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m •3 ZMs neT wo CD ia j Siis Historic Sp coidially invites you to visit Msslou Church Ortgml Misswn 05S . . . OldMbemi Campus9(irdm University Of Santa Clara Santa Clara, California w t ;i- : - .in « " » ' - !: . ' .1 Zke sea is never still it pounds on the shore restless as a young heart searching . . . Carl Sandburg Zhe more faithfully you listen to the voice within you, the better you will hear what Is sounding outside you. And only he who listens can speak. . . . Dag Mammarskjold Mow can we be sure of anything the tide ekanges. Zke wind that made the grain wave gently yesterday blows down the trees tomorrow. And the sea sends sailors erashing on the roeks, As easily as it guides them safely home. J love the sea But it doesn ' t make me less afraid of it J love you but J ' m not always sure of what you are and how you feeL Kod MeKuen What does one person gWe to another? Me gives of him- self, of the most preeious he has, he gives of his life. Srie dromon you are blind and J am deaf and dumb So let us toueh hands and understand. Unknown d Zo let life leak out, to let it wear away with the mere passage of time, to with hold giving it and spending it is to ekoose nothing. Robert . Jok: n y ' ■immmfK t0$ifii ;0if, pp» •f- - •,r V r i V. 1 1 ■ you feel you are hedged in, you dream of escape, but be- ware of mirages. Do not run or fly away in order to get free, rather dig in the narrow place which has been given to you; you will find Qod there and everywhere. Qod does not float on your horizon, he sleeps in your substance. Vanity runs, love digs. J f you fly away from yourself , your prison will run with you and will close in because of the wind of your flight; if you go deep into yourself it will disappear in paradise. Qabriel Marcel fp Will we ever reaek Z he point where the road touches the sky? Z here is HO point Zhere is only moving We leave ourselves behind Our wheels unwind us What do we find at the end? Ourselves again, but changed Mastair Keid 15 DEDICATION Thomas D. Terry In March, 1968, the Reverend Thomas D. Terry, S.J. became the twenty-fifth president of the University of Santa Clara, succeeding the Very Reverend Patrick A. Donahoe, S.J. Father Terry entered the Jesuit Society in 1939 and v» as ordained a priest in 1952. He received his A.B. and Ph.I. degrees in philosophy in 1945 and 1947, and a B.S. degree in Chemistry, in 1947, all from St. Louis University. He also received an S.T.L. (Licential in Sacred Theology) from the University of California at Davis in 1959. Father Terry has been the academic vice-president at Loyola University, Los Angeles, for the past one-and-a-half years. Previously, he was Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Santa Clara. As Dean Father Terry was instrumental in bringing the quarter system to Santa Clara. The new academic plan divided the academic year into shorter periods and reduced the number of courses taken by the students, allowing them to have more time for independent study and to acquire a deeper understanding of the subject. Father Terry initiated the Arts and Architecture Department. A promoter of the fine arts, he continually sought a greater role for the fine arts in the undergraduate curricula and it was un- der his administration that the proposed fine arts center was conceived. It was also during his administration that the Edward J. Daly Science Center was built. In view of past accomplishment and service to the University and in a welcoming spirit, we proudly dedicate the 1968 REDWOOD to Father Terry. Whatever Concerns L 1 EJo ilMB| ' .i H 7 ■■■ ' .■ ■ " • 1 ' ■ i fc 1 1 ■4 " % ■ HBr 1 ■■ " ' ■ ' ■■ ' ' ■■■■■■ ' " ■• l « ■V ' " 1 n H ■ . ■■ ' ' ■ :, r 1 I 3 . , h ,.;;■• ' ■.,: ' " " : ' - 1 " ■K «1 . •7 1 20 Zo be human means to be youthful and joyful In spirit 21 22 J -1 . Imm: . ... aiB w .- .-■■■-■, ■■■ h mmuL m if ' iife ' -r ...., ;. 23 24 i 26 28 f ' 29 f i ' ' ' 30 • 32 38 F CLASS OF 71 ENTERS SCU I AM A FROSH I HAVE A MEAL CARD I HAVE A FROSH BUTTON I AM COOL 40 I AM COOL I ' M IN THE PRE-REG LINE I ' M IN THE BOOK STORE LINE I ' M IN THE CAFETERIA LINE I AM COLLEGIATE !■■ REffPf KCf FALL REGISTRATION FOOTBALL INTRAMURALS BOYLE ' S MEATS WIN INTRAMURAL CROWN UP WITH PEOPLE 46 YOUNG AMERICA ' S MUSICAL EXPLOSION ittll . ' IHWHiiirn ' Mt " " i?i«lt»»»«» ' SmmMnlM SSXKi Let The Good Times Roll 52 ■ s . . ' v V X- ' W ' i ' 5 Kiu m - », ffi. % ' Homecoming Queen Cindy Lund mt vm SCCAP I p Junior Mardi Robers Rowing Association Junior ' " i» , Bonnie Baker Delta Sigma Pi Junior 60 iTJ . , ' « ' -1 £.. fc ! Mollie Ferry Italian Club Junior Margie Lemire Omega Sigma Sigma Senior 61 IR ' .■; ' " .«Wlr 66 67 mtut jHito fltt B BH IH flifll IH ■IB !■ ■ BB ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ BBI BB ■■ BB BBI BB IB BBI BB ■■ BB ■■ B BB Ib BB BB BB ■ I ■■ BB BB BB ■ I V BB Bipll CHRISTIAN- I ' ■ H ■■ M ■■ ■ ■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■■ ■ BB BB BB BB BB ■ MR HMHRHw B wHp hHHMMW BB l MMI B BB BB BB BBB BB BB BB BB BB B . i» ;» lAifc V im " ' Vi , The second Christian- Marxist Dialogue held in the United States was held at Santa Clara under the aus- pices of the Center tor the Study of Contemporary Values. Father Eugene Bian- chi, director of the Center, introduced the three-day conference on " The Search for a New Humanism, ' . The first three sessions of the Conference set the stage and created the spirit within which a dialogue was possi- ble. The main speaker at the opening session was Dr. John Somerville, professor of phil- osophy at California West- ern University. He suggest- ed that if we have basic fears about our survival, then Christians and Marxists, each have equal rights, should accept each other on equal terms and then com- bine in a rise to the future, a new humanism. VIARXIST DIALOGUE A major point of difference brought up in the discussion was made by Father Fagothey of Santa Clara ' s philosopy department. He said that Christianity and Marxism are ir- reconcilable on the point of immortality. But Dr. Robert S. Cohen, chairman of the depart- ment of Physics at Boston University, author, and active member of the Marxist Institute, stated that Marx says religion has the right quest but the wrong answers and that answers are what are important. Dr. Cohen also point- ed out that there do exist other beliefs and that other good honest people possess these other beliefs. These realities must be faced be- fore any progress at all can be made. The three-day session was climaxed by the appearance of Dr. Herbert Aptecker. Dr. Apthecker is the head of the Marxist Institute and an internationally-known Communist. His appearance was highly controversial but most interesting to all who attended the dia- logue. 69 1967 proved to be the year of the Bronco for Santa Clara University ' s hard-hitting gridiron eleven. It all started in the season opener at Fresno against the nationally-ranked Bulldogs. Fresno State showed signs of overpowering the Broncos for the majority of the ball game, gaining a decided advantage in both offensive and defensive team statistics. But the breaks went the way of the Broncos, and like the clutch team that they are, the Santa Clara crew cashed in, as they were to do all season. A recovered fumble by defensive back Steve Scully turned into a 55 yard touchdown romp. Later in the ball game Tommy Williams pick- ed off a Bulldog Aerial on his own 40 yard line with nothing in front of him but greener pas- tures. He took it in to nail the lid on the Bull- dog coffin. The Bronco defensive unit, an- chored by tackle Paul Giacalone, held the Fresno State crew constantly on the crucial third down situations to pave the way to the upset win. «A j.- . " ' »sr " aiM«»j«KSFJK. -j«E»;««sirt-TjArj ; iK3St BRONCOS RISE TO NATIONAL GRID FAME The win in Fresno gave the Broncos much needed momentum. For the fol- lowing weekend another nationally- ranked eleven was to invade Buck Shaw stadium to do battle with SCU. The Gators of San Francisco State boasted the top passing attack in the country. The Gators led 21-14 with ten minutes to go when the Broncos got going. A 10-play 78-yard drive knotted the score at 21-all with minutes to play and set up the climax. The Broncos regained possession and drove to the San Francisco State 11 yard line. There were 40 seconds remaining when Darryi Stowers made a circus catch of a Calcagno aerial in the corner of the end zone to notch the win. The Cinder- ella team was on its way. 73 i i " 75 .0 % i The next big test came at Buck Shaw stadium against a httle known but extremely tough Logger eleven from the straits of Puget Sound. The Bron- cos were down most of the way, but again became the flower that bloomed last and sweete st. Trailing 17-14 with ten minutes to play, the Broncos march- ed to the Logger 12 yard line where a Calcagno to Lusich pass gave Santa Clara 21-17 win. Coupled with a previous easy victory over San Fernando Valley State, the Broncos were reeling with four in a row. The Santa Clara unbeated train rolled through three more whistle stops without a hitch. The Homecoming tilt against Whittier was a 40-13 laugher. The following week against JC Davis was even more embarrassing at 49-8. Cal Poly (SLO) put up light resistance before bowing 28-7. But with seven straight wins, the Broncos were about to meet their Waterloo. I ' .3 . . t ' . ■• - ' ifik ,- ' -:r- j- if - p f i »k • ir4» PatMalley Honored As Nor-Cal Coach of the Year Everyone knew from the beginning that the game at Santa Barbara would make or break our season. Unfortunate- ly for Santa Clara, the Gallop- ing Gauchos turned out to be more like the destroying steamrollers. The Broncos suffered their first defeat 34-7 on a dark, dark day. A 28-18 win over Cal Poly (Pomona) salvaged a great 8-1 season, the finest of the modern era. Their success resulted in a national ranking among small colleges and a well-deserved honor for Coach Pat Malley as Northern Cahfornia Coach of the Year. m 84 1 ■ WB H 1 IV i il B%f ' V% SBKBm B - J " " |r f a|H Ml H i« i H Inl W J __J% i r ji Pfl H ■jF ' ' - ' , M mtm |1 lyj t ' i P SZi J E M »J 1 , ' VP I Hb H i - 1 a v-J i M ; ' ' : B 1 Bl M. m it 85 CLAY M.GREENE ' S PRODUCTION OF " MURDER IN THE CATHEDRAL " 86 {p : :- ± ' AMICI DELLA MUSICA: SANTA CLARA ' S SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA 89 90 V ' v f ' J . All the love of Qod loosed from the bankings of eter- nity tumbled into a new becoming. . .then was. . the cry of a child — and the earth sighed. in 94 97 98 " F IT If v 100 SCHOOL OF NURSING 102 CANDIDS AT WORK 104 I -SIBRp ' " 105 J 108 109 Rugby 1968 : f ' ' A. SCUHas Hard Luck Year 112 ■ I . ' . • L . --- " » Club ' 66 Variety Show 114 I 1 Santa Clara Gains National Basketball Fame BRONCOS CAPTURE CABLE CAR CLASSIC With a young, talented, but woefully inexperienced basketball team, the Santa Clara Bronco basketball team turned a question mark year into a fan- tastic success. In the season opener against San Francisco State, the Bron- cos looked like the third best team in the country, right behind the Celtics and 76ers . A 56-point victory over the toothless Gators catapulted Santa Clara hopes far beyond reality, but indeed the potential for a fine team was there. The high point of the pre-season came at the Cable-Car Classic in San Francisco. The Broncos scored back-to- back wins over Loyola of Chicago and Western Kentucky, both nationally ranked, to take the title. A big reason for the sharp early season form was Bud Ogden, a 6 ' 5 " foward who goes to the basket more powerfully than a loco- motive. The big guy combined with veteran Bob Heaney to give the inex- perienced Broncos much needed punch and coolness under fire. 117 Sij H B i I IP " ■ " 118 BOB GARIBALDI NAMED NOR-CAL HOOP COACH OF THE YEAR Another major accomplishment for Santa Clara in the pre-season was the defeat of the powerful Brigham Young team on the Cougers own home court at the famed Utah campus, an almost unheard of feat. But the following night the Broncos suffered their first loss of the year at the hands of the same quintet they had humiliated the night before. But each opponent in that pre- season taught the Bronco hardcourters a little more about themselves and their game. The potential would soon blos- som. The opening night of league play was a disappointment for Santa Clara. Against rival USF on the Dons home court, Broncos were unable to hold a 10-point lead and were defeated by two points. After this loss there was much criticism and many Santa «€ itfik. .- . iPTA " i S ' • ■ ' rfX 1 a ' " fi 1 « K 1 Wb 1 ;i ■ ■■ ' ? k i K WW .7? ' f L m m ' W ' - |k: ,; , Pl ' ' ' ■ ' ' ' i L- m m ■ H ffW ■ " " " ' ■■■l ■ ' 1 l- BfS ■ ||h H k ■ ra 1 M - 1 1 Im- I i _ 1 " m ■y ML ' v « .? w 341 TAfl M Iv l h y 122 ■m " ! iL 1 . ' - 5 ■Sta B|| 9|| " , 4 1 ' m " I SCU SHINES IN WESTERN REGIONALS Clarans were already writing the Broncos off for the season. But Dick Garibaldi and his crew had other ideas. After that initial loss, the hustling Broncos ran off 13 straight victor- ies to take the WCAC title in one of the greatest winning streaks in Santa Clara history. As WCAC titlists, Santa Clara was auto- matically seeded in the Western Regionals of the NCAA national tournament, held in Al- buquerque, New Mexico. The first night the Broncos were pitted against 7th-ranked Uni- versity of New Mexico Lobos on their home court. The result was one of the finest Bronco performances of the year. Garibaldi ' s charges easily handled the highly-touted Lobos to earn the right to go against top-ranked UCLA the following night. A win over the powerful Bruins was too much to ask of the Broncos, or anyone else. Lew Alcindor and company easily beat Santa Clara, but the Broncos gave a good account and Bronco rooters warn- ed that they would be back next year. This great " Year of the Bronco " also earned head coach Dick Garibaldi the title of North- ern California Coach of the Year, a richly de- served honor. Dick will have the nucleus of his team back this year. So he and the Bron- cos will be a formidable force to contend with. ' ' Wi t •Wi Zv W] ' § ' % 1 m fM s y- h •M ' . -■ r M ■Riggfiag " . ' " ' ' 1 H 1 wm " % M ' ■L - A; , K ' " W " ' ■ ■ ' ' ■ ' ' ' ' ■ 9pi i1 f Kt. B nu: «mir- 134 135 % ' , «slp 8F ' ' ' ' A Bum " ' H ' " • Jl n. ' u ' «3P ' . Jk ' h I ' Mi( .«4 - -Ki 1 -, t . Mi 1- i . . ' «• ' 4 ' ' . ■ " 3 ■(■ -• cf ' : w e i ' : 1 _ « •»A »V V ' ' «, i V 1 M ife«?. .• » -4 ' .-. i It ' " ■5 ' • j -jsy i S ' fli ' F ® c ---:«? ' i " ll ' ' t Clay M. Green ' s Winter Production ' ' Italian Straw Hat " 137 Hollywood Benefit Show The second Annual Board of Fel- lows " Golden Circle Theatre Party, " starring Bob Hope and Fess Parker took place this year at the San Jose Civic Auditorium, referred to affec- tionately by Mr. Hope as " The Gar- age " . Again the show played to a standing-room-only audience. Also performing on the program with Bob Hope and Fess Parker were Molly Bee, the Young Saints and " the Youth of America. Mr. Fess Parker originated this event to raise funds toward the build- ing of a Theatre-Music Complex on the Santa Clara campus. Said Mr. Parker, " It is my opinion that through the theatre and music Christi- an morality can reach the youth of our nation in a particular way perhaps no other method of communication can do. I am convinced that our nation ' s institutions of higher learn- ing have a mandate to utilize the pow- erful medias of the spoken work--of drama and comedy and the lyrical voice of music. " BASKETBALL IN TRAM URALS Heimsoth ' s Netters Waltz To Crown, Then Tripped In Finale By All-Stars. 140 X k k. ' K ■K ' ' il ■ W ' B H HE - ' , ' - ' ■ m 1 Kr ' ■ ' ' - , r 1 E__ H |v ' W j M H 1 ..f4i. { B Hk 1 B Harper ' s Bizarre: Spring Concert 142 143 SPRING 144 Cife is a flower when it opens you will look trembling into it unsure of what the traditional mirror may reveal between hope and despair while a temerous old man doubtfully half turns away his foolish head. William Carlos Williams iiiMlitafiiiiriiii » mi 146 147 It. 148 • J . f _Jh 149 %i wm 152 I i n. t [S 0 . 3i ' 1 1 ' i ' ■ - -M-.-T ' ' f ' : h ' A ' 155 imiiimii 156 % 158 i k ■x m.«m m , u . t £. 160 161 162 163 RodMcKuen In Concert 164 w. cliff ord, Naumes Lead SCU Tennis Charge To ' ' Best Ever " 9-2 Record. DRILL 169 ROTC Summer Camp Ft. Lewis 1967 - ' ■♦ Ottoboni Edges Shea, Outlasts " el Sol " In Dramatic Presidential Election 7 172 -mit atm- rn ' .i I It, IJU i I .,ti 1 I I 111 y " v ' ' - fl I 1 Schmidt Coylar Horgan, Henderson, And Sue Naumes Elected To Other ASUSC Posts 176 tr t i BRONCOS REACH NATIONAL DIAMOND RANKINGS I « Before the start of the season. Coach Sal Taormina knew he would have a good baseball team, but no one had much of an idea how good. Pitching prospects looked only so-so, and hitting was a big question mark. Fred Ott would be playing first full season at third base. The same held true for Alvin Strane at second base and Hank Mott at first. The only estab- lished man in the infield was Albert Strane at Shortstop. But as the season began it slowly be- came evident that the Bronco bats would be singing a sweet song. ,»«l fc »«« » 182 H - - • 1 ,_ 183 I i un a n Di B fflj iBi w ia y i g 184 fl mmf A-; ' Alvin Strane showed he learned the art of hitting over the summer, getting many timely hits and running the bases with great speed. Hank Mott proved a great sur- prise at first. As a switch hitter Hank showed great pow- er from either side of the plate. He combined with out- fielder Rod Pommes and catcher John Mispagel to give the Broncos strong RBI punch. The biggest surprise of all may have been Fred Ott. The stocky third sacker hit at a .350 clip for most of the year to make the Bronco hitting machine a very potent one indeed. Also wielding a strong bat was shortstop Albert Strane, the slick fielder who gain- ed fame last year by belting a homer off celebrated right- hander Juan Marichal of the San Francisco Gaints. Probably the strongest hitter of this entire fence-bust- ing crew was Vince Bigone from St. Ignasius of San Fran- cisco. Vince was a .400 hitter for the Broncos and made several All-American teams. As a team, the Broncos made their way through a great season mostly on the strength of their outstanding hitting. But Sophomore Dennis Fitzgerald and Junior Jerry Mc- Clain gave the pitching staff a great lift when the going got tight. The Broncos coasted to the WCAC champion- ship in its first year of existence and were ranked number six in the nation at the close of the regular season. Three of the Broncos wins includ- ed a victory over western regional champion Southern California and two victories over highly regarded Stanford. On the strength of a fine season, the Broncos were invited to compete in the Western regionals of the College World Series tournament. Although Coach Taormina ' s team was beaten in the regionals, his ' 68 team will long be remembered as a team that kept coming back to win when it just didn ' t look like a victory was in the cards. M rtlh »« « ■ ' « ' __ - ' J _,, , .i ' , ' ' , ' Vl ' ;-0» ' - BRONCOS WIN WCAC TITLE AND GAIN BERTH IN NCAA REGION ALS 191 Clay M. Greene Presents: A Man ' s A Man - V ' - nV fiLf t H9 Hp » 5k ■ ' i ' ' H d ■i ifl ' 1 vv„ ' ■• ' • ■ ' ■ , ■ ■ - Ife ' ' I ' im ): P ' 193 Baseball Intramurals Comedy of Errors JUMOR PROM— CARMEL COUNTRY CLUB 197 1 ADMINISTRATION PATRICK A. DONOHOE, SJ. President Sept. 1967-Mar. 1968 202 THOMAS D. TERRY, SJ. President Mar. 1968-J unel968 203 Charles F. Guenther, S.S. Vice President For Finance Joseph A. Keane, S.J. Vice President For 204 Student Services Lee O. Case Vice President For Development And Public Relations 205 c Walter E. Schmidt, SJ. Assistant To The President 206 William J. Perkins, SJ. Executive Vice President Alexis I. Mei, S.J. Academic Vice President 207 ' ■ h -, li { • r- Gerald McGrath Dean Of Men I 208 Viola Kamena Dean Of Women Mary Kay Ward Ass ' t Dean Of Women Craig Needham President 210 John Ottoboni Corresponding Secretary ACADEMICS ajSrtJiSSiSW " - 1 -..: ' - » «i. %. r„ ._ . , ■ - -- .-.■ V» : : ::o« ««»x«:-: •r.:-y. ' m ' ■ ' . ' ■ ' . ' • ' ri ft-:-:-:- •lv ' ■ ■ ■ " i E " 3W: ' ' " ' " ' 39WfiSS3888Sflfl « » «v ! ' :•:•? ini- i i :::i:3 flflBfflB BBH College Of Arts And Sciences Father Elmer A. Luthman Dean, School Of Colleges 218 Father John M. Hynes Dean, School Of Arts Dr. Beilharz Chairman, History Dr. Alexanderson Chairman, Mathematics Dr. Deck Chairman, Chemistry Dr. Drahman Chairman, Physics Father Felt Chairman Philosophy Father Hombach Chairman, Biology Father Gray Chairman, English Mr. Iwamoto Acting Chairman, Sociology Dr. Jurika Chairman, Political Science Mr. Shea Chairman Theater Arts Mr. Williams Chairman, Music Dr. Vari Chairman, Languages Dr. Stanek Chairman, Psychology 222 Fr. Belval Dr. Baker Fr. Bannon Fr. Bianchi Dr. Auerbach Dr. Biondi Colonel Buckley Dr. Buckenmeyer Fr. Buckley Fr. Copeland Mr. Dav Miss Chamberlain 225 Father De Bouvere Mr. De La Guardia Mr. Dennehy Dr. Duffy Fr. Fallon Dr. Fast Dr. Duggan Fr. Fagothey 227 M Mr. Fessio Dr. Fischer Dr. Flaim Mr. Flood »« , « Ar , ' Sr ,S VSiMS3S 228 . J Mr. Giacomini Dr. Gross Dr. Belotti Mr. Hefferman 229 Mrs. Hobson Mr. Hughes Father Hayn Mr. James Mr. Kerr Dr. Klosinski Dr. Kronick Fr. Kropp |i«ip i i ii| ] iii» . i|i I I m i m Mr. Lehr i I Mrs. Linenthal Mr. Logothetti Dr. Langloi s Fr. Martin Mr. Manchester Dr. Mandell MJ Mr. Mason Fr. McAuliffe Fr. McQuillan Dr. McCormick Dr. Meier Dr. Mooring Sr. Monica Mr. Meyer Dr. Nolan A MissNowik .■teA ■ . ISte ' -- ■? ' • • .J--- .•■ A Fr. O ' Neil THEOLOC Mr. O ' Keefe Fr. O ' Toole Mr. Orenczuk Mr. Pfeiffer 237 Mrs. Pedersen Mr. Rematore Dr. Schmidt Fr. Rock Fr. Shanks Dr. Schroth Dr. Sheehan Mr. Shurtleff 240 Mr. Skolmen Fr. Sullivan Dr. Sullwold Mr. Smith Mrs. Stork ■ ■ -- - ' i i ; V 9f f T» ' » ' mi» mm m ' m ¥ mm ' X Dr. Sussman Fr. Tait Mrs. Tomlinson Mr. Tutorow Mr. Weeks Mr. Valle 243 School Of Business j f£2 Lorenzo M. Belotti Chairman, Economics Dr. Brown Charles J. Dirksen Dean, School Of Business Mr. Cheatham «3f- orrigan Fr. Gianera Fr. Coz Mr. Jacobs 245 Mr. Lattanand 00 ' " m Mr. Johnson Di Lawrence C. Lockley Chairman, Marketing Mr. Nielson [aier John Pagani Chairman, Accounting Associate Dean, School Of Business 247 Mr. Monasta Dr. Fagan Joseph M. Trickett Chairman, Management Dr. Vancura 248 Dr. Whalen SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING Robert J. Parden Dean, School Of Engineering Dr. Chan Richard C. Dorf Chairman, Elec. Eng. Mr. Fisher 249 ■ Henry V. Hahne Chairman, Civil Engineering Dr. Healy Mr. Markle v F Dr. Murray Mr. Nettesheim Mr. Oliver Dr. Saad Dr. Peterson Colonel Robert O ' Brien, Jr. Professor of Military Science Lt. Col. McCollum Major Garcia Major Clark Sgt. Maj. Gardiner MJ BM r ' m jgri f Lt. Col. Ventura Major Bowser S Sgt. Turner O ' GONNOR ' S HOSPITAL SCHOOL OF NURSING 255 Mrs. Matsuura fMBilBrt Mrs. Arne Registrar Mrs. Kerhli Librarian Miss Hares Housemother Mrs. Dyche Mrs. Forsburg MissWeldy Mrs. Herring Director Of School Of Nursing Miss McKay 9 f V Mrs. Westerlund MissHegener CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS BETA GAMMA SIGMA Beta Gamma Sigma is a na- tional business honor frater- nity represented by the Delta Chapter on campus. Its main functions are to encourage and reward scholarship and a accomplishment among the students of business admin- istration, to promote the ad- vancement of education in the art and science of business, and to foster integrity in the conduct of business opera- tions. Officers: Joe Sanfilippo, Jerry Mugnolo, Al Larson. PI MU EPSILON Pi Mu Epsilon, a national honorary mathematics fraternity, is new this year to Santa Clara. After Professor Klosinski, Pi Mu Epsilon ' s faculty ad- visor, had written the petition, Santa Clara received its charter and chapter name, California Eta, in the fall term. The purpose of Pi Mu Epsilon is to pro- mote scholarship, especially in the field of mathematics. Dr. deBouvere, Dennis Smolarski, Bruce McLemore, Kathleen Weland, Russ Meredith, Tom Kropp. ALPHA SIGMA NU Alpha Sigma Nu is a nation- al honor fraternity with chap- ters in many Jesuit colleges and universities across the na- tion. Membership on campus consists of two senior students from each of the colleges of Santa Clara. They are chosen for their distinguished quali- ties of scholarship, loyalty and service. The primary function of this organization is to in- vestigate the academic prob- lems of the school and give recommended solutions to the administration. Craig Needham, Bob Mack, J. Terence Lyons, Daniel Sullivan, Victor Dirksen, Bill Klein. PHI ALPHA THETA Phi Alpha Theta is an international society in history; its Lambda-Upsilon Chapter was established at Santa Clara in 1966. The organization seeks, first, to bring faculty and student historians together in activities related to their common interest, the study of history, and, second, to promote that study among other members of the university community. During the year 1967-68, Lambda- Upsilon Chapter sponsored lectures, luncheons with distinguished scholars, panel discussions regarding graduate schools and departmental curricula, and informal social gatherings for stu- dents and professors. Pat Mason, Paul O ' Hara, Virginia Turner, Jim Pilant, Greg Sch midt, Art Leibsc- her. 263 GAMMA PI EPSILON FRONT ROW, L. TO R ; M. Beemer, M. McCabe, D. Doran, K. Bertsch, N. Capurro, M. Slattery, M. Byrne, D. Toomey, C. Burns, C. Armin; SECOND ROW, L. TO R., S. Lech, C. Lund, J. Loguvam, G. Williams, J. Hake, K. Weiland, H. Weiland, J. Logan. Gamma Pi Epsilon, a national honor society, honors those co-eds who have distinguished themselves through outstanding scholarship and in school activities. The membership is composed of the outstanding Sen- iors and Juniors. TAUBETAPI Gerry Courtney, Bob Hesse, Rich Krueger, Steven Schmitz, Bob Schultz, Terry Selna, David C. Viano, Jim Thomas, Julian Sabbatini, Steven Mathews, Jerry Crowley, Jose Goulart, Darrel DuMond. M Midk " " ' mi ' ' ' - ' bMmI ' ' ' ' ' Mil ' ' ' - — - ' ' ' ' ' " ' ., «tti.w...„.jf ROW I: Mark Canales, Bill Carlton, Bob Brown, Bob Cruz, Richard Walker, John Riopel, Jim Naumes, Ralph Bruce, Dave Maxon, Alex Kory, Stephen Wozny. ROW II: John Sequeira, Thomas Trussing, Joe Leindecker, John Hawekotte, Fred Bedard, John Zoria, Bill Olszewski, Michael Mulhern, David Hesson, James DeRoche, Gerald Daly Jr., ROW III; John Zent, Bill O ' Brien, Bill Deutsch, Bill Woodard, Tony Mei. PERSHING RIFLES The function of the Pershing Rifles, a na- tional organization recognized by Congress, is to foster a higher degree of student interest in military science. The activities of the Per- shing Rifles include a drill team, a rifle team, ranger training program, field trips and part- ies. DRILL TEAM: ROW LFred Bedard. ROW II: Ralph Bruce, Bob Brown. ROW III: Thomas Trussing, Alex Kory, Dave Maxon. ROW 1 : Richard Walker, Stephen Wozny. ROW V: Mark Canales, Not present: Phil Riehl, Tonv Mei. THE GERMAN CLUB ROW I: Mary Beemer, secretary, Kenneth Meyer, Ginny Hulten, president. Dr. Ernesto Auerbach, Marilyn Mize, Michael Handler, vice-president: ROW II Dennis Smolarski, Gail Harrington, Sharon Roe, Dolores Rob- inson, Mary Cleese, Vicky Shu; ROW III Sue Egan, John Wei sickle, Tim McShane, Lynn Foley, Mara Maloney, Norine Capurro; ROW IV: Mar jo Bolen, Marie Mackey, Daniel Robinson, John Hedderson, Jim Lauderdale, Rorv Brennan. SCABBARD AND BLADE Bob Mancuso, Roy Vega, Fred Rowe, Ed Malley, Craig Needham, James Brown, John Ciovannetti, Paul Vantress, John DeMaria, John Zent, Alan Ludwig, Dan Harrington. 266 Scabbard and Blade, a national military hon- or fraternity, aims to develop the qualities of good and efficient officers in its members. The fraternity sponsors a number of parties and trips and an annual Military Ball. MATH SOCIETY The Mathematics Society presents lectures, movies and other events con- nected with mathematics. Through social gatherings held in conjunction with the other Science clubs, science majors are able to share their intersts and meet the faculty in a non-academic atmosphere. This year the Mathematics Society presented the 10th Annual High School Mathematics Contest in November, and the 11th Annual Fresh- man Math Contest in April. ROW I: Marilyn Mize, Kate Burleson, Cathy Switzer, Suzy YounR. ROW II: Mary Cleese, Kathy Truxavv, Ben Burford, Dave Herrmann. ROW III; Kathleen Weland, Mary Perkins, Tim McShane, Mike Thibodeaux, ROW IV; Jim Prior, Dennis Smolarski, Jim Scherzinger. Dave Hesson, Bob Ilupf, Gerald May. ROW V: John Monley, Pi Mills, Rich Nucitelli, Dan White, Ken Hesson, Jack Marquis. PHYSICS SOCIETY The Physics Society sponsors lec- tures, field trips, and research projects. This year the club heard Dr. William Hamilton speak on the special apparat- us required for some current experi- ments, toured the Stanford Linear Ac- celerator Center, and sponsored several educational films. Members are assist- ing Dr. William Barker in two research projects, one on superconductivity and one on bombardments. Other members are assisting Dr. William Duffy in ex- periments involving low temperatures. ROW I Dr. William Barker, Dan Carroll, Peter Wellington. Alex Rodarte, ROW 11; Glenn Berg, Margaret Dusenbury. Kathleen Weland, George Miyashino, James Blount, Michael Bafico, Joseph Lannon, Daniel Robinson, Robert Martin, Suzy Young, John Monley, Dennis Monohan, Joe LaMantia, Larry Burriesa, Rich Nuccitelli, Gerald May, Robert Hausman, Dave Read, president. ROW III: James Miller, Mark Scheibe, Pius Morozumi. Dick Minor, Will Shadish, Vic Pizzo, George Fanucci. 267 ROW IM. James, M. Shaw, C. Lillywhite, A. Dot-ltz, K. Grueneich, K. Roney, M. Sears, K. Bertsch.ROW IIG. Harris, D. Chaisson, K. Clai- borne, G. Warren, R. Watanabe, L. Sakanashi, G. Miller, V. Ursicli, M. Gamache, L. Chew, R. Magnaghi, president. Dr. Joseph F. Deck. ROW III :W. Work, W. Critz, R. Pfeiffer. M. Yost, J. Harrington, C. Coleman, P. Huisman, G. Rogers, B. vonFelten, J. Barbara. AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY The Santa Clara chapter of the American Chemical Student Affiliate is one of the oldest professional societies on the Santa Clara cam- pus and in the Bay Area. The purpose of the American Chemical Society is to promote the interest and appreciation of chemistry as a theoretical and practical science aimed at the betterment of man through chemical progress. This year the Society has sponsored lecturers from Ames Research Center of NASA, Beck- man Instruments, UC, and the American Chemical Society ' s guest lecturer. ROW 1:T. Buckley, J. Wozniak, M. Gamache, L. Cataldo, D. Degregori, C. Stoes- ser.ROW II: V. Mancuso, B. Labozetta, G. Reames, P. MoUoy, M. Zapp, J. Cor- nelius, J. Harrington, ROW IIIA. Davis, D. Prime, J. Marquis. ROW 1V:B. Cruz, G. Daly, M. Antonini, M. Bunce, E. Heuscher. MENDEL SOCIETY The Mendel Society, deriving its name from the nineteenth century monk and geneticist, Gregor Johan Mendel, is open to all students interest- ed in the biological or medical scien- ces. The Society seeks to inform its members about what is presently occur- ring in these fields by sponsoring lectures, movies, and group discussions. DELTA SIGMA PI Delta Sigma Pi is a pro- fessional fraternity. It is organized to foster the study of business and to promote closer affiliation between the commercial world and students of commerce. .: ROW I: M. Raab, R. Lindgren, J. Juarez, M. Bonasera, K. Shurtleff, G. Alfaro, C. Seminoff, S. Kimball. C. Perrotta, ROW II: J. Losch, J. Sanfilippo, E. Brady, P. Sullivan, K. Schneider, G. Kassis, K. Scott, C. Flynn. ROW III: A. Hogan, M. Dabo, P. Connolly, G. Gomez, P. Kilkenny. C. Santoni, P. Eaton, ROW IV: B. Holdsworth, K. Pedersen, G. Ceccotti, C. Adams, A. Sallaberry, M. Martin, A. Larson, J. Callan, H. Grambergu, J. Furman, D. Bassett. ACCOUNTING ASSOCIATION The purposes of the Ac- counting Association are to promote student interest in the profession of accounting and to provide a link between accounting students and ac- counting firms. The club spon- sors lectures by certified pub- lic accountants and representa- tives of local corporations, field trips to accounting offi- ces and various social affairs for the members. ROW I: Dr. Maier, Bob Fatica, Bob Riopel, Bob Cook, Pat Fenton, Tessy Rodriguez. Roger Sch- wab. ROW II: Richard Brunei. Jim Ciardelli, Robert Redding, Mike Lenihan. Les Schwartz, pres- ident, Jerry Mugnolo. 269 ECONOMICS CLUB The Economics Club works to furth- er the understanding and application of the principles of economics among stu- dents of the University. The club holds academic seminars at the homes of ec- onomics professors and offers periodic presentations of papers and lecturers. SITTING: Roger Kern, Frank Gollop, John Long. STANDING: Terry Adams, Roger La Voie, Michael Murphy, Dave Zacharias, Pat Mason. BAA An organization open to all business majors, the Bus- iness Administration Associ- ation has two main objec- tives: the study of business problems and the encour- agement of social activities among the business stu- dents. The BAA fosters pro- minent speakers for the benefit of its members, or- ganizes field trips, and co- ordinates all of the societies, fraternities and profession- al groups representing the students in the School of Business. 270 Officers: Arnie Sallaberry, Gene Ceccotti, Mickey Bonasera. FINANCE CLUB The Finance Club is sponsored by the Busi- ness College and has as its main purpose the pre- paration of business ma- jors to deal with problems such as they will encount- er outside the classroom. ROW I Bob Holdsworth, John Callan, Mike Raab, president, Craig Seminoff, ROW II: Alan Ho- gan, Steve Kimball, Gerald Gomez, Federico Alfaro, Joe Losch, Chuck Flynn, Patrick Sullivan, Chuck Perrotta. ROW III: Greg Kassis, Gene Ceccotti, Dave Bassett, Al Larson, Joe Sanfilippo, Mitch Dabo, Ken Scott Ken Schneider. MARKETING CLUB The purpose of the Marketing Society is to develop concepts of mar- keting, to arrange for a series of informal discus- sions led by men of promi- nence in the marketing field, and to arrange in- spection trips to indus- trial establishments in the Bay Area. Officers: JackDempsey, president, Jim Dawson, Bill Pailhe, Gary Frasinetti, Bill McGuiness. 271 ENGINEERING SOCIETY The Engineering Society represents an at- tempt to unify the Santa Clara engineers in a way not possible in the classroom. The Society provides a source of recognition to the rest of the University of the Bronco engineer. Unlike the technical societies (ASCE, ASME, and IEEE), the Engineering Society focuses on the social unification of its members. Picnics, banquets, ski trips and participation in Home- coming are some of the functions sponsored by the club; it also prints its own newspaper, the Santa Clara Engineer. The Santa Clara chapter of the A.S.M.E. is designed to develop in its members a professional awareness of the fields of mechanical engineering and related fields. Regular meetings are held featur- ing guest speakers and movies. Field trips to local firms and partici- pation in the regional convention highlight the year ' s activities. IEEE A S M E TheI.E.E.E. is the profes- sional society which sets the standards for and dissemin- ates informa- tion in the field of electrical engineering. The student branch at San- ta Clara endea- vors to keep students inform- ed of the pro- gress of elec- wjfjg trical engineer- ing and related BACK ROW, 1. to r.: R. Ruebusch, M. Kamarata, E. Comer- ford, J. Goulart, B. Olszewski, P. Bruschera, E. Sisou, S. Soult, B. Viano, J. Hahn, T. Wilson, R. Jenkins, P. Douglas, M. Dris- coll; 2ND ROW, 1. to r.: C. Alamilla, S. Sherick, K. Monley, J. Connolly, R. Tortorelli, B. Breen, R. Merlo. D. Falco; 1ST ROW, 1. to r.: M. Rewak, J. Moon, J. Oliverio, J. Thomas, J. Filippi, D. Sullivan, J. Hoffman, D. DelPorto. areas. 273 ASCE The Santa Clara A.S.C.E. chapter allows civil engineering students to meet members of the Engineering profession, to develop professional attitudes, and to supplement regular class work with an interesting variety of meetings. Activi- ties include several field trips to engineering projects in the area, and a convention in the Spring. BACK ROW, L TO R : J. Stone. L. Bauer, J. Stone, J. Jones, B. Tezak, B. Carlos, B. Phillips, F. Foley, E. Puchi; 2ND ROW, L. TO R. : S. Hanks, G. Mezzill, B. Mancuso, F. Kennedy, J. Sabbatini, D. Austin, T. Johnson; 1ST ROW, L TO R : C. Reynolds, X. Streuter, P. Leinig- er. CHARLIE GRAHAM CLUB The Charles Graham Club is a spirited group which supports all Bronco sports activities. It consists of a group of athletes and sports- minded students who have the mutual interest of aiding the coaches and players in their endeavors to spread the name and fame of the Bron- cos. FRONT ROW, L TO R R. DeSalles, M Wells, B. Rossi, B. Caples, J. Box, R. Redd ing, S. Sham, J. Giovanett; SECOND ROW L TO R W. Nasser, R. Enos, B. Ursick, B Kelly, B. Robinson, T. Hickey, A. Chen, T Wilson, F. Ott, C. Johns, P. Giacalone, B Madden; THIRD ROW, L TO R T. Heim soth, F. Tufts, G. Crothers, W. Grownev, B Nulk; BACK ROW, L TO R : H. Trainor A. Sanchez, P. Sutter, P. Mason, S. Trix ler, R. Janney, J. Ottoboni, J. Sepe, J. Fil letti, M. Wright ARCHAEOLOGICAL SOCIETY Henry Bugatto, president, Kate Burleson, Phil Durrett, Richard Ronan. The Archaeological Society promotes interest in the culture and history of the earliest inhabitants of California. It is primarily concerned with the discovery, extraction, preservation, and analysis of primary historical evidence in the form of artifacts found in this region. 275 SCCAP The Santa Clara Christian Action Program offers the student the opportunity to escape the often times sheltering world of the uni- versity and enter into a challenging, Christian experience. The programs, geared to getting the student off the campus and into the com- munity, are: Alviso Tutoring, Alviso Arts and Crafts, Alviso Sports Program, Agnew State Mental Hospital, JUST US, On Campus Tutor- ing, Big Brother, Big Sister, Play Days, Para- Professional (counseling delinquent child- ren), Laurelwood School Project, CCD, and Amigos Anonymous. ROW I: Martha Suto, Tom Ferguson, president, Joanne Fregosi, Jenelle Fitzgerald, Julie Bartek, Barbara Scliefter; ROW IIDean Mc- Grath, Teppy Wo niak, Kathv O ' Sliea, Maureen Dale , Merr Ma- son. Peggy Charlton, Carolyn Kalb, Nancy Whittaker; ROW IlliCathy Cuenin, Marie Mackey, Claire Stoesser, Mary Perkins, Joan Corneli- us, Judv Flliotl, Pam Piering, Beth Kurzeka; ROW IVNancy Bouvier, Meg Kellogg, Miehele Moran, Mary Metcalf, Larry Tobin; ROW V; Brian O ' Hara, Jack MeNamara, Henry Trainor, Dennis Smolarski, Greg Ford, Barney Alls, Dave Barca, Joe Somerville. ROW I: Mary Anne N ' ahm, Alana Hagood, Barbara Kennedy, Terry Martin, Jim Brozo. ROW II: Mike Friedrich, Kathy Fraga, Jack Massopust. AMIGOS ANONYMOUS The primary effort of Amigos Anonymous, a Christian student move- ment, is the maintenance of community developing projects in Mexico. Al- though run only in the summer vacation, the stu- dents return from year to year to continue their pro- grams in the Mexican towns and villages. Thie Santa Clara members, working with other stu- dents from colleges and universities around the Bay Area, have been re- sponsible for starting other Amigos organiza- tions in Los Angeles and Seattle. SANCTUARY SOCIETY Among the oldest or- ganizations at the Uni- versity, the Sanctuary Society provides servers for the Masses and relig- ious services of the Mis- sion Church. John Hanson, Mike Lenihan, Al Friedrich, Dennis Smolarski, Gerald Daly, Paul Sullivan. Henr Trainor, Jerry Crowley, Sean O ' Suillibain. SODALITY OF OUR LADY The Sodality at Santa Clara is a re- ligious association of men and women organized under the special patronage of the Blessed Virgin Mary for a threefold end: the sanctification of themselves, of others, and the defense of the Church. The Santa Clara Sodality is a pre-pro- fessional Sodality aiming toward the development of a spiritual approach to the professional committment required of a college graduate. I THE SANTA CLARA The Santa Clara is the official weekly newspaper of the University. It pub- lishes all news that has bearing on the academic, social, and spiritual life of the University, both on and off campus. The Santa Clara is the students — every- thing in the paper is by, about, and for the students and those directly con- cerned with them. Editor - Terry Lyons SKATKD: M. Payne, M. KelloKH, L. Polian, D. Smith, K. St.GiorKc S. Swcnson, P. Pliillips: STANI)IN(; J. Klliol, S. Hanks, P. Musuravc, J. Kelly, G. Daly, D. Cullen, M. Brousc, M. Jones, F,. Rowe, A. Davis, A. Leufgen, T. Burke, T. Lyons, B. Dysart, C. Rose, C. Reynolds, L. Bolton, B. Bolton, B. Bamett, A. Parbury, F. Collop, B. Cruz. BAC:K row, L to R : p. Rubino, B. Karzt-ka, B. Klein, L. Tobin, M. McNeice, M. Cleese, F. Torretta: FRONT ROW: C. Barrows, S. VVinv low, S. McDonald, D. Doran, F. Carroll. J. Burns, C. Cobb. THE REDWOOD The Redwood is the University ' s yearbook. It is published every October for the preceding academic year. Every student who is enrolled in the University receives a copy of the Redwood. r Head Photographer DonDelPonto Lawrcncf Uickisli, Pckk Tcrr , Blaise Tliompson, Kclitor Ja Friedlaiider, Martha McCabe, Sut. Pepper, Helen Mielialow- ski. The Owl is a student literary review, published at the University as often as suf- ficient material is gathered. The magazine publishes poems, short stories, essays and other literary endeavors of the University community, as well as artistic and f yV T photographic contributions. According to its crusading editorial staff, the pur- pose of The Owl is " to provide, for a creative studentry, an outlet for artistic endeavors of a universal nature, and to offer commentary basked upon the ethic- al propensities prevalent in our society today. ' PHOENIX The Phoenix is the crea- tive and fine arts club on campus. Phoenix spon- sors, among other things, field trips, exhibits, con- certs, art shows, to en- courage students to attend V activities off campus and to bring campus. campi attractions to ROW 1: V. Merolla, T. Walsh, J. DeMaria, K. St.Georse, A. Davis, R. Bruce, P. Cinquini, J. Simon, P. Morozumi, K. Hendry, H. Tres- cony, R. Frakes, L. Reed. ROW 11: J. Lonj;, J. Isnoffo, B. Moekel, H. Trainor, M. Chargin, A. Heninger, R. Ruebusch, D. Janjj, J. Colombatto, J. Mayer, B. Breen, M. Dabo. ROW III C. Fanucti, M. Emery, S. McLaughlin, W. Iloskins, R. C onners, S. Kirkeb , K. Droney, J. Truxaw, M. Hanley, II. Cavanash, J. Stenson. KSCU Radio station KSCU, now in its third year of operation, caters to the on-campus student s specific tastes with rock-and-roll and popular listening music. KSCU is unique among cam- pus organizations in that it generates its own funds by selling on-the-air advertizing to lo- cal merchants. CLAY M. GREENE The Clay M. Greene Players, an organization having exclusive charge of the formal dramatic presentation on campus, provide the students of the University with opportunities for practic- al experiences in both the performing and tech- nical aspects of drama. The group produces four major stage presentations annually and maintains the Studio Theatre for individual student productions. ROW I: M. Maughan, M. Cumming, L. Gorey, R. Smith, L. Mitchner. K. Matthews, J. Lucke, C. Antonini, M. Hess, S. Drakes; ROW II: E. Brown, J. Fitzgerald, S. McMillan, J. Murphy, K. Garhck, H. Wilson, H. VVeiland, M. Crowe, S. Swanson, S. Davis; ROW III: C. Ponohue, P. Gaily, P. Garvey, M. Perkins, S. Hanks, J. Renter, P. Murphy, P. de Coursey, D. Burns, P. Kirts; ROW IV: A. Friedrich, R. Christian, T. Scalletta, A. Schrader, R. Baker, F. Franklin, D. Smolarski, H. Griesh- aber, Z. Wiedemann; ROW V: S. Sutter, J. Stevens, T. Sargent, G. Gil- man, J. Hahn, A. Rodarte, R. Teslie. UNIVERSITY CHORUS The University Chorus, estabhshed in 1966 under the direction of Mr. Lynn Shurtleff, provides Santa Clara students with an opportunity for singing and the University community with choral entertainment. The chorus, which includes a special group known as the Chamber Singers, holds annual Christmas and Easter concerts in conjunction with the Amici della Musica Orchestra. 285 INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS The International Students ' Club was established to ad- vance understanding between students of all nationalit- ies. The organization sponsors dances, picnics, variety shows, and informal gatherings for the benefit of the club and the entire school. Officers: John Carey, Jose Goulart, Shirley Munford, Aziz Mana, Dennis Rae- field, Cathy Crotty, Bill Scheid, Joe Sawaya, Faiz Koudsi. 1 EUROPEAN STUDIES The European Studies Group is comprised of students who have pre- viously studied in Europe. Its purpose is to acquaint freshmen and sopho- mores with the programs offered abroad, help in the application and pro- vide information in semi- nars about the coming year for those who are accepted. The members of the group have studied in such places as Vienna, Paris, Frieburg, Madrid, Rome, and Florence dur- ing their sophomore and junior years. «» • f- «.f 1 ROW I: Bruce Scollin, Molly Fitzgerald, Maura Mackesy, Pal Ta lor. John Cummings, Coco Brust, Matt Cappiello. ROW II: Paul Hoffman, Kay Donofioe, Jim Pilant, Jerry Burke, Gerald Rose, Mike Pometta, Virginia Heinen. DSA The Day Students ' As- socation promotes the ac- tive participation of non- resident students in all campus activities. The association sponsors stu- dent dances and mixers and provides information on the activities of other campus groups to its mem- bers. Al Parbury, senator, Gordon Roby, treasurer, Ed Scanlan, president, Linda Delia Maggiore, senator, William McMahon, senator, David Denholm, sergeant at arms. Not present: Ed Holme, vice-president Terye Keogh, secretarv, Kathv Sheehan, senator. Bill von Felten, senator, Rita Krebsbach, senator. Sue Amende, senator. 287 1 « 4- ' lllTlUll TillMl 11 4i 4e ■ ' ■ KlRk i ' f .».. 1 f . 3 x " -05 L K ' 1 ■ li J S ._-§ J 41 i Hb -§ 1 rW ip, W 5m Aw ? fat ■W 1 W kjr,.., :.«■.:: mi R..1 Mpi2%J V m- 1 f .. iW - ' ■- ' ' " ' ' " - ' ■-jBi ' " " ' r ' ' - v IL. i - W ' ' .-y X " ' ici •• ' ?; ' - ■ VJ.f " - ' - ' ; ;.:.J ' ; it _• - -■ ' ' ;■■ ' SIGMA DELTA UPSILON Sigma Delta Upsilon is the University ' s ing usherettes for social and athletic events, service sorority. Its activities include assist- and operating a Big-Sister program, ing at University-sponsored functions, provid- KAPPA ZETA PHI Kappa Zeta Phi is a group of select Santa Clara men dedicated to the service of the University. The main function of the organi- zation is the handling of campus tours for elementary school children and prospective and future Santa Clara students, and assist- ing the administration in directing registra- tion. In addition, Kappa Zeta Phi organizes pre-game rallies and special concerts, and assists the Homecoming Committee. The fraternity has also taken on community pro- jects such as working at the Grail, an East San Jose group of lay social workers, and entertaining orphans. E-CORPS The E-Corps at Santa Clara is a fraternal organi- zation started in 1964 by Pat Finley and Don Sulli- van. Most of the mem- bers are engineers. The group has initiated and promoted such activities as social functions, col- loquia, community serv- ices, and other affairs. AMATEUR RADIO CLUB The basic function of the Santa Clara University Amateur Radio Club is to bring students together who share a common in- terest. The main goal in revitalizing the club this year was to obtain space on campus in which a club station could be assembl- ed, permitting the mem- bers who live on campus to enjoy and participate in their hobby while at school. George Fanucci, Michael Gegan, Steve McLaughlin, Steven Soult, Tom Walsh, Andy Heninger, John Mayer, Mike Emery, Bob Breen, Larry Chew, page 291 290 BRIDGE CLUB The Bridge Club was started this year to provide an oppor- tunity for those interested to play bridge. Students and fac- ulty come together frequently for tournaments, and lessons are given for beginners. Seated: Dan White, Karen St. George, Jim Prior, Ding Weber. Standing: Dave Hesson, Jim Scher- zinger. Bob Hupf. CHESS CLUB The Chess Club was founded this year to pro- mote interest in chess and to provide an opportunity for students and faculty to play and compete on and off campus. The team was undefeated this year in a schedule which included San Jose State College, San Jose City College, Lock- heed, and IBM. Mike Hanley, James Citta, Jack Abbott, Steve Berger, president, Rob Hausman, Jim Miller, Dave Herr- mann, Russ Meredith. 291 FORENSICS SOCIETY D. Olyer, Linda Kambestad, Chuck Wild, Kathy Casey SKI CLUB Kneeling: L. VIelluish, E. Bruni, J. Bartek, B. Schefter, D. Blethen, A. Coscila; Standing: T. Adams, T. Buckley, L. Schegg, J. Naumes, R. Blaesi, G. Everhart, J. Sequeira, J. Sepe, M. Brown, M. Wright, D. Kelly, J. Marquis. i| a i iii W " ! mm III II SURF CLUB Founded in the fall of 1967, the Santa Clara Surf Club has provided lessons for begin- ners, surf movies, discount board rentals, group trips and parties, A competition surf team was formed and entered the Western In- tercollegiate Surf- ing Confedera- tion and competed withUCSBinthe spring. Frank Boitano, Terry Shelley, Vince Mancuso, Hugh Walker, Mike Martin, Orville Wright, Bob Labozetta, Mike Swalling, Dave Hesson, Larry Ford, Kathy Roney. Not present: Lawnie Bailey, president. FLYING CLUB The Flying Club attempts to provide students with the opportunities for flying ex- perience necessary for a li- cense. The club sponsors film presentations and offers flying services for campus organizations at discount rates. 293 SPORTS CAR CLUB LEFT TO RIGHT: G. Everhart, M. Antonini, F. Swenson, E. Malley, L. Dombrink, J. Breen, H. Williams, F. Boitano, J. Bacicalupi, S. Car- rara, D. Raefield, J. Cusenza, R. Roberts, F. Gollop, J. OBoyle, M. Asehauer, J. Chilardi, L. DeLillis, P. Horrigan, R. Baker, K. Stevens, K. Prindle, K. Roney, P. Hotthouse. ITALIAN CLUB The S.C.U. Italian Club is primarily a social organization open to the masculine gender. The club sponsors get-to- gethers and other campus activities. One need only be a ' son of Italy ' to join. FRONT ROW P. Freitas, P. Ehrich, B. Robinson, " Mom, " F. Gen- ouese, J. Falletti, J. Ottoboni, M. Wells, J. Mahoney, B. Quirie, T. Shelley; 2ND ROW: F. Boitano, G. Everhart, P. Mason, J. Sawaya, D. Raefield, T. Nicoletti, M. DeMartini, F. Chiles, F. Peccia, M. Rewak, J. Bussjaeger; 3RD ROW: B. Bottini, B. Rice, M. Antonelli, S. Petit, C. Smith, W. Growney, V. Mancuso, J. Williams, A. Sanchez, L. Tobin, J. Sepe, D. Barca, J. LaMantia, W. Eagan, B. Labozetta, P. Smick, R. Dirksen, C. Casper. MARIAN ASSOCIATION L. Belts, P. Anderson, T. Galvan (Pres.), J. Arata, C. Kistner, P. Ybarra, S. Pedrotti, V. Robertson, N. Gar- cia, A. Tucker, C. Rosenbatt, M. Dias. STUDENT COUNCIL M. Pierce, B. Arne, P. Anderson, P. Ybarra, I. Pearson, T. Galvan; 2ND ROW: C. Kistner, S. Pedrott, V. Rob- ertson, R. Kuenild. STUDENT NURSES ASSOCIATION C. Laymon, A. Tucker, R. Kuenild, J. Gaspari; Seated: C. McKay, A. Hegener. CHEERLEADERS TOP: Creighton Casper, Joe Clugherty. BOTTOM: Frank Boitano, Pete Boyle, Chuck Magnus. 296 RIFLE TEAM Thanks to the recruiting of some talented freshmen, and sparked by the efforts of the veteran mem- bers, the Rifle Team has enjoyed the most successful season in the last several years. The Team rep- resents Santa Clara to the North- ern California Intercollegiate Rifle Conference which includes such schools as UC Berkeley and Stanford. ROW I: R. Ching, P. Davidson, M. Murray, P. Kunz. ROW II: W. McCarthy, co-cap- tain, P. Imwalle, L. Ford, M. Merckel, M. Mulhern, P. Berger, R. Vega, captain. Not present: C. Christiani. Staff Sergeant Kendall C. Turner is the Rifle Team coach. Winner of the Bronze Star and Air Medal for meritorious service in Viet Nam. Sgt. Turner is an experienced rifle competitor and was a member of the First Armv Rifle Team for two ears. 297 PI Charlenc Lemann, Jackie Hurlbutt, Donn Blethen, Donna Medley, Mary Caye Ragen, Donna Bennes, Marty Slattery, Mardi Robers, Kathy Hendry, Diane Toomey, Meg Kellogg, Darcy Burns, Marilee Pierolti, Mary Cleese, Beth Kurzeka, Barb Munro. WRA The Women ' s Recreation Association, a mem- ber of the Bay Area Colleges and Universities Recreation Association, supervises women students ' sports activities on campus. It con- ducts intramural and intercollegiate competi- tion in a number of sports, and sponsors in- struction programs in golf, basketball, swim- ming, lifesaving, horseback riding, and self- defense. " BASKETBALL TEAM The Santa Clara women ' s basket- ball team entered its fifth season of competition with a record number go- ing out for the team. The season open- ed with the annual game with the OSS. Intercollegiate play was against San Jose State, UC Berkeley, San Jose City, San Mateo, Stanford, Cal State Hay- ward, San Francisco State and Sacra- mento State. ROW I; Carol Koenig, Chris Mattson, Kathleen VVeland, Miss Colby, coach, Mar- garet Dusenbury, Susan Wood, Lucretia Matulich. ROW II; Ding Weber, Diane Toomey, Donna Medley, Susie Lange, Julie Komes, Joan Kelly. RALLY COMMITTEE The Rally Committee prepares formal rallies before each athletic event and organizes half-time entertainment for the football and basketball seasons. ROW I: Jerry Bussjaeger, Vince Mancuso, Bob Harrison, Phil Amormino, ROW 11 Bob Hickel. Fred Swalling, Sue Seldon, George Everhart, Creighton Casper, Jerry Golenor, Bob Labozetta, Al Parburv. ROW 111: Bob Colyar, Chris Smith, Chuck Schmuck, Frank Boitano. FOOTBALL COMMITTEE The Football Committee works with the Athletic Department to provide the tech- nical services necessary for Bronco football. The committee ' s responsibilities include stadium publicity, the keeping of sta- tistics, and pro- gram production. Jerry Mugnolo, Smokey Quattrin, coach Henry Schmidt, Gregory Gamp. 299 HOMECOMING COMMITTEE BACK ROW, 1. to r.: F. GoUop, M. Martin, K. Shannon, T. Sutter, A. Parbury, J. Dundley, B. Labozetta, C. Smith; FRONT ROW: L. Mal- mo, C. Guichard, L. Delia Maggiore, C. Reynolds, M. Dalo, P. La- Band, C. Casper: Absent, Bill Klein. 300 COMMITTEE Intramurals have de- veloped into one of the most popular activities on campus in the past few years. Intramural action was kicked off in the fall with flag football. Later in the term a men ' s and Women ' s tennis tourna- ment was held. In winter quarter basketball intra- murals were held and a free throw contest and volleyball tournament were conducted. Intra- murals were concluded in the spring with base- ball. Bill Fiolek, John Knappenberger, Rob Redding, Mike Naumes, Vic Dirksen. STUDENT UNION COMMITTEE The Student Union Commit- tee, an executive committee of the ASUSC, is com- posed of mem- bers appointed by the student body officers. The duty of this committee is to handle all student affairs which pertain to the Robert F. Benson Memorial Center. Seated: Bill Kelly, Cathy Fox. Standing: Dick Mather, John Booth, Cathy Horan, Mike Simms, Mike Lenihan, Ken Hanson, Jim Harrington, Stephanie Bodine, Bill Phillips, Bill Kershaw, Veronica Zac- chini, Terry Turner, Philip Walsh, Barry Dysart, Al Fabyancic. 302 ASUSC OFFICE MANAGERS The Office Managers are vol- unteers who help the student body officers by typing, filing, and acting as recep- tionists and sec- retaries in the ASUSC offices. Barb Sehetta, Twanet Swain, Nancy Mazza, Kathy Maloney, Margaret Bataille, Julie Bartek, Nancy Randall. PUBLICITY COMMITTEE The Publicity Com- mittee is the on-cam- pus publicity organ of the student body. It has charge of the ASUSC PubHcity Off- ice with facilities for mimeographing and poster compositions, which are available to all organizations,clubs, committees, and in- dividual students. Laura Pribuss, Kathy Feeney, Howard Anderson, Michael Clarke, Dennis Muldoon, Roger Hewitt. 303 ■ ■ » ■ II ' i i « ' i ' M » «i iijijW i i i pt» | ii,itw i ' i1 ii i ii wij iiii (i Bob Kenney, George Merill, Henry Trainor, Victor Merolla, Milch Dabo, Junior Leufgen, Lin Dobie, Ray Davilla, Jim Foos, president. Chuck Jackson, Dave Denholm, Paul Sutherlan, John Colombatto, Steve Trixler, Hank Gnesa. YOUNG REPUBLICANS ELECTION COMMITTEE BACK ROW, L. TO R : P. Walsh, R. Eskridge, L. DelGrande, B. Arolla, D. Thompson, M. Beresky, G. Ford; FRONT ROW: S. Ledon, J. Jones, N. Whiltaker, K. Daze; ABSENT: A. Preckel, S. Selden. SCHOOL OF LAW School of Law B r?»r ' mhtiiiiiiliiiii inililllriii " i| i ' " STANDING: Ass ' t Dean George A. Strong; SITTING: Dean Leo A. Huard STUDENT BAR ASSOCIATION COMMITTEE L TO R BOTTOM TO TOP: Philip H. Shecter; Jeffrey N. Haney; Chris A. Tarkington; Samuel H. Vaught; Terrance L. Stinnett; Myron S. Brown; Stephen S. Carlton; Joel S. Primes; Lawrence J. Perrin; Robert J. Pitman; John L. Ritchev; Brian N. Lawther. LAW REVIEW EDITORS L TO R; Robert J. Pitman (Business Editor); H. Kenneth Branson (Articles Editor); Wil- liam H. Spruance (Editor-in-Chief); Jeffrey D. Smith (Articles Editor); David L. Fair- banks (Associate Editor); Paul E. Principe (Notes and Comments Editor). SBA EXECUTIVE BOARD Student Bar Assoc. Executive Board L TO R: Richard B. Inglehart (Treasurer); Thomas W. Allen (Vice President); Alice " Chic " Duggan (Secretary). Third Year Day FRONT ROW L-R: Jerald A. Infantine; Chris A. Tarkington; Gary L. ' Hall; Philip H. Shecter; Frank S. Taranlo; Robert B. Yonts; Lawrence J. Perrin; H. Kenneth Branson; Jeffrey N. Haney. BACK ROW L-R: Jef- frey D. Smith; Paul B. Baer; John L. Ritchey; Brian i . Lawther; Ben M. Rishwain; Joseph W. DiLeonardo; Paul E. Principe; Alan L. Nob- ler; Robert J. Pitman; Edna W. Heller; David L. Fairbanks; William H. Spruance; Myron S. Brown; Joel S. Primes; Risden C. Ackerman; Stephen S. Carlton. Third Year Night FRONT ROW L-R: Robert D. Peterson; James F. Lipman; John Day; Eric E. Woodman; BACK ROW L-R: Harvev H. Diemer; Charles C. Botsford; James M. Sullivan; Thomas F. Tanner; Alan E. Kushnick; Don D. Laniewski; William G. Policy. Fourth Year Night L-R: Harold C. Wright; George L. Pifer: H. Alan Johnson; Samuel H. Vaught; Anthony C. Fague (FRONT); VVm. M. Dubbin; Law- rence H. Bakken. Phi Alpha Delta FRONT ROW L-R: Barry Bird-Vogel; Leonard R. Milstein; William H. Pohle; Edward R. Burnett; G. David Landsness; Philip H. Shecler; Risden C. Ackerman; Robert B. Yonts; Richard J. Dolwig; Joseph M. Biasella; Robert R. Barengo; 2ND ROW L-R Ralston P. Roberts; Donald J. DeVries; David W. Knapp; H. Kenneth Branson; Leslie R. Chettle; Jerome W. Kelleher; Frank J. Testa; Randall A. Hays; Lau- rence J. McEvoy; Robert L. Pasquinelli; Jeffrey . Haney; James C. Jones; 3RD ROW A. Clyde Dodd; Patrick R. McMahon; Prof. Hen- ry A. Dietz; Prof. Jerry . . Kasner; Lawrence J. Perrin; Frank S. Tar- anto; Terrance L. Stinnett; Joel S. Primes; Jerald A. Infantino; Carl R. Schneider; Edward B. Lozowicki. First Year Day FRONT ROW L-R Robert L. Hultzen; William E. Baugher; George A. Wicker; Jerry R. Manning; Charles L. Marrone; Averill Q. Mix; Paul B. Kemp; Gordon D. Lovett; Michael P. Groom: Richard A. Barsotti; Frank E. Bondonno; Todd H. Cleave. BACK ROW L-R: Pat E. Kovvitz; Barry J. Marr; Dwight H. Trowbridge; Richard A. Schmidt; Denis A. Eymil; Juan E. Arrache; Vincent A. Arnerich; Jerry M. Mo- latore; Clifford N. Gamble; John F. Flesner; Gary A. Gavello; Jef- frey S. Cost; Alex J. Higgins; Louis A. Basile; Walter P. Ibert; Ronald D. Ailing; Samuel S. Tenenbaum; Norman C. Sullivan; Eric J. Saville; William H. Bassett; Richard C. Gardner; Everett L. Meisser; James M. Morris; Wallace W. Weatherwax; Robert T. Clark; Gary T. Shara; Terry J. Stambler. First Year Night L-R FRONT ROW: Barbara L. Nicoara; Thomas Schneck. L-R 2ND ROW: Jovce B. Berger; Brian D. Cunningham. L-R 3RD ROW: Wil- liam M. Butler; James S. Handy. L-R 4TH ROW: William L. Gates; Timothy J. Donovan. L-R 5TH ROW: Harrison E. Taylor; Peter J. Daniels. Second Year Night L-R FROM FRONT: Carolyn J. Killen; Carl W. Nicholls; Calvin R. Dunlap; Karl F. Nigg; Aldo Girolami; David H. Doud; Michael F. Knapp; Elwood P. Stroupe; Fran- cisl. Grav. Second Year Day I FRONT ROW: Barry Bird-Vogel. SECOND ROW L-R: A. Clyde Dodd; James M. Ritchey; James M. Taggart; Donald J. DeVries; David L. Smith; Victor D. Vertner; Daniel J. Kelly; Jon J. Campisi; Dennis M. McNerney; Robert R. Barengo. THIRD ROW L-R: Ronald W. Rose; G. David Landsness; Edward B. Lozowicki; Robert J. Lanzone; Jer- ome W. Kelleher; Edward R. Bernett; Richard B. Inglehart; Robert D. Peterson; Laurence J. xVIcEvoy; Leslie R. Chettle. FOURTH ROW L-R: Thomas W. Allen; Claire K. Anton; Melville H. Behrendt; Steven L. Swig; Alice M. Duggan; Terrance L. Stinnett; Paolo Raffaelli; Ronald H. Witcanack; Ann T. Walsh. Law Graduates 1 IT .| ■ ' ..-, §■ 2 , 1 i 1 Risden Ackerman Sleptin Carlton Joseph DiLeanrdo William Dubbin Carvllall Jtff Haney Edna Heller Thomas Mahoney Patrick McMathon Alan Nabler Leonard Fanutoiii Laurence Perrin Robert Pitman William Pohle Joel Primes John Ritchey Phil Scheeler Frank Taranto Chris Tarhington Samuel Vaught Robert Yon ts 305 1ST ROW: J. Fink, J. Piannetta, J. Patterson, G. Kolar, Ray Calcagno, M. Fowler, R. Lanigne, G. Mortan, P. Lusich, E. Forrest, E. Steinert, M. Doherty, S. Wolf. 2ND ROW P. Paquet, Mgr. P. Giacalone, F. Faley, R. Ragan. R. Keith, T. Gatto, M. Antonelli, B. Rickard, J. Pollock, M. Freitas, G. Fowler, F. Fitzgerald, Paul Paquet, D. Nelson, H. Schmidt, Trainer. 3RD ROW: P. Neilan, Mgr; T. Johnson, J. Hoban, R. Petersen, B. VARSITY FROSH BASKETBALL 1ST ROW L TO R: Pat Kelly, G. Guglielmo. 2ND ROW: J. Malley, D. Rauber, iVl. Champi, G. Graves, Kevin Kelly, M. VanBrunt, J. Garbanati. TOP ROW: Coach Carroll Williams, Mgr. M. d ' Er- cole, J. Kohles, J. Meyer, G. Conti, C. Kennedy, T. Heimsoth, Asst Coach. Jenks, D. McFarland, John Rickard, S. Stanich, T. Williams, S. Sweeters, D. Pastorini, S. Scully, D. Sowers, F. Owezarski. Equip. Mgr. TOP ROW: Doc Blake, Mgr; K. Elie, A. VVallbrun, J. Rehrmann, F. Cassady, K. Holthouse, M. Clark, B. Clayton. J. Thomas, F. Gaines, D. Rea, Coach McPherson, Head Coach Malley. FOOTBALL FROSH BASEBALL BOTTOM ROW L TO R: Rusty Weekes, Bob Kellogg, Gene De- vaurs. Dale Saso, John Komo. Duane Larson, Jim L edyard. 2ND ROW L TO R: Doc Blake, Mgr; Tim Holt, Norm Wilson, Dave Henningsen, Frank Perachiotti, Rick Moeck, Dave Olson, Paul Tully, Henry Schmidt, Trainer. TOP ROW L TO R: Lee Del Grande, Asst. Coach, Bob Spence, Coach, Bill Ray, Dave Novak, Dan Pastori- ni, John Mallev, John Gilbert, Chuck Franklin, Ken Escobar, Paige Kobral. fim-nm H , . w r VARSITY BASKETBALL SCU BRONCOS 1967-68 FRONT ROW seated, left to right: Bill Lyst- er, mgr.; G-Kevin Eagleson, G-Joe Diffley, G-Will Curley and Train- er Henry Schmidt. SECOND ROW, left to right; G-F Ralph Ogden. F-Bob Heaney, F-C Bud Ogden, C-Dennis Awtrey, C-ChrisDemp- ■ sey, C-Kevin Donahue and F-Bob Stuckey. BACK ROW, left to right; Head Coach Dick Garibaldi, G-DennisPolosky, G-Ray Thomas, G-F Dave Pouliot, F-Bob Tobin, G-Tom Scherer, G-Terry O ' Brien, G-Keith Paulson and Asst. Coach Carroll Williams. mf w a " nM m . s « . •ftit m ' k ' • . ' .. ' S .. ■ V 1968 SCU VARSITY— BACK ROW (standing) left to right, Scott Davi, Leo Rippo, Bob Walter, Rod Pommes, Tim McAnany, Al Spielberger, Dennis Fitzgerald, Ed Puchi (Manager). SECOND ROW: Bob Benton, Manager, Jerry McClain, Bob Tobin, Mike Sig- man, Barrett Pullman, Dan Harrington, Don Paxton, Sal Taormina, Head Coach. THIRD ROW: Don Oderman, John Mispagel, Fred Ott, Pete Boyle, Hank Mott, Vince Bigone. FRONT ROW: Henry Schmidt, Trainer, Chris Bradford, Albert Strane, Bill McMonigle, Alvin Strane, Jim Caviglia, Walt Lembi. VARSITY BASEBALL 309 ■ " 1 " " r ' LEFT to RIGHT: TOP ROW: Carlos Allmamilla; Jerry Buzzjaeger; Mike Antonelli. Larry Daniels; Don Jorgensen; Rich Lindgren; Pat Horrigan; Mike Frietas and Steve Stanich 2ND ROW: Dave Andre; Dave Minister; Tom Haynes; Vince Mancusso; Tom Nicoletti; Chris Cuzzo; John Givonetti; Ken Holdhouse FRONT ROW: Steve Carerra; Rick Enos (Co-Captain); Bob Boldizar; Jack McNammara; Jim Ho- ban; Peter Zell; Mike Forni and Nick Canavan (Coach) RUGBY WRESTLING L. to R.: M. BonaSera, B. Brown, J. Strobe, A. Ludwig, T. Muscio, J. Smith. f If SWIMMING ROW I: Steve Crawford, Eugene Belogorsky, Tom Knopf. Jim Faw- cett, Jim Thonis; ROW II: Don Burt, Mark Freitas, Bill Kershaw, Mike Higgins, Gary Weaver, Wayne Nasser, Dennis Fosdick, coach. 311 SEATED: Stephen Olsen, Ken Leufgen; STANDING: Pete Barndt, Pat McHugh, Jim Loney, Tony Mei, Steve Thatcher, Mitch Dabo, Paul LaFranchi, Dave Francia, Jim Roberts. MEN AND WOMEN ' S BOWLING L. TO R : Marie Nyarady, Linda Schafbuch, Marilee Pierotti, Barb Munro, Judy Elliott, Ann Keener. r% TOP ROW L. TO R : Coach Sal Taormina, Carlos J. Alamilla, Peter Viri, Don Sullivan, Jerry Crowley, A.J. Hart, Juo(|uin Aran ; ), Pedro Cofino; 2ND ROW: Dave Smith, Dave Barea, Tom Ryan, Mike Karl, Frank Williams, Peter Zell, Jon Aboitiz, Joe Leindecker, Carlos Araujo; 1ST ROW - (BO T ' COM ROW) Jim Grivich, Pal Mason, Jim Fal- letli. Bill O ' Brien, Pietro Parravano, Jack Swissif;, Sergio Bribiesca- Clarke, James Gaffney, Pat Rauber. SOCCER TEAM TENNIS TEAM KNEELING, L. TO R.: G. Thaler, F. Williams, J. Clifford, J. Darnell; STANDING, L. TO R.: T. Ellis, S. Sutter, B. Fiolek, J. McCarthy, D. Boer; Absent, M. Naumes, Coach Col. Ventura. UNDERCLASSMEN JUNIOR Brian Robinson ' 69 President Allen Beals ' 69 Sergeant-at-arms CLASS OFFICERS 316 Jennifer Hake ' 69 Secretary George Everhart ' 69 Vice-President Jim Andre ' 69 Treasurer 317 Craig Adams Jeffrey Adams Susan Adams Christina Alfs Patricia Alvarez Pfiilip Amormino Patricia Anderson James Andre Tom Andrews Michael Anlonelli James Armistead Irene Arnaud Mark Aschauer James Bacigalupi Michael Bafico David Bafada Bonita Baker Richard Baker Sue Ballard Bernard Bannon Joan Barr David Barca Timothy Barger Vickie Barrious Peter Barsoti Julie Bartek Marguerite Bataille Terry Bathen Michael Bay less Susanne Bazzano Judith Bealty John Beck JoEIIen Becker Mary Beemer Patrick Bennett Robert Benton Mike Beresky Glen Berg Susan Bessett Vincent Bigone 318 Christy Blessing Karen Boko Frank Boitano Lorraine Boken Gordan Bonaccors Kathleen Booth Nathaniel Bradley Patricia Brady Joseph Breen Steven Brie James Brown James D. Brown Michael Brown Carlo Buckley Henry Bugatoo Lawrence Burriesci Christine Burris Catherine Bushnell John Bussi Jerald Bussjaeger Judy Butzloff Mary Byrne Robert Byrnes Jack Caffey John Callan Norine Capuro Steven Carara Joseph Carcione John Carey Michael Carev Steven Carmichael Carol Carnazzo Robert Cashin Creighton Casper James Cassa Susan Cassel Donald Chaisson Ellen Challenger James Chambers Helina Chelstowski 319 Gloria Cheney Frederic Chiles Coleen Clampett Cathy Clark Richard Clarke Diane Coffey Julian Coleiro Daniel Collins Judith Collins Robert Colvar Richard Conner Peter Connolly Heather Conrad Charles Conway Arthur Coon Donna Coon Craig Corkery Teril Crampton Roselyn Crisafi Rodney Crisp James Cronin Catherine Crotty James Crowley Blaise Cullen Allan Currie Stephen Cutrera Mitchell Dabo Brian Daley Maureen Daley Laurence Daniels Mary Kay Davidson Ray Davilla Constance Davis David DeBoer Richard DeBolt Margaret DeCoursey David Delgado Gary Dias Anne Dietrich Peter Dileo 320 Barbara Dineen Arlana Dixon James Dixon Lynn Dombrink John Donaldson Colleen Donohue Dolores Doran Thomas Doyle Peter Eaton Warren Egan Richard Ehernberger Paul Ehrich Mary Emrey Joseph Ercoli Robin Ericson George Everhart Alan Fabyancic Thomas Faherty Douglas Faico James Falletti Kathleen Finney Louis Fehrenbacher Karl Felson Richard Ferguson Thomas Ferguson Albert Ferrari Linda Ferro Mollie Ferry Judith Filippi William Fiolek Timothy Fischer Janet Fitzpa trick Deirdre Flannery Dorothy Fleming Kathleen Filippen James Foos Gregory Ford Michael Forni Edward Fraga David Francia 321 Gary Frasinetti Philip Freer John Friedlander Barbara Frischolz Teresa Gabriel Karen Garlick Timothy Gatto James Geary Frank Genovese Jack Giebler Patricia Gilmore Henry Gnesa Jerry Golenor Frank GoUop Jennifer Golzio Carla Goodman Joose Goulart Thomas Gourselle Henry Grambergu Charles Grazzini Lee Greeley Cynthia Green Raymond Gross Walter Grover William Growney Ann Grivich Cherie Guichard Jennifer Hake Michael Handler Susan Hanks Francine Hanning Pat Hannon Ronald Hansen Denise Hargleroad Richard Harkins Rovert Harold Robert Harrison Sandra Harrison Veronica Hayes Thomas Haynes 322 Helen Healey Farnaz Hedayat John Hedderson Denise Henriques Robert Hesse Roger Hewitt Robert Hickel Alan Higgison Raymond Ho William Hoef t Nancy Holt William Honzik Catherine Horan Susan Houston Rodnev Hard Darrell Igelmund Charles Jackson Mark Janlois Carlo Janowicz Gregory Kassis Brian Keeley Philip Keenan Terry Keener Robert Kelly Thomas Kellv William Kershaw Patrick Kilkenny Stephanie Kirkman Thomas Kirn TonyKnebel Thomas Knopf Thomas Kropp Pierre LaBand Joseph LaMantia Paul LaVoie Robert Labozetta Leah Lamb James Lang Paul Larken Susan Lawler 323 Lucien LeClere Patricia Leach Melinda Lee Walter Lembi Marlene Lemke William Lenaers Wayne Leong Sharon Lewis Arthur Liebscher Denise Lilian Richard Lindgren Maria Locatelli Joseph Lucido Cynthia Lund Francis Lvnch Janet MacDonald Danier Mackay Richard Macchi Abdulla Madhi Charles Magnus Patricia Magruder John Mahoney Pamela Maida Henry Malatesta Lvnn Mallamo Dorothy Malloy John Malloy Kathleen Maloney Mara Maloney Abdulaziz Mana David Manchester Vincent Mancuso Dorothy Mantele Charles Manzoni Andrea Mape Jack Marquis Robert Martin Teresa Martin Patrick Mason Valerie Massa 324 JohnMassopust Kalherine Masters Segundo Mateo Steven Matthews Teresa Matson Philip Matsumara Janet Matteis Margaret Maughan WiUiam Mazotti Martha McCabe Merilee McCambridge John McCarrick Susan McCarthy William McCarthy Jerry McClain Margaret McCoy Michael McDevitt Brian McGuire James McGuirk Daniel McKinlev William McLaughlin Donald McMorrow PatMcNally Isobel McNellis Barbara McWilliams Michelle Merckel Mary Miller Richard Miller Warren Miller Rob Minister Robert Moeckel Marcia Mondavi Dennis Monohan Kathleen Moran Marie Morev Vernon Morioka Robert Mott Shirley Mumford Geraldine Murphy Michael Murphy 325 Timothy Murphy Alan Musante Thomas Muscio Walter Myles Mary Nahm Carol Naseimento Alice Negratti Richard Nelson Thomas Nicoletti Marvanne Nilmeier Gaeton Nola Thomas Nuccio William Nulk John O ' Connor Jo Jo O ' Connor Brian O ' Connor John O ' Mara David O ' Neal Kathleen O ' Shea Lvnn Olds Charleen Ortiz Paul Osbourne John Ottoboni Christopher Owen Shereen Paf f CarlPanattoni Charles Parbury Keith Paulson Lyn Pears Frank Peccia Patricia Pegg Anne Penoyer Carla Peru si na Carol Peters Stephen Petit James Petrich Diane Piazza Marilee Pierotti Linda Piola James Polley 326 Elizabeth Postlevvaite David Pouliot John Powers GailPrebil Paul Pribuss Kiernan Prindle James Quigg George Quillan William Quirie Michael Rabb Dennis Raefield Paul Ramos Nancy Randall Aiden Rainey Raymond Ravmer David Read Curt Reed Francine Reidy Bernice Rendler Christopher Reynolds Joyce Reynolds Brian Rice William Rice Robert Richard Vickey Riopelle LeoRippo Martha Robers David Roberts Brian Robinson Richard Roggia Gregory Rosa Linda Roulo Thomas Rowan David Roybal Patricia Rubino James Ruhwedel Donna Ryan Marguerite Ryan Paul Ryan Timothy Salter 327 Alfred Sanchez Kathleen Sankey Charles Santonni Joseph Sawaya Raymond Scheetz Barbara Schefter Gregory Schmidt Mike Schmidt Steven Schmitz Charles Schmuck Maria Schoepf Suzanne SchofieW Alan Schrader Mary Schulein Robert Sehultz Margaret Schuveiller Bruce Scollin Ken Scott Mary Ann Sebastiani James Sepe Caroi Serafino Leslie Servatius Kathleen Shannon Anne Shea Christopher Shea Terry Shelly Peter Shiver Kenneth Shurtleff Joan Sigwell Patricia Simko Thomas Simpson Paul Smick Christopher Smith Justin Smith Dennis Smolarski Arthur Snyder James Sprigg Claire Starry Jack Strube Pat Sullivan 328 Patricia Sullivan Paul Sullivan Patricia Sutte Twanet Swain Frederick Swalling Susan Taylor Michael Thelen Loran Thoelecke Susan Thomas Heidi Thometz JamesThonis Rodd Thrower Sheelagh Tiernan Michael Tinny JamesTobin Frances Torretta Ronald Tortorelli James Townsend Henry Trainer Dennis Trusty Michelle Turgeon John Vigna Marilyn Vigna Daniel Voss Eileen Wagner Francis Wagner Michael Wagner Hugh Walker William Wallace Dennis Ward Ann Warnke Gail Warok Gary Warren Kevin Watts Fredene Weaver Holly Weiland Ann Weisenberg Harriett Weisensee Marijean Welage Kathleen Weland 329 ' ■?.- " ■ IJI V- Peter Zell Gayle Wells Melvin Wells Michael Whalen Sue Whalen Joe White Charles Wild Henry Williams Peter Wise Judith Woodard Richard Woodard William Woodard Michael Wright Mark Yost David Zacharias Alan Zapala 330 Bette Bacher Margaret Barnum Kitt Candeias Judith Cerini Linda Doble Laura Doner Chere Kistner Chervl Lavmon Shirley Lee Sr. Marie Kateri Iris Pearson Joyce Quock oSaSK Carol Rosenblett Donna Silva Ann Tucker Jean Whitcomb Michaele Ziegler 331 VIENNA This is one of the statues at Michaeler Platz, at one of the entrances to the Hofburg complex. L to R: T. Gabriel; D. Flannery; M. McCoy; J. Woodard; S. Faff; M. Hunt; C. Nascimento; H. Weissensee; D. Hargleroad. The Santa Clara group again poses in front of statue of Mozart. This is a very familiar landmark to students in Vienna, the Donner Fountain, situated in the Neuer Market. 332 SPAIN Charleen Ortiz, Colleen Clampett and Mary Miller stop in front of tapestry at I.E.S. entrance hall. Charleen Ortiz and Sue Ballard confer with Manolo Medina, the Director of the Institute of European Studies. Mary Miller and Charleen Ortiz relax in the Retiro, the park of the Kings of Spain. Students pause with their Art Professor at the Prado Museum. Charleen Ortiz is busy at her typewriter, keeping up with school work. Colleen Clampett and Charleen Ortiz pose in front of Institute Cultura Hispanica. 333 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS TomEvertson ' 70 President John McCoy ' 70 Sargeant-at-Arms 334 Pete Walsh ' 70 Treasurer Mary Schiller ' 70 Secretary 335 Jon Aboitiz Arnold Abreu Terry Adami John Ahem Carlos Alamilla Mario Alioto Mark Allison Michael Althoff Edwin Andersen Joseph Ansel Carolyn Antonini Joaquin Arango Randall Ashbv SuzanneAvison Barbara Bailev Tom Balestrieri Mark Balsley Barbara Bardwil Christopher Barrington Kathleen Barrows Andrew Batille Grace Batista Leo Bauer Lizabeth Bauer Frederick Bedard Eugene Belogorsky Jeanne Bendik David Berg Joe Boboschi Mark Bogdan Bob Boldizar Thomas Bolich Lawrence Bolton Bruce Bottini Frederick Boughton Margaret Boyle William Bradley Jay Brady Michael Brouse Donna Brown 336 Marilyn Brown Patricia Brown Robert Brown Linda Brughelli Elaine Bruni Tim Buckley Diane Burkholder Darcy Burns Julie Burns Arlene Bvers Tom Cain Marianne Calegari Robert Cancilla James Canning Cecilia Cantlav Elizabeth Cara Cathy Carlos Daniel Carroll Howard Carroll Angela Casciato Richard Cashatt Harry Cavanagh James Caviglia Robert Cazale Marv Cerrito Nancy Charlton Patricia Chase Gloria Chen Robert Ching Robert Christian Peter Ciacco Kenneth Claiborne Ivan Clark Mary Cleese Joseph Clougherty Cathy Cobb Kevin Cody Jorge Cohen Edwin Collins Phihp Collins S 337 Timothy Collins Cynthia Conley John Connolly Richard Conway Susan Cook Timothy Corcoran Nancy Cosgrove Steven Costella Patrick Crahan Stephen Crawford Walter Critz Bertram Cronin Marilyn Crowe David Cullen Cynthia Cummings William Curley Janet Curtis Nicholas Dalis Alice Damberg Vincent Damiani Peter D Amico Angelo Danna Robert Darling Andrew Davis Jeri Davis Susan Davis Kathleen Daze Ray De Briyn Sharon De Mell Gerald De Young Lucille Delfino Linda Delia Maggiore Joan Depaoli Ray Derania Nancy Dillon Thomas Donahue Thomas Douglas Mary Douthwaite Susan Drake Thomas Drakes 338 Kevin Droney Mary Drymalski Rosanne Ducey Carol Duffield Angela Duke Susie Dukes Phillip Durrett John Dutton Carolyn Dwire Kevin Eagleson Elizabeth Ebinger Wayne Eisenhart Joseph Egan Judy Elliott Melba Englert Raymond Epes Patricia Ercoli Robert Eskridge Thomas Evertsen Susan Falconi Gerald Ferrari James Filippi Roland Fitzgerald Stephen Flaim Cecilia Flvnn Franklyn Foley Leanna Ford Pete Formosa Ronald Fowler Catherine Foe Eugene Fox Kathleen Fraga Robert Frankovich Mary Frazier Mark Freitas Michael Freitas Charles Fumia Leland Gabbard Mary Ann Gallagher Dennis Gamlen 339 Geraldine Ganss Susan Garland Gail Garrity Maryjane Genco Judith Genovese Paulette Ginier Arthur Ginocchio Richard Giorgetti Mary Gisslow William Gordon Bruce Graham Anita Gurney Jacklyn Hackard Daniel Haddow Stephen Hagan Alana Hagood Yvonne Hall Chris Halpin John Hanlon Pat Hannon Henry Hansel Ariane Hardin Judy Harless Angela Harrington Gail Harrington Gary Harris Barbara Haski Robert Hausman Charlotte Haynes Kathleen Hendrv Stephen Henriques Marilyn Herbig Marilyn Hess Kenneth Hesson Enno Heuscher Corrine Hintze James Hoban Jane Hoerner Gary Horgan Farrell Housman 340 Jody Howard Mary Howseman Jeanne Huard Eino Huhtala Donald Humphrey Robert Hupf Noris Imazio Charles Isaacson Katherine Issaeff Dana Jang Mary Jennett Tracy Johansing Elizabeth Johns Molly Johnston Michael Karl Ann Keener Meg Kellogg Daniel Kelly Roger Kern Steven Kimball Stephen Kirkeby Phyllis Kirts Mark Kliszewski Charles Knarr Shirley Krsinich Louis Krug Beth Kurzeka Barrie Laing Steven Lambert William Lambert Joseph Lannon Mary Lautze Michele Le Brun Charles Lemann Thomas Lerone Richard Leslie Steven Lewis Donald Lightbody Ogden Lilly Joseph Lima 341 Tamara Lippi James Loney John Long Mary Lou Longinotti Eric Low Thomas Lustig Kathleen Machuga Kathleen Maher Paul Marini Bob Marino Kerry Matthews Nancy Mazza Joseph McCarthy Sharon McCarty John McCoy Kathleen McCracken George McCullagh Martha McDonald Suzanne McDonnell Mary McEntee David McFarland Thomas McGann William McG rath Michael McGreevy Theresa McMahon Sharon McMillan John McNamara Maureen McNiece Michael McPeak Timothy McShane Daniel Meenan Anthony Mei Joseph Melczer Linda Melluish Paul Messerschmitt Susan Middleton James Miller Paul Mills Elena Minor Marilyn Mize Patrick Mohan John Monaghan MarkMorelh Joann Morey Pius Morozumi Maria Morris Rex Moser Barbara Munro Ann Murphy Marilyn Murphy Patricia Murphy Ehzabcth Murray Kim Nau hton Susan Naumes Paul Neilan Joan Ncttfsheim Phihp Niederberger Edward Northup Richard Nuccitelli VVilham O ' Brien Brian O ' Hara Jane O Mara Kathleen Oda Sherr Oke Kathlvn Oliva Thomas Ovens Robert Owens Michael Pacelli Cheryl Pagfti Martha Paine Timothy Panziera Rosemary Papagni Ronald Paris James Pussalacqua N ' ancv Pavne David Pereira Ron Perelli Lynda Perricone Gayle Peterson Karen Peterson 343 Robert Peterson Kathleen Petry Peter Phillips Richard Phillips Pamela Piering Lynette Polian Gary Porter John Previte Laura Pribuss Donald Prime Thomas Prussing Gerald Quilici Leo Quilici James Quintal James Radulovich Mary Catherine Ragen Dominic Rago Eugene Reames Lydia Reed Judy Renter Gregory Rixon Anne Robichaud Gordon Roby Sharon Roe Phvllis Romito Richard Ronan Kathleen Roney Patrick Ruffo James Saake John Salazar John Sapunor Leon Schegg Elaine Scherbart iMary Schiller Marilyn Schnoor Karen Secchi Judy Sedgwick Timothy Segal John Sevenich Vickv Shu 344 JillSilacci Theodore Siinas Andrew Simnionds Reenel Simoni Deborah Singer Noelani Smith Joseph Somerville Jane Spack Steven Stanich Michael Stegmaier Jose Stevens Linda Stout Robert Suhr Colleen Sullivan Martha Suto Linda Sunseri Lorna Sutherland Paul Sutherlen Stepehn Sutter John Tacehella James Tanner Stepehn Tarantino Mary Terr Richard Testwuide Mar Th mias Michael Thomas Kathleen Thompson Nancv Tofanelli Patrick Tondreau Anthony Toste James Treinen Nancy Trembley Helene Trescony Gene Tricoli Barbara Tripletl John Truxavv Michael L ' rbanski Catherine Lfrsettie Donald Van Buren Theresa Varga 345 Suzan Vatuone Dorotln Veach Randall N ' ogel William Von Felton Garv Walker Kathleen ' alker Edward Walsh Peter Walsh David Ward Margaret Ware Robert Watanabe Stephen Weber Peter Wellington Laurel heeler Mar Ellen Whelan Daniel White Kathleen White Mary Pat Whiting Nanc ' hittaker Richard Wilking Anthon Vilmer Suzanne W inslow - Peter Witte Katherine WOlf William V ork John Wozniak Patricia Yoklavich Elissa Young Mar Yurich Veronica Zecchini George Zorn Robert Zwingman 346 FRESHMAN ita-- Judith Alley i Jo A rata Frances Agpaoa Ruth Bishop 1 1 p " f«5 " W Ida Calcagho Shiela Condon Georgene Cook Marv Dios Patricia Feasley Margaret Fenigan Nancy Garcia Paula Gomez Joan Gomes Bernadette House Maureen Hurley Margaret Matusik Eileen Moran MaryAnn Nelson Susan Oster Claudette Petrerce Katherine Schmidt Losis Silva Lucia Sosnowski Deborah Ra Tnond 347 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS JonFerdon Treasurer PaulHogan ' 71 President Leslie Powell ' 71 Secretary Emmett Guiplani Sgt. At Arms Tim Johnson Vice President Robert Albers Dan Alberti Joleen Alcantara Bernard Alf s Richard Alves Bill Amon Howard Anderson Jeannie Anderson Kathy Anderson Rod Andrade Paul Anquini Susan Aulick Kathleen Bacigalupi Chris Baelawski John Baker Katie Bannan Cathrine Barbar Nancy Barile Robert Barnet Nancv Barrett Cecilia Barrie Dan Barsanti Vicki Bartmess Mike Bazdarisch Patti Beattie Nancy Beaumont David Bence Mary Bennett Paul Berger Terry Bergstrom David Bilardello Randall Blaesi Donna Blethen Jac()ueline Bliz Mark Boilano Ann Brady Robert Breen John Brennan Karen Briggs Barbara Brodhead 350 Elizabeth Brown Mar Ann Brown Michael B. Brown Ralph Bruce Paul Bruschera Bob Bulter Ben Burford Katherine Burleson Kerry Burns Paige Cabral Joy Caillat Michael Cain Cecilia Callagy John Cambo Tom Campagne Frank Caprista Jeanne Carberry John Cardoza William Carter Kathleen Casev Frank Cassidy John Cassidy Richard Certo Anne Challenger Mitchell Champi Cynthia Chang Lorna Chang Mike Chargin Peggy Charlton Larrv Chew Mark Chiechi James Chiesa Mike Clarke Bill Clayton Jennifer Cline Cathy Cochrane Leo Cocitti Pedro Cofino Mark Cogdill Margorie Colligan 351 Mary Collopy John Colombatto Edward Comerford Peter Conk Eugene Conti Robert Coray Albert Corneleson Joan Cornelius Bill Corporandy Theodore Cribari Jr. Robert Cruz Cathy Cuenin Mary Ellen Cull Martha Cumming Jim Cunua Rosemary Curran Cathy Daoust Harry Daughters Pete Davidson Victoria Deasv Diane DeGregori Louis DeLellis Kevin Deremigio Dan DeSantis Gene Devours Donna DeZonia Christine Diez Jovanne Dimassa Melissa Dixon Michael Dixon Monica Dodds Mike Domenici Larry Donatoni Diane Doughty Kathv Downes Frand Doyle Laura Driscoll Mark Driscoll Tom Dunlap Margaret Dusenbury 352 Brian Eagleson David Edgren Elizabeth Edwards Michael Edwards Steven Ehert Ken Elie Mark Ercole Ken Escobar Robert Fair Sue Fallis Susan Fandel George Fanucci Anne Farley Rand Farmer Linda Farrington Thomas Feeney Robert Fell Charles Felix Jon Ferdon Gabriele Ferris Jim Finta Colleen Fitzgerald David Fitzgerald Jenelle Fitzgerald Carol Foiada Dennis Foley Lynn Foley Larry Ford Marcia Fort Carol Fouts Susan Frankes Stasia Frawley Sue Frazzini Kristina Frederick Ron FrediancUi Molly Freeman Joanne Fregosi Cheryl Friesen Ray Fujimato Barrv Furtado 353 Susan Gaffney Nancy Galiata Kalhy Gallagher Patty Garvey Marguerite Gavin James Gawley Steve Gengo Franci Genta Loren Gerhard Fred Gernandt Anne Gilles Chris Giovannoni Fred Gonzales Vandalia Goode Linda Gorey Andralia Goscila John Grant Gary Graves Lu Greenie Howard Grieshaber Kathleen Grueneich Shirley Guierlani Emmett Guirlani MarcHaberman Karleen Hall Ware Hall Michael Hanley Mike Hanley Helene Hannifan Harold Hanover Jr. Jim Hansen Linda Hanten Mike Hardie Tom Harpole Barbara Harriott Monty Hart Aynne Hartmann Deborah Heald Noleen Hearne Cathv Hellenthal 354 Mike Henry Dive Hesson Dave Hermann Linda Hewitt Lawrence Hickish KarolynHiU JoeHoltz Tim Holtz Nancy Hogarty Francis Hughes Sandy Hull Jackie Hurlbutt John Ignoffo Paul Imwalle Maureen Ittig Mary James Cathy Jamison Larry Jenkins Bert Johansen Rodney John Phil Johnson Tim Johnson Sallyanne Johnston Rick Justice Joe Kaahua Linda Kambestad Pamela Keane Mary Keese Janet Kelley Joan Kelly Patrick J. Kelly Barbara Kennedy Gene Kimzey Dennis King Bernard Kirkovics Robert Kkeinhenz Brian Kneier David Kocina Carol Koenig Julie Komes 355 Rita Krebsbach Leslie Kretzmer Judy Kruse Chip Kurqeka Christie Lambert Jacelyn Lamson Nancy Larocca Don Laubacker Don Lauritzon James Lawler Chris Lee Charleen Lemann Connie Lewis Carolyn Littigwhite Judy Little Allison Loeffler Peter Long Barbara Looney Nancy Lord Marv Lorenzo Joyce Lucke Ray Lum Frank Lutfringer Mark Lutz Barbara Lvnch Marie Mackey Nancy Mahoney John Malley Martha Malone Dolly Maloney Chato Maneru Maureen Manley Cathy Mannino Ernest March Joseph Marini Madelaine Martell Jack Marquis Rosanne Masenga Meredith Mason Philip Mastrocola 356 Lucretia Matulich David Maxon Gerald May Conrad Mazzarini MattMcCabe Joe McCarthy Patti McCarthy Kevin McClanahan Patti McConville Sally McFadden Mari Anne McHugh Susan McKae Stephen McLaughlin Mary McNicoll Mary McQuade Allan Meadows Gary Meier George Merrill Mary Metcalf George Meyashiro Joe Meyer Maryann Michalowski Anne Middleton Dean Miller Mark C.Miller Mark D.Miller Maureen Millett Craig Mills Richard Minor Francine Moller Joe Monasta Michele Moran John Moriki Fran Morley Michael Morosin Lynda Morrison Mike Mulherm Karen Murphy Kathleen Murphy Mila Murphy 357 Greg Mussallen Jim Naunies Mike Nelson Mary Newman John Nicholas Lynne Nolan Mary Nolan Matt Noonan Jack Oberti Kathv O ' Brien John F. O Brien William Orme GailOrr Mary OSullivan Laura Ottavis Larry Pagandarm Marilyn Palia Shelia Palmer Mary Panyan Mike Pappas Alice Pasotla Pamela Patellaro Thomas Pearson Barbara Pel ley Dudley Perkins Mary Perkins Dave Peterson Linda Picochi Terry Pobjoy Laura Pometta Rick Portalupi Barry Porteous Lesley Powell Mark Powell Ernie Pricco Jr. Carole Price Don Prime Douglas Puccini Janet Purcell 358 Robert Ramos David Rauber James Reilly Patrick Rice Jim Roberts Sandy Roberts Joyce Rodgers Marie Rodriques George Rogers Anne Rossi Laura Ryan Nancy Ryan Joe Ruiz Cheryl Samarzich Theresia Sandhu Kathy Sapunar Suzi Saucy Kathie Saumur Peggy Schlobohm Paul Schmidt Kristi Schulenburg Mark Scheibe Robert Scopinich Tim Scott Mary Sears Stephanie Shields Melanie Shaffer Margaret Shaw Patricia Shea Terrv Shearer Laura Sheffet Christine Shyby Ong Side Hong Chris Siegfried Sandy Silva Tome Simpson Kathleen Sinatra Eduardo Sison Cathy Skelly Ann Slattery 359 Susan Slusher Barbara Smith Becky Smith Dave Smith Janet Smith Mary M. Smith WiUiam Snyder Steve Soult Jeff Stalder Karn St. George Jerry Stenson Laurice Stewart James Stoelker Claire Stoesser L. L. Straw Anne SuHivan Jim Sunseri Jim Sweeney Jay Sweet Cathy Switzer Sue Tallea Frederico Tanayo Janet Taormina Teresa Tatatino Michael E. Taylor Ron Tebbe Peggy Terry Bill Tezek Mike Thibodeaux Nancy Thomas Blaise Thompson John Thyken Linda Titchener Terry Tobin Kathy Truxaw Rick Turner Brian Tyrrell Joan Urhausem Bob Varesio Sandra Vickers 360 Javier Villarreal Allen VValbrun Daniel Walker Susan Walters Mary Ward Midge Wardell Linda Weber Donna Whipple Jim White Barrv Williams Greg Williams Susan Wood Teppy Wosniak Mary Louise Zapp JackZioissig Margaret Doyle Roberto Lopez John Shigo 361 EUROPEAN STUDIES Rome Patty Anderson; Roz Crisafi; Dave Batada; Dan Collins; Kevin Cody; Al Musante; Tom Nuecio; Kathy Masters; Val Massa; Jim Sullivan; Bob McCarthy; Robin Doerr; Francine Hannifi; Sue Bazanno; Dick Jordan; Lynne Pears; Arlana Dixon; Carl Panatoni. Santa Clara students were kept busy attending classes. Santa Clara irls stop and talk between classes. 362 Francino Haiinii; and Ro Crisafi take an Art les ()n. Dick Jordan and Al Mu- sante eat in the cafeteria. Lynne Pears stops to think about things back at Santa Clara. 363 In Memoriam Robert Murphy James S. Dwyer Bill Schmidt Not Pictured: Patrick Mike Kearns Frank Seput 4 i ' - f SENIORS Christopher D. Adams Fred Thomas Adams Mary Adams Terry Adams Jean Agostini Thomas John Albanese Norman E. Alexander FedericoG. Alfaro Thomas J Anton Michael Antonini CarolJ. Armin T. Jeffrey Armstrong AfA Charles Robert Arolla Donald H. Austin William H.Baber, III Annette Bacilo 368 Lawnie Bailey Joanne Banker Joseph Barbara Donald Barbieri David Bassett Kenneth Eric Bauman Nancy Carol Bauman James Baynes Edward John Beck, Jr. Donna Bennes Katherine Ann Bertsch David Eugene Beswick Robert Biaggi John J. Blake Carol Blase Stephanie Bodine 369 k.XAi Karen Anne Boggio Michael Bonasera Camille Bonfilio John Robert Box Mark Boyd Peter Murray Bryle Edward Brady Dennis Brooks Richard Brunet Charlotte Brust Ron Brutocao Bob Bryant Ed Bryant Nancy Buckle Mike Bunce Gerald Burke 370 Colleen Burns John Burns Skip Burton Carol Butzbach DanCahalan Michael Ca ma rata Robert Caples Matthew Cappiello Wendy Carlberg Bernie Carter Jim Carter Jacqueline Casa la Maureen Casey Lynda Louise Cataldo Eugene Ceccotti Frank Cetani, Jr. 371 Susan Chambers Dennis Chargin AlbertChen John Chipley I TSifH. ■ ,««.J " James Ciardelli Alvarin ho Clementine Jack Clifford SueColeman James Wayne Collins Kelly Colims LoisConley Karen Connelly r A V.k. Robert Conte Robert Conway Joe Cook Walter Gerard Coppenrath, Jr. 372 Stephen Corio Carmel Marie Costello Gerald Courtney Chris Cozzo Amelio Christiani Jerry Crowley Denis Cullumber John Cummings Richard Milton Cunha Joe Cusinza Janine Dalezel DeeDanna James Dawson Michael DeBenedetti Ken DeGisare John DeMaria 373 Roger De Salle John Dean, III Robert Deans Vicky Deck Lee DeGrande Donald Del Porto Douglas Demmert John Dempsey Dave Denholm Deanna Devlin Vincent J. Diffley Victor J. Dirksen Mary Ellen DIugosch Mark Dobel Dennis Doherty Maureen B Dolar 374 iy r Kevin Donahue Mary Katharine Donohoe Darrel DuMond John Dunlap Larry Dykes Barry Dysart Kenneth Earle Dianna Eckman Pamela Edwards Carol Ellis Richard Enos GilbertErb Patricia Pagan Anthony Fague Tom Fanoe Elaine Fa race 375 Robert John Fatica Marcella Carol Fava Michael Federighi Vivian Feeney Patrick Fenton Marsha Andersen Fenton Timothy Joseph Filice Patrick Finley ir Bm k Mary Margaret Fitzgerald Anne Fitzpatrick Pat Flannery Brigid Flynn Chuck Flynn Jean-Pierre Foisy James Foley Fredrick Fortier 376 Judy Swenson Fowler Michael Fowler Fred Franklin Gary Frasinetti Jen Friedenback JudyGain Peter Gallagher Michele Gallery Michael Gamache Gregory John Gamp Paul Ganlocher Theresa Ann Ganss ki Raymond Louis Garassino, Jr. Charles Gardner Bruce Lewis George PaulGiacalone 377 JoanGianola Michael Gibbons Gregory Gilman GeneGiometti JohnGiottonini JohnGiovannetti Gerald Gomez VicGracalone i ii Charlotte Graney John Spencer Gregory Kathryn Green James Grivich Terry Grome TimGromer Susan Groom Albert Guerra 378 Michael Guheen Mike Haake Susie Haggerty Jerome Hahn John Hanson Kenneth Hanson Jeanette Hardin Daniel Harrington Jim Harrington William Patrick Harrison Marcus Harveston Virginia Heinen Pat Hennessy Thomas Hermsoth Gregory Heuser Jim Heyburn 379 Michael Higgins Barbara Might Chris Hjerrild John Hoffman, III i.kii Allen Hogan Robert Holdsworth Percy Edward Holme John Gary Hornberger Joseph Houska, Jr. Mary Virginia Houts Jerry Howarth Ann Howe aVAa Peter Hulsman Virginia Marie Hulten Gerald Infantino Charles Ish 380 Tom Jamison Richard Janney Bruce Johnson Calvin Johnson Maxwell Johnson Thomas Johnston Jane Jones Judith Anne Jones Craig Jordan John Juarez BillKelicher Dennis Kelly James Kelly Kathleen Kelly William Peter Kelly Francis (Frank) Kennedy 381 Mary Jan Kenney William Keu Lawrence Joseph Klamecki William R.Klein Paul Lawrence Klose KurtKolhede Frank Konecny Karen Kovaeovich Harold Kramer Richard Krueger Robert Laase Kathleen Ann LaMonte Robert Parker LaMonte Mark Roger Landers Susie Lange (Lynda Susan) Karen Lantze 382 Louis Larson Linda Louise Laubacher Eileen Laubet Jonathan Lawson Susan Veronica Lech Margery Ann Lemire William Michael Lenihan Suzanne Leoin Laura Letschi Marty Lettunich Kenneth Leufgen Catherine Lewis Neil Locke Judith Anne Logan Julia Loquvam William Loris 383 Ralph Patrick Love Alan Ludwig Michael Lum Pete Lawrence Lusich John Terence Lyons William Lyster Maura Frances Mackesy James Madden Roger Magnaghi Lana Malcolm Ed Malley Robert Mancuso Karen Marcate Michael Martin Roger Joseph Marzulla Steve Mascovich 384 Linda Ann Mayer Ann McBride Michael McCaffrey Patricia McCaig James Patrick McCarthy hhm »■■ t " ! Michael McCormack HH " ■ .. .fllH I Thomas McCrea, Jr. HHl .j HI William McGuiness ) BobMcGurk Roger McWhinney Donna Medley LesleyMello i - A Karen Menardi HughMenton Ronald Peter Merlo Daniel Mezzer 385 Catherine Miller Christina Miller David Miller Colleen Millett LucilleMills John Mispagel Paul Molloy William Monroe Jim Moon Susan Morange Michael CharlesMorosin Geraldlne Morris Susan Sullivan Mortan Dan Morton Gerald Mugnolo ElaineMull 386 Thomas RobertMulroy, Jr. Melinda Mulvaney I David Murphy } Patricia Murphy Victoria Muzio Lynne Myers Wayne Nasser Michael Naumes Craig Need ham Thomas Joseph Nelson Margaret Ann Newman James Joseph Nicholas, Jr. Ml l i L Edward Niland Ronald William Noya Marie Lynore Nyarady MaryPatO ' Connell (Kraemer) 387 Jane Loyola O ' Hara PaulO ' Hara Joseph Oliverio Stephen Olsen Robert Olson Kathryn Ann O ' Neill DaveOster Frederic Ott Rita Claire Overshiner Paul Owen John Page James Pagendarm Paul Pagnini William Robert Paiihe William Paker Paula Palizzoto 388 Duane Papierniak William Passarella James Patterson Kenneth Pedersen Leticia Pena Charles Perrotta Allan Persyn Richard Peters Sharyn Peterson Aaron Phaniuf William Phillips, II Cresta Piantadosi Robert Joe Pignatelii James Pilant Ernest Pinza Cyryl Ann Pogon 389 John Pollock Louise Pometta Rod Ponnes Edward Prati JoAnne Precissi Allan John Preckel James Prior Edmundo Puchi Barrett Pullman Diane Quass Marie Elena Racioppi Mary Kathleen Rafael Mark Ragno Christine Ramos Kathleen Raney Mary Anne Rauscher 390 i Ron Rearick Joan Reed Robert Reeding Ron Renard Thomas Reordon John Rettig Michael Rewak Alice Richardson Robert Riopel Carol Robertson Donald Rodgers Ann Marie Rodrigues Maria Teresa Rodriguez Joseph Romito Doria Rose G.Rose 391 Suzanne Marie Rosenblatt Robert Rossi Fred Rowe Teresa Rusmore Thomas Ryan Julian Sabbatini Arnold Sallaberry Ann Beth Sanborn Joseph Charles Sanfilippo Richard Sangey Jeffrey Sanson Stephen Santucci Paul Sargenti Ed Sarraille William Satariano Madeleine Therese Saussotte 392 John Scalia Edward Scan Ian Linda Schafbuch Peggy Schager William Scheid Marie Schneider Les Schwartz Richard Schweickirt Anne Scott Patricia Scully Bill Sea rt David Seitz Michael Sekins Suzann Marie Selden Terence Selm Clysta Seney 393 k A J k Joyce Shea PatShechan Jean Sigwell Timothy Simpson Bernadette Smith Timothy Smith William Smith, Jr. Kathleen Sonntag Mi A Chris Sorensen Donna Louise Sorich Mike Soules Mary Spanfelner John Robert Spence Kathy Stanford Pamela Marie Starr William Stewart 394 Frances Ann Stolarz James Stone Kathleen Storch Nancy Jane Streuter Daniel Sullivan Donald Sullivan John Sullivan Kathleen O ' Keefe Sullivan (Mrs.) Suzanne Sullivan Terry Sullivan William Sullivan, Jr. Steve Sutherlen Ronald Sutter Stan Swain Donna Swangren Robert Sweeney 395 W. Sweeney Earle Sylva Lorraine Marie Sylvia Michael Takamoto Peter Talia PatTaylor Mary Ellen Thorn JamesThomas Kathryn Marie Thomas Ray Joseph Thomas Lowell Tom Tim Tomasso Diana Sue LickwarTone BBpj| «; ■ Jeff ry Tone ■V B ■ H Diane Patricia Toomey ' % -- 9 JamesTraina M ' 1 i[t4 ■ 396 Ik l Sandra Treacy Thomas Tripoli Frederick Tufts LaurieTurgeon William Terrence Turner Thomas Uboldi Robert Ulicki William Ursick Roy Vega Paul Vantress David Viano Susan Vignes Peter Antony Viri PhilipWalsh Norman Warnke Mary Warren 397 Kathleen Waterburg Gary Lynn Weaver John Weed Margaret Ann Weekes 1 1 f James Wendling Gerald Werner Susan West Patricia Wetzler Mary Theresa Weyer Rita Wheeler Fahy Whitaker Thomas Wiedel Gail Williams Denice Williamz Chris Wilson Jeffrey Winters 398 hJ ' kiIrA Olivia Ann Wirthman Maggie Wittenburg Maureen Frances Wolfe Neil Woodruff i Patricia Ann Wright John William Zent, Jr. 399 Adams, Christopher Sacramento, Calif. B.A. - History Adams, Fred Greenbrae, Calif. B.S. Sociology CharlesGraham Club, Intramurals Adams, Mary Fort Bragg, Calif. B.A. -History Adams, Terry Sunnyvale, Calif. B.A. Economics Ski Club, Economics Club Agostini, Jean Salinas, Calif. B.A. - Biology Albanese, Thomas Saratoga, Calif. B.S.C. Varsity Football Alexander Norman Los Altos, Calif. B.S. (Math) Varsity Football Crew; Math Society Alfaro, Federico San Salvador, El Salvador B.A. Economics Delta Sigma Pi; Soccer Team; Interna- tional Club; Finance Club; European Studies Anton, Thomas San Jose, Calif. B.S.C. Antonini, Michael Pleasanton, California B.A. - History Mendel Society; Sports Car Club; Stu- dents For Democratic Action; Students For Kennedy Armin, Carol LaCanada, Calif. B.A. - Psychology Armstrong, Jeffrey Saratoga, Calif. Bach, of Science of Commerce Intramural Delta Sigma Pi Arolla, Charles Oakland, California B.A. Social Science Frosh Orientation Committe; Home- coming Committee; Rugby; Italian Club; Intramurals; Election Committee Austin, Donald Salem, Oregon B.S.C.E. Tau Betta Pi; A.S.C.E.; Engr. Society Barber, William III Willows, Calif. B.A. - Political Science Ski Club; Senior Council Bacilo, Annette Mountain View, California Bachelor of Arts, History Lambda Bailey, Lawnie Banker, Joanne San-Jose, Calif. B.A. in Spanish Day Students Assoc; Medel Society Barbara, Joseph Sunnyvale, Calif. B.S. SCCAP: Chemistry Society; Rifle Team Barbieri, Donald Spokane, Wash. Econ. B.A. Senator; President of SCCAP: Econom- ics Club; Sodality; President National Collegiate Sodalities; Who ' s Who; Mobile Medal Honorable Mention Bassett, David Pocatello, Idaho BSC - Accounting Deha Signa Pi; Accounting Assoc; Fi- nance Club Bauman, Kenneth Santa Clara, Calif. B.S.C. S.A.M.: Marketing Club; Research Com- mittee (ASUSC); Kappa Zeta Phi 1 Bauman, Nancy Santa Clara, Calif. B.A. - Psychology Social Committee; Rally Committee; WR.A.; M.R.S.; Psychology Club Baynes, James Beck Edward Jr., San Francisco, California B.S.C. Sanctuary Society; BAA; Finance Club; Redwood Ski Club Bennes, Donna Los Angeles, Calif. B.S. - Sociology WRA Bertsch, Katherine San Francisco, Calif. B.A. in Chemistry Gamma Pi Epsilon; Chemistry Society Beswick, David Mill Valley, California B.A. -Philosophy Frosh Orientation; Sodality; SCCAP; In- tramurals; Varsity Baseball Biaggi, Robert San Francisco, Calif. Bachelor of Science- Civil Engineering American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Engineering Society; Sodality; Kappa Zeta Phi; Frosh Orientation; So- cial Committee; Phoenix Blake, John W.Covina, Calif. B.S.C. Business Blase, Carol Bodine, Stephanie Lindsay, Calif. B.A. Ski Club; Amigos Anonymous; Student Union Committee Boggio, Karen San Diego, Calif. B.A. SCCAP; Clay M. Greene Players Bonasera, Michael Saratoga, Calif. B.S.C. Varsity Wrestling; Pres. of B.A.A. Of Delta Sigma Pi; Senator Bonfilio, Camille Burlingame, Ca. B.A. Psychology Publicity Committee; SCCAP; Psycholo- gyClub Box, John Los Angeles, Calif. B.A. CharlieGraham Club; Intramurals Boyd, Mark Bryle, Peter Orinda, Calif. B.A. (History) Football; Baseball; SCAAP; Sodality; Ed- ucation Club; Charlie Graham; Cheer- leader Brady, Edward LosGatos, California B.S.C, Management Delta Sigma Pi; Day Students Associa- tion; S.A.AM. Brooks, Dennis Brunet, Richard San Jose, Calif. B.S.C. Brust, Charlotte Milwaukee, Wise. B.A. (Political Science) European Studies Committee; WRA Brutocao, Ron Covina, Calif. B.A. Major in Econ and Phil. Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Un- iversities; Alpha Sigma Nu; ASUSC Sen- ate; Newspaper; 1 Yr. on Staff of " The Owl " ; Sodality; Vice-President of the Stu- dent Body; 3 Years Sanctuary Society Bryant, Bob Bryant, Ed Buckle, Nancy Saratoga, Calif. B.S.C -Marketing Santa Clara Handbook Committee; So- dality; S.A.M.; Sigma Delta Upsilon; The Santa Clara Bunce, Mike Burke, Gerald San Gabriel, Calif. B.A. Economics European Studies Committee; Econom- icsClub; The Santa Clara; Ski Club Burns, Colleen Burns, John San Jose, Calif. B.S. (Math) Math Society Burton, Skip Carmel, Calif. B.A. -Economics Butzbach, Carol Santa Cruz, Calif. B.A. -English Day Students Assoc. Cahalan, Dan San Mateo, Calif. B.S. Mendel Society; Yr ' s; SCCAP; DSA Camarata, Michael Caples, Robert Richmond, Calif. B.S. -Political Sci. CharlieGraham Club; Intramurals Cappiello, Matthew Arcadia, Calif. B.A. Senator 1; Frosh Board of Directors 2; Homecoming Comm.; 2; Defence Coun- cil 2; Kappa Zetta Phi, 2,3,4; Omega Sigma Sigma, 3,4; Rhota Rhota, 4 Carlberg, Wendy Des Moines, Iowa B.A. English KSCU, Election Committee Carter, Bernie San Jose, Calif. B.S. Biology Ski Club; Mendel Society; Intramurals Carter, Jim Casala, Jacqueline Balboa, California B.A. History Casey, Maureen San Francisco, Calif. Social Science Frosh Orientation, Soph Secretary; Homecoming Princess ' 66; Sodality; SCAAP; StudentUnion Committee Cataldo, Lynda LosAngeles, California Bachelor of Science - Biology Major Lampa: Mendel Society; WRA Ceccotti, Eugene Larkspur, Calif. B.S.C., Finance B.A.A.; Delta Sigma Pi; Kappa Zeta Phi; Ski Club; Italian Club; Flying Club; R.O.T.C. Cetani, Frank, Jr. San Jose, Calif. B.A. Philosophy Italian Club, Day Students Association Chambers, Susan San Francisco, Calif. B.A. (English) SCAAP Chargin, Dennis Stockton, California B.A. History Phi Alpha Theda, Phoenix, Blackstone Society; Intramurals, Publicity Commit- tee; Ski Club Chen, Albert Singapore 15, Singapore B.S.M.E. Engineering Society; A.S.M.E.: A.I. A. A,; A.I.A.A.: Charles Graham Club; E-Corps; International StudentsClub Chipley, John Ciardelli, James San Jose, Calif. B.S.C. -Accounting Accounting Association; German Club; Rally Committee; Persuing Rifles; Home- coming Committee; Sodality Clementino, Alvarinho Clifford, Jack B.A. Economics Who ' s Who; Advanced R.O.T.C; Varsity Tennis Team; Sodality; Clay M. Players; SCCAP; Justus: Intramurals Coleman, Sue PalosVerdes Est, Calif. B.A. in English Vocal Club; SCAAP; TennisTeam; Sodality Collins, James Mountain View, Calif. Bachelor of Science of Commerce (Busi- ness School) Marketing Club; Member Day Student As- sociation Collins, Kelly Conley, Lois Connelly, Karen West LosAngeles, Calif. B.S. Social Science SCAAP Conte, Robert Conway, Robert Altadena, Calif. B.A. Charlie Graham Club; International Stu- dents Association: Intramurals; Lamda; Mendell Society Cook, Joe Coppenrath, Walter Gerard, Jr. South Lancaster, Massachusetts B.A. History Debating Team; Intramurals; KSCU; Student Court; Blackstone Society Corio, Stephen Lancaster, Calif. B.A. Intramurals: Kappa Zeta Phi; Delta Sigma Pi; Italian Club: ROTC Costello, Carmel San Rafael B.A. Check Cashing: SummerOrientation Courtney, Gerald San Francisco, Calif. Bachelor of Science m Civil Engineering President of Engineering Society: Tau Beta Pi; A.S.C.E,; Intramurals Cozzo, Chris Christini, Amelio Crowley, Jerry Electrical Engineering Tau Beta Pi; Engineering Society; IEEE; Sanctuary Society; Intramural Cullumber, Denis San Juan, Bautista, Calif. B.S.C. MarketingClub; Cheerleader Cummings, John Cunha, Richard Sacramento, Calif. B.S.C. Cusenza, Joe Dalezel, Janine Danna, Dee San Jose, Calif. B.S.C. Marketing S.A.M.: B.A.A.: Marketing Club; Sigma Delta Upsilon; Redwood Dawson, James DeBenedetti, Michael B.A. -History DeGisare, Ken DeMaria, John Ross, Calif. B.S.C. Marketing KZ; Sebbard Blade; ROTC Advanced; KSCU Advertizing Mgr.; Cheerleader; Itali- an Club; Rally Committee; Intramurals: MarketingClub DeSalle, Roger Dean, John III Alamo, Calif. Bachelor of Science - Mathematics Sanctuary Society; Lambda Society; Mathematics Society; Sodality; SCAAP; Justus; Santa Clara Track Club: KSCU Deans, Robert Deck, Vicky San Jose, Calif. B.A. (Spanish) Sodality; Amigos Anonymous; Gamma Pi Epsilon; Day Students Association; SCCAP DelGrande, Lee Reno, Nevadg B.A. in Political Science Freshman Baseball Team; Assistant Fresh- man Baseball Coach; Freshman Orienta- tion Committee; SCAAP; Ski Club; The Blackstone Legal Society; Young Republi- cans; Intramural Softball Basketball: Election Committee Chairman; Santa Clara Alumni-StudentCommission DelPorto, Donald Sacramento, Calif. Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineer- ing (BSEE) I.E.E.E.; Engineering Society; Redwood; Homecoming Committee; P.A.S. (Presi- dent) Demmert, Douglas Burbank, Calif. B.A. History Italian Club; Orientation Committee; Rally Committee Dempsey, John Boca Raton, Florida B.S.C. Marketing Marketing Club; Presidential 967-68): KZ, Golf Team; Intramural Sports-Football Basketball; Alumni-Student Committee: Dean ' s Advisory Council Denholm, Dave Devlin, Deanna Drff ley, Vincent San Francisco, Calif. B.A. History Charles Graham Club; Education Club; Irish Club; Block S.C: Basketball Dirksen, Victor San Jose, Calif. B.S.C. Economics Student Handbook; Student Directory: So- dality; Intramural Committee; Co-Chair- man CCD; Co-Chairman; Prefect of Sanctuary Society: Seabband Blade: Beta Gamma Sigma; Alpha Sigma Nu; Day Student Assoc. DIugosch, Mary Storm Lake, Iowa English B.A. SCAAP; Education Club ' ' ' .-. Dobel, Mark San Francisco, California ' B.A. History Freshman Basketball Doherty, Dennis Dolan, Maureen Bridget El Cernto, Calif. B.A. History The Santa Clara; S.C. A. A. P.; Rally Commit- tee: Surf Club; Phoenix Association; Sports CarClub Donahue, Kevin Oakland, Calif. B.A. History Varsity Basketball: Charlie Graham Club; Irish Club; Block " SC " Donohe, Mary Lancaster, California B.A. English Fresh. ASUSC Office Staff; The Santa Clara Staff; WRA; SCAAP; Clay M. Greene: Soph.: ASUSC - Senator (Campisi), CCD Program, Phoenix Assoc, Sodality; Senior: SCCAP- ( " Just Us " ); Sodality: European Studies Com. DuMond, Darrel Tacoma, Wash. B.S.E.F. Electrical Engineering IEEE; Tau Beta Pi Duniap, John Dykes, Larry Dysart, Barry Van Nuys, Calif. B.A. Psychology THE SANTA CLARA; Student Union Com- mittee; Soccer; KSCU Earle, Kenneth Menio Park B.S.C, Intramural Football: BAA; Soc. for the Ad- vancement of Management Eckman, Diana Ridgewood. New Jersey B.A. French Election Committee: Phoenix; WRA Basket- ball: Intramurals Edwards, Pamela Ellis, Carol Enos, Richard Sacramento, California BSC - Finance Senate: Soph Class Vice-President: BAA; Finance Club: Kappa Zeta Phi: Charlie Graham Club; Rugby; Intramurals: Stu- dent Union Committee; Who ' s Who: " Justus " ; ROTC Advanced Erb, Gilbert Inglewood, Calif. BSME A.S.M.E.: Intramural Sports Fagan, Patricia Fague, Anthony Fanoe, Tom Farace, Elaine Fatica, Robert Visalia, Calif. B.S.C. -Accounting Accounting Association Fava, Marcella Los Angeles, Calif. B.S. - Economics News Committee; Rally Committee Homecoming Committee; Just Us Economics Club; Frosh Orientation Summer Orientation Federighi, Michael Orinda, Calif. B.A. History Student Alumni Coordinator 68; Varsity Tennis 65-67; Vice Pres. Rally Commit- tee ' 66; Sodality Feeney, Vivian Fenton, Patrick Santa Clara, Calif. B.S.C. -Accounting Blackstone (Pres., V.P- ' 68); KSCU; Con- cert Committee Fenton, Marsha Santa Clara, Calif. Arts: English Sodality; Sigma Delta Upsilon (Histori- an) Filice, Timothy Gilroy, Calif. BSC- Marketing Rally Committee Chairman, 65-66; Itali- an Club President, 65-66, 66-67; Mar- keting Club; Homecoming Committee, 1965-66; KZI Finley, Patrick Corona Del Mar, Cal. Engineering Frosh Basketball; Varsity Soccer Capt (4); E-Corps (Pres.-4); Attorney General - ASUSC; S.D.A.; Intramural - All Star; Dean ' s Advisor; Engineering Society Fitzgerald, Mary Riverside, Calif. B.A. English Fitspatrick, Anne San Francisco, Calif. B.S. - Social Science Frosh Orientation; SCCAP; Education Club; Sodality; Jr. Class Secretary Flannery, Pat Flynn, Brigid Flynn, Chuck Dearborn, Michigan B.Sc, Finance Dett; Finance Club; Flying Club; Ski Club Foisy, Jean-Pierre P.Que., Canada B.S.M.E. Engineering Society; A.S.M.E.; A.S.U.S.C. Publicity Committee Chair- man (63-64); KEI President (63-64); Sophomore Class Secretary (62-63); Orientation Committee Co-chairman ( ' 62); Red Hat Band (3 years); Interna- tional Club Foley, James Fortier, Fredrick Santa Clara, Calif. Bach, of Sci. in Economics MarketingClub, EconomicsClub Fowler, Judy Swenson Cupertino, Calif. B.S. - Sociology D.S.A.; Sodality Fowler, Michael Cupertino, Calif. B.S.C. - BusinessManagement D.S.A.; Frosh Football; 3 years Varsity Football; R.O.T.C. Franklin, Fred Frasinetti, Gary Sacramento, Calif. B.S.C. Marketing Italian Club; Marketing Club; Intramur- als; B.A. A.; Day Students Assoc. Friedenback, Jen Gain, Judy Gallagher, Peter San Francisco, Calif. B.A. History Phoenix Club; Redwood Staff; Intramur- als Gallery, Michele Gamache, Michael Yakima, Washington B.S. Chemistry Intramurals; International Students Clb; Young Republicans; Mendel So- ciety; Homecoming Comm.; SCCAP; Senior Class Council; Club ' 66 Manager; Chemistry Society Gamp, Gregory John Valley Stream, New York B.A. History Concert Committee 64 ' -65 ' ; Publicity Committee chairman 64 ' -65 ' ; Rally Committee 64 ' -65 ' 66 ' -67 ' ; Head Cheer- leader 66 ' -67 ' ; Charlie Graham Club 66-67, 67-68; Social Committee - chair- man 64 ' -65 ' Ganlocher, Paul Ganss, Theresa Ann Houston, Texas B.A. -English Sodality; W.R.A.;S.C.C.A.P. Garassino, Raymond Louis, Jr. Menio Park, Calif. BSC Marketing Club; Sam; Finance Club; RVALLY Committee; Italian Club Gardner, Charles George, Bruce Lewis Corcoran, Calif. Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Engineering Society; A.S.M.E.; A. I. A. A.; SMM.; " E Corps " ; Intramurals Giacalone, Paul Gianola, Joan Gibbons, Michael Gilman, Gregory Gometti, Gene Stockton, Calif. B.S.C. Charlie Graham Club; Delta Sigma Pi; Senate; Student Court; Frosh Baseball; Varsity Football; Italian Club; Who ' s Who in American Colleges Universi- ties, Intramurals Giottonini, John Aptos, California B.S.C. Finance Italian Club; Finance Club; Beta Gam- ma Sigma Giovannetti, John Woodland, Calif. B.A. (Poll. Sci.) Kappa Zeta Phi; Charles Graham Club; Scabbard Blade; Rugby; Soccer; Mi- nor Sports Committee; Italian Club Gomez, Gerald Giacalone, Vic Graney, Charlotte Oakland, Calif. B.A. English major SCAAP; Sodality; " JUST US- Gregory, John Spencer Corcoran, Calif. B.S.C. Frosh Basketball; Charles Graham Club; Intramurals Green, Kathryn Grivich, James Arcadia, California B.A., Political Science Soccer; International Club; KSCU Giomi, Terry Gromer, Tim Groom, Susan Pacific Palisades, Calif. B.A. - Sociology Redwood; SCCAP; Sodality; Sigma Delta Upsilon Guerra, Albert Santa Clara, Calif. B.S.C. Marketing Club; Rally Committee; Char- les Graham Club; Italian Club Guheen, Michael San Francisco, Calif. Bachelor Science Commerce Charles Graham Club; Irish Club; E B Club Haake, Mike San Carlos, Calif. B.A. History Varsity Water Polo; Varsity Swimming; Minor Sports Committee; Intramurals Haggerty, Susie Orange, Calif. B.S. Social Science Hahn, Jerome Sacramento, Calif. B.S.M.E. A.S.M.E.;A.I.A.A.;andl.E.E.E. Hanson, John Hanson, Kenneth Long Beach, California B.S.C. Hardin, Jeanette Sonora, Calif. B.A. -History Harrington, Daniel Redwood City, Calif. B.S.C. Varsity Baseball; Charlie Graham Club; Kappa Zeta Phi; Advanced ROTC; Scab- bard Blade; Frosh Baseball Harrington, Jim Harrison, William Patrick La Canada, Calif. B.A. History Italian Club; Charlie Graham; Election Committee Chairman; Kappa Zeta Phi; WHO ' S WHO; Frosh Class Treasurer; In- tramurals (4 yrs.); Summer Orienta- tion; Gamma Alpha Sigma Harveston, Marcus Heinen, Virginia Hennessy, Pat Hermsoth, Thomas Heuser, Gregory Buena Park, Calif. B.A. I.E.E.E. Engineering Society; Soccer; In- tramurals Heyburn, Jim Higgins, Michael Duluth, Minnesota B.S. Economics Charlie Graham Club; Ski Club; Swim- ming Team; Economics Club; Irish Club; Intramurals Hight, Barbara Los Angeles, Calif. B.A.English The SANTA CLARA Hjerrild, Chris l-loffman, John, III Honolulu, Hawaii BSEE Engineering Society; IEEE Hogan, Allen Holdsworth, Robert Los Gatos, Calif. B.S.C. Delta Sigma Pi; Finance Club Holme, Percy Edward Santa Clara, California B.S.C. Day Student Association Vice-president; B.A.A.: Intramural Sports Hornberger, John Gary Los Angeles, Calif. Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering Engineering Society; American Society of Civil Engineers; Young Republicans Houska, Joseph, Jr. St. Louis, Mo. B.A. -Mathematics The Santa Clara; Soccer Team; Rugby Club; Phi Alpha Theta; Arts Sciences Assoc, European Studies Committee Houts, Mary Virginia LaJuna Beach, Calif. B.S. -Mathematics Buns II; Santa Clara Staff; Math Society; SCCAP - Alviso Tutoring; WRA; Lambda Society; International Club; Young Re- publicans; ClayM. Green Howarth, Jerry San Francisco, Calif. B.S. Economics Sodality; Who ' s Who; The Santa Clara, Director Student Loan; KSCU Radio; Distinguished Military Student; Scab- bard Blade; SCCAP; Sanctuary So- ciety, Intramurals, Senator Howe, Ann Hulsman, Peter Sunnyvale, Calif. B.S. Chemistry Hulten, Virginia Marie Kailua, Hawaii Bachelor of Arts - History Glee Club; SCCAP; German Club Infantino, Gerald Ish, Charles Jamison, Tom Janney, Richard Johnson, Bruce Johnson, Calvin Johnson, Maxwell Johnston, Thomas Antioch, Calif. B.A. Political Science Blackstone Society; Election Commit- tee; THE SANTA CLARA; Student Union Committee; Asst. Attorney Genral; KSCU, SCCAP Jones, Jane Jones, Judith Anne Hollister, Calif. B.S. - Social Science Election Committee; ASUSC Check Cashing Service; Rally Committee; Sig- ma Delta Upsilon; Women ' s Recreation Association Jordan, Craig Juarez, John Santa Clara, Calif. B.S.C. Delta Sigma Pi; Ski Club Keliher, Bill Kelly, Dennis Oakland, Calif. B.A. (Poll. Sci.) Blackstone Society; THE SANTA CLARA; Intramurals Kelly, James Davis, Calif. B.A. (Economics) Rowing Assoc; Epsilon Tau Beta; Ami- gos Anonymous; Epsilon Alpha Beta; Arts Sciences Assoc; SCCAP; B Kelly, Kathleen San Francisco, Calif. B.A. Social Sciences Frosh Orientation; Student Service A- ward; Publicity Committee; Sodality; Handbook; SCCAP; Who ' s Who Kelly, William Peter Los Angeles, Calif. B.A. English Sodality; SCCAP; Just Us; Student Uni- on Committee; Phoenix; Senior Class Council Kennedy, Francis (Frank) B.S.C.E. ASCE; Sodality; Kappa Zeta Phi; Engi- neering Society; SCCAP; " Just Us " Kenney, Mary Jan Keu, William Klamecki, Lawrence Joseph Canoga Park, California B.A., Political Science S.C.C.A.P.; KSCU; Intramurals; Polish Club; Blackstone Society; Young Demo- crats; Varsity Baseball Klein, William San Jose, Calif. B.S.C. Editor-Redwood; Editor-Student Hand- book; Student Directory; Who ' s Who; Scabbard and Blade; D.S.A.; Alpha Sig- ma Nu; Beta Gamma Sigma; Chairman Homecoming Com m. Klose, Paul Lawrence Fullerton, Calif. B.A. English Phoenix; Clay M. Greene; European studies Kolhede,Kurt Lafayette, Calif. B.S.C. Young Democrats; Finance Club; Mar- ketlngClub; Intramurals Konecny, Frank Kovacovich, Karen Eureka, California Bachelor of Arts Glee Club; Sodality; ASUSC Office Man- ager; International Students; Sigma Delta Upsilon; SCAAP; Just Us; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universi- ties Kramer, Harold Krueger, Richard Anaheim, Calif. BSME ASME;Tau Beta Pi; A.I. A.A. Laase, Robert San Rafael, Calif. B.S. Varsity Crew; Frosh Crew Coach; Black- stone; SCCAP; Student Union Commit- tee LaMonte, Kathleen Ann San Jose, Calif. B.A. -English SCCAP LaMonte, Robert Parker Millbrae.Cahf. B.A. History Football; Kappa Zeta Phi; Phi Alpha The- ta Landers, Mark R oger Lange, Susie (Lynda Susan) Carlsbad, Calif. B.A. - Political Science Frosh Secretary, Sodality; Homecom- ing Com.; Rally Com.; Who ' s Who Lantze, Karen Larson, Louis A. Larson, Louis San Jose, Calif. B.S.C. Delta Sigma Pi; Beta Gamma Sigma; BAA; Finance Club Laubacher, Linda Louise, Oxnard, Calif. English -B.A. SCCAP Laubet, Eileen Lawson, Jonathan Salinas, Calif. B.A. English K.S.C.V.; Young Republicans Lech, Susan Veronica Garden Grove, Calif. B.S. Biology Gamma Pi Epsilon; Mendel Society; Red- wood; Sigma Delta Upsilon Lemire, Margery Ann Miles City, Montana B.A. English Frosh Orientation Committee; Homecom- ing; Buns II; SCCAP Lenihan, William Michael Fullerton, Calif. B.S.C. Sanctuary Society; IEEE; Redwood Photo Staff; Student Union Com- mittee; Accounting Association Leoin, Suzanne Letschi, Laura Lettunich, Marty Leufgen, Kenneth Lewis, Catherine Hillsborough, Calif. B.A. - Spanish Rally Committee; SCCAP Locke, Neil L %an, Judith Anne Oakland, California B.A. -English Frosh Orientation; Election Committee; SCCAP; Sodality; Gamma Pi Epsilon Loquvam, Julia Oakland, Calif. B.A. Economics Election Committee; Frosh Orientation; Gamma Pi Epsilon; SCCAP Loris, William Sacramento, Calif. B.A. History European Studies; Intramurals; Orien- tation Comm. Love, Ralph Patrick West Covina, Calif. B.S. Economics Sodality; Student Union Committee; In- tramurals; Economics Club; Irish Club Ludwig, Alan Lum, Michael Lusich, Pete Lawrence San Francisco, Calif. B.S.C. Football; Ski Club Lyons, John Terence Los Angeles, Calif. B.A. -Economics The Santa Clara, Editor-in-Chief; Varsity Crew; ASUSC Attorney General; ASUSC Associate Justice; Blackstone Pre-Legal Society, Pres.; Debate Team; The Owl; University Senate Project Committee; Alpha Sigma Nu; Army ROTC; Who ' s Who in American Universities Coll- eges O.S.S. Lyster, William Portland, Oregon B.S.C.E. Varsity Basketball; Charles Gra- ham Club; A.S.C.E. Irish Club; In- tramurals; E-Corps; Engineering Society Mackesy, Maura Frances Millbrae, California B.A. History Ski Club; Lambda Society; WRA; Buns 11; Student Directory Com- mittee Madden, James Orinda, Calif. B.A. - Economics Charles Graham Club; Irish Club; Intra- murals Magnaghi, Roger Burlingame, California B.S. - Chemistry Chemistry Club; SCAAP Malcolm, Lana Malley, Ed Mancuso, Robert San Jose, California B.S. Civil Engineering Eugr. Society; ASCE Scabbard and Blade; Italian Club; Intramurals; Home- coming Committee Marcate, Karen Martin, Mica hel Moraga, Calif. B.S.C. B.A. A.; Delta Sigma Pi; Flying Club, Homecoming Committee; KSCU, Persh- ing Rifles; Redwood; Rugby Club; The Santa Clara; Ski Club; Sanctuary So- ciety; Young Republicans, S.A.AM. Marzullo, Roger Joseph Santa Clara, Calif. B.A. (poll, sci.) Blackstone Pre-law Society Mascovich, Steve Mayer, Linda Ann Carpinteria. Calif. B.A. History Freshman Orientation; Publicity Com- mittee; Senior Class Secretary McBride, Ann Encino, California B.A. History Sodality; SCCAP McCaffrey, Michael McCaig, Patricia McCarthy, James Patrick Belmont, Calif. B.A. -History President Students for Democratic Ac- tion; President JuniDr Class; Univer- sity Senate Project Committee; Senate ' Rules Committee; " The Santa Clara " ; Alpha Sigma Nu; Omega Sigma Sigma; Sodality; Kappa Zeta Phi McCormack, Michael Redding, California BSME Engineering Society; ASME, AIAA; Intra- murals McCrea, Thomas, Jr. Everett, Washington B.S.C. Ski Club McGuiness, William Oakland, California B.A. History Kappa Zeta Phi, Marketing As- sociation; Orientation Committee, Blackstone Society McGurk, Bob McWhinney, Roger Medley, Donna Mello, Lesley Pittsburg, Calif. B.A. -English Sodality; Just Us; SCAAP; Sigma Delta Upsilon; KSCU Menardi, Karen Menton, Hugh Concord, Calif. B.A. -History S.C.C.A.P. Merlo, Ronald Peter Burbank, California Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engi- neering B.S.E.E. Engineering Society; I.E.E.E.; THE SAN- TA CLARA; Young Republicans Mezzer, Daniel Miller, Christina KansasCity, Missouri B.S. Political Science Sodality, Buns II; Clay M. Greene; SCCAP Miller, Christina Miller, David Millett, Colleen Burlingame, Calif. B.A. - History Mills, Lucille Mispagel, John La Habra, Calif. B.A. -History Baseball; Irish Club; CharlesGraham Club; Marketing Club; Education Club; Black- stone Society Molloy, Paul Lafayette, Calif. B.S. -(Biology) Intramurals; Senate; Mendel Soc. (Pres.); Young Republicans; Sodality Monroe, William Moon, Jim San Jose, Calif. B.S.E.E. I.E.E.E.; I.E.E.E.; Sodality Morange, Susan Los Angeles, Calif. B.A. -English Sodality; Election Committee; SCCAP; Homecoming Morosin, Michael Charles San Francisco, California Bachelor of Science - Sociology International Club Morris, Geraldine San Francisco, Calif. B.S.C. Mngr-Club 66; Beta Gamma Sigma; Charles Graham Club; Accounting Club; Italian Club Mortan, Susan Sullivan San Jose, Calif. B.S. Sociology Morton, Dan Mugnolo, Gerald San Francisco, Calif. B.S.C. Mngr-Club 66; Beta Gamma Sigma; Charles Graham Club; Accounting Club; It alian Club Mull, Elaine San Francisco, Calif. B.A. -History SCAAP; Education Club; Rally Com- mittee Mulroy, Thomas Robert, Jr. Winnetka, Illinois B.A. (History) Swimming team; Marketing Club; In- tramurals; Kappa Zeta Phi Mulvaney, Melinda Murphy, David Pasadena, Calif. B.S. - Sociology Sodality; SCCAP; Blackstone Pre-Legal So- ciety; Students for Democratic Action; So- dality Murphy, Patricia Sacramento, Calif. Theatre Arts. - B.A. University Chorus; University Chamber Singers; Clay M. Greene; Buns II; WRA Muzio, Victoria Ventura, Calif. B.S. Political Science Myers, Lynne Nasser, Wayne Honolulu, Hawaii B.S.C. Alpha Sigma Nu; Water Polo; Swimming; Minor Sports Comm.; Sports Ed. of Santa Clara; Charlie Graham Club Naumes, Michael Medford, Oregon B.A. Economics Varsity Tennis; Intramuals; Sodality; Sanc- tuary Society; Minor Sports Committee; THE SANTA CLARA Needham, Craig Santa Clara, Calif. B.A. - Economics Student Body President; ROTC; Fresh- man Class Presi dent; Chairman-Fresh- men Board of Directors; Chief Defense Council-Student Court; SCCAP - Just Us; Sodality; OSS; Debate Team Nelson, Thomas Joseph Santa Clara, Calif. B.A. Philosophy Newman, Margaret Ann San Mateo, Calif. B.A. -Philosophy Nicholas, James Joseph, Jr. Hillsborough, Calif. B.S.C. Minor Sports; Kappa Zeta Phi; Irish Club; Intramurals; Marketing Club Niland, Edward Saratoga, Calif. B.A. -History Ski Club; Intramurals Noya, Ronald William Sacramento, California B.A. - Political Science KZO; Intramurals; Freshman Orientation Committee; Italian Club Nyarady, Marie Lynore Oxnard, California B.A. English The Owl; Lambda Society O ' Connell, (Kraemer) Mary Pat O ' Hara, Jane Loyola San Francisco, Calif. B.A. (History) O ' Hara, Paul Valiejo, California B.A. - Economics Irish Club; Phi Alpha Theta; Economics Club: Senior Class Council; SCCAP; Hon- ors Division; Blackstone Society Ollverio, Joseph San Jose, Calif. B.S.E.E. Electrical Engineering IEEE; Engineering Society; KSCU Olsen, Stephen LaFayette, Calif. B.S. -Mathematics Math Society; KSCU; The Santa Clara; SCCAP; Education Club; Bridge Club; Var- sity Bowling; Intramurals Olson, Robert O ' Neill, Kathryn Ann Santa Clara, Calif. B.A. French Oster, Dave Ott, Frederic Stockton, California B.S.C. Varsity Baseball; Marketing Club; Charlie Graham Club Overshiner, Rita Claire LosGatos, California B.A. - Political Science SCAAP; Redwood; Day Students Associa- tion Owen, Paul Sacramento, Calif. B.A. - Philosophy KZO; KSCU; Intramurals; E-Corps Page, John Pagendarm, James Hillsborough, Calif. B.S.C. Accounting B.A.A.; Ski Club; Accounting Associa- tion; Intramurals Pagnini, Paul Santa Clara, Calif. B.S.C. Marketing Marketing Club; Intramural Sports; Italian Club Paiihe, William Robert San Francisco , Calif. B.S.C. -Marketing Ski Club; Marketing Club; (SAM); SCAAP Parker, William B.S.C. Management Palizzoto, Paula Papierniak, Duane San Leandro, Calif. B.S. Mechanical Engineering A.S.M.E.; Engineering Society Passarella, William El Cerrito, Calif. B.A. -Philosophy Italian Club Patterson, James Pedersen, Kenneth Santa Rosa, Calif. B.S.C. Delta Sigma Pi; ROTC Advanced; Mar- keting Club; S.A.M.; Gamma Alpha Sig- ma Pena, Leticia Perrotta, Charles San Jose, Calif. B.S.C. Finance Delta Sigma Pi; Finance Club Persyn, Allan Peters, Richard Peterson, Sharyn Phaniuf, Aaron Phillips, William, II Fullerton, California Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineer- ing(BSmCE) American Society of Civil Engineering; Engineering Society; Intramurals; Stu- dent Union Committee; Publicity Com- mittee; Rifle Team; Redwood - PAS Piantadosi, Cresta Pignatelli, Robert Joe Lakeside, Calif. B.A. Economics Italian Club; CharlesGraham Club Pilant, James Pittsburg, California B.A. History Phi Alpha Theta Pinza, Ernest Pogon, Cyryl Ann Bakersfield, Calif. B.A. English SCCAP; The Redwood; The Santa Clara Pollock, John Fallbrook, Calif. B.A. Political Science Football; Rugby; Charlie Graham Club; Kappa Zeta Phi; Irish Club Pometta, Louis Pommes, Rod Menio Park, Calif. B.A. -History Varsity Baseball Prati, Edward Precissi, JoAnne Stockton, Calif. B.S.C. Finance SCAAP Preckel, Allan John Lemon Grove, Calif. Bachelor of Arts - Economics Redwood; Blackstone Pre-Legal Society; Election Committee; Student Court; The Santa Clara Prior, James San Rafael, Calif. Bachelor of Science in Mathematics KSCU; Math Club; Clay M. Greene; Bridge Club; Sane. Society; SCCAP Puchi, Edmundo Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering Engineering Society; American Society of Civil Engineering; Athletic Managers Association; Varsity Baseball Manager Pullman, Barrett Oakland, Calif. B.S.M.E. Mechanical Engineering Baseball, A.S.M.E. Quass, Diane Racioppi, Marie Elena Covina, Calif. English- B.A. Frosh Orientation Committee; Phoenix; S.C.C.A.P. Rafael, Mary Kathleen Corona del Mar, Calif. B.A. in English Freshman Orientation Committee; Class Council Member Ragno, Mark Ramos, Christine Raney, Kathleen Los Angeles, Calif. Bachelor of Science in Social Sciences St udent Union Committee; R.O.T.C. Sponsor Corp; Orientation Committee; S.C.C.A.P. Rauscher, Mary Anne Fresno, Calif. B.A, (French) SCCAP; SDA Rearick, Ron Reed, Joan Modesto, California Bachelor of Science (Social Science) SCCAP; KSCU; European Studies Com- mittee; Publicity Committee Reeding, Robert Renard, Ron Reordon, Thomas Rettig, John Oakland, Calif. B.S.C. Charles Graham Club; Rugby Club; Intra- murals; B.A. A.; Accounting Ass ' n. Rewak, Michael San Jose, Calif. Economics, B.A. The Santa Clara; The Redwood; Student Handbook; KSCU; Sanctuary Society; Day Students Assoc; Homecoming Com- mittee; Intramurals Richardson, Alice Riopel, Robert Santa Clara, Calif. B.S.C. -Accounting Accounting Assoc. Robertson, Carol Rodgers, Donald Vallejo, Calif. History B.A. Mendel Society; Intramurals Rodrigues, Ann Marie Hong Kong B.C.C. Bachelor of Science (Biology) Mendel Society; International Students Club Rodriguez, Maria Teresa Havana, Cuba B.S.C. Accounting Accounting Association; International Club; Day Students Assn.; B.A.A.; Ami- gos Anonymous Romito, Joseph Rose, Doha Rose, G. Rosenblatt, Suzanne Marie Whittier, Calif. B.S. Sociology SCAAP; Frosh Orientation Rossi, Robert San Francisco, Calif. B.S.C. CharlesGraham Club; Finance Club; Intra- murals; Italian Club; Kappa Zeta Phi Rowe, Frd Rusmore, Theresa J. MenIo Park, Calif. B.A. (Spanish) Ski Club; Students for Democratic Action; SCCAP Ryan, Thomas Sabbatini, Julian San Mateo, California B.S.C.E. Bachelor of Science, Civil Engi- neering ASCE; ASCE Vice President 1966-67; Engi- neering Society; Tau Beta Pi; Intermural; Homecoming Comm. Sallaberry, Arnold Tranquillity, Calif. B.S. CGC; Delta Sigma Pi; BAA Sanborn, Ann Beth Los Angeles, Calif. B.A. English ASUSC Student Body Office work at check cashing 1 2; Sodality 2; Frosh Orientation; European Studies Com- mittee Sanfilippo, Joseph Charles San Jose, Calif. B.S.C. Finance Delta Sigma Pi, Presidnet; Fin ance Club; Alpha Sigma Nu; B.A.A.; Beta Gamma Sigma; Day Students Association; Itali- anClub Sangey, Richard Sanson, Jeffrey Shaker, Ohio B.S.C. Rowing Association; The Santa Clara Santucci, Stephen San Francisco, Calif. B.S. (Bus. Ad.) Football Intramurals 1-4; Basketball Intra- mural (1-4); Varsity Football 2 Sargenti, Paul Sarraille, Ed Satariano, William San Jose, California B.S. , Sociology Day Students Association Saussotte, Madeleine Therese Palo Alto, Calif. Bachelor of Arts (History) Co-Chrmn. Freshman Orientation Com- mittee; Clay M. Greene; THE SANTA CLARA; S.C.C.A.P.; Young Democrats; Students for Democratic Action; Stu- dent Union Committee Scalia, John Daly City, California B.A. History The Santa Clara; Debating; Alviso Tu- toring; Students for Democratic Action; German Club Scanlan, Edward San Jose, Calif. B.A. Philosophy D.S.A. President; Phoenix Schafbuch, Linda Novate, California B.A. Social Sciences Senator Frosh; Sodality; Check Cashing; WRA Schager, Peggy Scheid, William Schneider, Marie Manzanita, Oregon B .S.C. Marketing Schwartz, Les Schweickirt, Richard Scott, Anne Corona Del Mar, Calif. Bachelor of Arts, English S.C.C.A.P.; Ski Club Scully, Patricia Los Angeles, Calif. B.A. History Student Loan Committee; WRA Seart, Bill Seitz, David Sekins, Michael Honolulu, Hawaii B.S.M.E. A.I.A.A.; A.S.M.E.; Engineering Society; Tau Beta Pi; Kappa Zeta Phi; Intramurals; Crew; " E " Corps Selden, Suzann Marie Coronado, Calif. B.A. History Frosh Orientation Committee; Educa- tion Club; SCCAP; Phoenix; Election Committee; Rally Committee; Home- coming Committee; Redwood Selm, Terence Seney, Clysta Shea, Joyce Shechan, Pat Sigwell, Jean Simpson, Timothy Smith, Bernadette Smith, Timothy Pasadena, Calif. Bachelor of Arts Economics THE SANTA CLARA; Board of Student Appeals; Who ' s Who; Sophomore Class President; Chairman, Frosh Orientation Committee; Chairman, Frosh Board of Directors; OSS; Kappa Zeta Phi; ASUSC Senate; Rules Committee; Sodality; Biack- stone Society; Finance Club; SCCAP; Just Us; Lambda Society; Economics Club; Intramurals; Alumni-Student Commit- tee Smith, William, Jr. Watsonville, California B.S. in Sociology SCAAP; Intramurals; Ski Club; Finance Club Sonntag, Kathleen Los Angeles, Calif. B.S. Sociology Summer Orientation Committee; ASUSC Senate Sorensen, Chris Sorich, Donna Louise San Jose, California B.A. French University Chorus; Day Students Associ- ation; Lambda; International Students Club; Redwood; Student Directory Com- mittee Soules, Mike Spanfelner, Mary Spence, John Robert San Diego, Calif. B.A. History Baseball (Frosh-Varsity) Frosh Basket- ball; Intramurals; Student Court; So- dality 2,3,4; Alpha Sigma Nu; Phi Alpha Theta; SCCAP; Just Us Stanford, Kathy San Jose, Calif. Political Science; B.A. Bunsll Starr, Pamela Marie Downey, California B.A. History Arts Sciences Lecture Series; Phoenix; Phi Alpha Theta Honors Historical So- ciety 3,4; International Club; The Santa Clara Stewart, William Stolarz, Frances Ann, Los Angeles, Calif. B.S. Mathematics Stone, James Ventura, Calif. B.S.C.E. Storch, Katheen Los Altos, Calif. B.S. Sociology KSCU; Homecoming Committee; Lamb- da Society; Homecoming Princess Streuter, Nancy Jane Oceanside, Calif. B.S.C.E. ASCE; Engineering Society; Math So- ciety Sullivan, Daniel Belmont, California B.A. ASUSC Treasuer; Alpha Sigma Nu (Presi- dent); OSS; Who ' s Who; Varsity Track; THE SANTA CLARA; Sodality; Kappa Zeta Phi; ASUSC Senator; EconomicsClub; JustUs; SCCAP; Intramurals; Sophomore Class Treasurer; Publicity Office; Student U nion Committee; Irish Club; Ski Club; Black- stone Society; Bridge Club; Frosh Orien- tation; Sanctuary Society; Lambda So- ciety; KSCU; Transfer Student Commit- tee Sullivan, Donald Ventura, Calif. B.S.E.E. ASUSC; Engineering Society; IEEE; Lambda Society; E-Corps; Soccer Team; Sanctuary Society; Intramurals; The Santa Clara Sullivan, John Sullivan, Kathleen O ' Keefe Santa Clara, Calif. B.A. in History Sigma Delta Upsilon; Day Student Associa- tion Sullivan, Suzanne Sullivan, Terry Santa Clara, Calif. B.A. - Psychology KSCU Broadcaster Sullivan, William, Jr. Omaha, Nebraska B.A. English and Philosophy Sodality; SCCAP; Frosh Orientation; Concert Com.; Irish Club; Epsilon Tau Delta Sutherlen, Steve Sutter, Ronald Monterey, Calif. B.A. Phi Alpha Theta; Intramurals Swain, Stan Swangren, Donna B.A. Sweeney, Robert Sweeney, W. Sylva, Earle Sacramento, Calif. B.S. in Biology Mendel Society; SCAAP; SDA Sylvia, Lorraine Marie Santa Clara, California B.A. - Political Science Day Students Association; Sigma Delta Upsilon; REDWOOD: Student Directory Takamoto, Michael Talia, Peter Santa Clara, Calif. B.A. History Homecoming; Advanced ROTC; Rifle Team; Bowling Team; Intramurals; D.S.A. Taylor, Pat Thorn, Mary Ellen Los Angeles, Calif. B.A. History SCAAP; Freshman Orientation; Ski Club Thomas, James Glendora, Calif. B.S.E.E. IEEE; Tau Beta Pi; Engineering Society Thomas, Kathryn Marie Hammond, Indiana B.A. History Thomas, Ray Joseph Salt Lake City, Utah Mechanical Engineering Freshman Basketball; Varsity Basket- ball, Intramurals; Engineering Society; Mechanical Engineering Society; E- Corp Society Tom, Lowell Honolulu, Hawaii Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engi- neering (B.S.M.E.) Intramurals Committee; Engineering Society: ASME:E-Corp Tomasso, Tim Tone, Diana Sue Lickwar Social Science Day Students Assoc; " The Santa Clara " staff; Arts Sciences Assoc. Ton, Jeff ry Santa Clara, Calif. B.A. Philosophy Toomey, Diane Patricia Vallejo, California B.A. Political Science Gamma Pi Epsilon; W.R.A. (64-68); Glee Club; REDWOOD; Lambda Society; S.C.C.A.P.; Publicity Office Traina, James Los Altos, California Marketing Day Students Association; Marketing Club Treacy, Sandra San Diego, Calif. B.A. English Tripoli, Thomas San Jose, California B.S.C. Delta Sigma Pi; Marketing Club; Day Stu- dents Association Tufts, Frederick FortGordon, Ga. B.A. History Kappa Zeta Phi; CharlesGraham; R.O.T.C. Senior; Distinguished Military Student; In- tramurals Turgeon, Laurie B.S. Biology European Studies; Mendell Scoiety; Ger- man Club Turner, William Terrence Berkeley, California B.A. Political Science Student Union Committee 4; Intramurals 1,3,4; Redwood Photography 3,4; Senator 4; President Pro-Tempore Senate 4 Uboldi, Thomas Ulicki, Robert San Francisco, Calif. Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineer- ing Member of IEEE (student section) in Jr. Sr. years Ursick, William Pueblo, Colorado B.S. Chemistry Chemical Society; Mendell Society; Charles Graham Club Vega, Roy Vantress, Paul Marysville, Calif. Bachelor of Arts (Political Science) Varsity Football; ROTC; Scabbard Blade; Kappa Zeta Phi; Student-Alumni Associa- tion (Sr.) Via no, David Santa Clara, Calif. B.S.E.E. (Honors) President of Tau Bea Pi; Alpha Sigma Nu; Pi Mu Epsilon; IEEE; Engineering Society Vignes, Susan B.A. in English SCAAP; Homecoming Comm.; Phoenix Viri, Peter Anthony San Mateo, Calif. B.A. History Varsity Soccer; SANTA CLARA; Sodality; Rifle Team; Physics Society Walsh, Philip Altadena, Calif. B.A. History ROTC; Intramurals; Student Union Com- mittee; Election Committee; Santa Clara Warnke, Norman Warren, Mary Waterburg, Kathleen Weaver, Gary Lynn Hillsborough, Calif. Economics (Arts) Swimming Team; Water Polo Weed, John Weekes, Margaret Ann Hayward, Calif. B.A. (History) Sigma Delta Upsilon; ROTC; Sodality; S.C.C.A.P.;Who ' sWho; Young Democrats; " Just-Us " Wendling, James San Jose, Calif. B.S.C. Accounting Assn.; Sanctuary Society; Beta Gamma Sigma; DSA Werner, Gerald Los Altos, Calif. B.A., Philosophy Sanctuary Society; Alpha Sigma Nu; Math Society; SCAAP West, Susan Ukiah, Calif. B.A. -English Sodality; Orientation Committee; Rally Committee; Education Club; Sophomore Social Committee Wetzler, Patricia Spokane, Washington B.A. History Sodality; Sigma Delta Upsilon; KSCU; Clay M. Greene Weyer, Mary Theresa Palo Alto, California B.A. m English Glee Club; KSCU; Santa Clara; SCCAP (Al- viso); Clay M. Green Wheeler, Rita La Puente, Calif. Bachelor of Science in Chemistry Chemistry Club Whitaker, Fahy Wiedel, Thomas San Gabriel, Calif. B.S.C. Marketing Marketing Club; Frosh Football Williams, Gail San Francisco, Calif. B.A. Economics Dean ' s Council; HRA; Sodality; SCAAP; Gamma Pi Epsilon Williams, Denice Wilson, Chris Tarzana, Calif. B.S. Psyhology Winters, Jeffrey Chatsworth, Calif. BSEE SCAAP; Engineering Society; Sodality; E- Corp; Tau Beta Pi; Intramural Wirthman, Oliva Ann Santa Clara, Calif. B.A. -English Hawaiian Club; KSCU Wittenburg, Maggie North Hollywood, Calif. B.A. English SCCAP; ASUSC Senator (66 67); Fresh- man Orientation Committee Wolfe, Maureen Frances Los Angeles, California B.A. Woodruff, Neil Wright, Patricia Ann B.S. in Sociology Day Students Association; Homecoming Princess Zent, John William, Jr. San Jose, Calif. B.S. -Math Day Student Association; Pershing Rifles; Scabbard and Blade Anne Marie Henderson Linda Hinz ' Roberta Jean Kuenild Susan Lee Pedrotti V Marianna Pierce Victoria Mari Robertson Vicki Lee Soma 408 Susan Marie Vehar Jeanne Marie Walter Pilar Leona Ybarra GRADUATE NURSES Patricia Suzanne Anderson Patricia Gloria Becher Linda Margaret Betts I Sheila Marie Brady Teddie Frances Galvan Josephine Carmella Gaspari Catherine Michell Gavin Melodx Ann Clarkson V. ■ k ■ ' P): w;fi NN X .X - ' ' ■ ' A n M ELMO PARDINI GENERAL CONTRACTOR 371-CMcGlincey Lane Campbell California There is no saturation point in education Thomas J. Watson IBM DALE JOHNSON TRAVEL SERVICE . . . STEVENS CREEK 3550 STEVENS CREEK BOULEVARD . SAN JOSE. CALIFORNIA . CHEOBy 8-6686 PHONE 244-4912 rjUffKiTp SWAGERTY CHEVRON STATION Zomp e Q One Sfop Service 3205 The Alamedg Franklin Santa Clara, California COMPLIMENTS OF LEO W. RUTH, JR. AND E. JACKSON GOING, JR. CO UPU UENie OP LOUfS P OSOUfNELU V EDU ARD A. PANELU Compliments of WELLS FARGO BANK Santa Clara Office 1111 Washington St. Santa Clara El Camino Office 2120 El Camino Real Santa Clara Homestead - Kielv 2792 Homestead Rd ' Santa Clara Stevens Creek Office 65 North Winchester Santa Clara DRUGS PRESCRIPTIONS COSMETICS SCHOOL SUPPLIES PHOTO FINISHING We Give S H Green Trading Stamps WADE ' S MISSION PHARMACY 1290 Franklin Mall Phone 296-6016 Santa Clara, California ., j S ' B. ' ' ' NATIONAL i;V " 0$ ASSOCUTION MIMIC ftOIIAl •irstiT IM«WI«aC( (•■fOaATII ■ ■•At ■■•CMC •TtTCM SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA Bank of America Main Branch 1313 Franklin Street Santa Clara Bank of America El Camino Kiely Branch 2670 El Connino Real Santa Clara NORMANDIN ' S Chrysler- Plymouth Since 1875 Irving L. Normandin ' 32 Clair A. Normandin ' 36 Louis D. " Lon " Normandin ' 56 405 W. Santa Clara St. San Jose 298-5555 Compliments of WEHNER INSURANCE AGENCY Harold Wehner Robert C. Wehner ' 49 2175 The Alameda Son Jose 26, California Phone: 241-4100 RYAN ' S SPORT SHOP " Everything for Every Sport " CY 4-3655 1717 Pork Avenue Son Jose, California TP I (oil t kf, I (5 WILSON AVENUE A SAN JOSE. CALIFORNIA i (408) 292-2787 TUCKER PF=tlNTII IC3 wmm 843 SOUTH FIRST STREfT SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA TELEPHONE 392-3627 Compliments MISSION CITY LUMBER CO. 651 HARRISON STREET • SANTA CLARA. CALIFORNIA TELEPHONE 296-0650 of ALBERT J. RUFFO Compliments Of NATIONAL BANK SANTA CLARA OFFICE Phone 298-2525 LAFAYETTE BENTON STS. SANTA CLARA Concrete Sawing R. H. WEHNER CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION CO. SUBDIVISIONS Curbs - Gutters - Sidewalks Richard H. Wehner Jr. (Pres.) 390 Martin Ave. Santa (]lara Phone 244-6600 Compliments of SMITH McKAY PRINTING CO. Leonard McKay ' 47 Printers To The University Since 1928 PAT RYAN ' S Friendly Store OPEN DAILY 10 to 10 Sundays 10:30 - 9 2725 Alameda Santa Clara, Calif. AX 6-0790 Compliments of ADRIAN R. KLEIN COMPANY INC. Wholesale - Retail auto - parts 431 South 1st. St. San Jose Phone 294 9442 BuyOrRent YourTypewriter Where The University Does. Portables Electrics ROBERTS TYPEWRITER CO. 57 So. 4th St. San Jose 294-1215 CONGRATULATIONS to the classes of 1969 1970 1971 1972 SMYTHEBUICK 4201 Stevens Creek Blvd. - 244-6200 -and - SMYTHE EUROPEAN Mercedes- Benz Sales Service Headquarters 5080 Stevens Creek Blvd. - 244-0985 life- 1 (Mj m Serving SANTA CLARA County Since 1929 • CUSTOM PORTRAITS • COMMERCIAL •WEDDINGS •LEGAL • SCHOOL • CUSTOM PHOTOGRAPHY FRAMING •OLD PHOTOGRAPHS (COPIED RESTORED) PASSPORTS ID ' S -2-HOUR SERVICE 296-1016 2235 THE ALAMEDA SANTA CLARA Ample FREE Parking Compliments of the KEYSTONE COMPANY 57 Bassett San Jose, Calif. Bruce Rodgers SALES MANAGER P ERF PRODUCTS 1205 ATLANTIC STREET • UNION C fTY. CAL! FO RN» A •471-6555 Compliments of HI-CONTINTENTAL CORPORATION University of Santa Clara MEATS WHOLESALE JOBBERS Fiirveyors of Fine Meats, Poultry and Provisions • SAN JOSE 293-2282 • SAN MATEO 342-2287 HECTOR J. FACCIOLA • PALO ALTO 32I-3M2 • SAN FRANCISCO 981-2240 • SANTA CRUZ 426-5678 961 CHARLESTON ROAD PALO ALTO, CALIFORNI Sunlite Bakery, Inc. 145 So. Montgomery St. 292-3262 Son Jose, Colifornio 95110 DATE. AFTER 5 P.M. AND SUNDAYS 292-3262 z FRYERS • ROASTERS TURKEYS • RABBITS Specializing in Large Orders for Picnics, Banquets, Etc. iHR lfiSilfflW i;iii-iK?a:s:M Sia»K K ?giiias M TELEPHONE: 861-6656 QAff wn©L CO. lAT. RACE ST. FiSH LOS ALTOS SUNNYVALE POULTRY MARKET POULTRY FISH FISH POULTRY 253 San Anfonio Rd. 584 Race Sh El Camino Rl. S. Murphy Ave. 763 BRANNAN STREET SAN FRANCISCO. CAL 94103 294-4856 948-7497 736-3290 SAN JOSE LOS ALTOS SUNNYVALE Granny Goose @ PREPARED FOODS DIVISION GALLI PRODUCE WHOLESALE ' RUITS VEGETABLES FROZEN FOODS £163 PALM AVE SAN MATEO CALIFORNIA 94403 relephone — (415) 345-6803 345-7643 369-2947 JERRY PIERACCI 401 Middle Harbor Road Oakland California 94607 Phonf. Oakland 6 34- 1 040

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