFCIFIQ HELEN SMITII ISI-IrIAtar5I: :XL'IJIzI'x' PRICI. 3 J 1 IWIII 31-nr Nurxung IQI-pI: I-L'CILLI Ixlm' II. H. Nursva Iv-III. Ix IIIIII, IIII! III IIIIIII- BRIAN HAIL. ICWQIQISII: B.xIm.xII.x 5w,xxTux I2nfI xa-III Nuninn RIIIII: R,xI.PH I INI I I nw lf.-XXISII: Russ XXVIII .x'II.N IIJrvsIIIc-ntI: .-Xxxl Ilmzmvsm' IITCI, Nursve RI-III: XY.xI,I.w Crux II IIII Um-IlIII'I . ,IAUNI IWIISIW ISIN IIII IIIII-IIIIrI: I-ImIII, XVI Iss Ilst 34-.II XII-II IQvpIg K.X'l'llN'CII1'IS IYIII-I I II'IIII, Iwn I"IIIIIIa Ip.R.O I: RIN 5TIz.xL'n ISII1-.II IIIIII Cn-wlfumv RIAIII1 I.wT1'IIi ZIIII.IxmxsIxI IHIII y I III TI-III IQI-III: Bun II.xSI..x5I II'rv NIIIII RI-III: Xxlll I' IIxTIIw.n' ISIIIIHN DIII-IIIIII. Ku KI IYIWX I3rfI I XIII'-IIIQ ICI-III, IIIII NICCIACIIY IZIIII 34-.Ir NI.-Il RI-III: Nonwmon Kxxxw xL'I.II IEFII xI-.Ir NI I Ix I QIIIII 51-ninr NI: Kclvington DUl1I7IilnC SZISIKZIIOOH Tuttle-, I4IaIm bilQIQIlI0Ol'I Tisclalc COLE, NIAXINE lntervarsity swimming. badminton. curling, Lab. Tcclu. social rep. '54-'55, Lab. Teclm. sports rep. '55-'56. Wolseley ,151 1 as " as 46 . '-P 'Q -Q: 'v' 'V GASCOIGNE. DOREEN Saslzutoon Curling, mfg? AA v ' GORDON. ISABELLE Saskatoon ,-E 3 62 l.V.C.F., badminton. bowling 4 0 rv 2 HODGES, FAXE Regina , ' i I E 3 Q 84 4' ,..,,,kq A .wg HOLENSKI, PHYLLIS Vanguard J"'?,7if - 1 Badminton, bowling, opcretta, volleyball ' NEATBY. ELLEN Regina I Basketball, volleylaall, lnaclminton. Regina College Rc-rorrl, 'Ti- '5-4, Vice-Pres. Regina College '53-'54, Treasurer xlccl. SUfif'lY '55-'56, Pres. Sasli. Hall '55-'56, P.K.D. council '55-'56. J ia SQ SHARP, ELIZABETH - ummm., Bc. ' in - Regina College Recorcl '53-'54, badminton, Snsli. Hull liousc .nik Wg committee '55-'56. ' SHINNAN. JOAN SRC. '53-'54, STRELIOFF. ANNETFE Canora Parliamentary forum. University singers, curling, bowling, Saslc. Hall house committee, Lab. Tech. social rep. '55-'56, lmaclminton. XVEICKER. ARLENE Saskatoon l.V.C.F. executive, S.R.C. executive-summer sclriool '54. ZACHARUK. PHYLLIS Stornoway Baclminton. curling. Alplia omega. ZIOLKOVVSKI. LO'lTlE Weybum Basketball: volleyball: bowling: P.K.D. council '54-'55, '55-'56s S.T.M. queen '53-'54g Vice-Pres. S.T.lVl. '54'.552 Med, Society executive '54-'55, '55-'56: Secretary P.K.D. council '55-'56s Lab. Teclx. Senior Pin '55-'56, Regina Editor Regina College Record '53-'54, bowling. Regina Collegi- an is . . QE W "W 'vm . 135 1 tb' 16' ll 5'-. A ...f.X .SNP X - ' 21N-args: 104 .R Xxx.:-6 as-tt,-X vs.,--,ma -:if -ew SRX?-5:1'1ff:Xi4xNX 'waxes-5 ACKERMAN, IVIARLENE lst year BOURNE, PAMELA 2nd year GORDON, MARGARET 2nd year JASPER, GRACE 2nd year RUSSELL, AVRIL Ist year XVHITIVIORE, MARGARET 2nd year POST GRAD NURSES fnon-graduates, DALGLIESH, MARY HESKA, SYLVIA HOOD, IRENE HOURIGAN, LEONA HOURIGAN, MARY Saskatoon Saskatoon Saskatoon Saskatoon Saskatoon Saskatoon Vvcylnurn Hyas Cn-nfnll Nloosc' jaw IX10OSC .IGXV Mm FARLANE, AGNESS IAYISIIHIII A1z1rKlNTOSH, GRAYCE Rvgina MAGNUSSON, MARGUERITE Leslie PRINCE, CORRINNE North Battlcforcl M AIDOSC Jaxx' SLAGER, DELILA Haney, B.C. 1 SN Xt fnt E' I " A I E' Q A :" '," ' . A 1: f f ' ' ' One of the nice things ahout combining uni- versity and nursing is that you never know what is going to he the destiny of the bosom friends and companions who have shared with you the path. the library, last year's notes and night duty. Your roommate may he a future Director of Nurses influencing the lives of hundreds of people. The girl whose picture is beside yours may he a future Professor of Nursing or even the Editor of "The Canadian Nurse". ixlost of you, perhaps all of you, hope to he married very soon. That is good too and I am all for it. But in homemaking too you have great opportunity to influence others because of your knowledge and interest in nursing. Vvhat- ever the future holds for you please remember that one of the aims of your school was to produce good nurses and good citizens. Bonne chance et hon voyage! HAZEL B. KEELER. y.,,. ina' G NURS N BARTON, PATRICIA Melfort Orplleneiics '50-'5l: Basketball: Bowling: Curling: VoIIeyIuaII: Biology Club. BULANI. VAL Saskatoon VoIIeyI:maII: BasIce!I:zaII: Bowling: Senior Pin '52-'53: IVIecI. Society, BRADLEY, JEAN Stranraer Operetta '51-'52: Curling: IVIecI. Socieiy. ANITA CLARK Radisson Bowling: Med. Sociciy. CRANKITE, IVIARGE Saslzaloon Volleyball: Bowling: Baclminton: Slieal Rep. '51-'52s Operetta '51-'52: IVIecI. Society: NIFCUS Rep. '52-'53. IX'IacRAE. IONA Regina Curling: Med. Society: Bowling. PETIY, BARBARA Bresaylor VoIIeyI3aII: Bowling: Vice-Pres. '52-'53: Med. Society: Badminton: Opcretta '51-'52: P.K.D. '52-'55. PRICE, AUDREY Laporte Orplwancttes '51-'52, I52'I5-51 VoIIeyIJaII: Baclminlon Uunior Cuplz Med. Executive: Med. Queen '52-'53: Bowling. PRIBE, DOROTHY Leader Uperetta 'il-'52: Bowling: Curling. RUSSELL, LORNA Saskatoon Volleyball: Bowling: Baclminion CIUIJ: SI'1eaI Rep. '51-'52: Opereita '51-'52: Swimming: IVIed. Society. ADAIVISON, MARILYN. 5rd year ANTONIADES. KATHERINE 2ncI year ART. SHARON. 2nd year BALFOUR. LIANE. Ist year BATES, DIANNE. 2ncI year BAYNE, ANNE. 2nd year BECKER, HELEN. 2ncI year BENOSKA. JEAN. 2ncI year BERGH. SHIRLEY. 2nd year BROWN. EUNICE. 2nd year CAMPBELL, ELEANOR. Ist year CLARK, MARY. 4tIi year COOPER. CAROL. 2nCI year COVE. ALICE. Ist year COX, HILARY. Ist year CRABB, LOIS. 2ncI year DALE, PATRICIA. Qnci year DALRYIVIPLE. ANGELA, lst year DERBY, SANDRA. 2ncI year DILLON. MARINA. 2nd year DUCH. DOROTHY. Srci year LYNDA. Ist year FRICKELTON. ARDIS. lst year Ist year C-ERRIE. ELLEN. Ist year GLOGOWSKI. OLGA. lst year Qnci year GOOS. MARIE. 5rcI year Saskatoon Nortix Batticiorci Saskatoon Mossbank Saskatoon Moose Jaw Saskatoon Saskatoon Chelan Prince AIIJert Dauphin, Man. Bounty Saskatoon Grentell Saskatoon Saskatoon Craik Provost, Aita. Regina Woiseiey Smoky Ricige Swift Current IVIeIiort Saskatoon Prince AII'sert Prince Aiinert GORCHYNSIQI. SYLVIA. Qnci year Canora GRAD, RITA. Qnci year Baigonie GRAHAM. DONNA RAE. Ist year Pennant HADLEY, BARBARA. Ist year Prince Aiiaert HAMILTON, Ist year Regina HAVVRYSH, NORIVIA. Ist year Saskatoon HILL. Ist year Vviikie HOWE. LORRAINE. 2nd year Bank End JACKSON. MARY. Ist year Indian Heaci JONES. EVELYN. Ist year Arciatii KEARNS, IVIAUREEN. Qnci year Saskatoon KOCH. MYRNA. Ist year' Syivan Lake. AIta. KRCHOV. DOROTHY. Ist year Rosetown KRELL, VIOLET. 2ncI year Stougiiton LATTA. CAROLE. Znri year Regina MacDONALD, DIANE. Ist year Swiit Current MCGUIRL. MARLENE. Ist year Saskatoon MCKINNON, EILEEN. 3rci year Souris. Man. MCKINON, YVONNE. Ist year Saskatoon IVIILLER. IRENE. Ist year Saskatoon IVIILNE, ANN. Ist year Switt Current MORRISON. MARY. Srci year Saskatoon NACHTAGAELE. SYLVIA. North Battleterd 2ncI year PARK, DOLORES. 2ncI year Saskatoon PAUL, LORRAINE. lst year SHSICHIOOI1 POLLOCK, DARLENE. 2ncI year AIJIJey REBAN. CATHERINE. Ist year Blaine Lake 11177 4- 40' AA 5 ,. 3" W L... r Q ,L ,I D ' 1 ' ,y,, A , ..,, ,, .,...,,., A 1 I 2,1-,svn aj fe. , 'ef -1 .E ,:: yiziy. L - ,,.., . ...... ...,, ,..,..,...Egi3E.,., 4I4L1,Xa3f- IW., J, ee R 'Banc r ji? 't i' f 'I . . ', . 1 K Vx I ..,.. I Te.-:iii 49 f as .L IIN A.: I I , an as Q' 4-'UK ,ay 'gg 2: I ,A AK Q6 ' -0- 1' I ."""ie. Qu A AI-AA iihii :l' l':1 A.v5,v-,. ,A A ZIZZIZAIA f REIMER, DAWN. and year Giroux, Man. wk APIIVA I A A"' IPPWA V . W : REYNOLDS, OERALDINE. lst year Saskatoon , " i ,: 3 W . ROVVDEN, LOIS. 1st year Sfaagaaa Valley :f V Of 'f1:. . ' "'MA A .ya-, f l ' .L Zzzl 1 RUUD, JOY. 2nd year Swan caaaaa .,.. Y , ,,,,, ,,,,,,j yy,, f f' luylu N ...,a,1a,a.,,.,y.y .. ! , ..,.y,,yy.,y.,,.y,,y,, SA'-'-ANS' BEV- 'S' mf Sasmon W .Ab4V'.VW ':i:'A :'5f fli Ay"'1 j Q "'4 'Q' SELLERS, MARION. and year Davidson q A , i 5 V 5 'D ' V SIMO. SYLVIA. Qad Year Senlac . X Vvq ,lg I ' E SMITH, LOIS. lst year Mina River, Alta. X ' a--- A Q ' " ' f .. if SMITH, MARLENE. lar year Saskatoon Zq. b llilizz 2 Ivib y :JVIPA ff: aaa f2A A4Aqb:bbAiE I 1 :JWI bx:?i i t A fvuzg q:::::::::.:::y,b I SOKOL, BERNICE. sad yaaa Beafffv' uf "A"" :1511 . y .q ' " 1 SPENCER, PAYE. 1af yaaa Vvadena at aa Zrq I W 1.. . W SVVANTON. BARBARA. and year Fort San x'1. I W Z y q'L' . Q, 'S LQ, 5 In ' Aq Q SUTHERLAND, ANNE. lst year Richie ,"' if, 'V ' i THOMPSON, ELVA. lst year Raaafayya ay-a-aa-aaaa-aaaaa:aaa ,a.,.a. ..,,.:. :,q. Z f .AX . Xp. L .APA THOMPSON. JILL. lst year Saalaayaaa . ..., ...... ...... . i"' VAUGHAN, JACQLINE. 1af year Yorkton ' I f VVHITE, MONNA, aaa year xviaaapagaaia. Man. La 12 Q " LJOSS MUSXC DNRECTOP ATE EWDSQQRH Tame y5u3g,tUN'D QOMEEQC7 ig .Oy' 1 .. MATXNEE Qf085f?5i.. mc: NO fs ,WWW evrlv POST GRA BALCAEN, DOREEN BALDWIN, JOANNE BEDNAZ, WILMA BOZOWSKY. ANNE DEMPSTER. DOROTHY EDIE. VERNA HALL. SADIE KACSMAR, DIANA KLYMYSHYN. RUTH KUNTZ. FELICE LEVORSON. INGRID RIOU, MARIE-ANNE SCHREDER. MALCOLM TEMPLETON. PAULINE YONGE. ORPHA D NURSES ,19- Xvinnipvg f 5 Yorlzlon Broolzsby Smulus Saskamon Dugald, Man. Sheet Harbour, N.S. Eszerhazy Meacham Vanmge Swift Current Arlzorffeld Weyb urn Regina Mawer g,,m.,, V -G 'I' , 'D '75 g:f,5g,, f I fgxgigqfrgs-v s 4:3-'Sir , ii . A 'Y' ACTION, LAURA. 2nd year ADANIS, SHIRLEY. Ist year ALBRECHT, LILLIAN. 2nd year ALLARD. KATHLEEN. 2nd year ASHXVORTH, GAYLE. 2nd year BAIRD. PATRICIA. Ist year BRATHEN. BETTY. 2ncI year BROINIMELAND, LINDA. lst year BRYANT. GLORIA. lst year CALXVELL. PATRICIA. Ist year CARGILL, DOREEN. 2nd year CHAPPELL, SHIRLEY. lst year CHERNCFE, PAULETTE. lst year CHILTON. DOROTHY. 2ncI year CHURCH, NIABEL. 2ncI year JOYCE. Ist year Ist year SHIRLEY. Ist year COLEMAN, BARBARA. lst year COOIVIBES. FLORENCE. lst year DEAN, SHIRLEY. Ist year DEUTSCHER, IVIARIANNE. lst year DEXVAR, EVIELYN. Ist year ELLISON. BETTY. 2nrI year FELSTRONI. ITAYE. 2ncI year FENNELL. CARROLL. lst year Unity Saskatoon LCHCICF Rosetown OTCIDUTD Prince AII'Jert Unity Prince AItJert IXIoose Jaw EIrose Saskatoon Lanigan Mikado Moose Jan Saskatoon Saskatoon Saskatoon QuiII Lake CvIenexyen Hudson Bay I'IucIson Bay Moose .Iaw Saskatoon IxIoose .Iaw Saskatoon Birctl I'IiIIs FORGAARD. JANICE. 2ncI year Canyx ood FRASER. LYNNETTE. Ist year Saskatoon GIBNEY. INIARJORIE. 2ncI year Drake GLASPIEY, DONNA. 2ncI year Oxtxoyy' GOODIX'IAN. BER'-I-HA. 2nrI year CIimay GRANT, BEVERLEY. Ist year Estertmazy GRIFFITH, PAT. 'lncI year Regina HANSON. NIARLENE. 2nd year 'I'I1eotIore HARBLIS, PHYLLIS. 2ncI year North BatIIeIorct IVIONA. 'lnct year Yorkton HELFRICH, ELEANORE. 2nCI year Leader HIELSTON. BARBARA. 2nCI year Regina HERTNIISTON, VERNA. 2nCI year IxIozart HINDE. ROBERTA. 2ncI year Saskatoon HINTZE, PEARL. 'lnct year I"IugI'1ton HODGES. JACQLIELINE. lst year Saskatoon HODGSON, PATRICIA. lst year IxIafIison HOLLAND. LYNN. Ist year Saskatoon HOOEY, SHIRLEY. lst year Elrose HRYNCHLIK. ALICE. 2ncI year KrycIor JANESON. 2nCI year Foam Lake JANUSSON. LOIS. lst year Biggar JOHNSTON. GXVEN. 2ncI year Rosetown JONES. GNVYNEDDE. 'Incl year Prince AItJert KELL, VVILTNIA. 2nCI year Saskatoon KELLERNIANN. EDITH. lst year Rosthcrn KLYIXIYSHYN. JEAN. '2ncI year IXIeactram KOEFERLE. CAROLE. Ist year IVIidcIIe Lake LONG. LOIS. '2ncI year IVIeIIort 4 110 LOUGH, FAY. 2nd year MATIKO. MARY. MeALPINE. MERILYN. lst year MaeDONELL. BARBARA. 2nd year IVIoosomin Arclcc Unity Saskatoon MaeDONNELL. CHARLOTTE. 2ncI year Saskatoon IVIacI:ARLANE, MARILYN. 2nd year MeC-RIFFIN, JOYCE. Ist year INIARKLUND, LINEA. 2nd year MAERTENS-POOLE, ELEANOR. N. Battletoid Prinre Albert Prinee Albert Prinee Albert 2nd year MILLER, DONNA. 2nd year NX'yny-ard MOHR. EILEEN. lst year Kinistino MUNNS. ARLENE. 2nd year Yorkton NASON, JOYCE. Ist year Abbey ODONNELL, BARBARA. 2nd year Saskatoon PARTRIDGE. NORMA, 2nd year Grill Lake PEACOCK. MARJORIE. 2nd year Saskatoon PEDNVEBETSKY, SHIRLEY. 2nd year Saskatoon PETERS. KAY. Ist year PIPP, Ist year Sardis, North BattIt'IorcI POLLOCK, DARLENE. lst year Abbey PRINCE. YVETFE. Ist year Nortb Battteford ROBERTSON, BETTY. lst year Balrarres SAMCHUK. IRENE. 2nd year Rama SAMIRODEN. LOUISE. 2nd year Krydor SANDGAARD, HELEN. 2nd year Redvers SANVCHUK. ROSENIARIE. Ist year IJatIiIow SEIB. DOROTHY. lst year Young SIEMANS, BETTY. 2nd year Borden SMITH. MARGARET. 2nd yvar Saskatoon STONE. MYRNA. 2nd year Davidson SYER. JOAN. 2nd year Saskatoon SYMES, DARLENE. 2nd year Regina TAYLOR. ALINE. 2nd year THIBODEAU, LORRAINE. Ist year TROFIMENKOFF, MARY. 2nd year VIGNERON. KAY. lst year VVAGNER. DARLENE. Ist year XVAKABAYASHI. RUBY. 2nd year NVALDRON. NOREEN. Ist year XVALKER. DONALDA. 2nd year VVARD, DONNA. 2nd year XVELLS. MILDRED. 2nd year NVILLMS, RUTH. 2nd year XVINTERINOHAM. DOROTHY. lst year ZAHARIA, ANNE. 2nCI year ZIMMER, 2ncI year Nvinnipcg, Man. N. Battleford Ve-rcgin Eston Unity Saskatoon Saskatoon Saskatoon Oxbow Senlae Hepburn Onboa- Bin-banan Landis 4.L i I1 s 5' ' V . 14 1- i-1,1 'mi am X' af. ' t . --wg ao 'x X, N 'N . I ,S fm Y .1 ,my V 5 NURSES' EXECUTIVE In-nl ww, 11-H lu riglnl-PAT IHIIIIIMSON, Incl vivo-pros: HELEN SANLNI-xklmp SE-1 rc-tarvp Rum' XY.aK.xa.uAsHl, I,l'4'NIlIl'lllQ lmwr Nlllxlffll R, Vice-Prcsg PHYLLIS H.ARBL'S, Tn-nsurvrz FM' LOLLH, P.R.O, lim'-I5,xun 3l4'Uuxul,l., lJr.mmg l".n'E FILLSTROAI. Dolimtimj, ,'Xu.uJs fwlminmnnp TNIARIINNN I J NI-I xuum, spoils: lxum Summnx, PKD.: JIHYCE IXICGIFFIN, Ixluiivz JEAN KL.YMx'sHL'N, Smial fabscnll H N: xl ,, -xx ,,g,.,,,,,, S 44 ,E+ A , 'N Y rg, ' 'W iw -5-'SQ X l A ,fi xA.Q:-9 I J S. Q S X E f 1 A. X w -X g .h -iw:- ,,H,,,qy Y. iff. ' 5, A. -- ' E- ,Lg , . :Q '- 5 .Q,,,,gQ ug, ' X' E , A T Q Q. . qi-J X fr' . E X Q 5 PH RM C A1 " 4 N clENTl ET USU 'S Ml. lijlgjq P E s i Graduation is the culmination of four years of study and social contacts within the hails of this university. You will receive a certificate which wiii heip you open the door of opportunity. To iceep this door open, however. you wiii need more than a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy degree. The wheels of progress turn rapidly today and no man can foresee just what tomorrow may hring. Under such circumstances, training based on experience of yester- day and today has heen suhordinated to the study of fundamental principles and to practice in applying these principies to new and unexpected prohiems as they arise. To he a successful pharmacist you must he capahie of not only carrying out your duties as they are at present constituted, hut aiso of iceeping pace with the march of progress. The course which you are completing has heen designed to help you meet these needs and to develop and stimulate in you an inteiiectuai curiosity which will remain with you aii your life. This curiosity is one of the qualities of the mind which makes the difference hetween your being a good pharmacist and a mediocre one: it is a quality that wiii maice you a scholar and motivate you to contrihute to the progress of the profession of pharmacy. The development of inteiiectuai curiosity coupled with ethical soundness is one of the most im- portant aims of the Faculty of Pharmacy. We want you to have wide interests and to he familiar enough with other disciplines to he ahie to see the interrelationship of aii branches of knowledge. All members of our Faculty extend congratulations and good wishes to you. and fuiiy expect that you wiii maice a worth whiie contrihution to your profession and to the com- munity where you wiii iive. Pharmacy provides interesting woric. opportunity for advance- mint, a iarge measure of personai independence, and a fertile field for service of the highest or er. W. C. iViacAllLAY. DECT! of PFIQTMGCY. AITKEN. VICTOR GWAIN Regina Curling: PI'1arm.-CI1em. SI'1ow. AUDETI-E, ROBERT CHARLES STANLEY U M rl Curling fIntramuraI cI'iamps '52-'53, '55-'54I: Traclcealnd Field: Bowling: I'IocIicy llntramural clxamps '53-'54I: Swimming: VoIIeybaII: Soccer llntramural cliamps '55- '56: R.C.A.F.: I.IXI.A.B. Rep. '54-'55: Greystone Rep. '55-'56: Pliarm.-Cliem. Sbow. BOURASSA, FRANCOIS IVIAURICE LOFIQCIIG Drama '55-'56: Bowling: Curling: PI'1arm.-Cliem. Show. CAMERON. JAMES HEPBURN MesKanaiu Curling: Bowling: Radio Rep. '55-'56: Gymnastic Club: Traclc and Field: U.N.T.D.: PI1arm.-Cbem. SI'1ow. CAMPBELL, DANIEL IVIAYNE Druid Curling: Bowling: Pharmacy Octette: SI1eaI '54-'55: Social '55-'56: Plfiarm.-Cbem, SI1ow. CHLOPAN. CARROLL FRANKLIN, B.A. Ridgedale Curling: VoIIeybaII: Bowling: IVI.A.S.A. Executive '50- I54: Soccer llntramural champs '55-'56I, IVI.A.S.A. Pres. '53-'54: PI1arm,-Cliem. Sbow. FLODSTEDT, RUSSELL GEORGE Saskatoon I'IocIxey: Curling: Bowling: Fbarm.-Clxem. SI'1ow. GRIMM. CHARLES PETER Saskatoon Bowling: Badminton: Traclc and Field: VoIIeybaII: New- man Glee Club: Intensely vigorous Nine: Hobby Band: Pep Band: Plmarmacy Band: Debating Directorate Busi- ness Manager '54-'55: Plxarm.-CI1em. Show. GROSS. CHARLES ERNEST, BA. Eston Bowling: Octette: Pbarmacy: CI'iem. SI1ow. HARDER, SAIVIUEL VVINFRED, BA. Walclheim Bowling: Badminton: Operetta: Pharm.-Chem. Sliow. HILL, VVILLIAM RADNEY Ivipawin Curling: Soccer lIntramuraI cbamps '55-.561 : IxIcGowan Cup Chairman: Bowling: Traclc and Field: VoIIeybaII: Badminton: Pharm.-CI1em. SI1ow. HODC-INS. KENNETH NVALLACE Prince Albert Soccer llntramural CIIHIHPS '55-'56I: Traclc and Field: Curling: Bowling: VoIIeyIJaII: Senior Sticli '55-'56: 3rd Year Rep. '54-'55: Plmarm.-Client. SI1ow. HOLENSKI. PETER JOHN Vanguard Curling: Tracli and Field: Bowling QCIIHIIIPS '54-'55I: Plwarni.-CIM-m. SI1ow. HOUSEN, JAMES GRAHAM Unity Radio Rep. '55-I5-I: Bowling: Plmrm.-Clicni. SI1ow. IRVINE, DAVID ROSS Estcvan lst Year Rep. '52-'53: Radio Directorate: NFCUS Rep. '53-34: Sec.-Tri-as. '54-'55: Qu'AppcIIe I'IaII Iiouse com- mittee: Pbarmacy Octctte: Pliarniacy Pres. '55-'56: SRC exec, '55-'56: Pliarm.-Cbcm. Slmow. KEELER. DANIEL ROSS Saskatoon Bowling: Curling: VoIIeybaII: Tracli and Field: COTC: IJIIIIFUI.-CI14'II1. Sbow. KOURI, CHARLES HENRY Ponleix Bottling: Soccer fCImmps '55-'56I: Swimming: Table tennis: Pliarm.-Clwm. SI1ow. LOHRENZ. XVILFRED ALFRED Walclheim I'Im,Iicy llntramural fliamps '53-I5-II: Curling: Soccer lCImmps '55-'56I: Volleyball: Pharm.-Chem. Sliow. N:-L-KENZIE. XVILLIANI IAN Forest, Ont. Tracli and Field: Hoclicy lclfiamps '52-"3'3I: Curling: Ijlmrm.-Cliem. Sliow. MERCER. HARALD SIGURDUR XVILLIATNI Th 'UJOFP CllfIIIIQZ PI1ilTn1.'CI1Cn1. SITOXV. MORRISON. DOUGLAS CLIFFORD Rockglen Curliniz Bowling: Pllarm. exec. '54-I55: Pharm Cliem. Sliow. MOSR 'xI.YK. RICHARD EDVVARD Halford Hoclieyz Curling: Bowling: Tracy and Field: Pharm.. CIICHI. SIIOXV. OKORONKNVO. BEN Nigeria PETLEY. RICHARD Tisdale Soccer fCI'1amps '55-'56I: Bowling: Track and Field: NFCUS 54-'55: SI1eaI-: Volleyball: Badminton: Pharm.- Cliem. Sllow. PODI., PAUL WILLIAM Sasleuloon. Bowling: PIiarn1.-Clicm. slww. 'I' jx' i POLLOCK. KYLE LESLIE Suskumon . x Bowling: Curling: Trucli and Field: Plwarniacy Oclc-Ito: , ' 2- M Q PIIOTDI.-CIICHI. SIIOW. I I 4- A! xnxx RENIENDA. ZANE NICHOLAS ' -:ff Lac du Bonnvi, Milli. J Tmfli ancl Field: IxIusic Dirurlnr '54-'53-.561 Bimlingi Ijllurmafy OFLIILWSITHL I3IIElI'IllilCy Oclciluz IwIliIfIIl.'CIlPI1l. slloug Sumnir-r Comm, '55, RING. XVALTER HENRY IXIUIIKIOII Curling: Bowling: Pliarm,-Clium. slnow. SCHERLE, ALVIN STIL-'KRT Ijurl Grvy Bowling: Curling: Plmrm.-CIM-ln. slum: ' SCHNELL. LORNE AIBERT 131-givin ,fa 5 BasIivII3aII: Curling: Bowling: I'Imrmzuy OIIL-llc: Imlmr 1 1 IIIEICY Exur.--Nlusif' '53-'3-I: Vina--Iln-N. '31--333 IIIIO LQ Q K' . '33-ISIS: Vnrsiiy Banrl: Iqllixx-wily Nring Oulu-sI1'.n: I nl I J I Plmrmacy Onlxcslmz Illmunffiln-in. -Imu. if-gf? I 1 '4"'0" SHEVCHIIK, NESTUR HARRY XViJnuz X-usa Curling: Social Dircflm' 13-I-I33: AI,,I..: Gun-gg.: Iln' '55-V5-1: Pliarm.-Clicm. sllow. SMITH, ARNIIN CI-II'I7ORID I.muIwf-gi I'IoiIivy' Iclmmps '52-'33l: I'Iu.nm,-CIN-nu. slmu. TAYLOR, ELNIORE IIECIIUR Mwllml ' ' Iloilivy IFIIEIIIIDS '52-'53l: Curling: VUII.-iI,..II: Simi-r ' 7 ' lrlmmps '35-'36l: L3ilLIlllIllIOlIL Buxxlingg Iuuli .mal I-ivILI: Ijlmrrn.-Clicm. sliow, TURNER, BARRIE RAY I'Nlm.n' lim' VUIIUIJAII: Hmlivy: Bn:-IM-lI1.uIIg Sxxiiuniuuiimz XXI-IIVI' Ijnlni Trmli nnfI Fir-ILI: Nlnnngc-r Ilublxiv Ilmlwllmll '33'31: NI:C'I'S Rf-p. S3501 SRC - NILIE Dm--hw '3'l"53, '33-'36: Circulation IXI.umQcr - Sllcul '55-V305 IIIn.irm.- Clic-m. sliow Clmirnmn. XX':XRRIfN. XX'II-LIANI GERALD XVeyIJum ' Curling: Ijliarm.-Cllvm. allow. XYOODS, ROBERT CURIJON INIUIMU luw W IDIIEIYIII.-CIICIH. SIIONY. 5 X. 'gf- O,. 'iii is I ..2'2'34i NO H 2:23:25 ofa . no 1:4 ON O- -zeeizize N.NN1 QHQM: 4 5 NON 1 l.0NN- 11 MN A fwiozfzfzf i . fi 'Y' ,f A Y -if' f -1321 I PHARMACY EXECUTIVE '55-'56 ',-.-A ,,, Q'Qs 5 ,353 W 1 ' ,Zak 1? Standing IIQII to riglillz B. I'IiII, B. AIexander. O. Vvagncr, S. Aucleltc. Z. Rcmcncla. D. Pcrly, K. Iluilggms. D. Campbell, J. Cameron, E. IVIarsI'xaII, E. Slcl-aniulc. B. Turner. Sealed: R. Cviilens, S. Rickard. I. Rarz, H. PaIIcrson, R. Irvinc, Prvs. v 115 4 ' ' 'ga yi A gm is W K LA ,A C5 C5 V ,M i aw ,V 3 ,W ' ., "gif 1 .3 I H - - gr ,Q -my V ., , 2 Q , 'N K N. W, my lg-:gf Q r. L ..L.-la HL. my ll W + fir Ei A w i' A X. 1- . VA .Q lkblk my - ' R w Xi! 'fe' Q3 1 Q' . Q .Q -3 .. ,L J. Q.. -y ...x , wg ....,... i .... - . L A 4 W it Q !mav""N. .X 1 ,.,, V 1- zu. , it iv x . ff ' 'mug' yy' 1 A A' i t ' wdjyg ff 'Q' t rvalgf N Y .453 ae ! N f..-+, .3 .- yn 1 : i v q ., iw, S i ' Y x N' J' , x, , ,, . sw . ... ' . as H - 'HSE- X X 5 'gi Y XSL. ABBOTF. FRANK. lst year ALEXANDER. VVILLIANI. 2nd year DON. 2nd year ANDREEN. STEVVART. Src! year BABER. ERVIN. lst year BACHYNSKY, JOHN. lst year BANNISTER, RAYNIOND. 2nd year 3rd year BAYDA, TERRY. Znci year BEREZOXX"SKI, EMIL. Qnci year BUCHKO, ZENON. lst year Estevan N. Battietord Meiviiie Saskatoon Lemberg Saskatoon Saskatoon Lemiaerg Saskatoon ikieaiil Park Fieatii Park CLARKE, VVILBERT. lst year Dinsmore CLAY. SHIRLEY. Znci year Lanciis COOK. JACK. Qnci year Sceptre COXVLEY, HARTLEY. lst year Saskatoon CUBBAN, HAZEL. 5rd year Nortix Battieford DEVVAR. 3rci year Regina EINARSON. DONOVAN. Srci year Dodsianci FARIQP, Tifioixirbxs. Ist year Vviiite Bear FORREST, BOB. 2nd year Regina GATHERCOLE. GORDON. 2nd year Saskatoon CIT-PENS. RUDY. 5rei year Trinidad GRANT, GARTH. 2nci year Bjorkciaie HICKIE, BGB. 2nci year Nic-iviiie HLVBER. RCN. 'lnci year Saskatoon INSULL, BILL. lst year Craik IRXYIN, BILL, 3rd year Leroy JOHNSRLVDE. TED. Znci year Xvadena JONES, JEAN. lst year Saskatoon KNOXVLES. REA, Qnci year Regina KOVAL, ROBEIQT. Srci year Blaine Lake KOXVALYK, NIYRON, lst year Yorkton LABACH, TERRY. 'jrci year Domremy LEHR, DUN. Qncl year Niantario LITOXVSKI, TOM. Znci year ixioose Jaw 5iacCLYiSH. GLEN. Brci year Nc-iiizaurg iXicDERNilT, ROBERT. 3rd year Anticr NTANCHESTER, DOREEN, lst year Evesham MARSHALL, ELTON, fini year Regina NIARTIN, PETER. Znci year Saskatoon NIEYER, ALLAN. lst year Birrtm Hiiis ORTYNSKI, ELAINE. lst year Saskatoon OSTERLUND, JIM. 2nd year Vanscoy PALMER, REV. DONALD. 3rci year Saskatoon PATFERSON, HAZEL. 3rci year Rosetown PETRAKOS, DIANNE. Emi year Saskatoon PORAYKO, BILL. 5rci year Edmonton RACZ, IRENE. Srci year Kipling RACZ. MARY. Qnci year Kipling REBCHOOK. JOYCE. Znci year Rabbit Lake REICHART, ERNIE. Ist year Asquitil REIMER, NVES. Znci year Steinbach RICKARD. SHIRLEY. 'lnci year Regina ROHACHUK, LAXVRENCE. Qnci year Canora SAUDER, HARVEY. lst year Rush Lakc IVAN Isl year SHIVAK, BOB 2nd year SIXHTH, SIDNEY Qncl vvnr STEFANUK, ERNIE Brel y STRAIN, RAYMOND 'Sul SVORKDAHL. JOHAN Er TAFI, ASHLEY lst year JOAN 2nd yvar THURSTON, LYLE lst year TOXVILL. DONNA 2nd 5-vm XVAGNER, ORVlLLFQ lst 5rd yr-ar VVILSON. DON Ist year A W bauskuloon K ' V 'V 1 7 Slnrklmollu 3 Q" 1 43 Q I ' ' 1 X w, f Yurlilmx ,Q ha ' x' .,, ' 2 l. K-ur mnr IXIYPIMI 'ri , , :Y M ' az? vvur Sinhnlulrn gy V ,Q g .I 'J' AQ A x 1 Eel:-vnu . 3 A Hong Kong. Chinn N' .- liclnuonton v5 l ,I 5 GP' ,x .2 gg Yorlxtun 'W Q '05 'A Q w- 4:-rv , , Q, Q SaQlmhmn is 1 lg' ff J x . ff K 'V' yr' I x xr N :Mx A 5 W r Nloow- lan . . 510050 law .' Nipmxin LZ K Q 'QQ f :wax - ,.,,yw. 'Z Q' -57 -4' xx .-wh - Zin illlrmnrium JEANNE ISABELLA REED KE1-cl-HN ss Classmate and Friend 117 ALL VARSITY CANDIDS A Q ffm 'fbi Y L LS, rm K . xx Z . ff - -S233 f QS' , 2 .H ",- N R 11 I U "-frfxf , U ,. lf. .' 2 1 . ' 3' 4 'P :E 3x-nm-. A few years ago you Came to the university with your clreams ami ambitions: most of them you have probabiy forgotten for others more reai anci promising. Not many oi your generation have been given the opportunity that has been yours to iimi a goat in iife together with the means oi attaining it. Vve Congratuiate you on the gooct use you have macie thus iar oi that opportunity: but we warn you that you have oniy begun the work oi iiving. The blessings you have enjoyect piaee great burciens upon you: your joy in the years that iie aheaci vviii ctepemi in iarge measure upon your eagerness to carry those burciens. ixiay Cori give you the grace to iuiiii the promise of your Cractuntion Day. FATHER CTDONNELL. L 24 m-'Q EQ ,Q , -I 3 S O T ,, Tug .TM af ca 3 WW . .Y ., -ea-vw,-r ',fe 4-"" -1-'LTV' ...Ti ,,,, it .E ,, . ,K 1 A . , -. - .-5 . 1- -...wi - 5 ..A- A it iiie. Wa- ,I .aes ,g A A fr.. ,, , M N- r .P S Q .W wm- ' 5 'au x fb.: 1? wx . , X :sm W. - 'f,f' ,Q ua My , 11 . M6 .,...- ...ana N M 2 ig ., Q I . s, . ' 'R '- wmpg- , wr. Q. A m R.. . as s 0 R. BX fix .. uw W ,N -..,..,, ' N-, f::':.Z'P Y . .I - . fl. f ii 'aaa W7 it e-A M 4,a.4pJ"3 me ' vs w - . .- N'-' "' 5-'X f 21, 2. ' , ' 4'9- V s 'H' a? 1 W, - X R r: fx-:fs - . ' X . . I . Q da Gi . . , . ' .WWW K. . --.... . , 1,559 :Twp Q' . v' . ' V --max, R. SS? .. .x ...i BARKER. PAUL Geraldton, Ont. BOLINGBROKE. DENNIS Regina Newman Club, Drama. Bowling. Baslcetball. BOYD. IAN Blaine Lake S.T.lVI. Council l'54"55, '55-'56l, Debating Directorate V55-'56I. Soccer, Curling, Bowling. Drama. Newman Club. DALEY. MARY Regina Newman Club exec. i'55-'56I, Glee Club. Baslcetball. Volleyball, Bowling. DERBAVVKA, ALLEN Wroxton :Bowling Hoclcey, Sbeal. lVIecl. Society, S.T.lVI. Council V54-'55J, NFCUS rep. C54-'55I. DEUTSCHER. LLOYD Odessa DOKTOR, ELIZABETH Vilna, Alta, Newman Club. FAHLIVIAN. JOYCE Regina S.T.lVl. Council f'54-'55I. Newman Club, Huslciette Baslietball, Tennis, Badminton, Volleyball. Bowling. Drama. FRITZ. PAUL Hodgeville S.T.lVI. Council f'55-'56l, Newman Club exec. l'54"55l. Drama, Glee Club. Debating. Volleyball, Bowling. GAUDET. LEONA Lebret S.T.lN'I. Council i'54-'55l. Directorate Regina College. Debating, Curling. C-lee Club. Operetta, Newman Club. GRIFFITH, HEATHER Regina lntervarsity tennis and badminton, Sbeal. ISC, Drama. VVUS exec. KAUFMAN, NICK Regina Newman Club, Husliies Hoclcey. KUTARNA. JACOB Regina S.T.lXl. Council i'55-'56l, Newman Club, Cvlee Club. Drama, Volleyball. Traclc and Fielcl. KUTZ, RAYMOND Elrose exec. f'5-I-'55I, Council i'55-'56l Bowlf ing. Curling, Volleyball. Soccer. Tracli and Fielcl. Debat- ing Glee Club. Newman Club. KYBA. STANLEY Dnieper Newman Club. Soccer, Curling. Parliamentary Forum. Greystone, Baclminton. LANIBERT, VVILLIAM, B.S.A. Wynyard Newman Club exec. V54-'55, '55-'56I. Soccer, Volley- ball, Bowling. Basketball, Hoclaey, Curling, Traclc ancl l-ielcl. Drama. LEGAULT. LEONARD S.T,lVl. Council i'54-'55, '55-'56I, Newman Drama. Sbealn. LONGVVORTH. VALRAY LOZINSKI, OLIVIA Iluna MADIGAN. MARGARET S.T.lx'I. Council f'55-'56l, Newman Club. Curling. Bowl- ing. Basketball. Glee Club, Drama, Gravelbourg Prince Albert Torquay MOROZ. RAYMOND Wisbad Badminton. Curling, Swimming. Tennis. MOYNIHAN. TERENCE Regina Cliem. Society, Engineering Society. Newman Club exec. f'53-'5-O. Huslcies I'loclcey. MUELLER. PHILIP Sr. Benedict Newman Club. Glee Club. Bowling. OCvI.E, HELEN Roseiown S.T.lVI. exec. V55-'56l, Council V54-'55l, New- man Club, Baslcetball, Bowling. Swimming. Glee Club. Drama. QUINN. JAMES Prince Albert Newman Club: lntervarsiiy Boxing '52-'53: Soccer: X Hockey: Track ancl Field: Volleyball. 3 5 RHEAUME. BUD Fli Fl 2 " s 3 SV S.T.M. Exec. '55-'56: Newman Club MIAB '35-,526 lf 'A 60 lf, as I-,N Curling Mgr.: Basketball: Soccer: Bowling: Tennis: -.11 "" 'ff --X 'utr' Track ancl Field. SELINGER. GWYNN Holdfast S.T.lVl. Council '55-'56: Newman Club: Glee Club: Basketball: Badminton: Volleyball: Bowling: Tennis: Curling. STREICHER, MARTIN Regina 5 Occe fi Hockey: Basketball. V, 1 if TINGER. C. A E A , TREMBLAY, HELEN Coma: -aw--aw. .1 IQ sv ,L M ga S.T.M, Em. '54-'55q Bowling: Curling: Newman Club. fx Vw in R v r M K H NVENINGER, BERNARD Allan --r' Q '15 1 Cf' VVOLFE, BERNHARD Kildeer YUNG. DAVID Hong Kong A W' F GAGNE, LUCILLE ' ""' -Er .... ..... ... Q? rfb ix ' S.T.M. Executive Pidure A Left to right: Bun RHEAUME, Sec.-Treas.: HELEN GGLE. Vice-Pres.: FATHER MALLON, Chaplain: WILLIAM LORAN. President. 121 'Q' Ax Q! .aw 4691 fx :SQ +0105 -V-ww -'We r v wp., QE -01' 'N' qi af ' 'STK W. ff- aw . I 5 X .MSS .eg ...Q 57' 448 .X-. I an ATRENS, JEROME. Ist year Saskatoon AYOTFE, Ist year Regina BARLAGE, FLAVIAN. Ist year I'IumI3oIrIt BEAULIEU. AIIVIE. lst year VoncIa BEDNARSKI. IVIARION. 2ncI year Winnipeg. Man. BIENVENUE. IVIADELINE. 2ncI year CarIton BOSCHMAN, MARIE. lst year LemsIord CARIOU, RAY. lst year IVIeacIow LaIce CARIVIICI-IAEL, AVID. Port-of-Spain, Trinidad Ist year CASEY, LAWRENCE. lst year PIato CLERIVIONT, ALF. lst year Regina CONNOLLY, PAT. lst year Saskatoon COWLEY, JOAN. lst year Regina DENIS, PIUIVI. lst year Fox VaIIey DIERKER. JOE. 2mI year Cudys-ortI1 DIE-I-IRICH, lst year KiIIaIy DOSDOLL. LEROY. lst year Quinton Ist year Quinton EVVASENV, VVALTER. 2ncI year Regina FAHLIVIAN, PETER. lst year Regina FEDUN, PETER. 2nd year RirIiarcI FERNER, HAROLD. 2nd year Regina FRISON, EUGENE. lst year CALVIN. DONNA. 2nc'I-year CODIN, BERNARD. Ist year COIQCFNDIERE. IXI. rIe Ia. '2ncI year Prime AII'Jert GOSKI. GERALD. lst year CecIoux GULKA, Ist year HAID, LAVVRENCE. lst year HALL, SHARON. 2ncI year IIIEBIIRT, ALOIS. lst year HOPITNLR, INIYRNA. lst year INGRAIXI, lst year JOHNSON. PETER. lst year KALLER, ELIZABETH. lst year KOCH, DUANE. lst year KOEIJ, ROBERT. 2ncI year KORIXIAN. DOUG. lst year LEFIQBVRE, VERNA. 2ncI year LENZ, MARIE. ?.ncI year LORAN, BILL. '2ncI year LOZINSKI, IAIICHAEI... lst year LUCAS. DON. lst year LUCAS. NOREEN. lst year Pl'l"f"t'0VlIIf' SasIcatoan Regina Bay Trail Lake Lenore QuiII I-aIie Saskatzwfmii I'IumImIcIt Esteyan I'IumImICIt SaItroats SasIial0on OIiver. BC. Saskatoon Buchanan SasIiatoon SasIiatuon IVIPICNEILL. XVALTIZR. 2mI year Regina IXICLEAN, ROBERT. 2ncI year Estun NACHIBRODA, PAUL. INIACHOXVSKI. JOSEPH. IVIARCOT-I-E. PAT. lst year I'IucIson Bay INIILEY. MARY JANE. lst year Regina NOONAN. EDXVARD. Ist year Reglina OBYRNE, LEO. lst year Levyan O'NIZILL. RONALD. Ist year GRIIHFIIUYOUEII PAINCHAUD, LIONEL. lst year IQIIIHII PAVVLIXV, GLADYS. lst ,tt-as Norquay PENNA. FRANCES. aaa ,taas Saskatoon PHANEUF. VICTQR. lst ,aaa Pattaya Albert PLUHATOR, BQRDEN. lst ,Vaal Watlaaa PLLTHATOR, MICHAEL. lst year watlaaa PYLYPCHUK, IRENE. lst year Harford ROACH, CHARLES.,sattt, Tttattlaal lsl year SEBASTIAN. IRENE. lst ,aaa Patttttarty SCHREINER, lst year SHEFFNEY, BRIAN SMITH. ls! year SOROKOXVSKY, SUSAN. lst vc-ar SPAVOR. lsl year lnclinn Heal North Bnkllcforcl Saskaloon Fox Valley STACK. JOHN. lst year Meadow Lake THOMPSON. ILEAN. Ist year Assinilnoin ZDUNICH, METILDA. lst year Hanley ZGLLER. RON. lst year De-nzil 'Tir' . 't - s' tx f f W l X V s P- v' s- .t .- ,ug Ex . - ' .xt f - . ts, - H 1' .4 H s. s'-vw ., fr L sa,-"xl", -Y' -tt 42:15, : ,V ' .ir 5 - t QM' al- t as ' --.1-u.'!wa .f t'xf xla N puff- My Q. -iw ws... tg tmvatrlgige igzsgtwat t ' 1 -:fit , -' falwi S. lst :N A -aa: rf --s-'Dv '- .xii-..f't1te 1: -t X . "r - -- ,A 4.2!-" -t"'1':- ' t - - . "W ' . fb ? N vw kifdis ' Tl' ' as 4 R -',..f'-Ll L ggi ,,. 'lx t --gf 2 . ,s asm.-- ' ' ., ' Q 'A U! - V-W" t 212' .ss - . . .Q .EmiFf:fik'Kf'i:k1 ' ' Q gas. -.s-g.., ,.. saga.. Q " . 'Q .fly .121 A x ft- , E is 4 .-f'..l'.'. s Y t K I 2 '11 . az: -5-.sgta t A if 1 'f -' 'L FV' h"' ff- E-w.'ff9?-ff? . Q.. ,Q Z' s-- Qi A-is-' M t:5g """3QQif::'4 ..5v..'-'I ia 4 x ,,,,4 ...... .:'..a -. -. '- f .. 4,-' -t---. '- . E' , f.f't-519' ,Ps-TQ ,.,s,,F. ...s t f' " "A i".Q,, :F t f 'i " 1 l Q K V 1 45 . A -v ' . Q 1 u?3' lsr . A Q49 'E' V If 'R Q L .1 x 'YI'W"E ff :ms I. '1 A t. 1 ' , . ...wr ,s , I 1 -1 G2 Q. x Q .,.A R 5. . - 'V' -t .., . It . -:5,,,y.,- t sggszrf -' f' 'ff .. za-ts. .f . t s 1... ' Q aw-ts 1 fy t l ' ,Q I l t I -Q. v t X , t ' ,ff Qs c ' 2 K ' w as 4 y t S ' 3 I his . -NVE' t K T: .f gA'g .Elys 123 .lllmah 1717!-P113 105' ' liltlxr? . - . . '1.."z.'Hwt..,f- -xt?".' i ,, 5 I Q l .. Q E S 1 if i la F is u Wslhiil 'if' I. 1. 3. 4 5. P oto by Broun 6 Z Greetings to tlie graduating class of 1956 from tlie Queen of tlie Sciences represented by tlie alfiliatecl Tlmeological Collegesl The gracluates of all four are proucl to loe numlaerecl among tlmose ol otller Colleges wlio will, l am sure. luring lion- our to tlie University of Saslcatcliewan as tlley take tlieir place in tlie tliouglxt, inclustry ancl culture ol our Dominion. HDeo et Patriaen is tlie motto ol tlie University and tllere could liarclly be a lyetter one. Engineers, lawyers, cloctors, nurses, agricullurists, teacliers and ministers alike, will all lake tlieir sliare in its lullilments ancl thus it is lliat once again llie University of Saskatchewan will enricli llie land in wliicli we live. REV. R. S. DEAN. rw-f --fw Lf-'L 'fi .fa -gr-,--'--g 7: - - 1 LT15 'lnglff 1 l 'llgtkf t2'1iff.taaaE1:2.!-:s- - ei .- :FIQLGEIQEL-2: :.2:2L:-5:-E 12:-sf:E1ff.'1 -rf-1.:.1'::-es. " I imfigizit- :-Q., :sux -- .:::':,.- - -.- .- -2. -.eq , U A 9 2 zz-z gsfifna :.1gJ'g'5g Q I 1 ' 3-Fifi? 'fig 'iii THROLOG 25 ASH. Peace River. Alla. Vim-Presiclcnt, '54-'31 E,C,S.A. Prcsidcrll. '55-'56: Sofcvrc Vollcylwll: Baslicllmllg Curling: College Cllorusg Sludcnl Ixlissionary Dioufsc' ol Allmlmsca. BLAKELEY. R. C. Lonrlon, England E.C.S.A. Dclialing Dircflorz E.C.S.A. Virc-Prcsiclc-nl: V.C.F. Ivlissions Din-clorz V.C.I:, VIII'-lJl'l'SIfIl'I'IIL VUIIL-ybnllg Curling: Cnllcgc Cllorusg Trmlc uml Ijielclp Sluqlvnk Nlissionary Dioccsv ol Saslialoon. BROXVN. DENNIS BLAIR Brisml, Engluml Rr-p. '52f'5'5: Colle-gc D4-Imling '32-IE3: Drama ISQYISBZ ol Dralrlln Avnrcl Br-st Ixflflf '53-.541 Ijulrlifily Dire-clor Inlvrnnlimml Sluclvnls' Clulm '55-'31 Nlissions Cum- millcr- Svflly '55-'56: Lv.A.I".: Cnllf-gn Clxoirz Curlingg Sour-r: Bamlminlonz Fr-rmfing: 'I-rzulc aml Fivlrlz Swimming: Slualvnl Ixlissionary Diuucsv ul Allmlansazx. CLARK. DONALD ID. Dublin. lrelurwl S1-1,-'I-rn-.uxxrvr '53-I3-I: TI'1'ilNllT4'f, xlissions Cumnxillcc' I5-I-I53: Social Dirmlnr .5-IR33: TQIJIO Tc-nnis: Souvrz Curlingg V-Ili.-,I,..IIp Pllhlik .xml Igu-Iclg Colle-Qv Clmrusi Sluxlvnl Ixlissionary Dim-A-r nl S.wli.uI4In'xx.nr1. CREIGHTON. If A. Vuncouvcr, BC liclilnr "Rotunda" 454-I53: 51-m.--I-rv.nQLlr1'r lf,C,S,.-X, ISSYIBU: Sluclm-nl Ixliisiolmrv Diurcw ul ,III-Irgrnpll frm-Ii. BC. DALLY. GEORGE C Qnolnlr, P Q. Hoclwyz VUIII-ylmllg Xvnlvr Ijulng Suu.-rg Slunlr-nl Nlxfxnmnury Dion-sc ul Smlmlflu-unix :mal Kc:-uulxng Imlinn Xxlurlx, GRAHAM, BILL, lfnglnnrl Ulqlllllllilklu Pmnnl ul Ilulwlirnlinm I3-1-'51 I'Iuusv Crnnmillw-: I7,If.0. I3-I-"Yi: I,I,A,I7,g Sninnningp VUII.-ylynllg Trnlli nncl Fic-Ill: Curling: GIII.-gn Clmruiz Slunle-nl Nisnirvrnanrx' Diuu-w nl lIIc Anlir. HART, IEERNAIQID A. l7w1Ivlra4'I. Ifngluml LRUIIIIIIIIIPC '53-'53: I-nI..I Ijrviiglf-nl XXI '54-,531 Il1I1'rlmlI111mI Sluclvnle' fllulw' Ivnin-rxilx guru-r Ixlun- agvr '53-I5-Ig IEIIIIIYI' UIQOIIIIIQIIIH '33-'30, Clmir, 511411-r Slumlvnl Ixlissimmrx Dimmm- UI fxllliulmann HLGGILL, GI QOI'I"RI1Y R. Iffmlnn. linqluml flrvvslurw 'SI-.321 LNIIII1-Qw Dr-Imlinf 'TI '52, Swllx "RwIl1r1mI.1H: IQPIB. 'il-V723 Llclxlur HIQHIIIIIIIJIH '32-.343 Drmlm III-p '32-V533 Coll:-Qc' Dr.nn.1. I'niu'rsiIv Slllgvrx: Sluclvnl xllwimmrx DIOCGQQ Ol Srulmlcmrli Cnllnff- Clmiri CnII.xg.- Illmlngruplu-r, Curling: Suucr: Xlollm-ylmlll I5.uImmIun, -I-ulunlu, KDIII Czrvyslum- '33-III: CUII.-gn lgvlmling '33-V353 uRul1xluI.IH Ifzmrml ol Illxlyluulimmsg IQ:-p, 33' MIL Vwllvylmll L .nplnin 3-I' 331 Nuflr-nl Nlissiurmrv Dinww nl 5-nnlxnlwolm. llalllmrllurl, .IIILI Ijmllm Rvp. '3I 73: Drfnnm ljI'1'NI4I1'Ill I3-I V731 Illnu-wily' Singvrs: LI.A,Ij,: Tmfk mul Irn-III. Ilullf-gc Clmorus, STANNAIQI1 DIIRIQK R. U, l.iwr,mnl, linglnnrl Ilulvlilily IDITVIIUIQ var-ilv Swim Tunn: Cullm-gn' flmrus: Cnllpgn D1-Imlinu: Sum:-r: XYQII1-r Ilnlw. Slurlr-nt xliwimnrx Dimciv ul Snslmloorl hI'.-X'I'CIlIfI.L, DAVID Nm-Ill Bnltlvlbnl Sminl Din-Ilur '35-'ifvz flmirmmm, Clmrixlmn QBYQ-IIIIIJIIIOIIS '55-Eh: Cmnlmlur G-II.-gp flmrue '32-303 Ilmlwxg Curling: VUIII-yImII: Tranli auml I'-lm-Inlg Slunlm-nl Nlivimmry Dimcw ol ST. ANDREW' S COLLEGE UNDERGRADS HEFFERVAN. WILLIAM. zrret year Hereetrel STEELE. WILLIAM. ter year Antelope STEVENSON. JEANNETTE. 2nd year Saskatoon EMMANUEL UNDERGRADS ADAMSON, RODNEY. 2nd year Saskatoon BAYS. ERIC. B.Se. lst year Portage La Prairie BROWN, RUSSELL. 2nd year Earl Grey DAY. CECIL. Ist year Port Credit. Ont. FERGUSON. ALLAN. 3rd year Lethbridge FFOLLIOTT, PAT. 2nd year FIRMAN, NEAL. lst year FREEMAN, DON. Ist year GENGE. KEN. 4th year GOATER, NOEL. lst year GRAHAM, ISAAC. 5rd year HERITAGE, PETER. 4th year HERMAN. MALCOLM. Ist year HUNT, DICK. Ist year INGRAM, GORDON. lst year ISLES. PETER. 3rd year JANZEN. JERRY. 3rd year JOHNSON. HARRY. lst year MacRAE, ROBERT. B.A. lst year MORROW. NORMAN. 2nd year PEYTON, NOEL. 3rd year PRIEST. JOHN. 4th year RODERICK. HENRY. 2nd year SHAW, DAVID. lst year STYLES. JAMES. 3rd year WATSON, STAN. 2nd year WEARE. TED. Ist year WRIGHT. TREVOR. S.R.N. 2nd VVIRRELL, FRANK. lst year Forl Qa'AppeIIe Red Deer. Alta. Edmonton Paeldorkwooel London, Eng. Carlow. Ireland London. Eng. Nova Scotia Calgary Edrnonton, Alta. England Star City Prinee Albert Prince AIIJert Saskatoon Ireland Saskatoon MaeDoweII Ireland Dublin. Ireland Whitehorse Kenora. Ont. year Barnet Herts, Eng. Saskatoon N971 4-avr-rl. .- 3 .g A f Q' 'mf W W 4' F333 Y, ,Q - 40 ...av -I ' ""..J 3 BROVVN, REGINALD H. Earl Grey Undergrad Executive: Drama: IVIaIe cI'1orus: Curling. CLINE, PHILIP Zelma IVIaIe ciiorus: Undergrad committees: Soccer: Hockey, Curling: "CoIIege Frigimtsu, GILCHRIST, THOMAS G. Deiisle IVIen's chorus: Soccer. GROOIVI, HOVVARD A.. BA. Hanley Maie ciiorus: Undergrad Exec.: Debating: Drama: Soccer: Hockey: Table Tennis: Curiing. HILL. RAYMOND Moose law IVIaIe chorus: Greystone Rep.: Swimming: Bowling. NIXON, T. C. IVIILLER Moose law Undergrad Exec.: Organist. PHILP, IAN Swift Current Pres. Undergrad Society: IVIaIe ciriorus: Quartet: Univ. Singers: Debating: Hockey: Basketball: Tennis: Badmin- ton. PRATT. DOUGLAS F. , Dundum Undergrad Committee. STOTESBURY, EARL Young UNDERVVOOD, ROIVIONA Saskatoon Undergrad Committee. Back Row fieft to rigiitiz R. J. Stacey fAtI1IeticsJ. T. C. M. Nixon ivice-Pres.,. R. H. Sutton fDramai. D. I-I. Morrison fsecretaryi. Front Row: J. A. Tremimiey fIVIusicI. D. VV. R. MacLeod Uqreasureri. VV. H. Farquiiarson IDQ-zbatingi. J. P. Asilwin fsociaij. Ian PI1iIp fpresidenti. cent cigar Xvlml Canada nf-mls is a good fim- all varsity candids ffffj ' ,..-1 xi 'S 4 1 ,.o,'T" Ivlusic from Heaven-fE Hall What is this thing called "Blossom Time-7' Cro s wcrc- ood in '55 P 9 129 ,..V,, , .,., K , --if V5 'M 3... . . f -, V V 'wfawvfgfz if :4"5Qw,kg,'5f"?i.g2N4Z1 iviwlersi 'f , . ' ,162 , .,g',l:,m,ri,:f?,i-124,41 5 T 5fa,'s1zfkq521g'ff'.Q2 1 ' Z-' tm :' ak' .1-X3 5 "" BZEETWQ N. ,xy ,X XX X3 Xi ', A62 R, ,Fx xxk ,Q x X. X X 4 IJOOITI Ofl CGIIIPUS Murmy Memorial library going up ClliHClly clmrl ancl mealy-mouiheci sniich Climbing wall -ww, ww. l 1 Hi K" " , .ff-'f - ii 1. ... .sq Q'2:A:fv----,'-"' ,gi X' I :Q-:h'!7C -112 -5, K ' 'Q K, EU' X Photo by TDR Caldwell The Oldest Established floats again ' 1 film -' Lib: rx ' EM . ' ' - 5 5.53 bit' 5. i yfzgm, "' - .-- V . ' :X 81:5 fl M Q 3 :RNs eg ' 5 Qji , 7, Wedmsdcxy evvning at SIIQGI office wf x if XXQK '43,-fcgnuvx . -wh-.. -1 K .1 oi' T'-:nf SHR: A "QQ, - 1 3-f:l?f1seLiwi 13a "' "Pav gn gf 'YQ' '--A View from Covzils Com' ' 5.11 x Q ":f,l'- wtf'- ' ..,.,. Haig- ' ' 1 ' E.: if, Q... xi. ,dl K A i Vo ..i, . 1,i, EV N W 'V I li , . .A m i Y, i f 130 "" - A ' , -:M-'-'L' , wiglfsfiilh., . .. ,ga in Aw' A AH-W V VCC AGS Since its institution as an Associate Course in IOI3. the School of Agricul- ture has sought to instii in its students a wholesome attitude toward the enrichment of Saskatchewan agriculture and rurai life. The excellent facilities of the School have provided the concrete means toward realization of this philosophy. No smaii advantage accrues from the opportunity for future farmers from communities throughout Saskatchewan to receive instruction in modern farm practices on the campus of the Provincial University. Not only does this permit close association with some of the hest in scientific minds on the North American continent: it also faciiitates fraternity with students preparing for professional occupations. In this setting, the Graduates of the School have shared in the University tradition ot questioning oid and accepted practices, the stimulation of an aroused curiosity. and the urge to grow in scientific icnowiedge. As a consequence, they shaii leave the University seeing new depth in living, new goals to he achieved, satisfaction in accomplishment, and the challenge of a changing rurat environment. W. B. BAKER. Director, School of Agric. A , . . A A A ' 2 3 :fy iw om. 173 Y' 13' ll- 0' WM ls W. ., 'E we V we MK Newt? if 1 Q 3' "Yi B l Q 53' - "x i a t . . 51:5 ,fd 'W' px , '.--- - as 1 v, 'gawk Avql Afm :min i xgbmws, le , WJ, li, . : in , -,Q 3. .Y ,qw ,,-wwe awe . ... A g ' .- ft : V gf' A GX: Qtt' V Y , ..,,.. , .,. ',.,!. I viii ' mt. 4, sf. - :QW if ww. W- 'n ""0', r .4-vw 'Eye- 'S'-wa .1 . .xv iiwfj ...fs A- n y., ss sw -,fr e A A 3 :ru--r:"' iw' XT. .V 3 v :T is .-df' 1' N --si? r 5 - X is ,,., . l it i' ' 1 li A I' 1 V Q 'R' an N l 'W ' ' 2-.' N . o -4- 5 BECKER, GEORGE McLean Bowling: Basketball: Curling: Badminton: Hockey: Table Tennis. BIEHN, DONALD Guernsey Curling: Bowling: Table Tennis: Badminton: Hockey: Livestock Club Sec.-Treas.. '55-'56. BLAU. DAVE Curling: Bowling: Table Tennis: Badminton: Social Director '55-'56. BODY, ARDEN Curling: Bowling: Hockey: Table Tennis: Badminton: Basketball. Briurlca Luseland BONSTROM, ART Curling: Hockey: Basketball: Swimming: Table Tennis. Kinley BRISEBOIS. ERNEST Kincaid Curling: Bowling: Table Tennis: Badminton. BUCK, RONALD Meafzow Late Curling: Bowling: Hockey. BURTNICK, REG Bellmfk Hockey: Bowling: Curling: Badminton: Table Tennis. CAlVlPBELL. KEN Lumsden Bowling: Curling: Table Tennis: Swimming. CAMPBELL, BGB Ellislzoro Curling: Bowling: Hockey: Table Tennis: Badminton: Swimming: Co-op. Sec.-Treas. '55-'56. CAYFORD. MERTON Neilburg Bowling: Hockey: Badminton: Table Tennis. CHURCH, ,lllVl Luke Lenore Bowling: Curling: Table Tennis: Badminton: Hockey. CLUNIE, DOUG. Star City Bowling: Basketball: Curling: Badminton: Hockey: Table Tennis: Little Royal Director '55-'56. COURCHENE, RAY Lake Lgnore Bowling: Curling: Hockey. couru, TOM Daphne Swimming: Basketball: Curling: Table Tennis: Vvater Polo: Operetta: Vvater Polo Nlgr., '544'55-'56, ELLWOOD, GRANT, Macklin Bowling: Curling: Basketball: Water Polo: Swimming: Debating: l.lVl.A.B. Activities: Sports Director '55-'56. FAFARD. LAVVRENCE Broadview Bowling: Hockey: Basketball: Table Tennis: Badminton. FREElVlAN, LES Fleming Hockey: Basketball: Curling: Bowling. DENNIS Prelale Curling: Bowling: Hockey: Badminton: Table Tennis, HAUGEN. NVEBSTER Roselown Curling: Bowling: Badminton: Table Tennis. HICKIE. JOHN Waldron Hockey: Basketball: Table Tennis: Badminton: Agronomy Club director '55-'56. HICKS. BOB Marquis Bowling: Curling: Hockey: Basketball: Table Tennis: Badminton: Nveiglit Lilting: Parliamentary Forum: Assist- ant Co-op Director '54-55: Co-op Director '55-'56. HILLIS. IRVIN Macklin Hockey: Basketball: Water Polo: Swimming: Bowling: Curling: Assistant Mechanics' Club Director '54-'55: Meclianics' Club Director '55"56. IRVING. ALLEN Kelvington, Curling: Table Tennis: Hockey: Bowling: Bowling Manager '55-'56: Literary '55-'56. KIMBER. DAVE Abbey Bowling: Curling: Table tennis: Badminton: Livestock Club director '55-'56. KNELSEN. GORDON Kclstern. Bowling: Curling: Basketball: NVrestling: Table tennis: Badminton. KNOVVLSON, RAYlVtOND Lone Rock Bowling, Curling: Table tennis. MOAR. RONALD Semans Hockey: Basketball: Curling: Bowling: Badminton: Table tennis: SVAA president '55-'56. NELSON. JACK Wilkie Bowling: Basketball: Curling: Vvater polo: Swimming: Hockey. PASCOE. JOHN Kincaid Bowling: Curling: Basketball: Table tennis: Badminton: Little Royal sec.-treas. '55-'56. PASNIENY, NVALTER Gronlid Hockey: Basketball: Curling: Bowling: Table tennis: Badminton. PATERSON, EARLE Arttand Bowling: Curling: Table tennis: Badminton. PHILLIPS, CLARE Tisdale Basketball: Bowling: Curling: Hockey: Table tennis: Badminton: Assistant Voc Ag Views editor '54-'55: Voc Ag Views editor '55-'56. RAFOSS. lVlORRtS Conquest SAVVTELL. JtlVl Freemont Curling: Bowling: Basketball. SCOTT, JIM Scott Bowling: Curling: Table tennis: Baclminton: Basketball: Librarian '55-'56. SHARP, RON Balcarres Bowling: Curling: Table tennis: Badminton. SILVERTHORN, GORDON Ardath Curling: Table tennis: Badminton. SlVllTH, MURRAY Swift Current Bowling: Curling: Table tennis: Badminton: Debating: Assistant soeial clirertnr '54A"35: serftrens. '55- 56. SPARKS, LOU I Rosetown Hockey: Bowling: Curling: Basketball: Table tennis: Badminton: Assistant tiousing director '54A'53. STRACHAN, BOB Peebles Curling: Bowling: Hockey: Badminton. STUKTNGS. JIM tttrulison Bowling: Curling: Table tennis: Badminton. SUNDQUIST, PETER Venn Bowling: Curling: Table tennis: Badminton: Public rela- tions ot-ticer '55-'56. THORGERSON. CHARLES Spiritwood Bowling: Curling: Table tennis: Badminton. TUCKER, DUANE Rlldville Bowling: Hockey: Table tennis: Badminton: Housing director '55-'56, UTGARTEN. HAROLD Beechy Bowling: Curling: Basketball: Vvater Polo: Swimming: Hockey: Vvrestling. XVILSON. GEORGE Saskatoon XVOLMAN. FRED Wild Rose Hockey: Basketball: Curling: Bowling: Table Tennis: Badminton. . .,,...,, , ,V . :bw-we-,. YOUNG. EDVVIN Scott Curling: Bowling: Table Tennis: Basketball. Badminton: Hockey: Q "" A U- ,W ,ner 07? I if 'W I A I Q t , ,dst Q ,gg-K 9 K- fx '54 jfs ff " W- ,Nuke ' it 'si ,N i,-. - x , ff" pr ,, ix X Q. N , fmt' xx -K J t. 37 ff f t Q W 1 v K , , F s CF' .lr- .Aa-HW' . K . I, , .,,.., ..., , 2 -"' Q-. ,- Q- ' .' .,, H f'2- Q ..., 4 V. . , .sf : Y .- Q sm- se, 1 ::':' 1 . . , fi WW , 5 G eww 1, ""4"".1 r, . . ' -,- . -ga, ..-N, ww H R 3 5 K 'U 'ffm rv' 'A i ' I ""' 1 ...- . SP-f . .... , , .. Q.. . IQ A , 'WFQV f - -- ' f ' -'-' .'x:w:f,v.sf'ai" 1: . .- ae- :asa : ....... A 'tli" , ,..,,, w ' : - 5 x , ....g - , - J fi .2 9 get FC, tai 958 tt gn: U 1 tv. ci, ,exft ' ... -1' 'GC 'ev' g 3 ... fa fo at ,ie ll" M-aw 0 6 N 'J xg if' 4 Q are ov' " 'I' 'fr --:' ' ,gan- if ,arm ag 53 'JF .E Q- -V.- f . "., 2 .b.,, X 5 , 1 1 1 ,, fx .Aviv Ii mi MX 'B if "N IJ' an-...v I 1-,gm Wg an ,dig . Q' , 3 W' M -QI QF' J A-'dlwb A W fix, 'X 'Y J is y if Q.. 1.5 -'H' W -., .J Q, ..,. ...-W, .-M We ,x i, Q fam Q 'Q ...- ,-a.- Jes., , ff . I E. K. ' 'iffy 3 mg! .J-vs " I I 'UF -nw , " I-I V, .. X JOY J , 53' A '11- Lg - 5 Q .AI x ,. 4 'W' If-, I' sv. fr iff? A ...Q . ' is -" f N- . ' wx I .., , S , t N,:. , :af--Q 355 Q , I I -I 'I -N R, as U? 5 Y 'gg tri If -I J iq --pr-I W, Q 'rlrfks 'xlw 34' F . 1 f-N X"4-ww-I s ' ' ,-' L AUSTMAN. STANLEY BENALLACK. JOHN BIEKER. RON BLEVVETT, DOUGLAS BRITNELL. ROGER BROWN, CARL CARRUTHERS. ROBERT CHARPENTIER, DENIS CONEY, DAVID COONEY. CLARE COOPER, RAYMOND DASH. ROBERT DAUGELA. GEORGE DEVV. ANSLEY EDGELOW. LESLIE FEELEY, JIM FISHER, MAURICE FLATEN, DELBERT GALLOVVAY. CHARLES GRIMES, BRUCE GRONSDAHL. JOHN HAMP. ERWIN HARACH. ERNIE HEAD, LEONARD HILDERMAN, STEVVART KAKO. VVILHO KOOB, LARRY KOZICKI. HARRY LABRASH, WALTER LAURENCE. VICTOR LEES, DON Lf-MAITRE, RUDOLPH LLOYD. MILTON LYSAY. WILLIAM MQLAREN. ROBERT MCLEOD, NEIL MCPHERSON, GRANT MENNIE, EARL OLSON, RICHARD PEUSCH. VERNON RIFFEL. WILFRED RUNCIE. TOM ST, JOHN. DELMAR SAXNATZKY. HERB SAVVBY, KEN SCHENHER. MIKE SCHMIDT. ALAN SEIFERT. HERMAN SHERVVOOD, GORDON SHIELDS. JACK SIMPSON. ALFRED SIMPSON. EVAN SIMPSON. GERALD SLATER. MERVIN SMALL, JIM Kenasion Xvalciecle Englefeld Madorie Hughion Isiwm Pascal Gainsborough Saskatoon Laporte Kipling Saslzaloon XXYIYIJIIIOYSI Cavalier Preeceviilo Crystal Springs XVeybum SI. Louis Kprroluert Congress Radisson Razlisson Gull Lake Rilein Lucky Lake Lac Vert Kindersley ToIzIee TrinicIucI. Kisbey Triniriad. Racanviue Leross Arcola Prince Albert Gainsborough Keivingion. Windihorst Rhein Pamlnrun Esion Main Centre Golden Prairie Glasnevin Saskaloon Hatton Hanley Ivokamis Young Rufhilfla Ruihilda IWapIe Creek VAN HUYSTEE, ROBERT VVAGNER, JOHN NVALKER, FRED XVIZBSTICR, JAMES VVIIILIZR. ALFRED XVIIISBERO, GARY XVUDRICK. ROY Plato F iie Lake North Buulvford Middle Carlton Saslmloon X M V ,,.M f ,fr-, .O . .N 1 1 v E'Ff5:"'w"xW ' - f w.,,.5.,: 1 'fi 11,245 , v i an Q - ws -- 1P.,, 11 ww aw, xy' N "3 . 4. n, , K K- A 5 41" T -1 nj" , .,., ,f ff ...aff W, 'fi-'23 135 all varsity candids J, 2 x ,ff ..-P' , .4 ,W 9 " -D .-.. 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S, Lloyd 6.C0f1fllSf0f'L ZSOUQJ Speaker Gamelin 'ZHnnouruble member from Buenavisfa-Twillingat ZIPC leader Alvin Hamihon Eiinrurn reacfgs peak of excilervlorlf L r z' 4Hammy D1cD0nuH, Iilnvral leach-r my on ar or ommg IQ1Wess 5-point of Order! U-Birdie in the cage 165 Sept. functions T.-Wy: ' B, xx7l'lO,S Diff: Spvnrer? 2- Xvl S, lI'l" l'lUl'0 nfl UIDTK' Snfllfl' CIUHFF' 3 5, Annilwr Curnpus inciivicluulisl 4- Fun ni Cunirnvrcv-XVASA party ' pv- fi R, Smorgasborfl in Agro Caf Sasle. Hall was neiivr like ill ISC Vkfelconw tea 5- Dunring ul XVASA-Conini. g0!-iO- goilwr The King and I VIAIY FUR - October functions X A A 1 EN 1' ip? YQ! W ,Q?+f11'?3 1 sm 5 I 'ii V I -AA Q I N P X 'Xi 0 ,Y5 A 153 AV' gr? f.: X a f . V ' '11 Q X? x Z - ' J I ll il x bf Q? Wd. -mm! ,. T I, Campbell kisses Queen 2 Coolzie-rullvrs flipping cunnjournl 5. Photo by Friebel 4 XV? arv, we are . . . urv uw ow-rf 5. pcrinbaurn ul ISC mvofing 6 lvurses join ESS 7 Trippmq lim light funluslif 8 Dclmuclxvry ul its lwiglxt 9 Cvesl Ia Guerra! Rei wind 1, Q, .. ' f - S 4 , x X N. ,. 1 ,Q , ,wwf ,,,, 5 Q M4 Uh 1 jE',-M' ggg g!va?g 5 . v- 1 .gl " I " ' i? ,Q K 5 I 1 F J 5 iEE??EiE ?Jww5WQQf1 .,,.L:,, , 1, ,V - .,,1 ,T L ' 2"f,w.uIf Eau J: .41 November functions 115 .Ill R :vx. ,mr vWwSl!l'lm x.!x A Suslzaloon Boflle Works O11 my aching jaw! TIIOSQ Colgate smilvsf Agro Hoglelle Wasa Sexielfe Fnrrnal ul Boss Tri-Service Ball How formal can xou . 011, no! K A " QA! 'Q' 'fm if 'QQ 4 ng 5 X H g ' J ,IR xt J V x I L1 f f N., ,.,. . .fps rx gf X 5, 'gi S 1' S Y N 1 ,y K fc W f , Godiva gullups lynn Slwuf plmlog at work RMI:-rx uf IIIP ,I-UIIJTLI Rv: 'pm furlmlur Ayr., furlnul Alon' uf mum anal .X'IAC'L'N alqmlurz x 'CL-fi 'f Vi.. f'i??"2 myinm rx I r rr cl urmu Nlunv Nun mu x 4' N1 ru 1 4 N urm N :af IXIKIUCIHSNUH In x rllvrlzur 4 rn 1 I x In 1 Q 2. IMI. 1.-.... x all varsity candid I No llmnlcs, iryin' lo quit' 2 Loungv Iizurrl 5 Bolllv mating boys 4 Sid: Iem, G 4'm1 rge 5 fmt cz bunch of good IIOOKIS 6 Xvfly Jorft you shut up! 7 Sox 1 1111 I Iilclcer at me 400 8 Rerwlries by Rad 9 Hit me ugain, Dealvr. 10 Doug B,0OCIC, 71117505 Oflfl OIIIUT IPIIOIU 172 hmm-4 mm Aflcl' nmnunozu uusunasu Y I 1 N-.Rial I VARSITY BAND A novei feature of time 1955-56 varsity year was the tornmation of a fuii-sized ciance banfi on time campus. Time Varsity Band. a seventeen-piece aggregation. was startcci in Septemmmiuer as a Music Directorate project, under time ieaciersiiip of Alec Niaciiariane, pro- iessionai tromiaonist from time weii-iinown Toronto Training Coinmanei Banci. Al iefi time iiaanci untii time eariy part oi time new year, wimerm ime was transierreci imacii to Toronto, turning time ieacier- simip over to .lim Niitcimeii. Jim is a Regina prociuft ymimo piays ieaci trumpet yyitim time Regina Hoibiay Band as weii as imoiciing cioymn limat rimair witim time Varsity crew. Time imanci nmacie its first puiniif appearance in a rmoormfimour jazz tormeert in Conmwmeatioim Hzmii on Friciay. Derenmimer 9, nmariiing time First time timat astute imaii imas resouncieci to music oi' a jazz persuasion since time ionriiy'-reimmenmiaereci ciays oi Cvorciie Kings presentations. A paciieci imouse of stucient jazz iovers gave time band a terrific ovation for timeir efforts, Time Btmimtis next appearance was at time Law Cabaret in time Ciuiv 400 on Defenmiaer 21, Nximen time iargest crowci ever to attend a University ciarmme at time Ciuib turneci out eigimt imuncireci people. Aint:-r Cimristmas. time Banci appeareci witim time Hiii- toppers. famous Ameriran yomi quartet, in am iontert ami eiammc at time Eximiiaition Stadium, aiso periurmmmeti at st-yerai ciaimfes immtim at time Gym and in time Ciuim 400. Time Baimciis timermme was Hi3I'YfDllli time Seaug timeir inmmii aisn iimciurieri many of time aii-time imit tunes of SUf'il ,AIllf'fil'EtI'l FIFIIUC' IJIIIIFIS U5 Les BFOXXH, NXVOOCIY IY'It'l'I'lIEtfl, Genr- Krupa, fiicnn ixiiiier anci St-mn Kenton, anti spf-ciai arrange' ments by NiitfI:Hl'iIlHC' ami trumpeter Baia Dfiyicisnn. Time Niusic Dirertoralr- pians to nmaige lime band a permanent fixture on time campus, in yiew oi its ymitie popuiarity timis year. VARSITY as it aympeimreri witim time Hiiitnppr-rs :mt time iiximiimiliimmm Stmiimmmmm imm ifeimrmmary, irrimimm ieit tn rifjimt: Rimytimni: imrne Srimneii. piammrm: .iiimm ixiuiizmt. firums: :mmi Demmmmy Timrmimms. imamss. Simms: Diving gtnii-7, pete Crimmmimm, iiimm i'riesen. Barry' ixivmn, :mimfi ijimammme iXmim: Trummmimrmimi-sz imnrry Fgmmnmtl. it-rry iimmtim. HHLI Xxyfllly Ewaseyy: TfUlllI3l'lSZ Brmims Ciimitixyeii. XNYRIYIH' .lf'llI1f'l'. Btill iiitilllllltllti, nimim lj.lXillStlll. illlti ,lim Niili imeii. Jlolnorial Union Iluihling TIN- iclca ol a sluclcnt union lnuilclingj was lirsl Consiclvrvcl in 1036. lmul tlic conccpi ol thi- lniilcling as a war mi-morial clalcs from I9-15. ln Odolmvr ol iliai year. llic S.R.C. clc-Cirlc-cl lliai any burplus luncls woulcl lnv usvcl fo Gslalplisll a Sluclcnt Lvnion Trust Funcl. Later in IQ-15, a Commillcc- was fi-l up to raise money lmotli on llic Campus ancl from tlie alumni. Finally in I9-19. ilu- area soulli ol Ilia Iwo rc5iclcm'vs was Clioscn as the cle-linilv silc ol ilu- ncw builclimf. :Xclual worli on Ilu- slruclurc wab ln-gun in Flay l053. ln ilCf0I'flilI1Ct' willl a l't'll'I'Cl1l'llIlT1 lu-lcl varly in 1055. it was clvcifle-cl lo infra-asc sluclvnk fees by S250 io assisl llw 31.1 YB. program ancl later a lull-limo cliri-dur was luirm-rl. All:-r almosi lwvnty yi-ars ol planning. lln- Nia-morial lynion Builcling was ollqifially opvliml on Novemlwr ll, 1055. -Q.-..,,.,,,Nm J 5 2 Q Q Q 1 A F if ? ' ' 5.1, :H fm an I F' N. ni! fs., , 'KIX1 1. 5.1 , , .,,. 1 ,. .51 Y 5'- June in January Guys and Dolls Who's reserved? "As counsel for the clefenclent. . . Who's Conservaiive? Iune in. Ianuary fiving HTru1t's what they all say!" Some strictly swell stuff XVl1o's preservefl? Youre in style when you wear a boutonniere ul., Blood Drive I. Maize my transfusion rum Z. Pharmacy boys quartet 1 lflllall Lilly 3.Iust one more pint . . 4,Biooci on the saddle 5 Patricia culling off Filefs water bo Moron impersonating Louis Armstrong 7Bolu-legged chicken and knocked lzneecl izen 8.Bleec1 til it tricizles 9- Canadian Rec! Cross Blood Transfusion Service Campus Queen x HH HHNH9HN HOHHHHONOHHHHHNHHO 9N HHHHHH OHOHH O' 1 - I Q Q 9 3 9 6 9 ' R Q 9 ' ' Q 3 ' Y 3 9 ' ' 3 0 ' 3 Q , ' 7 0 ' 7 4 9 k Q Q 3 ' ' 3 9 V v Q 9 Y 3 3 A E Q 9 V Q Q 3 V . Q 9 A ' C 9 Y - Q 9 Y, Q 9 W g 1 3 ' . ' Q 3 ' Q . - 3 : i . i 0 - X - - 9 ' ' Q 3 ' ' 3 9 V Q 1 9 - F 3 9 ' - 9 9 ' ' 6 9 ' ' Q 3 g ' 3 1 ' 5 3 Q Q ' Q 9 ' ' Q 3 ' ' 9 9 ' ' t 3 ' - ' ' 3 9 ' - L Q ' ' Q 9 ' ' C , A" Q 9 -!Nv-f"""-'V"-'v''I'--""ff--xN-f'f"-'-1 v-'-1.4vf.f-v-'-' 1-'1-- Q oo ' ' oo I OHHHHOOHNHHNHHHHHOHHH6HHHOOHHHHOHHHHHNH X GRACE JASPER 178 College Queen PAT CAMERON GRACE JASPER Home EC S.T.iVi. PAULILTTE CHILRNOFF gk Agros sf? JON Clp COAIXXX LLL S Nursing IRENE PYLYPCHUK Frosii Queen lik: MARILYN MCALPINE SHIRLEY CLAY MARY LOU CARTER ANNE HARVEY BEI i l ORGE Voc Ags Pharmacy Arts anci Science Engineering Eciuiation VALORIE TARASOFF CAROLE LATTA A DONNA KERNAGHAN Commerce ix'lCCiiCi!'lC I-HW 179 Varsily Varielie Gibran K . 5 I- lnciivicluai winner Gordon Gaihercoie 2. "Four Halas", Emmanuel Colleges prizewinners 5. D. Reimer and friencis in Med. sizii 4. Varsity Hospital nurses singing -.- Q ei UL., x 5 Q 5 - W , y Y.. 43- ,K Fl? Www 1 ' '-". .AL Af f jf? +3 .."X:'. " , , Ei -, fi F' fL.l.i g ' - .4 mi f" 5231 12, aff' 'ii if 1' ix 1 , J , 4 - :,,:. 4 A T E- A616 -f K 5 filgff' x 'PW w -s.,.- f. .mf ww .. , , --.,a..W M--P-..... 1-,E-NJ'-A , N VARSITY VARIETIES 1 Bob Middleton sings 2 Linle Pink Cup 5 Oh, those Sash. Hall meals! 4 "Where is my darling Wflfemlr' 5 Farm Boy follies of '56 6 Mary Lou and friend Varsit Varieties QQ, WIFI I I. Dick -Spencer congratulates queen Grace Iasper 2.IUdQE Hay ami newly crowned Queen 5. Iust no encl of queens 4.Queen. fudge. and Princes es A new feature at this year's Variety show was the crowning of the Campus Queen. The choice of the judges as the girl who wouid best represent the Unix'ersily this year as Queen was Grace Jasper who represented St. Thomas ixiore Coiiege. The princesses were ixiary Lou Carter and Donna Kernaghan. it was felt by the com- mittee that this function was a fitting piace for the selection of the queen and hoped that this practise would continue in the future. To complete the evening a dance was heid in the Gym with the new Univer- sity hand in attendance. 183 INTERNATIUNAL STUDENTS' CLUB INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS' TEA N WAN 1 X 16 X bg 5 x X Lk -f 4 'N 521551 - . .: ..::s:2 I' I I I 3 INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS' CLUB B ck Row: J. IXICLEAN, Canada: D. IXICPHERSON. ScotIancI: A. CARBIICHAEL, Trinidad: B, MA, Hon I Row: NV. ALI, PaI4isIang SALIMAN, IncIoncsia: S. INIENDIS, C-eyIon, GAZI, Pakistan: INI. PAPE C f' many. 35253: I 515551255 I ' III I I . I ' :.,3:1 Q22 fl I f O' 1- 5 X My my-4 AN K it is quitf' iwiitting tilnt ns tiic INTERNA-iiiONAi,. STV- Cil iii rozuiivs unntiivr lniir-stmiv in its iiistury, wr- simuiii tniif' fi rvlr0sp1'c'liv0 vit-xx ui' tiiis yvnris wnrii: :anti Sw' wilt-tin-r no imvz- rc-trogracivci or progrcssmi, Tile yvar fI955f56i lItN,if"I"I'0Vi4'XY may rigiitiy inf- rf-gjurcimgi ui onv xxitii great ariiir-ymiicnts. By and iurgn our zutivitir-s iiaiyc ini- iuwcci time pattvrn set in pn-vious years: imut tin-y imvt- iw-vn murii niort- intc-nsiiia-ci, Tim ya-aris work stnrtvci on tin- 6tii fjttoix-r, win-n tiicrv wus It gon:-rai inf-4-ting witii vivrtiun oi officers and cnroiinvnt ni mcniiuvrs. Tim int:-rnzitionai Te-11 Party was iivifi in Convnrntion Hnii on Ottoivor Tirci. Suibsvque-nl to tins ciatr-, wo zinc-ptr-ri Svvvrni invitations to tr-ii from :iii-icrcnt fumiiiffs in tile' city: anti to nmrii tiif- cnci of tiw Ciiristmas tr-rm, ur' wcrv ,qur-sts to tim iorai Ciiuptr-r oi' tilt' at a Cilristnms Dinnr-r on Novviniirir 26lil. Tin: nnnuai trip to tile- Regina Lf-gisiatlirv sponwrnci imy tin- fjlIYl'l'HHlI'l1l ni lilr' l,l'UYifNl' rninv' uii on tiw l'itil oi Fr-iwrunry, Tin-n iannv tin- ing ov:-nl ni lin- yvnr-tim Annuni Dinnr-r oi tin- Ciuin. Tin- ixiliig uns tin- yr-nut-. Fuiiy 250 QUNIQ flint-fi: ami after supper, tiicy rc-pziirvfi to tin- Loungv xxiivrf- tim Stucivnt: from OVCFSPEIS cntc-rlainvni tin? allelic-mv sxitii siiits, finnfinfj zinei ini:-is acicircsscs. Xxyiiil tile tiuso of suvii zi rmnnrixaiaiz- ycur, ll is lin- rmisrfiisue of opinion tiiut tim Club is iuiiiiiing its aims ami nivimts, nzniiviy. intr-r aiia. iwiciging tiif- gap anci imrric-rs iwtwr-r-n ciitii:-rt-nt nntiuns anci ruiturvs. Toriay our Illf'llliJPl'Silip stands at iiuiiy H0 rvprvsviitimg over 29 fUlII'ItI'i1'S witil ciiiif-rc-nt civilizations. rams, iziiigjimuvs ami rrrwcisg nnci i-rum pr-rsrmzii runtarls uv iiavv ivarmmi aimut lin- proioirnis nnci aspirations ni ii1i"SP various pvopivs, XVP iinre liw iuturv witii runiimif-me and rvsnive, .,,,, in Li 1111? B'NAl B'RITH HILLEL FOUNDATION 'titiis year, ltie Btnai B'ritt1 Hittet Founctation on ttic Campus is cctetnrating its l0lt1 Anniversary. Since its estabtistiment. it tias attemptect to serve as ttle liaison tn-tween ttie Ji-wisti stuctent tmocty anct its tiistoric Jewisti tractition. The Director, Ratatai R. Actter concentrates on ttme tastc ot matcing Jewistl religious anct cultural values vitat anct relevant tor ttie Cottege generation. Hittet is not meant as a sutnstitute for University lite or tor extra curricular activities, it is ptannect as a supplement. Hittet activities ttiis year t1ave inctuctect tai-monttity guest speatcers anct ctiscussion group meetings. Ttie Rabbi tias also initiatect a lecture series on ttme campus enlittert HVVt1at ttie Jews Betieven. A wortcstlop was organizect tor stuctents witti special interests. But, Hittet is not att ot a serious nature. We cetebratect many joyous religious teslivats anct tmave tietct teas and social evenings. Hittet ctespite its smatt size Otters a generous anct meaningful program to ttle ctr-wisti stuctent. Director. Ratatoi R. Actter 186 -, Rxcs sy My W.-ff Varsity Christian Fellowship 3 t l x Front row, left to right: PETER BLOCK, ARLENE XVEICKER, FAYE FELSTRLIM, ARNOT Hmvxixs Back ron: Bos BLAKELY, DAX'tD BIARTIN. KEITH XN7RiGHT, DALE bHEPPERD. Nlissing: SHIRLEY IXIORRISON and LESLIE bumv. THE INTER-VARSITY CHRISTIAN FELLOVVSHIP As tlIe name inclicates. tlie V.C.F. is a iellowsliip oi Cliristian stuclents. it is interclenominational. anrl oi course anyone is welcome to attencl tlie meetings ancl lunctions. Special empliasis is placecl upon personal allegiance to Jesus Cl1rist.Tl1e program is ciesignefi. not only to strengtlien tlie members oi tile group as Christians. but to present otliers witll tide claims of Cllrist as set iortli in tlie Bible. V.C.F. is a chapter of time i.V.C.F. of Nortlx America. i.V.C.F. is a member organization oi time inf ternational Fellowslrip of Evangelical Students. l.F.E.S. is tlie olciest existing interclenominational stuclent lbocly in tile worlci. liaving cievelopecl out oi time Evangelical Union of Cambridge. Englancl, ancl now estalu- lisllecl on university campi tlirougllout tlie Worlcl. On our campus. eacli Tliursclay at noon tliere is a general gatliering wliere Cliristian aclciresses relevant to university stucient liie are cieliverecl by capable speakers. Bilole-stucly groups meet at various times tlrrougli- out tiie weelc. This gives interestecl stuclents an opportunity to Hcligu for tliemselves in tlwe ainuncianl source- material iounci in time Bible. ancl also to slware llinciings in an atmospliere of frienclly ciiscussion. Every otlier Sunday tlwere is a Tea at wliiclm some special subject, te.g. ixiissionsl. is ciiscussecl. At intervals. an t.V.C.F. staff-memioer visits eaclm university group to give guiciance anci encouragement. Periodically. a special mission is lielcl at tiIe university-usually in conjunction witli otlier Cliristian organizations on time Campus. Tlie purpose is to present Cliristianity. tor Christi. as tlIe answer to time emptiness frequently iouncl in time lives of tiiose VVi'l0 in an acaciemic environment. fail to aclcnowleclge tiie Goci Wino l1as an interest in eaclw one. The sequence in tlie V.C.F. motto is. we loelieve, tlie riglsnt one: First. uto lcnow Christ". ancl tl'Ien. Uto malce Him lcnownu. 187 5, 5, NE? ALPH OMEGA EXECUTIVE Bm-I4 ww Hgh 10 rightji PAUL iiLECK QPROP: RUTH K1.m'Mm'sHm'N fsociat Convenortp Rohm STR.-KTYCHUK tixienmbersiuip Cmmvcnori: BETTY TATARENKO tgociai conmmittcc umcnmbcri: GORDON HLECK tprogranm ron- venori Front row: QWONSTANTINII ZELENKO, tpresidentig CLARA ZEMESUKOFF tsecretaryii XXVALTER'K.-s trrrfiasurery. ALPHA OMEGA SOCIETY Time Atptma Qmega Society, a non-sectarian, non-potiticat association of Ukrainian stuctents on time campus, is ctevotect to give Ukrainian culture anct tmistory its rigtmtiut place in Canactian tife. This Society also aims to promote a spirit of teitowsimip among Ukrainian stuctents on time campus. Since time Society was formed in t0'5O, many stuctents of Ukrainian origin tmave been weicomect and been macte to Hfeet at tmomen on time campus witim time imeip of time Society. 1955 was time year of ttmeir twenty-iitttm anniversary. In commemoration of ttmis event. time Society bas unctertaken to pubiisim a JUBILEE BGOK wimicii contains articles by prominent Ukrainian scimotars. Time year time Society piannect a series of Sunctay afternoon firesictes at wtmictm stuctent members gave papers on interesting topics. Fir. Vvaiter Tarnopoisky spoke on imis experiences at time Vvorict Ltniversity Serv- ice Seminar in Japan. At ttie seconct tiresicte, txiiss Ciara zemesukoff reportect on ttie Vvestern Citizenstmip Conference imetct at Banff. Alberta. A panel ctiscussion was tmetct at time tiome of Prof. anct Ntrs. A. Mictmatenko. Time Aipima Omega Society sent two cteiegates. bliss Ciara Zemesukoilf anct txir. Taras twonastyrsky. to time Seconci Congress oi time Ukrainian-Canactian Stuctents' Union at Xvinnipeg in December. 1955. A scimoiarsimip of SIOO is oizferect by time Society to a neecty anct cteserving student of Ukrainian origin. By sponsoring activities, suctm as ttmose mcntionect above, tire Atptma Qmega Society tmopes to con- tinue its efforts to make time contrib'ution oi Ukrainians a ctistinctive anct a significant one. SUNDAY EVENING FIRESIDE President. CONSTANTINE ZELITNRQ anct Secretary. CLARA ZEMESUKOFF .. vs' --....,-. 0... . . .4 ..-..---,.. ,..,.,,, . H. , N' ....--.......,,, f '-af "' 'rr 'X 188 3 t Us ' M.. W Inu 'M . fs QL V J NEWMAN CLUB i 'ii ga!!! Newnmn ifv0Culii'c, Init to Right: I".xTumz ixIONTAGUI-I, Cimpiain: Dim 31.aR.xND.x, Social: AIARY DALEY Co-Social: BILL LAMBERT, Pri-siiivnl: LUCILLE CSAIJNE, Vice-Prvsiiivnl. Slixmiing: Ron NCISAAC, Sm,-Trims Sunday Evening: Punvi Disfussiun, Knights, Priests and Beciccl: T. Eiiofs Iwurder in tile Culiwclrui. Becieel and CIIOFILS-'DIIITCIQT in 'Till' Calilccirui-Cilrislnms pvrforrmirwe. Newman Give Ciuimz An Evening of Song. - Arbxi, A HEM. PHARM. SHOW -si -" M , . Ci? .X H 3 5 . , 3 I J ,Q - A n ulmwmm FIHSIIIN Ji ' , .,y-'-HV- -S N ,Q 'Min 1 x X ' ul .M- .. xx f . S -I 'atm ..,.,,. IM IILDIHIA amlnm Pmununr ,, ,. A : ', me rnnrwxn 1 ,N .., 'mir' IDLYHII. gww, H S 'SY , . ., I H Mulilll mxum Q A X on mains, wnmr .V www , uwnum vwwvvm 'mmsu'Y "mm "9 f xmmwnx . mkxii W . X,,.gw 3 sas' pig CHEM. PHARM. SHOW i'1Ill'l1iHliISi 'P c I 1 H "" af' 51TIll 'wsmqyfzag N 1 91 HILLTOPPERS Tllis year a big lvealure ol llwe bloocl drive was the appearance of tlle Hillioppers, a name vocal group brouglli in by ibe Bloocl Drive Commiiiee to sparli tlme UDriVeU. The 'Toppers arrivecl on lbe morning of tbe I-lllm of February ancl first appearecl al a rally in Convo at noon. Here tlwey renclerecl several popular numbers ancl were presenlecl wilb cull linlcs as momentoes of ibeir appearance ol our Campus. Tllill evening llmey perlormecl in eonjuneiion willm tlme Varsity Banol in a Concert and dance at tlle lfxllibition Slaclium, Among Ilie numbers wlriell stuclenls will remember were KKTIIG Kenluclcian Son-gn, Hflnly You", Tlllxl1.'. Tlie Bentley Sllielcl. awarclecl io llie college witlr llle liiglmesi pereenlage of bloocl clonalions was presen- Ierl lo Jaeli Campbell, wlio aeeepiecl il on beball of llwe College of Engineering, Ibis years winners. SRC welcomes Hilltoppers ul 4 a,m. The four Hilltoppers, limmy Sacco, Eddie Crowe, Clive Dill. Karl Garvin, Own-lee youuuuu. Congrululalions, lack fEngineers win the Bentley Slzielcll Campus queen welcomes the Toppers, little H0 al ,Q . 3 . is A 5 .. l 4,5 -'Vw' -sm.fw:a Wi:-:z1:S45f J. ' A . Gs, .5 .- ' . -w,fSssf:,i',iw,fz:f . if - -'Ar' , ,Lgg-,wfxli--v-+"'h .- ,- fl .gupw-+ Q Pi f q KQV' Q WHIEH READ ARE 1. VOC-Ag Orchestra 1Tl10se wllo clon't get Cups get a meclul 3,Tl1e lighter sicle 4 Livestock Club display 5. Sliowmansliip competition slioulcl 6. Grancl Aggregate Winner - Iolm Hickie Z Directorate display X ?t 3 I I :xr f w 1 93 . - 1.:gg:igj5s35':54 '4:. T ff 1 K. if .sg 3 ., , ,WL :TIS I z rg! ,1 I i I Wg? 1 ff2,.f . 4:41- OPERETTA K X-Xxx law mvhwxil AlYMw 11 L J rl z ou arc' my Qong 0 O18 qpmafz flazw frma nu pe my q t zourlm x nu urn Lunch rezfx ct rms refzear econd lust scene Finale Q a 8' 0 91 Operetta 1, This is a mallur of life and LICKHII 2. Suspiciozmf Goo uflornoon my H110 Companions 4, XVOocly's hero 5.1t's Yvallace Bevry, run for lfw hills! 6 Especially no! in the glen al IO Roll Tomlinson as Fran: Sclmln-rt 3- Snake pi! 5 PARTIES AND SUCH CANDIDS I, lusl a bunch of good Balloons. 1, Steady, stomach!! 3,Gool 4 Teachers' College Graduation. 5, Now, now. Oscar!! 6. Stop Blowing yer own horn. Clodwelll I B .Sheaf reunion party. One of tllese ligllt years, Alice . . . al. Q MCGOUN DEBATES Left to right: Travelling team-Vvalter Farquharson and Clara Zenie- sultoll. Home team--Stan Thomas anci Bill Lawton. The topic for this year's lVicGoun Debates was-Resolved: Hthat the Billy Graham methocl ot evangelism is nevessary in our age". The visiting team won over the BC. team in Vancouver while the home team lost on a split decision to the Manitoba team, here at Saskatoon. i . A f"4'i'l X,Kf' A 5 i' V .it . i I p ., 5. 'V x xl! 5 ff ' . I . '- .f 4 -. ,-x , il.. tif. ,i 54 f K'1g'if9f JOHN C0NL1NHEn.manuel College Xvinner of the T. Douglas Public Speaking Trophy lor 1956. H WINNERS OF THE FRESHMAN DEBATlNG-1956. topic-"Dublin, the Unique". John won over I4 other contestant John Wright and Norm Rebin-won in the finals against St. Anclrew's with the oliliirmative of the resolution: "That the Lorcls Day Act shoulci Q he repealecin. Jung ,- w o, 7, f ' rv.: - 1 i-ffl M V- -G? 5 1 ' -'1 ' , . .2g5,. g A. jf' -li :V 2 ' 197 PHYSICS SHOW I. 2. 5. 4 5 6. 'Z Xvhat happens if I pull this? Beialron Ghost stories were never like this! Ann Kerr and friends at Physics SPUJU7 Ten rents a loom Can't nfforrl matches? O11 yes, but what is it? o DUE 'W wwf, f A . :C JLA5M1C .,.p,. awww 5 Xvlml a full lyfn 6. Sarnruy Says 7 Barber polvw S Hum at worl- P ol 5 mx Color Night Miss Ciara Zemesuieoff receiving the Spirit of Yoiiiil irnpily from Niiss K. Taggart. Berry Tiiainitt receiving tile Mur- Uonaici Tropiiy from "Rusty" ixluc- DYJHIIIKI. Dr, Rawson presenting Vxfrestiing tropily fo winners. Dave Tutciwii receiving Variety ixyigili Trnpily on IIPIIUU of Em- munuei Coiiege. iwiiriei Caiiamier reeeivinq Curling 5 i ' uwcirci from iwiss K, Taggart. Graco Iusper receiving a major utilielic ciuicirci from iwiss Creary. Lynne Evans receiving major ulilielic uwarti. Tom luciesfvri receiving tennis uwurfi from fuilnny Leicester. Q. -fi: hit Ik -.Q ixadk gg fr 5 J 4 , X --PA t COLOR NIGHT AVVARDS S.R.C. rings-To all members of tlle S.R.C. wlio liacl not previously receivecl an llonor or S.R.f. ring. S.R.C. Honor Awarcls-Lily Nlazurlcie, Clara Zemesuliolf. Rocl Tomlinson, Sars Nagle, Hola Jaeolmson. George- Lipsett, Doug Hill. S.R.C. Cups: Hill Cup'-'Emmanuel College-Dave Hawlcins, Leslie Slmaw. Douglas Tropliy-.lolin Conlin. Emmanuel. Varsity Varieties Troplly-Glen Asll on lueliall ol Emmanuel College. Bentley Sllielcl-.laeli Campbell on laeliall of tlie College ol Engineering. Spirit of Youtll Awarcl-Clara Zt'lTl0Sllli0l1'l-. NlaeDonalcl Troplly-Berry Tilylbitt. lxlajor Atliletic Awards: XV.A.B.-Lynne Evans, Grace Jasper, Nlyrna Nec-clliam. Nl.fX.l5.-Berry TilJlJitt, uvvinclyu Huclon. Riclwarcl Elliott. NV.A.B. Senior Letters-Dianne Bates, lxluriel Callancler, l.ynne Englancl, Ellen Clf'I'l'tl', Tlmelma Howarfl. Vvilma Kell. Lenore Kivell, Nlarilyn flaeliarlane, Donna lxlolfal, Sliirley Florrison, Evaclel Trew, Blargaret Vvrigllt. iXl.A.B. Senior Letters-Franli Coolc. Lelancl Clark, Berry Tilalbitt, George Genereux, Ricliarcl Kroexinslxi, Rlieinliolcl Fliller, Neil Nlunro, Oscar Hanson. lxlerle Byrnes. Riellartl Elliott. Stewart nlelierelier. Jolm Franklin, Reuben Riellert, Dale Harcly. Brian jones, Ray La Reviere, l-aurt-nee llnatysliyn, Ken Biclclell, Gorclon Dempsey, Tom Bleaglier, Lorne Doane, Stuart Cameron, lsorne l.arsnn, Ron Roteliulc, Dale Bell, AI Ferrell. Larry Olson, Ross XxIlll1IT16't'. .laels llayes, ,lim Sparrow. Nlurray Pilxe, Holm Francis, Bob Staples lxlervyn Lowe, George Golclalf, Elclon llorton, l.loyfl Sliarsgarcl, Ernest Clior- nomyclz, Tom Jackson. Peter Haywarcl, .IOlll'l Grillitli, Jolm Killmrn, Ken Tlmompson. 1, Iggy! Bpnsnn l'l'Lt'll'tlltj Btislw-Ilntlll UKUUTCI ,HHH IUQUI c.ft'tll'y 2. Tom :X1t'tlt1IIi'T' rvceivirig Huslcie Busleetlzull uuwiril 3.Ax1yI'f1lI N'l'4'llIlflHl I'1'L't'tl'l7lq major ulliletiz' ulvuril 4 KGYlf1t'lII Cmeie presenting Swim Teuni uwurcl 5. Dean Alelmocl presenting tlie Doug- or las Piilvlir Speulcing lropliy to Iolm Conlin 1. 2 3 4 5 6 7. BH 1 A l"'lg T UW 2 f ' - Qfv 5 L' I- l- f f ,441 SKY YILLE? xlib- ? x 'L 'Q-ixxs S 2 I BENQ Curlin-1 ff, Vfesflin 0 7 .,. Sports 203 ' 1 . v- 2 1 g ,G p, . aHay. Front Row Qlefl lo ri ht,-Marlene Ackerman' rare Jas er' Joan Benson' Sanclr " Q 7' H Gerry Evans: Gloria Hanson: Myma Needham: Elf-anor Edwards. bfissing-fVX'iHnla Uncle Row flcft to right,-'Gil Strumm froaclif: Bullery' Uwgrj s'9 X, emo fx mf? ii 1 S-Emf' 3 nf sf' C' wipe S SK S 3 oanolra VR ng t A SKI5 Q52 S i Q V55 ' X' -can Back Row Ucft to right,--Paul Thomas fcoachfg Bob Upton: Gord. Dempsey: Tom Nleagher: Dennis MCCHffhYZ Ray Hnntyslmyn: Kielh Collins fxngrj. Front Row UL-ft to right,-Dick Shark: Bill Girgulis: Vvindy Huclong Lorne Doane: Ken Bidclcll, Hu kie ockey Front row. I. to r.: RICHARD KROCZYNSKI, BRIAN JONES, OSCAR HANSON, BERNIE BYRNES, STU TVICIQERCHER Standing. I. to r.:GEoRGE LIFSET fcoarm. FRANK COOK, GEORGE GENERELIX, PAUL INIELIN. LEE CLARK. DALE HIXRDY, BARRY TIBBET Missing: REG VVOODS. NEIL IVIUNRO, JOHNNY FRANKLIN. DALE MAGNUSSON, RUBEN RICIIERT, RON IVIILLER .Q ,gi 2 9' f ff' W 0 I if L .5 A A i ae jg! ., HIM. ,,,.,.,,.,.,-' I oi! E Nwfwmm my Nxv X , . ar: Q- 'Q LORNE DOANE, Guard BILL GIRGLYLIS. Guard RAY HNATYSHYN, FVV. lc tball KEN BIDDELL. FVV. BOB UPTON. FXV. The Huskies this year made the most impressive showing in their history. The Green and White gathered eight points in league play, more than any Huskie team has made in the past decade. The largest Crowd in Saskatoon history f2,5O0J witnessed the final series between the Manitoba Bisons and the Huskies in their struggle for the Rigby trophy, emblematic of inter-varsity basketball supremacy. The Bisons emerged as winners in spite of noble efforts by Captain Hudon, Dennis McCarthy and Dick Stark-who were the leading point getters throughout the season. If enthusiasm and spirit repeats itself, the Rigby trophy will be brought to Huskyviiie next year. 1 xr -PM ' X XX x , W' y W ,ff K , .. -.1 1 ORPHANETTIES BASKETBALL t in ng tx JOANNA SAXNISHN. PAT SIQARLKS, Blix' BALL, .IAMLT IDERBY, BARBARA Qfwrxlwwrv LLNDRI-1 C-QURRII, Ummus SCHAFIR. cxARUl, Cues, HILILX Ul.rMSl1R Dick C NNHLL, Manngf-rg l.0RNx-, SCHEMMKR. Comix ..f .I 5 2 K. i E E 4 i Z F E I m. D12 mi Q5 Zi: 525 IZ4 Cd'b ui Lf 7-E VE LJLA Z - E . C 5 2 LJ .f 5 fi 2 Q: L ..,. H, , - I A J ' C 1 , xx! I , 1 yt , ' Java: Af' - V Ax-f.,1?w 'vqgf51,:,4, KIETTE 1 yfffwg W! S 2 fi f Hifi HUSKIETTES The Huskiffllvs won Intervarsity xNIOlT1Cll'S Baslwtball laurvls lay cle-fcaling Uni- versily of Blaniloba Q44-35? and Universily of Alberla H4-33, in a rouncl-roliniu play-off in Saskatoon. Feb. 3 and -1. ' Leading scorers for Huslxietles for both games were-Grace Jasper willm 3-I points, Joan Benson willm 28, and 5Iyrna Neccllmln who netted QI. 4025? v N , . 115 - ..,,, pm, ifywf i il. I 5 'NF A-:gg Q X-5-has X1 xx A .1 I iii' X as-m.....l Q S: wif' x . if . r P gf' . 'ix 4 1 f xf 13: 1 95 gin I 5 N N., X Qi S 'N' 1 f, - ' - 1 -, + 2 , -QQ blmwxm cz s f 44,1 X :Sk xx t- q , X X Q ix Q 1 xx X 5 -4 Q N, f - Q x .Nmifi N ,six H' 'Q .iowa M dgikffn c ,E 459' i Q-Q V . . ,. -. ., , w at Q - f X 'N X F . V.,, f if -AN Q , 'll' i '-N A X V' .,-' ,f,. I A 7 . I ini ' K - 2 xfwf ffffify . ,K f x 7,51 A , , 2 fri, .I-J 'ifgzg A I , 1 - Q: ,-' - I .51 , -X ' ' I ', 1. - X ' . 2 'A Qi? 51, 1 Q 7 S A , ,if v fn ' ' D AQAV if -X .' M by -s ,Q - HOCKEY CANDID Q 214 an 11- Q ,N wa'-. 1' 'vllvizlw' K flaw: Q'-, nm -mrwwlrx-N ,V ,w Xa IM.-..Q:.2, ww , ggi? vffg, i f 155. .iwig ij 3. .1 :..A. fi-9.1 ima ,- g "oi :br 'f:,yx. .j L 5. g,5gg,A Q Qi Q. 1 vw -,Y 3 7' I.. ' I :ffl 'jf I I , Q WILVQ I I, X f.. 1 n s- N- 'x I P' I2 1 , : 1 to . ,,....., s I In f - I 1 n ff .O 3 'f I A - ..,- .I . rx A ?,,,mV, ' ' e 334 A A !,W,ivllI ' . f ' ji M A :f:'gigf'i i :Q . XV sn ,Irma HfXNLON, CHUCK IVIAYOR, STA Bark row to LI: C0afI1 RON 'ALS , . ' IN ENGINEERING BASKETPJALI- TEAINI N QUILTY, GERRY STRAUI5. 5 2,592 A .A f,.z,,' Ky 'L I :P Q,-4: ':Q'jgg5..i5.-. -, .- 1 If, ., ,, , 52,-.., ff -, ' 7 ' '7 wgiailpzfffffg. ,, 3, 4 .N , I .Q ,Ai W.. vv',gX'3WaO fs 45.331 46' V51 C 2. .. :Lfv.A, , ,V ,., 'ff 4- ,3 . I pr A :xiii A ,,,,. I, ,V ff. in Af M' fs? k'Vc1J' c fn.:--. vm A, . , ,id if ',. 'V-1 ' -. f1??',.A2:E ' ,,,,,,. V 4. i 'Ianagr-r Front row II. lo r.I: HANK INIURZYN, VERN BARR, GARX' CONN, DON DEAN. Missing: .Im STEXY.-KRT, INIIKE XXIILSON, .Im Bifnnss Back row II. to r.I: DAN ZAIIARKO, .IUHN INICD0NA1.n. DOUG IxICCLIl.I.fDClI Front row II. lo r.I: .IM Missing: DALE O'SHAUcHNEsSY I HERRICK, BOB IAIASL.-KM, ERNIE NICH FRDSII BASKETPJALI. TEEXIXI NEN5'Bl.AN, ,IAKIQ ENS. IVAN BERING. BRUCI' oLs, LLOYD TOLHLYRST TIN1 FTOSII enj0y0fI a vvrv ,Q0ocI season again lI1is vear in IQOII1 Ieaguo pIav ar1fI PxIiiI9iIion games. In IIN- Cily Iflaguv SPITTI-IIITIEII pIay-OIIS, IIN-y GIIIIIIIIEIIPCI I C - cl aIs in II10 IinaI. RCAF Iuul Iosl out lo l 10 If n r 'K f' 4 A F 'Xu Z., 'ff Q - -. . . v' I ' ' -if ' ,MMI , ,,., 4 Ax , 1 A V. 5 ' 'IX II? R? 42 I4 In 35 ,A 5 i Q I ' I S ' S A 9 S I ,I Q ' S N PX! - xx-3. I X x . - I I y-N1 I R AQ -4 U . R :f 523 4 Q A' , 1 J I S1 ww, 9' IAAI L., a I BADMINTON and CROSS COUNTRY ,-. rv vs wx " rn may A, , W f . .D s fb me I 'Var if I Q 0 J - Q V A Q :QA "Ab ' 1. , 3 ' - ' ' Ii -.. . 2 f 4541 ff' il EV 1 V : X . . file-wf'::I -:!f?."5'?i-Q "'-2T11w2SEii9fF 1 1 f 1 z if I, ,. Qiqfiififimi Rafi? INTERVARSITY CROSSffOl.7N-IARN I- Hmll In riglutlp DR. Dum. Kxm'r. LIAXIS Uux.xx'mw, 'limi .'xLL'lISl'I'I'TlR, Huuu IXILLlh B ls Nix IX lullx QVHNIIN 2. XVONIENS INTERVARSITY l3.XDN1lNTON Hi'-Ill hr riglulj, KIRXVI l,XiI'lR ihmn lixwxs, llrxlmn KJRIIIIIH 3. YIIZNS lNTIiRX'.-XRSITY IYXIUYXIINVIQK JN U1-H lu riglull IIFTIR Ilxxxxxulw. form Klllll wx. iT-wx lgxlcllx 216 4. ws ,X ' A 2 WLIQQL HLUML g A A ,.,4.. if MENS INTERVARSITY SXVINI TEAM II l l N sxximnung lvann non tlw E. G, Griffith Trophy, vrunlrlm-rlnanlic of lrulvrvnmity nun Il lll Ill r I I I In nnlfvn Klux vwxnr I5 L fl tp r.P. Nl. Pun, XY. Hvxlwli. H. PLLLCH. I, H.xvxl.s, J. SPARRHXV, B. XYnL'1.nS Klx CMIXXII. lmmlnl. I I fl I 1.3 IQ XXVIHNIIR, R. Rw1ll.1L'1i. L. I..-XRSIN, S fwxnlurvx. D. I'n1.l., L. Olmw. XVOMENS INTERV.-XRSITY SXVINI '1 ILANI I I I ll 11- rx! 3i.uer. XXVRIKVHT, lrww Twzwlrc. luv Exmwu. Dulnnrs SFHKFIR I5 L r QI In r.b. HILIXJ S5'IlTll, fNl.xRml.ww AI.XL"'4,XRI.XNll', Drmri Srxxyxrzn l4u.ulll, 51fuz1.m' XIURRISUY, PALTLINI lmmsuw. Missing' FXIYRNA IQLWIIKALL, LYNN: EVANS. s 5 2 I E E -hw 'S KN' ,. ,. . ,I m,.,n,,, L ,,..,.1 I I .,, Q., , X W. fkflwc 4 gi The U of S coeds lorouglit tlie Dr. Landa tropliy for volleyball back to Sasliatclwwan again tliis year. in time lbest ol tliree series against Alberta, wliiclm was played in Edmonton this year, tlie smooth playing coeds defeated time Albertans 29-17 in tlie first game but were trounced 22-8 in tim second game, in the spectacular final encounter the Albertans laltered in tile second liallf-nieanwliile tlie Sasliatcliewan gals capitalized to earn a 24-I9 victory. XVQP IENS INTERVARSITY VOLLEYBALL Top row, lelt to rigimtz iX'lARlLYN BEAVERS, PAT SEARLES, SANDRA HAY, MYRNA NEEDHAB1, Joy TRELEAVEN, JILL THOBIPSON Bottom row, left to riglit: GRACE JASPER, GERRY EVANS, JOAN BENSON, LENORE KIVELL Front row: LENORE CURRIE, Manager 218 Tile U ol S volleylaall team retained time volleyball crown again tliis year. ln tlie thrilling best Oi tive volleyball series, tlie S3SliHlCllE' wan squad was trailing 9--1 in tlw littii and deciding game ltzelore staging a tlirilling rally to edge tlie Allizertans I5-12. The U ol A copped tlie opening matcli I5-IO. but the liost cluln came roaring luacli to talie tlie second game by a decisive I5-2 margin. The visitors tool: tllc lead again witli a I5-I2 count in tile tl'Iircl game before tile Green and Xvliite louglit back to post a I5-I2 score and force time series to tlic tiltli game. iXlEN'S INTERVARSITY VOLLEYBALL TEABI Front row: LORNE ASTON, HONVIE BIRNIE, RICHARD KROCZYNSKI Second row: GEORGE RICHERT, RUBEN RICI-IERT, DON VINCE, KEITH COVIELLO . -5, s .. 5 1 M 'Q 5 N.. ,G .. .1 llll, xx . , INTERVARSITY FENCING TEAM ' IF? nk . W XZ! C, C X Ref: lo Riqklf XVARRN: 31.xCKn', .'xl,LAN Brxri, Tnrtmu Hrmxuzn, Du. Tuzw, TXIARLEEN H.-KYES. KEN .1-XIUMPSON. XVGNIENS INTERVARSITY BQXVLING L-ft fo Right: EMELIA XXYASCHUK. GRACE MSP:-QR. AIJEL.XlDE Bownszv, FRANCES H.AlDlfR. :VIARC Pmxrrn The I Y of S Coecls Caplurvcl the Tc-lvgraph Bowling lournament Championship ISV virluf' of a 2375 sCorv WIHCI1 foppvfl all other lvn fvams fmfvred in the Canadian Classic. gg fa C '-5.1 0' fs HY. nmffl VVOMENS INTERVARSITY FIGURE SKATING TEAM Sasixatcirewan were unsuccessiui in bringing Irome lime Irving Kiine Figure Skating tropiiy. Aiioerta won aii time Senior Events, but Sasicatciiewanis coecis ciominateci in liie Junior events. Since tiie senior victories were aiiotleci lwo points wiiiie tiie junior onIy one point, line Aiiwerlans were cieciareci winners on El point syslem Iunsis. I.:-il ln rigiitz IANF ART tnmnnscri. DONNA IVIOFFAT, SHARON i'iILL, iYILl,l N Cl mm MENS INTERVARSITY WRESTLING TEAM Tire wrestlers tooii possession oi tiie Rawson tropiiy, cionateci by time Nienis Atiiietic Boarci of Sasicatcii- 4-wan, by winning six oul oi seven matches against Alberta. In eacii ciivision time Sasicatciiewan musciemen prow-ci tiwir slrengtii by tiiorougiiiy over-powering tiieir opponents. Unfit mu tl. to nj: Bon STAPLES. I-LovD SRARSGARD, MERV Lowe, DR, Rmvsrw 220 Iironl row tl. tn l'.,Z Ifl.olN Hnnrvw. Ifiwni Cnonwomvnz, Hmmm: SEIFERT stir - 2 .s 't ix .ll 1 ff i ? MENS INTERVARSITY CURLING Left to Right: STAN AUSTRIAN, CLARE COUNEY, RON BIEKER, BRUCE CRIMES. A wc-ii iuaianceci Sasiaatciwwan rinic retaineci time intervarsity Curiing Trophy i i 1 El t timis year. as tiwv won aii tiiree matciies of time Curiing series p ayr-c at c mon on Timey eieieateci Brancion 75, Aiimerta 7-6 anci ixianitoipa ll-7. .sp 1.. nv K ' -si, -ze.. g .E :il ' ? S! 7' mam 'i W xi' Q X N i 1 if ' 2, VVOMEN' S INTERVARSITY CURLING Left lo Right: AVIURIEL CALLANDER, Jomv XNVHITEHEAD, ORMA LoNowoR'rH, CiLORlA SEMCHUCK. Tl VVomen's intervarsity Curling Tropily was retained by the Saskatche- me wan rink this year. They ciefeateci Manitoba I2-6, Alberta 9-6 to Cop time title, 221 Q , 0 sg .1. 53? A Ni, ., ll1is vc-ar luv :lc-fainting Alhcrln at ilu? luurnenmr'ni lwlcl in Saskatoon 4 , my , f 1"1'-55, ' 2 '- 'V f A , X 4 A 1 355-f, -.vw.v,,w WW, f- if f V 1 1 , . 14ifff,-11 A ' ' ' f ' A 7 V f M 'fgiiimiml H . ...x . A A 7 118' ' - A "--V' s '.i1?af1Al'il5- V". 1 g,,f.i,. .-,f ,f,',,,,,a 5.154-if: v,v-l , - A141345 gig, X:vzw.LQ,.,,,A-..,.,.M,N, . FIEN 5 INW ERVx5xRblTY GOLF QLL-It lu rigjhtj: Imax KILHURN, DALL PALIKO, NURM XVINE. VVQNENS INTERVARSITY GULF QLc-ft to rigfntj: QELNRY IZVANS, LYNNE IiVANS, SANDRA HAY, . "' 4' fs -S 5- 1 TIll'5C U, ol S. no-1-Hs mplurml thx- inh'-rvursily XXOIIICTIIS golf compctition W , this yvnr. 6' '4 "S'43-.'.-:5:'- Q, . V 4.: 1' sb- A ' an f asf A 12 C 22 Q Q EHEQ3-,ff-M 2 1 f X rx 4. , n-15 N. , T W f 1 .X K VVONIENS INTERVARSITY TEYNIS flcllt lo rightl: GRACL ,lASPI.R. lfLLIx GERRII' Qmissing-LYNNE lfNL9LAx1: " vs flvh In X L' .2 Q 'f H X K .. ca FIENS INTERVARSITY TFXXIS riglulbz .IGHN GRIFFITH, PHTLR H.n'wxRI1 nu lxcrwux 1 A uf: N. 5: 5 A 'Ax ' . A M' ,.. ' A ,w X ,Iv-' , 'P --f 1 2 K x. ' x 3 - .,..,g' - 2 I7 - . L , , A-www 'M-A Q .. . Nw X p N, x Q S ff :A fffgwwfg, c 3 .ff fi, A ws u - 11:12-1 , 3 wfsssfs. -fikgwf wi H531 f.-'if'-i ,aye A, ,A Y - 1 . swf- ,ki-LY. -A - ,iz-. fm ., 5 ,X iaeffpi, '4-32111 srggiggf? H , - N v A A N- A ' 5"?.if 4. 1' . -ii 1 ' ' 4,351 55:2 It- ii 'r -' Eg ' fi A ,f 1 5315, grsa :ia1,l,.p.,-f--'1,,,:.- '- 21353 ' 5392, -A gighzigw :1 X S 5- xl ' f,, , ' L ' , T. ,G my .fig Q --fray, g 'musjgfsx s V-5 X 2 Yigx-Qcisfixsii'-..'.sf--' 'ixwf ,FX 5 II- filr-uw' iw rr' -f -A -A ' S -Aggb ,Q:9fs..F,, ' --P1 ,Q 'QUNN " . A , ll " - 'fx 5 ff: vzlil. 2 fi: 1 A - A 1 A--4-4. . .,.,:'r15Q - ,.: 5 Q .rf , Rx? 7 -Q. , W. ,V . 1 L 222 Y Left to Right: GRANT ELLXVOOD, Voc. Ags.: BORIS KISCHUCK, Eng.: BOB STACEY, Sl. A'sq JOHN CONLIN fScc.l. Emm.g DENIS DOLL, Slit-Af: DEL BLEWETT fPrcs.J. Agric.: JOHN LEICESTER, Dept. of Phys. Ed.. JOHN LAW, Coinincrcvp JNIAURICE DE LA GOROENDIERE, STM: DAVID SCOTT ffor KEITH LAWJ, Ed.: ELTON BIARSHALL, Pharm.: fwissing: BOB STAPLES, Grad Studies: ? 7 7 7 Arts. Rep. Left to Right: GERRY EVANS, Arts G Sc.: GRACE JASPER, STM: JXJARIE LENZ. Siieaf SHARON ART, Nursing: HELEN SMITH, Medicine: NIARYLIN BEAVERS, Education SHIRLEY RICKARD, Pharmacy: JVIARIE JNIADUKE, Home Er.: JOAN CREARY, Dept. o Phys. Ed.: Missing: JXIYRNA NEEDHAM fPres.j, MARILYN JXJCFARLANE. i WIAB A 223 ---.-J mf . . M... ,ff I he- ,I .L r X , I T rl X 54 , ,xxx kv' 'Q ' . iz. S 5 . all-v X J Q1 S9512 x SH . 3 we Q " Q X if 'X 1 K X W' X N 'K N N Cv 4 an F I 5, 1' f fi . T A -If 'W 'V' . A '11 ,v as ' , I M " , X. I I ' A X",-Tl 5,4 I . ,K , Z V h N: AJ' " i .4 , . J R N .w t i fr l X fl V MENS INTRAMURAL VVRESTLING Tlme Voc-Ags again tliis year capturecl tlie lntramural Wrestling crown. Tlie ruggecl farmers won four out ol tlie seven final lyouts. Tlie Engineers won two lnouts wliile Education tool: tlie tliird. Front row, lelt to riglutz EARL MENNIE tlaantam-weiglitlg HERBIAN SIEFERT fliglut-weiglitlz LARRY LANG flcatlier-weiglltl Baclc row, left to right: DUANE TUCKER tlieavy-weiglwtjp TOM RUNCIE tmiclclle-weiglitj: lVlERV l..owE flight-weiglmt, under 190 ll:ns.l: Boa Cvorrs twelter-weiglitj ttetr' MENS INTRAMURAL WATERPOLO Kneeling. left to riglutz JIXVI SERNE, JIM TOYVNSLND, HARRY HILL. Standing. left to right: JOHN HAX'NES, JACK MCNEIL, JIM SPARROXV, GEORGE LIPSETT, Roo NIACKENZIE, MAC FRASER Tlie Cronlcite Troplly emblematic ol tiie waterpolo supremacy was again won lay the Engineers this year. ln the final game experiencecl Beersmen out-scorecl tlie Voc-Ags lay a clecisive 8-2 score. MENS INTRAMURAL SOCCER This year tlme Soccer season was completecl on tlie snow covered turf. In tlie semi-finals Education lacecl tlle powerful Emmanuel congregation wliile Pliarmacy was matclied against Agriculture. Eclucation nosecl out tlme Tlmeologs 3-l.Tl1e Pillpuslters ancl tlie Agros battled to a scoreless clraw in tlie first game, but tlie former emerge-cl victorious, 5-O, in tlle second encounter. ln tlie final, Pliarmacy out-classecl Eclucation, witll a 3-l verdict. Front row, left to right: TERRY LABACH, REG WAGNER, CARROLL CI-ILOPAN, ELMQRE TAYLOR, Joram SVORKDAL, KEN HODGINS Second row, left to rigl-It: BILL HILL, RUDY GITTENS, WILF LORENZ, STAN AUDETTE, DICK PETLEY , . N.-:rf - r' A -,'Kw:w+'esxwurw-wx . ., .. -www: -Qwzww ' f-"th " ' 'nf' Sports Candlds -0 jf. ,- I f r INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL, VOLLEYBALL VVOMENS INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL This XVASA hasicf-tbaii team xx on thc XVomcn's intramurai inasiccthaii iaureis this year By defeating Efiuialion in thr' ilinai. Ufft to Right!-CAROL Goss. LENORE CURRIE. PM SEARLES, GAIL RoBiNsoN. Bev BALL. MEN' S INTRAD IURAL BASKETBALL STM camo through with a tariiiiant virtory over Law to win the intramurai iaasiictiaaii championship for thc' first time in a gooci many years. This win Brought a stop to Commn-rcc's pcrenniai hoiciership ot the Championship. Baci: row fieft lo rigiiti-RM' Toumoxr, BILL LORAN. ED NOONAN, BUD RHEAUME. Front row fieft to rigilli-DAN BOLINGBRQKE, RON XXYALSH tcoachi, En LEGARS, Jlhl FYLES. VVOMENS INTRAMURAL VGLLEYBALL Front row lleft to righfi-MAUREEN Glunisu, CERRY EVANS, GAIL Ronmsow, LENORE CURRIE. Bm-ie row fieft to Tight,-JOAN BENSON. SANDRA HAY, BIYRNA NEEDHAD1. PAT SEARLES, BIYRNA PUFAHL. The-so XVASA coc-cis cicic-ated Eciuration hy a convincing score in the XVomcn's intramural Voiiey' Buii piayoiis to acid annthvr trophy to thc' XVASA siicii. Swimming WOMEN'S INTRAMURAL SWIMNIING Standing-DONNA NIOFFAT, DELVA SEAVY, NIARG VVRIGHT Kneeling-SANDRA WARBURTQN, CAROL Goss This year time Xvonwns iniramurai Swimming iilic was captured by lim XVASA nympifms. in tiie mvnvs ciivision. lilo Engineers oulswnm liwc otiwr coiicgcs, in regain lim Menvs intramural swimming supra-mary. 2 .,,.?.'g 4? '- W, 'Qi 5-If 'Jr' 'm is XL?- ,. , I I C 1 ,.: , Q... A 5, xx , 1 , i f , N' L M . ,f 3- - .f- X W3 , T W ' r x.. . ., , , , ,v , Kg giasb fqgflx ' ' ' x. .,S.fE-wx vf"- , 'X - , .4 -.pf1:,1v.:1fvf' --4 -wif f -H' W , K ,.... Y' f r i A , , Nm- ,y '-,." """1 I .m ' 3' it , '-N, x . "E i' '2',5:'i3 4 - sg "' A . H. ly. ,- Q.. MENS INTRAMURAL CURLING Left to flglll-'CliLlCK DAY, GORD PLAXTON. GLENN FARRELL, GRANT MILNE. These tour Agros won the first event in the lntramural curling playdowns, However, they were rlcleatf-cl in the linals by Stan Austman's quartet who went on to win tha lntervarsity Crown. VVOMENS INTRAMURAL CURLING Ecluration this year won the Vvomenls lntramural Curling in a thrilling extra-encl game against the nurses. Left to fight'-'lw1ERLA HOLLAND, LQRNA JOHNSRUDE, LORRAINE CANT, HELEN MARCHAND. MENS INTRAMURAL HOCKEY lvl:-clidne this year won the lntramural Hockey Championship again by winning all their games in the round-robin play-offs. They defeated the Voc-Ags 8-2: Engineers 3, 4-0: Engineers 1. 5-O. Front row, left to riglit-DALE ZOERB, PAUL CHORNODIYDZ, RON STRAUB, FRED LEE. KEITH LAMB. LORNE VINCE. Centre row, left to right-BiLL SCHRAMM, Bon Monnow, Ross WHEATON, LOWELL LOEWEN. WiLF HATHAW'AY lcoacht. Buch row, left to right-GARY Flux, Boa HASELTON. Vic NEUFELD, Joi-IN GRIFFITH, CHICK JACOBI. gf' , if ew, "sAC,-:b- 'mv Hhs, INTRAMURAL CURLING, HOCKEY XQSKI5 SPORT CANDIDS Y W4 .qv x W" Q39 ,,, gg 231 5TuxxRT CAMERON a f1rQt vs-ar Artsman capture 15 pomtb m thc- lnkrmnural Tram and Furl mecl held mi fall HQ non red fl om 2 RM NIORRIQOKJ xndnxldln mamp at the 1053 F I Wee! plclxe up qi 6 points xx nc n um: tuu nrt and luo smon A w - , U1 w 'ks w ,,. NX' N , vi! SYS ix f . , N msg x N ' 9 X ' NR-1 X a XQ I. Intramural Golf--PAT XXIERLE and Hmm: LEBU I N D I D U A L 2 IntramuraI Table- Tr-nnis-ALI IQHAN 34 IntramuraI Badminton-HELEN LEBO I N U N N E 4. Intramural BBCIIIIIHIOH-GRANT IVICHATTIIZ 7557" , gr I I' P 4 4 1, 1 L I J' kg Q f 9 1'viz Sport and'ds 0 2 1 LQ .. Q --- ..-,. P- 1 ,fijik ' . I SX x I, Wilt than ions! with me? 2. "Fore" 5. Mille winners . . , 4 Never a dull moment! 5,1ntervarsify volleyball 6.MCCarIhy's Las! lump. 'S q W .X M .sip Y N, ' k -, X? I -5 .1- " X 44 l ... E ,, .-gf ' -l-41" IA., ,.,,, as k v Q 33 X 'il if 4 wg 7 5 H xj III EE-'ii iillll III! +f::E'f E55 UUR F5-M Alll FFIIL '!.-E!! ff ADVERTISERSf nfl f 4 Q' UNIVERSITY OF SASKATCHEWAN ,DEGREE COURSES are oTTered in ArTs lGeneraI and Honorsl, AgriculTure, Commerce, Engineer- ing lCivil, AgriculTural, Mechanical, Chemical, Geological, PeTroleum, Physics. and ElecTricall, EducaTion, Home Economics, Law, Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing and The GraduaTe School. CERTIFICATE COURSES are given leading To The diplomas oT AssociaTe in ArTs, AssociaTe in AgriculTure, Diploma in EducaTion, Public and Business AdminisTraTion, AccounTing, Clinical Labor- aTory Technique, Music CerTiTicaTes. One year GraduaTe Nurse Diploma Course, Three year diploma course in nursing Tor high school graduaTes. JUNIOR COLLEGE courses are given aT Regina College, Campion College, LuTher College in Regina and ST. PeTer's College aT MuensTer. THE SUMMER SCHOOL aT The UniversiTy oTTers special courses Tor Teachers and degree courses. Courses in ArT are given aT Emma Lalce. PROFESSIONAL EXAMINATIONS Tor which The UniversiTy is responsible are given as required in AccounTing, in ArchiTecTure, in Pharmacy, in VeTerinary Science, in DenTisTry, in Medicine and Surgery, in Law, in Land Surveying, in OpTomeTry, in Engineering, in Agrology, in Music, in Physical Therapy, in Embalming, and in F'sychiaTric Nursing. ENTRANCE SCHOLARSHIPS. The UniversiTy oTTers Tour enTrance scholarships oT The value oT S250 each. WriTTen examinaTions Tor The Grade XII diploma will be The basis on which These scholar- ships will be awarded. ApplicaTion Torms musT be compleTed and reTurned noT laTer Than July 5. OTher enTrance scholarships are lisTed in The Scholarship BulleTin. UNIVERSITY UNDERGRADUATE SCHOLARS HIPS. The UniversiTy oTTers 24 scholarships which are based on The scholasTic achievemenTs oT sTudenTs. They are awarded aT The close of each session and are Tenable only Tor The Tollowing winTer session. HONOR BURSARIES oT S265 paid in seven mo nThly insTalmenTs are oTTered in The TourTh year oT several courses, one Tor each deparTmenT oTTering a special course. OTher Scholarships are available and deTails are ouTlined in The Scholarship BulleTin. F inTormaTion regarding admission require-menTs, courses, and Tor The admission appIicaTion Torms required Trom all new sTudenTs, apply To The REGISTRAR, UNIVERSITY OF SASKATCHEWAN, SASKATOON' NOW THEY HAVE FERGUSON TRACTURS There's a new sound in the picturesque land of Tibet beyond the Himalayas-the power-song of a tractor's engine. It's a strange and wonderful sound to the Tibetans who for centuries have worked the land with plodding, shaggy-haired yaks. Tractors are at work on the high plateaus of Tibet today because an enterprising Ferguson dealer believed progress could be sold-even in so remote and inaccessible a land. So he took the tractors apart at his dealership in northern India, packed them piece by piece into wooden crates, and transported them over the mountains by mule train. Modern agricultural knowledge and farming techniques are being extended by Massey-Harris- Ferguson, as in Tibet, to a great many faraway lands, for progress can be sold. Business done by the company in 142 countries throughout the world creates a volume of production resulting in lower manufacturing costs. This helps Massey-Harris- Ferguson to maintain the selling prices of its products at a low level of increase. Moreover, a large part of the company's earnings from trade in other parts of the world is spent in Canada for labour, materials and services-for the greater prosperity of all Canadians. assey-I'Iarris4Ferguso11 LIMITED Toronto, Canada 2 When you 'phone Long Distance CALI. BY NUMBER for I-'ASTER service SASKATCHEWAN GOVERNMENT TELEPHONES Compfimemfs Of KAREI. R. RYBKA CONSULTING ENGINEER 0 TORONTO: REGINA: 96 Bloor SI'ree+ Wesi I755 HamiI+on S'rree+ ENGINEERS 81 Engineering Students With Superb 0uality and Better Price We 0iIer You Your 0 Engineering 0 llralting a Survey Requirements E 3. N G P P E of . Su 1.1 5 l832LmnShod lndnmsni. Exclusive IU JL Distributors AVE CANDIDS J' r3""'N K 1 ,Sv v .-E if vga' G' Mraz-an - X J A S"Q"""i . X. fx SN X xx o- x XFX f kwmm V I I I SECURITY LUMBER cu. LTD I . Q 39 - 23rd S+. Easi' Saskafoon, Sa . I A Full Line of Builders' Supplies CUPBGARD HARDWARE, PANELIIE, PLYWOODS, ETC FOR CABINET BUILDING A SPECIALTY I S' I I J, 9 I I D R N S f , X I WLYEIZL5? Mm I I "WI1ere Style Originatesf' I 153 - 2nd Ave. souTH I I SASKATOON DRA WING VANCQUVER - MICROSCOPES MATERIALS EDMOTTON by WINNIPEG HAMIITON AND - - POLARIZING- PROFESSIONAL I I METALLUROIOAL USE ,GS ' 01, PHOTO MIOROORAPI-uc 0 0 OZALID Z, OIL COLORS BLUE PRINT WATER COLORS PHOTO COPY I CA N ADV I CRAFTS SENSITIZED TORQNTO WIIYSIOR PAPERS OTTQWA NEWTON AND MONTEEAL ARTISTS HALIFAX I Ho an Atomic Electric Po er Plant ork V . . . . .. W- .. .-.,-.--.a., ,-.-.. .1 unnmum nous 3 ,laik trusty W Q y i A V I. HSUPERIIEAEED . ' 1 l L l 1 HEAVY WATER ' W 1 ,, .c,t tt,.t,t. . t .M .. ' P l VI fiiilli A .ct, . . tt,.., STEAM ' . tvtt I 7 Alg L A .jc , 7 5 f 15 e fi R S.,5ft.t.i,??I? .Q Eff. 21: HEAT ' A gi I3 .g fi -. ixciunsrn I M .5 connzuszn c T if I1 it Ei: i .iii f ' 'iss :Ji f 4' 4' 4' X onomanv wma rf'- aging: - COUIED "HEAVY" WATER R 2 up Agh. X9 f v -4lgln- a .l'il. I B ft ' - . ..a.. Am.. 4lBI. X W Agn. S m Q . W . 4 f. Il ll 5 .-,,' Q ii llljll Q if Q 1 bvn T UGHT HEAT POWER Hmf gvrzrrrzird 115' 11 furl .rnurff Qfllffllllilllll' rods in flu' atomic rmdur, crmfrd, elrdriirify is gmrrrzfcd by cz conventional 5160721-drizwrz or furnnrf, szzjzvrltmts "lmzzfyi'zwrtrr zulizrh rs pzjml llmfuglz a hart lurbzrzf-gfnfrrzlor. The elrclricily produced is the same as the flccfrir exchanger llllltffl' orrlznary uvlffr I5 lurlml fo slmnz. Orin' slmm ts Aboutcr we use today. CA ADIA CE ER L ELECTRIC together with Atomic Energy of Canaria Limitecl and Ontario H dro to build Canacla's first Atomic Electric Power Plant DRAMATIC proof of Canadals world prominence in the development ofnuclear energy for industrial purposes is the atomic electric power plant now being designed for erection near Chalk River, Ontario. Basically, the plant will consist ofan atomic reactor and an electric generator driven by a steam turbine. The vast heat from the reactor, or furnace, creates the steam to drive the turbine. This unique power plant when com- pleted, will become part of the Ontario Hydro system. Electricity from the atomic power plant will be exactly the same as the electric power we know today. Only the source ofenergy to produce the steam is changed. Atomic fission of uranium rods will provide the heat instead of burning coal, oil or gas as in a conventional furnace. For the complex and challenging assignment of engineering and constructing Canada's first atomic electric power plant, a new organization has been formed within Canadian General Electric - the Civil ian Atomic Power Department. Already a hand-picked group of highly qualified people, including top nuclear experts, is working full-time on the pro-ject. Canadian General Electric is deeply conscious of its great responsibilities in pioneering this new and vital development. The invaluable knowledge and experience gained from all phases of the work will be freely available to privately and publicly owned power companies across Canada. It will be a working pilot plant on which to base the atomic electric stations of tomorrow. These may eventu- ally become this countryis major source of electricity. For over 60 years, Canadian General Electric has helped to spread the benefits of electric power throughout this country-building equipment to generate power, trans- mit it and put it to work. It is gratifying to have this his- toric opportunitv to contribute both experience and a h u e ol the cost to 1 development that will still further promote the electrical way of living for all Canadians. Pvgress 6' Our Mosf lmporfanf Padua' CANADIAN GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY LIMITED l A gifii , . . ., . What s behind The gra In man . 'Q rw. ' Q V? --,' .aff .,. Usually, millions of dollars' worih of langible grll and inlangible asse+s. And somelhing else 'lhaf has no price +ag a+ all-company policy. lqhqb A company policy lhaf puls service +o rls cuslomers V above all else, dovefails perfeclly wilh a good grainman's conviclions, reflec+s favorably in his business- fl v.,"'-,iVi- g g-gi:- ,f ,-,, V and lhal' of his company. -Q Nalional Grain business has increased six-fold since ifs 3 ' f ijg ,,,' beginning 60 years 690. . . . s r: n v 1 N G A G n 1 c u L 1' u n I: b. . il zonal Grain liar .-., , commmv umireo Eli- 'iii wmmvsc nzcmn snsnnoon CALCARV enuonvou li s via: -AH :::rl.f.g.,f,I Q V ,nav . .Q , or -. , , ,..,., .. ff: Q ...N N yrjlp X MQ, 2 , 1 N L Q . 3 ' if ' E1 Q 3 'L Y? 5' 5' ' ' 1 1 AiE,Qf5,: ii: X A Q ,M Mxc s 5.2 1 , . A ' Y 'I ..,., j Q ' is . '- ' ' 'T' -P W e f" L' 1' z ' . . ' P N 1 'fi 'ffl il -'- I h Zgk-izyygvgfl ' , Ji, ., , I , Tk . ' y A. -' Fi, .qff'r' !g,1,'j5i2Qi ,L fr ijib f l K- 07 H ' a .isuzifisils . Q, 1 1 .v. , f. , - . ' '- - -f . s , V: A ' :f3'sL,if,, -' , , .g, ., Q nf, P- as ,..- V Z, Q22 . I Q Q ii5,L.5in.:r:?.. I -I A Q Q. 25 gt: f .,lQ,., J f?-grin i 1 ,, H . 3 ' N 5-3' .1 in 4' In-ff, A f,,. fig, "V 71 Uffrgf ll. 'gl-."'g' -gf"-il it ' ga' Lf' if i .J.."f:f. A :- f - ' Q:4,gsA.'.r ljsirw' , lwiif' .f . as ,eff Q. 5. -+ 'X' - ' if " V 'f'. '. , - 1 . ' 1. 3 .' - '- Sis - -a ff .T , wx, . ' ' ne' .- iz' li'lg9ffggi'ii' i 'iq '3x 3'fsff'?Z-S5 5' ?Pfi'f"??3'i.? 15 'kiwi "1if'-5574: - -,fs rf'--. 'L ,-'VE 'f' ' ' A 23,11 '. 11. Q ff Q. 1 WB "Ht -, 1 11: '-'mv 5:75375 , liwfiiffg-J' 'K4"1?'FHlll - ',.1:s'i1'eis a" -' . 'f.2g95'?i?' 'Q' ' ' 1- . r ,. 'v.z'Jg'f.-QW, MH' -'if' 1' in f.4g-i-W -in vii: " , '- 'S . "1 w rff' 531' -O."I .Bw ,-My , .,7gf,'. '-4,1 ,-1, ' I-.-irgj:-g xi ws' -,V .47 'Q A ,: r, gs' ,digit 'g P L, , .Lilian 31 if ,f-2 ' " ' 'S fi-V 'li , iii 1'-l'llsIfK.iA1"-'." JU' Efinifivilic .iii ' f .2 'fi -' A . f ,A I f. 243 CRAWFURD ELECTRIC LTD. 7l8 Broadway PHONE 97874 SASKATOON, SASK. Electric and Gas Contractors SASKATO0N BUSINESS CULLEGE KEMPTHORNE BLOCK-2nd AVENUE Phones: 6333 - 22403 For University Grads: A complete secretarial course in tour months! Includes Speedwriting Shorthand the ABC system which can be mastered in six weeks. F-. ll-l. CHAPMAN, B.A. Principal. Affiliated with the:- -BUSINESS EDUCATORS ASSOC. ot CANADA -DALE CARNEGHE INSTITUTE if D ...f. , . -. .0 4 .:..,,, ' ' g X' 'fig' r awww 'E 'Q' ' . ii' f ,' .rs-, l 35:22 , ' 'iff' fiqf 525: 1555 2: A .4 I 155522 r -if Qi.. I -. .5. 3.3 xx -L N iz 5455225 ' 1 f-i: . - "'7iff.:..4-.1 ss, " z:i?3?iTiZ. fif?. '-S523 l l I 2a2z2z2z2g2z21-:f2aeae212ffx3' riaaf22i1E25222f2 -a t " - 15E5Ef?532:?E2:55E5' 1isi1:'.5sg-5 ,523.29 Success gets an assist from good appearance gg.: . 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Cockshutt the FARMERS PARTNER EoR 117 YEARS 0 COCKSHUTT REGINA BRANCH I055 BROAD STREET Q COCKSHUTT SASKATOON BRANCH I26 AVENUE A SOUTH SECOND Canada s only student SECTION e newspaper with a pictorial supplement Homlscolvll N PA RAD ggggrglgrr show ininsklen FROSH MEET VARS TY Ill SDGIAL Wllllll l ! 7 9 l as Q Success l and Smurgllel-n-Plrauu sho , to be 63'evem,,gS W held las: T Thi? gnainlllqem Sugnd Saturday, ahe hursdav Friday ' . C - I' ' V lllzllljsas, llrnuCQf1fC'flngplezE- shfiifs all f HUGH, turned our n ance lf 'U -5 lol l ., ' O wh eo s l ern r ' rosanl' Q' , l, .,. ,' of lnr ggnnlrl lrlafig 353 i A X fm- nal-ll mufvAi' ng gums- affe f s of T - fs ne 0 TV d I s e an la enl show l k I ' oo r o spar hood drlve Lllal fllan: l,rr,ll.llrr, rl,V,.. lF'U has lnraalllllllfl in all-x'nU1'5 . . llolnll: irlll- ll, lnlfl ,r, lv-,Nj 1 V' li:l1:Ill l1l'lllf1-'lull lll llzll la nl " In I Tll Clll.lll lslll.. A 'V lnll :ull-.llll rl, 'l ' ' . l','.f"'lQ,'1'f ' W, 11-'l,l. .lrlfl ml l' rw Q lm.. l slr, VIE 3 HTC B3 IITCS ,l . M, l I -rr ln-lrnr llllll. xl. M l lr.. X llnrl Ln l.fl-,l.- rl ,y lll..l r.:ll r... .Unknown for honours llne varsllY talent ll ll ll ll ll e 0 lk t C Thu llllnnal arly.: nn- lr-ll Llnl "l flllf 'noni - ll ' ,. . Y , , lr -lrl me slnlnon l . . flllllwl- lnllls all , Lgpmkm by T315 year s Law Cabaret wlll see the appearance of the --ln,,,l :lnln llll- gmlmrl, L, R . TQ Suurly and Cnrpusoln CEN- Sew arslty Dance Band for Lhe first time at a Varsltv uni' kfm M" """"m 5'-'f' '- , , Q 1. 1 . , - , llln. 'un ma vallolzr' 'hflf if :':'fD,1u N21 ance' The band. led by top professlonal muslclan A1 Mace rl-lrlls--rl 'ralnnl 'l-lr.. rl , wlln aevesrallng snr ness A lnlal ol , 5 Q rl s Famine and Organized under the MusicD I VN K V ., V colleges of Law and cnrnnlercelrrarl bv Trl-fsfllly nlrnl Fllllnllln 1F9Ci01'Hfel1SbEU'Ig' M- " fn- .lll..n,rn prrllllssnl Slash-.nlnn the on-llnenl sovler nllolear NYU" were today robbed of ll-lelr moslls n lally nf rillrlllrs ll.-lln nal-presented by lne lawyers as parl W ll W-ll.'.f-'lllll.r l.fllqrr,f ,X l wlll 'llc l-lleselll 'll lhls ve-ar's Pllvslus allow Un' "Pm cherished passesslnns Up 10 Prefs.-llllng-l ann lllr rlllllr-xr onnlof an all-our 2ff01'HD present ll n fl'---' l'l1llll.ll-' .llrl .1 X, "bl i- -'D Cllllsevlcll ls on ,l. l 1 been . 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S n' rmusl u, Audrey Coulter Ranlo lnlrrflnrale ral-gal-an lnalfl 'ln olrll.-llrl fur .xlll.lll..l l..l ll-ll. ,ll lll . l n V f the vamp YO ram MC llnli lllll l-llll:rl ln -lr- . r, ...l ll, lllnlll, l ,l ,, .l,ll,.l.ll wnlll- Allll- Wh F-nd I a -nal, of good :lance musle 3 P E mel 3-YTWU5, uu ru Y ,E , J Y s ffffr Ilf,.ll.llk,ll-lll lllu .l llllllllllr ..lln.llllllllll ll..ll 1. llnlllnll .ll ull- ture thr-aifsgenlllg Saw ,hu U g salma, uf me ul,-,une Revlrwe wnlrll ls broadcast over ,m,.,lll lk,,lmflff li"- , 'A ,, ul ,,l. l.ll.s lll lllll- .,,u..ul Plus. .,ll llll lnll .ll lm ml guprem, Y oul-l cu N mversn, Q mls rl G1 M-H Racllo Slallon Clcnnr I-H l , I5 Egfr'-fl-N lf,,,kl,llili. l,llll-..ll-.lllvllllll l,l.llllllll-lll .ll-lyllllllll-lll rll lll.- gl heal Ouicgl for Lhe Sllglhemblematlg Us fffxylanltoba M- ,- i em 'ber' 2 1955 Price 5 Cen! w"'w'W Hmm TNT Wliimiiflvun WLT Niki' M l Hliliill llllvlllm V Af Br' - aSk'3n'd"Uh yur 'V Sashatoon Saskatchewan, Frldayl Decem er l , uu.. 1 ,rr lllllll lr llll lo Y l lll-xl llesl .lx .l - - ' ,flu ,u,,'u',uf,,, .l l. l, ,,lll.l.s .llll,ll, ,,..,.l,-lllll n..l.lll-W lll vl,l.45,Nn.12-ZS47 ,ll H N, ul l.,.ll ll-rllll ,lllllo-1 Y tn. lllll lllr- ull f lllllls llll- ll.,lll- ll' -Illl ll l-X sl-..lll.rls all-llll'-'lm uw u, lu u,lll,,l.,ll l-lll ll r,,.l, ,l- ullllvrn lf:l.,ll.l.l'l..rLl lllfrl .ll-ll. .ll lll. 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'rnry had llla. lallla ln these rlenkllsn nrln-.ssmm ffm' 'lil llerr"'mL'l1 'rms marked me first win lnrlwllll lwn l-nlnnlr-s rornalnlng, ln nzlvved la Federal nlfensel two The gang rs led by u former Sluferled Cami mayor-,ry the Hughes in lnllsrvarslly Com- me game me learns were dead- s u e I of alll- baserllnnwn ana basl- aanl of llle nnlvarslnl who , F' POoplo uh lgners wr llllnn since they llowrllsll the Cum 52.52. uul Meagher came fry, N , bellwaa smllllenls - Dl ll 5 Hunk lr ll 0 'Vern Pe lo ' HM c spell- an onl of ball. cnlnrnerna and C 'Wh-gaers ' -Wear unlyerslly of Manllaba serslo -ln mmugh Wh A basket to Dm me mm M M .lll ,,,, ,, M rar, Saskfs answer as nba ljlngllln, ana lsnnrl El-wln, ul, Hanson leads to 3-2 win in Englnearlng and wuu Su opener - lll' llllslcllrl lll .lll l-xl 0 , , morg lllllll l ln . , Hllllkllf llsulll ll.lll--lll llll .5-.1 lllllsll llvul lllll V' -ll A fllllf lncfllll- .l c.lp.lull-. llllwll -ll lll-.ll' . 1 N Hgll lsl,llllllllll1o-ll1lll- llulll ll lllll-l lxllllllv lx-.llll lv ll' li l lll llll lllsl ln I ll -l-ll lllllll llllln- lll llll- l lll ll lllllg llll lll'u.llll l nd l Mass dog-lest sparks last l week lllllll .l ll.l -. .lllrl lllll lll llll llllnlllls 'll-.ll lll l ' I . lllll llnlllll ,ll ll- llllnr l.ll ll. nl! ll. llll lllllll lll-llllll lllf' 5 Havlng relqlstelvll uallle-r ln the llay, Flwlsh wlll have The nlgnt to prepare for. accordlrlg to we coming llll lllllll llllllllll lllllllr lllllllllnll. l.lll,.l -l-lx lhml. ,nlmrlugllrlll lll llw bflllhl 'USM mf' of th? U "f 5' offlclals, ls Wednesday nlghl, when a nolse parade, pep Tu, UAH ,luv umm IM M Wlll -ll-,lllnl l.lll.lrl rm Frldrifl' "U!l"l mn"4hl The OWN' 'S UW 5m""235bUl'd rally, and wlener mast wlll shake the foundatlons of the V ' 1 wel" 'f" ll' "2 I, 1 , supper to be hc-Id al the ellie Club Voc-Ag Tralxslaled, X C A W'x"' 'I"1'l"' ""' " l""'C"""' l"' ""' "V" N " l"'-'H "" ,yur nlnlns lhe rlllolnrla nr lllelnnl-ll ln lln- n.-nly lnlrlllsllnrl llrlllr , H Pub I-ll' ll' ww H"""' X ""' "V "' """" l r lllllnral Srhuol Tlllln ll lln- nrrllsllln may rnll Be lnnnla al lrllr Cllernlsllylll-lll be on llana for a yam sesslan. xlllallnnal Al,ll lc Q Qu K h llln lllll-fd, B d , ll suuper wlll Hflfkl 1'1" 'Wd W H f""k damp lnnlalng al els llla nlllsn parsan and earn of-llegc wr lsslle on IWW? W S ' Pm' "ml Wi" 'S mlm Obwmb illllll lrlna llslvay arllnllnllnl-r-llwl sllrne gem ol lalenl A cheer- lllllllllllx ol A f""'l"U:' 'U'l1"' Sunday Next lnnll lnlo Grlfllllls slafllurn nlr lender-led pep rally wlll follow The WU g ',ilYi',,:r,T,nuufl Thr- nllrl llln lllr-lll ln uno 'mu uuuuul Grumus Rum. uud lln, rlrnlllyr so that me spenl fll-,l .lll.l The fronlle ' ll slll' rl-lll l'v"l""Y"'f i"""l ""h'm4" 'N lm tlrrll race In :1llnndan'e ln nlalqn wlrvmrlh may be regalned, 4.000 YS "' 'l- -ll-.--f-ll r ' ' , . ., lwll-H+ lv mernol-ale the Jublff'Eg'i,e:ifiSS1dback to varslty. To cum, uw Frnsll llnllltrffx Quik ru lsnlki Sliimilki-W rllnnl, nf rlrnrrl lull uc rlu. lu, lllnnnrs .md lsllns nlll be mall lvl- llll-In :ETS greatest annual Ball the Athi return Of Saskatche- N, xllllplnl nlnl Al lllls ,lflnlr lll. ln-llsoll' Vlnvffllls C-nllfgv Nlfwl uf JMU 'U ml me k"0"1mge'h"'ng'y llllll Pl-l-ll a SUHSHUTPUS wlll bgeln snroutlngga ag Drag, all agros on ,ul r,uu,u,m'mm,'lollllngn lll-.llls :lnll llll- SNC llllnlrk A Nr,-lrrrrl Qvnrl llln 1-'rash nlllsl haw Sluflfms lrll lllls nl grown-I S of Minn. Oct: 10 for ,uw mm' Wmxnl-ls nlll r.lllll.llll alll.-l lm- l-'rn-ll l KEITH COVILLLO, prllnl- lhuurd l A spenlal offer has been Prlvli l . lr , ' ' pull rllnllrrl llnl lll lln- rllln- ' ' 1 - ,. , , , , A pnsf-d to me srlclallles who wr iii? 'f :gsblnln " Y , , ,l lm-nl lllral .llllll.le. phllllsll- Fnlllllllnls ln. rally, nllnll has mmm mm puny from me ' "W" Noves f .e..... ,lm ,r gl-all nlslllrlral lsacllpmnlln, llloluucu- me ,muh 1-,cum ,Mu be llnll. l.lll bv um -- ,,.,. ll. nal- lolnrllfl as a group, ln book form, 'rllll n-1165125 ' gfmxena all ll seu sllllll llnl Comes: W1 . who vnu c..llrll-ll lame nl , . rrausand sloll.-ll l gal-las Fran lm... .. .,, .l WHO will ll l lll mrm teelo allo ' It wma' f"" '-He-H - - rlklrlllln of female' of an w nlanlllers, rnnlo ls me aalafall-iopm' Vu HUSSEIL , . , , , , ,me wth y college lo com. S g chan-lplon llnll.. rl... .lnnnnn .ln .ln .,., Q me rn-l lllrnlnll E the harry Agro, ENOUS venalrlrs will , rlnnlnll sl-l-l-.rr wlll ln-ln lllllsl, ll alll no .l flllnlll lnl- , , au amu- bmm N Thls ls a golde PDSl:d un be lm- . l welll emloallll.. ,,,, . d 11 epporzunlty for sh any agros who do not nr .lnyllnl flllnllnn llln .lll-n-.llly-lwlronloll lrl-srl l-lx - lf- ,TAG m . ow up at the dance. lwlnnllll-lll llullch- nl-lnnma ml- l-nlllrnllllg slllllllllls l campus P R O ,wcllls band of renown lgrau-ll l5,,,,,.,,,,,. l 246 , ig A gt .2 i , 1 -s. , T., ,. if g -4 9 vgouxaiss is 0 1 - 4 i 'tb is WN 0 X9 1 K, vu WW ,,,,,, ,,.f' or more than half a century, Canadian physicians have confidently pre- scribed medical specialties . secure in the knowledge that these prepa- rations have established their worth in exhaustive experimental and clinical trials. ,,"'N ,--""yl Ho w bright is your tomorrow? 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"Hilti 'T UR fl" To .4,"d QM' f -N m Mm- in '-1, 'Rfb u""II-4,,,,.,m .N Q '-fa , 'H-1'....7"' JR- -gu- s.Qf-J g,- -?.',7fK':1-,:. - s !- H IV ,I 1 .fl 115' ' h 1 , A 4 N Uhr Sm Smrsymnuix 5 tl'w1i'iM- :xl -x : 1 -1 N - aw '- i ?:' I : 6 A D l V4 You Buy s T I Wisel A E - when you buy the 5- "finest" diamond lf A , you can afford. ri So many factors determine the quality of a diamond. lt's best to seek the advice of V Diamond Experts Stacey's Ltd. will be glad to assist you, ' "" STACEY'S LTD. Stop and Shop at Pedestal Clock SASKATOON - GRADUATION GIFT HEADQUARTERS iiairvi lln I l I ...nal - 1 l The Bess orou SASKATOON I rv- ---- ,. I i Here's the hotel you should make your social headquarters . . . whether you're planning class, sorority fraternity functions, or private parties, The Bessborough is ideally located . . . and in its comfortable surroundings you can enjoy every catering facility, plus the advantages of the cafeteria, well known for good food at moderate prices. A favorite event at The Bessborough is Saturday Night Supper Dancing during the winter. Make up a party and come often. C. FINLAY, Nfanager I l niversity Book tore FOR GRADUATES BOOKS MAIL ORDERS RECEIVE PROMPT ATTENTION THE PARADISE CAFE andCHOPSUEY IOPPOSITE THE STAR-PHOENIX! Phone 4393 Newly Remodelled Specializing in Chinese Foods and Sfeaks Dddtdacliae FOR 604156016 See BLACICS JEWELLERS LTD. 253 - 2nd AVE. SOUTH, SASKATOON TRY OUR REPAIR SERVICE, "urs TOPS" MDZE R147 R077ZW flllf EDITORS NOTE z The following was aiiegediy written by a Uni- versity of Ohio language professor to illustrate the English language a.s it is coming to be spoken. Wanfs pawn ferm dare worsfed ladle gull cold Ladle Raf Roffen Huf hoe liff weffer murder inner ladle cordage horor ifch offer lodge, dock florisf. Wan moaning Raf Roffen Hu+'s murder colder insef: "Ladle Rof Roffin Huf, heresy ladle basking winsome burden bar-fer end shirker cockles. 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"Comb ink, sweaf hard," seffer wickef woof . . . "Oh grammar," crafer ladle gull. "War bag icer gui!" "Buffered lucky chew whiff," whis- kered dis rafchef woof weH'er wicked small" . . . "Oh, grammar, wafer bag noise!" "Buffered small your whiff," inserfer woof weH'er wickef .... "Oh, grammar, wafer bag mousey guf!" Daze worry on forgernuf gull's lesf warfs . . . Throne offer carvers disk curl and bloaf Thursday woof ceased pore Ladle Rai' Roffen Huf and garbled erupf. MURAL: Yonder nor circle sfenches shui' ladle gulls sfopper forque wef sfrainers. CLUES: Ladle Rat Rnllen Hut-Lilile Red Riding Hood. Grain HIIITIIPT'-QFGTIJIYIOIIIET. Xvanls pawn Ierm-once upon a lime. Headquarters for Cosmetics Laura Secord Photographic Elizabeth Arden Candies Supplies MAIL ORDERS PREPAID f f if . i, 5,! THE BEST LAUNDRY SERVICE D fb HIGH QUALITY DRY CLEANING Y' 9 A 6' 0 QSO +0 Q99 I is .oo ,go Y' 'K 09 ,gl . qw 'x 40009 4540 XSNQQOR ed ' Qt' 'Y A Q- . '90 9 1 Q 59 B40 Q 4,6 X09 A00 50 Q9 56 S go 040 .xo 9 o 339.0 OA 'Q 951501 Q 'VW' ev 5 'I' . QXQQQ Q G.. x . Qe oqxex I , It 452.6 KN I ,sf 0 ockxo U QS' od 616 5 OOQQO5, Q0 N Q o 6,0066 '21 6 Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting Co., Limited Producers ot Copper - Zinc - Cold Silver - Cadmium Selenium and Tellurium 0 Mine and Metallurgical Plants FLIN FLON MANITOBA 0 Hydro Electric Plants ISLAND FALLS SASKATCHEWAN Hudson Bay Mining and Sme ting i Co., Limited Incorporated Under The Dominion Companies Act, December 27, 1927. A I .5 I We offer our congratulations and good wishes to the 1956 graduating class of the University of Saskatchewan. May your future be bright and prosperous. All of us at Commercial have enioyed working with the Year Book staff in producing the Greystone. We trust that it may be treasured as a reminder of your happy days at University. C lithography U H ' gjgggongues commercial printers , , ... .. ..... . . . . . . . -,-,-,.,.,.,. . ,... . ,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,- , ...,gil .'...g.,.....g.f 'I' 1 'Q C' "' a i ' P S I- I va I 1 2 D continuous forms n a'u's'n'-K, - , ..... , .,-. H 5:-55:1:2:5:1:-:-:-:Zz-c-A 10010-102nd Street - Edmonton 711 -8th Avenue West - Calgary 255 2 , Canada? laqgesr Relax? 0Cgd0l2dflbIl wifh s+ores and mail order offices Coasi' +o Coasf, exfencls Besf Wishes ancl Congraiulafions +o THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1956 May success and happiness be yours in the profession you have chosen. WHEN YOU SHOP AT EATON'S - You Choose from Jrlwe largesl assorlnnenls, besf all round values and where your purchases are safeguarded by Ea+on's Guaran- lee-"Goods Salislaclory or Money Refunded". Make il a lwabil-ll's smarl lo be llwrilly- I+ pays lo shop a+ EATON'S! yt E N CEMITED AND WE BUILD N FURNISH HOMES Phone 92353 IOII BROADWAY AVENUE Saskatoon, Sask. 1 CHECK FIRST WITH SASKATOON'S LEADING HOME BUILDER For New Home Construction, Alterations, Interior or Ex- terior Decorating, Plumbing Installations and Alterations, Heating, Home Furnishings, Household Appliances, Hard- ware. Loans arranged through N,H.A. for new homes and home improvements, es 1Illl'l"' . gllllll ' ------ll I ll""n1 Ill' 141 - - -,- fu Q . WE ' :sail 'Ur L , - liz M1 can fhsfaflfff MYERS HOME FURNISHINGS ASSOCIATED wiTH 'XX f' ' YW 7' QQ...- monuvl'-If WARM ll wimkcf 1 , ,,,,,..,.....------- , 1'- ..-. 3 .1 , 11. ,. , 1. , 31 , i :x' -1. 1, E 1 i MYERS CONSTRUCTION COMPANY LIMITED DEATH IS S0 PERMANENT' College OP Ltd STUDENTS Dont klll yourself with overwork Ltd I DIAMOND MERCHANTS va a Y or G af Weproaucfiom ugpnhpn ' I I n ther g sh h 812 uzeeruzq Suppfws EJ I832 Lorne ree e na as Ave e om' . xl I X A f TX f DROP IN AND SEE T' t STU, BILL AND FRANK of g X f W X I ' 125 st I I I ' I cnsuon Drawmg 8- uneenng nnsfrumenf - S ave you d o hour T . ' unnecessary rk 'ml e A nl ble wnth courtes through d 0 En Ii C in 9 5 . S+ + R gi ,S k. 5 "" N 5 T ASTY TQDWNEYLS OH HENRY - NUT MILK - CARAVAN CHERRY BLOSSOM YOUR FAVORITE CHOCOLATE BARS ITS TIME FOR ANOTHER Q slllf 9 A LIN S MENS WEAR 207-2nd Ave South BEST WISHES I for your future success ORDER OFFICE I ADVERTISER ADVERTISING CATCHING FLIES 'UNIVERSITY CLASS PINS and RINGS CAII Collegesj HARRINGTON jeweller 628 Broadway, SASKATOON Issuer of C. N.R. Marriage Licenses Watch Inspector I : f xifHE BEST IN CRESTSrl 311 - 22nd Street East Saskatoon Sask. MILK CREAM ICE CREAM COTTAGE CHEESE Phone 23 I 75 --wY..-..... ..... --........,,, ,, . A fiance HAS BROUGHT FARMING A PRACTICAL ASSIST IPQYU HAS BROUGHT FARIVIING AN ECONOMIC ASSIST Together They Help the Farmer Build a Better Saskatchewan ALL VARSITY CANDID I l "Dx 'clz us all with Boslon Cllarliv , . ,H Dorf! worry, sun, 511,111.5 svnrlirlg p!'Illl fum! snun Qylvurniu 63000 Ins! unofllvr Jann' ul 1,10 Clulr Srnuryusborzl uml Jllllff' lnnilr' SLM' Purlim ll'TIl'7lfUl'illY'Ii purlvy Hg fe ,......,h,, 1 v 1 i K A E w P 1 ,, ,, ,'v 1.7-4"'Mx if .M , ' V .,W,,,.....m-:.. 'A -p.: i1" . Wim.. 1 v adam. adm W9 .4ofvi??feDQ,k MQ-'QXMM , f""' I f""'A ,A i f Xvaier, wahfr, evvrywlwre, and not a drop to clrinlcf FLIFHTETS, Follies ifl Ixllfllll BQHTODTTI Duncvs in Pllammry lounge XKyE'S, IUIIPTP UTC you? Agro picks up Nurse Agro Formal Greyslnnf- vflitnr fzufle from lmlirlay I just gotla have anolizer Cigarellef Eflufalion formal 262 i Tke Marrgofcf Welcomes you fo . . in our exquisilel air conclilioned surroundings DANCE in flue Club 400 and flue Bamboo Gardens We cafer 'ro all sizes and sfyles of o banqueis 0 formals 0 dinner reunions 0 weddings, eic. The 4B Take-ou'r Service open un+il 2:00 A.M. We serve +o please, a+ a pleasing price If You Need . . . Financial Advice Talk Over El Your Problems With the Manager of our Nearest Branch ms Throughout the years her Birks Diamond will be her most precious and lasting possession lllAMO Il the best value m Canada B I P K S Reqlsfered .lewellerswfsmerlcan Gem oclcfq New ,Wg --. f K' . 264 ROBERTSON SECRETARIAL SCHOOL This is a reliable schoolg thorough in its work, sincere in its service, mis- representing nothing in its advertising and devoting all its efforts to the training of students for the best office positions obtainable. . S. LEPINE Principal. ,,,, , , 5 .15 '11 R . 0 . ..'Tf"f6R,, on BVICW " "fu- QXNX- -. Each month 'Ihe Bank of Nova Scotia 55135 S555 - - prepares an authorltatlve report on some llll ortant phase of Callildliifl IJIISIIICSS or P . 3 finance. A copy is yours for the asking y , S 'Simply ask thc manager of any branch of for a copy of the "Review", or write to the General Office ofthe Bank A in Toronto. f f " . s 5 -Q. ,A 35.54. s J, 'X .x.,gx.'- A q,31aiT if my iw..-7 xvqfigg W A .Qt . '7- XW s THE BANK OF NOVA SCOTIA W ' 7 a1,9,2.z '1 , , V 4,1142 i . T , 4 I THE OLD THE NEW WAS DARWIN RIGHT? A good guesTion Tor UniversiTy graduaTes To mul over. Darwin described liTe in Terms oT "survival ol The TiTTesT"-"naTure red in TooTh and claw"-"sTruggle Tor exisTence". Darwin was Tallcing primarily abouT NaTure. OThers applied his views To lvlan in SocieTy-and iusTiTied The mosT rugged oT rugged individualism, The ToughesT dog- eaT-dog compe-TiTion. CerTainly, Darwin was righT in many respecTs. BuT Thinkers Trom KropoTkin To The presenT have challenged The applicaTion oT Darwinian Theories To human socieTy. Co-operaTors believe "muTual aid is The rule oi liTe". They agree wiTh scienTisTs who sTaTe ThaT, in human s-ocieTy, Darwin's dicTum should read-"survival oT Those TiTTesT To co-operaTe". Which viewpoinT is closer To The TruTh-Darwin undiluTed, or Darwin revised? IT you Tind The evidence To be on The side oT co-operaTion, we inviTe you To ioin and sup- porT The movemenT Tor economic co-operaTion. Good Wishes to the Class of '56 FEDERATED CO-OPERATIVES LIMITED REGINA sAsKATooN wiNNiPEe Qwned by 523 Consumer Coeops in SasliaTchewan, ManiToba and NorThwesTern OnTario Refinery aT Regina - Oil Wells aT Leduc and Smiley - Lumber Mills aT Canoe, BC. - Coal Mine aT Drumheller, AlTa. - Feed PlanTs aT Saslcailoon and Winnipeg - Warehouses aT SwiTT Current Tisdale and Yorldon. Z aj? 55 Q V g Z If 1 1 , 5 Z g gg? BM xi T i is 545 if l ge if '-I2 'x di MEMORIAL UNION BUILDING-SASKATOON, SASK. CONSTRUCTED BY SMITH BRQS. Ea WILSCN General Contractors SASKATOON f REGINA ' VANCOUVER ALL VARSITY CANDIDS I, Pulilicul l'it'll'F from llw suullx sid' l 3 4 Tharllz ynu. ,xlifv Rrfnrlvfr. Tim Rmwr Bifys uf llw Bumluo CIIIVLIUIIS Cwuvgr' fxvinv GUSSQS 11111 A105595 5 SsSu'4'IHH.'.' 6 7 5. Q Tin' .qlwuf frzvvrs r'l'11rylI'1ing Xvlzufvs lilo julzc. Cirgulis? Dawn Rvinwr inspecting a finge print ftvi Trfrry Prvrzlifv , . 4 w" 46 Zeal Wa! Zadie Largest Photographic Orga'nizat11on in the British Empire 238 - 2nd Avenue South Saskatoon, Sask. JOSEPH YOUNG, Manager Phone 22905 DAM' PORTRAITS I CANDID WEDDINGS O FAMILY GROUPS O PORTRAITS O COMMERCIAL WORK O MOVIE EQUIPMENT O CAMERA SUPPLIES I ALL PORTRAITS IN THE 1955-56 GREYSTONE WERE TAKEN BY OUR STUDIO. ADDITIONAL PHOTOGRAPHS MAY BE HAD AT ANY TIME, NEGATIVES ARE ON OUR FILE AND WILL BE KEPT INDEFINITELY. ,4 ofZowz? '7Zeed4 fQ Q5 5.4 VING SX! '31 ' h b'+ F nm ".4- Tinfisl IS a a I X qi H'-, +l1a+ grows 2' 'WXV-Q: 1 4... wi1'l1 prac'ric:e A ag ,L f X6 9 ' Sa" " if Q ' Q' v X. -, Us w+mMffr lf X-'lc l R gauge-1 , . , Ugg A I w , ' 0 Sluclenls accounls are always welcome 'I'l'IE ROYAL BANK OF CANADA 24I Second Avenue Souih-V. G. Ellis, Manager 2nd Ave. and Princess S'rree1'-G. B. Crane, Manager Nufana Branch-V. R. Phillips, Manager SUPPORT Olll' ii Aclve rffsers it is fitting as time 1956 eciition of time CJREYSPITDNE is ciistriiouteci to time stucients timat we simouici express our inest wisimes to timem, as timey ieave eitimer for a summer vacation or as graciuates to timeir new vocations. i trust timat as you iooic iyacii on your edition oi time yearimooic timat many imappy memories wiii come to you oi your iiie at time University. I imope timat you wiii iceep your iimooics because you wiii iinci timat timeir v'aiue grows as time years go ioy anci in many ways it wiii be your strongest iinic witim your time spent at varsity. As we imave gatimereci mnateriai anci asseminieci it for various pages for ttmis edition, we cio not ciainm timat it is free of mistakes, imut imave trieci to keep timem to a minimum. Grm time otimer imanci, we imave trieci to incorporate some new icieas anci features wimicim we imope you wiii appreciate. By timis i mean time new type of paper you wiii iinci on two of time sections, time ciuo-tone work on time first section, time pictures oi professors ami imeacis of various ciepartments, time use of an inciex, time new cover ciesign, etc. it is our imope timat you wiii convey to next yearis eciitors your ieeiings on timese cimanges and your reactions to timem. Basicaiiy timis is time stucients, yearbook anci we appreciate constructive criticisnm from time students as to wimat timey want in timeir iaooii. As you imow timere are many ciiiiicuities connecteci witim a project of timis icinci, mmot time ieast of wimicim is time tarciiness ot stucients imaving timeir pictures taken at ciesignateci times anci time iaiiure of informing us oi cimanges timat timey wanteci untii it was too tate. I wouici iiiie to express my timanics to time staii of timis yearis GREYSTONE for timeir efforts wimicim macie it possiimie to prociuce timis book. Aiso. we express our appreciation to our advertisers wtmose imeip financially makes it possiinie to imave as iarge a booic as we imave. i imope timat you wiii. wimenever possiinie, support timem in return for timeir assistance to us. Our appreciation is also ciue to New Hoiiywooci Stuciios wimo tooic timis yearis portraits, anci to Commerciai Printers of Ecimonton for time printing anci artwork. Best wisimes to time graciuates. Aiways remember your University, time Green anci Vvimite anci time Greystone waiis wimicim wiii imave an ever increasing influence on your tives. GLENN FLATEN INDEX ADMINISTRATION -- - 4. 3 ADVERTISING --- .... 235-270 CAMPUS -- --- 12-20 CANDIDS: A11-varsily --- .... 60, 66, 74, 90. 94, 98. IIS. 124. 129, 130. 136, 14-1. 172. 239. 261. 262. 268. B:1sIir-l1m1I ,- .......................... --- 203 IiIccIion --- - 201 Grcvshmr- 'SS RnrIio .......... - 59 Sasic. H1111 ....A..... .... I 60 Soriz1I 1111- l1l0l1II151 -.. ..... --- .... 160-171 S11f'nI ...,........ ............. - -- 139 Spurls --- ..... ..... 2 2-1, 220, 227 253, 23-4 CHANCIDLIAOR, CI1a1irn1e1n-Br1a1r11 01 Governor h CO1,LI2CIf CANDIDS: .'xQl'IC'UI1llfl' ........ - 1-16 Clilllllltwftl' - 1-11' 1ifI111'r1Iin11 - I-18 E11,Qi111w-ri11 - 1-I0 1101110 1111 - 130 1.2111 ..,.M,., - 131 1411111-111111 S1-111111 1rx - 132 IN1.A.SA. -- --- 133 1X10c1I1II11' - ----.- 13-1 Nursing' ..,. 112, 135 1j11nr111z11 1' .... 156 STKI. - s-- 137 V01-Aus - - ISR XX'.A.S.A. -- - 130 DIRECTORATITS: Dc-1Ja1Ii11g ..6. A-, 37 DFHl1lil - --- '50, 31 GfPXi117l1P --- 'SS 30 fNI,A.B. --- --- 3-1, 36 3I.l,1.B. .... --- 23 13111510 ....... --- 28, 20 N.F.f'.U.S -- - 2-1 I3.K.D. ..... --- -10, 41 13.11 - --- 33 111111111 ,- --- -12. -13 511081. -- ---2f1, 21' 5011111 -- 32 XVA15, ...- 36 XV.1'.S.C. -- 44 FACULTY --- 7-10 I-'OREXVORD --- 2 GRADE: IAQYICLIIILIFP 46 Arls --- - 50-53 Cu111111Qr11 --- 62, 63 . 'ALBERTA GENEALOGIOAL SOCIETY IicI1.1cation -- Engineers .... Grad. Sludies - Home EC. .... 1.2111 Techs --- LHXV ....... --- INIIECIICITIC ........... Nursing, Degrcr ....... Nursing, Post Grac1 P11arn1ary ......... STBI, - -- 68-70 76-80 138 92 103 96 100 106 109 114, 115 120.121 ...... .... I 26 128 VGC-Ass -- 132. 133 PRESIDENT --- 3 SOCIAL: AIpI1a OIIICQZI ..... ,,.. 1 SS 17m11f1s .........,... ,, 173 11155 Sisirr - I,.i1IIr' Sislvr - - 162 13111041 Drive' ........ - 177 15'Nai-H'Ri1I1 H1111-I -- - 186 Bogey 132111 ....... --- 163 cTklIlIDllS Qllf'lN11 .... -,,-,, 1 78 cw1ll'lIi'1Y,11ilI'Ill. Simw 190 191 CuIIc-gr Quf-Ons -- -- ---- 179 C1lI11r NIQIH .......... 196, 197 ITIUNII XXYPIKOIII1' XVc'r'1i ...... .... 1 40 1-41 1'1iIIIOppr'rs -.--.........,--- ,,,,,, 1 Q2 1ll14'I'l1il11Ol1k1I SI11iI1'I'l1S' C11111 18-1 185 1111111 in .1ilI1lIf1I'y ........... .... 1 76 Lmlp Royal M- ...... 193 31.11.121 ......... IT-1 175 IYPXNIIIFIIT CIUI1 --- --,, 189 f2'lf'1'C11H ...... 194 195 I,z1rIin111f-11Ie1ry 170111111 164 163 I'I1vsif-5 5110111 -,A 195 199 1'.K.D, TPEI .... .,.. 2 O2 I,11111i1' SIHPFIIKIIIQ' ..... - .... 200 1111111111111 Day .,..A......... .,,. 1 -12, 143 Vnuilx' CI1risIia111 F1--lI1msl1ip -- ..., 187 Y-1rsil1' XrIi1l'IL'1IC'S ........... -- 22, 23 SPORTS --- .... 203-234 FRC. -- .... 22, 23 INDERGRADS: A,Qricu11urc - .... 41. 48 Arls ..... -- 5-1-57 CKIIIIIIIPFFO .... 64, 65 IIr1uc'a-xlion -- T1-73 IDIIQIIICOYS -- -- S1-89 1101110 Er. -- -- 93 Law ..... .... 9 7 011-c1icinc -.. 101 102 Nursing, Degree 107, 108 Nursing. D1pIon1a 110. 111 PI'1arn1acy .--- 116 117 S.T.Ix'1. .... 122 123 Voc-Ags -- 13-1 135 I , J .Q 'M 1 V df pans 1 Q ,,,.,-qt, 45 vi, , ll vnd 1 I uw .. , , ls :- "lil 'Jw-1 a 'FW -f-- ...A ,ng- a-, A -V Nw:-,-wane .4 A vi' iii Q W .fag ikwf- Mn. f-4 ' '-1 .32-'31 M , . . 'V-',su -V ,, , .... X

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