University of Santo Tomas Education High School - Fides Yearbook (Manila, Philippines)

 - Class of 1972

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University of Santo Tomas Education High School - Fides Yearbook (Manila, Philippines) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Cover

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XR, XM CLENG REYES RENNEH REYES AECELLE AOANAN Ed1tor1a1Ass1stant Editorial Assistant Editorial Assistant STEVE BASILLA Editorial Assistant J OJ EE SAMALA Lay-out Artist Q I' .Q-1 KNEL KAPULONG Lay-out Artist rd fr i I 5 s kk 3 V rl I E ' 1 .. 4- ,ws 1 3 I 1,, I .y' f.l S '-NIV! 2 i MQ r gs" A-V 11 :Y I BOHBY NOVILLA WIHNEEH ARIAS DANEEH JIMENEZ MEELAH MANQUBAT Editorial Assistant Editorial Assistant Associate Editor Associate Ed1t0I' ' . 'H New ,, ilS?f4?Rri',:: 1 -' ,L -Viz:-xifii-W. 1 ' f , I f , ' , - "Hifi f IIS ss I 't"' ii 4, S I ' -rg? rs sizezgw ' - ' gsissgyffg - 7SE:s,4Pff2fff,-,,gif fffzw ,- ' gi --g.:f:fg:fyfg 1 : i .:-, iam-2 , .fr , a V.--:ms , . ,, 1' f :-' if,?5'ff,,fwi'ffft,G K W , Tffi 1, 5 gffz :'aggfg?g14 MISS TELLY DAYAO FR. PEDRO ESCUDERO Adviser Moderator MRS. GLORIA HERNANDEZ ' Moderator EHDEETH ARCEO Editor-in-chief MR. FRANCISCO BONIFACIO Asst. Moderator w n VERY REV. FR. DR. -EONARDO LEGASPI, 0.P Rector- Magnificus REV. FR. DR. ANTONIO GONZALEZ, O.P. Dean College of Education 1 M 5 , X i X . ,,, Q4 5 Q 5 Efi 2 O Q l if I E - I 2 ,fi 5 5 I E L 5 ON was Q QQ Q, S '..... .f,.-221-2 f-:e ' E M 12N2 ss 5 , an 5 i s S t 9 Q fi 5 , E DR. LOURDES J. CUSTODIO ' B.S.E. M.Ai, Ph.D. - Asst Dean C0llege of Education MESSAGE N! nfN xA S? 1 1 Q em mme QV 9 A . VM B 7 ! Am X VN l - Q ' f V WW . .mm VX A f S X X :'fJ It is indeed a pleasure to congratulate you, dear students, upon reaching the goal of your endeavors We have enjoyed being together, struggling together for your growth in wisdom and grace and in advancing toge- ther towards the end of your scholastic training. It is a great honor to see you reach triumphantly the objective of your academic and Christian Education. That means that your efforts were not in vain, your parents' sacrifices are once again proven successful, and the dedication of your professors has received the crown of glory seeing you on top of your High School education. During the past years, the UST-EHS has tried to develop your personality into a well-prepared, mature and and intellectual formation. Now, in search for strong your knowledge, your convictions and carry out the Christian and' Filipino mission whatever function you may perform in society. responsible citizens. She has worked to perfect your moral your career, it will be your responsibility to keep alive and transplant them into the fields of your activities. You must alloted to each one of you, as a professional or an artisan, in Tomorrow is in your hands. It is an open gate, and with your graduation, you are to take a place in the scheme of society and be a part of today's world. Whatever Place YOU may be ill, remember that what matters is how you perform your role, how you fulfill your duties, how you exercise your rights. In other words, how you act as a Christian, as a graduate of the UST-EHS. Always be an open self under the infinite goodness of God. Be aware, alert and sensitive to the beauty and wonder of life with God. Begin your career, your job, your daily work with God as you have done in the past and he will always be in your way. Dear students, CONGRATULATIONS! Rev. Fr. Pedro Escudero, O.P. EHS Regent . c we v MRS. GLORIA Z. HERNANDEZ B.S.E. Principal Q -.Y Q 4' Q 4' 4 9 Y 4 a v + 'iv Q 5 M p ' "z:1:"' A iff W' mn :iff M W Filly u b- A Am MR. FRANCISCO S. BONIFACIO I B.S.E., A.B., B.S.C. Secretary Fi I-I Mrs. Virginia. T. Sahater Mrs. Florencla F. Tolentrno Miss Ma. Minerva A. Gonzalez Mrs. Teresrtaf V. Cenda B.S.E., M.A. B.S.E. B.S.E. P B.S.E. Home Economics Bio-Science History , English ?5lllllUU"""lllllEUlll!TYll"l' lllll all llllllllllii.U1IllE l M . a n so 5i,i,fii1illg5ii,,, .illlEU'illlllllIlIIElllllliia'5 ss Adelina C. Lardizahal Mrs. Felicitas R. Francisco Mrs. Remedios C. Saqueton Miss Pacita G. Ruhi B.S.E. B.S.E. B.S.E. B.S.E. Pilipino Physical Education Mathematics Religion Mr. Eulalio G. Intal B.S.E. Physics Algebra Illll ll? ima lllll D Miss Zenaida S. De Guzman ' B.S.E. Ill Mr. Hilario A. Andino T.C. M Ill. ll I Miss Estela F. Dayao B.S.E. Speech Miss Nilda A. Magistradu B.M. Music Miss Ofelia B. Pinpin B.S. Chem. Practical Arts Chemistry llllllll UWA Hill? Mr. Norhertu T. Coronel Miss Rafaelie L. Achas BSChE T.C. . . . . Practical Arts Chemistry Miss Carmelita S. Dimzon A.B., B.S.E. English Mr. Conrado de Guzman B.S.E. A Health Mrs. Erlinda P. Tan B.M. Music l llllf lil? lllll U l ll lll ill? Mir we will Emu, lllllli i ljlllll.. l In i S l Mr. Ernesto Calpu Physics Mr. Rolu P. Encarnacinn Physics Lt. Cesar B. Martinez B.S.E., B.S. C.E, PMT l Miss Mary Ann B. Zahala Mr. lose M. Butalon .s.e. ssc. B Geometry, Speech Scouting Q 3,-xgfaf 8 ?'w2V"? M A , .,.. avxfggfy 5 R5 Mig .M 1.59 Q .mn Lf K 4 U. 2+ M ififw' f' wk: mf bi' 'iff 4 ff"'?'5s Y 9. Q . 10 . -4- .e rf -me E :. .Wim Q1 "'X3pw+2M"f'5,4fy?Swi,vQ1c5 an 1? ws 1 3514 Q Q53 5 J 39335 Q .Xa a EEE 'MS 'Wm iw , 45 ay .eg ,K Q f Q . . x vi 'F 5 3 " N' 1 .3191 J '54, WAR ,Y ,Y QL 'Z' 'fl H 2, 4, mx , N 3 1 f M ' Q t r 4 may-T, 3- ., Pkg 'rms QV ' it I' rg, 1 1' yigvf' if e 3 Aa Q' wif' 3 w r 5 f Q ? 1 Q' Q phi- E 1, . K 4 W., K . .N JfZ'.12r54wf if . am ' 3 Q M Sa ff www' "M fi" 'QQ-5. .5-W.'f'T?. EW rt-21421: Kg,-HM f ff 2 iwif 2:2133 H le-i2f'm,.'3 ,N 4 W.. .sf .g n , , 2 2 ' '- Q g? sf as V V 'Ss 15 Th i 'I wi 51155 'ESE fi ' Li? gn, gag' gk , 2 E " iii igffxs. 4' if .4 lv ,- ' H S X i isii, W igigfi i g ii M E SLQS iwgsgik QW 552 ff, W s f ffm 292552 'isa wif 52536 , , 'if , Zig M EX :A K yn 3 Qi ' ZQI1 W tibia, 1 ..,. ,M .... ,W w Q ::.,+ ,- new f 15 g Q . 2 2 ' Q N J 4 , Si f 1 Xb 55 . 'X X 4 A xv 0 5 3 K i X ' I' 1 6 5 Y X N ,,,,. WA ,GF Q.. I. ,,,,... ,U X ,E K 4 ea::sg:-fzsaazfzw W.- :m::z::w :- 1 5'2 X ff E' X15 n' gg5l ji QI' E!! i 25 s'x Egg 2 2222? 5 s E 5 gf!! ig QEE25 5? igifii? 12 452 me E is lin aff E5 Q4 S s RSE gig? 2 5 FE if si is iifiggg 1 Q W , ,ww QQ-- -,.q, w.,,. ., .,.,. . a Wi? a fitf egg ? 'qw 552115 T. 'ri' fe E355 , A if lv 21 1 S 5 sf?" ,N i 9 ll 1. :EQ 12,2 vw, E 231 ga ii Kg 33,532 4. wwhq, ....: E Q , 53,12 Fi Q . , I JM iw ff bf Vs ,, ' 5 2355? xi 45 S L X 1 1 ,EE .ff M , -- ,.Z"r :- ':5:,:E' .r::'.: . f ---- ..,--- . M tiff' if 75525 W... ' "1 '. .f g,,,g,,,.TQ ,mag ry Q3 45 .F gikgglr gg if R, , M- GTM , yu? f 1 " Z E gf qw .gif in ,,?S44,.:,j'EffZ ' E Qfgilmx M5 E '16 :E Q 'gm-I wg. 3, 3. cf L 54" L .1 JU , . q, , , i, , A ,HUM wr as W, . 2 if 3,55 3,263 'Ms gage a r , i wg I s 2' . 'gif A f. as .QQJM if PM uit A NWN '- Eg, is , Q2 2 P 1 i W H i ,fx xg W ' 5 - i - f fe if dm Sq q 1 ' 6 Z : .... ta mlsss-iii.: - --: 5,1 .M 1 a , ., QM. l as I 5 EEE kgs E E, g :MZ W E9 3 5 fl xx x. im E ' 1: gf Q 5 1 fi g n ,iq 'x S!! fr 522 'g, 5 N. gf X 3555 S 1 S 5 3 55 s 5 v li K 2 , N gf, gg E, Q it K? A gg K 4 gl 43' si G f' B S, 'E Q 53 ggi Y? iii 1 '1 5523 , :jf Es, , , W A 1 5 5 ff 5 if :QA 3 " 2 f : ll QHQIIQN gk ' 5 x s ai y 1: 2 Y ' S A I ., 1 , sf E ' P . l' 55 af LT' E? -mai isnt? --Q -x L ff? a 1 ,gif .. W., A , 'f fiifg h W I+ Aw X 5 pf 5 M 3259 W fi 1' E X is -K fb - Q N 1 ,S E 3. . vw- N it w w 55 : wa?g,E '52'L Y X 1 "' X ax My 'E Q X 95 HE Wx feiw- Q 5 QQ X D X W- sim 255 25 A ui ,, Q35 1 xg, , E5iQZS?s5i':E554,,,zf,,54., .. M ,, ., ., 2fA f"" A mm., .,,,. . ,,. W ' 'L-W.. M M ,... W... Ein.-::5,.-f.g,v,.:-r,,,.. mb.-,,,. ,,., , :::,-:gs:..f-53553 ,f , If. 1 , f f . if l In .9 . ' ' ' 'Q Us ig' , s ' ' ' ' mf x ' 9 ff I 1 wer- - - ' as, I ,, u Q I K I, 'HN 'I' I ng ' 'xr , y,,,',Li. ,I gl ,sf in ,111-.wi . . , . V Y Y Q . U 1 " ' ..., f ' ' 1 ' a:1:,ii:e2"E:f,:iE2gI x S ,Q ,. ... -u s , L M. ' 4, X I i . , ,, , ., , , my - . 1 ff , ., . , v , .s 6 5 Z, 9 5 ..... It ..:-: wif: ,E Ei Q ,M .... . . ai , :'4 gg f ai ! H F 5 H 1 I M 1' t ! 1 i r x my . mg E 5 F ES J -.N .Ha . , r A ll if i FI. . in .rx "f 'A X,xX xii-'fr ufxq QQ ' Ni f WM no ' 4' ew 'fy 1 , -M -gy x 5, .P N fa' 1 x fgivgi AQ! 2-rrrfgizfm fee" 'SCS gay nga X1 L 3 Jfl' . F V T-'rf me MQ! xr l vflxyfr, ,. W, ix R 'H 2 , A. l-:ij if ,Mwe - f JAGINTD R. VALENZUELA EIJITHA I. ARCEO FERLDINAND C. ZAPANTA Salutatorian Salutatorian Salutatorian TERESITA M. BAGUIU FERNANDO M. ENDOZO H MAGDALENA I. DAYAO Thlrd Honor Third Honor First Honorable Mention RENE V. REYES MILAGROS. R. MANGUBAT NOEL P. MAGTOTU First Honorable Mention Second Honorable Mention Second Honorable Mention 4 When you are as- piring to the high- est place, it is hon- orable to reach the second or even the third rank. .xg 1 VALENTINO M. ALVERU LENNIE ll. BAISA Third Honorable Mention Third Honorable Mention RENIE ASELA J. SORIA IJANILU M, JIMTENEZ Fourth Honorable Mention Fourth Honorable Nlrentign 31113 l l r MA UTILIA C DUMINGUEZ CLARA T. REYES Valedictorian MARIO L. TOLENTINU Third Honorable Mention RHODURA B. MAGNAYE Fifth Honorable Mention MA. GONSUELO V. PLAN 9... ANGELITA C. MANABAT . . H bl M' tion Eighth Honorable Mention Sixth Honorable Mention Seventh onora e en N . T ' ix, '. 1- f' .X we , J J .4 1 X ,Q A gil C323 1 ' ,"' .N G, Mrk 4,zm.,dp?, ef" A T I+ XA ' is fry? ll. ivan YF.. F. 547 f ,ol 'Jr' 5 A E " ,f , , I ' 1 11' ' 1 I1 ,A A f ' ' '. . -1 , I I ' ndlda here they are on the run. . . go ahead. . . call them names. . . call them leftist. . . non-conformists. . . administration's hardest critics. . . thrill seekers. . . lovers of out of this world things. . . freaks. . . snobs. . . boastful. . . and all what have you. . . go on they won't stop you. . . they would just shrug their shoulders they won't even take a second look at you. . . they won't care. . . for whatever you may say they are what they are, , . the achievers. .. the action people. . . the beautiful jet-setters. .. the intellectuals. . . but most of all. . . they are the. . . SEJNIORS. . . the candidates for graduation! and so on the following pages you are about to see the most-talked about groovy guys and gals armed with their deadliest weapon. . . their sweetest smiles. . . so beware. "' edithaiarceo sr 17' antonette d. ahella feminity's her asset you will admire that i bet TONETTE goes for the modern craze looking at her you'll be dazed... , . i is.- margarita ai. acupanda RITA is iv-e1's baby who makes the class happy she is healthy and chubby the favorite of many... i carminia I. ahello NENENG seems to be quiet but good grades she always gets a young girl pert and bright her company gives us great delight . . . ip'-'W lflafillel S. adeva MABELLE is liked by many for she is a good company and in class picture-taking she is tops in posing. ., royden t. ahuely in the class ROY is the smallest but in physics he is the best you'll find him a real gentleman all "bombas" he would like to ban... norbertu u. adre in dealing with friends he's the best for he always talks with so much zest indeed tho he is short and dark ABET's virtues always spark. ., cynthiai h. afable she's a mini-lady so simple and merry her nature is lovely 811178 CYN a friend of many.. . gig so gamaliel h. aguila he is dark, short and "ne1:ermind" deep inside he is very kind and tho GAMA looks small and thin still he is the same young lawin... il 3 teliciaina f. aghulos F ELY is good in memory that makes her good in history she is a simple tall lady a fact denied by nobody. , , in www, iL,,, , Ierida h. aguinaldo LERRY is cute and sweet whom everyone likes to meet 'Z h sin s 'ver well victoria v. agudo she's great -in physics she's a bet in mathematics she's simple and witty That's our friend VICKY... X ? s elena I. agustin I ELLEN is quite shy this cannot be denied but in history she makes us sigh a gir w o g y I she always makes our hearts swell.., 'vvz het' 9"'f1d0S are UW!! high--. 4 4 sg X teresita a. alamhra a young lady who talks less but in every work does her best is none other than TESS who never ends up in a mess... eduardo a. alvear ED is a quick thinker but he needs to improve as a speaker he is a potential leader besides being a go-od ball player. ., justina c. de alday she's really a bashful lass one of the models of iv-h1 class she's calm, cool and young one of the best in the gang... was sr H is 5 3 e 3 valentino m. alvero a king is someone who has a cron-n and VAL is one when it comes to chess seldom can you find him with a frown for he's serene even when there's mess. . . louella d. alonzo in physics she's a whiz that's what everybody believes LOWELL who does not deceive is really a heaven-sent gift... ii 2 o ,,,,.,,. ada f. ambubuyog she 'is really terrific this girl who's mild and meek ADA's smiles and charming eyes will make your heart rise... m ig if Q im ma. Iuisa s. aindaya l'3ClllI8l r. aoanan amellai b. aqumo starry eyes she has you'll have luck: if this girl yon meet you better get set for DENG loving and sweet as a bee with smiling lips she'll make you flip who loves to shout "beng" l MARISSA attracts the lads in your heart yon'll never forget she's sensitive and imaginative a real treasure would yon believe. .. 'coz she's never behind any fad... AECHELLE who seldom frets... 5 renatn c. aquino jocienette I. arcadio editha i. asrceo his favorite topic is politics if you come to know this long-tressed a reservoir of ens and ems . his arguments are always realistic lady is EHDEETH 'who'-S got 720 whims tho sometimes they can maivz yon'll be charmed by her personality rosarian and fides are hers teh ont' you might be blamed JOJO's simple and ladylike manner as editor who truly cares... 'wa t . . yon'll treasure forever and ever. . . 1 i 4 5 . Bl1'llI13l11lIEI ll. 3I'Ci3g3 in the class they all look at MANNY coz he enters with so much glee physics to him is real tough thinking of it makes him cough . . . t X 4 m SW .2 albert c. hacungan everywhere AL seeks happiness for he's allergic to emptiness in the class he's "bida" often times a champion he is in making minzes. . . 1 wilhelmina I. 3l'l3S a future good leader she'll be alert, imaginative, sensitive that's WINNIE can't you see she loves to tickle everyone's rib. . teresita m. haguio silent water runs deep for TESSIE this -is true indeed physics, history and speech for her are all chicken feed... dallte I. 3lISfl'l3 DANTE has that captivating smile which he insists is his own style it's hundred percent effective to unwary girls who are attractive... Iennie q. baisa' call her BEBOT or just plain LENNIE its easy 'coz she prefers any the math genius of class iv-e may look snobbish tho not really... TEH' 1 .,.1..,.V ,,.f---, i oi 5 5 S f s 5 E l all-"' lolita d. balaoro ma. zernanie a. halingit fe lennie h. barred! the funny jo-kes she cracks meet this tantalizing-eyed NANIE LEN may be serious at 'times makes everybody laugh you'll learn plenty about all and sundry but my, she is full of chimes that's LITTAH looking for her knight for this tall and witty lass helpful and so approachable has stories that can fill a bus... she won't let you face the 'wall she makes people wonder about her might estehan b. hasilla STEVE they say is a real explorer he is also a fanatic scouter he does things the scouting way 'ht ath- to make sure he's on-the T19 P way. .. alejandro m. hautista' a lover of girls who are pretty he oftentimes is 'very sexy it's ALEX who is most sincere with groovy gals who goes near.. . 5 prescila m. bautista happy-go-lucky PRESCY is a lover of modernity ask her about fashion in modeling, she's champion! R? W, Q 4 5 Q nelia s. huco NENE is loved to be teased by her friends who feel at ease this shy and quiet miss is fond of giving a kiss . . , benedicta m. honafe BENEE is friendly and clmrming her hobby is friend-collecting her manners are captivating her smiles-so enchanting. , , 1 5 s l 5 1 W'w1sw!:li rolando h. huenconsejn paul r, hunalgs ROLLY is a guy so full of fun BON calls himself ffhairyn in cracking jokes he is number one though he is not a hippie MS "fWfm2l face-9" 2l0'Uf'd ZOW W See a happy follower of the latest craze for they'll make you jump with glee.. . he 'really keeps us always amazed. . . 4 5 Q55 ma. asuncion g. biunas a good leader in school always keeps her cool She does what is best for us that's BABS-always on the rush ma. pura m. hurguete CHIT's greatest asset is her lovely pair of legs silent and very modest for anything she'll never beg alhina c. cabagay teacher, teacher in the classroom who's the most quiet of them all it's ALBINA a iv-s1 soul' she's humble, simple and in bloom is ii .C estrella t. cahral there's a lady friendly and kind just call her TESS for your delight in times of trouble she can guide never a k.j., please hold tight . . . 3 iefesiia V- UGIGUI1 I rusalina a. calilung "the diction of leila benztez i've got ,mmy Says that Shle7S a snlob maya valdez, eyes, too" she nods not at all, my dear liws TETCHIE of U-3-t. i tell you now, make friends with her C1580 has S0'f'le belmtill-H you'll be charmed by her golden 'man- 'll6'l' . . , E E Q BISH V. C2ChBl'0 cute and ambitious MARION. she asks to be left in peace g E is kind-hearted, loving as she is very very easy to please... E. his .Q + iagiwifl ,, wil? ssslfizff -llifiifs' '.lWr,ti' 'fl we YS! -r Wi " 555 197-lj H515 ii "J lf' .1 if-M 'Ll " ll-5'5" fA'BjW if ifwfilwf'-uills,f'1" mzlwscehwafls itil? was sfmrmfli,vfcrittelzilvvwklnfif ggi will fain:.flWtlll1MfPusiiziififfilltl' f'flfWTl11:QL?? gQti,agl.r Q l35a1g5ggp1'sg,y2.4g?i:f.ffgilfjylygki H ilwllwiiifffnlliirfliw ktffiwilaiffiw li Milfs? ritz wlililmwl 4 ' 2153554 gg2igff5ffyfg2Mf+'Cl?N+1lfz', hiwlljli-lim sal., f fi YH- - .1 2 1 z .,-as ,H M with m...'tWl3w7ffvi.ziz-ffwit f . fm -.lg f. k K -V ' 171. iff H-1 y ' " nw", 1 .1-.lfffsfglrlvi-Aliflgt W i .wi 'iliilbififEg3iiiiEMLQfll7l'?f4l'l71g"i f f 'iiwQilih3Qilllfiiwfgllfigsfliii15? WlF'7H-illltlgf 'fl Q 112.1 S. l is:Jf,::.,Q gl - 3 71.1 -'L . giefiffwmgwgsimls2:lgai5zg2Wmw?s iiltginlsslfiwffw ls! , ii W wie-1-pfw una, A WWE , -1 4. - ,K ,, .sm.nlliiJ1UwJflJ4-.lefiylth igggiie qavffgd-iibgtilbslfl iiggwzezzst. .iglf1'll::5afl1fl,fZq7iggsl4V3 gy am, Pl H 1 fg i,.iwf..,f -:Erwinwe-:rgi,1sy'gwgymfrywwu '?lMl?3WW'W+i,:l -iffiksfiwkiii -wif QSM 3222? if -125 I V. ,s,.:,... , mmm?325152.59.?4Q?lgW2ZtWy,4iM,1,wi ,, f.V.,,.fy M- v. , 1 vf' '11 L.: .4 1 sebastian calsa 0 tl it's CEDRIC -they are talking about he's the man who'll never pout he shows his talent and skill in playing the guitar with all his will... ,s ii W , : I manllel P- Wlllll criselda h. castillo friends call me MANNY, he says Simplicity itself is what She is but cocoy is the name he prefers that is LAIDA, simple and sweet be of futlwe lawyer SWE: he may she is still and quite in her seat who would take delinquents under his in ,,.ec.5tamm8 shels ,lever missed , . . care. . . angelito h. cruz joel d. cruz with hundred percent reliance a good fighting spirit is what he has he passes assignments in abundance the assets which he uses in class LITO's our speech topnotcher tho he's not exemplarily bright 719 01111 be fl great orator . . . JOEL never fails to do what's right... cynthia p. cortez CYN in class is talkative yet she is also active may be moody and active but she you'll also cherish . . . V 215 jose d. dela cruz a guy with prominent big eyes is JOE whose grades are on the rise he loves people who are friendly since he himself is brotherly ha l .,:: mi. Ill l11. dela Cflll in class she is very lively outside she is very friendly you will know her easily for LIS is tops, really . . . 2 :,., marlene a. david LYN's favorite subject is rnath in this she can help you a lot when jokes are being cracked she's the first one who laughs. . E 2 iuanita r. david NIT's smiling eyes and her tresses very light 'make the others truly sigh whenever this gal passes by . . edgardo f. cumento EDDIE is one who's hard to understand but without him, it's hard to stand he always lends a helping hand for patience and kindness are his brands . . . ' 3 s sz K magdalena i. dayao johnny h, uenuga OW' S0ff'S790h9h lady if you're worried about a coming test 58 Slwely WW ffiehdlll JOHNNIE's codes are surely the best high 9Wld9S She 9653 in all tests when it comes to those quiz emergencies indeed LEN in the greatest . . . you can depend on his memory , , , r if 2-F 2 5 ,, estelita c. dlaz LITA is 'oery active her help she is willing to give a girl who is very frank in dancing she's first in rank . . eduardo c. donato EDDIE always prepares his lesson whether he's in school or at home those are his matesbfor all seasons that is why often he forgets to roam . . . I N.,MwQff:uz:i f U55 elizabeth m. diio BETH's the name of this lovely girl you. can bet that she's a pearl she is honest during tests during recess, she's the best. . if rf , T X teodoro e. eguia , slim, small and sickly TED may be but in him felicity yon'll see for he's so fond of cracking jokes which can make even frogs crook. . 5 5 il E ma. otilia c. dominguez BABY is our class complainer but she is awgood debater many admire her 'coz she is always fair . . . - s K I 2 E fernando m. endozo numbers are among his favorites which go with his wisdom and wits attractive and approachable SONNY is so irresistable . . . 5 sv, dolores a. enriqu.ez merita ai. enriquez here's a responsible "BABY" bespectacled MERITS who at times is shy and moody is always at ease loves to hear nice, groovy music in virtues she is rich when things come quickly she's in all things-if you please . . frantic . . ri f if 5 5 s W ,WW 95 A W, , ma. magdalena g. faiardo delfin g. fernankdez wanna knofw what's the latest do you find him undesirable just S90 LENNEEH tllP'!JWf1ff'Sf do you term him unbelievable ll follower of the modern orare i say one thing undeniable she'll indeed keep you amazed . . . DEL is really impossible - - ramon I. estradal MON is the guy who'll-make you laugh in iv-h, he's really tough he'll stare at you with his twinkling eyPS in every girl he's a bulls-eye . . . elizabeth g. fernandez small but terrible BETH is loved by many in cracking jokes she is our bet yes she is always merry . . . A finish 2 V ' 5332 4 :gi 2551 '3 it i is QI: -theresa a. fernandez better known to the group as JENG she's got a pair of nice legs she maybe modern in her ways but conservative in her taste. . . 1, cleofe h. francisco look for someone with an open heart one with a heart full of love look for someone who cares a lot FE surely is the one to grab . . . w 311 " i Qs , E. 4 X ferdinand a. frias FERDIE is so simple his motto is to be truthful we like him for being humble charity is his symbol . . . W elvira v. galang dolores a. gaman fortunato p. garcia here now is a girl so tall bespectacled is this young lady they say he's so fortunate BENG always running down the hall a woman who's slim and skinny and that he really admits a gorgeous doll, people would say this young lass is DOLLY for he's proud to be a classmate the sight of her brightens the day . . - who is friendly to everybody. . . of guys who are full of wits . . . o l I S Q i is i yi isahelita s. garcia PEACHY often has a book to carry in studying she doesn't get weary when it comes to fun, oh yesiree!!! she is not at all corny . . , lf? 5 gr samuel m. gaorcia here's a guy who leads the band SAM always has a helping hand he's naughty, sometimes a "philosopher" an ideal friend worthy to remember . . . l 1 gloria p. garcia she'll enchant you with her beauty her scarlet face and nose so lovely with smiling eyes and smiles so heavenly youfll be hooked with this lil girlie . . . l l,,,,,,,. ma. teresita, s. garciai "peace, man," the lady exclaims in a voice which makes all tame it's groovy CHENG at the back who goes for everything "rock", . . 2 rubenl r. gasrclai who's running fast in the hardcourt? whois flashing the 'most charming smile? who's got a temper more or less short? it's BEN, no doubt, in his unique style. . , Aw- oliver c. gesmundh ' love has always been with this fellow whose bright eyes never fail to glow in JUN runs the tide of ecstasy though sometimes he is very moody. . . l e ef l ll: E , S virgilio s. l. gonzalez VERGEL has the cutest ears in town ears that redden when critics are around he may be a little naughty but in doing homeworks he's not lazy. .. crystal p. gonzalez her name fits her personality CRYSTAL is the name, she's very friendly so pretty this red-haired lady her height and figure are oh so lovely. . . l jesusa I11. g0l'l8Z gina 2'. g0yBl1B SUSAN loves chocolates and candies there's a lady in iv-h class eating then is her hobby a witty and alluring lass that is why she's so healthy she's tall, slim and lively which tlddS to het' beauty - - - GINA is the "chinita-eyed" lady . . . 1 ma. elena e. gitana her name 'is LENY, simple and lovely a maria clara type, meek as can be her feminity captivates everybody you'll be charmed by her beauty. . . marilyn a. granados if you care to pick a mate - MALYN's definitely a good bait she's very consider'ate this lass who's never late . . pw Lf' S :V vilma v. gugol a joker she is that's what they say i say it's true for VI who's gay she'll comfort you when you're in distress she'll make you grin even during tests . . . 5 liz, X 5 3 3 ? Q K 5 It X W ,vfy fe- azuc-ena l. guiao hlesilda a. gutierrez let me escort you to ZEENIE she's a lady of delight whals full of life and 91159511 lovely as the moonlight nobody can resist her she's fond of colors so bright 'coz she shows how to really care . . so fyimdiy and full of life , , , josephine t. de guzman josephine m. gutierrez evelyn m. de guzmani in our class is a long-tressed lady if you meet her you'll like her come to the iv-s1 class who's sweet, charming and lovely LYN who possesses a lovely manner and you will see a lass you'll see that she's faithful smile at her, she'll make friends with kind and beautiful BABIE aside from that she's also cheerful. . . you who's always ready to please thee . . . she'll make you happy and never blue... 4 gg 1 E .5 ' :si W, Iydia m. del guzman LYD is very gay she can make you sway candies and sandwiches she sells that's how her day goes well. . . ma. salome n. hagosojos shy and quiet, that's SALLY a girl so very lovely at times she seems gloomy but deep inside she is happy ?'T"w s 2 ester o. hermosura she is sweet and lovely a lass who is alluring and jolly she is delightful as the 'moonlight bright as the sunlight . . . amehta' s. hernandez daniel n. hernando marcelita h. ignacio she's cute and also f'smiley" DANNY is iv-a's lovefr boy MARCY is never gloomy LITS possesses a morena beauty whose heart is always full of joy she is always happy isn't she a lovely fairy his is the sweetest of all smiles at times she tends to be funny i guess you'll be enchanted really . . . that travel h d ' ' s a un red miles . . . not at all corny , , I 1 K E 1 5 cry? M 2 I I gi simeon m. inciong JIM stands for generosity he gives to almost anybody yet you'll wonder plainly how come he seems so lonely . . . i Emmys ma. elenita m. isletat tall, sweet and charming ALYN is also very feminine she is graceful in dancing and very good in singing. . ww-"' Marla L intal everything she has, she shares which proves how much she cares the reason why no one dares with her to be unfair . . . 2 3 is E cynthia a. itchon CYN in our class is a treasure her blonde long hair is a pleasure she is the delight even of mobs yo.u'll notice her even -in a crowd . . . ii 3 QW, dolores h. isidro everyone knows DOLLY the girl who moves actively statuesque and lovely she is also very witty . . . aan danilo m. jimenez in solitude he wants to be for shy, silent and blue is he nevertheless his friends are many for bright and wise is our DANNY E5 rngelio i. jim-enez ' ROGER is very active in class in recess he is also fast they say he is very smart 'coz he knows when and how to start. . . S ZTIIBI Q. kapll-l0IIg a modern lover, he would insist always at the top of the list for KNEL wants to dance around with pretty girls who in e.h.s. abound. . . 'NW .1 N E it lf E F l paulito u. jose LI TO is the guy with curly hair who brings his laughter everywhere he's silent yet a doer an 'ideal friend worthy to remernber . . jaime m. Iacson. hypocrites and noises he hates tho commotion he sometimes creates he's more inspired when lonely that is our man JIMMY . . . l L . as cesareo ai. jusay a lad having a good memory he's very fond of world history hendrix he is of iv-s2 Wane ig but CESAR is shy and humble, too... efren f. laihee in the group he is the toughest hefs actually one of the bravest this robust, brave and big fellow is EFREN whose mind is not shallow. . . TWV ? . 1 , visitacion p. Iagmay VILMA is not aristocratic she's a lass who's very optimistic what every person wants today jose antonio f. Iaihee when he smiles his bewitchiny smile he makes many girls sigh a while TONY is always in rapture all girls he dreams to lure . . . new E . 5 2 2, is she who's as bright as the day . . . alejandro r. Ian his height is not quite a handicap in physics he's always tops small but terrible this ANDY the honorable. . 3 lutgarda a. legazpl n ma. concepcion b. Iimfuecn it's the real thing you're seeing snub to strange,-S little GING wh0'S always ffecnmg but kind even to rangers it's just a pleasure to .this lass NENE is one youuve got to knoiv ' with G blush - - - she professes love for the "common to smile at everyone tao" . . . linda I. Iiong LEELEN is a chubby young lass who is now diet-conscious a shy member of the iv-s class but can also be humorous . L , - 5 1 1 il felipa r. lorenzo she is a beauty by day or night her melodious voice often speaks right her lovely eyes truly enchant she's one girl who never rants . . . 3 1 J igmidio g. Iutap GEORGE is never a joy killer for he is a practical joker he'll do anything to make you happy 'coz he's naughty and so groovy . . . I amalia s. Iloren she is a true lady who possesses great beauty her eyes are admired by many that's our girl . . . AMY . . . 3 5 Sea cecllla c. macahenta HONEY's carefree and full of life the sight of a pogi makes her sigh with her dimples she is charming for her you'll go a-swooning . 1 . . ,... .-I , V! is benjamin n. Ilaguno his are the most beautiful eyes that usually magnetize BEN, though sometimes is very shy will never stop to strive and try Ea EW R hernaordita Il. magaelong here is tall, slim BERNIE always wearing minis she is tops in physics the teacher she loves to seek consolation m. magat gilda m, magat the 'barkada' call her CONNIE when she recites, she's on pins and she is such a good company needles her beautiful waist-length tresses that is GILDA who readily trembzes to caress no one misses . . . you can trace in her scarlet face that she is bashful in all her ways . .Eg E 3? 3 ,e,,,a W ol reynaldo m. magat helen s. magkasi it's true that REY is short and dark HELEN walks gracefully but try to be with him and hark like the madonna of the valley his jokes truly entertain i cute,' young and lively they cure all worry and pain . . she is simple and friendly. . . manuel m. magat smart and coeynis this MANNY friendly, he's okay to many a music lover, he'd often say playing the guitar is his forte . . , rhodora h. magnaye she sings like an angel in heaven thank God for this talent given to everyone she is a friend , RHODIE, we smell her scent . . Eli li 4 l Q gigs ,:g,: teresita c. magpantay TESSIE has that starflike eyes can't help but loo-lc at her twice when she smiles, her eyes twinkle like her heart that shines and sparkles . . . ' arnel p. magtnto sympathy and joy goes with this gay who is a tall and lanky fellow days with ARNEL will never be dry ricardu g. maik zenaidai p. malani another of the class' tallest another of the class' tallest but he is kind even to the smallest she acts in a trully feminine way he is our responsible class reporter she is sweet by night or day this is RIC, so don't wonder . . , won't you truly love ZENY . . , 5 for in him words never stop to flow . . . no-el p. magtoto no one is as concerned as NOEL who in class is really well he helps, seeks, and tries to unveil peace and friendship that 'must prevail . . . i angelita c. manahat ANGlE is our company's delight who in our class is very bright 112 our path, she is our light she always shows as what is right. . in i i E -'vwwfiaii 'P alicia v. manalili ma. theresa s. manalo wilfredo e. manalo here's a friend yon'll always cherish DAWNY, as we fondly call her although WILLY is a naughty boy in ,your memory she'll nearer perish is a funny peacemaker you can always rely on his word she's got beautiful pair of legs she goes for the modern craze he's so game and very bold 'ALI' belongs to the 'kalogs' . . , well, don't be amazed . . , nei-er fails to call on the Lord . . . f ii mwggsw is it in ,Jn-'W i E E , , i 1 , milagros r. manguhat francisco r. manlapaz her greatest asset is femininity he's the guy with curly ha-ir ' her refined manners makes her a lady whose voice always fill the air this girl, MILA, blushes easily he never fails in written work whenever in a crowd of many for he never sleeps like a log . . . mario p. marasigan how bold and strong is MARIO with a figure of a, great big hero he is a moidel of a true man the idol of every woman . . . 'z 5 . :CI ,ilgasssew AII, myrna g. mata yay v. matsamura iuanitoi o. medma the best writing in band she has lofvely atristic hands BOHLONG is the muse of our class 'iS f0Wfld in MYRNA7? hand this japanese-looking friend I I sweets and egg-pies he always has though mlm!! 'imitate he? but YAY thinks and acts like a filipina he 'really 7:3 a jay fanatic we know she's better. . .' for which her pals cry "hW"r'l1h" - - - to the point of being a lunatic . . Qi I ,E eduardo s. melgar the unbeaten artist through the years EDDY is tall, quite stout and bashful problems and sorrows he always bears the reason why'he's always cheerful. .. victoria h. memije you can meet her at the lobby she'll be there at twelve-fifty you sure will be happy to meet this amiable lady, . , s S 5 f 5 gww. .W aurea t. mendoza we're. impressed by AU-AU a lot who always keeps her mouth shut but when test results come out she is always on the top sys ! fernaindo c. mesina tall, dark and handsomeKma?j he says horse-racing is not "masama" sometimes he's absent in the pmt drill ' 'coz he's in the race where there's thrill . 5 Il0I'l'IlZI1 I. ll'lilI3I'8 NONY possesses big brown eyes he always makes the longest sighs he likes to reach the glittering moon where he wants to see his love in full bloom . . . 5 5 3 ' s I it W ll13'l'ilyIl1 Q. lll0llt0y3 lI'l3I'i0 f. lliblll' this 0W0'8 bflshful and CWZU-hfvifed MAR indeed is the class' smallest she 'is quiet in her corner but he says he's also the cutest LYN is also sensitive good! grades he seldom fails to earn sometimes thinks in the negative . . for all the time he wants to learn . . E Elf I F' 4 Z cynthia r. monsalud in physics, CYNTH is our bet solutions to problems she always gets this girl is very tall Q when in trouble she's whom we call... IIII. 'Elena Z. lligllit ELLEN's medium-height and chubby collecting stamps is her hobby diligence 'is her one virtue in the class, she can beat you . . s i amelita c. navoa a lass whois shy and simple she is also 'very thoughtful LITA, whom you may have met is certainly okay, you can bet . . . s nelia r. obra chubby and with a good memory charming as you can see she's NELIA who loves all kinds of soul even people who needs people.. . t 3 .v:,.,. :,,, an 5 ix 2 Sibwwri - ' benjamin k. nga many will enjoy his company for he's a "kwela" among so many that is BENJIE, the real trouper ,who is most often 'very clever . . . WWE guillermo g. ojacastru he is popularly known as OJAC this guy never stops trying his luck he would like to pursue a career and someday become a top engineer . T' we F E , ? 5 roherto r. novilla not so tall, yet dark and.. handsome with him you'll never be lonesome he always digs the latest craze Ze is ROBERT, oft singing 'purple aze . . . E 3l8j2lldI'0 ll. 0ll3 in physics where lze's our bet he's always ready to render help he's a quiet and soft speaker WALEX is 'ourmclass treasurer . . mwwvd ivselitv ll- Ullzllauco voltaire pahlo p. pahlo a guy with a good sense of humor he is iv-h 's philosopher also our alternate announcer . VOLTS doesn't want to get very stout whenever he goes u-chatima. . . since he likes to be a real scout. . . is one who 'usually grins more CHITO will keep you laughing is rosanno h. pascual "frat puti" is his favorite that's fROS, our 'bulility' Y K he seldom studies his lessons but he never fails thru the season. . william h. panganihan he always builds love and harmony he's our peacemaker, baby BYLLIE he can endure any pain and test he bears them with a lot of zest . , viii 1 i 1 S , l I E 5 W albert r. pancho ALBERT's our handsome fellow his talent in singing everyone knows in ehs, he is a singing star surely he'll reach places wide and far. . . 1' E i benjamin a. peralta - Q how cute and healthy is BENJIE his figure you'll surely envy in merry making he's a bet in pakikisama' he is the best . . "1 'Q-1:a'iif.i::a:2f ei is elizabeth h. peoralta BETH is a lover of songs music is for what he longs her notebooks are filled with lyrics of songs she loves to cherish. . . purificaciun r. perez ri truly filipino name she's got filipino acts she does NENE' is the appelation you can imitate her actions. . . EQ m3l1ll9l ll- IIIHEUI ma. consuelo v. plain he may not look asv-ov CON-CON is sociable but W disc?-9 hall 31479511 Q0 she loves to deal with people he is a friend worth remembering ta everybody she is nice VHOY is the Mime, 'd01l'f be and this makes her really wise. . wond'ring ' ll ea, feliciano s. pimentel it's PEPE who's always on the go his manners he never fails to show humble and timid is he outside but firm and dependable deep inside . . tall, fair young and lofuely we describe CRISTY childish she may at times be but surely a true lady. . . cristina r. po 7 ' w that s ho SllS3l1 III. posadas SUSAN's a lass known to everyone a petite but a genius one in class she tries to behave in frank, clear, and simple ways . . . QF I 5 E susan f. quismundo she speaks whatever she believes with tactfulness, truthfulness and grace SUSAN to you will be endeared for she's as gentle as a reed. . . 2 nestoir p. punsalan tall and young, handsome and friendly NES' words can win a gal easily he's always happy and very jolly with anything he's ever ready . . . elvira a. ragadio when you see her you'll be hooked for she has that amiable look you'll love her cherry cheeks and lips i guess you'd want her sweetest kiss . . . victor daniel c. punsalan ' the guy everyone likes well is VIC with your problems he's around to help he is the same through thin and thick he's got willing hands to help... 3 so 5- benjamin i. ramos dubbed as "toyo" by his classmates BEN.lIE always owns the last laugh artificial people he hates he's the guy who is very tough . . 'i ls 1 daniel v. raval DANNY as everyone calls him is an engineer in the making with him a day will near dim be brings joy through piano-playing . . . jnsephine t. rebulado she is the pro of iv-h class a dernure and fragile kind of lass a tall dreamer with a face so lovely that's JOJIE who,s fair and friendly... 5 A 2 fe a Clara L WGS I jusefina I. reyes CLENG's the prettiest lady on. earth she really is G, fsisasious lass the PW-Sldenf wh0'S ,full Qf 'WIVVUQ ' who always chats when in class anywhere she goes she brings gaiety to she's always ready to answer questions all ' JOSIE is our girl of action . . , "love and peace," she says, "please no brawls" . . . e fwsmwtm, 1 ,.,1 is we-' elsinore remot there's sorneonein iv-h class a tall and a slim lass she's the future 'model of the class on whom boys have an undying crush. . . 5. L . I rene v. reyes all know he's an intellectual with eyes that are truly enticing good grades for him are 'usual for BOY knows good things are worth doing . . . Zelllldi S. I'8y8S rosalyn n. roca ofelia t. rodulfo ZENY is the prexy of iv-h class ROSLEEN uses bigat powder 0PHIE's got a smooth complexion who strums the guitar very fast because she knows no better her smiles drive away frustration she's got a pair of attractive dimples she gives her smile to everyone she's friendly, lively and groovy and lsmiles that sends delightful do look at her in return . . , she makes everyone jolly . . . ripp es . . . milagros I. rolluqui small but terrible MILA belongs to a classy "barkada" just give her one very good look and with her charm you will be hooked . . , I'0l13Id0 l'. f0fI'l18f0 this guy is always -in constant motion of life he has a happy-go-lucky notion. although sometimes he can be serious RONALD can never be that callous . . . 'Q edgardo ea. sahlaya he is a real gentlemen he always cares like a true man often teased as the "thief of baghdad but EDGAR is never really that bad.. 5 joseiino m. samala this lad belongs to the jolly set his company is one yo-u can't forget he won't let tears fill your eyes JOJEE -is really a chum so nice . . . m3l'lSS3 U. SBIICIIBZ here's a, lass whom everybody knows who gives her smiles wherever she goes ISSA prefers to have that second look at boys who like her to be hooked . . . ma. l0I'8lI3 ll. S3mSOI1 she blushes when she begins reciting that's LORY friendly and charming i bet you she's good in everything not excluding boy-hooking . . . 1 ss ss ssss 5 , 3 Q his it E benjamin I. santos he is known as UBENJIE the silent" his soulful eyes are his greatest assets most of the time he is serious - for he loves to muse. . , l F i reynaildo n. san agustin REY may look so serious but in truth he is generous he likes girls who are pretty to match his being witty. . . 3 5 ,mm ,..f f edilherto c. santos in iv-e2 which is so lively a guy sits very attentively he's EDDIE our classroom engelbert in reciting he's always' alert . . . eleanor c. saintos she is a queen of modesty a lover of simplicity these are LENY's greatest assets no doubt about it, you can bet. . josephine m. sarinas JOSIE who is very charming is 'very good in modelling she's also a good orator that's why she has lots of suitors fidelito c. santos and now, we're pleased to present TITO who's always so pleasant with him you'll take a second look at every heart he swiftly took. . . l glllleffll S. Sallllll' GILBERT may not be so handsome but to him you'd like to come he never finds work cumbersome he is ready to help everyone . . . l60l1 mail' ll. S3Il1ZOS LEO seems to be a loner but man, he's also a joker ' he'd rather read and study than waste time roaming the country. . I'8ll8'GC3 f. S8glll1ll'E small but terrible BECKY is humble, charming and jolly with these you can cling to her for she is someone you can bear. . f l i josefina b. serrann she is friendly and sweet with her we are all pleased JOSIE also hates beasts but loves the smell of yeasts E renie asela j. soria this 'very simple' lady holds the class money she is quite chubby and at times moody. . . W1 1 - ,Zi 'P N is 5 5 ' 1 Sa E 5 Q s 53 i eg i, in - fs ricairdo g. sian theresa jocelyn I. sitao sometimes cranky yet cheerful of adventure she is a lover in -iii-h his walk is the most masculine he's the man who wants to excel in 01'07'1lUli"l9 she is also simple and bashful photography or girl-hunting to RICKY is really something . . NING NING's lifuely, a real lover fi' 'V ' 1 virginia j. sta. cruz 'iuamto h mm silence is golden so they say I - - ' - - - JON-JON is a friend who is so mod Zcatlgxce is lmliqrtam today he never forgets that there's a.God y W We ms mg to see one always loved and a real live wire GINA is one under the sun ' ' to bring joy is his ardent desire. . an gt jua-no d. tainael ri serions look, so sharp and bold it's JOHNNY in a pensive mood he's the one who never tells a lie the guy who always loves to sigh. . . i Q E mario I. tolentino in the group MAR is the most serious in everything he is too conscious with love he really tries to gain a part of the whole class' discipline . . . 17' rosita, taruc mairlene c. turreno W ' she is conswlered a hippie ROSTE is her name her kindness is a fame bashful she may be but not in reality she is so attractive and frank th' hawaiian--dancing crank . . . but friendly you will see. . is l 5,--f lllyheth b. tuaio i know somebody who is tall a, lass who loves phone calls if you've met her you're lucky for elusive -is LEELEE . . . ll3l'CiS0 S. tlld look up and what do you expect our very own ALEX, he loves to peck if this picture were enlarged you'll see the secret of this iv-sg, lad... w , Q E 5 ma. cynthia S. tllllll CYNTHIA is always on the go that everybody knows her place is near the door to greet some visitors. . . i I J if emma g. valeriov she's a cute and pretty lady in the class she's very jolly for one thing she is always happy ready to shower joy fully . . . ...eq EW hu- A ,if 5 13 5 E I jeanene I. valencia you may wonder how JHEN looks in person she is very cute in singing, she is very good jacinto r. Valenzuela bespectacleol and often serious is the guy whom everyone calls JAY his brightness he'll never abuse especially when she is in the 'mood . . 'coz he always wants to be gay . . . 5 M' ,. , fggellg bl yelasco EllgZ1l'll0 C. VBIIEQZS jf. RQGER is 0, chum so nice the head of the glee club singers about any hardship he never cries 13 ED whffs been .900d UWU- the 2-NWS he is U, guy we, so friendly he loves to play santa claus you bet he-'ll ,,-We for you' truly . I that ce-'mas is never at a loss. . . Ilelllti I. lie Vela here's a fair complexioned lady who possesses serenity she really is a darling tp everyone i bet you she loves making fun . . . reynaldo h. villanueva inside the classroom you will sec a guy so silent, REY that's he tho quiet and silent he may be mod and 'in' he'll always be . . . Ml i s l edgardo I. Villanueva EDGAR is iv-h's collector but he 'ywuld want to be a dictator he s active in english literature coz he wants to be a great orator . . ..... .. l ferdinand c. zapanta where a man is too often dwells a 'mind which is not that 'mind is SONNY one for he is never left behind. silent turbulent will find lolita. f. Villanueva here we have a tiny lady who gives her opinion frankly practical she really is that's the way she always is . if ACCDUMNTANCE voweiul .. gg Q 1 1 w 4 I 4 L I F E V L 1 I l X .. 1 color it red. . .pink. . .green. . .blue but highschool days won't mean a thing without the fantastic frolics to grace it. social programs. . .quiz contests. . . intramurals. . .simulated shows. . . these are a few of what we had of what bound us together of what brought us closer together of what taught us what camaraderie is of what will make us always remember those days. not only that. . . the thrills that went with it the happiness, excitement and joy and not to forget. . .the frustrations, too. but still. . .we always look forward to it Csure enough, it is another holiday.J for the feeling of fulfillment is there. . . of contentment and satisfaction of love for the EHSians. so, hold your breath. . .here goes the campus lfrolics. O edithaiarceo A I Incfu ct1on9AWarcIg,gg v I f E i P r BlR'l'H19fnY 1, M X ,, EELEBRMIQN ran 0 4r 40 , Q . , -ur W 0 X 0 -ve gg if I' Q Q H ,W,,, FR. ESEUIDEREI 9 'D Q Q X lb Q 3 1l I f X H ' I L W 1 f in 4- W I as 2 if egg: 2 5 I ,, ., .. .. A E L 1 N X x i I .A QED Iodsk e'l'1o dll infrdmurdls ! , w WA., H-,,,,. KW of W SPONSGRS nf F 42 E HX If ,, - QL IV l ,,, Wx T 47 R Q u, A,- fill! uf-XA,-XL-X! . Ab XIV- -' 'v , viii fy, fffilqjr Zur F A,-,W lm L -',-144-f A- g Av- -315 ,XL 17 ff 'Q In x, X, N A,.,,?Mf"X,A,Kfbf"N 4 1 i - Y as' m v I t D . I I 'assi I I ,x I 7.1:-zxzcsiccc-1::lr.4-..'2:.:-:iQ V-"' " vga. U 1 i ,-. , . 1 l 1 1 L -I L- ' KL sf LL -I ' If , "'L- K "" K L A 'ggg' 5 'Y . " L ' .L L ..,, :gf.::521- ,:,,fN..L- L ,Nm-:LL5-LW,-:QC--,,,fzA-if L, L . -- 1 .- L L L 2562 15'W':A55-,fn IW ' H " " L. . , L"l ' . iii- .RL-E-Mi' 5555144 :Q gig, 9 Es K , ,QYLLQ - 53' Lf ' :ffl-V ' ' :Z 24,17 - fs' " 0 fi :w-iF5 if1:a,:-9' ' . " fffigxihl ff- L. in LL , L- , 1 L i 2 :f5::1L,fU.:iM-' f -' Zim?" ,.,-7' 'II' ' "-,4,-- ,V ' -G' ,,..v:a ...24..-,7E- ' ,'f:3:E?i5i1Z ':- L, JE: L L "iz-'A H " - ,, g , -sf gif i X ,gi " ' ,fm .,,,gE5Qw1a ' Q H , ,,,, X . Y ' , L, Lg L, 4,5 6 .. LL :q,Lg"f' ' if ' x " L:-Wa , ' :gf 'LL '.:.5S..f'-' ' f,f.,e 5 ' .V xigi at ang gusaling bato ay iyong nilisan humakbang kang papalayo. . . papalayo dama ang luha ng iniwang guro ang yugtong binuhay ng saglit na ka1nusmusa'y pipilas kapagdaka at mamamaalam. Walang anu-ano'y 11. nasaid ang apat 'na taong kumilala at nagpugay sa 'angkin mong dunong at ikaw ay humandang magtuloy maglayag kung saan ihahantong ng dakilang pang-arap danga't may lambong ang bawat hinaharap ay walang katiyakan ang dulo ng dagat bukas makalawa ay magiging ikaw ka salamin ng butong iyong ipununla. sa kagigiyagis kung mamalas ang bayan may sugat na likha ng bulok na dayuhan lalo kang nn-agsikap, ika'y kanyang kailangan hayo ka't magdali sa iyong paglayag at dalhin ang lunas sa bibig ng bihag. huwag makibaka sa ugat ng kulang-isip namnamin ang ligayang iyong ipagkakait kung ang lunas na bubukal kasabay ng pawis ay hahalo sa dugong iyong ibubuvvis. IV. PATNUBAYAN KA! malakas ang unos sa patutunguhan nag-usli ang bato sa kipot na daan kapagka ang daing sa ingay ng ulan ay maging mahina't ibig nang panavvan sambitin mo lamang ang Kanyang pangalan at kasfama mo siya kailan pa man... 0 mariotolentino nothing has changed. . the asphalted road, the barbed walls, the flower boxes and the firetree. . . all of them are familiar to me. we enter the forbes gate and i marvel at the magnificence of the newly-constructed education building. no wonder it was designed by no less than architect BILLY PANGANIBAN. there were some improvements within the university but the memory of my high school days still lingers. we proceeded to the third floor where i was supP0Sed to ehF0ll Thy yeuhg lO0y- ah, the place is sweltering with anxious parents with their innocent kids. waiting seems unbearable. my little boy held onto my pants and started asking questions. "father, did you study here?" "yes, my boy. this institution has given rise to many great men and women," i answered. 'iwhat do you mean papa?" "ay, my boy you're still too young to understand? i decided to buy the latest edition of the daily newspaper to while away the time. it was good to know that our very own former ed-in-chief EDITH ARCEO headed this prestigious paper. she sure is lucky to have for her assistant MAR TOLENTINO. the two indeed belong to the word of leters.. what's this? the president of the phil. mr. NOEL MAGTOTO is planning to make a trip to mainland china for a closer diplomatic relationship. senator VOLTS PABLO seems to disapprove of the president's idea, Wow, this news is something! father STEVE BASILLA is to be installed as the third cardinal of the phil. tomorrow. if only fr. escudero were here, he sure would be happy. turning to the cultural section of the daily, i read that artists EDDIE MELGAR, KN EL KAPULONG and JOJEE SAMALA fweren't these the .same guys who stuck it out with our yearbook?7 are presenting a three-man art show at the hidalgo gallery. well, this seems to be a follow-up of their ,successful show in italy. more tidbits. ALBERT PANCHO, together With RAOUL BUNALES, FIDELITO SANTOS and BOBBY NOVILLA are giving out a concert at the hotel excelsior jointly owned by DAN HERNANDO and ANGEL CRUZ. and what do we have here in the society page? ambassador ALEX BAUTISTA will be hosting a cocktail party in honor of the delegates of the phil. to the u.n. general assembly headed by VAL ALVERO. i was so engrossed reading the dail when my boy inched his way before me. "father, the eI1I'O111'1'16l'liJ is about to Sl22lI't." i had to give in to what he said. i secured a prospectus from the lovely secretary miss ELENITA ISLETA to know more about the procedure. familiar names greeted my searching eyes. the school was now headed by a very competent young lady, our former prexy, miss CLARA REYES. in her staff were included names of outstanding alumnae. Fe LENNIE BARREDA who teaches religion classes. VI GUGOL who is Well known for her lively music lessons, SONNY ENDOZO who is now a well-versed speech teacher and BENNY BONAFE who is the flew SD-ahiSh Seiorita. the teaching bus had really caught this group of wonderful people. i went on to have my young boy enrolled. we were about to go to the book rental section when somebody patted my haek- good to See laWye1' JUN PIMENTEL who was now happily married to 3 well-known fashion model. he was also enrolling his SOI1. I1O wonder the happy look on his face. his wife had just delivered a healthy hahy girl- he WaS Sure thankful f01f the wonderful service of drs. RENE REYES and JAY VALENZUELA and 1'111rSeS DOLLY ISIDRO and JAY MEDINA of St. barbara's hospital. then suddenly my boy held onto me and said, "papa, the books are limited so we better get moving." "i'm sorry my boy. itfs just that i'm too excited. okay, let's go." i had to bid my pal goodbye, but of course not for long. at last we were through. the path for home was long so we started to move along espana st. we were to leave the portals of the university when 1 brushed elbows with the general manager of the phil. insurance co. PAULITO JOSE and his two well-known executives JOEL CRUZ and CESAR JUSAY. i learned that they were on a business talk with the dean of the college of education FERDIE ZAPANTA. espana street had really improved a lot. so, this is the talk of the town... the rosarian building which is called the glory of espana st. f it were not for engineers DENNIS AUSTRIA, NONY MILLARE, DAN RAVAL, VIC PUNSALAN, ED VENEGAS and NES PUNSALAN who had pooled their talents this struc- ture would not had been turned into a concrete reality. and look at this. espaha st. has really become an industrial place. see this chemical plant which i have heard has been producing a new kind of detergent soap. the building that houses the establishment was the creative idea of my old pal architect MAR NABOR ii wonder if he has grown an inch?J. the plant boasts of chemical engineers in the person of ABET ADRE, ANGIE MANABAT, EDAD ALVEAR and LERRY AGUINALDO. no Wonder this product is one of its kind. and what do We have here. it reads.. phil. commercial co... from the transparent windows i could see the general manager ED VILLANUEVA giving out some important points to the company's executive secretary MILA MANGUBAT. this company is on the road to progress. i was so carried away with these things when my boy asked, "papa, why are you so happy 1LOday?" "my son, knowing that my former schoolmates are at their glory gives me a feeling of con- tentment and happiness. someday, you'll feel the same way too." the cold wind blew... i opened my eyes only to find that my wandering, pen had invaded once more the world of imagination and make-believe. i am here, sitting at the fides office, scribbling some lines. but who can say if tomorrow these things will find reality? nobody exceptXSOMEONE up ther . so, i'll be praying earnestly and will be waiting for that much-waited day. 0 dmjimenez thonette abella, bequeath my pair of "naipit na kuko" and lovely hair to cecilia estipona. nhenee abello, bequeath my fondness for "sugar and spice" and all things sour to rene goce. rhoy abuel, bequeath my "Sidney poiter" com- plexion and everything i learned from the language of love to alfredo mayonte. rhitz acupanda, bequeath my san-miguel beer bottle-like body to bernardine caguicla. mabelle adeva, bequeath my dangling bangs and my being too photogenic to flor abuan. aebette adre, bequeath my title as "sahig can" of 4e2 to joe legaspi. cynth afable, bequeath my turtle-like move- ments to elena campillanes. fhelie agbulos, bequeath my 'abe lincoln" body plus my talents in history to eleonor zapanta. beekeey agudo, bequeath my itchy tongue and my love lsighll for math to carolina dela cruz, ghama aguila, bequeath my big mouth and close-up smile to nilda aquino. lehreeh aguinaldo, bequeath my cute height and well-modulated singing voice to edna taguinod. lena agustin, bequeath my computerized brain to nelia que lwhatl ltingco. tehsee alambra, bequeath my punctuality and my history notes to corrine garcia. juicee alday, bequeath my 'ay mall!" expres- sion to minnie arambulo. lowell alonzo, bequeath my groovy but childish mannerisms to pilar flores. edad alvear, bequeath my dribbling fana- ticism and fantastic sportmanship to noel manabat. bhal alvero, bequeath my very noticeable nose and escaping saliva Whenever i talk to dodie taguinod. hadah ambubuyog, bequeath my sensitive skin and slim body to aurora apelo. marischa andaya, bequeath my indian skin and my packs of "dilis" to rosalie odchimar. aechelle aoanan, bequeath my queenly fea- tures and actuations to elfleda serrano. dheng aquino, bequeath my piles of emily loring's pocketbooks and my machine-run mouth to theresa gitana. rhey aquino, bequeath my inclinations to the "bomba" and my "skills" in billiard to chit reyes. dzodzo arcadio, bequeath my artificial actua- tions that make me unique to carlito casas. dheedeith arceo, bequeath my impregnable pen and my undying love for odds and ends plus my ultimate poise and manners to loreto galang. mahnie arciaga, bequeath my everlasting love for physics and literature to abe pagulayan, jr. winnih arias, bequeath my stolen glances to passing pogis to annabella vergara. dennis "the menace" austria, bequeath my bewitching smile that allows my teeth to be adored by everybody to angie manalo. -XXVANY - behert bacungan, bequeath my gigantic "ulo" that contains the memory that i have the most glaring color to nady tablante. ptesh baguio, bequeath my tapering fingers and accurate solutions to math problems to estrella perez. bhebhot baisa, bequeath my shapely pair of legs that always form a right angle to ma. norma plata. loleetz balaoro, bequeath my continuous com- petition with the coop and my hawaiian steps to eloisa badiola. nahny balingit, bequeath my radicalism and low-pitched voice to conrado flores. phey barreda, bequeath my unpararellecl ser- vices to the sca to ana encarnacion. steve basilla, bequeath my fame as the num- ber one clinic goer and my long lasting scouting spirit to jong magkasi. alecks bautista, bequeath my funny speech defects and my never-shined combat boots to roger del rosario. precie bautista, bequeath my extra-large, robot-like head to edna pastoral. babz biunas, bequeath my unequalled judo tactics to marina leonor. benee bonafe, bequeath my fashionable hand- bags and my latest hairdos to Clarita ratuita. nelee buco, bequeath my sweetest smiles that make boys sigh to lourdes claudio. etchos buenconsejo, bequeath my make-up kit and well-shaped baba to carolina de lara. rhaoul bunales, bequeath my hair that has never been cut and shampooed to jimmy dayanghirang. chit burguete, bequeath my 'ohs" and "ahs" and sighs and smiles to marisa sansano. albie cabagay, bequeath my fondness for cut- ting classes to pidarida aguinaldo. ishtarr cabral, bequeath my british accents and my methods in tackling homeworks to carmelita espiritu. else cachero, bequeath my generosity in giving papers during tests to Cynthia castro. tetchie tcaleon, bequeath my camay soap for a lovely skin to luisita peralta. sahlee calilung bequeath my aquiline nose and coca-cola body to aurora apelo. cedric calsado, bequeath my irregular attend- ance in class to gamy gonzaga. nowell capili, bequeath my sexy swaying hips made sexier by my only pair of levi's pants to ed bas. creesh castill, bequeath my simplicity and tenderness to luisa lagman. cynth cortez, bequeath my ambition to be the goddess of the ramp to virginia barrio- quinto. eingel cruz, bequeath my Ubalbonicity' to arman prieto. dyoel cruz, bequeath my girlfriends fall of theml and my newly baptized moustache to dante mesina lhow luckyll. hozey dela cruz, bequeath my teeny Weeny almond eyes to carmelo gorozpe. leez dela cruz, bequeath my "meek as a lamb" attitude to arlene mattus. -an .-f ,2'fV'!l y Ig fl in H I Q iid cumento, bequeath my enchanting set of i, virgil gonzalez, be f mgtm wgos' and false teeth to maury tan. :4qqe 'durog' style 11.1y0t. ' huwanitz david my . CUNY Shiv gow, Y and lashes and tress i, :1E-lt healthy body ared g lavada. 'nnql Nluti 2 bnnn HQQ: t - i Jeena goye g ' n t', mhaflyn davl ieaih my .. and my r ms .,.t 'cofluemsh ma- 'ihefes yf--:, i i, marylhen Sf , ga 3- .,.e ' it dyarileeh at my gmt looks 1'b?EElSZre0 "nyt when ,tbz velyn sangalang. to theresa gal l "K' ' i zzzi leetah diaz, y optimistic red rose ij czenee guiag, tiz f Cheeks to tri y uan- mum and veto bet. dino, bequeath t y unsurpassed. hap- 1, blessie guttierez, piness when recess comes to ma. victoria Shocking colors to dedicawfia- i, doecie guttierez, bequeat l l i f Q his meiree oats dominguez, bequeath my being Walk to Hwayway Verga g S Q Q first and foremost when it comes to debate i, eve de guzman, bequeath my Y I to editha doma- flesh that are too shy to Af ldy bouly donato, bequeath my electric-chain i, jossie de guzman, bequeath my for-lizards hair to glen dela unde. fashioned dresses to Ijzbeth it lzqiiizz 'S tehd eguia, bequeath my dfeaffl sequences, ii leadyah de guzrnan, bequeath ili ix some parts of which are shown in class to for chocolates and Candies and yi Willie romero. to gene gonzalez. " ' ' ,E i sohni endozo, bequeath my love for numbers 1, Shalom hagosojoslbequeath my dark almgj d and girls to severo ungria. dohli enriquez, bequeath my blurred, very old and dying eyeglasses to estrella delovino. ethay enriquez, bequeath my history and physics notes to robert punsalan. mhon estrada, bequeath my unconquerable appetite for mamon and hopia to anthony gonzalez. liinih fajardo, bequeath my corny jokes and love for parties and outings to imelda perez. tesa fernandez, bequeath my aspiration to possess the loveliest legs to norma plata. kleowphe francisco, bequeath my brand new underwears to lourdes santos. ferdie frias, bequeath my lilliputian ancestry to conrado flores. elveeh galang, bequeath of alaska that never galang. dowlee gaman, bequeath borrowed from maya my cans and cans get sour to loreto my smiles which i Valdez to carolina sunga. fortyoon garcia, bequeath my piles and packs mallari. of love letters to eddie leita garcia, bequeath my literary and noisical inclinations to carmelita diaz. . glowray garcia, bequeath my eye-catching and splendid beauty to catherine malonzo. big ben garcia, bequeath my alias Hgaspar- tacus" and my skills in boxing ball to ariston gesmundo. sammy garcia, bequeath my "if it's you they're talking about" personality to rosy pardiel. tesshe garcia, bequeath my provocative giggles in class to ruth reyes. eyes that tell no lies to eufemio lazaro. so i, esturr hermosura, bequeath my dark, floitlggf ing hair to helen doria. , Fi P 1, amelie hernanaez, bequeath my :p erm if beauty to lydia bombon. ' I i, dahneeh hernando, bequeath my :'xl N,:: loyalty to the bomba pixs to roge limban. x 9' i, marshy ignacio, bequea xqq! V.,, m y trembling f shocked body durin e ions to ciano ocampo., i, dyoon inciong, bequeat 5" ell med sideburns to ar i, mharlah intal, bequea glll activi- ties and know-how latest to antonina villanueva. i, dohly isidro, bequeath i'51: itiiii posture and enchanting beauty ncarnacion. i, alyn isleta, bequeath my cream com- plexion and self-adored, tching femi- ninity to elfleda i, sinth itchon, bequeath my extra-towering height to elenita arteta. i, moonching jimenez, bequeath my light that's been reflected from the to 6fI'SI1 salvador. always go pffft to fredo golez. i, lytoe jose, bequeath my goddam that never click to lito manalo. I E i, czeshar jusay, bequeath my kinky, micliqst 3 jackson hair to josefp carpio 111. i i, eprain laihee, bequeath my well-built 5 husky body to amado gascon. i, toe-knee laihee, bequeath my lips that never fail to smile even for a single moment to lhjed gesmundo, bequeath my scales and tail Perez- which 1 inherited y 'srandcrowdile' gl lagmay, bequeath my beethoven in- to angeles mendoza F .1 ced compositions to 1 195- ,l . i"' i marrlalene gitana, silence lao, bequeath . . "":' - ailveness to 132- X Spafklmg H325 . -:1l .l.,,,l ,.,' bequea ecious " 1, loots -::-l bautis isa Da ,,,, , ....f .tttt .W an t.,t:, M' i, rowgear jimenez, bequeath my identitfg E ' robot plus my predictions on karera fi I as r K . is rl lil L -iff ti?:Fill-iiiiifexiige A 5 l iid ij lg! Q :,.,, 1' ,NSE Q if: l Z cony limfueco, bequeath my blue, haunting that goes well with my Hbandila ng kata- 5,2 and sparkling eyes to tereslta lopez. kawan" to brenda carassco. 3 g I lielld-21 1i0I1g, bequeath my C00KiHg abi1ity,my i, bohlong medina, bequeath my bruhit "bari- 5' I 1 M EI cakes and "baSoong" to stella maddela. len" beauty and attractive "bariless" j 5 bendjie llaguno, bequeath my predictions to eloisa badiola. K i for tomorrow's daily double to edgardo del i, ehddie melgar, bequeath my face, it pilar. figure Qwowiell plus my paintings an 5 hammy lloren, bequeath my beauty queen ings to edmundo dantes. title and my pair of tantalising eyes to i, bickee memije, bequeath my inviting A ,, rosalie odchimar. and seductive looks to flordeliza abuan. 5 philipha lorenzo, bequeath my Hdalagang i, aurhea meudoza, bequeath my Well-planned , piliplnay' features to ma. theresa veguillas. schedule of studying for numl K::::..:q:.A.q in Vlqqzll zlg Ezzg 5 jowrdz lutap, bequeath my light green, greener bers and statistic Q 5 and Sfeennest iokes to eerie Weldon- L fhemandow of , seashelli macabenta, bequeath my 'social com- racing tips and ileo. mitments' and my "de Guam" Sitting if gnome miuafe' aww Q position to marina leonor' and my tons an and small but cute body to mirasol fernando. i, zynt monsalud, ong, bam konii magat, bequeath my unauthorized sheets like pair of ancheta. of paper to noerni macasinag. i, marylin ,,,, h my curly hair heeldah magat, bequeath my lollipops and and malayan o eleonor zapanta. roses and my schoolgirl complexion to i, mhar nabor, my little-School-boy theresa aguirre. appearance abadilla. maknee magat, bequeath my numerous i, ellen eath my wonderful vital bunches of "tigidigs" to aristogerson ges- StatiStiCS to 'U91'CSi'C21 magat- mundo, i, amelita my fave subjects... rhey magat, bequeath my Hjabbar height" and to blanche bautista. unbeatable "katakawan" to homer vargas. i, be my unbelievable hellen magkasi, bequeath my femininity when Si0lJHO and dlkyam walking and my meekness when tg pilar ffanclscgl vig! 6 5 l, ath my one afld only rhodowra magnaye, bequeath my Sx- a to manny buncab. complexion and harboring" bu 1, incomparable me- mineyva arambujo, notes to emma de guzman. tesshie magpantay, bequeath my bequeath my dull and rusty and my favorite expression carries my military inclinations Cmay auto na, maatik pal to ma. ajo. if reyes. kncu magtcto, bequeath my "ta yon" Ona, bequeath my loud and deafening which i wore in the "riot,' to iihah- Q "'i ' :" ' Whispers to edwin Verceles- tud. knowell magtoto, bequeath my acting power she ls h my lovel F ,-, :.- " : " iZ'iI"T-:.'i:5f::f, K 1, chitoeh ongpauco, bequeath my very keen sense of humor to enrico garcia. , i, rhoes pascual, bequeath my alias "giggle joe" and too masculine a oice to louise W i. Vh0ltZ P3b10, bequeath my 1011013 C16-HI' and an richie maik, my Soma g . announcer-like voice to dodie taguinod. mysterious smile Esz :.K'f' I it i" 1, halbirth pancho, bequeath my taylor style ze-knee malan, of singing that made me popular all around voice and 1 daph I the campus. to rolando lomboy. ' l andgee inana ge 1, byllie Dangamban, bequeath my music mind- and victor gg tgw. con ,.,.. edness plus my ability to handle musical aeleez m ' g yth tmy instruments fat the same time! tor rolly 1 baluyot. labrador g fk ' marittessh manalo, bequeath my bags of "kalokohans" and my potentialities as a cheer leader to leonor vergara. wyly m fwgkliml bequeath my canyon-deep dim- ples viqzfiiyf 5, love song to rey encarnacion. meelah il fy t bequeath my gentle voice ji'f"'f1'Q'W 1-IM s to corazon guillermo. il, mnmgw ,bequeath my "iraps" and ff Nw if 1 o joey legazpi. 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M bequeath my terrific penman- 'V xtra high pitched voice to jose- 'Llfi 1 I jwi atsamura bequeath my artistic feet .i:5'Wi':" . . -. is 1: -. - ' 4 5 3.1 4 :- ii- .z"iiz"." ..i, 9 1. 15 ,5 iiiq' fh '2,3i'lqi'- : riiii aim if i .Mai : ??If4?,Q5'5.i,fE : iii? is :f'5".: Qteiagzgg-'gif 'mia ,gi ii tile! 1 ,ii 4551455 W2 ' li 'mf il 'I 4 55:-135543 , ittli i 1 it , ,, Wt- -9 1 M ' ei 11 Q L- ti i-'ut gaifigix il 1-2 3, ii- the-1 1 of 4h2 to antonio hizon. i, bendye peralta, bequeath my appearance in the supper laff-in to elfledo manansala. i, bhess peralta, bequeath my singing voice and my special notebook filled with the lyrics of my fave songs to elena campillanes. i, furhing perez, bequeath. my height that helps me hide from my teachers easily to carme- lita villacorta. i, peps pimentel, bequeath my concealed but ultramicroscopic secrets to cris malong. i, mahanie pingol, bequeath my interest for mongo and ukoy that made me a samson jr. to jaime guilermo. 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D3B1d0f1- i, loleetz villanueva, bequeath my monop01y of i, edilbrown santos, bequeath my not so dark selling second-hand shoes to ma. theresa , but quite dark skin fhonestly i'm dark! to francisco. pedrito bajar. i, They villanueva, bequeath my one and only i, ellynore santos, bequeath my outmoded pride-my 11056 750 1'0m11e femandez- I "maria clara" looks to jasmin diaz. i, sohnee zapanta, bequeath my awards, merits, i, leetoh santos, bequeath my unbelievable honors and my Slleflce 111 Class to Vlcente growth as a big man to lauro gretona. parmisano. a bright sunny morning welcomed us here in manila. it is really nice to be back home. hmmm! the beauty of the is so heavenly. after being away for so long in connection with my research Work in mindanao for the philippine atomic energy agency, it is so nice to be back. together with me in the ship were engineer FERDIE MESINA, professor MABEL ADEVA, dean of the college of arts and sciences of the mindanao university and TESS GARCIA, a college professor in the same university. an invitation for the wedding of a filipina international beauty queen AMY LLOREN had brought us back in manila. we later found ourselves comfortably riding in a special bus which was to take us to the malacanang palace. we were warmly welcomed by his excellency, president DANILO JIMENEZ and executive secretary NOEL MAGTOT0. they were expecting us since the day before, i later learned. and. . . oh!! senate president ALBERT BACUNGAN and speaker protempore REY VILLANUEVA were also there to meet us. there also came justice secretary GAMA AGUILA. We had a nice time exchanging pleasantries and "chismes" t that. then we decided to go to the makati medical center to visit the first lady. the president informed us that she had been sick for the past days. wow, this hospital is a magnificent edifice! thanks to architects FRANCO MANLAPAZ and ROS PASCUAL and to engineer JIM INCIONG. they truly poured all their efforts towards success. ' as we stepped in the lobby, i saw a number of doctors on their way to meet us. wait a minute... are they?? yes! i can still remember! they are doctors JIMMY LACSON, LEN DAYAO, BEBOT BAISA, BERNIE MAGALONG, ROGER VELASCO that.. JON-JON SUAREZ? that's him alright. look at my dear high schoolmates. they look so gorgeous with those White uniforms and stethoscopes around their necks. tsk! tsk! let's see...there is also a group of nurses over there beside the information desk. and... hmm .. that's NENE ABELLO and TESS ALAMBRA together with JOSIE GUTTIEREZ, NITS DAVID, JESS GOPEZ, ROSLEEN ROCA and MARILYN GRANADOS. there's also ZENY GUIAO and CONY LIMFUECO. iwonder what they are talking about. here comes the head nurse ELENN NAGUIT with asst. JHEN VALENCIA. it's good JHEN saw us. oh gosh! she can never forget me. they are now all here to join us. well, well guess what happened next. of course women's weakness. . .chatting. we were about to enter the elevator when a group of young men entered the lobby. i see them now. they are press secretary NARCISO TUD, secretary of defense EDDIE DONATO, secretary of public Works REY SAN AGUSTIN and finance .secretary BENJIE LLAGUNO, all of whom were also going to visit the first lady. it was dr. ED CUMENTO and nurse CECIL MACABENTA who led us to the first lady's suite. Well, nothing to Worry about... she's perfectly alright. ' back to the palace we went where we were served a sumptuous lunch. we later engaged in a light discussion. the place, the president told us is being decorated by interior designer and at the same time fashion model ELSINORE REMOT. the president had to leave us for a while to meet the basketball delegation which will soon be off for japan olympics. its is captained by U0 1655 than MARIO MARASIGAN and RUBEN GARCIA. remember Our VEl'y 0Wl'1 basketball iIltI'aI1'lS'? V we had to proceed to our hotels. we were dead tired. the next day We had to wake up for the wedding of the year. we donned our best bib-and-tucker. and off we were to the manila cathedral. the place was sweltering with people. as we were about to enter, a blue cadillac stopped and who can it be but our good friend engineer FIDELITO SANTOS. he was one of the principal sponsors. i also saw over at the other side professor GLORIA GARCIA and CYNTHIA CORTEZ. the affair was also graced by another beauty queen, miss MARISSA SANCHEZ. amidst elegance' and solemnity, the bride came in her fabulous gown. no wonder it was designed by coutorier YAY MATSAMURA. i spotted her somewhere in the front seats. the ceremony began. the mass was conducted by archbishop WILFREDO MANALO. it was good to know professor RITA ACUPANDA and engineer REY MAGAT were the candle sponsors, secretary CYN AFABLE and businessman OJAC CASTRO, veil sponsors, while for the cord were radio operator RIC MAIK and miss AECHELLE AOANAN, another beauty queen. the reception followed at the hotel elegancia, the plushiest hotel in town managed by JOEY ONGPAUCO. lin the dining hall i met a lot of interesting people. there came a group of ladies approaching our table are JOJO ARCADO, TESS BAGUIO, SALLY HAGOSOJOS, DONNIE MANALO and REYES. i learned that they were working together in a chemical laboratory. they're lucky to be together. on the other table we saw someone Waving to us. well, that's none other than WINNIE ARIAS who owns the largest supermarket in town. and sitting beside me was captain EMMANUEL ARCIAGA of them.s. presidents lines. he would be bringing the newly-Weds on a cruise, i was told, While pilots MANUEL MAGAT and BENJIE NGO would captain the plane which was to bring the couple to their new home in new york where the groom would be working. i found out that the affairwas being covered by society editor RHODIE MAGNAYE' of the daily news. she sure is working hard. with all these people around i can't but remember the good old days in the ehs. those were lovely days. the afair was half-through when someone tapped me on the shoulder. well, maybe another old time friend. but why is she in white toga? oooppps! it's now my turn to receive my diploma and to think... all those were dreams. i almost forgot that it is our graduation day and i'm still here in the auditorium. tsk! tsk! my mind really works but anyway, i still see hope beaming on the faces of the new graduates. and as we push onward, i do also hope that these will not be mere dreams, but they will someday turn into sweet reality. after all, it had been a nice 'wonderful experience on my part, and... IT ALL HAPPENED ON THAT WONDERFUL GRADUATION DAY!!! O milagrosmangubat QF HU92 suvmzme H-SQDEHT councn. gofden Wiafsbal Wnzf ehqleeth i. arceo editor-in-chief reneeh reyes - sohnee endoxzo semor asso. edltor Senior news ed1t0f Q at SS 2? E fi 3 5 as iw 5, at my Ik! as 352 S22 25' w l w w 4 I 1 1 ?' ? 5- P hess Clu C 'b .i-1-in -.. ... L-iq. .2-1 ii- 9-L-1:1 f Kpdatro 5 .vgsvzilizzf :Es 1iif.2aiE?af!iFiff 5 . . 1 if I . ii 9 my . E .K H1 N Q l pf--6:12-' '2f.,.:m:,g,:f... Z! 4 is I 6 1 5 , Q A' nf i H 1 1 W film! l 'V'!f?s5s!f. E1: Q is SEE . 1 ,gggiiii - : aa: asv, ik A 'f,-.L...- 4 , G Q ., , A H 1-- :IL 'Qff2 W .,.f EQV, 11i2" Q is J m m M. 113 9 61 Q iff-'23 Qff f f 2 Q 1 Q fft , ,, E i 3 A 1 X Qc N X gwmwww I... ay "M"'-MMM E! ' wwmw Mmfmmmww-W i ..,,,. W. Pg ? I 1 I E . 1, ,Y YW 3 1 f F f ' 1 I 1 A 1 1 3 .I 4 N F! 1 1 ! 1 Q i 1 l Q l Q 5 E E i A 3 Q l V 1 I l X 2 3? fi ai 1 E , 3 E s . X I i K , W ll-llilllll i17T7 'iiY'i iw, -,i , , antonette abella y dato :" " 23 k-2nd kamuning 17 april, 1955 . 015' victo 17 pi 17 janua udo villa ando eduardo alvear y alberto iftilifn P argal st. sampaloc manila 19-a camerino st., project 4 q.c. 1 1955 24 march, 1954 t N -1 H -r-1'f 2.g5a..:i " 4 L, iigjtgqhi 9,-tx , ,-Mii,iii,ii ' . .-ig. ,it ,n .mn - Q-.-ti., 'L 'E 74 . r , t , , - W .wa ' 1 ,lgv 1 tw 1 1, 5 i ttf 'Q it it i, nl , 4 1. . 2 ,L .. ai: li in 12. .it manila manila san isidro, nueva CCIJH Hmbltloni to be among the ambition: lif be a cpa ambition: to be an engineer motto: is better felt b motto: love those who love you motto: golde xi ule activities: secretary: golden marshals member: glee member: batt. comdr.: ustepmt sca A : L . i ii president: 1V-S2 , , gg gamahel 3 Y chairman: athletic carmima abello t orenzana 12-a eject 4, .c. committee-ssc tl . - tml' 1 q 46 road 2 bagon g ag-asa, quezon city 15 decemb i chess club 2 march, 1956 gi mabmi, 1 ,, -6 manila 'ti ambition: a t a lawyer . ambition: to be all essful nurse iinotto: , born to love and alvefo Y ma1'C05 motto: golden 1 9d estreua blvi-1" .san anton member: sca member: 'Qi ess clu vr11age,.,3115ak.9Ll. i .. ' bating november, 1955 ' royden abuel y tawataw tit kapiaanang H nila i 4 k-ith kamuning, quezon city i lg, sca to be a simple and practical 3 august, 2 iiti 1 -d - ld , b ":: ltlzen quezon city fi' CU 3 aguma, Ol '1' I not be sorry for honors ambition: in be an engineer it 936 ma. cristma st., sampaloc, manila but do not belong motto: honesty is the best policy in 26-94-48 jg member: math club in 26 Jalnuary, 1956 ac iwitiesz club sca 3 lf? m an! ffl , , it c arer ' iii ambition: to be a chemical engineer iii ub, debating club margarita acupanda y acosta ti motto: insist on your ow if you ifmberi S 866 galicia st., sampaloc, manila k110W YOU are E 1911191110 21 february, 1955 li member: glee Club manil? it it drama club 0 ambition: to be a teacher 'ii , math club ':':' ' ""' : y .e motto: golden rule 'tn SCH 41 01-C' member: kapisanang pilipino k2dHt1'0 sea . , , ptember, 1955 agustm y lagunero i t zon Cin, maribel adeva v saladaga roms' quezon my bitioni to be, fi' mifse 1 san jose st., frisco, quezon city 65 1955 igi ottoz sxmphcmty 15 beauty 29 december, 1955 maui? ti' ember: chess club ' ambition: a c a manila 1 tt ' cl ' ll th t concerns 1 i 1 Sea ambition: to be a well-distinguished mo 0' W 015 a a - . . . doctor A mo ot what people 'fhlnk imaria luisa andaya y smgh motto: if there's a will there's a member: Sea gf .310 f. n121I'iVG1CS St-, I11aI1d8111Y011g, TIZH1 b way teresita alam y agbunag ii5:'S'2j"S?E1ary 1957 mem er: Sca 99 san jose e ro' 8 c 5 : 1 " 1 P 3- 1 Cl' : , 1 - V math club 98-91-53 3 , 3 pasay' Clty d t rama c - d inn 26 october 5 in 7 l'l'1b1tl0n- 'go bgeblaorgdaccountant an o u zon S . norberto adre y umandal H gnfbino take nn nursing i t tto: silent waters run deep b-7-b up employees village, d1l1man, q.c. inotioi o if Others, can, wvhy Canq i ber. sca itagglguary' 1956 Science Club el aoanan y rosario ' ili ino . . ambition: to be a chemical engineer lggslsanang P p StU1'13S St-, S3111Pa10C, 111311113 motto: we must be in this world but 31 1956 not out of this world ina de alday y cedeno man" member: glee club insurance st., gsis village, proj. 8 q.c. I to 'Cake UP a-b- mass CQTUP1- chess Club , -04-66 motto if others can, why cant 1 math club 25 march, 1955 activi : editorial asst.: fides '72 C th. fbi h h candelaria, quezon iiecretaryi bglee club YH la 3 3 C Y ao CTO Qi 1 ambition: to be a nurse and to go mem Tama Cu 43 jesus st., san francisco del monte, qig abfgad kadatro 23 dt-3C9111bGT, 1954 ggi motto: to love and be loved X SCH 111192912 olty member: drama club if . iw . ,bi ambition: to be a secretary i K Sea amellai ulno y i Ong It motto: a man IS known by his C lin- . 33 mafi g Sf-, DFOJGCY 2, quezon C1 Y pany 1 if louclla alonzo y diaz 14 ju1 iiY 1955 kr fl . - 1 fl: . if V benefits st gsis villa e c member. sca li 50 , -1 3 1 q- - manl . , i . i if 23 January, 1957 tii f tn: to stay young. and beautiful feliciana agbulos y elborm in mayantoc, tarlac A 1 live and let live 939 batanes st.. sampaloc, manila i1mb1tl0UI to be of SSFVICC to mankind er: sca zo 'une 1955 and 10 God manila if's a will, there s a ato aqumo y espmosa ambition: to be an accountant math club a-28 progect 6, quezon city motto: honesty is the best policy drama Club 19 december, 1955 member: sca ca manila W 'izi ...,. . ,.., , ll- C I . .,.. 1 .11 11193 512 ui ambition: to be an then 11 1 1 jocenette arcadi , it if 33 bignay st., ' ,:,: qutqi, 1 24 april, 1955 ,1 1 1 2 1 1 1,11 zamboanga de 1 1 1 V 1 activities: tre member: sca WI, 5, M1111 2 1111 11511 :111R111-151 11 1 . 1 df? 1 1 scien Tig 1 chess E 1 eclitha arceo y 1 K G Q 1 8 auditing rd. gsis vil gem: ,an citvt 97-15-62 29 september, 1955 manila '11 ambition: ai to be somebody in the medical world ,1 shower love for love is motto: G0 activities: editor-in-chief-rosarian, fide vice-president- math club. vice-president-chess club chairman-ssc cultural co mittee 31 E Y11 chairman-drama club de as rations committee 11 sca debating club 1, science club kapisanang pilipino kadatro member: emmanuel arciaga y flores 7 pilases drive, susano st., novaliches, quezon city 1 ,Mag ffgi aclingaii y caluya esteban basilla y biglaen Sl-1 teach'-5,5 Vlllage, q-C. 65 jose abad santos, heroes hills, quezon 111 11" 11 11. 11 1 1 P1111 W 119 l 111 11211911.15 1 3 1511311153 nl 1 1,11 1 1 11 '42 11..11..s 111-Q1 1:11 1. 1 1111- r.t,:. 1-11,-11 ,,-,- 1, , , 1955 ,..., 1. 1 1 : "" 1 " 1 'fa 1 1 1 1 '11 1 0 be re m 1 get: 11 4 1. .1 .,1,: 1 E.. ,,, . .1 1 , 1 3 5 21 s 1 f: all ake I engineer a li We Riff-515 ' .1g!.s2"i'i1?3- 1 . 1 11111 1 w hat wc, Z I 1. ee cl ,119 1, , 111 311 E 1 11, bat if 1,f51,?Q1x,1 , 11 11 .1 c e '11, M1123 ,, 11111111 1,, 53,11 111 1111191111 11111 j 1,g"11,i131E 11 X I Q 111,151 I f 1 . 1 1 11 11 Q . , 1 1 11 -111 1111 11 '17 1 A 1 1:9111 111-1 11, 1. 1 1211110311 1 1 5 1 l Q 1 1 41 '- gl 11 3 111 , 1111131 1 T H1512- ,1,-,:,1,.111l , 1 11 1 1 1121 ' 'fimemberz I 1 -1 af 1 1 1'5'11aa1-'Sabi -1 1 1 1 ' ' 1 1 11 1 I 573 1: 111 1 1 U 1. 1 411 . 1 1' 1143411 i 1 '11-PKEEJWE :i' :-EI? . 1 fl! feng ' 11 311 WEQ11 1110261112 2 1 1 1 If 1 1 1. 1 11 " 31:1 3:23 ,:..,,:- 1111: 1.a:..1a1111 1. 4111 111 ,.-1,111.1 1 -111,-111 1 Q -1,1111 .1 1111111 1 , 1 , 1 1 1 1. 3311151 B 'f,! 1:1 111131 5 1 1 1 1 1 111 Q21 1 1 11-1. .14 1 fa1?Z:,11 - ' 5111 i1,'f 11 11 1 . 1111 11.111, 1 11 1 lolita galgoig 1 1 1 g .1 11 ,. -3 3 '111 1, 15, J , f 11 13 1 , N fs 4111 1 1 1 1.-1311? 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 115' 1 I 1 I 1 1 H 1 1 H11 15 5' K1 1 if ,Fi 11 1' 1 :rl 1 1 f '111' " 1 'E 2 l ,. , FH 1 1 1 11 KOA? 1 51 1 u 11 1 ,1 1' 'vu 1 1 1 1 1 5 Q Q , 1 1- 1 1 1 1 f H Q 1 gl ly r 1 1 1 E E M 1 1 1 . L SK., Ui Z at 1911 ia 11 1 . 1 5 1 1 ,1.. ..3 1,, ,, , , 111,aet1151. 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UIGSH, manila motto: for every past there is a girl motto: 1 0'?i'05 , member: kapisanang pilipino activities: 1 -1u.Y: 1904 debating club, drama Club member! 111 5151 a 1 mm 1 . . , , 1 1 Egg 1 b1t1on: to achieve the impossible VV1lhCll'I'l1l'l?'8I'l2S y lete- i , x I 4 K g-1 1,103 it is better to have loved and, 13'a pmmlfu' San francisco del monte' maria 11 1 ' 11- 10511112111 never to haw? loved 97ig?,fn city 1 1 5 ,111 'esz Eliaiiiiian - socio-cultural 12 march, 1956 mam " 1 ' S section, sca manila G president-iv-sl ambition: to be a business manager q,,,: "'i 1 central judo club m0tt01 10119 means halfmg tu Say its 11 alright In 1 1 . bfmafe 1' mercadcr activities: circulation manager-rosa Agwg st., sampaloc, manila rian . S 1 29' :"': - ' editorial assistant-fldes '72 secretary-iv-sl E ,.... A , ., 533521 ififi Q 1 . '0 be 3 member. sca R Q Y 91 W1 X ' nurse l math club ' -E , 1 1 H y and try until you succeed drama Club A in 11 E it ' - khess Club I . . 1 1 1 a isanan ii ' dzmte austria y lardizabal ' "::"' 'f :Ea i 1 drsma clfb p pmo 5 batay street, cubao, quezon city 3 11 1 11 if sca 27 april. 1955 - 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 :- .b I ambition: to be an engineer - Q it zbbl n diego st.. sampaloc. manila motto: to err is human to forgive? 1955 5 is divine .. 1 ila member: glee club - 5? g mbition: to be a chemical engineer Ch0SS Club . iiii' ' 1 1 Ky- motto: try and try until you succeed drama club 1, A member: kapisanang pilipino 3 :l':f 1 135 in, Q.. 2 H W ,... . .F . .. .13 he te s .-.fl 1 1 ,Q , 1 B ' Qt- I tixvyt' H . ::tttff::i'S- ifagf ' tt H ":' tt tt' to its 1 1 t at it 1 , in ti 5 X b"::' ---:Q 1954 . . 5. ,, 1 X C U i :,. :-: 2 g H :,. 5 be Sl1CC0SSfU1iD1if6 Q """ K 1' 5 Q 5015011 F1110 L. ,gg at ::'1' ,,:,,,. 1.55 :IP ':"'f" :": i t 'ig :Q: : sea E tg Eg- if 1' M ,, . ..,,,:. 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Silence club zzl administra- xgtttmtonl in strength there is unity H albiha cabagay y Castillo . estehta dl2Z y Calupad - l it 611-a kundiman st., sampaloc, :ZV tzzfiiatilbtlglgx 1513 milagfosn sf" Santa cruz' mamla 60-04-06 ::,. - "'1 "43'94'89t 07 44 22 03 1:3 roxas, oriental mindoro t Q t" dasmarmas, cavite I if ambitimu to btttmt 3 Stttttssfttlit 5 amgttttttt bfh Successfulvdgythceaifktuff fl biologist samp., manila U10 03 1 0 GFS Call, . - 3 motto: duty first before pleasui ' -activities: assi treasurer: debating Q tstfttlla Cttbfal Y tttlabttt ..,- f member: math club 55-C kitanlad St-1 0109200 City - ' t kaPiSaI1a11g pilipino 28 december, 1953 nz: fgaguaiieeais chess club San femandot Pampanga ' kadatro , ambition: to reach whatever my Z,,, E Sea IS tt.. - - , motto: what i do is all that 'V W t chZaI?eth.dm0 Xmanaloto . me, not what other pew? 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N 3' motto: face the future with a smile A tefeslta Caleon 5' Vefzosa . ma ifo .:-- :mm 'Wtivitiesr vice-pres-1 debating Club 045 862 balmy St-1 sampaloc, mamla 3992-d tir bert math club mantle 1 ' fi n: fofg ::' ..:....,.. e q Wm drama club .1 motto: equahty for an motto' ' ,r,:,,. gil pilipino 1213 member: glee club memlier' 57 --iV'f- is fm "mmm tw ":' ':,::1 S02 ' 1 ':0:: E :'t 1- -fe.. ,. 0-,..:"r e,:,. , , "" """' ' " " A ,gfim gg .::, f::.1 "" 1,1 ,.-- gi ra I fosalma Callllmg Y agda Cdgardo' ctlmen '1 "::' ., 1460 laong-laan st., sampaloc, manila E538 gftunas sta -:'. ,,.,.,,,. .,,:, ,.:. f 1 at V"' 'f "'VV.,i,Q::,A .qV:i. Q QQ 'vlr ' VV,, 1 11 40-38-O1 ' ' ,-. .f" ' .v:'1"'f: -'Ziff ",' Qi 1 -"' ,:. 11 june, 1954 30 march, 1956 tzgie :::" ,:::" II .." 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N l 2 5 5 : .EL :-' K ' I e t 753 E gm ." t s o assn e ei Si to have tried though t t e failed is a success drama club member: kapisanang pilipino 2 in I :.,:: V 3165! 4 ,.,,,. ,,,, , . t A ,,, ,X t he tt 5 Q 5 X 54, gi 1 . . .... .. .. ..,... .LM ,,... , , ,, H -- -- S t , ,, ,:::, .:... ggg . . 5 Mp? s,e,,.,xg .mit rmtwgtgg .... W ,g,, ,S .Eli e kin, 12 :5 :5'...':::':::'::.gi3,5f- ?i::::5"55'iijE3' :,.5 .:.:E'k.: ::.f .:.:: "Ef55 'uit' Fm 551- gslclgfi' ew H. ,-,v.,.,,?E.:::1.:n-. ,Q ,qt y - . , W -an--V ., ,V , - ,Eu 3 Lgat ass Jw,1"m."m"u 2"' 2: Jw: Qf?-SGW 1-:'::-9: 3 III 62 .. ' i f - f 5 'W 5 tm'?3W'i'v J ---, f -53 , F 1- :.-1.32,-.. ,, .. 52115 .. .M if xi s . new - are' , fa ,M it f t , ,g I hhi , . V En, .... , EE 5? 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M5"""'?"2"" ' uf lost than not to have loved 255 ti S 3 Awww glee club sca mt E .... '.,,. ig M , ,, ..... .s. Awwmmw LM ,miie fiiifzwifieii 114 4 'f' 'iv , Q ig 5 H ,, '91 5+ 41 IM UQ' 1 , 1 ,W V3 Y Q Jy,t,,t W1 so 4,33 2 Mm f es p MVQJ . S mv rw v ww A 2 SEE K pf' 1 L T .v W Qgmwmuw T L m 3 dm .... W5 - fi X' --5' - ,mm W ww we W MEM vwmmfmm' -61. 1 wgissmw fs, M 4' 'aww 4- ,,4q, ,x,T-, nmwmwi. RW e Y W E we-3 ,e W W M4 1 ww ,,,, A ze, z ,.... ' , . , WN H,,.,,,,,x,,HaNv WDM ..,.,-tt-FM' ta- '-m'-- -------gm:-,aa: ,.. ,gems-s:,-as- . ffat.aw1'jfF?"fw?'T" .mlilwzg ,,,. m : W? at all 9 2 'mln -V----ig.-qi. - , .............-...-.-.-MTL........,:,..,--L'g..,: g .. Y...,:.2,. ....-.....--.1 5 K 2255554 lt tl off 5 1 member: sca kapisanang pilipino vilma gugol y valdez 1722 honradez st., sampaloc, manila 61-19-60 14 april, 1956 manila ambition: to be somebody motto: if others can, why can't i activities: pro-drama and pilipino member: sca glee club math club azucena guiao y luntao 265-d mayon st., q.c. someday kapisanang kapisanang pilipino sca amclita hemandez y sta. ana 466 vicente cruz st., samp., manila 5 october, 1954 makati, rizal to be an architect or an interior decorator man is the architect of himself math club drama club chess club kapisanang pilipino daniel hernando y pecho 84 parang st., project 2, q. c. a mbition: motto: member: ,,,..t ,.,, MW 25 november, 1954 W W 98-73-2 f' ' A 5"?E,5i'i::.:w,1::.ili'fs:fig: " is' s-i::.,2f :-'- 25 22 ? ii i--Q' " , 7 - 5 ' 'I if ' ' 2, - i ' . , tt ,. it l is 7 I 1 4- tit' ,. ,.,.. M 'tis , P3 Ot' an engineer , . Q l gmt '11 S N QP ' 'NE-A sf 3 E lavtkllriittt g I . 1 . 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I v 9 2 f ' as memberi SCH H l ' i f 1956 A ' i losephme dqugu gy, 1,5 to be X w gessful in life 1347 405 cast' as St it 2 ld n 9 . 43.47-73 5 ' if 5 P lt 5 go. e : 1 23 t b r 19 55 12? L. 5 . 5 t sclencq E b M5 , ga . , - , ' . ',ss:af1.it29-Zeta . ,H , oc ode ' 7 ly :gg 6 gp 3 l apisanan pup uber? ' 1 , it 1 l it . 1 ambltlonufl lt- 53 ' motto: li ,F 1 Q i 5 53 i 2 at-l..:t-.. . , .ima .-t f Q s . .- Y - Q.. , . , I ,. . .L .sit 1 1 . ...., , t 1 ...t . , 4, ...fb . t . . . , . , x ... ti .n ,.. Q ifl fli - ld it it t .f , 1 .5 .- if 't 31:1 if ,-'1 - 1 7, 1' t 9 if , Z if! 'la , ex. l -at 2 -1 im g! i t 5 1 2 7 t 'pi l if 1 i 2 Ok at life f:"5 4 Hs'a?,2 iQ1.'4"53:1- QU 5 : ' V 3 ' ' ' . ft E 5 653f"ilfi!:' 5. .rt 1 .. lf K portant ' 9 -se 2 , f f 1 1 S5 ii 5 156911 glee Club M 3, 1 K ,- CheSS Club ' ' i rbi it att- - t ana 1 mt 99 i ittee chairman. kapisanang pilipino maria salome hagosojos y ne-rcua 1409 p. leoncio st., sampaloc, manila 27 march, 1954 pasay city ambition: to be a chemist motto: to err is human, to forgive is divine member: sca ester hermosura y orti Z 6963-a bonifacio street. san dionisio. paranaque, rizal 10 april, 1955 manila ' ambition: to be an office manager motto: to loye and be loved activities: secretary: iv-bl member: drama club drama club vice chairman: ssc-complaints St suggestion committee , debating club- kapisanang pilipino kadatro math club science club member: maria elenita isleta y martinez B21 sulu st., sta. cruz. manila 48-81-13 5 april, 1955 manila 0 ambition: motto: member: drama club chess club - kapisanang pilipino ' to be successful in the future simplicity is beauty ' .,..i kadatro sca cvnthia itchon y arcilla 15-a samat st. quezon city 10 july 1955 manila ambition: to be a private secretary and to serve my parents when in rome do what the romans do drama club chess club kapisanang pilipino sca danilo jimenez y melendez 76 liberation st., galas, quezon ci y 29 march, 1955 binma ey, pangasinan ambition: to be the president of the philippines or its prime minister motto: to die is better if failure i must bear activities: president: debating club president: iv- 2 alumni editor: rosarian motto.: member: batt. comdr.. ust p ta- V E A .. apisanang -p' . C- iI1ald0 i"- 2 . . 1 2221: .v::- itionz to a ch :M . 3 hers . --11 1:-sa I 3 ot e S t y ou' ammii - .Q . -' F0 ,,.. 1 0 - , kai 5 o take I Q 0 ve ,Ove activi ' ' '- ' ' 1 . I'6 SLlI'61'. C 'iii-' 51 ":' :i'iii?f5FS S " ' ii i ' "" : ': ' 1 cesar jusay y aguila 1322 algeciras st., samp. manila 20 april, 1955 manila ambition: to be an engineer motto: in unity there is strength flrnel kapulong y dc guzman 1667 cavite st., sta. cruz manila 20-24-16 28 june, 195 manila ambition: to be a successful business administrator good luck is a lazy man s estimate of a worker's suc- : cess staff artist: fides 72 glee club motto : activities: member: jaime lacson 5 manabat 1045 oroquieta st. sta. cruz, manila 49-58-50 12 december, 1954 sta. maria, minalin, pampanga ambition: to be a doctor - motto: sacrifices are gateways to success, . ll l e 4 9 1 9 , -- X - -- 3'?ff'f-7.:.M..M : 1, 1. , 1 X 1. , 'nf' In I I' ali fu , I f 53.1 ! 5 N 1 1 b S 1 tl, 0 S m E E Egg g 1 'A' " ta S is 14:5- 'i J -It 4, qc 5 tm I gi. , 3 1955 t ,g 51 , X ty . 5 ' it 5 ' X 1 fi: I 11, 1 b ' ' M- eil Ori g' ,gags 1 t:"'l' crl lkl' 'samD., manila mmftof Tespe efore is S Q E' I ' t 59 t g 1 rl " ld ll iii at 5 ies up r g en , t X. if A-1 sh 5' ' " 8' :tim tqitt 5 Sayre it 9. 1 ix 2'lX . 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' I Sea sca ,Sl 1 E 766 galicia st., samp., ma. l , , I, Qi le, 25 october, 1955 visitaclon lagmay y raymundo Cecilia macabenta y cane? ig S5 Quenca, batangas camuino st., dasmarinas, cavite 211 road 1, bagong pa ee s mem 1 l ambition: to be a doctor and to go 17 january, 1955 19 november, 1955 1 F fl abroad. cavite manila ' , 5 2 5 to die is to rest rr' ttf 1. il lilo li 1 '::,' : me ' . 1 5 i 5 " ' 1 S, loma q.c. ' ll ka Plll o le 1 ...ll ..,. club 5 s A ' landro lao fl 9 so ,ts E V... y lr 5 M gil , at 1 should be angpolo p,, mla. 1 403 new ':" ! st. so mia. heart and mind 3 m 21956 1 ' , .,.. H 1 '25'77 ..,., "'l H ' 1: 1, i ting 5 7 f 16 apr' 5 5 aieirlllbf to my 1 g manila: . 1 7 at ii :ii , f a -z I , X if ," the Way ambltleh be a do l s' li ber: piupino f otwa l.:. len, , 1 d "" ' t E 5 ,, I-vi: to suffer to live . ' 5 1' gaf 4 Y QPOS o Q 7 1 uviuesz ., ,f th elub 1413 ,. St-, sta. G l El .,,. ,, ,rw li it 1' : ' l 1 1 r 1 7 5: 'lwlif 1 1 . ,, , e ..: S5 5 , 1 .I gi ,LL 3 l We -Z-lille. ' 'lm 'MB Ierce E l 5 . illla l no K':: 2 :::.., 1 ,. ' l 6 P1'ePa"ed .P 11 11, Sf-r uezfm QW 7 5 1 1 Y at W is 3 1 ' M El :Nl 1 oi Hmmm hmfuecd bUlaC2I1 :,, l iI10 8-92-46 -1 :"' P commerce 3 1 8 'l li E li H 't motto: rule a 1 ' ":" ' man! on G be a meme , 5 ' member: 2 , H uyoe ' Ig , Q Ilan ee W collect an d collect friends E 1 sc g I L ..,., , :....,, . 1 :,,.,, ig 1 s I st., tondo, manila WB! . , ,,,,, ' 1 , ,"' Q M 5 -mda -long y ato a .1 1 9 on. to be' a radio operator 11 bicol brigade ave q c m nl? 1 oi tlmo 15 gold 'S ' ' ambition: to take up co f t' 'l' - 1 r 23 se tember 1955 ,, , c lVl ies. c ass p o P , 1 motto: to love and b at N member' chess club t 1 quezoo ol Y member: sca Sea ambition: to take up a.b. mass Q a communication manuel magat y :amos 1 zcnaida malan y Pineda motto: golden rule 3-a lopez st., san monte, 4080 sociego st., sta. mesa, manila member: drama club quezon city 16 february, 1955 kapisanang pilipino 12 january, 1955 9 sta. mesa, manila Sea mnaoilo' pimpbaoga f 1 .1 t ambition: to be a nurse I benjamin ilaguno y navarro am 1 lon' o ooomo .3 success P' P1 o motto: to hve, to succeed and to die . motto: a world without music is a member. Sea 89-a alley 2, prolect 6, q.c. blue meeeies - 4 october' 1954 member: debating club angehta manabat y castro 1 maui? drama club 1766 cavite st., sta. cruz, manila ambition: to be an accountant 21-38-82 motto: to love and be loved reynaldo magat y mata 23 august 1954 activities: class pro 11 tauyan st., quezon city manila ' member: math club . . . oo'18'34 ambition: to take up chemical kapisanang p1l1p1no 7 may, 1956 engineering kadatro Sao folgoel' blgaoan . ' motto: honesty is the best policy sea amgltfoo' to o da? ooigfereu eueeeed activities: class treasurer amalia lloren y sotto mo o' fy an fy u 1 y vice-president: 'drama club 110 scout chuatuco st. roxas, q.c. helen magkasl V salita treasurer: kapisanang 07-55-17-82 1122 musa st., samp., manila P1l1P1I10 2 november, 1955 6-98-43 Pwr CheSS Club manila ' . 15 april, 1955 secretary. kadatro ambition: to be successful in 11fe manila- membefi math club debating club sca science club alicia manalili y villahuya 53 road 13 bagong pag-asa, q.c. , ' NO-AQ' mowcl i fL0wxQ yay matsamura y ventura 255 mayon street, quezon city 1 december, 1955 salvacion, coron, palawan ambition: to be a designer marilyn montoya y gonzales 5-f bautista st. san francisco del monte quezon city 18 february 1955 angeles city ambition to be a mm motto try a motto maria ilk' 8113 nythmg wor g th doing e na naguit y z an a 1 ' eniamin 30 june ambit be a nurse God 1 trust amelita nav H 1638 leon ia ext. st corpuz 11 may 1955 manila a mbition : motto : to b 1S 7 Q be a nurse eauty 1S the best a cruz mla useless character 66-a c co caloocan 1 october " . nl a 25 october 1955 motto: live and let live manila -' - - - . . . . luanito medina y osias ylybbg tay A ambition' ittiarcijzfd a nurse :,,L, Pista Si-, Sta- Cruz- mann motto: simplicity S bea :.' ' membeff drama Club 6 611 1954 . Q M- Z lo e 11111111 111919111 1111111110 r,t.. titer: 101 13, block 13, es .,.n- ' glee , project, San "': kapisana 13 october, 1955 1" drama "'1' manila kadatro -1-'1 "i X11' ambition: to ,lmmist sca :gmtlm be loved melgaf Y 5213131 -j club 1666 bambang st., sta, cruz, manila - 'irz " s ,M 11 feb1'U31'Y, 1955 "" ka '1' ' ..1:: 2 manila zzz seg P1 'pm ambition: to be an architect or ,mamlo Iiqll e motto: tieitlgrgeative, resource fehx huerta "" 1 manila artistic 1955 11' activities: art editor: :,: out e . . dem 'ivi gg .,:.:, rama club N victoria memije y Aj:-W .:.- sea pu gomez St., 1,,:t 1 blee club n 23-86-66, 23-13-44 -tai' kaplsanang 1711191110 31 august, 1954 YW math club manila zzi' -milagros mangubaf Y rCyCS ambition: to be a businesswoman ::... 11 umali St., frisco, que' motto: be at your best always 21 august, 1955 quezon city ambition: to take up commerce motto: the end of a beautiful friend- ship is the beginning of love activities: class pro member: math club drama club S03 aurea mendoza y tesoro 2336 f. o'donnel st., sta. cruz, manila 1 mp1s Y et be a pilot grace park U10 nzzl member: 1056 . . oday is w ma c u 0 1pll'10 pisana Secretary: math club 333332, 1955 :.:,: illn anna hteraiy edltgrfrosarlarf ambition: to be a zrn ,.. L., A Itiz 3SSOCl3t6 Ed1t01. f1d6S , t d 1,:- M., Axzl Q --11! .'t,1::: !1.1q..t.,lt-- 1-'f1-:--'-f .. ,--,... eat 1--. tt: -4:, Q . member: chess club mo 0' fy .an 119.1 "ambition: to beco B gy Avgzyi kadatro member: engineer Sea sca :IP ' motto: golden 1111 . 1 Scienge Club fernando gir! yr activities: 6ditO1'ia d 2 n kapisanang pilipino 2050 h. hizon z, manila m,ha,0br3 y 1-eban francisco manlapaz y rastrollu 20-43-912 3 11.1, 1st avenue CO1, , 58 davao st.. bago bantay, q.c. 27 ilgfllt 1955 'i': 1 crame quezon city manila ambition: to be an O25 sesfgg, er I ambition: to be a medical technologist m0tf05 do 110i be 10110 ambition: to be success or an architect for love hatred motto: if others can, 1'1 1 can motto: do all the things but always membefi SCH member: drama club activities' giizcssescfgmfetgist norman miuare Hao -11-f--1 icliteissaggiiag pilipino member' Sea y 112 sta. catalina tabayoc, I P . . , 111102911 Cliy 6 guillermo oyacastro y deslatc mano 1112111513211 y Pafllaslglle 28 april, 1956 1" A 13-b rfs cott. camp aguiualdo q.c. 9-b puezon st., malabon, rizal sta. cruz, ,,.,,, : ,,,,:,,,, i"' 11 june 1955 9 march, 1954 ambition: to a i"i' eer los hai , laguna ' Q A calooctan city ' mottoz' si ity is to be 3 chemlcal amblflvnr fo be H micaa player activltlesr Sup S01-ma unit dutv first before 5 motto: to see is to believe me ber: :,, b -1ii' : b tl 1- ,,,: dr.: N 1 activities: C0-Captain ball: ust nuggets tryin es cgrpa gigs 5 I 11101191611 111211111 Club - i'i ' b 1 olden u ,. kapisanang pilipino C' 9 er g ,,.. . f-A . aleyandro ona Ondala '11"i 1 1 mYm3 mata Y gafcla 'VY Salud Y :1., 46-9 agno st., zon city 5 101 ibaffa St-1 SamP-11001 manilgx ,,.:, Sf-, kamias, ,,,,,,, ,,,:.,,,. 18 may, 1955 1 61-92-69 1956 ' project 7, dt 20 apiiust, 1955 fat ambition? , ..,. :,, E st 11 ambition: to finish my studies teacher 'G' .. iii motto: don't pretend: grow up your motto: golden rule - - own way activities: chairman: tutoring I i" u member: chess club committee: math club - 4, quezon city kapisanang pilipino member: science club Qvgzl ' - sca kapi y ,,. ,-.,, .. Er, tt Q '1'::' - ,,,, ::: .:,, ,:..: - 1 E li , . , 1 :.t-:..:- f .1 , 3: A 5 o: 1 'fa 51 'iQf1!E1'i7fiEi if :ggf5'3t?i1ifD'1?ef5::,1-1 ,m1if:ss1ess1 -1,1 i 111 ,, ds H J ,,,.: -1.:::: t-:: ,,: S 111 ..:t.1, :1. if 1 ::111' Q iii SES lon I 5 .,:::,:, ,,,, 1,, 'H E qi, fi 5 ii- i:iii:"" .til ' 1 - Q ,:,, 9 it ' 5 - i mg zyzz Qi 25 latucan st., manresa vi lage, q.c. Q E iifii iiiii i 'iii'i" i 5 Ei ggi ' 1 a , gli tg Eii Z 11-:-, Q E E if ' 1 1 : : ,X F:-a' i on A - I , f "7"" 7-T l . 0 ' g W EE AE::: ..,. u. - 1 In to '- , .,,1-- ,,,,,,.,,,,:, , ,,,:, H 9 ,,. 1 P 1 ' 1 it gl geiigkg a g E cru ' -. ' Q l , F s . , Ai Y , is i , 1 5 't i t 1 K ,assist :. : 111+ out A , ., ,V ,'i.'t:f:Q1, -,wl'1Qif11u W1 mm,gggig-megmt,MgS5,,i:.!ggMggtllggtsts-tteityfig?gsatsig.,,wi at W: ag, ?'i1f3,5ot,trm-gtfs,tt:zia11,s:1-v 1511 ,,-- s ..--.,- 1 1 et,-.w,woo1seao...etca 'isis 111111 51411:ttsfotvtt-11se:,v5aei?f'11 111!?5iW ,1 :i1,",1"11v:1w1z111 ambition to be a businessman an understanding husband and a good father motto there are no gains without pains member drama club chess club kapisanang pilipino voltalre pablo pablo III y perez 39 faith st teresa village quezon city 99150 9 december 1955 manila ambition to be successful in the field of endeavor motto to stand up after one's fall IS courage and a true victory activities deputy sct cmdr explorer tcor s s sct master squadro mem 1 CIVIC actl r rew SCH ert pancho y ncarte manila times subd las rxzal el' 1954 TTI ambition to ,,... commer Ora motto leave it re be a success mlliam pangamban y as 119 dr lazcano street Lomas morato ave qc 98 12 22 9 august 1955 ambition to be a successful architect husband and father o when 1 die, 1 ll go to heaven for 1 ve spent my time in hell chairman catechetical section sca st fides 72 rosanno pasc bilaw 6 lake v1ew dr pasig rlzal 10 october 1955 pasig rizal ambition to be a motto to be ac rchitect for activ is the k member sca benlamm peralta y 5 lesus st san fra quezon city 17 40 89 15 march 1956 quezon city osto sco del motto try and try until you succeed member sca fellciano pimentel y sol 1323 sta maria st tondo manila 24 september 1954 naga city ambition motto to be a lawyer insist on yourself never lmltate president drama club class vice president bishop chess club corp s 3 pmt deputy head marshal golden marshal un1t math club supreme student council debating club kapisanang p1l1p1no g ee sca activities member manuel ping 1018 a p campa n 9 september 1955 manila to be of s loved ones mo o member Umm f others ca y cant 4 lan y v1l1av1ray u a oocan c1ty W3 70 80 marc ezon city 1on take up phychology s n1ce to important but s more ortant to be IV e1 ssc ident kapisanang 1p1no a club s club ting club reyes st cruz manila 4 december 1955 mamla mb1t1on to be a chemist mo o try and try until you succeed member kapisanang p111p1no sca usan posadas y miller 29 antonio luna st proJect 4 . 2 november 1955 ambition to be astronomel tto l a k b t mo iegp eeps es mm member - en mar mem 1' apisanang mo debating uezon city to be a doctor golden rule ama club 1ence club sca sca cstor chzab pcralta v b 93 cal 28 eva llsta st progect 4 q c 22 may 5 20 no ber 1955 manila quezo ambi mot 0 t a mem m c kapn purifncaclon pe 1371 ma cris 2 februar bauan ba lan y pangan st sampaloc manila 3l'l'lbltl0I'l be all ell IIIBSI' E an accountant motto ch tomor- better to try and fail "'W'm"'mT""' ...,.,, ther than o fail without trying c ub c ub an plll y rosal , ies orps ex-o: pmt W secretary: sca asst. treasurer: kapisanang lzizi K, ? p1l1p1no aniel punsalan 1 cano samp m miguelin st. sampaloc manila .5 july 1955 ambition to gow d . . z . , , : , ' . . ., ' , I : , 1 , ' 1 . ,,:, :tif ,,:. I : ,,.,:1:, ,.... Qltu K NQH- 1 ' :., . ' - C' l:.t , ,q,V ' ' ., ' ' .gg :1:-' , ll,: ma vlpppl .: fi, .vlln , - A it-,Q ,,. ' ' I 'AZL ,tll..ll, ff 2 ' ' ll, E A f tr, ' ' f ' ':'i I 'x1" ' ' ' . . . 4 ,ya, ,,, fu b eal ' f far.: - - . "'-1 2 ' ":' h, NW 'zz' ZQA i :,,,.l ' - - " " Q: , 1 : . " 2 ' 1 l l ,,.l " ' ' 1 ,,..,, . ac ,l ' 1 ' ' a"'t ,S : "": ' " ' ' 4 , ' lg 1 I ' ,,'a: , : , ' g8-8 - "" . . , 5 a . . : . . U mwtey I . . . . - - ttl y 1 S . " E 1 ' -1 ' 1 qc' 3 ,Q .. k :f.1 -a-: fa ,:,..:.. Abqz - : ' zl' .,,it 1 dr ' ::: italy. 5,51 .--::, S ,,, fx, A sc. ' , :"' l:"' 1. 7 ., , "h t ' ' :" seat' :" if- ' ' ' etl. ' d J ' K , M 1, Qvzb it 1 ' pampanga "'1 b'tion: to be an engineer let us make this life a paration for the next president: math club vice-president: ssc sports editor: rosarian secretary: 4-e2 class drama club golden marshal unit motto : pre- activities : member: susan quismundo y flores 37 f. bautista street, san francisco del monte, quezon city to be successful in everything 07-51l04-92 14 may, 1956 quezon city ambition: motto: think member: drama club glee club kapisanang pilipino sca elvira ragadio y alabe 1151-a dos castillas st., sampaloc, manila 2 january, 1955 san narciso, zambales ambition: to be a nurse and to go abroad t motto: knowledge is power member: drama club kapisanang pilipino sca benjamin ramos y ilao 1024 m. natividad street, sta. cruz, manila 8 october, 1954 manila ambition: to be a mechanical engineer motto: love is sacrifice member: kapisanang pilipino sca acolytes knights of st. thomas ust nuggets-player daniel raval y viduya 31 araw st., project 8, quezon city 11 december, 1955 manila to be a mechanical engineer if there's a will, there's a ambition: motto: way member: chess club glee club josephine rebulado y tan 1228-a washington st., samp., manila 16 march, 1956 quezon city ambition: to be a successful nurse motto: to err is human, to forgive divine activities: class p.r.o. clsinore remot y padilla 12 road 8, project 6, quezon city 28 september, 1955 manila ambition: to be an architect and a model ' motto: strive hard for the better member: sca l clara reyes y tantamco 17 jesus street, roosevelt avenue, q. c. 11 october, 1955 manila ambition: to be of service to my fellowmen if there's a will, there's a way ' president: ssc ' class president: 4e1 campusiana editor: rosarian editorialasst.: fides '72 math club drama club kapisanang pilipino motto: activities: member: . .f-A r fn--1 iw!! 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H w Mi ng .E5,23z:', " ,E.,: ,. may ' f 'ih- I ' NW " .:.,s5z..,, M 1 f ff f M M, f I N ,M W ff M 4-.... A . a 5 EEE? 5 ,-f ui 5 fi 1, --TT ,W 2 ,L gi! ..,, M x::, A AAPLA ,f,Q ,VVQ ,A "'- we-sm ...',, 3 125: .,1. ., , chess club debating club sca kayumanggi dance troupe josefina reyes y laborero 1 Alvl I, 17 oliveros drive, balinta quezon city zz- 7 april, 1955 quezon city ""X - ambition: to e a urse 1 mottoh: love and eace me e . dra in clu rene yes y Q '- ,api nang ilipi o ma. cristina sampa C, mama -,xg - 49-712 4 H 1 955 pangani n catand bition: "'-- :H ,I be a u cessful physician- ""-- - -- geon Q is sacrifice and con " dence in God in 3-V .lgb A ff t egg X, si. activitie senior asso. editor: 'rosarian 1asst.: fides '72 treasureri: debating club chairman: costumes and :mmm 1 , . M--.,,,Nm artists ycommittee, tdrama jclub member: mathmicl chess clirb glee club kapisanang pilipino sca it zenaida reyes y Soriano - 85-e anonas st., project 3, q.c., 27 january, 1955 1 quezon city ambition: to take up chemical engineering motto: to love and be loved activities: class president member: sec caloocan city to be a successful businessman life is like a ball of cherry chess club drama club sca glee club kapisanang pilipino math club cdgardo sablaya y espanol 13121-1 oroquieta st., sta. cruz, manila 1 february, 1956 manila ambition : motto: member: ambition: to take up mechanical engineering motto: to love and be loved member: sca josefino samala y marcelo 35 m. arce st., heroes del 96' caloocan city 17 march, 1956 mbition: to be an artist otto: one who wants to learn c learn and be wise Nw acti 'tiesz artist: fides '2 fly mem r: chess club 'Mi bt, sea M, . maria loren'a't"saJ,ia1son y avid 181 8th avenue, graces-park caloocan city 6 february, 1956 manila ambition: to be a chemical engineer motto: if there's a will there's a way member: math club science club kapisanang pilipino sca reynaldo san agustin y nang 1538-e washington avenue quezon city ambition: to be a medical technologist motto: love God above all things fidelito santos y corve 179 iriga st., la loma, quezon city 61-01-57 19 march, 1956 marungco, angat, bulacan ambition: to be a chemical engineer motto: it's better late than ypeverwww-it member: chess club drama club - glee club sca leon rnario santos 'zi' baltero 148 pariancillo Valenzuela, bula an 17 january, 55 polo, bulac i ambition: ,to be a businessman motto' always be prepared 7 ber: sca yosephine sarinas y mariano : 1075 metrica st., sampaloc, manilag- 12 november, 1955 f paniqui, tarlae , ambition: to finish my studies and go abroad fl motto: there are no gains without pains ' member: drama club sca - gilberto saunar y sabio 1260 dos castillas st., sampaloc, anila 21 february, 1954 manila 0 ambition: to be a college gra uate motto: golden rule if activities: class vice-president player-u.s.t. nu ets member: sca rebecca segunde ,af-lofses 81 fort santia street, bago bantay, math club 9 Sainpalggg manila quezon cit kapisanang pilipino msgs? 30 211111, 19 s a . . . . . mam 3 c ff ambition: to be a, c1v1l engineer ambition: ,H be a great agent rosalyn roca y navarro motto. 51161172 Water TUHS deep motto: l e and peace 16 premium st., gsis vill ge membeff JU11101' kadatfv member: d club project 8, quezon city gi sca kfip 'eli . nang pilipino 99-53-19 I ,,wt"t marissa sanichez y bernardo 3 ee 23311535 1955 if 1867 becerra st., sta. cruz, manila sea , , f 30 b , 19 4 Mmm ' ' ' ambition: to be a urse magagem er '5 ,,,,-Wm' Mwmgeflqgdigfgalg? yrbau lsta . motto: Q err is human, to forgive ambition: to be a do or 99-il-g " oxas' ,quezon my , ,, IVIIB-VT , motto: beauty is seless without - actwfeii C1955 v1ce'pre?lfiGfnt intelligelfe glrglbllilon: o be a nur mem er' kfslsanang Plhpmo member! glee Clgb motto: d first b fore pleasure V W? 1 dram :club member: ka mang i dance troupe MM? ' sca ----W-W eerr- , , Ofilla ulfo Y ECIUPIOUUCVO , , , , ncardo S1311 y ga a n 4 so on avenue, ga as, quezon city benlamln santos y uclano 5, 1412 cavite st., S cruz, ma ila 12 fgrfllafy, 1955 236 marne san 'uan, rizalf 0 nl 3 'O-14-64 ' a bition: to be a nurse 17 march, 55 1 fgaillgy 9 otto: simplicity is beauty san juan, izal ambit n. to e a nurse or a member: sca ambition: sito be a ch mical ngi eer Q' na man N ' milagros rolluqui y lecaroz ragga: rj! gfggelllggllg 5 m0ff0i d011 f qklifs all thin S 9211 2-b, san francisco del monte, Mfg ' gca member. r w ere 15 faflence .0t7jg5L1SggfI50isAtxmWW WWMMMM-fe-W-Wfwwwcdilberto santos y car eno lx fi ang : dance gtg upe ,ff june, 1955 19 p. paterno street, e. rodri ez, l f. ,:" 1 ,M bulacan quezon US ugge ayer ambition: to be successful in life 51-18-50 df - -' isgng b in ing , motto: a little learning is a 7 october, 1954 W-ff' 1 ,,.--' P 3 , dangerous thing ambition: to be a meehanica irfeer e esa Sitao latmau 2 I member: drama club motto: ask for po er equal to your I t flock 2 rduj vmagg kapisanang pilipino task, not r task equal to n Vhuches u zon t 5 ca your Powe . . 0 ' q y f i S If :3 march, 1955 ronaldo romero y rodriguez cleanor santos y canseco arlgbgnav, ti10iE9 city t l " . . 1 , ' 1 2170 d 't t., ' 1 , 'l m 11055 0 10 'T my su-,I-S gg-15:34 bommeo st' ma abon ma 60-44-2Z?p1 an S Saggii?-f:WT:33L3e---sam oem: behind nie. clouds, thee-sxxnmy ggvulgxg 6 april, 1955 1 february, 1955 keeps hmmg -N -' member: math club drama club sca rcnie asela soria y juri 1314-b m. hizon street, sta. cruz, manila 7 september, 1955 MMWWGWWNW-MMNNRN lilybetl tuaflo buenaflor 3 9 mau an street, quezon cit 23-Q3-54 "':: 2 Ill-1113, 1955 "" '- - todno, nila -- ambition: '-e., o be a successful no-' motto: word is enough the motto: try and try until you succeed edgardo venegas jr. y dela cruz 3 frugalidad, tugatog, malabon, rizal 22-28-04 31 july, 1955 naga- Pity Wise E' an' laggitioil?-ant? be an electrical engineer ambition: lotbe succiessful in my member: glee c ub motto. ' golden rule u ure un ertakings sca . I , motto: life is what we make it kapis nang pilipin actwmes' lggngsilfnzilggtill' ust golden activities: trleasurerc sca girls unit dram club , head marshall. golden mal., c ass asst. treasurer 1 - ' member: kapisanang pilipino narciso tud jr. santos Q nrilgalenlwlglee club , , , , twin river bd. . k ' ' '- .. , ' vnglma st ' de lesus rizal S11 1' 113113 H, marlklna, I treasurer. sca 91- ,i l 2nd st., apimi mn msWuJo.d..,.,aM,.., . 1r,jgna, 1 ., 1 -aa- 'eembel' ..2g11gi5,l,1gb 18 apr, 1954 . manila 1 math Club maui- Q ambition: to be a. successful engineer 311111110113 til ge 3 SUCCSSS 111 my motto: one is innocent until proven ,t d ssc f er s u ies up PM M guilty nem a e vera y err motto. to ererjm human, 'to forgivew' -- :--:ff 1 Q: 1: at . 1 city 11.151111 ma cynthia tup z d l 99-32-08 I if - 5 y eos s tos I 1 member- 111211113 Club H l 27 morato st. francisco agel monte 7 J111Pe1 1955 I kaplsanang p111P1n0 quezon city , manila Sea 25 december, 19 4 ambition: lo be gtlccessflll ucceed 5 , b ta , kl motto: ry an ry un 1 you s l 3111t0 2122 Y bust d I ailnbltioizl: atb b come a docttpr 111e111be1'1 See 2 -a tole tino street, ,.-:' francisco e tt 1 -f 1 - gl 1 , . H K' montel quezon ll, mo o nvaltl re s a will, lthere s a edgardo vlnan y lavnda jf june, 955 A ., . .. ,l. ches club 240 kanlaon quezon Clty anila 5 15 . ' '-.. ,.., d ra a Club ' 20-9 -83 -3 bition: to be -5 doctor IVV., V Vllallrlnl ing club 7 july. "- 3 otto: iam t maste of faith ,:"' 1 11121111111 ' , 1 am t 9 capt in J. my so il pi no club ambition: a success 1 acco ' '. ember: dram club V,:-: .' club l motto: kno 2 ledge is p wer 1 glee tub 1 ' gle Club 1 activities: trea urer: iv-h ' ' club . asst sec.: sca boy's u "" , Q 1 icanette valen' a y landeza, m ire a club .1. . 3 11311 tanael Y decano , I 1663 pi y mar all, sampaloc, manila a lianfng f' " "- as gerardo st. ampalo an manila 49-16.94 1 . gl e Clin: -, may, 195 1 za april, 1956 111 11112 1 san pablo city, aguna .-, -:lA , " es Club a bition: o be a mecha i l engineer ambition: to b a succegsfyl nurse . - a m lclgcllerz tgmcaglve nd to re ive rlnlclltlllollerz 2543 what we Ewke it V 1132 allnpolo, :apnan St' sampaloc, . -2 E t ..Vv- glee lub l .l map! 3 l A ro ita tar c Y esggerra kadat 0 I 56 aglagtystiali a ,,,,, 103 pio lenzuel bulaca mat -'l:: club ' um. . ' , g 19 y 1955 . l C s club 7 ambition. to ube a successful reer " ' "--...,,. - g l and a good b a n , "'--. ,n ."" . . . .,.. .,,.,.. " " club . . f motto: r new thyself ev y ay . ,V to be a H- cal technologist kavls nang p111n,ln0 member. ca , otto: - to love and be loved l l 1 l l ' ' rama club member: "., ca lacinto valenzueia lr. y :eye al" 1 1537 ipil St. Sta- 1112. 111311113 , reynaldo v lanueva y lta ar marlene torre o crisolo o 16-13-50 1 27-d cooper -'1.- reet, ,. fra CiSCO del Y l , S - . ,, , . 31 unbel st. rox s district, quezon city 26 Lllly' 1904 1 1110151111 111102011 Clty 98-34-76 mam 3 1 26 ju y, 1955 ' 23 3 1-il, 1955 ambition: to be an engineer pasay city manga motto: 11118116 1 H1951 always domi' ambition: to be a min' g or geodetic ambition: to be a 'ccessful nurse l , , nate, 1 e W111 y , engineer I motto: to seek, o strive and not eetlvltlesi Pfesld nti Sea fllws 1111111 motto: behind the cloud, there is a to yield secret ry: math. l lub sun shin g membe : ee club, d ma club membefi kaP1Sa 3113 P111111110 member: math q b . .1 '- drato dlllem Fillllb , glee . c ess c u .1 , , 1 1 ? Eerdinancl ta y c rezo ' 1 10162 :Sa--V-1ff1.::,,.: :::::,. 1 C - 50r5nlversity avenu Potrero, alabon, 18 jsflggry? 595523 -1 Y Zgflllgegn n flzalgglafyf 1955 gxiitbltilonz to' f ,-:zi ish my care ,,lV ' 2351 aryl 1956 ambition: to be a succes ul journalis mgglcger. f ' can move mo tams tgfonz B115 0 igfgglmes others is motto: love strikes the heart, not, ul ' sn, g but he who over. the eardrum , , ' . . activities: president: kapisanaag I0gC1l0 vclasco y bayani l l U l co -es hllnrlsellfbis stronger. piiipino 957 algeciras st. sampaloc, manila activities. ol may cu' l I pnipino editor: rosarla 29 april, 1955 chairman. lreliglous section, b , drama club manila sca tboys un1tJ mem er' sca ambition: to be a doctor treasurer: iV'e2 X COMPLIMEN TS OF: -,,, ,-..,-qs KX 'VG I ' ' I . A A L n B E s I: n, IN c. - A vez sm oommco Ave., eowimcio suaoivisiow -A"4 , QuEzoN civv, PHILIPPINES PLANT: TEL. NOS. MANILA OFFICE: TEL. NOS. 23-34-51 49-82-56 23-34-52 47-18-59 23-34-53 47-O4-16 47-05-84 47-43-93 Manufacturers of High Quality Surface Coatings with these brand names: SPHERO CAutomotive 8: Furniture Finishes? RISSLER CAcryIic Lacquers? STRIPSOLL CPaint Remover? HOUSYN CHouse Paints? MANOR CQuick Drying Enamels? GLOBESCU Clndustrial 8: House Paints? CANADIAN Clieneral Items? I GLOBESCO PRODUCTS ACRYLIC FINISHES AUTOMOTIVE LACQUERS ALUMINUM PAINTS 81 PASTE CLEAFING 81 NON-LEAFING? 'A' 'A' ir -k BAKING ENAMELS -If BUTYRATE DoPE LACQUERS if BLEACHING SOLUTION ,I- BONDING CEMENT ,If BLACKBDARD SLATING PAINT 4, CANVASSI DRESSING PAINT -if CLEAR LACQUERS CGLOSS, FLAT sz SEALERSI ,If CHAssIs PAINT CBLACK AND OTHERSI if DIPPING ENAMELS -k EPOXY FINISHES -I, ENAMELS IQUICK DRYING AND INDUSTRIALQ -k FLORESCENT PAINTS 1, HIGH HEAT PAINTS CALUMINUM sz OTHER COLORS? -k HOUSE PAINTS QEXTERIOR 8: INTERIOR? f HAMMERTONE FINISHES QBAKING TYPE? AMELITA NAVOA LACQUER ENAMELS LINSEED OILS MARINE PAINTS MASONRY PAINTS OIL PAINTS PRIMER SURFACERS 81 PUTTIES PAINT RIEMOVERS 8: STRIPPERS PORTLAND CEMENT PAINT REDUCERS 81 RETARDERS RUBBING COMPOUND RUBBER TIRE PAINTS SILK SCREEN PAINTS QGLOSS, FLAT, VINYL 8z FLOURESCENTJ STUCCO PAINTS TRAFFIC PAINTS TINTING COLORS COIL OR EMULSION? VARNISHES CINTERIOR 8: EXTERIOR 'A' 'k 'Ir 'A' ir 'lr 'k al' 'lr 'k ir if 'k 'lr 'A' 'A' I I 4, VINYL PAINTS Ak woon STAINS CN.G.R., OIL sz SPIRITJ -if WOOD FILLERS -if WHITE ZINC PASTE CULUMBIA 'I'0BACCO C0., INC. CENTURY UIINTAINEII Clllil' 101A Quirino Highway, Q.C. Qffiaib' Qian? Lgclaaf 1916 Oroquieta St. Sta. Cruz, Manila COMPLIMENTS OF P.I. MANUFACTURING, INC. MANUFACTURERS OF "NORTHERN HILL" PORCELAIN ENAMELED PRODUCTS ON STEEL SHEETS AND CAST IRON ' 97 Industrial Avenue Tels, 23-15 71 Northern Hills 23-15 72 Malabon, Rizal 23 15 73 COMPLIMENTS OF Mfg ylQia6afz Qxlcvbz COM PLI M EN TS OF ARIES MAN'UFACTUH'ING AND MACHITNIES WORKS, INC. RAMON SAMSON JR. Manager San Fernando P mpanga COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF "INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH FOR NATIONAL HEALTI'I" A00 TEXTILE PRINTING SANDQZ fPhilippinesj INC. 542 J uan Luna Grd. Floor Carolina Choy Bldg. Tels. 87-56-57 2276 Pasong Tamo Extfension 87-57-57 Makati, Rizal 87-56-77 I I COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF DISCOUNT SAVINGS OF THE woo TRADING PHILIPPINES COMPLIM EN TS OF CARMEL TRADING 81 CO., INC. SCHOOL Sz OFFICE SUPPLIES 1655 Claro- M. Recto Ave. Manila Tels. 47-49-87 47-49-88 COMPLIMENTS OF MR. 8z MRS. LEONARDO P. TULOD I Capitol Lions. Club Quezon City COMPLIMENTS OF ALFRICO COMMERCIAL RICE, CORN Sz GEN. MDSE. 987 Dagupan St. Manila Tels. 21-89-11 D-402 21-97-93 COMPLIMEN TS OF HOSPITAL OF THE INFANT JESUS DR. ROLANDO S. s0NGc0 COMPLIMENTS OF AQUITANA'S COMMERCIAL COMPLIME NTS OF ENTERPRISE P. I. ELECTRICAL SUPPLY CO., INC. ALFREDO A. AQUITANA 682 Rizal Ave. Manager Mamla COMPLI M EN TS OF FLORAM'S BEAUTY SALON MRS. PETRONILA F. RAMOS Manager COMPLIMENTS OF S. B. ARIAS JEWELRY STORE DEALER OF FINE JEWELRIES 1546 Bambang St, Sta. Cruz, Manila COM PLIM EN TS OF FPI COMPLIMEN TS OF PRODUCTIONS IRODOILFO M. LEJANO MANILA 22 New York Cubao, Quezon City COMPLIM EN TS OF COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND ". ..A PRIIUII TRADITION FUR WIIDLESDME ENTERTAINMENT" COMPLI M EN TS OF COM PLI M EN TS OF GROSVENOR OFFSET PRESS ' OFFSET 8: LETTERPRESS SlLANG'S EMPTY BOTTLE STORE LUCILA EVANGELISTA Proprietress PRINTERS LINO C. ALVIAR Manager 8x Manager 427 Lavezares Ste. Tels. 48-44-54 Manila 49-47-93 COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF G. MIRANDA 81 SONS A FRIEND ANTONIO D. MIRANDA MANAGER w COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND Jr Tk-5 QWM3 Ts-K'ewQM,,j Jry,WM,e,Je bum KMQJY-LNB lknxggmj ' 50 SQLM3 MOM eww 1-I W0 Me QM CSWOUJVN- -wigs I Kowolus 40 M0031 Ouwv dwgmies g CLENG REYES Editorial Assistant RENNEH REYES Editorial Assistant STEVE BASILLA Editorial Assistant EHDDIE MELGAR Art Editor X BYLLIE PANGANIBAN Lay-out Artist ii 5 .sz KNEL KAPULONG Lay-out Artist 5 , x .5 ' PM . L- w -: .L 19 , ,Q 1 3 5. 1 - : 4' x I 9

Suggestions in the University of Santo Tomas Education High School - Fides Yearbook (Manila, Philippines) collection:

University of Santo Tomas Education High School - Fides Yearbook (Manila, Philippines) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 15

1972, pg 15

University of Santo Tomas Education High School - Fides Yearbook (Manila, Philippines) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 74

1972, pg 74

University of Santo Tomas Education High School - Fides Yearbook (Manila, Philippines) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 81

1972, pg 81

University of Santo Tomas Education High School - Fides Yearbook (Manila, Philippines) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 113

1972, pg 113

University of Santo Tomas Education High School - Fides Yearbook (Manila, Philippines) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 93

1972, pg 93

University of Santo Tomas Education High School - Fides Yearbook (Manila, Philippines) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 71

1972, pg 71

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