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• « ; ;;1 • » ' A ' T ' -- « I - «»• .. ; - , r t .-f ♦- T .-■.-■ .- i.V.- K " i; ' : ' ' - ' f A J r . i f?1P M|» WHAT IS A UNIVERSITY, ANYWAY? There are those who point to the university as the grown-up playpen, J taking adults and sheltering them from the stark pleasures and pains of survival: suffering war and fighting poverty; coughing at pollution and building a better world; real people doing real things. Then others will counter that only in a university can people break away, get their heads together, focus on the problems from a new perspective and thereby attack them, all the while enjoying the unique advantage of living in and around a community of people bound together by an interest in learning. A university is a baliwick of bureaucracy and an Institute of individualism. There are structures that stifle creativity and doorways to entire new worlds of imagination. There are those who will help us in our endeavors and there are those who will hinder us. Perhaps in the end it is like all the rest, only what we make of it. v « .viftarii«iM r ' . «.- ift " the important questions about God and man are raised... ' The University of Santa Clara was founded to provide a superior collegiate education in a Chris- tian context. Here the important questions about God and man are raised. The answers and the effort to find the answers are the core of the Santa Clara experience. The President of the University has been given by the Board of Trustees the responsibility of directing and coordinating the activities of the University so that Santa Clara will be a better university and a better Christian community. He is also responsible for seeing that the policies approved by the Trustees are implemented, and he recommends to the Trustees new policies to strengthen Santa Clara. He is expected to see that the University runs smoothly and to plan what the University needs for the future. In a rapidly changing world he tries to help the University discern what changes truly strengthen Santa Clara as a university and as a Christian community and what changes weaken it. He works directly with the vice presidents who are responsible for the educational program, for the various student services, for the physical and financial operation of the University, and for finding outside support for the University. He explains university policies to students, professors, administrators, alumni, and friends. With their help he tries to develop better policies. Although structures and policies help the oper- ation of the University, the President must find ways of increasing the number of persons in the Univer- sity who are enthusiastic about making Santa Clara a better university and a better Christian Community. Thomas D. Terry, S.J. President .. blue-sky thinking.. What do I do? Oftentimes, at the end of a day, I really wonder! The work of all University administrators (contrary to much popular belief) is simply to make every effort to facilitate the all important work of teaching and research. When you reduce this to action, it means helping to ' make go ' an enterprise which can only move forward in proportion to the desire and effectiveness of all those people involved in that enterprise. And so, people problems absorb much of my time. The remainder is spent trying to coordinate a wide variety of support services to help various segments of the Santa Clara Community ' do their thing ' - that is to discover, share and impart wisdom. Blue-sky thinking for our long range planning; concern that Santa Clara projects an honest image to its publics; keeping in touch with students and trying to relate their needs to the goals of education; persuading a questioning public that Santa Clara is worth supporting; these and other duties comprise a potpourri of activities that makes the days seem short. William B. Perkins, S.J. Executive Vice-President ..a kick somewhere or other... " Part of my job is to work with the Deans of the five Schools and Colleges in general matters of curriculum and academic budget. Another part - and the one to which I give most of my time - could be called ' faculty and student relations. ' People for whom the rest of the system is not working right often come to me and we try to see if a kick some- where or other will get the machinery going again. The kick could come from a student, a faculty member, a depart ment chairman, a dean or other administrator, or on occasion from me. James Albertson, S.J. Academic Vice-President J " ...listening to the warm... " I am the most minor of the vice presidents. The only one who has been maintaining that his job should be abolished. (They ' ll probably take me up on it.) But maybe having no jurisdiction except over the secretary or a Committee, one has no special territory to defend, few axes to grind. University Relations are indefinable. It could be shere all the other areas at Santa Clara - academics, student welfare, finances and development meet. Or where they don ' t meet, but should, A unity being sundered is a problem. So, standing free, I have tried as a member of the Cabinet, this year to be an honest counsellor to the presi- dent. The potential for this school is big. What ' s been done here in ten years impresses me. But Santa Clara ' has miles to go before it sleeps. ' Day in and day out I keep pondering priorities. How to determine them?and which and why? Eight years as president of Ganzaga in Spokane and last year on the Campus of Utah State as a visiting pro- fessor in philosophy plus just ' listening to the warm ' convinces me that change is the raging phenomenon. It ' s not a question of whether, but what kind and how soon. Santa Clara either adapts with resiliency and almost abandon to this new headiness and moves to listening and shaping and being heard or it suciimbs to the passion for security. Then it could cease to be an effective force. It has not been decided yet which. The Christian university holds up in megalopolis the luminous vision of what man can become. It nourishes hope and helps faith beget the dreams men have always fed upon. Often I feel that being on the way, the right way, may be as important as getting there. John Leary, S.J. Vice-President for University Relations 5 3 ' i , i .•1 .n 4l ■h -V . ' • .... .. It 1. t ' - ■ V J ' J X AD MIN IS RA TON Mr. David P. Arata Registrar Miss Karen Bohan Counseling Center Rev. Patrick J Carroll, SJ Assistant Chaplain Rev. Francis Babbish, S.J Director, Project 50 Mr. Edward Butler Director of Associates Mr. Jose A. Debasa Internal Auditor Rev. Donald J. Duggan, S.J. Orradre Library Rev. John H. Gray, S.J. Dean of Humanities Miss Beryl Margaret Hoskin Orradre Library i i i ' n e f «« m Mr. Philip G. Giles Counseling Center Mr. John H. Hosennann Director, Computer Services Rev. John M. Hynes, S.J. Director, Foreign Studies Mrs. Viola F. Kamena Associate Dean of Students Mr. Marvin H. Langholff Comptroller Miss Marguerite L. Major News Bureau Dr. Jon Alan Kangas Testing Counseling Mr. Andrew J. Locatelli Athletics Miss Patricia E. McCarthy Assistant to the Dean Mr. Adolfo McGovert Mr. Paul B. Murphy Mr. Philip J. Osselaer Assistant Director of Financial Aids Mr. Richard J. Morrisey Rev. Philip J. Oliger, S.J Assistant Chaplain Mr. Peter A. Panelli Director of Personnel Dr. Robert J. Parden Dean, School of Engineering Mr. Frank A. Schneider Director of Financial Aids Mr. Gene L. Stayton Director of Buildings Grounds Mr. Russ Phipps Assistant to the Dean Mr. John B. Simmons Developnnent Mr. Arthur L. Taylor Director of Housing Rev. Charles Van Dorn, S.J. University Chaplain Mr. Philip J. Warman Orradre Library cu TY 1 Mr. Gerald L. Alexanderson Mr. Joseph Annino Mr. Ernesto G. Auerbach _. Mathematics Fine Arts German J Rev. Louis 1. Bannan, S.J. Dr. Richard L. Berg, Jr. Dr. Raymond L. Biondi Philosophy . Anthropology Languages B Dr. Kenneth E. Blaker Mr. Marlynn K. Bohman Mr. Heribert Breidenbach Education Accounting Languages « ' ' 1 V £ - V t Dr. Paul L. Brown Marketing Dr. Robert E. Buckenmeyer Philosophy Dr. Shu P. Chan Engineering 1 Mr. B. Ballard Cheatham Quantitative Rev. Karel L. DeBouvere, S.CJ. Mathematics ! Dr. Joseph F. Deck Chemistry Mr. Raymond L. Dennehy Philosophy Rev. William Donnelly, S.J. Economics 1 Dr. William T. Duffy, Jr. Physics i 1 ' i H Dr. Francis X. Duggan Rev. John F. Dullea, S.J. Capt. Donald B. Emigh 1- j English Religious Studies Military Science i t H J 1 J » ■ Rev. Austin J, Fagothey, S.J. Rev. Timothy Fallon, S.J. Dr. Thomas N. Fast 1 j Philosophy Philosophy Biology 1 h J (F H tK 1 Dr. Robert Feinbaunn Rev. James W. Felt, S.J. Mr Eugene J. Fisher (F 1 Sociology Philosophy Engineering y J % Dr. Francis R. Flaim Biology Dr. Geoffrey T. Fox Physics Dr. Stanley Fromovitz Quantitative Dr. James A. Fulton Education Mr. George F. Giacomini, Jr. History Mr. Albert L. Gibson Theatre Arts Rev. Robert J. Giguere Religious Studies Dr. Wendell J. Goesling Psychology 1 Dr. Edward D. Gross English I r ■ rf 1 1 1 Dr. Ramsdell Gurney,Jr. Dr. Paul V. Harrell Rev. Carl H. Hayn, S.J. 1 History Accounting Physics r 1 t Dr. Timotny J. Healy Mrs. Helene J. Hobson Rev. Leo J. Hombach, S.J. D Electrical Engineering French Biology i 1 Mr. Kickiro K. Iwamoto Dr. William R. James Dr. A. Morgan Johnson J Sociology Theatre Arts Engineering ' S, 1 Miss Catherine G. Karr Mrs. Alice J. Kelly Rev. George V. Kennard, S.J. Languages Mathematics Philosophy Dr. William 0. Kerr, Jr. Mr. Charles P. Lampkin Col Francis X. Leary Philosophy Artist in Residence Military Science Mr. Eugene W. Lehr Mr. Joel K. Leidecker t Dr. Christian T. Uevestro Sociology Management English 1 1 c Mr. David E. Logothetti 1 Mathematics Dr. Eleanor R. Long English i Dr. Roland C. Lowe Psychology i Dr. Leonard S. Lyons Philosophy Rev. Theodore J. Mackin, S.J. Religious Studies Rev. Norman F. Martin, S.J. History Dr. Philip T. McCormick Physics Rev. Charles N. R. McCoy Political Science Dr. Matthias S. Meier History 1 .v k ft , f Mr. Robert 1. Murray Engineering Mr. D. Terrence Netter Fine Arts Mr. Henry P. Nettesheim Engineering Rev. Felton OToole, S.J. English Dr. John Pagani School of Business Rev. Charles T. Phipps, S.J. English Honors Mr. Raymond Dr. Andrew 1. Rematore Spanish Rev. Leo P. Rock, S.J. Rector, Faculty Residence I 9 Mr. Richard M. Schmidt English Mr. Philip G. Schuyler Fine Arts « Dr. K. G.Seely 4 French i J 1 Major John D. Shannon Military Science Dr. William F. Sheehan, Jr. Chemistry • ■ Dr. Stephen M. Strasen Mathematics Mr. Joseph L. Subbiondo English Dr. Irving Sussman Mathematics 1 Mr. Harold M. Tapay Engineering ' 1 1 ev. Salvatore A. Tassone, S.J. Religious Studies Dr. Joseph M. Tlrckett Mr. Christian L. Van Den Berghe French 1 Dr. Peter Van Den Dool Finance Dr. Victor B. Varl Italian 1 Capt. Edwin T. Vernon Military Science Mr. Robert Wedetl Engineering Mrs. Rotraut Weiss Mathematics Dr. T.John Whalen, Jr. Economics Rev. Tennant Wright, S.J. Religious Studies I Dr. William W.Yabroff Education Dr. Arthur Highman Management B U n n d t - a ' I 9 fl 11 11 II OR GAN ATION »« 8 ai The ACCOUNTING ASSO- CIATION provides senior accounting majors an oppor- tunity to assess a future in accounting by becoming in- volved vt ith local and national firms. This year, the associa- tion became affiliated with Alpha Beta Psi, a national honor accounting society. ALPHA SIGMA NU is a hon- or fraternity composed of students at Jesuit universities and colleges who have distin- guished themselves in scholar- ship, service, and loyalty. The Santa Clara chapter has been most active in publishing the teacher evaluation. Using lectures and field trips, THE AMERICAN CHEMI CAL SOCIETY STUDENT AFFILIATES tries to stimulate student in- terest in the chemical field. The organization also encour- ages participation in student research projects and seminars. The function of the STUDENT CHAPTER OF THE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS is to encourage the development of professional consciousness, to afford an opportunity for civil engineers to work to- gether, and to provide friend- ly contacts with the engineer- ing profession. These aims are accomplished by organizing field trips and by sponsoring speakers and films The Santa Clara student section of the AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS is designed to increase student engineers ' under- standing of the professional engmeermg field. Members at- tend tours and conferences with professional engineers. The aim of the FLYING CLUB is to foster an interest in private aviation. Activities include a penny-a-pound air- lift around the Santa Clara Valley, a flying treasure hunt, two fly-in picnics, and an aircraft display during home- coming. The club also offers a ground school and reduced rates for flying school. The SCU ARCHERY TEAM provides all men and women interested in archery with an opportunity to take lessons and to compete on the col- lege level, in local, sectional, and national competition, in both team and individual events. The CHARLIE GRAHAM CLUB is a service organiza- tion open to all sophomore, junior, and senior male students. Under the head of Ted Cribari (Pres.), Dan Albert) (V.P.), Dave Rauber (Treas.). Frank Perichioti (Sec), and Joe McCarthy (Sgt. at Arms). The club assists the A.S.U.S.C.the athletic department, and the Bronco Boosters in any services requested of it. PROJECT HUMAN RELA- TIONS was founded by Bob Rivas and Dale Sadler for thd purpose of bringing under- standing of different cultures to campus. Phase one of the project was an evening deal- ing with Black culture while phase two dealt with Chicano culture. Both programs were free and were held in Benson Center. The ASUSC OFFICERS for 1970-71 were: Dan Walker, Student Body President; Bill Orme , Executive Vice Pres- ident; Jim Gaffney, Treas- urer; Jim Lambert, Corres- ponding Secretary; Matt McCabe, Social Vice Presi- dent; and Cathy Habing, Recording Secretary. The BL AC KSTONE SOCIETY provides informa- tion and counselling about admission to and curriculum in law schools. The club spon- sors lectures by speakers who discuss the study and practice of law. The BOWLING TEAM meets every Wednesday morning to practice on Benson Lanes. It sponsors intercollegiate as well as intramural competi- tion. CHEERLEADERS try to keep audiences alive and ac- tive during atheletic events. Craig Borba, Bruce Mazzie, Paige Cabral, Peter Bosco, ancT Chip Kurzeka were this year ' s cheerleaders. The BRIDGE CLUB pro- motes interest in playing bridge, provides playing facil- ities on campus, and presents opportunities for interested players to meet one another. The CLAY M. GREENE PLAYERS produced four plays this year. In these plays the Players filled all th e tech- nical and dramatic positions. Members of the organization have the advantage of work- ing with several professional artists, and the availability of a Studio Theatre for indivi- dual productions. The A.S.U.S.C. ELECTION COMMITTEE organizes and conducts senate, class office, homecoming queen, ammend- ment, and special elections for student government. GAMMA PI EPSILON is the National Jesuit Honor Society for women. Member- ship IS open to junior and senioi women only and is awarded on the basis of aca- demic achievement and contribution to the university community. The SANTA CLARA, the official campus newspaper, was published bi-weekly this year and was headed by editoi-in-chief Davis Thompson. The ENGINEERING SOCIETY coordinates the ac- tivities of the students of the school of engineering and spurs interest in the engineer- ing professions. Primarily a social organization, the soc- iety sponsors picnics, snow trips, and an annual banquet. FRIENDS phone helps peo- ple who are lonely, who need assistance m finding legal oi psychiatric help, or who just want to talk for awhile by providing a place for these people to call. Members staff telephones every evening from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. Sponsoring three film series, one each quarter, and other art events PHEONIX ASSO- CIATION promotes interest in the arts at the university. Under the leadership of Marlene Chiaramonte the association stnved to keep the arts alive at Santa Clara this year. Headed by Bill McLaughlin and Bruce Decker, the HOMECOMING COMMIT- TEE organized the activities fof the week preceding the Homecoming football game. LAMBDA SOCIETY is in charge of the liturgy on campus. Its members are responsible foi finding music, slides, new readings, and innovations in the masses to make them moie meaningful to Santa Clara students. KIDS ON CAMPUS is a vol- unteer oiganization which offers free day -care services for the children of students, faculty, and administrators. This year ' s program was co- ordinated by Rosemary Area. KAPPA ZETA PHI is a group of Santa Clara males organ- ized to serve the university. The organization provides campus tours for elementary school students, assists the Homecoming Committee, and helps to maintain a speaker ' s bureau to inform the public of the activities on campus. The INSTITUTE OF ELEC- TRICAL AND ELECTRON IC ENGINEERS STUDENT BRANCH helps students to assess a career m electrical engineering. The Student Branch holds lectures, discus- sions, movies and field trips. It also brings attention to student achievement with a national technical paper con- test. Ttte aim of the INTERNATIONAL SUDENTS CLUB is to im- prove understanding of foreign cultures by bringing together students of different countries. Both foreign and american students are invited to join, become acquainted, and take part in the many, varied activities sponsored by the l-Club. The purpose of the GERMAN CLUB is to help students develop their ' capacity in the German language tjy pro- viding occasions for hearing and speaking German. The club also seeks to expose stu- dents to the culture of the German-speaking peoples. Patience, self-confidence, hu- milrty, and self-knowledge are the virtues of KARATE. Its true value lies in its effect on the training of the physical abilities, and its meaning as a spiritual discipline. In true Karate, spiritual unity and concentration are the most essential elements. The MARKETING CLUB provides practical experience for marketing majors. This year the club researched the marketing of a Ford pinto. and used the results of the survey to enter a project in a scholarship cgntest. The MENDEL SOCIETY is an organization for students with interests in the biologi- cal and medical sciences. It sponsers guest speakers and films on topics relating to the life sciences. The society also holds frequent social func- tions. For all who do not wish to participate in freshmen or varsity sports, Santa Clara offers an INTRAMURAL PROGRAM. This piogram has gained momentum over the past few years and as many as sixty-five teams participate in a single sport. Those players v 4io have been selected as AH Stars ' com- pete in intercollegiate play in championship garnes against St. Maiy ' s and USF. The REDWOOD is the stu- dent annual publication. Its mam function is to record the faces, names, and events of the year. It offers many stu- dents the opportunity to express their feelings about the university experience in wCitten or pictorial form. The RED HAT BAND aims to stimulate spirit at athletic events. Along with providing musical diversion, the RHB entertains the crowd with its antics. The STUDENTS FOR DEM- OCRATIC ACTION ts an organization which strives to educate the members of the university community to- wards a radicJil political movement. The SANTA CLARA COM- MUNITY ACTION PRO- GRAM is designed to famil- iarize the Santa Clara student with the problems of the community and to aid the community in alleviating some of these problems. The organization sponsers four- teen programs, each with its own director. Approximately 300 students are involved in these programs. The A.S.U.S.C. PUBLICITY OFFICE is a student organ- izatiorr that publicizes such on-campus events as dances, concerts, parties, and art exhibits. The office also pro- vides an inexpensive means for students to publicize their candidacy for elections. The OWLis Santa Clara ' s liter- ary publication. It accepts articles of prose, poetry, editorial and artistic content from students at the univer- sity. Whether the OWL is published annually, semi- annually or quarterly rs the decision of the editor. This year ' s editor, Tony Davis, published once in May. STUDENTS HELPING OTHER PEOPLE (S.H.O.P.) is a student owned nonprofit organization corporation de- signed to help the victims of crime and social injustice. In two years of existence, S.H.O.P. has received nation- wide recognition for its work, including a commendation by Senator Ralph Yarborough and special mention by Presi- dent Nixon in a report of victims of crime. Under the direction of Mr. Lynn Shurtleff th e UNIVER- SITY CHORUS seeks to increase the vocal skills of interested students and to provide classical and popular entertamment to the Univer- sity and surrounding com- munity. The SKI CLUB plans week- end trips and holiday vaca- tions in the snow for its two hundred members. ■ [ The purpose of FECH is to increase the cultural aware- ness and idenity of La Raza peoples and to dispel con temporary stereotypes which perpetuate racism. By sponsoring lectures, show- ing films, and providing tutor- ial services, the PHYSICS SOCIETY attempts to make physics more interesting for students. The activities are designed to interest non- majors as well as majors in physics. The VARSITY RIFLE TEAM, under the leadership of Sargent Kendall Turner, represents the university in the Northern California Inter- collegiate Rifle Conference. TASK FORCE Is a totally student-conceived and stu- dent-run organization which raises money for minority student scholarships and tries to examine and confront the problems of racism, especially as they are reflected at Santa Clara. The BLACK STUDENT UNION attempts to unite black students at Santa Clara in order to increase their psychological and cultural awareness. The union aims to realize a future dignity, self- determination and liberation of black people. In its second year, the SANTA CLARA RESEARCH INSTITUTE educated its membets in contemporary issuses and informed the University community of these issues. The WRESTLING CLUB pro- motes the sport of wrestling at Santa Clara. The club pro- vides opportunities for students to practice and con- duct a tournament. The DEADWOOD is a student-published satirical magazine which made its de- but appearance in June of 1971. It was founded and edited by Dick Minor. Whe- ther or not it will return remains to be seen. Sponsoring intercollegiate competition in volleyball, basketball, tennis and sv im- ming, and intramural compe- tition in football, the WO- MEN ' S RECREATION AS- SOCIATION provides women with athletic recreational act- ivities. The club also performs services such as ushermg at football games and provides lessons in self-defense, lifesav- ing, bridge, yoga, horseback p iding and fencing. PI MU EPSILON strives to promote scholarship, espe- cially in the field of math- ematics. Membership is open to those faculty in the field of math, and sophomores, ju- niors, and seniors with high scholastic averages in math. The SOCIETY OF UNITED DAY STUDENTS provides off -campus students with imf ormation on campus activities. It sponsors many social functions and educa- tional programs. r JUNIORS .keith Adams frederick Ahbollin karen Aid sleven Allan alan Alves barbara Anderson gary Anderson richard Andrews dolores Apton ..david Arata rosemary Area william Archibald james Alias thomas Au Sandra Augustine sus m Banducci margarel Bannan raymond Barajas ... tnn Bar bier I kenfieth Barnes ' i-nneth BdHaglia william b.iUaglia william Ba2inett robert Beaudoin joann Becker gail Bennett don Beresini SOPHOMORES Jamie Adams therese Aherne gary Ahrens louise Aiello harry Albersjulie Albrecht janet Aldrtch John Allen noel Allen ..jane Anastasi jed Anderson john Anderson russell Anderson james Andrews scott Apel Christopher Arata michele Arbios ronald Ardtzzone ...bert Arico ivana Artukovich james Auffenberg daryl Auten Charles Babiarz daria Bailey ral ph Ba iley yolanda Baldovinos michael Barrett JUNIORS .george Berrettoni John Bettencourt jerome Bigotti laura Binkowski Christine Bjorklund pairicia Black Patrick Bolger ann Bolton John Bonnici ..craig Borba carol Bosch mary Boyle michele Boyle michael B r ck way Sydney Brown thomas Brown burton Brownell michele Bruneau ...mary Bullene angela Bunting ann Burke brian Burke susan Bush kevin Byrne madetine Calabrese daniel Calcagno connle Calhoun SOPHOMORES .nancy Barrett mary Bates thomas Battle leo Bauer Janice Bazzani kevin Bedolla deborah Berry elena Berto mary Besel ..tajbibi Billawala Joseph Billion glenn Bjorkquist charles Black james Black waiter Blackford lawrence Bogner Stephen Bolduc matthew Bonaccorso ...james Bondi margaret Bongiorno cynthia Borken- hagen william Borzone william Bosque paul Bossenmaier Cheryl Boynton daniel Boz paulette Bradley iLtk Llfk 1sA JUNIORS ,ron.ild Cdii patnelu Campisi james Canning rory Cantando barbara Carroll Wil- liam Carttnill ruddy Cascialo brian Cass mlchael Cassanego ..Shirley Castillo james Calalano gerald Caterina david Cavaynaro julienne Chaillaux Stephanie Chess paul Chester man marsha Cheung Stephen Chipp ...jane Christy andrew Chu Joseph Cirone Jeffrey Clark mary Clarkin Christine Clegg mary Cobb susan Coleman robert Collins SOPHOMORES .irmgard Brenncke kevin Briggs david Brilton carl Brodt cathyrn Brooks dean Brosche barry Brown carol Brown lucia Broyles ..williaFTi Brusher andrea Bryan bonnie Budros mary Budrow antone Bulich rick Burdick thomas Burke roberi Burson Joyce Buis ... kaihleen Byrnes lorretta Cabacungan irene Cappelloni mark Cardoso mary Carlisle patricia Carreno jerry Carter elaine Casey jose Castillo ....henry Caiala philip Caiolano erlinda Caudillo robert Cavallero anthony Cafalu alfonso Cevola david Chang donald Chesterman frederick Chew JUNIORS .richard Connors roger Consorii richard Contro teresa Cousins randall Creech Jeffrey Crosby Christina Crum karen Cuccias jane Cusenza ..Pamela Dadant Virginia Oaoust Philip DeBack Stephen DeMaestri diane DeSantis peter Deck james Dek ker ruben Delgado theresa Detchemendy ...John DiVitiorio juana Dolim etieen Donovan jarties Donovan daniel Dorsa george Eadington rnichae! 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Growers, Packors, Shippers 1095 Hillsdale Avenue San Jose, California Telephone 269-1275 Code Cal Pak Cable Address Val View •v " I y ' u i i c Vlti J i ' rt ti ' I. a J: i: ' ;•- . 1 n, . rJf e» I I I I r B E R K Our faces are different, our newness is unique, at Santa Clar the black student is. At times we ' re unwanted, at times we ' re used, yet our frustrations must be overshadowed for our struggle is universal. Our purpose here is edu- cation. We realize edu- cation of black youth is necessary for black sur- vival as well as for any possibilities of a remedy to the oppression of our people. Santa Clara is part of this education, it can give us what it takes to reinstate black people into their rrght- ful place in society. Education is a process by which you obtain know- ledge and ability. Every college experience is part of this learning process. The education we are able to gain at Santa Clara combined with the knowledge and skills we already pos- sess are steppingstones to freedom and liber- ation of all black people. " THE WAIT SEEMS LONG, AND THE DISTANCE IS FAR, BUT NOTHING WORTHWHILE IS ACHIEVED IN A DAY. so ALSO SHALL OUR CONDITIONS OF OPPRESSION AND WRONG CHANGE INTO LIBERTY ANDJUSTICE. " MARCUS GARVEY wt«l| ' ' Br ! .Tl 4 EL FRENTE ESTUDIANTIL CHICANO The Barrio cmcAfJn o.ny tR, p , " » VJ ' El Frente is Chicano. From East San Jose, Los Angeles, Arizona, Texas, and throughout Aztlan (occupied Mexico) we ' ve gathered; and though these cities and states are many, our home is one: EL BARRIO I am that piece of land " la cuidad " is trying to hide, I house " gente " to whom the American dream has lied, in my corners stand youth " morena " with no future, on " callejon " walls graffiti find their nomenclature. Abelardo The Campus This was northern Mexico, where the sun rose with hideous vengefulness each day, allowing only the martyred cactusand low brush to survive. Vasquez La Raza has felt this same struggle for survival. El Frente feels a similar pressure at Santa Clara Univer- sity ' s campus; it is the pressure of culture conflict, majority over minority, white over Chicano; racism. Culture shock is the experience of disorientation and frustration that occurs when an individual finds himself among people who do not share his fundamental premises, Et Frente members spend weeks facilitating a Minority Orientation Program for incoming minority freshmen in an effort to minimize the impact of " anglo stares " and a totally alien middle-class life style. El Frente counselors discuss with these freshmen the many problems that they will have to face. This is important, and helps then to realize the difference be tween experiencing racism from within one ' s own barrio and experiencing racism from within a racist institution. Although conditions have improved some what at the university, racism is still a major problem confronting all Chicanes. It would be so easy to just lay down and watch the world kill you slowly. But to see the suffering would make you suffer, so you are left without an alternative. Within the craven of your spirit you feel the passion of your people. As an organization and a community, our activities vary. El Frente ' s primary responsibility is to La Raza. This entails fighting for our rights. Often political decisions and actions in the secular world violate and harm fundamental rights, thus frustrating the true meaning of human existence for the individual and the community. How can a Jesuit priest remain passive in the face of racial injustice, or in the face of institutional violence? To remain inactive would mean betraying our calling in life. Fr. Pedro Arupe, Jesuit General As students, and also in an effort to raise La Raza educationally, we have academic responsibilities. The barrios we ' ve come from gave us the security of a community; but also served as a buffer against anglo society ' s exploitation. At Santa Clara we, Chicanos, have no barrio; but we have ourselves. El Frente Estudiantil Chicano is a community. Keeping up with so heavy a load can often be difficult " but encouragement from one another helps. Carnalismo (brotherhood) binds our efforts and encouragements. Relaxing and spending what little spare time we have together promotes Carnalismo. Raza evolving, ever stronger, ever one, filling the Spaniard olive merging shadow and kneeling with the Indian worshipping the sun Abelardo The chains which hold us, must be broken to release the storm in our heart. The hope of what will be must burn in us as a flame that shines as bright as the sun. We stand fast as does a willow; it bends but never breaks. So you too must stand and bend, for you will never be broken Por Vida! Does this not drive you farther? Environmental Design Class: Playgound i f NOTNER BEING y»v 2? Executives t o iB PORNiiTNAM PE CE Project Human RelOTons ] J J I I • I I Intramural Track Meet r m H A Day at the Beach Under clear skies and a hot sun, Santa Clara graduated its 120th class Saturday, June 12, in the Mission Gardens. Numbering 1 279 persons it was the largest class in the uni- versity ' s history. Celebrities from several fields were hon- ored at the ceremonies. Honorary degrees were given to opera singer Dorothy Kirsten, psychol- ogist Carl R. Rogers, and Jesuit philosopher Bernard J. Lonergan. Bob Hope, who was the com- mencement speaker, received an honorary degree in the Humanities. Vice President Fernando Lopez of the Philippines was given the Peter Burnett Award for Public Service. Former Chief Justice Earl Warren received the first one in 1970. In a surprize event during the ceremonies, ASUSC Treasurer, Thomas Anderson, presented the " first honorary student award " to Trustee, Benjamin H. Swig for his " unselfish and unceas- ing desire to work with students for their bene- fit. " A beaming Mr. Swig accepted the award, which carried with it a student body card and unlimited class cuts. Next to be honored were Dean Joseph Miller and Judith Little for their academic excellence and their contribution to the university while serving in their various positions during their four years. Joe Miller received the Nobili Award and Judy Little received the St. Claire Medal. After doing his best to make the audience laugh Hope urged the Class of ' 71 to develop a sense of humor, to stay free to change and to remember that " you cannot be all one thing with no time for anyone else ' s opinion. The 68 year old comedian told the audience that " if there was ever a time when Americans needed to live, to laugh and to pull together it is right now. We need people with courage, patience, tolerance and, above all, a sense of humor. A person can have that, " he reminded the audience, regardless of his age or his hair style. " Following the distribution of dipolomas the valedictorian, Paul Hogan , gave his speech. He pointed out that we were all interested in peace, and that the difference of opinion lied in the means used in obtaining that end. As a gesture of peace at the end of his speech Paul gave Fr. Terry, Ben Swig a nd Bob Hope an olive branch as a sign of peace. 3 wi fe Robert Ackhar t Jane Adams Daniel Albert! Joleen Alcantra Bernard Alfs Jane Aldridge John Alix Larry Alvarez Richard Alves William Amon Howard Anderson Richard Armstrong Douglas Aumack Terry Austen Donna Ayresman Kathleen Anderson Lawrence Anderson Rodney Andrade Mike Antonelli David Arata Christine Baclawsk Kathryn Bank Nancy Barile Robert Barnett I I f I I S i f II Antonina Barrese Cecilia Barrie Daniel Barsanti Michael Bassi David Belardello David Bence Timothy Beresky Paul Berger Nancy Battaini Patrick Bauer Micheal Bazdarich Patricia Beattie Nancy Beaumont Mark Boitano Barbara Sonar James Borkenhagen Stephen Berger Terry Bergstrom Thomas Biniek Randall Blaesi James Blount Peter Bosco Joseph Boyer Ann Brady Edward Brady James Brady Robert Breen Patricia Brennan Karen Briggs Marie Brown Michael Brown Ralph Bruce Robert Brueggemann Paul Bruschera William Burford Linda Burnside Donald Burt John Burton Paige Cabral Leo Cacitti Joy Caillat Thomas Campagne Anthony CampJsi Alyson Canepa Frank Canepa Jeanne Carberry John Cardoza Michael Carey i i i ■ fi 91 Cynthia Chang Lorna Chang Margaret Charlton James Cashman Kathleen Cassidy Barbara Cecil Richard Certo Alejandro Carrion Panette Carrol William Carter Jngrid Case Kathleen Casey James Chiesa Lee Van Chilton Paul Cinquini Peter Cirelli Anthony Cirone Micheal Clark Micheal Clarke Walter Classen William Clayton Valerie Cline Bernard Clougherty Kathleen Cochrane 1 1 1 1 Edward Comerford Peter Conk Robert Coray Albert Cornelison Claire Cole John Colombatto Francis Colosimo Craig Comartin Thomas Combs Valerie Crane Theodore Cribari Robert Cruz Martha Camming Gerald Daly Jack Darnell Terry Daubek Harry Daughters Cindy Cummings James Cunha Martha Cunning Rosemary Curran Ron Cutler Mark d ' Ercole Linda da Rin Jeanne Dado James DeRoche Victoria Deasy Dennis DelPonte Rebecca DelPrado James Davis Phillip Davis Diane DeGregori Phillip DeMaria Kevin Deremigio Ernest Devaurs Deidre Devlin Christine Diez Micheal Dixon Monica Dodds Anne Doeltz Raymond Donahue Lawrence Donatoni Diane Doughty Frank Doyle Mary Drendel Laura Driscoll Mark Driscoll Jeffrey Drury Thomas Dunlap Margaret Dusenbury Edward Dutton Susan Dye Jeffrey Dysart Richard Elston Karen Enz Kenneth Escobar Barbara Everist Robert Fair Susan Fallis Susan Fandel Joseph Faria Rand Farmer Charles Felix Nancy Ferrari Mariano Filart Gregory Fischer David Fitzgerald n fi 11 Mary Fitzgerald John Flavio Robert Fleming Carol Foiada Lynn Foley Larry Ford Kenneth Foreman Susan Frankus Stephen Fredkin Molly Freeman Janet Fregosi Micheal Friedrich Cheryl Friesen Roy Fujimoto Carl Fusselt James Gaffney Susan Gaffney Kathleen Gallagher James Gallardo John Garvey Michael Giacomini Jerett Gianelli Wenona Giles Patricia Garvey Kenneth Gaske Marguerite Gavin James Gawley Christine Giovannoni Ralph Guiffre Emmett Giurlani Shirley Giurlani Frederick Gonzalez Michael Gonzalez Douglas Goodwin Robert Gorini kljuM John Grant Gary Graves Becky Gregg Michael Hardie Monty Hart Deborah Heald Mariellen Hemphil, Joanna Groseta Kathleen Grueneich Eugene Guglielmo Marc Haberman Butch Hamann Catherine Hanlon Harold Hanover Linda Hanten Lynda Hardie t 9 9 !l !l i 1 f J I I I I Robert Hill Glenn Holder Joseph Holtz Timothy Hole David Henningsen Michael Henry William Hensley David Herrmann David Hesson Susan Howseman Francis Hughes Mary Hughmanick Jacqueline Hurlbutt Kelly Idiart John Ignoffo Paul Imwalle Maureen Ittig John Jens Lozzie Jessie Bruce Johnson Philip Johnson Mark Ivary Mary Ivary Catherine Jamison Lawrence Jenkins Timothy Johnson Sally Ann Johnston Richard Justice Joseph Kaakua Tim Kado Linda Kambestad Tom Kaminski Pamela Keane Janet Kelley Joan Kelly Patrick Kelly Barbara Kennedy Cheryl Kettell Bernard Kirkovics Robert Kleinhenz Esther Klempau John Klink Joseph Knapp Mona Ko Carol Koenig James Kohles Julia Komes Alexander Kory !l J 1 1 I I Ketth Kramer Edward Krasevac William Kritlow Joseph Kuhn Raymond Kurzeka James Lawie. Suzanne Lawson Christopher Lee Jocelyn Lamson Thomas Lasich Thomas Laubacher Donald Lauritson Daniel Lee Charlene Lemann Carol Lindsay Judith Little James Loney John Long Barbara Looney Mary Lorenzo Greenie Lu Norman Lussier Frank Luttringer Rosie Luym Susana Luym Marie Mackey John Malley Steven Maloney Luis Maneru Catherine Mannino Ernest March Joel Marini James Martin Kimberley Martin Rosanne Masenga Meredith Mason Philip Mastrocola Marshall Mathews Garrett Mau David Maxon Gerald May John i layer Conrad Mazzarini Bruce Mazzei Matthew McCabe Joseph McCarthy Patricia McCarthy Patricia McConville Susan McKae William McMahon Sharon McManus Mary McQuade Allan Meadows Victor Merolla Anne Middleton Charles McDermott Micheal McGreevy Janice McGregor Marianne McHugh Dean Milter Craig Mills Richard Minor Alice Molina Karen Murphy Kathleen Murphy Mila Murphy Karen Mutch Fran Morley James Muenzer Dennis Muldoon Micheal Mulhern Alan Murakami John F. O ' Brien John T. O ' Brien Kathleen O ' Brien Patricia O ' Hara Sioe Ong Gail Orr Laura Ottavis Bruce Owdom James Naumes Michael Nelson John Nicholas Mary Nolan Matthew Noonan John Oberti Carol Olerich Charles Oliver William Olszewski Gara Owens Marilyn Palia Douglas Parson Pamela Patellaro Thomas Pearson Barbara Pefley Riley Pendergraft Mary Penyan Frank Perachiotti Virginia Rossi Patricia Rowse Michele Roy Cornelia Robinson Charlotte Rodgers Marie Rodrigues George Rogers Barbara Rutkowsk Cheryl Samarzich Donald Samuel Dave Sanchez Theresia Sandhu Kathleen Sapunar Mark Sheibe James Schiavenza Donald Ruebusch Stephen Ruggiero Joseph Ruiz James Rush Michael Russo Suzanne Schuttinger Susan Sealy Edward Seaman Mary Sears Mary Perkins Betty Peter David Petersen Timothy Petersen David Pfaff Joseph PfahnI Mike Phelan Maria Pobjoy John Porteous Ernest Pricco Carole Price Raymond Prince Douglas Puccini Robert Raab Craig Ratkovich David Rauber Richard Ravizza Kathleen Roach Jon Robbins Glenn Roberts David Rea James Redd James Rehrmann John Riope! Denis Servatius James Sevey John Sequeira Frank Serafine Margaret Sharon Margaret Shaw Michael Shaw Patricia Shea Stephanie Shields Christine Shimizu Christine Shyba Christopher Siegfried Sandra Silva Jack Sinnke James Simoni Thomas Simpson Kathleen Sinatra Robert Sissenstein Cathy Skelly Ann Slattery Susan Slusher Rebecca Smith William Snyder Robert Spencer Timothy Sprinkles Karen St George Ann Stella Arthur Scares Augustus Soares Virgil Soderberg Milton Souza Cathy Switzer Mary Tatlea Janet Taormina William Straw Lorry Stuart James Sunseri John Sweet Gerald Stenson Lawrence Stevens James Stoelker Claire Stoesser Darryl Stowers Teresa Tarantino Michel Taylor Ronald Tebbe Michele Terzian a 9 a 9 J a J J n J a J :| ! •I •I •I ' 1 •J -J •J .1 •| tl ' J ' 4 Stephen Thatcher Michael Thibodeaux Laura Thomas Davis Thompson John Thyken Margaret Tipton Theresa Tobin Timothy Toland James Tortolano Kathleen Truxaw Brian Tyrrell Joan Urhausen Michael Vaggione Mark Van Brunt Javier Viilarreal William Vivian Donna Von Raesfeld Allen Walburn Mary Walcom Daniel Walker Susan Walters Janet Ward John Watson Nelt Watson Robert Watson William Wayman Patricia Weiss Patricia Werner Thomas Westoby Lynne Whaley Maureen Whelan Barry Williams Kathleen Winn Coleen Winner Linda Wood Stephen Wozny Thomas Yezek Mary Zapp Frank Zarka John Zoria Rosemary Zoria Jack Zwissig Susan Walters Marjorie Colligan Theresa Wallace Mark Bogdan Richard Walker Frances Neville Kathleen Higgins Steve Soult in j 1 1 1 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I W ' ' % • • . 1 I. - ' J • r ' ; -- The fortunes of the Santa Clara varsity football team rose and fell with the health status of All-Ameri- can Dan Pastorini in 1970. The Broncos started off quickly, collapsed as Pastorini missed five games with a knee injury, and then finished fast with two lopsided victories. SCU ended the season with a winning 5 4 1 record as 1 3 seniors finished out their playing careers at the Mission Campus. Highlights of the year included the tilt against the Villanova Wildcats in Buck Shaw Stadium and the superb season ending 61-41 victory over Humbolt State. Villanova was the best opponent Santa Clara has faced since the return to football eleven years ago,the Wild- cats showed it with a 37-1 6 victory over the hard -fighting Broncos. The Humbolt State game saw a Dan Pastorini assault on the record books in which he completed 10 passes in 12 attempts. Pastorini closed out his career with 15 individual SCU records. Standouts for the Santa Clara team were senior Co-captain Gene Guglielmo, defensive back Tim Johnson, guard Frank Cassidy, defensive end Bill Wayman, and the sensational freshman back Carl Braboy. Most Valuable Player was Pastorini, who also played in the Shrine and East-West game s and was drafted third in the nation by the professional football team, the Houston Oilers. Junior center Ron Sani a first-teani Little All- Coast selection, was named Most Valuable Lineman, Braboy was Most Valuable Back, while seniors Bernie Cloughtery and Gene Guglielmo were tabbed as the Most Courageous and Most inspirational players by their teammates. i 4 I r I i f A % Vil J --• 4 j J. ' ■ M A V. . :!afr w. : " TJ kllf ' t « = ' J»» .■A-f .. " " .f: a»._ ' I V tA ■ f -m ' ■ T » ■ : f ... ' J • ' r- " v u;:«C ' . t ■ 3J ■itf I J r ,» , ' !J " . i-.N i i 9 fiiii irraB IIH ' f ) r 1 - t t ' I v: I t J!», ' V N = »Wi ' - ' :. 9 tk T- V Jw ' i- : " j».i, ». r - i - 1 . - MM;-! •4 ' »» ' »- «%L «« . •- 1 V i z f r A Rr, r I i Vars " -n i , 1 » 3 ii! 23 ' yOP »V.Mf Reno Wi ,4 otball M 13 r ncisco Stat ■1 Humboldt State 3Bi iL irfK W The University of Santa Clara basketball squad finished the 1970-71 season with an overall record of eleven wins and fifteen losses and a West Coast Athletic Conference record of eight wins and six losses. The WCAC record was good for a fourth place tie in the league. The highlight of the season was an 80-78 overtime victory over WCAC champion University of the Pacific at home. The strong point of the Bronco team was a well balanced offense which fea- tured three players in double figures: Mart Peterson, 1 4.5 points per game; Jolly Spight, 1 1 .3 points per game; and Mike Stewart, 15,7 points per game. Injuries thwarted the Santa Clarans throughout the season. Returning start- ing forward Bruce Bochte was out of action for all but one and one-half games and starting guard Jolly Spight missed nine games in the middle of the season sue to injuries. Post season accolades given to the Santa Clara team were the selection of Mart Peterson to the second team All- WCAC roster and honorable mentions to Mike Stewart and Fred Lava oni. Peter- son and Stewart were both awarded berths on the second team All-Northern Califor- nia squad while Lavaroni received honor- able mention. 4 - » V«. JT f jr. 4 : ♦ " ' .W « y f t tii s : ' ' ri: ' -, . .- ; 9 • Varsity Basketball Scores 58 San Francisco State 63 UC Berkeley 65 USF 69 Rutgers lik [4vMr rEuv] Duke 79 North Carolina State Notre Di Portland 60 UOP 92 Saint Mary ' s 91 Pepperdine 61 Loyola 80 UOP 81 Stanford 73 Duquesne 93 UN Reno 64 UN Las Vegas 63 USF 114 Saint Mary ' s 82 Pepperdine 68 Loyola 99 UN Reno 63 UN Las Vegas 67 USF OPP Ti r 4 Freshman Basketball Scores tsy- SCU 76 San Jose City 65 San Francisco State 61 Gavilan College 69 UOP 61 Saint Mary ' s 65 Moffet Field 78 UC Berkeley 69 UOP 100 Laney College 90 Hartnell 65 Stanford 105 Menio 77 UC Davis OPP SCU Intra Mural Champions SCU Alumni The University of Santa Clara baseball team, under coach Sal Taormina, won its fourth con- secutive West Coast Atheletic Conference title and proceeded to the NCAA District 8 finals before they were eliminated by a powerful Southern Cali- fornia team in the best of three series. The Bronco squad, led by senior co-captains Duane Larson and Rusty Weeks, featured the record setting pitching of Rich Troedson, Todd Brent- linger, Joe Pupo, and Ken Escobar; the potent bats of Kurt Lohrke, Bruce Bochte, Duane Larson and Dave Hen- ingsen; and the tradition- ally vociferous support of the Santa Clara baseball fans. Santa Clara finished the sea- son with an overall record of 43 13 and a WCAC record of 18 2. In the NCAA playoffs the Broncos defeated San Jose State in the first round in two straight games, 5-0 and 3-1 , and lost to Southern California in the second round in a three game round: 6-5, 1 -5, and 1 -9. i ft ft ft • ms.4m- i 4ig ' S ' !I ¥ ' ■ % % jj . ' H 1 »• - 1 ml Siitk it - ' — ' " ii iii i i iH ll im Tfl ) 21-: P JI )i SCU Aliwn- . lHi»llv Rcokies ' UC Odui UCOavItt • Stanford Un ' v Cal Polv iPo ' moca} ' " fehiilv Rookies Sdn Jose S ite Swa ofcf L ' UC-Berkel {JCBer e e CaVState Haif. ' ' j St Marv ' s ST.MaryV ' ' Jn ;r Force Acad Ne» Vejas Neyad Las.V€ " ; evaaG Las Ve Sfen FVan Ste e Frsino S ' ' js nu- Sa Jose State • ' . Pepperdine Uniw. P pberd»ne Un7v. - 20 ' Jevada ReTo 8 • i evaOa-Reno 10 , Nevada-Reno 5 Fresno Slate 7 USF - 8 USF ' 1 USF La liWaV.I Loyola Loyola Cal Pqi (SLOJ 56 State L ose State South»ern Cal Southern Ce). % 4 if E E X ti . l if 91 M 9 i: B E ' •• ' - v ' ' •.•r ' , y " . ' - ' ' 4- 4 Minor sports offer a large number of students the opportunity to par ticipate in an athletic endeavor. They allow the student to supple- ment his academic education with an athletic experience, a real form of education . In the course of his training and competition the athlete learns a great deal about himself and the complexity of work- ing with others; this type of knowledge is best conveyed through experience. Sports offer another facet to a total education. Under the auspices of the athletic department, the Women ' s Recrea- tion Association, and the Intra mural Director Santa Clara students are given the opportunity to par- ticipate in a variety of inter- collegiate and intramural sports. Special commendation is given to Mike Henry and his staff for their superb job of organizing the intramural program this year. 1 J ■ " V i : : A ' : : -. ' ■■■■ ' • ;. yy ' Symbolization is the fundamental process of the mind. In fact man could be characterized as a symbol making animal. Every waking moment our senses are being stimulated and our minds are transforming these experiences into symbols which order and complete these experiences. Some of these symbols become the basis for the analytical systems of science; others become the vehicle of dream and fantasy; still others become the medium of religious consciousness. Art is a symbol system which is the form of feeling. The symbols of art are in fact the very incarnation of the life of feeling, which, through art, is con- ceived, ordered and brought up to the level of the universal. Art is precisely not a language, which is perhaps man ' s most highly developed symbol system, but it expresses areas of consciousness that language cannot express. And it is through art that the feeling life of man is " educated. 1 J It is very important, however, to understand that mere exposition will not give one the understanding of this very im- portant symbol system and its process of symbolization. One needs exposure to the symbols and the process of their crea- tion before the significance of any exposition on the subject is realized. Since these symbols deal with our sentient life and are the foundation from which our thoughts grow and develop in this vital area, such exposure is necessary to our functioning as thinking, feeling human beings. It is very easy to ignore the importance of such endeavors, for we are a technocratic society which, on the whole, values only ' ' the facts " embodied in the symbol systems of science and history. We have become essentially a psychologically im- balanced people. We have come to value only one area of thought, analytical discourse. We have de-emphasized, if not discredited, the areas of art, religion, myth and all other areas of non-discursive, intuitive thought. In order to correct the im- balance we must develop an awareness in this area and realize its importance. to ' V-V Photographs by Al Cevola Photographs by James Winegan 3 v ; -;, V r « 1 v. . :y - t - : Ml ■- v- •-- " rV ' .,:rH- i5 . r : - ' - « . .. . ' ' -•,g 3 s - ;A| - :;5 ' IHKCfe ' ■ ' •? ii — -A tS? SBC i bJ Trrial«lffl ■: - ' Photograph by J. Kevin Byrne Painting by Douglas Puccini Painting by Douglas Puccini Painting by Abdul Moshen Mana Dark of the Moon Skin of Our Teeth We Bombed in New Haven Tom Paine Rodin Opening at the DeSaisset Xoregos Dance Company Fish, Fox and Cos We greatly appreciate the patronage of the following senior parents: Mr. and Mrs. William H. Kay Francis J. Doyle Mr. and Mrs. )amcs Hanratty Albert F. Skelly Leonard C. Mannas Mr. and Mrs. |ohn Oberli Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Slenson Mr. and Mrs. William L. Fcrdon Mrs. Mateo Sinatra David H. Millang Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas A. Sapunar Fr. and Mrs. )esse F. Walker Mr. and Mrs. Mike Kado Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Snnniol Mr. and Mrs. Joseph ). Ktrkovics Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Dunl,i[:) Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Gorini Mr. and Mrs. Wilfrid A. Merrill Mr. and Mrs. Harold T. Haberman Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. Mur[:)hy Mr. and Mrs. W. j. Comartin. jr. Mr. and Mrs. David S. Arata, |r. George Gugtielmo Ray W. Donafiuc Mary jane Gleason Mr. and Mrs. I . H. Scheibe Dr. and Mrs. Tibor A. Beresky j. R. Alcantara Mr and Mrs. Barnet F. Ronar Bob Fair Mr. and Mrs. P. ). Fitzgerald r. and Mrs. Paul R. Huston Dr. and Mrs. E. P. Kellev Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Winifred Sarafine Mr. and Mrs. Aldo j. Bertolotti Mr. and Mrs. |ohn T. Schiavenza James Cashman, |r. Mr. and Mrs. Charles ). Albers Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Puccini Mrs. Elizabeth Betlencourl Mr. and Mrs. Warren Cabral Mr. and Mrs. William ). Muenzer Mr. and Mrs. James B. Caffnev III Mr. and Mrs. Steve W. Panvan Mr. and NUs. Michael Pappas Mr. and Mrs. Shideo Murakami Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bank Mr. and Mrs. George Terzian Mr. and Mrs. Stanley S. Soult Mr. and Mrs. Owen Brady Mr. and Mrs. Henr ' Rehrmann Mr. and Mrs. Adeline Patellaro Helen A. Gaffney Mrs. Russel F. Holz Mr. and ' rs. Charles A. Pobjoy Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Allan I . Keeno Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Seaman Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Foley Mr. and Mrs. James N. Curran T. S. Cribari Mrs. Claire M. Mertens John B. Drury Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Walker Marilyn Moore Drendcl Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Freeman Mr. and Mrs. Warren N. Samar i( h Mr. and Mrs. Frederic Tamayo Mr. and Mrs. John I. Fischer Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Russo Mr. and Mrs. I co J. Greenhal h Mr. and Mrs. Edmund C. Hurlbutt Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rini( k Mr. and Mrs. Pat Sodcrbcrg Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Moloney Dorothy W. H. Chang Frank A. MIraglia Dr. Donald M. Carey Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Roth Dr. and Mrs. James A. Jolly Mr. and Mrs. G. J. Stella Mr. and Mrs. William F. Stoesser tAT. and Mrs. Patrick G. Butler, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. William W. Tipton G. M. Roa Mr. and Mrs. John S. Sweet Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Alves lames A. Giovacchini Mr. and Mrs. John A. Gavin Helen M. Weekes Dr. and Mrs. S. V. Ciuffre Mr. and Mrs. William F. Hanlon Virginia M. Siegfried Dr. and Mrs. James |. Nolan Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Bruce Mr. and Mrs. Steve Tallea Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Blount Mr. and Mrs. William D. Jenkins Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Kleinhenz gc rald V. Daly Mr. and Mrs. Dante A. Pastorini Mr. and Mrs. Charles Devlin Janet j. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Middlelon Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Fujimoto Mr. and Mrs. Louis Tebbe Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Von Raesfeld Frank S. Gregg Mr. and Mrs. Byron A. Olerich Mr. and Mrs. Reuben E. Parson Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Higgins Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Soares Mr. and Mrs. Aloysius A. Sikora Mr. and Mrs. James T. Brady Mr. and Mrs. Rupert Fallis Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Breen Esther Domenici Mr. and Mrs. John L. Ceul Anthony P. Hamann Mr. and Mrs. Harold Krug Mr. and Mrs. Loren L. Straw Mr. and Mrs. Richard Armstrong Mr. and Mrs. Chester Gianelli Dr. Frank J. Zakra Ralph L. Giacomini Mr. and Mrs. Frank Genta Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Sylvia Mr. and Mrs. Roy Shimizu Mr. and Mrs. George C. Doeltz Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Vivian Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Deremigio Mr. and Mrs. John R. Mulhern Mr. and Mrs. James J. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Dean E. Miller Dr. and Mrs. Robert F. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. J. Komes Mr. and Mrs. William E. Wayman

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